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.-A mli ST 1949-50 iv- EDITED BY THE PIERCE HXGH SCHOC STUDENT BCDY v AN NUM. STAF F Jack Johnson- ----- Virginia Robinson ------- -------------------- Robert Bacon----- ------------------------ Lois Lang --------- Marlene Minden ---- Joanne Cleveland-- Patsy Don0hue---- ..--..--....-----..--....---.. --...- i-----..--....---q---..--- -......-.------.--..-.-..--...------ ----------------Editor ------Assistant Editor -----Business Manager ------------Secretary ----Activities Editor ------Snapshots Editor ---ndvertising Manager ---Senior Class Editor Clarice Johnson -------------------------- --- Bobby Stroud ----- Jack Moscrip----- Jennette McArthur Adele Haldemar--- Robert Richel-- --------------.---..---..- -.. ----.- --.----- ----b..---- ----.---------------------- ..-------.----....-.-----.-...--.--. --Sophomore --Junior Class Editor Class Editor -Freshman Class Editor ---Girls Sports Editor ----Boys Sports Editor DEDICATION This year, we, the staff of the 1950 FORESTER, wish to ded- icate this annual to the Student Body of the Pierce High School for making this annual possible, It was through their cooperation and support, that we were able to turn out such a good annual. The many pictures, articles, snapshots, etc. were all done on their behalf,and without their cooperation they would not have been pos- sible. As you probably know, this year our annual staff did not have an advisor. In the past, it has usually been the work of the ad- visor te turn out the annual with very little cooperation from the students. But, this year, student, teacher, and staff member alike all played their parts and played them exceedingly well, what you find on the following pages of this yearbook is the finished pro- duct, and we hope it will recall the school year of 1949-50 for you over and over again in the future very accurately. If it does that, we will have succeeded in our purpose and achieved our goal. Yes, this year, as the annual staff dedicates this annual to the entire Student Body, the Pierce High School takes a great deal of pride in announcing the fact that every page of this book is the work of the students. May the Student Bodies in the years to come at P. H, S. look back at our experience this year,and benefit from it. 4-, SUPERlNTENDENT'S M SSAGE nLeugh and the world laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone, For this brave old world must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own.n To the ones who are leaving these hallowed halls of learning this ycar, I wish to state the following: you have been a truly wonderful class, you have always cooperated 1001 in all things we have asked you to do, and cooperation is one of the most important things that are acquired in school. You have, indeed, learned your lesson very well. , To the people who will be with us here next year, I wish to say this: I am looking forward to working with you again. These have been very enjoyable days that we have all spent together, and I only hope that the days in the coming future with you will be just as enjoyable as those in the past have been. Again, I bid e farewell to the people leaving and welcome to those who are staying. Good luck to all of you! Myron L. Hunt, Superintendent of Pierce Schools. .4 - 4-0 Mvaou L. HUNT Supevkniencievi Q? -kke QRQXQQ, SQRQQK 5 vfxavxuux AYTS G-QNIQThNN9.hT y x pXT1'NQ.TkQQh W-KKSTOYNQ, Som-X, CMQUAS Q gh 4 ? r 'Af VQLDA HuN'T EncxUSN's 3, Typing 5usineSS Princkpks, QC Mi 'U' Rue.eQT H. i5uQNS princ.K?oX SE-xngi?-QQ X-Xkgkm EC'0'W"4'QSv P- E-,NOAA XXNSXOYN4' 'A C-eemmirq 5.5 3 PEARL humans PVT, N-Xowxe.1vo.KKhS, GCTNQTOX SQKQYNQQ, TAM55 P, G-PANUA SQQQCVN Ehisxasxx x wg 2, PM XSKQSY AXCSQBTO ' GQbX4Kr:PQ3f105 N SENIOR GLASS HISTORY On tSeptember 6, 1946, nineteen green, but very intelligent Freshmen entered into their first year of high school. Of course, according to customs, our first trial endeavored was the Fresh an Initiation, which was Our class officers were elected at the first of the year, and they were as fellows: Advisor ----- -- ---------------- Mrs. Knight President ------ ---- - ---- Shirley Anderson Vice President -------- Maynard Anderson Secretary -geefse-e 1- ---- 2---se Janice Ball Treasurer -------- ------- Darrel Frazier We were proud of the members of our class who participated in sports. we were looking forward to our next year when we would no longer be the babies of the school. Our Sophomore year found us starting out with only fourteen SiUdOHtS. we again elected our class officers for the year, who Y-IGI' G 2 Advisor ------ -------- - ---- -r Mrs. Hunt President -e-::--::---f:s-s-f- Cole Waldemar Vice President --- ------- ---- Janice Ball Secretary ------- ------ - Glarice Johnson Treasurer - ----------- -- Virginia Robinson Repr sentative to the This year, ented us in the We started one to take his Student Council -- ----- Darlene Bacon as well as last, many of our class members repres- sports activities. our Junior year with one less member but another place. She was Darlene Wilson from Sweethome, Or- egon, but she wasn't with us very long before she decided to go to Weippe to attend school for the remainder of the year. Our class officers chosen for the Junior year were as follows: Advisor ------ - -------- H ---------- Mrs, Hunt President ------ ----- ------ Cole waldemar Vice President -- ------------- Robert Bacon Secretary and Treasurer -- Virginia Robinson Representative to the Student Council Maynard Anderson Those active in sports during the Junior year were: Leonard Stewart, Robert Bacon, Louie Larson, Cole Waldemar and Darrel Fra- zier of the boys and Virginia Robinson of the girls. In the play last year WThe Cannibal Queenn, Louie Larson and Virginia Robinson took part. In our school carnival last year, the Junior queen candidate Clarice Johnson placed second in the contest, administered unto us by the Sophomore Glass. Our Junior-Senior Banquet was held on April 14, 1949. we en- joyed a very nice dinner prepared by Mrs. Donohue and we also heard and enjoyed many ensuing speeches, 1 -11 Our next event, the last for our Junior year, was the Junior Prom. This was held May 21, 1949, our theme being WSpring Gardenn. Everyone enjoyed this very much and we were sincerely looking for- ward to our Senior year. Here we are at the top of the ladder, which