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Franklin K Lane High School - Senior Echoes Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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if 1 aff 1 , A K P 3m.i5,13x3Ef ' 'f' '- O n J 1,- X L A QW sx1': ix K !' V X3 Vfigpfbfg . QW f X K1- Hwg WW ! W EN m' LW, C533 f 24-Apr- fff C, , X KU 'ffigfgdyxfkv 1 find' x C5776 Senior gclvoes Q Volume V QXWN 1 fag Published by , THE SENIOR CLASS OF JUNE, 1931 granklin of .fone ffaglr Sclvool BROOKLYN, N. Y. ,iii- C SES P pl Qbedication To C7Vlr. Samuel Zisowitz for his every-ready assistance, for his pleasant personality, and for his sparkling wit, this Senior Year Book is dedicated i 1 i N w r 1 2 1 3 3 ,Y A i . , v y ""W 'Ill . , ' 3 , K . 7 , :J Y- - 'D A'-A-R A'A'v'w' - f-' JJ-'AL'A'A'A'A'A'rL'A'!' I I I Ii . ' f I 671107 61716 cl I I I une, 1931 qi I I Editor-in-Chic XI I MAURICE HANKIN I 1? Associate Editors ,I GRACE KUHLS MILDRED ROTHSTEIN jx .fm Editor DAVID ALPER .I Business Manager 'I FLORENCE MECKLER 1: Sports Editor ll SOL TURSKY I Literary Board Knock Board XI ABRAHAM HANISH DOROTHY CRAIG 'I LEON KANTROWITZ HERMAN FEIFEL ,I RUTH SMITH ARTY FEINMAN AI LEO WEBER ADOLPH GREENBAUM 1 GERTRUDE WEITZ JESSE KRITZER ,I Business Board ISIDORE LEVINE A PHILIP BERGER CLARA NUSSENBAUM , FRANCES PENTKOWSKY NEWTON PINCUS I: I-IYMAN HIRSHKOWITZ MARY SALERNO .N ISIDORE STADLER DONIA SATANOVSKY 'I WISOTSKY PEARL SCHOLL I r oar I LEONARD FEINGOLD JENNIE SHAPIRO LOUIS FREEMAN GERTRUDE WEITZ I! ANNA GOODMAN ALEX ZIMMERMAN 4 Typists IN IDA ARONOWITZ LILLIAN DIAMOND 'V YETTA KESSELIVIAN ROSE KAMENETSKY ', IDA BERMAN +I Faculty Adviser 'I I-IAZEL I. BORDEN lw 'I fy- 7 7 7 fvfwivfvfvfvfwifvfwfv77,5 fr Yw7w7'7Tv,w7i viii I4I MLK ,fvv-f' ff! . 74 f fA," v4 ,ul-. KNQCK W ART ' V UTERARY MH BUSINESS ix R ff J , 1 v V fU X51 i I l'6l Ci70T6'7,UOTCl GAIN a graduating class is leaving Lane to go out into the great, wide world. Again the recessional is being played to escort out another batch of efficient business men, lawyers, doctors, den- tists, teachers. We, the Class of June 1931, walk out of the great auditor- ium wherein our farewells to Lane are vested, with varied pictures before our eyes. Some of us see ourselves associated with college life, with its dormitories, its campuses, its superb football teams, others with bus- iness, with its typewriter clickings, and efficient, smooth-running routine. Whatever the visions of the future may be, the present hits us with startling reality. We are really leaving Lane! We are departing from the scene of the very happiest days of our lives. We are leaving the narrow one-way halls, the very efficient Lane Lunch Service, and we hear ringing in our ears, for the very last time, the welcome voice of the dis- missal bell. Of this, our Yearbook, the editors have tried to make a book which will be full of memories for some future doctor, or some future scientist. VV e have tried to include every noteworthy event, from which we will be able to derive any joy at all in the future, Vile have tried to prepare a book which will help us remember who was who in Lane, and who wasnit. Whatever success we have had with it, however, we owe to Miss Borden, whose very helpful criticism and suggestions have urged us onward to do our very best. To conclude, we hope that the Senior Class of june, 1931 will derive a great deal of pleasure from this book, over which we have spent so many hours. f7l Cgfzcznx To Grace Kuhls, for so light-heartedly assigning this to meg to Miss Borden, for allowing it, to Miss Mack, for the Reporter desk on which to compose thisg and to all readers who appreciate this type of rotg Thank you. To Miss Serramoglia, for her encouragement, To Mrs. Nurnberg, for her Big Show, to the Service Squad, for making me follow traffic, and Mr. Ayman for assisting them by prolonging my sprint to classes, to Mr. Pitt, for heat on balmy Spring days, Thanks. To Mr. Bernstein, for enjoyable "Eco" periods, and not so enjoyable cutting slips, to Mr. Fabricant for his Art Club and his unlimited patienceg to Mr. Silberstein, for his sincerity and kindness, to the Debating Team, for its argumentative prowess, Merci. To Mr. Cain, for his dissertations on the talkativeness of women, to Lew Sadowsky, for his volubility, lack of memory, and his dance class, To Mr. Zisowitz for reminiscences on beer and pretzels and his amiability, to Mr. Batt, for not ousting me from 1135 Thanx. To Mr. Ball, for his tennis team, to Mrs. Grotjan, for her ever-ready Witticismsg to a number of other l8l faculty members, for indefinite reasons, to Mildred Rothstein, for her aggravating knock committee, to the visualized new building, for its failure to materialize and to the old one, for its pleasant memories, Thanx. To the first real "frosh'7 class, for aspiring To the great height-s of seniority, to the teachers who endured reading my exam papers, to Maurice Hankin, the editor, for winning the Oratorical Contest 5 to the fire drill gong, or any other bell, for ringing at that critical moment when I was to be questioned, and naturally, to the printer, for not having had to be bribed into printing this. Thanks. R. S. PK Pk if Pls 555611 Game C6776 Qlawn When I was young and foolish, I longed to be more wise, So I burned midnight-oil Until the sun should rise, And I spent all day in study Cramming up my brain, But soon I had weakened memiry And nothing did I gain. Slinking through the years at school, Swiftly growing lean and leaner 'Til one day my hardships ended- Ild become a Senior! Rs l9l .faments LAMENT I This business of being a Senior Is making me blue in the face. Each teacher Wants service or money, A doctor will soon have my case. On Monday there's swimming and hygiene On Tuesday it's skating, the dance, On Wednesday thereis violin lessons, On Thursday the f'Les Amisv prance. On Friday it's Latin Club meeting, And each day I could stay until five, A-slavin' for '4Mirror" and Year Book And wonderin' why I'm alive. And then there is orchestra practice, And volley ball taking up time, The Arista, tennis, class meetings, Committees that take your last dime. This business of being a Senior Is all very Well, but you see That doing all that and my homework Is making a Wreck out of me. l10l LAMENT II You ask me how I get this way With my face so wan, no longer gay? You're wrong againg I have no pain, And it's not because I'm leaving Lane. You think perhaps I've flunked my Mathg Or I've wandered from the narrow path? Oh no, great worries cause this look, And it's 'cause I edit your Year Book. G. K. C911 Gfzoosing glffy CUocation Why am I so irascible? Why is my pulse all aflutter and my heart palpitiating on my sleeve? Ah, it is intolerable. I will keep this my darkest secret. I will never, never tell-never! .... But, since you insist .... I am no longer destined to be a child prodigy. Such are the trials and tribulations of age .... In my infancy, I delighted in problems .... But now my Waterloo is met. The old 'teeny meeny miny mov method Won't work anymore. "To be or not to bel' is the Shakespearean question confronting me. Shall I give my talent to doctoring and the mighty task of inventing new diseases? I might be a pedagogue carrying the "Torch of Learn- ing" to warm the chilled brains of humanity. Easily enough I might be a lawyer, or a dentist pulling teeth at random, or an actor playing fortissimo upon your emotions, or even a philosopher delv past and discovering more objectionable and embarrassing the evolutions of man .... I Weep at my magnanimity, but evidently I lack the ing into the facts about strong will necessary to make such a vital decision. My career, if any, depends on my judgment. But then too, I might be an artist, or a poet, or a household mechanic, or a--here I go again. I despair-what shall I do? R. S. l11l Qu Qi C5776 Grystal-Qazer The perennial crystal-gazer Resumes his annual stare, To see within the future The seniors that may be there. The mist and shadow rises But the seer seems aghastz- Three hundred growing futures rise From out of the darkened past! They rise so high and steadily, He cannot even count The futures that are calling From up the heights they mount. And on the peak a banner Waves, How it glistens in the sun! For inscribed upon its folds there is '4The Class of June, 1931"! R.S i12l if-Y QW ll 1 J A LA xfxxxgkix X ' , ing: ' .6005 QPIJE gm ff?" W1 flag-A " '1 lv i131 fgfsv Cgfrirty-C9116 qtfjorft NAME ANSWERS To SHOULD BE WORST CRIME FAMOUS FOR WVEAKNESS DISPOSITION DESTINATION Benetsky Abe Percy Bysshe Writing Poetry Queerness Poetry Puzzling Greenwich Village Bodanoff ' Harold Apollo Looking pretty Physique Clothes QVISCI but 5atl5fY' Collar Ads n Brilliant Phil ifColog,' out the Smile Girls jolly good fellow Proud Papa Celi Angelina Angel Collecting Y i T1 gTresses Frances Lovely Magazine Cover money Cohen David Carrot-top Hair coloring Witicisms Cutting Friendly Banker Feinman Gert Gertrude Homework Dancing ifBob', Jolly Ziegfleld Follies Fogelson Harry Harold Indifference -Orange ties Day dreams Nonchalant Murad Model Gerardi Frances Francine Friendliness Studies Languages Sweet Teacher Gleicher Rose HBusy" Steni. notes Service "Strong', Serious Stenographer Greenfield Moe L'Log" Dancing High marks Math Aloof Prof. of Math Hankin Maurice Morris R1QmQiUg around Oratory Debating Reasonable Radio Announcer building Kaminetsky Rose Rosie ggfgff!71f355 in Athletics Physical Ed Even Olympics Karess Izzy Handsome f'Shikses" Dressing Good-looks Nice Palmolive Ad Kazin Alfred Al Never Cuts Marks Writing Scholarly Professor NAME ANSWERS To SHOULD BE WORST CRIME FAMOUS FOR WEAKNESS DISPOSITION DESTINATION Kuhls Grace Ridi-Kuhls Violin Playing Literary Writing Cool QPJ Magazine Staff Ability QFD Miller Lilly Curly Ankle socks Curls Coiffeurs Sugar Second Portia Morgenstern Claire Clara Flirting Acting HWillis" Coy Gun-Moll Peskin Eddie Edwood Acting Refutations Lovely locks Argumentative Civic Repertory Pincus Dorothy Newt Dimples Cuteness Girls i Sweet Singerts Midgets Ramelkamp Pink Dorothea Posing Face Chocolate C