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Q 1 x 1 jffcfj '. ffglffffiw 'S' , jf!! by Wy ' ww M Sm ,,,WW,W Eff F when, f k in , I My M? X ,pj,9W5fWL,5.1 ' j 91, I ' 'I , 01 I P f JFK! 6 of cvydf Nw . I MN U! wx? TWFJPW Q P 1 Q Wy, 'A ggufjlmvvljpbls X J JJ Y NJ I ' .4 'X ,J f ' MMF 2 ,if F FJ 4' f X l 4 E' E ' fl ' if fl " 0 ak' P CZLXMJQOIDLDLZXV f W ' JJM' WMV ' f70,,,4,1.,fUV V J,V,,,yl Ma' ' J ,wif . ' t vwffb f ,ffwWfWU,wL? ff' ,ywffd ' ,WJ MLW XLL4,44fM,e7ZZ? Mwpmyy Wu .fa 6 0LfLh'Lg '1'f75L"7ffL'Lf4"42jJ!L!! by !ff W6 Lf WV? ZfwiLvu,LpcfL,fMfL .'MP f P If, AMW ffm l . g .bl AM! 624750, yi Cx wif K My 0. ,JflfHff2'4-J iw QPQQYNJE- XA an 'gfvwwe WMWWQCA' b - fLfLCffz,L,7 Wifi Cyv6Lw wid, Pivy' KL ' K. I7 QA LDQLI lx if f L-1 V? 6 , 0J17LfvLl,Eij:Y'Ave9jY4,Y'xEL,'EjOj'ijj,.Iikc,J Jay 93425 ' yn A fyw KWH' QW' VM ffuf46,l'jf4f 'fvf Q My 'Ma LLPJWJ Vey JVM 71'5?L'c2fc4 3155525 ws PX bf ,M x Cycqt ' Wfffgo FJ U ' W M wi AMN W , .W - ,ffw W Wiifh ADVFN IZ? ' 46 gy! jk? b . M1 M Mfg lf! , 43 ' 7511 m ' My Pfjjzjfjf' 9h.lfjEyPgP,Hypfy,fjyllj,f'NlQ!,p',f X0 - XP 11" My MM 1 0 QIAVCVW We ,567 ov Fm! W Q09 5 if Nfwfd 0 IW Q5 yQ5'5X ?U Q36 Q GUQQV ex ok if' SC X' v , 7 Q 1 11 1111 wwf 1 KWJMW 7, VOL 'L' af!! jf 513 W,. MRWXM, pyyilf ,AL 1 ff WSW ff ,awww W' ' 5 X W ff W WL 1 f' Veewvfdffnfif if YE A UQ WMV ,fad WM 797516 fm-jf,,geQ9 Q QT Q at MWVQ QQQQQQ QSKQ ?1?f11 X A 211 CO? 59592 Q Ei? 'Eg QP - gg ECZQQQQDU R T Balzin gzio fafezy 111a11s11111s,QiqQ'QQ X 1 S 1 1 A 11 wift season roll! 00 :QQ Q kb L hy low vaulte past! ,da 125 gp ,, P' '1::mf:i,,t'f:v:Q Q-Q T11 11 1 gh 1 1111, feSs.s 1 hank sto. L gfh g 111111y1f1-1's11111-es1fi11gs11-af ctxve Sergeant Austmn Seth he picture on the next page. LM-ES X ii fy, im 3 All Hail Franklin Our colors deep and true Stand as a symbol of our love for you. All Hail Franklin High School e sing ,our praise to thee trial and in Victory. Hail Franklin Hail' : x J ,. 'M wk mm N vpgv' , M ,yi 91- ...x , I ' 11' ' ""' 'Nag' -A.. f ! I Y p s X Q9 ,,, gg HI y 11. P Award of Merit Introducing a new school symbol. Chief Sealth was originally honored by hav- ing his name chosen for our parent annual, Q Q that of Broadway High School. 2 O I-L - - r- wk mmol A X K., Ralph Richard Upton H869-1935i Son of a California '49er and later Oregon Supreme Court judge, Ralph R. Upton was born in Portland, Oregon. He was educated at Yale University, from which he received Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and at George Washington University where he took degrees in law. He was a school administrator in Ohio and Illinois before coming to Seattle in 1912 as safety man, first for Stone and Webster Railway Co. and later for Puget Sound Power and Light where he originated the famous safety slogan: "STOP-LOOK- LISTEN." Mr. Upton became head of Franklin's English depart- ment in 1913 and during the next twenty years was not only a brilliant teacher but an inspiring adviser of Tolo Annual, Tolo Weekly, Debate and Oratory. In 1932 he organized the speech contest which has been successively known here as the Upton Contest, the Aristelle MacDonald Contest, and the Walter Reseburg Contest. 4 The Indian motto means: "I have succeeded," "I have won," or "I have achieved." "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew." from GolcIsmith's description of the schoolmaster, in THE DESERTED VILLAGE To FRANK MCCAFFREY ANN STONE CARL WELLS for their professional counsel and generous handling of production of a long shelf of Tolos TCJLO NAMES Ben's Men and Women for Distinguished Service to Franklin High School Presented to DoN MEANS for quiet, friendly way in which he handles student problems. NORMAN HEBERT for services beyond the call of duty to faculty and students alike. RALPH R. UPTON and JESSE R. HURLEY for over thirty years fcombined totalj of directing production of Frank- lin year books. N "But al that he myghte of his freendes hente, On bookes and on lernynge he it spente, . . . And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche. I Chaucer: "Prologue" to the CANTERBURY TALES Sketch ot' the scholar of Oxford t To BRIAN KASHIWAGI for his efficient administration of the ofhce of Student Body President LINDA MARR for her quiet mature exemplification of the Hnest Quaker Spirit. Jesse R. Hurley Born and educated in Pecatonica, Illinois, Jess Hurley attended Knox College at Galesburg, Illinois, where he received highest honors in Biblical Literature. After two years he interrupted his college career to teach for three years in a small high school a few miles from his home. He received A.B. and A.M. degrees in English from the University of Illinois and re- mained there for several years to teach and do graduate study. He studied under Professor Thomas Baldwin, international authority on Shakespeare, and Neil C. Brooks, famous German scholar and life-time student of medie- val liturgical drama. From 1935 to 1937, Mr. Hurley taught English at Wash- ington State College fnow Universityj. He came to Franklin in 1937 and has taught here ever since. His three daughters have all attended Franklin. Mr. Hurley is well known for his culinary skill and for his large col- lection of gourmet's recipes. He is a bibliophile and has a large and varied private library. Music has been one of his chief hobbiesg he has studied piano, pipe organ, and voice, especially German Lieder. He has a large col- lection of music and records. "Wet den Dichter will verstehen Muss in Dichters Lande gehen." und "Was du ererbt von deinen Vatern hast Erwirb es, um es zu besitzenf' Favorite aphorisms from Goethe's FA UST 1960 Editor Speaks OUR YEARS AGO the. Tolo was dedicated to freedom and reflected the honor of the Bellamy Award for Franklin High's loyalty, patriotism, love of country and good citizenship. Into this stimulating atmosphere we came as Freshmen. We worked and played together as a team with the help of an outstanding faculty and led by our Freshman cabinet. The majority of us came as Sophomores to the Sensational Sixties. The Tolo of 1959 was dedicated to Walter J. Reseburg, a great man and beloved principal. We were influenced by his drive for good sportsmanship, high scholastic standards, and enthusiasm for worthwhile things. We shared Frank1in's democratic living and freedom. We felt personally responsible not to abuse these prin- ciples. DONALD S. MEANS-U. of W.g B.A. in Econ. and Bus.g Bus. Management, Math and Accountingg Fir Tree, Oval Club, Big-W Club, Purple Shieldg 1945- 1949 fmath and coachj, at Bellevueg 1949-to date, Frankling math and asst. coachg 1955-56, head basket- ball coachg 1956-to date, V. Prin. Our Junior Tolo honored all teachers, staff members, and students who have made "Old" Franklin a great school. We looked forward to progress under the inspiration of our new prin- cipal, Mr. Garrison. Additions and improvements were begun at Franklin and as juniors we con- tinued to better our minds, our attitudes, and our characters striving to develop those qualities which will help us during our lives. The new con- stitution was adopted and a new type of student government came into being. In this our Senior year there has not only been a change in the building, but also the general con- cepts by which the school is being directed. Among the changes around the school is the Activities Oflice. Here emanates all student op- erations, achievements, and performances. A new roll room system was tried and has proven suc- cessful. All these experiences have added to the knowl- edge we have gained here at Franklin. We go forth better equipped to take our place as citizens of this changing universe. 1960 EDITOR In this constantly changing world, it seems that many of our most brilliant technological advances are almost obsolete by the time they are perfected. I find it very comforting to re- flect that certain things never change, simply because these things cannot be improved. These things are the moral and spiritual values that have made our nation great. Hon- esty, integrity, respect for oneself and for other persons, reverence for a Creator, intel- lectual curiosity, clean-mindedness, loyalty, patriotism: these are constant and unchang- ing principles that our schools strive to per- petuate. They give us a comfortable, solid place to stand while the world swirls madly around us. They provide science with a conscience. DONALD S. MEANS r'-"Hll""""""" L4 i ' -'s.....a...........-,,...... - as if wi HARRY L. GARRISON-U. of W., Stanfordg B.S. in Educ., Math., Educ. Adminis- tration, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Phi Delta Kappa. 1933-Republic High: 1934-1936 Wenatchee Jr. High fGen. Scienceig 1936-1944 Queen Anne CMath, Boys' Advisor, 1939-4015 1945-1950 Broadway CV. Prin.jg 1950-1954 Franklin QV. Prin.jg 1954-1958 Cleveland CPrin.Jg 1958-to date, Franklin fPrin.J. Franklin Quakers, whose pictures and activities are recorded in this book, will use, or fail to use, the education acquired at Franklin in a world quite different than the one we are familiar with today. It is certain that the next Fifty years will be years of rapid changes, changes in all kinds of things affecting human beings, and how they live. Folks who yearn for the "Good Old Days" and dream of the past will be most unhappy, for there will be no good old days, only "Good New Days," in which the expression "You ain't seen nothing yet" will be all too true. A society, undergoing rapid change, whose membership is not educated to understand and to guide this change, is likely to deteriorate and to disintegrate in time. One great purpose of education is to prepare our youth for intelligent, wise citizenship in a future way of life which will be different in many ways from that characteristic of todayj ' To assure that these differences will be constructive rather than destructive, helpful to mankind' rather than hurtful, and truly the result of democratic processes, will require of all Franklin Quakers continued lifelong learning. This lifelong learning will be not only their responsibility but also their greatest resource as they pursue the "great adventure" in the world of tomorrow. HARRY L. GARRISON X I M m 4 ffl XL . mx ' I WA ff? f fi2fW 5455 W7 iw MWWW fgggwffw xW' II I V 1 W Mm MW W Wi, J M MMV M765 WW W Z11f'L?'1Z30z9 945.1 if-Q22 HK'-Lx A Qxwfin gmc Qu, wax . 2-LMK, . -f QUO gi ke. Cfk M Q f W Mbffff 0f57fj,mW:,'?7 W 'WM wiilw S-3-MH.a1'l" ff9X!Of0p.j G LJ'J'tL5-xl! 0+ 9Lr'vHLfvx. SKVMH7 XNQWAS V ff ffl fuolj QA. .CJ f x A 1401945 AL,L19JI,!2WWV4S gwjm AUVUJS . , ,J -x,,x,!ANxNxDNx Q 'D . A K' ,. H Mums +'VOUQfvfov1Ad U fx Ji Tl XGA X -I 'YL 'Ava 'D XZ, V - fx V MDDPAQ 51.4-L Lfmgfy, flow I l- Arm aavy. V' J ' yQ,fA'W 1.50, 0 on 1 + Hi- o ,qpvl Q "" 9 MMM M Z. B X " 705 9- DOORS d 'L VU I HAJCE 'IQ-'Dub I' A A EIL , rw A N X rn R 5 Q h W ' D H Q fx f All! .... O .11 1 A x J' ' U1 S' j , 'I' H Franklin has been a school of 'great teaching. At the re-dedication on January 28, alumni were able to greet some of their favorite mentors. Margaret McCarney was Franklin's first and much loved girls' advisor but boys as well remembered her as an in- spired science teacher. She served both old and new Franklin until her retirement in 1950. Agnes Quigley developed linguistic skills in her classes in Spanishg she came to Franklin in 1914 and retired in 1957. Other retired teachers back that evening included Noah Davenport, former history department head C1914-19555: Ralph Knapp, physical education teacher and boys' adviser f1919-1958jg Doug Kirk, football coach and history teacher C1927-194055 Lydia Lindberg C1915-19501, teacher of English and coach of Upton contest, and Walter Reseburg 0912-1958j, science teacher, coach, boys' advisor, vice principal and principal. Greetings came from Margaret Gorman of Olivet, Michigang Helma Kuehn at Reno, Nevadag and others. Many former Franklin teachers now teaching elsewhere in Seattle were also back. LANGUAGE ARTS 1. James Britain--U. of W., B.A., Speech, English and Music. Z. Margaret Blanchard-U. S. C., B.A., History, Poli-Sci and English. 3. Margaret Campbell-U. of W., B.A., English, French, Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude. 4. Eva Doupe-U. of W., B. F. A., Drama, English, Drama Honorary, Alpha Delta Kappa. 5. Eleanor Flagler-U. of W., B.A., Lit., History. 6. Louise Grebe-Columbia, U. of London, U. of W., B.A., Eng- lish, Dramatics, Quill and Scroll. This Department has offered no less than twenty-three different courses during the tenancy of the Class of 1960. In addition to the required courses, some took advantage of the reading improvement classes which were offered, some few combined our LA with social studies down in Room 35 others substituted Journalism for LA 11, thus starting a whole new interest in writing and reporting, others took Laboratory Writing and turned out some mighty creative composition, many specialized in Drama and became the leading thespians of our school, others turned to Debate for practice in rhetoric, some took Publications, the course which made this Tolo possibleg those who planned for college careers took a double course of LA 12 either by taking it a full year or by engaging in Senior Reading. 7. Jesse R. Hurley-U. of lll., B.A. and M.A,, English, German, History, and Latin, Phi Beta Kappa and High Honors in English. 8. Nan Jardine-U. of W., B.A., English Lit., History, Delta Kappa Gamma. 9. Susan Miyake-Swarthmore, Yale, BA., and M.A., English Lit. and American Lit., History. IO. Betty Pickard-Whitman, B.A., Latin, English, Cum Laude and Mortar Board. 'lI. James Stevens-U. of W., B.A. and M.A., English and Lit., Journalism and Education. I2. Paul Van Tilborg-U. of W., B.A. and M.A., English and Psychology, History. IS. Robert Wettleson-U. of Minn., Wash. and Lee, U. of W., B.A., English and Journalism, German and Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi. 14. Norma Wills-Drake U., Northwestern U., B. F. A. and M.A., Qlarlama, Speech, and Speech Education, English, Music, and eater. There has been a ' 'Y great impetus in the I study of foreign lan- guages nation-wide. Franklin has 30 classes, with 40 percent of the student body enrolled in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. We were the only school in the city to offer Italian in the last few years. We are pleased that our two neighboring Junior High Schools, Sharples and Mercer, send us students who have already begun the study of a language and are able to continue until fluency has been attained. Honors classes have been established in the language field and are proving most beneficial for the serious- minded foreign-language student. We are grateful that Franklin was selected as the Senior High School in the city to have an electronically- equipped language laboratory. LANGUAGES Louise Collins-U. of W., B.A,, French and Span- ish, Italian-President's Medal. Marie Bollman-U. of W., B.A. M.A., Languages, History, Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude. Louis Duran-U. of Ore., M.A., Social Studies, Spanish and P.E. Mary Malcolm-U. of W., B.A., Spanish, English and P.E., Orchesis, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Sigma Iota, and Delta Kappa Gamma. Catherine Merlina-U. of W., B.A., French, Italian, Spanish, and Journalism. Muriel Morris-Whitman, B.A., History and Latin, French, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude, Delta Kappa Gamma. Probably the most obvious change in the Social SOCIAL STUDIES Carl Malnati-Central Wash., U. of W., Seattle U., B.A., M.A., History and Public School Admin., Polit. Science and Sociology, Honor Roll. Frank Ahern-W. S. C., Seattle U., B.A., Commer- cial Science, Social Studies. Earl Bassett-U. of W, C. W. C. E,, B.A., Social Studies, Math., Art, and P.E. Marie Brannen-U. of Wis., B.A., History, Polit. Science. Frank DiLevo-Drake U., MA., B.S.E., History and English, Polit. Science, Geography, and French. Brennan King-HGT College, U.of W., B.S., His- tory, P.E., Kappa Alpha Nu and Honor Society. Audley Mahaffey-U. of W., M.A., History, Eng- lish, and P.E., Ed. William Morris-U. of Mont., U. of W., U. of Penn,, B.A., M.E,, History and Bsns. Ed., Psychology, Economics, and Ed., Phi Delta Kappa. Robert Parks-U. of Mich., U. of W., B,A-., M.A,, lalistory, Philosophy and Polit. Science, Honor o . Thomas Rekenthaler-U. of W., U. of Calif., B.A., Russian and Slavic Studies, Philosophy. Studies Department was the ability-grouping of classes. This policy was inaugurated in an attempt to educate each student according to his needs. Students and teach- ers alike have been overwhelming in their praise of this program. . Wxj , if I S-an Luitiirigr 'v Franklin's Math. De- partment is presently in a period of experiment and change. Because of increased emphasis on sound Mathematics, both in content and teaching, no static con- dition prevails. In elementary Alge- bra one class is using the new School Math- ematics Study Group texts as a member of the Seattle Ninth Grade Center. This is part of a national pro- gram sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Accelerated Geometry classes are also using S.M.S.G. material emphasizing the analytical approach to Geom- etry. One class in grade eleven is a member of the national S.M.S.G. program as is one twelfth grade Mathematical Analysis class. Franklin's Mathematics Teachers are active in S.M.S.G. as writers, teachers and critics. Others have been associated with the Gen- eral Electric program and advanced work at the Uni- versity of Washington. While emphasizing the changing material for college capable students, the depart- ment has not relaxed its concern or intensity of effort in the welfare of pupils striving only to meet minimum graduation requirements. Much new instructional material is being received from the National Defense program to be made available to all. MATHEMATICS Shirley Boselly-South Dakota State, Whitman, U. of W., U. S. C., U. C. L. A., B.S., Math.g Science and English. .leicme Baker-W. W. C., B.A.5 Moth., Physical Science. Wallace Callow-U. of W., B.S.: Math., English and P.E Harriet Doherw-U. of W., B.S.: Math.5 Drama, Drama Honorary. Joseph Hall-U. of W., Ore. State College, Shiven- ham Amer. U. iEnglandl, Edinburgh U. lScot- landl, B.A.5 Economics: Math.-Commercial. Helen Kuebler-Carleton College, B.S., Biologyg Math. and French. Vera Maynord-U. of Idaho, U. of W., B.S. and M.S.g Math.: Physics and Philosophy. Lewis Simpson-U. of W., B.A.g Math., English and Science, Phi Delta Kappa. George Turk-Seattle U., U. af W., B.E.g Math.p Science and Physics. SCIENCES . . . HEALTH Harry Benson-W. S. C., U. of W., B.S., M.A.: Physics, Chemistry. Phillip Evatt-U. of W., B.S., Chemistry, Math. and Physics. Glenn Jacobsen-W. S. C., C. W. C. E., U. of W., B.A. and M,A.5 Biological Sciences, Psychology and Sex Educatiang Kappa Delta Pi. Victor McClelland-U. of W., B.A., Musicg Science, Phi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi. Robert McGrath-Whitman, B.A.p Biology and Chemistry, Music. Dole Petite-U. of W., B.S.: Chemistryg Music and Math. Eugene Caddey-U. of W., B.A.5 P.E.: Health Edu- cation and Social Studies. Genevieve Warner-E. W. C. E., U. of W., B.S.: Home Economicsg Chemistry. Franklin may now boast of a series of science rooms second to none in the city. We have eight rooms in all. Three of these are for biology, two for health, one general purpose room, and one each for chemistry and physics. A fine type of table has replaced the old type of desk. All rooms are capable of accommodating thirty-two pupils. The chemistry and physics rooms have a new seating arrangement which permits all students to see equally well from all parts of the room. Finally, to the delight of the teacher, he now has a workroom in the rear of the classroom to call his very own. Teachers in the Busi- ness Education Depart- ment tind the location of the Typing, Short- hand, Business English, Bookkeeping, and Of- fice Practice class- rooms on the first floor very convenient. New machines, cupboards and furniture make the Otiice Practice Room located in 107 very pleasant. The old tick- et booth makes a very nice office and adding machine room for the bookkeeping classes. The Business Educa- tion Department has a new room, 207, for Re- tailing, Business Law and Business Arithme- tic. It has a new dis- play counter, lights and closet space for Retailing. We use this room for classes in Shorthand I. We are pleased that teachers can change rooms without undue hardship. BUSINESS EDUCATION I. Awalt Stcll-U. of North Dakota, B.S., M.A., History, Economics, ana Business Ed., Polit. Science and Amer. Hist., Phi Delta Kappa. 2. M. Warner Holt-lll. State Normal U., U. of lll., U. of W., Seattle Pacific, B.E., Bsns. Admin. and Distributive Ed., Kappa Phi Kappa. 3. Mary Hoyt-U. of W., Sorbonne, Columbia, B.A., French, Commercial. 