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L 1 1 -av wa .-. Nz Aw sz - 1 , Y-V Y- .A-.- , . ,fr , V - .sf az. ' - -21 ffff' V A , . -,f A-,-.. Q, .,.,,,.-,ia ,,,,, fff -fl.-ff-qffpv, V . , .V 11, .-J-Lg'-ff-1' : f-1i..1--T'-f 7:-.wa Qf.,:5':. V,-J-. f -,J-L... 4af- A-1-,f..r'n . rf-auf-'.::1g2 ee:f u U 4 , I 1 A ,m . , R - H , .- A .i. ' Lf Jiffx ' f-..1?:.'3 V, .. f ff-f "Q 72 I, P? 4,12 W.- , N 'il 4 It: 'tp Annu - ,-. f 4 . 3- W 'N ,.'-59.111 :A ,.f '--ix., -I, . 1,5- np .1Af,w3.-2.2135 ,-.1: g - ,.,'m.,.,.- -1, Hfs fp .'j'1,yf' Q. '.we',.r1' 1 , zgsgf , ., xp f V ' , f, ' 1" U , J- SQ 'X n1,'f.i. A 1:55.-:I .1 W ,vw . ,L .. vu... 1,1 -- - THQKS ff ,A :.,y--- ' . - . 11,51 ' 1-if'4s2I4.v f 1 'a -iw-fQiuf,. , i V A-n' 1' " 'WTS " V F1426 yea' L:1'f-1-'fiji ' ' . , 13322-f.3f' --'QQ -f.:z 2 ,. 5. .g,+,, .,.-gm -I . J., y,,h1I',,r 1 Sk 1-g--ag 441-'fY1'F.f.-,ALWC Af . 'f.""Qf41'A ,:'Q1fN -Yiggig 2, Zf' ,' ,-Aff., r 'IQ . ,. . ,x,.f.:'-Q' H-112,32 ' .j- ffm, ,,fgf:x..,-:-",!.g- 1' 11-gl -J A b. --515. '1g..j,U- .V Y- wi: A . Y -9- --'4-S"H 1 -.f,.-W' ' X ,F 'EMTTN " r -'Li , ff"f'4,"-' 1-,f -.vf ' ' Cf' .w 1 ' 1 1 A .V A 1' - 1 T '75 Sir .1-gif ' V - ,-NL. :il 'H . 31 ' :if . 19 ,A . I-A., - 1, k f.' ' mr?-H' 1:-v.!4.'. 'df' ' A , w .. V Q, ,. .5 ,.... , 1 V, 1 ,N "A, , 3-"':.l'My:f.f,r ,..-vxs.-:,.- ,I- ' - " -,I-1137 5 15" 'N 1 x A ,:f.Af ,-5, 1',a5,. A A 1 .Rl ,. lik, WTA.. -' i?:l,'fg:'1- 1 K,-t up-1 u .'-,a'v-f1'- W Lis efii"T TV' - -' Y-uw 5 'Ju 'I'-if ' . -5 ffA.,'11'uf' v,V1l,,1-. A v 4. 1- '- E'f.x .-1. A., , u ,J v- , fx ,' . -We-1'-'rzfgpaglgiifgbzrl- ,-2.-.1 2- X 1 F 04.3 .-:4 QA-5-1. ,1,j2N.g1tl'f3, .L?,:1S" -, , , W5-41 :F-5 -u -. , mf . - .'1.3V'.l"'..,.I1iVf.E?'? f' '1i"'-' 1 n ' v'1'1'-af "'5f' - '. fivggelzi A f'!-TF' 11' -A ff: - " 5315, ,r ff' QA f' A V4 :1isQ-f-'iam-h .L . ' 3 1 ,v4,1,vk1-1??iL,'H43gfL'Q ,ejff5fF.'.:'j4 ":'f' ' ' 'f .flvnla '31 ' - 'uw " .' : . mn .vff--.u.,.,-14,1 '. yh1,,.. fu Au' Vg, -y. ' -J. '.-A 1.:, - . 'af'- rr '..,,. H., .J --. ,, .. l,., , .t ,..,.. ,,,,,,:g:g:- - . ., -:gh . - K .1 f, . -:.1,,13'- , ,r ,- Y vu . 1 ng. - :Ei 1, ,. fa, - V- jfs- ' , ,,H..':-Y, -, r . f . 1 . .- :.,,, - fxjg A 1 ' f-fsgfhf' -,J 'A .,. K! f-J .- THE SENIOR CLASS of 1952 Presents THE SHOWBOAT EDITION of THE UUILL xx . M N N NMI .QI 597 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL MURRYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA DEDIEATIUN 'E We, the Senior Class of 1952, dedicate this issue of The Quill to Mr. Ray L. McCauley, a teacher who has not only been our sponsor, but who has been our friend as Well. He has given untiringly of his time and energy to make our four years at Franklin Township High School ones that we shall always cherish. IXCUI-Ty ..ff1'."L '7 Q1. ,'..- , ..vr-ff-v"?tg,r. 7. , ,V -m,g,QJVf,,,.n.all?'-n-z...: , I xiklfm-l, .sf - . ,.. Q ' A P-lift-: -55:01.-il r ' .5--X V. fm: -QW j gg 5 . O .Q 3 Elf' A f 5 M-, ,A4 M 'MN-,fy I gli 'Tr w----.. ' . wr"-E Xt 157+ ' '317'."-44a' 'ff' ' , X fm f W1 f 1 ' Q 5 b ' Q '. , ' 5 ff J fff' 2+ 'iff In E I' -' X -in n.-A W "W--L.. X E U ' ! 2 ,li ' wh- any ' 'fA'- . . Q A-Aigbauliuv 4 if 2 RJ. U A Q Awww ...,-. 1 in--'w vjfx A ,JJ ,.L,.-N,,....--v-"'J4n4" """""' MwwN x..r ,.....,",,.--l"""'- CAPTAIN MH. INTERLOCUTOR 1 if L - 5 f Y.. ' . MR. LEE S. ELLSWORTH MR. IOHN A. SWACUS Supervising Principal Principal TICKET COLLECTORS K MISS BERYL PRITCHARD .. .TR I I Secretary 'il MRS. IENNIE STOTLER it Secretary SCHOOL BOARD First row-Mr. Louis Fisher, Mr. Lawrence Miller, Mr. Daniel Whitehead. Second row- Mr. Harold Hughes, Mr, Leo Simmons. Not in picture-Mr. William Rose. 4 MISS KATHERINE RUFFNER -"No one gave permission to talk." Home Ec. Noted for her walk. MRS. EVELYN STEPHAN- "Oh, you people." Physical Education. Noted for her pretty hair. MISS IOAN YOUNG-l'Do you have an excuse?" Spanish. Noted for her sweet person- ality. DIHEETUHS MR. HUGH GILMOUR-"That will be enough of that!" Eng- lish. Noted for his swift walk. MR. DONALD CHRISTIAN- "You havin' fun???" Chem- istry, Algebra. Noted lor his build. MR. ROBERT CIESLIK-"Is he bothering you?" English and History. Noted for his beauti- ful blue eyes. 5 gs 3 ill .4 MRS. LOIS JOHNSON-"Now . . Commericial. Noted ior her big brown eyes. MRS. CORNELIA SPIEGEL- 'lit the shoe fits, put it on." Mathematics. Noled tor her kindness. MISS RUTH KRYSIK-"ln other words," Commercial. Noted tor her dimples and pretty teeth. MR IAMES KELLY - "A1- MR. ROBERT AMALONG-"I'm right, let's get quiet." Physi- cal Education. Noted lor his convertibles and sharp clothes, not getting through to you." History. Noted tor his ties. MRS. ANNE GASPER-t'What happened, Honey?" School Nurse. Noted lor her hairdos. MR. IOHN GEARHARD-"You better get an excuse." Math- ematics. Noted for his farming ability. MRS. EVELYN FERENCE-"I can't hear the A1tos." Music. Noted for her piano playing. MR. IOSEPH BREVAK-"I don't have time for such nonsense. I have a class to teach." Science. Noted for his wit. 6 MR. CARL VOLLBERG - "Thats not right." Shop. Noted for his baritone voice. its MR. RAYMOND MCCAULEY- "X-'!?vuzzuvybbyb" tThis is Russian?J English. Noted for his willingness to give a help- ing hand. MR. EDWARD LONG-"Let's cut out the talking." Commer- cial. Noted for his pleasant disposition. wx , P Y " X Q i v Q x J g irlie Se,n3ov Cfass 5 pr6.3 e wx Jr S 'Z , - .,,Mi.,,-,m X 3 A V h VL jr -"T, -, f J. P 1 Qu, . fi f 5 ' 'W L?" z ' S r - Ada EX Hs. ff J 4-W SE IUH A- AKKKKKW PP up NKLIH T H5 Qnllv 'F'r1f'1C'IY1 We are proud to present the students who have earned the honor of being chosen as our Senior leaders - Thomas Cain, George Geiger, Iames Voithofer, Eleanor Tomer, Sally Fagan, and Marlene Towle. Thomas Cain These six people have served our school Well and are found to excel in scholarship, service, leadership and character. They have shown an unselfish devo- tion to the best interests of our school. Iames Voithofer LE DEHS y George Geiger .L IKQHQQY lil' . P RANKLUHTV 9 ol'l5o OFFICERS President . ,... .. ,...,.,...,...,... Margaret Gebrosky Vice President ....,.,.....................,......... Ioe Gruber Secretary .,.......,.,. ...,...... C huck Kidney Treasurer .. ,..,.,.,.. George Geiger Sponsors ....,.,... Miss Ruffner Mr. McCauley SE IUH CL SS HISTURY On September 3, 1948, we, the "Class of l952," hesitantly undertook the duties bestowed upon us as Freshmen. We readily entered into such activities as Iunior Varsity Basketball, Iunior High Cheerleading, The School Band, and the Girls' Team. Then, too, each ot us participated in the club of our choice. We enthusiastically sponsored "Tea Dances" which added to our steadily growing treasury. Our class president that year was Helen Paulisick. All in all, we had a very successful year which accounted for our confidence as we advanced one more rung in the ladder leading toward graduation. Under the able leadership of our sophomore president, Tom Cain, we continued to progress. The outstanding events of the year were a skat- ing party held at Rock Springs and our own Easter dance. We were represented in the var- sity by Torn Cain and Bernard Schlenke. The girls' team boasted Margaret Gebrosky, Ioanne Pyle, Sandra Watkins, and Barbara Holzshu. Dena Restauri, Loretta Carfagna, and Maureen McGarrity were chosen as cheerleaders. To be sure, our Iunior year was one of sig- nificance. We elected Bernard Schlenke to lead the class, and at once we got down to business with a highly successful bake sale. Next came the minstrel which we all enjoyed with lack Kelly as one of the endmen. Dolores Grudowski, Eleanor Tomer, and Marlene Towle were chosen for the National Honor Society. The traditional Iunior prom was held at the Greensburg Country Club with music by Bobby Dale and his or- cliestra. Even more activities at this time in cluded the school play, "For Pete's Sake," with three Iuniors-Marilyn McElfresh, Mike Mastoro- vich, and Iimrny Voithoter participating, and the May Crowning with Eleanor Torner and Ellen McCurdy representing the Iunior Class in the May Court. We can't lorget the incomparable job of our baseball team as they swept aside all competition to gain the title of Western Penn- sylvania Champions in the W.P.I.A.L. Tommy Cain, Don