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ww 'vf' J YA: Bdlmg ll ll J lfffmfs ffmoflx lfwlfofmgfs 00 I R0 ifxi O, imig .. 12' fn, Q fd , f 1 , M4 f f ,, ' 721 .. ,- . 1 QL 4.84.-. "' nun-...f- Y A ml 4, -Q 4 1 IFIRQANIKILIIN YFOILU Q QX Q5 AILIBHUMI ww X N X JY NM X u H tg X5XSttQ'lA!hg,t k il Q if ik Q1 f v X l""'-'-'-i- il 1 X X . A Qi 4, iii? ?Q,,fwf""" jf X fx "lf, fy ul 9' J fl? 7? llx sf L if m ll ' , X 1. 3 A5 A qnanlfzflin High Q , - ,I 4- A if ,- N ' Q V! ,, lx V4 .ScP1ooQ " ff, 'j fx C x ,ff xx f' . l 590 59 , ea 6, 0.1.5 Ln of f 5 - ' AN T0 SO THAT you who run may also read we herewlth present the student llfe ofFrankl1n through pxctures We have trled to show a record of your work and play your frlends and teachers your sports and honors The camera l1ke the sundlal records best the sunny hours of the day We too have m phaslzed the work and fun ln the big ad venture of learning Thls year we are pre sentlng something new something interest mv a p1ctor1al revxew The StaH Paul W Copeland Charlotte Bxsazza Florence Rmker Tats H11-cada Vlrglnla Graham Don Peel Jeannette Lewis jack Yoshlkawa Hugo Seren Marjorxe Schenck Mary Barnard Kenneth Ghormley jack Reynolds Bob Fredrick fl 3 Z 7 ffk F R K L I N L o . . . I t . . X , . . ' In X if, , . - -I In X E y P , y r S XX' 0 X fy' IN AFTER YEARS when the more serxous problems of l1fe are pressmg upon you thus book wxll serve to Uwe you pleasure and amusement as It recalls your hlgh school days wxth thexr many happy memorles staunch frlendshlps and pleasant assocra tlons Through 1ts pages you w111 rellve the years whlch you now enjoy but cannot fully apprec1ate unt1l maturlty glves you a wlder perspective These are the good old days SIDNEY POLMERE TRATHEN I FLEA! A , F o R E w o R n is . 1 , - gg w X . . QQ. . . , .Ae W ,U 5 . . . . . Q11 -, Q X V L .64 Wane dydlflm dock somunmdfs we fame lllfm-2 ccflfagy WQ gjlnamlb fouunr fboolks faumco7 II'LUlSlf77 away Wuillfn lI7TDlUICClIlD 0 00111, Qanmcay sihmaullm Qaumccff IUISS NVQ lllmazlfyy ccfaziiccflvz ilffne IRGIIIIIDIIQII' fbluls V VJ1 """""'1 AQQYAf'x WEN ijyill RX XY! l 55 UH itlhne lbzuls IUDJQ' IAIMIIFIFIIQCJHJXX dlilmwlb lgdclk fam!! scchoolf itllw sfaunnzce UM gjlflllflld IHIQWU BMW lHlfuuuov aalrcc-2 yfouuz fake? S0 Wcuumgj IIIUTIIIHHIIIQ ll :nm dwfwlyfby fldilceff l p n1"" .mf fr: 9 . U 44 . 7144 If lx. , 0 , . 7 U' ,, , , , ,. ,J . . K -1, ' . x , 4' 'i XS - F X X ' j i ff-X 12 fn 4 95 X ' an 'rx 1 I 1K"Wf fi L' ' " P 0 X fx Q' K' 9 S X ' '. X 'ig X ,f . ' ' I ,112 I lllmiloo itlfw UMIQCQ zufw llmu11r1r1iQccWy lrfrmccer IHIQMIIS fllllllll Ulf silolrms 110 sfazuw muur fauna ff. Dfs faumdl lpulilmlk slflilpvs, fufw sligjlm Ulm iflfw llli1mQ UW 00 ozunr QCMSSQS - Jjuusil film UIIIHTIIQZI To the Class of 1942 Fortunate are we that most of our hlgh school days are before us We stlll have tlme to bulld our own world Let us bulld well No day re peats ltself We must let each day do nts own work We must 1ve the very best we have If each day Fmds we have done our best work lf we have had pleasure and gxven pleasure 1f we have made new friends and helped old friends then in une 1942 we can say that we have had purpose and our motto has been Always Forward. AGNES REMLEY A dviser. ls. -S531 Z lflhllff IFIRIESIHMIAN CCILASS Ulf: H9412 l 'Q : ,-" ,XX it faq r U-it I P- , 'Y 1 ll . f , f 1 ix 7 J ui' ll.n-yy L vu r 5 '1 'xt X 1 xx VL Rik XX If . I Y , ll X X Q' Ng ,f,,, f W I tl Q il f X K - L.! I0 . . . FRESHMEN MISS AGNES REMLEY. Adviser RICHARD OSWALD, President PHYLLIS SHEROD, Treasurer RICHARD HAMILTON. Vice-President LOUANN SAMS. Secretary Front Row: Bowman Braillard Anderson Burroughs Accetturo Blockley Arrigorn Arbicor Baker Anderson Berry Bannister Bianco Ball Brandvold Brandt Anderson Baker Bridge Buchanan Bruno Brown Barnard Barrea Camerrta Cvitkovich Anderson Arnold Byrne Almgren Corvachiale Calkins Colby Cohan Condie Clarke Curlin Coons Cummings Edwards Farley Fontona Creighton Farmer Frohman Fulton Fujioka Back Row: Bouton Brown Allen Bender Borley Allamano Bell Bagley Broune Brotche Beaman Benton Bridge Boyd Alde Beldin Atkins Byrne Bickhart. Bower Burton Bachtel Baron Bateman Borracchini Lew Cologrossi Collins Carlyon Crosby Chastsin Capern Butler Louie Caso Feel: Ellis Engel Farrow Ferrell Flatebo Fishhack Front Row : Diefienbach Erickson Davidson Ferraro Finnigan Fish Ennaro Davis Kahan Kendall Kersey Landin Kato Juraskovich Jensen Iacovacci Jones Kennie Kochma Johnson Jennings Kogita Jones Kuchan Hamilton Harmon Herman Herzog Hoshide Gist Haas Higgins Herre Hamilton Hunter. Harada Gavridsky Hedington Huffman Hayashi Hawkins Hoelting Hughes Horne Glessncr Holt Griffin Hara Back Row: Frate Duval DiSante Dyson Disbrow Frost Densmorc Donofrio Maine Lodwig Jastice Johnson Jacobson Mancini James Johnson Harlin Johnson Jenkins Giles Hoeppner Johnson Heintzelman Guilfoyle Hendricksen Gayton Hittman Heston Horan Hogle Hanson Gill Greco Harold Granberg Hieb Goe Hull Hall Hamilton Golsch Gerard Harbaugh -li -Lili. 'o f' H f 0 D , V 7 f f I f N 1 In f f ix I I IV I K 1, X ii x, ,, 1 2 iv i , ' " il f ,U l' K- K J - D J i ' ,A ,S X '10,-I ,ff if "' ij U 1 E-:vi Xflff' FRESHMEN if? of EL , K 4 'ff l' li i f l f 'Og , V j Q ff' f b ,Q f 'Tas Q fc' 4 , ff ff ff Z ff ll!! "" ff ff W f X ,v X t. ll 1 ' Xxx 7 I2 . . . FRESHMEN Front Row: Meacham Mowdsley Miovski Louie Lincoln Manning Lindberg Landrum Mcrlino McCa5ery Lew Mulanox Mellor Mihara Lano Matsumura Nix Plant Meldrum McGrew Napoli Marlatt Llpp Murray Paolella O'Leary Penn Paine Price Nordin Oswald Olsen Olund Olson Patricelli Oliver Olsson Sokolich Sutich Sommerlad Saxton Sobottka Swiercnga Steeves Russell Back Row: Mohring LeGate Murphy Lukevich Mosher Morris Longtin Lewis Moser Maletta Millen Martyn Leggett McDonald Owens Newland Lorella Olson Murphy Leicht Noreen Oliver Nelson Petersen Pentz Neel Olsen Nass Nielsen Palm Norman Olson Prescott Ring Seese Sharp Sutherland Schuff Saalwaechter Riach Front Row: Rengli Raymond Smith Sams Schumann Stewart Stewart Solomon Ring Schreib Schiffmann Suguro Rasmussen Tinem Recchio Rasmussen Ward Sherod Smith Sinning Rounds Shabro Umino Ursino Zerbc Talbott Yazzolino Taggart Worthing Weidemann Frool Tosaya Trogdon Vorris Tanner Wish West Waters Tubb Wilson Tabbut Wertman Wells Waite Back Row: Rhotehamd Simoneau Randles Richard Sparling Stockam Snook Symmes Stovel Recchi Robertson Raymond Smith Shashich Studby Symmes Tannchill Smith Simmonds Reeve Wilbur Wigs Wilson Walker Zielinski Wells Terwilliger Talbott Warren Wraith Vertz Yamashita Williams Wade Wells Weyant Wilson 2515 INS X S '4' X, I 1 ff K 4 5 I X if ' W f X, 16 .. il' 510423 ., I .12 1 fx S - SJ at , f ii ' J l ' ' X4 lx , X Ir! 'i Z f f f f fir., v' gxxz: f - X QV f T f XXV I C ' f I If ,I w Hu U Yj -.,t. FRESHMEN . . . I3 1 i QQ L, 1 ,K fx! 7' x y S , .J R C. - 4 xi Y T em A 'f N- 1 ' 5 fl "'..f I . X S Q x f ., E f .. if X xx , X ' Z 3 'I4 . . . ACTIVITIES 1C"f'fl 1 A nalyzing democracy. Forging his future. u.....H lm. 1 The chozr harmomzes Sketchmg wild life ,1........ 7N.v,,g Feminine efficiency. Nurse Ekholm to the rescue. Bug-ology. Food for bookworms. , X X 3 Lockur U I KC! 5 X 'MN I Voc 1 : in v ', .EKQ K, I I Q lik - 4 xx xg Q IX 3 Q L - ACTIVITIES... I5 2 5 71 c It is Ugg? Q 59' J 2 H , Oi UNI Q, S 'S E Microscopic miracles. A glimpse of the artistic. The late lamented. It pays to advertise 6 . . . ACTIVITIES -f-Q Y yu M 1 'VIII 'I' all I To the Class of 1941 In addressmg you as a class I want very much to be understood as speakmg to you 1nd1v1dua1ly Let me therefore say to every wlsh for each of you that you w111 try un ceasmgly to attam as good a standmg as a student as you can attam to be the finest person that you can be uncarmg about the more spectacular success of others and mindful only that you are doing your best. MILDRED FIRTH CROCKETT Adviser. -X n. x g I 1 7flHllE SUIPJIHIOIWUIRIE CCILASS GIF IIQIIIII 1 M . y Q' sophomorebo and giflthatlhaveonlyone K V f ,Tw in ' - lln x I , , 1 l fl mai! A I X" x Q Q 1 C - Goal. i K J lj I ik 5 fx - ll Q1 ll fl ' A 0 0 xi K- Q ll Q X MKW K X y A Q V' 4 i . I i f I gl. I8 . . . SOPHOMORES MRS. MILDRED CROCKETT. Adviser JACK SPRINGGATE. President MARJORIE TITUS, Vice-President VIRGINIA LEE. Secretary BEATRICE ITZA. Treasurer Front Row: Agnese Anderson Barnum Barnum Bredice Anderson Bradshaw Bauer Brooks Baxter Albright Bengston Barley Bowman Bluff Burnett Baker Carstenscn Crich Connor Corkille Codington Campeol Christensen Chow Dickinson Canell Chclos Congelelas Canell Dahlin Eames Ethier Clark Dorning Christophersen Eaton Dixon Daly Back Row: Baughman Buchner Buffone Allin Allyn Baer Ashida Backlund Brown Bigford Angel Alcott Braddock Casey Carroll Brandalise Cothrell Cook Cauthorn Dearborn Edline Cunningham Christiansen Collins Carrabba Edwards Dicrdorff Edwards Eastwood Dexchenes DePuc Front Row: Fujino Ferrel Gillman Ghetti Fulmer Golino Giralmo Fournier Fairbanks Gibbon Gray Fujioka George Graham Holt Hamilton Gay Harner Hendrickson Henson Henry Irza Harford Holcomb Hyde Inghram Hagerslrom Bruhn Keithly jurin Lennon Karney Loverud Lee Back Raw : Grainger Fellrich Gray Gaskill Friedman Flynn Ghormley Grommons Farrow Groves Folino Fulton Gahnberg Hough Hume Hjelmaa Hadlock Hara Hassain Hartley Hoar Hollinshead Hangen Hardy Hendricks Hopkins Krause Larson Kahehashi Kautz Larson Lewis Jacobson -SV' A r t C U I lg ' g f ii X 5 I Xi l , ' R g f X ff eecfffvgg jf!! l y E X il h II C X A. so SOPHOMORES . . . I9 43 P' f f f Q ' ' X a L - I I X ' X Mez, ffm ff IJ V5 X Ili. X I A. f In x I f i f PQ fx fi f js' if al 5 S ff f l ' I 20... SOPHOMORES Front Row: Kazmetsky Lunn Lagozzino Lee Kent Lew Lew Kikuchi Mancini Massa Manner Mahoney McCaHery Moody Masuhara Mclver Okita Neipert Olson Nagasahi Paddock Pulakis Miovski Petroulias Packenbam Polis Nakayama Okihara Nicolar Povick Phelps Wittman Napier Rohrer Scott Sprague Swain Suguro Shiota Sevansen Steiner Back Row: Lindberg Keim Larson Lewis johnson Kiel Lockead johnson Martin Menefee Morgenstern Merriweather Miyatovich Murphy Minardi Meyers Markey Nacinovich Paine Miovski Parks Nielsen Okita MacDonald Ouchi Okuda Pedersen Poet Parcher Oswald Stripp Shay Schenck Svenning Saunders Raymond Shuhz Front Row: Saul Ring Schuh' Sowers Ragan Szedinski Sposari Scott Stephens Reid Reed Rotermund Schwartz Serizawa Sugawara Stewart Tindale Timbers Victor Tong Tiedeman Taylor Titus Rivers Wiederrecht Yamamoto West West Turner Vitarelli Vitulli Van Sant Brady Weidemann Zimmerman Zimmerman Zengnell Wake Back Row: Simpson Sonntag Smith Sutich Raykowich Springgate Rolhriel Sokolich Thomas Ridley Stewart Ralston Raabe Staats Tregidga Thompson Vail Tazioli Schorr Tolarefl' Talbott Zombro Washburn Wheeler Wheeler Thomas Tosaya Tonday Whitney Wellons Walker Wolph Winders 4 FN Y' l s , 4x I, f- 5 , '15, X I . -, r o , X X tt , 5 Y t -,S S iff? ' xi 'f 22 by , :X 'L - t f A Xgtfiw f'JJ J X 41 7 1 T f Q kv., , f V ,f I 'S' r I S lx I 4. X E SOPHOMORES . . . 2 "K K Art in 211. Geometric headaches. Weighty problems. "Mightier than the sword." 22 . . . ACTIVITIES K. I Q ? HT' ff"V'c b A -is GX I fr f , X HXBQHXKKM F00 qt f X f Xb 24 . . . FOOTBALL ,,..v--' -Q THE CLOSING of the football season found the Franklm team tled for seventh place wlth the West Seattle Indlans The Quakers coached by Ralph Reed chalked up one Win one t1e and four losses Of the n1neteen letter wmners ten w1ll be mlsslng next seascn Those who graduate are Tad Fupoka Bob Chap man Ted Yedllck john Bedmger Tats Hlklda Don Howe Nxck Eronemo Dlck Bennett Dewey Sorlano and Nme letter men return for Coach Reed to buxld h1s new team around Returmng at ends w1ll be Mxlt Wellons and Alex Twardus wh1le Jack Tracy IS the only letter wmner at the tackle post Guards who have another sea son of play left are B111 Horsley and Ralph Stefano 1m McCurdy returns at center to bolster the lme Byron Grubb Wlllard Brown and Bob Burgolne are the back Held men who also return Wmner of the Warner trophy for lnspxratlon and erv 1ce to the team was Nlck Eronemo A new plaque the Syd ney P Trathen Best Player Award was presented for the first tlrne to Tad FU-'jlOk3 ' iv s wg-Jw! X Xt J bl' F. XA X C fin. 0 E- x X .,' i B ' 4 A N N I L1 Ti . . , l I Kfx an ' 3 ' . . ul '- I Y . , . 