cream Condenscension Smart Set S dr0l-757 . Rothstein Min "Chub', Knocks Q29 Business G15 fs Happy-E0-lucky BUS- Manager Sadowsky Lew Louis Saxophone Leadership Lane Genial Politics Salmanowitz Salmanowitz Samuel Side Remarks Nonchalance Sophistication Cynical -xaradof the or Satanovsky Doe Cutie jen Efficiency Private Secretary Babyish The Other- R Woman Shacknowitz Hyman Sphinx Silence Lack of Noise Unknown Peaceful Grave-digger Shapiro Jen Skinny Donia V Speech "Bernstein', A Bossy Divorcee Schultz Sid Sidney Loudnessi Old Jokes Clara Bow A Lively Soap Box Orator Smith Ruthie Smythe Editorials Big Words Poetry Peevish Columnist Ware Ada HA" Being talkative Earrings Stories Sociable Organ Weitz ' Trudy Gertrude-Julia Note-passing Dramatic Acting Hail-fellow-well- Drama Accomplishments met Wexler Anna Thalia - Being naive Classroom tales Admiration of Happy Ruben- 'adies-of-leisure Marriage Broker 11,244 ,Q .ff M .JJH XJ ABRAHAM, BERNARD The Senior class is making a collection toward a comb for Bernie. G. O. ABRAMOWITZ, CHARLES A gentle and a quiet fellow Who doesn't like to bellow. G. 0. Brooklyn College ALBERT, RUTH Little Ruthie is quite petite, But unfortunately has a bit of conceit. G. 0. ALPER, DAVID Alper walks 'round in a daze, To be an artist is his craze. President of Camera Club, V. P. of Chemis- try Club, Service Squad, Art-Photography Reporter Staj, Art-Photo Mirror Staff. Pratt Institute ALPER, PAUL Paul's rotund and jovial face Would be a joy to any race. Sec. to Mr. Artale, Sec. to Camera Club, Deutscher Gesangverein, Math Club, Photo- grapher for Year Book. C. C. N. Y. ALTERBAUM, BEATRICE Perhaps your good traits we could see, lf a bit more friendly you would be. , Sec. for Mrs. Grotjan, Sec. for Mrs. Gallin, ' Pianist for Dance Class. , C. C. N. Y. w ARONOVIC, MIRIAM ' Study more and you'll be apt to see That, to knowledge, you'll surely find the key. V. P. Official Class, Member of Senior Dana.- -S ing Committee. Business School. ARONOWITZ, FANNY I notice, Fanny, that you are quite active, X But don't you ever get tired of that "Busi- ness Narrativev? Sec. to -Mr. Greenstein, Sec. to Mr. Licht- blau, Member of Swimming Club, Basket- ball Club. Savage School of Physical Education. AUBER, ARTHUR A lad who is a little shy, Whose speeches in English are very dry. Member of Gesangverein. C. C. N. Y. AXELROD, IDA Her wit and 't eat? 'r Only the best d ,, pete. Prom Committ . N. Y. U. BADEN, WILLIAM William digs into the mysteries Of old and well known histories. Sec. to Mr. Neugroschel, Swimming Club. C. C. N. Y. BADER, HYMAN At everything Hyman starts out fast, But somehow he usually ends up last. C. C. N. Y. 161 BARATZ, ROSE She's on a talking diet, Now do not get me wrong, For Rose indeed is very quiet And her tongue is short, not long. G. O. Rep. C. C. N. Y. BELOVE, LOUIS .f ' will - ' I I ' 1 tate? rl BENNETT, BEATRICE Just another one of those who's sure to run, When school is o'er and the bellls heard at one. Mulligraph Club, Mimeograph Club. C. C. N. Y. BERETVAS, GEORGE George likes to fool around, But during recitation He utters never a sound. Late Squad, German Club. BERGER, PHILIP Phil may some day surprise all, By going away and returning tall. Member of Cutting Squad, Sec. to Mr. Ber- man and 'M1'. Gallinger. C. C. N. Y. BERMAN, BENNIE I take off my cap 'To a very nice chap. . G. O. 1 A, I BEIMAN, IDA 4. ' you studied more, ou'd easily see, -j' 1, , A Th jtofg 'd need no plea. X! y,,t!'k7'yjst'for the Year Book, Mimeograph Club. G. O. BIREN, ROBERT Bobls a small diminutive lad, Is always seen with a face long and sad. G. O. C. C. N. Y. BLAKEMAN, BERNICE In her life there is no other, But her worldly, little brother. Sec. ta Miss Costello, Late Squad, Cutting Squad, Deutsche Gesangverein. Brooklyn College BLANK, MIRIAM Blank in name, In fame, the same. Miss Slfaubiv Secretary. BLOCK, LILLIAN Not that it matters, But Lillie can, and certainly does, chatter. G. O. BLOOM, MILTON Why hasn't he been reported to the Mayorls Noise Abatement Commission? Q G. O. l17 1 xl 4 .rf jg-Yzgjll Jvtfzlj gg ff milf? - wb l -Zu .I BODANOFF, HAROLD Tell him he's good-looking, Then watch him blush, G. O. Rep., Member of Hockey team, Swim- ming Club, Swimming Team. N. Y. U. BOGARQT, CLARA She's afraid to talk a little louder 'For fear that we may som-e day chide her. Typist for "Zeitschufl." C. C. N. Y. BOLKER, BELLA 9 How affectionate you always seem- But I wonder if itls only a dream. Xf c. c. N. Y. . ,be 1 BOSLOW DAVID - ' He carries himself with a stately air, " '- , As if he were Rockfeller's only heir? . Manager of Tennis Team. , NFL' . Columbia College X' hi BRAGINETZ, ALEX Alex is so noisy, It really is a shame, But perhaps it's just his head, That should be to blame. X G. O. BRAGINETZ, FRED Simple, fair, and rather coyg Oh, I forget, this is a boy! Member af Basketball, Baseball, Track, Swim- ming Teams. Polytechnic Institute. BRILL, LEON Leon lisps, a cute little sound, But you'll find no girls when he's around. .-lrista Member, Medical, Lane Reporter. C. C. N. Y. BRILLIANT, ISIDORE Has character, personality, and scholarship t-his lad, Hels always broadly smiling, never sad. V. P. Senior Class, Pres. Club Council, V. P. Math Club, Ed-in-chief of "Log and Cologf' C. C. N. Y. BROOKS, CELIA 1 e e Way you comb your hair, I also like the clothes you wear. V. P. of Library Squad, Member of Swimming Club. C. C. N. Y. BRUNO, FRANK To smile at a girl you never would dareg Can We call you the answer to a Maiden's Prayer? V. P. and Sec. of Oficial Class. St. J'ohn's College CALI, ANNA A dainty lass- Our best dressed girl Of the Senior Class. Member of Susan B. Anthony, Volley Ball Team, Stunt Club, Ice Skating. Business g When you answer in class, l - fo! l I always "coise" I fx f I f Just listening to that 1 , - Sweet melodious voice. QW' G. O. Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. 181 CANNELLA, JOSEPH I ,f '!. .' V' CELI, ANGELINA A more quiet and gentle lass You'll not find in any class. Member of Volley Ball, S. P. Q. R., Pin Committee. Business CHELODNICK, GUSSIE In English and History she dozes, In other classes she reposes. Pres. of Class, Sec. of Class. Business CHERNOFF, NATHAN To Nathan, the tests, were a jest, But the results were not the best. G. O. COHEN, ANNIE Only a few realize her fine qualities. Member of Gesangsverein. Brooklyn College COHEN, DAVID A humorous lad and an industrious worker, And not in the least is he a task-shirker. Literary Editor of "Little Larzeite", Stal? of "Log and Colog", Cutting Squad, Sec. Math Club. Brooklyn College COHEN, LILLIAN Very little of yourself you have shown, So how are We to know you're Lillian Cohen? Sec. of S. P. Q. R., Susan B. Anthony Club. Pratt Institute ' . . COHEN, MABELfV1f' fgfrffea That she's pleasingly plump we cannot deny, But to attain her high honors one rn-ust cer- tainly try. Pres. of Ojficial Class, Member of Arista, Gesangverein, Volley Basketball, S. P. Q. R., and Social Club. Brooklyn College COHEN, ROSE Maybe if we heard her shout We'd have something to write about. ' G. O. ,' COHEN, SAMUEL ' Blond, dimpling- .. ,l I Sweet boy. Nj Qjlll X G. 0. fb , f , C. C. N. Y. ' "" ' I CRAIG, DOROTHY What is it that keeps you from morning till noon, Working each day in the mirneograph room-P Sec. of Official Class, Sec. to Mr. Cain, Knock Committee, Mimeograph Club, Steno- graphy Club Business ' , 'R STAL ' A other p ogr ive c the famous u , , T R A la . A V, , f 0 R e uber 'if A Varsity, oe ey, hem. Club, Gesangverein lub. N. Y. U. D'APICE, EMMA N Why don't you talk more and with more of us mingle, Or would you rather remain quiet and single? KMember of Volley Ball Team. L 19 DECKLER, SIDNEY Just as the sun is always welcome, So does Sidney's smile affect some. G. O. N. Y. U. De La MOTTA, CORNELIA A pretty miss With features quite rare, Is your complexion the product Of time and care? G. O. De VITA, THEODORE Lately you seem in a daze, De Vita, Tell us who's the senoritaP G. 0. DIAMOND, LILLIAN If a more known Miss you tended to be, We could knock you more easlly. Typist for Year Book. Business DIRDACK, MORRIS "Dirdack is the handsomest, best dressed and best mannered boy in the Senior Class," says Morris Dirdack. Member of Medical Club, Swimming Club. N. Y. U. Shes always lk But in her tea ers books you find lots of 'tO's." Sec. to Mr. Maskowilz and Mr. Engel, Mem- ber Tennis, Swimming, Service Squad. Columbia College DUBNICK, EMMA A short miss, rather stout, At homework, turns up her nose and pouts. Member of Les Asmis, Jamaica Training School DUBROFF, RACHEL Although her hair refuses to curl All admit, she's a darn nice girl. Sec. to Mr. Lamm, Dance Com. C. C. N. Y. EISLEMAN, ROSE Rather thin, quite lanky, In English, always Very cranky. Member of P. M. Debating Team, Basketball, Swimming, Ice-skating Team. Brooklyn College ELGARD, HYMAN Ahoy, Senior, All's well. G, O. ELLIS, BERNARD A modern Shylockl G. O. ENDE, HARRY Loud and boastful, Thinks he knows all, But 'tis a surprise, How he in Eco does stall. G. O. I 1 " e . DOMNITZ, ANI I 201 l . J ENGEL, HENRY Henry wants a Don juan to be, He's stuck on all the girls you see. Oficer of Oficial Class. St. John's College FEIFEL, HERMAN He's not so clever, He's not so brightg He's not so dumb, But h,e's all right. G. O. FEIGENBAUM, IRENE At least this much I must confess, You certainly know the art of dress. Member of Cutting Squad. C, C. N. Y. FEINGOLD, LEONARD Feingold is the boy, Who thought a Physicist was a toy. G. O. FEINMAN, AARON Art 'may be excedingly cute, s T14 he talks too much no one can dispute. ju X V. P. of G. O., Member of Awards Comm., " Chairman of Friendly Relations Comm, Sec. for Mr. Batt, Knock Board. ' N. Y. U. FEINMAN, GERTRUDE Beware, beware, you rnen of Lane, Gerty is quite a dangerous dame. G. O, Rep., Tennis Club, Sec. ta Miss Ser- ramaglia, Prom. Com. N. Y. U. FINE, NANETTE She has really no "line," This shy maid-Nanette Fine. Member of Basketball and Swimming Team, See, to Miss Price. 