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My f AWAQWMQ ibyjigilfw f- ...Y-cQ?6ff' "fx --UN'YxwX:.w-X .. , - ' ' 1 W-v -S fXQq RW- xx . A r. , .x. --.gx ,Jil f ,, . , I V ' I 'I SENIORS fqggl QQ? M XM MW .9 QPQW bf GM ik 7-1 QW Q -252,3 Sw. WU , v 'M , PML P, T nf? - fjffjf L M306 'fybjil wwf WJ' J Jw My Q C WM M aw!! ,X ,Y M ,ff W H, 'dX :ru 1 fffwfpngxf ff QQWXXQ, K QW- wi M' . Q Q 5 f M ' 1 1 jfxijgfl' YQ f Ol My QW! Q 1 w N 'O K M 3 M 'N Z5 jp WJTKESIORS wa WM iyfjj' M, 'Z-Mmfwf 494 fm iw EM Mygijff M5337 J aww WN MM KWWM M QfW faZ5Q2E2X WWW? WWW! ii W i'7Z'fWff My if WQUZFKQMV XX WWW wifi mei Jw fo geffygamw Q W' 445' Q 'D ' 'M ffm R f In NWAKQLW , P ar W 2 ,Z 'M7wf'Hf?7M MM Q51 7fW"f Gfy' jg ig WM XA Q Q 9 wwf? iii 2, 5 I uJ Zac W' FQ m W 068 ,i 6- . A Ts QE I X M. Q V' ig 'lj .,. 23: 'QLD -, ' ' -1-D -' V 'X ,1 ' l qi I .Z lil: ' i'1 '4 ml 'iY .NL i lr W Q" 3, H. Y LQ' 6 as 41- ' 7- ' P ' 'fl " . A 1 59+ if E b in A I i Q I x . .K 'ts 135. 2' it A. .Q J 4' ISM f , A L xv F x ' Q" Q I hw ig, 'ST' lvl ' x M ll vii "' , N . . xx S I 5 . . :J ,T Inn, ,T I 'A , - ' ' llll I ,Y wr "F ' N Iii, ' - A gli. ' ff . Ki """ .Y h I M -., A, f,,QLr , . J A-Vs, A-N ' .fi 'vw A T-:Q it-' .-:I . i' -1' .. , ' '11 1 maj! ,, r 4 .f, -- ' I . J 'Ib A .1 ' 1 V5 K9 4 , ' 4' h . y W --. 1 f uf r 4 f 5 ,.x. AN, . 60 THE ECHO HIGH SCHOOL PITSBURG OHIO Edxted by THE ECHO STAFF 9 FRANKLIN-MONROE Mr James Sluterbeck DEDICATIO We the Class of 1960 respectfully dedlcate thrs annual to James F Sluterbeck our teacher and fr1end through the past four years and our advtsor for dns annual He has kmdly and sympatheucally llstened to our problems and encouraged us to do our best at all trmes after seven years here to accept a new challenge We w1ll I1'11SSh1I1'1 deeply and we are sorry to see hlm leave because of those following who would benefrt from h1s superv1s1on teachlng and guldance How ever we w1sh hlm well 1n h1s new endeavor and pray that he w1ll be very successful Mr. S 1 u t e rb e c k is leaving Franklin-Monroe ss as ffy ADMINISTRATION CLK ix Monro N ELL Suyen uxcx FORD Y B e ScX1ooX D15 91,69 dem Ftankh 'VJ S S eel' SJFQQ S Z1 6 perlbtaly JW Fe I0 6, 0 U26 A debt 5 zzf 2' Monroe Pr1nc1pa1 Franklm PIIHCIPBI MR. DWIGHT SALZMAN MR. ROBERT RHOADES MOHIOC S6C1'Ctary Franklm Secretary MRS PAULINE OVERCASH MRS BETTY JOHNSON I xjkxx' SK-w. X , 5 V 'f . X , - . FRANKLIN MONROE SCHOOL BOARD Left to rrght CHARLES SPAHR Presrdent HERMAN BAKER, Member VERNON SHULTZ Vrce Presrdent WILBER GROVE Member CARROL THOMPSON Member CLERK MRS. PHYLLIS BIXLER The followlng men served hn Monroe Board of Educauon lst 1959 to January lst 1960 BYRON FEITSHANS Presrdent ROBERT COX V1ce Presldent NELSON HARTLE Member CHARLES HANGEN Member RICHARD SCHENCK Member on the Frank from July f Q Z 59 K6 , Q '45- r, X FACULTY QSPYHA Qs X G ,,,-if ,.,..-ov" "sad-p,46 MR. JACK OLIVER Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Dnver Educauon Physlcal Educatton General Business Sophomore Adv1sor Ball State Teachers MR. WILBER FRANTOM Agrlculture FFA Adv1sor Student Counc1l Adv1sor Freshman Advisor College of Agnculture Ohio State Unrversrty M1am1 Unrversrty MRS MARTHA OLIVER Hrgh School Art Elementary Art Freshman Engllsh Sophomore Adv1sor Ball State Teachers MRS ALICE FRANTOM Home Economxcs F H A Adv1sor F T A Adv1sor M1am1 Un1vers1ty RYA MR. JAMES SLUTERBECK Busmess Educat1on Freshman Adv1sor Oh1o State Umversrty Kent State Un1vers1ty Wlttenberg College MR. RONALD PADEN Agnculture F F A Adv1sor Semor Adv1sor College of Agnculture Oh1o State Un1vers1ty 'W S-"' ,M M45 ..-4 MR. FREDERICK DAFLER Brology Chemrstry Algebral II Tug Track and Cross Country Natl Honor SOCICIY Adv Geometrra Club Adv1sor Jumor Advrsor Caprtal Unrversrty M1am1 Unrversrty MRS SALLY SOUDER Senror Englrsh .Tumor Enghsh French Iournahsm Tr1 H1 Y Advrsor Ball State Teachers AWB" R HG lr" MRS RUTH TRAUCHT Sophomore Englrsh Physrcal Educatron G A A Advrsor Oh1o State Unrversrty Wrlmrngton MR. ROBERT STOEHR Hlgh School Cho1r Hrgh School Band Drrll Team Elementary Bands Elementary Vocal Semor Advrsor Inchana Unrversrty M1am1 Unrversrty MR. DONALD ASMUS Mechamcal Drawmg General Math Geometry H1 Y Advlsor Iumor Advrsor Murray State College Hanover College MRS HELEN FAHRINGER Amerrcan Problems Amerrcan Hrstory World Hrstory Lrbrary Club Aclvrsor Wrttenberg College M1am1 Un1vers1ty 3 x LN' .,,J' FRANKLIN A JUNIOR H Mas HELEN Famaanrcs ND ELEMENT IG IYST. I8 C F G A FACULTY MRS MARY STEWART Frrst and Second Grade MRS JESSE BLOOM Second Grade MRS WILDA ANDERSON Thmrd Grade MRS LAURA ROOT Fourth Grade MRS ROMANIA KENNEDY MISS EDNA ISBILL Frith and S1xth Grade MRS ERMA SIMES Srxth Grade MR. THOMAS FRANZ Grade Seven One MRS. MABEL RENZ. Grade Seven Two MISS NORMAL RHOADES Grade Erght One MR. DONALD MARTINDALE Grade Erght Two MISS FERN FOURMAN Musxc H I Fifth Grade MQNROE MISS CLARABELL WRIGHT Flrst and Second Grade MRS RUTH NISWONGER Second Grade MISS PI-IYLLIS BROWN Thlrd Gra e MRS PAYE BURKE Fourth Grade MR. HENRY SIMMONS Frfth Grade MR. D W BRIGHT -ww" .C MRS MABEL BICE F1rst Grade We ' d Sizrth Grade 0 fx I ' ' fl, 1 S MONROE COOKS Mrs Lutz Mrs Reck FRANKLIN COOKS Mrs Petty Mrs N1s Mrs Bosserman Mrs Fourman wonger Mrs Whnacre MONROE CUSTODIAN FRANKLIN CUSTODIAN Mr Charles Petty Mr Herman Neff N 1? MONROE BUS DRIVERS FRANKLIN BUS DRIVERS rl 5 P V' 5"'L M .3 I If X f ' I 5 f M.. Q b K ., V K e.. , N ' f X 'R K I f I I , I E ,A gm 3-35 1 fb Y 'f S in 5 f' ff SENIORS NANCY LAN DIS Prwdenr GLORIA MILLER, Secretary SANDRA WOGOMON Vrce Pres1dent JERRY NEFF Treasurer TOM BESECKER Reporter RICHARD ALLREAD Baseball 1 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 2 Geo metrra 2 3 Class Play Annual Staff 4 SHARON ARNETT FHA 1 2 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Class Play 3 4 Beacon Staff 4 Sen1or Grrls Chorus Annual Staff 3 4 JUDY ANTHONY GAA 1 2 3 4 FHA 2 3 Lrbrary Club 3 Echo Staff 3 4 Bea con Staff 4 Sen1or Glrls Chorus JAMES BAKER Track 3 4 3, 4g Beacon Staff 45 5 ' TOM BESECKER FFA 1 2 3 4 Reporter 1 Presrdent 4 Class Reporter 4 Treasurer 3 Class Play 3 Beacon Staff4 Echo IANIS BEASECKER Chorus 1 4 GAA 2 4 Echo Staff 3 4 FHA 4 Dull Team 4 Class Play 4 Tn H1 Y 4 Senror Glrls Chorus MARY ANN BLUMENSTOCK GAA 2 3 4 GAA V1ce Presr dent 4 FHA 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Senror Gxrls Chorus Staff 4 ROGER CAMPBELL JAMES BRIDENBAUGH 4 H 1 Track 2 3 Geometrra 2 3 H1 Y4 Class Play3 4 JANET BROWN FHA 1 2 3 4 Presldent 4 State FHA Conventron 3 FFA Queen 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 3 4 Darke County Band 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Class Pres1dent 1 Report er 2 GAA 1 2 3 Secretary 2 Echo staff 3 4 Beacon Staff 4 Class Play 3 Trl H1 Y4 Presrdent 4 Nauon al Honor Soclety 3 4 Semor G1r1s Chorus FFA 1 2 FFA Student Adv1 sor 2 Beacon staff 4 Echo Staff 4 ANN FELLOWS FHA 1 2 3 4, Secretary 4, FFA Queen Candidate 4- GARY EUBANK FFA 1 2 3 4 President 2 Vice President 3 Student Advisor 4 REX GITZEL Track 1 2 Manager 3 Geo lain 4 Class Play 3 GAA 3 4 Secretary 3 4g Echo Staff 4- Senior Girls Chorus. .TACK HANGEN 0' Ban 124141234 MARGARET GAYMAN Arcanum I-hgh School 3 Franklin Monroe High School 4 Chorus 4 GAA 4 FHA 4 Senior Glrls Chorus ROGER HUTCHINSON FFA1234 Band124 Track 1 Baseball 1 Class date 4 Q' 1 Class Play 3 4 Geometrra 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Beacon Staff 3 H1 Y 4 I 1 I X - 11 metria 2. 3: Hi-Y 4, Chap- Play 3,45 FHA King candi- in , d , : ' . , . 