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HHflBl wkbkBBBM 977. 202 F77-fra 1964 Lyt54 L373399 AHj " i OOLLUGTf 1964 IV INDIANA COLLECTION Franklin Junior High School is now com- pleting its third consecutive year as a junior high. Mr. Joseph Plasket, our principal, along with Mr. Devon Mathias, our staff assistant, has done a fine job of conducting our entire school and its activities. Our faculty, consist- ing of thirty-five members, has widened our knowledge in many ways. Our school always appears neat and clean as a result of the work of our custodians, and our office always runs efficiently as a result of our office personnel. The students of Franklin Junior High are very proud to be a part of this school for their three years of education at the junior high school level. 379 3U7 r774t k Published by the Students of Franklin Junior Hi gh School Fort Wayne, Indiana 1964 Kite ' n Key 4 v Students look forward to a quiet study hall where they can concentrate on their studies. Most ninth grade students have a study hall at least every other day. To some students, study hall is valuable time for last minute homework and review of notes for the day ' s classes. Students Enjoy Participating in Various Students in the seventh grade developmental read- ing classes learn to read with greater speed and comprehension. Never before in the history of public schools has the need for a quality education been as important as it is today. Because of the rapid changes which are taking place in our industries, economy, and technical fields, the requirements for being successful are extremely great. There is little doubt that our studies are important at Franklin, for our teachers see that we achieve the greatest benefits from the different subjects. Whether it ' s solving an algebra problem or learning to write or speak effectively, our teachers are always there guiding us to another challenging plateau. What we have studied at Franklin, along with the many activities offered after school, has indeed prepared us not only for the fu- ture but has also showed us how to live to- day in today ' s world. 1373399 Much hard labor and skill have gone into preparing the Franklin Kite ' n Key. These boys, Jim Moore and Pete Spangler, have used their talent in art to de- sign this year ' s cover. Boys in the shop classes spend many hours to de- velop their skills in craftsmanship. They learn the various parts of different machines as well as how to use them in the future. Classes, Clubs in a School Day Students in art classes have fun making different masks and puppets. They also have been creative with clay in forming many different shapes. Mrs. Lillian Goodwin teaches all the daily art classes which include many different art skills and the study of art literature. Hard Work Leads to Success For Future Life Girls take part as the basketball season comes in. The girls as well as the boys learn and abide by the rules of the game. The girls have much ambition as well as enthusiasm. Two students study parts of the body through the use of a device called a human torso. Students learn the names of the parts of the body as well as how they function. Students have many chances to express their ideas in English class, such as, in a speech. Much work is required for a speech so it will be interesting and informative. The faculty members are a very important part of Franklin Junior High. They are re- sponsible for teaching the students the vari- ous subjects offered, and they always encour- age students to think critically. The teachers are also the sponsors of the various extra- curricular activities at Franklin. The teach- ers take interest in each student so that he will be able to achieve to the best of his abil- ity and succeed in his work. Together, the faculty members have helped greatly in making this year at Franklin ex- citing and successful. Teachers Lead Us Through Academic Year Faculty Members of Franklin Help Students Through the year our principal, Mr. Joseph Plasket, supervises school activities, plans student programs, and promotes better school life. Two important jobs in every school are those of the principal and of the staff assist- ant. This past year our principal, Mr. Joseph Plasket, and our staff assistant, Mr. Devon Mathias, have worked to the goal of improv- ing the education of Franklin ' s students. Mr. Plasket has shown a keen interest in keeping our academic standards high. Dur- ing the past year, he has attended several principals ' conferences and returned with re- newed enthusiasm and new ideas for our school. He has worked with teachers to see that students are always in the class in which they would have the best learning situation. The staff assistant, Mr. Devon Mathis, serves as a guidance director. This year he has concentrated on developing an effective homeroom guidance pro- gram and has provided many materials for teachers to use in this area. As Mr. Plasket talks to students, he may learn about their prob ' ems or open their minds to a new phase of learning in school. By spending a few moments with a student, he learns to know each of the stu- dents better. Cultivate Their Interests in Classroom Acti vities JANE ANDERSON Librarian B.S., University of Alabama Enjoys reading, swimming, cooking CHARLES AULT Social Studies B.S., Defiance College Sports enthusiast NANCY BAUMAN Home Economics, Mathematics A.B., Ball State, Olivet, Indiana U. Enjoys music, art DOROTHY BRUICK Study Hall Sewing, knitting, watching sports GEORGIA CHANDLER Dev. Language, Lang. Arts, Latin B. Ed., Southern Illinois University Finds time to read and enter contests MARY ALICE DICK Developmental Lan., Language Arts B.S., Manchester College Enjoys music, scrapbooks LOWELL DOHERTY Science B.S., Indiana, Purdue, M.N.S., Ari- zona State Interests include traveling, photog- raphy, geology MARY GLEN FLEMING Vocal music, chorus B.S., Texas Women ' s University Enjoys bowling, camping, reading PHILIP GINDER Science, Mathematics B.S., Ball State Interested in sports, current events LILLIAN GOODWIN Art B.S., Ball State Hobbies include gardening, antiques HARRY HINES Social