Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN)

 - Class of 1958

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Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1958 volume:

I l l ,af 'M "-. if-5 BACK FLASQB """"""1lls HIP HIGH SC HOO R INDIAN A I I'CITlC1TlbEZI' I l'8I'Il6IIlbCT' The house where I was bor 1 ,Q ' s Not only does Thomas Hood, the author of thrs poem remem ber lus home but he recalls the lrttle w1ndow where the sun came peeprng at morn the trees the flowers and many other memorres We hope that as you go through the pages of tlus FLASH BACK you w1ll recall many fond memones of the 1957 1958 school year at FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Srnce no one can remember all the thrngs that happen 1n a year, we present I REMEMBER our elephant wrth the marvelous memory He w1l1 appear throughout the book to help recall the many areas ofour mem or1es He w1ll help recall the ADMINISTRATION and the faculty who arded us so readrly as we studrecl He w1ll recall the graduatrng SENIORS and the UNDERCLASSMEN too He w1ll brmg to mrnd SPORTS and the many contests where yelled and cheered He w11l rem1nd us of awards where worth was r1g,htly rewarded the prom and 1ts fun and the GRADUA TION programs of rnsprratron and recognmon Let s follow hrm and remrnrsce lf' as we say I remember I remember 'T A year of happrness REMEMBER Q S . - . , . I W N ' . ,, Q , . xx all '- P g. "I remember, I remember, The opening days of school." I rember how the senior boys came that first day anxious to initiate the freshman boys. The administration holds that initiation does not exist at F.T.H.S., but it's not at all uncommon to find fresh- man boys shining the shoes ofsenior boys. I remember how bewildered freshmen wandered about the build- ings, lost and unable to find their next class. I remember the sen- ior girls who were always willing to help them find their way. il X "I remember, I remember, The spirit of the School." I remember how the crowds would gather and loudly give their cheers. I remember how the band marched at the football games, and how its songs and music echoed through the air. I remember how the cheerleaders, both varsity and freshman, kept spirit at a peak. I remember how the crowds cheered when our snappy majorettes appeared. These nine sharp girls were often the highlight of the evening. I remember I remember The dances and the hops I remember the Homecommg soc hops the Hollday dance at the She1byv111e Elks Club the G A A Turnabout Dance where the 01rls furmshed transportauon made the corsages and bought the meal the Apr11 Tw1rl sponsored by the freshmen and the many record hops whxch were the mam stay of the school s soclal calendar Judy Clark and Ned Fox relgned as Kxng and Queen of the Basketball Homecommg Hop L1nda Clark and Steve Walker were Klllg and Queen of the Turnabout Dance Suz1e Wamsley and Sharon Hmes won prlzes for the corsages they had made for the1r dates Dave Alspaugh and Jerry Lentz Ianlce Duncan and Dav1d Ford were chosen Kmg and Queen of the Aprll Twrrl. In-.,s I remember the operetta, "Medios and Merriment." The action centers around Dr. Drinkwater and his restlodge which is blessed with a mysterious healing spring water. The plot centers about Dr. Drinkwater's grand- daughter, Glory, and her friend Honor. Honor is kidnapped by Mike. Color and humor were added to the plot byRainbow, the colored caretaker, also by Cynthia, Mrs. Crossly, and Mrs. Weakly, patients at the rest-lodge, and by Doctors Slaughter,Cuttem, andCoffin, the staff doctors. The plot is complicated by Bessie, the maid, who withholdsevidence. All ends well when Dr. Drinkwater finds his real granddaughter, and everything ends with merriment. I remember, l remember, The drama and the songs. I remember the senior play "Down to Earth." The comedy- fantasy starts when two angels, Agnes and Wilfred are sent to earth to bring back two souls, Augusta and Herman. The mission is complicated when Pilone, a mischievous half-anSC1.hiICh9S 3 ride with them. He falls in love with Augusta's maid, Diana. The plot is further complicated by Orpha and her daughter,Ruthie, who falls in love with a hypochondriac, Cpictured aboveb. Augusta's nephew, Baxter, his wife Millie, his daughter June, and her friend Richard help make the plot interesting. 7 5 ". ..f '!li'y? ww 7 f 1 xx ,V Q Zi ff J' -' 4 E W , 1' WW, - 5 gp I 5' ,'-,AQ . ',-. . ' 'f 1 ' A " G. . 1 ' " L' 2' , , , 1. .T 4, V Q . Q 5 ' 1 Q ,,. ? hx . ff'- a NRL. X3 qi' X . , ' ' K ' ,, . . wi-f il . K x ,U ,+ V V , , V ' V, :raw I A A 1. ' 3 , g vtvgg-5 .,,.jf,,f?,,Q,g, ,, g . 32 ' 3 f n. ' Q 42,4 Q LA '4 , I , ff ," ' 1' f V ', " Nw ,, .Z112'MiK" ":"'4.l " ,?y L,2'?x 'fit,,',AiAf'f. ' '7'7' +,, V, , ' , 4 2, A 1 ' 'ZW Z' g,W,.,5g43' ' if- .gg "4 ,,- .j'fff,g9 F, f' 3, Z sg ,,+. Kp: vw, w 4 .X 'W Emfxnf, "E, . ,M J 1.5, ,,sh,,-1, , . yfj X , 5 'WH' ' -,'1qf3,ffL,i5h 'fiat 'Q Jhfyg :' ' ff " V, 'f -, V :lk , M54 T 5 : n ' " fm? 'QL A XXXL," , "K ,' , 'fkxiglgv , :Lg 3, . ea f ' A .- ff, jg fb . .9 . v. " ,W s " gi, ,I CQ .f ,591 I XX' ?'Jg ,ka 2 5391211 g I. f' ' A g',1 ' . - wg- L . . . 9W6m 3?Qw' J.,-Q. -- 1 ' nf ' A Q., , I 'g1!ln7ff pfMf, - -, .www uv V .V , lv.- x-, .I f ' , I Auf . - I -A V -T Y. - . xx , vp' "V ' N -I, ' 4 I. 