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Y 249458 CAFV LU LM I LT WT Nl FL LW il IW! QP! ' N3 xx I Q 3, , .' X ext,-1-. F' N 1 K 4 Q' A X 7 wif A' 1 :JN X ?- 4 x 1 V- X 5 kix.r.1- A l-LS, X x Q. X I I -,lf J."-U, 1" Pu Y 4' 5? an N ' Q1 wx 1 ' 35.114 VCL. X Hx M X Q o li 4:' is le qhww- . '4 s fx Y .W -1: I X 'VJ 1 THE 1968 QUILL Franklin .Regional Senior High School Murrysville, Pa. Z 211 N! .J JJ K NKN M g.J.Af4,V TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword ........................................ 4 Faculty ........... ......... 1 8 Classes ....... ......... 3 6 Sports ............ ........ 9 6 Organizations ........ ........... 1 30 Advertisements ..... ............ 1 65 --T5 --. .. 2 ,? Niles Qxjiff 'V I MX .rl J' is t Exim L. ? J .r-Q I J JA 0 Q AJ P fi, 6452325 welfa- ax X i Q Q X Running to catch the bus' . . . hurrying to class . . . snatching a few minutes of study at lunch . . . decorating for a dance . . . going out for a sport . . . All this is a part of our school life. Stu- dents on the move, working hard and having fun. We seek out new ideas that stimulate our imagi- nations. We have good times with friends that we will never forget. We work hard, studying for the test tomorrow as well as planning for the years to come. We are truly going places. I The 1968 Quill is Dedicated to Mt. Burt. For the past three years, Mr. David Burt has spent many hours working with members of the Class of '68, not only in the classroom but in planning many of the class's activities. Mr. Burt's calm manner, rational thinking and wry humor have earned him the respect and admiration of all. Through his realistic approach to his subject, students learn to think and reasong not to accumulate facts and "turn the crank." The Senior Class is happy to dedicate the 1968 QUILL to him as a teach- er and a friend. Mr. Bu rt The relaxed and familiar pose of Mr. Burr. Mr. Burt demonstrates one of his toys Mr, Burt snows AP class H' Seniors move out in front with the "Victory Cry Dwell 4 while andpass on . . " Walt Whitman Y , . f"'QWf "This is not a climax, but a beginning . . . Getting ready to begin. Going for a touchdown . ,yi .,w,M.,w,,uf N , , -wis- 'wfif' Getting things accomplished. i A r-ff" ,Q I 1 f t 444. f,i,g1 QZ2if1.?wf ,, . to , if 7' ff ' ,, ff' ,ff iff 5 ,i , t X, L .L Improving Things. Going around "obstacles," Students begin filling the halls as they go to their next class 'going places." . . . taking advantage of homeroom period ...working... it if I2 before school 'f',,", , . . f H V . , Q , X f " tl X X f I s 2 'n S. A .MW Xf mii- .ifa And than after this, I'm gonna make . . . "Boy! This'll bc the best ash tray evcr! "Ia, la, la . . . tough lyrics!" "And if it doesn'r fit me "If Mr. Ambrose would please lead us in our Benediccion pam "WeU, it looks like me but it docsn'r smell like mc." "A couple of lonely little onions in a Petunia pmrch "Hey, :he team just left." usr wait 'ril March 43' , -C This one will m-vcr pass Mr. WMS," in "I wonder what they'll do to me on Easter X f XJ rjeuggry mf f AHWISTRA fxfx' fx XXX Nz i -ei .. F '11 F Silt 3 Dir! ak v 7 Q 7' 'x , 'Pfilfllfftmsif51sS3fLi:is2f if4: r .ky 4, 5' -..p..v- -rn.-----. AW ' " " " "' f .L 'NWN ll, w4?:'3"u !.!"' - L-- 'QQH gfmx 'T-i-T- 14,1-Y ic -2, I 1 P- l - -,' ' JE -sb i if 5?-J-2 ff ' H fi1ffQ ' 5 l X, I 8 fi A NN V bxx . ilk-A l Y .64 'xx' l ,tl my , W r 1 ! if Eififvghiiegl 5 :.+::-52251.19 5 H 1 L I 1 1 .1 g ,.a! f.u yg,TJ--....2'.- Psalin, --:'?,'. 14033 tv vw -Q v c uq,-- - ,,-,- X1 ,, +!YP'ffvqQ'r, "f-wf -Q37 xx Q 9 I 0' xy Y Qi-u -d - 55'-rx" ' Y Ill HMHIIIIUWI :fi-3fi'.3 i nn ' - 2' ' 1 . . .Ji .- 5 1' ' ,- if .ll ,. :7-' ,QQ I am not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myselfas well as of you. Shaw MR. JOHN SWACUS, Aniytant Superinlendent Qt Srboolx 11 'pl H in hurl! ISI The members ofthe School Board arc: Row I - Mr. Duff, Mr. Donaldson, Dr. Holliday, Dr. Kilgore. Row? - Mr. Clendenin, Dr. Townsend, Mr. Cuy- wood, Mr. Hall, Mr. King, Mr. Wfalgstzlffl. -1., 44. DR. JOHN HOLLIDAY, Superinlendeni of School! Franklin Has New Principal Q A , . N, xN xxxxxvw XXV 2 XXX MR. PETER CALIENDO, Princzpal. . "bf . ,ii 1 A ll' MRS. DOROTHY FERGUSON, Secretmy ki l ii! 'Af Franklin's administration began the year with a new principal at its head. Other new members were Mr. Kintigh who later retired and Mr. Pluto who took his place. These people work long hours during the year to keep Franklin's machinery running smoothly. ex we MRS. CAROL LANYON, Secretary. 'JV' QQ 9+ if ' X MRS. RUTH THON, Guidance Coumelor MR- RICHARD PI-UTO, Guidanfe 'wwf MR. QUENTIN KINTIGH, Guidanre Coumelor Mr. Patrick Ambrose Librarian Mr. David Burt Scienre Signing in C7 Mrs. Bella Bcrnfcld Language Auulf' un mm N" fu FIU' - 004 wg?-ffii 1 ard Wing Qiw inf!!! ifiiii? 2 SOM Mr. John Chamberlin Engliyh 1 'T "3 f Mr. Larry Bowers Mr. Philip Burlbaugh Matlaenmtiar Science . . Homeroom Duties and Forms to Collect . . r H Lf' Mr. Robert Cieslik Mrs. Jane Clendenin Social Studies English 4 ,111 ii f .Jigg- 1 2 Q -Q g-,, ,..,: . 5 2xzL.f ' A fhwrffz :fn 1 - .Mr-1 V Mr. Louis Cowan Mr. Leroy Derar Physical Education Science . Listening to Excuses for Forgotten Excuses . . 'T in' I 1 B Ib I5 Il 21 10 19 Mr. Girard Fritz Miss Elsie Galbreath Science English Mr. Ed Eyles Mrs. Evelyn Ference Physical Edzzmtion Mbxir . . Getting an Idea Across! . . Mrs. Ann Gaspere Mr. Donald Green Num' Mufic llunn vvun ' -5 4' + , av I - . l 45 'ff I Vol D I 1 Mrs. Leona Hanks Mr. Thomas Hassall Bzuifzeff Education Art . Correcting a Good Set of Test Papers . . QS? t N Nxpwurg l I .rfb f tar- ,. r Mr. Wendell Klingensmith Mrs. Florence Leslie Mathematic! Matbematicx j,,f Mr. john Hill Mr. Hugh Jacobs 5054! Sflfdiff Sofia! Stzzdief . . A Large Studyhall . . my Mrs. Marian Lovcclay Mr. james Lozicr Mzztlaematicy Sofia! Stzzdiex E 1 Miss Sandra Lutz Miss Karen Mayer Language Language . Lunchroom Duty . . is .ff Mr. Nick Orlic Mr. Alton Plischke Matbemaiirf Englifb N fi:-V, Mr. David McCormick Mr. john Ondcr English Social Studies . . Relaxing in the Faculty Room . . TRIKE OVER wang L Mrs. Barbara Porcmski Miss Lillian Ross Businefs Education Home Economiff i . ,Al .Ar- Mr. Mitchell Sasala Miss Diana Schlesinger Scienre Erzglixh . . A Responsive Class . . wwf: 1-1 f ,ggsgfs f, - 1" Mr. Robgrf Starr Mr. Carl Stoltcnbcrg 500,11 Sfydjgy Irzdfzstrial Art! 4 c pun Mrs. Lois Sellers Mr. james Sleigh Bufineys Education Occupational Education . . Bus Duty in Snowy Weather . . I Mrs. Linda Thornton Mr. Carl Vollberg English Industrial Art: mums Sag Mr. William Waskoskie Mrs. Lillis Weber Science Physical Education . . 3 215 P.M. ...lf ,acl- Miss Karhleen Yorhers Mr. joseph Zaccari Physical Educaiion Bzuineu Educafion Bus Drivers Serve Student Body I I I I I Tranko, the students' favorite driver, , , , ...f I so A , or NRI' I I xt - is. . X - Q I gt ,XL " . I I QV A W , i - ,. Q During the year, Franklin's bus drivers per- form a hundred small kindnesses for the students - waiting while they run to the stop . . . letting them cheer at the tops of their voices on the way to a game . . . retrieving forgotten purses and notebooks . . . One of these drivers who has been a particularly good friend to students is our activity bus driver, Mr. Tranquil DeZanet. 2 1 I - i e 6 I1 I , 1 . W 1 g . 5 x E',i!"Jq 6 , .V The Franklin Bus Drivers are - Row I - Redacovich, Cline Brinder, Sherman, "Tranko", Stokum. Row 2 - Woods, Kemerer, Watt, Grugurich, Guinn, Thomas, Kunklc. Cole, Brown. 35 w Cl 'SS X S PIE f s x X XX -g,. .. x Q l s , ax 21 i X 74 25' 5 fx X e, I ,U ed " 52 .1 -. F ' 'P,F"""f 'Q ,. 4'2f'Fg 1' 52,9 J w X -. ,,7fNx . u , e- 'ig-gui -',l 'Q 52.25 X- V 1 hifi-wi f 5, XX Q' AX f Inquiring, tireless, seeking what is yet unfound . . . Walt Whitman 37 'N 1 -1-f . wr Seniors, Do You Remember? ,A fa'- 171' f 4 A . . The confusion of our first day ' e as sophomores . . . N I' ' it ' - S T1 3 , ' 0-,xg '- A 7 'Fgs' Q t e m. 1' i f 72--biz! - :-f T I. Q . ' 'fa -1. g as -15. 1 5 , e .ls'g,,.,.q,v,.4 1 . ' A ll' l f.:"jL . . . 'ff P" . . I fs . . . .lx '- W" cheering a bon ire pep rallies 1 N .31 as . . the fun we had on the Gettysburg trip . . . . . sophomore testing . . . . . selling tons and tons of Christmas candy . . . . . songs like "Yesterday" by the Beatles and "Lover's Concerto" by the Toys . . . Sophomores viewed memorials at Gettysburg ' . . our Valentine Dance with Chuck Brinkman and his "Mystery Groupn . . . . . battling through Mr. BoWer's geometry or Mr. Waskoskie's biology . . . ' . . wearing granny dresses to the Sadie Hawkins Dance . . . Q j' Q1 , xii X ,QQ I JZ. lv . . ik '3. x 'PLS joe Trabucco, Presidentg Nancy Funk, Sec. Treasg and john Ptnszkicwia, Vice Pres. discuss the candy sale. 1 Q 2 Y 1 . E 5. o .0 X- :.' -. J .J K- - . vb, .37 V ,X -... UU x ilu! s This tower was an stop-over on the Gettysburg trip. . . I '- all X :cr s A ' 'W A 994 w 5 4" -aas ." N aww .' V-.IIEA3 v 4 2 s.: T?" .e f' 9-' ,IP J, Mr. Bowers teaches geometry to Sophomore studen ts. Seniors, Do You Remember? 39 Y Seniors, Do You Remember? . . . being able to torment the sopho- mores . . . . . . going to football games . . . . . . decorating for the Halloween dance - the coffin and the hangman's tree . . . , . . winning stuffed animals in the magazine sales . . . . . , chemistry labs and World Cultures' maps . . . . . . girls in long gowns at the Christmas dance, "Toyland" . . . . . . getting our class rings . . . . . working on committees for "Rally Round the Flag, Boysv . . . . . . the snow day we had just before the jun- ior Play . . . . . A. playing "Spin the Bottle" at the after-play party . . . -, . . songs like "Happy Together" and , "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" "Penny Lane" and "Cherish', . . . . . making flowers and hanging crepe paper for the "Garden of the Gods" . . . having our senior pictures taken . . . Y -,,..f- F...---"f" , f. i D K .,., ,f.,--J-- """' 4- x, Mr. Sasala's chemistry lab in session. --A-.QQ 5 .' O QE gl: D 55' 4 "I QQ m3 mv, O Ona ff? Ea O51 C. 53 gk-4 OOO SVU' I! Z? S: N 35 0 :Ye wh gh! D "'-U . 0 .4 Q. FP D - 71 73 Bi W BJ R' F1 . U1 0 fi af 95,21 -2 5 if . .L 1 , l 54, . 1 x .l HM .4' 1 51 12 The junior Class presents a scene from "Rally 'Round the Fhg Boys Do you remember? . reading schedule cards like pros . . . . the school spirit invasion . . . . the torchlight parade and bonfire pep rally . girls in kilts and pant dresses . . . . Rita reigning over Homecoming . . . when the circus came to Franklin . . . . the PSATACTSATNMSQTAP syn- drome . . . . decorating for "The Night Before Christ- mas" . . . finding that college letter in the mailbox going to basketball games and wrestling matches . . . being measured for caps and gowns . . . meeting term paper deadlines . . fisherman knits . . . the May Day celebrations . . . taking the stairs at the Washington Mon- ument . . . songs like "To Sir With Love" by Lulu, "Hello, Goodby" by the Beatles, "The Let- ter" by the Boxtops . . . peeking in the windows to see thejuniors decorating for the Prom . . . singing the Alma Mater for the last time Officers during the senior year were Ken Ainsworth, Pres., Pam Ridinger, V. Pres., and jackie Shaffer, Sec. Treas. Newly inducted Honor Society students light their candles. "If you ask me, it's a dead give away to be so suspicious. It denotes a misspent youth." if ! 1 "Tickle, Ticklei' The sponsors of our class this year are: Front rowg Mrs. Hnnls, Mrs. Thornton, Miss Lutz, Miss Mayer. Bark muy Mr. Fritz, Mr. Orlic, Mr. Plischke, Mr. Burr. v fr 1' H.-. " SQL Kenneth Raymond Ainsworth Peter Canby Alrich Barbara joyce Ankcncy George Alan Baker Rita Mac Baker Ronald jay Barrowcliff Gang wnyf Matilda Marie Battaglia Kathleen Marie Baughman Virlinda Anne Baughman joseph Frank Bebar Terrence Edward Bebar Patricia jo Beers ji fi if Z WY! in 7 7 '5"if1X ,Qu -+D"5 HEAR THE METROPOLITAN BEST VOCALISTS - LAUREL VANCE, SCOTT THOMPSON Maurice Wayne Bcichlcy Richard Dale Bellich flaw Q "T K--QE 43 ' Y'a, Ma Kathy Lynn Blorzer Marie Elaine Bolkovac Marjorie Lynn Bonati Berry Marlene Borrz Raymond Francis Bradcly Kris Roberta Braun "More than the greatest plays . . ." Patsy Lee Brcnum john Cain Diane Mary C t john Chcrepko james R ll Cl ussc cmenrs janet Carhcrinc Climcr Ag 'QE OLTNPNCS mbucc ut SEE THE 1968 OLYMPICS MOST ATHLTTIL CATHY MEI, jOE TRABUCCO Patricia Elaine Cline Linda Lee Close john Connelly film: Irene Kathrine Crusnn Charles H. Curtis Alice jean Cordncr james Coma Daniel Curtis Comali df!! 22 FLY TO HOLLYWOOD BEST LOOKING - BOB SPANGLER, RITA BAKER Everyday should start with a good breakfast. Lawrence Gregory Danko Lorraine Gay Danko nf' john O. Darrow Laura DcCecco Q-Q, Louis H. DeCccco Toni Louise DeFalco if if" -asv- R.- VISIT WASHINGTON - SEE GOVERNMENT IN ACTION CLASS LEADERS - JOHN PTASZKIEWICZ, RITA BAKER Audrey Anne Degentesh Christine Mary DeMario Frances Nina Theresa Duca Richard Dennis Dunmire Raymond Lloyd Dursrine Vicki Lynn Earll I . , -: t - l 1 4 A --is ,, E , " ' 32 QW! ' iq s ' ' Q " 'Q ' 'N' n'1?Q9iQ:W7 '. 