Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Ana 0 for O11 111111111111 H1 11 111 ff 511111 f 1 A11 111 111 III 11111 1111 flll 1111111 1 If 11111 fm 1 f 11111 C71 111 11111 111 IZ 111115011 111 If 11111111 711K .fluff f1111f 1 1111 1111 U 1 IIC 11111 111111 J fo R111 1111 1'H1gf1 111 all 1111 lem 111 607116 C HORUS Iglzlll to fffce 11111 Aflmz A111111 Dem 111 Ibcc uc! 1 L7 be ll U71 11511111111 IU 111111 1111111 711076 A1111 fmzzvey 51110 10 1011 1 74 . tl . A ' Ag, O 1,111 f11'11',x'1 11 3 1, .1 -. YVJ ' '1 gli' 1 11'f1 111 ' -1111-1, . I ' ' jr X. 1 1 off . fff11gw A 1 if 111 fi 1 1 -, 1, 1,'f fl- 1 1,-1.2, ,f if .,.,, . . K O '. Q ,,,,-1 -,lg 4,31 1, a 's" '.n .' 5:12 ' - " ' 3 41 ' 9 fs, ,br il? fj','H:"f'j ' .. 1 .f1,4F'i'f V ff ' -alylfl-.L ' tif '4 fif ' ' W' ag-1. 1' ' 'gg'--1 - V D 7' ' .9 TEE? 5 f , V. ,. Q , www.. rg.. .,w-"". , , , 1, v , , . - . 1 c"""' ' , .1,- 1 ff V ' 4 5 ' 41 r ' gr? ,L 1. .R UV, ,WM f nf., sb hffttgfi hx x-'w.4,w'f 1 f' , L . '-.. 1 .V ,--.4,'f' Q1 Y Yu "Y", C? My 0 if 0 J-lm-6 rf' IH? , vw-aw: 195 Mifl ji ri li " "Yi of ,oss 'qiwfzid f"""' yfxfjf 0 e'-img, whgafsei 5' 'ia' ,nur-"E" "' ' 5 -ew ,,.nm:.-v"' r w-,vnu I 4...---1-f 5 4-.1 OPQCUOI' Roosevelt Hrgh School February 27 1948 Dear Class of 48 Please acccpt my thanks and gratrtude for the opportumty to contrrbute to the 10194 Ozlut H our cl rss the elghth to graduate at R H S IS congratulated for LOHflI1UlI1iQfl1C tradrtron of pubhshrng a yearbook Although I have not seen or read rt at this trmc l am sure that lt yynll be the equal of four preyrous fme efforts Tyy elye ye Irs apo rn 1976 you started your educatronal trek that has brought you to hush school Kcraduatxon rn 1948 Your cxperrcnces durrng these tyy elye years yylll bc rcmcmbered throughout your hy cs And lt rs also hoped that such school arms as good SPOI'lSl'I'lJUSl1lp good crtrzcnshrp actlve partrcrpatron rn manshrp regard for self and others tolerance and many others yyrll contrnue to be a part of your darly lrves H our next tyxelyc years yyrll also be a part of your trarnlng for lrfe 'X ou may not hnd th1s period as pleasant as hrch school At tlmes rt mav seem very drfhcult 1nd drscouragrng At such polnts or eyen at a polnt yyhere lrfe IS brrm ful of happrness you can be helped by your publ1c school tramrng It rs my fondest hope that your elementary and hrgh school years yyrll fortrfy you for the road that IS ahead It IS not easy for a prrncrpal to say au reyorr to a graduatrng class But say xt he must and hrs best yyrshes for success and happmess are extended to each and ey ery one of you Cordrally 1' A jucxnrr Your Pr1nc1 pal ' J 7 f ' 4 C "A v 1 1 1 ' . Y . . ' 7 I - , X ' , ' A 1 . C 9 . . -Q I . I ' .x . 1 ' . 7. V. V y v 2 y E ' 5 v v V L y 1 y ' r y 1 1 I 4 ' 1 r I g X A Y 1 democratic procedures, high moral conduct, loyalty. high standards of work- 7 ' Y YA Y 1 Iv 1 1 V 1 U D A 7 V - W A ' - , A 7 - I ' ' v . 2 ' W , ' l - ' N , L , ' 1 ' ' ' - 1. . 4 , 1 Zh In dedmatxng thrs yearbook the Class of 48 attempts to express rts deep apprecratron and smcere thanks to Mrss Beatrnee Fredrnksen and Mrss jean Vkfalker for therr patxeme gurdance and v. ords of encouragement and wxsdom Through them xx e haw e learned to work harmonrously Therr endearmg qualrtxes xx rll remarn among our fondest memorres -nil 6' P 5 N.. V. . 'gg-1 2 V 1 0 nf Q lx . V I vu I D' ' - Qc' Ma X, , tl 5 , A nfgg ! fr-D Q Lb Llwajl x . H 1 l Y' 2' Q P Wxifyn-bil if 'V M X f 1 5 .. 1:- f . + 4 - -- APP C O ' I 'f X3 fl "V' Q1 4 Xawf bf , . vm' ,ff e 'Bax ' A f gx ' H NK' A 3 5 if A XM -' 4 E2 eff: .Alf if 1 " . f + f I av., .I Z. gpw ' -, Q s ' f gl?-:n k if gk,-29 Q . J A an V , ii fi Q 1 ,y 'f Ar:, 1 k i 1 ' . I 4 in 4' ? -1 is T' ' ' We I ,L f ' V fw x fail V , .3 -- A H' V in f ,A f A Y 'I H- 82,11 If 7,1 il Q, xl S V. X Q I x 1 1'x ' L 1? ,V ,-1 13 A- f" rr, 'A ' tw V X i -I ' ' M K-in x ll! in-five.- u, hi 'llprggi V 1 'LV If D DI I A 1 I wus? H 2 I 95 I .E If .29 2 H 'R' 3 I gf? iliif Y' - 2 5 ' 1 wp F ' W nf "f gg 1 -4.7 A ,, 3 5 I " , - nf "kr f 3 Mx, .-iff? 1' ff " ' tix i X 1 ' : 'I F If : 5, 1?fg?f,' 1 Q 5 5 ' I f , , , ' n fl 1+ if .fp - ' ' S fi, 4' 4 - E I M ti 'aka , ,- ,VF R - 'V "FFA Q.. HF ' . 1 gf if f f 1 ae 12 ' f?13?m?5, A Q fi 3? 2 'G' 4 5' . ' , ' - Lf' L ' ! 'faq ' ' ' + 'f ' s ' I I' .1 ' E t 1 I: 1 ' ',- L I' 1 f 1 . i Z gg V. I , .1 Q U , 1 I g , W! 1 I 3 5 2 4 :K my ' ta . , if Q! L ' 1 In ""l-'-- f i 1 L I 1 ' 4 A y , ' -T'-':'5 gi 5 5, l P 1 ., l z 5' , li: in i " ' ffl' 52 , i fiirf --........" . f 5 'T 1 , - -: f -5 f' ' 'V ' ?.,i Emi lg: i., ' . til 13' 4 ' ' .- 1' ' - nl riff 1 15 'W' si ' ' ----Q ll , 'G 4- RALPH SMITH Presrdent AUCUST EITZEIN RAYMOND HILL 13- VINTON FICHTEL ALAN MACY A 1, I . Q. an , E L BOARD of f V :B 4 r ' 2 5 I 6 X ' 'lx 194 VlR EDXXIN A JUCKETT MISS 'VIARY L, XX OOD Superusxng Prxncxpal Assnsranr Pnncxpal and Cundance ra., XX ILLIAM CLAUSS rt Counsellor ps FLORENCE B BENSON MARJORIF BURlNHA'Vl Junior Hlgh School Studies MUSIC Superusor and Engllsh ELEANOR CROKE Dental Hygiene ,M 34" Q N- FQ! HXLA ERXX OOD MADISON D. PARNUM Mathematics English :ag F84- FRFDERICK E FIWKEI DEY Head of Industrral Arts Department 11 fs.. Y""' HILDA G FOSTER Physncal Educauon U BEATRICE PREDRIKSEN MARJORIE K FRY Head of Socnal Studres Department Engllgh and Sgglal Studlgg -Q T' 'X MARIE V HART BESSIE HONEYNX ELI ALFREDI-I ISAACSON SOPHIE D KAINE Commerce Jumor Hlgh Socral Srudles and Industrxal Arts Commerce J'N. QVW xq.. I.IQNORI1C'.KENNIlDY .unw 1". D S 'ra Sludmes Englxsh CATHERINE A LEARH Iicrcmgn I.a'1guag's 'M 9 LAXX REYCE H. LEXYIS QSIADYS B LONGLIYY Phvsical Edu-anon .Ium ur Hugh S'hooICoordm.1t r 'df' vb 'R 41" is OV VJINIFRED J MORRISON AYI 'VIER C MLSSEI 'NIAIN JEANIETTE NAGY EVEI YN! A PATCHIN VIathematrcs Instrumental NIus1c Homemakrng Lrbrartan le- N '?vgm fv- XIONROL C PI I TON PHOEBE RYVIPH XX ALTER J SIVIVIONS IR ORNILIE 'X TODD Scrence Iunror Hrgh Sehool Socral Studres Herd of 9 renee Department Socral Studres and Englrsh 'U' an E FREDERICK E TRFXNI JEAN G VN ALKER HELEN XY ROBLEXVSKI SKI VATORE J FORTF Sotral Srudrt-5 Head of Englrsh Deparrmcnt School Nurse xI-1II7Cm3I1 S Readmg N ocatrons A . 'ae XM' I -- XII ' ' 4 -. I I - it 56 , , I tx K nf if -,mf V ' f 4 if f"' 1 1 ' v I I X I I X lf' ,cf f, I F' 5, A Q , L. I I t, . il! Q, . , . P CLASS POEM L LL 1 111111111111 111rL1uL1 ILZL 1L1 s 111K 1 lm1fLx5L 11L5 111L 1 L E1 I1 11 A111 L ' ll W xx 1 I1 111 L111 mxx I1 L11 sus N1L11111 s 11 IX L L 1 1 1 L 1 NC 11 L ULIY 1 LsL LX CI 1 1 L 1 AL 1L 1 11 11L11 L 11 L1 111 +11 L 11LL 1 11 L 111L L L 11111 x111c1L 11L 11 s111xL 1L151 VL 1L11'111L111 11 L IIC 1 1 0111 1 111L5L xxL1r111x 111115 we .1m11L 111' 1111 -L11 . 1 ,' 31 zk -5. 1111 11.11 L1'1L-L1 L1111 1L11 11111111 LL1 L51 111 x11'L-1111111 L11 11g'.11'1.1'N111YL'111 111L' '1'L11LL1.1111111xxL-1'1L1L1' 1 'L1. '1'-1L1.1fL' 111L' KVL111 M1111 1 L'1L111' 1 1 1111111 ,-X 111 '.1L1ig111 TL 1" L1 asks V1-11,111 11119. 1111 gLL11L'1'1 1011.111 115 1 .1g111 51 LI' 15115. 111 5zrifL'1111L1 11L1I1kQCl', 1'Lx1r 1111L1 WQ1111, DL ' L1'1'i.' QI ' '1411'11.1111-L1x'L,1'1L1.1s1L51'L1111111L11C111 .N11 1 111111 115 L111S14 1L1 k141f'. 31.1" 1 ' z 415 11L1v.' 1-.L 4141 L 11z1L1L'. '1411 ' 115 mc' L111L1 1g11IL 11111 11 'L' ' 11 1 x 'L1r111L - 1L111 1111 sg111L'11 1' f Q111. ,'X1L1 .QL 111' 1 L 11 ' for ' 1 351. 15-1 ,' '- -1 If 1" 11 '. IQK111 1 L A 11. L1 sL11L1L'- fur 1111 1 A 11:1 -41 ig' ' 3 QNX? I Er fri WWW' ffN ""'x,xf,4"' P 1 f 'Xa-H9 f l Zgxgix x 435105 Q SX 3 . f ,ff 'N X, ,L ,,-f im K xgfxig 4pnnll-liQ-- 4-Q ig X' wil' Rm, , 11 I j . ff., wfqf' 1 X I tl , ' ws xc, ul X 'JA , s I s I N 5 1, A ' 3 Z 13 If 0 " ' r.v..:lquuggy-- .. 'J 9 . -ww- 1 z f' Ad I I It I ' , , - N' wx 6 ' 13 Q' ,-A Q- :fi ' 1 . fi -Q f ff: . 71 . lf " 'fi ' A- f by ,, . ,-ri, f XX X gr -X: X "' :f ,iq -,N 1,1 --WP wg A' 'VE ga 5. Q jx fn i ff, .El 3 ' R' a 1 . - 3 Iii- ft' K l', ' .4 I H :i' . y-I fi' .' A H 'ty A . I 'I' yu 4 ' 'lbs -1, 7 fr 1 - - 5 1, 3 1 ' E J , Y. :JW v f 'lf' ,L Ai ' ' il ,ll V 1 X. 3 N 'S . .- yxg,g..f . ' 13 2, ' J "' ' " if? f Vi' 'ff ' ' 3 'x if 'f gf M' J, inf? ,X "'N.-I A ' "' is A .- J .1 1 Q: I ---fi 4 ' QQ Q . -'rf N, j Nik, ' , P v A af ., .' - ." if K ff 'X 1 if l I 2 af" - 9, g.',U'MA: n V . t y I U xv QV ,,., .4 MTN' - 7" f . Q' ' H 7 - , 'X yy 7x01 r ARP Cora Louise Anderson An active little miss that must be heaven-senl. For Polly's always busy as our class president. Library Club l: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3: Honor Roll l. Z. 3: Japanese Club 3: Class Dance 3: Junior Prom 3: International Club 3: Class President 4: Orbit. Coflfditor 4: Harvest Festival 4: Senior Play 4: Christmas Assembly 4. Carolyn Elizabeth Ball A wonderful classmate me 11' like you to meer Our industrious Carol u.ho1s I 1 1 p eusan 0 qreet G O Store l Harscst Ies a 4 Glee In rzmuras 7 'iv' Junior Prom 3 lntcrnational Club 3 Japimsc Culture 3 0 crn Dance Circus 3 Chairman Candy Sales 3 Chairman Commencement 'Notices 4 Orbit 4 Nursing Club 4 Barbara Alice Banks onht is liulml cl urad full I J 1 prar las 1 U 'W r our! tmks ,Qs 'ass Dmtt 4 Harstst Nlootrn Dan t Club v7 ristmis Rss mbix 4 ii s Junior i ID kiwi' Agnes Mary Bartlett for loads of laughs and lots of fun. Meet happy "Bright Eyes." Her uit! can stun. Glec Club l. Z. 3, 4: Class Dance 2. 3: Music Apprecia- tion 2: Sewing Club 3: Proms 3. 4: Senior Play 4: Dramatics 3. Charles Henry Beckman s quiet a rl slay aria' fu of fun too ll lot C harlzt s lvlushes and eyes of blue irscst I stu il 3 Intramu s Class Dance Senior Plas 4 Stmor Prom 4 Lilhan Lanora Bent s r lir.J uni' to us u pu Ll ll 5 I l l ips t UIOYLS I tlll I sl llllt is tt' x sity x wi ii I rtpr stn t Churmin if s A . M, Q . s . ' ' , ' A , Ht-'.' ' 77 .. . ' ll ' i ' - A 4 lt' 'c' ,X '. , .23 ' - - it 4 - - . tivl I. 2, 3. 5 Club is.- ' H H :C V, I P Z' 3- 41 rt xl -31 it ral 3. 4. ' 4. M d- ' e 5 A , E Y I 3 sm , is 1 15 ' 1' ' wi . I H Imp 177 tc. ur: v . ps ,J 1 1-. . i l. ll r u .Jrr't1!tlfulufft.:rt Lcu :cw 1 151 I J, ' Lllyklg 11 f ,hr-3-up ,',.' ' . J fi all rzriftsml ,J l Ci- - 'N l I V " ll HS ,-Xli li. libel. Nu Sc- lt-siival l. 3 4 Intramurals 'fi' - rwritx Clll .-Xlturnnte l: l 1- li - I V - Stan' .ml I3nml Salt' I: Q' Ch I . L' 'f ' ch C..imtr.i iliqut l loc ' Uh 711116 Club 51 .R K I I lrtslinari ,X.:X.: Red l3rvm 3. C russ lltp l All lur J 3. 