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,- " ' "5 ww f .. f .,, My U .",.-ra Q 2555 Q jjj T . .,1, -- , Rwnfmflwu yfbw 1 jmffywf glad! L. 34, f Q .f p f f ' R W V , . ,, 1' x A. s in Nw 5. 4. E, H rm UM iran- , Q , -' 'jf .1 V V - nf - .xii ' ' . . ' ' V fy Af" 1" ' 'K ' ' ff?" "' ' ' Y 'Z L. 'ii i . , A " V17 ,4 P ' ' N91 " f", T ' . 'wr Y f ' f' , I ' I 5 Lg-X- ' Q YQ' . , 2 K Y l 1' 5 ' aw ggyng,-f'1? N v . , '-,' f'-'HX'-M fy- t , . Y V 5 ,,1.f,,.. 4. ' V 0 1' I Q ' 51' ' .MN wr". , . , 3, ,ea L75 L ' 1 .qi gf 1 SE ff' 5 Z Jr' , 'I r ff g f, Ag. . ,F if X 'ggc , if ,if f ' 'Si iix,-ai ,, 711 X ..-',L , ff, Q . 6 : ff f . ' .4 .' ' + he G JTASA' ..L:'i: 9531 cl gif f . 'I -S 1 '., , ,. T. "' ""f' . aff?" N- is ZA Sf- W . .f 1 - ' 5 W J Q E- N , 1,, sw- , 5 4 A 3 wf,l,gjgfF v " . '-F ..-, ,,. , . I, ' , . , 41845 ITI-I If mv Boon A - " ,gf Q . V Q I f V ,f I , xi, I . Hx, - , A I ,A .. 1 ,.,, ,.,. ,, . j , IGH--. .. , A ' , 'ir' V " " ,m s 'a 4 p f.. 'fu-sv ' l K, A I 0 si Mi W RFS II 1.56 .ac 6.,.,Aw,4,,, "g""'93""'4u-v4'.ffC4f54' I-f-In-Yu fgw' 24'-gf.. 7 9 47 jllzanldbz jnln annual PUBLISHED BY THE STU IIEHTS IIE FRANKLIN HIIIH SCHIIIIL SEATTLE, WIISHIH III I I XIII? III I I IIIIISIIII D V2:,,, t . , ,Q'-'1 1 V1,A,.,5 I jim Ruud to "Yet all experience is an arch where-thro' Gleams that untravell'd world, whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move." TENNYSON-from Ulysses jim Hoadfo ' Life is but a journey Along the Road to Learning, Smooth and straight for some, For others rough and turning. The road has been well-trod, For many have come this wayg 'Tis a road with no speed limits But there may be lines to pay. Our way is what we make it, We carry our own loadg Let's make the most of school-days: Easier will be the road! PAT READ S5541 I X Xi x The yeat's at the spring And day's at the morng God's in His Heaven- AI1's tight with the' worId!" ROBERT BROWNING: from Pippa Passes Q25 1 I xg ZEN., 796 Boys' Spring Sports in . lei' A I W e A ' N.-- " ""- ' l Y ., ..,, Xt 'G ls First Team Baseball lk Spaulding, Nelson, McKeown, Townsend, Williams, McCartney, Lee. Lettich. Hill, V' x Covey, Sposari, Yazzolino, Calvert, Kurfess, Lanman Q 9 lv Wenlslierg, Raines. Lurie, Vacca. Casal, Marks, Ballalw, McCallum, Richardson, Senior, Corak, Knapp 'Q ' ' "And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now H? ,J he lets it go, l 3' And now the air is shattered by the force of X Q Casey's blow." 1 Yx , ERNEST L. THAYER: from Casey at the Bat A xx ex 'N X Freshman Baseball V ' Powers, Herzog, johnson, Sanders, Di Lazzaro. Colgan, MacGregor, Dennis, Lovsted. Burt, Lanman , lx ax Gratis, Jarvis, Bates, Campbell, Dupea, Camerota, Huffman, Romeo, Gaunt, Fresh Mgr. , X ll s s U x lx ' v l .x , All 1 , l A", Q' B, .X '- x-l 4 . . xv' ,F CN All 2, .l 'X X 6 . if Boys' Spring Sports T lvl Q- First Team Track Ruffin, Cates, Lavender, Lewis, Rassmussen, Fins, Williams, Peabody Baldwin. Brandrup, Box, Cupp, Robinson, Wensberg, Read, Lynch Laws. Sankey, Newland, Semlick, Dow, Labusky, Thomas DeBard, Castrilli Kimerer, Porler. Cullen. Easterbrook, Whitworth, Pollard, Wright Norris, Jensen, Gruenfeldt, Grayson, Kramer, Ratclilie, Morgan Richardson, Runin, Anderson, Richmond, Anderson. Hall, Murtha Tennis Coluccio, McKay, Laizure, Widrig, Lovell Gholson, Eastey, Dean. Chase "On your matics!" "Get set! nv an Track Managers Krcffc, McMah:in, Chesnuil, Anderson Frosh Track Cook, Alnxgren, Williams, Elam Biesold, Kamla, Kramer, Smith. McAllister Goudson, Stcadman, Drysdale, Mnstello. Potter Golf Sanborn Richaidson, Sotiroff Clarke. Schrcier, Anschell, Whiting Stricklin Go."' Girls' Spring Sports M569 Sf E' 6 9,6 S a Volleyball and Swimming "Women too play the game." 8 L Girls' Spring Sports Baseball and Tennis "The rules are the same." 3 x "Operetta-Spring1946,' E Fifi, pllnm donna Henry Do Bouverxay. Comte de St. Mai' KEITII STOWI-I Captain Eticnrif' Ile Baum-rzzy, hm :nephew Hiram lion! Gaston Gent-ral Le Marquis De Villufr Lieu2en:mtRer1e La Notre Mrxie. Cecili- Fanchf-ttrf and Nanvttf' lliarit' l,o1ii,w' Musica! Uireution Dramatics and Stage Direction Technical Dire-t-tion Co.sturnt'.v :mchv PI-IILLIP NORMAN 'TVIADEIVIOISELLE MODIS'I'l'Z" fl Cuinir Opera by Victor fferbcrt LORRAINE POMMER lFri,j Bobe NORMA QUINBY lSat.3 lVlrs.Hir.'z1nBr'nt Slmcldlty liartvt-1 Market Boy Frzuicoix First Girl MURRY GRANT cFri,9 JACK DIXON csntqi JIM STIRRAT PETER PERRY Second Girl Third Girl Fourth Girl Fifth Girl Sixth Girl Flower Girl Ctgglllettr Gill BILL FRAME PAT KNOWLES MARILEE STRANG. SIIIRLEY ANN ROWIi BETTII-I READY Fticirlty Dirvction MRS. MARGARET L. WCOD lwiilte-U11 MISS GLASS MISS KUEBLER MISS WILSON Stage Construction Box Oflice and Servicr- Club Ushers and Doarmen Student Direction Stage Force MYRNA, MEYERS. DICK WASSON. Prompler RONALD BLYTH, -IOHN CRAWFORD Pianists Property Girls MARILYN WEISSENBORN. SHIRLEY LOVEN Call Girl NANETTE ROWLANDS ELEANOR RUTH TAYLOR SALLY SNYDER CLIFFORD BICKFORD IVAN WILSON DORA PEI-'PAS CAROLYN RICHARDSON ALICE HAMMER I-IEARTHA KOSIN DOLORES LIBRI DONNA FULTON SOPHIETREMBANIS MARY WILSON 'l'lif'Soltliv1s. I":1otm1-n,.lmi Gmwfx. M ICM IS ICRS O F 'VH li CHOIR MR. ERICKSON MR. SCOTT MR. BENSON MR. KNAPI' JOYCE BANNISTER MARJORIE CONSTABLE. LOUISE FISCUS BESSIE LOUIE 0 "Operetta-Spring 1946U N5 3 ks . 3 K em Eg Il 2 1 . fx suns'- , Q Vw 51 Scenes from Franklin production of "lVIadenmiselle Modisnf' .Q . . ,E , nm g ., 5 -fri , "" 1 ' . , 4 5? -,. M :QR f 5- 1 X 'K 'iv wx a v , ij ' " sf 'ff 'Z' af' f as , u Y gg 'z ,Wk Ugg as .. 'H Q M gig? - 'Qin l ,,, 3 44 Q x9 5 -,S 3' ti' ,-1 4 4, 'S 'Y' k 'J Z1 if E A El Q U 1' YN 'S-Q, :S Commencement Play, June1946 MONSIGNOR'S I-IOUR,' Produced for Senior Class of 1946 by Aristelle MacDonald First Guide Second Guide .,,,..,... Professor ,,,,.. ,, Student ,,,, ,...,,,,. Labor Leader, ,..,. , Rich Girl.,, Dowageru ,A,, .. Lawyer ,,,... ,,,....,..., . . ..... ,, .,,. . Artist .,,, ..,,,,.,,.............,.,,.......,........,.,,....,,. Rt. Rev. Monsignor Michael Carey ., Gabriel Augustine Pagrianim ,,,,,,, Cardinal Perez ,,,......,, .....,, . .... . Monsignor Amato. . "His Eminence", ..... , Student Director ,,,.... Prompter .,, ..,. Technical Director. .,... . Music ..... . .,.... ,...,.., ,...... Construction ....,,,. A rt A dviser ,.,.,, C ostum es. ..,, , M ake-up ,,.....,, 'aw""' AFT? Cast of Characters Student Staff Faculty Staff . . , DOMINICK VACCA ....,,RONALD LIVINGSTON .. ,,,,,, .......,,,,, I LENE STOWE ,...,,..DOLORES WEISS .,,,DON LYNCH , FRANCINE ELLISON .. ,,,.., AILEEN HARTING ., ,...,,.,. ,,HOWARD HALEY MARGARET WINDMAYER ,, ,DAVE BLACK , .,,,,,t,,,,, ANGELO MERLINO , , ,NICHOLAS sTAvRoU ., ,Yt,t ii,,,. , , .JACK RUSS . ERNEST T. ROSS . ,.,, GLORIA JACOBS ., ,,,,,, JANET PRICE HELEN KUEBLER ..,....,MARGARET WOODS SCOTT ,,CHARLOTTE BISAZZA .., ,,,,, ,..LENA E. WILSON , ARTHUR B. ERICKSON yn! Commencement Play, June 1946 if e 15H0n5QnorW5 75,0130 I Upton Contest, 1946 553. W ff,-is C21 A . we Q L Contestants Dorothy Ann Wells falternatcl. Eugene Sullivan, Gloria johnson, Dick Cassutt. Billie Ray Kennon Dick Robinson falternatel. Glorietta Maness, Roger Lynch, Jo Ann Glidden, Lon Hackman Lucius Horiuchi. jack Russ, Margaret Windmayer, Lilly Tiger Prize Winner,v BOYS First: LUCIUS HORIUCHI , "The American Soldier" by Woodrow Wilson Svromi: JACK RUSS ,. "Right of Taxing America" hy William Pitt, Earl of Chatham GIRLS First: MARGARET WINDMAYER . .. Judith from "Dark Victory" by Black and Brewer Second: LILLY TIGER Ahhy from "Arsenic and Old Lace" by joseph Kesselring The Upton Contest is a tradition at Franklin and is an activity for which we are outstanding among the high schools of the city. The annual contest has been held since 1932. Each spring six boys and six girls are selected. Boys deliver orations and girls dramatic mologues. judges from outside schools select the winners. Winners receive gold and silver medals: their names are also engraved on a plaque, which hangs outside Room 203. Magi, t wrinkl d care derides, , And ghter holding both his sides. An oung and old come forth to play a sunshine holiday." JOHN MILTON: from L'Allegro 4 34 3651! ff? 57 wb TJ Q fu A9 Q9 fa- 2- 49 Ns Q cfs ,D QQ QQQA O QSGSV Cjx JXD 47 AZN Q' 6 lo W' ix Xfff Ae- Qu Q79 Y W XP -41 ,QQ gs fs? Span! ,Ao . i Uni. .H . .VV , . 44. , ' 'ltmr' :a ' - I I -M 'Q I , -. r ,."'jf-Q' -- 133: iii -Ai .5 ' '.,'4 ..f 1 " -1' x " if' re 1 V . , , . . ' 122 . v- 'z Y .5 Q r ' ' Q1 T I, -, -Q. ' I f " I 51 5 fl s: -ffif Q . I 1 AK Nw, g I 5' '14 K Q J ' 1- 7? 1 5 if . -. ,, . a 1-1:-f'!f1.9,. Hg- .-..,1.-'Fifi -Q 'Ion -- N "" -H 'I ,i'..I3' 5 s... , ini-': " -mv ' . 40' - ' '- -z Tp , .1- j':45,i.tkf.- ' ,' .,-.. . , X-" v-1 ,l . b, ,,.'.- U ,flvg--, y i 4. - - . f z,':41f 'Lv' 5' 1i..tx'-W "3 " ' f' 3 J: Tr 'RR -,:'7"' ', - "EEL-7-.' tk , . . ,A ..b,,-1 . .,, ,X .,,.-J -3-424 4 I V f...,g,, 1 , - ...a.xL,5,-.,ie- , :.z,5.-zwpsfb , Lw,g:,::.3:'j',...i', ' f - . "'.":"T . ,fx -lv :' , if , 1 ,. l L A , . if n- 't:-.f5As- -', x '.:s,r,gfS:R "- .I "' wmv' "q,,r-vw If ew ,K 24- N' ',--l 1.1 ,, --- -A .,, M,..-- ..+ -f-.- - ... x...- .1-, ' . ' .. 5- .. -jig,--f :1,v.Q Y-s -.j , 1,0-23 "f-,'.4j"1',?'1' n ' ' ' ' -"- ' Qi' fl-.71 '.-11:9 I Q N v .,f A-' -.s x I 1 x .A I wi 1 , 1-. 'f f T Lf s MN 'nf " :fd . ev A -A ,--4 1- A 1 x.: si-A -K' rx, ,G fi 1 A ,K Q,- I7 Who misses or who gains the prize, Go, Iose or conquer as you can,- But if you fall or if you rise, Be each, pray God, a gentleman." WILLIAM M. THACKERAY, from Sportsmanship Jwffq, 7946-7947 Administration W 5 john lkwey said, "If we have reverence for youth our Hrst specific rule is to make sure of a hea 'bodily development." All this and more should be the objective of our All Sports Pr Mental h lth and emotional balance, self respect and confidence in one's own ability, a cyadmir ' n for the other fellow's athletic prowess and sportsmanship are worthy en- deavors ! oor 'nation of mind and body, physical courage and stamina, and social adjust- m wh ch come as a result of competitive games are sure to lead toward good citizenship. Th e is no place in the life of Franklin High School where we practice as much demo- atic ' nsideration for the other fellow as in our athletic program. We do not ask whether boy ' Russian, German, Negro, English, or Indiang if he excels in the playing of the ame--"he's tops." Q WALTER J. RESEBURG, Principal X Department Heads L ' ' ir f X K F 3 usx - SHIRLEY BOSELLY WALTER CAMPBELL NOAH DAVENPORT ARTHUR ERICKSON LOREN RALPH BARRIE RICE M-'fb'-'maffcs L-'IHEUHEGS History English Commercial Industrial Arts 19 Administration 'Mmnnuw-'Vim To be able to enjoy participating in sports of various kinds is as valuable an asset of formal education as the accomplishments in academic work. While it has always been the plan of our physical education staff to provide the basic skills necessary for leisure time participation as well as to provide the opportunity for adequate physical development, this program has often been curtailed because of inadequate facilities. However, with plans for a new gymnasium well under way, it will soon be possible to offer every student at Franklin High School a well-rounded program of physical education. This will include actual body development during the early and formative years of high school as well as the skills needed for effective participation in group activity. The two will be developed simultaneously so that when the student becomes an upper classman, he is able to direct himself into those group activities where his skills and interests are well-matched. By the time our students graduate from high school they should have formed such positive interests in sports that they are able to take part in adult forms of recreation that carry on during later life. The ability to break away from the routine of adult responsibilities long enough to join others periodically in group sports is an important objective of high school education. F. E. BREIT, Vice-Principal Administration fr 5:3 Q71 'QP' RALPH KNAPP MARGARET McCARNEY DOROTHY PERCIVAL BETTY CORLISS MELVA YEARIAN LLOYD WILSON Boys Adviser Girls' Adviser Attendance Oliice Office Custodian Faculty Favorite Sports Baseball-Miss Battey, Mr. Evatt: Fishing--Mr, Cook: Golf-Mr. Boselly, Mr. Campbell, Miss Doheny: Hiking- Miss Glass, Miss Chambers: Football-Miss Jardine, Mr, Davenport: Tiddlywinks-Mr, Benson: Basketball -Miss Hall, Miss Hunter, Mr, Hurley. Mr. Erickson: Swimming-Miss Bisazza: Walking in the Woods-Miss Daughterty: Tennis-Miss Du Val, Miss Fowler, Faculty Favorite Sports Baseball-Miss jones, Miss Kuehn, Mr. McClelland, Miss Morrisg Sitting in Front of Fire-Mr. Lanman: All Sports-Miss Lewis, Mr. Panzicag Golf-Miss Kuebler, Miss Lindberg: Raising Chrysanthemums-Mr. Norris: Basketball--Mr, johnson, Mr. Karrer, Miss Macdonald: Canoeing-Miss Luppoldg Football-Mrs. Owen, Miss Quigley. Faculty 6 Ae-.avx f""Nf f""X:'0s NX' ,ff rx ...- Favorite Sports Baseball-Mr. Ralph, Mr, Schirmer, Mrs. Strong, Mr. Van Tilborg: Fishing-Mr, Staeger: Golf-Miss Remley, Mr. Scott: Hiking-Miss Rinehart: Basketball--Mr. Saalwachter, Mr. Rice, Mr, Samuelson, Miss Strain: Tennis -Mr, Walker: Football-Mrs. Siegel, Mr. Stevens: Sleeping-Miss Shaw: Gardening-Miss Walters. MAFQKCIH PETERSON 1 :. Facult "'Iq,,.,, -'S-sas.. ' .. -fL.v1-, 1 whim? L D ffv mins M. Favorite Sports Skiing-Miss Warner: Football-Miss Wickstromz Baseball-Miss Wilson, Miss Peterson: Bowling-Miss Davis Fishing-Miss Erickson: Golf--Miss Portmann: Playing Bridge-Miss Sheriff: Swimming-Mrs, Staeger: Badmin ton-Miss Bagley: Bob Sledding-Mrs. Peterson. While Autumn, nodding o'er the yellow plain Comes jovial on." THOMSON, The Seasons Autumn, the fairest season of the year." OVID L' and Ja!! dchbitiu flazm nf 79 X MISS MORRIS Adviser CARL LOVSTED President BONNIE MQDONALD 'is Secretary uuluni-aus BARBARA McDONALD DICK DeBARD Vice-President Treasurer The junior class can claim many artists in music and dramatics. A glance at the athletic field will show many junior faces. Highlights of the season of entertainment were the junior-senior matinee with the juniors in charge of refreshments and the senior luncheon served by the junior girls. We participated in the clean-up drive sponsored by the Student Advisory Council and we had a surprise May day party for the entire school. Beginning this june, we juniors take upon our shoulders all the responsibilities, am- bitions, and hopes of the departing seniors. May we attack our problem with skill! "In all time of our distress, And in our triumph too, The game is more than the player of the game, And the ship is more than the crew!" RUDYARD KIPLING, A Song in Storm Juniors .Q Juniors Q -. Q, fl: P11 K X I Qbrw , 5 nw 'iQ':!"tv' Fifbn 1651 'llPx,mL,A xii .WE gi HWS' M 1 1 'W , A 'Q 1 ul?" 'isszts 1 ,, N 5 gf - ,.-,--.. f. nam: me smsz DOROTHY DE WAELE Y vw.. wk 53 ..,,. af' wk r X 'Tr :E ff 0 Q 1, ,0 AQ 3 fr S, s Q 'f ""N i ? karl- mtg: Q a-alia fa-R :aw sg Ni L Q H :ff 2 QW U X I ,SX 1 - , 3. N. f , r N X b , XX x ix ff 'fx f X fi ff' , L xi ff 4 'E' . xk ., .4 Q ,pu- 'Qi ME' :QP qi' .mel 'Sf1T"""' pq...--v E' A01- '-qw " w 28 210-. iku N0 'ii Juniors fxfifsdtk VK r. fx V, X Viv 'Q fr- fan- .woy "' rd! if f QM 6 3 gwm. ,, 5? ' ,fm ' zu if F W9 ,N LM '-K 71? a P uv W' z Y im ' H N Q . H fbi ,fix x , X T- f 2 ' J ' K :Ea 5' l7"NN" M, ,P ' X X 5 W - N I if 5 ...,, f A "' - X ' V,, , ,, - .w,-.,,w ,, , J .v .,- -A, W W ig ., .,,. Q M Q. ' ' ., K A561514 . Zig, ax fx 'I Q I 4 x fi'iYSv-. S, I 'W' 'Sr M muy: if N3 230 29 Juniors F"f fre f.N1"',. k"3:- N 'SLI M fc! 49' 'ww M ,:,,. JUM- 30 Juniors WN WRX ev' Wigrgm-'va XX qgf, T H W Q cs ds 'WW-Q Q6- 'br ,gf 4' filw- iQ!4' if I 31 Juniors ww fig My L RW H..