1 E Sw el 2 N ,"'l 3 as J 1 f gf ff l 88, li ll ss it fl, ' ' . I l .,,, i ,,f- S ' -4 Q - ' Q -' 4 -' l l s QfQQ f t 1 A gl 6 ttiii - 'r it t f t Q s " , 'ff' ' 'ff-1 "f J ' f - , sill - ,. ss. E4 s A l7 1 Curtis Bites the Dust David Henry Ebcrts Gregory Ebcrts Linda Sue Eckcls Dale A. Emcrick Susan Ellen English Deborah Ann Farabaugh wr"'ZP .v K l ,gf fi' l. Lorraine Michelle Fnulk Daniel Fish Christine Ann Flasher Michael George Fleming Juliana Barbara Flinn Sharon Louise Ford john Freeman Stephan Lawrence Frost Nancy jo Funk Mary Joanne Gebrosky Lynn Katherine Gilg jcnnie Bortz Girrings l :A bl I 2 J I fi 6 I Q31 I 91 N I M 'L 'I - :Krug , 1 fayzrfgrv .rs 5- 3 iw ,QMQQA 'A I ' sa? IA ,A 9' "" ,Q . VISIT PARIS BEST ARTISTS - NANCY WOODWARD, CHRIS WEILAND mul" William Leonard Glunt Nancy Good jane Beal Gray Michael Stephan Graybrook john Vlfaync Gressman james Barber Grosserr Robe t McGowan Ianct Louise Hauser IP i'- M, i'ii,i ,5 r f "ili X W WHILE IN SPAIN SEE THE ROCK OF GILBRALTER MOST DEPENDABLE - PAM RIDINGER, KEN AINSWORTH Rah-rah-rec Kick 'er in the knee Charles H. Hcmplc Cecelia Diane Hannigan Elizabeth Susan Henry Dale Earl Hill David Elvin Hilry james Grey Hodson The "Garden of the Gods" is created. jane: Rose Hollis Mary Ann Horcnsky Dennis james Hullenbaugh james R. Hykcs james Baszon jenkins Walter Xvilliam -Ienko W ll Nevin Johnston B b A K k nn asprac J h Michael Katana nn iccn Earl Kciblcr Kelly Te E ZX Hmm ,S X KLWES WHILE IN LONDON SHOP CARNABY STREET BEST DRESSED - DENISE ROBERTS, DANN CORNALI Robert Michael L Alph Ell MII KI b gh K h HHH sic SR' Ioyd f- V A 1 R' I- I Hg gf' I E kk I 'f QUE :U in 1 gl I ,UE Ep III' SEE WALL STREET WHILE VISITING NEW YORK CITY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - SHARON LOVEDAY ROBERT HAMM Sharon Louise Loveday Paul Alexander Lowes john David Maddock Thomas Mance David Mnrkovina Thomas Wilson Marshall Physics students demonstrate that horizontal motion is independent of vertical motion, 'WWII Ill! l S Q r Carl Michael Marrahus Deborah Ann Martinelli Mary jane Marts Barbara Mauro Robert Harold McCullough George Warren McGurk Sheryl Ann McKeown Mary Heather McMunn Catherine Ann Mei Douglas Lawrence Miller Mark Archer Miller Gail Elaine Mills 'rn' y. . SEE SAN FRANCISCO FRIENDLIEST - NANCY PHILLIPS, FRANK KUHN Z D uscduwq 4 Z Z 4 mmmugl ,-fffllzrwfl Eg DHNC5 S, .3 3 X NLE WF WHILE IN NEWYORK CITY VISIT THE FABULOUS DISCOTHEQUES BEST DANCERS - SHARON FORD. DAVE MARKOVINA 5 Cheryl Christine M Louise Carolyn M Ruth Ellen Mull Nancy jean Myers Marie Judith Nem Alan john Charles O Brenda Bernice Orgovan Mac Edward Overly Norma jane Padgett ,ilu 'wi' Virginia Marie Paesano George William Painter Roland M. Parkins "Take time for what?" "To chaperone you, of course." Wayne james Paulisick Victoria Lynn Pnvliak 'HW' 'fi' -Ji Ll ""X"x. -wir 406 VISIT FGRT LAUDERDALE LAND OF SUNSHINE CLASS FLIRTS - JANE GRAY, JOE TRABUCCO Roberts Lynn Parrott james Perry Nancy Lynne Phillips Gregory joseph Phoebe james Gordon Picrmla Barbara jean Porczak George William Power Philip Paul Promozic john Mark Ptaszkiewia Kathy jean Raymond Janice Lee Rcbich Franklin Andrew Reed J '3 1 M S , -qt---rg, AUSTRIA BEST MUSICIANS: Mary jo Gcbrosky and Steve Frost Ee K -f 'gh V , T .Yi ra- - .1 '-"A-' ..l i a s 1 M X A Q-lg!-Q l 'S i fi a e ei a Q. Yami?-K l Visit San Quentin . . . Some of Your Best Friends May Be There See the Sights of California 5, , MOST MISCHIEVOUS: Connie Chcrrone, Bob Spangler. ' Christine Paula Rcgrut Linda Lee Reich Pamela Kay Riclinger Thomas Lewis Ries Denise Roberts Georjann Alexia Robinson Stephan Charles Roderick Andy Wilson Rubright Ralph Harry Reubel Robin Lee Scorgie Mary jane Seiler Scorr Semans Let's give a cheer for dear old Franklin High . . A F80 BA Gold ball outside David Scnchur jacquclinc Lucille Shaffer Susan Alma Sharpe Lynda K. Shcrlcr Nancy Louise Shipley Charles Ralph Shumar Charlene Kay Silvis Emily Rose Silvis Timothy Neil Silvis Susan Eleanor Sisco Bonita Louise Slavnik David Francis Somyak 11' 7754 VE4. fe' 4' Sim' X!!! " f'-7610100 THE A 600 ,QLD VIA DELMONT AIRLINES BEST ALL AROUND - NANCY SHIPLEY, BILL JOHNSTON bird' Deborah J. Spagnol :Tv Robert Spangler john Baylis Spruance tvs, Suzann Alice Steele " john Farrell Steven A Daniel Wayne Srokum Diane M Suhy Deborah P. Sullivan i , I S N- N - VISIT FRANKLIN WHERE SPIRIT RUNS HIGH A MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT .- MARY MCMUNN, CHRIS WEILAND or :T Wiliam H Th ton D. c VY HMV 113 P x WF' fi Q 49' aligg - ' me if I FP., WM will ng! mhgg. b ' iw R' 3 1, ' VISIT DISNEYLAND BEST SENSE of HUMOR - MARY MCMUNN, BOB TRENT Judith Ann Trusilo joseph Trabucco Patricia Ann Trabucco Robert Eugene Trent jcnme Van Dyke Laurel Ellen Vance .53 5 ...,:.,., , xg S , as 2 ra . .A .-1--- 73 Melvin Glenn Watt Robert M. Watt Elaine Marie Webb Hedwig C, M. Weber Christopher Lynn Weiland james E. Weldon Richard Wcsscl Terri Lee White Donald Craig Williams Lynncttc Louise Williams Gerald Edward Wfilson Dennis XVi1liam Xlifilson 1-Q ' ' 6k.0aA maxi O -X "5fNfQf' --X o"'x'-gr" fQ jus SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS OF BROADWAY BEST ACTORS - JANE GREY, PETER ALRICH l """E lv'7'h- i rar Kathleen Ann Wood Beverly Wfoodward Nancy Belle Wfoodworrh Srephfm Francis Yanko Herberr Victor Yingling Richard Allan Wright Gig 9 "l've a wonderful surprise for you jancl M. Yingling William Kitting Young Marcella Zatczalo jo Anne Zimmerman Edward Thomas Zimmerman Barbara Burkcy ' 78 unior Class Presents Tom jones 1 l I l l l Q V 6 I i l Leading the junior Class were Vince Manetti as Vice President, Margie Stetson as Secretary, and Ken Weeks as President. Early in the school year thejuniot class was or- ganized, with the following people as officers: Steve Weeks, Pres., Vincent Manetti as Vice Pres., and Margie Stetson as Sec. Treas. Under the direction of Mr. Plischke, the junior Class pre- sented a play version of Tom jones, which has been called one of the great realistic novels in the English language. The story is about Tom's ad- ventures, and the theme, his subjection of emo- tion to judgement. With the help of Mr. Lozier, the junior class had the prom in May. The theme was an under- water one, and the prom was a wonderful success. A J f The sponsors of the junior Class were Mrs. Leslie, Mr. Lozier, Mrs. Lovedny. Mrglacobs, Mr. Detar, Mr. Onder, Mr. McCormick, and Mr. Hill. In the fall of their junior year, Franklin students receive their class rings. industrious junior students spend their free time working in the library. Bob Luke records Bill Blundon's poetry reading in Oral Communications class. .T 35,3 fa- 1-eg Q1 tml.-4 Cindy Kennedy attcmprs ro chuck a thirty yardlpasls. Bill Blundon jane Bohinc Dave Bosetti Eric Britz julie Bullock john Burr Penny Burns john Bush Ruth Burtz Dave Byers jim Byrne Dennis Cain Don Campbell Dennis Cardoni Albert Carfang john Carrera Kirk Chadwick john Chernega Bob Colclaser Debbie Cole jeff Adams Cheryl Alder john Aldridge jan Allerton jim Baker larry Baker Garry Bartlett George Bechlc jan Beers Bob Birdseye Rich Bishop Kurt Blauqher I' Diana Eckersley Sherry Erbe Dennis Earhart Mark Fahncsrock Rick Ferguson Calvin Fcrraro Connie Ferrington jim Flaherty Don Fory Dan Freeman Tom Frisinger Mary Frye Myla Cooper jim Cramer Peggy Crise Dennis Cunningham Cathy Darrow Chuck Daugherty Tom Deal Maggy DeCecco Barry Delissio john Dclviar Donna Delwiaria Kathy DeSanris Lynn Dickson Rich Dierrick Bob Donhoffner Pat Dortenzo jean Drake Bruce Dudley Mitch Dukovich Bob Eberts "Playing Rover is Fun' Ns: .rig - 1 Z Mike Futml A' Mike Gainer Gerry Gale: Vince Galicik Look, Bill, a photographer!" Bin Geary Marvin George Gary Gerber Bill Gougenhour Karin Gorcrsky Nancy Grclen George Gressman Peggy Grgurich Gary Grindle Jerry Grindle Carol Gulentz jim Huluck Wilma Hanks jan Hnrr Vince Heider Carol Helsing Richard Hess Nora Hodson jim Homce Marilyn Hood Carol Hooper Carol Gebroskr Dan Gebrosky Dorothy Geiger ,A Dennis King Pam King Ron King Sally King Cheryl Kirkpatrick Wes Klingensmith Rick Kloba Linda Knepper Ben Kraemer Paul Krushinski Andy Hornyak jim Howard Bob Hoy Tom Ingram julie -lobe john jones Mark jones Susan jones Steve Kasprack john Keenan Patti Kelly Leroy Kemerer Cindy Kennedy Becky Kersten Dan Kilpatrick if M , ti Barbara Visnic types a business letter Parry Kuehn jeff Kuhns Cindy Lake Bob Lake Patty Lankcs Elaine Iashcr -i "As soon as the inlayers get out of the way we can scart the show." Dennis Lctham Janice Laurich Dennis LeCuyer Mark Lehncrt Virginia Lehnert Gary Leslie Forest Liermann Bob Lloyd Donna Longwell Chuck Lucas Sue Lympmy Mark Lynch Jeanine Mance Patty Mance Vince Manerri Ron March Becky Marshall Roger Marrz Dave Mazur Earl McCall Dave McCullough Colleen McHugh hurry McTigue Mike Meehan jim Merck Renaid Merich Floyd Messalle Debbie Metzlaar Mike Miller Sandy Mills Lou Morelli Bobbie Mower Paul Murry Linda Nagodn Alben Nahar Rich Negich Peggy Neilson joe O'Lear Julie Orgill Cindy Orris Andrea Oslosky Christine Pack Brenda Painter Frank Palmieri Tom Patterson joAnne Pavliak Rosemary Pavliak Russel Pees Ron Pelerose Ed Pellessier Ed Pfeifer Wanda Pfeifer Sandy Persin Bob Pietrala Karen Piper john Pisone Bob Pollock Bill Poole Chuck Price Dave Proch Debbie Ralston Bob Ramaley Cindy Rehak Sharon Remich Roger Resrauri David Rhodes Barbara Riddle Mary Reinsel Connie Risnow Ralph Ritter Sharon Rixner Barry Robitaille jan Robertson Brian Roberts Donna Romagna Larry Ross Sue Rubright Cathy Ruebal Mike Rush Peter Scala Mark Schake Arnold Schellman Susan Schlott Paula Schutte Neil Scorgie Melissa Seigel Sid Sellers Cindy Shafer Marilyn Shcckler Paul Sherland Grant Shcvchik Charles Shrock Duane Siford Bob Silver jim Silvis Bob Skena Glen Skena Debby Sleigh Ed Smith Elaine Smith Cindy Smithbower Nanccen Snyder Chris Sorak Carol Sowash Cheryl Spangler Sandy Spewock Margie Stetson Mike Strahota Lorrctra Susi Connie Swank Vince Swank Stephanie Szymanowski Dave Tatko jerry Taylor Chris Tellin Carole Thomas Bill Tylavsky joe Urick Party Viola Barbara Visnic jack Vogel Dick Wade Robert Walker Steve Weeks Harry Wfeiland junior Homeroom 206 Chester Weishorn Peggy Wilson Martin Wimer David Withrow Stuart Wurtz Debbie Yuhas Pere Yurtin Peggy Zaccari Terry Zinn Sophomores Sponsor Valentines Dance After the final count of the Sophomore class bal- lots, it was found that Cliff Kosmotine was elected class president, Patti Daly Vice President, and Dar- lene Kohosek Secretary-Treasurer. February 10, the Sophomore Class sponsored a Val- entine's Dance, "Cupid's Carnival," an enjoyable and successful affair. In the spring, they sold candy to raise money for their class. l . Sophomores block the traffic. "Do you have a can of hair spray? K Q. 2 Sponsoring the Sophomore class were: Front Raw: Mr. Starr, Mrs. Sellers, Mrs. Poremski, Mr. Zac- Y Cari. Bark Row: Mr. Klingcnsmirh, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Bowers, Mr. Burllmugh, Mr. Sasala. The officers of the Sophomore class were: Darlene Kohosic, Sect. Treas., Parry Daly, Vice President and Cliff Kosmatine, President. Linda Amslcr .lim Anderson Ilan- Ankcncv Andi- Arlwlmrr Ninn Aummn Xwcslq' Ayrvs Marilyn Hxlcsr Ann lim-s -lim lLm.lgli.i llnlx Bcchlcr lxnnc Bcilatcin Lynn Buns Dun Billet: 'jill Blundnn Wendy Bohmc Rohcru Branly Kun Bmun ,kb Hmnun April llmwn Roy Brugigm-nun juli.: Bruning Dnnim Burl.n jcrry Bum Div: Burns Fmnk Bush Cuhy Qlmx Limb Ciiin Debbie Clmplwcll Wlcmly Cimplxll Ray Clnan Gloria Gppi Linda Cardcl 'liner Czrlvon Alison Cashard Tern' Caywnod Lium Gqllicr Mnilyn Chnsinphcr Cnhy Clmc Riu Clint Tom Close I f-f..,, X i' 'J ' ' is 1 - f R 4 Z a - if 1 , wi' A T.: . if ' L l V 1 Rf I p "Necessary early morning nourishment for mind and body!" L -all Miss Desidcrio helps students with their biology projects. 6 Y i r- lf. "fi it. AN' Ss 1 vi 5 v live , ,Q xr 5 r --qs:-f-. 1 Q x., F tx ? 5? var 5' -dk 'Q .af Q' il -,W ,eil Lurw Cultlmxrr Rug: Cultlrcn jim Curdncr Alxtv Conn Tom Cnurrcr Cm Con-ing jcril' Cox .lim Crm: Chuck Cruxm Patricia Dalx Cathy Daughters' lien' Day Dunna Ddfcuco jack Dwgm Kncn DcM.ur lictlx Dc Marthi lhrb Dc Sunnis Fmnk Du-nl.: Hal Dictritk Mary Karr Dippulrl 'liner Diskcvith Mike Donovan -Inc Dorrrnzn Rngrr Dursunc Mnlcnc lflwcrts Vicki: Flkin Gene Enwmk Krrry Erbc Ray Fiulk Sally Fcnrrcss Dnvc Finlcv' jill: Fisher Bob Fleming Kathy Flcwnl .lmcr Foley Gilt' Fulslmrg Mark Fuusr Rohm Fowkrs Munir: Frr:ufhlr'l Dcbbxc Gimhlin Vince Ganrz Grol Gcarhm jo Ann Gt-hrnski Riclurd Gel'-mskv "1ff..1:.::i-fav - 7 .... . ,...,..EL . . -F 3 "So this is what they call school spirit? 'im 143, NNY t 1, l, ' ' n Gwcn Lktgct Bob Gillis Mcltxlcc Gtlln Pmm Gnmlwntlh Lltml Gougltcnttut jxm imtln Gruswm Gul:-nt: Mnl: H.tll Hxll H1114-r Stcvc H.tmm vlatkxc Hmrtxs Sur Hmusct llnnnw Hcialcr K.ttvn Hciny Kathy Hcllkt Lynne Hvllvt Hunt' Hcntx Lund.: Hcnn Smtly lit-as Ann Hull Mclmtm- Hall Rttk Hill Phyllu Hun-net R.n Hullnun Kcrry Hollut Keith Hnllitlay Keith Holman Marilyn Htmpcr Bill l"'l0tWcr vltxhn Hnppct Mum Humts K.nrl Hummel Tmltl Hunt Bob Hykcn K.ttht -Inkxun Ritk -larkmn Urbhic 'lttlxmnn FI-ml jtshnwn Suv joltmnn Bull qlurdnn Tum Kanuufl Kxthx Karp lixrlyn Km-thlrt Mikr Kcmrtrt Donna King Gcntgr Klnuhmgh D.ntlcnc Kuhmik Miki' Kulmcr Sue Kolmrr john Kona.: Cliff Kucmninc junk Kudmy Mirlmm Ling Dm Kuhn Pmi L.zprci'n Evclin Lnhcr Brcndm Lnhmm l.rur.1 Lum Bill Lrwrcncr: Debbi- Lrwrhcr Lrrlilcnicls El.nnc Lurhcr Lum Lymh Urol Yvnnnc Mmnclli Lind.: Mmrshxll Lknrgc Muuck joel Nclnncs Lewis McNucnl P.llriu,i MrTiguc Daniel Mass Rohcn Mei Darlcnc Mx-nk Bi Mrycra Eve Miller 'jim Maur: Grmld Moore Thomn Mulnqznnk Bill Milligan Lcxlic Morchnd Bernard Mnrcllx lhrlura Morris "Do not disturb - Education being nd- winced." Pnrnu Xlurrn Paul Murmy Nirk Nohs Par Simon Chunk OH'm.m Chirlurrr 0'lr.1r Luccuc Ollixcr William Orr Guy Plinlcr Kzrlxy Parka-r Muvjnn Pmscil Dr-blanc Puon Rrrk Pixrnn Hill Pauli-nik Rmcmmri P.n-Iuurh Sxcvc Pender Deborah Shields Bonnie Shumar Szndri ihuc Rick Shusrer Llrn Sieghman Bob Qiford Rick Qindort Glom Skcna lxiren blru-A Ken Gmillci Karen Snirlcr Sandi Somypik Curr Sauk Spencer Frink Sp-wixk Only one more get-up rhis week. Sue Perdick Denise Pcrna Ronald Perry Ralph Pilz Victor Pisonc Mary Anne Pitzer Craig Pollock Nancy Polliard Wayne Polusny Stanley Poxziliris Barham Powell judirh Powers Cul Power Norma Prina jeffrey Prosser Melanie Quinn Serenn Rell: janer Reed Bonnie Reese Davc Rchnborg Bonnie Rcmaley Ann Richards Bob Richardson Cindy Richardson john Ridingcr Gareth Ridour Larry Riley Virginia Rircnbaugh Sandy Rixner Harold Robbc Eric Rolwcrrs Rolrrm Robinson Herb Roo: Dime Rulka Lydia Rypcinski Bob Salrsmin Frank Sink, Paul Schroclc Cirhy Schuman Girhy Scorgic mi-aff, , -f L. W5 -Q Susan Srcvcn Guy Slokum Mzrriu Srmlcz Doug Srrnycr Srcvc Srmyer Bill Smkcs Gary Stover Jenifer Sullivan Mclva Susi Rosmlic Suiich Valium Swanson Glcnds Swurz Allen Swim Chrisrinc Taylor Cary Thomas Trunlxc 'Ummm Mike Thompson Dennis Trifc Wfllynt Turner Daniel Tylavsky Tom Van Drk: john Vcrncr Barbara Vrsnick Bob Visnick Don Virxmvl: Mira Vrsnifk Kirk Wagner Srcvc Wzlkcr Tom Wnalxburn Bob Warscn jcl't'XVur Beverly VUQWCI Pcrc XVclhnlEr Lvnn Willmms 50 Nanny XY"illmm Culuy Wilson Tum Wlilson Trudy XVinlers Rohm Wnrcr Dan VUOQJS gm xv-'node Debbie Woudworrh Mmi Wuslnch D.xvc W'yzkirWx-21 Bl Yanks Tum Yarns Ad.rm Ynnirch Rnlplr 7,.ur.n1clo WW JY N YQC JXFPN ff xkgxw Q sronvs QQ? L R D 7 KXKX JSEQ k7g33.,jEjjM7ffj 96 And we run because we like it Through the broad bright land. Charles Hamilton Sorley ,x 2' 'la Egg ' li- Football Season Highlighted b First Four Games The Franklin Football Team got off to a good start winning their first four games. Then the team suffered a severe setback at the hands of Richland High. They ended the season losing the last five games. The team was coached by Mr. Eyles, Mr. Cowan, Mr. McCormick, and Mr. Onder. Spectators were thrilled with the punting of Charles Curtis, the running of jim Grossett and Joe Trabucco, and the pass receiving of Mike Lloyd Last play ofthe game . . . trailing 12-7 . . . out of . huddle . . . they line up. . . the snap . . . back goes ' the quarterback . . . here's the pass . . . a dive . . . touchdown! Franklin's Four hardworking coaches were Qkneelingj Mr. Cowan, Mr. Eyles, fstandingj Mr. Onder, and Mr. McCormick. The members of the Panther football squad were Cherepko,-I. Trabucco,j. Grossett,-I. Ptaszkiewicz, A. Oravec, B. Trent, S. Weeks, R. Tower, F. Reedg qRow 2jj.'Karnna,j. Pisone, D. Tatko, C. Sotak, G, Bartlett, G. Grindle, C. Curtis, M. LloycI,j. Grindle, P. Dortenzog QRow 35 Mr, Cowan, C. Price, B. Ott, V. Pisone, R. Restauri, R. Kloba, B. Poole, M. Gainer,j. Hopper, G. Shevchek, Mr. McCormick, QRow 43 Mr. Eyles, C. Shrock, M. Stra- hota, D. Proche,,I. Homce,j, Kuhns. C. Kosmatine, S. Hamm, R. Coldren, R. McTigue, Mr. Onderg fRow SJ S. Sharpe, W. Milligln, S. Srmyenj. Moore, M. Hall,J. Deegan, D. Earhart, P. Shrock, A. Yonitch,j. Britraing QRow 63 K. Wagner, D. Miller, M. Dukovitch, H. Shaffenj. Spru:ince,j. Cordner, B, Power, H. Robbe, K. Smalley, D. Kuhn. ' .E L Wash-- -- 1 T ' " S 5 a 2. N A , ,. , , vw 1 ., 1 ,- 3 A 5 Kgs , , ..