4 ii1rls.'lIlict:c.'3stQ, in f 3 liftt Ciluli3 4 Sclimvl l'l.ix' 3 liirls .ull Nl.xii.iigtr3 l'llS Xltv ' : 1 fp l7.i' Clxllllllllllkx 3 Url t 4. Sir or l'I.ix' 4 ll.iis"st I7cs- Z:k'.il 4 IJ l S 53 ' I' ' IA- tiv 4 Co f. . I Busi- :icss llarvust listixlal 4. Gloria Caroline Brenner Clorias virtues are smiles and neatness, With a outer. .alm manner that indicates sweetness Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Class Dance l: Class Play l. 21 Secretary Homeroom 2: Har- vest Festival 3 4: Orbit 4: Junior Prom 3: Chairman Dance Refreshments 3. Huberta E Brlll Bert: keeps Qorng she can netsr rtst Sht s tr ed other schools but likes Roos telt best P H S Choir 3 lunior Prom Senior Prom 4 R T x xrlers l Z Michael john Cassetta fo you dear Uihe u,e gttt three thters Your wonderful sm le has brtqhten I our uears In ramuralsl 3 3 4 Ba c lors Clubl 2 l'lJl'XESl es .1 3 Bask-. Sophomor Plas 7 loothall t Clas semblx 9 Class Dmcts 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Xlodern Dan e rcus 3 Senior P x Senior Banquet Committee 4 -is ff 3' A-'f pane- et.. ff IVQAV Q- -1' Mavis Edith Cole Theres a friend u:ho's a grand little gal, Quiet, fun-loung Mauzs, our steady pal. Junior Band l: Senior Band 2. 3: Bible Club 3: Senior Plav 4: Glee Club 4. Edna jean Colwell Not mo tall n t mo short Ednaa knoatn as one su.eII sport ass Dante 3 4 Art u rust litstlxa ial Dane Club 7 lntra murals 3 Commerce Club 3 Senior Plax 4 Hot Dog Sales 4 Handicraft Club 4 Eleanor Christine Conley f-ltllflflf our! er d rn all ttmes of streSS a h r .torlzrnq r d ba th r t G tt Club 3 3 4 Chairman Refreshments Juni ur l rom usi Kpprttiation 3 ilirx st lest xal 4 Christm s Rss mblx 4 Joyce Carol Connelly Her talents are many shes cute and pente Shes very soft spoken our Jxggers so sweet Glee Club2 3 4 Class Song 2 3 Honor Rolll 2 Class Play 1 2 Intramurals l 4 Harvest Fesuvall 2 3 4 Art Club 2 3 Chaxrman Decoratxon Sport Dance 3 Jumor Prom 3 Momtor 3 Modern Dance Clrcus 3 Orbrt 3 4 Chaxrman Chnsr mas Assembly 4 Valednctonan Bertha Ann Cote 9 lr' ml url 'Nu o n LL lx .11 xrmlll pm Q lr Jn nas lr 1 S D1JIlllI1u ub 0 tball RH S Jumor lrom 3 Drlmwucs Club 3 Chrlsrmas Plax 4 rn X ll Dmcc 4 Slnlor Prom 4 9en1orPl1y -4 Mary Frances Cruger 'flip' um of romfwnu. '5 LI p " be .s e, l.1,z- .. fr ' 1 Shes mum u bore. rvcst l7cSliv.1l l. - . , . o urn Dnnw .-Xsscmwl' . Xlo ern Dance Cxrcus , mstmns .Ms mb v , . . 'A '. nw . cill.lll'l'T'lIl .xrionerv nu' fax : - '1bly3: wmv .- 1 cmlstry Clclw '. 4 fcw ing Club -4, Studcn1Ccurl -6, Senior Play 4, Ter' C' 'D 1f""' xii fbn Dorls Eleanor Darlmgton J 1 K 11 b r boar: Hua cn! mr m for China am. Class Dame 7 Honor Roll l gm r Bm A H Jrx rx sr O lLl"ll0 Prom l HR r dent halrn' XSS mlwlx flSll'lllS 55k T' X C O 4 Ida Mae DeLor LL Sul lsdarl S usme ppnllmtnn bocn Jlllullll., wpmw. C uw n grnutmrul lub 3 ass um Clms Runge om ul Hman Mfr C1111 Curwpml Arts 4 Thomas Vincent Dolan . 'N,V7!V7TL1 ' rf' ' 'rs .far Il L" . ' 1. Qs . ',- 3 - V '.l5llfL'l' - X unltur - 3 ' .S ' . - ' 1 w ' ' fl 3. . uvrn .1"' 1: ', I P1 ww , nslr' ' r ' . ss . nm vu n l .ls yr wa lv. m ' ' ' . 'E ' fun Q r X ' C H 3 .vnu r fmr1srm.zsAss.fn1Vlv Ruth Emma Dralss tr s frltrf Put um! mall lxvrutr' und ltk cl ba Jm and u ee Club 7 C ass n e l Harxcs t tual n cr natlonzl Club 3 Jumor Prom mor ax Stnlor Prom 4 Art Club 1 Vlrgmya Pearl Ellsworth Dau ln dau out Czrmu s so busy Just ttlztchmu htr dash almost n uhm us dzzzu 1 ec Club 2 3 lumor Prom 3 Blble Club 3 Chair man Hot Dog Sales 4 Com mencement Commrttee 4 Vlomtor 4 Orbrt 4 Tanet Helen Erskme Janet looks lzke a model by Powers Thats whq shes a special fauorrte of ours rvtst f tual Sen1orBandl 7 3 Nlonrtor 4 Class Dance 3 1 dent Senror Dramatrcs Club Cass Song 2 3 a teur how 2 3 Jumor Prom 3 Class Dance 3 Record3 GO 4 HR Vlce Prcs1dent3 Orblt 4 Semor Play 4 HR Pres1dent2 2' 'V -er Eugene Leonard Farrell uzch on not qcuck rn .ut fps u.5oll neter quzt Class Danc l 3 Harx t txxa 4 C 3 -X semblx l 7 3 Class Play Foo X arslty Football 3 Xlomtor 3 4 Farewell Dante 4 Jeanne Mane FltCh 4 drmcer deluxe lblfh a pretty mce some B I bows uou re too ate fltfhz s mad hfrrhotce C6 Club C 155 n t l 4 lr Tkurr onor Roll 7 C 5 'X semblx l 7 Class Play 7 ramurals l 2 3 M01 7 I' a t hs 1 3 4 XlOdml'I'l D'll'lu Clll 3 4 Vlodtrn Danct Ctr us 3 umor Prom 3 O bn Chttrleadlng 3 4 Bradley Hamrlton Fowx Brad uhose humor rs alrtaus the but h Il pass e test a elors Club l Intramu s J X Bas ba 7 Football Techm n s Club 'Xsst r Football 3 Xarsntx Basket 3 Prmtlng D xlls 'Vlomtor 3 Soccer 4 Class Dance 4 Wmxfred Maude Free Wznnre s talented we do pro clazm The doctor rn her wrll do her fame Adelphz Academy Brooklyn In Y Vnctory Bank 1 Hockey Team l Basketball I Play Dayl 2 Horseback Rxdxng l Dramatxcs Club 1 Tenms Tournaments l Glee Club l 2 4 Headmaster sst l Intramurals Chrlstmas Assembly 2 Dra matrcs 2 Honor Roll l 2 R H S Semor Play 4 Soccer 4 Art Club 4 Vestalxa Ann Frost Vestze she rs called for short An enthuszastrc gal and a very good sport ass Dance l 3 4 n m rals l 3 Mo ern Dance 2 4 Harsest Festxval 4 Dramatlcs Club Chrlstmas Assembly 4 Wlllxam Donald Ghee Brll rs a fellow on whom me re u A mrld mannered worker no one can deny PHS Track l Speaknng Bureau l 2 Intramurals l 2 Debate Team l RHS Intramurals 3 Bachelors Club 3 Class Dance 3 Orbxt 4 Semor Banquet 4 Chem lSlYl Club 4 Senxor Plas 4 av i I i 1""' Howard Crosby Graves Jr Hou.ard rs called when there s uork to be done Hes trzendlu and earnest ana' lots of run Bndl 7 3 4 Honor oll PT Pan DISK X :ce presxdent 3 Presl dent 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Plas Z Chanrman Txck ers Class Dance 7 Debate 3 CO Xxce presldent 3 Presx d nt 4 Amerxcan Leglon Oratorxcal XX mncr 3 Harxest srxal 7 3 Chanrman o lumor -Kssemblres 3 Prom bld Chamrman 3 Modern Dxncc Clrcus 3 Ja77 Bow Mmstrel 3 Senxor Play 4 Chrnstmas Assembly 4 Orbnt Co edxtor 4 Helen Cornelia Hadden Helen rs one u,hose hearts zn her work lVhen tacklmq a task she never ull! .shrrk rx est lestual l 3 3 Class Dance Chnstmas Assembly 4 Prom Everett Sanborn Harden jr Jun Q rs lr: ndlu Luth manu a smzle Hrs cheer null stay u,r1h us for qurte a lona uohrle Bachelors Club l Art Club l Commerce Club3 Chnst mas Play 3 Df3m8IlLS Club 3 Assembly Play 3 Orb1t4 'Semor Plas 4 Tcchmcnans Club 4 Chrlslmas Assembly Martin William Hayes, jr Martin is quiet and drives I a car But when stuck behind a school bus he can t get far Intramurals 3 4 S21'110l' Prom 4 Soccer 4 Techni cian s Club 4 Class Dance 4 Karl Edwin Herrmann Bud has the blush and eyes of b ue 4 wonderful athlete The team will miss you Home Room Vice President l Intramuralsl 2 Class As sembly l I-Iarxest Festixal l C ss Dance l 2 BachelorsClub2 3 Basket 2 3 4 I'ootball2 3 Monitor 2 3 4 Class Vice President3 4 I-IR resi dent 3 Junior Prom 3 Base 3 Varsi y Club 3 Modern Dance Circus 3 G O Representatixe 3 Chairman Decoration Class Dance 4 Vice President Varsity Club 4 Senior Prom 4 Evelyn Elizabeth Holman Her lrnowledqe ol COOHIHQ an essenlial art lVzlI um Eere mana a masru line heart 'Vlusic Appreciation Club 2 3: Secretary 2: Intramurals 3: Class Dance 41 Farewell Dance 4: C.O, Store 4: Senior Prom 4. , A 1'-:v :lv ou. T V1 'fi Ronald Rockefeller Holtzman -I uery quzet lad is he But Ronnzes as frzendly can be fl H S Dramatic Club l In rramurals l 2 3 Photogra phy Club 2 Boys Cooking Club 3 Junior Prom 3 Base ball 3 R HS Senior Play 4 Lennart Holve He rs ueru faithful and brrnas us qood lurk for Lchal would our dances be Lurhoul Lenny s rrurh' -IHS Band l Intramurals l R H S Class Plav Z I-Iar west Festival Z 3 Class Dance 7 3 4 Techniciansflub 2 GO Representatixe3 Iunior Prom 3 Intramurals3 4 Senior Plav 4 Che-migrrv Club 4 Emery Lloyd James Eeer merr.1 euer arand Lloud is uzllrnry Io lend a hand Social Studies Plas l Class Pas l 7 I-Iarxest Festisal l 2 3 'Vlusic -Xpprcciat1onClub 2: Model Club 3: Senior Play 4. Senior Prom 4, Bertha Minnie Jones There is Betty with the tup- pmg feet. :lnd she sinus Luth u Lvftie thu! curft be beat. Intramurals 2. 3: Dramatics Club 3: Harvest Festival 3. 4: Junior Prom 3: Chairman Dance Tickets 3: JN. Cherr- leading 3: Christmas Assem- bly 3. 4: Modern Dance Circus 3: Class Dance 3: Monitor 3: Senior Play 41 Glee Club 4: Varsitv Cheer Leader 4: Modern Dance Club 4 Raymond Arthur Joyce, jr A musttr utth paint brush um! pen ts Rau May he alu aus be utlttul us ht is todau nd I 3 4 Class 4 Intramurals I Art ub I 3 4 Senior Prom4 Class Dance 2 4 Junior Prom 3 Orbit 4 Harxesr Festival 4 Albert Earl Keller Because Al is commonlu knoun us a tease Hts pranks necer let us be much at fuse cer 4 Bachc or ub 3 Senior rom Class Dance 4 ll 'CT7 Af-A if fi 071,155 -Q L-. ig IX1 Gloria Mae Kellerhouse xl quiet girl, Glo seems to some. But a friend to all and every- one. Harvest Festival 2: Music Ap' preciation 25 Social Dancing Club 2: Sewing Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: Ciraphic Arrs Club 4. Virginia Louise Kennedy Heres a brown hatred girl uazth intelligence plus Gznnys sure to succeed as she has with us ass Dance I 2 3 Representative I Glee Club 2 Social Dancing Club 2 Sub Deb Club 2 Junior Prom 3 Record 3 Dramatic Club 3 Harvest Festival 3 4 Christmas Assembly 4 Farewell Dance 4 Senior Play 4 Chemistry Club 4 Orbit 4 Salutatorian Gerard Fredrick Kilmer 9 ct Grru to i ruone ts t locc cm tru V' f rimurils I 3 Class Da ct I' HILL t n in s Clit 7 I s walt rsitx st H tst 1irmin Class Dino. slrttbill v S ct unior Prom Nlo trn Dance Circus 'Xth tic ub 3 rsitx Clu Chairman Senior Prom 4 D N . . . . L, 1 K, U A fi , - . . Ba . 2. . 1 Play ' - I 1 A , 1 .Cl g Cl , , , 1 Go. X . A - , I llef hnfvmn us tt ' . H Cs Q ,- .' , Th.l1fl 'mich fs lu a Band I. 2, 3, 4: Class Plas' . w' if Mm' '55 Soc 3, g I '5 X 5 Q' Int. . . .' .n" CI : P 4, - I 1, 3' HR. Pe I'ni I' , , , " 'tvh ia. ' . is - A .1 v. 5 as-mi ' 3. my i Br-3 i l l.Il 2. I. Harvest I" ival 2. I 1, ' Chg . .. . -- 21 - Ili. " . I. 4. focwr 3 4: .I A 31 . da ' 3: : lei I ' f Cl 1 Va ' ' b 4: ,K . . . ' L Elizabeth june King Betrufs J danfer. a cbear leader. too, ll'ho czlwaus pops up with somethzrm new, Christmas Plas' 3 4: Dra- matics Plat' 3: lY. Cbccr l.-:adcr 3 Modern Dance Cir- cus 3. lntramurals 3: Senior Plas' 4: Varsitv Cneering 4' Modern Dance 4. james Edgar Knauss Jrmmtes remarlas and his pleasant srmle Vuke his friendship ueru trorthuhile ank l Intramura 5 JV Basketball 7 Varsitx Basketball 3 4 Bachelor s Club 3 4 Soccer 3 Dolores Grace KmHin Nlot too serious not foo czau Lee has a pleasing frrendlu uau mor Band l 7 3 4 nce l 3 I-rcshmin a Junior Ban Home Room Se retary 2 Junior Prom 3 Chairman Senior Banquet 4 QA Q-. N1--f Rb Q 95 is 'GI .7- .3 'K 5' kv' QQ 55... Phyllis Linda Lare Tl?isr'rrtellt,7entm1ss LL:!l'7l7a:r sn blond. fx Phrllu, u Ualoft.l1f,mu'e're ull fond. Rlvrmflmh Hz'Jl7 Clay Club l 2. 