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P' ' a 'N f 1 'J J xlf I ' 2 I '. 1 Q all 3 . 5 r , A THE SENIOR CLASS of 1953 PRESENTS The Book and Pencil Edition of the QUILL X E-,J FRANKLIN TGWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL MurrysviIIe Pennsylvania 9.306 'U' 1 ,X X I I N I This is our story... i SIUZNII Thxs IS our story a record of our accompllshments through four years of hard work and play lt IS a summary of our happy txmes our physical and mental growth our mndeaxors and our final chapter raduatlon ln wrmn thls story there hase been scene plots and characters IIltl1lS drama of llfe many scenes have changed from adolescence to physlcal maturlty from perlods of ClCIJI'ESbl0!'l as freshmen to the helnhts of happmess at the junlor prom and the semor dance As we finish thls final chapter we hope other classes enjoy thenr school days as we have These memornes of Franklin Township Hlglx School w1ll lmger wlth us forever I 1 . Wt.. .,....., I . . . s T i ' - , , , . . - i ....U . . D . g ' 5. '. . ' .3 , V s 5 .U . . . K . I , . ' . SETTING Set m our spacious lawn among stately trees our beautiful school ns the nucleus of thrs dramatrc story Wlthln nts walls and crowded corndors we have mlngled chatted studred danced and laughed our way to the end We shall always remember the excltmg ball games and the beautiful dances m our school gym In our trophy case ln the hall there rs a reminder of the Champxonshxp Team of Sl Other scenes will change but this Setting this Franklm wxll remam as a pillar of wlsdom a pearl of remrmscences CHARACTERS We are the real characters ln thls story We are the scared freshmen the glgglmg sophomores the excited jumors and the dlgmfied semors Each of us seniors m dxfferent degrees of appreciation approaches the last proofreading of his school record We hope that those records are good blueprmts of our characters our attitudes and our sportsmanslup PLOT Our story has had an mtngulng plot for each of us has planned hrs school hfe differently Some plotted for good grades others for fun and play How ever we all beheve that we have had a splendld class spmt that we have cooperated wlth our teachers and that we have learned to see the best ln the other fellow LOCAL COLOR Our flashy cheerleaders rn all modesty have added thexr encouragmg cheers to the blue and gold Therr spmts are always hlgh whether we are wmnmg or losmg Thns small group IS the synthesns, the core, the heart of the morale of our school A 1 1 1 1 y x Y . . . . . , -- A y - s v , . w y 1 y ' . . . , 9 1 ' ' , . v 4 DEDICATION ff' ff QW fps fff' Q!!-rr u1- Mns EVELYN STEPHAN MR JOHN GEARHARD To our sponsors Mrs Evelyn Stephan and Mr John Cearhard who have helped and en couraged us and whose forthrxghtness and generoslty have left a lastm lmpressnon on our hves we the Senlor Class affectlonately dCdlC3lC the 1953 uzll 15,0771 ,Lf"' , I ff jf' J " f- ' A ls, ' Lf A ,C .J 'nw U' lfvkf' . 4 ' I ! ' ' f fi y , f Mo 4 Rolf ,, ,J , ' .x V My 1 - J J O fi V "ibn: , -fr? -rx, A .-Q .,. lil. of' 1' - in f -K psf-..f 0 .1 '. N 'J 6' I uf ' 4 L'-v 9 ' .. , sf 'X rx Q. Q fa 5. ' v - , U ' ll ,p .,-.Q 1 I 1 I D A . I ' u . . Y S . g . . . ADMINISTRAJLICDN 1 AV FS Ili f Mr Lee S Ellsworth Supervising Principal BOARD OF EDLCATION Mr John A Swacus Irznczpal Mnss Beryl Prltchard Secretary TABLE SBTHIG Sitting, Harold C. Hughes, Secretaryg Lawrence O. Miller, President. Standing, Lee C. Simmons, Daniel L. Whitehead, V. Pres., Louis P. Fisher. V 5 ENCI ISH R COMMERCIAL I' I' f f I Xlr Hu ll C lllllllul' X11 juan Young Nlr Raw xI1C8U ey Three l'r1gl1xh tearhers ue hare here Ur fllfllflllf III rlramatzr x brings a tear 1,155 lounb has Spanish arm' to aluau .so neat Our l'r1enl Ur 'lla rs harzl to eat 'Nlr Frlmanl long 'Nlnss Ruth Krysnk Mrs Lola Johnson Um johnson teaches us Sales ulthout any uss Ulu lxrmth tall and grateful du tates to us Mr long haa Typmg and Math each year All three Lnou therr stuff and to us are dear nstructlnv IIS ln the art of learmnff Ullldlllf' sh pm and mouldmg our character that we may m llme .1 ume the It pon llulltx of Fltlllllilllll NLIEWLE AND NIATH 11 John frarhanl 'Nlr lnrnella Spugcl Nlr Donald Chrlsllan joseph Bresak Gearharfl our sponsor makes easy our Vath Brelal 15 aluam good for a laugh Ihrmfzarz tn Algebra am! lhemzstry Ls Urs .Spiegel ue ze enjoyed for a long time A L ' . s 'VIUSIC AND MEDICAL ARTS rs rs e rs ll ll Ann Casper Mrs Evelyn Ference ference szngs us lyrus and songs learls our band by waning her baton Casper ts a very hue nurse ueren t tor her we d be qutte worse ,Af . s-N' ,N ' ,U ' Q . M b. ., I V . . v I.: i 'D...D"D, a'g. ' f""'tX' A ... r - sw , o xv ', 4 A .uv , N. . .X U . 'I M. 1- Vs.: 51. ,. xl. .- f- 11.' ' uf . .- .. - g . Sh f u, j , 11. . ' 11.3 ' I AI 'ffine 'r ' ' . ,' Q-, ei-'14, 1 5 '- PHX SICAL EDUCATION SOCIAL STUDIES rl Mrs Fvelyn Slrphan 'Ur James elky Nlr Vhllnam Viaskoskm Mr Robcrt Cxeslnk Mr Robert Amalong Wr Kelley ts roafh of our team Ur Amalong ls our gulrle and leads the way He lreeps his bow rlglll 011 th? 11611171 Of Ur Czeslzlf 5 humor there ts much to say Hrs Stephan lem hes us rlanrmg aml garnet And My Wagkoghgg L5 Uuf true friend Shes a gum! roazh anal has hzglz atrns To all ue fan go or hlstorual trends H l nm to ur In land Ile ,real I,Jl"1I1Clp es an ldedls of our hLr1 a tires-Thxve gxven us generously nn tl Q KIIIIL duo SEVENTH GRADE W lalufuf ONAL Hrs Laura Remaley Mr Samuel Bohmc Mrs Grace Pees MISS Mary LOU HOSWUCF MF Carl Vvllbers A very fue gmc-her 13 Mrs Pges H155 Hostetler guides us ln home crafts Hrs Remaley mughg us our A B C 5 She s young and sweet and enjoys a good laugh Ur Bohtnc lS a very tall man Mr Vollberg teaches us Industrial Arts Who 15 always wlllmg to lend g hand The boys learn many skills aids and parts 7 I V I - ' fl - If 'K Y 4, 1 ., . , ,1, K -' ,- " 1 . .f ...H Ar N K, , V. . 'S' T M ff ' f 4 yi fi x :Y-" 5' I 1 , X , t A . of ' EP ..- --S' ,4. , ' ,. 'Y-I 'VIC'-. . x . lvl. Lv -, , , - ' ' i ' ,, f '. '. I - - 0 1 f h Cl gzus u-rs 1-ff I' d ' ' U 1' ' ' 'n1'...:nlflg' 1 "ti0n. V 'old-fl ' W0 E . S Lf, V' ,....- :es 5 N ff", Q X Y MJ ' , h- , . , . I U , , . . . - - - ' . . .' , ' 7 I 1953 1' 'F ,fi 2,-'ef.1Q ' 1 , rl ,f . h .Llf297jC4ty-'.,AX44:, X. E - K ,,, 'Qtek- 'QA 1.5, K ..V' Zig' SHIRLEY ANDERSON "Andy" ANTHONY ASTORRI "Pinky" Well, Hi Kid! Shape up or ship out. At basketball Andy is hard to beat A famous lawyer he would like to be Steak and onions she loves to eat. llis farorite subjeft is girls, you see. The color she likes most is green The color he likes most is green And with ,lo she is usually seen. With Bill or Bob he is usually seen. Varsity Club Quill Editor Mixed Chorus Play Mixed Chorus Roundup Quill Roundup Band Play Q.. n Hur" auf' IW! Seniors ROBERT BARRICKMAN "Sluts" How you was? A real tall basketball player, you see He's usually seen with Bill or Pinky. A handsome dovtor he is going Io make Lobsters an l the folor blue he u'ill always lake. Mixed Chorus Varsity Club Quill Play Roundup Honor Society 'hw' ' N ' ' ' . ' '+V 'J Rx, 4' il, Wx MARGARET BERGANT "Cookie" THOMAS BORLAND ' , ' "Dave" PAULINE BOWMAN "Pauline" Oh, crumb! I don't know. r My golly! Slippery Rock College she plans to attend To go to Penn State is his wish ' f. ' A diamond on her finger we see l'he stairway to teaching she will ascend. A big steak dinner, his favorite dish. L With jim she just loves to be. She thinks driving a ear is really neat His UHF Dv! Sllyillg iS, nl llun't know" Her favorite subject is typing two French fries and hamburgers she'll always eat. lle's usually seen with lloose, and Crow. She's seen with Doris, Starsie, and Swanky too. Mixed Chorus Play Vice-President of Class Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill Roundup Quill There are three kinds of seniors . . 9 Those who loaf and skip a lot . . Seniors .19 Wow George' The Untverstty of Pittsburgh she plans to attend As a Physical Therapist there ll be no end A steak rllnner with strawberry cake And any servzceman shell always take Mlxed Chorus P ay Quill Mft Oh you re xgnoran A Whtte I alley girl full of truhs 5he ll be an artist aml drau ruers and ereelrs ltolores an llune are her falorlte pals Raztolz and yellou malres a hlt with thzs gal Nlnxed Chorus Roundup Qutll I flu LORRAINE CIKOVIC Babe My gosh' A real mee beautzelan she will no doubt be Her most welcome dlsh ts Donnie you see Her favorite subject ts typmg two Clue her any color as long as Ll s blue Mxxed Chorus -its " JUNE CLENIENT .lume Cee whiz' Danemg and sharing she ll always do Ctve her spaghetti and the color blue She prartues basketball ezery ntght To beat her playing uoula' be some ght 'Vllxed Chorus Basketball Quill Roundup IO Those who date and stay out late Those who work and study hard . 1953 435 'Y-1 X YY' l ripe sakms' He s not too short but not real tall Hts tal orzte subjert ts study hall As his tazortte rolar he utll aluays choose red It he foulrlnz go to Penn Tu p hed wish he uere cleafl Band WV' ,.... 