'A - 1 ,i K I remember I remember The classes and the fun. I remember many classes that d1d speclal thmgs I remember the 8th grade craft class where unusual thmgs were made I remember the typmg classes where so many learned to type and where so much paper and so many erasers were used I remember home econorruc classes where the glrls learned to cook and sew I remember the elecnon that was held as a part of the government classes I remember all the post ers buttons and streamers the many rousmg and fiery speeches and the b1Ck6l'1Dg 111 the halls I remember how the Nanonallsts Robert Elrod and I-Iughston Wooden were at last VICIOFIOUS But I also remember how the Federahsts Doug I-lmer and Bob Jones and Opt1m1sts Dlck Tapp and Norman Green fought a good hard battle and made xt a hard fought campalgn. I remember the many act1v1t1es of the G1r1s Athletlc Assoclatlon. I remember thelr softball team. I remember the many other sports they partlclpated U1 like badmmton and volleyball. I remember how they would go horse back fldlflg or bowl a game or two I also remember how the arrows flew when they would try thelr hand at archery '--v- HIM X X X . xx XNNX Vw XX ix X M X rf N 2 N A f X 'V X z X K Q if f :X I W . Board of Education STANDING Albert Trrtos SEATED Maynard Smrth Mane Settle Harold Schuman 'Irustot Student Councrl ,Q 1 ROW ONE Nir WtK1nz1f. Hartman Knapp Toney Aispatgh Otto Johnson McC1a1n ROW TWO Richardson Dav1s Messe: Alfrcy Cougrll Strnson S Johnson Brown, Btltz Dougherty Smrth Beverly Birney Wrlham Clarke Blanche Cluen Faculty If Jerry Colglazler Ruth Dougherty Helen Emstes obert Ferns Verna Gorgas Ruth Greenham Robert Mason Wrlbur Meyer Jerry Nard Not Prctured Martha Haverbuck John Males lr. R . L ,..4'rE5" . : i . Facult Mary Helen Seal Earl Sheaffer Roy Sullabower Merle Sutherland Ruth Swa1ls Robert Therl l-Irtwam Srdhu Paul Velez Arlene Wrld Lawrence Riehle Jud Robinerr Sylvia Retherford N 7 X X X X X E X X N WW if ff X Q. MEM ill DAVID ALSPAUGH "Mischievous often, dignified seldom, popular al- ways." Basketball 1,23 Cross Country 23 Student Council 2,43 Student Council President 43 Senior Play 43 Science Math Club 43 4-H and Junior Leaders l,2,33 Yearbook Editor 43 Hi-Y 33 Pilot Sports Editor 33 Teen Star Reporter 43 Lettermen's Club 43 Prom Court 33 Monitor 23 Quill and Scroll 4. RUTH AUGUSTIN "A day in April never came so sweet." 55.5. l,2,3,43 Pilot Staff 3,41 4-H 1,21 Library Club l3 Teachers' Assistant 4. PAT BOYER "Angels are painted fair to look like you." 5.8.5. l,2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 2,3,43 Monitor 23 Pep Block 1,23 Basketball Queen Candidate 33 Senior Play 43 Prom Court 33 Office Assistant 4g Pilot Staff 4. PEGGY BURCH "High erected thoughts seated in aheart of courtesy." Chorus 1,21 Operetta 13 S.S.S. 1,2,3,4j 4-H l,2,3,43 Junior Leaders 2,3,43 Library Club 13 Class Secre- tary 3,4. JUDY CLARK "Underneath all her foolishness is true worth." S.S.S. 1,2,3,4: G,A.A. 3,43 Pep Block 2,33 Office AS- sistant 43 Monitor 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Pilot Staff 43 Senior Play 43 Junior Leaders l,23 Basketball Homecoming Queen 4. TOM CLOUSE "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others." Football 3,43 Cross Country 23 Track 13 Hi-Y 2,33 Wrestling 43 Lettermen's Club 4. ROGER COLE "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Football l,2,3,4j Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 13 4-H l,2,3,43 Junior Leaders l,2,33 F.F.A. 1,2,3,41 F.F.A, Vice-President 33 Dairy Judging Team 1,2,3,4Q Class President 1 Prom Court 3 Lettermens Club 4 DALE DEERBERG "To be merry best becomes you." Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,41 Basketball l,2,33 Wrestling 43 Student Council 13 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 F.F.A. Treasurer 33 Junior Leaders l,2,3,43 Prom Court 33 Lettermen's Club 4. RUBLE DEWEESE "A man of few words." Chorus 1. RONNIE DONNAR "The only way to have a friend is tobeone." Chorus 2,3. ROBERT ELLIS "Not a man of iron, but of live oak." ROBERT G. ELROD "For next to being a great poet is the power of un- derstanding one." Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,21 Track 1,2,33 Base- ball 23 Hi-Y 3,43 Hi-Y Treasurer 3,41 Science Math Club President 43 Marion County Teenage Traffic Safety Council 3,4: Boys' State 33 Senior Play 43 Yearbook Staff 43 School Representative 43 Letter- men's Club 4. NANCY FIELDS "So quiet she seems, so still and wise." Red Cross Representative 1,2,3,42 Junior Leaders 1,23 Freshman Football Queen Candidateg Girls' State 33 S.S.S. l,2,3,43 S.S.S. Treasurer 33 Class Treas- urer 13 Pep Block 1,23 Pilot Staff 33 Prom Queen 33 F.F.A. Queen Candidate 33 Office Assistant 43 Moni- tor 2,43 Senior Play 43 Ayres' High School Fash- ion Board 4. PAT FRYMIQER "God created Pat and from that time on, boredom did indeed cease." S.S.S. l,2,3,43 Pep Block l,2,33 4-H 1,21 Operetta 2,3,43 Office Assistant 43 Monitor 43 Pilot Staff 43 Chorus 2,3,4. BEN GIROUD "Napoleon himself was a short man." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. ED GREEN "A good disposition is more valuable than gold." Chorus 2, Operetta 25 Band 1,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,4g Wrestling 3, Track lg Hi-Y 3. NORMAN GREEN "I'm here, even if I don't tell everyone." Football 1,2gBaSketba1l 1,2,3,4g F.P.A. 1,2,3,4. ROBERT GREEN "Some say he's bashfulg others doubt it." Football 3,45 Talent Show 4, Basketball 1,25 Letter- men's Club 4. VAUGHN HANNAH "Silence is as deep as eternityg speech as shallow as time." Basketball lg Track 1,2g Football l,2,3. MELVYN HARDWICK "Of gentle soul, to human race a friend." Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 3.4. DOUGLAS HINER "Greater men than I have lived, but I doubt it." Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 3,41 Track 1,2,3,4g Let- termer1's Club 4, Talent Show 2,3,4. .TACK HOLMES "Having the gift of speech I use it." Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Operetta 2,3, Chorus 2,3, Band l,2,3,4, Senior Play 4, Hi-Y 3, Basketball Manager l,2, Class President 3. SHARON JACKSON "She who smiles is loved by all of us." Office Assistant 4, Pilot Staff 4, Football Queen Can- didate 4, Prom Court 3, Pep Block 1,2, 4-H 1,2, Junior Leaders l,2, Operetta 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4, S.S.S. l,2,3,4, Chicago Trip 2, Senior Play Usher 4, H.S.L.A. 1,2, Library Club l,2. JEAN MARIE JAMES "There are people who can't help being nice." Chorus 2,3,4, S.S.S. l,2,3,4, Junior Leaders 2,3,4, 4-H 1,2,3,4, Library Club 1,2. JUDY JANTZEN "She does the best in all she tries." S.S.S. l,2,3,4, Pep Block l,2, Library Club l,2,3,4, Library Club Workshop l,2, Junior Leaders 1,2, Of- fice Assistant 4, Pilot.Staff 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Oper- etta 4, Talent Show 1. CHARLIE JOHNSON "The strength of twenty men." Lettermen's Club 4, Football King 4, Prom Court 3, Track l, Baseball l,4, F.F.A, 2,3,4, 4-l-I 2,3,4, Op- eretta 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Chicago Trip 4. ROBERT JONES "Excuse him for devilish deeds." Band l,2,3, Chorus 3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,8,4, Operetta 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Track l,4, Baseball 3. ROBERT R. KNAPP "A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart." Basketball l,2, F.F.A. l,2,3,4, F.F.A.Vice-President 2, F.F.A, Secretary 3, F.F,A. President 4, Judging Team l,2,3, Hi-Y 4, Class Vice-President 3, Class President 2,4, Prom King 3,IrvingtonHalloween Fes- tival Candidate 4, Junior Leaders l,2,3: Junior Leaders Vice-President 2, Junior Leaders Presi- dent 3. PQ 'wi TD MARIAN KOCHER "lf sweetness be a fault, here's a great one." Pep Block l,2g S.S.S. l,2,3,4g Library 1,2g Senior Play 4g Office Assistant 4g Pilot Staff 1,45 4-H 1,2. SHARON ANNE LASWELL "Blushes are the rainbow of modesty." Library 1,2g S.S.S. l,2,3,4g 4-H 1,2gJunior Leaders 1,2g Science Math Club 4g Pep Block 23 Senior Play Usher 4. .TERRY LENTZ "Splendid boy, good at sports." Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Cross Country2,4g Track 4, Chorus 2,4g Basketball Court 4, Howe High School 1. .TON MAY "Not too serious, not too gay, a very good fellow in every way. " Chorus 2,3,4. MARTHA MC CANE "Pol.iteness goes far, yet costs nothing." S.S.S. 1,2,3,4g Pilot staff 3,4g Library Club 1,2. .TIM MERRICK "A man of few words but much persistence." Talent Show 3, Track 1,25 Football 1. BEVERLY MILEY "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul." S.S.S. 1,2,3,4g S.S.S. Secretary 2g 4-H 1,2,3,4g Jun- ior Leaders 1,2,3,4g Pep Block 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3g Senior Play 4g Science Math Club 4g Library As- sistant 1,2g Junior Heart Board 4, Track Queen 3, Girls' State Alternate 35 D.A.R. Award 4. EDWARD MOORE "A true friend is forever a friend." Pilot Staff 4. SHARON MOORE "A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone." Majorette 2,3,4, Cheerleader l, S.S5. l,2,3,4, Pep Block l,2, Pilot Staff 4, Chorus 2, Talent Show 2: Prom Court 3. DIANA OTTO "Never change when love has found its home." Majorette l,2, Drum Majorette 3,4, S.S.S. 1,2,3,4, S.S.S. Vice-President 4, Pep Block l,2, Basketball Queen Candidate 1, Class SSCWIHIY 2: Ch01'US 2.3.45 Operetta 2,3, Monitor 2,4, Prom Court 3, Irvington Halloween Festival Queen Candidate 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Student Council Secretary 4, Class Vice-Pres- ident 4, Senior Play 4. DICK PADRICK "He spake, and into every heart his words carried new strength and courage." Football 1,2,3,4, Track l,2, Wrestling 3,4, Senior Play 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. SANDY PARISH "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." S.S.S. l,2,3,4, Student Council 1, Chorus 2,3,4, Foot- ball Queen 2, Majorette 2,3,4, Pep Block l,2, Attend- ance 4, Track Queen Candidate l, Typing Award 3, Pilot Staff 4, Prom Court 3. PHYLLIS DENNEY PERRY "Tho' she be but little, she is fierce." Pilot Staff 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Operetta 2, S.S.S. 1, 2,3,4, Pep Block l. LOIS JEAN PFENDLER "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Chorus l,2,3,4, Operetta l,2,3,4, Double Sextet 2, Senior Play 4, Office Assistant 3,4, Library Club 1.2.32 H.S.L.A. l,2,3, Library Assistant l,2, Li- brary Club Vice-President 2, Bookstore Assistant, Yearbook staff 4, Pep Block l,2,3,4, S.S.S. l,2,3,4, 4-H l,2,3,4, Junior Leaders l,2,3,4, Chicago Trip 2,3, Cadet Teaching 3, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4, Traffic Squad l,2,3,4. al DONNA RODE "A blush is beautiful but often inconvenient." Pep Block l,2: S.S.S. l,2,3,4: S.S.S. Vice-President 3: S.S.S. President 4: Class Treasurer 2,3,4: Prom Court 3: F.F.A. Sweetheart Candidate 1: F.F.A. Sweetheart 4: Football Queen 3: Senior Play 4: Jun- ior Leaders l,2,3: 4-H l,2,3: Chicago Trip 2,3: Pi- lot Staff 3. RICHARD RUSTHOVEN "A lion among ladies is a dreadful thing." Track 1: Cross Country 2: Baseball 2.3: Basket- ball 2,3,4: Hi-Y 3.4:Lettermen'sClub4:ScienceMath Club 4: Basketball Homecoming King 3. VERNA WHITE SCOTT "My true love hath my heart, and I have his." Knightstown High School 1,2,3. .TIM STICKELS "Ability is a man's