-. ami' QQQQ 2, f-.Jw "" 'Yi ' Q, Sf X 4 5 -fgai, M -1-ff f I 5 f Q F-Q T36 2? Yr 4?!"w"A WB' '33 fwx frm: -Q-QS 23" ffwh Juniors E'-Q Nr P wx? Jr- Juniors mm ,XFX VV' ' ' .nw UU?-' ,-""""" Le e 13 Juniors Who Plan to Graduate in June GERALDINE ALLYN MARYONDA EDMONDSTONE DONALD GUNNER RICHARD KURFESS MARY LEEMAN DOMINICK VACCA MARY LOU WILCOX NOTE ON JUNIOR-SENIOR SECTIONS Pictures of juniors and seniors are taken for the Annual in October. The staff then begins work on the layouts for these sections of the book. Students whose names are on the official list as seniors are automatically accepted for the senior sectiong all others who have indicated themselves as seniors must be checked. If their credits are approved by the oliice they are added to the list for the senior section. All others are put in the junior list. Prints are received and panels mounted early in December. There are always some juniors who decide to graduate too be placed in the senior sectiong on the other hand, there are always some students in the senior section who do not graduate as they had intended. The Annual Staff endeavors to make all changes possible and aims to make the two sections as accurate as we can with the information available up to the time that copy is sent to the engraver. Class Officers CLASSOF1949 MISS LUPPOLD, Adviser-g ERIK WENSBERG, President: BOB CALVERT, Vice President ROBIN CHITTENDEN, Secretary: ALICE POOR, Treasurer "Two down-two to go" CLASS OF 1950 MISS STRAIN, Adviser: BOB AUJLA, President: DAVE PEDERSEN, Vice President: JEANNE MCKINSTRY, Secretary: JEANNE MORTON, Treasurer "One down--three to go" Pat Bedell, Oscar Biesold, Art Binnie, Harold Block, Ronald Blyth, Russell Broad, Richard Brozovich. Larry Abney. Bob Anderson, Laurel Anderson, Naomi Archibald, Victor Arbicor, Frank Atkins, Morgan Bates. Robin Chittenden, Don Clark, Larry Clement, june Colony, Marguerite Con- don, Bill Conner, Pam Crookall. jack Burt, Bob Calvert, Barbara Cam- bell, jack Capeloto, Charles Capili, jenny Lee Chapman. Joanne Chetlain. Francine Ellison, Shirley Bragg, Joyce Kamla, Florence Darst, Cecelia Doly- niuk, Marie Hurt, Nancy Delzer, joan Magurno, Barbara Miller, Darlene Taylor, Pollyanne Brewis, Ken Chase. Osborn Ayres, Leroy Fritz. Shirley Green, Luther Hill, Robert George, Delores Mcllrath, Suzie Sor- ensen, Stuart Tulloch, Stanley Morgan. Phil Almgren, Clifford Bickford, Bill Burns, Duane Cook, Bob Dennis, Bill Drysdale, Joyce Gammell. Frank Gehman, Bob Goodson, Fred Hupprich, Bob Little, Tom McKelvey, Don Mustello, Betty Noji. jack Dailey, Shirley Davis, Arthur Dan- iel, Frank Debiase. Barbara Fetter, Al- lan Fowler, Teresa Fujino. janet Owen, Gerald Oyabe, Sharon Pearce, Donald Parry, Willy Pinnock, Keith Ames, Jack Bailey. Glen Cameron, Marlene Dahlgren, Fay Goddard, Benjie Mayers, George Mc- Pherson, Grant Nevels, Janet Norgaurd. 36 Sophomores Sophomores ,ag Leonard Nelson, Jack 0'Keefe, Roy Potter, Bob Reno, Carl Roe, Evalie Swinburne, Bruce Smith. Bill Carrabba, Ken Claar, Jean Fesler, Delores Fischer, Ingrid Hjertstedt, Mary Lynch, Don Mohler. Robert Johnson, Nancy Johnston, Janice Lynn, Alice Pommer, Leon Powell, Betty Sunderland, Jim Tracy. Bill Behnken John DeMarre, Joyce Duvall, Jeanette Gow, Shirley Hoffman, Nancy Hubbard, Virginia Holeman. Earl Peterson, Jerry Sabel, Harvey Seabrook, Margaret Slater, Bruce Smith, Dee Dee Tanzer, Erik Wensberg. Keith Ames, Darrell Anderson, Lorraine Hadley, Marilyn McMullen, Al Koepni, John Patzold, Bill Phillips, Earl Lottsfeldt, Tommie Lyon, Dahlia Marr, Larry Newell, Wayne Rasmussen, Bettie Shaw. Diane Webster. Gary Davis, Bill English, Marie Hub- bard. Carol Jessen, Brad Fischer, John Kamla, Jim Kelley. Virginia Harrison, Sally Jo Hayden, Ruth Hedges, Bettie Heinsheimer, Bill Heritage, Jo Ann Hill, Gloria Hitt. Rita Boles, John Bagnariol, Clinton Clark, Peter Gent, Lois Haas, Gloria Haddon, Ron Haralson. Ray Larsen, Don Lee, Frances Lee, Carol Leingang, Joylee Littlejohn, Shir- ley Locker, Delmar Luse. Frank Ikeda, Betty Johnson, Mildred Kuga, Donald Kenkman, Bob Kounkel, Doris Kremer, Bill Kroon. 37 ,loyce McGrady, Jo McWilliams, Bar- bara Merriweather, janet Mitchell, Frank Murray, Richard Maletta, Tom Mason. Beverly Born, Dorothy Gillis, Ralph Lyshol, jean MacGilvra, Glorietta Maness, Mary Lou Mansell, Warren McCallister. Sandra Hegg, Ramona Kerlin, Carol Kuder, Pat Lane, Ed Lindsley, Eliza- beth Lovsred, Jackie Lubetich. Paul Malone, John Dupea, Betty Eng, Joyce Eng. Yvonne Eng, Don Fitts, jeananne Keefte. jules Henrion, Bob Henderson, Don johnson, Bob Johnson, John Kendall, Sanford Kuznetz, Charles Knebel. Mike DiLazzaro, Barbara Frank, Mor- ton Grenell, Evelyn Gross, joan Ham- mer, Leona Hart, Reid Hale. Kay Williamson, Dianna McArthur, Bob McCallin:k, Bill Moore, Margaret Moody. Irma jean Munday, Don Mohler. Margaret Byrne, Florence Commisso, Dainie Daniels, Mickey Maguire, Joe Miller, Joyce Martin. Barbara Mac- Leod. Jeanne Patricelli, Carrie Peters, Sharon Powers, Pat Rasmussen, Diane Rispoli, Bert Rainey, Betty Risdon. Ted Clark, Fannie Eng, Margaret Jallie, Archie Lomax, Don Mustello, Colleen O'Dell, Marjorie Olsen. jim McMullen, Vaughn Parker, jerry Ralston, Angie Scarpello. Betty Swan- son, Owen Stoops, Edith Sigel. Gary Evans, Bob Grayless, Ron Haral- son, Frank Haw, Tony jurin, Pat john- son, Ken Kramer. 38 ophomores I is ' i J QS' Sophomores Robert. Loomis, Darrell Meyers, Bill Mozzone, Peggie Noreen, Darlene Pep- ke, Bernice Peterson, Willa Peterson. Gerald Alexander, John Baker, Ken Fournier, Carolyn Friedman, Arlen Johnson, Joy Lloyd, Lorraine Larsen. Joan Fesler, Betty Hesker, Loran Har- rington, Bernard Lind, Dolores Mc- Quade, Gloria Munslow, Joyce Mur- dock. Kearney Barton, Ted Bengtson, Peter Benvenuti, Don Christman, Floretta Cappetto. Hazel Cahill, Kent Elam. Leona Radford, Carrol Russ, Barbara Poska, Barbara Rose, Beverly RuH'in, Sherman Richmond, Arthur Paige. Wayne Franklin, Herb Okerlund, Alfred Stromerson, Dick Wheeler, Dolores O'Leary, Carol Pedersen, Billie Ann Reeder. Johnny Carlo, Clark Farmer, Howard Garbutt, Avis Godwin, Norrinne Jones, Dave Howard, Horst Lux. Martin Anderson, Marilyn Austin, Nancy Ayres, Jack Brondello, Shirley Brown, Shirley Christensen, Connie Choy. Bob Palmer, Robert Picchena, Bob Rutherford, Art Ratcliife, Vivian San- den, Fred Schneider, Joyce Schoening. Morley Briggs, Clinton Burt, Donna Holmes, Bill McEwen, Chuck Middle- ton, Bill Morris, Richard Oettel. Marion Smith, Lois Smith, Don Smith, Lee Smith, Fred Smith, Eugenia Strat- ton. Pat Strollery. Don Schwerdfield, Paul Sayler, Bill Schirman, John Shape. Eleanor' Shivel, Janice Sheehan, Don Smith. 39 Marie Morris, Lota Zielinski, Beverly Stenhoff, Flora Taylor, Sumiko Tanaka, Al Schaefer, jean Smiley. Nancy Alexander, Eda Badolato, Nancy Ballard, Gene Dankenbring, jerry Grib- ble, Bill Kaimakis, Phyllis Rider. Shirley Wagner, Alice Washington, jim Wade, Lewis Walker, Margetjane Wcrle, Viola Wesley, 'Dick Weigel. Richard Balch, Sheila Simson, Norma Snobar, Hugh Sobottka, George Spring- er, Wilma Trowbridge, john Tran. Ivan Wilson, Bob Wilchen. Don Wolph, Willis Womach, Irene Woo, Dorothy Wright, Alberta York. Shirley Ann Stimach, Harold Welch, Jerry White, Lois Whitworth, Eva Witte, Alan Williams, Tren Williamson. Dick Cassut, Beverly Coney, Lois Jean Gotz, Sumio Go, Pat Patterson. Carolyn Richardson, Al Stromerson. Bob Steadman, jerry Conover, Mary Tran, Billie Thompson, Mary Ann Ed- mund, Varde Van Voris, Virginia Jackman. ' Donald Thome, Geraldine Wildman, Ronnie ,Weinkauf, Joyce Rosen, Richard Williams. V Nadina Curtis, Betty Hines, Daniel Kel- ley, Alyce McDermott, Evelyn Sabin, Edna Schank, Tommy Thies. Norman Holt, Dick McGowen, Nancy McGowen, Dolores McGowan, Colleen Schweitzer, Dolores Scofield, Carol Sturdevant, Eva Trembanis. Michael Brabant, Arlen Branch, Robert Ciotta, Rosemarie Frey, joe Deady. Arthur Dclsman, Earl Hilling, fMixed group-Freshmen and Sophomoresj 40 Sophomores Freshmen Carol Andreas, Lois Anslow, Vicki An- tenucci, Anita Atkins, Dick Atkins, Bob Aujla, Adrienne Bassie. Coreen Agnew, Gloria Alfano, Laurie Anardi, Barbara Anderson, Delores An- derson, Joyce Anderson, Marilee Ander- SOD. Betty Jean Bates, Bob Beck, Anne Beck- er, Bob Beldin, Ross Bentley, Jack Bereiter, Dale Brown. Peggy Baker, Inez Baird, Bill Bald- win, Petress Banks, Jeanette Barger, Dean Barnes, Frances Barry. John Brice, Dick Brock, Romay Brown, Blanche Bruner, Rodney Bryant, Don Bunker, Dolores Bunker. Mary Ellen Bicknell, Wallace Blanch- ard, Betti Borella, Antoinette Borrac- chini, Janice Bowen, Muriel Bradburn, Gordon Brace. Carolyn Christian, Ruth Churchill, Bob Clark, Dick Clarke, Whit Clarke, Dolores Clayton, Beverly Clumpner. Beverly Butts, Clara Carpenter, Stephen Cass, Jo Ann Cerino, Dick Cheek, Jack Chesnutt, Julius Chriest. Anne Crcevey. Marlene Crist, Joanne Crocker. Colleen Croy, Victor Curtin, Nancy Del-leer. Sterlene Adams, Joyce Compton, Frank Conover, Frances Cooke, Poppy Cope- land, Eleanor Corthcll. Patsy Dimock, Bill Dore. Dominick Driano, Georgene Duffy, Opal Elliott, Stan Elsasser, Eddie Eng. Ken Darrow, Delores Davis, Joanne DeMarre, Victor DeMarre, Mayda Dempstey, Virginia Dettmen, Mary Lou Deuter. Barbara Fahey, Eleanor Falk, Wayne Farrington, James Ferly, Lois Fetter, Dick Fike, Peter Finley, Ethel Drake, Phyllis Drake, Florence Eng, Barbara Erickson, Thomas Erlen- meyer, Larry Eyman, Donald Farlinger. 41 Edith Fordon, John Frazier, Ted Frees, Eva Gallarno, Edythe Gallinger, Fred Garbarino, George Gee. Lizabeth Braden, Marlene Fincher, Marie Fiorito, Donald Fischer, Grant Fiscus, Marilyn Fischer, Peter Fleury. Allen Godwin, Bill Goodglick, Gloria Gould, Darlene Grant, Sarah Green, Marjory Greer, Joy Griffin. Dolores Gibbs, Marilyn Gibson, Edward Gilmore, Sue Ann Giralmo, Gerald Gid- lund, Sarah Glaefke, Joanne Glotfelty. Neil Holmberg, Daniel Hull, Ione In- man, Margie Johnson. Noreen Johnson. Peggy Jones, Eddie Kanemori. Bill Griswold, Lionel Gudgel, Ada Gus- tafson, Earl Hansen, Barry Hatch, Nathalie Heise, John Hoyt. Marvin Herridge, Pat Hawkins, Gwen Heorank, Dick Hedington, Janet Hel- derop, Daisy Henry, Dick Herzog. Eleanor Eng, Norlin Haavig, Carol Hacker, John Hakanson, Pat Hainstock. Ed Hall, Ray Harting. Barbara Hopkins, Bob Howe, Gilbert Hudspeth, Robert Hutto, Julia Illes, Margaret Ingo, Carol Jansen. Peter Hildebrandt, Helen Hanson, Jeanne Haus, Paul Helgeson, Julia Hikida, Sidney Hildahl, Shirley Hoeffer. Tommy Jonasson, Geanine Joy, Marlene Kaiser, Carole Kimzey. Madonna King, Jane Kirby, Dolores Kent. Graeme Bretall, Leona Frye, Elizabeth Jallie, Marvin Jackson, Ralph Johnson, Harry Johnson, Edna Johnston. Harold Lamon, Ernest Larson, Michael LaSalle, Dorothea Laturnus, Dolores Lautenschlager, Louvern Lautenschlag- er. Ronald Lee. Max Kamp, Richard Kilham, George Knight, Bill Koepili, Don Kotzerke, Bob Kuebler, Mary Jane Lagozzino. 42 Freshmen Freshmen Joe Lombardo, Amarilus Long, Don Lundine, Audrey Lynch, Pat McCuen, Gloria McDougall, Shirley McGilvray. Gary Leslie, Mary Ane Lettich, Ardell Lewark, Bonnie Lepsey, Rita Libri, Edward Lightfoot, Jack Lispie, Arden Manwaring, Barbara Marx, Rich- ard Matthews, Leana Maxey, Rosella Mefford, Norma Musner, Lawrence Merlino. John McKenna, Richard McKinney, Jeanne McKimstry, Barbara MacGregor, Marilyn Mager, Patsy Mahoney, John Malaspina. Wayne Misenar, Pat Mittelstaedt. Bon- nie Morehouse, Dick Money, Bob Mooney, jerrie Morrison, Allan Morse. Bobbie Metcalf, Frederic Meyers, Bruce Michaud, Theresa Migliore, Diane Mil- ler, Myrna Miller, Tom Miller. Henry Opel, Jean Peterson, Mary Paulos, Chuck Pearmain, Joy Pepin, Roland Peretti, Roberta Power. Jeanne Morton, Bob Mowery, Jack Mur- ray, Esther Myers, Gloria Nelson, Dorothy O'Brien, Frankie Pawley. Andy Oquist, Gregory Pallis, Judy Paine, Mary Jane Paradise, Sally jean Parrish, Bob Patricelli, Effy Paulos. June Nelson, Dolores Obermaier, Lois M. Olsbo, Barbara Olson, Delorez Olson, Janet Olson, Eugene Omico. Donna Rae Pfister, Ronald Perry, Don- ald Perry, Hazel Phillips, Glen Pilo, Don Plath, Jane Powell. Dave Pedersen, Paul Pedersen, Eva Pelones, Delores Pelham, Don Perkins, Barbara Person, Arlene Petersen. David Richards, Marcine Robbins Karen Robertson, Angelina Rockey, Marilyn Roedell, Ross Roddam, David Richardson. 1 Jo Anne Ragon, Richard Ramsey, Jim Rassat, Elaine Ray. Joanne Reed, Fred Reed, Russell Reeves. 43 Bette Jean Simpson, Clarence Anderson, Carl Carter, Perry Ko, George Mathison, George McGrady, Lorraine Sablak. Albert Rodes, George Rubattino, joan Rush, John Rydgren, Betty Savage, Elsie Schneider, Shirley Scott. Gerald Schank, De Lora Schaitel, De- lores Scheeler, Herb Schey, Marion Schlenker, Eva Schmidt, jean Schulhe. Billy Sadler, Bob Sanders, Roy Sayers, Doris Sabel, Margie Santo, Margaret Sanderson, Willametta Seibert. Bill Smith, Pat Skeppstedt, Mary Anne Smith, Carol Smith, Deloris Smith, Billie Deane Smith, joan Smythe. George Schwendeman, Phyllis Schoen- ing, Donald Scott. Evelynne Shaw, john Shoe, Doreen Slagle, Russell Sleight. Nancy Staples Barbara Stokes, Dolores Stone, Harry Sumner, Danny Sullivan, john Sundquist, Dona Fendrich. Allan Snyder, Marsha Solomon, Glen Starkenburg, Margaret Sotirolf, Jerry Stefano, Dick Stickler, john Stirrat. Shirley Thomas, Betty Thompson, Gloria Tinkham, Rose Torelli, jimmy Travis, Bob Troeppl, La Vonne Tripp. Carolyn Suverkrup, Daniel Swett, Mary Lou Taylor, Don Tewkesbury, Keith Thielicke, jerry Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Milo Van Voris, Joanne Verginia, Gladie jo Victor, Kay Wallace, Delores Wallace, Willia Warner, Earl Wasner. Herbert Tsuchiya, Bob Unick, Burnell Uptagratft, Marie Vacca, Concetta Val- ento, Jimmie jean Van Sickle, Gracia Vannice. Joanne Wilse, Neil Williams, Stan Williams, Darlene Willig, Don Wilson, Marilyn Wilson, Barbara Yorke. Tai Watanabe, june Watanabe, Bessie Webby, Robin Weiss, Arvin White, Ver- non Whitney, Diana Widrig, Sally Widrig. 44 Freshmen Eighth Grade Donald Norris, Lee Parker, Tom Rat- cliffe, Gary Rupert, Tom Slawson, Ed- ward Schacher, George Willig. Steve Bannick, Kenneth Borski, john Chicketti, Edward Cox, jerry Green. Donald Hillestad, Jerry Monroe. Margaret Lambert, jean Loomis, Dol- ores Alba, Margaret Karlberg, Bernice Nevels, Sylvia Randmel, Charmian Rivenburgh, Marilyn Stelian, Olga Zis- tatsis. Mary ApRoberts, janet Batchelor, Vir- ginia Cappetto, Susan DeLong, Dixielee Dodd, Caroline Graves, Jacqueline Hol- man, Ethel Hubbard. Azile Bowen, Mary Dallas, Glen Ed- wards, Joleen Farmer, Knowl Gaskin, josene Guiberson, Duane Hartman, Phyllis johnson. Allen Aadland, Nancy Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Carol Backman, Shirley Balch, Marlene Beck, Wayne Brad- shaw. Terry Osborne, Phyllis Perkins, Marian Pherson, Jay Poor, Barbara Richardson, Winifred Rodes, Leonard Sabin, Gaye Veenhuizen. Marlys Kounkel, David MacLean, Dan- ny Meredith, Ronnie Metcalf, Allan Miller, Paula Neuman, Doris O'Brien. Lucia DiLazzaro, Bill English, Bert Ewing, Helen Frisendahl, Janet Gallo- way, Barbara Griswold, Chuck Heald, Jim Knight, Ardythe Arndt, Betty Baker, Bertie Bal- lard, Lynn Bentley, Marilyn Bundy, Dolores Campbell, Mary Darnell, Yvonne Dietz. Donald Riggs, Nancy Stanoway, Gerald Smith, Bob Terhune, Sharon Unger, Sandra Vieg, JoAnn Weibling, Bob Wittauer, Rosanne Youdene. Bob Legg, Josephine Malaspina, Mary Lou McGivern, Bob McGrady, Donald Montgomery, Barbara Peterson, Donna Prey, Stanley Quackenbush. Betty Dimock, Bessie Dubick, Evelyn Egan, Myrtle Elliott, Tommy Farling- er, Jean Fathers. Susan Fenton, Norman Fetter. Lewis Archer, Joan Bailey, jerry Chase, Art Chetlain, Marlen Christopherson, Dennis Cook, Marvin Coe, Marty De- Laurenti. 