Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1955 volume:

il - a ,-A-.- Vv.- A , , X I- , ., , ,---.,N.--W .W ,., , 4 A VA , V mr, vw W X' ' , y' f A un- ' . " . ' . . - 4 V1 v , r . 41- 'z ' - - - I7 i-A---if. L:Lf'fl1ffu.- r TE. 1,-,lil f..,r"f 1 .1 vw4f13M.u- 19.4 w'.'gi - ,f:L:1.E'.1:Y'.L3.1.4 1..L'1.1.'L".' 11:14 r. rx 0 'ii I"1 ,,,. 755 ,Ll fg 9,1 P jx Z 4 -1 .41 H, A 'N .' ! 271 .HI IQ! P7 Z 4 ri A. -fi JIL: 'R Tu .,, if M' .5 . ,J fi U lf? .M is r ffl wg sr QE ,JH '35 1 if I -4 In -Q r ff"b ac ell A l,f Q it pn I I n I gg ,f pl wwf 1 A ,p-fr'-ww .V r'-r-P1 :rf wr-1'-1 ,4,Jl1a1l-1l.NL.fv-Ji-jnaflpg. 4 ,H ar Q.-lm "N" M I 'JH If Livfui:'J.?4i.'4-an 1 M T442 f j 'ff' "-49-'vw my I-futjlth xi..-175i3r'?.-f if ein ,iff A-W7 155 rf' V .I 'YL nn: ,H 35 Wa' vp -. . if: W wi bf, wi 3'-Q! 4 I ,WZ . ir., 'W 'HQ AJ Li n 4 L jf, Le 1,7 V ' , ' -- If - 1 r 1 f -'slr-1 - ,vv--A -- vb- . -, .Y 1 - -1 -..,. -,W .- --.- V .- -1 ' L, .V 'G . : :Q LL 1 ' 11 il-Q " ffff ''fLv7 GFV- owdu podners. Well here we are - our first uear and qou seniors gore last on a brand new range Ahm here to gurde uou through gore 1955 Qurll 0h but Z frrst ah better rntroduce -..-545' ,gr mahself Ah rn Franhre the Longhorn So now rf uou ll just turn that o tx gt V p . . . uw V txt t X corner ah'll start mah W 1 b. jh S955 Quill iffr 1- , f 4' GZANHLIN We HIGH Scnool MURRVSVILLE QENNSVLVANI he oreman ln appreciation for the help and guidance glven to us 1n the past years at Franklm we the Semors of 55 dedlcate Ih1S year book to Mr Wllllam WaSk0Sk16 We would also hke to acknowledge our other sponsors Mlss LOIS Blsh Mlss Helen Strlglos and Mrs Ruth Thon Mxss Blsh 1 5' W: Mrs Thon MxssStr1g1os I .0 ,. 1 n 9 f-,A ' 4 1 w heels 135 , MP! x if MAY' K a -I QC Q School Board Mr. L. Simmons, Mr. D. Whitehead, Mr. L. Miller, Mr. H. Hughes. Mr. L. Fisher. Mr. John Swacus Principal Mr. Ray McCauley Elementary Supervisor Mr. Lee Ellsworth Supervising Principal Secretaries: Miss Senchur, Miss Fitz, Miss Pritchard aft :Qin A' Miss Lois Bish Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Language - Language Club .-rl' s X 'F IQ' Mr., Samuel Bohinc Duquesne University B.S. Mathematics - Sr. 8: Jr. High - Boys Athletic Club MIS that French 01' SP9-IHSH7' "That'll cost you 150 words' ange -2'1" I I Mr. Peter Caliendo University of Pittsburgh B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics - Music Ap- preciation Club 'That's jazzy, real jazzy' Mr. Robert Cieslik St. Francis College B.A. University of Pittsburgh M.Ed. History - Rifle Club 'Sit down' an 4-F" Q, itz? Mrs. Evelyn Ference Duquesne University B.S. Music - Chorus Club - Band 'Keep those drums quiet' Mr. John Gearhard Slippery Rock State Teach- ers College B.S. Mathematics - Tinker Craft Club 'I don't know what I'm going to do with you people' 6 x gi-' cg . , , 1 wav' x 4 - 1 ,t X ' Mr. Edward Campbell West Virginia Institute of Technology B.S. Shop and Mechanical Draw- ing - Model Building Club "People! People 1' I, V :X i i if Qieg f Mr. Robert Amalong University of Pittsburgh B.S., M.Ed. History - Guidance Coun- selor 'Whaaat' Mr. Hugh Gilmour University of Pittsburgh B.S., M.Litt. English - Dramatic Club 'I beg your pardon' 4' tau G no-0" at , ,S X 5 4 ,kg Y H ,Q A. ' ' i ,,, - s is Q 'Pl If 'V 3 1 1, , - J Ai V ykgyr N ' 1' ' 1 ,H Mr. Robert Hamilton Mrs. Mary Lou Lazar Mr. Edward Long Mr. Walter Mclunkin Penn State University B.S. Indiana State Teachers Indiana State Teachers indiana State Teachers College B.S. College B.S. College B.S. Varsity Club - Physical Art , Art Club Home Economics - Sr. F. Commercial - Camera Education and Health aD0nft Scratch the desks' H.A. Club Club 'Get a load of that sexy..." "You girls' "Let's get quiet' P .uv iders . Q r 1 1 'S-, Q J Mr. Donald Christain Hiram B.A. University of Pittsburgh M.Ed. Sciences - Science Club KThose are just stupid mis- takes' Miss Laura E. Miller Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Elementry Music - Mixed gl Girls Chorus 'Now watch me-please' I KKK i 4 Mrs. Katherine Neal Indiana State Teachers College B.S. Home Economics-Jr. High F.H.A. Club 'tAll right girls' Q-1. ft' Mr. Curtis Rohm Mrs. Laura Remaley University of Pittsburgh Penn State University Geography - Girls Hobby C lub Washingfml 8: Jefferson College B.A. University of Pittsburgh M.Ed. Sciences - Visual Aids Club 'Now there are some stud- ents...' '51 'To the best of my know- ledge . . . ' K G f fix s X ,-is Ce.: X' x . U I ' I b 4, E K rv' 14 0 1" 'T Mr Richard Rometo Mr Thomas Schute Mrs Evelyn Stephan St VINCE!!! B A Umverslty of Maryland Shppery Rock State Tea English Newspaper Spon B S M,S chers College B S 501' Agronomy Xt Crop Prod Physical Education and 1I'Sl POW gum ln the uctxon Agrtculture F Health Sr Hlgh Gxrls basket F A Club Athletlc Club Put the chalrs on the whxte Honestly'7' gc bloc ks' Mrs Ann Gasper St Francls School of Nurslng School Nurse Are you feellng better? Mr Cecll Wllloughby Clarion State Teachers College B S Hxstory Geography Sr 81 Jr Hlgh Boys Athletnc Club Natlonal Honor Soc tety Sponsor Jr Hlgh Basketball coach People uulet V' Mrs Ruth Thon Carnegle lnstltute of Tech nology B S M. Ed. Commerclal News paper Sponsor All rlght people now let's settle down. -K" 4' Mr Carl Volberg Umverslty of Plttsburgh Industrlal Arts Archery Club 'Sure thnn .af- I Q.,-I Mr W1ll1am Wasknslue St Francls College BA Umverslty of Plttsburgh M Lxtt Engllsh Year Book Clul Quick llke a bunny Mlss Helen Strlglos Umversxty of Pxttsburgh Commercxal Year Book Club 'Somebody better call Strem a if mix gun' WI' Mxss Ida Jean Wxester Waynesburgh College B A Soclal Studles Hlstory Geology Club If that 1sn't enough work to keep you busy l'll glve you some more' 9:6 -Ks. 