'I'eacher's Training College 'Xl , FINKELSTEIN, SA EL il' Service an ar ave given freely, ' Z ,l All Lanei uw dearly. , Canvdf atin S. fP. Q. R., Treas. of Senior jlftllxss, ,Member of Arista and Gesangverein 14' ' Club. Brooklyn College fi FOGELSQNHEARRY Harry loves imself you see X batzng Team U 'J mpg, 35 says an actor l s meant to be. F N IS s an artist of worthy noteg Paintings to exhibit he will t'tote". G. O. FRIEDLANDER, LUCILLE A lovely girl, personality plus, Over her high marks has never made a fuss. Pin Committee, Member of Les Amis. Hunter College FRIEDMAN, HARRY He hopes to become a politician And get a new building for Lane. Pres. of Oficial Class and Lunch Squad, Member of Dramatic Club. C. C. N. Y. li 2 FRIEDMAN, MILTON When there's lots of noise or a sound, Surely Friedman is around. Pres. of 'Ojicial Class, Lieut. of Service League, Member of Glee Club and Service League, Track Team. St. Iohnls College FRIEDMAN, SADIE She, my friends, doth always make, Pictures for my very sake. G. 0. FRIEMAN, ALFRED Al has a hero, Ed. G. Robinson is his name, That's one reason Why Al's chatter is not to blame. G. 0. fs K I I R l 1 , VE Gallin talg wcgn he see "fit, But thep i,nt he n er hits. I G. 0. Iilepfgx om om it ee. C. C. N. Y. ' GELB, DEBOR H A miss who' 'ncli d to e dreamy, With a smil X rge and "beamy." G. O. Rep., Ges verein, Socfal Club, Basket- ball, Tennis. C. C. N, Y. GELBERG, LILLIAN Little of yourself you have shown, By very few are you nown. Comm. Law, Mi-meogrz h, and Ice Skating. C. C. N. Y. . GELROD, WILLIAM Surely you can say so moreg Stand on your feet, lets hear you roar. G. 0. C. C. N. Y. GERARDI, FRANCES Your scholarship an service has given you a name, But you're a trifike conceited, and that's to ' blame. X Sec. Les Amis, Sec. of Senior Class, and Sec. of Arista, Leclai, Farrago. Hunter GINSBURG, HAROLD In time of a test Ginsburg shows but little zest. Cheerleader, Swimming, Medical. C. C. N. Y. GISSES, PHILIP What shall I write, My face is quite sour, Because of your knock I've wasted an hour. i X Chem. Club, Camera Club. C. C. N. Y. GITTLEMANf-A-B-E A rather quie IR 'tis ue, I But no one c ever nd ' ue. Dues Committee, Biol gy ad, Medi- cal Club. A 'A ,f N. Y. U. , f J I f GITTLITZ, JULIUS ' j short, stubby, Q lf! Round, tubby. ' Capt. of Track Team, Baseball. 221 A GLEICHER, ROSE - She works in the office from morning to eve, And yet no harm does her work receive. Sec. to Mr. Zinner, Sec. of Sten. Speed Club, Associate Editor of Comm. Comments, Arista, ' Club Council, Reorganization Committee, Pic- ture Committee. C. C. N. Y. GLICKMAN, ROBERT That Bob has fine sense of humor Is a very common rumor. G. O. Columbia GOLDBERG, IRVING Progressg he goes "weigh" up the scale. G O N. Y. U. GOLDMAN, BEATRICE . A miss who hasn't given very much service, In Eco and English-very nervous. G. O. C. C. N. Y. GOLDMAN, MAY I haven't heard very much about you, But what I have seemingly Batters you. Dancing Com., Vocal Training, Dramatic, Basketball. GOLDSTEIN, ANN When in rain or in a storm Those perennial earrings keep her warm. Library Club, Basketball Club. GOLDWAY, EVELYN For the service squad she's always late, We hope she gets a good hand from fate. Sec. Susan B. Anthony, Red Cross Rep., Sec. of Miss Crasper, Les Amis, Social, and S. P. Q. R., Service Squad. Hunter GOLISANO, LENA Black eyes and black hair, A pleasing character, rather rare. Vice-President of Class, Valley, S. P. Q. R. Maxwell Training School GOODMAN, ANNA ' You can't keep a Good-man Basketball, Stunts, Swimmin Pratt Institute. GOODMAN, DAVID Wake up little buttercup! Chemistry, Gesangoerein. St. Iohn'S College GOODSTEIN, SAMUEL i'As a member of the hockey team, Goodstein, you make a good plumber. Hockey Team. C. C. N. YQ GRANT, HENRY He'll surprise us some day with his great ac- complishments. Orchestra. L23 were rw- , Q0 56 KAMQNETSK ST Hilfe 1- 41. ii Y 'AT Lava N41 N +2 'E' If HAQEEISYVIDSS x i f I . 1, 5 Qs EN M6 51' BE QE STERN 5 S ACT LOU .SA Mosr 9 Hneoe FRE NCES GSEQQP' popuuhfi BEST OQATORI SQ HC 'Wil QUTH HLBE RT CUTEST CUTEST Mvsr comcerreo THE FORMS Q I ANNA WE MER Moen 1-wmorcous ILL,-LANT 'FTE NA GALBANO BE LE ST 31513551259 a '5nre.f-am. os , Quxawsr Q39 , fl , .. gf' ,. ,Q gb - .ag 331597, . GREENBAUM, ADOLPH If Adolph keeps on growing more, He'll have to have a special door. Knock Committee, Medical. L. I. U. GREENBLATT, JACOB Our own idea of an undertaker in the making. Sec. of Class, P. M. Debating, Medical, V. P. of Der Deutsche Gesangverein, Pres. of Med. Club, Current Events, Camera, Arista. C. C. N. Y. GREEN FI , OSES , In ath ' y 's roficient? I I-esfgmder f in anythi g pdencient. l ' A Editor of Log andgygolog, Editor of L'Eclal, Y' Pres. Math Club, re.. ff Le ' 'Qs C. c. N. Y. , KVUL Llx' 1 I .4-A if GROSSER, ANNA Are you on a talking diet That you are so very quiet? if Sec.. to Mr. Finkelstein, Sten. Speed Club. C. C. N. Y. ,f A GURFEIN, ABRAHAM ,fl The ideal American boy-he says so!!! ,f I ' Q ff Baseball, Track, Senior Indoor Baseball Team, f . '1 "' iff, Capt. Cheering Squad, Dues Comm. , ,ti N ,Z . N. Y. U. ' -,', x, cuss, LOUIS ' r' Q , . ' Another one of Lane's pearls CPD ' " Who has a watchful eye on certain girls. 4' f A .. Pres. of Social Club, Arista, Service Squad. ,. J ' C. c. N. Y. GUTCHMAN, HENRY Oh Gutchman, Oh Gutchman, Your fearful job is won, Four years high school You have done. Class Night Committee. C. C. N. Y. HABAS, GENEVIEVE If Genevieve stopped using cosmetics, the novelty stores would close up. G. O. A V, HABER, SQERT 5 f In 11' dies, this Ro ern Half . if 29 n ,mfitspert Eh time , 1 ygdff 1 W. Y I, s.: HANISH, ABRAHAM X In Eco and English he doth excel, For Study is his middle name. G. O. HANKIN, MAURICE That you're a fine orator we must confess, We hope in later life you'l1 be a success. Editor-in-chief of Senior Year Book, Debat- ing Team, V. P. of Les Amis, V. P. Debating Society, Sec. Club Council, Arista, Lane's Rep. in Oratorical Contest. C. C. N. Y. HEIDEN, ROSE ' A pretty and clever little dame, Who can succeed in any aim. Comm. Comments, rMimeograph, Multigraplz, J . f' u Tennis. ATA- A c, c. N. Y, f ki -xx! ga-V? I K., S gs, 9 x. f- 5-3- .X - xg L Lv- g- ,cl HEIM, MORRIS Sometimes an idea strikes him, Isn't it a pity some don't like 'im? C. C. N. Y. G. O. HILFER, JACK He claims he never played with toys, I wonder-does that keep him from making noise. Secretary to Miss Heilbrumn. C. C. N. Y. HIRSCH, KERMIT He seems to have a certain trait, Which does not allow him to think straight. V. P. af Swimming Club. e N. Y. U. HIRSHKOWITZ, HYMAN The blush that suffuses. G. 0. HOROWITZ, HAROLD Surely his answers are always right, But his dancing certainly is a fright. G. O. HUTHWAITE, ELSIE Your little upturned nose Should find you many, many beaus! Valley Ball, Galf, S. P. Q. R. Maxwell Training School HYMAN, SYLVIA Oh Sylvia, there's no hurry, S0 I don't see why you should worry. Volley Ball, G. O., Golf. JERMAN, ADOLPH Adolph's head is a little numb, Or shall we say--a little dumb? G. 0. JOCHNOWITZ, SIDNEY Sometimes we really wonder Why Sid makes such awful blunders. G. O. C. C. N. Y. KAMENETSKY, ROSE You seem to be Lane's best athlete, But why do you your abilities over-estimate? Pres. and Sec. of Athletic Council, Arista, Sec. to Mr. Finkelstein, Capt. af Valley Ball, Pro- gram Cam., Tennis, College Application Com. C. C. N. Y. Y KAMINOWITZ, FRIEDA To school every day Comes this lass And goes quite dazedly From- class to class. Sec. ta Miss Crasper, Basketball, Valley Ball. C. C. N. Y. . KAMINSKY, SELMA A girl who should be awarded for looking sleepy during periods and getting away with it. Valley Ball, Basketball. C. C. N. Y. IZ7 l N l X f Vvvlf tw' . I af ly yd Sr' fl. KANTROWITZ, LEON He is taking a course in 'IHOW to Become A Lady Killer". Vice-President of Annex Dramatic Club. C. C. N. Y. KANTROWITZ, SIMON - Here's a lad who's full of ambitions, We hope he accomplishes all of his missions, O. O. KAPLAN, IRVING Member of English Book Squad, Varsity k Basketball, Hockey Squad, Senior Basketball . ' Team. .h My -l , ' o Harvard College Q Mk I, .KN 1 t KAPLOWITZ, JOSEPH M ...Q f ' V As an actor he has secured his fam-e, ' r ' 1 1, But is known as the most conceited in Lane. , 'V Capt. of Hockey Team, Lane Follies, Choco- late Soldier, H. M. S. Pinafore. V. N. Y. U. ' KARESS, ISIDORE Hair of blond, Eyes of blue, Boys like you, Lane has but few. Varsity Basketball, Senior Class Baseball Team. C. C. N. Y. ' 'A KATZ, MARTIN f E' C 17 Who are you? i What have you done? xx X Help me so I ' " 7 'X f , , Can write a pun. Elf . jf .7 Z G. 0. if X ' KATZ, THEODORE ' ,X ' X 1 In class you always look so cozy, I F Does that account for your being nosy? Sec. to Miss Vergason. C. C. N. Y. KAUFMAN, ABRAHAM 7, I V' He plays a mean game of Asolccpg Forum. . Brooklyn College KAZIN, ALFRED A Galsworthy and a Paderewski In vain would he beg But methinks that a scholar He is more apt to be. Arista, Pre. Forum, Associate Editor of Mir- ror, Orchestra, Librarian. C. C. N. Y. KESSELMAN, YETTA Yetta may be small, But how her voice can fill a hall! Typist for Year Book. C. C. N. Y. KOCH, AUGUST Wake up, 'tLittle Boy Blue," Time wonlt wait for you. G. O. KOLETTY, MARION "VVh,o are you looking for"? "Oh, Marion's in the candy store." Sec. to Mr. Wolfe, Pres. and Sec. of Glee Club, Pinafore, Lane Follies, Chocolate Soldier. 1 KOLOTKIN, MOLLY Molly has one worry-it appears Becoming Uplumpl' is what she fears. .Mimeograpli C. C. N. Y. KOORSE, BERNARD Keep up your music, Barney, For "Music hath charms To soothe the savage breastn: So stick to it and do your best! G. O. -KRITZER, JESSE l - 1 Even though he keeps his nose al if We're pretty sure his heartfis Les Amis, Arista. I- C. C. N. Y. -fel KUHLS, GRACE 5 l Youlre so cool andfcollected That anger in you is rarely detected. Lit. Editor of Year Book, Ass't Editor of Mirror, Arista, Les Amis, S. P. Q. R., S. B. Anthony, Mimeograph Squad. Brooklyn College f. I I , LAUTERSTEIN, ESIHER 14 " A -quie , little, sophisticated Miss, Af A N '- qv But Q' ,isythere no more than this? ' ,X M r. Peskin, Sec. to Miss Lietz, Arista, A , I A., .1f,"tV X I MedicaI,l'orum. 1 Cf M f. -Hunter College l I , fe, LEHRMAN, WILLIAM M' Y Girls he does not have to seek, i Why Willie Lehrman is a shiek! ' 'I G.O. A girl who no one seems to know, V And therefore hasn't any foe. G. 0. M IP'ER, CHARLOTTE LEVINE, BERNARD Alls "Quiet on the Western Front." G. O. LEVINE, ISIDORE Isidore Levine, Never heard, And hardly ever seen. Pres. of Dram. Soc. Czlnnexj, Service Squad. C. C. N. Y. , ' f r LEVITZKY, MIRIAM R ,JA.fJ The "Chocolate Soldier" did she enhance Xxjjlfll 7 Ji With her light and graceful dance. f ,P jk , G. O.' ' .MJ I ff' Ml , My LEVY, MILDRED ' TG- f J Mildred has one outst 'n, it, xywg ji , ' Instead of esiden , ' rather be late. . Pre . f Ojicz s, Pianist on Dance Com., en. Ciiib, apt. Volley Ball, Swimming. C. C. N. Y. LIEBREICH, LEONARD Tall, dark, and handsome. G. O. l29 4-F , +1 1 'C 14- ' lik.. ,YJ J 'T .