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v 1 , N i F w 1 i L Frclnklin 1933 ANNUAL Franklin High School SeoiTLe, Washingten l FOREWORD This annual is senT TorTh wiTh The hope ThaT iT may serve To recall by picTure and pen The mosT inTeresTing evenTs oT your school days, TogeTher wiTh The many happy and permanenT Triend- ships Tormed during This highly signiTi- canT periocl. Qur sinceresT wish is ThaT you may cherish These memories more and more as Time goes on so ThaT which you now cleem oT value may noT be enTirely bloTTed ouT by The ur- qenT responsiloiliTies oT maTurer years. ,,!?C7 Mf DEDICATION To Louise STrong, we, The class oT I933 wish To dedicaTe This Tolo Annual wiTh The sincere hope ThaT iT may in some small measure show our deep graTiTude Tor her kind and sympaTheTic guidance which has made The years oT our high school career only Too shorT. She has shown ThroughouT The Tour years oT her advisership The greaTesT under- sTanding oT all The prob- lems and diTTiculTies oT The members oT The class. CONTENTS Facul+y Seniors Juniors Sopnornores Freshmen Produdrions Music Press Arnlerics Clubs Feeiures IN MEMORIAM As a beacon lighT guides The many ships Thru The sTormy waTers and saTely inTo porT, so did Joseph A. Reed en- lighTen The many Franklin sTudenTs Thru The TurbulenT years oT high school liTe. May his memory be sacred To The peo- ple oT This insTiTuTion. One ship drives EasT and anoTher drives WesT, WiTh The self-same winds ThaT blowg 'Tis The seT oT The sails and noT The gales, Which Tell us The way They go. Lilce The winds oT The sea are The ways oT TaTe, As we voyage along Thru liTeg 'Tis The seT oT The soul ThaT decides iTs goal, And noT The calm or The sTriTe. ELLA WHEELER WILCOX JGSEPI-4 A. REED FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Tho he lives in his lale years He slill Turns lhe wheel He siill loves The lang of Jrhe sail sea He is young in spiril. H is noi 'rhe names of lhe porls and seas Thai beclcon him on. He and lhe sea are inseparable His lile's work Rolales on lhe wheel. F'C!f5IP'H -Qld WALTER JCI-IN RESEBURG vice principal SIDNEY POLMERE TRATHEN principal I4 To +he faculfy, Jrhe sfudenlr body owes grafirude for fhe ' "" Jr has re- d educahonal rnsplrahon I I' d slrud , The reachers are encouragemenf an ceived. Thru years of specia :ze y I fe knowledge in able To offer sfudenrs rhe mos? comp e Their chosen subjecfs. XXX "WKXSxxxxsxx 'U I 9 '4 'n U, - " 0 Q m I- P Z l1'l A U 2723 95333 35751555232 S3235 555 559555 58.0 .Jr 214'-7j,lo.,., 5,417 2':cL,-3-'E 2'-Cai'-09. --4 o100z2fw 4-g'2fBQ1f'-:'4-w2m:f-020: 5.1, 9fw'.c'.5" 01-Z-2.1m 'Ike-1' 3222.51 530013 U :rj 201010 gg-olmxgwmg ."fZQ':'m ."z-2-:rn-4 51,0 .zoE"oLg-V' -T-'ozboazl' 85,750 -4 Sgr ,- I HZ fffsawz VW, W?" SQQ " Q2 8 1, He 52-421 2,2 52- 9 :mm 9 'le .- m I I na m 3 Q, nf Z m ,-,mmm J.. U.. 11 ,wo-w ,xv of' g 1 I : y ' 2-I y I Q-L 8 'Z E '4 y 3 11 2 2 1 .,. no T. re, wg 2.2 Z1 Q, g 2 Z Z " 2 2 5 .9 Z Q3 E 3 E pu Z 5 Q 5' P 3 5 P "' P P 5 T -1 5' . 5' 5 I .- '-" t ' 1 0a1.g1",jfQ, in 1' .,,' - W' 'V ...y.A 1 Q w 0 I 4, Q Q KQQQ. auomuux s KES! Golf Coach Intramural Afhlefic Coach 15 'T' 'ir M.. ,f-,, :-,:agz::,-gn . fmsqx r I .is l fi CORNISH, CAROL CATHERYN Washinglon Sfale College, B.S. SHAW, ANNA BELLE Universily of Wasliinglon, B.S. Girls' Alhlefics Coach Girls' Dancing and I-leallh Adviser Quaker Maids' Adviser ENGLISH DEPARTMENT UPTON, RALPH RICHARD-Head Yale Universily, A.B., A.M. George Washirigfon Universify L.L.B., L.L.M Financial Direcfor of Annual BAILEY, RUTH ALMEDA Oberlin A.B. Adviser of Slarnp Club BARNES, LUCY ROWENA Universily of Vl'asl'iinglon, A.B., A.M. CROCKETT, MILDRED FIRTH Universily ofWasl1ingion, B.A., M.A. GRIFFIN, MALCOLM HARVEY Universily of Texas, B.A,, M.A., L.L.B. Adviser of Improvernenl Club HUNTER, LILA ALICE Universily of Washingfon, B.A. Adviser of Class of '35 JARDINE, NAN THOMPSON Universify of Washingfon, A,B. Adviser of Make-up Cornmillee JOHNSON, HEBER DAYTON Norlhern Universily, B.A., M.A. Boys' Adviser Adviser of Sfamp Plan Comrnilfee KUEHN, HELMA ELIZABETH Universify of Wisconsin, A.B. Adviser of Cosfume Commiflee LINDBERG, LYDIA Carlelon College, A.B. Adviser of Tusilala Club MacMASTER, MARION Universify of Oregon, B.A. Adviser of Vocalional Commiffee MacDONALD, ARISTELLE Universify of Washinglon, B.A. Dramatic Direcfor SHELDON, SARAH MEECH Smifh College, A.B, Adviser of Cullural Arls Commilfee STRONG, LOUISE JORDAN De Pauw Universily, B. A. Adviser of Class of '33 I6 ' ' HISTORY DEPARTMENT DAVENPORT, NOAH CLEVELAND-Head Bellingham Normal Universify of Washinglon, B.A., M.A. COPELAND, PAUL WORTHINGTON Whilman College, B.S, Pholoqraphy Direcfor of Annual CRIM, DOROTHY MARIE Universily of Washlnglon, A.B. HART, LOU ELLA Universily of Washinglon, A.B., M.A. Debale Coach JOHNSON, RALPH CHARLES Universily of Kansas, A.B. Universify of Washinglon, M.A. Eclilorial Adviser of Tolo Weekly KASSEBAUM, EMMA Michigan Universily, A.B. Universily of Washinglon ' KIRK, DOUGLAS GARFIELD Universily of Washingfon, B.B.A. Alhlelic Coach LENTZ, KATHERINE JANE Universily of Washinglon, A.B., M.A. Adviser of Probation Sfudenfs REED, RALPH JASPER Universify of Washingfon, B.A. Alhlelic Coach SAMUELSON, BYRON AUGUST Universily of Washinglon, A.B., A.M. SCHIRMER, CONRAD ALFRED Universily of Chicago Universify of Norlh Dakola Washinglon Slale College FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT JACKSON, GEORGE BROWN-Head Leander Clark, A.B., A.M. Yale, A.B. BENNETT, EDITH PAGE University of Illinois, A.B. Adviser of Honor Sociery DuVAL, MARGUERITE JACQUELINE Universily of France, B. A.. Adviser of French Club PERRY, HELEN JEANNETTE Smith College, A.B. Adviser of Spanish Club QUIGLEY, AGNES Universilv of Washinglon, B.A. Adviser of Spanish Club Q-5 9 C L I. Q - - ,, 3 l U MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT DOHENY, HARRIET JOSEPHINE University of Washingfon, B.S. Adviser of Class of '36 ' Adviser of Girls' Club Program Deparfmenl' Opera Producfion Manager HANDY, ROBERT JOHN Universify of Minnesofa, B.A. Business Adviser of Tolo Weekly JOHNSON, WILHELMINA CARLOTTA Knox College, B.S. Thriff Adviser KARRER, FRANK Universify of Washingfon, A.B. Columbia Universily, M.A. New York UniversiTy, M.Pd. KUEBLER, HELEN GERTRUDE Carlefon College, B.S. Sfage Direcfor REMLEY, AGNES University of Iowa, B.A. SMITH, WILLIAM MERRILL DePauw Universify, B.A. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT LAIZURE, GRANT ARLINGTON-Head Ohio Sfafe Universify, B.Sc., M.A. Adviser ol Chess Club and Tennis Team BENSON, HARRY THOMAS Washington Sfafe College, B.S. Universify of Washingfon Faculfy Ticker Manager CHAMBERS, LYDIA MAY Universily of Washingfon, A.B. Alumni Associafion Adviser DAUGHERTY, ANNA MOTT Universily of Washingfon, B.S. EVATT, PHILLIP ORRIN Bellingham Sfafe Normal Universify of Washinglon, B.S, Adviser of Service Club and Radio Club FITZGERALD, HATTIE MAY Universify of Washingfon, B.S., M.S. MCCARNEY, MARGARET Universify of Washingfon, B.A,, M,A. Adviser of Girls' Club FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT BISAZZA, CHARLOTTE Praff lnsTi+u+e, Universify of Columbia New York Universify Arf Direcfor of Tolo Annual SHAW, GRETCHEN ADELL Universify of Washingfon, B.F.A. Tolo Annual Adviser, Adviser of Service Depf. of Girls' Club i I8 fgff J COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT BAILEY, FRANK HOLMES Universifv ofWasl'1ingIon, A,B., A.M. Adviser of Commercial Club BISHOP, EDWIN JAMES Universiiv of Washinglon, B.B.A. Stamp Plan Commiffee FOWLER, LILLIAN CARRIE Gregg Shorfhand School GORMAN, MARGARET MOWBRAY Ferris Insfifufe JACKSON, CLAUDE STANLEY London College, Zanerian Arr School, Dallas Busi- ness University Treasurer of Associafed Acfivilies MCGRATH, STELLA MARGARET Gregg Normal School Adviser of Class of '34 Adviser of Social Service Commiffee WALTERS, LELA HELEN I Universify of Washingfon, B.A. Assisfani Adviser of Social Service C WALTZ, MARGARET ELIZABETH Universily of Washinglon, A.B. Adviser of Sfandards Commifiee Adviser of Charm Commiflee HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT RINEHART, GERTRUDE LOUISE Pralf Inslifuie Columbia Universify, B.S. WARNER, GENEVIEVE Universify of Washingfon, B.A. in Ed Quaker Tea Room WILSON, LENA EVELINE Universify of Washinglon, B.S. Costume Consfrucfion Manager INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT HOWES, HAROLD Masfer Mechanic's Degree CALES, ANTHONY Universilv of Washingfon, B.S. SCOTT, GEORGE OLIVER London, B.S. MUSIC DEPARTMENT BLACKNELL, LAWRENCE HERBERT Universify of Washingfon, B, Music Direcfor of Music ELLEDGE, GLADYS Washburn College Universify of Washinglon, B. Music ommiffee ucafion , NQRM X E '1- ,I SY ae of. S S - 5 S I if r r Man could nor harness Hwe whale So man made himself a slreel fish To play wirn The fish is slrrong and swifr Buf if musf clarf alone Over ine cresrs and Jrrouglws For if owns no power of emorion. I+ is a s+eeI fish Jrhaf man Designed because Man could no+ harness Jrne wnale. COMM ENCEMENT SPEAKERS KATHRYN WILLIAMS Valedidorian DOROTHY DUDLEY Salufafori BILL FIFIELD Class Choice GEORGE DOUGHTY Faculfy Choice This year's commencemenI speak- ers were ou+sI'ancIing boIh In grades Ihey received and Ihe ac- Iivhhies in which Ihey parIicIpa+ecI. KaIhryn and DoroIhy were Ihe in- +eIIecIuaI high-Iighfs of Ihe class while Bill and George were chosen because of acIivi+y and popuIariIy. 22 f Afler sleering four years 'rhru squalls and calms. lhe senior class has finally anchored in 'rhe harbor. ln ils log are recorded ils success- ful achievemenlsi l'he senior luncheon, senior play, malinees, meelings, and dancing class in con- iunclion wilh The Junior class. 23 BILL FIFIELD Presidenf MARY HAAS Vice-Presidenf MAURICE STOREY Sec refa ry ELLEN MOTE Treasurer MRS. STRONG Adviser SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Fm: - . , ,sg HEC-IRQ 09" Vx i ABE, MITSUYI. "The first of a mighty class." ABRAHAM, JULIANNE. "Always arguin'. ALLEN, DORADELL lDodel. Entered from Beacon Hill. Wardrobe Comm. 3, Commercial Club I, 2, 3, 4. "Mak- ing friends." ANDERSON, ARTHUR. "I-le writes poems." ANDERSON, BERT lPantst. Entered from Beacon Hill. In- tramural Basketball 4. "Shooting baskets." ANNIBAL, ALFRED IAID. Entered from Brighton. Bank- ing I, 2, 3, 'Gondoliers" 4. "Always ready to talk." ARMSTRONG, WALLACE. Entered from John Muir. "Ol' strong-arm Wally." ARNOLD, EDITH IEdieJ. Entered from Hawthorne. Honor Society l, 2, 3, Make-up Comm. I, 2, 3, 4, Athletics I, 2, Tolo Weekly 2, Properties Comm. 4, Student Grade Ad- visor 3, 4. "Saying little, accomplishing wonders." ARNOLD, GLADYS. Entered trom Hawthorne. Make-up Comm. 3, 4, House Mgr. Comm. 3, Floral Comm. 4, Wardrobe Comm. 4, Dramatic Club 3. "A fig tor a care, a fig for a woe." BAILEY, FRANK. Entered from Columbia. Stamp Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, Vodvil 3, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. "Give him the road, he'll find the way." BAKER, DON. Entered from John Muir. Football I, 3, 4. Service Club 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4, Boys' Club Pres. 4. "No truly great man ever thought himself so." BAKER, GERALDINE IGerryJ. Entered from Cle Elum. Chr. Good Fellowship Comm. 4, Senior Sister 4, Com- mercial Club 2, 4, Tusitala Club 4, Honor Society 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, 4. "These red-headed wimmin." BARKER, CLIFF lCliffl. Entered from Hawthorne. Avia- tion Club I, 2, Service Club 2, 3, Stamp Club I, 2: Football Mgr. 3, Football Doctor 3, Track Mgr. 3, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, 2nd Team Basketball 4, Boys' Club Cabinet Chr. 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vodvil I, Club Roll Rep. 2, 3, Thrift Club I, 3, Hy-Y 4, Inter-class Basketball 4. "I awoke one morning and found myself famous." BARKER, VIRGINIA LOU Wirgiel. Entered from Haw- thorne. Honor Girls' Comm. 4, Commercial Club I, 2, Pres. Art Club 4, "Gondoliers" 4, Mid-winter Concert 4, Girls' Sextet 4. "She's a shark at everything." my 2, BARNACHEA, RAYMUNDO P. IRayl. Enfered from Puy- allup High. Spanish Club I, 2, Filipino Club Z, Sec. I, Service Club I. "He came, he saw, he beaf if." BENNETT, CLAYTON C. fTuffyj. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Foofball I, 3, 4, Track I, Hi-Y 3, Sec. 4, Sfamp Officer 4. "He's nice and quielAwhen he's asleep," BERGLUND, FRANK E. IBergyl. Enfered from John Muir. Sfamp Club I, 2, 3, 4, Service Club 3, Jr. Roll Rep. 3, Track 3, 4, "F" Club 4. "Runs a bit" BIGHAM, FLORENCE GERTRUDE IFlorl. Enfered from Brighfon. Social Service Comm. 2, 3, Quaker Maids 3, 4, "Chocolafe Soldier" I, Choral Glee 2, Sr. Choir 3, 4, "Geisha" 2, Golf Mgr. 3, 4, Business Mgr. Tolo Weekly 4, Music Direcfor 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Thriff Club 3, 4, Baseball 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Baskefball 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Collecfion Mgr. Tolo Weekly 4, Jr. Refreshment Comm. 3, "G-ondoliers" 4. "I musf mix wifh acfionf' BIRRELL, STUART ISfuil. Enfered from John Muir. Serv- ice Club 2, 3, 4, Sfandards Comm. 4, Sfamp Plan Comm. 4, "Geisha" 2. "I like him, you like him, we all like him." BISHOP, IOLA MAY Uoofiel. Enlered from John Muir. Quaker Maids 4, Honor Sociefy 4, Bank. Rep 4. 'Swim- min'." BOYCE, EDWARD. "Accompanying himself on The pi- ano." BOYCE, PORTUS, fPorIl. Enfered from Brighfon. Fool- ball I, Inframural Baskefball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Service Club 2, Radio Club 4, French Club 4. "A good 'Porf' in a sform." BRAWLEY, WILLIAM QBFIII. Erifered from John Muir. Football 3, 4, Baskefball 3, Track 3, 4, Vice Pres. Soph. Class 2, Friendship Comm. 3, Lead in Sr, Play 4, "He needs no eulogy, he speaks for himself." BREMER, HARRIS. Enfered from Columbia. Service Club 2, 3, 4, Sfamp Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, Commercial Club I, Gfrman Club 4, Radio 4. "A club man." BRISTOL, IRENE. "A real live wire." BROOKS, HAZEL IBrooksiel. Enfered from Barreff High, Pa, "Ancfher Helene Madison." BROWN, FRANCES lFanniel. Enlered from John Muir. French Club 3, 4, Friendship Comm, 4, Sludenf Grade Advisory Comm. Ass'+. Chr. 3, Chr. 4, Baskefball I. "A friendly friend." BUELL, PERSIS IPerckyl. Enfered from Jefferson High. "Lending a helping hand." f"7 5 . :Q I 25 TNTSNI E all Ill ll" llllllf' llf R s s. in X pn lt? xo, x ' . 51 Y 0 BURKE, ALMA lBabel. Enfered from Emerson. Baskel- ball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 3, Ass'l'. Fealure Edilor Tolo Weekly 4, Tolo Reporler 3, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. "She's a quiel, busy person." BURKE, ELLARD lBurkel. Enlered from Whilworfh. Track 2, "Forlune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Tolo Weekly 3, 4, Tolo Annual Pholographer 4, Aviafion Club I, 2, 3, Carn- era Club 3, Boys' Double Ouarlel 4, Symphonic Choir 4, Boys' Sexlel 4, Doorman's Comm. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Minslrel Show 2, 4, Tumbling Club 2, 3, 4. "lf's his faull we look lhis way." BURNER, JIMMY Uiml. Enlered from John Muir. Fool- ball 4, Service Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Thriff Club 2, Mid-winfer Concerl 4, Voclvil 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Sym- phonic Choir 4, Boys' Club Roll Rep. 2, Arl Club 2, 3. "Franklin's Beau Brummel." BUTLER, DOROTHY lDo Dol. Enlered from Dunlap. Hon- or Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Healfh Comm. l, Research Comm. 2, Sludenf Grade Advisor 3, 4, Head Service Depl. 4, Tolo News Edilor 4, Voclvil 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep, 2, 4, Make-up Comm. 3, Sr. Class Yell Leader 4. "And can she yell!" CADE, MARGARET ANN lMarge.J Enfered from Beacon Hill. Commercial Club 2, 3, Vodvil 4, Senior Sisler 3, 4, Afhlefics l, 2. "A sweel friend." CARBON, WALTER J. lCarbonoffl. Enlered from We- nafchee High. Ass"l. Sporfs Edifor Tolo Weekly 4, Sfamp officer 4. "Don'f gel smufly, Wall." CAREY, FRANCES lPeggyl. Enfered from Brighlon. Quaker Maids 3, 4, "Forfune Teller" 4, Vodvil 4, Mid- winler Concerl 4, Girls' Hockey Mgr. 4, Social Service Comm. 4, "Gondoliers" 4. "Sweefer 'rhan she is fall." CARLSON, FLORENCE. "A girl who's lols of fun." CATTON, LOUISE lLousel. Enlered from Berkeley High. Office Worker 4, Commercial Club 4. "One of Mrs, Cooper's good assislanlsf' CERINI. LAWRENCE lLarryl. Enlered from O'Dea High. Honor Sociely 4, Golf Team 4. "You can always Tell a senior, buf you can'l' fell him much." CHAFFEE, KNOWLTON lChaf'feeJ. Enlered from John Muir. French Club 2. "Did you ever do anylhing of irn- porfance?" CHENEY, ELIZABETH R. lBeHyl. Enlered from Highline High. Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Honor Sociefy 4, Chr. Scholarship Comm. 4. "Sleady, sincere, and willing." CHIARELLI, ETTORY CEU. Enlered from Cle Elum. Infra- mural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. "A would-be afhlefef' CHINN, NOAH lNoeyl. Enlered from Cenfral School. Chr. Sr. Posler Comm. 4, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Arr Club 3, 4. "And can he prinl and draw!" 26 Q Q A CLARK, BEATRICE IBeal. Enfered from Roosevell High. Social Service I, Volleyball 2, Baskefball I, Usher 4, Arch- ery I, Vodvil 4. " 'Ike' smiles for her." CLARK, HERBERT i'ErbieI. Enfered from John Muir. De- bale 2, 4, "Geisha" 2, "Gondoliers" 4, Sr. Yell Leader 4, French Club 2, 4. "More Pep-More Glee-e+c." CLEMEN, MARY ELIZABETH. Enlered from Canada. French Club 3, 4, Jr. Roll Rep. 3, Girls' Roll Rep, 3. "Why can'f we all have hair like hers?" CLOSE, MARGARET iMargl. Enfered from John Muir. Lunchroom Comm. l, Chr. lmprovemenf Comm. 2, Chr. Favors Comm. 3, Girls' Club Chr. of Chr. 4, Senior Pin Comm. 4, Commencement Announcemenf Comm. 4, Vod- vil 4, Experimenlal One-acl Play Co. 4. " 'Close' buf nor 'figh'r'." COHAN, DONALD R. fDonQ. Enlered from John Muir, Dramalic Club 2, 3, Experimenlal One-acl Play Co. 4, Service Club 4, Vodvil 4, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Commence- menf Announcemenl Comm. 4, Tolo Rep. 4. "The world appreciales a worker." COLCOCK, ALBERTA lBerdieJ. Enlered from John Muir. Slarnp Officer 4, Friendship Comm. 2, 3, Chr. 4, Roll Rep. 4, French Club 4. "Her good nafure never relaxes." COLLIER, RICHARD H. fDickl. Enlered from John Muir. Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Concerf 4, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Anglers' Club 4, Usher 4, S. A. R. Oraforical Con- fesf 3. "Ano+her Senior Class yell leader." COMEY, PEGGY lPegj. Entered from Sl. Edwards. Com- mercial Club I, Thrifl Club 2, Roll Rep. 2, Commence- men? Usher 3, Usher Comm. 4, Spanish Club l, Senior Sisfer 4. "Willy and prefTy." CORKERY, ALBERTA iBer1aI. Enlered from Weafherwax High, Aberdeen. Charm Comm. 3, French Club 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Properfies Comm. 4. "A sunny nafuref' COUSINS, VOLNEY. Enfered from John Muir. Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Chess Team 4, Sec. German Club 4, Thrill Club 4, Debale Club. "Silence is golden, who wanls To be rich?" CUNNINGHAM, KATHERINE lKayl. Enlered from John Muir. Librarian I, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. Jr. Class 3, Tolo Reporler 4, Vodvil 4, Jr. All-Cily Orchesfra l, Thriff Club 4, Tolo Clipping Comm. 3, Vocafional Comm. 2. "Curlesf fhou lhine eyelashes, woman?" CZARNIECKI, HELEN. Enlerecl from Beacon Hill. Golf 2, 3, Hockey 2, Track 3, Volleyball 2, Baskelbell l, 2: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Quaker Maid 4. "Come our of lhal sand-lrap." DALBY, FRITZ lLimeyl. Entered from Shellon High. Spanish Club 4. "DabbIing in painl." DALY, EDWARD J. Uolanl. Entered from Rainier. Spanish Club 3, 4, Radio Club 3, French Club I, lnlramural Bas- kefball I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3. "Doing his 'Daly' Iaps." 27 1: .f A XXX NXxx XXXXXXXX XX X 2 1 IQ' 3. 41 a td 0 XY DAVENPORT, ROBERT IBobj. Entered from Emerson. French Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Vice. Pres. 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Thrift Club 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Being his papa's son.". DAVIDSON, JAMES IJimJ. Entered from West Seattle. Ass't. Circ. Mgr. Tolo Annual 3, Ad Mgr. Tolo Annual 4, Honor Society 4, Roll Room Debate 4. "An 'Ed Wynn' complex." DAWSON, JUNE. Entered from Columbia. Commercial Club Roll Rep. 2, Ushers' Comm. 2, 3, 4, Head Usher tor Commencement 3, Chr. Ushers' Comm. 4, Thritt Club 3, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Favors Comm. 4, P.-T. A. Usher 4. "Ushering people around." DE CAMPO, CARMELO. Entered from Beacon Hill. Span- ish Club Z, 3, Football 3, 4, Chr. Boys' Club Exhibit Comm. 3, 4, Roll Rep. I, 2, Tumbling I, 2. "Football saved you from femininity." DE CARO, ALMA IAIJ. Entered from Mount Virgin. Vod- vil I, 4, Basketball I, Mid-winter Concert 3, Spanish Club 3, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 3. "A good worker, a charm- ing girl." DE FELICE, EDWARD iEddiei. Entered from Colman, De- bate 4, Pres. Debate Club 4, Commercial Club 2, Service Club 2. "Talking-iust talking." DELL, EUGENE fGene1. Golf 3, 4, "Breaking par." DELL, PAUL New Boyl. Entered from St. Edwards. "Do- ing nothing." DE MARCO, ELVERA lVeral. Entered from Mt. Virgin. Athletics I, 2, Mid-winter Concert 3, Vodvil 4. "Quiet and shy." DEMING, ROBERT IBobJ. Entered from Galileo, San Francisco. Track 2, 3, 4. "Specializing in 'Givini'." DEMPSTER, HAROLD fDempl. Entered from Columbia. Boys' Octet 4, Service Club 2. "Pounding the ivories." DICE, ROBERT lNapoIeonl. Entered from Brighton. "Na- poleon was a great man too." DONADEL, LOUISE lLoul. Entered from Colman. Senior Sister Comm. 2, Student Grade Advisor 4, Chr. Party Tickets 4, Honor Society 4, Lunchroom Cashier 4, Com- mercial Club 4, Social Service Comm. 4, Make-up Comm. 3, 4, Minute Girls' Comm. I. "To know her is to love her." DONALDSON, MARGARET iMargel. Entered from West High School, Ohio. Mid-winter concert 4, German Club 4. "An interest in the football squad." 28 L DONOHOE, JOSEPHINE. "Sunny wifhin and wilhoulf' DUDLEY, DOROTHY QDOH. Enlered from Whilworlh. Hon- or Sociely 2, 3, 4, Vocafional Comm . l, 4, Sludenf Grade Advisor 3, 4, Tickel Comm. 4, Spanish Club 4, Honor Girls' Comm. 2, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 3. "A slraighr 'A' record." EGUCHI, FRANK lFrankiel. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Thriff Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Service Club 4. "Phew-ew, l'm lhrough al last" ELLIS, VALERIE Wall. Enlered from Seward. Social Serv- ice Comm. l, Librarian Z, Afhlefics I, Pres. Soph. Class 2, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Chr. Posfer Comm. 2, Chr. Recepfion Comm. 3, Vice Pres. French Club 3, "Carmen" 3, Mid- winler Concerl 3, Dramalic Club 3, 4, "Wonder Hal" 3, Pres. Girls' Club 4, Sfudenf Grade Advisor 3. "Looks, personalily, efc." ELSNER, ROWENA. "Franklin's prize blonde." EMERSON, THEODORE fTedl. Enlered from John Muir. Sfamp Club I, Sfamp Club Sec. 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 3, 4. "Slamping, sfamping, and sfampingf' ENGSTROM, ALICE KAU. Enlered from Brighfon. Honor Sociefy 3, 4, "No malice in Alice." ERICKSON, INEZ KEeniceJ. Enfered from Columbia. Sr. Choir 4, Funmakers 4, Sr. Sister 4, "Flying High" 3, "For- Tune Teller" 3, "Olympic Games Parade" 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club l, Enrerfainmenf Comm. 3, Oc- ref 4,, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Slamp Officers 4, Mid- winter Concerf 3, 4. "Crooning fhe blues." ETTER, MYRL. Enlered from Dunlap. Chr. Program for Assembles 4, Senior Sisler 4, Commercial Club 4, Tusi- fala Club 4, Honor Society 4, Bank Cashier 3. "She's so diFieren'r." FALCONER, LOIS lLodiej. Enfered from Beacon Hill. French Club l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, Wardrobe Comm. 4, Make-up Comm. 4, Sfudenl Grade Advisor 3, 4. "lf she has a faull we don'f know if." FALKENSTEIN, BILL lFalkiej. Enfered from Issaquah. "Chocolare Soldier" 2, "Forlune TelIer" 3, "Carmen" 2, "Geisha" 2, All-cily Orchestra 4, Vodvil 2, 3, Mid-winter Concerf 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Band 4, Vodvil 2, 3, Foofball 2. "Tooling his horn." FARNER, KATHRYN lKayl Enfered from Emerson. Bank Cashier 2, 3, 4, Make-up Comm. 3, 4, Gym Clerk l. "A iolly good-fellow was she." FEND, GEORGE lThe Hon. Geo. E. Fendl. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Aviafion Club l, Mid-winfer Concert 3, "For- fune Teller" 3, Arr Club l, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4. "Sure, he's a he-man." FERRARO, CONNIE. Enlered from Colman. Girls' Club Rep l, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, "Carmen" 2, "Geisha" 2, Mid-winler Concerl 2, 3, Senior Sisfer 4, Commercial Club 4. "We sure will miss her." 29 Z FERRELL, ELIZABETH F. IBeHyJ. Enlered from Brighlon. Mid-winler Concerl I5 "ChocolaIe Soldier" I5 "Carmen" 25 "Geisha" 25 "Forlune Teller" 35 "Gondoliers" 45 "My life is iusf one sweel' song." FIFIELD, BILL IDeaconI. School Oralorical Winner 3, 45 All-Cify Oralorical Medalisf 45 Vice Pres, Jr. Class 35 Pres. Senior Class 45 Vodvil 45 Senior Play 45 Boys' Club Cabinel 45 Track 2, 35 Baskelball 35 Assembly Speaker 45 Associale Edifor Tolo Weekly 35 Special Wriler Tolo Week- ly 45 Dramafic Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 "Shadow Dodger" 35 Green Book Slalf 35 Honor Sociely 2, 3, 45 Publicify Mgr. Annual 4. "Curly hair and a gifl of gab." FISHER, RICHARD IDickI. Enfered from Queen Anne. Spanish Club 4. "Tall, dark, and --." FITZPATRICK, ELIZABETH IBefhI. Enlered from Sl. Ed- wards. Scholarship Comm. I, 25 "S'raIic" I5 Alhlefics l, 25 Losl and Found Comm. 3, 45 "Geisha" 35 Refreshmenl Comm. 3, 45 Honor Sociely 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Vodvil 35 Girls' Club Roll Rep. 35 Thrill Club 2. "One in a million." FLEMING, RICHARD, IMac Calepl. Enlered from John Muir. Aviafion Club 25 Green Book Sfaff 35 Foolball Mgr. 45 Hi-Y 4. "The beanery and a 'seegar'." FLEMING, HELEN IChickieI. Enlered from Cenlral. Girls' Club Roll Rep. 45 French Club I, 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 Commencemenl Usher 35 Usher Comm. 3, 45 Typing Comm. 45 Volleyball 45 Baskelball 45 Hiking 2, 3, 4. "A Type we all apprecia're." FLEWIN, MILDRED. Enfered from Whilworlh. Commer- cial Club 2, 35 Wardrobe Comm. 4. "A slyle disfinclly her own" FORTE, DOMINIC JOHN ISpeedI. Enlered from O'Dea High. Baseball 3, 45 Baseball Lefferman 4. "Speed his name-speedy, his naIure." FOWLER, RICHARD A. IDickI. Enlered from Brighlon. Slage Force 2, 3, 45 Chr. lmprovemenl Comm. 45 Boys' Club Roll Rep. 45 Service Club 2, 35 Slamp Club I, 2. "A quainl sense of humor." FRANCIS, AWAITHA. Enlered from Surnmil. Vodvil 2, 3, 45 Funmakers 35 Senior Play 45 P.-T. A. Minslrel Show 3. "A mile for a camel, buf fwo miles for her." FROHMAN, ALTA MARIE. Enfered from Brighlon. Com- mercial Club 3, 45 Honor Sociely 4. "QuieI and shy- bul oh my!" FUNDERBURK, DOROTHY lDofI. Enfered from Brighion. Mid-winfer Concerl I5 French Club 2, 3, 45 Honor Sociely 3, 45 Nalural Dancing Club 4. "Miss DaugherIy's pef bofanislf' GABIE, GORDON lGordieI. Enlered from John Muir. Service Club 2, 3, 45 Inlramural Baskerball I, 2, 3, 45 Boar Club I, 25 Radio Club I, 2. "Mild, buf he salisfiesf' GAHNBERG, RUTH lGandhiI. Enlered from Dunlap. As- sociafe News Eclilor Tolo Weekly 35 News Edilor Tolo Weekly 45 Feafure Eclilor Tolo Weekly 45 Senior Sisfer 45 Girls' Club Roll Rep. 35 Make-up Comm. 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 Vodvil 35 Publicify Mgr. Thrill Club 45 Tolo Reporler 3. "Backbone of ToIo." 30 ff ll-ll-. GARRISON, LEONE ILeeI. Enlered from Whilworfh. Quaker Maids 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, "ForIune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Mid-winler Concerl 4, Girls' Sexlel 4, Hockey 3, 4, Baskelball 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Sec. Quaker Maids 4, Track 2, 3, 4. "An afhlefe wilh a voice." GATT, THERESA ROSALIE ITreeI. Enlered from Colman. Personalily Club 3, 4, Senior Sisler 4, Social Service Comm. 2. "Our dark-haired, dark-eyed maiden." GILSON, GEORGE IGIII. Enlerecl from Valdez High, Alaska. Spanish Club 4, Honor Sociely 4. "A man, noi of words, bul of acIion." GIRALMO, DENNIS fDennyI. Enlered from Colman In- tramural Sporls l, 2, 3, 4, Tolo Rep. 4. "An all-round good-fellow." GOLDMAN, GEORGE. "We've missed you, George." GORSLINE, NORMAJANE. Enlered from Varmin, Idaho. Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociefy 3, 4, "Carmen" 3, "Geisha" 2, Thrifl' Club Play 3, 4, Vodvil 3, French Club 2, 3, 4, lmprovemenl Comm. 33 Sec. Jr. Class 3, Mid- winler Concerl 3, Dramalic Club 3, 4, Resl Room Comm. 3, Vice Pres, Girls' Club 4, Quaker Maids 3, 4, Roll Rep. 3, Hockey 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Hikes l, 2, 3, 4, "A half-pinf of pep and fun." GRANARD, DOROTHY IDOII. Enlered from Hawlhorne. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Sisler 4, Commercial Club 4. "A smile all fhe while," GUISE, NORMAN IGUSI. Enfered from John Muir. Thrill Club I, 2, 4, Vodvil I, 2, "Fortune Teller" 3, Flag Squad 2, 4, Commercial Club I, 2, 4, Service Club I, 2, 4, Sfamp Officer 4, Tolo Roll Rep. I, 2, 4. "One of lhose swell "Guise'." GUSTAVSON, GLEN IGUSI. Enlered from Whilworfh. Thrifl Club 2, Glee Club 2, Jr. Choir 4, Boal Club 2, Avialion Club 3, Science Club 3. "A man of few words, buf Oh fhose few!" HAAS, MARY. Enlered from John Muir. Chr. Nulrifion Comm. I, 2, Chr. Charm Comm. 3, Sec. Jr. Class 3, Properly Mislress "Geisha" 2, Vodvil 4, Sfudenl Grade Advisor 3, 4, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Soccer I, Baskefball I, P,-T, A. Program 3, Head Program and Enlerlainmenl Comm. 4, Vice Pres. Senior Class 4. "Why genllemen prefer blondes." A HADFIELD, ROBERT K. lBobI. Enfered from Madison Y. M. C. A. Commercial Club I, 2, lnlramural Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Anglers' Club 4, Glee Club 4, Bank Cashier 4. "Big buffer-and-egg man." HALL, MELVIN lSIimI. Enlered from Whilworlh. Service Club I, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, Tusifala Club 4, Anglers' Club 4, Doorman 4. "We wish you luck." HAMILTON, DOLORES. Enlered from Emerson. Glee Club 4. "Painless eye 'rrealrnenrf' HANNAH, WILLIAM IBiIlI. Enlered from Dunlap. Or- cheslra Produclions I, 2, 3, One-acl Play Co. 4. "Frank- lin's own 'funny mans'." 3I I0 III R s x s R N ii A C61 5 cf' Q' u' - 0 HANSON, RUTH. Entered from Dunlap. Pianist tor Glee Club I1 Makeup Comm. 31 Decoration Comm. 4. "How she can tickle the ivoriesl" HARRISON, ARDITH lArl'J. Entered from Brighton. Mid- winter Concert 41 "Fortune Teller" 31 Lost and Found 21 Senior Sister 41 Athletics l, 2, 3, 41 Quaker Maid 2, 3, 41 Friendship Comm. 3, 41 Roll Banker I1 Experimental One- act Play Co. 41 Health Comm. 41 "Gym and Gerry" 31 French Club 2, 31 Cultural Arts Rep. 41 "Gondoliers" 4. "You'll find her in the Girls' Gym." HARSHFIELD, AL. "Playin' the big overgrown fiddle." HAYASHI, NAOHISA lNachil. Entered from Hawthorne. Intramural Sports 2, 31 French Club I, 2, 3, 4. "Nachi is my namee-N-a-c-h-i," HENDERSON, ROBERT lBobl. Entered from John Muir. Stage Force I, 2, 3, 41 Stage Mgr. 3, 41 Science Club I1 Stamp Club 3. "Heading the stage force." HICKOX, NINA MAE lShortyl. Entered from Hawthorne. Tolo Weekly Reporter 41 Ass't. News Editor Tolo Weekly 4. "Once a friend, always a friend." HIKIDA, TORAZO lTarzanI. Entred from Central. Art Club I, 2, 3, 41 Thrift Club I. "Where are your apes, Tarzan?" HILL, HOWARD lHowdyl. Entered trom Northwestern High, Mich. Stamp Club 2, 3, 41 Senior Choir 41 Debate 41 Boys' Double Ouartet 4. "Argument is the spice ot lite." HING, HENRY CHINN lHankl. Entered from Central, Commercial Club 2, 3, 41 Art Club 2, 41 French Club 41 Tennis Tournament 4. "His song-'The Human Hinq to do'." HOAR, SUZANNE lSuel. Entered from Emerson. Style show 31 Costumes for One-act Play 4, "If she isn't smil- ing, she's laughing." HOGAN, HARRIETT. Entered from Emerson. Minute Girls 21 Honor Society 41 Lunchroom Comm. 3. 41 Student Grade Advisor 3, 41 Chr. Sr. Class Ticket Comm, 41 Chr. Ticket Comm. 41 One-act Play Co. 41 Vodvil 3. "Selling tickets." HOLDSWORTH, DONALD lDonl. Entered from Emerson. Aviation Club I, 21 Stage Force 2, 3, 41 Frosh Football I. "He has a mind of his own." HOLSCHUMAKER, ALTA lBabel. Entered from Beacon Hill. Glee Club I, 21 "Prince ot Pilsen" I. "Alta means high1 we wonder it it tits." HOLT, HELMER lHoItl. Entered from Beacon Hill. Avia- tion 2, 31 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, "He's got a good 'Holt' on life." 32 HOOPER, ALICE. Enfered from Curfis High, N. Y. Span- ish Club 4, Pres. French Club 4. "A much-fraveled woma GFI. HORIUCHI, TOSHIKO. Enfered from lfacific. French Club 2, 3, 4. "As iolly as lhe day is long." HOYT, MARTHA JEANNE ITilliej. Enfered from Emerson. Honor Girls Comm, 2, French Club 2, 3, Honor Sociefy 3, 4, "Forfune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Senior Sisfer 4, Vocational Comm. 4, Mid-winter Concerl 4, Arl' Club 4. "The besl lhings come in small packages." HUGHES, JEAN Ueaniel. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Honor Sociely 3, "Shadow Dodger" 3, Dramalic Club 3, 4, "For+une Teller" 3, Mid-winfer Concerf 4, "The Young- esf" 4, "Olympic Games Parade" 4, Experimenlal One- acl Play Co. 4, Sfudenl Grade Advisor 3, 4, Xmas Play 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Receplion Comm. 4, Good Fellowship Comm. 4, Sr. Song Comm. 4. "Our 'hof-air-ess' of the sfagef' HUMMEL, MAY lHummeII. Enfered from Colman. Ward- robe Comm. 4, Tolo Rep. 4, Slamp Officers 4, "Lois of individualilyf' IMBERG, RALPH. Enlereol from John Muir. "Living up lo his big brothers' repufalionsf' ISEKI, TSUTOMU. Enlered from Cenlral. lnlramural Bas- kefball 2, 3, 4, Inlerclass Baskefball 3, 4. "Speed on 'the maple court" , JANNI, TERESA ITerryj . Enlered from Cleveland High. Spanish Club I, 2, Honor Socieiy 2, Commercial Club 4. "A Gem ofa girl." JENKINS, MARJORIE IGiggIesI. Enlered from John Muir. Quaker Maid 3, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, Commercial Club 2, 3, Thrifl' Club 4, Alhlelics l, 2, Soph. Roll Rep, 2, Debale Club 3, Mid-winler Concerl 4. "Smiles lhal make us happy." JESSEN, EDNA lEddiel. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Re- freshmenl Comm. I, Enferlainmenf Comm 4, Make-up Comm. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. "Life's a ioke, lel's laugh." JOHANSEN, ARTFIELD J. IAr1I. Enlered from Dunlap. Vodvil l, 2, 3, Opera l, 2, 4, Foolball 3. "Flaming youlh himself." JOHANSON, ALVIN IAII. Enlered from Hawfhorne. Slamp Club l, 2, 3, Avialion Club 2, 3, Lunchroom Comm. 2, 3, 4, Mid-winler Concerl 2, 3, 4, "For+une Teller" 4. "The cul-up of any class." JOHNSON, ELSIE. Enlered from Dunlap. Home Mgr. Comm 2, Program Comm. 3, 4, Thriff Club 3, "Forlune Teller" 3, Senior Sisler 4, Chr, Senior Sisfer Comm. 4, Lunchroom Comm. 4, Mid-winrer Concer14, "Gondoliers" 4, Vice Pres. Spanish Club 4, "Thar classic profile." JOHNSON, FRANCES IFranieI. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Commercial Club 4. "Jusl Try and hold her down." 33 I :' 09 O .C 0 1 5 O f I 5 QQ JOHNSON, GRACE. Enlered from Brownsville. Corn- mercial Club 4. "LiI'rle bil of sal? and sweefnessf' JOHNSON, LEE ISIagl. Enlered from Dunlap. Service Club 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, "Chocolal'e Soldier" 2. "Serv- ice wilh a smile." JOHNSON, LUCILLE ILoul. Enfered from Dunlap. Usher 4, Make-up Comm. 3, 4. "Try Io make her 'raIk." JOHNSON, VIRGINIA IJinnyI. Enlered from Whilworlh. Mid-winler Concerl 4, Opera 4. "Anolher Johnson." JOHNSTON, WILLIAM IBFIII. Enlered from Cleveland. "Carmen" 2, "Geisha" 2, Mid-winfer Concerf 2, 3, Boys' Oclel l, 2, 3, Boys' Sexfef 4, Symphonic Choir I, Service Club 4, Spanish Club 4. "SongsIering." JONES, KATHLEEN ISkeezixJ. Enlered from Lincoln High, Porlland. "JusI as charming as can be." JORDAN, JIM ISIiml. Enlered from John Muir. Thrill Club I, 2, 3, 4, Service Club I, 2, 3, 4. "Those four or five exlra inches." KASHIWAGI, MITSUO IMiI'sl. Enlered from Hawlhorne. French Club 2, 3, Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. "Our brorh- er from over The seas." KELLY, ADA P. IKelIyl. Enlered from James John, Porl- land. Thrifl' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club I, 2, 3 4, French Club 4, Baseball I, 4, Jr. A Cappella 4, Girls' Club Honor Roll 3, 4. "Our Wild Irish Rose." KENNEY, ISAAC Ilkel. Enlered from Brighlon. Foolball I, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, Track 4, Spanish Club 2, Commer- cial Club 2, Chess and Checker Club 2, Thrifl Club 2, Pres, Anglers' Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Chr. Sporfs 4, Inlramural Baskelball 3, Roll Rep. I, Slamp Plan Comm. 4. "AIhleIlcs and a flashing grin." KENT, MARTHA IMarll. Enlered from Columbia. Com- mercial Club I, 2, Make-up Comm. 3, Ushers 4, Chr. Ex- change Comm. 4. "Thal sweel mysferiousnessf' KIMBALL, WILBUR lWiIbJ. Enlered from Hawlhorne. French Club I, 2, 3, Foofball I, Intramural Sporls 2, 3, Jr. Glee Club 4, Service Club 2. "Oh, so modest" KIPPER, ANNA MARIE lSunnyl. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Tusilala Club l, 2, Dramatic Club I, 2, Debale Club I, 2, Roll Rep. 2, 4, Losl and Found 4. "Wish we could 'Kipp'er' here." KIYOMIZU, SHOZO. Enfered from Cenlral. Honor SOA ciely 3, 4, Spanish Club 3. "Seeker afler knowledge." Wfff I KLINKER, PHYLLIS lPhill. Entered from Jetterson High, Portland. Chr. Decoration Comm. 4. "Her heart is on her face." KNAPP, CAROL lSkeezixl. Entered from Colman. Tusi- Tala Club 4, Lost and Found Comm. 4. "Lite is iust one darn horrid grind." KNEISLEY, VIRGINIA. Entered from John Muir. Charm Comm. 3, 4, Reception Comm. 2, 3, "The original school- girl complexion ad." KUBO, KAZUO lliokomol. Entered from Central. "l'm not such a dim bulb." KUGLER, JOYE lKugieJ. Entered from St. Mary's. Vod- vil l, 2, 3, Funmakers l, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show 3, Recep- tion Comm. 