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"'l+- 1 - , f.9jl-j2 3 1 Presented by The Yearbook Staff of the MONROE HIGH SCHOOL PITSBURG, OHIO -, fam, ' 'IP ann, uv Harry R. Moore Superintendent of Southeastern District gomdofi Dr. Paul G. Lenhert... ..... ..President Raymond Eberwein..... ...Vice-President Nolan Lanlbertoooosoo oanaooocomember Howard Feitshans.... ...Member Deo Drewouaollsooo ...Member Raymond Bristley.... ....C1erk As our nation has advanced in its economic, cultural and industrial development so have our education systems attempted to keep in step with the times. In this change we see the development of the private school, the grammar school, the one room school, the two room school and the many room school. We also see in higher education the academy, the city high school and the consolidated high school. The formation of the Southeastern Local School dis- trict is another of the steps necessary to keep our ed- ucational opportunities up with the times. We can feel proud that we are one of the first districts in the state of Ohio to make this step. It is the hope of the board of education and other leaders in the community that we can have a high school and grade school system that will be second to none in the States Our educational opportunities have been made possible by men and women who could see the need for education and could visualize the means by which these opportunities could be obtained. These opportunities are also made pos- sible by persons who are willing to contribute their time, energy and money to secure these means. 2 D Ne, the Senior Class of 1952, dedicate the Pirates' Treasure to our faculty in appreciation for their untiring efforts to contrib- ute to the welfare of their stu- dents. Because of their faithful in- terest and guidance we are hoping to fit our lives to the ideals they characterized. We hope they will find in our annual the deep appreciation and respect we feel for them. 3 ik? E' "'- A: .I I. if Nw xxx 'TI "o' 0 g.qi:" .,' 1 3, j, uf' Q WSW Y 4. ' Q57 .4 l ,, S , l 'H r, 1 - . 'ta 5 5 1 G. Smith Math, Science Physical Ed. .3 NJN M. Lockman Commercial, Science Physical Ed. .fo s N 0, A9 i N .X t ,:, X! E. Burnett Instrumental Music v Q B. Olinger Vocational Agriculture Shop P. M. Jobes High School Principal English ?MW Z 6,15 Q 'Q-.- df L 5- DJ O. Morton Social Studies English 20 D. Page Drivers' Training J 0 Vocal Music X . 'UU q H. K. Schofer Bldg. Principal Science 15Q YQ' 4 wr A. Glunt Home Economics 4 .Q W . ' sf 'ft ge I '.1: . fx! ra. ::", g?fE Q Q. ,ful - uni' U 'ii if 1 W F M. Bierly First grade v' 41:5 Q' QQLN 0' - P 3 N gigilfx . -, M. Myers Fourth grade 6-...J D. w. Bright Sixth grade ,away ,4.e"' V ,ffXN J -f' Q f QM laik- ,jlsli ligg iiqjkl I 9.1 R. Niswonger Second grade .unix 'N ff . .h Y by 4 4, . N. Miller mhird grade , -, NIL J. Delaplane Fifth grade 50- "'1' iff . ,,'agf Ab 3 F Ranallo Fifth grade 5 nu S IV 73- o r Y 1 3 qs' -Q V M' f A Y, , . X Whbwh as 'Q ww Bus Drivers Henry Flory, Harve Henninger, Russell Barklow, Darhl McLear, Jesse Oakes, Virgil Bridenbaugh Janitor Ray Poling r rwrg, .-Q Q5-I 'Q ...Q in Q7 5 V 32 4' X- - f -5 sf. 1 6 - . 4 2 fn. sf Q1 Q "..L.., . 1+ ' i" N -1 . ' ' . XX L. . y-- fq fl M5mWs j so 1' ' Q3 'Q V s M - ' :fl Cooks Mrs. Sarah Wreck, Mrs. Dolly Poling, Mrs. Elva Baker 6 Secretary Pauline Overcash ,, My 5? bb rg 50Pll0l700F.f FRISHNGN S 66444 af l?52 Valedictorian Donna Roby Class Play 3-h Girls' Chorus l-2-3 Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Operetta 2 F.HoAo 3"h Officer h Annual Staff h 'E' .Q 1 zne- "3""7' f" - f'f'N"f6m Dolores Small Class President 3-h Reporter 1 Checrleadez - Class Play 3-h Girls' Chorus l-2-3 Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Cperetta 2-3 Festival Court 3 F.H.A. l-2-3 Officer 2 Librarian l-2 Office Secretary l-2-3 h Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Staff h C J Jo Ann Hoover Girls' Chorus l-2-3 'CTv'7 Salutatorian Jack Rice Class Play l-h Track Manager l Boys' Chorus M Mixed Chorus h Annual Staff M Art Club 2-3 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3 115 F.H.A. l-2-3-LL I Officer 3 Office Secretary 2 Thelma Long Class Officer 2-h Cheerleader 3-h Twirler l-2-3-h Girls' Chorus 3 F.H.A. 1-2-3-M Officer 2 Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Editor h 'ti F Q x ' sf i Richard Irelan Class Officer 2-3 Basketball l-2-3-h Baseball 1-2-3-h Class Play 3-h Boys' Chorus 1-2- Mixed Chorus l-2- Operetta l-2-3 F.F.A. l-2-3 Librarian l-2 Annual Staff M 3- 3-M Cm. in tsl fi 'P' Thelma June Bright Class Officer 1-P Class Play 3-h Band l-2-3 Dinner Band 3 Girls' Chorus 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Operetta l-2-3 Clairnet Quartet 2-3 F.H.A. l-2-3-M Officer 3-h Librarian l-2-3 Office Secretary h Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Staff h Antlhihnmixx x . , yi ,.. Q-or K x .fav 4 Betty Fourman Class Officer 1 Class Play 3-h Girls' Chorus 1 F.H.A. 1-2-3-U Officer 3-h Librarian l-2 Office Secretary 3-h Annual Staff h Jack Kronenberg Class Officer 3-h Baseball 2-3-h Basketball l Class Play 3-M Band l Boys' Chorus l F.F.A. 2-3 Officer 3 Annual Staff h 'CI F' Janice Riffell Class Officers l-3-M Class Play 3-h Band 3 Girls' Chorus l-2-3-h Mixed Chorus l-2-3-D Operetta l-2-3 Girls' Trio 3 Girls' Quartet 3 F.H.A. l Librarian l Office Secretary h Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Staff h . Q. an ,D ,JF I lg' dr- '4P5-gr 1 ' o -, Ns,TP' ' I E r .X , 1 Shirley Kress Girls' Chorus l-2 F.H.A. l-2-3-D Office Secretary l .fwqx ,en 'UN arm 'vt Beverly Fourman Class Officer 2 Class Play 3-M F.F.A. l-2-3-h Officer 3-h Office Secretary 2 Annual Staff h Eldon Rench Track 3 Class Play D Boys' Chorus 2-h Mixed Chorus 2-M F.F.A. l-2-3-h Officer h Librarian 1 .