4. Dorothy Hunter-U. of W., Seattle Pacific, B.E., Bsns. Ed., His- tory, Pi Lambda Theta. 5. Beverly McPherson-U. of W., B.A., Bsns. Ed., Accounting and Social Studies, Pi Lambda Theta and U.B. Panhellenic. 6. Gordon Meeske-Yakima Jr. College, Pacific Lutheran, C.W.C.E., U. of W., B.A., Bsns. Ed., Guidance. 7. Ina Claire O'Hare-Teachers' College of North Dakota, U. of W., B.A., Bsns. and Social Science, English and P.E. B. Terrie Shimomura-U. of W., U.C.L.A., B.A., Accounting, Jap- anese and Social Science. ARTS AND CRAFTS 1. Charlotte Bisazza-Pratt Inst. of N. Y., Columbia, New York U., U. of Ore., U.of W., F.A.A., Design, Painting, and Sculpture, Ceramics, Delta Kappa Gamma. 2. Roberta Owen-Iowa State U., U. of W., B.A., Home Ec. and Science: Art, Mortar Board. 3. Curt-s Chapel-U. of W., B.A., M.A., Music, Math., Music G Honor ry. 4. Emanuel Weisman-U. of W.,, B.A., Music, Journalism. 5. Fern Newlands-Wash. State, B.A., Home Ec. and Science, Chemistry and Art. 6. Laurel Pickett-Wash. State, B.S., B.E., Home Ec., Chemistry and Sociology, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, and Phi Lambda Theta. 7. Barrie RiceMU. of W., B.A., Ind. Arts, Social Studies. 8. George Ehrgott-Wash. State, B.A., B.E., Ind. Arts and Ed., Ind. Mech. and Geography. 9. John Framm-Pacific Lutheran-B.A., Ind. Arts, P.E. 10. Edward Nilson-U. of W., B.A., Ind. Ed., Science and Math. In our new and modern shops, the class of 1960 is seeing the culmination of hopes and dreams that have been in our minds ever since I became a member of the faculty in 1940. The additional shops and the latest in mechanical and electronic equipment have en- abled us to expand our curriculum to include courses which meet the demand for college preparation in the engineering Fields as well as courses in gas engine and boat building. New rooms for music and remodeled quarters for arts make possible new approaches in these areas. Lunchraom Manager Assistants Our Franklin girls were greeted with improved physical education facilities on their return to school in the fall. The new Girls' Gym consists of the boys' and girls' old gyms and room 52. The new dressing rooms, shower rooms, basket rooms, teachers' offices, and storage rooms are the main remodeling improvements. The building of the new Boys' Gymnasium provides two excellent teach- ing stations. The instructors can now carry on a diversified program which was not possible under the old set-up. This year weight training, tumbling apparatus, volleyball, and badminton, along with the teaching of athletic skills are offered to all physical education students. A new counseling office with a reception room and oH-ices for four coun- selors gives facilities for an improved guidance program. One counselor is assigned to each class: Miss Strain to Seniors, Miss Cline to Juniors, and Mr. Schott to Sophomores, each will continue with a class until it gradu- ates. Two part-time counselors assist: Mr. Keyes works with attendance problems primarily, Mr. Callow coordinates the testing program. PHYSICAL EDUCATION I. Kathleen Frisby-C. W. C. E., U. of W., B.A., History, P.E. and English. Z. Dave Currie-Wash. State, U. of W., B.S., B.E., P.E., History, Social Studies, Guidance and Counseling, and Bsns. 3. Richard Luft-E. W. C., U. of W., B.A., P.E., Safety Ed., Sociology, and Social Studies, Scarlet Arrow, Who's Who, V.P. of Student Body. 4. Leonard Saalwaechter-Milliken U., U. of Ill., B.S., P.E. and Coaching, Ind. Arts. 5. Aurelia Lowry-U. of W., B.S., P.E., Physiology, Zoology, and Geography. 6. Mary Vaux-Linfield C., U. of W., B.A., P.E., Health and Home Ec GUIDANCE I. Isabel Strain-Reed C., B.A., Psychology, Sociology, Delta Kappa Gamma. 2. Blanche Cline-Sargent C., Boston U., B.S., M.E., Guidance and P.E., Health and Recreation. 3. Ernest Schott-U. of Calif., State C. of San Francisco, B.A., M.A., General Curriculum. 4. Forrest Keyes-C. W. C. E., U. of W., B.A., P.E. and Speech, Speech Correction, Eng., and lnd. Arts, Who's Who, Inspiration Award, V.P. of Student Body. 5. Harvey Lanman-Northwestern, U. of Neb., Boston U., B.A., Bsns. Admin., Ed. and Psychology, Football. Edith Halbert Martha Bawden Dorothy Buck Agnes B. Doyle Dorothy Florian Sarah Marie johnson Margaret E. Koenigs Josephine V. Sharlock Dorothy Ekholm- School Nurse U. of W. Public Health Certificate Major: Public Health Nurse ZSM, years at Franklin ZZ years army nurse corps Constance Morrison- Guidance Clerk 16 years sec. experience 7 years at Franklin Helen Olin-Attendance Clerk U. of W. Edison 9 years at Franklin Helen Wettleson- Study Hall Clerk U. of W. Graduate of Franklin 10 years at Franklin Edith Halbert- Luncllroom Manager 1 year at Georgetown 4 years at Van Asselt 8 years at Franklin Bertha Rice-Head Clerk U. of W.: Business College 9 years business experience 14 years at Franklin Velma Bosworth- Assistant Clerk EWCE: Peterson Bus. Col. U. of Wg In-Service training courses Ruth M. Babcock-Librarian Mankato State College U. of W.g B. of Ed. B.A. in Librarianship Majors: History, English Honor Graduate Daisy D. Broderick- Library Assistant Seattle Pacific College Business Training 11 years at Franklin Normand Herbert-Custodian 2 years at Cleveland 5 years at Colman 4 years at Lawton 1 year at J ohn Marshall 5 mos. at Cascade 5 mos. at U. Heights 5 mos. at Interlake 16 years at Lincoln 4 years at Franklin M LLUVJXQ M ,JW wflwwmww VM A -D' NM Mc ,I iDnpJJQYjL9iJJ0f0'o Mp L GM DU' 41,92 Q UP Ui fl gf MW ' 4 L 5 , NI E639 l - V4 1 - I N 1 V 4 2 ff O QQV1 OGJLCUL CCLfQ.0'L 1 A V mu M M 'M , duff!! MMM PWWMJ2 MW? FQ Jw-'SL Jfvwm -LL!'Cl.Ej3Ly2'ZCEJL iff Jmili, fgou, ,fL 1fef w, EL m10Ja ,7wq ?1L YQJWMJ MGMW Jim any atafflffbd, U A' 16 JQJUQJM QVDJQ Amulet V6 MDMA? cyikw, W Og ZOUMQ, CM, ,Gini Jil afrwb Q? mwah JLLQLQL, 1 QMQQWZQ, ,wt Ocuz, Jiczfivwlgl amid, ' Jioii OULCL--7'2fZ,ClJ df QMMJJ QM LQ ,L ,50- MM ICM eww WZAMUWQ ffzmffdfa Jw Awwfpb Qiwfff ww WW ffm gfziqfwwilsiggi 5 MQ fm! GLW WEL jimi ffuuclu Q, QJMLCCQV mo ily?-gljgiu Q-Q 1 iJUJ7"L, U, , 7 wQQmQa,1QfJfff3fi Jkwww 1m Qwiw by Om JUVQQZ,wQf Elfmjffffff ffm fir- - 4 3 QLMLCL' lf!!! , ' CX., I an WL! Eff My , .i JMU QQ? f x J GQ, QVCHJM . fy fx QQSA MPI M05 ff A . QU .fy ' QEMI QUTVLEE QSC ,ULQLDLCL V 5 4 . Q! Q Q RY-Y 1 E E57 ' 1 if f , Ui. -Y , , L -. - 'fra' .s :fi-S SY? ' ff..--.msg " . ,:' 1'wl5L'5 Q i 2539?-' f M , 1 Z Pl f ,ff Ii 8 K, ,X YES, is Q, , 53 fg K S : wa 9' .Q fp- 28 2 wg 'K . 2 . A W QQ ig.. V ij :gm . M at A Q1 M ' . ' L ' Y '4 5 A X N .v+ . - Q. - 3 ' ,lpllmng K is' 5 1 fi P 5. A3 M, - Q , , - 4 2 Q: 2 'Q Q . , - .-,. .v frx S ' IS? ' f 5 5 5 i , 1 X Anderson, Jean G.C. Comm. 3,4 B.E.C. 3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 lst Wds.: Keep up the good work. Anderson, Marcus Usher Squad 2,3,4 Lunchroom 2 Int.: De Molay Amb.: College Lst. Wds.: Study Hard Antonelli, Nancy "lnt. 1 Interests Anderson, Judith Sr. Choir 2, 3 Operetta 3 Student Council 3 Quakerettes 2 Class Comm. 4 Angel, Sylvia Roll Rep. 2,4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 B.E.C. 4 Class Comm. 4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3,4 Int.: Boys, dancing, driving, Lettermen Antovich, Zorka G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Peeve: Warriers Amb. I Ambitions W Acob, Maximo Wapato 1,2 Tennis 3 Amb.: Air Force Ahwile, Linga Parking 1,2 I Otta Know Assoc. 2,3 lst. Wds.: Time waits lor no man and neither do I. Alhadeff, Harry Class Comm. 2, Chrmn. 3 Tolo Weekly 3,4 lst. Wds.: Prepare lor college. Almy, Richard Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Int.: Skiing Amb.: College 0 Anderson, Karyne G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 2,4 B.E.C. 3,4 Ski Club 4 Angle, Saxon Poetry Club, l,2,3,4 Library Shelf Dusting Club l,2,3,4 Speak Easy Club 3,5 lst. Wds.: To be or not to be-that is the question. Apple, Don Leg. I Legacy 6 Adams, Peggy Alexander, Larry Golf 2,3,4 Ski Club 2,3,4 Ski Team 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Thespians 4 Sr. Play Dir. 4 Student Faculty 4 Alhadeff, Jack Football Mgr. 'l,2,3,4 Golf 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 B.C. Rep. 4 Altaras, Robert Roll Rep. 3 Tolo Annual 4 Peeve: Girls with boys' HOMES Int.: Sports Adams, Sandra lShortyl Library Club 2,3 Sr. Choir 3,4 Girls' Choir 3 Alfarone, Gene lliinol Track l Peeve: People who think they are better than I Alhadeff, Susan G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3,4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. l,2,3,4 Spanish Club l Roll Rep. 3 Alverson, Diane lDil Tolo Annual 4 Swim Team 3 lnt.: Bowling Peeve: Hard butter Amb.: To leave it all behind Asp, .Iudy G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 G.C. Rep. I P.T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Ski Club 4 Class Comm. 4 Bader, Cheri G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Ski Club, l,2,3,4 Sr. Play Comm. 2,3 Thespians 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Learn to ski Baldwin, Kay llill Study Hall Clerk 2 G.C. Chrmn. 4 Couns. Off. Clerk 4 lnt.: Swimming, hiking Barmore, Bruce Aspria, Josephine lloseyl P.T.A. Dance Comm. 4 G.C. Comm. 3,4 Att. Off. 3 Lst. Wds.: Work hard, but have fun. Bailey, Zorinu lloel Roosevelt 2 Study Hall Clerk 3 Main Ott. Clerk 3,4 Student Faculty 4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 4 G.C. Comm. 4 Banana, Anna Sun Bathing Club 2,3 Advanced Bay Hunting 3,4 Leg.: Automatic peeler Lst. Wds.: The days I like best are Sundaes. Barnett, George Peeve: 1940 Fords Int.: 1951 Olds Baba, Pat F.T.A. 1 Quaker Maids 2,3,4 Spades 3,4 G.C. 2,35 Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 4 G.C. Rep. 4 Baker, June Quaker Maids 2,47 Chrmn. 3 G.C. Comm. 1,25 Chrmn. 3 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Lst. Wds.: Smile-life can't be that bad. Banasky, Rebecca lBeckyl Student Faculty 4 G.C. Comm. 1,2 Chrmn. 3,4 B.E.C. 2,35 V.P. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Amb.: C.P.A. Lst. Wds.: Like . . . wow! Barrick, lynn G.C. Comm. 2,3 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Songleader 4 Amb.: College Bartley, Norman lBartl lnt.: Cars Peeve: Traffic officers Baum, Pat Bennett, Karen G.C. Comm. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Water skiing, dancing Amb.: Airline hostess, college Bastre, John Track 2,3 lnt.: Sports, travel Amb.: Teacher Bay, Avrum Bens, Barbara Bio. Asst. 4 Peeve: Smoking Amb.: Med. Tech. Battey, Mattie Int.: Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, Amb.: Marry Elvis Lst. Wds.: Down with Ricky! Beattie, Beth Thespians 4 G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. l,2,3,4 Ski Club l,'2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Sr. Play 4 A Bernert, Chuck Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1 Swim Team 2 B.C. Chrmn. of Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Student Faculty 4 19 Boland, Gwen Thespions 3 Operetlo 3 Sr. Choir 3 Class Comm. 4 Lsl. Wds.: Stick lo your principles. Bottle, M. T. lmbibers, lnc. 2,3,4 Advanced Girl Chasing 3,4 lnl.. Stewed lomaloes Lsl. Wds.: ll's lhe water that makes it good. Boyle, Mike Boley, Ron lnt.: Cars Peeve: People Amb.: Sleep Lsf. Wds.: Slick with il Bonetto, Judy Nurse's Off. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 2,3 G.C. Chrmn. 4 Int.: Art, music Peeve: Soshes Lsl. Wds.: Have school spirit. Brazier, Barbara lBarbl Eugene, Ore. 2 Roll Rep. 3 Class Comm. 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Besel, Gary lBe'sl Honor Soc. 'l,2,3 Baseball 1,2 Roll Rep. l Int.: Skiing, swimming Amb.: Architect Bicknell, Berkley Bitler, Sharon Bliler, Sandy Ski Club 2,3 G.C. Comm. 2,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 lnl.: Water skiing Peeve: Seaweed Bolster, Bonnie lnlernot'l Club l Sr. Ploy Comm. 2 lnl.: Job's Daughters Amb.: l.B.M. operator Lst. Wds.: Study Bowden, Rod Foolboll 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3 Peeve: Tennis shoes Brazil, Pat Baseball 2,3,4 Int.: Girls, Hi-Y Peeve: Everybody nol in the clan. Amb.: College 6 Better, Ima Superiorily Club 3,4 Nofl Assoc. For The Advancement of Rumors lg Pres. 2,3,4 Lst. Wds.: Most good look- ing people are conceiled, but l'm not. Bielman, Judy lDimplesl G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Nurse's Asst. 4 Peeve: Snobs Amb.: Nurse Lsl. Wds.: Work, have lun, be good! Biorkman, Rudy lnl.: Cars Peeve: People who drive my cor Blodgett, Sharon Pocatello, Idaho 1,2 B.E.C. 3,4 Library Club 4 Int.: Sports, travel, college Amb.: Hove lun ond enjoy life Bickler, Paul llerryl Track 2 Peeve: All-girl Schools Amb.: Junior College, football Bigley, Mike Blake, Mike Int.: Money Peeve: People with long noses Amb.: To live in Mt. Boker Boe, Gordon Football 2,3 Track 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Brody, Sharon Buck, Norman lBuckyl lnt.: Skiing, women, sleep Peeve: Blushing Amb.: Salesman Burnett, Pat Class Comm. l,2,4, Chrmn. 3 Football 2 Bldg. and Grnds. Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Butler, Erma lSkidl Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Chrmn. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 F.T.A. 2 Peeve: People who call me lreckles Brown, David Int.: Game Chickens, hunting Amb.: Marry rich widow Lst. Wds.: Run while you can and think later. Budd, Rosa l.S.G. ll smell goodl Club 2,37 Pres. 4 Flower Plucking l,2,3,4 Peeve: Piclry people lst. Wds.: Mmmmm- and it smells good loo. Burns, Billie Baseball l,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Sr. Choir 3,4 Int.: Drums, Bowling Butler, Lonnie lKingl Baseball 2,3,4 Football 2 lnt.: Bowling Hi-Y Lst. Wds.: Do what you want-but think first. Bryant, Frank Cle Elum 'l Usher Squad 2,3 Lst. Wds.: ll you're going to take it easy, don't do it in your senior year. Burdge, Franklin Bushley, Dave Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 l.ettermen's Club 2,3,4 Tolo Annual 4 ski Club l,2,3, Pres. 4 Student Faculty Soph. Adv. 4 Caesar, Patricia G.C. Comm. 2,3 Class Comm. 3 Girls' Choir 3 Lst. Wds.: Franklin's great-keep it that way Cannon, Gary Carrol, Paul Ski Club 2 Yell Squad 4 lnt.: Skiing, tennis lst. Wds.: Enjoy it while it lasts. Chen, Paul lnt.: Math Amb.: Engineer Carbon, Janice llanl Class Comm. 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,3 Thespians 3 Student Faculty Nurse 4 Int.: Bowling Carrots, Ahuncha Advanced Cooking, 2,3,4 Black Board Washing 5 Peeve: Being grounded Lst. Wds.: Anyone with intelligence can gradu- ate in four years or so. Cherednik, lohn lRossl Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Sr. Play 4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: De Molay, eating Amb.: Rack up points in cr sosh club. Carmine, Gary Highline 2 Football 3,4 Peeve: Girls who smoke Wds.: lf at first you don't succeed, give up. Chandler, Bonnie Queen Anne l,2 G.C. Comm. 3 Peeve: Conlormists Amb.: Writer, artist Chilsen, Richard lSpiderl lnt.: Girls, sports, graduating Amb.: To marry rich. Colcock, Karen Honor Soc. 'l,2,3 G.C. Comm. 2,3 Ski Club 3,4 Class Comm. 3 Amb.: Missionary nurse Conard, Bruce tnt.: Cars, hunting, tishing Peeve: Girls that don't know when they've said enough. Cooke, Dave lCookiel Band 1,2 lnt.: Amateur radio Amb.: Electrical Engineer. Cole, Hunka Debate or Heated Dis- cussions l,2,3,4 Amb.: To break that smoking habit Lst. Wds.: Mine is the kind of personality that people just warm up ta. Condon, Janice llanl G.C. Comm. 3 Honor Soc. 3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Cooper, Don Chun, Jean Honor Soc. 2 G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Peeve: Cliques Clavey, Darrell Basketball 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Amb.: Get to and through college Clothier, lim Int.: Hunting, fishing Peeve: Wise little underclassmen. Lst. Wds.: Keep trying. Cohen, Sharon G.C. Comm, l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 2,3,4 Thespians 3,4 Student Faculty 4 tnt.: Tennis Amb.: College, be thin Collen, Firelei lFifil Class Treas. 2 Student Council 2 Amb.: Airline stew- ardess Lst. Wds.: They said it couldn't be done. Cook, David Int.: Fishing, swimming, hunting Amb.: Navy Corliss, Vernon Sr. Play 4 Thespians 4 Operetta 3 CJ Christensen, Betty Kay lnt.: Church group Peeve: Jr. High pupils who smoke Amb.: To own a Corvette Clinton, Craig Talo Weekly 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Quaker Club 4 Amb.: Teacher Lst. Wds.: Be good Cluster, Boysall Gang Gathering Club 3,4 Maybelling Users 2,3,4 Peeve: Cluster busters Lst. Wds.: Do l or do l not, only my hairdresser knows for sure. Cohen, Shelly c.c. comm. 1,2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Amb.: College Clark, Ethel Girls' Choir l Att. Off. l,2,3,4 Amb.: Graduate, work get married Close, Dianna Quaker Maids 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Swimming, bowling Cochran, Curtis Int.: Cars Amb.: Be a sosh Colagrossi, Jeannette Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Class Sec. 3 Peeve: Pushy people Amb.: College Corner, Tim Cramer, Robert Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Student Faculty 4 lnt.: Cars, Boy Scouts Amb.: College Cronn, Bob Band 2 Usher Squad 3 lnt.: Amateur radio lst. Wds.: l.ots'o-luck Crothers, Bob Cossalter, JoAnn lJol G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 B.E.C. 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Peeve: Know-it-all seniors Creevey, Jim Thespions 4 Roll Rep. 'l Sr. Choir 2,3,4 Class V.P. 4 Operetta 3 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Crooner, Justa Sr. Singers 4 Hog Calling 3,4 whaling 2,3,4 Amb,: To get my first golden record Lst. Wds.: Slap, look, and . . . listen? Cusber, Jim Int.: Water skiing, hot rods Peeve: Chevy 6's, soshes Cox, Kenny Thespians l,2,3,4 All School Play 2 lnt.: Football, singing flirting 5 -A Amb.: Marriage Croker, James Peeve: Teachers who make you work Amb.: Get out of school Lst. Wds.: Study hard Cropley, AI Peeve: Suck-sess Amb.: lnternational Playboy Czarniecki, John Int.: Hunting, fishing gall Amb.: Mechanical engineer 0 0 Dahl, Betty Honor Soc. i,2,3,4 Class Comm. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Amb.: Teacher Dahlman, Roger Int.: Cars, money, girls Peeve: Soshes Amb.: Graduate Dark, Sidney Knife Throwing Cult 3,4 Finger Snapping Club 2 Amb.: To know watt is going on Lst. Wds.: l hope you see the light. Dahl, Darlene Mercer Island 1,2 G.C. Comm. 3 Class Comm. 4 Daley, Brian Basketball Mgr. 'l,2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Peeve: Girl smokers Amb.: College graduate lst. Wds.: Work hard kiddies. Davenport, Janice Honor Soc. 2,3 F.T.A. 2,3,4 lnt.: Church pianist, music, handiwork, teaching Amb.: Teacher Dahlin, Carol G.C. Comm. lg Chrmn. 2,3 G.C. Pres. 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Adv. 4 lnt.: Jr. Achievement Amb.: Foreign service Daly, Rita Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Skiing, swim- ming, dancing, bowling Amb.: Teacher Davis, Janice llant Honor Soc. 2,3 G.C. Comm. 3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Amb.: College Divyak, Ron Dose, Cluita Franklin Hair Combing Assoc. 2,3 Nail Driving Club 4,5 Pickle Dilling Club 3,4 Lst. Wds.: Extracur- ricular activities are so important Downie, Pamela lPaml Pep Club 1 Library Club 3,4 int.: Music, art Dodge, Walter lWaldol Int.: Woodworking Amb.: To live till I die Douglas, James Baseball 1,2,3,-1 Boys' Choir 1,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 tnt.: Bowling Amb.: Singer Drugge, Allen lAll Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Skiing, swimming Day, .lerry Rall Rep. 1,2 Class Pres. 1 Class Comm. 1,2,3,4 Int.: Hi-Y, golf, 1929 Model "A" Lst. Wds.: Study hard but be active. Deleon, Irvin Tennis l,2,3 tnt.: Football, bowling Peeve: Rich girls Lst. Wds.: l passed! DeSanctis, Fred Seattle Prep, 1,2 Football 3,4 Track 4 lnt.: Hi-Y Dickerson, Steve Class Comm. 2,3,4 Int.: Hi-Y, water skiing 0 Donlan, Jeri Pep Club 1 Library Club 3,4 Int.: Drawing, horses Peeve: People who POP sum Douville, DiAnne lDil G.C. Comm. 1,2,3,4 Arr. Off. 4 Class Comm. 4 Drugger, Dale int.: Sports, music Amb.: Musician, vocalist l 0 Deahl, Patricia lPatl B.E.C. 4 lnt.: Spades, Y-Teens Amb.: Marriage DeMarco, Lenore Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Tolo Annual 4 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Peeve: People with 20-20 vision Desert, Baron Pencil Sharpeners 3,4 Bus Catching 1,2,3,4 Lst. Wds.: Love the Beanery for what it is Dickinson, Carole Swim Team 2,3 G.C. Comm. 2,3 Roll Rep. 4 Amb.: College DelDuca, Janice Honor Soc. 2,3,4 F.T.A. l,2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Class Comm. 4 Library Asst. 3,4 DePorter, Don Student Faculty Vice- Principal 4 Student Council l,2,3,4 Bldg. and Grnds. Comm. 4 Class Comm. Chrmn. 