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. l, 2, 3, French Club 3, 4. "Getting 'Rich' quick." KURAMOTO, TETSUO. Entered from Pacific. Honor Soa ciety 3, 4. "lt's brains that count." KUROKAWA, TOYOKO lTokiol. Entered from Central. Chr, Letterbook Comm. 4, Commercial Club 4. "May the Orient have more like her." LACEY, HELEN. Entered from Dunlap. Make-up Comm. 2, Chr. Household Comm. 2, Vocational Comm. 3, Chr. 4, "Olympic Games Parade" 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Sr. Yell Leader 4. "Always busy." LA GRAND, LOIS lLol. Entered from Beacon Hill. French Club 3, Tusitala Club 3, 4, Senior Stunt 4, Dramatic Club 3, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Unemployment Program 4. "She's a 'La Grand' girl." L :X LARSON, CLINTON lCIintl. Entered from Roosevelt High. , I Honor Society 3, 4, Service Club 4, Intramural Basketball 4 J g 3, 4, Doorman 4, Boys' Vocational Comm. Thrift Club 4, LYDXWQ' 3 Track 4. "Bashful? Follow him around some day." LA SALLE, EVELYN ANGELA lEviel. Entered from Mt. In Q Virgin Vodvil I, "Fortune Teller" 3, "G-ondoliers" 4, Spanish Club 3, Glee Club 3, 4. "A heart ot gold." 5' lr ' LASS, FRANK J. lPeanutl. Entered from O'Dea High. f f? "Anything-but work." . 1 A LE MAY, RICHARD lkichiel. Entered from John Muir. 1 , Intramural Sports I, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Commerial Club A 4, Anglers' Club 4, Tumbling Team Z. "Wish you weren't ,g 'gl' -- " " a woman-hater." ...sf LENNON, RussELL uzussi. Entered from Hiline. sym- I phonic Choir 4, "Gondoliers" 4. "A teasing complex." 'i E LEWIS, HELEN. Enfered from Brighlon. Mid-winler Con- ce-rl I, 2, 3, 4, "Carmen" 2, Research Comm. 3, Sludenl Grade Advisor 4, Quaker Maid 2, 3, 4, 'Hike Mgr. 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Commencemenl Usher 3, Usher Comm. 4, French Club 2, 3. "And slill she smiles." LINDGREN, BERTIL lBer+l. Entered from . Whifworfh. Senior Play 4, Opera 4, Thrill Club 4, Glee Club 4, Tolo Rep. l, 2, 3, Boys' Ocfel 4. "He knows Wl'lBl'S wha? 'n where 'n why." LINES, MARJORIE llvlaril. Enlered from Emerson. Oua- ker Maid 3, 4, Lunchroom Comm. 4, Ushers' Comm. 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Baskelball 3, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, French Club 2, 3, Arl Club 2, 3. "Goin' sleadyf' LIPTRAP, IONA lDirecIorI. Enlered from Emerson. Soc- cer l, French Club 2, 3, 4, Dramalic Club 4, Experirnenlal One-acl Play Co, 4, Properlies for Sr. Play 4, Coslumes for Opera 4. "WhaI's in a name." LUKE, HENRY lBufcherl. Enlered from Cenlral. Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club I, 2, German Club 4, Science Club l. "Always on The iob." , LUNDBERG, ERLAND lSwedel. Enfered from Bryn Mawr. Thrill Club 4, Baskelball 3, 4, lnlramural Baskelball 3, Track 4, Slamp Officers 4, Radio Club 2. "Always ready." LYFORD, ALBERT IAII. Enlered 'from John Muir. Pres. Fr. Class I, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, Slamp Plan Comm. 4, Thrill Club 3, Intramural Sporls 2, Boys' Club Consfilufion Comm. 4, Slandards Comm. 4. "Graduafing in a hurry." LYFORD, LOUISE lLouI. Enlered from John Muir. Min- ule Girls I, Girls' Club Roll Rep. I, 2, 3, Receplion Comm. Chr. 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Tusilala Club I, Thrill Club 4, Parly Reporl' Comm. 3, Dramalic Club 3. "Her Connie Bennell sophislicalionf' LYONS, JEANETTE C. Uohnnyl. Enlered from Columbia. Library l, 2, Vodvil 3, 4, Of'lice 3, 4, Folk Dancing Club 4. "We like you 'cause you're you." MAGINNIS, DAVID lDavel. Enlered from Hawlhorne. Vice Pres. Boys' Club 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Foolball Mgr. 3, "Chocolale Soldier" 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, "Flying Hi" 2, Pres. Soph. Class 2, Pres. Jr. Class 3, French Club 3, 4, Drama- lic Club 3, 4, Lunchroom Comm. 4, Honor Sociely 3, 4. "Irishness and lhe mile." MAHR, KARL. Enlered from Broadway. Thrill Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. Boys' Club 4, Slamp Plan Comm. 4, Track 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. "He came, he saw, he conquered." MAJOR, MARGARET. "WhaIever 'Ma'ior' do il?" MANGINI, JOHN. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Track I, 2, Commercial Club 2. "He'll find a way or make il," MARSHALL, GERTRUDE. Enlered from John Muir. Min- ule Girls Comm. I, Honor Sociely 2, Sec. Commercial Club I, Prompler Sr. Play 4, Chr. Doclor and Nurse Comm. 4. "Promp'ring." 36 1 MAYHEW, BARBARA lBobbyJ. Enlered from Queen Anne. "NighI Shade NovelIies" 33 "Geisha" 23 "Olympic Games Parade" 43 "ForIune Teller" 33 Chr. Sr. Decoralion Comm. 43 Chr. G. C. Decoralion Comm. 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Healfh Play 33 Dramalic Club 43 Nafural Dancing Club 4. "Fancy dancing." MAYNER, FRANCES. "Here I am." MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH lBeffyl. Enlered from Haw- fhorne. Honor Sociely 3, 43 Chr. Healfh Comm. 43 Chr. Research Comm. 43 Quaker Maid 3, 43 Soccer 23 Volleyball 2, 33 Baseball 3, 43 Baskefball 43 Hockey 43 Treas. Com- mercial Club 2. "She shines in alhleficsf' MCCLOY, RUSSELL KRusSJ, Enfered from Whilworlh. Avia- Iion Club I, 2, 43 Boar Club I, 2, 33 Sfamp Club 3, 43 Service Club 43 Science Club 2, 33 Chess Club 4. "May your life be like fried eggs-sunny side up." MCDONALD, LEONARD lLenj. Enlered from John Muir. Thriff Club l, 23 Assl. Foolball Mgr. 33 Foofball Mgr. 43 Boys' Club Cabinel 43 Chr. Boys' Breakfasf Comm. 4. "Managing." MCLAUGHLIN, FRANCES lFranl. Entered from Brighton. Honor Sociefy 3, 43 Hockey 43 Quaker Maid 43 Mid-winfer Concerf 43 "Gondoliers" 4. "One of Franklin's Quaker Maids." MCMILLAN, AUDREY MAY lMuckyl. Enlered from Broad- way. Tolo Weekly Reporler 43 Associale News Edifor Tolo Weekly 4. "Copy-reading 'the weekly." MCMILLAN, RUSS. Enfered from King George, Vancouver. "His wicked left" MCWILLIAMS, JEAN. "Lif'rle girl who Ieff us." MEDBY, SOLVEIG lSylvial. Enlered from Emerson. Vo- cafional Comm. 33 Arl Bullelin 2. "A iewel in herself." MILLER, ERWIN. Enlered from Whifworfh. French Club I, 23 Boys' Club Officer 43 l'liAY 4. "Those divine dim- ples." MILLER, EVELYN. Enlerecl from Whilworfh. French Club I, 23 Dramalic Club 3, 43 Quaker Maid 2, 3, 43 Pres. 43 "Carmen" 23 "Geisha" 23 Mid-winler Concert 33 Ushers' Comm. 43 Honor Sociely 2, 3, 43 Chr. Girls' Afhlefics 4. "How many afhlefic leflers have you, Evelyn?" MINGO, ELAINE lPaH. Enlered from Hawfhorne. Ari Club I. "A ready hand Io serve." MIYAGAWA, DOROTHY lCheesej. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Honor Sociefy 23 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Sludenl Grade Ad- visor 43 Baskefball 43 Volleyball 33 Spanish Club 4. "De- pendable and 'rruslworfhyf' 37 QQ! A . I ' gi.- ' V .. 5352, I. . " HL' . - me swag ,Pkg , . , 5' ,. I -' 2: fwoec '- . ::: K os Q s' , 3 as Q 1 .Ju x , ' W H . Q9 . w ' . . , . Q .2 ze Qi 252 Mfg I 355 J' , .... , . .D,, . .-:. ....,.. .I : gi . QZ,42, " ',4-2 . ', ..., 0' ""' A ..,,.,..,. .,,. ff' + xp 1 I T' i Q Tw 1 5. .T . - A :, r ""' Zz.. , ' K. W rx E K Lf-+ KX.. so X 5 s .. faaeaeefaeasee :W-,F':s:a:::-5-a e.,x ..:s5:rs:.'- ' 11: . ' , . ... , I .f .riff """" W ff " f gf- if.- L7 I 'iii . 553,54 Ei ' . . , ffs .free Qs. f... f ' 5555 f,.3Q 5 f'fjf:sE . A' QE.. 1 .3-5:22 z-515 3, ,- ""' ' fp' gm ... 'sim ..,., -.-.. 1 as my -. .4 ggg Q. NSE... .. .,.- 3. .:-..,--- : -:..z.. , elif wi 8 . 'Q 2 yy I ...... , if , ,552 ,Q it -Y as -1 is si ii 3: li' MONAHAN, ROBERT IBobI. Enfered from O'Dea. "May your wheel of forlune never bus? a Tire." MORRELL, WILLIAM IBIIII. Enlered from Campbell. Circus I, Make-up Comm. 3, Thriff Club 2, Track 4, French Club I. "One swell guy." MORROW, GRACE A. IGraciel. Enlered from Monlesa- no High, Wash. Spanish Club 4. "Busy as a bee." MOTE, ELLEN IEI. Enfered from John Muir. Alhlefics I, 2, 3, 4, Quaker Maid 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. Jr. Class 3, Treas. Sr. Class 4, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Thriff Club I, "Olympic Games Parade" 4, Sfudenf Grade Advisor 3, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Chr. Tolo Clipping Comm. 3, 4, Chr. Hisforian Comm. 3, 4. "Red hair x-"I?-." MUELLER, KENNETH IKenI. Enlered from Garfield. "Thai 'smoofhie' dancing." MULHOLLAND, PHILIP IPIIIII. Enlered from John Muir. "Geisha" 2, Sfamp Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mid-winfer Concerf 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, "ForIune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4. "His clarine'r." NAGLE, DOROTHY IDoH. Enfered from John Muir. Scrapbook Comm. I, 2, Receplion Comm. 4, Chr. Pub- licily Comm. 4, French Club I, 2, 3, 4, Funmakers Comm. 3, 4, Decorafion Comm. 3, 4, Tolo Weekly Sfaff 3, 4. "The life of the parfy." NAKAGAWA, MARIAN. Enfered from Cenfral. "Why worry? I don'I'." NAKAMURA, VIOLET, Wil. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Chr. Senior Sisler Comm. 4, Chr. Leflerbook Comm. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, French Club 4. "Lois of individualilyf' NATALE, IRVING Ilrvl. Enlered from John Muir. Cam- era Club I, 2, Avialion Club I, Z, 3, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 4. "Spor'ring one near coupe." NELSON, HELEN MARJORIE ISwedeI. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Make-up Comm. 4, Dramafic Club 4, Dra- mafic Club Chr. 4, Vodvil 4, Operefla 4, Senior Play 4, French Club I, 2, Experimenfal One-acl' Play Co. 3, 4. "Playing 'Kafie,' Ihe maid." NISHIMOTO, HERO. Enfered from Aberdeen Junior High. Arf Club 3, 4. "Our only school 'hero'." OCHI, SUYEKO. Enlered from Pacific. Commercial Club 2, 3, Sec. 4, Glee Club 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Mid- winfer Concerf 3, Librarian 4, Social Service Comm. 4, Senior Sisler 4. "Warbling." OGISHIMA, GEORGE. "WhaI' does if mean 'ro sI'udy?" 38 OHMAN, ANNA. Entered from John Muir. Floral Comm. 3, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 4, French Club 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4. "An excess ot intellect." OKAZAKI, TAKA ITakI. Entered from Broadway. Inter- class Basketball I, Football I. "And then he came to a good school." O'KEEFE, ALICE MARIE lPeteI. Entered from Garfield. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Greenbook Comm. 3, Tolo Reporter 4, Asst. News Editor Tolo Weekly 4, Ushers' Comm. 3, Minute Girls 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Jr. Choir 4, Tolo Roll Rep. 3, Sr. Sister 4, Girls' Club Honor Roll 4. "A nose for news." OLSON, 'CARL A. lSwedeI. Entered from Hawthorne. Service Club 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Stage Force 2, 3, 4, Tolo Weekly Feature Writer 3, Student Mgr. Vodvil 4, Mid-win- ter Concert 3, Minstrel Show 4. "Ring down the curtain." OLSON, IDA. Entered from Hawthorne. Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Make-up Comm. I, 3, 4, "Carmen" 2, "Fortune Teller" 3, French Club 2, 3, 4,-Student Grade Advisor 3, Athletics I, 2. "Every inch a student." OLSON, RUTH lOIel. Entered from Brighton. "Geisha" 2, "Fortune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Mid-winter Con- cert 3, Quaker Maid 4, Tusitala Club 2, Standards Comm. 4. "Her sweetness and athleticnessf' PALMER, CHARLES fChuckj. Entered from Dunlap. Be- fore School Basketball 2, Spanish Club 3, 4. "A bold, bad man." PALMER, HELEN lBabeI. Entered from Beacon Hill. Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Minute Girls Comm I, Debate Club. 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Roll Rep. 3, French Club 3, 4, Senior Sister 4. "All kind of smiley like." PARTRIDGE, DOROTHY IDoI. Entered from Whitworth. Research Comm. I, Wardrobe Comm. 2, French Club I, 2, 3, Thrift Club 2, Tolo Weekly 3, 4, Commercial I, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Comm. 4, Funmakers 4. "Life is just one long giggle." PATRICELLI, JOHN lPapu Johnl. Entered from Colman. Intramural Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, French Club 2, Athletic Comm. 4. "Who's all right?-- John." PATTERSON, DUANE R. fWhiI'eyI. Entered from Brighton. Debate Club 2, Service Club 3. "Those rosy cheeks." PAULSON, NANCY lNanceI. Entered from Whitworth. Glee Club 4, French Club I, Office Worker 4, Commer- cial Club 3, Make-up Comm. 2 Asst. Costume Mgr. for "Peter Pan" 4, Thritt Club 2. "And leave me leisure to be good." PAYNE, MARGUERITE lMugsI. Entered from John Muir. Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. I, Tusitala Club 4, Art Club 2, Commercial Club 3, Make-up Comm. 4, Lost and Found Comm. 3, Doctor and Nurse Comm. 4, Research Comm. 4, German Club 4. "Who says she's a 'Payne'?" PEDERSEN, CARL QPetel. Entered from Brighton. Avia- tion Club 3, Debate Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Boys' Club Cabi- net 4, Chr. Lunchroom Comm. 4. "Leave me alone, girls." 39 in I W Ill' PERRY, BEN IDinkI. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Avialion Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 4, Mid- winler Conceri 4. "Live and lef live." PETERSON, KATHRYN IKayI. Enfered from Garfield. "We were glad Io see her come, and sorry Io see her go." PETERSON, GLEN IPeIeI. Enfered from Emerson. "Choco- Iafe Soldier" 2, Orchesfra for Senior Play, Mid-winler Con- cerl, Operelfa 3, 4, Inframural Baskelball 2, 4, "Never at a loss for words." PETERSON, BILL IPeIeI. Enlered from John Muir. Span- ish Club I, 2, 3, Service Club I, 2, Hi-Y 4, Foofball 4, Opereffa Chorus 4. "Friend of Ihe Smifh family." PIXLEY, PHILIP ICIIICI. Enlered from Columbia. Service Club 2, Sfreef Car Comm. 3. "Here I is." PRIESTLEY, CECILY ICesI. Enlered from Columbia. Hon- or Sociefy 3, 4, Senior Sisler 3, 4, Culfural ArIs Bullefin 3, Tusifala Club 3, 4, Opereffa 2, 3, 4, Orchesfra for Sr. Play 2, 3, 4, Mid-winfer Concerf 2, 3, 4. "A quief girl was she-someIimes." PRINGLE, JOHN Hay Deel. Enfered from John Muir. French Club I, 2, 3, 4, One-acl Play Co. 4, Vodvil 4, Senior Play 4. "Oh wha? an acforl" PTOLEMY, JEAN Ueannej. Enfered from Emerson. Com- mercial Club I, 2, 3, 4. "We hale To lose her." QUIRK, ANNETTE IQuirkieJ. Enlered from Monllake. Feafure Edifor Tolo Weekly 4, Funmakers Comm. 4, Pub- licify Mgr. Alhlefics 4, Dramatic Club 2, Vodvil Comm. 4, Usher Comm. 4, Tolo Reporfer 4, Drarnafic Group 4, Sen- ior Sisler 4, "Flying Hi" 2, Enferfainmenf Comm. 3, Com- mencemenf Usher 3, Volleyball 2, Baseball 2, Spanish Club 4. "An overdose of pep and personality." RAMBERG, INGWALD Ilngl. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Honor Sociely 3, 4, Glee Club 2. "A Irue friend." REANY, LENORE Uusf Lenorel. Enfered from Foshay Junior High. "Efficiency pIus." RICKETTS, WINIFRED IWinnieI. "Shy and sweet" RIGGS, ROBERT fBobI. Enfered from Columbia. Serv- ice Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. "Doing everylhing 'Kneisley'." ROBERTS, MURTIS IMurII. Enlered from Emerson. House Mgr. Comm. 3, Chr. 4, Teachers' Comm. 3, 4, Commer- cial Club I, 2. "A lrue friend." lflfgff M ROBINSON, EDNA IEddiel. Enlered from John Muir. Commercial Club I, 2, 3, 4, Afhlelics I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. Folk Dancing Club 4, Losf and Found Comm. I 2, 3, 4, Quaker Maid 4, Jr. Roll Call Rep. 3, Commercial Club Rep. 3, Vodvil 4. "A maiden afhlelic and lair." ROBSON, MATTIE IMaHiej. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Make-up Comm. 2, 3, 4, French Club I, 2, Chr. Dramalic Group 4, Girls' Club Honor Society 2, 3, Honor Sociery 3, Vodvil 3, Senior Sisfer 4. "The 'eyes' have il." ROMANO, LOUISA. Entered from Garfield. Commer- cial Club 3, 4, lmprovemeni Comm. 4, Senior Sisler 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep., Thrill Club 3. "Making lols of friends." ROMMEL, DOROTHY lDol'I. Enlered from Whillier. Vod- vil l, 2, 3, 4, French Club l, 2, 3, 4, Thrifl Club 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 3. " 'Hooier' in lhe 'big Time'l" ROSINVOLD, JACK B. ISmokyI. Enfered from Whifworlh. Service Club I, 2, 3, 4. "Lel's ear, drink, and be merry! Il may all be illegal 'romorrowf' RUARO, PEDRO lPelel. Enlered from Broadway High. Tennis Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, "Carmen" 3, "Geisha" 2, Mid-winler Concerf 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quarfef 3, 4, Boys' Sexlel 4, Filipino Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. Filipino Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. "A fine voice." RUOSCH, WHITNEY L. lElil. Enlered from Hawlhorne. Aviaiion Club 2, 3, lnlramural Alhlelics 3, 4, German Club 4. "Happy landings." RUSSELL, MARGARET IMarqieI. Enlered from John Muir. Thrifl Club l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Mid-winfer Con- cerl l, 2, Operefla l, Vodvil 4, Folk Dancing Club 4, Dramalic Club 2, 3, Ekoerimenlal One-acl Play Co. 4. "Awfully obliqingf' RUTAN, MAURINE lBeanyI. Enfered from Columbia. "For- Tune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Chr. Charm Comm. 4, Ex- perimenfal One-acl Play Co. 4, Direcfor of "Sham" 4, Quaker Maid 3, 4, "F" Club 3, 4, Mid-winler Concerl 4, Senior Sister 4, Charm Comm. 3, Honor Sociely 4, French Club 2, 3, Commencement Usher 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Ushers' Cornrn. 3, 4, Badminlon 3, 4, Tennis Mgr. 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Soccer 2, Tennis 3, 4, Hik- ing 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. "Gee, Mau- rine, you wen? in for every?hing." SCARPELLO, JOHN IScaipl. Enlered from Colman. Com- mercial Club 4, Tolo Weekly 4. "Here's mud in your eye." SCHARFENSTEIN, CHARLES IChuckI. Entered from John Muir. Camera Club I, Thrifl Club I, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Boys' Club Cabinel 4, Boys' Club Roll Rep. I, Thrift Club Pres. 3, 4, Honor Socieiy 2, 3, 4. "Grealer men Than l have lived-buf l doubl il." SCHIELD, FRANK DAVID ISlirnI. Enlered from Whil- worfh "Sweel lilfle fella'." SCOTT, GEORGE MILLER ISCQHI. Enlered from Brighlon. Avialion Club l. "Girls, don'l' you wish you had hair like his?" SCOTT, LEONORA lLeoI. Enlered from Brighfon. "Here's fo ya', Leonora." ii axjibs SETSUDA, TERUKO. "SIeady, sincere, and willing." SHIMADA, YOSHIKO. "Common sense in a way Thai is uncommon." SHIMANAKA, KENJI IKenJ. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Arr Club 4, French Club 3, 4. "Quile fhe artist." SMADES, CATHERINE IKiffyl. Enfered from Columbia. Quaker Maid 2, 3, 4, Princelon and Yale Team 3, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Baskelball 3, 4. "A dark-haired, cure lillle a1hle're." SMAILES, VIOLA IVID. Enlered from Brighfon. Girls' club Roll Rep. I, 4, "Forlune Teller" 4, Bullelin Board Comm. 4, Ari Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mid-winfer Concerf 4, "Gondoliers" 4. "Roses are red, Violas are blue, sugar is sweel, and so's VioIa." SMART, CATHERINE IKiHyl. Enlered from Colman. Soph. Roll Rep. 2, "Geisha" 2, Mid-winter Concerf 3, 4, Sym- phonic Choir 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Sfamp Officer 4. " 'Smarf,' are you?" ' SMITH, CHARLOTTE. Enfered from Sf. Paul's, Walla Walla. " 'Willie' or won'f he?" SMITH, FLOY JANE IHappyJ. Enfered from Emerson. Usher 3, 4, Senior Sisfer 4, Senior Play 4, Vodvil 4, Ex- perimenfal One-acf Play Co. 4, Minule Girls' Comm. 4. " 'Happy' as 'rhe day is long." SMITH, ILMA. Enlered from Emerson. Make-up Comm. I, 2, 3, Wardrobe Comm. 2, 3, Chr. 4, Coslume Comm 4, Mid-winler Concerf 3. "Spreading make-up on in gobs." SMITH, RICHARD IRichI. Enfered from Emerson. Cam- era Club I, lnframural Baskefball I, 3, Midwinfer Cons Cer? 2, 4, Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 3, French Club 4, Opera 3, 4. "May you be all your nick-name implies," SORIANO, AMIGO. Enlered from Emerson. Frosh Fool- ball I, Soph. Baskefball 2, Commercial Club 2, "Your name means 'friend', and so you are." SOUFFAY, SUZANNE lSuel. Enfered from Brighfon. Girls' Club Roll Rep. 3, Sfamp Officer 4, Baslcefball l, 2, 3, Vol- leyball I, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Track 3, Quaker Maid 4, Mid- winler Concerl 3. "Sweef Sue." SPEIDEL, DOROTHY LUCILLE IDo'rJ. Enlered from John Muir. Treas. Soph. Class 2, Librarian 2, 3, Friendship Comm. I, Senior Sisler 4, Roll Rep. 4, Bank Cashier 4, Tolo Weekly Reporfer 2, 3, Chr. Mar. Comm. 4, Assl. Doc- lor and Nurse. "Wha+ is rhere fha? Dorofhy couldn'l do?" SPELLMAN, JAMES. "Every man is a volume, if you only know how Io read him." 42 If SPENCER, WILLIAM A. IBiIII. Enlered from Beacon Hill. Circulalion Mgr. Tolo Annual 3, 4, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4. "Whar a puns+erl" STAKENAS, ANNE L. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Make-up Comm. Z, 3, "Olympic Games Parade" 4, Honor Society 4. "A good disposition is more valuable lhan gold." STALLCOP, JACK. Enlered from Whilworlh. Foolball I, 3, Baskefball I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Improvemenf Comm. 2, 3, S. A. R. Oraforical Conlesr 3, Anglers' Club 4, Debale Club 2. "Bu+ he needs no infroducfionf' STOREY, MAURICE IMorryI. Enlered from Whilworlh. "ChocolaTe Soldier" I, "Geisha" 2, "ForTune Teller" 3, "Gondoliers" 4, Vodvil I, Service Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 4, Sec- ond Team Foolball 3, Chr. lmprovemenl Comm. 3, 4. "Yaw-Shure, he speaks The dialed." STRODOFF, BARBARA IBobsI. Entered from John Muir. Treas. Fr. Class I, Slandards Comm. 2, Chr. 3, Honor So- ciely 2, 3, 4, Pres. Honor Sociely 4, Head Adminislralive Depl. 4, Sr. Editor Tolo Annual 4, Spanish Club 4, Soc- cer I, Baskelpall I, Sfudenf Grade Advisor 3, 4. "Cupid's Iiffle sister." STROM, CARLENE. "A smile is worfh a dozen groans." STRONG, MARGARET IPedqel. Enfered from Lowell. So- cial Service Comm. I, Sec. Fr. Class I, Posler Comm 2, "Geisha" 2, Chr. Enlerlainmenl Comm. 3, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Treas. Girls' Club 4, Scholarship Comm. 3, Re- ception Comm. 3. "Peg o' our heads." SUTO, BESSIE Y. IBessI. Enlered from Broadway. Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, "Forfune Teller" 3, Mid-winler Concerl 3, 4, Thriff Club 3. "Broadway's loss, our gain." TACHIYAMA, HATSUMI. "Always helping someone." TAMMANY, PATRICIA IPaH. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Publicily Comm. 2, Cullural Arls Bullefin 2, Greenbook 3, Vocafional Comm. 3, Tolo Re- porler 4, Recording Sec. Girls' Club 4, Posler Comm. 2, Vodvil Comm. 3, Librarian 3. "Personali1y plus-plus red hair." TANAKA, MASAHISA. Enrered from Cenlral. Honor Soa ciely 2, 3, 4, lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, Spanish Club 4. "He'll never know how much we liked him." TAYLOR, JACK ICoId Deckj. Enlered from John Muir. Boar Club I. "They go wild, simply wild, over me." THOMPSON, STUART ISIUI. Enlered from Brighlon. Jr. Class Pres. 3, French Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, Avialion Club 2, 3, Service Club 2, 3, Sfage Force 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Editor Tolo Annual 4, Chr, En- lerlainmenf Comm. 2, 3, Greenbook 3, Hi-Leaders Con- ference 4, Hi-Y 4. "The caplain of Ihis ship." THOMSON, GEORGE B. IG. BJ. Entered from John Muir. Slamp Club I, 2, 3, 4, Service Club I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Decoralion Comm. 4, Improvemenl Comm. 3, Slamp Club Pres. 4. "A man after my own heart" 43 THOMSON, MARIAN lTommyl. Enlered from Lewis and Clarke, Spokane, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 4, Hockey 3, 4, Quaker Maid 4, Honor Sociely 4, Chr. Minule Girls' Comm. 4, Vocalional Comm. 4. "ll was a pleasure lo know her." TICKNOR, VERA lTickiel. Enlered from Columbia. Or- cheslra I, 2, 3, "Chocola+e Soldier" 2, Mid-winler Con- cerl 2, 3, Vodvil 4, Singing Strings 3, Honor Sociely 2, French Club I, 2. "Mrs. fo you." TODD, ESTHER MARIE lPinkyl. Enlered from Emerson. Spanish Club I, Sr. A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Glee Club I, 3, 4, Sfyle Show I, 3, Jr. Choir 4. "Life is a song, ler's sing if." TOMATICH, EVA Uohnniel. Enlered from Emerson. Fash- ion Show I, 2, A Cappella Choir 2, Personal Efficiency Chr. I, 2, 3, 4, Thrifl Club 4, Clogging Club 4, "Forlune Teller" 3. "She was a darn good scour." TORIBARA, FRANK. Enlered from Beacon Hill. French Club l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3 4, Thrill Club 3, 4. "Who would mind gelfing his grades?" TORIBARA, TAFT. Enferecl from Beacon Hill. Foolball Mgr. I, 2, 3, Baskelball Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Baseball Mascol 2, Baseball Mgr. 3, 4, "Carmen" 2, Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Cabinef 4, Edilor Greenbook 4, Service Club 4, Sports Edilor Tolo Annual 4, Slamp Officer 4. "Frank- lin's smallesf big-shot" TUDOR, LENA lBcnniel. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Commercial Club I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Roll Rep. 3, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, Senior Sisler 4, Los? and Found 4, Commer- cial Club Rep. 2, Candy Seller 4. "Bonnie iusl fils her." TWILLEGEAR, FLOSSIE LILA lLilal. Enferecl from Roose- velf. Commercial Club 4. "lf mailers nor how long l live, buf how." VALLELA, BRUNO AL lBrownl. Enlered from Ml. Virgin, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Capl. 4, Foolball I, Arr Club 2, 3, 4. "Caplaining the Baseball Team." VANDERFORD, BUD lSliml. Enlered from Kirkland High. "Tumbling." VIELE, JACK. Enfered from Dunlap. Honor Sociely 2, 3, 4, ST. Play 3, Service Club 2, 3, Sfamp Club I, 2, "Carmen" 2, "Chocolare Soldier" 2, Vodvil 4, Librarian 4. "Learning his 'Lines'." VILEGSHANIN, VERA lRusl'yl. Enlered from Beacon Hill. French Club 2, Golf 3. "A ready hand 'ro serve." VIOLANTE, MIKE. "He's a woman-hafer l?l" VOTAW, JAYNE lVofyJ. Enfered from Roosevell. Vodvil 2, Spanish Club 4, Glee Club 4, Thrift Club 4. "The world is as you lake il." 44 WALKER, CRANE lMickeyJ. Entered from Grant High School, Portland. Intramural Sports 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Baseball 3, 4, Vice Pres. Baseball Letter- man's Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Sec. Jr. Class 3, Boys' Octet 3, Standards Comm. 4, Debate Club 3, 4, Roll Room Debate 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Honor Society 4. "Basketball, baseball, an' women." WARE, HERA lWaraI. Entered trom Columbia. Ath- letics I, 2, 3, 4, Quaker Maid Z, 3, 4, Thrift Club 2, 3, Princeton-Yale Team 2, Vocational Comm. 3, Improve- ment Comm. 2, Tusitala Ciub I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. Soph. Class 2, Chr. Greenbook 4, Mgr. Experimental Play Co. 4, Ass. Editor Tolo Annual 4, Tolo Weekly Special Writer 4, Re- porter Tolo Weekly 4, Chr. Health Week 3, "Geisha" 2, "Fortune Teller" 3, Dramatic Club 3, Lunchroom Cashier 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Asst. Sponsor All-City Writers' Conference 3, Publicity Sr. Play 4, Mid-winter Concert 2, Student Grade Advisor 3, 4, Tolo Annual Jr. Editor 3. "The longest activity list in the book." WARFIELD, CHARLES B. ICI1arleyI. Entered from Bright- on, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4, Indoor Track 4, Opera 4. "We hate to lose you, we're so used to you now." WARREN, STAN lStanl. Entered trom Beacon Hill. Opera l, 2, 3, 4, Mid-winter Concert 3, 4, Vodvil 3, Boys' Octet 3, 4. "Singing" WATANABE, MARY. Entered from Hawthorne. Fr. Roll Rep. I, Soph. Volleyball 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Basketball 4. " 'Mary' all the while." WAY, JACK. "There's always a 'Way'." WELLONS, DOROTHY lDotI. Entered from John Muir. Spanish Club 4, Experimental One-act Play Co. 4, Clog- ging Club 4, Tutoring 2, 4, P.-T. A. Unemployment Pro- gram 4. "A member ofthe 'Detrimental' One-act Play Co " WESLEY, RALPH. "Fireman, save my dog." WHEELER, MYRON REX Wlinel. Entered from Whit- worth. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Opera 4, Octet 3, Mid-winter Concert 3. "Whose?" WHITEHOUSE, MADELEINE E. lBethI. Entered from Columbia. Art Club 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 3, Vodvil 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. "lt was a pleasure to be with her." WHITLOCK, MERNA KMern'I Entered from Beacon Hill. Mid-winter Concert 4, "Fortune Teller" 4, Chr. Floral Comm. 4. "Sweet? Ill say." WHITWORTH, FLORENCE lFlol. Entered from Brighton. Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, Chr. Bulletin Board Comm. 3, Art Club 4, Hockey 4, Tumbling Club 4. "Full of vitamin C I. WIGHTMAN, MARY fMollyI. Entered from John Muir. French Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Singing Strings 2, 3, Music Comm. 2 3, Four o'CIock Tea Comm. 3, 4, "Fortune Teller" 3, Senior Play 4, Mid-winter Con- cert 4, "Gondoliers" 4, Stamp Officers 4, "Being every- body's mother in "The Youngest'." WILLIAMS, GERALDINE Uerryl. Entered from Columbia. Girls Rest Room Comm. 2, Tusitala Club 2, Tolo Reporter 3, Copy Reader for Tolo 4, Chr. Publicity Comm 3, Girls' Club Dramatic Comm. 3, Corresponding Sec. Girls' Club 4, Honor Society 2, 3. "l'rn young and healthy." 45 I ll Ill ll' I ll 11llll' Q9 J 1111 1 pu vf sg ' 0 WILLIAMS, KATHRYN IKiHyI. Enferecl from Brighfon. Wardrobe Comm. l, Midvwinfer Concerf 2, 3, "Geisha" 2, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club Hisforian 4, Sfudenf Grade Advisor 3, 4, Quaker Maid 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Sr. Orchesfra 4, Comrnencernenf Usher 3, Usher Comm. 4. "One of an aI'nosf exfincf specie-fhe sfudenff' WING, CHLOE fChloe'I. Enfered from Dunlap. Tusifala Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secrefary Tusifala 3, Pres. Tusilala 3, 4, Four o'CIock Tea Comm. I, Library I, 2, Sfudenf Grade Advisor 3, 4, Vocafional Comm. 3, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Sec. Honor Sociefy 4, Head Welfare Depf. 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. I, 3, P.-T. A. Usher 2. "Wrifing-an' fhen some." WINGSNESS, AUDREY IBoofsI. Enfered from Hawfhorne. Commercial Club 2. "An added affracfion fo Franklin's beaufy." WOHLEITNER, ANNE. Enfered from Colman. "Geisha" 2, "Carmen" 2, "Forfune Teller" 3, Vodvil 3, 4, Enfer- fainmenf Comm. 4. "Big dark eyes and raven locks." WOLAVER, VERA IWiIIiej. Enfered from Columbia. Sen- ior Sisfer 4, "Carmen" 2, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, 3, Resf Room Comm. 4, Mid-winfer Concert 3. "Day by day, she gefs beffer and beffer-looking." WONG, EDWARD. "A seeker affer knowledge." WOO, DANIEL IDannyI. Enfered from Pacific. Tolo Rep. 2, Aviafion Club I, Thriff Club 2, 3, Commercial Club I, 2. "And does Danny 'Woo' 'eml" WOOLLEY, EVELYN IEvyI. Enfered from Seaffle Pacific High. "Well-liked by all fhal know her." YAMAMOTO, TOSHIKO. Enfered from Washingfon. "Roll cn, old world, and l'lI roll wifh you." YASUNAGA, CHIYOKO ITeddieI. Enfered from Pacific. Nufrifion Comm. I, 2, Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Lefferbook Comm. 3, 4, Commercial Club 4. "One of fhe 'few blessed wifh brains." YORIOKA, MASANORI. Enfered from Cenfral. "He knows his vegetables." YORIOKA, UKIO. Enfered from Cenfral. Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4. "An answer fo a feacher's prayer." ZIMMERMAN, MABEL IMabsI. Enfered from Rainier. Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2, 3, Docfor and Nurse Comm, I, 2, Commercial Club 2, 3, Afhlefics 2, 3. "She knows her onions." ZUGER, MARY E. Enfered from Beacon Hill. Mid-winfer Concerf 2, Commercial Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club Rep. 4, Girls' Club Roll Rep. 2. "Lasf, buf nof leash" 46 R SONG S E N I O YFORD HAROLD DEMPSTER LOUISE L We've been here as Freshman Green, And blooming Sophomores Too. Th besT as Juniors ever seen, e Now we're Seniors aImosT Through. . . . h BuT our IiTe aT Franklin Hug Will To us be sTiIl more clear As busy hours pass quickly by T heer. And we recall These days o c Chorus: We'll give a shouT Tor I933! We'II raise The raTTers wiTh our song. We'Il sing wiTh cheer and ioyous melody As we march along-Rah! Rah! Rah! Sing Tor Franklin's green and black, ShouT inTo The sky! March! ye Quakers down The Track! ers Tor Franklin High! ES OF FRANKLIN lvl E M O R I A JEAN HUGHES LOIS FALCONE d old school goes marching on Our ear Mid shouTs ThaT ring ouT clear, ' ome, And as our days oT parTnng c We sing so all may hear. be gay BuT Though The song There's a sob in The harmony. I ' The beginning OT The end T s For The class oT ThirTy-Three. Three che Chorus: Oh sing oT happy y Oh sing OT all our Triumphs grand WiThin The porTals OT Franklin High, The besT in all The land. And when we sing oT our success. O memories all will be ur Back To Franklin High School ' - e And The class oT ThnrTy Thre da s gone by -IEE :ABQ xxxxxd XX Vnxxxx sSSNXXX O gi U0 SKS! XX ixxxx 'Q I -5 3-1-- XXQIQQ r" ,o 47 0 OuT oT The harbor Sailed The Nanools Whaler And The Three aged sea broThers STood on The declc ln Their yellow oilslcins. They Turned Their merrily Wrinlcled vlsages To each oTher and jovially nodded, "Yea, leT our lasT voyage be a jolly good one!" No more The Nanoolc Whalers No more The Three sea l:JroThers. The log deplcTed The dolorous Tinale Of The Three: The Whaler Was becalmed. Crumb by crumb The sea biscuiT Became less So Too, The Three broThers Were no more. They died VoTaries oT The sea Brave-hearTed sea broThers. "Yea, leT Their lasT voyage be a jolly good onel v - ,gf Breasling Ihe waves of a high school educalion Ihe class of '34, pilorecl by a fine group of class officers, has come info porr eller a successful cruise. The Juniors were well-represenled in all aclivi- lies. GEORGE GRUGER President I GENIE DE G-RANDPRE HELEN CASADY MARJORIE NIESEN Presidenf 2 Secretary I SYLVIA JACOBSEN FRED STUTFIELD Vice-Presiderif 2 Treasurer I and 2 ANN DANIELSON MISS McGRATH Secrefary 2 Adviser 51 I Vice-Presidenf I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS NP 5 8 Q A AM ls OS -A Q R s ABE, TOSHIKO ' wx , y Smile--and win friendship. N I i i " ALG-ER, DAVE N , VV Charming wilh his Soulhern drawl. .,.,,, :.1,.1...1.:fs: ,.., H in , ALLEN' RUTH x ' lb ' No? Ihe absenl minded professor? . . W ,IWQQ -. x ' ALLEN, PHYLLIS R I ' ,, -1 I A K Our falenfed dancer. g , ALMER, JOSEPHINE x ,df ' Assef fo Ihe girls' sexfelle. Q 3, " "" I , AMALEFF, AMY K 3 secluded. O s ' I 5 fi f ' ANDERSON, CARL . -1 . The willing Chauffer. H f , I ,ll' , ,:- . I i f jg' V ANDREWS, CHART V And we lhoughl' you were shy. T' i A ANNIBAL, ADA ' Q ' " ' "Do you know my big broI'her?" - A P P L ETO N , A E N A "l'rn young and heallhyf' -I ff? Refs? I , '- 3 1 . , BALDONADO, Psrzrecio A 1 2' my v Do you live up To your name? . A BALDWIN, ROSEMARY 1 ' One of fhe "Three Muskeleersf' x A 4 I A - BARR, Louis E. S Tolo's swell feafure wriler. N R. 6:-X Y IQ 'I Va, E, - BARTO, ROBERT "Where's my pillow?" BARTO, PATRICIA Her cape, curls and cartoons. BARTON, VIRGINIA Wilh an original coiffure. BASSETT, ROBERT He chess-es if . BATES, GOLDIE Can she Tickle Ihe ivoriesl BAYLESS, DOROTHY Her conslanl smile, BERGLUND, DORA No? so dumb. BERTUCCI, ELENA Jus? a lillle bil differenf. BOWLES, BILLY His convicl haircul. BRACKETT, GEORGIE This speaker sex! BREMER, G-ENE Yell leader supreme. 52 li XX XXX WR BROWN, JOSEPHINE Always lovial, A K BROWN, WILFORD W A - ,O f Torn's school days were fame. n X Q95 1 V ', BRUNN, FINN V Was tha? Maginnis you iusf passed? X' ' BUCHANAN, ALICE A 1 A hisfory wizard. A , BUCK, GEORGE V ' In fhe pink of rnodesiy. L i ' g 1 1 -'rag A11 BUCRINGEIAM, MARY 5, , ' "-"'-' N I Dererminafion gefs 'em. S ' E' 1 BUTTE, MARY "Oh, to be a movie sfar." ' CAPPELLETTE, BILL QQ. f " In prinr again. HR 5 or J CEIAMPLIN, LOUIS '5 W H' An overgrown kid. " CHICHETIE, LOUIS Banio-eyes. l CHINN, DAVID 35 7 .- You CarI'1 know him by his Chinn. ' 2 gg. CHINN, ELLA A There was a iirfie giri, and she had a Iirfie ' K P , , curI- N, X .. COCCIONE, MARY ' f How can we fell you aparf? F I I VS- COCCIONE, ROSE I Q! ,V His no sin fo be a rwin. 1 Q I CORDELL, SAM A , Cordiai Sam. ' , CORRERY, JACK js He's a corker. . 'QI .. IQQ COUGHLIN, CATHERINE wg 9 g , 'F 7 :Q . . 3 9 She dIgs for knowledge, sh 'A Y ' COX, MARIE ., +R ' We wonder who is Cox'-swain, V, COYLE, JACK h ' O M ' 5 How awfui goodness IS. CRAFT, BOB K . Bob may be a Craff, but smiiinq's an si 5 gif , ., K arf. 1 CRAIG, ROY Jus? a gigolo-or is he? A CRAWFORD, GEORGE A. The biggesf frog in The puddle. CROTHERS, ELDON The scoufs wiil ge? you, if you don'f wafch our. CURD, JOHN Chauffeur io The blondes. 53 Q - Q , A, .H 0 - 2 1.5 - Al l I . I 1' , , :W ' A 4 le is gk +5563 MQM . r B fe.. is 3 . ..,. ,,.A . A- N--- M B . y A - j, 5?? j.W EAI ffgs . ,Eg-zygf 4 .iizifse - - Y X5-'Lf r if .,.: . -Q zz vb Qs I A '.., fgiiy WW "-" iQ?E5i ie? 'zix' A ifii 'i"' f.. 1 5 gRQgfim5?,gKgf V , 7 CURTIS, CHARLES "Do we love rumble-seafsI" DALBY, GWENWYN Arfisf de luxe. DANIELSON, ANN Jusf a nafural dancer. DARLING, GRETCHEN The Deacon's gal friend. DE BOER, JANET Nof of "Ihe" De Boers. DE GRANDPRE, GENIE Is fhaf accenf French? DEITCH, OLIVE The eyes have if. DESICS, AMY Whaf would you do wifhouf June? DIBB, JUNE Almosf like Siamese fwins. DIVYAK, DAN "And so I says fo my Ioig sisfer . . .' DODGE, AUDREY There are fwo sides fo every quesfion. My side and The wrong side. DOWNES, FRANCES A Flashy feminine forward. EGNER, RAY A cufe smile and whaf eyes! ENG, MARY Who are you Mary-Eng? EVERALL, HAROLD "WeII, as a maffer of facf' . . . EVERALL, HUBERT Af your service. FILIMOVITCH, GEORGE Do you sneeze if? FISHER, GEORGE He's fasf on his hoofs. FLEISCHMANN, HERBERT Lasf, buf nof yeasf. FLYN N, MARGARET "Biddie." FOGELOUIST, ALICE Wifh a name like fhaf, you will be famous. FOLLETT, JACK Believing in common speech. FOX, RANKIN "My only books And women's looks, And foIIy's all fhey feach me." FRANCIS, MARGUERITE One grand girl. 54 FRANZ, ALICE And they say girls falk a lol. FuJlNo, HARUO 'E , T F Thai fall curly haired genf. 