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ww.. 'us 4 J Q U 41 '1 JF: 5 0 O 1 Rib 1 1 ra III 1 1 , 5 Q 1 1 55, - 1-' ' 0 0 ' 1 a'u,u 1.,,,,umv'f ,v " 1 ew" L f K X6 .1 ..A1 ,aw 3-"L" . 5.4-I , L.,-f 3 2, F "' 1 ., zgf Q Li 3 Lg'-0 2 f 5 B V 4 , 3 1 E ,. . fi? 4, . -,fn . Us , 2 . fs? V A . 2. -mm SH , ff V f . ' ' ' 133' Mx.. ww f' V, 4 l' 3' wwf is fins. 5 ,d,,,k. 4, ' A 0 Wiatr 44- ' 1 -Z' ,A1, 'A'MM I pw. , 1 , Q ,Q V . .51 G 5. fl , 1 I vg gl- zf' :V-fi Zfl"JIf?3 4 ' ' Www 4 1 1 1 i111, zmff4.f : 'f fe' - Y UM, . , , Q , W vfl, l . iq' 52. Seattle, Washington 'A.L3'i-15-Mile - , , , - 4 1, fiffrnzs-Lis: 1 - 5, ,, , ' N, x , ,':,1rME14,'f: ' :- 1 Lff' , ,J f . ,wf -' E..+g:s5.Q4 -' 5191 2TbI fC Days 0 Future Passed The birth of three years begins with the dawn of academics. As m0"'liTlg SfH1'fS the day, so the students enter their high school years as Sophomores. Pausing only for a short lunchbreak, they dawn K QS, H?-, - 5,5 , 1?-A. Q, 3 move quickly on to the afternoon, filled with activities and sports As Juniors, they have moved past the half-way mark. The evening arrives with drama and Seniors, bringing them Cl0Se1' to the end of their days at Franklin. With the sunset comes the future of the 1973-74 class Table of Contents Dawn: pages 4-5 Academics pages 6-23 Morning: Sophomores pages 24-37 Lunchhreak: pages 38-39 Afternoon: pages 40-41 Activities pages 42-69 Sports pages 70-99 Juniors pages 100-115 Evening: pages 116-117 Productions pages 118-131 Seniors pages 132-157 Honor Society pages 158-161 Sunset: pages 162-163 Closing: page 164 Table of Contents f, fg- 1' -VFDA .M in 1 X, ,Z v.A .n 7 .WI J, V' Q J " E if, 1 ZS, ,," , 4: 4 ,ij ""'1T -- ,Mx hun' iv You're here today, no future fears This day will last a thousand years y if you want it to. Do you understand, that all over this land l There 's a feeling In minds far and near, things are becoming clear Of a meaning Now that you're knowing, pleasure starts flowing It's true life flies, faster than eyes could ever see. This day will last a thousand years if you want it to. Academics You look around ou, things they astound oug Due to a decline in enrollment over the past years, Franklin opened its doors to the '73-'74 school year with a reduction in staffing. The programs of studies offered to students were not severely curtailed although classes were limited and a few over-sized. In class, some students drifted away while others opened their minds to enriching new experiences and a world of knowledge. "in minds far and near, things are becoming dear ofa meaning. . . " Art The Art Department had only two teachers to teach and help students interested in learning basic art techniques. Bob Arnold, department head, had his students work on the wheel, hand build with clay, and work on sculptures in clay and wood, while Cary Kodama taught commercial art students basic elements and principles of design. Some students displayed and sold their ceramic works during the International Dinner heldin April. .Gu rn. i K 1 f' r 5 6 Academics 's , ,fa K Y J Ax x ,. img, ' a 'Zg,1,. :Rm 1 . 4 Vx, 1 qt say,- t V ll, AE V ,,-QQ -.qw-V. BOB ARNOLD Art Department Head, March of Dimes CARY M. KODAMA Varsity Football, Track Coach So ou breathe ln deep, .-if? jk, DOROTHY HUNTER Distributive Education GORDON MEEC Quaker Shoppe Advisor P T S A Projec Business Education Under the head of Malver Haynes, the Business Education Department offered classes in typing, accounting, shorthand, retailing, office machines, office practice, and business law. Students in retailing operated the Quaker Shoppe before school and during lunch selling candies and school needs under the supervision of Dorothy Hunter. Money profitted from the business went directly to the Associated Student Body school fund. The Business Department also offered proficiency statements in areas of accounting, spelling, clerical, secretarial, and retailing. 1 I Forelgn Language Besides the three main foreign languages-French, German, and Spanish-offered in many high schools, the Franklin Foreign Language Department also offered classes in Chinese and japanese. Advanced classes were offered to students beginning their third year of a language on a continous study basis and sstudents were not limited to one credit per semester as in regular classes. Some students were involved in the Amigos de las Americas program. This country-wide program gave students a chance to help immunize Latin American children and work in areas of need during the summer months. At the same time those who participated tested their knowledge and ability to communicate in a foreign language and also gained new awarenesses and experiences. 'YL ,... . I LYN N COPLAN D Pep Club Advisor 8 Academics PETER HEMSING Foreign Language Department Head, Ombudsman 1-.rg HITOMI IITODAI PHILIP KONKEL BARBARA SANTISTEBAN "L""-swag... f!'x inlay I N0 I ' 0. . I ." I eglgqx I O .ing x l We A1 'F l 'I XQQ.s g f. 0 -Rx ff l'i .xi 2: QQKQ19 F3 Ogg' Ot 'Q 5 5- J ,I F W. A gr ' L NANCY BUSH F.E.A.S.T. . e Home Economics Learning how to budget finances pays off ' 3 in days of inflation. The students enrolled in 2 .,-,. .:.. h ome economics classes the past year not only learned money-saving techniques, but also gained knowledge in sewing, cooking, and family planning. All home economics classes were open to both males and females. 4 . Sewing for Profit was offered for the second year, although the class was basically a ,-. regular sewing class. Students learned the usage of sewing machines and how not to . ,.,. waste material yardage. Some even began to ,A gg ,,. wuuuwmuum-Nw 'L' -"" W sewtheirownwardrobe. 'Students in cooking classes and the F.E.A.S.T. 'program planned nutritionally balanced diets and cooked their own meals. LAUREL PICKETT Home Economics Department Head AEN, PURIFICACION R. MANANGAN A1NlEE SHIG-AKI Foreign Exchange Club Advisor MARGARET VANDERWALL Academics 9 Industrial Arts Whether drafting a blue print, building a house, or repairing a car, the industrial Arts Department provided the skills. George Ehrgott, department head, supervised his construction technology class in building a house at nearby Sicks' Stadium. Student construction workers raised beams and installed all wiring. ln architectural drawing, Gerald Vann taught his students the proper uses ofaT and L square and a straight edge, all of them necessary in drafting a blue print. The Industrial Arts Department welcomed a new colleague this year, johnSvens5on taught gas engines, and g1rls'aut0 Shop. jOHN SVENSSON GEORGE EHRGOTT Industrial Arts Department Head 'SNP' 42 an-""" Motocross Advisor G ERALD VANN 10 Academics KK ., X 'X X s. ip-,W""'w ,vw fr I ALICE ALLEN Creative Writing Magazine Advisor IAMES BRITAIN Language Arts Department Head Language Arts The Language Arts Department completed its third year of the Total Option Program KT.O.P.j of offering I0 weeks, I quarter, language arts classes this year. This program gave students a wider selection of classes in the Language Arts Department ranging from American literature to word study. Students were opened up to various aspects of studies within the language arts field and were not regimented through the basic L.A. l0a, I0b, lla, Ilb, and I2a courses needed for graduation. Full semester classes were also offered in humanities, drama, newspaper production plus more and honors language arts classes were open to students who excell in this subject. MARGARET CAMPBELL MARY LOU KRAUSE ROSAN N E HUNTER Academics II - ........a..... Q X MARlORlEN.MURPHY PAUL NICHOLAS BARBARA NILSON Honor Society Advisor, Director of Drama, Tolo Newspaper, Franklin Senate Thespians Sponsor Annual Advisor "'l ,ff fx AY 2 2 ' Ms x RICK ROBBINS F.E.A.S.T. 12 Academics ELAINE WETTERAU ER Mathematics With the highest number of students enrolled in mathematics courses in the entire city, Franklin's Mathematics Department offered various levels of mathematics ranging from general math to calculus. Off the 977 students enrolled or approximately 70 per cent of the student body, 12 per cent were honors mathematics students and 22 per cent continous progress students. Although the percentage of honors students showed a decline from past years, these students were as capable as any in preceeding years and showed it on the National Nlath Contest held annually. VERNON BEAN Usher Squad Supervision l.V. Baseball Coach .- E. ., , -,M .,.. ,... .WL SANDY GOLDADE SUE E. HAYCOCK DICK HENRIKSON F.E.A.S.T. RODRIGO DE LA VEGA MAGAT Chess Club Advisor, Filipino Student Club akilang Kabataan Ng Paaralang Frankiinj Advisor ' Q UW-nw. DUANE MUNRO 11-1-V' GEORGE TU RK Mathematics Department Head Academics 13 MUSIC Participating in assemblies, games, and on special occasions during the school year were Fran klin's bands, choirs, and ensembles from our performing Music Department. Under the directorship of Charles Chinn, department head, the jazz Lab practiced often and competed in jazz festivals in and out of Washington state. At the vocal end of the department was David Pence. He directed the Honors', Gospel, and Bel Canto Choirs. Students in the ethnic performing groups, Samoan, Afro Drum, and jazz Ensembles, provided music with the accompaniment of cultural dancers. 'San- ii mu , 1 2 , ' , ' L p I fs M L to J CHARLES CHINN Music Department Head Academics LYNNE jESSUP Afro Drum, Samoan, jazz Ensembles DAVE PENCE Bel Canto, Swing Choir, Gospel Choir GENE CADDEY Varsity Golf Coach Q .Will Physical Education! Health Physical activities including competitive individual and team sports, and calisthenics were a part of the daily routine in physical education classes for both men and women. Exercising, work-outs on the weight machines, and organized games of football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball not onlly kept students active but physically fit as well. Specialized classes were offered in tennis, gung fu, beginning and advanced floor hockey, and seasonal competitive sports prepared students to compete on varsity levels. Courses in co-ed health covered personal and mental health, the human body, first aid and safety, and other health-related topics. A demonstration by a team of Seattle Fire Department paramedics was also given to health students. l l 1 ,-.,,M,.-, 1 ,XV KARYN DENECKE MARLYS EFAW Gymnastics, Intramurals, Golf Coach, Cross Country Coach Cheerleading Advisor LAUREL HAMMER Varsity Volleyball, Basketball, Track Coach Academics 15 ,A.,f CYj,,'V4f",,,i L' 'ff Ky: Ozzy' :Y or A l - , 1A.A.. O ., 4,,,, A ,.,,,A Q- 1'A f ' "". ,s 1 'F 'Q.TfiQf',','i' f V O , ., T 5 '55 BYRON jOHNSON L ls HK jf .3,,1,,,. Assistant Football Coach M, ,,f.4l, , 4 ZII , ROBERT "M R. l " IOHNSON Assistant Basketball Coach 16 Academics DICK LU FT PhysicallHealth Education Department Head Science The number of science students has increased over the years and the capabilities, potential, and eagerness of students has also increased according to William Motzer, department head. Learning quantitative and qualitative analysis, studying motion, force, and velocity, and viewing cells through a microscope covers only a small part of the basics taught in various science classes. Biology, chemistry, and physics classes were offered as lab science classes which met the requirements for high school graduation. For more advanced students with a great interest in science, classes were also offered in Physics Ill and Chemistry Ill after they completed the regular courses in levels I and ll BONNIE DOS REMEDIOS DWIGHT W. EDWARDS WES FELTY HOWARD GARBER DUWAYNE MORGENSTERN nf- .N II hi 4 fgr, 445 "W ,N E Z wax Q ' I PM , ,l M1 W Z' ,g,,2,,55 " 1 ' 1 4 zag gw ffii' ' 1 f ' I ' f f' 'W' . 2 ' ,I Q 4 0?-f ' .' -76 ' lu-4ff'55"':?f'fIi5 ' "'1 5 1" 4" 7',.4?12,15' Lax: '. 5'9C":'1 I 14 1 alt I ,fr,-:w4+-.-..-W 14. ,J 4 '-1-swf ,MMM 1 ef:-51 4- .I , . , -.4:.f1ffw ,f:1fr12Spg ff w ' ,. ', 1 1 ,g,fff v2 ,Q MWA ' 53.3115- ,J ,-22 ia. , f 2:43 13 gy If. ff f :fr """ ' 9" 1,3 sz" V - 'PQL QL, rv", 24. ' fig-41:43. "14',':2 V 9 . i ,, H-1e"'.' . 'W LV 95925 3.115 255.151 ' -'Y ,, f k':,. M , . 2 +7 1 1, ag! li --'ef wwf ,, -5, ., ,U V- ' , ' U 1 ,' ' -5 .1211 54 "-5 fy 'fi-3 If ,' is-?3,,,,t' ,1W,xH'w.' ' 'A I f AW, 5 yf 'Q fff' -'pg ' ,. ' L-f 2542 I 4 421111-Q:-3:14543,wW.1,: 1,,....5-anpfegm-241, :- , ,,,,v,,1-2,2 :-'111Q11k?f'237Z'3fi':2l'0953?Qftfgfji j1j!.:','.."g'f?f 'Fig' .g.-"rin .5-3, vyzjfj ' 6 , zsfqf 3 , ' 5 ' Q -CW? , 5 I 1 Q M 'L f WILLIAM D. MOTZER Science Department Head f Z V X ,gf V , .W , DALE PETITE Photography Club Advisor I If I 4? If yi ,xx LW dpi, , , ,VU If ,Z f If if UNL fm ww ww X f f X J rw ff -- -E ,L f 5 X 0 0' f Academics I7 V 'flnml Q, 5 OL f A V f f , . fmffq, ,71 47150, I f A I j - ,lf W , A, , ,Wg 75M J df VLVW' LUWM4 A , 'I 1 Q 911 j ffffyi H Egf F If 2 f K 7,4 -, J f ,ff Zfhvf ' ffff, , J, TQ, is Sv W best fwifxasksrggwssl. msg? We 21,3 l M359 D XKQNQ OX N5 Xwfko xp QQXMO Q,Q5q1x5ofBNQ Social Studies The Social Studies Department showed its uniqueness and diversity by offering classes in economics, political science, Latin American N affairs, geography, and law and society, aside g from the basic world history, U.S. history, A and contemporary problems classes, available 1 V"' llii ' Q, in any high school. 5 " ' Law and society classes instructed by Richard Nagel, department head, gave li , pf students an introduction to the American A 15 legal system with emphasis on criminal law, f ef civil liberties, and consumer protection. A field trip to King County Superior Court to watch trial proceedings provided students with actual courtroom experience and prepared them for a mock trial of their own. , M 2 sra' ' , DAVID F RANK BE LMONTE . Varsity Basketball Coach a 1 s "' y jf ,,,. V, f " 4. PHILIP BLIX as ' junior Class Advisor, Soccer Coach Q' .. 2 s. si? 'rails L, , L V . .. , ,, - M --fs.: Q l j . fiiii 'A GEOFFREY FOX IERRY HARLEMAN PEGGY KEYES Senior Class Advisor Spades Advisor 18 Academics BRENNAN KING Head Football Coach ALVIN LARKINS HAROLD MCLEAN Debate Advisor r.1ie1vuIav :9se4 8 I K RY Y ooo, um RICHARD NAGEL Social Studies Department Head Academics I9 IOSEPH SLYE Project Franklin for Nlen, Assistant Football Coach CAROL EISMAN English Special Programs and Student Services ln addition to our basic curriculum of classes, special programs were offered in English as a second language, traffic education, Project Franklin, and vocational rehabilitation. Except for Project Franklin for men, all classes were located on campus. Student services were plentiful ranging from consultants to aid from the nurse. Secretaries in various school offices were busy as ever typing letters to parents and the like. The counselors were loaded with college applications from seniors but were never too busy to help students plan their program and register students. As a new service to students, the Franklin staff accepted a consultant in basic skills, Dan Nlaret. He administered a standardized basic skills test to all sophomores and worked mainly with the Language Arts Department. 20 Academics ,t t AX L. Teaming up in the vocational program were Ueft to rightj: LAWRENCE ARAKI, vocational rehabilitation, and RICK MEYER, pre-vocational advisor. X , .'. 'thx Heading Project Franklin for Women was WlNIFREDM.DUNCAN BARBARA OLWELL. Not pictured: KAREN CounselorlDirector D.V.R. REESE, instructional assistant. Pre-vocational Development Program DAVID NIADAYAG DAN MARET F.E.A.S.T. Basic Skills Consultant NATALIE WERTH Traffic Education DACHIN YIH Consultant, Director of Bilingual Program HAPPINESS Healthy Mouth DENTA HEALTI ,WEEK MAR Health Counselor, Student Services Council, Red Cross Advisor, Future Nurse Advisor BETTY MANNING EARLE 1OHNSON Assistant Librarian Head Librarian fer 5 'W 'U 559 if A ' Y 'I' , .. "l't'r 'Q xv . ,r"5:?Q2x, 2 :Q .,. I' Q' v X kk FLORENCE DURDEN ALAN SUGIYAM Human Relations, Human Relations Quakerettes Advisor Asian Student Coalit ELLEN MCBRI DE Human Relations f,nq"x 1 Preparing college applications for seniors and planning schedules were the counselors lleft to rightl: BRANT ELLIOTT, RON PATNOE, NEAL WOOLSLAYER, head counselor, IOSEPHINE FUNDERBURGgand ED LEW. Academics 21 A x .14 .I I ff, if A X A V ,,,, CHARITO GUZMAN Physical Education Assistant ,Taking time off from secretarial duties werefleft to irighnbackrowi: LUCILLE RINKER, labraryg AGNES WAZNY, bookroomandfiscalg PAULINE FOLINO,registration officeg and ELLA PITRE, attendance officeg Ueft to right, front rowi: ANNA NIELSEN, head,secretarygNIARTHA HUBBARD, main officeg DORIS ABE,counseIing officeg and LUCILLE CAUGHRON, vice principaIs'office. Q is MW ig, sims: ' , Y' M, 5 4 Q - ,Ms-'f Q. -, -hw , ss it Ik , AA l I! tt tx K -W A O.L. "NllTCH" MITCHELL Dean of Students, Varsity Football, Baseball Coach Administration From the beginning of school in September to the closing day in june, the Administration worked and planned the school budget, enforced school district rules and Franklin policies, and planned a new and unique attendance policy, The Administration worked continuously throughout the year encountering various problems met in operation of a high school. They were responsible for personnel, supplies, curriculum, and more. BILL PHELAN jOAN ROBERSON Administrative Assistant Vice Principal, House Principal Senior Class W"--f ""'-x ANDRES B.TANGALlN DUANETREFETHEN Vice Principal, House Principal Vice Principal, House Principal FRANK HANAWALT junior Class Sophomore Class Principal Academics 23 A Sophomores Yesterday's dreams are tomorrows sighs, Watch children playing, they seem so wise. op omore ass 0 icers were e t to rig t I hirley Wah, treasurerg Dorriene Mar, secretaryg Paul Gonzales, vice presidentg Crev K S h CI ff fl f hh S president, and ffrontj Wayne Lum, chairman of chairmen. 245 Th S ph I d S d Goldad Time seems to stand quite still In a chilcl's world it always will. ,Q :V c ' Q-' 5 ill-x. ,gf Lucy Akrish .Ep Michael Allen Cindy Archulera Brooks Ba ker 1 5 I I-'Ln 1- JM A NMQA, ,Iv .V 4 I l David Michelle Grant Alfano Alfred Allen - ,, M y X .v:,'v-:,. 4 is 1 A ,, ti it 'A lsi il l r i 533 ' api.: ,.-i1l ,iv " 22'-'- David jeffrey Theresa Almoslino AYTIOI1 Al1d0 11552 ll l ' 4 7 I' '57 4-, 5 1, A H9235 ".',' Rodney Lauren Antoinette Arinobu Asaba Baggett . T5 l l 4 ' X i Dale Michael Charles Baker Ballasiotes Banks David Albert Behar listens intently to a tape recording ofa French dialogue. ab .sv : . I pl .. , 4 M.. ' l l f lf! if F KN... if , , . ' i f 5 :ii-452 Thomas Raul Bradley Bailey Baird Baker ,J . f :E I . . is! Az., T" ' ' Iv .N ' Y ' ,-- Em 1 V V., - : 1" Myrna Gregory MCVCY Barkey Baruso Bear Sophomores 25 1 lb... -m..,,,,., xaghf. ' w tf Q .x.- . fl as . . . . 