1 KARILYN KENDALL FHA 1 2 3 4 V1ce Pres 4 State FHA Conv 2 FFA Queen Cand 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 Treas 1 Sports Mgr 2 3 Llbrary Club 3 4 V1ce Pres 3 Pres 4 Echo staff 34 Asst CoEd 3 CoEd 4 Class Play 3 Beacon Staff 4 Tr1 H1 Y4 FTA4 Rep 4 Semor Grrls Chorus LARRY KAUFFMAN FFA1234 Sec 4 FHA K1ng4 4 H 1 3 4 Class Rep 4 Beacon staff 4 Cross Country 2 Track 2 RALPH HOLSOPPLE FFA 2 Secretary 2 Class V1ce Pres1dent 3 Class Play 3 Student Counc113 Basket ball 4 Baseball 4 Beacon Staff 4 Echo Staff 4 HM JAY MARILYN KENDALL FHA 1 2 3 4 Reporter 2 Parlramentanan 3 Treas urer 4 State FHA Conven non 3 FFA Queen Cand1date 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Class Play Prompter 3 Class Play 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Beacon Staff 4 Tr1 H1 Y 4 V1ce Presrdent 4 Lrbrary Club 3 4 Semor G1rls Chorus BILL KING Track 1 2 3 Echo Staff 4 Beacon Staff 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 FFA Sentmel 2 4 FHA Kmg Cand1date 4 Track 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Echo Staff 4 Beacon Staff 4 DON KOONTZ Track Manager 1 Track 2 Geometua 3 4 Class Play 3 NANCY LANDIS GAA 1 2 3 FHA 2 3 Class Sec 1 2 Pres 3 4 Nat Honor Soclety 3 4 Stu Coun 3 4 Sec 3 4 Class Play 3 Prompter4 Echo Staff3 4 Co Bus Mgr 4 Beacon Staff 4 Senlor G1r1s Chorus 4 GLORIA MILLER FHA12 3 GAA2 34 V1ce Pres 2 Pres 3 4 Class Reporter 1 V1ce Pres 2 Sec 3 4 Geornetr1a2 3 4 Pres 3 Sec 4 Dr1ll Team 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Co Edrtor 4 Beacon Staff 3 FTA 4 Lrbrary Club 4 Trl H1 Y 4 Senror G1rls Chorus TERRY MILLER FFA 1 2 3 4 Hrstonan 4 FHA Krng Candldate 4 Bea con Staff 4 iw--" ills' 44,105 .TANET MORRIS FHA 1 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Lrbrary Club 3 Senror Grrls Chorus 4 4 Sclence Honor 4 JERRY NEFF Gettysburg High School 1 2 Franklm Monroe 3 4 H1 Y 4 V1ce Presrdent 4 Class Play 3 Treasurer 4 Echo Staff 4 MARY BETH NORTH FHA1 23 Chorusl 2 3 Lrbrary Club 3 Semor Glrls Chorus GAA 4 LANETA RAPP Nauonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Presrdent 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Student Councrl 4 FTA 4 Presrdent 4 Beacon Staff 4 Senror Grrls Chorus JUNIOR OLWINE Baseball 1 2 3 Track 1 2 3 Geometrra 2 3 Class Play 3 H1 Y 4 CAROLYN OSWALT Vero Beach H1gh School 1 2 3 Franklm Monroe Hrgh School 4 Echo staff 4 Semor Grrls Chorus LYDIA SCHAURER 4H1234FHA1234 County V1ce Pres1dent 3 State Homemaker Degree 3 Conventron 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Secretary Treasurer 3 Lrbrary Club 3 Echo Staff 3 Beacon Staff 4 Sen1or Grrls Chorus NOVA RHOADES FHA 1 2 4 Chorus 3 Bea con staff 3 Echo Staff 4 4 H 1 2 3 4 President4 Semor Grrls Chorus l ,sew iq C'h0rl1S 1: C1885 Play 3: State Historian 4, National SANDRA SPAHR FHA1234 GAA12 Chorus 1 2 Echo Staff 3 4 Class Play 3 Beacon Staff 4 Co Ed 4 L1b Club4 Treas 4 Tr1 H1 Y4 Sen1or GIIIS Chorus CAROL STAGER 4H1234 Rep 3 Vce Pres 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Concert Band 1 Darke Coun ty Band2 3 GAA 1 2 FTA 3 4 Geometrra 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Co Bus Mgr 4 Class Play 3 Senior G1rls Chorus CAROL SMITH GAA124 FHA123 Chorus 1 2 Geometna 2 Echo Staff 3 4 Beacon Staff 4 Sen1or Grrls Chorus 4' BONNIE SPITLER GAA12 FHA123 15 torran 3 Band 1 2 4 Sec retary Treasurer 1 Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Beacon Staff 3 4 Co Edrtor 4 Sen1or Grrls Chorus SALLY STOLTZ GAA1 2 34 Bandl 2 Dr1ll Team 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Geometna 3 4 Treas urer 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Bea con Staff 3 FTA 4 Treas urer4 Tr1 H1 Y4 Lrbrary Club 4 Secretary 4 Sen1or Grrls Chorus VERLIN THOMPSON Bradford I-hgh School 1 2 Franklm Monroe H1gh School 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 H1 Y 4 Secre tary 4 GLEN TURNER Anson1a H1gh School 1 2 Frank11n Monroe Hrgh School LINDA WERT GAA1234 FHA234 Parhamentanan 4 FFA Queen Cand1date 4 L1brary Club 3 4 Beacon Staff 4 Echo Staff 3 4 H1 Y 4 FTA 4 H1stor1an 4 Class Play 3 KAYETTA WELBAUM Geometna 2 3 Echo Staff 3 4 Class Play 3 4 FTA 3 4 Sen1or G1rls Chorus 4 Na tronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Sen1or G1rls Chorus 4 SHIRLEY CWILLIAMSJ JOHNSTON Chorus 1 2 Semor G1rls Chorus 4 SANDRA WOGOMON FHA 4 FFA Queen Cand1date 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 Representa t1ve 4 Student Counc1l 3 4 Treasurer Reporter 4 Class Vlce Pres1dent 4 Natronal Honor Soclery 3 4 Secretary 4 Mrss Ch1Ck Cand1date 3 Ox Queen Attendent 2 Semor G1rls Chorus Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Semor G1rls Chorus 4 f- NANCY YOUNCE GAA 1 2 3 4 Class Treas urer 2 FTA 4 Geometrra 3 4 Echo Staff 3 4 Class Play 3 4 FHA 4 Representatlve 4 Semor G1rls Chorus I Rlchard Allread do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to stay out of trouble to Tom Force and my basketball surts to Lyle B1xler I Sharon Amett do hereby w1ll my General Busmess book to anyone who ever wants ll and my ab1l1ty to take Phy Educatron to Shrrley Dttmer I I udy Anthony do hereby w1ll my desrre to be a nurse to Kay Koontz and my Amerrcan Problems book to Gene Mrller I James Baker do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th the teachers to anyone who needs tt I Jams Beasecker do hereby w1ll my he1ght to Clou1a Glasscoe and my love of school to my brother Mike I Tom Besecker do hereby w1ll my he1ght to Roger Baker I I1m Brrdenbaugh do hereby w1ll my knack for not breakmg chemtstry equrpment and one slrghtly used frustrated but capable chemxstry teacher to future sc1 ence students who want to d1e for a good cause I Mary Ann Blumenstock do hereby w1ll my long eye lashes to Peggy Hrssong I Janet Brown do hereby w1ll my cheerleadlng ab1l1ty to my s1ster Nancy and my love to beat Arcanum to Norma Baker I Roger Campbell do hereby w1ll my wavy ha1r to Mr Paden I Gary Eubank do hereby w1ll my 3!4 race cam and my 57 Chrysler ta1l1ghts to John Beaver Campbell I Margaret Gayman do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to be at the rrght place at the wrong trme and the wrong place at the r1ght tlme to Sandy Brown I Rex Grtzel do hereby w1ll my books and ab1l1ty to study to anyone who l1kes to work I Jack I-Iangen do hereby w1ll my posttion at Glrck Um versrty to Dennrs Beane I Ralph Holsopple do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to play baseball to Roger Baker I Roger Hutchmson do hereby w1ll my run down condl t1on to Larry Zellers I I1mJay do hereby w1ll my drag ptpes and ab1l1ty to drag to John Beaver and hrs Plymouth I Larry Kauffman do hereby w1ll my physical ab1l1t1es 1n Phys Ed to Ronn1e Turner I B111 K1ng do hereby w1ll my dnvmg ab1l1ty to Mr Olrver I Karrlyn Kendall do hereby w1ll my Co ed1torsh1p of the Echo to anyone who wants a brg problem I Marrlyn Kendall do hereby w1ll my long f1ngerna1ls to Barb Beaman and my love for pmzza to Ned Holsopple I Don Koontz do hereby w1ll my good grades 1n Phystcs to Kay I Nancy Landrs to hereby w1ll my red stuffed elephant to Norma Baker and my class presrdency to Roger Rapp I Glona Mrller do hereby w1ll my 14 1!2 mch locker to Iudy Brumbaugh and my title of bemg 4 9 5X8 tall to Roger Baker I Terry Mxller do hereby will my ab1l1ty to brush my teeth wtth Bnllcream to Mr Paden I Janet Morr1s do hereby w1ll my height to Delores Ludy and my fun and experiences at Caprtal Untverstty last summer to my s1ster Lorene I .Terry Neff do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to flunk Phys Ed to John Fourman and my Engllsh book to anybody who wants rt I Mary Beth North do hereby w1ll my long ha1r to Barbara Beaman and my quletness to Lrnda Wogomon I I un1or Olwlne do hereby w1ll my manly physrque Dean Thompson and my ab1l1ty to get through Amerrcan Problems to Melame I Carolyn Oswalt do hereby w1ll my vast collectron of used straws to anyone who has need of such I Laneta Rapp do hereby w1ll my curly ha1r to L1nda Wogomon and my ab1l1ty to crack my gum to Mrs Fah rmger I Nova Rhoades to hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to make passrng grades 1n Shorthand to Lmda Dershem I Lydra Schaurer do hereby w1ll my abrlmes 1n home mak1ng and my state FHA offtce to any g1rl 1nterested rn homemakmg as a double future I Carol Sm1th do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to drrve reck I Sandy Spahr do hereby w1ll my headache as Edrtor of the Beacon to Shrrley Lutz and my ab1l1ty to get along wtth the teachers to my s1ster I Bonnre Sprtler do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to play ban tone saxophone to Dxane Thompson and the stamps off my letters to Carolyn Shultz I Carol Stager do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to break lab equtpment to anyone who can afford rt I Sally Stoltz do hereby w1ll my W F C prestdency to Kay Koontz and my love of danc1ng to Frank Tumble I Verlm Thompson do hereby w1ll my superror speed looks he1ght and mentahty to Ned Holsopple I Glen Turner do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wrth my teachers to my brother Ronn1e I Kayetta Welbaum do hereby w1ll my study habrts to my brother Deon I Lmda Wert