- fi Q, ' l f 'i ia 2 ' we .1 1 v fi-ff-'gs-f-, ,L . , 1 'L 7' X , war e- TV -v'ii.i", -1' -i .' fff' f r 'z , - a aa 1 he- 25551 : . -.i..Bi5?".i:4 ' - PF ' :' MQ - "fl-'f - ' Qq Tackle john Chcrepko Kicking Specialist Charlie Curtis Halfback jim Grossetr lrl X. Q i i FRANKLIN -ef xv , Q ' as Trafford iii: a,, ' 1 32 APOHO i f X- 'iil 18 Plum .Q H i1,:l 47 Verona I 'D , .iii 7 Richland L iiiiii iiiii 12 Hampfon il TLV A ii1'i 0 Turtle Creek 'I V iw l'i W 1l'i, Q5 7 I-i80"'iCf aaia 6 Km A W V1-VV '?i. gl- 41: if f , sf. ,gil -i L ' ' 'iii-'gf ,lj , ' iam End Bill Johnston Tackle john Katana OPPONENT 0 13 6 6 33 15 8 23 14 'K' A 'af I J ' "4 4 f fs AA? , ti!! 2 b o is Q yoj , ,X if my Q, 'lf Za, ?,l A f wg. Nw ' . 'H A 24151 kt 4 knit? ,Q M:ML.'m 'QA 1 ' in ' 44 s , - . A ' I e 1 A Q A 2 ' if QIKJQ Tackle Frank Reed llll 53 IST il Guard Rick Tower Fullback joe Trabucco Tackle Bob Tren: Frank1in's busy managers were Jim Cordner jay Spruzmce, and Henry Shaffer. Fathers and players cross the Held on Dad's Day. Coach Eylcs and quarterback plan strategy Franklin tacklers bring down Turtle Creek runner. .l aw Michelle LeCuyer, the Homecoming Queen of 1966, crowns Rita Baker as Homecoming Queen, l967. Cathy Mei was a member of the Homecoming Court. Nancy Phillips smiles at the crowd. Rita Baker Is Crowned Homecoming Queen Pretty girls in decorated cars . . . shading your eyes from the bright October sun . . . to watch the kick-off . . . suspense as the in- troduction ofthe queen comes . . . Rita smil- ing as she is crowned . . . Losing to Turtle Creek, the only sad part of the day. October 21 ,set the date for the Home- coming celebration this year. A large crowd was present to watch the Panthers and the colorful halftime show which was highlight- ed by the disclosure of the queen, Rita Baker, who was crowned by Michelle Le- Cuyer, the 1966 queen. The five cars which carried the girls in the court were decorated by the three classes, the Student Council and the Tri-Hi-Y. judging of the car decorating took place during the program and the Tri- Hi-Y girls were presented with a trophy for taking first place. -I Patty Iztttanzio smiles as she is intro- duced to the crowd. M , , Nancy Funk being escorted across the field, Pantherettes Help Entertain Football Crowds A unique part of Franklin's Marching Band is its lively Pantherettes. This year's girls, captained by Pat Lattanzio and co-captained by Nancy Funk, helped to entertain the crowd at our football games. They also marched in the Thanksgiv- ing and May Day parades, par- ticipated in a game of crab soc- cer on a Franklin Fun Night, and performed in our May Day festivities. The Pantherettes are well-known for their delicious candied apples which they sold at football and basketball games. I . -1 -Qs. ' . if .5 , . - . 3 1.i., , as , it Q P. Lartanzio, N. Phillips, J. Gray, L. Williams, N. Funk, R. Baker, B. Painter, P. Neilson were the enter- taining Pantherettes for 1967-68. Brenda Painter Nancy Funk R. Merich, S. Shuc, M. Wuslich, B. DeMarchi substituted for the Panrherettes. Trying to get all of your Pom-poms into your locker . . . lcmrning new routines . . . making candied . A I-AEA ve, ist,-'A -Q.-:sf ' 4.A.,.r-5.1 apples . . . learning to balance on one leg . . . getting your jacket! f 1 I Nancy Phillips fri.-.A-rw.. f I s - 'i l :fl , l t Z ,QM Patty Lattanzio , ,. .5. lk, 'H - i 4L , , V ,, .,'-.uf .-. . -3,-2-xx, J-1 514, f, 1' 'W " ,, 2 Q ,-,ff ' -'-'rj -we f 5 L wa, ,ping + Z' 'Ei Q ,-'+i'2,, Qfvli tff'ff'2 1 r- .ly hull K f5,5IE'f?3t .f x' ' k 1 . , ff., A I 1' 1 Jane GUY Rita Baker 1 Lynnette Williams Peggy Neilson Maiorettes participate in Pep Rally. i . , ' . i -.. .i Jennie Van Dyke r The Majorette Squad Buys Lighted Batons . . The 1967-68 Majorette Squad was led by captain Leslee Townsend and co-captain Jennie Van Dyke. The girls spent a week at Majorette Camp during the summer to learn new marching techniques and routines. With the money they earned at a bake sale, the squad bought light- ed batons. The new batons were used at the community bonfire, night football games, and a school pep rally. The girls completed the season marching in the Thanksgiving Parade. Twirling lighted barons in the dark . . . hours of prac- tice . . . making up routines . . . trying to smile when your teeth are chattering. A?,,f-u b---Q. Lynn Williams and Cindy Shaffer substituted for the Majorettes. The Majorettes for the 1967-68 season were: M. Cooper, Van Dyke, C. Watson, I.. Townsend, C. Floyd, C. Orris, C. Spangler. ufmg,--.r-K, Y - Y, -F - -A X 1 Myla Cooper Cathy Floyd Cheryl Spangler Cindi Orris Lcslec Townsend Carol Watson So who camc to see thc football game? The cheerleaders entertain during a school Pep-Rally. i Practicing every night after .. . school . .. "Unite to Fight" . . . freezing at night football games . . . "Sock it to 'em, Panthers". . .losing your voice . . . VICTORY! 1-.. V Y - , A It ,Q r A Mary McMunn, Captain. janet Hauser Karen Piper Cheerleaders Go All Out to Boost School Spirit. The Varsity Cheerleaders, under Captain Mary McMunn and Co-Captain Cindy Kennedy did much to awaken. Franklin's sleeping school spirit. Spon- sored by Miss Yothers, they could be found cheering at Pep Rallies, including the first Community Pep Rally and Torch-Lite Parade. Besides cheering at foot- ball games and basketball games, the cheerleaders par- ticipated in the Forbes Trail Holiday Tournament at Gateway and Westmoreland County Cheerleading Clinic. r I Linda Knepper A fl 9 5:51-:WTF - V' l i f X ' K -X M. Seigal, D. Geiger, C. Mei,-I. Hauser, M. McMunn, K. Piper, M. Nemanic, L. Knepper, C. Cindy Kennedy Ken nedy. Dorothy Geiger 'N X 7 1 i Cathy Mei Mary McMunn 'X Melissa Scigal Marilyn Shecklcr played rhc part of the Franklin mascot. j.V. Cheerleaders Sell Programs Under captain Chris Tellin and co-captain Mary Ann Pitzer, thejunior Varsity Cheerleaders were sponsored by Miss Yothers. They could be found cheering at all the home j.V. football games and selling programs at the Varsity games. The j.V.'s also participated in the Torch-Lite Pa- rade and first Community Pep Rally, besides cheering at the j.V. basketball games. Blue and Gold! Fight! Fight! xl j H' ij . 1 an ' - ws tif? AST unior Varsitv cheerleaders were Row I - A. Richards. Row 2 - B. Reme, L. Moreland, M. Pitzer, P. Zachari, D. johnson, DI. Dyskievich. Row 3 - C. Tellin, A. Coma. Color Guards Buy Jackets 1332 Marching downfield . . . turning at the fifty . . . marking time . . . parade rest . . . smiling at the crowds. Because they lead the Franklin Marching Band, the girls on the Color Guard try to make a good first impression. These girls under the direction of Mrs. Thornton sold peanuts at all home games in order to raise funds for their jackets. This year, Ka- thie Baughman and Mary Ann Horensky served as Captain and Co-captain. Nancy Grden, Denise Roberts substituted for the Color Guard. ,ff 11 W i N"'. t H 1 The members of the Franklin Color Guard were: Trusilo, M. Horensky, M Zatazclo K Bau hman L Na oda Q . l . ' , . g , . g and P. Kelly. The members of the Varsity Basketball Team were: Row! - D. Byers, H. Weiland, K. Chadwick, M. Kolmer Row 2 - 1. Trabucco, D. Ankeney, D. Tatko, P. Kruschinski. Row 3 - Mr. Onder, coach, B. Johnston, S Weeks, R. Pilz, R. Wlessel, Manager. Basketball Team Has a Rough Season Pshaw! Wait 'til you see me." Everybody do the Freddy. As a senior, Bill Johnston was a valuable man on the team. D . el., , . 'ff Mr. Cieslik presents joe Tnibucco, at senior on the team, with the "Most Valuable Player" award. A tied score and 30 .teronds to go . . . a hu! that hr them . . . blue time out . . . tension mounts in the standt . . . blue ba!! oulfide . . . zz long pau . . . 2 poinls . . . victory! The basketball team had another dismal sea- son finishing with an 8-14 record. Composed mainly of underclassmen, the squad could not cope with the more experienced schools. In sec- tion XIII Franklin finished fourth in a six team section. With the added experience, Coaches john Onder and Nick Orlic are looking forward to next year. It looks as if Dave has broken his glasses again. f Y',ai'1T. ' FRHS 56 40 61 58 53 74 46 59 58 51 48 61 60 67 62 63 53 63 48 65 51 58 Varsity Opponent Mars Jeannette Derry Area St. Vincent Scott Apollo Hempfield Trafford Tarentum Trafford Ligonier Sewickley Mt. Pleasant Turtle Creek Penn joint Verona Trafford Ligonier Sewickley Southmoreland Turle Creek Penn Joint Score 67 72 70 56 85 48 67 52 93 48 52 37 63 76 80 69 73 54 47 61 76 87 :Xi 5 5 .. A Varsity Cheerleaders did their best to show the team the school's support. 1 I' I, f-5,-xx .-,V , ump ball! jump hill! get it! get it! .i 1 u-1 1 I I, i Look boys, herc:'s what we need. ,, - L! 53' .li Q- Members of thejunior Varsity squad were Row I - K. Blaugher, Mgr..I. Bush,j. Knotra,j. Wood, M. Kolmer. Row2 - K. Chadwick, P. Krushinski, R. Zaitezalo, j. Hopper, S. Wmls, Mr. Orlic. FRHS score -IV Opponent score 48 Mars 49 46 Jeanette 43 31 Derry Area 61 46 St. Vincent 44 31 Scott 48 60 Apollo 36 54 Tarentum 37 43 Trafford 40 45 Ligonier 32 57 Sewickley Area 30 51 Mt. Pleasant 58 41 Turtle Creek 34 59 Penn joint 36 47 Verona 56 Trafford 33 Ligonier 36 Sewickley Area 13 50 Southmoreland 42 39 Turtle Creek 43 54 Penn joint 57 jump high, Squeelsl II6 and ,L 5 wi WMCK High Hoopers versus the Faculty All-Stars Us crabs have it rough! The Wrestlmg Team Fmlshes Second Year The members of the Wrestling Team were: Row I - R. Perry, C. Shrock, P. Shrock, E. Pfeiffer, T. Marshall, B. VC2lCll,J. Grindle, Grosset. Row 2 - S. Sharpe, Riclinger, G. Emerick, M. Watt, C. Sotak,j. Pisone, F. Reed, S. Po- valitis, B. Hykes. Rau' 5 - L. McTigue, Mgr., M. Dukovitch, M. Foust,-I. Watt, A. Yonitch, P. Scala, B. Pietmla, M. Whirson, T. Caywood, j. Byrne, j. Gressman, Mgr. The Clptam 'md Co captain of the Wrestling Team were jim Jim Grossct Tom Marshall Bob Veach Mel Watt l Frank Reed The Wrestling Team showed great improvement in its second year of competition, and finished with a 4-9 record. Under the direc- tion of Coach Hugh Jacobs and Coach Wendell Klingensmith, the boys worked hard learning their es- capes and holds. Franklin rooters were especially proud of Ed Pfieffer and Chuch Shrock for reaching the finals in the Westmoreland County Tournament. 'The Rifle 'QQQOCQOU 0' ' 9 ole' 0000 xg ...-s Coaches Burlbaugh and Waskoskie Team Completes a Good Year 0 6 0 F5 C? Though theirs is not a glamour sport, the rifle team is among the most suc- cessful that Franklin sponsors. They maintained their usual high standards this year under the supervision of Mr. Waskoskie and Mr. Burlbaugh. .0000 00 0 U0000 n0"9O 0 0 ,0 0 0 00 00 u00000 The members ofthe rifle team were: Row I - D. Fish, C. Martahus, D. Hilty, D. Kelly, B. Painter. Row2 - F. Salk, D. Gebros G Shevchick R. Hill, Dorrenzo, L. DeCecco. Row 3 - B. Bechler, W. Poslusny, j. Graham, W. Ayers, J. Carrera, B. Fleischman. R 0 J' f' ,LQ V 1, 2' 'x wp, 'S 'U too 000990 0 Q -9 g Louis DcCccco Din Fish 5. l v o :QQ ' o ,756 Q Dave Hilry ,,,- 'bg -5 5, IO ,O 900 Dan Kelly Carl Marmhus Bill Painter if -- 1 X .. .. --..1.:', -- 'fPv-' 4414:-. ' ". ' ',, , - ,-,X . f 1 N M, L Marksmcn at practice. Xi ...I A ' Z 00' ,Win Tennis Team Wins 8 Game point . . . the tension mounts . . . a smashing sewe . . . a lucky return . . . a rush to the net . . . a game winning smash. Although the tennis team did not enjoy great suc- cess, the winner in each match was still in doubt until the final point. Under the direction of Mr. Stolten- berg, the team worked very hard and showed a great desire to win. Rob Hamm demonstrates ggod Dick Wright prepares to clobber a form for a serve. fofehand- The members of the 1967 Tennis Team were Qkneelingy C. Sotak, M. Seigel, R. Tower, B.john- ston, M. Lloyd, S. Frost, Qstandingj Coach Stoltenberg, R. Hamm, S. Semans,j. Connelly. B. An- derson, B. Lake, D. Wright, Mgr. C. Ferraro. 31 , y ,...,,.m -- .TWT up ' f tr " In position for a backhand john Connelly awaits the ball. 1967 TENNIS RESULTS FRANKLIN OPPONENT 4 Norwin 2 1 Burrell 4 4 Greensburg 1 2 Burrell 3 4 Oakmont 1 6 Harbrack 0 2 Fox Chapel 3 won by forfeit Harbrack 2 Springdale 3 3 Churchill 2 5 Oakmont 0 2 Fox Chapel 3 1 Springdale 4 4 Churchill 1 l l Bill Johnston hits a forehand down the line. l Scott Semans slices a forehand. t f- . 'Q l . 5, l J' Mike Lloyd smashes a serve past his opponent Bob Veach Lines up a putt. john Chernega was a sophomore member of the Golf Team, The Golf Team consists of Qstanding left to righty A. Corfang, P. Sailley,j. Bush, C. Martahus, 8: M. LcCuyerg fkneelingj T. Mastoravich, R. Restauri, B. Veach, R. Howells, 8: L. Frazier. -.