'B " ",, -.m" a- is A be Russian sophomore, OIegGeilman, ponders his newsurroundings. A :Hg K if il Y ,. in AN ,tj 1-1 'lf' A K "jj . aa 'gi A, X . ' X L' 1 Sai xml T X N ' Nadine Alicia David ' ' 'l Q x Beaumonte Beck Beckstrom Nlorrie Karen Elmer Leon it N Benvenniste Berg Berganio Berman , 'Sw Q. 'N . ,xp X . A K B L SY q :F , 1 'ffl L ff' Q' 'a 3 5. V' J .: . , 1 X K ' i. ,SF . Y iff A X55 ly , ' xg , X,K. David Alben Marie Darold gil lvl . fi? Behar Behar Bennett fel il 1 f W ,W 1 y Q M jay Wayne Claude Karri 'X "" 3-5 , Birkland Black Blumenzweig Borland 5, X rm 7,5-.a I an ,Q F , X 'Q ,,., Q K B B 1 "',B'l' lonnae Victor Robin C - B3 I l 4 3, ia V Benson Bensussen Bentley 7 - -- I 1 i l K, fx A V' X , - ' I! mfs ' - ' 1, 'Q 3 - I if - llilv K Dale Gregory Brent GHTY Bouton Bradford Bredice Brown 71' 'J ff if f 5 ' ,figlfffw 4 1 VI - M- If Ricky Kenneth Pio Perita 26 Sophomores Brown Bryant Cabiao Cain in Kathleen Audrey Calderon Caldwell ,. Ki ' ww ell. Kim Renee Chatman Chatman L , K I., Q Carolyn Sherrie Chinn Chu C i re Sema Charles Cohen Colston Myrtle Carlton l lulita Cheesman , b , vVvr r 1 1 1 .-.. Q55 Craig Chui ,W .. E, ja,-rl 'il' rf f 'A f f E ' Catherine Conn es 1 1-2 5? , 'Q E515-:6:ff5'I:3f ' 11, f Y 'lm Hr Q ' X 7' ' , R ' Ly' Ill? f X Alan Anna Walter Adflilne Carrasca Chan Chan ChaneY li a n in L C l A 'iff 1 -P f ' C. L ' .Exim W if Q rein cz. MVN. n' 2 l r 1f?'rlL?ff: Diana Herman Peter Tina Chin Chin Chin Chin R' '-" ' '--' " ff' '- "fe ' 'I f , L' C, ..1. V ,N , ','," 7' V' "if, ' ' If .. In :R 8 x x Z -. .,,,. . 1,4 2 1, X ffqlgmf, , 'Q' Ez l A ' Eric james Bernetta Richard Clark Clemmons Cobb Cochran, 1 r. V N 2 2 VV,,. A ., , ' " 'Tiki' , 311' Z 1 -me f'-. V f-'af' 1 - ' 1,326 Y' "iff ,, ff, I, ' " ' f .. K ill if Robert jeffrey Gloria Robert Constantino Cordova Dade Damper Sophomores 27 1' -AX .QF le se - R A I Georgina Nathaniel Susan Davis Davis Davis , f . is M ,Spirit April Ronnie Susan Lori Davisson De jaen Dickinson f D - -ff iff- .. X 'xg 'Q M' 1 is -'sw 1-T ? - 3' .A . ' .. -,-V Vivian Rene Steven Dodd Dong Douglass Duncan Tina Elleby ,saji r Dae n - I Es . ,sa F' I 3 . Aurora 28 Sophomores Esteban A ,. ,,is,.Z 1 , ,NIN 1, h -il, I- 'PQ-'E erxlf, riifiii al P Robert Rosa Paul Durall Duran Egashira 2 :, ' nfl' Q 11 5 Robert lacque Clifford ElmQUiSt Enders Eng W All V ' 1 954- - .2 3 Z vtyx . . . A 5 g x gs, . -yif Q -. . 5 fl Diana Drew Kathleen Eng Eskenazi Esparza 3' iiil 1 , ig b X Y D ' M545 . if , , Feleai ludi Tammy Faataape Fisher Foster t its M, X ,'Q:j2'5.:EJ555?7'A"' -,Ac-f - J 3 N. a v . 5 .V I 'vv 3 " E X ' "-' - 3 e ' l X Diane Michael janet Valerie Franklin Freund Fujita Funes Frank j udy Oleg Alonzo Garcia Gates Gielman Gilbert f sffgigj l El I 3' ,- f fi X t-Nj f K . 1' 'UM' 1, 'I : PM i N2 L' t 'X Eff l' Kay Robert Gregory john Graham Graham Grant Green ' "TY 'W"k ' 'V V- , 4' , P' ,jj 'fg f G ' ,- l , 4 X 62 5' ' 1 A ,N . 3 " Darlene Maureen Bella Denise Hackley Hanan Hanoh Harnsberry - be s' 1 V' Wei? 'F 1 1 '- J Q' la h EAL A Paul Funk RQ aj i' be . 5 ., V N, Q av fs I , K 1 X ie EM 3 S Karl Gillette aff? 47+ w 3 Lori Green F V, Que' W x Q 0 M - ,,. 2 LEE 2 :na ,A . Annie Hart af, Brigette Gaines Paul Gonzales 3 4 'lx , joyce Gangl ' "Eff" Mark Gregory Rhonda Hawthorne Q Robert Gonzales . Y' . A , Y X VT. Q james Gribble 35 : . 2 2' it I A M Patrick Heier Sophomores 29 cfm I is Q W ' A 'K , -V ff ,51.. -X ,K A A F9 3 'N 'ff' 1 it a ,15,, 'UQ X 1 :.1 A g, "'-' ' l rlrs AJ 5 q ,, i Richard Gregory Christine Helling Hemphill Hicks . .Y .,,,,, XX C Raymond Cathy Karen HIFHNO Hirata Hodge ill" ' . 1 A 'P ' - . , X L. ik 7 -I tl . Deborah Gloria Andre Hopkins Horton Hoskins I i' A l Q .,.. 1 . X J '--:: Q 1 Q A i Shannon Evelyn Eileen Hummel Hybridge lkejiri 30 Sophomores X ' -V if i . f rl X , Clarence Hightower Kevin Hoey Beabe Houston xl , , 5' f 4.4: Kenneth Isabell .1-rj .21 ' .Z , -.F 3 l nr .5 If Sf ,g a. U 4 41, 1 f ,fr ? ...., , -.. lodv Hikida Frank Hoffman 6. at E di civil XE'- Charles Howlett V if : l, Chris Ishii justina Hill Christy Holze iriiiy A -A 1 5 Q Darcell Hubbard 1 1 1- fig! l 1 f:w""'h s v 1 Q ,929 , l ' fy . 4 1 , Glenn Ishino z 4 iii: at Zeb? Carlton Hillard I., .. M i I A ' Brian Honda Vickie Hudson Duane jackson 8.63.1 G. W is - .. Xl X 4 'ff X Ronnie Simone Bruce julie 5 jackson jackson jaffe jamero so i to 'nn' -.,,1tQx g ,Vs Q E Gary Clifford Cynthia Audrey james jarvis jimerson johnson Cheryl Deborah Debra ljiyggia johnson johnson johnson johnson 1 Hillis Kevin Le Roy Robert jones jones jones jones 4 ' if V' A Yvonne Leslie Betty Elois jones Kaplan Kazumura Kelley L - I ,gi ' ' 7 , ga 1 1 r 'vi 4 V jerene Denis Kenneth Esther Kelley Kempe Kessler Kimura 44 iii i iff ,, . , William King , ,jwy 7" . 5 f Gary Komoto , K C F P Vit .3, j hi... 414 Mei Kwong ,EW if " . 1 1, , ' " 1 21 29 ' r A pig is ' 4. 11: " X, ' QQ .-.4 2 Crevin Kuft K0 Kogita 5553152 ni 5 ' .az N X 1:1 ' ' ff A ,I 5 . . . Z , 2' , Victoria Kranjcevic Laura Lacey l H ' 9 f ' , , j ulie Kusakabe , J "7 , V j 1 Margaret Lamb Sophomores 31 Patty Lance Raquel Lazaga l Tommy Leong Vqzb 0 .:-. f 1 gf 'l'1 Fern Liddell xlib I i i Dean Lum 32 Sophomores l 1 4 Larry Landry . .,, a. 4, M ,, ,1 if ' , fi ' 1 'N f '4 4 3 K M .A E .. , v. 'Q v ' '.. 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WilleY Williams Williams Williams r-s- Ti i:"" 7? 3 i"' i" P ,,L :ug 1 ii Jw i'i- wi A 1 - , Tom Anthony Mark ' fi nj-g ' Yuen Zauhar Zupan 4 I LLva"4l-fgtifl A F,-ed George Kenneth Mei Wolf Wong Wong Wong W f-V- .g l i k R l f 's'r :Til Y ,QL Denise joe Sharon jeannie Yabuki Yamamoto Yee Sophomores 37 Wright Lunchbreak I see it all through my window it seems Never failing like millions of dreams Q. 5 f ,:-1f::11o zi. in Q C Peak Hour QNSRI V' .g 1 . 'us' lJ,:': fo 4 . - It makes me want to run out and tell them they've got time Take a step back out and look in I found out I 've got time Afternoon I 'm just beginning to see Now I 'm on my way It doesn't matter to me Chasing the clouds away. Something, calls to me The trees are drawing me near I 've got to find out why 0Af Those gentle voices I hear Explain it all with a sigh. I 'm looking at myself Reflections of my mincl It's just the kind of day To leave myself behind So gently swaying through The fairylancl of love If you'll just come with me You'll see the beauty of Tuesday, Afternoon Afte Activities I 'm looking at myself, reflections of my minclg it's just the kind of day to leave myself behind. .. au " v , I' ' WU' 1 .xwxqxhkb I ml M I o y be 'ag s - .... x,:., ' e Q ,,,s ., M- so T"" M' Si its ww? 32 Activities 43 A.S.B. Officers The five Associated Student Body Officers for 1973-74 were Qclockwise from Ieftj: Darrel Nlamallo, presidentg Kathy Kozu, vice presidentg Lynn Myers, secretarygjanet Kamada, treasurerg and Debbie Lyso, chairman of chairmen. 44 Activities 5 .gif ' .ts , Fi., 1 's T' 'F' . K 111znn A.S.B. Committees The Associated Student Body Committees consisted of a number of Franklin students who were willing to share some of their time to organize the annual Walk-a-thon Bike-a-thon, and many other activites that made the year so successful. Among the various committees were: Sales, Elections, Art and Publicity, Student Exchange, Quakers of the Month, Walk-a-thon, Bike-a-thon, and Community Relations. Participatingvcommittee members included: Lauren Asaba, Gwen Banks, Houston Barclay, Rosalyn Bass, Alfreda Baylor, Regina Baylor, Diane Carrasca, Adrienne Caver, Corey Chin, Tina Chin, Yuen Chin, Holly Croce, Kathy Davis, Sharon Dyer, Louis Egashira, Nellie Fujii, Teresa Fukuhara, Leigh Grant, Stacie Hashimoto, Linda Henderson, Linda lguchi, Tom Ikeda, Dave jackson, Cinde jone, Mary Kamihara, Louis Kato, Karen Kimura, Eric Lance, Gary Lee, Fay Lim, Edna Loc ke, jeannette Louie, Mamie Luke, Debbie Lyso, Dona Magno, Nora Mar, Kathy McEwan, Deborah Mitchell, Anne Mori, joni Morishita, Sharon Nakamura, Debbie Neslin, john Ogasawara, Kim Parramore, Pam Perez, Delia Porter, Wendy Rock, Robin Rogel, julie Rolax, Rosemary Von Rueden, Sally Sato, Stephanie Sherrell, Grant Shibuya, Noreen Suyematsu, Sharon Taki, julie Tanagi, Steve Tolliver, Robbie Turner, Shirley Wah, Ann Watanabe, Leslie Webb, Eloise Williams, Camelia Wilson, Dana Wing, and Doris Yee. lg Activities 45 Songleaders --1' , , s '- ' - ' -- .- f-. - "x'f::-:gvv- ef ga ' . I . . ---g-'- 4 I - .M . ' 'go I,"'3N I EN. III 'I - . . . ' . ..,o A- - ' i .- . -, - ,,-.1-., -.--,M 'n I ' Q . --5-, lg,,:"i"' 4-1.'Nf'I,' . 'ja' 5 Lg ' ,. ,. -A ...K . I .- ILT. I QI I I .wig W., . .I ., . I ,',.. , 44 , I - f . , X- . , .. -.11 V-PI, I., . I- I . -..-,.-. . . From left to right: Scott Randall, Angela Young, Mary Gilmore, Darcy Evans, Nina Vicors, Karen lshii, Danny Fulgencio, Bev Kashino, Lisa Wills, Arlene Ambo, Karen Nlilnor, j oAnne Nlatsuhira and Louis Egashira. By forming two squads, our 1974 cheerleaders were able to attend almost all of our sports events. From the smallest, almost forgotten event, to the most crucial championship challenge, our pep squads could be found somewhere in the crowds. The GREEN squad included Arlene Ambo, Darcy Evans, Karen Ishii, Karen Nlilnor and Angela Young. The BLACK squad included Nlary Gilmore, Bev Kashino, loAnne Nlatsuhira, Nina Vicors and Lisa Wills. Small in numbers, but big in spirit were yell leaders Louis Egashira, Danny Fulgencio and Scott Randall. Advising the songleaders was Nlarlys Efaw.' 46 Activities -- - -M . , 52 2,,:,:,.,:3v,:1-, ,J V ,I Q 7 Y , .-..,, C, ,,.1 Q" X Homecoming '7 ' -. Ai. . Ka - Y ' 11 frf- - ' ' I 3 ...saabee Participating in Homecoming activities were fclockwise from leftl: Peter Kimes, pie-eating contest winnerg O.L. Mitchell, Karen Ishii, and Arlene Ambo, participants of the slave auctiong Homecoming Spirits Diane Franklin fsophomorel, Nina Vicors, Qseniorl, and Eloise Williams fiuniorlg and Soul Train dancers jackie Renfro and Robert Callahan. Not pictured: Louis Egashira, Carlton Hillard and Sean lVlcCormick, co-winners of the pie-eating contestg and Darcy Evans and Danny Santiago, the slaves who sold for the highest bids. 48 Activities fvgwf ' , we W l V 14 .. I r 4 QI? 1 Q, ,,, Sf , yg , ,ft , 1 :H mg tai ......., Q 16 I at v ,VS .oss A Sty, Q 'v 5 43+ V, 4 'A :aj Al H i li V u 'swf l C ,, ""-Q., ...,,,,-hx.N.K N U w,..,,...,. X' gm, """'-vu... Homecoming '73, sponsored by Pep Club, was a weeklong schedule of events held October 15-20. Using the theme "Let's Get It On," the week began with a pie-eating contest. Events throughout the week included a penny competition between the three classes, a slave auction, an assembly including the crowning of three student-elected spirits, and the Homecoming '73 dance featuring Cameo. Bringing the week to a close was the spirit-filled football game against Garfield. Activities 49 , I -.Il-Q I nfl, vb " -- -...AM -V A, f2', .. , - , -. fs 6, -if '1 ' Walk-a-thon The annual Franklin Walk-a-thon and Bike-a-thon, sponsored by the A.S.B., was held at Seward Park on October 27. A total of aproximately S900 was collected, and each participant contributed their proceeds to two activities of their choice. A picnic was also held for those who participated during the successful event. t f .Nu 4 W 49-K fi 5555. ' . ..v -P' x 4, - - we A , Q -A f- .. 3 f-'AQ . A- A large crowd gathered for the picnic and awaited final tabulation of miles at the Walk and Bike-a-thon headquarters located at Seward Park. 50 Activities Bike-a-thon The winners of ten-speed bikes for bringing in the most money were Grant Shibuya and Diane Franklin. The farthest walker and biker' were Dexter Lesaca with 33 miles and Grant Shibuya with 100 miles, re spectively. The energetic students who walked over 30 miles were: Roberta Barnes, Al Dong, and David Rock. Bikers riding over 75 miles included: Corey Chin, Rene Dong, Alan Carrasca, and Denis Kempe. The spirited faculty members who participated in the event were: Frank Hanawalt, who walked 6 miles, Rodrigo de la Vega Magat, and Anna Nielson, who walked 9 miles eachgand O.L. Mitchell, who rode his bike 38 miles. '49 X X, X f Clockwise from top left: Karl Gillette, Elaine Pinch, Debi Mezistrano, Darcy Evans, and David Rock walking the loop, Robert johnson, A.B. Mackey, Bill Phelan, and Brian Honda took a refreshing pause after helping and participating in the eventg and Martin Patricelli and his best friend, Ajax. Activities 51 W at Dv' s it uakerettes ,I The dance group, under the direction of O.L. Mitchell, has performed all year long at assemblies and at football and basketball games during halftime. Participants were fclockwise from left frontj: Debbie Whitfield, Renee Brown, co-captaing Linda Emerson, Vicki Beckman, jackie Renfrog and Deborah jackson. Not pictured: Glenda jackson and josalyn Richardson, co- captain. 52 Activities Thespians As well as putting on plays for the Franklin students and competing in festivals throughout the Northwest, this group of students dedicated to acting, found time to organize fund raising events to keep their Thespian activities going. Clockwise from top left: Members of the acting team were lkneeling, left to rightj: Susan Oberto, Paula Togawa, Kathie Page, and Doreen Terao, isecond rowj: Helen Ikeda, jack johnson Holly Croce, ithird rowj: Marcie Amira, joel Evans, Barbara Swain, and Peter Williams, lfourth rowj: Martha Lindley, jimmy Farrington, and john Keister, heading the club were lleft to rightj: Marcie Amira, secretary-treasurer, Paula Togawa, presidentg Kathie Page, sergeant at arms, and Martha Lindley, vice president, acting out a portion of "You Can 't Take It With You" were ileft to rightj: Martha Lindley, Paula Togawa, jack johnson, and Peter Williams. Not pictured: Paul Nicholas, advisor. Activities 53 Pep Club Whether supplying food for the sports' teams, sponsoring Homecoming Week, decorating for special events, selling pep pins, or participating in fund raising activities, The members included: Abernethy, l., Asher, R, Baylor, K., Baylor, R., Beckman, V., Carrasca, D., Cassidy, C., Caver, A., Chinn, K., Croce, H., Cohen, S., Eskenazi, R., Fisse, L., Fujita, l., Gilmore, M., Hashimoto, S., Hayakawa,1., lkeiiri, S., Ishii, K., jezik, I., lone, C., lorgenson, C., Kimura, E., Lamb, B., Lee, V., Lew, M., Mar, C., Matsuhira, I., Mitchell, D., Mori, A., Myre, C., Neslin, D., Neslin, P., Parramore, K., Rock, W., Smith , K., Smith, M., Tanagi, l., Taki, K, Taki, S., Turner, F., Turner, R., Yee, D., Yee, 1., and Young, B. .,,,....Xgx- 1 " .V 5 , V ., QA' V , .wives -X YT 1 : 5 "" : 5. 1 il' S ,WMC Q W f W Y M - sa. NX Pep Club officers were fseatedl: Casey Cassidy, president, fstanding, left to rightj: julie Tanagi, treasurer, Adrienne Caver, vice president, lo Anne Matsuhira, secretary, and Mary Gilmore, chairman of chairmen. Not pictured: Lynn Copland, advisor. ' f m left' Volunteering their time towards a Clockwise ro - U I spirited year were Qstanding, left to nghtj: Lisa Nakagawa, Elinore Quan, Carol Roby, and KHVYU Taki, f5eat9Cl, clockwise from leftj: janet Hayakawa, Melinda Lew, -- - ' d nie Yee. Eileen lkejrri, Melody Uchumura, an lean 54 Activities ,N ga aw.. 410 P Spades had an active year fulfilling their goal to be a many activities included several parties, field trips to Sonics helpful community service in the Seattle area by working Games, movies, visitations to the homes of handicapped with the handicapped people, Spades stands for Spagtic Aids children, and their annual Christmas Stocking Sale which and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. This year's Spades' raised funds to support research in cerebral palsy. his A. child as they both enjoyed a Spades sponsored party. Officers for the past year were: Tilda Bulanon and Helen Ikeda, co-presidents, Nancy Shiota, vice president, Kelly Chinn, secretary, and jerry Harleman, advisor. Contributing to this club were: Martha Butz, Christine Chan, Pearl Chan, Kim Chinn, Kathy Chinn, Evelyn Dood, janet Fujita, Christine Hicks, Linda lguchi, Hillis jones, Shirley Kook, Barbara Krause, ludy Krause, Vivian Lee, Fay Lim, Annette Louie, jeannette Louie, Dorrienne Mar, Christine Matsumoto, Paulette Nlonce, Leslie Sumita, Doreen Terao, Steve Terao, june Wong, Sharon Yamamoto, and jeannie Yee. ' Spades 3 ,F Christine Hicks provided companionship for a handicapped Providing refreshments at one of numerous parties at the Seattle Handicapped Center were Helen Ikeda, co-president, and Debbie Laundry. Activities 55 Filipino Club "Dakilang Kabataan Ng Mataas Na Paaralang Franklin" was the official name for the Filipino Club, meaning "Noble Youths of Franklin High School." This club's goals were to develop leadership, programs, and activities imparting the Filipino culture by having speakers, films, and forming a Filipino dance troupe. Various activities included a Bake Sale, Button Sale, and participation in Franklin's Ethnic Week. Clockwise from left: Working on a sales promoter poster were fleft to rightl: Danny Fulgencio, Luz Aquino, Evelyn Montoya, julie jamero, Cheryl jamero, and jeanette Blankas, making 'parols' for Christmas decorations were: Rodrigo de la Vega Magat, one of four advisors, Luz Aquino, secretary, Pilar Fabon, president, Andres Tangalin, also an advisor, and Evelyn Montoya, treasurer, displaying a finished Button Sale poster was Rainie Agustin, vice president, and Carol Montoya and Nemia Umagat were caught constructing a Filipino Christmas ornament. 1 Members not pictured were: Canto Guzman and Purificacion Manangan, advisors, Rolando Esteban and Rhod Rollolazo, sergeant of arms. 56 Activities Chinese Club Clockwise from left: Myron Tsun, president, at the podium addressing a club meeting, Elaine Lo, co-vice president, and Diana Eng, treasurer, exchanged shots in a game of after school ping pong, and discussing and planning activities were Cleft to rightj: Ken Lee, co-vice president, Kin Lau, camera shy Kim Ng, Kwan Low, johnny Yuen, Yui Chan, Paul Lau, activities coordinator, Chris Lau, and Doris Sum fforegroundl. Members not pictured: Lilay Ma, secretary, Mai Chan, janet Chin, Nora Chin, Mei Kwong,Chung Lew, Norman Sum, Matthew Tom, joe Wong and Tommy Yuen. This year's Chinese Club successfully achieved most of their goals under the supervision of their advisor, Ed Lew. The club had several fund raising events such as a Christmas party, a luncheon, and car washes. Most of the funds went toward purchasing books and magazines printed in Chinese for the Franklin High School library, and events for Asian Day during Franklin's Ethnic Week. After school ping pong, films, and a soccer game against another high school in Vancouver, B.C. were a few of the numerous activities made possible this year by the club. Activities 57 Spanish Club A summer in Mexico was what the Spanish Club has been aiming at since forming their club this year. Working hard to raise money for the trip, the group sold cookies on Parent's Night, held a recycling project for glass and newspaper, and operated sales booths during Ethnic Week. The members of the club studied the culture of Mexico and all speak Spanish fluently through the advance Spanish class at Franklin. They plan to visit Mexico City and the vicinity around it, applying the knowledge they learned. .am- 1 Q TAKN-A an swlifiw -W.. Q . .. 