Studies, Orientation A.B., Valparaiso Univ., M.S., St. Francis Enjoys fishing, swimming, traveling M. F. (BOB) HOPKINS Music, Band, Orchestra B.S., Manchester College, M.S., In- diana University Enjoys golfing, sports, stereo Teachers Guide Students Throughout School Daj MELVIN KRUECKEBERG General Shop B S., Ball State Interests include reading, building RONALD KUHN Mathematics, Algebra A.B., Manchester College Enjoys magic, traveling DWAIN LANGE Biology, General Science B.S., Huntington College, M.S., Univ. of Cincinnati Hobbies are hunting, fishing, sports AMY MILLER Physical Education, Mathematics, Health B.S., Indiana University Enjoys camping, sailing, traveling RUTH MINSEL Language Arts, Developmental Reading B.S., Ball State, M.S., University of Wisconsin Interests include music, golfing, reading JAMES OVERMYER Biology, General Science B.S., Manchester College Interested in sports, science CARROLL PHILLIPS Social Studies B.S., M.S., Indiana University Interests include reading, traveling, teachers ' associations PAUL PIEPENBRINK Home Arts, Mathematics, General Shop B.S., Indiana Tech, Indiana Univ., Ball State Enjoys boating, water skiing, hi-fi CAROLYN POLHAMUS Language Arts, Developmental Reading A.B., University of Michigan Hobbies are music, birds CARL REIBS Mathematics B.S., M.S., Wittenberg University Enjoys music, reading DAVID RILEY Physical Education, Mathematics B.S., Ball State Enjoys sports, golfing, coaching CAROL ROHRABAUGH Language Arts, Developmental Language A.B., Heidelberg College Interests include music, traveling, reading Teachers Bowl After A Hard Day ' s Work MADGE SCHONE Physical Education, Language Arts B.S., Illinois Univ., M.S., Indiana Univ. Hobbies include sports, crafts ELIZABETH SHANER Biology, General Science A.B., Indiana University, M.S., Co- lumbia Univ. Likes to eat, paint, garden ELEANOR SHAW French, Language Arts B.S., University of So. Mississippi Enjoys sports, music, art DONNA SPRINGER Spanish, Language Arts A.B., Indiana University Enjoys golfing, reading, gardening, bridge ROY STUART Language Arts B.S., Indiana University, Ball State Interested in sports, reading, musi- cal dramas DON WEAVER Mathematics, Algebra B.S., Tri-State College, M.S., Indi- ana Interested in Air Force Reserve, hunting, fishing ZOA WHEATON Special Education, M2 A.B., Alma College Interested in antiques MARGARET WIGGS Language Arts A.B., Ball State, M.S., Indiana Uni- versity Enjoys reading, traveling, garden- ing WILLIAM WILLER Social Studies B.S., Purdue, A.B., University of Louisville Interests include gardening, history, DELMAS YOUNG General Mathematics, Algebra A.B., M.A., Indiana University Interests include bees, gardening, fishing MELVIN ZEHNER Health and Safety, Physical Educa- tion B.S., Purdue University Enjoys music, sports Personnel Help Franklin To Be Successful The office of Franklin is run smoothly by the two secretaries, Mrs. Evelyn Pelz and Mrs. Eileen Wer- ling. Doing bookwork, greeting visitors, solving small and large problems which arise, and all other office work keep our smiling secretaries quite busy during the school year. Franklin is kept clean and always looks its best be- cause the custodians and the matron, Wayne Polly, Carl Dawney, John Isnogle, Malcoln Mitchell, and Louise Strall, do a fine job. Ti e ladies who prepare our daily meals are Lavern Evans, Jean Baumgartner, Ruth Brennan, Elsie Ecenbarger, Ester Helmke, Helen Henry, Virginia Hopper, and Vivian Starkel. 10 The year 1964 has been a good year for sports at Franklin Junio r High. Many boys have participated this year in football, cross country, basketball, and track. In each of these sports the goal was always the same — not only to try to win but to learn how to work as a team. Whatever the sport, the boys have all learned new skills and made new friends. This year Franklin won the city cross country meet, and the eighth grade basket- ball team had many victories during the sea- son, including playing in the final game of the sighth-grade basketball tournament. I ' , Sports Activities Rate High With Students 11 Chiefs Fight For Victory On The Turf Three words commonly heard on the football field were Go! Fight! Win! as the students urged the varsity football team on during a hard-fought foot- ball season. These are the boys who played during the 1963 season. Hamilton Park was the scene of the home games. This year Franklin ' s ninth grade football team worked hard and played with great de- termination. They were coached by Mr. Mel- vin Zehner who was assisted by Mr. David Riley. The ninth graders, along with the eighth grade boys, practiced four nights a week at Hamilton Park. The season ' s luck was not entirely with the team, but their spirit never dwindled and they continued to fight at all times. These boys gave up much valuable time and effort in their dedication to Franklin, and they deserve great praise and thanks for a job well done. Tackles and blocking were two important parts of the football games, and long practices and exer- cises prepared the boys for the games. Most varsity members are ninth grade boys who have already learned the fundamentals of the game for future participation in high school athletics 12 These boys worked hard practicing for the cross country meets. Their big- gest thrill was winning the city cross country meet. Team Wins Second Championship Title The Booster Club, new to Franklin this year, was a great success. Their cheering led the crowds in spirited yells. The cross country team this year has done a great job participating in their various run- ning events. These boys have put forth great efforts for their team and worked hard toward the climax of the season, which was the running of the city meet. Mr. David Ri- ley, their coach, helped the team to success. The Booster Club is a newly organized group this year which helps the cheerleaders make their cheers more effective. The club has quite a fe w members, both boys and girls. Kathy Cook and Susie Minyard, the leaders of the group, helped to organize the Booster Club in its first year. 13 Basketball Games Prove Exciting for Spectators This year thirteen of Franklin ' s boys prac- ticed and played basketball on the floors of our junior high schools. They were Kim Drudge, Andy Shepelak, Greg Kinsey, Bob Peck, Gilbert Hardesty, Bill Cantrell, Ron Longley, Barry Clark, Howard Herendeen, Terry Simpson, Jerry Baugher, Jerry Yoder, and Jim Betts. Although they put a great amount of effort and time into basketball, their first interest remained their scholastic achievements. Every school night these boys practiced in the gymnasium in hard practices. Our team played hard and continually gained spirit during the hard -fought season. The team was assisted greatly by enthusiastic home game crowds and their hard working managers, Al Crawford and Bill Beckman. The team worked under the fine supervi- sion of Mr. Riley. Our team members were good sports who were satisfied after all of their games, win or lose, because they had played their best. The boys on our basketball team are shown in one of their home contests with Fairfield. The boys began the season slowly, but soon showed the fans at Franklin how well they could play. These boys are the 1963-64 ninth grade basketball team. They worked hard and long, and the Franklin students could always be proud of their team as they represented them at the various junior high schools of the city during each game of this year ' s basketball season. 14 One can almost hear the excited crowd as they watch and cheer during a close game in the gymnasium. The cheering, clapping of hands, and stomping of feet helped the boys to realize that all the fans were behind them. The eighth grade basketball team has had a very fine season this year. Each boy had the desire to work with the team, and learn new skills. These boys also worked hard on their various subjects in the classroom. Eighth Grade Chiefs Have Exciting Year This year ' s Junior Chiefs team was com- posed of some of Franklin ' s finest boys. Dur- ing the season, the boys worked hard, both during the games and in the classrooms. The boys worked under the direction of Mr. Ault, who gave much time and effort to help these boys achieve their peaks of endurance, skill, and sportsmanship. The players on the team were Willard Dahl, Bill Shumaker, John Savio, Mike Keller, Bruce Geeting, David Boggs, Rick Wells, Kent Wolfe, Dave Hoffer, Fred Knight, Dave Burns, and Richard Wai- kel. The managers for the team were Roy Kemp and Frank Akey. Much praise goes to these boys who had such a winning record this year and who played so well. These boys really had fun this year in learning the fundamentals of flag football. With so many boys interested, the coach, Mr. Ault had much choosing to do for a final team. 15 The ninth grade cheerleaders led the other students in a cheer before one of this year ' s basketball games in our gym. The girls perfected their leading of the old cheers and taught many new ones as they cheered their team to victory during this year ' s basketball season. Cheerleaders Enliven Sports With Their Cheers Go ! Chiefs ! Go ! is a familiar cry heard by the cheerleaders as they lead the students in pep sessions as well as at basketball and football games. These girls help to organize the noise as the team strives to win. The girls are most proud as they wear white skirts and sweaters with the Franklin " F " on the sweater. Many interested girls practiced every night for several weeks early in the year to pre- pare for the tryouts. The judges had a hard decision to make as they needed to choose twelve girls from the large group of those who were interested. Needless to say, those chosen were very thrilled. The ninth grade cheerleaders were Mar- sha Dill, Connie Stamanis, Earlene Dunbar, Kathy Hanshew, Candy Volmerding, and Debbie Lyons who served as captain. The sev- enth and eighth grade cheerleaders were Jeanine Neauman, Susie Pister, Linda Lees, Susie McAtee, Linda Meredith, and Sally Shepler who was elected by the girls as their captain. The seventh and eighth grade cheerleaders show one of their many interesting formations which they use in leading the various cheers at a game. 16 Extra-curricular activities which take place during the seventh period of the day have become a large and important part of Franklin ' s program. This year students en- joyed participating in their choice of over thirty clubs. A sense of responsibility and a need to get along with others resulted from club membership. The types of clubs varied so that all students could find a club that interested them. Walking down the hall during the sev- enth period, the sounds of a ball bouncing in the Ping Pong Club or the shouts of the girls in GAA were just a few of the sounds which could be heard. Students who were involved in the activities knew the fun and enjoyment awaiting anyone who joined a club. Activities Provide Opportunities For Students 17 The editors look over the different parts of the yearbook to make certain everything is in order and that a good yearbook is ready for the students on the day designated for distribution of the 1964 Kite ' n Kev. Two large sections of work on the yearbook are copy and activities. The copy staff is responsible for writing all the paragraphs of the yearbook, and the activities staff is responsible for planning all of the pictures for the annual. Kite ' n Key Staff Works Long Hours The 19G4 Kite ' n Key has required many long hours of work from the yearbook staff. However, the staff has enjoyed the op- portunity to help in preparing this book and has enjoyed many of the experiences. Learn- ing to work together as a staff and sharing ideas have been two outgrowths of work on the Kite ' n Key staff. Mrs. Carol Rohrabaugh advised the staff again this year. One of the first things that the staff had to do was choose a theme and cover idea and then carry this idea throughout the book. This work started before the actual subscrip- tion campaign was held. Then work in circu- lation, art, sports, activities, and copy sec- tions began. Each member of the staff was assigned a certain position. Persons on the circulation staff planned the year- book ' s campaign. When the campaign started, they kept records on the sales of yearbooks and records of the money. 