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'X K FRANKLIN TCDLCD ANNUAL I93I FRANKLIN IIIQII SCIIQQI SEATTLE, WASHINGTON FQREWCRD RAVE pioneer hand, We exalt you, True sons ol the border West, Who, with hearts alire, With eager desire, Went forth on a noble quest. Faith ever impelling You onward, Qler a wide uncharted sea, You learlessly sailed -l-o this Western land, Where lreedom's winds Blow lree. -DAVID FALLON. Like the pioneeris life-a kaleidoscope of cvents?following each other in quick succession--touched by hardships and heartaches-iyet in the end crowned with successfso has been the 1930-31 year at Franklin-wiir ning teams higl1 scliolarshiplgreater dramatics--closer student friendship-cheerful faculty e0operation new successful social events -hard work and clean sport-Ya year of precious memoriesbnow, at the close--the 1931 Tolo Animal Staf'f1-presents a greater graphic his- tory--this-the 1931 Tolo. DEDICATIGN l I To Lillian Fowleriour class adviser-Qthrough four years at Franklin 1-dependable-ever willing-ready at all times with helpful sugges- tions-ready to try something new-inever tiring-lending a guiding handlyet never forcinglhelping to make better, more useful citizens of us-Lto her who has helped so-to make the Class of ,31 outstanding- in all parts of school lifekthe Franklin student body-proudly dedicates the 1931 Tolo. .vs IN MEMCDRIAM the classmates who have beeri called from us-that memories of them may riot die-that their good deeds and companionship-may be remembered and cher- ished-such may thishum- ble reminder-help 'fo do for those of our comrades -who have passed oh- before completing high school-with us. SHICENO SHIGEMURA ANTHONY VAIVADAS Q CGNTENTS PERSQNNEL FACULTY SENIORS jUNIORS SOPHOIVIORES ERESI-IMEN ACTIVITIES FINE ARTS THE PRESS ATHLETICS QRCANIZATIONS SCI-IDOL SPIRIT L Q w , Situated on a rise?-the school stands outllike a mighty symb01H-beckoning to after four yearsiare equipped to face life and the future-it is a symbol of learning .,...........:.w..,.....,,.,..,.Y.t..fW...,,...,....v,.,,. . .,....,.-.,,,,.,.v.w......,M.W.,., A... W-, W Mn. ,WM F NX Q. qi ..-M....., . , kt.: 1 m ff 'S '12 3- ? ,wx ALL ,c of higher education-+within its portals--so that those who go out from itl :tingly dedicated-W-to that master craftsman, scientist, thinker-Benj amin Franklin. THE WEST CAMPUS--School is not all work-here on the west side of the building -under the poplar trees--many happy hours are spent-the sun in the western sky --in midafternoon--casts a golden glow --over the western front-of the beauti- ful building. i I , , , , m POPLARS AND COLUMNS-students coming from the VVeSt-athletes going to and from practices-all walk down this lane -Hzlnked on one side by POPIUTS1-illld on the other by the tall, slender white columns -of the stately building-an avenue of beauty-at fitting entrance. 5 FROM THE NORTHFYM the day length- ens into 1'l'lidilft61'l!0OI1 21l'1d the sun starts its downward courscw-fin the VVestwfits last slzmting rnysilmthv the north C11fl'Zi11CC --in :L golden lightfslmzulows creep axcrobs the lawn-deny is done. PIONEERSTHOW as then--blazing a trail to higher education--the faculty- older and experienced-seniors--ready to take their places in the battle of life-all the others working toward the day--when they, too, step out into the world. PERSONNEL W I I v. N N1 ' A t .W . 1 lk 51112351122 'ai if A -:75:wf:sfw,.,fw..fA-5 -m.tt7:'S-ffffw,-,- is -f .. A I I Q ,.,', Z A W' 1 1... Q 5 S' I 194 Q N ii A ' V ll as 4 A ,Q J Y if ' - 5 'L R . ' JOSEPH A. REED SIDNEY P. TRATHEN Principal Vice-Principal Helpers--giving their aid to the studcntbodybexperts in their linesiimpai-ting their knowledge to othersl that they may be better fitted to meet life upon graduation -courses offered go from fine arts to trade subj ects- in which hand as well as mind is trained-clubs work under their guidance--school activities have their never-failing support-qtaking active interest in the school-helping to fan into flame-the smoldering Franklin spirit- the Faculty. MRS. COOPER, Secretary LOIS CAUGHEY, Librarian University of Nebraska, A.B. MRS. LOLA HALL. Study A. University of Xvashington, A.B. 5 ,, ,, , I - ,. Q. , s .I J i . W5-r r ELDA ZUCCONNI, Assl. Svc'y Franklin '28 MRS. BELCHER, Study B. Michigan University, A.B. MRS. STOCKS. Study A. .flssislant Seventeen FACULTY Eighteen English Department RALPH R. UPTON, Head Yale. A.B,, A.M.: Columbian, LL.B., LL.M. RUTH BAILEY Oberlin, A.B.: Adviser of Stamp Club LUCY BARNES University of Wasliington, A,B,, A,M. PAUL COPELAND Whitman College, B.S., Tolo Photographer . CAlso in History Departmenlj MILDRED FIRTH CROCKETT University of XVashington, B.A., M.A. MALCOLM GRIFFIN University of Texas, B.A., A.M., LL.B. Adviser Improvement Committee and Debate ROBERT HANDY University of Minnesota, B.A,, Bus. Adviser Tolo XVeekly CAlso in Mathematics Department? LILA HUNTER University of XVashington, B,A. NAN JARDINE University of Washington, Adviser Make-up Committee RALPH JOHNSON University of Kansas, A.B. Editorial Adviser Tolo Weekly QAlso in History Department? HELMA KEUHN University of Vlfashington, A.B. Chairman Charm and Costume Committees LYDIA LINDBERG Cariton College. A.B., Adviser Tusitala Club MARION McMASTER University of Oregon, B.A. EILEEN O'LEARY University of Vkishington, A.B., Dramatic Coach SARAH SHELDON Smith College, A.B., Adviser Cultural Arts Committee LOUISE STRONG DePauw University, B.A., Adviser Sophomore Class History Department NOAH DAVENPORT, Head University of XVashington, A,B, EMMA KASSEBAUM University of Michigan. A.B. DOUGI.AS KIRK University of Washington, l3.B.A. Athletic Conch KATHERINE LENTZ University of Washington, A.B., A,M. AUDLEY MAHAFFEY University of Washington, B.A., M.A. RALPH REED University of XVnshington. A.B. Athletic Conch BYRON SAMUELSON University of XV:ishington. AB.. A.M. CONRAD SCI-IIRMER University of Dakota, A.B., XVashinglon State, AAI, Commercial Department FRANK BAILEY, Head University of XV.1shington, AB.. A.M. Adviser Commercial Club EDWIN BISHOP University of Vkhshington, ILA. LILLIAN LOYVLER Gregg Shorthand School, Adviser Senior Class MARGARET GORMAN Michigan State Normal, Olivet College. Gerrit Institut CLAUDE JACKSON London College. Zanerian Art School Dallas Business University STELLA WICGRATH Gregg Normal School, Adviser of Freshman C and Social Service Committee RUTH STEVUART University of Washington, B.A. in .Iournalism LELA XYALTERS University of XVashington, A.l3. L. lass FACULTY Nineteen FACULTY Twenty Science Department GRANT LAIZURE, Head Ohio State University, A.B.. M.B. Adviser of Science Club, Chess Club and Tennis Team HARRY BENSEN Washington State B.S. University of Washington, Adviser of Aviation Club MAY CHAMBERS University of Washington, B.A. Alumni Association Adviser A. M. DAUGHERTY University of Washington, B.A. PHILIP EVATT University of Washington, B.S. Adviser of Service Club MARGARET MeCARNEY University of Washington, B.A., M.A. Adviser of Girls' Club WALTER RESEBURG Ripon College. B.A. Adviser of Boys' Club and Filipino Club. Foreign Language Department GEORGE M. JACKSON, Head Yale, A.B., Leander Clark College EDITH P. BENNETT University of Illinois, A.B. Adviser of Honor Society MARGUERITE DUVAL University of France, B.A. Adviser of French Club LOU ELLA HART University of Washington, A.B.. M,A. Adviser of Debate Club JEANETTE PERRY Smith College, A.B. Adviser of Spanish Club AGNES QUIGLEY University of Washington, B.A. Adviser of Spanish Club Physical Education Department RALPH KNAPP Y. M. C. A.. B. P. E. Coach of Golf Team CATHERINE ROGERS University of Washington, B.S. Girls' Athletic Coach ANNABELLE SHAW University of Washington. B.S. Adviser of Girls' "F" Club Arts Department CHARLOTTE BISAZZA Pratt Institute, University of Colorado, New York University, University of XV:ishington Art Adviser of Tolo Annual ANTHONY CALES University of Vilashington, B.S. HAROLD HOWES, Head Master Mechanic GRETCHEN SHAW University of Washington, B.Ii.A. Adviser of Tolo Annual GEORGE SCOTT London, B.S. Mathematics Department MILDRED BIGLOW Montana State College, B,S. I-IARRIETT DOHENY University of Washington. B.S. MINNIE JOHNSON Knox College, B.S. Adviser of Thrift Club HELEN KUEBLER Carleton College, B.S. Adviser of Stage Force AGNES REMLEY Iowa State University, B.A. WILLIAM SMITH DePauw University. B.A. Home Economics Department GERTRUDE RINEHART, Head Colorado University, B.S. Pratt Institute GENEVIEVE WARNER University of Washington. B.S, Adviser of Quaker Tea Room LENA XVILSON University of Washington, B.S. Adviser of Junior Class Music Department LAWRENCE BLACKNELL University of Washington. B.I7.A. Music Director MARJORIE PIDDUCK University of Washington. B,E.A. FACULTY 5 Twenty-one Rl'1ADY'l'O STEPoutns11-:ndcrs---witlm em PCIIICZIHOXI bs-himl tl1C'Ill iIldillllitillllf' K'Ulll'- agrv HlCil'S ufJIlYVill'dlu tlwir c1'yA-ilu-y Sfilllll wzlcly to tukc what this world Ixus io offer----1n0clc'1'11piolwersv 'fzwing lift fem'- lcssly. SENIGRS 5 ,Q GERSHON SANDS GRUGER XV N Maurice Gershon .. Y,,..,,, Valedictorian John Gruger ,.... , Class Choice Betty Sands Y,.,. ,..,,, S alurarorzan Jane XVing ,,,..... Y,YY, f aculty Chorce Leaders in seholarshipialways dependable, honest, accurate, energetic, earnest, reliable, competent-continually striving, attaining, carrying on?willing to work, to accom- plish, to contribute knowledge-doing thor- ough work-Sbuilding solid foundation4- Twenty-four minds well developed, keen, quick to function because of steady application of faculties, habitual diligencef-students ready for service, with ability to see things through- ahounding in practical skill, contending for scholastic honors, for cnlightment-students who bring highest recognition to Franklin. I93I ' ' I5 M- 5? 5 F 1 1 Q DUNCAN HENDRICKS HANSEN SXVENSON NELSON FOWLER Edwina Hendricks, ..... ,,,,.,,,,,,, P resident Lois Nelson .,,.,.,,,, Treasurer Jessie Mae Duncan.. ..,,,,, Vice-President Lucille Hansen ,,,,. ,Y.,. I Jublicity Mgr. Edith Swensonw ....,,,,, Secretary Lillian Fowler Y,Y,, Y,Y..,,,,, A duiscr SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Largest Senior class in history of the school -Contributed leading athletes during whole four years?revivcd ll'l2ltll1l'C clancesf- gave athletics boost by whole-hearted support -presented best class play in number of years-held first class lnncheonsi-took leads in Flying Hi, annual vodvil-ilezgds in spring opera. filled by Seniors-introduced innovation in class pinsf-decided upon caps and gowns for comn1enc'ement first time this garb has been worn in SC2llItl8 gI'ildIl- ation. Twenty-live SENIORS Twenty-six ADAMS, ELSIE "OCHIE" Commercial Club lg Art Club 2, 3. 4: "Carmen" 4: Green Book Comm. 4: Soccer l: Thrift Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative Z. An ardent Suquamish admirer. ADAMS, JANET "SKIPPY" Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Invitation Comm. 3: Music Comm. 4: Operetta Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4. Talent. Aheml ALMQUIST, VERA "SALLY" Mgr. Quaker Tea Room 3. 4: Art Club 4: Comm. Club l, 2: Quaker Maids 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. You'll End her in the gym. ALMY, EARL "ERNIE" Spanish Club 2: Usher and Doorman Comm. I: Science Club 4: Commercial Club 1, 2: Boy's Roll Representative 1. An Earl from Bryn Mawr. ANDERSON, HELEN "ANDY" Spanish Club 3: Tusitala Club 3: Senior Sister 4: Honor Society 4: Minute Girls' Committee. Still waler runs deep. ANNIBAL, ALFRED Improvement Committee 4: Boys' Club Roll Rep- resentative I: Thrift Club Z, 3, 4: Commercial Club I. Answer to a Froslfs prayer, ANNUNCIACION. POLICARPO M. "POLLY" Entered from Broadway High I: Filipino Club 2. 3, 4: Treas. Sec. Filipino Club 3: Concert 3: Tolo Reporter 4: Commercial Club 4: Debate 4: Avia- tion Club 4: Operetta Chorus 3, 4. What's In a name? ASH, PATRICIA "PAT" Glee Club 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Commercial Club 3. 4: Girl's Club Roll Representative 1: Thrift Club 3. Quiet, but nice. ASTRUP, EBBA "EBBIA" French Club 2: Art Club 2, 3, 4: Poster Comm. 2: Girl's Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club l. Port as a school girl may be. ATKINSON, MARJORIE "MARGIE" Friendship Comm. 3: Letterbook Comm. Chr. 4: Grade School Adv. Comm. 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 1. Quiet and shy. AUKER, LUCILLE "LUCY" Entered from Sioux City High School 4: Honor Society 4. Nor Westward Ho! Suquamish Ho! AXTELL, ELROY "ROY" Debate Team 4: Debate Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: "Once in a Lifetime" 4: Thrift Club 4: Com- mercial Club 4. Power in his voice. BACKSTROM, HAROLD "BAXY" Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Debate Club 3: Chr. Standards Comm. 4: Chr. lflag Comm. 4: Vod- vil Comm. 4: Stamp Club 4: Service Club 4: Science Club 4. He's so different. MACON, SANFORD "SANDY" Entered from Queen Anne: Basketball 1: Thrift Club 3, Will he bring home the bacon? BARNUM, RUTH UBARNIE' Commercial Club 4: Student Grade Advisor Z, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2. 3: French Club 1, 2: Honor Society 3, 4. X In a hurry Ruth? BARTON, MILDRED "MIL" Commercial Club lg Senior Usher 41 Ticket Seller 31 Mid-Winter Concert 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4. A good worker and a charming girl, BELL, FONTELLA "TELL" Honor Society 3, 4: Chr. Honor Girls 4: Circus l: Make-up Comm. 41 Tumbling Team l: Grade Adviser 4. A tumbling Bell. BENSON, PAUL . "BENNY" Christmas Play 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: Commercial Club l: Boys' Club Roll Representative l: Thrift Club 1. "Benny sen! me." BERGH, LEE 'ACHOPPYH Post Graduate: Boys' Club Roll Representative l. 2: Commercial Club 2. Economics shark! BERTRAM, JOHN "BERT" Stage Manager l, 2, 3, 4: Stage Construction l: 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club l: Boys' Club Rep- resentative l. Head man on the stage force. BIANCHI, RENATO "RENO" Honor Society 3, 4: Intramural Sports 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Commercial Club l, 2. That Pepsoden! smile! BLOOMBERGH, GORDEN "WHlTEY" Football 4: Track 2, 3: Commercial Club Z: Thrift Club 1: Boys' Club Roll Representative. 