'Ads Z :zo 1 X K f jf , . , . y . . y X, f K Q f ' . , . Q . xx g 1' , ,Y Dolph Hoyt. X f T . ' ' ' 5' Fi 2 X , L N, I . . . X f ., , J - I - X uri' X X' A K' ' A N35 X n XWI, J. . . 4 Q Q . . n y xl, . lf x N X . . . . S - X ' X ,I , . L . D - ,I f tx W Q ' 1 Y r M y N t 1 fi X f I in Q, LX .-f' X f jf 'wie L ' Q 2 ix ' ,. 4 5 i u 4 - 4. R: . 'F 1 1 ' . . f l g ' ' , A M . ' L 5 l ' .f 7 9: I n . . . . X f -7 Q X - - : rx! ' ' A , f 9' tw ' T , ' . 15 - xxx I X Q l - ,T X , , ' . J" Q ' . . ' f ' for A R C' . ' I' f W 7 I , . J 0 f f T u The first team th1s year was under the able dxrectlon of Ralph Reed Replacmg Harry Benson as thlrd team coach was Leonard Saalwaechter ASSlStll'1g coaches Reed and Saalwaechter was B111 Whalen The hard workmg managers who re ce1ve 11tt1e or no credlt for thelr work are B111 Wacker Sam Iwasakr N ck Van Wyck Maurice Hues and Joe Bowman who were under the dlrectxon of Paul W Copeland equlpment manager Nelther the second nor thlrd team fared so well The second team tied one game and lost five wh11e the thxrd team won one game tled two and lost three RALPH REED Coach PAUL COPELAND Equ pm t Manager BILL WACKER and SAM IWASAKI Doctor and Head Manager YAZZOLINO VAN WYCKE NORMAN WALKER 43 BOWMAN and MAURICE HUES Managers FOOTBALL 25 K at Duck Bennett Tad Fupoka 4. 26 FOOTBALL Ted Yedllck Bob Chapman Soriano T Nuck Eronemo Mnlton Wellons 143 qv Bull Horsely John " xl' 7 I VK?" . sk . yn V -if Q. ' -, j V1 , ,J J Y ' if 'Vg . - . X s X Y .Lx S ,4- Wlllard Brown , Alex Twardus Jim McCurdy r rx- x QZAY ir o H -19 ,uk Tm, on 'we ""' Tarsilikada Bob Burgoine TY' , T I Byron Grubb 5 b '- Hoyt ,. . Ralph Stefano FOOTBALL . . . 27 Top Row: jack Arnberg. George Meyers, Walter johnson. Bob McDonald, Bernard Dixon Middle Row: Bob Fredrick. Bobs Sparks. Bob Wade. Ed Vail. Tsuchikawa Masakalsu. Harold Smith. Morris Wcyant Bottom Row: Rado Surich. Henry Genzales, Francis Uyerninami. Tony Genzalcs. Albert Ouclii 8 . . . FOOTBALL Second Team BILL VJHALEN Assistant Coach ii C I A , , x., K l x ,. W x? 'x f - ll: X of f ll f .ff N ii .-9 lf if X S, X lx -swf B lyk Q V Third Team LEANORD SAALWAECHTER Coach Lf N41 ,J f UQQXI3- T K ' - L! i f i 1 I Q 4 Nl X I ' xx ll X ,X ,ff f v- ,- A Q, W ,wfee...f'l ,, 71291 Sf if Qsq 3 Top Row. Eugene baalwaeehter Cob rw Crobby B 11 S1 rromls DEN1C1xV31kSY jim B rum IP d e Row Le a d beese B1 I behcrr a rc Mxlt Bub Morrxw Beb 1 Bottom Raw L IREUC Ala'na'1o Harry Kmv. ow De'-A O er AA Hxkxda In the Hot Box Cope glves a lesson on helmet Cleaning FOOTBALL. . . 29 rl lf lF001Hb QM 440-zafigl 451,- X r7Q2, , Y r. ,- ,f J- ,Q- V, . X ei p fl ,T- L 'ax Q ru, , Q '? X Sv - fx f' L Nl Nfggf 1, dx ry m3'g' nj C7 N "1 C1 - ' ffl ' 'I' rf pr l ' r X ' , l Tad Fujroka recexves the new Sloney P Trarhen Best Player Award as hls mother and slster look on V- fx" ' ' 1 Pop Reed congratulates Fred Hutchmson on hrs entry mto the Bxg League 2 Y r Nick Eronemo receives the Warner Cup. by vote of the team, as the season's mosx xnspirazional player AWARDS . . . 31 KA' f f , S w , f QW? ' Q' JP 00 '- f 5 ' if X ? ,-4' 1: X X, 1 ..! H12 s. 3 wx - XY' 32 . . . ORGANIZATIONS Band VICTOR MCCLELLA D Director 0 . E ,Y V ffl: 2 J! 5 I !,, I 1 , X3 I I , . , A QI 2' f A WW if X qj J I' A Capella Choir LAWRENCE BLACKNELL Director Orchestra LAWRENCE BLACKNELL Dire I . V if", if If ji ' if A fx ijo if , K lx B f f X, N sw- X ,g V7 Q ,Q ,o 34 . . . ORGANIZATIONS Sextette Patrxexa Kelly Beryl Lee Gladys Ullman Mur1elCroshy Shrrley Rogers Betty Anderson Trlo Betty jane Hall Helen Dodge Marxha Weiderrechl Shirley Rogers. Accompanlst Band Officers Arvrlle Sverming Arthur Rowe Dolph Hoyt Evan Powers Bob Pacquer jim McDonough Dan Pastell Chapin Smith Avlahon Club Phillip Evalt, Adviser Leroy Wheeler, President john Engman won numerous honors in Northwesr Model Axrplane Meets, Ski Club NORMAN WALKER, Adviser JIM MURPHY, President Among the accomplished skiers of Franklin who deserve special mention are: Class A races at Ski Bowl Jeanie Davis-1 Betty Rae Norman-3 Class B races ar Ski Bowl Bob Smith-I All-city slalom races Girls Betty Rae Norman-2 Jeanie Davis-4 Boys Jim Jacobson-18 All-city jumping Jim Murphy-2 ik 'K fi 4 J" z Q ' ' cr , ,I U f I ' KU kiwi xl y Q .I ix ', 1 I , gl' f , 3 ,f S , ,f 2 4' N. 1 I 1 . 44 ,L K X ,i ,. K 1 il 7 1 x Y N XX .fx . ORGANIZATIONS . . .35 World Affairs Club RALPH JOHNSON. Adviser CHARLES WHITE. President Library Staff LOIS CAUGHEY, Adviser BETHEL MENEFEE. President Service Club HARRY BENSON, Adviser KRISTEN JORGENSON, President . ' f F F : T q Pg ,L ,ZX W 4 3 XE , sv 9 , ' f l rl! 1 ' L ..-"3 J. F, L Q Q 36 . . . ORGANIZATIONS French Club MARGUERITE DUVAL. Adviser AGNES QUIGLEY, Ca-Adviser PAULINE SAMAC. President German Club GEORGE jACKSON,Adviser RUTH MILLER and LEONE RYBA Presidents Ili,- I X H f M E. z'fi' f I X X 2 l I I fi in . 5 2 ' 4+ ' , fe. Y ' 3 g if ' 2 54 ,IME Q . Y 2 - f V vffzgwa ' 7 , l , . Q' 1 ' it 9 gf 1 if J f' Y vm is 5 2 E , " .egag Qv 5 nv Q56 lg. gn , Q, Commercial Club FRANK BAILEY. Advise! MARY FOLEY. President Mathematics Club FRANKLIN KARRER, Adviser MERRILL MOORE, President .fx rr .," , j f 1 1 f xx - if f I I f x 1 A 1 6 r Bw I ' , Yi I XE ,:,, Z K Z 38 ..0RGANIZATlONS Spanish Club AGNES QUIGLEY, Adviser LILLIAN FORD. President Japanese Club JESSE HURLEY, Adviser MAY NAKAGAWA. President Ushers and Doormen RALPH KNAPP. Adviser WILMA YEOMAN, Presidenz 0. ff X T' C f , A 5 ' f X X' Nj ff X I I ff 1 - ff xx l - f .ij 1, WL. k ff? , ,Q ,, ,' V 6+ wg Gif -6 WA 5, an at :f,A ' 5 1553151 en 1 aalgll I. , an fw V z U 1 t ,Z may by ,,ff g qi 5' 5 wg eT""'e,.f s f' W W Q -L ' fd . Q .. QV F G VV, , h Q V, lr F an L- ' W vb W- N -ef g 6f1g if -E 9 ,E 5 Q? 6 ff? X V 55 1 K xi! I 54 8 6 ' f ',.. -'P' W wvf ff22 w fy 14- "Y 1' af f"'X A I- . ' i ' 'ix ? '34 5 AAU, Art Club CHARLOTTE BISAZZA. Adviser LESTER THOMPSON. President Pagoda Club WALTER RESEBURG. Adviser NELLIE CHINN. President 5 Q,- .Ef , I 55,1 1 ' Z .f F3f- - -X 1 if x W .J X i 5. gf X , 1-bf Qs ,X ,ff ' a 1 F 1 '- ivf llx' , If f ' x f Y fx f K gn- 40 . . . ORGANIZATIONS fl! cfaaiw Radio Club HARRY BENSON. Adviser SAM WILLIAMS. President Thrift Club MINNIE JOHNSON. Adviser PETE ENGEL, President Quaker Maids ANNABELLE SHAW. Adviser MARIAN MOORE, President Stamp Club HATTIE FITZGERALD. Adviser CHAPIN SMITH. President ,fr l if ... ,"5 I fl ' ' 3 X if L3 ' " lx ' 1 1 l XX A Q ll l 'Y I . wr, ' ff' C 7 ff , K f' 4 V KX l l 1 ' F X' .4 'Q ,rf , ,vi , IV , i ' yr All A Q' gl W.-Q' - riff ? Z ,f ff ' ,, 4 ff f' gf H-. ff . uf wg, V W f- ' , ' cm 1 ff W X ww! I 'MQW , xg A SY i fi , 5 V L, g Vg I fyw -iff, 71442 ,wie 4, ,2 1 V , fi, - 3 . ' , df .wfymif mfvzw , f Li ' 1,47 , vz m , ak mf: ' f 5 Q -V W AY : M, , J Y , ,gg ke. A Av- k U A 5'k h , F 32 IK fix Q 3, N. . . Y- ' .-nr... W. - - 'J 1 .5 K W s 5 '1 Q Q , ,Amr , 1 2 Q, 1 vw ' 4 W ,Q 'Q 1 se 4 -L.. 'T 915 1 , ag '4.,Tf3'- 7 - A . v "5 ef. ,, ' V W- , 4 I P .Ali:.,.". 1 '- 9' ,Q 531' . bf if 44. Nrffjf uw- -q ..,-'R f ' 4 . ... an vnu Q , - Y .V si 4 Ei'3?-'gg-,? ?Q' aff? - a 1 ' ? , I -Z rw 1 Q . c 4 ' is Wiffryzl s 1,95 2 . ' U-iii: 31" 'lg if x g. 'e ,I s , 'A I ' 'I Mi? K Wei, xx fi a 3 ,Q W i 1 i' a-L v A-...M lr ..- X 3 f,,f 3:24-,fi 1-ff, - , H, x. '. ffm., W I I ,A - A 2,0-v' - ' . b ' A aw ,w a f I . ' ff 'fin ,I M4 '11-H2 .9 ip ' , '1.?.Q..3. F . 4 ,Q L '-K---'S . 'ix ff' if , ,V 'Q' T',-J'-, 0 .LIA- Movie Club NORMAN WALKER, Adviser BOB WARNER, President Lunchroom Committee AGNES QUIGLEY and GRACE KOLSTAD, Advisers BEATRICE ITZA, President Movie Club Movie Club Snapshot Contest. Grand prize: Bill Schumacker. Firsts in the four divisions: Del Kahan, Bill Schumacker, Bob Rogers, and George Meyers. R ', 5 C C , , 6' NA S 5 5 X ff ' ff, "' 4 Q ll R 2 ,f , XG? If l UL R A A l slr 'fp 1 I I gs 5' ' oRGANlzATloNs. . .43 ,U 7 ugw ,., --A 23 1-119'-I 43 T infos, u.'! U 5 :J .s a -1 i' 44 A3 fxnsuwn-A ,wxl 17..- , , S1 J-70? huc"fBu-1'di!""C pnrnj,,'.QOV7Q ..,g 111 1 vdi li n ' W- 133 H X 1? - L X X MAX . I , ' f fx p f x I -, If 7 i .K I , X FQX S , ,X X N ! A ff 1 ,f"'SQ V Na. i P lv? 'ic Q ll 1 , X 'V n.s."1t1y'j V kj. ik 'K - 'f5 ffSZ5f'f 1 ?3'5E ' fvT'i"f:fx ' -gg.Qj.3,,.-L UI! , vf we f tg H, I ',-,'7 -, -5 ,,, . , .- K yy' If ,?.,' V La l 4 0- 4 r- Stage Force HELEN KUEBLER,Adv1'se 1' ,S K 11 X151 1 f f QAK 1. , t ks f T J fhb ,X M! V ' J' AK K- , , 1 I, . Q nf 5 1 X V 46 . . . DRAMATICS Yi Costume Committee HELMA KUEHN. Adviser HELEN DOYLE.Pres1denz J M k g-up g 1 d . IT - LI -5 x .. ff If ' 7 1: x.. f f Eg Q' 'VT uf . f -- x ' Z , I I r I ik N S - A L X , 'i X I X et K X 2 4. : 1 'gi ,, e 1 SENIOR PLAY: "Spring Dance" ARISTELLE MagDONALD,U1recrar HELEN KUEBLER and GEORGE SCOTT Stage NAN JARDINE, Make-up HELMA KUEHN. Costumes Cast: , sg 55,254 fm an JACK McLEAN HELEN GRIFFIN BILL MOORE MARTHA CASTLETON LORRAINE BAGLEY MAXINE DURIJLE MARGARET JENKINS BOB ALLEN PHIL NOON JIM ELLIS KENNETH GHORMLEY 'I'n"a' . hlllll N nl' F' X un' DRAMATICS . . . 47 K ,, ff ,A X 1 KW R g X5 if ff Kgs . Q. , , '-gf 5 a xx X 48 . . . ORGANIZATIONS Make-Up Committee NAN JARDINE. Adviser BETTY ANN NORMAN. Preside Tusifala Club LYDIA LINDBERG.Adv1ser LEONE RYBA. President ,ix 5 R a 'W fr K ,, 1-,N .1 h Y 6 ' 1 h 'Rd X Z SEA r Y '12 , 13 L ss g 1 f A 2 f 5 'V 5 -N N' 5, xg I - , .- 1 539 if f F f il Q We nominate to the Hall of Fame: MARIAN FLATEBO-not because she is a talented and accomplished writer, but because of her striking portrayal of the "Last Supper." LELAND CHOW-not because he is an all around sportsman and a successful Fish- erman. but because of his rare skill in the knowledge of taxidermy. MARIAN MATTHEWS and PEGGY SCOTT-not because they look like a cou- ple of cute usherettes. but because they are managers of their own unique puppet theater. KENNETH GHORMLEY. HELEN OS- WALD. LUBA GRUNBAUM-not because of their individual ability as writers and musicians. but for their lilting words cf music in the '38 Vcclvil and other produg- tions. -Q- i ., mfw"'jgg11 L.: 3, , , . x 4, PERSONAGES . . . 49 50 . . . CHRISTMAS SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAM FIRMLY BELIEVING that unselfishness IS the cornerstone of good character we Franklm students have taken an actlve part throughout the year 1n an extenslve social servlce program Under the 1I'lSp1I'Cd leader shlp of Lela Walters and Stella McGrath we have contrlbuted generously to many charltxes Durmg the early fall Frankhn students and teachers collected 450 pounds of tll'lIlI-O11 for the Orthopedlc Hospltal Franklm pennants sold to the football rooters brought ln a t1dy sum wh1ch was donated to the Medma baby home Thanks gxvmg baskets were provlded for many needy famllles and at Chrlstmas g1ftS were sent to the Ruth School. s.-f I l Q JN X: X 4:1 1 7 C 5 Wx! jx 43' E 4 11 X I J , -fu Z, 2X,xL, ,N X Z 'T-fi X : A Capella Choir gives a Yuletide concert. Cooking class makes Christmas candy. The gaily wrapped gifts stack up. "Silent Night" echoes through the halls M CHRISTMAS.. . 5 , f . -'E' llifkfc STQD , Lcvnrsmi F Q - i a1 fn 'U mm 1 nur, :sf ellis During the past school year, safety discussions for juniors and Seniors have been included as par! ofthe curriculum. A passing grade in the Safety Test is now required for graduation. Safety Patrols guard the street crossings during the rush hours of school traffic. 