-...,. ...,,,4 ,Q "! Mr. Hill is the Sponsor of Franklin's Golf Team FRANKLIN OPPONENT 15 Vi Gerry '12 Ligonier 14Vz -Jeannette IW 6 V2 Hempfield 9 'A 7 W Blairsville 8 V2 9 Penn joint 7 13 West. Mem. 3 5 Gateway 3 'fi 7 V2 Swissvale 1 1 13 Penn jt. 3 Golf Team Underclassmen Show Promise This year the golf Team was supervised by Mr. Hill. A perennial success in past years, the team met tougher competition this year. But because of the promising underclassmen the team should return to winning form next year. Head down . . . fore! . . . need a six iron . . . hit the green. . .line up the putt. . . sink it . . . birdie! The members ofthe Girls' GolfTeam were Rout' 1 - S. Lympany, L. Nagoda, C. lake P Wilson R Mower Row 2 Mrs Love day, coach, S. Loveday, -I. Shaffer, N. Shipley, N. Prina. Girls' Golf Play Women Faculty The Girls' Golf Team began practicing in Sep- tember for its second season, under the leadership of Mrs. Loveday. The first few weeks of practice were spent on the driving range beside the school. The team's driving ability and putting skills improved as the girls played on Murrysville Golf Course. As in the previous year, the four top members had a match against the women's facul- ty. Although the team was stiff competition for the teachers, they were not able to win. . . yy. if w. ww. fkiyfn Baseball Finishes 5-5 The baseball team did not fare as well this year as in the past. The year was used in gaining valuable experience for the many underclassmen. The highlight of the season was a no hitter by Dave Nagle. With the added experience, Coaches Ambrose and Chamberlin are expecting a winner next season. fast ball . . . Crack! . . . off the fence . . . rounding first base . . . strong throw . . . slide . . . safe! Coaches Ambrose and Chamberlin watch the team practice. f' 4 Q Ang! :- I . T E L Q 1. 12, , ' ', A 3 1 'EH' tw f ' : l 5 -iizgg-V-Qs,if :gr-A .1 : I4 A .H . I TJ: 'll C bw i g M -,L f I W. ' J , ' . L, 'N 5 l ., N. f WA . VX V ,.-. iii .' .WJ .t Sa."vv?' x , f . 'lei' 71' E -HL N ti- XM, tffya Q 'fans if its-f 1' .til 2. . . ,.,.e . , .. - X .1 ' -"' ' ii-Zire.--tm LE N .1 V 1.3. 5, . 'f -' :, I f f .-f ,..-, S 4 I K H- kt M'fAx'ii1 A! "W if i l t? g ig. . , - ' V Q' .Q Y -.rv . f f 'is' . 1 -A M 5 My 1: . Chuck Hempel waits for a fly ball. joe Trabucco fields a slow roller Dann Comali throws a curve. The baseball team members were fbottom rowj R, Ramaley, G. BartIett,j. Homce, M. Dukovich, D. Cardonihl. Hill. C. Price, T. Bebar,j. Homcc qsecond rowj Mgr, D.jackson, D. Nagle,j. Perry, C. Hempel, Coach Ambroseuj. Tmbucco,j. Ptaszkiewicz, D. Cornali, B. McCullough, Mgr W Gougenhnuer, fthird rowj Coach Chamberlin, C. Krejdowsky, D. Penrod. Hey, over here! Bob McCullough waits for a fast pitch. Tucker digs a low pitch out of the dirt. 1967 BASEBALL RESULTS FRANKLIN OPPONENT 5 Greensburg 1 O Burrell 9 Z Hempfleld 5 4 Westinghouse Mem. 9 3 Trafford 2 4 Gateway 6 6 Turtle Creek 2 2 E. Pittsburgh 1 2 Westinglzouse Mem. 0 7 Trafford 4 1 Gateway 5 2 Plum 5 2 Turtle Creek 5 Won Lost SECTION 5 5 EXHIBITION 1 10 jim Perry bats up. Terry Bebar watches for a fly-ball Seniors Represent Franklin at State Meets Playing many teams in a higher section, the team showed a fighting spirit, but not winning form. The coaching of Sasala and Hummel produced many individual stars. Among them were Gary Hurst and Ken Weeks, who went to the state class "B" track meet. jim Grossett runs the low hurdles. l Coach Sasala Last Qng qhgye 15 3 foftgn ggg! Frank pushes K0 ll'nPl'0VC IimC. The track team members were Qbottom rowj S. Weeks,j. Boyce, B. Livengood, P. Scala,j. Bymc, B. Marshall, fsecond rowj K. Weeks,j. Lynch, B Young, D. Allshouse, C. Curtis, Qthird rowj Gtossett, H. Weiland, B. Roberts,j. McGague,j. Cherepko, F. Skena, ffourth rowj R. Bullock, A Reeves, P. Bruning, R. Ankency, G. Hutst,j. Clendenin,j. Winters, Mgts., T. Durbin, C. Staub, and R, Grindle, Coaches Sasala and Hummel Franklin presses toward the finish. john Cherepko prepares to hurl the discus. Buff Young Flies over the high hurdles. 1967 TRACK RESULTS FRANKLIN OPPONENT 48 V2 N. Kens. 87 V2 54 Norwin 91 45 Hampton 100 95 V1 Apollo 42 Vi 81 Plum 55 7 2 Ligonier 64 89 Saltsburg 58 66 Mt. Pleas. 74 8: Jeannette 23 30 Mars 106 Charlie Curtis trains diligently. Tensely waiting for the starting gun . . . Go! . . . rounding the bend on the inside . . . gaining on the man ahead . . . passing him by . . . a burst of speed for the finish . . . a pat on the back from the other guys. AQWWW giisnuoznruous 'W VJ S OM ,f 7' ok Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter Izaak Walton jean Cordner was the Editor in Chief of the '68 QUILL Getting the "ladder" all finirhea' andfnding youbehrgotten the yearbook page. . .Jquzlfloing the Pep Club picture into a 3x5 pace . . . keep- ing orders rtrazgbt . . . trying to identwf the tbira' girl in the recom! row . . . proqf reading . . . mailing final Jhgpment. . . unpacking the fiuirloeu' product. The Quill Staff Works Hard to Meet Deadlines The staff of the 1968 QUILL worked through the school year and during the preceding summer preparing the yearbook for publication. The staff met several times with a representative of the Tay- lor Publishing Co. to make decisions concerning cover designs and the print and paper to be used. After learning layout and photography techniques they took countless photographs and proofread countless paragraphs before the final shipment was on its way in late February. The sponsor, as in past years, was Mr. Waskoskie, W6 UHEI The copy ofthe QUILL was edited by Susie Sharpe and written by her staff: lr! Row - Sandy Spewock, Pam Ridinger, Karin Gorerzky, Sheryl Mclieown, Pete Alrich. Bark - Bill Blundon,-john Connelly. l Y Typing the QUILL were: D. Spagnol, B. Visnick. P Tmbucco, C. Regrut, M.Bonari. 'L X 'mf 95. I t lr X , is ':'-5,.?"f ...rf 'iv-F. - , M ' ' RM 21,3552 '41fiMi'3" "f , : :ff W -,f i -: ' - ' if A es. . 4, .,, M " .b - 1- 4 Doing all necessary art work and advising on layout were: Chris Wei- Taking charge ofthe ads and orders was the business staff: Bob Hamm, land, Melissa Seigal and Rita Baker, Ed. Kurt Blaugher, and Ken Ainsworth, Ed. The members of the Photography Staff were: Debbie Farabnugh, jackie Shaffer, Bob Skena, and Ken Ainsworth, Ed. The "Panther" Covers Franklinis News Scene The PANTHER staff began work this year under the direction of a new sponsor, Mr. Chamberlin. Staff reporters covered Franklin's news scene as well as contributing many pieces of creative writing. Circula- tion of the newspaper, published monthly, reached an all time high of 830 copies. Interviewing fbrastofy. . . prodreading. . . writinga bead . . .fitting a 3 inch .ttmjy into a 2 incl? gmce . . . counting papers into ,rtarki 0f 30. Editor-in-chief Susie Sharpe leafs through the news- paper's new filing cabinet. Panther editors were: Barbara Leslie, artg Ellen Klotzbaugh, featureg john Connelly, sportsg and jackie Shaffer, news. Missing from the picture is Elaine Cline, layout editor. srl ,J . ' if-31" 1.1 ll I Members ofthe News Staff were: Row! - E. Cline, B. Leslie, N. Grdcn, A. Degenteshhj. Robinson. Row2 - S. Spewock, P. Vlilson, L. Ol- iver, M. Quinn, B. Sexton, C. Goughenout. an 55. Row! - L. Lana, S. Hamm,j. Connelly, editor, L Riley, j. Gray. Row 2 - F. Kuhn,-I. Dorentzo, S. Sharpe, W. Blun- don. 1- rx' ,?Q be 1, Fcarurc SraFf - Row 1 - D. Sulli- van, I.. Gigl, Zimmerman, P. King, E. Klotzbaugh, cdirorg C Darrow, S. Syzmanowski, D. Di Mario, E. Webb, l.. Eckcls. Row 2 - S. Scmans, B. Skena, R. Hamm, C. Lake, E. Luther, K. Goretsky, B. Mower, M. Hood, P. Shuttc, Mancc. Art Staff - Row I - S. Srcvcn, B. Leslie, editor, M. Dippold, B. Barrowclifi R. Baker, C. Wdland. Typing Staff - J. Trusilo, D. Spagnol, Hollis, D. Suhy, V. Earll, editor, P. Littanzio, C. Moose. National Honor Society Sponsors 'QBack-to-School" Dance 1 l The members ofthe NHS were: Row 1 - R. Baker, C. Watson, H. Weber, D. Farabaugh, S. Spewock, C. Alder, Miss Lutz,j. Sptuance, R. Tower. Row2 - V. Paesano, P. Ridinger, G. Galet, L. Susi, S. Loveday, L. Knepper, M. Stetson, M. Lloyd. Rau-'3 - E. Pellisser, P. Shetland, B. Leslie, P. Alrich,j. Cordner, S. Sharpe,.I. Shaffer, K. Ainsworth. Row 4 -J. Cherepko, T. Lang, R. Wright,j. Connelly, B. Skena, R. Di- etrich, K. Chadwick, S. Xlifeeks, R. Hamm, R. Parkins. The National Honor Society is an organi- zation set up to honor those students who have accomplished outstanding achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, char- acter, and service. This year, Miss Lutz was sponsor of NHS with Bob Hamm as Presi- dent, Ken Ainsworth as Vice President, and Nancy Funk as Secretary-Treasurer. Their projects this year included a back-to-school dance, their traditional, fund-raising Spa- ghetti Dinner, and the purchase of an activi- ties matquis for the front of the school. ln December, 26 new members were inducted into the society in an impressive ceremony. Setting table after table - jerk and napkin on lejif, groan . . . smiling at the little boy who doesn't like ,yiaglaetti . . . washing mountains of dirty dishes . . . finalbf getting to take ojfyour apron. New members were inducted in December. The National Honor Society officers this year were: Robert Hamm, Presi dentg Nancy Funk, Secretaryg and Ken Ainsworth, Vice President. The Varsity Club Sponsors All-Star Basketball Game The Varsity Club members were: Row! - j. Trabucco, B. Johnston, D. Cornali, B. Young, C. Curtis,j. Ptask iewicz, Grossett, Mr. Oncler. Rau' 2 - Pisone, S. Weeks, P. Scala.j. Byrne, B. Roberts, Cherepko, M. Lloyd, R. Tower, C. Price. Rout' 3 - Spruance, M. Watt, E. Pfieffer, B. Trent, A. Oravec, R. Wessel, D. Hilty B. Vmch, F. Reed, C. Shrock. Giving a bigbpilcb mlar talk jbr a mwzter. . ing your new varsity jackei. . getlilzgpine needles all ozferyou . . . wear- Selling sweaters and Christmas trees were the main activities of the Var- sity Club this year. The proceeds were used to buy jackets for the members who had lettered twice in one sport. The group also sponsored a Faculty All- Star-WMCK High Hoo- pers basketball game. j. Trabucco. Pres.g B. johnston, V. Pres., and Ptaszkiewicz, Treas. were the officers of the Varsity Club this year. Leading the Pe Club were: Chris Weiland, Sponsorg Margie Stetson, Vice President: Steve Rod- erick, Presidentg Marilyn Hooper, Sec.-Treasurerg Frank Kuhn, Sponsor. Pep Club Promotes School Spirit A new club, the Pep Club, was formed this year at Franklin. It was open to anyone interested in developing and promoting school spirit. Under the enthusiastic sponsorship of Chris Weiland and Frank Kuhn this spirit was carried on throughout football, basketball, and all our sport endeavors. Steve Roderick, Margie Stetson and Marilyn Hopper inspired many to pro- mote and maintain a newly estalibhed respect for our school. The Outdoor Pep Rally. Painting rzgnr for the halls . . . ritting together at every game . . . wearing blue and gold . . . cheering until y0u're laaarre. Club members paint "pep signs." The members of the Pep Club. Student Council Sponsors Activities for Student Body The 1967-68 Student Coun- cil sponsored many new proj- ects and activities for the stu- dent body. President Chris Weiland and Vice President Frank Kuhn initiated the orga- nization of a Pep Club which greatly boosted school spirit. For Homecoming, they spon- sored a decoration contest for the cars in the parade. Before Christmas, Student Council held another decoration con- test. Each homeroom trimmed its door in the spirit ofthe holi- day season. Through out the year, Chris and Frank contin- ued annual Student Council projects such as fun nights, and student buses to football and basketball games. Attending meetings in the libraty . . .ybonroring dancer. . .telling candy at basketball games . . . bum to jbotball gamer. The officers of the Student Council were: B. Spangler - Parl., M. Stetson - Sec., R. Baker - Treas., C. Weiland - Pres., F- Kuhn ' VP- Thc Student Council sponsored a door decorating contest at Christmas. - Student Council members were: Row 1 - B. Spangler, F. Kuhn,j. Keibler, C. Weiland, H. Weber, B. Leslie, C. McKeown, R. Baker. Row 2 - R. Witter, D. Kohosik, K. Brown, C. Spangler, W. Ott, S. Sharpe, O'lear, M. Frye, Bruning, D. Qmpbell, C, Watson, S. Remic. l 5 I39 Ji, 'ff y 'A' A - . - . A Q Tri-Hi-Y officers were Row I - Margie Stetson, Vice Presidentg Nancy Funk, Presia dent, Mrs. Loveday, Sponsorg Rou'2 - Pat Lattanzio, Chaplain,-jackie Shaffer, Secre' tary and Linda Knepper, Treasurer. The East Suburban YMCA is responsible for the development of the Tri-Hi-Y at our school. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote community service with Christian ideals. World Service, the U.N. Conference in Harrisburg, a slumber party, the Teachers, Dance, chi1dren's movies, a canoe trip and spelunking trips were some of the activities of the club throughout the year. The trophy-winning car decorated by the Tri-Hi-Y for Homecoming. The girls in the Tri-Hi-Y participated in many activities during the year. 40 Launrhing your eanoe from the dock . . . learn- ing the trick of getting in without tipping . . . losing a paddle in the rapids . . . waving to the people on the bridger . . . sitting on the river i bank eating peanut butter Jandwichef . . . wad- ing in icy water to beach your canoe. Tri-Hi-Y girls enjoy their Deer Valley weekend. W The Tri-Hi-Y canoe trip. The Hi-Y, newly formed this year was begun under the direction of Bill Roberts, Youth Co- ordinator for the Exist Suburban YMCA. The members were: Row 1 - XV. Turner. D, Tylnsky, P Sherlnnd, R. Hess, B. Like, M. Wimer, P. Scala, Ron' 2 - S. Sharpe. D. NWithrow,j. Kudkny, B Donhoffner, E. Brity, P. Sherlnnd, D. Letlmm. B. Tylasky. I4l French Club Re-Established Franklin's French Club was re-established this year, and numer- ous students took advantage of this opportunity to improve their speech and understanding of the French language. Miss Lutz, the sponsor, and club officers provided slides of a caroling group and other activities which gave students a chance to gain some insight into the French culture. During the course of the year, the club worked to raise money for the French Dinner which was given at the end ofthe school term. The officers of the French Club were Karin Goretzky, secretary, Cindy Lake, president, Bill Blundon, V. Presidentg and Rich Dietrich, treasurer. Also shown is Steve fSqueeksj Weeks. W x . ,-.