'av if '?'9' X I P' Q 0 'F '. , '. . . " J' . CY . C ' 'ef 1 , -L l .- ' I ' . .g I ' ' B.S. .F. - . , - , 1- I - i . . , f M H Q ' V? as V E ,ey I T 'NX . . . - .XXX ? ,ll K A '- , g, -gi V A . . .- .. . ' g' ' -'.' I " ' . lv A Q' 11 v H V I --f ,Q 1 X ' . B "' T'-v V 'f' ' ' " ,' x 4,kL T 'Sv .Z QQ, 0' 1 '52 -7 Q h e Q33 e r d 6,7 99 If jf bl J" ,, ,,'f:a 5 , C v- ,, f - J eff' Q " , ' 2 if .- f I3 K f-in -' .-:i N, .. -' ' YW ' ff f 4 I fl' j' J! f S ff-ff 4 MMAQ f Demns Bush Sandra Fnesell -413: f'5" 1-wang I ang' ""e'--mv" i wi' if 7197 M,,,,mw "m5.,1 Eileen Tomer 'ff Donald Jones I an ig Janice Mayer Frank Kosmack Ronald Beamer Ronme Gul Mlxed Chorus 3 4 F F A Play 3 Mlnstrel 'R 3 Agnculturc Club 3 Jana Brady an rottcn llttlf, kld Mlxed Chorub 3 4 Qulll 3 4 Ncwspapcr 3 -I Play 3 4 Natlonal Honor SOCICU MIDQITCIS Norma Bruggrman llruggm how bout that ,N Ncwopapcr 4 Glrls C horus4 L amcraf lub3 xwx Dennls Bush Danny posltlvglv Mlxed Chorus 2 3 4 Student Councll Prcsl dent Play 3 F F A Mlnbtrel 3 Agrluul ture C lub 3 hay kldl Tlnkcr C lub 4 Agrluulturn Club 3 if Vxrglma C lark Umm oh brother Camera Club 3 4 Gerald Clme Wmdy you know what? Rifle Club3 4 F F A Carolyn Collme lootsln ,R l Holy Cow Varsltv Club 4 Cheurlgadcr 2 3-I Mxxad Chorus 3 Play 3 4 Qulll 34 Mlnwtrcl 3 Ov. 53 iq 63' G: ,nk 1.4 I 17 I l x M A n K xy" ' s Q - ' , , .. - ., v , 1 rj , - - "J ' X . , 1' x H -' I 3 I , 2. 1 I 5 1 ,Z lv , " '." kv U 1 nw 1 F, 0 'if'-xg: . xg'-1 , . hr -li .' H Aux 5 I 'I H i n 3 . , v , L . 4- '-3 1 1 1 A ' 1 " -' Harry Casper "Pew" .. , , .. 1... a. 'f ' 3 1 " ' I . --C- g ' Mi", -r I ' " I U n 1 1 1' 1 A H ' ' c U 1 43 , I I - U 3 ."'n 9-1 J :lb :T .35 'x if? ll f I f 1 v C1 I, Q5 .H , , l A , 'l .5 S" . X L l XM li as Albert Drenjevxch Sonnv mmmm boy MlX6d Chorus 2 3 4 Mlnstrcl 3 Rifle Club 3 4 Varslty 3 June Eckels Jumf. Oh you re xmpossxblc Glrls Chorus 3 Newspaper 3 4 Rlfle Club 3 4 MIXGG Chorus 3 4 Mmstrel 3 Sandra Frxesell Frxz ooh! shmnyl G1rls Varslty 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 3 Qulll 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Glrls Chorus 4 Varslty Club 4 Play 3 4 Mxnstrel 3 D1d l mlss anythmg yesterday Varslty Club 1 2 3 4 Varslty 1 2 3 4 LEWIS Gelger Lowe Hey how bout that! Rlfle Club 3 4 Freda Glunt Frltf 'Mani ohl Man! R1fle Club 34 GIYIS Chorus 34 M1xed Chorus4 Peggy Green Peggy Oh no Glrls Varslty 3 4 Varslty Club 4 Freda Gruber 'roots You re no cooperanng Camera Club 3 4 59 uf 'S wow is-2 vi ii 'L- gn 191 offs YES-r fi,-N Pvcmcz ,I " VJ M Ll: I ,QQ R411 infill x U x ,sf , 'U ..- Q, . Q , . , , Q ' -Q Q 'sl 1' l . , u 1 , . I X , A " I V I A. I : n I . 9 ' I t C - an - nu , 4, u - rr ldv- 'V' . . . - . JA fj, : . Q ' . af- C ' Bepny Gebrosky "Benny" 7 .N X ' XXV u - . . 1: X -4 - .ly lg S . ' ' 'L ,Z -wx ., rw ' , Q ' ' . 1 ' ' . - x . . A , 1 C 5 ,. QW '3,lJ'7"'4 Y 7 X . .Ili 2 ,A 4 ' 2" It -Ho, 4 gf. glnlfm gt lk , 1 .4 ,. 4 VLJ2 .DIY if Anog P9 NPRM. 3 195'-I SJ Barbara Grudowsk1 Babs Hell have kxttens Play 34 G1rls Chorus 34 College Club Mlxed Chorus 34 Mmstrel 3 QU111 34 Stephen Hayes Steve can t afford lt Play 3 4 F F A Agrlculture Club 3 Rlfle Club 3 Qu1ll 4 Joseph lllxenbaugh Rebel H1 chlef Varsity Club 34 F FA Baseball 3 Varslty 2 3 Donald Jones Bones H1 Buddy Varslty 2 3 4 Play 3 Mmstrel 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Mixed Chorus Annette Kapera Ann Man Al1ve G1rls Chorus 3 4 R1fle Club 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 G1rls Athletlc Club 3 Frank Kosmack Glzmo Oh yea Varslty 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Vars1tyClub3 4 Qu1ll 4 Mlxed Chorus 1 2 3 Baseball 2 3 4 Mmstrel 3 I orrame Kuzmk Loupe Wnll Vou qult that Newspaper 4 Asslstant Manager of G1rls Team 4 Qu1ll 4 G1rls Athletle Club 4 Regls l arouure Repee We ll Play 4 Newspaper 4 Stage Crew 234 Model Buxldxng 3 ""v. M xv-! V 1' M . . l I u lr if 13 -.. ' 4 ft" ' ' 3 . , 1 ' ,Q 3 ' . X. Q t .. A . ,. y ,Q ,L ' 1 fa F lg, 3-.2 ,.,, I U l ' 3 1 A 3 ' 1 - if X 4 , l C 5 ' , 3 . 5 . , JF' Wi, 1' ' 2 ' 1 ' ' Y - x ,msg 3 4 " ll' " I k J L ' I -Y ' 1 . . 