52 . . . ACTIVITIES Junior Saftey Program KIAH WAMPLER Leader GEORGE B, JACKSON Auto Registration , if if X if fix! M 1 a I I:-V , ng .4 x I QEU xg S 'j I XJX 9' s X I -r f x Q' 4 0 gl! Lb 0 V 1 ' CQ K IQ ff E ! f , f UIQ ! N f' I sl I7 f' 4' X K- -A My U : i Z Q qi Wff A Y, ,I 1 7 - I la li L Q ' ! X 1 AH AFL K 1 Eli -liz 1 54 BASKETBALL WHEN COACH Leonard Saalwaechter called the first turnout of the season he found three letter men around whlch he was to bulld h1s hopes for the champ1onsh1p There were Fred Hallm all c1ty forward Pat McGregor guard and Dewey Sorlano for ward Erme Endress all clty center d1d not return untll the new semester ln February After weeks of hard practxce the com blI'l3tlOI'l of Jack Hjelma and Fred I-Iallm forwards Dewey Soriano center and Pat and Dave McGregor guards was named to start the openmg game wlth Queen Anne Franklm went through thelr regular season wlth one defeat and eleven w1ns as d1d Llncoln Then came the final game at theUn1vers1ty of Washmgton Pav1l1on wlth Llncoln There were many thlngs that made thls game a natural Nexther team met durmg the regular schedule start of the season and the same teams rnet last year As soon as the game started the Lynx Jumped 1nto an early lead only to have the Quakers pull up w1th1n two pomts of them at the quarter as xt ended 7 5 The uakers sped up thelr play and when the half ended they held a 14 13 lead The thlrd quarter proved to be the downfall of the Franklin Eve When Sor1ano Hjelmaa and Pat McGregor went out on per sonal fouls It gave the Lynx the opportumty they had been wa1t1ng for and they soon pulled ahead and went on to w1n by a 37 29 score Ernxe Endress was the spearhead of the Quaker attack as he scored 19 pomts to take scormg honors for the mght X uuxl . . . . . . v Z! :IC ri ' D 3 9 v - 1 ' 5- ' nf . . . . , 5 is f u , - , i .Al ' ' " A P 2 ,. p . A - E . y y y , "Y " . . . w , l X N fx . , r , H . . ff both teams were favored as probable winners of the title at the fl xy x FX l l I W XX XX X . . . W ' A -.S - ' X I - . Q - 3 A fill. X l - - if 2 . . 5' - I 1 t xx ll , . . K ' X - 4? 4 f y l . . pg ' X - A f J f Z ' , . . Those who won first team letters this year were Fred Hallin Erme Endress Dewey Sorxano Pat McGregor Dave McGregor ack Hjelmaa Frank Vena By Sample Erlc Grant B111 Wlgg and Steve Itza Wlnner of the Blanc trophy for msplratlon to the team and all around abllxty was Fred Hallln Second team letter wmners are Opacxch Vern Hjelmaa Harrls Wheeler Schorr Sparks Frandsen Lagozzlno Wellons Back lund Taz1o11 and Moshler 2' ff!-'X M53 lff Lfxl f EL 'rf Bw X' fl Mil.-as Basketball Scores Franklm 39 Franklm 41 Franklm 41 Franklm 33 Franklm 33 Franklm 43 Franklm 32 Franklm 56 Franklm 25 Franklm 43 Franklm 38 Franklm 59 Franklm 29 Queen Anne 15 Ballard 25 Cleveland 24 Roosevelt 20 Garfield 24 West Seattle 22 Queen Anne 28 Ballard 30 Cleveland 26 Roosevelt 28 Garfield 18 West Seattle 24 L1ncoln 37 MANUEL MANOLIKAS Head Manager CURT HOLT Manager LEONARD SAALWAECHTER Coach BASKETBALL 55 J . , , , . , a 1 4 ff? - X' is .2 F lf N ' . . . 15551: 4 F Q ' . . . . . I 1 Eiiij A . . . . '- I A 4 X , A ..... .A 1 f, elif WU 1 iii . we 2 U - ..,,. N ff . .... , I I .... . ' Q XXX . ,ghf ,g if M 4 1' 1 'I f Xu , J, if Q f-1 V VV ff ! W 3 5 S1 ' 1,. C m Y' S , HQ? Dave McGregor rf ., If 1' . K D ey Soriano ,f K if jf, ff 3 2 5 1 ' seen In ma Hall E E a ,Z 56 . . . BASKETBALL ,4- 'N I wg K I tMG g BIlWgg BASKETBALL Second Team Back Row: Roy Backlund, Edward Tazoli, Bob Sparks, Milt Wellons. Arnold Harris, Ken Frandsen. Front Row: Vern Hjelmaa, Andy Opacich, Jim Wheeler, Bill Schorr. Stan Moshier. 58 . . . BASKETBALL 9 , . l A 9 X if '.,?,ki 1 M x I SV lf 9 : N2 f 1,7 , V ff 4' I .- fl I 2 . 'A' kilns 4': f-'Rf 3 lgl r 3 ,W , . ,W ,im W 4,1 Q ll f he fr, X Ii' X ' ' ' f Y I Q Third Team fi Z Back Row: jack Lcicht. Eugene Saalwaechtcr. Bert Goe, Jack Springgaic, Ben Raykovich. X Front Row: Bill Feel-c. Mgr., Marvin Washburn, George Mihara. Bob MacDonald, Harold Shabro. Bill Thomas. qw 'Q X N 4 BASKETBALL . . . 59 B emsYkQ1UbQaM E- CGIIIRMS f-l7fl1LMlE7fllCS THE DAY of formal gymnastlcs 1S past Today s hlgh school g1r1 enjoys basketball volleyball baseball ten n1s table tennls badmmton and h1k1ng To further develop grace and po1se there are classes 1n body me chamcs and posture If 1n need of remedlal care she enrolls for 1nd1v1dual correctlves or 1ncludes rest 1n her da1ly program For rhythmxcal balance there are tap and folk dancmg Dr1ll team marchlng and ever useful settmg up exerc1ses come under general gymnastlcs The program IS as broad as the g1rl s desxres and needs An aCt1VIty for every g1rl every g1rl ln an aCt1V1ty that tomorrow she may be a finer woman ANNABELLE SHAW Advzset fb " XX XX M as-an X f X xg Q GIRLS ATHLETICS 9640! 1 Q ' I ly Ili . if V : . . , , , - x -Ei . . . . . , 7 W 9 s ' S5 Q - 5 l . . fd r K : ' an J f , fs- - -Y fit 5-if . . . . . . f L, v SV , . . - X l ' X Z me F 1 ' . . . 1 2 f f 1 , up . ,f WF . . . f - l f , ,, .. .- .. ..- Vg.- 3 1 ' ff? x T K gf 1 ' I' , 1 lx? XI:-L X .4 : 9 bg! Z , , A .., R if f EK V! I' wi rr J' !X, f S S L ff 71 S 7 X f W Y xo M r r o 1 62 . . . GIRLS' ATHLETICS f Sophomore Junior Senior ANNABELLE SHAW, Dire F1 5 X ,AN - U fr if N 5 ,f U " :L f D , -3 - " 1 f M' V ,r ,X ,M C x Freshman DRED MURRAY, Director fiwfix 5 ' S ,X fYV R in xgf :I x X 4 522 S' N 1 -P x .- W w ax 3, E, ilk X , X ff f 3 ,A 4 N X x .- X 'x 1 ,- 'z GIRLS' ATHLETICS . . . ss X 64 . . . GIRLS' ATHLETICS -xf 3 fk XM fx X 7 X .4L - s- KX f 1' x Q' KX X f QX Z-,Q 1 Q g , L 6 5, -x-4. ff af QR f ff f 'g li : i U 4 K x f' " f " 5' , gs f I , as X , A X 5 s 1 fx 'Scif 4 l f fX X '41 N +1 17' ZR 1 , I X Ama ln" O :K U i .N .. ll! O 1, . , , of . I I' I .-39" Ho L' J 'l's'v. The bare facts n eyefull Men of brawn Now say aaah' HEALTH 65 66 . . . ATHLETICS Intramural DOUGLAS KIRK. Director Managers: Edward Carbon Fred Hallin Pat McGregor Roland jones Don Engel Albert Ouchi Alvin Ross Ernie Di Martino Arnold johnson X I Oi 4 xl: I Q1 lr 1 X I .- l 1' U Cheer Leaders Don Peabody Winston Inslc Marvin M F1 Id Bob Sm h Don G 1 Corrective Gym Outdoor Basketball fl jx Eff ft C , AQQO Q19 ,H CTX nj X g A fya. -9 A Lf. ,B N X QQ Q5 F 3 1 V LD, ATHLETICS . . . 67 MQ f cw , ,fd 479 ' f X Rf fa fi , X - ,, , ia 68 . . . ATHLETICS Lettermen's Club RALPH REED. Adviser ERNIE ENDRESS. Presiden 1 C4 f , 'C j K K. , LN 'q T wx rj' S it Q fit l. I QQ L E N R Track Club LEONARD SAALWAECHTER. Ad RUSSELL SIMPSON, Pre d lf HIE JUNIIOIR GLASS OIF 119410 Good Naght Please To the Class of l940 Three years have passed smce we came to Franklm as Freshmen years full of work and play some dlsappomtment some success and always hope We have dropped the green of the Freshman lost the more from Sophomore and served our appren tlceshlp as Jumors Now we are about to take up the mantle dropped by the Semors as they move on to conquer other fields and assume the leadershlp of the school May we make this last year our best May we attack our problems wlth courage confidence and suc cess and so make our contrlbutxon to the loyalty and ldeals whxch make the fine tradltxons of Franklm High School RUTH ALMEDA BAILEY Adviser Q T W4 Balser, Jean Nibley. Reid MISS BAILEY Adviser of Class Accetturo. Edythe Allan. Florenue Allan. William Allen. Bill Antenucci. John Bader, Fred Baker, Betty Barnard. Mary Benner, Myra Benner, Phyllis Bianchi. George Bishop. Betty Brasee. Dorothy Brenner. Maxine Brown. Genevieve Brown. Malcolm Case. Verne Chaney. Charlotte Chelos. Catherine Christensen. Douglas 70 . . JUNIORS -P1 4, YP? Fredrick. Bob Rideout. Hamilton Almquist. Roberta Ames. Charles Anderson. Betty Anderson. LeRoy Barto. joe Baughman. jim Baumgart. Harold Beck. Franklin Bjordal. Dell Blackmer. Roy Brady. Marguerite Braillard, Frank Browne, jim Burgoine, Bob Burns. Betty Carey. Leonard Christensen. Harry Colagrossi, Leonard Conner. Charlie Cook. Ben J ,E NRM 1945? Q r, hifi - A . 4 t L4 5? Q Lv 4 324. W ' A C W Z? .... wr ff 2' 5, 'df 314 2 lg Q M I.: I vi . Handa. Robert Hansen. Elmer Harmon. Genevieve Haroldson. Harold Hidaka. Frank Hidaka. Rosemary Hill. Margie Hill. Richard Horsley, Bill Hubbard. Marjorie Humes. Betti Hunter, James Jacobson. Frank Jacobsen. Jim Jasmont, Bernice Johnson. Helen Kendall. Jacqueline Kil:oshirr:a.Hanr1a Kikuchi. Atsuslti King. Clara Lagozzino. Bob Larsen, Floyd Larsen. Joanna Lawrence. Earle 72 . . . JUNIORS Q 4 .J--6. ir u- 6 'x -Q.. Q., 1 t, 1,4 une. .ra if Hasselberg. Marjorie Hayasaka. Mitsu Haynes. Margaret Heiden, Arthur Hjelmaa, Jack HoRman, Barbara Holmbert. Evelyn Hood. Mary Frances Hutsell, John Ichihara. Lillian Ikeda, Chizuko Iwasaki. Sako Johnson. Lorraine Johnson, Margie Johnson. Vivian Kelly. Patricia Kippen, Eleanor Klontz. Charles Klos. Joyce Kuromiya. Masako Leggett. Carley Lein. Ame Lembo. Joe Lerchenmueller. We fnll' Linarelli, Anita Linarelli, Dominick Lindberg. Barbara Linse, Lavonne Lux, Barbara Lyen. Delores McConahey, Betty McIntyre, Maryjean Maxim. Barbara Mayeda, Amy Mecartea. Richard Mercier, Fred Munger. Gordon Murphy, Jim Murray. Frank Napoli. Carmela Nix. Earl Nontell. Kathleen Norman. Betty Ann Norman, Betty Rae Pacquer. Bob Palm. james Palmquist. Larry Pang, jeannye Lipetz. Harold Lobsiger, Vivian Locke, Louise Louvier. jim Mann, Gertrude Maples. jean Matsumura, George Matsuoka, Mari Mihara, Hana Miller, Ruth Moore. Beverly Mugford, Ralph Nash. Rowland Neary. Virginia Neupert, Bob Newton, Margaret A Oberto, John Ohman. Margaret Okabe, Amy Ouchi. Margaret Pargeter. Peggy Parr, Jacqueline Pastell, Daniel Peabody, Del W B Jumons... nn 73 74 Peha. Joe Perry, Bob O. Perry, Bob Peterson, Phyllis Pollard. Jean Polis. Angeline Polis. Helen Pond, Alice Randolph, Milton Raymond. Dick Reese, Sylvia Reed, Jim Richardson, Edith Richardson. Welborn Rogers. Bob Rogers. Shirley Rumsey, Hazel Rutan, Bud Sakai. jean Sakuma. Haruye Schumacher, Bill Selles. Robert Seren. Hugo Sether. Jackie . . JUNIORS Planning. Maxine Pflueger, Paul Phipps. Edgar Pike, Bob Powell, Brick Price. Billee Lou Radenbaugh, Patricia Randall, Helen Rehm, Richardson Reid, Betty Rex, Margaret Rice, Mary Rogers, Virginia Ross, Alvin Rounds, Audrey Rowley, joy Sasaki, Hiroshi Schmahl. Mary Helen Schulte, Martha Schultz, jim Severson, Truman Shay, Gloria Simone, Teresa Sizemore, Ted Skinner, Wanda Smith. Betty Smith. Chapin Smith, Charles Springer, Kenyon Stamey. Shirley Steele. Gerald Stefano. Ralph Svenning. Arville Swensen. Matha jane Takahashi, Fujiko Takeuchi. Beatrice Underwood, Beverly Vena. Frank Victor. Barbara Walker, Bill Watson. Rowland Weber, Margaret Wedell, Florence Westlund. Carolyn Wxchstrom. Marvin Wxldermuth. Phyllis Wigg. Bill Williams. Virginia 3 . Q G' Q., ? Cs il Q4 i If ,- 1-Q 2 Smith, Ellen Smith, Harold Smith, Joe Sobottl-ta. Howard Stinnett. Jerry Strelic. Elizabeth Suguro. Takeshi Sungreen. Charles Tang, Tommy Tashiro. Frank Tosaya. Shinichi Tracy. jack Wales. Dennis Walker. Lois Warner, Bob Watson. jack Wetland. Roy Whalen, Betty Whiteley. Virginia Whitney. Myrte Wilson. Noreen Wilson. Venida Wilson. Dona Winther. Ardis JUNIORS . . . 75 GUIDANCE WALTER RESEBERG group gurdance STELLA MCGRATH Freshman and Sophomore girls ISABEL STRAIN junior and Senror grrls BYRON SAMUELSON Freshman and Semor boys NORMAN WALKER Sophomore and jumor boys ARISTELLE MacDONALD assemblies and demonstrations YURI IKE Grrls Club oHice assrstant MELBA REID alice assistant JUNIORS Wxse Marguente WlKhf0W Jack g Yanagxta Haruo ' Yazzollno Rxchard Yelxch Bob Ycshxkawa Jacl Yuasa Takco Peel Don THE OBJECTIVES of guldance are closely related to the objectwes of general educa understandmg of soclal recreatlonal health and vocat1onal aCt1Vlt16S 1n whlch they par tlcxpate It alms to help them wh1le they are m school to appreciate and to use to the greatest advantage the educat1ona1 op portumtxes offered them m order that they may make normal soclal adjustments en gage xn worthwh1le recreatmnal aCt1V1t1eS mamtam good health and develop knowl edge and skllls m vocat1onal 3Ct1V1tlES of use to them now and after hlgh school Guidance IS an all school act1v1ty The counselors cooperate wxth the boys and glrls advxsors class sponsors the nurse and doctor and wlth class teachers to help boys and glrls make adjustments that wlll lead to greater mterest ln school and to more ln dependent thmkmg ISAB EL STRAIN . V p p 5 ET. ' 3 xy . u . I .-. e ,fm E 5 X . . ' - Xt tion. Guidance aims to give students an fi i 1 . . , . , 'XX 1 .. , ' ' ' Q 1 , , . ' ' Q PQ Z T 5 J 4911 N flii 1 Boys Club Cabinet goes into a huddle - Tolo Stal? gets out the weekly scandal sheet XS- h 2 4 W I9 9 SQ , . 5. I 'I 1' -f f ' E , 4 Inf Q 5- xx 1 " 1 Q Q ' I 4 ,e r ' 1 MVT? 78 . . . ACTIVITIES The Sea Scouts watch a demonstratlon Ramy weather ahead forthe safety patrol The Student Council settles a few problems Supervised turormg helps with the tough courses -,. f-I. 