do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to go steady wrth one boy at a ttme to Martha Cawood and my love of flrrtmg to Frank Tumble I Sh1rley w11113mS do hereby w1ll my Job of gradmg papers to D1anna W1ll1ams I Sandy Wogomon do hereby w1ll my half of our d1rty lab drawers to the lucky person who has to clean them I Nancy Younce do hereby w1ll all my money problems to Paulme Overcash Y - . Q . , l ' . . , . . to 1. ADI1 Fellows, do hereby will my Sh01'Ihai1' I0 PBI lessly to any careful driver who is tired of living. THE SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Dear D1ary Tonrght May 7 1970 I attended an appreclatlon banquet 1n honor of the class of 1960 It seems that th1s class has been so successful rn the past ten years that a spectal banquet was g1ven for them The program consxsted of the members of the class lntroducmg themselves and telhng of their expenences The f1rst one on the l1st was Margaret Gayman the Chlef cook of Franklm Monroe who was glven a huge round of applause for the f1ne meal she had prepared hm Brldenbaugh who IS now famous and r1ch for the chemrcal eyelash curler that he f1rst started develop 1ng 1n chemxstry at Frankltn Monroe arose and told of h1s company whrch IS located 1n Houston Texas Mary Ann Blumenstock accepted recogn1t1on as Phys1cal Educatlon Supervlsor of all Darke County Schools Drck Allread who 1S now ch1ef foreman at Hobarts ln Troy rntroduced h1s wrfe the former Sharon Amett who IS Drrector of the Greenv1lle Health Studro Kaulyn Kendall accepted recogn1t1on as presrdent of the Kendall Publlshrng Company whlch 15 known throughout the country for IIS publ1cat1on of hrgh school annuals Janet Brown told of her work as ch1ef drrector of her own Natlonwrde Cheerleadrng Cl1n1c w1th headquarters tn Arcanum Bonn1e Sp1tler was acclarmed for her f1ne work as supervlsor ln charge of a1r l1ne steward s tra1n1ng for Eastern A1rl1nes 1n New York C1ty Sally Stoltz presrdent of the Natronal Wallflower Club of the Umted States related how the club became so popular and then mtroduced her Nauonal Treasurer Glona Mtller Jack Hangen who 15 noted for h1s Judglng of Hols tern cattle at the lntematronal Lrvestock Exposltlon 1n Chrcago told of h1s many expenences and expecrally of h1s Judgmg of Larry Kauffman s cattle whlch rece1ved Grand Champron Nancy Landrs sho IS ch1ef of blood tesung at the Oh1o State Crrmmology Laboratones told of her excrt mg expenences and related how she helped Lmda Wert prosecutrng attorney of Darke County prove her case Glen Turner related h1s many CXC1I1Ilg expenences as Travelmg Secretary for Donald Koontz a world known O11 Engmeer Marrlyn Kendall told how she and her partner Ann Fellows had developed the world famous frngemarl polrsh whrch they had developed to keep fmgemarls long and unbreakable James Baker told how he was successful dzscovenng a chemlcal that would cure Cancer he stated that he frrst got th1s ldea rn chemrstry class at Frankhn-Monroe verlln Thompson accepted recogn1t1on as the star of the professronal basketball team the C1nc1nnat1 Royals Jerry Neff accepted recogn1t1on as ch1ef desrgner of clothrng at the Metropolrtan Clothxng Store 1n New York C1ty Carolyn Oswalt accepted recogmtton as commander IH ch1ef of the Umted States Waves and mtroduced her ch1ef petty off1cer Carol Smlth Lydra Schaurer accepted recogmtlon as the smgrng sensatron of the Metropolrtan Opera m New York Crty Gary Eubank told of h1s many expenences as ch1ef of polrce of Greenvrlle and then 1ntroduced Tom Besecker h1s Lreutenant 1n charge of traff1c safety Ralph Holsopple related hrs many mteresung expen ences as ch1ef prtchmg scout for the C1nc1nnat1 Redlegs Sandy Spahr told of her very successful Job as edrtor of the Greenvrlle Advocate and told of her recent lnter vrew wrth hm Iay who operates hm Jay s truck stop on the Route 49 Freeway at Jay s Oh1o Rex Getzel related his many expenences as track manager for the 1968 Olymprc Team Judy Anthony was rntroduced as the center frelder on the World Champron N C R Softball team Ianls Besecker accepted recogn1t1on as the Nauonal Baton Twrrllng Champlon Roger Campbell accepted recogn1t1on as the presl dent of the Oh1o Beagles Club Roger Hutchlnson accepted recogn1t1on as manager of an enormous Frurt Farm near Dayton Oh1o B111 Ktng 1ntroduced h1mself as Prmce of Arabra wlth a harem of twenty g1rls Terry Mrller 1ntroduced h1mself as the orrgmator of the new short trouser style IH Cleveland Oh1o Janet Moms and Mary Beth North accepted recognr t1on as developers of Mor Nor speed typlng system I umor Olwtne was acclalmed as the successor to the Charles Atlas Muscle Bu11d1ng Program Laneta Rapp rece1ved spectal recogn1t1on as flrght nurse on the fxrst regular passenger flrght to the moon Nova Rhoades rece1ved recogn1t1on as Darke County Mother of the Year Carol Stager accepted recogn1t1on as head of g1rls physrcal educatron department at M1am1 Umversrty Sandy Wogomon recleved spectal recogn1t1on as the Amer1can Woman Farmer of the Year Nancy Younce 1ntroduced herself as manager of the N C R Champ1onsh1p softball team Kayetta Welbaum told of her expenences as f1rst woman presrdent of the Arcanum Bank Shxrley Wrllrams accepted recognmon as drrector of the Prtsburg day nursery wrth 1ts up to date techmques and equrpment Well good mght dear diary tlus has been a very mterestmg and enhghtenmg evenrng vrsmng wrth old schoolmates ', . .. . ' 1 1 1 1 1 , , . 1 . , .- 1 "' . -- - -H . .. .. . 1 . , . 1 . . . . .. . , ' 1 . . . I , , . 1 1 1 1 ... . 1 . , . .. .. , .. . .. . . . 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' . ' 1 1 1 .. . , . . , , g . 1 . . .. . .- ,, ,, 1 1 1 , . 1 ' 1.1 - 1 1 . 1 ' , - .. --I . 1 , , 1 Junior Play Cast Take a nap Dad I-lil mom. JUNIOR PLAY TWO DATES FOR TONIGHT Directed by Mr Robert Keresey Anne Mayfield Sally Mayfield Vera Mayfield John Mayfield Freddie Buchanan William Chandler Stella Chandler Sylv1a Chandler Diana Wells Larry Randolph - Kanlyn Kendall Lmda Wert Judy Anthony Gloria Miller Kayetta Welbaum Sandy Spahr Junior Olwme I ack Hangen Tom Besecker Jim Bndenbaugh Rex Gitzel Roger Hutchinson Sharon Arnett Sandy Wogomon Carol Stager Carolyn Gilbert Janet Brown Nancy Landis - - -Jerry Neff Larry Kauffman Mrs. Westgate Jones - - Sally Stoltz Bonnie Spitler Bradford Carter Jones - - - - Dick Allread Miss Gallop - - - Tony -- --- Prompters - - - Ralph Holsopple - Nancy Younce Laneta Rapp - - Don Koontz Verlin Thompson Marilyn Kendall Darlene Tenney Ann Fellows Mary Ann Blumenstock State Managers - - - ----- Jim Jay Roger Campbell SENIOR PLAY GRANDMA S BEST YEARS' D1rected by Mrs Sally Souder Mrs Abbott Sad1e Joyce Abbott Marlon Abbott Dottle Morgan W1ll1e Abbott Shorty I1m Meyerson Gram Patch Mabel Bubbles Mrs Carlson M1ss Quelch Edwm Carlson Cousm Oscar Prompters Sharon Amett Sandy Wogomon Mar11yn Kendall L1nda Wert I ants Besecker Tom Besecker Drck Allread Larry Kauffman Nancy Younce hm Brxdenbaugh Sally Stoltz Glorla Mrller Bonn1e Sprtler Kayetta Welbaum I ack Hangen Roger Hutchmson I udy Anthony Nancy Landrs Stage Managers Donald Koontz Terry Mlller -4w"" QC Senror Play Cast You re so charm1ng ,.,..,""' JIQEO fefvfvvf' TTIv jfqyblxff DTIV5 LUlHf3.7V1S'bbLY'7 J UNIOR-SENIOR PROM SOUTH PACIFIC MAY 9 1960 SHRINE TEMPLE GRADUATION EXERCISES KAYETTA WELBAUM Va1ed1ct1on COMMENCEMENT NIGHT May 26 1960 Memorial H311 M L HOWARD FLA TER Greenv111e Ohlo R' T Speaker GLORIA MILLER DON KOONTZ. Salutatonan Salutatorlan 4 ' 4 K N . ..