3: Class Trruistircr l: Dramatic Club l: Ci O. Ren- rcscntativc 2: Opcrctta 2. l,i- lwrarv Club 2' Assembly Z: R.H.S Dramatic Club 3: Junior Assembly 3: Plav Committee 4: Christmas As- em lx 4 'Nurses Club 4 Xlonitor 4 Honor Roll l Rita Ann Leggiere r as ref blarh hair an prirklvna urs Keep us all quztr hupnolzzed Intramurals l Sub Deb Club test Festix il l 4 Glee Club 3 4 Japanese Culture 3 International Club 3 Ring Committee 3 Senior Play 4 Paul George Lozier lull husky aml lantlsome at str ll ulhltlt n lb I bzll ft l I' 1 7 i st is t 1 hclor s ub l all s ttball l -lr k X arsi x ub Xlinstre lun or Prom 3 ltchnitian s Club 3 Adxincctl Pngin er in 3 Senior Play 'Stage 4 Stnior Prom 4 Richard Edward Martineau Dtekls stx feet tall and never Shy, 42' , :qi 1. ll'ho can help but Izke rhxs .5 aww? Class Play l, 4: Class Dance QW' l, 2. 3. 4: Junior Prom 3: " ,f Bachelors Club 3. 4: Senior Prom 4: Senior Play-Stage 4. . ' .l q -gg. HQ? ki ,.,1, , Y 7 x I . AFL I vu, , y .2 j Hi- A ' . ' - . i ...A T - . ., ,P gin ' J S' A 'I . ., Pi . 'S 't' . .l - M L ,Q 5 7 7 1 N4 -Ak x- f- , is y rs- 2 5 1 f ttyl ' t Robert Harvey Masten Bobble s a happy ao lufku a 'llzsthreeous LLIIILJ and sal dom sad 7 o tl Club l Hanes tual l loo seball 2 4 ass Q Dance 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 .lumor Prom 3 Bache lors Club 3 Intramurals 3 james Frank Mateer I ootball basketball he leads the team ll hm there s a aame Jnmmze s nah! on the beam ass Plas l Class Dante ln muralsl 4 Baskc 3 Q5 ISIIX Club 7 4 lumor Prom 3 Ba htlors Club 3 Semor Prom 4 Chrxstmas Assemblx 4 3 am '-qs.. 'Q 'Z Robert Matthews Handsome, dashing, descrip- trues galore. Bobs the fellow the qals all adore. lV.H.S. Football l. 3' Fresh- man Day l: Junior Prom 3: Baseball 3: Basketball 3: Softball 3: Volleyball 3: R,H.S. Football 4. Jean Elxzabeth McClure Jean rs a mrschrmous dm armzna lass A Llllldhle addztzon Io our stmor Class Glu lub l lbrar Connell 7 3 Harxe lnestnal 4 N ode n Dance 4 Chr st mms Assembly 4 George Arthur McCornac Jr tl S lflllf ISS UNI Ill! S 1 xx m r 1 n rx ru r 1 llYlS ljl1ITl1 Stngqy N Susan Fmch Monell 'fulkar Lt Buouan! 9 Charm mu Yes Sue s lust tops at RH S mor Band l 3 4 ses L txxa lresnman Plas l Honor Ro 3 S-Ophomor an u t rlpprt natton nt rom Or tt ool Clfr Cbatrmun Semor Plat 4 Chrtstfnas sembly 4 Charlotte Mary Morano C arluttes shtmss quite dtceznmg S es reallu fur' and L 4 pleustng ass Sport Dance l 2 nest lfestnal l 2 4 ternatronal Students 3 .lap 'tnese Culture 3 Commence ment Commmee 4 Clec Club 4 Graphrc Arts 4 Frank Angelo Paganelh Come on Frank for cupzds .sake Gu the Ionesrnrm U Is a break Intramurals l 3 Basketball l 7 Baseball l 7 3 4 Harxtst Festtsal 3 BachL'or s Club 3 Senior Play 4 42 no-5 'nanlllfy I L- fxfrfg 2' 5' x' X " :ff .......: 5 5. "e.-M W.. 3. bv .al .I i I X 1 Robert Paquet To uorru Izttla to studu less ls Bob s Idea fr huppmess Class Dance l Z Freshman Assembls I Yootballl 3 4 Baseball 7 3 4 Harsest Fes a 3 4 lntramura arslty Club 3 4 Junt r Prom 3 Semor P om 4 Iva Lou Ruth Patt lux s Itke a chocolate soda Aluuus suffer and bubblma ouer Class D nce I 2 3 Home room Secretarv I Class As sembly l 2 Junror Prom 3 'Vlodern Dance Circus 3 Sem mg Club 3 4 Semor Play 4 Alllson Rogers Paul Those who kntm our llltson EGU Thur her mu: m do s not ber humor drsnlutf lntramurrls l Class Setretarx l v Chnrmm Dante -ld urtlstnu l 3 lresbrn nl3l1x l Nlustt Xpprettmtmn 3 Homtroum Setrttwrx 3 Co fhnrmm Urturmtwla Hnrxtst l-esttxal 3 Churmtn Xdur trsmg luntor l'rf-m N Xrt Club l Orbl 4 Qtucltnt Counttl 4 Chrvstmxs Xsstm blx 4 Honor Ralll ' 3 May Jane Peterson If zsf ra' Lorfzrnj rurfa Zahn" II lv rfrr' mor Bmd l onor Roll l Cass In Comma!! mn Chamrman ops Class Plus C r r Dax Grncrml Charrman Junlor lrom 3 Clnlrmm Txckcrs Nlod rn Dunn Cn' us h musrrx C Or 1 4 Scmor Bmqurr 4 Chanr man Tx Rats md Lshrrctus mor Pln 4 rx st Ina 3 4 Lols Ann Power Step YIULYI up um! mul Lozs POLL r R H S s arf! or thc hour cc Club 7 3 4 Harm Fcstnal 7 3 4 Class Dmcc 3 Scmor Prom 4 Xurscs Club 4 Charles Ryan Peter Ray llzhu rs LQFU pnppu and auu XM a' ll' hrm uluaus lo be ao my our Luau Sop womorc Play 7 lnlra murals 7 J Ba hclor 5 uh lumor Dame Commuter L or as 7 4 Orr QQ in Q1 bn 'bs PQ Francls Qumcy Raymo The Annu IFfIlf'70d Franczs new uell Bu hrs Good .Lorh here you ran fuszlw fell Dolores Arlene Reves Dull s arlut sm!! aluuus on Ihv ao She s 1 hull or lm and has no oe cn Club 4 Han s stlxal 9 4 Clas Dmu. Chrlslmas Plax 4 Drlmatrcs Club 4 Edna Loulse Rogers l hmmm l Alu! rs fdna R ur s znullor .shr s u, U fl 7 1' Class Dunn Rncord Staff l'Nx5I LS H3 Chrustmrs Asscmblx 4 Virglnia Mary Rogers Ginny has churn' and I Grace I us a Ler attra :Le rate Social Dancing Sub D lt ub 7 Ring Commit Chairman 3 Homeroom Treasurer J Record Stlfl 3 Junior Prom 3 Han st Fes tixal 3 Class Dance 4 Senior Plas 4 Handicraft Club 4 Virgmla Irene Rozell Her quiet manner ttell mau decezte us Bu! good lurk Io uou Crnnu and please do belzete us Sub Deb Club Z Handicraft tub 2 N onltor Harxest Festival 3 Music Ap preciation 3 Christmas As sembly 4 Graphic Art Club Marie Barbara Rushano Marie is a friend who is Swett and sincere, For this u.e'Il remember her mana a year. u -Deb Club -: Socia Dancing 2: Harvest Festival 3: "Record" Typist 3: Class Dance 3: Junior Prom 3: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Orbit 4: Senior Prom 4: Senior Play 4. E 11'- Z' 3 K-'X wr-M' ef' arb .7 iv- Dorothy May Russell Carefree D ta lik s ro dance he s ucher' L V' 4. chance ass Dan l 4 C ic resid nt Harx st tual l Ca Kloniror 4 Junior Prom 3 Senior Dramati s Play 3 Homeroorn Se retarx 3 Stu dent Court 4 Edward Schmalmg Handsome Ed ui h is smooth shy ways ls a u,r:rIhz.f hero of our hxah school days Class Assembly l Harxest tival l 2 3 4 Base ot 3 Bac lors Club 2 Clmss Dance 7 3 Monitor 7 3 Adxan ed Fngmeermg 3 Treasurer Athlctic Association 3 loot l 4 Orbit 4 May Marie Seaman 'llua is one on tulenm ue dc- pendg l'liShL'S f r Iuch to r we ex- IL'V7d. trvest Festival . -, : . ass Dance l 2. . 4: . u 2. . 4: lnternationa Correspondenw 3: Intramu- r ls 3: Japanese Culture 3: Srhool Gift 4: Graphic Arts Cl1lTord Francls Schussler Of Ihe entzre class Clm IS Ihe u.1t Mau he alwaus make a szmzlar 1 Freshman Assembly l Home room Secretary l Bachelors Club 2 Hall Vlomtor 2 3 Intramurals 3 4 Football 7 TSI u Harsest Festnal 3 Chrnstmzs Xssembls 4 Semor Prom 4 W1l11am Benyamm Sheldon jr B1Il IS a lzlmbll sofrahle 11111 Om of Ihr Hnes! Ihr Class mer ad arxest Tesuul l r ub l ootball 7 Bachelors Club 7 Record 1 7 Intramurals 3 Jumor Prom 3 Class Drnce 4 Qemor Prom 4 Chemlstrx Club 4 Wllllam Elwood Slewert Popular l31Il null' PIFSOFUIIIU p 11s Has LLUV' rcspcr! frrm all I iss Prrsldenr l 7 Festu all 3 4 l7r1. m n Plus l Class Drnce 'X omror l 7 Crptam 'X Panel 7 Qrmor ra mulcs Iumor Prom 1 Bachelors Club 3 4 Glld mfr Program 3 Churmm 1 ll ne Dr1u u L 1 mr Courr 4 9 mor 'Y'llTlllf'llS 4 mrv -ggi- I ,nik 1 flf 'lf' 'W' C5 Adrlenne Smger ln arm lash Dldl spells suc fess S es 0 e smell sport f RHS Sub Deb Club 2 Glee Club 4 Harsest Fesmal 3 Vlodern Dance Crrcus 3 Dra matlcs Club 3 Semor Prom 4 Orbxt 4 'iemor Art Club 4 lNurs1ng Club 4 Wxlllam Burton Stedman Tall suave and debonalr B111 s the answer to a mazden prayer Techn1c1an s Club l 2 3 Harxesr Fesnval 3 O1b1r Class Dance 4 Semor Play Chrlstmas Assemblv 4 joan Mane Trabasso Joan has beauty DOISP and ll srmle Shi s u p pular klu' and has lun all Ihe 1Lh1Il rmor Txurllng, l n murlls l Inshmm s s m wlx l rss n Ilomcroom Tnasurer ass r Hom nom X me l7res1dcnl 7 C ass Plas 7 'Vlodarn Dame r us H e srl C ll111 rs1 g 4 lo mom msullnt rss asur r 3 4 Jumvr Pu cjfbll -4 'Klodern Dan I 4 I I A , x h 'N I n . ' O A I hr. I r., - . - - I H 4 I ' 2 - "' 'I , 3. 5 ' I " . 43 1 .1 I , hz' D .4 I v : xx A 3. 4: Va 'IV Cl b 4: 4' , 2 ' ' . , ' , ," 7 f Q! ,fs I 4 Y . . at I il E A A . h Q, , M . M ,sm . ,L , ,S H 1 - . 4. Ar I i. - I 4 ' -' 1 , Cl :P -141 . x Yi? ' , - .'-'42 If " ,4g X . 3 '41 .. . . V QNX 2 L1 5 C, Q A 3 rw 'A ! we V X x gb - sem, . . Qin A 'I . - sf 1 . 1 I A C A ' 7 f I U I - I X A 1. l U' Q ' ' ' US' xr' Sf ' " ' 1 . 2. I tra- Cl.. V -.3:H. K1"" 9 .. 2: f' . Af WSI I 1 . .SEV gc l f 1 CI. Da cc l. 2. n t . . l. 'i ' I- 23A1 ' nhg A ' 43 Cl . XVICU-I-,CSldQlll 2: PT1.. - D.- J U7 IM' I -3 K . A . .1 ls OV' -V A . -1 1 '. - . 1' - 6' Ci C 3 arv'sl Ire val 1. K L 1 A' A l ' 3 4 I V. ,hear Ing Z: XLS... A, 44 gy dsl. xi 4, Ya lVCl'h'ufll1.' 3. 3 I mc- Slld' . ' .r' In 1 P' ' 71 Cl- .. t A Ire e . 1 um 3: ' . ' c' . Donald Henry Tramor Wzrh cars and azrls Don has a u,au fl u.fJII on the lfose LS uhal LL? SUV Jumor Band l Intramurals 7 3 4 Sen1orBan Jumor Prom 3 Debate Team Harxest Fetwa Or II 4 Senror Prom 4 Semor Plax 4 Benjamln Morrls Van Keuren Of all the class Ben s fall and lanky Bur u,eLe never known hzm one dau Io be cranhu Bachelors Club 3 J V Bas ketball 3 Han est Festwal 3 1 '-Par. 1-4-' Donald Everard Velth Because of hrs good nature and Lu! lVhere er Donrre owes h makes a hzt Intramurals 7 3 G O Rep resentatne 3 Soccer4 Tech l'llCl3l'l s Club 4 Graphic Arts Club 4 Semor Play 4 Class Dame 4 Senior Prom 4 Bonme Belle Warner ure! prelly mtellzgenr and near Bonme has trarls fha! are hard to bear Sen1orBandl 7 3 4 Class Play Commxttee 2 Inrramu ras 2 4 Honor Roll 2 3 Class Dance 3 Mus1c Appre claflon 3 Chemnstry Club 3 Chrrsrmas Assembly 3 Senror Play 4 4 Z5 I I ,Q NAME Cora Anderson Carolyn Ball Barbara Banks Mary Bartlett Charles Beckman I 1ll11n em Glorn Brenner XI1ch1el Cyssetta Xlyyls Cole Fdna Colyyell I leanor Conley Joyce Connelly B rtha Cote X'Iary Cruger Dons Darlmgton Ida DeI or Thomus Dolan Ruth Drnss X lfLll'1Xl I yorth I1net Ifrskme I ugene I-arrell Iemne F1tch Bradley Foyyx XX 1n1fred Free X est1l1a Frost XX 1ll1am Ghee Thomas Gleason Hoyy ard Grty es Fyerett Harden Xl1rt1n Hayes lxmrl Herrmann I yelyn Holman Romld Holtzman ler1111rt Holye IS rthy Iones Rnmond Joy e ll rt Ixe er C lt1r11 Ixellerhoust X we 1111 Ixennedy C r1rd Ixr mtr Il111lye1h mg XDDRFSS 'SO Iallkrll Ave I oughkeeps1e 83 Buckmgham Aye Poughkeeps1e Hyde Park Parker Aye Hyde Park Salt Pomt XX est Dorsey Lane Poughkeeps1e Clmton Corners 60 North Road Poughkeeps1e Qtlt Pomr Hyde Park Par er Aye Hyde Park Hates Aye Pouehkeepsye R F D Staatsburg S lt Pomt Road Poughkeeps1e K1rchner Aye Hyde Park Creek Road PouQhkeeps1e Ix1rchner Aye Hyde Park Hyde Park Pleysant X alley Pouy,hkeeps1e I Beck Place PouQhkeeps1e 6 XX oodlayyn Aye Pouqhkeeps1e Poughkeeps1e Salt Po1nt Road Poughkeeps1e Hyde Park Fulton Street Poughkeepsle Hrllcrest Park Pouqhkeeps1e 43 Iallk1ll Ay Poughkeepste Hyde Park X 1olet Aye Pou5,hkeeps1e Qraytshutg Hyde Park iult Po nr Dorsey I me POLILIUIKCCPSIC 91't Po1nt Iulron 91 Pouehkeeps1e X X Pou hkeeps1e Hyde Park C rtenhush Dr Pougzhkt ps1e 'XI11lIyrcyOk U I ouehkeepsu B1r her Aye Poughkeepste BIRTHDAY I ehruary I3 De emher 23 Ianuary I 8 August 30 June Nevy Years ye August De ember I Septemhe De embtr 4 ay X arch ll June I3 I ehruary June I8 February Xugust 23 Qeptembh' 28 X De emher I9 'Xlarch I6 'Noy ember I 'APIII 76 O ober 7 9 ptemher 3 Apnl 76 Oetolyer 27 O toher toher emler my 'Nyy mher S ptemlyer 7 U emher O IOIMT I U Ialytl' 1r h r1l Fla FXXIBI I ION Reporter Regmtered nurse tyrn to Secretary C1 a neyy ear Capture .1 certa1n heart 1n Neyy Jersey L neertaln Be 1 lrthogmpher Telephone operator Ch ld eare Co to college Concert smger Secretary Ped1atr1c11n C'ommerc1al 1rt1st Secretary Appr nt1ee tool maker XIIIISI te1c aer C o to college Seeretlry Xuto mecham Ile tr1c11n Qrudy mQdlClHL Dr1ye 1 car Xlzke I-11ry1eyy cap1tal L Fx IX mon contractor Slllylfll doctor l1ll up spmee o C1 C yrpenter I hecomt pres1dent D1et1t11n Successful I usmess man I1rm m1 h1nery expert ISI 1l care CR1rtron1st L n trta1n Qt ret1ry 1e1r rhtr11 I ypxst I 9 0 E 1' T ' 'v .I I 5 :I S. 2' . -' W 4' 4 I A A' 1: W 4 J . I U .. , , if I - .. 