means that we are Seniors at last. Our officers this year are: Advisors ---- ------ -------- Mr, and Mrs. Hunt President ------- -------- Robert Bacon Vice President -- ---------- -- Jack Johnson Secretary and Treasurer ---- Clarice Johnson Rep esentative to the Student Council ------ Virginia Robinson At our first meeting of the year, we chose our class motto which was WThere is no formula for success, just hard work.n Our class colors are blue and yellow. Our class flower is the red rose. , ' The Senior Ball was held December 17th in the gymnasium, but we didn't do very well on it. Our boys represented us very well in the line of sports this year, we had our pictures taken in Lewiston on March ll, 1950. The Seniors had a Saint Patricks Day party on March 17, 1950, and a very large crowd attended, and fun was had by all, iFinally, our graduation exercises were held Saturday, May 20, 1950, and it was very well attended. gyti.. 3, R Cf? gfhsyqn L. X-Xurfx' "' Psdvxsmr -- Louis Larson K' 1'1"- '- 'SQQK -Scakn sqm 5 105 Q--4? NQ5mra CM-A Qvsen jx-1' Q "f"?7' ONRLL TQ X x ,, ,4-:M W . 5 fiuj 'XQQQQ-Q SGH 1 Dcxrrox FVOLRQT SENIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES Jack Qghnsgg CUJakeW1 Senior Class Vice-President C41 Annual staff C1-3-41 Dance Club C31 Editor of Annual C41 Paper staff Cl-2-31 Band C1-2-3-41 Chorus C1-2-3-41 NThe Great Ben Allahu C41 Clarice Johnson CnLeftyW1 Sophomrre Class Secretary C21 Senior Class Secretary C41 Senior Class Editor C41 Assistrnt Sec, Student Body C41 Student Council C2-L1 Annual Staff C21 Basketball C11 Letterclub C1-2-3-41 Virginia-Bgbigsgg CnMidgen1 Sophomore Class Treasurer C21 Junior Class Sec. 5 Trees, C31 Secretary to Student Body C41 Basketball Cl-2-3-41 Letterclub Cl-2-3-L1 President of Letterclub C41 Vice Pros, of Letterelub C31 Secretary of Letterclub C21 Ce-Captain of Basketball C2-31 Student Council C2-41 Annual Staff C3-A1 Band Cl-2-31 Chorus Cl-2-31 Paper Staff C21 nThree Old Maid Auntsn C21 UStreets of New Yorkn C21 UCannibal Queenu C31 WThe Great Ben Allahu C41 Qgngmgna ton CnRedN1 GhorusmCE1- Chorus Cl-2-31 in Draper Sec. A Treas. in Draper UGalloping Ghestn C31 in Draper Louie Larson CWLouU1 Band Cl-2-3m41 Chorus Cl-2-3-41 Letterclub Cl-2-3-41 Basketball C2-A1 Football C3-L1 Baseball C1-2-3-41 WThree Old Maid Auntsn C21 WStreets of New Yorkn C21 'Cannibal Queenn C31 nThe Great Ben Allahu C41 Darrel Frazier CVBruiser'1 Freshman Class Treasurer C11 Band C2-3-41 Chorus C21 President of Letterclub C41 Letterclub C3-A1 Football C21 Maynard-Andersen qv Redn1 Vice Pres, of Freshman C11 Vice Pres. of Student Counci Rep. of Student Council C31 Letterclub C3-41 Basketball C31 Leonard-Stewart CnStewien1 Chorus C2-3-41 Letterclub Cl-2-3-41 BaSGbG1l Cl-2-31 Football C2-3-41 B8SkStball C2-3-41 Janice Ball Basketball C1-21 Chorus Cl-2-31 Drum Majorette C1-2-31 Glass Sec, Q Trees C11 Class Vice President C21 nStreets of New Yerku C21 nFlower Shopn C21 Lettergirls Club C1-2-3-41 Paper Staff C2-31 Annual Staff C11 Dance Club C31 l Qvxlo. RQYJKHSQYN Q une. Kuo. Tan ."Yu-1' ar: ,B-N, CHQ.. NJQKQ1 Qmov RQBQFY Gamma .rn Y m , I Ae I SENIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES------Continued Cole Wgldgggg fnBlondienl Qgbgrt Bacon CnBrerWJ PreS. Of 3hOphOmOTG Class f2l Vice Pres. of Junior Class C3 President of Junior Glass Q33 President of Senior Glass Q41 Junior Glass Editor C35 President of Student Body QLD Vice Pres. of Student Body C33 Annual Staff C45 Student Council C2-37 Student Council f3-Ll Band fl-2-3-Ll Band fl-2-3-Ll Chorus Cl-2-3-A7 Letterclub Cl-2-3-Ll Annual staff C37 Baseball C2-3-45 Letterclub fl-2-3-4, Football fl-2-3-4, Basketball C3043 Basketball C1-2-3-Ll Baseball fl-2-3, Football C2-3-Ll UThe Great Ben Allahn CAD WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF-? ---Someone wasn't always trying to steal Cole from Lois--Mr. Gal- vin quit giving themes---Jim y would quit putting tocks in every- onegs seat---Anyone else dropped out of the Junior Glass--Joanne and Sonny weren't always flirting with each other--wMidge suddenly grew two more feet ---- Everyone was a nstrsight AN student--Pierce High School would get some school spirit--4Everyone didnft have a nickname---Lois weren't going with Steve---Anita never got kicked out of English II ---- Pierce would beat Orofino--4Midgo and Patsy didn't think that Hinky and Maynard weren't so darn cute ----- Our school paper was published on time---Clarice hadn't met Jim--UDocu kept on the subject in history class---All the books were kept off the study hall desks ---- Darrel came a full week of school'---The Fresh initiated the Sophomores---Jack Moscrip wasn't so good look- ing--The P. H. S. kids didn't like stogies so well---Keith wasn't trying to beat Bob's time----Jack Johnson quit flirting with the girls---Red wusnit the mascot of Pierce Hi--The boys quit wise cracking and the girls quit giggling, WHAT yOULD HAPPEN? WHO KNOWS??????? SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY---- I, Glariee Johnson, have been the one chosen to write the Senior Class Prophecy for our annual this year. I had been vacat- ioning at Yellowstone National Park for quite a few months and one day I happened to be introduced to the owner of the resort, who was none other than Jack Johnson, In addition to being the owner of this very popular resort, he was also a very talented radio singer over the local radio station. It seemed, that at one time or another, all the members of the Senior Class of 1950 had stop- ped at his resort. It was through him that I learned what each of them was doing. Here's what I found out: Darrel Frazier was part owner in his father's service station business in Pierce, and doing quite well at it, too, Louie Larson was the owner of a large ranch outside of Weippe. He was getting rich awfully fast. June Knapton get married a few months after she had graduated and then she decided to go back to her old home town of Draper in Wisconsin. Maynard Anderson is new in the logging business with his chum Leonard Stewart. They are now the owners of Potlatch Forests Inc. after working there for thirty years. Virginia Robinson finally made it through college and after quite a few years of teaching school in different places, she fin- ally get the position of Superintendent of the Pierce High School. Robert Bacon and Cole Waldemar are partners in a very good car selling business in Lewiston and are doing very good for theme selves, Janice Ball is the head waitress at the Pierce Cafe and she is married now. nwell, thank you, Jack,n I said, WI enjoyed my visit with you very much. It's been fun reminiscing over the past years, and I hope to see you again.' nwait a minute, Glariee,N he said, Nyou haven't told me what you are doing yet.n WOh, I'm married now and living in Pierce,W I told him, as I waved goodby from my car and drove towards home, ....J June Knapton ,,,.. Glarice Johnson.. Virginia Robinson Cole Weldemar ..,, Maynard Anderson. Jack Johnson ..... Leonard Stewart.. Adele Waldemar... Robert Richel .... Lois Lang ...... Patsy'Donohue... Bobby Stroud ..... Janice Ball ...... Joanne Cleveland. Laura Mae Stroud. Jimmy Dundas ..... Johnny Tondevold. Emmett Bonner.... Frank DeForest... Neal Marshal..... Larry Fry ........ Jennetto McArthur Lois Dryden .... .. Juanita Munds... P. H. S. NICKNAMES Q 0 Q ' I511i'LJLiZJi1E,Za'1ii oocceosoluooclc Oouoooaansuoai who Ol! OIC O 0 .....nRedn . . ."Lef'by" ...NMidgeW .nB1ondien ..WMaynien . !1JakeU ...USonnyM ...nCandy' ...nDaddyU ...nSevenn ..nGheesen ...nHarryu ...nBa1son Q Q o o s n UJOU ding Hoodn ..nDundieW ..uJOhnnyn NEmma Leon .nFronkien nSquea1erW ...nRomeoW ..nNettieW ...nLuigin ....uNitan GLASS WILL The fenewing is the ieet will end testament of the Senior Glass of the Pierce High School of nineteen hundred and fifty. We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make this last will and testament to be carried out in future years, as we have herein stated, To the Junior Class---we leave the well-learned advice to WFollow in our footsteps if you desire an unprecedented high sch- ool career.n To the Sophomore Class--we bequeath our dignity, wisdom and foresight to use as they see fit. To the Freshman Glass---we will ou ability to get through school without too much difficulty. I, Jack Johnson,do hereby bequeath my job en the Annual Staff to Em ett Benner, as I am very sure that he will enjoy it. I, Robert Bacon, de hereby will my ability to foul out on the basketball team to Keith Vaughan. I, June Knapton, do hereby bequeath all my lovely freckles to Marlene Minden, as Ifm sure she'11 look good with them. I, Darrel Frazier, do hereby will my wonderful uModel-A' to Jack Moscrip. I, Clarice Johnson, do hereby bequeath my American History book to Lois Lang. I, Virginia Robinson, do hereby will my unpaid secretarial job at the Pierce High School to Jennette McArthur. I, Leonard Stewart, do hereby bequeath my place on the foot- ball team to Bobby B own. I, Louie Larson, do hereby will my ability to get excused from school to Bobby Stroud, as I'm sure he'll need it. I, Janice Ball, do hereby bequeath my majorette uniform and baton to Adele Waldemar. S I, Cole Waldemar, do hereby bequeath my ability to make ex- cuses for skipping school to anyone who can use it. SPRING BREAK-UP Another school year has almost gone! Once again it is time to clean out lockers, files and desks, discard old papers and keep my best work of the year, Perhaps it would be a good time to clean out my department in the art room and do the same for my box in the homemaking room, What a conglomeration of art material! Scraps from almost every craft we tried during the year! A few small rocks and bits of dyed weeds left from my ming tree, CRemenber what fun we had making them? No two were the same and there were no complete fail- ures,l Herefs a small copper plaque I must mount---almost forgot it wesnft finished. We made so many plaques this year and then when we were given a set of transparent metal lacquers the craft took on new life and we all tried for the new effects. Here are a few scraps of leather, and my book mark sampler. Leather craft did not dominate this year as it had the last three, although Dar- rel Frazier made a beautiful ladies handbag the first semester, not to mention several ammunition belts and a gun holster. Some of the other students made belts, photo albums, coin purses and of course the usual popular bill folds. What's this b ight glittering stuff? istmas nwhy of course, bits from the time. Remember how Laura Mae glitter birds we made at Chr- Stroud turned them out by the dozen? Her nimble fingers made more than all the rest of us com- bined. Here's a small broken shell-a reminder of the shell pin and ear ring sets we made. Guess I'll throw this old plaster paris plaque away. It was one that turned out badly, and I made a bet- ter one later, Even with the rubber molds we made ourselves the plaques were not always perfect especially if the plaster was not of the right consistency. Most of these scraps are from the paper flowers we made of duplex crepe, The results were usually better than we expected. Guess I'll keep these pieces of cork from my hot dish mats--they might come in handy for novelty pins. Here are even a few bits of dried clay. My fingersawere not especially clever with modeling clay or carving those tiny vases fron tene Oh well, I found enough to do anyway. If time hangs heavy on my hands before the last days of school, I'll try braiding a rug or perhaps making a vase with a frosty finish. Right now, I'm won- dering about that muddle of material in my home-making box down- stairs. JUNIOR GLASS HISTORY In 1947, twelve young lads and lasses entered the Pierce High School as Freshman: Lois Lang, Betty Jo Gardner, Doleris Carlson, Robert Hohnstein, Albert Hansen, Reba Kinard, Patricia Tondevold, Merriam Lepka, Darlene Gerrard, Delores Stacy, Bobby Brown, Bobby Stroud, Ann Orava, and Patsy Donohue. we were subjected to the usual treatment by the Sophonores to initiate us into the ranks of the Student Body. They gave us a party after the initiation so all was forgiven. About two weeks later we gave them a return party and also invited the Juniors and the Seniors. Our Sophomore year brought back all of our old classmates and added Ann Orava from Orofino, Darlene Gerrard from Ashton, and Syneva Lands from Orofino. Syneva later left us, making 15 in the class. we got ou revenge by ititiating in the new fresh. " At the first of the yean everybody of last years class turned' up, but at the present there is only five Juniors. Bobby Stroud is the President, Robert Brown is Vice-President, Lois Lang is our SecretarybTreasurerg and Robert Hohnstein is the Student Council Representative