-' ' X 9 LINETZKY, ISIDORE . A modern Rip Wan Winkle who has'nL awakened yet. G. O. LIPHSHITZ, GERTRUDE With her rippling laugh and charming man- ner Gertrude wins the day. Deutsche-Gesangverein, P. M. Basketball Club, P. M. Dramatic.Club. if Ig C. C. N. Y. if Q I 1.1. LIPNITZKY, AARON , Xfx. . One of the many who V n I, ntfew Z-J art of cutting periods. , ah, Aki' f, G. 0. . K il ""' ,jf , MALAMET, HARRY ' His scholarship is anasset to him, His brain is never shadowy or dim. G. O. MATTUS, ANNIE I keep on hopin' Some day to make her mouth open. Orchestra, Basketball, Stunts, Arista. Hunter College MARCUS, CLAIRE She's so meek And so shy, We cannot knock her, For fear she'd cry. Les Amis, Service Squad. Hunter College MAUCERI, BIAGIO A boy who is big and strong, Whose answers in class are always wrong. Secretary of Airo Club, Soccer. L. I. U. MAZE, EVA Every class must have a giggler, Here's one wh0's better and bigger! Vice-Pres. of Official Class, Tennis. Business MCCONNIN, JULIA Has worked a good deal in Lane, Why, Julia has typed for Mr. Cain! G. O. MECHLER, FLORENCE In Eco she is one of our best, Quiet and yet full of zest. Business Manager of Year Book, Sec. to Miss Leilz, Arista, Sten. Speed, Lane Forum, Med. Business MILLER, FANNIE Girls like you are very few, Helpful and pleasing and charming too. Sea. to Mr. Finkelstein. C. C. N. Y. MILLER, GERTRUDE An example Of the "Evi1s of drinking" -------Milk! Mimeograph. C. C. N. Y. 301 wjuf-1 ,' 0 :X J 1 ff V, ' ' H ,V ' . fl kj., MILLER, LILLIE L Z so We all d' a ie your curly hair, As a w 1 y e fu as being quite fair. MONISOFF, BERTI-I At least her conceit isn't an affectation. G. 0. MORGENSTERN, CLARA A girl with lots of vitality, ff a X And a pleasing personality. P"'f"f-QLLL, Sec. to Mr. Zinner, Cast of .Romantic Age, V5-ft Arista, Volley Ball, Tennis, Sten. Speed Sero- ice Squad, Dance Committee. ' Business 'J Q-L.-',-5f,, 'gf . if MUSICANT, LOUIS The one boy who speaks in volumes .... Assistant Editor of Lane Scientist, Aero. Brooklyn College NATHAN, PHILIP The only man who claims he understands Einstein. Vice.-Pres. Chemistry Club, Capt. Chemistry Laboratory Squad, Camera, Lane Scientist. C. C. N. Y. NOVICK, SAMUEL It certainly is a lot of fun To watch Sammy after he has begun. G. O. Brooklyn College NUSSBAUM, FRIEDA A Uses a lot of powder and paint, Making her look like what she ain't. Sec.. .Mimeograph, Tennis, Multigraph. Business NUSSENBAUM, CLARA Although Clara's nose you'1l find in the air, She's really charming and quite fair. Knock Com., Spanish Fieste, Gesangverein. Brooklyn College OLSSON, JQHN7 j 4 'Z ,l ,I A btJy'vl?,1om we zillaadrnire, ' , 'V For his ,eat and eean attire. Cgss Pres., Lunch Squad, G. O. Rep. C termsb, Baseball. Business ORDEMANN, GEORGE f In accounting he was a very fine boss, When we changed positions, we realized our loss. lG.O. ' ORLANDER, ROBERT ,Tis said in class you always rest- This We must say-You are well dressed. Reporter Staf, Mirror Staff, Sec. to Mr. Calia, Varsity Basketball lMgr., Senior Baseball Team, Press, Dance Com. Georgetown University ORTENBERG, SADIE She's a miss whols always alone, The bell rings, and she's already home. G. O. Q ISI 2 wfemmgq OSOFSKY, ESTHER So quiet we haven't even heard of her and can't seem to knock her. G. O. OSTROWSKY, ROSE This young lady is slim and sweety To keep that form-What does she eat? Gesa1zq'Uerein. Brooklyn College PEARLMAN, FRIEDA If you haven't met Frieda, her credentials are thus: Charm, character, and personality plus. Sec. to Mr. Moskowitz and Mr. Peskin. Arisia, Service Squad, Reporter Typist. C. C. N. Y. PENTKOWSKY, FRANCES Her mouth is always, on the go, And refuses to bother with, those she doesn't know. G. O. PERLMAN, AARON It would, to all, be quite a try To find a boy so still and shy. G. 0. C. C. N. Y. J . PEI '. Mnnayicroi bfi 1 were r r' r' d to find such fertility X vokfyfn ar oi? riting abil ty. . O. PHAFF, EDITH If somethin about Edith I I I were give a hoice 5, I , I'd be Sure 1, ' '91 I That singing oce. ,I l Sec. to Miss Kenny, Sec. to 9' eming. Business PINCUS, AB ' ' HAM .Another one who comes, wo ks hard, but is unknown. G 0 - f ' PINCUS, NEWTON jf Newton Pincus is so cute, , No boy or girl could substitute. K- ' f Year Book Knock Board. ' Columbia University. PINSKY, BESSIE We are deeply impressed by her lashes, Making her eyes look like beautiful hashes. P. M. Delegate, Vice.-Pres., G. 0. Rep. Maxwell Training School PLOTKIN, FLORENCE There's one thing we'd like: To make a correction In your rising inflection. Class President, Tennis. G. O. PLOTNICK, ESTHER As an athlete, she's quite fair, And is a wonder at combing her hair. G. O. l32l POLAY, HYMAN He may be small A But in Economics He knows practically all. G. O. POLLACH, BEN He's so quiet, you don't know hels around, For he's always dozing Whether there's silence or sound. G. O. PO I?,K, RACHEL t fat! just pleasingly plump, if you please! . O. P SNFR JOSEPH Joe's shining eyes are well known in his classes, But recently they have been obscured by glasses. G. 0. Rep., Medical. C. C. N. Y. RABINOWITZ, YETTA We would really start a riot, If we should find you anything but quiet. Tennis and Swimming. C. C. N. Y. RAMMELKAMP, DOROTHY Dresden type, Handle with careg Dainty girl, Unasuming air. Sec. to 'Mn Welkowilz and Mr. Ayman, Vice- Pres. of Ojicial Class, Stenography. Business RESNICK, DANIEL introducing:- Mr. Know- It- All. G. O. Rutgers College RIGROD, ESTHER Why! We're very glad to know her, This new famous orator! Sec. to Mrs. Fleming, Social, Tennis, C. C. N. Y. ROSE, DAVID ' It's only of his deepest woes, 'That his name is Rose. G. O. ROSEN, BELLA , Like a Hy is Bella Roseng Everywhere she sticks her nose in. Stunt, Basketball, Valley Ball. Business ROSEN, SYLVIA "Still water runs deep", but is it true in her case? G. 0. ROSENBERG, MINNIE I wouldn't knock fair Minnie For fear that she might sit on me. Valley Ball, Gesangveffein, Ice Skating. N. Y. U. IS3 A lv www 3' g, 1 l x ROSENBERG, PHILIP A quiet, sensible fellow who's always ready to be your friend. G. O. ' ROTH, TILLIE If I should write a knock, . Saying she is silly, She'd give me a ulook" That is rather chilly. Pres. and Vice-Pres. of Oficial Class. Maxwell Training School ROTHSTEIN, MILDRED She's a clever, industrious, and active miss, And her own jolly self is proof of this. Editor of Knock Bd., Business Manager of Reporter, Service Squad, Les Arnis, G., O. Rep. C. C. N. Y. RUBINSON, SOLOMON He must use red marks T0 keep warm. - G. O. RUBINSTEIN, SAM Your accent is what we all admire, And of your tennis playing We could never tire. Member of Tennis, G. O. ' RUDERMAN, GEORGE I don't know you But I have no doubt That you're quite anxious To get out. G. O. St. John's College of Pharmacy RUSSO, MATHIAS A short little lad But in Eco. his case is sad. G. O. RUTLEDGE, LILLIAN A girl who m-akes me rip and roar, And stamp around in rage, Because, you see, the manner she assumes Was meant only for the stage. Ice Skating. P. G. Course at Girls' High School SACHS, MELVIN Your voice reminds me of the Ford- It sputters and suddenly stops. Assistant Manager Baseball. SADOWSKY, LOUIS He's clever and capable, and eager to see That all in Lane fits to a "T", We're sorry to have him leave our school, For he's been Lane's most precious jewel. Pres. of Arista and Senior Class, Permanent Justice in Court of Arbitration. C. C. N. Y. SAIFER, PAULINE A short lass, very dark, From her Alma Mater Will soon embark. G. O. Rep., Sec. Mr. Neugroschel, Basketball, Valley Ball, Library Squad. Brooklyn College SALERNO, MARY Mary, Mary is not contrary As the legends go, Has a lovable personality And isnlt one bit slow! Sec. Miss Cropser, Asst. In Eng. Ojfice, Knock Com. Business 341 SALMANOWITZ, SAM Nice boy-clever too, But really must you always chew? G. O. SALTZ, ELLA Wherever there's Ella There's always a row, Just what is your reason For those long penciled brows? Club Service Squad, Worked for M1's. Quilter. C. C. N. Y. SALVATO, GASPER Are you really very meek: . . . When will you ever learn to speak? Baseball Team. St. John's College . SANTNER, JULIUS ' 'LScrappy" Julius! And so, He hopes to be a lawyer some day, Don't you know? G. O. C. C. N. Y. SHAPIRO, JENNIE AND SATANOVSKY, DONIA ' Working in the office for one and all, Always ready at an instant's call, If you look in the office, You'll ind them there, Jennie and Donia, the everlasting pair. See. Messrs. Reimer, Cooper, Welkowitz, Cut- . ting Squad, Com. Comments, Reorganization Com., Arista, Speed Club. C. C. N. Y. SCHEINBAUM, MARY Whenever you hear a loud sharp call, You'll know that Mary's at the end of the hall. P. M. Debating Club, Minieograph Club. C. C. N. Y. SQHERZ, HERBERT . A combination of quiet and loudness wrapped into one. A G. O. - C. C. N. Y. SCHMUCKLER, SAM Whene'er a mouse is heard at play, ' Or whene'er we hear a pin drop. We'll know that Schmuckler From his stupor has risen. G. O. SCHOENBERG, BEATRICE Beatrice, Beatrice-oh that voice-- Sorry it isnlt' Our very best choice. Q Susan B. Anthony, Les Amis, Regents Com. C. C. N. Y. SCHOLL, PEARL A lovely maid, never's harmed a soul, An intelligent miss-Pearl Scholl. Arista, Knock Board, Associate Editor of Com. Comments, Mimeograph, Basketball. C. C. N. Y. SCHRIER, MELVIN