'x '1 4 'ZH 1 Q L 5 1 I i .5113 v E .rffi ,.. , JI 'S ' " Q ' Ev si: X X . . X V .av- W 1 M ' ,lf " L . F ' ' H V ' . Q V Q ' i A ' - J' Q 'I ' . 8 'O J 5, i I D Mxc-' ' 9 . K .7 A- Y 4 gf ' i ' m 5. F' L W! I -W 1- Y 2 .1 X L s. X - V D 4-5 'A V , 'ff-1, X r '42, 4 'Dt kf .vw The school buildings are available to responsible community groups for organized evening recreation such as badminton, basketball, etc. 80 . . . ACTIVITIES Adult Recreation Program PAUL COPELAND. Director JESSE HURLEY. Assistant Director RICHARD YAZZOLINO. Clerk Under the direction oi A. C. PELTON Athletic Director K1 f gr? ' I I -X .Vx iw' T E 7 f : 41-x K 1 'I XX A ' gi J, "1 D 7 ' I ,-' A ef I Zi 7 X Z if ' 3 , Ya I I I I P. T. A. P. T. A. past-presidents honored at 263. P. T. A. meeting-Mrs. Perkins, president: Mrs. Schenck. vice-president. Girl Reserves MRS. PAUL COPELAND. Adviser HATTIE FITZGERALD. Faculty Adviser FLORENCE MARTIAL,Pres1a'ent X? f I' X I 7 A - 1 X , , .1 Q - .1 2 ACTIVITIES . . 810 Dexter Avenue "WHAT IS THIS Cen- tral Oflice one hears about?" chirped little Gee Gee, the staff pest. "Why, that is the ad- ministration building where our school offi- cials work." "Well, goodness knows, they are noth- ing in my young life!" "Don't be so sure, young lady! The ad- ministrators at least are very much interest- ed in your young life. Why not go down to 810 Dexter and see for ourselves what is in- volved in the adminis- tration of District No. I?" So the Staff makes a social call and asks you to go along with them. The School Admin- istration Building con- veniently houses the executive offices and the departments of supply and mainte- nance. There we found a public meeting of the School Board consider- ing problems of policy and finance proposed by delegates from vari- ous neighborhoods. 82 . . .ADMINISTRATION Superintendent Worth McClure faces board members john B. Shorett, Dietrich Schmitz, Robert S. Macfarlane, Frank S. Bayley, Clerk Reuben jones and Business Ad- ministrator Clyde Campbell. james A. Duncan is absent. We dropped in for a word of welcome from Mr. McClure: chatted with the secretaries in the main administra- tion ofhce under the di- rection of Miss Bertha Bartelg then strolled into the Comptroller's office where all school funds are deposited and all payrolls prepared. Mr. Fleming, assist- ant superintendent of all the high school personnel, reminisced about the "good old days" at Franklin. Then Ken investigated the system of work- permits issued by Mr. Harry Cook, but soon, lured by slides, movies, and best of all, a box full of guinea pigs and some nice white rats, joined the rest of us in Miss julia Shourek's office. The girls were thrilled with Miss Clara Reynold's collec- :ion of dolls from all over the world, while the boys were more in- terested discussing ath- letic policies with di- rector A. C. Pelton. Then over to the old Central School at Sev- enth and Madison, where there is located the invaluable Junior Red Cross Clinic and the junior Employ- ment and Counseling Service. There young- sters seeking jobs are tested for aptitudes by Dallas johnson, inter- viewed and coached by a corps of advisers, and become part of an elab- orate file record kept by Miss Celia Shelton in cooperation with the Federal and State Em- ployment services. Infact we had a most illuminating and inter- esting day, gained some idea of the complex problems of adminis- tering a large school system. and met a lot of pleasant. friendly people who are tremen- dously interested in seeing that we have the very best education possible. -i IK A AI. inlbw-Q ADMINISTRATION . . . 83 x . Lk. . , 1 , H . ffl , ' - ' L! W if . K1 ,1 l' . -ll Y '..2 t, An appreciation of good art is one ofthe aims ofa broad edu:ation. Noah Davenport. Norman Walker. and Earl Pfaf? planning arrangement of classes for the coming semester. 84 . . . PERSONAGES Earl Pfai? untangles a knotty problem in registration. DONALD PEEL. MARIAN MATTHEWS, and ATSUCHI KIKUCHI win prizes in the city-wide poster contest showing "The Con- tributions of the Foreign Born to American Culture." LORENZ HOGNER won first award and designed the Seattle cachet for National Air Mail Week. He also designed the cover of your 1939 Tolo Annual. l Kg' , kv E-K l A x i "- ffl lc ff l i 7flHllE lFACClUlL7flf OIF IFIRANIKMIIN IHIIICGIHI SCCIHIOOL HONORABLE MENTION MISS MARGARET MCCARNEY for her long unselhsh de votlon to the school s soclal and moral problems She follows through MISS CHARLOTTE BISAZZA for her unfanlmg wnllmgness to crowd ln any and all demands for specxal jobs from outside xndlvxduals and orgamzatxons always lh a rush MISS HELEN KUEBLER whose years of unobtrusive eFl'ort behind the scenes has made possxble the smooth presentation of plays and assemblxes author with Mr S E Flemmg of Government xn Seattle and for hrs share ln the production of Lxvxng Today Learnxng for Tomorrow MR VICTOR MCCLELLAND for the manner xn which he has created a Fme band of enthuslastxc musxcxans peppy popular and a credxt to thexr school MR EARL PFAFF although busier than most plans and car nes out our first efhclent programmg and reglstratxon gh ' Y f x f if ,wx Result of Faculty questxonnaxre kd Z' il I N 1 cl Ea L" 3 55 QR 5 YN . , . - " U - , X I- : ,wif 1, 3 H . " . . . ' 3 K . , . . . - , . lit V - . l M X U . ,, I , . I rn! : sf . ,Y IL U - - MR. NOAH DAVENPORT-for his admirable work as a co- is: l V , 3 fl 7 Q I . I ' 'A I - - ll 2 I 4 lv E - . - ' . - X rf SIDNEY POLMERE TRATHEN Principal WALTER JOHN RESEBURG Vice-Principal BAILEY, FRANK HOLMES-University of Washington: B. A. and M. A. Head of Commercial Department. Teaches Pen- manship and Stenography. Adviser of Commercial Club. BENSON. HARRY THOMAS-Universi- ty of Washington: Bachelor of Science. Teaches Physics. Adviser of Ticket Com- mittee. BISAZZA.CHARLOTTE-Pratt Institute: Fine and Applied Arts. Art Director of Tolo Annual. Teaches Art. BLACKNELL, LAWRENCE HERBERT -University of Washington: Bachelor of Music. Director of Music. CROCKETT, MILDRED FIRTH-Uni- versity of Washington: B. A. and M. A. Teaches Literature and Composition. Ad- viser of Class of 1941. CROSETTO, FRED DAVE-Washington State College: Bachelor of Arts. Ellens- burg Normal. Teaches Cabinet-Making, DAUGHERTY, ANNA MOTT-Michi- gan State Normal. University of Wash- ington: B. S. Teaches Botany and Zoology. EVATT, PHILLIP ORRIN-University of Washington: Bachelor of Science. Teaches General Science. Adviser of Aviation Club. FITZGERALD, HATTIE MAY-Univer- sity of Washington: B. S. and M. S. Teaches Health and General Science. Adviser of Stamp Club. FOWLER. LILLIAN CARRIE-Minneso- ta School of Business. Teaches Stenog- raphy, Business, and Commercial Eng- lish. HOWES. HAROLD-Head of Industrial Arts Department. Teaches Machine Shop and Electrical Shop. HUNTER, ALICE LILA-University of Washington: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Writing, HURLEY, JESSE RAYMOND-Univer- sity of Illinois: Bachelor and Master of Arts. Teaches Composition and Litera- ture. Adviser of japanese Club. JOHNSON. MINNIE CARLOTTA-Knox College: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Ge- ometry. Adviser of Thrift Club. JOHNSON, RALPH C. -University of Kansas and Washington: Bachelor and Master of Arts. Teaches American His- tory. Adviser of World Affairs Club. KARRER, FRANKLIN - University of Washington and Columbia: B. A. and M. A.: New York University: Master of Pedagogy. Teaches Mathematics. Adviser of Mathematics Club and Stamp Plan. 86 . . . FACULTY BAILEY, RUTH ALMEDA-Oberlin Col- lege: B. A. Teaches Composition and Literature. Adviser of Class of 1940. BARNES. LUCY ROWENA-University of Washington: B. A. and M. A. Teaches Literature and Composition. BENNETT. EDITH PAGE-University of Illinois: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Latin. Adviser of Honor Society. CAUGHEY. LOIS-University of Nebras- ka: Bachelor of Arts. Head Librarian. CHAMBERS: LYDIA MAY-University of Washington: B. A. Teaches General Sci- ence. Adviser of Alumni Committee. COPELAND, PAUL W.-Whitman Col- lege. B. A.: University of Washington: M. A. Teaches World History. Director of Tolo Annual, Evening Recreation Pro- gram and Football Equipment. DAVENPORT, NOAH CLEVELAND- University of Washington: Bachelor and Master of Arts. Teaches Economics, Northwest Industries, American History. DOHENY, HARRIET JOSEPHINE- University of Washington: Bachelor of Science. Teaches Algebra. Trigonometry. Adviser of Girls' Club Programs and Dramatics. DU VAL. MARGUERITE JACQUELINE -University of France: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches French. Adviser of French Club. GORMAN, MARGARET MOWBRAY- Ferris Institute. Teaches Typing. Com- mercial Geography, Commercial Law, and junior Business Training. HALL. LOLA G,-University of Washing- ton: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Typing. Adviser of vocational trips. HANDY. ROBERT J.-University of Min- nesota and Washington: B. A. and M. A. Teaches News Writing. Adviser of Tolo Weekly. JACKSON. CLAUDE S. - Zanerian Art College. Teaches Junior Business Train- ing and Bookkeeping. Treasurer of school. JACKSON. GEORGE BROWN-Leander Clark College and Yale University: Bach- elor and Master of Arts. Teaches German. Adviser of German Club. JARDINE, NAN THOMPSON-Univer- sity of Washington: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Composition and Literature. Ad- viser of Malte-up Committee. KASSEBAUM. EMMA - University of Michigan: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches American History and Economics. KIRK, DOUGLAS GARFIELD-Univer- sity of Washington: Bachelor and Master of Business Administration. Teaches History, Adviser of Intramural Athletics. KNAPP, RALPH NEWELL-George Wil- liams College: Bachelor of Physical Edu- cation. Teaches Health and Gym. Ad- viser of Boys' Club. KUEBLER. HELEN GERTRUDE-Carle ton College: B. S. Teaches Algebra and Geometry. Technical Director of Plays. KUEHN, HELMA ELIZABETH-Univen sity of Wisconsin: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Literature and Composition. Ad- viser of Costume Committee. LAIZURE, GRANT ARLINGTON-Ohio State University: B,A. and M.A.Teaches Chemistry. Adviser, Tennis Team and Chem Club. MCCLELLAND. VICTOR HERBERT -- University of Washington: B. M. Teaches Band, Music, and Glee Club. MACDONALD, ARISTELLE-University of Washington: Bachelor of Arts in Dra- matic Art. Teaches Oral Expression and Composition. Director of dramatics. MCGRATH, STELLA MARGARET-Gregg Normal. Teaches Office Training and Guidance. Adviser of Social Service. PFAFF, EARL-University of Indiana and Harvard University: Bachelor and Mas- ter of Arts. Head of English Department. QUIGLEY. AGNES E.-University of Washington: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches French and Spanish. Adviser of Spanish Club and Senior Class, REED. RALPH JOSEPH-University of Washington: B. A. Teaches American History. Coaches Baseball and Football. SAMUELSON, BYRON AUGUST-Uni- versity of Washington: Bachelor and Master of Arts. Teaches World and Amer- ican History. Adviser of Debate Club. SCHIRMER. CONRAD ALFRED--Uni- versity of North Dakota and Chicago: Bachelor and Master of Arts. Teaches Northwest Industry and History. SCOTT. GEORGE OLIVER-University of Washington and London University: Bachelor of Science. Teaches Architec- tural Drawing, STAEGER, DAVID ARTHUR-Univen sity of Washington: B. A. Teaches Busi- ness Training. Adviser of Anglers' Club. STRAIN, ISABEL-Reed College: Bach- elor of Arts. Teaches Literature, Guid- ance. Adviser of Child Welfare Com- mittee. STRONG, LOUISE JORDAN-DePauw University: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Literature and Composition. WALTERS. LELA HELEN-University of Washington: B. S, Teaches Typing and OFEce Training. Co-adviser of Social Welfare. WAMPLER. KIAH-Purrlue and Univer- sity of Washington: B. S, Teaches Math- ematics. Adviser of Junior Safety Patrol. WARNER. GENEVIEVE-University of Washington: B. S. Teaches Foods and Family Relations. Adviser of Four O'clock Tea Committee. LENTZ, KATHERINE JANE-University of Washington: B. A, and M. A. Teaches Pacific Rim and History. Adviser of Pro- bation Students. LINDBERG, LYDIA-Carleton College: Bachelor of Arts, Teaches Composition and Literature. Adviser of Tusitala Club. McCARNEY, MARGARET-University of Washington: Bachelor and Master of Arts, Adviser of Girls' Club, MORRIS, MURIEL EVADNE-Whitman College: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches World History and Pacific Rim. MURRAY, MILDRED - University of Washington: B. A. Teaches Health and Gym. Adviser of Nutrition Committee and Co-adviser of Quaker Maids. PERRY, HELEN JEANNETTE- Smith College: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Span- ish and Latin. Adviser of Spanish Club. REMLEY, AGNES-University of Iowa: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Mathematics. Adviser of Freshman Class. RINEHART. GERTRUDE LOUISE-Co- lumbia University: Bachelor of Science. Teaches Clothing. SAALWAECHTER, LEONARD T.