'sf ,nv INORMA DKUCHERTY Norm Not too fittm A real nue glrl we have right here .She yomefl the Honor Youelyf tn her junior year A lenn State student she plans to be Her avorue rolur ls green you see Mxxed Chorus Roundup Qutll Play Student Secretary I X' Xi VJ Af Y: Y H yy , x V XX ,N W V M KB Ly NJ 0 , PIU All V .ff 4? . .'?f"' ei . .N N ,-.Q -.' Q W : O v A x" ,A ' H Q1 , ' A 'S q , l t s l tt st VIRGINIA CAMPBELL '-Gabby" ROSALIE CAPPA -'Cuppiw ROBERT CARUNEL "Crow" ' - , ' ' t! I ' u ' 1 A - I x X il Us fy , X "' 'Q' K 3 N 'I I 1 . A I L , ' ' . I ' J '4 i g 2 , . A at b e 3 if Seniors A ., ng, C7 Au gff4'U f 'U' SYLVIA DEZANET 'Sylvia' No kiddin? She's not too short, and not too tall A basketball player, liked by all. National Honor Society in her junior year Skating and danring to her are dear. Class Treasurer Quill Student Secretary Roundup Editor Mixed Chorus Play PU' AJQUQM 'FWS N0 ALENE DICKEY "Al" Holy Cowl Her favorite color is "Kelley" green With Norma or Nez she is usually seen A housewife Alene wants to be She'll marry Jack, just wait and see. Mixed Chorus Quill Girls' Chorus Roundup Basketball 1953 'id - 'X . lr 'K HELEN EARLL "Red" Gad! A business school graduate she'll be someday A cute little redhead most people say. She loves milk shakes and the color green With Lorraine she is usually seen. Quill Mixed Chorus Roundup Library Staff , i xg K TVN N . V6 'sl JAMES EBERTS "Jim" ,IEANETTE ECKELS "Jean" Where's Cusda? A hot rod driver he wishes to be lle's usually seen with Gustla, you see. Chicken and potatoes he loves to eat Loajing around just can't be beat. Good grief! A nurse or math teacher she will be Her ,favorite subject is geometry. Chicken and tlurnplings she thinks is a treat Her hobby, sewing, is hard to beat. Play Quill Mixed Chorus Roundup But all with a single hope - to graduate . Take a look at our record . . . MARY EVANS "Mar" l don't know. She always has for you a Cute little smile And enjoys riding horseback mile after mile. French fried shrimp she thinks is a treat And to Mary, Rich just canlt be beat. Quill Mixed Chorus Cirls' Chorus I I Seniors jk 1 ': n- ll 464' l.fl KATHRYNg FAULK Whe-re's my pencil? A diamond on her hnger we see A buteher's wife she is going to be. She likes any color as long as it's green With Mary, Bert, and Shirley she's usually Seefl. ' ,if ' .A P -J ,. ' usb' ,-J Ve -9 1 - i N' A if ,I " x-f ' li L4 fn I-. A if ,. 1953 2 v ' 1 I 1 ..Kay,, ls your nose long? .4 diamond ring on her finger we see lion Beattfs wife she is going to be. llam barbecues are her favorite dish To marry lion is her only wish. Mixed Chorus Quill Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Play Quill l, Z' Q1 4. SHIRLEY KEELER "Keeler" RUBY KING "Ruby" Oh gosh! Holy cow! A telephone operator she wants to be Visiting Derry she is usually seen She's crazy about steak and Bill, you see. She likes any color. especially green. She likes any color as long as it's blue A Laboratory Technician she wants to be Her favorite subject is typing two. ller favorite subject is history. Mixed Chorus Quill Play Qllill I2 Mixed Chorus Artists, athletes, actors, and musicians . . . 5- BETTY FERRINCTON "Bets 3flRl.5-NI CEICER "Mir' Oh, how cute! On her left hand is a diamond ring .45 a pastime, she likes to sing. "Oh, how cute," is what she says most And Rirh, she'll most likely boast. Mixed Chorus Quill Girls' Chorus Roundup Play avi REBECCA JANE KISTLER Hey Kids! You know what? A sweet little blonde, known to all By her ability to play basketball. She'll win our game most every night Red clothes and steak, that's her delight. "Becky Varsity Club Mixed Chorus Quill Student Secretary Basketball Mechanics, journalists, an occasional scholar . . 1953 1 an: , 'U' I 4 Q'-of Af:--4 Seniors L, . N , S4 33- , i . . .K XY R Q ,sw i w 5 W . . . D its zgb N In-.ilk fist ' C DORIS KISTI-ER "Dis" ALBERT KLAVON "Al" EDWARD KOVALCIK "Eddie" I could have died! Hey kid! Hi Honey! Sfffefafl' .i0f Ni-T071 She would like tv be A teacher Al would like to be He isn't short and he isn't tall. S1155 USl1l1llY S6011 with Paul, ,YOU 599- Hels seen with Paul or Ed, you see. His favorite subject is study hall. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and meat In outdoor sports he likes to compete At farming land he can't be beat. Swimming and dancing can't be beat. The color blue is hard to beat. Potatoes and steak he loves to eat. Student Secretary Mixed Chorus Band Volleyball Roundup Band Quill Basketball Mixed Chorus Quill Mixed Chorus A s WILLIAN LAPCEVIC No how? His favorite color is a pretty green With lim Eberts he is usually seen. His favorite subject is typing two Mechanical work he would like to do. Basketball Baseball llG8Sd8,, 1 Q15 fra DONALD LIPRANDO What did I do? His favorite color is a pretty blue To join the army he wishes to do His favorite subject is study hall A real nice boy, liked by all. al ' l V . "Duck" And a variety of personalities from A -Z W ff ' ,Q e did the school and had lots of fun . sh?- '13 ' fs f'y 4 , x f GRACE LOTT "Grace' How sweet! She likes to write letters we've heard it said Give her a hamburger and she's well fed. Her favorite color is a pretty blue She's seen with Becky, Betty, and Nancy too. Mixed Chorus Quill I 3 Seniors 1953 ff W .V wi G JOSEPHINE MARSCHIK "lo Well, Well! A comptometer operator she would like to be Her favorite subjeet is P. 0. D. A meal of stuffed peppers she loves to eat Bowling and dan:-ing just can't be beat. Mixed Chorus Roundup Quill Student Secretary Basketball rs f'-bis" 'Qi al 1 1 PAUL MATTHEWS For corn sake! His favorite subjert is Doris ,lean And with Doris he is usually seen. His favorite rolor is blue, you see A music tearher he would like to be. Mixed Chorus Band Quill "Paul ff- ROBERT MARSCHIK "Bob" THOMAS MATESIC What do you know? A Penn State student we have right here Hotel management he'll take up next year. He thinks square dancing is a real treat Stuffed rhicken or turkey he loves to eat. Howdy! A nice tall farmer he will no doubt ma A big roast chicken he'll always take. As a favorite color. he-'ll always choose Dating Naomi he just loves to do. ww-su. ,., A I J f JACK MCALPINE . 3 ' "Jack" MARJORIE MCALPINE " Where's the phone bogk? Gee whiz! Basketball and baseball are tops witltilaclc Bowling and skating are her favorite pt Speed and ability he does not lack: Green Clothes and peppers she'll tal The President of our senior class time. He rates high with each lad and lass. Margie for a cheerleader is one real bn Basketball Varsity Club A sweet little nurse she will no doubt n Mixed Chorus Stage Crew Varsity Club Ouill Student Council President Baseball Mixed Chorus Student Sr. Class President Roundup We slayed over nightly assignments . . '4 And how we complained . . . Seniors 45,4 M' V37 fffmf 1953 ll JM G V l fsfffjffti fx M Af ' ' ,VI 4,,L'M0 A l . fi 4,4 rl A1lM 't 1, A I L r I' V 4 fy, ,H I I I 'D ,ff , glif ff' tt f 455, sz- JE' "GTX fi J -4 I .Q ' '8+thY,'!n':VWT!g ' Rosmmui: suuizmiorr --Rosie" vimgiuix MgCURK -tginn, For Pete's sake! A secretary for the F.B.l. she wishes to be She likes the color blue and dancing, you see. Pork Chops and french fries she thinks is Oh Heavens! A missionary she wishes to be She's usually seen with her friend, Nancy. Liver and onions she loves to eat treat Writing to pen pals ran't be beat. English rlass aml skating just ean't be beat. Quill Student Secretary Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill I Roundup Editor I I 'A. I . ff ' 4 f . X ' 2 t' Qt 1 ' JM' K I fx - , "- 1 j f I ' . A, it Q 'lf L , 'Eh .. Y if 'Qin 1 : A 'pr 4' f f ' ' 'Nano- E I , r I f A s-.V 4 W an , it o I slit WILLIAM MOORE "Bill IHAROLD MOOSE "Hal I'm just so glad to be here! Bill is thinking of joining the navy His favorite food is roast turkey and gravy. With Bob or Pinky he's most often seen Riding around in a Chevy that's green. Mixed Chorus Quill Play V Look out! He likes to play basketball, as we know He's usually seen with Tom and Crow. A machinist at the Airbrake he will be His favorite color is wine, you see. Mixed Chorus We relaxed at Costell,s . And loafed in the Diner . ,I .JO I QQ! DELORE5 METROSKY Oh, I don't know! A rollege student we have right here June and Rosalie are always near. As a favorite color she chooses blue She has brown hair and blue eyes, too. annollyrl Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill Roundup MARILYN NESBITT "Nez" Hello Honey. To work for a dortor she would like to do Coffee and shrimp she likes real well too. Her favorite color is a pretty red If it weren't for men she'd wish she were dead. Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus I5 Seniors I X. X, Q J DIXIE NOEL "Dee" You know what I mean? A rlerk in a store she wants to be She's usually seen with Carol, you see. Meat loaf and gravy she lures to eat Of all her vlasses, English fanlt be beat. 