1 came, I saw, I beat ir. BOGDEN, JOHN "BRUTli" Tolo Band 4: Cvlee Club l, 2, 4: Track 4: Com- mercial Club 2: Boys' Club Roll Representative l. Tarzan of the Apes. BONI, HENRY "HANK" Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Honor Society 2: Commercial Club 2: Thrift Club 2, 3: Boys' Club Roll Reprrsentative l: Soph Basketball. Big gum chewing man from the Soulh without the big cigar in his mouth. SENIORS Twenty-seven SENIORS Twenty-eight BRACKETT, DOROTHY "HONEY" Girls' Club Party Tickets Committee 1: Girls' Club Roll Representative I: Commercial Club 2. Would parentheses do? BRADEN, RALPH "SPEEDBOAT" Football I: Art Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 1: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2. An artist! BRINGOLF, JANE "WILLIE" Christmas Play 4: Thrift Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball 1, 2: French Club 1, 2: Commercial Club 1. All her "C" boy friends. BROOKS, MARTIN "BROOKS" Entered from Niagara Falls, New York: Future Washington State: Track 3: Boys' Club Roll Rep- resentative 4. Reseruedfoh, my yes! BROOKS, WINSLOW "WINK" Spanish Club 2, 3: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Service Club 4: Commencement Announcement Committee 4: Horseshoes 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. A 1931 printc'r's devil. BROUGHAM, MILTON "BUD" Hi-Y 4: Football 4: Second Team Football 3: Improvement Committee 2, 3: Tolo Weekly Roll Representative Z: Boys' Club Roll Representa- tive Z. ' Nucleus of our football team. BROWN, KATHRYN "KITTY" Chairman Filing Committee 3, 4: Commercial Club I: Volleyball I: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative l. 2: Thrift Club 2. A penny for her thoughts. BURKE, TI-IELMA "PEGGY" President Franklin Club 4: Class Vice-President 21 Vodvil 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta I, Z, 3, 45 Mid-Winter Concert 2, 3, 4: Athletics 1. 2, 3, 4. Peg o' our hearts. BURNER, JUNE "BURNY" "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 47 "Static" 3: Assistant Annual Photographer 3: Chairman Senior Matinee Committee 4: Voca- tional Committee 4. Tall, dark and handsome. BURNETT, RICHARD "DICK" Tennis 3, 4: Basketball 4: Commercial Club 1: Thrift Club 2: Boys' Club Roll Representative I. Another Burnett passes through. BURNHAM, ROBERT "BOB" Thrift Club 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2. 3: Commercial Club 1, Z: Tolo Weekly Repre- sentative l. Ben Franklin himself. BURR, FLORENCE "FLOSSIE" Girls' Club Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club 2: Tumbling Team l, 2: Thrift Club 2, 3: Minute Girls' Committee 2, 3. Size doesn't count. CALLI Athleti Society BUSH, ROBERT "BOB" Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Football Manage! 4: En- tainment Committee 2: Hi-Y 4: Franklin Club 3. 4. Beating around the bush. N, CHARLES "CHUCK" cs Z, 3: 4: Boy's Club Secretary 4: Honor Z. 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Franklin Club 3. 4: Football 2, 3. 4. A football player, hard to beat. CARPENTER, LOIS "CAPPY" "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Flying Hi" 4: Christ- mas Play 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: "Carmen" 4: Manager Properties Senior Play 4: Reception Com- mittee 4: "Geisha" 4. A Carpenter who doesn't build houses. CARRIERE, VIRGINIA "JENNY" Nurse Committee 4: Girls' Club Roll Representa- tive 2, 3: Thrift Club l. 2: Minute Girls 3, 4. The lit Ile French girl. CASE. RAYMOND "RAY" Dramatic Club 4: Commercial Club 2, 3: As- sembly Skits 4: Entered from Broadway. Lord! What fools these mortals bc! CATTON, LELAND "LEE" Spanish Club 3, 4: Service Club 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2: Comme rcial Club 2. I am one of my sex whois bashful. CENTENERO, MARCELLO "MAR" Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Thrift Club 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club 2. Wisdom in form of a boy. CHAMPREUX, AUDREY "AUBS" Standar ds Committee 2: Vocational Chairman 4: Honor Society 2. 3. 4: French Club 1, Z, 3, 4: President French Club 4: Four o'Clock Tea Com- mittee 2: Christmas Play 4: News Editor of Tolo Weekly Ever ha CHIAR Glee Cl 4. d lroublc with a Hi-Y pin, "Aubs"? CHAMPREUX. JEANNE "CHAMPS" Girls' Club Corresponding Secretary 4: French Club l, 2, 3, 4: French Club Vice-President 3: Class Vice-President 3: Class Secretary 2: Class Treasurer 3: Standard Committee 2: Honor Soci- ety 2, 3, 4. Engaged to the only "engaged" Senior. ELLI. CONSTANCE "CONNIE" ub 2, 3: Athletic Club 2, 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2: Commercial Club Z. I would love to linger awhile longer. CHIN, HARRY G. "HARRY" Boys' Club Roll Representative Z: Thrift Club 2: Science Club l, Z: Service Club l. I look before I leap. CHINN, CHARLES "CHUCK" Spanish Club 1. 2: Commercial Club 1: Science Club 2, 3: Thrift Club 1. 2: Boys' Club Repre- sentative l. Harry's Brother? SENIORS Twenty-nine SEN O Thirty CHINN, HING 'AHERCULESH Commercial Club 1, 2: Spanish Club I: Boys' Club Roll Representative 1, 2: Thrift Club 2. We Chinns must Slick together. CLAVEY, WILLIAM "BILL" Boar Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2: 3: Spanish Club 2: Service Club 2: Improvement Committee 4: Senior Roll Representative 4. Object of "5omeone's" conversation. COLASURDO. CATHERINE "CAPPY" Athletics 1, 2, 3: Vodvil 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative l, Z, 3, 4: Commercial Club Z. Has a smile for everyone. COLGAN, CATHERINE "CATHY" Social Service Committee l, 2: Favors Committee 2, 3: Commercial Club l, 2: "Chocolate Sol- dier" 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative l, 2, 3. 4. . The girl with the golden locks, COOK. MAYBELLE "BABS" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: "Prince of I3ilsen" 2: "Fly- ing Hi" 4: A'Carmen" 4: Improvement Committee 4: Mid-Vv'inter Concerts 2, 3: Art Club 4. A singing Cook. CORDELL, CLINTON "CLINT" Thrift Club 3. 4: Commercial Club 2, 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative Z. Through in three and a half gears. CQOUCH, ERMA "ERM" Athletics 3. 4: Senior Gift Committee 4: Voca- tional Committee 4: Invitation Committee 3: Student Grade Adviser 4: Senior Sister 4: Com- mencement Usher 3: Franklin Club 3, 4. One of the speaker sex. COX, EMILY UEMMY LOU" Rest Room Committee 1: Honor Society 2. 3: Commercial Club 3. 4: Tolo Reporter 3, 4: Flower Committee 4: Scholarship Committee 4: Usher Committee 4. Little girl with big ideas. COX, MABEL "MABS" Thrift Club 2, 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Art Club 3, 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Minute Girl l, Cable-moxfcahle who? CROXTON, LUCILLE "LU" Senior Sister 4: Sophomore Representative 2: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club 1. She minds her own business CURD, ELIZABETH ULIBBYN Funmakers 34-Chairman 4: Standards Committee 3: Vodvil 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4: "Carmen" 4: French Club 3, 4. And now sl1e's cut her hair! CURRIE. ELNORA "ELLA" Commercial Club l, 2, 3: Spanish Club l. 2: Girls' Club Roll Representative 21 Thrift Club Z, 3. Rell hair but not a temper. CZARNIECKI, JOHN "GOLF" Entered from Broadway: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: Sec- ond Team Basketball 4. "Give me that Championship Golf Cup." D'ANGELO. ARTHUR Q "DING" Basketball and track l, 2. 3. 4: Football 1, 35 Sport Editor Tolo Weekly 3: Editor Tolo Week- ly 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4: "Flying Hi" 4. They go wild, simply wild over me. DANIELSON, DOROTHY Quaker Maids l. 2. 3, 4: Tusitala Clu "DOT" b I. 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Art Club l, 2: Make-up Committee 2, 3: "Geisha" 4. fl light heart lives long. DE BOER, ROY "ROY" Thrift Club l, 2: Commercial Club 2, 3: Service Club 2: Science Club 4: Boys' Club Representa- tive 2, 3. Unlax, Roy, unlux. DEMING, JOSEPH "JOE" Track Team 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2: Commercial Club Z: Service Club provement Committee 3. ls he nonchulant or is hc nonchnlunif DICKIE, ROLAND "DICK" Basketball l, Z, 3, 4: Football 4: Baseball 4: Hi-Y 4: Commercial Club 2: Thrift Club 2. 3, 4. "Sure-shot Dickie." DI DONATO, LUCY 2: Im- ULU., Commercial Club l, 2. 3: Senior Play Usher 4: Social Service Committee 3, 4: Minute Girls' Committee 4. A good and conscientious worker. DILWORTH, DAVE "PEE WEE" Yell Team 3: Hi-Y 4: Service Club 2, 3: Secre- tary-Treasurer Service Club 3: K. D. Club 1: "Static" 3: Dramatic Club 3. Charlie Chaplin is almost as good as Davie. DIVYAK, MAMIE "BABE" Basketball 1: Commercial Club l, 2, Secretary 2--President 3, 4: Social Servi mittee 4: Glee Club 2. 3: "Geisha" 4. Another screen star, DONALD, BEN "BENNY" Commercial Club 3: Art Club 2, 3. 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 4: Senior Roll Repre- sentative 4., Oh Benl Where haue you been? DONOHOE, LEO 3, 44 ce Com- "TED" "Carmen" 4: Mid-Winter Concert 3: Commer- cial Club Z: Thrift Club l, 2: Senior R resentative 4, A he-man. DOWNES, EDITH "EDIE" "Carmen" 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Tcrlo Typist 4: Mid-Winter Concert 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Se- nior Sister 4: French Club l: Make-up Committee 4: "Geisha" 4. Edith dcwnes who? oll Rep- SENIORS Thirty-one SENIORS Thirty-two DUNCAN, JANE "JANIE" Entered from Lincoln-Graduated in February: Gir1's Club Roll Representative 2: Fellowship Committee 4: Future: Business College. Blonde, jolly and full of fun. DUNCAN, .IESSIE MAE UMESSIE .IAE" Vice-President Class 4: Publicity Manager 3: Athletics l, 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Once in a Lifetime" 4: Chairman Program Committee 3: Chairman Doctor and Nurse Committee 4. Dark and sweetfcana be bcatl ENGSTROM, GLADYS "GLADDIE" Franklin Club 4: Honor Society 2. 3 4: Thrift Club 4: Athletics 1, 2. 3. 4: Social Service Com- mittee 4. A smart, athletic girl, ' ERICKSON, EDITH "EEK" Chairman Decoration Committee 4: Chairman Se- nior Ushers 4: Franklin Club 2, 3, 4: Vodvil I. Z, 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Christmas Play 4: Commencement Usher 3: Party Tickets Com- mittee l. A Woodmarfs girl friend. EUBANK, FLORENCE "BONZO" Tusitala Club I. 2: Commercial Club l, 2: Honor Society Z: Lost and Found Committee 3: Scholar- ship Committee 3: Senior Sister 4: Student Grade Adviser 4: Chairman Charm Committee 4: Sopho- more Party Committee 2. Sincerity is a great asset. EWING, VANECIA "STUB" Commercial Club 1: Vodvil 3, 4: Reception Committee 4: Assembly Program Committee 43 Advertising Manager of Tolo Annual 4: Senior Song Composer 4: Senior Sister 4: Tolo Week- ly 4. A little pep! FERRARI, FAITH "FEDIE" Girls' Club Roll Representative 33 Commercial Club 3: Thrift Club 4: Commercial Club Roll Representative. Have a little faith in me. FISHER, MARJORIE "BLONDIE" Vocational Committee 3: Senior Gift Committee 4: Thrift Club 1, 2: Frosh Party Committee 3: Commencement Usher 3: Dramatic Club 3: Glee Club l. Owner, of the prettiest blonde hair in school. FORD, BERNARD "l3ERNIE" Christmas Play 4: Dramatic Club 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club 3: Thrift Club 2. l'm the 1931-A Model. FORD, EDNA "EDDIE" Commercial Club 4: Christmas Play 4: Debate Club 4: Stunt Committee 2: Tusitala Club 3. They named this Ford "Ezl'die"+not "Llzzie." FORSYTH, GRACE "RED" Franklin Club l, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Play 4: Com- mencement Usher 3: Thrift Club Z: Girls' Club Play 3: Dramatic Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Repre-V sentative 3. Oh! these rea'-headed women! FOSTER, KATHERINE "TOOTS" Mid-Winter Concert 3: Make-up Committee 3, 45 Poster Committee 49 Thrift Club 1, Z. Thrifty Toots. FRANK, HOWARD "HOWDY" Service Club 2. 3, 4: Aviation Club 3. 4: Senior Play Doorman 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2: Commercial Club Z. Frank is frank. FRANZINI, FRANK "ZINI" Glee Club l, 2: 3. 4: Commercial Club Z: Foot- ball 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Mid-Winter Con- cert 3: "Carmen" 4: "Static" 3. Another frank Frank. FREEBURN, ANNABELL "ABIE" Rest Room Committee 3. 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Lost and Found Committee 2, 3: Four o'Clock Tea Committee 3, 4: Music Committee 4. Always lending a helping hand. EDNA "FRICKIE" FRICK, "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Chairman of Friendship Committee 4: Teachers' Committee 4: Senior Sis- ter 4: Girls' Room Committee 4. Zoology shark. FRISHMAN, DANIEL "DAN" Commercial Club 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Repre- scntative 3: Thrift Club 2: Service Club 1. The sky is the limit. GALLANT, JEAN "JEANIE" Commercial Club 2: Student Grade Adviser 3. 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Carmen" 4. There is action where she is. GERSHON, MAURICE "MOSE" Thrift Club 1, Z: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Science Club 2: K. D. Club l: Valedic- torian 4. Wish you would pass your grades around. GHIGLIONE, WILLIAM "BILL" Stamp Club 1, 2: Tolo Weekly Business Manager 3: Tolo Weekly Sports Editor 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Service Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Tennis 4. All great men are misunderstood, GOLDNER. FRANCES "FRANKY" Commercial Club 3: Thrift Club 2. 3, 4: Min- ute Girl 2: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2. lily life is one sweet song. GOLUB, ORVILLE "OZY" Spring Concert 2, 3: Debate Club 4: Debate Team 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 31 Thrift 3: Intramural Sports 2. So is mine-oh yeah? GOODMAN, WILDA "WILLY" Circus 1: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 4: President Commercial Club 2. A The schoolma'm in the show. GRANT, ARTHUR "ART" Latin Club 1, Z: Puppet Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 43 Service Club l, 2: Thrift Club 2. We'I! grant you know this Grant. 