-Uni- versity of Illinois: Bachelor of Science. in Physical Education and Coaching. Teaches Gym and Health. Coaches Bas- ketball and Track, SHAW, ANNA BELLE-University of Washington: B. A. and M. A. Teaches Gym and Health. Adviser of Quaker Maids and Girls' Club Committees. SHAW, GRETCHEN ADELLA-Univer- sity of Washington: B. A. Teaches De- sign, Crafts. and Lettering. Adviser of Service Department and Exhibit case. SHEAHAN, MYRTLE - University of Washington: Bachelor of Arts. Teaches Stenography and Typing, VAN KLEEK, EDITH-University of Michigan: Bachelor of Philosophy. Teaches Composition and Literature. VOPNI, SYLVIA FREDA-University of Washington: B. A. and M, A. Teaches Geometry. Literature, and Composition. WALKER, NORMAN EUGENE-Uni- versity of Washington. Brown. and An- napolis: B. S. Teaches World History. Adviser of Movie and Ski Clubs. WILSON. LENA EVELINE-University of Washington: B. S. Teaches Clothing and Household Management. ANSELM, ALVINA CORA-Cour d'Alene College and Lewiston State Normal. In charge of Study Hall A. VAN ENDEM. DOROTHY RUMMELE- Ripon College: Bachelor of Arts. In charge of Study Hall B. FACULTY . . . 87 AMANDA KNOSS, Matran W. A. STOCKS. Custodian H. C. RICHMOND. janitor A. W. JOHNSON, janitor W. N. BEMIS, Fireman ABNER L. JONES. janitor BERT BANKS. janitor WARREN WALTERS and GORDON HAUGEN do a little cleaning up. JOHN D. MCCAFFERY. Janitor f' A f x T' Qt f 4 X l i ? ,N ,ea ei Evo fr! KX: 'fi ' 7 'I li :RQ .-Y. "' HZ 1 . ,.,. Helen Bjordal and Lena Johansen turn out a neat pastry Grace Kolstad and Irma Peterson are In the dough Hamburgers and pickles are popular ar the Basement Lunch. Fruit juice and candy for quick energy SERVICE... 89 N4 I, V, AM il W f A M, M, If - if f I I X I 1 ' Q I? fe f' CX? f- . V Xxx H K 57 543, Us X 5 ii 'E X .' ff ' ff I II I E r 'II - x - 5 Rig e S I Jkt ' 451 I' I I. 90. . .ACTIVITIES 7, -, ...X 1 - r f 1 r V -7 I ' , .I ' 1, V, 1 is I . M t x Hiszory Aves again in pictures. "How doth your garden grow?" A lecture on Coulee Dam intrigues the students. Leland Chow shows his skill as a taxidermist 115 4, I EE 1 ,f ,A in 'W Skilledhands make thin so eau an rain or u ure jo s. kg fy i .. ! ,X I ESI ,Q :RM ACTIVITIES . . . 9 Lunchtime aHords relaxation from the daily routine. Settling themselves to watch a basketball game. "Cope" tells the girls how to pose forthe Tolo pictures. The Annual stat? works late hours planning your book. 92 ...ACTIVITIES X,- 5 I .ff Q X L..-5... Bam Qlbdml hr Ar Mx J f X S 5 ff ff 'iii ee 94 BASEBALL CHAMPIONS' Such IS the t1tle carried by the Quaker baseball team as they returned the Whitman trophy to Franklm after the absence of a year As the Tolo goes to press the Quakers have the trtle clnched even though they may lose thelr last two games Up to thls pomt the Quakers have won mne games and lost none Frankhn narrowly mlssed defeat IH the Hrst game of the season as they won by one run Ralph Yorxo held Roosevelt to five h1ts The next game was also a thrlller Franklln took Lmcoln by the score of 6 5 1n Hfteen 1nn1ngs Sorlano makmg h1s Hrst start of the year for the Quakers turned ln a well pltched game The Quakers next v1ct1m was Cleveland whlch also won the1r next game from Broadway by the score of 4 2 The followmg game wlth Garfield proved to be a costly one as Ralph Yorxo was hurt ln a mrxup at the plate and had to retlre w1th an rnjured shoulder In sp1te of th1s the Quakers came from behlnd to w1n 12 9 Dewey Sorlano was the only startmg pxtcher left and ln the followmg games he beat West Seattle 7 0 Roosevelt 8 O L1n coln 6 1 and came 1n as a relief pltcher to stop the Eagles as Franklxn won 11 6 To date Ernle Endress has been leadlng the Quakers at the plate Ernle IS h1tt1ng 512 and runnlng thxrd 1n the 1nd1v1dual battxng race i psf km 1 X ne: 1' i4 . . . f ' - X Q X 1 - - E l ly 4 9 S ' f 7 N X X ,7 P ' 2 X t XX X -xf x f ' ' ' I5 i I' I s D X' l K if!! X A A . ' l X 4 U ' f X' X . . . . . . . X X W 1 . 7 . Q , ' ff g , Nt R xg fell before Franklin to the score of 5-2. The Franklin nine X Q J L u 5. A . - Q X J li 4 is Q X ' . . I of I . ' r NX . . - Q V X y ' - y x A . , . . Sp 1 A 'Z :L l r D U - ' - ' l - T Z 5 W , . . . ml I Q' f y A 4, X Q L - , Q . ' . . . . . . . . . . f 1 I .u v - Nh pf i ' ' f 1 L ' 'is lil ' ' X X if .ff-x gl Baseball Scores Franklm 1 Franklm 6 Frarlklln Franklm Franklm Frarlklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Roosevelt 0 Lmcoln 5 Cleveland 2 Broadway 2 Garfield 9 West Seattle 0 Roosevelt 0 Lmcoln 1 Cleveland 6 'ii ILL WACKER H d Manager MORRIS OLEARY Ma ager RALPH REED C h ERNIE WETTLAND Ma age HENRY FISHER Ma g JIM MIZUKI M age BASEBALL 95 . ,, I I gn 1 l U t X Q Qf ,' I X - ...,, ' 1, - I ' ..... ' ' ' V I, X' ' 5 ..... 'U . X N . ' .. Dv u 4 .... -JL-QQ I All i 12 ..... i e .ea . H Q J 4 ' 7 . . . . A 'E 1 , - ' 8 ..... V H L' .Tr tl ff ' 6 ..... ' 1, A I ix, I ' 11 ..... 11 X ,lt t - , ' N X . 'Nl .xB M s g ' 1 1 f l .- MN ff 5 'Rv' , n , v na gy , an r 'Q -ull' 'M' IM BbW IphY ,PX l I l i 1 i 1 BIIDyl K h D y S J e Jo sent Roland Wats n 96... BASEBALL A V' at x', 'gc ' Eg -3 ' :ABT , -A 1 f 4 W ' ,I I . 4- I y ruff" 77 b --f J ' f J Fred Hallin , Pa G g 0 ade I Ra ' ' 4 . ':.' " A fk -, J- R d yG 55 f , 'A A A x 'Q , ' W 5 HN s x 3 K L A . 1 ii if A 'Q'-.N 1 , I k X A 5 A 'ff' 1 . R 1 i ' U Jo n 0'Brien ' o n' o Q .Sl w -4 Ll sd M h il? I-1 W dB BIIM xg, . y Op k f BASEBALL x it ' E A 'Xl A s ' f li 'I A 1 A ff A 5 ' fr , ' ' 'X A I I ' I v . 'E gm 5 . Q' 'Tia ' 1 P N4 , , ,A . 1, E 'If 7 - f -f A 2 Q Ernie E d ! 5 uv ' Joh 5 illar rown ' : w Wu if 1 - gh L 'K ,' i oore N 5 U. . A Sk A x iv dv' 4 X v 5 4 . 'X 5 E l N .-r Q Q ff Mg" ' J? 5 1 1 ' G J-, ' f ' ' . I Q I Q 1 f 1 Q ff -x T A 1 I 4 I A 1' Bob ackey R' d Y olino A d ' h J Hi I Cran ord Weinker B Qawselb GMX U l -.4 W' L A F ,, ,X -, , fi I ,, 5, Q 1 'Qi r' ' .. fx' W 7' K 3 I Y , Q ,, , , ww? sf, Q pf 1 LG Q --3. Y 93 2. gi 5 U, filly, K it , 8 fa 5 I ' ' 5 N 1 " 5ixT,g.,V , W 5 1 ...pi Q ll - I E - 5 , -.Q KY , f' 1 v v Q ff ,' -, 100 . . . DRAMATICS Operetta "Fortune Teller" HARRIET IDOHENY.lJ1recror LAWRENCE HLACKNELL, Musical lhrecror VICTOR MLCLELLANID, Chorus Illrector NAN JARDINE. Make-ul: HELMA KUEHN. Coitumex HELEN KEUBLER and GEORGE SCOTT. Stage Cast: Martha Welrierreehr Arnie Leln Bill Hrighl Helen Dodge Lavonne Lxme Eugene juhnso. Quentxn Definer Maurue Hum 'Q , Z 5 I 0 VN Q? A, f 1 I 521522 Q gf. N Ziff' DRAMATICS . 'wi :Si-xx. 02...BAND A In amxupation of THE SPRING BAND CONCERT, members of the band I-'Hmed the ortgxnal melodrama "Wilderness Woo" Filmed by VICTOR MCCLELLAND. Stills by VERN FARROW, Musical arrangement by REID NIBLEY and GILBERT DORNING, ACTORS: Wacky Woo Woo Quemln Delioer Wone Wanger Bob Viele Filthy Wilthy Willain Wlnston Inslee Three Workers: Witherspoon Archiband and Herzog Witherfork Pastell and Gammel Withertonsilsout Odman and Reynolds '31 .I -4-"' 'fx 1 "' l Un vf T ll, .f Q i V. r QL 'TOTE ff It X 4: KF ,,,s.. ft Vf f 'T f f ,S T 21 "'I 4 x I ,mr f The art class plans a layout. Students ponder over algebra. jesse Hurley's class creates its own magazines. Planning their dream house. ACTIVITIES... I03 9' W at ff 'Q 44 vu I Q D E621 i Q f Q f if I3 f Q is 2 Pe. .1 mmigi SP UIYWS SW' 0 5 X 's , fn v W WALTER RESEBURG Coach 106 GOLF B ll Hoyer Joh Culh ll d I Le oy Royce ob Lagoxx no DckHe d Golf Scores Franklln 20 Franklm 9 Franklln 155 Franklln 21 Frankhn 123 Franklm 24 Franklln 51 Franklm 221 Bus: Q 'Ji Bull Alde Roy Blackmer Ge e He ry Roy Backlund O Ballard 4 Llncoln 15 Garfield 81 Queen Anne 3 Cleveland 111 West Seattle O Roosevelt 181 Broadway 11 IS Q - 1 . -' A ima . . I . ' ,D . 1 1 Q 17 I . 1 x - -x.. w - 1 ' 2 ff., . r i n ricksen ', ' 3 V 1 . i learn lp 1 0 John Foley nuff! 3 0 n 6 X ' f Q 1 1 1' 1 11,171 ZE X , 1, , Q L V V A I X I2 X1 1 X fl - X . 5' , I L 2 Tennls Scores Franklm 6 Lmcoln 3 Franklm 4 West Seattle 5 Franklm Queen Anne 5 Franklm Garfield 6 Franklm Ballard 1 Franklm Roosevelt 5 K I X l , w 3 Duck Odman Rrchard Oswald if I DY GRANT LAIZURE Coach Hugo Oswald N Warren Walters 1 Bobs 5P3'k5 4 in TENNIS . . . IO7 'T TW LEONARD SAALWAECHTER C f' h .. 'V' T' -A., , Egh 108 TRACK 11:-v 'Q 8 .vr Q, Mr 6 G b b 0 fi X-5.2 or ' F Z E 1? n A 3 R Nobur T f A Vern Cafes ,, A, t xv, A , Q V Rx Hamilton Rideau! E f if X ' R, , 5 , 'X I 1 X xg Q fx 'I' fi , - n Lg i .1 n. 1' w an' f 1 D 'gf-4 C : X f Byron Sam I if . Tjyv X ' i ff QM 7 , , It Harvey o e L N41 ,fx . o h 1 A , 13 As I Q, if .4 x ' N. v A R 'Q v pf 4 3 q A f K ,Z ' Gra am Con ie, Mgr. . 3 1 ' Q K K v A K M ' -1 . 'QL x - . 2' ' 3 1 ' - - f .x n n n X XV 1 :rl I IE' I QJQ . Q 4 x X F X ff' Q 7 X E 1 M S , I N: , , n -,N , 5 S n n eg . ff' . Harold ro a H' or ' ' F k M y B Mmm Morefield gg X4T,5-1.9 'J F x il! fa v x 51, uf' a ter o. .P 9-5' TRACK . . .109 1 , f. X ' , -,. 9 X T15 v - 'D .Z . I , 1 ix 4 6 sf' QA Y' 5, V I A A A I f- 5 , X j S 'F 1 N , E :1 l g , Z 4 A I If 4f' X, 8 V 1 , l 'Y , uf X L V A A .X xx' J X Ni x, s .i x Bob Chapman i 'i Arnold H ' Ken Higashi A 5 sm Alba any 2 t 8 f ' 1 A i ' g HW yxi 4 L 7 ,A I if ug X N glvfa Q Q ,D ,Q if X '55 Q' s ?f V Q ' 15 i f ' A Y il 3 1 1 ' ! , Q - X ., H1 If , by J, 2 XX D ui df 1' James Jacobsen 6 ' w I R - J kG na o s IP n num: s' p Oli' is Spxrix Girls' Club Committee Chairmen MARGARET MCCARNEY, Ad LOUISE VILLENEUVE. Ch ' man of Chairmen Debate Team BYRON SAMUELSON, Coa A d b t : Phyllis Benner Virginia Cameron Homer Hadley Phil Noon Margaret Ohman Kenji Ok d ti f 'F ' , ,Q ,L ol: if 4 ENE W O C ,lull A 59 'glllgjml -,pas-'1?i,.i h i x " Q , l fl lil : Q ke ,km ,Cf ijgiife X O Y-fy Q 5-' X , 1-'fx QQ xx. -l, . 'f of X ' rl,"l.i:r lx 4 J , ,T M J X K K' ORGANIZATIONS . . . Ill Tolo Weekly ?