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KITE N KEY 977.202 I F77-Fra I 1974 I INDIANA COLLECTION Chiefs 1974 Franklin Junior High School Ft. Wayne, Indiana TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration pp. 3-4 Personnel Staff 5 Service Workers 6 Departments 7-20 Chiefs 21-45 Sports 46-51 Activities : 52-64 Kite W Key We dedicate this book to the past , the present and the future . . . The past has helped to make our paths more pleasant. We are the present , and the reflection of the future . This year has been a year to remember . A year that was full of happiness , learn- ing , anticipation , and curiosity . If we could relive the past , 1 am sure we would dedicate our minds to a more positive attitude toward learning . But this school year is over . . . nothing can be done to relive it; however, this year ' s experiences will serve as a foundation for the future . Administration This year has found Mr. Moore a very busy man thinking of new ways to reach the student in the affective domain . He sponsored many activities to encourage school spirit. He worked with his faculty to encourage better teacher-student relationship. Mr, Yeranko worked with Mr . Moore in helping to sponsor activities that promoted positive thinking toward self and the world in which we live . Mr. Moore and Mr. Yeranko have both done a great job this year working with the teachers and stu- dents in helping to improve the image of our school . Mr. Ray Moore, Jr. , Principal Mrs . Shirley Johnson , Counselor Mr. Harry Hines, Counselor The counselors assist students with class programs , future plans , and personal problems . Mr . Passwater came to Franklin as our Dean of Students . His great services have proven beneficial in all respects. Mr. Robert Passwater, Dean of Students Mr. EdMcCanoU, Counselor- Aide Personnel Staff The office workers are anxious to help whenever they are needed . I Mrs . Linn , Attendance Clerk Mrs. Marian Moyer, Secretary (seated) Aides from left to right are Mrs . Conley , Mrs . Wilkerson , and Mrs . Biltz . The adminisuative staff wouldn ' t be completed without our secretar- ies. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Linn, and Mrs . Moyer worked very hard " behind the scenes " taking care of school interests, from attendance to business . Franklin Cooks: Mrs. Helmke; Mrs. Ecenbarger; Mrs. Geist; Mrs. Mahoney; Mrs. Hagen; Mis. Uetrecht; Mrs. Whitehurst, cafeteria manager. Custodial Staff: Carl Kayser; Tony Ahiens; Malcolm Mitc- hell; Lester Maassel; Mrs. T. Simms A typical lunch period n Science MR. HILAND (A.V. Biology Science) MR. FOX (Biology Science) MR. IREY (Biology Health and Safety) MR. PAGE (Science) MR. HOWARD (Science) MR. OVERMYER (Biology and Dept. Head) Students are urged to see life not only as being complex but also as seeing its individuality . Learning was stressed through films, activities, and experiments ' 1 ? ' ' ! T ' ca HH a hf s - Rw i -1 t ' ■jL:f., " -s P . t i, M ■ B Bii kJ Math Math Class Mr. Ginder Mr. Leis Mrs. Lilly Mr. Reibs Mrs. Rhodehamel Mr. Simpson, Dept. Head Mathematical concepts are ever changing and complexing . New methods in teaching are needed to keep up with this ever changing world. Franklin ' s math teachers are aware of this fast-paced world and are teaching the students acc ording to this pace . Language Arts Developmental reading is one of the courses that seventh graders are