Rivardo, Lawrence Stitfy, Tommy Bebar, and Ioe Gruber were the lunior assets to the team. Now we are coming to the end of the trail. As Seniors, we are potential graduates. With Margaret Gebrosky as our competent president, we started raising funds with a raffle and a bake sale. Sally Fagan, Iimmy Voithofer, Mar- lene Towle, Dolores Grudowski, and Ioe Gruber participated in the Gay Nineties Production, "Golden Hollyhocks." Next we held our Christ- mas Dance with loe Menham and his ensemble. Our activities are without end, for in the future we still anticipate another play, our Senior Ban- quet, May Day, and graduation. We can look back on these past four years with pleasant memories. They were four whole years of fun and strife, and smiles and tears. Our sincere thanks go to our principals, Mr. Ellsworth and Mr. Swacus, our sponsors, Miss Ruffner and Mr. McCauley, and the entire faculty for the knowl- edge they've rendered and the patience they've shown IOHNETTA ABEH-"Iohnnie"-One ot the effi- cient student secretaries whose pet saying is, "Where is that eraser?" Is fond of fish and chips, anything gray, and Eddy Arnold singing "Slowpoke." On Quill and Round- Up Staffs. Seen during school with Edna, after school riding her horse. Plans to travel after graduation. IACK ASPROS-"lack"-Greets you with "Hi Buddy" and a slap on the back. His hobbies are hunting and annoying Mrs. Iohnson in Bookkeeping Class. He is crazy about ravioli and the color red. He is sports' editor of the Quill Staff. Where you see lack, you see Ioe. He wants to become a machinist after graduation, then get married. ELIZABETH LOUISE BARRON- Betty Lou - Always seen with Mac, Frenchie, and Shaw. Past activities include Dramatic Club, Mixed and Girls' Chorus, Round-Up, Quill Staff, and Student Secretary. Will eat spaghetti and mushrooms anytime. Generally heard say- ing, "Can you imagine?" Likes "Sin" by the Four Aces, skating, is a bop fiend, and he: favorite color is lavender. Aspires to be- come a millionaire. THOMAS BEBAR-"Tom"-When you hear someone say "Hey Duck" you know it's he. Collecting match covers is his hobby. His favorite dish is chicken and favorite color is blue. He is on the school's baseball team. His best friends are Iohn, Don, Lawrence, Tom, and Henry. Plans to be an apprentice to a brick layer. GERALDINE BOHINC-"Jerry"-Girl with a sweet personality whose favorite dish is boys. Member of Mixed Chorus, Quill Staff, and Round-Up. Could live in any color so long as it's blue. Likes to dance and sew in her spare time. Runs around with Helen, Rita, and Shirley. Her favorite opening sen- tence is "I could have died." Would like to become a mad chemist. WILLIAM BOVARD-"Bill"-Tall and Ouietl His pastime is doing any kind ol mechanical work. He likes any color as long as it's blue and could eat steak three times a day. Pals around with lack and George. Hopes to become top-rate mechanic some day. DEAN BRUNEKE- Dean -Often heard say- ing, "Check that job." His hobby is girls, and he is always seen wearing the latest fads. Favorite color is blue, and he adores steak smothered in mushrooms. Best friends are Chuck, Iim, and Squeaks who make up the "Sulpher Creek Rangers." Plans to join the Navy after graduation. ,:f5,iEl5. 'f'll , w....t1+:i:.s il 5'-Ziff : Q. 2 - -x: if ,vw fi , f E-'SEBNGS 1 ' :si , 1- , wsylefl? 1 .5 rw gntisggi QE A' 3431531 1 xv ,sffis?i'3E 'tram f , THOMAS CAIN-"Tom"-His hobbies are sports of any kind and being with Barbara. Doesn't have a specialty in food but claims that he can eat "anything," Blue is his favorite color. Pitcher of the baseball squad and is on the basketball team. Best pal is Don. Plans to go to college. l LORETTA CARFAGNA-"Pigme"-"Did I miss anything?" Always with Margaret and Dena Favorite color is red. Hobbies are hunting fmenl and eating. She prefers hamburgers, trench fries, and chocolate milkshakes. Has taken part in minstrel, Mixed Chorus, Cheer- leading, Kitchen Crew, and Phys. Ed. Club. Plans to become a secretary to some hand- some bigshot. SALLY FAGAN-"Hoppy"-Cute girl with an iron clad digestive tract fEats anything that's ediblel. Another of our engaged members. Spends her spare time dancing and keep- ing BilI's scrapbook. Usually with Norma, Alene, Eleanor, and Margie. "Hi Boys!" Loves green, Bill, "Sin", and Bill. In Girls' and Mixed Chorus and in play cast. Plans to become a nurse and to marry Bill in four years. GLORIA GALETTI-"Galets"-Loves chicken :md french fries and the song "Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine". Was in Minstrel, and is on Quill Staff, Round-Up Staff, and Mixed Chorus. Usually heard saying "Oh, crumb." Has a diamond on that certain finger. Hobby is being with Copper. Generally seen with Loretta, Shirley, Ellen, and Dot. Wants to marry alter graduation and have tour children. FK MARGARET GEBROSKY Marg President of class. Usually going somewhere in a rush with Dena and Loretta. "Oh, my good- ness!" Spends spare time visiting the mail- box. Iust loves spaghetti and meatballs. Member of basketball team, Mixed Chorus Minstrel, Varsity Club, Student Council and Kitchen Crew. Her ambition is to be a house- wife. l3 if ll Q .il GEORGE GEIGER-"Dink"-Likes tall, blonde airls, steak, and the color blue. His ambition is to be the only jitterbugging state trooper in Pennsylvania. George and Iackson Q. Kelley like Napoleon's Backtrack tBonaparte's Retreat to you who are not hepl played only bv Spike Iones. "Dink" was the manager of our basketball team. He is always willing to laugh at a ioke. but more willing to tell 0119. JOSEPH GRUBER-"Ice"-His favorite saying is, "l'm going to smear you." He is the "wit" of the class and likes baseball and square dances with plenty of girls. His special dishes are spaghetti and girls. Blue is his favorite color. Vice-president of class and Art editor on the Quill Staff. ,He and Iack are in- separable pals. His ambition is to become a criminologist. DOLORES ANNE GRUDOWSKI- Delo -Al- ways seen with Edna and Marlene. Likes any color so long as it's blue, hamburgers, and vanilla milkshakes. lust loves to roller skate, play the piano, and ride in Plymouth station wagons. Is Features' editor of the Roundup, on Quill Staff, Girls' and Mixed Chorus. Made National Honor Society in Iunior year. Hopes to become an English and Spanish teacher. RHODA LOUELLA HAUSER-"Tex"-Rides "Rex" her horse during every spare moment. Red is her favorite color. Loves all food in general, spaghetti in particular. ls the cover artist on Roundup, member of Ouill Staff and Girls' Chorus. Usually seen with Betty Ann, Rita, or Sench. Has one burning ambition- to find a man. tBoys bewarell I4 1 1 RUSSELL HEIDER-"Rusty"-Nickname de- rived from the color of his hair. He loves to tinker with cars and likes anything that is red. Likes to sit down to a big juicy steak. Plays basketball. Best pals are Clarence and Harold. He wants to become a big-time politicirn someday. ROBERT HILL- "Bob"-Tall and reserved. Likes to play the saxophone and eat tried ham. Blue is his favorite color. He plays basketball and participates in Band and Mixed Chorus. Usually seen with Ioe and lack. Aspires to become a mechanic. Ve., IAMES HIXENBAUGH - "lim" - Everywhere 'hr s ff as you see Pauline, you'll see Iim too. ls crazy about steak. Green is his favorite color. Activities are Basketball, I. V., and Varsity. Builds model airplanes in his spare time and someday will be a fine pilot. SOPHIA HOLODNIK-"Dot"-Has the honor ot being one of the most talkative seniors. Was in Minstrel, on Newspaper Stall, Mixed Chorus, and Basketball Manager. Dark green is tops on her color hit parade. Seen with Shirley, Gloria, Loretta, and Ellen. Loves chicken and apple pie, roller skating, and dancing. "Merci Bo Co." Wants to become a beautician I5 E.l.,.xf',A BARBARA HOLZSHU-"Barb"-"What are you doing?" Member of Round-Up Staff, Basketball team, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Library Staff, and Varsity Club. Can usually be found with Pinky, Bob, Bill, and Sandy, ls fond of secifoods and cheeses. Likes the color green and "The September Song," Plans to go to college. ALICE IONES-"Al"-Iust loves watching television with Hugh. Member of Art Club, Minstrel, Newspaper Staff, Mixed