7 fab 5.51551 xii N ,A , is I .r- Sta kin the newspapers and sorting the bottles to be carted away were: Louise Kato, secretary lforegroundlg lfirst row, left to righq. Shirley C 8 Wah K T ki, Barbara Lamb, Cheryl Goldman, Ann Paszkowski , and Pearl Chan, lsecond rowl: Margaret Lamb, Tam Sivertson Rosem , aryn a Von Rueden, Ray Williams, president, Tom Brooks, treasurer, and Barbara Santisteban, advisor. Not pictured. Peter Williams. 58 Activities 92' Foreign Exchange Unable to send an exchange student overseas this year, Foreign Exchange continued to raise money to finance one for the 1974-75 school year. The club enlarged their treasury with money making endeavors such as a car wash and Cookbook Sale. Officers lnot pictured were 2 Lynda Henderson, vice president, Sharon Ikejiri, treasurer, and Dariene Porter co-corresponding secretary. Members not pictured were: Myrna Barkey, Tilda Bulanon, Louis Egashira, Renee Eskenazi, Danny Fulgencio, Steve Hasegawa, Stacie Hashimoto, Karen Ishii, jeanne jezik, Mary Kamihara, Wayne Lim, Ann Muramoto, Robin Rogel, Sharon Taki, Dana Wing, and june Wong. cs,,.. ,,.. Clockwise from top left: Lynn Fisse listened attentively at a meeting as Gordon Habu, lami Leong and Betty Mihara vwltched Fay Lim look through a stack of suggested ideas for Ethnic Week. Betty Mihara, chairman of chairmen and janet Hayakawa, co-corresponding secretary, looked on as Becky Peterson, secretary, types out schedule of events. Responsible for the successful year were Bryan Maruhashi, president and Aimee Shigaki, advisor. Activities 59 C ess Having defeated the O'Dea team in the first match of the 1973-74 season, Franklin advanced one match closer to their goal of winning both the Metro and State high school tournaments. Team members included: Ronnie Harui, captain, Clifford Eng, jeff Omori, Curtis Suyematsu, joseph Weinstein, and alternates Terry Saiki, Houston Barclay, and Kenny Wong. Their advisor was Rodrigo de la Vega Magat. ii, Clockwise from left: Clifford Eng, Ronnie Harui, Houston Barclay, and Curtis Suyematsu displayed intense concentration needed for capturing the opponent off guard. 60 Activities dir -, , -342' ' 1. ,, J .- M if f H . 2,13 , 9, iv' - Foreign Language Basketball 1 ll! f l , V, W s,,,,,,.fm,,.,,,.W,,,,,,,,...,...,,,.,s,,e.....,..,.....,,...,,.,...,.....,, . A shirtless effort was made by Lynn Copland's Ganadores, who defeated the Musashi, coached by Hitomi litodai, 92-44. Pictured Qfrom left to rightl Alan Yamada, Bob Durall, Rocky Eng, Steve Nakamura, jeff Cordova, Dean Lum, and Gary Komoto. Something relatively new at Franklin was Foreign Language Basketball. The idea was originated by Lynn Copland, Spanish teacher, and a former student, Tony White. Since the creation of the games, student interest and enthusiasm in the foreign language classes increased and basketball competition expanded to include one team from each of the 21 classes. Each class, coached by its teacher, picked a name representative of the language the class was studying. The games, held at 7 a.m. in the Franklin Boys' Gym, were played on both the teachers' and students' own time. At the end of the tournament, the team that held the best record for the games played received ' trophy with the team 's name engraved on it. Activities 61 ' FH 1 -M"""'W , ..., N1 as K Tolo Newspaper The Tolo Newspaper Staff started the presses running in September with an energetic and optimistic crew of 19, growing to 28 by spring semester. With a "nose for news" the staff reported sports events, school news, wrote editorials, feature stories, and made headlines. The staff attended workshops and competed in journalism contests to bring inspiration and innovative techniques to the Franklin Tolo. The Tolo nameplate was changed from the black and bold one last year to a beautiful scene of Mt. Rainier sketched behind the name Franklin Tolo, drawn by an art student, Sharon Nakamura. ..,, ... I E I I ai -its so J,,,a.s,. wmv' Clockwise from left: Under the auspices of Barbara Nilson, advisor, Mike Elliott, advertising manager, Debbie Alfano, fall editor, and Anita Chin, spring editor, pasted up a page. joining the staff during spring semester were ffront row, left to rightl: Cinde lone, Renee Eskenazi, and Barb Swain, fback rowi Darrel Mamallo and Tom Barnes. Another use for the versatile Tolo was found by fall staff members ffirst row, left to rightl: Liz Roer, Tom Brooks, and jeanette Louie, fsecond rowl: Alan Benezra, Lynne Behar, Stacey Logan, Armanel Avants, and Barb Young, fthird rowl: Mike Moshcatel, Kathie Page, Dan Van Hook, and Suann Smith, Cfourth rowl: David Tomita, Greg Tuai, and A.B. Mackey. Not pictured: Diane Bibb, fall staff, Stacie Hashimoto, Lynn Myers, Kim Smith, and john Kook, supporting the staff during the spring semester. T010 Annual Caught in a shower of inspiration, the 1974 annual staff members were ffront row, left to' rightl: Ken Chin, sports editor, Robin Asher, editor-in-chief, Fay Lim, activities, Anne Nlori, art and theme, Stacie Hashimoto, Honor Society editor,and Barbara Nilson, advisor. Second row: Bill Higgins, photographer, Barbara Young, sports, Suzanne Halfon, sports, june Wong, juniors editor, Dan Van Hook, sales and theme, Anita Chin, academics editor, lVlarcie Amira, productions co-editor, Holly Croce, productions co-editor, Sharon lkejiri, seniors, jami Leong, seniors editor, and Cinde lone, activities editor. Not pictured: Arlene Ambo, sophomores editor, Casey Cassidy, activities, Steve Hasegawa, photographer, Suzie Mansy, seniors, Karen Milnor, theme, and Lynn Myers, theme editor. Activities 63 Creative Writing Magazine z., Q, .. , , , " fa li. ' SA, g The writers discussing and planning the magazine with their advisor, Alice Allen lforegroundj were ffront row, left to rightj: Renee Brown, Debbie jackson, Wright Wataoka, Paulette Monce, assistant editor, Shannon Hummel, Cheryl Okazaki, assistant art directorgand janet Chin, lsecond rowj: Matthew Williams, Kevin Franklin, editor, Steve Terao, George Grondin, Sam Shima, David Alfano, and joAnne Egashira, art director. Not pictured: Mari Bell, treasurer, Nadine Beaumonte, Andrea Hamilton, Faith Hopper, Sibyl james, Henry Mitchell, and Kevin Yokoyama. A magazine containing poems, short stories, essays, and other kinds of literary works was printed in the spring by the Creative Writing Magazine Lab. The students in the class used their imagination and originality to compose literary works. Besides the standard form of poetry, the magazine included concrete poems, where the words are put together to form a picture, and Haiku poems, which are japanese poems. The works were then selected and printed in the Creative Writing Magazine. 64 Activities may Debate The debate squad that represented Franklin in competition at the University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, Washington State University, and Seattle University was the largest team Franklin has had in recent years. Emphasis on individual speaking events strengthened the team's optimism while oral interpretation proved to be one of their strongest events. The debate squad was composed of Gary Kimura, presidentg Pat Williams, secretary, Rena Azose, David Berry, Robert Cranfill, Alan Fisher, Skip Foutch, Sharon Grashin, Lori Green, Mitch Green, Annie Hart, Madrid jacobs, john Messerly, Chris Miyamoto, Wes Ono, Terry Saiki, Bill Smith, joe Weinstein, Clifford White, and Ray Williams. The debate squad was directed by Harold McLean. Clockwise from top left: Making last minute changes before a match, debate members were Cleft to rightj: Mitch Green, Cliff White, Sharon Grashin, Harold McLean, advisorg Alan Fisher, and joe Weinstein. Consulting each other over the podium were Chris Miyamoto, Bill Smith, john Messerly, and Annie Hart. Keeping the team's engagements and records in line, Gary Kimura studied the team's strategy. Activities 65 uaker Shoppe The Quaker Shoppe was sponsored by the Retailing ll class and was opened every morning and both lunches to offer everyone at Franklin an assortment of candy, gum, school supplies, and miscellaneous items. The students who operated the store were required to attend a class to learn skills in mark up, extension, how to put up window displays, tindingjobs, how to operate a cash register, and experience the feeling of managing a shop by themselves. Each quarter the shopkeepers traded positions so that each member could take on different responsibilities. Positions essential in running the Quaker Shoppe were manager, personnel, advertisers, displayers, and buyers. The mangement consisted of lfront row, left to rightlz Danny Fulgencio jackie Renfro Nina Vicors and Barbara Youn lb k g ac row janet Humu, Nora Chin, Karla Beck, Elaine Touriel, lVlarc Levy, Alan Scharon Beverly Kashmo and Dorothy Hunter advisor Not pictured joyce Cohen and Alma Hill. 66 Activities ,Q . its '14 QW ,J 43' Business Club Leadership is what the Business Club emphasized through the activities that were held. The club had successful fund raising events such as a Cupcake Sale and a Popcorn Ball Sale. Other activities included a field trip to local businesses, public relation speakers, and a fashion show. The members not pictured were: jeanette Blankas, Robert Calahan, Kathy Davis, Evelyn Dodd, joAnne Egashira, Valerie Eng, Cheryl Goldman, Lynda Henderson, Dan Van Hook, Sharon lkejiri, Anthony jackson, julie Kusakabe, Fay Lim, leannette Louie, Ginelle Luke, Mamie Luke, Darrel Mamallo, Christine Matsumoto, Anne Mori, Debbie Neslin, Mary Poon, Wendy Rock, Nancy Shiota, Marceline Sims, and june Wong. Clockwise from bottom left: This year the Business Club decided to bring the Christmas spirit into the business hall, so ileft to rightj Shirley Kook, jami Leong, president, Betty Gray, advisor, and Kelly Chinn, helped by making and putting up decorations. Promoting the Cupcake Sale were Cleft to rightj: lean Ann Lorber, vice-president, Cynthia Holt, secretary, Pat Williams, corresponding secretary, Camelia Wilson, treasurer, and the customer trying to make a wise selection was Alvin Larkins. Pearl Chan, on top of a ladder, puts up a traditional symbol of Christmas. Activities 67 ,JW 70 775 I Christmas Franklin students promoted the holiday season with various activities which included A.S.B. sponsored photo sessions with Santa, a candy cane sale by the African Drum Ensemble, a junior Class Quakergram Sale, and a talent-filled Christmas assembly. Among the Senior Class decorations on the first floor were the traditional Christmas tree, a Spanish pinata, and a Hannukkah dreidle. 68 Activities W I Inspired by "The Twelve Days of Christmas," the junior Class trimmed the halls of the second floor with banners that represented each of the twelve gift-giving days mentioned in the carol. An unexpected surprise came to Franklin when the traditionally bare third floor halls were donned with Christmas cheer, courtesy of the Sophomore Class. , as-nw . .-rf-, , ag fi - AQ . -A ,gtwgg-Q WL, 3 a 'fb' 1 L . 1 f A ' ' . j ..,U..,us" J 1' - ..-Wm if - f " ,,T:,ff' is .- 'I' ,' fir . . I , , ki, 1. V , iw :A 4 Q " rg 5 4, 1 ' - 1 K . I :S- l x Activities 69 Sports Something calls to me, the trees are calling me near. '1"""' ve got to incl out wh those gentle voices I hear. A M 'k-Ml. Av, . ' 'I 2'1Ki,1j,:iLfffFlE53 ,x'.K.,,,Xi3:.5,,3k . t swf' L , . T- gb. -5 uv? ' 1'g,,.k , , SAN .,- Iff-12jffa,xiQf'1.g,h'k,:x:19Nff15f . N' Q- - - 1 1 , . .111-,,11-.z,s12,.cmfXsts-g, ,::w.:..,1p.1p,gssegssslxi-1, -e gg , . -' f, 1- .1 3. f.,,1-,'.,gf1-+125-'i'g, 555. S nfl 1- -1 . L JV" ,Q sqf- ' - is - 52? .4.,f .1 ,X,..f..f5' ,.1, ,.,..,s. , .0 JL, , .. ..x, a.. , ,. ,ffl-'1if:.4..f,.,s gy?-,Zsfgi'fqgwkut-5,,,1-Jn,-, . 1 :ga gpmwfiff 1 ,341 ,pf ' ' 1 sg5545911217,335-,pg1-:1342iif2-relxkifigi-55+Lrg kf' ' , ' ' 1 jf,,," -M QQ TQ , - H f 1: ,W 62 2-.1-Hi: 'wlafci-fi..1?1z-,yf:.5.ft-mhz? ss., 5,5 2,-:Q1:2k.,..,',-5111114212 vw-if ,, , 3:-4: 1. . 'X . ' ' " s r ' 4 if A V lf" a -"JH ' 321 - -9 ' !'f:5II'?i. ,,-'75 Xiifi' .QU ,' . N7 '19 - ' h'fQ"fS'k:fVsX - 1-x 1 1 1 1:11 g-1332 ' , ,, wk ,. gl" -' A-' 1 v, N " :1111 f' 1:f 4f: ' is? " -' .1 gil. 'QW 'R Q - ' 4 A 11 . . .. 1- A 1.-K.14e,1s,1: " ' ,-1- , , , .-1 D r' ' 4' - - .::.1,'-f-'wr f":2111':QE: gl92l'..,. .X gv a if.-f1f",f ' iggfrifw f 41-.-agp, '11 -' ,.-1' 0 fg:,1::5 'nm' , , .. .- .-z ,mxevw-':f'i..f,fms:, f- 1- n-91 1 11-1 1 ' limi' -' ' -. ' '-.?:'5sf5s.1: ve ,- m e s s ye w - 1'i17r1t?.gwyaag4dQgft-tvQL-im-12wg":ga.1gw2Q-':,,1- 11-15 ,iz-1f. gui: Q rf 1: 'ETTTHQ ' 1 . -I-We 4.2 'f , ,sf A -1 ii 1-e -L szg ,x,.,,1, ,Q,,... .WV ,,g .,.,s,,.MmQ,hQ 1,5-.gAs,241..m,,,,1,,.4t.zA4f:f:4- mm., 1 1 r .wr spin 91:1-:'E'11-.Wx 1 4 1.-. ' ::fi':' "':'5,-A-'Z-'rifEE5Z-, fl- .f5tZ5:',"73'.b- - 'Q-To 'R :it '. .-:NS +'f:J'E1':I'Ev?2xQ' H5163 jg 41125 -'f,.,g5ip1f 2.!'5fg,-fag:s1i"17f?!'g42-:4 "' 4. , Explain it all with a sigh. Sports 71 Cross Country Without a front runner, the Varsity ran as ateam to a winning season and finished second in in the Metro South, while the Little Green 's took the Southern Division l.V. Championship. Clockwise from left: Franklin's Stuart Luke and David Rock at the start of the last meet of a successful season, Marty Opacich on the Metro course, Andy Paszkowski, co-captain, and Peter Kimes, most improved award winner, on the Arboretum course, Hugh Miyamoto, No. 1 man and inspiration winner, in the lwad with Steve Hasegawa, co-captain, and Denis Kempe, outstanding sophomore award winner, on the Metro course. 72 Sports .. " "xii ,K .' I Sn 'gigs'- e-X . wx ik r rl" 1973-74 Cross Country team lstanding, left to rightl: Ann Muramoto, managerg Robin Asher, managerg Tom Ikedag Steve Tolliverg Ken Ching Martin Lindemang David Beharg and Eric Lance. Middle row lleft to rightl: Paul Egashirag Grant Alleng Stuart Lukeg Brooks Bakerg ' - ' I ft ' h : M 0 cich Denis Kem egSteve Hasegawag Alvin Dongg David Rock, Bryan Maruhashi, and Skip Foutch. Front rowl e to rig tl arty pa 3 p Andy ' Paszkowskig Peter Kimesg and Hugh Miyamoto: Not pictured: Don Bundy, coachg Carter Nakashimag and Charles Colston. Sports 73 w '53- z AY an Women's Cross Country The aftermath of his last meet reflect three long years for Bryan Maruhashi. 74 Sports Unable to form a full squad until mid-season, this team finished in the cellar of the Southern Division. Rookie Coach Karyn Denecke, was pleased with the effects by these young ladies despite a disappointing season. 1 S Q 1 Dazedly running was Marianne Tomita, inspirational award winner. Pictured at left ftop to bottoml: Debbie Erickson striding out under the watchful eyes of Coach Karyn Deneckeg Sandy Skeem, the lone returning member from last year's team, heads for the home stretch, and Marcia Smith, most improved award winner, struggles to maintain a lead. -S Women's Cross Country team fstanding, left to rightl: june Mitton, Barbara Swain, Marianne Tomita, Stephanie Mason, and Fay Lim. Front row fleft to rightl: Marcia Smith, Debbie Erickson, Sandy Skeem, and Doreen Terao. Not pictured: Marilyn Baylor and Karyn Denecke, coach. Sports 75 Volleyball The 1973 Women's Volleyball squad included ltop row, left to rightj Laurel Hammer coach Inosia Aloa Unalte Titlaln Komlti Panamag Darcell Hubbardg Sharon Takig Barb Hunsakergand Vmeta Fagafa Bottom rowlleft to rightj Mango Clarence Terri Graham Linda Marg Cheryl Wieserg Annette Louieg Nina Vicorsg and Ann Watanabe Since the introduction of Volleyball into the Metro sports program four years ago, Franklin has always been a driving force in the race for the league championship. Twice they've gone undefeated through a season and twice they've been beaten by lngraham in the championship game. The 1973 season was no exception to the fine display of skill and determination that are characteristics ofa Quaker team. The season record was 9 wins and 4 losses, not quite as outstanding as their coach, Laurel Hammer, would have liked, but still a record that kept the Quakers in contention for the Southern Division crown all season long. 76 Sports Pictured on this page are a few members of the outstanding Women's Volleyball team displaying their various talents. Clockwise from bottom left: Unaite Titialii in action against a Sealth opponent, Barb Hunsaker in spike formation, and the face of Vineta Fagafa reveals her intense concentration on getting off agood bump. Sports 77 . Varsity ootball ,. 5 'Tn ami A ' 973 3't'i5w v Q , 'E Q I5 A A 'x ' D I 'Q '95 4 1 A K 'B Q A , ' 53 yr ,f ,K , 15, C ,JI . '- - E it Null, 4 C tis Q J 1 - df g s K Pictured above, left to right, are the 1973 Quaker gridders and their coaches. Bottom row: Gordon Habu, Nathan Fox, Arthur jones M' h I H A.B. M k ' ' ' ' ' ic ae ester, ac ey, Cappy Anderson, Rick Sims, Ron Sims, and Maney Sanchez. Second row: Phillip johnson, Arthur "Bubba" Pressleyg Mike Reeves, Steve Altchech, Ray Williams, Bill Fair, Alredo Sicang Darrel Mamallog jon Hiyashi, Frank Spencegand Brennan King, head coach. Third row: O.L. Mitchell, coach, Greg McKinney, Vasco Franklin, Steve Worthing, Gregory Green, Dee Estigoyg Fili Taamug Don Okamotog lvan Warren, and james Bently. Fourth row: Leon Gordon, Mark Sakaguchi, Erwin Tinner, jim Fauconnier, Noel Barnes, Robert johnson, coach. Not pictured: Gary Kellar Larry lshino Man Chan Heta Tauala Kev' O'B ' , , , , in rien, john Baker, Terry Anderson, and William Calahan. The 1973 Franklin Varsity football team concluded tl1eir season with a rather disappointing note. Their season record of3 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie was not up to the usual Quaker standards. The highlight of the season came with a 6-0 upset victory over the Metro squad from Queen Anne High School. According to Head Coach Brennan King, the season was a disappointing one, but still he was happy with the hard work and perseverance put forth by his 1973 Varsity squad. 