Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA)

 - Class of 1962

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Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1962 volume:

f l M95 f mx X- :vi -mlm MK in . "-WN. ,J A f, -.RX ,Z N " -.. "fm ' I' "A ' A ' 'N ' . k ' , A T kv. , "fx, " , ' x A 1. msn 'N -. ' ' 15. V, w 41"'!5--VJ' - -wg , ., 1 A , 'Ulf-sa, uw.-,.,, M- 1. - f.,, Y. ' 1- ' vw f,il2f'W2-'L ' -'W +-I: ., - ' ' M ' ' ' , ' . , , Www: 1'-an "5Wf""'m ,. qj,f,Q"ff""'am..:,, Y, ,. Mm- . N fb,-14 I :'1v:m!lz'a5Efff.-.fmnf ', ,WN V' ' "v:w.fl2!1'fQC5!f57' W' V , 1 VV, 2 ww ,f 4 .- kv- - L", , , aw! , ,- , A 'Y ' ,wif-2 na- 1-v A' Y' if W7 15. , A "3 10' " V 3:+a32, f.' . . '- if 5' '5 .5562 0:5 ' P L ,lf X ,,,,v- J' vmnlwg. 1 :.-mf 1 My 11:31-iv' 555551 mil, N fsmaiy 'z'1,,'f'4, ,, fxmif ' 5,413+ - . w.g,ly M ' , ,Q Q, , . F153 1 W WW ,- 'QMW : Th - :, " , K, i'akef5yV an W'-. w- - ' W EW., mMiAi . - 1 w rw- ,gm ,,. , A Mx- di,1w:ff'Tsw,,3'Wv Tw' Vg Wigqtj xv X ff, V.v- i V "W-.. NX-. fWr6HH gjxw, Nw.. QSM r f ...-9 '-WWNHL 1 K , f Qs, , 1 1 -- ' fm, Q I J., L 'ffm . Y 20 M 3 , . y , "mf 1 J ' 4 ' ww 3' ' W wr X 5' e., .1 K' U w , A .,, 'fm . Q' M 's 1 4 ", V ak -. W i - M L J Y v M vm , ,Q f... H X , -ww - my M Vw M Y .1 ML Ei . ,. my dam , 5 E W, u Lq,.,?l,,,1 V ' . Q 1 If . A v .:. 4 qs ., 4 4, AFL 42 I H 'WM .fe ,W M ,, W, 4 I .Y VM -. VV 5 .6 iff ? ya-'1-,V 5:41 ,W V -Q V, 1' H" W .XA " ' N H-F V 4 J 'K-'M g Qfrwm z ghval -V W 1 'nw 'j 1- i:,,,,A " , - .nn 'wg 1 N "5'1mZm,g:g.,. Q wink N-X um, 'W 4 I ' A , "0-.M -. -. , Q . ' Ln- , . M L:T-V A A f- w. ' H ' '-- -w......,, . ""7T'1f"lL1vsw,fv,,f-.-.L,. ,, Q a 1 1 I 5 . . .w b .AF I N r'w ,v -5g'?:'4 I my r ag ,gm , . 2 i a E i s E X Q Q , Q 2 e X 2 Y i 3 K 1 e s T 5 2 K 1 2 Q 2 5 2 Z S f Q 1:.:E?ikJ' 74bFn5wQ.?4M.?3"xZ.L, A ' ' "'i?',!2AL6!KJ?7QWV.m4wWAf3e?2WRWiEW'Q''3""h2?WL5s5ViJ NiZE334P9i9P!ei9iMiE?QWFi'w E 1 I I I r n if if Administration ..... page 9 Inside the office door, Franklin's administra- tion performs its work. The business portion of teaching is accomplished by these people, and they act as a link between the teachers and the Faculty. . . .page 13 The teachers play a major role in our educationg they open the doors of learning for us. Their classroom instructions, advice, and sponsorship of extracurricular activities enable us to grow mental- ly. With their aid we are able to progress to other doors of our lives. school board. Without the administration, Frank- Underclassmen .... page 23 The underclassmen at first have a difficult time attaining the heights of older comradesg but, grad- ually, the physical maturity is supplemented by an increasing mental growth. Theiformerlymnreach- able heights become very near, and well within their grasps. Once the door of knowledge has been opened, an increasing growth of the mind will keep it open. Clubs. . . .page 45 The clubs of our school afford many doors which open our experiences to new worlds of learning. Without the aid of these clubs, much would have been lost and many experiences could not have occurred. We are deeply indebted to the fun and happenings which can attribute to these fine organi- zations. l l Sports. . .page 71 Sports play an important part in school life at l Franklin. With the opening of their doors come l good sportsmanship, athletic prowess, entertain- N ment, and school spirit. Whether games are won 1 or lost, an education is gained by both players and l spectators, and Franklin profits. N l Activities. . . . .page 53 The varied interests of a person are easily satis- fied by various activities. Often times, an interest in an activity brings about a complete evolution in one,s life. It is through experience in various activities that many formerly-closed doors swing open. Seniors. . . . . . .page 87 After six years, the seniors are finally depart- ing from Franklin. They leave with happiness knowing they have reached an important door in their lives. But they also feel a bit of regret, remembering all the good times they have ex- perienced together, and knowing their years at Franklin have ended. E tissues. Advertisements page 127 As the car door is shut, we enter the business establishments of this area and employ their serv- ices. The stores, whether they are banks, groceries, or beauty salons, are familiar because they have become a part of our lives. In them we fill our needs and then leave, but their doors remain open for future purchases. Dedication MR. WILLIAM T. BLISSMAN fizl rxfwff I The Senior Class of Franklin Area Joint Hi School proudly dedicates the 1962 uill to Mr. Wil liam Blissman, our teacher, head sponsor, and di rector of extracurricular activities. With great ap preciation We acknowledge his work, time, and end less effort shown toward us, especially durinb time of our Junior Prom. We thank you, Mr. Blissman, for your thought- fulness and friendliness to us all. S S YQ gh - v 0 the E 9 2 5 4 2 S 2 i if 4 i I Y L 5 6 5 5 5 E be ? if E' ? Q 2? 9 1 ? Administration and ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT Lee S. Ellsworth PRINCIPAL ,lolm A. Swacus JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL Donald Christian SENIOR HIGH GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Petpr C. Caliendo ,O Www Special Services SECRETARIES Left lo right: Stella Cond, Katherine Culsliull. Kay Wliipkey. Genevieve Artman, Mary Berry. NURSE Ann Casper JUNIOR HIGH GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Homer Cline DIETICIAN Rita Donahue School Board Members of the Franklin Area Joint Committee, and Altcrnates: Row One: John Ainsworth, Gwen G Che widden Lee A Kll gore, D. G. Bierer, MD., J. E. Townsend, MD. Row Two: Frank Caplan, Jr., W. P. Caywood, Ph,D., R M Sexton Ralph Steffan Jr., Wilson Kunkle. I2 SCHOOL BOARD The Franklin Area Joint School Board is an important part of our school, community and state. This board is elected by the Voters and holds the final authority over the schools. It performs such tasks as assessment of taxes and the insurance of an adequate educational program, This year, under the direction of Mr. Lee Kilgore, president, its works has included arrangements for the new junior high school and preparation for the merger with Export. As a result of the merger, the school board now consists of seven members from Franklin Township, five members from Salem Boro, and five members from Export. Facult English and V rl 1 MRS. MARGUERITE BREWER B.A. W ,...,.. 1 1 -Y , 'A-"W ' wwmw . , . - -:QL ws ggzwwiif . 5, I.,-f 3 -. V- . .l MR. RICHARD FLICKINGER B.S., M.Ed. MR. WILLIAM .BELL ' BA ' ' ' MR. KENNETH ELKIN B.S. I ,Y Ny. NV lx m f 91 h N ' V HW ,J K? I Qvx ., ,,. h 94 J if ' -f . Jf,V' mf MR. ALTON PLISCHKEQLQ , J if BIA. ,N Hey :gr xx U Risk- 3 MP.. HUGH GILMOUR BA,mLmn. E . If G 1 Q s E I I i I 3 x Y I I 5 A 4 1 ' .',' ' f 'fgm-fffw ' , ,N L12-4 . ALM f yy,4,fz'! ,W OIC1 I1 2111 1121 C f A . . jf ww' f,,fL H .AA :Nf.zHLC Nav! 5. L U f',J4f,6"'LI A glqbx-' , X M - 1, 1 V' Mg7'I.f" ' 'f ,qt i" p. fy., . s-VM , I I JZL,,L lr' df! ' nxt : ,5Qj I Y .6-3pzf:.2gfq 2.541 lufefftff A351 by ,xjigv V QCVIVWL MRS. REBECCA BIEBER B.A., M.A. -JMRS. FERNANDA WRIGHT B.A. MISS JANICE TABONE B.A. MISS GAIL ELWOOD BS., M.Ed. MISS MONICA OSWALT B.S. MRS. JAYNE ZASPEL n. B.Ed. IE M IF! F5127 ef' f? N .W ,, D I 'L 5 - U N, .. I ' , Q1 'HJ J' 4 . .Ip 7. " qjlf' f .f '+I JV' mini!!! iL- X-I -'J' Ili : My .' V I . g-----4--r -. ,,., . .H f .w.1..:M1w-m.W.wwmmm1- MR. LOUIS BUTERA X N ' A wr ' 1 BJ ::'1i:g.fI' .. 1 !' J , I5 1f.wmwa1-1 m,,.g..QK,,.. ,.,,- . f1.w.wffmNM M :N YK Q f x f ' -N ,,, X , 51 sw H ' LA 'fix ,A '12 f .MSW 5 .Q na 1 T H 21 if ,Lfj', 3513 xx ,Q ' WJ ' X ' '5' 5,11 Q"i'if'JfM YA '. N X K Y wxfg fjx N T.,,, W Q4 f X fy lww ' ' , TJ x.,1! Q Q . v,,NwxJ, X C, N- 1 , 4 . T , T. ,V . Science and w 1 lf 'X' my MR. WILLIAM WASKOSKIE B.A., M.Litr. MR. ROBERT VORMACK B.A., M.A. ,yy H L. .K 1. 7, MR. MITCHELL SASALA B.S. r W . V f, - f J 1-V, HP, A H44 V ' J 'K A MR.. DAVID BIHLT 'V L: B.S.. MR. THOMAS SMITH B S MRS. RACHEL COLTERYAHN 1 ' 'MR' LARIEE BOWERS B A , . . I6 l fwmfmf -M .mm-1 fLfxmfLm ,f . V- f I2111,H'01'2':'l Joi 11+ fffuff -M ,, My, :-1 gQ-ff Mathematics MR. THOMAS SCHUTTE Bs., Ms. MR. LEONARD FARABAUGH ' B.S. MRS. MARIAN LOVEDAY B.S. MR. JOSEPH CHERVENICK Bs., Ms. MR. JOSEPH ZACCARI B.S 1 4 MR. RONALD SASALA B.S. MR. SAMUEL BOHINC I2-.Ed. Sabbalical Leave 1961-62 Social Studies and MR. WILLIAM BLISSMAN B.A., M.Ed. MR. JAMES LOZIER B.A., M.Litr. MR. REID MILLER B.S. MR. ROBERT MCCRATH B.A. MR. CHARLES STEELE MR. RICHARD KEPIDLE B S x ' fr" . .,,f1' EE., ZSI.Edf'ML,,4 I I P' f WJ Aw ' if R M 1 ,ffl " ' XR 5 x I gk J' I I-if 1 ., I I . , 5' If EJ, 'LL JV .I ' f A r '1f"fV-'V I ." 3' ' ,. vw" ' Ulf' X U ' Uv' Q ,mv . ,D OWN X ,J , ,AJ .N gk-Iliff, 1 rw ., ' 1 A XJ MR. ROBERT CIESLIK RA., M.Ed. Physical Education MR. JAMES KELLEY MISS CAROL CONLEY B.S. MR. GEORGE MERICH B.B.A. MISS ROBERTA SHEARER ' B.A. ,lb Q fu E,E, A HBE YP, J W' 4 MR. JOHN BUCK B.S. MR. EDWARD EYLES B.S., M.Ed. I9 Special MR. ROBERT HAMILTON B.A. Y w ,Fx MRS. BERTHA VOLLBERG MRS. KATHRYN HELLER B.A., M.Litr. MRS. EVELYN FERENCE 13.5. MR. DONALD GREEN B.F.A. 20 MISS MARTHA STERRETT B.S. MRS. VERA SCHEFF BS. Arts MR. C ARL STOLTENBERG rf' .f ., .. ,'N, V, ', I 1 ,fm ff f. ,M ' f X I-fi 1 If I . F51 , V' ff'1if'M,. x Wgfflfi I of' 1" I o J . 5, MR. PATRICK AMBROSE B.S. MR. CECIL TREMAINE MR. CARL VOLLBERG B.S. if B.A. MISS JOSELYN MOLLECA B.A. ILS., M.Ed. MRS. LOIS SELLERS B.S. MRS. RUTH THON B.S., M.Ed. fi 1 Maintenance COOKS: S. Caviccliio, P. Cllorba, N, Fernandez. J. Brewer. H. Fwuuger, J. Nobs, C. Scliake, W. Lessig, M. Welsh. CUSTODIANS Left: C. Mahinske, M. LaFrance, F Visnick, B. Robin- son. Right: J. Kane M. Schake. 2.. ie.. v i 4 1 BUS DRIVERS 1 1 Left: G. McDermott, F. Verbanic, P. Carver, J. Brinker, M. Watt, J. Hill, B. Cain, C. Allen, A Right: S. Kemerer, B. Cline, B. Shuster, T. Dezanet, A. Matson, R. Stokum. ' i l smgy , L 1. ,- ' i C. Kemerer, C. Rugh. i 5 Y if xg Q Q Li 5 3 . 