'K Q S GAMBLE, HOWARD I L , ., V' , "When do we eel?" 'X I-23525, jk, . .:,' G-ERBER, LUDWIG Anolher freckled blusher. GHARVILOFF, ANNETTE qs, ,. . Somefhing new-a Russian blonde. i- GILMORE, JOHN ii 1, Jus? foolin' around. ' vi, GOLDSMITH, BLANCHE il Lovely eyes and a pug nose. ' GOODRICH, CHESTER , H-. Y, Zi . .. Presidenl of The Women Halers' club. 1 If if f 'L 'A GRENDAHL, SIDNEY N Thai bored air. ' . GRISWOLD, MILDRED Pick 'em up, Mildred. GRUBLE, EDWARD "l'm really a Senior, buf-" GRUGER, GEORGE There's a law againsf blackmail. Nafhly, nafhfy. HADLEY, ELEANOR There's music in her fingers. HADLOCK, IRENE Any reialion fo Oliver? HAGERSTROM, IRENE A feminine Royal Brougham. HANSEN, TOD "Now, down al The Beach-" HARSHFIELD, WILLIAM . Fireman, save my child! HAWLEY, DOROTHY Can she dance! HAWLEY, VERA Where have you gone? HERMANSEN, JANE Whaf a Jane. HERREN, MAXINE Sweef, and sweel' music. HOLLOMAN, BILL "My brofher-in-law works for fhe Sian" HORDER, MORLEY "Do I feel Blue!" HOSHIDE, AKIRA Tiny boy, leach us lo sludy. i f l "', 9 .f D" 4. , I W S 1' lfxlsxwf. 5 " .W X 3 - ,E ...,,, :, 3 l sss r r r asy Tiki? "'- ' 335 ,ZE 5?'a ilf W 4 " - . . . , ,.,. , , as , fi.. 5. wx " 1 ' I N Q. ji ug U :':"::: Af mil YV vi? "' I ' Aff ' IZQI III W. ' v 25 J- q,, :ci vw I 53 '19 W4 G- r- I 'M R, I -I, ,Q N A - ..,: T' so X 4 'f-rr: 4 I I 1 1 , , , X A gg A 'S 1' get f If 1 : "'A .,.:- 1 .5 .T ff QI. fc K I . , Q? ,A 'Q 3,4 R, ink, ',,l 1 -... . HOSKING, RICHARD Some sheiks don'I need a camel, HOYT, EFFIE ELEANOR lI's a reaI pleasure Io hear her sInq, HUFF, PEGGY "One I Iove, Iwo I Iove, Ihref' I Iove I say-" HUMPHREY, EDNA Ouife The business manager. HUMPHREYS, LESLIE Are you aIways as quief as you are In school? HUNTER, SYLVIA One of Ihe few good-looking naIuraIs. HYDE, STUART Who? a manlagerj. JACOBSEN, SYLVIA "Who Is SyIvIa?" We reaIIy know. JANN, FRANK 'SaIiIng, saihnq, over The bouncing rnainf JOHNSON, BETTY Jus? see her and you'II Iove hu. JOHNSON, GEORGE You're a big help fo some of us. JOHNSON, HOWARD Whaf he doesn'9 know Isn'+ worIh Icnowhmq JOHNSON, ISAAC A big promofer. JOHNSTON, MARY "Is my countenance crIrnsorI" JOLLY, GWENDOLYN LIvInq up To her name. JONES, DORIS Sne knows whaf she's afior, and gois II. JONES, HASBROUCK Heaven help The pedesviansl JORGENSEN TRYGVE AIways on Ihe Iurnp. KELLY, BILL No? reaIIy as Iouqh as he Iooks. KEMPER, RUTH Tryinq hor hardest KLEINOEDER, HOWARD The spiriI of Rainier Beach, KRENGEL, AZALIA ls Qccenfric The fI+fInq word? KYLE, JACK "Oh, you Iucky peopIeI" LA FRANCO, JOSE Romance in a name. 56 f' V LANGDON, KATHRYN "Oh, for a Coyle of his hair!" I A LANIGAN, CLIFF , f Chews mans. ,gf 4 LAVENDER, FLORENCE - ,, I Not really such a dragon, I LEE, ANNABELLE I' I is "Where was lhal kingdom by A My I lhe sea?" ' LEE, VIRGINIA , F' -I ii 'I' Lols of go-gel-'em. I ' LEIGH, ED E 'f Sends lovely valenlines. - -i -, 7 ' LEWIS, BILLIE Her silenl loves. . LIVINGSTON, CAROLYN 'H ii: ,H N YS' Yes, Suh! R of 7 is I LOuIE, FANNIE 1 A Hislory genius. I I LUNDBERG, WILLIAM Of 'the Seaflle Lundbergs. iff, , 1 ' i MACCHIS, JEANETTE T ., if Ig And only a Junior, loo! - 5 E MACREADY, LEWIS ' Can he lay lhe wood on The lealherl MOLINE, BERTHA Has The 'traditional Moline quielness. A MANGRUM, LOUISE 'I' 'W . I "I'Il lake vanilla." I ,Ni N Y MARSH, NORMAN 9 A "Excuse my dust" Y' MARSHALL, HARRIET Has she lhe pep! MASENGA, BOB irq.: ,I S1 If . A Soprano sharpshooler. i , . - I MCCOSKRIE, DONALD K ' A Seaman of nole. I MCCREERY, MAVIS Why genllernen prefer blondes. MCDONALD, VIOLET ...I . If ladies be buf young and fair, They G -' 1 L have The gif? TO know il. 'I s 'QF' ' MEINTYRE, LOREN ' I 7 Oh, oh, iusl a wriler. I' - , A MCKEEN, MALCOLM "Ever see me ski?" -R II! MEDLEY JOHN MILLER, MARJORY NQXW Q X .1 , , I . .,., I as And does he meaane. ,Lf li . , R N 5 ., N . , . R ..b'1 V,, . 1 A N zlq . . X 1 9- 5 , I 6 K Af -r- D' x I -S. " I AZI ie I 1 1 f r N N ,:., x'E5 I .f E 4 ZZ, . , gan 'ef V gp X , li, . .X sg ' " '2-- f" , 'Y Q 0 MILLER, ROBERTA "Minnie-ha-ha." MINAMI, HENRY ThaT SouThern genTlema MISENAR, EAR Big shoT. MOSHIER, HELEN Go WesTIonj, young woman, go Wesl MOSLEY, MARY PEARL A keen all around girl. MOSELEY, RICH FI. L lonl. ARD We like Them sligl1Tly roTund. NAKATANI, HELEN "I Take The A's and you could Ta NIESEN, MARJORY Olympia geTs a break, ke The resT." NIKULA, RUDOLPI-I Jusf an old book-worm. NILSEN, GLADYS School's a s erious business. NISHMURA, YOSHITO "Ham, eggs, chess, me." NISr-IMURA, ROSE Reading is my hobby. NORENBERG, DOROTHY Awfully good-looking. NORTON, DAVE Pride of The faculTy. NORTON, ISABELLE Whose Izzie is she? ODNA, RUBY A real iewel. ONADERA, KO My name is easiesf To wriTe." PADDOCK, BILL ThaT Arrow collar ad. PAGANO, ROSALI E "Viva lTalial" PALMER, G-ERALDINE LoTs of poise. PARRISH, VIRGINIA Good Things come in PARSENS, ELSY We know abouT Parsens' daughfers. PERRUPATO, ERNESTINE "JusT my nickname." PERRY, LOUISE "l'm like The Royal Police-I geT my man.' small packages. Canadian MounTed 58 Q I . . PETERSON, DONNA ls she smarll PRATT, GENE Really apprecialing fhe Scofch. PRICE, MARIAN Did someone say somelhing? RAYMOND. LOIS She says shes nice. RICHARDSON, BARBARA Vocations are her avocalion. RICHARDSON, LOUISE The pride of Mlle. du Val. RIDALLS, RUTH Small, dark and- ROARK, HELEN Maybe she's a relalive of Emerson! ROBERTS, LOWELL A Handy man. ROBERTS, MARTHA ll is nof good for man lo be leff alone. ROBERTS, VIVIAN Hof-cha! ROBINSON, BOB Wonder if he's as fough as he looks. RODGERS, BARBARA Our candidafe for The nicesl eyes in school. ROLLE, MARGUERITE She cerlainly raises a wicked eyebrow. ROSI, DOMINIC J, Big buffer and egg man. ROUNDS, CORRINE Beware, genflemen, beware. ROYCE, BOB "Gel thee behind me, books. RUFF, HELEN We like fhem Ruff, buf no? lough. RUNYAN, RUTH "Yoo-hoo, Mr. Gruger!" SAHLIN, AUDREY Ye all like Sahlin. SAMAC, ROSE A lreaf lo our eyes. SANDEN, GERTRUDE Bu? she doesn'f giggle. SAWADA, GEORGE "Where is my ofher George Sawada? SAYLER, MARY She's only a Sayler's daughler, bu1- 'F' 1 L, -ig.. M. t F we 3 ,,', I Ii., 1 ' , 71 5.5 iw -fx .sw A 4 X in ' ...A E . , X if I is . ' " ' . ...I .. y ' aw 5 Ya 5 A A ... IQQQW . W .4 IR? 1 IQ' 3. 0 C 0 of P53 'f Yilcfil, I I Q"" I "-' ...E A I -1 V3 . 1 J, ::, - i f .ii 19 A V '1:f 'A iz ll-I is " "Z: 2 li i. l .V I p, 5 , I , -,-- 1,-i i "' W SCAVOTTO, DON You're an old smoolhie. SCHARMAN, ALOISE Please use balcony. SCHENCK, EARL We Schenk him for his len SEMPLE, MAE We wonder. SHAW, TED "I have a weigh wi'Ih me." SHEPARD, WILLIS A Shepard and his flule. Sl'-IIMAHARA, EMI Girl aboul Town. SHOLTZ, KATHRYN She shollz 'em. SHONFELD, TED Thurslon, Ihe second. SICKELS, SADIE Oh, These violinisfs. SMAILES, BEATRICE As falenled as her sisfer, SMITH, AUDREY Do you like Dude parties? SMITH, BERNADINE You don'I like Io read, do you? SMITH, LEWIS One real hoop slar. SORTE, EUGENE nis playing He may be a Junior, bul- SOUTHARD, ELDORIS We loye a Soufhard-Iy afmosphere. ' STAEGER, BEN Where have you Ben? STEWART, CHARLES His car is nice. SWANSON, ELSIE Nolhing elsie buf. SWENSON, CARL Anolher Irishman. SWENSON, DALE Dale if Io The Marines. TANI, GEORGE He's so briqhf, he blinds us wifh his bri TAYLOR, SHIRLEY Ginvu. TAZUMA, SH IZUTO Philosopher plus. Iliance. 60 TEDFORD, NINA A clever Bonfire baby. TSUMIMOTO, JOE Carfoons made fo order. ULOVICH, VIOLET She may be a violel, buf we Ihink she's a peach. VALLALA, JIM "I'II hang one on your law!" VAN DE KANT, CORA A Dufch liHIe Spanish dancer. VAUPELL, LEONARD Jusl a Prune. VINCENT, WINIFRED Win Fred or Vincenl? Why, she could win anyone. WANDLING, KENNETH Bashfuless plus! WASI-IBURN, MONTIE Is Ihal "flue" Monfie Washburn? WAYNE, JOHN Don'I lef' fhe screen sfar sleal your sluff. WECKWERTH, JUNE Whaf is so rare as a day wifh June. WELTY, FRANCES "And Then afler I gave him 'rhe air-" WHITWORTH, ELINOR Nof such a bad acfress. WILLIAMS, DORIS Did you ever have Irouble wifh a slamp book? WILLIAMS, NEDRA An old-fashioned girl. WILSON, MARGARET "Who, me?" WILSON, MARGARET "BuI I'm sure il musf be anofher Mar- garel, +eacher." WOOD, BETTY Belly Wood. Would you? YAMADA, HANAE You were a life saver. YAMAMOTO, KIKUE A competent slenographer. YATES, ELMER He Yales fo wasle his lime. YATES, BOB The brule. YOUNGS, STANLEY Jusf a Youngs-fer. ZIEBARTH, MARGARET She's The long of if. sis. - I, ' " ' sf if ge Q.: 'if' M If- 32 . I ref I .., . A' V- .".-,i. "" kwin, 7 -I--.gin gf Q, is X .,,, pf. 2' J Ji I fe :se ,J if mil The ferry ls a friendly crafl ll loves bolh land and sea. ll navigales on The playful wafers Bul never lar from The shellering shore. ll never venlures lo lhe open sea Though il yearns lo plow Thru lhe rnighly vvalers All ils sincere servilude Is for lhe inland sea. As lheir las'r'year as under class- men lhe Sophomores under The guidance of Miss l-lunler have fin- ished a well-defined program. The class had an in'reres+ing parly fol- lowed by a baslcelball game wilh Cleveland. Anofher fealure of lhe year was lhe class play which was well aHended. Sophornores were also well represenled in all phases of school aclivily. ALICE BROUGHAM MAFALDA CERVI S T FRED YOUNG MISS HUNTER S f TA Ad 65 SOPHOMORE JACK FLAGS P d f DICK JARVIS V P denf CLASS OFFICERS O:-son UMBC! T 4? 7 .ff e 5. fs 3 .I ,fer A! QI 0 C Q Q 9 3 Q 1 i "' Bill, ,lv- 1 , Aallo, Kalvin Abernerhy, Jane Acornb, Byron Adams, Howard Adams, Milfon Alllarighf, Sheridan Allen, Florence Andcrson, Doris Anderson Elizabelh Anderson, Gus Anderson, Hazel Anderson Margarer Armsrrong, Beafrice Arnold, Vincent Arquerle, William Auge, Woodrow Axelson, Margarer Baccanelli, Eleanor Baker, Bill Barabas, Philip Barker, Kathryn Barmura, Carl Barrnula, George Barrnula, Vladimir Barrcfl, Holland Bass, Rulh Beck, Harry Bell, Flora Benson, Philip Bevan, Evelyn Bigham, Frances Birell, Rulh Black, Edgar Blackmer, Dorolhy Blackmun, Louise Blair, Berry Boerman, Efhyl Bollon, Margarel Bonello, Harold Boni, Caroline Boslwick, Janice Bowden, Ted Boyd, June Boyd, Mary Ella Brawley, Bob Bredice, Florence Bredice, Harry Brooks, Margery Brooks, Mildred Brougham, Alice Brown, lvan Browne, Ben Brown, LeRoy Brown, Rulh Buchanan, Bealrice Buck, Douglas Bulen, Joyce Bunce, Billy Burger, lrene Burroughs, Donald Burlon, Marion Buller, Don Bulls, Roberl Cameron, Harvey Camp, Earl Cappellelli, Angelo Carl, Belly Jane Carlson, Elfrieda Carlson, Elhel Cassingham, Huberl Callerr, Virginia Cervi, Mafalda Chandler, Bill Chase, Lorrayne Chiarelli, Vincenl Chickelli, Lena Chiddisrer, Harold Chinn, David Chinn, Lucas Cicci, Calherine Clark, Margarel Clausen, Glenn Cleave, Mary Clemmons, Isabel Clemmons, Monle Coffin, Bob Coker, Evelyn Colcock, Audrey Cole, Donald Cole, Gordon Colella, George Collins, Eugene Collins, Thomas Conn, Lorerra Consranlino, John Conway, Douglas Cook, Frank Copeland, Ross Corning, Marriell Couch, Jack Cramer, Gilberl Crawford, Desmond Creighlon, Margarer Cullen, Grayce Cunningham, .luck Curd, Sarah Daly, Francis Davies, Helen Davis, Bill Davis, Mariorie Delzer, Billy Deming, David Dening, Chrislina Dennis, lrve Dennison, Herberl Desaull, Edward Deschenes, Veral Devin, William Dick, Gerfrude Dickinson, Sranley DeDonalo, Edilh Dimmilf, Bob Dodd, Frank Dodd, Marjorie Donald, Helen Dorr, Buflord Doyle, Eileen Doyle, Marie Drake, Marguerire Drazic, Helen Drovello, Arr Duesing, Eulala Duncan, Jeanne Easlman, Geraldine Easlman, Robert Edwards, Clifford Edwards, Emmell' Eidinger, Adrian Eldredge, Raleigh Engslrom, Frances Erqesen, Harvey Ernsl, George Eskesen, Emma Evans, Kalhleen Farmer, Edna Fasevich, Nellie 66 Wijff Fata, John Faunce, Jim Fetch, John Fiebig, Maxine Field, Harris Filigno, Arthur Flagg, Jack Fleig, Robert Flewin, Delbert Follsich, Charlotte Foster, Lucille Fowler, Horner Fowler, Maxine Fowler, Steve Frarn, Jeanne Fraser, Bob Fraser, Donald Frederick, Richard French, Jack French, King Fuiino, Shige Galando, Mike Gale, Pearl Gallant, Betty Garbarino, Anita Garrison, Virginia Gaston, Mary Jane Gatt, Rosemary Gay, Shirley Gepner, Howard Gill, Winifred Gilliam, June Gilmore, John- Giralmo, Lena Gist, Maxine Glasford, Frances Gleason, Patsy Goe, Perry Goldner, Earl Goplin, Bill Goto, Tatsumi Graf, Robert Greene, William Gregory, Eleanor Grenville, Molly Gribble, Herbert Griffith, Margaret Griswold, Mildred Grosso, Lauretta Grove, Arlyn Groves, Margaret Guest, Gertrude Gunn, Dorothy Gustafson, Dorothy Gwinn, Dorothy Haas, William Hadtield, Ann Hagen, Olga Hall, Bob Hamada, Ruth Hamlin, Gladys Harada, Yasushi Harbers, Karl Hard, lrene Harris, Field Harrow, Ed Hartwig, Flora Harvey, Donald Hatcher, Kenneth Hatfield, Jean Hayashi, Eugene Heady, Dick Heidrich, Bill 67 Heiler, Harold Hemisphere, Billie Hemphill, Joyce Henderson, Alyce Hendley, Jean Henry, Sam Herlan, Betsy Hewitt, John Hinds, John Hinman, Gaye Hielrnaa, Ralph Holcombe, Betty Holdsworth, Tina Hopkins, Alvin Hopp, Herb Hopp, Jim Hopper, Bill Horsley, Robert Howe, Samuel Huber, Martha Hummel, Joe Hunich, Margaret lke, Nobutaka lmberg, Bette lodence, Harold Jackson, Alyce Jackson, Lindsey Jacobsen, Dagney Jacobson, Laurence Jarnison, Richard Jarvis, Dick Jaynes, Bill Jelter, Earl Jensen, Ewald Jochinsen, Bill Johansen, Bernice Johanson, Arne Johnsen, Lillian Johnson Dorothy Johnson Irving Johnson, Jeanne Johnson Mary Jane Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Vernon Johnston, Mildred Jones, Albert Jones, Edward Jones, Sam Kalberg, Lloyd Kastrup, Harriet Kautz, Ted Kawafune, Mary Keefe, Agnes Keene, LeRoy Keller, Florence Kelly, Franklin Kenyon, Howard Keppler, William Kiene, Neva King, Clara Kirkland, Arnold Klinkam, John Knapp, Margarette Knapp, Robert Kounkel, William Kraemer, Vera Kreuger, Helen Laatz, Marie Lackorn, Elizabeth Lagazzino, Dan LaGrande, Marion Lang, Elizabeth Lansing, Donna NX NRQH 6 l 5 i 'M y, nm ll 'i , l sea' 6 9 O Q C? Q F' f Lee, Charles Lein, Paul Lenharr, Margarel Levy, lrwin Levy, Sylvia Lewis, Anne Lewis, Audrey Lewis, Harold Lewis, Helen Lind, Lilly Lindsley, Harry Lisl, Phillip Locke, Frances Loe, Edilh Logan, Elsie Longo, Orlando Lonslci, Rufh Lubelich, Marlin Lundberg, John Lynch, Edward McBride, Ralph McCall, James McCreery, Mavis McCuslcer, Andrew McDonald, Jack McDowell, Isabelle McDowell, Manley McElralh, Roberl McElrea, Grace McEwen, Ed McGuire, Eleanor Mclnnis, Norma McKernon, Lynn McKillips, Jack McLeod, Kalhryn McNamara, William Macchia, Jeannelle Madsen, Doris Magee, Anne Mahr, Ernesl Malcomb, Lorraine Malslrorn, Dorolhy Manley, Earl Marlalr, Dorolhy Marrs, Edilh Marslen, Jane Martin, Bernice Marlin, Jack Marlin, Leo Marlinsen, Gerlrude Massie, Lena Masuda, Hakaru Malhews, June Malsusaka, Kimi Maurer, Edward Mauselh, Adele Mayhall, James Meacham, Thelma Mead, Luella Meagher, Dorolhy Medley, Reiden Mercer, Warren Meredilh, Mary-Bell Merrill, Margaref Mefzler, Clara Michel, Ben Mihara, Minoru Milelfe, Grace Miller, LeRoy Miller, Marshall Mills, Bob Mills, Frank Mills, Janel A-- Q.- s J .-.,. T On. . -3,39-.-P, Miloyich, Helen Minardi, Helen Miner, l-larf Moen, Alfred Moline, Sruarl Moore, Virginia Moore, William Morgan, Calherine Morganlhaler, Bob Mori, l-lisaye Morris, Jim Morrison, Genevieve Murphy, Charles Murphy, Ella Nakagawa, Roy Nakagami, Mabel Napoli, Tony Nelson, Marie Nenezich, Pele Neumann, Douglas Niccoli, Blanche Nichols, Helen Nighlingale, Louisa Nilson, Eleanor Nishimura, Theodore Nobulaka, lke Noon, Mary Louise Norman, Roberl Nornholm, Roy Nosich, Mildred O'Brien, Wilford Oelschlagel, Louise Ogishima, Mary Olsby, Rulh Oslhus, Roy Page, Lillian Palazzo, Charles Parker, Wayne Parlcs, Rae Ann Palch, Joe Pallerson, Raymond Paulson, Earl Paulson, Vernon Payne, David Pearson, Ouenlin Pedersen, Ellen Pell, Mary Perrigo, Bernice Pelerson, Gerard Pelerson, Millon Pelrovich, Gloria Phillips, Joyce Pigg, Gene Planl, Maxine Poirier, Vernon Polls, James Pompeo, Mike Poller, Dorolhy Prall, Imogene Preece, Grace Purcell, Helen Pulrlam, Cary Louise Radonsky, Edna Raelzloff, Minnie Rainier, Thelma Randall, Hershey Ranney, Mildred Rask, Rulh Rasmussen, Agnes Rawson, Elhel Rees, Annella Rex, Rosella Richards, Mary 68 Smilh Richardson, Gail Richardson, Paul Richmire, Dorolhy Richmond, Dan Rickelfs, Phyllis Rideoul, Burbank Riedel, Kalherine Roberls, Marguerile Roberlson, Jessie Robinson, Herberl Romano, Jennie Rosella, Josephine Ross, Jack Rolhwell, Dorolhy Rourke, Clark Royce, William Ruosch, Chrisline Russell, Glenn Rulan, Elhel Ryan, Kalherine Salyino, Marcus Sanders, Marie Sanford, Pauline Savora, Joanne Schaechlel, Anna Schirman, Joan Schorr, Jack Schramek, Elvira Scliwarlz, Florence Scoll, John Scoll, Merrill Searighl, Della Seeger, LaVon Seelbach, Margaret Scelbach, Scoll Seiias, Louis Senyohl, Elberl Selh, Auslin Shaller, Donald Shamek, Al Shea, Frank Sheehan, Tom Sherman, Al Shillinglon, Marvin Shirnokon, Frank Sniraishi, Eleanor Snorl, Ruth Shuman, Sammy Simonos, Bruce Sims, Thelma Skinner, Irene Smarl, Douglas smiai, Rum Smilh, Edna Smilh, Mary Lou Smilh, Palricia Smith, William Zoe Slokkzz, Roborla Slrom, V Sludley, cr-ia Dick Summerlin, Audrey Summerlin, Jewel Summers, Jean Suler, Eileen Tachiyama, Takarni Taylor, Amelia Taylor, lrene Taylor, Maynard Terry, Frances Terry, l-lelen Thomas, Ted Thompson, Lucille Thompson, Palmer Thompson, Roberl Thompson, Thomas Tokarell, Pavla Tollber, Eugene Tomalin, Sidney Toniila, Ralph Touchelle, Alberl Trcil, Lo renz Trick, Joyce Tudor, Joe Tulloch, Gerlrude Urrioil P au' Uyeminami, Molly Vacca, Marv Vaccarino, Vincenl Van l-lorn, Hudson Varnurri, Nancy Vaupell, Bob Vicary, Emily Waddell, Jean Wagner, Carl Wallace, Edna Wallace, Edwin Ward, Adele Walson, Earnesl Watson, Grace Wedin, Boyne Welch, Leland Wellinglon, Kalhryn Wellons. Werner, Laaren Laurence Wesr, Mildred Weslcoif, Phyllis Weyer, Dick Wheeler, Albert Whisller, Evelyn Widmer, l-lelen Jane Williams, Jess Williams Louise Williams, Max Williams Willman Perrie Mildred Sohi, Faith Sonlheimer, Herman Soriafo, Charlolle Souffay, Leon Soulhard, Dan Srzedzinski, Julie Niel Starkey, Mervyn S'einhouse, Jim Srephanus, Marcellus Slevens, Brooks Sleyens, Howard Slevens, Mary Ann Sleyenson, Sydney Slewarl, Ramona Slocking, Wilbur Slokke, Mary Sylvia 69 VVilson, Edna Wilson, Richard Wimmer, George Winkler, Silber? Wood, George Woods, Clyde Woods, Lois Worlh, Al Wukelich, Kalherine Wukelich, Rudoloh Yarnamoro, Kimiko Yasunobu, Janel Young, Eva Young, Fred Zaknich, Francis C15 Canoo, canoo, canoo The voice oT The aged buT Tirm Tirs Murmuring in The opaciTy oT nighT: Canoo. Canoo, Canoo The day was once When The indian Paddied his canoe On The green-blue waTers We border. AgainsT The seTTing sun The Indian in his canoe Made an impressive siihoueTTe Which we sTiil remember. He- The Indian, is gone, IT- The canoe is gone BUT we, The Tirs, sTill Tirmiy rise And every quieT sunseT