'be b-.sq ' 5 WAYNE RUGH "Sonny" Aw, come on chicken! His hobby is skating, and dancing too Dating girls he just loves to do. His favorite color is a real bright red If it weren't for girls he'd wish he were dead. Mixed Chorus Roundult Quill Basketball Volleyball f-' xx mg? 1953 K' 'GP JN THELMA ROSE "Curly" FAYE RIIBRIGHT "Faye" You scroungel llriiing and basketball are her interests each ller hobby is skating, and she loves to wear day blue. Yuu're a character. .4 real sweet girl, a rheerlearler too ller ,tarurite rolor is red, by the way. I if-e-President oil Student Cotinril she did ar- A nurse or serretary she will probably be quire Sheds usually seen with her friend, Curly. To own a Dude Ranrh is her main desire. Mixmi Chorus Quill Yarsity Club Student Secretary Varsity Club Student Secretary Mixed Chorus Student Council Basketball Quill Cheerleader A, warn. lr T.-1' 314.1 NANCY RYCKMA J' "Nancy" LONNIE SHANNON UB. Cf Do you like the way you are put together? Wow George! A dietitian .che imulrl like to be An Elerlrif' Welder he will probably be She's seen with Virginia, Crave or Betty. llis favorite dish is Pearl, you see. Her -larorite subjert is typing two He likes any color pro1'itlingil's blue To vook, swim, or read she loves to do. Baked beans and Pearl he likes real well too. Quill We have bought our last lunch ticket . . I6 We have read our last Round-Up . . Seniors gy fe 1953- , .. 1 1 , f it' 1 ., , 1 A . .' ,Al .N ' iiflffi i ut '25 . ' I Jiri' 1 renew t, 5, 6 A. 1 !' l,,,1+ffVL,l 7 f J' DDJ! X ',,.l'f f kfrgl BERTHA SHAW b'Hert" JMARY SHER ff" "Mary" That's for sure! A rancher's wife she wishes to be She likes spaghetti and meat balls, you see. She likes any color as long as it's blue Her favorite subject is typing two. Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Quill W S' .qv xx -1 1 'V Dx i-,vi we X i X. J X. - , ,S I ic" X -3 MARIAN SIMONS "Hon" just checking! The wife of a millionaire she wishes to be She's usually seen with Mary, you see. French fries and shrimp she loves to eat Pestering people just can't be beat. Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill Roundup Holy Hannah! A rliamonrl on her finger, you see With Bert Kernerer she loves to be. Her favorite subject is shorthand two She likes ham anzl chiclfen and the color blue. Student Secretary Quill Roundup Mixed Chorus ,O 4f7,,, ,r Defi! ,fft . . .J - , I V. ,. I MARQARET STAIRS ' ",x5tairsie" I could spit tackb. A cute little nurse she is going to make .lust give her macaroni and chocolate cake. ller favorite color is baby blue She's seen with Swanky and Pauline too. Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill We have held our last classumeeting . . 1" 5 I PEGGY SIMMONS "Peg Oh no! A teacher, Peggy wants to be Her hair is bright red as we can see. Her farorite color is a pretty green And with .llarge she is most often seen. Quill Mixed Chorus Roundup ' at ROSEMARIE STAMM 1'll think about it. A therapist she would like to be Her favorite subject is history. Ham and potatoes she loves to eat The color blue just can't be beat. Quill We have played our last game with Export . . J "Rose' I7 Seniors Q. E . Q X I' 181' 1 . 'v . ' 195 3 i 1 Vi'9fh" -Jiiliiiqryi c L7 l P r ,-, MARGARET SWANK "Swanky" 1 thought I'd die. A real eute girl, a strawberry blonde With Stairsie and Pauline she's seen around. Her hobby is daneing and thafs no lie She likes liver and onions and pumpkin pie. Mixed Chorus Student Secretary Quill if 'inv- ' p 4 1 nv 1 , I, -4 1 r' r' " ! so GLENN TONER ' - '- V , , 'A "Hop" Oh Buddie! . ' A sailor man he wants to be His favorite gal is Shirley, you see. Meat loaf and potatoes he loves to eat Loafing with Don just can't be beat. if ip ,,,,,,., IW' NIABCARET SW,-XUGER "Maggie" jerky. A real riire girl from out lianrlergrijt way She likes to play basketball Il74"lC heard her say. Spaghetti and meat balls she loves to eat As a nurse, she'll be hard to beat. Mixed Chorus Quill Play 4' 117' at ' DONALD WATT You see! He's not too short, his kind of tall A dark-hairefl boy. liked by all. His farorile rolor is mosl definitely blue L0llnIlg1L'ilh Glenn he just loves to do. We'll always cherish the friendships . 'B We'll always treasure the good times . ssD0nn '35 BARBARA THOMSON Sly lla-mens! lfheerlea ler lfaptairz anrl o rute girl to l"rer1rh jrieil ,loorl anil skating will rlo. Pink anil blue are her favorite Colors She'll marry I1 man u-ith a million doll "Barb' 0 GFS. Varsity lflub Student Secretary Mixed Chorus Quill 'JX- an---4 RICHARD URICK "Rich Maybe. A good looking former he will no doubt be He's usually seen with his girl, Mary A chit-ken rlinner is his favorite food ln bright yellow he looks real good. Basketball Vars Baseball ity Club S nlghrs 1953 1 X if 77m STX 'KW' QW RAY WERTZ You gom Skatm He s not too short he s medlurn tall Hrs jazonze subject lS study hall A real mee farmer he will probably be He s crazy about blue and slxatzng you Qulll Roundup P ay IC IRENE WEISTER eg Oh yoey' With lolznny Young she IS usually seen Her latorzle Colors are plnln and green She plans to work after graduation Cowboy putures are among her collection bxrls Chorus Roundup Quill S88 OFFICERS AND SPONSORS First Row Jack McAlpme, Pres , Tom Borland, Vnce Pres , Peggy Simmons, Treas Second Row Sylvla Delanet, Sec , Mr Gearhard, Mrs Stephan, Sponsors We'll always remember F. T. H. S. . . , I9 And our class of 53. . Fl e N O rr' .. 49 af N5 JZ X A X99 - "5-- , 3 15 AQ" W X ' Q' , .. ,nuff J My ,fy ,H S . t JP'-R N RH ' S R me .V V E V 52' jg , q 5 t s1'ss N ..V.,, ..P , . . ? . . I ,. , 1 1 Senior Irv- 8 'if Class Prophecy 4,4 1 .? ? Women s Athletlc Instructor Annapolls Naval Academy Annapolls Maryland June 2 1975 Profesor J H Gearhard Department of Mathematlcs Vassar College Poughkeepste New York Dear Wir Cearhard e class of 03 and I were wry sorry that ou were unable to attend thetr first reumon I thought you would like to know how our former students have pro gressed m these past years Most of them have ltved up to the great expectatnons we had for them Some of them have become famous celebrities and I know you ve prob ably heard of them I wlll devote the rest of my letter to telling you of their achtevements Hot Lxps Pmky and lns trumpet have taken over the Harry James Orchestra lBetty Crable, also? Pmky IS now playing at the Copa Cabana owned by the 3 Ms meanmg nnlllonanres Moore Matestc and Marschxk Ap pearmg also at the Copa ts that world renowned dancmg team of Faye and Ray These two have danced their way han chosen entertammg as their career Manlyn Nesbitt ns starrmg as Marzo Lanzas stngmg partner ln hrs latest pxcture The Scarcxty of Singers Paulme has srgned with NIC NI to star tn thelr new ptcture The Perfect House wtfe Irene and Delores are finally the top bnll at the Palace Thexr dance routme IS to the sweet melody of Dear Old Franklin High School Bob Cargnel the most belovtd clown of all IS playmg Nlcky on the Super lnrcus Show Donald Watt and Glenn Tomer have been tlancm with the June Taylor Dancers on TV for three years Lontlnumg with TV we have two dally programs starrmg members of the class of 53 They are Nancy Faces Llfe and Cookte Gets Around Jlmmle Durante Eberts and Madam Mmam the mezzo opera singer are gomg to entertaxn ln Korea wtth the U S 0 While overseas the Madam w1ll see her husband who IS now a fxve star general Speakmg of the war the class of 53 has con trtbuted greatly Mary Evans and Thelma Rose decided to Joan the Waves rxght after Rtch and his brother jomed the Navy Dons and Becky are ln the Wacs Those two always were a brt wacky anyway Tom Borland who works for the Press and Josie who works for the Penn Franklm News Dtspatch are both war correspondents ln Korea Al Klavon IS xn the Secret Servxce He came but he couldnt tell us a thmg Dtcksxe Noel and Rosemane Stamm are workmg for the Axr Force They are now statxoned m Anzona testmg parachutes Two of the members of the class have chosen the literary field They are Peggy and Marjorie Thetr latest book IS Party Planning for Fifteen or A Hectlc Nnght Turnmg to sports we have June and Rosalie wmnmg trophtes m the roller derby Harold has taken the fancy srde of skatlng and wlth his partner, Shirley Anderson, he appears ln nightclubs and on TV all over the United Qtates Sylvla the Slmster and Rosemarie Rasputxn are domg fine nn the field of wresthng The Ice Capades are causmg qutte a sensatlon this year wlth their theme Luttle Red Rldmg Hood Three of our former students have leadmg roles Don Ltprando has the role of Little Red Rullng Hood Helen Earll xs playing the part of the Big Bad Wolf and Eddie Kovalctk wxll be Grandma Many of these young people have entered other sue cessful fields Betty and Grace have become professional models They model for the false faces on the Wheatxes Box Norma Emstem Daugherty has become successful as the chlef deslgner of the Captam Vxdeo super some code rmgs Vxrgnma Campbell ts workmg as a lab tech mcnan for the Lapcevxc Src Em Boy Dog Food Corpora txon Barbara Thomson co owner tn the Amencan Auto Inventors Incorporated has just come out with the news that they have the latest thmg ln autos The gentus mmds of the Corporatlon Shaw Shero and Faulk three top sclentlsts have collaborated and Invented the fin! Auto matlc Warmer Upper to replace the old fashnoned Armstrong Heater The competltlon IS really stlff these days rsnt lt? Bob Barrtckman has just opened a summer ff i l' A ' lv lf g-t Q- 232- :- ,..,- U U '- l in ' I f - . - - . , . . 