-,.,.- French Club members were: Row 1 - D. King, Fouley, E. Klotzbaugh, G. Galet. Row 2 - L, Oliver, M. Quinn, D. Woodworth, S. Erby, N. Grden. Row 3 - S. Szymanowski, R. Robinson, R. Mower, G. Forsburg, P. McTigue, C. Alder, M. Pitzer, L. Susi, K. Goretzski. Row 4 - C. Lake, L. Heller, M. Hill, M. Strake, M. Gillis, W. Campbell, G. Capps, C. Pack, Standing - R. Dietrich, B. Skena, j. Carlson, H. Shaffer, B Reese, S. Hamm, L. Betis, R. Shuster,-I Klotzbnugh, D, Biber, H. Dietrich, P Murray, K, Blaugher, C, Spangler, D Sleigh, W. Blundon, Miss Lutz, M Nemanic, L, Wlillinxms, C. Xlifarson, ,I Hauser, S. Spewock. l42 Je 1 . 4 .wus ve-W ,.,:fIJ?f, '-.- awnv4f-- A ' ' f W Members of the club make punch for the Christmas party. Learning the language. . . Mardi Gras al Franklin . . . olr serving French rurlomr . . . understanding the people . . . - y 1- 7 . Spanish Club Promotes Better Understanding of Culture Ahora nuestro encuentro va a comenzar. . . with this opening begins a typical club meeting of the Spanish. Although it would ideally be conducted totally in Spanish, there are times when the use of an English word is indispensable. Sponsored by Mrs. Bernfeld, the pur- pose of the club is to promote a better un- derstanding of Spanish culture. One spe- cial project was the presentation of a paper written by Spanish Club students, about Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cer- vantes. During january, the members sold pins to raise funds for a dinner at the end of the year for the club members and their parents. Officers of the newly formed Spanish club were: Treas. F. Bush, P. Krushinlti, Pres.g S. Rixner, Sect.g D. Tatko, V. Pres. sf j'! .-ed Students enjoy the Spanish refreshments. N t. ,A 'Q J. Charlie Brown poses as a pifiata. Spanish Club members were: F. Bush D. Tatko, P. Krushinski, Anderson W. Gebrosky, P. Shetland, R. Hoffman B. Morclli, Raw 2 - C. jackson, S. Fentres, D. Burlcs, L. Amsler, B. Morris B. Kramer, M. Seigal, S. Steven, B. Mar- shall, K. Skow. Row 3 - P. Beers, R Baker, D. Kohosic, P. Daly, Mrs. Bern- feld, P. Goodworth, K. Calisto, M. Bal- est, C. Hooper, S. Rixner, L. Nagoda, S Grossett, G. Skena. Row 4 - G. Phoebe, D. Tylasky, T. Caywood, R. Hill, Cox T. Hurst, L. Riley, G. Negich, D. Finley W. Doleman,j. Dortenzo, B. Lawrence D. Gebrowski, K. Wagner, D. Meess. n 1 1 u s Frm . . . al fancy turn . . . picking yozmef out M the The Ski Club Is Formed One of the new clubs at Franklin, the Ski Club was sponsored by Mr. Eyles. Ski buffs heard various speak- ers and practiced on the hill behind the school several times during the season. In future years they would like to form a ski team to compete against other schools. Looking over the slope from the top . . . making the firm mmf andjieling good inside . . . bayway down in good mow and brushing :ff . . . finishing with an impressive .flop and going to trjy it onre more. The officers of the Ski Club were: Pres.. Margie Stetson Sec. Tre-as., Linda Knepperg and V. Pres., Myla Cooper. lhillllflll The members ofthe Ski Club were: Rau-'I - XV. Gebroskygj. Brittain, P. Alrich,j. Hykes, K. Baugh- man, F. Kuhn, S. Thompson, Earll, S. McKeown. Rouf? - S. Sharpe, L. Vance, C. Darrow, C. Thomas, S. Rixner, D. DiM:irio, D. Sleigh, S. Yurak, B. Kraemer, C. Hooper, K. Goretzky, S. English Row3 - R. Tower, H. Weber, B. Leslie, M. Stetson, M. Cooper, S. Lympany, L. Nngoda, M. Gebroski B. Powell, D. Longwell, D. Geiger. P. hmkes. R0u'4 - Dortenzo. L. Intta, P. XX'ilson, L. Knepper, M, Frye, G. Shevchekul. Aldridge, R. Fergusonuj. Chernegn, Robinson. Rau' 5 - S. Hamm, P. Hoener, V. Swanson, H. Slmffet,-J. O'LClf,,I. Trusilo, D. LeCuyer, S. Roderick. R. Wzxde. S. Wurtz, L. XVillinms, L. Gilg. Row 6 - B. Lawrence, M. Dippold, B. Milligin, R. Wfulker. T. Capwoodj B. Hoo- ver, D. Cu nninghnm. Rou' 7 - G. Maituck, Mujones. B. Gogenhour, C. D,1ughtery.j. Byrne. D. Witlm- row, P, Shetland, XV. jenko. D. Mt-ess, Sullivan '2ou'8 - E. Roberts. M. Stmhota. D. Versxck, R. Pelerose, C. Schrock, T. Frisinger. jones. D. Campbell. G. Geiger, S. Grosset. Camera Club Members Learn Photography Techniques Mr. Bowers, sponsor of the Camera Club, exposed the club's members to all phases of photography. Pictures taken by the club were used in school publications this year. The members ofthe club were: Row 1 - S. Frost, B. Ge- brosky, S. English, M. Reinsal, P. Schutte,-I. Keibler. Row 2 - L. Danko, D. Cunningham, M. Wfimer, R. Hoffman, B. Siford,j. Mclnnes, R. Keenan, B. Morelli, and sponsor, Mr. Bowers. Fire Marshalls Provide for Safe Evacuations The Fire Marshalls, under the supervision of Mr. Vollberg, helped provide for safe and speedy evacuation during fire drills. Aided by this club, our fire drills went smoothly every month. The Fire Marshalls, were from left to right: B. Glunt, Clements, L. Pierce, and sponsor, Mr. Vollberg. Stage Crew Contributes to Successful Productions The members of the Stage Crew were re- sponsible for setting up scenery and taking care of equipment used for assemblies. The Stage Crew played a part in making our year's productions the successes that they were. The members of the stage crew were: F. Sauk, M. Kemer- er,j. Byrne, Mr. Vollberg. sponsor. Row 2 - Kontra, B. Glunt, J. jenkins. .L Q Did you ever wonder who produced the stage sound effects and worked the lights during performances? They were: M. Lloyd, R. Hamm, F Pzlmier E, Pellissier, R. Tower, Hykes, and Bryne. Technical Staff Works Hard to Make Performances Successful Endless laou rs of rehearsal ana' extra time. . . do it again, do it again . . . will it ever be rigbt?. . . again . pewction. . . rurtain time ana' nervous actors. . .listen- ing to the peryirrners applauded backstage . . . rut the lights and its all over. With Rick Tower as chief technician and unoffi- cial President, this year's technical staff did an excel- lent job of providing lighting and sound effects for both school and community functions, and, in gener- al, kept the stage from collapsing on participants. The hardworking technical staff takes a break A scene from the 1967 Children's play, "Wizard of Oz," directed by Miss Galbreath. it 1 ,s 1.7 I as nAughu Thespians Sponsor Children's Plays This year's Thespians initiated many students into the society, all of whom were involved with school produc- tions, either as actors or as committee members. In order to become a Thespian, students must participate in two plays and acquire ten Thespian points, a requirement met by about thirty students during the year. Thespians also sponsored and acted in several one act plays and kept up the school's reputation and interest in good dramatics. ri lv tl. li 2 R f T i Thespian officers were Rick Tower, president, Barb Leslie, secretary, and Pete Alrieh, vice president. Thespian members were: Row 1 - J. Cordner, S. Sharpe, S. Loveday, Shaffer, Gray, Hauser, K. Raymond, E. Cline, S. Henry, 1. Trusilo, P. Ridinger. Row 2 - R. Tower, M. er, R. Hamm, Seeing your name on a cart list . . . learning your liner . . . late practices . . . eating Sambfr laamburgerr . . . drerr relvearral . . . a jqnal curtain call. Lloyd, R. Parkins,-I. Hykes, P. Alrich, M. Sell- PNA Provides Gpportunity for Girls to Gain Experience The Future Nurses Club provides an opportunity for girls who are interested in the nursing profession to employ their talents and to gain more experience and under- standing of this field. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Gas- per. The girls worked as aids to the school nurse and organ- ized a field trip to Citizens General School of Nursing where they were given a complete tour. Learning to test right and hearing . . . touring nurring rclooolr . . . giving free time to Mrs. Gaqrer . . . looking hrwara' to being capped In this year's FNA, K. Raymond was President, M. Hood was Treasurer, P. Zaccari was Vice President, and B. Mauro was Secretary. Kathy Raymond experiments with an ear testing device. rl? sl " 'D R ff . i The members ofthe FNA were: Row! - M. Hood, B. Mauro,j. Gittings, P. L1ttanzio,j. Trusilo, R. Susich, P. Neison. Row2 - I. Crusan,j, Pavliak K. Raymond, B. Remaley, j. Zimmerman, M. Balest, A. Bates, S. Hauser, K. Baughman, M. Nemanic, S, English, P. Zaccari. Library Club Keeps Library Running Efficiently 541 QQ i-ii E Row 1.' Susan English, W. Pfeifer, D. Ralston, M. Freuchtal, C. Richardson, G. Lehnart. Row2.' R. Mull, B, Slavnilc,j. Visnick, A. Wiekerath, K. Daug- herty, C. Moose. Row 3: B. Orgovan, D. Suhy, C. Riznow, Mr. Ambrose, Yihgliflg, K- Wood. Sue English, Janel Yingling, Brenda Orgavan, busy helping Mr. Ambrose. The Library Club kept our library running efficiently all year long. Under the supervi- sion of Mr. Ambrose, the club's members as- sisted students doing research in the library and sold paperback books. The Library Club and the Audio-Visual Aids Club co- sponsored a dance this year. Audio Visual Club Distributes Equipment The members of the Audio-Visual Aids Club distributed the school's Audio-Visual equipment quickly and efficiently. These boys were instructed in the use and mainte- nance of this equipment by the club's spon- sor, Mr. Ambrose. The Audio Visual Aides were Chuck Shumar, Larry Danko, Duane Siford, David Markovina, Ed Pfeifer. a x hi .gi . up "1 ff! l'i 'va-,P --f N-V pn'-fxfqfswsl .xy A A . I ' ' git xx 2 ' -f -' -' ' in 1 . Z A Elx' ii -gif ox, 5 ' , ,vi A I ,A . ""' 'Tm' 'wrr --'U'-4"N'N C 5 lt A' - E E. .fl .1 . fav' 'lu' 'll i K FHA Holds Luncheons for Faculty Baking dozen: and dozen.: of fancy cookies . . . arranging them on trayr for a faculzjl tea . . . creating a center piece . . . fwflillg counties: punch glaner. The officers of the FHA were: P. Kelly - V. Pres., Debbie Martinelli - Treas., Gerry Galet - Sec., Debbie Spagnol - Assist. Treas., Patty Kuehn - Historian. Not shown, Nancy Phillips, Pres. The members of the FHA were: Row 1- C. Thomas, P. Kuehn, M. Sciller, N. Phillips, D. DiMario, B. Ankeney. Row 2 - L. Oliver, M. Quinn, S. Senchur, M. Zatazelo, G. Galec, P. Kelly. Row 3 - P. Lapcevic, J. Pavilak, D. -Spagnol, Miss Ross, Sponsor. Franklin,s chapter of the Future Homemakers of America worked on a variety of projects including a food drive for the needy, selling stuffed animals and candles, and holding luncheons for the men's and women's faculty. The club officers who helped promote the purpose of creating interest in home economics were Nancy Phillips, Presi- dent, Patty Kelly, Vice President, Debbie Spagnol, Treasurer and Gerry Galet, Secretary. Miss Ross, the home eco- nomics teacher, sponsored the club. Members of the Commercial Club this ,TLLV -W,L , V ii it . year were: Standing: V. Paesano, C. De- Mario, C. Meinl. Hollis, C. Henningan, j. Marrs, B. Painter, C. Gulenrz, L. Am- sler, Mrs. Poremski, sponsor, P. Graffe, C. Mc Hugh, B. Wloodward, S. Sisco, B. Kersten, C. Riznow, D. Yuhas,j. Lavor- ich, C. Kirkpatrick, M. Bolkavac, D. Ro- magnahl. Roberson, S. Remic, N. Padg- ett, N. Hodson. SeatedRou.'1 - D. Suhy, P. Kelly,-I. Allerton, D. Cole. Row? - S. Steele, P. Breneman, L. Sherler, D. Ral- ston. Row 3 - P. Viola, C. Moose, V. Earl, P. Mance, W. Hanks. Commercial Club Raises Money for Business Department Franklin's Commercial Club sponsored by Mrs. Poremski, is made up of girls studying business education for the purpose of developing business aptitude and stimulating an interest in good grooming. The girls sold zip code direc- tories in order to raise money to purchase materials for the Business Education Department. i The officers ofthe Commercial Club were: Norma Padgett, Pres., Nora Hodson, Sec., and Brenda Paint- er, Treas. Putting tloepaper in the typewrit- er . . . setting the margins . . . trying to read Jonzeoneit Jcmwled writing . . . finishing the page with just enough room hr a jbot- note. Chorus Purchases New Robes Q GQ Q 9' sz Members of the mixed chorus were: Row 1 - Harris, M. Freuchtag, R. Brady, C. Richardson, C. Flasher, M. -I. Gebrosky, T. Thomas, G. Robinson, S. Erbe, M. Humes,j. Reed, M. McMunn, C. Kennedy, B. Lathem, D. Geiger, C. Tellin. Row2 - T. Ingram, G. Lehnert, L. Vance, K. Helfer, C. Silvis, S. Loveday, L. Gilg, M. A. Horensky, B. Marshall, P. Zaccari, L. Knepper, W. Campbell, K. Piper, K. Heiny. Row3 - K. Blotzer, P. Schutte, R. Fritz, G. Gressman, S.Jones, C. Cherrone, D. Roberts, A. Bates, K. Baughman, K. Raymond, A. Brown, M. Frye, M. Sheckler, P. Wilson. Row4 - Y. Marinelli, F. Kuhn, P. Krushinski, M. Dukovich, V. Gantz,-I. Taylor, K. Blaugher, R. Pees, S. Sellers,-I. Spruance,j. Gressman. Row5 - P. Graffe, S. Thompson, L. Baker, D. LeCuyer, D. Campbell, B. Fleishman, G. Shevchik, T. Wilson, J. Hykes, G. Grindle, D. Cavato, J. Merck. The chorus this year, under the direction of Mrs. Ference was able to purchase robes for the boys. They performed at an open house for a P.T.A. meeting. On December 1 8: 2 they put R Y on an operetta, "Swinging High." This production had a dou- E iw, ble cast and the proceeds went towards a hanging mike for the 1 W R auditorium. The chorus performed for the student body in a Christmas assembly. A spring concert is planned. Twelve sen- iors were selected to attend the Westmoreland County Chorus festival. Two seniors, Laurel Vance and Sharon Loveday, were chosen to represent Franklin at District Chorus. Trying on rober. . .learning new music. . .trying outforagberial group . . . praclifing in the auditorium . . . audienre apploure aj?er a good peryfomzanre. Students of Mrs. Ference decorate the windows of the practice room. I, , H-P109 ,, Accompanying the chorus this year were: Qscaredj jerry Taylor CStandingQ Karen DeMar, Jim Merck The Members who attended County Chorus this year were: Row I .' C. Flasher, L. Vance, Robinson, L. Gilg, M. Ho rensky, M. Gebrosky. Row 2: S. Thomp- son, F. Kuhn, K. Baughman, S. Love- day, Hykes, J. Spruancc. The following girls sang as the "Senior Cantabi- laires" Row Irj. Robinson, K. Blotzer, L. Gilg, M McMunn. Row 2: M. Horensky, L. Vance, K Baughman, S. Loveday. l The Cast of"Swinging High" consisted of: Row 1: D. Roberts, S.