Chorus, and Quill Staff. Along the food line she pre- fers hot sausage and chocolate ice cream Knot togetherl. Always seen with Dolores or Hugh. "Forbidden Love" tops her hit parade. Her main ambition is to make Hugh happy. IACK KELLY-"Iackson"-"You know what I mean," Usually seen driving a '38 souped- up Plymouth and with him "Dink". Prefers green, of course. Likes "Al," mechanical work, "Al," photography, and "Al," Favorite dishes are Chili and "Al", Basketball mana- ger, '49 and '50. Minstrel, and Rag-Mop Quartet. Would like to become a draftsman. CHARLES KIDNEY-"Chuck"-"Now gaser." A steady patron of Hall's Store. ls fond of green. Could live on steak and love. His favorite hobbies are women, women and women. Great ambition to be a glump machine salesman. I6 DOLORES LAPCEVIC - "Dee" - "Oh! you dirty dog." Runs around with Alice. Loves pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy. Belongs to Art Club, Minstrel, Roundup Staff, Mixed Chorus, and Quill Statt. Spends time going to dances and shows. Likes the song "Cry," Plans to become a secretary. Suki I HAROLD LUCAS-"Luke"-"I-Ioly cow." Al- ways palling around with Cy, Rusty, Bruce, and Watson. Could eat steak and mashed potatoes for every meal. Likes red. Gets a thrill in driving his dad's car. Basketball. Wants to be a draftsman. WILLIAM MARTS-"Bill"-Usually seen tag- ging along with Iack and George. Makes a hobby ot working with wood. Likes green, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas are his specialty, Mixed Chorus, stage crew. Will someday be a fine pattern maker. MICHAEL MASTOROVICH- Red - 'Pard- ner." Likes to hunt deer fboth kindl, dance the polka, and play football. Green is his color. Can make a meal of steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and apple pie a la mode. Always seen with "Ig" and Dave. Minstrel, Ir.-Sr. play, Mixed Chorus. Two ambitions are to hunt moose in Canada, and be Americas ambassador to Yugoslavia. SAMUEL MASTOROVICH-"Sam"-Hold her Nute, she'll roar." Favorite sports are hunt- ing, basketball, and football. Drives a '39 Plymouth sometimes accompanied by "lg", Dave, Bill, and Mike. Really goes for roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and lemon merin- gue pie. Basketball U. V. and Varsityl, Min- strel. Wants to be a tool and dye maker for Fisher Body. MELVIN MAXWELL-"Mel"-Melvin came to us from Shaler High School in his junior year. It wasn't long before everyone was calling him Mel. His hobby is playing foot- ball, and his buddies are lack and Ioe. Alter graduation he plans to go to Carnegie Tech to study engineering. Oysters are his favorite dish, but Ann is his main one. "Oh, I'd say," means Mel's here. ELLEN MCCURDY-''Shortie"-Always with Loretta, Gloria, Shirley, and Dot. Likes hot sausage sandwiches, chocolate cake, and dancing with Dick. Favorite song is "Iealous Heart." Member of Mixed Chorus, and Dra- matic Club. "Wait'll I see you." Green is her favorite color, Will go to business school. MARILYN MCELFRESH-l'Mac"-"lt's a matter ot opinion." Blue is her favorite color. Likes stuffed peppers, and "Sin" by the Four Aces. Runs around with Betty Lou, Frenchie, and Shaw. ls just nuts over Bop. Was in play last year, Mixed Chorus, Student Secretary, Round-Up Staff, and Quill Stait. Likes horsebgck riding and roller skating. Wants to sing with Louie Primcfs band. KF' IOHN NOVAK-"Iohnny"-Give it to Bebar. When you see Tom B., Lawrence, Don H., and Tom C., you see Iohnny. Collecting coins is one of his hobbies. Blue is his favorite color. Could eat spaghetti and meat balls for every meal. Wants to join the :T 8, Coast Guard after graduation. HELEN PAULISICK-"Hel"-Can be found anytime with Geraldine and Betty Ann. Likes green and yellow. Spends spare time skat- ing and dancing. "You know, watcha ma- baodlef' Her favorite dish is "Herky." Is in Mixed Chorus, Round-Up Staff, and Quill Statt. Plans to become cz second "Florence Nightingale." :fe ' St x ii yt X BRUCE PORTERFIELD-"Boo"-Pals around with Rusty, Harold, and Swartz. Likes blue, and roast chicken is one of his favorite dishes. After graduation, would like to become an aeronautical engineer. IOANNE PYLE-"Frenchie"-Always heard saying "Gee Dad," Loves blue Cadillac convertibles. Hobbies are playing "Solitaire" and eating spaghetti. Member oi Basketball team, Varsity Club, and Quill Staff. Usually seen with Betty Lou, Mac, and Eleanor. Plans to write songs for Dean Martin. I9 LORETTA REBICH-"L"-Pet saying is "Oh, for crying out loud." Mixed Chorus, Quill Staff, Newspaper Staff, and Library Staff. Her favorite dish is chicken and chocolate cake, and likes any color, if it's blue. Being with Mike is "l.'s" favorite pastime. Usually seen paling around with Gloria, Ellen, and Dot. ,A yu W ,... ,i DENA RESTAURI-"Dee"-One of our cheer- leaders, member of Mixed and Special Cho- rus, Operetta, and Quill Staff. Red is her favorite color. Pals with Margaret and Loretta. Will be a secretary after graduation. ,. .,. DON HIVARDO-"Duck"-Played both basket- ball and baseball four years. On the basket- ball squad he is a fine forward, and the baseball team depends on Don's right arm for pitching strike-outs. He has very black hair, black eyes, and he is a very hand- some boy. His favorite color is blue. His pet saying is "Oh, I don't know." in DOHOTHY SENCHUR-"Dot"-Wears a Salts- burg senior's class ring. Office is her second home. ln Mixed Chorus, Roundup, and Quill Staff. Seen mostly with Betty Ann or Rita. Favorites are skating, dancing, swimming, and talking. Would like to attend business school after graduation. 20 31: . ,li Tis . ,135 My ss 'E , ,. f -- t f M P7 551 , O 1-so li ti ii? ELEANOR RUTH SHAW-"Pete"-Has no hob- bies but could eat mashed potatoes or chili con carne any time. Is usually seen at Hall's with Frenchie, Betty Lou, and Mac. Loves red. Was a Ir. High Cheerleader. Is now on the Quill and Roundup Staffs, and Makeup com- mittee of play. BETTY ANN SMITH-"Freckles"-Loves green, Don, spaghetti, and Don. Usually seen in the halls with Don. Pastimes are Don and getting into trouble. Activities are basket- ball, Roundup and Quill Staffs. Don can never get a word in when Rita and Sench are near. Plans to become a secretary. SHIRLEY SMITH - "Smitty" - Likes boys tespecially from Penn Twp.J Spends her time skating and dancing. Seen skipping class with Dot and Sench. Likes blue, typ- ing, and likes to stay after school. Will probably work! Newspaper, basketball team, and Mixed Chorus. "Holy Cow" is her com- ment when in a tough situation. WILLIAM STARN 1 Give Bill a big plate of southern fried chicken and play him a polka, and Bill will be a very happy boy. His hobbies are raising rabbits and horsing around in Mr. McCauley's class. lg and Sam are Bill's fellow skaters Croller skatingl, and join him in the belief-no girls. His future plans are to own a small farm. His saying, "Hey Hotshotf' 2 LAWRENCE STIFFY-"Larry"-ls the Senior class's future Marine, but he may be there sooner if Mr. McCauley can catch up with him. Besides chasing blonds, Larry's hobbies are basketball first and football second. From basketball we get his favorite saying, "Give it to Bebarf' Lawrence has a main dish, Chili, and he likes it best when Mary serves it. Baseball, basketball. HENRY SWASKEY Herky Noted for his pretty eyes and hair, His bashful ways and quiet voice do not account for his pastime- going to the office for skipping classes. Herky likes the colors yellow and green. After graduation, he plans to become an aviator. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Heard saying "Geez." His favorite girl is Helen, and favorite meat is steak. DAVID THOMAS - "Fuzzy" - Noted for his blond hair and blue eyes. Instead of "Hello" it's "Hi Kid." Hobbies are cars and girls. Blue is his favorite color, and he can eat steak anytime. Seen sporting around in a "flashy" two-tone Chevy filled with girls. Ig and Norma are his best friends. His ambition is to own his own New Car Garage. ELEANOR TOMER- Tomer -Likes red con- vertibles. Is Ouill Editor, score-keeper for girl's team, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, National Honor Society. Ususally seen kibitz- ing around Franklin halls and always popping up with "I Suppose." Pals with Norma and Sally. Favorite dish is Pizza fthat's a dishl, and goes wild over hillbilly music. 