wealth." Chorus 2,3,4: Office Assistant 4. RICHARD STRABER "What could he do with size, when he does so much without it?" Track 1,3,4: Cross Country 2: Wrestling 4: Letter- men's Club 4: Talent Show 4: Junior Red Cross l,2. DICK TAPP "His existence makes the world rich." Baseball 1: Basketball l,2,3,4: Track l,2,3: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Chorus 3,4: Operetta 3: Lettermen's Club 4: Hi-Y 3: Cadet Teaching 4. .TIM TONEY "All the world loves a lover." Basketball 1,2,3,4: Track l,2,3,4: Baseball 2.3: Foot- ball 1,2,4: Chorus 2,3,4: Operetta 2,3,4: Senior Play 4: Pilot Sports Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Student Council 4: Student Council Vice-President 4: Cadet Teaching 3: Lettermen's Club 4: Lettermen's Club Vice-President 4. LARRY TOON "lt is a wise head that keeps a still tongue." F.F.A. l,2,3,4, PAUL TYGART "It was his thinking of others that made you think of him." BASIL WAY "Oh this learning! What a thing it is. " Chorus 2,3,4g Track 1,4. N DENNIS WHITE "The man with the nicest smile." F.F.A. 3,4g Chorus 2,3,4. HUGHSTON WOODEN "Tall, shy, and a regular guy." Baseball lg Football lg Hi-Y 3,4. HAROLD WOOLMAN "At work or at ease, it's the out-of-door Life for X Track l,2,3,4g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 2,43 Lettermen's Club 4. ALLAN ZIEGLER "I am merry when I hear sweet music." Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2,4g Operetta 2,4g Cross Country 4g Senior Play 4g Lettermen's Club 4g Student Band Director 3,45 Dance Band 4. i ff: .Xl gow' Mis-Takes Study earns A's. Way's way up. Wild swings wild. Come ong don't hit it. Perfume , anyone '? Hard life of a sponsor. Angelic behavior? 11- How? Anything for a Prom. Somebody take the ball Want to fight? F. T. H. S. slaves. Hey, what gives? fx QI. f W yt Bas: 'X L. L c j JH! ff-- 'Na iv. X QW? X U E ' yf A N W M QW! I f R 6 K I ,E James Adams Lee Arthur Noel Becker Carol Bell James Brandt George Brinegar uniors Don Rabourn President Ronnie McClain Vice-President Jack Bristow Donna Brown Edward Brown Donna Campbell Paul Chamberlain Bonnie Chandler Laura Clayton June Clouse Monte Conover Darline Cook Ben DeBoer Charles Doyle Curtis Eldridge Ned Fox Don Fraley Susie Fruits Jerry Geisking Carl Gosman Donna Green Bill Griffith Dick Griffith Gerry Griffith Steve Hall Max Hannah Julie Hartley Ed Hartman Eileen Hartman Carol Hoop Sonia Hutchinson Richard Johnson .Q James Akers Donna Allen Ronald Andrews Ronald Bailey Ronald Bates Barbara Bolton Ef ophomores Donna Bray Susan Br1stow Marlene Brown 4 Steve Cougill President Steve Bassett Vice President Wendell Bullock Winston Bullock James Cole Maxine Copple Bill Crago Barbara Davis Larry Deal Ronald Deerberg Michael Denny Laura Deweese David Disney Darleen Dougherty Kay Dougherty David Druen Eddie Elder Larry Ellis Guy Eoff Linda Eves Gary Fox John Fox Norman Friddle Sally Garber Larry Gebhart Bill Geissman Bonnie Belle Walker Secretary 'Q Judy McFarland Treasurer John Hines Sada Hittle Earl Hubbard Don Humphries Guy Jackson Linda Jones John Karnes Nancy Kirby Linda Knapp John Kraft Janice Lawver Don Lowes Dale Martin Helen Martin Kermit Martin Don McCane Don McCarty Sophomores Wayne Gray Barbara Haas William Haggard Ronald Hammersley Edith Hannah Jerry Hart Wanda Hawley Esther Hedges Kathy l-lilarides Danny McCormick i Danny McGuire Walter McKinney Ann Messer Jerry Modlin Irma Moeller Russ Nord Q' Sophomores Ianeann Parks Lonnre Perry Wayne Potter Jane Reasoner Davrd Renn Drana Rrchardson Omar Rooks Mlchael Ruley Bernard Rusthoven Cleveland Scotten Carol Shane Frances Sharp Marron Shephard Ronald Shue Patty Srn1t.h Susan Srn1th Harold Stmson Pat Stmson Susanne Stoehr Nancy Sutherland Ivetta Tarter Lorene Taylor Ralph VanderBaan Sondra VonW11ler Nancy Waters Jerry Whlte Joe Wllharns Boyle Lee Wllson Carole Wllson NOT PICTURED Larry Jones Wayne Yeager R Norman Zregler Barbara white obert Mrller Larry Spurgeon rx, Freshmen HESINIVKWF Don Bradley Presldent Larry Messer V1ce Presldent Torn Srmth Secretary Steve Walker Treasurer 'H' Carole Adams Ronald Arthur 'T .all Ada Bade Harold Bade Ioe Baker "" Phvllls Barnard 4' Fm Mary Betner James B1rdwell James Boyer fm Carol Bragg ,P f Steve Breedlove li. Jo Ann Brrdges Donna Buckallew W1lrna Bullock Shuley Cassetty I " L1nda Clark 75 Mary Clark Carla Crrsler Danny Crunk rw f Kathleen Deerbers, 9 Sharon Deerberg, Robert Dodd Iuduh Doyle Ioe Drrver Sandra Druen 'P M Glenda Duncan 'O vv E, Iamce Duncan YXM-X Carolyn Elrod A - ' - 44 "' . ,J l - K - I cv fx 'G 9, K 4, X 2 DJ, X f gr T yi, . I X i X WWI 7'K,:! WH' 5" 'ff y Q 1 6 C. ff A , W W A X i A A "' 'D Y rg 'hx va I ! , .5 I A , ', . -y " l 1 1 L ' n ,av no .3 ...W Y '3 - I 3 , ,,, .:. V - V E, K . 3 , 1-1 H, fy 4. M A A' Robert Boyer l in 'Q ",, :. d N ' ' IQ ,-.l X , , V 1 ,F ' l'b' s f riigkjr fef' x ' 'V ' 7? . , f , . ' , KY' " 1" in ff' l -A 3 I' Q ,wy-5 ...x 'll' ' X ' i if '7 l- ' -ff . Mx l . I X V, A5 " ' .Q Q is A - 'f' "C . M - ' - ' .. QA -,7 4. - ' " . - aaa .3 . .1 , K v 13' 4' n 453 ,, ' Q7 , " Y 1 , 1 I M t-3 I 'I v . X Z K f A' t , 4 iw L f-. ,.. U y . 'Z . A , 3 N ,tj 9 . ' .A M-yxx' lv if . . A as rug . 3' QP fy!! 