78 Sports ,1 Behind the scenes were Brennan King, head coachg O.L. Mitchell and Byron johnson, assistant coaches. dl. The Picture below demonstrates the gang-tackling used by our strong defense. Rick Sims i40j, Steve Worthing 4515, and Randy Robertson lhidden, 831 were in on the play. At bottom left were the dedicated and hard working managers for the 1973 season fleft to rightjz Mike Ikeda, head managerg Barb Swaing Kathy Stroupg Robbie Turnerg and Adrienne CaverL Not pictured: Karen Shu and Irene Lau. Sports 79 Varsity Scores F .H.S. 6 Shoreline 27 F.H.S. 6 Ingraham 44 F.H.S. 0 Sealth 14 F.H.S. 6 Garfield 0 F.H.S. 14 West Seattle 15 F.H.S. 6 R. Beach 29 F.H.S. 6 Queen Anne 0 F H S 0 O l 0 ,,WOn by fodeit Cleveland 0 Clockwise from left: Mark Sakaguchi 1841 expressed his excitement and relief after the defensive squad recovered the ballg while William Calahan 1871 followed stoically in the backgroundg "l launched the football in the air, where it will land I know not where." Protecting Cappy Anderson, quarterback, were Gary Kellar 1201, Gordon Habu 1611, and Steve Altchech 16315 and the Mean Green Machine at an idle. Ray Williams 1731 and All Metro Center Noel Barnes. 1521, prepared to execute. 80 Sports J' The forming ofaQuaker end sweep. Leading the play were Bill Fair 1321 and Gordon Habu Q61 J followed by ball carrier, Ron Sims 1219. Sports 81 . . Football Coached by Byron johnson and O.L. Mitchell, the Quaker junior Varsity compiled a 4 and O season record. This outstanding record put them in first place in the Southern Division. Clockwise from left: Coaches johnson and Mitchell take time out for a quick game of ring around the rosyg lots of practice and determination bring good results such as the blocking showng and a handoff and strong offensive blocking are featured. 82 Sports l The following members of the Sophomore Football team gave their all to the season, but unfortunately still came up short. First row fleft to rightj: Ron Maynard, Darrell Bennett, Paul Gonzales, George Nagata, Dano Lewis, and Tony McDaniel. Second row: Mark Stephan, Tony Zauhar, Bob Durall, Steve Nakamura, Andre Hoskins, Walter Phair, and Bing King. Third row: Bruce Milnor, james Clemmons, Tony Sican, Darren Sherrell, and Maury Benveniste. Fourth row: Bill Laundry, Rober10kazaki, joe Yabuki, Drew Eskenazi, and Kurt Kogita. Fifth row: Rick Seifert, Dave Alfano, Ken Isabell, and Dale Baker. Not pictured: Tyrone Beck, Feieai Faataape, Terry Schenke, and Tom Young. Not pictured: Head Coach Cary Kodama, and Assistant joe Slye. Sophomore Football i Aeeveig-A f v - tttt . l . , L 53 g , Q , .Q .,... -- .,,,. .. 5 5 xx I, ., -n , Q Q ' f ' rz sli' . ,. . 1. " "'--A -'lfi 52- L., R r " lr "el We-v 'f 1 , -. Q ij-Q lm A Y s. - W " ':.fE'1 'a 3 N- ' 2 . - ' 'Eg W 'L N . ' ' . 11, -Q S .,-- ff H -, L s M A 1: 5 .1-if . ' -.:.,,. f f.4,f"' " " A' E k ,X k 24 A .w 1 A ,.,. r- - 7 ' f' at . --J -41.-. at f"'- -f .J - - if .Q-.. '-'a.:- -A A' . e . W , . -. .ak ' ' -V-vs .-.,3534fSw'ms:zz.-,-.W ., v e ' I ..,,-,,.r'vf4' ,.'4-ggmgj.-':'.2:-. 1.3 , , -1- - M ,mgrwis-'fif we F ' Qt ' 's +9 '23 X -' ss E" , if 1' v- I. anis l ,,., . l 1 , at - A- H - r-yy . 1:E5fP'f" .1 't""'m""'l --'-- - MMM- " . 1121.-w , - .... . , 4, ,,.. . " -'r' V- f , Q, Q ., ww., .,,......,. ,.-. . . ' ,Y . Q : Q Q Q - 1 V . 'A ,A C li f ..,. . - ' K 1 5 f' 5 1 41 r . ,J Q .Q az. :Q Q ' Q,.: V, .- wx- - A. Q, H .,...- . A . ...Q - Y -2 uf ,az ev-, 'QQ , . N , , .. , ,.. M -: 1 . -1 ' .Q 3 V , , an 5-4-f :fl ,..::,f!Iz ' nf Q .- 'f'1'f:2 " ' f 'Wifi - i nf- --'fy-1, ..-f:'g'.-we-..'..s',,,-Q,-f-fx-e.---,-1--1 , , W ' ' ', X .. -ffwtdw ' D' ,.' 5, vs, . . J Q, ,gif ', , . :egg , I ,, I , , . , x , 51355,--1Eig2.p'.6E2izgfzjsf-'51iii151.3-.5-:y1E4Q:,.:, "Irv f A ' , v 2. ' :M .swag 1-1A"'f-'5.:,s-ia... .2311 - g H Z.5f'1.."'3:fr' 'vw-new .4-ff -pw 'iw WMM Avgcw www s M Q Q ...,fvA, mmm W 'vi T Q 2,235 4' if 'i -ar ,,,,K5Yw A X .ff A 4, e HQ.. 3 if ' f Az. as ' Q Q p 5 ' ,, 4 Q, ,Q N .j ""' . "" ' 1. ,--....,..-.a..-.-4...,.,.W.. . . K ' . ,,.. ' ' 'V .mal .,.. ,, ' ' . ""fT7. -M .....,.,. ,... ..,. 1 a . 1 'Lew fi ' ki f " ag, ' Q ' ' F QQ ' K r", -' ai "', 'ig fy, 72' . V' A 'V 7. QQZ., 3,,,. QQ QQ QQ Ti . f fab ,. The sophomores showed off their skill and enthusiasm in a big game at Memorial Stadium. just about to break away was ball carrier, Tony McDaniel, at top right. The picture at bottom right features the tackling skills displayed by two of our Quaker sophomores. Sports 83 Women's Tennis Due to a technicality in the opening match against Cleveland, which the Quakers were forced to forfeit, Franklin's Women's Tennis team was kept from participating in the Nletro play-offs. The only legitimate loss was to undefeated West Seattle. Overall, Franklin finished the season with an official record of 4 wins and 2 losses Cforfeit includedl, placing third in the Metro South. rx Clockwise from left: After a hard fought match, the thrill of victory was expressed on the face of Doris Yee, inspirational winner, keeping your eye on the ball was the name of the game as Karen Ishii was captured in the middle of her serve, and Cindy Mar, team captain, showed the poise and steadiness which placed her 4th in the singles of the Nletro finals. 84 Sports K .Y if JW?- Apr' ,W-4 , , ,af-14 , 4,44 5,g The Women's Tennis netters consisted of ifront row, left to rightj: june Wong, Esther Kimura, julie Tanagi, and Doris Yee. Standing: Coach Gordy Yee, Karen lshii, Cindy Mar, Beth Wheeler, and lean Serquina. Not pictured: Barbara Wong, Ginelle Luke, Pam Perez, Connie Nakashima, and Shirley Kook. Sports 85 . 2 , 1 , x:'.'1'.-v A c - ,rs :xgagfgsyr as X-wage. -we Varsity Basketball f: ,. ' - . 1:2-'J f ' -:ffii?-21:-145::serGfflpfrfisas:Za:2f,:w , rp, C' :,f.' - 3 ., -gi-z-5:-1 , .V If-ef fee W :eww Q ' . 1 fa 4 ' f sat - my 1 a::za:af.::w ' f Ngzsef ' ' 1, V+ s-,fifscfzf 2-Hf.w12fi.p?:sf2 hl2fiSiri:9?3fk - 1f2"if-. 1,-'25 'K 'K ,gf?,'.-5437.35wif,-3':mg ff, H ' .' 4 Bw, 1 rw- ,-X.-.4,.,,ee,w .gxw.:f5...:,2l. L, ,I . , , , ,, ,V ,I ,,, ,. f g .. f .ww , 52 c Jw?fee?:,::fs:eSfi:f,-i:fE32f4i'f'1i4.1rP-1''Nz '1'-.'f:2"ii'+ififivliff-':i'1fffefwai:-'if'sfi:'3.?."-5 V ' "-3" -I2a45ff'f1j,"-' 'if A -11,2 ,g sf iss -5 yy, , .' I V ' 'V 'f 4, as aaa'a s o fggj , " 1 1, cw s- ' I ,gp-1 7, tr ,P f, . jd.. 7.-0-Pk:-'VI' ' , -5743 aft' XL-rir"fQ'P4l1? 4mS.z2Qs.'+s,,fp3?L-Jes 1 - ' The members of Franklin's highly competitive 1974 Varsity Basketball squad included fkneeling, left to rightj: Coaches Robert johnson, Dave Belmonte, and Terry Acena, fstandingj: David Linear, Robert Delgardo, Herb Kiekenapp, Mike Bethea, Kevin Lathan, jim Fauconnier, Trent johnson, Erwin Tinner, Robert Nellams, Kevin Maxfield, Wayne Floyd, and Roger Asaba. 86 Sports Under the coaching of Dave Belmonte and Robert johnson, the varsity squad compiled a season record of 13-8, including the Holiday Christmas Tournament and various play-off games. Despite discouraging pre-season ratings, this talented group of young men rose quickly as a power in the race for second place in the Southern Division. Behind the unbeatable Garfield Bulldogs was a race for the second spot between the Franklin Quakers and Cleveland Eagles. ln a final play-off game against Cleveland, the Quakers lost, which destroyed their chances for Metro league play-offs, but still retained a chance for them in the regionals. f 1 W Q lit, at .D fi li? .. Clockwise from above: Always of great assistance in the clutch, Robert Nellams prepared himself for twog the 1974 varsity managers were Cleft to rightl: George Nagata, john lVlar, Diane Franklin, Robbie Turner, Gerrell Grondin, and Paul Gonzalesg and fans this season were captivated by Captain Trent johnson as he put up what went in so naturally, a jump shot. Sports 87 'QQ va null' NH t M, Clockwise from top right: Two points and always more by Erwin Tinner were regular occurances this season, be it a result of one of his lay-ins or jump shots as he demonstrated in this pictureg famous for his quick moves and highly successful lay-ins, Robert Delgardo put in another two points at the hoopg and Herb Kiekenapp fout Of UIlif0fm and WHYVW FIOYU absorbed all the information they Could from Coaches johnson and Belmonte duringa time out. 88 Sports Varsity Scores Vfr' ,:,1 I ' I I in v' I A f: r,-,i,ef 4,,,5,,,,4i3 ,f , ,V K I f, ,mn-, .a .. , sv' 1 , ,qA,. 3: , ra 4-'QV , ,qg , ' 1, , 1 ,,,. ,an-,ff if f, Vm.. I h p' I f K 'n Maxfield, guard d l I re and a lot of defense in an effort to force his opponent to th ball away. Muscles tensed and reflexes at th h gh , W Floyd fin right hand picturej, prepared for a crucial mom Franklin fastbreak Metro F.H.S. Queen Anne F .H.S Queen Anne 60 F .H.S Cleveland F.H.S. Cleveland 54 F-H-S. West Seattle F.H.S. Rainier Beach 62 F-H-S Sealth F.H.S Sealth 69 F.H.S. Garfield F .H.S. West Seattle 62 F'H'S' Sh0I'01iI1e F.H.S. Ballard 59 Play-Offs F.H.S. Garfield 87 F-H-S Queen Anne F.H.S. Rainier Beach 64 F-H-S Cleveland S Junior Varsity Basketball W i I The junior Varsity hoopsters of 1974 were lfront row, left to rightj: Tim Hjelmaa, Willie Dennis, Coach Robert johnson, Kin Lau, and Darren Reyes, Cback rowj: Nate Davis, Larry Landry, Richard Thorn, Richard johnson, Skip Foutch, Kenny Banks, Brent Bredice, and Lavelle Standifer. 90 Sports The Quaker junior varsity basketball team ended their successful season in third place in lVletro's Southern Division. This hard working squad of talented young men tallied a season record of ll wins and 5 losses, including their victory over the Newport junior varsity. Their coach, Robert johnson, was happy with this very coachable team and regarded the season as, "better than anticipated" and "a good learning process." .s k was Q ' Vi ,wx-V-Jiga 'fs - ,Avi x XQ Q1 Q: be P Qi me X f 2 - 1-,W , ,. e, -,, .,..s,-,AWWafmas- N wwf ., f. M, ' W- W a I, Clockwise from above: The ball was up and so was Kenny Banks 1211 under the anxious eyes of teammates Skip Foutch 835, Richard johnson BU, and Larry Landry f40Jg setting his sights for an open man, Lavelie Standifer, guard, penetrated a rugged zone defenseg and despite a surrounding sea of white, Skip Foutch managed to rock the boat with a classic jump shot. Sports 91 9 53 Women s Basketball This ever improving group of young ladies battled their way through a 14 game season to end up third best in the Southern Divison. They finished behind an always dominating Garfield team and a strong Sealth squad, not quite up to their preseason hopes. 'rr M 1' M we f , 4915 T1 were A L 9? -M Clockwise from left: Nina Vicors 4159 on the move driving for the basketg all it took was one mighty leap and the ball was tipped to the Quakers thanks to Teresa Watanabe H413 finding herself trapped was Karan Williams f23l while Debbie Whitfield fl 1 I and Annette Louie f21l broke for the hoopg and intense concentration and an eye for accuracy are the prerequisites for a "bucket" as demonstrated by Terri Graham. 92 Sports HW 2 I 2 K. 79599 Q ,l "lj 7133 Women's Varsity Basketball prospered under the influence of the following team members lfront row, left to rightl: Karan Williams, Nina Vicors, Darcell Hubbard, and Terri Graham. Middle row: Ann Watanabe, Teresa Watanabe, Sema Cohen, and Annette Louie. Back row: Debbie Whitfield, Connie Nakashima, Cheryl Wieser, and Loggia johnson. Not pictured: Laurel Hammer, coach, Patty Ward, Linda Mar, julie Wong, Henry Mitchell, Cindy Myre, Mary Kamihara, and Sharon Taki, managers. Sports 93 Women's Gymnastics 'ff +f4,, The 1974 gymnastics squad included ffront row, left to rightl: Debbie. Bariquit Teresa Togawa Sheila Burke Lorraine Otani j l' I 1 I D u Tanagi, and Pam Perez, fmiddle rowl: Vicki Armstrong, joanne Egashira, Carol Robey, Debbie Erickson, Marcia Smith, june Mitton, and Cindy Holt, fstandingl: David Koch, manager, Bill Freist, manager, Rosalyn Bass, Cheri Sneed, Stacey Logan, Anne Paszkowski, and Mike Mori, manager. Not pictured: julie jamero, Leigh Menke, and Karyn Denecke, coach. 94 Sports A very promising women's gymnastics squad started the season with quite a bit of depth, potential and full of hope, only to finish a disappointing third in the Nletro South. Coached by Karyn Denecke, this talented squad of gymnasts compiled a season record of 3 wins and 3 losses. Clockwise from above: Surely to get points for cuteness, julie Tanagi presented a final salute to the judges after a performance on the trampolineg Debbie Bariquit showed the poise and confidence it takes to execute a routine on the balance beamg and tense concentration was reflected on the face of Rosalyn Bass, the only Franklin representative in the regional meet, as she worked the lower portion of the uneven parallel bars. fShown on page 70 - Lorraine Otani.j Sports 95 Wrestling The 1974 matmen were ffront row, left to rightj: Tyrone Henderson, Bob Abolofia, Steve Lancaster, Paul Egashira, and Alan Fisher, lstandingj: Ray Williams, Craig Marbet, Iefata Tuiaana, Leon Gordon, john Hunter, and Alan Yamada. Not pictured: David Wheeler, David Rock, Grant Allen, manager, Al Dong, manager, jill and joy Baker, timer and scorekeeper, joe Kuhn, coach, and Dick Henrikson, assistant coach. Lack of wrestlers in certain weight classifications put Franklin at a definite disadvantage going into all their matches this season. The team was forced to forfeit at least four or five weight classes every match, thus automatically giving those points to their opponents. Small in number, but big in determination, this group of young men won no matches all season. However, their perserverance and dedication still ranked them high on the list of athletic 96 Sports participation and involvement. ,l life . :gf Af ag ilk' K '--fwfr:-A' 'fix ZX, ga , alas 5 :ln Clockwise from top left: The whistle blew beginning another round for wrestler, Ray Williams, victory was evident on the face of wrestling superstar, Leon Gordon, intensely involved and dedicated to win this round was an unidentified Franklin wrestler who poured on his strength, and another well known Franklin wrestler, Craig Nlarbet, tussled with his opponent in an effort to achieve the ultimate goal, a pin. Sports 97 , 4-. ,-xv. J Sifgggiil.. Swimming Despite a rather small turnout, the Franklin swim team did keep its head above water and above the cellar of the B Division. The dual meet record of 2 wins and 4 losses reflected the hardships of a small but talented team competing against the other larger teams of the division. The victories were over Rainier Beach and Cleveland and they managed to overshadow the disappointment felt by the whole team over the fact that no one qualified for the Metro finals. .- if' ' "" S a 9 efif sl? s t x 4 X ss 'R s W x it tw wh 'Sc N f.rf....,, . - .fm - t 5' W MG, mr. f, .. X ,fa 2 We , , , , -.,, sa 1, .. ,Qfgs N 3 g " BQ,-'QL-1 . , . V ,, ' -V use if X' - - I -1 A Q are ' L 1 -r ,L - . A 'iEY'i'1'fI?5:" . eifrf-:.' -r ' .- ' :A ' , ,,R"7v55' ' - ' " 'ff am., ,- 555 ,- 5 N . ' ,iq 37 ':r'.'-Q . A h K L r rig-11.-gg . ., yt 1 :Q - '- LWSEH' iftflifl-i - 'L .fu k 0 1 .ar , gmt ' -' r Sw or-' 4 X .A -gy .. W. X. .. x 25.5 fx 4. is -X fs igs-. me, - ee.-:mi M Q se N fi Clockwise from above: The fantastic racing start shown by Andy Paszkowski was just one of the contributing factors to his success in the 50 yard free style eventg Tom Ikeda fforegroundl absorbed a helpful technique as pointed out by Al Nakano, veteran coach, hot off the starting block, Edna Locke dived into the breaststroke leg of the 200 yard medley relay while teammates Karen Masters fin the waterl, Barb Young, and Robin Asher surveyed the sceneg and a full extension in a backstroke start made all the difference in the world as Karen Masters found out during the course of her 100 yard event. 98 Sports ' 5 l 'Q "'v', sg 5. up. , , . . A - V t ,. .'21"'l 2' n l: fr . ,. A, , 1 ft.,- ., A y 3 V f ":.:.9fT3,R5'i?3'e . Pt' 5 Q31 -.iw 'V , -' JS. 2-, .5 , V ' . ., Q, '- :Jain , 335121.33 , :M ,, L , W X Y , A S i .- ,1,'A,9.! K ---,1 ' ' . sf www 'A '- rf,F5.1f ,gl',"f'fIf- ' -ifilrevfft:-4 -. .:e.:1aa'-me Franklin's 1974 swimmers included lfront row, left to rightl: Steve Okiyama, Alvin Dong, Barbara Lamb, Eileen lkejiri, janet Hayakawa, and Leon Berman, lmiddle rowl: Randy Barnes, David Funk, Danny Kaufman, Lance Lane, Edna Locke, Pat Bailey, Margaret Lamb, Phil Masters, Greg Hemphill, Karen Masters, Tom Ikeda, and Ross Harris, assistant coach, lback rowl: Barb Young, Robin Asher, and Andy Paszkowski. Not pictured: Warren Wataoka and Al Nakano, head coach. Sports 99 Juniors I 'm just beginning to seegr ow I 'm on m way l ,. . . . - . .-,--.-, . . Q .f y An., ,'..'v - junior Class Officers were lleft to rightl: Phil Blix, advisor, Sharon Taki, chairman of chairmen, Gary Lee, president' june Wong vice president, Mary Kamihara, secretary, and Leslie Webb, treasurer. ' ' junior Class Committee Chairmen were fleft to rightl: Teresa Watanabe, Doris Yee, Leigh Grant, and Kim Smith. The Class of '75, under the supervision of N Phil Blix, started off the junior year with a car wash on September 22. A successful and profitable "Franklin Quaker" pin sale followed in October. With the arrival of Christmas, juniors decked the halls and the Christmas spirit prevailed. Assorted activities and fund-raising events also filled the 100 juniors Calendflf- Marilou Abenoiar ,, XX - Michael Alfred , 5 3? i ,-:. , -, 5' ',', 2 Don Abernethy ' " VW.: .RQ P at Capps' Anderson l0Y Baker , f ' fe.. 'Wan 4 f ff C , f Roberta Barnes av Rhonda Baker 1 Maury Baruch W., I W ,,., ., 3? .,., ,,,i,,, y 'il ' ' xi ' , 1 lk' f jane Bob Abernethy Ab0l0fia Y A fggd y E. Debbie Victoria Anderson Armstrong f ' wr 4 Gwendolyn Kenneth Banks Banks A ,,, km Nici ' , x Michael Angela Baruso Bascomb Brenda Adams ,,.. , A n V , l Armanel Avants al ,A I -A Ziff? figs B T? Leonard Bariquit s , IVV. s W ,f 4 . 1191 ' la 4,25 ' Ss .Mir . A 'B vii' 1? 1354 Marilyn Baylor We Y . M.. ,g , ,, WN, -z:,,-fifj 4 vs V.. my ,,.,.L ya, ' -.' W af 'f , Hur? ,, .. ,ne , . . lr- . Rainie Donald Agustin Alfano ' izfl " L N - ' ,WL 1343124 I y be ofa gy: A Leonard Renaw Avzaradel Azoge , 'fx r , Q. A. - E ' ' 59' f ' J, Patricia Randal Barnes Barnes -4z'fm"7f', -'-"f 'jf 4 'imgzq jlfgzgmfffs-Wjjj I . ,V . V: , I 1 1 f' ' , E M Tina Bell CQ xi, 1 F Raymond Benecke juniors 101 " 'TM . A 1. ' gi I s Daniel james Benson Bentley i3 ,Q QQ ' L David Michael Berry Bethea , 'Q g iz, 1 flkfffl X ' . C . A , Leo Deirdre Birkland Bishop 102 juniors ,lg A C - . , at it ' ,l P XM , - 4 'f ,-7' Robert Berg Greg Binongcal judith Bitterman 1 'U 2 jeanette Blankas gl ,ia ,lf ,AX Y' 2 Qr, 1 Tom Brooks .i t 6 Us I .. 'ws 'FV .C I 1. Benita Bryant .1 ilk si Diane Burley 1" l f Terrie Cates Mei Chan Q ,J x. A11 VE is J'1g2:lgij A XL joe Bolden U ag a F . 2 joyce Brown 57.2 Vx J 1 ,Er as , x, ' l ' 5 4 janice Buchmann N., 1 . 5 Clarence Cal fl Adrienne Caver V V lf l Pearl Chan '1 F . J! NQX - ' .fu 7 john Bourassa 4 Reginald Brown -F 17' , fp., ,W y 1, NWN Timothy Burdick l j acqueline Calloway juanita Chambliss xv I ,ax l l 1. u, Yui Chan ' w - .ei joseph Breauxjr i Mary Browne ve K ivj- -:L if-, -- ,x I. .wg .- 5 Sheila Burke J , 3 1 Lemar Carroll k I 2' ' Qi S Christine Chan - 41 I , Milford Chatman nl .M F 1 x" ' ,f ,, 1 1 1 ,Tia 'ix r 'X 3 4 r 4. Q . M , . ,, ' 1 i if 1 ' a ' .fig I lx - Q' , t 4 " A . "' 7 l ' ,..'1 'H .Q ' "' 1 ' ' A 1 . 