-25. .49 1 E ., Betty Lou Campbell Class Play h Girls' Chorus l-2-3-h Mixed Chores l-2-3-h Operetta l-2-3 Girls' Quartet 3 r.H.A. l-2-3-h Librarian l-2-3 Office Secretary 2-3-h Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Staff h L 0 n1lx asus' .3 Q... I 'IDU'-' fjfg K KZ. H 512 ? isiiiaa 1.1-zz. " 7 -f Opal Glasscoe Twirler h Girls' Chorus 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1-2 F.H.A. l-2-3-h Librarian 1-2 'X 'Uh Q Kay Hemmerich Twirler h Girls' Chorus 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1-2 F.H.A. l-2-3-h Librarian l-2 Pirate Staff 2 Annual Staff h CJUVEL Patsy Flory Class Play 3-h Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-L Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-h Operetta 1-2-3 Festival Court 3 Girls' Trio 3 Girls' Quartet 3 F.H.A. 1-2-3-h Librarian l-2 Office Secretary 2-3 Annual Staff h .y 4Ein F? 0 I if Carol Fourman F.F.A. 1-2'3'I-L Officer h Librarian 1 Office Secretary h I0 Reita Alspaugh Class Officer 3 Class Play 3-h Girls' Chorus 1-2 Operetta 1 F.H.A. 1-2-3-H assi Marvin Small KNO Picturel Basketball 1 Class Play 3 Boys' Chorus 1-2-3-M Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Operetta 2 Boys' Quartet 3 F.F.A. l-2-3-h Officer M Irvin Sarver Track 3 Class Play 3-A Boys' Chorus l-2-3-h Mixed Chorus l-2-3-h Operetta 2 F.F.A. 1-2-3-L Officer 3-L Librarian 1-2 Annual Staff h Q! it ' P ,-QV, Treva Kunkleman Class Officer 1-2-h Cheerleader 1 Class Play h Girls' Chorus 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1-2 F.H.A. 1-2-3-h Officer 3-h Librarian 1-2 Office Secretary 1 Pirate Staff 2-3 Annual Staff U 9.3. In l9hO we boarded the train to Education. Our conddctor was Miss Marie Eikenberry with 2h passengers: Donald Ditmer, Dwane Fisher, Beverly Fourman, Carol Fourman, James Hency, Richard Irelan, Verlin Jamison, Roger Long, Lloyd Meyer, Eldon Rench, Jane Blumenstock, Ruth Bodenmiller, Thelma Bright, Betty Campbell, Phyllis Condon, Phyllis Ditmer, Betty Fourman, Faye Kibbey, Diane Koogler, Shirley Kress, Thelma Long, Doris Reed, Dolores Small and Kay Wright. The train then pulled into a station. When the train chugged off again with Julia Roberts as our conductor, we took on eight more passengers! Tommy Brown, Dolores Bard, Jacqueline Fourman, Ellen Garber, Kay Hemmerich, Viron Adkins, Adrien Miller, Joan Hofacker. Phyl- lis Condon and Donald Ditmer got off at this station. At the next stop some of us were divided into another train with Virginia Williams and Norma Sink as our conductors. We took on nine new passengers: Opal Glasscoe, Marjorie Hart, Janice Riffell, Clyde Gibson, Donna Roby, Betty Wintrow, Patricia Flory, Marvin Houdeshell, Ronnie Hughes. The following got off at the station: Roger Long, Lloyd Meyer, Jacoueline Fourman, Ellen Garber, Viron Adkins, Joan Hofacker, James Hency, and Tommy Brown. In the fourth grade we had as our conductor Lucille Lutz and the following new passengers: Treva Kunkleman, Donald Harrison, Jack Miller, Donald White, Donald Hoblit. At our next stop we lost Ruth Bodenmiller, Donna Roby, Marvin Houdeshell and Marjorie Hart. we chugged off again in the fifth grade with D. W. Bright as our conductor. Jo Ann Hoover, Joe Leach, and Kathleen Bruce boarded the train and Phyllis Dit- mer, Faye Kibbey, Diane Koogler and Dolores Bard left us. In the sixth grade we took on two new passengers, Virginia McGuire and Irvin Sarver. Our conductor was Alvin Brown. We again lost some passengers: Clyde Gibson, Ronnie Hughes, Donald White and Kathleen Bruce. As we journeyed into the seventh grade we had Mrx Morton as our conductor. Here we had to adjust ourselves to meet many new faces. This time we had four new passengers to join us: Betty Jones, Joyclyn Lavy, Joan Maxwell, and Mary Harper. Virginia McGuire and Joe Leach had left us at the last stop. In the eighth grade we had Robert Ross as our conductor. Here we made a stop when Dwane Fisher got off and no one entered. As we journeyed into the first year of high school we had Mr. Allmann as our conductor. Here Betty McDaniels and Joan Maxwell joined us. Betty Jones, Jack Miller and Betty Wintrow left us. In our Sophomore year we chose M . Olinger as our conductor. Jack Kronen- berg and Marvin Small boarded the train and Joyclyn Lavy and Thelma Long left uso When we made our next stop for the Junior year Mrs. Jobes then became our conductor. Three passengers joined us: Reita Alspaugh, Donna Roby, and Thelma Long. Verlin Jamison, Doris Jean Reed, and Jane Blumenstock left us. Before starting the last lap of the journey, Jack Rice boarded the train. Mr. Schofer was our conductor. We were sorry to have Mary Harper, Betty Jean McDaniels, Donald Harrison and Donald Hoblit leave us. The time came for us to get off the train in this part of Education. Even though there are only 22 passengers left, we tried to do our best. ll CLASS I-Us irony -5 ifal E . 4, f'Nr,, LAST WILI AND TES ANFLL Reita Alspaugh, do hereby will my blacx hair to Alice Faye Iutz JP 1,3 I 52 475 : ' ,W - sv s O O 7 NJ' Isp 6 gQ I, ' , . L i Thelma Bright, do hereby will my driving ability to the drivers' 1, ' training class. , I, Betty Campbell, do hereby will my laugh to Doc Long. I, Patsy Flory, do hereby will my voice to Carol Myers. I, Betty Fourman, do hereby will my sewing ability to Shirley Faehl. Beverly Fourman, do hereby will my mechanical ability to Carl Weisenbarger. I, I, Carol Fourman, do hereby will my wrestling ability to Dick Long. I, Opal Glasscoe, do hereby will my little feet to Mr. Page. I, Kay Hemmerich, do hereby will my unfinished suit to Myra Wright. I, JoAnn Hoover, do hereby will my brown eyes to Marilyn Miller. Dick Irelan, do hereby will my charm and flirting ability to Bob Davis. I, I, Shirley Kress, do hereby will my disposition to Shirley Fritz. I, Jack Kronenberg, do hereby will my love and vast knowledge of chemistry to Jack Karns. Treva Kunkleman, do hereby will my first semester of chemistry to anyone who needs it. I, Eldon Rench, do hereby will my brains for getting A's in Civics to Donnie Long. I, I, Jack Rice, do hereby will my wooden leg to JoAnn Arnett. I, Donna Roby, do hereby will my questionable excuses to Olis Kress. I, Irvin Sarver, do hereby will my Civics knowledge to the future classes. I, Janice Riffell, do hereby will my A's in chemistry to Jerry Poling. l, Thelma Long, do hereby will my height to Bob Fellows. I, Dolores Small, do hereby will my magnetic personality to whom ever i wants it. I, Marvin Small, do hereby will my hair combing style to David McKibben. di? ' 1 1.5. JH' 12 K PITSBURC5 GAZETTE voL. 25 No. 29h PITSBURG, OHIO, THURSDAY, MAY 33, 1962 20 CENTS Cincinnati, May 2 - Mrs. Dolores Small Apgar,Cin- cinnati socialite, held a tea