'gn-AN SENIORS rr .,, :.. S . ,. .: 4 . ,z, . 'L TF :ewb V 4 4 QQ-t 5, my 35 ,- is I - , xr ,QM wg. is E Q .t me f. 2 12: -ei. V., a ff, ,us-f M Sie? . ': ,r - . ,,. es, . . W: 2 if W N ESS? ' -- 2: time D ' I A if Q -ie, 51312 flf I I , fi ' ' isis, - M ' ' ff' ..,. N X - saw 3 Y .X ..,, M 'Q 'laik' get ,e if T: 1- me 1 " W s ji K , ' Isis N, -5: , 4 3 fL',.::3f: ., . ,- 1 :c-- - W Z . . . :ff i " A 7 7552: 3,f:gj,5,i , i .3 ' 4 wwe. . . V as - f-Hifi . 2 - ' . .,,. ,WW ., ., Thirty-three SEN'ORS Thirty-four GRAY, GRACE "GRlPPUS" Art Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club 1. Sweet anal Graceffulj. GRAYSON, FERN "CHUBBY" Mid-Winter Concert 31 Chairman Rest Room Committee 4: Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Junior Octette 3. "Little Chubbinsf' GRIFFIN, CORA "CORALA" Decoration Committee 1: Charm Committee 2: Chairman Ability Committee 2, 3: Chairman Pro- gram for Meetings 4: "Flying Hi" 4. Stag line forms on the right? GRUGER, JOHN "JOHNNY" Secretary of Class 3: Treasurer Boys' Club 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Vice-President Honor So- ciety 3: President Honor Society 3. 4: Com- mencement Speaker 4: "Static" 3: Track Manager 2: Basketball 3: "Flying Hi" 4. The class favorite in more ways than one. HABERLAND, JUNE "JUNIE" Athletics 2, 3, 4: S. G, A. 3, 4: Vice-President F Club 4: Minute Girls 2: Junior Roll Represent- ative 3. Following in her sister's footsteps. HAGEN, BEVERLY ANN "BEVO" Wardrobe Committee 1, Z: Class Colors Commit- tee l: Reception Committee l, 4: Senior Sister 2, 3, 4: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Circus 2: Decoration Committee 4: Refreshment Committee 4. Gentlemen prefer this blonde. HANNAY, GEORGE "JUST GEORGE" "Once in a Lifetime" 4: Honor Society 4: Thrift Club Z: Boys' Club Roll Representative 4. Ready, Hannayold time. HANSELPACKER, MADGE "HARLEQUlN" Senior Play Usher 4: Friendship Committee 4: "Geisha" 4: Make-up Committee 4. From Canada and 100 per een! pure. HANSEN, CATHERINE "CATHY" Lunchroom Committee 4: Thrift Club 2: Minute Girl 3: Party Tickets Committee 4, In haste but not with waste. HANSEN, HARRIETT "HAPPY" Spanish Club 3, 4: Decoration Committee 2: Make-up Committee 4: Spanish Club Play 3. Always writing notes. HANSEN, LUCILLE "CILLE" Hi Leaders Conference 3: Tolo Weekly 3: Tolo Annual 3: Greenbook Chairman 4: Minute Girl l, 2, 3: Senior Editor of Tolo Annual 4: Publicity Manager 4: Business Manager Tolo Weekly 31 Cabinet 4: "Flying Hi" 41 Vodvil l, 2, 3. I never dare be as peppy as I feel. HANSEN, TRYGVE "TRYG" President of Boys' Club 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: President Class 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Service Club 2, 3. Svenska? Yah! HANSEN. VIRGINIA "VIR" Assistant Senior Editor Tolo Annual 4: Art Club 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Chairman Extension Committee 4: Senior Usher 4: Commencement Usher 3: Thrift Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Sister 4: Cozy Committee 2. President of the "Cucklt'mores." HASHIMOTO, KAZUTO "KAS" Commercial Club 3: Thrift Club 2, 3: Service Club 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 3. Glad you have a nickname. HATFIELD, ADRIAN I-IATFIELD Spanish Club 3: Honor Society 4: Thrift Club Z, 4: Science Club 4. Silence is golden-'hc ought Io be rich. HAWES, ROBERT "BOB" Senior Play 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Sports Editor Tolo 4: Football. Basketball Z, 3: Chairman Senior Pin Committee 4: Tennis Team 4: Editor Tolo Week- ly 4: Senior Cruise Committee 4: Class Day Com- mittee 4: "Hi Y" 4. The bog who made good--"'Bz1llyhoo" Hawes. HAYES, DOROTHY "DOT" Floral Committee 1: French Club l, 2: Art Club l, 2: Lost and Found Committee 2, 3: Ticket Committee 41 Senior Sister 3. Envying l.ucille's long hair. HEATH, BRUCE "DASH" Commercial Club 3: Art Club 4: Thrift Club 2, 3. Give me women or glue me dealh. HEATON, HAROLD "TEEN" "Carmen" 4: Yell King 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Base- ball Manager Z: Hi-Y 4: Christmas Play 4: Serv- ice Club 4: Make-up Committee 4: Chairman Senior Matinee Committee 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4, Bored of Education, so he stuffed il. HEIDEN, ROLAND XV. "RO" Commercial Club l, 2: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club 2. 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative Z, 3. ll'hy is Roland Helden? HEILER, LOUISE "TOOTS" Commercial Club l: Thrift Club 2. 3, 4: Minute Girl l: Girls' Club Roll Representative l. Yes. you're a nice girl, Louise. HENDRICKS, EDWINA "WINA" President Class 4: "All at Sea" l: i'Prince of Pil- sen" 2: "Carmen" 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4: Concert Z, 3: Music Committee 4: "Once in a Lifetime" 4: "Static" 3: Friendship Committee Chairman 4. Heart-break er. HEPWORTH, ROBERT "HEPPY" K. D. Club l: Art Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Tolo 4: Sc- nior Play 4: "Flying Hi" 4. He gets away with murder on the lVec-lily, HEPWORTH, JIM "HEP" Art Club 1, Z, 3: Dramatic Club 4: "Geisha" 4: K. D. Club l: Commercial Club Z, 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative l. Let women spin, not preach. SENIORS Thirty-Eve SENIORS Thirty-six HERBERHOLZ, LOUIS "HERBIE" Baseball-Second Team 1: Golf 1. 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club Z: Entered from Broadway. The up and coming Ifastj Bobby Jones. HERRING, VIRGINIA "GIN" Honor Society 3: Make-up Committee 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2, 3: Ability Committee 4. I may be a Herring, but I'm not a fish. HICKS, CHARLOTTE "HICKY" French Club 1: Art Club 1: Thrift 1, 2, 3: Tick- et Committee 3: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Teachers' Committee 3: Student Grade Advisor 3, 4: "Fly- ing Hi" 4: Wardrobe Committee 3: Senior Pro- gram Committee 4. Lost and found in the Lost and Found. HIRAI, JIMMIE "JIMMIE" Commercial Club 3: Thrift Club Z, 3: Commer- cial Club Roll Representative 25 Art Club 2. Yep, Hirai am! HOFFA, BERT "BUD" Commercial Club 1: Glee Club Z, 3, 4: "Choco- late Soldier" 3: "Carmen" 4: Father and Son's Banquet Vodvil 4: Art Club 4: "Flying Hi" 4. Haifa cup of tea with six lumps. HOGAN, GERALDINE "GERRY" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Scholarship Committee 3: Chairman 4: Commencement Usher 3: Student Manager of Senior Play 4: Vodvil Z. "Lunchroom special." HOLLAND, DONNA "DONNY" Wardrobe Committee 1: French Club 1, 2, 3: Teachers' Committee 4: i'Carmen" 4: Art Club 2. 3, 4. "Why, Al, you're right next roi me. HORAT, ALBERT "AL' ' Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 4: Track 1, 2: Com- mercial Club 2: Service Club 2: Intramural Sports l, 2, 3: Art Club 4. "Yes, as usual." HOWARD, BIRKY "HOWDY" Spanish Club 3, 4: Basketball 3. 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Commercial Club 1: Boys' Club Roll Representa- tive. "Ditching" parties his specialty. HOYT, HAROLD "JIGGS" Football 1, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Baseball Manager 2: Hi-Y 3 4: Art Club 3, 4: Tolo Reporter 3, 4. Heading toward Renton. HUMPHREYS, OLIVE "OLLIE" Make-up Committee 3, 4: Typing Committee 3: Commercial Club 1: Senior Usher 4: Junior Roll Representative 3: Senior Roll Representative 4. Young but not foolish. I HYTINEN, LILA "LEE" Girls' Club Roll Representative 2: Commercial Club 2: Thrift Club 2: Minute Girl Committee 1, Hello there, Lee. IHASHI, WILLIAM "BILL" Transferred to Broadway 4: Boys' Club Roll Rep- resentative 2: Intramural Sports 3. Clear the deck for action! ITO, HARUO "HARO" Girls' Club Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Minute Girls' Committee 1. Quiet md always cheerful. JACKSON, ROBERT "BOB" French Club 2, 3, 4: Service Club 3, 4: Improve- ment Club 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative 4. How that boy could argue! JACOBSON, BARBARA "B. J." President Girls' Club 4: Chairman Vocational Committee 4: "F" Girl 3: Commencement Usher 3: Bulletin Board Committee I: "Chocolate Sol- dier" 3: Athletics I, 2. She has personality and everything to go with it. ' JACOBSON, HELEN "JAKIE" Commercial Club 2: Teachers Committee 4': Alumni Committee 33 Thrift Club 2, 3: Art Club Z, 4: Girls' Club Representative 1, Teachefs helper, ainrcha? JACOB, LEONCIO "LEO" Debate Club 3, 4: Tusitala Club 4: Spanish Club 1, Z, 3: Science Club 2, 3: Chess Club 4: Debate Team 4: Secretary Debate Club 4: Chairman At- tendance Committee 3, 4: Filipino Club 1. 2. 3, 4kPrcsident 3, 4. Ye gods, how that boy can talk. JENKINS, EVELYN "EVIE" Girls' Club Party Tickets Committee , 3: Min- ute Girls' Committee 4: Green Book Committee 41Chairman Committee 3. Nice boy friend you have, Evelyn. JIENCKE, MABLE "MABE" Commercial Club I: Spanish Club 3: A'Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4: "Once in a Lifetime" 43 Dramatic Clum 4. Our moving picture queen. JOHANSEN, PAUL "JOHANSEN" Octette 2, 3, 4: Vodvil Z. 3, 4: Opera Z. 3, 4: "Once in a Lifetime" 4: Christmas Play 4: P. T. A. Play 4: French Club 2: "Carmen" 4: Con- certs Z. 3. Napoleon met his Waterloo-Paul met Gladys. JOHNSON, ANN "BABE" Teachers' Committee Z: Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Make-up Committee l: Commercial Club 2: Min- ute Girls' Committee 3, 4. Do you know a boy with curly hair? JOHNSON, BERNICE "BEA" Athletics 1, 2, 3: Honor Girls 4: Treas. Spanish Club 4: Spanish l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Sister 4: Thrift Club 2, 3, 4: Quaker Maids 4: Commer- cial Club 2. Steering lhe Spanish Club through. JONES, NEVA "JONESY" "Queen of Hearts" l: Soccer l: Basketball l: Wardrobe Committee 2. 3: Art Club 4. Keeping up with the Jones'. SENIORS 1 i I F Thirty-seven IN IORS Thirty-eight JUE, THEODORE "TED" Tolo Reporter 3: Tolo Weekly 3. 4: Tolo Week- ly Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club Z: Art Club Z, 3, 4. A real artist. JUSTUS WAYNE "TINTY" Football l, Z. 3. Entered from Broadway 4. ls there no justice? KERNS, ELEANOR "KERNIE" Basketball 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 41 Golf 3: Quaker Maids Z, 3, 4: Chairman Scholarship Committee 3: Chairman Administrative Depart- ment of Girls' Club 4: "Carmen," She swings a wicked golf stick. KIMBALL, PAUL 'ABEANSH Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Captain of Football Team 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4h-President 4: Service Club 2, 3: Minstrel Show 4, Pipe down now, you guys! KLINEFELTER, TOM "KLOTZ" K, D, Club l: Service Club 2. 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Art Club 4: Tolo Weekly Staff 3: Senior Gift Committee 4. Keeping an eye on an Alpha Gam. KOPPE, HELEN "PINKY" Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 4: Commercial Club l, 2: Roll Representative 2. Always doing the right thing, KOTKINS, LUCILLE "LUCY" Senior Play Usher 4: Christmas Play 4: Chairman Wardrobe Committee 4: Debate Team 2: Minute Girl 1: French Club l, 2, 3: Baseball ll Golf l. Bustling down Io room 2. KREMER. MARGARET "MAGGIE" Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Junior Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club 2: Thrift Club 3. Such stillness cannot be disturbed. KUGLER, ROBERT "BOB" Football 1,41 "F" Club l, 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Art Club 4: Service Club 3, 43 Track 4. Ohfthat schoolgirl complexion! LA GRANDE, ELIZABETH "LIBI3Y" French Club l, 2: Commercial Club 1, 2: Tusi- tala Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2. Just ir lovely girl. LANG, ARTHUR "ART" Aviation Club 3, 4: Doorman, "Carmen" 4: Thrift Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 2. The thrifty avialor. LARSON, IDA "BLONDIE" Commercial Club 4: Art Club 2, 3. 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 4: Junior Roll Repre- sentative 3. Hello there, AI's sisterK?1. LARSON. RUBY "BUBS" Make-up Committee 4: Commercial Club 4: Glee Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3. Ruby and her girl friends. LAVILLE, HELEN "TINY" Commercial Club I, 2. 3, 4: French Club 3: Thrift Club I, 2: Girls' Club Roll Representa- tive 3: "Flying Hi" 4. Chasing around with Helen. LEHTO, SIRKKA "GIGGLES" Commercial Club l: Girls' Club Roll Representa- tive 3: Minute Girls' Committee 2: Junior Roll Representative 3. XVe like your name Sirhha. LEMARGIE, HARRIET "HARRY" Girls' Club Roll Representative I, Z: Junior Roll Representative 3: Girls' Club Party Ticket Com- mittee 3. She has a winning smile. LE MAY, WILLIAM "BILL" Entered from John Muir. Second Team Basketball 2. '52 Intramural Basket- ball I, 3. The man who belongs to Ann. LETTERMAN, LINCOLN "LINK" Commercial Club 2: Spanish Club 2: Service Club 4: Intramural Sports Z: Intramural Basket- ball 2. No, a Franklin Ietlerman, LEVJIS. GERTRUDE "KITTY" Thrift Club l, 2. 3, 4--fVice-Pres. 3: Iirench Club l. 2. 3: Chairman Memorial Awards Com- mittee 4: Minute Girl 1.2: Honor Society 2, 3.4. lVishing she were bright frrude humorj. LEXVIS, RICHARD "DICKIE" Circus Z: Basketball l. 2, 3: Track 1, 3, 4: Intramural Sports l, Z. 3: Boys' Club Roll Rep- resentative 3. Dickie - a canary's namel.'j. LIND, JENNY "JIN" Chairman Student Grade Advisor Committee 3, 4: Athletics l. Z. 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: "I7" Club 3. 4: Health Committee 3: Scholarship Commit- tee 2. Nor the famous opera singi-r.' 4'HARRY" MALCOLM, HARRIET Enetered from Broadway 2: Debate 3, 4: Debate Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 4. Don'l ever argue with Harriet, "SI'ARKLIi" MARKLE, EILEEN Spanish Club 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2. 3: Thrift Club Z. 