'Q S fr aww j Us . . J , .1 gl i? ixlx ','.' Gordon Eoff In G n David Gasaway Sharon Gebhart Letty Gosman Sandra Green Judith Griffith Judy Hall Carolyn Harris Donald Hayes Penny Hiner Sharon Hines David Hogue Diana Hubbard Myra Hutchinson Larry Jenkins Anna Johnson Jackie Jordan Janet Juday Carol Keough B111 Kight Lois Kolb Laurena Lancaster Shirley Lawrence Phyllis Lawver Madeline Lowes James Lusk Howard Martin James Martin Judy McArnis Karen McConnell Charlene McCu rdy Jackie McDonald Carolyn Messer Don Meyer Bill Miley Philip Morrison Carla Murray Linda Noffke Janet Norris Dale Padrick Georgeann Park Bryan Potter Cynthia Porrorff ' f 1 Q' , f"r r fwsiw a 3, V , V , .ls , 'iiy i 'N . , 'ik A " " V4 r - F P V ' .3 A J . W-Q . 2 L V a u, Q: .1 M y W In IA a , K David Ford L , K - W 4, A. :I 4, xi' ug, ' v . ,Q Vw M W N lf. 1 fl' ' 5 'V ,vu ' - 'K - 'zi , A , -3 A P 'pig ff 31 . ff-L ' .1 3 f l E ' , 'f J ' H if l 'J A I ' A I X I 'F X I 5 ' f 1' N ' ' N K ' U , 'J nit I A f J J ifjia .. - ' 'nw ' , , by -f-.1 J- fan ,, ,Z , , I. V E 'V rf- ,fly I W 'Vinh 3, ' K f 7 1 av r-V W , . ,L f 1 J , I . nr ' ' l 3 -' , . ' "J . e ev 1 ' , ,Q , ' ,gf 1. L , , f J I A -Q 'Mi i 1 N 1 ,' ..'. '- ' g , K 3 if J or r 1, 10 x L . , , K if ' J 5 VA? L J ,1 'F ' ig ' if 43 ,J I , V, l H l i , , A WYE' 6 ' ' . are . ' ' Hea rn ' c 1, W f , .1 X , -. K W5 , f I ' zqgfii? er , X ii J I A' J t 37 i , 5 la 2, V si? l L iii? ii Q 537 sg'-as A 2 P 'S r sis G ggi? L 2 is 1 rl K as 2 A R , I X j use- A, an A Eff .Q M HJ " if 8 ,B f Y J f are 'ef f r s QM 5 S S ff af V , 5 .gr I Q, ,W Q rs- ' -ua V 9 E 3' 52 or . A - I Z 3 N. 1 1 sf M s uf X r J y , -. x L , iq , NM rl- K, 4 5 5 .ip a s., M X V we w M ,Q , 'z ,, Y muff. ft - ,,r 5 wwvgg 1 'wwf' IUQ pw in 'L Tfafvfi- - .xv 532 ' 1 7' wwf A- M 1 45:5 I-my ,qw J um 22, J, . ' SQ ififqgqi 2- A - iffy'-'ff 1-ff: 4 fmgfgw 4 1 Q- f , up 4 gx ' vk ,. , ' ' AY, .4 Nfl. 144 , ,, Usa ix. . " . .Q 1, 43, X, L - l , ,.- , V, W 5,1 . X W I ,, .. ff 2 xii: Q, 4. if ' y . , ,iv W 'J f vgggjwf ,mx fm WS M H X rf 4 ff vw r A ' Il-j ggvgij , I ' 5 Q 5 C' Y Q51 TMH Q v , I ames A lfrey I Y usawf ' al E1 ghth Grade David Bassett President , Q A X ' V 1 Z' '55, 'E Robert Allen Az' E Iarnes Allison ,lf JeffCougil1 .Q fy Vice-President P 4 1 g V f 2 gf X f a , ,R ..,.,, , , Q a 3 f .ff BEE? f 5, Q K 13 ? J 3 a Sharon Althoff David Ault Pamela Bailey X Larry Beadling David Becker David Bell David Beltz fi' n B , 4 ,na I: fr. ,W Q ,Ag if at 4 'J 4? x we s 1'iii',- - - .' -ei-f ,, Aaafw' M ,r 'I H 'x 'mv w 4. 'P' 3' ., M. ' W, a 2 A W 'aa . , . , x , ., fwfr 3 X ff fan! 2 31 ', iii -r Vx aux k Sharon Berger Michael Blackburn Marsha Bramlett Janell Brown Ianet Brown Richard Bunch Kathleen Byrkett Mary Carr Barbara Clouse John Clouse Raleigh Coates Sharon Conover Larry Copeland Mary Copeland Kevin Cougill Grace Deweese Leonard Dillon Shirley Evans Glenn Fischer Danny Ford fl - in K2 , r Elghth Grade fs Barbara Fox E 5 Dale Garber 'ff ' A ' fl Roger Hughes Secretary LJ I ' .1 I . . . 'S 4' Richard Geiskrng ,V f .0 Carolyn Geissman 4, Q . , I ' I Judy Nuttall . Treasurer ' " rel I 311 ' Sandra Golaski ' A l Q Shirley Gray it J "' 4 .4 William Graybill 'r 'Y A 5' ,rg 'J' f 1, F ag.. 4 . Michael Green , Shirley Hach ', 'f 'M "t if' Q - ,- Cameron Harkness ' 'L - M- .Q elf, Marlene Harmon f ,Q M 1 1, l 4 'WF' X I Z2 M . .. J , 1 l X Vi in U -r ,. R s, 412111111 V ' , ,r,' , V rr? Paul Hartley V ' Gary Havely ' ,R 'V ,, , 47 Larry Hawk Q -3- Wifi, .... I ' .. John Hawkins s -as J ., 'lell 3 7 F- ' Robert Hawley . ' ,AA , U 1 slr V . J. ' Mwig-j, J! 'wr "' ff. rr y A j fm gr, f , Sandra Hayes Allen Hazelwood - 'F If fi ,, '11 " pl Glen Horton f N ,lf . fp , James Jenkins ,Q f N' ' 4 Vi Elizabeth Jones Myra Kemper James Kirby Marilyn Knapp Charles Koch Karen Kurtz David Leonard Janet Lowes Nancy Lusk Charles Marling Virginia Maze 3 l 9241.2 Ji Ur I Mx ,f '13, 4 1 r, if -v- A Am iw ,f f 41 r 95 x,J 4 ,Q 'C .1 'l an ,f- I T0l'IllVlCC811C Eighth fade J ackre McCubbins Susanne McGuire Karen Moore Betty Neathery B111 Parker Katha Patterson Sandra Plullrps Marjone Plummer Sylv1a Pottorff Charles Prurtt Ronald Phoades Davrd Rrsk Donald Robertson Terry Royalty Frances Russell Dav1d Shemwell Roger Shepherd June Srebern Jaruce Sklllman Dale Smith Gwendolyn Smrth James Sparks Clalre Sprmger Charlotte Stephens Patty Stewart Larry Stmson Mlke Strnson V1ck1e Sunson Sam Stoehr Robert Strodtrnan Kathleen Sugg Bob Sutton Denms Thomas Not Prctured Judy Walker Larry Vaughn Cheryl Whrte Joe Wnght r I Z "'Y 3 ' B, Eddie Bergman 3 '-er . - f Walter Ballinger Katherine Bates Shirley Bemis Sandra Berger Gary Browning Susan Cassetty Robert Crago Stanley Crunk Gary Davis Lela Davis Mike Dean Henry Deweese Martha Dodd Philip Dougherty Diana Downey Rita Dycus Marilyn Elrod Rita Fair Pamela Fox Meredith Friddie Gary Fulk Michael Gamer 1. Richard Gayle George Gephart L1nda Gibbs Gloria Gigh Jo Gillihan Barbara Glenn L as , F' 69 . aah? 1 ,.,.-' . as ' 'U , c AY EYFQ ,. 'Y . ' . ' 4 ' H... J ea lf' 0 , Q9 Seventh fade we alms' ,Q ri ser I 1 'T T ,fr 1? ,Qs- ,awp Ji' arm - its ee i ""!' I Q X X' 'Q Jaruce Goodman Lora Gosman Samuel Gray Richard Haggard James Hannon James Haskins William Hause Sharon Hawkins Barbara Hendrick Donald Hogue Shirley Huston John Innis Sandra Jackson Lee Johnson Barbara Jones Carol Kight Glenn Koehring Janice Kraft Alice Lane Virginia Lawson Eddie Little Kay Lowes Dave Many Linda Martin William Martin Jeryle Mason Leslie McClain Martha McConnell Richard McCubbins Marilyn Morrison Seventh fade Janet Parker Stephen Pfendler Leta Ph1111ps Davrd Poe Darrel Potter Stephen Pratt Patty Rabourn Charles Ramey Wrlham Rlchey Juha Rlppy Jackxe Rooze Jack Schrutzmeyer Charles Shue Sheryl Smoot Terry Stevens Jon Sutherland Carolyn Tarter Larry Thompson Raymond Toon Philhp Tnxebloud Paul Urban Catherine Vanwinkle Vernon Veal Beth Waltz Robert Way George Wheatley Jearl Wrlcher Not Prctured Phylhs Woods John wnght Herschel Woolman Sandra Myers William Narramore Janet Nottingham Donna Otto I J C 4 1 ' , r i fr' I . V V f V 1 Ar:- F lj .we oy 4: Ha EA -if l.' I 3 1 AQ . 