party at her home here in Amberly Village today. The party was proclaimed the success of the season. It's suc- cess was attributed to the fact that Miss Jan- ice Riffell was her guest of honor. Miss Riffell fascinated the aristocratic guests with her rendition of, her latest, Hit Parade's number one song, NI'm forever Smoking Pipesu. -1-i New York, N.Y., July l - Famous hair stylist Miss Jo Ann Hoover shocked the country with her latest hair styling. The new hairdo, the Mutt Cut, is sweeping the country. It was first tried on the famous singer, Miss P. Flory. It was the first haircut for Miss Flory since her graduation from high. Stockholm, Miss Treva Laura, R.R pete with Sweden, Mayl- Kunkleman, of . l, will com- other profes- sional skaters in the National Skating Contest at Stockholm on June 21. Miss Kunkleman will be competing against such talent as Sonja Heini, Barbara Scott, and Vir- ginia Hermann. - Greenville, May 8 - The Ringling Bros. Circus makes their opening per- formance at the Darke County Fairgrounds Col- iseum in Greenville on May 10. The main event of the evening will be the thrill packed, sus- pense filled performance of the beautiful bare back rider, Miss Betty Lou Campbell. Pitsburg, March lO - Miss Reita Alspaugh is the new English teacher at Monroe High School, who is replacing the former teacher, Mrs. P. M. Jobes, who recently retired. Miss Alspaugh of Miami has pre- at Fair- view and Roosevelt schools in Dayton. T is a graduate University and viously taught .....,1.-...........-,1i-.-. Washington, May 8 - The President, Miss Donna Roby, and her personal secretary, M . Irvin Sarver, have recently returned from a polit- ical conference in New York. Miss Roby made the following statement: NI'm quite certain that political matters in New York have been greatly improved as a result of my visit.W She was seen at the following places: The wedding of Maggie Truman, The Red Derby, Patty Lou's Hat Shoppe, and the fabulous Green Cockatoo. A few minutes of her time was spent at the conference. Los Angeles, Calif.,Feb. 29 - While attempting a double roll,Eldon Rench, stunt flyer for Barnum and Bailey Circus, fell out of the plane's cock- pit into the chimney of Mr. James Andrew, Sr. Mr. Andrews son, Jim y, is certain Santa came early this year. Chicago, May 6 - Mr. Sarver, personal secre- tary to the president, recently presented to Mn Marvin Small, a medal of honor for his discovery of a Tea Bag Squeezer. Through his efforts the Lipton Tea Company has finally become a success Hollywood, May 22 - Miss Shirley Kress, actress voted Best-Dressed woman this year, is making plans for her fifth mar- riage. Her trousseau is being planned by her seamstress, Miss Betty Fourman, from Arcanum. Miss Fourman is well- known for her fabulous costume designing. Atlanta, Georgia, May 2- Dr. Jack Kronenberg, famous chemist, and his faithful assistant, Miss Thelma June Bright have recently perfected a mechanical horse to replace their Oldsmobile which left them in l95h. Since this discovery, their friends expect a visit from them at last. Pitsburg, Sept. lO - Mr. Carol Fourman, Pitsburg farmer, has found a new way of planting corn which yields lOO times as much corn as pre- viously. This new method may be used extensively throughout the world. Dayton, May 2 - Multi- millionaire, Jack Rice, recently received the total of 8lO0,000 from salt mines in Siberia, believed by Russians to be worthless. Mr. Rice resides in Dayton. Korea, May 9 - Ambass- ador to Korea, Beverly Fourman, returned for a brief visit to the U.S. Mr. Fourman reports that the feeling towards the United States is good and will be perhaps even better in the future. New York, May l - While on their annual trip around the earth, the NGlobetrotters'signed on Mr. Richard Irelan to take the place of the fabu- lous WGolden Goose'TatumU New York, May 30 - A young Ohio girl took the Arthur Godfrey Talent show by storm on May 26. This attractive brunetug Patsy Flory, wowed the audience with her ver- sion of NGlowwormN from the Operetta Wwiggalou. 13 Arcanum - Twenty-seven year old Opal Glasscoe of Arcanum is the first girl to enlist in the WAVES since 1958. For those of her friends who wish to correspond with Opal, her address is: Pvt. Opal Glasscoe RA 16000001 Co. Q 2nd Bn. WAVE Training Center, Annapolis, Maryland Greenville, May 6 - The famous Kay Hemmerich, author of many books, has recently released her latest, WMy Experi- ence With Liarsn. This is based on her true experiences and proves to be one of the year's best sellers. Miss Hem- merich is better remem- bered by her reading public as author of, HWhy Apples Grow On Apple Treesu. Cattenooga, May 7 - Ten years ago today, Miss Thelma Long established a home for orphaned cats in honor of her deceased cat, WPootsieW. These cats come from all over the U.S. and after six months in the Cattenooga Home for Cats are liable to adoption. We wish to give a vote of thanks to Miss Long for her unsel- fish contributions for the care of mistreated felines. Pres. Sec, Tree u ' so Y. Egeioling D1ck Long Dean Stickley Repo Orbef 55 ,QT lb,-ra Wgl, 3515 we right 'IU YP' Jo Arm Arnett ,-v' fx 1 X e Carl Weisenbarger .Ln . 'diff 1 51. V1 Jim Kepler 66444 af 7953 ik' IF X , i Rf K Donald Ditmer Connie Flvry My K X w .. we W1 ,ff 5 A Jack Karns Beverly Hoke I 0 451' s. g. 1 'B-x . f..-- l ,ff 31 23 1 :gi 1 Marilyn Miller Jack Baker 'H L 'K""' Shirley Irelan Q f-, if J ak A x, X x, x Q . Shirley Faehl 'We A Q... E 'K 3 Beulah Fisher 1 4 at K. 4 O 39 6 l eu P 'd t --4' -lllm. T651 GH ,v V. President F' "', N " Q x : Ronnie Printz Don Long , ,FEHEJQQFOQ 1 is IYXIHI IQ 'Az' X , - x , ' Treasurer, Secretary v A 3 George Muller Barbara Lambert Reporter, df Roger Flory Reporter, Connie Loxley ' 'K Q - ... 4, W " . X V' J A is P' -gif' AX ix ' ,- s K - kv Louis Pa Hud Marlene Small Donnie Long Gloria Fasick Don Williamson 1. A sr I' a - 5. , . ' 1 . W N Dale Fisher Kathleen Small Tommy Roberts Bonnie Besecker Terry Lavy ! qi 'X as Q 0 c- . V . tr Nr f -,, 5: YQ V . ' "- in if e , ,gi , g:,:t,.w ,..V I h I f , 1 -f 'wif f' - 1 . h.,..,.....j. Q in 0 'S I R, , Alice Faye Lutz Larry Richter Marcille Gregg Jim Strawser Bob Reisley HOW? K-V653 15 lf as ua. . R, I l - 1.5 U 1 ' fy!