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'1'k!X.Lj'J KA K? 'JJ' QICLEAQLIJ ska JJUQSQJNP K! N1 5 ww f iw rf ,Nh 'Uv JJ "H H -fxryx ,fl KYWJJJH pn IWW, wil nm x WR f-'X 4.1 V'sfVX,,f' K -IMA Ml Q9 hi i ff GWR fffmmmq. 'fx VMI UMM lf-in wa fV'fq'L,, 'N 1 If 'NI O -f" J K 2 QW 1 'L X l if " my i Jxji 'LL' lx I WM f QU. Yy CX J '4- A WW wwjw nfl!" Wg QM U T' H52 j Y , Y I A 1 EJ! 7 QQM R it VJ A f WW was W 34fGcc,?F,aVff I Q 11' . Q' Q . K, h , . E PR- x . Jr , , :Ju N W Za an EX .1 V, . .MJ ,hr 1 , N7 wi div ffm Mpijfff Published by The Students of Franklin High School Seattle, Washington IN SEPTEMBER 1906, Franklin High School was opened in what is now Washington School at Eighteenth and Washington. This has since been known as'Old Franklin. When the new building was constructed at the present location there was considerable controversy as to whether or not the name Franklin should be maintained. A committee of students went before the School Board to request that no change be made in the name. The present building was opened in the fall of 1912 and Franklin joined the ranks of four-year high schools. The first Junior Prom was held in the lunchroom on the evening of December 13, 1912. The first graduating class, of which Mr. Staeger was adviser, consisted of sixteen girls and fifteen boys. The first Commencement was held june 19, 1913. Since that time thirty-two classes have been graduated and a total of 9290 students have joined the ranks of alumni. The largest class was in 1938 when 472 were graduated. The first senior play was presented by the class of 1914. It was George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man and was coached by Miss Rose Glass. Other early dramatic productions included Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, Shakespeare's As You Like It, and Taming of the Shrew, and Sir james Barrie's Quality Street. The Alumni Association was organized in June 1914. In October 1919, Miss Chambers was elected permanent Faculty Adviser. The Class of 1917 presented the first piece of statuary to the school-the bust of Franklin. In the fall of 1920 the Girls' Club moved into their present quarters, the suite of rooms known as 202E. In 1921 the Honor Society was organized here as in other Seattle high schools. In the fall of 1921 and again in the fall of 1922 the football teams won the city championship. The captain of the latter team was Brice Taylor, famous negro player later All-American at Southern California, and up until last summer football coach in Xavier College in Louisiana. The first matinee dances were introduced by the class of 1923. In 1923-1924 the debate team won the State Debate Championship. The building had long been overcrowded and several portables, located out where the tennis courts now are, were in use. In the fall of 1925 the east wing including rooms 11, 12, 109, 110, 111, 112, 114, 209, 211, 212, 213, 214, 309, 311, 312, and 314 Was opened. Comparison of the early pictures shows that the appearance of the building has changed somewhat as trees and shrubbery have grown, but Franklinites still take pride in the fact that we have one of the most beautiful school buildings in the country. TO OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN and A11 Other FRANKLIN ALUMNI NOTE: This picture was taken at the dedication ot the Service Flag in the spring of 1944. The numbers are now much larger. Our 1917-1918 service Hag had 395 stars, with seven gold stars: Allen H. Clements, Grant Coltenbaugh, jesse Dodge, Robert Gruger, Roger W. Hillis, Colin Hyde, and Herl Lincoln. TRATHEN, SIDNEY POLMERE-PRINCIPAL A.B. Michigan Normal College: University of Washington Interests: Music, Gardening. Adviser of the Franklin Hi-Y Club Greetings, Alumni of Franklin High School: Scattered as you are throughout the length and breadth of these United States in industry, business, education, the professions, community service, and athletics, you are giving a good account of yourselves and we are proud of you. Hundreds of you are at present in war activities throughout the world, and you, too, are to be congratulated on the high quality of your devotion and service. Judging from the many letters that have been received from time to time, we feel sure you are interested to an unusual degree in one another, especially in the members of your own class. We are sorry that we cannot keep in closer contact with all of you who claim , Franklin as your Alma Mater, but numbers forbid. You see there are well over nine thousand graduates at this time. However, we hereby send to each of you a hearty greeting and our best wishes that you, our loyal alumni, may continue to "launch out into the deep." SIDNEY POLM ERE TRATHEN Mr. Trathen came to Franklin in 1912 as head of our Mathematics Department. He became Vice- Principal in 1919, and Principal upon the death of joseph A. Reed, first Principal of Franklin High School, in the fall of 1932. A V 3 1 RESEBURG. WALTER J.-VICE-PRINCIPAL B.A. Ripon College. Interests: Golf, Singing. We are becoming world-minded! Through transportation by air and electronics we are being brought into closer contact with foreign lands. The fact that our former pupils are now on all the continents and on the high seas tends to make us citizens of the world. We are becoming world-minded! In the future our graduates will visit London and Moscow where now they travel to Port- land and San Francisco. What happens in Rome and Tokyo will concern us. Television will bring world events into our homes. Tolerance will sweeten our spirits. So we may effectively adjust our attitudes and our lives to the new conditions and so we may meet and help solve this new challenge- We must become world-minded! WALTER RESEBURG Mr. Reseburg came to Franklin in 1912 when this building was first opened, as a language instructor: later he taught in the Science Department until he became Vice-Principal in 1932. He has also served Franklin as Coach and Boys' Adviser. e if ff . EQM Baird, Richard CPfc.J, Left 1942, U.S.M.C.R., Peleliu ,.,..... ...,..,,. S ept. 1944 Berry, Gordon CSgt.J, Left 1940, U.S.A.A.C., Sicily .....,.., ,......... J uly 1943 Biggs, George E., Left 1937, U.S.N ..........,......,....,.,...,,............. ......,.. N ov. 1942 Brazell, Bill CCpl.J, Grad. 1937, U.S.A., Africa ...,.,,,,.,............ ,,.,........A 1 942 Brown, Gifford fLt.J, Left 1939, U.S.A.A.C., S. W. Pacific ......... ....,..,.,....... 1 944 Buffone, Albert, Left 1941, U.S.A., France ...........,........,........,.............,............,.,..... Nov. 1944 Butts, Ray, Grad. 1941, U.S.A., Italy ...........,.................................,...,,......................... Dec. 1943 Capelletti, Mike fS!sgt.J, Grad. 1938, U.S.A.A.C., Belgium CPresumed Deadj .... Dec. 1944 Clark, L. D. fLt.D, Left, U.S.A., France .,,...,...,..,...............................,......................,. May, 1943 Clarke, Jack CSgt.J, Left 1941, R.A.F., England .........................,.............................,........ 1943 Clifford, George Dale flcfsj, Left 1942, U.S.N., S. W. Pacific .......... .......... F eb. 1944 Cook, M. Ben CLt.J, Grad. 1940, U.S.A.A.C., Germany .................... .......... 0 ct. 1943 Coyle, Tommy, Left 1943, U.S.A., Luzon ...................,....................... ....... J an. 1945 Danbom, Clarence E. CTech 4fsJ, Grad., U. S. A., Paris ,....... ................. 1 944 Evans, David G. CPvt.J, Grad. 1937, U.S.A., Belgium ..............,........... .......... F eb. 1945 Ferguson, Alden Eugene, Grad. 1942 ...................,......................,.,................ ,,....... M ay, 1944 Finley, john H. 12nd Lt.J, Grad. 1938, U.S.A.A.C., McChord Field ......... ......... D ec. 1942 Fricks, Hugh D. CLt.j, Grad. 1938, U.S.M.C., S. W. Pacific ........,........... ......... N ov. 1943 Gratis, Arthur CCapt.J, Grad. 1937, U.S.A.A.F., Crash, U. S. A .......... ............. 1 944 Hanscom, Bob fCpl.J, U.S.A ............................................................ ....... 1 943 Hayashi, Eugene, Grad. 1937, U.S.A ......................,..,..... ....... ......... 1 9 43 Heidrick, William F. CT. Sgt.j, Grad. 1935, U.S.A ............., ............. 1 944 Hickox, Roy, Grad. ,..................................................,..................... ......... J uly, 1944 Hume, Lloyd, U.S.N., CPresumed Dead-Lost Bomberj .......................................... Oct. 1943 Johnston, Henry, CSgt.J, Grad. 1942, U.S.A ....................................................................... 1944 Jonientz, Max Joseph CTech. 4!cJ, Grad. 1939, U.S.A.A.C., Crash U. S. A ........... Oct. 1943 Keppler, William S., Left 1937, U.S.C.G., S. Pacific .................................................. Dec. 1944 Lambeth, James E., Left 1935, U.S.A.A.C., Crash, U. S. A ....................................... May, 1943 Lewis, Harold, Grad. 1935, U.S.N.R., S. Pacific ..................... ......... N Ov- 1944 Maxon, Herbert Curtis CLt.J, Left 1941, U.S.N ............... ........ J' Une, 1943 McCloy, Russell G. CLt.D, Left 1941, U.S.N ..,.................... ....... ............. 1 9 43 McCoy, Donald W. CMajorJ, U.S.A.A.C., Germany ............................ McLean, John P. fLt.J, Grad. 1939, U.S.A.A.C., S. W. Pacific ........ Menzel, Walter, U.S.A. ....................................................................... . Miori, Louie, Left 1938 ....,.,...................................,.................................. Morris, Whitney, Grad. 1937, U.S.A ................,......................................... .... O'Malley, Edward R. C2nd Lt.j, Grad. 1934, U.S.A.A.C., Scotland ........ ........ Peterson, Hardy, Grad. 1937, U.S.N., Pearl Harbor ........................... Putman, John E. fLt.J, Grad. 1937, U.S.A., Med. Campaign .......... Raabe, William fLt.j, Grad. 1936, U.S.A ....................................... Ritchie, Bob CSgt.J, CParatrooperJ U.S.A., France ................ .........Sept. .......jan. .Feb. ..........Dec. ........,Aug. ..........Apr. ..........Dec. Saul, Alan Edward, Grad. 1941, U.S.A., France ............................ .......... D ec. Sawada, George M. fSgt. Md. CJ, Grad. 1934, U.S.A., Italy ......... ........ J uly, Scavotto, Donald J. CLt.j, Grad. 1934, U.S.A.A.C .............................. ......,....... Splaine, Clifford Robert, Left 1942, U.S.N., France CSeabeesJ ........ .......... Soderback, Ted, Left 1938, U.S.A., Alaska ....,,.................................. ............. Tabbutt, George CEnsignJ, Grad. 1942, U.S.N., Crash, Hawaii ..... 1. ......... Nov. Tanaka, Matt, Grad. 1937, U.S.A., Italy ................,........................... ........ I une, Thompson, Richard CLt.J, 1942, U.S.A.A.C., Italy ...,....,.................. ......... J uly, Vaupell, Robert W. fMajorJ, Left, U.S.N., Crash, California ..... L .... .......... F eb. Walker, Charles C., Grad. 1933, U.S.A.A.C ........................................ ............. . Wickstrom, Marvin J., Grad. 1940, U.C.M.C ....,................................ ....................... . 1944 1944 1943 1944 1943 1934 1941 1943 1942 1944 1944 1944 1944 1944 1942 1943 1944 1944 1945 1943 1943 fNOTE: This list is as compiled by the Alumni Committee up to March 1, 19452 , ' V' li f W H M, . W , ,fl J! if! .J ' Special Recognition BAILEY, RUTH A.-English. A.B., Oberlin College. Interests: reading, traveling. BENNETT, EDITH PAGE-Languages. B.A., University of Illinois. Interests: gardening, attending good lectures CH-AMBERS, LYDIA M.-Science. B.A., University of Washington. Interests: home, astronomy. KASSEBAUM, EMMA-History. B.A., University of Michigan. Interests: nature, reading, study of Spanish. "'LAIZURE, GRANT A.-Science. B.S., M.A., Ohio State University. Interests: tennis, cosmetic manufacture, candy making, automobiles, travel. MCCARNEY, MARGARET-B.A., M.A., University of Washington. Interests: out-of-doors, gardening, travel, hiking, birds. Girls' Club Adviser. f'RINEHART, GERTRUDE-Home economics. B.A., Teachers' College, Columbia University. Interests: garden- ing. STAEGER, DAVID-Commercial. A.B., University of Washington. Interests: out-door-life. Department Heads are starred. THE ABOVE TEACHERS are especially honored in this edition because they taught in Old Franklin fnow Washington Schoolj and came to this building when it was opened. Others who taught in Old Franklin and in the present building until their retirement from teaching include Miss Margaret Gorman CCommer- cialj, Miss Lucy Barnes fEnglishj, and Miss Minnie johnson fMathematicsj- now deceased. Mr. Heber Johnson, now Principal of Ballard, taught English in both buildings. Among the teachers who came the first year of the present Franklin were: Mr. Samuel Fleming CHead of History Department and later Vice-Principalj, now Superintendent of Seattle Schools, Mr. Sidney P. Trathen fHead of Mathe- matics Departmentjg Mr. Walter J. Reseburg CLanguages and Sciencej g and Miss Lois Caughey QLibrarianj, now retired. We wish it were possible to mention other teachers, well-known to our Alumni, who were at Franklin for many years, and some of whom retired from Frankling however, space does not permit. -. IZ1 L1 FACULTY BENSON, HARRY T.-Science, B.S., M.A. Washington State College: University of Washington. Adviser to Ticket Committee: Baseball Coach. Came to Franklin in 1929. BISAZZA, CHARLOTTE-Art. Pratt Institute. New York: Columbia University: New York University. In- terests: foreign cookery, travel. Came to Franklin in 1917. BLACKNELL, LAWRENCE-Music. B.A., Master of Music, University of Washington. Interests: tennis, drama, music. Came to Franklin in 1929. "'BOSELLY, SHIRLEY E.-Mathematics. B.S., Whit- man College. Interests: golf, gardening. Tolo Weekly Adviser. Came to Franklin in 1943. DAUGHERTY, ANNA M.-Science, B.S., University of Washington. Came to Franklin in 1923. "DAVENPORT, NOAH-History. A.B.: M.A., Univer- sity of Washington. Interests: touring, studying in the Americas: keeping up house and farm: reading history, philosophy, economics, current affairs. Came to Franklin in 1914. DOHENY, HARRIET-Mathematics. B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of Washington. Hobbies: golf, travel. Came to Franklin in 1925. DU VAL, MARGUERITE-Languages. University of France. Came to Franklin in 1916. EVATT, PHILIP O.-Science. B.S., University of Wash- ington. Movie Club Adviser. Came to Franklin in 1929. FOWLER, LILLIAN-Commercial. B.A., Minnesota School of Business: Gregg Shorthand School. Interests: reading, handiwork, cooking, travel. Came to Franklin in 1920. GLASS, ROSE-History. A.B., A.M., University of Wash- ington: University of California: Columbia University. Hobbies: home, books, theatre, mountain trips, World Affairs. Came to Franklin in 1913. She left us in 1918 for war service to return in 1919. She left us again in 1922 to serve as Girls' Adviser at Roosevelt but returned in 1940. HUNTER, LILA-English. B.A., University of Wash- ington, Adviser of Honor Society. Came to Franklin in 1916. HURLEY, JESSE R.-English. A.B., A.M., University of Illinois. Interests: three daughters, music books, cook- ing. Adviser of Tolo Annual. Came to Franklin in 1937. "JACKSON, GEORGE B.-Languages. A.B., A.M., Yale and Leander Clark: University of Washington. Interests: travel, study. Came to Franklin in 1917. JARDINE, NAN-English. A.B., University of Washing- ton. Came to Franklin in 1928. JOHNSON, PHYLLIS-Girls' Gym. B.A., University of Washington. Interests: tennis, swimming, badminton, reading. Came to Franklin in 1943. JOHNSON, RALPH-History. A.B., University of Kan- sas: M.A., University of Washington. Came to Franklin in 1920. KARRER, FRANK-Mathematics. A.B., M.A., M.Pd., University of Washington: Columbia University: New York University. Hobbies: horticulture, lapidary, stamp collecting. Came to Franklin in 1931. KNAPP, RALPH-B. of P.E., George Williams College. Interests: gardening, Boy Scouts. Boys' Adviser. Came to Franklin in 1919. KUEBLER, HELEN-Mathematics. B.S., Carleton Col- lege. Interests: golf, badminton, gardening. Came to Franklin in 1919. CA space was reserved in this panel for Mrs. Lola Hall, Commercial teacher, but she was on sick leave when the Faculty pictures were taken and until after this section was sent to press.J FACULTY KUEHN, HELMA L.-English. A.B., University of Wis- consin: University of Washington: University of Cali- fornia. Hobbies: books, music, art. Came to Franklin in 1928. YLINDBERG, LYDIA-English. A.B., AYM., Carleton ialgege. Adviser of Tusitala Club. Came to Franklin in LUPPOLD, MARY E.-Mathematics-English. A.B., Uni- versity of Washington. Hobbies: books, knitting. Came to Franklin in 1944. MACDONALD, ARISTELLE-English-Dramatics. A.B., A.M. fDramaJ University of Washington. Interests: Repertory Theater. Came to Franklin in 1931. MCCLELLAND, VICTOR H.-Music-Radio. B.M., Uni- versity of Washington. Hobbies: lapidary, philately, radio, movie photography. Came to Franklin in 1936. "'McGRATH, STELLA-Commercial. B.A. fEquivalentD Washington Gregg Normal School. Hobbies: gardening, reading. Came to Franklin in 1918. MORRIS, MURIEL-History. B.A., Whitman College. Hobbies: music, knitting. Came to Franklin in 1937. NORRIS, ERNEST-Shop. Washington Nonnal School: Oklahoma University. Hobbies: gardening, woodcarving. Came to Franklin in 1943. OWEN, ROBERTA-Arts. B.A., M.A. CEquivalenty Iowa State College: University of Washington: Private Art Study. Interests: crafts of all kinds, collecting early American and English antiques, living at the seashore. Came to Franklin in 1942. PANZICA, CLARENCE-Gym. B.S. in P.E., University of Washington. Came to Franklin in 1943. PERCIVAL, DOROTHY-English. B.A., University of Washington. Came to Franklin in 1942. PETERSON, MARION-Library. B.A., A.B. CLibrarian- shipl University of Washington. Interests: growing Cacti, collecting pictures, cats, birds, dogs, flowers, and ship mod-els. Came to Franklin in 1943. QUIGLEY, AGNES E.-Languages. A.B., University of Washington. Interests: travel, mountaineering. Came to Franklin in 1914. REMLEY, AGNES C.-Mathematics. B.A., University of Iowa. Hobbies: early American glass goblets, collecting coins and baskets. Came to Franklin in 1924. "RICE, BARRIE S.-Industrial Arts. B.A., University of Washington. Hobbies: shop at home, gardening, sports. Fishing. Came to Franklin in 1940. SAALWAECHTER, LEONARD-Physical Education Department. Football, Basketball, Baseball Coach. B.A. in P,E., University of Illinois. Hobbies: baseball. Came to Franklin in 1937. SAMUELSON, BYRON-History-Social Studies. A.B., M,A., University of Washington. Hobbies: gardening, music, tennis, ping-pong. Came to Franklin in 1925. SCHIRMER, CONRAD A.-Social Studies-History. B.A., M.A., University of North Dakota, University of Wash- ington. Hobbies: gardening, traveling. Came to Franklin in 1930. SCOTT, GEORGE-Industrial Arts. B.S., University of London, Hobby: golf. Came to Franklin in 1920. SHAW, ANNABELLE-Girls' Gym. B.S., University of Washington. Hobby: just enjoying life. Came to Franklin in 1925. SORENSON, MARGUERITE - Retail Selling. B.S.. M.A., University of Washington. Hobby: collecting Bowers and fashion information. Came to Franklin in 1941. FACULTY STRAIN, ISABEL-History. B.A., Reed College. Out- side interests: too numerous to mention. Came to Franklin in 1933. STRONG, LOUISE-English. A.B., De Pauw University. Came to Franklin in 1928. TOOMEY, MAE-Commercial. B.A., Iowa Teachers' Col- lege. Interests: motoring, golf, fishing, bridge. Came to Franklin in 1942. VAN KLEECK, EDITH-English. B.A., Ph.B., Univer- sity of Michigan. Came to Franklin in 1936, WALTERS, LELA H.-Commercial. B.A., University of Washington. Hobbies: woodcarving, gardening. Came to Franklin in 1930. WARNER, GENEVIEVE-Home Economics. B.S., Uni- versity of Washington. Hobbies: gardening, reading. Came to Franklin in 1927. WILSON. LENA A. - Home Economics-Mathematics. B.S., University of Washington. Came to Franklin in 1927. SI-IEAHAN, MYRTLE--Study A. B.A., University of Washington. Hobbies: traveling, Fishing, taking colored movies. Here 1923-29: 1933-40: 1943 to present. DUGAN, MARY-Study A. Interests: two sons, house, being a Den Mother in Cub Scouts. Pet peeve: students who do not check out of Study. Came to Franklin in 1942. WDAVIS, ROSANA-History-English. A.B., A.M., Colo- rado State Teachers' College: George Washington Uni- versity, Hobbies: collecting maps and historic Figurines, bowling, hiking, reading, YPORTMANN, FREDA-Art. B.S. CVocational Educa- ' tionh Oregon State: Ph.D. equivalent at various schools: 'P' private art study. Hobbies: professional art, sculpture, fx collecting various art objects. WSHERIFF, ETHEL-General Subjects. B.S., Northem Illinois State Normal College. "SMITH, MARGARET L.-General Subjects. B.A., Uni- versity of Washington, Hobbies: golf, reading, swimming, sewing. I-IOSKING, GWEN-Office Clerk. Franklin Graduate, 19399 has worked in library and office. Hobbies: bowling, photography, outdoor life. Became Clerk in 1941. MCCOLM, ALEX-Custodian, Hobbies: gardening, Fix- ing things. Pet peeve: students who forget their locker keys. Came to Franklin in 1941. NOTE: All faculty ot' the Eighth Grade Center came to Franklin in 1943. Mr. Samuel E. Fleming, who came to Seattle in 1908, taught at Eve high schools before coming to Franklin in 1912 as Head of the History Department. In 1917 he became Vice-Principal: in 1919 he was appointed Vocational Guidance Director: in 1922 he became Assistant Superintendent and continued at this post until his recent appointment as Superintendent. Mr. Fleming wrote for the 1940 Tolo Annual: "I was visiting with a member of the Franklin faculty not very long ago. The name of one graduate after another was recalled. What is he doing? What is the news from this one and that one? Some of the news was greeted with exclamations of pride, some with expressions of disappointment. Whenever teachers meet to reminisce. whenever alumni gather to relive their school days and revive old friendships, the real acid test of high school values is applied when one inquires of the other, What is he doing? While in school the criterion seems to be marks and credits. As the years roll along these are forgotten. In their places loom measures of performance in the larger school of life." 