for the Junior Glass, Patsy Donohue is the other Junior. we made a little money this year by serving refreshments at a turkey shoot, and at a basketball game. We also later put on a movie, we have already put on the traditional Junior-Senior Banquet, and it was very nice. The Junior Prem is yet to come, at the time that this article is being written, and the plans are, as yet, rather indefinite. The Senior Class hasn't tried to put up their letter or go on their sneak yet, but even if our class is small, wefll do all in our power to stop them, Yes, we have had a very successful school year of it this year and we only hope that our coming Senior year will be just as suc- cessful. , Oh, yes, we'd better give credit where it is due---our class advisor this year was Mr. Burns. Thanks a lot, Coach! N STUDENT BODY Top Rowe--Peggy Knight, Lois Dryden, Janice Hutts, June Knapton, Mary Wurdella, Louie Larson, JaokiMosorip, Keith Vaughan Noel Williams, Cole Waldemar, Robert Hohnstein, Betty Jo Gardner, Bob Bacon, and Darrol Frazier, 2nd Row-4Mr, Hunt, Mrs. Hunt, Adele Waldemar, Edna McMullen, Jen- nette McArthur, Marlene Minden, Laura Mae Stroud, Belva ' ' ' J , Cleveland, Adams, Leonard Stewart, Robert Rlchel, oanne Lorene Ratliff, Juanita Munds, Delores Stacy, Patricia Tondevold, Mr. Burns, and Mr. Galvin. 346 Roms-Shirley Hutts, Larry Fry, Jimmy Dundas, Bobby Pollock, Elwood Stacy, Bobby Brown, Johnny Tondevold, Ronnie Mc- Fadden, Bobby Stroud, Marlene Starr, Jack Johnson, and Robert Knight, 4th Row---Anita Stewart, Reba Kinard, Janice Ball, Virginia Rob- inson, Patsy Donohue, Laurella Frazier, and Lois Lang. JUNIOR CLASS Top photo4Robert Hohnstein, Lois Lang, Mr, Burnsfadvisorl, Bobby Brown, and Bobby Stroud, Bottom---Patsy Donohue, EQ Q Sivan'-t'Boch4 'Q 4' A . ' 44 A "2" . i g A 541. N A. 44:5 QM: ' ,G-:f "' 'K' ' SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY After two very successful years in Pierce High School, we Sophomores, are quite confident and self-assured of the coming two years left, This past school year, we have succeeded in establish- ing ourselves as a class and also in playing a very important role in all school activities. Those serving as class officers for the past year were: Jack Moserip fPresidentig Joanne Cleveland CVice Presidentlg Adele waldemar fSecretaryjg Mary Wurdella11TseasurerJg and Marlene MindenCRep. to Student Councill. We chose as our class advisor, Mrs. Pearl Dundas. Boys from our class who participated in sports and were awar- ded letters were: Bobby Pollock, Robert Richel, Jack Moscrip, Jimmy Dundas, and Pat Fidler. Girls who received letters were: Mary Wurdella, Joanne Cleve eland, Adele Wfldemar, Laurella Frazier, Anita Stewart, and Lau a Mae Stroud. Mary Wurdella was elected vice president of the Lettergirls Club and Marlene Minden was secretary and treasurer. Those on the annual staff were: Joanne Cleveland, Marlene Minden, Adele Waldemar, Robert Richel, and Jack Moscrip. we also edited the school paper this year, Staff members were: Marlene MindenCEditorD5 Mary Wurdellafilsst. Ed,,S Laurella FrazierfBusiness Managerjg Adele WaldemarCCorrespondence Editorlg Joanne Cleveland and Jack MoscripCGirls and Boys Sports Editorsjg and Pet FidlerCCirculation Editorl. Members of the play cast, nThe Great Ben Allahn were: Adele Waldemar, Marlene Minden, Mary Wurdella, Laurella Frazier, and Jack Mescrip. Sophomores on the production staff were: Laura Mae Stroud, Bobby Pollock, Ronald Adams, Joanne Cleveland, and Anita Stewart, At the beginning of the year, Jack Moscrip was elected vice president of the Student Body and Keith Vaughan was one of the Sargeant-of-Arms. Anita Stewart, Adele Waldeman.and Joanne Cleveland lead yells for this past year, Another thing we did this year which we are exceptionally pr- oud of is our carnival king and queen candidates, Robert Riehel and Mary Wurdella, who received the majority of the votes, and, were crowned NKing and Queen of the 1949 P.H.S. Carnivaln, The fact that we were the first class to defeat the seniors in such a contest, made us feel very proud indeed! To increase our treasury, we gave several parties, sold pop at some of the home basketball games and sponsored a movier As a class, we consider ourselves in good standing and look forward to two more plentiful and happy years at P.H.S. SOPHOMOEQ GLASS Mrs. Pearl Dundas Cadvisorjz X Noel Williams, Jack Moscrip, Bobby Pollock, Jim y Dundas Laurella Frazier, Mary Wurdella, Lau a Mae,Stroud, Mar lene Minden, Joanne Cleveland, Anita Stewart, Adele Wal d 6 I A Q Q Omer, Robert Rlchol, Pat Fidler, and Keith Vaughan. Cnames not in order of picture., FRESHMAN GLASS Mr. James A. Galvin Cadvisorl Johnny Tondevold, Emmett Bonner, Frank DeForest, Elwood Stacy, Marlene Starr, Neal Marshall, Lorene Ratliffe, Larry Fry, Jennette McArthur, Lois Dryden, and Juanita Munds, Cnames not in order of picture.l 15 - K v XQ , 52. XF.1-' Hg K ' -,5 .- , gg - - .. ,.-5' Ll 4 , g .2 x L. N FRESHMAN GLASS HISTORY x The Freshman Class was initiated into high school last fall, as is the custom, and following initiation were given a party by the Sophomore Class. November 17, the Freshman Glass gave a Hal1owe'en party at which most of the high school students attended and a very good time was had by all. The first class officers that were elected were: Junior Martin --2:-fs--:-:szsf-:tes -f-ff----President Jennette McArthur L--s-fsff-ssfse-:2-sf- Vice President Lois Dryden :::h:ff:::-:sffs--T:--::---2:1 ---- Secretary Peggy Knight -----r---- :1 L --L -::fif Treasurer Then Junior Martin and Peggy Knight dropped out of our class and the following were elected to take their places: Jennette McArthur --------------- President Larry FryeY---ess::-:---:-s::--s:---f:- Vice President Juanita Munds f sees--ssl-2:--:sees--'ff-::fs Treasurer Our carnival UKing and Queenn candidates were Larry Fry and Lois Dryden. They came in third place in the contest, In the annual school play, which was nThe Great Ben Allahn for 1950, Lois Dryden played one of the leading parts, which was that of Mrs. Aldrich. Jennette McArthur was the prompter. In the past school year, the Freshman Class sold Green and Gold nPepU hats that aroused quite a bit of good school spirit, that was badly needed, indeed, Our very helpful class advisor for the past year has been Mr. Galvin. we are glad that we have finished our very first year of high school with such ease and accomplishment, and we are also looking forward very eagerly to our Sophomore year, which we hope will be just as successful. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Robert BaoonCPresidentDg Jack Moscripfvice Presidentlg Virginia Robinson and Glorice JohnsonfSecre'tariesj5 and Robert Hohnstein fNames not in order of picture.D STUDENT COUNCIL Robert Bacon, Jack Moscrip, Virginia Robinson, Glarice J ohnson, Robert Hohnstein, Keith Vaughan, Bobby Stroud, Bobby Brown, Joanne Cleveland, Me.r1ene'Minden, J ennette McArthur, Larry Fry, Belva Adams, Jimmy Riehel, and Billie Jean Calhoun. CNames not in order of picture.I 'Ulf 1 'X A-x,'.1 55 'il ROLL UALL'-'--w-- Most popular girl, . Most popular boy, , , Prettiost heir , . . . Most likely to succeed Fastest talker . . . . Funniest nickname, , , Silent type. . . . Best boy dancer . . Best girl dancer , . Noatest boy . . . . Neatest girl . . , Best gun chcwer . . Best figure . . . Best build . . . Flirtiest boy . , . Flirtiest girl . . . . Talks the loudest , . Mostudilapidated-hot-r Prcttiest teeth , , , Biggest feet . , Cutest freckles . , Biggest appetite , , Most athletic boy , , Most athletic girl . . Seen but not heard . . Most dependable boy . Reddost hair , . , , . Gutest dimples , . , Small Ufryn .... Best looking boy . . Nicest boy . , , , Most efficient . Prettiest eyes . , . Prettiest lips . , . . Most likely to grow , Biggest clown , . . . Jolliest . . , , , , Intellectual type . , Prettiest complexion , Skips school the most Gooficst , , , . , , , Pepiest , , Most style . . Longest hair . . . . Whistle-bait . . , . . l I O I O I I O od owner Q U I O I Youngest boy of P. H. S, . Uses biggest words . . , Virginia Robinson . . . Robert Bacon . .Clarice Johnson . . , , , Sack Johnson . . . . . June Knapton Ronald Adams CBuckshotl . , . Maynard Anderson . . Leonard Stewart . . .Anita Stewart . . .Jack Johnson . ,Clarice Johnson . . . Janice Ball . . . . Lois Lang . .Leonard Stewart . , ,Louie Larson . , Adele Waldemar . . , Belva Adams . Robert Hohnstein . . .Jack Johnson . . Darrel Frazier . . Patsy Donohue . .Cole Waldemar . . . .Robert Bacon . Joanne Cleveland . . .Juanita Munds . . .Robert Brown . . .Robert Stroud . . . .Mrs. Hunt . . Larry Fry . . . Jack Noscrip . . .Robert Richel . . .Mrs, Dundas . . ,Mary Wurdella . Joanne Cleveland . . Emmett Bonner . Bobby Pollock . . .Mary Wurdella . . . .Mr. Galvin . . .Marlene Starr . Johnny Tondevold . . . Jimmy Dundas Q o o aouq Mrs . Laurella Frazier . . Lorene Ratliff . . . .Mr. Burns . . Elwood Stacy . .Keith Vaughan ROLL GALL---- 'BlondieW. . . . Biggest grin , . Laziest boy . . Sleepiest boy . ------Continued . .Adele waldemar . . . Lois Dryden . Frank DeForest . . . Pat Fidle Friendliest , , . Marlene Minden Slowest . . . . . .Keith Vaughan Blushes the most . . Noel Williams Sweetest girl , , Jennette McArthur Most freckles . . .Neal Marshall 1949 PIERCE HIGH SCHOOL nGARNIVALu-- Our annual school carnival was held Saturday, November 19, 1949 in the high school gymnasium. Each class ran several concessions and had charge of decorating and operating their own booths. Each booth had different gay colors which made a very festive effect, As in former years, we had a Carnival Queen contest, For variety, a King candidate from each class ran with the Queen candidate of that particular class. The Carnival Queen and King candidates were: Clarice Johnson and Cole WaldomarCSoniors7g Patsy Donohue and Bob Brown fJ'l1I1lO1'S,3 Mary Wurdolla and Robert Richel CSoph- omoreslg Lois Dryden and Larry Fry Glroslmenlg and Billie Jean Calhoun and Jimmy Richel for-ada Schooll. After the contest was closed, and the votes were all counted, Mr. Hunt announced that the Sophomore candidates, Mary Wurdella and Robert Richel had ibn, Robert Bacon, the Student Body President, crowned the winners as "King and Queen of the Pierce High School Carnival for l9L9." This was the first time in P, H. S.'s history that any olds! had ever defeated the Seniors in such a contest. After the crowning was over, the drawings were made for an electric mixer, two wool blankets, and an electric blanket, which we had sold as raffles. Over fou hundred dollars profit was cleared on our school carni- val this year, which made it an overwhelming success, Our school gym was absolutely packed, And so, we are looking forward to our school carnival of 1950 and we hope that it will be as good and successful as the one for 1949 was, SPRLEG ER3AKeUPww--E-Continued Here's the box with ny name on the end. Before I can get to the well stuffed inside I'l1 have to remove the stack of booklets, recipes and test papers on top. Then Ifll dump the box on a table and start with the material gathered at the first of the year. Here are my canning booklets--perhaps I'll use them this sumrmrg next my stitch and seam samplets-what a time my poor fin- gers had with themg then my apron, all done by hand,if you please, and not bad for a beginner, if I do say se. My dress was next, but it's not here in the box. I've been wearing it for some time and you can judge for yourself. Of course, I had to learn to use the machine first and we studied patterns and cutting before we could make a dress. we were glad to change from sewing to baking --especially since each cooking group had a new set of baking dishes and a nice new electric range. We had fun exploring the mysteries of baking biscuits, muffins, cakes, cookies, and pie recipes that I know I'll be using after school is out, My booklets on good grooming as well as shampoo samples have been taken home, but here are the pamphlets containing washing instructions and stein removal directions that went with our good grooming unit. And here's all my leaflets on nutrition and meal planning--guess Ifll keep them although I don't believe I can ever forget the nBasic Seven.' These tables for vegetable cookery will come in handy and here are my test papers for meat cuts and meat cookery. These canned food booklets will be worth saving, They tell how to use canned foods in so many different ways. And of course my book- lets on desserts,' This sizable scrap book was my semester project. I got an A on it, too, I took interior decorating for my theme and found some wonderful ideas for every room in the house. And my booklet on silverware and table service will be