22 LILLIAN MARLENE TOWLE-"Paul"-Never seen without Edna or Dolores. Likes red and green. Will take french fries cmd shrimp Ctails and alll anytime. National Honor Society, Editor of Roundup, Quill Staff, Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus, the play, and County Chorus are among her many activities. Makes shell jewelry, is interested in textile paints, and writes in spare time, but she also likes to dance and skate. WALTER URICK-"Ig"-This black-haired, brown-eyed senior, is our shy cut-up. Ig, the nickname is unexplainablep loves huge dishes of spaghetti with hillbilly music play- ing in the background. After school Walter wants to own a sheep farm and raise ducks. ???? Baseball is his favorite hobby, deep blue is his favorite color, The only two things lg doesn't like are dancing and school. RITA VARGESKO-"Ritz"-Eats anything but stuffed peppers. Pastimes are dancing, skat- ing and shouting "Sam." Gets into mischief with Dot, Helen and Betty Ann. Activities are Quill, Mixed Chorus, and Newspaper. Wants to marry a millionaire. IAMES VOITHOFER Ilmmy Dancing actor of the Senior class. His favorite saying "Oh, you are a one." Iim likes fried chicken and girls, Kpreferably pretty onesl. His main ambition is to pass his drivers' test. Likes any light shade of color, and his favorite song is "Solitaire" His buddy is Sally. Mixed Chorus, Band, Quill, Newspaper, County Chorus. 1 SANDRA WATKINS - "Sandy" - ls simply wild about a senior at Colorado. Purple is her favorite color. Usually with Barb. Eats french fries dipped in chocolate ice cream by the dishfuls. Noted for her piano playing. Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Cheerleading, Quill and Newspaper are the extras she has taken part in. DON WATSON-''Shorty"-Betty's boy friend. Loves the color green fbecause Betty looks good in it.l Favorite foods, fried potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Played basketball dur- ing his junior year, but his hobbies range from swimming to football. "Hi Freckles" is his greeting for Betty. Who can tell how he greets Lucas, Heider and Porterfield? Don likes to dance, only with his girl. EDNA WEISTER - "Eddie" - Usually heard saying "Gee Whiz." Loves trench fries, steak, and chicken. Song, "Love1iest Night of the Year." Green and gray are her favorite colors. Has taken part in Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus, Quill Staff, Newspaper, and Operetta a few years back. Usually seen with lim. Marlene, Dolores, and Iohnetta. Future plans are to get married. 24 Hair - Eyes - Nose - Teeth - Smile - Shape - Legs - Wardrobe Personality - Dancing Ability Athletic Ability Intelligence Hair - Eyes Nose - Teeth - Smile Build - Height - - Wardrobe - Personality - Dancing Ability Athletic Ability Intelligence - of KH 3 0 .Aa K we 61,4 3 , J x at 0 Y- N t gl-1-... Perfect Senior GIRLS BOYS - LORETTA REBICH MARILYN MCELFRESH - HELEN PAULISICK - ELEANOR SHAW - ELEANOR TOMER - SANDRA WATKINS SOPHIA HOLODNIK - BARBARA HOLZSHU MARGARET GEBROSKY - - SALLY FAGAN - - IOANNE PYLE - BETTY LOU BARRON MIKE MASTOROVICH - - WALTER URICK - DON RIVARDO - DAVID THOMAS - - IACK KELLY - DEAN BRUNECKE SAM MASTOROVICH - CHUCK KIDNEY - IIM VOITHOFER - GEORGE GEIGER - - TOM CAIN - IOE GRUBER Senior Class Prnphec Beverly Hills, California May 26, 1962 DEAR DIARY: I was sitting here listening to the radio when I heard an old song that used to be popular when I was back in school. Gee, it makes you feel so melancholy when you look back to the "good old days" and think about all the kids and everything. By the way, most of the old crowd turned out pretty well. Waiting at the airport for my husband, Louie Prima, to return with his orchestra from his tour, I saw those two world famous admirals, Charles Kidney and Dean Brunecke, returning to their respective ships, the U. S. S. Sarasota and the U. S. S. Pennsylvania. Sally Fagan, Sophia Holodnik, and Helen Paulisick were just arriving from their work abroad. Their sensational health clinic in Korea was finished recentlyg and now that they have returned home, they will all receive the world renowned Nobel Award for their exceptional work in the field of nurs- ing. By the way, their airplane was piloted by Miss Dolores Lapcevic, who has just set an endurance record with her non-stop flight from Murrysville to Export. The stewardess was none other than Rhoda Hauser. Oh my, I just looked out the window and saw the little white wagon clanging down the street. Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Iack Aspros and joe Gruber will soon be committed to the L. A. Mental Institution where they will be under strict supervision of George Geiger, head of the institution. Oh well, there are always an unfortunate few. Getting back to my old classmates, many of them have become well- known in the field of sports. Tom Cain, Sam Mastorovich, and Don Rivardo have all been selected to play in the Olympics. Also in sports we hear that Dolores Grudowski is once again coach of Notre Dame. This makes the fifth consecutive year she has been with the team. On T. V. tonight, they have booked for the main wrestling event, Marlene Towle. The odds are all in her favor. Also, Bill "Mr. America" Marts, is to wrestle against Argentina Rocco. Back in Pittsburgh, Loretta Carfagna has taken over the Y. M. C. A., where Iim Hixenbaugh is the Physical Instructor. More about T. V .... The critics are raving about Eleanor Tomer since she made her debut on the "Howdy Dowdy Show" last week. She is really causing a sensation as "Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring." And speaking of the Indians, Melvin Maxwell, the last of the Mohicans, has returned to his long lost tribe to becom-e their beloved chief. Movie stars have been per- mitted to star on T. V. shows, and next Wednesday a long-awaited four- hour show is to be presented to the public. Some of the acts will be: Louie Prima and his orchestra with his featured vocalist and song stylist, Marilyn 26 13? ...x?1rxii"ff.-iLg..'pLa..,x.g,Qg. .A J. ...n.,..5,4,1d,71.4 ggtfp T., .EI-,E,,,:., ,-3A i5p 5'?9r,,,w4 irQf5fgLf19,:2g-5,T3j4-1-,,, rf. Q- 9 q,,. McE1fresh, who will introduce her future song hit, "I-Iandsomellvlalcome, Pass the Talcum, You're the Man for Me"g Gloriaggaletti, Ifbretta Rebich, and Shirley Smith, better known as, fffhe' Three Twinkle Toes", famous dance trio, Dena Restauri, "The Butterfly of Ballet," and the Metropolitan's latest find, Geraldine Bohinc, will be starred with Iames Voithofer and Mike Mas- torovich, winners of the 1960 Oscars. Sandra Watkins, noted concert pianist, Eleanor Shaw, author of the best seller, "A Tree Grows in Murrysville," and Barbara I-Iolzshu, whose latest paintings have been hung among the world's most precious collections will be among those of the other famous celebrities. The costumes for the show will all be made by Ellen McCurdy, who has taken over the Singer Sewing Machine Co. This benefit show is being sponsored so generously by those two socialites Mrs. Rita Vargesko Rockerfeller, and Mrs. Dorothy Sencher Astor. In the field of medicine, Dr. Harold Lucas in collaboration with Dr. john Novak have finally brought into the world the cure for the dreaded cancer. They will go down in history as quacks. Thomas Bebar is beginning to lay the foundation for his new modern clinic. The Stiify Construction Company will complete the job. The new Weister-Hill Bus Company has opened its new station in Mur- rysville where it will be run by the Smith, Watson and Kelly, Inc., self-service station. Also in Murrysville, Bruce Porterfield and Russell I-Ieider have opened their ultra-modern diner. They now will have to compete with Alice jones who owns the Penn-Monroe. These restaurants are supplied with the freshest fruits and vegetables by the two most modern farms in the county. These farms belong to Mr. Walter Urick and Mr. William Starn. The cattle is shipped in from Iohnetta Aber's ranch out west. While traveling through Las Vegas last week, I made it a point to stop at the fabulous "Frenchie's Gambling Casino" owned by that notorious card shark, Ioanne Pyle. I hear that Dave Thomas and Henry Swasky have just been offered con- tracts to go on T. V. as Sport's Commentators and that Mr. William Bovard was elected chief dog-catcher of Murrysville. Already he is setting a record for the most dogs caught in a month. A flash has come over the radio just now announcing that the Countess Margaret Gebrosky Karp has just put an end to the revolution that was breaking out in Germany. Her diplomatic influence has given her world- wide fame. Well that's about the whole class and they're all pretty famous by now. I guess dear Diary I'm getting kind of tired so I'll say good-night. Betty Lou 27 ". Barb ' ,FW -I Alice Gloria wg Dena Wil' Ilmmy 19,8 -I 5 Q .AWN Ellen oraldme Iohnelta ' JLI IORS SCJPHC ORES GUR DERSTLIDIES ,vf u- : f , X 'INN .Q 1 H . M , 1 1 I , , .5 . iff mf A . f we-.f if 1 ' - 5, f if x 5 V-Y A 33. Q, , Eff .fipW.,':1 A, N , 1- ' -' fir- A A kvf -' V ..3'Elg, ku., ,fi V ,'v,m,f rr. V: A K ' F W 'V I . f it lk 1 , fi' "'.Q- 1, 4530! J' I Q . f JM A - Y Xwqyf .. Q , ,. 