3,4 Class V.P. 2 Dickerson, Sharon Class Comm. 2 Library Club 3,4 Int.: Skating, music, sports DiGennaro, Frances Int.: Dancing, music, art Peeve: Lunchroom spaghetti Amb.: Go back to Italy Duncan, Margaret lMidgel G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Ski Club l,2,3,4 Edwards, Gail Quaker Maids 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,3 Tolo Annual Ed. 4 Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Skiing Ellis, Dean Baseball l,2,3,4 Int.: Sports Amb.: To be successful Epps, Sharon Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Snobs Amb.: To reach 5'l" Dyson, Paulette Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Top Ten Int.: Faculty Quortette loccomp.j, piano, roller skating, Y.F.C. Eggenberger, Jim Engstrom, Christine Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Sr. Choir 2 G.C. Comm. 2 G.C. Rep. 4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Church, swimming lst. Wds.: Keep trying Erskine, Donald Lst. Wds.: Aloha Eastman, Malynda l G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3,4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. l,2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Quakerettes 2 lst. Wds.: Have fun Ellingsen, Henry Usher Squad 2,3 Honor Soc. 3 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Int.: Electronics Peeve: Know-it-alls Empathy, Fuller Bird Washing Club 'l,2 Confetti Shredders Inc. 3 Fire Alarm Pulling Assoc. l,2,3,4 Int.: Alcoholics Anon. Lst. Wds.: 99 and 4411001 proof Eskanazi, Sam Tennis I,2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Arnb.: College 0 eo Espey, Steve Football 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Sr. Choir 3,4 Operetta 3 Lst. Wds.: Study hard and never vote for another constitution Faxter, Thaddeus Bird Watchers T Bird Watchers Pres. 2,3,4 .lanitor's Helpers 3,4 Chicken Pluclcers Inc. 4 Egg Peeling Assoc. 3,4 lst. Wds.: How'cl that rooster get in there? Finlayson, Ann Swim Team l,2,3,4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Student Council 1 Class Comm. l,2,3,4 P.T.A. Dnnce Comm. l,2,3,4 Sr. Play 4 Fall, Dave Fellows, Margie lButterballl Girls' Choir 2,3,4 lnt.: Driving, dancing, boating lst. Wds.: Study hard! Finton, John lnt.: Hi-Y, girls, money, cars Peeve: Soshes, Barrel Rats Amb.: Architect Faulkner, Cleo Sr. Choir 3,4 Peeve: Soshes Amb.: Marriage lst. Wds.: No cheoti Ferrier, Kent Football l,2,3 Tennis 1,2 B.C. Rep. 1,2 R011 Rep. 1,2,3,4 fl P.T.A. Dance Comm. 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Fieldal, Ray Roll Rep. 2 Baseball 3,4 Amb.: Pro-baseball Garrison, Dianne Gibson, Gerla Vanity Fair Club 2,3 Bike Built for Two Riding 1,2,3,4,s Lst. Wds.: Better to conceal than reveal Givens, Larry Gerla, Bill Honor Soc. 2 Tennis 2,3,4 Student Court Chief Justice 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Gill, Stephen Band 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Int.: Electronics Amb.: Air Force oliicer Giurasic, Mark Track l,2,3,4 Car Check Comm. 4 rm.. skiing ! l Flanig, Jim l lCurleyl Amb.: Make good Forsman, lim Ski Club 4 int.: Skiing, hunting, fishing Peeve: Bleached blondes Amb.: To see the world Freeman, Bonnie Bellevue 'l,2 Bond 3,4 G.C. Comm. Chrmn. 3 Roll Rep. 4 Student Council 4 Student Faculty 4 Gacek, Jeannie o 60 Gervais, Barbara Class Comm. 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 F.T.A. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Grpson, Nancy Class Comm. 4 Int.: Skiing Amb.: Marriage Gleason, Valerie G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Sewing, piano Fletcher, Judy lnternat'I Club 2 Main Off. 3,4 B.E.C. 4 F.T.A. 4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Amb.: Teacher Fox, Jim Int.: Bowling, brunettes Amb.: Pro-bowler Fukuda, Pom Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Song Leader 4 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Kids with no school spirit Garcia, Adele West Hazleton l Class Comm. 2 Int.: lce skating Amb.: Be a housemaid and meet a millionaire Flopp, Bitsey Block Building l,2 Scribbling 3,4 Adv. Marbles 2,3 Finger Counting 3,4 lst. Wds.: Boogie flig glub Frankfort, Norman int.: Girls, tennis, bowling Peeve: Conceited girls Amb.: Dentist Funes, Mimi All-School Play 2 Operetta 3 Sr. Play 4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Thespians 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2 int.: Ballet Garrison, Carol Honor Soc. l,2,3 Class Comm. l,2,3,4 int.: Bowling, J.O.G., 8.F.Y, Peeve: Cute sophomore girls Gnome, Alaska Cold Shouldering Inc. 4 Ice Screaming Club 1,2 Picnicking Assoc. 5,6 lst. Wds,: Play it cool Garden, Glen Gordon, Glen Gray, Rosell Goff, Anson Thespians 4 Band 'l,2,3,4 Honor Soc. 4 Sr. Play 4 Int.: Drama, girls, church work, gardening Gordon, Sharon G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 B.E.C. 4 lnt.: Dancing, sewing, tennis Gould, Mike lnt.: Fishing, eating, water skiing, Hi-Y Peeve: Boy dancers, cold Greco, Diane lDil G.C. Comm. 1,2 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 Class Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 3 Peeve: Green cheese Gomez, Doug Gore, James Gray, Joyce Greenlee, Archie Football 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Int.: Hi-Y Wds.: Study now, it's worse the second time l 0 O Guinn, Twila Student Faculty 4 Int.: Dancing, sewing, cooking Amb.: Beuulician Peeve: Boys who are late for dates Hoase, Pete Track l Class Comm. Chrmn. 4 Roll Council 4 Student Council 4 Int.: Hi-Y, medicine Lst. Wds.: Have fun peoples! Hamilton, Barbara Library Club 3 Int.: Horseback riding, swimming, dancing Amb.: Beautician, horse trainer Gunnette, Don Tolo Weekly 3,4 int.: Music, art, literature Peeve: Jazz pianists Hafta, Otto Slow Poke Assoc. 'l,2,3 Sr. Chore 4 l.sf. Wds.: Donta wanta Hanga, Donna May lnt.: Bowling, swimming, secretarial work Peeve: Liars Amb.: Secretary, marriage lst. Wds.: It really isn't so bad Gyselman, Jim Baseball l,2,3 Basketball 2,3 Golf 4 Peeve: Criticizers Amb.: College Hall, Barbara G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Singing Peeve: Loud girls Amb.: Doctor Lst. Wds.: Study hard! Hanson, John Int.: Archery, skiing, hunting Peeve: Girls who smoke Amb.: Architect Wds.: Take it easy Hoyne, Gil Hepworth, Bob Class Comm. 4 Int.: Cars, wine, women, song Amb.: Forest Engineer Hill, Gary Helmun, Ed Hersner, Mary Thespians 4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 Hill, Larry lSpeedl Stage Crew 3,4 Amb.: House Architect Lst. Wds.: Don't study too hard-you may pass Hanson, Larry Track 2 P.A. Technician 4 Amb.: Electrical engineer Peeve: Unlriendly people Lst. Wds.: Work hard, it's worth it Harris, Dianne lDil G.C. Comm. 1,2,3,4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Sr. Choir 3 Peeve: Ponytail pullers Amb.: Airline hostess Harvey, Faydell Hawley, Mike Football l,2,3 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 3,4 B.c. Rep. 1 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Peeve: Hotrods 0 Hentschell, Kathy Heuple, Clark Band 1,2 Honor Soc. l,2,3 lnt.: LA., sports Peeve: Class cut-ups Amb.: Civil Engineer Hill, Bob Student Faculty 4 Int.: Cars, 333, girls Peeve: Oldsmobile: 6 Harada, Roger Football 2,3,4 Track 3 Amb.: Be rich Lst. Wds.: Study Harris, Sharon South Kitsap 2 G.C. Comm. 2,3 Ski Club 4 lnt.: Flying, boating Amb.: Airline hostess Lst. Wds.: Study hard, but have lun Hasty, Pertie Advanced Slappyness 2,3 Slow Poking l,2,3,4 Amb.: To get somewhere in a hurry Hayashida, Leonard Int.: School, sports Peeve: Girls who chew gum Amb.: Get through college Lst. Wds.: Have lun Harford, Cheryl Hartman, Sharon G.C. Comm. 2,3 B.E.C. 4 Int.: Y-Teens, Spades Peeve: Soshes Wds.: Study naw, play later Hawley, Barb Honor Soc. 2,3 lnternat'l Club 2 Spanish Club 3 G.C. Comm. 2,31 Chrmn. 4 B.E.C. 4 Class Comm. 4 Hayes, Sharon Highline 2 G.C. Comm. 4 lnl.: Dancing, booting Peeve: Tola ques- tionnaires Amb.: Dental hygienist Lst. Wds.: Do your best Israel, Bob Hines, Judson Int.: Stamps, bowling Amb.: Be a success Holmgren, Diane Honor Soc. 2 . G.C. Comm, 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Thespians 3, Sec. 4 Sr. Play 4 All-School Flay 4 Hoy, Herb Golf l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Int.: Sports cars Peeve: Mickey Mouse cars Lst. Wds.: Don't be dumb Hurley, Janie Operetta 3 Class V.P. I Sr. Chair I,2, Sec.-Treas. 3 Student Faculty 4 G.C. lst V.P. 4 Sr. Play 4 Hirota, Bill Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Student Council 3 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Yell Squad 3, King 4 Class Chrmn. of Chrmn. 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Hooper, Sara G.C. Comm. I,2 Class Comm. 3,4 Debate sec. 3 Student Faculty 4 Amb.: Teacher Lst. Wds.: Keep Plugging Huddleston, Mark O'Dea 1,2,3 Rod and Gun Club 4 Int.: Hunting, basketball Peeve: Exams Amb.: To be an educated bum Hutchinson, Kathy Class Comm. 2,4 G.C. Comm. 2,35 Chrmn. 4 F.T.A. Dance Comm. 3 Tala Annual 4 Student Exchange Comm. 4 Hirp, Wyatt Gun-toting 7,8,9 Sleuthing 2,3,4 Hat Blocking 'I,2 Amb.: Fastest gun alive Lst. Wds.: See you at Tombstone Hornell, Bill Huffman, Patricia Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Smart alecks Amb.: Dental assistant Lst. Wds.: Don't go to extremes Hymas, Gayle Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Thespians I Roll Rep. 2 B.E.C. 2,3 Class Comm. 4 O Hynes, Donna Girls' Choir 2,3,4 Library Asst. 2 Peeve: Back-seat drivers Amb.: Graduate Lst. Wds.: Keep smiling! Israel, Morris Class Pres. 2 Football l,2,3,4 Student Court 4 Student Faculty Couns. 4 B.C. V.P.. 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Bldg. and Grnds. Comm. Chrmn. 4 Jacobs, Shirley Other Schools 2,3 Thespians 4 G,.C. Comm. 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 lsomura, Terry Football 'l,2,3,4 Track 3,4 Amb.: To be a winner Izutsu, Ken Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Football I Student Faculty 4 Amb.: College Jaech, Tim Int.: Piano, reading Peeve: People who talk too much Lst. Wds.: Study! Tennis I,2,3,4 Yell Squad 3, King 4 Student Court 4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Class Sec. I Jack, Julie G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 F.T.A. 'I,2,3,4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Bond 4 Jaffe, Marvin Golf I,2 Basketball Mgr. 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2 Football Mgr. 3,4 Amb.: Tax accn't Jones, Kathy G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Songleoder 4 Justice, Lindo Class Comm. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Swim Team 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Peeve: Pesty people Kalberg, Arthur Jones, Kenton Student Faculty 4 Kahn, Joann llonil Bremerton 'l,2 G.C. Comm. 3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: People who call me Joann Kashiwagi, Brian Basketball 2 Track 2,3,4 Class Comm. l,2,45 Chrmn. 3 Student Body Pres. 4 Student Faculty 4 Top Ten Jordan, Carolyn G.C. Chrmn. 3 G.C. Rec. Sec. 4 Class Comm. 2,37 Chrmn. 4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Tolo Annual 4 Kaimakis, Nick Peeve: Work Amb.: Clean gutters Kauzlarich, Karen Roll Rep. 1 G.C. Comm. 1,3 G.C. Rep. 2 e.s.c. 3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Sr. Play Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 0 , Janris, Laune Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Ski Club 2,4g Pres. 3 Student Body V.P. 4 Student Faculty 4 Deborah Franklin 4 Swim Team 2 Ski Team 2,3,4 Johnson, Lois Girls' Choir 2 Sr. Choir 2 Roll Rep. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Student Council Comm. 4 G.C. Rep. 4 Johnson, Paul Johnston, Marion L. lLouisel Other Schools 'l,2,3 Class Comm. 4 Jerome, Morris Football 2,3,4 Track 2,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Talo Weekly 3,4 lnt.: Art, cars Amb.: Commercial Artist Johnson, Mike A. Band 2 Honor Sac. 3,4 Track Mgr. 3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Johnson, Sammie K. Girl's Choir l Library Asst. 2 lnternat'l Club 2 Library Club 3,4 Jones, Helen G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3,4 Internat'l Club l Class Comm. 4 Jet, Plana Atmosphere. Inc. Pres. 2 Crashing 4,5 lnot parties Amb.: Ga to heaven Lst. Wds.: They soy l'm flighty Johnson, Mike lRedl Track l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Football 2 Peeve: Soshes Amb.: Professional track Johnston, Dawn Nurse's Asst. 3 G.C. Rep. 3 lnt.: Skiing, bowling Amb.: Successful secretary after college Jones, Jeanne Swim Team l,2,3 Honor Soc. 'l,2,3,4 G.C. Treas. 4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Budget Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 3 6 Kelch, Samuel lSammyl Challones High l,2 Tennis 3,4 Peeve: Scandinavians Kenna rd, Sheryl lSherryl G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 B.E.C. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Kiel, Dan Roll Rep. l Library Club 3 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Voice teacher Kirkpatrick, Joan lloannyl G.C. Comm. 3 Peeve: People who call me Joanne Keller, Bob Cleveland l,2,3 Tolo Annual 4 Class Comm. 4 Kenney, David Kilhourn, David lWinkl O'Dea l,2,3 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Hi-Y, sports Amb.: Work with medicine Klerland, Ron lnt.: Cars, girls, bowling Amb.: Graduate a on Impala nd get Kelley, Nancy B.E.C. 3 Int.: Young Lite, dancing Amb.: To live forever Keo, Prnno Goldfish Scalers, lnc. 4 Nod and Gum Club 2,3,4 lst. Wds.: I'li see you in my dreams. Kirby, Joyce tTammy Annl West Seattle 'l,2,3 G.C. Rep. 4 Koidahl, Don O Kolehmain, Bill Golf 2,3,4 Letterrnen's Club 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 4 Lst. Wds.: Don't think it's contaminating. Kremer, Karen Roll Rep. 3 Peeve: Bow-ties, mustaches Amb.: Graduate Laine, Carole G.C. Comm. 2 B.E.C. 3 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Kolstad, Carmen Debate 2,3 Orchestra 2,3,4 Budget Comm. 3 Student Council 3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Roll Rep. 4 Krier, Elizabeth lliddyl Thespions 4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Sr. Play 4 laine, Sharon lnt.: Bowling, dating, driving Peeve: People who are never on time Amb.: To have a happy life Kounkel, Arlene G.C. Comm. 1,2 B.E.C. 2 lnt.: Bowling, Rainbow, music Amb.: Airline stewardess Kyle, Jacquelin llackiel Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Int.: Water skiing, boys Lst. Wds.: Enjoy yourself, it doesn't last long. LaMarche, Carolyn Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 G.C. Chrmn. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Peeve.: Kids who don't support our school Amb,: Spanish teacher Lewis, Diane Quaker Maids 2 Girls' Choir 2,4 Pe-eve: Bleached hair Amb.: Beautician Lind, Carmen B.E.C. 2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 2 G.C. Comm. 3 Finance Comm. 4 Class Comm. 4 Linscott, Sally G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 F.T.A. 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 B.E.C. 4 Lst. Wds.: Hove fun, these are your best years. Leyntz, Frank Tolo Weekly 3,4 lnt.: Cars, boats, skiing Peeve: Levis Amb.: To own a night club Lindquist, Janice G.C. Comm. l,2 Class Comm. 4 B.E.C. 3,4 Amb.: To be 5'2" Lst. Wds.: Have fun. Lochow, Lucinda lfindyl G.C. Comm. 2,3 Class Comm. 3,4 Honor Soc. 4 Thespians 3,4 Sr. Play 4 Songleader 4 Leyritz, Gary int.: Song and dance Peeve: Ealing in the lunchroom Lst. Wds.f Play it cool and think last. Lindsay, Brook lfhunkyl Int.: Cars, girls Peeve: Girls who smoke and Chev. 6's Locke, James Football 2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Lst Wds.: Later with Lane, Gery lnt.: Hi-Y, sports Amb.: Dentist Baseball 2,3,4 Larson, Kristin Class Comm. 4 Int.: Most anything Peeve: Cliques Amb.: A happy lite Lee, Paul lnt.: Cars, playing pool Peeve: Women who smoke Amb.: To be a success Leo, JoAnne Class Comm. Chrmn. l,2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 'l,2 Chrmn. 3,4 Honor Soc. 2,4 Tolo Annual 4 0 6 you Langmack, Dennis Baseball 2,3,4 Amb.: Retire at 2l Lately, Jonnycum Nod and Gum Club 2,3 Sr. Chore 4,5 Blond Bleaching 4,5 elst. Wds.: Punctuality is the secret of my marvelous success. Leider, Michael lMikel Boys' Choir 4 lnt.: Fishing, girls, cars Amb.: Forestry management Lew, Eleanor Pep Club I B.E.C. 2 G.C. Comm. 3,4 G.C, Rep. 4 Class Comm. 4 Langmack, Paul Baseball l,'Z,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Cor Check Comm. 4 Lee, Judy G.C. Comm. l Roll Rep. 2 Class Chrmn. of Chrmn. 3 Student Council 3 P.-T.A. Dance Comm Chrmn. 4 Lemieux, William lBilIl Lunchroom 2,3 Visual Aids 3,4 Peeve: Snobby girls Amb.: Electrician or mechanic Lewis, Charlene G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 'l,2,3,4 Ski Club 4 Class Comm. 4 Locke, Tom Baseball 2,3,4 Football 2 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Int.: Hi-Y, swimming, skiing Loft, Haye One Track Minding Club 5 Horse Hoof Palishers, Inc. 2,3,4,5 Lst. Wds.: 2 birds in the barn are worth . . . 2 birds in the barn. Lowe, Patrick Track 2 Debate 3,4 lnt.: Hunting, fishing, outdoor activities Lyons, Bill Football 2 Track 2 Amb.: Electronic engineer Leg.: Having the only half sectioned Ford at Franklin Lockwood, Sandra lSandyl Holy Names 1,2 Peeve: Being late, 'cause l always am. Amb.: To have 444W children Long, .ludy Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Student Treos. 3,4 Finance Comm. 3 lnt.: Music Lucy, Dwayne Int.: Skiing, boating, fishing, swimming Amb.: To own a new car Lst. Wds.: Later, cats. Lyshol, Shirley G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 r.r.A. i,2,a Honor Soc. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Student Faculty 4 Loescher, Karla Twin City High 1,2 Int.: Music, dancing Leg.: Getting the most accomplished with the least effort. Loron, Richard St. Edward's 1,2 lnt.: Cars, girls Peeve: Student Court Lund, Gary lMolel Football l Tolo Annual 4 Peeve: Tall girls Amb.: College Lysons, Don Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Band 1,2 Class Comm. 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Amb.: College 0 Mabanglo, Lusta G.C. Comm. 2,3 lnt.: Music, sports, stamp collecting Peeve: Sophisticated girls Magi, Tiiu Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Rep. 4 Student Faculty 4 lnt.: Dancing Marr, Linda Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Rep. 3 G.C. Comm. 3 Class Comm. 4 Student Body Sec. 4 Student Faculty 4 MacKechnie, Susan Drill Team 3 Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Water skiing Peeve: School buses Mann, Metha G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 37 Ed. 4 Closs Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Tennis, swimming, writing Marriott, Gernlee G.C. Comm. 2,3 Talent Show 2 n.e.c. 3,4 Macri, Roseann Manzin, Andy Int.: Music, singing, football, baseball Martin, Lynn Baseball Mgr. 'l,2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2.3.4 Lettermen's Club 3: V.P. 4 Class Comm. Chrmn. Int.: Hi-Y, swimming 4 McCarty, Judi Thespians 4 Honor Soc. 3,4 Operetta 3 Roll Rep. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Senior Play 4 All-School Play 2 McCloud, Harold Football 'l,2,3,4 Student Council 2-3 Class Treos. 3 All-City P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Senior Choir 4 Bldg. 8. Grnds. Comm. 4 Means, Merideth Honor Soc. 3,4 Library Club 3,4 Int.: Skating, music, crafts Amb.: Archeologist McClelland, Don Basketball l,2,3 Football 2 Boys' Choir 2,3,4 McDowell, Merrily G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Pep Club l Class Comm. 2,3,4 Senior Choir 4 Messmer, Cheron Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Resebur Speech Cont. 2, 9 First 3 G.C. Comm. 3, Chrmn Tolo Weekly 4 Senior Play 4 Thespions 3,45 Treas. 4 4 McCloud, Arlene P.-T.A. Dance Comm. l,2,3 Swim Team i,2g Capt. 3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Class Comm. 4 Songleader 4 McGee, Dwaine lMagool Band l lnt.: Bowling Messner, Dick lDeakl Band 1,2 Student Council 2 Class Comm. 3,4 Att. OH. 4 0 Martini, Peggy tnt.: Cooking, bowling, dancing, drama Massena, Virginia i6inl G.C. Comm. 