introduced to. In this course they study the newspaper and the important con- tents of it. They learn to improve their reading skills and habits by working with different type of reading material. English offers students opportunities to learn to communicate. English units include spelling, language , literature , speech and composition . Learning Spanish Learning English can really be a lot of fun Mr. Bishop (Dept. Head) Mrs. Chandler Mrs. Dick Miss Minsel Mrs. Seabold Mis. Shoemaker Mrs. Reynolds Mr. Petroff Mr. Converse Art Art Classes provided an opportunity for each student to express his creativity in his own way . Art covers the skills of wood blocks , ceramics, clay molds, paper art, various types of paints and drawing . UL. L f: :- . K i.. S» iU i VrC- « Physical Education Mrs. Nidlinger Mr. Riley Mrs. Schone ' i?- vf ix r a Gym this year helped to make each student more physically fit- ted . This called for good planning and discipline by all four PE teachers. Boys panicipated in many sports such as football , basketball , track, wrestling and gymnastics. Of course the girls included most of these same sports. ■ s Home Economics students learn techniques for better living. Home Economics provides an opportunity for the students to mas- ter the skill of cooking, sewing, and babysitting. Students are also taught grooming and etiquette. Mrs. Bauman Mrs. Heaston Mr. Clair (Dept. Head) Mr. Hathaway Industrial arts has helped the students gain a well rounded education in which they learn techniques for better living. The boys are taught the basics of metal and wood working and drafting . They are taught how to use the machinery in the shop. Learning the fundamentals of typing Typing provides each student with a useful skill he can use the rest of his life. ll 3 ■ Mrs. Stoops 1 f % Mr. Tilker Learning shorthand can really be fun . The shorthand club consists of students who are interested in the business world . Mr. Phillips (Dept. Head) Mrs. Potter Mrs. Williams Social Studies gives the students an opportunity to understand the world in which they live . Eighth And Ninth Grade Chorus Seventh Grade Chorus Music Students learned to appreciate many types of music . A study of American folk songs pertained not only to music but the history of our country . The life styles of different composers were studied to gain a better understanding of the different musical styles. This year ' s chorus group worked hard to perfect their voices before performing . The variation of the string section was important for the lovely music heard from this year ' s orchestra . Mrs. Bush Mrs. Ehinger (Dept. Head) NOT SHOWN Mr. Stellhom Concen Orchestra Library Library Club members helped to keep the library organized by devoting their study halls and other free time to working , checking out books and providing help for students when the librarian was busy elsewhere . Mrs . Deputy feels that the library belongs to the students . She encourages the students to use the library as much as possible . Mrs . Conley , library assistant , is assisting student 20 in checking out book . JUNIOR HIGH Freshmen Gladys Adams Patricia Adang Bart Akey Amy Armstrong Kim Arnold Chris Axson James Baals Gloria Bailey John Baldenegro Henry Ballard Fred Baltes Don Banks Bob Bauman Thomas Bauman Becky Baumgattner Greg Bausher Sue Beck Randy Beebe Mike Beeching Mary Behrns I?l . Cathy Berning Cheryl Bimer Greg Blain