18 Diligent Work Prepares School Paper In preparing for the four page newspaper, the Franklin Post, which is issued monthly, writers put in many hours of work. The staff met on Tuesday of each week. Mrs. Margaret Wiggs directed the staff and helped the new members with their grammar, punctuation, and writing style. All of this was an excellent learning situation for the members, and it resulted in an excellent newspaper. Staff members could be seen in the halls with pencils and papers, ready to conduct an opinion poll or interview a teacher about his club or activity. Other members of the staff counted headlines and pasted galleys on the make-up sheets which were then sent to the printer. Distribution day was the fourth Wednes- day of each month. Every Franklinite re- ceived a copy of every issue of the Post and always looked forward to the next issue. Some of the members of the staff work dili- gently to meet the deadline which is always pushing those on a newspaper staff. These are the members of the Post staff who have done the gathering of the news, writing of the news, and putting together of the paper. Classroom news, athletics, and special events were all of interest to these reporters as they worked to make the Post interesting and informative. 19 H m k t { ilRhfl its vi an Bfc | k ' L M r ■ i " pji? 1 ifl ft_ i k fl i 4 ■! These are the students who were chosen to repre- sent the other members of their homerooms at the weekly student council meeting ' s. The officers of this year ' s student council dis- cuss the approaching meeting of the group with their advisor, Miss Elizabeth Shaner. Student Activities Lead Toward Success Franklin ' s student council played an im- portant part in this year ' s activities. The group was made up of a representative and al- ternate from each homeroom. The council was led by president, Larry Clark ; vice-president, Tawne Holloway ; and secretary, Sherry Har- ter. Many other council members served as chairmen or as members of various commit- tees appointed by the officers to work on vari- ous projects throughout the year. The coun- cil drew up a constitution which will be put to use in the years to come for the student body. The Future Teachers of America Club met in Mr. Phillips ' room, since Mr. Phillips along with Mrs. Polhamus served as sponsor of the organization. The club is mainly for those students who feel that they are interested in becoming a teacher. During the past year, films on the teaching profession were shown, a student teacher addressed the group giving her ideas on teaching, and other interesting programs were held. These students who are interested in becoming future teachers have gained much knowledge of the teaching profession through their meetings this past year. 20 Students Enjoy Participating in Language Clubs During the past year students in the Latin Club had done several projects. Among these are doing crossword puzzles, sing- ing Latin songs, and learning about Roman customs and festivals. Not only students tak- ing Latin have participated but also stu- dents looking to Latin as a possible future subject have participated. Mrs. Chandler is the sponsor of the club. The Spanish Club, directed by Mrs. Spring- er has been very busy. Along with a Spanish Christmas party they learned about bull- fighting in Spain, customs south of the bor- der, and other Spanish ideas. They made a mural for Spring. Victorie ! Victorie ! You can hear this phrase coming from the French room. This is a game just like bingo, but it is in French. The students in the club, which is headed by Mrs. Shaw, have fun listening to records in French also. The French Club has fun learning the basic skills and techniques of the French language. They have educational experiences corresponding with pen pals in various parts of France. Members of the Spanish Club have fun while they learn customs of different countries. Here they ob- serve a pinita made by one of the members. Reviewing Latin projects has taught many things to the Latin Club members. A member of the club models a Roman toga made by one of the Latin students. 21 Various Clubs Help Students Develop Skills The Speed Reading Club works on compre- hension and vocabulary. They also work to improve their speed. Their director, Miss Minsel, enjoys meeting with them and aiding them in their reading. The students who have joined the Library Club work before and after school. They learn the skills of the library. They repair and shelve the books. Mrs. Anderson is their advisor. Mrs. Bauman directs the Knitting Club. The girls learn the various steps involved in knitting various items. Mrs. William Arney assisted Mrs. Bauman at each meeting, and Mrs. Russel James and Mrs. Kenneth Tren- ner also assisted at various meetings. Library Club members learn the skills of the library. The main purpose of this organization is to learn the techniques of the library procedures. Speed Reading Club members develop skills of speed and comprehension in reading. Developing the vo- cabulary of the members and working on different phases of reading is the main purpose of this club. The Thursday night club is sponsored by Miss Minsel. Members of the Knitting Club display some of their equipment used in knitting. One member is most proud of the sweater which she has knitted. Other members have also made similar projects. Students Join Clubs Which Will Be Of Future Help The German Club is in its first year and is getting a good start. The members en- large their vocabulary of German each week by learning different conversational phrases. The members enjoy their new vocabulary and feel that they may someday have an even greater use for it. Mr. Kuhn is the instructor. The Magic Club also meets with Mr. Kuhn. These members try to prove that the hand is quicker than the eye as they try their tricks on each other. Some of the tricks in- volve the use of equipment such as ropes, coins, or cards. The members of the Dramatics Club have enjoyed themselves by reading and rehears- ing several one act plays. They have done comedies, farces, and more serious types of plays. Nearly every member is given the opportunity to portray a character in the plays given. The students of the German Club try to figure out the German expression on the blackboard. Pro- nunciation is also a task to be accomplished in learn- ing a new language. The members of the Dramatics Club enjoy being in plays as well as watching other members perform. Some of the characters are displaying their ability in enacting a short play. Top hats are old-fashioned when it comes to the displays these students give. Cleverness and fun do a fine job in entertaining these magicians. 