'l,2,3 Orchestra t,2,3 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Class Comm. 4 Senior Play Comm. 4 Band 4 Matthews, Karen Mayhew, Russel Muslan, Philip lnternotl. Club l,2,3 Matsumoto, Kirby lnt.: Hunting, fishing Last Words: Study now and have lun later! Matts, Jim Backbrealcing A Star-seers Circle",""' Peeve: People who walk all over me Last Words: People say l'm stuffy Mazzuferro, Judy Pep Club 1 G.C. Comm. 2 Class Comm. 4 Mason, Dwight Track 2,3 Ski Team 4 Toto Weekly 4 Matt, sane llndianl Track 2 Tolo Weekly 4 Peeve: While sweat sox Mayer, Larry Track I Int.: Working on cars Amb.: Own an Austin-Healey McBride, Catherine lfathyl G.C. Comm. 2 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: People who are late Amb.: Home Ec. teacher 6 Michael, Jerry lWinicl Track 2,3,4 Lunchroom 2,3,4 Stage Crew 3,4 Miller, Bury Mlstry, Wuttu Jeckle and Hiding Club 3 Eye-shadowing 3,4,5 Amb.: To be or not Io be last Words: The Shadow knows Morgan, June Pep Club l G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Class Comm. 4 Michel, Joan lSmudgel Pep Club l G.C. Comm. 2 Library Asst. 2 Att. Off. 3 Closs Comm. 4 Miniken, John lMickl Mix, Robert lllohl Football l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2 Roll Rep. 2 Track 3,4 l.eltermen's Club 3,4 Student Council 3 Morris, .leff Golf 'l,3 Honor Soc. l,4 Baseball 2 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Court Judge 4 Miller, Colin Football' 'l,2,3,4 Track 'l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Election Comm. 3 B.C. Pres. 4 Student Faculty 4 Mironte, Corlo Moore, Antoinette lTonil G.C. Chairman 4 B.E.C. 4 Debate 4 Student Faculty 4 Morrow, Mike Lunchroom 2,3,4 Peeve: People who make me blush 0 O Moses, Mel lAcel Track 2,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Murumoto, Judy Quaker Maids l,2,3 G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Songleader 4 Class Comm. 4 Nuguishi, Minnie G.C, Comm. l,2 Quaker Maids 2,35 Sec. 4 Student Faculty 4 lnt.: Spades, bowling, tennis Amb. z Teacher Moshier, Leslie G.C. Comm. 2,3 Sr. Choir 37 Pres. 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Sosh-haters Muscotel, Morris lMoel Golf l,2,3,4 lnternat'l Club l Honor Soc. l,2 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Car Check Comm. 4 Nokuguwn, Sherry G.C. Comm. l,2,3, Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. l,2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 4 Student Faculty 4 Moyer, Howard Muscolo, Vincent Football 2,3 Honor Soc. 3 Roll Council 4 Student Faculty 4 Nokuyumo, Garrison Band 'l,2,3g Pres. 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Traffic Safety Comm. 3,4 Student Court Alt. Judge 4 Inter-High Band Council Pres. 4 Nye, Clayton lnt.: Football, bowling Last Words: Take it easy 0'Dell, Dennis Usher Squad 2,3,4 Peeve: Roll rooms Amb.: Chef Olander, Joan Int.: Spades Peeve: People who bleach their hair Oakley, Patricia lPattyl G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Tolo Annual 4 Class Comm. 3,4 Peeve: Late people Offer, Stuart Honor Soc. 'l,2,3, Treas. 4 Class Comm. l,2,3,4 Thespians 4 Football 2 Tolo Annual 4 Senior Play 4 All-School Play 4 Oldham, Bonnie Girls' Choir l,2,3,4 Amb.: Graduate Last Words: Have tun- you're only young once Neiman, Bob Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 F.T.A. 'l Student Faculty 4 Top Ten Nibarger, Sue Nitsche, John Class Comm. 3,4 Yell Squad 4 Student Court Judge 4 lnt.: Longacres Norman, Lee Band 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Track 4 0 6 Ohra, Jose Seattle Prep l,2 Class Comm. 4 B.C. Rep. 4 Amb.: Be in medicine Ohashi, Irene G.C. Comm. l,2,3, Chrmn. 4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 Amb.: To grow 0'Mera, Noreen Quakerettes 2 Election Comm. 2 Honor Soc. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Student Faculty 4 Neupert, Sally Class Comm. l,2,3 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Thespians 2,3,4 Class Sec. 4 Operetta 3 Senior Play 4 Student Faculty 4 Nico, Ricci Cloak and Dagger Club l Be-Kind-to-Grandmothen Week Chrmn. 4 Last Words: l use two dabs Nobuyama, Sharon Roll Rep. 2,3 G.C. Comm. 2 Quaker Maids 3,4 B.E.C. 37 Sec. 4 Last Words: Sayonara Norton, Deanne Neuberg, Dave Other Schools l,2,3 lnt.: Car customizing Peeve: Non-contormists Amb.: NIKE technician Nlshlmura, Ken Tennis 2,3 Band 2 Class Comm. 4 Nordal, Marius lllutchl Class Comm. 2,3 Roll Rep. 3 Leg.: Playing the notional anthem in modern iazz at the Honor Soc. assembly Nosho, Terry Football 2 Track 2,3,4 Int.: Basketball, judo Oquist, Judie Uudell Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 G.C. Chrmn. 3,4 Class Chrmn. 3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Council 4 Roll Council Sec. 4 Other, Wonort Selection Comm. 3 or 4 Peeve: People who can make up their minds Owley, Roger l0wll Football Mgr. l,2,3,4 Baseball Mgr. 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 lnt.: Shooting, skiing, swimming, girls Painter, David lDavel Track 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Skiing 'i 0'ReilIey, Durell Peeve: Girls, people who say, "lt can't be done." Amb.: Slay alive, inventor Last Words: Thimkl Ovadia, Shirley Ski Club 2 Swim Team 2,3 Debate 3 Tolo Annual 4 Songleacler 4 Amb.: Go to summer school in Hawaii Oziel, Donna G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Election Comm. 3 Class Comm. 4 P.T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Palank, Dianne lPlunkl G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 B.E.C. 2,3 Girls' Choir 3,4 Peeve: Sash groups 0'Rourke, Sharon lShareel Swim Team l Honor Soc. 2 Class Comm, 4 B.E.C. 3 Amb.: Finish college Owen, Nancy G.C. Comm. l lnt.: Church, skiing, bowling Amb.: Missionary nurse Page, Dan Football 2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 lnter-High Council 4 Student Faculty 4 All-City Dance Comm. 4 Lettermen's Club 3 Fire-Chief 4 Palmisano, lohn lnt.: Bowling, pool Peeve: Rocks wanting pennies Amb.: To become rich 0 Parker, Sandra G.C. Comm. l Student Council 3 lnt.: Church, cooking Patricelli, len Football 'l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Clean-Up Comm. 3,4 Pearl, lewis Football 2,3,4 Basketball 'l,2 Bldg. and Grnds. Comm. 3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 r Pass, Mark Football 1 Track l,2,3 Sr. Play 4 Int.: Water and snow skiing Amb.: Weight-lilting instructor Patricelli, Lib Football l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Roll Rep. 2,3 Student Council l Class Comm. 4 Pecht, Pete Car Check Comm. 4 lnt.: Money, cars, boats Peeve: Friday and Satur- day nights at home Lst. Wds.: Exit laughing Patricelli, Delores lDedel G.C. Rep. l,2 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Class Comm. 3,4 lnt.: Bowling, swimming Amb.: To get married Patterson, Bill Football 'l,2 Amb.: Graduate Lst. Wds.: Study Peltier, Sandra lSandyl Girls' Choir 2,3 G.C. Comm. 1 lnt.: Job, school work, '49 Olds Convertible Peeve: Smart alecks Phillips, Judith Ann lludyl Honor Soc. l,2,3g Sec. 4 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Top Ten int.: Working at Vet- erans' Hospital lst. Wds.: Get active Pie, 0. T. Tumbling 1,2 Weight lifting 3 Modern Dancing 1,4 Body Mechanics 5V2 Powell, Lila Thespians 'l,2,3,4 Pep Club Treas. l Class Sec. 2 Honor Soc. 3,4 Amb.: A good wife 38 HOW Phillips, Patsy Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 G.C. Comm. i,2,3,4 Roll Rep. 4 Student Faculty 4 Top Ten Int.: Volunteer work at hospital Porter, Janice Marlene Girls' Choir 'l Roll Rep. 3 lnt.: Swimming, church group Peeve: People who keep you waiting Amb.: Dental technician Power, Jim Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Football 2,3 Track 3 Amb.: College Pidduck, Doug Football 2 Baseball 2 Tolo Weekly 3 Int.: Cars, bowling, skiing, swimming Lst. Wds.: Work . . . like hard! Poulsen, Donnell G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 B.E.C. 2, Sec. 37 Pres. 4 Quaker Maids 37 V.P. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Go back to Hawaii Powers, Dan Track 2 Band 3,4 lnt.: Football, all- night blasts Amb.: Photographer Perry, Carlotta lfarliel Holy Names 1,2 Quaker Maids 4 Int.: Dancing, cars, records Peeve: People who call me "Shorty" Petersen, Judy lPetel Pep Club 'l Quaker Maids l G.C. Comm. l,2,3g Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 2,3,4 lnt.: Piano, sewing Petricek, Kathleen lKathyl Record Club 2 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 2,3 Ski Club 4 Int.: Water skiing, dancing Phillips, Anne G.C. Comm. 1,2 Chrmn. 3,4 French Club l,2, V.P. 3 G.C. Rep. l,A Honor Soc. 4 Student Faculty 4 Amb.: Fashion design 0 Pesce, Vince Track 2,3,4 Int.: Cars, U.S. Navy Leg.: Ticket ior pipes front of school Peterson, Karen Honor Sac. 2,3,4 Quaker Maids 2,3 G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Pettibone, Don West Seattle 2 Football 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Clean-Up Comm. 4 Phillips, Dan Tennis l,2,3,4 Student Council 1,4 Honor Soc. 3,4 Class Treas. 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 .ffl Peterson, Jan Studenr Faculty 4 Pep Club 4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Ski Club 2 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Health class Peterson, Lany lPetel Thespians l,2,3, V.P. 4 Usher Squad 2,3 lnt.: Skiing, mountaineering Amb.: Dentist Phelps, Joan Girls' Choir 3,4 lnt.: Blue '53 Ford Convertible Amb.: Help take care of blue '53 Ford Convertible Phillips, Frank Snoqualmie 3 int.: Cars, reading, skating Peeve: Stuck-up girls Amb.: Auto mechanic 0 Pretare, Dan Golf 3,4 lnl.: Swimming Amb.: Make a million dollars Lsl. Wds.: Don't sleep in Study Punches, Colista Quinn, Patrick lPatl Usher Squad 4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 int.: Piano, skating, fishing, girls Peeve: Girls who talk loud and smoke Lst, Wds.: So long! Ray, Pat G.C. Comm. l,2,37 Chrmn. 4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Ski Club 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Tolo Annual 4 Debate 3 Prevette, Karla G.C. Comm. 2,3, Chrmn. Honor Soc. 2 Roll Rep. 4 Class Comm. 4 Bio. Asst. 4 lnl.: Rainbow, swimming, dancing Punkm, Vyne Weed Tangling 3,4 Wall Climbing Club l,2 Peeve: Punkin pies Amb.: To smile on Halloween Rand, Fred lRickl Swim Team 4 lnl.: Skiing Peeve: Girls who want to go steady Amb.: To graduate! Raynes, Bill Int.: Electronics. De Molay Amb.: An electronic engineer 4 Pruzan, Carol Sr. Choir l,2,3.4 Operetta 3 Tolo Annual 4 Peeve: Segregaled lunch lines and tables Amb,: To grow taller Purdy, Bob Int.: Water skiing Peeve: People who worry Leg.: Remember me for being a good kid Amb.: Get rich without worrying Randall, Julie Reed, David Usher Squad 3 Yell Squad 4 Track 4 0 O Reinhold, John Riddock, Bill Football 2 Track 2 lnt.: Hi-Y Peeve: Jr. soshes Amb.: Graduate! Rix, Diana lDil Pep Club I G.C. Comm. 1,2 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 lst. Wds.: Study, you may regret not doing so l Rice, Greg lnt.: Chess, De Malay, dancing Amb.: Get a diploma Ridenour, Terry Honor Soc. 2 B.E.C. 3 Tolo Annual 4 int.: Water and snow skiing Roads, Dusty laywaiking 3 Hitch-hiking 3,4 Peeve: Street cleaners Richmond, Larry Rider, lawrence llariyl Library l,2,3,4 Usher Squad 3,4 Int.: School, 335, girls Robbins, Doug Track l,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 1,3 Operetta 3 Sr. Play 3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Assembly Chrmn. 4 Ruder, Susan lSuziel G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Sack, Sadie Calorie Counting Club 1,2 Int.: Hurdles Amb.: To lose weight Lst. Wds.: Eat now and think later Sanders, Barbara F.T.A. 'I Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 1,27 Chrmn. 3 G.C. Receptionist 2,3 G.C. Carr. Sec. 4 Amb.: Ta see happiness everywhere 40 Russell, Jayvanis lJayl Tumbling Team 4 lnt.: Cars, motorcycles Amh.: Tap-notch mechanic Sakura, Fred Usher Squad 3 Int.: Electronics Peeve: People who ask dumb questions Sauser, John lnt.: Hot rods, fishing Peeve: Girls who smoke Amb.: Graduate in the right year H9601 Roberson, Betty lShortyl G.C. Comm. l,2,3 G.C. Rep. 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Peeve: Ponytail pullers Rochel, Jim lnt.: Cars, girls, hunting Amb.: To be happy Lst. Wds.: Have lun! Rodgers, Eileen Roll Rep. 3 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 G.C. Comm. Chrmn. 4 lnt.: Bowling Lst. Wds.: Support your school Romedo, April lPudgyl Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Dancing, skiing, swimming Peeve: Conceited people Amb.: To grow another inch 0 -A., 6 Rydberg, lynn Int.: Cars, hunting Amb.: To graduate Salvmo, Sharon G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3g Chrmn. 4 Roll Rep. 3 Int.: Dancing, traveling Lst. Wds.: Have lun it you can Savage, Anna Marie lllnnl P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 3 Int.: Bowling Peeve: Loud people Lst. Wds.: Good-bye, Brown Eyes Robertson, Judy lJar1 Int.: Church, Y.F.C., people Peeve: Domineering people Amb.: To be a success Rockey, Clyde Int.: Cars Amb.: To graduate Lst. Wds.: Study hard Rogers, Sue Jr. Choir 3 Sr. Choir 3 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. Class Comm. 4 Att. Off. 4 Amb.: College Rosenlund, Leland lShortyl Ski Club 2,3,4 Ski Team 3,4 Int.: Skiing, swimming Peeve: Tall girls Robot, Robbie Dry Joints Assoc. 1,2 Oily Rag 3,4 Rust 81 Bust Club 1,4 Lst. Wds.: Long live Brilla Rodger, David Golf 2,3 Amb.: Get rich Romano, Len Football 1,2 Peeve: Classical music short girls Amb.: Be millionaire Routos, Kathy P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Dancing, skiing Peeve: Sloppy people Schual, Dave Honor Soc. 2,3 Sr. Play 4 Ski Club 2,4 Int.: Girls, music, skiing, girls Amb.: Be a wise-guy Schliiter, Bill Int.: Water skiing, boating, fishing, dancing Peeve: Big assignments on Fridays Amb.: College Schultl, Dale Millington, Tennessee l Int.: All sports Leg,: Remember me just for being here Schuster, Vernitn Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 2,37 Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 2,35 Chrmn. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Student Faculty 4 lnt.: Jazz, good books Scheild, Carolyn Pep Club l G.C. Comm. 4 B.E.C. 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Amb.: Drive to Hawaii Schlumpf, Huddu Peeve: Entered beauty contest--did not win lnt.: Watching all the girls go by Schumann, Terri lnt.: Art, dancing Amb.: Marriage, costume designing Lst. Wds.: Keep smilingl Schwumberg, Mitchell lMitchl lnt.: Sports, girls, college, dancing, eating Lst. Wds.: Study hard! Schlesinger, Steve Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Class V.P. 3 Tolo Weekly 37 Ed, 4 Student Faculty 4 Student Council 3 Top Ten Amb.: Dipsomania Schmidt, Linda Schuster, Muhlon lMousel Football Mgr. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Student Council 3 Class Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Scudder, Gail G.C. Comm. l,2,3 G.C. Receptionist 3 Tolo Weekly 4 Int.: Horseback riding, swimming 0 O Searcy, Sandra lSandyl Elsmore, Kansas l,2,3 Library Club 4 lnt.: Church activities Severson, Annnmarie Orch. l Band 2,3,4, Pres. 3 Int.: Records, reading Shepherd, Diehl Band 2 Sr. Choir 4 Int.: Basketball Amb.: Duhl Sedrow, Wolly Nuts l,2,3 Bolts 3 Jolts l,2,3,4 Screws 4 l.sI. Wds.: Better ta have a nutty buddy than no buddy at all Shaffer, Chuck Baseball 3,4 Int.: De Molay, cars Amb.: Go to college and marry u blondel Shields, Bill Band 2,3,4 lnt.: Cars, girls, bowling Amb.: Pro-bowler K Segullu, Phil Shuughnessy, Sharon Library Asst. 2 Study Hall Clerk 2,3 Tolo Annual 4 lnt.: Horses, bowling Peeve: Boys who asked me to let them cut study Shigeno, Ronnie Sorenson, Georgeanne lGeorgel G.C, Comm. l,3 Operetta 3 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 2,3,4 Sr. Plcy 4 Thespians 4 Sr. Choir 4 Sparks, Jackie G.C, Comm. 2 Thespians 3,4 Ski Club 3 lnt.: Skiing Starcevich, Joan G.C. Comm. 2, Chrmn. 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Int.: Bowling, swimming Southey, Barbara Honor Soc. 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Sr. Play 4 All School Play 2 Thespians 2,35 Pres. 4 Roll Rep. 2,3 Operetta 3 S'posun, Just What lffing 3,4 Fasting l,2,3,4 Perhapsing 5 Starr, Frank Honor Soc. 23,4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Golf 3 Band l Y A Shimho, Tomi c.c. Comm. 1,2,3,4, Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 lnl.: Bowling Peeve: Soshes that wear tennis shoes Showers, Dale Simpson, Bette G.C. Comm. 2 Class Comm. 3 Ski Club 4 lnt.: Water sports, dancing, bowling, pool Smith, Barbara lBohbil G.C. Comm. l,'2,3,4 Class Comm. 2,4 Amb.: Reach 5 feel 0 Sowinski, Nikki Honor Soc. 2 Operetta 3 Int.: Ballet Lst. Wds.: Remember that material things are not all lite has to offer Springer, Robert lBobl Track 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Bowling, golf Amb.: College Steele, Karen G.C. Comm. 3 Int.: Books, music Peeve: Moody people Amb.: To have nothing to do 6 Shiota, Jeanne Class Comm. l,2,3,4 G.C. Chrmn. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Shultz, Steve Class Comm. 3,4 lnl.: Basketball, skiing Lst. Wds.: Be sure lo smoke one block from the school Skrbek, Tony Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Ski Club l,2,3,4 Thespians 4 Class Comm. 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Sr. Play 4 Smith, Maxine Class Comm. l,4 Int.: .lob's Daughters, .l.A., music Amb.: To do office work Shoff, Mike Int.: Franklin football games, tennis Peeve: Teachers that all give tests on the some day Silver, Susan G.C. Rep. 2,4 Class Comm. 4 Tolo Weekly 4 Roll Rep. 3 Sr. Play Dir. 4 lnt.: Skiing, music, college, boys Smedberg, Paul Sr. Choir 3,4 lnt.: Cars, sports, girls Peeve: Women drivers mushrooms Sorensen, Robert Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Sr. Choir 4 Leg.: Blood, sweat, and tears Steffen, Manfred lnt.: Tennis, swimming, ball games Amb.: Engineer Stewart, Eugene Int.: Electronics, girls Leg.: Mr. Reseberg's last sophomore class Stotts, Carol Int.: Dancing Amb.: Secretory Strelau, Sandy Class Comm. l,2,3,4 G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Roll Rep. 2,3 Amb.: Marriage Lst. Wds.: Study hard and have lun in this prison Steffensen, Nancy lnt.: Bowling, skating Amb.: To be o success St. Franken, Steiner Personality Improvement Club 3,4 Body Mechanics Assoc. l lst. Wds.: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomarrow you die! Stover, Susan Class Comm. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 4 Amb.: Make it through college Strike, Jim lnt.: De Molay Peeve: Redheacls Amb.: To live Stephens, Gary Amb.: College St. Germaine, laVona G.C. Comm. 2,4 Class Comm. 4 lnt.: Bowling, sports lst. Wds.: Smile Stowell, Sharon CLC. Comm. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Bowling Amb.: Dental Assist. Strocsher, larry lnt.: Parties, women Amb.: Have money 0 G0 Stusser, Rita Sr. Choir 2,3, Sec. 4 Operetta 3 Thespians 4 Sr. Play 4 Tolo Annual 4 All-School Play 4 Top Ten Sundstrom, Sally Honor Soc. l,2,3g Pres. 4 G.C. Comm. l,2.3 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Class Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 'l Taigen, Joanne Uodiel Queen Anne 1,2 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Y-Teens, church Peeve: People who don't like Franklin Sullivan, Hal Suyama, George Roll Rep. 'l,2,3 Class Comm. 2,3 Tolo Weekly 4 Student Faculty Prin. 4 Class Pres. 4 Traffic Safely Council 4 Student Council 4 Taniguchi, Merrily Quaker Maids 2,3,4 Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 3,4 Tolo Annual 4 Poster Comm. Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Be useful Sumersalt, Turna Dizzy Dame-ing 2,3,4 intramural Tumbling 4 Amb.: To tall head over heels in love Svarz, AI Tannhauser, Sylvia G.C. Comm. l,2,3, Chrmn. 4 Class Comm. l,2,3g Chrmn. 4 Int.: Art, music, mountain climbing Top Ten Torhenson, Jim Int.: Skin diving Amb.: To advance in my next reincarnation Tranum, Carol Ski Club 2,3,4 Student Faculty 4 Ski Team 4 lnt.: Church, Rainbow, ice skating Peeve: Human race Triebwasser, Bonnie G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Thespians 3,4 Honor Soc. 4 Student Faculty Sr. Adv. 4 All-School Play 4 Class Comm. 4 44 Touch, Soft No Sweat Club 2,3 Smaother Moving 3,4 Lst. Wds.: That's your worry, buddy Traut, Jerri G.C. Comm. 3 G.C. Rep. 2 Class Comm. Chrmn. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Peeve: Boys who never call when they should Tnplett, Kay G.C. Rep. 4 Tolo Annual 4 Int.: Bowling, blue eyes Peeve: Boys that won't say what they mean 0 Tracy, Karen Quakerettes 3 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Progressive iazz, bowling, money Peeve: People who "clique" in the middle of the stairs Trick, Pat Trout, Patricia lPatl Study Hall Clerk 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Int.: Dancing, good music Peeve: People who over estimate themselves Teichroew, Tom lTykel Track 'l,2,3,4 Honor Soc. l,2,3,4 Band T,2 Peeve: Competition Amb.: Dentist Thompson, Mike Roll Rep. l B.C. Rep. 4 Int.: Hi-Y, basketball Amb.: College Lsl. Wds.: Be active in clubs and study hard Thumper, Tommy Yogi 1,2 Pogo 3,4 Peeve: Thumb suckers Tissue, Dennis lDukel Bldg. and Grounds Comm. 4 tnt.: Fishing, hunting Peeve: Sophomores Amb.: College, marriage Lst. Wds.: lt's later than you think, so study hard 0 Thomas, Kathie G.C. Comm. 2,3 Class Comm. 3,4 Att. Off. 4 lnt.: Bowling, J.O.G. Peeve: Cleaning whitewalls Lst. Wds.: Preserve the faculty! Thompson, Susan lSuziel G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 int.: Dancing, skiing Peeve: People who make me blush Amb.: Travel through Europe by bike Tierney, Petra lPetiel G.C. Comm. 2,3 An. Off. 2 Int.: Bowling, skiing, water skiing, Johnny Mathis Peeve: Alarm clocks, red tape Tooley, Susan Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 Swim Team l,2,3 Operetta 3 Sr. Play 4 Class Comm. l,2,3,4 Thespians 4 Thompson, Gordon l6ordyl lnt.: Hi-Y, cars Peeve: Questionnaires Amb.: Get money Lst. Wds.: Get out from under Thoresen, Kenneth Int.: Camping Peeve: Questionnaires Lst. Wds.: Have lun, but not too much Tingstad, Christine lfhrisl G.C. Comm. I B.E.C. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Election Comm. 3 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: College Topp, Beverlee lBevl G.C. Rep. 2,3 Songleader 4 Class Comm. 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 lnt.: AnonyMisses Amb.: Teacher Trout, Teresa lTessiel G.C. Receptionist 2,3 Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Be old enough to know better, young enough to do it again Tsuii, Gene Roll Rep. l Football 3 Int.: Hot rods Peeve: Girls that smoke Amb.: Get along in this world Tulloch, Keith Tennis 2,3 Int.: Other sports Peeve: Guys that rank on '47 Dodges Amb.: College Urakawa, Bryan Bays' Choir 2,3 Class Comm. 3,4 P,-T.A. Dance Comm. 2 Car Check Comm. 3 lnt.: Drag races, cars Amb.: College Trunk, Truck Valley Club 'l,2,3,4 Speed Shifting Educa- tion 2 Semi Club l,2,3 Barrel Posers 2,3 Amb.: To throw shifts for Boeing Tucker, Mike Football 2,3 Swim Team 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Amb.: College Tulloch, Roger Int.: Water skiing Peeve: People who wear sweat shirts Amb.: College, architec- tural engineer lst. Wds.: Work hard but not too hard Urlevich, linda llinl Girls' Choir l,2,3,4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 2 lnt.: .l.O.G., Blue "Chev" Peeve: Boys who don't dance Lst. Wds.: Live it up Tnrscan, Judy Uudel G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 B.E.C. 2,3,4 Class Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Amb: Private secretary Tulip, Doug Football 2 Basketball 2,3 Track 2,3,4 Band 3,4 Orchestra 4 Ulrey, Mary Ann lEurIyl Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 VanNostrand, Tom lnt.: The usual Peeve: Jr. girls who smoke Amb.: Lots of money, one girl, and a blast 0 O Varriano, Yvonne llol Girls' Choir 2,3,4 Sr. Choir 3 Peeve: People who think they are better than everyone else Volchok, Gary Usher Squad 3 Class Comm. 4 Roll Rep. 4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 lnt.: Swimming, skiing Amb.: Vet Walker, Carol lWalkl G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 2 Class Comm. 4 Att. Off. 3,4 Veatch, Barbara VonNonnan, Lloyd Honor Soc. 4 Int.: All outdoor sports Peeve: People who think they are big wheels Lst. Wds.: Study hard-you never have another chance Wallker, Helen Renton High 2,3 lnl.: Roller skating Amb.: Airline stewardess A 'll Voelker, Jill G.C. Comm. l,2,3 Class Comm. 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. Tolo Weekly 4 Int.: Brown Eyes Amb.: College Vyolet, Viola Flower Arrangers 2,3 Poetry Club 3,4,5 Amb.: Live in Greenwich Village Walter, Paulette lWaldol Class Comm. 4 Amb.: Church worker Lst. Wds.: Yippee Skippee Williams, Carolyn llodyl G.C. Comm. 23,4 B.E.C. 2,3 Att. Ott. 4 G.C. Rep. 4 Peeve: Old maid teachers Williams, Wade Track Mgr. 2,3,4 Sr. Choir 2,3 Student Faculty 4 lnl.: Bowling Wilson, Marsha Int.: Roller skating, skiing lst. Wds.: Da the best you can Williams, Don Class Comm. Chrmn. 4 Roll Rep. l,3,4 Honor Soc. l,2,4 Student Court Judge 4 Student Faculty Dept. Head 4 All-School Play 4 Willing, Emmi Advanced Volunteering 3,4,5 Oui and Si Club Peeve: People who say no Lst. Wds.: Sure 'naugh Wimbush, Arlene Sr. Choir 2,3,4g Sec. l G.C. Comm. 2 B.E.C. 4 Wandell, Sandy Holy Names 'l,2,3 Student Faculty 4 Int.: Water skiing, cars, boats, boys Lst. Wds.: Work hard-be a credit to Franklin Webb, Harold lTudl Football l,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Roll Rep. 3 B.C. Rep. 2 Werner, Nick Sr. Choir 2,3,4 Lst. Wds.: Study hard, kiddies, how 'bout that? Whittlesey, Donna Roll Rep. 3 Debate Sec. 3 Int.: Biology, horse- back riding Amb.: Veterinarian 0 Williams, Judith lludil Att. Off. 3 Peeve: People who de- grade others because of their religion Wilson, Alan Roll Rep. l Track l,2,3,4 P.-T.A, Dance Comm. l,2 B.C. Treas. 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 4 Wong, Jan 6 Wanless, Tom ll'estl Usher Squad 3,4 Roll Rep. 3 Lst. Wds.: lt's not what you get out of it- it's what you put into it Weber, Karen Girls' Choir 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. l Sr. Choir 4 Wessner, Harry lWesl Amb.: Brick layer Wick, Bruce Int.: Aviation, sports Peeve: Women drivers, girls who smoke Amb.: Aviator Ward, Dick Track l Debate 3 Class Comm. 4 Weed, Stinky Amb.: To smell fresh as cr daisy Wheatman, Jim lnt.: Football, swimming Peeve: Teacher with a morbid sense of humor Amb.: Lead a happy, healthy lite lsr. Wds.: Act your age Wilkinson, Sheila F.T.A. 'l,2,3,4 B.E.C. 2,4 Library Asst. 3 Class Comm. 4 . l Wong, Lily Int.: Swimming, skating, dancing, reading Woodard, Gloria Pep Club 1 G.C. Receptionist 4 P.-T.A. Dance Comm. 4 Class Comm. 4 Woomer, John Int.: College Amb.: Veterinarian Yokushiiin, Ed Basketball 2 Track 1,2 B.C. Rep. 4 lnt.: Electronics Amb.: To join the Navy see the world Woo, Joe Garfield 2 Int.: Tennis, table tennis Lst. Wds.: Hit those books Woodcock, Mike lSmiliei Mercer lsl. l,2,3 Band 4 Wright, Just tae-24-an lnt.: Influencing judges Peeve: Tape measures Amb.: Miss America Lst. Wds.: "26-24-36 or Yamada, Terrance lTerryl lnt.: Aviation Peeve: Women who lie and up the phone fight" Wood, Coral Lee Honor Soc. 2 Orchestra 2 Sr. Choir 2,3,4 lnt.: Ice skating Woodey, Jim Honor Soc. 2,3,4 Track 2,3 Lst. Wds.: Study, weekly, very weakly Wrightsman, Marlene Int.: Church, skating Peeve: Liars Yamamoto, Barbara G.C. Comm. 2,3,4 Sports 2 lnt.: Skating, bowling Amb.: To be able to go to college 0 0 Yamasaki, Wendy Honor Soc. 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. Chrmn. 2nd V.P. 4 Class Comm. 3,4 Student Faculty 4 Yates, Joan llonil Mercer lsl. l,2,3 Roll Rep. 4 Thespians 4 lnt.: .l.O.G., sports, music, art Young, Lewis Orchestra 3,4 3: Yamashita, Dave Tennis l,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Class Pres. 3 Student Council 3,4 Tolo Weekly 3,4 Student Faculty Act. Coordinator 4 Ylenni, Mike lFiniel lnt.: Girls, cars Peeve: Student Court Amb.: Auto mechanic Yount, Melvin lforkyl lnt.: Lil' Cork, .l.P. Amb.: Be good Lst. Wds.: Live one day at a time Yashure, Youglas Yes-mamming l,2,3,4 Oui and Si Club 3,4 Lst. Wds.: Sweets for the Swedes Yorita, Sharon G.C. Comm. l,2,3,4 Nurse's Off. 2,3 Student Faculty 4 B.E.C. 3 Honor Soc. 4 Student Council Treas. 4 Finance Comm. Chrmn 4 Zuppe, Shirley Honor Soc. 2,4 Quaker Maids 2,3,4 G.C. Comm. 1,2 Amb.: College Lst. Wds.: Study while at Franklin fW fwiif 'Q ww wefiiiffw 1' X vWVp Lf'MW' Qififff .., fY'5MbpiTQ,i,5Q'f' ,J Msffgwijf WN i 0 ' Qggxfx 0 W ijgfgw jx' if QWXQKRWQ' ,ff iw W E N wffsifgfiyj NL wf N VJ! , W Q' J J' ya V N N rv , M jx, xy by r. N Lol 1,1 , 21 N, o tP - U J' XVJ pt IU NJ! JV APS' MU, ,Qs 6 KY dy My H ,ww K pu WWF? gtg! . of W' Y if 5 N X. J U 555553594 Ei jg iff? gggxq taxa? W A LS wo ' Q ' wb MrAN xqmw x XTWK 5' B0 Q-N-HSN .AAQ vxhnm.-v 'N-M. fQ,,,',S""'g' 4 351' xv-K, Su.-v-.u..QvQvA5Q,,MU Qb . M W 6:23 ' Ay Ky N. 60 5,19 0 62 N 61 0 fb G1K5l: C3-4 5,2 'MJ' fi 13 in 2 D1 QQ 'D Y , Fl Q 1 . v , 1 ' , x T E , - k Q t 'X Y , Xxsxi Q F I A1311 WW W Gwiygfxflwmf WM , wifww 51: 7,4Z.A,4i4Mff,44f W fgfiiigiff 7, fm Wk pf. fa' .V ......................,.,,,, , if sf N 'iQ',-L Q i X ' gs ss: H5552 s N-s Y . 'Q ...f ,f ' Wm' Abolotia, Marcia Accetturo, Dan Ache, Aggie Ackerman, Pal Alford, James Allan, Roger Allen, Judy Allen, Pat Allyn, Margaret Almeleh, Esther Anardi, Mike Anconetani, Vince Anclershonis, John Anderson, Kathryn Angel, Madeline Annibal, Susan Anway, Dick Anway, Marilyn Atkeson, Mike Atwood, Greg Aust, Gary Backlund, Bruce Bailey, Charles Ballestrasse, Judy Barrow, Sandie Bartley, Janet Bartmaverick, Bret Barton, Carol Al- Beach, Karen Beck, Audrey Beck, Bill Benaroya, Donna Benford, AI Beppu, Roberta Berg, larry Bergum, Christy Berntsen, Patricia Beyersdorf, Ronald Biesold, Kathy Bilious, Bitsy Billiaert, Judy Bingham, Charlene Bite, Kenny Biork, Priscilla Blakely, Merle Bleckov, Jerry Blythe, Avril Boley, linda Bolton, Mariorie Boselly, Joan Botz, Howard Bouchor, John Bovee, Doug Bowen, Barbara Bowman, Rick Bratton, Jim Breeden, Sue Breese, Steve Bricker, Kathy Britton, Mary Brosy, Lorin Brown, Bob Brown, George Brown, Ronald Brown, Rosacelia Brown, Starlet Brown, Steve Burgoine, Bob Burnison, Phyllis Burns, George Bush, Faye Buss, Roger Butterworth, Dianne Butterworth, Joan Butz, Marilyn Cab, Private Cahill, Karen Calcaterra, Larry Camarillo, larry Campbell, Eric Campbell, Kathy Campeol, lunni Carlson, Gloria Carlstrom, Roger K Vl- Carr, Larry Cartwright, Ron Casa, Gretchen Caston, Mark Call, Tabby Chandler, Bob Cherednik, Faith Chinn, Arlene Christophersen, Carole Clark, Connie Clayton, Edna Cochran, Carole Cohen, Al Cohen, Alan Cole, Carey Cole, Chunka Cole, Sylvia Colello, Jerry Collins, Sandra Collins, Wendy Connolly, Dan Cook, Jim Coonrodt, Paul Cooper, Diane Corbett, Rhoda Cordova, Sam Cosentino, Darlene Cossalter, Melanie Coulter, Dianne Courage, Dianne Courquin, Roland Creighton, Carol Croker, Terry Crooks, Mary Ann Crueger, Eileen Curry, Kathryn Curry, Mel Curst, Sorta Curtin, Danny Dallapozza, Pete Daly, Ed Daniels, Markay Davis, Larry Davis, Margaret Day, Barbara Day, Colleen Day, James Day, Phil Dean, Bob Dean, Michael Deotry, Marlin DeCaro, Al DeCourcey, Dennis Deleo, Mary Jean Deleo, Tom Deleon, Victor li- Denise, Mertle Devine, Margaret Dinish, Yvonne Dochnahl, Dennis Dodson, Jim Dolence, Dennis Donihue, Rich Dordevich, Nick Eddy, David Dorge, Roger Douglas, Ben Downie, Lynda Dows, Lance Drayton, Wallace Duckworth, Dolly Duff, Leslie Dufour, Diane Dufour, Donna Dufour, Dorothy Dufive, Didee Duncan, Andrea Dupea, Viola Duzon, Lynda Dyas, Connie Dyson, Gary Eddy, David Edwards, Bob Efron, Debbie Egts, Ronald Eldred, Beverly Elefant, Missee Elfendahl, Larry Ellis, Ronald Emerick, Bob Eng, Darrel Ennaro, Gail Epstein, Sandi Erickson, Aileen Eronemo, Mike Espey, Al Ether, Pansy Ethier, Eleanor Evans, Judi Faber, Hilke Fa.nnan, Mike Fassett, Wayne Fauber, Les Faylor, Joan Felix, Elaine Fen kn er, Don Fernandez, Veronica Finley, Ron Fisher, Mike Flint, Joy Fogelberg, Jim Fong, Dale Bk Foote, Eileen Foreman, Kent Fothergill, Joyce Fowler, Dan Fowler, Victor Frank, Earl Fredrickson, Rich Frizzell, Lavonne Fukuhora, Jerry Furer, Sarah Fury, Freckles Gacek, Karen Gadsby, Richard Golando, Nick Gallagher, Patty Garbarino, Leo Garrett, Kate Gatterman, Don Gee, Charlyee Gent, Jeff Gerarden, Mary German, John Getter, Gertie Gibbens, Don Gibson, Miriam Glenn, Edwin Go, Sharon Godsey, Gracie Gola, Ernie Gold, Margaret Good, Carole Gorsich, Jim Grandstrom, Harry Grant, Toombs Gray, Miriam Gray, Sharron Grinstein, Alix Guiherson, Ann Guinasso, Joe Guise, Beth Gyselman, Jill Haas, Judy Haddix, Robert Haddy, Hattie Halton, Marilyn Hall, Helen Hall, Roberta Hallam, Sidney Hammersmith, Darlene Hammons, Brian Hancock, Guy Hansen, Leslie Hansen, Mike Hanshaw, Joe Hanson, Bob Harding, Delores li Harding, Jean Harkness, Katy Ja Horned, linda Harper, Nettie Harris, Dave Harris, Ken Hartman, Jim Harvey, Janet Hausle, Fern Hawkins, Paul Haworth, Milt Hayne, Nancy Hearing, Mike Hearing, Ada Henderson, Rosalie Hendricks, Susan Heppenstall, Barbara HePPy, HUPPY Herbsl, Charles Heuschele, Judy Hewitt, Roger Hllgar, Bill Hill, Margaret Hodges, Dean Hoffa, John Hogue, Tom Holley, Bob Hollinger, Rosemary 54 Holmberg, Fred Homer, Herkie Holmberg, Lorna Holmes, Elfie Holmes, Pamela Hood, Roy Hook, Jon Hooley, Lee Hoshide, Janet Houser, John Hauser, Judy Hoy, Richard Hubbard, Ed Huddah, Hubba Huffman, Leona Hugus, Richard Hull, Clair Hunt, Trudi Hutchinson, Anne Hulhmacher, Bobbi Hyvonen, Keiio lngman, Robert Ishida, Mitzi lsomura, Ricky Israel, Shirley Jackson, Cloyd Jacobson, Don Jeffery, Priscilla JH Jenkins, Janice Jensen, Bob Jensen, Elsie Jewell, Roger Jiggsup, Joker Joonis, Roberlo Johnson, Aleela Johnson, Allyn Johnson, Dennis Johnson, linda Johnson, Mike Johnson, Winn Johnston, George Jorgensen, Sandie Jung, Rodney Kohn, Chuck Kolmbock, Fred Kanno, Sieve Karvio, Frank Kato, Byron Kaufmann, Bill Kehoe, Terry Kehr, Margaret Kessler, Leida Kick, Beat Nick Kieffer, Harry Kimball, Jim Kimura, Ellen Kipper, George Kirwan, Ken Kiyonaga, Donna Kline, Ken Klones, Sharon Knapp, Jacqueline Knebel, Andrea Knutson, Roger Kokesh, Bill Kole, Kookie Kolstad, Pat Kondo, Ray Korsgren, Judy Koskela, Vincent Kozu, Steve Kremer, Claire Kumata, Jerry Labellarte, Rosann laBelle, Ken Langmack, Kathleen lanman, Katie Larson, Larry Larson, Sheridan Leach, Lorena Lee, Sharon Lehmann, Margie LeMay, Tom Leonard, Ran le Levy, David Lew, Willkie Lewis, Dick Lindgren, Kathie Lindsay, Kitty lindsley, Diane Link, Missing Lindsley, Sheila link, Elice Linscott, Chuck Lippy, Neil Locks, Karen long, lavern Lovegren, Chris Lowe, Jim Lucas, Mike Lund, Janet Lundquist, Lynn Lutz, Nancy Machula, Yvonne Macri, Emilia Mahoney, .ludy Malabed, Flora Mandeville, Mike Mangan, Margaret Manley, Robin Manzin, John Marchetti, Janice Marrah, Kathy Marshall, Sally Martin, Caleen Martin, P. J. Marzahn, Bonnie Maslan, Janice Mason, Shirlee Matsui, Carol Matsumoto, Carrie Matt, Jim Mayeda, Joann Mayhall, Diane Mayo, Bob McBride, John McBroom, Glen McBrush, Fulla McCauley, Geraldine McClure, Catherine McCullough, Mike McDonald, Bobbi McDougall, Mary Ann McElroy, Jack McFarlane, Ann Mclntosh, Ann McKinley, James McNamara, Suzanne Meanor, linda Means, Susan li Mears, linda Mednikoff, Maxine Meduna, Terry Mehner, Robert Melville, Shirley Mendoza, Joan Mermelstein, Slephen Merrell, Casey Messenger, Steve Mezislrana, Jerry Micheli, Giovanna Middleton, Dick Mifflin, Kenny Migliore, Mariann Mihalchyk, Sharlene Milk, Tiger Mills, Bob Milton, Sandra Moore, linda Moore, Steve Morhaime, Stan Morris, Marcia Moschetto, Bonita Moshier, Stan Murray, Patrick Muscatel, John Muscatel, Meyer Nagaishi, Amy Nahmias, Stan Nakagawa, Byron Nakamura, Janice Namkung, Irene Nance, lee Nardelli, Barbara Neff, Lynn Nenezich, Peter Newcomb, Mary Nightingale, Nancy Nightmare, Wicky Noval, louis Nucci, Jim Nyberg, Judy Oats, Cheery Oberto, Bob Odell, Dan Oiye, Shoji Okamoto, Janice Oldman, Lora Oliphant, Charles Oliver, Jim Olsen, Dave Omaru, Kathy Opel, Mary Ann Oquist, Jeni Orey, Lon Osborne, Kathy I O Otis, Cathrine Owens, Pat Oxford, Pauline Page, Jean Palmer, Tom Panzica, Cathy Parsons, Jim Patricelli, Mary Ann Patricelli, Mike Patrick, Penny Patterson, Sandie Paulsen, Pat Pelican, Snozzle Pelland, Anita Pence, Mariory Pendley, Roberta Pennington, Linda Perrett, Michael Peterson, Faye Peterson, Sharon Peterson, William Phillips, Jams Phillips, lloyd Philpott, JoAnn Pilutik, Walter Pimentel, Henry Pinto, Sharon Pogue, Pat 58 Poll, Elaine Pond, Becky Powers, Janet Powers, Pam Price, Scott Pulrang, Bonnie Quande, Barbara Rabine, Jeanne Radford, Frank Raffle, Patty Ragaza, Stan Rasmusson, Carole Raynes, Mary Rea, Fred Reed, Dennis Restad, Doug Rice, Frances Richmond, John Rider, Harlan Ritter, Dave Rodes, Estelle Rohlfs, Richard Rollins, John Roma, A. Romano, Loretta Rocks, Burle Rosengreen, Nancy Rosenthal, Judy Ab Rosenwald, Jim Rothwell, Mary Rounds, Tim Rudow, Marlin Rush, John Rust, James Sadis, Jerry Sage, Judy Salgado, Jose Saltsman, Sharelle Salud, Jim Sandell, Art Santora, Shirley Scharffenberg, Dennis Schliiter, Sandy Schmidt, Allen Schmidt, Marilyn Schreindl, Robert Schroeder, John Schuehle, Ted Schultz, larry Schultz, Patti Schwendeman, Diane Schwendeman, Pete Scott, Tom Sealyham, Fifi Seelbach, Cammy Service, Patti Shaw, Sandi Shiels, Steve Shirt, l.ostis Simmons, Baert Singleton, Fred Singleton, Tom Skya, Rilo Smallwood, Daine Smith, Barbara Smith, Craig Smith, Glen Smith, Karen Sneddon, Donna Snell, .lerry Snow, Sandra Sorensen, Stan Southey, Robert Spain, Mary Sparks, Terry Spear, Michael Stahl, Judy Stalcup, Dave Stalin, Sam Stark, Ronald Steen, Walter Steere, Monte Steinborn, Jeff Stewart, Dorothy AP Stinson, Lyle Stone, Roger Stout, larry Sullivan, Joe Sullivan, Penny Summer, Gail Suthergreen, Pat Sutterlin, John Swenson, Carl Tacher, Morris Togart, Dave Tait, Pamela Tanaka, Gary Taylor, Pat Teig, Marilyn Thiry, Doris Thompson, Pat Thors, Robert Tobin, Clive Tokin, AI Touriel, Anne Tse, Johnny Tse, Judy Tsunehara, Ronald Ttutt, Tun Tull, Tony Turner, Frank Turrill, Norman Tyack, Lorna Tyler, James Umino, Gordon Urlevich, Marlene Van Antwerp, Lois Van Cleave, Richard Vangel, Jordan Vaughn, Lana Vertz, Sherry Vevang, Tim Vines, Roger Wakazura, Ken Wall, Daryl Waltman, John Ward, Anne Wan, Marie Waters, Melissa Watkins, Joyce Watkins, Roy Watt, John Weber, Carlotta Wegodsky, Ken Welsh, Steve Wendfeldt, Jim West, Easter West, Dee Wheatman, Wally White, Sharon if Whitehead, Ron Wicks, Norman Wienir, Joyce Wilds, Bob Wiley, Budda Wilkinson, Dave Willey, Jeanne Williams, Gayla Williamson, Beverly Wilson, Claudia Wilson, Gary Wilson, Kay Wise, Jim Wolph, Cynthia Wong, May Wong, Paulo Woof, Woof Wood, Rae Ella Woodard, Robert Woodman, John Wright, Michele Ylenni, Joy Yocum, Linda York, Carolyn Young, Phillip Zebell, larry Zimmerman, John Zuber, Kim 61 nv Becraft, Chuck Beltz, Ted Benoliel, David Benson, Carol Bernasconi, Charles Bethards, Dick Bethards, Jack Betzler, Inge Bickler, Kathy Bielman, Judd Billheimer, Gloria Binns, Steve Bird, Ima Biorkman, Paul Blazina, Lois Bleckov, Tom Bliler, Richard Boccamozzo, Frank Bolster, David Bommarito, Helen Bond, Dennis Bovee, lila Bowling, Gudat Branston, Stuart Briede, James Brosy, Geoffrey Brothers, Steve Brown, Dave Buchanan, Skip Burgoine, Dinah Burns, Glen Buss, James Butler, Judy Butler, Leslie Byrne, Michael Adams, Jerry Adams, Margie Adams, Patricia Aquinoldo, Patricia Alcantara, Ken Alder, Kathleen Alexander, Jeffery Alia, Ron Allan, Wayne Allen, Margaret Allenback, Penny Altaras, Janet Altman, Jay Anderson, Frank Andamess, Freeka Angel, Jerry Ansbaugh, Eugene Arendall, Helen Arnevick, Bret Arnold, Larry Baba, Sharon Bailey, Douglas Bailey, Gary Bailey, Susan Baker, Linda Baldwin, Donald Baldwin, lucky Baransky, Louie Barker, Carole Barnell, Dianne Barness, Vivian Barnhouse, Julie Barrick, Wendy Bassett, Elaine Bastrom, Sharon Batmann, Frakas Bauer, Wes Bowden, Judy Bechtel, Harry Beck, Linda w... has Calderan, Gail Calderon, Sharon Calvo, Betty Campbell, Don Canavan, Kathy Canda, Valentino Cannon, Penny Canonica, Charlene Capetolo, Carole Capps, Duane Carlson, Jim Carlson, Richard Carpenter, Chris Carvill, Richard Castonguay, Steve Champlin, Jean Charles, John Chase, Carol Cherry, John Christiansen, Barbara Cirelli, Michael Classy, Vera Clemons, Bryce Clodfelter, Roberta Close, Darlene Cluck, Jack Cockle. 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'NO . QQ, Wy, yy. xf fff -S124 1 Mx W mg My ff N Y' ' Xb! kbs C,,LL!,A.x' 5 ,.:'-7' 1 , - NX N -R-:X-fx . ,V U ,,., x, S ' ,J ffvrs' A q f xg, Q-vi, f 1 J f il ., ll - I ' fl 554 Q U Q , I ff '7 , ,Ll 9 I -I J Y Q fx 35,1 Wwfjf MW? QQJNM fy my W ,9 M !WND'W1QfW QLD HMM! 7404. JLQQQ MSW' CI gfdww VACIQVLQ 7 Q, mwcl, .,4,4,1,fw40'L5A G Cf ML C18 ELM! Q4 .wif i V! . 77 F fJA6iNjjl A '4 5 gurl P 0 . H D . A vii' if ,QM idx fx vi XIOOWQ, xe Px 4 5 L,vV2'b Q5 92 ,- if QQ C5 - 510 1 D P ' MW 0 70 q YG I V F12 fm My M ,V , . 'MMM 7 XJZQJ ,MMU GWQL PMC Uh 4' y TD 'XXCQV M QJWWU Aged M Q X kgga OI 9 Qx vw., if Q2 Qi K i? gig J E fwmfM 3 WWW Vf?ffWif wa TKQQ ill ,g,Q,L..a:fLJZ4.A,4v!J! .fC,c.1.f,-,:pGZ ,,94J-'lfizfqj .,4.7f,en-f-LLL-4.1 A.. -v-4f'f4f ygztg 741111. 