'J r-A A ' y 5 WH ' . . fn- . , .4 , , .gs 5: Ji Z -h an T A, i i 'A . Q 5 if , e , ' f K gf .. , f f , ,65i5I ,,:? Q ?5 1-5 1' A is Q 5 . K' F il 1 5 Mein' N, 'A QQ., Z A .ji , 1 E , x .,...,fM: ,wir AJ.- : 'QUE'-K ff ff i fun fi 1 "' , - Q 5 , ' V' 'ew 45 , 'A A ' ' . 1" . ..,.M- , L V A 'IN V H V ? I A , 0 w R , W 5" Junior . 'Q 55 f, A , 1 2 FG l A A QV. JF, .T L. ,A 1, Y, f "7 ' - ' Q- 'W-V ll' jf. Sy ," i . f, , if V n ' - f f A 4 JA r 3 'Q U '., W. 3 'gr if Q f 2: 7'- 4 . i V W ' ,W X , if T Lv, -'rr' 'H' f 'W fi ' ' A Y , XV If - M' .X Em V I N ,AM '73 ., - dl A P' fi pl pq S' 'R T V. Q -4. '- '5' "T to S A X - , W7 K. W' ' "A M' , Q' , -1 . i , A 5-WV fi Sl itil . as sc ak I a 5- ' A Q fi :Q 4, 'A' ,T N 11" A cf 5, so - +L . wk. k-"' Q ' an 1 2 I5 'N A 'Q 4 f I 2 A: ,Q as -S 1 'el . -A' l '- 'TJ 'reef MWA ,gi V , ,Y ,fi X T ' 4 T X. lj f if 'B 'UL li gy 4. S. l 9' T , I If ,z Q r 'GV I Fi - ef, ' 5 K e I G1 First row-Left to Right, A. Klcxvon, S. Keeler, W. Hugh, S. DeZc1nei, T, Borland, R. McDer' mott. Second row-B, Thompson, M. Geiger, M, Simons, R. Bertl, M. Swank, R. Moore. Third row-M, Mc!-llpine, T. Rose, C. Betz, E. Cole, W. Lcxpcevic, D. Kistler. Fourth row G. Tomer, H, Ecrll, T. Mciesic, M. Nesbitt, R. Urick. Fifth row-K. Foulk, B Shaw, B Ferrington, P, Simmons, R. Stcimm, M. Bergont. Sixth row-L. Cikovic, D. Noel, I. Mgr- schik, R. Bgrrickmcm. 30 J 1q5 ss V as 'Q 5 , ' 'W -f- N- if, ff, '-A :S fa fi G: M 45. ag Class .K Q 3. 4 'IL ST ana ni fy ,5 'Ll-Zh -' i R ' A Q: 1 l I 1' I , , 27 f- ", 5, 'A -PMR isa -if is C' . ew -9 4 'v A s ' 'S X 'un S r f w 1, W .-, . 5 " ', 9 3 -. 'Q' YJ 'Y' 5 ix.,-.Q i ,-up sr ' ' f 'V V ' M if " , ,et X I A . ,Q ,. gtk ,- av A W -Q p- ,n :Z .. 1' Q -ia 34 . - f lv A .- Q gg- 6' Xa- K ' f ,Q .,W- I fi f gg First row-Left to Right, I. Weister, M 4,55 Evans, A, Astorri, P. Bowman, R, Cargnel x R. Cappa. Second row-V. McGurk, I ! Eberts, S, Anderson, H. Moose, M. Shero 31 A. Dickey, Third row-I. Clement, D. Mc- Alpine, I, Eckels, R. Marschik, F. Rubright Fourth row-M, Stairs, R. Wertz, N, Ryck- man, P. Matthews, N. Daugherty, E. Kovalcik. Fifth row-S. McCall. First row-Left to Right, B. Moore, S. Anderson I. McAlpine. Second row-Mrs. Stephan, N. Daugh- erty, Mr. Ge-arhard, Sponsors. 4 A-... . W W v-. -Q, . X3 Suphumorie r fi Q. 6. .2 Q A 3. Q 43 'V' AI -vw I' Lf, LS LL' x ' I 4-AJ, Q. I , I ...P K W i .T Q -. j 4.5 Q A gg ' 0 f 1 1 ii gg? I S-R I LQ ...' 514 xii' tu I 4 If A I 'rf I I I 4 if 4 .. ff? . 'iii' . 'F' A 5 " " ml I I P Y an aw J, A K' ji: . 14 " -.1 yd 1 QF 3 1 5 . I ,ga I ... I A -as --R . ef W' Q 7'-,1-L 'L I . I X it if I " I Q . Q: ' "' 2' 5: J' Y Y . 3 . Hia . .i li fe fr' I A '3' . we Xi W M Q I 'A fl, J 1 I is E gif Ym, 7' I or f f 'b H I z ' I D if ' ak-X he f, 1, Qi .1 . . - I 1 . 1. . ag ... :ti . tl I G, . .,- an .vw , iv N L P W 'I ' Q F I I f-if . . A I ,Q J, . -I ' '-f- . , dv? I i Q 7 .- 4 N - Y 'TM - Q ,h ,.. ,. . ,j, , 5-1 8 ,,- . K x .M R. . - I I First row-Lett to Right, l. Fish, W. McKim, M. Marschik, T. Haaz, E, M. Watt, R. Thomp son, C. Iohn. Second row-I. Barnett, N. Kilgore, I. Bruggemcrn, N. Geiger, D. Iones, G Bert, A. Haaz. Third row-I. Kline, W. Hice, I. Neptune, F. Lavrich, S. Staymates, P Smith, M. A. McGuigan. Fourth row-L. Tarr, B. Senchur, R. Beatty, G. Elwood, W. Yant H. Bebar, A. Schlenke. Fifth row-I. Konrad, C. Skena, S. Rogers, G. Restauri, D. Painter, D. Cline, W. Scott. Sixth row-N. Porteriield, L. Remaley, G. Dunmyre, P. Senchur, D Kemerer, P. Noel, I. Fidei. 32 4212- 1' 'Q . fy s". I '1 I 7, fr: Gif .-TCI. I --f,, ' ' Tv Of ,W I ff .f ,iq W ttsgiggg 1 lf. . , sa , . 4, I' Class ro- JB ,Q Y' Q2 I N 5.5" N JM if A ,Q 1 I ff' f we I'-f Q Jl A. 0 . hw I .N -ff v I 4' - 11 " .J . X A I A 5 . 3 5 , nw v- an fig. . ff ,I " " ' HI' rs , fha! N xy First row-Left to Right, W, Hill, B. Matesic, R Yericlc, I. Primozic, R. Galetti, I. Cain. Second row- A. M, Frescura, R. Smith, B. Iones, K. Towle, C, Bush H, Towle. Third row--A. Santoriella, H. Cline, G Hall, A. Watson, H. Watt, M. Howard. Fourth row-V Kramer, I, Lutz, E. Schendel, I. Reiter, M. Mastorovich A. Cassol. Fifth row-S. Crooks, S. Britz, D. Bovard A. Shuster, O. Hartley, M. L. Wilson. Sixth row-W Mariana, M. Lucas, H. Ward, S. Beswarick, B. Clcxwson Left to Right-N, Porterfield, P. Simpson, Mrs. Iohnson Mr. Brevak, P, Senchur, H. Bebar. i .lv JU IOR HIGH inth Grade KN 39? First row-Left to Right, B. Grudowski, D. Williamson, S. Patty, E. Schake, E. Lcrpe, D. Kemerer, C. Collins, R. Lockard, P. Stutz, I. Cline. Second row-Left to Right, G. Smith, F. Gruber, P. Rubright, M. Bryar, P. Greene, D. Stover, H. Rub- right, M. Mastorovich, R. Eberts, L. Stiffy, E. Watt, I. Barefoot, K. Rubright, B. Wilson, E. Tomer. Third row-Left to Right, C. Hale, L. Kuznik, I. Eckles, F. Glunt, V, Vunovich, H. Hugh, I. Brady, A. Kapers, S. Friesell, P. Marschik, Miss Krysik. Fourth row-Left to Right, E. Schall, M. Remaley, N. Sinan, E. McGurk, I. Mayer, N. Bruggeman, R. Deering. First row-Left to Right, K. Phietfer, R. Moose, I. Iones. C. Nystrom, S. Drenjevich, A. Perfette, L. Swank, I. Pommer- sheim, R. Larouere. Second row-Left to Right, D. Bush, H. Schall, S. Smithbower, G. Cline, A. Cooke, B. Paulisick, I. Thompson, F. Stuck Third row-Left to Right, E. Stover, D. Peterson, D. Iones, F. Kosmack, A. Peterson, I. Kellerman, W. Uhlig, L. Geiger. Fourth row-Left to Right, Mr. Gilmore, W. Faulk, T. Revolt, E. Mares, I. Liprando, F. Miller, L. King, G. Casper. Fifth row-Left to Right, I. Hixenbaugh, W. Thomas, F. Ruzbarsky, B. Voithofer, T. Bush. 34 OUR STGW-A-WAYS Eighth Grade First row-Left to Right, P. Venus, E. Lucas, I. Grudowski, R. Rutter, E. Murray, L. Rebich, I. Clement, M. Frescura B. Miller, P. Kathowski, Second row-Left to Right, I. Primozic, E. Watt, E. Shaw, A. Moose, P. McGuigan, R, Gebrosky R. Fish, M. Lowes, P. Williamson, P. Perfette, M. Norton. Third row-Left to Right, A, Mayer, R, Stewart, M. Maxwell G. Lavrich, D, Thomas, N. Doyle, C. Colter, C. Yanko. Fourth row-Left to Right, Mr. Long, L. Wagner, I. Klavon, K Urick, P. Shaw, P. Porteriield, D. Stella, S. Lott, B. Thompson, P. Good, C. Mayer, M. Soles, Mrs. Spiegel. Fifth row- Left to Right R. Smith, M. Maxwell, S. Rittko, G. Straley, L. Crihbs, B. Broome, M. Newton, L. Egloff, B. Polhamis P. Farabaugh, D. Anderson, B. Bell. First row-Left to Right, G. Stutz, G. Earll, D. Smith, I. Morris, I. Buffington, S. Barkus, A. Kemerer, T. Krushinski, H. Remaley. Second row-Left to Right, R. Maxwell, I. McGuigan, E. Bovard, C. Skena, R. Urick, C. Restauri, I. Cappa, R. Simpson, L Smith, E. Wolf, G. Kilgore. Third row-Left to Right, R. Rishell, C. Bryant, W. Kemerer, D. Kidney B. Dopler, E. Kline, D. Marinelli, D, McDowell. Fourth row-Lett to Right, Mr. Christian, A Shuster, G, Dency, M. Sinan K. Remaley, I. McKnight, A. Cook, P. Ellias. Fifth row-Lett to Right, B. Rubright, H. Shirley, I. Anderson, R. Iones D. Lindstedt, R. Wertz, B. Vargesko, C Simons. 