Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1942

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Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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ALMA MATER I942 yQ,,V,,,, ff!-'ff ff ff f MI 3 , ,MJF .LL uf-bllnff --fff ffl' 'J fvkuwfffmmfwrmff f 5,1 -d, WW mWwfAJ1WM,, 4 ji v"'-wir f 5 1 H .Y ,Q-, 5258'HE'E1'iE.ES!5i ELI JB!!! X,.ng-,VX ,K , A. YQ. T-f V , 1 -it 'Q inf- R .,., , '23-f+1'g3l2f Amar' Hg "W L! il?-S5 , A 'll A H Q asf me vm :mg wi7WTTWT ew, H' s: .2 z. 2213! lt! 1 x 'Z rl Ill ll 'Ill I 1 11 ,:, CALM Qilkjfqtw Kubclvf AQFK JANUARY FRANKLIN K LANE I-IIGI-I SCHOOL BROOKLYN New YORK Charles E Sprmgmeyer Principal ig' , . 'J . 7:5 in - , I' ' ff' V - " A "N ' , , ,A ' "l' f 8-.rl ' f 7, Q,-:ii 1 ,QE ,, wwf, gg K 'Y' 5 . S965 f r' fm My ' - zfwa Mug - ,' A f,4? w g"- xi ' L 0,5 M 76 , g V5 fr ,K I . ,, W iw ,f Lf Q, kg A 1 o I . I . . SENIDR ECHOES RANKLIN K LANE HIGH SCHOOI 5 T A SROOKLYN QI VOLUMEXXVI EDITOR IN CHIEF LITERARY EDITOR LITERARY STAFF KNOCK EDITORS KNOCK STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER BUSINESS STAFF CHIEF TYPIST TYPE STAFF ART EDITORS SPORTS EDITORS PHOTOGRAPHERS OFFICERS CLASS ADVISERS ECHOES ADVISERS W-X 2 self' C I Q K- F F A A A. ,lx P 7 "g nIIIn 'exist v- 41: A ', - ' ,. . . E.. ' . 1- 1 'fwz 5' Ifw, -'I ".1i - IIf1..n Aww 'Mfr' 4' f. 'Vw ':I':-': ' r P. ' 'Q,'Xv':w A'-Ir' wx III M " 1' .' BM,-I:,,. CHI II,,- ., MII'-Bfnf-': VI" " ", :I NfIwE-- B'-nr - I' . j7,,,,Jn,, 5.u,.jH1 44, V, f ,. V, - Z ir -t M' Eu ,,. . - A ff. fI"x"' Bu- L' -' : 'I ' I C1:':"1'-1 ffl -' , : '. I' 1'- 2, f' , If , -,.V',,, 11 ,1 V, . 1, .. , I. 4'1" '11, '. L". 1 VLH- : "5 I-1 K1 " - ' ,V ,. h f..., ' , J, ,N y .,,, Ai, H ADULT L. i l, , Sw 1' LL-,H--A f'-" 'J-, 5 I ' ,wif iw zu, 1 ..-.-,jg ,. , 4,71 r'-,1 P I 'I' - f":":1 p,,., I,,,. HU, I ffffljs erm, , ' 'Q S 'D '95 Z . L.: 'ff aug' 351,51 Kfzgk Ezffcri WNLLNAM UPPMAN MARY UANN ' LW-rfvy Edhz' HYMAN KOPNBLUH Busfffsz Manafger CATHEFUNE SANICGLA Cf'-fT,'nf1' SP-UQULY KWPCQHNER Szif' E'J'i'3 CQNALD CLANCY BARBARA LCFE Pf'A':':f1m'if' CHAQLES STENIZNG HQWARL RNCHTEQ QOBEQT MISHKNN A4 Edirr fe ROSALINU BPAUN Lf1k1AVV?NNGA9TEN HEPEFT AHNEMANN V' f--Fwsldod MAMW BORDENGA Trfxafurer MEYER HOROWITZ Ar? Edf'?' SEORGi RWLEY Svfrewfy Q 2, gf Q ' 1, Q , lf. 1f'5. Q W .. W 2 in 5 f' ai f 2 ef 1 N 'SN M '35 e :s'k,g'O,45' V25 'I if iq if 4-P Xe we 3 Li ?-Q U 2 Q.. is Z 4 . A ,gi Q x- gf lei, h ggi, T ' if 5 K ' ' 1 ' Y ' ' x e il ' , g I L " A lg ,L 5.5, V !lf,! fx fl ' FOREWORD s we pas hrough fhese r a he ouler w ro as 'nan ofn r F516 o b e we lace an enlqmallc lufure W lqn w Tha we rf l puck our way a onq rn roflry lohway ol e We musl all ace new and apba ng problem by our eve No more are we shelrered by 'rhe wa ls of our lnllle world ln school Such have beer he experiences ol many before us Bu? now lhe queshon arlses ln our 'nnnds o Nhelher we shall have The same dlffucur problems as previous qraduales Ev ygradu are before u nas always had 'rhal quesllon an has mrno We also rh nlc aboul Jrhose fhrnq buf Then we are 'fold lhal The s Tuallon IS now so confusing rhal no? orly we qc rnlo a slrange world buf fha? rhe people nn lhe w rld already are as much conluseo as we are We lhe graduahnq class of January 42 musl ace fh e s mlngly unsolvable problems exushnq In This crazy world We musl have courage and pas unsurmounrable barriers In adlusfung ourselves an lhls new life Bul lo us has fallen lhe laslc which lS unrversal lhaf as lmprovunq and sellllnq Jrhls world ln lhls hrne o our crrsls Many 'fumes wlll our courage wane lo The pounl of hopelessness buf we musf have lhe wall power and slrenqlh of lhe grealesl maqnulude This nnusl be s mrlar lo lhaf nexhausluble cry wad MII nexl year Wulh lhus phrase as lhe power and ln enhve ol our achv hes we undoubledly should reach lf nor complele succes H1 our ambuhons al leasf aflaunmenl of securlly and happiness as lhe final reward of 'rhus splrll Many fumes our depression wlll be so qreaf lhal ll wall seem nmpossuble To reqaun our dreams ln lhaf case we shall have buf one fhrnq To do and rhal lS lo ease our mrnds wllh some lruvual and happy memorres Thls book wall nol only be a con qlomerahon ol nonsenslcal poems slorues and plcfures buf should serve as an anhdole lo nnomenls of apalhy Ths lS rhe expressed wsh of 'rhe Slah n 'rhus publlshung lhus Echoes for our Class of l942 Seymour Brown . ' . V J. ' , A- N sT COTlslr'1rOl O , r y es ,r One If-sr . ' ' 4 ' 1 ew! . . e o ,rus ' A X e ' " 1 f - l c l'lJ ull. . ' T Il S S 1 S. . , 1 . , . l . 5 . , . . . 5 , , . . , . ' . ' ' . c err - s ' ' ' , l. ' E S, E ' ' '. rx 1 C ', I . , , 'F 93 95 Q . . . . . Q I I I r l . . C 1 , , S r . , . T v I f . r CD R PLEDGE Tne year have Come he year have gone and now T We w Q aways looked aT CornmCnfefnenT wTh ome degree oT awe TTrd on Th 0 a yerT r T n r n as we Tnlsh Thu parT oT our exT TenCe we Try To loolc TnTo The pages ahead Try Tc d Tmrse wo o here and a woro The e o wna Tn rom no a Tc a d ar r e s TJV6 we Tanee l3TTTeen years ago aTl was wel n The worl There was oeaee and There was C osperTTy Manlqund seemed TnaTy o be apy,roaChTng The age oT PerbeTua PeaCe The long souC1hT lJTopTa BUT ThaT was hoT To be so A year bas CG Then Two and aT ThaT TTme The world exee TenCed ne worsT TnanCTal dTsasTer n modern hTsTory unemboymenT and TTs lnndreo eoyerTy and dT ease weToT The enTTrC word Few were unaTTeCTed by ThTs CaTa Trobhe BUT ThaT was nof The worT nTng The WOVTC nad To Tear TT oT Th world oT eConom Chaos rose The personTTTCaTTor OT an Th T eyl and Cruel and Tnhuman Tne NaT ona SOCTGTTST ParTy Tn Germany Few re-ahzeo TnaT a reyo uT on Tn a banlcrnCT naTTon ad Change The worlds hTsTory BT, we wel new An Th TeuTonC o we aero Eu O e Clear To ne f'xTlah lQ on The WesT and held The Br h L or GT ba Tnen They Turned or Tne one remaTnTnC frmy Tn ThaT TarT CT The worc and a aClc O Then own ally r TO l-ler bembeTs Tu neo he ky bTaCl and her bombs Turned The earTh rec w Th bood oT The raTTenT and ong TT Tenng Chmese The world shuddered Then eT To worl To oeTeaT These e emTes QT manlc no T e BrTTsh sTarTed The V T r VTCTC y Carnpaugn and The ConTTnenT aTmoT Tmme dTaTey became The sCe e oT bloody revo uTTons The UnTed STaTes T pp T war To England and The Tde began To Turn lVleanwhTle The Chlnese heo OUT TU seTTe CT The Terr ble Crue Ty oT The Jaeanese army And ThTs IS The world we are aooT,T To graduaTe n o War and FGVOTLT ons are .wdesbreao lnToleranCe and deha C human ghT are preoorn anT T some a on e omb Cru hed rams oT TwerT eTh CenTury CTes a new word w CuTlT TV Tans ere O Ore e be Tn ne ren Tnes o a Te ave Ta 'EO ne Ol er draughT oT war They wTl lqnow Th need Tor CeaCe and The w TPQ T T a be lcepT QnT we a oa wond er e T o Toe n ome T a an npe Fl es T roughouT The wo d We e gra uaT ng Cla s anuar 9 T l ma e s word a reT e ofC o e Wl Temerrbe The o w w T Tnenn Hn T led To e y we er er W Il am SChre be 8 T I I v il-Q l Tl - TA s , 'T -' 4 s ' A ' 'T is ew 'urn T '-T, h l A T--T e T 5 A , oarseyes TasT a e T ne - 5-beeTo oT e ChaCTe Tn The Bool oT LTTC-. A d TasT T9 Q Q T ' T 's T 's ' - T T l' a rl a ' r T 'T T Ts Tn sTo'e Tor us A , T ' I yeirs. T Te eg Tn Thfs se Ch To The ev nT, oT 'ne Tel g" To The TiasT. ' , ' 3 T de- V , T T' ' . ' TT ' T n ' T T Q T Ts TC - l 'T A T T al Ts Tl T T ' f A we T T 4 T. 'T TT has, az Q lc . d e T ' h roes 1- T':T 5 ss r b T TT' MN T yy , X AT . . J H 'T T 4 l ' TT e ' T ' . Ano meanwhile The mTTTary goT ConTrol oT Jaoan, and she xTar'ed The "ChTra T TCA 'enT T. r ' T A g I 'T ' T 2 h C . Y X . . T S . f ' T , n ' ' ' s. T - sen san les T . T Q y T . T ' ' X '. T T ' ' 7 T rT 5 ' TT In T, Bu - dy, Th b - S ' '. T A T3 , T' Tll be T C' Tl' ,, h TT saT ' h' d T T Tl Tb TT' T r sT T "TT . e T - ' y 'T ' js Th T TT , , IT T, . h ,d af' a '. Th l'ghT T T' rTy sTTTT burns T T 5 i' Ces, ' d he - h T f' . ,Th ad A f CT J y l 42 y'Tl heTTg 'l ThT, ' T J TT-'Tg1f'r whfch T Tye. W 'Ti '-T Te- T' wr T -Tegier. CT hTeTory an e Nl 'ref' by . T. T TT Ts OLVI gr- - The see -' v - T . T T T r In Memorlam BARNET S MINTERS DIED ON JUNE 22 1941 Shall long keep his memory green IH our souls Moore Oh Brearhe No'r Hrs Name And Hue fear Hwa+ we shed, rhough in sec:re+ I+ rolis, Tl-TTS FREEDOM We wh a e eav ng a T e o comparanve p o on and s cur ow abou o enTer a hew e w ose sysTem T consplcuous oy ac o proTec TO ecur and True Tr eocrn me T Vl e a man e o un erlal an sb Tua our eve-s by e'TTerrnQ he ore-Iudwced busnness world or Th e oecTabme proTes on lvl r aTesT ambmhon now s To Twnd hacp ne To lce To u e my Treed m Q eelc ThaT secunTy WhaT occupahon s Thrs7 WhaT ns :T ThaT as more umporTanT Than bussness7 Thl occupahon as commonly called bummfng buT Those who cherlsh T only as a Torm unTorTunaTely noT a reauTv and Those who have already Tound happwness Throuqn call TT The arT oT uv IT as a beauTuTul lnTe lavung each day Tree Trom The pressure oT earnvng a luvel hood qeTTrng up when sleep has leTT The body rehrunq when The welghT oT The days srqhTs and ThoughTs Torce our lads To close walknng as IT pleases wuTh The ram sun and wnnd as our companion eahng when our hunger malces savages OT us drlnlclnq when we Teel The need Tor a purnT1er This Thus miracle oT Treedom IS The miracle oT l:Te' Never IS There a qreaTer opporTunuTy To relzsh The seconds munuTes and hours OT a day' Never can we learn To Live' Never us The Txme rxper To enloy a new and True Treedom born Trom healThy desire Than aTTer qraduahon AT Thls phase OT our luTe when Treedonf' Theorehcally as never more abundanT There are so many responsubuluhes To Those who unlcnowmqly wanT To wresT happu ness Trom us MoThers and Dads wanT a Txmshed educaTed producT We owe Them much Our Tamxly may need Tznanclal assusTance We owe Them a luvlng SocleTy demands ThaT we be successTul Convenhon demands ThaT youTh do as oThers have done and are now doing Conscuence Too makes unreasonable demands con scr nce concedes The Thungs To exasT and conscnenc asks They be solved WhaT a beauTuTul rornanTuc and unTanqlble elemenT Treedoml CompleTe and unadulTeraTed Treedom' And yeT how TanTasTuc' The Treedom Tor whlch men have died unduvudually and collecTrvely Treedom oT speech press rellquon have become dulled wlTh age nnslncer1Ty and undnTTerenc BuT The Treedom Tor wh1ch all oT u yea n compleTe Tr edom oT achon as w demand T musT noT be relunouushed For Twe oo Thus we have admlTTed ThaT The