560-:A-'Cf 4'-""-'dc' G9 g,G,,,..4J-z,-f---'2J4"' QQQCDLJ 3 l What is school spirit? School spirit isn't just yelling and screaming at football games and pep assemblies. It's also loyalty towards the school as a whole and participating in school activities. As a member of the student body at Franklin, one has clubs, organizations and sports activities with which to occupy oneself when away from the gruel of homework. Each student has an oppor- tunity to show loyalty to his class by signing up with class committees and accepting responsibil- ities put forth to him. School spirit also means abiding by school rules and regulations, being loyal and friendly to faculty and administration, and co-operating with other members of the stu- dent body. Participating in school songs and yells is only a small but important part of school spirit. The yell and song leaders do much during the year to promote good school spirit. The students at Franklin have always rallied faithfully behind their teams-win, lose or draw. Franklin is now operating under modernized facilities, a larger student body and a new student government and Constitution. But school spirit at Franklin hasn't changed. Franklin can still count on student support for school projects such as the food and clothing drive and light bulb sale. School spirit is only what you make it. So, come on Quakers. Let's really show that "great Frank- lin spirit." Rebuilt and Re-dedicated for A Better School A Better Community A Better World In continuous existence, our high school is now the oldest in Seattle. We antedated Lin- coln by one year and Queen Anne by three. We were housed from 1906 to 1912 in what is now Washington Junior High. Here we achieved autonomy from our parent school, Broadway: began publishing Tolog chose green and black as our school colors, and developed the now famous Quaker spirit. In 1912 the original part of this building was opened. At one time a creek flowed under the present Room 2 location and architects and workmen on the recent remodeling found the current water table just below the locker room level of our new gym. Expansion has been handicapped by limitations of the build- ing site and by the massive construction of the original building. Our gym and track are over a garbage till, once the location of the Malmo Nurseryg the Boulevard is dedicated property which cannot be vacatedg the bear- ing walls of the original structure are from two to three feet thick. For the First years the stage was backed by a heavy plaster shell or dome. At one time the building was nick- named "Naramore's Nightmare" because of difficulties of architectural change and be- cause of the large, unused attic. However, our lunchroom floor and ceiling are suspended from trusses, which are housed in the attic, which also supports the dome. So our unused attic is really very important architecturally. The corridors are all concrete but most class- rooms have wood joists. In 1925, the building was much enlarged by the opening of the east wing. Other changes and improvements were made through the years. In 1962 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of this building, but already we are well started on the second half century of Franklin's service to the community, the city, the state, the nation and the world. The old Ionic columns and Greek front of our building have been largely covered by a modern facade which is representative of the many changes inside the building. Visitors either to Open House or the Re- dedication will appreciate the rain-drenched night view of the south front of the building, for which we are indebted to Mrs. Ann Stone. NIGHT FLIGHT fwritten in July 19425 The night was cool and still and clear, A night for thoughts returning home- Of things away and yet brought near All gently lulled, by the motors' hum. We flew in tired peacefulness Above a hazy fog That blended things of earth and man Together, by the Hand of God. I wondered as we Hew that night If over there they felt the same, If other boys loved beauty too And longed for peace again. Oh, let not hate's dark shadow, Black out the western sky. But grant that brotherhood bless all: For this, we proudly die! -jack Finley, Class of '38 fThis poem by Mrs. Wettleson's eldest son, who was killed in a plane crash shortly after these lines were written, is herewith dedicated to all former Frank- linires who made the supreme sacrifice., I nn 1' 3 1 5 M I er, 195, 44' .5 X- f,," gM 1 , - F 4. .5 ' - 4 , 22" " ,W ff I Kr W , f 4 f qv N 51' . " 4' - 1 - ' V Q 2 uv' il L' Kxfiv .49 " K , S t , 6 ,A Q 1 vs Q - ' W , f dlif f i' Y' Has 1 N an mx 1 Q! Wk Z K if x Nr 2? ' Q mf- - E IL R a H f Xi 'Nf Busy with girls' club activities and acting as girls' club advisor is our own Mrs. Lowry. During her "spore time," Mrs. Lowry teaches four gym classes. Overseer of all Franklin ath- letics is Harvey Lanman. He is boys' advisor, student activities co-ordinotor and student council advisor. In brief, our Mr. lanman is superintendent of everything except discipline and curriculum here ot Franklin. Walter J. Reseburg, our former prin- cipal, used to say, "At Franklin we do not need to teach tolerance. In our wide halls, in our classrooms, in our lunchroom, in our auditorium students of all races and all faiths mingle, work together, and become friends." We have two new centers for this democratiza- tion process: the many-windowed foy- ers between the old and new wings and our new activities' center. Activities have always been at the core of our Franklin fellowship and friendshipg but they were formerly housed all over the building. Now they are centered in Room 162 under the co-ordination of Mr. Lanman. The Student Council and Boys' Club function here under his di- rection, The Girls' Club, advised by Mrs. Lowry, originate all their projects here. Sports, publications, clubs, mu- sical organizations, class officers and working groups-all the parts of our extensive student activities program- come here for counseling and clear- ance. Room 162 is truly the heart of Franklin. Members of Student Council-lst row: Harvey Lanman, Advisorg Laurie Jarvis, Vice President, Brian Kashiwagi, President, Linda Marr, Secretary, Sharon Yorita, Treasurer. 2nd row: Carmen Kolstad, Roll Council Rep., Ann McFarland, Interhigh Rep., Joan Bosellyg Carol Dahlin, Girls' Club Rep., Judi Oquist, Roll Council Rep. 3rd row: Bonnie Freeman, Roll Council Rep., Tony Skrbek, Boys' Club Rep.p Dave Yamashita, Interhigh Rep., Dan Phillips and George Suyama, Sr. Class Reps., Katie Lanman and Melanie Cossalter, Jr. Class Reps. Not pictured: Tina Fisher and Margo Redman, Soph. Class Reps.g Colin Miller, Boys' Club Rep., Don DePorter and Pete Haase, Roll Council Reps. Brian Kashiwagi, President Laurie Jarvis, Vice President Linda Marr, Secretary Sharon Yorita, Treasurer Franklin this year has had many new changes and editions. Cne of the most important of these has been a new constitution and a new form of student government. For the first time in the history of F. H. S. every student is represented by the members of the student council. Formerly, a student had to belong to an organization in order to be represented in the student council. This year the school government is run by only 15 members representing the three classes, boys' and girls' clubs, and the roll council. Each student in the school is represented through these organizations. Franklin students also have a better chance to voice their opinions in government this year. A student may take a problem to his roll representa- tive. The roll representative in turn takes this item up in roll council. If the council Finds that the item is important the roll council representatives may bring the problem before the student council. In this way, every Franklin student now may have a voice in the government of his school. STUDENT COURT New at Franklin this year is the Student Court. The purpose of the court is to give the students a responsibility of disciplining themselves and to encourage students to obey the laws of the Stu- dent Council. Under the direction of Mr. Malnati the Five court judges carry out their duties which are hearing, discussing and deciding upon an appro- priate verdict and punishment. The Building and Grounds Committee is also a part of the Student Court. Their job is to give tickets to students found smoking near the school, crowding in the lunch line, littering the grounds, etc. The court has done an excellent job and there has been a noticeable improvement at Franklin. Back Row, left to right: John Nitsche Mr. Malncxti, Advisor Don DePorter Moe Israel Front Row, left lo right: Bob Israel Don Williams Bill Gerla, Chief Justice Jeff Morris ROLL COUNCIL i r 1 CAROL DAHLIN ,,....., ,.,,.,,....,..,. A.,.,.. , . M ..,...,.,,..........................,........ Girls' Club President COLIN MILLER ,,Y,,A,, ,,,.,...,,..,,,,..,,.... B oys' Club President JANIE HURLEY ,...,,. .,..,.. G irls' Club First Vice-President MOE ISRAEL ,,.,,, .,A,AA ..,.,.,,,...,...,.. B o ys' Club Vice-President WENDY YAMASAKI .,.., . Y,.,,.. Girls' Club Second Vice-President TONY SKRBEK , , ,, ..,,.... .,.. B oys' Club Secretary BARBARA SANDERS ,.......,.. .. ..,, Girls' Club Corresponding Secretary AL WILSON ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,A.,A,A, ,,,,..,,,,,,.... . ,,,,....,.. . ..,... B oys' Club Treasurer CAROLYN JORDAN ,,,.,,, .,....... G irls' Club Recording Secretary CHUCK BERNERT ,,,,, ,, ,,,...,. Bays' Club Chairman of Chairmen JEANNE JONES ..v... ..,.,v.Y.Y....,....,.,........,...,....,..............,.,.......,., G irls' Club Treasurer BOYS' CLUB The newly elected Boys' Club officers started off with a bang toward the closing of last year. Cleaning of the school and readying it for summer vacation were among the first activities. At tl1e beginning of the year it was their job to issue lockers to all new boys. The Canned Food Drive ended with a big smash as food cans piled in from everywhere. For all assemblies the Boys' Club presents the color guard. When participation cards were on sale, the Boys' Club loaned money to those who wanted to borrow it. In the future, there are many plans for the Boys' Club. A picnic at the end of the year will prove to be full of fun and excitement. GIRLS' CLUB Girls' Club again this year, as every year, has been contributing to the activities of the girls at Franklin High. Among the many things they have done the following are included: At the first of the year the new Sophomore girls, as well as other new members to our halls, were treated to the annual Get Acquainted Party. Another important event which has enlightened this past year were the Sign Ups, in which all girls were able to choose the committee on which they would most like to serve. This event is presented both semesters. Another highlight of the year is the semi-annual Min-Con which occurs at the beginning of each semester. Here the committee chairman and their officer in charge meet and discuss their acitivities of the semester. Other events which Girls' Club has contributed to are the Dads' Night, co-sponsored with the Boys' Club: the Clothes Drive, to help the needy people of the South, and the Christmas Fund-Raising Project. Another annual program offered to the girls and their mothers was the Mother-Daughter Tea. Here, all the mothers were able to meet and get acquainted with some of the girls' teachers, as well as being served refreshments and enjoying entertainment from the Franklin students and faculty. In conclusion to this festive year was the yearly Girls' Club ofiicers and chairman installation. With the out-going officers, not only is hard 'work dismissed, but the joy and excitement of the contributions the girls have dedicated to the school are passed, but never forgotten. E Q E 4, ,,,,.,,,.-Q-w""' A . flggl fiiw 4 U! ff +315 1Q,!!"f9'f if as-23 5 This year something new has been tried at Franklin. On certain days that the faculty is especially busy the students fill in at their positions. Every teacher's position, including that of the Principal and Vice Principal, is taken over by a student teacher and class is conducted in the usual manner. These students conduct the class while the teacher is making out grades or attending faculty meet- ings. To be on the student faculty, the student signs up for a teacher and then is picked by elimination. A committee consisting of four teachers and Five students then select the pupils who will represent the student faculty. The student faculty has been very successful this year and is liked very much by the teachers and students. Both hope that it will be continued. 1 l ,f-5 'sw , filllllll Across the lop: Mr. Garrison-George Suyama Mrs. Frisby-Minnie Nugcishi Mr. Brilain-Jim Creevey Mr. Boselly-Don Williams Mr. Lonman-Dave Yamoshilo Mr. Means-Don DePorter Second row: Mr. Duran-Tony Skrbek Mr. Chapel-Julie Jock Mr. Hurley-Janie Hurley Mr. Welfleson-Steve Schlesinger Melha Munn Third row: Mr. Petite-Bob Neiman Mr. McGrath-Linda Marr Mr. Sloll-Pol Quinn Mr. Malnali-Bob Israel Bohom row: Mrs. Pickcrd-Twilc Guinn Mr. Rice-Frank Slurr A great asset to Franklin school spirit are the yell lead- ers: Mike Fisher, John Nitsche, Paul Carrol, Bob Israel, Bill Hirota and .lim Rosenwald. B.E.C., Business Education Club, helps with various activ- ities around the school. Their main purpose is providing a secretarial service for any teacher needing typing or other office work done. Some of their other duties are selling tickets for games and typing names on participa- tion cards. Members are Hutchinson, Co-chairman, Ma- honey, Treasurer, Nobuyama, Secretary, Poulsen, Pres- ident, Banasky, Vice President, Lindquist, Activity Co- ordinator, Miss O'Hare, Advisor, Wimbush, Gutierrez, L. Moore, Antonelli, A. Moore, Curry, Herrera, Deahl, Annibal, Hartman, Hawley, Bliler, Fletcher, Faunce, Johnson, McCarty, Truscan, Kauzlarich, Melville, Cor- bett, Wolph, Jenkins, Anderson, Reed, Linscott, Bricker, Wilkes, Rothwell, Ethier, Christopherson, Pinto, Wilkin- son, P. Holmes, E. Holmes, Peterson, Matsumoto and Billieart. SCHCDOL Supplying song, cheer and enthusiasm at any and all Franklin games are song leaders Cindy Lochow, Arlene McCloud, lynn Barrick, Kathy Jones, Pam Fukuda, Bev R I T Topp, .ludy Muramoto and Shirley Ovadia. The hard-working usher squad guides and seats people at athletic events. They direct the crowd at all the bas- ketball, football games, all home baseball games and one track meet. The members are Anderson, Douglas, Glenn, Hansen, Holley, Kimball, Kritzu, O'Dell lCapt.l, Olson, Poska, Quinn, Reed, Rider, Woodin, Wendfeldt, Watt, Wanless and Rider. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mrs. Doupe, Advisor, George Suyama, President, Jim Creevey, Vice President, Sally Neupert, Secretary, Dan Phillips, l Treasurer, Bill Hirota, Chairman of Chairmen. Class Committee Chairmen are in charge of all the functions which the Senior Class sponsors. They are as follows: Don Williams, Sylvia Tannhauser, Judy Lee, Carolyn Jordan, Metha Mann, Bill Hirota, JoAnne Leo, Judy Oquist, Pete Haase, Lynn Martin, Harold McCloud. 1961 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Craig Smith Secretary, Katie Lanman Advisor, Mrs. Campbell Vice President, Melanie Cossalter Treasurer, Faye Bush Chairman of Chairmen, Linda Harned The junior Class of 1961 was very active this year with Mrs. Campbell as advisor. At the first of the year they sold suckers which said, "Lick Lincoln" on them, just before the Franklin-Lincoln football game. During basketball season, pencils were sold with the schedule of basketball games on them. Three dances were sponsored by the Junior Class: "Harvest Moon," "Nothin' Much" and a Sock Dance after a basket- ball game. The Junior Class is putting together the new Student Handbook which will be sold next year. The handbook contains facts about Franklin's history, traditions, regu- lations and activities. The sensational class of '60 is happy to say, "It's been a grand year." Not content with achievements of the past, this year's senior class has taken new strides for- ward. We hope that we have established a precedent in "Ben's Den" that will become tradition in future years. The founding Cestablishmentj of "Ben's Den" has proven to be one of the finest school services-to both students and faculty. Many students joined various senior class committees to organize and direct activities such as the Senior Luncheon, which was held May 12 at the Hub, in the University district. 1962 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, John Snow Vice President, Tina Fisher Secretary, Dick Hanson Treasurer, Margo Redman Chairman of Chairmen, Sharon Silver Advisor, Mr. Jacobsen Being new in the school this year, the Sophomore Class has been more or less following the activities instead of leading them. Although the Sophomore Class has had to start from the bottom, their hard- working committees are raising them to the top. They have put on several P.-T. A. dances and have held money-raising projects for their class. They are looking forward with much anticipation to the time when they will be seniors. Our fabulous Prom, "While We're Young," was the highlight of the year and took place May 27 in the famous ballroom of the Olympic Hotel. We believe this year's prom could not possibly be surpassed. In the past four years we have worked and played alongside our fellow students, and without the excellent leadership of the counselor so wisely chosen to guide us, we would not be the "Sensational '60s!" We express our heartiest appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Eva Doupe, our wonderful advisor. With commencement we stand at the threshold of our adulthood, and so we go on to take our places, wherever they may be, in this fast-changing world in which we live. 'M is was his Q ., V X24 S! N. - 1, Q... - ,,,Q,W,WWx ,. . ,A i:-MN. K f . 1,5 ,X g1,w:iz.3i U Q' 1 'B 5 sz 7 w Q Msgs. K, Q L Q WT if 'tv iw qw' mes W? mfg YQ' Qxwgyg 2 E 3 K 3 3 -...Q JUDGE FISH ,.,,..,,,..,,,A.,..,. ,.,.,,..,..,. M ark Pass HALSEY VAN STYE ,,,,. ...,.,, D on Williams HELEN LARSEN ,.,,..,......, ,....,, S haron Cohen RUTHERFORD DALE ..,A.,..,., .....,..,..,,.,,....,.,,. S tuart Offer NANCY OWEN ,,.,. ..A.,., 1 ,,..,,.,..........,,,,,,,..... D iane Holmgren DR. QUINCY ADAMS JAMES, JR. ,.,..,,,,, . Anson Goff ART DOBBS ...,,..,........,Y...,,,.....,,,.....,.,..,..,,,.... David Schaal MRS. GORDON QYVETTE YVETJ.. ,,,,,, .Susan Tooley THE JURY MRS. LIVINGSTON BALDWIN CRANE Sally Neupert LILY PRATT .,,,,....,......,,.. ...,..,. B onnie Trxebwasser CYNTHIA TATE ....,,,. .......,..... Cindy Lochow MAYME MIXTER ,.... . ..... ............,... M imi Funes MRS. DACE .............. . Georgeanne Sorenson MRS. MAGUIRE ...,,, ,, ...,.... Barbara Southey JAY J. PRESSLEY ......, , ......,,.. Vernon Corliss MISS DAZEY ..... ......., . ,.,.,, C heron Messmer ALONZO BEAL .,......,,.... ...,.... R oss Cherednik STEVE BROMM ..,,,... .. ., ....... Doug Robbins MRS. FIONA MACKAIG ....,, ..,....,.,.. J anie Hurley ACT I ACT II ACT III TIME: SYNOPSIS OF SCENES The County Courthouse at Rosevale, New Jersey CThe curtain will be closed in this act to indicate a lapse of two daysj The Jury Room The same. Sunrise two days later. June, 1959. EVELYN ELAINE SNOW ,,,,...,.. ....... J udi McCarty SUSANNE ...,..........,....,...,,,.,...,.,.., ........ R ita Stusser CLERK OF THE COURT ...,.... .....,..... B eth Beattie COURT REPORTER ,.,,.,.,.,.. .,... .... A n n Finlayson COURT OFFICER .......,,..........,.... .......,,.... B ob Israel PRESS PHOTOGRAPHER ......... ....... J im Creevey MABEL ....,..,..,,.........,...,................. ,...... L iddy Krier A comedy by Fred Ballard, directed by Miss Norma Wills, Mr. George Ehrgott, assisted by Larry Alexander, Susan Silver, Kitty Lindsay, Sandie Snow. l 89 fini ' fx 5' 9 Q Ne gt: lxgi-,, , 6 9' ,I 1 Ml' X we . ' ?nW- N . MAIN OFFICE The Nerve Center of F.H.S. IMain Officej spends most of the day working the switchboard, answering phones and the million of other things a Nerve Center does, The efficient helpers ore, left to right: Edwards, Day, Davis, Huthmacker, Ridenour, Mrs. Bosworth, Moore, Mrs. Rice. Not pictured: Boily, Beppu, Butler, Lockwood, Trout, Von Antwerp. STUDY HALL The Study Hall Roll Checkers keep accounts of attendance and Y they prove very worthy of the iob they represent. Y Back Row, left to right: Courage, Parr, Duzan, Loescher, St. , Germaine, Linscott. Next Row: Scheild, Pogue, Rice, Peterson, Marrah, Davis, Clark. Next Raw: Voelker, Locks, Mayhall, Kerr, Gacek, Truscan, Mel- ville. Front Raw: Strelau, Romedo, Thiry, Neff, Brazier, Heisley. COUNSELING OFFICE The indispensable helpers in the Counseling Office consist of: Standing, left to right: Korsgren, Baldwin, Cannon, Klones, Patrick. Sitting, first table, left to right: Hartman, Hanga, Efron, Champlin. Sitting, second table, left to right: DiGennaro, Hooper, Trieb- wasser. Not pictured-Peterson. iff ACTIVITIES OFFICE NURSE'S OFFICE Typing, filing and general secretarial work are the jobs of the sec- Have a fever? Headache? Do you feel weak? The new nurse's office retary of Activities office. The clerk also has his share of work as he is the place for you. Perky helpers are, left to right, Bielman, Joanis, is the errand boy for Mr. Lanman. Bcnetto, Thiry. Standing, left to right: Robbins, Holmberg, Williams, Hanson. Sitting: Cossalter, Ruder, Magnin, Adams, Cossalter. ATTENDANCE OFFICE Franklin Bureau of Investigation lbetter known as the Attend- ance Officel hears all the ex- cuses. F. B. I. membership in- cludes: Back row, left to right: Mar- chetti, Allan, Hamel, Van Nor- strand, Gacek, Haas, Ceasur. Next row: Pogue, Hausle, Lind- quist, Harris, Scotty, Israel, Rosenlund, Biesold. Next row: Hutchinson, Loescher, Rix, Kauzlarich, Marshall, Bra- zier, Thomas, Knapp. Kneeling: Clark, Fyler. Not pictured: Ackerman, Dou- ville, Gleason, Harris, Malher- ick, Nibarger, Oakley, Page, Rogers, Williams. BANKING Library The library, being one of our most important rooms, has undergone a great change during the past year. Not only has it been completely remodeled, but it has welcomed several new magazines and books to its shelves. Students having experience working in the Franklin library are automatically qualified to ioin the library club. This year they put on an apple sale the proceeds from which were donated to the Seattle Public Library for a new world globe. The officers, pictured at the top of the page, are Jan Condon, Vice President, Sheila Wilkinson, President and Janice DelDuca, Secretary- Treasurer. Debate To be on the debate team, a student must have a 2.7 grade point average. The class works in all kinds of forensic activities such as oratory, impromptu and extemporaneous speeches. The students on debate have attended tournaments and forensic contests. Standing are Drayton, Lowe, Miss Flagler, Mr. Black, Steffan, Rohlfs. Seated are Kashiwagi, Morriston, Holmberg, Moore, Whittlesey, Pick, Schumacher. lnter High Councll promotes understanding among schools Frankllns representatives are left to right Dan Page, Ann McFarland, Jeannette Colagrossn Dave Yamashuta Future Teachers of America acquaint themselves with the teaching profession by visiting educational institu- tions. From left: Twardus, Isoshima, Jack, Garrett, Evertz, Elkins, Evans, Davenport, Gervais, Hall, Zingmark, Fies, Wilkinson, Villiger, Officers: DelDuca, President, Grahn, Allen, Vice Presidents, Linscott, Secretary, Mrs. Malcolm, Advisor, Villiger, Historian. ,- ax Q Q SWA I .43 .wks V n EQ: 1 . ? I Ai X . xgw ' . 