Linda Bodeker Bill Bolin Jeff Bolin Joe Bonifas Dennis Bonner Margaret Borg Cindy Bowers Mark Brown Terri Brown Dale Brunnegraff Mary Buckmaster Bobby Burton Brenda Byrd Dwayne Carboni Tom Carboni Jack Chaffin Phillip Christman Carl Christoffersen Dennis Claymiller Kenny Coe Pat Collins Jeff Cotham Kelly Cowan Glen Crider Kevin Croak Chris Chronkite Bob Daler Mike Davis Brenda Daugheny Sandra Daugheny Julie DeGrasse Diane Desmond Clayton Dickey Mary Didier Tom Didrick Delvin Diller Sue Disler Wanda Driver Pam Dolson Lisa Eaglin Charles Echols John Egolf Kathy Elder George Elkins Renee Elett Vickie Elliot Cindy Ellington Larry Elliot Lana Park Cindy Faulkner Steve Felger Dan Fett Jerry Firestine Karen Firks Randy Flaugh Patty Foltz Eva Ford ' ' : I, 1 -n ' % John Ford - V- Cindy Franklin — Tim Freimuth ■ Tami Fryback » Jeff Fryer Norm Gerardot Bill Gesell Kim Gifford Andy Gilbert Karen Gilson Evelyn Gleason Steve Goff Jim Goings Jim Gorrell Ken Gouwens Ben Grace David Graney John Gray Alan Grindley Suzie Gross Diane Grueb Dwayne Hadley Robin Hall Rory Hamilton _. ' - " ji A Roberta Harmon Tony Han Susan Hartzell Jane Hatton Rich Havenei Barb Hazlewood Janet Heath Russel Heffner Carl Helton John Hembree Matt Henry Steve Herber Rick Hernandez Peggy Herstad Annette High Brian High Sue Hinga David Hoagland Gigi Hoffman Johnny HoUey Fred HoUiness Steve Holman John Holmes Marc Holse Dorothy Hopkins Sheila Hopper Ada Horner Audrey Hoskins Clay Householder Liana Hovarter Rick Howenstine Carmen Hughes Tina Huhn Larry Hunter Debbie Hutsell Rick Hutson Tyrone Ingol Martin James v Alan Jenkins Patricia Inge Brian Johnson Douglas Jones Jr. Steve Jones Tina Jones Karen Junior Patty Kahlenbeck Tom Kaufman Bill Kaylor Jan Kelley Joe King Tina Kissick Howard Knight Theresa Kocks Tina Konger Laura Kroskie Mike Kunneke Linda Lampkins Chris Lamson Robin Lane Darlene Lasley Jan Lauber E rma Lawrence Cindy Lehman Linda Lehman Debbie Lee Jeff Leitch Nancy Lipp John Lothamer Tim Lytal Carol Madden Sandra Madden Mike Markowski Fred Marquardt Greg Martin Susan Martin Marsha Meade Dave Meeks Roger Mitchell Sandra Mixon Gary Moore George Moore Dan Morris Michael Morrison Geraldine Murdock -1 " n ■■1 V] .,■V Charles Myers Jodie Myers Barb Nicolai Beth Nicolai James Nelson Nancy Neuhaus Greg Noel Gerry Nofzinger Debbie Null Bob Null Ken Nunn Dave Getting Jim Park Brian Parker Penny Partin Phyllis Payne Joe Payton Jennie Perkins Phyllis Perkins Carolyn Perry Karen Perry Mike Powell Penny Polston Jan Powers Mike Prough Herb Pugmire Clarence Queen Ken Raber Rhonda Reader Dave Ritter George Roberts Candy Robinson Ray Rodriquez Steve Rollins Tina Ross Dennis Rutledge Craig Sandys Ivan Saylor Rose Schmidt Grace Scholtz Sara Schon Gary Serres Bob Shumaker Steve Senesac Vince Shippy Ernie Shirley Mary Shuler Cathy Sizemore Kathie Skekloff Carolyn Smith Cheryl Smith Marjorie Smith Sheree Smith LueAnn Somers Dave Sommers Phil Sparks Stacy Sterling Sue Stewart Peggy Stolte Steve Storm Sharry Sweitzer Tom Terrell Debbie Till Ray Till Jeff Tipton Marilyn Tompkins Fred Treesh Kelly Turner Vickie Unverzagt Jeff Upton Dan VanBuskirk Teresa VanBuskirk Shelly VanRyan Cindy Vice Beverly Wasson Fred Weigel Vickie Welch Kevin Teegarden Vicky Wells Nancy Wendling Mike Wenk Carol Werling Vickie West Lynn Whipple David White Marshall White Steve Winter Sue Wolf Dave Woodard Rex Woodcock Curtis York Tim Zimmerman Ninth Grade