Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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' 1: ' 1 - ,. fx,-,-V . ' , 'gi-f -2: 52.11-f+ 1-1--' 5 '+ii'2"gilifral.-' ,1 7' -- -, - 14-,,rm'!':fI,. -vp'-w" ' -n n:-,., .I . - " ' ::'1.m.Lf' '.u.!-.-.,:,-0.555 1. if Az' :.f,.g--L . 1 . . 'j' Y .-, A- ' - f Y 3 . ' A ' ' ' ' l4 ' fi g xi'-Mg n4g Q'1Qi1!'mQ 74a Seam 61444 af 7950 Pzeaeate THE MID-CENTURY LIMITED ,f , p. 1 if Z2 f V , r, .' K yr, QUILL Franklin Township High School Murrysville, Pa. jk N v1ew 'of hls many years of loyal servrce we the senpor class of 1950 dedxcate thls year book to hdr Wrllram Rmger He has grven generously and unself 1shly of h1s tnme that we may enjoy ourselves He IS well deservmg of thls dedlcatlon and lf IS wrth much pleasure that we have chosen h1m for th1s honor nh: s rm ruff 1, el 'fcalgw A :fig 5 Lf 1 . 45 AW . - 1-1 K r V. ' ' ' ' ' f Lo Y . , . . - . AL-ful sy' af - , , A - A N193 . 7'.'Q'l'ff4'v -ug .U-5 Um, . -' Lin. ' ' NJ-'rl Km X 1- A 3 2 . X 7 Q ,g . .. L, .I .,. .flfgjf 'f 'mi -ic l R- '-.','is'fQ':'-QM ,JT " 53s'1'1':'rg f.xlj4"g'J'-.'4Ew :r'gPi'3'.m,:-'-5 ,,3f:fgf'n ffgsgffr ar , s as - '. If 1 .fZ.fQLf"xQr:'1f:jfLfh5-1ff,'g':-gfylagfqg fy 35525454-slrlwgrggage5413-gl 12.4 "S -gngIgg,f2i4,g,.1, ,zfqefvfff :Ruff - a id-2" ' is 5'--I .1 F- 2- - f . V if ' ffi f K . A Ji- "'Ir2-'1.'MfQsgfi1f 1 .f'wf,1,fj'Qwrjf-asf.,l.1Tvx', i4 'gxuia fir'-ffftgyfii-'.Sg11?aYk?fZ s2l',' f'4"gd,,,1.9g e.iLgJi1,2f-fy .S 1.12. , V KJ, g -5' vgqzlgg.. '54 3 A A D , f 32.55 ', , 5- fic , -Eb, -g 4 -V r, :X 1, Q- -,: -sf 53f,x3'WQ -j1--- ,, ,L .g Q, V. mr- 4' 4, 4 "P init., ,J My L. 412393. Hr ying, . L1-J 5 ltr: -rj A3 , iffy fairy:-L .v.. f"l1f,',-,,, larfe Y .QL-EQ, vs 3 ' -'aleisgit-f,41f Q4f,f?ffvjj5Qiiil5'f5fd?lfqr f l' fiiuig - V gd! Q IN, X4 2 KEN H U my vu DUDE! QD X KN KK Cl fx I X Q S .72 ff L SQ 1 XX' 4 wx' fax f n - f , , M . U - , if I .x x ' WJ 0 Lf- if X QI' xx .X 'X t I , fi ii! -XX A .MJ 605 0260040 Um Qcuzdq Dawson Um agoaeefz ee b I'll north I3 'CTV' s eegffx V 'M 'A' Q ,f SFS I F1rstRou' Left to Rught, Mr VV1ll1am Rose, hir Lawrence Mlller, Mr Wlllnam VVeston Serond Row hir Loum Flsher, Mr Damal VVh1tehead, Mr Edward Scott I Xlr. L '. Q s ' , p K - f 0 ' A ZQ4j5gff'if42' ffm 11- J ' 5 1 if- 59? A ra. enme toter fhf ffz, X u f wze l Q9 24 31' 'H-Q ms, "1 Um Eavwlaolfafza Mn JOSEPH BREVAK C eneral Scnence and Hxstory Has a wonderful sense f humor One of the famous Brevak McCauley duo A u 1 you do xt Jclenlx rally X....4 Mn CHARLES CARLISLE History and Cxvlcs Has a pronounced southern accent You all better hz quiet is "1 1 Mas DOWNALL Home Economics Has a fnendly smxle Km! one Purl Iuo 4? ,A M Mxss JANE hLwooo Bxology and Mathematics Has a very graceful walk Wllere 5 your excuse? Mn THoMAs FLAHEKTY Miss History P O D English Is a frxend to all the students N0tCd at 51 MVA Qjhifqsf .tile Z Y.f:4,Uf: fi Mn CHARLES Dzwxs Chemrstry and Physics Noted for hrs crew haircut Slou down' XS 'WN al Mus EVELYN FEERENCE Band Chorus Muslc Has a wonderful personalxty The Alto: are singing Tenor A--vt' ll 1090! Mas ANN GASPEK bchool Nurse gxgg Her sunny drsposmon Okay you urn guy: Pero Ho-us your cold? . ll 4 ' I 0 - 11 fl 5 ' ' f A 0- ' X - , f I x x ' . , ,,, Q9 ' 'A' Y , ' 1 ' H '-4 i xff 5 ' I . 0 l , . A - lt ,Iv - ' ll fo ,I ffl, -1 1 .if- . X x AR. ' f - X Je- ' X. j 'fl 1 K K , X Q f h Yi RQ 1 'ff J s 'Kx'3r, " he , my W, . 1 XJ' f va . l ' ' ' . . ' lex ' " . Ji? 5 3? Nw Mn JOHN GEARHARD Bnghsh Plane Geometry Has qurte a large collection of tres and always has hrs shoes shined I m not laughing fwxth you rn laughing at you or 1' 'L Mas LAURA Geography Prrrm AN Mks Typing Shorthand Ha beautxful well kept hands A I right i Pleasant twnnkle 1n her eyes Il: posszble llaodveu-J' 7u'z""" mfs' wi Mk RAY MCCAULEY hnglxsh and Advanced Com posmon Has a soft quiet voxce I meant be .vo eaxy the next ,fzx uzelzx JY, QF' Mxs COKNELIA SPEICEL Arxthemetlc Art Always time to help people out I xrofu, ou out 1: fumdoa. ' fi Q' Sp 'iff' Miss Moons Englxsh Lxbranan Noted for her damtmess Y rs that: right Mn Jo:-nz SwAcUs Physxcal Education Hns nnce smxle Why dont you basket? 1 -" 'N Q 'H-A TEX 'ww Mk CARL VOLBERG Mas JANE WADE Miss Lois WAITE 5h0P Physncal Education Bookkeepxng, Typmg, General Noted for beautnful snngmg Has a nexer fall long shot Buslness VOICC ffyou all had better hu,,.y1f Has beautxful bug brown eyes "Cut -wzth the gram, not ' Tha! 1.rn't qmte Hgh!" agaznst " . x I make that . I me . J 5 V .g 'Wi , , f , 'i , t va .-'.- grin . --ai "" j films ? was , '- 'J' .:' ' A fx, ' fzffj ' V ' C" X A , f f f A A .3 A X 'i L,,,, t I - ' i 3: :' ' ii . ,. O l 7 . x .L , , . y . ' . D . . , . , - , . n ff an I v , . - H l .1 V' dv R . I X ' l r Y . f xx W z ,ga A -1 -' 0 - X "' , j xv 5 V - X V-Pf . .. ,......-W l . i ' x A . ,-v,, 1 ts X Lie , . r-A' . 1 . u - .v l - . rf v ' in 4:1111 I v y il l rr 1 . ,' ,, n U Wa. rf cw an 'Tlitvlscg Y lqlznl gg lf L.-1 z 1 11 Yin' V-Si. X' S :E-SI, I I X If ,Ngkv-A "pl 4 1 ,ix X X XJ? ' . V! , t . Af h , 4, If X I , , xsy K'-'kj.,X bf m , X ,Q if I,-,fl 13 . - ii.. lf, '-r ,Z V X A N T X . ' N i I N .X 4 A X xx N " , , , I A ' f, fi X 1' , X. 1, Cf' N f , E X. , v , H , . , ' ' -5214 ' -vjgx Q. . , - ,ff 1' "X N X '. '- ,f ' ' X ' , . , -N N . ' K L ef ' f D Q' X' 4 X. x X X f -. , X, , f I .. , ,X .' , - X f, - ' S 66 I - ,X X .X ff , f' , ' xx x ' - 1 '- or 0 , , ,' h x X Q ,'- ' ' - , l ,f 'LN ,X Y x ' ' . ,, ' f 1 . . ,' ' X X 'N - W 'J . W X ..:- P 1 f + I la Y-, :F . :J - rr.--",'g1.g ' 1 .,- ,- , Y 1 A' ' 1' f I ' ' EL X ,-, Q4 ' " ' g Xxx I. ji- I . """""""'5 eadafz FY! A Q xuunx Je VDANKLIN WV S! LN a democratnc soclety the greatest servlce IS ren dered by those who through thelr personal ab1l1ty charm and unselfish devotlon to the best 1nterests of that socxety, gnve generously of thelr tlme and talents for the benefit of all 'N x14 1 4 maine 'Q' ECAUSE of these qualltnes these SIX people have been chosen as the leaders of the graduatmg cla s of 1950 Lloyd Eddmgs Sally ee Frlesell Cl1VC Grant Dean Porterheld Louxse Rubrlght and Thelma Thomas M bf, af ff gf, ., if .f ,+- j'6.4'Vs "1 H ag R-"TV -,wg DOIN ALD BEATTY "Dom" The lone wolf member of the stage Gew. Has nice eyes when right side out. ROBERT BORLAND , "Hola" A welcome change to the senior class. He has a bashful grin and wears sharffclothes. Member of the Military Club. ' ,r Q . I 179 l Or "i 'ex 1 ir",!lJ ESTH ER CAIN "EL" Peppy and bright. There is never a dull moment when Es is around. Member of Dramatic Club. Girls basketball team. Would like to be an explorer. Favorite dish is men. LOUIS CARGNEL "Crow," Mr. Davis's right hand man. Member of the Science Club. Very well liked. YVould like to be chemist. I 9 MARY ALMORE ' "llIary." Interesting personality. Came to Frank- lin from Schenley. Has vocabulary plus. Good friend of Sally, member of Dramatic Club, likes steak. Art editor of newspaper, art staff of the yearbook. DONALD BARRON "Barron," Likes Buicks. Doesn't care for girls Cyoung girls, that isl Likes to drive anything on wheels. VVants to own his own service station and marry an old, very rich widow, Member of Round Up staff. A--ar 'Kia LOUIS BORTOT "Louie." Sleeping is Louie's favorite pastime. He will be chief garbage collector of New York City someday. He likes to drive Ford Trucks. LOIS ANN BRYAN "Lois." Quaint and friendly. Loves to sing. Spends some of her time in California. Will study music in college. Operetta. Favorite dish is lobster. Member of the Dramatic Club. v---hi. liege by ' 3 f .