-jones, M. Horensky, F. Kuhn, P. Krushinski. Row 2.' M. Humes, M. Frye, K Blotzer, M. McMunn, j. Robinson. Row 3: G. Shevchik, B. johnson, S. Sellers, j. Hykes, K. Blaugher. Franklin's Music Department Presents Musical A double cast of chorus members pre- sented the successful musical "Swinging High" along with the Franklin Concert Band. The production concerned the prob- lems of high school students faced with a new principal who had great plans for "high- er education" and their conspiracy to ruin the grades of an intellectual girl, a favorite of the new administrator. Mr. Plischke served as drama coach for the comedy, Mrs. Ference directed the singing, and choreography was created by Mrs. Thornton. The Franklin Concert Band is under the direction of Mr. Green. Swinging High . . . Every gal Swinging High Every guy Like iz rtar up in the sky Maker our school iz Swinging High. FT A Members Visit Colleges This year, Future Teachers of America had activi-. ties planned which enabled its members to get a bet- ter appreciation and understanding of the teaching profession. These activities included an opportunity to teach in the elementary schools, a project during Teaching Career Month, a tea for the teachers, and a visit to two colleges in the surrounding area, Thiel and Grove City. Also, some of the members repre- sented Franklin at the two conferences of the South- west Region of FTA to which our organization belongs. Mr. Hill sponsored the club this year, and the members elected Nancy Shipley as President, Debbie Farabaugh as Vice President, Patty Beers as Secretary, and Donna Longwell as Treasurer. The officers of the FTA were: Marilyn Longwell, Treas., Nancy Shipley, Pres., Party Beers, Sec. and Debbie Farabaugh, Vice Pres. Boarding the our for a college Feld try: . . . Meeting the admisriom director . . . touring the campus . . . lamb in the dining lm!! . . . seeing the dorm . . . ialleing to rtuderm. The members ofthe FTA were: P. Lattanzio, L. Danko,j. Rebich, G. Galet, D. Dimaria, K. Goretzky, D. Longwell, S. Henry, C. Pack, R. Scorgic, C. Spangler, L. Reich. Row 2 - C. Gearheard, L. Susi, M. Sheckler, P. Wilson, M. Frye, P. Kuchin,j. Robertson, D. Spagnol, C. Thomas, M. Bonati, S. Yurek. Row 3 - R. Mowen, P. Schutte, M. Seiler, D. Eckersley, P. Beers, E. Klotzbaugh, S. Hauser, D. Sleigh, L. Faulk, M. Battaglia, P. Ridinger, A. Nahr. Row 4 - J. Mance, K. Snyder, N. Prina, N. Williamson, M. Horensky, L. Close, D. Farabaugh, M. Quinn, S. Senchur, L. Oliver, C. Taylor, C. Alder, G. Maddock, The pioneers of the Knitting Club were: Rout' 1: L. Dixon, L, Amsler, D. Romagnanj. Robertson, P, Kuehon, B. Kraemer, M. Hood, D. Menk, C. O'Lear, E. Smith, C. McHugh. Row 2: Mrs, Sellers, L. Danko, C. Ferrington, S. Lindsay, N. Good, Trusilo, M. Seiler, Buooock, C. Shaffer, B. Riddle, E. Lasher. Rau' 3: E. Iatsher, Bohinc, S. King, C. Smithbower, D. Woodwortlr, C. Regrut, M. Gebrowski. C. Flasher, F. Silvis, N. Wood- worth. Row 4: S. Remic, L. Hodson, P. Crise, C. Kirkpatrick, S. Yurek, B. Kersten, D, Sleigh, D. Metzlaar, C. Hooper. 1 3 il l l I If lf l T Knitting Club Picks Up Lost Stitches I The girls in the Knitting Club, new this year, met every sec- ond Thursday under the direction of Mrs. Sellers. Lessons were given to those girls who were beginners and soon everyone was working on a project. Officers were Colleen McHugh presi- dent and Sandy Lindsay vice president. Ribbing - Row 1-wrong ride-P 1, "' K 1, P 1: repeat from "' to end ...R0w2 - K1 "P1,K1,'repeatfrom "'toend...Bindojf1Jt at beg. of each of next two rows, keeping pat .... p 1 row. Serving as officers for the Knitting Club were Coleen McHugh as Vice President and Sandy Lindsay as Presi- dent Holland's Eimilizu' trademark, a windmill. Bill Johnston Spends Summer in Netherlands on the A.F.S. Program. This summer, Bill Johnston, Franklin's Amer- ican Abroad candidate, sailed from New York aboard the S.S. Ryndam for Rotterdam, where he met his foster family, the Boskers. Bill spent the summer at the family's farm in northern Nether- lands. Besides helping with the farm work and har- vest, Bill visited Germany which was only seven miles away, and took several trips through Hol- land with both his family and other AFS stu- dents. All too soon, Bill's summer was over, and he left Holland to return to Murrysville. "AFS is a great organization," Bill said, "and I'm very glad I got to be a part of it." The Netherlands greatest secret agent, pretmring for n mission. V Bill and his "brot 7 Okko Bosker 5? her" N. I 1' . f a n ., 'Q if ' if in rg . V H , I Q, la ' .. 'G 'JZETAIEQ-llollfi -Y f I ' I 'Q ' lass - ,ir F A . ' .fin ffyl, AN: ,Q il li, i , 'si .3 i Bill, at his home in th What the well-dressed traveler should wctr. e Netherlands. Here Is Hedi, Our 1968 American Field Service Student With her cheerful disposition, Hedi quickly became a part ofthe Franklin community. Only a few more weeks and I have to say good-bye to a country and to people who have given me a second home. I want to thank very much my family, the Cordners, the Frank- lin High School teachers as well as the students, and the whole Franklin community which was like a big family to me. When I go home to Germany I will take with me the memories of happy days which I was fortunate to spend in a wonderful country. My stay here in the United States was a great experience for me and I owe this to the American Field Service, an excellent organization whose purpose is to bring under- standing and peace between countries by exchanging young people. This song expresses the goal that AFS has set for its selfg "A plea for one world, is heard in many different lands. This is the plea of a world that is hungry for peace. Let all men live together, let all men come together, Striving to make the world better, pledging their lives for peace." If you come to Germany, visit me. Hedi Weber 523 Altenkirchen Parkstr. 42 Germany if - .fsfrf Hedi prepares for her part as Miss Brill in thc senior class play. Hcdi is a hard worker in the kitchen Here is Hcdi in ai typical Germain classroom. The Band Accompanies "Swinging High" Riding the band bus to the away games . . . trying to bold on to your music with one hand andplay witb the other . . . earbl morning practice: . . . kel- ing proud as you play the Alma Mater. The Franklin Marching Band in action. As well as providing half-time entertainment at the football games, the band, conducted by Mr. Green, presented several concerts during the year. They also provided the accompaniment for the musical "Swinging Hi gh." Student director for the year was Mary Riensel and she and several other band members represented Franklin at County and District Band. The Franklin Regional Senior High School Marching Band 7 ' 'V wg '5 1 H L E Mary Reinsel was Student Director of the band. Mr. Green was the Director of the band. The Franklin Marching Band at half-time. - - Donna Meyer Reigns Donna Meyer, escorted by Paul Bnining, is presented to the school. Over "May Day Mod" The May Day Festival is perhaps our most eagerly anticipated spring event each year, and Queen Donna Meyer reigned majestically over the festivities. Her court consisted of senior attendants g Kathy McHugh, Debbie Coma, Lenore Lavrich, and Michelle Le- Cuyerg junior attendantsg Rita Baker and Denise Robertsg and sophomore attendantsg Cindy Kennedy and Margie Stetson. The theme "May Day Mod" was well interpreted by music and art work and by the contributions of the Pantherettes, Majorettes, and Color Guard. Alan Reeves, Franklin's A.F.S. student, served as Master of Ceremonies and Richard Daly brought the program to its highest point with the coronation of the Queen. Parade down the aisle . . . the queen is crowned . . . music and song . . . eight attendants at her feet . . , an audience in awe . . . a stage filled with beauty and grace. Cary Spear, accompanied by Mary Reinsel, sings "Alfie" The May Court prepares for "May Day Mod." The girls of the May Court were Qfrom left to rightj Margie Stetson, Denise Roberts, Debbie Coma, Lenore Iaurich, Donna Meyer, Kathy McHugh, Michelle LeCuyer, Rita Baker and Cindy Kennedy. ttf -A-4 1, - flfik A' y ,, U' . , s i H fi ' VVV, , The junior Cantabilaires and the Senior Boys sing their version of - ' in "Gc0rgy Girl." ff ' Y Queen Donna enjoys the festivities "Tous les enfantes . . ." ' I64 Where am I going? I don't quite know Down ro the stream where the kingcups grow Up on the hill where the pine-trees blow Anywhere, Anywhere, I don'r know. ADVERTISEME T Compliments of ANDREW DRNJEVICH CONGRATULATIONS to the Building Constructor Class of Box 450 Export, Pa. .68 327-1233 From IDLEWILD PARK Compliments of ROLLING FIELDS GOLF COURSE Congratulations to the Class of 1968 from the TRI-HI-Y Best of Luck to the Class of '68 '68 QUILL STAFF Best of Wishes From DON ENEIX AND SONS Compliments to Class of '68 i'v. F ,K ' Li ' . .- - - 9 Virgins, 0 5 a Route 22 Murrysville, Po. Compliments of STREM STUDIOS Ninth Street 8- Penn Avenue Pittsburgh 28, Po. Phone ATlontic 7-4574 n n 1 BAUGHMAN'S PENN FRANKLIN NEWS GROCERY ADVERTISING 8. Jos PRINTING Export, Pa. 4063 Wm. Penn Hwy. Murryville, Pa. 327-3471 We telegraph Flowers everywhere EXPORT MOOSE LANES LITTLE FLOWER SHOP MAIN STREET 4046 Wm. Penn Hwy M'-"'Y5Vllle1 Po- For Leagues and Reservations 327-1022 Virginia Ingram 327-4 I 46 Compliments of MURRYSVILLE CLEANERS 3943 Old Wm. Penn Hwy. FASHION CARE CLEANERS Route 66 Delmont POWELL'S PET 81 HOBBY SHOP DAILY I0 AM-9 PM SUNDAY II AM-7 PM Artist's Supplies, Model Cars, All-occasion Cards, Gifts, Games, Dogs, Siamese Kittens iwe raise our ownl, Large Selec- tion Tropical Fish, Aquarium 8K Pet Supplies. Route 22 at Carson St. Murrysville, Pa. 327-6000 Come in 81 Browse Around BERTONI'S GARBAGE DISPOSAL Export, Po. Telephone 327-0760 JOHN MEIER 81 SONS HARDWARE Hardware - Paints - Plumbing Fixtures - Garden Supplies Phone 327-1905 Export, Pc. li. qfie' ,ff FERRI'S FOODLAND SUPERMARKET 81 PHARMACY THE LAMPLIGHTER I , KLOBA AUTO BODY AND TAXI SERVICE 24 Hour Towing Export, Pa. UNIVERSAL WELDING Export, Pu. Compliments of FATUR'S RED 84 WHITE SUPERMARKET Athena Drive Delmont, Pa. EXPORT LUMBER COMPANY Export, Pa. 327-3300 FRYE MOTOR CO 468-4153 150 W. Pgh. Street Delmont P QJLEJSMCJJ HLE D. S. MACHESNEY AGENCY Real Estate 81 Insurance 12 W. Pgh. Street, Delmont Compliments of - STANFORD BUILDING CENTER ioso Rf. 286 Pgh. EDWIN N. WOLFE FUNERAL HOME 5701 Lincoln Avenue Export Pa. 32 7-1 400 Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 DELMONT PLUMBING AND HARDWARE Delmont, Pa. Ella Mook prop Compliments of WIGI.E'S DRUG STORE Export, Pa. 327-2475 ACE TELEVISION CO. Sales and Service 327-5588 DELMONT PHARMACY DELMONT SHOPPERETTE 468-4500 Compliments of TRI-VALLEY REFUSE CO. 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"Where Buyers and Sellers Meet" oggoigzgopo Congratulations Class of 1968 WILKINSBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSCCIATION 771 Penn Avenue Holiday Park Shopping Center Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239 Phone: 241-5600 Phone: 327-2800 MANORDALE OF NIURRYSVILLE KUNKI.E'S SERVICE INC. 64 Greensburg St. Sinclair Products Goodrich Tires Delmont, Po. 15626 468-41 14 327-3905 Rte 22 rnsumm Mm, . ig ysvllle, Po. smumvms ,,,, ,, ,f CHRYSLER PQIHUUII5 NR Qxport Pa. , N kkl N DEPARTMENT STO!! a -9,,,,,,q,,, r...-...--W -ef LEO E. WEILAND BUILDER HEADQUARTERS FOR 109 Greensburg St. SCHOOL CLOTHES Delmont, Po. 468-5617 FORMAL WEAR Export, Pa. WILLIAM A. POWER B81M BLOCK INC. SUPPLY COMPANY INC. Wholesale Mect Golden Mile Highway Lumber - Builder's Supplies Export, Pa. DELMONT REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE JAE BEATTY BROKER Route 22 Bus. Phone 468-4191 Delmont, Po. Home Phone 668-7801 EARL G. PATTY FISHER PONTIAC NATIONWIDE INSURANCE NOTARY A Export, Po. E ,151 :o- I 327-1681 5 Ban TACK sHoP WESTERN WEAR AND SADDLERY Bert Cramer Rt. 22 Phone 327-1500 668-7470 Delmom 5748 Kennedy Ave. I74 Export, Pa. 15632 Compliments of MURRYSVILLE PHARMACY JIM WALKO Murrysville, Pa. .IERI'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Murrysville, Pa. 3200 Sardis Road 327-6258 BREAK A LEG CHES' BARBER SHOP R81M BEER DISTRIBUTOR BEER AND POP BEVERAGES IAII Kindsj Route 22 Murrysville, Pa. HOWARD'S CREATIONS WAT50N'S The Ultimate in CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE INC. Hair Fashions Export, Pa. Newlonsburg Shopperette 327-4475 EXTRUSION DIE MAKERS, INC. DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS OF EXTRUSION TOOLING 327-5170 P.O. BOX 336 Export, Pa. 15668 COMPLIMENTS OF CACESE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Wm. Penn Highway BEYERL CHEVROLET INC. Golden Mile Highway Rte. 286 at Rte. 22 Monroeville, Pa. 351-3400 327-0900 PETE PAULISICK JR. HI-WAY TRUCK SALES HAULING - CHIPS - TOPSOIL EXCAVATION - GRADING 4451 Wm. Penn Hwy. Murrysville, Pa. 15668 we calf' Do H AH INTERNATIONAL scour Bu' we D' 'he ses' R.D. 4i2 Export, Pa ALBERT DRNJEVICH General Contractor Export, Pa. 327-291 1 KNABE BROS. INC. McHUGH'S VARIETY STORE SPORTS AND GARDEN CENTER 5839 Washington Ave. Pet Supplies - Tropical Fish Export, Pa. 327-1629 Miracle Mile Shopping Center Monroeville, Pa. RAMALEY BROS. Murrysville, Pa. HAULING and EXCAVATING '327-4595 GOLDEN CLEANERS ROCK SPRINGS ARENA 3 Hour Shirt Laundry Old Rte 22 Delmont, Pa. 468-9902 Earl D. Leese Owner Newlonsburg Shopperette congratulations to the class of 1968 STANDARD SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSN. OF WILKINSBURG Murrysville Branch Office 3875 Old Wm. Penn Hwy. Murrysville, Pa. I77 BECKWITH MACHINERY CO. Route 22 Murrysville, Po. Compliments of FORBES TRAIL AUTO Best of Wishes From MURRYSVILLE PARTS INC. REAL ESTATE CO. Route 22 Export' Po' Murrysville, Pa. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WESTMORELAND Greensburg Murrysville Export Delmont l78 Compliments of MURRYSVILLE DAIRY STORE Newlonsburg Shopperette Compliments of YINGLING REAL ESTATE Rte. 22 Murrysville, Po. MARGIE'S BEAUTY SALON 4455 Old Wm. Penn Murrysville, Po. PITCAIRN SAVINGS 81 LOAN DIVIDENDS 4Vz"A COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY ARTHUR TRUSCOTT - MGR. Hrs. 9-4:30 Fri. Evening 6-8 Your Troub es Vonish ot MIHALIC AUTO CLINIC Old Wm. Penn Hwy Murrysville, Po. ENJOY A LEISURELY LUNCHEON OR DINNER AT THE MURRY HOUSE Route 22, Murrysville Cocktails Fine Foods WERL'S FREE QUICK DELIVERY Old 22, Murrysville 327-4277 SCOTT STUDIOS Compliments of ' PORTRAITS ' WEDDINGS ' ADVERTISING COZY INN Wm Penn Hwy 327-5151 Murrysville, Pa. IPortroits Returned 3-5 Dcysj EXPOVT, PU- COPPER SKILLET Wm Penn Hwy Murrysville, Pa. 30 Miles East of Pittsburgh, Po. BORDERBROOK ANIMAL HOSPITAL ORLANDO N. PROSPERI DR. JAMES TOWNSEND DR. VINCENT B. HALL CICCO'S DARI-DELITE BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON COOPER'S INC. DR. .IOHN L. RIDINGER W. V. MARTS SWEETE SHOPPE BAKERY MURRYSVILLE KENNELS STANLEY THE FLORIST CAMPBELL'S BARBERSHOP KENESKY'S MOBIL DR. R. W. CRIBBS DR. F. E. HAMILTON DR. MOYER SOTAK'S BAR 8. GRILL The Senior Potpourri A KENNETH AINSWORTH Ken kept yearbook finances straight . . . served as President of the Senior Class . . . Vice Presi- dent of the NHS. PETER ALRICH Pete was a National Merit Semi-finalist . . . served in the army during the Junior Class Play . . . Vice President of the Thespian Society. BARBARA ANKENEY Barb's activities included Pep Club and Com- mercial Club . . . played Intramurals for 5 years . . . creates lovely hairstyles. GEORGE BAKER George is always smiling . . . likes to drive . . . one of the tallest boys in the class. RITA BAKER Rita was a peppy pom-pom shaker . . . member of the NHS for two years . . . worked hard as Student Council Representative and class officer. JAY BARROWCLIFF Jay is interested in the Army . . . likes hunting . . . enjoys war movies. MATILDA BATTAGLIA Matilda was in FTA for 3 years . . . worked on the plays and the Prom . . . enjoys golf and swimming. KATHLEEN BAUGHMAN Kathie sang with special chorus groups each year . . . captain of the Colorguard . . . played Prudence in the Junior Class Play. VIRLINDA BAUGHMAN Lindy was in FTA for several years . . . hobbies are sewing and reading . . . worked on theJun- ior Class Play. JOSEPH BEBAR Joe has participated in baseball and football . . . likes pool and bowling . . . loyal White Valley resident. TERRY BEBAR Terry played baseball at Franklin . . . enjoys hunting . . . good at target and trap shooting. PATRICIA BEERS Patty enjoyed Tri-Hi-Y activities . . . likes sports, especially horseback riding . . . played a cat in "The Wizard of Oz." MAURICE BEICHLEY Sonny snapped pictures with the Camera Club for several years . . . worked on the Prom . . . enjoys drag racing. RICHARD BELLICH - Richard has an impish smile . . . helped with the Prom . . . likes to drive and work on auto- mobiles. KATHY BLOTZER Kathy enjoyed singing in special chorus groups . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and Pep Club . . . had a part in the Junior Class Play. MARIE BOLKOVAC Marie was active in the Commercial Club and the "In-Crowd" . . . member of the Girl's Golf Team . . . good artist. MARJORIE BONATI Margie is always cheerful . . . played volleyball and basketball Intramurals . . . active in FTA and Pep Club. MARLENE BORTZ Marlene has pretty red hair . . . member ofthe Commercial Club . . . participated in Intramurals. RAYMOND BRADDY Ray was on Rocket Club blast-offs . . , enjoys hunting, fishing and water skiing . . . shy good-looks. KRIS BRAUN Kris is good at all kinds of sports . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and "ln-Crowd' . . . worked on several school dances. ' PATSY BRENEMEN Patsy was in the Commercial Club for two years . . . tall and slender . . . enjoys swim- ming and surfing. BARBARA BURKEY P Barb likes to play the flute and the piano . . . member of the band . . . new at Franklin this year. JAMES CLEMENTS Jim was a Fire Marshall for three years . . . likes swimming and bowling . . . Franklin's Jokester. JOHN CAIN Jack just transferred from Central Catholic to Franklin this year . . . good at billiards and Math . . . likes archery and hunting. DIANE CARTER Diane was a member of the FNA . . . long brown hair and pleasant smile . . . likes to read. JOHN CHEREPKO John played guard on the football team . . . helped with the Prom . . . was a member of the Varsity Club for two years. CONSTANCE CHERRONE Connie likes all kinds of sports. . . was a mem- ber of the Pep Club . . . enjoys dancing and playing the guitar. JANET CLIMER Janet lived in England during her senior year . . . was a member of several girls' chorus groups . . . likes to swim. GEORGE CLINE George is quiet and easy going . . . wavy blonde hair . . . enjoys sports competition. LINDA CLOSE Linda worked hard on both class plays . . . cheered with the Pep Club . . . member of FTA. JOHN CONNELLY John likes all sports especially baseball . . . worked on the QUILL and the PANTHER . . . was a member of the NHS for two years. JEAN CORDNER Jeanie spent long hours working on the QUILL. . . Hedi's American sister . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y. JIM CORNA Jim likes cars and driving . . . his hobbies in- clude collecting records . . . exceptional dancer. DANIEL CORNALI Dann played baseball and basketball at Frank- lin . . . member of Varsity Club for 5 years . . . likes golf and tennis. DONALD CRAVER Don was a Glee Club member . . . likes cars and camping . . . a pool shark. IRENE CRUZAN Irene is very friendly . . . likes sewing . . . cn- joys sports. CHARLES CURTIS Charlie was a real asset to the football, basket- ball and track teams. . . in the Varsity Club for 3 years . . . likes golf and tennis. LAWRENCE DANKO Larry was a Photography Club shutter-bug . . . helped with Visual Aids. . . interested in electronics and flying. LORRAINE DANKO Lorraine enjoys cooking, sewing, and science . . . played in Intramurals . . . FTA for 3 years. JOHN DARROW John is a car nut . . . good at auto mechanics . . . may go to technical school. LAURA DCCECCO Laura retumed to Franklin this year . . . likes to swim . . . enjoys drawing and dancing. LOUIS DCCECCO Lou likes hunting and fishing . . . Rifle Team member . . . Archery Club. TONI DCFALCO Toni belonged to Commercial Club, "In- Crowd" and the Knitting Club . . . likes bowl- ing and dancing . . . beautiful blond hair. CHRISTINE DeMARlO Chris played in inrramurals . . . Commercial Club member . . . likes football, volleyball and basketball. AUDREY DEGENTESH Audrey was student director for both class plays . . . member of FTA and PANTHER staff . . . enjoys sewing and reading. FRANCES DUCA Fran participated in Commercial Club . . helped with the class plays and the Prom . . . PANTHER reporter. RICHARD DUNMIRE Dick worked on the Prom . . . likes to oil paint . . . interested in architecture. RAYMOND DURSTINE Ray belonged to the Photography Club . . . worked on the Prom . . . likes football and swimming. VICKI EARLL Vicki was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Com- mercial Club and Pep Club . . . PANTHER Typing Editor . . . enjoys sewing and baking. DAVID EBERTS Dave was a props man for the Junior Class Play . . . plays basketball . . . is interested in motorcycles and hunting. GREGORY EBERTS Greg likes fishing . . . is a good swimmer . . . always waits eagerly for the hunting season. LINDA ECKELS Linda's activities included Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club and the newspaper . . . student director for the Senior Class Play . . . interested in the fashion world. DALE EMERICK Dale likes working on automobiles . . . deco- rated for the Prom . . . likes drag racing. SUSAN ENGLISH Sue was active in the Glee Club, FNA and Li- brary Club . . . likes horses and riding . . . worked on several plays. DEBORAH FARABAUGH Debbie's activities included FT A, NHS and Glee Club . . . favorite sports are golf and bowling . . . participated in Junior Class Play. LORRAINE FAULK Lorraine was a member of FTA, Tri-Hi-Y and Pep Club . . . worked on the Prom . . . enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities. DANIEL FISH Dan was on the Rifle Team for 3 years . . . en- joys hunting and fishing . . . hobbies are cars and sports. CHRISTINE FLASHER Chris was involved in FHA and Pep Club ac- tivities . . . likes all kinds of sports . . . member of the Knitting Club. 2 MICHAEL FLEMING Mike worked on the Prom . . . had a part in the Junior Class Play . . . member of the Track team. JULIANA FLINN Julie spent her senior year in France . . . enjoys playing the piano, the guitar and singing . . . member of the NHS. SHARON FORD Sharon belonged to the Commercial Club . . . helped in the library . . . likes to dance. JOHN FREEMAN John was a hood in theJunior Class Play . . . decorated for the Prom . . . enjoys hunting and skiing. STEPHEN FROST Steve was the photographer for both newspa- per and yearbook . . . played in the band . . . collects fossils. NANCY FUNK Nancy was president of Tri-Hi-Y . . . co- captain of the Pantherettes . . . Secretary- Treasurer of NHS. CAROL GALLOWAY Carol was a member of the Library Club . . . enjoys driving . . . likes square dancing. MARY GEBROSKY ' Mary was an active member of the Glee Club, band, and chorus . . . enjoys horseback riding . . . participated in FTA. LYNN GILG Lynn enjoys swimming, skiing, and tennis . . . was a member of Boosters Club and Tri-Hi-Y . . . sang in school choral groups. JENNIE GITTINGS Jennie took part in FNA and Tri-Hi-Y . . . bowled in Intramurals . . . loves to sew and collect things. WILLIAM GLUNT Bill worked with the stage crew on various school productions . . . served as Fire Marshall . . . radios are his hobby. NANCY GOOD Nancy transferred to Franklin this year . . . soon joined the "In-Crowd" . . . likes to swim and water-ski. JANE GRAY Jane was assistant student director of the school band . . . a Pantherette and active Thes- pian . . . worked on the PANTHER. MICHAEL GRAYBROOK Mike likes to hunt and fish . . . enjoys cars . . . tall and slender. JOHN GRESSMAN John performed in the Junior Class Play . . . plays clarinet, dmms, and saxophone . . . en- joys golfing and swimming. JAMES GROSSETT Jim was one of Franklin's top football players, as well as a member of the Wrestling and Track teams . . . member of the Varsity Club for 3 years . . . enjoys hunting. ROBERT HAMM Rob was President of the NHS . . . member of the Tennis Team . . . National Merit Semi-finalist. JANET HAUSER Janet led cheers for four years . . . make-up chairman of the class plays . . . was active in Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, and newspaper. CHARLES HEMPEL Chuck played inter-scholastic baseball . . . likes to show horses . . . his hobby is drag racing. CECILIA HENNIGAN Cecilia worked with Library and "In-Crowd" clubs . . . participated in volleyball and basket- ball . . . likes riding horses and swimming. SUSAN HENRY Sue was active in FHA, FI' A, and "In-Crowd" . . . worked on various play committees . . . likes sewing, reading, and sports. DALE HILL Dale played for the bowling team . . . likes to swim and hunt . . . hobbies are coin-collecting and cars. DAVID HILTY Dave was a member of the rifle team . . . worked on prom decorations . . . cars and hunting occupy his spare time. JAMES HODSON Jim played intramurals sports . . . enjoys hunt- ing, fishing, and swimming. JANET HOLLIS Janet was a member of the Commercial Club . . . typed for the PANTHER . . . takes plea- sure in dancing and listening to music. MARY ANN HORENSKY Mary Ann was co-captain of the Color Guard . . . performed in the Junior Class Play and Junior Triple Trio . . . plays folk guitar. ROGER HUFFMAN Roger enjoys playing baseball . . . likes cars . . . tall with curly hair. DENNIS HULLENBAUGH Dennis likes working with cars . . . worked at Ferri's . . . enjoys popular music. JAMES HYKES Jim worked on the stage crew . . . plays guitar for enjoyment . . . acted in several plays. WALTER JENKO Walt belonged to the track team . . . was a member of the "In-Crowd" . . . drawing, golf, and mechanics are his hobbies. JAMES JENKINS Jim was an active stage crew member . . . plays guitar . . . wants to go to California. WILLIAM JOHNSTON Bill was our AFS student to the Netherlands . . . played football, basketball, and tennis . . . Varsity Club member. BARBARA KASPRACK Barb participated in "ln-Crowd" and Tri-Hi-Y . . . served on various play committees . . . took part in intramurals and girl's softball. SUSAN KATKOWSKI Susan likes sewing . . . enjoys painting . . . en- joys sports and reading. JOHN KATANA - John belonged to the Varsity Club . . . played football . . . worked on the Junior Class Play and Prom. JOYCE KEIBLER Joyce served as a member of Student Council, "In-Crowd", and Camera Club . . . took part in play committees and chonis . . . enjoys sports, movies, and dancing. DAN KELLEY Dan was a Forbes Trail student . . . member of the Rifle team . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. ELLEN KLOTZBAUGH Ellen was PANTHER Feature Editor . . . be- longed to the "In-Crowdn . . . member of the Tri-Hi-Y, FFA, and French Club. GARY KRAL Gary-enjoys music, plays guitar . . . avid pin- ball player . , . tall and friendly. FRANK KUHN Frank was Vice-President of Student Council . . . was active in newspaper . . . took part in the Junior Class Play and chorus. THOMAS LANG Tom was a member of the Chess Club . . . likes reading and physics . . . his hobby is coin-collecting. PATRICIA LATTANZIO Pat was Pantherette captain and football pro- gram cover girl . . . member of FI' A, FNA, and Tri-Hi-Y . . . worked on the Prom and several plays. BARBARA LESLIE Barb belonged to Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club and Thespians . . . PANTHER art editor . . . mem- ber of the Student Council. SANDRA LINDSAY Sandy was a member of Commercial Club and Library Club . . . worked on the PANTHER . . . played intramural basketball. MICHAEL LLOYD Mike is good at all kinds of sports, especially football, tennis and swimming . . . 