1 dy 9 q O A' ., i I ' , Robtrm I oak ard Rob Oh for heavens sake Clrls Varsltx 3 4 Cxrls Athlctxc Club 3 4 Lrnt st Mans Dlrty Erme May l bt Lxtused? Varslty 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Qu1ll4 M1n strtl 3 Varslty Club 3 4 Patrxua Marsthlk at Don t say that lrls Varsity 3 4 Quill 3 Varslty Club 4 Sr Clrls Athletlc Club 3 Mary Mastorowch Clem Well well well Clrls Chorus 3 4 Glrls Athletic Club 3 4 M nstrcl 3 Newspaper l 2 3 Qulll 3 Janlce Mayer an Any one have a penc1l? Class Presldent 4 Qulll 3 4 May Court 3 Plav 3 4 G1rls Chorus 4 College Club 3 Eleanor McGurk Eleanor Oh beans Qulll 3 Girls Chorus 34 Newspaper 3 4 Mxnstrel 3 Frank Muller Frank l don t know Rlfle Club 3 4 Ronald Moost 'MOOSIC Oh manl Tmker Craft Club 4 Agrlculture Club 3 -frm. :Wav "" -uv pf JUNIOR BRKESFPLE MFIY I5 V515 fx -3 K j -4 "' ' f' ,, L N. X X , f an s 41- "" 7-'PR' r-Q, fi ai im.- ix- 5, 7 051-uv GnLLop OCSTOBER O '9 S H J f:"T5X C harlcs Nystrom Jltnev l ll Wflle my congressman F F A Volleyball 3 4 Agrlculture Club 3 Shelby Patty Shelb Oh for goodness sake Glrls Chorus 34 MlXCd Chorus 3 4 Play 3 4 Mlnstrel 3 Qulll 3 4 College Club 3 Alvln Peterson 'xlvln H1 ya' Rlfle Club 4 Agrlculture Club 3 Student Fnuncll 3 Dean Peterson Porky l m go1ngdownNewlonsburg Varslty 34 Baseball 234 Varslty Club James Pfelff r Jimmy lndubxtably Rlfle Club 4 MlXLd horus 12 34 Stage Crew 1 2 3 4 Mlnstrel 3 Richard Prlmozlc Hy drxve aww Mlss B1Sh Athletu. Club 4 Rlfle Club 3 Marxe Remaley LIZ Crzpe Mlnstrel 3 Newspaper2 3 4 M1xedChorus4 Clrls Chorus 3 4 Thomas Revolt Tom l don t know? Varslty 2 3 4 Baseball 12 Newspaper 3 ull 3 Rlfle Club 3 Varsm Club 34 '13 S -5 g h 'ff ,nf 5'-. j , - "' 4' 9 V , 1 . . ., ,, . ,,.,. U n , K M L. k'k .lin 44, me y H 4 I F I. . ii 1 N 4.4, , n F f 3 -3. R I U . 1 1 4 A 513 23,4 F'F:Al. n 1 Q Q X 1 ll ' H , ,. 1 - - . . , C . f - . " . ' ' ' ' '-- , , '11, If 1 . . . ,, - A ,, Q1 Q1 C N. Q u .Q 'H C Q 1 il 4 Hatue Rubrlght Hattle You do II Mmstrel 3 Newspaper 34 Quxll 3 M1X6d Chorus 3 Gxrls Chorus 3 4 Kay Rubrlght Kane Don t have a coronary M1xed Chorus 4 Qu1ll 4 Cheerleadmg 1 2 34 Varsity Club 4 Play 3 Class Vlce Pres1dent4 Peggy Rubrlght Pe Scroungel Qu1ll 4 Manager of Glrls Basketball Team 3 4 Glrls Athletlc Club 3 4 Frank Ruzbarsky Tony Where s that cute gtrl? Volleyball 1 2 3 4 Agrmulture Club 3 F F A 4 Arlene Schake Shake Oh kxdsl Chorus 234 G1rls Chorus 234 Band 1 234 Qulll 4 Play 4 Class Presldent Elleen Schall All rxghty Glrls Chorus 34 Mmstrel 3 Mus1c Ap preclatlon Club 4 M1xed Chorus 3 Clrls Athletlc Club 3 Play 3 4 Henry Schall Hen That s a blast Mmstrel 3 Mxxed Chorus 12 3 4 Qulll 4 Play 3 4 Nauonal Honor Soc1ety Nelsle Sman e l wonder Newspaper 3 4 Mlnstrel 3 Student Councll 4 Quxll 3 Gnrls Chorus 3 3 ,-rf ,4- ii- 40 rv-vp, ,,f"' s,-.x VX.. f K Q y Q NIISTLETOE 555 2,2 -I-VVIRL. za- img: if 16 "Pu ' ' " ' " V,"-V M -l' . ll - -I ' 9: ' L . 2 ' Q ' ,V Q 1 ' u n il gl It . . . it .. . n 4 2 as ,:" A 29 ' Varsity Club 43 Cheerleading 2,3,4g Mixed A ,- , . Q ' . , 3 4 " 1, fad if 4 4 , , , 1 ' 1 1 ' fe' T 2'3' I QM-, V. f ,, , uEi,. . ' . . 44N ln 5:gi-vv ll ll X . . . I . J . 1 ' 3 I 1 ' 1 ' - ' ' I , ' 7 'V yn W, ,W Joseph Slrcely oe "That s great Play 3 4 Qulll 4 Rlfle Club 3 4 Sherman Smlthbower Sherm By damn Student Councxl Model Club 3 Mlxed Chorus Accompamest 4 Genevleve Smnth Gen l m headlng for the coaches OfflCC Glrls team 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 Varslty "- Club 2 3 4 Sr Glrls Athletlc Club 3 M1 Lois Stlffy Stlffy You should have seen Newspaper 3 4 Quxll 3 Frank SILICK Frank All rlght era Club 3 Patrlcla Stutz Patty 'There he goes Play 4 Glrls Chorus 34 Newspaper 3 4 Mmstrel 3 Qulll 3 Lawrence Swank Larrl' A11 rlght you boys cut ll out Vocauonal Agnculture Club 4 Art Club 2 3 K Wxllxam Thomas Power Gllde O K No gooflng you boys 4 Volleyball 4 Art Club 3 Rlfle Club 4 E so B E SALE 1 FEB 7 C555- 73 f w-N, ff' . IJ I I 'Z' gv 1 rm it ' v y 1 p - 'S " " x A .. . 1 . ,, S 'Ay 4 ml ,.: Z, ' y. 'Q If - . u . M l ' .45 'wh , g ' . fr, Baseball 2,3,4g Boy's Athletic Club 45 Cam- bf " - lg Y I K Y '.! ' H ,Ugg if " . 51' t .: .: 9- L, ,, U D . . N '- I m HK f nl '3 l I f. ff, . a , Q n A m 15 1 John 'l homson 'Clank' "Fabulous" Boys Athletic Club 43 Mixed Chorus l,3,43 Play 3.43 Minstrel 33 Rifle Club 3. Eileen Tomer "Ili "Thats for sure' Quill 3,43 Play 33 Newspaper 2,3,43 National Honor Societyg May Court 33 College Cluh 2, William Voithofer "Voitie" "Thats right Joe' F,F,A,Q Volleyball 43 Baseball3 Agriculture Club 3. Virginia Vunovich "Ginny" "Wow Wow' Mixed Chorus 3,43 Rifle Club 43Girls Chorus 2,3,4Q Yearbook 3. Esther Jean Watt "Esther' "Ah Come on Pat' Quill 33 Newspaper 2,3,43 Minstrel 3. Gretchen Yant "Gretch" "Well Really" Girls Varsity 1,2,3,43 Varsity Club 2,3,4Q Girls Chorus 3,43 Band 2,3,41 Quill 3,43 Play 3,43 Minstrel 3. 6' We 7 ,Z ..- ,A - nn. E , '52, Z 'WI'--- in UQ 1 fm. 