-fn ORGANIZATIONS gg f' .r Q- Q: , -af 9- ff' ,- fun' .. SN ,H Q' QQ-iv 4 fs-. .454- Q- -if KN ROBERT J. HANDY Adviser Bull Alde Charles Ames Gifford Brown Margaret Browne Bob Burgoine Leonard Carey jeannle Davis Ray Diveley Dorthy Donaldson Violet Door Joan Drummond Ruth Eastburn Verna Gorman jack Greenwald Helen GriFF1n janet Griffin Luba Grunbaum Rees Hall Herbert Hansen Jean Hart Blake Holcomb Gwendolyn Hoskxng Jll"l'1JaCObSCl"l Hxdeya Kumata jxm Louvxer lack Manclnx Kathl en Nontell Amy Okabe Kenj1Okuda Ixm Reed Mary Rice Florence Rxnker Byron Sample Vxrglma Sterrett loyce Stew enson Manha Swensen Jessie Ferguson Bob Fram Girls Club Officers MARY HELEN BIRCHFIELD Preszdent JEANNE BARTO Vrce President VIRGINIA CHARROIN Recording Secretary JUNE HELLENTHAL Corresponding Secretary LOUISE VILLENEUVE Chairman of Chairmen oys Club Offlcers STEPHEN ITZA President JIM ELLIS Vice President DOLPH HOYT Secretary VERN CATES Treasurer Tolo Annual Staff PAUL COPELAND Dlrector Photographic Studles FLORENCE RINKER Editor rn Chief TATS HIKADA Art Edrtor Cartoons CHARLOTTE BISAZLA Art Director KENNETH GHORMLEY Advising Editor VIRGINIA GRAHAM Managing Editor DON PEEL Assistant Art Editor JEANNETTE LEWIS Senior Editor MARY BARNARD junior Editor JACK REYNOLDS. Photographic Edrtor JACK YOSHIKAWA, Photographic Editor HUGO SEREN. Sports Editor BOB FREDRICK. Underclass Editor MARJORIE SCHENCK. Continuity Writer pw :. i 1 S a+ X ff Z i ORGANIZATIONS . . . H3 x 1 Z ,L W. x, 1 Q w I I ' xi eff , 1 6 'ly rg af P I G Xi ' f fit E Y IS AN Y X X - M . f ? I -Z ,, , L x X Q Q, if r N ,R is r if ' f f ' Q DJAJ ll4 . . . ORGANIZATIONS K Hi-Y SIDNEY TRATI-IEN.Adv1ser JACK MCLEAN. President Stamp Plan FRANKLIN KARRER Adviser GEORGE EWART and GORDON HAUGEN. Chairmen Committee: Ralph Dwyer Helen Johnson May Nakagawa Mignon Connor Beatrice Frisby Ruriko Ikeda Floyd Larsen Roy Fairbanks Howard Wilson , ' 'fn ,4 . fi ,Q W-, Q61 u- . " n . A 0-W w li SIEIXVIIUIRQS lflllllf SIEIXVIIOIR CLASS GIF H939 xijcs. X YU04 X "W Sensor Ofhcers JACK MCLEAN Preszdent I ' RUTH KELLY Vice Presrdent NATALIE JONES Secretary 1 JIM ACTESON Treasurer ffl- f Honors HOMER HADLEY Valedrctorran KENJI OKUDA Salutatonan JIM ELLIS Class Choice LORRAINE BAGLEY Class Chorce JACK MCLEAN Faculty Choice RUTH KELLY Faculty Choice To the Class of 1939 Four years of pleasant and I hope mutually helpful assoclatlons have now come to an end Together we have shared many Joys and some d1s appolntments and have formed many lastlng fr1endsh1ps My hope IS that durmg your tlme 1n Franklm as students and com rades you have formed ldeals that w1ll be wlth you through the years that are to come May there be somethmg of per manency m the foundatxon that you have 1a1d here so that ln the future you w1l1 be better and more useful c1t1zens I have enjoyed my work wxth you and I hope that you too have found pleasure ln our work together Stars come 1nto our iirmament blaze for a time and then depart in space Just as people come mto our llves dwell lntrrnately wlth us for a season and then depart on thelr appomted mlssnon Allred Noyes AGNES QUIGLEY Advrser T. ' - -gy -ve m- - v ., . X . . - C ' I ' '. - ' . . U Rul - , - lf, ' . l J I I . . ' 2 X . . X , Q X , . . i . . pf A . . ' I ' , . . ABE, KIYOT0-Captain. '38 Chess Team. Hobby. photography. ACTESON, JIM-Honor Society: Treas- urer. Senior Class: Vice-President, World Affairs Club: French Club: worked in stamp office. ALLEN. BOB-Treasurer. Ski Club: Sen- ior Class Decoration Committee: Senior Play lead: Hi-Y. ARMSTRONG, ADAH-Honor Society: Health and Personal Efficiency Commit- tees: French Club. MISS AGNES QUIGLEY-Adviser of the class of '39. AXELSON. ELOISE-Senior Sister: Cos- tume and Lunchroom Committees: French Club: Chairman. Big Cousins Committee, BAGLEY. LORRAINE-Treasurer, Fresh- man and Sophomore Classes: won second place in Upton Oratorical Contest: Vice- President. Honor Society: lead. '38 Vod- vil and Senior Play. BAKER, RUSSELL-Played in the band for four years: Ambition. architectural designer, BENNETT. RICHARD-First Team Foot- ball: Track: Hi-Y, BENTON, MARY-Ski Club: Chairman. Nurses' and Restroom Committees: Sen- ior Door Committee: Bank Cashier. BERRY, ELSIE-German and Commercial Club. BLANKSMA. LORRAINE - Played in band, orchestra, violin trio: performed in stage plays. BOGNER. LORENZ-Anglers' Club: '39 Annual Staff: Vice-President. Art Club. BOWMAN. LORRAINE - Commercial Club: turned out for sports. BREDICE. ELMA-Commercial Club: Chairman. P. T. A, Tea Committee. BRIGHT. BILL-A Capella Choir: lead. '37 Opera: '37, '38 Vodvils: Glee and World Affairs Clubs: Senior Class Roll Representative: Intramural Sports, BRIGLIO. CHARLES-Freshman Foot- ball: A Capella Choir: Glee and World Affairs Clubs: sang in '38 Opera: Intra- mural Sports: Senior Class Roll Repre- sentative. AGNESE, ELLEN-French Club: Senior Sister: Social Roll Representative. ALDE. BILL-Vice-President, Anglers' Club: Golf Team: German Club: won city high school salmon derby: taught apparatus class. ARNOLD, RUTH-Red Cross Roll Repre- sentative: Big Cousins Committee. AUSEN. NORVILLE-Boys' Glee Clubt A Capella Choir: Sophomore Play: '37 Opera. BARRETT. MARQUIS-Glee Club. Hob- by. speedboats. BARTO. JEANNE-Vice-President. Girls' Club: Honor Society: Quaker Maids: French and Ski Clubs: Quill and Scroll: Vice-President, junior Class. BECK, ROBERT - Honor Society: Ski Club: Intramural Sports: Chess Team: Stamp Plan Representative. BERTUCCI. YOLANDA BINGAMAN. MOLLY RENE-Spanish and Commercial Clubs: Big Cousins Com- mittee: Roll Room Representative: Sen- ior Sister. BIRCHFIELD, MARY HELEN-Presb dent, Girls' Club: Quaker Maids: Honor Society: Ski and Spanish Clubs: One Act Play Company: Charm Committee: jun- ior Class Matinee Committee. BOYCE. TULLY-Ushers and Doormen Committee: Service Club: Senior Orches- tra. BRANDRUP. BRUCE-One Act Play Com- pany: Band. Freshman and Sophomore Track: Senior Decoration Committee: performed in guidance plays: Intramural Football. BREDICE. ALFRED-'36, '37. '38 Operas: A Capella Choir: Stage Force: Octette. BROWN. GIFFORD--Tolo Weekly Staff: '35 and '38 Vodvils: plans to be a dancer. BROWNE. MARGARET-News and Fea- ture Editor, Tolo Weekly: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Big Cousins and Make-up Committees: Junior and Senior Roll Representative. BUCHANAN. EUGENE-Band: Honor Society: Anglers' Club: '38 Color Guard: Stamp Plan Representative. SENIORS . . .119 BUCKINGI-IAM, WINIFRED- One Act Play Co.: Costume and Make-up Commit- tees: Commercial Club: Stamp Plan. BUSH, BETTY-Honor Society: '38 Vodvil and Senior Play: Student Sponsor and Big Cousins Committees. BYAM, CONSTANCE-Honor Society: Chairman. Good Fellowship Committee: Make-up, Ushers and Doormen: Thrift. CASTLETON, MARTHA-Tolo Weekly Sta'f: Senior Play Lead: Ski and French Clubs: Office Assistant: Chairman Junior Class Friendship Committee: Chairman, Girls' Club Committee. CATES. VERNON-Treasurer. Boys' Club: Hi-Y: Honor Society: Inter-School Council Representative: Track: Spanish. Debate Clubs: Track Team: Ushers and Doormen Committee, CHARAP, ALVE-Hobby. making model airplanes. Ambition chemist, CHOW, LELAND-Vice-President, Pago- da Club: Improvement, Anglers, French Clubs: Intramural Track: Taxidermy. CHRISTENSEN, EMILY-Ushers and Doormen. Floral Committees: OFFice Girl in Gym. CHUTE. MARY JANE-Corresponding Secretary, Art Club: French Club: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Chairman. Girls' Club Committee. CLONTS. KATHLYN-French Club: Bank Cashier: Quaker Belles: worked in Girls' Club OFfice. COLE, FRANCES-Senior Roll Represen- tative: Chairman, Extension Committee: Camera and Commercial Clubs: worked in Girls' Club Othce. CONNOR, CATHERINE-Senior Sister: Senior Class Refreshment Committee and Roll Representative: Commercial Club: Big Cousins Committee: Girls' Club Roll Representative. CRICH. JACK-Honor Society: Hi-Y: First Team Baseball: Second Team Foot- ball. CROSBY, MURIEL-Honor Society! One Act Play Co.: '36, '38 Vodvil: '38 Opera: Director. Sextette: Chairman, Girls' Club Committee: Upton Oratorical Contest. CURULLA. TERESA-Quaker Maids: Honor Society: Commercial Club: Senior Sister: Ushers and Doormen Committee: worked in library. DI MARTINO. ERNESTO-'35, '36 Vod- vils: lead. '37 Vodvil: '37 Opera. DODGE, HELEN-Lead. '37, '38 Operas: lead, '38 Vodvil: '36, '37 Vodvils: Honor Society: A Capella Choir: Sextette. Non- ette, Trio: Scholarship Committee. DOMES, CARL-Art and Track Clubs: Freshman Football: Cross-Country Win- ner. 120 . . . SENIORS CAMERON, VIRGINIA - Chairman, Standards Committee: Secretary, Debate Club: Make-up Committee: Honor So- ciety: World Affairs Club: One Act Play Co.: Student Director. Senior Play. CARLSON, ESTHER-Chairman, Decora. tion Committee: German Club. CARLSON, MARJORIE-Ski, German. Commercial Clubs: Decoration Commit- tee. CHARROIN. VIRGINIA-Recording Sec- retary. Girls' Club: President, Junior Class: Honor Society: Quaker Maids: '36 Vodvil: Lunchroom Committee: '37 Opera. CHINN, ANDREW-Pagoda and Spanish Clubs. CHINN, NELLIE-President, Pagoda Club: Honor Society: Quaker Maids: Tolo Weekly Staff: worked on circus. CLEMEN, MAYDE-Chairman. Loan Fund and Honor Girls: Honor Society: French Club: Decoration and Refresh- ment Committees: Stamp Plan Represen- tative: worked in Girls' Club Ofiice. CLEMEN, NELL-Chairman, Properties and Personal Efficiency Committees: French Club: Junior Class Refreshment Committee: Senior Class Matinee Com- mittee: worked in Girls' Club Office. CLEVE, BETTY-Restroom. Ability, Big Cousins, Costume Committees: Commer. cial Club. COOK. JACK-Honor Society: Service and German Clubs. CORKILLE. BETTY-Ski, French Clubs: Refreshment, Social Service, Big Cousins Committees: Roll Representative, CORY. DOLORES-Ushers and Doormen Committee: Commercial and Ski Clubs: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Office Assistant: Senior Committee: Library Representative. CUTHILL, JOHN-Anglers' Club: Golf Team. DANIELSON, RUTH-Camera and Ger- man Clubs: Girls' Club Roll Representa- tive: '37 Circus: worked in library. DEMING, DOROTHY-French Club: Sophomore Honor Society: Chairman, Tocational Trips: '37, '38 Vodvils: Deco- ration, Restroom. Floor and Reception Committees: Junior Friendship Commit- tee. DONG, CHARLES-Hobby. Table Tennis. Hiking. Ambition, politician. DRINKWINE, VIRGIL-Hobby, hunting and pin collecting. Ambition. chemist. DU BOIS, YVONNE-French Club: par- txcipated in style shows. EDWARDS, ANNA JANE-Senior Choir: Wardrobe Committee: Chairman, Ticket Committee: Girls' Club Committee work. EGASHIRA. HIROSHI-Track Club: ln- tramural Basketball. EKDAHL. CARL-Hobby. fishing. ENGSTROM, MARYANN -- Commercial Club: Olhce Assistant: Girls' Club Roll Representative. ENOKSON, DOREEN-Junior Class Roll Representative: Secretary, Commercial Club: World Affairs Club. ERICKSON, ELAINE-Make-up Commit- tee: '35 Vodvil: '36 Opera: Dancing In- structor. FAIOLA, VERA - Spanish Club: Girls' Club Roll Representative. FASEVICH. LEDA-Art Club: Senior Roll Representative. FERGUSON. JESSIE-Business Manager. Tolo Weekly: French and Ski Clubs: Junior and Senior Matinee Committees: Big Cousins Committee: Girls' Club Roll Representative. FLORIAN, WALTER-Anglers' Club. FOLEY, MARY - President, Commercial Club: World Affairs Club. FORD, HAROLD - Anglers' and Track Clubs: First Team Track: Intramural Track: cross-country winner. FOWLER, MARGUERITE-Stamp Plan Representative: worked in library. FRISBY. BEATRICE-French Club: Stamp Plan Representative: worked in Stamp Office. FUJIOKA, TAD-Captain. Football Team: Honor Society: Hi-Y: japanese Club: Sophomore Basketball. GENTILE, MARY-One Act Play Co.: Tusitala and French Clubs: Ushers and Doormen. Make-up Committees. GENZALE. MARIO-Anglers' Club: Freshman Football and Basketball: Roll Rooms and Intramural Basketball: turned out for baseball. GHORMLEY. KENNETH-Editor. '38 Annual: Hi-Y: Honor Society: '36 Opera. Senior Play. Circus: First Pianist. '37 and '38 Vodvils: lead. '38 Senior Play. ELLIS, JAMES-Vice-President, Boys' Club: Vice-President, Hi-Y: President Freshman Class: Interschool Council: President, Honor Society: second place, all-city extemporaneous speech contest. ENGHOLM, MARGURETHA-A Capella Choir: Glee Club: Stage Force: Make-up, Ushers and Doormen Committees: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Office Assist- ant: Sophomore Athletics. ENGMAN, JOHN-Aviation Club. ERONEMO. NICK-First Team Football for three years: First Team Baseball: Freshman and Sophomore Basketball: Freshman Class Roll Representative. EVANS, IDA-Girls' Club Roll Represen- tative. EWART, BARBARA-Ski and Spanish Clubs: Senior Committee: Chairman, Girls' Club Committee. FERRARI, ROY-Aviation and Mathmat- ics Clubs: Stage Force. FICKEISEN, HENRY-German Club. FISHER, RAY-Spanish Club: Lunchroom Committee: Intramural Sports: '36 Cir- cus. FOSTER. GEORGE. FOTHERGILL, WILSON-Entered from Harrisburgh High School: Intramural Basketball. FOWLER, LEONARD-Intramural Sports. Ambition. ballet dancer, FULLER. WILLIAM-Ski and French Clubs: Baseball turnout. GARBUTT. ALBERT-Hobby, model air- craft building. Ambition, chemist. GAY, LORRAINE-Honor Society: A Cap- ella Choir: lead. '38 Opera: '37 Opera: '38 Vodvil: Chairman. Girls' Club Commit- tee: Trio: French Club. GIBSON. LORENE-Chairman. Ability Committee: Big Cousins and Student Sponsor Committees: Stamp Plan Repre- sentative: Senior Sister. GIGO. WALLACE-Service Club: Intra- mural