- . '.'s. 2 ' :fi.'4A DON DAVIDSON "Corky" Likes horses and talking. Always has girls on the brain and in his car. 'NVants to be a construction worker or a movie star. LLOYD EDDINGS "The Class Brain." YVell liked and a valuable member of the basketball team. Senior Class Play. Ko Ko in operetta. lVIember of Science Club. Has Peg-O-his-Heart. Sports editor of QUILI.. .,, QA-Af V Af- if i. Leif, f apr , Iinlsyilxo FERN ,Q "Eddie." ,fjusx J'oesn't give a darn. He might be famous for something someday. He likes jeeps and Frenchie. I GORDON FIDEI "Gordie." Noted for his true love to Dorothy. Lovely temper. :J Ayr , Q i er. .42 3 if .egg W' M HELEN CHEREPKO "Chrep." A headache to all teachers. Likes boys. YVill be a secretary for a man with a strong knee. Likes trouble. ROBERT CLINE "Razor," ls not exactly the quiet studious type. He's with lwurray when he's not hanging around Turtle Creek. He's always smiling, especially at members of the fair sex. I-'ir Q5 'i r . as . A Q if EDNA ERBE "Erb." Neat and efficient. Sings alto. Likes bass voices. YVould like to be a Commercial Teacher. lWember of the Dramatic Club, Operetta, Senior Play. Favorite dish is ice cream and cake. JOHN EVANOVICH Stubborn as a mule. Always arguing with 'AVVook." Eats ice-cream regularly at Hall's. VVill be a farmer. W ' . 4 SALL E RI LL "Friss1." Ca ' o ank ' . Spa ling personal- ity which bri he grhead' r class in many activities. de dito f Q 1, Operetta, Play, Choruse' Love di pickl , will be a music teacheyl J A MfAE GEIGER "Tootie." londe and lively. Seen mostly with Helenvn Esther. 4Member of dramatic club. Favor e digh is spaghetti. VVill be a baseball play- er's wife, likes to giggle. I l 1, J A ""'llm CHARLES HELMKEN "Churk." Noted for the rogue's gallery in his wallet. Ardent church-goer. VVrites notes to Peg in invisible ink. Says he hates Franklin girls, ogleb. them just to be sporty. YVill be a missionary. , PAUL. HENDERSHOT "Hendy." Takes pictures like mad. Mr. worth's right hand man, and Grandpa of our Ells- class. He's got his own loom and loves to weave. Hist favorite dish is 'lSusie." rv- a 'Oil T CLIVE GRANT "Half Pint." Came to Franklin straight from Glasgow, and is quite a lively addition. Has a Cute burr, started year as a junior. Favorite dishes are porridge and Phyl. VVants a prrrrrrrofes- sorrrrr. SAM GRUBER "Sammie." Arteest of senior class, stage crew, member of Wildcat gang of the school. ls member of art club. Likes Esther. Would like to be George Petty's successor. HELEN HOLODNIK "EL" A real pal to all, disappointed with love. She'll be a bonded baby sitter and just loves coconut cream pie. Always with Ginnie, member of dramatic club and wants to be somebody's mother. N A l CLAUDINE HOLZSHU -Nh 4, 2 "Glide," Pretty blonde who likes all boyl. fPgt'S companion. Came to Franklin from Pitc rn,Ps-V3 pires to be a nurse. Very well liked, just lovb' black, hair and blue eyes. If - Q ix w ii 3 O Q , .4 'lu Jn ', . ' w . Q f r H . MARY ANN KLAVON "BIondie." Always seen floating up the halls. Likes a few hundred boys. Member of Secretarial Club. Likes spaghetti. YVould like to be a buyer for a department store. XVill probably be a housewife. lklixed chorus, Student Council. ETH EL JEAN LIGGETT "Ethel." Fred's pal. Class comedian. Friendly and always laughing. Her weakness is Mr. Flaherty. Would like to be Mrs. Flaherty. Senior play. Ususally seep wigh Mfarguerijc. Dramatic Club. . . j 1 f 'K l ' X " '. A., - ,fl if A 'K EVERETT MCALLISTER Lemon Swoon man at Franklin Likes most any girl but draws a few lines Hes VVooks pal and is noted for his snazzy hircut Has '1 swell personality and takes 1 lot of kidding MARGARET MCDERNIOTT Peggy Lively and willowy It takes a skooter to keep up with her although Lloyd doesn t have much trouble Chews gum at the speed of about 50 miles an hour Has a mania for French fries and yellow roses Editor of newspaper senior play dramatic club Wants to be a secretary Cp ORPHA KING Q -8 G s I 3 "Urt." Patty's shadow, always knitting. Will be housewife. Usually late for P. O. D. Always up to mischief. Favorite dish is chocolate cake. Weak- ness IS roses and "Big Men." Hopes to be a Secretary and marry the boss. Sew and Sew Club, grperetta, lllixed Chorus. 3 JOHN KOVALCIK 'llluzzy-." Our dependable time keeper. Usually seen hunting 'A ..,..................... ". Crazy about Basket- ball. Talks like Dillinger's double. Cout of the side of his mouthl Senior play, Sports Club. Will probably be a big executive some day. ' , 5- f J 'nik . BRUNO MARES "lor," Athletics are Bruno's speed. ls outstand- ing in nearly all sports. ls cop in Senior play. ls on basketball and baseball teams. Would like to be pro-baseball player. Spaghetti is his favorite dish. ls usually seen with John. EDXVARD MARSCHIK "Hvzzy." His stomping ground is swissvale. Is Sam's inseparable pal. Likes women in gener Noted for his wavy hair. Loves tolgilun s truck and take off. lVants to bali g ybee and make scads of money. APM bl 5-J 'rn -mph' Ak W kilt GEORGE MeGARRITY' "Georgia" Drives 1931 version, of the 1920 rocket cafrs. Bubs pal. Spends his spare ime in i!rQ'svi'lIe. Likes Elouise for a name. - , CHARLES McG K "Tucker," Is Mrs. Fe es 0. h. dyman. Always ready to help eone, he o enemies Cnot even Teac er He'l e a e director c . g for the M rop an Op r . PAUL MURRAY "IVlurphie." Nice hair. Always seen with "Bill." Crazy about cars. Someday will be a great mechanic. Quiet in his own way. XVILLIAM PAULISICK "Bill." Happy go Lucky Type. Always with Irma and His Chevy. Will be a big shot coal stripper. Was impeached last year. Favorite Radio program'is .Wy Friend Irma. we I -eu. 665 A 'GQ' ,JYN -"7,J1'-1.1, ',, 4 - . 