We waiT Tor The siihoueTTe For iT was a parT of us And we were a parT oT iT. L I N 4 As Freshmen, 'rhis class has proved ilself one of Jrhe liveliesl and mosl ambilious 'rhal' has enlered Franlc- lin. The main evenl on lhe fall pro- gram was 'rhe mysfery play, follow- ing lhal came anolher play in Jrhe spring aller which came lhe Fresh- man circus. Under lhe guidance of Miss Doheny lhe class has ended successfully lhe lirsl year. DOUGLAS DEAN P d + ROY NAKATANI V P d f JEAN GROVER S l y IRVING PRATT T MISS DOHENY Ad FRESH MAN CLASS OFFICERS fv I 3 Q sis, 'c 'Q m IM I E4 ll'H 35 nv ll! N SXSW M Aallu, Siljzl in-1'1-triiw, 11111111- Arlvlniain, Wiliiann Allmn-kt1A11. Am11-1l1- Allyn-1'l1l, ,I111 1'1- Allnn, G1-u1'gv Alivn, 17111-ix Allvn, Immllly A111-n, Gnrnlnii Allin, Maury Ailim-r, lilnilllw A111l1-rsml, Xluigiairn-t Amin-rmxi, Nnlvlu A111l1-1-sun, 'I'11yl1u- Ar11l1-11011, Viviun Anclu, Taliuwlii Anllrvws, 4111111 Antuixio, lil-nu A111-1, Byruii A111111-hy, Fuitll Avisun, li11Il1111'11nA Axin-fs, Alim- B111-l1111ay1-1', Williunx i5a1ilvA'. llnlmm-rt Bulli-i', A2111-s Bull, I11-sllv ll:1ll:11'1l, 4i1:1't1'111l1- Ii:1lM-1', K:1Il11-ri111- 15.11-a1lu11s, Anim 15111-luw, l4'1'11l11'lw B:11'11111f11, A1'r'111l1 lia11'n111n, Lluynl Li111't1-Nc-li, 11111- liurlu, linlr liam-11c'vi, I11v1-1111 Bum, .iilllv l'. Ihlws, Rnrlu Hzlllxilgizlrl, Ilvrlrivllzx liaun, L1-1111z1r4l 151-1111, lxxmum-nw H1-rll, Clivslvl' livvli. Plnlliw B1-1-lmrall, Ileh-n Bull, Dorulliy 151-ll, Frunli -nllvr, Illrlwzlrll -111111, Ili-1-11 .i5l'I'3-2, Lz1wl'vn1'1- B1-l'l'X, Afll-ll' Hiclinun, Ilixlw Iiiuus, NVi11il'r1'1l liiplvy, llairry B1 B1 liillmv, Hlizzllwvllu Illuir, jlnnpxlus Blunli, 12111-11011 Bin-ln1z1n, IJ11i1' 11-r1'n, Alxrrlv mnley, Ilvllwi-tai 141 B1 Blwiwillzi, l.1-n1n'1- limrwivli, liil-l1111'1l linmvn-ll, L1-1n1111'1l Butts, Muriu B11w1l1-n, lC1lw111'vl iiuwwn-i', H1-IU Boyd, Idlizulwlil .Xllll lirxlllwlniw, t'l1z11'I1-s Br11nl111n1, I,i1li:1n 111-1-nliw, l"l111'1-1111 liwrillsvl, Idmtln-1' lin-11n1J1', linlitll Iii-iglil, ,Iuvli l411111::l111111, llm111l1l 141-mvri, Hill 131-111111, t'11tl1v1in1- l4i'11w11, lilsiv k1'uw11, ldrrivsliiin- ii:-uwll, lnwliv 15rm1'x1ix1g4. Alvin IS1-mvriiriu. Ilnliilrt lirnnn, Il111'r1l1l lirlliixwivli, 15111111111 jirux, XYiII'r1-sl 1i1'A'1-111011. .l111'l1 lS1lL:1-111111141-11, ,Iuhn 14111-clivli, lim-wif lillrlio, Iflilm-4111 Burns, Alum' 1,1111 15111-1'uugl1N, Irl-nv Him-, Alzlry lll-ll-n liyvrs, Glurial Iiyriivs, l'a1r1-in-la 1'z1lla1l1z1n. llun l':111111, 17111111111 l'i1111l111pnz1. G1-Muni l'111111u1Qs111. N'i1':ini11 l'1l111nI1ull, XVz11'r1-11 l'a1nn011, Huh l'11nt1'ilI, lflwl l'z1rlmu11, 1.1-1u11a11'4l l'111'lx1-n, ldvvlyil l'z11-lsun, llivliainl l'111'wlvnsv11. Arlliln' l'11srl1-11111, lllnul l'11l11nii1, 'l'nn5 U1-1lz11', 'l'l11-I11111 1'v1l1'1', Glanlxs 4'l1:1I'I1'1'. lI11:l1 l'l1:1w, Ili1'l1:11'1l l'l11-NI1111, ,I:1n1' 1111-1':11':1, IZ1-111111 l'l1inn, lim l'l1lnn, .I11sv11l1i1n' Vliinn, 1.1-N11-1' l'l11i1-wr, ,lnlizi t'i1'1'l1etI1f, 3111114111-1'iiu 4'l1111s1-n, llill l'lz11-ll, 141-11111 L'lu1'lu-, AI111'iz1n Ulm-1111-li. l'l1z11'l1fs Uluw, Philip l'l111'liy, Alilllrl-ml Urlnllu, .ll-113' 011115111-llmv, lim-1 1'1rlli1'I'. 121-11131- Vullins, Allrv Mullins, A1111- Vlulluxiwwwi, Miln- l'u111li1-, lf'1'a1111'1-4 l'1n111z111::l11u11, Alllrll-1 1'n1111v1'Iu11, Illmzn-1111 l'u11stz1h11A, 31111-2111-1-t twill, Alum' li. Uunlq, NYiIIi11n1 V411-.1li, Ann.1 l'1n'z1li, 141.11 F011-5, lluzvl V111-lio1'y, ll1-1v1'g11- l'1vr111-1, I-Illirli V111-liim-L, All11-rl 4'11rnir1u. I4I1li1l1 l'1l1il11n, Uvllkl l'11v1'y, llnnmlzu l'1lwlifl1m1, X1-llv Mm, Alin- 1'1'111x, ,lnlin t'1'1'1v, l,l1'1'l1'llll1' Vrininxiiiw. 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I-'11-11 1111111L, 11111111 111111141 l:11'I1 X114 -11111-1. .I1-111111 ZIII1111-, li.-11111111- l-le riveTs The lasT meTal plaTe On The slfeleTon OT The mighTy liner. l-le riveTs wiTh a slcill -I'haT prepares The liner To Tace The angered weapons OT Time, STorm and sea. l-le malces The liner e rnasTerpiece OT inolusTrial arT l-le is The riveTer, A cog in The progressing wheel OT commerce. VODVIL Every counTry 'From mysTic lndia To modern Amerioa was represenTed in The Olympic Games Parade, The annual vodvil oT school TalenT. The purpose oT The vodvil was noT only To provide excellenT enTerTainmenT, buT "To promoTe good- will and Triendship among The naTions of The world." NOT only is crediT due To The numerous casT Tor iTs brillianT perTormance, buT To The able direcTion OT managers, plus Their many assisTanTs. HIC-IITHCUDBU , - Aix. h , T ' Mffig ii ,, ,yr ' ide'-f "il- faxl i '- Tm r .V ' xi S", Q 1 MIDI--4625055 SENIOR PLAY Wilh lhis amusing play by one ol Americas loremosl conlemporary vvrilers, Philip Barry, Franlclin again scored a brillianl success. "The Youngest" well- adapled lor a high school produclion, was well presenled wilh an excellenl casl and remarlcable slaging eiclecls. The downlrodden son, Richard, who proves lhal lhe "worm will lurnu is ably porlrayed by Bill Brawley. Nancy, played by Awailha Francis endeavors lo bring oul his manliness, and how she accom- plishes lhe laslc involves many dillicullies and novel silualions. Due credil should be given To lvliss Macdonald and lvliss Kuebler lor lheir compelenl direclion and cooperalion. 82 1 l .4 OPERETTA Climaxing a year of oulslanding produclion, The operella, "The Gondoliersf' wrillen by Gilberl ancl Sullivan, was presenled on May I9 and 20. A comic slory, inlerpreled by maslerly dramalics, and a large senior orcheslra lhrilled Jrhe audiences Jrhru oul' lhe play. The slory concerns Jrhe confusion over 'lhe King of Baralaria whose idenlily has been unknown since childhood. Aller many amusing incidenls, Cascilda, played by Leone Garrison, To whom The king was belrolhed in infancy, arrives. She falls in love wilh Luiz, porlrayed by Kneeland Bale, and when Jrhings look black for lhern, lhe king's childhood nurse reveals Luiz as lhe king. 83 H10-IIHEEOBH 0 S E S 'Q I2 'Q 0 5 lb X IJ 5 C Q 'I' qs u x A Paulson,DfAlifelrl? 'Auker S Kirkland, Mahr, Buck, Crimmrn, De Fel c N Nalfnol leiii-iCiifmRelig5 HEasrlEn3l,a ilaeylosfl gli Q Besides parlicipalinq in eighl high school deloales, lhe club furnished speak- Q ers for fhe Anli-Tuberculosis Leagues campaign and also loolc an aclive parl x in The Universily Exlempore speaking conlesl. Memloers are rewarded wirh Q pins and lellers in accordance wilh lhe amounl of work done. 5 x FlRST TEAM DEBATERs ai ED LEIQH GEORGE BUCK JANE ABERNETHY 'Ax four debales four debales 'rwo d bal s "Q HART MINER HERB CLARK HOWARD KENYON we Two debales lwo debafes one debafe Q S 5 N' x 0, N . 'Q 1 0 J FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE DEBATERS Clarke, Rolard, Collin! Mehr Sandman, Pelers Brooms! Richards DEBATE Allho shll ln lheir infancy, having been In exislence only lwo years, roll room Clebales Took a firm hold upon Franklin and promise lo become an inslilulion in The school. Thirly rolls were represenlecl, slrugqling for supremacy in lhe new held. ROLL ROOM DEBATE WINNERS BILL JOHNSTON HARRY WALTERS ED DeFELlCE Roll Ill Roll Ill Exlcrnpore Speaker ED LElGl-l GEORGE BUCK MlSS HART Ro.l 304 Roll 304 Adviser Qu' "' 85 A Lapping in harmony Playing a symphony The waves Ryihmically Beef on The Prow of The ship. The masfer conoiucfor The sea. Brings To surface His mufalrions In mood Thru Jrhe Symphony Of The waves. - MUSIC DEPARTMENT l-leaded by Mr. Blaclqnell, The music deparimenr has been very aciive Jrhis year. Franklin can surely be proud of ils line vocal and inslrumenral groups, includ- ing choirs, glee clubs, orchesiras and bands, which have helped lo malce many assemblies enjoyable and inlrereslring. l-laving as i+s +heme, "l-liavva+ha's Wed- ding Feast" Jrhe annual concerl of The enlire music deparrmenl was given early Jrhis season. The very successful year was ended by lhe produclion of The beaulilul Gilberl and Sullivan operelra, "The Gondoliersf' 4 mall WOODWIND ENSEMBLE D C MhHd STRING ENSEMBLE D P S+' dson PEP BAND 9-HC! 4 III! 11101111111 QQ aw S f 1111: iii' i W Iliff! If - ?flIll w HSBC! MIXED DOUBLE OUARTET Ruaro, La S II B F Barker, La H Cl k BOYS' DOUBLE OUARTET Dempsfer, Walke H d Hll W Ruaro,Lenno B lc L d SENIOR ORCHESTRA Xs'55"!1.,4---'B ' f SLBE R 'I JUNIOR ENSEMBLE d GIRLS NONETTE N I JUNIOR ORCHESTRA FUIIUHCEQII tif! :- , 'K 5 f KR RRKQ Hx Skt XS XXX X XX liars. If -'sf YWKFM 0 ' E 55 Q? 5 I f-f 1 : vv ? N' . . I I 535 'V is 553 ' Qi 35? ww 32 X52 92 .- s 1 5 av ?? fi I 2 6' 3 S7 U1 Q! Il 'T ' I" 2' ,, H.--'f HXXQIQJ ' -4 Q5 1g!assal'am wE We QE ..o -HC! 6 15 1 V L gl I nf ' ,F - sEcoND PERIOD Juuiok cHoiR JUNIOR CHOIRS Composed mosfly of underclassmen, +he Junior Choir shows grea+ promise for musical worlc in nexl year's concerls, operas, and assemblies. The musical aciivi- lies consliiule one of lhe mosl' imporlrani elemenls in The school programs. The Junior Choir is divided info Jrwo classes owing To lhe lac? 'rhal' fhere are a number of sluclenfs inferesfed in The course. FOURTH PERIOD JUNIOR CHOIR XXX A JUNIOR GLEE CLUB The purpose of Ihe Junior Glee Club is Io lrain lhe beginners and Io give Ihem experience in public performance. This enables sludenls Io parlicipale in maior school musical produclions. . SENIOR CHOIR Under Ihe direclion of Mr. Blaclmell The Senior Choir had a successful year, singing in assemblies and oulside of school. ll also Jroolr a major parl in Ihe MidAWinIer concerl. l 93' HIDE! The reslless lwenlielh cenlury Wilh her overpowering geslures Claimed lhe vasl celeslial spaces As her second sea. On This sea of air She launched her ships, A corps of slcimminq, swooping, l-laslening cruisers. She crealed a new romance For her conquered aerial sea. E N ,Q 11111 I5 ,pfllli Il Q G, z 's sob TOLO WEEKLY Much praise is clue Ihe Tolo Weekly pulolica- Iion for i+s eicforfs in relaling firsl hand news, for i+s accounf of school life, and ils promoiion of school spiri'I'. The paper has I'riecl in every way Io represenl' Ihe school iI' baclcs, 'ro give accuraI'e and compleie inlormalion, and 'Io arouseinieresl in school acfivifies. MR. JOHNSON JOHN GRUBLE Adviser Special wrifer BILL FIFIELD HERA WARE Special wrifer Special wrifer ANNETTE OUIRK ALMA BURKE Feafure Edifor Associale Feafure I and 2 Edifor I AUDREY WINGNESS MR, HANDY Assisfanf Fealure Business Edifor I Adviser LOWELL ROBERTS EDNA HUMPHREY Business Manager Business Manager ALICE MARIE O'KEEFE AUDREY MCMILLAN Credit should not only be given to the cooper- ative staff, trom cub reporters to the depart- ment editors, but to the patient and under- standing advisers who deserve a vote ot thanks tor their untiring ettorts in keeping Toio on a high standard. RUTH GAI-INBERG DOROTHY BUTLER News Editor I News Editor 2 Feature Editor 2 Associate News Editor I GRETCHEN DARLING- Associate News Editor 2 ELLARD BURKE Associate Sports Editor I RUSS MCMILLAN Assistant Sports Editor I Associate News Editor 2 JOHN MERRILL Sports Editor I and 2 WALTER CARBON Associate Sports Editor 2 ELM ER YATES Associate Sports Editor 2 TOLO WEEKLY is f I I 1 5 I .I fe? 1 dQp 3. , 4 4 0 2 9 Y-X The Franklin Tolo Annual is The summing up of all 'rhe ac+ivi+ies of The eniire school year and is meani To serve as a remembrance 'ro The de- fiz ToLo ANNUAL O E parfing seniors of Jrheir high school clays. 0 S Thru ihe en'rire year The annual siaicf has been 3 compiling malerial Tor The final publicaiion. Q Sfuari' Thompson, 'rhe ediior-in-chief, has MISS SHAW STUART THOMPSON Adviser Edifor I-IERA WARE BARBARA STRODOFF Associafe Edifor Senior Editor FRANCES WELTY TAFT TORIBARA Junior Edifor Sporfs Edifor I , I V Wir MR. UPTON JIM DAVIDSON Financial Adverfising Direcfor Manager EARL SCHENCK MR. COPELAND Disfribufion Manager Phofoqraphy Direcfor Wfgf worked un+iringly in making a befler annual lor Franklin sluden+S. Careful consideralion Has been given lo every seclion ol llwe book. As lime goes by llie annual will be more and more apprecialed and in years lo come il will recall llme nappy days spenl in Franklin. ELLARD BURKE NOBUTAKA IKE Pnufograolwer Assisfavi Pnotograpner ART CREW MISS BISAZZA Ari Difeclc' PATRICIA BARTO Firsr Male FRED BALBY Bash RAE MEDBY Cabin Boy SUE LIPFIS Skipper EYSTEl N BERGER Second Male KNEELAND HATE Third Male VlRGINlA BARKER Sfowaway TOLO ANNUAL aj:-3 ,Q Qu "5- lk M I X QA Q. if 5 if i if . i ,. i A M l ' Q. vw il Smari and Trim Every brass polished H goes our To play Upon ihe iake wafers I+ races across The morning wafers And snoops info Every quiei inlei. Then as Jrhe sun seis H reiurns io anchor Again io be polished Smari and Jrrim. COACHES KIRK-As good a coach as any in The high schools, Coach Doug Kirk has had some very hard luck wiTh his Teams. Losing several games by slim one-poinT margins, his Teams losT Their chances Tor The pen- nanT This year. Always pulling The unexpecTed, he is Teared by every rival coach, and To beaT one oT his Teams is a noTeworThy accomplishmenT. WiTh a liTTle more luck Coach Kirk would have had cinch cham- pionship Teams. REED - Coaching Trosh TooTball, Trosh and soph baskeTball, and TirsT Team baseball, Coach "Pop" Reed has aT leasT one championship Team every year. Adding more pennanTs To his championship lisT, The Quaker Trosh Took The TooTball championship Tor The Third sTraighT season, The Trosh baskeTball Tive won The cup Tor The second sTraighT season, and his base- ball lineup was righT up There TighTing Tor The Top posiTion aT press Time. KNAPP-One oT The TinesT golf coaches in This ciTy, Coach Knapp has a very enviable record. WiTh his Team ending in second place This season, iT makes The TourTh sTraighT season ThaT a Knapp-coached squad has ended in The upper division. Then, in addiTion To coaching golf, Coach Knapp Takes charge oT inTramural sporTs and runs oTF a pro- gram ThaT enables everyone inTeresTed in Them To Take parT. LAlZURE-AlThough having a lasT place Team in The league nearly every season, Coach Laizure is as good as any oTher Tennis coach in The ciTy high schools. Being a coach aT The SeaTTle Tennis Club, he surely has To know The game. WiTh no available Tennis courTs near Franklin. he has no chance To work ouT his young Tildens. Considering whaT he has To puT up wiTh, he has done some nice work. 103 .Z DOUGLAS KIRK fooTball, baseball, Track RALPH REED fooTball, baskeTball, baseball RALPH KNAPP golf GRANT LAIZURE Tennis sr., Q ii j 'bi Y im ' l uh:-:mr-:-up ,, K ,. ., . . f ss s A i"' 9- DOUGHTY ieusfdi CapTain'fA unanimous choice lor all-ciTy, George was also chosen as The rnosT inspirafional player on The Tearn and awarded The Warner Trophy. His place will be hard To fill nexT year. I. KENNEY lTacklel ln The Thick of iT every "ninuTC he was in There, llco proved To be a slonewall on The defense, srnearing every play ThaT came his way. He graduaTes This year. WALKER lQuarTerbaclcl By far The lighTesT player on The souad, Crane wor ,T place on The lineup by playing heads up foofball. When The season opens again, Crane's sparkling play will be rnissing. He graduales. MILLS lf-lalfbaclcl A lellernian frorn Kenf, Russ refurned To Franklin in Time lo break info The lineup. A hard-hiTTing, smash' ing Type of player, he was one of The rnainsfays of The backfield, He will groduafe. TULIP rracklei A big rough player, Roy filled up a big gap in The line in good fashion, He was especially good in sTop- ping plunges direcTed aT his side of The line. He rc- Turns for anofher season of cornpeTiTion. BAKER may Using his six feef Three To a greaf advainage, Don specialized in calchirig long passes and was a big gun on The offense on many a Touchdown drive. He qraduaTes. NAKAGAWA lTacklel Builf close To The ground, Roy was a sTonewall on The defense and specialized in going down under ourfs and smearing The receiver. Orly a soph, Roy sfill has Two more years of play, He will bolsTer The Green Wave line nexf season, DENARDO lTacklel Breaking inTo The lineup afler The firsf few garnes, Joe finished up The season as a regular, Builf along The lines of 1 baTTleship, he filled a big spof in The line, He graduaTes, BENNETT lHalfbackl Chosen by all The coaches on Their all-cily learn, Clay- lon, who sTarTed ouT as an end, becarne one ol The rnosf dangerous ball-rofers in The league. His grad' uafion ends The high school career of a swell fooTball player. O. KENNY lHalfbackl One of The besT pass slingers in The league, Oscar feaTured rnany Touchdown d'ives wiTh his long flips To eiTher Baker or Olson. Oscar wi-i no longer be seer on The Throwing end of long passes. His playng days aT Frankln are over. 104 SHAW fGuard, A fast nard-cnarqinq guard, Tu! was a Ynorn in inc Opposifiofs side and sspocifiy proved qOOd iw nai, ing Hn- passr-V Lnirirea M- .icaii qs? "'n- Lia awa, had ruinrns. OLSON IEnd, One Of the fasresi ends in fre: bvsiness, Manny was Yay. On ,nee receiving end of nnany Oi rhe ,Ong passes and qainefx a .O1 Of varfiaqe fu ,ne Greer Wave, Mann, wiik ber rnissinq wne-ii ,ho swasori sfaris again. PETERSON Hackle, Biii was a hard-'irfinq hcavy Qiawr ara was one Of ,nc slronqesf ,inks Of The fine, His sfeadv, dspwndabif- ii work aiu rnauf +C :im ficawn Hi-'A rinposiiigin 5 .arfiaqfa Inis is his ras' year. X O'BRIEN lcenfer, Praying ' , firsr wa' cf varsity fOO?OaNi, Bi, flea ri ,ns Cerner pOsi1iOn Iixe a veteran, As a reward for ,is inspirafionai OWavir'q 'iv ras been elf-cred YO can ,am fn' new war 5 e'-reven. HP wil! remriz for anO7r1z'r svasoii. MASON lFuIIback, Second ,earn AN,-Cdy -A Luiq bOrir,--crushing fulibackk ...wh Monk was Ore of Hn- besf in rms busirvss and scored rv,O5T of FrankNin's pOin's w"r ws Owviairq, Hu wi bm rnisscu nm? season. MCDONALD ,Head Manager, A5 re-au rra'-oqer, Ln-is w.iS in grirqe Of ai, TM' airh wrfrk Carryinq a,i The equipment ro ,nc qarnes, purnn- ing JO 'ocfzxuns ai.: Opiiq Countess Owner "rings, w z Ls-r. fm-k care: of Wflsr- Trinqs in qrc-af Own r, Q I . ga as am an-A MAXSON ,Fnrsf ieam manager, Ove Of rne nardesr wow?