sports. GLASFORD. CHARLES-President, Serv- ice Club: bank messenger. SENIORS . . . l2l GOE. GEORGE-A Capella Choir: Band: '36 Opera: Frosh intramural athletics. GRAHAM. VIRGINIA-Managing Editor. '39 Tolo Annual: President, Honor So- ciety: Health Committee: Cashier. Li- brary. Senior Class and Vodvil Commit- tees. GRANT. ERIC-'37 Opera: '38 Vodvil: Hi- Y: A Capella Choir: intramural sports: Second Team Basketball. GRUNBAUM. LUBA-Feature Editor, Tolo Weekly: Quill and Scroll: Chair- man. Girls' Club Committee: Make-up and Vocational Committees: Ski Club. GULDNER. ELFRIEDA-Vice-President. German Club: Honor Society: Senior Sis- ter: Girls' Club, Stamp Plan. Social Serv- ice Representative. GUTHEIL. ESTHER-Sophomore Honor Society: Art Club: Ushers and Doormen, Big Cousins. Girls' Club Committees. HALL, REES-Ski Club: '38 Annual StaH': Tolo Weekly Staff: President. Quill and Scroll: Intramural Basketball. HALLIN, FREDDIE-City high point man in First Team Basketball and Baseball: Member of Hi-Y and Big F Club. HAMILTON, EDWARD-'38 Color Guard. HANSEN, NORMAN-Intramural Volley- ball: French Club. HARD, BOB-Frosh Football, Freshman and Sophomore Basketball: Second Team Basketball: Hi-Y. HARMON. VIRGINIA-Quaker Maids: Girl Reserves: Girls' Club Committee Chairman: Bank Clerk: Honor Society. HELLENTHAL, JUNE-Secretary, Fresh- man Class: Corresponding Secretary. Girls' Club: Honor Society: Chorus of '37 and '38 Operas: A Capella Choir: Student Sponsor Committee. HENDRICKS. RAY-Aviation. Service. Movie Clubs: Senior Roll Representative. HENDRICKSON. DICK-Debate and Spanish Clubs: First Team Golf: Honor Society. HILTON, PATRICIA-Big Sister Com- mittee. HOLCOMB. BLAKE-Sports Editor, Tolo Weekly: Quill and Scroll: World Affairs Club: Smol-'ing Council. HORIUCHI, KAZUKO-japanese Club. 122 . . . SENIORS GRANT, STUART-Ambition. aeronauti- cal engineer. GREGORY. JULES-A Capella Choir: Glee and World Affairs Clubs: '38 Opera: intramural sports. GRIFFIN. HELEN-Feature Editor. Tolo Weekly: Secretary. Quaker Maids: Chair- man. Girls' Club Committee: '38 Vodvil: lead, '38 Senior Play: Spanish Club. HADLEY. HOMER-Debate, Ski. French and Mathmatics Clubs. HAIGH. HENRY-Ski Club. HALL. BETTY JANE-Spanish Club: Nonette and Trio: A Capella Choir: One Act Play Co.: '38 Opera: '37 Circus: Chairman Ticket Committee: Honor So- ciety. HAND, HARVEY-Freshman Basketball. HANSCOM. BOB-Intramural Basketball. Soft Ball and Football: Anglers' Club. HANSEN, HERBERT-Tolo Weekly Staff. HART, JEAN-News Editor. Tolo Week- ly: Vice-President. Quill and Scroll: Sec- retary, Movie Club: Publicity Chairman. junior Class: Honor Society: French Club, HAYASAKA, RUTH-Japanese Club: Honor Society: Big Cousins Committee: worked in Girls' Club Office. HEATER. ANITA-'35 Vodvil: Tumbling Club: worked in Girls' Club Omce: Chair- man, Nutrition Committee. HEY, HELEN-Sophomore Honor Society: Commercial Club: Chairman. Secretarial Committee: '37 Vodvil: Bulletin Chair- man: Senior Roll Representative. HIGANO. NORIO -World Affairs and Track Clubs: Freshman, Sophomore. and Second Team Track: Honor Society. HILL. MARY-Honor Society: '37 Opera Chorus: A Capella Choir: Student Spon- sor Committee: French Club: Stamp Plan Representative. HORIUCHI. MASARU-Intramural Bas- ketball: Hockey: Chess Team: japanese. Stamp Clubs, HOSKING, GWENDOLYN-Honor Soci- ety: Library StaH: Ad Manager. Tolo Weekly: Ushers and Doormen Committee. HOUDE,HOWARD-StateSoccerLeague: Anglers' Club. HOVEY,DOROTHY-Commercial.World Affairs, French Clubs: Scholarship and Make-up Committees: Stamp Plan Rep- resentative. HOWE, DONALD-First Team Football: Band: First Team Track Manager. HOYER, BILL-President, Anglers' Club: Vice-President, Sophomore Class and Spanish Club: Mathematics Club: Honor Society. HUMPHREY, KAY-'36 Vodvil: Dancing Instructor. HUNTER. DOROTHY-French Club: Chairman. Senior Refreshment Commit- tee: Stamp Plan Representative. IKEDA, RURIKO-Tolo Weekly Staff: Stamp Oliice: World Affairs. Commercial, French, Japenese Clubs: Tutor: Honor Society. JACKSON, ROBERT-School Treasurer's Assistant: Color Guard: Anglers' Club, JENKINS, MARGARET-Lead, Senior Play: '37 Vodvil: Tolo Weekly Staff: German Club: Junior, Senior Class Com- mittees: girls' sports. JENSEN. ROBERT-Stage Force. JOHNSON, VIOLET-Freshman Girls' Sports: Commercial, Tusitala Clubs: Girls' Club Committee member: Make-up Committee: Rehearsal Chairman, Senior Play. JOHNSON, WALTER-Track: Football: Anglers', German Clubs: Intramural Soc- cer. Track. JOHNSTON, EILEEN-Secretary. Fresh- man Class: Spanish Club: Refreshment Committee: Senior Sister. JORGENSEN. KRISTEN-President, Service Club: Stage Force: Honor So- ciety. JORGENSEN, NORMA-Commercial Club. KAHAN, DEL-Aviation. Service Clubs. KELLY, RUTH- Vice-President, Fresh- man Class: President. Sophomore Class: Vice-President. Senior Class: charge of Senior Play: Publicity Chairman. Vodvil. KIGER, LUCILLE-Oflice Assistant: worked in Quaker Tea Room. KIPPER. HAROLD-Honor Society: Stamp. German. Service Clubs: Captain. Intramural Football. Intramural Volley- ball: Tutoring. HOYT. DOLPH-Honor Society: Band: Treasurer, Junior Class: Secretary, Boys' Club: First Team Football: Hi-Y, Avia- tion, Anglers' Clubs. HUES, MAURICE-Head Manager, Track Trim: Football Manager: Stamp Plan Representative: worked in lunchroom. HUHA, ELMER-Anglers', Aviation, World AHairs Club: worked in lunch- YOOITI. INSLEE, WINSTON-Band: Yell Lead- er: Anglers'. Glee Clubs: '37 Opera: One Act Play Co.: lead, '38 Vodvil. ITZA, STEPHEN-President, Boys' Club: Secretary, Sophomore Class: Hi-Y: Span- ish Club: First Team Basketball: Vice- President, Honor Society: Cooper Schol- arship winner. IWASAKI, SAM - Freshman Football, Basketball: Sophomore Basketball: Head Football Manager: Intramural Football, Basketball. JOHNSON, DOLORES - Senior Refresh- ment Committee: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative: French Club: Poster, Make- up Committees. JOHNSON. ELAINE- JOHNSON, EUGENE-First Team Foot- ball: Baseball: lead, '38 Vodvil: '37 Opera: A Capella Choir: intramural sports. JONES. CAROL-'37 Vodvil: Alumni Committee. JONES, NATALIE-Secretary. Senior Class: Ski: Commercial. Girls' Glen Clubs: Freshman and Sophomore girls' sports: Chairman. Student Sponsor Com- mittee: A Capella Choir. JONIENTZ, JOE-'37. '38 Baseball: Serv- ice Club. KATO. TOSHIO-Japanese Club: Tutor- ing. KAWAGUCHI, LILLY-Girls' sports: Japanese Girl Reserves: Debate: Jap- anese Clubs. KELLY. MOLLIE-Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Tolo Weekly Staff: Chairman. Poster Committee, KIRK. JOYCE-Honor Society: Junior, Senior Choir: Vice-President. Quaker Maids: A Capella Choir: Commercial Club: girls' athletics. KLUH, PAT-Library Staff: Switchboard Operator: Nurse's Assistant: Costume Committee: Junior Roll Representative. KOBER. WALTER-Anglers' Club. SENIORS . . . l23 KOGITA, MARGARET-Japanese Club: Japanese Girl Reserves. KRAUSE. BILL-Intramural Basketball. Track. KUBASTA, JOHN-Service Club. LASSEN, BOB-Aviation Club: Ushers and Doorman Committee: Intramural Sports. LA STADIUS, BILL-Basketball turnout. LEE, FRED-French Club: Intramural Basketball. LESLIE, DOROTHY - Advertising Man- ager. '37 Tolo Weekly: Stamp Plan Rep- resentative: Tutor: '36 Vodvil. LEWIS, JEANNETTE-Senior Editor. Tolo Annual: Library Staff: Chairman. Cultural Arts Committee: kept scrap- book for class: Spanish, Sons and Daugh- ters Clubs: Stamp Representative. LEWIS, MELVYN-Second Team Foot- laallg Track: Spanish, World A .airs. Ski u s. MACKEY, ROBERT-First Team Base- ball: Intramural Basketball. MALLOY, PAULINE-Chairman, Honor Committee: '36 Vodvil: Chairman, '38 Matinee Door Committee: Senior Roll Representative: worked back stage. MANCINI, JACK-Tolo Weekly Staff: Service, Glee Clubs: Manager, Debate Club: Intramural Basketball: Bank Cash- ier: Ushers and Doormen Committee, MARTIAL. FLORENCE-Honor Society: President, Girl Reserves: Commercial, French Clubs: Stamp Plan Representa- tive: Bank Cashier: Girls' Club Roll Representative. MATTHIES, CORA-Served P. T. A. Tea: Lunchroom Committee. MAYER, CATHERINE-Girls' Club. Stamp Plan Representative: Honor So- ciety: Senior Sister. McDOWELL, MARCUS McGEE, BETTY-Commercial. French. Sons and Daughters' Clubs: Roll Repre- sentative. MCGREGOR, NORMAN-Anglersf Stamp Clubs. I24 . . . SENIORS KUMATA. I-IIDEYA-Honor Society! French. Service, japanese. Movie Clubs: Tolo Weekly Staff: Quill and Scroll. LARSON, VIRGINIA-Spanish. Commer- cial Clubs, LA SALLE, LORRAINE-Commercial Club: Franklin Girl Reserves: worked in Stamp Ofhce: took part in '36 Circus. LEE. RAMONA-Honor Society: Treasur- er, Girls' Club: Secretary, Treasurer, Spanish Club: Big Cousins Committee: Senior Sister: junior Representative. LEIPPER, JEAN-Girls' athletics: French, Ski Clubs: Roll Representative: Bank Cashier: Girls' Club Plays: Make-up Committee. LEONG. HARRY-Pagoda, Radio Clubs: Sophomore Basketball. LOMAX, BESSIE-Hobby. music, Ambi- tion, beautician. LYNCH, PHEBE-Treasurer, Quaker Maids: Bank Cashier: Costume, Ushers and Doormen Committees: Chairman, Girls' Club Committee. LYONS. DORIS-One Act Play Company: Chairman. Girls' Club Committee: Make- up Committee: Thrift Club: Roll, Stamp Plan Representative: Ushers and Door- men Committee. MANOLIKAS, MANUEL-Football, Base- ball. Basketball Manager: Stamp, French Clubs: Intramural Sports, MARKIIAM, DON MARSHALL, MARGARET-Social Wel- fare Committee: Junior Roll Representa- tive: accompanist to violin quartette. MCCOSKRIE, DONNA-Chairman. Voca- tional Committee: One Act Play Com- pany: Ski Club: Bulletin Board Commit- tee: Roll Room Debates: Girls' Club Roll Representative. McDONALD, HUGH-Anglers', Ski Clubs: Intramural Hockey Captain: turned out for baseball. MCDONOUGH. JIM-Debate. Stamp Clubs: Band. McLEAN,JACK-Sergeant-at-Arms1Fresh- man. Sophomore Classes: President, Sen- ior Class: President, Franklin and All- City Hi-Y: '36 Baseball Team: Senior Play cast, McNABB, FRANCES-Spanish Club. M EACHAM, GEORGE-Anglers' Club. MEAGHER, JUNE-Turned out for Bas- ketball. M ECARTEA, JAM ES-Intramural Basket- ball, MILLER, AUDREY - Commercial, Ski Clubs: Quaker Maids: Quaker Belles: Nurses', Restroom Committees. MOORE. BILL-Lead. '38 Senior Play: Hi-Y: Track Club: Freshman Football: performed in guidance plays. MOORE, GERALD-Aviation. Anglers' Clubs: Intramural Sports. MOORE, MARIAN-President. Quaker Maids: Stamp. French Club: Chairman. Girls' Athletics: Girls' Club Refreshment Committee. MURPHY, JAMES-President, Ski Club: Ski Team: Hi-Y. MUYLLAERT, DOROTHY-Honor Soci- ety: Ushers and Doormen, Wardrobe Committees: Chairman. Floral Commit- tee: junior Friendship Committee. NAKAGAWA, MAY-junior Honor Soci- ety: President, japanese Club: World Af- fairs, Commercial Clubs: Big Cousins, Come and Get It Committees: worked in stamp oFFice. NELSON. HARRY-Service, Camera Clubs. NELSON, NICK NEWLAN D. DORA MAY-German, World Affairs Clubs: Big Cousins Committee. NOON. PHIL-President, Debate Club: Hi-Y: Honor Society: Secretary, Stand- ards Council: Service. Ski Clubs: Tennis Team. OKADA. FRANK-Movie. Mathematics Clubs, OKADA. LORRAINE-Costume, Ward- robe Committees: Japanese Club: Senior Choir. OKUDA. KEN-II-News Editor. Tolo Weekly: Treasurer, Stamp. japanese and Anklers' Clubs: President, Debate Club, Oil-E-ARY. JOHN-Tolo Weekly Staiif: junior Choir: '36 Opera: Roll Represen- tative: Intramural Sports. OSWALD. HELEN-Honor Society: French Club: Make-up, Refreshment. Matinee Committees: Chairman. Exten- sion Committee: Social Service. Girls' Club Roll Representative. MIZUKLHAJIMI MIZUKI, MARION - Secretary, Stamp Club: Honor Society: japanese Club: Chairman, Friendship Committee, MOLINE, BILL-Improvement Commit- tee: Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Football. MOORE, MERRILL - Honor Society: French. Debate, Mathematics Clubs: Sen- ior Orchestra: turned out for track. MOREFIELD, MARVAN-Yell Leader: Hi-Y. MORGAN, DAVID-Anglers', Aviation Clubs: Intramural Sports. NAKAMURA, NOBUKO-japanese Club: japanese Girl Reserves. NASH, SYLVIA-Commercial Club: Per- sonal Efficiency Committee: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Girl Reserves. NEHODA, NENA-German Club: Tolo Weekly Staff: Come and Get It Commit- tee: Quaker Maids: junior. Senior Ticket Committees. NEWLAND.JOHN-Art,Spanish.Anglers' Clubs: Band. NILSON, EDWARD-Radio Club: Intra- mural Sports: Baseball turnout. NOMAGUCHI. GEORGE-Intramural Basketball: japanese, Camera Clubs. OKADA, YOSHITAKA-Aviation. Art. Chess, japanese Clubs: Ping Pong: ln- tramural Basketball Team. OKAZAKI. DOROTHY-Honor Society: Friendship Committee: japanese Club: Senior Roll Representative. OKAZAKI. KAZUE OTA. KOICHI-Intramural Softball. Bas- ketball: Spanish. French. japanese Clubs. PACHECO. BEN-Intramural Basketball: transferred from San Rafael High in Cali- fornia: belonged Latin. Spanish. 