7 5 1 ff' be s I 4 1 , S ' 3 35 M is 5? ff if 3 Qi I I K ' , , ' TCR? ' , Class of 1967 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS-Bill Torrance, Presidentg Ronnie Ankeney Vice Presidentg Christine Zaichuk, Secretary. W3 . ,,.. , ,. Q, my ...ew , r , , J , E ,, me gg gwwgr, fs an We . K f Mia 3 my ' 9 1. .: , 'E' V wwf, ' U -.1 RW i - 1-f -i. W? fa 3 f E V :life V, K ,a f ii Larry Adams Karen Altman Bill Anderson Ronald Ankeney Daniel Arcuri Thomas Ardisson Mary Ann Atkinson Edward Baloga William Barker Susan Barnhart Guy Bassett Dennis Bataglia Virginia Beatty Linda Beck Verna Beilstein Donna Lee Bell William Bell James Bortz James Boyce Karen Braun Barry Broome William Bryant Richard Bullock ,lim Burn Linda Bush Kenneth Buzzard Larry Cain Edward Calisti Cary Campbell Roy Cavada David Chisnell Carol Christopher John Clendenin Louis Collier Deborah Corna Irene Crusan James Crusan Priscilla Dakin Lynne Daly Helen Davis Laura DeCecco Donna DelC0tto Renee Delissio Deborah Demar David DeMario Charles Dietrick Frank Dovyak .lames Drnjevich George Eberts Greg Eberts Kathy Ellsworth Mary Lou Emanuel John Ferguson William Finley Susan Flister Judy Foight Bonnie Folino Lee Frazier Barbara Funk Linda Geary Sandra Geary William Gebrosky Glenn Geiger John Geiger Ronald Glunt Frank Gonder Nancy Gorton Gregory Golden Karen Grantz Sherryl Gray Ronald Grindle Gary Grubich Linda Haas Becky Hahn John Haught Kathleen Hawkins Jeffrey Hill Patricia Hill John Homce Jean Hoover Michael Hornsby Kathy Houston Jay Howard Roger Howells Candace Hudak Ruth Hodson Frank Hummel Gary Hurst John Jankovik Christine .lobe Beverly Jones Carl Jones Kathy Karas Pat Katana Loraine Kearns Kevin Kelly Robert Kemerer Harry Klaus SEVENTH GRADE CLASS SPONSORS Row Une M1 Miller Mrs Colteryahn Mrs Ference Mr. Merich. Row Two Mr Lozler Miss Elwood Mr McGrath Linda Kochuga Kathleen Kolmer Gerald Kosic Rebecca Kosrnatinc Craig Kreiser Carl Krejdovsky Elaine Kuznik Linda Lake Cynthia Lichenfels Roger Lindgren Linda Linsenbigler Bruce Livengood Marlyn Longwell Wendy Loveday Patrick Lucey Mary Lukowski Harry MacDonald William Marshall Randy Marts Diane Masters Tom Mastorovich Charles Matthis John McCague Terry McCready Margaret McCombs Robert McCollum Richard McGinley Terry McKay James McKillip Diane Minothy .lane Miller Nancy Milligan Lisa Milligan Kathleen Mitchell Cary Moore Nancy Moore Lorraine Molocznik Edward Moran William Morris Clarence Mull Sharron Murray Larry Nelson Suzanne Nelson David Nagle Kathleen Nowrey Alain Olliver Paul Orgovan Albert Oslosky Gail 0'Toole Edward Pass George Patterson James Paulisick Douglas Penrod Roberta Perry 26 S e ' ,1 ' :af ,,'i' 1 I -rv ' 3? .21 yrr 5 ,if Q, r ,. ,SFT , 4 - ,, ,,,. . ,,,, r..,,. , Ml L., ,,,,,, E-Hair? fa E.. . A 2 ' w i i iiatiaaair. . 2, 3 f - - is-21 . . S' 3 jg x J A Q is il iii awk 'ix A' X 2 if gf? ,X- H 'X r 6 1' Ma 16. H-ef Ae f r X . S 1' i Wi' Nt"F'- :a 1 ..,,.. , L 11 , -X me fi , . f f, fi STM 'Q 3' A x ?g, ,is 7 ,n ,,,, . , JV , eiw:g.x,'Q5 F' 1- ,QV Ft.- , Q fn .:,Lg,7g'J3,g' .E fxil,sz,i"AQ5 J ya . 4? nv ' 3-WIN-1 sw, Q in -M' ,.,1 -A-meg exif., X. I rely nail, L. 1 ,fr g 5sg,,,zr1 -f, mei? MEAEQLCIHQ fs' i yroriir I . Q Simi? 'f' 1 fig. ' 3 v'ifu5, ?5 3 f f SH ' 5- . Woo'-f W K. My fi, ,K g . ,aw , .wwf -ag M : -11 gwiyiivfg. E 2 at ,mg r ei' Q- I ,,Ll 5 5, r t xi 3, , fad..- Linda Peterson Shirley Philkos Ray Phillips Ray Pilz Blair Polhamus Gloria Pons Thomas Powell ,lanet Powley Daniel Remaley Alice Rambo .lanet Redding 'F rank Reed ,lane Rehnborg Allen Remaley Henry Remic Linda Remic Edward Riddle David Roberts Michael Rubbe Edith Rubright Gloria Rubright Brenda Rudd Ralph Ruebel Sherry Saksek David Santillo Leroy Schwaderer Vickie Schafer Carol Scholtz Virginia Sehurr Dennis Seighman Cynthia Sexton Laura Shaw Marguerite Simpson Marie Skena George Skillen Lydia Slavnik Craig Sotak Barbara Spagnol Arnold Spitznogle Donna Starkey Cynthia Stetson Barbara Stevens Larry Stokum Robert Stout Carl Szalanczy Donald Thomas Linda Thorne William Tompkins William Torrance John Towle Robert Trabucco Charles Tremaine Lester Trice Terry Umak Dianne Viola George Visnick ,loAnn Vyskievich Sarah Wagstaff David Walker Roberta Watt Kenneth Weeks Charles Werner Dennis Wilson Jim Winters James Woods Velva Wurtz Fred Wyzkiewicz Marilyn Yarnell Chris Zaichuk Kathryn Zinsmaster 27 .1 " 3 rap flier i Q in -far i 'i . we . ,Ui pie yi 1 ' ' fz Q. -. , ,. but , 46" K, iam as ., VM? 5 Hi Frank Bohinc Sharon Bolden Beverly Brandt James Brandt Janie Brewer Lee Brown David Brunner Bryan Carnahan William Castle Ray Chambers Jackie Cherepko Shirley Clement Roseann Clemente Paulette Coldren Kathy Conway Anthony Cooper James Corna Linda Courtright William Creighton Fay Cupp James Dash Judy Deegan Linda Deklever Francis Delissio Janice DeMikle Robert DeSantis Janice Dezanet Steve Dhuy Clyde Dickson Sherry Donato 28Vicki Dubrock i i 'm A .W -iw , , ,Y i , in f -V f ,K . ,. 5 fm. 'CA i vw ff aa rf, -- i i i f' Vicki Aldridge J iiwi f l g Doug Allen i ff Nancy Alrich ,jr Scott Ambrose if ""' 7, Richard Ammon I Eileen Baggeroer Eiiiiiie Balest i i': Q' Connie Barker if 5, Tim Barnhart . -.. , 2' fi, . .fx 5, ' . Aj 9 Alan Bates J ,iiii ii Judy Battaglia 1 V Ronald Bergnall W ,y,i,y B y 1 i A M., , wg , ff 5 Q EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: Dick Milewski Presi- dentg Les Lenyon, Vice Presidentg Russell Gallucci, Secretary- Treasurer. '52 ,.kk h -ie , .. WF. W av ' ii . . if g R -W ' N Vi.. EL , , 'B' fo r i , ' r, 5 ',,-i , i ig W, ' lm f- E 'Q ' . J is o. ywdffji i- .if , ef ' ff ""' ei Wi .Af f-Qu 'Qld - -fi ' .av L si if 'f . , is M. . 5, W . , .... - B . - , 5 E .?'i2 3" ! ,, i"'Jit rife i ,C ' ' M ,,i J K , J if if rii ifx' gm Q 7 5 "' 5 " W i Ji Q3 J A- fif ' i . J " . ,..,ff25 i ,hh if. 1 NP., ea em ,ii ,- i in ' i --M as . we ,fu ia, if f e ,ia . il? A i i lei? ice ' ' , df cy, :. 1 kv few Y in fav f aww 3. 51- :F J Z! AA' i -.1 fin i? 6 , 3,545 , sl 'F f i if ,ig EIGHTH GRADE CLASS SPONSORS-Row One: Miss Ster- rett, Mrs. Bieber, Mrs. Vollherg, Mrs. Loveday. Row Two: Mrs. Scheff, Mr. Zaccari. Row Three: Mr. Stoltenberg, Mr. Steele. .. Stephanie Dukovich Robert Dunn Evelyn Eherts Cewain Emanuel Betsy Ferguson Len Ferrington Phyllis Flashed Pat Fleming Carol Frishinger Marsha Frye Gary Fulgham John Funk .r . f ,qs s -,, 5. at M., Q3 i iii? , .v 5 it 3. if t f . ..T s S 'Cl' at me 5 so .Y , ,L K ,aw ,xmmr Q, , ,W 's wf f v- K r -nk 35- life ' 2- r N ,EM 5 S "r'S'J5?f ' sft. H W ' 'Ri 3 - : ,.V'i 43154 ' ' Z' t I. yi, as if' . E ri . ., .. 5 .W , iii' if- .Q ,VF ' J S' we I aw X N" . f gk W ' ' gps,-",? -I I 55,1 1? figs K, wi f? 5 A J 1 - Si t . eye ' , -f " ' ' A K-jjrgi, 5323 S 'Aff 1' f ,. ,- ir BSP M , S L ' f, ' 1 1 - wa. if - r, ..,, .ffm fairies-V . , ' I . . A iffw N 'J-tv I 4 .Si 'L K K Vikg wkm .k ,, at -, gi lwr i, I ., , i li ,. - H ..,. ff ' ':55'l"zv . , . I , '- if 'f 1? "' ' A ' .wfff me E ,iw .fa ...Q .f f .,,, i .L fdfjxff ""' , - TF W 1 ,. . F lf" -xf"g:V T - git. .. L - . ,, I is I t -, ' 1' .L J x ' J D, f - -am x ,410 , Q . .3 , My ' Z 23 my i gif! K ' s. r' ' f I ,,Xf'ia4.u nf rg 2 1. lit P 'i H 1 H - 'f up 'mesaw-Leaf. David Gall Russ Gallucci Peggy Garber Nick Gazibara Mae Gillis Beverly Glunt Carol Glunt Janice Goodworth John Grindle Lynne Haagensen Rheba Haefner Earnest Hahn Wayne Hahn Ann Haller Carla Haller Terry Hamilton Dennis Harris James Harris John Harvey Lynn Hauser Daria Hayes Cary Heider James Heider Elaine Hoener Daniel Homce Paula Homce Joe Hornsby Walter Hughes Paul Hugus Larry Hurley Carol Jackson 29 Sandra .lackson Cassandra Jenkins Rebecca .lobe Cynthia Johnson Andrew .lones Charles Jones Donna Jones Gary Jones Russell Jones Sandy Jones Richard Kashurba Regina Kasprack James Kearns Bernadine Keenan Elaine Keibler George Kemerer Thomas Kepple Sam Kerr Gerald Kirch Helen Kramer Mike Lankes Les Lanyon Janet Lalourette Myles Lees Greg Leslie Levada Lewis Nancy Lohman Peter Lucey Shirley McBurney Darlene McCall Margaret Melilfresh Frank NIHIICC Bob Martin John Metrosky Sharon Mika Richard Milewski David Miller Joe Morelli Barbara Neilson Yolan Nickel Andrew Noble Robert Nobs Pat Nolen Jacqueline Opistwick Sherry Orosz Stanley Oslosky Mike Pash Kathy Persin Robert Peterson Harvey Pfeifer Wendell Pfeifer Russell Pfeil Marsha Phillips Robert Phillips Fred Porter Barbara Stokum Frederick Suhy Henry Swank Nancy Swank Sherry Thomas Leona Thompson .lohn Thornburg Donna Toomey .leffry Tower Robert Trauterman Becky Trice .loseph Uzlik Janet Van Horn Paul Viola Melvin Visnick Judy Gaye Ward Ed Washburn Terri Weber Barbara Wensel Barbara Wilson Robert Wilson Terry Wilt Edward Woehler Toby Wolfe Chris Wolfram Frank Wright Thomas Writt Martha Zatezalo Roberta Zimmerman Linda Zotter Jo Anne Reber Gary Reck Mary Remaley Paula Ann Ridella Jeff Riley Edward Rings Thomas Risher Richard Ritter Donna Rittko .lames Rolshouse Ken Root Linda Rudd Edward Rudolph Carl Ruebel Joe Rupert David Rush David Rutter ,lohn Schake Sharon Schall .loe Schwarzel Janet Shaffer Ronald Shephard Roland Silvis Marlene Sloan Lois Smith Betty Snyder Q-fl 5 'w-wif-if"'12f?Z 'fa We Jack Agnew Harvey Allen Carol Anderson Karen Anthony Bill Apel Robert Ardisson Elaine Aspros Bonnie Baird John Barnes Robert Baughman David Beatty Vincent Beatty Sandy Bertoni Charles Bills Steve Blaskovic George Bolkovac John Bosetti Andrea Boyce Richard Boyd 9-15 . If 4: faaraa A it r ' . rv is -"-' ,. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Apel, Presidentg Alberta Duriscoe, Vice Presidentg Kathy Geiger, Secretary-Treasurer. Albert Britz Lottie Brown Sandy Browning Sally Bush Sue Bush Kathy Buzzard James Lamison James Caplan Ann Carrera Alvin Cavada Ray Chadwick Larry Chalmers Nancy Clendenin Robert Conrad Paula Corna Beth Courtney Richard Courtright Dennis Creighton Cynthia Cramer 32 Q, . -'fe , raw X 12 K at 1 9' Q g 6 ei my age! gr X iss a K 2 A, ' 45 ' . .,,. , I K ,, N , ,. ., -M..- , Z- I t i ' ' S J 9. , ,, , .. K 31 3 4 it 6 A .JW X 1 z A J' ' 'ef -- , A ... iiwg K sr- is , , ,Q 'gf f 'Why-i ,r J , L., 11, , .,:' :- iv , , L 3 Vit '- f ,ig Q t 'B of J 1 J , . xi z . Us .,,rf,,,.,V, -, ,aifzlfi at K 'ig , sg. rf :- 'ssh ' ,' ..s'mE1511 .Fr VA- -"" " 'gf ' 1 'fy Class . ' ., K ft ' i X 3 R W , 'ww S . if 1 , ' 'Ze , 5, . -15' 4 1 V ,ml Q ru X 1 j I t -,: . 75 ra l , ,fx S S ,,,,:A f or ' ' A rr 1 : 23 f -'Wm' was ,. a .aw s 'W X ig 2? mae! 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' Alice Ewing William Ferguson Nancy Frazier Betsy Freeman Mike Freeman .lohn Gaul ' s fi 7 in N 1 w X si Lee Cebrosky Kathy Geiger Sally Cerhardt Judy Gilg George Gillis Donna Clunt .p -an A . Pat Clunt r A . Richard Clunt 1 e L Robert Grantz Sandy Gulentz '7' ., ' A ii , 5, Karen Harris f .AJV ' .. , . FE ::I" Eri i A A ill 33 ' "" be John Haluck ga i ,:-: A gg N le me V' .. ,,., , y .. i ,, me i James Hawes Q f v ., S, A ' N Thomas Holtzer Teresa Homce Fred Hornsby Judy Howard Beth Hykes Richard Jeltsch Donald .lobe Donna Jones .lolm Jones Cheyrl Keibler Stanley King William Kistler Pat Kosmatine Bonnie Kozech Judy Kunczewski Bill Kuznik Keith Langston Betty Lapcevic Annette Lathan Bob Lauffer Linda Lauffer Ted Lattanzio Ronald Leax Carol Lesnik Charlotte Letham John Letham Ken Loveday Judy Lukacs Judy Malkames Karen Marshall a,-.,m'- I H - ' , x ,. , - - - f" 5 'fir 4 as M- . . w t K , ,, ,. 5 if ,, if X 1. ht 2 M. M XE s"i'wL -se: W 5 'M fri? L 5 We Q 5 3 4? s Q af ' W V 1 tw it M K dl' T e in f, Q Q sf. .4 X CS sf Class of 1965 X a S, , to .Z e J, :Tk f- QM FE A , ., 5' ,, -'fi TH I Z: , was 5 , .mi .ral , - .tx 1 t if 1 ,i"?fmffQ,?'a?R - , lf Q-fs ,K 5 , ,in KW 3 off 'gg nl Y . Y' 41 'K 'wg , A A 11 .,,siP'a r w 'ffqi W Barbara Matthis George Maxton Jim Maxwell Nancy McGurk Sue McHail Robert McK0wn Arthur McMullen Donna Mihun Donna Minothy .loan Molocznik Cary Moody Carole Moore Robert Moore Robert Moose Dorothy Morgan .Joyce Nesbit Mike Nolen Myriam Obermess Charles Olliver Steve Ondish .Jean Oravcc George Overly Marcy Padgett Carl Paesano Cl' Q 'Y is at it if-ka I in F William Palovcsik Harold Patterson Nick Pelerose Larry Perna Irene Pfaff David Plowman .lean Popovich Geraldine Regrut Dennis Revolt Rick Riley Elaine Rivardo Ronald Robertson James Robitaille Charlene Rohrbacher Renee Ross Betsy Rugh Don Rupnik John Sadowsky Kenith Sailley Jerry Santillo Joe Schall Linda Schneider Marjorie Schurr .lohn Schwarzel William Schuetz Stanley Sellers Judy Shannon Terry Shaw Pam Sipper Jean Skillen 0' H A '92, WF '3 '. 