23 The members of the Pen Pal Club write and receive many interesting letters. They measure the dis- tance their letters must travel to reach their desti- nation, which is sometimes around the world. The members of the Trip and Travel Club discuss various countries and peoples which they would like to visit after the school bell rings for the last time in June. Students Write, Type And Travel The Pen Pal Club has given its members a chance to make new friends. They have ex- changed photos, small gifts, cards, and ideas with their penpals. The members have just completed a world map on which they located the homes of their new friends. Letters travel from Fort Yukon on the Artie Circle to near Adelaide in New South Wales, Australia. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Goodwin. The Trip and Travel Club consists of stu- dents who like to travel and want to know more about it. Their sponsor, Mr. Doherty, enjoys talking to them concerning travel and helps them plan to take trips. The students in the Typing Club learn the fundamentals and skills of typing. Their ad- visor, Mr. Reibs, also teaches them to care for their typewriters. If one has seen a student carrying a typewriter Typing Club. These students look forward to typing to school, he may very well be a member of the their reports some day. a% ifc - Clubs Emphasize Many Different Interests One can always tell when The Stamp and Coins, Archery, or Ping Pong Clubs meet be- cause of the eager sound of the voices of the members adding their ideas to the others presented. The members of the Stamp and Coins Club spent their club time showing their collec- tions and trading with the other members in the club. Mr. Wilier, the club sponsor, met with the club. The Archery Club did most of its shooting at Franke Park. Even on rainy or snowy days the Archery Club participated in their sport by using a pavilion at the park. The sponsor was Mr. Ginder. Under the direction of Mr. Young, the Ping Pong Club members developed a great skill in their sport. Various members of the Stamps and Coins Club inspect and display various kinds of coins collected throughout the year. The technique of shooting an arrow is shown by members of the Archery Club. Each member pro- vided his own bow and proceeded to learn the skill of becoming an accurate archer. The members of the Ping Pong Club are getting a lesson in the correct technique for holding the pad- dle. The members of the club set up their tables in the cafeteria each week and then enjoyed themselves as they played, remembering the fundamentals they learned during the past year. " ' gff ' j There is an odor of glue in the room when the Model Hobby Club meets. The boys trade their ideas and skills as they work on their various types of models. Students are pretty tricky with their pencils when it comes to working an equation. Even though work is involved, fun is an outcome of the meetings. Hobbies, Math, Sales Interest Members The homeroom agents of this year ' s Kite ' n Key worked industriously at the beginning of the year for a 100 per cent in the sale of the yearbook to their homeroom. The students in the Math Club have done many interesting projects in the past year. Their instructor, Mr. Weaver, has taught them many new skills in math such as mak- ing the complicated hexahexaflexagram. The math students have played many exciting games such as Math-o, a game similar to Bingo. The Model Hobby Club meets in the shop with Mr. Krueckeberg and Mr. Piepenbrink. The members of this club construct various models. Some of the models they work on are cars, boats, and airplanes. The tools in the shop are used in the construction of these models. Kite ' n Key agents work very hard in early November, so they can have a 100 per cent in subscribers. This year Mrs. Chandler ' s homeroom had reached this goal on the first day. Each student in the room received two candy bars. 26 ilillll llliitllH— •v The present ninth grade chorus members will miss presenting programs to the student body next year. They have had good experience in performing before groups with the year ' s program of school musical programs and evening concerts. North Side High School ' s gain will be Franklin ' s loss. Singers Add Enjoyment To School Programs During the course of the past school year, the Franklin chorus has presented many in- teresting programs at school. The chorus is composed of eighth and ninth grade stu- dents. Miss Mary Glen Fleming, director of the large group, has spent much time select- ing music that would please students, teach- ers, and parents. The chorus group meets to practice every other day during the regular school day. The glee club also has been busy this year. They have selected interesting songs to sing for their enjoyment. They practice each week with Mrs. Mary Alice Dick, their director. This group of 20 students is preparing for the school chorus as well as just singing for enjoyment. Glee Club mem bers enjoy singing and trying new music Their group is not particularly large but each member contributes his talent. 