'Q"'5 in :ff A? . sf iww 'YT' Senior Officers - Kay Rubright, Janice Mayer, Tommy Revolt QW! I 'milf' - K ld n ,MW L M P. A l E R WORDS J NEECKELS Music C Y Faeuce LMA ATER TRUE HMB Gmamus LET TRY FLAG- OF WISDOM FLY KLLOLJ FORTH THY PRIDE. VICTCRIOUS NPA OLS RANKLIN KGB WILL vw OUR seavscno 'mee PNB wa smsusm TD Rl-tem THYGORLS UI-HKI-IIIEIJIJIQIII n!:l' r'E"l:::Il:-'gl um Home em mreumntE,fQmmNH1wSwoL,aLue mn com. Aim in , M - ga fb' l U Eg PWR Wg., gf Q ' 4 g 's AS 4 bfi .7 wwf 'Q' 4 ' Miki' fag! fa r , 'X k Ms LTX X 1 5 Y V v yu , L Y The f" 5 ,,, Row One: R. Rutter, E. Murray, P. Venus, E. Lucas, P. Katkowski, M. Frescura, J.Clement, Mrs. Neal. Row Two: P. Perfette, E. Shaw, J. Grudowski, G. Mower, R. Gebrosky, E. Watt, P. Williamson, C. Meyer, Mr. Rohm. Row Three: L. Egloff, D. Thomas, P. Porterfield, T. Krushinski, C.Skena, H. Remaley, G. Stutz, Mr. Gearhard. lHli0Y Row One: G. Lavrich, M. Mance, C. Fisher, M. Maxwell, M. Lowes, C. Coulter, P. Good, A. Mayer. Row Two: M. Norton, G. Thompson, B. Bell, D. Lindstedt, B. Thompson, J. Kalback, C. Bryan, L. Shirer. Row Three: S. Bartkus, G. Restauri, R. Rubright, M. Elias, D. Marinelle, R. Scott, H. Smith, W. Kline. 1 T "1 u, Q A S i Y Row One: C. Cassarly, N. Doyle, C. Yanko, J. Cappa, R. Urick, L. Smith, D. Lockard. Row Two: D. Anderson, A. Moose, V. Pivic, L. Rebich, R. Fish, S. Lott, A. Kemerer. Row Three: G. Earl, G. Byrd, J. Morris, R. Buffington, G. Dency, J. McGuigan, R. Jones. ,lass Row One: L. Wagner, R. Smith, D. Stella, J. Klavon, M. Pivic,N. Lamb,C.Urick. Row Two: J. Anderson, h. shirley, D. Marschik, P. Bush, B. Miller, B. Polhamus, P, Shaw, Row Three: D. Hanson, G. Kilgore, R. Wertz, D. Kidney, M. Sinan, A. Shuster, K. Remaley. 1 .. K X1 4'8- -, -xx Row One: R. Rivardo, E. Mesalle, J. Bryan, W. Pass, J. Popovich, L Lott, B. Kohosek, M. Foster, G. Snyder, J. Lapcavic, L. Katkowski. Row Two: E. Frescura, M. Heaven, K. Staub, D. Diehl, E. Faulk, G. Restauri, R. Liprando, R. Kachilo, G. Homce, K. Korach, V. Jones, Row Three: J. Shero, N. Emmanuel, P. Wilt, S. Soles, W. Pass, J. Lavarich, R. DeBiase, R. DeK1ever, A. Rivardo, K. Galucci, K. Krotz. Row Four: R. Persin, W. Brady, G. Leeds, E. Klingensmith, R. Wertz, V. Skerly, W. Gorton, C. Kozuch, W. Gebrosky, K. Noca. Row Five: M. Starn, R. Shannon, R. Fatur, C. Allen, R. Cable, S. Eckles, R. Gebrosky. fophomore lass Row One: J. Schake, B. Welsh, N. Krushinksi, G. McGurk, R. Leger, B. Whitehead, B. Tomer, L. Grigor, D. Clark, D. Shannon, B. Shannon, V. LaBryar. Row Two: S. Shaw, H. Ruzbarsky, J. Snyder, M. Swaskey, J. Lacaria, R. DeZanet, D. Stairs, E. Primozic, E. Green, J. Davidson, D. Ackerman. Row Three: W. McCollum, R. Kiefer, R. Daugherty, J. Mance, B. Mika, N. Guy, R. Stewart, B. Rubright, L. Glunt, Yeager, R. Prattt. Row Four: J. DeCecco, J. Maxwell, S. Kilgore, G. Nelson, H. Glunt, T. Stahl, W. Parker, R. Nagle, T. Miller, Mr. Amalong, Mr. Cieslik, Mr. Gilmore. Row Five: B. Reese, D. Reck, J. Webb, C Kachilo. Q...-f ' 1 il i ff ,,, 2 Row One: C. Carnahan, S, Fern, R. Barber, M. Cramer, C. Kelly, E. Watt, T. Swanson, J. McGurk, A. Kemerer, D. Haney. Row Two: T. Denny, R. Moore, I. King, L. Patty, J. McGoff, S. King, R. DeCecco, M. Williamson, R. Etichson, J. Kistler, M. Revolt. Row Three: C. Williams, L. Glunt, J. Knox, C. Vunovich, H. Wright, M. Rittko, W. Nagle, R. Cornali, A. Sircerly, M. Holodnik, M. Watt. Row Four: P. Kosmach,- R- Rllbfighta M. Diehl, D. England, B. Huffman, I-l.Hale, M. Kukich, T. Klavon, P. Watt. reshman lass Row One: R. Watson, J. Patterson, G. Campbell, L. Stiffy, W. Weister, J. Ventura, R. Senchur, M. Galucci, B. Gordon, A. Helmkem, G. Altman. Row Two: C. Primozic, R. Homce, J. Sircely, R. Eddy, S. Ritter, D. Remaley, J. Keibler, R. Crawford, C. Kemerer, G. Emmanuel, B. McKim, Mr. Caliendo. Row Three: S. Casper, H. McGurk, D. Wymer, G. Wohlin, R. Leighton, B. Dency, W. Staub, B. Petruska, J. Porter, P. Lucas, R. Morris, Mr. Rometo. Row Four: J. Shirley, R. Creighton, D. DelCanton, L. Jones, D. Pagan, D. Brown, D. Maxwell, W. Bush, D. Pfeiffer, L. Wall, N. Rutter, Mr. Bohinc. fl f fix - 'tierpf A A A 4 A un' .,, Eighth Grade Row One: C. Bryar, G. Krush' inski, C. DeBiase, J. Kral, C. Novak, C. Wilson, J. Sinan, J. Hay, S. Yant. Row Two: R. Remaley, S. Smith, D. Shero, M. Metrosky, D. Wright,J.Ny- strom, C. Frescura, J. lidney. Row Three: V. Stiffy, W. Will- iamson, W. Cline, G. Zukas, M. Burton, J. Clement, B. Kos- mack, K. Bush, C. Kasbrack. Row Four: J. Raspotnik, C, Hall, B. Conley, J. Rugh, G. Huggins, F. Swiss, G. Kukich, W. Eg- loff, B. Donelson. Row One: Mrs. Remaley, C. V0llb6rg, G. Cavada, B.Remic, G. Zebeisky, T. Larourere, C. Williams, R. Foster, D. Straley, L. Marschik. Row Two: Mr. CamPb911, R. Eberts, F. Swau- ger, R. Wilson, A. Tomer, S. Cl-ark, S. Gorton, P. Schake, B. Beatty. Row Three: Mr. Willoughby, G. Glunt, B. Gar- Ver, R. Pollock, P. Leeds, R. WRU, M. Glunt, R. Fisher, L. Marschik. Row Four: A. Reck, L- Cline, R. Urick,R.Summer- field, J. Stover, B. Lacaria, J. Pees, S. Baloga. Row One: A. Painter, J. Scar- lette, J. Bench. N. Gump. L. Lamb, G. Cain, R. Geiger, R. Yeager, D. Jones. Row Two: I. Kistler, C. Britz, M. Faulk, G. Campbell, M. Pass, L. Ear- nest, P. Kelly, J. Kalback, M. Greenaway. Row