7 a . Y ' I . . ' ' ' , , , . , , . I , . . . . . . . y . n Th ..- .. V U y I A - - ' 66 ' ' Y? SL ' ' UI . . I . . . . . , - bl ' ' ' U, ll ' ' Y' tt . ,, . - , , , V. ' . . V . . . . ' Q- y . . Q Q . V M V yn V I . . v . . . into the hearts of millions. Several others from this class ' ' I 'A I I yy I I v 5, l ' D ' . . . . U - , . . .. . . , H D . H ' YY ' I H i 1 H . . . . . . . - I ' - f - ts - vs - - .. - ., tt , - - - , , I n 1 . U . ' , ' ' r, I - I I I I - .. .. tt , , , , 1 - so as ' n - - at n I I , l ' ' - ' ss vw - 7 7 I I v a . l I I y I I I A ' fl Y, . , ' iv , , - 2 , e f - D tg, 3 - EE- riiii 'N 1 1 :gg- lrfqz 'S 114' -Q-4 resort hotel in the 'prosperous resort town of Murrysville. The luxurious resort overlooks the banks of the Murrys- ville Sulphur Creek. The Rugh Construction Company has received the signal to break ground for the fabulous Eckels Building. The building is to be twice the height of the Empire State Building. As you probably know, our ex-class president, Jack McAlpine is running for the presidency of the United States this year as the Howdy Doody-Crat candidate. Shirley Keeler is his campaign manager. Lorraine told me that he said if she contributed generously to his campaign, that he would appoint her chief garbage col- lector of Franklin Township. Isn't that nice? King Farouk has honored our class by choosing Marian Simons, a member of our class, as his sixth wife. He swears that this is his last big mistake. Sweet little Alene is now living in 6'The House That .lack Built." The Paul "Richard Rodgers" Matthews School of Music will present a recital at Carnegie Music Hall. Maestro Matthews will present the noted pianist, Miss Ruby King. Miss King owes her fame to her one-fingered solo in the senior class play, "Sing For Your Supper." The maestro will also present the "Maggie Sisters Trio," Stairs, Swank and Swauger. All these people that I have mentioned were at the reunion. There were only two persons, other than you, who were unable to attend., They were Virginia McCurk who is heading a hunting expedition in deep, dark Africa and Lonnie Shannon who joined the French Foreign Legion, and hasn't been heard of since. I hope I haven't missed anyone. This is more like a report than a letter, but I'm sure you are interested in what these people are doing. I hope to see you at the next reunion. Very sincerely yours, CMRSJ EVELYN STEPHAN A x l l i r l i l l .ll ,f 1 il .IUNIORS SOPHOMGRES JR. HIC-H Xxx' Vw .LJ N F fp.. Rx N. ' f X J I ey 1 X I 1 i LB? -Wa :E 1 JUNIOR ,, ivy 457 Y wharf' I I7 Q I Azfffffd Q! jjdj ,ffl ,ar I ab? K +-J JUN ,K jj NJ 'X t 687 er 'NI xllKllll R Cfalfttx Sefond Row J Nllller R Ftrs! Row X Kramer C Rc taurn T Haaz D Pam Beatty S Roger F Dunmwre R Kc-merer C' Bueh Thlrd Rou L Nkxna M Nia tonmch J Rem-r 5 A Smiley ,I Hr an Fourth Row B Xlatc-sac J Barnrtt A Watwn S Lrooki B Llawson N Kilgore F1 th J Bruggeman y Row A Santornlla 0 Hartley I Flsh Nl lucas ,I Cam D Llme Sixth Rou M Marsthxk S Beswanck 6 4 Haaz R Thnmpaon E Schendel Selenth Rau D Buvanl J Prnnozlv R Hartman L Remaley N Schlenk Purterfleld C Bert 24 f rf M I tx . ,g :K 5 ' ' f- ca f, ' ' A r gl ' 'A H! I ' - 6 m aa fi wi, if il l i Q K a ' :J .yqx 9.4 lf' r ' D . ' ll a - ' lu 1 14 "ISA, 9 Y U 94 I ' 'll 5 W ' lt . 1, 'I is W I F Y . I f " 'I Af fx at . 'p k .. Q - 3 wi w. ' ls 4,12 pa 3' I A ' - w , , - V T A ' . Q 'W V, -fb 7 ' f- F , F ' . 3 2, fl , . , t b . . V- X - v -J ' J , ' ff if t .'.-, 1,33 QC V fl wjf th , if " r ' - 8 'zu 1 .qv 9 gi 'j ll ,D 3 , 1. U A C Q . '. ' ' A 1 . , I -' fa, 5' " W Axa A X N, 3' t. I1 L .W xv ,M V . I x. , lf V ' 'I ' 1 P -G S ,wf,, ., f sf '7 1' - , A Q' L. . L1 V , xA ,QQ , 1 1 ' .' Lx QNX' h, - W lt . l' l v, M, ,,, -4 . F if . ll! M , fl I lx A W .. at :i 8 .gf --rf" .Io - - - u ' f , ,I ' , X L, " 4 Y 'tl' f an F ' 2 Q. gil 1, Q, '. : '. . L. -s ', . , . ' t .A.. - ' , . " 1 '. ' 3 . , ' , , f. - S, 1. .' , . - , 4. t . ' Y: S. f l , . . s " , , ' , ', , ' , . N . . ' . : . . ', . - , . , . Q. ' ., . ' . , . ' f. 'I :. ,.',l., ,. '. ': . :w',. ',A, W M X. CLASS .D 83? I wr- -sp' 1 If 'Wk First Row J Lutz B Jones W Hlce D Bratz J l'l4lf'l B Hull Second Row P Slmpson K ne l Hall N Kruger S Staymates Bvbar Thznl Kon P Senchur D Kemerer J We-ptum R 5Il'lllll 'Nl A McCu1gan A M Frebcura fourth Row B Scnchur G Elwood Swa er 'NI Howard E NI Watt W co Fnth Raw H Nlarlana Nl L wllSUIl C John H Watt H lime A Shuster CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS George Hall Vlce P Helen Behar Sec Mr Brevak Mrs Johnson Wanda Scott Pres Marjorle Howard Treas fl . lr . . ll 11' f - . 'ml u ' I vi R 'Q I L, ir, iv ,V f :VN .f I ' 'V AL ' Q Il v ,1 V' ,vu I' , H I J V 'U' "' J K , W Xa' M' 1 ,0 , l H. l...xI ll .4 ' 'fo 1 I fi 'vs 1 Y f -.r 1. Q V' .. ,L I ,J lj fg ell A' ll S ,au 'V ' ' S ' 1 1 jf' Zu, l X I Q '7 A r ' f Z 5 . g 1 K I A f ' uf Uv, f k a F 'V 5 h J. .1 V ' s W- ,. Iv-f' H4 J xt s VV ll " I ' . if ' ,gl f , l 'll I ' , . I ' A E '57 aa ff , fx' I- 1 1 b - , , 4 L, ,QM .il ' Vg? Q- N' S 'Q W 'R Q ff 0 , V. A D 1 K , I S fr N ' ' , - I ' f I S' ' 4' ' ' y , A N- A ' 1 . lx' ' Q E- W 'W rl lvl, - f 2 , , ' 0 X - A - W T f 1. iilf f ,uf N 1 . . ' '. . . . " ' , . . YA U. ' , b. . ,... . Il. ' . :nl A' A X. l L. SOPHCMORE E LJ I ., 1 F 1 4: '70- f-'fe' J First Row H Schall E MCC urk F 'Nlxllc-r f' Smxth I SIYCPIY R Moose Sefond Row ,I Hlxenbaugh 9 Patty A Drenjr-vlch A qchake R Prlmonr' P Rubrlght Thlrrl Row H Casper F Tumor K Koch N Hruggzman D june F K0 mark fourth Rom XX Hmws I Green E Mare H Ru h F Pehron .I 'Nlaur I'1Hl1 Rou W Faullx R Deermg. 9 Han: K Rubrlght I Klng D Bu h Szrlh Rou D Wllham on C Nx trom D inner I' Qtuck H Ru rlght P Stutz Smenth Row L Cmllms W UH ,I Brady B Xmthofer F Watt ,I Thommn 5- Z g f ,A 3, E , fg , , ' A-.K I F I VF: I l ' 4' gil! 4' I 'gig 1' - - ,VXI gm F , ! 6 K j,.2- ,L V 9 N' ' ' xv. 7 M J ' ,' ., f .fa ffl 4- XX 1 1' F .. a 4 - 7 Q V - " 1 , , ,, , - P V 'I A Q r' 'vy 1 .- R ' Q 1' I. ' ,. f' 7" ' . 73 wi A ,, . . Xl' . X -2 ff fm fr Q if IW, ,f , y' A 'N Q-, 123 'ff ' FF : Z tj. N ,t x, k ' ' - .VT "' - nf L . gif Tj , ff' ' it Jr Q , 1 j ' 4 1 Q . X I , 4' I 54,99 I, A, ia F 4 ' .F R K h 7' 'af F ' fl 4 ' . F 1 ,. ,I H VY. df If 4 A y - J X3 f 'Q - 4 , - NF I W 1 X ' -f -:J ,A ' , f' ' . ' A H 5 EQ , Q V: Erie. Af . 'JI ..,: ' ,wg ., YIx,.:.. .VZ VV. . D f, .. S. . g, ,. --s . .. ': . '. . 'f. . ' . .. ' , . s. '. 'z . " 'v S' . . js , ' , ', , -, b' , . ' zi. v'.'. '..1ig, . , . " , ,. ,, CLASS y4X .QQ If 'l,,, Qf av .gs 4: NOR .K M, WW .12 1' MP Fzrst Row G Clme C Hale R Mlller N Sman R Paullslck F Gruber Second Row 'NI xl3SK0l'0WlCl'l W ThomaQ J Eckels R Larouerv N1 Rfmaley J Watklns Thzrd Row L Stn L Cc-ngfr S Prnc-Qc-ll A Peterson L Kuznlk R Lockarcl Fourth Row R Eberts F Ruzbarsky R Cfllllllwbkl I Swank V Vunovlch J Pfe-LRQ-r F1 th Row J Kellerman E Schall E Stover C Xant T Revolt W Klllebrew Sixth Row P Nlarechnk R Beamer E Lape S Smlthbowf-r CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS In Front Karl Koch Sec Larry Swank Pres Standmg Ruth Deermg VlceP Peggy Ru hrlgllt Tri-as Mr WHSROSRIP NIISS Krysxk .:. A , - A L J 1 . , 2 1 .Q ' A R l 'X 4 V -' T 1 L X ,1 , 2 f A 2 fl f w i Lf , l ,I W . lax J yy .,,. 4 S' A ',, J 9 2 K ffl 'JI gl 9 ,QE V n C V ., 4 f + 'N ,. 1 J jf .Q I 'J 3 ,J A 4. a- 4 H -1' .. 'f ' , ai in X X 1 ' - -, - f ll K V '54 Q- '55 l' -. , J s 2 T - - V .. ' ' 'VM .-' .q fy ig -- 9 in 'Q 'Ik ,jg pt I 4 N. fl I .V ,M 'Ai' '.'J'5i'.' Y ' "' lg I . X l -15 v .f' I xy N '.- '-- . . 4 .Q .NE J - ' : . ' , . , . ' , . 4 , " , . .,, . , . ' . . 7 , . ' . ' Z . 'ffy, . ' , .. R - . . . , . . , . . 1 ' l, A. .R , . 1 , . . . 