35 1 I I I SEVE TH GRADE 5 First row-Lett to Right, Miss Scott, R. Rivardo, if f, - ..t ,. - - - ' 'i - ' M. Foster, W. Parker, E. McGurk, R. Persian, I. TV" ' 1 A I 1' 1' Maxwell, F, Hauvel, R. Sinan. Second row-Left 'ia -J " ' lr I ' VW to Right, R. Daugherty, N. Barefoot, I. Mance, m A 6 K. Noca, E. Lapcevic, W. Brady. Third row-Left f f" ' - , 'VV' ' A ' " to Right, B. Tomer, N. Eddings, L. Grigor, E. , FQ! Q A v W, V lAW i 1' Kohosek, R. Liprando, E. Foulk. Fourth row- iliii if I 'LA' D' ge 3 Left to Right, E. Frescum, K. Staub, D. Shannon, 441 VV PM , W. Pass, N. Kilgore, H. Ruzbarsky, P. Wilt, T. 'Lf .. - Vj'fiAiV7V". Ty, ,VV Vt 'Z' Beatty, I. Bryan. Fifth row-Left to Right, R. " , -ee? I I II.I rf . ,ve A if Dezcmei, D. Diehl, D. stairs, N. Kmshinski. br' , V V"f'! V Q.. VVVVV VV ,az , . It 15 ,H 4, Q kiwi Ei VV' I , V ' mx hy ,ls gr .psf Ai, .BLT ,' V lil-l,, ,f', ff' f f I' V, 2' .' V rglji V. njf . - I .f me 5.24 all - A-I i. First row-Lett to Right, Mrs. Gearhard, R. Kille- at .. W v- I 4' . fi ' Jr 3, brew B. Whitehead, A. Rivardo, M. Heaven, B. K 'R' L - I f V GQ Rubright, G. Homce, W. Pass, I, Snyder. Second .L D lg-ggi 'l k ,gt it ' 1.7 I row-Lett to Right, R. Rugh, G. Snyder, M. Starn, V :LW C. Kozuch, K. Korach, E. Klingensmith. Third . ,V on ... 'Y' - , row-Lett to Right, S. Shaw, R. Shannon, I. V M V 3. V Davidson, M. Swaskey, I. Webb, E. Primozic. 1' 3 J' I Fourth row-Lett to Right, T. Stahl, G. Restauri, I V I w , - ' V . 1 D. Reck, I. Schake, C. Allen, L. Kathowsky, I. 4,1 ,V ,ni fn, ya :VA -aw N-Va' I Popovich, B. Messalle, s. Echels. Finn row- V I A I ,V P' 5 Lett to Right, R. Nagle, V. LaBryer, R. Wertz, K. M IM 4 " l I VV ' Krotz, I. Lacaria, L. Lott. M A if ' ig: .V , V ,V-VV- Ji .UAL "' " - V Vs V Q V T- - .M slit. . - ., ,, ta- sr N , Q , V First row-Lett to Right, Mrs. Remaley, R. De- , . ' 435 as-, ' :asia 0,5-'F fy.. l ' Dial! .LV .VV V50 4-2 Biase, L. Rugh, G. McGurk, E. Green, G. Leeds, fx. ' - , fwf A .-I VV S. Soles, W. Gebrosky, Second row-Lett to LV' A ' ' . ,ga I Y Right, D. Kelley, B. Uncapher, L. Glunt, rt. Shan- A i non, I. Shero, P. Doyle. Third row-Lett to Right, 5 K , . 4 Q , .V .V VV. 0 , V f DV ,, V 4 N Vx I L L. Beatty, B. Mika, V. Iones, T. Miller, E. Klingen- g I ,i . 'VNV L 1, .LJ. -4 smith, R. Gebrosky, M. Bezak, K. Gallucci. Fourth A! I ' 7 M' I I If row-Lett to Right, R. Deering, H. Glunt, B. as - JI ' Reese, R. Fatur, D. Busch, I. Lavrich. F5 so ' tagfl af" "", TM 5' ii. 2' - ,U 4' 3' ' ,L I "V, 1' , , ,p- at ,VX t, ,. ' 'X . mm 1 F mt f . .. A"'.."'f' -9 v H 'la it I 6 fi - sl lr -N .- - lg. , .ll N fl., L ,I ll. ll - .Nt V f V f . Q L V.,tV4, Q 'fy vf--Lv if ,V he -an ACTIVITIES 935 I' Q 3 '. . rg' X' Inna sw WTI' N I W IK 1 I 45'd'g40 f 514 ., iefseub, 4 , - ::.'i':::i' ix: -43 f "Qtr 25 -Af I ' 5 fa Leg-'Fifi I I l .L-1 1 Aif.famQE?I5zLgfeF QS 3? S ' If 'H' " ,vis . rings. f I' Q af-T"-:Lt A E-S. . . ggi x " " 'K e ,DNR Syl-LL ' AI ' 1 "- 7- 'A: 1 I .III I N ' III- X X x X 37 UUILL STAFF First row-Left to Right, E. Tomer, S. Anderson, L. Rebich, D. Senchur, R. Vargesko, M. Towle, B. L. Barron, M. McEl- fresh, E. Shaw, l. Weister, I. Marschik, M. Shero, E. Weister, D. Grudowski. Second row-Left to Right, D. Metrosky H. Paulisick, G. Bohinc, R. Hauser, B. Smith, F. Rubright, S. DeZanet, R. McDermott, M. Bergant, B. Holzshu, S. Watkins. D. Restauri, A. Iones, I. Aber. Third row-Miss Krysik, Sponsor, B. Thompson, S. Keeler, B. Barrickman, A. Astorri, I, Gruber, A. Dickey, N. Daugherty. I. Voithofer, I. Kelly, G. Geiger, I. Aspros, The group of students responsible for Franklin's Yearbook is the Quill Staff. These students are supervised by Miss Krysik cmd their editor is Eleanor Tomer. This yearbook is your book of memories because it reflects your life in your school. But behind those words lie much labor, unending planning, and a great deal of worry. The staff worked earnestly and devotedly. Each member of the editorial staff became a rambling reporter, gathering bits of information here and there, covering a definite assignment by a certain date, and then combined it all into a complet-e and interesting story of what hap- pened during the happy days in your school life. 38 Hound -up First row-Lett to Right, P. Smith, S. Beswarick, I. Konrad, M. Bergont, M. McElfresh, B. Borron, R. McDer- mott, M. Towle, S. DeZanet, E. Weis- ter, D. Grudowski. Second row- Left to Right, P. Senchur, A. Santo- reillcx, W. Scott, P. Noel, G. Elwood, M. Shero, H. Bebar, S. Smith, S Holodnik, D. Britz, D. Senchur, I Primozic, G. Galetti, G. Bohinc, E McCurdy, I. Voithofer, I. Aber, R Hauser. Third row-Left to Right, D Metrosky, S. Fagan, S. Anderson I. Marschik, O. Hartley, N, Porter- iield, M. McKim, I. Eckles, Mrs. Iohn- Student Council First row-Left to Right, C. Skera I. Cain, B. Moore, M. Bergant, E Lucas, M. Gebrosky, Mr. Amalong. Second row-Left to Right, P. Simp- son, E. Mares, D. Iones, R. Urick, C. Cappa, G. Earll. .L v-rf f 21 VH tw" INN W3 Lihrar Staff First row-Left to Right, D. Stella, I. Klavon, M. Shero, B. Ferrington, B. Kistler, I. Marschik, B. Clawson. Second row-Lett to Right, S. Fagan, I. Primozic, C. Bush, I. Mayer, M. Simons, R. Hauser, H. Paulisick, G. Bohinc. Third row-Lett to Right, K. Towle, H, Towle, Miss Young, C. Mayer. f v 7-. Stage Crew Mr. Vollberg, Sponsor, S. Crooks, B. Maris, E. Kovalcik, L. King, D. Lane, I. Cappa, I. Pfeiffer, D. Thomas, I. McAlpine. Student Secretaries First row-Left to Right, S. Watkins, A. Iones, I. Aber. Second tow-- Left to Right, B. Barron, E. Weister. D. Restauri. Third row-Left to right, E. Tomer, M. Gebrosky, M. McEl- fresh, L. Carfagna. Miss Krysik, Sponsor. A. Band First row-Left to Right, Voithofer, S. Anderson, G. Hall, O. Hartly, R. Hill, D. Iones, W. Uhlig, L. Tarr, E. Kosmack, C. Dunmyre. Second row -Left to Right, A. Peterson, G. El- wood, H. Fish, N. Kilgore, S. Friesell, P. Matthews, A. Schake, E. Kovalcik, H. Towle, A. Klavon, G. Kilgore, A. Astorri, Mrs. Ference, B. Yant, B. Clawson, K. Towle, I. Anderson. Mixed Chorus First row-Left to Right, Mrs. Fer- ence, M. Howard, I. Fish, P. Smith. A. Watson, M. Lucas, A. Dickey, L. Carfagna, G. Galetti, M. Bergant, E McCurdy, L. Rebich, G. Bohinc, M. Mastorovich, S. Smith, S. Fagan, N. Daugherty, M. Shero, T. Rose, M. Geiger, P. Simmons. Second row- Left to Right, C. Bush, D. Senchur, H. Paulisick, A. Iones, S. Holodnik, M. Nesbitt, .I Marschik, I. Eckles, M. Gebrosky, S. Watkins, D. Restauri, D. Lapcevic, R. Vargesko, E. Weister, B. Shaw, B. Ferrington, S. Beswarick A. Schlenke, N. Kilgore, B. Matesic Third row-Lett to Right, M. Masto- rovich, W. Rugh, T. Haas, L. Tarr O. Hartley, B. Moore, A. Astorri, N Portertield, P. Simpson, I, Voithoter, D. Watson, M. McKim, B. Barrick- man, L. Matesic, A. Klavon, R. Hill. B. Band First row-Lett to Right, R. Smith, L. Wagner, B. Scott, P. Elias, P. Per- lette, E. Murray, P. Katkowski, C. Mayer, S. Beswarick, P. Simpson. Second row-Lett to Right, P. Ru- bright, H. Rubri ht Clement P. 9 , I. , Rebich, C. Mayer, B. Broome, D Stella, Mrs. Ference, P. Portertield N. Norton, B.. Thompson. 4 1 Girls' Chorus First row-Left to Right, B. Barron, A. Dickey, M. Bergant, D. Grudow- ski, M. Swank, E. Schake, S. Stay- mates, C. Iohn, H. Bebar, A. Fres cura, L. Remaley, P. Senchur, B Senchur, W. Scott, M. Stairs, R Kemerer. Second row-Left to Right I. Neptune, K. Faulk, M. Evans, I Clement, R. Cappa, R. Hauser, V. Kramer, G. Bert, N. Geiger, M. Mc- Alpine, S. Watkins, S. Fagan, N Daugherty, I. Cain, A. Santoriella B. McGuigan, E. Weister, M. Towle S. Anderson, I. Miller, B. Clawson D. Metrosky, S. Rogers, S. DeZanet F. Rubright, R. McDermott, M. Mc- Eliresh, Mrs. Ference. NATIONAL HU UH SOCIETY Miss Krysilc, Sponsor, E. Tomer, D. Grudowski, M Towle. NRTQONAL HDNUR Some -r To become a member of the National Honor Society is the highest honor a junior or senior can achieve. The faculty chooses three juniors and two seniors annually on the merits of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. It is a Worth-while achievement. At the end oi the year the members of this nationwide organization are installed at a candlelight ceremony, Miss Ruth Krysilc is the sponsor. 