-e35f ,L lignslilgrillmgrich HV' Pre, . 560' eq Yfxt' V5-Pol fldent X ghirl I QVSPS QGDC A 0 'Pg mer, 023 ab' G1- goicfq mic' 66444 df I Q' 'bm Maff V 1 6660 V C I" "st . ,QV Nzf, A Y ur K Q? x . Y 1 p-aux 5 - - Q n I Jerry Baker' Ronnie Kauffman Harllyn Neff Don Stutz Robby Davis Marcia Feltshans 5' .H 1 'DQ 'nr 1-'5 ... 4, , l o ff pr v7 Bob Fellows Bob Rinehart Edna Glasscoe Ronnie Small Ronnie Haworth Vary Jo Haworth Q .1 x --, 3. Q '.:, , an lf" -if fi, """' is N 'N I N . ' ' PM QR at Y. 'll gl K2 4. ,Q :azz JJ' 'ii " Y Yen Kauffman Ronnie AJ-Spallgh Alice Jean Royer Denver Brown Donald Applegate 16 ' "-11 607027121 5 Q, XXX., 1 us? O K Q95 ff! 6 S Q5 K If I Q36 I -y n x 0' wr Q ANNXMAAIKS' -4-wg x "Q W Qc 'w . 1 ' '29 Q I- Q, 1.1 .t a,, S' 4.72 'Wh FAQ - , 5 ,, ax Gnlo fp 3'n lII'- Q0 "',v7,-N ' 54+-ME Q xFSFAfw 0 54 1' -Q 5' 4 Af- f" 'L' ff V 'Y V v o -L Q' Q pn ,px 'C f?!'G'L10 D J NEW YV 'kc fzlu X' Fa Ho Ao F. F. A. 17 4 A, -1 ,. -,'- ,,,. .., I I, , fi, Y . FIRST ROW--Shirley Faehl, Gloria Fasick, Bonnie Besecker, Connie Loxley, Reita Alspaugh SECOND ROW--Carol Myers, Marlene Small, Myra Wright, Edna Glasscoe, Beverly Hoke, Olis Kress, Thelma June Bright, Thelma Long, Kathleen Small, Alice Jean Royer THIRD ROW--Mary Jo Haworth, Shirley Fritz, Jo Ann Arnett, Shirley Irelan, Shirley Kress, Connie Flory, Donna Roby, Anna Hoblit, Marcia Feitshans, Karolyn Hem erich, Marilyn Neff, Alice Faye Lutz FOURTH ROW--Mrs. Glunt, Patsy Flory, Jo Ann Hoover, Treva Kunkleman, Betty Campbell, Beulah Fisher, Betty Four- man, Opal Glasscoe, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Lambert, Marcille Gregg Officers of the 1951-S2 F.H.A. are as follows: President... ....... ...... Betty Fourman Vice President .... .... Olis Kress Secretary ....... .... Beverly Hoke Treasurer .......... .... Treva Kunkleman Parliamentarian .... ....Thelma B ight Historian ............ .... Reita Alspaugh Recreation Leaders ......... Connie Flory Marlene Small Chorister ....... .... Patsy Flory Club Mothers .... .... Mrs. Nolan Lambert Mrs. G. W. Wright At the first of the year the officers of this chapter went to West Milton for a discussion of how to better F.H.A. clubs. Games and refresh- ments were enjoyed by all. For the Farmers' Institute each member was required to have at least one entry. Officers for 1952-53 will be appointed this May. I8 ,H ..,---nv-,,, 1 "'-'F :us FIRST ROW--Ronnie Haworth, Dean Stickley, Dale Fisher SECOND ROW--Bob Davis, Ronnie Small, Ronnie Kauffman, Larry Mitchell, Jay Schieding, Bob Rinehart, Donald Stutz, Roger Flory, Ronnie Alspaugh, Donald Jamison, Ronnie Printz THIRD ROW--Irvin Sarver, Donnie Williamson, Jack Karns, Louis Pa Hud, Donnie Long, Donald Ditmer, Marvin Small, Beverly Fourman, Terry Lavy, Jimmy Kepler, Carol Four- man, Mr. Olinger FOURTH ROW--Jerry Baker, Denver Brown, Bob Reisley, Roger Kress, Ken Hemmerich, Carl Weisenbarger, Eldon Bench, George Miller, David McKibben There are 35 boys in the 1951-S2 vocational agriculture class. Of these 35 are F.F.A. members. Eight regular F.F.A. meetings were held. The officers of the Monroe F.F.A. chapter are as follows: President .... .... ...........Marvin Small Vice President... ...Beverly Fourman Secretary....... ...Dean Stickley Treasurer ....... ...Irvin Sarver News Reporter .... ...Eldon Rench Sentinal......................Jack Karns A county and district parlimentary procedure contest was held this year. In this we participated and received a gold rating for our efforts. During the winter, 30 boxes of assorted garden seeds were sold to help the friends of the F.F.A. In March the Junior and Senior boys made a trip to Columbus to observe farm and home week. We have competed in county and district in general and diary judging contests. We will also compete in the state contest. Bob Davis, placed third in the district public-speaking contest in Vocational Agriculture, winning a gold medal. He competed against six other contestants. His subject was NConservationW. He also placed third in the county contest. He was the only Freshman to enter this event. 19 V .Af I Sl I- 4 U 1 X I S xi .,, gwfi ,E X if J I Class Will: Irvin Sarver ! Class Prophecy: effxfff Patsy Flory Janice Riffell Activities Staff: Betty Lou Campbell Beverly Fourman Mnauwwy Sports Managers: Dick Irelan Jack Kronenberg Kay Hemmerich Typists: Betty Lou Campbell Thelma June Bright Treva Kunkleman Faculty Advisor: M . H. K. Schofer 74005441 Staff EDI TORAL STAFF: Thelma Long - Editor Dolores Small Janice Riffell Treva Kunkleman Art Staff: Jack Rice Thelma June Bright Class History: Betty Fourman Donna Roby 24,4 s.4..z awww Editfiraoue-aaa.. Asst. Editor .... Grade Editor.... Sports Editor.... Art Editor .... Club Editor... Joke Editor ..... Memo Operator..... English Advisor... Commercial Advisor.... 1 oowra ..Beverly Hoke .Beulah Fisher Shirley Irelan Jo Anne Arnett ..Connie Flory .Shirley Faehl Marilyn Miller oo0nMrSo Jobes ...Mrs. Lockman NJ if amlofz 5 5 0 Fzpgzzeg 1 o.z.LJ.2.U5 ,- ? ...D 1 17.22222 Mrs. P. M. Jobes Stage Managers Carol Fourman Eldon Ranch Junior Class Play THE CALAMITY KIDS Midge Starr..... Micky Starr.... Emily Hoskins... Clara Clagg..... Brad Rivers..... Bonnie Blue..... KDouble castingj Gideon Garvey... Opal Ludlow...... .........Thelma Bright ....Irvin Sarver . .......Donna Roby oo ...Janice Riffell Hezekiah Hoskins...... .Jack Kronenberg .. ....Bevcrly Fournan ... ....Betty Fourman .....Patsy Flory ....Marvin Small ....Dolores Small Loraine Ludlow.... ...Jane Blumenstock CDouble castingj... ...Reita Alspauoh Elmer Ludlow...... ...Richard Irelan 5 fx, n '1 J . 1.-1 . .fly lx Q' ,955 . X r X .mg , 'ff-'nas -ya-ny.-ea.: U ,bv l - ...- we ' ' li Director Mrs. P. M. Jobes Stage Managers Carol Fourman Marvin Small sl endweheepfdqs Senior Class Play ORCHIDS AND ONIOHS Jeffry Langdon.... Eve Langdon....... CDouble castingj.. Randolph Yorke... Dorothy Dalhart... fDouble castingj.. Herbert Hickson... Sue Bedford.. ..... Eggleston Flint... Henrietta Vantower.. CDouble castingj.. Lollie Popkins .... Rafe McGurk ...... Honey Bee Jenks... Alabama Brown .... Jack Kronenbcrg .Betty Campbell ..Betty Fourmen .Richard Irelan Treva Kunkleman .....Donma Roby Beverly Fourman ..Doloros Small ......Jack Rice .Reita Alspaugh ....Patsy Flory ..Thelma Bright ....Eldon Rench .Janice Riffell ...Irvin Sarver :N X' 12 - Q, I.