'Y' 12 ,' f J' KX 6 L A J S KJ Class Advisers MISS STRAIN MISS KUEI-IN MISS JARDINE MISS MORRIS Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Senior Class Ours was the last class to enter Franklin before the war. In those days the Frosh spent their study periods in Study B and there were as many boys as girls in the class. The high- light of that year was the Freshman party with dancing and Dixie Cups for all. Everyone participated in an adult and dignihed game of musical chairs, until joe Benyon-the "old spoil sport"-started using jiu Jitsu on the girls. The fall of 1942 we were Sophomores-no longer at the bottom of the world. However, we were still young and frivolous, for the Sophomore party held the spotlight of that year, with third and fourth helpings of huckleberry pie for the hungry. In our Junior year We really took our places as leaders in school activities and some of the boys went off to war. At last we have attained the goal we started for as Freshmen-we are Seniors, the leaders of the school. The class officers are: Bill Pratt, President QWhat, again? It seems to us that he was president in our Freshman yearj 3 Ralph Holmstad, Vice-President, Joe Benyon, Secretaryg and Marjorie Plumb, Treasurer. In january we held a party for the February graduates. Assistant Superintendent Campbell was guest speaker. The students in our group have not had an entirely normal existence, since our entire four years have been war years. However, every member has left his contribution to the school and Franklin in turn has left its mark upon each member. Every boy who goes into the service and every girl who stays on the home front will work for the time when all boys and girls will be able to have the experience of a rich and happy life such as we have had at Franklin. We of the Class of 1945 owe all possible thanks to Miss Strain for the inspiration given us, for her friendly guidance, and for her sympathetic humor. BILL, RALPH, MARJORIE, and MISS STRAIN. 14 ANDERSON SENIORS Baseball 4. Central, Duluth, Minn. Intramural Basketball 4. Corps 4. Honor Soc. 3, 4, Band 3, 4. from Ballard. , 'February graduates are starred. Alumni Notes Representing respectively the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard are two Boys' Club officers of 1943-Alex Anderson, presi- dent, and Bill Danbom, secretary. Bill has visited school several times since entering the service. Alex is with a Scout Bomber Squadron overseas. While in training in Oklahoma he encount- ered Sue Lewis 119411 AUSNR, PH3fC9 Bill Harman 119431 USNQ Cleo Bruhn 119431 USNQ Amos Chapman 119431 USN: and Bill jonientz 119421 USN. In North Carolina he saw Lt. Bill Gray 119401 of the Army Air Corps, who was flying a P-47. In California he met Pat Eaton 119411 USMCRg Les Thompson 119411 USMC 1see cartoon on page 1081: and Bill Hardesty 119431 USMC. George Wagner USMC is stationed where Alex is now. Alex was the First winner of the Ralph N. Knapp award estab- lished by the Boys' Club Cabinet of 1942-1943 for "the most inspirational boy to the boys in school." The award was given in 1944 to Max Soriano, also Boys' Club president. ANSLOW, MARY 1Mamie1-Interests: sports. Roll Rep 2, Turnout 3, 45 Stamp Plan Clerk 3. ADAMS, PHILIP M. 1Phil1-Specialty: trombone In terests: sailing, Aristocrats of Swing, Band. Ambition musician or engineer. Band 1, 45 3rd Team Basketball 1 ALBRIGHT, JOAN 1Shorty1-Interests: dancing Am bition: U. S. Nurse Corps. Entered as junior from Duluth ALEXANDER, PAUL-Ambition: physician and sur geon. Service Club 1: Movie Club 13 Honor Soc. 2 3 4 ALLEN, MARGARET JEAN 1Marg1-Interests: music collecting post cards and foreign coins. Glee Club 1, 2 3 4 Operetta 13 Turnout 1, 2, 3, 43 Honor Soc. 2, 3, 43 Make up ALMGREN, ARTHELLA 1Art1 -- Interests: dancing swimming, letter writing. Ambition: to be a good wife Library Helper 1: Glee Club lg Honor Soc. 2: Bank Clerk 3g Stamp Plan Clerk 3, 4: Big Cousin 4. AMES, LUCILLE 1Lucy1-Interests: dancing, collecting and pressing fiowers. Ambition: secretary and wife Li brary Helper lg Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Bank Clerk 3: Floral Comm. Chr. 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, HAROLD 1Swede1-Specialty: women Interests: mountain climbing, DeMolay. Ambition jeweler. Service Club 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3. ANDERSON, IRENE 1Butch1-Interests: roller skating dancing. Ambition: nurse. Lunchroom Worker 3. Entered as Junior from Binford High School. ANDERSON, MARVIN 1Buzzie1-Specialty: trumpet Interests: skiing, Aristocrats of Swing. Band 1, 2, 3 4 1Rec. Sec. 2: Pres. 3: Eff. Mgr, 41: Ski Team 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4 1Sec. 41: Boys' Club 2nd V. Pres. 4. ANDERSON, ROBERT 1Bob1-Specialty: smooth talk Interests: trombone. airplanes, driving. Ambition: lawyer "ANDERSON, TOM 1Gunner1-Specialty: gunning In terests: hunting, tennis, bowling, Navy. Aviation Club 1, 2: Roll Rep. 1: Tolo Weekly 3. Entered as Freshman DANBOM ARCHIBALD, NORMA CArchieJ--Interests: music. Ambition: nurse. Girls' Band 1, 2, 3. YATTEBERY, BEVERLY QBevJ-Interests: swimming, riding, voilin. Ambition: secretary, accountant. Orches- tra lg Swim Club 2. BACKMAN, DONNA-Dislikes: girls who drag their feet. Ambition: to be a housewife. Entered as junior from Port Orchard. XBADER, RICHARD 1MasterJ-Ambition: stage elec- trician. Dislikes: dishtowels wrapped around girls' heads. Entered as Junior from Great Falls High. BAIMA, MARJORIE Cllllargj-Specialty: sleeping. Am- bition: to be a flyer. Likes: big, handsome lettermen. Roll Rep. 1, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Tolo Annual 25 Big Cousins Z, 3, 4: Alumni Comm. 4: Stamp Plan Clerk 4. BASHER, FRANCES fFrariJ-Ambition: nurse. En- tered as Junior from Los Angeles, Cal. BEARWOOD, DON fBeansJ-Interests: roller skating, cars. Ambition: Forest Rangers. Anglers Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Aviation Club 1: 3rd Team Basketball 31 Basket Clerk 3. WBEIRNES, VERNON CRedJ-Interests: sports, beauti' ful women. Ambition: State Patrol. Basketball 3, 4: Football 43 Hi-Y 4. Entered as junior from Clallam Bay H. S. WBENNETT, BETTY-Specialty: sewing. Interests: badminton, miniature dogs, BENTON, CATHERINE fKittyJ-Dislikes: conceited boys and girls. Ambition: stenographer. Roll Rep 2. "'BENYON, JOE-Likes: good ice cream. Ambition: mechanical engineer. Service Club 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: French Club 2, 35 Sec. of Class 4. BERKENROTH, DICK KBerkyD-Specialty: sleep. Am- bition: Army Air Corps. Ice Penguins lg Intramural Football lg Baseball 1, 2: Color Guard 3, 4: 2nd Team Baseball 3: lst Team Baseball 4: Franklin Bowlers 4. In Service PFC Joe Anderson 119441, Co. B First Battalion, U. S. Marines is somewhere in the South Pacific. He was at New Caledonia. He would like to hear from Franklinites and may be addressed in care of the Fleet Post Office at San Francisco. Others pictured in this strip are Glen Wilbur f1943J and Paul Phillips. T 16 "The Campbells Are Coming" Pictured are Capt. Warren Campbell 119361 and Ernest CScottyJ Campbell 119285, Chief Specialist Naval Air Corps, sec- ond from right in lower picture. Both will be remembered as golfers, the latter being recipient of many trophies. An account of their brother Walter will be found on page 60. Another brother Alex f1921j, now work- ing in a local war plant, is a well-known concert and opera singer: he has a six-month Euro- pean operatic tour scheduled for after the war. Their sister, Ethel Campbell C1924J, is employed locally by the Alaska Communi- cation System. 17 SENIORS BERKEY, JOANNA Cjoej-Specialty: piano. Interests: swimming, bowling, embroidery, Ambition: perfect wife. Roll Rep. 2: Alumni Comm. 3. BERTINI, GLORIA-Interests: skiing, bike-riding. Ambition: secretary or decorator. BILLINGS, KEN-Dislikes: girls who wear a lot of make-up. Ambition: engineer. Band I. 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Bowling Club 3, 4. BISHOP, BILL-Interests: football, swimming. Ambi- tion: lawyer. BLACKFIELD, PHYLLIS CPhilJ-Interests: dancing, swimming. Ambition: to travel, Spanish Club 3. BLENCOE, ETHEL CBobbeJ-Interests: dancing, bowling, skating. Ambition: private secretary. Entered as Junior from Garfield. BORELLA, DOLORES CProxJ-Interests: swimming, skiing, Tolo Weekly. Dislikes: conceited boys. Ice Pen- guins lg Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 3, 4. YBOYTLER, DAN-Interests: football. Ambition: college. Track Team 3. BROWNE, BETTY CBetsJ-Interests: Rainbow Guild. Jr. Orthopedic Guild. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Bond Drive Comm. 3: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Entered as Sophomore from Adrian, Mich. "BUCHANAN, ROBERT QBobJ-Interests: mechanics, cars, airplanes, sports. Stamp Clerk 3: Basket Clerk 4. BUCKMAN, LYLA MAE-Specialty: sailing. Interests: music Cpianoj. Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4. Entered as Sopho- more from North Dakota. BUCKNER, RUBY MAE fSkinnyJ-Specialty: dancing. Interests: dancing, arguing, collecting swing records. Ambition: journalist. Faculty Library 2, 3: Debate Club 4. u. -.2 J' 2' Q 1 SENIORS c:-X W ,fm BURR, VIRGINIA CGeaD-Specialty: interior decorat- ing. Interests: skiing, sailing, jr. Orthopedic Guild. Ambition: to be a pilot. Ski Club 1, 2: Roll Rep. 1, 2: Student Sponsor 2: Honor Soc, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Chr. 3, 4: Radio Panels 3: Girls' Club Chr. of Chairmen 4. BYERS, JOY Cjoeyj--Specialty: dancing. Ambition: journalist. Interests: horseback riding, ice skating. Sophomore Sec. 2: Tolo Weekly 4. BYRNE AGNES A ie Interests dancin Ambi . C Eg J- I 8- - tion: to meet Van Johnson, to be a foreman at Boeing's. Athletics 1: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Big Cousins 1. CALDWELL, HAROLD-Interests: radio, swimming. Ambition: to be a radio engineer. Entered as junior from Cle Elum, Washington. CAMERON, JEAN Ueanniel-Interests: dramatics. music. Ambition: to be a nurse. Roll Rep. 1: Girls' Club Players 1: Honor Soc. 2: Assembly Player 2: Stamp Plan Clerk 3: Upton Contest 2: Class Pres. 3. CAPPELLETTI. ANTONETTE--Interests: sewing, music, reading. Ambition: to become expert sewer. Fac- ulty Library 1, Z: Honor Soc. 2. 3. "CARL, LORRIN CFinancialJ-Specialty: dancing, play- ing tennis. Interests: sports, girls. Ambition: engineer- ing. Basketball l: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Tennis Team 3, 4. CARSON, LAWRENCE CLarryJ-Interests: athletics. Ambition: to play in professional sports. Likes: cute girls, pig tails, wooden shoes. Football 1, 3, 4: Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. "'CASAL, HENRY CHankj--Specialty: women, Ambi- tion: engineer. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Inter-School Council 3: Honor Soc. 4: Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Pres. 4. CASTLEN, ALICE JANE--Interests: Tolo Weekly, jr. Orthopedic Guild. Girls' Club Comm. 1, 2: Ski Club 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Tolo Annual Staff 1, 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: P. T. A. Comm. 3: Clean-up Comm. 3: Chr. 4th War Bond Drive 3: Tolo Weekly 3, 4. CHITTENDEN. MARILYN - Interests: collecting charms. Roll Rep. 1: Tusitala Club 1: Stamp Clerk 2: Ticket Comm. Chr. 3: Bulletin Board Chr. 4. CHOCANO, FELISCAR CGoyaD -Interests: singing, sports. Ambition: to learn to ski. Operetta 1, 2, 3: Tusi- tala 1: Stamp Club 1: Girls' Club Players 2: Spanish Club 2: Talent Assembly 3: Roll Rep. 3. if -' 'rvmm -.g .1 K . SENIORS CLARK, BILL-Interests: bowling, lettering, baseball. Ambition: draftsman or engineer. Dislikes: pigtails. Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: Bowling Team 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Intra- mural Basketball 4. COGSHALL, JEAN Qjeanniej-Interests: singing, boat- ing. Ambition: tour the world as a singer or speaker. Likes: blackberry pie a la mode. Entered as Senior from Roosevelt High School. COLGAN, RICHARD CDickJ - Interests: football, hunting. Ambition: machinist. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Letter- men's Club 3, 4: Pres. of Hi-Y 4. COLLINS, ROBERT fBobJ-Ambition: to get 32 cred- its. Dislikes: people who forget names. Debate 1, 2: Assembly Plays 3, 4: Operetta 3. COLLINS, WILLIAM CLYDE fRipJ-Specialty: cook- ing. Interests: football, swimming. Ambition: to be a sports announcer. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Upton Contest 1, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Swim Team 3, 4: Assembly Comm. 3. CONDON, BEVERLY fBevj-Interests: sports, work outside of school. Ambition: to be a cadet nurse. Likes: lemon pie. Glee Club I, 2: Choir 3. COTHRELL, IRENE fDocJ-Specialty: medicine. Am- bition: to be an M, D. Roll Rep. 3: Banking Clerk 3: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4: 202E Helper 3. COX, GERRIE-Likes: dancing, swimming, skiing. Girls' Turnout 2: Upperclass Sports 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Student Sponsor 3: Corresponding Sec. of Girls' Club 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 3. CRATE, LOIS JUNE CLo5-Interests: swimming, danc- ing, Entered as Senior from Ballard High School, CUBBIN, WALTER QDukeJ-Ambition: vocalist in a name band. Likes: girls, cars. Choir 3, 4: Operetta 3, 4. Entered as junior from Queen Anne. CURULLA, VINCENT J.-Ambition: to be an aero- nautical engineer. DALE, LOIS fLoieJ-Interests: sewing, singing, danc- ing. Ambition: to be a pilot. Dislikes: people who can't have a good time. Likes: teasing people. Glee Club 1: Lunch Room 3: Study A checker 4. , Expelled Twice: But! Horace R. Cayton writes: "I was very glad to hear from Franklin High School. You may not know it, but I was not one of the most well-behaved students-in fact, I was expelled twice, once by Mr. Trathen and once by Mr. Reed." Before graduation from high school Mr. Cayton had had a thrilling career in Alaska, in the South Pacific, and throughout the western part of this country. He then worked his way through the University of Washington as deputy under Sheriff Claude Bannick. Later he studied sociology at the University of Chicago, and on a fellowship in Europe. He was Professor of Economics and Labor Problems at Fisk University. He is now Director of the Parkway Community House in Chicago. He is an author and journalist: he is Labor Editor of the Pittsburgh Courier and has contributed articles to numerous magazines. Among his publica- tions have been "Negroes Live in Chicago," "Black Workers and the New Unions," "The American Negro-A World Problem." A book entitled Black Metropolis of which he is co-author will be published soon and he is under contract to do a book on the Negro press. Mr. Cayton is also a lecturer of note, some of his subjects being: "Color, the Unfinished Business of Democracy," "The Significance of Color in Global Warfare," and "The Contribution of the Negro to the American Social Order." His hobby is playing swing and boogie-woogie recordings. He has a collection of about one thousand records. SENIORS - ':': ilvli ' In 'ii :"4 'if .:25i5Ei55:.. -5555555555552 -:-:, I l " 14 F' 5 2:1 .... . Q Cm if SQ, 65 if it-1 5 -5 :f 5 C3 25223 f 1 , - DeBARD, BARBARA fBarbJ-Interests: skiing, swim- ming, dancing. Ambition: to be an interior decorator. Honor Soc. 1, 2: Stamp Plan Clerk 1, 2, 3: Girls' Club Ticket Assistant 3. DELGUZZO, ALFONSO CAD-Interests: reading. Am- bition: business world. Dislikes: two-faced people. DENNISON, BOB CDennyj-Interests: basketball, music, skiing. Ambition: to be a doctor. Likes: sirloin steaks. Honor Soc. 4: Intramural Basketball 4. Entered as Senior from Roosevelt High School. DERETICK, MILDRED CMillyJ-Likes: good foQd. Dislikes: conceited boys. Library Staff 1: Study Hall Helper 2, 3: Guidance Clerk 4. DeWAELE, WILLIAM CProfessorj-Ambition: aero- nautical engineer. Third Team Track 2: Handball 3: Tusitala Club 3: Art Staff Tolo Annual 3, 4: Adv. Mgr. Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Quill 8: Scroll 3: V.-Pres. Debate Club 4: Pres. Handball Club 4. DORE, CLAIRE CKittenj-Interests: bowling, dancing, swimming. Ambition: private secretary, pilot. Likes: traveling. Entered as Senior from Douglas, Alaska. DOW, GAIL-Interests: aviation. Ambition: to be a good test pilot. Football 1: Aviation Club 2, 3: Track Team 2, 3, 4: Clean-up Comm. 3, 4: Lunchroom Comm. 3. DUNCAN, DICK--Interests: skiing, dancing, women. Dislikes: girls without a sense of humor. Honor Soc. 2, 3: Band 2, 3: Treas. Bowling Club 3: V.-Pres. Band 4: Senior Play 4: Boys' Club Comm, 4. EARL, WILLIAM CWilliej-Interests: sports. Ambi- tion: U. S. Army Air Corps. EASON, JOICE C103-Interests: reading, microscopic work. Ambition: to be a doctor. Girls' Club Rep. 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. Lived in Honolulu for a time. EHRY, KATHLEEN CKayJ-Interests: insect and stamp collecting. Ambition: to be a beauty operator. Girls' Club Comm, Chr. 3. EICHELBERGER, JEAN-Interests: writing, painting. Ambition: novelist. Dislikes: boyish girls, girlish boys. Honor Soc. 2, 3: Athletics 1: Basket Clerk 2, 3: Nurses' Assistant 3: Basketball 3: Tolo Weekly 3. "They Also Serve" Beatrice Itza 119415, former Girls' Club president, is representative of many Franklin alumnae in serv- ice. Beatrice is now Sp.T!2C in the Link Trainer Department, USN Air Station at Corpus Christi, Texas. Her brother Steve C1939J, former Boys' Club president, is at present in the V-12 naval officers' training course at the University of Washington. Her sister Mary Lou 119363 teaches at Cleveland High School: and her sister Rose C1938D is private' secretary to Mr. Virgil Smith, Assistant Superin- tendent of Seattle Schools. 20 5 Martha Wiederrecht and Lucia Carrabba Martha Wiederrecht 419413 and Lucia Carrabba 09415 sometimes come back to entertain in assembly. Martha is well-known to local radio listeners as Martha Wright. Lucia has continued her musical career as pianist and accompanist. 21 SENIORS EMAHISER, LORETTA CSkipD - Interests: reading, dancing. Honor Soc. 3, 4. Entered as Junior from Eugene, Oregon. ENDRESS, ELAINE-Interests: drawing. Ambition: architect. Athletics 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Turn- out 2: Tolo Weekly 35 Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 45 Big Cousins 4. ERICKSON, LOIS-Interests: Rainbow, photography. Ambition: musician. Roll Rep. 1: Comm. Chr. 35 Debate Club 2. FAVRO, TILLIE- Specialty: accordion. Ambition: stenographer. Turnout 1: Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Student Sponsor 2: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Stamp Plan Clerk 2, 35 Lunchroom Cashier 3: Rec. Sec. Girls' Club 4. FENTON, ANN-Interests: collecting words to popular songs. Ambition: to be a dietitian. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. Entered as Sophomore from Broadway. FERCH. SHIRLEY fFerchiej-Ambition: to be an art- ist. Dislikes: gum chewers. Likes: swing records, Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2. 4. FISCHER. ROSEMARIE CCookieJ-Interests: roller skating, dancing. stamp collecting. Ambition: to be a nurse. Dislikes: late dates. Likes: men. FISHER. SALLY CLuJ-Interests: dancing, skiing, rec- ord collecting. Ambition: bank teller. Roll Rep. 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 1: Stamp Plan Clerk 2, 3: Make-up Corps 2. FLANIGAN, MARTHA-Interests: glass animals. Turn- out 1. 2: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Stamp Clerk 3: Make-up Corps 4. FOWLER, BEULAH-Specialty: athletics. Interests: photography. Ambition: to be a nurse. Glee Club 1: Vaudeville 1: Athletics 1, 2: Operetta 3: Quaker Maids 3, 4: Quaker Maid Sec. 4: Choir 3, 4. FRASER, BOB-Interests: skiing, playing a saxophone, photography. Dislikes: wooden shoes. Likes: girls. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 1: Bowling 4, FRAZER, DONNA fStinkyj-Interests: reading, movies. Ambition: secretary. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. SENIORS 4- A- Q FREEMAN, BETTY CBetsJ - Interests: movie stars. Ambition: to be a secretary, Personal EFF1ciency Comm. 2: Roll Rep. 3, FREYBERG, JIM CSquinchD - Interests: mechanics. Dislikes: women who smoke in public: two-faced women. Likes: school, GERGER, FLORENCE tSisterJ-Specialty: ice skating, dancing. Interests: snap shots. Likes: mustard. WGRAVES, JOHN Cjackb-Interests: sailing, swimming. Ambition: to join the U. S. Marines. Movie Club l. 2, 3, 4: Service Club 1: Stamp Club 1, 2: Debate Club 4. 'YGREENHALGI-I, LUCILLE fLouieJ-Ambition: to be a cadet nurse, Bookkeeper Tolo Weekly 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4. Entered as Sophomore from Lincoln, Nebraska. GREGORY, MARY CLEO CMairzy DoatsJ-Interests: ice skating. horseback riding. Ambition: to be a stenog- rapher. Likes: Hollywood haircuts. GRIFFIN, FRANCES CF:-anciej-Interests: dramatics. Ambition: to be an interior decorator. Commercial Club l: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Tusitala Club 2: Ski Club 3: Tolo Weekly 4. GRIMES, NANCY-Interests: dancing. Ambition: to be a private secretary, Make-up Corps 1, 4: Personal EFFI- ciency Comm, Z: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 3, 4: Big Cousins 4: Senior Play 4. GROHS, HARVEY-Interests: sailing, swimming. Am- bition: to be a dentist. Entered as Senior from Everett, Wash. HAMILTON, BILL- Specialty: swimming. Interests: model railroad. Ambition: to be a bachelor. Dislikes: girls. Second team football 4. HAMILTON, DOROTHY CDottieJ-Interests: drawing. Ambition: meteorologist. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Roll Rep. 3, 4: Decoration Comm. 3: Tolo Art Staff 4. Entered as Jun- ior from Aberdeen, Wash. SFHANAUER, JERRY-Interests: skiing, swimming, rid- ing. Ambition: U. S. Marine Corps. Entered as Junior from Roosevelt High. 1 SENIORS HANSEN, CLARA-Interests: swimming, badminton. Ambition: to be a lady of Leisure. Likes: any good boy over Eve feet ten. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Lunchroom Comm. 3, 4: Stage Force 2. HANSEN, VIVIAN 1Vicky1-Specialty: drawing. In- terests: ice skating. Ambition: costume designer. Ice Penguins 2: Big Cousins 4. HARMAN, RUTH 1Herman1-Interests: swimming, ski- ing, bowling. Ambition: housewife. Likes: sailors with brown eyes. Glee Club Pres. 1: Glee Club Sec. 2: Glee Club Treas. 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Treas. 