Three: J. Aver- ies, N. Keifer, D. Stoops, A. Borland, J. Pivic, J. Wertz, R. Urick, F. Cline, R. Kajimer. Row Four: P. Primozic, J. Stamm, J. DeK1ever, B. Berry, M. Wible, l-l. Martinelli, D. Swank, J. Trout, V. Temple. Seventh Grade Row One: K. Persin, B. Sin- dorf, M. Adamic,' Phillips, L. Williams, C. Jordon, C. Creigh- ton, J. Stella, A. Wadsworth. Row Two: L. Cupps, R. Cher- rie, N. Stewart, D. Whitehead, R. Eddy, S. Welsh, I. Morris, A. Shrock. Row Three: S. Wol- fram, C. Thompson, T. Heider, M. Thompson, G. Galloway, M. Lavrich, I. Foight, A. Primo- zic. Row Four: B. Watt, R. Watt, D. Posich, T. Wagner, B. Rugh, L. Wensel, L Pees. Row One: F. Shepard, J. Holo- dnik, S. Schall, R. Young, J. Kashurba, Laurouere, L. Marts, J. Lucas. Row Two: E. Peebles, M. Geiger, J. Ru- bright. A. Craig, Glunt, D. Nobbs, L. Bolden, J. Good. Row THree: R. Mance, P. Bump, D. Young, D. Mercer,J. Beatty, M. Siepal, B. Gillis, T. Kach- ilo. Row Four: C. Lowes, J. Walters, K. Swertzel, J. Mc- Gurk, R. Carnelli, D. Pederson, R. Hice, B. Kosmack. Row One: Mr. Vollberg, S. King, L. Schake, J. Cline,,P. Koch, J. Cline, R. Lucas, B. Cline, K. Emmanuel, J. Bortz. Row Two: Mr. Shutte, C. Keibler, J. Nystrom, P. Lott, B. Wash- burn, N. Cramer, .G. Haney, M. Haszak, K. Cornelli, K. Emmanuel. Row Three: Mr. Hamilton, K. Persin, J. Beatty, A. Rings, R. Geiger, E. Snu- der, Hykes, G. Hill, B. Beatty, D. Gallucci. Row Four: S. Mc- lntrye, J. Miller, J. Metrosky, P. Rishall, E. Shirer, E. Martz, K. Haney, T. Swanson. If I P--1 0 if eg I 'vu nd f"""'c 23? m'm ,vizg M. f f U X gays zz f - fa 0 X eff - v X ...- ? ...I ,41- -,A E. Tomer, H. Schall, J. Brady a tonal onor ocue To receive the pen of the National Honor Society is the highest honor a student at Franklin can re- ceive, The members are chosen for their service, scholastic achievement, leadership and character. Every year three juniors and two seniors, who are outstanding in these four qualities are selected by the faculty for this honor. 6 n E V, 6- X 1 545 Row One R Urick, J. Grudowski, S. Smithbower, D. Bush! R. Stewart, K. Persin, H Conchesky Row Two: D. Welsh, E. Huggins, J. Bryan,G.Cambel1, Mr Amalong w primozic, M. King, I. Ventura, B. Kosmack- tudent GUNCII The Szudent Council is composed of our classmates elected to represent us as a governing body. This year they inaugurated a Student Court which acts as a monitor for minor offenses. One of the aims of the Student Council is to coordinate the activities betweenthe administration and the student body. The president of the Student Council and the school president meet with the principal to discuss school policies. We an YI :af I , 7 'QM 6 J L .4-es 12 if A 1 x 1 , X - A g L b A. Schake, E. Tomer, P. Good, C. Collins S. Friesell, Miss Striglos, Mr. Washmskie K. Rubright, H. Schall. ROW One: B. Grudowski, J. Mayer, J. Bra dy, S. Patty, G. Yant, P. Rubright. Row Two. J. Slrcely, R. Stewart, F. KOSIIHCKJ G. Smith, E. Mares, G. Kilgore. Q un -up rew I ROUNQ U gil Sitting: J. Eckels, H. Rubright. Standing: Mrs. Thon, E. Tomer, E. Watt, R. Stewart, N. Sinan lEd.J, L. Kuznik, E. McGurk, J. Brady, P. Stull, Mf- Rometo. Sitting: L. Stiffy, C. Meyer, G. Zukas, C. Bryar, E. Watt, M. Remaley. Standing: D. Yeager, R. Lar- ourere, D. Pederson, Larourere, J. Foight, D. Diehl, B. Watt, A. Schroch, M. Burton, B. Sindorf, S. Bal- oga, J. Cline, M. Thompson, B. Petruska, S. Wolfram, M. Revolt, L. Egloff, G. McGurk. Jr. High Boy's Athletic Club Row One: R. Pollock, W. Bush, R. Remaley, R. Crawford, J. Nbrgan, D. Remaley, E. Marts, D. Galucci, J. Holodnik, I. Bortz, J. Beatty, K.Emmanuel, J. Rubright. Row Two: R. Wat- son, P. Rishell, W Weister, G. Emmanuel, T. Kemerer, B. Beatty, R. Lucas, G. Haney, J. Morris, E. Swanson, K. Schwor- zel. Row Three: C. Wilson, R. Summerfield, B. Lacaria, J. Bend, S. Casper, R. Lucas, P. Shero, R. Eddy, J. Nystrom, l. cupps, B. Gillus, R. Wash- burn. Row Four: G. Knox, J. McGurk, J. Stella, R. I-lomce, R. Eddy, R. Geiger, G. Glunt, D. Posick, D. Hykes, D. Stra- Ley, J. Beatty, L. Bolden. Row Five: M. Willoughby, R. Hice, R. Nagel, L. Wall, J. Stover, J. Rugh, T. Wagner, J. Stoops, B. Stabb, D. England, R. Cor- nelle, Mr. Swacus. n"0n Varsity Club Row One: P. Green, G. Smith, G. Yant, P. Marschik, C. Col- lins, S. Friesell. Row Two: Mr. McJunkin, B. Gebrosky, A. Schake, K. Rubright, F. Kos- mach, J. Cappa. Row Three: T. Rebolt, E. Mares, J. Hixen- baugh, E. Stover, D. Peterson. .Paco an , , 2 -"YWOy', 0 3 ppztox' fhp 8 Sr. High Girl's Athletic Club Row One: Mrs. Stephan, C. Fre- scura, J. Clement, N. Krushin- ski, G. Mmwer, J. Schake, P. Katkowski, M. Galucci, B. Re- mic. Row Two: P. Perfette, J. Patterson, B. McKim, L. Kat- kowski, E. Lapcevic, M. Foster, P. Lucas. Row Three: C. Coul- ter, B. Thompson, R., L. Rebich, R. Fish, D. Ander- son, N. Doyle. Row Four: R. Smith, P. Porterfield, N. Lamb, D. seem, M. swasxey, R. Lip- rando, G. Restauri. Archery Club Row One: L. Ernest, C. V011 berg, Helder, R. Senchur, C. Brtiz, J. Pees, C. Williams. Row Two: B. Beatty, L. Pees, L. Patty. Row Three: Mr. Voll- berg, P. Kelly, J. Shirley, D. Keibler, S. Ritter, L. Stiffy, M. Watt. Row Four: W. Cline A. Reck, R. CeCecco, A. Will- iams. Row Five: W. Keefer, R. Daugherty, L. Martinelli, J. Stamm. 