1i','if"Q2i' I' i ":' i . . J Clyde Constance Doris Douglas janet I-Ori Steven Childress Chin Chin Chin Chin Chin Chin ' - V D, 'i': i -- 1 . ' e a n V Uri? 545 ' ' - ...i ,. fig 'E' , x Z! .Q X , AY!! " . . f S k Y 7. 155 l, ,,,, l 4 i l 2 wa 3 4 4' X Yuen Kelly Cynthia Elizabeth Laree Mary Peter Chin Chinn Chu Clemenson Cobb Coghlan Collins Lil! V L Y I' . I 3. Q .. .. . a lafiqmxiiag N, Q ' Y- Q11- is 5.1 2, Ks, Stephen Anna Elvira 52liCi21 james Willie EVBIYU Cook Cortez Davis Day Delgardo Dennis Dodd i' ltii l ie n r S i l Aa e l ,tfa l ' 6 +54 'A' ac , , f f l , if M, Ii, 2, l 1 as ,E f 1- 3 ' E' i ' ' A' i N fi' . K 'Q y' Lydia Gladys Paul Rosalind joanne Susan Carl Ducay Duncan Dupree Easley Egashira Ellerman Elmquist juniors 103 Linda Emerson 1 , g ,V -J- Renee Eskenazi if A 1 joel Evans Doug Chin, Mike gy ' I: M ' A .X ' A N. l.Av 1 ' :rf 1 ia! ll 3 X :ml 5 Devin Debra Eng Erickson :ff av. ff-- A, ,I y 2. 3 1 'f I4 Rolando Nick Esteban Etquibal "" , Lawrence Paul Evans Farrington West, Grace Yamamoto, and David Wheeler discuss the events of the day at lunch. 104 juniors 'x ,a .. l 'fr Nancy Felder 9' Lynne Fisse , pf .t P' 1 W 'Y 1 Earl Foutch Kenneth F ujimoto . i L james Fink ,, , .4 , Vs? L X Eric Floyd A X 'Z ,L fm, If , W r, Nathan Fox 'nm KZ , " David F ukahara , A f- Tj vi F N f , 5 7 lic., Alan Fisher Za! Lawrence Flye F, X 5, , 1 4 I X5 92' yy '- .' 'l . if ' V , 1 Vff ' v M17 Nj. William Friest Mil! l David Funk at 'il' 'lf 1-villa My 'J' Randy Fisher 5 ",' J' gg , . S t . gl Helen Ford L I X. Nellie Fujii ,f X A A :- , XP ' 1 Q Sandra Gardiner Cheryl Goldman 4 -5 I' ic' ,. n "" vs T? , gy: 5, Sharon Grashin , 1 wr . ..,x . 1- 4 1 1 I Marie Halfon fi fb" 'Wav- 1 ? lvan Hatton 1 - l Robert Gomavitz ,Q .IF i , I Cheryl Goldman Margaret a janet Hayakawa 'fa i i f Bi I ly G or do n -vu X 1 f., Z ' Mitchell Green A 'ii . i 1 1 5, C, ,Q LH Andrea Hamilton .. ,. V ef--J? W I, 5,1 '1 jon Hayashi H 2 '1 ' i Terri Vernell julius Graham Graham Grant er f R Richard Cynthia Gerrel Green Greenman Grondin 'L , 265- f it M if ffl I Felicia Christopher Delmar Harper Harris Harris ,, ,,,. sg ,,,s,,, , G l 2 , - v 5-i . , .2 W 'Z Z iii 1 QL H Sharon Robert Donna Haynes Hayton Henderson .fy ' " . ar: , Qu ,, .ya . ' iq: ' r- -In M A NW Leigh Grant f I laura Hac kett sf loyce Hashimoto gl l .A ,Yi Bruce Hermanson juniors 105 e 2 ifg - f . L24 X Estellta ggi Q56 QQ NN'f?XJ Hoskins tub' fr fi fag.. .. sv T , Wx", ' 'i I . X if L L- L Qiwbb Qsebwwl wwb i ' if we 9 be ai Rfk jg' X NX CLXX D, ' if xx - -X, ' Lx-J .R xx to luxe t1i'1i Cl Q, A ' ' CQ xsl,ix5,x,x.EVlL9-7 A Steven ,A .535 . R Hurley +1 4' i x 3 a . ax! 'wx-Wi' .I ,EK .L A A . . ' j ' 1 ' 7 ""f 'M j v , '5 1' 3 l - i J -2-ts slows X, i. ,- - Dean Yukiye Diana Hel'mSEl1 Higashi Higaghiyama - Larry L It lshino .N A if E . , 3 1. hi f i .5 :big B 'Q 415 N in X Y- 'J r . W E Gwen june Timothy N ii ' Hirata Hirata Hjelmaa 'f f h e A Amos Q -,V jackson .0 3 'ff- 'L fi? 5 f f 41,3 j I i or as-.1 .1 j. - ooo . .. A I -, as ". . G l ' . j 2 Q V A ., 2 1 1' . lr? Xvn lx, li v I t f 3 Edward Cynthia Debra Z " ' I HoeY Holt-Hutchinson Hopkins r V? Albert jarvis .1 U i km f - jj- x if K jeanne 106 juniors jellk E I . . 5 , at i f 1 l john Houk Ti. ' 1 4 .J . ', X---,f !,,'A il 1 julie lngman ,. j .M 1 I- , - ! j vm! 'X Bienvenido Ismael J x. . .,-vp , al .1 .- .Ln Madrid jacobs if Ronald jefferson i-L Baron johnson fi :A K Aff cflijd D ludv sl l .P Hughes ga-. fl.. it Hidemi Ishii .M .. fi X I . L hx 5 Phillip jackman Peter jamero Yi 'EE W 'i V ,l Ji F1 4' ge ,i it V 72 1 r , ,J Barbara Hunsaker Gordon lshino QV L Ai-v i fbi . Adraine jackson 4.0 3 . l 1 l Dorothye james Terry Robert jenkins jessup i t -If . . I ' . , I VX, V f' j l lil! 1 Chet Chris johnson j oh nson Connie johnson K Louise Kato Shirley Kook Q.,-4 ff hh, , W f ,A , 0 A K Kevin Lathan 22 -1 iii ii ' K K . .i, 4 2 A vig 'K 2 t .4 ., 'IQ ,G gt , yn Q .inn . , Q L 1 V .- ' eff? Q l j l l ' V. . Q . Ji ., I Mark Phillip Arthur CYnthia Kwong MZQFY johnson johnson jones jorgensen j ue Kam lhara 'Xl 5:5 X iw , ' A ' y , A A f Q51 ii7?f?f73i-','j, 'ffif' 1 ' Ricky Lesandra May Gary David l0hn Kawasaki Kelly Kiehn Kimura Koch Kook in E me , l Zh ::,,,Q ' 'ljl 1? w ho V. ,Q ,N ,,, T ' ddr irq: : x r - 3- fr 1- A e K gi ' 1-es , 2 .- I jj ,.-, fe ff" f W f- I - r ",' f ' 1 ' ' e--:AN Paul Glen Linda Susie Barbara Theresa Kumagaka Kuramoto Kwong Lam Lamb Lancaster is 4 4 4 L i 1.2 Ar, V 'M' ,X ,- , jk y , s I f 2 1 ' ' , l I Kin Paul Mark Bonnie Gary William Lau Lau Lavelle Lee Lee Lee Q l L " Q i -7 7 ' , I ' , " Q K GE 9 " 5 gg juniors 107 ' - ' Cel? Sherri Le Roy f ag ik Martin Lindemann Annette Louie it N' fl Edmund Luke Artistjune Hirata at work. N 6 kg 1 RV 1-L I 51 C, K Q 'sz M .. . N V "QL 'E J ' ' To .G 3 .'f4 f K ' n Benny Faye Rickl' Lew Lew Lew , r -v' A z ., VIL., " f X jiv' sz Q . 1 y if Edna Stacey Murphy Locke Logan Look i i . E: ,gi t V4 .53 J' F 2 AR? A, 7. X 55.1-L ,tx I , I V 1 f ll U M Sylvester Kwan Colleen Louis Low Ludy e as L fl L' L ,' '. I X wx-Q . Ji M L- . 'sf L "' or l vw Ginelle Doretha Yvonne Luke Mackey Mamallo fv- l 'G' Laura Donald Mamon Mar ,M Q if'-15 ss H' : " ' I5 L Thomas Reginald A 108 juniors Mal' Mamn Linda Mar V, Stephanie Mason Nora Mar . X . Karen Masters juniors show their spirit at a pep assembly. . ,N 1? W iff? Christine jon Masumoto Matsui 4 Sheila Diane McBeth McNary ,, in f J , , T Q V . 4 ,,,,, , " 4 N 5 13 M i ' 'L ,, ,A I "" ' G is , ' ' Q , ' ' ,J gf: Y fy g A 1 I , X P4 1 rf l '4 A- ' A1 H , 3 ' 1, if f i'i-t , g i ' I h 4 , ' ' q ffi Q :,V E 2 M QQX , :f lQ : Q' f ' ' is 'V L i ' 7 1 lwii liz. f Raymond Ngla ,Oy-Ann P2itl'lCl2l Debfa Menke Meg-ian Merkel Merrylield Miller Mitchell L V s,!, if In ' ll X - 4 , ,, f si ' , f V4 se, , 1.53 Q I j f U, Ei. X .1 1 7' june Hugh Dale Paulette Carolina james Mitton Miyamoto Miyauchi Monce Montoya Morgan !i7"',?:1gqn " Q H , .., I 1 1 . 4 M xi f 1 Douglas Matsuoka . X 'li Irving Mendoza he Laurie Mitchell , k I Ellen Mori juniors 109 . ' 1' 1 1' :.f'E'El, I X . 1 1 lay, Mori S :t 5 Q ll 's L fa' l Anthony Nairn gif? ' ' : ,- 3 . Quill 'l jane Nelson 110 juniors 'vbzzv '." P ' .1 I , 4 Randy Myer Carter Nakashima V1 A Phyllis Neslin f , , l 1-kk X a: ,f f ,. Q Egkigkf fa' ' ., it P V ,V ' ,, Douglas Myers Ernesto Nazario , ' V V, ce, . QQ? 5: .1 ba' ff? 9 Mary Ness ,was 3. sl' l If V 4' U I V 'Z w lt H Kim Ronald Ng Nobuyama z 3 '5 X EE: I' r on f 'arr fo David Yvonne Odegafd Oglesby ,J - ff l, fly U L31 rs , Lynn Patrick Olund Opalka Y ',V. .P ,.,, "V' gf P A - X. ,Y 'I ,'.' i K i"' .,, I' s f ly' I Donald Gregory Owen Page .big A nxig.-a , Vovce Sally Payne Peringer if E ., n P Mary Thelma Peterson PhelPS 1 Q- Q.:-..5 ' .,'. ' vfi F Edward 0'Leary Stephen Okiyama I x W' H Esther Ordonia .1- asv, , . 1 rw, , S - v I ' v r' 7 Komiti Panama lu- A Maria Perry ,. my fm, 4 . in iv 4 l I X X 2 ' we Stephen Plantz : '5- X gg, N37- Y l I Susan Oberto Q' 3 5, ' Arit Okon W x ' ,f 72 'f g i f Q f A Q i, 4- ,R l 'mtv 7 M L I , :f.,v David Orme Karen Parramore ,. " W 'L JI 4 '51 ludv Peterson We 1 ' 1 5 V4 ef Clover Pol k V., g., A pf- W 1 1 ,til . ! ff- Nj, Tom Ponischil f ,Ig Gregory Ramos ,Q 1 loan Robertson Steven Ross W l lf . ,,'1 k Mary Poon ,AL T 4, 4 iv If I R Kg C, 1 , 1 j,lL7Z1".Nl'l'?f mgosh ' 4 1 Veronica Ramos .. ,Q lj ,-F? E31 if 1 R A"i!ff6 Anthony Robinson ' ,,.1i1',g I f A- ..,' . Gail Royster 1 15 ge- 1 lf. ,3- .14 K W f EY , ll David Pope , Q:-'nam 1 2.. ' mask Pi .1 Q Michael Reeves Alberto Rodriquez X , .. y 1 4, ,, 223 V My P, l 1 ii ..L.L, V . .. fa Neil Russell Debra Porter 'J ' aililf wp 'rl 7' TT? KI A ,reign .. 'gf Y Shelley Reeves ? 3 ,5.:l' 4:1 l Elizabeth Roer Gary Sadler fir. I , A. 4 , ill l 5 I I 1 1 A. ' l l A I i A ..-, gf .r at . Q , Arthur Kenneth Kenneth Pressley Pruitt R21df0Yd 1 ' ' julia lames Roger Rigging Roberson Roberson aj. X -H' X 1 ll Valerie Donna Gerald Rogers Roppo Rose , .-1" l ,S b ,.,.,. Terence Mark Doris Saiki Sakaguchi Sakai juniors 111 -'--. A M i Linda Samples X , . '.,, I fy 4 K Y , 4 , A , Maney Anthony Sanchez Santos Z? z..',y , QA Rose David Felicia Saperstein Sherman Sherrell X fy if if 4 Samuel Nancy Karen Shima Shiota Shu 112 juniors ' ' 7ff'war, X Alfredo Sican l -ii R if "UV Loretta Sletten f f 'v F5 1 1. 9- 'wzfg 2 ' ,, 5 ,k William Smith Brian Steckler ,...,qV I I Nw, F Scott Sullivan , ,:ff-.gx " -l Barbara Swain ,.- ,ta N, 1 ' Q iF' . , 1 5 . I1 A aaa e aa Marceline Tam Nancy Sims Sivertson Skeem e 'f,.f,,-3 X , ,f'r fi ' S , '48, , CS 9 ,4- ""y1 ,I Q X ff ' S ,XM ,lx gf! X z 'l E F a- fi 5' i , Kimberly Marcia Otis Smith Smith Smith H E km H J- ., ..f , I E V. 'eil ' ,l J S Donald Lisa David Sneed Snow Spence .,V, , 1 N 'Q' A' an 'vt A 'y .,:. Z, , N 'lf l 4 .N , V XXL CZIFIQS jeffrgy Kathy Sterhng Stevens SUOUP - 11- Q t , lf Vi' " ji!! , ' MQ , V, I ',. Ji Doris Leslie Curtis Sum Sumita Suyematsu ,V,, l....,,, ,il V,:c5 Fla 5 v Xl fm Glenn Paul Nancy Taa Takemura Takenaga Carol Taki tis, fi it f james Taki .V ,. it N' ' K Steven Terao Nemaia Umagat f 4 ,x Teresa jennifer Thienes .4- '1 Pamela Uziel Qt 1 X ,510 Leslie Watanabe Webb X V f x fi. .'.' . 1 at r , N 1 55-V ik . A V A A ,.b. 419 M U , M. ., . Sharon Leeann jerome Thomas Cathy' I Taki Takisaki Talley Tazuma Teramshl r .W 1'e' i W FX ..V, Z vf,j,:,. 1 fu ' I N rf, -1 f- 'Q Q' ,.. -5 f T - 1 , ,. ,V V W Y H .,,,, . '-" ' - ' - Q ' nib? ,.-':1, i:,.- ' r !j -' fl' ? xg -J S x 'f , , Q 1 'hif i -' f .4 " , ll-at f 2 L' Sandi Steven Gregory Robbie Jessie, Tokareff Tolliver Tuai Turner Umagal i ' , e -536. t 7 - ff, ,M I I: 1 , , xlgg' y ,N L v. H A vV-l. X .- '55, M' , Z 'X Y , ' l , A 1 xl v ,J -4 s A -f" '-. , "'- - ,P '. K I: Guy Mary Ann Ricky Anthony Serena Valencia Vallot Van Hook Walker Wang Z . ,,',' A I 'ij W ' '.v fy ' yiy 4. 4 ' A 4 it y tr . , -,f I by A ' 1X I ?f ,V I , A .A , X+L , y5mO .f , 'ff ' , Lawrence Mike Kevin Mark David Welch West Westenberg Westlund Wheeler , a 'V ,Y ,, :Junior class? H. WAS juniors 113 Rhonda White Eloise Williams A . , 9 ,.,, K Ex , 'V QQ 0 N 1 I 2 'x Peter Williams 114 juniors I, , ,f-if H ' 5 . :sie if 'gf gi 4: -:Y Fw if 59 f Y X. V f Wy J it Tyrone Cheryl White Wieser 4 ,W an Matthew Patricia Williams Williams btw, , I s Robert Valschia Williams Williams 5 ,551 r 1 D t rr 1,1 " htll h EV A, ,V i l 1 ,D ' H di V r ,QA 4 -s w .. .fl-1: Y- r -,vw C, li , a to lVIIChaeI Camelia Debbie Wilner Wilson Winslow 5, f f,..Vl.,. . ' x wg,-w, , ., 1 g , Y A Timgfhy Sherry Carol Wirth Wolf Wong - "" gf' A , V 'wg K I' Y so X l "va june Kal Mei Wong Wong Wong a'eer H f 'Vel" e f' - , V, .V rf if .,-, , ..-- I. vk V . if. , f " , ' - , 09:2 Iff V5 ' 'li W ' X Q' 'sm David Alan Grace Wright Yamada Yamamoto J X X 141, xi , , :El " 7 Doris Galen Douglas Yee Yee Yip 4 .. 2 AQ Q W 6 Y L 1 71 - 1,1 gl , , V 3 5 V311 XA A I V , ' f ' 'i jody jennifer Victoria Yoshinaka Yu Zauhar , ., wk- . ! 4 '1 . F-..-.i-1.-wg, . 4 D " ' ff I -ll W f 5 Y , ,K Morris Winter t 1 g x- .' X -X ar5:'+.1?fff.' 1, james Wong Benjiman Woo .- -wi s ? . - ,KAL -rf 2 , Linda Yamamoto all .. j fi: j 421 T N. Q Kevin Yokoyama l , , Vickie Zeumault ' x ., , ' W L ' A A , gif .I ,Qs :. W., J 191 Terri Zistatsis Bob Abolafia Cappy Anderson Victoria Armstrong Sheryl Barker Randal Barnes Roberta Barnes Michael Baruso Danny Benson jeanette Blankas Tom Brooks Reginald Brown janice Buchmann Clarence Cal Tony Castaldo Christine Chan Pearl Chan Connie Chin Doris Chin Steven Chin Kelly Chinn MaryAnn Chinn Evelyn Dodd Debbie Erickson Renee Eskanazi joel Evans wtf? Terry Saiki puts his all into a chess game. .QE . V 6' U11 rf -Sucei Lynne Fisse Earl Foutch Nathan Fox William Friest Nellie Fujii Cheryl Goldman Laura Hackett janet Hayakawa Robert Hayton Yukiye Higashi Gwen Hirata june Hirata Lynell jackson Madrid jacobs joy jansson jeffrey jay jeanne jezik Linda jones Mary Kamihara Louise Kato Gary Kimura john Kook Shirley Kook Linda Kwong Susie Lam Barbara Lamb Irene Bonnie Lee Gary Lee Benny Lew Faye Lew Stacey Logan Annette Louie Kwan Low Curtis Luke Donald Mar Linda Mar Nora Mar Karen Masters Chris Masu moto Doug Matsuoka Leigh Menke Patricia Miller june Mitton Hugh Miyamoto Dale Miyauchi Paulette Monce jay Mori Kim Ng Susan Oberto Lynn Olund Patrick Opalka Roy Orr Gregory Page judy Peterson Mary Poon David Pope Dariene Porter Gregory Ramos james Roundtree Terry Saiki Doris Sakai Edwin Sakumoto Rose Saperstein Sam Shima Nancy Shiota Tam Sivertson Kim Smith Lisa Snow Scott Sullivan Curtis Suyematsu Barbara Swain Paul Takemura Nancy Takenaga Carol Taki james Taki Sharon Taki Tom Tazuma Steven Terao Sandi Tokareff Gregory Tuai Serena Wang Teresa Watanabe Leslie Webb Mike West David Wheeler Eloise Wi"iams Peter Williams Robert Williams Morris Winter june Wong Ben Woo Doris Yee Galen Yee Douglas Yip Kevin Yokoyama The Evening: Evening has come to passg the time of day doesn't last, Evening has earned its place todayg I 'm tired of working away. Live all you peopleg you can see where you're at, It cloesn't really hurt youg there 's no time to turn back. Evening time to get E 11 away 'til next clay. Productions Evening . . . time to get away till next day. The Gospel Choir members were ffront row, left to rightj: ,Deborah jackson, Gail Nettles, Shauna Rogers, Pat Wright, and Drarcell Hubbard, fsecond rowl: Lynn Brown, Sharon Pitre, Cheryl Pierce, Wanda Pressley, Melinda Vanga, Deborah Marcus, Gwen Barlield, and Kay Hatton, lthird rowj: Kraig Patterson, Alan LeBlanc, Vicki Zeumault, Felicia Sherrell, Marceline Sims, Camelia Wilson, Deborah johnson, and Paula Willaims, fback rowj: Ivan Hatton, Kevin Sharper, Walter Phair, Neil Russell, David Berry, Robert Calahan, Terri Graham, Paulette Williams, and Stephanie Preston. 118 Productions 3' A , .ggi Productions 119 O Bel Canto Cholr , , Spring Concerts, carollng at the Washington Plaza, and singing at The Bel Canto Choir was featured in various events throughout convalescent homes and churches. The Bel Canto Choir was under Franklin and the city. Their performances included the Winter and fhe dil'eCti0n of D2lVid,P6nCe. Q' i K A 4 4... S Q al - The musical members of the Bel Canto Choir were ifront row, left to righti: Karen Parmley, Mary Gilmore, Rosemary Von Rueden, Ken Owen Paul Funk, june Mitton, Anna Chan, Helen Ikeda, Martha Butz and Ramonajackson, lsecond rowj: Rita Terry, Sheila Burke, Kim Smith, Neil Russell, Steve Beck, Mark Smith, Sean McCormick, jeanne jezik, Sharon Skiffington, Ann Muramoto, and Lisann Mengel, lthird rowi: Lisa Snow, Diane Lancaster, Karri Borland, Tim Wirth, David Pope, Ken Chin, Terri Zistatsis, Rhonda White, Kathy Nitta, Dana Pittman, and judy Gates, ifourth rowj: Shirley Wah, joan Robertson , Lynn Olund, Sheryl Salzberg, Angela Young, Kim Wong, Kraig Patterson, Peter Chin, Lenny Mar, Tom Ponischil, Vicki Beckman, Anita Poole, Mary Peterson, and Robin Asher. Not pictured: loyce Gangl, Christy Holze, Steve Hurley, David Pope, Robin Rogel, Charles Sharper, Ruth Terry, Paula Williams, Paulette Williams, Dennette Spivey, Cindy Carlton, Danny Robinson, and David Pence, director. J 120 Productions Swing Choir The Swing Choir took on a new image this past year by changing their format from the traditional melodies to modern arrangements. Under the supervision of David Pence, the choir entertained at the Mayor's Christmas Party, school assemblies, Winter and Spring Concerts, churches, and Sonic basketball games. Clockwise from top left: The voices of the Swing Choir echoed throughout die auditorium at the Christmas Concert. Pictured were lfront row, left to rightj: Tom Ponischil and Kim Smith, lsecond rowi: Sean McCormick, jeanne jezik, and Lynn Olund, lthird rowj: Vicki Beckman and Ken Chin, lback rowi: Becky Peterson and Neil Russell, performing in the Swing Choir were lfront row, left to rightji Lisa Snow, David Pope, Ann Muramoto, Tom Ponischil, and Kim Smith, lsecond rowl: Sean McCormick, jeanne lezik, and Kenny Chin, lthird rowi: Kraig Patterson, Sheila Burke, Sharon Skiffington, Vicki Beckman, Tim Wirth, and Lynn Olund, lback rowj: Angela Young, Robin Asher, Peter Williams, Mary Peterson, and Neil Russell, and caught entertaining at the Christmas Concert were a few Bel Canto Choir members. Productions 121 1 'ii -K -. Eg - X t , P , 5 Clockwise from left: Kathie Page prepares Paula Togawa for her role in a performance of "You Can't Take lt With You" 3 Alice, played by Sue Oberto, was interrupted by a midnight visitor, Penny, her mother, portrayed by Martha Lindley, and Grandpa, performed by jack johnson, discussed the state ofthe world with his good friend, Kolenkov, played by john Keister. 122 Productions WWW india aa 5,......nnnnng "You Can't Take It With You" The cast that presented "You Can 't Take It With You, " was lstandingj: Peter Kimes, Marcie Amira, Tim Wirth, Peter Williams, Sue Oberto, David Orme, Martha Lindley, jack johnson, joel Evans, john Keister, Barb Swain, Rose Saperstein, and Bill Smith, fkneelingj: Kathy Page, jimmy Farrington, Sean McCormick, Paula Togawa, and Chris Miyamoto. The Franklin High School fall production was the play "You Car1't Take It With You, " by Moss Hart and George Kaufman. This epic centered around two young lovers and the comical conflicts between their families. The play was directed by Paul Nicholas who was assisted by john Ogasawara, technical director, and Holly Croce, assistant director. Productions 123 Concert Band .sy , """""""'g 'C I 7 ' , Qi? The Franklin High School band consisted of: first row, left to rightj: janice Buckmann, Debbie Neslin, Ken Gorelick, Mike Mori, Debbie Lyso, Darcy Evans, Cathy Hirata, Kay Graham, Debbie Erickson, Phyllis Neslin, Nancy Skeem, Leigh Grant, Cathy Teranishi, Noreen Suyematsu, Lynn Fisse, Peter Collins, Grant Shibuya, and Bob Stroup. Ksecond rowj: Rosalyn Bass, Keith Miyauchi, Clifford Eng, Steve Nakamura, David Funk, Bruce Milnor, Clarence Cal, Don Sneed, Gary Komoto, Karl Gillette, Brian Honda, Leon Berman, Brent Bredice, A.B. Mackey, Dean Mochizuki, William Mayeda, Alan Carrasca., Paul Gonzales, Chris lshi, and Robert Okazaki. fthird rowj: Sharon Houston, Stephanie Mason, joe Yabuki, Eric Lance, Diane Carresca, Chris Miyamoto, Don Graham, Randy Barnes, Roberta Barnes, Dean Lum, Rene Dong, Mike Mason, Don Mar, Russ jones, Wes Ono, Kurt Kogita, Robert Damper, Tom Barnes, Tom Nitta, Richard Helling, jeff Cordova, David Yamasaki, Tam Sivertson, Doris Yee, Mitch Green, Paul Kumasaka, David jackson, Steve Terao, Danny Benson, Duane Watkins, Phil Masters, Mike Mori, Gary Lee, Ron Rustia, Brad Baker, Harold Taniguchi, and jim Rasmussen. 