-.a LNB FIRST ROW--Thelma Bright, Janice Riffell, Treva Kunkleman, Dolores Small, Betty Campbell, Patsy Flory, Betty Fourman, Reita Alspaugh SECOND ROW--Mrs. Jobes, Irvin Sarver, Jack Rice, Eldon Rench, Richard Irelan, Jack Kronenberg, Beverly Fourman Septo Octo Nov. + fb Q'5 School Starts Baseball at New Madison Piney Blossom Singers Baseball at Baseball at Baseball at Baseball at Bird Circus Franklin Palestine Hollansburg Union City County Teachers' Meeting Band at Bradford Pumpkin Show End of First Six Weeks Senior Pictures Cheerleader Tryouts Coca Cola Wildlife Picture Southeastern Band Concert at Franklin Central Ohio Teachers' Association Community Halloween Party Southeastern Band Concert at Arcanum Basketball Monroe vs Phillipsburg Southeastern Band Concert at Monroe Senior Class Play Senior Class Play Basketball Monroe vs Lost Creek F. H. A. Rally at Ansonia National Vice-President Assembly Speaker Basketball Monroe vs Ansonia Prince of Peace Contest Basketball Monroe vs Gettysburg Thanksgiving Vacation Thanksgiving Vacation Basketball Monroe vs Brookville End of Second Six Weeks F. H. A. and F. F. A. Rabbit Supper Basketball Monroe vs New Madison Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May Basketball Monroe vs Arcanum Basketball Monroe vs Franklin Basketball Monroe vs Germantown to Jan. 2 Christmas Vacation Basketball Monroe vs Basketball Monroe vs Basketball Monroe vs Hollansburg Franklin Union City End of Third Six Weeks Basketball Monroe vs Movie HThe Big ldean Basketball Monroe vs Basketball Monroe vs Basketball Monroe vs Palestine Gettysburg Shawen Acres Jackson Farmers' Institute Farmers' Institute Basketball Monroe vs Arcanum United States Zoological Assembly P. T. A. Farmers' Institute Play P. T. A. Farmers' Institute Play Basketball Monroe vs Verona to 23 Darke County Tournament Vaccination End of Fourth Six Weeks Spiritual Emphasis Week Assembly Assembly Speaker-Dr. Weerd Gypsies Troubadour Assembly Junior Class Play Junior Class Play End of Fifth Six Weeks Junior-Senior Reception Baccalaureate Commencement End of School Year Senior Trip Senior Trip Senior Trip ,Q w W2 12 X x N W , X X QF X X V 5, wx ' 296 6' l ' 2 - ,,.ln. .,,LkW A W A A .lk '."1-Ov. A A FIRST ROW--Jerry Poling, George Miller, Ken Hemmerich, Dick Irelan, Terry Lavy, Ronnie Printz, Roger Flory SECOND ROW--Coach-Guy E. Smith, Dick Long, Ronnie Haworth, David McKibben, Dean Stickley, Jimmy Kepler VARSITY OPPONENTS Monroe L6 Phillipsburg Monroe Sl Lostcreek Monroe 54 eAnsonia Monroe Q3 wGettysburg Monroe Q7 Brookville Monroe 6M nNew Madison Monroe SO nArcanum Monroe 63 Franklin Monroe 36 Germantown MOHFOG M2 wHollansburg Monroe 60 wFranklin Monroe 57 aUnion City Monroe 63 npalestine Monroe 31 Gettysburg Monroe 66 Shawen Acres Monroe 62 nJackson Monroe Eu Arcanum Monroe 59 Verona TOURNAMENT MANAGER New Madison LL3 Mom-oe M8 MANAGER Arcanum 65 Monroe 51 Paul Lutz Union City Sh Monroe 58 Bob Rinehart CONSOLATION FINAL Jackson S5 Monroe ul Monroe placed nth in the County Tournament JI. n Denotes League Games 26 1 TW 1 x -.XX qos I . X 605 Y 1 J 'QA p I -x C5 .FM1 ', pg if' NX!! .Q 1 I ' Law? Qeffg .47 44 R 2 ee RX 2 f-1' If JY? I X X rfe XUXXGY G60 9 . A , Y ,A A 'wg' V Sf ' Sf 1 If , f X , 3 ROHHIQ PP-intz 27 D4c 11: Irel an ,-9 ffm I 1 fffgx Ken Henunerich R sf ' S 09 1 1115 Seffff YC if Q 3 Iva Q 17 ,fir 7 if 5 N Kg 4 ff 3 1' v I I' OQSP Flor Dv fm- I mga swf 1 'H X F '1Il'? Gloria Fasick Marlene Small nuff Thelma Long N Bonnie Besecker X Q W, 6 .5 - , Q I pale 1 , , , Nw, muon We TEAM Ruth Ann Seman Sue Feitshans Dixie Shank n I x , '17, J Janet Ressler M' K QXUQTQQ Zmefad FIRST ROW--George Miller, Jimmy Strawser-, Roger Flory, David McKibben, Ronnie Printz, Terry Lavy, Dale Fisher SECOND ROW--Denver Brown, Dean Stickley, Ken Hemmer-ich, Mr. Smith, Jerry Poling, Richard Irelan, Jack Kronenber-g OFFCIENTS q d MONROE New Madison ---- 16 K Monroe ---. O Franklin -------- 3 Monroe ---- 1 Hollansburg ----- 7 Q Monroe ---- 1 Union C ity ----- 22 ' Monroe ---- LL Palestine ------ 22 Monroe -.-. 2 29 c X 113-0 .Qfff ' ' 'EN X'fMll'f ay Phillipsburg Lostcreek Ansonia Gettysburg Brookville New Madison Arcanum Franklin Germantown Hollansburg Franklin Union City Palestine Gettysburg Shawen Acres Jackson Arcanum Verona FIRST ROW--Ronnie Hayworth, Jim Kepler, Dean Stickley, David McKibben, Dick Long, Bob Reisley SECOND ROW--Coach-Guy E. Smith, Louie PaHud, Larry Richter, Dale Fisher, Bob Fellows, Jim Strawser, Don Long, Jack Baker OPPONENT JUNIOR HIGH Phillipsburg 29 Monroe uNew Madison 21 Monroe vPa1estine 2M Monroe wHollansburg 17 Monroe wUnion City 19 Monroe Butler 2 Monroe aJackson 38 Monroe eeArc anum 35 Monroe aAnsonia 29 Monroe seButle r 3U Monroe eeGe ttysburg 33 Monroe wFrank1in 10 Monroe TOURNAMENT Gettysburg 38 Monroe 31 4 ' OPPONENT RESERVES Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe Monroe I ,jf Qfff f, FIRST ROW--Billy Printz, Phillip Eikenberry, Gary Jones, Danny Niswonger, Paul Lutz, Larry Feitshans SECOND ROW--Coach-Guy E. Smith, Dick Marker, Bob Feitshans, Larry Altic, Jack Roberts, Kent Myers, Jimmy Conner MANAGER--Dale McNe11y 4 Denotes League Games 6 30 f X , mmf Q 7 D, Y ,f M if 3 Du Wu 9 5 'b 7 Q ? 0 - f'k "'?s Q X ' ' A ' -f l .4 31 swam FIRST ROW--Sandra Fetters, Helen Hoover, Phyllis Will- iamson, Noreta Bridenbaugh, Barbara Wick, Erla Kress, Priscella McDuffee, Ruth Ann Seman, Wanda Roach SECOND ROW--Miss Clee Smith, Jackie Hosopple, Eldean Gilbert, Gene Riffell, Bonnie Campbell, Ellen Dietrick, Patricia Deeter, Dennis Mundhenk, Philip Eikenberry, Richard Marker THIRD ROW--Jimmy Conner, Larry Feitshans, Paul Lutz, Jack Roberts, Tom Baker, Charles McDuffee, Gary Jones, Pat Roberts In September the Eighth grade chose sides for a spelling contest. Two leaders were Ruth Ann Seman and Jimmy Conner. Ruth Ann's side won. The class elected the following officers for the year: President - Sandra Fettersg Vice President - Helen Hooverg Sec. Treas. - Jimmy Connery Reporters - Wanda Roach and Ruth Ann Seman. The class was sorry to see the home room teacher, Miss Smith, leave, but was glad to welcome the new teacher, Mrs. Lockman. The new music teacher, Mr. Sipe, formed a Junior High Chorus. The class spent the remainder of the months preparing to make grades to enter high school. 