27 Constant Practice By Instrumental Grouj Franklin has many fine musicians and the large majority of them is found in these three musical groups: the band, the orches- tra, and the Chief band. The student body, along with the faculty and parents of Frank- lin, greatly appreciate their activities which add a large measure of enjoyment to pro- grams at Franklin. The members of the instrumental groups are not required to take private lessons, but many of them do. In this way, they become more accomplished musicians which aids them as instrumentalists and also improves the quality of the music of the band. Many of the members of the various groups en- tered the solo and ensemble contest held each year in the city. Many of them received high ratings. Franklin has taken great pride in its various in- struments ' groups, particularly the band. This group, The Chief band is composed of seventh grade stu- dents. This band is preparatory to the band, and it is in this band where the musicians learn the funda- mentals of music The members of this band enjoy playing in this group and performing at various programs during the school year. 28 suits In Enjoyable Music At Various Programs under the direction of Mr. Hopkins, has performed at many functions of our school this year. Their ex- cellent music was heard at basketball games, assem- bies, and concerts. The band practices every other day as a part of the regular school day. It is co m- posed of eighth grade and ninth grade students. The combination of strings and other instruments has brought good music to the students and parents of Franklin this year as the orchestra performed for them. This group practiced once a week during the activity period so that members would be ready for the next program. 29 The girls ' sextet performed in many of the programs given for the students of Franklin this year. They are under the direction of Miss Mary Glen Fleming. The girls were particularly proud of their new red jumpers which they purchased this year. The eighth and ninth grade boys in the octet have met every Monday night with Miss Fleming to per- fect their skill of singing. They have participated in the music assemblies during the past year for Franklin students. Mus ical Groups Perform In Many Assemblies The dance band or stage band, a newly organized group this year, is under the direction of Mr. Hop- kins. This group performed at the Winter Concert and at the Christmas assembly. The student body is looking forward to the assemblies next year in which they will participate. 30 Many Boys Participate In Intramural Program Physical fitness and good sportsmanship are just two of the goals of Franklin ' s boys ' intramural program. The three grades of our school meet in separate groups of intra- murals. Their activities are similar, includ- ing basketball, bowling, bombardment, and wrestling. They also have an annual wrest- ling tournament. The coaches of the three groups are seventh grade, Mr. Ault; eighth grade, Mr. Overmeyer ; and ninth grade, Mr. Riley. These coaches see that the boys learn the fundamentals of the various sports and the techniques of clean play and good sportsman- ship. These eighth grade intramural boys improved their skills in many sports activities during the year. Physical exercise was a major goal of the group. This year a fine group of ninth grade boys strove to achieve their individual and team success in such sports as basketball and wrestling. Seventh grade boys learned the basis of in- dividual sportsmanship and team effort in various sports in intramurals. 31 Many active seventh grade girls take part in G.A.A., which gives them an opportunity to become ac- quainted with other students and to learn good sportsmanship in different sports. •-■ Eighth grade girls take part in many different ac- tivities offered to them in Tuesday night ' s G.A.A. meetings. They develop good sportsmanship and physical fitness in their weekly games. Enthusiastic Girls Participate In G.A.A. Members of the Girls ' Athletic Association meet several nights a week and enjoy partici- pating in various sports. The girls learn the basic fundamentals and rules of the various games. Some of the sports in which the girls take part are basketball, volleyball, bowling, tennis, tumbling, and other physical exer- cises. They also learn the importance of good sportsmanship and team efforts in competi- tive sports. They work under the direction of Mrs. Schone and Miss Miller, physical education instructors. The seventh and eighth grade girls look forward to the day when they will be able to compete in games against girls of other junior high schools as the ninth grade, girls do. The girls in the ninth grade participate in the many activities of GAA. They meet two nights a week and have numerous types of activities. ii-;: vw; i iim Franklin students have found this year an- other successful one for gaining knowledge and understanding. The ninth grade stu- dents found that more was expected of them as their subjects required more study and careful thinking in preparation for each day. They found that they were now the leaders of the various student organizations and needed to accept new responsibilities. The eighth grade students also worked more seriously and realized that they must consider their goals as they began to plan their ninth grade subjects. The seventh grade students found them- selves in a new environment, the junior high. Passing classes, having homework assign- ments, and opening lockers were just a few of the new aspects of school life. The stu- dents of all three classes, however, found the opportunity to learn presented to them. Opportunity To Obtain Ed ucation Available 33 Upperclassmen Martha Acklev James Albert Pamela Archer Mike Argerbright Steve Argerbright Kathleen Arms Marcia Armstrong Rhea Arndt Pattie Arney Karen Arnold Norma Atkinson Eddie Bankson Jerry Baugher Marsha Beber Nannette Beck Joel Bechtold Bill Beckman Pamela Beebe William Bell Kay Benedict Richard Berndt Tom Berndt Jimmy Betts Diana Biddle Rita Bodkin Linda Bosserman Gary Bowman Dianna Brewer John Brincefield James Brown 34 1373399 Attained New Knowledge . . . M ' fJ t P to Cynthia Bruns Brenda Bryan Dennis Burden Gerald Burns Pamela Butler Stephen Cady Mary Campbell Robert Cantrell Elaine Castle Mary Ann Cates Roy Cates Teania Cathers Barbara Clark Barry Clark Larry Clark Sharon Clay Gary Clifton Cathy Closson Betty Cochren Daniel Coleman Kathleen Cook iK k Larry Cook Lynn Covey Al Crawford Robert Dager Kathy Dale Roderick Day Roger Deveau Marsha Dill RayDobbs 35 Established High Goals . Kim Drudge Earlene Dunbar Steve