124 Productions ffm Concert Band, led by Chuck Chinn, consisted of 104 members. They performed at many events throughout the year. The band played at all football games, and the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Pops Concerts. Many pep assemblies featured their music, as did the graduation exercises. Out of school, Concert Band went Christmas caroling at rest homes, appeared on the CBS Variety Telethon, at the All-City Band Festival, and at Expo '74 in Spokane. Productions l25 l Chuck Chinn, assisted by james Gardner, Franklin's composer in residence, led the jazz Lab through many successful appearances. They performed at the Pops Concert, and basketball and pep assemblies. "Stolen Moments" was the first of their concerts and at later performances professional musicians and other jazz groups joined them. Around the city the jazz Lab played at Sonics' games and were invited to perform in jazz festivals at Green River and Everett Community Colleges, Olympic College, Clark College in Vancouver, and the University of Portland. The jazz Lab held many fund raising activities to make money for a trip to Boston. Clockwise from left: Four blowhard trombone players were jleft to rightj: Mike Mason, Dean Lum, Donald Mar, and Russ jones, practicing on their instruments were Lindsay Sakuma, Danny Benson, Phillip Woo, and Lee Turner, and Danny Benson fleftj and David Yamasaki jrightj strummed their guitars. 126 Productions azz Lab Bang? is so was The talented musicians of the jazz Lab consisted of lfront row, left to rightj: Tam Sivertson, Danny Benson, Lee Turner, Dave Yamasaki, and David jackson, fback rowj: Clarence Cal, Peter Collins, Dean Mochizuki, Ken Gorelick, Ron Rustia, Robert Damper, james Rasmussen, Harold Taniguchi, Russ jones, Don Nlar, and Dean Lung. Not pictured: Lindsay Sakuma and Bradley Baker. Technical assistants: Philip.Masters, Mike Mori, Cary Donohue, and Andy Wong. Productions 127 Samoan Ensemble Franklin's Samoan dancers highlighted many events in and around Franklin. They brought their traditional dances and chants to the jewish Community Center on Mercer Island, Nathan Hale High School, and various elementary schools. The dancers also traveled to Richmond, Washington for the music convention. Lynne jessup advised the dancers. Clockwise from left: jack Mefi, jefate Tuiuana, and Tom Young took a "time out" during rehearsalg Tom Young, Unaite Titialii, Fealei Faataape, and Komiti Panama enacted a cultural dance, and gesturing with Mea LuLu in hand Unaite Titialii performed a traditional Samoan dance. 128 Productions frican Drum Ensemble Worlds Fast K x x Enhancing the ethnic programs at Franklin were ileft to rightj: Ray Turner, Dorothy jimerson, Paul johnson, Lynn Emerson lstandingj Amos jackson, Debbie jackson lstandingj, josalyn Richardson, Ron Sims, Michael Miller, Maude Peterson, Katharine Manning, ifront rowj: Nikki Brown, Rick Sims, and Robert Calahang lback rowj: Nina Vicors, jackie Renfro, and Renee Brown. Not pictured: Arnold Davis, Michael Hester, Darcell Hubbard, james Hubbard, janie Lyons, Ray Pew, Francine Mace, Debra Porter, and Lynne jessup, advisor. Authenticity was the goal of this year's African Drum Ensemble. Through their rhythm and dance they brought the spirit of traditional Africa to Franklin. They displayed their talents at Edmonds High School, the University of Washington, Highline Community College and at the music convention in Richmond, Washington. lnstructing the ensemble was Lynne jessup. Productions 129 " The Grass Harp" :Z-, Yi. Collin Talbo, Darrel Mamallo, stretched out wounded as Dolly Talbo, Doreen Teraog Maude Bob Stroup showed their concern. The town's people fleft to rightj: Billy Fair, Eric Lance, watched intently. 130 Productions Riordang june Hiratag and judge Charlie Cool, Holly Croce, Leigh Grant, and Peter Williams "The Grass Harp" cast, in order of appearance was: Leigh Grant, Darrel Mamallo, Doreen Terao, Marcie Amira, jimmy Farrington, Kim Smith, Mark Westlund, Eric Lance, Holly Croce, Peter Kimes, Peter Williams, Bob Stroup, Kathie Page, june Hirata, Helen Pope, Billy Fair, jamie Chivers, and Mark Smith. "The Grass Harp" by Truman Capote was Franklin's winter production. The plot involved the Talbo household disputes, one sister trying to steal a precious dropsy cure from the other, and their attempts of escape from reality. Paul Nicholas directed with Lynne Fisse, assistant director, and jamie Chivers, stage manager. Clockwise from left: Dolly, Doreen Terao, comforted her sister Verena, Marcie Amira: the preacher, Mark Westlund, and the preacher's wife, Kim Smith, told the town members of Dolly's disappearance: Miss Baby Love Dallas, a cosmetic salesgirl, portrayed by Helen Pope, discussed business with Dr. Morris Ritz, a con artist, played by jimmy Farrington, and Collin, Darrel Mamallo, told the judge, Bob Stroup, about his past, while Dolly listened sadly. Productions 131 Seniors Evening has come to pass, the time of day cloesn't last Senior Class officers were lback row, left to rightl: Anne Nlori, secretaryg jami Leong, chairman of chairmang Stacie Hashimoto, vice presidentg Dana Wing, treasurerg julie Rolax, prom chairmang ffront row, left to rightl: Corey Chin, presidentg Geoffrey Fox, advisor. john Keister, Paula Togawa, and Peter Williams at the circus. 132 Seniors E ngel, I FMA Live all you people, you can see where you're at. 6, "I'm looking at myself, reflections of my mind." Spirited seniors at a pe joe Abolafia Deborah Alfano 134 Seniors J E A Inosia Steven Arlene Aloa Altchech Ambo Suzanne Adams Marcus Allen X ff if Marcelle Luz V. Robin Amira Asher Klm Cheryl john Bailey Baker Baker 'Q-4 Susan Houston Gwendolyn Baker Barfield Debra Noel Th0maS Bariquit Barnes Barnes Bettie Rosalyn Karla Barney Baroh Bass Baylor Beck Steven Vicki David Lynne Allan , Beck Beckman Behar Behar Be nezr El ,, i, 2.2 l i ? ti. di? fi T C losephine Patricia james Drew Idolene Bengal Benson Bourassa Bouton Bratton Adams, S.-Girls' Club, Pep Club. Alfano, D.-Senate, Tolo Newspaper Editor, Girls' Club, 42 Aloa, l.-Volleyball. Altchech, S.-Baseball, Football, Tolo Newspaper, if. Ambo, A.-Songleader, Tolo Annual, Q". Amira, M.-Thespians Sec.-Treas., Tolo Annual, 'li Aquino, L.-Pep Club, Filipino Club, 42 Asher, R.-Honors Choir, Track Mgr., Swim Team, Tolo Annual Editor, gf. Baker, 1.-Lettermen's Club, Football, Soccer. Baker, S.-tk. Barclay, H.-Bel Canto, Senate. Barfield, G.-Gospel Choir. Bariquit, D.-Filipino Club, Gymnastics, Rowdy Club. Barnes, N.-Football, Track, Concert Band, jazz Lab, "F, Barnes, T.-Tolo Newspaper, Concert Band, it. Bass, R.fDrama, Gymnastics, Track, tk. Beck, K.-Quaker Shoppe, X. Beckman, V.-Honors Choir, Pep Club, Quakerettes, All City Choir, ik. Behar, D.-Cross Country, Tolo Newspaper Photographer. Behar, L.-Debate, Tolo Newspaper, if. Benezra, A.-Tolo Newspaper, 42 Bratton, I.-Business Club, Quaker Shoppe, ,li Brown, N.-African Drum Ensemble, Pep Club. Honor Society-'lt Seniors 135 My 'A , 4 JE .fa Way ne joann Martha Burrage Burton Butz Nikki Renee Brown Brown Richard Tilda Bryant Bulanon 136 Seniors Anna Alejandro William Byrd Cabiao A Calahan joel Wendy Diane Calvo Capel uto Carrasca Casey Wayne Charles Cassidy Chan Chappelle Anita Corey an- Chin Chin Chin r XX K- ,Z A 1 1 .uf Y. Ken K. Kimberly Leonal Marijo Carol Chin Chinn Chiu Clarence Clark Ni loyce U Kathy T Mike Clhlbt I tix L5 X3 WB bs QlCxCG, U5 filo? mqQ,LQLL L0 X fill, el ,MCM . Cohen Robert joan ne Cranfill Crawford Brown, R.-Quakerettes, African Drum Ensemble, Gospel Choir, Basketball. Bulanon, T.-Spades Concert Band, Cross Country. Burton, 1.-Gospel Choir, Pep Club, Girls' Club. Butz, M.-Plays, Concert Band, Bel Canto, Spades, tk. Byrd, A.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, Spades, Gospel Choir. Calahan, W.-Football, Basketball. Capeluto, W.- BF. Cassidy, C.-Pep Club Pres., Tolo Annual, lnterm. Choir, "2 Chan, W.-Chinese Club. Chappelle, C.-B.S.U., Usher Club. Chin, A.-Tolo Annual, Honor Society Treas., Tolo Newspaper Editor, Quill and Scroll, ii. Chin, C.-Sr. Class Pres., Conley Tennis, Concert Band, Soph. Class Pres., 'Z Chin, N.-Quaker Shoppe, Chinese Club. Chin, K.-Bel Canto Pres., Honors Choir, Track, Tolo Annual, 'li Chinn, K.-Track, Sf. Clarence, M.-Volleyball, Senate, Debate, Bel Canto. Crawford, l.-Quakerettes. Croce, H.-Tolo Annual, Thespians, Track, Pep Club. Honor Society-'V Seniors 137 I , A Rocco Cary Alvin Di Iorio Donahue Dong Holly Kathleen Croce Davis Cora Robert Dean Delgardo 138 Seniors Laurie Terence Caron Doolittle Dryer Dyer Z Q , f 4 .M- -Al.. 8' , a . Sharon Louis Dyer Egashira Elliot Robert Cranfill reading up on the Nixon scandal. f Valerie lanine Eng Eskenazi K William james Fair Fauconnier Dionisio Darcy Estigoy Evans Cynthia Deborah Fein Fleming Theresa Sandra Danilo Sue Fox Fujita Fulgencio Funis Davis, K.-Business Certificate, Concert Band. Dean, C.-Spades, lnterm. Choir, Honors Choir, Bel Canto, s". Delgardo, R.-Basketball, Baseball, Football. Dong, A.-Cross Country, Swim Team, ff. Dryer, T.fLettermen's Club, Wrestling. Dyer, S.-Tennis. Elliott, Nl.-Tolo Newspaper. Egashira, L.-Yell Leader, Creative Writing Magazine, i". Eng, V.HBusiness Club, 'li Eskenazi, j.-"2 Estigoy, D.-Football, Filipino Club. Evans, D.-Songleader, uh. Vineta Fagafa Teresa F Iores Pamela Gangl Concert Band, ff. Fagafa, V.-Volleyball. Fauconnier, j.-Football, Basketball, Baseball. Flores, T.-lnterm. Choir. Fulgencio, D.-Yell Leader, Filipino Club. Gangl, P.-Concert Band, Orchestra, ii. Gannon, D.-Swim Team, lnterm. Choir, lf. Honor Society-4' Seniors 139 Thomas Douglas Timothy Gavosto Geiger Gibson L F ' 1-ll Donald Gina Gannon Gardenhire 'Qs' jim Vicky Gates Gates QYKWQA- I 2' Mary Merry Kenneth Gilmore Gonzales Gorelick Sheri David Donald Gosho Graham Graham P . , l Njv VGVYTISECJ T91 Nffiixwraieggextsdm HW -Q, K' X ' llwx of ielvfef 'lx if lmmcrllzl fa SQQQ ao C, apvx'll be CWNA Nwgfgd G Oo ood Ramona Kathryn Gordon pg gram rrvol. l'lC'WQf 5 CI Grondin Haas Habu N-Dv N 'lg donhl' Ksslofll ,470 lflolmll il lx Qi Qylalff, ggi ar eo , . .. a, -+ eip. arm amd 'WM Pl W 'A ' 1"""9i Cwzr do 'ell' AW wc W- i r-W 'N ll N 140 Seniors Cljmixlg A K Suzanne Lisa Ronnie Halfon Hart Harui j I Rondel Steve Stacie Wesley KHY Harvey Hasegawa Hashimoto Hashimoto Hatton KT? f l Lynda William Henderson xx Susan Alma Hildebrand Hill Camera shy jamie Chivers peers cautiously from beneath his cloak of security. Geiger, D.-Concert Band, Football, Tolo Newspaper. Gilmore, lVl.-Bel Canto, lnterm. Choir, Songleader, Pep Club. Gonzales, M.-j r. Class V.P., Ethnic Week, Grievance Comm., Quakerettes, ii. Gorelick, K.-Golf, jazz Lab, Concert Band, 'li Gosho, S.-A.S.C., ik. Grondin, R.-Spades. Haas, K.-Gymnastics Mgr., ILCEF, Amigos de las Americas. Habu, G.-Football, Foreign Exchange. Halfon, S.-Tolo Annual, Girls' Club, Pep Club, 'li Harui, R.-Chess, 14. Harvey, R,-j azz Lab, African Drum Ensemble, Gospel Choir. Hasegawa, S.-Track, Cross Country, Foreign Exchange, 44. Hashimoto, S.-Sr. Class V.P., Pep Club, Tolo Annual, Foreign Exchange, 12 Hashimoto, W.-Lettermen's Club, Tennis, Wrestling, ,li Hatton, K.-Gospel Choir. Henderson, L.-Pep Club, Foreign Exchange V.P., Business Club, Cross Country, i". Higgins, B.-Lettermen's Club, Track, Cross Country, Tolo Annual, tk. Hildebrand, S.-PTSA V.P., Honor Society Pres., Senate, "2 Hiraki, R.-Baseball Head lVlgr., Ticket Squad, lr. Class Pres. Holden, L.-Spanish Club, Gospel Choir, African Drum Ensemble. Honor Society-4' Seniors T41 'D Lila Eric Vanessa Howard H uffman Hughes Ron Linda Hi raki Holden Rosemary Shawn Holiman Houston 142 Seniors ,LX janet Linda Helen Huniu Iguchi Ikeda -.J -.ff ,-wr Michael Thomas Sharon Ikeda Ikeda lkejiri 'fi 1 Vicki Karen Deborah Isabell lshii jackson Karen Cheryl Dorothy jaffe jamero Iimergon E Dorceia Robert Sherri Trent Cynthia johnson johnson johnson johnson jone Russell janet Sally Ellen Beverly jones Kamada Kanzaki Daniel Wayne Patti john Gary Kaufman Kawakami Kazama Keister Kellar Houston, S.-Concert Band, Softball. Howard, L.-Girls' Club. Huffman, E.-Farm Workers' Support Comm., Senate, 'li lguchi, L .-jr. Class Treas. lkeda, H.-Bel Canto, Spades Co-Pres., Thespians, Y. Ikeda, T.-NNISQT Semi-finalist, Sept. Quaker of the Month, Track, Swim Team, if. Ikejiri, S.-Pep Club, Foreign Exchange Treas., Business Club, Tolo Annual, ii Isabell, V.-Pep Club, Spades, Basketball. Ishii, K.-Songleader, Tennis, i". jackson, D.-Quakerettes, African Drum Ensemble, Girls' Club, Pep Club. jamero, C.-A.S.C., Filipino Club. johnson, R.wFootball, Lettermen's Club. jone, C.-Tolo Annual, Pep Club, Tolo Newspaper, Sr. Class Publicity Comm. Chairman, ik. jones, R.-Concert Band, jazz Lab, NMSQT Semi-finalist, "2 Kamada, j.-Pep Club, A.S.B, Treas., 'li Kanda, S.-Pep Club, Foreign Exchange, tk. Kashino, B.-Senate, Pep Club, Songleader, lnterm. Choir, ii. Kaufman, Df ik. Kawakami, W.-Tennis, ii. Keister, j.-Thespians, Public Service. Kellar, G.-Football, African Drum Ensemble. Honor Society-'F Seniors 143 Dori Phyllis Catherine Kiyomizu Klein Koba c Q Lynn Herbert Kelley Kiekenap Peter Karen Ki mes Kimura 144 Seniors div- ,QM -CTT' Kathryn Barbara j udy Kozu Krause Krause Eric Gregory Donna Lance Lane Larson Deborah jami Marc Laundry Leong Levy Lui Chung N LaDonna Maxine Lew Lewis Liggins WW ww wma - ami WMM JWQ Malaga . f - f , , f 1 , , 1 . . 1 f . fi Y 4, ,,, M .,5,3,',77,v5,Q!,4i4,.f MW My ,Zak fwfmffatcgfiflkf fJQ7U,M!71Z,4L. f4mZQ.rza5Z, ' .V , . I r V f fk .' 7M f fy ' f lfffffl , X, "4 VY 4 I nop if ff- .il Gm fzffff 1 f f, XZ, ,Quit ff! 7 QM! Jud!! ff51Z!j4LMZ!Q, Wd! LM! fyadefabcf fiewMfZ!ffCf4Zj 4 "1 f V' W- If 'Y f fi f' 'W 1 ff 1, l '- ' we-fl 7 K fuf. ,Lf A6 A .4 ,M i WUMMQ - W ff57LfL'i2QZ4!,Z7 ' V ' , ' J 1 L , 'V f ' , .4 , , I 1 Z , M647 nf ,wfff 7 ,f ffw Fay Martha Maxine Marty Elaine Lim Lindley Liu Lloyd Lo l David Locke l Vickie Locke X , Carolyn Alunchroom special featuring Leon Gordon at the milk stand. lean Arm Lollie X X! Lorber , - f , .1 .1 nfl' A f , me fm KMMWW . . . . . '!Kiekerfpp, .-Football, Basketba , Baseball. Kimes, P.-Plays Choir, Tolo Newspaper. Llggms,M.-Spanisn Club. Lim, F.-Honor Track, Cross Country, Public Service. Krause, B.-Spades. Krause, 1.-Spades. Kozu, K.-Pep Club, Girls' Club, A.S.B. V.P., 'E Lance E.-Concert Band, Plays, Cross Country. Laundry, D.-Spades, Gymnastics, Track, Pep Club. Leong, 1.-Pep Club, Business Club Pres., Tolp Annual, Sr. Class Chm. of Chm., if. Levy, M.-lnterm Society V.P., Cross Country, Tolo Annual, :li Lindley, M.-Plays, Thespians V.P., if. Lo, E.-Chinese Club,V.P. Lorber, 1.-Business Club V.P., if. Louie, C.-Plays. I K Honor Society-'l' f A 1 ' P , . f , " f f 'ff f7 I V ff ff " f ff X f -ay L4 , Mgf ,dZZZZQ,,j,Z,4Z new ,mfljft CAQZZQ Q , , f If 7?LX' I f X J ,177 fgsv rf W 7,4 1 ZW MJWZQ ,gylygggfafdw Mfcailat MQW ,fmfwmae WQ.2f4ff 0. ,,f I ,f ,f ff j I, X ff by A y A, 4 if 2 if 4,21gnyaQ7?27yc,,7L5fZJ4Z 4WfQfigggkhfwiffffffgfzw,gaafficfg f V ' 7 ' f .5 . i , ff Q af' ' f if V A f "A" 1 x A Z! ""' 'V 'X W 4 KL ' f' .ff W f"' I 'ff ' 1' Q' ffl f 7 'A ci f .67 Zdliffdfigtf 10f2fLLf?ii'?6fr'f4! CLWCZW -ifrr7ff'f4Z!fZ' fcfgwiy ,,zfQ0fUfN7 f W0 X 5 jf at X , X lSenl6rs 145 f , I , V, f 1 V ,V , 4. f 77 f 157' 'ff' ", - X IQ. 74 1, , . ' Wf,yjfg5z JCZZC ffl , ffcfzfwgffmffdffwfffziifdiwffiiefgfwif MMQMM iw W if X f Mifffyf ff, rl,-W f EQMQV' ,fin f XM Q' f7C ff X ffuglg? ' 'ff 'f 9 4 X gfggyghigfzfcf' l Nm- N-I Mamie Terrance Deborah Luke Luke Lyso S., -rf'--1 x Carol jeannette Louie Lou ie Anthony Marilyn Loum Low 146 Seniors J f Toni A.B. Darrel Mace Mackey Mamallo Nm" "ex ' A PX .fe .' H .xx Q r' .M . . - fkgilf ' L - QM TYYCNK -- . Myra Robson and Debbie Mezistrano enjoy the different aspects of their pottery class. Katharine Suzanne Molly Manning Mansy Manuel Cynthia lohn Craig Deborah Bryan Mar Mar Marbet Marcus Mafuhashi Philip i lo Anne Kevin Katherine Gale Masters Matsuhira Maxfield McEwan NlgKaig 4 . 1 F 1 , 1.4 Lexy jack john Debra Karen McKaig Mefi Messerly Mezistrano Michaels Louie, l.-Foreign Exchange, Business Club, Spades, Tolo Newspaper, Y. Low, M.-Chinese Club, Spanish Club, ff. Luke, M.-Pep Club, Business Club, Elections Comm., 'li Luke T.-Tennis, lnterm. Choir, tk. Lyso, D.-Concert Band, jr. Class Sec., Gymnastics, A.S.B. Chm. of Chm., Dk. Mace, T.-African Drum Ensemble, ik. Mackey, A.B.-Lettermen's Club, Football, Track, Tolo Newspaper. Mamallo, D.-Honors Choir, Conflict Resolution, Football, A.S.B. Pres. Manning, K.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, African Drum Ensemble, Concert Band. Mansy, S.-Pep Club, Girls' Club, Tolo Annual, Swim Team, tk. Mar, C.-Pep Club, Volleyball, Tennis, Track. Y. Mar, 1.-Basketball. Marbet, C.-Wrestling, Track. Marcus, D.-Gospel Choir. Maruhashi, B.-Foreign Exchange, Cross Country, Track, ik. Masters, P.-jazz Lab, Energy, Swim Team, Moto-Cross. Matsuhira, 1.-Pep Club Sec., Songleader, lnterm. Choir, Soph. Class Treas., ik. Maxfield, K.-Basketball, Track, 96. Messerly, l.-Debate. Mezistrano, D.-Quakerettes. Mihara, B.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, Foreign Exchange, ik. Miller, D.-Quakerettes. Honor Society-it Seniors 147 Betty Mihara Robin Rogel intent on her homework. 148 Seniors Mills R91 Chris Miyamoto Evelyn Michael Mori Donna Miller Karen Milnor Dean Mochizuki Rodelia Moore joni Morishita Richard Miller ,...-w William Minato Carmella Montoya X ,M Q ,.., Q Anne Mori Kimberly Morrow Michael Ann Cynthia Lynn Sharon Moshcatel Muramoto Murray Myers Nakamura we 72 if N his X 'imlfuz s A , Cheryl Robert Deborah Penny Larry Nance Nellams Neslin Nichols Nickell Thomas Kathyrn Corinna Kevin Monte Nitta Nogami Norman 0'Brien Ohashi Mills, M. -African Drum Ensemble, Baseball, Basketball. Milnor, K.fPep Club, Songleader, lnterm. Choir, Tolo Annual. Minato, W.-Baseball, ik. Montoya, C.-Filipino Club. Moore, R.-Girls' Club, Pep Club. Mori, A.-Pep Club, Business Club, Sr. Class Sec., Tolo Annual, ik. Mori, M.-Lettermen's Club, Gymnastics, Concert Band, jazz Lab, Moto-Cross. Morishita, 1.-Pep Club, Girls'Club, Creative Writing Magazine, Chm. of Art Publicity Comm., ii. Morrow, K.-National Bellamy Award Rep., Nat. Achievement Scholarship Program, ik. Moshcatel, Nl.-Tolo Newspaper, Track, Rowdy Club, ik. Muramoto, A.-Foreign Exchange, Honors Choir, Cross Country Mgr., All City Choir, ik. Myers, L.-Pep Club, Tolo Annual, jr. Class Chm. of Chm., ASB. Sec., if. Nakamura, S.-Art Publicity Comm., Pep Club, ,li Nance, Cflnterm. Choir, Honors Choir, Bel Canto, "2 Nellams, R.-Basketball, 1. Neslin, D.-Pep Club, Business Club, Concert Band. Nitta, T.-Concert Band, jazz Lab, ii. Norman, C.-lnterm. Choir. Ohlsen, G.-Costume Crew. Okamoto, D.