'f : . ' ' . . Q , . - , .. . . ' , . , . , . . ' . . Top Rou. D Lmdstedt G Kilgore B Suit W K1 ne Middle Row P as Denoy 9 Barlkus Ninth Q Yurich 'NI Maxwell K s n r C Stra ey bo es Kldxon ll L Bell Bottom Row Nlr Spugel I Egloff CJ Coulter I' Walt Nl Lowes Pmc I 'Nleyer E Shaw F NIUIFBY L Rebuh L Bolclen A Kemerer ,I Bullmgton J Morris Top Row R Rubrlght D Mar schnk ,l Anderson A Cook R Smith F Wolf NI Davis Middle Rau: Mr. Lhrisuan R. Jones C. Bryan R. Simpson C. Restauri K. Remaley C. Byrd C. Slutz P. Porterfielcl M. Mance R. Stewart. Bottom Row: B. Thompson D. An- derson K. Yanko A. Moose R. Cebrosky S. Lott M. Doyle C. Skena R. Fish P. McCuigan R. Rutter J. Clement P. Katkowski. First Row: Miss Young, D. Thomas, J. Lavrich. P. Williamson B. Miller, M. Frescura, J. Crudow- ski, J. NICCuigc-n, H. Remaley, E Lucas, P. Venus, J. Cappa, E. Bo- vard, T. Krushinski. Second Row: R. Risehell, C. Earll, P. Farabaugh, M. Norton, B. Polhamus, P. Shaw, D. Stella, S. Ritko, M. Rivik, B. Broom, P. Bush, A. Myers, L. Smith. Third Row: R. Wertz, M. Sinan, B. Dopler, D. Kidney. Top Row: R. Cable. D. Kelly, S. Eckels, H. Clum, J. De-Cecco, C. Nelson. Miflrlle Row: Mr. Gilmour, L. Beatty, J. Maxwell, H. Ruzharsky. D. Stairs, E. Klingensmith, E. Foullr, R. Fatur, D. Reck, R. Stalh, R. Nagle, T. Miller. Bottom Row: J. Mance, ll. Rubright, D. Swauger, K. Kurach, M. Krushinski, R. Shannon, H. She-ro, R. Persin, ,l. Bryan, L. Griegnr, J. Schake, R. Daugherty. Top Row: C. Allen, R. Shannon, W. Parker, W. Brady, S. Soles. Middle Row: M. Bezak. T. Beatty. R. Killebrew, C. Leeds, F. Heuvel, K. Krotz, J. LaCaria. R. Liprando, C. Restauri, W. Pass, E. Frescura, B. Whitehead. Bottom Row: Mr. Amalong, D. Diehl, P. Doyle, L. Kat- kowski, G. Snyder, R. Wertz, B. Tomer, I. Lavrich, W. Cebroslcy, D. Shannon, V. Jones, B. Reese, R. DeBiase, L. Lott, R. Rivardo. Top: S. Kilgore, M. Starn, L Rugh, K. Noca, M. Heaven, L Clunt, W. Pass, C. Kozuch, G. Homce, E. Green, A. Rivardo, E. Primozic, K. Staub. Bottom: Mr. Cieslik, E. Klingensmith, M. Snyder L. Callucci, E. Lapcevic, R. Dezanet C. Nelson, R. Deering, S. Shaw, Bi Uncapher, J. Webb, R. Mika, M. Foster, G. McGurk, J. Popovich. P v ',f'r1 .V vu V "1 'Nl- , Kr. " .v nv , 4 - .f 1 :V I .1 A ts if- ' .f . t , L. xt, ,I ,4 1 ,--. . ' X L s Sn , Q, ,W ,, ti , f" 1 ,ff '. Qt,,s, -1, ,H QQ 41. Flrst Rau 'Nl Caluccl R Barber L Patty R Wat on S King D Wymer D K1 tlcr D Fngland M Kuklch efom1Rou P 'NlnQu1gan R furnalie r Ke ler Nlrs Pees Pelru ka l I amphell NI W illtamson Knox 'lhrrrl Row D Pajan W ter C Wulilin J X elochan P EC els NI Hnlmlnlk J MCC-Off R Kessler Fourth Row D Brown N Rutter D 'Nlaxvuell Nl Duhl J Mc Gurk C PYIHIOZIK' C Vamvlch .J Smithbower D Remaldy L24 ' . -xv 11 f. "' In lf? prix! !, SEVENTH GRADE First Row: R. Rubright, A. Williams, K. Kem:-rer, L. Jones, C. Sicerly, J. Rugh. J. Ventura. Second Row: D. Urick. M. J. King, Mrs. Remaley, A. Helmken, J. Stover. Third Row: J. Shirlev R Morris P Watt E Britz L Stxtfy T Denny J Bovard Fourth Row D Haney C Carmgham B Qtaub I Watt I' Kemerer 5 Ritter F1 mmf s AA:-aft. 1 H 'N 14 I 6 3711 Ig QJJK5 NPN 11 sax 130 51 4541 if First Row C Altman M Rxhko C Wilson J Patterson W Bush P Kos mack R DeCecco 'VI Cramer Second Row 'Nl Watt B Cordon D Pfieffer Nlr Bohmc J Dau S Fern T Kal ton 1hzrd Row L Hill B WIcK1m B Senehur H McCurk B Nagle L Clunt L Kelly P Luckas Fourth Row B Dfncy J Porter B Huffman R Hoon R Home: T Swan on H Hale , K , f , 4, . A , . , . , -,Xia fail W 41.4, if J i j" . A , . , . . : .., v Ya. has ' I ,QA -, K kv A Va - , " ' f S. Caspe. A. '-ss , . .. ', B. -' S . ,, -,i - Weis . 1. ' ', , ' - ' ' KE .xi kkw, -,l , , , tl.-. 1s . aff " JN, . 2 .' , - I " V 9 - A .V - , i ef, f x I Q . - V 0 I I v p V H ,Y 'fn . LA rf L L t 'X -X-Q-, A. ' Q' it V V .A J it Qi ,' " iff? f. Ji t ,.1,'- f ly to , fn 1' ' ,.bl :IIE-Lf? .VZJ Y U 1 . z.: . .rl , . , 2 an .G M H. Q . ,5 L vt. ,it - P W . if.. ,. in 1 ,' -.o. g"".'t'ka'. A ' ' J' " S ' ' ' K, I A, J QV km V, . ' E ., rti' A ' J I 'LJ QUILL STAFF 'br ,A Wvfivs, Y 1 -ft 'iv-,H vt he 5 s,, 5 6' Q -65,1-P Let to Rzght Frrst Row R Cappa J Clement L Fxsh 'NI Mastorovxch 'NI Lucas 'VI Starrs N Ryckman S Keeler M Bergant K Faulk M Evans T Rose A Dlckey M Swank H Earll M Sxmons V McGurk 'VI Shero S Staymates B Krstler W Scott Second Row R Stamn P qrmons D Krstler M McAlp1ne P Senchur J Neptune A M Frescura B Senchur S Anderson N Daugherty B Thompson F Rubnght S DeZanet ,I Nlarschnk G Elwood B Clawson S Smlley M Howard H Bebar D Brrtz C I John A Watson E M Watt P Smnh M A McGu1gan N Cerger R Kemerer Last Row Mrss Kryslk A Klavon E Kolvalcrk B Barrxckman A Astorrl V Campbell D Metrosky C Bush J Mrller J Cam I Pnmozrc A Santorrella M Gelger S Beswarlck A Schlenke M Nesbltt B Shaw P Bowman J Eckelg L, Clkovlc I Wlester M Swauger R Wertz P Matthews W Rugh M L Wllson V Kramer G Lott B Ferrmgton R McDermott M Yi il L-.11 1 EdxtormCh1ef 2 Assnstant Edrtor 3-Sponsor 4-Acuvnty Wrnteups 5 Last Wlll 6-Typmg 7 Sales 8 AdV6l'IlSlIlg Prcture ldtntlfxcauon 10- Proofreadm ll Prophecy 12 Art 15 Lavout 14-Qenxor Wrne up lo Photos The purpose of the l953 CCllll0I1 of the ulll 1 to Ieoord the clced of the lroys and lrls who for the past four wears emlwodled the splrlt of l'rankl1n Townslnp H1 h School ln tht year to Conn lln Nearhook xslll keep alne the memorles atllered durmv thur underbraduate dm lht future sears mll lbflll new faces and chan es to tle school scene l t there shall bc tlns record of the i ends tl x k us ll tl 1 they dxd and t memorles that are stlll dear to them Under the leadershlp of Shrrley Anderson our Cd1lOI'lIl clnef and 'lllss lxusnk our sponsor exery member of the staff contrlbuted ln some way to make thls book a success . 3- ' tb -1, 44- ,N V' ' I-.slit 154 A , 4 Q , X xg l', JAQVK 1 A 74 .N ,X tg, 'ki 4 L WX . , 5..A. v ' B l 1 - 0'-A A. lift, -1 ,iff 5'K,,.,"4 . V. 41. g' ,gf , , w M -K .-gp -pads.. .,.1 - ."-ts-If - - ..-so A Q N.-r.,k,r , . g --s.'.'a -f fn, ,.- ff 1 - ' ' ' , ff 4. if - 'Q f ', , sr-'we .. '11 we -'11 7. - ' 1. at J fag, ff' 7, 4-A . . ' , Q .V ,, 'Aw n "j L, ' 4 - ' X v V , , L-K - qw- W, A- ' -,, y.,f we - Z-'..' - "Rh - - 1 . .lf-4,2 ' 1 H. " ' r"- . ' ,,y.r.,y5,'-4- 'fy g,",,v JJ. mwwu ,yum 5 , . 1 e- V V N' A 1.-',,, J, 9 -3 , X , y . , W . . L ' t A Y. , - '-M. I-X E, 45 B' 'L ' '-' M 4 , id J 'ir B 'fit V"','Y-"' '- C . NJ M C..- B X "U - ul' 'T 'P' V, ' A, I S' -.-'lri g" . -'w"' 1 ,v ' 4 A - 2 ' ' , t , , ,M K . gn- . . Q , h- gR,.. ,. 'fe 1 - f D . -1 S ' 'i"K'-1.- 'vw - A 'A M, 1 l Z- .-"' to - -' - f N , 1 ...- .E H , r:,,1.,, A Z Q . - , E1 ..- -, Z rw. . ft 'sv' "ek ' , 1 f .-U ,W H- rr ja .Q . '. R ' - , -, - f - Q' . ' nf 1.3 -1 W , . ,s .,,, , Q, ,af ,hh 1 A , . . ' 4 I xv --'mp Q ,,. 1 ,yi . L' ' , . 'Q , N' ' 'V . -,.v Y.. fun Yr- Tl' 1 .s , . - fs x B' ' ' . B' gui' . , . , . , . , . , . , . . , - , . - , . , . . , , , . , . . : . , .- , . , , - I , - , . . , , , . , - . , v y + Y s -V' . s ' - s- - Q . - , . . , , , . , . , - Q , ' y - - 1 - v A - - - 7 - , - . 1 , . , . , . , . , . U , . . , . , . , . ' , - v - s ' 1 ' 1 - 1. ' A 9 ' 1 ' ' 9 ' , , f , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , XF ,J f - f if-D.: , XXL A vsgs, l I 'll V fs 1 51 4- 4, - V 1, .A I ' fu '17 V sg Q A 2 K 'A fe V A- 6 7 ' ' . I in 9 L 5 . 12, - so 15 V .Qs A f- .6 L. 'L , ' A v- t 5 ' W 'A "gl-sg. at A 5 rn 2 ,, m ,, 1 I i 8 ' l f , 3 A ,af 1 s , ' s. -, A u D ' - . V ' . . . . u - . . . ' H . -A .. Y . . . . . . ,. . 9- 2 - - 3- - , HA , - , , M - , - . - .. Q ' '5 - , - 5 ' g' .. ' , .T ., .ig .D 2. U . .g V' .0 I gi l ' , Ju . 1 X 'ri ' nj rv . xc lilgs ' ' . he NATIGNAL HGNCDR SOCIETY i i x N N N 'Nllis Kryslk qponsor Norma Daugherty Robert Barrukman Sylua De7anet 44x To become a member of the Uatlonal Honor Soclely ls the hx hw! honor a jumor or senior can SCIIICNC The facultx Choo e three Jumorb and two senlor annuallx on the ments of -eholar hlp leader hlp Character and Qeruce It lw a uorthuhlle achlexemcnt bC'Il1OI' chu lll la t war were Johnelta Sher and Geraldlne Bohmc' -Xt the end of the war the memberb of thls Il3llOINS1d or dlll73ll0Il are lnwtalled at .1 eandlehnht ceremonx Whse Krybnk IS the sponsor 33 N . . , .L .V V. . - , L , r , , . , . j,,,ff 'ik 2' S r 'Q 'S :S ,. H ,. 'Jxas X '5 X, . . K . v.x .U x . . S . . Y. . . ' 5 F W. - 4 ' S S ' ' C S ' ' ' I .' S . 5 . . M V. ' .Ai V Y. .7 3 ' f. . S .Si S -V A l I . .4- A W i . . '. V! gl .I . ' .U ,- ROUND-UP STAFF Staniing: Mrs. Johnson. H. Bebar, W. Scott. A. M. Frescura. S. De- Zanet. K. Towle. A. Shuster, R. Mcllermutt. A. Santoriella, M. Ber- gant, Ll. Elwood, Mr. McCauley. Left to Right-First Row: R. Stew- art, A. Mayer, D. Stella, P. Sim- mons. M. McAlpine, N. Daugherty. M. Geiger, J. Cain, C. Bert, . Clawson, R. Cappa, J. Clement . Mastorovich, M. L. Wilson. . Kramer. P. Smith, P. Sc-nchur, Britz, L. Cikuvic, H. Earll, . Simons, M. Shero, R. Kemerer, . Geiger. A. Watson, C. J. John Dickey, S. Staymates, I. Fish, . Lucas. E. Watt, C. Meyer, W. Pass. Second Row: B. Barrickman, B. Matesic, S. Anderson, D. Me-trosky, E. Kovalcik, R. Wertz. W. Rugh, A. Schlenke, S. Beswarick, C. Bush, I. Wiester, J. Marschik, R. King, J. Barnett, J. Primozic, E. M. Watt, R. Deering, M. A. McCuigan, J. Neptune, M. Stairs, P. Portertield. Lip-z?.r:4Zm STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: B. Brady, T. Miller. W. Scott, M. McAlpine, T. Rose, J. Clement, J. Grudowski. Second Row: J. Klavon, J. McAlpine, S. Crooks, Mr. Amalong, P. Porterfield, B. Ct-brosky, L. Swank. J. Cain. W. Pass. STUDENT SECRETARIES First Row: S. Dezanet. M. Swank M. Stairs, B. J. Kistler. Serorul Row: D. J. Kistler. P. Bowman, F. Ru- bright, T. Rose. Third Row: M Simons. V. McCurk. B. Thomson M. Shero. Fourth Row: D. Metrosky J. Marschik, R. McDermott. N Daugherty. Standing: Miss Krysik Q 2. Wt.. tea... 