7 , X if 2 - 'f 9 J' K. H K ka, 5 W . . in Q VT N I ' ,, ' W 'iin .- r Cjfiifi-"JSF , y. .Vkk f x' 'ygff ' r - Q57 .,.. , ' " I :'4" -- , , "' - ,,,.. ,. ' sl ,,... 1 ii J W W 1 ' A1 ssss ,fa if-in ' f.. vw .s,is t 5 . Lf! ' X it ' sl bg . -:IE 5 We J ii -QQ ' iw 1 an it -w Q 1. , Q f y S3155 x 2, vi or ' ii Q 1 Ei it i ,, KJV t, x zz" 25' - J iff. r if " 5 " ff' Q T EQ? i im M ,ex if J M f .r Bonita Smith Fred Snyder Sherry Sotak David Spruance Marvin Staggers Nancy Stokum Thomas Stout Connie Summerhill Linda Swauger Judy Swiss Chuck Thompson Janet Thompson .lack Torrance Barbara Towle Ronald Trabucco Sandy Turack Patricia Turney Dianne Uranes Holly VanDyke Judy Verner Gary Vrudney .James Wainwright Marsha Ward William Washburn Betsy Watt , Paul Watt it . Paul Webb Richard Webb Y -""" Roger Young r Shirley Zabelsky fi Q ,Rt , H 'fe , it 3: Dave Zaccari ix Q It ,426 'Qt 'W i. 5- J.. .- 5 . fm .. 4 . 3 ga., 2,,,j'-Ui I 5' 1 , 1 - ,z rf.. we '53 MK 1-1 , at if as ,ggi K 'il fi Sv Pima MEX? . ' Eff' '39 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Bruce Baker, Presi- dentg John Anderson, Vice Presidentg Jeff Elias, Sec.- Treasurer. Bob Chambers Howard Cline Linda Conley Norman Coy Sharon Curtis John Dash Glady Davis Elaine Deegan Darlene DeFalco Robert DeMz1rchi Pat DeMikle Janice Derby , i , . Wi ., f John Anderson Richard Anderson Sandra Artman Richard Ardisson Bruce Baker Michael Bakich Dan Barber Kay Barker Barbara Bartlett Jeff Barrowcliff Louise Bassett Jeff Bates .lo Ann Beatty Ted Beatty Boh Beckham Jill Blotzer Rudy Bonenberge John Burton Linda Callihan Harry Campbell Shirley Campbell Taul Cardoni Jim Carfang John Cavicchio 1' Class ina! , ' 1 ' 'i at Via Pi of fl J' Robbe Dunnett .lanet Earnest .lenny Eckenrode .leff Elias Cheryl Ellsworth Bonnie Evankovich Steve Floyd Christine Freeman Tim Fritz Sandy Glunt Wayne Glunt Barb Golden Dale Greenway Karen Grove Thayer Gwyn Jan Haagensen Curtis Hahn Caren Hall Donna Haney Kandy Haney ,ludi Harris Rea Hartley Kathy Heer Sandy Heline of 1964 if 1.- .vf- Q .QL hm 2: Q fi jig K Mfiew 'AY' R fx L - ' iss.: -Y ' :L - 7 L Z , Q, 27" 5 ' -, t 4 if . htm, .c5ff.i-Z.vA,,:v.:5,vJ:: xqf k ' L L f E wx . 1 V tt, , . , il M " ,gf ff 1 .t , V V Q H - -fa. Larry Hevvel Beverly Hill Loren Hill Charlotte Hoover John Howells Don Hudak Kathy Huffman .lon Hykes Bill .lelochan David Jenkins Patty lobe Mary Johnston SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Burt, Mrs. Zaspel Mr. Waskoskie, Miss Mollica, Mr. Gilmour. 5 is ? 2 Xu. W 1 ,,- Id, E is r af 'Wi Q? N 'R if jf "', E L' V V, H L X jg Ken Jones Gloria Keibler Paul King .ludy Kenesky Gerry Kmetz Christine Kuhn Marie Kukich Sally Kunkle Dennis Lacaria Parris Lacaria Roy Lacaria Robert Lehman .lohn Larouere Loretta Lavrich Nancy Leichtfuss Linda Leslie Ronald Lindgren .lacquie Lindsay Gary Linsenhigler Nancy MacDonald Linda McBurney Pat' MCCluskey Alvin McElfresh Diana McMullen Dianne Maccary Mike McMunn .ludy Mager Claudia Mance Merry Markovina .loan Marshall Mary .lane Mastorovich Marion Maxwell John Moore Abner Mull Bob Murray Bill Nickel James Naugle Dorothy O'Malley Bob Nicodemus Sue O'Toole Gary Orosz Sandy Ott Carolyn Payton Marian Pees Cassandra Peyer J ack Pfeil George Philkos Carole Phillips Chris Phillips Ron Pilz Jim Pollock Gordon Rahnborg Ron Reck Marita Regrut Dolores Remaley James Remaley Janet Riston Barbara Ritchey Linda Robbe Joanne Romagna i tif ,m F 9 W Mil Becky Roskosh ,lack Rugh Paul Rupnik Gary Rutter .lanet Ryckman Janet Scheffer Claudia Schum Elaine Schatzler Edwin Shaw Louis Shannon Ellen Shaw Peg Sheckler Paulette Skandera Randy Sloan Kent Spuhler Nancy Staggers Bill Thompson John Terhorst Rita Swank Paul Staymates Alan Strange Carol Stover Susan Stevens Ladd Thompson .lohn Trabucco Tim Troup Marcia Turek Sandy Umak Dean Van Dyke Penny Vrudney James Watt Barbara Weaver Dave Weilund Marlene Werner Pamela White Pat Whitehead Harry Wilcox Jim Wilt Barb Wolfram Leah Yarnell Ross Yeoman Loyd Young Ruth Ann Yurek Marilyn Zackowsk J im Zukas i is my f' , MN 'Mi-2 l W li e i 5 F E-N 'PW' . Q Q 1 x-17 If ,. . la ,- ' g f s. I S 6 l-.X JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Greg Harris, Presidentg Elaine Daniels, Vice Presidentg Bruce Chalfont, Secretaryg Fred Harkness, Treasurer. .. yi ' Mk fi JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Vormack, Mr. Schutte, Mr. Buck, Mr. Bell. 7 . 2212 A .MW 3 ' ii "V 'W' Il. , A .f rvd FW' Joyce Allerton , Lane Bassett 'B 1 .gzanirie Beicibley tj J J B J. " 1 f B2bl3CyJlrJ3olBen A , M! i ,iv J if 5 af W VL f .1 F f 'I ,I l - l rw Qi! - JUIVJ fx-'C 1 J Zyl! r ' Ron Boyd ' ,IJ Il!! f John Brewer f Q ' MQ Barbara Brown ,lj A J Robert Brown JY I g N Janet Callen L lf! f J V LU if X Dave Campbell Tom Campbell Missy Cappa Bruce Chalfont Cindy Chegwidden Judy Chernega Donna Chisnell Dave Chizmar Karen Coe Jim Conrad Art Courtney Marlene Cupps Jim Dakin Elaine Daniels Bob Davis Bob Delissio Anita Drnjevich Bob Dubrock Ken Dulemba John Eberts Bob Elston Darlene Emerick Bob Evankovich Jim Evankovich Judy Evosevich Bill Fish Bob Frye Jean Funk Jim Gansinger Barb Clunt I 1 .w '- : fwf - Carl Ingram Susie Johnston Roy Kelman Joe Kloba Nancy Krause Carole Krushinski Marlyn Kunczewski Margie Lamb Mike Lapceivc Jim Larouere Bonna Kae Linderman Larry Liprando Joan Loveday Diane Lukacs Rick Lyles - .1 nr ef -112 ,qs .2 ff- wifi.. ,KL Daily Glunt Roy Glunt Ken Grossett Stan Grudowski Sharon Hahn Fred Harkness Greg Harris Keith Hart Debby Hayes Don Heider Class " , H1 1 'f .I .,.,,.,' "Q: - .: ff M, 4... K W, ff .1 ., W. r m- -.'- 1-xfamgm, K, W., .y Jfgfz, Wk 0 ir -I i 'x::.: ' 'i' 4 if ,. a i s ' X05 2 rr .ar 2 . i m g , ix . . W 5 is 4 5 gig, K my r 5 r S, Na A. . I, --,f- - '--- M , . si 2-1 QQ ' iiiQ:fYfTi5 .2Zf 'fri 1 Y Yr 3 -155 fi I 4 in 1? - ,fa ' .,. S af' W, .N 9 .ga K T, Karen McCluskey Miriam McGurk Larry McKay Jim Mance Frances Martinelli Lora Mercer Bernice Messalle Judy Miller Larry Miller Sue Miller Carol Moore Bill N eilsdn Diane O'Malley Karen Orgill Alvin Painter Frank Parker Dick Pees Wayne Pfeiffer Bill Phillips Dick Phillips I w ., Sk i n, if .. in Leithan Shannon William Shero Bob Silvius Harry Sircely Sally Smail Dwain Smith Ches Snow Richard Snyder Robert Snyder Tracy Spuhler -if ! 'l' 1':w1.:'z . 5 ax ,W 4 , 4 55 M- K -,-3 e Q gl .V ' f e 'wav -V .yan 5.5, Q- .gf ,ce . ., ogg g' I K I ..L? . Vi ,11.- ,A,V Dan Piser David Polhamus Grant Porterfield Laurel Porterfield Bernadette Puzder Madelyn Reck Alberta Remaley George Remaley Carole Ries Charlie Rubright Kathy Sadowsky Dale Schrock Mike Schum Linda Scorgie Donna Senor Q54 Q Bob Elston, Karen Orgill, Bill Vigani, Sharon Hahn, Karen Coe, and Larry Liprando watch the birdie while on trip to Gettysburg, Pa. Sue Miller and Anita Drnjevich give the impression of being very prim and proper as they sit at the base of a monument. ,V . 1 ',r, lip Dan Straka V5 t rk, ... V. X L': , Kiyy I Andrea Swiss 1 ily -Q N E Barbara Thomas ' ' , Q -V f Marilyn Thomas 'r'k E :,, ' ., Lynne Townsend I Q gfi 'N FQ. F, Bon Trebilcock it Robert Turack Martha Veenis ,Qi .ptyg Bill Vigani Ted Wagstaff A George Washburn Donna Watt ' Sara Watt Nancy White Bill Williams K l eft: . iQ f i . 355. rj if X . N -42: Q 14114 : 44 H, . r ' f- ei ,W sew, 5 Class of 1963 A .ffm 1 s if 4 4 14 ,, W E Varsity Club and F.T. VARSITY CLUB-Row One: Ron DelCotto fljresidentb, Fred Harkness CVice Presidenti, George Washburn fTreas- urerb, Bill Vigani, J. Geiger. Row Two: Larry Liprando, Dennis Cargnel, J. Persin, E. Fernandez. Knot pictured? L. Thomas, J. Conrad. F.'l'.A.-Row One: J. Kalhack CSE-cretaryl, B. Muger, C. Cuziluuru, K. Coe, S. Miller, D. J. Carter, P. Remic. Row Two: Miss Tabone fSp0nsorJ, C. Eberhart, M. Kunczcwski, .lohnslun fTreasurerJ, B. Johnston fPresidentJ, M. K. Baker 1Vice Presidentl, S. Martin, Miss Oswalt lSp0nsorD. Junior and Senior High F.H.A. SENIOR F.H.A.sRow One: K. Popovich, C. Moore, M. Kunczewski fPresidentJ, P. Creighton fVice Presidentb, D. Watt f.SecretaryJ, L. Bassett CTreasurerJ, M. Thomas, J. Chernega, M. Cupps, J. Evoscvich. Row Two: J. Harris, C. Peyer, T. Ko- hosck, K. Uzlik, J. Haas, V. O'Brien, C. Phillips, B. Berry, D. Oillulley, D. Chisnell fReporterJ. Row Three: Mrs. Scheff, 3. gvankovich, L. Yarnell, S. Ott, S. Artman, B. Puzdcr, F. Martinclli, S. Watt fHistorianJ, C. Ammon, S. Martin, B. Berry, . enor. JUNIOR HIGH F.I-I.A.gR0w One: J. Demikle, S. Mika, N. Milligan, B. Snyder, L. DeKIever, K. Persin Crfreasurerl, S. Gray, S. Murray, M. Simpson, L. Kearns. Ron' Two: S. Egloff, J. Deegan, S. Orosz, B. Keenan, F. Cupp, M. Frye fHist0rianJ, V. Ilubrock fVice 'PresidentJ, N. Moore, S. Jackson fSecretary5, J. Brewer. Row Three: Miss Sterrett, M. Zatezaio, C. Frisinger, N. Lohmunn, P. Dakin, C. Zaichuk, J. Foight, D. DeICOtto, L. Rudd, J. Latourelte, L. Hauser, C. Hudak, K. Houston, S. Remic, C. Baker, P. Coldren. French and FRENCH CLUB-Row One: D. Ingram, M. Petruska, A. Swiss, P. Towle, S. Gordon, C. Eberhart, M. Oberniesser, S. Culentz, A. DeSabatine, .l. Howard, A. Duriscoe, Mrs. Wright. Row Two: C. Ingram, M. Veenis, L. Robbe, K. Heev, E. Deegan, L. Conley, C. Hoover, R. Yurek, C. Hall, J. Skiller, L. Schneider, A. Ewing, B. Cortney. Row Three: R. Swaskey, D. McMullen, S. Artman, B. Evankovich, D. Rernaley, C. Schum, B. Wolfram, J. Haagensen, J. Derby, C. Phillips, J. Ryckman, M. Markovina. Row Four: T. Wagstaff, L. Bassett, C. Peyer, P. McCluskey, M. Turek, G. Regrut, A. Latham, S. Curtis, R. Swank, C. Freeman, S. Stevens, J. Lindsay. Row Five: M. Freeman, T. Holtzer, K. Loveday, R. Murray, J. Dash, J. Roskosh, G. Rehnborg, M. Johnston, M. Regrut, S. Johnston, C. Snow, B. Golden. Row Six: R. Moore, R. Jeltseh, M. Bakich, J. Caplan, R. Trabucco, T. Lattanzio, R. McKown, D. Spruance, D. Donovan, R. Riley, K. Langston, B. Freeman, J. Malkames. Row Seven: N. Frazier, S. Baker, S. McHail, L. Brown, S. Browning, L. Swauger, P. Kosmatine, C. Moore, K. McCluskey, J, Loveday. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS-Row One: Francois Benoit, President, Carol Bonati, Vice President, Betty Johnston, Secretary: Jim Dakin, Treasurer. Row Two: Cindy Chegwidden, Program, Carole Krushinski, Publicity. 48 Spanish Clubs SPANISH CLUB-Row One: D. Dietrick, A. Carrera, B. Linderman, C. Bell, J. Marshall, B. Hill. Row Two: H. VanDyke, K. Buzzard, M. Obermesser, J. Callen, L, Townsend, M. Reck. Row Three: J. Allerton, M. McMunn, P. Whitehead, C. Snow, R. Silvius, J. Barnes. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Joe Kloba, President, Janice Beichley, Vice Presidentg Laurel Porterfield, Secretaryg 1'IlE11'l. Darlene Emerick, Treasurer, Sandy Fox, Program Chair- Camera, Visual Aids, Librar CAMERA CLUB-Row One: Mr. Bowers fsponsorl, C. Elm-rlmrt. P. lloltzer, L. Brown. Raw Two: L. Bassett, J. Har- ris, J. Cupp, A. Wooclsxrorth, J. Lindsay. VISUAL AIDS CLUB--Rum One: T. Writt, P. Viola, B. Dunn, Di, Zan-vari, J. Mvrliulc, L. Brown, P. Watt, S. Sellers. Row Two: Mr. Farahaugh CSpons0rD, R. Miluwski, B. Lehman, .L Caplan, R. ffllaclwick, M. Sluggers, R. Boyd, S. Mountain, W. Dulemba. 