4, , swf ff' . A. ,jg mm V . , ,Af " A1 .A ?a'Ff'f'V 5 sw 7 sg Y f X N L RN XX S Q 7' 7 XX xx X 4 X NW A M ,Ex Football ROW ONE: Cole, Hiner, Johnson, Jones, Clouse E Green ROW TWO Line Coach Meyer Padrick Holmes, R. Green, T app, Elrod, Toney, Coach Robinett ROW THREE Jackson Rooks Fraley Becker Brinegar, Wright, Fox, Hannah, Druen, Friddle ROW FOUR Humphnes Akers Cougill J Fox Bul lock, Hammersley. FOOTBALL FTHS 6 Lawrence 7 0 Harry Wood 7 7 Beech Grove 7 19 Greenfield 12 21 Carmel 7 0 Decatur 6 21 Pike 0 14 Deaf School 6 50 Mooresville O After failing to win a game in three starts. Iud's boys started mowing down opponents left and right with only Decatur Central stopping them again. They finished the season winning five games, losing three, and tying one. The greatest victory was a 50-0 win over Mooresville with eleven seniors playing the final quarter. fipggwf 1 M, 1 , K , ww K V x Q in vf 1 if wil. '- wwf: ,H X s., ' f- M f , F925 f -f" , 1 - Jrtfc , fm gag 5 . ' ' SML , , f:? 4 My " W if " ,124 XL? , if .gi if ff igixxm .X 14 'A -1 Tift A 4 A ag Q! , . M .,,..,,f:-,ay 1 ffl? i vm 6155-ma, iii' M 'www 1 'f"3'5f1 ' '12 I We Q Wqw , , 'sl Eg' , WMM , qw U:?7A"TQE5g, sz 393824 -1 25 114 4 w'Z8J20 19 40 9 32,11 '7 infix: if 5 0 W . I ' Q Q R... F' Mk at ei, ' , sg 'JE ff J All 'V f 9 r Q W' , W 1 A L if ina Cross - Countr I ROW ONE: Crago, Andrews, Martin, Modlin, Ziegler, Elder, Scotten. ROW TWO: Bullock, Manager, Havely, Rusthoven, white, McCormick, LSHKZ Johnson Cole Males The cross country team appeared this year at Franklin Township after an absence of one year. Under the direction of John Males, their coach, and led by seniors, .Terry Lentz and Harold Woolman, the team finished the season with a terrific record. In dual meets in which the team participated they never lost. They won three meets and tied one. In the Capital Dis- trict meet they placed third, and in the Marion County meet, fourth. Harold Woolman prepares to start the long two-mile run in cross country. 4 A ,far 4' 'ii - ' -.1-uv.,i,,'r . 1941" 1-vm 3' 9 Q' -fewer 'ug iv yd?- ' 4 J H7 I rs N Basketball ROW ONE Coach Males Akers Hammersley Lentz Green Cole ROW TWO Martln Manager McCarty Jones Rusthoven Toney Fox Whlte Manager Rusty leads the Flashes to the floor for the Homecommg. Although the Flashes were not able to post an outstandmg record for the year they brought to Coach John Males a w1n 1n the secuonal Rusthoven captured f1rst place honors w1th an average of 9 5 po1nts per game Ned Fox Wlth a tune pomt average recelved the free throw trophy for h1s average of 698 Bob Jones and J 1m Toney were wmners of the Plummer Award and Jeff Couglll an up and commg player from the erghth grade won the West Slde Exchange Club Sportsmanshlp Trophy by defeating Wilkinson '74-42. 'Yi N le . ...1 n... Cole N. Green Fox Akers '-Q.-,r an .Ax Rusthoven Wright Hammersley BASKETBALL FTHS FTHS 40 Greenwood 29 52 Morristown 64 'F 52 Charlottesville 38 37 Sacred Heart 36 32 Harry Wood 41 45 Knightsrown 59 37 Pike 48 36 Scecina 65 40 Speedway 50 46 Lawrence 53 38 Greenfield 39 56 Carmel 69 51 Fortville 54 55 Beech Grove 65 45 Moral 54 54 New Paresune 72 N 54 Mooresville 59 58 Warren Central 77 COUNTY TOURNEY SECTIONAL Jones 31 Southport 57 74 Wilkinson 42 McCartY 51 Hancock Central 61 , X Lentz - ' f Toney All S ' All S ' 1 ecuonal John Males, Coach ecuona Reserve for fvzii' ROW ONE Hammersley Cole Druen Elder ROW TWO Coach Males Akers Var1derBaan Couglll Lowes Fox McCarty Freshman ROW ONE: CoachRobinett, Willsey, Ford, Walker, Driver, Smith, Spangler, Manager Roach ROW TWO: Manger Bade, Breedlove, Meyer, Wampner, Baker, Jordan, Bradley. ug ,f nc- . ,Lvl 1,351 R r 1 if gw. X 5 ' kan P V, fuiB9w 1 , .. ,W 'Y V MH Nw ROW ONE: Rooks, Miley, Kraft, Friddle, Padrick, Perry. riff ROW TWO: Denney, Jackson, Bailey, Bassett, Clouse, Becker. ROW THREE: Ellis, Straber, Humphries, Holmes, Hiner, R. Padrick, Brinegar, Velez. :V ,LF ap... . V ,-f" q5.f""7' 'fs Q-lv '- Don Humphries, Most Valuable Award winner, shows his ability on the mat. Holmes works hard for a first win. s With only a year's experience be- hind them, the wrestling team had one of the finest varsity records. The team cap- tured the Capital District Championship with six champs. They brought home six medals from the Marion County Tourney and six ribbons from the State Sectional. The team itself had a record of ten wins and five losses. Track ,de . ,iii-,"!'r E i'.. . ROW ONE Deerberg N Fox Smlth Lowes Ba11ey Straber Whlte Druen ROW TWO Robmett Toney Lentz Akers I Fox McCarty Woolman Hrner The outstanding members of this year s mostly underclassman track team were semor hm Toney and Jumor Ned Fox hm broke the school record for the 110 yard hrgh hurdles wlth a ume of1'7 3 seconds Ned won the 440 yard dash 1n the county meet Toney leaps out for a lead Deerberg clears the high Jump S Q, 'i --, yt ' 1' 41 , 1 1 'ff y A .1 L. . , -'f " q , 1' 'fp '4' l Baseball 4- JXP. 'i w 1 n ROW ONE: Crago, Deerberg, Lentz, Bassett, Willsey. ROW TWO: Jones, Cougill, Rooze, Martin, Stenson. ROW THREE: Coach Males, McCarty, Toney, Johnson, Hammersley, Hiner. .Q 42 C i 5 ,. XL t N v ,, K-4 X ,, ' 47' 'N p, ..-ing Y ' it f " - . as me aww M., ' ' sgif 3 gre-Zlifxg .p -,H .A fl -tx , " G' -A.