4. HARPER, MARILYN-Likes: people who keep prom- ises. Dislikes. sarcasm and oysters. Roll Rep. l: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Make-up Corps 2: Debate Club 3: Glee Club 4: Senior Play 4. HAYS, FLORENCE 1Sonny1-Ambition: private sec- retary. Likes: dancing and blond-haired boys, Basket- ball 1. HAZELHURST, ELLA-Interests: ice skating, dancing. Ambition: cadet nurse. Entered as Sophomore from Gar- field High. HEINL, VERVAL 1Suzie1-Specialty: sewing. Ambi- tion: cadet nurse. Likes: swimming, sleeping. Entered as Senior from Fort Dodge, Iowa. HELD, SHIRLEY 1Shyrl1-Interests: sports. Ambition: to be a private secretary. Likes: chocolate sundaes. HENDERSON, DOLORES 1Dee-Da1-Interests: danc- ing. Ambition: to be a riveter, Athletics 1: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Student Sponsors 3. HENDRICKSON, joe - Interests: handball, model planes. Ambition: navy. Honor Soc. 3, 4. Sk motorcycles, Ambition: to own the most powerful Harley- Davidson hill climber ever made. HESS, DICK-Specialty: art and carving. Interests: HIEB, JOSEPH-Specialty: track. Interests: skiing, boating. Ambition: electrical engineer. Aviation Club 1, 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 3. "There's Music in the Air" Florence Orr Klein 119141, concert and recital artist, teacher of voice, and choir director is one of many distinguished Franklin musicians. She is shown in the picture reproduced here. Newspapers help us keep track of our celebrities. Recent items informed us that Vesta Muth Richards 119231 was soloist at the Friday Morning Music Club in Washington, D. C., and teaches piano at her home in Annandale, Virginia: also that Dorothy Baker Clawson 119241 and her husband live at Lyme, Connecticut and Dorothy is soloist at Marble Collegiate Church. On the roster of Franklin musicians are: A1 Hoffman 119211, composer of "Mairzy Doats" and other popular songs: Hine Brown 119231, violinist and symphony conductor: Charles Gould 119271, orchestra leader: Marden Bate 119331, singer: Herbert Bartlett 119251, singer: Patsy Perkins 119431, violinist, now in viola section of Seattle Symphony: Marjorie Chandler Livengood 119241, music teacher at Helen Bush School and member of violin section of Seattle Symphony: J. B. Norris 119201, singer: Vincent La Salle 119341, singer with Perroni Opera Guild: Carmen Frye Morris 119191, pianist: Helen Dodge 119391, singer: Eleanor Lewis 119441, is studying voice at New York College of Music while pursuing a pre-medics course at New York City College l and will enter Magill University at Montreal next summer. 1Her mother, Juanita Carter Lewis 119241 has accepted a position as overseas worker with the American Red Cross.1 Readers will recall others who should be added. Many men- tioned "Babe" Egan, who, as Capt. Feek says, "played the violin about 1913-14 around Franklin and since before all the crowned heads of Europe": others told of her red-headed a1l-girls'orches- tra. Perhaps some reader can tell us more about her for a later book. 23 SENIORS HIGH, LEA 1Red3-Interests: dancing, bowling. Am- bition: journalistic career. Likes: a certain fellow in Navy Blue. Dislikes: shy people. WHOBART, WANDA-Interests: riding, skating, swim- ming, Ambition: stenographer. Dislikes: short boys. HOLMSTAD, ELAINE-Specialty: drawing. Ambition: commercial artist. Turnout 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Tolo An- nual Art Staff 3, 4: Rhythm Rollers 3. HOLMSTAD, RALPH-Ambition: journalism, commer- cial artist. Service Club 2, 3: Football 3: Tolo Weekly Sport 3: Tolo Annual Art 3: Tolo Weekly Editor 4: Honor Soc. 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4 1Pres. 43: Class V.-Pres. 4. HOOVER, JOAN-Specialty: food. Interests: skiing and swimming. Ambition: journalist. Entered as Junior from Walla Walla High. HREN, FRANK 1Butch3-Interests: flying, accordion. Ambition: Army Air Corps. Mgr. of lst Team Football. Entered as Sophomore from Wyoming. HUNTER, HARVEY 1Harv3-Specialty: photography. Ambition: drafter. Likes: cokes, liberal teachers. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3. Entered as Junior from Queen Anne. HUTTON, NORMA 1Nonie3-Interests: dancing, swim- ming, tennis. Ambition: laboratory technician. Stamp Club 1: Bank Clerk 1, 3, 4. YHYDE, JIM-Interests: fishing. Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Spanish Club 1, 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Interschool Council 3, 4. Pres. Class 3: Sec, Boys' Club 4. IACOVACCI, MARIE 1Shorty3-Specialty: eating. In- terests: skiing, books. Ambition: buyer. Roll Rep. 1, 3: Stamp Plan Helper 2: Big Cousins 3, 4: Librarian 4: P. T.-A. Tea Comm. 4. JENSEN, JOHN 1Johnny3-Interests: wine, women, song, DeMolay. Ambition: naval aviation. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 4: Boys' Club Comm. 3. "JOHNSON, Alice-Interests: dancing, roller skating. Ambition: to be a housewife. Annapolis Appointees ' John M. Little 119443, at present Cadet Midshipman, U.S. N.R., in the Merchant Marine, was recently named principal candidate from this district to the Naval Academy at Annap- olis. At the same time Edgar Horton Smith 119433 and Lewis L. Simpson 119443 received sec- ond and third alternate appoint- ments respectively. Several other Franklin boys have had Annapolis appointments. Among them are Ernest E. 1Jack3 Reynolds 119393 and John Gruger 119313. Other Franklin boys have been honored with West Point appointments: these include Walker Milner 119243, and Charles Rau 119243. 24 Service in Two Wars How many Franklin- ites have served in both World Wars? One such alumnus is Harold W. Richardson 09189, CBM USN. One news- paper summarized his career thus: "From Navy to immigration patrol inspector and back to Navy-that is the synopsis of the life of Harold W. Richardson since First World War." Captain George Cohan 09141, Seattle business man and past American Legion Commander, is in the Army again. A few months ago he was sent to the School of Allied Military Government at Charlottes- ville, Virginia, for a nine months course after which he expected to be assigned to the Far East. Com- mander Philip J. Weiss, former Seattle attorney, is back in the Navy and serving in the South Pacific. Major Emery Stanley 119215 is again in service. Lieutenant Commander Douglas S. Egan 119195, formerly with the General Steamship Corporation, has been in Casablanca, Tripoli, and India. 25 SENIORS JOHNSON, MURLIN CSwedej -Interests: hunting, swimming. Ambition: Army Air Corps. Entered as jun- ior from Renton. JOHNSTON, BEVERLY CBevJ - Interests: dancing. Ambition: school teacher. Stamp Plan Clerk 3, War Loan Comm. 3. Entered as Sophomore from Fort Dodge, Iowa. JONES, DOLORES-Interests: dancing. Ambition: school teacher. Girls' Club Players 1: Ice Penquins 1, 2, Honor Soc. 2, 3. 4: French Club 2, 35 Tolo Weekly 3, 4, P.-T.A. Tea Comm. 3, 4: Guidance Clerk 3, 4. HONES, JEAN-Interests: roller skating. Stamp Plan Clerk 2. JONES, WILBUR-Interests: radio, chemistry. Ambi- tion: radio engineer. Movie Club 2, 33 Stage Force 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. KENKMAN, BOB-Interests: women, skiing. Ambition: to become owner of a pie company. Debate 15 Ski Club 1, 2: 3rd Team Basketball 1: Tolo Weekly 43 Ski Team 4: Lettermen's Club 4: lst Team Football 4. KILGORE, BETTY CBetty-Janej-Interests: collecting figurines. Ambition: secretary, housewife. Personal ERE- ciency Comm. 1: Girls' Club Rep. 1, 2: Big Cousin 33 Office Helper 45 Chr. Standards Comm. 4. KINGSTON, SYLVIA-Likes: sports. Glee Club 1, Choir 1, 23 Turnout 1, 2: Operetta 2, 3. KNIGHT, LESTER KLesJ-Interests: girls, cars. Honor Soc. Z, 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 2: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Helper 2, 33 Assembly Plays l, 2, 3, 4. KOSKI, LEONA CI-Ioneyl-Interests: sewing. Specialty: dancing. Ambition: housewife. Personal Efficiency 2. Entered as Sophomore from Garfield. LANDRUM, JOHN tjohnnyj-Specialty: music. Inter- ests: wine, women, and song. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 23 Bowling 1: Senior Play 4. LANTOR, SIDNEY flkej-Specialty: fishing. Interests: airplanes. Ambition: lawyer. Entered as Senior from Wallace, Idaho. SENIORS AIN Ll -.4 IX LAWHEAD, RICHARD QRockeyJ-Interests: football. Ambition: engineer. Hi-Y 4: Lettermen's Club 4: lst Team Football 4. Entered as Senior from Okmulgee High. LEFFARD, WALTER fLeffJ-Interests: cars, football, swimming. Ambition: to work for Telephone Co. LEW, KENNETH-Ambition: doctor. Dislikes: silly girls, Track 2, 3. 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. LEW, PHYLLIS-Interests: opera. Ambition: to be something in the musical world. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Lunchroom Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4. LIGHTER, JOYCE-Interests: horseback riding. Ambi- tion: pharmacist. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. LIGHTFOOT, BOB-Interests: mechanics, machinery. Ambition: engineer. Honor Soc. 2. LIPSEY. VIRGINIA CValD-Interests: dramatics. Am- bition: to become a nurse. Girls' Gym Helper 3: Girls' Band 3, 4: Band Officer 4: Big Cousins 3. Entered as Junior from Forks, Wash. LOOMIS, BARBARA CBarbD-Interests: ice skating, dancing, swimming. Ambition: dietitian. Entered as Sophomore from Roosevelt. LORIMER, ALLAN CAD-Interests: forestry work. Debate Club 2. 3: Varsity Track 3, 4: Senior Play 4, En- tered as Sophomore from New England. LOUIE, HENRY-Interests: athletics, Ambition: engi- neer. Intramural Basketball 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. Came to this country as refugee five years ago. 'l'McBRIDE, LLOYD CMacj-Interests: football, horses. Ambition: to be a football coach. lst Team Football 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Treas. 4. McCARTNEY, BOB-Interests: sports, band. Ambition: forestry service. Band l, 2, 3, 4 CTreas. 2, 4: Corr. Sec. 35: Honor Soc. 2. 3, 4: 2nd Team Track 2: 2nd Team Basketball 3: 2nd Team Baseball 3: Treas. Class 3. 52 ,'f SENIORS MCCOMB, IRENE QMickiej-Interests: football play- ers. Ambition: to be an English teacher. Turnout 4. En- tered as Senior from Tacoma, Wash. McDONALD, MARION fMickeyD-Interests: Rainbow, swimming, dancing. Ambition: to be air hostess. "'McGUIRE, VIRGINIA CGinnyD-Interests: collecting Petty and Varga girls. Ambition: travel around the world. Honor Soc. 2, 3: Stamp Plan Clerk 3: Banking Clerk 3: Tolo Annual 4. McKEOWN, KATHLEEN fKatieJ-Interests: horse- back riding, dancing. Stamp Plan Clerk 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Office Helper 2: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Bond Drive Treas. 3: Quill and Scroll 4. MacFARREN, GEORGE CDougJ-Interests: studying early church history. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Sec. Debate Club 3: Pres. Debate Club 4: 1st Place Upton Oratorical Con- test 3. Entered as Sophomore from Queen Anne High. "'MacKENZIE, DOUG CLittle Tackj-Interests: bird hunting, tinkering with cars. Ambition: Navy. Band 1, 2. MARK, ALBERT KAIJ-Interests: athletics. Ambition: chemical engineer. Basketball 1: Intramurals 1, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: School Messenger 2: Service Club 3. "MARTIAL, SHIRLEY CShuzzJ-Interests: Tolo Weekly, photography. Ambition: joumalist. Dislikes: stag lines. Girls' Band 1: Tolo Annual 2: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. MARTIN, NORMA-Ambition: to marry a Southern doctor. Dislikes: plaid shirts and onions. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Stamp Plan Clerk 3, 4: Tolo Annual 3, 4 CEditor 432 Girls' Club Comm. 3: Jr. Numerals 3: Hobby Comm. 3: Big Cousins 4. Entered as junior from Queen Anne. IMATTHEWS, PIERRE CPeteJ-Interests: model air- planes. Ambition: aeronautical engineer. Model Airplane Club 1, 2: Football 3. JFMERLINO, MIKE CMickeyJ-Interests: fishing and hunting. Ambition: U. S. Army. Basketball 1, 2. MICHEL, JANE fjaniej-Interests: traveling and music. Ambition: to drive a fire engine to South America. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Stamp Plan Clerk 3: Girls' Club Rep. 3: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. Entered as Junior from Queen Anne. Paul W. Wood ll9l7l The clippings about Paul W. Wood in the Alumni Scrapbooks kept by Miss Chambers and her committee tell of an interesting career. He attended the U. of W. for three years, then went to the New York and graduated from Columbia in 1920. From 1920-23 he was head of the educational work in a large New York Pres- byterian Church with seventeen men under him and two private secretaries. In 1924 he was taking a law course at Columbia University. In 1925, following a motorcycle accident, he had accepted a position with a Trade Journal: later that year he was connected with a New York Dry Goods Economist firm. During his years in New York he met and married the granddaughter of the late W. P. Fuller of the Fuller Paint Co. They returned to San Francisco where he secured a position with the paint company. He is now president of the Paul W. Wood Company, Paint, Raw Materials and Chemicals, in San Francisco. He writes: "In my small sphere, I've sincerely tried to apply some of the Christian principles of fairness and justice in business. I have run my company on a profit-sharing basis for some fourteen years. The Golden Rule is not only right but profitable. We now have oiiices and warehouses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Port- land, and Seattle. The manufacturers we represent are the largest and most outstanding in our line of work. I have surrounded myself with men of character and ability. Our business is grow- ing: it's hard work, but we get along together wonderfully and have lots of fun." 27 SENIORS MILLER, MARILYN-Specialty: men. Ambition: to be President of U. S. A. Girls' Club Players 1: Turnout 1, 3: Honor Soc. 2: Class V.-Pres. 3: V.-Pres. Inter- School Council 3: Quaker Maids 4: V.-Pres. Girls' Club 4. MILLER, ROBERT EDWIN 1Bob1-Interests: fishing, boating. Ambition: to own a truck line to Montana. MITCHELL, DICK 1Dickie1-Specialty: skiing. Inter- ests: musical instruments. Ambition: officer in the Mer- chant Marine. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MONDSCHEIN, LARRY-Interests: horseback riding. Ambition: lawyer. Debate 1, 2: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Sports Editor Tolo Weekly 4: Yell Team 4. MOORE, PAT 1Minerva1-Interests: dancing, Rainbow Girls. Ambition: to be a teacher. Stamp Club 1: Ice Pen- guins 1: Big Cousins 3: Quaker Maids 3: P.-T. A. Tea Comm. 3: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4: Honor Soc. 4. "'MURRAY, DALE-Interests: hunting, fiddling around with a model. Ambition: doctor. Track 3. Entered as Junior from Sunnyside High. NATION, CHILCOTT 1Chilly1-Interests: experiment- ing with radio and electronics. Ambition: to be a radio engineer. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Senior Band 2: Movie Club 3. Entered as Sophomore from Overlake High. NEWTON, DICK 1Newt1-Interests: magic, dramatics, baseball. Baseball Mgr. 1: Assembly Plays 2, 3, 4: Oper- etta 2, 3: Assembly Comm. 4. NIEDERLE, TILLIE 1Ickfaneud1e Gargans'noff1- Ambition: fashion designer. Spanish Club 1, 2: Turnout 1: Tusitala Club 2, 3 1V.-Pres. 31: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Student Sponsor 2, 3: Girls' Club Favor Comm. 2, 3: Girls' Club Refreshment Comm. 2: Co-Chr. Girls' Club Parties 4. NIGRO, BARBARA 1Bobbe1-Ambition: musician and housewife. Band Concert 1, 3: Operetta 1, 2: Asst. Libr. Girls' Band 2: Libr. Orchestra 2: Libr. Girls' Band 3: Corr. Sec. Girls' Band 4: Efiic. Mgr. Girls' Glee Club 4: Talent Assembly 4. NOWITZKI, LEO L, 1Nitz1-Interests: music. Ambi- tion: to leam to dance. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. OLSON, EILEEN-Interests: collecting sheet music. Ambition: nurse. Entered as Senior from Longview, Wash. Our Policemen Captain William A. Feek 119141, whose son Bill Feek, Jr., was also a Franklin graduate 1in 19421 and is now in service, has provided us the following list of Franklinites on the Seattle Police Force: Capt. Ted Ahner 119201:Lieutenants C. L. Harriott 119171, P. M. Hughes 119261, F. O. Lungdahl 119231, F. L. Carter 119241, R. M. English 119161, C. A. Morrison 119191, Sergeant V. T. Warford: Patrolmen Alvin Svarz 119361, R. J. Fleig 119351, J. H. Lee, Fred E. Lipke 119361, Gaetano Massie 119301, Don J. McKay 119281, R. E. Barto 119341, J. A. Bergin, T. P. Carle- ton 119261, M. C. Nelson 119271, L. I. Newton 119271, W. M. O'Brien 119301, J. A. Perry 119301, and A. W. Seth 119311. The following Franklin police officers are in military service: C. P. Buckley 119291 USCG: A. F. Drovetto, USN: and Mike Napoli 119391 USA. Eleanor Engstrom Lewis 119371 is stenographer in the Junior Safety Division of the Police Department. 28 The Marvin Burkes M. E. Burke 119305 and his wife Grace Hamilton Burke C1930J were in the food business on Rainier Avenue for ten years. Since then he has organized and is a member of the firm of Sportcaster Company, exclusive manufacturers of rainwear and govern- ment coldweather clothing. 29 SENIORS PALLIS, GEORGE CPapadopalasJ-Interests: the sights on First Ave. Intramurals 1, 2: Basketball 3. WPASCHAL, SHIRLEY fTorchyJ-Interests: sports, dancing. Ambition: secretary. Study Checker 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Helper 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2: Girls, Band 4. PEDERSEN, DONALD tDonD - Interests: painting, boats, sports. Ambition: commercial artist. Aviation Club 1. Intramural Basketball 2. PERKINS, LILLIAN fDickieJ-Interests: music. Am- bition: interior decorator. Banking Comm. 1: Roll Rep. 1, 2, 3: Stamp Comm. 1, 2, 3: Office Staff 2, 3, 4: Span- ish Club 2, 3: Big Cousins 4. YPERRY, DAVID-Interests: science, sports. Ambition: doctor. Football 1, 2. PFLUGHAUPT, DON CFly Lopj-Interests: hunting, skiing. Ambition: marry a rich woman or be an engineer. Entered as Sophomore from Cleveland. PINGER, EDITH CEdeej-Interests: sports. Ambition: U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Stamp Plan Clerk 1: Glee Club 1: Commercial Club 1: Basket Clerk 2, 3: Lunchroom Comm. 2: Study Hall Checker 3, 4: Big Cousins 4: Nurses' Ass't. 4. PINYAN, PEGGY tPin-Headj-Interests: dancing. ice skating, bowling, basketball. Ambition: to become an actress. Senior Play 4. PLUMB, MARJORIE QMidgej-Interests: music, writ- ing, camping out. Ambition: doctor. Honor Soc. 2, 3. 42 Tolo Annual 2, 3 tEditor 35: Tusitala Club 2, 3: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 3. 4: Treas. Class 4: Tolo Weekly 4: Glee Club Libr. 4: Student Sponsor 4: Courtesy Book- let 3. YPRATT, BILL fWillyJ-Interests: sailing. Ambition: lawyer. Pres. Class 1, 4: Operetta 2: Football Z, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4 tPres. 43: Assembly Plays 3, 4: Stand- ards Comm. 3. PROVINE, SALLY CProJ-Interests: skiing, swimming. Ambition: travel. Girls' Club Office 1: Roll Rep. 1: Turnout 1: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4 CTreas. 31: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Student Sponsor 2, 3: Tusitala Club 2, 3: Big Cousins 3: Girls' Club Comm. 3: Pres. of Girls' Club 4. QUERRY, MARION-Interests: pottery, skiing. Ambi- tion: to place in a swim meet. Tennis Turnout 4. Entered as Senior from Boise High. SENIORS "'RAATZ, CHARLES fRatsJ - Interests: sports. Am- bition: engineer. RECCHI. DOROTHY CDottieJ-Interests: skiing, danc- ing. Ambition: to have a career. Make-Up Corps 1: Roll Rep. 2: Big Cousins 2, 3, 4: P.-T. A. Tea Comm. 4. "'RECCHIO, HILDA-Interests: dancing, letter writ- ing. Ambition: housewife. RICHARDS, JAMES Cjeepj-Specialty: sports. Ambi- tion: forest ranger. Entered as Freshman from Black Diamond High. "'RIESE, RAYMOND fRayJ-Interests: music, stamps. Ambition: to attend U. of W. Vaudeville 1: Operetta l, 2: Honor Soc. 2: French Club 4. RIGGAN, GRADY-Interests: riding, drawing, swim- ming. Ambition: commercial artist. Entered as Senior from West Seattle. WRITCHIE, DICK-Interests: skiing, swimming, women. Ambition: aviation, Ski Team and Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball Mgr. 1: Golf Team 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 3, 4. ROBINSON, FRANCES CFrannyJ-Interests: painting. Ambition: to play tennis. Roll Rep. 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. ROCKEY, COSMO CRockeyj-Interests: cars, hunting. Third team Football l. ROGNLIEN, ALFRED-Interests: photography. Ambi- tion: business man. Entered as Sophomore from Cleve- land. "'RUNDLE, HERB CGrumblej-Interests: track, Hi-Y. Track 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Treas. 4: Intramural Track 2, 3: Color Guard 4. RUSSO, MARIO CMarJ-Specialty: food. Interests: football, photography. Ambition: to enter U. of W. Tolo Weekly 4. S E N I 0 R S Baseball 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4. SAND, EDWARD CEdD-Specialty: basketball. Ambi- tion: engineer. Dislikes: pixie glasses. Basketball 1, 2 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: CSec. 41: Lettermen's Club 3. 4. SANDLAND, GOLDIE-Interests: singing. Ambition: to be a nurse. Entered- as Senior from Los Angeles. SANTERRE, BERNICE tBeaD-Interests: skating. Am- bition: stenographer. Entered as junior from Sultan Wash. SAUNDERS, IRENE Cjimmy Leel-Specialty: dancing, singing. Ambition: physical education teacher. Girls Club Comm. Chr. 4. SCHIRMAN, JERRY CRedJ-Specialty: cornet, piano. Ambition: music teacher. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Players 1: Girls' Band 2, 3. 4. SCHORR, MARILYN-Interests: dancing, swimming. Ambition: secretary. Make-up Corps 1: Bank Clerk 1, Roll Rep, 2: Tolo Weekly 4. SCISM, MERRY CDoodle-doj--Specialty: jitterbug- ging. Ambition: secretary. Dislikes: Mt. Baker girls. Girls' Club Comm. 4. Entered as Sophomore from Bend, Oregon. SCOVEL, FERNIE CShortyD-Interests: band. Ambi- tion: doctor. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Big Cousin Comm. 4: Chr. Health Comm. 4. Entered as junior from Rapid City, S. Dak. SEVERSON, JOYCE CRoyJ-Interests: skating, danc- ing. Ambition: housewife. Entered as Senior from Rush- ford, Minn. SHAW, MARY LOU-Specialty: men. Interests: danc- ing, skiing. Entered as Senior from Garfield. SHEDDEN, JANET Cjanj - Interests: Rainbow and Horizon Clubs. Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 3, 4: Bank Clerk 3. SAMUELS, GEORGE tSamJ-Interests: football, hunt- ing. Ambition: first class machinist. Football 1, 2, 3, 4' v May We Present . . . Verne L. Farrow 119411 was prominent in band activities and organized the "Key- noters," a dance orchestra. While a cadet in the Army Air Corps at Utah State College he led and conducted the Air Corps band. Later in competition he designed and painted the class insignia for Squadron-41 at Santa Ana, California. He later received advanced training as a bomber pilot. On page 110 will be found a couple of cartoons which he did for this book. The picture of John Hiles looks as if it were taken in the Arctic but it was taken in the Middle West when the temperature was eighteen degrees below zero. He wrote: "My buddy and I got to be friends on the line working on P-47's. That's the skull and crossbones on my jacket. Good luck to all of you swell girls and boys of Franklin." No word has been received from Jack now for several months. SENIORS SHIELDS, PATTY-Ambition: secretary. Make-up Corps 1: Bank Clerk 1: Roll Rep. 3: Tolo Weekly 4. SIMON, BARBARA CB:-ibsj-Interests: music. Ambi- tion: musician. Roll Rep. 1: Libr. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Band Concert 1, 2, 3: Libr. Girls' Band 2: Treas. Girls' Band 3: V.