- ' I 4 l I 4 1 4 Receiving Basketball Awards LENIOR SNAPSHOTS Busy typists! Mr. Sluterbeck receiving dedi cation from the Co-Editors of the Annual. Getting the low-down! -ag 4 Now what are those? Day dreaming? Busy Bees! Looking for something? -QQ 'W XX Y I JUNIORS S 's ,f 8 S ff by CLASS OF 1961 KAREN FISHER Reporter SHIRLEY LUTZ Vrce Presrdent NORMA BAKER, Secretary ROGER RAPP Presrdent Doug Anthony Teresa Aukerman Norma Baker Barbara Beaman Denms Beane I ohn Beaver Mrke Berte Charlotte Besecker Joe Besecker Ned Besecker Barbara Brtner Sandy Brown JOE BESECKER, Treasurer Melame Byers Larry Campbell Sandra Condon Kenneth Cottrell Bill Crossley V1x1e Deeter James Delk Shrrley D1tmer Karen Frsher Iunror Fletcher Tom Force John Fourman Cloula Glasscoe Gary Hahn John Hartle Doyle Hatfreld Peggy Hrssong Ned I-lolsopple Karen Hunt N1ck Hutchrnson Pat Krssell Kay Koontz Gerald Kress Geneva Lavy Gayle Long Lrnda Longenecker Shrrley Lutz WO? SHOWN Q Ahualwlua pushes :uh ly 5 C Gene M111er an Moore Luann Mundhenk Mary Myers Betty Oswalt Donovan Oswalt Ton Petty Roger Rapp Evelyn Rich Carolyn Shultz Leroy Sowers H1015 Stockslager Ronald Turner Charlene Wackler Dale Wogornan Darrell Wogoman Carolyn Wmtrow Jerry Wmterrowd Esther Wogoman Gary Wyan Ted Wyan Karen Z1mmerman .T Y sr 5 , fm' K Byron Smith ss Q' X fa f W SOPHOMORES Terry Altic Treva Aukerman Roger Baker Zane Baker LINDA DERSHEM, Secretary TOM MYERS, Pres1dent . Judy Brumbaugh JUDY BRUMBAUGH, Vice Presrdent BONNIE WEHERLEY, Reporter MARK LONGENECKER, Treasurer Lyle Bixler CLASS OF 1962 Pat Campbell Dan Cordes Kenneth Delk Linda Dershem Karen Eller Sue Eubank Bonnie Haworth Bethany Henninger Sandra Jacobs Dean Jones Kay Kunkleman Marilyn Lavy Ellen Longenecker Mark Longenecker Cheryl Loxley Karen Loxley Delores Ludy Jim Lutz Ronnie Middlestetter Lorene Morris Tom Myers Gloria Nealeigh John Neff Marena Neff Pa ul N1ehoff Carolyn Ressler Nelda Royer I oe Schaurer Lmda Sease B111 Stager ean Thompson Lowell Unger Larry Warner Terry Wamer Roger Wackler Bonn1e Weherley Jerome Whnacre Conme Wh1tenack D1ana W11l1ams Judy Yount Larry Zellers Norman Zlmmerman E S 5' N0 H0070 D W ' -as Deon Welbaum W WE? L , 4 K , '9 qw af' I FRESHMEN -e ,ff BONNIE LAVY Reporter RICK REDETT V1ce Presrdent DIANE THOMPSON Secretary VERL MYERS Presrdent CATHY SHANK Treasurer Sharon Allread Neva Applegate Roger Archer Dave Aukerman Dennis Baker Merlin Baker Ray Baker Terry Baker Dean Besecker Victor Besecker Steve Blumenstock Norman Bridenbaugh CLASS OF 1963 Nancy Brown Tony Brown Arlene Brumbaugh Charles Brumbaugh Duane Campbell Martha Cawood Rrchard Chr1stman Manlyn Cool ete Cottrell Bob Deeter Dons Delk Cam1l1a Eberwern Larry Erkenberry Donna Eller Joe Force D1ck Force Ltnda Fourman Kenneth Fourman Paul Harper Marcra Harshbarger Barbara Hess Steve Hussey Sandra Kollrng Bonnre Lavy Herbert Lawson Gene Lucas Bob Luman 9 4 IVAN!!! K' P8036 NO! AYAIANI P , ff' il .ar B 2 Edwin Delinger om, . N 0 tr 100 IUSV 'fl 95, PHOVO ln Bill McDaniel Richard McDaniel Verl Myers Sharon Netzley I im Niehoff Roger Niswonger Becky Rapp Rick Redett Cathy Shank Lmda Shlmp Don S1des Gary Small Sh1r1ey Spahr Comme Sprtler June Stockslager Ivan Stryker D1ane Thompson Donna Towrnan Frank Trlmble Ed Whrteneck Drana Wmterrowd Lrnda Wogomon mv, Mun! P M01 O NOT AVAILAILE PNOYO NOT AVAILAIII Bal 1 C 1 A gl ' ' .5 1 'K 7 . . 'os . 'W 1 -, AA ' 'A if sqft . 7 V, J , Na! Avcilqblo I tr ..11QQ1.1. I a C kv . f Y 4- S - ' 1, 'f 4 .-, 1 l 0 . G . . Nl . Z3 l ' x ,L ' . F ' ' a 'H IJ f' b ' V 'xx N U , V X 1 6 Q v y " ' l 1 , Q5 ,-115 ,.5Qf?fa - Af' ?'5Z-si 4x!2?5t -',- md Hungry g1r1s'P Thls 1S supposed to be fun? "1-4-aiu? The brams ofF M' Who s wmmng g1r1s'P Now what have I dorxe'P ,sw in s 'Q is m JUNIOR HIGH if-' ff Don Lucas Mary Ludy Paulrne M8I1H1Ch Llnda Martrn Brlly M111er Eugene Moyer Beverly Neff David Niehoff Ricky North Jim Oswalt Charles Petty Bomrie Rapp Nina Rhoades Fred Sease Shanda Sease Nancy Shultz Mary Troutman Karen Warner Joan Weyant Gary Wick Kerth Arnett Claudra Aukerman Mike Baker Rolland Baker Lmda Beaver Judy Besecker Vrckr Besecker Glen Best Robert Brtner Marcra Budenbaugh Denms Brlght Norma Brumbaugh Jack Cordes Iacquelyn Crossley Donnre D1etr1ck Steve E1kenberry Tom Fourman Nancy Green Terry Hess Tom Long FRANKLIN EIGHTH GRADE 1 AND 2 FRANKLIN EIGHTH GRADE 1 AND 2 Jimmy Anthony Cynthia Aukerman Demmis Baker James Baker Michael Beasecker Ronn1e Besecker Doug Brldenbaugh Jesse Brumbaugh Sharon Cable Denrus Cool Jack Davxs Ronn1e Dretrrck B111y E111s Bobby Everman Beverly Frgel B111 Fletcher Edd1e Foureman Larry Hatf1e1d Sharon Hosopple Emily Howard Patsy Krnmson B111 Locke Karen Longenecker Connie Luman Edd1e M111er Nancy Nrswonger Eddre Reck Saundra Roberts Dor1s Royer Don Sarver Ronn1e Scammahorn Bonme Sease Bonme Smxth V1Ck1 Smxth Paul Stockslager Rrchard Thomas Gary Unger Lors Warner Marvrn Whnacre Donna Puterbaugh Bennie Ressler Mitzi Robison Gaye Shields Larry Spitler Kent Thompson Joyce Trimble Larry Unger Marilyn Unger Donna Yount Howard Best Marlin Brumbaugh Larry Cable Barbara Clark Ronald Denlinger Leonard Didier Philip Eberwein Duane Flora Patty Franz Mickey Gearing Roger Best Gene Bridenbaugh Lois Brumbaugh Carolyn Deeter Connie Dunn Linda Everett V1v1an Force Sheryl Gilbert Jimmy Hartle Larry Hob11t Karen Jamison Donna Kress Antta Longenecker Pamela Loxley Llflda Mar1n1ch Mary Martindale Gary Miller Judy Neff Allen Osborne FRANKLIN SEVENTH GRADE 1 AND 2 Richard Baker FRANKLIN SEVENTH GRADE 1 AND 2 Sue Arm Jones Doug Kress I . P. Kruckeberg Georgeann Marker Donavon Markland Cary Miller Sandra Penny James Petty Annabelle Rex Doug Sease Denms Sebung Ronald Swank Kaye Thompson Sh1r1ey Thompson Gary Warner Bobby Wehrely Martha Yarber Thelma Yount SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE W2 1 S s , S ,Er ELEMENTARY Mary Jo Anderson Mrke Besecker Robert Besecker Leroy Brumbaugh Mrchael Bucholtz Mary Chrlstman Steve Foster Joyce Fourman Ronald Grrffrtts Ilmmy Hanes V1ck1e Hanes Nrcky Harshbarger Cheryl Hennrnger Lrnda Herrman Tommy Hess Shrrley Hutchmson Jenny I ones Charlotte Kruckeberg Merrrll Lavy Wayne Rapp FRANKLIN SIXTH GRADE Ned Sebrmg Mar11yn Shrmp Phyllrs Shoemaker Denn1s S1des Brenda Stager Donnre Thompson Beverly Unger V1I'g1Il13 Wackler Mrke Wert Larry Yount FRANKLIN FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Karen Allread Karen Besecker Margaret Bumsrdes Ruth Brumbaugh Rebecca Cool Donald Aukerrnan Clinton Baker Doris Baker Laque Baker Michael Beard Terry Beckner Jean Best Marjorie Burnside James Dickey I ohn Dunn Dwight Foureman Sue Ann Hahn Donald Herrman Phyllis Hinkle Billy Kinnison Dennis Lecklider Vicki Locke Kenton Loxley Kenton Moore Dan Morris Laveme Dunn Gary Foureman Roger Gnffrtts Bonnie Grove Glen Hoblit Tom Hartle Barry Henninger Deborah Iones Connre Lucas Lymon Lyons Stephen Marker Connie Oswalt Doris Pearson Terry Unger Bruce Rhoades Bonrta Stryker Sondra Shuff Dean Vanatta FRANKLIN FIFTH GRADE FRANKLIN FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES fC0NT'NUED7 FRANKLIN FIFTH GRADE WONTINUEDP Susan Osborne Donn1e Oswalt Kenneth Pearson Charlotte Shrmp Mlke Smrth Pamela Wackler Brenda Warner T1mmy Warner Conme Welbaum Sh1rley Zechar FRANKLIN FOURTH GRADE Barbara Baker Douglas Barhorst L1nda Beckner Kent Besecker W T1mmy Bnght wa. Llnda Brown E11een Brumbaugh Ann Chrrstman Larry Everman Bette Pourman Charlene Garber Peggy Greene Sandra Harshbarger Jud1th Heft Melanle Hennmger Janet Hopkrns Jeanne Hopklns Gall Jones John Kruckeberg Dean Lavy Donald Lavy Mona Lenker Don Lucas James Mrller Mrke Mlller -'46 FRANKLIN FOURTH GRADE WONTINUEDP Chris Puterbaugh Gary Rhoades Karyl Scammahorn Keith Sides Gary Unger Koneta Weaver FRANKLIN THIRD GRADE Jimmy Bucholtz Larry Dickey Karen Dunn Eugene Engleman Sharon Foureman Julie Grrffitts Jan Hennlnger Roger Hess Roscoe Hinkle Ilmmy Kinnison Kurt Kupp1n David Lucas Randy Miller Scott Morris Gary Neff Eddie Puterbaugh Connie Robison Sandy Sease Iohn Shoemaker Kathleen Thomas Shirley Besecker Tommy Besecker Robert Best Steven Brumbaugh Dennis Bucholtz FRANKLIN THIRD GRADE WONTINUEDF Joe Turner 0' John Turner " Stevre Weaver Sf" FRANKLIN SECOND GRADE Denn1s Barhorst Eddre Beckner Mrchael Bayer A " Shrrley Drdrer Sr' Mary Eberwern D1ck1e Fletcher Amy Flory Chr1st1ne Garber Ioame Gr1ff1tts Beverly Hatfreld ,bs-v' 'f-J L2 I-J' 5 Nadasha Hobht Jerry Hopkms Gary Hutchmson Harry Krnmson Krm Kupprn Tommy Mrller Erleen Pearson Den1se Reck Darlene Rlffell Shrrley Shrmp Davrd Shoemaker Charles Wackler Susan Weherley . ,s. ' n I' g - . J In ' N n I I. . . Q?-Lx Z' C-K' lv- v 'I I .1 I of 5 o o Ib L V ll ' H . ' x ,, r HH - , 'Q " - ' ' wr it x XQU Q i fr. VVQ. R' cf.: ' Randy Henninger I-1 :SQ . , wr , A . A' A l -a n , F ,. gs . L '. 