50 and Humanities Clubs JIBRARY CLUB-Row One: M. A. Raspotnik, M. A. Perfette, J. Thompsoii, M. Larouere, C. Lesniak, C. Cramer S Bolden Row Two J Hirii E Aspros, B. Castle, J. Dash, T. Welier, S. Donato. N, Lohmann, S. Cerharclt, S. Martin, P. Sipper C Rohrbacher Row Three J Larouere, R. Murray, M. Bakich, D. Bruggeman, Mr. Amlirose, E. Remaley, D. Carter, M. Patterson J Marshall HUMANITIES CLUB: Sponsor, Mr. Bell. Members: Juniors and Seniors. Row One: C. Ingram, M. Vecnis, A. Swiss, J. Funk, Mr. Bell, D. Chisnf-ll, J. Allerton, C. Ries, J. Dakin, F. Benoit. Row Two: R. Kelman, J. Kloha, C. Snow, T. Wagstaff, R. Brown, K. Popovich, P. Creighton, P. Remic, T. Spuhler. Row Three: J. Loveday, L. Scorgie, B. Brown, K. McCluskey, C. Krushinski, C. Chegwidden, N. Miller, P. McCoff, D. McCaullcy, P. Holtzvr, S. Martin. Row Four: L. Mastilak R. Lyles, J. Roskosh, B. Shero, A. Towle, B. Bush, W. Shaw, Jay Jones, Gwen Ross, Margie M Shevchik, Beverly J. Berry. Row Five: M. Petruska, J. Donclson, B. Milligan, V. Wolfram, J Haagensen, P. Towle, C. C-azihara, L. Thomas, B. Johnston, C. Eherhart. Row Six: R. Swaskuy J. Derby, Ronald DelCotto, Sue Hayes, C. Nohs, J. Cupp, C. J. Bell, C. A. Bonati, R. Ingram 9 Stage Crew and Fire Marshals ETAGE CREW-Row One: Mr. Stoltenberg, D. Pees, B. Crindle, C. Rehnborg, Mr. Vollberg. Row Two: L. Thomas, P. Rupnik, Mr remam. FIRE MARSHALS: L. Thompson, B. Grindle, L. Thomas, Mr. Vollberg. 52 E EDITOR IN CHIEF: Liz Mastilak BUSINESS MANAGER: I. R. Donelson C0-EDITOR: T. Snuhler Quill ART STAFF: R. Carney, A. McMunn, L. Thomas. TYPING STAFF: L. Whitehill, M. Bebar, J. Maris, B. A. David- son, E. Fatur. Staff SPONSOR: Mr. William Waskoskie TREASURER: J. Kalback SENIOR SECTION: C. J. Bell ADVERTISEMENT STAFF: C. Nohs, N. Miller, J. Haagensen. LITERARY STAFF: R. De1Cotto, M. K. Baker, M. Petruska. JUNIOR STAFF: D. Senor, C. Krushinski, N. Kraus, J. Conrad J. Munce. 55 The Round-Up ART STAFF: N. Miller, J. Funk, C. Chegwidden. l EDITORS-Row One: C. Bell, V. Wolfram, J. Kalback, B. Shaw. Row Two: R. Lyles, J. Derby, N. Miller, J. Conrad. l FEATURE STAFF-Row One: S. Johnston, L. Townsend, B. Evanko- vich, C. Bell, L. Mastilak, L. Porter- field. Row Two: D. Emerick, T. Gwyn, S. Artman, J. Beichley, J. Love- day, B. Mager, J. Allerton. TYPISTS-Row One: M. Zerk, G. Ross, L. Glunt. Row Two.' M. Cupps, P. Remic, J. Cherepko. 56 l Staff ' .f EDITOR IN CHIEF: Vicki Wolfram SPONSOR: Mr. Richard Flickinger NEWSPAPER STAFFwRow One: M. Mastorovich, C. Hall, J. Cullen, L. Bassett, K. Popovich, B. Shaw, J. Kalback, L. Evans, D Beck. Row Two: D. Carter, E. Deegan, C. Hoover, C. Bonati, B. Persin, S. Cordon, M. Ruzbarsky, P. Creighton, B. Berry, M. Yelo chan. SPORTS STAFF-Row One: R. Dunnett, T. McMunn, B. Wolfram, C. Sclium. Row Two: C. Snow, J. Kloba, R. Lyles, J. Manco. I 57 Student Council STUDENT C O U N C I L OFFI- CERS: President, Nick Miller, Vice President, Jean Donelsong Secretary, Dotty Beck, Treasurer Ken Grossetg Sponsor, Mr. Lozier STUDENT COUNCIL-Row One: L. Cain, B. Bell, R. Trauterman, J. Hoover, E. Hoener, J. Powley, J. Demikle, C. Johnson, M. Sloan, N. Lohmann, C. Mance. Ron' Two: L. Frazier, S. Bertoni, S. Drowning, C. Moore. NI. ljJ3C1'I1lCSPS1'. D. Wcnsel. N. Clendenin, J. Kunczewski, J. Blotzer. Row Three: J. Mager, E. Daniels, J. Lou-day, C. Kruslxinski, B. Milligan, C. Eberliurt. E. Fernandez, W. Ferri, K. Root. 58 Franpois Benoit When, on a Saturday in May last year, I received a letter from Mrs. Miller, I knew that my Wishes were becoming reality. I had several reasons to be interested in coming to the United States. I, of course, had a personal desire for traveling. Most of all, I Wanted to see and know other peoples. I thought that we should free ourselves of preconceived and accepted ideas concerning other nations, that we should have a mutual understanding instead of keeping alive the old feuds and rivalries. In our modern World the United States as leading power came first for my purpose. I' was very hopeful when I applied to the American Field Service, which promotes such a program for international understanding. And how happy I was to be selected as an Exchange Student! I had read books about the life in the States, but I still could not form a vivid image of it. Here, with the Millers, I participated in the life of an American familyg at Franklin Area Joint High School I became acquainted with American girls and boys in everyday life, and I learned about American history and the American Way of life. But I was not just an onlookerg I tried to give a more precise picture of the French people-their culture, social life, and problems. I want to thank very much Franklin Area Joint High School and the people of Murrysville for their wonderful hospitality and for the effort they make to help the American Field Service. When I return to France, I shall miss my new family, school, and friends. Francois M. A. Benoit Frangois Benoit, honorary member, lights his candle from the symbolic flames. ational p i 1 i 1 T Row One: Betty Johnston, Mary Kay Baker, Gwen Ross, Carol Eberhart, Mrs. Thong Sponsor. Row Two: Bob Swaskey, Ron DeICotto, Nick Miller, Lantz Norris. 60 Honor Society r in , c ,g,Q,,'l , , so o, c The new members take a pledge to uphold the society's standards of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Row One: Francois Benoit, Liz Mastiluk, Barbara Mager, Jean Donelson, Jim Derby, Carol Ann Bonati, Carol ,lean Bell. Row Two James Dakin, Tracy Sphuler, Joan Loveday, Carol Krusliinski, Joe Kloha, Greg Harris, Elaine Daniels. 6l I 1 1 T Chorus SEXTET. Carol Eherhart, Vicki Wolfram, Betty John- ston, Helen Metrosky, Mar- gie Shevchik,.Margie Petrus- ka. Vicki Wolfram, ACCOMPANIST: Mrs. Ference Ax! . CHORUS-Row One: C. Patty, T. Callihan, J. Ros- kosh, J. Nystrom, E, Fernandez, J. Jones, M. Petruska, S. Eddy, C. Eberhart, B. Johnston, H. Metrosky, E. Remaley, M. Shevchik, L. Evans, G. Crawford. Row Two: B. Grantz, D. Greenaway, J. Brewer, T. Fritz, McCoff, J. Oravee, A. Carrera, J. V. Wolfram, B. Shaw, C. Remic, Three: M. Freeman, S. Crudowski, Pfiel, K. Loveday, T. Wagstaff, R. N. Leiehtfuss, C. Moore, S. Brown- S. Artman, B. Evankovich, N. Clen- D. Hudak, C. Porterfield, R. Schall, Padgett, D. Uranes, M. Ward, P. , C. Kuhn, P. Jobe, R. Swank, K. ive: K. Spuhler, J. Elias, J. Howells, J. Cavicehio, P. Neshit, R. Eddy, N. Frazier. Row J. Torrance, J. Ross, J. Skillen, ing, L. Swauger, denin. Row Four: B. MeKown, M. Deal, S. Turack Anthony. Row F J. Conrad, C. Snow, T. Homce, S. Gerhardt, S. Zabelsky, C. Anderson, P. Clunt, K. Geiger, S. Jolm- ston. Row Six: B. Washburn, D. Spruance, K. Lang- ston, R. Silvius, B. Baker, A. MeElfresh, l. Pfaff, H. Van Dyke, P. Turney, L. Deruelle, J. Shannon, A. Duriscoe, J. Popovieh, L. Brown. ,M . wf,iQV0'- Mvffl? W GU V BAND-Column One: J. Wilson, B. Barker, J. Hykes, K. Buzzard, J. Dash, J. Conrad. Column Two: C. Dietrick, R. Howells, C. Ful- ghum, H. Van Dyke, J. Winters, B. Hykes. Column Three: B. Marshall, J. Miller, B. Wilson, B. DeMarchi, D. Barber. Column Four: J. Bortz, G. Kosic, L. Haa- gensen, C. Gubich, T. Powell, E. Balest. Column Five: M. Visnick, B. Ferguson, R. Maris, M. Mc- Munn, D. Allen, D. Miller. Longhorn DANCE BAND - Row Three: J. Con rad, D. Allen, J Hykes, B. Barker, R. Phillips. Row Two: E. Balest, J. Miller B. Wilson, D. Miller J. Loveday, T. Lat tanzio. Row One: B Hykes, C. Dietrick R. Howells, H. Van- Dyke, J. Winters, R Phillips. Column Six: .l. Rupert, R. Cle- mente, V. Beatty, B. Stevens, H. Hughes. Column Seven: B. Liven- good, C. Wolfram, R. Pepple, J. Loveday, J. Fergcnson, .l. Dccgan. Column Eight: J. Kilpatrick, L. Lavricll, C. Zaichuk, E. Kuznik, D. Emerick, K. Loveduy. Column Nine: W. Loveday, E. Rubright, S. Dukovich, T. Wolfe, J. Nesbit, M. Veenis. Column Ten: L. Sto- kum, B. Jones, L. Lake, K. Ells- worth, C. Ellsworth, D. Dietrick. The Bo Who Changed the World CAST George ..A,.,,.,,,...,,,,,,.,,..,.,,,, ,,,,., R andy Huggins Agatha ,...,,,,,,, ..,,...... ,,,,,.,,. B a rbara Mager John the Strong ,,,,...., ....,A,A,., R ay Carney Paul the Professor .......,,,.,, M ozelle .,..... ,......,..... .......,., Dorothy ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,, S haron Gordon Irma ,,,,.....,,,....,,,,,.....,.,,, .,,,.,. P hyllis Remic Genevieve A,,,.,....,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,..,,,,o.,, Pat Towle Ralph the Fast Runner Dennis McCaulley Irving the Great ..,.,....... ,,,,,,,,,,,, L amz Norris Tiger ,,,,......,..,,r,,.... ,,,,,r,,,... J im Derby Spear ,,.,7 ,,,,,,,. N ick Miller Bear .... A... ,..,..., ,r,,,. B i l l Ferri Ruth .,.,..,..,,,,,,,,..r,. Assistant Director , Director .,,,, ..,, .,,,,... M r . William Bell TOP: Ray Carney, Randy Huggins. BOTTOM: Dennis McCaulley, Lantz Norris. ,.,.,,,,,,,Barbara Shaw Left to Right: Sharon Gordon, Jim Derby, Nick Miller, Barb Shaw, Carole Cazibara Harold Hughes Carole Gazibara Carole Bonatyi Time Out for Ginger Liz ,,,..,,,.,7,....,,, ,,.,.,,,7,,,,,7 Agnes Carol ,7,,,,7, ,T Howard Carol loan Carol ,.,,,,... ,..,7., M argie Petruska Jeannie Carol ..,... Ginger Carol ...... Eddie Davis ,.,,A,,,,, W ., Tommy Green Mr. Wilson ....,,,,. .. Ed Hoffman ...., Directo r ,,,,,,77 Richard Ingram TOPg Carol Ann Bonati. LEFT: Margie Petruska, Dick Ingram, Bar barn Shaw. BOTTOM: Phyllis Remic, Dick Ingram. Phyllis Remic Barbara Mager Barbara Shaw Carol Bonati Paul McGoff Dennis lVIcCaulley James Derby Bay Carney Mr. Hugh Gilmour Dances held b .lim Persin escorted Prom Princess Barbara Shaw to 'LAn Evening in the Islandsf' Seniors have a wonderful time at the NWinter Wonderland." 68 "Linda, your knees are showing!" the Class of 1962 Snow flakes give a wintry touch to the Christmas dance. "What's so funny, Randy?" Many graduates came to the "Come d'Abondance" while home for Thanksgiving V cation. 69 ational Thespian Society NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY: Row One: C. Ries, B. Crindle, B. Shaw, L. Thomas, C. Bonati, P. Remic, M. Petruska. Row Two: R. Carney, Mr. Gilmour, Sponsorg B. Manger, R. Huggins. in '4Gir1sI This is play practice, not a wrestling match." 70 N ik- 4 '1 2 E f ,ya , lif- L 5 . as ,fig sf 31 2 'iv X wvvi4' Football Row One: G. Harris, R. Riley, B. Washburn, J. Cavicchio, J. Bossetti, J. Robitaille, D. Spruance, M. Lapcevic, D. Donovan, R. Chadwick, F. Hornsby, S. Floyd, Mgr. Row Two: G. Rhenborg, Mgr., J. Rugh, L. Hill, W. Jelocan, D. Pollock, J. Anderson, J. Trabucco, D. Piser, E. Shaw, R. Snyder, R. Moose, W. Dworek, R. Pilz, B. Beckham, Mgr. Row Three: P. LaCaria,, L. McKay, R. Kelman, L. Llprando, K. Spuhler, D. Straka, D. Plowman, G. Washburn, T. Apel, B. Rupnik, D. Clunt, L. Miller, D. Smith, T Holtzer, J. Dakin, Mgr. Row Four: K. Langston, J. Howells, B. Chulfont, R. Boyd, D. Heider, B. Baker, J. Schwarzel, F. Harkness R. Chambers, J. Gzmsinger, R. Davis. Row Five: R. Webb, A. Mc.