eno oT human exnsTence u n T happlness buT reslqnahon Tru TraTTon and oesrsafr Ju T6 Rosen A A A I O TQ r ' "T T I ' r fecij V9 1 My are f- ' - ' , TT h 's ' ' ' 'Ts l k T X " r, s STX, D So o us wl- pro 'd Tl T sec 'Ty, 'naT ' d Irf , Tor ' - s v ' T, ' ' ' ' T e r s 2? s, x Q e " , I ' f 3 ss TirzT- I s, uld Tl s . o T I- A K T IT, ' l' Inq. . . I I . . V . V . . . V . .A er . S r - e ' , e ' ' . . , . . , . . . T , w s C , . . , , . C N FGUR YEARS OF OFFICIAL CLASSES AND TI-IFN I Tnme Freshman Year PIace Ofhcnal Room CharacTers Teacher anyone were noT parTIcuIar As Freshmen we donT know any beTTer sTudenTs seen noT heardj Teacher Now gIrls only gIrIs Then' buf donf forgeT we re sTIlI uncIvIIIzed In The ways of LaneITes When we begIn To occupy The lefT sIde of The gym we ravse our baffle cry Co ed OTIICIGIS GIFIS you re IU T sTarTIng you ve goT four long hard years before you maybe more Youll have To work hard To geT some place Youll never make IT unless you do al your own homework aT Ieasf once a week If you work hard youll pass unless They change The seaT of ThaT gemus defInITIon he does hIs homework who sITs In fronf of you Keep TryIng perhaps ThaT gIrI on your rIgInT knows The answers And so wITh speeches IIlce The former To cheer us one day we arruve aT Tnme Sophomore Year afTer a year of learnIng we re sTIIl Saps Place OTIICIGI Room Characfers Teacher STudenTs IT s noT very dITferenT from The precedmg year We re IusT sTarT Ing To TIT IH Teachers greef us as fellows' Teacher Boys and gIrIs my frIends unITe' Comes The revolu er excuse me I forgof myself STudenTs ID Theur Thoughfs Aha' a Red' we ve come To The poInT now where w Thnnk back aT The Teachers we changed Our OFICICIGI classes were run someThIng luke ThIs TIme Jumor Year Place OFFICIGI Classes Characfers One lone harassed plagued Tormenfed IndIvIduaI a Teacher STU denTs wITh capITaI S Teacher Now lIsTen here y u II physIcaI dIfferenTIaTIon has ceased we ve now become all of us one and all Iusf members of ThaT greaTesT of all cafegorues The pronoun you These are my rules Follow Them or else' a suspIcIous buzzmg IS heard from The rear seaT Okay I warned you once Down To The Deans offnce wITh you STudenT Buf lvlr I wasnT Talkmg Ask Charley and Charley chnmes In Then IN rapud successuon BIII Joan Esfelle Bob lvlay James eTc shouT TheIr OPINIONS of The maTTer To The now somewhaf bewIIdered Teacher Teacher AII rIghT' uIeT' DonT leT IT happen agaIn Though now hes TryIng To resume hus Tough aTTITude UndersTand7 The year we ve been waITIng for comes aT long lasT We have a goal To reach T aT of graduaTIon Tnme Semor Year We re 8Th Termers Place OIZIICIGI Rooms JusT Semors Teachers have faded from The pIcTure I-lere s a mIId accounf of our lnfe as we wander from one senuor OTTICIBI To anofh T i .g ' I . . F I II I T '- I I y I I I. I I y I ' I. . I - I. I D." . II. ' - r h I ' ' ' h ' " . J I ' ' , e And so we pass The half-way mark. Safely over The border Though Ill. ' - ' . J . I O Ka . ,. . 4 -T I TT" . mf-' . I . I l . L' l ' ' . . . ' ' ' f ' I . ' N ,4 I . Q . F f. ." ' II I . I ' IV. ' - ' - ' . I I . I I - -'X I I . . . , ,. . er., Q L,V'V' " o fr oo on VF oe'- + yewv 7 no V' Q P 'fx ou W of gf ,Q LN + +ve 'wr Obi F f WC y LW 'H rw mom 'Pu fo VWQFY7 o ow we ,ken Pr mmm 'afxff fy rw f Yofi Cy 3 Q mmf Jf1V'flC off rfa E o D719 f' ywar f JOJ C11 H C cow ef1 o C k an owe f N N Y kfn' W ere you qowo Y TkwarwksqYymo7 a VW Cas N Qk'I+ m Y U oo? rw mo , ar ,ou o f o yoJ go affe evo 7 DPVQVYCFF oN I io We Dfom7 awk ooodrwe Q W5 mm IQ e can we ome new f o oc of Reoenfs w qe+l mg +oo Hofe fof com or Work work wor lm gomg 5 opo no for 5 qc rw he C o ammo usf Wee more weeks Are you go no forma o K ovo yo 7 asm me Prom Peafer1y7 e wen T e Gem Emo T e Reqemk morrow They re over VVe ew + you P rvous mafchwo Thaf rr Eekwoes7 oocye oocobye gooobye NC owerw HW wokwforcew !a+f waoooTe O rmaf on Se me Aoom THEN AND NOW xuu 0 0111K ew Y ave ffm hem W W oh emo U mf o 1 YT e VCQVNQ Q Dwoo fer know wke L fa Lame afo o oo, o om Agr Poyerywf f- f'f," ,Ax " " J kvof -'WWI C oy ff ' ff mf, fy PM P SEII'G"'F'Ef+ Gee Sefof ouuov do y J 'e5'7 -'Wh5"e ,oo r' f Q 577 - 'SLP my ze 5' - Y Y mmfeg for Po? f 'oo? -'Dfo you do xoof Hbofy nom Mk. f'Tooeys 64'v4"'i'-Off - K- 54. fem? -'D' ,co 'if-2 Your zfiwfe ',Ef?!-' New" CGFCU. How ooei y Pdf ook? -"Do ye ge' on 'we Ce-3 Nofl Cofo""Vee7 ff 'Cen Vfgs. Def' "E arf Nvvameo b J rye. Jonah- Hey ,o, oof 'H FU 'fe oe fo 5 eo 'n my roof' 1 Soo 'of :Le'i+'oo :of fp :'.'-'e e Cv Doo Q. :C , oy' M127 - f How we gore? if pe, 'wffyre QQ- iM 1 1 :Woes rf-yfu Fo 53' lf- QQQEM' f-Y Dow' me Tho Yr, Qefaief -"X-JM!" y la ij. xx DX. ,Yoo R L you' per! , 75 - 6' 'oe ' efh N Cf ,Y --'NN Home 'ka oof' k oik mg, +oo ko ., Th: 'H,1re1V,rfyj FY , ' Hilo, m wf' .2 6 'oe CH e' '-Y . oily. Noyc-'ortcf---MCCGU D11-.g M153 I A .- 7"-'!Qh oek af hw. He' wolkyxwcr' 2 if Dio -'How Frkf 'Y CLHTMQ Frwrfzh fef,1'.,7f XA 'W Sfokzr' aw: w fkf "JL YE --"DYE we on ' ,- 'o CYAN, X N7 fy o .I .Me- 7 Y Q Y' k gf esyvom Q f H o J I ae 1+ popul , oforf jf 7k-4 W1 e ex ' ff W R C. Jew Q,-'NWH Y aek . . 47h j so CN 1+ . A- Hero'-Nl . 5 , ,' meg"-"Tkw od fg E , , , - Y +'-' , , o k"-M' ' H E w H- 'Uh kwufw, if ' yes. .J ' 7-NJ . f, , WH ' J ' 7 fx! do 'Ted 'ko' Efgifkw. 1. X L. --WVV If ' , W -If. e--'VV X, JV YO , IS- ! "g', M45 'V i ,L' ,E '. 1 on else? -"Slow Ny . +!GC 'N , 1 ' , Avo of Fo Y ag oo efe km of f ,V e p y fo moz' bu Ao o Em' kor gk ,C - o e Cos-. 1 l 'Q A L A W 1 Ffh? en? TC Framkmlm K. 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'T I TI I' . I f ro ' T I I we I I T ca s our -scum I I . E ' o "I ' cc ' IT.-"I I ' I y ' ' I ' oT 'I I sf- Iu or g. . . - I :I e ' I I ' . N u . X ' s I 5 f N ' o A . . I , F I 7' . I W I I I J V r I I' Tc ' I . Ik . I. . . I. D -1 I I I I I VI I I I I , I ' ' In I . I I - I . . t I , , . Id . 7 s 7 V ' o c I ' I - I 1 - I . . . . I I , . - , . - . . I . . I Is. I , - I I I . . . .. I , . . .7 I . . I - I I I I I I ri 1 r knowledge experienced wx 'V-. -'I -. , '- - , ' ' V V ' --, -. V 5 V I - f- ' V ,M f r " Z' : ' 1 :M ' XA! 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Tl-IEY SANS GN 4 H F O dV6 OV Q G 5 T J WF a ve ey rad a TOJ uf n c. oo D1 Though s cu wll noT per She a no Nnn Thcm fm was one or Thcm e he TeT sTrangey alone a s e werc a ecTa or aT C Comme cQmenT ewerclse She wanTed To D6 one em ano ye ven To gh se eT an ou loer ar w e ln her e e noug ba k over he Tou year here She had come a a lzre hman eager To make Trlends and be llkeo by everyone She h d Trneo so haro To be popula per naps Too hard She remembered how happy she Tad been when an exTremely Tall dark Senlor had sooker To her She had ThdughT he was o nlce To el her an eevaTor pass aT halT prrce Oh yes she had Ta len Tor ThaT as well as every oTher Trlck They had culled Gu lble7 No she lusT wanTed To b llked ard To do whaT was rnghT She wasn T shy she was aTrand aTraud oT belng laughed aT She looked back To her Junuor year Someone had Trnally persuaded her To go To a game and dance Qne oT The cuTesT ard mosT popular boys ln school had asked her To dance She had been so exclTed ThaT she had Tepped all over has TeeT A Tew mlnuTes laTer she had seen h m Talklng To anoTher Tellow and laughlng as They looked lr- her dlrechon She had never gone T anoTher dance To The l-lome oT The Gray and Blue l bud adueu Dear Franklun Lane l am le-av ng ou ne graduaTes sang on e was a Senlor now She had always looked up To Senlors surely They wou d ndTuce GPS envy her now BuT sTrangely enough her cold alooT alr naonT made Them llke r No she was elecTed rnosT conceuTed She had wlshed she were conceuTed s e would have had more poise When Class NlghT had come she had been Too aTralo To go up Tor The mlrror ThaT They gave To The mosT conceuTed each Term They had called her a odor sporT Then The Tnal blow had come he nlghT oT The Prom She had asked her co ege ag cou ln To Take her because h was s oood lookung and such a dlvune dancer BuT somehow The oThers had Tound ouT and wlTh all The cruelTy oT youTh They had Tormed TVN small groups and rldlculed h r 'l-hgh School Days you are gone lnTo The world l move on' Yes, ner hugh school days were over buf maybe college would be duTTerenT "Good bye School Days You are over now The Tve hundred sTudenTs ooklng proud Tn Thelr caps and gowns Tnlshed The song Snrrley Johnson T6 l-lion Sine Day A u are llfg lVly School Day, you 'T - T er new -- The-I, iang C , and excreifve -y. 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Miss V n A Rounding a Touchy Dr-an o GirIs Iypewrifer Brew i I Re ri ied Cigaref es Shorf Men Living IICon iden iaIIy H Schneider iIfIII Brown Mrs. Jennings Shof A Reiecfing noc s I-IisIory S hes Obiecfionable Bar or a a sideshow B IIS yII Embraced BIushing ModeIIing GiggIing harming M quin Ci II I II I , I A anenf waves Wandering I-Iis Iine Canine 'ID AI her .- Dann Mr, I zIer Span ed A A Dumb remar s RIaying ric s Knioc s Cran y Roh , De A Ii IIDI I G CurIs EI Ice s i Cheery DoII h D i AdeIe E d I:IighIiness R , CuIeness R sibIe I'IosIoss a an Army Camp Die z 'IWoI II Less handy Conceif Figures Di i S Bac s age man a Mi s yIs i i II f II i Ii i ix Wi I I i i RoIico mafron i I II i i Ii iiiiy D i.g Ire AI I'IarryII Goodman Goody Dafed MaIhemaIics LaIin I-IandbaII Indirieren Human beans aI I-If II IIS innyII Reduced Chins G Jo es wi h JoIIy IIBIQII b Ji German accen+s D. I-Iorowi+z III-Ioney ChiIeII Shuf up Naugh iness IIMy operaIionII Aclring Gabby I'I II ' . i I Ignored Carroons Big Iondes Jo es isneyeish I-Iobo News Hughes IISweeIG i III-IughII-ed Disposihon Mi C Eiirring Ea I Ch ' i I B ,, Johnson Dear Less popuIar Giggling IIManII ind 'IFran Iy II i I I iroIs Kirchner Remar s Comphmenfed Flying ingers Composing I-IerseI 'IT II i aIC C gareffe g r Mushy Lane I4 .sc Pr vafe secrefary sweeI OO I L0- .1 DEST NAT ON D SPOS T ON WORST CR ME FAMOUS FOR WEAKNESS ANSWERS TO SHOULD BE NAME '4- T4 FH O afe 'TQ O Y FU K o U qazer STar T +, Wr Ter for Redbook OOV T r .X - D- O- of GU FW 6 4- 4- - S VTQ eeT T m -x L- +- T O HUF 4- Q. 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Him ,, , xv Q "--' -4 . 