'I .., I '4 -..f ' -"Tis" f 'e-. - 'N A -A -fe Wm .. - Rifle Club Row One: C. Skena, J. Sircely V. Vunovich, A. Drnjevich, J Eckels, D. Hanson. Row Two: A. Kapera, F. Glunt, B. Mc- Caulley, T. Krushinski, D Lockard. Row Three: Mr. Cies- lik, J. Pfeiffer, A. Peterson, F Miller, L. Geiger, W. Kline R. Buffington. 4 5 S Camera Club Row One: V. LaBryar, E. Green, D. Clark, L. Gregor, B.Tomer, V. Clark. Row Two: E. Lape, M. Soles, R. Ruzbarsky, K. Staub, B. Shannon, D. Stairs, Mr. Long. Row Three: R. Pratt, B. Kohosek, G. Homce. R. De- Klever, R. Scott, D. Ackerman, J. Lavrich. ! 0? 2 ' In! 5,41 Music Appreciation Club Row One: Mr. Caliendo, E Schall, S. Eckels, V. Pivic A. Moose. Row Two: R. Leger R. Kachilo, S. Shaw, V. Skur- ley. Row Three: B. Rubright, B. Mercer, J. Good, C Keib- ler, H. McGurk. 6- ,J 'R 1 , X XL A Art Club Row One: B. Cline, N. Gump, C. Craig, G. Hill, S. Mack- enter, N. Stewart, J. Scarlette. Row Two: L. Wahner, M. Max- well, D. DelCanton, B. Miller, E. Shaw, B. Conley, J. Kachilo, B. Donaldson, S. Gordon, P. Gump, Mr. Hamilton. , , is ,, ,M xv I -.Q v -- Drama Club Row One: C. Casserly, Mr. Gilmour, J. Klavon. Row Two: K. Korach, B. Bell, P. Bush, J. Maxwell. Row Three: B. Whitehead, S. Kilgore, A. Mayer. Language Club Miss Bish, J. Snuder, E.Faulk, , W. Pass, M. Gebrosky, D. Lind- stedt, H. Primozic, D.Shannon, G. Snyder. Science Club iQ. M W Q- 'ff Row one: C. Hail, J. Krau 'Ui ,Q 'V-M' A ,A - ' G. xrusmnski, J. Miner, s if, -5 fn King, R. Young, J. Brown. Row 1.5 dl' .. 'A . , Two: R. Moore, C. Kelly G ,ng ig sg Kuldch, T. Lamb, P. Leads R e X, f t W Geiger, J. Kalback. L. Mar vii schik, D. Wright, E. Peebles N--f 3- Mr. christian. F1 I is Y: I Jil 7- Jr il ,ix 5' fri' ',"' w fi-'."5'8' fi wwf ,Y ,xx , 4-K ,, +.....-. -4' L, 1 1 Geology Club Eli Row One: D. Whitehad, P. Koch, J. Cline, S. Smith, N. Cramer, C. Kasprack. R. Fisher. Row , Two: B. Kosmach, R. Hoffman, S. Wohlin, B. Rugh, A. Wads- 5 1 worth, Miss Weister. Row Three: H. Wright, R. Kojimer, - 3 . b J. McGoff, R. Urick, J. Res- K X A potnik. ' . XF' : 24 Sr. High F.H.A. Row Onez. G. Thompson. J. Kalback, M. Mance, S. Lott, E. Murray. Row Two: P. Will- iamson, B. Jones, B. Welsh, E. Messalle, G. Lavrich, M. Pivic, R. Rutter, C. Yanko, Mrs., Lazar. Row Threeg J. Lacaria, E. Frescura, K.Fish- er, M. Norton, C. Urick, M. Lowes. 5 165 F.F.A. Club Row One: H. Smith, F. Ruz- barsky, W. Brady, R. Beamer, M. Sinan, H. Shirley, C. Nys- trom. Row Two: Mr. Shutte, R. Rubright, R. Mica, D. Pet- erson, W. Gorton, H. Glunt,'K. Remaley, R. Maxwell, D. Bush, S. Hayes, A. Shuster, W. Voit- hofer, G. Cline, L. Swank, I. Hixenbaugh, E. Stover. tw- ,.,. Tinker Craft Club Row One: Mr. Gearhard, E, Lucas, E. Shaw, B. Polhamus, P. Venus. Row Two: E. Bov- ard, W. Pass, R. DeBiase, R. Vatura, L. Lott. Row Three: Smith, R. Moose, D. Marin- elle, D. Nagle. D. Marschik, H. Casper, L. Model Building Club Row One:R. Foster, K. Emman uel, K. Persin. L. Schake, R Mance. Row Two: R. Etchison, T. Dunn, D. Young, C. Jordon, J. Hay, R. Watt, G. Altman, C. Lowes. Row Three: Mr Campbell, D. England, H. Hale R. Barber, D. Marschik, G Campbell, I. Trout, L. Cline, I. Porter, D. Brown, W. Eg lofi, R. Eberts, P. Desland Visual Aids Club Row One: G. Aber, S. Barkus, K. Kemerer, D. Swank, G. Glunt, G. Cavada, M. Heaven, Mr. Rohm. Row Two: T. Miller, D. Reck, G. Dency, G. Stutz, T. Swanson, D. Haney, L. Glunt. Row Three: W. Gebrosky, J. Mance, R. Persin, R. Gordon, R. Bery, C. Kosuch. Row Four: D. Wymer, R. Cable, C. Allen, J. Shero, N. Guy, G. Byrd. I . ........- ' Q - - -- we W ' ,,---gl.--v Band Row One: D. Hanson, P. Good, B. Whitehead, A. Borland, M. Metrosky, D. Stella, E. Murray, B. Thompson, M. Heaven, R. Smith, D. Nobbs, S. Fern, A. Schake, I. Treb- ilcock, C. Vollberg. Row Two: J. Porter, T. Miller, W. Pass, M. Pass, C. Meyer, A. Wadsworth B. Miller, R. Fish, H. Martinelli, C. Hall, L. Pees, S. Kilgore, T. Krushinski, R. Sinan. Row Three: J. Foight, J. Miller, J. Rubright, G. Krushinski, R. Morris, J. Anderson, F. Kosmakc, G. Cambell, R. Kiefer, R. Barber, L. Wagner, J. Pees, B. Lacaria, B. Kosmack, R. Etchison, D. Hykes. Row Four: D. Swauger, S. Friesell, C. Creighton, G. Yant, G. Kilgore. O O M O O c. C3 4 dl . s L A3 0 4 ' TAG ' Y - fy , ,' 1 fa? 4 4-qs - , Qu J ' I w eww' 2 "1 sing. When I'm happy I sing, When I'm sadl Q sing. As a singer I'm a success, even though those who hear me don't always think so. They are sad when I sing, even sadder than l am when I sing at my saddest." . 