1 1- ny 'I v v Fu- u v JL , . V . 5 , I ' I7 'et 5 - - 1 Y. .4 B . , A, V , EY I 5 H X . : X y I 7 A , ,A , , , 1 . .3 ' ' . T' I ,- , ' A , I7 ' 1. , I. . . , .. . r L A 0 1 ' ,' yc- ' . 1 A. 'I f - I 'Q u y1.' I5 H 5 1 I f , oh , ,, , I5 ,. , 4 . V' . ' . ' . ' ' 1 c 1. I E " 1 '. fllsy' '. ' I V' ,lul' Zl 1 1 T . . -' Zl XX'est Cedar St. .Iuly' 23 Move from Poughkeepsie UI . ' - ' .. ' .' ' 7 f c ' '. 1 L . ' , I . ' A ct F I " . I A A lark 1 sk. 3 ' I 'e. 1 ' - I c. '. ' 1' .I I' c ZI If In n .rth ul . , '. ' . . Oc I9 f. 1 '. 1 . ' 1 . Dye y I3 '11 y - -' y I .. 1 XIJI4 . ' ,. ' Innuary' I0 f ' y f , 1 . ' ' ,'t'c 1 24 I. .c' 'J ' v . . t F . , A .e ' ' ., Xlt c. 'er ,, A , 1 . . ' 'c X'ic let A 'en I ec' I2 .. w ' I A Hr ' ll ' P 15 ' ' c' ' 1 . '- - 1 " . ct ' 7 . -q , 3 1 ' 1: Q V ' . ' Xl. c Z8 Tr. 'Ie J "1 y'1 1er Aw. .-yp' I8 T1 N '51 W y .. '. ,IJ i'.' K' lc '. clu 'I6 W . NAXIE James Knauss Dolores Knlfftn Phyllrs Lare Ann Rtta leggtere Paul I o71cr Rrchard Xlartrneau Robe rt 'Vl asten James Xlateer Robert Xlattheyys Jean 'VIcClure George 'VIcCornac Susan 'Xlonell Charlotte 'Xlorano Frank Paganellr Robert Paquet Alltson Paul Isa lou Parr Vlay Peterson I ors Power Charles Ray Dolores Reves Fdna Rogers X rrgrnra Rogers X rrgmra Ro7ell 'Xllarte Rushano Dorothy Russell Fdyyard Schmalmg Clrfford Schussler Xlav Seaman XX lltam Sheldon XX1ll1am Srevyert Adrienne Srnger XX'1ll1am Stedman .Ioan Trabasso Donald Tramor Benjamin Van Keuren Donald Verth Bonnie 'arner Huberta Brtll Francrs Raymo ADDRESS 10 XX'est Cedar Poughkeepsre 13 Yates Aye Poughkeepsre Park Place Hyde Park Clmton Hollow Salt Potnt 319 Farryrew Aye Poughkeepsre 15 Buckrngham Ave Poughkeepste Hyde Park 81 Hmkley Place Poughkeepsre Staatsburg Hyde Park 19 Greenbush Drrye Poughkeepsre Hyde Park 40 North Road Poughkeepsre 2 Salt Pomt Road Poughkeepsre Pendell Road Poughkeepsle Garden St Hvde Park 241 Church St Poughkeepsre Salt Pomt Road Poughkeepsle Creek Road Poughkeepste Curry 1 ane Hyde Park 40 XVoodlawn Ave Poughkeepsie Hy de Park Salt Pomt 38 Hrnkley Place Poughkeepsle Lakevrevu Ave Poughkeepsre Fuller Ave Hvde Park Van XX agner Rd R F D 1 Poughkeepsxe Staatsburg P O 223 North Grand Ave Poughkeepste 407 East Cedar St Poughkeepsre Parker Ave Hyde Park Fastcourt Staatsburg 17 Vylest Cedar St Poughkeepsre 53 Yates Ave Poughkeepste 3 Yates Ave 45 Farrvrew Ave Poughkeepste West Dorsey Lane Hyde Park 7 Davrs Place Hyde Park Hyde Park BIRTHDAY August 12 .Iuly 21 December 17 August 30 .lu y 31 'Noyember June 6 December 7 Aprrl 25 January 27 October 29 June 15 Vlarch 3 October 31 September May 4 'Xlarch 8 Noyember 30 August 31 Noyember 3 Aprrl 6 January 'Vlay 25 September May 10 December 10 February 26 Noyember 14 February 6 'Vlarch 4 Februarv 1 Ju y Xflay Aprrl 10 October 7 September 9 Februarv 28 'Xflay 24 Juy 12 February 10 AXABITION1 To own a mc g Xlustcran Nurse Study prano To escape being famous To shrne State trooper To go on and on 'Vlayor of Clmton Hollow Cro to Ireland Cro to Julllard College Dress maker Be a ball player To become rrch Fashton tllustrator Beautrcran Chemist Nurse Atqutre fortune Actress Telephone operator Telephone operator Be a bookkeeper Prryate secretary Secretary Play baseball College Dress maker Farmer Uncertarn Nurse Have own busmess Secretary To be successful Poultry farmer Craftsman College To be happy 'Vlechamcal engrneermg N' 1 Q27 1 O 0 A 1 Sr, 'ebi car A . 4 . 4 ' . ' X , - ' f r. 1 b I , 4 ' , J' 8 1 . Al yr I . X 1 ly 7 . 1 I' 1 I 11 ' I 1 4. Y 1' P . I1 ' ' I , ' ' . W e V ze 1 1, I 1. . . 1 , A 6 . . ' I I 4 r . ' ll v . 1 ' , ' ' . 1' 10 ' 'F . . 7 ' ' . . . . ' 1, 'yy 1 '11 , ' ,, ' 1 . . . XR 1 . A 1 l'0lllC 2 It IS easy to sy mpathxze vuth a confused traveler after you have had my experrence Here rs my story When I Str Roxnes Tlbro stumbled out of bed on one brrght September morn rn 1942 and rubbed the sleep from my eyes I found myself IH company yuth a group my age rn the unfamrlxar land of Rohrsch 'Vly mstructnons were to stay here untrl released from my quest so I started out on the ady enture As vue wandered along the long paths we were forced to look at the people as though they were gxants carrymg huge armloads of books Every one seemed rather pleasant to each other but vue had the usual feeling of travelers rn a nevy land who find themsely es wrthout frxends except among thexr ovy n nmmedlate pals We drd hovy ever get acquamted vuth each other and banded together ac cordrng to our lrkes and sometlmes our dnsllkes The longer vs e stayed nn Rohrsch the more famrlrar we became vs 1th the customs of the land Stern lookrng people kept us gomg on the rxght sxde of the avenues and separated the varrous scrambles that occurred when we came to blovys over some trlfle that would cause a conflxct After a wh1le we became veterans of the place or so vye told ourselves but st1ll vyalked around wxth cautrous ey es to observe what the old txmers of the land were domg We dxd however fit rn qurte eas1ly to the routme work we had to do and managed to keep up to the pace that was set for us wrthout too many broken legs Our party moved on raprdly but we paused one day to try some thrng unusual 1n thrs land and had our first tournament Only certaln members of our group were allowed to compete and we found xt rather refreshmg to try our skllls at various contests all of us endmg the day by bemg the proud owners of a beautxful case of sunburn Th1s tournament was called the Seventh Grade Play Day and set the precedent for the other classes that were to come after us The year moved onward tak1ng us toward our first great hurdle wh1ch we mounted successfully after vyhxch exertron we paused and took a rest for the next lap of our journey We had spent a year at Rohrsch The next phase rn our tr1p was qulte s1m1lar to the first one and much easxer smce we had been together for some trme I Str Romes Trbro had made a name for myself and was proud of It We dug rn vngorously and proceeded on our way We seemed to be an 8mblf1OUS group of people and smce vye all wanted to enjoy ourselves durrng our stay at Rohlsch we all attended a ball whrch was an unheard of procedure for people of our soclal standmg Thxs was nicknamed the Erghth Grade Tea Dance and gave us our first taste of frlvolous atmosphere whrch we had envled the other mhabxtants of the land No one can say that we drdn t have to work hard for our varlous rewards but we were ready to overtake the next mountaxn when If loomed up ahead The next year vse were forced to part our ways more than before We were novy old tlmers called nxnth graders at Rohlsch and felt rlght at home Our paths ltd avx ay from each other slrghtly and we vstre tak1ng part ln yarlous act1v1 tus that the land offered Some of us vuert yormng clubs that took rn a wlde y arxtty of nnttrests Others yy tre practxcmg to be the greatly admlred kmghts who took part rn the dxfftrent tournaments that occurred betyy een the opposmg groups . 1 V V . . , , V V x V - 1 1 1 A 1 1 V 1 V V V V V . - 1 1 W- V V 1 1 1 V V 1 1 - ' rt - -1 V V - - 1 1 . , ' 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 - 1 1 1 V 1 11 - - . . . . , 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 V1 1 - 1 1 A 1 V 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 c , 1 1 ' X Stlll others were learnmg to play mstruments and were admxtted to the musxc makers group of Rohxsch We were all learnxng to speak and vy rrte new languages solve dxfficult problems my olvmg the use of confusing lookmg flgures and under stand how the vy orld around us was made But now we were becomlng mterested 1n the yarrous tournaments and our shouts jomed those of other onlookers whxle vye vyatched the gallant knrghts of our acquamtance battle rather heavy odds Our mountams were becomnng more and more dlflicult but we managed to stagger over them somehow Some of our classmates whom we had met m the upper classes were gone from our mrdst to light IH a battle of whlch we were just grasp mg the slgmficance and vye all chrpped m to make rt easter for them ln every way possxble Towards the end of the year vye all jorned for our first really large ball at whrch we waltzed around a Vlaypole and thought ourselves quite grown up keeprng such late hours Our freshman dance came at the end of the year and left us ready for the blg barrxer ahead of us ready vyrth clenched fists After thxs barrxer had been reached and conquered we were allowed a breathrng space before con tmumg our journey Our Sophomore year at Rohxsch vyas a most enjoyable one In November we had our fourth great falr whrch featured nearly every class IH the land sellrng different varletles of goods at many booths that were arranged on the outskrrts of the fa1r grounds Thrs was the Harvest Festly al and each year we had come to enjoy rt more and more Along vyrth the dancmg and merchants m the gym we had entertamment ln the audltortum where jesters tumblers mmstrels actors and dancers took part rn the fun Thrs yearly event utrlrzed the talents of every By now our knrghts rn shrnmg armor were heroes and stood hrgh rn the eyes of thelr favorrte ladxes Thexr armor was begmnmg to be slrghtly marred and dented but they kept their heads up and charged on The annual ball thls year yy as really a gala ey ent Vylrld ammals of strange varretres climbed and roared from the walls durmg the course of the evenlng and trrck rlders and clowns vaulted from the backs of horses and elephants whrch performed ln the sawdust rrng Our Sophomore Bug Top brought cheers from everyone and was an event that vull never be forgotten Also thus vear our group put on entertammenf fo the vyhole populatron of Rohrsch m the form of the Pampered Darlmg Dur mg thxs small b1t of drama everyone roared at the antxcs of Vrctor who was determmed to rum hrs sxster s house party Beyond the enjoyment of the year loomed yy hat looked lxke an lmpenetrable jungle so dense that we feared yye mrght never attam the purpose of our journey Whxch lay just beyond As we took our places tn Rohxsch for the Junior year we found that we were really nearlng the top of the l1st of requxrements la1d doyyn by the law makers Now yye realuzed that vy e had only tvy o more years to spend rf our luck held xn our travels through thls land We pushed on relentlessly wlth our statlonery drxve and plodded from door to door with our brlghtest smlles and outstretched hands The treasury of the Jumor class yyas lovy and we knew that yye must Hll If for the oncomrng year Y Y I . V - . A . I I V . V . . . . Y one and made it possible for both parents and students to enjoy themselves. " '. - . . '. . . r Y . . . V Y ' I I , y ' Y I Y Y Y Q V Y I Y Y 7 I I . 