5 , w wx 1 , A41 , , to A N. .iw-A ,,, c Q 7 rf .5 I 1 A ef ,gy J, ' s FP -N an gf N 1' x, y 'I' . -5 K Tl-IIS WAS LANE There us an ev rlasTung lughT burnung wuThun The porTaIs oT The school whuch we are now leavung Yes a lughT whuch wull convey a message To all The TuTure graduaT :ng classes ThaT There were Tour hundred and TwenTy Tour sTudenTs who on January 28Th I942 compleTed Theur Tour years oT learnung un The modern classrooms oT Lane under The TuTorshup oT a group oT The besT Teachers un The cuTy These carrued away wuTh Them knowledge and experuences whuch noT one oT Them can deny wull be OT The uTmosT umporTance un hus TuTure luTe Yes Tellow graduaTes we are The class oT January 42 Lane has IeTT her un denuable marks upon us and we hope we have leTT our marks upon Lane We came Trom Tar and wude To a school whose Traunung was essenTual To our exusTence We spenT Tour pleasanT buT noT Too easy years here and I know we wull recounT our ex peruences many Tumes un our TuTure luves We all musT have experuenced The same Teelung when we observed Lane Tor The TursT Tume ThaT red bruck sTrucTure wuTh The ummense gray dome whuch was vusuble Tor blocks away and The new kund OT wundows caughT our eyes and made us sTop a momenT un amazemenT IT commanded our aTTenTuon all The way up The long walk ThaT led To The TronT enTrance OT The guganTuc buuldung Thus was our new school' When we enTered we TelT luke luTTle crawlung anTs Tor The lengTh and greaTness of The halls made us Teel ThaT we were un The power oT someThung over whuch we had no con Trol And where dud one ever see such a large Assembly I'IalI'7 Why uT was bugger Than The movue houses And The caTeTeruaI Oh There was a sughTl Why you could hardly see Trom one end To The oTher Such an aggregaTuon oT people all eaTung aT The same Tume was uncreduble The gym broughT on a Tresh sTream oT amazemenT IT was so long and The ceulung was so hugh and There was such a bug balcony and such lavush equupmenT And There was noT only one such gym buT Twol The beau TuTul swummung pool and numerous rows oT lockers also were Talked abouT un The houses OT every Freshman sTudenT ThaT Term EvenTualIy all oT us were unuTuaTed unTo The socueTy oT Lane We were guven The label Freshue and The expressuon oT mungled unnoc nce and amazemenT upon our unTanTule Taces and The physucal appearances oT The mauoruTy oT us would noT allow us To conceal The TacT ThaT we were new un The school We were ruduculed by Senuors Junuors Sophomores and even Upper Freshmen al ke and They used our ugnorance Tor Theur amusemenT We learned To Take all ThaT was dushed ouT To us Though wuTh The one reservaTuon un The back oT our munds ThaT we would some day do The dushung ouT Yes ThaT Freshman year we had To Take a IoT and ThaT year TaughT us one rundamenTal pruncuple To hold ones Temper us To hold ones own Our nexT sTep was Sophomore hood We sTarTed clumbung ouT oT our knee panTs unTo man suze Trousers We receuved The dusTuncTuon oT wearung yellow uerseys unsTead oT red ones To gym We sTarTed meeTung Junuors and Senuors un our language and maTh classes We were really becomung parT oT The school Soon we Tound ouT ThaT The real Tun un Lane sTarTed aTTer Three oclock un The Torm oT clubs unTramurals varsuTy games and The luke We venTured To loun some clubs and organuzaTuons oT ufhuch many oT us are now oTTucers The Lane spuruT was adopTed by us aT The baskeT ball games un The Torm oT long resoundung cheers whuch we hoped would spur our Team on To wun In Thus year we were unsemunaTed wuTh The old do or due Tor dear oc Lane Tor we began To realu e ThaT you couldn T Tund a beTTer school Than ours 2 I W' Q . 6 . . . . . - n y T I u I I I ' - I I I - - I u . . , I I I . , . ' uu . uu . . . S I I I I - u u - u u r . . u . u f u u u . I . . . . . . I . . .. p i ' - u - I - u' .' , Z . .-fl G5 T ere rs a gras f fha urn Sophornnre TO J r e We W re S lah We Tended o oolc oafx res rnan ear a rwaro o Semor year ana e Q We ra ea e na w fna r u hgh schoo careers we eg lnn o Tanre n an aaeo e ma scneo egufa gn ang We e e a rn v- .v e new w cf-r 1 e fn h 'ne C 5 fe Taln lgounrqary Q90 W Q Wa evlslno PQ n f eve X oTne' We efarne a eo a :Ja ' n 1 ar ' e a nn Gs me ear er Was o 1 yfa v e rr sTrl ar We hail A e A W e WF Wfr-Q Q nary W reall, s arTeg or o v errn We ca ed ourse ve Sen ors uT a neoreT ca sense or unn we W re ape o Wear ose ree nc or Ton We f oe refoonlzeo as acTua Sen ors Bu ThaT rnornenTous oay hao To come Ano aTTer a sunrmrner va QaT on durlno Whlcn W r a neo h W We would oe o ou oS ar oesT Term ln ane We reTurneo To ano of The heao o T e fhoo ano e one Tne ocus aTTen+lorT oT all The lower classnnen We Were honesT To goooness Sero Wl h bug gray a d blue buTTons To pr ve T IT was a Terrn To seT down Torever n our personal hsTory WhaT WrTh lrnoclc boosTs Class Day Prom l2egenTs and Graduahon The Term Was oaclced Tul oT Thrllls exClTemenT experlences and Ioyous occas ons Whlch We Wall never TorgeT Gs ong as we llve Ano now The Trme has come When we have To leave Lane N m re Wll e behold The dauly lnsprrlng s ghT oT The rnasslve gray dorne aga:nsT The blue slcy We w l rnrss Lane We do noT reallze hoW rnuch Lane means To us unrll aTTer we leave er ThereTore TU Thus parT ng hour leT us all pledge ThaT we fvll holo cur ea hl h ln The greaT World ThaT We are now enTerlng and Carry on The splr4T CT Alrna lv1aTer Tne years We wll Torever hod dear A e The years ThaT We spenT here V1 lo l-lyrnan Kornbluh WE TWO e ve gone Through a loT oT Things TogeTher We ve done a loT We Two u now +haT graduahon has come l guess our Tr endsh p as Through We shared a loT OT Trouble as a Trleng You re one oT The besT l couldn'T have done WnThouT you When TT came To a hlsTory TesT Yes We ve had Tour happy years TogeTher We ve done a loT we Two I , ' , '.' BUT now rhaT graduahon has come 4 I , . V V Old LcoseleaT our Trnendshlp IS Through Shrrley Johnson 22 h ' X, ,T nge Tre a ,, u Tor. Vvfr a U e 'T Cf s', r T T ., Q on our rash , y, . Bur Jurnor oolfs To T hlz T' , f , even ceyoho. Oni- s , EE Thu. T ay ffl. Tn o r lf . r , Asfarx rea 'zro Tne fu ' :il f s - ,T ,A ,ag 'dh 'Tu l s u - 'A , s s ' 35 TC aiQ'n7a', 4 . ucn KHCTJGCQG as ziornpe new Th , T o 'Pg 3, We stages 'ng 'TA-'C', Wnfch ,-.fa1 rein, ire iffffu' a' 'he 'T T u lv ,r ' . I-J prg IIC rnan h gTl""iF of iurozie, ,ry T, gay. os, , soo fnrg., fa be-Je n To a'Te 3 ana dance- ang s' 'eo 'T ' s sons f The 1 me 3 ,T. ln 'h's X .-,r we Tool our Rogevs ' T s 'oe To p T, r aa, has our TKT tie of Thern h'le 5 5 s Qophs , ln T' , fear e ,lg .T T J owfng up. ln The ze enfh 'A , , le' 'V s ,Y lo onyln -T o. f '. T ' , e V T ' Th Th ef h T 1" 2 -ou inf T, M J ' , 1 ,I A X ly ' l V. 4 A 'J " e,:n .o src: rfT'.o'. 'L , . T if ' - ' T h se T ' ln Q ' s T p oT ' ' H , er - - 7 rs 'T A n , , y e 7. ' L . ' 5, ano , , , , ' . s X , T , 1 J , f : T ' . o C l W l . El ' . ' , ' ' h . ' Q I ' li ' h ds .Q . , X . I .. our l 'l l , . 1 , F , l jne. A A L W ' - B T ' , I I ' . JUST ANOTHER DAY aa rn cIoc r g Ts ha e nu o youI oe e-Ieven Twme 9 a nnnure o are o you nav-enT ve C 'no no your ha I, T T Trer' oacIc 1nTo The bedroo you ve declded wear One hoe IS Twed The oThers hangwng Ioose Your Tace oolcs a lnTTIe Ike AIexander The Swoose So you grab The buff and dab a InTTIe b1T oT oowder WhnIe Trom The IcrTchen your moThers voIce keeps calhng a ITTe Iouder You d oeTTer hur y .Jo I s g TT ng very And you re supp seg To oe schooI AT IeasT by haIT pasT e g Tnen you grab your books and Icwss rnammu goodbye You dash across The TIoor and ouT oT The door you TIy Wow' JusT an Twme I aImosT Missed The Tra n I shouId ve Taken m umoreI a o s a T n I dIdn T do my homework cause I wenT To see a show I was suoposed To go w4Tn I'-Iarry buT unsTead I we TwrTh oe Tnen uo The sTaurs I rush Ive goT To beaT The beII Coos There :T goes Im LaTe again, oh weII Two oerwods are over and IT s Twme To eaT my Iunch JLH Tfe , r h 'n 3' I' Tpaif Seven' Be'T rI 'rry, r I I ' There oy I , ' As sr ocus, No' , ' T ss , Ab I. I I' 5 f- f'p'3L-vm fs I' ' X, I 'r J . Yo rush InTo ne II cnen, :or a gas: oT mIk To dr'nIf, 'T I V 'rw' I ' 'C p'nIc. S ' ' T. I ' i I I . . X . . ,. ,. , I I , T e. '. IaTe . ' ' o ' I 'n . I hT.' . I . H ' I 1 , IT Io If bi IiIce ral . ' n ' .I . 23 I"s Iusf Ten-TnIrTy' so Irs reaIIy more Ike brunch, Bm Theres one consoIa"on, I Don f eaT aT ha T oasT one bor a' ThaT hour more Tnan na 5 fre wnoIe ong day Is gone, 'I Three ocock a' aff The wefome oe' ha rung e go' caTch anoTher TraIn so aga Im on The run I e Tna Iy TInIshed homework and I rush To Take a shower Ihere s so very much To oo and NIcky C Ing IU an our My head I9 on my pIIIow an I rn QOIHQ To hT The hay Funny I m so TIred when Iwas IusT anoTher day EIvIra Bocoo ON BEING SEINIIORS We are now candIdaTes Tor graouaTIon SenIors IS The more commonIy used Term IT hasnT been ong sInCe we TrsT enTered The sbaoous porTaI oT ThIs IU TITuTe OT hIgher eduCaTIon We were aweo by The ocean oT Taces whIch enveIoped us he enormITy oT The buI dIno TrIghTeneo us We wanoereo aIm e sIy Through SGGWIIUQIY and ess halls usuaIy reachmg our desTInaTIon aTTer The IaTe beII had rung IT was aII preTTy wonderTuI even Though we were TorTured by ThaT n IsTenT cry Izreshle ATTer Three ano a haIT years pe hap more we have TIna y obTaIned The beIoved e oT SenIor Mr WebsTers oeTInITIon oT The Term one oIder In dIgnITy rank or OIIICE We brobabIy arenT any more dIgnITIeo Than mo T TIrsT Termers buT The pasT Tew years have changed our IIves consIderabIy We have aII suTTered Through RegenTs and borIng cIass room dIscussIons We have IeTT nomework undone and exchanged book reporTs For The TIrsT TIme we are begInnIng To reaIIze The SIQHIIICBHCG oT The words Hugh ohooI days you are over We aIways ThoughT IT wouId b grand To be SQDIOFS now a IIIII6 sadness overcomes us as we ThInk oT graduaTIon OI course IT s grand To be geTTIng ouT buT whaT Comes aTTerwards7 Some oT us are goIng To coIege mosT oT us exrecf To work To aI of us graduaTIon means a CornoIeTe change IU our IIves There wIII be no more cokes aT The BII.e Corner ano no more baskefball came and G O oance We II have new re oonsIbIIITIes ano brooIems To cope w Th u IarenTs a 3 ac er won e The e o e ercndeo o The TI 9 r cnT IT TTC, wor I m w raoua Ior e e or our aooer o suc s a oooo reg n ng no To The 'no nf Tr one RuTh Werner 24 Iv, To ' ' 7, ' v I I ' ' 7 7 , . .S aII' ' h . ' ' I 7 L L L I I . f. . , I . . - 1 - I - e 5 s, . . , , f . . . . , A 7 . A S X . Q I s 'I ' ' ' ' I gg ., . , r s , ', 'I ' ' M I. .S. l I 7 ISI. . . .' . . s , s , ' e ' I . J I I . I I . Q I Q I A I 7 ' I I 1 Q Ir 5 n Tee h s 'T b r T b dff ufion rII - 'me Th ll es- s' uf 'n oT The f Id doesn T gve us .uch To Iook Towaro To. G 'A Q on1IY Th T'rsT sf Q I 'A T' Ce.i. IT 7s X 7 'IJ In I and br? As u' cc er , Tor. Maw The t7 Q ff Thor' and - .. L L L a BW 1 Y . 