1 X. I ar. FRANKLIN FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Larry Baker Darla Barhorst Karen Besecker Betty Brumbaugh Robert Chnstman Lois Everman Larry Gibson Joseph Greene Deborah Hicks Jack Jones Teresa Kendall Kr1s Kuppin Johnathan Lenker Connie Locke Stephen Ludy Kathleen Pearson Cynthla Penny Karen Rhoades Michael Shuff Susan Unger Dwight Warner FRANKLIN FIRST GRADE Marsha Beard Sharyl Beckner Dana Besecker Jeffery Bolen Lonnie Bowman Ronald Bucholtz Jimmy Cox Cynthia Dickey Keith Dunn Gail Gearing FRANKLIN FIRST GRADE QCONTINUEDj Janie Greene Linda Lucas Carol Marker Julia Marker Ph111p Martm Dor1s M11ler Harley M1111on Scotne Myers Steven Nea1e1gh Doug North Me1an1a Rec I lmmy Roush Beverly Skelton Dwlght Unger Dale Vanatta Allan Whntaker Sim A gh :.K v MONROE SIXTH GRADE Cralg Redett Terry Rex Sue Schenck Pamela Sease Rlcky Shank Pr1sc111a Wyan Karen Wagaman Sandy Thompson Denn1s Stager Pat Smrth Van Srms John Slms Debbre A1t1c Carolyn Avery Nolan B1rd V1rg1n1a B1rd Jo Brassfreld Dav1d Brumbaugh James Forwerck Lrnda Fntz Rose Gayman Ilmmy Hall Judy Hangen Letma Haugen Rodney Hobht Becky Isenbarger Llnda Isaac Jane Jacobs James Kauffman Bruce Kress John Longenecker Thomas Ne1hoff Irvie Besecker Dennis Booher Roberta Bridenbaugh ' - Mearl Bridges Peggy Brown - sz Danny Brumbaugh Bill Byram Susan Byram Sharon Cochran Nadine Denlmger Gary Erkenberry Kathy Fertshans Juanita Flora Gerald Fourman Ronnie Fourman Danny Franz Marilyn Fry Marianne Hershey Kay Hissong 'mf Jane Isenbarger Ll Steve Kauffman Sharon Lawson Kay Longenecker Carolyn Loxley Steve Luman Steve McLear Karen Miller Chris Redett Mike Sease Barbara Slaven Mike Spahr Sally Stickley Jeanne Thompson I on Warner Dianna Wetzel Norman Whiteman MONROE FOURTH GRADE Steve Slaven Guy Srmth Rlta Troutman Ralph Workman Kathy Archer Danny Besecker A1v1n Brrd Karen B1x1er Tern Breckenrxdge Drckte Brown Penny Brown Lrnda Cochran John F1sher Donna Gayman Debby Hunt Irll J' ones Davrd Longenecker Dav1d Mrller Darleen Petty Greg Pr1ce Benny Rasmc Jlmmy Reed Roger Rex Ray Robtson MONROE THIRD GRADE Debbre Amett Kenton Arnett Lmda Avery Doug Baker Tlmmy Booher Donavan Brown Randy Brown Carol Campbell Diana Cable Joyce Clark MONROE THIRD GRADE QCONTINLEDJ Doyle Campbell Davrd Condon John Crossley Larry Eley Judy Frgel Franke Flory Carol Fertshans James Franz Patty Frrtz Robert Frltz Paul Green Drane Heck Lowell Hoff Robert Hussey Ralph Jackson Terry Kress Krrsty Koffer Dav1d Kepler Johnny Lutz Ronme Markland Gayle McLear Judy Nelhoff Dav1d Stager Donna Whrteman MONROE SECOND GRADE Joyce Agee Brlly Beaman Danny Brassfreld Frances Brumbaugh Phyllls Brumbaugh MONROE SECOND GRADE QCONTINUEDJ M1chael Stump K1tty Rasmc Ioey Wh1te Ruby Archer Nathan Bud Iame Brehrn Charles Brown Deborah Cable Gmger Cochran Fred Feltshans Sue Fourman Carl Hoff Ke1th Melhng Bonnie Clark Clinton Davis Roxanne Deeter Eleta Eley Terry Eley Dewayne Heck M1chael Hemmnch Neal Huges Cynth1a Hunt Debra Lephart Scott Long Danny Longenecker Jeanne Myers Kathy Myers Neal Petty Robb1e Schenck Deborah Slaven Den1se Slaven V1ck1 S1ms Garth Stephens MONROE FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Douglas Long J 1m Longenecker J1ll Lurvene Cheryl McDan1el Steven Myers Steve Pr1ce Ted Ressler Gall Stephen Steven Utz MONROE FIRST GRADE L1nda Anderson Oleteta Beavers Leon B1rd Marlon Bndenbaugh Karen Brumbaugh Marvrn Brurnbaugh Sheha Eddy Edward Everett J111 Forwerck Joseph Gayman Marian Hoblit Judy Kress Kyle Kress Annette Longenecker Daniel Marinich Thresa McDanie1s Kenneth Passmore Wanda Reed Steven Sease Debra Stump Jerry Unger Connie White Jane Wetzel MONROE FIRST AND SECOND GRADES 1CONTlNUEDy URGANIZATIONS ff!! F F A AND F H A KING AND QUEEN CANDIDATES FIRST ROW Ianet Brown Sandy Wogomon Lrnda Wert Marrlyn Kendall Karrlyn Kendall Ann Fello SECOND ROW Tom Be eck M ller FFA FHA GAA LEAPYEAR KING AND QUEEN KING AND QUEEN Jan t B own a d Larry Kauffma Mar lyn Kendall and Ralph Holsopple , ' , ws. : s - er, Roger Hutchinson, Jim Jay, Gary Eubank, Larry Kauffman, Terry i . e r n n i F.H.A. F H A OFFICERS FIRST ROW Sandra Condon Rec Leader Marrlyn Kendall Treasurer Janet Brown Presrdent Kar1lyn Kendall V1cePres1dent Charlotte Besecker Rec Leader SECOND ROW Lydra Schaurer State H1stor1an Nelda Royer Song Leader Lmda Wert Parlramentarran Shuley Lutz County Offrcer Absent L1nda Dershem Hrstorran FIRST ROW Conn1e Wh1tenack Delores Ludy Martha Cawood L1nda Wogomon Jams Beasecker Sandra Brown Shrrley Drtmer Gayle Long ler Barbara Beaman Charlene Wackler L1nda Longenecker Luann Mundhenk Dtane Thompson Shrrley Spahr Norma Baker THIRD ROW L1nda Dershem Cathy Shank Bonme Lavy Charlotte Besecker Bonme Weherley Teresa Aukerman Carolyn Shultz Shtrley Lutz Nancy Brown Sandra Con don Bethany Henmnger FOURTH ROW Donna Eller Marrlyn Kendall L1nda Wert Janet Brown Sandy Spahr Karrlyn Kendall Carolyn Wrntrow Nancy Younce Mary Blumenstock Pat Campbell Kay Kunkleman FIFTH ROW Arlene Brumbaugh Lydla Schaurer Lorene Morr1s L1nda Sease Sue Eubank Cheryl Loxley Judy Yount Margaret Gayman Glorra Nealergh Nelda Royer Treva Aukerman, Karen Loxley Judy Brumbaugh SECOND ROW: Mrs. Frantom, Advisorg Camilla Eberwein, Carolyn Ressler, Karen El- F.F.A. F F A OFFICERS FIRST ROW Ken Cottrell Vrce Pres1dent Tom Besecker Presrdent Larry Kauffman Secretary SECOND ROW I1mIay Sentrnel Gary Eubank Student Adv1sor Jerry Wrnterrowd Reporter Terry M1ller Hlstonan Doyle Hatlfreld Treasurer FIRST ROW Doyle Hatfreld Ken Cottrell Larry Kauffman Gary Eubank Tom Beseck er I1mIay Terry Mrller Jerry Wrnterrowd Roger Hutchlnson Roger Nrswonger James Delk Jan Moore Ph1l1p Force Gene Lucas Verl Myers Rrchard Chrrstman Mr Frantom Adv1sor THIRD ROW Steve Blumenstock Dean Jones Mark Longenecker Roger Baker Roger Archer Gary Small Paul Harper Ray Baker Joe Force Lowell Unger Lyle Brxler FOURTH ROW Dav1d Aukerman Kenneth Delk Ronme Mlddlestetter Denn1s Baker Norman Brldenbaugh Roger Wackler Denn1s Beane Ted Wyan John Fourman VICIOI Besecker Joseph Schaurer FIFTH ROW Charles Brumbaugh Iohn Hartle Darrell Wagaman Larry Campbell Ned Besecker Dale Wagaman SECOND ROW: Mr. Paden, Advisorg Gary Hahn, Edwin Denlinger, Duane Campbell, TRI HI Y FIRST ROW Glorra Mrller Reporter Barbara Bearnan Secretary Marllyn Kendall V1ce Presrdent Janet Brown Presrdent Bonnre Weherley Treasurer Nelda Rover Chaplarn SECOND ROW Melanre Byers Sandra Brown Ellen Longenecker Karen Loxley Mrs Souder Adv1sor Pat Campbell Marene Neff Sandra Condon Charlotte Besecker THIRD ROW Karen Eller Kay Kunkleman Lrnda Wert Karllyn Kendall Sally Stoltz Sandy Spahr Glor1a Nealergh Bethany Hennmger HIY FIRST ROW Verhn Thompson Secretary John Fourman Presrdent Ian Moore Treas urer Rex G1tzel Larry Kauffman SECOND ROW Zane Baker Reporter Nrck I-lutchrnson Mr Asmus Advrsor Iunror Olwrne Jack Haugen THIRD ROW Larry Campbell Ted Wyan I1mBr1denbaugh John Hartle Chaplarn Absent, Jerry Neff Vrce Presrdent I I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' Y I i l ' 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 I I 1 i ' - - 1 Q 1 S 1 ' 1 1 - 3 1 3 1 - 1 I 1 . 3 1 1 1 1 - , . LIBRARY CLUB -gr 1 FIRST ROW Barbara Beaman Glor1aM1ller Karen Frsher V1cePres1dent Sally Stoltz Secretary Karrlyn Kendall Presrdent Sandy Spahr Treasurer Charlotte Beseck er Reporter SECOND ROW Lrnda Wert Maulyn Kendall Sandra Condon Norma Baker Shrrley Lutz Melanre Byers Teresa Aukerman Delores Ludy Karen Eller Pat Campbell THIRD ROW Mrs Fahrrnger Advrsor Nova Rhoades Lorene Moms Glor1aNeale1gh GEOMETRIA CLUB FIRST ROW Glor1aM1ller Secretary Sally Stoltz Treasurer Carol Stager V1cePresr dent Gene Mrller Presrdent Shrrley Lutz Kay Koontz SECOND ROW Mr Asmus Honorary Member Roger Rapp Nelda Royer Treva Auker man Nancy Younce Karen Frsher Melame Byers Doug Anthony Mr Dafler Advrsor THIRD ROW Norman Zrmmerman BrllStager Jack Haugen Don Koontz ,Toe Beseck er, Byron Smxth Carolyn Wintrow, Carolyn Shultz, Cheryl Loxley, Linda Sease, Sue Eubank. STUDENT COUNCIL TOP TO BOTTOM Mr Salzman Advlsor Tom Myers Shrrley Lutz Gene M111er Nancy Land1s Mark Longenecker Laneta Rapp Verl Myers Sandy Wogomon Roger Rapp Judy Brumbaugh Mr Frantom Advrsor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW Norma Baker Sandra Wogomon Lrnda Wert Nancy Younce Mary Myers Kay Koontz Karen F1sher G1or1a M111er SECOND ROW Carol Stager Nancy Younce Judy Anthony Laneta Rapp Nelda Royer Sh1r1ey Lutz Bonme Weherley Mr Dafler Advrsor THIRD ROW Gene M111er Don Koontz Ver11n Thompson .Toe Besecker Roger Rapp Absent from prcture Janet Brown, Kayetta Welbaum 1 . , ' 9 , ' , ' . . l I 7 I I I ! ' I I ' 1 . , . . : K 1 1 . v I ' FTA Lxres-3 Charlotte Besecker V1cePres1dent Barbara Beaman Secretary SECOND ROW Glorra Miller Karrlyn Kendall Reporter