32 .5'euevu.'4Qa4de FIRST ROW--Mary Riffell, Sharon Eller, Patty Neff, Sue Feitshans, Carol Hussey, Gertrude Duerr, Joyce Deeter, Kathy Longenecker, Sharon Thompson, Connie Miller SECOND ROW--Kent Myers, John Flory, Billy Printz, Darlene Kress, Fay Mitchell, Patricia Schwartz, Dixie Shank, Janet Ressler, John Small, Tom Blumenstock THIRD ROW--Eldean Glick, Allen Rogers, Carroll Miller, Richard Baker, Dale McNelly, Dan Niswonger, Jerry Glasscoe, Larry Altic, Bob Feitshans, Dickie Wetzel, Ronald Rice, Mr. Morton This year the seventh grade tried to do its best. They had three pupils from Gordon. They were as follows: Allen Rogers, Phyllis Hamm, and Patty Swartz. Two new pupils from Dayton were Ronnie Rice and Ray Fellows. The students enjoyed a Christmas exchange. The Monroe Junior High Boys' team was beaten by Gettysburg at the Butler Tournament this year. They hope to do better next year. All pupils wish to thank Mr. Morton for the help he gave them this school year. Officers of the seventh grade class were as follows: Larry Altic ------------- President Bob Feitshans ----------- Vice-President Kathleen Longenecker ---- Sec. Treas. Sue Feitshans ----------- Reporter Sharon Thompson --------- Reporter 33 561:64 Qzade FIRST ROW--Larry Bridenbaugh, Jerry Roberts, Jerry Bixler SECOND ROW--Madonna Kress, Sally Seman, Linda Riesley, Jo Ann Best, Judy Morris, Myrna Gregg: Judy Besecker, Judy Olinger, Betty King, Judy Cross, Bonnie Fouts THIRD ROW--Ned Myers, Wayne Scheiding, Arlene Longenecker, Nancy Fourman, Judy Hoover, Gretchen Pa Hud, Beverly Small, Margie Hoff, Mr. Bright FOURTH--Jerry Altic, Ted Shields, Gary Kingry, Donald Spitler, Douglas Lambert, David Hoke, Bruce Stoltz, Marvin Mills, Kent Dickey, Deon Beane At the beginning of the school year there were seventeen girls and fifteen boys. During the year Wayne Scheiding moved to Palestine, Paul Longenecker returned from California, and Barbara Neff entered from Gettys- burg. Perfect attendance for the first semester was had by: Judy Besecker, Jo Ann Best, Judy Cross, Kent Dickey, Bonnie Fouts, Myrna Gregg, Margie Hoff, David Hoke, Madonna Kress, Marvin Mills, Judy Olinger, Jerry Roberts, Sally Semen, Ted Shields, Beverly Small and Bruce Stoltz. In September they elected the following class officers: President, Judy Beseckerg Vice-President, Bonnie Foutsg Secretary, Sally Semang Assistant Secretary, Madonna Kress. Members on the honor roll during the year were: Judy Besecker, Jo Ann Best, Judy Cross, Nancy Fourman, Bonnie Fouts, Judy Hoover, Betty King, Madonna Kress, Arlene Longenecker, Marvin Mills, Judy Morris, Judy Olinger, Linda Riesley, Sally Seman and Donald Spitler. 34 7fff4?Wf-'f FIRST ROW--Chloe Ann Wogoman, Sharon Arnett, Connie His- song, Shirley Holsapple, Carol Long, Bettie Graham, Kayd0da, Sharon Fourman, Judy Miller, Sand Peatt, Sue Ree SECOND ROW--Mrs. Delaplane, Doyle Eakes, Vera Cottrell, Patty Lavy, Janet Kronenberg, Beatriz Guajardo, Janice Hoblit, Paul Wick THIRD ROW--Ronnie Shank, Fred Feitshans, Gary Brown, Robert Stickley, Ronald Brumbaugh, Mike Kissell, Lynn Baker This division of the Fifth Grade started the year with sixteen girls and nine boys. Beatriz Guajardo left this class early in the year to return to her native state of Texas. Sandy Piatt left in January to attend school in Richmond, Indiana. Both divisions enjoyed several parties together during the year including a Halloween party, a Christmas exchange party and one at Va1entine's week. The class enjoyed both United States History and geography as well as the introduction to fractions and long division in arith- met ic 9 They enjoyed their Reading Circle books and Weekly Readers. 35 7W?'W FIRST ROW--Sandra Printz, Judy Klink, Lavon Wintrow, Dorla Applegate, Sue Hartzell, Joy Miller, Carolyn Stutz, Anna Mae Longenecker, Susanah Garber, Jerrlyn Baker SECOND ROW--Ralph Deeter, Bill Hussey, Roger Campbell Ralph Baker, Harmon Beckner, Tom Feitshans, Bruce Shank. Joe E. Brown, Ted Loxley, Mrs. Ranallo THIRD ROW--Ronnie Bridenbaugh, Paul Dean Miller, David Eikenberry This division of the fifth grade had 13 girls and 12 boys at the begin- ning of this year. Ruth Ellen Piatt moved away in January, thus leaving only 12 girls. Parties during the year were a Halloween party, a Christmas party and a birthday party given by Barbara Green, and a Valentine party on February lb. The boys played the sixth grade games out of three. The sixth grade defeated the fifth grade in four out ing basketball with girls' rules and were older and more experienced, too All will look back to this year 36 in baseball and defeated them in two returned the favor in basketball and of five games. The girls began play- the sixth grade girls proved they with pleasant memories. 1 hut' ' ' dir 7owzt6Quzde FIRST ROW--Jimmie Bridenbaugh, Lucian Jr. McDaniel, Ned Overcash SECOND ROW--Gloria Miller, Sally Stoltz, Carolyn Gilbert, Janet Brown, Nancy Younce, Willowdean Rench, Bonnie Baker, Sandra Wogoman, Sandra Spahr, Linda Wick, Mary Ann Blumenstock, Janis Beasecker THIRD ROW--Jackie Hangen, Travis Oda, Beverly Myers, Carolee Bridenbaugh, Beverly Gebert, Donnie Koontz, Douglas Yohe, Mrs. Miriam Myers FOURTH ROW--Ralph Holsopple, Gary Eubank, Jimmy Baker, Eugene Ditmer, Gary Niswonger, Larry Kauffman, Larry Kress, Douglas McDuffee, Kent Althouse, Billie King The fourth grade started the school year with an enrollment of seven- teen boys and fifteen girls. Then at Thanksgiving time Douglas Yche moved to Columbus. The Christmas season brought two more changes with Bonnie Baker moving to Arcanum and Ann Fellows coming in from Fairview School in Dayton. Gloria Miller spent the Christmas vacation in Arizona. She helped to brighten the after Christmas season with tales of the Sunny West. The Music and Bible classes that were added to our schedule the second semester were enjoyed by all. The class was very proud when Carolyn Gilbert's poster was chosed as first in state class for grades one to six. Carolee Bridenbaugh tap danced in the Institute program. All are hoping to greet you next year as members of the fifth grade. 