'JVVK VL. " - LIBRARY STAFF First Row: C. Meyer, P. POIICI' field, H. Earll, L. Stifly. Second Row: J. Mayer, E. Tonner. Stand ing: Miss Young, R. Larouere, K Towle, Mrs. Spiegel. VARSITY CLUB First Row: Mr. Kelley, S. Ander- son, T. Rose, R. Barrickman, B. Kistler, R. Urick, F. Rubright, B. Thomson, Mrs. Stephan. Second Row: N. Kilgore, C. Skena, E. Stover, R. Thompson, I. McAlpine, B. Gebrosky, J. Cain. STAGE CREW Standing: Mr. Vollberg, J. McAl- pine, S. Crooks, D. Marschik. Seated: J. C. Cappa, E. Kovalcik, T. Miller R. Larouere, J. Pfeifer, D. Cline, W Pass. 1 will MIXED CHORUS First Row: M. Evans, T. Rose, B. Thomson, A. Dickey, M. Bergant, K. Faulk, S. Keeler, M. Shero, D. Kistler, L. Cikovic, M. Stairs, H. Earll, M. Swank. M. Simons, A. Watson, J. Cain, V. Campbell, M. Nesbitt, B. Kistler. Second Row: N. Daugherty, M. McAIpine, P. Sim- mons, J. Clement, R. Cappa, G. Lott, B. Ferrington, 0. Hartley, W. Mari- ana, F. Rubright, M. Geiger, B. Shaw, R. King, M. Swauger, J. Marschik, J. Thomson, A. Dren- jevich, P. Bowman, R. McDermott, S. DeZanet, W. Rugh, .I. Eckels, D. Metrosky. Third Row: Mrs. Ference, H. Shaw, J. Pfeifer. S. Beswarick, A. Schlenke, J. Miller, N. Kil- gore, Anderson, B. Matesic, P. Matthews, E. Kovalcik, B. Hill, W. Bovard, Porterfield, A. Astorri, D. Bush, D. Jones, R. Barrickman, A. Klavon. GIRLS' CHORUS Front Row: B. Jones, A. Schake, M. Bergant. A. Dickey, S. Stay- mates, l. Fish, M. Lucas, L. Re- maley, G. Elwood, H. Bebar, D. Britz, W. Scott, C. .l. John, A. M. Freseura, M. Mastorovieh, P. Smith, B. Senchur. Back Row: Mrs. Fer- ence, G. Bert. V. Kramer, M. L. Wilson, R. Kemerer, S. Rogers, N. Geiger, H. Cline, M. Geiger, M. Nes- bitt, E. Schenmlel, R. King, B. Shaw, C. Bush, J. Neptune, M. A. Mc- Guigan, I. Weister, B. Clawson, J. Kline, B. Matesic, N. Kilgore. SENIOR PLAY CAST Standing: V. Campbell, J. Eckels Mr. Gilmour, N. Daugherty, M Geiger, B. Barrickman, P. Simmons M. Swauger. Seated: B. Farrington A. Astorri, S. DeZanet, M. Stairs, M Bergant, R. King, S. Anderson, P Matthews, R. Wertz. 1 "A" BAND Left First: R. Fish, C. Meyer G. Elwood, N. Kilgore, S. Frisell Left Second: S. Anderson, 0. Hart ley, G. Hall, R. Hartman, T. Miller W. Pass. Middle First: P. Good, E. Murray, D. Jones, J. Schake. Middle Second: B. Thompson, P. Matthews, A. Schake. Standing: G. Yant, G. Kilgore, A. Klavon, E. Ko valcik, Mrs. Ference. Right First K. Towle, G. Dunmyre, F. Kosmak R. Cargnel, A. Astorri. Right Sec ond: B. Brady, B. Clawson, J. An- derson. This year Paul Matthews represented Franklin at District Band at North Huntingdon. Our representative for County Orchestra at Brentwood was Roger Thompson. D. Jones. G. Elwood. R. Hartman. 0. Hartley. C. Hall. and P. Matthews participated in County Band. The band concert held on the 29th of January in our own gym proved to he very successful. 2 XM fyjydiivp W r 13 INSTRUMENTAL CLASS Left to Right: N. Krushinski, P. Rubright, S. Kilgore, R. Smith, H Rubright, Mrs. Ference, D. Stella B. Broome, A. Mayer, K. Noca, M Heaven, D. Swauger, R. DeBiase, F. Heuvel, B. Whitehead, G. McGurk. Y Step right up and see Our sports review of '53 if n RN ... xl l ffl it X ' .1 re VARSITY Rlchard Urlck Forward 58 Excellent on a one hand push shot from th: slde Very aggressne ball play er M hls best when the omg IS toughest 239 Tom Revolt Forward 59 Sophomore up from the ,Ir 1 squad A rea scrapper Hts hustlmg and flghtmg splrlt won hum many startlng assignments as a sophomore 38 Walter Uhllg Benny Gebrosky Center-6 Guard 5 9 Sophomore 0 e of the Sophomore letter man squad s best rebound men A natural ball player Can shoot equally well whose ablllty 15 constantly wlth both hands Has Ire lmprovmg Excellent ball mendous natural ablllty handler and playmaker Should be one of Frank lms all tnme greats Albert Klavon Center-6 2 Senior wlth a great desire to play hall Shoots a one hand push shot well Frank Kosmack Guard-6 1 Flrst year on the squad Rapxdly lmprovmg One of our best rebound men Faye Rubrlght Center Guard Qenlor An unflinching guard who really does ber best for the team Faye a weteran guard from last year can be counted on to mtmrcept the ball and also get the rebounds She can really cover the dis tance on a bounce Becky Kxstler Left Forward Senior Becky 1S a sure shot on either side of the hoop bhe is known for her sensatxonal long shots With such basketball abil lty she just cant help being our htgh scorer in most games GIRLS VARSITY " Janet Miller Right Guard Junior This IS Janets first year as first string guard Her height xs an added advantage m Jump ball situations as well as ln getting rebounds We re expecting to see her put ln another good year for the Girls Yarslty ln 53 Slurley Anderson Rlght Forward Senior Shirley will b mlssed tremendously next year She plays excellent pivot position feeding the ball to Becky for some sure points Beside thxs sklllful maneuver she ts a good shot on her own es peclally with that one hand loop shot Nancy Kilgore Left Guard Junior Nancy p l a y e d some fir-.t strung ba ketball as year but has we lopf tl into a reliable play: r with more expert ence She s a versatile guard and a definite threat to any forward who op poses her Judy Cam Center Forward Junior Judy has played splendid basketball on the girls team for her first year on the mam string Judy can really dump ln the poxnts at the essential time from some almost unpos sible positions Good luck to you next year Judy' .,.- BASEBALL Robert Barrickman Pitcher Senior Has a good fast ball and sharp curve One of the best high school pitchers in this district Joe Noca lst Baseman Junior-This is Joe's first year on the squad-Fine fielder and hits a long ball. Should be a great as- set to the ball club. I.. :LES Roger Thompson Carl Skena Catcher Shortstop Junior 2nd year on the Junior 2nd year on the squad Has developed in to 8 GHC ICCCIVCI' A SlI'Ol'l throwing arm is one of his best qualitles squad A hustlmg boy who gives his best at all times Bill Lapcevic Centerfield bemor lst year on the quad Fine defensive ball player Frank Stuck 2nd Baseman Sophomore-Frank is a very fine fielder. He is also lead-off man. This boy is gifted with a great amount of baseball in- stinct. VARSITY Left to Right: T. Revolt, B. Ce brosky, W. Uhlig, F. Kosmack, A Klavon, D. Jones, R. Urick, J Liprando, J. Hixenbaugh. Standing Mr. Kelley. GIRLS' VARSITY Front Row: B. Kistler, J. Miller, S. Anderson, N. Kilgore, F. Ru- bright. Standing: R. Cappag Man- ager, A. Dickey, .I. Clement, G. Yant, A. Santoriella, S. DeZanet, J. Marschik, C. Smith, W. Scott, Mrs. Stephan. .I R. VARSITY In Front: J. Thomson, J. Hixen- baugh, D. Peterson, B. Thomas, K. Kock. Standing: Mr. Cieslik, D. Jones, A. Drynjevich, J. Liprando. VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR HIGH Seated: P. Elias, R. Wertz, G. Kilgore, G. Restauri, M. Sinan, R. Scott, J. Anderson, B. Rubright, J. Cappa, D. Kidney. Standing: C. Parker, J. DeCecco, M. Davis, R DeBaise, Mr. Cieslik, BASEBALL Top: D. Liprando, C. Skena, P. Elias, C. Skena, M. Davis, C. Bryan, E. Mares, D. Peterson, J. Bryan, S. Smithbower, A. Cassol, M. Sinan, R. Galetti, J. Hixenbaugh, J. Cappa. Bottom: Mr. Cieslik, B. Gebrosky, T. Revolt, B. Lapcevic, R. Thomp- son, 1. Noca, E, Stover, B. Barrick- man, F. Kosmack, J. Liprando, F. Stuck, Mr. Kelley. The Senior High Volleyball Team is comprised of students who have not participated to any great extent in Varsity sports. Competition between local schools and a W.P.I.A.L. Tournament at Brad- dock. Pa. comprise the scope of activities of the team. TRACK The Junior High School Track Team is a member of The Little Seven Valley League. An annual track meet is held at Trafford in May. The main purpose of the team is to develop a competitive attitude and sportsman like conduct among the mimbers. . -,,-fA,,?m, , ,H .Q .eff Q 5 s , QQ: I 4 M fe 1 733 1 ' w 3 V .qt M, '. t Vi' k""!wl'lrv-"-' lf'-W w- gf F wif" 5 . 'K Q ' 4 , + Q 3 .gg ' ., - E1 gg? is lg A' if EW -v Y 2 L . 