Pop! And another student hit the mark! Office Mgr. Swimming Team, See. and Treas. of .Swimming Club, Swimming, Tennis, Swim- ming Team. University of Pennsylvania. l35l I .. i 36 , .I N , SCHULATSKY, WILLIAM ' I I Whenever you hear a cheerful good nlorning Why, that's Will calling. Capt. of Handball Team. Brooklyn College SCHULMAN, JULIUS Another one who hasn't contributed very much-to the sehool's noise. G. O. SCHULTZ, SIDNEY One who's given to throwing chalk, And about Clara Bow doth always talk. G. O. SEEWALD, ABRAHAM Where were you Abe Seewald? Miss M- has just called. Gesangwvrein, Math Club. Brooklyn College SEGAL, JOSEPH Our own true Joe, Have you any foe? G. O, SEIFER, FRANCES You are really very quiet: Won't you ever cause a riot? Tennis Club. SESOFSKY, ESTHER just another funny lass, Whose humor no one doth surpass. G. 0. ' C. C. N. Y. SHACKNOWITZ, HYMAN Hyman, how can we know thee, When you're a wizard in English and History? Little Laneite. SHAPIRO, ALICE Youlve been here a year and not well knowng Therefore we cannot for your absence moan. G. O. SHAPI RO, SOLOMON Noise, noise, and- More noise. G. O. Rep., Math. Club, Les Amis, Staff Re- porter, Reporter on Lane Reporter, Brooklyn College SHUMSKY, ANNA Over this question I'm all up in the air, Tell me, Anna, What are you going to do with your hair? Mimeagraph, C. C. N. Y. SIEGEL, MARY Who is Mary- VVhat is she? Sec. to Mr. Peshkirz, Swimming Club Medical Club. Brooklyn College l SILVERMAN, BEATRICE Quiet as a mouse, they say, I wonder if she is always that Way? G. O. SILVERSTEIN, EDWARD When there's a loud Hurrah, Why that's 'tNoisy Ed" in action--and how! G. O. SIMINOFF, GERTRUDE To some her singing may sound quite sweet, But to others it's not really a rare treat. Pinafore, Lane Follies, Sec. to Mr. Finkelstine, Basketball, Ice Skating, Swimming. Savage School of Physical Educatioly - f SKOBEL, MAX i ' ' Max aspires to ecome a great scientistg I wonder if that accounts for his pessimistic attitude? Lab. Squad SLUTZAH, HAROLD - yy , 1 k, -rf When Slutzah st-rts to play a tunle, VVe feel we' i to heaven soon. Orchestra, e JMW SMITH, RUTH I - She's active and intelligent, As shown by her writing, so elegant. Ass. Editor Reporter, Year Book Staj, At- tendance Bureau, Arilta, Reporter Stal? Class. f J Acutwa , , , SOFFIN, ELI f ,fy ef Here's a violinit whowvs the' ffer 5 e' between high dough a d Qlosf dou .ffiyf 1 f, Orchestra, S. P. Q. R., ,giipr 4Glee Cub. Brooklyn College ' I ,ff SPERLING, LILLIE She's really quite optimistic, But oh! how she smears that lipstick. G. O. SRULOWITZ, SYLVIA We all know for a factg Sylvia's weakness is her Mac. G. O. N. Y. U. STADLER, ISIDORE He's one of the lads Whols constantly ordered to go for Mads." G. O. STEIN, DORA Dora may be kind of short, But she's O. K.-we like her sort. Sec.. to Mr. Finkelstein, Cutting Squad. STEIN, MARY It's difficult to write a knock For a girl who may have faults, But never shows 'em Sec.. to Mr. Finkelstein, Cutting Squad. l37 l DYLL 'L ,F X, e"" 'X Qs L Kc I' P F KX K kk-L fr' 'l- f' 'Q 4 M11 it 1 ' 4"-v ff I f' at W STEINBERG, JOSEPH A squirrel's delight. G. O. STRANO, JOSEPH Joe may think he's "wisel', But he's in for a big surprise G. O. STRAUSS, HANNAH If there were fifteen Hannahs in a room No bigger than a Htopv, I'm pretty sure you could still Hear a pin drop. Gesangverein. Huntei College SUGAR, MILDRED A nice girl in every way, But don't forget, children must play. Le.: Petits Amis. SUGARMAN, FRIEDA Frieda Sugar-man-- Names are deceiving. G. 0. SUSSMAN, JACOB , jack with his peculiar ways Puts one in a veritable maze, Aero Club. C. C. N. Y. TRIFON, GEORGE Some fellows DO insist on moustaches. G. O. Y , rn! . if , 5, 1 TURSKY, SOL fl p ,A x . Should we knockf'-ou o hadnlt We' Houghtei-l'g You never mentioned us in the Reporter. Mirror Reporter, Press Club, Math. Club, Les Amis, Year Book, Swimming Club. Brooklyn College. USATIN, MILDRED You must really love to talk, At giving speeches you never balk. G. O. WARE, ADA L. I A - 1, f Funny? That's no word for it! e Class Sec. 2 terms, Library Squad. Business WAXMAN, BESSIE The teachers always seem to wiggle, On hearing Bessiels funny giggle. Private Secretary to .Miss Crapser. C. C. N. Y. WEBER, LEOPOLD , N Leo's on the service sq ad, -tl I f ,Th it ' Y he thinks he pretty Bot. 'L ook, Capgvfogf If I Patrol, Lieut. of J Service Sq1zz2?f. i y Brooklyn C ' lege ly rf Q 381 N f ,ff 5 iff' ii ,f 'LLL ff ,ll WEINGROWITZ, IOSEPH He idolizes Al Capone, 'tDutch Shultz, etc. Going to Chicago, George? G. O1 WEINSTEIN, EVELYN We'd really like to know more of Evelyn. G. O. WEINTRAUB, GERTRUDE I notice youire always seated in the rear, ' 5, Come further front, and have no fear. 5 . , it -V G. O. x JU X Hunter Colleg K ,ff , .M A 1 gi M Clyy fgljf, Weiss, MORRIS gl ,yt ,pf Bill Tilden in 3 smallef edition. ' Capt. of Tennis Teani. jf, WEISSMAN, GEORGE tfgffrfn George is one fine sport, f I. - Q Who can take a knock Without a snort. , G. O. WEITZ, GERTRUDE Dramatic, poetic, Talents without end, But still "Trudy" To her friends. G. O. WEITZ, SIDNEY Down through the ages, Pateur, Koch, Noguchi, and Weitz. Ciass President. C. C. N. Y. WEITZMAN, TESSIE Tessie has an angelic face, And doesn't set a very fast pace. Sec. to Mr. Zinner, Service Squad, Repofter Staff, Mirneograph St-af, Proin. Com., Arista. .i C. C. N. Y. WELTMAN, FRIEDA The main ambition of this Udamev, Is to get her name in the Hall of Fame. Mirneograph, Mizltigrapli, Arista. C. C. N. Y. WEINER, MIRIAM Little,-and little of herself has shown, Sad to say, her reputation is unknown. Valley Ball. C. C. N. Y. . WERNER, JESSE rg 'N f- His face is just as white as milk, MA X QJVOJ' ' His brain is just as pure. X A. pgsLenU' Golog. R Nev syvg. C. N. Y. WEXLER, ANNA When Anna rises and ventures to speak, The class's laughter turns to a shriek. Corn. Coinrnents Stai, Sec., Business Staj, Pres. of P. M. Debating Club, Member of Les Arnis. C. C. N. Y. l39l WISOTSKY, LENA Lena, don't you find it wise, To think before you criticize? Service Squad, Les Amis, Sec. to Miss Crapser. WITKOSKY, DAVE He's still wondering why he wasn't chosen handsomest boy of the Senior Class. G. O. Y. U, WITTEN, DORA Dora is willing and able to work, Never a task does she care to shirk. Lieutenant of Service Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Groljan, Arista, Tennis, Les Amis. C. C. N. Y. WOLF, KENNETH Kenneth is a quiet boy, Whose red hair is his pride and joy. Mimeograph, Program Committee, Deutschei Gesangvuerein. WOLF, NAOMI Another one of our misses, who's making a desperate attempt to become sophisticated overnight. Gesangverein, S. B. Anthony, Medical Club. Hunter College WVOLKOFF, MARTIN Martin is one of those quiet boys, Who seems to make all the noise. Gesangverein. Fordham. University WORTZEL, ESTHER That Esther is chubby can't be denied, And when she is angry, just run and hide. Secretary to Mrs. Jaffe. C. C. N. Y. WULPERN, SELMA A disposition so sweet, An appearance so neat. Sec. to Mr. R. Wilson, to Miss Gorman. Hunter College YANOFSKY, ETHEL She seems to be a flirtatious miss, But we doubt very much Whether but one she will kiss. Dance Com. jamaica Training YAVITZ, ISADORE A rather deep and dreamy boy, Who really isn't very coy. G. 0. University of Georgia YOUNG, GRACE Rather stout and quite tall, To every0ne's dismay she never stalls. G. O, YOUNGERMAN, CHARLOTTE Ft A nice girl, very charm-ing, Modest miss-that's alarming! Sec. to Miss Serramoglia, S, P. Q, R., Ice Skating, Medical Club, Social Club. Brooklyn College 401 fl. r M ,X YURISDITSKY, FANNIE Fannie, you're always so meek and mild, Are you sure you're not 'Tooling the public", child? Secretary to Miss Leitz. YUZUK, VICTOR Victor makes such a little sound We never know when he's around. G. O. ZELMANOFF, ANNA Anna reminds me of a pin, She's very small and very thin. Sec. to .Miss Slruab, Gesangverein. Maxwell Training Sch . ZIM ERMA E X h r g chap, - egg, F I-ino nsapu' jf P " eiryber of Knocks Cornmiit e, st. John's College f ZWICK, SYLVIA A singer sweet, a girl of charm, Sylvia can do no man any harm. Pres. of Library Squad, Vocal Training Club, Follies, Chocolate Soldier. C. C. N. Y. ' GREENBERG, ABE He's the kind, That never seems to make up his mind, G. 0. W. ff X, ' l41 . W4 Senior Glass Gonnnittees Prom LEW SADOWSKY, Chairman IDA AXELROD GERTRUDE FEINMAN HARRY GALLIN CLAIRE MARCUS LILLY MILLER DOROTHY RAMMELKIAMP ESTHER RIGROD GASPAR SALVATO TESSIE WEITZMAN ANNA WEXLER Class Night LEW SADOWSKY, Chairman HAROLD BADENOFF MABEL COHEN DAVID COHEN MOSES GREENFIELD HENRY GUTCHMAN MAURICE HANKIN JOSEPH POSNER GERTRUDE SIMINOFF Dance LEW SADOWSKY, Chairman RUTH ALBERT MAY GOLDMAN ISIDORE KARESS WILLIAM LEHMAN CLARA MORGENSTERN BOBBY OLANDER MIRIAM ORANOVIK MARTIN WOLF ETHBL YANOFSKY Dues SAMUEL FINKELSTEIN,Ch1n BERNARD ELLIS ABE GILLTEMAN AL GURFEIN ADA WARE DORA WITTEN Picture FRANCES GERARDI, Chairm CHARLOTTE YOUNOERMANROSE GLSICHER Pin ISIDORE BRILLIANT, Chnz. ANGELINA CELI LUCILLE FRIEDLANDER EVELYN GOLDVVAG SAM RUBENSTEIN HY SHACKNOWITZ CHARLOTTE LEIFER PHILIP NOLTON PAULINE SEIFER Pianists BEATRICE ALTERBAUM MILDRED LEVY SYLVIA ZWICK I 4 21 4? PQP4 l43I cg 5l70Tf Gut University of- Dear Dean: The other day I goes over to Pop and I says to him, says I, UDO you know why so many people have letters after their names?,' My pop says to me, 'tSure, those fellows are unemployed college guys." I thought it was foolish for some guys to go to college to get a degree, when it is so much easier to get it without goinl. Considerin' this fact, I find I read enough subjects to get me a couple-a-degrees, such as D.D.S., C.P.A., L.Litt., Ph.D., B.A., and the like. Before sendin' any of these degrees, I want you to tell me which is the best one so that I can put it first. I successfully read my high school course with the aid of a book named, "A High School Course for 99c.'l After this, I studied on f'How to Be a Dentist in Six Months." This book helped me very much, and I now have my own dentist office tfor 1 dollar a visitl. I received a certificate from the author of 'fHow to Write Short Stories, Plays, and Novels," praising my ability as a good writer of literature. I wouldn't mind having a C.P.A. degree because I have read the book, 'Accounting A Successv, but I am still looking for a job. What shall I do? I read many of these books, but I think Illl trouble you for only two degrees. I am sending you all my credentials in case you don't believe me. Yours truly, A. I-I. Cglve Gznema gn .fone Dighgngrgd ,,-,-,ws,, a,,s - ,.,-,s,r .sss. . ......,.s ss,......... 