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 37 Teachers' Committee 4: Favors Committee 4. A Rudy Vallee in shirts. MATSUMOTO, RUTH "RUTHIF" Iirench Club 1, Z, 3, 4: Franklin Circus 2: Girls' Club Roll Representative l: Thrift Club l. Lovely as a rose I ,.I,,.EZ:,--:,-. . ,hi V,.?V,, I ..,, - x 1-:mv SENIDRS at iiii I I f I . W . fr 1- Y: wazvi,-f3f,,L4.f2 . ' Ulf .',f'f'-26:54 Thirty-nine SENIORS l I Forty MAYFIELD, HELEN "HAE" Commercial Club 1: Art Club 1: Girls' Club Party Tickets Committee 2: Girls' Club Roll Rep- resepntative 3. Words fail me! McDONALD, JOE "ENGLISH" Managing Editor Tolo Annual 4: Circulation Manager Tolo Annual 3: Hi-Y 4: Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Hi Leaders Conference 4: Improvement Club l, 2: Stage Construction 1. Now we're going zo do it this way. McELHANEY, HARRY "MACHINE-GUN HARRY" Entered from John Muir: Senior Roll Represent- ative 4: Future. College, You don'l look as vicious as your nickname. McGlNLEY, BLANCHE "BEA" Sophomore Roll Representative Z: Girls' Club Roll Representative Z: Minute Girls' Committee 3. l'm not Scotch, just my name. McKERNON, VALOIS, J. "VAL" Commercial Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tolo Typist 4: Assistant Head Usher 3: Junior Roll Representative 3. Agreed, that you have pretty hair and eyes. McNAB, DUNCAN "DUN" Honor Society 2: Stamp Club 2: Baseball Manager 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Service Club 4. -Ana' his perpetual grin. McNEALY, ARTHUR "SPUD" "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 32 Junior Roll Representative 3: Spanish Club 1. Eddie Peabody's double. McPHEE, AGNES "MICKEY" Glee Club 2, 3: Vodvil 2: "Prince of Pilsen" Z: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Commercial Club 4: Chairman Program Committee 4. Goodness, Godness, Agnes! McSLARROW, BONNIE LEE "BOBS" "Flying Hi" 4: Dramatic Club Z, 3, 43 Fashion Show Z: Girls' Club Valentine Party 2: Com- mercial Club 2. A Ucry colorful girl. MEDLEY, GEORGE "ELMER" Tolo Reporter 3: Boat Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Junior Roll Representative 32 Tolo Weekly Rep- resentative 3. He has a voice and uses il. MEDLEY. NATHAN "NATE" "Carmen" 4: Boys' Octette 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Senior Roll Representative 4: Tolo Weekly Roll Representative 3. The sleeping wonder. MERCER, ROBINSON "BOB" Entered from Glendale Union High School: Intra- mural Sports, A word to the wise is sufficient. METZGER, EDWARD "KAY" "Once In a Lifetime" 4: "Carmen" 4: Vodvil 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Football 1: Football Manager 3. 4: Basketball Manager 2: Baseball Manager 1, Z. 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Service Club 2, 3. 4: Matinee Committee 4. Franklin Spirit in trousers. MIGLIORE. FRANCES "FRAN" Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Junior Roll Representative 3: Commercial Club 2: Girls' Club Party Tickets Committee 4. Always helping around the office. MIMBU, WILLIAM "BILL" Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Carnival 2: Thrift 2. 3: Commercial Club 2. 3: Tolo Weekly Represent- ative 4. You're a brainy guy ain'tcha? MINER. BETTY "BETTIE" Christmas Play 4: Senior Play Properties 4: "Franklin Static" 3: Thrift Club 3. Always "open-house" at Mint-r's. MITCHELL, GERTRUDE "GERTIE" Entered from Brighton: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative 3: Minute Girls' Committee 3. Let's get acquainted. MITCHELL, KATHERINE "KAY" Funmakers' Committee 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Carmen" 4: French Club I. 2: Chairman Stand- ards Committee l. 2. A girl worth knowing. MIYA, TADASI-II "TADS" Circus l: Glee Club 2, 3: Thrift Club 3: Junior Roll Representative 3: Boys' Club Roll Repre- sentative 1. Conslderate always of others. MIYAMOTO, FUMI "FUM" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Senior Sister 4: French Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Commercial Club 1. Friendly towards everyone. - MOEN. ALVA "AL" French Club 2, 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club 3: Girls' Club Party Tickets Committee 3. Cheer up. we're through school now. MONETTE, ISABELLE "ELLEBASI" Tolo Annual Art Editor 4: Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Concert 2, 3: French Club l. 2: Art Club 1, Z, 3: Hi-Jinks 2: "All At Sea" l: Vocational Com- mittee 2: Student Grade Advisory Committee 3: Favors Committee 3, - I did half of the art work on this annual. MONETTE, MURIEL "LEIRUM" Tolo Annual Art Editor 4: Honor Society Z, 3. 4: Concert l, 2: French Club 1. 2: Secretary Art Club 2: Hi-.links Z: "All At Sea" 1: Vocational Committee Z: Student Grade Advisory Committee 3: Favors Committee 3. I did the other half. MOORE, WILLIAM "BILL" Debate Club 3. 4: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Choco- late So1dier" 3: "Carmen" 4: "Geisha" 4: Senior Roll Representative 4. More what? More opera. SENIORS Forty-one SENIORS Forty-two 1 MORGAN, MARGARET "MARGIE" Entered from Shortridge High, Indianapolis, ln- diana: Honor Society 4: Senior Orchestra '4: Spanish Club 4. She Iilzes to be dif?erenI. MORGAN, MARY "MICKEY" Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Standards Committee 3: French Club l, 2, 3, 4: Chairman Standards Committee 3: Senior Sister Committee 3, 45 Make-up Committee 3, 4, A failhful worker. MOSELEY. SUSAN "SUE" Vice-President Girls' Club 4: Class Secretary 3: Honor Society 2, 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Chairman Charm Com- mittee 3: Soccer l: Basketball l, 2: Commence- ment Usher 3. Sweet Suefdarling you, MATTOLA, PAVIA "VE" French Club l. 2: Commercial Club 3, 4: Chair- man Good Fellowship Committee 4: Good Fellow- ship Committee Z, 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3. The girl with the different name. MUGFORD, DOROTHY "DOT" Thrift Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Roll Represent- ative l, 2: Commercial Club l, Z: Minute Girl 2. Hi Iheri-.' Dorothy, MURAKAMI. AYAKO "YAKO" Honor Society Z, 3, 4: lirench Club l, ZZ Minute Girls' Committee 2: Commercial Club, Happy as the day is long. MURLEY, MARION "NOIRAM" Tolo Annual Art Staff 3: Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Art Club l. 2: Chairman Scenery Committee 2, 3: Scenery Committee 2, 3, 4: Chairman Costume Committee 4: Decoration Committee 4. Can shi- drawlwcll l'II say she can. MURPHY, JOHN "MURPH" Golf l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club 1: Commercial Club 2, 3. Murphy the golfer. MURR, ERNEST "ERNIE" Commercial Club l, 2, 3, 4: French Club l: Thrift Club 1, 2: Boys' Club Representative 2, 3. Bashfuffwatch him blush. NELSON, LUIS "HYAS" Class Treasurer 4: President 2: Class Secretary l: Senior Play 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Vodvil l. 2, 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Senior Girls' Octette 4: Senior Girls' Sextette 4: Athletics l. Our blonde secretary, full of pep and fun. NELSON, RUTH "RUTHIE" Thrift Club l: Make-up Committee 3: Social Service Committee 2: Wardrobe Committee 21 Commercial Club 3, 4: Typing Committee 4. She makes people up, NESTOR, DORIS "DODO" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Athletics l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Sister 4: Health Committee 3, 4: Quaker Maids 2, 3, 4: Student Grade Adviser 4: lirench Club l, 2, 3. 4: Concert 3, 4: Circus 2: Christf mas Play 4. Azhfetics are her dish. NEWELL, HELENE "SMITTY" "Once In a Lifetime" 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Soccer l: Volleyball l: Basketball l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2: Quaker Maids l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer Quaker Maids 2, One good sport with a big heart. NEWMAN, LELA "AVIATRlX" Commercial Club 2, 3: Aviation Club 2, 32 President Aviation Club 2. 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3: Tusitala Club 2. 3. Happy Landings, Lela. NICHOLS, MADGE "MAD" French Club I, 2, 3. 4: Senior Sister 4: "Prince of PiIsen" Z: Rest Room Committee 3: "Carmen" 4: Minute Girls 2, 3: Dramatic Club 4. Bonng's little sister, NOBLE, MARJORIE "lVlARGE" Commercial Club l: Baseball 1: Girls' Club Roll Representative l: Art Club 4: Thrift Club 3. A noble sweet girl. OBER. GOODWIN Chess Club 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 3. 4. He has plenty of brain mailer, OCHI, SACHIKO "SAC" French Club l, 2, 3: Commercial Club l, 2: Carnival 2: Senior Sister 4: Cilee Club 4, -Now let me sec, ODNE, GERTRUDE "GERT" Commercial Club l, 2, 3, 4: Secretary Com- mercial Club 3, 42 Senior Sister 4: Standards Committee 3: Basketball l, Crggling Genie. ORMAN, STANLEY "STAN" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 32 "Carmen" 4: Flag Committee 4: i'Geisha" 4: Service Club 4: Stage Force 4: Mid-XVinter Con- cert 3: Commencement Doorman 3. lVomt'n Oreman. OSIAS, GREGORIO li. "GODlNG" Vice-President Filipino Cluh 3: Secretary Filipino Club 4: Filipino Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. The pronunciation please! OTTESEN, RUTH E. "BRICK" Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Chairman Refreshment Committee 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Jazz Orchestra 3, 4. As Hery as her hair. PACKARD, HARRY "FUZZY FORD" Chess and Checkers Club 4: Honor Society 2. 3, 4: Debate Squad 3: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Cilee Club l, 2, 3, Arguing with Mr. Reseburg. PALM, CORRINE "CORRIE" Alumni Committee l, 2, 3, 4: "One In a Life- time" 4: Circus 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Re- freshment Committee 3: Glee Club 3. Enjoying life. SENIORS Forty-three SENIORS Forty-four PALMER, ARCHIE "ITCHIE" All City School Orchestra 4: Tolo Band 4: Thrift Club 1: Circus 2: Vodvil Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Operetta Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Toot-Toot-Toot: a buglcr from this institute. PASHLEY. JEAN "JEANIE" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Sescretary Honor Society 4: Scholarship Committee 4: Chairman Lunch- room Committee 4: Chairman Girls' Club Banquet 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3, 4: Senior Refreshment Committee 4. Brightness plus sweetness. PATRICELLI, ERNEST "PAT" Football 1, 2: Track 1, Z. 3. 4: Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club 2, 3, 4: Service Club 1. FrankIin's Buddy Rogers. PATTERSON, RHEY "RAE" Entered from Brighton: Boys' Club Roll Repre- sentative 3. 4: Thrift Club 1, 2, 3, 4. The shining Rhey. PAULSON, MELVIN "MEL" "All At Sea" l: Basketball 3, 4: Track 4: Chairman Yells Committee 1: Stamp Club Vice- President 3: Stamp Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club Z, 3: "F" Club 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3. 4. Frogs jump and so does he. PEARSON, ALVIN UWELL! WELL!" Stamp Club l, 2, 3: President 4: Service Club 3, 4: Standards Committee 4: Commercial Club I: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Flying Hi" 4: Glee Club Z, 3, 4. Stamping stamps in stamp books. PERRY, JOSEPH ' "JOE" Service Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 1, 2. 4: Science Club 1, 3: Art Club 4: Baseball 1: Football Z, 3: Auto Club I, Z, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2: "Car- men" 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Speeding! PERSON, I-IANNA "SIS" Commercial Club I: French Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Alumni Committee 4: Friendship Committee 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3, 4. Hurd hearted Hanmzf?j PETERSON, ERNA "BOOTS" Commercial Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Representa- time 4: Glee Club 4: Thrift Club 1. 2: Minute Girls' Committee 2. She knows how to skate. PETERSON, EVELYN "PETE" Recording Secretary Girls' Club 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Vice-President Class 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Vodvil Z, 3: Business Manager Operetta 2, 3: Quaker Maids 3, 4: Chairman Funmakers Com- mittee 3: Commercial Club 3, Liked by one and all. PETERSON, FRED "BILL" Entered from Highline High School: Stamp Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President Stamp Club 4: Social Service Club 3: President Service Club 4: Circus 2. The embryonic lawyer. PLOEGER, MILTON "MILT" Glee Club 3: Thrift Club I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 2: Tolo Weekly Roll Repre- sentative 2, 3. Big spud in the DeMolay. N PUARIEA, LEONA "LEE" Commercial Club l, 3. 4: Senior Sister Com- mittee 4: Standards Committee 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Thrift Club 1. Yes, and how do you pronounce ir? QUALE, GRACE "MICKEY" "Once In A Lifetime" 4: "Carmen" 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Art Club 2: Commercial Club 1: French Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Track 3: Basket- ball l: Baseball 1. She has original ideas. RASMUSSEN, HELEN ' 'BABE" "One In a Lifetime" 4: Mid-Winter Concert 1: French Club 1, 3. 4: Entertainment Committee 3: "Static" 3: "Flying Hi" 4: Ability Com- mittee Chairman 2. A beautiful girl with a winning smile. RICH, LEONARD "LEN" Football 1, 2, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Track lg Hi-Y Club 3. 4: Vice- President Boys' Club 4. Oh Joy! RICHARD, CHARLOTTE "SHORTY" Commercial Club 1: Spanish Club 2. 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Science Club 1, Z, 3. 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3. Dashing hither and yon. RICHARDSON, ROY "DINGY" Commercial Club 1. 2: Spanish Club 3, 47 Lunch- room Committee l, 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club l, 2. Playing around. . RIPPEY, ALICE "POPPY" Dramatic Club 3, 4: Senior Sister 4: Senior Sister Committee 3. 4: Entertainment Committee 3: Usher Operetta 3. No malice in Alice. RITCI-IIE, ROBERT "BOB" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3. 4: Baseball 3. 