- '57 ffl. 1, XX rv- u " ' 4' -,, or f " X -if .J r y if s o G fl 1 .Q G 4, 'egafn 1 Rooze dives back to first. The baseball team with John Males as coach and Jerry Lentz, a senior, as captain had a season record of three wins and four losses. The team was helped by the pitching of Kermit Martin, who had a season record of three wins and three losses, and the batting of Ronald Hammersley whose batting average was . 444. RECORD TEAM FTHS Pike Township 7 3 Lawrence Central 6 1 Greenwood 4 6 Carmel 9 17 Greenwood '7 10 CONFERENCE Greenfield 10 3 COUNTY TOURNEY Ben Davis 18 0 XXXW W N NX if X X xl Sig X X X XX X xg X X ff! X rj X lb fl ff I ff yr ff ,W U u . 0 , i c 'Feftf ' s A Band ROW ONE: A. Ziegler, S. Smith, Mundell, McFarland, C.Wi1son,Reasoner, Parks, D. Garber. ROW Graybill, Plummer, Lowes, G. Smith, Bullock, Carr, Grey, Smoot, Spurgeon, Retherford, S. ROW THREE: R. Haggard, E. Jones, Innis, Bergman, H. Woolman, Mason, Hayes, S.Smith, L. ROW FOUR: Bassett, Juday. .T . Rooze, Holmes, G. Fox, T. MoCane, L. Copeland, G. Havely, Koch nt phries, Barclay, Poe, Geisking. The high school band of seventy four members is an organization of which the whole school is most proud. Under the very capable direction of Mr. Robert Ferris, the band has grown in five years from about fifteen members to its present size. The band presented fine half-time shows as they marched and executed formations at the football games. Their playing lent much to the spirit of the basketball games and to the precision drills that the majorettes performed in their half- time shows. Diana Otto CLefty graduated this year after two years as drum majorette. The band gave one of its finest performances on May 3, at their spring concert. They also played at an ice-cream social sponsored by the P.T.A. in order to raise funds to finance a summer recreational program. They concluded their year with several selections played at the commencement exercises. ll U , ex , ig ix , 'fy ,X rg. jf . N. kv' .X - Q ,f' W A5 A ia Fx Q if tg-J 'k Qwfs , --4. 3 54 1 k W , VA X --.fix , NV ,B Q, -F - wi, 31 ,-x 6--QPF? :iff ,429 K-'gb Q t pf X f I .L.z, l' f uf -'r3f'Q,f 'M ' i 4 ,r -fqigjf, Q qv' f , , .-TV "2 1+ l ' '?j'1fi'i- "jf l B rl. um 1 ' L ,wfifgilmwummmumwmmmhmml i ' lv 2 K V , "' , Af.. Y..f3., .. W JZ V' .rg QQ 5 Q' Wy!" f"H',f-'ef ' ' -mf ff I ,Q Af4,:1f', Q 4 Al 4, 1 5 U 5 - '4 Q ' ' V7 Q .- x""' few . K f.: 3' 7 ,Q 59, g,g,y?,F'-U3 x s A 1 I U 63-A """" L ya, h ,QV -a ff 'L , A f' . f ' rv I ,Y 2 K . , , x 6. 4, Q , , ,A I 2-fx 'F X' ' ff ff J fr A' Rf K , V W, 6, f 1 1 W W Q ma b sf W1 M W Eg Q wp 5 4 it M fi f nw 4, 1 5' Af' iv' Q , ,a f 1, Z V , A A X? fm vlbxm fn 'M' an Q I ,il 1 1 lx? ' W 1 5 'X f 15,511.59 1 mf Q X f ' l I W, nf' ,.'JQ2:'T'g' W' f"A qt A 5 ZA Sunshine Society ROW ONE L Pfendler Jackson Jantzen Fxelds Kocher Boyer Otto Frymxer S Parlsh J Clark Burch Mxley Rode James ROW TWO Augustm McCane Hedges B Whlte Stmson Allen L Taylor Parks Reasoner S Smlth Laswell Denney ROW THREE Nuttall Garber I Lawver Hllandes H Mart1n K Dougherty Waters L Knapp Haas P Smlth M Brown Sharp Hawley ROW FOUR C WIISOH Shane Walker Moeller Dav1s Rlchardson S Parlsh S Parish Bolton Copple Hannah ROW FIVE Hlttle Von Wlller Kirby D Dougherty McFarland Stoehr Eves Sutherland Wulf Bray Deweese. Mullen E Hartman, Locke C Marun Wlllsey M Smlth Bell Wamsley ROW TWO Stone J Neathery S Kemper Marlmg J Clouse Clayton Kraft Hoop S Rabourn Frults D Green D Rabourn Proper Cook Hartley Meyer Pursley ROW THREF B Smlth Park Tyree C Elrod C Messen, MoCurdy Hall Schakel Hines L Clark E Smith Talbott Schuman,Gr1.ffxr.h McAm1s M Clark ROW FOUR Druen, E W11SOl'l, S Van Wxnkle I Taylor M Hutchmson Noffke J Duncan, Harris H1ner J Smlth Wiley Johnson, Betner Adams Brldges ROW FIVE Juday Pottorff McConnell McDonald Woolrnan, S Pratt P Lawver Kolb Keough Wampner Lawrence Shott n n 1 ' 1 n 1 1 n 1 ' 9 . ' n ' ROW ONE: Pierce, Chandler, Woolman, L. Pratt,S.Hutchinsor1,J.Martin, Mundell, L. Pfendler, D. Brown, unior Leaders ROW ONE Wamsley M Clark Hrner Schuman, Tyree Mxley ROW TWO Wrllsey Talbott HIHCS J Smlth Woolman Sutherland Burch Pfendler Hllarxdes ROW THREE Potorff Juday Adams Nofike Ford J Toon James Wllhams Rabourn H Marnn Brandt. ROW FOUR Kolb Potter F.FA ROW TWO Elder I Cole Scotten, Gebhart Wooden, Potter Gray Gelssman ROW THREE Hubbard Becker Johnson Eldndge M111er Jordan, Deerberg Johnson, Whlte Wool man. ROW FOUR L Toon G1roud Wooden W11k1ns M Smrth Kolb Mr Mason. 0 O ROW ONE: Robertson, Walker, J. Toon, I-I. Martin, Kraft, Fair, Ford, McKinney, Brandt, Hines. AA CWM! m 7i I1 ROW ONE Tyree Straber Pratt Wampner Lowes L Clark Deerberg Pottorff Hxner Barnard McAm1s Wamsley VanW1nkle ROW TWO Rhoades Gr1ff1th Cassetty I Clark Haas Parks Waters Knapp Reasoner Crlsler H1lar1des McDonald Keough. ROW THREE W1ld Taylor Elrod Talbott Smlth Dougherty Brlstow Smith Schakel Hlnes Duncan Dougherty Schuman Bndges Pursley Hartley ROW FOUR Smxth Betner Green Shott Rlce Meyer Kolb Norrls Adams Frults Turner Pfendler Noffke Lawver Woolman. H1Y 0 'Ne' nts All In ' A ROW ONE Andrews, Scott, Juday, Elrod, Maze, Mr. Sxdhu. ROW TWO Balley, Scotten, Mc K1nneY. Jackson, ROW THREE Hall, Wooden, Rusthoven, Deal, Rooks. Pep Club - Cheerleaders ROW ONE Clark Pfendler Turner Fox Keough Gr1ff1th Deerberg Whlte ROW TWO Mlley C Pottorff McDonald McAm1s Buckallew Bernard Pursley ROW THREE Talbott Short Adams ,Tuday Kolb McCurdy Parks ROW FOUR Duncan Betner Brown Maze Conover S Pottorff Druen. ROW FIVE Tyree Taylor HIHSS Sharp Walker Whlte BIISIOW ROW SIX L Clark Schakel Hiner Allen Dougherty Patterson. Stoehr Knapp Rabourn McFarland Wamsley and Wamsley 'iq ROW ONE Neathery Molstner Kemper Cook Woolen Martxn Marhng. ROW TWO Dougherty Eoff Renn Toney Smith Moore Robertson. 