5 SZ on report card Right 0'f Way, sss,,,-.,ss,, ....I,I.... . .TI'afflC Rules Dance Fools Dance ....... .A...... . --Pr0m Night Inspiration. s.,, . I.,... . .....,... ................................ B oat Rifles His Private Secretary. ...... ................. . ......,I............... M r. Cain The Bolt Whispers-, --ss ...., Mr. Batt selling G. O. tickets The Money King. ....... ,.................,.............. . --G. O. Rep. Easiest 'Way .... ........ ....... ' ' Let me copy your H. WF' Stolen Heaven. ......... .....,.......,.I.......I..II........I,,....,... C utting Periods Redugings .... .......... ........................ D a d's salary at commencement Motheris Cry ...................,........ f'Stop studying, you're burning too much electricity, it's one A. M." Charlie Chan Carries On ...... ................... T he left-backs G. w. l44l C9ur Cruise CZQ7itf1 fifanej' The Good Ship 'fLaneU weighs anchor once more To transport her students upon Life's shore. Some in the world of business we'll see, Fast becoming captains of industry. Some of our friends, whom we see once more, Will be at the bar, in the realm of law. Many of the students of this four years cruise, For their work will the world of medicine choose. A number of -pupils, real smart creatures, Will reach the lordly positions of teachers. A few rare people who in Lane had their starts, Will devote their lives to one of the Arts. No matter what trip we happen to choose, Memories of Lane we never can lose. We'll remember quite often, with a smile on our lips, How about the "new building" we made many quips. In our recollection will be seen The jokes concerning Mr. Batt, the lean. That Laneites who were talented we began to know On the exciting eve of our annual show. The expansion of our chests we could well afford, When dear old Lane won the basketball award. And to the teachers that made up his crew, To Mr. Springmeyer, our captain true, From giving thanks we can scarcely refrain For this hard, but happy cruise with the Good Ship l45l Lane" G.W The school. aLbum nun----....., unnlllnunv ----.--nr nn--nur :lun--nr u------5- -n-nn .---nr .---ln EEE. -- u ' ,Z Z W .L-34 1 1 . -- ,.,..-, , nnul 1 ' X 4 XP -1 S J Q .QQ .! J ' e fi f I - , Z il "0 I Mgff ,nzgal Pffxff-' . " - J gills. ' i f . , The 1 i., null, -v ,.......:::::::::::"' """::::I!' ' wlulllun-u-.---. 'Sb In IA .1 Q W Wg? 1 MoDERA!1J rlcg Desfcmoff THE I Ik 1 Q . 1 M 2 i Q A wif' ' :L 4 FEE... ' ga- asa' N guy? .- Tl: ' . EZ 6 ,' .llu:::i, 'VH S -1-.Fl gg i v - R c" .ill i:I"l:E:F- E AOURCE O F X fp I A...:....:::555n,. ' , ,iw Y 231 , , Fszosu Som SENIOR , Q " Z Rr-zc,A sS - OUR STuD5NTCrRow5 j 'E:5 MR BATT-X - V- " ' up . ' "Sign: '. .' , JOKE :"" --::::--: ,V ,4-----gmsl' ,- ,f -. 4 ...- - ::-'- , ' !!!!i::::' H fp , 111 -fit 5 - QUR Oxgx -- vp p f ff Q I ARWVA Q2 9 v , T WET -f MEMBER Eoxqfxx d -,J HE , . . . ' - S 35:1 .,....4 o 7, ...V ,,,.,.4p-vw. gs ' fi A C - , xv f ,, fx M 2 ,ff , M QQ M fx N 5 SAMPLES FROM f-S f-45 .n ,WE ANGELUS gin: THE P12054 . , f in WEUHEB , -assassin . i - ' ' ' :....I.'::E!F!" ELLRW 5 ?1 "gas: , -. n V Illllllllllll. Aggljr pp, U , 4:51 , + Q: ' 'I-I--sasr' FA dim-fa:fsf:-W BM f 2 ' f seas: C35Ei'5g'2.SQEJ,3E5ggL, III :-- Q Q5 G o D' N- FORWARD MARCH Exp ' - Ar we bb Kr! Feefdrlif 4 - LEDAZQMCQQARS- F055 51 We mm we wwf? gran EAU-le Ks. I W M H WW fm, I SIT Dow A I . - gl' KW. . ' an Q Q x I o U X f', 5' "gs J ...rim U I .N A M l MECHAWA P WTF T' Q 3 . ELoc,uT1:J'n!A1EgiZ4jg:S! i -- ' ' ""'O------- MRSALTMIWS mu., SOME OF THE LATES1' CLOSE-UP OF A senvlc DF?"-L5 WERE 'VU1 EET, gr PRAC-HCA J SQUAD mr-wJ, Vi. Munn" FOR HIM. 1 gg. I L MES" 'Ill --lk " l -:gf W - fm EM OUT Y ..:..:. .g:5::: ':::. I u' ' ' P461 CSO CfgO7'lg The car of life keeps rolling onward, Stops for no one, now or ever, Miss it once and you are stranded. Two more months-we leave this building, Some of us ne'er to returng Lots of luck!-and some advice: Hop upon the car, don't falter, For if once you're left behind, The outlook's bad. But if you chance to miss the car, If the conductor does not see you- Don't give up. Run, youfre young, ' And cars are slow. S. T. fgdvice Of in cgditor, All through high school she went with few friends, just enough to make her happy and contented. But suddenly in her last term she had many, many friends. She often sat and wondered why these "new friends" noticed very minor points about her and instantly exaggerated them, always in flowery words. Suddenly it dawned upon her! She had been appointed Editor of the Knock Board!! Slowly she planned revenge against these "newly found friends". But how? She decided to give them all knocks. She wrote furiously and felt so good when she handed them to Miss B---. When they were returned, either Uterriblen or 'ftoo harsh" was written over the entire card. So, what was the use? My advice to you future editors is this---To all your friends- write knocks--they're sure to be accepted. But to "the other people" write boosts?they will never be rejected. M.R. l47l farting :Shots Well, we think we've heard ourselves knocked long enough and we suggest starting on our beloved faculty. Hereis a bit of fun to start the ball rolling. MISS SERRAMOGLIA Miss Serramoglia's nice, it's true, But she has a spark of mischief, too. MR. SILBERSTEIN Mr. Silberstein stays up all night Thinking of silly things for us to Write. MISS DUNN A class with little, sweet Miss Dunn Is always sure to be great fun. MISS VERGASON ' Miss Vergason, our Grecian goddess, At elocution long doth prod us. MR. WOLFE Mr. Wolfe most frantically waves his hands And compares his class to German bands. MR. SHAW Most always wears a half a grin, Does he actually care if the roof falls in? We've searched the country all we can, We'll never find so calm a man. MISS KERESTESY She knows us so well That she makes work play. .Against her there's really nothing to say. But we really can't help making faces, She always regards us as psychology cases. MR. CAIN Secretaries by the score, His fancy ties you can't ignore. Makes wise cracks and is rather vain, This, my friends, is Mr. Cain. MISS HEILBRUN I She has such a far away look in herfeyes, And with you she'll always sympathize, She has the shoulder that Lane weeps on, This compassionate person, our dear Miss Heilbrun. l48l MR. LICHTBLAU When ever we think of Commercial Law We'll remember our friend, Mr. Lichtblaug But before we say a last goodbye, We ask, c'Why do you say, 'So why? so why?' " MR. BERNSTEIN Although with you we don't have much fun, As a history teacher you're A No. 15 Although we think you're awfully nice, With excuses for cutting your heart is ice. MISS MACK Staunch at the Reporter she stands as head, Again and again 'fMacbethl' she has read. We'll hang her on the innocent rack, This demure little person known as Miss Mack. MRS. GROTJAN Your middle name is energy, You head the list for efficiency. You work real hard to get us through We really owe much thanks to you. G. K. and G. W. Qourzcf gn The .fibrary Review of Reviews. ....... True C oufessious. ....... .,.. . . .........f... Harpers Lib erty.-. ....,. -----..--The week before Regents Arista Inquisitions ....., Teachers harping on H. W. ,-----.-...Getting away with cuts Golden Books.-- ,.,, ,...,......... H onor students Police Gazette ............ .......,........... S ervice Squad Good Housekeeping. ...... ....... . Mr. Pitt 81 Assistants Transportation ..., ..,.... ........... l Vilson AVC. car Etude ...,..... Q ...... - Current History ,.,.... College Humor .,.. . ..... ........... Snappy Stories ...,,..... i49l Mr. Wolfe 81 Class ...... G. 0. elections Sidney Schwartz Excuses for lateness G. W. cgcfzoes C9f CZ gfypocbondriac Introducing t'Echoes of a Hypochondriacf' Containing some lingering vagaries, A column striving to bring back A happy disposition and less worries. Did you know- That a man with a Lane diploma and ten cents can get a cup of coffee in almost any restaurant? , That the elocution classes in the new building will have speaking plat- forms-another good reason for graduating? That if you ask some of the Lane graduates what they took up in high school. they'll truthfully reply, Uspace and the teacher's time"? That you cannot drive a nail with a Wet sponge, no matter how much you soak it? That the zero KOH was the first number we learned in schoolg which clearly explains why we're so fond of it in class? That an egg sandwich is not a chicken dinner? i That pajamas are economical as they are seldom worn out? That we aren't paid interest on our senior dues? which sooner or later will have to be remedied, and we suggest the haz- ing system? That just because a fellow wears a wing collar doesn't prove that he is an angel? That a brain is as strong as its weakest think? That Lane students are getting richg why, some even clean their spec- tacles with dollar bills? That the United States is slowly annexing Canada bottle by bottle? That many an accident has occured because the man at the wheel refused to release his clutch? l50l That the foolish under-graduates no longer respect the seniors, a fact: That a college man is as good a dresser as his roommate? That it's a funny thing that all great men were born on holidays? That a five dollar bill is more valuable than a five dollar gold piece, because you double it when you put it in your pocket, and you take it out increases? That a Wise crack is the crease in your brain when a new thought enters it? That just because the girls laugh at your remarks is no proof that youlre Wittyg perhaps they have pretty teeth? That a Writer of an epitaph is