4: Secretary K. D. 2: Hi-Y Club 4: "F" Club 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Tolo Annual Staff 4: Art Club 2. "Speaking of Caps and Gowns-." RIVERS, FANNIE "FAN" "Carmen" 4: Teachers' Committee 4: Favors Committee 4: Art Club 2: Costume Committee 1: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2. Oh! isn'r this the Art Institute? RIVERS, JOE "SLEEPY" Boys' Club Roll Representative l, 2: Thrift Club l, 2: Commercial Club 2, 3: Service Club 1. Ole Joe Blow. ROE, ANNA MAE "BOBBIE" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: French Club 1, 2, 3: Vo- cational Committee 4: Chairman Party Tickets Committee 4: Mid-Winter Concert 2: Roll Rep- resentative 1. Roe, Roe. Roe your boat. ROGERS, RAYMOND "RAY" Basketball 1: Aviation Club 3, 4: Science Club 4: Grade School Adv. Committee 4: Tolo Annual Representative 4. Bashful?-Plenty. SENIORS Forty-Eve SENIORS Forty-six ,A ss. t, it 5 . - i?':i5?iz as W at ,V 55' ,e r-il'-" ROLIN, INGRID E. "BETTIE" Make-up Committee 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Filing Committee 4: Prompter Christmas Play 4: Mid- Winter Concert 2: Concert 3. You certainly have nice dimples, ROSI, JOE ".JOIE" Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3: Intramural Baseball l. 2, 3: Intramural Track I, 2, 31 French Club 2. 3: Commercial Club l. 2, 3. Rosl' Joe Blo-. ROYCE, VIRGINIA "GINNY" Treasurer Art Club 3, 4: Chairman Teachers' Committee 3. 4: Usher 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Art Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Office Force 3. Creator of beautiful women. RUCK, DORIS "DODIE" "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: Concert 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club Refreshment Committee 3, Always smiling. SAHLIN, FRANCES "FRITZ" Restroom Committee I: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative l, 2: Thrift Club I, 2: Minute Girls' Committee 1. N01 sa fat: not Sa-lean. SALMON, SI-IOLTO "FISH" Debate Squad 3, 4: Stage Force 3: Stage Design 41 Commercial Club I, 3: Aviation Club 3: De- bate Club 3. 4. Resolved: that!- SAMUELS, FRANCES "FRAN" Graduated in February: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative 2: Thrift Club Z. Smiling at certain people, SAMUELSON, BEATRICE "BEA" Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Sister Committee 3. 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative l: Thrift Club 2. Aren'1 boys pcsts???? SANDS, BETTIE "BET" Salutatorian 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Secretary and Treasurer Honor Society 3: Athletics l, 2: Mid-Vfinter Concert 2. 3: Student Grade Adv. 3. 4: Scholarship Committee 3: Chairman of Com- mittee 4. Wouldn't miml having your grades. SAYLOR, RALPH "SAILOR" Service Club 2: Boys' Club Roll Representative l, 2: Thrift Club Z: Commercial Club I. What a sailor Saylor turned out to be, SCHECHTERLE, JANET "JAN" Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Make-up Committee 4l Chairman Make-up Committee 4: Thrift Club I. Putting on the make-up. SCHWEI-IM, LOUISE "LOU" Art Club I. 2. 3, 4: Hi-.links 2: "Prince of Pilsen" Z: Thrift Club l: Girls' Sextette 3. Know any good jokes? SCOTT, HAZEL "HAZ" Athletics 1: Commercial Club Z: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3, 4: Minute Girls' Committee 2. 3: Thrift Club l, Z, 3, 4: Lost and Found Com- mittee 3: Chairman Exchange Committee 3: Stamp Club 2. Campure ami more camprirvs. SEIDELHUBER. ANNE "FARMER" Tolo Copy Editor 4: Tolo Reporter 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Minute Girls Z. 3: Chairman Girls' Club Invitation Committee 4: Color Committee l: Girls' Club Tolo Book 3: Tolo Cartoonist 4: Athletics l, 2. "Whvre's my underslzirtfn SEMONE, JOSEPHINE "JO" Girls' Club Restroom Committee 3: Girls' Club Roll Representative l: Thrift Club 1: Minute Girls' Committee l. Whoisshcfff SHAW, PATRICIA "PAT" Christmas Play 4: Circus 2: Vodvil Committee 4: "Flying Hi" 4: Senior Decoration Committee 4: Student Grade Adv, 3. 4: Senior Sister 3, 4: Chairman Minute Girls' Committee l, 4: Spanish Club Z. 3, 4: Standards Committee 3. Where'd ya rate the Lincoln senior Pin? SHIELDS. ELAINE "LANE" Honor Society 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 3. 4: Chairman Program Committee for Ass. 4: Student Grade Adv. 4: Senior Sister 4: Party Tickets Com- mittee 3: Commencement Usher 3. Who does Elaine shield? SHIMAMAKA, FREDERICK "FREDDIE" Spanish Club 3, 4: Honor Society 2, 3: Boys' Club Roll Representative l, 2, 3: Thrift Club 2. 3. One keen fellow. SHINKAI, CHIKAO "CHICK" Boys' Club Roll Representative l, Z: Thrift Club l, Z: Boys' Intramural Sports 1, Z. Here Chick. Chick, Chick. SHINOXVARA, GEORGE HSHINNEIY' Honor Society 3, 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Carnival Z: Boys' Club Roll Representative l. Shin-O-lfVura can you be? SINCLAIR, BETH "BETTY" All City Orchestra 3: "Once n a Lifetime" 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Northwestern Orchestra 3: Chairman Decoration Committee 3: Entertainment Committee 4: Entertainment Committee Depart- ment Head 4: French Club l, 2, 3. Filldling her may to fame, SKARP, GEORGE "GEO" Track l. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: Intramural Sports l, Z: Boys' Club Roll Representative l, 2. Teachers will bu sorry Io see you leave- huh? SMART, ALICE "SCOTTY" Art Club 4: Senior Roll Representative 4: Enter- tainment Committee l: "Carmen" 4: Piano Player for Gymnasium l, 2, 3, 4. Smurf Alice. SMITH, FREDERICKA "FRlTZlE" Treasurer Girls' Club 4: Mid-XVinter Concert 2, 3: Honor Society 2, 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Vodvil 2: Chairman Girls' Club Vodvil and Carnival Committee. She owns :hc br-sr Ht--Haw. SENIORS Forty-seven SEIX Forty-eight 'ORS SMITH, HARTFORD "SMITTY" Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 4: Service Club 3: Aviation Club 3. 4: Make-up Committee 3: Debate Club 4: Standards Committee 4: Flag Committee 4: Doorman Productions 3, 4: Thrift Club 4: Com- mercial Club 4. Big little boy. SMITH, HELEN A. "SMITTY" Honor Society Z, 3, 4: Girls' Club Party Com- mittee 4: Girls' Roll Representative 1: Thrift Club 1. No, we're not any relation. SONADA, YAEKO "SON" Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative 2. 3: Thrift Club 1. 2: Girls' Club Tickets Committee 3. Can't help liking her. SONTHEIMER. ELIZABETH "LIZ" Orchestra 1: Commercial Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club Girls' Club Roll Representative 1. Always with Gladys. SPRINGER, HELEN "HON" Honor Society 2. 3. 4: Senior Sister 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 1: Thrift Club l. Come on with the joke and spring 'er. STANNARD, ISABEL "IZZY" French Club 1, 3, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Soccer 1: Dramatic Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Represena- tive I. Isabel-necessary on a bicycle. , STARK, ARNOLD "ARNE" Circus Z: "Once In a Lifetime" 4: Christmas Play 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative Z: As- sembly Skits 4. You're a genius, Arne. STONE, ROBERT "STONE" K. D. Club 1: Class Secretary 2: Committeeman Z: Boys' Club Roll Representative 1. A heart of stone-uh huh! STOREY, GRACE "HELLO" Senior Sister 4: Refreshment Committee Chair- man 2: Minute Girls' Committee 2: Typing Com- mittee 4: Chairman Typing Committee 4. Tell us a Storey, Grace. SULLIVAN, DAN "DANNY" K. D. Club 1, 2: Improvement Club 2: "Flying Hi" 4: "Prince of Pi1sen" 2: Tolo Weekly Rep- resentative 3, 4, Woman hater-Oh heck yes! SUNDERLAND, MAURICE "MORRY" Service Club Z, 3: K. D. Club 2: "Geisha" 4: Circus 2: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Tolo Weekly Representative 3. Out of circulation. SWENSON, EDYTHE "SWEDEN Class Secretary 4: Honor Society 2. 3: Vodvil 1, 2. 3. 4: Usher 4: "Carmen" 2, 4: "Geisha" 4: Quaker Maids 1. 2. 3. 4: Chairman Matinee Committee 3: Athletics 1, 2, 3: Tolo Representa- tive 1. Our sweetest Swede. TAKAGI, FRED "FREDDIE" Service Club 4: French Club 2, 4: Aviation Club 4: Carnival 3: Glee Club 4: Thrift Club l, 2. Heigh hor there Fred. old boy, old boy, old boy. TAKSHASHI, MINE "MIN" Circus 2: Glee Club 4: Basketball lc Baseball l: Volleyball 1: Entertainment Committee l. Always has another question. TALBERT. JOANNA "JO" Christmas Decoration Committee Chairman 41 Chairman Thanksgiving Decoration Committee 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 3. A likable girl. TANBERG, MERRITT "TAN" Christmas Play 4: "Once ln A Lifetime" 4: Tol O Reporter 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative 1: Thrift Club 3, 42 Commercial Club Roll Repre- sentative 2: "Geisha" 4. The voice of Tolo, TANNER, LE ORA ULORRA' Entered from Broadway High 4: Honor Society 4 Senior Play 4: "Flying Hi" 4. Her voice is as mysterious as her sleigh!-of-hand. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA "SHRIMP" "Prince of Pilsen" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 32 "Carmen" 4: "Geisha" 4: Hi-.links 2: Art Club l, 2. 3. 4: Entertainment Committee 2: Banque Committee 2, 3: Fashion Revue 1. 3. Mistress of room 12. I TEMPLETON, HELEN "PANSY" "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 22 Christmas Play 4: Charm Committee 1, 2: Vod- vil Committee 3: Tag Day Sales l, 2. 3. 4: Fun- makers Committee 2, 3, 4: "Static" 3: Spanish Club 2, 3. Haut' you seen Libby? Tl-IAYER, GENEVIEVE "GEN" Minute Girls' Committee 2: Concert 2. 4: Vodvil 2 Advertising Manager 3: Feature Editor Tolo Weekly 4: Class Day Commencement 4: "Once In a Lifetime" 4: Tolo Reporter 4. Darkskmned gypsy-yah, in the Senior Play. THOMASON, AUDREY "TOMMlE" Chairman Bulletin Board Committee 4: Art Club Secretary and Treasurer 4: Science Manager l: Tumbling 1. She's artistic and very clever. TOFI, KEICHI "TOFI" Thrift Club l, 2. 3, 4: Commercial Club l, 2. 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative l. 2, 3. 3. Plenty neat and clean. TOMITA, HIDEO "TOMI" Thrift Club l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Club Ro sentative 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 1. Tomato?-naw! Tomita. TREMPER, LELA "LEE' ll Repre- 2. 3, 4. Associate Editor Tolo Weekly 4: Chairman Girls' Club Publicity Committee 4: Chairman Girls' Club Letter Book Committee 3: Tusitala Club 2 3: Senior Sister 4: Tolo Reporter 3: Honor So- ciety 2: Tolo, Club Editor 4. "Miss lnquisitivef' SENIORS Forty-nine EJ E S5 RW 4... li SENIORS Fifty TUTTLE, EDNA M. "SHORTY" Dramatic I: Orchestra l, Z, 3, 4: Athletics l: Girls' Club Roll Representative 1, 2, 3: Thrift Club 2. Big oaks from little acorns grow. URADNICK, LENA "LE" "Carmen" 4: Cilee Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Rep- Orchestra 3, 4: Thrift Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club 1, 2. Leaping Lena. URADNISHECK, JULIUS "CAESAR" Voclvil Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club 2: Stamp Club I, Z, 3: Operetta Orchestra Z, 3. Friends, Romans and countrymen-. UYEMINAMI, MAY "MAE" Orchestra 3, 4: Thrift Club Z, 3, 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative 2, 3: Commercial Club 2. Talented along the line of music. VAN BOGART, KATHRYN "KATRINKA" Treasurer Social Service Committee 4: Girls' Club Roll Representative l: Thrift Club 2, 3: Tolo XVeekly Representative 3. Never says a word against anyone. VAN DAELE, EVELYN "EV" Commercial Club 1: Cultural Arts Committee l, 2: Senior Commencement Usher 3. Mila' but satisfying. VAN DE KANT, CATHERINE "DIMPLES" Thrift Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Typing Committee 2, 3: Commercial Club 2, 3: Ollice Assistant 3. W'haI a classy name. VAN IDERSTINE, JESSIE "JESSE JAMES" Dramatic Club Z: Christmas Play 2: Thrift Club 4: Commercial Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative 3. A lovely voice and nice expression. VAN Tl-IUL, VIOLET "VI" Girls' Sextette 3: Hi-Jinks 3: Commercial Club 1: Girls' Club Roll Representative I. A flying Dutchman. WAKE, CAMILLE "VANILLA" French Club 2, 3, 4: Alumni Committee 4: Student Grade Adv. 2, 3, 4: Improvement Com- mittee 2: Tolo Reporter 3, 4: Girls' Club Editor Tolo Weekly 4: Art Club 3, 4: Usher Senior Play 4: Make-up Committee 1, 2. "But Miss O'Leary, I'm so Nervous-I XVALL, CHARLES "CHUCK" Entered from Miami High, Miami, Florida: Senior Roll Representative 4: Commercial Club 4: Thrift Club 4. A lVall from Florida. WALTER, EVELYN "EVIE" Junior Editor Toln Annual 3: Associate Editor 4: Chairman Senior Refreshments Committee 43 "Static" 3: "Flying Hi" 4: Christmas Play 4, Do you know a Jimmie by any chance? WATERS. VIVIAN "HAPPY" Girls' Sextette 4: Girls' Octette 3: P. T. A. Minstrel Show 4: "Prince of Pi1sen" 2: "Choco- late Soldier" 3: "Geisha" 4: Favors Committee 3: "Carmen" 4. How "Happy" Waters sings. WAYNE, CHARLES "CHUCK" Spanish Club 3: Commercial Club l, 2: Boys' Club Roll Representative Tolo Annual Roll Rep- resentative I. Slow but sure, huh Chuck? VJEBB, MILDRED "MIL" Hockey I, 2: Basketball l, 29 Spanish Club 2: 3: Senior Matinee Committee 4: Honor Society 2, 3. 4. A peach of a girl. WELCH, RICHARD "DICK" Commercial Club l: Circus 2: Vodvil 3, 4: Senior Play Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: Mid-Winter Concert I, 2, 3: "Carmen" 2. Not grapejuice, English. WEST, HELEN 'lDID" French Club 2: Commercial Club I. Z: Girls' Club Roll Representative l, 2: Thrift Club l, Z. Go West-Young girl4Go West. XVILDERMUTH. JANE "JAN" Honor Society 2, 3. 4: Scholarship Committee 3: Lunchroom Committee 4: Girls' Ensemble 3: Girls' Sextette 4: Commencement Usher 3: "Car- men" 4: Mid-Winter Concert 31 i'Chocolate Soldier" 3. Trying to be Sophisticated. VVILLIAMS, ALICE "AI.I.IE" Senior Sister 4: Commercial Club l: Mid-Winter Concert 4: Glee Club 4: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative l. Hurold's woman. VJILSON, EVELYN "EVY" Friendship Committee 3: Typing Committee 3: Chairman Volunteer Committee 4: Vocational Committee 4: Tennis I: Senior Sister 4: Basket- ball 3. A baxhful girl. WILSON, FRED "RED" Intramural Sports l: Thrift Club l, 2: Com- mercial Club I, 2: Boys' Club Roll Representa- tive lz Track 4. Nice carishe ever lay? WING, JANE E. "JANIE" Commencement Speaker 4: Honor Society Z. 3, 4: "Once In a Lifetime" 4: Head Girls' Club Service Department 4: S. A. R. Representative 43 Chairman Scholarship Committee l: Vodvil l, 2. 