Looking Forward To Being First _ i 1 ' to„ j« PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Eighth Grade Teresa Adams Nanal Anspach Susan Arms James Arnold Bill Babino Amy Balser Cindy Bates Greg Beard Pam Beaiy Danny Beebe Valaria Benson Ken Bodnar Dave Bogard Pam Boles Terry Bonham Martha Borg Mike Borton Darwin Bostater Mark Brady Wayde Brockman Holley Brown Kenneth Brown Tony Brown Steve Brown Rick Broyles Jeffrey Burlage John Burelison Chris Byrt Helen Campbell Roslyn Cansler Chris Cattin Ed Claymiller Mitchell Clodfelter Mark Cobley Ann Cook Diana Cross Rhonda Cross Greg Culpepper Jody Daler Dennis Daring Dan Davis Dave Davis Rick Davis Bob Deck Carl Deck Angela Dennis Gaynelle Dillard Brenda Doan ; Kay Gilson J Rhonda Gipson 7 ' L JT " - Iff, Barb Glass Mf - ' M ' ' Jodie Golden Julie Goff David Gorman ,1- Jack Downing Melvin Drew Willie Drew Tom Earnest Jose Espada Kristie Park Eighth Grade Gale Fitzhugh Beth Flotow Willie Ford Kimberly Ford fS U w M Jf Dale Gossett Lori Gouker Marilyn Grace Lee Graham Mark Grahovac Michael Green Kari Gulker Jayne Gutermuth Eighth Grade 1804223 Kenneih Guy Diane Hagan John Hagelman Shelly Hall Chris Harding Denise Harris Roberta Harmon Michelle Harper Vicki Harrington Debbie Hartman Dave Hartup Ron Heaston Patti Heath Maryann Heffner Tim Heim Chris Heinkel Tammy Heinkel Barry Heiser George Helton Karl Henry Kurt Henry Janice Hernandez Mary Hernandez Lita Hershberger Brian Hewitt Vanessa Hewitt Alan Hicks Mike Hoagland Tony Hoffman Reana Holley Steve Hollins Angela Holocher Brian Hosier Tim Huddleston Curwin Hughes Sam Hunley James Jacobs Loren Jannings John Jerraid Shirley Jefferson Barb Johnson Steve Johnson Elvin Jones Mark Jones Jacqui Judd Jim Junk Pam Justice Linda Kaiser Kevin Kavanaugh Paula Keeley John Kenny Kevin Keesler Keith Klerner Barb Krempel Total Leadership In One ) Dan Kocks Jamie Lahmon Pete Lampkins Teresa Lane Mark LaPalme J " . Julie Leach Andre Lindsey Kim Lindsey Carol Love Kevin Lovejoy Maria Luckadoo Kaihy Lung Cindy Madison Rick MaGee Cathy Mahathy Virginia Malatt Laurie Mangus Theresa Marquardt David Martin Phyllis Martin ■ j " Sue Martin Velma Mayes Lori McCray Juanita McDonald Steve McGee Jamie McHenry Don McLemore Edvirard Meredith Tom Meredith Regina Michaels Kate Modic Kevin Monnier Carla Moore Rick Morgan Sheila Morgan Charles Morris Ron Moser Eighth Grade Debbie Moses Elaine Moses Marjorie Mote Jennifer Moulin Ricky Moyer Kathy Mueller Bruce Muench Connie Murray Janet Naugle Mike Neunaus Chris Neuhaus Carol Nickell Steve Null Joy Olry Martin Olry Laura Olsen Brent Overholt Teresa Park Leta Pelz Jarnes Perkins Frank Perkins Matt Perry Tom Pepple Bill Platter Julie Platter Lori Plummer Mamie Poling Joann Porter Roy Porter Addie Potter Stanley Powell Sue Powers Patricia Prater Kim Price Karla Pritchard Janet Putt Mario Ralf Melaine Ranly Marcia Rice Terri Richter Tony Rodriquez Greg Ruff Lolita Russell Roger Salud Dawn Saunders Joe Schomburg Kent Shrock Mark Schultz Kim Seaman Dave Serres Cindy Shoemaker Lensie Shook Steve Simmons Linda Simpson Eighth Phyllis Sinkbeil Cheryl Smith Chris Smith John Snyder Jack Spillers John Stansell Gloria Stanton Nancy Stark Shane Stark Linda Stetler Rick Stockman Ellen Stolte Mike Templeton Dan Thieme Pam Thomas Dan Till Kim Trammel Ron Tutwiler Susan VanBuskiik Brian Vedder Sara Walda Larry Walker Wendolyn Walker Vanessa Warble David Warner Ron Wasson