45 Charles McDermand, John McKi1lop, Jim Money, Audrey O'Brien, Janice Poska, Shirley Stevenson, John Sund- felt, Harold Zeek. Betty Gottbehuet, Bob Grant, Peter Hiscock, Norman Hallam, Madeline Larsen, Jim Larkin, Pete Lubetich. Bruce Duncan, Bernice English, Doug- las Fanning, Jack Fix, Pat Gore, Judy Graves, Dick Haberkorn, Beverlee High. Dean Armitage, Jean Baker, Jeannie Carson, Gregory Chenaur, Thelma Cum- herledge, Richard Daugherty, Paul De- mitriades, JoAnn Dilworth. Jackie Munslow, Esther Pedersen, Peter Pratt, Marvin Roy, Eddie Steifan, Joyce Stickler, Gloria Wahlgren. Dick Wilson. Kenneth Landry, Harry Larkin, Rudy Malaspina, Delores Massa, Barbara McCloud, Faye Mondschein, Colleen Moore. Eighth Grade EIGHTH GRADE CENTER The Eighth Grade Center was established at Franklin in September 1943. The new eighth graders quickly oriented themselves and became as much a part of the school as any other class. They entered in a good year, thrilled by the excitement of the championship basketball playoff which Franklin lost to Roosevelt. Also they were with Franklin in the winning of our second consecutive baseball championship. They developed eighth grade intramurals, which has helped develop future Quaker athletes. They haven't had time with six subjects a day to develop many other activities, but this year they have produced their own eighth grade newspaper called The Eighth Grade Echo. This newspaper was started after the idea had been considered for a long time. From the 8A II Cthen SBD English class a skeleton staff was organized and the name selected. The first issue came out three weeks before Christmas. It is strictly an Eighth Grade newspaper and such alone was its purpose at its inception. A Christmas and a Valentine number have been issued. Plans are under way for two or three more before the close of the year. Another Eighth Grade interest is their choir which meets before school every Wednesday and Friday with Miss Jones, One more thing about the Eighth Grade is that they almost invariably go over the top in subscribing to any activity. Yes, the Eighth Grade has proved itself a good addition to Franklin. ball 1.4 IQ yfyzffw, "iJ"'v V. RONALD BLAKE, Tackle: FRANK YAZZOLINO. Fullback: JOHN SONNTAG, Endg DON SIMPSON, Tackleg AL HALL, End LARRY MORTENSON, Guard: ERNIE MANSELL, Endg JOHN TALBOTT, Fullbackg JOHN POLLOCK, End: BYRON RICHARDSON, Halfhackg CRAIG SPAULDING, Tackle g .RONNIE COLGAN, center, AL RASMUSSEN, Tackle: GEORGE CORAK, Guard 0 A I SCORES-First Team 5 1 ' Lincoln . . -- Franklin . x N West Seattle --Franklin . Roosevelt . - Franklin . Garfield . - Franklin . Franklin . -Ballard . x U Franklin . - Queen Anne X A Franklin . - Cleveland Foolgball BOBBY CALVERT, Quarterback: CLARENCE TOWNSEND, Halfback: BILL SANBORN, Halfback: LARRY CARSON, Quarterback DON JORGENSEN, Quarterback: RONNIE PETERSON, Guard: PHIL CHRISTOPHERSON, Guard: BOB HUGHES, End JOHN RICHARDSON, Center: DALE FARMER. Tackle: RAY SENIOR. End: DICK ROBINSON. Halfback Lincoln . . West Seattle Cleveland . Ballard . Franklin . . Queen Anne Second Team . 13- Franklin . 20- Franklin . 13- Franklin . 6 - Franklin . 6- Roosevelt . 18 - Franklin SCORES Lincoln . . West Seattle Franklin . . Franklin . Franklin . . Queen Anne Third . 12 7 7 7 . 12 . 19 Team - Franklin - Franklin - Cleveland - Ballard - Roosevelt -- Franklin Tackle Q ,Q ICE, 5 nl 2' ,W chi 6 - . 0-A '15 ww H1 ,J . Z gwx u V , n f 4 4 fl f 4 Q4 1 -f " A wwf ami? 9: A, K Q' ' x " S ' mgwgj' we X '. Q wxfa Y' 1 . 'S' 6' Iggy , 905 '.-54 SP 'SHQBQQQ Q K. . Ak... egg NYT? rr' I GX E165 Alb' Wi gui qw Q M... Lx' W Football 1522 'C Thi , Managers ' 1 , , 'fi 0 'H a v,1a.1,:':.:..i'-"'- sas'-sz Middleton, Kee e, Kuznetz, Kelly, Jar s, Michau , - scher, Newell, Abney Jim e, Jac r S L vin, Ro McKe , Bates, c , ritz, rt, Conover n ar Brozovic u mel Wi liams Steadman, Ra mus en, W ch, Gent, Gwrge Ch , Do ick a a, Bo ix, Ch ck ea Smith. Lit , At ins f Q ' Yell Team O Dick Green Dick DeBard, Lynn Workman, Jim Wid-rig U . N 5 wif! 1' , -C ar' X f Y I , t FOOTBALL 'Wu 5 0 You shove your knuckles in the dirt. M Next, your muscles are coiled until they're X un-A K cramped and hurt. ' ' A 7 k Ten statues stand without motion I F' H . A An eleventh runs a measured pace- runs then stops. The signals are barked-one, two, three. Now the eleven move in rhythmic motion like the music of a symphony. M uscl. uncoil and the eleven moves as one. A ai nd again until the game is lost or won. JOHN SUNDQUIST, Freshman I A Q ' Second Team rt H Kenneth Gill, Arnold Falk, Ed Fountain, Harlan Dean, Carl Lottsfeldt b o 'O O 51 ie Yo , Dave McKibbon, Bill McKay, Victor Arbicor, John Kamla, Earl Grant - lvert, geson, Bob Dennis, Ron Haralson, Frank Yazzolino, Bob Hughes, Katsumi Oikawa 5.1-Jn.-x 1 , 1 Senior Play "THE YOUNGESTH by Phillip Barry Directed by Aristelle MacDonald with technical direction by Helen Kuebler Charlotte Winslow ...,.,... Mark Winslow ,.,....,.,,.. , ...,,.. . Martha fMuHj Winslow., Alan Martin ,,,,....,....... .,.,,,. A ugusta Winslow-Martin ...,,,, Oliver Winslow ,,...,...,....... Richard Winslow ,,Y,..,, Katie .......,..,,..,...........,. Nancy Blake .,,..Y.,..,,.. . 1 THE MENAGERIE: ,, Partly .,..,,..,,,,.. ' ,,.,,.,,,.,. 5 ,, Eustace ,,,,., ...,,. 'The Kittennl. a , if , The Cast 2 W ,,,,, . , Student Staff JOANNA LUMM .........HAROLD VAUGHN ......,..JOYCE LAVENDER .............DoUG CULLEN .........DONNA BISHOP ...............JAcK DIXON r,,.,.,,cDAv1D JOHNSON .........,LA VERNE RAY ,....,..JEAN KINNEY PALCO OF LOS TROMPUS GENGHIS KHAN THOMAS SNOOPER LOVEN Gloria Jacobs, Senior Director: Donna Fulton, Jr, Directory Ronald Blyth, Stage Mgr.: Don Smith, Asst. Stage Mgr.: Joyce Chandler, Prompter: Shirley Loven, Special Effects: Shirley Loven, Prop. Chairman: Maryonda Edmondstone, Make-up Chairman: Lucy jones Marjorie Minkema, Costume Chairmen. Stage Force Dan Alexander, Richard Clapp, Harlan Dean, Don MacGilvra, Myra Meyers, Dave Muth, Don Perkins. Senior Play Snapshots 'S www 'bw JI ,Nw 'iw may Ny,oqp.w. we-vypuuvwswff --v mf 54 Remember the Big Snow? Christmas Concert Clowning "If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" SHELLEY, from Ode to the West Wind . 25... andkhhtmjpnztia Student Advisory Council Advisory Council Barbara Senior, Ray Senior, Dave Simpson, Donna Stearns, Katherine Stoops, Erik Wensberg Jean MacGi1vra,,Bonnie McDonald, Barbara McDonald, Jeanne McKinstry, Jeanne Morton, Alice Poor, John Schreier Sylvia Croce. Fred Darnell, Dick De Bard, Bob Fix, Gene Graham, Walter Lonner, Carl Lovsted Benny Baldwin, Gary Box, Artis Brown, Bill Burke, Bob Calvert, Robin Chittenden, Stuart Clarke "In all time of our distress, And in our triumph too, The game is more' than the player of the game And the ship is more than the crew!" KIPLING-from A Song in Storm Student Advisory Council The Advisory Council is now playing one of the most important parts in the life of the school. This group, which meets before school every Tuesday morning to discuss and act on school problems and objectives, consists of the cabinets of the Boys' and Girls' Clubs, the four officers of each class, plus two representatives from the Eighth Grade, presidents of the Band and the Quaker Maids, and one representative from all other active groups and organizations. This committee is the head of student self-government in Franklin. It has recently adopted a constitution. Mr. Reseberg, with Mr. Knapp, and Miss McCarney are the advisers for this committee. Franklin's Inter-school Council representatives are Gene Graham, Artis Brown, and Carl Lovsted. Artis is the All-City Corresponding secretary. Inter-city problems are dis- cussed at these meetings which are held five times during the school year. Once a year a conference is held at one of the high schoolsg this year it was held at Lincoln. Each school then has eight representatives. Interschool Council David Simpson, Betty Yager, Carl Lovsted Joyce Blacktield, Artis Brown. Gene Graham, Anne Rutledge Building Service Groups Building and Grounds Shirley Ann Stimach, Nona Whitten- dale, Joyce Blackfield, Eileen Pear- main, Dorothy Morris, Toni Vitulli, Alice Yourglich, Ray Jensen. Joe Anderson, Artis Brown, Fred Dar- nell, Bob Fix, Pat Gibson, Lorene Lloyd-Young, Vivian Lelfard. Office Helpers Heraldine Schmidt, Mary Anne Smith, Betty Sunderland, Gladys Sunderland, Marjorie Smyth, Lois Turner, Lois Whitworth. Helen Davis, Pat Gibson, Irene Good- win, Greta Grandstrom, Virginia Hole- man, Joan King, Peggy Mecartea, Gloria Munslow. Library Helpers Dorothy O'Brien, Willa Peterson, Marie Vacca, Margetjane Werle, Joanne Wiese, Betty Savage, Ivan Wilson, Larry Abney, Patsy Skeppstedt. Barbara Deady, Lois Schumacher, Gloria Stifller, Barbara Fetter, Lois Fet- ter, Marie Fiorito, Julia Hikida, Peggy Jones. Lunchroom Helpers julie Illes, Janet Helderop, Frances Lee, Concetta Valento, Flora Taylor, Bar- bara Stokes, Vivian Ross. Beverly Davis, Fanny Eng, Mabel Luke, Jean MacGilvra, Mary Jane Paradise. Bruce McClung, Duane Kerlin. sl... Students who serve faithfully and well on the numerous building service groups deserve greater recognitiong therefore, we have placed them in this book immediately after the stu- dent councils. The names of the various groups indicate where they serve: the duties and responsibilities of the various groups are well known both to faculty and students. The Building and Grounds committee are functioning for the second year. We are proud of the cooperation Franklin students have given them. Office, library, luncheon, and study hall helpers all do jobs which are indispensable to the smooth functioning of the school. 58 Building Service Groups Study Hall Helpers Vivian Leffard, Natalie Mayhew, Jerry Ralston, Shirley Ann Stimach, Eva Witte. Francine Ellison, Pat Hall, Arlene Hawkins, Renate Hayum. Ticket Committee Bill Herzog, Bob Ruhin, Sid Snyder, Buerk Williams, Les Kramer. Helen Davis, Mr. Benson, Greta Grand- strom. Guidance Group Beverly Blyth, jeanelle Crafts, Alice Duncan, Pat Pope. Stamp Ojfce Mr. Karrer, Marilyn Gibson, Shirley Marriott, Joyce Martin, Onalee Smith, Lota Zielinski. Moyie Club Bob McKee, Nick Vaslef, Dick Weigel, Tren Williamson,'Mr. Evatt. jack Capeloto, Ted Frees, Ronald Gib- bon, Neil Holmberg, Duane Kerlin. Franklin is deservedly proud of its student activity program. We have an enviable record for support of the Stamp Plan. The Stamp Plan office helpers and the ticket committee serve constantly to keep our activity program running smoothly. Without the assistance of the student helpers the work of guidance counsellors would be much more difficult. The so-called movie club is not really a club but a carefully picked and well-trained group who care for and operate the projection machines for all occasions, during assemblies or in classrooms using visual material. 59 'F' .3 Q X agua A1 Q "hiv-"F i , , Q' mf' 'X-K..-4 ,mary QQYWW' fur RAY SENIOR IJIHSIVJPIH GEN I-I GRAHAM .'lnI Vn'e-I'n'xl4Irn1 GARY HUX 7'n-ami.-1 60 ARTIS BROWN PIPSl'lIl-'Ill ll l'1l.l'IN ST RON S Rm-unllng Sr-vu-1.11 v BARBARA SIGN ION f'urrrwlmnrI1'llp5 Sf-rn-1.':rv Girls' Club Cabinet fa? GY XQNSYK fi, in-4 fav' .L M A RGARPYI' MuCA RN ICY IOYCIQ BAN NISTICR AIIVI'-Pl Vn':'fI'1e-v'rIf'n1 T-IA l'Ill'1RINli S'I'HUPN 'l'1f':.u:1f-1 PZ I-.'I"l'Y YAKHCIJ fh.uln1.m of f'h.1IrmPn 6 Boys' Club Office Help Roger Lynch, Teo Morellato, Larry Newell, jim Newland, David Simpson, Leon Snope, Don Wolph. Mr. Knapp, Gary Box, Stuart Clarke, Bob Fix, Gene Graham, Walter Lonner. Carl Lottsfeldt. Quaker Club Grove Anschell, Dick Green, Bill Her- zog, Sid Snyder. Duane Sleight, Jack Russ, Gary Box, Teo Morellato, Ronnie Salvino, Lewis Walker. David Simpson, Stuart Clarke, Fred Darnell, Bill Ericksen, Bob Fix, Walter Lonner. Dance Committee Sid Snyder, Virginia Tesreau, Colleen White, Donna Stearns. Harlan Dean, Dick Green, Shirley Han- sen, Shirley Loven. Boys' Club Activities The Boys' Club Helpers and the three year old Quaker Club are becoming increasingly active as service groups. This year's Quaker Club is limited to twenty members who may be identified by their white sweaters and a green "Q", Admission is by invitation and by Filling in a vacancy. The Dance Committees arrange programs and dances during fourth period and help with P.T.A. dances at the Rainier Field House. RALPH KNAPP INSPIRATIONAL AWARD In 1942 a plague was presented by the Boys' Club Cabinet upon which is engraved each year the name of the boy selected as the most inspirational boy in school. The recipient in 1946 was Lawrence fBudj McCartney, Boys' Club president last year, who made sport history at Franklin last spring by pitching a no-run, no-hit game. Girls' Club Activities Committee Chairmen Greta Grandstrom, Pat Hall, Sally jo Hayden, Peggy Hill, Mary Anne Holt, Jean Leeman, Shirley Loven. Barbara Berk, Joyce Blackfield, Beverly Blyth, Robin Chittenden, Phyllis Egger, Francine Ellison, Lillian Favero. Betty Shelton, Donna Stearns, Pat Stol- lery, Ilene Stowe, jean Veldwyk, Max- ine Weiss. Barbara West. Elizabeth Lovsted, Nancy Lee Newton, Barbara Pendley, Betsy Plumb, Anne Rutledge, Joyce Schoening. Mixed Group Shirley Loven, Frances Pierce, Pat Pot- ter, Maxine Weiss, Ilene Stowe, Nona Whittendale, Sylvia Croce, Shirley Hansen. Lillian Alleman, Jean Leeman, Barbara Berk, Artis Brown, Robin Chittenden, Nancy Hubbard, Sally Jo Hayden, joan Gelzenlichter. 202 E Scene of one of the busiest organizations in Franklin High School--Girls' Club! Every girl is a member and every student is served by this office. Look! Here comes Suzy Freshman, timidly opening the door. "Don't be scared, dear. We're not going to bite you," says one of our kind officers. The cabinet have their schedules arranged so that at least one of them is in 202E every period of the day to help those who come. "What can we do for you, Suzy?" It seems that Suzy wants an E. D. She's not the only one! E. D.'s, nurse's and doctor's interviews, student's record cards-these are but a few of the dozens of activities that are handled in this office. Oh, yes, there's a rest room for girls here, too. Whatever your need, just go to 202E and you'l1 be helped. 