2-year member of NHS . . . attended Westinghoux Seminar. DANIEL LOVATO Dan sang with the Glee Club . . . likes foot- ball, baseball and basketball. SHARON LOVEDAY Sharon had the lead in both class plays . . . ac- tive in Tri-Hi-Y, NHS, and newspaper . . . loves to sing. PAUL LOWES Paul likes to build rockets . . . enjoys fishing . . . likes working on cars. DAVID MADDOCK David's hobby is coin-collecting . . . very serious-minded . . . likes art. THOMAS MANCE Tom keeps things lively in homeroom 205 . . . likes working on his car . . . interested in drafting. DAVID MARKOVINA Dave worked in the library . . . loves to dance . . . helped with visual aids. THOMAS MARSHALL Tom played football two years . . . likes hunt- ing . . . enjoys driving. CARL MARTAHUS Carl's activities included Rocket Club, Varsity Club, and Chess Club . . . played on Golf and Rifle teams . . . likes hunting and fishing. DEBORAH MARTINELLI Debbie belonged to FHA, Tri-Hi-Y and Pep Club . . . likes volleyball, basketball and bowl- ing . . . her hobby is sewing. JANE MARTS Janie was a Commercial Club member . . . played in intramubals . . . worked on Make-up Committees for several plays. BARBARA MAURO Barb was FNA secretary . . . member of Glee Club and "In-Crowd" . . . worked on the Costume Committee for theJunior Class Play. ROBERT MCCULLOUGH Bob was a 2-year Varsity Club member . . . played on the baseball team . . . likes all kinds of outdoor activities. GEORGE MCGURK George spends his spare time working . . . likes mechanics . . . interested in building racers. SHERYL MCKEOWN ' Sheryl worked on the '68 QUILL . . . belonged to the Pep Club and Tri-Hi-Y . . . enjoys skiing and swimming. MARY MCMUNN Mary was head cheerleader . . . enjoys painting and playing the guitar . . . member of Pep Club and Tri-Hi-Y. CATHY MEI Cathy likes horseback riding and swimming . . . belonged to Pep Club and Tri-Hi-Y . . . Varsity Cheerleader. DOUGLAS MILLER Doug played football 3 years . . . ran on Track team . . . Varsity Club member. MARK MILLER Mark is a coin and stamp collector . . . good student . . . likes golf. GAIL MILLS Gail has beautiful dark hair . . . engaging eyes . . . likes tennis and swimming. CHERYL MOOSE Cheryl worked in the library . . . typed for the PANTHER . . . played in Intramurals. LOUISE MORGAN Louise enjoys dancing . . . likes to knit, sew, and play kickball . . . member of the Library Club. RUTH MULL Ruth helped Mr. Ambrose in the library dur- ing her 3 years at Franklin . . . beautiful eyes. NANCY MYERS Nancy was a member of FHA, "In-Crowd" and Tri-Hi-Y. . . played Intramurals. . .enjoys sewing, records and reading. MARIE NEMANIC Marie was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, FT A, FNA and "In Crowd" . . . Varsity Cheerleader . . . worked on play committees. BRENDA ORGAVAN Brenda worked in the library . . . participated in Intramurals . . . enjoys swimming, sewing and almost any kind of sport. NORMA PADGETT Norma was on committees for the class plays . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y, "In-Crowd" and Commercial Club . . . likes swimming and riding horses. VIRGINIA PAESANO Ginny participated in Intramurals . . . be- longed to the Business Club and "In-Crowd" . . . worked on committees for the class plays. WILLIAM PAINTER Bill is soft-spoken and friendly . . . enjoys camping and the out-of-doors. ROLAND PARKINS Roland was a member of the Chess Club and Thespian society . . . enjoyed working on plays and acting . . . likes music, playing the guitar and piano. WAYNE PAULISICK Jim was a member ofthe Rocket Club. . . Fire Marshall . . . enjoys hunting and fishing. JAMES PERRY ' Jim was a member of Franklin's Baseball team . . . also played football and basketball . . . en- joys skiing and ice skating. VICTORIA PAVILAK Vicki was a member of the Booster Club and "In-Crowd" . . . worked on the PANTHER and Prom committee . . . likes art. NANCY PHILLIPS Nancy acted as captain of the Pantherettes in 11th grade . . . served as Prom chairman . . . belonged to Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, and "In-Crowd". GREGORY PHOEBE Greg is an avid reader . . . likes to hunt . . . en- joys seeing plays. JIM PIETRALA Jim is the Crown Prince of Poland . . . would like to investigate the Abominable Snowman question . . . would like to circle the globe in a balloon. BARBARA PORCZAK Barb belonged to Tri-Hi-Y and "In-Crowd" . . . served on the Publicity Committee of the Junior Class Play. WILLIAM POWER Bill participated in football . . . did art work for several plays . . . trains horses. PHILIP PRIMOZIC Phil played on the Football team . . . worked on theJunior Class Play and Prom . . . outdoor sports and making model cars are his hobbies. JOHN PTASZKIEWICZ Tucker was the fastest quarterback for Frank- lin . . .Junior Class President and Prom chair- man . . , played baseball and basketball. KATHY RAYMOND Kathy was active in Thespians, Glee Club and newspaper work. . . President of FNA . . . likes swimming and collecting records. JANICE REBICH Janice participated in Pep Club, FTA and French Club . . . played in Intramurals . . . one of the dozen in the Senior Class Play. FRANK REED Frank was valuable to the Football team . . . loves to hunt and fish . . . water skiing is his hobby. CHRISTINE REGRUT Chris worked on the PANTHER typing staff . . . belonged to Pep and Commercial Clubs . . . active in basketball, volleyball and bowling. LINDA REICH Linda belonged to FTA, FHA, and Pep Club. . . . enjoyed working on plays . . . helped with several dances. PAMELA RIDINGER Pam was the ever-patient mother in the Senior Class Play . . . Thespian treasurer and NHS member . . . Vice-President of Senior Class. TOM RIES Tom worked with the stage crew . . . took part in Intramurals . . . cars and mechanics are his hobbies. DENISE ROBERTS Denise served on Student Council and Color Guard . . . loves "round ball" . . . Prom Princess. GEORGANN ROBINSON Jann served on many dance and fund raising committees . . . PANTHER reporter . . . be- longed to Pep Club and Chorus. STEVEN RODERICK Steve belonged to Chorus, Chess Club and "In-Crowd" . . . earned Thespian points in the Children's Plays . . . interested in astronomy. ANDY RUBRIGHT Andy likes helping his father on their farm . . . tall and slender. RALPH RUEBEL Ralph belonged to the Archery Club . . . likes hunting, fishing and water-skiing. PAUL SAILLEY Paul was homeroom Vice President for 2 years . . . competed in golf and wrestling . . . enjoys sports. ROBIN SCORGIE Robin belonged to FFA, Tri-Hi-Y and Glee Club , . . worked for project "Head Start" . . . enjoys inventing new recipes. MARY JANE SEILER Mary was in Thespians, FTA, Glee Club and Tri-Hi-Y . . . worked on several dance committees. SCOTT SEMANS Scott was a spit-ball sharp shooter . . . played on Tennis team . . . hobbies are reading and coin-collecting. DAVID SENCHUR Dave likes hunting and fishing . . . enjoys au- thorized drag racing . . . hobbies include water sports. JACQUELINE SHAFFER Jackie was Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer . . . enjoyed Tri-Hi-Y activities and newspaper work . . . loves swimming and diving. SUSAN SHARPE Susie kept busy as PANTHER editor . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y and Thespians . . . Poppy in "The Wizard of Oz". LYNDA SHETLER Lynda participated in intramural bowling . . . loves to dance . . . rosy complexion. NANCY SHIPLEY Nancy was State Champion Driver . . . bugle blower at Panther games . . . likes all kinds of sports. CHARLES SHUMAR Chuck competed in wrestling . . . likes to water ski. CHARLENE SILVIS Charlene sang in the Chorus 3 years . . . likes to read. EMILY SILVIS Emily likes to collect fossils . . . sang in Glee Club. TIM SILVIS Tim was a Forbes Trail student . . . likes to hunt and fish in his spare time . . . enjoys working with cars. SUSAN SISCO Sue helped with the class bake sales . . . likes to sketch . . . enjoys creating hair styles. BONNIE SLAVNIK Bonnie worked in the library . . . participated in intramurals. DAVID SOMYAK David was a member of the Spanish Club dur- ing his Sophomore year . . . belonged to the "In-Crowd" . . . enjoys attending auto races. ROBERT SPANGLER Bob is active in Student Council . . . chairman of l66 Halloween Dance . . . enjoys taking trips with friends. DEBORAH SPAGNOL Debbie was a member of QUILL and PAN- THER typing staffs . . . helped in the library . . . likes to collect records. JOHN SPRUANCE Jay is one of Franklin's great grapplers . . . Varsity Club member . . . interested in astronomy. SUZANN STEELE Sue was active in Intramural bowling . . . en- joys miniature golf . . . member of Commer- cial Club and "In Crowd". JOHN STEVEN John belonged to the Chess Club . . . collects coins . . . participated in Track and wrestling DANIEL STOKUM Dan played in the band . . . helped with the Prom. DIANE SUHY Diane participated in intramurals . . . enjoys painting . . . Commercial Club member. DEBORAH SULLIVAN Debbie was an active Tri-Hi-Y member . . . likes to train and ride horses. . . helped on sev- eral play and dance committees. TIM SULLIVAN Tim was the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz" . . . member of the Chess team . . . hobbies are reading and drawing. ROBERT SWARTZ Bob works at Deer Valley during the summer . . . Prince Charming in the Children's Play . . . enjoys boating, swimming and skiing. SCOTI' THOMPSON Scott participated in chorus activities . . . was our Panther mascot . . . belonged to 3 car clubs. WILLIAM THURSTON Bill likes motorcycles . . . blond hair and purple helmet. RICK TOWER Rick was Thespian President . . . good at swimming and tennis . . . a whiz at technical effects for plays. LESLEE TOWNSEND Leslee was Majorette Captain . . . active in newspaper and Tri-Hi-Y . . . enjoys swim- ming and playing the guitar. JOSEPH TRABUCCO Joe was Franklin's top fullback . . .3-year Vars- ity Club member . . . Sophomore President. PATRICIA TRABUCCO Patty was Ticket Chairman for the Prom . . . avid fan of Franklin sports . . . QUILL typist. ROBERT TRENT Lemmon was the biggest of the Franklin elev- en . . . on the Wrestling team . . . Varsity Club member. JUDITI-I TRUSILO Judy marched with the Color Guard . . . en- joys cooking and sewing . . . member of "In- Crowd" and Tri-Hi-Y. JENNIE VAN DYKE Jennie was high-stepping Majorette . . . Pep Club member. LAUREL VANCE Laurel has a beautiful soprano voice . . . played volleyball and basketball Intramurals . . . likes to paint. ROBERT VEACH Bob belonged to the Rocket Club . . . played on Golf team . . . also enjoys Basketball and Wrestling. JUDY VISNICK Judy played in Intramurals for several years . . . helped in the Library . . . Pep Club member. PATRICIA VYSKIEVICH Patty belonged to FNA . . . played volleyball and basketball Intramurals . . . sews and col- lects records. CAROL WATSON Carol was a Student Council representative . . . member of Pep Club and Majorette squad . . . collects coins and records. ROBERT WATI' Bob helped decorate for the Prom . . . played Legion Baseball . . . enjoys playing the drums. MELVIN WA'I'I' Zeke wrestled for Franklin . , . also liked foot- ball and track . . . hobby is cars. ELAINE WEBB I Elaine belonged to FNA, Pep Club and Tri- Hi-Y . . . wrote for the PANTHER . . . likes horseback riding. HEDI WEBER Hedi is our AFS student from Germany, . . . played Miss Brill in the Senior Class Play . . . pretty black hair and rosy cheeks . . . loves all kinds of sports. CHRISTOPHER WEILAND Chris worked hard as Student Council presi- dent . . . talented artist . . . enjoys hunting, rid- ing his Honda, and meeting new people. JAMES WELDON Jim enjoys playing the guitar . . . collects coins. RICHARD WESSEL Rich belonged to newspaper and Varsity Club . . . worked back stage on plays . . . a Honda man. TERRI WHITE Terri is tall and willowy . . . member of FNA . . . participated in intramurals. DONALD WILLIAMS Don works after school . . . likes to ride and show horses. LYNNETTE WILLIAMS Lynnette was a Pantherette for 2 years . . . be- longed to Tri-Hi-Y and newspaper . . . enjoys bowling and swimming. DENNIS WILSON Dennis belonged to the Art Club . . . likes drag racing. . . wants to start the Wilson Bros. Racing Team. GERALD WILSON Jerry was a Chess Club member . . . likes shop work . . . other member of the Wilson Bros. Racing Team. PETE WILSON Pete likes to play basketball . . . 3 year Varsity Club member. KATHY WOOD Kathy belonged to Library and knitting Clubs . . . loves to drive . . . enjoys bowling. BEVERLY WOODWARD Bev collects horses, plaques and stamps . . . belonged to Tri-Hi-Y and FHA . . . enjoys vol- leyball, skating and horseback riding. NANCY WOODWORTH Nancy is a good artist . . . likes all kinds of sports . . . painted scenery for several plays. RICHARD WRIGHT Rich acted in both class plays . . . participated in Tennis and Wrestling teams . . . likes tropi- cal fish and coin-collecting. STEPHEN YANKO Steve likes cars . . . interest in auto-mechanics . . . soft spoken. HERB YINGLING Herb belonged to the Camera Club . . . inter- ested in cars . . . enjoys pool and bowling. JANEL YINGLING Janel likes to drive and dance . . , played on in- tramurals . . . belonged to Library and Knit- ting Clubs. WILLIAM YOUNG Buff participated in football, basketball and track . . . 3 year Varsity Club. NORMAN ZAREMBA Sam likes to race . . . helped with visual aids . . . works at a gas station. MARCELLA ZATAZELO Marcella carried the school banner . . . be- longed to Pep Club, Commercial Club and newspaper . . . enjoys swimming, water-skiing, and dancing. EDWARD ZIMMERMAN Ed was art chairman for the Prom . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . enjoys art courses. JO ANNE ZIMMERMAN Jo Anne belonged to FNA . . .Glee Club. . . PANTHER 8: QUILL . . . likes sewing and baking. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Tha Wulf: ln' Vuubooh An Voyldvamelf' 5 'fn T' 5... gr . ,.., "" ' - 1 v. 1 -f,VV. ,. -1-.Ar R N.. , . :fir 131, -,Q . n -- PEII' .4 ,, , A - .f ":724?9.L. V- -' ' ffw.?ff 24. ' ' riff? . 5 ,ff s-I , - Q. "H ' if A 23- 35aSr','S-. rf . :Ima 153- -f, .iw ,,..,-Vlgiq'-V,,, m 1 11,1 'f2.:z5f'7'i5Q'k-L , ' f' -.Q :ILE-4+u5,.7"' -, Vg .1 1 '1 :V ,HE 34::".5V' Q31-A , :,, S 2-I' -5 9' ,4,?'tg2'93 7111 all vw - Mwaf--V? Sq-f.fQ.mH -av-:QQ-1. 4. V -V- ., .::V V+ A ,VV1m-V -:wr Y - z, .:' -1 4, 'H ff " X . 4 -.yu , ,WJ 5' 4 AQ, V 5.- 3 J- V 5,3 ..i.T?t.4: I'-Fh.,4:3.,: Tip?-Qdifwjj, ' -V X V V, -VV,.,.,, V-ga., -v. .V M, ' ki 1fV:-i'?!eVf-ww.rwggQ.a.11'3'.-,.-F'-fa...fmLV ' . 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Suggestions in the Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) collection:

Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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