-Q managers Harb rin nis A snare of The uirry work, rc-ceivinq nO creoiv for ir. As? aw Oi' ,nv Oiawrs -Hvrkfs O. K. FLEMING ,Assis+an+ Manager, ' I ' V 4' l!Nf I , BROWN ,Assis+an+ Manager, is ,N I: W " BARKER ,Docfor, ,M Tapinq up anldes and wfisis, fixing CMS and bm5SPS -- and curling a im O: drier rninqs, C323 was We ijusies' or-rson in H10 cirossinzl room, 105 HIHFHFIHP SmiTh, O'Leary, Kelly, Thompson, RiTTer Kirk,' verail, vera , urrou . , urner E E ll B ghs B Gilchrisf, Wellons, Lynch, Sfaeqfer SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL Taking Their TirsT Two games by large scores, The Quaker scrubs goT OTT To a very good sTarT and led The league Tor a while. l-lowever, Thru graduaTion oT many oT The sTars To The varsiTy Team, The Team was weakened and losT several games, breaking even aT The end oT The season wiTh Three wins and Three losses. FROSH FOOTBALL Champions! Third sTraighT pennanT-winning, Trosh TooTball Team Tor Coach Reed. A greaT Team wiTh no one man doing all The work, buT every player work- ing TogeTher as one organizaTion. This Team will Turnish The TirsT Team wiTh lolenTy oT maTerial. Real champions, upholding Coach Reeds record oT no de- TeaTs in his pasT Three seasons as Trosh TooTball coach. Sunderland, Saunders Fasano, Farmer, Parker, Crawford, PriesTley BradTord, MaleTTa, Coulon, Baer, Bailey Smith, Foranceri, Vanvick, PraTT, Krupp Reed, Powell, Houde, Isaacson, Lennon Harrison, Gallow, Soriano, Todd, Kashawaga 106 MOSER lGuardl A close-checking, good passing player, Leo sTood ouT as The smooThesT hoopsTer in The league. Being a dead-eye from The cenTer of The floor, he was also well up in The scoring race. Leo graduaTcs. TIDRICK llzorwardl The smallesT and TasTesT player in The league, Kimber was The sparkplug of The Team. Always TighTing Till The Tinal whisTle, he won many of The games single handed. A real, scrappy liTTle player, he will be missed greaTly nexT year. RlTTER lGuardl A big, aggressive player, always in There TighTing for The ball, Hal Torced his way info The lineup. Alfhough noT much of a scoring ThreaT, Hal should be given crediT Tor many assisfs. He reTurns for anofher semes- Ter. WALKER llzorwardl A TasT, hard playing forward, Crane was The only one Tighring iT up every minuTe of The game. His spe- cialTy was a one hand shoT and he scored enough poinTs To be up among The leaders when The league ended. A real Tighfer. He graduaTes. MARSH llzorwardl Overcoming The handicap of a broken leg, Connie came back and broke inTo The Tirsl' sTring lineup. Though raTher slowed up by his leg, Connie played bang-up ball and goT his share of The poinTs. He re- Turns. DOSHEN lCenTerl All CiTy-Given The Task of filling Ed Lyford's shoes, Joe did This in greaT order. Using his "Fade Away ShoT" under The baskeT To greaT advanTage, Joe Tin- ished second in The scoring race and provided mosT of The Team's scoring punch. He reTurns. DAVENPORT leusfal A fasf breaking guard and a dead-eye on push shoTs, Bob was a classy player, Also being a close checker, Bob's man seldom .made any poinTs, Rainier Beach should be iusTly proud of This son. He will be missed nexT season. JONES ie-may Breaking info The lineup afTer The TirsT Three games, Al copped off a guard berTh for himself. Good aT handling The ball, Al oughT To have a cinch berTh for himself nexT year. He reTurns. SMITH lGuardl One of The highesT scoring guards in The league, Louie kepT The Quakers in The race by his running push shoTs from The side. Also no Slouch on The defense-he was The second besT checker on The squad. He reTurns. FOX lForwardl Using his six TeeT four To greaT advanTage, Phil smoThered The scoring eTTorTs of The besT The opposi- Tion had To offer, Besides being The finesT checker on The squad Phil also specialized in Taking rebound shoTs, He reTurns nexT season. KLEINOEDER lManagerl A hard-working manager, Ki has become an insTiTu- Tion around The dressing room. F-ew Towel-slingers ex- ceil Jhis producT of The HealThTul Hills of Rainier Beac . MAXSON IM-anegerl Pumping up balls, issuing and checking in suiTs, and slinging Towels on The side, Herb was The handy man around The gym and filled in The iob of manager To The leTTer. 107 41 , is Q g l A N c fig? ,5,. 1 -1 ,.. gh iggl , . I "fe ST .. -si ' sl'-TT ew for l 1 Q' as is bk 4 DH-HMP!!! Kirk Giazier, Massenga, Thompson Barker, Garbarino, Yates SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Srariing our erraiicly, raking Wesi Seaiile and dropping a game 'ro Lincoln, 'rhe Quaker Seconds kepi on Jrhe same way all ihrough +he season. Winning five. 'rying one. and losing six, rhe scrubs broke even in all iheir games. Alrhough never a serious pennani' conrender, Jrhe Green Wave proved To be a siumbling block for many oiher reams. SOPH BASKETBALL A second-place Team. Siariing our sirong and winning Jrheir way io The playoff for The championship, rhe Quaker Sophs were slrruck a mean blow in finding Jrhar one of 'rheir players was ineligible and had played and caused ihe forfeir- ing of several games. This was a Team +ha+ mer wiih plenly of rough luck, buf wiih Jrhe real championship spirii. Senyohl, Droveffo, Reed, Paulson, Hielmaa Nakagawa, Lynch, Fraser, Auge Flagg, Murphy, Shumann My ff fn U5 4: 3 o. fo E :T L1 , id G, gm 71 o - OJ . 2 rfvxisf W' cu 2. 75 Q ra CL ,TT Q U-Z Wm 3, go . -.- -f .401 O, ilvw ,QS -1 M2 Q mm nga 3 30 o 2 O J FROSH BASKETBALL Charnpionsl Second sTralghT pennanT winners. STarTing ouT wiTh green rnaTerlal, Coach Reed moulded IT lnTo a well-balanced Team ThaT swepT Through The schedule wlTh bu+ one deTeaT. WiTh plenTy of scoring punch, The Team always had some player "on" in ThaT parTicular garne, usually Gene Coulon who led all The Frosh scorers. PlenTy oT rnaTerial here Tor The TuTure oT l:ranlclin's basl4eT- ball hopes. YELL LEADERS The baclcbone oT The aThleTlc Tearns. Grganlzlng The greaTesT crowd lzranlclin has ever had ouT aT The TooTball games, These yell-leaders l4epT up The spiril ol The Tearn wiTh yells, cheers, and songs. IT was Through Their eTTorTs in geTTing The baclcing ol The sTudenTs ThaT puT The "TighT" inTo The players. Devln, Brerner, Sfmth Marx, Bowden 109 MP5--IlI'HI'I1V A 111 ll X ,, an-we i X TTI . . agar ,' X s j A Q I' B r i. X A ..,. . . , W i ' N T TQ A ti "':: m f s A x .,.,. , T? -,, A ,f Q :" . f M sg 4' e 5 99' ..,, , i TG! i f T f Q95 ' A'A 9 , wig' lx Q nm ", T Q, A . x ::": ,,,i' . Zzzli i 1 is MAGINNIS lMilel The classiesT miler in The ciTy, Dave has so far meT wiTh no real cornpeTiTion. Sweeping all The meeTs so Tar wiTh ease, noThing can keep This Quaker from winning The All-CiTy iT he geTs anywhere near The Time he made lasT year. This being his lasT year, Dave will be ouT To clean up. TULIP lWeighTsl Big, sTrong Roy Tulip of The TooTball Tame uTilizes his hefT by geTTing behind The shoT and pushing iT ouT To The far disTances. NoT oTT To a very good sTarT, neverfheless he was good enough To walk off wiTh TirsT honors againsT The Grizzlies Trom Queen Anne. WaTch This Quaker go places nexT year. DODD lSprinTsl Y Though only a soph, Frank can sure sTep along in The dashes and can beaT mosT all The TirsT Team sprinTers. However, up To press Time Frank Took parT in no TirsT Team meeTs and will noT do so Till aTTer The All-CiTy Sophomore meeT. Keep your eyes on This FrankliniTe and waTch him clean up in The All-CiTy in The nexT few years. MclNTYRE lHalT-Milel Running in his TirsT year of compeTiTion, Loren has done well in The half-mile. Being very inexperienced. he has a loT To learn in The arT oT covering The 880 yards. Already winning places, Loren will form parT ET The nucleus around which nexT year's Team will be ui T. BRAWLEY lSprin'l's and Relayl Showing his heels To The opposiTion, Bill has won a place in The sprinTs in every meeT so far. Besides run- ning in The I00 and 220 yard dashes, Bill also Takes Ferre of The anchor posiTion on The relay Team in good as ion. WILLIAMS lPole-VaulTl GeTTing off leaps over Ten feeT, Williams dominaTcs This evenT in The Quaker Track squad. By Taking TirsT place in The Queen Anne meeT wiTh a mighTy leap of Ten feeT Tour inches, he has already won his leTTer This year. SUNDERLAND lSprinTsl Running The IOO and 220 yard dashes fasTer Than many TirsT Team members, "Bu eye" can be considered a cinch To win a TirsT Team T:erTh. Only a Trosh, he will noT Take parT in any of The firsT Team meeTs unTil The All-CiTy Frosh meeT is over. PlenTy of fuTure maTerial in This frosh. SMITH l High Hurdles, AlmosT a cinch To win a place in every meeT, Louis is a sure poinT winner in The high Timbers Tor The Green Wave. AlThough noT The TasTesT, Louie does The evenT in crediTable Time. Only a iunior, he will reTurn Tor anoTher season of compeTiTion. FISHER llielayl Moving Those feeT of his wiTh plenTy of speed, George sure goes places when he packs The baTon as The Third man on The relay Team. Being only a iunior, George refurns nexT year and will be one of The main sprinT- ers on The squad. SOU FFAY lRelayl Second man on The relay Team, Leon sure has To pick up his feeT and go places, and he does iT in good order. EnTrusTed wiTh The job of keeping The lead or increasing iT, he never Tails. He will reTurn again nexT season. llO MARSH lMilel Taking The mile run as his specialTy, Connie of bas- keTbaIl Tame, covers The disTance in good Time. WiTh Maginnis usually Taking firsT, Norm Took Dave's place in The Queen Anne meeT and ran off wiTh TirsT honors. STALLCOP l Low Hurdlesl Among The besT of The Quaker hurdlers, Jack wasTes no Time when going over The low hurdles. Besides Timber-Topping, Jack Tries The sprinTs and has proved To' be no slouch in This evenT, Taking his Turn in The re ay. OLSON lSprinTs and WeighTsl The class of The league in The discus and among The besT in The shoT and The sprinTs, Mandy is The leading poinT-collecTor on The Quaker squad. GeTTing off The besT heaves wiTh The plaTTer so Tar, noThing shorT of a broken arm can prevenT him from Taking This evenT in The All-CiTy. DEMING H40 and Relayl Running The hardesT race of all, Bob covers The 440 in fasT Time. PlenTy TasT on The "hoof," Bob also Takes his parT in The relay, running as TirsT man. By Taking The 440 yard run regularly and giving The relay Team a good lead, when he ToTes The bafon, Bob brings home The bacon To Franklin. STUTFIELD lHigh Hurdlesl Sailing over The high Timber in good Time, Fred has shown himself To be The besT high hurdler on The Qua- ker squad. Having Taken noThing less Than TirsT places in every meeT up Till press Time, Fred is a serious conTender for a place in The All-CiTy meeT. Fred will reTurn To bolsTer The Quaker Track Team nexT season. LARSON lMilel Turning ouT in his lasT year, ClinT has already made his leTTer. He has had very liTTle experience in run- ning The long disTance, buT he is in There all The way around Trying hard To win a place. By being on a relay Team ThaT Took fourTh place aT The Relay Car- nival, ClinT has won his F. Nice going ClinT! BAILEY lShoT-PuTl T One of Those "beeg" sTrong weighT Throwers, Frank has been geTTing off some good heaves wiTh The Twelve pound shoT. By bein a member of The second place shoT relay Team aT The annual Prep Relay Carnival, Frank has his leTTer in his pockef. GARBARINO lHigh Hurdlesl A plenTy TasT hurdler, Leo has so far shown plenTy of abiliTy in The high Timbers. Usually leading all The way, "Peaches and Cream" mosT always has The Tough luck of Tripping over The lasT few hurdles. WiTh a liTTle more experience and pracTice, Leo may be con- sidered one of The leading hurdlers nexT year. BUCK lManagerl T The oTher half of ThaT hard-working pair of Track managers. George is usually down on The field every gg? keeping his eye on The Track equipmenT. He's CONWAY lManagerl ParT of ThaT hard-working cornbinaTion of Track mana- gers, Doug does his share in carrying hurdles, issuing suiTs, and oTher Track duT,ies. Ill ' Y 5 f ! fl if . ..,... W m . , y 764' Q M lk i "" 5 .. X Tl - ' , ,Q . - :aQ..-.15 " yea ,4 4 J x 1' rl! , ,Y -,., T? TT H' I sf T - 5' s. TT ' 'I 0 -T .zf -- 5 I 5 1 .5 16? I da! ,W . Tj DHllIFHI':'1P is Koller, Cushman, McCafferfy Bingley, Nichols Sunderland, Kiesweffer, Prail FROSH TRACK Coach Kirlc's frosh fracksfers should be righf around firsf place in fhe All-Cify rneef. Dennis Sunderland and Harvey Kiesweffer running in fhe dashes were favorifes fo bring home fhe bacon for fhe Wavelefs. Ofher favorife place- winners for fhe Quakers were: Praff, Cushman, McCafferfy, Bigley, Liplce, Sellers, and Forniciari. SOPHOMORE TRACK Like fhe frosh, fhe sophs qualified a greaf number of runners for fhe All-Cify meef. Led by Franlc Dodd, a fasf sprinfer who should have no frouble in faking bofh IOO and 220 yard dashes, fhe Quakers had as good an agqregafion as any in fhe prelirninaries for fhe All-Cify, wifh Garfield giving fhe closesf compefi- fiom. Shorr, McNamara Olson, Copeland, Heady, Murphy Flaqq, Van Horn, Dodd U" W ' . it WWW ki' s. H2 Hinds, Tudor Lagazzino, Richards, Royce Dean, Cerini, Knapp, Campbell Tegler, Norfon, Tegler GOLF TEAM Ending in second place Jrhis season, fhe Quaker golfers have ser a record of ending in The upper division for four seasons srraighl. Afler suffering several serbacks earlier in The season rhe Quakers came back srrong ro end up in second place. Congrarularions fo Coach Knapp for having such a good leam. TENNIS A Team of inexperienced players. Coach Laizure's rackeleers ended up in 'lhe cellar. The mosl' oursranding improvemenl of all on This squad was shown by Franklin Kelley, 'rhis year's firsl man. Only a sophomore, Kelley shows promise of going places before he is Thru. Miner, Kelly, Wilson, Shumann Toribara, Anderson, Laizure, Fowler, Schenck fv l D D 5 .. S ,-5 Q OH-lII"'lI': ,H ,,.,,,,, l 'iii wiki-T NQN E 11' I 2' , 'Q .ee X 4 A,2A , A ll so , i AA'A 1 if l T E M N . Se Xi' 15 gf I ' Q If X , me T eg, N s x X T X X , I 5. gg J jgii fp ,Y ,,., . I vi WT i X: ' :....,E. , ., .,.,. Z, Q g 56122 fx A .,,..,,,A ,,,A'A' " '59 mf of ff X O. KENNY lLefT Fieldl Combining fielding and hiTTing abilify, Oscar forced his' way inTo The Franklin lineup. HiTTing in The lead- off posifion Occie manages To puT himself on base rnosf every Time, and To daTe he has scored more runs Than any oTher player on The Team. Then, wiTh his sfrong arm he sure keeps any opposing player from Taking exfra bases on any ball hiT info his Terrifory. RITTER imghi rielal A real hard-Trying player, Hal plays heads-up ball every minuTe of The game. Being a wonderful fielder, he has kepT The sfands on Their feef by his specfacular cafches and robbed opposing players of sure home runs. Though raTher weak in hiTTing, no one Tries harder aT The plaTe Than Hal. CROTH ERS lSecond Basel lhe second besT hiTTer on The Quaker squad, El sure has been hiTTing The apple aT a Terrific clip. Saving mosT of his hiTs for The pinches, Eldon pracfically won many of The games single-handed by driving in runs wi.h his Timely hiTs. No greafer improvemenf in fielding has been made by anyone else. O'BRlEN lFirsf Basel Kepf ouT of The lineup for The firsT four games by a sprained ankle, Bill has come back wiTh a bang. Being able To hiT a curve ball as well as a sTraighT one, Bill is one of The mosT dangerous hiTTers in The league and smacks Them ouT in The pinches. Then, scooping up The wild ones, he rounds up as one classy firsf sacker. FORTE louffielderl Playing in any of The oufer gardens, Dom is a swell all-round ouTfielder. WiTh one of The besf arms on The squad, ForTe can Throw a sTrike from The ouffield and has esfablished himself as a very valuable de- fensive player. If he picks up a liTTle on his hiTTing, noThind on earTh can keep him off The firsT sfring. wesToN lPiTcherl As good a chucker as any in This league, Albie has done a swell iob in limiTing The hiTs of opponenfs, PiTching a one-hiT game againsf WesT SeaTTle, Albie has seT a mark for The oTher hurlers To aim aT. NoT since The days of ScoTT Fiscus, who chucked a no-hiT no-run game, has such a mark been sef. Albie de- serves a big hand. LEYRITZ lOuTfielderl lmpressino Coach Reed wiTh his hiTTing in The pinches, "Punch" has managed To break info The lineup. For- m riy a pitcher, he has been made over inTo an ouT- fielder because of Too many pifchers. WiTh sTill a couple years more To play he will be one of The mainsTays of The Quaker Team before he is Through. Here's Three cheers for This son of ATlanTic STreeT. BARABAS lshorfsfopl Only a sophomore, Phil broke info The lineup when Grove lefT school. Pasfing The old apple every once in a while and doing a good iob of handling The hof ones, Barb sure Tries hard and keeps in The game. WiTh Two more years To go, Phil will be a really classy shorTsTop before he gefs Thru wiTh Franklin. Here's hoping you go places. A. MALETTA lTl1ird Basel WiTh a good arm, Al knocks down The hoT ones and Throws ouT The runner. Off To a bad sfarf in hiTTing, Al iusT qoT sTarTed aT press Time and commenced pasT- ing The pill around The park. Always a dangerous hiTTer, he usually comes Through in a pinch and drives in The runs. Playing in his lasf year, we sure hope Al seTs up an impressive record. WAKE lRighT Fieldl Only a sophomore Turning ouT for The firsT Time, Dick broke info The lineup by sfanding in There and pasfing The ball. BaTTing in The pinches, Dick has managed To geT on base almosf every Time, finally scoring. WiTh plenTy of Time leff To play we sure miss our 'guesshif This Quaker doesn'T geT some place before e's T ru. ll4 A 4 GRIBBLE lCenTerfieldl Having The disfincfion of being The heaviesf hiTTer on The Quaker Team, Herb poles one ouT for exTra bases in every game. By puffing one in The wood yard near The Franklin field Herb has hiT The longesf hiT seen This year. Also Taking his Turn on The mound, Herb saved The Queen Anne game. Herb deserves plenTy of crediT for keeping The Quakers in The running. PARKER lCaTcherl Sfopping The curves and hoT ones behind The plaTe, J. B. has been doing a darn good iob so far. Though rafher weak in hiTTing, J. B. makes up for iT in his defensive play. Only a sophomore, he has succeeded in making The varsiTy for The second sTraighT year. SETH lFirsT Basel A very sfrong defensive player sfepped in and filled up The gap aT firsT base when Bill O'Brien sprained his ankle. Specializing in digging Them ouT of The dirT and sfrefching for The wild oegs, Ausfin kepf many an opponenl' from reaching firsT base. Only a soph, Auzie only has To pick uo in his hiTTing To geT in There regularly. WALKER lCaTcherl As good a cafcher as any in This league, Mickey has a wonderful arm and picked off plenTy of players Try- ing To sfeal second. Sfanding righf in There and Tak- ing his cuf, Crane sTarTed To hif abouT press Time, and we sure hope he faTTens his baffing average be- fore The season is over. Working hard all The Time, Mickey is O. K. T. MALETTA lPlTcherl Wifh a hopping fasf ball and some decepTive curves, Tony ranks among The besT chuckers in This league. Troubled wifh sfreaks of wildness, he oTTen geTs him- self in The hole. AITho only a soph, This "Sunshine Wop" will sure geT places before he is Through high school if he seffles down. LeT's gef going, Tony. KLEINOEDER lSecond Basel A good uTiliTy infielder, Ki sure knows his baseball, and is a mighTy handy man To have around The base- ball field. Taking over The iob of Third base coach, Ki has been doing a good iob of direcfing The base- runners. TORIBARA lHead Menagerl Managing The baseball Teams for The pasT four years, Taff is a fixfure on The ball field. ln addifion To The regular manager's iob he also has Taken over The po- siTion of firsT base coach for The ball Team. SORIANO lManagerl Working hard, "Rupe" has won himself a posifion as one of The managers of The ball Team. A good-nafured guy, he gefs along all righT wiTh The players. An- ofher producf of The Beach. Rainier Beach marches on. MlNAMl lManagerl By far The biggesf of The managers, bofh ouTward