Ecenbarger Steve Eddington Jacque Eiser Kenneth Ellis Wilma Eloph Jon Fair Earl Farmer Sandra Felger Raymond Fink John Fitzgerald i jf fc Carole Fleck Sam Foreman Boneta Fox Joyce Fryer Don Galbreath Candy Gallmeier David Gaskill Larry Gaskill Dianne Gebert Ed Gebhard Patricia Geise Tom Gepfert Ron Gilbert Fred Gonzales Bob Goodwin Sandra Gratz Thomas Gray Janice Green Developed Various Skills . fff Sharon Green Marcy Grove Diana Haag Karen Hammer Kathy Hanshew Tom Hanshew Gil Hardesty Charlotte Hardiek Jerry Harding Sandra Harris Dale Harter Gary Harter Vickie Hartwig Judy Hawk Barbara Head Kathy Heim Carolyn Held Howard Herendeen Jerry Hertig Jerry Hite Michael Hoban Tawne Holloway Tom Holmes Sandra Hopper Linda Horner Margie House Luther Hunley Robert Igney Richard Insley Janice Johnson 37 Ventured in Activities . Steve Johnson Joan Johnston Donna Jones Sharon Kattas Mike Kelder Clara Kemp Ellen Kimmel Brenda King Greg Kinsey Martha Koontz Charlene Krider Charles Krider Danny Kumfer Sheryl Ladig Barb Landsaw Linda Lantz Barb Lapadot Pat Lasley tit fcl Kathleen Lauer Leon Lechleidner James Lloyd Chris Lochner Patricia Logan Bob Lombard %5 Max Lombard Ron Longley Debra Lyons Betty McCarty Gerald McClellan Starr McFarland 38 Participated in Sports . . . Gary McKeever Jim McMeans Jennie McSorley Donna Malott David Meisner Ralph Meredith Teresa Metzger Danny Meyers Susan Minyard Anita Monnier Jim Moore Sandra Moreland mmwMmm Gary Morgan Christine Morris Ron Morrison Tom Morrison Ruth Morse Lynne Mossburg Mike Nitzsche Diana Norris James Norton Don Oberkiser Marc Overmyer Pamela Palmer ft ' Gary Partin Robert Peck Mary Ann Pelz Richard Pierce Rodney Poinsett Belinda Pontius 39 Studied Earnestly . . . Darrell Post Dan Pulver Marvin Racine Penny Radke Karen Rajcany Robert Read Dave Rennecker Robert Renner Sharon Reuille Phyllis Roddy Clifford Rogers Rodger Rouns f rfi — ™M Geneva Runyon Dave Rust Robert Ryder Steve Schaefer James Scheil Patricia Scheil Pam Schmidt Alene Schneider Diane Schneider John Schneider Steve Schneider John Seely Linda Setzer Andy Shepelak Catherine Shoaf Terry Simpson Dale Sims Jill Singewald 40 Steven Skees Linda Sloan Christine Smith David Smith Mary Sue Smith Janice Snyder mW Marilyn Snyder Glen Spangler Linda Spice Donna Sproat Constance Stamanis Robert Stanton Kenny Statler Rebecca Stellhorn David Stewert Cheryl Subsda Mary Sutorius Brenda Sutton Katrina Swink Beverly Thompson Dave Thompson Steve Thurston Sharon Tonak Phillip Tracey Jo Ann Trenr-er Jerry Trigg TomVanGorder Bonnie Vanover Candice Volmerding Connie Welch 41 I Si ' K I Pat Werling Dennis Whiteleather Janet Widmeyer John Wilder Marilyn Williams Diane Winebrennei £V n c ■ Carol Witzigreuter Steven Worrell Waneta Wright Glenn Wysong Jerry Yoder Sandra Zimmerman Barbara Zion Cynthia Zurbrugg Cherry Zuecher Mathematics is an essential subject for everyone as students in Mr. Young ' s math class are learning. The field of mathematics is changing with every new day, and students learn new types of prob- lems, the different ways to solve them, and how to apply math in their daily lives. Eighth Grade Frank Akey Suerita Amburgey Connie Archer Richard Armstrong Linda Arndt Sharon Baney Vonna Bankson Carolyn Barnett Larry Bashop Craig Baumgardner Michael Bernhardt Charles Bevington Susan Beyer Linda Blodgett Leslie Bock Evelyn Bodkin Rickie Bogard David Boggs Deborah Boggs Victoria Bojnnoff Darlene Bosserman Danny Bourne Maria Branum Catherine Brown Karen Burelison David Burns Marshall Bush Mary Busian Sally Cadwallader Linda Calhoun Gregory Christoffel Deanna Claphan Jody Clay Sharon Coleman Deborah Colley Penny Conrad Gregory Cook Howard Cottier Jack Covault Donald Cox Willard Dahl Lise Davignon Evertt Davis Evelyn Dey Dale Dietz Mildred Dixon Earline Domer Tom Durbin 43 l£Lf?£I Jerry Durnell Peggy Eaton Frances Edwards Dewayne Egly David Emrich Geraldine Erskine Carla Falls Mary Federspiel Valerie Felger Kenneth Fletter William Floyd Michael Follis Debra Ford Terry Fowler Theresa France Carol Furniss Stanley Furniss Tanya Galloway Kay Gardenour Bruce Getting Diane Gernhardt Jerry Gibson Thomas Gibson Jerry Gilbert Josephine Gonser Connie Goodin Patricia Gray Stephanie Green Alan Hagopian Pauline Halquist Kay Halter Carol Hammond Karen Hand Eyvonne Hardy Bruce Hare Daniel Harper Vonda Harrold Anna Hart Sherry Harter Tom Harter Deborah Hartley Alice Headrick Eugene Headrick Janet Heck Sue Henderson Dennis Hendrickson Fawn Hershberger Ronald Hershberger 44 Robert Hixon Beverly Hoagland David Hoffer Kathy Holmes Ann Holse Dennis Holycross Larry Horner Kathleen Hosford David Hudson Lois Huffman Curtis Hunley Luther Hunter Beth Hutson Mary Jackson Janet Jacobs Joann Jacobs Deloris Jeffries Evelyn Jeffries Rebecca Jeffries Nancee Jennings Howard Johnson Mary Jones Bennie Jordan Wesley Keeran Marilyn Kelder Beverly Keller Michael Keller Cassie Kelley William Kelley Steven Keltsch Stephanie Kern Diana Kilty Fred Kimmerly Bonnie King Fred King Dennis Kinsey Linda Kline Fred Knight Dietmar Knott Michael Konkle Vicki Kring Carol Kronmiller Thomas Kuruda Bob LaLone Brenda Lamb Mildred Lawson Rosetta Lawson Ronald Lee 45 A r 0 k m± s ft C " ft • i kiMi Linda Lees Mary Lehrman Gloria Leist Virgil Lipscomb Mickey Lloyd David Lock Steven Loechner James Logan Ella Long John Long Ruth Longardner Margaret Lyons Susan McAtee Joyce McCurdy John McFarren Sandra McFarren Tamara McKeever Charles Markey Robert Mason Charlene Meadows Arlene Medsker Linda Meredith Sharon Meyers Cynthia Milledge Perry Miller Tamara Mills Alan Minyard Edna Morse Gloria Mowan Sharon Mowan Beverly Mowery Eugene Mowry Craig Netzley Cheryl Norton Ernest Osborne Tommy Pappert Linda Peek Shirrell Petgen Mike Peterson Allen Pfotenhauer William Pfotenhauer Beverly Phillips Linda Poff Richard Poinsett John Potts Rita Puff Brenda Rauscher Howard Reaser 46 Sherrill Renner Kay Rentschler Shirley Roop Monika Rundel Conchita Salud John Savio Charles Saylor Darlene Saylor Ruth Scheele Pamela Schindler Sharon Schneider Karen Schreiber William Schumaker James Schutt Vicki Schwalm Terry Secrest Kenton Shaw Gregory Sheets Sally Shepler Donald