6.41 Jug.,,,n 4, PATRICIA MOORE - ful fn "Patty" Gay and laughing. A friend of all. Always ready to help. Would like to be a secretary and run away with the companies funds. Member of Sew and Sew Club. Operetta's mummie. Iwixed Chorus, Senior Play. PATRICIA MORAN HIJIILU Loves a marine boy. To be a nurse. Claudine's best girl friend. Operetta, school chorus. Member of Dramatic Club. QUILI. Staff. Favorite dish spaghetti. 41: -re '-3, it f ,C Q KENNETH PPHZFFER 7 0.4 -yfj' Ed's buddy. Skips classes like mad. Always in trouble. Always in the Oflice. DEAN PORTERFIELD "Dann," Shy guy of the Class?????? Has a way with girls. Aspires to be a civil engineer. Drives a mighty Ford . . . when it stands. Was in Operetta and QUILL staff. Round-Up. 1-0 ft-ll -1 fr, ,, f .fit L - 4 0 VVILLIAM RIVARDO "l"vedy." The backbone of the Longhorns. Always looks mad. VVill be a pro basketball player. Donny and Bruno use him for a punching bag. VIRGINIA RYCKMAN "I'olgenyol." Always chasing Barron. VVill be a music teacher. Doesn't like boys. Was in operetta and mixed chorus. Likes to eat. 2 i .xs- DONALD RESTAURI "Dino," Personality plus. A must on the basket- ball team. XVill be a pro basketball player. Likes spaghetti best. IX'Iember of the Varsity Club. Ex- port's loss-Franklin's gain. Bruno's best pal.x 7 GILD.-x RESTAURIS' ,V "Gil." Dark haired beauty Neat quiet. Favors blonds if their first ria is'Jimmy. blem- ber of cast of senior playfx heerleader. VVouId like to be a school teachefqat' X 1 9 'X t J . . N 'wr L. , i as 'VN an X Q Xa ' N D Q " EARL STOUGHTON "Stoughton" A dependable basketball manager, Loves hunting game. XVants to go to college. MARLENE THOMAS "Micke3'." Sweet with coal black hair. Mickey has interests elsewhere. Aspires to be a teacher. Likes Bar-B-Q's. QUILL staff. Member of Art Club. - X: .A .2292 ' 4 W ,. f 1 Ze lb? 1 i l LOUISE RUBRIGHT "Loozy." Quiet and very lady like. A very con- servative way about her. Liked by all. Would like to be a nurse. Favorite dish is fried chicken. Newspaper staff. Senior class play. Also a member of the Secretarial Club. QUILI. Staff. FRANCES SMITH "Ginny" Changeable as the weather. A real pal of all. Can skip class as well as the next guy. Will be a professional babysitter. Did as much for senior class as any of the oflicers. TH ELMA THOMAS "Shorty." Always seen dashing through the halls. Pretty brown eyes. Business hianager of QUILL. Senior Play. YVill enter the field of business. Likes sour-krout. MAXINE TYSON "i'll11x." Tiny and Blonde. A favorite among the cheerleaders. One ambition-Beautician. Secretary of Varsity Club. lVIay Queen Court. Mixed Chorus. il. 3.15 1"""f'!' ,. ef 1 '-U' I A U . I I ' f . . . V , ' ' FRANCES YANKO "l"rannie." Our tiniest and most powerful cheer- leader. Captain of Cheerleaders. Likes chicken. Best member of the Varsity Club. Aspires to be married. A real addition to the Senior Class.- BILL YUREK "The Dribbling Demon." Drives members of the team wacky. Member of the baseball team. Wants to be a math teacher. Likes Claudine. Member of the Varsity Club. A swell addition to the basket- ball team. NVILLIAM CLINE "Shy.." ls the Class Romeo. He's an ace mechanic and is to be married soon. Pitcairn is his stomping grounds. Careful driving is his greatest virtue. MARGUERITE SHANK "Peggy" A very likable newcomer. Formerly of Ken High. Asks very provocative questions in P. O. D. Likes Bill. 'WN wig f fix FRED WOHLIN Hub." Teachers main headache. Enjoys playing hooky, very well liked. Ed's buddy-buddy. Favorite dish is pickled pigs feet. Would like to be a under- ,. taker. j , A X f . ,fn TED YVOHLIN I "lVoole." Dotes on finding Mr. Davis wrong. Star of career night. Dean's pal. Member of Science Club. J. V. Team. Wants to be an engineer. sgfg, A I: Lac. ,if l:Jf4Iff' qlffb A gl llfi U B Q -1-.,,,.. l llll 9-CI MARY ALMORE DON BARRON DON BEATTY BOB BORLAND LOUIS BORTOT LOIS BRYAN ESTHER CAIN LOUIS CARGNEL HELFIN LHEREPKO BOB CLINE BILL CLINE DON DAVIDSON LLOYD EDDIINGS EDNA ERBE JOHN EVAINKOVICH ED FERN GORDOIN FIDEI SALLY PRIESELL ELLA MAE CEIGER GRAINT CLIVE SAM GRUBER LHARLES HELMKIIN PAUL HFNIDERSHOT HELFIN HOLODNIK CLAUDIINF HOLZSHU ORPHA KING IOHN KOVALCIK MARY AINN KLAVON ETHEL LIGGETT BRUNO MARES ED MARSCHIK EVERETT McALISTER PEGGY MeDERMOTT CEORGI' McGARRITY CHARLES MCGURK PATTY MOORE PAT MORAN PAUL MURRAY BILL PAULISICK KENNY PFIEFFER DEAN PORTERFIELD DON RESTAURI GILDA RESTAURI BILL RIVARDO VIRGINIA RYCKMAIN LOUSE RUBRIGHT MARCUERVIF SHAINK FRAINCES SMITH EARL STOUGHTOIN MARLENE THOMAS THELMA THOMAS MAXIINE TYSON FRED WOHLIIN TED WOHLIN FRANCFS YANKO BILL YUREK Walled Her Auburn I-I'ur Drlvmg Carefully Hrs Trlck Eyellds Bemg Bashful Bemg Absent durmg Huntlng Season Her Loyalty to her Frlends Her Drmples Bemg Qulet Her Glassy Stare Sknppmg Classes Hls Guitar Playing Hls Casanova Techmque Hrs Intellrgence Her Pretty Smxle Hls Sldeburns Hrs eep His okes Her Classlc Nose Her Muscles Hrs Scotch Burr Hls Prmtmg Hrs Loud Socks Hrs Flashy Tres Her Pretty Eyes Her Baby Hrs Her Her Hrs I-Irs Hls HCI' H1s Pretty Headscaryes Talk Good Looks Blond Hair yyay wlth Teachers Curly Haxr Prohle Gmrl Frlends Wavy Bangs Neatness Hrs yy ay yyxth a Hammer Her Sense of Humor I-Ier abxlxty to yy ear Tallored Clothes Bemg Calm I-Ils Hls Hls H15 Her HIS Her Her Her Her Hrs I-Ier Her Her Hls Pomt of Vlew turned up Nose Crepe Soled Shoes Personahty Pretty Eyelashes Broken Nose Freckles Intellxgence Sweet Way Abxlxtv to go Steady Dependabllxty Short Black Halr Efliuency Lute Glggle Sense of Humor I-Irs Red Hat Her Cheerleadnng Abllxty Hls Crew Harrcut afa7!4cmZZq een XVIIII 1 stack of books under one arm Xvlth Don Davldson xvlth Ed Nlarschxk YVxth 1 Gullty Expressxon ms ace YV1th Razor Going to Calxfornxa Practmng her long shots Xvlth a chemlstry notebook Doing her homeyyork Frxghtenmg the unxors In hrs Hot Rod xvlth Barron XV1th Peggy XV1th 1 certam Alumnus Xvlth Ted VVohl1n Skipping class Bemg late for class XVIYII manuscrxpts for the Year book Blushmg Xvlth Phyllis Vyfrth Charles McGurk Xvlfh a pencll behmd his ear Takmg DILIUTCS for the Yearbook Kmttmg Bootxes Laughmg txll she crxes Trung to control a gnggle Croomng Loveslck Blues At a student Council Meetmg xvlth Marguente Lnmpmg up to take a fou s ot k.fIlCIilfg his heels Eatmg Lemons Trylng to act DIgI1lHCd VV1th Eloise Putting up Scenerv XVIIII Orpha xvlfh Mickey In the shop In the ofIice Looking Innocent xvlth '1 cy mcal gleam ln l IS ye xvlth Bxll Yurek XV1th Jlmmv Lookmg for Cappxe Feudln YVxth Shortv Rushmg to class VV1th Helen YV1th a lock of halr oyer one eye Xvlth Pat Runnmgs Errands Being good ln class Spongmg meals from teachers VV1th Vank Orgaruzmg Pep Rallies Practxcmg Basketball g L - C E 1 T . . - . I I - , - .5 . 1' on ll ' X ' I ' IC YY L N r S ' v 4 muh' z I J 1 I f 'i KC YY 4 ' . ' LK YY . 1 , T . . - V l E I L T , , . . r ', J ' y N N ' ' ' I' 1 . S f . Y E .i . Y . i T .i . . . . .IL S 5: Y E 1 , . ' ' ' T Y . . . 