42 v. IANITOR if Y , - New ' ' "Mm wm-- Q GALLEY STAFF Mrs. Spiegel, Mrs. Lessig V. Bogclic B. Barron, E. Tomer, M. Gebrosky L. Ccxrfcgnc, D. Restcuri Y . MATRON IANITOR L Mr. Good Mrs. Patterson Mr. Ccxin S a S BUS DRIVERS , ,,,i' X A I ,. if A 0 gf . ea nI-I1 ' .XHI F. Vrbcmic, L. Kuznic, 43 Mr, Hieder I. Brinker I. Hill, F. DeZc1net IACK McALPINE "lack"-Forward-Iunior A boy who has a tremen- dous desire to win. He can be depended upon for his calmness and his team spirit when the going is rough. lack drives in for his lay-ups beautifully and is noted for his skill in ball handling. This is Iack's fourth year in basketball, and he is now reaching his peak as a player. flkxft .J if E ii RICHARD URICK DONALD RIVARDO THOMAS CAIN "Rich"-Forward-Iunior "Rich" got his start on the Iunior .High School Team. During the second half of a game with Patton Town- ship "Rich" sank shots from all corners. Since then "Rich" has been a very ag- gressive boy, with a strong desire to play good ball. He should do his best play- ing in his senior year. "Duck"-Guard-Senior Playing his last year of varsity ball, "Duck" is probably the most im- proved boy on the squad. He shoots exceptionally well from out front, and is also a fine playmaker. We will miss Don and his ex- cellent playing next year. "Tom"-Forward-Senior "Tom" plays the pivot spot on offense. He is a cool and steady ball handler, and his terriflc one hand shot "racks up" many points for his team. "Tom" has a wonderful attitude toward fellow players and coaches, and with his atti- tude and ability he should go far in the sports world. He is among the best ath- letes that graduated from Franklin. A 'X ' 4. H v' ear: PS-Ffa SPCR I S '-2':!T' N ROBERT HILL BENNY GEBROSKY WALTER UHLIG ROGER THOMPSON "Bob"-Center-Senior "Bob" is a substitute cen- ter, and a fine boy with a wonderful attitude to- ward sports. Hie has done a lot for the team, and has shown marked improve- ment the past season. "Bob" can always be counted upon to do his very best. ..Benny.. Guard-Freshman "Benny" in his first season with the varsity has shown the fans of what he is ca- pable. He has racked up many points with his fine set shot, and is a very calm, cool and collected ball player. "Benny" should have a great fu- ture in basketball in his re- maining years at Franklin. . ..m .. . y W K .0 I f V ttt. , ' T 4 fg . - rt' it 'R " lli- t K Sikkim miqefwhw ..... A J.-fm tit il' X , if Sf' we .. . Xi- ' - PQ f T iv e l wait we "Walter" Center-Freshman Walter is another one of our very capable Sopho- more boys, whose first year with the varsity has shown what we can expect of him in future years. He has an excellent shot from any position on the floor, and is very adept at tip-ins. This year should prove of great value to him in giv- ing him experience. EF'-?.r"?Ete ' at . fin we 0 v "Hog"-Guard-Sophomore "Hog" with two years of lunior High playing expe- rience, has shown wonder- ful improvement during the last season with the varsity. He can always be relied upon to check the opponent with his excellent defensive play. We will look for- ward to seeing Roger play ball his remaining years at Franklin. -",,:w--n3,.e. EARL STOVER Freshman Right Fielder-Boy with a wonderful arm and strong desire to win, Hits a long ball. Has a great future in baseball, was af' ROGER THOMPSON WALTER UHLIG ROBERT BERTL Sophomore Catcher-This is his first season as a catcher. He is a good receiver with a wonderful arm. This year's experience should pave the way for future success dur- ing his high school career. Freshman Fielder-A fine fielder and defensive ball player. Ex- cels in bunting. He will see lots of action this year and will be a great help to the team. Iunior Left Fielder - 'fBob" is a quiet lunior, but this has no effect upon his qualified handling of left field. He is especially good at fielding ground balls and fly balls. QR 3 REVIEW R CARL SKENA Sophomore Shortstop - Carl is the Sophomore whom you see filling the gap between second and third base. He throws and bats right handed and is a very cap- able fielder. .He remains calm in tight spots. TOM CAIN Senior Pitcher-This is Tornmy's fourth year on the team, and we've found him prac- tically indispensable. He has many games to his credit with his skillful right-handed pitching. This demon from White Valley will finish up in his last year. DONALD RIVARDO Senior Shortstop-"Don" who has previously pitched and played the outfield has been switched to shortstop to steady an inexperienced infield. He's a very fine defensive ball player. IACK MCALPINE Iunior Center Fielder-This com- petent Iunior is often called upon to carry us through with right-handed batting and throwing. lack patrols center field and can al- ways be counted upon to do his best as a base run- ner, . ffl' Qs . -my sf? ' , AA, . -f.' i , lj I f .X E. X 1. .JJ GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM First row-Left to Right, Mrs. Stephan, G. Yant, S. DeZanei, F. Rubright, I. Miller, M. Gebrosky, N. Kilgore, S. Anderson, I. Cain. Second row-S. Holodnik, S. Smiih, P. Smith, G. Smith, I. Clement, B. Smith, B. Holzshu, B, Kistler, S. Rogers, I, Neptune, R. Cappa. BECKY KISTLER Forward BARBARA HOLZSHU Guard N ..., SHIRLEY ANDERSON MARGARET Forward GEBROSKY Forward PAY RUBRIGHT BETTY ANN SMITH Guard Guard iii. - Junior Varsii First row-Left to Right, Mr. Kelly, R. Bertl, W. Uhlig, B. Barrickman K. Towle, F. Lavrich, C. Skena. Sec- ond row-Lelt to Right, I. Hixen- baugh, Manager, A. Perfette, G Dunmyre, B. Moore, I. Reider, E. Stover, Manager. Varsity First row-Left to Right, Mr. Kelly, I. Hixenbaugh, W. Uhlig, R. Thomp- son, R. Hill, T. Cain, D. Rivardo, B. Gebrosky. Second row-Left to Right, I. Hixenbaugh, Manager, R. Bertl, R. Urick, I. McAIpine, L. Stilfy, C. Skena, E. Stover, Manager. Junior High Team First row-Left to Right, Mr. Cieslik, T. Revolt, K. Kilgore, D. Iones, D. Bush, F. Kosmack, E. Mares, I. An- derson, B. Gebrosky, I. Liprando, I. Hixenbaugh. Second row-Lelt to Right, P. Elias, F. Krushinski, T. Miller, B. Rubright, B. Shannon, D. Kidney, B. Brady, C. Nystrom, B. Scott, K. Krotz, W, Pass, K. Krutz, I. Cappa. Junior High Cheerleaders MF KRbh BGdkBM11 Senior Cheerleaders int row-Leftt R' h L C f D R S d Watkins, . -Left to R h M MAI Rose, B. Th Sophomore Cheerleaders A.F AShlk HBb B SEBALL TEAM Firlt row-Left to Right, I. Liprando, T. Krushinski, C. Skena, I. Cappa, C. Bryant I Hxxenbaugh Second row I Reiter I. McAlpine, C. Skena, D. Rivardo, L. Stiffy, T. Bebar, R. Thompson, R. Bertl Third row I Bryant T Revolt T Cam M. Maxwell, B. Barrickman, E. Stover. Fourth row-Mr. Cieslik, W. Uhlig, B Gebrosky B Moore K Towle P Simpson I. Gruber, E. Mares, G. Restauri, Mr. Kelly. Franklin ..,..... Franklin ....... Franklin ........ Franklin ........ Franklin ........ Franklin ....... Franklin ...,.... Franklin ..,..... Franklin ........ Franklin ........ Franklin ....,... Franklin ........ Franklin .....................,............................ Washinglon Bell ..............,. Elders Ridge Bell .....,.......... Saltsburg .,.. Elders Ridge Washington Saltsburg .... Elders Ridge West Deer .. Beaver .......... West Allegheny Hurst .....,...... We the class of 1952 do proudly salute the Baseball 'Team of 1951 who mar velously won our section championship and went on to win the W PIA L Cham pionship. To the coaches and the team-Congralulationsl SE IUII CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1952, being ot supposedly, sound mind and body, bequeath to the underclassmen, the following articles with the sincere hope that they will continue to uphold the traditional glory of Franklin. IOHNETTA ABER wills her love ol horses to Mary Evans. LORETTA CARFAGNA bequeaths her cheerleading ability to Barbara Thompson. ALICE IONES leaves her quiet disposition to Kay Faulk. DENA RESTAURI wills her hair to Lonny Shannon. TOM BEBAR wills his fantastic grades to Margaret Bergant. EDNA WEISTER wills her red hair to Sylvia De Zanet. IIM HIXENBAUGH leaves his love to Pauline Bowman. BETTY LOU BARRON bequeaths her shorthand ability to Marion Simons. IIM VOITHOFER wills his ability to tlirt with the girls to Bob Bertl. SANDRA WATKINS leaves her driving ability to Bill Moore. DOLORES LAPCEVIC bequeaths her wad of gum to Tom Borland. ELEANOR SHAW wills her love of Spanish to Patty Noel, DOLORES GRUDOWSKI leaves her height to Tom Matesic. ELEANOR TOMER leaves her ability to go steady to Norma Daugherty. DEAN BRUNECKE wills his high boots to Alene Dickey, MIKE MASTOROVICH leaves his Toni home perma- nent to Marilyn Nesbitt. RHODA HAUSER leaves her