113' 1' -vs 17 ,Q 'W Jffw ff 12 -N gs v s ' .V 1 W , .fl . fm M V 1. ' 52?5g?i2'i", V .2352 wfw V W W sn 4 4 -xx. I , . WL' N4 M ,2 "'-- ff, ff? X 2, ' " ' . 4' l ' 5 ' M 3 -I ll ,, YF V . qi W 1 2 f' ' V f 1. . ,A W Q -." ,V N' . , hs 4 , 1 ff ' if ,D A ,, A. - Ru ' 'fvff iii .gf ,ff-s 1 af" Wsjf . ., Q A A 14. 1 ke .. .42 , , VL ':'?J+ 11- ri, . 1. fmz A W I it if s - 1"w'C li.. Q, e Eiga f ' A if XM Xgif 35,215 if Legg. 1 CDE TO A SENIGR f-X 6 GI' HO FP wwf WVVL. c 'x A f C GBSG X3 'J rx T' 'TVU QC? jfxi i. . , ,.., ., ,tl " :':"::,- H":' .nf'+:":.:' :f1.""f' f A Q , A ,. 4 , 1- "1 fx "XI 'f-'f ff mwx Vi-,MAIN ' 'ff 1' 'Y iw!-f " 4 :' '."j, ' 'Vg "r-EC: ' H , fairtffv we a fri 'wg fad .fm-fe f ,- UNC 'v"3. Qffn-f? 'ww .-w9r'Q GCEIVTT '1J:.A, Vu Bae' pl fcwf +C Aw. Cliff, V3 Zi '-"X Tir ' yn, Li' T'i' Nw fwc :inf W. Of Tw fl Mi 'Vfi ffm: fr-: bf' Cffw "fri F , . 1 K . . Q' We rffm we wf'1f-A rv cv-- ?"'ffF V-UVM. CN' Wf-'-EM fgzf Nl-ff' :Viz 50' ' - rL"f1F' ff-fi. Rf-in-H' Dm fir f1r'3mdff Sr-fir' 'Aw mf- f1Vf'L.n.' ,Q f A4 mmf 7: Iklri 'H"f:'L' 'T' t'V""N '1 ":1'x' 1: I F, ,.,..,, ,y,,f,. W. wk, LA 4 : cf ff, .wx ,-.QMTJU 'f :QM C ., Qc-'Qi he 33' fa NH" C55 fdf f 3 F' 55 Cifw 'J -4 ee fQ'3 :Resp i 'Fe 'e2'. NVPEH' i.J5I,i" 3.3 'CCF vu' fee' 5 55' fweyjv' if I.'f' 5: hiv' nf- Y-Cl'?fI ani fcuqn' fl 'zqqfej i " cf wfvr' 'Ju' Tlifm-.QVIS 1. .Vx D-F. L A L ON PASSES IT wed Tollow The SToopnagle polucy we mughT udenTuTy a pass as ThaT whuch uT you re caughT un The halls wrhouT uTs bad buT uT no one sTops you no doubT you have one Way back un The TursT Term we never dared To venTure TorTh unTo The halls wuThouT a pass We never cuT a class and always goT To each class on Tume We even made sure To geT down To STudy I-IaII on Tume or else a paTrol guard or Teacher would sTop us and we guakung wuTh Tear had To explaun +haT The gym Teacher IeT us ouT IaTe or we had To copy Cuvucs noTes remember7 or we Never mund WhaTs your name7 Mm humor P G I7 Oh ho Don IeT uT happen agaun Wonder why we were so aTraud every Tume They Took our name They never remembered uT when we were caughT The TourTh or TuTTh Tume and noThung ever happened Then There were eIevaTor passes We dudnT know we needed one To geT unTo The eIevaTor aT TursT and rode Tor abouT a week beTore The operaTor goT wuse and Tupped us oTT and uncudenTaIIy puT us oTT ATTer ThaT we aImosT boughT one Trom a kund hearTed Senuor buT we decuded agaunsT uT when an upper Term Truend advused us noT To In The Terms ThaT Tollowed we grew more and more careless If we were wuThouT auThoruTy un say The Thurd Term and saw duck unTo The nearesT sTaurway and Travel hasTuIy To sTroIIung Through The corrudors a Teacher round a bend wed anoTher Tloor We kepT away In The TourTh or TuTTh Term Trom eIevaTors Though uT we were conTronTed wuTh a Where s your pass7 Trom The guard we d say Where s yours7 Show us your guard badge Then Once he showed us T The Dean s oTTuce We dudnT Try ThaT one agaun By now we had an occasuonal secreTaruaI uob and could use The eIevaTors wuTh a secreTarys pass We dudnT rude oTherwuse however LaTer on when we wenT abroad we puT an old proverb unTo use Sulence us golden Wed walk by wuThouT even answerung The guard wuTh a grum look on our Tace whule Takung long sTrudes as uT we were un a hurry To geT somewhere Once we walked by The STudy I-IaII ThaT was when a gurl asked us Tor our pass We were prompTly called back To learn ThaT The gurl was a Teacherl They come awTuIIy small and young These days We mumbled some excuse and were released TorTunaTeIy ATTer ThaT we waved a puece oT yellow paper as we wenT by Then came an era oT pure recklessness Our promenades were more TreguenT and less legal Now a compIeTe Iune oT Trucks came unTo play IT accosTed un The halls we mughT ask beTore we were asked The TaTaI quesTuon I-Iave you seen Mr L7 Where us Mrs W Thus peruod pIease7 IT a Teacher meT us on The oTher hand we d say Good mornung Mrs Y I-IeIIo Mr J and keep rghT on walkung Take uT Trom us Thus one never Tauled BuT beTTer noT Try uT now wuTh all The TacuITy members Tupped oTT AT abouT Thus Tume we began To use The eIevaTors regularly IT asked Tor a pass wed employ a ruse oTTen worked on The Tloor paTroI ThaT oT Tussung and searchung Through every pockeT Takung ouT pules QT Tr sh Trom Them whule Iookung undugnanT 27 'ww . , , it 'ly I ' A II I - . . K 'N in - . - . . . . - . 'T ' .. ..-O . . A . . . . I , ' , " ' , . .", or . . ' ' n . Z - - . 'I ' , , A . Q . . F aT be ng suspecT o oT Iaclc rg a pass This wa usually Torlowed by a never mrnd Usually we sand' Some oT The IaTTer meThods were used durrng The Senlor year whrle aT Trme T n a lubIlanT or dev may care aTTnTude we d brazenly announce ThaT we had none BuT aTTer a whale T goT o ThaT we ferer'T even sTopped our Tace was so Tamul ar Or maybe IT was ThaT b g Senlor pun ThaT drd T IIIno e Sensors well Lawrence Goodman FORMS OF SNOBBERY f 'I i We Thvnlc ThaT some Tollcs are snobs BuT arenT we all7 You dnTIer Trom me7 All rIghT leT me conTunue and III beT one oT Lanes super super sandwrches course I mean Tuna perhaps Thus Time you mrghT even geT a plece oT leTTuce Inc udeol ThaT you noT only agree wuTh me buT ThaT you wall Talce ummedlaTe sTeps To have your Tace IITTed and your nose pushed down I shall aTTempT To prove my sTaTemenT by Talcung you on an observaTron Tour Through The halls oT F I4 Lane Oh Alma MaTer sTrong and True one more music lesson wrTh Ivlrs Klso and I shall be able To sung The song ID Tull IT ns The begunnlng oT a new Term hence we encounTer many new whaT shall I call Them7 Oh well The word sTudenTs wall do Tor The presenT ThaT IrTTIe man he was There wuTh The bewildered expressnon on has counTenance seems To be havrng some dnTTncuITy I don T wonder One oT The Sensors mnsguudec hum and rnsTead oT durecTnng hum To hns h1sTory class youll have one less To scold Today Mr Lebowslcy he gave hum durecTlons To The sewrng room As a resuIT when we observe very closely we noTlce The Freshne has has nose compIeTeIy Turned up and IS mumblnng To hrmselT III show ham III Trnd my room myseIT I suppose he Thlnlcs he s good lusT because he s been here a Term more Than I ThaT s preTTy good gram mar Tor a Freshne musT be a chrld prodlgy Enough sand abouT The Freshnel ATTer pushrng our way Through The crowded halls and up The congesTed sTaur way we bump rnTo The Sophomore I'Ie Too walks around Teelnng luke a peacock Well why shouIdnT he7 ITs noT every Sophomore who can wear a caTeTerua badge ATTer all hes eIevaTed hlmseIT IasT Term he had no badge Mr Wollrn sand Thar Those who coIIecTed ll rIghT III malce IT sound more dugnuTned Those who carrued The basIceTs around drdnT need badges Oops Im sorry dndnT mean To sTep on your Toe Thanlcs To ThaT Junror over There oT course I can Tell he s a Junior hes belng InlTlaTed unTo The ArnsTa Never heard oT ThaT organnzahon have you7 See Mlss Gorman any aTTernoon aT Three ocloclq IU room I62 She wall be glad To be oT asslsTance To you and wrll grve you compIeTe InTormaTron on scholarship eTceTera N ed I add ThaT h nose as I T The IeasT buT nearer Mars Than yours7 Well well and who ns ThaT long legged parasnTe comlng down an up sTarrway Talcrng Two sTeps aT a Trme7 IT ThaT bug buTTon werenT In The way perhaps I coulo Tell Ihe new bL,TTons are cuTe and duTTerenT arenT They7l I-Imml I-Imml JusT a I ThoughT A SENIOR need I go on7 You can malce ThaT Two Tuna sandwlches I II pay Tor o e Ivlarcra Ivlende sohn 28 A A L , . 1 . , I , Iv . yo? ' I I I. I . J. . . . I: I Il- I - I - I . I . . I I , I I I. . . , I ' s ' I f , -if ' s S . I I .J I II I, e is I Ius 9. 1 - - I I .... I n. . :il sf A A A A A SEIXIIORS AUTOSCI-IOCDLCDC-BRAPI-IY As a Freshle I was no card: As a ma'rI'er of Fad I WGSFIII' ev n ISVYWGVOI. I jusf abouI' made The grade Thar oassed me Info PG. Haioex. My Teachers aII Io me wouId say Thar I wouId never Nqraduaw' Bu+ I IooIed Them, oh yes I did, For I began Io sfudy and I'rIdI, Unhi from a JunIor I became A Senior, and Anne++e by name. Buf Ihis dear schooI I sadly Ieave, IIn +ha+ sIaTernen+ you can beIIeveI For rny fair Teachers wouId have if Ihls way, Rafher Ihan be Ihe cause Ior me 'ro sfay. And so To you, dear FreshIes aII, In +hIs cafegory do no'r IaII- For if you do, your Iafe is mine, A Senior sad, Ieaving I'I.Ine". .Jf 'iikiffze J-1':.9 u - Anne++e Buonora SENIGR CLASS JANUARY 42 N x I W LUNG X G XJV c Vfl rx an ffm KGV QLV Wm ' CT VWQ Q Y n 1: " ' " :. Qqi,f,1:,f, . 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Sfudnes Baslcelball Hoclcey Volleyball Clubs Sofl ball Team TILLIE AMODIO Ellon S us? oh ln gh scno ose href rnbl n us To mass Career Club Sec M Ru blnow Mr Rosenblum Volley ball Team B n JOAN ANDERSON 8634 aorh 5+ all waaahavan A hearly lauqn Cllsoosmon so sw Q A qrander person ouldnf mee Mannequin Club Sec Mr To daro Mr Fe+hq s rw DREWS mn S e s sur " SSS UNO O fa sie Ospreys, , Volleyball, Te Lea s, Slrahnq, Swim mln , Sec Mrs Bauer, 'Reporle S+aFf, Honor Roll, Arusfa Bus ness '7 if Y JANUARY I942 HELEN ANIK B Sc Ms Ga In Miss Llefz Healfh Educahon Pafrol JOHN ARISS l-l r c 0 lhe Gov rf Library Squad HELEN ARMATTI l69 S clfrran r we and L e lf Career Leaders French Clubs a e B s n Sc BERNARD ARTZ 27 O Plllcwn Aff nu r e lanmly lnframural Team l John s Un fers RACHEL AUGELLO Wa Q Sfre Augello wufh hs sx delnclous flavors B an ss CHARLES AVELLA I68 Ashford Sfreer C arles A las wnfhoul ine mug ales Band, Orchesfra Busrness 33 .. . . 7 ' ' . ,A " . , l I 3 ' Q 'I ' I f I I 'l ' . 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'r l all sne e 'ei -l , h ' - f 3 SENIOR ECHOES PAULINE BADECKER We 0 aww '70 CUTE Clvncs Club Sec Mr Wellmo wuz Class Sec Baslzeiball Soffball Volleyball Teams Leaders Club G O Rep BERNICE A BAILLOU A l-N f Us U s U GV Mannequun Pan Amerncan Tennis Clubs Sec Mrs Dixon Muss Kravleiz Volleyball Soff ball Klclcball Baslcefball Teams Broclf yn Colleq WILLIAM BALABAN I F sh Pond o R dqbwooo b Cl nc 1' Ns rnaur mfg s s e sfocbs and k: ond Swlmmlnq Team se rwe s ELEANOR BALSKIX 452 LlnwOOd S ro 1 'wo lryvnq a mar whos oll h Q lrrl Swlmmlnq Club Sec Mr Hey man Mrs Somers Ms Holz Lubrary Squad ANGELINA BASIRICO Bush lc Avcnu no K c a n or you Q we ln Baslcelball Secrefarnal Clubs Sec Mr MIHlEfS Floor Pafrol Cafelerna Guard Proqram Com Spool: S+af'F BERNICE BAYHA Tennis Soffball Volleyball Soclal Forms Clubs 'Q QQ ..,-, Sr 44 ...1 3 SHELDON BECK XD f Baslzefball Baseball lnframurals CLAIRE BECKER S Sec Mrs Fefhq Mrs Jaffe Mass Lynf Soffball Team Hon or Roll FLORENCE BECKER pa lf x 0 a ld orally qc Forum Baslcelball Tennls French Clubs Sec Miss Hum melsfeln Mr Gnlgoff Mr Kur as Mr Anlxer Arlsfa P lc r CO e Ziyi J 'ffl 51 k A161 FRANK BECKER 7II4 Fresh Pond Road R as ood rm nos o n o Bnoloqy Club Sec Mr Kaplan Y GERALD BECKERMAN ne be ras cone can no c usw sw Swmg Band EVELYN R BELLE Forum Nurses Pan American Leaders Baslreiball Clubs Sec Mnss Laveriy Mlss Sfraub Mrs Fefhg Soffball Volley ball Teams MPM! , ! l-- r I 'A WALTER BENDIX ,GO Llncbln -Avenue As Ijldsome as ne ls smart Hes lren mary a CO-eds heari United S'a'es Mlillary Academy ANOR BENGIS 2742 Plllun Axgenue. 