3 V 'R , 3:.i" : Q.,l:-53525. 5 M U sz if . V: , 45 :1 ,, ff 5, Mr. Evatt and Assistants Mr. McGrath and Assistants Senior Honor Society Officers Proiectionists Stage Crew Mrs. Cramer, P.-T. A. President, welcomes Mrs. Berne Jacobsen, former State P.-T. A. President and Chairman of the Washington State delegation to President Eisenhower's White House Conference on Education iheld every ten yearsl. Building and Grounds Book Room Awards Committee Budget Committee Safety Council Sportsmen Songsters QW 5 1 I f QQM WW D7 A W M46 1 'Q C-513 .Oi Eff 2 fMLL W X0 M Q xmw2,wLQQ,v+QQ9'QLQ -Ulm. 004-P915 Maui .513-f-N 5343 LDAQEQJN Sl QAM WRELLH wfbg MTN 956059 bkclfiv C'V6My Wx. YYXCIAQSO QQCQWOAJ' J,f,,Qf,c,Lbfi4'0'0a"LJ 4i4a'JA,o-46, MM ,bl-afQ.o.J,4,z,La,,u.,oa.Zf2-1? MW' WMM? ,,fa,75Zdc4e,fuk7,14wfffff'-J Wwifffluoxwlw-L 6-Goff-d4QafQ gow ZLL, 75-QL! g P-1 P-4 3 wyfgy ,M f My? Wifwwwf ff' Wnagffwpfwy W W 0.2 f W Q ff Q llfffjg? i f? 'L wt AL7- ima! iw ZW Xi-0 igjjwf HELPING MAC Have you had Biology 18: 2? If so, you may be qualified to become a laboratory assistant to one of our fine Biology teachers fif you can get their personal perrnissionj. If you're lucky enough to pass the rigid standards, some of your duties might be helping in dissection of a frog or worm. Or maybe you'll get to help in preparing laboratory tests. Among some of the other duties of a "lab-assistant" are helping in demonstrations and giving lectures. You would have to know the inner-sanctum Clab. stockroomj and where and what all the laboratory equipment is. All in all the fine job of lab-assistants has been deeply appreciated by our Biology teachers and their many hard-working hours spent in the Biology class will surely be a boon to their future careers. 50 YEARS l96O Editor-Gail Edwards Asst. Editor-Lenore DeMarco Art Editors-Carolyn Jordan, JoA Business Manager-Stuart Offer Sports Editor-Jack Alhadeff STAFF Bob Altaras l2nd Semi Diane Alverson Dave Bushley l2nd Seml Kent Ferrier John Finton l2nd Seml Diane Greco Jill Gyselman l2nd Seml Mike Hawley Mary Hersner Janie Hurley Kathie Hutchinson Gary Lund l2nd Seml Joe Macri Pat Oakley Irene Ohashi Shirley Ovadia I I st Seml Pam Powers l2nd Seml Carol Pruzan Pat Ray list Seml Terry Ridenour I 'l st Seml Vernita Schuster Sharon Shaughnessy Jeanne Shiota Joan Sfarcevich Rita Sfusser Merrily Taniguchi Jerri Trout Kay Triplett Mike Tucker l2nd Seml Larry Zebell l2nd Seml fine R X N X ,N , A Kr -s - Q QS 5 ix H 9 'x 'Q K gm ,.Q..w , K MW: FALL SEMESTER First row: Karen Peterson, Julie Jack, Sandy Bliler, Sally Sundstrom, Gail Scudder. Second row: Jeannette Colagrossi, Linda Justice, Judy Asp, Betty Dahl, Barbara Gervais, Diane Greco, Sally Neupert. Third row: Garry Nakayama, Sam Eskenazi, Bill Hirota, Don Gunnette, Steve Schlesinger. Tolo Weekly is published 22 times during the school year for the students of Franklin . . . by the students of Franklin. Each year some 120 Juniors enroll in the journalism classes: of this number, about one-third continue on through News II and eventually participate in full-time staff work. While Tolo Weekly is not an activity in the strict interpretation of the extra-curricular program, activity is essential to the production of a real school newspaper. Staff members, editorial and business, are obligated to assume the responsibility of mirroring Life at Franklin. They must attempt to hon- estly reflect the light and the serious. They must recognize the role of the newspaper in the community. While devoting time and space to entertain- ing, they must focus attention upon academic accomplishment, meritorious service by groups and individuals, and praiseworthy achievement by faculty members and departments. They are obligated to further the administrative policies of the school. Through the cooperation of the student body, faculty, administration, and community . . . Tolo Weekly aims to Truly Represent Franklin High School. SPRING SEMESTER First row: Jean Anderson, Lenore DeMarco, Bev Topp, Patsy Phillips, Metha Mann, Shirley Lyshol, Carol Dahlin, Jill Voelker. Second row: Susan Stover, Susan Silver, Diane Holmgren, Judi Oquist, Cheron Messmer, Mary Ann Ulrey, Carmen Kolstad, Joan Starcevich, Dave Yamashita. Third row: Tony Skrbek, Jeff Morris, George Suyama, Bob Israel, Mel Moses, Larry Alexander, Dwight Mason, Mr. R. W. Wettleson, Advisor. Fourth row: Kenton Jones, Gary Volchok, Craig Clinton, Don Lysons, Kent Ferrier, Pat Burnett, Mike Hawley. TOLCD WEEKLY Steve Schlesinger Judie Oquist Editor Editor Metha Mann Sally Sundstrom Editor, Business Manager, Inspirational Award Inspirational Award Jeff Morris Cheron Messmer Pulitzer Prize Pulitzer Prize .N-v"""s.,1N ,,,..-f-""""'a0.F'-QA -.xnxx ixi-PS Y -if 4- 11 x 4 ,4-""""a-N""'-,xg 4 Q. . -xc C, mi ' A Q an fx , V+ 2 , vi W s M,,,......---- ,,,ff-"""'7'f""'1'- 9 as 'fs ' '- S f,,,ff"AN'w-I . , 31535 v .. k Nwgw igii 5 kg E 'X X J ,,..,..w.f V- ,,A,. .,., M. I , u-ENNH, ,X X? l w -un- M .-:Y.,...,., xx 5 Q, U , JACK ALHADEFF-manager football ROD BOWDEN-football BILL BURNS-baseball and football DAVE BUSHLEY-track GARY CARMINE-football DARRELL CLAVEY-basketball FRED DeSANCTlS-football RON DIVYAK-golf JIM DOUGLAS-football MIKE ERONEMO-football STEVE ESPEY-football BILL GERLA-tennis ARCHIE GREENLEE-football BOB HANSON-football ROGER HARADA-football BILL HIROTA-tennis HERB HOY-track TERRY ISOMURA-football 104 LETTERMEN BOB ISRAEL-tennis MOE ISRAEL-football MARVE JAFFE-manager football, basketball MORRIS JEROME-football PAUL LANGMACK-baseball and basketball PAUL LECROY-manager baseball JAMES LOCKE-football TOM LOCKE-baseball LYNN MARTIN-manager baseball HAROLD McCLOUD-football MOE MUSCATEL-golf LEE NORMAN-basketball DAN PAGE-football JIM PARSONS-football, basketbal LEN PATRICELLI-football LIB PATRICELLI-football LEWIS PEARL-football DOW PETTIBONE-football I, baseball DAN PHILLIPS-tennis DOUG ROBBINS-football JOHN SCHROEDER--golf MAHLON SCHUSTER-manager football STANLEY SPENCER-football KEN WAKAZURU-football HAROLD WEBB-football WALLY WHEATMAN-manager football AL WILSON-basketball DAVE YAMASHITA-basketball QUAKER MAIDS PAT BABA MINNIE NAGAISHI JEAN CHIN SHARON NOBUYAMA JANICE DAVENPORT KAREN PETERSON CARRIE MATSUMOTO DONNELL POULSEN CHERON MESSMER MERRILY TANIGUCHI JUDY MURAMOTO SHIRLEY ZUPPE This year's president of Lettermen's Club is Colin Miller. Along with the other oflicers he has led the club in helping the school. An important job of these boys has been to assist in all the Ere drills. They supported the basketball season by sponsoring a successful pep assembly. This spring, they put on a big dance, the prof-its of which went toward the Jerry Lorentson Foundation. Jerry is a Queen Anne boy who has been paralyzed since his injury in the football jamboree. A foundation has been started in his honor to help all such injured players. The officers feel this has been a very successful year. Quaker Maids contributed to school spirit by selling pompous for all football games. 105 Q' Last row, left to right: Gougli, Christianson, Wood, Creevey, Burns, Corliss, Kiel, Williams. 3rd row: Panzica, Eldred, Moore, Faulkner, Pa. Adams, Antone, Boyle, Grahn. 2nd row: S. Adams, Kirby, Pe. Adams, Wimbush, Antonelli, Nibarger, McElroy, Fowler, Croker. 'lst row: Pruzan, Allen, Dinnish, Watkins, J. Neff, L. Neff, Wil- liams, Carr. SENIOR School events in which the Senior Choir performed were the Christmas Program, the Rededication, the Spring Concert, and Commencement. The choir also sang in the All-City Choir Festivals, and at the Olympic Hotel for the Urban League. Front row, left to right: Cahill, Evans, Townsend, Hansen, Gibbs, Jack, Butz, Kennedy. Second row: Link, Johnson, VanCleave, Powers, Young, Shields, Kolstad, Rider. Third row: Woodcock, Salud. Back row: Hodges, Tulip. Not pictured: Livingston, Haslam. 106 Last row, left to right: Wendefildt, Curtin, R. Vines, A. Vines, Dorge, Williams, Lindsay, Stowell, Biork. 3rd row: Smedberg, Pettibone, Longmock, Garry, Egts, Stusser, Jock, Wrightsmon. 2nd row: Haworth, Hasslom, Hansen, Alexander, Mosseno, Weber, Loescher, Moshier. 'lst row: Cox, Eddy, Douglas, Woodard, Nclmkung, Migliori, Turner. C H O I R211 rv! 1' 'I m r l L9 T f fr r ,f , . L I 1 I This fine group, under the able leadership of Mr. Emanuel Weisman, present during the year, two concerts. A Christmas concert presented dur- ing the fall was highlighted by the Orchestra's Fine adaptation of the classic "Messiah." The second concert came in the spring. This year's program included the music of "My Fair Lady," an event which we're all sure will main- tain the high and proud standing of our schoo1's orchestra. 107 Q 4 iz , ...- ,,,,.41 XG H BAND Front row, left to right: A. Goff, Frizzell, Johnson, B. Freeman, Harper, Devine, Ballastrasse, J. Goff, Champlin, Link, DeCourcey, LaBelle, Harrison, Johns. Second row: Korsberg, Mathews, Massena, D Gibbons, Haddix Vanvick, Donehue, Norris, Mayer, Alexander, l.ebus, McDowell, Rhodes, Salud, Cole- man, Peterson. Third Row: Williams, Schaeffer, Wiener, Loe, Woodcock, Dean, Arnold, Kondo, Gatterman, Koi- dahl, Rothwell, P. Gibbens, Young, D. Freeman Shields, Long, Schdening. Back Row: Tulip, Gill, Cartwright, Van Cleave, Simmons, Nakayama, Severson, Suthergreen, German. 1 QUAKERETTES The Franklin Quakerettes added much color to the half-time activities during the football season. The members, starting from the left, front to back ore: lst row: Stenman, Livingston, Garrett, Ishida, 2nd row: Nobuyama, Creighton, Pogue, Slaughter, Fer- nandez, 3rd row: Matsumoto, Harding, Biork, Hall, 4th row: Duncan, Mayeda, Hymas, Langseth, Guti- errez, 5th row: Chinn, Harding, Haas, Mendoza, 6th row: Perry, Wright, Bartley, Marrah, Raines, 7th row: Go, Ackerman, Stahl, Guise, 8th row: Courtade, Davidson, Mayhall, Flint, 9th row: Ho- shide, Hall, Rice, Courage, 10th row: Perry, Tel- genhoff, Kehr, Olander, Slaughter, llth row: Smedbron, Allen, Carlson, Huffman, l2th row: Waters, Kimura, Nakamura, Anderson. It seems that the new uniforms have not only improved the looks of our band, but have given them the confidence to play better than they have in previous years. This year they played at the football jamboree, all football, basketball games, and pep assemblies. They also made a grand appearance at the Puyallup Fair, Santa Claus parade, school dedication, Sharples visitation, music festival, spring concert, music assembly and at graduation. With this record, it is evident they have added greatly to the reputation of Franklin during this past year. GIRLS' CHOIR The Girls' Choir performed at the Christmas con- cert, the Girls' Club installation and the spring concert. The members are: Adams, Bitler, Bicknell, Bragg, Ceccoy, Cackran, Cole, Courtade, Day, Duckworth, Taylor, Fellows, Furuta, Hepworlh, Hollinger, Jack, Kipling, Kiyonaga, Lee, Mas- senna, Moore, Oldham, Overval, Pence, C. Perry, T. Perry, Phelps, Philpott, Shumacker, Snipes, Softle, K. Steele, L. Steele, Teig, Tyack, Urlevich, Vertz, Wandell, Watkins, C. Weber, K. Weber. 'll0 THESPIANS Thespians is a dramatic art club. Throughout the year they have produced one-act plays, planned theater parties, sponsored the Cleveland assembly and sold refreshments during the school plays. Front row: Finlayson, Peterson, vice-pres., Messmer, treas., Miss Wills, advisor, Holmgren, sec., Robbins, chrm. of chrmn., Cohen. Row 2: Lutz, Stusser, Hurley, Tooley, Southey, pres., Pow- ell, Lindsay, Teig, Oquist. Row 3: Skrbek, Cox, McCarty, Hersner, Hall, Waters, GoH, Ofifer. Row 4: Biork, Sorenson, Mandeville, Creevey, Malstrom, Williams, Christophersen, Snow. Row 5: Dows, Haverfield, MacKean, Mercil. i saw' ' 4 W wi 3 mf .Q L sm, ' ffl :gf Sz wi W -+ H, , . 4' ,wm.wfaY7f F I iQ,!k x l 1 REQ S sf Q , ,SMG si I -we W Q xx mwah?- .1.W , as '5 1 QE' 0 ff my W 5 b M W A . ' WW 1' LY 4 .Q 5 . 1 X limi, n Mud Q v 1 Y 1 .-.L .-f-.N 4 ,fn . LEW? 'f4il2'1'ZfiuL?n -- sv-E4 F, A- 5 1 f H Q vs nl- l V- Captain Colin Miller Inspirational Award Colin Miller Row Row Row Row Row Row 3, ,... Q... Bob Vivolo Jim Wise, Bob Burgoine, Jim Scavotfo. Bob Hansen, Bill Burns, Jim Parsons, Lewis Pearl. Stan Spencer, Harold Webb, Chuck Bernert, Bob Mix, Doug Robbins Morris Israel, Jim Locke, Dow Pettibone, Roger Harada. Colin Miller, lAIl-City, Captain, Inspirational Awardl. Row 6: Loren Brosey. Row 5: Ken Wakazuru, Ted Schuehle, Mike Eronemo. Row 4: Lib Potricelli, Archie Greenlee, Sieve Kozu, Lewis Novell. All City Row 3: Steve Espey, Rod Bowden, Len Pctricelli, Terry lsomuro, Morris Colin Miller Jerome' Honorable Mention Row 2: Gary Carmine, Fred DeSonciis, Jim Douglas. Moe Israel Row 1: Dan Page. Terry lsumuru fl Home Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin l King's Kids we l MJ, ,XCQUJ 'W 0 l 1 X lilo! 6 UZVVV ' CMM kg! wp! N, lf KL ,vil M ULCW flb, All faq., W' ev: Afflffc SCORES Opponents 7 Cleveland 0 0 Roosevelt 'I3 0 Lincoln I4 0 Ballard 6 0 West Seattle 6 0 Queen Anne 3l 7 Garfield 26 13 Sealth 19 . fiji AU I Val' JL ' f,,J L1 fl LU if R ' MJ? A A ,JU W l ye, 70 will 1 LJ 'A M i 1 A 1 1 L, ' WJ Fx X , vik , 2 . if lan fb A! IQ 01 l ii,er f 'W 'ff F "'l'i . lg. STANDINGS Team W L T Garfield 8 0 0 West Seattle 5 3 0 Lincoln 4 3 l Ballard 4 3 1 Roosevelt 3 4 I Queen Anne 2 3 3 Sealth 3 4 1 Cleveland 2 5 1 Franklin 'l 7 0 1 I Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin SCORES Ingraham Cleveland Lincoln Sealth Roosevelt Queen Anne Garfield Ballard West Seattle Shoreline Cleveland Sealth Queen Anne Garfield West Seattle BASKETBALL Left to Right, Rich Fredrickson, Daryl Wall, Al Wilson, Bob Cramer, Dave Yamashita, Paul Langmack, Darrel Clavey, Lee Norman. l'l8 l96O Left to Right, Jim Powers, Dennis Scharffenberg, Roger Buss, Jim Parsons, Paul Smedberg, Bob Neiman, Bob Woodard. V. STANDINGS NORTH AND SOUTH South Division W L Garfield I 3 1 West Seattle 9 5 Franklin 5 9 Sealth 5 9 fl A ,xx ,5'25,,V,5 I, ff A ,jv Queen Anne 5 9 ' ' , ,sf ',,, A eff" 4--1,-,. ,t ,, , Q ,S .1 -'Aff 42-ffw f ' If Cleveland 4 I0 ,115 55. 'gf' If-fl .sf 've' fr ,ff 1 , j , f , . ll 1" . ,, , ,, . . . yg,,Q,f ,L ,f ,Lf : , fx My g 15,7 jg, , -Q .1 ,fi 2,41 Q' North Division W L 1,:aff,Qz f 4'r,'l,f5ff. ,145-74 1-'riikk' ff f, Ballard 13 1 ,T ,- fl . I N I N Q , , ,. Roosevelt ll 3 L 1 Lg , jg A' 5-1 d:.f :fr 7' f '!sj4f:,L..g',, I .,, zj, 7,11 r. :- R ' :HL WL 'ff 11 L' I 8 6 - - - et, , ' 'f' ,,. .' mcon 1 9.z.f,,.1,fgff , ,vfL..'-Q, 4" I 7 J -' G r 'Ee K 12 JZALJ .A Fifi, FJ, - ,"'U'L "X I. 5 9 .4 f ,, ,- . , r x wifi: :7Qa'i'f" sffZb4'1f.,5 ,cl--1' 42-is 1 df Z-'KZ-Qflh' ., g ':fgL-.f"-- 'f 155, .. P 'if jig L -,., O e me . A 1 lngraham 0 14 'J :fri 9,425 ,-.ggi L if c' 1 Q- '2,.gJ::, if a V K -.ff Calf ,grid I ,y 5 , ,. 1- , ,. I ? W P Awe. rl--" gf QQJT ff'y4D,fzfz.5 .fi ,LL ,F if 57:54:11 ILC..-f , Q, CKY, KJQJ - 111.118 We L K i' 'iw " S1 -lg, 'Aj-.ig.H.gii fi' 1.171 Ji--iifl 'gre V fe iii' . 1, ,, 'mdfsff-,-.x . f 5 f 1 U 5' 5' L f'L,gl,,sf.,.1 Y-,155 L1 Q K? 4, . ' V., M ve..-' ,, ,lf , ,fu C"c'Zi'Q ,, 119 D R l B T B L SECOND TEAM E Roger Stone, Roger Buss, Daryl Wall, Dennis Schorffenberg, John Schroeder, Bob Woodard. THIRD TEAM Row I, Left to Right: Meridith Mathew, Chuck Bernasconi, Dennis Hagen, Jerry Rhodes, Larry Webber, Gene Pease, Fritz Greenlee, Roger Erickson, Jim Hanson. Row Il: Owen Harai, Bill Ferrari, Ron Holiday, Louie Baransky, Lee Springgate, Ron Coe, Bob Sarchett, Bret Arnevick. A S Back Row, left to Right: Mike Fisher, Don Cooper, Rick Rand, Kenton Jones, Jerry Day, Pat Trick, Mike Dixon, Jeff Steinborn, Pat Burnett, Bob Miller, Mike Tucker, Harold Webb, Russell Mayhew. Middle Row: Arlene McCloud, Harold McCloud. Front Row: Carole Dickenson, Ann Finlayson, Pam Fukuda, Joan Buttermore, Jackie Wall, Linda Justice, Joyce Fothergil, Susan Tooley. Left to Right: Mike Lucas, Tony Skrbek, Alan Drugge, Dave Bushley, Monte Steere. Q 1 Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin .w Back Row L. to R.: Craig Smith, Joe Macri. Middle Row: Bob Burgoine, John Hoffman, Rich Fredrickson Mike Eronemo. Front row: Dean Ellis, Tom Locke, Bob Woodard, .lim Par- I sons. SCORES SCORES Round l Round ll O Roosevelt I0 Franklin 4 Sealth 8 Cleveland 4 Franklin 5 Garfield 3 Sealth 0 Franklin 5 Cleveland 0 Garfield 'I Franklin 3 West Seattle 9 West Seattle 2 Franklin 9 Lincoln 3 Queen Anne 0 Franklin l Ballard Back row, Left to Right: Pat Brazil, Dennis Langmack. Middle row: Jim Wise, Roger Stone, Harold Webb, Jim Douglass. Front row: Paul Langmack, Billie Burns, Darrel Clavey, Vic Fowler. l96O SOUTH DIVISION NORTH DIVISION STANDINGS STANDINGS W L W Franklin 9 4 Roosevelt I O West Seattle 8 5 Ballard 9 Cleveland 5 7 Queen Anne 4 Seolth 4 8 Lincoln 3 Garfield 3 9 TRACK ALL-C ITY AWARDS H All-slate 3rd 100 yard dash All-stale 2nd 220 yard dash All-city 100 8- 220 yard dash Buzz Criles 23 All-city shot put Fred Sigmund 31 All-city mile All-state mile Front row, Left to Right: Coach Currie, William Lew, Gor- Mike Johnson don Boe, Jim Hornell, Earl Lasher. 4, AH-city 880 yard dash Middle row: Jim Wilson, Tom Teichroew, Tom Brooks, Cliff Johnson, Adorio Roduto. Back row: Russ Johannson, Mgr., Bob Neiman, Gail Quimby. Cliff Johnson i . 'V ,'l wg-,i Q7 '1"7, 'f N' dl i.JkVLf ,-,l klvax, xl! l C ll' C' LL? "Ll kg, k ,I A l ' sg JCQLCPUL Qiillug ,,fLGiJfQ ,IL-f'7731lf wwf ,Ui xllf' ,il Lf J 4-A' -A CN H,L.lji,lQ, Lbs, or A ,us sri, ,J 1,1172 in Plan' l i J , J B 1 f f QM, !,?f1Lij A, 'Xi' fig' iii I V! 'Q f-Cwtf so LQ, pl, A11 bill AL,Lgf'31 Q f' Cx XA 'A' iifgiv is 1 lm v'2yC",. 