4 . V K v ' ' K4 ' 7, ' , , T Y . . . A A A LY 5 ,V 1 h . 1 . . . ' 1 1 1 5 . N .- v. v V. ' . . Y Y . . . L K . U' A C Y V . . - ' ' 'H f D7 Y ' T b - - u u ' T , ' 1 4 Y . . y - . I . , . . . I . - Y 7 -' , ' K T 1 ,' . . I ', ' . 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Oh for eorn s1kes " Noxx I m good 1t this I ookm for trouble YVe Ill tell W1 Ol-Lax, gurl Best xou do Absolutelx I Hx 1r Fr xx h1t " xx xx xx ut tll te ' I dont knoxx zhout th1t YVell I lcnoxv 1 kxd I not s11d 1 d1rn Sa a 1le eel A a h Babe Dxd xou studx xour Shorth1nd? Noxv I guess thut xx 1s mel' Axv quit lt' YVell Im not gomg to' lrVhx " He s just mx Bull I m broke' Screxx ball' Dld xou see' Hex, xou Kxdsl Let s go see S1ntx Cl1us Ixlush Box, Im telhn x1 Shoot' Shoot' Shoot' YY -.I I- ct v N v . . ,V V V xx 1 V V u cl ' V V- V VV V xv ' 'V V ' V SLC Vl Y V YY . . 1151 . v- VV .U ' . . . 1 '- 5 . lor V CI V ' 'V V YY . . . .. . H . , . . , 9 - 's LK - . v ' ll ' ' Y YY In l t ' fthe ' ru -. . - . , ., ', 'A , . 4, -, . . ' ' s A K L l sl Y . I ll V. Vx YY CA ' Y ' YY . ' ' -ll, 5 t '. '. A VV f V sl' - ry A Q . .V .. V H ll ' YY A . I -.-. I . . ,K , A . ' . . ' ' . . ' ' ll 7 V ' YY ' is V' VV V YY nl V ' an - - -V my . . V' - at V V n A - L 'V n V -VV- u v - V H 1 .. K - ex 'V yy V- - cc v V VV -V - v ,vu . . ' lf Y V YY r ' AA V ' ry C Y L - Y. ' I n u V vV ny . . . ' ff . .1 z . , .. .. ' V V 'Q CC Y V Y 'V YY A L - V X 1 su KL ' Y :YY , . . .V . , . .. I 1 V H . l , V . . V - - at V - vy I l .Ad V . - ta , as - as V ' V vs V ' sa V '11 I . . V. . , V ' U V 3 A I. ' A I. n - - n - y - V v I ' XV- '- '- 'z 1 I ll xal ' ' ' lf U V 1 YY . t . . . ' K5 ' YY , . . if ' YY I . .. . . . ' ff' YY - -C - Q V, ' lf 'YY 4 A L - ' l ' KK l v s v . A . . V . V V . . - ' 1- ,. . , . f , .. . .. . ' ll ' ' YY A ' I . A V li Y ' ,Y , . If A . 'P if Y ' ' YY . , . . V . ' If Y YY V ' ' 1 lf V YY . 1 . . .or . fl ' YY .ll V . ' ' S5 V V ' V YY . V V .. , ax v, . H A -K - l C s 4 1 I I V V u 'va . .. . . . 'V ' If V Y ' Y V 'YY K YY fbi' A-, M C -Q., Sis v Y -'1 S Rv B 0 -,Lba..r C19 piffslmufmgm CIW 'cunt Si Paul is X lr ,, A ' fa mu NRC 6 IN' 1' C HV k I ' i g 51 f 1 'vm 5 Q j b k V r 1 ty I V f.-U Q x w-QT '1:- ' - 1' I X Y ,f ff - X? 'T - , M MV X X - -fx, f 44 I! THIS PAGE Fzrst Row L Beamer B Boban M J' Bohmc J Borland B Breen J Cappa R Casper Second Row Cavada M Clements M Clements D DCllSSl0 B Dubrock P Dugan F Fldex Thzrd Row G Fldex D Garber P Good M Grant Helder E Hxcc N Karp Fourth Row R Klavon L Lape Llprando D Lutz O March G Marengon C Marschxlt I' ALINC1 PAGIL lzrst R u le M1rseh1k D Nloore Nloose D Moose A lNeptune Ne butt Ondxs Serond Rau B Pommershexm B Prxteh'1rd R Shannon V Remales Resolt J Rogers F Sennhur Slmndera Th rd Rau D Shank P Shannon Stone Stratton F Stud: C Sullms lourth Rau S XVLI llxll A Terhorst B VV'1tson VVe1tzel lVel'Jh P YV1l on 'N Suslch QA X at -vs '11 Y. -in 'SL bg '01, 391 5- Q 'five Qt A 'Q i Q Ni 5.5 -fu.. N, . ok 'C Th ,rf ,N 'N Q-..,. WC' WN SX, ,-N ik 15. 405' 'Q- 'fn S..-2 -an, Winn? i 5 S.. Ch sg lx . Q L isa, A5541 L. Nesbitt, Vice-President D. Lutz, Secretary- Treasurer C. Stratton, President ing '5- n P byzlww Jimzhn 'Sm on L -L JMMQ 6 if ,fj.,l'5fam1!,'FE fmg-wif' OUIQFGJ' QL we qw . ' D' if r -p I 7 1 r I I M zf ca , 'J' I iii i , ll W W .5 Ngegvgf-14"'Q'a fTi xlfl 'Q' I 1 f tl 57" THIS PAGE Fzrst Row J Aber J Aspros B Barron B Bebar G Bohmc D Bruneclre T Lam Second Row L Carfang S Fagan M Gebrosky G Gexger G Galettn Gruber D Gru dowsln Th1rdRou R Helder R Hull S Holodnlk B Holzshu A Jones J Kelly C Kidney l'ourth Row D Lapceplc H Lucas B Martz S Mastorovlch M McAlfresh E McCurdy M MCGKFFIIY FACING PAGE l1rstRow K Moran P Moran Novak W Stom H Paullsnch Perfettx B Porterfield Second Row Pwle F Rospotnnk L Rebbxch D Restaurx B Schlenke D Rnvardo D Senchur Thzrd Row E Shaw S Smith O Sudar M Tegley E Tomer M Towle S Wat kms lourth Row D Watbon E Welster R Vargeslco Volthofer i '-A "x WN. i, 'Hi Wi Gnu BML 6 '34 FF- Xa Tv-f 44 Qu, age s. 'sb qgx 1 5- X s Tomas Cain, President Sally Fagan, Vice-President Margaret Gebrosky, Secretary-Treasurer Q QR 'Q Q-v f 4 r'fi aff! x 0 a 1 -X546 H. ' Q ' z 5 s .US-v 6 rv" I I 'S M 1 N-, gr ff , "" i ,gg E s'ldQpf V 7101221 F215 Gy 61. HCT W5 I mum ' e a e J ,rd J' 1199, 6142, c Q a E lx 1 l U Q 7 ..- ' 1 l X 1 Q V i 79 L 2? ,I b u A- -L ' X , Z 0 J: 1 J fa, A.v un 510 v- -af-Q.. ,u--- ,. ffl' x f' g Wm e '4?J4"'t' J" 57" ,fi af., '11 -41,14 ,sang ,J,,,f JIS' it ' XR' f E . 1 an .-i... f L xi, .J A xi l 3 dy' Vt? was Fin! row: H Diehl, G. Tomer, R. Wertz, H. Moose, VV. Rue, R. Cargnel, A. Cassol, D. Liprando, A. Astori, . Urick, E. Kovalcick, P. Matthews, W. Austin, R. Bertl, L. Ayers, B. Marschik. Second row: W. Klingensmith, J. Eberts, D. Noel, D. Panzer, L. Uncapher, J. Eckels, E. Cole, M. Swank, L. Cikovic, P. Bowman, H. Earl, D. Kist- ler, B. Thompson, S. McCall, S. Keeler, G. Lott, B. Ferrington, M. Shero, R. Beckman, N. Ryckman, D. Gordon. Third row: Mr. Brevak, D. VVatt, T. Matesic, M. McAlpine, E. Remaley, M. Daugherty, A. Dickey, R. Stamm, M. Bergant, T. Rose, F. Rubright, P. Simmons, M. Evans, B. Shaw, K. Faulk, R. Cappa, D. Metroske, M. Simons, V. McGurk, VV. Lapcevic, Miss Waite. Fourth row: E. Staymates, VV. Cline, J. Murray, D. Murray, B. Glunt, s 5 1 X M. Geiger, B. Kitsler, S. Anderson, J. Marshick, M. Nesbitt, I. Weister, M. Stairs, S. DeZanet, R. cDermott, J. Clement, L. King, R. Barrickman, J. McAlpine, W. Moore, T. Borland. A A ,f If Jw Kid 1 V :QI ' J' y, -J-. ,I J J. ,fd Yi, .A 1 Ur , It Il ' ffffi,v 'W J ' ,Y Y' , 1 ' ll ff "X - ' ' r . . xx X ' xr ty "t' Junior High I S if X ,. J fi, V' .-'f' A Y' Z .V .R 4 w K . fa f S t . - QQ: Q L1 w if, 'XX' , 9 A , ' - P ' 5' . X . - ' N 1 1 4 ...xt lli fl By Becky Kistler l' ,D 4 . " .f .Qi 4 X . Although we are the small fry around here, we are all proud to be the F. H. S. Junior High. We have worked steadily towards the developement of our talents and have succeeded in making ourselves known in sports, music., and various other school activities. Our social life has not been neglected and scholastically we think we're just tops. It took the major part of our first year to learn the routine and fundamentals. The rest was easy. We know whose team is the greatest, whose band plays the best- in short that F. H. S. is the school for us. We are the Senior High of the future, and it will be one of the greatest!! f" NL, - L A , -Y., yyg, z. Z I J, at " 'L' f Z4 al ttf .-,fJg,...... 