-Lettermen's Club, Concert Band, Football, Moto-Cross. Honor Society-ik Seniors 149 Lorraine Dan Katherine Otani Owen Page Geri Donald Ohlsen Okamoto jeffrey Wesley Omori Ong 150 Seniors Kimberley Andrew janet Parramore Pasz kowski Paszkowski Martin Sandra Rebecca Patricelli Person Peterson Elaine Sharon Dean Pinch Pitre Katie Tom Kathryn Pugel Quenemoen Raafz I ,f-if . F Ann Scott james leanne Randy Radley Randall Rasmussen Roberts Robgrtgon i 1 Myra Wendy William Robin juliette Robson Rock Rockwell Rogel Rolax ' ,I x T Barbara Patricia l Marilyn l - . ul lamgs Rose R056 Rusness Sabel Sameshima Omori, 1.-Chess Club. Ono, W.-Senate, Debate, Honor Society Debate, it Radley, A.-Pep Club, Girls' Club, Track. Randall Sec.-Treas., NMSQT Semi-finalist, if. Otani, L.-Gymnastics, S.-Yell Leader. Rasmussen, 1.-Concert Band, jazz Lab Rowdy Concert Band. Page, K.-Gymnastics, Tolo Newspaper, Thespians Club. Robertson, R.-Football Baseball Lettermelfs Club Sgt. at Arms, tk. Parramore, K.-Girls' Club, Pep Club. Paszkowski, A.-Track, Cross Country, Swim Team, tk. Paszkowski, jflnterm. Choir, Tennis, Swim Team, tk. Patricelli, M.-Football, T-shirt Gang, "2 Person, S.fPlays. Peterson, R.-Pep Club, Foreign Exchange, Cross Country. Pinch, E.-Concert Band. Pitre, S.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, Gospel Choir. Pugel, K.-Franklin Advisory Council Treas., Rowdy Club, 'li Robson, M.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, Track, Prom COIT1I'r1. Rock,W.-Business Club, Concert Band, lnterm. Choir. Rockwell, W.-Football Nlgr., ik. Rogel, R., Qi: Rusness M.-Spades. Sameshima, 1.-:li ' Honor Society-'l' Seniors T51 Rena Alan Michelle Sayles Scharhon Schen ke jane Ronald Sameth Sanders Sally George Sato Sawada 152 Seniors Denise Melody Ronald Schober Schrader Schram r X -. , f f . V . k . lf S : A, - Lafluita Robert Stephanie SCOU Shaffer Sherrell Sandra Sharon jo Marie Skeem Skiffington Smith Page Suann Irene Smith Smith Solny The Library gang plays baseball in the foyer. Mary Franklin Ronald Paul Robert Soper Spence Spino Stricker Stroup Sanders, R.-Concert Band, Drama, ik. Sato, S.-Thespians,"'.SCOtt, R.4Lettermen's Club, Football, Baseball, Rowdy Club. Stroup, L,-Track, Drama'. Shaffer, R.-Football. Skeem, S.-Spades, R.-Plays, Concert Band, jazz Lab, Amigos de las Americas, ff. Concert Band, Track, Cross Country. Skiffington, S.-SpaClcS, Survell, M.-Gymnastics, Stage Crew,VideoTapeCrew. Honors Choir, Bel Canto. Smith, P.-Honors Choir, jazz l.ab, if S 'th S Tolo Newspaper Amigos de las Americas O h t . ml , .- , 1 lc es ra' - Cl b S ' Honor Society-ik Girls' Club, :li Spence, F. Football, Rowdy u. pmo, Seniors 153 4-and julie Raymond Doreen Tanagi Terada Terao Michael Sue Survell Sutton Carmel Robert Tade Taki 154 Seniors Dan Van Hook displays his musical talents. Kenneth Lucy David Thomas Thomas Thompso kg, jamgs Paula Thomson Tirazona Togawa :UN t 5 Mary Mathew David Marianne Gerald Tokareff Tom Tomita Tomita Tortorice Elilifle Don lefata Lee Sam TOUYICI Tsuboi Tuiaana Turner Umeda .X ,x Daniel Nestor Stephanie Rosemary Ann Van Hook Vidal Villar Von Rueden Watanabe Tade, C.-Quaker Shoppe, Track. Taki, R.-Tennis, i". Tanagi, j.-Pep Club Chm. of Chm., Gymnastics, Tennis, Tolo Newspaper, Y. Terada, R.-Football, Soccer, 'H Terao, D.-Plays, Cross Country, Thespians, "2 Thompson, D.-Soccer. Thomson, 1.-Tolo Newspaper. Tirazona, j.-ali Togawa, P.-Thespians Pres., lnterm. Choir, Soph. Class V.P. Tomita, D.-Tennis, Tolo Newspaper, yt. Tomita, M.-Outstanding Math Award jr. Year, Co-Chairman Elections Comm., li Touriel, E.-Business Club, Quaker Shoppe, 1' Tsuboi, D.-Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, "2 Turner, L.-jazz Lab Umeda, S.-Soccer, "2 Van Hook, D.-Honors Choir, Tolo Annual, Tolo Newspaper, Rowdy Club, li. Villars, S.-Quakerettes. Watanabe, A.-Senate, Basketball, Homecoming Spirit. Honor Society-'F Seniors 155 Ernest jackie Beth Wheaton Wheeldon Wheeler Wright Tom Watao ka Watkins joseph William Weinstein Weisberg 156 Seniors Clifford Raymond Eugene White Williams Wills ,q,,f' PM uf Liga Dana Andrew Wills Wing Wong Howard Calvin Phillip Wong Woo Woo Steve Robin Donna Worthing Wright Yamaguchi X Ik, . 1. g H A. i Q 1 L 1, K J, ' -f . L' " 1 " in ' i s 1. David Angela wr G X Yamasaki You ng Barbara David Young Yuasa Ying Vincent Yuen Zallocco john Messerly takes a breather after a rough stu dy load. Wataoka, W.-Track, Cross Country, Tolo Newspaper, Swim Team, Yamasaki, D.-jazz Lab, Y. Young, A.-Songleader, Quakerettes, DF. Wheeler, B.-Tennis, "2 Williams, R.-Debate, Football, Honors Choir, Bel Canto, "2 Young, B.-Pep Club, Tolo Annual, Wrestling, ff, Wills, L.-Girls' Club, Pep Club, Songleader. Wing, Swim Team,,k.Yuen,Y.-Chinese Club. D.-Senate, Sr. Class Treas., Project USE, Youth in Gov't., 'li Wong, A.-Lettermen's Club, lnterm. Choir, Gymnastics, tk. Worthing, S,-Football, Hockey . Wright, R.- BaSeb21ll, ak. Honor Society-'l' Seniors 157 Honor Society Evemng has earned lt s place toda . . . 'f - . The Class of 1974 s Honor Society Officers were lleft to rightj: Fay Lim vice presidentg Susan Hildebrand, presidentg Wes Ono, secretary treasurer and Marjorie Murphy, advisor. Honor Society started off the year with an assembly in October, followed by pin sales, and ending the year with their annual trip. Members consisted of those students who received a 3.2 g.p.a. or higher during their past three years at Franklin. X, l , , 54 ,jx : I wi : eu Debbie Steve Alfano Altchech f ' , ' V .en Il il z.. Luz Robin Noel Barnes Q H , I ,, l at Karla Beck Asher Tom Barnes Vicki Beckman Benezra l Martha Butz ldolene Bratton il Wendy Capeluto Casey Cassidy 'Y M Anita Chin Marcie Amira Susan Baker ws. 1' -2512 ' 15" 1 I Y if ' , it '4 Rosalyn Bass Lynne Behar . .P -' Tilda Bulanon aaa,-,. p-,. ,A fs, , 1' Diane Carrasca Chin 1 515.15 ,QE E WR Q X 'Ill' X Ken Klm Chin Chinn janine Darcy ESk8I'lZZi Evans . Sherry Don Gosho Graham i rr... , W N S, 2 . D! Stacie H2SeSaWa Hashimoto ,,,., My Linda Helen lguchi Ikeda loyce Cora Louis Cohen Dean Egashira , ..-- 4:-v- ztu V 'A Qlll W Y-. ..:,. 3 , 1 ,',. a ' 1 K ,V ': Don Mary Merry Gannon Gilmore Gonzales S '- A ,Q A , gg 4 . Katie Suzanne Lisa Haas Halfon Hart ' 1 . Linda H2Shlm0t0 Henderson Higgins .. a A'.. A , P Q. ',, f i fafrav Tom Sharon Cinde Ikeda lkeiiri lone S ,B ' .2e. ,Q ' Valerie Eng Ken Gorelick Ron Harui Susan Hildebrand Russ jones Honor Society 159 A fl XX-I f X rw N Y Q XXJYQ NQLV XXXJX FV. XTX W, -:aj Aw X .QL ew X ' 1 Q 0 .V X XX v JA X X. K .Q l. T X X A A XXX Wx X lx, X lr X IXXJJ X JX L U J 2 RX XX kg bil X Q! R J X:KJJR'XfXkAXX I g' I KXX 'Qu 'Ax'X xl QA! XX X 'X XB Xu XJ X25 A NX . xr .Y fx 2 F 5 K , F X kj V 4 on ff K., XVXXQN A Jilx N ' ff V XJ Z Xkrbxfiyx NQX NXTJ-7 - V TJ - X X5 Q - A X , X A X A X X X -X X X X k XXX X X V XXL A J XJ X RJ Rf 'XF X X X , K xx X rx ' 4 X I H -X 2.1 l r f ,X fx 1 X. ,J X X X .xv , ,X K. 5- X1 Q -X XFX 'X Xxx Q rf XL XXL x QW , fx X X XJ K X XX' .1 V ,-'Yj ' 'xjtX,.,"XH X51 V XJ U xx! X X ff- AX! X ,VJ ,MX no 5 fy X xCX Y X Q iv X Xe X XJ v V Y my J w 1 1 X I - X X X X V 1X ,K .Xl 1 X. xx I, Xlxjf f, .K 'XX X f , 4 . X- X 1 , 1 X , vxi, , xx JXX V XX! K-XXI-, -XX X Nf'XXj x X X x X A X V XXX XQ XJ i X XX X ' Kamada Martha Lindley Deborah Marcus Dean Mochizuki Myers Wes Ono J X - 5x -. ' , X ,. X .V 1 g X fx X ,X Y' rg X I Q. . XJ XXXQ XX Q- 'X ,X XX X fx QXX X N X X . X X N -X5-Xxy gow X 'XJ 'XV .KJ XXX Vxnkx Vf -X fb Xjs LA Xi NR 5 X TJ REX J - XXX XQQAJ , 1 7 -1 V ' Sally Bev Phyllis jami Fay Kanda Kashino Klein Lim 2 P L ,1 ff , 1 ., ' "ll ak., I lean Ann jeanette Terry Debbie Suzie Lorber Louie Luke M3n5Y f' A- X, . is Bryan IOADHC Kevin Betty Bill Maruhashi Matsuhira Maxfield Mihara Minato X K xfj, Anne loni Kim Michael Ann Mori Morishita Morrow Moshcatel Muramoto .4 - f x 2 .X, Ivr ,V 1 'H , V 'i" XX.i A f l 3 H M51 5 Cheryl Tom Corinna Monte jeff Nance Nitta Norman Ohashi Omori Katherine Andy janet 4 Martin Sandra Page Paszkowski Paszkowski Patricelli Person N 5' ., 15 ' fi Rogel ff J f f , v Catherine Robin Barbara 4 at ' Rose ,W is a if james Page Susann Sameshima Smith Smith K 41 n ef D e Robert julie Ray T Taki Terada Mathew David Marianne Tom Tomita Tomita Dan Rosemary Sam Umeda Van Hook joseph T FQIY Weinstein Williams David Woo Yamasaki Von Dana Wing Barbara You ng Doreen Paula Terao -- f . , . Q as W Elaine D011 Touriel Tsuboi This year's Bellamy Award Representative was Kimberly Nlorrow. Last October she attended the 32nd Annual Bellamy Award Presentation in Springfield, Vermont. Honor Society 161 Sunset When the sun goes clown And the clouds all frown Night has begun For the sunset. See it with your eyes Earth re-energized By the sun's rays everyday Take a look up there Planets everywhere. Shadows on the ground Never make a sound Fading away In the sunset Night has now become Day for everyone. lk I can see it all From this great height I can feel the sun Slipping out of sight And the world Still goes on Through the night. The 1974 Annual Staff extends special thanks to: Northwest Color, Kenwood Music Inc. photographers and Queen Anne News, The Richmond Organization, typesetters lyrics and theme Greg Tuai, Mr. and Mrs Rod Johnson, photographer sunset, page 163 And an extra special thanks to Barbara Nilson, our faithful advisor. 164 CI png, Qv3f? Q?QfkM 55iSJSRQg SX 3g5QMQY'KyMSy lwfmkwvfff M MQW? yy gb? Mm W QV W Q , 5 M5555 Q5 5 xy. Q J shgggigg sg M .Sk wi? QQS' SSS BY mum WUQA N WHL Gum mov WMQ Qjwwv ,5QQ?1JYWf+Mw: 3 ww HWQQQUJQOQW5 f limb I VXQJEQIILA, QQUL JLLWUJJ ULNYLE 3016117 , Vwbaw www Q ,X fm? Rams QL MW Cb MSQRSMW JM if JWQ1 M5552 JMUULQ, Afmmqqmb M250 Q Jmmf1QJwUQQfqf xymwi ,QL ijmb GLULW , L Q JUN LGI-QJQULQJQJ CMCLOLDJNQA W4 QW? Lwewi-My X K W' M51 Sim f ' UMM L MMM JNML Qoiffk mmm yu -,QE fijuwbpj ,www W5 H5 mu, U 'MLA UJQJLQ V344 Luwix LU-il KJSXCUJL OW? fmwmgpibsgf 'Q gmbmgljg C- Uv M .QHKSL www Mmg, isfiixog, wb. 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Wflcufwb knCvMfVYxL ,LDLQLJVO A Af, MQ 'f WL fflgiifw weak aww BULL n5r'5Q,m m .fLEfB1fC5wL fmfvdg Nf kg ci, u KQJKCQ GUUL jgllkmb jfifniup, ml! 'WWE DLXmw2cU,gfLGwL3fqL Ubpuxi Quik SLGQJL Gimp ' U X fwdpipxg mfg' WNQ J VXGJMQD ED 3? WLUMKSL Um Rapp, 'LiX suQdf N9 O.fFOAU'LQfkJ Qwwlf LJKFQXKL, kvowmu JCUKUL5 LUQME 'jzncflf WMM WGJY Obmvvxwg LQ UL, Emmy WL U51 SQ UJBYXL-k, JfQ,1NOLxB AJDYXMJE YYMELLELQ. ,MAJ Qi Q wif OLCL' wx IQQGQLM Dui! UaQcmMf Ukm,.1,Qs-wu,fQo QLMJM X-Q W fig, QjQ,g4x12JLQ,AA USYXSLYL UlL7ULUb VW AVO LAW KULY GJ mm- Q Ovfygjh ULIAL DQJQCUKJ GQOMUY' 1 fWUvmfi3ffXCL Hulk! UL' QQE5-VJL x WWW' wwbm 3ewiDcTSwDgacffwVjLLUQ1gffJfL Qfcm,xUamqL U,,w,R , 5 X,0,Mi ,dm MC: mama. LSUVL , 'Mx H I, f N Sophomore Week Diane Franklin and Nancy Felder looked over the sophomore goodies at the Bake Sale while Dorrienne Mar, Dale Eng, Kathy Chinn, and Esther Kimura served as clerks. Helen Pope was one of the satisfied customers of the Sophomore Sucker Sale. Looking on enviously was Kate Esparza. 166 Sophomores We 5762? ' 7735 J l 1 l Greg McKinney and Benita Bryant step out to be the winners of the Sophomore Dance Contest. They each received an album of their choice. I l it uv Pondering over the jelly beans were lfrom left to rightl: Robert Okazaki, William Nlayeda, and Steve Nakamura. Activities were plentiful during Franklin's first Sophomore Week, held March 4-8. The energetic class began the events with a See's Sucker Sale, headed by Shirley Wah, and a jelly Bean Contest, planned by Kenny Wong and Richard Helling. Enthusiasm prevailed at the Bake Sale and Dance Contest which were supervised by Crevin Ko, president. The spirited week concluded with a car wash which earned them 570.00 Sophomores 167 Ethnic Week , www 5 " s. 5, ax v , 5 'X My Student, faculty and community efforts were all a part of Ethnic Week, held Nlarch 18-22. Five designated days, Native American and Chicano Day, Island Day, Continental and Mediterranean Day, Asian Day, and Afro Day drew interest to programs which included fashion shows, martial arts demonstrations, cultural dances and folk songs. A variety of foods were sold during the week, some of them were burritos, lumpia, sasumi, and hot dogs. The traditional International Dinner offered roast pig, teriyaki chicken, bean salad, and sapa 5Ul- 1273? 4 3 4, . ' , l 'Z V f 'ff ff , .1 s ' l i it I Z 9 'E 4, f fr 4 : ,HQ f 4 ,K f , F ,M fi fs K A I fr Z , 'lf Q X A f l ,, 'C f If f . WW C C ftwgwa V f V i ' sua la Mm g gi HQ 15275. W, , Q1 , .QQ at , J, A2 Q ZIMALQ . Q , 3 .Fr . ,Q V V! 1' ff, . jg, MQW, V 4, 5 axe fa . 3 s -- 's f ,.,, iff' W , 3 , ,, f A sf - r ra -. p . 45,-2+ My M ' ' ':",!73gt , ff, 3311 .Q - Mi f , f ', v H at , f' I lfaaav- ' if f M he xx we ,Ms g if 1 ., Q' , 4. M Q C l s, e l 1 'n-aww ' ' 1' 'V 4 Q I '-Q, f ,l ff by -fs: 'lil Q2 rw , W V ,M A , Ml? K N Q , ri ,Q ,8 ix 3 Clockwise from left: Chinese dancers fleft to rightl Yuen Chin, Dale Eng, Kathy Chinn, and Carolyn Chinn posed during a classical flower dance, lefata Tuiaana balanced the flaming ends of a sword in a Samoan fire dance, and modeling evening fashions were Dorceia johnson, Renee Brown, and Gloria Dade. 168 Activities X 1 fi fx Deep in concentration, Leonard Bariquit, Dee Estigoy, Gary Simon, Bill Pagaran, Peter lamero, Guy Kurose, David Sherman, and Bill Weisberg prepared for a demonstration in martial arts. Activities 169 Af., Q "m"w2., .8 ,junior Week 413' N-........,,y W A large crowd gathered at the Old Spaghetti Factory for a banquet which highlighted junior Week, included were lleft to rightj: Yukiye Higashi, Leslie Webb, Adrienne Caver, Clarence Cal, Eloise Williams, Evelyn Dodd, and other juniors. 170 juniors The Class of '75 showed their spirit by hosting various activities during junior Week. The fun-filled agenda consisted of a Hom Bow Sale, a junior Class Pin Sale, a Balloon Guessing Contest, an Ice Cream Sale, a Doughnut Eating Contest, and a Banquet Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The champions of the junior week contests were Sharon Taki for the balloon guessing, and Tuiaana lefata with 12 doughnuts in eight minutes during the Doughnut Eating Contestg which was an unsuccessful attempt to break the world's record of 20 doughnuts in 15 minutes. Successfully, the juniors showed that they carried their theme, "We've Got If Together '75, " well throughout the week. l 4 at We 'UW Z6 we ith Sw! Wh 42? we 99 4741! 4 MXN Clockwise top left: Doris Yee and Gary Lee made a successful sales pitch to Carter Nakashirna as gullible Terry Saiki tries a tantalizing Hom Bowg the contest rules allowed washing doughnuts down with water and feeling sick,as Vicki Armstrong and Nathan Fox made a hopeful attempt to break a world's recordg and "One scoop or two?" was the question loan Robertson asked as she "dug in" to help at the lce Cream Sale, Mary Peterson looking on. juniors 171 '7V0, No Nam-ztte" Z Costumed in swimsuits for "Peach on the Beach" were lfirst row, left to rightj: Valerie Funes, Ken Owen, Houston Barclay, jimmy Farrington, Mark Westlund, Bob Stroup, Pearl Chan, lsecond rowj: Lynn Fisse, Brad Marshall, john Keister, Lisa Snow, Paula Togawa, Darcy Evans, Cindy Nlyre, and Doreen Terao. Helen Pope portrayed the sarcastic maid, Pauline. 172 Productions l ff' hi. 'fl' f il a "No, No, Nanetteu revolves around the changing morals of the 1920's. llmmY Smith's innocent escapades with three lovely girls creates a hectic atmosphere that leads to cnfusion at the climax of the play. The production was directed by Paul Nrch0laS. Assisting were: Sue Oberto, student dlrectorg Sue Haycock, choreographefi Leigh Grant, assistant choreographer. Clockwise from bottom left: Kim Smith lSue Smithl and joel Evans Uimmy Smith, tapped to "l Want to Be Happy"g "You can dance with any girl at all, as long as you come home with me!" said Lucille Early fportrayed by Martha Lindleyl to Billy Early fportrayed by Peter Williamslg Tom fDan Van Hookj and Nanette fRobin Asherl went tea dancing during "Tea for Twog" and Mary Peterson fWinnie Winslowl, Nora Mar fBetty Brownl, and Holly Croce iFIora Lathanl assumed the characters of three conniving women. Productions 173 Soccer With preseason hopes running high, Franklin's top-rated booters kicked-off their season with a win and maintained that win streak throughout the entire season. Under the guidance of rookie coach, Duane Munro, this deserving group of athletes completed their year on top of the Southern Division. "Finesse" was the key word when describing the ball handling techniques used by this talented group and "successful" was the word to relate to about the season in general. 46 xr ' " 1 "'5VviTf w-ff,-'f A 1-ww, - " 'M ,. . . , , V, ff. V a N- -, qwfz"r,-wut-' av-' ,me f K ' ,w.uaumf1WfmW.W,,,,,a ,.,M,,,m,,,,,M,W,v,gw i 1 .. The following members made up the 1974 Quaker soccer team lfront row, left to rightl: Diane Carrasca, managerg Richard Pardog Kim Ngg Matthew Tomg Tom Marg Yui Chang lsecond rowl: Chris Lau, managerg Robert Elmquist, managerg Paul Gonzalesg Ray Teradag Larry Lewg Paul Laug john Yueng Sam Wongg Dennis Szetog Sam Umedag lthird rowl: George Grondin, managerg Roger Pardog joe Wongg Kin Laug Paul Kumasakag Ricky Simsg Steve Lancasterg Ming Iueg Mark Watanabeg Anthony Loumg and Duane Munro, coach. Driving for a goal, Inspirational winner, Matthew Tom, raced down the field. 1 74 Sports fa-MW Keeping his defender behind him and the ball in front of him was Paul Lau, the number two goal scorer in Metro. Leaving his defender behind on the turf, joe Wong charged the opposition's goal with Sam Wong escorting the attack. Sports 175 Men's Tennis fm The male netters of the Quaker team were lfront row, left to rightl: Doris Yee, managerg David Wheelerg Eric Tosaya5Wes Hashimoto Steve Okiyamag Corey Ching Randy Marg Robert Greeng Robert Takig lstandingl: Dale Nliyauchig james Takig Galen Yeeg Rocco Di Iorio Doug Ching Terry Lukeg Gary Leeg Wayne Kawakami, and Gordy Yee, coach. Not pictured: julie Tanagi, manager. 1 76 Sports ft sf V r w lr V ,Q . f, V Y Jiri, 1,1 fl - ., . I A, 'V s A ., iff' , 1" ,vt L yt A sy 4, 4 J, A ' ff: ff, - I ,,,, f , , f , Z I, f r f ., 7 it g,i,t,f Q5 ' Q ...V lvyafvliiil ilu, V in ' ' is f -,,A , . V ,'.- V A'AA f . : 4 ,s ,. , .. , AV ,,,r,. to , t A J 5 V , L Q.- I M...-nov'-'vt IA, V I ww ,,,,s,.,,n ,r f '1'A A - ",' 2 Q ' a ,,n1f1?,:f ,mf if gf V s 37 ff 525 f, gf' 'Zhi :aj-figfkgz U ,.'1.fd?' fig, ' y ,L F . ,.f ygazzif' jf? ' . M :'221fg"" ire'-iafff' ff AY! " X ' l '5-,X gl .,.A. jug ff? nd, 41,1 W-f?"f 'TW 522' 'i-45.1 .f af! 1 f-5129 mdwwzfafazreaff A ,Q ' . Q ,,,, .f,iLV732i'::.i:r A1:gi V1 ,, ,. iV . , ""' .sw-,mfs , V - - ' ' 7 ' ' Y V I , .V ffV:gq3+w5l:,Tmlr:a1rV1wW'-f' '- ,xVg,J.JQ..!1lJ4A.1,,g..6a.-.-an--b-., W - am '1:xz'2?l'6--WJ'-11.12 if f Franklin's tennis team opened their season as defenders of the Nletro crown and true to preseason predictions, finished at the top of their division, only to be defeated by Nathan Hale in the championship match. Coached by Gordy Yee this outstanding bunch compiled a record of 6-0 for the regular season. .V ,I ,I .I . i V V: , . , Ai -144: eff.. Ab .Z Z V I A h '13 ,..,. ' 4 . '7 ,L 4 as , at-W kim?