-Xlfresh, W. Nickel, D. La Caria, R. La Caria, R. Nicodemus, R Dubrock, J. Barnes. COACHES: Mr. Cieslik, Mr. Eyles, Mr. Ambrose ff'-7551-i ff ki? Rifle Team RIFLE TEAM: Row One: T. Campbell, L. Thompson, B. Courtney, G. Relmborg, M. Freeman, B. Thomas, J. Funk, G. Lisenbigler, J. Conrad. Row Two: D. Simpson, J. Letham, R. Sloan, D. Pees, R. Lyles, B. Chalfont, A. Courtney, T. Holtzer, B. Baugllman, L. Thomas, J. Mayer. V l s 1 i , COACHES: Mr. Waskoskie Mr. Stoltenberg Mr. Waskoskie looks on as team members prac tice. 73 Varsity Basketball COACH AND MANAGERS: Mr. Kelley, D. Piser, C. Snow, J. Nystrom. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Kneeling: B. Davis, B. Vagani, G. Harris, F. Harkness. Standing: D. Straka R. DelC0lt0, K. Spuhler, G. Washburn, L. Ankeuey, D. Cargnel. RON DELCOTTO DENNIS CARGNEL LYNN ANKENEY Junior Varsity and JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Managers, Row One: C. Thompson, L. Hill. Row Two: J. Trabucco, B. Vigani, R. Pilz, A. McElfresh, L. McKay, B. Baker, B. Jeloclion, J. Elias, J. Cavicchio. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: S. Curtis, P. Whitehead, D. Maccary, B. Wolfram, C. Kuhn, K. Kiefer. JUNIOR VARSITY COACH: Mr. Zaccari Junior High Basketball JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM: Row One: L. Hurley, Managerg J. Harris, L. Lanyong R. Trahuccog D. Del Cottog A. Nobleg J. Riley. Row Two: L. Pernag F. Hornshyg K. Langstong D. Eagang B. Apelg Schwarzelg D Creightong D. Spruanceg R. Riley. Row Three: M. Visnickg A. Drujeviehg D. Rutterg G. Emanuelg D. Zaccarig B DeSantisg G. Kemererg R. Calluccig M. Lees. COACHES: Mr. Steeleg Mr. Miller. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: J. Gilgg K. Harrisg C. Roebacherg J. Popovichg A. DeSabatineg T. Homceg T. Shaw. ALTER- NATES: B. Jobeg E. Hoener. Cheer leaders .IANICE WILSON EILEEN FATUR CAROLE GAZIBARA Captain SPONSORS Mrs. Zaspel, Majorettes, Lettergirlsg Miss Conley, Cheerleaders. .IEAN DONELSON BARBARA BROWN .A 4 ff' Q I 3 ,fe 1 I s, . 4 v 641 , - f' .,.T I 'A f , . -. f MARILYN KUNCZEWSKI I ANQITAVIJRNJEVICH ELAINE DANIELS is -,7 lu I , J 1 Q gp I 5 5 5 . I ,L I I A , K. , If -J II 'r:4f' 7 X R 10, ,, s. Q, ,L IR 1 ' if . , ' J ,X g V4 , ' JL! 4 L ' A W .V , K X f f" f, A , L , , Ak U A I Q an '74, V - ,x,: vi VV 55, . I' Y. X I 5 I-,V L' -- ' k, 1 ,L , I I 6 V, R , f I if -. , r X rw, , I A , A wx, .Rx lf! .x M1 Ei In fi 1 K - in V I X ' K X G' I 'fl " J YF JL W L -I ' K 78 ,.4 5, y I X' W' 51, Y , I ni V z 1152 f '41, f . 1 , CINDY I ww -I V! ,I I 5 R Z ' f f K, , , I 1 l Track Team TRACK TEAMiRow One: G. Jones, J. Haluck, G. Heider,- E. Rings, J. Riley, D. Miller, C. Jones, J. Schake, D. Harris, J Cavicchio, J. Dash, R. Silvis, Row Two: R. Moose, P. Rupnik, R. Riley, H. Creenaway, J. Trabucco, R. M. Chambers J. O. Schwurzel, K. Spuhler, B. Apel, D. Eagan, B. Baker, W. Dworck. Row Three: M. McMunn, D. Spruance, F. Hornsby L. Hill, J. Elias, D. K. Lacaria, B. Nickel, J. Anderson, G. Rehnhorg, R. Sloan, R. Murray, D. DelCotto, D. VanDyke, C Shannon. TRACK MANAGER and COACHES: Mr. Waskoskie, R. Murray, Mr. Sasala. Mr. Robert Cieslik, recently-appointed Athletic Director of Franklin Area Joint High School, has done much for the school. Not only has he co-ordinated af- fairs, but has done his job with tireless energy and great efficiency. His job is certainly appreciated hy the students. Director of Athletics 1 Tennis Team TENNIS TEAM: Row One: B. Bush, J. Kloba, D. Pees, J. Conrad, B. Neilson, J. Haagensen. Row Two: D. Hudak, H. Sircely, R. Lyles, R. Kchnan, J. Cansinger, Mr. Stoltenberg, Coach. J ACK MAYER BILL BUSH JUD HAAGENSEN Golf Team GOLF TEAM: Row One: J. Geiger, R. Davis, D. Cargnel, R. DelCotto, L. Liprando, R. Kasprack. Row Two: Mr. Eyles, Coach R. Jackson, B. Jelochen, J. Mance, F. Sirccly, J. Lavrich, C. Harris. RON DEL COTTO DENNIS CARCNEL RON JACKSON 82 FRANK SIRCELY Baseball Team Row One: R. Leax, J. Howells, B. Shero, B. Vigani, D. Schrock, R. Pilz, J. Rugh, D. Piser. Row Two: T. Jobe, F. Harkness, J. Orgavan, B. Cornali, D. Washburn, A. Mclilfresh, M. Miller, J. Heider, J. Persin, S. Sellers. Row Three: Mr. Kelley, Coach, F Vigani, C. Bartolomucci, E. Fernandez, G. Washburn, L. McKay, M. Lindstidt, W. Hill, H. Wilcox, T. Baughman, J. Gillis, Mr. Merich, Coach. ED FERNANDEZ JIM PERSIN JIM GILLIS and CARL BARTOLOMUCCI 83 Wa. Q g x Q E A . Class of l962 During the past six years the senior class has been kept busy with dances, money- rnaking projects, studies, and extracurricular activities. Our junior high years proved to be very prosperous. ln seventh and eighth grade We sold artificial cor- sages, and in ninth grade we had a spaghetti dinner. Our sophomore year was highlighted by the MSweetheart SWirl,', our Valentineis dance. In eleventh grade we sponsored wfhe Ghostly Groove," and sold light bulbs. c'An Evening in the lslandsf our Junior Prom, turned out to be a very delightful night. Our trip to Gettysburg was a memorable experience, as was 'our trip to Washington, D. G., in our senior year. Our senior year was concluded by our Thanksgiving Dance, uCorne d7Abondanceg" acwinter Vvonderlandfa our Christmas Dance, and our graduation. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: Row One: ,lay Jones, Presidentg Carol Ann Bonati, Vice President Ron DelCotto, Sec.-Treasurer. Row Two: Mr. Smith, Mr. Bowers, Mrs. Brewer, Mr. Blissman, Mr. Sasala. BEST DRIVERS Ann McMunn Lantz Norris H011 myl, hope he didrft dent the Calla, CHARLOTTE MAE AMMON General "Charlotte" General CHN LYNN ANKENEY 'LLynn" EILEEN C. AGNEW Acudenlic "Eileen" MARY KATHERINE BAKER Acadenlic 'LMary Kayw 6,46 , 7 , , ' mf ff' ,Ziff Z .V H I fi ' 17,9-if 1071 W .M ,,.nuc.Lr , f f jr f , , X ff K AEK" f gwfgfg, C fd, 61,444 LI:'I'Z,f ,. ffiffp? KAL' 'A f T AC-fall Tx' X f f -1' 7 'f 4 "AfL'f '9 , ff . . 'L' , ,Ar,,2f,1.4 . flf,-fm'-'r. 174 Q1 if gf 4 ,jf 1, f- J V L-" J .4', ,LPI-4515fV7'f15'V, 1 V' Y-'X ff f f X , f, f"1"L"5, ' . v fjy 3' ','-S1 I , , J ,S V7 , fy , ,77Z4Q.1f1V.' 2-elif 98 ig 3 f MARTHA 'QEBAH ' Commercial L GERALD K. BATTACLIA Cm-ncral HJerry" jj CARL J. BARTOLOMUCCI Ayyigl '4Cha Ea' J V ,KALAQ We my -WZ, gc, - f ,ww W fk My 13731 ,L QW Q2 A 1 Q W V L ff? l If U 1 Q' FRANCOIS MICHEL A., BENOIT Scientific 'Trancvisn xl DOROTHY ANN BECK General "Dottie" CAROL V X Academicfih, "Carol leagi' r' x ' g K' ,- V1 Qxitku A Qvl SA iwvxwlf 3 A N. , J nf A N NN du L www ,Jw ly f LV' nw Lu Q L A4 YV fx, H- 7 JV! A ov xl A "W N Q YW f,'f1ifM 'iw A ' jf 7 WW" X 'yi W' W N . .KL f NV MLM xg 4 jwqvll 4 I Q 1,90 G MVWN f fx? I 0,10 GN' ,Bakr A Yu CW-. W ' if QQ ' ' l 99 DNB BEVERLY JEAN BERRY General "Bev" CAROL ANN BONATI 4'Carol" BARBARA ELIZABETH General BERRY "Barb" Commercia I 00 l A Q"Car0JJfgWJ Mm l 1 l JAMES J. BRYAR General 'LJimb0" X 1 giffwjl Llwlly x Aj? DOROTHY LOUISE BRUGGEMAN General "Dorothy" l BEST ARTISTS Alice Webb Ray Carney nDon't forget to make my hair IJIond.'7 i WA I . . , . V, ,- 'F 1 A3 I N WILLIAM H. BROWN Cena-ral HBiII' LEONARD IVILLIAM BUCHTA General 'ABig-L" WILLIAM CHARLES BUSH General Shrub RAYMOND THOMAS CALLIHAN Academic "Tom IOI DGNNA JEAN CARTER Academic 'gDonna" W" J DENNIS A 1 Academic , TT-2 T- -,if . I, T Eg' I . T T31-. I ' ' j px A EJ' ... ,J I V Q" .- ,N CN T M , T 1 K5 f QT- I Xfv , .f 1' TT' ATV cf -- U V SIL' XX tug, ET C! X Q! F! A 'OJ TP my ew T TV N . QL A ,W A U 9 jg, . ' L ' I . I MOST ATHLETIC My 5 my Ron DelC0tto ice Wil n 'Alf you keep this up, you might get a varsity jacketf, TU L. RAY CARNEY 1 Academic 4'Ray" T T T T T T T T JUDITH ANN CHEREPKO A Commercial "Judy" DONNA JEAN CLARK General '6Dawn" MARGARET ANN CREIGHTON Commercial 'iPeggy" 2 5 gi 22 3 S E 3 55 F JOANN CUPP Aqadeinic '4Jo" Yvffa A fi, Qwmzxggxf XQCQJKZZZL: 4717 fiwdff QW f LZ! W Y if 'A,. , fldvbl 'E jizazadffezfwgf 'f H lfbimf 155' X GLORIA JEAN CROWFORD General 'llrman ,X 'L U -V f 5 px V Qwkff I ,N L6 , ,A 'Berg A fr' Vu! ff' 0 f ,. A A H V -A ' lf13AVl?S0ff B000 L punt? u 1 I jwf' W M-Zff aw 5 l in RONAL DUADFE Del'COTTO Scientific 4'Ron" Q Q .XJ yi ,NM MLA: M , , , xl I, Lx, Ny mf . 4' X AK V N, ,f .7 y Y W Jw ' .WJ x ' wf N Ci 5' l x A JAMES VICTOR DERBY Scientific ll ".lin1', ' fifu ' TTL rj: an M ,W , All rf" JW fi 0-C' 5 M E H' S' E I ,oifrd I Pvffjjp' ! HELEN DeSlMONE General i'Dese" 1 A' 'V , NJ r X - -. iv' -v z A nib XX wwf FL Ml sv. 7 ,al l 'N 'nl' , W , 'N' , V ' ' w ,lb ,lv Q4 ,. N, w fOr v wt' -V V Q E ll ' i 4 We 'N-"1 ' L" K5 J .0 Vx 6 fy xl' ML K, xv , KY -EQQWA ,N ,' T. ,- lu, jx: il X j rlir ,f L A A V, L2 W, . 0,2 W LQ il 'J lf' il ' l x Q ,x,, K' ,fi ,lv U L 'W .wx we , M 0 'D 3 bill wx? 4 A " my Vi 'XQJL' Tl, A N f ' r, '- G , ' " dll" J f I if PV lv may , . Mx Q ,L A V nj , , if X - iv' N -' Cf' - will X' Bf i V F . A N X, - E ,-in , X , x ' N I . z R ' i Q X - I N, . I I X 2. ki., A x of if, 1 if in Jr E I ' Nl, A' 11- A li - fy I it I3-'Xi :df Qvw mf: S A V X' ' ju JEA'N REBECCA DONELSON JANENE DUBROCK ff' bfi, B ,J Academic ffjean R." General 'fjanene 13-fu P WALTER DULEMBA, JR. A General 'LAC5' A RONALD DUNNETT General 'iTrough" DOROTHY CAROL 'EBERHART Academic 1 "Car0l,' 1 ' Lois ELAINE EVANS E ' E Academic . ' "Lois EILEEN ROSE ANN FATUR Commercial . 'gEileen es G lima,- flu! 'FX SHARON ELAINE EDDY General nSheri BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Vicki Wolfram Ron Jackson Hltis your turn next, Ron." EDWARD J. FERNANDEZ Academic "Chico" -. My S995 I Lf QSM ZWWQV pw REBECCA SANDRA FOX Academic 'iSandy" IO6 pw ,MJ ' CUTEST COUPLE 1 . . ' J . 9? f 9 wx.. Lois Evans Tony McMunn N J 5 nLook, Tony. I,m not your slavelw PQ fy sf 'WILJS-Imxix-I A A RR I Acadexs c " ' niet xx 9122, 3 w Sw Q Q77 We HERBERT M. GALLOWAY General HHerbert" - f amz. Y .f.kf F iff ff - ' 11' A. 1 1, ' , 1 'L 2 f if F Ax J. nl -f P 1, V . x,,X C , I. . , s.: . ., ,k l .1 lJ , ,U J, E, ,y xv 1 X A .' n ' X ' 1 ' 1: 'xv T r, Q 4' 5.1 YN " 'D f VN x W 4 r f ' J l , Jw l s W .X A 4 - z . E 1, I Iwi qu . ,,,, 1 gf JAMES HENRY GILLIS Academic 'iCoose' 1 fx, r 'ig'-J , Y l Q Q rx -f - Rfisfmjex 'J - 'pgkpfx lvl 'fx-'--V -PN-K pvv X-Sv.Qk,-.f.a,4 A A-X - ROBERT WILLIAM CRIGOR L ' General "Bob" fx f r, ' vlj, 1 . fl R F' ,JY JAMES R. GEBROSKY I , General '4Goldy Locks xl! J ,-. ,X xx lx.l,!lQ,n.f:'f'.1,,,ff'i ,fdlfgk-'V-. VL"-fx'6'l x N4'LkjkA'A'xL'lxllx' fflwq xfbidefx CLJMXNQ q,.-fx,dg trfepuyv QQ: X- X xxx, .1 4'A,V5..,Ql :L fQ-'-AJNJQW-L fr'-'J xxxxafvv-.LM.f '-'-'X fe , seep YA-43-X L. W-fl-A f-wxewx. by . r Y." N wal' I L3 'bil N , " eesfwwx .- M 'J Q15-'Q,3i,-L1cr. 1- I ff, f LAURA GLUNT Commercial "Ace" f 1 -,f CAROLE JEANTIAZIBARA Jyfademic "Carole" W , ll , R, J,!WlflQwf fb j AlElAl ll Mm, l L! X ML W ,wgffwwffw Al J of .L fl," Wwe' . Ny, r, 1' v , DARROW EDWARD HAAGENSEN, yi' , f., ' f, 7 Scientific ' li "Jud" f 'f xx, ' Y, Y v f -V fl ,f ' J . A 2 , x gf In vi ,LN I . iq ,hd AV ,s if 'v . . fc buf' N , lil, Dbl f . r "' ffwwff' ' A - Q l L l A 13 WTLLIAM HERBERT GRINDLE II 'R Academic ' ' '6Gard0l,' JUDITH ARLENE HAAS JACK E. HEYL General HJudy"" General "Smiles MARGARET JANE HOLTZER Academic HPeggy" SUSAN KAYE HUFFMAN X General 6'Susic" X 5951 i f? li 4X iv ke f LQJPI. HUG f' LAURETTA MILLICENT HURST General 6'Lauretta' RANDALL HUGCINS General 'LRandy" ,iff . TEACHERS PET "!Carole Gazibara Jim Derby Wllhis should be worth five points? 