-Pres. Girls' Band 4: Operetta 1: Pres. of Girls' Glee Club 4. SIMONS, EVA fEviJ-Interests: dogs, dancing, Am- bition: doctor. Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Banking Clerk 2, 3: V.-Pres. Class 2: Girls' Club Decorating Comm. 3. ' WSITZE, BERMEL-Interests: reading. bowling. Am- bition: to be a typist. Entered as Freshman from Mis- souri. SIVICH, TOMMY-Interests: archeologY. astronomy, Track 3. SLOAN, FRANKLIN CFrankiej-Interests: roller skat- ing. Ambition: foreign postal clerk. Faculty Library 2: Big Cousin 2, 3. SNIPPEN, ARLENE-Interests: Jr. Orthopedic Guild. Ambition: to be a social worker. Girls' Club Chr. 4. Entered as Junior from Queen Anne. SNOPE. LUCIA CLewJ-Interests: music, cooking. Choir 2: Libr. Choir 2: Girls' Band 3. SPELLMAN, DEL CSpotj--Interests: hunting. Ambi- tion: forest ranger. Band 1, 2. 3, 4 CPres. 45. STEEVES FLORENE Tootsj-Specialty sewin .In- . C I 8 terests: music, swimming. Ambition: designer. STEVENS, BETSY fStevieJ-Interests: collecting min- iatures. Tolo Weekly 4. Entered as junior from Sumner, Wash. STILLMAKER, DOLORES-Interests: swimming, pho- tography. Operetta 1, 2: Quaker Maids 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 4: Camera Club 2: Tolo Annual Staff Photographer 2: Roll Rep. 4: Turnout 4. Service Alumni Above we see Bill Ware 419322 who is with the Medical Corps oversea: Clive Wienker 09431: and Cpl. Nicholas C. Nelson C1939D, in the Amphibian Engineers, somewhere in the Pacific area. Bill's sister Kathleen was a February graduate. Clive has written many letters to Mr. Evatt telling of his experiences. 1 32 :Anja , --f--,-,,:----,,,- as 'Y' F? 'R 1 A-f ff he Service Alumni Here we present Lester E. Sanders 119411 CM3!C serving with the 91st Naval Seabees somewhere in the Pacific: Richard Yazzolino Cl94OD with the Army Medical Corps in the European theater: and Bill Wraith C1942J, Fireman 1!C, who works in the inter- communication shops repairing telephones and battlephones. 33 SENIORS STOOPS, MARGARET-Interests: art, crafts, dancing. Ambition: costume designer. Basket Clerk 2. STRONS, PETERS - Specialty: cooking. Interests: photography, woodburning. Hi-Y 3, 4 CChaplain 45: Let- terimen's Club 3: 2nd Team Baseball 3: lst Team Foot- bal 3, 4. STROUD, MARDEN-Interests: boating, woodwork- ing. Ambition: dairy farmer. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4. STUDLEY, LILA-Interests: ice skating, dancing. Am- bition: secretary. Tolo Staff 3: Cultural Arts Chr. 3: Guidance Clerk 4: Chr. Big Cousins 4. SULAK, ANTOINETTE CToniJ -Interests: skiing, sailing, Hoaloa. Ambition: fashion designer. Make-up 3, 4: Girls' Club Players 3: Pres. of Choir 3. Entered as Sophomore from Renton High. "SULLIVAN, LAVER CLiverJ-Interests: women, cars. Ambition: Army. Ice Penguins 2, 3, 4. SUSNAR, GEORGE-Interests: sports. Ambition: engi- neer. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: 2nd Team Basket- ball 3: lst Team Basketball 4: Hi-Y 4. SWANSON, ART R. CSwedej--Interests: travel. YTALBOTT. BILL-Interests: skiing. Ski Team 2, 3: Honor Soc. 3, 4: lst Team Football 3, 4: lst Team Ten- nis 3: V.-Pres. Boys' Club 4. Entered as Sophomore from Seattle Prep. TARLSON, AUDREY-Interests: dancing. swimming. Ambition: air hostess. Glee Club 1: Roll Rep. 1: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2,: Vaudeville 1: Tusitala Club 2: Sec. Class 3. TAYLOR, ELEANOR- Interests: horseback riding. Ambition: dietitian. Banking Clerk 1: Library Helper 2: Lunchroom Cashier 3: Girls' Club Players 3: Choir 4: Glee Club 4. THEDA, KATHERINE fKathrina Theldal-Interests: dramatics. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 3: Assembly Players 2. Entered as Sophomore from Queen Anne. Q SENIORS VIN C' R THERIAULT, JEAN-Interests: dancing, shows. Am- bition: college. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 1: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. 'Tl-IOMSEN, BETTY 1BetsJ-Interests: tennis, swim- ming, badminton. Ambition: secretary. TILNER, JACK-Likes: history. Mgr. Track 33 Mgr. Football 4: Lunchroom Helper 4. TODD, COLLEEN-Interests: dancing, music, travel. Ambition: travel through U. S. and South America. Girls' Club Comm. 35 Girls' Club Rep. 4: Study Hall Ass't. 3, 4. TRAYER, BONNIE QGayJ-Specialty: singing, Inter- ests: race problems, Ambition: to move to California. Entered as junior from Wyoming. TURNER, HARRIET QI-Iarryj--Specialty: skating. In- terests: collecting pictures. Ambition: secretary or Navy nurse. ' VANNINI, DONNA- Specialty: dancing. Interests: sailing, eating. Ambition: Ballet Theatre. Vaudeville lg Operetta 1: French Club 2. 3: Tolo Weekly 4. VAN WYCK, CAROL- Interests: Junior Orthopedic Guild, dancing. Athletics lg Tolo Annual 2, 4: Spanish Club 2: Office Helper 3: War Bond Comm. 3: Social Serv- ice Rep. 4. VERGINIA, ANNA MARIE CReJ-Interests: dramatics. Ambition: learn to swim. French Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Horizon Club 3, 4: Tolo Weekly 4. VIELE, REBECCA fBeckyj-Interests: horseback rid- ing. Ambititon: get married. Honor Soc. 2, 3, 43 Oper- etta 2: Comm. Chr. 4: Big Cousin Comm. 4: French Club 4. WALSH, JIM-Interests: fishing, duck-hunting. Ambi' tion: ranching on a small scale. Intramural Basketball 1: Service Comm. 2. "WARD, MELVIN-Interests: girls, ice skating. Ambi- tion: radio operator. Jr. Safety Patrol 1, 2: 3rd Team Football 2: 2nd Team Football 3. P-is W qs' si fi.: . SENIORS YWARNER, OLIVE CRipj-Specialty: cooking. Inter- ests: horses, collecting poor-work slips. Ambition: to catch a school bus on time. Operetta 1: Orchestra 2. WATSON, WARREN-Interests: hiking, traveling. Am- bition: to travel. Entered as Freshman from Ellison junior High. WEBER, LEONA CPasslioJ-Specialty: ballroom danc- ing. Interests: menu collecting. Ambition: to be a good wi e. WEISS, LORRAINE fRayniJ - Interests: sketching. Spanish Club 1, 2: Tolo Weekly 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Girls' Club Favors Comm. Chr. 2: Girls' Club Comms. 2, 3, 4: Tusitala Club 2, 3 CSec. 39: Student Sponsor 2, 3, 4 CChr. 43: Scrapbook Comm. 3, 4. WESTOFF, JEAN fjeanniej-Ambition: secretary in Washington, D. C. Girls' Club Players 1: Tusitala Club 2: Spanish Club 2: Girls' Club Honor Soc. Chr. 3: Honor oc. 4. "WHITE, FRED-Specialty: stamps. Ambition: Air Corps. Dislikes: school. WHITE, NANCY-Ambition: to live in Nome. Oiiice Helper 1: Roll Rep. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Club Comm. 3: Recrea- tional Survey Comm. 3: Tolo Annual 3, 4: Big Cousins 4: Stage Force 4: Girls' Club Program Co-Chr. 4. WHITEHOUSE, LUGENIA 1LugieD-Interests: music and swimming. Ambition: journalist. Roll Rep. 1: Turn- out 1: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4 CTreas 45: Vaudeville 1: Honor Soc. 2: V.-Pres. Glee Club 3: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 3: Cultural Arts Chr. 4: Tolo Weekly 4. WHITLOCK, SARAH-Interests: buying new clothes. Roll Rep. 1, 2: Glee Club 1: Vaudeville 1: Gym Oliice Helper 4. WIDRIG, CAROL-Interests: music. Glee Club 1, 2: Sr. Orchestra 1: Tusitala Club 1: Girls' Band 2: Choir Z: Honor Soc. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Comm. Chr. 4. 'WIDRIG, JACK-Interests: outdoor life. Ambition: forestry. Basketball 1, 2: Stamp Club 1: Anglers' Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Tennis 3, 4 CCapt. 41. WIDRIG, RALPH fwoodyj-Interests: sports, science. Ambition: Fish and wildlife service. Dislikes: history. Anglers' Club 2, 3, 4. We Proudly Present . . . COMMANDER ALAN G. GRANT, 1920, one of the owners of the George Grant Optical Company of Seattle, was actively asso- ciated with the Seattle Battalion of the U.S.N.R. for twenty years. He was called to active duty in 1940, had command of a mine sweeper in Puget Sound, was executive oflicer on a de- stroyer in the Alaskan campaign, has commanded an amphibious destroyer in the South Pacific and a destroyer patrolling in the Pacific. He received a citation and Silver Star Medal from Ad- miral Halsey for gallantry in the New Georgian Campaign in 1943. His son Gordon is a Sophomore at Franklin this year and he has another son, Bob. COLONEL CHARLES RAU, 1924, is in command of the Seventh Armed Group somewhere in Holland. He was graduated from West Point in 1929. He was Art Editor of the Tolo while in school here and later Art Editor of the Howitzer, yearbook at West Point. After graduation from West Point he was stationed first in California, then for three years in Manilla, and for seven years in the lirst Tank Unit, working under General Patton, at Ft. Benning, Georgia, and later in the European Theater. He was in command of an Armored Tank Battalion in the second convoy sent to North Africa in 1942. He has served in twelve different countries in the European Campaign. He received the Soldiers' Medal for meritorious service as Group Commander in France, Belgium, and Holland. His wife and son live in Cali- fornia. His parents reside in Rainier Valley and his mother, Mrs. John F. Rau, is a former Franklin P.T.A. President. His sister Julia L. Rau, 1927, has been in government work the past three years. SENIORS i r WIESERT, KENNY CLuceJ -Interests: photography, dancing. Ambition: aeronautical engineer. Entered as junior from High-Line High School. WILKS, BETTIE 1BetJ-Interests: dogs, swimming. Ambition: "to make fudge I don't have to drink." Rollers 1: Girls' Band 3. WILLIAMS, KEN-Ambition. radio operator on a sub- marine. Football 2, 4: Track 3. WWILLIAMS, MARGARET QPeggyj-Interests: swim- ming, ice skating. Ambition: stenographer. WOLD, BETTY lBetl-Interests: driving a car. Ambi- tion: nurse. Quaker Maids 2, 3, 43 Turnout 2, 3, 4. En- tered as Sophomore from Minnesota. WOODWARD, DOUGLAS-Interests: boating. Ambi- tion: aviation mechanic. Entered as Sophomore from Winthrop High. WRASPIR, FRANKLIN-Specialty: resting. Interests: Fishing, hiking. Ambition: medical school. Intramural Basketball 2. YAGER, FRANK-Interests: gas models. Ambition: pilot. Entered as Junior from Glendale High. YOUDENE, JOAN Uoannej-Interests: collecting rec- ords, horseback riding. Study B Checker lg French Club 1, 2: Roll Rep, 2: Girls' Club Comm. 3: Numeral Comm. 3. YOUNG, ROY CTubbyj-Interests: hunting, fishing. Spe- cialty: sleeping. Ambition: Marine. ZAKNICI-I, Doreen fDodyJ-Interests: ice skating, work- ing. Ambition: secretary. Alumni George F. Myers 09415 sent us this picture from Camp Le- jeune, North Carolina, where he was in officer training for the Marines. He attended the Uni- versity of Washington for three years, where he was on the Rose Bowl team with Jack Tracy 119401, now a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, and Jim McCurdy U.S.N.R.O.T.C. who recently re- ceived this year's sport "Man of the Year" award. R. S. CBobJ Pike 119403 re- ceived his B. A. degree from Whitman College and graduated from Midshipmen's School at Northwestern University. Now an Ensign, he is on active duty in the Paciiic. ai 36 Faculty in Service Pictured is Kiah Wampler, Franklin mathematics teacher, now a Major in the Army: he has been sta- tioned at Ft. Lewis. Other teachers who left Franklin for service in- clude Burke Inslow, history teacherg Lt. Comdr. Norman Walk- er, who after being sta- tioned for many months in Rhode Island, re- cently visited school on his way to a Pacific as- signment: and Lt. Comdr. Harvey Lan- man, former football coach, now on the Shangri La. 37 -mt K 'KN -Mhswa 'N'-..... -....,, ---...,u.,.. -.f-'-in SENIORS BARTON, CLARE-Interests: piano, collecting music books. Ambition: dressmaker. DOMES, BOB-Specialty: playing in dance bands. In- terests: music, dancing. Ambition: song writer. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Yell Team 2, 3. FLETCHER, KATHERINE CKathyJ-Interests: danc- ing. Ambition: to get a job. A JOHNSON, ELWIN-Interests: aviation, dancing on Skates. Ambition: engineering. Track 1: Jr. Band 2: Band , 4. LOUIE, PEARL K.-Interests: music, sports. Ambition: 2:0 enter college. Honor Soc. 2, 35 Bank Rep. 23 French lub 2. MECARTEA, CHARLIE-Interests: stamp collecting, farm life. Ambition: doctor. Likes: good food. Dislikes: foolish girls. MELLOR, EVELYN fEveJ-Interests: interior deco- rating, dancing. Ambition: interior decorator. Dislikes: silly boys. RADWILL, IRENE fDocJ-Interests: swimming, horse- back riding. Ambition: stenographer. Stage Force 2. ROBERTS, BARBARA QBobbieJ-Interests: collecting snap shots, roller skating. Ambition: choir director. Or- chestra lg Choir 25 Student Director Choir 3. NOTE: At the time that this section was prepared the students in this panel had not been accredited for June graduation. They intend to ga to Summer School il necessary. junior Class THIS IS TO introduce the juniors, or, if some of the members of the class prefer, the Seniors of 1946. We'd really like to get acquainted and there's no better way of starting than by meeting the officers. We have the distinction of being the only class with two presidents. jean Cameron, who held the office during the first semester, became a Senior and passed her job on to Angelo Merlino. Until then he had done a super-job as vice-president. Barbara Gove records all the minutes and Gene Wilson holds the keys to the treasury. Miss Kuehn is our class adviser, and confidentially we think she's "tops." But on to the other outstanding Juniors. Basketball is first and in the middle of it all you'll easily spot Bill Lee and Lawrence McCartney. Bill made first team when he was a Sophomore and gave hoop fans plenty of thrilling moments. And looking back on the line of scrimmage of the football season we see Jim McCallum, Lawrence McCartney Cthat boy gets aroundj, Tom McCurdy, Gene Wilson, and John Hill giving their all for Franklin. Tom couldn't finish the season because of an injury received in one of the earlier games, and we lost a really good player. Hand in hand with sports go those snappy cheer leaders who give their all to make school spirit something to be heard. Joe Smith, a member of our class, is one of the four. And not to be forgotten is Angelo Merlino who has received a lot of recognition and credit for being head manager, the man behind the men that play the game. The juniors really shine during the baseball season, being represented by such dashing players as Jerry Marks and john Hill. Our outstanding claim to fame, however, is found in that much talked about band, the Aristocrats of Swing. Marvin Thomas, the ex-leader of the Aristocrats, is often referred to as the Harry James of Franklin for obvious reasons. Johnny Ellis, present leader, doubles on the ivories and the trumpet, and who's complaining? Al Powers and Ted Whiting can be found anytime making sweet music on their saxophones. Many of the colorful posters and art displays on the first floor are contributions of Edith Hollinshead. Carol Louvier is a well-known figure on the Tolo Weekly staff. Mary McConihe is remembered for her very original rendition of Clementine in one of those marvelous talent assemblies. Eileen Eubank does all right on the intellectual side and David .Black was Sophomore class Prexy last year as well as winner of the Upton Oratorical Con- test the year before. These are just a few of our well-known classmates and we're justly proud of them all. But no class would be quite complete without a certain touch of glamour. This is ably supplied by Jane Bannick, Delores Culbertson, Blanche Eisinga, and Barbara Garthley. Wethope you've enjoyed meeting some of us and be sure to keep an eye on our class be- cause we're planning even bigger and better things for next year. JEAN CAMERON. 38 JUNIORS Maxine Adams David Albrecht Walter Ames Gloria Anderson Jerry Anderson Girard Anschell Grace Anslow Diana Attlesey Frank Badolato Gloria Bagnariol Bill Baird jane Bannick Marianne Baron Kenneth Barr Charlotta Barton Hal Baumann Janet Belshaw Charles Benson Phyllis Bianco David Black Anitalee Blois Albert Paul Bloss Beverly Bock Dorothy Bouck Lorraine Bowden Howard Bray Kay Brennan Irwin Brenner Ron Bretall Rosie Brice Beverly Brydges Irene Buffone Barry Bull jean Butts Catherine Byrne Greta Cade Sv- Anchors Aweigh Malcolm Hume M9435 Meno Martino Don Perkins B1llHendricks Bob Bernhard H9433 JUNIORS Jenny Carpine jacquie Carr Loraine Carson Joyce Carter Phyllis Chadwick Peggie Chapman Vera Chinn Betty Clement Donald Collins Elaine Collins Frank Coluccio Tom Cooke Rose Corak Lenora Costain Franklin Couch Don Covey jerry Crohn Delores Culbertson Laura Cummings Bernice Dale Marietta Darrow Bill Dieffenbach Alan Drake Gloria Driscoll Shirley Jeanne Dunn Harrison Eaton Paul Edgar Wilma Egan Gwen Egger Alpha Ehry Blanche Eisinga Arlene Elder Frances Eldringhoif Roberta Elford John Ellis Evelyn Endress "Ike" Kelly Hassain JUNIORS Carrie Eng Richard Ennaro Janis Erlendson Eileen Eubank jewel Fales Claude Falk Billy Farmer Diane Fiebig Lorraine Fishback Diana Fisher Marian Froseth Barbara Garthley Chuck Gatzka Virginia Geroux Donald Gibbs Marielle Gigo Chuck Gill Paul Gillie jean Glasford Barbara Gove Byron Grove Grace Groven Don Guptill Shirley Haggblom Leo Hagland Ruth Hart Aileen Harting Bob Hawkins Lois Heartley jackie Hede John Hill Gwen Hillestad Edith Hollinshead Kay Hough john Howe Barbara Howes X Tw fmzwfl lil? Angelo Borracchini Dmo Borracchini Hamilton CI-Iam3 Burbank Rideout Denny Glralmo Nick Giralmo 119423 419403 Rideout 119333 C19333 119403 U. S. Infantry Seabees U S N C19413 Cpl U S Army Pfc Army Air Corps JUNIORS Bob Hughes Pat Hume George Iliff Colleen Jackson Albert James Rosie janusevich Marvin ,lessen Margie Jewell Ruth Joersz Amerylis Johnson Betty Johnson Vesta johnson Billie Rae Kennon Keith Kimerer Barbara Kinnee Jack Kinnex Helen Knudson Virginia Kobcr Robert Kuder Morton Kuznetz Morris Labusky Eric Larson Ian Lavender Bill Lee Lois Le May Dolores Libri Mary Lorimer Edmond! Louie Kenneth Louie Carol Louvier Stuart Lovell Norman Lurie Melvin Lynch Jim McCallum Lawrence McCartney Mary McConihe JUNIORS Tom McCurdy Dean McKellep Barbara McKeown Jackie MacNay Pat Mager Christ Makos Josephine Malaspina Norman Mangelsen Jerry Marks Neva Maski Dolores Mastodi Elaine Matteson Esther Meeder Angelo Merlino Elsie Messier Jayne Miller Shirley Miller Bertha Mivatovich Rosegene Moline Harriett Murphy Josephine Naze Albert Niccoli Jacqueline Noehl Irene Olson Shirley Olson Jo Patanelli Walt Pennington Kathleen Peterson Wayne Peterson Al Powers Bill Quigley Don Raatz Ramona Rafferty Dolores Rafiti Jean Rassat Charles Ratcliffe uwings!! Woes Stewart Barker C19-133 Cliff Barker 119333 Walter james Q19423 Les Yates C19413 Bob Pacquer H9403 Second Lieutenant Bob Pacquer, Bombadier Navigator, was one of seven distinguished students who received JUNIORS John Raynes Robert Read Bettie Ready Shirley Reynolds Nola Rhoads Jack Richards Doris Richardson john Richardson Shirley Riese Jack Robinson Marjorie Robinson Raleigh Rogers Dolores Rossi Barbara Russell Shirley Russell Virginia Russell Dorothy Salonek Frans Schack Lois Schirman Barbara Scholl Georgene Schwartz Jeanne Schwehm Fern Schwerdfield Dorothy Seaman Jack Shadix Joe Shaw Erwin Sherman Frances Shucklin Vivian Simmonds Joe Smith Patsy Smith Sally Snyder Bill Sotiroff Sally Sparks Doris Stearns Grace Steindl special engraved wings . JUNIOR Virginia Stenson Dreda Stephenson Jim Stirrat Yvonne Stone Richard Stoops Keith Stowe Ruby Stull Paul Templet Beverlee Tenhoff Joanne Thies Doreen Thomas Marvin Thomas Marjorie E. Thompson Marjorie M. Thompson Tommy Thompson Colleen Tosh Jean Tourtellotte Phyllis Turken Joyce Underwood Barbara Viele Madeline Villa Barbara Walker Betty Walker Eleanor Wallick Margaret Warfield Don Wasson jackie Waters Dolores Weiss Margare: Weissenborn Clyde Wellner N:rman Welsh Dorothy West Virginia Westfall Harold Wetmore Alice White Ted Whiting Wyone Whittaker Joan Wilcken Maxine Williams David Williamson Gene Wilson Mary Wilson Margaret Windmayer Everett Witte Dolores Womach Betty Woods Melva Yearian S Sophomore Class THE POOR Sophomore Class! We're low underclassmen to the Juniors and Seniors. We're hounded by teachers and snubbedQ?j by the girls. Although we work and drill all day, no honor and glory come our way. But where would our school be without the Sophomore Class? Many of our members sweat on the football Held, training to furnish finished meat for our athletic machine. Some are behind the scenes studying dramatics, as they miss the nail. fMany misses of that nail and they're liable to say something not learned in high school dramaticsj Still others work to help bring you music from the best high school band in the city. More are taking five subjects, turning out for sports, working after school or doing all three in an effort to serve our school and company and to prepare a place for themselves in the p0St-War world. There are Ray Senior in footballg Ronny McKeown in basketballg glamorous Joyce Ban- nisterg handsome Jim Grahamg Ann Stewart, who's a Writer, our hard-working Tom Armitageg brilliant Bessie Louieg Arnold fjoining the "rinks"j Lyshall live-wire Jean Nazeg Jim Slausonilig and even such as "skipper" Tony QAnonymous.j After these introductions now comes the worst: we've got to meet the officers who represent this class. First we have President Gene Graham-I can't say much about him as I don't know him "well" enough. Vice-President Hugh Ghormley-fine personality and equally as fine a grade-maker. Secretary Joyce Lavender-A-plus personality and also a whiz at a quiz. Treasurer Norma Moorman- and need we say more? Next, in the "soft" spot, we End Miss Jardine. As our adviser she gets all the credit for any mistakes we make. Seriously, though, she is more than up to any job and always comes smiling through. I can truly say I'm glad to have such a "swell" adviser. As to our activities you need but look at the record of our members. Their collective prowess is what counts. We will have our annual party as usual and it promises to be really good. In closing I'd like to say for myself, for Miss Jardine, and for the officers that we're really proud to represent such a promising class. GENE GRAHAM. sqpgilqc '," Y? '- 'it' 5 if Q' X '13 :3:Footn0te .' o 3, ff' 1 ,, . h . , qi Jimmy was a c emist 0 ' But Jimmy ain't no more, Q K 'Cause what Jimmy A G Y l thought was H20 N was H.SO,." 