'Vip p.av"'2,,,,.a..'mg, ,f ,,.- l QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS D3V1d Alspaugh and JIIU Toney ROW ONE Tyree Murray McDonald Haas Clark Waters Deerberg Hall Dougherty ROW TWO Reasoner Dougherty Jantzen Pursley Elrod Taylor Proper Parks Cnsler ROV. THREE Schuman Suggs Shot! Johnson Jordan Bade R1ce Sutherland Hmes Lettermelfs Club ROW ONE Holmes Toney .Tones Lentz Padrlck Elrod Mr Robmett. ROW TWO Clouse Whlte Hmer Straber Deerberg Wrlght ROW THREE Jackson McCarty Mc Corrruck Denney Brmegar Rusthoven Humphrles ROW FOUR Fraley Hammersley Becker Fox Alspaugh Johnson. ROW FIVE Elder Martm Z1eg1er Woolman Green Balley Slgma Mu H ROW ONE L Pfendler Mxley Wamsley Retherford Parks Roach. ROW TWO Mr Colglazler Alspaugh Laswell Akers Lowes Elrod ,Tuday Fox ROW THREE Hall Rusthoven. x N : I I I I I l . : . . . . - 1 1 1 ' n 9 v - n n . . . I n n u Q I - -n I I I 2 I I U I . 0 X I , ,,,k , ' if 1 ' f mn . ,I ...Q. ...v . ,. "' 2 5 " i , 4 ' K A . 'Q .4 , I n Ao , ' 5 " , , 'X' 1 4 , fb 1 I s fu 0 5 ' T ru " N ' - L6 gnu -4 - rv' v ' hc. xl 5 5 . - Xl I 1 " A A q - . 3 - . . . . 1 : 0 n 1 l n 1 n I I 2 n XXX WNW A X X W W Mfx L.: X X X N X! ml 5 H ,EW M Awards WANAMAKER BUSINESSMEN'S ASSOCIATION D. A.R. GOOD BETTY CROCKER CITIZENSHIP AWARD CITIZENSHIP AWARD HOMEMAKER OF TOMORRO Robert Knapp Peggy Burch Beverly MI1ey Lo1s Pferldlel' IRVINGTON LIONS CLUB BUSINESS AWARDS BUSINESS BEGINNING BEGINNING EDUCATION AWARD TYPING AWARD SHORTHAND AWARD Sharon Jackson Lucy Pfendler Julia Halfleb' WILBUR PLUMMER HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AMERICAN LEGION GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY ACHIEVEMENT HOOSIER WINNERS Class of 58 BOYS STATE Robert Jones james Toney Robert G Elrod Richard Iuday I . -Q . I l s unior XX Prom The Medical Center was again the scene of the Junior Prom. Vic Knight supplied the music and carried out the theme of "Sail Along Silvery Moon." Eileen Hartman and Tim Wright reigned as the roy- alty of the evening. Nancy Fields and Bob Knapp crowned the King and Queen while Sherry Wamsley and Danny Smith acted as Crown Bearers. The royal court was made up of Suzie Wamsley, Sue Ann Ra- bourn, Sharon Willsey, Carol Martin, Carlene Mun- dell, Donna Campbell, Tom Piper, George Brinegar, John Rooze, Noel Becker, Alva Meyer, and Ned Fox. After the dinner and dance, there was swimming in the pool. Then many of the "late owls" went to the "Dawn Dance" and breakfast at the school. W Commencement 1 .Tudith Jantzen Martha MoCane ROW TWO- Patricia Frymier Allan Ziegler James Stickles Va Hannah, Ronald Donnar, Edward Green, Norman Green, Harold Woolman, Sandra Parish. ROW THR Edward Moore, Richard Tapp, Douglas I-liner, Robert Knapp, Larry Toon, Dennis White, Basil W Robert Ellis, James Merrick, Robert Jones. ROW ONE: Phyllis Perry, Ruth Augustine, Beverly Miley, Nancy Fields, Marian Kocher, Sharon Moo . - - ' ' ' . ' . ' . US E The chorus sings "Show Me Thy Way" to open the baccalaureate service. Commencement W 'val W V Q y 0 Aga S- XL. ONE: Verna Scott, Sharon Laswell, Judith Clark, Sharon Jackson, Donna Rode, Jean James, Lois Peggy Burch. ROW TWO: Diane Otto, Richard Straber, Thomas Clouse, Benjamin Giroud, Johnson, Dale Deerberg, David Alspaugh, Patricia Boyer. ROW THREE: Jerry Lentz, Richard adrick, Roger Cole, Jon May, Jack Holmes, Robert Elrod, Hughston Wooden, Robert Green, James Toney, ichard Rusthoven. Bob Elrod, Peggy Burch, Marian Kocher, and Bob Knapp receive congratulations from Mr. Mcliinzie for winning scholarships. The seniors enjoyed their baccalaureate and commencement as 53 graduated. Rev. Cecil Skibbe gave the baccalaureate address and Dr. D. R. Mallett delivered the commencement address. Franklin Town- ship Trustee Harold Schuman presented the diplomas. XX wx 1 As we come to this, the end of another FLASH-BACK, we pause before thanks to those of the annual staff. ROW ONE: Pfendler, Frymier. ROW TWO: Padrick, Alspaugh, Clark. ROW THREE: Elrod, Straber. As another FLASH-BACK comes to a close, we hope that our elephant, I REMEM- BER, has helped you recall the year as it occurred to us. We sincerely hope you en- joy and cherish this book through the years. "I remember, I remember, A year of happiness. " I RENE NBER we close the book to say DAVHD E. ALSPAUGH Editor ROBERT G, ELROD Associate Editor LOIS JEAN PFENDLER Class Editor RICHARD K. PADRICK Sports Editor IU DY CLARK Organization Editor RICHARD STRABER Art Editor PAT FRYMIER Typist 45 S Na x I x -:ig-,gui Q gf INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kunsus Cnty Putwslaevs fave' Mu'y?u:'.'2", Bair Bfcf' FAKTOHV HOME OFFIH .Q Q 4? QV . ,- Q Ax, gf, i' V , WF 1 'Q 'if ii 3 . 1 in 'Q 1 5, fb ,gg 43 ?? Q? fr Lv, 2 f 'WAN 4-'L+ Nm 'S 5 , w w., X ' fw- f, fm f,

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1958, pg 34

Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 67

1958, pg 67

Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 50

1958, pg 50

Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 9

1958, pg 9

Franklin Township High School - Flashback Yearbook (Wanamaker, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 62

1958, pg 62

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