2495 QM 6 L--4 First row: D. Cline, W. Mariana, VV. Yant, B. Hill, B. Hill, R. Smith, G. Dunmyre, T. Hasz, B. Beatty, J. Lutz, S Crooks, D. Jones, J. Tegley, G. Restauri, N. Susich, R. Galetti, R. Urick, O. Hartley, A. Cassol, D. Kemerer. Second rofw E. VVatt, W. Scott, S. Staymates, G. Bert, R. Kemerer, S. Rogers, C. Bush, J. Cain, J. Neptune, Senchur, A. Frescura M. Marschik, M. McGuigan, M. Wilson, V. Kemerer, N. Geiger, J. Primozic, D. Britz, M. Mastorovich, D. Painter, A Hasz, E. Glunt, A. Shuster, B. Beckman. Third row: L. Remaley, M. Lucas, J. Rutz, A. Watson, C. Johns, A Santoriella, Senchur, H. Bebar, G. Elwood, P. Noel, B. Jones, D. Liggett, N. Raspotnik, J. Konrad, S. Beswarick, N Kilgore, J. Miller, B. Clawson, B. Matesic, H. Cline, J. Kline, Mrs. Remaley. Fourth row: H. Towle, P. Simpson, L Tarr, M. Beatty, H. Watt, G. Rogers, E. Vargesko, R. Painter, VV. Berry, J. Bruggernlan, F. Lavrich, W. Hice, J. Fidei N. Porterlield, J. Bryan, K. Towle, R. Thompson, Hill, H. Ward, G.'Hall,,J. Ritter. 9 . X I went! grade" f T l l '54, ,wal ' 'll L l"'- , k, :WN Fin! row: J. Liprando, J. Thompson, S. Smithbower, R. Laure, D. Rubright, G. Shank, F. Stuck, G. Cline, T. Bush C. Nystrom, B. Thomas, D. Peterson, D. Busch, A. Peterson, R. Beamer, J. Sircily, F. Kosmack, K. Koch, R. Moose, L. King, L. Swank, D. Jones. Second row: R. Primocez, C. Simons, D. Kemerer, L. Kuznik, J. Brady, M. Mastorovich R. Ebartz, P. Marschik, I. Cline, N. Bruggemann, B. Grudowski, J. Eckels, M. Remaley, E. Schall, V. Killebrew, H. Rub:-ight, S. Patty, A. Schake, H. Rugh, A. Kapera, J. Barefoot, C. Collins, G. Yant, G. Latshaw. Third row: Mrs. Speigel, J. Hixenbaugh, K. Rubright, L. Stiffy, F. Gruher, D. Stover, F. Glunt, V. Vunovich, E. Betz, E. Remalcy, B. Wilson, S. Friesell, C. Hale, M. Fennel, P. Rubright, N. Sinan, E. McGurk, E. Lape, E. Tomer, R. Lockhand, G. Smith E Watt W Beckman Mr Carlisle Fourth row' B Gebrosky B Vargesko H Shirle B Bartlett E Mares T. . , . , . . . . , . , . y, . , . , Revolt, H. Casper, J. McGurk, E. Stover, A. Drenjevich, A. Perfette, J. Pommersheim, H. Schall, B. Voithofer, W. Uhlig B. Straley, J. Pfeiffer, W. Foulk, L. Geiger, B. Simmons, B. Bezak. Mrs. Patterson ww ,. WA Q fx R"2i"z' ' .1 L . , X35 f ff: ' V A Q . tg. m 3 5? Ex'-fr W Q DINER Lrft to Right: Mrs. Speigel, Mrs. Lessig. Verna Bogotay MAINTENANCE Mr. "Billy" Ringer STATION TAXIS E. Yanko, G. Matesic, T. DeZanet, M. Bennet, P. Lape. v-v-r-1-+L CREW Mr. Ray Good G' fs Zed!! Za. First row: M. Thomas, P. McDermott, E. Esbe, V. Ryckman, L. Rubright, T. Thomas, P. Moran G Restauri M. Clements, D. Garber, J. Stone, S. Friesell, M. Almore. Strand row: E. Stoughton, D. Davidson J Rogers, M. Towle, D. Lutz, M. Clements, C. Sullins, H. Cherepko, P. Hendershot, Mrs. Pittman Miss Waite Third row: S. Gruber, B. Watson, D. Porterfield, L. Eddings, J. Evanltovich, D. Barron, C Crant EdlIOI'-In-Chief .................................................. ................................... S ally Lee Friesell Associate Editor .,.... Business Staff . .... ,. Photography Staff ..... Features Staff ...... Copy Writers Sports Staff .. Arr Staff .,.... Student Life Sponsors ....... Marian Clements Thelma Thomas, Editor Dorothy Gail Lutz Donald Davidson Paul Hendershot John Evankovich Donna Jean Garber Pat Moran, Editor Peggy McDermott Helen Chereplto Charlene Sullins Gilda Restauri Louise Rubright Marlene Thomas Jean Rogers ..... Lloyd Eddings, Editor Sam Wuslich janet Stone Sam Gruber, Editor lNIary Almore Bob Watson Clive Grant Edna Erbe Madolyn Clements Dean Porterfield Mrs. Pittman Miss Waite, Editorial Mrs. Gasper, Business High Ad Salesman .,,,. ............... F red Wohlin WMM NATIONAL SX XQ 2,545 N! X e , are V M From Ief! to right: Lloyd Eddmgs, Louise Rubright, Gilda ' Restauri, Mr. Swacus. Av 8 The highest honor to be received by any Junior or Senior is membership in the National Honor Society. Each year three Juniors and two Seniors are elected by the faculty for this honor. The merits of scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship, on which these members are chosen, are ones which every student aspires to have but are not easy to attain. The members of this national organization are installed in an impressive candlelight ceremony at the end of the year. Mr. Swacus is the sponsor of this society in our school. 35 Horace SOCIETY, tcmfewt 1 ,- N. iv 54- A.'4,,h Ftrs! tau C Colllns j Pnmozxc B Holzshu M McAlplne S DeZanet M Klavon, P Moore Second rou Mr McCaulay G Dunmyre A Schake W Scott R Shannon, C Stratton Mr Ellsworth Thzrd rou C Kndney T Cam J Llprando J Kolvalcllc, famed 7L,aSZaff fr R R656 S Q- ww 'Md 4, 1 V Firri row: S. Friesell, M. Thomas C. Holzshu Y. Ryckman D. Grudowski P. Moran T. Thomas, P. McDermott, E. Erbe, L. Bryan, A. Terhorst, G. Second row: E. Cain, M. Klavon, M. Towle, E. Weister, R. Shannon, R. Klavon, D. Lutz, L. Rubright, C. Stratton, M. Almore, Mr. McCauIay. Third row: E. M. Dubroclt, E. Stoughton, D. Porterfield, F. Senchur, L. Eddings, D. Davidson, D. Grant, M. Grant. S. Fagan, Marengon. P. VV'iIson, Geiger, B. Barron, C. WWW Mr. Volberg, Sam Gruber, Charles McGurk, John Evankovich, Ed. Mar shic , Bob Bre , Don Beatty. ' 1 H jfs, 1- sl in I X' limi Vjfw. .J Q.. .,. 1 . Z Acijeflpllgf, .V J ff L 4 L- 1 X lf . jr, laden! ! Peggy McDermott, Virginia Ryck- man, Gilda R e s t a u r i, Thelma Thomas, Maxine Tyson, Sally Lee Friesell, Lois Ann Bryan, Edna Erbe, Marguerite Shank, Louise Rubright, Helen Cherepko, Mrs. Pittman. bra! I I. i 1 'Qs 4 A Sufi. SN -f I' f f .i W . fl' B. Kistle . D anet, D ay, J. M s , . Remaley, N au hert goal row: J. Cle- ent, C zshu, R. Beckman, D. utz, Marshick, iss Nloore. i row: P. ndershot, E. ghton, K. wle, W. Yant, G. unmyrh K rv 1- ' 4 ' 5 3 14524 "il'4"f,'Q'E,r, N . . Qui, ' .'5-5' 4.4 . 34414 First ro-w: P. Matthews, B. Claw- son, M. Clements, G. Dunmyre, K. Towle, L. Tarr, W. Pommersheim J. Voithofer, J. Heider, O. Hartley, H. Towle, S. Amderson, M. Clements Sefond rofw: A. Astori, W. Uhlig, D jones, F. Fidel, R. Cargnel, G. Hill J. Cappa, F. Senchur, L. Nesbit, G. Bohinc, Mrs. Ference. Third row J. Revolt, E. Fern, S. Watkins, K Moran, R. Thompson, C. Holzshu, C Stratton, K. Pfieffer. . . it wed First row: S. Fagan, D. Grudow ski, E. Erbe, P. McDermott, V. Ryck man, L. Bryan, M. Tyson, P. Wilson J. Stone, P. Moran, G. Restauri, M Clements, J. Rogers, D. Restauri, C Holzshu, K. Moran. Sefond rofw: M Mclilfresh, E. McCurdy, M. Towle, E VVeister, L. Beamer, B. Prichard, M Bohinc, S. Smith, L. Rebich, G. Galleti C. Stratton, S. Holodnik, D. Lapcevic H. Cherepko, E. Cain, S. VVatkins, D Lutz, Mrs. Ference. Third row: B Barron, M. McGarrity, C. Grant, L Nesbit, D. Porterfield, D. Brunecke, I Borland, C. McGurk, L. Eddings, B Schlenke, N. Porterfleld, M. Mastor- vich, B. Breen, P. Henflershot, M Klavon, S. Friesell. Oaeheatm