Lrnda Wert Hrstonan Sandra Condon Karen Frsher THIRD ROW Carol Stager Nancy Younce Kayetta Welbaum Lydra Schaurer G.A A G1or1a M1ller Presrdent Marrlyn Kendall Treasurer Mary Blumenstock V1ce Presrdent Mrs Ruth Traucht Advrsor Ann Fellows Secretary I O U Q, s ,A 11 2 ' Q 4 A Q5 x1 W 1 ' I ' M- FIRST ROW: Sally Stoltz, Treasurerg Laneta Rapp, Presidentg Mrs. Frantom, Advisorg O O THE 1960 ECHO Co Busmess Managers Nancy Lanchs and Carol Stage: Co Ednors, Karmlyn Kendall and Glona Mxller THE STAFF BEACON FLASHES Ed1tors Sandy Spahr and Bonnre Sprtler BEACON STAFF FIRST ROW Laneta Rapp Nancy Land1s Bonn1e Sprtler Sandy Spahr Manlyn Ken dall Janet Brown Lrnda Wert Kar1lyn Kendall Margaret Gayman Sharon Arnett Tom Besecker THIRD ROW Gary Hahn Ronme Turner B111 Klng Larry Kauffman Irrn Jay Roger Campbell, D1Ck Allread Ralph Holsopple Terry Mrller SECOND ROW: Gayle Long, Lydia Schaurer, Carol Smith, Mrs. Souder, Advisorg MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW Jams Beasecker Conn1e Whltenack Delores Ludy Lmda Dershem Bethany Henmnger Karen Eller Sandra Condon Mr Stoehr SECOND ROW Me1an1e Byers Esther Wogoman Bonnre Weherley Lorene Morrls Kay Kunkleman Lmda Longenecker Luann Mundhenk Evelyn Rlch THIRD ROW Cheryl Loxley Sue Eubank Lmda Sease Pat Campbell Nelda Royer Manlyn Cool Lyd1a Schaurer Karen Frsher FOURTH ROW Mark Longenecker Dean Jones Treva Aukerman Margaret Gayman Glorla Nealelgh Karen Hunt Q it ,Wg gl 19,37 V 52. :FQ . A tails A X 4 2 A"' . ,D gf YQ5, I5 xx. JUNIOR HIGH BAND FIRST ROW Cynthra Aukerman Manlyn Unger Claudma Aukerman Sharon I-Iolsopple SECOND ROW V1ck1e Besecker Edd1e Reck Steven Foster Eddre Miller I im Oswalt J1m Anthony Denn1s Br1ght I udy Neff Vivran Force Howard Best THIRD ROW Rebecca Cool Nancy Green Beverly Neff Marcra Bndenbaugh Joan Weyant Lmda Martm Karen Warner Gaye Shrelds Beverly Unger Kaye Thompson Sue Ann J ones N1na Rhoades FOURTH ROW Allen Osborne Doug Kress Kelth Amett Eugene Moyer Larry Sp1t1er Jack Cordes Tom Hartle Mary Martmdale Conn1e Lucas Charlotte Kreckeberg MISS Fourman FIFTH ROW Doug Sease Brenda Stager Donna Puterbaugh Dons Royer Dennrs Cool Don Lucas I P Kreckeberg Kent Thompson hm Hartle 10 v-1 6 1 , I 'V fi A , 1 .I K-5 HIGH SCHOOL BAND I ...L FIRST ROW Carol Stager Karen Hunt Bonnre Weherley Marrlyn Cool Verl Myers Bethany Henmnger Kay Koontz SECOND ROW Mary Myers Nancy Brown Dean Besecker Marcra Harshbarger Davld Aukerman Lowell Unger Janet Brown Norman Zrmmerman Lrnda Sease Melanre Byers Larry Erkenberry Glorra Nealergh Shrrley Spahr Donna Eller Denms Baker Rrck Redett THIRD ROW Camrlla Eberwern Mer lrn Baker Sandra Kollrng Ivan Stryker Drane Thompson Roger Hutchrnson Bonnre Sprtler Gene Mrller B111 Stager Nelda Royer Torn Myers Byron Srmth Joe Besecker FOURTH ROW Doug Anthony Frank Tumble Martha Cawood Delores Ludy Lorene Morrrs NOT SHOWN Sharon Netzley Karen Frsher Sandra Condon Treva Aukerman DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW Glor1aM1l1er SECOND ROW Lrnda Dershem Bonnre Lavy Jams Beasecker THIRD ROW Judy Brumbaugh Cathy Shank Barbara Beaman FOURTH ROW Marena Neff Sandra Condon Char lotte Besecker Melanre Byers Bonnre Weherley FIFTH ROW Sandy Jacobs, Karen Loxley Ellen Longenecker Pat Campbell Kay Koontz Sallv Stoltz 0 Q . I S 4 fit l L. I 1 4 I ,ls I I I I A I ll I 4 , I J I 1 , 1- i 1 4 , I Q , 11 s HBH 'T Du llli ws:-wr mamma: .gi n . 1 ifwi' 1 E.. k as Q 3 Q , , 3' I s t I 9' K' ' , ,y' Qf, Q 3 4 ' l, . , ' UQ 7 1 ' f 1" 'W 1- ii 5 1 , ,AQ ' thy' I K f Y i 5 'fr U 1 X L A 1. Ye 4 -V A X ' . , .1 1 1 if 5 x ' .ii ,xx f 7 fa Q , .A . an ,X H 5 gg , av , , y V ,, 4 E' I8-l QW , x .4 Q ' 1-1 A ,N Q yr ,s Q sq , . it . , G, 5: V 1 1 5 L Q'-4, JL . A ,,, . ,Q 1,, ' . vi' 'sn Q fm' . ' .5 L1 1' W, W . ' if f iw , ,nf g,-4" 1 1 V ,i,,'8-as 3Tzf1',if4 V, ,, Ac. Wy ., i MU A ggmgx 39322111 Ji. Sk W3-' ps, 'ff M H .Q m," ' , 'f f 4 1 3, 5 V if ' , ff A J ' 'wg Q .WT .ig 'ikgf' if ' . . 1 Mvswiiw, ' fi 7, X W . A ,, fwMWW"gg fl 5, ,M . f A' 42 f A. Y-fb -if 'W V . f N X '. Y Y w . ff-' 'W -' 'W . 3 -fx A if V, 1 .A - A-5' K 5? 593- 'J 'M . 1- "Z at ,xg i' ' .1 K -. l I ' , kf " 'Q bf 71, 5 s A 6, .sg .gui - if my 1 Pg? 4 A gp A 1 ' :. , '- LTI . . U, -- J . F V-9 fl : 1' 'iff . 4 - fr i' wk ' ug" 3 4 f X ij' ,'.,g "' . Ai i ,L 52553 ' ' 'M W L , f'1fm,QaH 'L-f :1'Q51. -'M' '95 A wi W 2 ',,f L-" P W, V I 'T Lf .L f ggw '13, gg ,f qJ !N,g,L Lf., 1. .. i . -f 7 ' .V 'QQ , X .1 4 V. Q g..V,i. m.,,Q ,, V. igwifv. Z W K' W .gi 4'fxAHg , Qef2ew. 'iw Q .fiwfw . wwf l 'E f3.?i'ivA Y -45' Fifi af.. M. ' msd, MNH, . W 4 xi c"':'Q get ,Q 'K' K ',. 9 A W' 'I p. Qm s'9, 1 wx L. ,, . . a ' K HW A , 5 Y -I , , .,Qn1iif.f - X -., e x,f6. .,. 1 f JL' ' ' f W " ajfl' 'E' ' , ' Y r4-1 , . ' I l , H v ' X, 4 V k , fp? MW A 21 ,, 7 'f' Q I ,gif l ff. 'S l 'H' f Q f . 3 , 3 1 imiyfi 12 'flat fx 1 X fi -, Sf. . i wt " 5 .th i p , ' .X 7 5 J sfffhx A A ' 3 1 A . -2 ' ., 4 . I ' 2, "L EU 'fax ,,., , Y-, - X V ., ,. . . 7 Q 1' f L."s,'fYv M25 ,, ,.f, 1, 'wfwmf wx I wmx ' f..ff L ' ' ' 1 A3535 25 ,V 1 Wnggf' "1 M L' 4 fi-QUiv?-.n2 i'.. fl FV Q, M 4, , 4.5, . 1 -' f.,:.,f,xr:Q'1 ',l:Fg-,', sr ,Vf,N1' A Q3 S ' ,H X . , . , ,Q 'K akjitv fig. . QQ? at 3' ,, Av V .W4x. ,- , . C Qty rx? Vw., . A . k ,EE 5 ' 'fx , . ,, ' . 5 ff, ismf ' A , wx., .. s X ' lj. . gf gif,-xh:,' f '. 5 fl. W" N5-L' ' ' ' I S Wtf'4 .g T. fml l . vv ggfxg, V- W 1 I I 4 - X. xx. - ' pm, 6 5 ,XviJn4:.?4, .L x 1, A If, iv., Mx ixwfk 'V 1 .Q K . 'H 2 gi .-Q 'A ,. K , 5 ' if w gf, , gk f , hx, ,W i , .Y ., 1 .MW,551t,,f5' fi' QQ" 'U' ,Vw , , I .'.-,-,Q ' '. n .. 3 1 is 'R z , , 3 , . x Q 1 1 X :Q s . 11 4 V is ya . ,X A ,fl .' ' Y r ,, ' 4 S ,, 1 - A , V' . ' fi K fm ,, , . Z, , x , , X . 5 'S Qu ,iw s 'E f' if ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY COACH MR. DAFLER SCHEDULE DUAL MEETS Arcanum Umon C1ty New Madlson Lamer New Madlson TRIANGULAR MEETS Westmont 54 F M Flrst Annual Lowell Thomas INVITATIONAL MEET E1ghth out of mneteen score 194 8th Annual Darke County CROSS COUNTRY MEET F1rst out of SIX score 28 DISTRICT CROSS COUNTRY MEET Nmth out of twenty s1x score 283 Left to right: Jim Niehoff, Paul Niehoff, Gene Miller, Coach, Mr. Daflerg Bill Crossley Larry Eikenberry, John Beaver. TRACK AND FIELD 1 FIRST ROW Leroy Sowers Ralph Holsopple Zane Baker hm N1ehoff Lowell Unger Paul N1ehoff John Beaver SECOND ROW I1mJay Larry Campbell N1ckHutch1nson Pat K1sse1l 11m Baker Larry Eikenberry THIRD ROW B111 Kmg Manager John Fourman Dennrs Beane FrankTr1mble Dan Cordes B111 Crossley Gene M1ller Ph1l1p Force Manager Track Coach Mr Dafler 1960 SCHEDULE '70 3X4 Monroe New Madrson Newton Gettysburg M1SS1SS1H3W3 Arcanum Northmont Westmont '73 1f2 85 1!2 'F 61 1f2 Placed nrnth at Ohro Wesleyan Placed flfth at Covrngton Placed sixth at Mlaml Placed second at County Meet Placed seventh at D1str1ct Runner up m Darke County Meet Records Broken M11e Run John Beaver D1scus I 1m Jay Pole Vault Nrck Hutchmson 52 3!4 Verona 24 112 26 1f2 14 1f2 Wayne 38 1f2 scored 8 po1nts scored 17 2X5 po1nts scored 13 13114 pomt scored 39 points scored 11 po1nts 447 2 137 9 1f2 11 0 BASEBALL FIRST ROW Ralph Holsopple Bob Luman Paul Nre hoff Dean Thompson Ned Holsopple Doug Anthony SECOND ROW B111Stager Frank Tr1mb1e Mark Longenecker Dave Aukerman Terry A1t1c THIRD ROW Gene M111er Joe Besecker Roger Baker hm Jay Ned Besecker COACH MR. OLIVER 1959 SCHEDULE Gettysburg New Madrson 16 - Westmont - Arcanum F-M 12 Gettysburg 0 F-M 4 Miss. Valley 1 F-M 3 New Madison 4 Season Record Won 4 Lost 3 I im Jay Ralph Holsopple ets Defeat Jackson 'Fai irst Place Tie ln Darl ounty Basketball Standing Led by Joe RfXSfjC'lit':l' :mill Blnvk Hawk scoring was 1-'von ed Holsopple, the Franklin I ly balanced as Shomfber, Elliot, onroe .Tots crime Alrom br--l5l4 Moyers. and .Ivnkinson hit 'nd to cloff-:it tho lllack'f0Y li. 7. 7. uml 6 points ro- awks of Miss-:issifiawa Valley, pvctixely in the first half. .571 nn Friday night, 39595. After the intermission thc ed led the Jet assault with Qfll 3913 Came back SYFUDH P1111 ints followed closely by Hoi-lbf'iZ8ll to Chip away at the ranlzlin-Monroe Bursts Loose Verona To Wm 91 43 VERONA, 0. - Franklin-Monroe's Jets, reacted just here Saturday night, as they thrashed Verona 91-43 in opener for the Dax-ke nnnnlv hasltplhnll tnnm was hobbled by injuries,i B k H t even after Jets coach Jack i cleared his bench at 'he 0 of the second half, they out- A J B their first half total and S Won By Franklin-Monroe n ers an U wo ames Ov i Net! Paris TQ1!l!amr!l9xweeken?:j!lllaifglatlea l ... , o zicrcomtilisltod million! :i .mil hit on? O 'T' 4 to o Q, g5F4'l.zt1fQQl F Of 4111 Win 0,0 gyvitmtiwti-A.