63 Girls' Club Activities Big Cousins Peggy Hill, Shirley Hansen, Beverly Holt, Mary Anne Holt, Mary Hunting- ton, Irene Husby, Jean Kinney. Barbara Berk, Beverly Blyth, joan Dud- ley, Alice Duncan, janet Dunn, Vivian Hanson, Barbara Heald. Pat Potter, Shirley Read, Betty Shelton, llene Stowe, Marilyn Weissenborn, Phyllis White, jean Young. Janet Kusak, Marilyn Murphy, Barbara Pendley, Frances Pierce, Betsy Plumb, Alice Poor. Personal Ehziciency Jo Anne Ragon, Billie Ann Reeder, Vivian Sanden, Eva Schmidt, Phyllis Schoening, Sheila Simson. Anita Atkins, Bonnie Lepsey, Audrey Lynch, Pat Mahoney, Rosella Meiiford. janet Owen. Student Sponsors Marilyn Ives, Barbara Poska, Joanne Wagenfuehr, Ann Walthew, Edith Young, Maxine Weiss, Barb West. jeananne KeeHe, Eda Badolato, Nancy Ballard, joan Gelzenlichter, Sylvia Croce, Donna Stearns. COME TO OUR COZY Franklin girls look forward each month to the Girls' Club parties or cozies. Many com- mittees work together to make these occasions successful. One of the busiest groups is the Bulletin Board Committee. They make the attractive posters that make us want to attend the parties. Refreshment Committee? They do just what their name implies, and, oh boy! Does it ever taste good after school? The Dramatic Committee puts on plays for holidays like Thanksgiving or Easter, or if we aren't celebrating they give just a play they think we'd like. We mustn't forget to tell you about the Favors and Decorations Committees. A party wouldn't be a party without themg all we can say is-they're always very clever. There are many other committees who don't help with parties but have important building duties. The P. T. A. Tea Committee serves each month at teas for parents and faculty. The "Come and Get It" Committee publish our own rnimeographed magazine. Girls' Club Activities Roll Representatives 1 Ruth Churchill, Darlene Donofrio, Myrtle Elliott, Edith Fordon, Dorothy Froseth, Gloria Gould, Lorraine Hadley. Nancy Anderson, Nancy Ballard, Mar- lene Beck, Barbara Berk, Joanne Chet- Iain, Robin Chittenden, Pam Crookall. Roll Representatives Elizabeth Lovsted, Jeanne Morton. Nancy Lee Newton, Eva Schmidt, Janice Sheehan, Donna Stearns, Ilene Stowe, Nona Whittendale. Sylvia Croce, Shirley Hansen, Mary Harford, Peggy Hill, Mary Huntington, Dolores Kent, Mary Lagozzino, Pat Lane. P. T. A. Tea Barbara MacLeod, Jeananne Keeffc, Kay Williamson, Maxine Weiss, Barbara West, Edith Young. Peggy Hill, Sylvia Croce, Jean Kinney, Donna Stearns, Pam Crookall, Marilyn McMullen. Doris Groce, Joan Gelzenlichter, Mary Harford, Barbara Heald. Sandra Hegg, Mary Anne Holt. Social Service Joyce Blackheld, Eileen Pearmain, Dorita Clark, Darlene Donofrio, Nona Whittendale, Artis Brown. WE ALSO SERVE Don't get us wrong-Girls' Club work isn't all fun and parties! We do lots of work for other people-such as sending Red Cross Boxes, things to the Orthopedic, and favors to hospitals. We're always doing something like that. We want to express our appreciation to our adviser, Miss Margaret McCarney. Her won- derful guidance and inspiration are responsible for the continuing success of Franklin Girls' Club! THE CRAWFORD CUP This cup is dedicated to Irby Crawford, who, in 1910, was the first president of Girl's Club. It was given in memory of her high ideals, loyalty, service, and desire to be a fine and worthy woman. Each year the name of the girl chosen by the girls of the student body is inscribed on the cup. The girl is chosen as being the most inspirational because of such qualities as lead- ership, unselnshness, service, loyalty, and understanding. Last year the winner of this award was Doris Stearns, Girls' Club president. 65 Tolo Weekl First Semester Barbara Senior, Ray Senior, Dee Stephens, Virginia Tesreau, Toni Vitulli, Phyllis White, Buerk Williams, Alice Yourglich Marcus Jensen, Janet Kusak, Jeanne Naze, David Nelson, Nina Oliver, Margie Rembaugh, John Schreier Donna Bishop. Dolores Cartun, Amelia Catania, Margie Dahlen, joan Dudley, Janet Hutsell, Mr. Stevens Second Semester David Nelson, Nina Oliver, john Schreier, Barbara Senior, Sid Snyder, Scott Shedden, Bill Sperber, Virginia Tesreau Dale Farmer, Don Grimes, Doris Groce. janet Hutsell, Heartha Kosin, Jeanne Naze, Mr. Stevens Barbara Berk, Joyce Blackfield, Dolores Cartun, Amelia Catania, Margie Dahlen, Beverly Davis, Alice Duncan Tolo Weekly The Tolo Weekly is edited by the Newswriting classes. The Tolo staff is changed at least once a semester. To become a staff member a student must have at least one semester of newswriting. The staff is chosen by the adviser on the basis of the efforts of the students. Staff positions during this school year have been held by the following: News Staff Editor-Amelia Catania Associate Editors-Marcus Jensen. Jeanne Naze, and Janet Hutsell News Editor+Jeanne Naze and Barbara Senior Assistants-Nina Oliver, Donna Bishop, and Ron Kimerer Feature Editor-Janet Hutsell and Nina Oliver Assistants'-Barbara Senior and Virginia Tesreau Sports Editors-Ray Senior and John Schreier Assistants-John Schreier and John Richardson Special Writers--Virginia Tesreau and Colleen White Reporters-Joan Dudley, Margie Dahlen, Phyll White, Dee Stephens. Colleen White, Toni Vitulli Alice Yourglich, Barbara Berk, Joyce Blackfield. Heartha Kosin. Scott Shedden, Doug Cullen Doris Groce, Alice Duncan. Jim Lowndes, Dick Green. and Sid Snyder Business Staff Business Manager-Dave Nelson Assistant-Janet Kusak Advertising Manager-Dolores Cartun All-City Advertising-Buerk Williams, Beverly Davis Circulazian Manager-Richard Faille and Quinn Anderson Office Manager-Margie Rembaugh Advertising Staff-Dale Farmer. Don Grimes. Bill Sperber, and Nick Dubick Adviser-James Stevens Quill and Scroll This is an International Honorary Society to which outstanding high school journalists are elected. The qualifications for membership to this society are as follows: 1. Candidates may be elected from the newspaper staff. 2. They must be of Junior or Senior classification. 3. They must be in the upper third of their class. 4. They must have done superior work in writing, editing, or business management. 5. They must be recommended by the adviser. 6. They must be approved by the Executive Secretary of the Society. Present Officers Jeanne Naze, President: Millie Catania, Vice-president: Janet Hutsell, Secretary: F Marcus Jensen, Treasurer, Quill and Scroll john Richardson, John Schreier, Barbara Senior, Virginia Tesreau. Colleen White. Mr. Stevens. Dolores Cartun, Amelia Catania, Janet Hutsell, Jeanne Naze, David Nelson, Nina Oliver. Publications First Semester Joanna Lumm. Peggy Mecartea. Inez Miller, Ann Overacker, Lois Schumacher. Marilou Stroben Harold Vaughn, joanne Wagenfuehr, Mr, Hurley Evelyn Clancy, Sylvia Croce. Ann De Filipps, Maryonda Edmondstone. Bob Fix. Margaret Hovland, Marilyn Hovland. Lorene Lloyd-Young Second Semester Madeline Torelli. Earl Umbinetti, Harold Vaughn. Joanne Wagenfuehr. Priscilla Williams. Mary jo Wintermote l Barbara McDonald. Bonnie McDonald, Mary Mecartea, Peggy Mecartea. Pat Read. Onalee Smith, Marilou Stroben Mr. Hurley, Dolores Fearence, Bob Fix, Helen Heston. Marilyn Ives. Vivian Leffard, Vera Lutge Gloria Adams. Marilyn Bowles, Fred Burr, Evelyn Clancy, Fred Darnell, Ann DeFilipps. Janice Eason Publications Before this year the Tolo Annual was edited by a volunteer staff, who received no credit for the work. This year a Publications Class has been offered with the same require- ments as for News Writing. Editing the annual is only one responsibility of the class. Students study various phases of publishing through library research and vocational trips. The class has undertaken numerous publication activities for the school such as preparing "Quaker Quotes", a handbook for Franklin students, a Franklin Calendarg issuing a mimeo- graphed news letter featuring various school activities for P. T. A.g assembling historical data about our school, and editing a magazine of creative writing by Franklin students. Because the work for the annual is done by the class as a whole no editorial staff has been named. One of the distinctive features of the Tolo annuals has always been the art work. This year the co-art editors were Pat Read and Alice Hammer. The cover was designed by Alice Hammer with lettering by Keith Ames. Panel drawings were done by Jean Leeman, jean- ette Gow, Toshi Nakamura, Esther Peavey, and Ray Jensen as well as the co-editors. Tolo Art Stag ALICE HAMMER, Co-editor MISS BISAZZA, Adviser PAT READ, Ca-editor Joan King, Mary jo Wintermote, Hear- aldinc Schmidt, Patsy Skeppstedt. Naomi Archibald, Alice Washington, Marjorie Smyth, Marilyn Glidden, janet Mitchell. Eva Trembanis, Bonnie Lepsey, Vivian Sanden, Hazel Phillips, Lois Anslow, Janice Lynn. Nancy Hubbard, Jackie Lubetich, Nancy Delzer, Ann Walthew, Florence Darst, Shirley Brotche, Kathleen Mclntyre. Donna Bishop, Phyllis Egger, Lorene Lloyd-Loung, Jessie Eason, Margery Leren, Marilyn Wright, Gloria Mun- slow. Barbara McDonald, Bonnie McDonald, Gloria Adams, Joanna Lumm, Joanne Wagenfuehr, jenean Gaskin, Lois Haas. 71 Senior Glee Club Betsy Plumb, Kathleen McIntyre, Car- rol Russ, Gloria Adams, Yvonne Bank, Pat Rasmussen, Marilyn Glidden. Eula Hendrickson, Bev Bishop, Delia Sundfelt, Margaret Grube, Carolyn Friedman, Barbara Rose. Pat Lane, Janice Sheehan, Edna Mor- ris, Janet Dunn, Ruth Pedersen, Carrie Peters, Cherie Hawk. MaryJo Wintermote, Maryonda Ed- mondstone, Peggie Noreen, Gloria Hitt, Janet Owen, Anne Rutledge. Norrinne Jones, Shirley Brotche, Donna Stearns, Florence Darst, Mary Lou Stroben, Joyce Lavender, Colleen O'Dell. Pat Hall, Diane Rispoli, Joyce Duvall, Nancy Johnston, Beatrice Dar- row, Joyce Gammell. Bonnie McDonald, Nina Oliver, Margie Dahlen, Jessie Eason. Harriet Mitchell, Eugenia McCoy. Delores Mcllrath, Bar- bara McDonald. Francis Hren, Betty Yoshino, Jeanne Patricelli, Betty Hesker, Nadine Os- burn, Joy Lloyd, Avis Godwin, Jenean Gaskin. Freshman Glee Club Gladie Jo Victor. Ruth Churchill, Joyce And-erson, Barbara Fahey, Amarilus Long, Rita Libri, Arlene Petersen, Dolores Stone. Gloria Alfano, Lizabeth Braden, Sarah Green, Sally Widrig, Berdine Lakman, Bonnie Morehouse, Betty Jean Simpson. Gloria McDougall, Frankie Pawley, Marie Fiorito, Evelynne Shaw, Barbara MacGregor, Dolores Kent, Anne Cree- vey, Jeanne McKinstry, Judy Paine. Arden Manwaring, Dolores Lauten- schlager, Alyce McDermott, Joy Pepin, Angelina Rockey, Audrey Lynch, Betty Savage, Delores Wallace. 72 Music-Choirs ,. -'xx Senior Choir Lon F. Backman, Svend Thomas, Don Cupp, Jim Lough, Clifford Bickford, Arthur Rusie, Ivan Wilson. Miss Jones, Lucille Young, Helen Hes- ton, Margie Rembaugh, Hazel Cahill, Barbara Miller, Gwen Hebrank, Janet Owen. Pat Heagerty, Marjorie Constable, Pat Hall, Shirley Daniel, Maryonda Ed- mondstone, Lorraine Pommer, Diane Webster. Dominick Vacca, Pete Perry, Dick Sprague, LeRoy Lorella, Ken Kramer. Dora Peppas, Evalie Swinburne, Geor- gina Kovich, Margie Zimmerman, Don- na Fulton, Elizabeth Endslow. Zeltha Crowder, Bev Bishop, Dot Eld- red, Elaine Ray, Eula Hendrickson, Louise Fiscus. Marcus Jensen, Gerald Porter, Harry Schaber, Don Mustello, Allan Giles, Scott Shedden. Conrad Schirmer, Sam H. Levinson, Bob Steadman. Leroy Fritz. Arthur Delsman. Shirley Ann Rowe. Lois Schumacher, Arnhild Randmel, Esther Myers, Laurel Anderson. Junior Choir Carol Andreas, Margie Santo, Bessie Webby, Nancy Staples, Suzie Sorensen, Joyce Kamla, Arlyne Farrar. Delorez Olson, Theresa Migliore, Rose Torelli, Virginia Dettman, Vicki An- tenucci, DeLora Walters, Pat Diedrich. Peter Finley, Don Clark, John Tran, Joe Hughes, Chuck Rylands, Mel Lynch, Chuck Gill, Paul Pedersen. Dolores Bunker, Noreen Johnson, Caro- lyn Christian, Eva Pelones, Joan Mock- ly, Pat Mittelstaedt. Bernie Anderson, Larry Mortenson, John Sonntag, Ray Lombardy, Johnny Camerota, Fred Smith, George Cheek, Dick Mill. Eleanor Falk, Bobbie Metcalf, Jeannie Morton, Shirley McGilvray, Myrna Mil- ler, Jackie Lubetich. 73 Eighth Grade Glee Clubs Marian Pherson, Donna Prey, Barbara Richardson, Nancy Stanaway, Shirley Stevenson, Sharon Unger, jo Ann Weib- ling, janet Batchelor. Susan Fenton, Helen Frisendahl, Janet Galloway, Pat Gore, judy Graves, Bar- bara Griswold, Betty Gottbchuet, Marlys Kounkel. Madeline Larsen, Leona Maxey, Mary Lou McGivern, Faye Mondschein, Esther Pedersen, Barbara Peterson, Phyllis Perkins, Audrey O'Brien. Ruth Anderson, Carol Backman, Shirley Balch, Marilyn Bundy, Lucia DiLaz- zaro, Myrtle Elliott, Joleen Farmer, Nancy Anderson. Winifred Rodes, Paula Newman, josene Guiberson, Ethel Hubbard, Sylvia Rand- mel, Charmian Rivenburgh, jean Loo- mis, Sandra Vieg. Gaye Veenhuizen, Marlene Beck, Janice Poska, Rosanne Youdene, Mary Dallas, Jeannie Carson. Betty Baker, Mary Darnell. Donald- Montgomery, Frederic Meyers, Bob Wittauer, Douglas Fanning, Gerald Smith, Tommy Farlinger, Ronnie Met- calf, Dean Armitage. Wayne Bradshaw. Bert Ewing, Dick Haberkorn, Glenn Edwards, Marvin Roy. Allan Miller. Stanley Quachenbush, Rudy Malespino, jim Money, Bill Smith, john Stirrat, john Sundfelt. Marlen Christopherson, Bruce Duncan, Daniel Swett, Alf Ahron. Jerry Monroe. Dick Fike. Donald Riggs, Danny Meredith, jack Fix, Dick Wilson, Gary Rupert, Knowl Gaskin. Chuck Heald, David MacLean, Norman Hallam, Peter Pratt, Lee Parker, john Chicketti, Gregory Chenaur. 74 Music-Eighth Grade Glee Clubs Music And Dramatics Girls' Ensemble Eula Hendrickson, Margie Zimmerman, Evalie Swinbume, Elizabeth Endslow, Donna Fulton, Delores Bunker, Elaine Ray, Gwen Hebrank Miss Jones, Pat Hall, Lois Schumacher, Louise Fiscus, Lorraine Pommer, Shirley Rowe, Zeltha Crowder, Bev Bishop, jackie Lubetich Franklin has one of the outstanding music departments of the city. The Boys' Band puts on a concert each spring, in addition to many other performances. The Girls' Band is also an important asset to school life. The Girls' Glee Club, Senior and junior Choirs, Eighth Grade Glee Clubs, and the Vocal Ensemble make frequent appearances. In dramatics each year there are a Senior Play, several guidance plays, and many mis- cellaneous assembly productions. The success of dramatic productions is due in no small part to the faithful service of groups pictured here. Make-up Corps Stage Crew jackie Lubetich, Betty Risdon, Margie Smyth, Lois Turner, Dan Alexa-nder, Ron Blyth, Don Perkins Lillian Alleman, joan Dudley, Martha Baer. Edith Young Delores Anderson, Beverly Blyth, Maryonda Edmondstone, Joan Gelzenlichter. Pat Gibson, joan King, Lorene Lloyd-Young ' Guidance Players Costume Committee Eugene Sullivan. Ilene Stowe, Don Lynch, Doug Cullen, Marjorie Minkema, Lois Schumacher Gloria Johnson, Mary Jane Lagozzino, Shirley Loven, Donna Bishop, Dorothy Froseth, Pat Hall Donna Rae Pfister Literary and Forensic Activities Tusitala Club Joyce Rosen, Frances Cooke, Bette Jean Simson, Marjorie Smyth, Shirley Ann Stimach, Earl Umbinetti, Haro ld Vaughn, Bettie Shaw Gloria McDougall, Allen Miller, Jeanne Morton, Hazel Phillips, Elaine Ray, Madeleine Rice, David MacLean, Vivian Sanden Miss Lindberg, Catherine Powell, Ra- mona Kerlin, Carol Kuder, Mary Jane Lagozzino, Vivian Leffard, Darlene Kelley, Bonnie Lepsey Evelyn Egan, Mary Lou Deuter, Fran- ces Frisby, Darlene Grant, Judy Graves, Joy GriFhn, Pat Hall, Virginia Jackman Nancy Anderson, Dorothy Barger, Jean- ette Barger, Beverly Bishop, Donna Bishop, Jo Anne Cerino, Anne Creevey, Mary Dallas Debate Club Carol Pedersen, Donna Rae Pfister, Nick Stavrou, Svend Thomas, Harold Vaughn, Mr. Samuelson Coreen Agnew, Barbara Berk, Dick Cas- sutt, Dorathy De Waele, Jack Hopkins, Bob McKee German Club Donald Simson, Norma Snobar, Marie Hakanson, Lewis Walker, Alan Wil- liams, Tren Williamson Al Stromerson, Frank Ikeda, Dick Mc- Gowen, Bob McKee, Jack Peabody, Gloria Sherry, Mr. Campbell. Grove Anschell, Jack Bailey, Barbara Berk, Bill Carrabba. Robert Faley, Carol Hacker The Tusitala Club was established at Franklin many years ago for creative writing and correspondence with students in other lands. Club members receive many interesting let- ters from their "pen-pals." Tusitala meets monthly under the supervision of Miss Lindberg and has an attendance which varies from 30 to 60 members. The Debate Club, one of Franklin's oldest and most active clubs, has a membership of eleven students. It meets regularly during sixth period under the direction of Mr. Samuelson. The German Club, First organized by Mr. George B. Jackson, has been recently re-estab- lished and now, boasting twenty-four members, isimeeting once a month under the super- vision of Mr. Campbell. 