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Civics, Slen Speed, Hosless Clubs, Sec. Mrs. Holze, Miss Manning. 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'A I . 2. e 6 R1 f 52 I ' N ff I -. 3 , . s Q . 4 lf X 5 5 limer- Abn q 2 P- Q, Y N 1 f. f N 5 f 1 'ZZ - Lv X.. l 0 o 'A w ' X SENIOR ECHOES ANNE NAPOLI Slen Speed Camera Pan Amerncan Clubs Sec Mrs Hollz Ca'Fe'rerua Guard GO ep MILDREN NELSON 5 o U 'IF Cd Baslrelball Volleyball Leaders Tennus Slen Speed Cubs Afhlehc Councul Slf' ESTHER NEWMAN D Kalle Av rua en 0 r n a fl ffl Leaders Clvncs Sec Clubs ec Mrs Rice Mlss Je e Mlss Hlmmelsfeln Mr Green sfeun Mr Llchlblau Vo ey ball Soffball Baslre+ball Teams Library Squad Busrw FRED NICOLL 90 Wlllcu lwby A rue 4 .F u s S. r mor Mgr aske+ba C eer ea Service M 6 ramurals s r eme W erglg Fe sf Wall' SALV T?R?gZ2?SlA Nwcx vll wLafm Club GQ Rep Chorus fy BM P hucx NOONAN Chorus 58 ""7 K 'ref' 91' 'RS' ff? S "7 fs 'LQ' CONSTANCE NOVELLI Ospreys Swrmmlng Social Forms Clubs Sec Mess Kra well Mrs Bauer Mr Karnow Arnsfa Knoclr Board Echoes Chemuslry Squad Floor Palrol VINCENZA NOVELLINO Leaders Volleyball Buslness Prachce Clubs Sec Mr Green In M Brodell M nn lers Volleyball Soflball Teams Reporfer ml' IDA NOVELLO V r L. a d C a P1 C ery e lo Pres Sec Club Sec Mlss Hol man Mr Karnow Mr Hey monl Busmess FLORENCE NYE 7657 SSM R az: Wo dlwave en D my ass C la rv cr Sec Mrs Dnxon Mr McDon ne ar n S ol HILDA OKIN Avenue :L Valli On Sfage Mannequin Clubs Lubrary Squad Sec Mrs Mnnes Mrs Quulier Reporfer Rep Class Nrghf Com GRACE ORLANDI Sr Tennis Forum Career Clubs Math Award WILLIAM ORTMAN Lahn Forum Microscope Clubs Sec Mr Dressler Mr Karnow Mr Wunderllch Mlss Wohler Mr Zeng Mr Wel kowllz Senior Play Class Nlghl Prom Dues Com Echoes Knock Board Assl Mgr Bas kelball Team Handball Team Whrslllng ln The Dark Serv Ice Cafelerla Pafrol Special Service Squads Class Nlghl Com Waqne Colleo WALTER ORZECHOWSKI ZOI Warwlck Slre e quy wl In lne crew lwarrcul Wlvo pe ps luke a b rd 5 always se Bur s ldom lneard S PQ R N w Y rk Unvyersl y MILDRED OSMAN 334 Monlgovwery Slr e Needles ard P ns Needles and Plns Wnen lvl Iles a ound Tlne Nolse beqrns Dramahc Forum Tennis Clubs DORIS OSOFSKY 28l Sara oqa Avenue Very lnaopy ll Dons be W en from lwer sludles slne ree Pan American Foreign Cor respondence Les Amis Clubs Sec Mrs Somers Mr Heyman l-l nl r Coll q ARTHUR OTTO 9729 75ln Sl el Ozone Park l-le wanls ro be a sleel rnaqnaf ano allra l wornen Floor Door Guard Squads Buslnes ELOISE OUTTEN 88 Pacll C qu 5 y u pra O er you Fe k lse w l a u ne brq rec l Sec Dr Hamburger l-lowa d nlyersl y J W 'ty- JANUARY I942 FRANK PALADINO lx s rr old J K7 Leaders Co Sec Mr T5 lan Bas efball ball Swhfl XR mung Teakm US 1 Q GASPAR PANTALEO 735 L xlnqlon Ayem e s l ousl n ns rnlosr you re sure H oc ll Junior Dramahcs Club Knocks Slaff Echoes Library Lab Cafelerla Squads New York Unlversr y MARY PATRONI 7622 Park Lane Soulln WOOdlWafen an e Ord on Flre pus' wa slrrke a good rnalclw Swimming Club Sec M Todaro M Halpern Sfraub Mrs Raskob Drake Long lsland Busl e Col oe ETHEL PATTERSON l845 B rqen Sfreel No rox Ellmyl Baskefball Baseball Tennrs Clubs Busmess DOROTHY PERLMAN 607 Myrlle Avenue e a l w l us s Pear e all we And finer you lwaye Dorollwy Perlman Forum Les Amls Tennis Clubs Sec Miss Manning Echoes Knock Slaff MOLLY PERLMUTTER l85 Kos lusko Slre l T as ll lle mass whose na 6 Mo y mar as s e Baskefball Volleyball Hockey Tennis Junior Dramaflcs Clubs Sec Miss Dalberg Mr Rub mow Miss Rudman Q + G Yer 59 SENIOR ECHOES IRVING PERMUT 324 Mon+aulc Averu o u sen y Q Sec Mr Kimmel NANCY PETER Cypress Hills ST Ride W oo Sc Q girls are llwe breezy lype N ray o'nes IH lnlce -3 lypro r La in Biology Clubs La'Iln Club Secrelary Sec Mr Dress ler Honor Roll Arlsla Pnrales of Penzance nafo Chorus Lllerary Slafl Echoes Mary Waslrrngfon Col oe HENRY PEUOLD na Slreel I-Irs daily duel un rlerrupled qunel Orcheslra IXRTHUR PICKER N754 Oln Lane Glendale 'I-les sd urel you could ea rn drop clweslr Band Swing Band Broolfyn Coll qe ROSLYN D PIZZITOLA o7I Buslwwrclx Avenue like llwe brco slwe qo on and on lorever Soccer Swimming Clubs Sec Mr Heymonl Mr Fallrenl-:elm Cafelerla Squad a d CC LOIS POLLARD E644-9O'n Slreef, Woooraven A 'rcuob sri- s quick rfeelc ana small Sre : :IIII 5 lavorile MW us al Busreg 60 JI4' Z2 in-7 iq 26 GERTRUDE QUAST O L no ev e and y p e is Gesangvereln Roller Slcalnng Clubs Sec Mrs Dunclrlee Mr McDonnell Mrs Bauer Miss Marlin Marque ANNA RAAP 8704 75+n SI eel Wocdnafen Anna is rlne one 'rom ex p o wns a vv o onneclron Gesangvereln Club Sec Miss Kravlefz Miss Gilroy Miss Dal berg Mr F Engel Cafelerla Library Squads Buszress ROWLAND REAHL I22 Riclqe-wood Avenue Teaclwers pride and loy Molluers problem boy Airplane Club Loclrer Room Squad Inlramurals Broolclyn Polyleclwmc lnsrvu MARGUERITE REID 560 McDonouqlw Slreel I-lappy go lucky S al buf au re I S e s lusl Tlwe girl We cl lllse you lo nweel Slen Baskelball Swimming Volleyball Clubs Business NELSON ROBERT REID 8620 Born Slreer Woodbaven 'llwe leaclvers lrnally Q ceo Tlwal boolcs and ludres are ol lor Reid Business EILEEN REILLY 58 -ZOISI S+ C-eg C I' Louder please--'e :eff rea' voul Swimming, Slen. Speed Clubs: Sec. Mr. Cain: G.O., "Re- porfer", Senior Reps.: Knock Sfalif "Eclwoes"g Business Slalf "Repor+er"g Class Nighl Com. Business "Nl WALTER H REINIG Af n lfl al ca u nappy Sfage Crafl' Sculplure Clubs Swimming Team Chorus a o Clubs Sec :ss Mnss Sfraub Rporfer Rep Sen lor Prom Com fl IRENE RICHMAN 505 Grant Avenue Go qave peeeh ro ll bu? song To only a W Sfen Speed Dramaflc Clubs Buslness I 4502265 s 9 lyk, We cage F s s Qqellknow fill wlwefweveryool se lb A fl' y :J lS moan' Jaemera qllarlum Clubs Sec -f' clrer Mr Feurer G ry Guard Visual lufruc f fllon Squa s porter Echoe Phofo hy Sfaff Lleuf gpeclal Swlce Squad Dean s Pafrol l-lolsl 5 Colleoe LEY e n Slreel HQWARD RICHTER e c e w qel IS when Ol' GUS reasurer ap rung Bank Tickel Squads' Reorganizaflon Com. Bu lmss ROSE J. ROBERTS LM .cod Sl ee a ll ves 3 ' agree. ifh rr res' 5 a l sled U . ec. Cub: Vice-Pres. ec. Clubg Sec. Miss Holman. 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STANLEY SCHILDER S K0 Q u lco S e al r' fc Laboralory Ca'Fe+erxa brary Vxsual lnsfrucflon Sqds lnframural Team CLARA SCHILLACI IO L lan CTE aflal Spool: Sfff Cafefe Squad ANNA L SCHMIT2 7 Bul Sec Mrs Holze Mrs Munes Caleferua Squad GLADYS SCHNEIDER 4 92 W German Biology Swlmmnng Clubs Vlce Pres German Club Sec Mr Levinson Plrafes of Penzance IDA SCHNEIDER D a VI Ga replaces Ma fha R Y Sien Speed Flrsf And Man nequnn Bus Prachce Leaders Clubs Sec Miss Fusco Hand ball Baseball VoIIeybaII Teams Reporfer GO Reps Girls Chorus Mxxed Chorus Service Squad M, 4,01 MA! 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JACK TAGLIANI c L r l Are u J Fx BLANCHE TANENBAUM ea VT 'irc o 1 Junuor Dramahcs Sensor Dre ma :cs Biology Baslcelball andball Clubs Sec Iss Cconnor Miss Schwarlz Mr Rubnnow Baslcelball Handball Teams ANNA TARAVELLA Q Sire MARY THOME CO-I 1 For Volleyball Swummnng Sfen Speed Modern Dance Clubs Pres Sfen Speed Club Sec Mrs JaFfe Mr Walbaum Sofl a Volleyball Teams po +er G O Reps 66 354 Q4 'S 'il -1-7 RENCE T MINEL If 5 WJ German Club Vnce Pres G r man Club Sec M aw Jewelry Com Baseball Team lnlramurals Palrol Squad MAE TOERING Nful Ani Scuence Wrr+ers Voleyball Soffball Clubs Sec Mrs Som ers Volleyball Klclrball Soff ball Teams Cafe+e ua Squad Girls Band usr IRENE TORSWICK Q av C "7'H"T G Mannequrn J Dramahcs N edl c all Clubs Sec 'lass Manning Ms Somers Muss Muller Reporfer GO Reps H E Parrol HARRIET E TRAVIS I3627 22ls1 Srreel 6 Sprlnqllelc Garden ,caller a C a M arfby d G 'Wy Greelr Swnmmunq Clubs U4 S Nurslng MARION VALENTINE 66 'TC Tennns Volleyball Roller Slcal :ng Sfen Speed Clubs Soff ball Team ELLEN VAN DUYN 64Ob 7 V Volleyball Slen Speed Glrls Leaders Swimming Clubs Sec Mr Nagler PHILIP VARRICCHIO 2347 A a Mc Aferu Ove lhv P 1 P e la ne e q IS a prolly qur aduo Club Sec Mr Klafler lnlramurals Cafeferla Lnbrary Squads HARRIET D VERRY Ederls an r nl F C I In S rvlce Squad ennns Career Dance Club Lubrary Squad Sec Mrs Llp son G O Rep CBIGIEYIB Guard Caplam Buswness HARRY VOLPE 24I Sherldan Avenu 'rw sf aomlf he dres es we ores dcnl rnalce e mar' cxenc Club Sec Mr Wun erlnch Mr Berman Camera Cafelerra Floor Squads lc Unlvers ROBERT VON DER LINN 206 I-lil: Avenu urv Vi. shock u In nm we ave no knock lnframurals Buslness V01 9' j Jwnv ANN WAGNER -iegeryrfenue Glendale Ladv b qood Carijjen Speeg Modern an fI.Cross Iubs Sec Mrs Felhg B slress CHARLES WAGNER Barbidqe . 