-. ...-- ua. rn.....u Verona's second half out-3 N 58 HQ., Q to A . . . r ' 5 . ...ii .. .. mi 2lUf0ll, - it, lllzsszssmawa in a bid for its second, PLEASANT HILL - Spnrl win next Friday evening. cd by 35-point explosion bg A Oliver was only able toiunicuglguigd Joe llgicgieclker, th e e f . cu nine youngsters for me ran in-. vonroe 0 s rouncef E I M e and all saw considerablellflf' hon Ilfflfvlon Indlam her Quite often, thc-rc's a mml scramble during the week ang r ln' ight After the rim quarter SHliu1'fi21y'n1sM- 8258- in difficult to we-ed out nit- top Anita.-a--of-The-week in Dark v e Jets led 19-9 and by the half The Wm WH' the Secfmd fc-nunty. This time hom-vi-r. their is rim- youngster, whose ner- lflTSBl Rl? - Frarllilin-Mvnlue ' -'----4-4'-A --'W-L 1-lJ'3-523519 'X' """"l' U-""ornmitc0 stood head-:ind slmulsltws :ihovv the others. lflf'l0'lllln?, Dark? Cllllllly County Meet fi Y ranklin-Monroe n Early Lead By LEO NOONAN is fifth at 5 5-6, Gettysburg has Advocate Sports Editor one-half point and Ansonia has wo records were sliatteredwfailed to score. 9 each in me V31'S5fY and, Heats were run in other for high and Ff3llklln'M0U'Levents, but there was no india-a Sieplwfl mill an early 1085-ition Tuesday that records wer'- xe .lets lend is rather sur-tin danger. ising, but the rest isn't asl tim-mo ,ma vmniflcn an t Jets Fete 4 UST ff By LEO Advocate Sports PITSBURG - "It's u've done in the past u're going to do in at counts," Franklin - 'ncipal Dwight Salzman sters here Tuesday at's why l'm looking this week-end." This week-end In apes e hm, ohn Beaver and Jlm Jay mpetii meet at Columbus. Jay were sent on th Columbus byVl50 well 0 turned out for the all-sports banquet. Salzman told the 4: ved .that'Beaver owned the opportunity of the two of for the Jets. Tr ln the state 1 , Jay Gifven Big By Boosters That would be .loo In-wt-kc-x'. ai junior azunrd for Franklintfhiflflpr 'lglife 011151088 :NSI mf llnnrov. Bcsn'1'kffr, uhu also plnvs husvlmll for coarh Jattllgfsgigrwg tliu-i-'sa Frzmklinvftlonrov tt-anis, uoixml up with 35 points Saturkdm, afternonnv ' lay night in It braskctlvill ammo at l'lv:is:int Hill. Ohio. Fred Danerfs winners mn pdf Best-c-ker's 35 points sparked tin- .lots to an 82-58 tramplingfticipate in the Ohio Wesleyan 'ti il the Miami county team. It iiizirkt-el their ser-ond win in fhretflays Saturday at DQIDWHFB Phe tarts and lll'fQt?S'l-itll' had is big hand in the first victory, too. :giigdigLa1wg12ietxxi11l?ti hsgiesfil f. I U Misslsslnnwrs Les Richter stol t- e -M B e 6 the snow with four om or Misfit . Qt: . i sinawsis six blue ribbons Riel i, or Li-,io 'ssirtrcnm Admiral! 'S orb llrlilm' fails sumnicr swirls are hanging on. tgppling Mjgsissjnawa' noir N xtliliiiv of lin- twill-i, Ralph lltllfelllllllfl. lf1':xnklizi-'viola ld turned Nlississilxaww Valles E Q Darke rountt tall l-fir'-rti:4ll.F1-ankiin yesterday Gm, oy e all both during the sumfner,1m, it rampuizn. The .lots were erformanvc, ,mee of the year. Early in the 4 Ml victory. 'Q jgdgerh. as his mates aitorl lil l-1 for eight imiinzs. vmrnil BY ILO NDUSAN kdvovulv EE-ports Ildltor l-il' M Darke C0dHfy'S Athlete Di the Wifi ner up A W A . lv by I-rankhn-Monroe and Ar' ' R K . , om-oc principal and a mutual: , . A . . 1,5 9 Pll Holsonple tied lo 0.22, Sandprs 0,n,'trauk roach. himscli. will lffnlmfl .lhlnggi 'fsd fb? Milfs i fourth in the high jump to your 0,1.14 'rows 22,14,5iiii- moot startei-. Referee wP"'4'f'a?- to le , ,"'lf"'bqF , S out the Jets scoring- They ll d Q M nw wpthe crest o a six-meet w1nnsn,,.tfend their Darke timmy in Dafler later told while Beaver .uave ' Ansonia, 75-68l Thr- Fiimkiit Munro. rf s ,G Ol' :Rl extender! their season 1 in i um-4 .mtl 3 clolvzils with t ith in W Tzgers :it Uiiiim Pity fill lfl Wim- day night 'l"io xii-tori' wi not 73,68 1lf7'll'y mai . O r ti l f Franklin-Monroe . Tiff! Clips Bradford E BRADFORDW The Frzmklln Mon groe Jets surged hack in the final VT Tvihalf here last night to hand th: 2-3 llghost Railroaders it its-544 defeat ter cropped the 100-yard dash Z9 440 and broad jump. Q D, 1 P r'rnklin's junior high ran 'nw llflhlllifl the xxt1sf'i'ison.alilr' rliilh or-.illirr F'X2V'I'l"!'2l'f'l re- with its fourth Straight Wm i X im-.vlmll pllvlwr niailr the'-igradc this nook as fhstkf Fx-ankljn rum at A,-,soma 4 Thursday afternoon. K I . Eddie Miller won the disci QQ, 4-l. in mm- ummzs l'!'1cl3f l100..7l and Shotput ,42,ms4, f ' ner won the 50-yard dash and tl fanagod to finish third so the J S' h A ' els nxt t nvilte out of the third 1-pot io- OXFORD, 0, - With Vol' ,.........,....., .. im-raver reigning as a king mils gand Nick Hutchinson and Jil .,, fJay both earning runnert e e ' recognition, the Franklin Mo lroe Jets finished sixth on tl heels of defending champ We V Alexandria in the Miami R Senior .lim Jay has earned his uiehe among Fran m- on' lays Saturday. 'L outstanding athletes. , Cinclnnatl DePorres won 0 And so the husky Jet senior steps onstage this week to bl event and Covington was N l . - - . mv has been stirring up considerable noise in the Pitsburg Beaver broke the school r in the past month. ln fast. li was less than a month ago Ord in the mn, nm um: he started aff on his recori-dhuttering spree. Indication: 4.50-4' clocking to erase Ji that hers not read, to quit QQ! sind last Szxtnrday In the Cmmorfs 4:53 mark, set fo' Weslevan Relays 111 U1'l1W+4"'f' lui fiorllwil he f'ff""lS bliyears ago. Hutch also shatters the sc-lioolht dlNi'1lN rtrord for the third time Ill 17 0333 3 M-hoo! mark' soaring H fe at Delaware. .lay lxeuvml the platter lflfi-Sl: if inthe pole Vault. to eclipse To out a record he plat-ed on the Slflltltll hooks on April 21. 01 F-ourman-S two year old mm :ru 21 his time of trio-5 ward 'er' ' " f""""A"" "9 "4" 'M "' of to-8, odfnv enough Jay wt 3 id' lo.: Loi, ,fflflfil f'flhfi1rf'f'j-iris havfbecny has been shattering 'standan Dui 'ht Isziluriem. I"1'a1tikli'l"edte'?'d 1 li Mldsun' llrlmarfrlgltli and left. didlft Saturda f , crown. starting tomorrow noon at Citv Park Stad VARSITY CHEERLEADERS X 4 w, Norma Baker Bonme Weherley Diane Thompson Janet Brown STANDING: Bonnie Weherley Janet Brown KNEELING: Diane Thompson, Norma Baker RESERVE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Dean Thompson Manager Verl Myers Bob Luman Terry Warner Rlck Redett Roger Nlswonger Lyle B1x1er Manager SECOND ROW Terry Aluc Larry Wamer Frank Tr1mb1e Roger Wackler Dave Auker man Jerome Whrtacre Roger Rapp Stat1st1c1an 1959 60 SCHEDULE Verona Lewrsburg Newton Asst Coach FRED DAFLER Gettysburg New Madrson Bradford Ansonra MISSISSIHIWB 35" Arcanum Westmont Covrngton Versa111es LEAGUE GAMES Won Lost SEASON Won Lost 11 2 'Overume 'League Games F-M 40 26 F-M 48 ' 51 F-M 37 31 ' F-M 26 Miami East 21 'F-M 36 30 'F-M 32 ' 31 F-M 42 34 'F-M 64 ' 33 'F-M 43 "" 14 'F-M 36 'FLM 40 22 F-M 44 ' 17 F-M 45 ' 26 5 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Roger Rapp Stat1st1c1an Joe Besecker Gene M111er Verhn Thompson Drck Allread Ned Holsopple Lyle B1x1er Manager SECOND ROW Deon Welbaum Mark Longenecker Roger Baker Tom Myers Ralph Holsopple Dean Thompson Manager 1959 60 SCHEDULE HOLIDAY TOURNEY CHAMPS Verona LEAGUE GAMES SEASON Lew1sburg Won Lost Won Lost Newton Mlaml East Gettysburg New Madlson Bradford I-Iohday Tournament New Par1s Westmont Ansonla MISSISSIHIWB Arcanum Westmont Covlngton Versallles County Toumament Gettysburg Arcanum 'League Games "'Overt1me COA CH I ACK OLIVER VERLIN THGMPSON 6? NED HOLSOPPLE RALPH HOLSOPPLE GENE MILLER JOE BESECKER TOM MYERS 9 DICK ALLREAD ROGER MARK IDNGENECKER DEON WELBA UM BAKER W 'V JUNIOR HIGH CHAMPS FIRST ROW Cary Miller Itm Hartle Larry Sp1t1er Bennie Ressler Larry Cable Steve Eikenberry SECOND ROW Denms Baker Kent Thompson Don Lucas Edd1e M111er J1mOswa1t Rtck North Tom Fourman Roger Best Keith Arnett THIRD ROW Eugene Moyer Doug Brldenbaugh J1m Anthony Denms Cool B111y M111er Gary M111er Gene Brrdenbaugh Mr Franz Coach COACH MR. FRANZ Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Franklm Frank11n Frankhn Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n Frank11n 1959 60 SCHEDULE Freshman Bra dford Cov 1n gton MISSISSIHBWS Gettysburg Butler New Madlson Covm gton L1berty Ansoma Arcanum Tournament 41 WON 14 Arcanum Gettysburg Mrssissmawa LOST 0 JUNIOR HIGH TRACK FIRST ROW Dennis Sebring Manager Tom Fourman Ph111p Eberwein Benn1e Ressler Brlly E111s Davrd N1ehoff Ke1th Arnett Manager SECOND ROW Gary Unger Denny Baker Marvm Wh1tacre hm Anthony Rrck North Gary M111er Lucas Mr Franz Coach 1959 60 SCHEDULE Frankhn Frankhn Frankhn Frank11n Frankhn Franklm Frank11n Frankhn New Madison Butler Gettysburg M1ss1ss1nawa Anson1a 66 Arcanum 64 1X2 Greenv111e 53 1f2 Llberty 42 3X4 County Meet Covmgton Relays 32 Runner Up 59 1f2 46 1f3 THIRD ROW: Eugene Moyer, Managerg Jack Cordes, Jim Oswalt, Eddie Miller, Donnie ' '75 25 ' 62 28 ' 69 31 ' 74 ' ' ' 26 ' 80 ' 20 ' 34 HWWRHWHUEH MWHN 0 E- WOHZG S L.. Left to right: Cynthia Aukerman, Sharon Holsopple, Kaye Thompson, Beverly 1au ia A erman. 