tucked away to be used later, I still sigh over that gorgeous sterling flatware we had the use of last fall, Perhaps some day-that reminds me- some of us helped serve the Junior-Senior banquet this year and it was quite easy after we learned how in class. we practically cook- ed the dinner for the play cast from N.I.C.E, Iive been told the advanced class in homemaking have covered much the sane subjects as we, except in a mo e detailed way. In addition they have stud- ied reupholstering and recovering furniture--rebuilding a set of davenport and chair cushions for the community club, They also made our kitchen curtains and decorated household linens with texa tile paints. What a busy year it has been, but even so, I did not realize we had accomplished so many things. I CLASS OFFICERS Top Row------Reba'Kinard, Mary Wurdella, Belva Adams , Jack Mos- crip, Joanne Cleveland, and Marlene Minden. Middle Row---Virginia Robinson, Jennette McArthur, Lois Dryden, Peggy Knight, Adele Waldenar, and Lois Lang. Bottom Row--Bobby Stroud, Robert Hohnstein, J ack J obnson, and Robert Bacon. I1NNUI'l. STAFF Top Row-----Marlone'Minden, Robert Bacon, Joanne Cleveland , Jack Moscrip, and Reba Kinnard Bottom Row---Lois Lang, J ack Johnsen, Patsy Donohue, and Virginia Robinson. F PAPER STAFF Top Row----Virginia Robinson, Edna McMullen, J imiry Dundas, Keith , Vaughan, Robert Richol, Jack Moscrip, Noel Williams, Bobby Pollock, and Adele Weldemar. Middle Row---Mrs. Hunt, Shirley Hutts, Marlene Minden, Anita Stew- art, Joanne Cleveland, Mary Wurdella, Reba 1Xinnrd, Laurella Frazier , and Mr. Galvin, Bottom Row---Janice Hutts, Patricia Tondevold, Patsy Donohue, Lois Lang, and Delores Marshall. 44. I 4 2, 6- . A -413 ,f - Q Q W - ! - if : SENICR OF PAST YEARS: Class of 19L9--- ' Patricia Dundas-----------living in Pierce, assistant librarian Beverly Olsen-------- ----- -T-es ---::-:- eeeneeliving in Pierce Virginia Anderson CMrs, Gene Cox! ------- -- ---- --living in Pierce Joanne BonncrfMrs. Albert Hansenl--living in Pierce, mother of son Darlene BaconCMrs. Don Thertenl-living Headquarters, mother of son Wally Flodberg ----- --- -----'w--- taking pre-law course at U, of I, Jack Hansen---an ---- M ------------ ---- ---------- working on section Rey Johnson--- ----------- - -w------------- -----living in Pierce Jack DenChue------ ------------ - ------ - ---- ---living in Pierce Kenneth Lemmon ----- -N-w--- -------------- working fer Standard Oil Dalles Marshall------married to Delores Stacy, living in Pierce Steve Fry-n------------ ----- F- --------m ---working for P. F. I, Leroy Hortig----married to Ann Oreva and has son, living in Pierce Class of 1948f- Beth Davis -- -w----------- 0 -o------ working and living at Lewiston Leonard Herrick ------ w------ ---- ' --w---- -Sophomore at N. I, C, E. Carl Larson ----------- --- ------v--- w---W--Freshmen at N. I. C. E. Pete Hnrdella-spent your oversees navy duty, new working at Boston. Mex Bloom ---- married to Charlene Kinerd, has son, living in Pierce Harold DeForest:Y-2 ---- ---f:-::-f:T::-e- ------ ---living in Pierce Ronald Kinerd-lives Medford,Ore., married Helen Williams, has son Art Donohue ------- ---u-- ------ ----living and working in Pierce Billy Bernerd--- ----- married to Arla Cox, living at hone, working Class of l948-- Barbara BrewnCMrs. Stanley Cramerl--living in Pierce, one daughter Phyllis Brnskdtrs, Warren Craddickl-living in Pierce, one daughter Mable BrewnCMrs,Bill Koerlinglliving at Fordfs Creek, two children Deen Clerk --------s:-- ----es-ee--fe---:Z--e-student at N. I. C, E. Don Chrystel-- --------- living in Hoedqunrters, working for P. F. I. Den Thcrten----married to Darlene Bacon, father of sen, working Norman Vaughan--0----living in Headquarters, working for P. F. I, Bucky.Agosts-1--e--ze-1P22-:::sf-fs:--B-:-is-living in Trey, Ore. Thile Edmensen ----------- -- ----- -----living in Pierce, working , A P, H, S, FOGTBALL---w The 1949 football season was not too successful, as far as games were concerned, but when you think of all the fun and exper- ience it gave to the players , it was quite successful. Hopes were high for the team when six lettermen returned from last years team: They were: Louie Larson, Cole Waldemar, Leonard Stewart, Darrel Frazie , Robert Bacon and Bobby Brown. New members were as follows: Bobby Pollock, Jack Moscrip, Robert Knight, Ronnie McFadden, Bobby Stroud, Noel Williams, Pat Fidler, Keith Vaughan and Robert Richel. Scores were: Pierce-----O Winchester----2 Pierce---18 Guldesao----6 Pierce---O Kamiahp- ---- -26 Pierce-----0 Weippe------12 Pierce---38 Kooskia----12 Tot al----56 Total-----58 P, H, S, YELL QUEENS---Q When this year started out, we had three Yell Queens that were chosen by the Pierce High School Student Body. They were: Reba Kinard, Dora Kinard, and Anita Stewart. They did very well during our 1949 football season. They really cheered and lead the crowds in peping the boys up, They were there at all of our home games. But even before basketball season stepped around, two of our Yell Queens get married and left us. They were Reba Kinard and her sister, Dora Kinerd, When the basketball season came around, we added two new Yell Queens, They were Joanne Cleveland and Adele Waldemar. And then, all through our basketball season, there they were--always leading the crowds in yells and cheering the boys, Anita, Joanne, and Adele did a splendid job of being Pierce High Schoolfs 1950 Yell Queen. Thanks 1.1 lot! 4 Lily-'Q-gs!-N9-Rink.. V gffn' iw'T::': 0 " 1' fs x ,, 1 ,fi Ldv QP.v'dr r:... , Q Q , -: 5,11 wi- 513' 115. 