'Q A Q . Q V 1 iv U' Q I or C7 .QL Jr. High Chorus Row One: K. Korich, V. Jones, B. Whitehead, I. Popovich, G. McGurk, B. Tomer, B. Welsh, J. Bryan, J. Schake, G. Zabelisky, J. Kidney, S. Welsh, A. Tomer, T. Larouere, L. Martz, D. Lott, J. Metrosky, C. Carnahan. Row Two: V. LaBryre, E. Faulk, M. Foster, K. Staub, B. Kohosek, E. Lapcevic, L. Katknwski, D. Sharmon, P. Geiger, F. Shepherd, J. Kashurba, I. Shire, L. Williams, D. Kistler, M. Williamson, I. Smithbower. Row Three: K. Rubright, G. Yant, R. Kachilo, M. Sawaskey, D. Stairs, E. Primozic, R. Pratt, G. Homce, E. Green, K. Haney, S. Thompson, L. Peas, S. King, M. Kepple, R. Watt, J. Walters, C. Primozlc. Row Four: J. Shero, R. DeBiase, R. Steward, M. Guy, W. Pass, B. Rubright, R. Persin, M. Holodnik, M. Ritko, R. Cornelli, M. Kukich, D. Maxwell, D. Pagen, P. Kosmoch. Row Five: W. Gebrosky, D. Swager, G. Nelson, G. Bvrd, S. Eckels, S. Kilgore, C. Kozuch, D. Yeager. Mixed Chorus Row One: B. Whitehead, V. Pivic, E. Lap- cevic, M. Foster, G. McGurk, C, Meyer, V. Jones, B. Grudowski, J. Bryan, B. Welsh, S- Patty, A. scnake, J. schake. Row Two: B. Miller, M. Pivic, M. Norton, K. Rubright, C. Casserly, C. Coulter, M. Remaley, E. Green, V. LaBryre, M. Sawasky, R. Fish, K. Korich, K. Staub, L. Wagner. Row Three: J. Klavon, G. Earll, D. Yeager, R. Persin, J. Shero, N. Guy, J. Brady, J. Eckels, M. Mance, P. Shaw, D. Stella, M. Lowes, R, Stewart. Row Four: R. Wertz, J. Pfieffer, D. Bush, S. Eckels, A. Drnjevich, R. Scott, H. Schall, J. Thompson, M. Sinan, C. Bryan, I-I. Smith, S. Smithbower, R. Beamer, W. Brady. Girl's Chorus Row One: V. Jones, V. Plvic, A. Mmose, P. Willianson, E. Murray, S. Patty, H. Rubright, A. Schake. J. Schale, P. Stutz. Row Two: M. Foster, E. Faulk, E. Green, K. Staub, B. Grudowski, E. Watt, C. Yanln, D. Shannon, B. Shannon, K. Korach. Row Three: M. Remaley, J. Mayer, G. Yant, M. Mance, G. Lavarich, M. Mastorovich, M. Burggeman, R. Slna, V. LaBryre, E. Lapcevic. Row Four: S. Yant, S. Friesell, L.Wagner, E.Schal1,R. Stewart, D. Stella, P. Shaw, M. Lowes, M. Pivic, E. McGurk. M C. lag 1' Jr. High F. H. A. Row One: M. Pass, G. Kane, N.'Keifer, S. Yant. Row Two K. Thompson, L. Wensel, D. Nobbs, S. Shaw, S. Fern, P. Schake E. Watt, B. Beatty. Row Three: K. Creighton, J. Nystrom, J Wertz, P. Watt, J. Clement, K. Bush, B. Sarver, Mrs. Neal. Wertz. ,ff I I X Q "U J Nr Sr. High Boy's Athletic Club 3 Row One: N. Emmanuel, J. Popovich, L. Shirer, F. Stuck, R. Rivardo, E. Klingensmith, 'G. Leeds. Row Two: R. Shannon, T. Miller, C. Bryan, H. Rernaley, K. Krotz, A. Rivardo. Row Three: D. Kidney, J. Thomson, A. Kemerer, R. Jones, P. Elias, K. Galucci, Mr. Bohinc. Row Four: C. Kachilo, K. Noca, J. Mc- Guigan, J. DeCecco, R. Wertz, D. Jones. Row Five: J. Anderson, G. Earll, G. Kilgore, G. Restauri, G. Nelson, W. Parker, R. -q ',1iB"'5q, f S55 0' f. rf' ""1a r L ,Q Qa- W I , I' I 4 ' 1 1 ri r 1, I '. I Q A l O .5 I CN 4 Y 9 x f 1 r Q N 'rnsz p' x f ff ' f . I 'Y f f O 3 in AN 'lr at NA X , qv 5, . ,QI - 4 ' as rf .fy ,, - 1 1'n I l ' " N" N. cf '33 " 9. f L4 list' ',P 'f 0-4' P. au-on-l'f'M' no . 'n I, 0 ,, f I 4 ,f 5 'lr i J , . 9.0,-Q34-5 'S :a,.-rv. if 6 n x 1 N x :T xi 'KWQ 0 Y I I J I J f ,q5v!'A 4 .44 f 0 U41 I tif' ' X Q ei: aagjiff' Q? Q f?L+ 1 fe, ,F X 'I N I 1 N av L' l c 3 fy X 1 N 5 I 1 4 n 'Q V x Y a I 0 a 1 .. 0 tb D 1' . 9 Killa V1 1 ix Ml :W 'lg 3, W xx 5 XM . 1 N5 X r 60 5 iw ' Q54 ' mi, ' I f x'x....-' h Zu It X 12 2 Q R , P 10 .95 'Nw e- va fi uv 5 , 1' 3.1 C ,. I S 4 L X .spd .AV X? Sf? ,f X x ww. w ,6 I J vt 4' 1 'l. J.V. Girls Row One: D. DelCanton, M. Kukich, B. Tomer, E. Lapcevic. Row Two: J. Sny- der, R. Cornali, G.Sirce1y, M. Holodnik. Row Three: S. Wohlin, S. Kilgore, J. Bryan, Mrs. Stephan. Girls Varsity Row One: M. Foster, R. Kachilo, L. Rebich, R. Liprando, R. Lockhard, Mrs. Stephan. Row Two: M. Sawaskey, S. Friesell, P. Marschik, P. Green, D. Stella. Row Three: G. Smith, G. Yant, P. Porterfield, B. Miller, Mgrs. P. Rubright, L. Kuznik. .5 37 ,, . fb cv I- I. C7 , s 'N' "1 Q 7 ff , - X f' 'F 0 ,. o ,, Q ' fl x , ' Q if Sl j . .,, iv 3 1 x 4 IG , , 1 A 5 .x l :Li I 2 G, G W 2- P. Green G. Smith- v g ,, ! 1 G 93 L Q P. Marschik G. Yant 5 P x ,fn L2 ' ' S. Friesell R. Lockard ,A ,I ! K ' if g -.- ' ,. P. Ponerfield l f ff 'l , B- Mme' I ' Longhorn ' adiesw Mr. Cieslik, C. Allen, J. Hixenbaugh Row One: P. Elias, J. McGuiggan, R. Persin, J. DeCecco, R. Miller, Row Two: D. DeK1ever,R. Fatur, J. Cappa, C. Kachilo, R. Urick, B. Rubright. Gow Three: B. Wertz, D. Ackerman, B. Gebrosky, G. Kilgore, K. Noca, M. Sinan. KV! Wvx X! -lf' QJX Little Dogies Row One: K. Swortzel, J. Miller, J. Kral, D. Gallucci, B. Lacaria, R. Homce, G. Haney. Row Two: B. Urick, L. Wall, J. Stella, W. Nagle, C. Hall. Row Three: . G. Huggins, T. Klavon, W. Bush, D. Wymer, H. Martinelli, D. Brown. G. Altman, R. Washburn, Mr. Willoughby, A, Reck, N. ,I A I-I , E41 7 , E , G - Who f J Q K gf x I sg 4. I Joe Mance B'll K1 '09, Frank Stuck Sh man Smithbo x "-fn! Richard Fatur - Q hi ya, 62 A ! Frank Kosmack fl John CBPP3 Pete Elias Erme Mares Mr. Bohinc eff 14,12 6 ' f- 4 W 3,1 , ,Ili t 1 'f W In ,,,!,y 7 WW , ,gs lv f aiifxis fl 'qlj ' 322.3555 ,Liu ,4'L'.