a monumental liar? That a friend in need is a friend indeed-But it's better to have friends that aren't in need? That the law of diminishing returns is illustrated When you send your sheets to the laundry and get handkerchiefs in return? That a Lane student died of hydrophobia? He put horseradish on his bologna and it bit his tongue. That stealing a kiss is petty larceny, but sometimes itls grand? That a skyscraper is only a building? And Why is it- That elephants can trumpet and yet vvear no horns? That if a kitten is a small cat, that a mitten isn't a small mat? That a ferryman calls the money paid ierriage, and the cab driver doesnlt consider his receipts as cabbage? That since horseshoes are shoes for horses, kid gloves arenlt gloves for kids? L.W. l51l CKQNQOJS 6162750 eqnd CZQNW ARRY Slutzah, best musician, born-ten or twelve years ago-, attributes his success as a musician to his famous cheese-box. He has never been in jail, though he has committed a very grave crime-that of being on the late squad. Mr. Slutzah expects to become a concert violinist or a composer or a conductor or any other job that some poor, deceived person will give him. V Annie Mattus, best musician, born-yes-, attributes her success as a violinist to the inspiration of a certain A. K. and the wonderful conducting of the above mentioned Slutzah. She is usually quiet and demure except when she meets a socialist, then she lets out some very radical Red ideas. Miss Mattus also expects to be a concert violinist, but will probably land up as a nice, homey ibut not homelyj house-wife. V Moe Greenfield, best mannered, born--quite evidently-,attributes his success to his great love CPJ for humanity. After following him around for a couple of days, we gave up, despairing of ever finding any- thing wrong with him. Mr. Greenfield isn't sure what he expects to be, but we imagine heill become an usher at Roxy's sooner or later. v . , Lena Galisano, best mannered, born-oh, who cares!-, attributes her success to the awe-inspiring example set by Moe Greenfield Cmentioned abovel. Miss Galisano will eventually become a saleslady in one of these big department stores whether or not she wants to, she's too well mannered for anything else. V Anna Cali, best dressed, born-on my birthday I the nerve of herb-, claims her success is due to her many, many, many years as a Laneite. She is always charming and jolly C with the boys, at leastj. In future years we expect to see her in some Fifth Avenue shop parading as a model. V Rose Kamenetsky, best athlete, born-in a gymnasium with a basket- ball in her hands-, says her success is due to a great-uncle who was a cow-boy. She is strongly suspected of liking to pose with a tennis l52l racket in her hands. Miss Kamenetsky is likely to follow in the foot- steps of her illustrious pedagogue, Miss Larabee, and become a gym teacher. V' Newton Pincus, class mascot, born-so it would seem-, a distant relative to Fig Newton. He aspires to the heights of Primo Carnera, but will probably decend to the depths of Singer's Midgets. Anna Wexler, most humorous, born-with a rising inflection-, started commenting and wise-cracking with her first baby lisp. She is liable to become a second Winnie Lightner. V' Ben Pollack, quietest, born-it's a deep secret. The serene smile is for puns C his own of coursej. Mr Pollock's taciturnity makes him an ideal listener. He will become, most likely, a clerk in charge of a bureau of complaints. v Rose Baratz, quietest, born-we suppose so-, the shrinking violet type. She once heard that women talk a lot and decided to be different, doesn't even talk in her sleep. We feel sure that Miss Baratz will turn out to be a hen-pecked wife. ' v U. Mabel Cohen, best scholar, born-during the Passover Feast Cthat's why shels always hungryb. She became a fiend at Latin, Math, etc., because she hoped to lose weight. Miss Cohen is very superstitious and carries a rabbit's foot with her,-also a portable chair. Goodness only knows what she'll become. I V Ruth Smith, best writer, born-with a pencil in her hand. She lost her singing voice while in infancy and is still searching for it. Miss Smith will accept an associate editorship on a good newspaper if the editor is handsome and dumb enough to take her. V Abraham Benetsky, best writer, born-so long ago that we can't re- member it any more+4, sage and philosopher. He sleeps only nine hours a day, but rests after this exertion for the other fifteen. He is apt to be- come a critic if he can keep awake. v Louis Sadowsky, most popular, born-in a log cabin in the wilds of Brownsville. He showed an early inclination for the saxaphone. Mr. Sadowsky is especially gifted at presenting endless extemporaneous ora- tions at a moment's notice and is therefore sure to become a politician. l53l Clara Morgenstern, best actress, born-quite near Broadway. At the tender age of two, Claire recited 'LTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Starv with motions and was acclaimed a child prodigy. What will she become? How can you ask?!! v Anna Godman, best artist-draws when nobody is looking. She would like to be a great writer, but her handwriting is poor. Miss Goodman is madly in lovelwith herself! G. K. 8zR. S. C5542 gcfes C9f gwarcfv lTwas the sixteenth of March in thirty one, The day that report cards were due. Lane seniors walked 'round with faces glum, For they had good cause to be blue. Yours truly was one of the ill-fated throng Who dreaded the Ides of March. Many students went around with faces long, And I, my throat was parched. UWoe is me! Woe is mein, someone mutteredj Two out of my live marks are written in redfl W-w-hat are you kicking about?" another stuttered, Ulf my folks see this 4'f1fty", they'll have my head." H U At last my report card was handed to me, And lo and behold, I had failed only three. L.K. l54l E yi il Is there anything new under the sun? I wonder. Some people say no and in the same breath continue H-and did you read that new book by Edgar Wallace I called-? 7 H Whether or not there's anything new under the sun, therels something almost new i between the covers of this Year Book of ours and that is that which you7re going to 1 read,-if you have the patience. Iive been looking at some back issues of the Senior Year Book,-or Senior Echoes, as it has lately been labeled,-and I didn't like the way things were arranged, What did I do? I tried to think up a new way of writing Senior Sports. I think I haveg at least, as far as the Lane Year Book is con- cerned, it has never been tried. Does that make it something new? 9 What has all this to do with sports? Well, since you've brought that up, I'll tell you. Sports, as it is written up by the average run of school sports writer, is not very in- teresting. Knowing this part, and realizing that I am nothing but an amateur,-and a poor one at that,-and desiring that all this effort shall not have been in vain, QI mean I want you to read itj, I decided that if there were a little novelty to the thing, it might be more attractive. I 55 l P l I I Well, here goes for the experiment.-No! Not yet. First we'll have a general discussion of Seniors and Sports. Ever since the 1930 Basketball team won the championship fthe fact has not been omitted from any of our school publicationsj the life of a sports writer has been getting harder and harder. How do 5 I get that way? Well, look at the number i of boys coming out for the team. All those extra names to remember! There is also more to write about. And then there is another thing which only the Senior Sports Writer has to worry about- 1 more fellows to put into the few pictures . allotted to this department. There was a time whenhthere were so few Seniors parti- cipating in sports that there were enough pictures to get one of coaches. Now, why take a look at these crowded pictures. l've had some job getting everyone into those tive little snapshots. Would a little sports' summary be out of place in this discourse on the trials of a Sports Writer? Let's risk it. Three members of this term's basketball team, which placed third, are graduating. One is the manager, Bob Orlander. The other two took part in nearly all the games and helped put the team where it landed. Almost the entire hockey team is graduating. Well, I'll bet they're not sorry. First there will be no more Lane hockey teams until the new building is erected, and if they were to remain, they'd join the ranks of the unemployed. tThey probably will anywayj. Seeondly, well the hockey team never was of champion- ship caliber and this term it was ,worse than usual. The Handball ,team has at last been organized, but has won no games-as yet. Tennis, made popular by Tilden, has taken root in Lane. This term's team should have won the championship. If it wereup to Weiss, we would have, but somehow the championship didn't show up. Our final standing has not been determined yet. i56l With the advent of spring, Lane, Senior class and all, turned to baseball. This years nine is much better than the nine of the previous seasons. The team started off with a bang and won the first two P. S. A. L. games, beating Bushwick and Tech. The Senior indoor baseball team was organized by Bob Orlander. After a series of postponements the Senior team played a team composed of the members of the basketball team. Maybe that is why the Senior baseball players won! The score was 7-3. The Senior nine is practicing very diligently for its encounter with the faculty team on Field Day. ' And now for the novelty! You've probably forgotten all about it. I know I have. Don't stop now. Youlve read thus farg continue. BCSLOW-First name is David. See picture No. 1. He is manager of the Tennis team. About 5 foot 9. What can be said about a manager of a 'fShould-bel' championship team? BODANOFF-See picture No. 3. His major "LU for hockey looks C'SwellH. To quote one of the teachers, f'Only important people must wear those." Pretty fair on the ice. First name's Harold. BRAGINITZ-Member jay Vee basketball team and out for regulars. First name's Fred. Member of Senior indoor baseball team. XJ COHEN-First namels Sam. Manager of hockey team. If the hockey team had i QA won as many games as there are Sam Cohens! x ffv M K CRYSTAL-.Arthur Crystal, if you please. Another hockey enthusiast and Bod- anoffis pal. He practices for the hockey games by running around for the Lab Squad. Also wears an UL". EDELMAN-First name Benjamin. One of those quiet fellows who doesn't speak very loudly, especially about himself. Member of our newly created hand- ball team. Plays a pretty good game on the courts. GITTLITZ-Nice little fellow. Captain of the track team. Good sprinter, relay, distance or what have you. Also was manager of the track team until l came along. First name jules. Member of our glorious senior baseball teillll. 