'f ,' x i L .i X ' V, x . n in J '- I x ' WN 5 K X . ,L I O 5 V LN y,-, Y I Y F yd T . , i L 'P JW , -J 5 M 5 A1 Q .1 V x J, ,iq P fb Q X lx' i "J ff 4' All fi-, . X 'J 'I 'li V ly J, Q v. X, xu nw Z XJ . N ,si Y , -. . w ., 1 li. V v O' -' V, ,, .Y ,J - ' 'r ,VW ,r if X. 4 J . f , . , 1. f ' - 1 " , ,U 'l' RICHARD GEORGE INGRAM Al V , ,, Aj fl Scientific 'LA-1 Ingram" ' ' M . f 7 ' ' ff' D114 A g wi IPX v , If fr ' ,NL 'HX - will Li W uv lv NIIL1 id . O' In X I 1 RONALD GEORGE JACKSON Academic ' , 4'Cement," ELIZABETH LUCILE JOHNSTON Academic UBetty TERRY JOHN KIRCH General 4'Smokey' JOYCE EILEEN KALBACK Academic i'JOyce" F RIENDLIEST Carol Ann Bonati Jud Haagensen 4'Next time let's try another tablef' JOHN KOHOSEK General "John" THRESA General SELMA KUKICH Academic "Selma" J CRESTON C. KREISER Academic 'LCres" MARILYN M. LESNIAK General "Moe" r f'X ALL' C MW ,. Q' U gps f,7Lg f V,fi,v" f 1 ,' J " 'IQ , 1 ' ' I .fd f I I M' X25 fx Qfbplu ljjupv wtf bl , If A 31,451 A ,jf'ffVJ J Vfdfu Vf,if'l Mfr ,I Us ga ,v ,VW ,WX 'Jef' , Ju L7 ' YJ lfv " ful! VK -,LLV M ,bw uv f H .- 9- ' cf ,JN .fw ' - -fb 1 fr ,jj I I - A 4 fx ff fl ' w ' .I ,W I ICU fl ' ' flw I I 'J I JN , 1 ff 'IL iw, ,,Vx! ja - VJ, A61 as i Q F0 .. ,f , 4111 , fm, J , F J Ugelj' I Lv rx MARIE LOUISE LAROUERE General "Marie" mf., ' JANET ROSE LONGSTRETH General "Jan" ' BEST DANCERS Joyce Kalback Jim Persin 'just why Cana! you pony?,, DENNIS E. McCAULLEY-2 Scientific 6'Dennis'y , , , Sf Y'-X1 'CW' If' Qs W 'EM Qu . ,iw VPAUL R. MCGOFF ' AAcademic. ' 'cMc Goo" -'ANNE HADDOW MCMUNN - Cdneral HAIIHC i CHARLES ANTHONY 1 McMUNN i Academic 'iRaz0r NICHOLAS ANTHONY MANCE w A 4 Li? ' -, 47- '- . Q f A,. , .. , - A :- gin ..fA K' A5 X xl "4 I --If-V '24 b f" f dx V ,, ey CC!! I A512216 V 52a ,X Md' K f Lf H -ew A f ff N 4, P 20- cf, 1 Z' I 4-f Xfxh - V ff Xi 'Y fc?Qf fe -"AAA 'A ' ., i. Qf . 53524, ' 4, '42, X, JANET ANN MARSCHIK Commercial "Juni, .fn x Q, 'X Q1 X! E' BARBARA ELLA MAGER Academic 5'Barb X, A. X 'N Academic "John" SANDRA LEE MARTIN Academic XV. S'Ma1 General "Sandy" II3 A o ' f JUDY ANN MARTS X. Y - , 11 X V, . ,. N .. f A K ' , , . ,U fix , if 1 L X 1-C U1 r V xx, J., M ,, ,X 7 P1 Q I YL X xx 'fu x , X, A ,f 3, ' Y I . w , ,-ply Q X- My X JN W 2 X VV. QNV, tux xxx 'M xfXA!QXj'jX VD I 'AX A.M ' ,W -. 1' NJ f sy 9 J S' Nj 5' .,f 11 1 MQ .j , Y X, ,g , 5 Q. ' if F . M' X Nr H xg2g5BETIg1J-IELNEN QMASTILAKN' f We tifiqli' X 5 'J '4Liz" C .UL . X KL .L X I -LD HELEN METROSKY Academic 'iHelen" Commercial HJ udy" 10 NQ 4' H V . f cademlc 1 A fi P r . V . . Lf' If 1 , X, V 5 3 ., , , Illia! XZ Jia JR- Aj! - 1 .NJ n' Q W 1 Vyf UU by A 5 F N . IV L- K V ,MN L vp , . Y ml I ' ' f, W J L tw? M Aff J fWwVlf'W WNW wb x A, Us Vw' Wy' W J m .,, 9 L ff7"'fW' 'Jw mf? L, . mf? ,"' ,M mv 4i,yn",,f.,,f,j',,"gfiyw ,f-yfglyjy W Y fry iw :fi-Qf,f,ff,ff' n M4 ffm., :f,fg,,ff:5,.f,fw7,Mf,'3-qw+.f '.,.7 41" M' Q5 :Www ff' w ff? if 555 95' J' W P15 I M L' va Y -W, xy STANLEY W. MOUNTAIN General '6Sam" MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bob Swaskey Gwen Ross , ,J M "I don't even qualify as a ditch diggerf' f G I WF LI f nj, 04, yr 1 ' ,440 jp, W, J Mfr j U , I r ,pf X FJ - . ,fa ACEIZYSLD FRANK Nqefwikeff Charlie" W. LANTZ NORRIS Scientific "Lantz" MARK J. PAJ AN Academic "May-Po" JAMES ALLEN NYSTROM Academic "Jim" ll f"'1 Q 1' 5 Wifi? if LAWN ffiif Jriwiffw 0 vw VW f CLASS FLIRTS Carole Cazibara Paul MCG0ff "Going my way?" "Sure thing, hon!', MAXINE L. PATTERSON General "Maxine" RALPH CARL PATTY, JR. Scientific "Patsi ,X 'QD M MARY I MARY ANN PERFETTE ,-.1 wf General '4Pizza JAMES ANTHONY PERSIN Academic "Mo-peel" I ltr A vp Ai , J I f r iv - v L. RASPOTNIK 'iLittle Sputnik" if? 41, V . . y . ,q UL W L C U M lt. X V My fu ,1 ,,, , , ' .1 1 1.1 5 fyj f !-f 'G 7 q X 1 L xl 7 L LU U' 'I ' L, I 1 1' JW it 4 Ll' U LM Eiggnfmercial f fb J :ii f RUTI? 4 1 Y Kanhv ROBERT H. REESE General HB0lJ,, DOROTHY ELAINE REMALEY General "Elaine" GERALDINE REMIC General '4Gerry" lI8 MOST VERSATILE Liz Mastilak Nick Miller HGee, l wish l knew what we are doingfi PHYLLIS ANNE REMIC Commercial 'LPhyl" If rf , ,ff ,M W JAMES ROSKOSH Academic , f uROShyn GWENDOLYN ANN ROSS Commercial 4'Gwen" ,..a 1 ' YV . ,J .- ' X 1 L xv," ' lv I VN: ' ,VV nf' . L' 1 x L, f i f L' X L- X , - 1 U lx' ' , .f, If 1 ' - . 1 L' N xy LV ' ., 1 '. L - WV ' fbb K. v. QMAIQYANN, RUZBAHSKY ' K. Commefbialn L V "Maryann' L . U L JANET LOUISE SCHWARZEL General 4'Janet" L fflw 'A 4 ' ' . I f if 1 M ' 'L ' Es' W, 1-P I Lv C 1, :XC - ufffji Y," IAJ X A LL, 4r,,f" If X J J ,Lil 1 pug f i std! AMW LP -U R' ' U L Un fir- 'V' . Q ,. qx x f I ' Q . 'N zu' U, J. . ' " PVD! KNN2 SHAW' V 'fgarb 1 ' ' ap .f 'f 1+ U ,Q ff M' ,..l,1i.f' ,4 ' N f N51 f ,YY all J F I 4, 'pljdkijj I fv E w Q f fx 2" FW if LF' eff ,wg 'ffl 1, f1,x f,,, gy -lf' 1: XL V"' WN A ' ,VV' I 2' yi' Lf-1' I I9 BEST DRESSED Carol ,lean Bell '4Hi ya, toots! Where ya been all my lifefw MARGARET M. SHEVCHIK Academic 'LMargie KX xx C 1 l Charlie Nobs if ,f Lp SHARON ANN SILVIS General HSherry" I20 FRANK 'EROY General Y , V RAYMES SINAN General HRaymes" BARBARA E. STEEN Academic "Barbara' IRVIN SOLES MARCUERITE SYLVIA General "Irv" SWARTZ General "Toni" Y 0 L O ff, M Mr ROBERT SWASKEY NORMAN C, THOMPSON LAWRENCE R. THOMAS, JR Academic uBob" General MNorm' Academic uLarry' I 1 f-.A if PATRICIA ANN VILD Commercial "Pal" RICHARD WAYNE WEAVER General "Dick" I22 DV I, 12, , f l . I' , v V ,J , 1' I IW J fb ! I ig, Lu im., is .E PATRICIA ANN TOWLE Academic "Pat" ALICE ELIZABETH WEBB General 4'Kellie" KAREN FLORA UZLIK General "Carrie' LINDA SUE WHITEHILL Commercial uLinda lm Af! Y M ii Q6 L muff? fy jx! 1 fffigj fb AAZNI i WILSON 1 lf' 4 X i J cf- 9137 dad mi AA ' my I Jan LU J SU , 19 W M ,J 5 W QXWXV1 Q 'kfxuuv EY? , 5 P X' I Nix: W N-1v F h iw f ,Q Hvickr' YO' ? i G n ra3v1ERLE WILCOX HP t H H M 1 JBSJSJN Y Wgjxggsib -:gRw5?gnQ ee ee .1 i .nf X. , N My f .JW ff Q . SRV' bu i may Q V M YJ ww ' Q- 1. . QT W , Xl QSM' VW QDNWX XJ X ABBY CAROL WOQDWORTH Scientific "Abby" BEST ACTORS Randy Hllggifw Phyllis Remic 4'Romeo, oh, Romeo." I23 MARLENE FRANCES YELOCHAN A General "Mar" SUSAN J. HAYES Scientific A'Susie" AQ J AY A. JONES Academic 4'.lay" K 711 Q VU 'En P' fl All Sv . . WX ,I fb L X 1 1 1 , 1 ' " r if A P' r V n x u U M xkyx L l.lj3 ,lj l ffl pl ff mv A Pl A V ffl 7 Q rrlx MV qfls uf JJ O J ' X 5 All pb U W' U' If . ll 1 'fi' 1 M 'Q a . I 1 :J ,ll , , A QM J 'Exif lvl. by W L, il' E J f 1 1 v l24 ik ,li J vxffw Q All! MILLICENT ZERK General 4'Millie" Bert Milligan, Jud Haagensen and Barb Persin bring up the end. EILEEN AGNEW Bradford High, Pa., 9, 10, 11, FHA 10, 12, FTA 12, Camera Club 9, 10, Prom Committee ll, Newspaper 9, 10, 11. CHARLOTTE MAE AMMON FHA 11, 12, Chorus 9. LYNN ANKENEY Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, Sophomore Class Vice President. MARY KAY BAKER Gym Team 10, 11, 12, Intramurals 10, FTA 12-V. Pres., French Club 9, 10-Sec., Camera Club 11-V. Pres., 12, Quill Staff 12, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, 10, National Honor Society ll, 12-Treas., Library Club 11. CARL BARTOLOMUCCI Baseball 11, 12, Spanish Club 9, 10, Prom Committee ll. GERALD BATTAGLIA FFA 10, 11. MARTHA BEBAR Gym Team 10, Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12, FHA 10, Spanish Club 10, Boost- ers Club 10, Quill Staff 12, Prom Com- mittee 11, Chorus 9, IO. p DOROTHY BECK FHA 9, Spanish Club 9, 10, Boosters Club 10, 11, Round-up 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10, 11, Student Council 12-Sec., National Thespians Society 12. CAROL JEAN BELL Intramurals 10, 11, French Club 9, 10, 11, Boosters Club 10, 11, Humani- ties Club 12, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, Student Council 9, French Play 9, National Honor Society 12. FRANCOIS M. A, BENOIT French Club 12-Pres., Student Council- Honorary Member, National Honor Society, FOREIGN EXCHANGE STU- DENT FROM PARIS, FRANCE. BARBARA BERRY FHA 12, Boosters Club 9, 10, 11, Prom Committee 11. BEVERLY J. BERRY Intramurals 9, 10, FHA 9, 12, Boost- ers Club 10, ll, Round-up 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10, 11, Library Club 9, 10. CAROL ANN BONATI Intramurals 9, 10, French Club 9, 10, 11, 12-V. Pres., Boosters Club 10, 11, Humanities Club 12, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, Senior Class Vice President, French Play 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play- Assistant Director, National Thespians Society 12, Senior Class Play, Nation- al Honor Society 12. CAROLE BROOME Gym Team 10, ll, 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Boosters Club 10, 11, Round- up 12, Prom Committee 11, DOROTHY BRUGGEMAN Library Club 11, 12, FHA 9-V. Pres., Spanish Club 10. JIM BRYAR Track 9, Intramurals 10, Boosters 10. LEN BUCHTA Visual Aids 9, Camera Club 11, 12, Humanities Club 12. WILLIAM BUSH Basketball 9, Tennis 11, 12. L. RAY CARNEY Rifle 9, 10, Art Club 10, 11, 12, Quill Staff 12, Round-up 10, 11, Prom Committee 11, Children's Play, Jun- ior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Na- tional Thespian Society 11, 12. TOM CALLIHAN Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, 12. DENNIS CARGNEL Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Golf 11, 12, Varsity Club 12. DONNA JEAN CARTER FTA 12, French Club 9, Round-up 12, Library Club 10, I1-12-Pres., Hu- manities Club 12. JUDY CHEREPKO Intramurals 10, 11, FHA 9, Boosters Club 10, Round-up 12. DONNA CLARK Intramurals 10, Boosters Club 10, 11: Round-up 11, Prom Committee ll: Chorus 10. GLORIA CRAWFORD Intramurals 9, 10, ll, Boosters Club 9, 10, 11, Round-up 11, Chorus 12. PEGGY CREIGHTON Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FHA 9-Treas.. 12-V. Pres., Boosters Club 11, 12: Humanities Club 12, Round-up ll, 12, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, Cho- rus 9. JOANN CUPP Intramurals 10, French Club 9, 10, 11: Camera Club 12, Humanities Club 12: Chorus 9. BETTY ANN DAVIDSON Gym Team 10, Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 10-Pres., Boosters Club 10, Quill Staff 12, Prom Com- mittee llg Chorus 10, Letter Girl 12. RONALD DEL COTTO Basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball 9, Golf 11, 12, Track 9, Foreign Ex- change Finalist 11, French Club 9, 10, ll, Varsity Club 12-Pres., Humanities Club 12, Quill Staff 12, Prom Com- mittee 11, Student Council 9, National Honor Society ll, 12-Pres., Senior Class Sec.-Treas., French Play 12. JAMES DERBY French Club 9, 10, 11, Boosters Club 9, Visual Aids Club 9, 10, Round-up 9, 10, ll, 12, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, 10, Assembly Committee 9, 10, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Honor Society 12. JEAN REBECCA DONELSON Intramurals 10, ll, French Club 9- Pres., 10, 11, Boosters Club 10, Var- sity Club 11, Humanities Club 12, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10, Student Council 11, 12-V. Pres., Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12, Jun- ior Class Sec.