5 1 , , gf 3 , ff! 5 h -9 fa? Name Anthony Astorrt Bob Barrlckman Tom Borland Bob Cargnel llm bberts Nl Klason Fd Kovalclk Bxll Lapcevlc Don Llprando Bob Marschlk 'lom Mateslc Paul Matthews Blll Moore Harold 'Vloose .lack McAlpme Wayne Rugh Lonme Shannon Glenn Tomer Rich Urlck Don Watt Ray Wtrtz Shlrley Anderson Margaret Bergant Iaulme Bowman Rosahe Cappa Lorraine Clk0VlC June Clement Norma Daugherty qylvxa Delanet Alene Dnckey Helen Earll .lean Eckels Mary Evans Kay Faulk Betty Ferrmgton Mlrlam Getger Shirley Keeler Becky Klstler Dons Krstler Ruby Kmg Grace Lott Margle McAlplne Rosemarxe McDermott ,lo Marschlk Dolores Metrosky vlfgllllil McGurk Marllyn Nesbitt Dlxte Noel Nancy Ryckman Thelma Rose Faye Rubrlght Mary Qhero Peg Simmons Marxan Slmons Margaret Stalrs Margaret Swauger Margaret Swank Rosemarxe Stamm Bertha Shaw Barbara Thomson lrene Wetster Noted For fhrtmg with glrls sclentlflc mlnd shyness being qulet sluplng m class kyscrapmg loud shirts gorgeous eyes chewln tobacco curlv locks harry legs fender bender speed demon bemg httle muscles skatlng trouble lns Tom build deep volce blg, shoes pencll nn her ear ablhty to get around pretty halr art abthty askmg questions telhng Jokes pretty haxr brown eyes cowboy boots red halr boy fnends Henry J reckless driver qutetness curly halr bemg frlendly blond halr wlse cracks fnendlxness loafmg smlle peppy walk fhrtlng wlth boys chewmg gum pretty blue eyes skxppmg class bemg short pocketbook cheerleading basketball playing speed demon red hair frxendhness halr dos broken glasses crazmess math ablhty smile cheerleading red hanr Uught I'0 Be movle star Emstem s rxght hand mortlclan mathematlclan prnvate secretary be-ne Krupas successor hxstory teacher sugar daddy movle producer bachelor farmer Bunck salesman traffic cop six feet tall phys ed teacher hot rod drlver diesel mechanic figure caller 'Nlr Amerlca I assanova opera smger woman wrestler math teacher West vlrglllla Hlll Bully Leonardo da Vtncxs successor beaunclan Arthur Murrays dance partner owner of a peach cannery Manlyn Monroe housewife owner of a restaurant farmer s wlfe woman doctor old maid sxnger whlte hatred grandma nursemald woman pilot presrdent s wlfe career gxrl basketball player nurse mother of 10 klds astronomer western ranch owner mxssxonary P 0 D teacher sax feet tall Home Ec teacher bronco buster car mechanic race track owner Enghsh teacher lady barber mtenor decorator ballet star shorthand teacher Plam G teacher mllhonatres wlfe secretary army nurse . B V ' D V l . , g . I I ' ' y . . . . . Virginia Campbell laugh quiet . , , . .E . ' q . Always Seen With 1 P1nky and B1ll Crow Tom 1 Pau Paul and A 1m Everyone Tom o Plnky Tom lllS Dodge glr s Pearl Don Nlary Glenn Wayne Peggy 1m Nezz une Helen Rosalre and Do her Bulck Rosle ack Lorralne the gang Rlch Walter Trace or Don R1ch Pa1nter Bertha Mary Pau Maggle Nancy PB Sylvna Andy or Faye Jn or June Nancy Jo and Andy Nancy Betty Faye Thelma Bert COORIC Mary Swanky Ruby Starrsne Pla1n G Book Shlrley Norma Swanky lores 1' avorzle Pastlme loafmg at Lostell s frxmg hrs Lhryslcr golng to C reensburg loaflnv at Franklln loafmg danc1ng and sports chewlng gum sports sklppmg class dr1v1ng square danclng playmg jazzy records sk1pp1n1'f class fl1rt1ng danc1ng at lunch t1me teasmg g1rls danc1ng square danc1ng play1ng basketball sleepmg, tlownmg sports export show ll8IlClllg talklng pestt rmg teachers danc1ng and skat1ng plffklllg peaches danc1ng and skatmg bakmg and sewlng sk1pp1ng class drlvmg datmg RlCh bemg w1th Walter golng w1th Don snngmg datmg B111 dr1v1ng dnvmg w1th Paul dr1v1ng wr1t1ng letters wr1t1ng to Gordon dancmg danc1ng and sports learnmg to llI'lVE' wrrtlng letters danc1ng and sports studymg typmg datlng Ig. tlI'lVll'lg and basketball speedmv haung pajama partnes actmg a fool drnmg Wllll Don sports ll8IlClllg ll3IlClIlg horse back r1d1ng danc1ng loafmg 1n study hall Remmrls We O! Don .luan Sherlock Holmes faptaln Vldeo lrmce Vallant Ken H1ldebrand lopeve llagwood Ju lf Brown llollllrl Duck 1 aesar Romero l1l Abner Tommy Dorsey Wllllpy Flash Cordon Olark lke Rudy Valentlno Jughf ad Hopalong Ca s1dy Tarzan lone Ranger Denms the Nltnace Kate Snnth tookn Bumstead M1ll1t Wayne Nophu Tutker 'Nlartha Ray rllllf' the To1ler Brenda Starr ,llll Jackson Shlrley T1 mple Iuulle Ball Jane Russell Nlllll Stemer Mama eg Loleen Delaney Ddlby Mae Blondle Fflll RIIZ Judy f anova lNI3ggl8 Dlana ,Ian Jackson My Fnend Irma Brtnda Breeze Namy Betty Furness Hank Port l' leanor Roosexelt Vnromca 'Nly llttle Nldfglt' Nlary llartlme Nlartha Roundtree ltttle ulu Nlanue Lucy Sweeney L1ttle Iodme Latherme Murray Imogene Coco ,loan Davxs Betty Ann Groves B'll ' ' ' B'll ' 1 ' 1 ,- w 4 J' I 3 sf' I. B b - ' ' 1' ' Al . . V I . 'lo .i I . J' . L. .X v -l sewing R Boots J . . I -A 3. . . P Q 1 . . . P ' . . ' ' 1. Mrs. Lessig. Mrs Dugan, Mrs. Stella CAFETERIA t..N, . .4 W - G.. D s Ya-gs. Mrs. Dugan. Mrs. Stella JANITOR MATRON JANITOR - ...f ,vy 'rf' f" ,sn ,- ,,. 4 Q 1 , -ALM Mr. Good Mrs. Patterson MT- Cain wr' JI ', ' I . 1. Jn. , ,. J. Brinker. L. Kuznik. T. Delane-t. 1. Jewett. R. DuH, W. Iewett, Mr- Hf'idEl' J. Hill. 1:.L We the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and Hty-three of Franklin Township High School MUVVZYSUIUC flfnzsllgvznu? having attained a soundness of mind, as well as body, having reached our last days tn Franklin Township lg C 00 so desire ta distribute our belongings in the following manner after our departure from this institution I. To the School Board: our gratitude for the advantages they have willingly given us these past years 2. To Mr. Ellsworth: our sincere appreciation for the direction he has given us in all our difliculties 3. To Mr. Swacus: our thanks for his unfailing co-operation in all our activities. 4. To our sponsors, Mrs. Stephan and Mr. Gearhard: our gratitude for their untiring efforts to lead o 5. To the Juniors: the right to rule the school with an iron hand-and our following possessions I, Anthony Astorri leave my levies to Helen Cline. I, Shirley Anderson leave my tumbling ability to Neil Porterfield. I, Bob Barrickman leave my baby blue Chrysler to Alice Haaz. I, Tom Borland retain all my possessions. I'm a tightwad. I, Margaret Bergant leave my ability to "get around" to Eva Mae Watt. I, Lorraine Cikovic bequeath my ,short hair-dos to Marlene Marschik. I , Robert Cargnel will my ability to blow up chemistr ex eriments to Janet Primozrc I' P I, Pauline Bowman leave my love for engagement rings to Shirley Rogers. I, Virginia Campbell grudgingly bequeath my laugh to Isibelle Fish. I, Rosalie Cappa leave my artistic ability to Mary Lou Wilson. I, ,lim Eberts leave my wad of gum under the desk in English class. I, Albert Klavon bequeath my "canal barges" to Margaret Lucas. I, Ed Kovalcik will my bass voice to Nancy Geiger. I, Bill Lapcevic leave my false eye lashes to Dorothea Painter. I, Don Liprando will my love for school to Alice Shuster. I, Bob Marschik leave, but I'll be back for Wanda. I, Tom Matesic bequeath my curling iron to George Hall. I, Paul Matthews leave with Doris Kistler. I, June Clement will my jitterbug routine to Sandra Beswarick. I, Norma Daugherty leave my love for convertibles to Carol Bush. I, Sylvia DeZanet bequeath my place in the National Honor Society to Don Bovard I, Alene Dickey will my love for domestic duties to Shirley Staymates. I, Helen Earll leave my freckles to Nancy Kilgore. I, ,Ieanette Eckels leave my sweaters to ,I im Bruggeman. I, ,lack McAIpine bequeath my ability to become president to Don Kline. I, Kay Faulk leave my cute little wink to Delores Britz. We, Mary Evans and Rich Urick leave the top bleacher to Carl and Anna Marie. I, Bill Moore leave my reputation as class clown to Clara I ean John. I, Betty Ferrington leave to marry Don. I, Harold Moose will my ornery ways to Alice Schlenke. I, Miriam Geiger bequeath my curly black hair to .I ack Lutz. I, Wayne Rugh leave my automobile insurance to Bill Hill. I, Shirley Keeler leave my knack for losing a ring to Mary Ann McGuigan. I, Lonnie Shannon leave my precious jewel to George Dunmyre. I, Glenn Tomer will my Toni Home Permanent to Bill Mariana. I, Ruby King leave my success as an actress to .Iune Kline. I, Becky Kistler leave in my Chevy. I, Don Watt bequeath my forty winks in Sales class to Barbara Matesic. I, Grace Lott leave the whole school to posterity. I, Ray Wertz leave my fatal charm for women to Gary Restauri. I, Josephine Marschik leave my position at Murphy's to Bonnie Clawson. I, Rose Marie McDermott bequeath my sophisticated ways to Janet Neptune. I, Marjorie McAlpine will my ambition to become a nurse to Harold Watt. I, Virginia McGurk leave my boisterous personality to Richard Smith. I, Marilyn Nesbitt leave my thirst for knowledge to Marjorie Howard. I, Delores Metrosky leave-period. I, Dicksie Noel bequeath my shortness to Mickey McKim. I, Thelma Rose leave my place as a cheerleader to Paul Simpson who will become captain I, Fay Rubright leave my position as a guard to Teddy Haaz who will be the star of next years girls team I, Nancy Ryckman leave my purse to Olin Hartley. I, Margaret Swank will my ability to tell jokes to Adele Watson. I, Margaret Swauger leave my horn-rimmed glasses to Adam Cassol. I, Barbara Thomson leave the "p" that should be in my name to Roger Thompson I. Irene Weister leave my red hair to Patty Smith. I, Bertha Shaw bequeath my love for the South to Donald Kemerer. I, Mary Shero will my ability to become engaged to Gail Bert. I, Marian Simons leave one blue eye to Bonnie and the other to Patty Senchur. I, Peggy Simmons leave for Russia with Mr. McCauley. I, Margaret Stairs leave the last part of my name to the school to he used on the hill to the field I, Rosemarie Stamm bequeath my colored socks to Sam Crooks. Signed, sealed, published, and declared as and for our lust will and testarnent, in the presence of us who at the request and in the presence of one another, have subscribed our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid .C Senioff' Wil dv S Compllmentm ALBERT DRNJEVICH F6116 ral Conlractor FXPOHT PI 'XXSHI X ANIA VC e wlnh to take tlus opportumly to con ratulate h of you Semor of Murrwulle H1 h School EAT Mon: eac BAKERY PRODUCTS FOR BETTER HEALTH at H118 memorable occa lon of your raduatlon and xnsh each of xou tht bet of luck ln your future endeaxor THE BORDEN ICE CREAM COMPANY LATROBE PENNSY LX ANIA of I 7 7 T 41 , n 444 . 