37 vwmm FIRST ROW--Paul Bohlier, Raymond Baker, Dale Fridley, Mike Berte, Leroy Sowers SECOND ROW--Luann Mundhenk, Vixie Jo Deeter, Wilma Neff, Kay Koontz, Pamela Althouse, Karen Fisher, Linda Long- enecker, Sue Alspaugh, Charlotte Besecker, Carolyn Wintrow, Sandra Condon, Gayle Ann Long, Peggy Hissong THIRD ROW--David Fridley, Larry Joe Campbell, Mary Lou Myers, Karen Hunt, Jane Morris, Clouia Glasscoe, Mary Ann Guajardo, Carolyn Sue Horner, Esther Mae Wogoman, Billy Crossley, Joe Besecker FOURTH ROW--Gerald Kress, Kenneth Cottrell, Byron Smith, Dennis Beane, Joe Hurlow, Ted Wyan, Pat Kissell, Dwane Bridenbaugh, John Kingrey, Gene Miller, Ned Hosopple, Jimmy Baker When the school bell rang in September, forty-one third graders gathered together to start the school term. Very soon after, Mary Ann Guajardo moved to San Antonio, Texas. Just after Christmas Jim- my Baker moved to Arcanum. The next week Irvin Neff came to join us from Gettysburg School. Wilma Neff left them in February to attend West Milton School. Everyone read the three required O.P.R.C. books and all received certificates. ' 38 SeaondQnde FIRST ROW--Lyle Bixler, Warren Alspaugh, Douglas Wogoman, Tommy Myers, Steven Hussey, Larry Myers, Dean Thompson, Kenneth Baker SECOND ROW--Nancy Seman, Judith Brumbaugh, Marjorie Wright, Carolyn Ressler, Karen Eller, Bonnie Haworth, Kay Kunkle man, Sue Hemmerich, Sue Ann Eubank, Sandra Jacobs, Linda Sease, Cheryl Loxley, Betty Garber THIRD ROW--Sara Gordon, Mary Ann Reed, Patty Campbell, Caro lyn Hoblit, Ellen Longenecker FOURTH ROW--Harold Rhodehammel, Bruce Fouts, Timmy Scheid- ing, Larry Niswonger, Danny Cordes, Terry Altic, Thomas Gonzales, Gene Fritz, Norman Bridenbaugh, Lorenzo Gon- zales, Hector Guajardo When school began last fall the second grade had an enrollment of thirty eight boys and girls. During the year four boys moved away, but one boy entered. The enrollment closed with eighteen girls and seventeen boys. Many of the children who had birthdays gave parties to the rest of the class. They enjoyed reading about the city and country children. They have learned to write nicely, especially their spelling words. Numberhurdles have become easy for the most of them. ' N 39 7024: qfmie FIRST ROW--Douglas Kissell, Richard McDaniels, Bobby Shank, Gene Collet, Merlin Baker, Tony Brown, Verl Myers SECOND ROW--Bonnie Lavy, Cathy Shank, Connie Sue Spitler, Linda Wogoman, Terry Fine, Juanita Gonzales, Donna Eller, Karen Irelan, Nancy Brown, Diana Thompson, Mary Ann Fridley, Neva Applegate, Shirley Spahr THIRD ROW--Steven Blumenstock, Tommy Long, Billy McDaniels, Bobby Deeter FOURTH ROW--Charles Brumbaugh, Paul Harper, Freddy Sease, Duane Campbell, Bennie Yohe, Roger Niswonger, Gary Brown, Gary Small, Douglas Bridenbaugh, Rolland Baker, Donald Sarver, Glen Best, Rick Redett, Mrs. Bierly Grade one of the school year 1951-1952 opened the first day with thirty nine members-twenty-four boys and fifteen girls. By November, with the re- moval of three they settled down to a steady thirty-six. Since they were able to secure just one teacher, the aid of two high school senior girls was enlisted for one period each day. Reita Alspaugh and Donna Roby have proved themselves real teaching material and the first grade surely appreciated their help. Records and typing were done very capably by a junior, Olis Kress. Sincere thanks were expressed to all three. They have been able to achieve very good results this year since so many of the pupils are such good students. Reading, arithmetic, spelling, and phonics have been well mastered. Some of the writing was excellent for this grade and would even show well in higher grades. The school spirit was good, as they tried hard to do what was right. Some day Monroe will be proud of them. 40 H BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS AT POPULAR PRICES HOWARD KNOLL STUDIO I37 SOUTH MAIN FULTON 8642 DAYTON OHIO 42 MIAMI SERVICE STATICDN VVEST'lWILJTDN PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER PHONEIO5 Compliments of FOURMAN'S MEN'S SHOP Greenville, Ohio STUTZ R SANDO FUNERAL HOMES Arcanum, Ohio Phone 22 New Madison, Ohio Phone 16 Day or Night Ambulance Service BOBBY HARLEMAN THE www ARCANUM TIMES UOUNTI Phone 50 Phono 261k Verona Arcanum Ohio K 8 E ELECTRIC, INC. LL? North Miami Street West Milton, Ohio Service and Repair Division 26 West North St. Phone 219 Say it with flowers Potted Flowers Cut Flowers for Weddings - Funerals and Special Arrangements MULLENIX FLOWERS Phone 118 W Arcanum, Ohio Phone 313 JOHNSTON FURNITURE FACTORY Display Open Evenings Factory Prices Terms WARD JONES For Economical Transportation Phone 792 Laura, Ohio MILTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION WEST MILTON OHIO For GENTNERS GROCERY Diamonds - Jewelry Watches - Silverware China - Glass Groceries - Fresh Meats Ice Cream Shop at Gordon, Ohio GRAY'S JEWELERS Phone 2617 Verona 601 S. Bdwy. Greenville Compliments of ROGERS HARDWARE Arcanum, Ohio LAVY GRAIN AND FEED CO. Pitsburg, Ohio Agrico Fertilizer Kiln Dried Grains Wayne Feeds Phones - Arcanum 21+ F 20 - Laura S52 HSERVICEN - Our Motto TI-IE W F ROSSER LUMBER CO. E1 'l :I :5!i ? " Ph 32 -2 --- gg? A c , om one r anum o Lumber, Builders Supplies, and Solid Fuels 45 PITSBURG FEED AND GRAIN CO. Pitsburg, Ohio R. J. Redett, Prop. Phone 13 F 30-Arcanum Complete Insurance Service A Policy For Every Need 315 Main Street Phone 23 Arcanum, Ohio 'I " 'ff fi V?t'gaf' dwx Xneigtg Compliments of THE GENERAL ATHLETIC PRODUCTS CO. Mfgs. of athletic clothing for every sport Ask your sporting dealer to show you clothing made by GENERAL Greenville Ohio Compliments CROUSE'S MEN'S AND BOY'S STORE Arcanum, Ohio Phone 232 M VERONA WRECKING YARD Scrap Metals and Autos Bought L. D. Detro Verona, Ohio Phone 215k Verona INCAH LEENERS G Cleaning - Pressing - Dyeing Arcanum Phone 10h Ohio Laura Compliments of LAURA LLJMBEFZ COMPANY Since 1909 Ohio Compliments of BOB'S MARKET Phillipsburg, Ohio Bob Ful ler Ada FULLER Hardware and Paint Housewares Phone auo 16 North Miami Street West Milton, Ohio Fuller Compliments of BRIGHT ' S FARM STORE Phone Laura 510 Potsdam Ohio H Chi1dren's Clothing Housewares Linens Ladie's Lingerie Covington, Ohio Congratulations Class of WSZW HDEANN KISSELL'S MARKET Phone - Arcanum 13 F 21 Pitsburg Qhio PHILLIPSBURG ELEVATOR Mark A. Pfeiffer, Prop. Dayton's Complete Store for Men C031 - Grain - Feed - Seeds Feed grinding and mixing Grain drying Phone 2861 Phillipsburg Contractor and Builders ARGO R GRAY Arcanum, Ohio Phone 71 Compliments of X TELEPHON E FOLKERTH STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY GREENVILLE. OHIO Pay a small sum weekly No carrying charge s We carry our ,..