'ff u bv' gy 46 SOPHOMORES Y Barrett, Becker, Bell, Bench. Berk, Bickford, Bishop, Boley Browne, Buchanan, Burke, Burr, Casal, Casal, Chandler, Chetlain Anschell. Armitage, Bailey, Baird, Bannister. Barber. Barry Boyd, Bradshaw. Bragg, Braseth, Brisky, Brock. Brown, Brown Adams, Aleck, Alexander. Andersen. Anderson Badolato, Blakeney. Blanchard, Boll, Box Dahlen. D3rrOW. Deretick. Dinlarf. Dixon. Dow. Dudley. Duily Ferrell, Fesler, Fiscus, Fischer, Fiorito. Flanigan, Fogelherg, Fletcher Corthell. Commisso. Crafts, Criswell, Crace, Dean. Curulla Edgar, Edler, Elton, Elam, Engle, Engel, Ericksen, Erwin Charles. Chase, Christophersen, Clarke. Clapp Duncan, Duvall. Eastey, Eastey, Eastcrbrook We Salute! In addition to officers featured elsewhere in the book, we salute the following, many of whom have undoubtedly ad- vanced in rank: Colonel Frank S. Townsend 091755 Lieuten- ant Colonels Herbert D. Nice 09215 and Walker W. Milner 092453 Lieutenant Commanders Walter Fallon 09295, Allen john 09195, Dave Norton 09345, and Elmer S. Yates 09345 3 Majors John M. Coffin 09325, Roy W. Gustafson 09305, Dan Sedgwick 09365, Emory C"Ham"5 Stanley 09215, and Richard Thorgrimson 092553 Captains Stanley Brogren 09245. Henry F. Coon, Richard Dunn, Arthur G. Hough 09385, Robert Hayes 09255, Walter A. Kind, Frank A. Laz- zeroni 09385, John Murray 09265, Robert C. Royce 09345, Glenn Russell 09365, Allen Sherman 09355, and John Paul Taylor 09265. We regret that space does not permit us to tell about each of these. There are undoubtedly other alumni of equally high rank whose names have not been reported to us. 47 SOPHOMORES Griebler, Green, Gruenefeldt, Gunner, Hall, Hansen, Hamilton Hubbard, Hudi, Huntington. Hurt, Husby, Hutsell, Illes, Jacobs Gaskin, Gholson, Ghormley, Graham, Graham, Grant, Grant Henderson, Hendrickson, Hill, Hilling, Hoague, Holt, Hover Fournier. Frame, Frazier. Freyberg, Frost Hansen, Hanson, Harrison, Heald, Heckenliable Kiel, Knowles, Knowles, Kotlow, Kramer, Krois, Kusak, Lavender Lyons. MacGilvra, McCain, McIntyre, McKay, McCain, McKeown Johnston, Jones, Jorgensen. Keeile. Kennedy, Kinnard, Kinney MCKMOP Jennings Jensen Jensen Johnson Johnson Lonner, Long, Lovelace. Lewis, Lyshall, Lynch, Lyen Lefaver. Levinson, Lloyd-Young, Louie, Loven Lieutenants All! Kenneth R. Bissett 119375, Irwin Blumenfeld 119265, GOD BLS 55 QUR HOME George W. Brown 119415, John R. 1Dick5 Christofferson 119365, Morris B. Cook 119405, Jack M. Crich 119395, Doug- las H. Dean 119365, Wilbur Dearborn 119385, Quentin De Boer 119395, Bernard Dixon 119415, William P. Ellis 119375, William M. Fagan 119415, Arthur G. Fallon 119365, Frank Friedman 119385, Jim Graham 119415, Robert Greene 119305, Arthur E. Hall 119425, Homer Hadley 119395, Walter C. Hin- man 119375, Al Hoelting 119365, Fred Hoeppner 119365, Leslie C' ,. L. Houde 119365, Howard A. Houde 119395, Fred Hughes 119365, Albert Hurwith 119155, John Hutsell 119405, Verne Johnson 119355, Charles Kerr 119365, Howard L. Kleinoeder 119345, Loren A. McIntyre 119345, Neil McIntyre 119365, Jack Milt 119405, Henry S. Noon 119365, J. H. Oakley 119375, Don W. Oliver 119385, Raymond Pence 119365, Bob Perry 119405, Robert Ramsey 119295, Clinton Randall 119355, Walter Reseburg, Jr. 119345, Courtney L. Richardson 119395, Henry R. Seidelhuber 119345, Don Shay 119415, Clay Spell- man 119375, Jack Springgate 119415, Eddie J. Stair 119395, Jack Stallcop 119335, Kenneth Stotlar 119255, Glenn Strand 119435, Walter L. 1Bud5 Thumler 119435, Liberino Tufarolo 119365, Jack Viele 119335, Robert Viele 119395, Bob Wall 119405, Edwin Wallace 119355, James A. Wheeler 119415, Richard Whiting 119365. . -I 48 SOPHOMORES ,am I' xt Morris, Mortensen, Morellato, Monroe, Murphy, Mote, Natelli, Napoli Pendley, Perkins. Phillips, Pierce, Pommer, Poublon, Porter, Potter Meyers, Martin. Migliore. Miller. Mingo, Miles, Moorman Olsen, Olunvd, Owens, Paulson, Patricelli. Pearce, Peppas Manley. Marsten, Martin. Matthies. Mears Naze, Newland. Nelson. O'Brien. Oliver Robbie, Rohn, Romano, Rowe. Rowlands, Russ, Ruiiin, Rylands Sherry, Shoemaker, Shaw, Shedden, Simons, Sims, Swensen, Slauson Rasmussen. Rathbun, Rasmussen, Restall, Reynolds. Reid, Richards Schreicr. Schlenker. Schwendeman, Semlick. Senior, Shadix. Shelton Proctor. Prettyman. Price, Peterson, Pacquer Saxby, Salvino. Sacco, Sanden, Sanborn fx fx V -x A10 Headliners Lt. Col. Philip William John 119255 landed in Iceland with the first American occupation in 1941. Since 1942 he has served in the South Pacific. He recently received a citation from Admiral Nimitz. Headliners for their enviable iiying records are lst Lt. Edwin E. Wallace 119355, lst Lt. Pat Evans 11940, left5, lst Lt. William W. Whalen, and Lt. 1J.G.5 Henry S. Noon 119365. Flying Officer John Newland 119405 has had some interest- ing experiences in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Tech. Sgt. Keith P. Mcjunkins has served as radio operator and waist gunner all the way from Bizerte on the Mediterranean to India, Thailand, and Cairo. Capt. Willis J. Gary 119265 was "one of twelve experienced officers who were sent with Que- zon 1from the Philippines5 to Australia at the time of the fall of Bataanf' Chief Phar. Mate Tom G. Eliadis 119305, former Seattle druggist, served in the invasions of Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Normandy. Lt. George M. Taggart 119205, long a world traveller and adventurer, has continued his incredible experiences in the Navy. Recently he has been in charge of the fishing industry in Saipan waters. What stories he will have to tell! 4 v' SOPHOMORES-FRESHMEN Stoops, Stroben, Stearns, Stowe, Stahlhut, Sullivan, Sunderland, Taylor Wallace, Ward, Weissenborn, Wells, Wells, White, White, Whitescarver Stephens, Sperber, Squillace, Stewart, Stiffler, Staley, Strang Vanderpool, Vitulli, Vitro, Waites, Walker, Wagenfuehr, Walker Smith, Soriano. Sprague, Sprague, Spaulding Taylor, Tesreau, Thomas, Toppano, Vacca Freshmen Wintermote, Yager. Young, Young, Young, Zimmerman Armitage, Avery, Backman, Ball, Baldwin, Baumann, Bearwood Williams, Williams, Withrow, Williams, Williams, Perry Anderson, Anderson. Anderson, Anderson, Angell, Antes Whitlock, Widrig, Wiesert. White Aadland, Adams, Alde, Aleinikoff, Allen, Allyn, Altmayer Teachers , r . T L X BB Dr. John Corbally 09145, Prof. of Education at the U.g XNNDV ,Y , Dr. Verne Ray 09245, Asst. Prof. of Anthropology at the U.g W . Dr. Echo Pepper 09165, mathematics professor, Al Ulbrick- 000 Q, e E son 09215, rowing coachg Ruth Stewart Mitchell 09235 and Marjorie Pidduck 09205, journalism teachers at Broadway and Lincoln, john Kerr 09245, dramatics coach at Lincoln, now studying at Pasadena Playhouseg Donald Hoyt 09225 and Parker Cook 09235, music teachersg Ed Hasselblad 09295, Boys' Adviser at Broadway: Bill Maginnis 09215, P. E. teacher at Cleveland and his brother Dave 09335, who is in the Navyg Donald Laizure 09385, who taught English at Wenatchee, now Personnel Sgt. Major in the Armyg Pan- tella Engel 09285, taking her Ph.D. in music at Radcliffe: Helen Quigley 09195g Sheldon Brooks 092153 Zoe Smith 09355, teacher at Roosevelt and National Badminton Cham- piong Elizabeth Poor 09205, Art Teacher at Lincolng Mar- garet Raine 09195, teacher at Clevelandg Elizabeth Delduca 091955 John V. Fordon 09265, U. of W.g Eugene Griffin 09275, of Griffin-Murphy Business Collegeg George Raynor 091353 Byron Marshall 09275: Virginia Olson 094359 Dr. Burton M. Castner 09155, clinical psychologist in Californiag Dr. Horace Williston 09155, English Professor at the muni- cipal junior college in Chicago: Nobutaka Ike, teaches Japanese to servicemen at Boulder, Colorado: Yuri Ike is going to school at Greeley, Colorado, where she has a secre- tarial position. k ,Z 50 K, X' I x I x X Nl, I V -on xx I sl-g x K, , . Freshman Class LIKE BABY CHICKS a new brood of Freshmen were seen wandering about the halls. The high school system was new and strange to us and we felt rather bewildered. We all went through the regulation Frosh miseries, and it will be nice, when we become big upperclass- men, to look down on the next batch of new arrivals. Of course we feel like old veterans now and have slipped into the Franklin routine easily. We have enthusiastically entered many of the activities such as assemblies and sports, and quite a few of our own members have participated in them. Our super-talent, previewed in some assemblies, was supplied by Heartha Kosin, who is really going places on the piano, Marilyn Ives, who danced in the talent show, Alice Hammer, a member of Franklin's new trio, and many others. Early this year after some rousing speeches we elected our Freshman officers. Here are the ones we chose: President, Barbara Seniorg Vice-President, jim Myers, Secretary, Nancy Lee Newtong and Treasurer, David Chestnutt. Barbara and jim tied for first placeg so they drew straws and Barbara Senior became President. Already known to some of you is our class adviser, Miss Morris, who has pitched into the struggle to get the Freshman Class recognized. With some of the students, Miss Morris has organized a Lunchroom Committee which has been very successful. Now to get back to our social activities. I tried to select a Romeo for our class out of our tall, handsome boys but the competition was too keen. Also I probably wouldn't live long if I tried to pick someone to represent the girls. But seriously I think - xx' 7- , f the Freshman Class is 'W "swell," and although it f seems like a long way off Q 3 X .7 we realize that it won't be ' Q long until we become f Seniors. Our greatest hope is that by that time there will be a peaceful world for all of us. J f qllu, f l x 1 NANCY LEE NEWTON. jf xr FX, N ' ,X L, li r -. L- xx . ',, ' . su- ,. , s --1 lf 'S 1' , . L,.o,4i, X. FRESHMEN Brown, Bruck, Brueger, Bryant, Bundy, Buyan, Camerota Clark, Clothier, Cohn, Cohoe, Constable, Colgan, Coluccio, Campagna Bond. Bowden, Brace. Bradburn, Brice, Briggs Chestnutt, Chinn, Christman, Christopherson, Chun, Churchill, Clancy Beck, Biel, Binns, Bishop, Blackfield, Blakesley. Blyth Campbell, Carson, Carson, Casey, Cassidy Dawson, Deady, DeBard, DeBoer, DeFilipps, Demetriou, Diedrich Faille, Falk, Farmer, Farr, Ferris, Fix, Falcon, Faulstich Daniel, Daugaard, Davidson, Davis, Dahlen, Cupp Eaton, Edmondstone, Egger, Eldringhoif, Emery, Eng, Erickson Corliss, Covello, Crawford, Croce, Croy Dieter, Didlake, Darnell. Duffy, Eason Reported Missing in Action or Prisoners of War Betty Hughes, Freshman, holds the photo of her brother Albert, prisoner in Germany, and the medal awarded to him. Other prisoners include: Captain Bert Backstrom 119321, in the Philippines: Arthur C. Brookins 119141, old-time Seaman, prisoner at Hongkongg PFC. Louis Curtis 1in China1, prisonerg Cpl. George Duncan 119401, interned in Switzerlandg 2nd Lt. Louis H. Pren- tice, recipient of air medal and oak leaf cluster, prisoner in Germanyg Philip Ross Holdsworth 119271, engi- neer, and his wife Violet Walsh Holds- worth, interned in the Philippines: and Frank Knowles 119381, interned in Shanghai. Franklinites missing in action in- clude: Sgt. Daniel F. Callahan, John Cvitkovich 119421, Melvin Daniel, 2nd Lt. Ted C. Shaw 119341, lst Lt. Dennis G. Wales 119401, and Col. Morris F. Taber 119291. Col. Taber was com- mander of a medium bomber squadron gf with Maj. Gen. Claire Chennault's Air ' Force in the Chinese Theater. 52 Yffi. I FRESHMEN Gilchrist, Goins. Gregory, Grenell, Grant, Grandstrom, Gray, Green Haley, Hammer. Hawk, Hawkins, Haynes, Hayum, Heinl, Headrick Froseth, Frost, Fulton, Gallarno, Gehman, Gelzenlichter, Gibson Groce, Hall, Hall, Hanan, Hall, Hansen, Hamilton Fischer, Fountain, Franks, Frazer, Fredericks Gowan, Gidlund, Gibbon, Gosset, Grimes Holt, Hoyle, Harford, Holt, Hren, Hughes, Hughes, Hunt, Hupprich Knox, King, Kovich, Kosin. Kruse, Kukkonen, Laverdure, Lawhead Hendricks, Herzog, Heston, Hildahl, Hjert, Holt, Holt Jensen, Johnson, Jones. Kaiser. Kelley, Kerber, Kimerer Heagerty, Heath. Henderson, Hedberg, Helgeson Ives, Jansen, Janusevich, Jay, Jesser Sons and Daughters Franklin used to have a Sons and Daughters Club. This list includes some present students who would be eligible, M stands for mother, F for father, and B for both: Don Bearwood CFD, Gloria Sherry CMD, Bob Fix CMD, Ruth Harman CFD, Pat Mager CBD, Nancy White CMD, Maxine Williams CBD, Lincoln Erwin CFD, Herbert Staley CMD, Byron Richardson CMD, Joanne Alexander CMD, Lorrin Carl CBD, Betty Shelton CBD, Carol Van Wyck CMD, Jerry Mingo CFD, Bill Heritage CMD, Warren Trepp CMD, Betty Woods CMD, Katherine Fletcher CMD, John Baker CBD, Pat Hall CMD, Beverly Blyth CMD, Helen Heston CMD, Joe Hughes CFD, Laura Cummings CMD, Elaine Endress CMD, Grace Groven CFD, Angelo Merlino CMD, Mary Hawk CMD, Bill Creevey CBD, Bobby Bridge CMD, Virginia Carson CBD, Dick Martin CMD, Paul Edgar CMD, Gerrie Cox CMD, Carol Widrig CMD, Eleanor Wallick CFD, Barbara de Bard CFD, Marietta Darrow CMD, Willis Jones CMD, Donald Fitts CFD, Ronald Gibbon CFD, Harlan Dean CFD, Les Knight CBD, Donald Wells CBD, Jim Graham CMD, Gordon Grant CFD, Joanne Wagenfuehr CMD, Ann Overacker CFD, Lee Roy Lorella CMD, Don McGregor CMD, Bob Simpson CMD, Loren Woods CMD, Alberta Moore CFD, Don Alexander CMD. 53 FRESHMEN Lumm, Lutgen, Lyon, MacGregor, Mangelsen, Madonna, Marlatt, Meron, Michel, Middleton, Middleton, Miller, Minkema, Mitlevic Marriott ,gg ' McClung . Leren, Lewis, Lockwood, Lough, Lovsted, Levitin, Lorella Mclntyre, McGregor, McLean. McMahan, McMullen, Mecartea Laws, Lakman, Lee, Lee, Lee 2 Mecaftel Mayhew, McCain, McCoy. McDonald, McDonald Newbill, Newton, Nickinovich. Olsen. Osburn. Overacker, Owen, ' Rasmussen, Read, Rembaugh, Reynolds, Rice, Richtmyer, Richmond Paddock ' Richardson Murphy, Mortensen, Morgan, Murtha, Myers, Napoli, Nelson Povick, Pierson, Pilo, Potter, Prettyman, Ramaglia, Ramsey Monson, Moore, Moore, Moork, Morrison Paige, Pearmain, Peabody, Peterson, Pollard e In Business John Milner 119175, manager of Washington Athletic Club Garage, George Plant 119295, personnel manager for Safe- way Stores, Lowell Kuebler 119245, vice-president of Seattle First National Bank, Phil Fahey 119235, proprietor of Fahey- Brockman, Douglas Wallace 119165, manager of Graybar Electric Company in Pennsylvania, Westwood Wallace 119165, with Shell Oil Co .in California, Lester Farmer 119155, Credit Manager for Union Oil, George Rogge 119185, local potato broker, Harold Philbrick 119255, officer of First Na- tional Bank, Lloyd Baird 119275, Vice-President of Henry Broderick Co., Loren S. Pearce 119215, head of L. S. Pearce and Co., Frank West 119205, president, and Robert S. West 119215, vice-president of Preservative Paint Co., Bob Mc- Namara 119215, owner of drug store at Mt. Baker center, Ber- nice M. Downie 119145, agency director for New York Life in Portland and Walter Medica, with the same company in Van- couver, B. C., Al Moore 119245, Horist at Dahlialand, Louis Neuss 119275, operator of Seattle Floral Co., George Neuss 119295 boat builder, Joseph Lewis 119165, in the logging business and his daughter Jeanette 119395, working at Seattle Trust and Savings, Gaetano Di Julio 119285, with Octonek Knitting Co., Dick Clarke 119145, of Clarke Bros. Motor Co. of Renton, Harriett W. Hansen 119315, manager of Rhodes Dept. Store Tearoom, B. Franklin Miller 119245, manager of Lerner Shop, john Considine 119165, well-known movie producer, Alice Kahn Olswang 119155, with Hall and Ols- wang, George Comstock 119165, President of Electrical Products Consolidated and Executive Vice-President of Paci- Fic Huts, Inc., Robert MacRae 119305, in the stock and bond business locally. 54 FRESHMEN Ross, Salminen, Sanders, Saunders, Sanderson. Solesski, Snyder. Smith, Smith, Snope, Sleight, Spring, Sposari, Squillace, Stavrou Spellman Selige. Seaman. Senicr, Shepard. Simpson, Simpson, Simpson Rothnie, Rossi. Romeo, Rufhn, Russell, Russell, Ross A Sankey, Sayler, Schroeder. Schwartz, Schaber Richardson, Rider, Ridgeway. Riley, Robinson Tiger, Timlale. Trantum. Troeppl, Trepp, Torelli, Tollefson, Tosh Wintermote, Winton, Wold, Woods, Wooten, Yazzulino, Yourglich, Suverkrup, Sullivan, Tabbut, Taylor, Taylor, Thomas. Thomas Young' Zimmerman Strachan. Suk' Sunderland' Sutich' Sullivan West, White, White, Wldrig, Wikstrom. Wildman, Wille, Williams Vaughn. Veldwyk, Wadum, Wakefield. Wasson, Weiss Trembanis. Trayer. True. Vaslef Miscellany Franklin Lawyers include: Theodore S. Turner 119165, who has been a Republican leader and member of the state legis- lature: john Prim 119165, in the local prosecuting attorney's office: Glen Wilson 119165, Assistant Corporation Counsel of the City of Seattle: E. A. Swift Jr. 119175, also Asst. Corpora- tion Counsel: Jane Abernethy 119385. Region Food En- forcement Attorney in San Francisco: Walter Reseburg, jr. 119345 and Frank J. Eberharter 119325, in service. Science claimed these: William Johnson 119255, research chemist in New York: Henry Elliott 119375, Research Asso- ciate in Physiology at Stanford, studying effects of lowered body temperature: Louise Powley 119275, head dietitian at Virginia Mason Hospital: Robert Barnes 119375, research in i chemistry and engineering: George Robert Jackson 119315, in the engineering department at Boeings: Henry Charnell 119265, chemist in pulp mill at Port Angeles: Dan Pastell 119405, teaching fellow at the U.: Julius Uradnisheck 119315. aero-engineer. now with Lockheed: Paul Suransky 119155. electrical engineer in San Francisco: Martha Reekie Flauhaut 1Old Franklin5, curator of the University Natural History Museum. Here are some librarians: Claire Allez 119175 : Celeste Slau- son 119195, head of the library at Hackensack, New Jersey: Margaret Villeneuve 119295: and Elfriede Gudelius 119275. 1 55 i Mixed Group Sophomores: Little, Gaskin, MacPhee, Read, Antenucci, Martin, Sorg Freshmen: Castrilli, Lee, Cutts, Garrison, Arnold, Woods, Morse New Freshmen: Marr, Goodwin, Littlejohn, Turner. Roberto. Young, Stimach, Young. Lynch, Entering Freshmen, Second Semester Eason, Garrison, Carns, Heartley, Roberto, Macchia, Smyth, Loftus, Hudson, Brorche, Bow, Young Turner, Erickson, Cahill, Favero Rafiti, Larson, Farrar, Hesker. Leffard Baker 56 Eighth Grade ALTHOUGH we are the youngest group in the school, our activities are as many and as much fun as those enjoyed by any of the other classes. Of great interest to the boys was the Intramural Basketball competition, in which all the boys participated. The championship was won by Larry Newell's team. Mr. Knapp kindly arranged before Christmas Vacation for us to see a trained dog belonging to Francis B. Ford. They put on a very interesting show and the eighth grade classes enjoyed it a great deal. Mr. Ford sent us a picture of the dog, Roxy, to remember him by. The Eight B 3's had a Halloween program in room 110. Also at Halloween all eighth grade classes had a feast of doughnuts, through the courtesy of the teachers. The Eight A's put on a Christmas play which was entitled, "The Ruggles Family Gets Ready for Christmas Dinner," from "Birds' Christmas Carol." The Eight A 1's were guests. At Christmas time also groups of Eighth graders sang carols in the hall. In Art class we made menu cards for the wounded men in the Naval Hospital at Sand Point. All the Eighth grades went "over the top," in the Red Cross Drive, some by several hundred percent. The Eighth grade class officers for the second semester last year were: President, Carl Lovstedg Vice-President, Mary Ann Holtg Secretary, Nancy Lee Newtong Treasurer, Ronald Livingston. For the first semester of the 1944-45 school year were the following: President, Tommy Thiesg Vice-President, john Mayg Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara McLeod. At the close of school in june 1944, the Eight A class had a patriotic assembly built around the theme of the contribution to the war effort made by the members of the class. THOMMY THIES. L 0 Q fu W . up af! i PN 57 First Semester Eight A's Franklin, Frisby, Hamilton, Jacobsen, Holt, Jones, Kroon, Livingston, Maguire Collins, Conover, Creevey, Dunn, Fischer, Fisher, Fleming Alexander, Bentley, Bridge, Burrell, Carrabba Thies, Van Hook, Weaver, Wettland, Williamson, Wilson, Woods, York Pedersen, Peterson, Plumb, Ripley, Roe, Rutherford, Rutledge. Scofield Maxwell, May, Minkema, Morris, Pavelich Second Semester Eight A's Young, Sundfelt, Strachan, Stollery, Scism, Risdon, Pinnock, Pedersen, Packenham, Noji McCallick, Lispie, Kaimakis, Lubetich, Kerndl, Holeman, Hilling, Gow, Fritz, Frey, Frank Dilazzora, Dankenbring, Dale, Crookall, Burt, Barney, Anderson Second Semester Eight A's Harrington, Hedges, Hider, Hupprich, Johnson, Kounkcl, Kramer, Kuznetz, Locker Capeloto, Christopherson, Colony, Dilse, Ellison, Feeney, Grant, Haas Baker, Barnes, Beldin, Broad, Brozovich, Calvert Savisky, Riggs, Shields, Shivel, Wade, White, Wilcken, Williamson Myers, Noble, Nevels, Okerlund, Palmer, Phillips, Rainey, Ratcliffe, Ratliff Lee, Lorimer, Lovstad, Mansell, McWilliams, Mustello Walker, Thrash, Tulloch, Steinmasel, Sheehan, Ross, Richardson, Rasmussen. Poor, Pommer Newell, MacLeod, McGrady, LaLander, Larsen, Lane, Johnson, Holmes Fure Fitts, Chase, Cline, Chetlain, Blyth, Beekly, Andrews 58 f WN... in r-+...., 1... Eight B's Hall, Trott. Schlcififers. Parker, Loomis, Morgenstern, Bengston jones, Tapp. Cappetto, jessen, jury Bragg, Hill, Keelfe. Hurt, Hammer, Jackman Pearce, Henderson, Sabin, Ayers, Kremer, Staples McDermott, Gross, Fleming. Baer, Green, Lurie Lind, Smith, Mozzone, Ralston, Smith Wjones, 4fSchweitzer. XBushnell, 4lWinther. 3'Peterson, 2kWitte. 