4 A , g, Y .W . ' U , . C v . Q 1 V. .U 1, . X . ' C : s ' g , v. w 1 S Q . v ' S." ll Y . , , Y STREM STUDIOS Strem's Picture Corner NINTH srm-err AWD rum urwue Ilttbbur h 22 Ptnn slxama PATRONS T J De7anet A Frlend Walter Helder H1 Way Auto Parts Salamon Bros Coopers Market Fred Jamxson Esman 3 Tom Zafaras I Fmeman Anton 5 Grlll Schwartz Hardware Co John Wayne Jud e KEPPLE H B Ifrye Oldbmolule Dealer COACH LINES Bus gfflllf NIOIIIOCVIIIC Ilelrnout J Past Ilttbbur h Fxport Jeannette New Kenbln ton Greenslmur PHONE DLIMONT 73 Fin? Cam ru I' ils - , . N .Y, ,YV r, g .., x S',v - .. , - -- .ff . :hx li U , o 1 ,- ' 1 v -.U ' D ,N . ff ' cv . ' ,v V . , . ' U O Cornplzments FERRINGTON S MURRX SNII LE PA B 81 M BLOCK SUPPLY CO Lumber Builders Supplzes Concrete Blocks PHONE 140 EXPORT PA WILKINSBURG BUICK SALES 8. SERVICE CO 715 ROSS AVE xilnxlll lmr I EARL G PATTY I n s u r a n c e EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA JOHNNY MILLER 110W By 71.8 Srde Of The Road MUHRYSVILLE PA EXPORT LUMBER CO Y ellow Pme Flr Drmenslon 81 Boards Hardwood Flooring Speczalzsts VC M PENIN HIGHW AY Export Pa Bruce B Grable Owner Phone Export 33 BAUGHMAN S Meals and Crocenes Electrzcal Appliances Kelunator Re ngerators and Ranges EXPORT PENNSYI VANIA Complzments DICKS DINER NIURRYSVILLE PA 81 of - - , . I " " s g. 'a. ' CH. 1-8700 ' T 7 I . of . . I , U. I WERL S PHARMACY I red W erl Pharmacm VI M PENN HIGHW M Murrys,u1Ie Ia Phone Export H4 MURRYSVILLE LUMBER COMPANY I umbf r and Huzlfle ra Supplus Ready Mix Concrete PHONE EXPORT 250 Jun-Q A Rlrrrn Mana er Arrow SIIITI Interwoven Hose MURRYSVILLE SUPER SERVICE STATION in RFI I LF XI BFRT Cxm- ANC. Lleclrzeul Applzances Radzo Televrszon NIUHRX SVILLE I EINNSYLVANIA STEFFEY S Men 9 Dzstznrlzve Flothmg 725 WOOD STREET WILKINSBURG PA Phone Prcmont I 6165 Michaels Stern Clothmg Complmzenls WIGLES DRUG STORE H O WICLE hone Export '38 R 1 EXPORT PA EXPORT TIRE COMPANY Reeappmg and Vulcanzzmg PHONJE 120 EXPORT PENNSYI VANIA EXPORT HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY All Modern Electrzcal Applzances For The Home Phone Export 141 EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA THE HUB STORE N COHEN Phone 87 Export Pennsylvama 1 ' , ' 4 I nfkw 1 v 1 v 7 l 1 ' ' ,IZ.,. I 2, ' g . 5 I I , .. . . ,. ,f ,, I,".", -' , . . .. X - . , - I ,-r Of I . .. . . L , 4 P - .. . 1 , . G6 - Q 4 K 39 9 5 Complzments WATSON S SERVICE STATION P XPURT PI' NNSX LVANIA lj you haze money we want Lt If you want money we have ll Compllments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK EXPORT PA on ratulatlons To Class of 1953 JOSEPH SHOE STORE farmun Shoes and Men s Sporlsuear Fremont I 6428 IORNFR WOOD FRANKLIN CALDWELL 8. GRAHAM DEPARTMENT STORE PENN AVENUE and WOOD STREFT vmkmsbur P SHACKELFORD S 8- MAXWELL S FLOWERS WILKINSBURG PA PE 10457 DCIIVEYICS to Murrysvllle and sur roundm terrxtory Just phone us we vslll dehver to any address enclose sultable card and b1II you YVltI'llIl 'I0 days SEE WALMERS 716 PENN AVENUE WlIklnSbUfg Pa Member Park 81 Shop CREDIT DELIVERY WILKINSBURG BUICK C0"'P1""f"'f-' SALES 81 SERVICE CO 743 ROSS AVENUE BEATTY S RESTAURANT W IIICIIISIJUI' Pennsylvanla 4000 NEW WWI PENN I'IIGHW'AY Ph I 8700 Phone Valley '3 3933 N ' 1 v ,, ' of ' I . J, , 4 I AI v s C g ' I , Q L I V , . 1 J - g, 8. VI'iIIcinsburg, Pa. I I 4 I I 7 ' . g- I 5 a I 7 . , I 1 Of . I ,. . U Y . , ,A D, , . . GRAHAM S SHOES 817 WOOD STREET Wllkmsburg Pa Shoes For The Ennre Famlly BETTY S BEAUTY SALON Phone Export 309 EXPORT PA PARKWAY SERVICE CHARLES E BARR 'NIONROEVILLE PA Va 2 9908 Lubrication Car Wash WEST S FARM AGENCY We Sell Your Farm Buszness Home GRACE F PEEBLES MURRYSVILLE PA Export 285 fomplzments WILKINSBURG ELECTRIC 8. RADIO 819 WOOD STREET PE 12727 WALT S CLEANING SERVICE Ilothproof Cleaning and Also Repazr Work MAIN STREET Export Phone Export 921 ,I 1 W K MARTS GARAGE R D 1 EXPORT PA Phone 335 BOB S MARKET Ileats Grorerzes Prozlure Phone Export 19 R 1 EXPORT P-K DELMONT PLUMBING 81 HARDWARE R L Monk Prop Seed Fenre Trartorc Phone DELMONT PA VENTURA SHOE REPAIR LHARLFS VENTI RA A Carl Bukley Gulf Servlce ROUTE 22 AT PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE Monroevllle R D Turtle Creek Pa KANDY LEE CANDIES Chocolates Extraordinary MURRYSVILLE PA Phone Export 303 Compliments SOTAK S EXPORT PENNSYLVANIA JEROME MOTOR C0 Oldsmobile and Cadillac NEW KENSINGTON Phone 7 4563 Pollchnowskn s Tlme Shop Expert Watch and .lewelry Repairing EXPORT PA GRANDI S Telephone Eel 9 9178 Pzzza At Its Best Spaghetti Rauoll Salads and Sandwiches 727 FIFTH AVE New Kensington Pa I , ' 1 of Q U 5 , . 82 I I I ' ' For Pickup and Delivery EXPORT, PA. ' I - - 1 o .1 I I ' I of f I . - I . ' I I o . . FERGUSON 81 BAUGHMAN Wears Groceries Produre and Notions DFLNIONT PA GOOD S Taxi Cas and 011 Arressorzes EXPORT PA Phone 97 HILL S SERVICE STATION Home Auto and Hunting Supplies Phone Export 204-,I 1 MURRYSVILLE BOX 412 C omplzments COSTELL S EXPORT PA McHUGH S VARIETY STORE EXPORT PA Phone Export 13 R 1 FISHER BODY SHOP OLD WM PENN HWY Phone 901 4 EXPORT PA DUFF S TIRE SERVICE Phone Export 306 EXPORT PA DUBROCK S SUNOCO STATION MURRYSVILLE PA F J FISHER BODY SHOP OID WM PENN HWX Box 512 Export Pa A S Machesney and Son Real Estate and Insurance DELMONT Phone 11 R 2 Complaments AMOCO STATION MURRYSVILLE PA STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO Local Farm Agent BOX 173 Phone Export 52 R 1 Harnson Clty P Arnst Matenals ashmg Greasmg E G WATSON 8: SONS GULF STATION NIURRYSVILLE PA Phone 260R Polishing Accessonem R I C H A R D S Clover Farm Stores The Best In Foods and Meats MURRYSVILLE PA Evan s Luncheonette Ice Ceam Hand Pamted Gifts Novelties Lzght Lunch MURRYSVILLE PENNWOOD PAINT 8: SUPPLY CO 811 WOOD STREET Wl1kIHSbUIg Pa Ch 1 64-4-0 , I Of of . 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A ., A L, , . - H COMI LIMENTS MEADOW GOLD RIES I FRANK FAULK Dlstrlbutor PEPSI COLA AND KECKS BEVERACES Phones Pltcalrn 1505 J Export 836 R 5 BASTIAN BROS COMPANY ROCHESTER REW YORK Designers and Producers of Erclusue Class ,leuelry Cenulne Engraxed Commencement Announce-mentQ and Pcreonal Card: Dlplomas MR CHARLES NICDON ALD 920 INVESTMENT BLDG 239 Fourth Ave Plttsburgh 22 Pa I ffl ? .12 AMAVL Complzments HENRY S SHOE STORE TURTLE CREEK PENNSX LVANIA VALLEY CLEANERS 614 PEINN AVENUE Phone X 3 91 TURTLE CREEK PA ACK Fashzon Headquarters For Women .lunmrs and Children 625 PENN AVENUE Turtle Creek Penn ylvama PERSIN BROS RVICE STATION Trres Batterzes Accessorzes Wheel Balanclng Hot Pomt Applnances PHOINE 791 EXPORT P-X Congratulauons to CLASS OF 53 TAYLOR S MEN S STORE 607 PENN AVE Turtle Creek Pa Class Rings Uedals and Trophies Club Pms DON ENEIX 927 UNION TRUST BUILDINIC PITTSBLRGH 19 PA Band Unzforms Caps and Couns Choir Robes 1 OF . . . Y , Y . 7 fx' '14 , ,f' R. , - DAI , NC. ' ' f " ,K ., 7 Y . E. . , l , ' Compliments of J ' S vl - 1 I . . T : Va. -T 'T , 7 2 1 7 1 S I , . 1- ' s l 1 - 1 Th . T T 1- T AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS I LAl NVORE MD Pfwlucvd my 6 H G nnswcim X. Q J 2 1 , X , ,7 - 'ff' f f Y, Q! gn, Q 'gf h"s:jbs3 H ff- J" f' rg fri' JM E w X M M, , - j as - R wcwvqiqg ' QE, - 9125! 1,7 J HJ'fj""-I I ' gr ' 2 W .. fv if I ' H6 A-Q 'Q '. CE '42 1. V N 1 q? . A , . QV,-fx lj, o ,Xb ,f, ,- ,- fi ' X Y ev ylfly ff' 4 -c L wg QR! . Z 4 X " icgxij Kok 62 42,45 ' 1 ' :ff "" . . , gli af 1 Y x M- -C 'wlnv flu, 'V W 3- f' ' 'RQ' ' Q Qhi N , L, f' J ' 6 gf, If K At.- f -,,fr'1 5 in ,Q X ii ifg71" we-I' -1!7 I ff' Af a VA JK. x I Mis X W 'A F f W - "Q: ff 4: s 4 ' J I SF ,-.i, A 47 L' f' f " ig AIT ! fi'-., , X I W -3 X g pf f" 4 ,4 W 4 , If A,f"A' ills A z - 4 ' , X 44" 1' A IA ' Q- A r ' .t yyf. "N E 'IAA YF- 1: X :A 7' K1 Q1 J 94, ' 4+ 'aj W nu i. J 'ML 1 x KA wk' X 1 ,a ' 5 Rai , , , ..,, A L , , , , ,.

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