-v ng. s..,.. ,,. ..c. as 1-uw.. -tb... V . , ., s V y ..,, V l :VI 1,4 g I A A, an , in .V AV ,, 3 213, LA L ., 1 ll , , .Vg at 1 ,V . tl is nf V V VAI, . Ve VA A Q , , , A A ,.., . .. V V ' r, V V ,V WV. V, , 1 .. . . ,, 7 ,4 - f I I I , in Z J, , .A V..., , Q 4, yr-1, . ' , -'jar' Aa, , " "1 - ' 2 f l g l , ff , l Z! ' f 5, ,,-. ,.,. 4 ,V ,V if wi .-"3"A'Vwf'V in i nf VQWV3-,p.e.V,. V. 4 l , I WV I V fVV' -Vmfuwfffwf -H' ,zcfn ' .1 V yy Vg, faq ., ,,s,.M,M,.VV,, fMV -, L, , ,. ,,Wa.,V,taMb,afwV 141 ,VW Clockwise from right: No. 1 singles man, Wayne Kawakami, followed through on a returnp Robert Taki quickly and gracefully returned a difficult shotg under the watchful eye of doubles partner Terry Luke, Wes Hashimoto sent the ball into the opposite courtg and skillfully executed forehand shot came in handy for Wes Hashimoto as he returned a ball aimed low at his knees. Sports 177 Baseball Whether it was managing or swinging a bat, the young men in this picture all contributed to a successful Quaker team. They were lkneeling, left to rightl: Howard Mclnnis, managerg Peter Tudor, managerg Danny Santiagog Ron Spinog Greg Ramosg Rod "Nloochie" Pierceg Tim Hjelmaag Cappy Andersong Dean Robersong David Almoslino, managerg Ron Hiraki, head managerg lback rowl: Mark Smith, managerg O.L. Mitchell, coachg Bill Nlinatog Otis Smithg jim Fauconnierg I im Finkg Don Oweng Herb Kiekenappg and Reggie Brown. 178 Sp0l'T-S H. , K W at if y 1' ,. as , V 'L -3? an ' ' ,wiv I , I , - g W t I ,ww 5, gy f M, W. W f . sy .I :J 91 ,.,,-W,,qwyQ,,. 'Y g. as ' fir- '1 ,wi ' 'M?'wf'f'?ff',W,fw4f- ,f , A, ,X , U ,,,,,k:Qq,w .Wk ,W Nw, I , , , Wa, M l , sf Q, , ff ,"'1 , ,nw ,I W in fm, uf W ff W4 'Mm 4 lm, ,MH 'Y 4 1 1 W' f, ,za- sa, -f 4 .V W 7, ,L was ,,:,,f5,Hf X fr X, , Aided by such talents as Rod "Moochie" Pierce, better known as the Quaker streak and holder of a probable Nletro record in base stealing, this versatile group of young men ended their 1974 baseball season in third place in the Southern Division with a record of 7 wins and 5 losses. Their third place finish put them out of contention for any Metro League playoffs, but definitely still in the running for the number three berth in the AAA play offs. ff 0 Clockwise from above: Rounding second base and holding up just enough to be sure of his next move was second baseman, Chet johnsong Quaker hurler, jim Fauconnier, followed through on a pitch as an opposing batter awaited the approaching ballg Don Owen, Franklin outfielder, was caught in a full extension of his batting stanceg and Varsity catcher, Ron Spino, demonstrated that alertness, which is the name of the game when you're behind the plate calling the shots. 7' f 'zip X If Ffa, Y or ,gg 1 ,A ff . . r ffffaf , ,N , 1 - ff Aww is , , .fl , - f fffgfffff H ' r , if ' fl fix, ' , A ,- I ' ' . 1:5 Sports 1 79 ,,, ,,,, , .aa We ,Q-,-M, ',. :M 1+ - M N- we M H ,ai .. "'- 'Minas H ',, , -., nn L ,. , H . Mug-, ,f NM, I 4,0 , """'w,. -with , AL .wzw WQLJ ,,,,,,,,,,. '31 fulira, Q.: sum- Wir ,iw r '1 me wwf . . Baseball Franklin's junior Varsity baseball team chalked up a 6-3 win-loss record and completed their season as the No. 3 team in the South. This promising group of athletes will provide the future varsity squads with the strength and talent needed to make a winning team. ' 4 A' ,V ,V . Y. .1 K 4 - ' ' . ,. V 1. ww f,"v z12?2 ' 1 ,- ' 5 ' iff 5 ,aw V. f - ' - A Wifi. fgpg yfz w w fal ,V ll a? ,V J N . , M .4 r ff ' ' .-W 1 W 'K W ' ,c5t - !1ggy1'ief. .1..,a,g , ,ag yzvgiwr -, m e lf'?"1' fm' . , -ff-rf. WW l ,J J ' - . ' -H V ' ,aff f - f r-" wzf1ff 'fffff' xff' fag A ' - J "df v f fi , L- ffff' 521.2 ,-tk' . .fl H4 ,xy V., X .c .. W ,.f, PM f .414 '1 f "' ,. f -I-gl ,yt V f wg my jf' mg , fwggjif- f,4f'5pfff',n--f ,aff sl. .,, V 1 N-e wwwva ff Mvfvpf 'M' "' M- 4 ' 9- ff, -Wt'ff.'L" 'wwrf ' 'wwa"fWa1'w"f'Zfwgf, ':v V ff my rm. . WV,1 . '. .li v i n vgil l, . ,. anyway ,Mgf ,,,4,m:1,Z.l! ,?f,,?M,f,?f,-1.1, 5.145 . in , If ,, f , V ,,, ,git-?2 gxhgaw-fff gw f ,M 1 , ., , .1 . ., W ,W f..f-ffQ,.ff6Qw44s,,,gf,4M f , . -fn f 6 .- Y ,f .f Wy,-. ,teh . .. , . ' f 1 M ff'-'Zg7, f " ' f' f , , WV "" fff'W4'f'Z'mL2Zffwf'i,,, fgwf., p ,f - . f., , . . , i ' ,, 4 ' V . at . . f L . ' 5- 5 'wtf 4,L ,. 742243 ,. 1. ' . ' ff " 2 "T"""+ WJ' wif? 'Sw-A.. --'MT zwwuvzrfrz ' fr' . W' ,. 3 mf any HL , 77' 7 of qi .Main , sf Was. ,.,t..,,m V JW' If 0 1, .n 3f'f9 fi2ifM'1f', P e , ' f' Q,Q"'Z..'....,s:ff'w , 1 , .. "f Wxwf . X ., ,,,, .W A Ai WIZIM. , 5, X . ,..,,f r ,ff Q' , x. ff,,'wm5?4,a54.2"' . V - ,,, QWWN Q ,MM fn' .' " ' .r . Q i tra war "' 47' f aff-gf,Qfw4zwa,1a,f'4,, P4 f 'xiikfvva y'g?f,ffy. Q, ffzQ,,,f ff sf f ,. fm- W Q w ' ' st' all 'wx ' 1 t f "?h1,,Yvw,W '. ..,, i .1eff.,.Mfff.. ' .N.,,,.,. "04.4,f,hf. Nfffa, it Km " . " i Clockwise from bottom left: With concentration on his face, j.V. pitcher, jeff Cordova, fired a pitch straight into the strike zone, Danny Santiago slid safely into third, leaving his defender scrambling for the ball, and letting his eyes leave the ball, Tim Hjelmaa, stretched for the base in a pick-off attempt at second. 180 Sports Members of the promising junior Varsity Baseball team, along with their managers and coaches, included ffront row, left to rightj: Corey Mar, Kevin Sharper, Mike Willner, Crevin Ko, Ken Pruitt, Duane Watkins, fback rowj: Rick Robbins, assistant coach, Debbie Erickson, manager, Don Sneed, Gary james, jim Fink, julius Grant, Ivan Hatton, jeff Cordova, Laurie Lacey, manager, and Vernon Bean, head coach. lVIen's Gymnastics A vastly improved men's gymnastics team appeared on the scene at Franklin this year and ended their season as the number seven team in Nletro with one member qualifying for state. This hardworking group of young men compiled a record of 2 wins and 7 losses during the season, with six of the losses being by less than two points. ff , ---- 4-ff, A l Luffy' 'gif WWZZ4. . . . . . a Franklin's men's gymnastics team pictured above included lfirst row, left to rightl: Lance Lane, Steve Beck, Greg McKinney, Tony lVlcDaniel, fmiddle rowl: Sam Shima, David Koch, Mike Mori, ltop rowl: Tom Nitta, and Wayne Lim. Not pictured: Karyn Denecke, coach, and Bill Freist. Clockwise from bottom left: Sam Shima, one of the team's top competitors, is shown in action on the side horse, the strain evident on his face, gymnast Mike Mori balanced himself on his finger tips during a floor exercise routine, and David Koch displayed a common position while he competed on the rings. Sports 181 I W0men's Track The women 's track team ended their regular season with a rather disappointing fourth place in the South and then bounced back to finish sixth in Metro. This promising group of young ladies, which included only four seniors, clearly proved that being young and inexperienced doesn't mean you can't be good. Clockwise from left: Putting out what seems to be a minimum of effort, Marianne Tomita went up and over a hurdle on her way to a hopeful victory with Annette Louie close behindg with winning on her mind, Mari Bell wound up and released her shotg breaking through another victory tape was Simone jackson, Franklin's star in the 100 yard dashg and versatile young lady, Kim Chinn, was not only the No. 2 long jumper in the state, but as shown here, she was also a very successful competitor in the running events as well. 182 Sports I 4 f an-ff . H ,M ' Q14 ' ' Q IFR? Q1 y, ,W , 1 , e 1' , f,,, ,, N, V , ,f f'wWf:7,., 7 of ff-'fff,,fw1,. ,wan of ,- WW. , , ,, ' , f, J 3 " " 'nw-it rff'feM'7Waff:f1a flyw, 1 1 va ., :f,,: 414625. if ,M fiU7f"':fua," , , g , ,nw,,4p,1f,g ,U I 'Vw' f , ,, f .,,4, I , -,,,, l , , . , 4 L-aafwqmwfeaasaz a.,,fag,,5 ,iff - ' , . zfffwswww -,vw-efewmwaymvffai -frfaawweefryf-ff :W-an , 1 A f+4'1ff2r' ' l , 7 ', f t Women tracksters included lseated, left to rightl: Annette Louieg Pat Williamsg Simone jacksong Marianne Tomitag Margaret Lambg fmiddle fowl: Vicki Zeumaultg Rena Saylesg Diane Frankling janice Buchmanng Kim Chinng Qstandingl: Cheryl WiesergGloria DadegTina Ellebyg Mari Bellg Linda Marg and Henry Mitchell, manager. Not pictured: Laurel Hammer, coachg Elaine Wetterauer, assistant coachg Debbie Whitfieldg Pam Perezg Llonia Pattersong and Rosa Duran. Sports 183 i l l l . l Q l l 1 ll llc l il l Mt-:n's Track A relatively young and inexperienced team started the season with three wins. Then the team lost its first two dual meets in three years. The Quakers dropped one to the defending Metro Champs, Shoreline, and this year's Southern Division winner, Garfield. Despite an injury plagued season, the tracksters managed to salvage third place in the South, and fifth place in the Nletro finals. Clockwise from left: The Southern Division's number one pole vaulter, Bryan Nlaruhashi, successfully cleared the ll'6" markg caught in a tie with his opponent at this point of the race, Gary Kellar, strained for the extra energy needed to win this event, joe Breaux, another Franklin star, chalked up another win with this victory in the 440, and Skip Foutch, Franklin's leading high jumper, is shown here on his way to victory and hopeful equal or better jump than his best of 6'3". 1 84 S ports ffm ,uzfge ff -' - M- . , f , ef 1 ' , ,' A,.v , , -V cf . ' , . fp p,-fayff-ff Jef: ,M 1.44, fa- .af-1 . f G 1 , ,.,, ., .- 1 " 'WW f ., f2m '1," , 'mia -me U ' " A ' 'f f' ' " Q -1: I , l f. 'ff M f ""' - ,.., , ,. . ' ' W - f' 'V fy " ,V 1. XI , 7 '-- " H I . Q l, W ,f - e 'M ' t f ,l - e , V , , ,, H.N.M:.,,,' " v ie fav, ,f , , V t l Q 'J ft f fw f ff s W A fi f r .1 f , I-, 3., ,imgz,,ff1+,1.,,mfo,,.,,, ff s X M 7 , ,. ,f ff r ,Q ' X K f N, 5 V mg. p f ,f,rf,w-,swf ,,.,.,,Qf'f , -, "' , , .,f' ff f 1 - , e , wftf ,.,, f. 4 ' ,lss J hf' f l ' I ' A f Y ZW 'iff' V15 v W ,, , ,,,,,., , A V ,, . , f f' W . f f ff I Y f, , , ,. W Z, ff, fa ,af I , ,, .,,, , W,,W,e,y5 ,jA,,Wg,,L,,:,f , V, ,M f ' J ' Q q x I s, , ' Q 512,f??h,.-g,,r'-fl.-,ff 'A ,-j'524'e" llsl , f , 2 ' , , ' ,,., Q, 'Q f1hZlf'tM'fQ'f?'fs J af, A fe I 'v" ec" r MW , ' ag Qwewfgw- ,M uni ,W 'va 4155: vi y "Q 'stage' ,,,.,. A Z4wI . The Quaker team of sprinters, vaulters, hurdlers, shot putters, managers, and coaches included lfront row, left to rightl: Tyrone Henderson, Noel Barnes, co-captain, Denis Kempeg LeRoy jones, Gary Kellarg Vasco Frankling Andy Paszkowski, joe Breaux, lmiddle rowlz Larry Bensussen, manager, Man Chan, Eric Lance, Steve Tolliverg Skipper Foutchg Ken Chin, co-captain, Wade Liddelg Brooks Baker, Paul Aleinkoff, Robert Williams, Rosalyn Bass, manager, lstandingl: George Nagata, head manager, Don Bundy, head coach, Mike Reevesg Martin Lindemanng Brent Brediceg Grant Allen, Hugh Miyamoto, Alan Yamada, David Rock, Bryan Maruhashig Paul Egashirag and Cary Kodama, assistant coach. Not pictured: Carter Nakashima, Bill Gordon, lvan Warren, and A.B. Mack-ey. Sports 185 i FrankIin's state entry in the shot put event, Noel Barnes, released his winning shot on the way to victory. i i Q Top to bottom: Ken Gorelick got off a good tee shot, men's golf team members included Bob Gomavitz, Dano Lewis, Bob Durall, Ed Luke, Bob Hayton, Vincent Zallocco, and Kenny Banks fNot pictured: Coach Eugene Caddey and Ken Gorelickjg and Kenny Banks sized up the slope of the green before making his putt. 186 Sports Clockwise from top left: Veteran golfer, Kim Hardy, followed through on a puttg and Rose Saperstein was caught in the backswing of a chip shot onto the green. The w0men's golf team included lfront row, left to rightl: Kim Hardy, Rose Saperstein, Cynthia jorgensen, l lback fowl: Marlys Efaw, coachg Cheryl lohnsong Nellie Fuiiig and janet Hayakawa. Sports 187 Cruisin' '74 'I Vf Qflfgq was-fir 'L- Q -if:34""1"gfg22 'iff Q 'L'-'-rg? iw.-.QL5 ' K .f4,f'?2...4.1.4 " P T f"ff "' 5 552 5 g 9 4325223 188 Seniors , 1 yjn, K, 'I' VIIVV I , V .ww""ix7 1 ! ' A'W i ff , lf Q,f4f 1,4 "in wauiwyfgitx X W, , , - 1,4 ,.4""'W 7 Wm fof. M -nf , -113,4-"'L",,'Q.q-' .M 4-'fm' With 150 students and 10 faculty members, the Islander set sail for lllahee State Park April 26. Despite the rain, people managed to amuse themselves in various manners during the 22 hour ride. Once on the island, baseball, frisbies, and general beachcombing served as the entertainment, and a dinner prepared by the F.E.A.S.T. class was served. The sun appeared just long enough to bid the seniors farewell on their journey home. Seniors 189 Senior Luncheon 1905 The Class of '74 held its Senior Luncheon at the Hilton Hotel, with the attire ranging from every day school clothes to tuxedos. One hundred seventy-five students and selected teachers enjoyed a three course meal, and then the entertainment began! Advisor Geoff Fox was "roasted," funny and serious awards were given to deserving seniors, and finally, music was provided by Rondel Harvey soloist, and a band consisting of Lee Turner, Ken Gorelick, Robert Damper, and David Yamasaki. Many thanls to Mary Gilmore, chairman, Wendy Rock, chairman of entertainment, and all the other people who helped to make the Luncheon the success it was. Silockwise from bottom left: Martin Patricell, roasted the Fox to a crisp, M.C. john Keister took over the Shows and Most Outgoing," Wendy Rock, welcomed the seniors to their luncheon. Awards Honor Society Awards Assembly Academically ranking near the top of the Class of 1974 were ' fleft to rightl: Robin Asher, Ken Gorelick, Frank Hanawalt fprincipall, Stacie Hashimoto, Wes Hashimoto, Sue Hildebrand, Tom Ikeda, Sharon lkejiri, Bev Kashino, Debbie Lyso, Kim Morrow, james Sameshima, Bob Stroup, and Robert Taki, who were recognized at the Honor Society Awards Assembly. Four seniors who maintained a 4.00 cumulative grade point average over a three year period were Arlene Ambo, Nlarcie Amira, Anita Chin, and Valerie Eng, pictured at right. 192 Academics l fr mm ' , I K y V f-K rw , lsfzmnumvww AWARDS, HONORS, AND SCHOLARSHIPSZ Bausch and Lomb, Andy Paszkowski. National Math Contest, Tom lkeda. Society of Women Engineers, Sue Hildebrand, Kim Morrow, and Marianne Tomita. Max Block, Lynn Myers. Rotarian Service Above Self, Leslie Webb. American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Bob Stroup. National Council of Teachers of English, Tom Brooks, Chris Chan, and Louise Kato. English as a Second Language, jennifer Yu. Quill and Scroll, Debbie Alfano, Lynn Behar, Tom Brooks, Anita Chin, Mike Elliott, A.B. Mackey, Kathie Page, and David Tomita, Nika Tolo Yaka, Robin Asher, Anita Chin, Ken Chin, and Anne Mori. Spelling Certificates, Kismet Barney, Gina Gardenhiere, janet Kamada, jeannette Louie, and Mamie Luke. Business Proficiency Certificates, Kismet Barney, ldolene Bratton, Nora Chin, Kathy Davis, Dan Fulgencio, Sue Funis, Gina Gardenhiere, Trent johnson, Mary Ann johnson, janet Kamada, Mamie Luke, Robert Nellams, Wendy Rock, and Elaine Touriel. Distributive Education Scholarships, Bev Kashino, Nina Vicors, and Barbara Young. Phi Beta Kappa, Bob Stroup, Linfield College Honors at Entrance, Andy Paszkowski. Mt. Saint Mary's College Honors at Entrance, Katie Pugel. Pacific Lutheran University Honors at Entrance, Karla Beck, Cinde jone, and Debbie Lyso. PLU Scholarships, Karla Beck and Cinde jone. PLU President's Scholarship, Karla Beck. University of Puget Sound Honors Program, Sue Hildebrand and Barbara Young. University of Washington Honors Award, Maxine Liggins. National Merit Scholarship, Doug Helling. National Achievement Scholarship, Kim Morrow. First Hill Lions Club Scholarship, Tom Barnes and Anita Chin. Top ll Departmental Honors, Valerie Eng, Doug Geiger, Ken Gorelick, Tom Ikeda, Russ jones, Martha Lindley, Mamie Luke, Bob Stroup, julie Tanagi, Marianne Tomita, and Ann Watanabe. Top 20, Arlene Ambo, Marcie Amira, Robin Asher, Anita Chin, Valerie Eng, Ken Gorelick, Stacie Hashimoto, Wes Hashimoto, Sue Hildebrand, Torn Ikeda, Sharon lkejiri, Bev Kashino, Phyllis Klein, jami Leong, Debbie Lyso, Kim Morrow, Cindy Murray, james Sameshima, Bob Stroup, and Robert Taki. From top left: Intelligence paid off for Andy Paszkowski, who received Honors at Entrance at Linfield College, as he accepted the letter from Neal Woolslayerg Gina Gardenhiere was one of a number of students to receive a proficiency statement in spelling from Malver Haynes, head of the Business Education department, the Rotarian Service Above Self Award was presented to Leslie D. Webb by jo Funderburg in recognition of Leslie's continuous contributions to this school and community, and Quill and Scroll journalism honors were awarded to Tom Brooks, Debbie Alfano, and Kathie Page by Barbara Nilson. iournalism advisor. Quaker Day Assembly iff, Barbara Young was caught in full stride frighti as she ran away with the Tom McCurdy Award, and an enthused crowd admired the trophy fabovej. 194 Academics AWARDS AND TROPHIES: Walter Reseburg Service, john Ogasawara. Tom McCurdy, Wayne Kawakami and Barbara Young. Ken Schoenfield, Robin Asher and Ken Gorelick. Ralph Eronemo, Ken Chin and Kim Chinn. Athlete of the Year, Noel Barnes and Ann Watanabe. The Franklin Thespians staged their own assembly at a picnic for the announcement of Thespians' honors. The Best Actor went to john Kiester, Best Actress went to Martha Lindley, Kathy Page was named the Best Trouper, and the Best Thespian was Paula Togawa. M 1 Clockwise from top left: Ken Gorelick, a golfer on the course, was awarded the Ken Schoenfield Trophy by Dave Belmonteg an all-around sports athlete, Ann Watanabe, was presented the female Athlete of the Year Award' Ken Chin, track star, made another run to victory this tipne to capture the Ralph Eronemo Award presented by Robert Lohnsojnhand tlrle Walter Reseburg Service Award for Service eY0H e ca o duty was presented t h 0 by o.L. Mitchell. 010 n gasawm Academics 195 In twilight time dream with me awhile . . . As nature bows down her head, see what tomorrow brings. Supplement Staff Robin Asher Cinde lone Marcie Amira Tommy Leong Anita Chin Fay Lim Ken Chin Wayne Lim Peter Chin Anne Mori Holly Croce Greg Tuai Steve Hasegawa Barbara Young Acknowledgments Heath Printers, publishing Dave White, photographer lim Palm, American Yearbook Company Barbara Nilson, advisor :Ihr ' hw ': U. .7 , Y Q. N. J . f A '55 - 1 ' V, . 5, ' 'Fi . 1 '1- , - 75 ,Q X -' T , ,3 . " 5 , I 3 1 I . . 1 - '., 1 K. -4 fx' ' ' .4 " ' v, . f' :Q - ' , A X '-I N , wr, 372- -, ' ' 1 . ' , f 1 1 ,-,..- ,rm 51151 ,-:J , '- W 4 , ,wg ff , l F - -. 'Q.':- ' , 1 ' 7:1 :- . V ,,,, -k V ig yi: , If Q. , N v -. C A '- . , - ' 7 .4 ' w ff 1.414 .w Ml. Q .Q , - 3' rv. k .W in-31. -mmm. .J

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