and upward, is The way Bananas sfacks up. NoT as hard working as The resf, perhaps, buT he is down on The field every nighf anyway. TODD lManagerl Though small in size, Tommy has more Than made up for his lack of heighf by working hard. AT The games he has Taken over The iob of guarding The baTs, and To daTe he hasn'T losT a single baT. ThaT's keeping your eyes open anyway, Tom. 115 T if , 4 .3 5 , T ""' T x ! Iii 7 ix : - nu any 'N Q92 T' T ig? S f 221, QF , i f M xx 7 N' ,f .X K Q + Terre ? T if 5 T X 'Sv nw, , -away. M14 I 4 5 I lo 9' :Z :QC .43 ,W . Tj QHIQFHFIHPQ GIRLS' SOCCER The soccer Jrurnouls were all well ailended, proving lhal There is pleniy of good rnaferial for nexl year's hoclcey Teams. Soccer is a Freshman sporl: GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL . Thru good 'ream work, The Juniors managed Jro lake firsi place in volleyball. Team members showed real fighling spirii which will prove valuable in nexl year's compeiilive sporls. . GIRLS' HOCKEY Seniors proved Jrhemselves oulslancling in all sporls, winning lhe hoclcey cham- pionship from +he Sophornores and Juniors. Hockey is lhe lirsl sporl of The fall season. GIRLS' BASKETBALL ln spi1'e of close cornpefifion wilh 'rhe olher classmen, 'rhe seniors were able +o end lhe season as viclors. Baslcefball season always brings ou'r enfhusiasfic groups of girls for Jrurnouls. Dt"1:I4HI'IdP Z lfllorl eflorl, efforl Chugs lhe molor Of The old harbor lug. The Tug on windless olays When ils chugs are audible lo The shore Suggesls lo lhe heedless. cradled cily A philosophic lesson Wilh Hs Effort ellorl, ellorl. Bul on noisy days Hs chugs remain As iusl anolher homely vibralion of lhe cily l 1 il 5 . ll' III 9 111 O 'Ill lllllll 111 Of 5 24 145 N Vg 6 C UUCFP5 1 PAT TAMMANY NORMAJANE VALERIE ELLIS Recording SecreTary GOES'-'NE Pregidenf Vice-Presidenf PEGGY STRONG SERALDINEWILLIAMS Treasurer Corresponding SecreTary MISS M. MCCARNEY Adviser GIRLS' CLUB Willing service, unselfishness, democracy, chariTy, and aTTainmenT of The requi- siTes Tor ideal womanhood, are The aims OT This organizaTion. Aside Trom iTs regular TiTTy-Tour commiTTees, The club underTalces such ouTs'rand- ing proiecTs as vocaTional conferences, The lv1oThers and DaughTers' banquet The Vodvil in coniuncTion wiTh The Boys' club, parTies and enTerTainrnenTs Tor The pleasure of The girls, and sTudenT guidance. These acTiviTies form a parT OT The exTensive program carried ouT by The Girls' club. - A"' " 1 DON BAKER DAVE MAGINNIS eEOReE DOUGHTY PresidenT Vice-PresidenT Recording Secrefary ERWlN MILLER KARL MAHR ' Corresponding Treasurer - SecreTary MR. H. D. JOHNSON Adviser BOYS' CLUB FosTering a spiriT OT loyalTy and service To Franklin, The Boys' Club was very acTive This year. The club, in coniuncTion wiTh The Girls' Club, sponsored a WaTer Carnival, a Vodvil and published a Greenboolc. IT also gave a FaThers and Sons' BanqueT, and a Boys' Club BrealcTasT. QGEF9 V Co X XXXX Q gi XXX i5 'QB 3 Q if O In The splendid way in which he direcTed The boys, Mr. H. D. Johnson, The new adviser, showed himself To be excellenTly TiTTed Tor his posiTion. ,.o UGEFH Snyder, Mchlamaray Graff, Siarkey, Moline Lewis Griffin Fowler Doyle, Maccliia, Minardi, Di Donalo Macchia, Roselle, Coccione IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE As one of The mosl beauiiiul high schools in Ihe cily, Franlclin is indebled io ifs Improvemenf commilrlee who are conslanlly encouraging and aiding in keeping lhe building and grounds more alrraclrive. Commiilee members de- voie sludy periods for inspeciing The building and seeing lhar everylhing appears well. USHERS AND DOORMEN COMMITTEE A vilal parf of every school producrion Ihar seldom rehearses buf always worlcs oul' successfully is lhe Ushers and Doormen commiilee under lhe ad- visership ol Mr. R. Knapp. The same members work Ihruoui Ihe year, serving Iirsi al lhe Vodvil and laslly al The graduaiion exercises. I22 Quigley, Johnson, Pedersen Turner, Gallant, Kolslad, Cleave Hogan, Summers, Ware LUNCHROOM COMMITTEE General supervision of The lunch lines, decoralring The lunchroonn al holiday lime are lhe dulies of lhe ioinl Boys' and Girls' lunchroom cornmillree. This cornrnilfee worlcs wilh Mrs. Kolslad and under The advisership of Miss Quigley. CULTURAL ARTS COMMITTEE Thru The Cullural Arls Bullelin, Franklin learns of currenl news concerning The finer arls as music, recilals, exhibifs, books, and drama of The loesl Type. The Cornrnillee under The advisership of Miss Sheldon edils This loullelin every Two weelcs. T23 4nmCI"c'r Jolly Brave As any ship can be ls she. Bur she yearns To be oul of lhe slully harbor Oul on The sally wafer. There she can leap Wilh lhe waves And defy The winds. l-ler crealcinq sides Belray her emolions For a ship wilh a soul Is she! Jolly Brave As any ship can be ls she. . A v BARBARA STRODOFF BOB DAVENPORT CT-TLOE WTN6 MISS BENNETT PresidenT Vice-PresidenT Sc-crefary Adviser HONOR SOCIETY The only schoTasTic organizaTion in Franklin is The I-Tonor SocieTy. To Miss BenneTT, advisor oT The ciup, is due much oT The crediT Tor The progress and growTh OT The socieTy, The oTTicers aTso deserving Their share Tor Their help in promoTing inTeresT. Considering The unusuaTTy high sTanderds seT Tor The club, The membership has made a connparaTive increase. T27 a A A VN -will' V If .B 'e-S 3 Hunfer, Rulan, Anderson, Mitchell, Hagerslrom, Johnson, Hamada Jensen, McClelland, Garrison, Lewis, Carl, Johnson, Bigham Garrison, Robinson, Williams, Lines, Ware, Jenkins, Mole Shaw, Collier, Downs, Dibb, Rurl, Deslcs, Harrison, Srnades Smilh, Sernple, Carrey, Miller, Berrucci, Duncan, Flynn, Cornish QUAKER MAIDS Those girls who have earned an "F" are eligible lo lhe Quaker Maids provided lhey are willing lo prornole lhe ideals of ihe club, good sporlsmanship, higher physical efficiency and a lrue inleresl in aihlelics. A radical change was made in lhe uniforms This year. The uniforms are while as formerly bul a slip-on inslead of The coal sweaier is used. The Quaker Maids were hoslesses for lhe All-Ciry Lerrer Girls' 5 H AW - A d V55 r annual breakiasi which was ai Franklin, Among lheir o'rher maior aclivilies were ihe promolion of l-lealrh Y Week and 'rhe lvlolhers and Daughlers' banquet f uzz y, Q ' Vbl, I vs A: I r i.,' fi 128 I Pelerson, Berglund, Fifield, Everall, Thompson, Vlfalker, Baker Olson, Bennell, Everall, Slorey, Riggs, Pederson Smirh, Hanson, Marsh, Cobb, Miller Doughiy, Fleming, Kenney, Wesfon, Kenney, Chaffee Barker, Merrill, Trafhen, Mahr, Maginnis , HI-Y CLUB The purpose of The l-li-Y club is 'ro creale, mainlain, and exlend lhruoul Jrhe school and communily high slandards of Chrislian characler. Encleavoring +o fulfill lhis creed 'rhe club aids in chariry work such as making our Thanksgiving and Chrislmas baskers for Jrhose in need. Members manage and ofliciale al grammar school 'rrack meels. They also serve cocoa al infer-high school fool- ball games. The lealure ol lhe year's social aclivi- lies was lhe Molhers and Sons' banquel' given in Adviser -TRATHEN honor of 'rhe morhers. All members of lhis organiza- lion are carefully chosen and compose rhe leaders of Jrhe school. XV f-2 IJ B Ribs UGCFP5 Thomson, Bailey, Hill, CrawTord Bremer, Mulholland, McCloy, Nishimura, Heaclv, Elshin Sholfens, Woslcoif, Bailey, Paulson, EllioT Pearson, BoneTTa STAMP CLUB Those To whom philaTely is a hobby Tind The STamp club a place To aucTion and exhibilr Their sTamps. Cne oT The ouTsTanding achievemenTs OT This club was To exhibiT The collecTions oT The members In The show case. COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose oT The Commercial club is To prepare commercial sTudenTs Tor The TuTure by bringing Them inTo conTacT wiTh business men oT various indusf Tries. This is one oT The mosT acTive clubs in school. 130 Seeger, Laizurex Taylor Joes, Sorngmx Cousirs. McClf:, Nishirnum Johansen Anderson Nishiiriu CHESS CLUB Thru lhe conlinuous inleresl in chess on lhe parl of a group of sludenls, chess players lrorn seven high schools have organized a Chess League. Franklin is well represenled in lhe lournanwenls each year. Members of lhis club nneel al any odd lime and if Mr. Laizure, lhe adviser of The club, is nol olherwise occupied, he loo, ioins in lhe game. THRIFT CLUB Under lhe supervision of lhe Thrill cornmillee and cooperalion of lhe sludenl body, Franklin has been able lo keep second and lhird place in lhe Thrill race among lhe nine high schools. This cornrnillee also issues lhe weekly lhrill bullelins. 131 UGCF6 Lyforcl, Holloman, Johnson, Birrell, Bishop Larson, Mohr, Gamble, lke Moore, Holm, Jacobson, Rawson, Day Oland, Corner, Sfeen, Eshom, Kliavin STAMP PLAN COMMITTEE The funclion of This commillee is lo lake charge of The counlring, clislribuling and accounfs of The newly adoplecl slamp plan by which school aclivilies are now financed. Sfamps are on sale in roll rooms one day each weelc. FRENCH CLUB One of +he largesl clubs is lhe French club having a lisl ol I5O members. Each monlhly meeling is conducled in French, and plays, speeches, ancl songs form a parl of 'rhe program. The club has collecled many French pamphlels and books of which Jrhey have formed a library. 3 Bachmeyer, Flagq, Naf'f, Wedln, Nelson, Jensen, Moore, Boneflo Putnam, Sufro, Dice, Allen, Jolly, Summers Marslan, Speidel, Caughey, Reisinger, Mason LIBRARY Twenly library sludenl' assislanls work in 'rhe library, checking and shelving boolcs each day. The library, under lhe supervision of Miss Caughey, circu- lales 250 books daily. SPANISH CLUB The aim of Jrhe Spanish club is lo creale an inreresl for lhe Spanish language. Each mee+ing's program was well planned, plays were presenled, oulside per- sons spolce in Spanish and relreshmenls were served. KEEPS WUCF5 Coffin, I-loldsworih, Kueblcr, Henderson, Cook Tudor, Wilson, Nicholsl Wiiliarns, Barfnula Colcock, Johnson, Birrell STAGE FORCE As one of Jrhe invisible forces in all produclions lhis group aims lo perlecl lhe Jrechnical side of every show. Ils work is nol confined lo maior school presen- lralions bul also lo assemblies and club rneerings. GERMAN CLUB The newly organized German club, under The advisership ollV1r.Jaclcson,o1LFers opporlunilies for German sluclenls lo loecome more aclepl in lhe usage ol lhe language. 134 Boslwck, Lean, Llnoberg, Lockhorn, Brougham Hall, Hull, Taylor, Hfvrim, Royce, Wlnq Williams, lnwbcrq, Wallington! Malsusakn, Ware, Rnwfiu TUSITALA CLUB The club is composed ol lhe schools lilerary asplranls. This organizallon orig- inaled The hrsl' annual All-Cily Wrilers' conference. This year's conferences were held al Queen Anne and Lincoln. SERVICE CLUB The purpose ol The club Is lo creale and rnalnlaln aboul lhe school a Friendly splril of service lo olhers, manage games ,lo lceep lhe playlield in good condi- lion, and lo do lhe besl wilh whalever job ls assigned lo Jrhem. 135 - HUCF9 Emerson, Wiliiams, Wiiiiarns, Baie, FaIIahee, Hannah Abci'naIhy, Johnson, WhiTworTh, Cohan, RidcouT CIose, Wihiams, Johnson, Rman, Macdonald, Jensen Dcning, Hogan, Waddeh, SmiTh, Hughes, WeIIons, WiIIiams Birre'I, Logan, RicIcoTTs, WiiIiams, Johnson, MacdonaId Robson, Thompson, Dyer, GIahe, Ware EXPERIMENTAL ONE-ACT PLAY COMPANY The company gives experience To persons inTeresTecI in any phase oT produc- ing, eiTher Technical or dramaTic work. The club has given Tour perTormances, aII enThusiasTicaIIy received by The sTucIenT body. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUBS These clubs meeT in The mornings, They Take parT in many oT The school pro- grams and also in The opereTTa. The Cloggers anal NaTuraI Dancers are cIirecTeoI by Miss Shaw and The Tumblers and I:oIIc Dancers by Miss Cornish. I36 UPTON ORATORICAL CONTEST WhaT promises To be one oT The mosT imporTanT school acTiviTies is The UpTon Medal ConTesT, sponsored by our own Mr. UpTon. Four medals are presenTed each year, Two Tor The boys and Two Tor The girls. The selecTions oT The boys are mosTly oraTorical while Those oT The girls are monologues. The conTesT is open To anyone in Franklin and oTTers a wonderTul opporTuniTy Tor Those who wish To enTer The Tield. This years winners were, Frances Summers and Valerie Ellisg STuarT la Ville and Edward De Felice. QGEF3 FRANCES SUMMERS STUART LaVILLE VALERIE ELLIS ED DeFEL!CE second place second place MR, UPTON 'Q-I The gallanT lcnighT OT The seas- Who combaTs The perils OT The deep Who carries The oaTh- The oaTh OT service To all craTTs OT The sea ls The coesT guard- The modern kniqlw Of The sees. 1 T ns 5l"'lDClIPI'l"I'l"l cgflwx fb, 0 Usrssrsfg CE i I 'X' f l O K En, t if "Q iyfiis X 51332, 2 M! N . W - gf, M Q HCCARNEY so lx PNRK? rhifw ' Q 'Q X Q Qi-m, ' PAUL ' I' ya 7 Coozs.f-wo EJ O 1 X MALC S. x. K x GRIFHN N 43 4 MREEQQN I 522 gg? , fx. y , 3 KEUBLER if mf uf - - 2 gh Foxifgdfjl I. N 1: 'Eg B Q Q v LACKNELL ,Q 9 ' fl ,jg 6- A ' W iw ffgeig ' Qs QR X E m Q N 6 U Q ANNA UAUGHEQW SQQON ff f V K Q O41 ' 1 L - f ' M . A HMB " 'HAHA ' Q' ' ' f f ' QNX' ,Q O 'N JZCEJQN RESTEIQXEEG 5 .1 : 5 ,390 ' -2. ' 1 1 'V' K 1, N 1 Q 2? X W N 5 X ff- X v7 'g . . no li- Q 0 . ' ' -Yiwu KCI-IOOL DIGNITARIES oo NAUTICAL 140 X I XX Nxxxx an K n. XX xx Q. x Q X X N Tug 1 f Q 'A' N M X xxxxkgxx .QR D I f If A 'IQ V Q? 'IW Q - X L 4 bs 4 X W Nw I' N . 1 QALL Fooggmn L Tw - NX T? O -x 4-1-mo" O 'OECD 'f B K, Q A ff I -A KIRK ANO REED HELMSMAN TRATHEN HQQAVE THEIQ own TAKES THE WHEEL LINES OF THE 6000 SHIP A FRANKLIN N J E QE-P ,E K BEQGEQ. , he - Tv '35 5 fix x - A fn DAVYJONES Nfl, , if wonvson F if 2 I 2 .YL 0.0.00 Kfx 0945 Wk N . X 0.953 5 1 ' uxj , X Q Menmurrno X A 0 runs f SHA B15 ZZA FlFIELD mo STRONG, ,Wk ' HEAVE THE ANCHOR, ,L f -yr WHILE CLASS Avvnseszs Q ,LF " M16-RMH HUNTER AND D HENY M ' AWAIT 'FHE1Q Tuim. . . .O K 5-L -IPF! 5 GPH E Ol'HEC"'1PI'l'I'Hl . 'i2Of25ZQ1 I ' LQ Vx ONE? fi fx ,7 3 N 4W1'2gf2"'fl? Y X x KG! ffm-'sf' N x 5109 FOOx.xNCJ yx TN-XM' NXIHO 1 N103 O ' CHXLDM! . 'WW qgvvm' WD vom X S , X 6 . f. 1 X' f NENT? 1 Sf -'Z Y cs, Ry- gl j ' Z- ,J X W ,.'.o' Ag., . 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QUAKER5 DOVN INDIANS IN FIRST GAME OF SEASON 3 LL. , ," M-:?'?,'f' f ix. .9-P' " ' 'S' 75 . VEB I X TH AN IBIS ' CA I f 1 ff!!! ,fa QR, 0521:-fxqg 7 f .X J X .qi X Isrunzs suns T? I scv4ooL Lx. an f.a..j .Q CD -V Q Q WE B 'R iq ,ULD x " Q ' if- 09 f l ' A Q 5555 ,S D0 YO bf-UHV 1 who IS THE BASEQALL 'Wf"M"'?- Q2 va 10 gg X BUIJBOLIERS SPRINS OPEREUA fN IW Zi -' 'ss , 147 QHBEIIPMH Qwxkkxmxxv Q, sxxxxx ing S . Xikxxxxsm Q 5 I I I I 5 4 'P ,ob D 'Z r ' Q' ..o THE SUPPLY MEAT CO. , Qualily Meal Supplies for Our Lunchroom ELio+ 8755 l926 Pike Place WEED'S PHARMACY , M. A. WEED, Ph. e. Fancy Ice Cream Orders Taken Here EASI' 7730 JUST PHONE EAs+ I2OO 26Ol Jackson Sfreel THESE COMPANIES HELP TO MAKE OUR LUNCHROOM THE BEST IN THE CITY ,K 84 W Frui'r Company . . Iv1ueller's Food Producls Co. Barnes Baking Company . Occidenl Baking Company . The Bradner Company . . The Palace Fish and Oysler Co. . . IOO8 Wesrern Avenue : : 8I3 7+h Soulh : I I22 28+h Avenue 29I4 Weslern Avenue I208 Weslern Avenue 8 I9 Railroad Avenue S. 148 Pacific Emblem and Manufaduring Co. MAKERS on PINS Fon THE cLASS op '33 407 Collins Building MAin 354I Second ai James II-he IBQGIIMCQIFCIII CANVAS FOOTWEAR BASEBALL GOODS TENNIS GOODS JANTZEN BATI-IING SUITS GOLF CLUBS AND BAGS W RALSTON STUDIO Official Plwolograper for The Tolo Annual of I933 Naiional Bank of Commerce Building MFHBCIIIPFHH IvIAin 8585 Second aI' Spring 5 1 f v . I fa x , Pl TQ N G Q lil -' 4 "Wk ' wi .v' 'by'-a-724-54 - "'g . ,fn :-S Q -, 0 f i r . ': H. . Wg . w4A..- 1,3 :.,,-.'.S,.-.wif w L.-.--5: '3.p1-'rg 5 aim' r ims, 9 H76 I 00 ' 5 H -University, College and High ..' 5 School Annuals-require fine workmanship in all phases of their production. k Superior Engraving Company pledges close cooperation in the planning of your Annual 5 and Engravings which are if truly superior. pi 3 ia l 5' Q SUPERIOR. EHGRHVIIIG co. 9 R COFTSOLIDFQTIOF1 OF novervrlsens enonavnnc co. E Fm.Lon enonnvlnc. co. 815 FLOOR l4l7' 411' FIVE. BLDG.'SE'HTTL-E ff Q l- ' , Y V7 2 .VW s ,Alt ' 71 ' 2 N 2 ' b ' x ff Q ,Q --iw ' I si . ., v lg, ag! Printing of Distinction FRANK MCCAFFREY'S cme Press ff Seattle i 801 Fourth Avenue as-I 3 , N I CG! U cf' qc x 0 x' - U O el' Literature I - Composition I Literature II Composition II Literature III Composition III Literature IV Literature V Oral Exnresswn I Oral EXDMSSIOH I1 News Writing I INews Writing II composition IV Latin I Latin II Latin III ILatin IV Latin V Latin VI Latin VII Latin VIII 3, French I Ffellffh II Ffench In fFl'011U11 IV French V IFrench VI French VII French VIII O Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV Spanish V I Spanish VI Spanish VII Spanish VIII 3, German I German II German III German IV German V 3 German VI German VII German VIII U Algebra I or Algebra II or Geometry I Geometry II Am. History I Algebra III Algebra IV 2 Mathematics I Mathematics II World History I World History II Physics 1 IAm, History 11 IT,-igonometry - Community Life Vocational Civics I I Egonomiqs 0 i 'P if' R' General Science I Gen al Science II Botany I 'Botany II Chemistry I Physics II I ac lc lm I Physiology I Zoology I Zoology II Physics IIIH I 3 1 AChemistry , Pegimiinship and C ercial Eng. Stenography I Stenography II I Stenograpliy III Stenography IV Dc ng . I I Co rcial Law Jr. Bus. Training I Jr. Bus. Train. II ICom. Geography fTypewritipZ I Typewriting II Typesyriting III Typewriting IV . mme I HBookkeepmg I Bookkeeping II Bookkeeping III Bookkeeping IV , Office Training I Office Training II I1getai1ASell.?ng I Retail Selling II , om. rit t'c Art I Art II Art III Art IV Art VI 'Art VIII I me 1 Art V Art V11 , I teri l i Lettering Design Poster Design Leather and Book W od Block I i General Craft Binding X Pottery or Pottery or Pottery or I Modeling I I Modeling II I Modeling III I I Art Metal I ' Z Clothing I Clothing II Clothing III Clothing IV I O Foods I Foods II Foods III Millineiyc t I Trade Millinery IS?-nior 133021 Senior Clothing I Z , Costume ons . 1 ouseho gm. I - Elementary Me- fMachine Draw. I Machine Draw. II 1Auto Repair II Auto Repair IV 3 A I 7' chanical Drawing , I , O Wood Tu ' g fArchitect. Draw. I 1Architec. Draw. II Auto Repair III ' 3' +'Boat ,2 ,, . ' Z g Lette mg I ng I I I - +Cabinet Making I ICahinet Making II i ' I O General Metal +Boat Building I V Boat Building II I I Eiootrmuy I machine shop 1 IMaomne shop 11 I Printing I Printing II I 'Pattern Making ' Electric y II Auto Repair I CSi Music III lH V 1 Singi Sing mony and mony of Music M sic and Trainingl Trainingl ' I Trainingl Trainingj Interpretationl Interpretation! I eyboara H H I I mony I in ny Orchestra, Jr. Orchestra, Sr, I Glee Club GQ Cr.l I Band Ilia Cr.J 152 I I ester. Bookkeeping may not he taken before the 5th sem SE Training, I and II are prerequisites: otherwi SS ine Bus 'HJr. 1

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