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SENIOR ECHOES MARGARET WENZEL E+ Tennns Volleyball Clubs Sec Mrs ONeul Volleyball Soil ball Teams U RUTH WERNER 2 4 We O h S Sl Jaw ooness vnar fd Gesangvereln S P R J Dramahcs Arlsfa Foreugn Correspondence Clubs Pres Gerangverem Sec Foreign Correspondence Mass ra vue z Mr Engel Banlc ep Lulerary Sfaff Echoes UU el' C JOHN WILLIAMS 3I6O Fullon fre cry u nayealorou c always oo 5 lhe mornlnq alle lnframurals Bus n VIRGINIA WILLIAMS P4427 88lh Drlve Bellerosc nalura v. er u al y Alhlehc Tennis Swlmmlng Volleyball Clubs Soffball Team WARREN WILLIAMS B906 E9 Awrnuc Wocdhav r Ary any mon ly colnr den' Leaders Corps Band fRED!RIC5 WILLIAMSON Q M P 55 3 M en Dance Volleyball Ho ey Baslrefball Tennis Sdfl all Clubs Sec Mass Man ning Pma ore S hoo of Nu s 68 T QF' Ad" -314 43 36' 'T rv- 'is BURTON WINKLER 75 Q GO Rep lnframurals LOUISE XVINKLER 372 T Al I 777 Q Clvncs Career Volleyball Bas Irel all Soffball Leaders u s Sec Mrs Rudman Sollball Volleyball Teams B HELMA Vv OLFE 49 r-eo var Baslrelball Volleyball Tennis Hoclmey Afhleflc Council Lead ers Handball Scffball Clubs Sec Mlss R0bIlSCI16Ck Baseball Volleyball Hoclney Handball Soflball Teams Knock Slaff Echoes cw Yorlr U DONALD WORTHYLAKE I n Woe I3 Hen a an C JS7 Sculplure Crafl Clubs Sec Orcheslra Band Orchesfra Plrales of Penzance Ina ore DORIS WORTMAN IO9 l'l flrr r,r'5 Leaders Baslrelball Volleyball Clubs Sec Mrs Felhg Mrs Balmer Mr Enqel Mrs Salwen Volleyball Team Reporler Slaff JUSTINE WULF Alhleflc Council Junior Da mahc Leaders Volleyball Modern Dance Pan American Tennis Clubs Sec Mr Gold slem M Heyman Aruso Banlr Rep Lunch Room Guard HENRY YAKIMOWICZ 4 U gg Band ESTELLE YASCHINSKY 352 S cul th un mor Handball Baslxelball len JANUARY l942 DOROTHY ZAFFE 78 Af French Homemalunq Clubs Fl S! c"5-'2-,fhfel WlLMA ZEUN o have lound ou? dc ol n ol s arourdl Mannequin Club ec Galburl Speed Clubs Cafelerua Guard B n ss MEMOIRS OF CDUR SENIGR TERM Dldnl we leel grand when we received our new Senlor puns7 Once a Sensor we d be lorguven lor all our s ns ln our lrealmenl of Freshles we werenl al all sparung For we were Senlors now so why should we be carnng We loolc plclures and hoped lhey showed a handsome person Then we elecled ohlucers who planned whal was lo be done Then we deducaled lhe Echoes lo lhose mlghly bums Whale we slarled payung our dues an very small sums Then came Class Day and on lhal happy evenl We acled lllce lclds and lhus The day was spenl Soon Class Nvghl rolled around and we had laughs galore And Celeloruhes were announced whlch was whal we were walhng for When Prom Nlghl came we found ourselves losl, For we had lo declde whom lo lake, and how much ll would cosl Soon came The realnzahon lhal Regenls were near And everyone wallced round wnrh lhe ulmosl Fear Bul we wealhered The Regenls and found we had passed, And on Graduahon we were one and all 'massed To recelve our diplomas wllh 'oy and wulh paun, For now we were grads, bul haled lo leave Lane Hyman Kornbluh 69 25 YVWW' Sui? v ln: Alexa He i"ts "fur 'fe 'ae Q,JgC5g,7f1.97 AQ.-vi-"'i is s' I ' ' A' Vfvwf 'i 1 f' 3 Busl ess 1 - 4 fs Tre lm,-. -'fes he 4 -Q A b , rngwy -5. Ll. l Kr h -A ,V 'I ff ,. rm l M' 'H . Hff. as 3' k 5707Elafer1s Lane Vvfiifif fn ln scfo l she is ode' as we a Teri? Afenue Y 5 No' lhat sne lore: ffcrlc less, Buf gl . 55C N he qgls a' she lonfal , e. , , . .. S - ' 1 S . Mr. Busness usi e A A L . I , . I . GPPGRTUNITY KNGCKS e J A s o o or al earnun ne o e la o rw na a r a o a we own Jr' Laner e on+ ns ea sc cefnen ano nal Regen xa e el' o on e o N menu n 1 a nnan fcc nar roorr whe e Aersl mrlle lf o e from obby awamng y nnr e a aovlso y comm 'ec l' kea l em A fer rhe new cron ol sruocnrs 1 rn a e rn o gooo ol Lane lhey and rhem elves ready lo embark ubon a career Ths career r rarher shorl laslrng bul lour years du no whlch 'rme The sluclewl changes from a gunzzucal rndrvrdual lo a broad mnndcd lwe hope rnlelefluar All hlgh chools olace a+ the sludenl clusposal a greal number ol sublecls When lhe Freshman looks al lhe Isl he becomes bewuldered ano wonders whal can sh u or fvould re lo Frankun K Lane ohlers ls ludenls ouule a varuery rn lacl alrnosl everylhung from cla es an socral forms lo modern dancrng A cerlarn number ol ubgecls are reou red gnvung lhe sludenl a background ano an opporlunrry lo elecl any lyoe ol work ln whuch he may be rnleresled Some rke scnence so devole lherr lame lo General Brology Chemlslry and Physics Orhers rke Malh and lo lhem lhere lS a chance lo lake Algebra Geomelry lnlermeduale Algebra and any olh r desrred mafh As a maller ol facl lhere lS such a greal varlelv and cho ce lhal one w nders nf four years ol hrgh school rs gurle enough Aclrvuhe rn Lane are an rmporlanl lacror rn lhe makeup ol a sludenl If he a es an rnleresl rn lhe Renorler Spook or even lhe lrlerary club ul rs lhe srsl no caluon lhar lhe school rs ollerlng hm craclucal experuence IU Iournalusm ano vm rm an o oorlunr +o oefe or: s lalenls The o heslra and and swan anos are l e oo orlunrlres lor a musuca ly rncllnecl Lane le lo prove hs ab rly r' s b ually n lhe sec ni or lhlro year lhese nnreres s oegrn lo oeveloo and na y n e e or lerm e can e cassed as esl musrcuan es arhsl vhalewer hu ouldandrng characrerrslrc lmplres Characler bu dlng s essenral rn 'rhe Ile of a Lanerle As an encouragemenl prns emblems and cerhlucales are grven for service credur The Arrsla can boasl ol a membershrp ol 'rhe lrnesl Lanerles who musl lrrsl prove rhe r ablluly by scholarship and service lo alla n lhe lrlle of a member Aller reaching has lourrh year a sludenl becomes a Sensor A Sensor can easuly be orsllngursheo Nor onv because ol n arrogance can you ascerlarn hs Tlle buf because ne has a d lle enl aur ol breeolng l-le has oassed four years an Lane n w rc rnrnc he n s een ra ned menlal, and chys cally ano made hr +o cresen nlrn ell n h aes reg corcge r he ousnnes wo o Her nc nexl generahon reao, TOl5l4Gl1l5 clace among one Arner can c r ard eng a nano rr' assrslrng lo run a de mocracx E re re Alefanocr A A A 70 e We 1 r Q OI arn THAT ERESH ES COdLD HAVE EDP W h eIevaTor oasses oa ed And Senos Loon aonq They ThouohT ThaT we were aw UI durho BUT rny rn how w e wron e e noToT I,eT r nwI WHO HAD TO LEARN THEIR WAY AROUIND A day beTore They had been Top In nITTy graduahon gown The rneTarnorphosIs was ou1cIc Eor now Therr woro carne Tunnolunq down The buIIT IT over Te by sTec hey qoT nTo The w ng wasnT Ionq T were er T oe yrewb on every I o rnerqed rnTo one pf Q As Junrors ouqhT To do We caIIed ourseIves And hoped we d be THE CLASS OE I942 seyenTh Term, how w C1 d sod o ea, Those SenIors T' Our on y cheer was Ah, ne,xT yea II IAn anQIenT BrooIcIyn Qqpa lk. IAN ANCIENT BROOKLYN SOUAVVKI And now aT IasT weve reached The end' Each Seniorf had his day. e 425 bfo lhefr ad 2 To The dear I? o d B ue and Gray. TO THE DEAR OLD BL E AND GRAY. A A A a' o 2, occofnar 7I ODE TO LIFE IN LANE .NA enf- ec Lane 'n 71' ve e 'n R. P. I. If 'onT Take as Tong 'o re E I E I. IT , X gg X I r I 'I ui , , eh! yI They ei I QI In I39 Ther,T ?In Ine Ihrorn JunIor highs fn TownI AIS SI'dT',1vLQ.C5-Eldlc, . 'yr I - Ir . I y ' ' .5 o K' T I 5 f . 'T ' IIT They 'Ih , To r ' ' , Whrj. ATI ' hab I rouge, In , e I 'Irrn T I'1 ' G CJIC , , 3 f Y I Th I" Ireu I I I L WXWQA C4 F y ON BEING A SENIOR mor NJhaT v ons aT woro conlu e c n Tlne overTameo mnd oT The aouafe To e a success ul emor one muT ce am Jc WIT ouT n he coor bcTuodIed LaneITe w Q h cg P O IQIQT r souely referr I I. The To emo T oT The e eouI emenTs ar eroura ce ano Tor Tude rom The mcmenT The Senror buTTon a e handed ouT ur+I T e Tme whcn The a dnpoma ha been pas d To The ouak rg recIpIenT one musT be on The alcr The mayhem a d Th oaT cuTTIng always begrn In The Knock STaTT The E ITor regec The boosTs because They are Too mushy and reTuses The knocks because They are Too InsuITIng Everyone Trles To brrbe or ThreaTen The Knock STaTI which ha s pub shed BeauTITuI Trendshlps are broken up because a knock has come beTween Them Even The Sen or Twuns arenT speakrng EIecTIon oT Semor CeIebruTe as anoTher occas on wh ch would make even Buck Rogers leap InTo hs rockeT shura and Tee To a dIsTanT pIaneT where he can ave an evening oT ou eT relaxahon TIghTIng OTT ErIosIans wITn has Super De Icer Ray Gun Everyone nomInaTes hIm eIT Tor everyThIng hoprng meanwhule +haT no one IS nomunaT Ing hum Tor The mosT conceuTed And oT cour e we cannoT overlook The Tlnancral problem Involved n berng Senxor In The monTh oT November The number oT adulTs n hospITaIs suTTerung Trom shock and nervous breakdown IS appallnng IT as also a peculiar TacT ThaT Thls coincides wuTh The Tme The Sensors Tell Thelr parenTs IusT how much IT will cosT To graduaTe Dues 325 plc ure 600 Iewelry 840 eTc eTc eTc Ah' The day we received Th prooTs oT our pucTuresI There was The IrreslsT1bIe urge To geT The phoTograph r In a dark corner and vuoIaTe The commandmenT Thou sh noT kIII I-Iow we sympaThIzed wITh The Sensor who Tormerly wouIdnT be caughT dead n school aTTer 305 and was suddenly seen runnmng around In a hechc rush To loin every club an ekIsTence so ThaT she mIghT have a long IIsT aTTer her name In The Echoes BuT now IeT us ouT all Tlappancy asnde Benng a Sensor IS an expenence whlch we shall never TorgeT an exoeruence we can never reluve The clubs The rush To The caTeTerIa The rIoTous enThusra m aT The baske+baII games bashTuI boys Imed up agaInsT The wall aT The danc s Iusrenung To The blare oT The swIng band all T ese Thlngs are an InTegraI n1rT cT The Ioyou perlod oT adolescence oT whlch we w Il noT realrze The value Tor vears To come Bv graduahng we have sTepped ouTsIde The proTecTIve m gnc circle oT vouTh Some oT us wIII go To college oThers InTo The busuness world buT There wall never be a parallel To Those careTree Tnmes Remunnscences oT our Semor days In Lane wIII always be presenT n ThaT corner oT our rnrnds where we hoard our happy memories Barbara Lord LITe WITh FaTher NoT so good aTTer ReporT Card My SIsTer Eileen Goes To classes Tor me whIIe I go To see Gene Krupa aT The ParamounT Pal Joey Needed durung RegenTs WaTch on The Rhune Wash T would move TasTer durung T-'IIsTory Marcna Mendelsohn A L I 72 Se ,I I " ISI Th -I I rs ux I . . ' I gr 'I . b . T I S I s possess , rT I ol 'ITIes. Ih Teie ' I - I I I II' an' In T aT 1-3 ce I u 6- I ed Tc In coIIoouIa' speech as The IIbug-ho Tse . I r s' s r X Ir e n I TI , E ., , I r 'fl h I - I sT I I ' s se , X I. I I , s 3. In g 7 I 7 . . . . . d. I Ts I already been cowed by The EdITorI In an aTTempT To TInd ouT TheIr knock beTore IT I V II . 