Tanya Webb Althea Wells Alvin Wells Linda Wellman Claretta White Melvin White Janet Whitmore Debbie Williams Kevin Williams Katherine Williams Lynn Winkle Tammy Wolf Michael Woodard Dewayne Woodcock Ralph Woodcock Alan Wright Rhonda Yawberg Trinda Zimmerman Jackie Beamon - 9 Kenneth Brock - 7 Gwen Davis - 8 Kim Evans - 7 John Harris - 8 Dorothy Hopkins - 8 Rick Hutson - 9 Dale Morris - 9 Kevin M. Smith - 7 Lori VanRyan - 9 Where Were You Hiding When We Were Looking For You? We have school spirit Seventh Grade Scott Abbott Bob Adams Robin Adams rlalph Anderson Becty Artrip Carolyn Ashly Larry Ashly Carol Balbaugh Danny Ballard Brenda Banks Terry Bates Gerrie Bauer Brian Beck Levon Bennett Steve Benya Marian Berning Robert Biggs Linda Bimer Shirley Bodkin Steve Bolin Theresz Borton Cathy Brand Chuck Breeden Ken Broddie Jerry Brooks Bertha Brown Darren Brown Darla Broyles Tina Bryant Annette Bunch Jeanette Bunch Joe Burelson Patsy Burton Diane Carney Esther Chain Tim Conners Ernestine Conwell Randy Cronkhite Cindy Crowell Shelly Crowell Wanda Culpepper Steve Cunningnar Todd Dennis Kevin Dennis Kim Dennis Lee Desmonds Carol Dornick Natalie Daugher Danny Downing Linda Drew Kandi Dull Dennis Eaglin Mark Earnest Jim Elkins Seventh Grade Rick Elkins Bruce Elkins Sandy Elmer Laurie Park Aaron Faulkner Tom Flaugh Mike Fletcher Steve Foster Bruce Fowler Daryl Fox Norma Fox Randy Fox Tom Freimut h Tracy Fryback Gregg Garman Don Gaskill Barb Gatewood Gary Geist Barb Geoffray Dave Goff Scott Golden Eric Gouker Dawn Gouker Sonya Grace Gary Grahm Bill Graney Terry Green Dale Grone Mark Gross Pat Hagan Linda Hall Dan Halquist Jim Harris Pam Hartman Kim Hatcher Kathy Haugan Gail Heck Linda Heiser Tracy Heller Sean Henisa Jim Hennen Kim Hensley Cindy Herstad Karen Hetrick Kent Hickle Steve Hicks Gale Hilton Bill Hobbs Jill Holderness Carlos Holliness Barb Hollingshead Ellen Holocner Randy Hosford Greg Huffman Lori Huffman Jay Hursh Billie Isom Beth Jackson Titus Jackson Tom Johnson Bob Jones Gloria Jones Denny Jordan Milena Jovenski Tari Judd David Kaiser Lisa Kaiser Debbie Kacsor Nick Kantor Scott Davanaugh Jill Keener Eugene Kelley Bruce Kilpatrick Randall Koehler Tim Kroskie Vickie Landsaw Robert Landsaw Tony LaRue Betty Lawrence Dennis Leazier Mike Lee Randy Leffler Matt Ley Robert Lightle Ronnie Lindsey David Lipp Eric Lovejoy Robert Love Karen Lyles Linda MaGee Kathy Mahathy Patty Marsee Lois Martin Tami Matter 1 1 i.- . Kermit MaGee Lisa Mc Curdy Johnnie McGee Rhonda Meade Irma Medsker Angie Meeks Sharon Menson Kim Miller Dawn Miller Tammy Miller Patty Minnier Tom Miracle Roland Molina Dave Moore Benita Moore Jeff Moore Rebecca Moser Pam Moulin Sherry Muench Elaine Murdock Martha Murphy Mitchell Murphy Dave Neuhaus William Newberry Lee Noel Robert Park Neal Parker Jennifer Patterson Rowena Payton Charles Pearson i i ,w 1 - f Larry Peaslee John Pepple Steve Peppier Coletta Perry Melodie Poinsett Arley Poling Pam Powell Wanda Prater Kathy Price Rhonda Pritchett Cheryl Pugmiie Rebecca Raber Seventh Grade Debbie Rau Dale Ray Jenny Ray Lorena Ray Cindy Reader David Redding Ken Richardson Dave Richhart Dale Roberts Danny Robertson Hipolito Rodriquez Jimmy Rodriquez Eric Ross Tina Rust Jody Ryan Jef I Ryan Linda Scholtz Darcy Scott Tom Scott Shirley Sewell Duane Shepherd Kack Shuler Marcella Sizemore Molly Skordes Barb Slusher Debbie Smidt Tim Smith Jim Smith Kenny Smith Kevin Smith Tim Smith