3, 4: Quaker Maids 3.4. She holds them spellbound. WOO, DAVID "DAVE" Art Club l, 2, 3, 4: Thrift Club l, Z, 3, 4: Boys' Club Roll Representative l: Commercial Club l. And who do you woo? WORTH, VIVIAN "VIV" Senior Sister 4: Mid-XVinter Concert 3: French Club 27 "Carmen" 4: Girls' Club Roll Repre- sentative 1. Worth lots huh? SENIORS Fifty-one , SENIOR SONG lve entered Franklin Hi VVith a motto, "Do or die." 'Wefve tried to wear A cheerful smile each day, And now as Seniors grand, XVe want you to understand That no matter where we go We will always let you know: That our dear Senior class of Thirty-one Is full of pep and full of fun, VVe hate to see these happy days go by, Vw'e'll always lead the school ill all we do, XVc're never sad, we're never blue, YVe,ll show our loyalty to Franklin Hi, lVe are sure that you will always find us ready To do our very best to keep the standards high, And so we hope our class will leave its name Forever in this hall of fame, So here's to Franklin, where fond memories lie And now tl1e time is nigh VVhen we part from Franklin Hi, But memories dear YVe'll cherish through the years, VVe shall never forget All tl1e loyal friends we've met, And of the happy days we'll tell As we sing our fond farewell. Most popular class song of recent years-words and music composed by Vanecia Ewing at beginning of school year--sung at Senior assemblies, pep rallies, and at almost every Senior class activity-song captivated the whole school-Senior class no longer has a monopoly on it--all classes began using it-fFreshmen whispered it-Sophomores whistled it Juniors hummed it-ffieniors sang it--everyone knew the song by heart Fifty-two SENIQR HISTORY 1928--Morris Ballard elected President- Frosh were usual lively bunch-gridders tied for second placeA-yearlings won cross- country run-girls showed clever talent in dramatics and music--Miss Lillian Fowler to guide class through high school career-- green and white, class colors--but they weren't as green as their colors! 1929-Lois Nelson headed Sophomore class -three second-year men made first team in football-many students identified with school entertainments-fgroup also had large representation on Honor Society--Class of '31 made an auspicious start in dramatics- Soph Mixer main event of the year?already beginning to be noticed. 1930-Trygve Hansen led the Juniors through their third year-seven men won football letters-fthirty-two in Honor So- ciety?-two make debate team-revive .lunior-Senior matinees--began to make themselves felt in publications' work-many Juniors in "Franklin Staticf' annual vodvil -many in "Chocolate Soldierf' spring opera. 1931fEdwina Hendricks, Senior class prexy+football team gained sec ond place-"Once in a Lifetime" class play-introducing innovation in class pins-largest Senior Honor Society in sehool's historyltook leading parts in vodvil, "Flying Hi"-mid-year class day for February grads- K'Carmen " midwinter concert mainly work of Seniors--decided on caps 7 J and gowns for commencement-J'Geishan presented as spring opcra-- Class Day and moving upi-Commencement--grads now. xfmy-th w w 4+ .XS 'l'HIC PIONlCl'1R llcwm-cl logs f0l'l1iS Cubin -fm is thc- Juuim' lmilcling' for his flItl1I'L' f lvd Ivy tlmsc lwforu-f -lending those bc- hind ---11 XVlJl'kUI'iill1d nwzmwlxilc filling EL flefillite pIf1c'v------ ill Hu- SCIIPIIII' of ilxillgrs. JLJNIQRS QMi MBQ QWWRWWS M, .W L I . '5f., Zak? JW' Q ,G A ,Sikh QP ,fm ,fy ' I fy 12 22' QB 1 wmawk AQABGWXQJM Q 'Q 4 Kuffffjd " N25-gW U W I f f MN fm MW U nazi' L " JCZX 1, if Q xXN lx A 5 I l 7 ,,,7,,, W gn is ,J W , ,U ,K Vw, K if gpg. my ,W in 1555 Ji E XVILSON FOISE LYFORD KELLEY MERRIL PERKINS MOSER Ed I-YfOrd' YYYYYYYYYVYYV ,A.YY, P resident Merle Perkins , .V,..... Secretary KZI Katherine Kelley' ,,,,,,, ,.,.,....., T reasurer Marvin Moser , Sergeant-at-Arms JOl1I1 Merril ,,,Y,Y, W WVICQ-President Virginia Foisc W ,,,,,, Sr-crcmrgflj Miss Wilson , ..,YY, .,,,Y,,,Y.,. A duiser Successful matinee dances presented by Class of '32--Betty Buekner to head Girls' Club next year?-Frank Richards next Boys' Club presidenti-many Juniors in vodvil-uhm ruses and several leads in spring opera vom- posed of Juniors+third-year men promi- nent in athletics-prominent in publica- tions' W0rk organized dramatic club in second year ll6FC'lM6Fl6 Perkins to head Class during final year-niany Juniors in football pep band-School leaders for com- ing year-moving up. X Fifty-seven V AML JLJNIORS - I in I Q '45 s 9 v Y 5 'B .. 2 Sai , .L . I my I if Q I ,I ,. M, . I S sf, f - we, . H Nw' . . 255' . xv se I 1 , L Elf, ' 'nz N - S Sa I. . A K S- , ? L, , 5 , X A 1, I 9 Q' I i , I I , , sg E, Q ' EIL . g .Ju ,K I 'H Xi, X Q' if Su 5 s s B 9 +2 L ' Q, 4 I A I, My .R 'MQ . . . f 'S - LQ. , .W I ,,. 5? fc S W ' 1 J si 'SX .J - - :- , 'ft ,S 5 ,, , , ,gay-1: sis ,Q is ii 1 " A q k , w r'-'T I I ,f l '25, I 1,, 1 Wu ,L T I 1 1' , J .nv 5 J 9' w , 5 7 kv- ,sg , .. , Y 3342 -3 A5 my If , , -, gf.. is Q gif W - A 'Nu' sw ' Q H. A was .., , A., -Q ,. .v,, I ,NIT A . R f , 1:53 , 3 ,f VA ' 'S 4. , ,, , X 'S N veg: f is M 1 ' if E If , ,. ..,,. K i I ,I ,,,W,,, , Fifty-eight f E 'fi A 9 I n 5 ' Mia , .Si ,, A A 32 ' I 4- Q, :E "GIG 'Q' I 'Q X , 'C' g 3 sf s 5 ...,. , if A .1 A I B, ? I W3 Q 4i4f,'!?"- ff 'S ' 35 . .,,. E A is fe I f IM 'S C if M3 . ,W . ., . g-fm Y QQQ Q , X I' ,. I ADAMS, ALLAN ALSTED, MELBA ANDERSON, ALYCE ANDERSON, BILL ANDLRSON, VIOLET ARMS, JIMMY ATE, LEONARD AXELSON, WESLEY BACKLUND, ERNEST BACON, BARBARA BAILEY. NINA BAKER. VODRA BATEMAN, HOMER BAXTER, JEANNE BEARWOOD, RUTH BENNETT, HAROLD - BERGER, EYSTEIN BIANCHI, ROSE BIGGS, ITERN BOATMAN, ROSCOE BOYD, AGNES BRADBURY, ED BRADBURY, JACK BRADLEY, MARGARET BRANDALISE, ALBINA BREHM, KATHERINE BRINK, VIRGINIA BRISTOL, MAXINE BROOKS, VIRGINIA BUCHNER, BETTY BUEHLER, I-IAZEL BUTLER, FRED CALKINS, ROLAND CALLAHAN, CATHERINE CALLENDAR, XVINIFRED CAMEHL. ALICE CARLSON. JAMES CARLSON, SYLVIA CAREER, PEGGY CARSON, VIOLA CASTLETON, JEAN CENTIOLI, SAM CHICKETTI, ITLAVINA CIIIN, HARRY T. CHINN, AMY CIIRIEST, JUNE CLAVEY, BETTY CLOTHIER, WILLIAM COLACARRO, RAE COLEMAN, BILL CONNERTON, GENEVIEVE COVELLS, JOE CRAMER, IRENE CIRENSIIAW, JACK CROUGHAN, VIVIAN DARDIS, LA DONNA DAVENPORT, MARGARET DAVIS, GENEVIEVE DAVIS, MAXINE DE BOER, FRANCIS DE BOER, NELLII2 MAE DE BOER, PETE DEI1BACK,KATHRYN DELLE VITI, FLORENCE Q 4. az JUNIORS .I,N.,W,. 5, I fi - fi I I . ,FQ :I ' ' ,,,. ' '-,. vw- A K- 1 V . 5 3 1 ' I -Y I ' A I 'fy ' W' 2+ 9 I If! 5 is i W. 5 A H- Ali ji, F5 .SQ 1- A " Z 'S . A . 4 fs' C. C. ,. ' Q f I ' , Q , I it Q if -In 1 ' ca- i ' ' MP' I A ff. Ig? Sf I' iff 5, Ep ' fff' I M 3 Q , A F, . I A N J 'rj . 1 3 I' - ...C ' ' 5 '. 5 QQ ' F! A 1 uf- f f' in Q ggi lx A I W I Ei U u .. A If - iss ig I,C1 3,N iff? mm .f,QI I . Q, VI,Q L, Fifty-nine JLJNIORS fl Lg S A S x ,W-2, Jffbf'75w-mg, , F .,, Q E I I I, 5 f I ? Rib X 5. 15 , . k A if . . I 2 ?"' fi .. ,V .. X . ,L Ii I A ,gfg,Q"f gf: f ' - I ig , . ww - , V f, . ' V 3, Af, I - L"'A' A in "l"' '12, 11 " ' xiii' . WFS: Q . - I LL,, gi , , I f I 2 if I Q--- 1 f , FI ES , Q A I ,155 gi -if "L . , 1 1 Q, ' an TAXI -t I at I 'FJ G 'fx I ' "' I -- N rss? ii v ,4 Ii AAAAAA A I JIAA 'T' I QKBSZQN, z Sixty DELZER, DORIS DEVIN, BERTHA DE WINTER, COLISTA DI DONATO, ROSIE DI JULIO, JOE EATON, MARJORIE EBERHARTER, FRANK J. EBERHARTER, MARGARET EDWARDS, HELEN ENDRESS, ELIZABETH ERICKSON, GRACE ESMAY, GEORGE EUART, MARJORIE EVERS, MARY EVETT, ROY FALAHEE, NORMAN FAIRCHILD, VERA FOISIE, VIRGINIA FORREST, EDXVARD FOX, GLADYS ITUJIMOTO, FRANK GALLINGER, FREDERICK GARRISON, MARGARET GARRISON, MARIAN GEPNER, RICHARD GIELDSETH, HARTLEY GILBERT, RALPH GILES, HAROLD GILLIAM, JACK GLAZIER, ELMA GOLDSMITH, KATHRYN GOODRICH, JOHN GORSLINE, WILLIAM GOSS, BETTY GREENE, MARY ANN GREENXVOOD, BILL GRIFFIN, DOROTHY GRIITFITH, JACK GURLEY, BABE GRISTAPON, AMY HADLEY, IRENE M. HALE, MARIE I-IAMADA, ROSE IIANSEN, ITLORA HANSEN, LILLY HANSEN, MARIE HARADA, RUTH HARVEY, VICTOR HARRIS, XVILSON HAXVKINS, JACK HAZEN, GEORGE XVILBER HECHTMAN, LESTER HELLENTHAL, KATHERINE HENDRICKSON, MARTIN HICKS, JOHNNY HICKS, STANLEY HILL, ALLEN HILLGREN, VIVIAN HJELMAN. OLGA HOEFITLE, JAMES HOLSCHUMAKER, ALTA HOLWAY, DOROTHY HONE, MABEI. HOPP, EDNA JLJNIORS I -.fww I If M A 5 S 'G A 1 I 3 K . .V "WA A 'S' ' 1 All de 5.5 K- l L if A ' I I ' f - X , N I N 'f' ' ., I ,gs- V A GGVVLZ , f L ,fs .. xwk Kiki . if A 1 .L ,- Lf 'C H2 - 'Q 5 11 - tv e R ix 5. Sw- , .A TW' .G I A lv -+9 .us ' W 1 ' -I A I fa- ,g .Q . 3 I K , .2 I L, 1 WI I e Q '45 1' M - A v- , , ff Am ., ,E N... V W . K we fy I -:ll .. . -5 'R T w' + Y- 'N i T 'I Lg N 1 ' f , Y . " Q If . . Sixty-one JLJNIORS M ' M ,W M. IASSA , 5 '01 , I ,. V, s. I f SKKIS S K ' Ia. f A A 55+ I f L' I 'Q W .1 gli 'mf fy f A Q- CL 'W I if I A KSIEI Jh, . f W' I 1' xx A kb . LV Q A QI., .3 mg Rh, - EF ff Sf' as ff . 'I 6 2 0 I I ,V,: KK A 5 5,2 if f- ik 54 f ii w. is ""f 55753 R7 ' Q7 3 I NM - I I: ra, A ' 5. T f A .S il as ' fig f'S . U r ,- ,Q . .J . 5' . I w -- 1 L I t t I K' I J 0 I, mf, If ,J-f ' Qu J I A N , , 5 L,'e,A Q 0-vkzl 'rya- Q54 ' 'T .14 ...Air N49-Wai . , -, f s Qrtfrbwt, , giuvyy. ,J 3 F P . "g",vv..A-J 0 'yi-v ... Na., I , QA. 5 HOPTON, I-IARRIETT HORAT, CLARENCE HOYT, NADES HUDGINGS, VIRGINIA HUTCHINSON, ANN ICHIHARA, KAORU ISHIKAWA, KUJOKO IVES, ALICE JAMES, MARSHALL JARVIS, VIRGINIA JENNINGS, AUSTIN JENSEN. JIMMIE JESSEN, EDNA JOHANSON, SVEA JOHNSON, ENNA JOHNSON, JANE JOHNSON, MARIAN JOHNSTON, DEAN JORGENS, THELMA KALBERG, FRANK A. KATAOKA, YURI KEHOE, CLARA KELLEY, KATHERINE KELLY, IDA KIGER, HELEN KING, JEANNE KIRK, ANNA KIRKLAND, ERIC KNEMEYER,,MARGARE'I' KOOZIN, VICTOR KUKER, EDNA LANDRY. LE ROYCE JLINIORS ..,f ,f ww.-35 LANGER, MARY +6 -E K Q, . f LANO, MARIE ALICE 'Sv ' 5 'T ' vp.. 5' TW K ,X L-.1 ss I LARSON, ANITA ,,., I A A f, .f LARSON, CONSTANCE ' ' . . 5 . rf ,L - .1 1 ' - 'hy -' L7 LEIPPER, ALEX LEIPPER, ELLEN -A h 7' . iw . LETTERMAN, MARJORIE I' H -vm LEW, BOW CIN 5 l - 3 I r1,,.,LR I ,f '., LINDQUIST, TYNE h I A E, R K H V LOCROW, ROBERT ' bi 19, i x : L LOFTUS, THOMAS K . f - If S " X LACY, FLORENCE Vg 1 W' K A I,YIfORD. ED '1 , MARKIIAM, ED R. 54 If f Q. MARTIN,I.ENORA ' . IA I, A MARTINEZ, EERNANDO ' f W N 4 y Y j 1? I 2 ' MASUDA, SUDAYSIII M KVK MATZGER, NEIL 11 3' fx ' 'R' MATTSON, ADOLPH U it? ' 'A'L MAXSON, .IOIIN A. h h I I MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH NZIP K MCCOSRRIE, BURNS in 5' -1 an , 5' MCCUE, DAN A 1 ff J MCCULLOUOII, JAC . - dis MCCLIMEER, JACK A I MCIVER, BLANCHE ' gf 5 MCLEOD, DOROTIIY J T MCLEOD, MURIEL I 2,3 6 if ' ' 1 MCNAIR. ISAIIELLE 'ist K ll N MCNAMARA, MARGARET If 'V . gf" X McwILLIAMs,JEAN 4: I , '73 h V '55 N MEDLEY, INEZ ' 5 ' M3 ' O I Sixty-three U WIORS Sixtyhfour MEDLEY, MAUDE MEIKEJOHN, DON MERLINO, GENIO MERRILL, JOHN MILLS, DOROTHY MIZUTA, YOSHITO MOEKEN, MINNIE MOSLEY, MALCOLM NAGAISHI, KENJI NELSON, ADELE NELSON, CARL NELSON, FLORENCE NICOLI, FLORENCE NISHIMOTO, YAEKO NORD, DORIS NORNHOLM, HOWARD OBLEY, RALPH ODALOVICH, GEORGE OGISHIMA, GEORGE OKADA, SHIGESATO O'NEILL, EVELYN OSAKI, LILLIAN OSHIO, DOROTHY PALMER. RALPH PALMQUIST. HELEN PATTERSON, FERN PAULSON, EVELYN PAYNE, MARGUERITE PEARMAN, ROSE PEIRSON, HELEN BILLEE PERKINS, MERLE PETERSON, DOROTHY PHILBIN, IRENE PHILLIPS, RUTH PICKERING, JOE PIERSON, MARGUERITE PLOEGIER, WARREN POLLARD, JOHN POLLARD, MARGARET POLOKOFF, LEONARD POMMIER. MILDRED POWELL, FRED PRIVATT, MADELINE RADONSKY, MARGARET RAISTZLOITI5, LYDIA RAMSIEY, MARY RAYMOND, RUTH RIESEBURG, BUD RICHARDS, IiTHIEL RICHMOND, HUGH ROLIN, HOXVARD ROMEO, EUNICE ROSI, SIZNTILIA RUBIN, CECILIA RUGG, ELTON RUTAN, VIERONA SANDEN, .IOANI2 SCHMITT, LEORA SCIIAFFER, CHARLES SEAMAN, CAROL SESIE, SHIGEKO SI-IAMEK, KETHLEEN SHANER, PHIL SHEARISR, LUCILLE 1,5 fix M we fa, Q, ,yr in I JLJNIORS ?3. :fi 1. -S, ,P mf , J' A if if ,E gf ,, Y . N 5 1 '- f 1 I I u .1 rf , A W , , 2 ' 1' I A fa .. W. 51,25 , ' jk tj 3 f W , f?NXf-12 " , ' ' . - - , 5 . U , Fi , T , L I 1 19 Q ' fn- I . 4 A 34 E' ' I If 1 g ' ff? is Q Q 1- I - Sixty-Eve JUNIORS .,,. WE' iii, 1 !'F' f -Sf 5-1: , .5 , . f W E P- E EE A .XO F552 4? s! . ,, 5? , . f A A A 1-1 -- 17 k g I -A i ' fb - . if .f.. - eg! Q. 4 5.,,...i .h 1 , A .. Q L A Wig , . , A "- :M Bm x , W E ' .... Q- 5 1 ..... . A ff if 99: A 1 - '- .. 'A ..h, . 1 . RN is ,. f,. g gf.. ak' V ' - - 'M ' 'A,- 2 A 'K' . gs A if . A-A ,I A ti 3? , ,L--- - A " . . V 5 w uz. .. I A 7 ' - A E .. A A , ,. .T ' f Au 2 l5f?Jnf . 'fa -'-" T -V - , f E Z p . gh- ' HY J A' K L: K K I - ..,, " . . ... ., . .T S fi Sixty-six SHELDON, MAXINE SHIGEMURA, SHIGENO SHILLINGTON, ROLAND SHIMAHARA, HIROSHI SHIRAISHI, YOSHIKO SHOMBURG, RALPH SHULTZ, EMMA SHUMAN, EDNA SIMPSON, ESTHER SKINNER, EVELYN SKOFSTAD, PHYLLIS SNYDER, FRED SMIDT, ANNE SOUTIIXVORTH, ROY SPRINGER, GORDON STARK, PAULA STARKEY, HAROLD STETSON, HARRIETT STINCHCOMBE, GEORGE STONE, NANCY STOVER, KATHRYN STREAM, CECELIA STEWART, DONALD SULLIVAN, JACQUELYN SUMMERS, FRANCES SUPINO, HENRY TAGGART, DAVE TANNER, GOLDEN TAYLOR, EVELYN L. TAYLOR. MARY JANE THOMAS. KATHLYN THOMAS, MARGARET THOMPSON. ROBERT TOD, BETTY G. TODD, MARTHA TOMITA, YURIKO TOYOJI, TOSHIO TREMPER, JOE TSCI-IUDIN, MARGARET TURNER. MARY UHRICI-I. ESTI-IER UYEKI, CHIYEKO VOIGT, ELEANOR VOLRATH. MARGARET WARE, JIM WALKER, MARGARET WANDLING, HERSI-IAL XVARE, BILL WAY, JACK XVELDON, MURIEL XVEST. LANYRENCI2 XVESTON, I'RED WHITE, JOHN G. WIGIITMAN, MARY WIENKER, CURTIS XVILLIAMS, ALBERTA XVILLIAMS, CHARLES XYILLIAMSON, GLENN WILSON, CLARA BELLE XVILSON, I LOYD XYILSON, GRANT, JR. XVINNINGI-IAM, JOSLYNN XVOODCOCK, DOROTIIY XYRIGHT, MARK I5 :W mg JLINIORS .T A t Lf? r- T TLT ,. ,. . if 'ag 1 kj as Z 1. ,B iii, I N .f in ,:V' I V , Hn, . .