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STONE COMPANY Producers of Limestone Products Phillipsburg Ohio Phone TU 4 4621 Englewood Ohio Phone TE 6 5161 I E BAKER TU 4 4671 ROGER BAKER TE 6 6606 CLARK B COX INSURANCE AGENCY Best Protection Right Price With Prompt Service L1 7 4506 Greenville W A SPITLER Associate LI 7 4585 Greenville ' Il ll ' ll Agricultural Lime Applied Cement - Dynamite ROLL 84 CUNNINGHAM AUC TIONEERS Dependable Relmable V L ROLL FORREST CUNNINGHAM Llncoln 7 9850 Phone 172 Greenvxlle Ohlo Ansoma Ohlo STUTZ 8. KARNS Complete Home Furruture fo Less OWen Z 8455 SAVINGS RATE 37 Interest IS guaranteed and all Deposxts are msured up to S10 000 by Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on Open Frlday Evemngs 5 00 to 6 30 THE BRADFORD NATIONAL BANK Bradford Ohlo . , . . , . 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D CLARK AUTO SALES Ue Car oeae ea1 k 1 Greenvi le, Ohio Compliments Q of 3 5 Arcanum, Ohio s d s Wh 1 s 1 R t '1 P ' t C Oh I I ll OMA ARCHER GETTYSBURG EQUITY EXCHANGE Coal Feeds Seeds Gram Gen Mdse Full Lme of Grocerles and C1-1StO1'1'1 Grllldlrlg and M1X1Hg Meats Llquld Molasses Seed Cleamng Route 49 Arcanum Oh1o Phone GI 7 2931 IS YOUR SAVING FOR HIGHER EDUCATION OFF TO A GOOD START? COLLEGE COMES IN A WINK BE READY FOR IT Small sav1ngs of S20 or S30 per month can amount to a college s1zed S6000 fund That's because our well above average earnlngs brmg you as much as one year of college free ARCANUM FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION lGeorge Street Arcanum Oh1o COMPLIMENTS OF COATE Burxal Vaults and Monuments and Septmc Tanks 33 Years of Experlence 1n Concrete Products Phone 62M West M1lton Oh1o Phillipsburg TU 4-2219 Gettysburg, Ohio ROARK FURNITURE IN LAURA AND PITSBURG OHIO One of Ohlo s Largest Furmture and Appllance Dealers The Future Belongs to Those Who P1an for It God Speed and Gumdance m Each of Yours Cornphments of S GUY KATZENBERGER PLUMBING 8: HEATING Axr Cond1t1on1ng 237 East Fourth Greenv111e Oh1o Phone LI 8 1331 OW 2 3353 Arcanum Oh1o PATTY'S IGA FOOD MARKET and WEST MILTON INN Corner State Routes 48 and 71 DEPARTMENT STORE Phone West M11ton 88W Bradford Ohlo I , , . . 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METAL COMPANY Compliments of Phone Linco n - 32 ' Q 130 a on oad Greenville, Ohio Greenville, Ohio ic en, tea s, an o s 1 hi i-S ur Route 7- 9 South Greenvi le, Ohio Route 1, Laura , ro , 1 Clean Castings "Flowers for A11 Occasions" e in s a Specialty 5- a nu i , ain St. Phone - Arcanum, Ohio Arcanum, Ohio Phone - Corner of Harrison Ave. Compliments of and Sa er St. 1 Arcanum, Ohio reenvi le, O io CENTRAL DRUG STORE Opposlte Court House Prescr1pt1ons Cosmet1c Fountam Phone Lln coln 8 6181 GreenV111 e Oh1o Cornphments of GREENVILLE NATIONAL BANK New Accounts Invlted Branch at Gettysburg Ohlo Member of FDIC 4th and Broadway Greenvllle Oh1o Phone L1 8 1114 GI 7 2.141 C J MILLER 8. SONS FUNERAL HOME Greenvllle Oh1o Phone LI 8 1 1 11 Complete Banking Se rvice ROBERT D SINK JEWELER Dlamonds Keepsake Starflre Bulova Watche s Phone OWen Z 8100 Arcanum Oh1o Compliments of THE JOHN SMITH COMPANY Department Store Arcanum Oh1o Slnce 1851 STEPHEN S LUMBER COMPANY Dealers 1n and Buyers of Lumber and Tlmber U-ilk -.nail "----..,,,,,-- Arcanum 01110 C R LANDERS Plumblng and Heatlng Pumps Bathrooms and Furnaces Water Klng Soft Water Rental SCTVICC Phone LI 8 3102 1504 Fort Jefferson Rd Greenvllle, Ohlo CHRISMAN MARKET General Store Pamters Creek Rt 71 Phone L1ncoln 7 4582 'di' "C othes You'11 Love Phone OWen 2 8448 Arcanum Oh1o Jun1or M1sses Half SIZSS ARCANUM GREENHOUSE ' Say It Wlth Flowers the G1ft for A11 Occas1ons Cut Flowers Corsages Potted Plants H D WOGOMAN Mgr EIKENBERRY S IGA MARKET Fresh Meats and GTOCGTICS Gettysburg Oh1o MILLER S GARAGE General Auto and Tractor Repa1r1ng Gettysburg Oh1o Phone GI 7 2101 Compllments of BYRON L COOL Western and Southern Llfe Insurance Representatlve L1 7 4546 R Greenv1lle Ohlo PUBLIC SALE CLERKS HERMAN M C RAY BAKER and FOURMAN Arcanum R 2 Greenv1lle R 2 Phone OW 2 1516 L1 7 2365 LUCILLE BAKER NANCY LANDIS YOUNT'S CLOTHING AND SHOE STORE 7 North M1am1 Street West M11ton Oh1o Phone 165 HOWARD L YOUNT Owner 1 ll 1 1 ' - ' ' ll OWen 2-8511 212 N. Main St. ' n , . ' - - R. . 2 JUDY TYPEWRITERS 501 Walnut Street Greenv1l1e Oh1o Phone L1nco1n 8 6155 HANSBARGER 8. SON INC Fr1g1da1re App11ance Dealers Smce 1930 Greenvllle Oh1o Largest Select1on m the M1d West MILDRED'S BEAUTY SHOP New Locat1on 218 East 5th Street Phone L1nco1n 8 4235 Greenv111e Oh1o THE ARCANUM NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Depos1ts Insurance Corporat1on . - . , - I 0 . u n . u I 1 Q . . . 0 . 1 - v Compllments S 8: L FARM SERVICE R Arcanum "Your Frlendly Feed Store Gram Feed Farm Supplles E E LAVY CARL SCHAMMAHORN R R Greenvllle Oh1O Llncoln 8 552.5 Complete Gas Se 1'V1C6 Beyond the Mams' Compllments of VIETOR HUSTON SUPER MARKET South of Fa1rg1-ounds on Route 49 GrGenV1l1e Ohlo of R. . 2 R eu SURBURBAN PROPANE VERKAMP CO. . . 1 ' , ' PHILLIPSBURG LUMBER CO. Millwork - Glass - Roofing Steel and Aluminum Windows Cement Blocks and Brick Cabinets Made to Order Paint Hardware Plastering Products TU4 4811 TU4 4816 Compliments of HOKE BROTHERS BARBER SHOP Phillipsburg Ohio THE LEWISBURG LEADER First in Area News Commercial Printing of the Better Kind Le wisburg Ohio HEFELFINGER SOHIO SERVICE Standard O11 Product TU 4 9666 WARNKE S MARKET Complete Line of Groceries and Meats Lewisburg Ohio JACK HEETER Auto Life Fire and Liability Insurance Phone YO Z 2.788 Grain Farm Chemicals Feed Seed Fertilizer Sewer Pipe Drain Tile PHILLIPSBURG ELEVATOR MARK A PFEIFFER Prop Phillipsburg Ohio Phone TU 4 4861 Poultry Feeds Wayne Feeds Compliments of THE SMART SHOP Women's Wear Coats Dresses Millinery Skirts Sweaters Blouses Greenville Ohio Piqua Ohio Sidney Ohio I ll ' Tl 7 Lewisburg Ohio ' 3 ' . - . . 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COMPLIMENTS TO SENIORS OF 1960 CHARLES A SPAHR General Contractmg Cabmets Free Est1mates Bu11der of Fme Homes Arcanum Oh1o Phone 7 2125 Laura Oh1o I . - . . 2 ' 5 Distributors of GULF OIL PRODUCTS NETZLEY OIL COMPANY Laura Cfreenvllle Phone WH 7 2661 Phone LI 8 5610 Best Wlshes Class of '60 ED CORNELL S THE ECHO STAFF of Franklm Monroe Hlgh School Wlshes to Thank Everyone Who Has Helped Us Make the 1959 60 Yearbook Poss1ble 1 for Good Clothes 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY U' 1, Ezra' Yi:.w:' Au- M, uv v' 1 1' OKS' SOPHOMURES by W ?ffE f g? vb fiwwNwhN, MQW Ssiiflmwfw F W is W wi f OM M WWWTJJ4 WWW WW M wf ffgffw ffqwflw SE D :WWMW 62424 3 WMM aww' Www X7 J XWWW Swwwbkmmw ,N M M j ig Q95 NW UMSKQWM 'P ' - N0 QC W? fail A ,W 24 Nw 0 0 'V , . ' ' 3 H, QS As f I. vi 'S-6' 6 0 . M gfx 528 Xk 1- . J V 1 YQ QR 1" ' f. QW A' Q w gf . N-K -. ' . . Sk -:x'XxX'n-,JXXRR T!! XXRRXXXX -N. I X 1 ,- .. H- HW XXXX XX fn' '- YN " '- ' ' N . - ' K' , FRESHMEN WWWM Dwi' fa ' mwffw d MgQZ E2 'QNMEMM ,ff WV ,3?+"RQ Mfwiwf ww Jimmy ffv Qofzxjwfg in QM' J""ffw-9 wwf? MW E BW QW! 'ff f,,,x'5""d WM Wwfga bwgwgwvww M Q Vfwwyzm, fm, 777 W My QMXQ osluirvhe WMD? 25012. MQJM ' 3 , ' . , . ff ' Q , . mf on . 5' . WM W B W ff Q Exif MW! A - X Q03 Q 6 ..ff..1 lf,' f1!..1,.,,.J.f,1Lgi.1. z 1.f 'fiQGf?i5+1. , 4 l A '55 X

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