1 I ' I I I I s I I I , I I 1 I I I Is I1 , f , ,. , I I I I I a . I I I . . -S..IT .5..I ,S-. . aIT I II. . ie . I . . M h . . K . . S . I . I L A I PRELUDE TO GRADUATION Are you planning lo go lo college? You arel Well, don'l lel any ol lhose bogy-men lrom lhe arl, business, and crall schools hear you. Didn'l you know lhal college will deprive lhe world ol your uselulness lor al leasl anolher lour years? Why, ollices will go lo rack and ruin, lhere won'l be any more beaulilul windows in Macyls, and we will enler lhe eclipse ol civilizalion. "Well, l'm very glad lhal you've decided nol lo go lo college. Now we can gel down lo business. Would you like lo become J. P. Morgan's privale secrelary and make aboul sixly dollars a week? You would? So, you don'l wanl lo work' You're a dreamer! You wouldn'l wanl lo work hard lor a small salary' Well, lhere's no room in lhe business world lor lhe likes ol you. You're loo ambiliousl Whal was lhal7 You don'l wanl a job wilh Morgan7 You wouldn l work lor sixly dollars a week now youre lalking my language' My school will guaranlee you lhal l represenl lhe Blah Busune s School For lhe Training ol Young Ladies lo Become Lap Silling Privale Secrelarnes Now lhe reguiremenls lor enlrance are as lollows You musl have a lace like l-ledy La Marr s a llgur luke Lana Turner s and l OOO OOO in lhe bank Since we slnll have one vacancy we wi l make an exceplion rn your case All you have lo have is lilly dollars lor lhe down paymenl and a desire lo learn Whal dnd you say7 You were lhinkung ol going lo lhe Blank Minds School ol Business 7 Thal is probably lhe worsl choice lhal you could have made They are lhe worsl bunch ol money grabbing lhieves in lhe business Why I know a slory aboul lhem bul l wouldnl lell you aboul lhal lls loo awlul Ol course lhere are some olher good schools in lhe Unuled Slales bul you don l wanl lo lravel oul lo Calulornua do you7 Thal s our olher branch' Youll lel me know7 Very well any lime al all belore lomorrow morning So you lhunk lhal you re rid ol lhem' l-la ha' You ve lusl aboul lain down on your bed lo resl lhal awlul headache when lung a ling lhere goes lhe bell You lear your hair and answer lhe door You are lold lhal lhe Blah School is a lake and lhe Blank Minds is lhe only school lor you so you decade lo go lo lhe Dash Secrelarial School Aller rnlerviewing aboul a hundred more ghouls lhal lramp in and oul ol your house as lhough ll were Grand Cenlral Slalion you make oul your applicaluon lor Dash Secrelarual School ln January you are lold lhal since you have llunked all your ublecls you w II have lo slay anolher lerm As a resull ol lhrs unlormaluon you calmly decide lo dnssecl lhe lacully and you are carried oll lo an unslnluluon lor lhe insane in a brand new slraillackel screaming Bul lhe world needs me I canl wasle lour years in college' lve gol lo be an olluce worker' Wall lor me Morgan Belly Meyerson Jooss Ballel Nol quile as gracelul as Boys Leaders Corps Ah Wildernegg Prayer ol l-lnslory Classes All Men Are Alike Beginners in Social Dancing Besl Fool Forward Lesson One on l-low lo Win Friends also lrnp lhem Cuckoos on lhe l-learlh Senior Class Day Hel Zapgppm Dean S OH-ICG Lady in lhe Dark During Regenls Marcia Mendelsohn 73 lA Salirel : . . I 1 I - e . y W S I I . 1 . . I ., . ' s ' , i . Q Q u Q 1 ' 1 . i A A A i - .............,.., Q.ff.ff.ff,.. fQQ.f ...... ff. ' ' Deana, Reorqanhaiom and hAkneograph Squads Bank and Library Squads Rapcwfer and Spook Sfaffs Cafdrerie and Program Squads Arislra F5 Qrchesha and Band ORIGIN CDF TI-IE FRESI-IIE The Term Fre hse was cofne upon by an ancsenT Tudem oT a chooI oT Iearnsng One day whsIe waIksng Through The ha s oT The chooI he was sTopped by a very meek sooksng TeIIow Ths chap sn a very haky vosce a k o whe e he ms hT Tsnd a cerTasn ProTessor by The name oT I.oone The oIder sTudenT besng sn a hu v became very much annoyed aT Thss TeIIow ano gave hsm The wrong dsrecTson Besng boThered by The sncsdenT aII oay he sasd To one oT hs coIIegu These new sTudenT are as Tresh as new born chscks Fr m The word oT Th s anc enT TudenT came The name Freshse As Tsme wenT on Thss Term became knows- aII over The wor d Through hsgh scnooI and coIIege AII sTudenTs enTersng schools oT Iearnsng have been branded wsTh hs Term UnTsI They are able To graduaTe Trorn Thus caTegory Thsngs are made msserabIe Tor Them by The upper cIassmen especsaIIy The Sen or The Freshse doesn T rea Iy care because he knows hss Tsme wsII come Tor revenge GIorsa GoIdsTesn UTOPIA FOR SEINIIORS For Tour whole years Ive wasTed Done IoTs oT Thsngs I haTed Ive Trsed my besT To Iearn BouT now I guess I earn The TsTIe oT a Sensor A Sensor' When I was a Fre hrnan Thss was The mosT awe snspsrsng and sacred WhaT dssTsngusshes a Sensor Trom a Soph 7 Why IusT a Sensor buTTon a Tew msnor dsTTerences on The program The Sensor Echoes CIass NsghT The Prom and hss aTTsTude AIThough The average Sensors posshon ss somewhaT suoersor To a Soph s he doesn T reaIIy have many more sorsvsleges FsrsT oT all There are The same resTrscTsons on a Sensor s program I-Ie musT sTay sn The STudy T-IaII dursng Tree persods or eIse he mu T conTend wsTh sngusrses abouT hss possessson oT a pass I-Ie ssn T aIIowed any cuTs a Term wsThouT Tear oT paysng a vsssT To The Dean IT a Sensor IasT Two persods are Tree persods he sTsII may nor leave The busldsng beTore Three IT he comes sn IaTe once he ss verbaIIy chasTssed by hss oTTscsaI Teacher Su h condsTsons exssT and I wasTed Tour years To be a Sensor These ruIes puT Too many IsmsTaTsons upon us Every Sensor should be aIIowed aT IeasT ssx cuTs a Term should have a cerTasn amounT oT Treedom dursng hss Tree persod and shouId cerTasnIy be allowed one or Two IaTenesses a Term I-Iow can a Sensor go on The hook and TeeI saTe abouT IT when These exssT7 WsTh Thesr eIsmsnaTson we could Torm Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Muller Clubs and go To The ParamounT when our TavorsTes are There ATTer a Tew days absence a sTudenT wouIdnT dread a days schooI as much as he does Tor you know The oId saysng Absence makes The hearT grow Tonder AnoTher cusTom noT observed T Lane ss a I-Iazsng Week Were mssssng aII The Tun oT ussng our supersorsTy To TerrsTy lowly Freshmen AIThough sT seerns unTasr To The Fresh e Th nk oT all The Tun he II have when he advances Sensors we oughT To TsghT Tor These IsberTses versTabIy The Four Freedoms Treedom oT cuTTsng Treedom oT roamsng Treedom OT Truancy and Treedom OT hazsng 'rThose bsg Three snch buTTons cosT us Tour years oT hard Iearnsng and seven cenTs and They should brsng wsTh Them These specsal prsvsIeges Sensors oT Lane wrsTe BeverIy Shapsro 76 ll ll s ' . c . s ' s ' s ' ' . ' ' . I ' s ' s e r , 'g ' ' T I . I ' ' rr' ' ' I ' As es. I' s ' c 's T 7 s T I , ' I ' , A s ' , , ' ' I s. L I A ' word I'd ever heard. Somehow, now ThaT I'm a Senior I Teel a bIT disappoInTed. 6 . . ' . . . I , I ' . Wl-lElNl TO SAY RUMPLESNITZ IN SCHOOL Magc T s a o ho os an rn xplrcably exTraorollnary TascrnaTron To some oT us poor unTorTunaTes even Though we haTe To admrT Thrs sad and deplorable TruTh WheTher :T be The word rumplesnrTz or The word hocus pocus or The word maya rala hardy a day pass s IU whrch we do noT employ such magrc words Talce The paTheTrc sTudenT Tor rnsTance who Tor obvrous reasons drd noT sTudy or a unrT TesT T'le enTer The cassroom Takes hls sear and ummeduaTely sTarTs h usual relrgr us chanT Whrsoerrng The Nord rumplesn1Tz he consoles hrmseT rnTo oelrevlng ThaT The Teacher ha posTponed The TesT or ThaT The TesT wrll be so easy haT hrs laclc oT s udy w ll make no drT-Terenc OT course he Tarls The TesT and w ll undoubTedly go Through Th ame procedure when The nexT TesT rs announced O rn The evenT oTTalc1ng The exam rT he grves hrs eyes The exercuse recommended To h m oy hrs opTomeTrlsT and hrs Teacher caTches hrm Then here Too he wrll rnvarrably w per The word rumplesnrTz T e usual resulT lS ThaT has p per rs Talcen aw y Trom hum asrde Trom geTTrng a nrce TaT red zero on hrs record OT course There are oTher uses Tor rumplesnlTz ID school LeT us now consrder he puprl who has Talled To do hls homeworlc and who Teels ThaT has class can geT along wrThouT hum very well We Tollow hrm To The STudy l-lall where he meeTs sev ThaT game ln whrch They deTeaTed The lVlrghTy Sfnaclcers They re raTher loud ln Their selT apprarsal and one oT The Teachers In charge casTs warning glances rn Their dlrecTron BuT being The perslsTenT boys ThaT They are They conTlnue Therr rmprompTu TeTe a TeTe By Thrs Tame we can noTe a cerTarn degree oT annoyance rn The Teachers glances and we Teel ThaT aT any momenT someThrng very excrTlng wnl happenl Yes we are rrghT The angry Teacher approaches These boys and de mands ThaT They hand ln Their SS cards Now oT course our Trlend Tully reallzes The uncomTorTable poslTron rn wnrch he has placed hlmselT a d :T rs aT Thus v y momenT ThaT he says The word rumplesnrTz To hlmselT BuT :T s oT no avail Tor he IS senT To The Dean s oTTuce wher rf he so wlshes he may agarn say rumplesnuTz By Thls Trme we are weary oT Tollowrng Thus lad so we leave hum To hrs hapless doom rn The Deans oTTrce We have seen how greaT a help The employmenT oT such magrc words has been We have also noTed ThaT :T were ever ln The same predrcarnenT we shall Tollow a more rnTelIrgenT procedure Oh yes we shall pray ThaT The ground open up under our TeeT and swallow us AnneTTe Buonora LETS GO TO Tl-lE BC eres one near every school Ours rs The Blue Corner Th B C T s habrTues ong beTore l enTer The B C l can hear T STrarns oT The melodles o The day druTT To my ears Then l approach The door A qurclc lnTalce oT breaTh a mad dash l lTs noT called The Blue Corner Tor no1h1ng The smolce n The arr colors :T a mosT purple ATTer cuTTlng Through The closely paclced human sardunes around The TounTaun l Try To geT a Table rT any Once There my Trrends gaTher around me Where Tour 77 II I I Il , I , l l 5 l T, l T ' 6 I 'T ' l T ' , 5 ll , T ' ', ' ' ls , X. . S V . . T I T l A S. U ' , ll e s A ' . F. his, " ' h ' ' a ' a l . . . . eral oT his pals wlTh whom he plays handball aTTer school. We hear Them raving abouT I . . . ,. . V n . . . er A L l r nu ur Th l . ' " "- e 'l . o IT L " . l . ' ' T and - 'rn ln! l r .. .. , . . I . . THEM DAYS ARE SCENE EQREVER MISS REEQRMER A A T X, , -fx IS 'SZ lf' Yigw Lt'b't fifm lo XXX' . mv An X A2945 xg? ,Ubi-A ' x 'Q E .Jw-x. fi xr, fa fx'-.sf 7 'Q A Q, xjfi ffgjfg' H-Q? 4-mb A Bi ROSLYU Mnn nonoorrg 6 , U ' if 1 V " 5 f I , ? . , .X H, L f f ' ff ' 1 X ' g , z 4, , v , 5 D ' fe 1 X, X XX' '45 M I4 xx X I f Q 1 . N lb 4 ' iv QA i K L ' 7' , ' X , NL-qt 1 N ' ' I' . g 4' ,Q V., ' L x in x I X' ' " AFV I I , I ' I 0-EE X I N I X O 966 VM ,W 'N X f"'75 N N' - -1 N X 6 N ' , in J, 5 8 .1 X g . ., X f ' L' M -Tw If V, Mn Bfgffaff Meme' 7, M". Siecf K aff-f 23. Mx Herne-f' 7-efxmiw 2. Cf. P530 S':'f 5. Mfs, Mae Tasrmaf e4, MW. H62-ETJ9"'V1f1S 3. Miss Gerfmoe Sdwfvf 9. Mr, Samui Zarw 55, Mr, WIwYIam Sbapirt 4. Mr, Jack Facfianf NO, Mr, Fredwfclr Erwfm lb, Mvs. Leoiyd R915 5, Miss Heier Vefqason H, Mr, RHNDH Bef' I7. Mr, Morris Sfibowiw , Mr. Samuel Zwsowi' NZ, Mr. Gecfse Cifkfi lil. Mr. Rob-eff Ei?""in We Seniors IH Jrlwe Eyes 04 e Sefemfh Termer' JAF1 IP C ' I 1x,,: . V x'- Vr A . Wm "xv ' mr: WJVVA. ...pi ,f1f'i' 1 ff 'Wm' 'Vfgix New 'ne set r f VVWT Liam' VNHWN Q, W 'W nf 1 L, 'H' CM vm'-11 71' fi "3 " wiwi f1"w' 1 Y Mm,-, - PM "W . fl F, , ,L x. f ' . f , ' 1 L. fx . 