- V V K A A 1 g ef -Q ' TV I E H 575 x It-5 7 . ,J A Sw I , 9 X ,',, 4- f ,,,- T, -A 5 , EW V V V, ,, . . K. I T L I 2 A 4 1 ME A -nn . . , E.ET , n ' Sixty-seven IIE IS QUESTIONING Y-QIINVZIYS iiuding out ucw things--f-plzuming1huildi11g- knowing not quitc what to do-but willing to be slmownito follow the path shown him -1-and help those hchind. SCDPHOMCDRES 1734 f 54,5-V,, Eff 53 Q07 V ww, aww? Vi KLM! - F R WM? 2 . it 704741, ji'Q?4 V Zim? J 2 md XSQW, i W, fm w vw, W G lp ff p fx 4 ' 9,4 gb ff 5 Li is i ,-.A ,,f- if Q lg-2 y W: 1 w M ES? s i I 1 E z 3 , 1, ll X it Q l i t i W W siissi niti so i t af Lf'- 51525 -, fv,:1zfsgff?-- 7 f-fk uf' 7 '!Qfi'5: fi'I?s?'5" 1' ELLIS FIFIELD BRAWLEY MAGINNIS SPEIDEL WARE HAAS STRONG Valerie ElllS.... YYYYYYYY.Y Presidentfll David Maginnis ,,,,,,,,, Presiden! KZQ Bill Brawley YYY.YYY YYYYYY V ice-Presidentflj Bill Fihcld ,,,,,, Vice-Presidenrflj Mary Haas ,,YY,YY - Yrrff. ..,..... S ecreturyflj Hera Ware ,,.Y, A,,..,.. S ecreIargK22 Dorothy' Speidel ....,, YY,,,,,,,,, T rcasurer Miss Strong ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,..,, A dciser Two years behind themg two to g0?Vnlerie Ellis first semester president?Christmas party-Rube VV0lf ldeu--orchestra, cats, Christmas tree, games, what notlliave Maginnis second term leader-showed up fairly well in basketball-"ran away" with track!-spring party--nearly two hundred attendediFrosh honor guests?-tumlmlers, girls' sextette, Dramatic Club playibig- gvst underclass affair ever held-the Soph- omore class a credit to Franklin. Seventy-one 4? SOP!-ICDMORES Seventy-two Allen, Leonard Abe, Mitsuji Acton, Gwendolyn Allen, Doradell Almer, Josephine Alsted, Clyde Anderson, Alice Anderson, Arthur Anderson, Bert Anderson, Evatt Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Edwin Anderson, George Anderson, Mildred Andrum, Lawrence Anthony, Carmella Antonio, Augustine Asanunla, Sam Askins, Maxine Bailey, Frank Boyce, Edward Boyce, Portus Boyes, Lorraine Bradley, Margaret Brass. Catherine Brawley, Bill Bredice, Elizabeth Bremer, Harris Bringolf. Philip Bristol, Irene Brooks, Hazel Brown, Frances Brown, Phyllis Bryenton. Evelyn Buck. Mildred Burdick, Mildred Burgreson, .Tack Burke, Alma Burke, Ellard Burner, Jim Chin, Henry Chin. Walter Chinn, David Chinn, Noah Clausen. Glen Clark, Charles Clark, Herbert Clarke. Beatrice Clemen, Mary E. Climenson, Austin Close, Margaret Cobh, Blain Coffin, Patsy Ann Cogeshell. Ethel Cohan, Donald Colasurdo. Joe Colrock, Alberta Collier, Richard Collins. Alster Collins, Colleen De Felice, Edward De Lappe, Mary De Laura, Lucille Dell, Eugene Dcll, Paul De Marco. Elvera Deming, Robert Dempster. Harold Denardo, Joseph De Suler, John Diacampo, Carmelo Dice, Robert Dickerson, Raleigh Dinius. Jeannette Dolby, Florence Donadel, Louise Donohoe, Josephine Doran, Donald Doriherger, Thelma Dotson, Lorraine Baker, Donald Baker, Geraldine Barker, Clifford Barnachia, Reynundo Barnes, Stuart Barnum, J ack Bass, Lucille Bate, Marden Bean, Margaret Beard, George Behruns, Josine Bennett. Clayton Berglund, Frank Bertucci, Elizabeth Bicknell, Leonard Bicknell, Max Bigham, Florence Blockov, Bill Bolster, Harry Bloudin, Bill Butler, Dorothy Cade, Margaret Campbell, George Camex, Peggy Campbell, Minerva Campbell, Bonita Canavan, Rolland Carey, Frances Carlo, Louise Carlson, Madelyn Carter, Vincent Cast, Rhoda Castle, Delbert Catebog, Pasiless Catalina, Evelyn Chaffee. Knowlton Chiarelli, Ettore Chichetti. Louis Chin, William Chin, Albert Coiney. Peggy Constable, Catherine Corey. Alfred Couple, Sarah Covello. Salvatore Covey, Herman Cozcns. Helen Crandall. William Crisp, Clarence Cunningham, Katherine Cuper, Pete Curtiss, Evelyn Czarnieski, Helen Dahlby, Hubert Dale, Frances Daly. Edward Dardis, Anita Davis. Genevieve Dawson, .Tune De Caro, Alina Doughty. George Downing, Dale Drost, YVanda Drury, Jim Dudley, Dorothy Duncan, Dorothy Eckenback, Ralph Eckhardt. Lester Edholm, Winifred Edwards, Charles Edwards, Clifford Edwards, Genevieve Edwards, Ireuc Egts, Dorothy Ekdahl, Andrew Ellis, Valerie Elrnquist. Evelyn Eisner, Rowena Emerson. Theodore Engstrom, Alice P l Ergeson, Harvey Ericks, Oscar Eriksen, Harold Erickson, Inez Eskensen, Frank Esllck, Donald Etter, Myri Evans, George Evans. Harold Everall, Hubert Falconer, Hilda Falconer, Lois Falkenstein, Bill Fargher, Clarence Franer, Kathryn Fattore. Mary Felipe, Ruiino Fend, George Ferrell, Betty Ferris, George Gatt, Theresa Gaydeskl. Marguerite Gibson, Harold Gill, William Gingell, .Tack Glralnao, Denny Gleason, Martin Goldman, George Goldsmith, Kathryn Gollinger, Hellmuth Gorsline, Nornnajane Gould, Stanley Graham, Dorothy Granard. Dorothy Grant, Bruce Grayson, Beatrice Greenhow, Bob Griffin, Dorothy G1-ifnth, Jack Gwinn, Robert Harshfield. Allen Hartwell, Doris Hateley, James Hayashi, Nachi Hays, Janet Heiden, Myrtle Heiler, Elmer Heise. Lillian Hemriek. Doris Henibrook, Dorothy Henderson. Bob H4-rmansrn, Jane Henss, Ed Hickox, Nina Hicks, John Hikida. Torazo Hildebrand, Margaret Hill, Howard Hing, Henry Hinshaw, Cecil Jacobs, Cliiord Jacobson, Anna Jacobson. Robert Jacques, Louise Jensen, Ds-lone Jessen. Edna Jienske. YVilliam Joanis, Parnell Johansen, Arttield Johanson, Alvin Jolmson, Elsie Johnson, Frances Johnson, Grace Johnson, Lee Johnson, Lucille Johnson. Virginia Jones, Kathleen Jordan, George Jordan, Jimmie Kashiwagl, Mitsno Ferris, James Flileld, Bill Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Fleming, Dick Flemming, Helen Flewin, Mildred Foster, Louise Fonts, Meriai Fowler, Richard Francis, Awaitha Fremay, Francis Frohnnan, Alta Frost, Norman Funderhurke, Dorothy Gabie, Gordon Gahnberg, Ruth Gaidner, Mary Garber, Gretchen Garrison, Leone Garrison, Marian Haas, Mary Hadtield. Bob Hagen, Robert Hagen, Tom Hakala, Fanny Hagerty, Dorothy Hall, Melvin Hamilton, Dolores Hamilton. Robert Hancock. William Haney. Ruth Hannah, Ruth Hannah, Bill Hansen, Lester Hanson, Louise Hanson, Ruth Hard, Evelyn Harner, Agnes Harris. Orville Harrison, Ardith Hirao. Kiyoko Hiratha, Frances Hoar, Sue Hoffman. Sarah Hogan. Harriet Holdsworth, Donald Holt, Doris Holt. Helmer Hood, Bill Hornbeck, Florence Hoyt, Martha Huey, Frank Hughes. Jean Hyde, Lawrence Hyde, Jack Imherg. Ralph Ingo, Mary Iseki, Tsntomu Ives. Vivian Jackson. Naomi Karabelmikoff, Iseo Keck. John Keller, Dot Kelly, Ada Kennedy, George Kennedy. lla Kenney. Isaac Kent, Margha Kiene. Bob Kimball. Rohert Kimball. VVilhnr Klpper. Anna Kiyomizn. Shozo Klinkan. Frank Knapp, Carol Knoisley, Virginia Kneymer, Margaret Koch. Doris Kigane, Mitsnmasa Kogler, Frank SOP!-IOMORES Seventy-three 1+ SOPHCDMQRES Seventy-four Koshimega, Mitsu Kohler, Ernest Kolsted, Margery Kominski, Pauline Kremer. Mathias Kubo, Kazuo Kugler, Joye Kurakawa, Toyoko Laatz, Frances Lacey, Helen Lamken, Gordon Lamont, Mary E. Landry, Le Royce Lnnigan, Cliff Larsen, George Larsen, Lillian Larson, Ilelen La Salle, Evelyn Le Clair, Genevieve Le May, Richard McGuire, Edith Mclvcr, Blanche McLaughlin, Frances McLynne. George Madsen, George Maginnis, David Mahr, Carl Maire, George Malone. Leone Malone, Madeline Malven, Frank Mangini, Joe Marshall. Marguerite Martin. Georgia Marzullo. Patrick Mason, Lee Massie. ldn Mattson, Adolph Maxson. llerbert Maxwell, XVillian1 Mulholland, Philip Mullin, Ha1'old Munk, Marie Museolo. Rose Nagle, Dorothy Nakagawa, Marian Nakamura, Violet Nastor, Basilio Natale, Irving Nelson, Fred Nelson, Helen Ness, Arthur Nicholls, Leland Nichols. XVilliam Nicoli, Florence Niesen, Richard Nischimoto, Heor Nishimura. Kimiko Nitta, Susuinu Noble, VValter Patridge, Agnes Patteson, Jean Patterson, Duane Patterson. Melvin Paulson, Evelyn Paulson, Fred Paulson. Nancy Paulson. Olive Payne, Marguerite Pedegan, Merle Pedersen, Carl Pehl, Doris Peirson, Helen Pemberton. Paul Perry, Benny Perry, George Peterson, Katherine Peterson, Fritzy Peterson, Glen Peterson, William Lennon, Russell Lewis, Helen Linsoln, Howard Linder, Kenneth Lindgren, Bertil Lindman, Barrett Lindsley, Tom Lines, Marjorie Lippis, Susie Liptrap, Iona Lohdell, Gilbert Loh, Kathryn Lowe, Quet Luke, Henry Lundberg. Erland Lyons, Jeannette McAllister, Harry McCi1oy, Russell McCoskrie, Donald McDonald, Leonard Maqeda, Tochihiro Mayner, Frances Medhy. Solveig Menzel, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Miller, Erwin Miller, Evelyn Mills, Russell Milovleh, Zora Mingo, Elaine Mitchell, June Miyagawa, Dorothy Morriss, Harriet Morrell, Bill Morton, Gladys Moser, Leo Moshier, George Mote, Ellen Moore, VVarren Mukae, Hitoshi Nugent, Lawrence 0'Brien. Mary Ochi, Suyoko Odane, Ann Ohman, Anna 0'Keefe, Alice Olson. Carl 0'Malley. Edward Ostroth. Paul Oswick. Irene Paduano, Mary Palmer, Charles Palmer, Dorothy Parker, Jack Parker, Ruby Parsons, Dorothy Partridge, Dorothy Patrlcelli. John Patricelli, Rose Patch, Anna Philbin, Bernice Pickering, Joe Pilo, Elizabeth Pitt. Alfred Pixley, Philip Polet. Charlotte Plumb, Herbert Planet, Wayne Poynter, Irene Priestley, Cecily Pringle, John Prohst, Virginia Ptolemy, Jean Purkeypile. Irene Quirk. Annette Racheal, Anna Raschko, Walter Reaney, Lenore Rawson, George Reecheo, Josie Rich, Betty Richards, Frank Richards. George Richardson. Donald Ricketts, Lola Ricketts, YVinifred Ridenour, Eileen Riggs, Robert Roberg, Jane Roberts, Harold Roberts, Murtis Robertson. Jessie Robenson, Edna Robson, Mathena Roe, Eugene Rommel. Dorothy Ronk, Paul Rooney. Babe Rosenvold, Jack Ross, Donald Sharp, Ruth Shashirh, Steve Shimada, Yashiko Shimanaka, Kenji Sidoro. .lose Sigel, Fritz Sinades, Catherine Sniailes. Viola Smart, Catherine Smith, Floy Smith, Grace Smith, llma Smith, Leona Smith. Frank Smith, Pearl Smith. Richard Smith, Vern Spada, Ethel Spagrnole, Mary Spagnole, Paul Syverson. Elaine Taggart. Dave Tait. Jack Tlabert, Ellsworth Tanaka. Masahisa Taraserich. Vivian Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Jack Taylor. Theresa Tesack. Helen Tew. YVilliam Thomson, Marion Thompson, Stuart Thompson. Virginia Thomson, George Thurlow, Lois Tidrick, Kimber Todd, Ma1'ie Tomatick, Eva Torihara, Frank YVarren. Genevieve YVarren. Stanley Watanalre. Ma1'y YVatson. Elsie YVatt. Robert WV:-ikel. Evelyn Wfellons. Dorothy YVesley, Ralph YVeston. Albert YVheeler. Myron YVhitlock. Merna YVit-kstroin, Rodney KVighttnan. Mary VVilliams, Geraldine Willianis. Kathryn YVilson, Marie Wilson, Robert TVing, Chloe YVingsnm-ss. Audrey YVol1leitner, Annie Rossi. Eva Rugg, Elton Runue, Fred Rnosch, Whitney Russell, Margaret Sehacht, Elizabeth Scharfenstein, tiluarles Scheild, Frank Schiller, Emma Schneider, Marion Schwarzer, Grace Scott, George Scott, Lenora Scott. Rosella Scott, W'illia1n Self, Charles Se1'i. Mariana Setsura. Teruku Shaner, Goldy Sharp, Christiana Speidel, Dorothy Spellacy, Mary Spencer, William Splaine, Elizabeth Splaine, Frances Stakenas, Anna Stalls-op, Jack Starkey, Harold Starkey, Joe Steele, Clarence Stinchcomhe, George Stocking, Frank Storey. Maurice Strodoff, Barbara Strom, Carlvne Strong, Margaret Snpino, Lucy Snto, Bessie Swain, Arthur Swan, Milton Toribara, Taft Toyoji, Masako Tentor, Caroline Tudor, Jack Tudor, Lena Twilliger, Tom Urlin. Alice Vallala. Bruno Vanderford. Bud Vasser, Lila Vivle. .Tack Vilegshanin. Vera Violante, Mike Vitro, Frank Wake, Jim Walker, Jean Walker. Crane VVare, Hera VVarIield, Charles xV1il'H0lll, Juanita XV0laver. Vara NVong, Edward W'on,f:. Flora VVo0. Daniel Woo. Lewis Woo. Louis Weeds. Milton Wylie, Jack Yamauchi, llisako Yasunaga. Uhiyoko Yasunaga, Satoshi Youio, Sam Yorioka, Masanori Yorioka, Ukio Young, Eldon Yuasa. Ayako Zimmerman. Mabel Zokelt, Franc-es Znger, Mary SCDPI-IOMCDRES Seventy-five FlfI.I,0F'l'Hl'1ISOVNDLVISS ENTHUSI- ASM ofyolltlxf--glzlughing ut1ifc yetwith thoughts of tho futureicarofreo-live und lc-z1rn-- fffour yozmrs-A-they will grow olderfquictp-1' xviserf1u1t sturdy pio- ll08l'5 CVCI1 IIIWV. FRESHMEN YOUNGS NEISON FRANZ KEHOE Alfred Lyforcl ,..... ,..,..,,, P resident Stanley Youngs ..., ,,,,,.. V ict--President Myrtle Kehoe ,,,, ,,,,,,., S ecrctarg Seventy-eight FRESHMEN Largest class in school-Freshmen active in participation in school sports-Frosh grid- clors tic-cl for championshipw-yearling hoop- stcrs finished secondvexcellent showing in tl'2l.C'li+1'l reshmen turn out well for all school activitif-sicolors purple and gold--Freslr men girls "little sisters" to Senior girls--'Al Lyforcl first Class of ,Sl president-?Miss McGrath to lead class through four years as zulviser-promising materizll in Freshman class for future school leadership. IQ34 LYFORD . ' McGRATl-I Mnrjorre Ncuson ,,,,,. Y,,,,,YY,.,. T reasurcr Alice Franz ..... Y ,,,Y,, Sergeant-at-Arms Miss McGrath, ,,.,. Y,Y,,,,,,,.,,,, A duiser Aalto, Kalevi Acceturo, Lorraine Adams, Howard Adams. Milton Allbright, Sheridan Allyn, Phyllis Anderson, Marion Antonio, Dan Armstrong, Harry Armstrong. Wallace Arnold. Edith Arnold, Gladys Ball, Irene Barker, Virginia Barton, Virginia Benson, Helen Blrrell, Stuart Bjork, Astrid Bluhm, George Blyth. Alex Bowman, Burel Boyd, Beatrice Brackett, Georgie Brown, Laura. Kuramoto, Tersuo Kumeneli, Yulslo La Grand, Lois Larsen, Egil Lee, Annabelle Le Roy. Jim Lein, Louise Lindgren, Gordon Lindsley. Tom Logan, Robert Lohman, Thelma Longstreet, Irene Looker, Russell Louis, Wing Ching Lyford, Albert Lyford, Louise MacMillan, Jim McSor1ey, Francis Marcy. Virginia Margolis, Marion Martin. Calvin Martin, Helen Martin. Jack Massena. Melvin Miller, Marjorie SECGND HALF FRESHMEN Brown, Lowell Bruce, Loma Buck. Mildred Butfone, Antionette Bugenhagen, Ernest Byrne, Marguerite Carlson, Bernice Carlson, Ethel Carlson, Florence Catania., Rose Chlddister, Harold Chin, Bertha Chin, Ming Clcci, Herman Clark, Marjorie Clist. Jack Close. Dorothy Colertl, Tommy Collins, Marie Costlow, Mae Cousins, Volney Curtlss, Charles Clement, Chryssilla D'Angelo, Elsie Minami, Henry Mlsenar, Earl Mitchell, Lloyd Moshier, Al Mullin, Harold Murakami, Chiyoko Mannell, Stuart Nakashima, Mary Napoli. Tony Nelling, Dorothy Nenezich, Pete Nikaitani, Yazuo Nilson, Gladys Nishimura, Mary Nishlmura, Rose Nishimura., Yoshito Norton, Isabelle Nosleh, John 0'Brien, Peter Okitsu, John Olson, Ida Ollemian, Maizie Olson, Norman Olson, Ruth Olund, Howard SEPTEMBER, 19 3 0 Davenport. Robert Davidson. Margaret Davis, Marjorie Day. Jack DiJuli0, Ruby Douglas, Mary Jane Eaton, Margaret Eguvhi, Frank V Ellis, Dion Ellez, Boise Endress, .lohn Endress, Josephine Everall, Harold Fata, John Fawvett, Murl Fellows, Clyde Onodera, Ko Osborne, Cecil Oetsen. Marjorie Palmer, Helen Pateh, Anna Paddock, Bill Peschau, Lucille Phillips, Earl Pickering, Joe Y Pike, Alleyenne Poirier, Gilbert Ramberg, Inguald Rasehke, Herman Rawson, George Recs-heo, Rose Ripper, Alfred Finton, Ben V Flelschman, Herbert Foster, Maude Fowler, Steve Fouts. Merial Gallanese, Lene Gallaher, Dennis Gavosto, Thomas Gerber, Ludwig Giovi, Ronald Goodman, Margaret Graznotf, Peter Grenville, Molly Gribble. Dorothy Gustafson, Raymond Gustavson. Glenn Hembrook. Dorothy Haag, Evelyn Hadlock, Irene Hansen, Norma Hanson, Marion Heinrich, Alice Hellberg, Elizabeth Higgins, Gladys Ritter, Harold Roherg, Patricia Rohm-l'iZ. Phyllis Roberts. Marion Roberts, Martha RobertS, Vivian Roper, Jim Rutan. Manrine Ranoma., Louise Scarpello, .lohn Sehmader, .lim Schubert, Dorothy Semple, Mae Sheldon, Dorothy Smith, Earl Smith, Frank Smith, Harold Smith, Man' Louise Smith, Osborne Smith, Phillip Soriano, Amigo Southard, Eldoris Soyijlma. Lilly Stewart, Antionette Stewart. Bill Hill, Earl Hoar, Sue Hopper, Bill Horuiehim, Toshiko Hoshlde, Akira. Hosking, Richard Hotta. Edward Howard, Nellie Hummel, May Hundley, Glendora Hunter, Sylvia, James, Bonnie Jenkins, Marjorie Jensen, Carmen Jones, Alben Jones, Merry Jung, Juanita Kehoe, Elnora Kellner, Beatrice Kimpton, Herbert King, Agnes Kinston, Velma Knapp, Kathleen Knleger, Helen Stewart, Charles Summers, William Suydel, Alta Tachlyalna, Hatsumi Tammany, Patricia Tatsumi, Hasoa Tageler, Teddy Tegeler, Delmar Thurlow, Lester Thompson, Douglas 'l'rethen'es, William Tsujlmoto, Joe Uyeda., Mable Vallala, James Nvarrick, Lloyd Wayne, John lVhite, YVilbur XVhitchouse, Madeline Whitworth. Florence Williams, Doris Williams, Henry VVilson, Javk VVlndl6y, Louise Yates. Bob Yeomans, 1-Idith Seventy-nine PRES!