'xVe had a reallx brg ball thls xear xx hen e gaxe the annual Juntor Prom Thrs occurred rn December In the mrdst of a blrzzard and 1n order to make sure ex erx one knexx about the season xxe had a snoxx seene for the decoratlons 1ns1de It xx as hoxx ex er a fexx degrees xx armer xx 1th1n the confines of the Rohrsch gxm Exerx one appeared IU most unusual costumes for Rohrseh but the effect xxas xerx pleasmg I ong sklrts brlloxx ed out as g1rls danced xxrth felloxxs xx ho looked unbelrexablx handsome XVe xx ere takmng more regents thls xear than vxe had before so xx1th that forbnddmg task ahead of us we were forced to work harder than ever to sur mount the great obstacle between us and our goal Our assembly thls year was an amateur hour durmg whrch we exposed all the vaned talents of the members of our group and at our sport dance we featured muslc as our theme So noxx xxe xx ere readx for the sheer clrff that x e must scale before xve be came senrors Thls we drd xx 1th manx stumbles and back slrdxngs to pull our selves trrumphantlx ox er the top So noxx I S1r ROIHCS Trbro xxas a senror It seemed preposterous that we had onlx one more xear 1n xx hrch to Hnxsh our trax els through Rohrsch XVe xvere novx the oldest group and ex erxfone looked up to us xx xth respect and admrra tron The xear started off xxrth a bang xxhen xxe held the Hrst ball of the season Th1s Senlor Sport Dance helped urge our knrghts off to a speedx start on the we reallzed that these would be the last ones we would be attendmg The next huge project that xxe pnled upon our shoulders xxas the Semor Plax Thrs xfxas Dear Ruth and brought gales of laughter from the audrences on both nxghts that xxe presented our productlon The magazrne dr1xe xfxas next and after that xxe attacked the challenge of Chnstmas card sales At the half xxax pomt of our last xear rn Rohrsch we busred ourselxes for an examrnatron tn order that xxe mrght hold our officral status To some Ih1S was known as the m1d xear exams but we consxdered lt to be the torture chamber Somehoxx we managed to pass the questrons and drved rn headlong for the final lap IH our journey At the end of the xear vxe held the final ball xxhrch was llke a farewell salute to all our acquarntances Thls senror prom was to be the last frrxolous event that we would attend at Rohrsch When thrs was over we all gathered together for the final ceremonx at whrch those successful members of our group would be knlghted bx the authorxtxes These graduatxon exercrses were the last real connectxon xxe vxere to haxe xxxth Rohrsch so noxx we look back oxer the manx happx txmes xxe haxe had together W hen I 'irr Romes Trbro entered Rohrsch I xx ore a sult of shmrng armor but noxx that same surt IS dented and marred xn manx xx ax s from the experrences I haxe had The srgn at the borderlme of Rohlsch polnts TO THL FLTURE xx here each of us must make hrs xx ay through the unfamllrar stages of a nexx lxfe I-Iaxrng eompleted mx quest I am noxx able to throxx off mx drsgulse and rexeal mx true xdentxtx THE SENIOR ORBIT 5 V . I V Y Ivxv vq I . 'H ' 'I 7 ' 'I 1 ' '7 V 'H 3 1 I ' I 3. Y t 'B V v 1 v 3 V X Y. I 1 3 I v 'iv V 7 ! 1 I 3 I ' v V, V ' ' ' v ' v' v y I 3 V X K I I X 7 In '1 I ' 1 1' L Y' V V7 YH 3 3 V 11 . l'V S - 7 I t I V I '33 Y V ' Y, 3 I - ' V3 Y' Y 7 Y l ' I X M 1 3 ' Y football field. Vx'e looked forward to our tournaments with eagerness now, since 3 .3 fi . 1 ' V 7 I Y I Y Y 'l I I . X I I Y Y V i I V Y I V . A . V I I ' 1 V7 I I I V V V . . 5 A V5 V Y V' I v Y V 5 Y Y 4 Y Y . 7 Y X A I f ' 'J V I V V I ' 1 'I Y 1 I I ' V L 1 A fa CHRISTMAS AT ROCSEVELT Christmas at Roosevelt offered several activities that showed true spirit and cooperation on the part of all the students. All the classes decided this year to give up their annual homeroom parties and use the money to buy gifts for the veterans at Castle Point Hospital. Fifty volumes of fiction and non-fiction were selected and sent to the veterans. The International Club and the language classes took up a collection of food. clothing and books to send as Christmas packages to a French family and an Italian family. Under the direction of Miss Leary, more than twenty boxes were packed and sent out in time for the families to receive them for Christmas. The hnale of Christmas at Roosevelt High was the annual Senior Christmas assembly, given this year by the Class of 1948. The assembly was the produc- tion of the one-act play "XVhy The Chimes Rang." lt is the well-known story of a French peasant boy whose sacrifice of his small possession was perfect enough to make the chimes ring out. The scene in the cathedral was worth special note. Lighting effects and a triple-arched stained glass window gave the story additional meaning and some of the spiritual beauty of Christmas. 2' X ll ff' rf? .ff" 3 2 Z i' 4 2 ffl' Z, '2"' W,,, S Q X X i fwfww vffflfflll if 71,26 We the people of Rohrsch berng of supposedly sound mrnd and weak memory and consrderrng the uncertarnty of thrs frarl and transrtory lrfe do therefore make ordarn publrsh and declare thrs to be our first last and only Wrll and Testament To Mrss Wood We leave a clock that she may keep track of the trme made avarlable by our departure the next monrtor We leave an rron curtarn steel pad lock and an armful of vrolatron trckets the next basketball team Our gallant senrors leave therr usual style of P 3Y o whoever deserves rt Mrckey Cassetta leaves hrs posrtron as manager of the athletrc squads Mr Juckett We leave rn hrs care hrs son Harold Johnny Burns Bonnre Warner leaves the Latrn Word for ueen lt begrns wrth an R Johnny Sonny Hetsler Paul Lozrer leaves hrs way wrth the grrls and hrs athletrc prowess o Ernre Henkel Frank Paganellr leaves hrs support for the New York Yankees o Ray Kearney Everett Harden leaves a whrp wrth whrch Ray can snap hrs Jokes o Davrd Blakley Dorrs Darlrngton leaves some of her famous hand pamted tres o Happy Goth Joan Trabasso leaves a copy of Carlyle s Essay on Burns o Drck Bahret Jrm Mateer leaves hrs shrnrng car because Drck needs rt more o Andy Perassr Bob Paquet leaves hrs rnfallrble excuses for not dorng home work o Gary Avalear Cora Anderson leaves her prrzed possessron an album of Harry James records Rrta Helmer Mary Barlett leaves her tube of lpana to help Rrta keep that smrle of beauty 0 Bob Grammatteo Dede Reves leaves a can of corn to go along wrth Bob s jokes Karl Wrlhelm Phyllrs Lare leaves the Welcome mat at her doorstep Terry Nret Brll Srewert leaves hrs own Eraternrty prn o Jrm Carmrchael Brll Stedman leaves hrs photographrc mrnd wrth a flash bulb attachment o Carol Martrno Ben Van Keuren leaves some of hrs excess herght Don Holman Vrrgrnra Kennedy leaves a barometer to attach to Don s ankle so everyone wrll know how the weather rs up there o Donna Sheldon Barbara Banks leaves her Golden Slrppers Martha Srms Lrllran Benr leaves a fan so that 'Vlartha may hrde those dazzlrng smrles Rrchard Vlontague Vrrgrnya Ellsworth leaves her pen that Drck may con trnue hrs wonderful artrcles rn the Record o Harold Breber Ray Joyce leaves hrs knrfe so that Harold may contrnue to be the class cut up Qfxx l Q ll Q E X x E M N S X X x 5 Q Q E S Q E W , r r T 'V P l if Y , I- fT' A ' f f fl ff I ' ' lf " ' E ' f ff ff f rr l-TT' . . If lq-Egeff' To 4 1 . ' 1 I ' ' . - if To G 2 ' U ' A' " l 1 1 T 1 ' ' . Z ' . . . . j To . : I. .' ' ' U. 1 Rex, To I : Q . tl-Z' jr! To ' I . . . . , . -ef, lf . ' . . 'jg j ,f T 1 1 I I. f T ' : ' U 'Z T To Joyce Gemmel: Jean Pitch leaves her seat on Bus 4. ..,, f T . I . . . . I J T " " : ' " ...K T 2 - T C : ' ' ' , 5 To e p 1 ' at -J W Q T U ' J: ' ' El To 3 A ' . " , -. ,vp 10 . .Z t . . .' . . E T ' I l ' ' . If To : p ' ' ' ' 4 ' , ,F T : A' ' E To . . Z . . . A V . . Ft To 4. at 1 ' f . ' - 'T T ' : ' ' I ' wi r 2 1 i fl fy, T f'6, X ff I r Y y W my px r ,,- f f 1 G f S mr L T fd f '7 '57 '79 If IJ ll ' ly nf lv, To Shlrley Berr1an and Bex erly Brow er Drck Vlartlneau leaves a rope that they may always hang together o Pat Gaffney Gene Earrell leaves hrs rapld nrmg gun to keep pace wlth Pats Irish brogue Heather Duncan Ed Schmalmg leaves a can of red palnt to match her per sonalxty o Chrxstxne York George 'VlcCornac leaves a cha1r wlth a tack on the seat to help Chrrstme r1se1n the world o Dons Jones Joy ce Connelly leaves a rose to match the color m Dorxs cheeks Duck Slavxk Lee Knllhn leaves a ball of yarn to remmd D1ck of the many stones he told her o Tom Daley Bertha Cote leaves a lxttle black book so Tom won t get mxxed Lols Strassburger Mane Rushano leaves a bag of sugar to add to her sweet ness Anyone 1n the Jumor Class who thmks he can handle It Howard Graves Dxck DeCand1o Karl Herrmann leaves a few sandwlches so that Dlck may contmue to enjoy eat1ng between classes to vu h1ch he 15 accustomed 0 Dale Burhans Al Keller leaves a key wrth whlch Dale can vund hlmself up so he need new er stop talkrng o Marlon Bem Mary Cruger leaves a plcture ln remembrance of her many soclal conquests o Karen Wenck Carolyn Ball leaves a bottle of peroxlde to keep her ha1r as blonde as ever o Mary Patrlck Mavxs Cole leaves a fxrecracker so we wxll always know Mary as around Charley Overdorf Clxff Schussler leaves a pack of clgarettes to stunt hrs growth Helga Burhans Edna Rogers leaves an egg beater and hopes she w1ll use xt only on bad eggs Bob Schwartz Blll Sheldon leaves a can of D D T to protect hum when he wntes h1s book Lxfe m A Bug House o Kelth Olson Don Verth leaves a badge to remxnd hrm that he has always been a good scout Ed Oakley Alllson Paul leaves a ruler to measure the helght of his ambltron Anlta Bradley May Peterson leaves a loaf of bread because she has already taken the cake o Bob Polhemus The Chemlstry Club leaves a lab equxpped with T N T and thelr best wlshes for a long and happy llfe o Joyce Chatfield Loxs Power leaves a bxt more of her red halr To Mxss Walker and Mlss Eredrxksen The entnre Senxor Class leaves a PICCC of rubber tubmg to use on the unruly Jumors Slgnatures KING ARTHUR PRINCE VALIANT ROBIN I-IooD SIR ROGER DE COVERLEY i .i r . , ll l MH lfll U1 " ll 'll, , ll l r 717 C '7 " 7' X ,7 f or My fi' 5 X fff 711' f if ll ff, Q Z T1 T , : ' . . . . , To I 1 ' ' - -if To ' ' ' : To UP' I ' - TE - To ' ' ' ' ' 1 f leaves his oo. Presidency. 