--1""' "- +P-H accounts FRITZ E. MARTIN QQ! .Q JEWELER R Greenville, Ohio Silverware Diamonds Watches Etc. SKAGG'S TAVERN Eats Television Shuffleboard Open Every Day Phone aaa Arcanum Ohio Compliments of ELLER'S MARKET Groceries Compliments of CHALMER STOLTZ ELEVATOR Gettysburg Ohio Pitsburg Ohio Headquarters Ll For Good Buys In :il Hardware Paints --- Electrical Supplies 4--- Dishes Gifts Pottery 53?-fngf Sporting Goods Oel HARRIS HARDWARE Phone 6 Arcanum, Ohio 49 1 I S AMEE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE W, Throuqh Music - Better Livinq J' 522 BDWY. PHONE 1554 Finger and Permanent Waving A Specialty SCHOOL OF MUSIC 20S South High st. GREENVILLE. OHIO Phone 133 Arcanum, Ohio LOW EVERYDAY FOOD PRICES V S. SUTTON'S ' SUPER I NEI! MARKET Arcanum Ohio Compliments of Dr. D. L. Cox THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK VETERINARIAN GREENVILLE, OHIO 106 N. Main St. Phone 2115, Arcanum Ohio NIES AND MILLER SERVICE General Repairing Gas, Oil, Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Phone Laura 639 Potsdam 01110 50 7FRO I QCKFF2 SERVICE Nest Milton Phone Bo W Ohio MEHAFFIE ELECTRIC Norge Appliances Fixtures - Wiring - Supplies Commercial and Residential Free Estimates Phone 33 F no Arcanu , Ohio FURLONG'S SHOE SERVICE For Better Shoe Service Polishes, Shoes, Etc. Best Wishes Seniors of WSQH CAMPBELL'S PLUMBING SHOP Phone - Arcanum 23 F Ml Pitsburg Ohio Arcanum 3W. Geo. Ohio Ask for Compliments of DAIRY M-AID VIRGIL Roma GRADE A MILK PRODUCTS uYou'1l enjoy the differencen nThe Potato Manu Arcanum Ohio 51 BROWN'S SERVICE STORE Home and Auto Supplies Tires and Tubes G. E. and Motorola T. V. Arcanum Ohio FOUN DRY CLE A1 oxsrmcs 1I'1T'1' ' X LQ? 1 ARCANUM ALUMINUM FDUNDRY zns-2:17 s. wAn.Nu-r s-r. FHDNE 266 M ARCANUM, UHID Phone 3h M V NETZL.EY'S COAL AND OILCOMPANY Distributors of Gasoline, Kerosene, Fuel Oil and other Petroleum Products Dealers in High Grade Coal, Coke and Anthracite Laura, Ohio Phone 661 Compliments of THE JOHN SMITH COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Now In Our One Hundredth Arcanum, Ohio First Year Compliments of LOUISE BEAUTY SHOP Arcanum Ohio Sellmans Greenville, Ohio Hale Furniture Co. West Milton, Ohio Anderson's Barber Shop West Milton, Ohio 52 Congratulations MONROE CLASS OF I952 Z "Education is the apprenticeship of life,-to know the laws of God in na- ture and revelation and then to fashion the affections and Will into harmony with those laws . . . this is education." -Scovel Compliments of MILLER FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME GETTYSBURG, oH1o Phone 70 W COOK'S GROCERY WEAVER'S GARAGE USED CARS Groceries - Meats General Reparing Ice Cream Body and Fender Work Phone 35 Phone - Arcanum 31 F 13 Pitsburg, Ohio GIVE THE "KIDS" A BRAKE Arcanum Ohio Compliments of NORTHWEST RADIO ' T' V' JOHN SMITH GRAIN co. SERVICE 1. 8 'I ' 1 Grain - Feeds - Seeds Phone - 261' V' gr Grinding and Mixing L -.' Our' Specialty Arcanum, Ohio Phone 102 in Arcanum Ohio 53 THE ARCANUM NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of DICK'S PLACE Arcanum Ohio Arcanum Ohio Compliments of TROUTWINE AUTO SERVICE BIIICZK t agile Phone 73 Arcanum, Ohio Medicines, Drugs, Candy, Stationery And Sundies Open Evenings West Milton, Ohio Sunday Afternoons Phone MO Kenneth L. Karch, Prop. ARCANUM HARDWARE Headquarters For Dean and Barry Paints Hotpoint Appliances Phone 29 Arcanum Ohio Compliments ARCANUM LOCKERS COMPLETE FROZEN FOOD PROCESSING Phone 61 54 l WARD H. STUTZ ROLLAND KARNS FURNITURE. RUGS AND APPLIANCES PHONE 262 Arcanum Ohio VVIl.T'S I.G.A. SLJRER MARKET Groceries, Meats, Produce LOW PRICES EVERY DAY 10 West George St. Arcanum, Ohio BAKER BROS. IIVIRLEIVIENT STORE New Idea Sales And Service Phone 232 W. Arcanum, Ohio Masco FQSGS WC. MOTE AND SONS CG. Grain, Feed, Seeds, Grain Drying, Seed Cleaning and Treating Hammer M111 Grinding - Formula Mixing Phone 2141 Laura Ohio 55 RITSBURG HARDWARE AND SURRLY H. R. Mundhenk, Prop. Remember us when you buy your appliances Pitsburg Ohio JIM FLYNN INC. See us for your School Sweaters and Jackets lst and Jefferson Sts. Dayton, Ohio CLARENCE MAXEL Coal Yard And Elevator Feed - Seed Grinding - Mixing Phone 23hl Verona Ohio Chas. A. Smith, President G. T. Riegle, Secretary-Treas. John Montgomery Vice Pres. Arcanum Federal Savings and Loan Ass'n. NO. 1 GEORGE STREET PHONE N0. 117 Established 1885 SAVINGS LOANS ARC A NUM 01-no 56 Congratulations Class of H52H J. D. Lehman, D. C. Phone 273 Greenville, Ohio I-IERFF-JONES COMPANY of School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals Cups Trophies Jewelers to Southeastern Local School District Lillian McDaniel, Representative Indianapolis, Indiana Route M9 SCI-1MICK'S BARBER SHOP Just East of Arcanum on Route M9 Shave Haircut Tonic Massage Arcanum, Ohio A, We would like to express our 4 appreciation to the listed advertisers who contributed to the MONROE SCHOOL YEARBOOK F , for 1952. PM f Chxblys Ho -YQ? WH 'xi 5 .nv-"""" CH' TRY RTUFIA SHOP J I, CS F0 'E f4:4o9fww44 N' , y 9 W Q. , A W ' 'flu a-.17 4- 7 ff T - 1 1' .iff ,, 1 Q ai A lf" V Y i ng 1 X E if 1 Q f ' e lv x ., - , -I .ff Q, 1 I h ' 5 I .E-vlf' :Jig 1 1 ' 'S I If x ni mf ' 1 ' 'lj . - . . 'ppt' f hi- fa' - V .. C, - .A V mir -234 3.3 W7 JAQZ' tk "K if M' 'K S? QA ' 4 1 . X' ff - gf- 1- Ji'- -mf " ' , Q' - . Y Q 3 - 2 ' R 1 . 7' ' ss ,A ,j ...f ,Q f - TL, 'D ' ' VK" ' -Q- I I , 1 . sfgi .:-, - f Ay. S YJ- . q K A ' .gy . ' i X at Wm' up J P' Vg . Ms Q . I sk 14 X 0 3 v 6.6 cAL.5.g. I of' E i 'X pf gg F6i5,,k mf C-:F ... 3 f'-T w . , N. was i Y' Q , . wx , wg XL-K' 6' 1 I Q -I1 f 1' +L JH- , I1 A H ,E- 'L I 4 VN I N ' 9 -5. Q- ':fY':f 3 ,-.5 1 3 ,x-. , vi, 'ff' -V . - inn Jil -1 I N?

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1952, pg 65

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