Jean Snyder Martina Sorenson Lisa Sparks Pearl Spillers Joyce Steigmeyer Deanna Stamen Ann Stoiche Steve Stoiche Gaylyn Storey Jeny Stover Barb Slurdivant Cindy Stutz Debbie Swanigan Jill Sylvester Paula Taylor Bruce Teegarden Teresa Thomas Robin Thrush Greg Tipton John Tompkinson Cindy Topp Walter Trammell Norman Trendle Dennis Trimmer Bill Uhrick John Underwood Steve Vachon Don Vance Bob VanHoose Kari Volkert John Wagner Nicky Wahlig Mark Walker Hans Wallace Vanessa Warble Ronald Wasson Lori Webb Pamela Welch Mark Wendling Roman Wendling Jane Werling Roger Whipple Tim Whitacre Sonja White Diane Whitsett Chris Wilkerson Harriet Williams Janet Wolford Cheryl Wolf Beginning Gymnastics Basketball Seventh grade basketball team in action Basketball has always been an interesting and exciting sport at Franklin . This year did not change the trend . This year our varsity team went to semi finals and played a very close game. We lost to Miami with a score of 49 to 41. Although the game was lost , the Chiefs did not lose the spirit . Better luck next year boys . Go, team, go 1 I i ' - «« ■■!■■ k ' " V ' iAL ,- ' . ' 4B fs ' jN ■- ' a! = W Sr — ■ sT ■ Ir y 1 — i7 wmm ei ij ■iNi Hl l »- l H VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Kelly Cowan; Barb Nicholi; Carol Werling; Beth Nicholi; Jan Powers; Sue Hinga; Amy Armstrong; Tina Huhn Both varsity and reserve cheerleaders did an excellent job at keeping a cheer going at all times. Every eve- ning was devoted to practicing cheers. Even when the team was losing, the cheerleaders managed to keep the cheering going. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Phyllis Martin; Jackie Judd; Cindy Lehman; LueAnn Somers; Kelly Turner; Linda Lehman Cindy Faulkner, Lori VanRyn, Julie Leitch, Trenda Zimmerman, Melaine Ranly , Carol Love (Reserve Cheerleaders) RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Mary Berns; Suzie Gross; Laura Kroskie; Pam Dol- son; Darlene Lasley 5X i ||§5 1 Early last September 42 young men came out for Varsity Football practice here at Franklin. By season ' s end, 23 athletes remained in competition . Seventeen of these received varsity letters at the end of the rugged schedule . B . Akey led the team in rushing with a season ' s high of 114 yards against Fairfield. J. Lothamer was the leading receiver with 2 of his receptions going for more than 50 yards each . M . Henry led the defense and set a new school record for tackles. The eighth grade football team had a very rugged season . We wish all of you good luck on varsity next year. The seventh grade team made a good showing for a first year team. Cross Country team had an excellent season this year. Weightlifting was enjoyed by all Wrestling can really be fun Chess Club Audio-Visual Club Geometric Arts Club Advanced Sewing Math Club Historical Club Box Hockey Club Bowling Club Model Club Afro-American Club Drama Club Service Workers Stamp Club Library Club Needlepoint Club Planning Time 1 . i. j- ' HBu BJ k ikHt HI V |vB«| H A ■Ik m Our counselors are always busy Our office workers are always willing to work when needed Changing classes gives students time to chat with their friends Yearbook Club Yearbook Club Only five minutes to get to class School Is Out At Last We Are Closing This Book, But Pleasant Memories Will Stay With Us Forever. Editor: Tina Konger Sponsor: Anna Lilly

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