54, 1' Y' 1' Vw Av "sl, :VII Y,-I KA ,,- X ON DOING HOMEWORK IIInIove Ifou an hornework? 7 Y Mo'her aekeo her son- Ira sure you aways gef ionnez When do yor. gef E+ done? III I oo II rIghI away, Mom Johnny do repy' Then he Iook hIs nomework cook Ano read II w Ih a s gh n La n I Iransahon I aIways I ha rIqhI e aIIed I mo row oo Ihen by I I In HIsIory Ihe-re readwng Ia aIwe have Io oo I que s I won I speno Imne on I be :I s aII revf n n hs we nov rea IH Ano wr Ie an ou ne Ioo oo II IH Ihe morn Wher Ihere s noIhunq e e o do In M Ik I IosI my IexI ook can oI oo 'ny work u Johnny d d hs homework And So Do You You Jerk' Lawrence Goodrnar' TI-IIE TEIXISE FAMILY e a o e Iwme aro her have xoeruenc o dIIIIcuIIe wIIh newonoors uI non I beweve Compare In Ihe OITIICUIII s we us C1 Io have n qeIIInq aIong wIh our nemghbor Ihe Tense Ianfn y To o gm wIIh aoouI In o fn I s Inve unoe one roo Gran a a h C n s wI uswn IIa nan and fXunI Scan h I nnana e run as srnooIhIy Yoo see q afnmar owns Ihe house In whwch Ine Ienses Ive and I ve n FO ee Inq he ren oncernfd on w ever Ih nk n worv fover C6 Icoa s ouI e ea oe VT' u W y one oay w n Ihe Te ses were a 1un1IJIed oo qrarnrnwr oecarne x erneIy XVI SO QW 5 5 G 8 I , I I I . III I IT here , , I I if I oe I I I I II I g-I of o r , IIII I II sIqh. h IIs I I , so . , I I II: II I I I Iew. I E of h , e dI Q. IIII I ' I Ynq e7 I ' b , So I 1 n I I Th s I I I - A A A W I,,aIn I or ,', ey I -e II Is' ,IJN , b e, I , wII I Ie e I I I I I I s, . . II . Ie I I ,, ,I I 'ee or Iour Ia ?I'ef I I r II oc L Iln and Is Inbe, Un e Pre ch ana If' 'Ie Co 'I II I Is r , Q Io qeI aonq ouIIe srnooIhIy. BUI, when VI Comes Io oayInq Ihe renI, Ihinqs donII she Is InCI'ned Io be a IIIe II'oIcaI L, wwe ,I II, I' I , I I3 C I e I. Y ' ouIo no I' Io ook if her wIII aI her A ' ouI HOVO'If- e 'H Tho a' her 1 RII 2 I sho fI - fgnIy Io qhI In , , he , rf, I I Q I e,I' 9 ,II 'ILEI , here II she blven Inn 'he frefen' I shes :'ferIook you I,kIIy In e yr! IXXNFS HH PARADE 4 7i,ADg,, l armies' l iufv' 'ML- 5-rv" BOYS BASKETBALL The Lane Quinlel lhal lakes lo lhe courl lhis season will be one ol 'rhe besl in years according lo reporls ol Coach Lallel and yours lruly. The leam should be a rhreal for lhe cily lille. ln len praclice games lhe leam hasn'+ scored under sixly poinls per game, which is well above average. ll looks as lhough Jackson l-ligh will be Lanes biggesl obslacle This lerm, as lhe Jackson Jream was lhe runner-up lor lhe Cily lille lasl season. We are glad lo record lhal There are no graduales from lhe leam lhis lerm. Waller Budko, one ol lhe members ol 'rhe class of '42, lefl Lane lhis lerm lo play for a prep school. Some of The more oulslanding men on lhe squad are Bill "Cookie" Conli, George "Cuddles" McQueen, John "Pussy" Calalano, Tony "Brush" Franzo, Ernie "Pops" Miller, Bob "Big Sloopn Von Emerick, and Sid "Brains" Trubowilz. The above menlioned have been lhe more oulslanding members of lhe squad. We musl also menlion lhe olher members ol The squad who are riding 'rhe bench. Space does nor permil us lo menlion lheir names. The bench warmers fhis lerm will be lhe fulure slars of lhe school and lhe class of '42 wanls lhem lo know 'rhal' we will be walching lhem in lheir progress even aller gradualion. Fellows, lry hard and make us graduales proud of Lane's Baskelball Team. 83 SPCDRTS SWIMMING TEAM ATTer much deIIberaTron and conTroversy we are goung To have a swummung Team aTTer all Due To curcumsTances beyond our conTrol we losT our able Coach M Weus buT we have been TorTunaTe un securung The servuces oT Mr clones Tormerly wrTh John Adam Hugh School Because oT a aTe TarT Thus Term The Team may no do o well buT wTh a luTTle more supporT Trom LaneuTes un The TuTure we shouuo have The swummur-g TuTIe un Lane The Team wul lose Thus Term becau e oT graouaTuon some oT uTs cons sTenT hugh corers The canoudaTes Tor graduaTuon are WALTER TACHUCK BOB MELLENTHIN WALTER KUSTERKO BURT HESSE BILL BALABAN and FRANK PALADINO Donald Clancy GIRLS SPORTS Hello Tellow graduaTesI Thus rs your Adam HaT ReporTer brungung you hoT OTT The gruddle all The IaTesT news concernung The GIRLS HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES The Term began auspucuously enough wuTh The elecTuon oT MARIE DIGANGI To The oTTuce oT PresudenT oT The ATHLETIC COUNCIL For The unTormaTuon oT The ununuTuaTed The Councul us an organuzahon made up oT gurls who excel un sporTs and scholarshup whuch has charge oT all exTra currucclar acTuvuTues un The GIRLS HEALTH ED DEPT The acTuvuTues decuded upon Thus Term were Hockey Volleyball Leaders Club STunT Club BaskeTbaII Club and Modern Dance Under The able TuTelage oT Mrs Mary ONeul The Hockey Club gauned a knowledge OT The game whuch Though superTucual was suTTucuenT To enable Them To play passably Volleyball whuch began on November I8 provuded enuoymenT Tor The members and encouraged sporTsmanshup by The playung oT TournamenTs AT The Leaders and STunT Clubs onlookers were amazed by The supple con TorTuonusTs perTormung back bends head sTands and Tyung Themselves up unTO well nugh unexTrucabIe knoTs The BaskeTball Club wh ch meeTs on Thursdays us always a TavoruTe wuTh The gurls The Gurls Gym was The seTTung Tor many a p Tched baTTle and The knock down drag ouT TournamenTs were aTTended by many Tans all howlurfg Tor The scalps oT The Team whuch happened To be opposung Theur besT pals Ah' Modern Dance' Imagune rows and rows oT graceTul gurs sumulTaneously perTormung leap and bounds Tw rls ano Talls Need I add ThaT several oT The Talls whuch I wuTnessed were Tar Trom unTenTuona'7 The soorTs hghlughT oT The Term was a serues oT Two SoTTball games played beTween The AThleTc Councl ICOUNCIL DODGERSI and The LANE YANKEES Some oT The abe T graduaTung councuu gurls ahem ahem wenT To baT Tor Theur Team Among Them w re MARIE DI GANGI Truple ThreaT huTTer GERTRUDE BRUNJES MILDRED NELSON JLISTINE WULF GLADYS MILLER HELMA WOLEE SELMA ADDIS SANTINA AMBPOSIO YOURS TRULY On The opposung Team were BERNICE BLIND h uuTches a mok ng hoT TasT o II AYE MANISCALCO HELEN 84 . . V- . . . ,, . Dx ' I ' C I I I Q ,D T F . . . . ,, S , I 1 . S I s . , , . , . I . . . . A . . . I . I 1 - I , I . ' I ' ' . ., . . . 'I - - I s , u . I. 1 u I I I - if ' "'l , I . 9 v I ' I I I I X - ' u , . , 5 two, s u I I , STELLING HELEN WALUV MYRTLE BRAUN HELEN KOCI-TAN MARY STRANK and HARRIET JACOBS AT The end oT The nIne hard ToughT InnIngs The score was TIed aT 9 To O In The IasT haIT oT The eIevenTh GIorIa SchuITz sevenTh Termer aImosT rIpped The cover oTT The baII wITh a SIZZIIHQ TrIpIe SCOFIHQ MarIe SmITh Tor The TenTh and wInnIng run NoT To be ouTdone The LANE YANKEES came back To TrIrrI The CouncII ID The second game 6 To 5 AT The IasT haIT oT The nInTh wITh The score TIed 5 To 5 Two ouT and a gIrI on second base a doubIe by BERNICE BLIND whIzzIng Through The hoIe beTween shorT and ThIrd won The game NOTICED IN THE HECTIC RUSH TO GET THIS IN ON TIME HELMA WOLFE The TerrIbIe Turk who makes recaIcITranT EreshIes guaII wITh one Iook capabIy TakIng charge oT The BTTGIFS oT The Hockey CIub YE ED noTe ThaT she survIved wITh TIyIng coIors The barrage oT permIssIon bIanks aTTendance sheeTs and compIaInTs Every Tume I spoTTed a sTudenT reTereeIng a game T was HELMA FREDERICA WILLIAMSON my candIoaTe Tor QUIQIGSI happIIy bangIng shIns wITh a hockey sTIck on The Terra TIrma oT The campus SANTINA BABY SANDY AMBROSIO who manages To have a TInger In every pIe In spITe oT her pInT suze YE ED whose haIr goT gray whIIe In charge oT The BaskeTbaII Club hoarse as Poes raven aTTer a SESSION wITh The Ereshles Why on why do They InsIsT on maklng up TheIr own way oT shooTIng and TheIr own ruIes7 BERNICE BLIND puTT ng The boys To shame wITh pIvoTs and seT shoTs oT deadly accuracy and whose caT IIke BQIIITY has been The nernesIs oT many a guard CECILE HAYNES AND ELOSSIE MOUZON The onIy Torwards on earTh who obIecT To beung guarded MARIE DI OANGI our ersTwhIIe CouncII PresIdenT who shouId QIV9 a course ID super sIenderIzaTIon HARRIET JACOBS AND HELEN STELLINO whose TaIenTs as handbaII sTars have gone To wasTe wITn The eIImInaTIon oT The HandbaII CIub DO YOU PEALIZE WhaT a Tremendous Iob IT IS To decoraTe Those Tour wIndows OUISIdG The GIFTS Gym wITh arTIsTIc eye caTcnIng dIspIays Why dd YE ED a spurT T TeverIsh Trenzy voIunTeer To QUQGFVISG Them7 WhaT a wonderTuI sense oT humor IS possessed by The Mrs DunckIee Tashman and ReId7 Youd be surprIsed aT The swITT reparTee and spIrIT oT IOVIBIITY whxch prevaIIs IF The gym OIZTICG WhaT The Ioss oT Mrs Bauer has meanT To The Osprey 7 Here s hopnng ThaT by nexT Term The mermaIds oT Lane wIII agaIn InhabIT The pooI The onIy remaInIng ITem now I The greaT quesTIon as To who wIII receIve The GIFTS Senuor AThIeTIc Trophy Even Y Ed wITh aII her WIncheII Ing around ha roT been abIe To hear The IeasT IITTIe whIsper abouT T AImosT everyone has a chance Trom The mosT TomboyIsh aThIeTe down To The gIrIs who cuT Gym every day Yes I know who you are buT I wIII reIenT and keep QUIET Tor a smaII sum In cIo Ing may I dedIcaTe ThIs coIumn To Mrs LeoIya ReId advIser oT The AThIeTIc CouncII who has alway done her uTmosT To InsTIII nTo The gIrIs Those prIncIpIe whIch are oT paramounT ImporTance sporTsmanshIp and IoyaITy Barbara Loro 85 I X- I I I - ' , 1- I Ia ' I I I - I I I I I I - - I I . . C I . . J . . . I . . I . I I .I , . . . . . I I I- II II . . . . . I -I - I . . . I . . . . , I , I , - . I I I I .I . . . . . . . . . I . . . I. . ,-7 . . , , - : I ., IIT O , . . , . , , , . S. . S I I O I . S . T l 'I I 5 . . I , , I I T ' s , I I ' ' Q , ,I F , - 1 1 I , I LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT 1 W PV 1 LVQ0 S ASe1cr QQ we1ooQr+ T Mr vos We re G+ a O52 w U ve QL swf T Mr Per man 'Q fx v Cu V 9 L 'we' Sf' rw WOQQ C D Q 7 wwPCn + y COme .joog s evo no kmoc S res Po so rcs M G Lfwfsdw Gr C 6 VW F'V"'V' WW G VN AGC v v 1 VW 1 w fw rx 6 5 G' i",iz wi: 'i"'1'Q. T " ,. 1 " 1 ' Lf' '- :K 14 j..": "N: rift. ':' 'ff'-:Z ffi if " "1 "f"1 1 1. T? D". Ciivgvf ew?"- A "'fv xiii Cfflv "f:i- if ir 'fff UA' V'-LC " aw' ii f Ti Mr, See?- !.Li,1',JJ .' ,Yr,'L.,1. A ri" 1,5 A':A-" L"1"f' ' . 3. L. Mr. Kfxifv- A QQQL Q3 ,W LCLH, A bone Q5 Wie R. Mei-3 we Mofe.. A cavow cf Life: Lcafcx, are 3"erv.Vs-3.. 4. To Mite ig v y .' Sas " -ax '5 ic. 5. O . 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Suggestions in the Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

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