'l'Wildman "fEight A Parry, Almgren, Burt, Abney. Gerrand, johnson Finlon, Maxlield, Haw, Schurman 59 ,- WALTER H. CAMPBELL Cyril A. Rumble C1917D, Captain, U. S education-training myself, and training progressive work, extremely interesting, again." His elder son Dick is a graduate now. From 1917-1919 on duty on gunboat, Distinguished Service Alumni How would you like to play chauffeur for Roose- velt, Churchill, and Stalin? Walter H. Campbell 119271 had that distinction during the Teheran Con- ference. A former Seattle high school teacher, Cap- tain Campbell is a master of many languages. He speaks and writes ten languagesg and, stationed as he is in Iran, "a cross-roads of the world," he is add- ing more to his list. This picture shows him censoring Army mail. His letters have given many interesting glimpses of the Middle East. Colonel Richard C. Mangrum 119235, has been hailed by newspapers as "one of Seattle's greatest heroes." He was one of the first Marine Corps stu- dents to receive flight training at Sandpoint. Later transferred to Oakland, San Diego, and to Pearl Harbor before the war, he and his family witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a squadron leader at Guadalcanal when the Marines were greatly out- numbered by the Japanese. He led a squadron of single-motor dive bombers in the Solomons. He re- ceived the distinguished service cross from Admiral Nimitz. Later when stationed at Corpus Christi, Texas, in command of the aviation cadet regiment, he was awarded the Navy Cross. Since then he has been returned to the Marine Base at Pearl Harbor as Chief of Staif. N., has served in both wars. He says, "All my life has been my subordinates, for the job we have to do today. It has been and I wouldn't do it any differently if I had to start over of Annapolis and his younger son, Douglas, a student there cruiser, and destroyers he advanced from S2!C to Ensign. In 1923 he became Lt. Cj.g.jg from 1924 to 1925 he commanded a minesweeper, then served as Communi- cation Officer in a Destroyer Squadron. He became Lt. in 1926. For the next three years he studied at Annapolis and at Harvard. He was then Radio and Communication otlicer on the battleship USS. Tennessee. From 1932 to 1934 he was stationed at Bremerton as Radio Material Oflicer for this navel district. For three years he served in the Navy Department at Washington returning to sea duty in 1939. In 1940 he became Commander and in 1942 Captain. He was brought ashore in 1942 for work in production of electronics material: last fall he was reassigned to sea duty. W, , . o W9 :,..L 1 .,-- . X 5 K 5 iz ' L - ' it A . it ,S Q 4' at 5 2 5 K COLONEL RICHARD MANGRUM .1 'Q 1 1 - THE RUMBLE FAMILY 60 XX Q SISHUDI. AETKIXVITIKES f?j , fff x ' L 0 , , - .gtololiyx i 'r X I ' 2 Girls' Club ASSUMING THAT half of Franklin High School was to be of the "weaker" sex, early in the history of this institution the Girls' Club was formed. It was organized to give .said "weaker" sex a medium to express whatever talent, frustration, complaints, and ideas that it might have. In its years it has grown to be a vital part of Franklin, contributing not only to the needs of the girls but to the school itself. The areas in which this organization has contributed to the life of the school are many. They range from social to scholastic and include almost every known thing in between. The feminine portion of the student body is not to be outdone by the masculine half of Franklin so far as athletics are concerned. By passing through ei door marked "Girls' Gym" a specified number of times, a girl can win her big "F," which starts her on her way to becoming a "Letterwoman." The athletes carry on from there. fUntil further legislation, no girl can become "4F".j Among the many activities of the Girls' Club is Health Week. This is devoted to making the girls aware of such principles of good health as mental hygiene, and healthful habits, expressed by posters, poem contests, and assemblies. Courtesy Week encourages gracious living. The Big Cousin Committee assists incoming students to adjust to Franklin tradi- tions. The Girls' Club takes an active part in P.-T.A. functions and encourages and helps to maintain scholastic standards by arranging for tutoring and counseling. Social activities, which have always been one of the chief functions of the Girls' Club, have been seriously altered by the hand of Uncle Sam, who snatches off each and every date just as he develops into the dancing partner one dreams about. Poor substitutes are girls' parties, bridge parties, girls, girls, girls, girls!! but we still carry on. There is still the cooperative effort with the boys' cabinet. The combined organization carries responsibility for assemblies, drives, and all civic participation. Through many years of successful accomplishment, the guiding hand of our adviserghas been felt. Miss McCarney has given unstintingly toward the promotion of every Girls' Club activity. Under her direction the officers work toward the best interests of Franklin. SALLY PROVINE. 62 Committee Chairmen Studley, White, Baker, Scovel, Borella, Whitehouse, Martial Michel, Theriault, Cummings, Thomas, Baron, Holmstad. Culbertson, Schirman Verginia, Eichelberger, Weiss, Weiss, Seaman, Baird, Grimes, Windmayer Committee Chairmen Sorg. Noehl, Almgren, Bagnariol, Fiscus, Chetlain. Moore, Stoops, Chittenden, Young, Ames, DeWaele. Schirman, Culbertson, M Fenton Scism, Almgren, Tourtellotte, Saunders, Endress, Widrig, Robinson Plumb, Stearns, Fiebig, Woods, Paulson Bruck, Olson, Windmayer, Weiss, Baird, White, Cummings, Theriault, Girls' Club Cabinet SALLY PROVINE ....... President MARILYN MILLER .... Vice-President GERI COX . . . . . Recording Secretary TILLIE FAVRO . . Corresponding Secretary RUTH HARMAN ......, Treasurer VIRGINIA BURR . . Chairman ol' Chairmen Party Committees - Personal Efficiency- Standards-Alumnae Bradburn, Shecldon, Enclress, Chadwick. Baron, Baima Gibson, Paulson, Paulson, Grandstrom, Brice Squillace. Hawk Office Helpers Robinson, Michel, Stevens, alaspina, Patanelli Weiss, Weiss, Gelzenlichter Sulak Harper, Seaman, White 653 M1 ' .-dn Committees Student Sponsors and Big Cousins Kusak, Young. Scovel, Saunders, Weiss, Robinson Endress, Baker, Studley, Scovel, White, Elford, Sulak, Miller Westfall, Thomas, Seaman. Olson, Windmayer Westfall- Plumb Miller' Frazer, Erickson. Withrow Seaman, Recchi, Weiss, Windmayer, Martin, Malaspina, Patanelli Harper, Hanson, Westhoff Jones, Iacovacci, Weiss, Cameron, Eisinga, Erickson, Baima Allen Alumnae in Service Lt. Harriett S. Orvis 119265, Wacg Lt. Dora Shultz 119285, Nurse, Lt. Ruth E. Larson 119295, Nurse: Sgt. Joy Polis 119355, Marines, Virginia Mason 119375, Wacg Mary N. Disbrow 119435, Marines, Flor- ence Whiteworth 119345, Waves, Phyllis Hyde 119415, Wavesg Marian Stuart 119415, Waves: Cpl. Geraldine Cruickshank 119425, Marines, Bertha Chinn 119385, Wacg Edna Crothers 119355, Wave, Pat Eaton 119405, Marines, Virginia Gerard 119425, Marinesg Bernice Bengston 119395, Marinesg Helen Krengel 119365, Army Ambulance Reserveq 3rd Officer Helen Kosokoff, Wacg Pat Cowan 119395, Wacg Cpl. Marjorie Johnson 119435, Wacg Shirley Marie Rogers 119405, Sparsg Margaret Taylor 119365, Wac, Winnifred E. Russell 119405, Wac, Mary Gormley 119385, Wavesg Dora Newland 119395, Navy Nurse: Sophie Miovski 119415, Wacg Jeanne McKil1op 119425, Ruth Carstensen 119445, Doreen Rogers 119445, Nurse Cadets: Katherine Anderson 119385, Waves, Natalie Jones 119395, Sparsg Jean Rice 19365, Red Cross Representative in India: S!Sgt. Ellen Smith 1194053 Catherine Decker 119385, Waves: Grace Decker 119375, Sparsg Dorothy Gorman 119365, Wacg Rita Dierdorff 119415, Wacg Janet Blash- Held 119385, Waves. Nancy Baker 119385 was a Wave, Pat Finley Hutchinson 119395 a Wac, and Maxine Rogers 119445 a Nurse Cadet. Mixed Groups Plumb. West, Recchi. Moore. West, Whitehouse, Fowler Flanigan. Endress, Underwood, Chadwick, Loomis, McDonald, Baron Senior, Iacovacci, jones. Allen, McKillop 64 W5 Alumnae Notes Pictured above are Natalie Jones 119391, Spars Y lf'Cg Lorraine Blanksma 1193913 and Edna Bake- well 119151. Natalie has been recruiting in Dallas, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana: her picture is one of those on the Spars' advertising folder. Lorraine spent two years at Mills College, where she won three scholarships, but graduated from Northwestern: she has done special chemical research, qualified in thirty days as a Wasp pilot but was excused from service to attend the University of Illinois Medical School. Edna taught Physical Education for fifteen years at the University of Alberta, from which she graduated: she is now engaged in the Tea and Coffee business in Edmonton, where she has plenty of worries because of the present inactivity in world trade. Former Girls' Club presidents who replied to our requests for information about themselves are Jean Maclennan Prochazka 1Pres. 19115 grad. 19141, Edna McKinstry MeCray 119141, Helen Quigle Foster 119201, Alberta McMonagle Drew 119211, Lorita Townsend Thomas 119231, Florence L. Foster 119261, Marion Bertram Haviland 119281, and Beatrice Itza 119411, whom we have told about else- where. Several of these are successful homemakers and mothers. Through them we want to pay tribute to all other alumnae whose only claim to fame is that they have created happy homes and reared healthy families. Mrs. Prochazka has three children, Mrs. McCray two and a grandchild, Mrs. Foster two, Mrs. Drew three, and Mrs. Thomas four. Miss Foster has worked for local Doctors Roger Anderson and Glenn Rotton: we are indebted to her for much alumni information scattered through this book. Mrs. Haviland has done much medical and psychiatric social work: her husband is a Lt. Comdr. in the Naval Medical Corps. We are indebted to Mrs. Prochazka for a long and interesting letter which we wish we had space to print in full. She graduated from the University of Michigan, where, she says, "I had my finger in nearly every pie of campus activities . . . I came out with an A. B. degree, a Phi Beta Kappa key 1cum summa laude1, and an Alpha Xi Delta pin." After a few years in business she married "The Man," a chemist, whom she had known at Michigan, at "The Little Church Around the Corner" in New York. They have travelled extensively in Europe and in the Caribbean. They live in New Jersey, where club activities, her two sons, her daughter, a cocker spaniel, and a "marmalade" kitten keep her very busy. She says: "In an old trunk I still have all my old 'Tolos' and the letters and pins I won at the 'old' and 'new' Franklin. I wouldn't part with them for the world! Along with my Michigan stuff, it makes quite a collection!" -who Boy's Club LOOKING back over an eventful year, the Boys' Club can survey its achievements with pride. Although most of the elected officers left for the armed forces before the year was half over, they carried on in great style, serving about six hundred and fifty boys. Under the able leadership of Mr. Knapp, adviser, they have sponsored pep assemblies, paper drives, clean-up drives, courtesy week, and the Boys' Club picnic. They have encouraged athletics and have had vocational conferences with the boys. The remarkable organization not only encourages and strengthens friendship throughout the school but also creates enthusiasm for activities among the boys. Pictured below, in addition to the Cabinet are the Yell Team: Semlick, Niccoli, Mond- schein, and Smith. Members of the Cabinet are: Henry Casal, president Cnow in the Air Corpsjg Bill Talbott, first vice-president fnow in school for Coast Guardjg Marvin Ander- son, second vice-presidentg james Hyde, secretary fnow attending the Universityjg and Herbert Rundle, treasurer Qnow in the Merchant Marinej. 1 Alumni Notes Former Franklin Boys' Club members are now to be found all over the world. Pictured above are Arthur Watrous, 119365, as he looked the day he was taken prisoner by the Japaneseg Bill Robinson 119445, Rudy Hentz 119445, Duane Culbertson 119445, and Bud La Porteg Jim Allen 119435, Jay Hatch 119435, and Mac Henderson 1194353 and Brock Wells 119415, USCG. Arthur Watrous went to China as a missionary in September 1939. He was in Hong Kong when it fell to the Japanese and was interned at first in a hotel room with others in which they were not per- mitted to open windows and could not even look out because the Japs had pasted paper over them. They had with them only what baggage they could carryg this included one blanket, a few clothes, and his trombone. All money and valuables were coniiscatedg he managed to save the watch his parents had given him when he graduated from Franklin by wrapping it in a piece of waxed paper from a sardine can and secreting it in a jar of "Vick's Vapo Rub." He later was transferred to Stanley Prison Camp, where he spent six months, until he was repatriated on the Gripsholm. He arrived in Seattle on Sep- tember 7, 1942, and has been working "graveyard" shift at Boeings and doing assistant pastorate work. Kenneth Campbell 119165, now pastor of Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church, north of Seattle, was in China from December 1923 until also repatriated on the Gripsholm in August 1942. He writes: "For four years my wife and I were doing missionary work in Yunnan Province, spending Zyl years in Kunming the capital. Since 1929 we have been in the large Presbyterian Mission Station of Hwaiyuan, Anhwei province, where I carried on educational work in Hwai Hsi, our boys' senior high school, and did evangelistic work and a great deal of famine relief work, being chairman of the Sino-American famine relief committee in Hwaiyuan for a number of years. I lived under the heel of the Japanese conqueror for four years in Hwaiyuan, which was a garrison town just half a mile from the line separating us from "Free China." During that time we were constantly under attack from some 40,000 troops of the Chinese irregulars. The last eight months I was a prisoner of the Japanese. I thus had an opportunity to study the war situation in China intimately and had many experiences, most of which I would not care to repeat." Servicemen who returned our alumni questionnaires or wrote us letters include Jack Abernethy 119405, Bill Bouton 119425, Bill Carlyon 119425, George Ewart 119415, Robert C. Johnson 119425, jim McCurdy 119415, William R. Ovens 119425, D. Clinton Prescott 119425, Donald Probst 119435, Joseph Swift Richards 119295, Charles A. Schreib, Glenn Strand 119435, Charles R. Vogel 119385. They mentioned dozens more, giving us names and addressesg lack of space alone prevents mention of more. Jack entered the Navy in June, 1940, was at Pearl Harbor, and has been in thirty-Eve major engage- ments. He says in a postscript: "I haven't seen a white girl for so long that when I do I'll think I'm color-blind." Bill Bouton is in the Army Medical Corps. Bill Carlyon and Jim McCurdy are among several Franklin boys in the V-12 training at the University. George is an Ensign somewhere in the Pacific. Robert is in a Signal Company of the Army and wrote us from "Just Somewhere." Jim was the 'first former Boys' Club officer from whom we heard 1he spoke aifectionately of his four enjoyable years at the "school in the valley"5. Bill Ovens wrote from England where he has been fire-Fighter: he says, "We know the meaning of total war and want to forget it, please. Home and the future that lies ahead for us are what are uppermost in our minds." Clinton is in the Navy. Donald is a Marine. Joseph is a sergeant attached to a combat engineers' group in Europe. Charles Schreib is with the Marines in the Southwest Pacific. Glenn is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. Charles Vogel is in the Navy. 67 TOLO ANNUAL Editorial Staff J. R. HURLEY NORMA MARTIN GLORIA BAGNARIOL SAM LEVINSON Adviser Editor Classes Faculty NANCY WHITE CAROL VAN WYCK IRENE BUFFONE DOLORES RAFITI fFirst Semesterj fFirst Semesterj Photography The following students have done most of the non-professional photography for this book: John Crawford, Dick Croy, Harry Jansen, Tom Armitage, and Harrison Eaton. As in previous annuals we are indebted to Jack Stillmaker, former Franklinite, for full-page picture on page 112 and for the background pictures on pages 98 and 99. The Meaning of the Tolo TOLO is an Indian word from the Chinook language. It is derived from the word Totem. Various meanings are given for the word: "it makes good," "to win," "to earn," "to gain." It is easy to see how the popular so-called Tolo Dance has developed in this section of the country: literally, it is a dance in which a girl "gets her man"-and pays for the privilege. The name TOLO was adopted for Franklin publications because the spirit of our school has always been "to win," but to play the game fairly. We also like the meaning "it makes good." We hope that both our Tolo Weekly and our Tolo Annual will always "make good reading." That is the primary aim of both publications. We are more interested in pioneering in new ideas and experimenting in pro- gressive techniques than in following the stereotyped, regulated procedures required for winning competitions. For example, each year for the past several years our art staff has worked with new com- mercial techniques that students would not have had experience with otherwise. 68 TOLO ANNUAL Art Staff C, BISAZZA RAY GERRING LaVON RICHARDSON DOROTHY HAMILTON Adviser 1944 Graduate 1944 Graduate BILL DeWAELE ELAINE HOLMSTAD EDITH HOLLINSHEAD MARJORIE THOMPSON Publications at Franklin Franklin Tolo came into existence in 1909 under the leadership of Frank Wolfe, formerly of the Seattle Times Art Staff. At first it was a monthly magazine consisting mostly of jokes. In 1913 an enlarged Senior Number of forty-eight pages with pictures of the students was issued. From then on the Annual or Commencement number increased to more than a hundred pages although the page size was smaller than now. Two staffs, editorial and business, produced both the monthlies and the larger Annual. Adver- tising was carried in Annuals up through 1936. Since then our yearbooks have been financed by the Stamp Plan. In September, 1919, the present Tolo Weekly came into existence. At First it was a four-column eight page paper about half the size of the present. In 1920 it took the present form although it has varied in size from six to eight columns. In February, 1921, the news writing classes took over the management of the weekly and since then the two publications have had separate staffs. Editors of the combined publications included: J. B. Broulette 119155, Kenneth Campbell 119165, William G. King 119175, Riemer G. Phillips 119185, Susan Erwin 119195, Chester Gibbon 119205, Loren Pearce 119215. Editors of the Annual include: William R. Lyon 119225, James Morford 119235, Frank- lin Miller 119245, Bernie Jacobsen 119255, Theodora Smith 119265, Donald H. Uhrich 119275, Martin Nelson 119285, Arthur Bernhard 119295, Ruric Todd 119305, Joe McDonald 119315, Bill Greenwood 119325, Stuart Thomson 119335, Earl Schenck 119345, Dan Laggozino 119355, Douglas Dean 119365, Jack McKenzie 119375, Kenneth Ghormley 119385, Florence Rinker 119395, Bob Frederick 119405, Jim Graham 119415, Barbara Walker 119425, Marilyn Martin 119435, Marjorie Plumb 119445. 69 TOLO WEEKLY First Semester Editors RALPH HOLMSTAD ALICE CASTLEN KATHLEEN MCKEOWN DoLoREs JONES Former Tolo Weekly editors include: William Lyon and Harry Henke C1921-Zig Abe Friedman and Walter Rue C1922-3Jg Forrest Williams and Floyd Flint C1923-45g Bernie Jacobsen, Alton Farley and Martha Taylor C1924-Sjg Calvin Hall and Einar Flint C1925-653 Robert Reese and Ted Crosby C1926-753 Emerson Daggett and Herbert Ogawa C1927-8Jg Robert Steele and Charles Henry C1928-935 Jack Jarvis and Roger Evans C1929-3023 Art D'Angelo and Bob Hawes C1930-D3 Dorothy Mills C1931-253 Ruth Gahnberg and Dorothy Butler C1932-353 Mary Pearl Mosley and Marguerite Johnston C1933-4Jg Palmer Thompson and Warren Mercer Q1934-553 Margaret Williams and Joan Godman C935-61: Betty Allinson and Don Auker C1936-7: no editor designated 1937-1942: Jean Baird C1943-49. First Semester Staff O'Reilly, Haglund, Russo, Ferrell, Russell, Shedden, Shields, Schorr, Stevens, Vannini, Verginia Holmstadfl' Mondscheinf Carlf" James, Byers, Jones, Kenkman, Knight, Louvier. Boselly Griffin, Greenhalgh, Castlenf McKeown, Borella, Martial' 1 Voted Must Valuable Member of 1944-45 Tolo Weekly Staff for Erst semester, "Ouil1 and Scroll. 70 TOL0 WEEKLY Second Semester Editors' JOANNE THIES MARJORIE PLUMB Most Valuable Member Award 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 ,j JEAN ANDERSON , CHARLOTTE TURNER lj HIDEYA KUMATA J MARGARET BROWN LJACK GREENWALD IJIM WASNER ,DICK BURNETT 'HELEN CODINGTON if BARBARA WALKER 41 ROBERTA TALBOTT il BEVERLY HEALD Q JOANNE BOWDEN lj JEAN BAIRD Q NANCY BANNICK W- A MR. BOSELLY Adviser fOther second semester edi- tors-in-chief, appointed too late to be included in this panel, were Arlene Snippen and Larry Mondschein. Second Semester Staff Knight, Russo, Haglund, Covey, Russell, High Steindl, Baron, Recchi, Shucklin, Erlendson, Froseth, Whitehouse Schwartz, Thies, Snippen, Bianco, Naze, Plumb Hi-Y Quaker Club Ring, Russ, Stephens, Stoops, Wasson, Wiesert M 1' . . Mlm-ks' Mccallum' Ccurdy' Nler mo' Sand' Slums' Susnar Ferrari, Frame, Henderson, O'Re1lly, Ratcliffe, Knapp Hill, Hughes, Lawhead, McBride, McCartney, Lee, Lynch Bi ho Brandru Cr hn D Beirnes, Colgan, Clark, Ellis, Herren S P' P' 0 ' ow Rhythm Rollers Debate Adams, Harrison, Schwendeman, Carpine, Adams, Blois, Dale, Compagno Kinnard, Boyd, Carson, Matthies, Darrow, Glasford, Bell, Scism Iliff, Stavrou, DeWaele, Murray, Dean Dance Committee Bishop, Graves, Buckner, Woodson, MacFarren Thomas, Samuelson, Eubank, Lottsfeldt Theriault, Cummings, Harman, Schirman, Culbertson, Russ Ticket Committee Camera Club Study A Help Frame, Stephens, Mark Gibbon, Croy, Crawford, Jansen Turner, Paschal, Casey, Wille Farrow, Clements, Butts Armitage, Levinson, Clark, Anschell Nigro, Steele, Sparks Stillmaker, Benson Peterson, Kinney Egger, Prettyman 72 Make-Up Tusitala West, West, Weiss, Weiss, Weiss, Windmayer, Olson, Reed, johnson, McIntyre, Clothier, Aleinikoff, Loomis, McDonald, Russell, Plumb, Duvall, McIntyre Ellison, Buckner, Levinson Flanigan, Noehl, Hill, Kinney, Groce, Rembaugh, Heston, Allen, Olson, Sheehan, Weissenborn. Wells, White, Williamson, Kosin, McCoy, Matteson, Warheld Lottsfeldt, Strachan, Wintermote, Alexander Kinnard, Kennon, McConihe, Paulson, Gibson, Paulson, Maski, Holt Blyth, Berk, Conover, Creevey, Lindberg, Elford, Harrington, Lovsted Stamp Plan Boy's Gym Helpers Costume and Faculty Library Hman ' 1. Gibbon, McCurdy. MacFarren, Colgan, C0l11lTliffeCS Se , Bowie, Westfall. Karre , Anderson, MacKenzie Baker' Myers Schramek, Bishop, Strons, Merlino, Buchanan, Miflkemav Millffv RUSSCH Morgan. Pratt Schumacher. Bishop, Walker DeBard, McBride, Powers, Picini, Shaw, Sunderland, Walthew, West Office Help Weune' Palulson, Mlallspinz, Vllfoods, Walthew Movie Library yons. oc woo , ilgore. jones , . Fl t I E d D , I Clark. Graves. Ratcliffe Stiffler. Sunderland. Winton, Zimmerman C Cler' n 'ess' ame Mingo, Gibbon Madonna. Osburn, Ridgeway, Schumaker Brucl-K. Bllyall Jennings, Simpson Haley, Hammer. Minkema, Deady, Engle 73 I Senior Honor Society Ratclilffe, McCartney, Mark, Adams. Billings, Anderson, Anderson, Holmstad, MacFarren, Jensen, Nation, Lew Borella, Greenhalgh, Chadwick, Stillmaker, Whitehouse, Scovel, Knight, Dennison, Duncan, Hendrickson Ames, Baker, Fenton, Favro, Allen, McKeown, Theriault, Harper, Castlen, Martin, Provine Plumb, Hamilton, Simons, Grimes, Weiss, Endress, Jones Fifth Period Cleanup Committee COX PRATT SNIPPEN S 7.1 Leftermen Smith, Steiner, Strons, Talbot, Williams. Wilson, Williams. Williams Lorimer, Lee, McCallum, McCartney, McCurdy, Mcrlino, Ritchie. Sand, Schreier Ellis, Herren, Hill. Hughes, Hren. Kenltman, Lawhead, McBride, Hieb, Poole. Lew Albrecht. Badolato, Braseth, Carson, Colgan. Cuthill, Carl, Dore Safety Council Stage Crew Inter-School Council Holmstad. Anderson, Colgan, Provine Ames Ellis, McCartney. Provine, Viele Boselly, Schirman, Castlen Meyers. Peterson 75 .ff J? LMUSKIE O 653V Qu ad mmnuwm X f ,X X A f al A 'lf 4 A ge Q. ,F 1 N if! ,J Q.- 5 .e W 40 W . gb 40 1' ' f.' 5 "H-as G 'M Q Q ,wp I W ,. .