-Treas., Assembly Com- mittee l0, French Play 11, May Court 10, National Honor Society 12. JANENE DUBROCK Chorus 10. WATT DULEMBA FFA 10, 11, Visual Aids 12. RONALD DUNNETT Round-up 12. CAROL EBERHART Gym Team 10, 11, 12, Intramurals 10, ll, FTA 12, French Club 9, 10- Treas., 11, 12, Camera Club 11-Sec., 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls Sextet 12, Student Council 12, National Honor Society 11, 12-V. Pres., French Play 9. SHARON EDDY Intramurals 10, FHA 9, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 10, Prom Commit- tee 11, Chorus 11, 12, French Play 11, Library Staff 10, 11, Debate Club 9. LOIS ELAINE EVANS French Club 10, 11, Boosters Club 10 11, May Court 10, 11, Round-up 10 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10 11, 12, Student Council 9, Cheerlead: er 9, 10, Letter Girl 12. EILEEN FATUR Gym Team 11, Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 10, 11, Varsity Club 11, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Student Council 10, Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12- Captain, Sophomore Class Sec.-Treas. EDWARD J. FERNANDEZ Baseball 11, 12, Varsity Club 12, Cho- rus l0, 12, Student Council 12. WILLIAM THOMAS FERRI Boosters Club 11, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10, Student Council 12, Junior Class Play. SANDY FOX Intramurals 11, FTA 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Cho- rus 9, 10, National Thespian Society 12, Senior Cl-ass Play-Assistant Di- rector. HERBERT GALLOWAY 1 CAROLE GAZIBARA Intramurals 10, FTA 12, French Clut 10, 11, Boosters Club 9, 10, 11, V'ar- sity Club l1, Round-up l0, 11, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, Cheer- leader 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play JIM GEBROSKY Track 9, Visual Aids 9. JIM GILLIS Basketball 9, 10, Baseball 11, 12, In- tramurals 9, 10, Boosters Club 9, 10, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, Chorus 9, 10. LAURA GLUNT Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FTA 12, Boost- ers Club 10, 11, Round-up 11, 12, Prom Committee 11. SHARON GORDON Gym Team 10, Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FTA 11, French Club 10, 11, 12, Boosters Club 11, Round-up 12, Prom Committee ll, Chorus, French Play 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play. BOB GRIGOR Visual Aids 9, 10. WILLIAM GRINDLE Spanish Club 11, Boosters Club 10, II, Visual Aids 9, 10, Radio Club 10, Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 9, 10, 11, 12, National Thespian Society 12. DARROW HAAGENSIN Basketball 9, 10, Tennis 11, 12, Gym Team 10,,French Club 9, 10, 11, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Humani- ties Club 12. JUDY HAAS Intramurals 9, 10, FHA 12, Prom Committee 11, Library Club 10. JACK HEYL Basketball 9, Track 9. PEGGY HOLTZER Intramurals 10, 11, Library Club 9, 10, 11, FHA 9, Spanish Club 10, Il, 12, Camera Club 11, 12, Humanities Club 12, Prom Committee Il, Chorus 9, 10, 11, Library Staff 9, 10, 11, 12, Children's Play 12, National Thespian Society 12. SUSAN HUFFMAN Intramurals 10, 11, French Club 10, Boosters Club 10, Chorus 10, 11. RANDY HUGGINS Track 9, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, 10, Children's Play 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play, National Thespian So- ciety 10, 11, 12. HAROLD HUGHES Band 9, 12, Junior Class Play. LAURETTA HURST Intramurals 11, Spanish Club 10, Boosters 10, 11, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, RICHARD G. INGRAM Beaver Area Joint High, Pa., 9, 10, 11, Gym Team 9, 12, Intramurals 9, Track 11, French Club 12, Boosters Club 11, Round-up 12, Prom Commit- tee 11, Cl'1ildren's Play 12, National Thespian Society 12, Senior Class Play, Humanities Club 12. RONALD JACKSON Basketball 9, 10, 11, Golf 11, Boost- ers Club 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 11. ELIZABETH L. JOHNSTON Uniontown Joint Senior High, Pa., 9, 10, 11, FTA- 11, 12-Pres., French Club 12-Sec., Humanities Club 12, Science Club 11, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10, 11, 12, National Honor So- ciety 11, 12, French Play 12, Senior Girls Sextet 12, County Chorus 12. JAY JONES Valley Forge Military Academy, Pa., 9, 10, ll, Gym Team 10, 11, Intramurals 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Senior Class President. JOYCE KALBACK Intramurals 10, FTA 12-Sec., Boosters Club 9, 10, Varsity Club 11, Quill Staff 12, Round-up 11, 12, Prom Com- mittee ll, Chorus 9, 10, Cheerleader 9, 10. TERRY KIRCH JOHN KOHOSEK Prom Committee ll. THRESA KOHOSEK Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FHA 12, Boost- ers Club 9, 10, Library Club 9, Hu- manities Club 12, Prom Committee ll, Chorus 9. CRESTON KREISER Valley Forge Military Academy, Pa., 10, 11, Intramurals 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, Visual Aids 10, Il, Radio Club 10. SELMA KUKICH V Intramurals 9, 10, 11, Camera Club 11, 12, Humanities Club 12, Chorus 9. MARIE LAROUERE Intramurals 9, 10, 11, Chorus 9, Li- brary Club 11, 12. MARILYN LESNIAK Intramurals 10. RICHARD LOWES Basketball 9, 10, Tennis 12, Intra- murals 9, 10, Boosters Club 9, 10, Chorus 9, 10. DENNIS E. MCCAULLEY V French Club 10, 11, Visual Aids 9, Humanities Club 12, Prom Committee ll, French Play 10, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. PAUL MCGOFF Baseball 11, Gym Team 10, Track 9, FFA 10, Spanish Club 10, 11, Visual Aids 9, Prom Committee Il, Chorus 12, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Thespian Society 12. ANNE McMUNN Intramurals 10, 11, FTA 10, French 10, Boosters Club 10, 11, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 10. TONY MCMUNN Central Catholic High, Pa., 9, Basket- ball 9, l0, Gym Team 10, Intramurals 9, 10, Football 9, Boosters Club 10, Il, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11. BARBARA MAGER Intramurals 10, 11, FTA 12, Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Humanities Club 12, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Thespian Society 12, National Honor Society 12. RANDY MALLICK Humanities Club 12, Prom Committee 11. JANET MARSCHIK Intramurals 10, 11. SANDRA MARTIN Intramurals 9, IO, 11, FHA 11, 12. , JUDY MARTS Intramurals 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, ll, Boosters Club 10, ll, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11. NICHOLAS A. MANCE JR. Rifle 9, IO, Intramurals 10, Prom Com- mittee ll, Band 9. LIS MASTILAK Lebanon Junior High, Pa., 9, Gym Team 10, Intramurals 10, Il, 12, Boosters Club 10, Humanities Club 12, Quill Staff 11, I2-Editor, Round-up 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Major- ettes 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, Junior Class Vice President, Assem- bly Committee 10, National Honor So- ciety 12. JOHN A. MAYER Rifle 11, 12, Tennis 11, 12, Track 9, Boosters Club 10, Prom Committee 11, Band 9. HELEN METROSKY Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12, Spanish 10, II, Chorus 9, 12, Senior Girls Sextet 12. V NICK MILLER French 9, 10, 11, Quill Staff 12, Round- up II, 12, Prom Committee 11, Stu- dent Council 12-Pres., National Honor Society 11, 12, Junior Class Play. BERT MILLIGAN Prom Committee 11, Student Council 12, French Club 9, 10. STANLEY MOUNTAIN Track 9, Visual Aids 9, 10, 11, 12. RONALD NOCA Basketball 9, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Track 9. LANTZ NORRIS Prom Committee 11, Student Council 9, 10, 11, National Honor Society ll, 12, Junior Class President, Junior Class Play. JIM NYSTROM Basketball 9, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus 11, 12, District Chorus 12. VIOLET O'BRIEN Intramurals 10, FHA 9, 10, 12, Boost- ers Club 9, Prom Committee 11. MARK PAJAN Track 9. MAXINE PATTERSON Bell-Avon High, Pa., 9, IO, Intramurals 9, Library Club 12,' Chorus 9. R. CARL PATTY JR. Rifle 9, 10, 11, Chorus 10, 11, 12. MARY ANN PERFETTE Intramurals 10, Spanish Club 10, Boost- ers Club 10, Library Club 10, 12, Chorus 10, ll, French Play 11. BARBARA PERSIN Gym Team 10, ll, 12, Intramurals 10, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 9, 10, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, Letter Girl 12. JIM PERSIN Basketball 9, 10, 11, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Varsity Club 12, Art Club 12, Band 9. MARGIE PETRUSKA Gym Team 10, ll, 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Boosters Club 10, 11, 12, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee I1, Band 9, 10, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Assembly Committee 10, National Thespian Society 12, Senior Class Play, County Chorus 11, 12, District Chorus 12, Senior Girls Sextet, Intramurals 10, Humanities Club 12. KATHY POPOVICH Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FHA 9-Sec., 12, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 9, 10, 11, Round-up 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Humanities Club 12. BOB REESE Intramurals 10, FFA 10. ELAINE REMALEY Intramurals 10, ll, Library Club ll, 12-Treas., Chorus 12. GERRY REMIC Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FHA 9, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 10, 11, Prom Committee II, Chorus 10, 11, 12. PHYLLIS ANN REMIC FTA 11, 12, Boosters Club 10, ll, Round-up 10, Il, 12, Chorus 10, Letter Girl 12: Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Thespian So- ciety 12. JAMES ROSKOSH Edison Junior High, 9, Duquesne Sen- ior High, Pa., 10, Track 10, French Club 11, 12, Band 9, Chorus 9, 12, Humanities Club 12. GWEN ROSS Intramurals 11, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 10, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, 11, Na- tional Honor Society 11, 12-Sec., As- sembly Committee 10, Humanities Club 12. MARYANN RUZBARSKY Gym Team 10, 11, 12, Intramurals 10, II, 12, FHA 9-V. Pres., Round-up 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9. JANET SCHWARZEL Intramurals 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, Library Club 12. BARBARA SHAW Intramurals 9, 10, French Club 10, 11, Boosters Club 9, 10, 11, Round-up 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Prom Princess 11, Band 10, Chorus 9, IO, 11, 12, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, National Thespian Society 12. WOODY SHAW Basketball 9, Rifle 10fl1, French Club 9, 10, Visual Aids 9, Prom Commit- tee 11, Sophomore Class President, French Play 10. MARGIE SHEVCHIK Gym Team 10, Chorus 11, 12, Senior Girls Sextet, Humanities Club 12. SHARON SILVIS Intramurals 9, 10, Il, Chorus 9, 10, Library Club 12. HELEN DESIMONE Intramurals 10, 11, Art Club 9. RAYMES SINAN Basketball 9, Intramurals 10, FFA 9, IO, Il, Prom Committee ll. FRANK SIRCELY Golf 11, Rifle 9, FFA 10. IRVIN SOLES Visual Aids 10. BARBARA E. STEEN Wilkinsburg High, Pa., 9, 10, ll, Intra- murals 9, 10, 11, Humanities Club 12, Science Club 11, French Club 11, 12, Band 10, 11, Chorus 9, 10, French Play 12, Latin Club 9, IO. ' SYLVIA SWARTZ Gym Team 10, Intramurals II, Cheer- leader 10. ROBERT SWASKEY French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Humanities Club 12. LAWRENCE R. THOMAS JR. Rifle 10, 11, 12, Intramurals 10, Span- ish Club 9, 10, Boosters Club 9, 10, ll, Varsity Club 10, 11, 12, Visual Aids 9, 10, Art Club 9, Quill Staff 12, Prom Committee 11, Stage Crew 9, 10, 11, 12, National Thespian So- ciety 12. NORMAN THOMPSON Rifle 10, Intramurals 10. ALFRED TOWLE Ellisville High, Miss., 9, 10, 11,. Camera Club 12, Humanities Club 12, Latin Club 10, Science Club 9, 11. 