Firyt ro-'wz G. Hall, P. Rubright, H. Rubright, S. Patty, S. Frisell, R. Galetti, j. Liprando. Sefond row: j. Pfieifer, A. Perfette, G. Elwood, B. Senchur, T. Haaz, J. Lutz, G. Rogers, Mrs. Ference. Third roms: F. Kos- mos, VV. Yant, N. Kilgore, A. Haaz, j. Kline, VV. Hill. , I I O I First row: J. Clement, M. Geiger, A. Shuster, A. Schalte, H. Rugh, H. Bebar, D. Britz, J. Primozic, J. Miller, B. Clawson, J. Eckels, S. Smith, L. Rebich, B. Holzshhu, G. Galetti, J. Rogers, S. DeZanet. Second row: Mrs. Wade, I. Uncapher, D. Panzer, F. Rubright, R. Cappa, D. Metrosky, I. Weister, M. Stairs, V. McGurk, R. Stamm, S. Watkins, K. Moran, B. Kistler, G. Smith, R. Lockhard. Third row: R. McDermott, D. Kistler, P. Bowman, H. Earl, L. Ciltovic, L. Car- fang, K. Faulk, A Terhorst, D. De- lissio, N. Kilgore, S. Beswarich, J. Konrad, P. Simmons, B. Shaw, M. Evans, T. Rose, M. Bergant. - J 5: rv-' ,461 Spam First row: D. Rubright, M. Master- ovich, G. Tomer, J. Eberts, H. Diehl, W. Klingensmith. Second row: H. Kramer, D. Watt, J. Murray, W. Cline, D. Thomas, Mr. McCauIay. Third row: C. Betz, J. McGurlr, E. Staymates, D. Davidson, D. Barron, VV. Urick. g.x:v"44. si ' . . ' .s l L I , - - .1 J I f Rx J' '2 Q1 ' ' " V l' J Q- l x .W 1 ' 1 .I First row: C. Johns, A. Watson, J. Ritz, M. L. Wilson, Senchur, J. Cain, C. Bush, D. Painter, A. Haaz, G. Bert. Serond rafw: S. Friesell, W. Scott, S. Staymates, M. Towle, E. VVeister, M. Mastorovich, L. Remaley, D. Grudowski, Miss Moore. Third rofw: E. Watt, W. Yant, W. Marts, T. Hass, C. Hale. 'XXX is Zaye Qleeddad First rofw: Mr. Volberg, J. Reiter, D. Jones, J. Tegley, L. Tarr, G. Hall, R. Beamer. Second row: L. Swank, J, Lutz, S. Crooks, C. McGurk, B. Breen, D. Jones. Third row: R. Thompson, Porterfield, Paul Hend- ershot, J. Bryan, H. Towle. fix a I I Firxt row: B. Simmons, J. Pfeiffer, C. Simons, B. Gebrosky, J. Liprando, Serond row: B. Stroley, W. Ultlig, J. Pommersheim, F. Stuck, L. Nesbit, K. Pfeiffer, F. Senchur, B. Cline, L. Cargnel, Latshaw, S. Smithbower, B. Beatty D. Kemerer, Third row: B. Vargesko, G. Shank, J. Sircily, N. Susich, E. Vargesko, R. Painter, VV. Hice, F. Fidei, J. Borland, H. VVatt, H. Shawl, W. Hill, Mr. Fla- herty. Fourth row: J. Thompson, L. King, J. Cappa, Glen Rogers, E. Fern, G. Fidei, R. Marshik, B. Cline, B. Borland, L. Bortot, C. Kidney, B. Berry, J. Cavada. i f 5 hs. 4 ,3 'Fai' i 'E Sq 4 ada! First rou E Dezelan D Watson J Voxthofer T Bebar J Novak J Weitzel F Marschik Serond rou Y D. Watson, A. Jones, D. Lapcevic, D. Restauri, S. Holodnik, D. Senchur, F. Gruber. Third row: Mrs. Spiegel, I Cline, M. McGuigan, R. Vargesko, G Bohince, H. Paulisick, J. Kelly Fourth row: B. Porterfield, R. Heider G. Geiger, F. Rospotnik, D. Beatty, F Lavrich, J. Perfetta. Dmmaldc First row: O. King, P. Moore, E. Shaw, S. Fagan, B. Barron, E. Geiger, E. Liggett, S. Friesell. Second row: V. Ryckman, P. McDermott, E. Erbe, L. Bryan, P. Moran, E. Cain, M. Almore, Miss Gallingane. Third rofw: O. Suder, M. Tegley, C. Helm- ken, E. Marschik, G. McGarrity, S. Gruber, J. Aber. P04546 Firxt rou: B. Yurek, W. Beckman, C. Nystrom, j. Hixenbaugh, D. Peter- son, J. Gruber, J. Aspros, J. Kovalcik. Second row: G. Restauri, A. Cassol, R. Galetti, R. Urick, E. Mares, J. Noca, R. Rivardo. Third row: D. Restauri, D. Liprando, N. Susich, S. Wuslich, J. Revolt. k i First ro-zz: O. March, C. Stratton, M. Bohince, P. Wilson, M. Grant, Mr. Davis. Serond row: W. Lapce- vic, E. Kavolcik, R. Urick, B. Rutter, B. Pommersheim, C. Grant, W. Faulk, K. Koch, D. Cline, M. Mariana, T., Matesick, Third roar: O. Hartley, R. Ayers, P. Good, F. VVOhlin, D. Por- terfield, J. Evankovich, F. Kosmack, ll. Casper, T. Bush. X! f. -'rl ' I 7 Fin! raw: L. Beamer, E. Hice, M. Dugan, R. Kemerer, S. Rogers, T. Kramer, N. Geiger, M. Swank, E. Cole. Strand row: Miss Elwood, B. Hill, P. Shannon, M. Clements, D. Garber, M. Clements, E. Glunt, J. Briggman, J. Fidei. Third row: R. Smith, W. Stuck, B. Starn, J. Helder, B. Watson, J. Hixenbaugh, B. Moran, H. Ward. Hx J All -f-f. fi . 1 . . 1 1 f ff- Q.,-r' - K - ' 'kk x 'l, . W f 4 I First row: L. Rubright, T. Thomas G. Restauri. Second ro-w: L. Lape B. Prichard, V. Remaley. Third row N. Karp, R. Casper, D. Moose Fourth row: G. Fidci, M. Klavon Mrs. Pittman. ' A la 1 I died 0 'f iff-N' f -'k xx e. lg, First row: B. Senchur, B. Wilson, A. Frescur, E. VVatt. Second row: -A Mrs. Gasper, J. Neptune, E. Remaley, A. Santerella. V", . "Ww6M First row: C. Collins, H. Rubright, S. Patty, V. Killebrew, P. Rubright, E. Lape, M. Fennel. Second row: M. Mastorovich, R. Eberts, F. Glunt, V. Vunovich, E. Betts, L. Stiffy, Miss Waite. Third row: Darlene Kem- exer, A. Kapera, L. Kuznick, J. Brady, G. Yam. ' 14 ' '1 mv, 1 i 7 W may First row: F. Yanko, M. Tyson, M. Gebrosky, G. Marengon, C. Sullins, J. Stone, J. Pyle. Strand row: Mr. Swacus, L. Eddings, B. Schlenke, J. Liprando, B. Mares, E. McAlister, I.. Stitfy. Third row: E. Stoughton, T. Cain, J. Skandera, j. Moose, D. Rivardo. 'Ill mv f fi WQ LLOYD EDDINGS "Eddingr"-Guard-Senior Eddings playing his last and mosts successful season in bas- ketball as captain, has led the F. H. S. squad to many tri- umphs. He controls both boards with ease and loves to tip them up. His hook shot is sudden death to the oppon- ents. Eddings' height has been a great asset to the team both on offense as well as defense. JOHN LIPRANDO "Rizzo"-Guard-Junior Johnny's dependability both of- fensively, and his calmness under fire have made him an asset to the team and a good boy to have around when the going gets tough. He can al- ways be counted on to drop a few in with his one handed set shot from the side. BRUNO MARES "Joe"-Guard-Senior Bruno, with three years ex- perience 'on the varsity under his belt, plays equally well on either offense or defense. Al- though not very tall he takes many balls off the boards and always scraps for loose balls. He Hlls in at any position very well and is very effective with a two handed set shot from out front. DONALD RESTAURI "Dino"-Forward-Senior Donny hailed from Export last year but has already won the admiration of the fans here with his shooting, dribbling and ball handling. A one handed shot from the side is his spe- cialty and he can fake an op- ponent out of his shoes. He forms half of our fast break duo. A ffl o ' Y 1:33. 