- . 9 . ' J. ., ,, ?f'4l1cw"f' J 16" -.. Guam 4' "S 7 , A ' :fi 5 x . ' A iikffxf' if W - H Q' Aw?-Ei-1. 5.-1 -7- Boys' Band Armitage, Compagna, Flannigan, Richardson. Nowitzki, Spellman, Ellis, DieFfenlJa4'h Labusky, Raynes. Adams, Anderson, Anderson, Falk, Frame, Anschell Kimerer, Domes, Duncan. Segesman, Kimerer, Tindale. Wallace Anderson, Thomas. Kinney, Graham, Jensen. Fountain Girls' Band Lipsey, White, Green, Hayum, Mears, Endress, Hume, Brotche, Hansen, Woods Miles, Hutton, Schirman, Nigro, Chadwick, Rafferty, King, Chun, Marsten Hart, Westfall, Simon, Young, Stroben, Moorman, Gaskin, Virtue Allyn, Croce, Govern, McDonald, West, McDonald, Meyers, Squillace K I Q Lx.. iff Q. -A I Senior Glee Club Rahn Prxee West Condon, Radwill, Kober, Mager, Buchanan Elder, Crate, Henderson. Attlesey, Wilson Nxgro jaeobs Llbri Harper Hutsell, Murphy, Dahlen, Stearns, Hansen Kennon, Whitehouse, Schirman, Stillmaker MLPhee Gaskln johnson Flanigan, Oliver, Blois, Elton, Theriault Duncan, Allen, Simon, Stearns Noehl Bronk Bishop. Catania, Cummings, Dale Carson, Johnson. Plumb, Lipsey Albright Freshman Glee Club Scofield, Dunn, Quinby, MacDonald, Adams, Eason, Eason, Peterson, MacDonald, Sult, McCoy Ripley, McIntyre, Young, Ives, Moore, Hupprich, Hasselberg, Plumb, Kelley Goodwin, Sunderland, Rafiti, Rutledge, Frost, Fisher, Diedrich, Osburn Illes, Wintermote, Olson, Rose, Emery, Sidles, Walters Girls' Band GERRY SCHIRMAN . BARBARA NIGRO NORMA MOORMAN . VIRGINIA WESTFALL NORMA HUTTON , BARBARA SIMON . DOROTHY WEST . . MARY LOU STROBE PHYLLIS CHADWICK Officers . President , . Vice-President . . .Personnel Manager . .Elihciency Manager. . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary. . . . Librarian . , . . . Treasurer . . Costume Manager . . Glee Club GERRY SCHIRMAN . DONNA STEARNS . . DORIS STEARNS DOLORES STILLMAKER , , . NOLA HANSON . MARJORIE PLUMB . BARBARA SIMON . JEANNE THERIAULT LUGENIA WHITEHOUSE t I Choir l M h M F rren, Dixon, Knight, Richards Dennison, Bender, Cubbin, jones. Franklin, Brown, Nowitzki, Rand es, ut , ac a Strang, Nickinovick, Hahn, McCoy, Fiscus, Greenhalgh, Ready, joersz, Pappas, Crate, Elder, Taylor Rowlands, Roberts, Bond. Knowles, Clapp, True, Schumacher, Fowler, Rowe llall, Pommer, Edmondstone, Constable, Kovich, Read. Miller Officers LES KNIGHT , . . , President WILLIS JONES . Costume Managers WALTER CUBBIN . . Vice-President LOIS CRATE PAT HALL . . . .,.. Secretary ARLENE ELDER . . Librarians BOB DENNISON , . Personnel Manager SHIRLEY ROWE CPianistj Girls' Vocal Trio ALICE HAMMER MARY WILSON LOIS CRATE HEARTHA KOSIN L ,A Trial by Jury By Gilbert and Sullivan The Learned judge JAMES GERARD . . PAT PHILLIPS CThurSdayJ The P'a"'f'H E LORRAINE POMMER qrfidayy The Defendant , LESTER KNIGHT Counsel for PlaintiH , LUCILLE GREENHALGH Usher V JERRY FARRELL CThursdayJ WALTER CUBBIN CFridayD Foreman of the jury JACK PINYON BRIDESMAIDS: Feliscar Chocanu. Patricia Knowles. Betty Ready. Eldeue Rose. Erla Schreler. Shirley Rowe, Pat Hall Qljagel. JURY: Jack Piuyon. Jack Randles. Joe Smith. George Semlick. Noel Cram. Waller Cuhlmin. Jerry Farrell. Melvin Lynch. Gordon McMahon. Ed Perez. Robert Jones. Maxine Rogers. Patricia Scott. FEMALE RELATIVES: Janet Belshaw. Laura Cummings. Arlene Elder. Beulah Fowler. Phyllis Goit. Ruth Joersl. Merry Lowery. Jackie McNay. Nancy Packenham. Pat Phillips. Lorraine Pommer, Eloise Painter. Jacqueline Salmon. Lois Schumacher. Ever Since Eve By Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, by special arrangement with Samuel French PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Directed by Aristelle Macdonald The Cast: Mrs. Clover JEAN THERIAULT johnny Clover JOHN LANDRUM Mr. Clover, LES KNIGHT Spud Erwin DICK DUNCAN Susan Blake NANCY GRIMES Betsy Erwin , PEGGY PINYAN Martha Willard MARILYN HARPER Olhcer CCappyj Simmons PAUL ALEXANDER Henry Quinn, ALLAN LORIMER Lucybelle Lee TILLIE NIEDERLE Preston Hughes LARRY MONDSCHEIN Bull , MARVIN ANDERSON Shorty MARDEN STROUD Hank , ,DEL SPELLMAN Nick . , HENRY CASAL Xi' ,wht Q13 Q:4?', .41 1 3. an olilibft 5 5 Upton Contest The Upton Contest is a tradition at Franklin and is an activity for which we are unique among the high schools ofthe city. The annual contest has been held since 1932. First-place winners include, for girls: Marian Schneider, Frances Summers, Patricia Barto, Mary Jane Gaston, Mary Louise Glahe, Mary Rolfe, Helen Pichon, Phyllis Benner, Lanesta Bagley, Marjorie Schenck, Mitzi Gutheil, Marilyn Lovgren, and jean Cameron. First-place honors for boys went to: Bill Fifield, Stuart LaVille. jack Flagg, Leslie Houde, Vernon Goulon, Jim Ellis, Douglas Saxby, Ernest Ross. Victor Watson, Bill Bouton, Dave Valente, David Black. and George Macfarren. 1944 WINNERS Girls Boys Advisers JEAN CAMERON, First GEORGE MACFARREN, First MISS MACDONALD. Girls PATRICIA SCOTT, Second ,IACK BERTCH, Second MISS LINDBERG. Boys Stars of Yesterday IN THE above picture are a group of former Franklin dramatic stars. How many of them can you identify? A list is given at the bottom of the page in the order in which they appear if you cannot name them otherwise. Many of these have gone on to do interesting things: Lorraine Bagley has held a two-year scholarship in Drama at the University of Washing- ton. She was winner of the Phi Mu Gamma fDrama Honoraryj Cup for the best character actress in 1944 and winner of the Murphy scholarship award in 1945. At the time this copy is written she is playing in "Arms and the Man" at the Showboat Theatre, having recently completed a successful run in the leading role of "The Corn Is Green." Barbara Berger CMrs. Lee Foleyj had a three-year scholarship at the Goodman School of the Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, and then received one of the two coveted fourth-year scholarships offered by this school. She earned her Master's Degree in Drama by doing the entire production Ccostumes and allj of "jack and the Beanstalk" for the Goodman Chil- dren's Theatre. She has been offered a talent Contract by Warner Brothers Motion Picture Studios. Richard Lyford, formerly of the Disney Studios in Hollywood, is now a member of General Arnold's staff of photographers for Army Air Corps records and publicity. He will be remembered for the movies he produced while at Franklin. A picture of him will be found on the next page. Martha Wiederrecht, known on the radio as Martha Wright, is vocal artist for radio stations KOMO and KJRQ she also is pictured on the next page and elsewhere in the book. Burbank Rideout, pictured on the next page and on page 42, is a former actor, USO entertainer, specializing in vaudeville sketches and imitations. He is now wth the Army and has been announcing from an army radio station on one of the Aleutians. Mitzi Gutheil, popular singer with local dance bands, recently played a role in "Hay Fever" at the Penthouse Theatre at the University. Gold Stars CFormer participants in Franklin Dramatic productionsj JACK MCLEAN-senior Play, 1939. JACK FINLEY-Assemly Plays. BILL MOORE-Senior Play, 1939: Assembly Plays. ' GIFFORD BROWN-Vodvil, 1938. BILL RAABE-Senior Play, 1936: One-act Play Company Productions. Reid Nibley. Jack Finley. Roger Jayne, Bill Newton, Doug Saxby, Harold Lipetz, Tom TokareH', Lorraine Bagley. Barbara Berger, Peggy Austin, Ruth Axelson, Helen Pichon, Mona Martyn, Pat Cowan, Shirley Swenson. Ardath Benge. 87 cuppef Leftj -'HERE ues EMILY," Senior Play, 1943 HORTON SMITH CAlternate appointee to Annapolisj: RICHARD HARDMAN CMarinesD: GLENN STRAND fArmy, LLB fU1JpEf Centerj "THREE-CORNERED MOON," Senior Play, 1936 GERALD FALLON LCHVBIYYJQ LESLIE HOUDE: SHERMAN WILSON: WILLIAM RAABE CGold Starj: DAN SEDG- WICK fArmyD3 JEAN ROYCE LMYS. Jesse Roundsj. CUpper Righty "CLARENCE," Senior Play, 1940 BILL WACKER CNavy Flyeryg PHIL FOISIE CArmy, Lr. Intelligencej: BERYL LEE QMrs. Dave Hateleyb. Middle Row-CLeftj "A SUCCESSFUL CALAMlTY." Senior Play, 1938 HELEN PICHONQ JACK GRIFFIN: PAT COWAN, BILL NEWTON: BOB WEBER. CCenterj "THE CUPBOARD DOOR," Senior Play, 1935 MARY JANE GASTONQ RICHARD LYFORD. CRightj "SHAM," One-act Play Company Production, 1933 ' MARDEN BATE: MARGARET CLOSEQ FRED RUNCE: BURBANK RIDEOUT. CLower Leftj "THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE BAG," Vodvil, 1940 KATHLEEN HOULAI-IAN QU. of W., Drama Doparrmenrng CURTIS HOLT IU. s. Armyuz MARTHA WIEDERRECHT IWRIGI-ITJ: HUGO OSWALD: SUZY BAKER: BILL HUME. CLower Centerj "AND THE VILLAIN STILL PURSUED HER," One-act Play Company Production. 1936 qsrandingy DoWITT WESTLUND. LORRAINE BAGLEY. fsearedp BERNICE FINNAMOREg GERALD FALLON. CLower Rightj "THE NERVOUS WRECKJ' Senior Play, 1941 MARIAN MATI-IEUS CMrs. Richard Derbyu: DICK ERSKINE: JACK BIGFORDQ MARJORIE SCHENCK: BILL BOUTON qU. s, Armyp, PHIL SKIFF: ED GHORMLEYQ BOB SIEM3 CURTIS HOLT QU. s, Army, Cpl.D. 88 Doctors All COMMANDER JOHN MCVAY 09211, graduate of the University of Washington and the University of Oregon Medical School, interned at Harborview Hospital and then practiced medicine in Seatle for several years before being called to active duty with the Navy in 1941. He had previously studied at Harvard, at Mayos' Clinic, and in Vienna and Lon- don. He entered the service as a Lieutenant. He, his wife, and two daughters were in Hawaii when the japs attacked Pearl Harbor and Dr. McVay went immediately to work with the wounded. In July 1942, he was transferred to the First Marine Division and landed with them at Guadalcanal, he remained there for seven months with the exception of six weeks when he was evacuated to New Zealand to recover from severe malaria. He was wounded on Guadalcanal and wears the Purple Heart and was given the Silver Star for "extreme gallantry and intrepidity" under fire. His wife has been told that Dr. McVay was the doctor in . "Guadalcanal Diary" but has no way of substantiating this fact. Dr. . McVay wears also the Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, American l Theater of Operations Ribbon, Asiatic Theatre Ribbon with seven stars, COMMANDER and the Pre-Pearl Harbor Ribbon with star. He was permanently evacu- ated to New Zealand in February 1943, and three months later returned to the States. He served for several months at the Naval Hospital here and at Pasco, Washington. He became Lt. Comdr. in January 1942, and Commander in March 1944. Since last September he has been Senior Medical Oiiicer at Camp Bedilion, California, training medical officers who are going out into combat. Franklin has other doctor alumni in service. Lt. Commander john Duncan 0925 spent seven- teen months at Pearl Harbor but has more recently been on the hospital ship U.S.S. Solace on which he has travelled 55,000 miles. When these ships go in with task forces they are blacked out and lose their immunity as hospital ships. Captain Walter Bale Seely 09191, child specialist, is with the Army Medical Corps and was serving in India. Major Milton F. Brougham is a group Flight surgeon in the European theatre. Lt. fj.g.1 Dan A. Lagozzino 09351 graduated from Oregon Medical School in 1943 and interned in Portland. Lt. fj.g.1 Robert C. Lake 09361 after graduation from Northwestern and interneship at St. Luke's in Chicago, entered the U. S. Public Health Service Reserve as Assistant Surgeon. Lt. Rex Palmer 09271 is with the Navy Medical Corps. Other Franklin graduates in medicine include: Dr. L. Patricelli 092613 Dr. Billy Duncan 093015 Dr. Richard Reekie 09201, Spokane obste- triciang Dr. George' Hitchings 09231, Harvard JOHN MCVAY graduate, who later taught medicine at Harvardg N A E .. Dr. Wm. B. Hutchinson 09261, Dr. Max Hunter 2,2 311- , 09251, Olympia obstetrician and gynecologist fin u g Q, service1. Franklin graduates in medical school in- " -QV Ri , V. '- clude: Norio Hi ano 1939 in Washington Medi- Ap? cal School at sf Louisg Vailiam A. Viele 09361, 'im at Oregon Medical School and Kenneth Ghormley H., A 09361, at Harvard Medical School. J ,..- H ,kxfjf ..1'.,.' -,:, I Franklin graduates in dentistry include: Dr. Scott Matheson 09201, Dr. john Lurie 09171, Dr. - ' 3, John Markey 092115 Dr. Dave Michaels 092413 A. 1 1 ' - E g 1 ..'- Dr. Milton Kessler 09161, and Dr. Albert Hurwitz . 'f I A ' 619159- ' .inn A summary of Franklin doctors would be incom- plete without mention of the great brain surgeon up ,'-. V .'I.V S. and nerve specialist, Dr. Arthur John McLean f 09151, who was killed in an automobile accident in 5.313-:"j,5.f,'. 1938. Medical literature was greatly enriched by the .yi 'V', Q many learned. articles which he.publis.hed. Space Qjtbnk A 1 .H ' P prevents us giving a resume of his brilliant career. qy fq mg , 1 A ,, A M His wife, Gladys Merle Bragg McLean Qalso 19151 ' I !'-,. -,gil '25i"'i A 60 still lives in Portland where she edits a bulletin for f ' E ' the Oregon Medical Society. She was co-author in sg 21" 1938 of a book entitled FOREST TREES OF ,'.-, '-" ' THE PACIFIC SLOPE. ' " The intriguing medical motif reproduced here was done by Leland Chow 09381. He is now in the Medical Corps of the Army. 89 Franklin Families , FOUR MEMBERS of the Pesce family, Franklin graduates, have made a noteworthy record of achievement and good citizenship. Lawrence Pesce 09235, pictured here, quite casually chose chemis- try during his Senior year. It was a lucky choice, for chemistry became the absorbing interest of his life. After five years at the University, where he majored in science, he set out for M.l.T. At Wilmington, Delaware, he stopped to visit some classmates employed at the Du Pont factories and there, at a Sunday School picnic, he met the personnel manager for the company, who offered him immediate employment at an alluring salary, with assurances of thorough training and opportunities for advancement. He has been with Du Pont ever since. Within two years he was sent as Chemical Engineer to Antofagasta, Chile, where he remained until last year when he became manager of the plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His wife, Pearl Busch Pesce 09275 is a Franklin graduate, as are his three sisters: Catherine 09225, wife of U. N. Merlino, president of the Metropolitan Importing Company, her- self a Seattle substitute teacher, Marie Pesce, now with a war finance company in San Francisco, and Terese 09275, wife of Mr. Loren Ralph, basketball coach and commercial teacher at Cleveland High. His nephew, Angelo Merlino, is now president of the Junior class here. Lawrence, Pearl, and their two children plan to visit Seattle soon after an absence of many years. Superintendent Fleming's four children are Franklin alumni. Samuel E. Fleming, Jr. 09275 married Agnes Speidel 09255. They have three little girls, two of whom are attending Brighton so they will probably be a future Franklin family. Sam is Assistant Purchasing Agent for the American Mail Line. Jean Fleming Hays 09285 lives in Wallace, Idaho, where her husband owns a motor company. Richard M. Fleming 09335 is with the army in Oakland, California, doing laboratory work with the Veter- inarians' Detachment, Quartermaster Depot. Ann Fleming 09405 graduated last June from Oregon State College and is working for an insurance company. The Sorianos have played a big part in school life at Franklin, having participated in all sports as well as other activities. Juliett Soriano Power 09315 is the mother of two boys. Amigo Soriano 09335 is a member of the Merchant Marine holding captain's papers. Charlotte Soriano Paulson 09355 has a daughter. Rupert Soriano 09365 is a member of the Merchant Marine and also has his captain's papers. Dewey Soriano 09395 is a chief officer in the Merchant Marine, he played professional baseball with the Seattle Rainiers for three years, his wife, Alice Brougham Soriano 09355, is also a Franklinite. Milton Soriano 09425 is a second oliicer in the Merchant Marine. Max Soriano 09445 is third officer in the Merchant Marine. Gloria Soriano 09445 is attending the University of Washington. Max and Gloria have the unusual distinction of having headed our Boys' and Girls' clubs in the same year. CSteve and Beatrice ltza headed them but in different years.5 Charles Soriano is now a Sophomore at Franklin. The other sister, Rosario Soriano Lettich graduated from a school in Canada. Elsewhere we have told about Al Wilson. Further notes about his brothers are interesting: "No story of a Wilson but is tied up with Franklin High School, as all five brothers were Franklinites. Their existence since school days is the story of a family's adventuring afield. From little book beginnings, Carl K. Wilson, with his brothers john, Al, Frank, and John's son Frank, and with the mother of them all, Bertha K. Wilson, now have a book business and sta- tionery business that extends from coast to coast." Carl was coxswain of a championship U of W crew and manager of the U of W Daily. john served for two terms in the state legislature. Franklin is proud of all its fine families. We should like to tell of many but can mention only a few: the Finleys-Helen Newson Finley 09135 and her children Pat Qwife of Fred Hutchinson, Chief Petty Officer, U.S.N. and former baseball star, and mother of a young son5, Jack, Roberta, Judy and Ted, the Wienkers-Collings, Curtis, Carl, Cranford, Clive, the Vieles-William, Robert, Barbara, Rebecca and cousins Jack and Morris, the Seidelhubers-Anne, now wife of Lt. Comdr. W. T. Williams, Henry who is in the army, and Frank, vice-president of Seidelhuber Iron and Bronze Works, the Oakleys-Lt. joseph, Edward, Francis, james, Kathleen, and Margaret, the Fordons--john, on leave from the University of Washington to teach Blueprint reading and shipfitting, William H. with Topographical Engineers in New Guinea, Marion F. Lee and Henley. Other families mentioned by our faculty include the Bakers, the Neumanns, the Taggarts, the Mallstroms, the Grugers, the di-julios, the Hitts, the Halls, the Wallaces, and the Grahams. Faculty members' children who have graduated from Franklin include: Dorothy Trathen Barthell, Walter Reseburg, jr., Ben and jane Staeger, Howard, Margaret, Robert and James Davenport, G. Robert jackson, Bob Benson, Donald Laizure, jean and Robert jackson, Frank H. and Robert L. Bailey, Eugene Saalwaechter. N 90 .. r..w'f,..X ,X UU A IIMJ, S J S P P 0 0 B Tl' T Q0 gy f 1: K N . ,F ll Y rt Q ,jf if 'm ' "" 'M as VL f w Y, J' A , E M as LL k fa m, L, Ls Q - s Ls 1944 Champions Samuels, McCartney, S. Casal, Berkenroth, Marks, Martin, Williams Benson, Ross, Strons, Argens, Tandy, McKay H. Casal, Hjelmaa, Gerring, Hentz ff!-4 w gg? N L I 5 I Track I lMain Squad? Miovski, Lauch, Bertini, Hellstrom, Nowitzki, Williams Dow, Lorimer, Lew, Rundle, Hieb, Kinney, Hoyle Williams, Applestone, Gregory, Mark, Thomas, Boytler Individuals Bertini Hellstrom Track II lFreshmenl Brown, Frankhouser, Lavender Dow, Stoops, Kramer Tennis Price, Carl, Seefeldt, Laizure Widrig, Talbott, Badolato Golf Sprague, Lunn Steiner, Schreiber, Anschell, Hyde , ,H S ,I I COLLINS McBRIDE Inspirational Award COLGAN Best Player Award POOLE 95 FOOTBALL HILL TALBOTT LAWHEAD HUGHES ALBRECHT LYNCH WILLIAMS WILSON SAMUELS Captain KENKMAN BLAKE ELLIS MA ff A46 df 55 x FOOTBALL HERREN RASMUSSEN MCCARTNEY STRONS MCCALLUM SAALWAECHTER FORMATION PANZICA CARSON DORE WILLIAMS SMITH BEIRNES TILNER MERLINO Head Manager HREN 96 ,fl K , fy, f ,3 if ., Second Team Football Rasmussen. Williams, Wilson, Graham, Beirnes, Thompson Russ, D, Robinson, J. Robinson, Albrecht, Covey Raatz, Shadix, Armitage, Cullen, Blake' Third Team Football Rasmussen, Box, jorgenson, Sanborn, Lewis, Fix Long. McCuen. Walker, Colgan, Mortensen, Shadix, Simons, Richardson Armitage, Farmer, Corak Fourth Team Football Hildahl, Grant, Darnell, Sonntag. Newland, Sperber McKay, Backman, Knox, Lovsted, Falk, Sims, Grimes Kimcrer, Black, D'Amico. Laws, Grant, Pearce X 1 First Team Basketball Susnar, Sand, Sivich, Jessen McCartney, McCartney, Jolley Gauche, Poole, Lee f Second Team Basketball Raynes, Albrecht, Kuznetz james, Haglund, Howe Schreier, Makos Third Team Basketball Lettich, Clark, Camerota, Eastey, Christopherson, Levitin, Braseth, Frame, Hjert CMgr.J Aadland, DeBoer, Lewis, Lynch, Widrig, Lovsted. D'Amico, Black. Colgan Casal, Walker, Ballah, Taylor, Rothnie, Judd X. ar,f' N 1' N , ,, W' 1 S Qi' H is X I 1' if 55, A5 1' QQS 1 1 M ' -K faviiiig F f mi N 'mf' ' gg J' K X 'H X six fi V 1 X, L 1 .X l i . v .X 5 Q Ngifief' fi' 65 : Y " ' f ,X ' z 5 xi N Q' w r -ax u X KX MSIE X fa Quaker Maids Stowe, Shedden, Buckman, Stillmaker, Williams, Miller, Favro, Provin Fiebig, Fowler, Whitehouse, Stoops. Baron, Anslow Anderson, Olson, Windmayer, Hart, Tourtellotte Quaker Maid Alums HERA WARE Q1933j teaches dancing at the YWCA: Margaret Davenport Boaz C1932j is a hospital dietitian: Virginia Foisie f1932j is the wife of Major Rusk: Eleanor Kerns f1931j is executive assistant to the Consul of Turkey at Istanbul: Anna Haberland f1930j is a head nurse in Olympia: Sigrid Wiberg C1929j teaches P.E. at james Monroe Junior High: Harriet Orvis 09265 is superintendent of Ruth School: Gale Guthrie C1925j is an artist at Boeings: Dorothy Hitt Creevey C1925j is secretary of Washington Christian Endeavor Union: Frances Constantine 09241 is "Dorothy Neighbors" of the Times: Henriette English H9245 designs jewelry in Los Angeles: Caroline Allamano f1943j, Pat Crich Q1941j, Dorothy De Pue f1941j, and Pat Murphy Q1941j are all in nursing: Lillian Ford f1940j is a dietitian: Doryanne Miller 0936, is a draftsman and graduate of U. of W. in architecture: Helen Drazic 09351 teaches P. E. at Edmond Meany School: Muriel Mitchell 119355 is a nurse with Salvation Army in San Diego: Marguerite Johnston 09345 and Elizabeth McClelland C1933j are teachers: Helen Flemming Smith f1933j is with the Internal Revenue Department in Washington, D. C.: Marion Thomson 09331 is home economist with the Welfare Department: Mary Shiohara 09421 is an insurance steno- grapher in Chicago: Mariko Fujioka f1940j is studying physio-therapy in Milwaukee: Mitsu Hayasaki 09405 is a secretary in Philadelphia: Margaret Ouchi 09405 is a student nurse in Rochester, Minnesota: Amy Kaminishi f1936j is a bookkeeper in Chicago: Rose Serizawa 09405 is in nurse's training in Detroit. 