11 Bob! 5-'s - ff.. - QHIATYN-f E3 , f f W 1 1,,,,,Nh 5 M Rx , awe K' mf :ff WC' A 35 gf! Qqcfw s - .b -,fs 'frfil U 7 W si fig . '- 5'l"YN9 Pu-QffY dh V' I eng Wm-,zopff ff' Jfdrr Pr: Hi! 5,113 f P, H, S, BASI"ETBALL----- NA SQUADU The UForestersW had a successful season this year in has et ball, by winning 9 out of 14 games. Out of 10 conference games, the nForestersn wen 6 and lest 4. Robert Bacon and Leonard Stewnrt were the only lettermen re turning from last yeerls team. Other members of the team were: Louie Larson, Cole Wtldener, Robert Hehnstein, Mtynerd Aniersen, Jack Moscrip, Bob Richol, Beb- by Pollock and Darrel Frazier The scores were as follows: Pierce ----- p--Q-27 Culdesac -----38 Pierce--------32 St. Gertrudeis---24 Pierce--- ---- -61 Stites ------------ 22 Piercoeem-M ----- 45 Keeskia-M ---- ---26 Pierce-------30 Weippe---------59 Pierce----M m--- A3 Guldesac -n-N------ 40 Pierce ------- --A1 Keeskia-------35 Pierce ----- u ---- 36 Kaminh -------- ---33 Pierce--- ---- -35 Orofino------52 Pierce--- ----- -37 Stites-- ------ M--26 Pierce ---- w--- -16 Ormfine--------Al Pierce ------- --38 Kamieh--m --------- 37 Pierce ----u ---27 Weippe -------- ---30 Total-Pierce-----513 Qppenents-- ----- 488 NB SQUADU The UB Squedn didn't do much this year, They only wen 2 out of 14 frames, The games they won were with Kamiah and Stites, The scores are as fellows: Pierce-----------21, Stites----------17 Pierce-------22 Keoskia-- ----- --21 we played four basketball games which we:-en't very successful GIRLS SPORTS The high school girls were very active in sports in the year of 1949 and 1950. They played the following games: Baseball, Soccer, Valley Bell, Badminton, and Basketball, The following are the girls who took part in the sports: Anita Stewart, Joanne Cleveland, Adele weldemar, Mary Wurdel1a,'Laux'ella Frazier, Virginia Robinson, Juanita Munds, Lorene Ratliff, Marlene Starr, Leis Lang and Patsy Donohue. F for the Pierce girls: December 5-----Pierce February 2-----Pierce 22 26 Kemiah---------31 February 9----Pierce 26 Kamiah---------4-3'7 February 16---Pierce 18 Waippo---------26 Totals-------Pierce 92 Oppononents---127 Although our basketball games didn't turn out so well, we are looking forward to a very successful year in the year of 1950 and 1951. P. H. S. "LETTER" ORGANIZATICNS The lettergirls and lettermen initiated many new members into their clubs this past year, The lettergirls began the first of the year by electing the following officers: President Virginia Robinson Vice Presidentff-essex:-1-21 ---- --eff: 1-Mary Wurdella Secretary and Treasurer-------------Marlene Minden Members initiated into their club were: J oanne Cleveland, Patsy Donohue, Shirley Hutts, Marlene Starr, Juanita Munds, Lorena Rat- liff, Belva Adams, Jennette McArthur, and Laura Mae Stroud. Officers for the Lettermen's Club were: President -- -------Darrel Frazier Vice President-----H ""'fll'--f"':::""'f' 1--sRebert Bacon Secretary and Treasurer----------------Keith Vaughan New members added to their club are Jack Moscrip, Jimmy Dundas, Bobby Pollock, Bobby Stroud, Robert Richel, Pat Fidler, Larry Fry, Elwood Staqr, and Emmett Bonner, Advisers for these two letter clubs was "Coach" Burns. 45 " mm 561 mv .wawwxwq-imma-M U ,. 4' , ' , vmwwws-f,M.:z,,. . , - ,.L ' 1' n ND -SMOK INC MUSIC The past school year term from the latter part of l9L+9 to the earlier part of 1950 was a very successful year in the Pierce High School Music Department, and a great deal was accomplished. There weren't very many students enrolled in Band during the first part of the year, but as time went along we picked up more and more members. Most of the new members came from our grade school. Mr. Hunt, Pierce High School's music director, started quite a few grade pupils in a Eeginner's Band, and it wasn't very long before they were with the rest of us. There were approx- imately twenty-five members in the band. Adele Naldemar was the leaiing majoretne. The other majorettes were: Joyce Flodberg, Marcellene Holt, Sally Barnes, and Lois Dickinson. The flag hear- ers were Janice Pall and Patsy Donohue. The membership in Chorus ft the besinning of the year was practically nil. Put, as the year proqressed, the Chorus depart- ment picked up members like the Band department did. It gained a few boy members in addition to the girl members. It, too, was under the direction of Mr. Hunt. During the latter part of the year, both the Band and the Chorus went on two music festivals. First, there was the Prairie Music Festival held at Grangeville on March 25. Then, there was the Lewiston Music Festival held at Lewiston on April 29. The Pierce Hilh School made a good showing at both of these music fes- tivals and received high ratings. de were considered especially good in our marching. The hind and chorus from Pierce also par ticipated in Mass Chorus and Mass Band at both music festivals. . isa' fl 'S " F33 ' ' S A Q L' wir-fun, HUF Pfht J Ki" " N ' . 4' v 5' Jew emi Q Goo D ' A R CAD HUF! f. 0 X' ff, gpyil gqdlwuf ur: L" P"'fv-nb ' gf - 'F '?'f:, ' Q -','-+6 :fc 'R' WHA1, Fun 11 LM FY-0.SiVl SN 1 041+ Fel' H K 3 iii' A Vikil Wh ' ' fmgp uv ,f Juvlf- ' X W 44 A Q , , 5' ' W , Ga' .- ,?'f!-fi Ra licvf DHKR LUCKY '-60 9 . x ID 4 ki W A 'x "' 7 4' pon ri 5 A1 0 W., imap:-lQ13'lTw gpEi.E Q ,Q...Q39 7 ' pwxcfeaff kfefrff: j'1uvn0l1 B 6 1 DO YGU PH-LE'-'EEEZRT The first day of school and the timid new nFroshU---when so many girls get married and quit school-M-umThe crowning of King and Queen at the Carnival and how proud the Sophomores were ---- -Some of the funny costumed characters that appeared at the Freshman Hallowefen Partye---When school was closed because of snow and cold weather----How the girls swooned and raved about the cute accordion player that was at a national assemblies program---- When so many of the Junior Class members quit school until there were only five left--N-How much fun everyone had at the Senior Ballfeveryone, that is, except the Seniors themselves who went in the holel---Jock Johnsonfs pretty pastel colored nylon shirts and dark colored harmonizing cords----Meryls giggles----Toots' romance with a college boy----Claricefs diamond ----- when Bob and Adele started going steady---The school play and big dance after- wards----The Cole-Anita-Leis triangle---Semester exams---The Sophomore parties----The Junior Promf---Midge's crush on Chuck Brown----The basketball trips and serdine snacks-----The trouble the paper steff had in issuing e good paper---4Remember when Bob Richel set with Marlene in Letter Boys' Initiation---Patsy fell down in the street in Kamiah and get the spotlight turned on her- ---Jeck and Midge's secret romance---4How the boys razzed the girls when they get their cute green hats---Graduation exercises. DO YUUIUQEHFER? If you donft, where have you been? F. H, S, NICKNz'.MES----- Mr' HuntOlQO ISIC O U l IIIOIIO O C OIQO Mr. Galvin ..... . .. . .. ..... UDeaconU Keith Vaughan... . ,,,.., . . ....YMercuryn Robert Bacon.... . . ....... ..nBrern Mr, Burns ...... . . ....nNature Boyu Anita Stewart... , . . . , . ...,USkeetern Ronald Adams. ...... . . . ...nBuckshotW RObCI"h HOhnS'bCin. Q Q 0 Q n s 4 