ability to lose what she wants to Margaret Swank. MARILYN MCELFRESH bequeaths her ability to get good grades to Iim Eberts. DON WATSON does not leave Betty Smith. BILL BOVARD leaves his mustache to Helen Earll. BRUCE PORTERFIELD wills his hotrod to Bob Marschik. GERALD-INE BOHINC wills her studious i?l ways to Shirley Anderson. IACK ASPROS wills his pouch ot tobacco to Iune Clement. MARLENE TOWLE leaves her editorials to Horace Towle. , IOANNE PYLE leaves her pretty blue eyes to Anthony Astorri. IOE GRUBER wills his ability to bluff the teachers to Becky Kistler. SALLY FAGAN leaves her Hopalong Cassidy suit to lack McAlpine. ELLEN MCCURDY leaves her innocent look to Eleanor Cole. MARGARET GEBROSKY leaves her sense of humor to Miriam Geiger. BILL STARN leaves his love of English to Fay Rubright. TOM CAIN bequeaths his athletic ability to Richard Urick. HELEN PAULISICK wills her sophisticated ways to Irene Weister. LORETTA REBICH wills her cute smile to Donald Watt. RITA VARGESKO leaves her temper to Nancy Ryck- man. GEORGE GEIGER bequeaths his ability to blush to Paul Murray. BARBARA HOLZSHU leaves her bottle of peroxide to Bob Barrickman. DOROTHY SENCHUR leaves her ability to skip class to Glenn Tomer. BETTY SMITH leaves her truck to Mary Shero. SOPI-IIA HOLODNIK leaves her ability to get excited to Peggy Simmons. SHIRLEY SMITH leaves her love of the office to Wayne Rugh. IACK KELLY bequeaths his wavy, black hair to Shirley McCall. IOHN NOVAK leaves his crutches to Rosemarie McDermott. RUSSELL HEIDER leaves his tenor voice to Rosemary Stamm. LAWRENCE STIFFY bequeaths his love ot sleep to Donald Liprando. CHUCK KIDNEY leaves his ability to get expelled to Bertha Shaw. HAROLD LUCAS leaves his sister to Clarence Betz. BILL MARTS wills his intelligence to Shirley Keeler. SAM MASTOROVICH leaves his height to Dixie Noel. DAVID THOMAS bequeaths his buddy to Thelma Rose. The senior class leaves WALTER URICK. IWe don't know what to do with himl. DONALD RIVARDO leaves his basketball ability to Doris lean Kistler. HENRY SWASKY leaves his blond hair to Iosephine Marschik. ROBERT HILL leaves his farm to Rosalie Cappa. GLORIA GALETTI is a tight wadg she's taking every- thing with her. Thus we end this, our last will and testament, signed, sealed, and declared legal by the above named class. The signatures of the Class of 1952 are hereby affixed, ipso facto, habeas corpus, ex post facto, tempus fugit, and E PLURIBUS UNUM. Signed, 50 CLASS OF '52 -L W5 HBH! 5,2-'thqpff' I kf f Dun . ODE T f' 1 -5'How'Boq.+ Qfxgewff-2 'R5'i... - . .. -A A-' M f'Lj,,-a-,,...... Patrons B a M BLOCK D. O. .KIDNEY 8k BOB'S MARKET DOO. E. 1. HAMILTON CO. O. HAMILTON KATE MENS STORE GU-'S STYLE SHOP LUMBER-BUILDERS CAPPA'S MARKET SUPPLIES SYDNEY ZNAMON H1-WAY AUTO PARTS-Monroeville, PG. CONCRETE BLOCKS OLOVER FARM STORE O. W. DIXON-A Friend Phone no MRS. E. WATKINS MR. 1. HOLZSHU Export' PC- 51 Dulf's Tire Service Recapping G Vulcanizing Export. Pa. Bob cmd Arthur Duff Owners Phone Ex. 25R3 FISI-IER'S GARAGE Pontiac Sales :Si Service Export. Pct. F. V. Fisher Owner Phone Ex. 66R2 DIANE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 306 Export. Pa. Diane Drnjevkoh Proprietor Phone Ex. lO9R2 Residence Ex. 10933 WALT'S Cleaning Service Mothprooi Cleaning also Repair Work Main Street. Export For pickup and delivery Call Export 92111 BA ' HUMES BROS. FISHER'S UGHMAN S McHUGH'S BODY SHOP Meats :Sf Groceries VARIETY STORE plumbing Electrical Appliances Well-Drilling Box 512 Kelvinator Refrigerator Export. Pa. Heating Old Wm- Perm- l'llWClY Ranges Export, Pa. Phone Ex. l3Rl Export, Pa. Phone IBURZ or 22R3 Export. Pa. Compliments DUHISCQ'S R. C. Dubrock RICHARD'S of Cleaning 5' Pfesslni' Clover Farm Stores 3 Hour Service DUBROCK'S MIKNIAK'S The Best in Foods and 'Skilled Workmanship in our own Sanitary Sunoco station Meats SUNOCO Plant." Murrysville. SERVICE Phone EX!-Tort 163 Murrysville, Pa. Levelgfeenf PU- : AN' W h' G ' Compliments IOHNS MOTEL EV S as mg reasing LUNCHEONETTE "Your Home Away From E- G- Watson 6' S9315 of Home." Ice Cream 5: T' V. Gulf Sldlitbn Handpainted Gifts G Murrysville, Pa. WOMEN'S CLUB Route 22 Novelties Phone zeo R East of Pittsburgh Light Lunch M lu P Polishing unysvl el G' Murfwvllle' Pa- Murrysville, Pa. Accessories Compliments of C. W. BEATLY A. CARL BUKLEY Route 22 at Pa. Turnpike Monroeville. R. D. 1 Turtle Creek, Pa. TURTLE CREEK AUTO PARTS Genuine Parts For Cars G Trucks 267-269 Braddock Ave. Phones: VA. 0777, 0778 5820 - BR. 1-0278 Congratulations to Class of '52 TAYLOR'S MEN'S STORE 607 Penn Ave Turtle Creek. Pa. Miller Bros. Shoes Bell's Esso Service TYPEWTIIBYS . l Cards 908 PM Ave' Compliments Gas- Oil - Lubrication Gifts State Inspection New Kenslngtoffs of Repair - Groceries NEW KENSINGTON Largest Shoe Store Fresh Meats TYPE TERS Co I Camp Ioan 931 Fifth Ave. --Quality Shoes for DENNY S Tele -New Kensington Over 50 Years-H 677 I 12 Phone Edison 7-3515 T an d M t C Wilkinsburg THELMKSI INC. IESS TAUB r or 0 or 0' Electric 6 Radio 501 Duquesne Ave. shop C d'tI l Authentic Fashions re I ewe er Trafford' Pa' Electrical 6- Radio Chrysler G Plymouth Service 940 Fifth Ave. 964 Fourth Ave' 1- F- Schneider 819 Wood Street Re. 102727 New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington. Pa. Phone 237 Wilkinsburg, Pa. GRAHAM'S SHOES 817 Wood St. Wilkinsburg. Pa. "Shoes for The Entire Family" THE HUB Phil Taylor 6. Son Iecmnette. Pa. S Sprucelank 6. Helzel I. D. Sprucelank Iecmnette, Pa. C. T. MYERS. IR. Insurance in all its Branches "Myers Has It" 115 South Third St. Ieannette. Pa. 53 Export Home Appliance Co. THE HUB STORE "All Modem Electrical N' Cohen Appliances for the Home." Phone 87 Phone Export 141 Export, Pa. EXPORT TIRE CO. G O IO D ' S Recapping and Vulcanizing GUS 5' Oil Snack Bar Phone 120 T A g7R2 c1x1 Export. Pennsylvania Export Pa FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Compliments of Auto - Fire - Life WATSONIS Earl G. Patty SERVICE STATION Export' Pa' Export, Pennsylvania COff11O1iIf1eUfS WIGLE'S DRUG STORE of H. o. Wigle, Ph. G. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF Phone 38R-I EXPORT Export, Pemmsylvania Export' Pa' Compliments of IOHN ANDERSON 6. SONS Your DeSoto, Plymouth Dealers Phone - Export 51R-2 EXPORT LUMBER COMPANY Yellow Pine - Fir Dimension and Boards Hardwood Flooring Specialists Wm. Penn Highway. Export. Pa. Bruce B. Grable, Owner Phone - Export 33 DICK'S DINER Murrysville. Pennsylvania THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. Quality Dairy Products "Visit Our Store" Phone: New Kensington 666 New Kensington. Penna. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK At Wilkinsburg sffiifvi ,-""- I Q .e.e-:HN -"Q 'Ia I u 2 S M Q Q fgggzwmtg . g,?::gfgggg:' 1 H: :-. . We Make Everyday Loans To Everyday People For Everyday Needs Open Friday Evenings 7 to 8:30 Penn Avenue at Wood Churchill 1-1400 MCCULLOUGH-WHITEFIELD HARDWARE COMPANY Wood St. 6. Penn Ave.. Wilkinsburg. Pa. Easy Washers - Frigidaires Paint, Glass and House Furnishings 4483 - Telephone Churchill - 4484 CALDWELL 6. GRAHAM DEPARTMENT STORE Penn Ave. 6 Wood St. Wilkinsburg. Pa. 1 Compliments of HALL 'S - - ,M vvMl?:'U"4 P"""'7""""f" , .V , ' nniifw-ww..n,vufklI'f"""""'u'. A A V WI M-w,M,.1.L1awNr-f?2t'fWM"'5Mmw' Congratulations to Class WATKINS HAIR SALON of 1952 JOSEPH SHOE STORE Iarman Shoes ci Men's Sportswear Fremont 1-6428 Comer Wood-Franklin Wilkinsburg 701 Ross Avenue Wilkinsburg. Pa. PE. 1-5.162 FRANK LEVINS Clay and 7th, Ieannette For Your Every Household Needs." Visit Our New Iewelry Store 405 Clay Ave. Ieannette. Pa. ALTMAN'S CASH FEED STORES Home of Super "A" Feeds "There is a store near you." 56 ,GV 1 4 g, A 11- s I , ,. , x 1 H ff.. 1 5 -f f'1.,J' f'- h Q , All .- Q. ,. vs- . xx L I F A Q . '- . .' 314- 1 I n A I' -if f. .Q ix . 1 1 , n .I5 .I- 'v f A Ju, k 5, 'i . y i ii. -ff J F' l 'f H ,tl 'Q 4 I ' Eff ,. I -F, C-A !?"r:qh45 r'.- - , s .. 'fs?Y". , 'Q " : - - 2 rw' I I "uv E' a-pw-': -V M11 -1 .- ' .4-, it-I 1 . ,. , .. .. A 1 V --Il r.. 5 . ,,, .9-.f , A-if 'fi .ef

Suggestions in the Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) collection:

Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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