-, :4.7":i1j v, we 5 J 'f ' f via, 7 Margaret Frescura C lrolyn Collins Row One: B. Remic, K. Persin. Row Two: C. Frescura, J. Patter- son, P. Lucas, M. Gallucci. II .x ,,-"'S. Arlene Schakt J PQ! ! ran P +4?4Um Q ng , his flu: va?" f fn K 'uw xv, f" Xv' YV X .X 5 'SNgx5.'i"'- ? .E-2 f-'nr' 1 xx , N Xa? ff' X lx we A N ff x ,fJ4EE? is iwf Im P' 5 5 f . a 1 .3 xg 4 QA xg sgggmiwi 'f Y xbwH -gg o HMe:,, ',. ',b o I 34- 172 f P5 O X . O O X x x 1 K X xg, 1 U 'su' O ' f f' 'QP 'zof' G, D ' 'S 44 Q0 Q9 ,oo lgsyo G sf Q! lo at Q X? 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Brinker, L, Kuznik, 0. Hilty, J. Hill, J, Jewell, G. Vrbanic, W. Jewett, ,gr C, -a M Mr. Good, Mrs. Patterson, Mr. Cain 60 .,!""'1' ' mh,"w,! -.f.-:: ,.,,,.i'1 E 7 I Tx lnmvf' h7"" I fu , ll 5 . Aff K . , i kan-M.. ,, ' is Mrs. Ringer, Mrs. Lessig, Mrs. Laguna, Mrs. Cavicchio, Mrs. Mountain FN 7 ,AI ,.4. mf-5 , dw SNE TLS' NG? WX ADVE R 'ea I WI 1 l l l l ' ALBERT DRNIEVICH GENERAL CONTRACTOR EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA EXPORT HOME THE HUB STORE APPLIANCE COMPANY A 1 th EXPORT PA pp EXPORT PA COHEN A I SPAGNOL Smawleys Dry Cleanlng Lumber 6- Bulldlng Supphes Inc 6. Alteratlon Store EXPORT PA Old Wm P nn Hlgh y MU'RRYSVII.I.E'. PA 166 R 2 62 f -- 1' - f icxnces for e Home Phone 141 li il-I li-I ' --- VJ! -1:--, ' I ' l I . e ' wa Phone: Export 55 or - - L...- FIRST NATIONAL BANK EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA HALL S FOOD STORE MURRYSVILLE PENNA Compliments of H i , - Compliments A of N I 1l 1- 41 i.. ' U ' THE FOOD IS FINER i DICK S DINER MURRYSVILLE PENNA MURRYSVILLE SUPER WERL S PHARMACY SERVICE STATION RICHFIELD PRODUCTS H W Y AP IANC s MURRYSVI1.LE PA MURRYSVI1.LE PA Ph Ept334R Ept 8 I I Wm. Penn i- a HOT POINT PL E GooDmcH TIRES One: X OT ' '1 Phone: x or 25 64 WALT S CLEANERS House By The Slde M St t of Th R d Gln ree e ca EXPORT PA MURRYSVH-LE PA Puck p and Dehvery Phone 941 1 TAXI TAXI COSTELL S GOOD 5 ACCESSORIES Main Street GAS OIL EXPORT PA SNACK BAR Phone 97 FISHER BODY sHoP WIGI-ES DRUG STORE H O WIGLE Old Wm Penn Hlghway EXPORT PA Phone Export 354 R Phone 38 R 1 Best Wzshes From KIRBYS SHOE STORE TOWN and COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER MONROEVILLE PENNA 65 I I I u . I I - I EARL G PATTY FISHER PONTIAC FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SALES and SERVICE ExPoRT PA NEW AND USED CARS Phone 320 R I CLOVER FARM STORE d THE BEST IN RECORDED MUSIC EXPORT PA SHOP AT G MARTIN Inc K R E s G E s YOUR FRIENDLY STORE MONROEVILLE PA BEST IEWELERS Compl ments ot DIAMONDS WATCHES MONROEVILLE PA VA 4 4455 Route 22 NURRY NILLE PA WATSONS SERVICE STA'I'ION EXPORT PA DOMINIC OL1vER1o IOHN MEIER 6. SONS DURISCOE CLEANERS R t HARDWARE EXPORT PA EXPORT PA MARTS SERVICE STATION BETTY S BEAUTY SALON NEWLONSBURCH PA EXPORT PA Exp I 309 66 I. an E. 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M Groceries, Meats and Produce Phone' 1-If-war - -4 I 1 1 I N A1 d ' 9830. 67 WILLIAM PENN MOTOR COACH COMPANY d 8 6991 MANORDALE GAS :S OII. COMPANY HICHFIELD PETROLEUM PRODUCTS EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA Chartered Service to All Points In Pennsylvania Phone 4 MURRYSVII.LE LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Bu11ders Supp11es Ready m1x Concrete Phone Export 230 IAMES A BUTTER Manager PLUMBING WELL DRILLING HEATING HUMIES BROTHERS Post Othce Box 524 EXPORT PA Telephone Export 160 or 299 Curley s Servlce Stcztlon cm Curley s Cafe 14 Mxle West oi the Cloverleaf DELMONT PA DELMONT PLUMBING 6 HARDWARE DELMONT PA d 8 2001 S MACHESNEY 6- SON INSURANCE REAL ESTATE DELMONT PA d82061 CARNEGIE TAR ASPHALT COMPANY I C BRYAN MURRYSVILLE. PA , . . I X . ' I cmd Phone: Howor - A. . Phone: Howor - l - 69 MO U N T A I N V IE W lmziiirami' - 'all fcmiis HOTEL - the finest banquct rooms in thc County East of Greensburg on U. S. 30 EILKUUHIIHQ and taxis R. S. LATIMER L 1 , J Quill Appreciation to ROBERT A. CIESLIK I -- 1 'J' 1 ' utographs utographs .fS,'n"w- v , ,M V ., -.--A . ,. , .l M , - 'C' ff-H11i4+'1'4-"4fAL:1'-111i1211-1-1'mIsi:-- - -wi-1-1-3-1 -5---zfm:f1. : :ur u ni Ar-1 1 fnfsixtiuu -1 ... i.f ,i., .mmm H ' f" ,,v:' - S . "1 ,W If Q., -4 lx? V 329 .vi L54 -l, -s La' l'1 il? up gm: if fn 31. g. HC' ' :LTL N JT. 35. :un -9 cv, 2 WS ff' F5 L...1'. fi' up 15 F" F' ff? Ii LU!! T.: Pint' ug! I A 4 nf ' l-A -ang 1,1 el, AJ ap N41 u 4 J' x ,.:.,r 4y14,.,.ff!L'.u,g-A 1.-.T.4vn.lg-4uh Lg, Q'r"v 'LHR 1 -1,1 ' rw.-'Q uhx hr! 1v1 .4 Q E,-4 0,35 h:N . al-' F1- gif fl' A- 5' tis r-.F Gif ii I fc? riff? 3:31 if-A 1 P311 iii :Wiki if ' A" Hi LA, - F-1 ti.: .gg g qtt 'f' gm LQ? TA r.qf1.FiQ'1"fLY.1-.: -.wfqxx - -,- -. 4-F. Mtv--V b-h 15.-1r.A.,r y rgfpg-,V-VN, ,,,. I .i Li I Q N -L' V .A Fifi? TuY':g+aqJ - F " f'fJi,7f?'J:.1? f?gLki3'i 5?f'T-2 ri . ,' I :eff-H5 - riitg.. ggqgxlgkl.-A L '14 MCH. 'Af 'Y ab, fkqnq 5, 3,-m

Suggestions in the Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) collection:

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