'Edit ll 5 A I I N BERNARD SCHLENKE "Mike"-Center-Sopho more Bernie is another big boy play- ing his second year as a regu- lar and has been a great help in the success of the team in many games. His height comes in handy on both defense and offense. He helps control the boards and has cut the cords many times with his pivot shot. SAMUEL VVUSLICH "Big Sam"-Center-Junior Sam's another Export boy who has made good here at F. H. S. Topping the six foot 2 inch mark, he uses this to advan- tage on defense in controlling the back boards. On offense he works the pivot line with his hook shot with either hand being his specialty with tip up running a close second. VVILLIAIW YUREK "Billy"-Forward-Senior Bill in his first full season has shown the fans of what he is capable. His dribbling has amazed the spectators as well as the opposition and he is the other half of our fast break twins. He shoots equally well with either hand, a type shot now known and from any posi- tion on the floor. EVERETT BJCALISTER "Mar"-Guard-Senior Mac can always be counted on when needed and is a favorite with the fans. In his second year of varsity, Mac has al- ways come thhrough to check the opponents with his defens- ive play. A capable ball hand- ler with a two handed shot from the side as his favorite. -' 1 qt," 4. TOM CAIN Sophomore "Tom" in his first year on the team was our relief twirler last year and came through when needed. He will see lots of action this year and will be a great help to the team. He's right handed all the way. X JIM MOOSE Junior "Jim" patrolled the right field section and did auvery good job in his freshman year for the varsity. He has a sharp eye at the plate and his strong arm proved disastrous for the op- posing base runners. Li JOHNNY LIPRANDO "johnny" fills the gap at short stop and opposing batsmen find it very diffifficult to get a ball through this spot. Swings from the right side and hits a long ball. Throws right handed and started many of our D. P.'s. BRUNO MARES Senior "Bruno" patrols center field for the Longhorns, throws right but bats lefthanded. His storng arm and his power at the plate have been a great asset to the team. g X JOE SKANDERA "Joe" was our mainstay on the hill who did a very capable job in his first year of varsity hall. He twirls them from the right and bats from the right also, can play the outfield or infield if needed. QR f BILL YUREK "Bill" in his first year on the diamond did a very capable job of holding down the "hot corner." Bats and throws from the right side, and although not very big he belts a long ball, and is a speedster on the base- paths. v-.M . 9 Fxrsl ron. R Moran O March T Cam j Cappa I Revolt N Sucnsh lNlCAlPll'l8 R Helder Strand row.. Mr Swacus J Kelley B Rlvardo S Mastoro uch T VVohlln D Rnardo J bkandera C Cexger molly lzrxt roa. J Kelley Moose T Cam Vkm Xurek D Moore D Restaurn C Gexger Second rom. Mr Swacus E McAl1ster L Eddxnge S Wushch B Qchlenke -I Lnprando B Mares ,I Skandera v T a a '1"N, A A Y J' .II 1 1' lx . Q ' ":.. ,. ,. ',. ,. ,.'. ',j. . ,. . "2 . ,. ,. ,. - ' , . I, . ' ,.x ,LI . ". 'nfl I ' I 0 ' ,J. -, . ', '.' ,. ,. ' 1. . '-: . ,. ,. ' .,. , Q ,. ,. .,. . 6444! Xl NN gf Q,-.4 F1r.ft ron. F Rufnrnght A Terhorst E Cam Serond rom.. Pyle G Maren gon C bulllns S Watklnx B Holzshu K Moran Thzrd row. Mrs Wade J U Marschnk J Stone M Cebrosks S Anderson P Vhlson P Moran C Holzshu ir Dawn f fl L! We mm fn 'ffl 3 Fznt roi. G Resraurn R Barrxckman R Urnck Sfrond rom. J Nloca R nck W Uhlng E Mares W Rugh R Bertl Thzfd fou Mr McCaulay P Sampson R Thompson C Betz D Lxprando T Matesnc L Kxng N Susxch O Hartley N D N f f A ' ,.', .k,. 'SE -C K K 1 Apfvi' 7 , Y ,, ev V A w W, 1 A ,IF H 3' 1. 'E . 'ff in P f S Q K 5 ,. N x ' t 4 , , k P-: . xg - X K . , I 1 5 A I 1 -X K' Lo ' " xl ' Rx 3 V R 1 ' Y ' . . ' Q ' J ' "2 . ' , . , . ' . ": J. ' , . - " X . , I , . N , . , . .P . .. , . , .dx 1 ' ' " 'U' "' -' '- f- ' . QQ. m sub I V Q X ' - ' IP' ' , X50 K 0 f f 1 I X 1 "' - J BY, , , ,L :., I xP . f . ' 4' ' , If f .f'f, f 4 1 K ' ' . 4 ' . W ,L Q A ' V , , Q b v 4 I R of l ' , r Y , ' ' , X V A ,X if X 4 U5--7 ' , '- ' 2 , f , I K li 1 '-13. M4 4 Fin! roar, lfft lo right: Frances Yanko, Gilda Restauri, Maxine Tyson. Sfrond row: Dena Restauri, Madulyn Clements, jean Rogers, Marian Clements, Maureen Mcflarrity, Loretta Carfagna, not pictured. Z 7mm .3 . . we . . , C fx 3 5 8 g 4? .I 5, my , ., Y Q. 2 'lf' fi ee A . A ...ff - rfmfl .ufmsfi 1 ,. . 1 f A , , Z 5 'X-:"" 1' A ff -e All ln lv' F I 1 39 ,Q - ' 1 , 1-' 'x ug, itil. 1 7-5415 ix' r 34'-fe., f--i " 5. 'ff' ' N , -U W G Y --5 ,ke 3 Q ,V nf! A A K X iii is X . ' .Q-ii' F l XV fi ' , f fvfff mmm .gif L . if , f m . ,,,p,NxgIN,l, km , vfilllllb x J .. e L Y' f i f tg ,, it 'Z' v:'i . . . . P -' yy., V, .f-W.. V fl u. .. , 4-f, .f3,,,,,,, t , JH Fin! row, If I to right: F. Senchur D. Rivardo J. Cappa C. N1cGarrity B. Mares . Nloose C. Evankovich B. Yarek C. Carfagna T. Cain, L. McAlfresh. Serond row: Mr Davis R. Thompson Ni. Bartlett J. Skandera B. Rivardo F. Fidel S. Wuslich J. Liprando B. Schlenke, L. Eddings, L. Cargnel, Mr. McCaulay, Mr. Swacus. S EW? i 19' 'Vef lcsclncn 8 U 'lo Q QQ 0 N, 0 HMA 0 NCP E rv-'A U' N4 M Xdxf Z6 6 1 62 'Yffff H512 mg, Q J 599 X nf' De gwwlwdc E rf' ' 12 r Yi .- I X s tw f o R 8: M A s MACHESNEY s. soN DISTRIBUTORS E Y Y ,2 ' I N5 oy? P ' nn rl 'f C- MO6o.'4'D'-sr U Q. . . BD' ' ,f Y 'fo ' , X W 6 W 'LJA17 n NI .- ' pvc X X , Jo L35 05' 5 J f l , X 'Kas' ova f It 12 I Jo 9 51,1 I4 as k 1 -X 4 Y ' ' 4 A '79 N K " xx L in X ' X .X ' Beg ishes tc the Compliments of Class o '5 Real state and Insurance Murr sville, Penns lvania TAYLORS MENS STORE Complete Out zttters For Men and Boys 607 Penn Avenue Turtle Creek Pennyslvanla FRED WOHLIN Puruno Feeds for Poultry ond Lvestock Phone' Umty 6586 R 1 D Murrysvllle Pennsylvania DUFF S IRON CITY COLLEGE 424 Duquesne Way Puttsburgh 20 Pa Buszness Educatzon at Its Best or Over A Century Enter Any Monday THE AUDREY ANN STUDIOS of DANCING Franklm H1 Branch Thursdays McCLlNTOCK LUMBER COMPANY Everythzng zn Buzldzng M atertals 1320 Lynn Avenue Turtle Creek Pennsylvania Best Washes to the Class of 50 JOHNNY MILLER S HOUSE By The SIDE Cf The ROAD FRANK LEVIN S Westmoreland Countys Largest Furniture Store Corner 7th and Clay Ave Jeannette P Phone 1200 Congratulot ons Class of WARREN D MASSARO D D S DAUGH ERTY DRUG STORE E zczent Prescrrptton Serwce 317 Clay Ave 81 Fourth St Jeannette P Phone 89 GLOCKS SPORTING GOODS CO 706 Fifth Avenue New Kensmgton Pa If Its Sports We Have It f' I 1 I ' R. , 1 I ' , ' ' ,I I Valley 2100 - BRandywine 1-2133 I . ' '50 - ., , C- . ., , C. . ' ' CALDWELL 81 GRAHAM Department Store Penn Avenue 81 Wood Street Wllklnsburg P STEFFEY JOHNSON 913 Wood Street Wulk nsbu g Po Mens Wear C 1 3200 Jewelers 82 Wood St Wllklnsburg P SHACKELFORD S FLOWERS 809 Penn Avenue W Ik ns urg 0457 829 Lnden Avenue East Pttsburgh Va 4020 DASCH S Dash to Dasch s Mens and Boys Store 800 Wood St Wllklnsburg Pa C om plzments 0 Mur Jewelry Company 810 Wood St Wllklnsburg Pa pert Workmansh p Budget Terms LEONARD S 790 Penn Avenue Wlkl sburg P Phone Ch 1 6552 For Free Est mate CONLEY S CURB SERVICE TUCKER S on 22 Dzner Rooms Banquets Vo 9785 WILKINSBURG BUICK COMPANY Sales and Serwce 743 Ross Ave Wllklnsburg Po Ch 18700 KESLER 8. POWER FOOD MARKET Qualzty Meats Always South at Wood St W Iklnsbu g Pa Ch 17245 McCULLOUGH WHITFIELD HARDWARE CO Wood Street ot Penn Wlkmsburg Pennsylvama WILKINSBURG HARDWARE CO C F ADAMS Proprletor Paznts Varmsh Glass Seeds and Fertzlzzer Pe 1 3255 101416 Penn Ave , ' i r , . 