7 To l , ' E . ' . I . l E T I I . Y' I ' " I ' s I T r ' ' ' T l , . I ' . . EQ To ' 1 ' ' ' To l U z H . . To 1 5 z 1 H . . . ' E T . H : ' H. ' . . X! s . 1- - T . f f . 2 ' . . ' - . k fl f, ,I 7 A ,fy fy xpl. pl I ll f' ' K7 y. S.. 5655 71'lrwvuQ'df Chas 'bltfmbzas C'Z1.e:Z1m1Im-4,6114 611.14 Wzmbw 511011: 945,47 zifdbcczzd, was Ufbiul' 'b 0,54-L ,Uf.f.sscfL Clam 7720211501-3 ,yf v "cf" ff hart' Wu: fkJt:fJ POFILAIU Cla! 772171 601: ff. f.? 1 gg' ? -via- Z6,fdesC Zlzbow Em Judea Q Sl , yi I' ,4 N 9 gg? U Xxx fi x 1-331 5 sf .,,.-'nw ,555 i , -,4, 755552-5'5f?f ,7Y2M'1?m' MsZ5a:lf:JCZl4sr77?mwu,g Q. T' Hzfncczas .mix NW! -vf 7111,-styowazfg Mrs Wfmnzfvns' ffgf' -Al 1 Q 21112231-W' 15815 5 Y 1' up-gl .... 'vvlldv ' l .ww hw 4.1- K, 'Z Q i We Q E El? K? 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Y ' ' I ' , ' ", '. - F Tgrqax k kg' 'iii I . fa I . 3 Y fpllrymv l M40 ,HJ flgf 1 ' f -l 5 U 1 1 -2 .I dum s X 4, "'f3'xg JV: '25 fi I A' ' " 2.4 '- X A 'A -Q' 1 - - - 1 ' 11 . - in' i V 'J'-' ' 'L ' Y ff 1: l ' xx I ' Q,-f ' u Q 'J , X. It LQ, QV, N 1' ' . :- - E iz - "A KN ' s - ' 'i " I A n' ' Q xx Ei Q ' I 'lynigwl ' , E! Q X x ,I V 'F .2 K h 1112, Q il ' 'Kang 0,9 ,., . Q -S., E1 1 Q f Alf 'I N .:I' 1 "" .mi 'Wa f. T563 ' I If "till '-4' .- I N , Qi.Ahzfw .. B of " 1+ WW57 H' -V ff lxvgarifirgl Q QQ? Bacon rin 2 U ,... 1 lx a-a C CJ 'U -.2 CJ 8-4 m .4- 52 19 F SS CL I 'J .- 1 U 'TJ L4 '1 ,- 'J Z OO ..a C 'J TU VI U L.. A ,t 'J 'J r- ,...4 L.. S fx .-4 x.. D r- .... ,- .1 rf ,... -2 8 CHI Prcsid u ... 'Z ,- C 'Z f- l.x mcs I fn n oo ... z: 'Iv U EZ U I- L va :S '- CI La ,- d r-' .- 'IJ -1 fi 84 President ff I AS fn' I' .. -L 3-nl CLASS OF 1951 ...qc C-'UQ UQ., :ns-H :J L.. MEG ::f1Q. .-CEL Cl.,-C. U , fc? 4,23 7:7 -Nr-A .700 ..f,.,... CCC UQ-'E "3'C.a v:'Ef 1:11 PNAIN 514p-'-1 J. l ww 'B vv., 451 ,, QQ I I. Y -.-.1 R ' CLASS OF 1950 'f '14 7... TW bf--1 E263 .wc "' .2-C1252 antrzga 72255 'P'--,C-... we Q E-U C-I 5-1 .3 O Q: GJ .F 6 . 55:5 7207535 3825 A-'-uh D.?LZf.. Qu W 'f Q1 MP d? F , r ' CLASS OF 1948 rf--Q .... f- L. ... ... Q '- I J: f-5 ZL L.. .., Q E 1- T x.. N, C L.. ,JA 'J f-:.....-C L-x..,y v-1 ' QL! ... ' : CJ T in ,- D!-v L-L.. Q fx 1- .-.H 'J , 1 v' P I 3 .J ,J pf 1111 L ZQQZL7 My ' ' ,V , 1 V . .-ff'?!iQi if , " Q fag fer V . 1: ,A f or X 'K ' h Q, N - - z V W A 4 1 A F 's' 'e , .i g 'F F .Q V! 'W ,. .aw .- ' ' rxk' - -ss. 4 x..,' '13, 1' 6 1 '43 .-,..---'f- Q, , g,- -- - -1, ,gi iff' 'P ff 11,1-rv' ff 2 J 5 '.Q K' ,l I . ef , ncwg H Q V 'V N1 3 , ' T1 f ' yu N. H , Ek 1 , A 1 V U Ll' ,q.,,. E5 - ips, , 'Q First Row: Clara Guercio. David Blakley. Hermine Weigel, Allison Paul. David Vandewater. Ann Sterns. Second Row: Janet Erskine, Richard Montague. Gordon Kidd. Frederick Durr. Josephine lngoglia. Third Row: Mr. Juckett. Adviser. Howard Graves, Howard Paul, Doris Darlington. GENERAL ORGANIZATION The General Organization is the governing body of Roosevelt High School. Weekly meetings are planned to discuss the numerous activities which affect each student. Two of the highlights of the organization for the '47-'48 year were the introduction of seasonal tickets for all athletic events and the sponsoring of the Christmas gift for the soldiers of Castle Point. The organization functioned smoothly to take care of routine school procedures. Officers for the year were: Howard Ciraves, President: David Blakley, Vice-President: Josephine Ingoglia, Secretary: Janet Erskine, Treasurer. qu if I 3 1 l ' 2229 Q if W? 'tl' ni Muyfwlf. D xi ., ,,,. ima' .f .- . "'-v' ag in .asa . ,ap ,-:Rd ef f is f 49 "Mi 3'--if '2'.."'..1', ac... . - 62-3- . f l ,Q . Q0 is lx, , 38 .YA in- 'Q ., . - ""ww....a......' '93-. - Q 1551 First Row: Joyce Connelly. Donald Trainor, Allison Paul, Howard Graves. Cora Anderson. Wil- liam Cihee. Doris Darlington. XVilliam Stedman. Second Row: Lillian Beni, Jeanne Fitch. Joan Trabasso, May Peterson, Virginia Kennedy. Marie Rushano, Carolyn Ball. Janet Erskine. Miss Jean Vfalker. Third Row: Adrienne Singer, Raymond Joyce, Karl Herrmann, Virginya Ellsworth Edward Schmaling. Everett Harden, Susan Monell. ORBIT "Orbit meeting in 204." This notice called the staff together regularly for months as assignments were given, checked, typed, proofread and accepted. Com- piling the story of a school year is a large task, one which tests the skill, originality. and dependability of a staff. Those who devoted their efforts to this task have contributed something tangible and lasting to Roosevelt High. The personnel of the staff was as follows: Co-editors, Cora Anderson, Howard Graves: Literary, Susan Monell, William Chee: Features, May Peterson. Virginia Kennedy: Art. Doris Darlington, Allison Paul, Joyce Connelly, Joan Trabasso, Raymond Joyce: Sports, Jeanne Fitch, William Ghee: Typing. Marie Rushano, Janet Erskine: Photography, Carolyn Ball, William Stedman: Ad- vertising, Donald Trainor: Circulation. Lillian Beni, Gloria Brenner. Adrienne Singer, Edward Schmaling. Virginya Ellsworth. 177 Ill' HW IIJJUP 1 X, gg 47 4 ooooooa 5 Uiaiflfini n sooo n 4 1 ooo: 1 Qniuffifuiflni llflflilflilllfl. tgmgseww ,t gli ti 'Z am, mama 0 0 0 0 ll I 0 0 ll I lb l 0 0 QL ll 0 l pl! 0 lb lil! li :te ggztamftgg' ::."".. Aman. .3 P433 E595 as o 4 45:1 "fifth, 'Ni Wfflw' 23552 Elelglfl ll lil, 00 0 Y, lie SIB a we ll I llll 'sggftizis uf A x 1 ' First Roux: Mr. Musselman, Delores Kriiflin. George McCornac, Robert Schwartz, .loan Diehl, Neil Horton. Glenn Coy. Donald Trainor, Jean Strassburger, George Power, Jean Hunt. Lorraine Lorey. Eleanor LeClair, Carol Juckett, Joan Joyce. Majorette, Second Rowr Edwin Dangerfield, Patricia Hoyt. Raymond Joyce. Lois Strassburger. Shirley Power. May Peterson. Gerald Murray, Gordon Beatty. NVilliam Lucktield. Shirley Stabcr. Edwin Durbeck Elizabeth Patton, Susan Monell. Eleanor Lucas, Third Rotu: Bonnie Warner. Jean McManus, .loan Miller. James Palmatier. XVil- liam Ray, Robert Vdilletts, Albert Keller. Stanley Paul. Ronald Sharpe. Doris Darlington, Bruce Kimball. Rodney Hall, Roy Johannesen. Buch Row' Howard Graves, Ernest Frank. THE BAND No school is complete without a band, and Roosevelt High School certainly has a right to be proud ofthe one it has. Once again under the capable guidance of Mr. Musselman the band enjoyed a great year. Getting off to a flying start the group attended all the home football games and provided fine entertainment between the halves of the games. During the games the band worked effectively with the cheer leaders in supporting the team. Four members of this musical organization played in the All State Band at Port Chester. New York. They were Doris Darlington, Lee Kniflin. Susan Monell and George lVlcCornac. Once again their annual Spring Concert was a fine per' formance, concluding an altogether successful year. Louise Mackin. Joyce Grey. Annie Lou Horton, Joan Joyce, Marlene Hall, Joyce Hungerford, Jean Gartman. TWIRLERS Whenever the band performs, its coming is heralded by these immaculate young ladies. Even in freezing weather they appear clad in attractive, though not comfortable uniforms, ready to add color and dash to band routines on the foot- ball Held. They have won medals and honors at competitions and have built fine reputations for themselves through assembly and concert appearances. Led by a sophomore, Drum Majorette Joan Joyce, the group has developed a collection of clever and fascinating routines. HQ ln 'l il ii . r i. I ff' ff l J-AW First Row' Florence Lynch. Elsie Gronbach. Janet Trainor, Ann Stearns. Second Row: Robert Becker. VJaltcr Pfetsch, Lucille Critelli, Eleanor McManus. Mary Patrick. Eileen Vlilber, Third Row: Marion Beni. Joyce Gcmmel Theresa Niet. Elizabeth Cruger. Martha Sims. Joan NVard. Greta Johnson. Doris Muller. Stephen Region. James Cruger. Fourth Row: Richard Cooke. Gordon Kidd, Carl Raymon. Jerome Villiger. Robert Boyce. Joseph Pratten, Marguerite Richard. Robert Giammatteo. Victoria Phillips. John Richard. RECORD Extra! Extra! Read all about the Record! Each Friday the diligent Record workers put out this informative little paper for the enjoyment of the whole school. In spite of many handicaps, this year's Record staff has won the admiration and respect from the student body for its fine work. The sizable staff is led by Richard Montague, Editor-in-Chief, and Joan Ward, Assistant Editor, with Marion Beni, Feature Editor, Doris Muller, Ex- change Editor, Theresa Niet, Business Manager and Mrs. Honeywell, adviser. 50 I 1 E 1 I K' 5 l I rg... "DEAR RUTH' For the first time, a senior class in Roosevelt High School put on a "name" play. The seniors put much planning and work into this production, and from the favorable comments, as the result of all this work. 