76 Senior Honor Society Marilyn Weissenborn, Betty Yager, Barbara Berk, Jean Young, Bernice Boley, Kenji Yamada, Gary Box, Marcia Chetlain Harold Vaughn, Stuart Weiss, Houston White, Dick Widrig, Buerk Williams, Kenneth Wong, Joanne Wagenfuehr Katherine Stoops, Helen Strons, Ilene Stowe, Donna Stearns, Mary Lou Stro- ben, Virginia Tesreau, Svend Thomas Harry Sankey, Lois Schumacher, Bar- bara Senior, Ray Senior, Gloria Sherry, David Simpson, Muriel Squillace Marilyn Murphy, Teo Morellato, Doro- thy Morris, Nancy Lee Newton, john Nixon, Nina Oliver, Dick Robinson, Jack Russ Heartha Kcsin, Janet Kusak, Joyce Lav- ender, Jean Leeman, Lorene Lloyd- Young, Don Lynch, Don MacGilvra, Kaye Miller Florence Hayashi, Katsuko Higo, Mary Harford, Mary Anne Holt, Dave John- son, Zenichi Kato. Keiko Kitayama, Jean Kinney Maryonda Edmondstone. Lillian Favero, Louise Fiscus, Gene Graham, Gordon Grant, Margaret Grube, Pat Hall, Vivian Hanson Dave Chesnutt. Stuart Clarke. Marjorie Constable, Jeanelle Crafts, Fred Darnell. Dorathy De Waele, Gordon Dieter, Bill Easterbrook Geraldine Allyn, Grove Anschell, Patri- cia Ann Barton, Joyce Bannister, Bever- ly Bishop, Donna Bishop, Amelia Cat- ania, Evelyn Clancy. The following had earned 108 points at the beginning of this year: Grove Anschell, Artis Brown, Bill Easterbrook, Gene Graham, Joyce Lavender, Jean Leeman, Hisa Matsubara, Kathryn Miller Qin Five semestersj, Dick Robinson, Katherine Stoops, Dorothy Ann Wells, Nancy Lee Newton, and Svend Thomas, had earned 78 points in four semesters, and Marilyn Amburn, Donna Bishop, Gordon Dieter, Ted Rudow, and David Simpson in live semesters. In February 32 new seniors, 23 new juniors, and 22 new sophomores were added to Honor Society lists to make a total for the year of 102 seniors-an unusually large per cent of the class-61 juniors and 85 sophomores. Miss Hunter is adviser of this group. Officers this year are: Trenny Griffin, who gradu- ated in February, presidentg Jean Leeman, vice-president, who is now in chargeg and Jim Graham, secretary. 77' Rhythm Rollers joyce Kamla, Allen Godwin, Carol Leingang, Dick Mill, john Angie Scarpello, Harvey Seabrook, Bur- nell Uptagraift, Earl Umbinetti, Lucille Young Suzie Sorensen, Shirley Ann Harold Vaughn, Priscilla Williams, Lois Whitworth, Don Wolph, Wayne Farrington, joy Griffin Lois Anderson, jenny Lee Ann DeFilipps, jerry Gribble, Ralph johnson, Vivian Leffard, Archie Lomax, Don Perkins Ski Club Donald Thome, Earl Umbinetti, Harold Vaughn, Lewis Walker, Erik Wens- berg, Barbara West, Phyllis White, Priscilla Williams, Edith Young, Joanne Chetlain Allen Miller, Marilyn Murphy, Alberta Moore, Nancy Lee Newton, Rid ewa Ph llis Seaman, Sid Snyder, E Y, Y john Shaw, Pat Stollery Patzold. Stimach, Chapman, Marilyn Mary Anne Holt, Marilyn Ives, Ray Jensen, Robert johnson, janet Kusak, Shirley Loven, Elizabeth Lovsted, Frank Mesher. Harlan Dean, Dick De Bard, Dick Green, joan Dudley, Phyllis Egger, Mary Harford, Bill Herzog Martin Anderson, Nancy Ballard, Irmy Bruck, Dick Cassutt, Art Marcia Chetlain, Robin Chittenden Lillian Alleman, Ralph Braseth, Don ald Kenkman, Alfred Stromerson, Herb Staley, Lois Anderson Anglers Club Merle Holdren, Earl Umbinetti, Harold Vaughn, Alan Williams, Tren William- son, George Zimmerman, john Zimmer- man, jack Murray Mr, Staeger, Al Schaefer, Harvey Sea- brook, Bill Smith, john Stirrat, Dan Swett, jim Money, Bruce Duncan George Knight, Charles McDermand, Mickey Maguire, Richard McKinney. Allen Miller, Dennis Parker, Douglas Parker, Don Perkins Darrell Anderson, Bob Anderson, Dick Cassutt, Donald Riggs, Norman Fetter, Leroy Fritz, Bill Griswold, 78 Chetlain, Ed Hall Sportsmen "I want to see the wheels go round." "I think that I shall never see A stick as tricky as a ski." "Angling is somewhat like poetry, men are to be born so It is an art worth the knowledge and patience of a wise man ISAAK WALTON Gymnasium-Sports Boys' Gym Helpers Benjie Mayers, Bruce McCIung, jack Peabody, George Springer, Don Tew- kesbury, Don Wolph Neil Holmberg, Ray Jensen, Don john- son, Zenichi Kato, George Knight, Les Kramer, Dick Brock. Joe Anderson, Bob Anderson, Al Fowler, jack Brondelle, Ronald Gibbon, Gerald Gidlund Basket Clerks Marjorie Olsen, Phillis Schoening, Bil- lie Deane Smith, Marie Vacca, Evelyn Wimer Iizabeth Braden, Pollyanne Brewis, Marguerite Condon, Barbara Fetter. Lois Fetter Office Helpers Marilyn Mager, jo McWilliams, Ther- esa Migliore, janet Owen, Carrol Russ. Bob Rutherford, Joanne Wiese Pat Bedell, Margaret Byrne, jean Fes- ler, Virginia Holeman, Dolores Kent Tommie Lyon all are 100 ile Club iii Jensen Kramer, john Kam ,., e a S, A G ge M s , e C ister f f 9 JSBHLBHMJ Box, B b randfup, jack, C snutt, ' 1-gyavwsfld - v I ,i , . W ,H Q' ,fx ' .6 .- .GSI M' ff . -f no V. b va, v ,, , fy. E jerry Sahel, Sid"Snyder. Dick Sprigu , -if V Bob Sreadmian, Donald Theme, m wade. Hamlj Welch, Erik qwf Lag . Z, , . I , Don M 12. gaipuiznofrxgf' M Oikaw J Peabody. Bob Ru ill Richmond, Bill Rullin, Ross Roddam 2' ' A "This is no time to be soft."-Physical Fitness Slogan "Then from light feet a spurt of dust there sprang, And swiftly were they running side by side." WILLIAM MORRIS-from Atalanta's Race "The winner never quits: the quitter never wins" 79 J -'L Managers Pat Bedell, Vivian Hanson, Jean Kin- ney, Elizabeth Lovsted, Betty Noji Quaker Maids Bernice Boley, Evelyn Clancy, Margaret Grube, Vivian Hanson, Nina Oliver. Margie Dahlen, Shirley Marriott janet Paige, Greta Grandstrom, Bar' bara Pendley, Jean Kinney, Muriel Squillace, Mary Huntington, jean Young Keiko Kitayama, Naoko Hasegawa. Mar- ine Iwasaki, Amy Chikamura, Renate Hayum, Joyce Lee, Catherine Powell. Alice Tanaka Katherine Stoops, Helen Strons, Ilene Stowe, Joyce Blackfield, Donna Stearns. Joyce Lavender. Shirley Read Lettermeffs Club john Sonntag, George Cheek, jim New- land, Harlan Dean, Bill McKay Dale Farmer, joe Anderson. Ronnie Colgan, jim Rothnic, Dominick Vacca. Roger Lynch, Phil Christopherson Larry Mortensen, Dick Widrig, George Taylor, Gene Casal, George Corak, john Schreier, Bob Fix Al Rasmussen, Dave Chesnutt, Bob Ana derson, John KeeFfe, Buerk Williams. Bob RuFFm, Craig Spaulding, Morgan Bates Clarence Townsend, Sam Casal, Ray Lombardy, john Richardson, Gary Box, Benny Baldwin, Bob Brandrup, Harr Sankey. Y u 80 Sports Into our games we put all of our skill Reliable, rescourceful, come what will. Loyal to our team-mates, captain, and school Sportsmanship, courtesy ever our rule." -FROM "F" GIRLS' CODE Girls' Sports Table Tennis Leona Hart: Barbara Frank, Lois Jean Gotz, Lois Haas, Marlene Dahlgren, Priscilla Williams, Lois Anderson Michiko Inouye, Toshi Nakamura, May Okazaki, Jenny Lee Chapman, Darlene Taylor, Betty Swanson, Sharon Powers Table Tennis Gloria Haddon, Shirley Wagner, Greta Grandstrom, Vivian Leffard, Shirley Ann Stimach, Evelyn Wimer, Barbara Fetter, Janet Owen Diane Rispoli, Lorraine Hadley, Janice Sheehan, Jeanne Patricelli, Gloria Hitt, Carrie Peters, Nancy Delzer Table Tennis Alice Washington, Virginia Holeman, Joyce Schoening, Margaret Byrnes, Dolores McQuade, Laurel Anderson, Fay Goddard, Marjorie Olsen Ruth Pedersen, Catherine Powell, Mar- garet Grube, Delia Sundfelt. Joyce Lee, Renate Hayum, Doretta Lee Badminton Nancy Ballard, Shirley Marriott, Marjie Dahlen, Donna Stearns, Marilyn Weis- senborn, Barbara Heald, Vivian Hanson, Barbara Pendley Pat Bedell, Betty Noji, Elizabeth Lov- sted, Jeannette Gow, Pat Stollery, Jeanne Chetlain, Robin Chittenden Badminton Nona Whittendale, Shirley Read, Lil- lian Alleman, Eleanor Shivel, Alice Tanaka, Keiko Kitayama. Marine Iwa- saki, Amy Chikamura Mary Huntington, Jean Young. Alice Poor, Pat Potter, Janet Paige. Bernice Boley, Marguerite Condon Freshman Turnout Joy Griflin, Beverly Butts, Marilyn Gibson, Edith Fordon, Lois Fetter, Shirley Thomas Joanne Wiese, Elsie Schneider, Betty Savage, Dolores Kent, Audrey Lynch, Jo Anne Ragon I Freshman Basketball Margaret Sotiroff, Coreen Agnew, Joanne Verginia, Patsy Dimock, Nathalie Heise, Marilee Anderson, Bon- nic Lepsey, Vivian Sanden Norma Meisner, Jean Schulhe, Georgene Duffy, Mary Ellen Bicknell, Hazel Phillips, Phyllis Schoening, Anita At- kins, Pat Mahoney. Freshman Basketball Shirley Scott, Shirley McGilvray, Dol- ores Stone, Marilyn Mager, Joanne Glot- felty, Margaret Ingo, Carol Jansen, Theresa Migliore Arden Manwaring, Dolores Lauten- schlager, Myrna Miller, Mary Lou Deuter, Janet Helderop, Marilyn Wil- son, Joan Rush, Billie Deane Smith. 81 Basketball Lois Jean Gotz, Betty Yoshino, Toshi Nakamuraf, Mary Okazaki, Michilco Inouye Betty Swanson, Leona Hart, Sharon Powers, Darlene Taylor, Barbara Frank Marlene Dahlgren, Eleanor Shivel, Barbara Heald, Marilyn Weissen- born. Vivian Hansoni Marjorie Olsen, Joyce Murdock, Pollyanne Brewis, Alice Poor, Pat Potter Gloria Haddon, Gloria Hitt, Carrie Peters, Lois Haas, Joanne Chetlain Elizabeth Lovstedtk, Betty Noji, Pat Bedell, Nancy Delzer, Shirley Wagner Lorraine Hadley. Jeanne Patricelli, Alice Washington, Joyce Lee, Doretta Lee, Jenny Lee Chapman' Vivian Lelfard, Shirley Ann Stimach, Lois Anderson, Priscilla Wil- liams, Diane Rispoli f Captain 82 Helen Davis, Bernice Boley, Marguerite Condon, Greta Grandstrom, Shirley Marriott Janet Paige"', Jean Young, Mary Huntington, Barbara Pendley Laurel Anderson, Fay Goddard, Margaret Byrne, Dolores McQuade Joyce Schoening, Virginia Holeman, Betty Sunderland, Janet Owen CCaptain: Viola Wesleyj Evelyn Wimer, Pat Stollery, Janice Sheehan, Robin Chittenden, Nancy Ballard Delia Sundfclttt, Margaret Grube, Barbara Fetter, Nona Whittendale Catherine Powell, Alice Tanaka, Keiko Kitayama, Shirley Read Marine Iwasakif, Amy Chikamura, Naoka Hasegawa, Renate Hayum Basketball Queen Anne First Team . 36-Franklin . . Roosevelt . . 54-Franklin . . Franklin . . Franklin . . West Seattle Garfield . . . Queen Anne Roosevelt . . Franklin . . iranklin . . iranklin . . Eariield . . . . 40- Ballard . . . . 24-Cleveland . . 27-Franklin . . . 42-Franklin . . . 53-Franklin . . . 46-Franklin . . . . 34-Ballard . . . .53-Cleveland . . 46- West Seattle. . 37-Franklin . . . First Team joe Anderson, Roger Lynch, jim Rothnie, George Taylor, Dominick Vacca, Gene Casal, Tony D'Amico, Alan Giles, Carl Lovsted 32 Queen Anne 14 Franklin . . 33 Ballard . . . 22 Franklin . . 26 West Seattle 32 Garfield . . . 22 Queen Anne 19 Roosevelt . . 33 Franklin .. 29 Cleveland . . 26 West Seattle 31 Garfield . . . Franklin . . Roosevelt . Franklin . . Cleveland . West Seattle Franklin . . Queen Anne Roosevelt . Ballard . . . Cleveland . West Seattle SCORES Second Team Third Team . 20- Franklin Queen Anne . 31- Roosevelt Franklin . . . . 20 - Franklin Ballard .... . 32- Cleveland Franklin . . . . 23 - Franklin Franklin . . . 43- Franklin Garfield . . . . 27- Franklin Franklin - . . 30 - Franklin Franklin . . . 32- Ballard .... Franklin . . . 33 - Franklin Franklin . . . 40 - Franklin Franklin . . . 41- Franklin Garfield .... Franklin . . 83 Basketball Second Team Lawrence Merlino, Bob Spring, jim Sutich, Dick Widrig, George Knight, Jack Peabody Bill Carrabba, Ron Colgan, Matt Lettich, jim Lowndes, Dean Shabino Third Team Wayne Christophcrson, Norris Finlayson, Dave Pedersen, Robert Picchena, Ross Roddam, John Tran Don Clark, Norlin Haavig, Willy Pinnock, Bruce Smith, Bob Wilcken, Jack Brondelle, john Baker jack Burt, Bob Calvert, Dick Clarke, Sandy Kuznetz, Bruce Michaud, Bill Mozzone, Grant Nevels M, if ul Y 1 fi Y avg 1 fi! W -A AY: Olympia Trip The Current Problems and Debate classes, along with the Debate Squads of Roosevelt and Lincoln, went to Olympia on February 13 to visit the State Capitol. Visits to the House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court, and numerous other executive ofhces were made. The pictures on these two pages were taken during the trip. in 3-'Q R' - 4 at ' If ww W. - -1. , -- .... .,.. 5 is - : :.:v.,:A:3f.v:::iE f - ' m Q I :rg VT'eff?W sf W- fu- Hg, W' X. MN Sw-s.-1 ,155 '9i was 8 wk , W ww. . I li af X XL...x , fs + A ig AVA-' aging i a, 1, 5 X 3 N if TF . Will" , 6 . 1, gn? Liiraid NUQQ: f-14-19 Q X V xy W at fir 1 'Learn of the little nautilus to sail, Spread the thin oar, and catch the driving gale." POPE-from The Essay on Man m.anL 7947 gran., 7947 GRIFFIN, TRENHOLME QTrennyJ--Interests: skiing, dancing. Ambition: medicine. Corpus Christi, Texas 2: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Pres. Honor Soc. 4: Tolo Annual 3: Sec. of Class 4: All City P. T. A. Dance Rep, 4: Feb. Grad. , BURKE, BILLflnterests: dancing, mathematics. Am- bition: millionaire. Class OHicer I, 4, STEARNS, DONNA tDonnJ-Interests: men and song. Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4: P. T. A. Com. 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres. Glee Club 2: Sec. of Glee Club 3: Sec. of Class 3: Turnout 3, 4: "Come and Get It" 3: Pres. of Class 4: Pres. of Glee Club 4: Com. Chr. 4: Sec. of Advisory Board 4. LYNCH, ROGER t90cfol-Interests: math, history, athletics. 3rd Team Basketball 1, 2: Roll Rep. 1, 2, 3: 2nd Team Track 2, 3: 2nd Team Basketball 3: Class Treasurer 3: Upton Contest 3: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: lst Team Track 4: Vice-Pres. Class 4. Note: When Jim Masters left early in the year Roger Lynch was appointed to Fill his place and was elected to the oFFice in the second semester. Trenny Griffin graduated in February and Sylvia Croce was elected to till his place for the remainder of the year. " Touchdown !" ik-'lr'- A Ag-W4 .div-I ' MISS JARDINE TRENNY GRIFFIN Adviser Secretary DONNA STEARNS BILL BURKE President Treasurer ROGER LYNCH Vice-President Most of us seniors entered Franklin in September, 1943. Each has private memories of the happenings between then and now: so this is just an attempt to recall some of our achieve- ments as the class of '47. Freshman and sophomore years were not unusual: we did no more nor less than any group preceding us. The class parties and meetings made up our activities for those years. As jun- iors, we found ourselves becoming more unified. Numerals identified us as a class, and we played hosts at both senior matinees. Ah! senior at last! The long-awaited senior pins ar- rived! We wondered where our four years had gone! Several changes have occurred in our cabinet. Roger Lynch replaced Jim Masters, elected vice-president, and in turn was replaced by Dave johnson for the second semester. Trenny Griffin was replaced by Sylvia Croce in the second semester also. A new and successful idea was the class assembly in October. Then, with the whole-hearted support, preparation began for "The Youngest," the class play. All the planning for both graduation luncheons was done by the class: and before the year was half over, plans for commencement were being made. The year has finished with a Hurry of activity-june Day, Senior Day, Commencement, and the Prom. It has been a Fine four years! ADAMS. HELEN Cjudyj-Interests: bowling, traveling, skating, tennis. Lib. 1: Rhythm Rollers 1, 2: Study 3. ADAMS, SHIRLE fBunnyJ-Interests: art, drama, mu- sic. Ambition: beautician, Broadway 3: Roll Rep. 4. ALECK. MARIE-Ambition: business career, ALEXANDER, JOANNE fjoj f- Interest: collecting signs, Ambition: costume designer. Banking 1: Stamp Rep. 2: Clean-up Com. 4. AMBURN, MARILYN CAmberJ - Interest: dancing. Bank Rep. 1: 202E 2: Lib. 2: Roll Rep. 2: Studv 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, ERVIN-Ambition: dairying. Broadway 1: Honor Soc. 3. 4: Feb, Grad. ANDERSON, RODERICK lRodl-Interests: Band. De- Molay, pictures, jr. Band 1, 2: Hi jump 1. 2: Operetta 2, 3: Band 3, 4. Choir 3. ANSCHELL. GROVE QGrooveb-Interests: radio and bee keeping. Band 1, 2, 3: EFF. Mgr. 4: Camera Club 1, 2: Debate 1. 3: Honor Soc 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2: Scholarship Com. 3. ANTENUCCI. ROSIE CButchD - Interests: dancing, sports. Ambition: housewife. Study 4: Feb. Grad. ARMITAGE, TOM-Interests: flying, water skiing, Hi-Y. Ambition: aeronautical engineer. Football 1, 21 Tolo Annual 1, 23 Honor Soc. 2.3, 4: Golf 2: Band 1, 2, 3 COHicerl, 4: Clean-up Com. 3: Feb, Grad. BAGNARIOL, GLORIA QBag7-Interests: dancing, men. Tolo Annual 1, 2: Honor Soc. Z: Tolo Weekly 2, 3: Big Cousins 3: Dance Com. 3, 4: Make-up 4: Bldg. Com. 4: Feb. .Grad. BANNISTER. .IOYCE-Interests: skiing, swimming, Tusitala 1: Guidance Off. 11 Girls' Club Players lg Lunchroom 1: Swim Club l, 2: Bank Clerk 1, 2, Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Stamp Rep. 2, 3: Girls' Club Officer 4.1 BARRETT. JIM-Interests: radio, science, music. Am- bition: radio serviceman. P. A. Operator 2, 3, 4, BAUMAN, BARBARA CBobbyD-Interests: skiing, danc- ing, good food. Ambition: private sec. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Feb, Grad. 91 BERK, BARBARA JANE-Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4: Guidance OH. 3: Big Cousins 3: Girls' Club Com. Chrm. 4: Roll Rep. 4: Tolo Weekly 4. BERLIN, DALE iSlimJ-Interest: models. Ambition: Merchant Marine. Renton 3. BICKFORD, DALE tLesD-Interests: mathematics, dancing. Ambition: accountant. Havre. Montana l. BISHOP. BEVERLY iBcvl-Interests: swimming, music. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Stamp Off. 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2. 3, 4: Tusitala Club 3, 4: Operetta 3: Nonette 3, 4. BISHOP, DONNA-Interests: writing. dramatics. Am- bition: writer, Tusitala Club l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3. 4: Stamp Ofhce 3: Tolo Weekly 4: Senior Play 4. BLANCHARD, RUSSELL tjazzl-Interests: modern music, aviation. Ambition: professional musician. Band l. 2. 3. 4. BLOCK, JOHN-Interests: skiing. sailing, Roll Rep. 4. Stamp Rep, 4. BOLEY, BERNICE tBeeJ--Hobby: collecting coins. Turn-out l, 3, 4: Girls' Band l, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Big Cousin 3: Quaker Maids 3, 4. BOLF, ZORCA iljonnab Ambition: secretary. Cle Elum High l. BOWDEN, LORRAINE1BowdiuJ--Interest: swimming. Roll Rep. l, 2: Study l: Per. Eff. l: Tolo Animal 2: Lib. 33 Bank Rep, 4. BOX, GARY-Interests: track, football, Hi-Y. Ambi- tion: successful lawyer. Coulee City High l: Football 2, 3: Track 2, 3. 4: Honor Soc. 4: Boys' Club OH. 4. BRAGG, FRANK-Interests: autos. sports. Ambition: auto salesman. BRANDRUP, BOB CBrandyD-Interests: radio. sports. Hi-Y. Ambition: radioman or coach. Quaker Club 2, 3: Track 2, 3, 4: 100-Mile Club 3, 4: Lunchroom 3, 4: Let- termen's Club 3, 4: Stamp Rep. 4: Intramural Football 4. BRASETH, RALPH tMetallicJ-Ambition: forestry, Band l, 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Letter- men's Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf l, 2. 92 Seniors -Qt? :QM Wx.. 'EFV' Q. WB' N! I?- -if li 'Ki'-1 S fm agn- rl.. '35 sw lasik BRISKY, MARIE tRieJ-Interests: dancing, collecting records, sports, Cashmere High 1: Honor Soc. 25 Lunch- room 3: Make-up 4: Cheering Section 4. BROCK, PAULINE CPollyl Interests: music, pictures. Ambition: civil service job, Bothell High lg Glee Club Z: Broadway 3: Girls' Band 4. BROWN, ARTIS-Interest: skiing. Ambition: doctor, Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Clir. 3: Roll Rep. 3: Stamp Rep. 3: Girls' Club Pres. 4. BROWN. GARY-Interests: skiing. golf, Golf 2, 3. 4. BRUCK, IRMY-Interest: dancing. Ambition: Interior decorator, Turnout 1: Favors Com. l. 2: Roll Rep. 2, 3: Honor Soc, 2: Com. Chr, 3: Wardrobe Com. 3. CARSON, LAWRENCE tLarryl-Interests: sports, dancing, Football l, 2. 3. 4: Basketball l, Z, 3: Letter- mcn's Club 3, 4: February Grad. CARTUN, DOLORES tllcel-Interest: dancing. Arn- bition: interior decorator, Broadway l, 2. .li Tolo Ad Manager 4. CASAL, GENE-Interests: sports, dancing, lli-Y. Am- bition: engineer. Basketball 2. 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4. CASAL, SAM- tLeftyl-Interest: baseball. Basketball l, 2. 3. 4: Baseball l. 2, 3, 4, CATANIA, AMELIA tMillie7-Stamp Rep, l, 2, 3: Glue Club l, 2. 3: Honor Soc, 2, 3: Big Cousins 3. 42 "Come and Get lt" 31 Tolo Weekly 31 Editor 4: Roll Rep. 4: Advisory Board 4: Student Sponsor 4: Clean-up Corn. 4: Sr. Programs Com. 43 Assembly Com. 43 Paper llr. Com, 4. CAVALE'l"l'O, JOAN-Interests: music, tropical lislr, youth symphony. Holy Names 1, 2. CHANDLER. -IOYCE-Interest: men. Ambition: secre- tary. Turnout lg Honor Soc, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Club Corn. Chr, 4: Feb. Grad. CHARLES, GLENNA-Interest: piano. Ambition: steno- grapher. Honor Soc, 2: Personal Elli, 2: 20215 Helper 31 Corn. Chr. 4: Gym Otlice Clerk 4: Feb. Grad. CHASE, ANTHONY fTonyl-Renton 1: Roll Rep, 2: Tennis 3: l.ettermen's Club 4: Feb, Grad, 93 CHETLAIN, MARCIA tMarshD-Interests: skiing, sail- ing, riding, Turnout l: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. CHIKAMURA, AMY-Interests: athletics, movies, Am- bition: secretary. Quaker Maids 4. CHINN, I-IORACE CHINN, WINSTON-lntcrests: aviation, bowling. swim- ming. CLANCY, EVELYN-Interest: Rainier Beach. Turnout I, 2.3, 4: Bank Rep. l: Roll Rep. 2, 3: Debate 3: Honor Soc. 3, 43 Quaker Maids 4: Tolo Annual 4. CLARKE. STUART tStul-Interest: golf. Ambition: mathematician, Broadway 1: Movie Club Z, 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 43 Honor Soc. 3. 4: I,ettermcn's Club 3, 43 Quaker Llnb 3. 4, COMMISSO, VINCENT-Interests: raising homing piga ions, hunting, lislting, repairing motors, Ambition: get a rliploma. CRAFTS. JEANELLIS Turnout l: Honor Soc. 2, 3. 4: Stamp Rep, 3: Tusttala 3. 4: Guidance Clerk 4. CROCE, SYLVIA tSylH--Interests: dancing, skiing. Turnout 11 Band l. 2: Student Sponsor 3, 43 jr, Numeral Com, 3: Roll Rep, 4: Stamp Rep, 4: Tolo Annual 41 Atl- visory Board 4: Stanclartls Com, 4: Lunchrooxn Com. 41 Class Officer 4. CULLEN, DOUGLAS tllougj-Interest: sailing, Ania bitioni sea captain, Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: 100-Mila Club 4: Feb. Grad. , CURUI,I.A,ELEANORtBabe1-Interest:music. Lunrli- room l, 23 Lib, lg Glce Club 23 Clioir 4, IDAHLEN, MARGIIC tlbahlinl-Ambition: nurse. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Stamp Rep. l: Tolo Weekly 4: Turnout 3, 43 Quaker Maitls 4. IYAMBROSIO, PAT CPasqualc5-Interests: baseball, movies. Ambition: to become a great speaker or tlebater. Seattle Prep. 1. Z: Honor Son. 3. DARROW, BEATRICE tBeaiieH-Ambition: secretary. Glue Club I, 2, 3, 4: Rhythm Rollers 1, 2. 94 DAVIS, BEVERLY tltievl-Ambition: social worker. Interests: music, sports. Broadway 1, 2, 3: Luntlnooin Cashier 4, DEAN, HARLAN-Ambition: private businessman. Foot- ball 1, 4: Debate 23 Lettermen's Club 3. 4. DE FILIPPS, ANN KFlippsJ-Ambition: beautician. Basket Clerk l, Z: Roll Rep. 1: Costume Com. 3: Rhythm Rollers l. 2, 4: Tolo Annual 3. 4, DIETER, GORDON-Ambitionz successful businessman. Interests: aviation, records. Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4. DINZART, DAVID IAbbCyl-Ambition: engineer. In- terest: deer hunting. DIXON, JACK tllixieb-Ambition: U. S. Naval Air Cadet. Operetta 2, 3. Lead 32 Sr. Play 4. DOYLE, CORINNE tConniel--Interest: creative dancL group. Garfield I. 2. 3. DUBICH, HELEN-Ambition: dress designer. Broad- way l, 2: Chrm, Friendship Cum. 3. DUDLEY, -IOAN K-lo?-Interests: tennis, skiing. Bank Clerk lg Tolo Annual 2: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Make-up 4: Big Cousin 4. DUNCAN, ALICE tAlJ Ambition: to travel, Interests: skiing, swimming, dancing, Glee Club 2, 3: Stamp Rep, 21 Roll Rep. 3: Standards Com, 3. 4: P. T. A, Dance Com. 4. EASON, JESSIE C,lecp5-Ambition: tloctor. Interests! swimming, horses, skiing. EASTERBROOK, WILLIAM fblillb Ambition: for- estry. Interests: football, hiking, Roll Rep, I, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Football 3. 4: Track 3, 4: 100-Mile Club 3. EASTEY. DICK CGravyj-Ambition: own large busi ness and garage. Basketball 2. 3: Tennis 3, 4, EDGAR, SHIRLEY tDopeyJ-Ambition: fashion design- er. Interests: skiing. men. Study Helper l, 2: 202E 2, 3, 4. 95 ELAM, BILL-Ambition: engineer. Basketball Z, 3. Clean-up Com. 43 Stamp Rep, 4. Sr, Choir 4. ENG, HOWARD-Ambition: architect. Interest: car- tooning, Honor Soc. 2. 3. 4: Feb. Grad, ENGEL, GERTRUDE tTrudyi-Interests: bowling dancing, skating. ENGLE. PATRICIA tPatJ-Ambition: designer. Inter- ests: skiing. dancing. Gym Helper IZ Lib. Helper 15 Bank Clerk 2: Swim Club 2: Stamp Rep. 3. ERICKSEN, BILL CWillicj-Interests: baseball, danc- ing. Roll Rep. 21 Boys' Club Helper 23 Quaker Club 3 4: Luncheon Com. 3. FAILLE, RICHARD fllieki-Ambition: public speaker Quaker Club 3. 4. FESLER. BOB tFesl-Ambition: garage superintendent Interest: eating. Basketball 3, FIORITO, MIKE-Ambition: contractor. Basketball In- tramurals l, 2, 4. FISCHER. DONNA-Ambition: pharmacist. Interest: music. Turnout l: Honor Soc. 2. 3. 4: Feb. Grad. FISCUS, LOUISE CRisky5 Interests: piano, pipe ora gan. Choir l. 2. 4: Operctta 1, 33 Girls' Club Chrm, 1. 2, 3. 43 Nonette 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 43 Two-piano Ensemble 1, 33 Commencement Play I, 2, 3, FLETCHER. WILLA Cketll-Interests: art. music. men. Ambition: interior decorator. Ottice Z, 3. 41 Roll Rep. 2, 33 Honor S0921 Debate 4: Big Cousins 4: Feb, Grad. l"OGl'Il.BERG. JOAN tjol-Ambition: stenographer, In- terests: music, travel. riding. Roll Rep. 1. Turnout 2. FOUNTAIN, ED-Interests: skiing, dancing, sports. Hand 1, Z, 3: Football 3, 4. ' 96 ELDRED. DOROTHY QDOU-Interests: drama. danc- ing. Stamp Ollice lg Kent. Wash, 2: Locker Com. 3' Seniors 09 3 iw S Sr 1-and Seniors .tt QC 'wma sa is w FRASER, DOUGLAS CDougJ-Ambition: radio techni- cian. Broadway l, 2, 3. FROST, SHIRLEY CTobyJ-Interest: sports. Ambition: housewife. Turnout 1, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Debate 2, 3: Debate Pres. 3. FUECKER, SUSAN fSueD-Interest: traveling. Am- bition: nurses' aid. California Schools 1, 2: West Seattle 2. GARDNER, MARILYN fMarleJ-Interests: yachting, skiing, Holy Rosary l, Z2 Girls' Club Com. Chrm, 4. GASKIN, CAROLYN fjonnyj-Interests: art, music. Ambition: commercial artist. Turnout l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2: Band Z, 3, 4: Girls' Club Com. 3: Quaker Maids 4: Feb. Grad. GASKIN, JEANEAN fjeaniej-Interests: music, writ- ing. Ambition: nurse. Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE, DAVID CBlue Boyj-Interests: aviation, beautiful women. Ambition: musician. Band l, 2, 3, 4. GHOLSON, GIB-Interests: skiing, swimming, sailing. Ambition: corporations lawyer, Tennis 3, GIBSON, PATRICIA CPatJ-Interests: swimming, danc- ing, skiing. Personal Eff. l: Make-up l, 2, 3, 4: Turn- out l: Stamp Office 2: Ofhce 3, 4: Tusitala 3: Ski Club 4: Grounds Com. 4. GILL. KENNETH Clflermanb-Interests: stamps, truck- ing. Ambition: own truck line, Oak Park, Ill. 1, 2: Foot- ball 3, 4. GOWAN, GEORGE-Interest: sports. Ambition: archi- tect. GRAHAM, GENE-Interest: band. Ambition: physicist. Band l, 2, 3, Rec. Sec. and EFL Mgr. 3: Pres. 4: De- bate l: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4: Pres, Class 2: Inter-School Council 4: Boys' Club OFFicer 4. GRAHAM. JIM-Interests: sailing, skiing. Ambition: chemical engineer. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4, Sec, 4: Tennis 2: Lettermen's Club 2, 3. 4, Vice Pres. Class 3: Dance Com. 4: Feb. Grad. GRANT, GORDON CGordieJ--Interests: skiing, music. Ambition: business man. Band 1, 2, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Football 2: Rogers High, Newport. R. I. 3. 07 GRIFFIN, ARTHUR tArt7-Interest: "Wine, women and song." Ambition: doctor. Pet Peeve: being called Treuny. Stamp Rep. 1: Corpus Christi, Texas 2: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Tolo Annual 3: Feb. Grad, GRONER, JUANELDA-Interests: piano. dancing, Am- bition: to talk plainer, Oklahoma l, 2, 3: Band 4: Feb. Grad. GUNNER, RONALD-Interests: swimming, basketball, ice skating, Ambition: Navy Air Corps. HALL, PATRICIA tPatJ-Ambition: primary teacher. Interests: horses, music, Glee Club 1, 4: Operetta 1, 2,1 Ilonor Soc, 2, 3, 4: Choir Sec. 2, 3, 4: Nonette 3: Study Helper 3, 4: Girls' Club Com. Chrm. 4. HANCOCK, ARLENE-Ambition: chemist. Interests: dancing, skiing. Broadway l, 2, 3, IIANSEN, SHIRLEY tShirlJ- Interests: skiing, danc- ing, Honor Soc, 3, 4: Big Cousins 4: Glee Club 43 "Come and Get It" 4. HANSEN, VIVIAN CVividJ-Ambition: secretary. Inter- ests: tennis, travel. Turnout l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3. 4: Quaker Maids 3, 4. HARRISON, AUDREY CAudiej-Ambition: traveling. Interests: dancing, men, swimming, Turnout l, 2, 3: Per. Eff, 1: Honor Soc. 2: Quaker Maids Z. 3, 41 jr. Choir 3: Sr. Choir 4. IIASEGAWA, NAOKO fNucklesj-Ambition: nurse. In- terest: sports. Broadway l, 2, 33 Quaker Maids 4. HAYASKI, FLORENCE--Weiser, Idaho l, Z. 3: Honot Soc. 4, HEAGERTY, PAT-Interest: swimming, movies. Choir l, 2: Opcretta 1,22 Roll Rep. l, 2, IIEALD, BARBARA fBabsj-Ambition: doctor. Inter- est: sports, Roll Rep. 1: Turnout l, 2, 3. 4: Stamp Rep. 2: Honor Soc. 2: Stamp Ofhce 3: Big Cousins 4. HELMERSON, NAUREEN tNodiej--Interests: dancing, collecting dance programs. Ambition: model. Broadway 1,23 Bldg. Com. 3. HENDRICKSON, EULA-Interests: sports, coin col- lecting, archery, Ambition: pilot. Turnout 1. 2, 4: Pers Eff, 2: Choir 3, 4: Nonette 33 Quaker Maids 4. 08 Seniors we-X AUNOW into TRB. .ad ,kin -25-5 Seniors X 'CX 'sms I"""' , as if' KIT' -JN -i 2 may 1515 , l Q WWF an IQ! 'X is '35 if 51? HIDESHIMA, MICHIKO lMiL'keyl-Idaho 1: Texas 2, Broadway 3. IIIGO, KATSUKO lKatsl-Hunt High, Idaho l, 2: Broadway 3: Honor Soc. 4 HIKIDA, IRIZNE-Interest: designing. Hunt High l, Z: Renton 3. HILL. PEGGY-Interests: skiing, dancing. Ambition: to grow taller. Glee Club 11 Roll Rep, 2, 4: Make-up Z: Big Cousins 3, 43 l', T, A. Com. Chr, 3, 43 P, T, A. Tea Com. 3. HOLT, BEVERLY ljackj-Interests: dancing, men, Am- bition: secretary, Stamp Rcp, 1: Hank Clerk 2: Big Cousins 4, HOPKINS, JACK tLittlc Shaver?-Interests: Dc Molay, models. Ambition: comedian, Kansas l: Broadway 2. IIOVER. PATRICIA lPatl-Interests: boys, collecting cacli and coins. Ambition: model. Highlinc High lg Turnout 2. HUMPHREY, BEVERLY flievl-Interests: skiing, dancing. Ambition: live in Florida, Garlield 1,23 Lunch- ruom Com. 3: Bldg. Com, 3, 4. HUNTINGTON, MARY fLoverl-Interests: sports, men, dancing. Ambition: secretary. Roll Rep, l, 2, 33 Gym Clerk lg Turnout l, 2, 3. 4: Stamp Rep. 21 Big Cousins 3, 4: Quaker Maids 3. 4. HURT, DORA JEAN fliudl Interests: eating, dancing. Ambition: commercial artist, ZOZE Helper lg Bank Clerk 21 Clean-up Com. 4. HUSBY, IRENE tQueenicl-Interests: dancing, men. Ambition: comptometer operator, Per. Eff. l: Big Cousins 4. HUTSELL, JANET tHutl-Interests: skiing, sailing, dancing, Ambition: bc another Brenda Starr. Turnout l: Lib. ll Glee Club I, 2, 3: Tolo Annual l: T010 Weekly 3. 4, ILLES, RACHEL 4Rayl-Interests: singing, collecting sheet music, Ambition: assistant buyer. Tahoma High l: Glee Club 2, 3: Commencement Play 25 Feb. Grad. IWASAKI, MARINE fT0mol-Interest: sports. Hroud- way 3: Quaker Maids 4. 99 JACOBS, GLORIA-Interest: raising horses. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Honor Soc. 3. 4: Directing Commencement Play 3: Directing Sr, Play 3, 4: Feb. Grad. JAMES. JOHNNY fLittle Jazzj-Interests: dancing, collecting records. Ambition: professional musician. Cvar- tield 1. 3: Texas 23 Band 4. JENNINGS, ROSWELL CRosl-Interests: old cars, chemistry. Ambition: chemist, Movie Club l. 2. 3, 4: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4. JENSEN, JAY-Interests: Fishing, hunting. Ambition: storekeeper. Track 3, 4. JENSEN, MARCUS CHomerH-Interests: choir, Tolo Weekly. Ambition: journalist. Stamp Rep. 1: Choir 3: Tolo Weekly 3, 4. JOHNSON, AL-Interests: "Wine, women and song." Ambition: U. S, Navy. JOHNSON, DAVID Cllavcl-Interests: climbing, ski- ing, dancing. Ambition: chemical engineer. Honor Soc, 2, 3. 4: Band 2. 3 4: Quaker Club 3, 4: 100-Mile Club: Sr, Play 4. JOHNSON, MARION--Ambition: go to Europe. P.-T. A. Com, 3: Roll Rep, 3: Glee Clnh 3: Grounds Com. 32 Big Cousins 4. KATO. ZENICHI-Ambition: pharmacy. Hunt High, Idaho l. 2: Roosevelt 3: Roll Rep. 3: Honor Soc. 3. KAWAHARA, Kay-lnterest: sewing. Hunt High, Idaho l: Boise High Z: Queen Anne 3. KEEFFE, JOHN CPool Shark5-Interests: basketball, girls, Football Mgr. l: Track Mgr. 3: Basketball Mgr. 3, 4. KENNEDY, KATHERINE-Interests: tennis, travel, business college, Ambition: stenographer, Turnout 2. KIEL. CHARLES fCl1uek7-Interests: dancing, saxo- phone. Ambition: business man. KIMERER, RONALD CRonl -flnterestsi music, women. Ambition: journalist. Lib, 1: Tusitala 1: Football 1: Band l, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Quaker Club 3, 4. 