4H Clubs. PARKER. JACK-Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball. Soccer: Stage Force. SENIORS . . . 125 PELLEGRINI, PAUL-Service Club: In- tramural Basketball, Baseball, Football: Senior Roll Representative. PHILBIN, FRANCES-Commercial.World Affairs Club: Stamp Plan Representa- tive: Quaker Belles, PLANT. DON-Glee Club. Choir: Lunch- room Committee: Track. RASK. FREDERICK-Ushers and Door- men Committee: Glee Club: junior, A Capella Choirs: '38 Opera: Service Club. RASMUSSEN, SHIRLEY-Honor Soci- ety: Refreshment, P. T. A. Committees: Girls' Club. Senior Roll Representative: Camera Club. RASMUSSEN, WAYNE-Intramural Vol- leyball: Aviation Club. REYNOLDS. JACK-Photographic Editor, '39 Tolo Annual: Honor Society: Debate. Anglers'. Glee Clubs: Track: Intramural Sports Captain: Senior Matinee Commit- tee: Band: Freshman Football. REYNOLDS. TED-Anglers' Club: Intra- mural Sports. RICHARDS. DOROTHY-Research Com- mittee: junior, Senior Dancing Instructor. RINKER, FLORENCE-'38 Annual: Ed- itor, '39 Tolo Annual: Honor Society: Tolo Weekly Staff: '37, '38 Vodvils: Chairman, Floor and Reception Commit- tee: Vocational, Decoration, Matinee Committees. ROE. MARY-Honor Society: French Club: Ushers and Doormen, Big Cousins. Lunchroom Committees: Chairman. Girls' Club Committee: Senior Choir. ROLLO, NORMA-Quaker Belles: Span- ish. Tusitala Clubs. RUSDEN. HARRY-Spanish, World Af- fairs, French Clubs. RUTAN. VELVA-Commercial, World Af- fairs Clubs. RYBA. LEONE-Library Staff: Scholar- ship, Ability Committees: Vice-President, German Club: President, Tusitala Club. SANDS, EILEEN-Stamp Plan Represen- tative: worked in stamp office: Dancing Instructor, SATO. MARY-japanese. French Clubs. SCHMIDT, BOB-Captain. Intramural Basketball Team: Manager, Freshman Football: Intramural Sports. 126 . . . SENIORS POWERS, EVAN-Band: Spanish Club: Intramural Sports. RALSTON, SHIRLEY-Commercial. Sons and Daughters' Clubs: Girls' Sports. RANDLES. FOSTER-Ambition. foreign trade and commerce. Hobby. Fishing. RAVEN, GERALDINE-Glee Club: took part in operas and plays. RECCHIO. ANGELINA-Commercial Club: Honor Society: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Four O'Clock Tea Com- mittee, REPOLI, MARJORIE-French Club: A Capella Choir: Director, Sextette: '37 Circus: '36 Vodvil. RICHARDSON, COURTNEY-Freshman Football: Baseball turnout: Intramural Softball. RICHARDSON, ELSIE-'36 Opera: '37 Vodvil: Dancing Instructor. RINGER. THELMA-Commercial, Tusit- ala Clubs: Make-up Committee: Girls' Club Committee. ROOT, LEOLA-Ushers and Doormen, Big Cousins Committees: Chairman, Freshman Teas: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative. ROWLAND, MARTHA-Stamp Club: Poster. Costume Committees. RUDDIES. MARILYN-Senior Orchestra. SAMAC. PAULINE-Honor Society: Qua- ker Maids: President, French Club: Ed- itor. Come and Get It: Tolo Weekly Staff. SAMPLE, BYRON-Intramural Basket- ball. Baseball. Football: Sophomore Track: Manager of Basketball Team: Stamp Club. SANDERS. GENEVA-Freshmen Roll Representative. SCHUNZEL. BILL-Service. Aviation, Camera Clubs. SCHWEIRS. BOB SEXTON, ALICE-Hobby. dancing. Fu- ture. Salesgirl. SHEERIN, LILLIAN-Costume. Big Cous- ins committees: Camera, French, Glee Clubs: Quaker Belles: Senior, Girls' Club Roll Representative. SHIMADA. BELL--Honor Society: japan- ese. French, Anglers' Clubs: Intramural Volleyball, SHIMANAKA. SALLY-Honor Society: japanese, Tusitala Clubs: Girls' Club Roll Representative. SMITH, ROBERT-Yell Team: Movie Club: Senior Roll Representative. SMITH. VERA-Honor Society: Tusitala Club: Four O'Clock Tea Committee: Girls' Club Roll Representative. SORIANO. DEWEY-First Team Foot- ball. Basketball, Baseball: Thrift Club: Big Smoking. Football Clubs: Stamp Plan Representative. STAIR. EDWARD-Intramural Basket- ball. Soccer. Volleyball: Anglersf Ski Clubs. STARKEY. LUELLA-A Capella Choir: Efficiency Manager, Senior Orchestra: '37 Senior Play: '38 Opera. STERRETT. VIRGINIA-Quaker Maids: News Editor. Tolo Weekly. STREAM, BILL-Intramural Sports: Golf Team: Anglers' Club: Tolo Weekly Staff: junior Honor Society. SWEENEY. MAXINE--'36 Vodvil: Com- mercial. Sons and Daughters' Clubs. SCHWIETERMAN, VIRGINIA-Library Staff: Ushers and Doormen: Senior Sis- ter: Freshman Volleyball: Stamp Plan. Banking Representative. THOMPSON, HELEN-Tusitala Club: Chairman. Ability. Teachers' Tea Com- mittees: Girls' Club Roll Representative. THUMLER. MAR-IORIE-French. Tusi- tala Club: Guidance Plays: Ability. Tick- et Committees: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative. TILIEMAN. ARNOLD-Baseball and Foot- bal . VAN WYCK. NICK-Captain. Intramural Basketball: Football Manager two years. VIELE. BOB-Band. Senior Orchestra: Honor Society: '38 Vodvil: Track Club: Boys' Club Council: Intramural Basket- ball: French Club: Dancing Instructor. VILLBNEUVE. LOUISE-Chairman of Chairmen. Girls' Club: Library Staff: Quaker Maids: Spanish. Ski Clubs: Tolo Wffkly Staff. tv J- 'Q as 2 SIMONE. EDWARD-Fall Volleyball. SMITH. BESSIE-Spanish Club: Bank Cashier: Girls' Club Roll Representative. SMITH. EVELYN-Commercial Club: Stamp Plan Representative, SOYEJIMA. WILLIAM-Service. japan- ese Clubs: Stage Force. SPANGLER. ANN-Honor Society: Stamp Club: Senior Orchestral Ushers and Door- men Committee. SPRAGUE, JEAN-Honor Society: Ger- man Club: Chairman. Health Committee. STEVENSON, JOYCE- Senior Sister: Senior. Stamp Plan Representative: Tolo Weekly Staff: Bank Cashier. STONE, BETTE-Tusitala. French. Glee. Golf Clubs: Sophomore Dancing Instruc- tor: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Big Cousins. Make-up Committee: Bank Cash- ier: Senior Sister. STRAKER. LAURENCE-Track: Intra- mural Basketball. SWIERENGA, DAN-Anglers'. German. Service Clubs: Intramural Basketball. Volleyball: Manager. Baseball Team. TERWILLIGER. VIOLA-Honor Soci- ety: Girls' Club Roll Representative: Chairman, Library Committee: Thrift Club: '37 Vodvil: '38 Opera. THOMAS, LILLIAN - Quaker Maids: Spanish Club: Honor Society: Wardrobe. Ticket Committees: Hostess, Teachers' Tea. TOKAREFF. VERA-Hobby. dancing. TSUJI, YOSHIO-Intramural Basketball, Ping Pong: Movie. japanese Clubs. TUFT. WINNIE-Library Staff: Senior Sister: Girls' Sports: Mother and Daugh- ter Banquet: worked in wardrobe room. VIVOLA. ANNA-Hobby. reading. Ambi- tion. nursing. VOIGHT. CHARLOTTE-Spanish, Ski Clubs: Girls' Baseball: One Act Play Company. WAGENFUEHR. FRANCES-Honor So- ciety: German. 4F Clubs: Wardrobe. Vo- cational Committees: Chairman. Social Service Committee: Library Represen- tative. SENIORS . . .127 an -1 ,gf si X l28 . . . SENIORS T,- ' .. " h- ? 'D' The Upton Memorial Oratorical Contest FirstP1ace-PHYLISS BENN1-:R s.-cond Place-MARTHA WXEDERRECHT ERNEST ROSS HAROLD KIPPER WALES, LARRY-Intramural Basketball, A Capella Choir, Senior Orchestra, Or- chestra, '36 Opera. WALKER, BETTIE-French, Ski Clubs, Senior Sister. WARD, JOHN-Honor Society, Band. WATSON, VIRGINIA- Quaker Maids, Sons and Daughters' Club, Girls' Athlet- ics: Roll Representative, Bank Cashier, Senior Sister. WEDIN, BILL-Service, Science Clubs. WILL, DOUGLAS - Secretary, Service Club: Anglers' Club. WILLIAMS. SAM-President, Radio Club, Movie Club, '37 Vodvil, '38 Opera, Base- ball, Football, Basketball turnout. WILSON, JANET-Entered in Senior year from Oakland High School in California, Honor Society, WOOD. FREDRIC-Anglers' Club, Intra- mural Basketball. YAMAGUCHI. KAY -- Honor Society: French. japanese Clubs. YAMASAKI, DICK-japanese Club, Man- ager, Football Team, Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball, Captain, junior Safety Patrol. YANO, ATSUKO-Honor Society: Japan- ese, Commercial, World Affairs Clubs. YEDLICK. THEODORE-Spanish Club, Stamp Plan Representative: Football, Track, Lunchroom Committee, YEOMAN, WILMA-Honor Society, Sen- ior Sister, Big Cousins, Ushers and Door- men Committees, Guidance Department. ZUARRI, YOLANDA-Make-up Commit- tee, Spanish Club. ARNOLD, EDITH-Freshman and Sopho- more Athletics, '37, '39 Operas, '36 Cir- CU5, DE BOER, QUENTIN-Lead. '37, '38, '39 Operas, Lead, '37 Vodvil, A Capella Choir, '37 Circus: Freshman Football. ECKHART. ROSALIE-German Club, Wardrobe Committee. ENDRESS, ERNIE-First Team Basket- ball for four years, Hi-Y: Big F Club. FOSSAS, GEORGIANA-Honor Society: Spanish, French Clubs, Opera and Vod- vil Committees, Cashier: Table Tennis Manager. PHELPS, PHYLLIS SPEAKE, RUTH WITTMAN, VIRGINIA-Honor Society, German Club, Health and Wardrobe Committees. YORIO, RALPH-First Team Baseball for four years, Big F Club: Hi-Y, Stamp Plan and Social Service Representative, Bank Cashier: Sophomore Basketball. Honor Society Acteson, jim Armstrong, Aclah Bagley, Lorraine Barto, Jeanne Beck, Robert Bedinger, john Birchfield. Mary H. Blanksma, Lorraine Browne, Margaret Bush, Betty Byam, Constance Cameron. Virginia Cates, Vernon Charroin, Virginia Chow, Leland Cleman, Mayde Cook, jack Crich, jack Crosby, Muriel Curulla, Teresa Danielson, Ruth Dodge, Helen Ellis, jim Fujioka, Tad Gay, Lorraine Ghormley, Kenneth Graham, Virginia Grifhn, Helen Guldner, Elfrieda Hadley, Homer Hall, Betty 1. Harmon, Virginia Hart. Jean Hayasaka, Ruth Hellenthal, june Hendrickson. Dick Higano. Norio Hosking. Gwendolyn Hoyer. Bill Hoyt, Dolph lkeda. Ruriko Itza. Stephen .i0hnson, Walter jones, Natalie .I0rgensen. Kristen Kato. Toshie Kelly, Mollie Kelly, Ruth Kipper, Harold Kirk, Joyce Kogita, Margaret Kumuta, Hideya Kuromiya, Masako Kuwahara, Yuri Lee, Ramona Mayer. Catherine McDonough, Jim McLean. Jack Mizuko, Marion Moore, Merrill Muyllaert. Dorothy Nakagawa. Mae Nehoda, Nena Noon. Phillip Okada. Frank Je Okazaki, Dorothy 1 f Okazaki, Kazue ' Okuda, Kenji 0 Oswald. Helen X Pacheco, Benjamin X Rasmussen, Shirley E, Reccio, Angelina Reynolds, jack Rinker, Florence X Roe, Mary Ryba, Leone X Samac. Pauline 'nl' Savage, Lorraine Shimada. Bell I' Shimanaka, Sally E Sprague, Jean ' Takeuchi, Beatrice f Terwilliger. Viola K Thomas, Lillian Tsuji, Yoshio 5 5 Viele, Bob Villeneuve. Louise Wagenfuehr, Frances Ward, john Wittman, Virginia Yano, Atsuko Yeoman, Wilma Yamaguchi, Kay ORGANIZATIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IN THIS our State jubxlee year of 1939 we are fortunate ln havmg assocxated with us 1n the productxon of our Tolo craftsmen who while lltlllllflg all the mechanlcal alds of fifty years of progress have yet reta1ned thelr hlgh sense of personal prlde ln fine craftsmanshlp Mt and Mrs Ralston whose Hne pottrazture and photographlc sklll made xt posslble for Webb Harnson Ed Lmdroth and Dxck Run yon to engrave and proof perfect plates so that AI fensen Carl Nissen and Alf Dunn t gether wxth Frank McCaffrey mlght set and case our 1dC3S xn beautlful permanent form To them and all thelr skllled assoclates we offer our smcere thanks PAUL COPELAND for the Tolo Stal? of 1939 RALSTON STUDIOS Second at Sprlng Mam 8585 DEXTER ENGRAVING CO 2030 Terry Avenue Seneca 0313 FRANK MCCAFFREY S ACME PRESS 124 Terry Avenue North Mam 1997 I 'WA I R1 X -w Yi 9 s . . . . , ig . . . - 1 nan ' , 1 0 1 , . v Q f r f 1 ' x X 5 ' 1 an aan ' ' -. I . I 1 Q Q .al-Q. qv 1 '-li ' -' -- , . I 'ia t -3-, .J .Q , ' S 1. ' 'Wu' x 'V -. ,,, . - . V mi. . 5. wx fl, -1 :W X? In i w in -si 5 ,KL ' , ,, , ,ju . .h f' 4 .5 ' . , f++oe,,, " -' ' "" ,aka "W-Q--I I '- ' 'JW' ' cuff 4 - 5' x , U ,. , '94, , A I . , econ. ' -noe ll .5 ..J5: .X f' SX ,,, . sk- f ."" 1

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