'lDear Ruth" was a big success. The cast included: DORA ..,.. SUSAN MONELL MRS. WILKINS . MARY BARTLETT . XVINIFRED FREE MIRIAM VJILKINS . . IVA LOU PATT . . PHYLLIS LARE JUDGE HARRY VJILKINS . . HOWARD GRAVES RUTH XVILKINS ..... JANET ERSKINE . . . . . BONNIE WARNER LIEUTENANT WILLIAM SEAWRIGHT . THOMAS DOLAN RONALD HOLTZMAN ALBERT KUMMER . . . DONALD TRAINOR MARTHA SEAWRIGHT . . MARY CRUGER . . . VIRGINIA KENNEDY SERGEANT CHUCK VINCENT . EVERETT HARDEN HAROLD KLOBBERMEYER . . . GEORGE MCCORNAC The committees were: Prompters: Lillian Beni. Dorothy Russell. General Chairman: Phyllis Lare. Make-Up: Anita Bradley. Chairman. Eleanor Berge. Joyce Chatfleld. Lillian Beni. Proper- ties: Virginia Rogers. Chairman. Mavis Cole. Edna Colwell. Stage Crew: William Sheldon. William Stedman. Ryan Ray. Ray Joyce, Donald Veith. Eugene Farrell. Richard Marrineau. Gerard Kilmer. Business Committee: Michael Cassetta. Cora Anderson. William Ghee. Marie Rushano. Vklilliam Stedman. Ushers: May Peterson. Chairman. Carolyn Ball. Barbara Banks. Joyce Connelly. Bertha Cote. Doris Darlington, Vestalia Frost. Betty Jones, Betty King, Jean McClure, Lois Power. Dolores Reves, Marie Rushano. Adrienne Singer, Joan Trabasso. It First Row: June Kimlin. Anna Jordon, Clara Nordlow, Janet Brownell, Frances Manna, Anne Collins, Barbara Hahn, Ellen McDonald, Ann Finkel, Carol LaBonte, Geraldine Mallory. Gloria Brenner, Charlotte Morano, Anita Bradley, Helen Stillwell. Second Row: Carol Reeves, Josephine Beni, Lois Power, Hermine Weogel, Diana Drane, Jean McClure, Barbara Litts, Doris Jones. Shirley Vaughn. Janet Petty, Dolores Reves, Lona Morey, Joyce Connelly. Phyllis Lare. Betty Jones. Third Row: Audrey Knapp, Leona Overfield, Mary Bartlett, Annatje Coon, Emi Kluge. Marion Duncan. Margaret Gardner. Rita Leggiere, Charlotte Ray, Patricia Styles, Barbara Burnett, May Seaman, Barbara Langefoss, Caroline Ball. Ruth Draiss, Mavis Cole, Greta Johnson. Fourth Row: Lillian Beni, Ernestine Nauta, Claudette Masten, Virginya Ellsworth, Marilyn Hogle, Barbara Schaffer, Eleanor Conley, Adrienne Singer, Elma Velie, Jeanne Fitch. Margaret Dickinson. Cora Anderson, Nancy Moore, Ann Smith, Nancy Taylor, Heather Duncan. GLEE CLUB Always a leading organization in Roosevelt High School, the Girls' Glee Club has just completed another highly successful season. The Tuesday and Thursday afternoon rehearsals trained the girls in their lyrics and created a feeling of companionship and mutual understanding. Some of their activities during the past year included assistance with the Christmas assembly, entertainment for the Parent-Teachers Association and choral singing at the Baccalaureate Service at graduation time. Miss Marjorie Burnham is the capable director. HARVEST FESTIVAL The fifth annual Harvest Festival at Roosevelt High School was the usual gala affair. The cooperation of both students and faculty was shown in the excellent presentation of various stage shows. Danc- ing provided the entertainment between the shows, and cider. crullers, candied apples. and pop corn kept youngsters out of mis- chief. The decorations in the gym caught many fascinated glances as did the White Elephant, Variety, Fortune Telling, Fish Pond, Cake and Senior Booths. Each year something new is added, but each year everyone looks forward to the Harvest Festival. VARSITY CLUB Vklithin each school thsre exists a club which consists of lettermen from football, basketball and baseball. In Roosevelt High School this is the Varsity Club. The boys gain membership by unani- mous vote ofthe members present. To pre- serve sportsmanship throughout every phase of life, both in school and out. is the slogan of this club. This year's ofiicers are: Thomas Gleason. president: Karl Herr- mann. vice-president: Robert Paquet, sec- retary-treasurer. TECHNICIANS' CLUB This group of forty-five are mechani- cally-minded students who want to learn and be of service at the same time. Every class period of the day some members of the club are available to operate the mo- tion-picture projector if it is needed for class work or assembly programs. The Technicians thus play an important role in visual education at Roosevelt. l I .4- I l DILAMATICS CLUB Curtain going upf Here we have a group of amateurs enjoying all the many aspects of a stage presentation. There are several types of interests in the group-lighting, stage craft, writing, acting and directing. Here there are many opportunities to gain experience for all types of stage appearances in and out of school. ,I g.N4! DEBATE CLUB Here resolutions are built up and torn down for practice. This group works dili- gently on problems ranging all the way from the Santa Claus legend to government policies and international affairs, They presented an assembly program and par- ticipated in several interscholastic debates in this vicinity. NURSING CLUB This year the extra-curricular program included a new club. Those girls who are looking forward to careers as nurses were offered an opportunitv to hear speakers from numerous medical fields. Each Vfednesdav afternoon a different phase of medical science was outlined for the group. information which will be invaluable in selecting specialized nelds for studv later. LIBRARY A popular spot seven periods per day is the school librarv. A varied supply of read- ing material is available for all. Twice a week all year the Orbit staff met to write the story of their class. Hands. brains. and imaginations were kept busy. By just such processes is history recorded for posterity. li f ei , ,, QA, '21 fl-an -r W' '.,. " ., 71 Q1 M. f -.- . D ---., Y ,,,-.4 . In the industrial arts shop the boys get their hands on some real production, Nlany' intricate and clever proiects are worked out here. Nlam' hands made light work of the candied apple sale at the Harvest Festival. XVitness the process in operation in the Home Economics room. J , if , ww 5'3 ' .-I-' 51-...., ,. .f"""'-. f M 1 G' - E 314. 3194 . t-fag , -' K ' -if 'Y ful? . ' - V ee 'Z ' A- First Row: Richard Van XX'agner. Robert Brown. Thomas Cileason. Robert Paroli. Richard De- Candio. Raymond Kearney. Harold Berrian. Second Row: Coach Madison Farnum. August Oetjen. Karl XVilhelm. James Mateer. Leonard Hetsler. l.ouis Manfreda. Karl Herrmann. XValter Crispell. David Blakley. Coach Lawrence Lewis. Thtrd Row: Richard Slavilt. Fred Corrado. Thomas Daley. Robert Masten. Vfilliam Sheldon. Kenneth Faust. James Carmichael. Robert Matthews. Fourth Roux: Michael Cassetta. Manager. Harold Bieber. Vfalter Biscardi. Harris Dexter. Frank Hadden. Richard Hues. Howard Paul, Eugene Farrell, Robert Paquet. Ronald O'Rourlte. Frank, Nelson. Joseph Cruger. FOOTBALL - 1947 If the Roosevelt football team for 1947 is any indication of things to come. the I948 season could be the best ever experienced at R. H. S. The 1947 team won three games while dropping five. The Roosevelt defense was one of the best in the area. holding its opponents to an average of ten points per game. The team was once again coached by Madison Farnum, who led his charges through eight weeks of intensive drills in a tireless effort to make Roosevelt a spirited competitor for all opponents. Plagued by bad luck throughout the season. in the form of adverse weather conditions and serious injuries to key players. the team neverthe- less carried on the season in the best Roosevelt tradition. Paul Lozier was captain of the team, succeeding Harold Berrian. R. H. S. 20 Pearl River 0 R. H. S. 6 Hastings l2 R. H. S. 27 Wappingers .. 0 R. H. S. 0 Arlington 20 R. H. S. 6 Highland 13 R. H. S. 31 Beacon 0 R. H. S. 0 Delmar Central I2 R. H. S. 7 Cardinal Farley M. A. 25 97 82 we A ' s First Row: Albert Conrad. Harold Harden, Edward Denning. Second Row: John Mattson. Edward Oakley, Bradley Fowx. Captain Gerard Kilmer, Harold Juckett. Alexander Spruil. Russell Wyant. Third Row: Coach Frederick Trani, Manager William Vkfheeler. XVilliam Kommer, Arthur Gross, Martin Hayes, Albert Keller, Barry Hasham. Glen Coy, George Berryman, Ivan Sarda. Edward Cote. SOCCER - 1947 A young and inexperienced, but nevertheless well-drilled, team coached -by Fred Trani, represented Roosevelt High School in interscholastic soccer compe- tition this year. Once again the team played a murderous schedule, engaging some of the strongest teams in the Hudson Valley, such as Anderson, Oakwood and Millbrook. Flashing brand new green and gold uniforms, the Roosevelt booters carried off top honors in the area as the best dressed soccer team and even though victories were hard to earn in interscholastic competition, the players showed they deserved to wear the uniforms by the spirit and tenacity with which they played every game. Wthout a doubt next year's Roosevelt soccer team will once again be in there kicking more goals past the opposition goalies and pro- viding area schools with stiffer opposition. First Row: Ernest Henkel, Karl Herrmann, Leonard Hetsler, James Mateer, Harold Berrian, Harold Juckett. Salvadore Cerulli, Coach Lewis. Second Row: Michael Cassetta, Robert Paroli, Walter Crispell, Thomas Daley, Donald Holman, Robert Masten, Raymond Kearney, Paul Lozier, Thomas Dolan, Joseph Cruger, David Blakley. VARSITY BASKETBALL Paced by a veteran aggregation which includes six lettermen from last year's team and augmented by members of the Junior Varsity, this year's Roosevelt High School Cagers were rated as the dark horse in the D.C.S.L. Definitely one of the biggest teams in recent years at R.H.S.. the Roosevelt hoopsters, under the tutoring of Coach Larry Lewis, were faced with the task of playing such tradi- tional rivals as Arlington. Wappingers, Poughkeepsie and Highland, plus peren- nial powerhouses like Irvington. Beacon, New Paltz, and other surrounding area schools. ' With the benefit of a year of scholastic competition behind them, the wearers of the Green and Gold have acquired the poise and experience to go along with their playing ability, and the Roosevelt Cagers are set to pull a few surprises in the coming season. First Row: Edward Decker, Harold Harden, Thomas Jordan. Philip Coffin, John Richards. Second Row: Kenneth Faust. John Allessandrello, Keith Olson, Richard Van Wagner. Henry Barton. Howard Paul, John Mattson. Third Row: Coach Mosley, Walter Biscardi. Albert Richard. Richard Wilson, Edward Kearney. Frank Hadden. Robert Wyant. Monfred Kaehler, Richard Masten. Louis Manfreda. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL With only two members from last year's squad remaining and with a team composed almost entirely of Freshmen and Sophomores, Coach Robert Mosley was faced with the task of molding virtually from scratch a team representative of the future teams at Roosevelt High School. Staring the future Green and Gold Varsity hoopsters in the face was a 15-game schedule, which included games with the ever powerful Arlington, Wappingers, Highland, and Beacon quintets. In order to give the Varsity cagers more room to practice and at the same time have ample room for themselves, the Junior Varsity engaged in practice sessions at the Violet Avenue School gym, thus initiating a new system in the sports program at Roosevelt this year. The supporters of the Green-Gold, on the basis of the showing of this year's J.V. outfit may look forward to future successes in inter- scholastic circles. First Row: Harold Berrian. Frank Paganelli, Robert Paquet, Robert Masten. Karl Herrmann, Edward Schmaling, Ralph Herrmann, Manager. Second Row: Karl Wilhelm, Michael Cassetta. Ernest Henkel, Leonard Hetsler, Gerard Kilmer, Harold Juckett. Raymond Kearney. Third Row: William Hof, Assistant Manager, Harold Bieber. Walter Crispell. Edwin Kipp. Harold Mills. Richard Booth. Fourth Row: Edward Cox. Stanley Paul. John DuFour, Coach Orville Todd. BASEBALL - 1947 Sometimes out-scored, but never out-fought, the Green and Gold ballplayers from Roosevelt High School, coached by Orville Todd, last year lacked the one vital ingredient necessary for a winning season-experience. This year the team. which was comprised almost exclusively of Juniors and Sophomores last year, will have the advantage of one year of play and will be pointing for its first county championship in baseball since 1944. While the play of the team centered on team work, individual stars were not lacking. Ernie Henkel was selected as a member of the All Star Dutchess County Baseball Team picked by leading coaches, sports writers and radio an- nouncers in the county. Hal Berrian and Sonny Hetsler were given honorable mention, and this year. barring serious injuries and inclement weather, Roosevelt will be well represented on the diamonds throughout the county. 4'-f.M , 'fn . a-4 f ' -Q" .la Y .f'?'w-.. R ,?"?5v . . Sfafi-U,-f-'Bra an First Row: Salvadore Cerulli, Robert Brown, Louis Manfreda. Karl Wilhelm, Richard Slavik. Second Row: David Blakley, James Carmichael, Richard Van Wagner. Leonard Hetsler, Thomas Dolan. Third Row: Walter Crispell. Ralph Herrmann, Manager, Harold Berrian, Raymond Kearney. Coach Larry Lewis. Captain Paul Lozier absent when this picture was taken, TRACK - 1947 The Roosevelt High School track team for 1947, lacking a suitable track field, competed in all meets on foreign fields and, despite this disadvantage, in- variably accredited themselves with glory and presented a thrilling performance for all on-lookers. Well-conditioned after weeks of intensive training and drill- ing by Coach Lewis, the team was well balanced and had acquired poise, speed, stamina and endurance, without which no track team is worthy of the name. The Roosevelt Winged Foot Club was always assured of points in the sprint contests where Hal Berrian and Paul Lozier reigned as the leaders and in the middle and long distance races where Sonny Hetsler, Tom Dolan, Dick Slavik, and Dick Van Wagner competed. With virtually the same team back again this year. the Roosevelt Track season appears to be another successful one. ii-555555 ua 55355 3555555 359' gi KA n N3 J . ,. A., 5 L 4 al' 5 +1 .W 5 5. 3 . ,155 'I A - fa 5-5 . - Al Lgfksaslz K kk 4 F -5' ' - 7' E' F wp- ,N - ' I ' L' T43 E Wx Coach Foster, Eleanor Berge, Alma Carpenter. Joyce Gemmel, Betty Graves, Carol Martino. Jean Cruson, Charlotte Gardner. JUNIGR VARSITY CI-IEER LEADERS This year the squad was completely new. The group did not cheer during football season, but all their pep and vim was revealed when basketball season arrived. Under the able leadership of Joyce Cwemmel, Captain, and Betty Graves, Manager, the girls practiced faithfully many a long hour after school to keep up the morale of the Junior Varsity Team. The coach. Mrs. Foster, and the entire student body have reason to be proud of the performance of this squad. 3' - . N ,fu s 4 1 Qzlgib gy L 'ian-xx, XMB! YL fy M A MW, X Am 4' 95,06 EIT' M ,4'1 . , ' 11 M QW-. 3 gf' :WJ 3341 MM SfffM:?!5+Q -fa' NWT Qiinffwvq ,f fix Y kbgtof x ,7"'Z.Z.w.zz K A K x , z X x 3 , Y i' ' A ,ef " r' . I mn., ,KU . l ,f r I vt' ' we o "A .4 ., .Wh ' L S S Q 717 ui- I 7 I BA ff! x Ja.. EQ+ Q 96 "F , ,XX 'x YZ X' J C xxx ' ! L 1' ft X -Q ' .-r A 'Y' M- xx qi .',' if' ax f Z' J FJ, I ,X Y XX ig M '. " V, 5" 5 X------" '4' Q if' Q qfx A ,4 N X ,4 I I , , I-L. X - ,, 'xx ' -,' p Q., X A " N' X fy 'A F tr V+.,-1,.4.. .. - Z 5 X k 8 I ln- 'l' 1' X I! , f 3 X :Unity ,-I , xx 136 Q G 1? I ' A . ,f?'2 1' -sa .- r ff" 4 . I' wg X ' fL 7 1 if 'Q , N X ' xo -55 A ' - "1" ' A mv Q- - f Jldhy' 1 - f am x 1 ' 'Q .A Q? A xr J. , . 'V-.' T Am" U: x I " ', my Y ...a f ravi' Q! 7 "0 1 I 1' 9 -' ' C- V 0 M " J - up - , A .' 'lr' . E 4614 "f W M' " -K s. " 4. L f -' ' 1-""".. vs " K yt' f vu . 66 41. Q Nw-x34 4-71, - .- ' , I 'A 11 , 9 a N 4 'r' ,sp Q 5,1122 'V gg pfl...-H...,, D svnd-' :yer J '17 V V "' 'Uv 'vffiif .1:a?,g,,wqf:f Mr. . Mr. r . ' Mr. . M . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . MI. . . My. , , , I Mr. . Mr, . MI. . . Mr, , . MI. . . . Mr, , Mr. . Mr. . Mr- - - A Mr. . Mr. . l l , - Mr. . . . Nlr. . Nlr, . I 1 Mr. . . , Sr. Mr. , ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr, . MI. . . 1 Mr, , Mr. and Mrs. John D. Farrell , Mr. . . ' Mr, , ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . . , . Mr, , Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . , ' Mr. . ' . , Sr. Mr. . ' Mr. . , Sr. Mr. . - Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr, , Mr. . , . , Mr. . . , , , Mr. . ' , Mr. . . . , . ' Mr. . ' ' , I ' PATRONS AND PATRONESSES and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Russell Anderson Leonel Ball Truman Bartlett Charles Beckman Savmo Bem Samuel Cassetta Walter R Cole Harold Conley Raymond L Connelly R L Cote George Cruger GeorgeA Darlrngton Wrllard Davls Sr Solomon DeLor Thomas V Dolan Frank Drarss Arthur Ellsworth Robert L Erskme Ira D Frtch Charles H Fowx Montague Free Mrss Margaret Garrrson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrllram Ghee Howard C Graves Sr Rowland D Hadden Sanborn Harden Martm W Hayes Harold Herrmann Mrs Gwendolyn Holtzman and Mrs and Mrs Ralph F and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Nils Holve Robert F James Jones Sr Raymond A Joyce Albert E Keller Oaklergh Kellerhouse J J Kennedy Hervre Kilmer and 'Vlrs Thomas Krng r Charles Knauss and Mrs Rev and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Stephen J Knrfhn F L Lare G R Lozner H N Marks H E Martmeau Harvey Masten Frank J Mateer Robert Matthews George McCornac Albert McClure R A Monell Vmcent Morano Sr Anthony Paganellr Paul Paquet Edward Patt Walter Paul Mrs John Peterson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wmslow Power Clayton Ray Ejnar D Reves Edward Rogers Frank B Rogers George Rozell FrankJ Rushano Mrs Alxce Banks Russell and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Edward Schmallng Henry Schussler W B Sheldon Elwood S1ewert Albert Sonnenberg Mrs Grace Stedman Mr and Mrs JohnH Tramor Mr and Mrs Anthony C Trabasso Mrs Ben Van Keuren Mr and Mrs Charles Velth Mr and Mrs Vrctor Warner f ROUSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL P ARENT TEACHERS ASSGCIATIGN Compliments o A 1 T 1 " . L Complzmults EDWARD SCHMALING ALLEN s GAS STATION NIOI ET AVENUE 9G C I MXIINIC I-X FRE DESCRIPTION Say It W :th Honcrs on all occasmns I2 CLINTON SQUARE G H P 0 Hyde Park N Y Da1rVIea Mllk INbPECTFD PROTECTED Snrxed In Our fafeterlas Produud Hx Uunbnrs 0 Yin Dalrymens League C0 operative Assn, Inc Of 9 I-, Z I I OF Poughkeepsie. N. Y. . .IS ' A ', . J ' 9 - ' 9 eadmg store of S? the Hudson Valley for more than three quarters of a century the shoppmg center of the hxstorlc counties along the raver LUCKEY PLATI' 86 COMPANY EVERYTHING to make your house youu Home Mxtchell Furnlture Companv C om PIIYIICII ts 76 mov mm Emerson Motorola Automatic Radnos 387 391 Main Street Gruen Bulova Longmes Watches Poughkeepsle New York Phone 2384 9 Ol - I O . I 1 LH! SUUARE DEAUIWHER ' c GENERAL OFFSET CO INC. Photo Offset Lxthographers 34 HUBERT STREET NEW YORK 13 N Y WAlker 5 1700 Specxalzsts m O set Work of Every Type FRED S ULLMAN Always Glad to Cooperate Wnth Your Complxments J E ANDREWS HARDWARE C0 INC Hardware and Mull Supplies 279 Mann Street Poughkeepsie N Y Phones 3140 3141 '9 Faculty and Yearbook Staff of I U .9 . SCHRAUTI-I S ICE CREAM Every Flavor Mee With Favor PM OPEN DA LY 8 AM Good Luck Class 0 48 Vxolet Avenue-1 Mnle South of East Park COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE HAMBURGERS OUR SPECIALTY ICE CREAM TO TAKE OUT Telephone Hyde Park 1lF22 U O P F4 ' . 51 5, H TT . mg . CID Compliments EDWARD PATT UPHOLSTERY and all nts branches 442 Mann St Tel 6594 Greetings to the Class 0 1948 HOWARD C GRAVES VIOLET AVENUE Hyde Park New York General Electrxcal Applxances Bottled Gas Installatxons Ranges Water Heaters HOOVER SALES 86 SERVICE Phone 190 Compliments MARIAN MOTOR INC LINCOLN MERCURY ROSE S CONFECTIONERY Sodas Sundaes Novelties Cigarettes Groceries Fred Rose Violet Ave Tel 5656 j Compliments KENNEDY PUMP SERVICE Nnolet Asenue Phone 6841 'VH FRS V AT FR PUIVIPS Compliments HYDE PARK DINER PHII IP ANIJROS-P op f Of of , 745 Main Street Phone: 2508 it - of of - I ' I' . The store which has your every need WOLF S 5P0ff 5h0P ualxty Alwavs ATHLEIIC EQLIPMFNI WHS Ove' pmt FISHINK TACKLE OLTBOARD MOVORS Thats If hx We Stick To It In PATQRNISH SPCRTING GOODS HOBBYCRAFTS HARDVL ARE rm s Von Der Lmden s 387 Mall Street Phone 1265 52 Market St Te 864 Distributors WllSOI1 Athletic Equipment Ben VV'-'hes Compliments 0 From Mr 86 Mrs Ed Dusenbury HORN 86 CRISPELL , Q ' , ,. . A V Q 1 GUNS 86 AMMUNITION , , . 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Phone: Hyde Park l78F3 7 . . . , . . I , I, -,' ,p 5 ' 6 ' - ' , . Y Phone: 142 I . ff ' ' l.: of s GREETINGS CLASS GF 48 THE MUNCH BAR AND SHLLL SLRNICL STATION VIOICI Avenue 1M1le South of East Park HAMBURGERS AND CHII SFFAKS OUR SPECIALTY OPEN DAILY P P AL AVALEAR Phone Hyde Park 261 9 - 3 . Q I N I ,- x J 1 I , r 4 f Complete Fountain Service ro . . U O MILLARD LUMBER COMPANY MILLWORK - LUMBER - BUILDING SUPPLIES Yards at Poughkeepsie, N Y New Hamburgh N Y Tel Pok. 54 Tel Wapp Falls 193 Store Natnonal Bank Bldg Wappnngers Falls Tel Wapp Falls 686 C om :ments Plullp E Spross Jswsusn Watch maker En graver 396 Mann Street Poughkeepsie, N Y COLD OR HOT THEY HIT THE SPOT Tony Trabasso s Restaurant SP6'CldllZ1Hg m Real Italian Foods 456 Mann Sr Po lx N Y Phone 36 0 HE Mld Hudson AIIIOHIRIIC Sprmkler Co For Standard Underwrxter Approved Automatic Fire Protection Apparatus Pipe Fabricated According To Sketch Martmeau 15 Bucklngham Tel 4394 Awe . . , . . ', of I . 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Suggestions in the Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) collection:

Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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