Showalter Sandra Simpson Steven Simpson Joseph Simon Victoria Sloan Pamela Smead Cindy Smith Maria Smith Robert Smith Steven Smoak Rita. Snyder Sanda Sowers Barbara Sroufe Pamela Stanton Rosalinda Stanton Nick Starnes Tom Starnes Linda Stier Twyla Stier Donald Stone Valerie Stonebreaker Pamela Streets Linda Strouse Dianna Sylvester Ralph Taylor Robert Taylor Joann Thomas Cora Thompson Mary Tope 47 £ fy f 5 f «h. $ © Robert Turner Sandra Updyke Diana Upton Fred Volkman Richard Waikel Bruce Warwick Marsha Watson Sherry Weaver Terence Webb Deborah Weick Sharon Weisenburger Larry Wells Ricky Wells Larry Wheeler Patricia Wheeler Thomas Whitner Don Williams John Wilson Suann Wood Geraldine Woods Susan Wrisk Harvey Ziegler Teachers participate in the sport of bowling in the Teachers ' Bowling League every Tuesday evening. Averages vary greatly among teachers, but they all share the enjoyment and relaxation of the game. " ? r : -«m3m Lunch time is a very important time of the day. During this time students not only have time to eat and rest but also to meet with friends for a few minutes to talk over the day ' s events. 48 Seventh Grade Cynthia Alford Deborah Anderson Bonnie Angel Billy Atkinson Richard Babcock Thomas Baker Linda Bankson Kenneth Barnett Ricky Battell Joyce Beatty Timothy Beck Annette Bell Karen Belschner Edward Benedict Kim Betts Homer Bickle Phillip Biddle Lynell Bienz William Blosser Robert Bodine Clyde Bowlin Cheryl Bracht Jay Bridgewater Carl Brown Duane Brown Sandra Brown Steve Brown John Buckley Michael Bufink Lillian Buhr Terry Bumgardner Jerry Burget Vicky Cady Deborah Canfield Michael Cary Bruce Choka Ronald Clark Pamela Clary Roger Cole Marsha Cooley Bobette Coolman Thomas Cottier Peggy Cox James Craig Kathy Crawford Charles Crooks Donald Davis Lucinda Davis 49 n o jp lift h s £f T Roxanne Day Linda Dornick Duane Eby Karl Eichel Kathie Elkins Dennis Emrich Deborah Erskine Cynthia Espinosa Barbara Faudree Deborah Fiandt Richard Flaugh Stanley Flood Linda Foltz Bruce Foster Linda France Jolange Franken Karen Frantz Jill Fudge Pamela Fudge Kathy Fuhrman Cathea Geeting Eric Geiger Sandi-a Getts Malinda Gibson Betty Gillespie John Gleason Dennis Glenn Rebecca Glock Christine Gooley Michael Gossett Keith Granldenard Verna Green Katherine Greene Judy Grider Tanna Gronau John Grosjean Valerie Hageboeck Deborah Hall Douglas Hall James Hall Thomas Halquist Garry Harshbarger Eugene Hartzell Patricia Headrick Michael Heim Kim Helmke Mary Hill Michael Hinkle 50 Cheryl Hite Billy Hobbs Mark Holmes Linda Hopper Joyce Horner Kathleen Houser Keith Hughes Timothy Hughes William Hughes Cherie Hutson Kenneth Jackson Steven Jantz Jennifer Jay Carolyn Johnson Patricia Johnson Roger Johnson Deborah Jones Denise Jones Linda Jubinville Carol Justice Carol Kattas Roy Kemp Cary Kennell Colleen Kilty Thomas King Sharleen Klemke Gary Koontz Ellen Kreigh David Kruse Arthur Kuehnert Dorthy Landsaw Mary Lasley Rhoda Lawson Fred Leach Martha Lee Bruce LeSure Gail Lochner Michael Lockhart James Luyben Marion McCarty Phyllis McCarty Cheryl McClain Daniel McCord Nanette McCord Gregory McNeal Ricky McSorley Valerie Mankey Michael Marten 51 Steven Marten Gary Mast Cindy Matter Dan Maurer Edwana Meisner Carolyn Metzger Mark Middleton David Miller Dennis Miller Larry Miller Patricia Miller Pamela Mills Dennis Moist Cheryl Monnier Ladawna Morrison Catherine Mossburg Colleen Murphy Carolyn Myers Paul Nailor William Neat Peggy Nelson Jeanine Neumann Dale Newman Kerry Niman David Norris Jean Jacquelyn Orcutt Pamela Ormes Myron Osborne Linda Ott Debi Overmyer Everett Padgett Russell Palmer Jane Pelz Gary Peppier Karen Pickering Susan Pitser Vickey Potter Warren Potts Patrick Quinn Frank Rajcany Nancy Ratcliff Carolyn Rathert Raymond Reaser Gloria Reed Mickey Reese Barbara Renner Steven Reuille David Rhodes 52 Richard Rider Edward Robinson Linda Rogers Gary Romine Mary Runyon Joyce Ryan William Salmon Gary Sampson Linda Sanders Arlene Saylor Gecilia Saylor Francella Schoch Vicki Schreiber Laurie Schrey Steven Schroff Robert Schultz Gary SeCheverell David Seey Laura Sharpe Jeffory Sheets Donald Sherman Donald Shumaker Michael Sievers Deborah Simcoe Alan Simerman Susan Skekloff Richard Sloan Susan Smead Linda Smith Pamela Smith Shirley Smith Sidney Smith Susan Smith Toni Smith Sherry Snyder Jani Squires Lynn Stemen Dennis Stoiche Linda Streets Randy Stuckey Debra Subsda Joseph Svec Raymond Sylvester Patrick Talarico Patrick Taylor Karen Tegtmeyer Gerald Tonak Lea Ann Treesh 53 Judith Tripoli Roger Turner Claire Ungerer John Vinson Judith Walker Roger Walker Charles Waltemath Judy Walter Ules Warner Eddie Warnick Rose Watson Steven Weaver Robert Webb Douglas Wellman Susan Wetzel Diane Whisler Marsha Whiteleather Carol Wilhelm Charles Williams Janet Williams Betsy Wilson Gloria Wilson Paul Wilson Linda Winebrenner Janis Wood Lora Wooten Richard Yoder Leigh Anne Ziege Michael Zimmerlee Kay Zimmerman Roland Zion Marcia Zollars 54 la rs? Coach Dave Riley has just given instructions to his team as they get ready to begin their game with Fairfield Mrs. Chandler explains to bewildered students the mysterious terms of conjugations of verbs and declensions of nouns. Many People Contribute To Our Success Members of the sextet and their alternates practice many hours before each musical performance during the school year. Miss Mary Glen Fleming serves as director for the group. The busy life of a teacher includes, among other things, grading papers, a huge job, which results in discovering how well students comprehend the sub- jects being studied. 55 And so another school year is rapidly drawing to a close. Perhaps one of the great- est ideas which we have learned this year is that " no man is an island unto himself. " A successful school consists of good admin- istrators, teachers, students, organizations, athletic teams, publications, music groups, and many other people, all contributing to make Franklin a great school. . . . And So Another Year Ends 56 r ftffl Effil MMM KfiiSfl MfHffl IIIl H Hoi HI HUM ram IH IfflH Wat 111111 nm MSHfinl jiniiMI

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