7 I-I. - ' ' , o. 3 ., ' ' a. 1 1 ol 1 I I o i i in Pe. 1- ' f i i . . Q ., , . ARMSTRONG'S LINOLEUM Compliments of Ex i 1 I 1 , i 'n , a. : . - i I 0 ll . . I I ' ., i ' r , . i . I . - - COOPERS MARKET E port Pen sylva a AlMd :IA th EXPORT HOME APPLIANCE CO MytgWh P Rd g Wt ll Pho e 141 E port Pa FIRST NATIONAL BANK of EXPORT E po t Pe sylvana W HS COH p Pe syla MCHUGH S VARIETY STORE Export, Pennsylvania ALBERT DRNJEVICH GENERAL CONTRACTOR Export Pennsylvania Phone 109 R 4 EXPORT TIRE CO P 1 Pho e 120 E po f Pe nsylva MANORDALE GAS 81 OIL COMPANY Pho e 4 Export, Pennsylvania Compliments of 1 4 4 x , n ni l o ern Elec rica ppliances for e Home a a as ers - hilco a ios ' and Refri erators - es ing ouse ' Television - Electric Ranges n x , . Compliments of ir i' O x r , nn i Recap mg and Vulcani ing n Best ishes to Students and Faculty X " I n nic of F. . .from Ex ort, nn v nia I n W E SHO Electrlc Appliances Westinghouse Admnral Maytag Hoover Phone Export 233J 2 Murrysvnlle P HILL S SERVICE STATION Moblle Gas 8- Oul Tnres and Batterles Home and Auto Supplles Guns and Ammunltlon Phone Export 240 J I DICKS DINER Murrysvllle Pennsylvama JOHN S MOTEL Your Horne Away from Home AQUINO JOHNS Prop Phone for Reservatnons Export 253 Murrysvllle Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Insurance Auto Fire 1 e EARL B PATTY Export 56 J 'I EXPORT LUMBER COMPANY Yellow Pine Fur Dlmenslon and Boards Hardwood Flooring Specialists Wrlllam Penn Hnghway Export Pa Phone Export 33 Bruce B Grable Owner FISHER S GARAGE Pontlac Sales 81 Servlce Export Pennsylvanna Phone 66 R 2 F J Flsher Owner DURISCOE S Clean ng 81 Pressmg 3 Hour Service Phone I63 Skllled Workmanshlp In Our Own Sanitary Plant ROBERT C UHLIG Insurance Fire and Casualty Notary Public Phone 35 Export Pennsylvania Compliments of WATSON S SERVICE STATION Export Pennsylvania HUMES BROTHERS Well Drallmg Plumbing Heating Phone: Export 'I60 R 2 West Pike Street . . ER z U I . I ai . -d . . . I . !. . . . , , . . - I Murrysville, Pennsylvania ' , ' ' I I i . - - . ' ' H . . . I I a I 0 I . . I . I I . L MANGANELLO 8. SONS Wholesale Fruut D str butors lCamp Joan Frunt Market? 'I42 44 46 Columbo Ave Vandergnft LATHAM FARM SU PPLY Camp Jo An Route 390 Phones New Ke sngton 6774 J 2 and 9990 W R D I Murrysvllle P Fa m Mach ne y and Suppl efs Fa mall T acto s lnte ata al Har estor Freezers and Refr ge ato McCo k MILLER BROS Shoes New Kens ngton s La gest Shoe Sto e 908 Fifth Avenue KEYSTONE DAIRY COMPANY uahty Dairy Products Vzszt Our Store 329 Sixth Avenue Phone New Kensington 666 New Kensnngton Pennsylvama The Fashuon F rst Store SILVERMAN S New Kellmgton Qual ty Fash ons and Accessor es JEROME MOTOR CO Corner 4th Ave at 8th St New Kensington Pa Oldsmoblles Cadlllac COOPER BROS Dispensers of Happzness Band Instruments 6' Supplxes BROWN S RESTAU RANT Route 380 North Washington Road TH ELMA S Authentzc Fashzons 964 Fourth Avenue New Kensington P CLEMENT S DINER Corner of Routes 80 81 380 Sa rdls Pennsylvania C fucken Dinners Every Sunday COOPER'S SERVICE STATION Corner of Routes 80 6' 380 Sardis, Pennsylvania DENNY S Gasoline Groceries - Meats General Merchandise Intersection 366 380 V 1 O ' I i - - i ., ' n i - - - . . ' , a. r i r i .. r r r - rn i n v - ' i r rs - rmic Deering - Machines - Parts - Service. O .. 1 , i -' r r ' i I . I . i i i "' , T O I I O I I 5 1 u , a. I R. C. Dub o k DUBROCK S SUNOCO STATION W K MARTS GARAGE Te 91 R I p rt Pe s I a B 81 M BLOCK 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Sppl s c te BI Pho 40 rt Pe 'k Compliments ARMWALL MACHINE COMPANY EVANS LUNCHEONETTE ICE CREAM BAR Gf Shop L fy 6 MURRYSVILLE LUMBER odB lde Sp ReodyM Coc te Ph ne 30 M s es A R he Ma age MANORDALE GAS 8- OIL COMPANY Phoe4 Co pl GRANT C SCHECKLER VMD M rys Ile P RICHARD S B Mt Myll dLlg P A FRIEND r c I l Ea ' " Ex o , nn yv nia Lumber- Builders ui ie Con ire ocks ne l i Expo , nnsylvania Delicious, Ice Cold, Ice Cream 81 i t -- Light unch Mur svill , Pennsylvania n Export, Pennsylvania Lumber n ui rs u plies ' ix n re m iments of o :Export2 , urry ville, Pa. . , , , Jam . u r, n r ur vi a I I I Clover Farm Stores ' The est in Foods - ea s urr svi an eve reen, a. comrmmms or ' ,,l,,.y, ',.- ..,--- .. ' , , " ' 1 . 7 ""-"' ,W V .... -so Compliments of EMPIRE CARD COMPANY INC Elmlra New York Greetlng Cards and Personal Statlonary Contractors Excavohng Gradlng Dnchmg 424 Plttsburgh Life Bulldlng M""Vs""e P' Grant 1 1158 59 lP O Addressl lRoute 80 Sardnsl M C BUSHAYAGER Just ce of Peace 81 General Insurance Agent 4 4 Harrison Cnty Penne Phone Export 852 R 4 vt.. 4 4 . ' ' 4 . . 4 Soltsburg Road, Tel. Unity 162-R-5 Compliments of I-I A R T S New Kensington BLOCK S LADIES WEAR New Kensmgtons Newest Fashion Center 985 Fourth Ave New Kensington FALLER S FURNITURE Everything for the Home Cash or Credit Turtle Creek Va 'I555 Br 'I4242 Wllklnsburg Ch I 2300 Band Un forms Medals T ophxes Caps a d Gowns Class R ngs Club P ns DON ENEIX Un on Trust Bu Id g Pittsburgh Pennsylvania A Complete Groduat on Serv ce Since 1917 Phones Atlantlc 'I 0348 81 Churchill 'I 7495 ALEX SLOAN 943 Fnf-th Avenue New Kenslngton Congratulations Class of 50 HARMONY MUSIC COMPANY Phone 5322 New Kensington JOBE FUNERAL HOME Westmghouse Amr Conditioned Ambulance Service Phone Valley 'I950 'I23 127 Church Street Turtle Creek Pennsylvania CAPPA S FOOD MARKET Clover Farm Stores Meats Groceries Produce Phone Export 'l22 Whlte Valley Pa J ESS TAU B Credut Jeweler 940 Fifth Ave New Kensington GOOD b LOUIS W REMALEY Insurance and Notary Public Phone I3-R I1 Export, Pennsylvania ' 1 , Il 0 I X ' II . .I . 1 . . ' I ' - - r ' n - i - i ' i i in . I . i i - . - - . Q Commencement lnvntatlon - Dnplomas ' I I l I I . , , I O 'I 1 ' ' 9 A1 X L idfdgldpz MAf Evcfwmcvc Jvifvf 'Mawr' 1 rdyd , X s 'X 3 4 ' f' 5 . K X1 W X , f 7 X X . ' , E J . . ' 'I' ,, X A ,P 'x J 4 f . 3 , 0 1 H K ,,'l fx SCN 1 ww-f.,t UH: ., Nw 9.f.,,ww A 3,'-ws Q'-L1 C legal AHA' .fm ,f -..,.,.,...4,.-, . ..., . .- .. ., . .. gli , ,. I'

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Franklin Regional High School - Quill Yearbook (Murrysville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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