1 00 Clancy, Biel, Peterson, Williams. Gibson, Heston Jay, Anderson, Lee, Pearmain, Blackneld Backman, Grandstrom, Daniel, Rembaugh, Paige Duffy, Stroben, Moorman, Kinney. Lavender, Tesreau, Romano. Huntington, Young, Hanson Girls' Turnout A Freshmen Upper Classmen Stowe, Stoops, Waites, Rowlands, Frost, Stewart, White, Paulson, Meyers Berk, Squillace, Wells, Rowe. Kusak, Harrison. Schwendeman 101 Newton, Sult, Lee, West, Schwartz, McCoy Seaman. Kruse, Miller. Suverkrup. Emery, Moore Wold. Cutts, Bruck, Strachan, Angell Favre, Anslow. Chastain. Provine. Whitehouse. Williams, Russell, Miller. Fiebig, Stillmaker Windmayer. Olson, Dale, Blois, Tourtellotte. Fowler, Shedden, Baron, Buckman Carson, Anderson, Holt, Maski, Seaman, Allen Girls' Gym Helpers Fales, Forseth, Thomas, Ives, Ramaglia, Hall, Berk, Thomas, Newton, Schwartz, White Hupprich, -Davis, Harford, DeFilipps, Marsten, Messier, Pommer, Holt. Huntington, Young Fulton, Holt, Mecartea, Engel, Grandstrom, Daniel, Overacker Alumnae Notes MARY RAMSEY C1932j is secretary to Dr. Roger Andersong Bernice Stuart Doyle 09221 is secretary to Dr. B. F. Bruennerg Lucile Townsend Henderson 09225 and her husband own and direct San juan International Campsg Harriette Hudson Wood f1918j has done secretarial work in Bostong Florence A. Baes Woods 119185 lives in Indiana where her husband is administrative engineer with General Electric Co.g Jane Wing Ryan C1931j married an All-American football star now in the Navy and has two young sonsg Chloe Wing C1933j is a civilian employee of the War Department, formerly in Alaska, now in Panamag jane E. Wildermuth Coulthard f1936j, graduate nurse and teacher of nursing, has one song Phyllis Wildermuth 09401 works at Boeingsg Dorothy Stevens Johnson f1938j married an aviation cadetg Mary Rolfe Ringbom 09371 works in Photographic Department of Shell Development Company in Oaklandg Jeannette Slauson Brown f1916Q says she had "no especially interesting experiences except a life crammed full of living with two typical American boys," one in the Army and the other in the Navyg Phyllis Herzog Lee 09385 has a young daughterg Catherine Rogers Peabody f1923j who taught here and at Roosevelt lives in New Jersey and has a daughterg Gertrude Davis Q1938j is with the state employ- ment departmentg Dorothy McConahey Q1938j has a position at Friedlander'sg Helen Boyd f1924j is a religious Worker in Ohio: Eleanor King Knuth f1922j lives in San Francisco and has three boysg Eleanor Hadley f1934j is in government work in Washington, D. C.g Ruth Larson f1935j is a physical therapistg Mary Murphy f1929j is wife of Dale Goss, Art Super- visor of Seattle Schoolsg Lilia Tufarolo C1938j works for the U. S. Army Engineers. 102 Franklin journalists PICTURED are: Chester Gibbon f192Oj, Feature Editor of the Seattle Timesg Cpl. Jack Jarvis f1930j, author of "Jarvis Footnotes to History," now featured in the P-Ig and Staff Sgt. Jack F. Foisie f1937D, reporter for STARS AND STRIPES. All began their journalistic careers at Franklin. Two of Mr. Gibbon's children are Franklinites: Dor- othy f1941j and Ronald fFreshmanj. Jack Jarvis, form- erly Asst. City Editor of the P.-I., is with an artillery unit on the Western Front. Jack Foisie, called the "most famous front line reporter," was formerly on the Seattle Times and the San Francisco Chronicleg Ernie Pyle gave him a write-up in BRAVE MENQ he received the Award of Merit for his work as a correspondent. Berne Jacobsen f1925j has worked on the China Press, Shanghai, Seattle Starg New Orleans Itemg and Denver Post. He is now picture editor of the P.-I. and teaches journalism at the University. His brother, James, a pilot, and his sisters, Arline Parrot and Sylvia Hyde. CHESTER GIBBON . . are all Franklxnites. Royal Brougham is Sports Editor of the P.-I. William C. Speidel Jr. Q193OJ is newspaper columnist C"Spot- lighting the News"J with the Seattle Star and editor ofthe Y.M.C.A. House Organ "Y in Seattle." Carl Wilson, brother of Al, writes "Al Wilson f1921j lived a colorful existence from the time he went forth from high school, entering Journalism school at the University of Washington . . . After a session in Northwest news, he went to New York as a sports writer, and by-lined as the Hockey Expert of the New York World. But after that Europe, and some little time on the Paris Edition of the Tribune. Back to the U. S., home for awhile, off again with the Associated Press in London, on the Continent, and a bit of war in Africa watching the Italians take over Selassie. London for a little while, then Associated Press special assignments in New York, finally back to the Northwest, with Miller Freeman in Portland, and now editor of the Pulp and Paper Industry." Bill Hollomon after several years with the Star is now editor of the Aero-Mechanics Journal. Jack Heise f1929j was also with the Star but has been free-lancing and has published many stories. Jimmy Sakamoto became blind as a result of boxingg he was for many years editor of the American Japanese Courier in this city, and is remembered as a leader among American Japaneseg he has carried on with journalistic work since evacuation. Earl Selle f1926j has been in the Orient for many yearsg he was in Shanghai during the flghting in 1932 and was bombed in the International Settlement there in 1939g he is now editorial writer on the Honolulu Advertiser. Forrest Williams, a P.-I. reporter since 1929, is now in the Navy. William Fifield 09331 has had a successful career in radio writing, the Jan. 1945 Harper's Magazine published his article en- titled "Report from a Conscientious Objector." Sgt. Walter Rue 119241 is a meteorologist in the Air Corps. John Kenward 09155, Ethel Geiss, Francis Constantine Martin f1926J are all with the P.-I. JACK FOISIE 104 JACK JARVIS I I APS J .Z N Z Q QQ G A 'R K k I 0 N S . , go S , W ,M ,A Xxllxu 1 SNAPS fyfxx fx 959 'V l 'ali Q-!!!'., R V Ifllligi' A2553 1-fl-. M. 1 ugf . jg fl: 1 . A u Q Hui' ' .llnf f:::f I l..g :milf use, "": 1 "' I ,-,. H1352 ,1 Iliff '-' Q' 62:5- ,gurl New ' Y?'7Y'v1' The Old Gang of 211 OUT OF the mail bag, here's news of our Art Alumni. From the sands of Aden, a letter comes from Flight Officer JOHNNY NEWLAND, R.A.F. He still manages to do some sketching although the subject matter is anything but inspiring. o The censors in England are surprised by the cartoons on the letters directed to "Mom and Pop" from Lt. VERNE FARROW. Also stationed in England is glider pilot Lt. JACK HANSCOM, a former Franklin and U. of W. art and music student. o Representing King Neptune's region is merchant seaman PAT SUL- LIVAN, who will not let a little water dampen his spirits or canvas. Pat, 1941 scholarship winner to the Art Center, is continuing his painting aboard ship in spite of diiiiculties. 0 Three cheers for RAY GERRING, whose cartoons are outstanding in this year's annual. His poster cartoon recently won honors at the '45 Scholastic Art Exhibit. He is now "enjoying" his training at Keesler Field in Mississippi. On the home front-a letter from New York reports that SHIRLEY BROWN ANDERSON, the painter of our murals, Famous American Women and the Covered Wagon, is studying sculp- turing and painting in that great art center. Her husband, Roy, and she are photographers spe- cializing in children's portraits. 0 And speaking of children, LES THOMPSON'S son, "Tuppy," must be mentioned. Les, 1941 Art award winner to the Art Students' League, is in the Public Relations Office of the Marine Corps. He is a roving artist, sketching the G.I. at war. Despite a busy schedule Les is finding time to write and illustrate a story for "Tuppy." It is about a whale perched on a mountain, a mighty amusing yarn! When you see the Walt Disney picture that features the new movie technique, think of RAE MEDBY McSPADDEN and RICHARD LYFORD, who are animators there. Formerly with the Disney studios is JACK BRADBURY, a leading comic book artist. He is now associated with those who plan for a "television set in every home." In the Speedball Text, the lettering work was done by ROBERT LAING, a former Franklin artist. Now doing airbrush at Boeings, he is considered the fastest man with a Speedball pen in the Northwest. That's something to crow about! 0 CARL DOMES, draftsman at the Wash- ington Shipyards, writes that none of their twenty-two commissioned vessels have been sunk. There is really a record to beat! He and his wife, MARY JANE CHUTE, a former Franklin student, are living in a new "vine covered cottage" by the Lake. o Locally-JACQUELINE JENNINGS is doing her part in the production illustration and drafting department at Renton. In 1942, she won the Scholastic scholarship at Cranbrook Art Academy in Michigan. Unique sketches of the Pike Street Market and ski train are reminders of Jacqueline's clever work. 0 That personable Seattle artist, VERA AMALLEFF, has been doing smart newspaper design work for Frederick and Nelson and the Bon Marche. MARIAN MATHEUS, now Mrs. Richard Derby, another former Franklin artist, is remem- bered for the Song of America, which she wrote and produced. It was used for a Franklin Memorial Assembly and later for the Senior Graduating Program. Now she is doing the windows for a swanky California department store. 0 Temporarily "grounded" due to the war, KAY SHEARER SEVERSON, 1938 Tolo art editor, is holding up the home front. Kay is the mother of two lovely children, and carries on as a free-lance artist. Truman, her husband, another Franklin "grad," is a hard-hitting marine somewhere in the South Pacific. From Africa, the South Pacific, Iceland, and the burning sands of Egypt, comes the same familiar sentiment versed by GERALD PETERSON, '44, already in five major engagements in the South Pacific: "Gee, art was surely swell! Tell those embryo artists . . . it's important . . . carry on!" DOROTHY HAMILTON 107 t .. , fs. W WSG' . f- fitf - ' t f mcwm 2 . , f Q ff fff f ff "twine Agff f+l,q?gf in ,-iff' g5w'r ' fff5K4 'gf ,4 f' F' -f "" ygifff A . We i? -14 rQ'S'f.92i nf, 'M ff-if ' ,fy ffif3 e3waQi1i'rl' INN- 'H ' fl , ff' t U if.5Z,:'rtJ . agp' 591 K. M W A 'GV -' 15" , f ' .3 ,W 'LM -"L f 'lrfff' gffq, 6-4 ,yfpu ,f ,-Vw ,ffl My ,: Q+Qf.1J,,g,. f f,v,41Q,. . 5.14 ',, ff, ,yy-V if A , Y .U vt -N ., ,A,.,,,V ,X ,. , :J - , ,f7 Q.. ,ze , ,, .J fgfefxg 1 of ' .. Q A 'lift w ' I it q ey . U , i4...,.i,e..d-i V W. t misfit' dew ,M , 21,4-, A ALAI 7 . .K - Pi: ' in A-. ' ww 4 'fn i"l'.1Q, if 9' ' Z kk' ' 9 ax he i Q w if 1 -e 4 ' ' ft- s - -r ff? at ?LS3i"-Sqft Y' ' A w , TGV . an " A - if i - V -'14, .--Q V- Ziff ,Nr 11 i ' f' N i '-f1i'lEj??3l'!' i'7TQv11z::K1:-t Cf . A.. f ?i.QiLiiiLj' ,j , . f w i gk!! , W Qfmif f .L 'TW' -Lf . 1.2 '- , ,, U: V 4 :fi msn 'ire ' H' , we t 'iff WW Q W fr-141 - it M' s iv, K' V, .f " ,, 0 23362- ' me """' I r ' A M f" W RX .1 fm-H -' X' ,Q-f,a, - ,4,. K - A. A W 'ff A - V. - ,', nur I, - A X, ,tant A, V, I ef? F ,Ri g J, -1.5, , e ep i e A t i, . s , M s trim , as t so rt QW ol' :V vm I .. M, 'fi 'ti , ' ' " O W as 4 p ' A ,ff r gt vi' XT N . f . K A ' ' V ,f"' 4'LES THOMPSON-"This is the impossible picture of an artist gone to war. The soldiers assigned to make a beach-head become so fascinated with his work that they forget there is a warf, 4ijACQUELINGi JENNINGS sketches her impressions at Cranbrook Art Academy. 'sooo YRS. so Qrrzenr THE sue-.acer -Hmnzmcr ,f 1 sxonowf 0 nuns! . Pmnvmo rw. Ill HlSTOK.'1' ' 1 NF Ry FEEL 'THE DISCUSSION f H ters Have some Q K at Foam .. - SEMINRR 'CK "1-.scutvrxiiie s WMU yy " V w.,A . Y ! . f J I V nu sotuvnou- I 5 cn'm'u.everz umm! HRCHITECTURE cg Q91 Q J R JGNNINTIS cu X lx L V . . , E I X aiiifff 5,, xg! it Q W 5 fa 0 ' I 'Q 0 Q ,I ' A -f H -53 Sw V1 fZ:ii!',2j"f'!"K28 ' , t' 4' L MQW, I 0 xx I If K 5 108 H ,pf g5mFF? 1,4 -'ln QQ'5 XXWWVLW 0' XM f' ' 'f W.. Xl hbQF 'TZ' Ny 1 Qf 5. . G I' '- AGDQO Zo-L-Z X r u a L1 'H ' XJ! i SSN 9511 fb , ' .A '55 1 U I ... .. 1 -:Z Q99 'I Exit I A! X 1, L' X O 1 " 1. oigoal X UT TL-iE.2E'5 ONE FlE'.LD WHICH SLHT5 ME FiNE.Z oaslemucs Sums Fon Ouz Guam' NAVY ll . . . . CARL Z DOMES INCE I LEFT Scuoox. Baca IN 'ruuzrv-Nme. l'vE Pouwo 1-um UFE. is NOT ALL. GKAVY 3 4'CARL DOMES says, "My cartooningvis suffering because of my drafting work." 4'JACK BRADBURY says, "These are a few of the characters I have been doing for the comic magazine strips. Left to right they are, the "two close friends," Jock McRawbbit and Angus McSnoot, Stanley the horse and Finnegan the dog. - - Av :sf ,-,- -, . AE'S?T+ESB32QiQ AQ fivwxuueo XX STRID on us ' V MN YOU 'BOYS l7 i eovseoss? Q5 H Xa. 3.1 WIEEKNNERJX ., '00 f Z 1 .M " f U XX, ' Q, fm , Q E 1 ,day - N 'vi' ,gif-77 X L' L f V 4-XJ V a , U n . 1- ,NGN X g l fn if 'i'f' '5 ffl W xfxs X I 'Q ' ' I' ' X it 'Z fi WWXXX X w "-Q 1 ' X N AWfM7fV f'."f v "" -i1v- ' ' J lsk bi 4 i 'N SKK 'N 0 ,, - Qwx I 3' C f - t - N if Vg EV IW t sg 5 i is fffsiif UM I 'N Q I I., A ' snkxllfv X 1 i g-L 1, ALWAYS tomoqg Fora rwooier or Pl1CfxRTCI.7NiSl! uFE.f I , 109 1 V i 55? . , .1 3 Q f W ji, l,., i K 5. 594 , , N -' .1 Ra. W . -:ff if Jan, fr',,.," ' 1 Er" f 3 wah, 4 A as Q Q P' l s., , . ,. ,- ,.,4,44Jf,1.4fa+664-a.l1ff 4:14110-YK Q,,,,,,9m,.,4ff,-44774 ,64afo.wt4,,.M,C?4-Gf 7f,1,lf,4vz.4 J , 1 64 f"4'4A fm,-f,g,3g emo, if 1 X Iclidhuw- - V ' sf A , ff.f,fTT2 Qi' p s i f ,u sa L ' l A-Mf '5 Firgif ' -V is-' - ' a,t..,,MraJ , g ms ? , iff 15,4 JJAIZCQH .I-4 4, Q. x R Lis le gg"- i,j,44,vf aww'-sg iv - V -- g , old-vL CAJL tv ! l '.E3 '-3' , :ry I .. .a s k N X ,. 1 ,k Q, ,. "Are ' N5 7 HT r :T - vo 5aME 771463 my 'H 'a if 1 ' Lon.. 1 -v-f, 5 ,if.f w,4:gg.s,1:gIt 5-V2 i V ,V 1' ufaxxr f-L' img g,:1',1f-uw. ' N' - - ' W ft lf -Lrv 111 .flr f wlvr it-ra' -f:.s mmm, Q Q Z I ii, V5 ..-. Lf: .awzfsivlg lxztskoffy, rn aw 7i A VM , WWW, A, ,, A We ffm-f,2f,ff,..rf-fn M0 7',"""',5' , M Qafl-ilsrgf USM 1' fwv - Q C ,gy 4, Qs x . N w j x i 1 BN. X .t . sxxul , :QL .k i L . , "'1 'xl'i-e it gps A f x E.. W.. X A 1 X I , fa,-. , s -as N s A A 22 if 1 i i if 7 15 Lo' .H iigirj is ii' -I -,fu 4 e as ggi' fm ' ,Q in f "' feiiilf T fu"+ i J Q.. A , , u g dfeff - Q so -, gf ' 'ii 'i ' " f fi - or M -' fy l as Sr 737- ' ' ,f l ml l 1-l gggii s wi 5 ,'-1152? ,f "1" 'T' f N ' I-' 'F '-'--- " ' 13-1, ' ,,,,l -J' ' - A L fligaf-ggi!!! e- f J, laa1 ,fe e 'rga:...,,r:,g-,E ' t ' W1 WM? Mfffffrrrw' l Je was Zmrfawawfifl e 'i A A f !ANo84EsrMAaNmQ47b0.fl ,Q a J A it r " f ,1 U ! l tii ii iii p fLt. VERNE FARROW'S cartooned en- velopes cause even the postman to chuckle. 'YThe above letter written by RAY HINES is self-explanatory. On the Art Front Christmas decorations of originality and ingenuity made by two hundred Franklin art students were the cause of much aise b the Red Cross Dozens of Christmas cards, painted Pl' Y - glass ornaments, large decorative wall murals and other trim- mings were personally transported by two Red Cross ambu- reatly lance drivers. At the Headquarters, they were g impressed and a display was put up for visitors. Many persons inquired about the unusual decorations, and were surprised to learn that they had been made by high school students. CSome of the trimmings went to Pier 91, where they met with enthusiastic approval. One wounded sailor, wishing to . J see better, asked to be wheeled closer to the Christmas tree 110 Dear Mile Bieezza: if 5 Ill Of course you' Q ' ' d ted.. s K-21 I studied art ior know 1 gre ua a while ut: Edison, then " '--. married another Franklin "' grad, Truman Severeon, 80 became 'mama' to Lwo angels. I , " n, 133 11812941 rrisrgfin 4 ln 1943 1 went oine he .seo e buck to the ink me 3 A 0 . gire Dept. to help eesle for n while, - 1 keep they home fires working as an 'ad' fp 1' 0 from burning down artist for Western A, 'ml 'Y peop1e'e homes.. lsngruving Company.. , ' " -' c 14' - x lx C53 Now a U. S. Marine, 'Drum A ohm.-ees the enemy over .youth jf- lvef-ific isles, while 1 keep j our home fires burning and " The ehildren out of the lake- 3 anyway, l try! b f a p , As ever, Kay. - N 4KKAY SHEARER SEVERSON, free lance artist, keeps the home Fires burning. ,rimmed 'VRAE MEDBY MCSPADDEN is a girl animator at Disney studios, a rarity in the art field. STKLL 'N-' PU':3HlNE WNV D NCJL. . X, ii 3 - N Rm-E 7 f f Y Q sv K 1 kg Qijip Q f i N' W 5 X? Nix WW .Zi ' e 'QQAEM Yi? ares fe., III Q' R:lv9"' E Q gmt ha, fr 1 ,, A f' 2-521, :.i. --2 5 -F i N M ff Q 8 Man, I S r QR Y 5- tl A 1, r J gf if nf 535355 F, 'llfg' W . 1 -.. f M. s A4 4 A , - R ' N U 'A A """' - - , I: Q 4. 5 K QR? I . ix L' x 4' 'W W -W W z- .. raS:. Q A , L' F ,Q aw be . gpw U4 ,. ,ew is .... ., " 1 3 "1-.: K Q is W ' I f x 4 N '-' I ..'2 1 Q Q ma 5 , A as QA . .lla ,K N 'S+ KE - as X D 4' i 3 fi 'Ei X., ww 4 X yr 'vfiax 3 3533? Q B ,WH Dam 'K' 1-'Wars'-ff"f-.9 .rr T'n?T To Our Readers THIS ALUMNI EDITION has been a big undertaking! We make no claims to complete coverageg with more than 9,000 graduates that is impossible. Hundreds of names were sub- mitted to us by faculty, students in school, alumni, and friends of the school. We were unable to secure sufficient information about many of themg for others we have had to "tailor" our information to fit a particular space. Readers will think of people they would have liked to have included. If so, we hope that you will send in pictures and storiesg we will be glad to set aside a few pages of future annuals for interesting alumni material. Such material may be sent either to Miss Chambers, permanent Alumni Chairman, or to Mr. Hurley, adviser of the Annual. We wish to thank all who assisted in providing information for this edition. We are especially indebted to Miss Glass, Miss Chambers, and Miss Kassebaum, as well as other faculty membersg to Mr. Berne Jacobsen of the P.-I. and Mr. Chester Gibbon of the Times, who loaned us pictures and supplied us with much information. We want to thank all who Filled out questionnaires or wrote letters for usg we regret if we were unable to use any copy you sent us. Speaking of letters, we wish that you might all read in their entirety the many letters that were sent directly to us or loaned to us by faculty members. Our boys in service think often of Franklin. This paragraph from one letter is typical of so many: "Some of us younger fellows were talking about the good times we used to have at high school. How is Franklin? Still the same, only with different kids I suppose? Sure wish I could live that life over. I know that I'd make twice as good a student as I was then. I don't see how you ever stood us." They like to hear from Franklinites and they ask about all their old friends. It is with regret that we finish our work on this book. We have enjoyed becoming acquainted with our alumni. As we have worked on it names have become personalitiesg we feel that we know Franklinites whom we have never even met or seen. We hope that our readers will feel the same as they read through this book. In conclusion, we ask again that you send us further interesting alumni material. This edition will suggest ways that it might be utilized in later books. Tolo formerly had an Alumni Sectiong we shall be glad to revive that custom if pictures and stories come in from our readers. A A Note on Kinds of Print Used Each year the Acme Press selects the kinds of type which are most in keeping with the theme of our book. Because this book is patterned after the old-fashioned photograph album, various modern adaptations of old-fashioned types have been used. The names of some of the kinds used are: Gold Rush, Old Bowery, Jim Crow, Marble Heart, and Barnum. They are all much more decorative than ordinary varieties. Art Awards Elaine Holmstad's end-sheet drawing used in this book won the regional award of Certificate of Merit and Gold Achievement Key. It has been sent to compete in the National Scholastic Arts Awards Contest sponsored by Scholastic Magazine. Ray Gerring's base- ball drawing for last year's annual won similar awards and will also compete in the national contest. THE STAFF 113 Acknowledgments TO THE Ralson Studio and to Frank McCaffery's Acme Press we wish to express our gratitude not only for all they have done to make this book possible but also for the many years of faithful service to Tolo Annual and Franklin High School. The Ralston Studio began doing our photographic work with the 1928 annual and have continued with all annuals since, a total of eighteen booksg this year, despite shortage of help, film scarcity, and difficulty in getting printing paper, Mrs. Ralston has done everything possible to make our book as complete as in past years. The Acme Press began handling our printing, en- graving, and binding with the 1932 issue and have done a total of fourteen books for us. We wish to thank especially Mr. McCaffery for his generosity in approving all our plans, Phyllis Heady fFranklin Graduate in 1937j for her assistance in art work, and Albert Jensen for actual production of the book. The Sterling Engraving Company again have our thanks for the excellent quality of all engraving work. With all we have had long and happy associations which we hope will continue for many more Tolo Annuals. Readers may be interested in Mr. McCaffery's opinion of our books. When he saw the plans and sketches for this year's book he said, "I believe that you people out at Franklin are pioneering in the yearbook of tomorrow. The quality of your art work is professional to a degree that few annuals in the country achieve." We appreciate this tributeg we feel that Mr. McCaffery is a very competent judge for, as past president for two years of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, he is acquainted with all types of printing work everywhere. ALUMNI EDITION INDEX Page Page History of Franklin ,,,,,,,. ,,,,..,.., 4 Snapshorts ................................ 56. 59, 76, 106, 112 Dedication ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 School Activity Groups .,......,.,.,,.........,........ 61-75 Principal's Message .,,......,,,,,,,,, 6 Music and Drama ,................ .................... 7 7-88 Vice-principal's Message ..,,, ,, 7 Sports ............,...................,.......................---- 91-103 Gold Stars , ,,,,,,, I ,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,, 8 S pecial Alumni ......,,,...........,,,..,...... 60, 89, 90. 104 ' Faculty ,,,,, .,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,...,,, ,,,,,, 9 -12 Cartoons from Art Alumni ,.....,,,...,......... 107-111 Seniors ,,,,,,, , .,.,,,,,, 14-37 Message to Students and Alumi ...................... 113 Juniors .,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.l 3 8-45 Acknowledgments ....,.,,,,.,.....,.,,,,,...,.,.........,,i, .114 Sophomores ,,,, . , . .,.,.,,, 46-50 Cartoons and Alumni Freshmen ,,,,.,,,, ,,,.,, , ,SO-56 Writeups .....,,.,.,.,..,...,,,,. TI'lI'011gl1OL1t the Book Eighth Graders , , . ,.,,,.,, 57-59 Index ........... ......--------..,,,,1,, .------,, ,.,1- -----ffff,,,,,1f 1 1 4 L4 Jsxlll 114 Q Qi lax. L Eff I 4 4 4 E? ii 2 ,, 5 . -. 5 r. . if Mfbfx K Lwv L1 r J ? YJ 'Ai -1f fl JNJUL MAIN 1 E f A ,AP "' fp .QQ fxn I vm, KYW f!X1Xq ZA f V411 XXYUKIVVN 4 5 W Jw ,,v-rvx ,- 'IMA N' WVR U es U L3 2" ij H2 Q39 fi ffffw FXLLI-fx INVNG , .W ff Lin 'Tn fvl"wL KV' H., 'Xml' M9 HAI! .OJ 9' cwffsv EWWWSLR x SYM? -- 1 I A SJ: 'JUL- QL Yr Mx uw X mL 'L N,A H Lf -I X VX V65 U 2 sm? XB Y BOOK f .,-' X ff Ml? N

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