n o u ."Herny" Darrel Frazier..., , .. . . . . ...WBruisern Pat Fiiler ...... . . .. ..... .,.dFidn Louie Larson... . . . .... .,..UMousen Jack Mescrip... .. . ...2Pretty Boyn I O 9 5 I O C C O O 0 I C O O I I O U O Lanrella Frazier... .... . .. . ..... nSquirtn Mary Wurdel1a,,,- , . , ,, ,,,.nOomphn ri3I'lCnO Minden qons 0 0 0 Q 0 n 0 o urnstogj-on I I! Bobby Pollock... . . . . . . . .. Eggheed V , Jack Moscripf:fs- - --rf -c---- s --sfszfs-of -ss--f -f1-- fl- -:girls Robert Richel------------------------loafing around Jack JOhHSOH-ff:-r- 1 -sl--s- l--:::::f:::-Qlistening to the radio June Knapton: s5:1-1:-ufsl --5:1---J-::-f fJunior and reading books Belva Adams Lf+ ----- --s so --P-fs --f -Q-fs----is-few--s s-horses Laura Mae Stroud ----------- reading books and enbroidering Juanita Munds------------------------Hrending books Marlene Starr---- r C - Jennotte McArthur '-1---inc-"v un- unc. up s---reading books Adele Waldomar:+:s-W-:L--fx-T-a-::-::--C:::-:L:- aff-Robert Bacon Robert Bacon--------------------------QAdelo Waldomar Anita Stewart sffzz V-W2 Aff-ass:--f f::--2 W---ff ----- 2:--1-boys Elwood Stacy ----------------telling jokes to nDeaconW Jimmy Dundas --------listening to the radio and reading books Alvin Lyoan-----------------------------sleaping Johnny Tondovold-of-F s:fff:s--s:-i:- -:ss-WY elee -:1f--playing hookio Laurella Frazier---------running around with Mary and Marlene Bobb Pollock ---as as-L-f--sssf- eeee sf--L --L---f:--sleeping y 0 unu- Darrol Frazier-- I.1:1yna1-Q Andglfgglq---.-Q..-.-....-..-.. , ,-C-., ,H as-f Robert Hohnsteinf s---v-s-sleeping - J are a all - N-skipping school Keith Vaughanhses --skipping school MT' Ga1XTinrg,lm.qf , if :gif-H, ::r.::rJno1--' :c-we--1 .Juss:::- "1 nf,', 1 Lois Lange -f--s- ----fb-t - -is-F-i ---A---so -- sl-staying home ss--iss-s-dancing Patsy Donohue-::- as an -L - F Nwnnqgd- 'Wye' g-1:17 --W ' -- H" H ' -' -- Larry Fry---fs :M ss- W- wr --- s sksasass-W-- s-W ssleeping riving his car Bobby Browns 2---f:+:::1f:--:asa--a::rsassrx--1 l:--- in J-dancing Emmett Bonnersslas--asa:-fass1.4 ---ca- Y--ls--working on WMods1-An Mary wurdolla-ff: s-sa- -ssfs: 2-has gfsgtelling stories Marlene Minden---------------giggling with Toots and Mary Clarice Johnsonsf:-f:--Ussf::E:sWQ-:sas-fat -::::::dancing and Jim Virginia Robinsonsw l-C:-fassffl-Q-f -is-dancing and playing cards Janice Ball---------csziasv-C27-fss savosplaying shuffleboard Mr, Hunt:x slsc:-fs a--::--:--------------playing golf Mrs. Dundas: w-w---ua-::::---cff- ss--::fishing and craftwork Mrs. Hunt----- Y H- r ---- J H H--Lv-reading books Mrs. Burnsfes---C :bn-' 'tml-'1 llzisr- Y ::dn1..- ' , ,QcnAgJu:' 1 , -zu' Colo Waldemar:Ma:---sws::sM-was--:for-ssz:-Wzfwff-2---Lois Dryden Pat Fieler--o f-M --- arm- J-as -s ws - :L af ---keeping Cole away from other girls --A Y f-- A Y -Y 7 ' - ' H :l:-- an---.-:L sleeping in school y l "THE GREAT BEN ALLAH" l April the first, members of the speech class and other stud- ents of Pierce High School, lpresented a three-act comedy--NThe Great Ben Allahne-in the school gymnasium. Members of the cast included: Jack Johnson as the Great Ben Allahg Cole Waldomar as Ed Westeng Adele Waldemar as Ruth Aldrich, Lois Dryden as Mrs. Aldrich, Virginia Robinson as Roberta Houstong Marlene Minden as Helen Johnson, Mary Wurdella as Mrs. Shyler van Shulerg Laurella Frazier as Dorothy, the maid, Jack Mescrip as Hawkins, the butler, and Louie Larson as Randolph Rawlings. Other participants wore: Jennette McArthur, pronpterg Laura Mae Stroud, make-upg Glarice Johnson and Joanne Cleveland, tickets and box officog Bob Bacon, Bobby Pollock and Ronald Adams, stage crewg and Patsy Donohue, Anita Stewart, Marlene Starr, and Lois Lang, advertising. WThe Great Ben Allahu is a very amusing and interesting play which revolves around Mrs.Aldrich, a hobby maniac for spiritualism who refuses to let her daughter, Ruth Aldrich, seo the man she loves because he is not a sriritualism, A plan is made by the very understanding and dear aunt of Ruth's--Roberta Houston, They de- cide that the only possible way for Ruth to see Ben is to have him pose as a Hindu spiritualist, He is aided by his pal, Ed Weston, who has his oyc on Helen Johnson, a friend of Ruth's, who is in on the plot, too. Mrs, Aldrich falls for the tricks played on her, but Mrs. van Shuler, her more skeptical friend, becomes very sus- picifms of them, Everything seems to go pretty smooth until The Great Ben Allah, pretending to hypnotize the butler and maid,finds to his amazement that he really has hypnotized them and can not break the spell. Professor Randolph Rawlings, an old flame of Reberta's, cones to the rescue and breaks the spells, Everything ends fine with Ben and Ruth, Randolph and Roberta,and Ed and Helen all altar hound. Mrs. Aldrich, after a terrible ordeal, is through with spiritualisn, but--not with hobbies! Mrs. van Shuler rushes in to tell of a wonderful auction sale on antique bathtubs, which both of them take up for a new hobby. Mrs. Pearl Dundas, high school speech instructor, was presen- ted with a dozen red roses at curtain call, on behalf of the cast in their appreciation for the time and effort of which she ably directed another successful play for P. H. S. W Bond.. 0000 31,5-' Viv? N9 ', . 39 9 I 0 O 1050! "WL uu- -an--gunna 3 up -s-.campus hun SALES-FDJLQ OF E'JEI-?l'S: SEPTEMBER -ff--4: ---s s -11:---+--the start of a new school yearn --:::---s-1----- --1-Q--------'-Ffzfeshman Initiation 21: football game with Winchesterftherel 0 .. 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Y imm Nofu' C501 fix? 3Ql' xx PQTSQ PATRONlS PAGE The following? list of business houses have, through contributions, played am very important port in our annual. The entire Student Body of the Pierce High Schcol wishes to oxtond their whole-hearted thanks. ABPCXWS GOIFFECTIOITERY CLEAFAJATER CAFE CLEARNATER HOTEL DAVIS Kc LAWRE'IECE DUR.AEZT'S GET-ERIE, MERCIUIIJDISE ELK HORN BAR 8: ROOMS HAWKINS' GENERAL MERCHANDISE HEADQUARTERS Q HORSESHOE BLR JORDAITYS GENERAL MERCHANDISE KEY BAR 84 HOTEL LENISTON CHAMBER OF COITE-TQERCE MICKEY Mc GUIFEYS THE MINT PIERCE CAFE PIERCE COLD STORAGE PIERCE DRUG STORE PIERCE HOTEL Sc BAR PIERCE WATER WORKS STEVEEUS BAR THAI--EMEL. 'S SERVICE STATION VEFIJS CAFE WEITPE GARAGE di- 1' wfllft t 4.5 1 4 G1 . WA., 9' ,

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