'R " 'v",.l Qfiliilwfl All-City sfanelfngi if Wi' ' Pts. Franklin 35 Garfield 31 Roosevelt 15 West Seattle 141A Ballard 14V2 Lincoln 7 Sealth 7 Queen Anne 5 Cleveland 4 124 J ,L Jr 1 l CHAMPS i959 Meet Results FRANKLIN 54, Roosevelt 43, Ballard 32 f f FRANKLIN 80, Queen Anne 24 Front row: Fred Sigmund, Buzz Crites, Mike Johnson, Walt Garfield 68, FRANKLIN 45, Sealth l5 Laurin, Head Coach Saalwaechter. Middle row: Roger Vines, Howard Paulson, Doug Robbins, Dave Bushley, Terry Nosho, Grant Griffin. Back row: Tom Blair, Colin Miller, Ken lzutsu, Bob Mix. All-State Final Standings l. Bellevue 34 2. John Rogers 26 l,f6 3. FRANKLIN 24 4. Stadium 23 5. Hudson Bay 'I8 6. Deer Park I8 7. Renton I7 8. Mount Vernon I4 9. Sedro Woolley I4 l0. Glendale 'I4 125 THIRD TEAM TRACK Lovegreen, Hearing, Waltman, Johnson Van Cleave, Katayama, Johnson, Hardy Pszczelok, Thors, Radford, West, Kato SECOND TEAM TRACK S. Sorensen, Bastie, Cramer, Pass, Scavotto B. Sorensen, Vines, Greenlee, Tsunehara, Isomura Giurasic, Rudow, Neiman, Jensen, Apple i 'Q Q A 'Qs L- 45155 T. - ' sf : " 'ig v . Q 0 nga? F 1 . ' - -K J wwfff ,, 1 Kei ,wig ax - x sg -N K ,,.:- 5- ., r ,... C, "wb-my 'f :QS STANDINGS GOLF-'I959 Roosevelt Lincoln West Seattle Franklin Cleveland Garfield Queen Anne Ballard Sealth Back row L. to R.: Bill Kohlemain, John Schroeder, AI Svarz, Joe Garry, Jim Gyselman, Coach Caddey. Front row: Bill Kokish, Moe Israel, Richard Hoy, Gordon Unimo, Doug Gomez, Herb Hoy. Row I L. to R: Dave Yamashita, Bill Gerla, Dan Phillips lreturning Iettermenl. Garfield Ballard Queen Anne Cleveland Roosevelt Franklin Lincoln West Seattle Sealth TENNIS STANDINGS-1959 W L 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 There's always been c Beonery One More for the Trophy Chow line Case Humor- 1959 A New Rhyme-A New Tradition Variety 50 YEARS OF PUBLICATION Ye Olde Franklin High School opened September 4, 1906 at Washington and Main between 18th and 19th Avenues In the attic of this building Tolo was born in September 1909 The first editor was Charles J. Foster ' MEANING OF TOL0 "According to Edward Harpers Thomas' Chinook: A History and Dictionary af the Northwest Coast Trade Jargon the word tolo is a verb of Kalapuya origin and means 'to earn, to gain, to win, prevail, control, convince, overcome, subdue, subject, defeat, triumph, manage, succeed' Examples: Kunsih dolls nika tolo spose nika mamook? How many dollars will I earn if I work? Wawa pe tolo, to persuade. Nika tolo yaka: I prevailed over him, I beat him, won over him." Tolo, as a dance to which the girl invites the boy, originated at the University of Washington in l9l6 and has come to be used all over the country. It started as a Leap Year Dance, given by Tolo, the U. of W.'s predecessor of Mortar Board. A grad of the U. during the 20's recalls Tolo House where Honors and Activities girls lived. On Monday, November 30, this year's Tolo Annual Staff and their advisor, jess Hurley, entertained former teachers and people associated with Tolog representatives and advisors of the staffs of Ballard Shingle, Cleveland Aquila, In- graham Glacier, Lincoln Totem, Queen Anne Griz- - zly, Roosevelt Strenuous Life, Sealth Cache, Shore- line Tide, and West Seattle Kimtahp and our , fi.. "lfa'fuIi- ff present faculty. Honored guests were Mr. Charles ' f I J. Foster, first editor, and his wifeg Samuel E. Fleming, first vice-principal of Franklin and re- tired superintendent of Seattle Schools: Mrs. Maud Ralston,long-time owner of Ralston Studio: Mrs. Ann Stone, present owner of Ralston Studio: Miss Helen Olson, Director- of Language Artsg Messrs. George Farmer and Walter Campbell, Principal and Vice-Principal of Queen Anneg Miss Areta Hurley, Vice-President of Associated Students of the University of Washington, Mr. Carl Wells of Metropolitan Press: Mr. Chester Gibbon, alumnus and Feature Editor of Seattle Times: and former teachers: Mr. Grant A. Lai- zure, Mr. Ralph Knapp, Mrs. Sarah E. Siegel, Mrs. Hazel MacDonald McCaskill, Mrs. William Even- son, Mrs. Mildred Brewer, Mrs. Sarah Grove, Mrs. Gertrude Staeger, Miss ,Rose Glass, Miss Anna Belle Shaw. The following mothers of P-TA assisted as hostesses: Mrs. Cramer, Mrs. Finlayson, Mrs. Ed- Foster talks andF1fmi11z1iSff'11S wards, Mrs. Carbon, Mrs. Schlesinger, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs. Lysons, Mrs. jordan. ' 4 Sr' L.-S, , -Tx 1 ,, X ze' .- .J 3-0:1 ,l ,. 4. -Z 5 gf.: aw, I K I . MEN 4 Kg , ss- X K 3' . , -Q-. 55. x.,. K 221. -- r han: -tmsli --fe-rf if , w,fn,:::r:1:',y,'--fl' 4 ',,,.l' Mrs. Ralston and Mrs. M cCaskiII look back through the years The Ralston Studio began taking pictures for Tolo Annual in 1927-28. Mrs. Ralston and her husband did the work through 1946. Since then Mrs. Stone, present owner of the studio, has been our oiiicial pho- tographer 11947-601. Publishers of' Tolo : Frank McCaffrey fAcme PressJ-1932- 1953 Deers Press-1954-1958 Metropolitan Press-1958-1960 B14 ' ll it After fifty years! Never did it occur to me at the old Franklin High School-18th Avenue and Main Street-in 1909, the first year of Tolo, that I would be writing another editorial for that publica- tion-iifty years later-in 1959. But because life has been kind to me, here is this other message. What education is of the most worth? This is an old, old topic. We had the question more than 200 years ago. We had the question 100 years ago. We had it with us fifty years ago. Today-1959-we are still debating this same old subject-what education is of the most worth? We are told that greater emphasis should be placed on the correct use of the English language--our mother tongue. Practice makes perfect. We should not be relegated to second place in science and its many ramifications. We should know American history and what America stands for. We cannot consider our education well rounded until and unless we can read, write and speak at least one foreign language. Mathematics is the foundation upon which all our material and technical progress is based. With more leisure time upon our hands-made possible by our mechanical slaves-training should be taken in fine arts-industrial arts-hand crafts-dramatics and public speaking. We can never be too well educated, for education is a life-long process for everyone. Educa- tion is the key to a successful life and likewise is our first and last line of defense-individually and collectively. It is our closest friend in peace and our strongest ally in war. And of what value are all these accomplishments and skills if we do not have health? We need sturdy bodies for the life ahead. Our bodies must not be weakened by taking into them anything that does not produce health. The happy person is the person who always has something con- structive to do throughout life's span. Success does not mean the same thing to all people. We are all different individuals, but we should be able to agree that-be it ever so humble-each of us, to some degree, should make our community a little better because we have lived in it. Tomorrow should be better than today. In doing something for someone else we are really doing something better for ourselves. "Let our schools teach the nobility of labor and the beauty of human service, but the superstitions of ages past-never" fPeter CHARLES J. FOSTER, First Editor Tolo, 1909-1910 Cooperj. Thus endeth the lesson. -:'iz2'i'E3'-'f- A utr 5 nuff New Franklin Opened September 1912-Architecfs Sketch Published in Potlatch Issue of Tolo, May 1912 Our school colors, green and black, were adopted at old Franklin and the magazine Tolo was published eight times a year from 1909-1912. When Tolo moved to the new building, the last issue in May 1913, consisting of 48 pages, featured 28 individual pictures of the first four-year grad- uating class. The magazine editions of Tolo con- tinued through May 1919, but starting in 1914 an annual as well was published. This year's annual is the 47th yearbook produced at Franklin. In September 1919 the old monthly literary magazine was superseded by Tolo Weekly. This year the weekly has completed its 41st consecu- tive year of publication. The two Tolos have run concurrently since 1919. Space does not permit inclusion of all the stu- dent editors of the monthly, the annual, and the weekly. However, faculty advisors through the EDGAR BLAIR Born Des Moines, Iowa, January 15, 1871 Died Seattle, Washington, November 9, 1924 Education, Des Moines College, Iowa State University, Columbia University. Came to Seattle in 1906 after practicing architecture in Baltimore, New York and Washington, D. C. Main interest was in public buildings and schools, rather than in residential building. Was Seattle school architect from 1909 until 1918. Private architectural work until his death. Designed 32 grade schools and live high schools while school architect. Came to the West Coast originally after working in the East because he felt a new school of architecture would develop here with the opening of new areas and the growtl1 of new ideas. years include the following: TOLO MONTHLY TOLO WEEKLY Literary 1919-1924 Ralph R. Upton gesiielg Cantrell ......... ......... 1 9519-1911 1924-1925 R. R, Upton, ut ai ey ..........., .,........ 1 9 - 9 2 A . Heber D. johnson ......... H1912-1917 1925-1928 gggzjgx, Business W. A. C 't ' R- R- UPWH A ---'--w-- --4--'---' 1 919-1919 1928-1936 R. c. Joiiirson- F. W. Rhoades ................... 1910-1915 R J Hand ' W' J' Rice '4""""""" ' """"' 19154919 1936-1943 Robert J. I-isndy mwewe inmate. 1914-1919 S hl ' U' ev ose V l91g,1g33 Ragesgtlrrfnt y 1945-1949 James Stevens 1934-1936 Gretchen Shaw 1949-1950 J. Stevensg IAndersonJ 1937-1942 Paul Copeland 1943-1960 Jesse R. Hurley 1950-1960 R. Wettleson Robert Wettleson Edgar Blair C1923J, archi- tect who designed original unit of this building. The East Wing, opened in Sept. 1925, was designed by Floyd A. Naramore, then school architect. Recent additions and changes have been by lohn Maloney, represented by Warren R. Pugh. IBEN'S HOMMES IBENHS FEMMES S X 'M s . xx F 0 ,I H , 77 OO . 6QZZ , C7fl4217?LU0fZ5 A 2' " 'N41 'A if If .ply 3 .Li VL - , .' A? "Q ., ,. -: 9' -' ', ,. V eg.. e , , V .v,..::,. ,5-A ink, ' , V .X jk x E ' I .1 .1 f iffy?-.'x 1 Q -- ' . A , ' -L' . ' f . ' f A . I .:ffci5'?xf'-.+ ,J ,- 13 11c11n ho e sa e ng 1... V , Z A 715,-f "f,",,fj,'T."' Q- - ' ff .4 f -. 14 ..-I sw, VV, V4 .. , e V ef, . ' flluhil If ' A9 " '31-A L - ' 'MX '9 - . L. -sz . -.g 5. A V. . f X f - V . - V e 1 Q .M fe F- 5 , 1 T .. - ,A., f ," ,--5 ylf yfbvgv N .,,fg. I-V' if T X "' . ,v - V V ' gb, - 'gif Ax ,..-"a - ' - ' Z' ' ' ' 3 ' '- 317 f - , 'S 6' T "V J V . K' ' . e i- 1 e ht-'g4J,f,n' ww- ,Q , , X . ,4 .V X. gm. X s DLQK . 0, i .rea rw xrmw.. -x ' ln V - 5 -C if " V 3, V1.5-SVC 33 A Qc, x hgh! r was -N V,-ew. 1 ,V M . .-.1 , ,. Q Q V - -- 415.3 L,E'?l'Q15-1I'.25Qlyf - . q NV I 1, ' 1' wx . cv: -"'1',7f-3 .-- -H ' -, ,- V .1 .- f- , -V "L V " f Tn F ' 'E .1 5 Q, in ' ii-4q'U,ff i , A . . A ig fi ,. ff uf . 5 Q M, FEP-.1g.:,,5i,.-.r4f. 'A Vis- - T' '. i'.Q...-41-fLv5g.' 1 "'A L1 U 1" ' " e .2 ici Lifafh?-..1' Q an A . . e ' e 1 - A gf rg?-.gL'Qi:.Jl 44 V- x V, .. K - 'XV ' 1 , I ' 4 -ew-1-1-T V-1 . -V ly, . ,.-' : V V - i ww - , x L - XM' T5:IQ'f:- ff ' X Y ' - G. f- , :fff - W ' L5H1E'- Q XZ' .+- X T fezg-1'f1V5g5v P 'V -' Q' ' V gf' -V"' 'A 'V ' :EE .. 'f 4 f 1V 1 4 .V.,.v V5- 'fifpfief A e f -S' M 2 f . :--ffmcffif A " 'fr If ' ' ,.,. .1 .g ggfrwfv J. W as 1 ,' ' .,,r vf. 'Ag 1 ffm-, K XM, ef-41, - 'ff--'-k are .'.b-wif, - L. KX, "X-"1 9 , L .:, ay fn, if g 1 1, 5 YFAQTINZ me ,. 1: 19 3 .F .eggs - .V ,Y-, E, Di K. f ' ff ' fi Nfl FE' X ' ' .14 QQ-.ce 'ily 1- :N .4 - - ' f ' ., .Q . , . T ,, V JP THE OPEN NS.-xo I ' '- ' - . .1g.,f'?"e f' f m fl? ,N 4 ,, 3 V. ' ' JS-g,Q5'f3XrTl,,V 4V,.V M' "N"' A My FRANKLIN! Home of Brave Men and Beautiful Women Fl rd by VXCTOR McCLELl.AND. St II hy VERN FARRDW. FLASHBACKS "Wilderness Woo" REID NIHLEY qv-, ALL-CITY and HONORARY Assn Humrv INSPIRATXONAL: Bruno Bain Remember when: Mr. McClelland was band director: when the band went on skisg when the band made a movieg Ye Olde Beaneryg when Marian Flatebo painted the "Last Supper" for a play, Keys to the Kingdom: when we had two famous puppeteers? Do you recall: Charlie Chan's No. 1 son, Keye Luke? Milt Wellons, present president of Alumni? Joe Calvo, MARIAN MATTHEWS aml PEGGY SCOTT-not because :hey look like A l I- at b h r . ' w un' ppf ll lull ol I- MARIAN FLATEBO-not h ' u h is B laknted d lcccmpllshed wn because ol' her striking portrayal of th: "Lux Supper." Whitman grad, study in Europe, and W.S.U. teacher? Her classmates called her Martha Wiederrecht but you know her as Martha Wright? The 1956 Deborah Frank- lin, now V.P. of Associated Students at U. of W.? Dart- mouth graduate and ,Rhodes Scholar Gordon Bjork? Great athlete and U. of W. grad Bruno Boin? Prominent U. of W. grad and divinity student Dick Leon? THROUGH THE YEARS Ha Yonge Teachers Quntil 1931 Annual faculty pictures were taken in groupsj '31 i N 1 ng? X :film Who's Who QSize of pictures indicates changing layout styles of Toloj Benson Bisazza Doheny Evatt Jardine Kuebler Mahaffey Strain Warner McClelland Hurley Morris Saalwaechter Lanman Boselly Owens Rice Stevens Vantilborg Caddey fPictures from Annuals prior to 19501 Victor Herbert's Red Mill has been produced three times at Franklin. In the 1922 cast were Bill Reekie, manufacturers' agent, and Robert McNamara, Mt. Baker druggist. The 1938 cast included Helen Dodge, Lorraine Gay, Leonard Jaynes, Collin Fives, Bill Bright, and jean Bennett. Featured in 1959 were Steve Espey, Helen Ettien, Sally Neupert, Vernon Corliss, Barbara Southey, Carol Pruzan, Janie Hurley, Rita Stusser, Judy McCarty, Lyle and Priscilla Bjork, Judy Diamond, Phyllis Amon, Kitty Lindsay, Jim Creevey, Doug Robbins, Les Beigel, John Scarpello, Cindy Lochow. Dances by Mimi Funes, Terry Sparks, Nikki Sowinski. For the first time the mill revolved! Direction was by Norma Wills, Eleanor Flagler, and Curtis Chapel. LOOKING BACKWARD Going Artistique 9' 4" ..f-fr" wer-I mmm- U- .ra sem.: s..II1.-.- c.,.,..I rg Miscellany N' . 'I In l .37-Eff: i 4' I a,.'Z'?'M-H-M. a I al I I 111"'-fin-'www -. ll I 1. rl- l ,.. -. 14 11, iiiaafrg Q 2 I I Ji. -I- ,ff y . . , li II jg 'I , ' 1 gig " .5 I, 'II Pe.'f'rg.-re.. ,I ig I::.?39,,,,-+ - II ,.,h,g..,uwf: 1.Tj,Q.i2'i'ii'f'l'f .-..wi'LN"':I:wiI ja' I +-Q-g'-i,,,,.f:fa-:-f- ,A ' ,G .5 -, Vi I ,S-.-wg' ,Qi,Ege155,s' In iq ' X,mf5"11r:ILIin Iiligl 'mImoI 5445 fxxvmHrrrx.-liar.amz:-may:.v2m.m.5'.-.zzmzig i 92' I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I I x 1 C137 , W, f , . 'I 'S 4 cy I .5 .Em I V 1 lf. , ' ' I 'ggi-'QYY ie, 1737 ' ' R 1 I 'N .'I -- vf wg' Xxx' " ' K R F We- K 1 27 '-1 I -'W IN XV1- I4 fr wxlzan like 1 - is I K J. . P-A v ' . ' -.K J ylf' Sv- I' ' eil X HMI liilgxl , "Q M I' gxizaqmi X ' f'Vf"".,' 'gi ' ,. vi i . I 'if T Cu. : A1 W III' IW Wwgwm I Jx, ll' v,.1 :Lg ', 'M ., 5 hx-TV ,-F'--gg, N gi X 45 -E XW I :..H 4 X Q", ' mf? ' IIN , I ' , L ' , 1 i-F51 Ti' I. .- s Ia , I ' ' f,-Q., -V -I.-fn-f 3 TR- visit: if j Q , I im g! eu , ,V 1 5 ' , 'ky 'I Q' . u It R A A ' , f . ff lx' 9 1- f If - I --' f ' The Billy Busts: I xi I . wi C X X A g Q-X -. FINLEY " Franklin's first track coach was named Mr. Runner. For several years the most popular club was the Peripatetics. They sponsored hikes to Mt. Rainier and other points of interest in the Northwest. Participation cards used to be bought by a stamp plan. You bought a 10c stamp each week and pasted it on your card. If you didn't have enough stamps you cou1dn't go to games or other events. mi, ,. 1,2 .N I, ' :gre-Q55 -ae. I I ' " V 39573 ., .2355-ufwfi' SIUE I 7201 fi nga I ll:,lfiilEI3g':g-1221521 1x'l'rl111xl.s1 . -' 'QC-.2 "?""'.1 ' '?'fr'- '1 'IlvJc1l. ,smug vfly ' "L I 5 lfimfn "ffm ,Z " 73' 1 - lllll. i ' mf In .nl Wu, .wr , , U Ile u .u.. r...1 uI,. nr- I y Y 4A-- nu V AE, l. wir: sn mr. k I -fl QI - ax lligiiilf-.u g "N'-gf! 1 School colors were originally orange and black. We asserted our independence from Broadway by changing the orange to green. When did the terms Quaker and Green Wave originate? We have had slogans but never any permanent symbol or mascot. Maybe, commemorating our namesake, our symbol should be a kite, or is that too anachronistic? 'fr WANTED-DEAD OR ALIVE! UST' ffffaf i -- 1 ,L-ai fe . w...f'fSi'.ZfL'?.'I,'.Z"51m - s is . . WA au QUT, :ff fi X I The Smile . U4 ' J'4"8't e aa- l H iq I rn Mau in mr ...... . ill ,. Lf as gf .,,ssf1.f.,.4Xf G 0 0 I llllily V -Q i - ' A. 1 h' - 1 .Y ' ' I Onmuinmdluunbuhangoiu - ' t .1 , . I 'V Q. . V down :own - . t Q . fe! L?:5?ug.!I4sa I 1.1.3 5- 0 1 ,NX s A .1 . ,A 2. X mor mzefwnp saaa1e,wa.m. EARLY'-39R1NGfA -P A h ":':vM- fr A' 'T' " lg 'X " - ' V. i --- -,, 1'-: - Y- .' I SHP-PES I . 'fi SWEI. QTRIR sl 'rrawmpmm ummm 4 Q' .1 A. . -N, N h I , S . , ' wa'uVse11yeu,1refg, am I I J I fist- il g ! 33 'i F, . ,. -, 'L absgutelylfast-norun 2 1 . , Q "f,-3 ifiiig ,- H -Rh. ' , ,rl ' 5 Qi V .' '1'o lem. ' ALWQYS A V A 4, N ,ylrlhu ig 5 Q .. 1 5 S 'I Nl! ,fx :A Wesw betta, PNPIFBH f , . ' 1 V Q 7 f W' -xlnspfxs ? U. ,wg answer your 'Shin 4. N 4, A N 1. ,fl bg xx gi X ,n.. . 1 R E: , .--3,-3, message um5,.9fhers.,, . V W . AM gg W 5 A N- Q' ivy QW U , K giyingwyou -1 W- -I f- iii-f isa- 2 fx bug -1, ayirrrarquimi -' M ' r ug -ep a s V 1 'Quay 'rr . , ' W ..... . 3-ss , 7- f 'wg -V . , ,Hb A V-,L ., I VesJu!gg.zhut.thq beat . ' A ' K it . E-Il . 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I Old li ranklln Beanery We stood by you allyeu, but don't you stand by your barrrhaxlong ' 9 stylish Hair Cutting zse. Shaving asc. E . " 1 s"i M"""" "' "" "W" "f,'gjj'g'Q,jy""""" 'C' C""" CW- A -N . WHOLESCME cuwcr-ues A. L. Rose, Prop. 1720 YBSLER WAY I I -I x K Ice Cream and Home Made Candies C ' f ' " ' ' N 1. 'lg , ' W :Lf Ples Like Mother Makes I+ . E AND I A 1 -Tr OR " 109 EIGHTEENTH Avenue sourn 4 V 'I PLUMBING co., Iuc. ' Q3 - J md. era., no f - Q KAds from early Tolos. Advertising was carried from the beginning through 19365 since then, by action of the principals' association, weeklgs ,have solicited advertising, but annuals for Seattle high schools are financed entirely rom student un s. 1909 1939 1451295 to 851105. He: Would you accept a pet monkey? DHS? i0 I-711511, She: Oh, I would have to ask father. This is so If Latin d0l1'f kill US sudden! Geometry must. Johnny snickered when teacher read the story of the Roman who swam across the Tiber River three times before breakfast. 'Johnny, don't you think a good swimmer could do it?" "Sure, ma'am, but why didn't he make it four and get to the side his clothes were on?" 1919 Let never wine glass touch your lips- My pa has made the law: I cannot disobey him, So, bartender, add a straw. He: You know, after all, man is very weak. She: But remember: "In Union there is strength!" Result-Annexation. 1929 Johnny: I'm stuck on this problem. Teacher: I'm glad you like it. The Girl She's standing in the doorway, Her ligure is a mess: Her hair looks like a Field of hay and smells A lot like H20 cress. Mistress: I saw the milkman kiss you this morning. I'l1 bring the milk in myself after this. Maid: It won't do no good, ma'am. He promised to kiss nobody but me. 1949 The five brightest sayings of Sophomores this week: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. First: This dining room table goes back to Louis the Fourteenth. Second: That's nothing. This whole living room goes back to Sears, Roebuck the fifteenth. 1959 Dinner guest: Will you pass the nuts, professor? Professor fabsent-mindedlylz Yes, I suppose so, but I really should Hunk them. He: Since I met you, I can't eat, sleep, or drink. She: Why? He: Broke! 2. Zu .pn im?" ' hir-7553 'LLQRMQYY Til-1115's JIFJE: 4 . Wg 4 1 1 I 1 - - Q aff. , ,SWA ' fwg x .gf fl Q , . " ' if . .. 21 W., xg Q QW 6 'x 'nuff 4 Sv, Q -. K ,I 4 : 4 1 4 Agn Z Q, was 5 .RSV-w. A A .megan X .1-Q. WN' ' 4 5 'si' :QQ 4' X, ' rv: 'Li' afgh- . x .N 'E Q -.e - if Q , + X. , sw . .vga M . W W 'X R f . S 3 if - if in img . ,gf . V ww QS . F3 ' sh 4 Y . ' QE' 5 1 Qi- " AS' J 5 K it fa: f,- X Sift swffv ' Sf Vlfqly. Wifi? " '. f . T W ' ,: ,lu X fs ff, x 45 if W d,. X 55 ,Y . ik' Ak 5 5 ik X f' . K I. if M .5.?,,?f:, ,, 3 ,Q im HONORS Harvey Lanman Football Scholarship '59 Archie Greenlee Ralph Knapp Inspirational '59 Doug Robbins National Merit '59 Jim Power Steve Schlesinger Stuart Offer Robert Sorensen Brian Kashiwagi Best Thespian '59 Judy Diamond Irby Crawford Cup '59 Sunnie Harada McCurdy Award '59 Gary Yamashita Leo Sowers Award '59 Mike Redman Reseburg Speech Contest '59 Oration-John Scarpello Original-Steve Duzan Serious-Cheron Messmer Humorous-Barbara Southev Best Senior in B.E.C. '59 Jane Neiger Ben and Deborah Franklin '60 Lauri Jarvis Colin Miller Scholastic Gold Key '60 Svlvia Tannhauser Roland Courquin Tolo Weekly Inspirational '60 Metha Mann Sally Sundstrom Tolo Weekly Pulitzer Award '60 Cheron Messmer Jeff Morris Saalwaechter Track Trophy '59 Cliff Johnson Golf Inspirational Award '59 Warren Jones Baseball Inspirational Award '59 Tony Cappetto High Scare Award lTrackl '59 Buzz Crites Keith Jacobsen lTrackI '59 Novice: Barry Ruggles Varsity: Mike Johnson Morris Award '59 Steve Morris Basketball Inspirational Award '60 Paul langmack Football Inspirational Award '59 Colin Miller Football Best Player Award '59 Colin Miller Finlayson Trophy '60 Robert Smith GIRL AND BOY OF THE Judie Oquist October Cheron Messmer November Carol Dahlin December Linda Marr January Wendy Yamasaki February Carolyn Jordan March MONTH George Suyama Colin Miller Bill Hirota Tony Skrbek Don Williams Dan Page Yet all experience is an arch where-thro' Gleams that untraveled world, whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move. -Tennyson: Ulysses Xw.w2f ' --cad. ,,,.,,. ,4 ,2 -5 ,,f4,,., - .m.2'Z:g,', :lost - V. Zffgdw 5maM4ZdIJL jMM?WV7J'i w G477.L4f2V , W 6 1 Jbame Q f'x3 . . ..- '.."a-'l I' is'-115.1142 ie ' - " ',, . -,-.,.ggL- -AL.- A, , , Ji? ST if gag? , N r' - W! E 1 gi 4. M vigfgzp W 3,3 V Qi -' , ' Q, g f Q 1, Q ' 3 ff f -' Si? ZS ff W WW QW Wy iif 1 4' ' "S+-J 9 D ' 46 If Q .,,:f,.,, 5 f2,,, f A 5 ee.yiTR3:.., VENTS Op 1952 ,-vw . 5 .QA 05 ' 1 l 1. E 1 6 V N1 f- T X' w 5 1. .4 Qi F 1 0 "2 P x'1:.U ,, 4- - I an EX v X K.: Q: L SA 'K A Q 1: ' J5Tj,e.'.9 ' Q 5 X V i A f N t L if I oo,-' , , i L r, 264, SA' X M V X QC' 3' ' ' X Q98 . .- NW 'M K A f ' 1 "YTa 1 Y5i-'S ,L LN I Qdgr- X we-- Ny ,f 4 ,f -,k 'Q, ,NW M X ' .V i X N

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