100 Seniors Seniors 'QF' ' 5030 Q uk.: mamma ,glib QM? , av uv-me ,-gs. 'dh qw, t KINNARD, RALENE fShanticJ-Interests: skating, dancing, Make-up 13 Rhythm Rollers 2: Study 3: Bldg. Com. 4: Glee Club 4: Feb. Grad. ' KINNEY, JEAN-Interests: swimming, dancing. Turnout 1: Roll Rep, 1, 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3, Sec. 4: Glee Club 2: Make-up Z: P. T. A. 3, 43 Big Cousins 3, 4: Sr. Play 4. KITAYAMA, ANNE-Interests: art, athletics. Ambition: beautician. Honor Soc. 4: Quaker Maids 4, KNOWLES, SHIRLEY CShirlJ-Interests: swimming, dancing, skiing. Ambition: model. Turnout l: Costume Com. 3: Grounds Com. 4. KOTLOW, ORALEE-Ambition: college. Wisconsin 1: Stamp Rep. 4: Grounds Com, 4. KRAMER, LESTER fLesl-Interest: sports. Ambition: forestry. Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Grounds Com. 3: 100-Mile Club 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 4. KROON, HELEN-Interests: art, sports. Ambition: commercial artist. Chimacun High 1, 2. 3. KUSAK, JANET-Interests: skiing, dancing. Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4: Girls' Club Z: Big Cousins 4. LAKMAN, PEGGY--Interest: music, Ambition: hair dresser, Glee Club 1, 2. 3: Stamp Rep. 1, 2: Bank Rep, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. LAVENDER, JOYCE-Interests: piano, sports. Ambi- tion: nurse. Stamp Rep. 1: Roll Rep. 2: Class Sec. 2: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Scholarship Com. 4: Sr. Play 4. LEEMAN, JEAN-Interest: art. Dramatic Club I, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: News Staff 2: Girls' Club Com. 3, Chr. 4: Tolo Art Staff 4. LEVINSON, SAM CSamboj-Interests: journalism, elec- tronics. Ambition: journalist. St. Martin's High 1: Tusi- tala Club 2, 3, 4: School Messenger 2: Tennis 2. 3: Movie Club 3: Football Mgr. 4. '-' LLOYD-YOUNG, LORENE CRenel-Interests: skiing, dancing, swimming, music. Cleveland 1: Girls' Band 2, Treas, 3, Rec. Sec. 4: Honor Soc. 2, '3, 4: Guidance Clerk 3: Ski Club 4: Make-up 4: Grounds Com. 4: Tolo Annual 4. . ' LONG, ROBERT CBobj-Ambition: forestry. Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Swim Team 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3. 101 LONNER, WALTER-Hobby: collecting election but- tons. Ambition: writer. Stamp Rep 1: Class Rep. 2: Bank Rep. 3: Quaker Club 3, Pres. 4. LORELLA, LEROY CLeeJ-Interests: sports, music. Am- bition: musician. Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 2: Track 4: Rhythm Rollers 4, LOVEN, SHIRLEY-Interests: skiing, dancing. Ambi- tion: commercial artist. Basket Clerk 1: Frosh. Play 1: Roll Rep. 2: Standards Com. 3, 4: Backstage Sr. Play 3, 4: Assembly Plays 4: Lunchroom Com. 4. LUKE, MABLE CBeulahl -Hobby: raising tropical Fish. Ambition: civil service job. Lunchroom 4. LUMM, JOANNA fjol-Interests: skiing, souvenirs. Am- bition: aviator. Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Tolo An- nual 2, 3, 4: Costume Com. 2, 3, 4: Sr. Play 4. LYNCH, DON-Hobby. chicken raising. Ambition: law. Upton Contest 1: Debate 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Guidance Play 2, 3: Roll Rep. 3. LYONS, BETTY-Interest: skiing. Ambition: sten- ographer. MCCAIN, KAY-Interest: ornithology. Ambition: forest ranger. MCDERMAND, GRACE fGraciel-Interest: dancing. Ambition: secretary. Broadway 1, 2, 3. MCGREGOR, DON CMacD-Interest: dancing. Ambition: pharmacist. McKAY, BILL-Interest: sports, Ambition: marry an heiress, Football 2, 3: Track 1: Tennis 2, 3, 4. McKIBBIN, DAVE tMacJ-Oregon 1, 2: Operetta 3. McKILLOP, MARY CMary Mach-Interests: sports, for- eign post cards and dolls. Ambition: Europe bound. P. T. A. Teas 1, 2, 3, Chr. 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3: Feb. Grad. MacDONALD, ANNE CAnnieD-Interest: skiing. Am- bition: University, dramatics, writing. West Seattle 3. 102 Seniors Qtr.. 3 SIP- J-Q55 Senior ,3 N :fins -rg. ' W' .-out was-F.: 'wb'-' ev Agn- www MacGILVRA, DONALD fMacj-Interests: band, fish- ing. Ambition: meteorologist. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. MacKAY, NANCY CYenanj-Ambition: marriage. Ed- monds High 1, 2: Girls' Club Friendship Com. 3. MANLEY. GENE fRuntD-Interests: dancing, eating. Track 2. MARSTEN, DOLORES-Interests: dancing, skiing, music, Ambition: music teacher. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 1, 25 Roll Rep. 13 Feb. Grad. MARTIN, DICK-Interests: hunting, fishing. Ambition: Sea Captain. Track 2, 3, 4. MATSUBARA, HISA-Ambition: secretary. Hunt High, Idaho 1, 25 Honor Soc. 3. 4, Big Cousins 3, Feb. Grad. MATSUMOTO, FUMIKO-Interest: drawing. Broad- way 3. if c MATTHIES, JOYCE fjodyj-Interest: dancing. Am- bition: private secretary. Rhythm Rollers lg Roll Rep. 1: California 23 Feb. Grad. MEARS, JANET fTaFfeyJ-Interests: swiming, ice skat- ing, skiing. Ambition: designer. Ofiice 1, 23 Study 1, 2, 3, 4: 202E Helper 3, 4, Lunchroom Com. 4: Feb. Grad. MECARTEA, PEGGY fPegJ-Interests: swimming, clothing, Ambition: housewife. Basket Clerk lg Tolo Annual 3, 4: Oiiice 4. MESHER, FRANK CSmileyJ-Interests: women, art, stamp collection. Ambition: doctor. Broadway 1, 2, 3: Roll Rep. 4: Feb. Grad, MILES, GWENIVERE CGwenieD-Interest: dancing. Ambition: dental technician. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Stamp Rep. 2, Roll Rep. 33 Feb. Grad. MILLER, KATHRYN CKatieJ-Interests: cooking, swimming. Roll Rep. 1: Turnout 1, 2: Lib. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Stamp Rep. 3, 4: Girls' Club Chr. 3, 4. MILLER, MARY-Interests: dancing, drawing, skating, sewing. Ambition: designer. Holy Rosary High 1, Big Cousins 4. 103 MINGO, JERRY-Interest: cars. Ambition: veterin- arian. Roosevelt 1: Movie Club 2: Ticket Com. 3. MIORI, JOHN fjohnnyj-Interests: dancing, skating, swimming, music. Ambition: salesman. Seattle Prep. 1, 2. MOORMAN, NORMA fDe Deb-Interest: music. Am- bition: housewife, air hostess. Turnout 1: Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4: Class Olihcers 2: Quaker Maids 2, 3: Advisory Board 3. MORELLATO, TEO--Ambition: electricial engineer. Grounds Com. l. 3: Boys' Club Helper l, 2, 3, 4: Track 23 Quaker Club 2. 3, 4. MORRIS, DOROTHY fDotJ-Interest: dancing. Ambi- tion: to be married. Gym Helper 1: Girls' Club Players 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Lunchroom Com. 3: Guidance Of- Fice 3: Bldg, Com. 3, 4: Big Cousins 4. MURPHY, MARILYN fLynH-Interests: skiing, sail- ing. Ambition: college. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Big Cousins 4. NAKAMURA. TOSH1 CGremlin5-Interests: art. music. Hunt High, Idaho 1: Austin High, Chicago 2, 3, NAPOLI, MARGARET CNappyl-Hobby: collecting autographs. Feb. Grad. NAZE, JEANNE-Interest: jr. Orthopedic Guild. Am- bition: to be always happy. Roll Rep. 3: Stamp Rep. 3: Tolo Weekly Staff 3, Editor 4. NELSON, CONRAD fNelsonl-Interest: ships, Ambi- tion: naval architect. Ketchikan, Alaska 1, 2. NELSON, DAVID 1DaveD-Interests: baseball. swim ming. Ambition: Y. M. C. A. Sec. Lib 2: Stamp Rep. 2: Roll Rep. 3: Business Mgr. Tolo Weekly 4. NEWLAND, jIM4Interests: track. girls. Ambition: Episcopalian minister. Track l. 2, 3, 4: Football 2: Grounds Com. 2, 3.: Quaker Club 3: Honor Soc, 3: Boys' Club Helper 4. NIXON, JOHN QNix7-Interest: Alto Sax. Texas 2: Band 3, 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4. OKAZAKI, MARY-Salt Lake City, Utah l, 2: Broad- way 3. 104 Seniors 'W sign.. WWA IU' Jannmcfmx' NSI.. -.1 Nvfxf Seniors sk ii- -Nag' fistin- rye :FQ KG 'fi'- O'LEARY, AL-Interests: baseball, fishing. Ambition: to be a cop. O'Dea High 1, 2: Feb. Grad. OLIVER, NINA fO'Loverl-Interests: sports, dancing. Ambition: nurse, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Treas. 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Turnout 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 4: Quaker Maids 4. OLSEN, DOROTHIE fDotl-Interests: dancing, swim- ming, Ambition: traveler. Sports 1: Glee Club l, 2: Feb. Grad. OLSON, JACQUELINE Cjacquiel-Interest: men. Am- bition: stcnographer. Lib, l: Roll Rep. 2. OVERMAN, BARBARA CBarkieJ-Interests: photo- graphy, Skinner jr, High l: Uperta High 2, 3. OWEN, LARRY tshowboatb-Interest: females, Ambi- tion: pharmacist, Albany High, California l, 2, 3: Choir 4. OWENS, EVELYN-Interest: art, Ambition: interior decorator, PATRICELLI, DOLORES fDce'J-lntercst: tap danc- ing, roller skating, Ambition: secretary or dancer: Feb. Grad. PEAVEY, ESTHER-Interests: boats, music, art, Glee Club l, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 4: Tusitala 3, PENDLEY, BARBARA tBarbie5-Interests: book club, photography, Ambition: housewife, Turnout l, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2. 3, Pres, 4: Big Cousins 2, 3, 4: Advis- ory Board 4. PEPPAS, THEODORA 4DoraJ-Interests: music, danc- ing. Per, EH, l: Choir 2. 3, 4: Ofhce 2: Girls' Club Helper 2: Operetta 2, 3: Gym Pianist 2, 3, 4: Aug, Grad, PERKINS, YVONNE tPerkyJ-Interests: dancing, skat- ing. Ambition: air hostess. PERRY. PETER tPcckl-Interests: skiing, science. Am- bition: college. Trayk 2: Choir 3: Operetta 3, 4: Aug. Grad. PETERSON, RONNIE tl-letej-Interests: women, ily- ing, Ambition: aviation. Football 3, 4, 105 PIERCE, FRANCES CFranJ-Interests: art. Ambition: fashion designer. Bank Rep. 1: Big Cousins 4, PLONSKY, ROBERTfInterests: golf, basketball. Stamp Rep. l, 3: Golf l, 2: Gym Clerk 2, 3: Roll Rep. 3. POPE, PAT fPennyJ-Interest: tennis. Ambition: secre- tary, Traverse City, Mich. 1: Spokane, Wash. 2: Guid- ance Club 4. PORTER, GERALD fGerryJ-Interests: Hying, driving. Ambition: college. Track 3, 4: Choir 3, 4. POUBLON, EVELYN CEvieJ-Interest: sports. Ambi- tion: private secretary. Monroe jr. High l. PRETTYMAN, BARBARA CBobbieJ-Ambition: secre- tary. Study l, 2: Turnout 4: Bank Rep. 4. PRETTYMAN, SHIRLEY tFrecklesj-Interests: danc- ing, bowling, cooking. Tumbling Team 3: Feb. Grad. PRICE, JANET Cjanj-Interests: athletics. dramatics. Ambition: supervise orphanage. Turnout 1, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Big Cousins 3: Make-up 3, 4: Guidance Play- ers 3, 4. RAFITI, DOLORES CDodeJ-Ambition: nurse. Inter- ests: skiing, dancing. Tolo Annual 2. 3. RASMUSSEN ALBERT QAU-Interests: aviation, tra- veling, sports, Ambition: aeronautical engineer. Sultan, Union High 1 Football Z, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. RASMUSSEN. ELLEN--Interests: music. hair styling, politics. Ambition: travel. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Turnout 2: Girls' Club Chr. 3. RATHBUN, ALMEDA tAlJ-Ambition: civil service sec. Lakeview High l: Girls' Band Z, 3. 4: Sports 3: Feb. Grad, RAY, LA VERNE fLaJ-Interests: art, skiing. Ambi- tion: artist. Broadway l, 2, 31 Honor Soc, 4: Senior Play 4. READ, SHIRLEY--Interest: sports. Ambition: nurse. Turnout 3, 4. Quaker Maids 4: Big Cousins 4: Make-up 2, 3: Bank Rep. 3. 106 Seniors Seniors uh... REID, JIM CScoopJ-Interest: ice skating. Ambition: Ice Follies. Aug. Grad. REINKING, BOBBIE-Interests: dancing, skating. REMBAUGH, MARGIE CMargeJ-Make-up 1: Turn- out 1, 2: Tolo Annual 2: Stamp Rep. 2: Costume Com. 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3: Tolo Weekly 3, 4, Big Cousins 4. RICHARDSON, JOHN--Interest: sports. Ambition: coach. Band 1, 2, 3: Golf 2: 100-Mile Club 3, Track 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 4. RICHARDSON, MARY JO U03-Interests: drama, medicine. Ambition: doctor. Ballard 23 Roosevelt 3. RING, GERALD tSquirtJ -Interest: sports. Quaker Club 3, Pres. 4: Feb, Grad. ROWE. SHIRLEY ANN fRustyl-Interests: dancing, singing. Ambition: singer. Operetta 1, Z, 3: Roll Rep. 3, 4: Nonette 3: Choir Omcer 3, 4. ROWLANDS, NANETTE-Interest: dancing, Forest Ridge l: Choir 2, 3: Feb. Grad. RUDOW, TED-Interests: sailing, dancing. Ambition: chemical engineer. Lakeside 1, 23 Basketball 3, 4, Honor Soc. 3, 4: Baseball 4. RUFFIN, ROBERT fBob5-Hobby: running. Ambition: lawyer. Broadway 1: Track 2, 3, 4: Grounds Com. 3: Lettermen's Club 3, 43 100-Mile Club 3, 4. RUSS, JACK tRussJ-Interest: music. Hobbies: sailing, reading. Queen Anne 1: Quaker Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Dance Com. 2: Football 2: Stamp Rep. 2: Boys' Club 3: Commencement Play 3: Upton Winner 3. RYLANDS, CHUCK fRyballJ-Interest: skiing. Basket- ball lg Choir 4. SACCO, JOHNNY tSocko3-Interests: boxing, hunting, fishing, Ambition: professional fighter. SALVINO, RONALD CRonnie5-Interests: magic, music, hunting. Ambition: law. Operetta 2: Quaker Club 4. 107 SANBORN, WILLIAM tSandyD--Interest: sports. Am- bition: engineer. Pres. of Class I: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 4: Golf Z, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3. SAXBY, MARILOU-Interests: dancing, skiing. Ambi- tion: college. Freshman Play l: Turnout 1, 2: Honor Soc, 2: Big Cousins 3: P. T. A. Teas 3, 4: Guidance Plays 4. SCHLENKER, I-'HYLLIS fPhylJ-Interests: dancing, skiing. Turnout I: Grounds Com. 4: Girls' Com. 4: Feb, Grad. SCI-IREIER, JOHN tCurlyJ-Interests: sports. Golf 1, Z. 3. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3: Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4: Letter- men's Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres. Boys' Club 4: Roll Rep. l. 4: Tolo Weekly 3. Sports Editor 4: Noon Dance Com, 4: Feb. Grad. SCI-IUMAKER, LOIS-Interest: music. Lib. l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3: Costume Com. 1, 2: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4. SCHWENDEMAN, GLADYS-Interest: travel. Ambi- tion: secretary, Turnout l. 2, 3: Quaker Maids 3, 4. SCOTT, JACK tl-Iokei-Interest: skiing. Prep. 1, 2. SEMLICK, GEORGE tAirbrokeJ-Interest: girls, music. Ambition: musician. Choir l, 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Yell Team Z, 3. 4: Operetta 2: 100-Mile Club 3: Band 3. 4: gi Roll Rep, 3: Lettermen's Club 4: Feb, Grad. SENIOR, BARBARA fliarbl-Class Pres. l: Turnout 1, 2, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Otiticer 4: Ad- visory Board 4: Tolo Weekly 4: Paper Drive Com. 4. SENIOR, RAY fPinkyj Interest: sports. Ambition: engineer. Vice Pres, Class 1: Roll Rep. 1: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Pres. Class 3: Boys' Club Pres. 4. Football 3, 4: Chr. Memorial Plaque Com, 3: Advisory Board 3, 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 4. SHAW, JOHN-Interests: sailing, firearms, skiing. Am- bition: lawyer. Basketball Mgr. 3. SHEDDEN, SCOTT-Interest: skiing, Ambition: law- yer. Lib, lg Basketball 2: Band 4: Spanish Club 4: Tolo Weekly 4. SHELTON, BETTY-Interests: skiing, dancing. Ambi- tion: pharmacist. Chr. Alumni Com. 4. SHERRY, GLORIA-Interests: accordian, cruising, traveling, Ambition: teacher. Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4. 108 Seniors Q-Hess T 5 ix, Xt N , w t 5. X M SHIFRIN, RHONA-Interests: photography, drama. Ambition: public accountant. Bremerton 1, 2: Make-up 3. 4: Girls' Club 3, 4: Turnout 3. SILVER, SHIRLEY CShirlJ-Interests: bowling, danc- ing. Ambition: buyer. SIMS, BILL-Ambition: engineer. Stamp Rep. 1. N SLAUSON, JIM CProfessorb-Interests: science, avia- tion. hunting, Ambition: aeronautical engineer. Stage Crew 1: Safety Patrol 1: Movie Club 3, 4: Ticket Com. 3, 4. SLOAN, HASKELL-Interest: machinery. Ambition: architect. SMITH, BEVERLY fBevJ-Interests: swimming, skiing, dancing, Ambition: travel and write. ZOZE 3: Aug. Grad. SPAULDING, CRAIG-Interests: woodwork, sports. Ambition: bachelor. 3rd Team Football 2, 3: Swimming 1 Team 3: Lunchroom Com. 3: Football 4: Lettermen's Club 41 Baseball Mgr. 3. Q l, SPERBER, BILL-Interest: photography. Ambition: gf? photographer, Football l, 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4. 1 x - "" . 5. l gl.. Tllffii- SQUILLACE, MURIEL-Interests: sports, men. Ambi- tion: travel, Turnout l: Roll Rep. I: Girls' Band 2, 3: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Stamp Rep. 4. STALEY, HERBERT-Interests: skiing, mountaineering. 