4 GOODSTEIN-Another of our ice enthusiasts. Played on the hockey team. Blond, good looking. First name Samuel. l57l GURFEIN-Al. Talks quite a lot. Maybe that's why he is captain of the cheering squad. Member of Varsity and Senior Baseball Teams and track team. Wants to be a pitcher. Not a marvel-but you canlt blame a man for trying. HOFFMAN-Our own Georgie. Unable to play for Varsity team but O. K. with us Seniors. Has played baseball since he entered the school. Pretty good with the wand in a pinch. HOROWITZ-One of those strong silent men. Member of the track team. First name Harold. KAPLAN-Bane of all teachers, but Ilve seen 'em worse on the Basketball court. Rather heavy. First name Irving. Member of Senior Baseball team. KAPLOWITZ-Yes, the original Joie of the ttChocolate Soldier? Plays pretty good hockey. His ULN tits nicely. So did the HMustachio." KARESS-Meet the handsomest boy in the Senior Class. First name Isidore. Sub on the varsity basketball team and regular on the Senior Baseball team. LUMER-Track team and J. V. Basketball team. Also Senior Indoor Baseball team. First name Stanley. OLSSON-Unknown until the Senior term. Plays for Varsity. Pitches pretty well. Member of Senior team. Too bad we missed his picture. Call him Jim. ORLANDER-Hails from Hamilton. Has crinkly hair. Called Roogy. Name's Bob. Manager of Basketball team. Organizer and player on Senior Base- ball team. RUBINSTEIN-Tennis player par excellence. Smiles very prettily. Can usually be depended upon to win his sets. ' SCHULATSKYH-First name William. Captain, manager, etc., of handball team. Good dresser. Plays good game of handball. WEISS-The Murray Weiss! City singles tennis champ and captain of the tennis team. Has been compared to the immortal Kozelah. Beats all comers. Plays hockey and was presented with interwoven "LU sweater. TURSKY-Sol, not Solomon or Joe. Having written all this, he had to get his face in somewhere, so got appointed assistant manager of the track team. He was once connected with it. . In the comparatively short time we have spent in Lane, the old school has taken deep root in our hearts. Especially has she grown dear to those who have represented her on the tield of athletic endeavor, the wearers of the HL". Always will they look back upon their high school days, their "merry youthll in Lane. They leave now with us, the graduating class of June, 1931. Their last wish is that theyfuture Lane under- graduates will continue to support their Alma Mater as we have. S S. T. l58l .fast CCQMI and Testament Being of sound mind and firm body we, the Senior Class of june 1931 of Franklin K. Lane High School, do ordain and publish this to be our Last Will and Testament. I. 1 To our highly esteemed and ever patient faculty in general we hereby give and bequeath- A. The next senior class-long may they rave. B. Embryo orators for G. O. conventions and oratorical con- tests Cthe gods have mercy on theml. C. Future Arista applicants to scare the wits out of at Senate meetings. II. And unto these faculty members in particular we bestow- A. The right to slave, strive, and worry overthe next year book-Miss Borden. B. A plant thati flourishes without water, sunlight, or any care ' whatsoever-Miss M ack. C. Non-losable music and self-disposing stands and chairs- Mr. Wolfe. III. To those lowly and pitiful creatures who are to follow in our foot- steps we, with our sympathy, bequeath and bestow- A. The extremely pleasant job of collecting senior dues, pin and picture money, and all other equally pleasing and agreeable tasks. B. The right to clean up the study hall for Mr. Silberstein. C. All the notes and translation between the lines of our Caesar and Cicero books. D. Our spacious, carefully tended athletic field-Retkewick Stadium. E The pleasure of sleeping through G. O. Conventions. a l59l F. Our ever-rising hopes of a new building. G. The unsurpassable, immeasurable joy of committing to memory Macbeth's famous speech. IV. To those who have not yet learned to do their homework tor learned not toy we bequeath and bestow the haven of the Dean's office and those ,heavenly slips of paper called sick passes. 4 V. And to future art staffs we bequeath, bestow, give, and donate the many designs and other such works of art drawn on the desks in idle moments. Sworn to and attested before me this thirtieth day of june in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-one, Anno Domini. GRACE LOUISE KUHLS Notary Public ll l6Ol f . .lf f f WM M ggutogrczpks Rx g ff fl ' . X E 'JX f PJ 1 4 5 4 , 4 F 'QT X K 'X ' r I J' ' . W' F' K xy vw H fr WM f fm we . CN X, ' ll'X-'Iv qv, N' f f f ,A Za!!! Nzir1,ym,,4f Ii JI, . VRJPQDK xg 1 ,2 15. if 1,1 ,A ,V iw f. f1"'y ffufff Xi! Y-Ay X ' ,,"' .. jx X' If . fff,j7NtfS'7,g1,4x 7 Aj 5 ' Lf' xt X A 1 ,Q I i.4LA..g1.40t'.gY,,L Q i T . ki f, i A , 1 f W hW x X 1 Q9 fLffJ,jK , lwii iii f f, , Q f Q - ,., wk, I X i611 All Graduates of this school are eligible foradmission to Pace Institute -a nationally known and distinctive professional school of technical training in Business Administration Accountancy Secretarial Practise Classes for beginners at Pace Institute prepare high-school graduates for imme- diate earnings. Many Pace graduates are now treasurers and controllers of large corporations-others are in successful accountancy practise. Field trips to the offices and plants ofthe largest organizations in New York City are conducted especially for day students in the Accountancy School and for day students in the Secretarial School. Students and Parents are invited to confer with the Registrar. Compliments of YEAR BOOK STAFF of June, 1931 Day School - - Evening School Pace Institute 225 Broadway New Yorl! We can train you for a . . . RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS POSITION! THE GAINES SCHOOL of Business Administration and Secretarial Prac- tice has a rich history of seventy-two years of training men and women for successful business careers. Many of its graduates have attained outstanding prominence as executives and leaders in the business and financial world. GAINES SCHOOL courses combine and co-ordinate the essential features of the commercial training given in lead- ing universities and private business schools. The Secretarial and Business Administration program include, beside the skill sub- jects, such as Shorthand, Typewriting, etc., instruction in Economics, Applied Psy- chology, Executive Qualities, Investments, university professors and business experts. Advanced standing is granted to com- mercial students . . . Previous commer- cial training, however, is not required. Write for Catalogue or and Salesmanship. These are taught by Eshcrt intensive' courses are offered, also. New students are admitted any Mon- day. Day and evening sessions . . . Free placement service for graduates. phone-PLaza 3-6680 GAINES SCHOOL of Business Administration and Secretarial Practice 501 MADISON Avia. QSZND ST.j NEW YORK CITY l62l Nevins S620 Sterling 10084 ' PARK MANOR Banquets, Weddings, and Social Functions 450 EASTERN PARKWAY at Rogers Avenue Henry M. Denmark Brooklyn, N. Y Schwartz, Kirwin E? Fauss "If We made it for Gold, it'S Gold" RELIABLE NIANUFACTURERS -0f- . Class, College and Fraternity Pins, Medals, Prizes for Games, Etc. Official Jewelers to Franklin K, Lane High School 53 PARK PLACE NEW YORK CITY BANQUETS THEATRICALS XVEDDINGS, ETC. 12x20 PLATES fDIRECTJ BY SMOKELESS FLASHLIGHT MY SPECIALTY PROOFS SHOWN WITHIN 1 HOUR PANORAMAS FROM 8 IN. To 48 IN. LONG R. GARDNER Photographer To The Trade 107 WEST 116TH STREET UNIVERSITY 4984 ACADEMY 3362 NEW YORK 63 SENLOES Q K, p As you leave for the great adventure of success and achievement take with you a friendly greeting. A working combination of nzaterial things and abstract ideals is essential to a well rounded life. Sf, S'lFlElINBlEIlIillG Official Photographer to Lane Senior Class 1666 PITKIN AVENUE Telephone DICKENS OO75 BROOKLYN, N. Y. BROUKLYN CCOJlLlLlEGlE COMF PHARMAQY of LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY Forty-first Session beginning September 1931. Courses leading to the degrees of Graduate in Pharmacy QPh.G.j and Pharmaceutical Chemist QPh.C.j. Graduation from an approved High School course or the equivalent is required of all entering students. Special courses Offered in Urine, Blood, Water, Food and Drug analysis. For catalogue and further information address VVILLIAM L. HARLOE, Registrar 600 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York l64l -V r H l 5 r one - -my. 3, we . up A k , h".fgl""Y-6 vii, ' 'fi . I ,FCP f - 1 TT-. , W, .5 ,,, v g ' ' FH . 324: V m, M, gui, 4 A 'E -I , - ' iff . 4 I 1 gain, 4 - f Q QQ,-2 if :J ,, ' ' .K .- gl 1, a ., . w, ., z.f 4 m - "Ml-41 ..,n.sgQ,1f. , 4 ,. ,. W , :,,,. YJ, ' sqm:- ff mlit muiitmmm m A N 9 N E A Q '15, .. , L , fix, 'fggsw ' N ,X ff-Fas-A Lfgrbf' 4 J ' if-E QQ-,E ,.-fin, 5 'Y V "1'ui,f,Qg ' vm-'x in ' - ,f,4v:,,!jM'2'L-,. 3. yin- N, v-'--' ww - c 1 . 1' L-"f' uf, 5 .., , VV. I , " ' Nl 'H . 1 f' Aiwa a 1' H' , s :q 3 ,-:V.,,. jg: .1--.Q .ig 'haf 1 -. ag- gr. . '-v, 'HP -I .K L gy Q 1 'i ' A' 'J lfiwf"'g 1, 5? 5 1 A W H 1 1g.,..,,ff. 1 E I , 3, x -. I Q - ,F ff iw x C 4 es., 'fit ,W s-'-W' 'Wi' g' ff- ,L -A :K 5 W- ' . 5 F . Q4 ,Win ' '-v ' -,-A T -E ff ,',. - f imZ,w AW , WMM VW ' ALMJJ WWJUWC W my

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