'PAT TOWLE Ellisville High, Miss., 9, 10, Intramurals 11, French Club 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9, 10, 11, Junior Class Play. KAREN UZLIK Gym Team ll, Intramurals 9, 10, ll, FHA 12, Boosters Club ll, Library Club IO, Prom Committee Il, Chorus 9. PAT VILD Intramurals 11, 12, Spanish Club 9, 10, Boosters Club ll, 12, Round-up 12, Prom Committee 11, Chorus 9. RICHARD WEAVER Tyrone Area High, Pa., 9, 10, Basket- ball 9. LINDA WHITEHILL Waynesburg High, Pa., 9, Boosters Club 10, 11, Quill Staff 12, Prom Commit- tee I1, Student Council 9. MERLE WILCOX Student Council. JANICE WILSON Gym Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, Humani- ties Club 12, Band 9, IO, 11, 12, Stu- dent Conductor 12, Chorus 9, Student Council 11, Cheerleader 12. VICKI WOLFRAM Intramurals 9, 10, French Club 10, ll, Boosters Club 10, 11, Senior Girls Sextet 12, Round-up IO, 11, 12-Edi. tor-in-Chief, Prom Committee 11, Band 9, IO, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus Accompanist 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, Freshman Class Sec.-Treas., As- sembly Committee 10, French Play 9, ll. ABBY WOODWORTH Intramurals 10, 11, FHA 9, French Club 9, 10, Camera Club 11, l2-Sec.- Treas., Band 9. MARLENE FRANCES YELOCHAN Gym Team 11, Intramurals 10, 11, Spanish Club 10, Boosters Club 9, IO, Round-up 12, Prom Committee II, Let- ter Girl 12. MILLICENT ZERK Intramurals 9, 10, 11, FHA 9, Boost- ers Club 9, 10, 11, Art Club 9, Round- up 11,12. SUSAN HAYES Penn Hills High, Pa., German Club 11, Boosters Club 10, 11, Humanities Club 12, Student Council 9, 10, 9-Sec., Band 9, 10, 11, Dance Band 9, Chorus 9, Majorettes 10, 11. 5Qf2ffezmw,a:wwmf.z W :ummm WMM, :af S v W ff' M 5 i ' 5 S , 'wkw K ,MX , - MA, W.. I W X I 'ji ,591 JL ' , YWWM' " WL AAL f . 700 V 'Ry WM' ' GJ Q 40 OJ N ToNY GILBERT'S WMM I E x Uj J AX O Newlfriializ Eljsgerefie PM l ZUASEAJN K , pgfk FAirview 7-0585 W7 MW PO WW W ' aY Comwr I I wwf' A RO NWN BOYD'S RUTT PAR NFDQO PM gy A GOLF AND ARCHERY 2 miles sou+h of Delmoni' - on Roufe 66, Free W j W, F V 'ew 7-29" Game: for every Hole-in-One on I8+h Hole A M a M c B ya Sh +er Prop edgy DURISCFJE CLEANERS CASH AND CAR RY "'1j1fu,i1LL:C,fij,"e LUMBER COMPANY Pe"P'e Old Roufe 22 FAirview Exporf, Pa. 7-3645 Now 7 Loca+ions +0 Serve You Be'H'er KRT THATCH ER NEW ALEXANDRIA FORD SALES, INCORPCRATED PITCAIRN Roufe 22 CAI-I-ERY A-I Used Cars CONNELLSVILLE mwiew 7-5090 PLEASANT HILLS :za MANORDALE of MURRYSVILLE Richfield Producls Hofpoinl' Appliances Goodrich Tires FORE ACRES PAR 3 M Y II P GOLF COURSE FA 7 3905 RT. 286 low RT. soy FA 7-5422 Open Day and Nigh+ Golfing Equipmeni' Supplied ,,J1fL3"5-fy WM 0 1 S gy DQFTQSPQQKTIONAL BANK ligjyfrfyp lg"lwj'fyJ "The Friendly Country Bank" EXPORT MURRYSVILLE Congra+ula+ions - Class of l962 FR I-0200 FA 7-33l5 wuLKlNssuRe E MuRRYsvnLLe Q avings 8 Loan O F W I I. K I N S B U R G 730 Penn Avenue . . . PITTSBURGH 21, Pl. Willcinsburg's Olclesf Savings and Loan 730 PENN AVENUE CompIimen+s of WIGLES DRUG STORE Your Rexall Pharmacy EXPORT, PA. FAirview 7-2475 SMAWLEY'S One Hour Cleaners OLD ROUTE 22 Mury ille, Pa Ph FA 7 0 I 24 7 3959 V Q- I- - I xf, Q C , ,L , , we ' - 4 - . . cj-J " , V 2' if A V f c " fl, AF-EFRR-I eg A Y f - SUPER MARIQETI - a r l : , . M-URRYSVILLE, PA. "An Advenfure in FoocIIand" Complimenrs of ART RICHARD'S MARKET Murrysville, Pa. Phone FAirview 7-4277 WILLIAM PENN SUPPLY COMPANY Murrysville, Pa. FAirview 7-5253 ComplimenIs of CLOVER FARM FOOD CENTER EXPORT, PA. FA 7-4903 Complimenfs of JIMMY'S BARBER SHOP Export Pa. BECKWITH MACHINERY COMPANY RouI'e 22 Easi' of PiHsburgI1, Pa. Complimenfs of HOME APPLIANCE EXPORT, PA. BEATTY'S RESTAURANT . , FAlrv1ew 7-0025 AND SERVICE STATION , V 'K SLM Ca+ering +o Banquefs MQ' if and ParI'ies of AII Nafure IQQJXIP gf U9 I gf C5E?I'rIpIimenIs of "W 468'45"5 gi BEER DISTRIBUTORS ff? If Roufe 22 F My MurrysviIIe, Pa. FAirview 7-4349 JOHN MEIER 81 SONS HARDWARE Plumbing, Eleclrical, Household and Garden Supplies Painl' and Floor Sanders Old Wm. Penn Hgwy. EXPORT, PA. FAirview 7- I 905 DON'S SUNOCO Murrysville, Pa. The Food is Finer a+ DlCK'S DINER Murrysville, Pa. WOLFORD REALTY CO. Real Es'IaIe and Insurance Wm Penn Highway FA 7-508I W 3f'L"1" , ,, , W , JTM ., TE. en '5 if-. -, ,WV -if L, .h k :J V ,M I V ' A QT --N ...L , :X a ' V ,. . an . Complimenisi ofa 'Arn . BAUGISMANQSQ Q PEM ffm 8 ' 'gMea+ and Groceries H TTL., in 'lj - Rx - EXPORT, PALE-I ' Pi- . 'C'- I . ie Complimenls of liv WASHINGTON BEAUTY SALON Murrysville Shopping CenI'er Murrysville, Pa. RTS LITTLE FLOWER SHOP Floral Arrangemenls for All Occasions FA 7-4l46 Cl1evrole'r - Oldsmobile Old Rou+e 22 MR' EXPORT, PA. Hair S+yIisI' FA 7-2340 Heaclquarlers for School CIo+I-nes MARGl,E'S BEAUTY SHOP Formal Wear Ren'I'aI Murrysville, Pa. The HUB Store FA 74046 EXPORT HILL'S SERVICE STATION Reloading Supplier FA 7-4033 I B81M NEWLONSBURG BLOCK AND SUPPLY CO. I BARBER SHOP E'QQ'05f4,'2,3 FELIX FLAVA: Owner CLINICAL LABORATORIES MU RRYSVILLE X-Ray Elecfrocardiogram Basal Metabolism Blood Sugar Blood COLIITI' Urinalygig Hours by Appoinfmeni' LOIS R. TOWNSEND-D I' Murrysville FAirv 7 2725 FRYE , WERL S MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile Prescrip+ion SpecialisI's MAIN STREET DELMONT, PA Free DelIVe'Y PHONE: 468-4l53 FAirview 7-4277 Congra+ula+ions - Class of I962 WILKINSBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Penn Lincoln HoI'el Building Willcinsburg CH I -5600 , , - J :LJ ' r Q 4 'x -f' K. 1 U 13. . . V - - .I-xf' ,1 2 X11 M11 ff iw, if ,Viji Agp 1 I Q' My' EARL GLiI3 ATflfY ' Y 1 t 3 M .I ' V jNQa1fig,nwidgk': IDSURQHCG if ,M A+ 1 LU, , R , ' .ExPoRT Jgffi L' g,i,"i FAii'Vview 7! iff ii Lf i fi if ii' ' In t gil, ix qi? fl ,' 1 ily aj if V, L RH ' '- I u il, A 1 MANORDALE OF SARDIS Richfield Prod ucfs M U RRYSVILLE, PA. MURRYSVILLE PHARMACY FA 7-5040 Jim Walko Owner MIRACLE 34 LANES Wm. Penn Highwhy Monroeville, Pa. DR 2-3500 BUY - READ TH E Complimen+s of PENN FRANKLIN NEWS GINNY'S Adver+ising and Job Prin+ing ICE CREAM BAR mm. PerH1 Hgy. E p + P urr svi e, Pa. X Of I '3- PHQNQI FA 7347! Phone: FA 7-9I83 MURRYSVILLE Complimenfs of RD 42 EXPORT- PA- DEAN'S BARBER SHOP Tires-Ba'Heries-Lube-Car Wash Murrysvmel pa' Complefe Car Service FA 7-9544 EXPORT TIRE CO. EXPORT, PA. KAN DY LEE CANDY Murrysville, Pa. WESTMORELAND FARM BUREAU DELMONT, PA. FA 7-2506 Phone 468-5402 Feed-Seed-Ferfilizer-Farm Supplies Ve 'S CompIimenIs of U E , HOME EXPORT LUMBER COMPANY hwy I I P Phone: FAirview 7-3300 FISHER MOTOR CO. JAMES J. KLAUS Old Wm. Penn Highway Real E5-lrai-e EXPORT, PA. New RouI'e 22 Used Cars MurrysviIIe, Pa. Ph FA 7 3344 Phone FA 7-3IOI 738H MURRYSVILLE REAL ESTATE CO. U. s. RT. 22 FA 7-3259 QuaIi+y Homes Farms - Lo+s Commercial DeveIopmenI' IncIus'IriaI Pro also P I Insurance COCCO'S SHOE STORE AND REPAIR SHOP CompIe're Shoe Service Main SI'ree'I' EXPORT, PA. FATUR'S RED AND WHITE MARKET DELMONT Phone: 468-5352 BoB's INN E ' Corn f::limeini'si of 'C Murrysville, Pa. A X' 'X V FAirview 7-9 I 05 ' I A ' LEWISANLV ii f X? MURRYSVIILLE Q-Q7 QEQZQ RQ Esso TA j ' TKI , J 0 ii -Q OI XJ is L I i , A FA 7-9748 up . . PA- Rou+e 22 Easi XD., E Rhgliae FA rgQZl979?k-L1 T sAMPsoN - MILLER ARMWALL, INC. ASSOCIATED COMPANIES MURRYSVILLE, PA. Tools - Jigs - Fixiures Rome 286 RD aw Machine Producrs Pifcaiml Pa' A My FA 7.IOI0 f' if I IE 'if ff ,L -N- RA .M QU, 1 Q - Joy Diff? 9 A375569 O Q is I iffy gypsy 5 If ,JJ ff X4 ofp ,iq gE FISHER PONTIAC, INC. Jr gfay MII ,N pour Sff E S I d S ' - MU 2-5MRik ield Qggind X aes an ervlce '55 ,- L 5 5 I .A 0 W P H. h 4 5 ,XIII NJ ., d ch re pgiwd Tubes m. enn lg way XV, MAIN JJ5 . . . . Export Pa. C K mI+e ronI I, eel Balanclng PHONE FA 7-I50O EW IHGNAEE FA 7-W5 Q Free Pic -ui!! and livery Service I I39 I 5 1 5 Jf . I ' ' f, ' . ' 'f - I - 5 LJ .. I I 3 I , , A I o' , yy ,JI J X I 511 , , , , , I, , , . .M -'J .. .so A I A O- X . 5 T lxl I PI Lx! XJU g fy .JQV ,, QQ J 6 VI wi I, MN f' 15 JU Xjfflf, Ji XXX kv JVLJ 5, Xb I I X J if WY I' , Ibvfv Y -I1 I 4 : F I '-.J K' I ' If I X , ,NV I , I I rf! g. M II XIV X-' I' JU Ipr. IN AJ A V . . ni, I O X, v ., QP I , J I ,I JU ' mb A f-Z N, N fx' I 'n ,Y bQ,f -W ,I If U' ff JW yy v 'O my W ef is P I1 f P In I IPS EM STUDIOS W I O I ,UB fj- I . ,Iv LII lyfsj I I ., :J ur , nf AI f' IIIV C 2 VI- 5 ,Vljy ,IO I Uk, I :XXII VU II 'L IU -AL JI Ju 4, My XL Il., ,L IX, ' .yu . 1' LJ .1 " 'f -I ., K 1. , is rc x . I IP' , ,-M Ui WUI dv .T W VJ f A , F, . Tay Ip I I RW Q yay XICVV Nlni' S'I'. and Penn Ave. -V ,, If A ffl AIP ' vis To PITTSBURGH 22, PA. 'fu , I -J I 1 -:sf J-I QU I A V fl: U 9 In 60' JIJJ Im ,I I I' of QL I I ,-L! A M L' , 1: IVV I 1 ' - . EV' XVI' Phone: ATIan'I'lc I-4575 ,. , L L2 Ly' 3 PW IUIVLYM 41 MURRYSVILLE DRIVER EDUCATION SCHOOL OFFERING 3 Complere Courses in Driving For AII Age Groups Qualified Ins+ruc+ors Safe DuaI ConI'roIIed Cars Charfered Praciice RouI'es Reasonable RaI'es Phone FAirview 7-0890 I' irvvuw :fn fi?--fffm' I .If ,I ' ' 11 Patrons Dr. ScI1eIcIer Dr. Cirbus LivengoocI's MarIceI' McHugI1's Varie+y Cozy Inn TAYFPRW 'i,UI3'rI5H'I'9 FPNIFANY - , 1 54-'f"'W ' , x rf , gf 1 r w w x ! R ' 'Ely fm' sg Y L ,, .M y 5 r I ff ww., 3 L ' a V L , 1 Y J . 'A sq I, "Q, L . ,,., L mg, . 1 . , Var' W, .' ' ' . , 'sf '- 1 . . , , H.. .:' AX '-'zfhqfizg k .' ,ff an "Q , , Wh-. 'V . - ' .fb iw, ' - .. A . 4 V Q . -, . , 'tg-Q , '- ' yn, sg ' - .- M, ' ' "-mf - . "QQ ' , 1 'Pxg,f'f"'fs:, . Q29'?B',a . ' ' Qi, H ' ff. " fx-CE' V , , P' ,. - , "H "Wife: x - I '- ,"2'Qt1ff, tsp., ., 'V X 0 --4 12' 4. 1 --A " 'K ' in N' 1 V' " Aw. X X: ., ' U' 'S "3'4'l1f'5!Yi5'i.h - "wmv, " ' ' , , " ' - ' ' 1 N-A S5554 2 X f, 1 :.- -Lg, , ., - 3 y ki XMN . A ' tW,,L.?k' - K A xx x""'i.,,,,,-0 V f ,.x5vI.,. t' f k A Q W .....,sgn V, W - ,mn My Y P n3 ..kW-K , VA ,Q I - . .' '14, V,.M.W,, . M--.., b.,:1, 'X . - ..... HMA". I f , . .tl 1. ,4.g,,,- -v-1 ,.,. , , .ww - K . ,Al f 7J.,J'iv A ,Ll Manu l I' www ,a np, 2 L -N 6, -7" y ,y,gg.'t ' VJ, , ' , , ' 5-1 ' . , ' f'f'g1 5' 1 I' ,'T15'.KJ7: Vi 5 Q ' ' 1? Y: ff - us: Ewf Q V ,av ' 4 M 13 1' if-F z' ly. -A 113-4 7 li' 1 -E ' , g?rg.,4:. 1' Q . - . wi 1 V, W , 'fbh L2 fy, 15 . ' 1' If 5: , Nj 1 N .,--, ff -4- 5' 'Y w " , . V V, , , ,,k?,?,'!, . ,.-fi. ' 3 1 v' x 5 . ' f A , 1 ,Tv 'if'5k.Y Q ,,. , gm, up ' 1 u . ,,.. , ,. , .QA , . 15 " ' D ' ,, M3-ff:-z '- 4- 3 .. K' 594 ,A , 5 , k-3" :-' -4 5 D , 7' 1 . ,... .135 , W H f"': v ' '1,,,'4-4 , 7 ., N' 1539 '?1?S?J F . 5 5 1 I I A 3 I E v . ? ' 0 f . 4 .

Suggestions in the Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) collection:

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