3rd Team Basketball l: Intramural Basketball l, 2. STEPHENS, DEE-Interests: skiing, swimming. Ambi- tion: go back to Texas. J. P, Elder. Fort Worth, Texas I, 2: Honor Soc. 3: Chr, of Scholarship Com. 3: De- bate 3: Tolo Weekly 4, STIFFLER, LEONA fMugginsj-Hobby: collecting china cups. Ambition: buyer. Lib, l, 2, 3. 4. STOOPS, KATHERINE-Interest: sports. Ambition: missionary. Turnout I, 2, 3: Chr. of Alumni Com. 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 25 Big Cousins 2, 3: Girls' Club OFFiCer 4. STOWE, ILENE fwillyjf--Interest: men. Ambition: nurse, Turnout 1, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3: Com- mencement Play 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Chr. 4. 109 STROBEN, MARYLOU fMareJ-Turnout 1, 2, 3: Girls' Band 1, 2. 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Roll Rep. 2: Stamp Rep. 2: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Tolo Annual 4. STRONS, HELEN--Interests: free stamps, sports. Am- bition: college. Turnout 1: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Quak- er Maid Treas. 3: Rhythm Rollers 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club OFficer 4. STUSSER, RICHARD CDick5-Interests: stamps, post- cards, riding. Ambition: college. Broadway l, 2, 3. SULLIVAN, MARY-Interests: dancing, skating. Am- bition: stenographer. Feb. Grad. SUNDERLAND, GLADYS KGladyU-Interests: skating, riding, swimming, piano, Ambition: to have a home and family. Lib, 1. Z: OFFice 2, 3, 4: Costume Com. 3: Tolo Annual 3, 4: 202E 3. SYMMES. RANDOLPH fRandy7--Interests: Basket- ball, tennis, golf. Ambition: business administration. TALBOTT. JOHN-Interest: skiing, football, art. Am- bition: doctor. Ski Club l, Ski Team 1, 2. 3 4: Football 2. 3. 4. TANAKA, ALICE QRei3-Interest: sports. Ambition: beautician. Hunt High. Idaho l, 2: Broadway 3: Quaker Maids 4. TAYLOR, GEORGE-Interests: basketball. dancing. Ambition: accountant. 3rd Team Basketball 2: Intra- mural Basketball 2: Basketball lst Team 3, 4: Grounds Com. 3, TESREAU, VIRGINIA CGigel-Interests: skiing. swim- ming, Tolo Weekly. Turnout l, 2: Quaker Maids 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: "Come and Get It" 4: Ground Com, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Glee Club 4. THOMAS, SVEND 4BuzzJ-Interests: ship modeling, reading, scholarship. Ambition: attend Harvard Univer- sity, Honor Soc. 2, 3. 4: Treasurer Debate 2: Chief jus. Debate 4. TOPPANO, IDA fToppyj-Interest: foreign languages. Amhition: college. Holy Rosary 1. VAUGHN, HAROLD CHalJ-Debate 3, 4: Sr. Play 4: Anglers' Club Pres. 3: Rhythm Rollers 4: Ski Club 4: Tusitala 4: Tolo Annual 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. VITULLI, ANTOINETTE CToniJ-Interests: dancing. skiing. Ambition: model. Nurses' Helper 2: Aug. Grad. 110 Seniors Ly 'Qld we 593 35 WAGENFUEHR, ,IOANNE U05-Interests: dancing, swimming, riding, skiing. Ambition: college. Roll Rep. lg Girls' Club Com. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Student Spon- sor 2, 3, 4: Girls' Band 3, 4: Guidance Clerk 3: Turnout 1, 2. WALIMAA, WESLEY-Interest: sports. Butte, Montana 1: Broadway 2, 3. WALTHEW, ANN -fff Interests: skiing, ice skating, rid- ing. Ambition: nurse, Student Sponsor 4. WEAVER, ALTEEN CTean5-Interests: bicycle riding, skating, Ambition: business college. Sophomore Party Com. 2. WEISS, STUART-Ambition: electrical engineer. Valle- jo, California 2: Honor Soc. 3, 4. WEISSENBORN, MARILYN-Interest: sports. Ambi- tious: travel, stenographer. Turnout l, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Big Cousins 3, 4. WELLS, DOROTHY ANN fDosiel-Interests: music art, sports. Ambition: travel around world. Turnout l, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1.2: Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2. 3. 4: Tusitala Club 2: Upton Contest 3: Big Cousins 3, 4: Vocational Chr. 4: P. T. A, Com. 4: Feb. Grad. WHITE, COLLEEN fCocie3-Interests: skiing. sailing, Tolo Weekly, Garfield 1: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Student Sponsor 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: "Come and Get it" 4, WHITE, PHYLLIS-Interests: skiing, sailing. Tolo Weeklv l. 2' Turnout l: Girls' Band l, 2.3. WHITESCARVER, BILL-Interests: skiing. swim- ming. Roll Rep. I: 3rd Team Basketball 1: jr. Band 1. WHITLOCK, PHYLLIS CPhylJ-Interests: men. danc- ing. Ambition: travel, California 1: Oflice 4. WIDRIG, jlM CTitol Interests: wine, women, song. Ambition: architect. Football Mgr. l: Honor Soc. 3: Yell Team 4. WILLIAMS, BARBARA CBeakie5-Interests: horse- back riding, swimming. Turnout 1, 2: Glee Club 4: Bldg. Com, 4. WILLIAMS, BUERK CI-Iermitj-Interests: track, wood carving, Ambition: doctor. Lettermen's Club I, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Track l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4: Tolo An- nual 3: Tolo Weekly 3. 4: Ticket Com. 4. III WIMER, EVELYN-Ambition: nurse. Watcom jr. High 1: Bellingham lligh 2, 3: Sports 4, WINTERMOTE, EIJWIN tSonnyl-Interest: archi- tecture, Hohhy: collecting huuse plans. Ambition! architect. WITIIROW, PATRICIA tPatsyI - Interest: skiing. ZOZE Helper I: Turnout 2. WORKMAN, LYNN tlfinl--Ambition: advertising ar- tist. Salt Lake 1. 2: South High, Renton 3: Yell Team 4. YAGICR, BETTY xB. Y.l Interest: tennis. Turnout l, 2, 3: Quaker Maids 2, 3, tVitte Presb: Honnr Soc. 2, 3, 4: Big Cousins 3: Girls' Club Olliccr 4. YAMADA, KENJI-Interest: Band. Preston, Utah lg Noah, Utah 2: Sr. Band 4. YAMASHITA, GRACIC--Ainhiticm: serietary. Renton 3. YOUNG, ICDWARU--Interests: fencing, stientc, chess Ambition: engineer and scientist. Chiuagn, lll, l: Lane lerh. Z, 3. YOUNG, -IICAN tKansasl-Interest: sports, Ambition: secretary, Gym clerk l: Turnout l, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3. 4: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4: Big Cousins 3, 4. YOUNG, IOAN-lnterests: danting, llying. Per. Eff. 11 Luncliruoni Cum, 3: Bldg. Cum. 3, 4: Big Cousins 4. YOUNG, LUCILLE lI.ucy1A-Ambition: gguud ltuuse- wife Bank Clerk l,21Operett:t3, YOURGLICH, ALICE tAlv-Interests: skiing, slant'- ing. jr. Orthopedic Guild. Ambition: interim' deturatur, Stamp Rep, 2, ZIMMERMAN, MARGlEAlntercsts: photography. danc- ing. Ambition: pliutugraplier. Gym Clerk li Rull Rep. 21 Bank Clerk 3: Operetta 3. Choir 3, 4, ZORATTI, ROSIE tButch7-Glee Cluh I1 llunnr Soc. Z, 3, 4: Debate 4: Girls' Club 4. 112 Seniors WE, 3f"vo fm 'YI-?"' V -A55 i QPU' ef' f0g,5- 7 umm.. liilsy 'nt 'Vx ,gp- wtf"- ,nuaunt sv 19K els 'autu- Icivinettf ba 'RE EQ 6 a?,,.....5 'Q 5- Awards 4liYvf':?'n9 'vs S gen , 'xX"5!im' i ipl , 4' V, f ' " ' ., I -. ,.-,gygf v: ., .4-"-in - -I vi .1 5- ,, ,. in fo' -: Hi , iff ' All . s A1342 f. A 'Ex "A, I 1 1.5. . - " 1 . ' g V "' +. ' f ', " ' I ,gf 5 f JL. ., JZ s ltr, 4 1 . If ' 25 , iff . ' ,' .N w -47 , J li Y' '.'..-vs' 4 , Q50 ,' 'Q H, ' 5 - - -lu. ji gb-f. - r l, 1 L ..- t F Q - 4' ,r ,H . of and Honors Commencement, 1946 Vgledictgrian ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,AA,.,,,.,,..,,,,,.....,,.,,,,,,.............,,..., .......,...,.,......,,.,.,,,.,.,o.., E I LEEN EUBANK Sglutatgrian ,,,,A,,,,, ,.,,A,.. ,,,, ,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. ,...,.,...,,, B A R B A RA BAKER Sears, Roebuck ....... ., ,,,, VERA CHINN fUniversity of Washingtonj Knox College A A,., .. .......,.,............,.......,....,,...,,.,, PETER WENSBERG Western College ..........., ,.,., ..., W I NIFRED VON HARTEN Stanford Univerrsity ....,.,...,,...,.........,,,..,,... .,,,..,,.,,..,,,...,...,.,,,,,,,.,,....,.............. ..,.,.....,,. . . ..., F RANCES LOTTSFELDT Scripps College fArtj ,,,. ,,,..........,,,,.,,,.,, ....... ,,,,. . , , . ,.,...,..,,,,,,.,. . ...,,,,,. ..,.,.,,,... , ,MARJORIE THOMPSON fMarjorie received but did not accept a William and Mary Art Scholarshipj Annual scholarships for which Franklin students are eligible include: Seven College: Yale and Harvard Regional: Pepsi-Cola: Sears, Roebuck: Seattle Pacific: Mills College Trustee: and Whitman College Music Competition. Others are available for almost any school a student wishes to attend. 4 Sports A Wards Baseball, 1946 Honorary Captain ,.,,,,,,., ....,.,,. ...., .,,,,.,, ...,,.,,.,...,,.,, ....,.,, , ,......,...,..,,,, , , . . ....,. J E RRY MARKS All-City .,,,. ,,,.,.,,.. .,,, ...,,,,,. B I L L LEE, LAWRENCE McCARTNEY, JERRY MARKS Track, 1946 Honoary Captain ......,,. .,.,,,, P ETE WENSBERG Tennis, 1946 Grant Laizure Cup: No award given. Football, 1946 Honorary Captain .,...., ......,..............,...........,... ,,..,,.... D O N JORGENSON Sidney P. Trathen Best Player Award ,.....,, . .,...,......,, , ,,vv...., ..... ..,......., . . ..,DON JORGENSON Warner Inspirational Award l,,,,,..,..,,,,.. .. ,,.., ,. ,,,.,.,,, , .... ,,.. , ,. ..., ,....,, , .. ,, . . ..,,,,,,BOB HUGHES All-City i,,,......,.,,, ........,,,,,,,,.....,... .....,. ,,.,,.....,e,,, ,,,. ...,.. B O B H U GI-IES, First Place: RONALD BLAKE Honorable Mention ,,,,.. ,, ,, ,DALE FARMER, JOHN TALBOTT, BYRON RICHARDSON All Stars ...................,.. .,,,,....,,,,,,....,,....,,,. B OB HUGHES, RONALD BLAKE, JOHN TALBOTT fGame to be played in Fall, 19475 Basketball, 1947 Honorary Captain ..,..... ,,.,,..... .............,......,...,..,,...........,.....,,...... . , . ....... CARL LOVSTED Inspirational Award ,,.,..,,, ...,,,,, G EORGE TAYLOR Skiing, 1947 All-City Ski Queen ...... .,.., ,.,..... ..., . , , JOYCE BANNISTER Art Henry Doehla Competition for most original greeting card design. JEAN LEEMAN and JEANETTE GOW, winners of bonds: ALICE HAMMER, LaVERNE RAY, ESTHER PEAVY, MARILEE STRANG, PATRICIA STOLLERY, honorable mention. Regional Scholastic Awards Scholarship Portfolio Award and Achievement Key ,.,.........,,,.,,.....,...,, ...........,,.. .,,,...,.,,,., L A VERNE RAY Achievement Keys... ,,.,.....,.,..,,.......,.,. .,,.,.... R AY JENSEN, JEAN LEEMAN, ALICE HAMMER, RUTH HEDGES, JACK CRANDALL, MARGARET HOVLAND Dramatics Franklin Dramatic Cup .,...................,..,,.,.........,...........,,.,............,.,.,...... ...,,. ...., ....,..... M A R GARET WINDMAYER Upton Contest ....,..,.,.....,,..,.,..,...,.........,,...... ,.,, . . .,...,,...., ...,..,,.., . ....,......,....,,...,. . ...,. .......,.,,......,, A n nounced on page 14 junior Chamber of Commerce Contest Scholarship to Repertory Theater. .,,,, ,...,., No award in 1946 Miscellaneous fRalph KnaDD Award and Irby Crawford Cup Award are announced on Boys' Club and Girls'-Club pages.j Health Posture Contest ..,.....,...................,..,..........,,..............,,.,..... .,........,.,,,.....,.,, ...,..,.,,,,,,...,...,,,,,,,,,,, V ERA CHINN Alumni Awards .....,.........................,..,,......,,,,,,.....,,,... ,,........ , . ...,.,,,,,... ..,, J OHN RAYNER, BESSIE LOUIE Frank B. Cooper Scholarship Award ....,... ,,.,,.,,,.....,..,,,,,,,......,,.,,,.... .,.,,,,,,,,, W A LTER LONNER Breakfast Club Essay Contest Award ......,....... ........ ...,,....,. , ......, . . . .,.,,,,, ,,,,...... . ,DOROTHY ANN WELLS S A R Extemporaneous Speech Contest ,,,,.,.,,., .. , .....,..,,,,.... NICHOLAS STAVROU, Second Place for city D A R Good Citizenship Pilgrimage Contest ,,.. ..... A RTIS BROWN, Second Place for State of Washington Knights of Pythlas Oratorical ......., ...., ........... , ...,,...........,...,,.,.,,.... S V END THOMAS, NICHOLAS STAVROU fSouth District Contestb Franklin Solo Honors DON CHADWICK ...... ....... T rombone JOHN NIXON ,..........,.,.. ,,,,,,,, C laringt BILL CREEVEY .... ............,..,. B aritone VARDE VAN VORIS ......, ,...,,,,,,,,,, V ialin GENE GRAHAM .......,.... ........., S nare Drum DON SPELLMAN ......,,,,.. ,,,,.,.,,, B aritone WILBUR JOHNSON ........ ........... T rombone MILO VAN VORIS ....,, ,,,, ,,,, P iang x, Acknowledgments We express our appreciation for their untiring assistance in the production of this year- book to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Stone of the Ralston Studio. Mr. Frank McCaffrey, Mr. Al Jensen, and Miss Phyllis Heady of the Acme Press. Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times for use of football game photographs. The Ralston Studio has served Franklin High School for twenty years. We wish to thank the Ralstons and their successors for the splendid cooperation they have given us. Mr. McCaffrey and the Acme Press have been associated with us almost as long. This is the sixteenth book they have prepared for Franklin students. We are especially indebted to them this year for making it possible to extend our production activitiesg through their help we have also issued Quaker Quotes and a Franklin calendar. NORTHWEST SPORTS EDITION INDEX Around the Year at Franklin Title Pages. .... ,. .. , , ..,,,.. 2, 3, 4 Study, Ticket, Guidance, Stamp, Movie Helpers ......... . ........59 Spring Activities, 19-56, 5-14 Boys' Club Cabinet ,,,,,,,,..............,,..,.,...,..,..,,.,....,.,...,.... ......, , .60 Baseball ,..,,.......,.,.,,,, , ,.., 6 Girls' Club Cabinet ........ . Track, Tennis, Golf .... , 7 Boys' Club Activities.. .. Girls' Spring Sports ,,..,.. 8, 9 Girls' Club Activities .,....,,, 63-65 Operetta ..... ,,..,................. 1 0. 11 T010 Weekly ............,...... 67 Commencement Play ,.,. .. ,. 12, 13 Publications .... . 69 Upton Contest .....,..., . 14 Music ......,..........,. 70-75 Summer Sport Activities, 15, 16, 17 Dramatic Groups ....................i...,..,..., Franklin Faculty ,..,,r,,,,,,,,,,, 18-24 Tusitala, Debate, German Club ....,..,.. Classes and Fall Activities ,..,, 25-54 Senior Honor Society ..1.,..................... . Juniors ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,, ,, 26-34 Rhythm Rollers, Ski, Anglers Club ....,....,.. Sophpmorg and Freshman OHicers,,,, 35 Gymnasium Helpers, 100-Milers ..................... Sophomorgs ,,,,v ,,,,,,,,,,, , U ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 6-40 Girls' Manager, Quaker Maids, Letterman ..... Freshmen ,,,,,,,,,,, ,...,,.. 4 1-44 Girls' Sports ............................. ,..........,...............,.... Eighth Grade .,,.. . 45, 46 Girls' Basketball ...,,.. Fogqball ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 47-51 Basketball ..,,....... 83-85 Senior Play ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,..,,, 5 2 ,53 Olympia Till! .......... B7 Snapshots ,,,,,,,.,,, ,, . ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 5 4 Snapshots ........,..,..... Franklin Activities and Winter Sports ........ 55-88 Seniors-Spring 1947 ..,,...... 89-112 Advisory and Interschool Councils ................................................ 56, 57 Honors and Awards -------.---.-,,--- Building, Grounds, Office, Library, Lunchroom Helpers ........ 58 Acknowledgments and Index. 114 'Tk r :JSM 4, s, 1 , , . 'if 3177 ilrf' ..,, b f, .,,-. , 211.5 ' ' .., 5? imwf f- .U fit Ei 5, my i f -5 gx 1 25,1 ' M gi-' ifrfk' Lf? -- N-Qs fffl -33 1, A, K 191 -' 4.1 Ku . -. 3 .V . ' 5 -1 5fl'AJgg:':.- ' H54 ,1- -I ' . 'If u 1: xc 3: 1' 5:1 -:T 'Q , ,h .diy :I . . 'gr ' I 5 ' hifzif' A- lwxi- 'f - vi" 1-wJ 4, 63' ' if :V TXLFQ --.,. A :gg ,JSEQ A v":2+gl. 1 Ar, . JV? '46 ':'ws.- 2151. 'Y .. - ,W , ,. 't . S. 1- .49 M: A 19."4g2x.1 1 3 ,Q V. ,J 9.1 N' :Q -f i' . Ja.. .4-s' . ,ie 'Af 1 ,. ,ig ,.ff ' 1 . Li . -v, 113 5 1 1 3 it " A ,Q . ex, . . . qu JW? , -4. ,, U, , ga P?-fi .. 1. -1- 15.3 :gg 5 t' Q any ,Fu . , ,L m., If '-xv., x 'if "wi , :A w 5.-v Q.. if ' fi . ,f-Q, 5, w , in Q. -1-' wg Q-g u .- , .Q , X- - . .- 'H -wr? -'-- ,- . V , . 1 ,. 'Win--f We 0 1. 3. v- Y' 'EP 2 u , if ..q, 1 v n- E . .1- S 4 4. F' P, 1' Y. :nf-' n. . I :ah 713' V Lv L. ig, -.. -fa if pil F: bf Vs . bl E 51 ua B., F r-1 ?'3 ? . L! us 1: If E. E E U 'I f. -- ' ,,,, ,,. 5 - - 1 ,uf ' f ' F. -5- " 2 ' -. E-.5 . h I,-

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