-IMEN Eighty Almblacle, Vivian Amaleff, Amy Anderson, Doris Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Myrtle Anderson. Ruth Andrews, Charteris Angel, Donald Annibal. Ada Antes, Barbara Appel, Jack Appleton, Aena Atkinson. Ethel Aust. Robert Blane, Barbara Bluhm, Earl Boneeto, Harold Boni, Caroline Bonnery. Edlane Born, Billie Born, Virginia Lee Bostwick, Janice Boyd, Mary Ella Bredice, Florence Bremer. Eugene Brevvton, Ceell Brougham, Alice Brougham, Violet Brown, Dorothy Butts. Robert Cameron, Harry Cappellctti, John Cappelletti, Willie Carbone, Chancey Carlson, Elfrieda Carlson, Ruby Casady, Helen Centioli, Achilles Phase. Albert Chase, Lorrayne Champlin, Louis Vhechetti, Louis Chicketti. Annie Collins, Eugene Collins. Mary Collins, Russell Conn. Harold Conn, Loretta Cook, Lorne Cordell, Sam Cossalter, Olympia Couglrlin, Catherine Cox. Marie Craft, Robert Crothers, Eldon Cullen, Grace Cunningham, Jack Curtl, John Desics, Amy Diacampo, Tony Dibb, June Dice, Catherine Dickerson, Robert Divyack, Daniel Dodge, Audrey Donaldson, Ellen Donaldson, Ethel Donaldson, William Doshen, Joe Downes, Frances Duesing, Eulala Duesing, William Backlund. Evald Banfleld, Dorothy Barr, Bob Barto, Patricia Barto. Robert Bassett, Robert Bate, Kneeland Bates, Goldie Bates, Yanola Bayless, Dorothy Berglund, Dora Bertucci, Elena Bigley, Paul Birrel, Ruth Blair, Jane Brown, Eleanor Brown, Josephine Brun. Finn Buchanan, Alice Buckingham, Mary Buck, George Buckmaster, Elaine Buffane, Sam Bunch, Betty Burger. Irene Burnett, Lois BUTI1Hg1Oll, Mary Ann Burroughs. Donald Burton, Mary Chicketti, Lena Chikusa, Sadonba Chinn, Edward Chinn, Ella Christian, Merle Christiansen, Elnora Clarberg. Jack Clemmone, Isobel Clemmons, Monte Coccione, Marian Coccione, Rose Cole, Donald Cole, Gordon Collier, Marian Colling, Gordon Currie, Smith D'Amico, Edith Danielson, Ann Darling. Gretchen Davidson, Richard Davis, Billy Davis, Earl Delloer, Janet DeBoer, Raymond De Felice, William Deitch, Olive Deming, David Dening, Christina Dennison, Helen Eastman, Robert Edwards, Emmett Edwards. J ack Egner, Ray Ellez, Helen Elliott, Isabella Eng. Mary Ernest, George Eskesen, Erna Eskeson, Agnes Evenson, Charles Fairchild, Mary Ferrari, Eno Ferraro, Connie PRES!-IMEN Fetch, John Fox, Rankin 'H' ' Fierling. Karl Francis, Marguerite Filigno, Arthur Franz, Alice Fincher, Lorine Frederick, Richard Fislrer, Bud French, King Fisher, George Frost, Wayne Fleming, Dorothy Fugino, Haruo Flewin, Delbert Fujimo, Shegenohn Flynn, Margaret Gallant, Betty Fogelquist, A lice Gamble, Howard Foglio, Antonio Gault., Ethel Follett, Jack Gay, Shirley Foster, Alma Geralmo, Lena Foster, Lucille Gharvelot'l', Annie Fowler. Homcr Gilmore, John Guest, Gertrude Globe, Lucille Gunn, Dorothy Glazier, Burton Hamlfleld, Anna Gleason, Patsy Hadley. Eleanor Goldner, Earl Hagerstron, Irene Goldsmith, Blanche Hagen, Ralplr Goodrich, Chester Haigh, William Goto, Tatsumi Hale, Mae Graham, Dorothy Halldeman, Charles Graybeal. Violet Hamada, Ruth Grendahl, Sidney Hamlin, Gladys Groeabeck, Cornelia Hancock, James Gmble, Edward Hansen, Tod tFrancisJ Gruger, George Hansen, Ruth Harada, Yasushl Hard, Irene Hlkida, liichi Harris, Feild Hinckley, Barbara Harrow, Edward Holdsworlh, Clinieniina Harshfield, Wilburn Holloman, William Hawley, Dorothy Hopp, Jim Hayden, Reed Horder, Morley Healey, Jack Hoshide. Seko Heiler, Harold Howard, George Henderson, Alice Hoyt, Efile Henderson, Edward Hoyton, Richard Henderson, Martha Huber, Martha Herren, Maxine Hughes, Gordon Hewitt, John Hull, Sam Hlc'k0X, Chester Humphrey, Edna Hirks, Carolyn Humphreys, Frank Johnson, Isaac Humphreys, Leslie Johnson, Betty Hunich, Margaret Johnson, George Hunter. Margaret Johnson, Howard Husnick, Hilda Johnson, Raymond Jackson, Alice Johnson, Mary Javkson, Erwin Johnston. Mildred Jacobsen, Sylvia Jolly, Gwendolyn Jann, Frank Jones. Doris Jeffries, Joyce Jones, Edward Jensen, Margaret Jones, Hasbrouck Jensen, Thelma Jordison, Azuel Jeneen, Virginia Jorgenson, Trygvc Jezik, George Judd, Pearl Keene, LeRoy Kehoe, Myrtle Konior, Vanley Kelly, William Kozmetsky, George , Kennedy, Doris Kyle, Jack Kenney, Mary llakcreff, Parla Kenney, Oscar Lamlvrecht, James Kenyon, Howard Langdon, Katherine Kepplar, William Langler, Fred Kikuchi, Chihiro Lansing, Donna King, Donald Larson, Alfred Kipper, Katherine Lavender, Florence Kirstein, Kathleen La Ville, Stewart Klatzker, Allen Lawson, Virginia Kleinolder, Howard Lee. Darwvin Knapp, Robert Lee, Virginia Eighty-one PRES!-IMEN Eighty-two Leigh, Edward Lein, Paul Lenelian, Mary Lessell, William Leroy, Irwin Lewis, Billee Ann Lewis, Evelyn Levy, Irwin Lind, Lilly Lohama, Alfred R. Long, Lucille Louie, Fannie Lurie, Melvin Lynch, Eddie Martinsen, Gertrude Marl', Ramona Masinga, Robert Mason, Cort Matson, Gilbert Matsuno, George Matsusoka, Kimi Mattielli, Eugene Mzuvdsley, Harold Mc1Andrew, Richard Mt-Bride, Ralph Mr-Casker, Andrew McDonald, Violet Mc-Elarth, Robert McGregor, Edgar Miller. Le Roy Mil1e1', Roberta Mills, Robert Mitchell, Muriel Miyagawa, Dorothy Montague, Margaret Mori, Hisaye Mori, Shigeta. Morgan, Catherine Morrison, Genevieve Moseley, Richard Mosley, Mary Pearl Moshier, Helen MuI'Dhy, Etta Nornholm, Roy Norton, David C. Norton, Lucille Noon, Mary Louise Norman, Brooks Nosich, Mildred Numoto, Saburo 0'Brien, William Odna, Ruby 0'Doloviz-h, Dorothy Oelsclrlagel, Louise Og-lshima, Mary 0'Leary, Phillip Olson, Frieda, Olson, Heldrecl Pierson, Frederick Plant, Maxine Poirier, Vervan Pommer, Howard Pompco, Mary Pratt, Imogene Pratt, Nellie Price, Marian Puncell, Helen Putman, William ltattylott, Minnie Randall, Clinton Rash, Harold Rask, Ruth Lyons, Roland MacLeod, Alexander Maeready, Lewis MaGee. Anne Mail, Connie Malstrom, Dorothy Mangrum, Louise Manley, Earl Marlatt, Dorothy Marsh, Norman Marshall, Ethel Marshall, Harriet Martin, Beremice Martin, James Martlnkus, Edward McIntyre, Loren Mclver, Emmett Mcliernon, Lynn McKien, Malcolm McLeord, George MCL-ynne, Irene Medley, John Medley, Riedum Melovich, Helen Meredith, Donald Michel, Dorothy Migllore, Lena Mihera, Minoru Miller, Fred Nakagawa, Roy Neisen, Margery Nelson, Marie Nelson, Robert Nelson, Russell Newmann, Douglas Nichols, Helen Niuhula.. Rudolph Nicola, Iole F. Nightingale, Louisa Nishlgawa, Suetsugl Nishlrnura, Hiromi Nishlmura., Masao Nishomotu, Tomalco Noerenberg, Dorothy Olson, Ruby Pagnano, Rosalie Pane, Lillian Palmer, Geraldine Parker, Wayne Parrish, Virginia Parsons, Elsie Pearman, Ruby Pearson, Everett Pederson, Ellen Perrupato, Ernestine Perry, Louise Perry, Martha Peterson, Donna Rasmussen, Agnes Raymond, Lois Rex, Rosetta Rin-rl, Mary Richardson, Barbara Richardson, Gail Ricks, Joyce Ridalls, Ruth Riedel, Katherine Ries, Herbert Riley, Alice Riley, Frances Rizzo, Adeline Roberts, Helen Roberts, Lowell Robertson, Margaret E Roc-key, Uasmo Rodgers, Barbara Rolle, Marguerite Runner, Mary Jane Rosella, Nick Rounds, Corrine Boyce, Robert Rutf, Helen Runce, Jim Runyan, Ruth Rutan, Ethel Sahlln, Audrey Sakuma, Takeo Selhaek, Margaret Selhack, Scott Seidelhuher, Henry Senyohl, Elbert Service, Margaret Seth. Austin Sharp, Margaret Sharpe, Evelyn Shaw, Ted Shea, Frank Shearer, Billy Shepard, XVillls Shenardsun, Barbara Shew, Lawrence Smith, Marie Snodgrass, Mary Grace Snyder, Richard Sohl, Faith Sollick, Loreve Soriano, Charlotte Somels, Myrtle Splalne, Marguerite Staeger, Ben Starkey, Mervyn Stephanes, Marcello Stenhouse, Jim Stevenson, Sydney Storey, Catherine Studley, Dick Thomas, Ted Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Frances Thompson, Thomas Timperlo. Theodore Tomita, Ralph Tonomura, Sadiiehl Tranas, Harriet Triek, Joyce Tulip, Roy Ulovieh, Violet Vairado, Tony Van de Kant, Cora Vander Sanden,Gertrude Welty. Frances Wever, Dick Weymouth, Ralph lVhlstler, Evelyn XVhittaker, Jack VVhittman, Joe Whitworth, Elinor Widmer, Helen Jane Willard, Lowell WVillett, Robert XVilliams, Max Wilson, Alfred Salvino, Marcus Samac, Rose Sater, Euda Sato, Joe Sautfoy, Leon Sawada, George Sayler, Mary Svavattu, Donald Scharman, Aloise Sehenek, Earl Srhramek, Elvira St-lnvarzer, Eleanor Svoflels, Lawreneo Scott, Elvin Shexv, Robert Shlllington, Marvin Shiniokon, Frank Siekels, Sadie Sims, Thelma Singleton, Annie Singleton, Lllllan Skinner, lrene Smith, Audrey Smith, Bemadine Smith, Isabelle Smith, Joe Smltlr, Lewis Smith, Madonna Belle Smith, Mardell Stutiield, Fred Sumerlin, Audrey Sumner, Mildred Sumner, Ruth Swanson, Elsie Swenson, Carl Swenson, Dale Taehiyama, Tataml Takano, Hideo Tanl, George Taylor, Clara Taylor, Shirley Tazawa, Asako Tedford, Nina Vaupell, Leonard Vinrent, Nvinlfred Von Herberg, Josephine Von Shuek, Leown Wade, Jim Wagner, Carl NX'allaee, Edna Walker, Ted XVandling. Kenneth Weekwerth, June Weedin, Rayne Weeks, Olive ' Wellington, Kathryn h Wells, Herbert Wilson, Margaret Wimmer, George VVood, Cleora Wood, Frank Wukelirh, Rudolph Yagi, Fumio Yamada, Hanae Yates, Elmer Young, Robert Youngs. Stanley Ziebarth, Margaret Zuppe, William FRESI-IMEN Eighty-three REAL I,II"E'-Y-CXC'itCl1lC11t now :ns thou-- tlu- survival of the iittesti-clcvcloplncut of 1CildC1'S+lIl'i11gl'il1g out the bestiforxning helpful h?lbitSg+Clll'I'CCtiI1g' Others-tlxc real een-1104: of lifelliviug! l ACTIVITIES M USICY ADR AM A+O1!ATiJ1iYi:1ll lI2ldtlll'iI'p2l1'till 'thc lifv of The pioneer fm ull have their part in thnx life of the I1l0dCI'll Pi0IlCl'I'1-lifL"S f'1Ili'1' 'Hlil1g'S-fl!l'ightl'Ilillg,I --Svlleerillg. FINE ARTS , V A .,., - K ,fL. ,S - , , If -ig? EW ' i Y. V '. it , fi ,Wi ' Q , 1 , ' v t ' 31 3 ' Q' 4, 1 1 5 V b A i W 5 K ' , I M ,-: ' ' : S ., a 1 J W -, -, I f 4 1, N I jfh V . ,KJ ,Q bil ,Q 4' f S ' I ' , '- 11 f - I f I " I 2155 ' .,s',.g,': ,:" frM fm f ' A-:V fran , I, H54-1 fe :ff 1 SIN E DUNCAN JOHANSON NELSON HANNAY PALM TANNER RASMUSSEN QUALE SENIOR PLAY . . . CHARACTERS Halsfvd Dinsmore v .,,,Y, George l-lannay Sz:-lla, ,.,.,..., .Mabel Jiencke, Helen Newell Lallric' York ,,,,,, ,,,.,..,,, L ois Nelson Rodney ,,,,, ...........,,.,,,,,,,,, A mold Stark Jef? Ross ,,Y,Y,YY Y,,,,,,,,,,,,, B ob Hawes Konrad ..... ...,,.., . Paul Johanson Emily Ross ...Y, ......,., E dwina Hendricks Boy .,...,,,,,,,,...............,.. Merritt Tanberg Dramatic Couch ,,,,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,, E ileen O'Leary Senior Play "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" The Senior class presents "Once in a Life- time"-fantastic, romantic, tragic, blood- cnrdling, breath-taking?-adventure, love, hate, revenge-story of a discontentecl boy who wants to follow the gypsiesTleaves home for fantastic city of Centurialap- pears once in a lifetime-fj ealousy develops over a girl. ACT I AT Tl-IE VAGABOND Eighty-eight L- ? ba K f iQ F Q4 f "S: A I I, I W - -: if " ,. 't' L s isp T .Q-ff, xbyg E N M ., -. P- b f-Nxt ff ' .. ' 4 ' 1.3 -4 F 2 n 4 'S , lall w fi 7 e .... ,. HAWES HENDRICKS STARK NEWELL .IIENCKE METZGER THAYER WING AXTELL SENIOR PLAY . . . CHARACTERS Dayu ...... Jessie Mae Duncan, Jane Wing Carmenu ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Le Ora Tanner Zara W. ,,.,, ,YYYY,Y,YYY G enevieve Thayer Karmka .,Y,,,,Y Grace Quale, Corinne Palm Stan .,.,., .,,,.,, E dward Metzger Gypsy Dancer .,....,.....,. Helen Rasmussen Duro Y,,,, .......,,Y,,,Y E lroy Axtell Gypsy Viofinist ,YY, W YY,,Y,,, Beth Sinclair Stage Direction ,,,.......,., YY,e,Y,,e,YYe, H elen Kuebler Senior Play "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" Bells toll, warning everyone that the City will disappear-the gypsy girl stubs the boy just before City disappears-then he wakes up+it has all been il drezun-glue is still in the forest where the gypsies Cznnped-fthe gypsies are gone-he is reunited with his sweetheart, thoughts of wandering' forgotten. -presented December 5 and 6, 1930. ACT III CENTURIA Eighty-nine . Q . il.- f ' fi vw S V Q... I LL K Y, ig. 3 1 V ig.. . K . A 7, X use-' VL A H K F ii. f .hi . . . gr, -t M K ,.,X,VrA In gs. 5 .i M - A is at - f 'aff .' .- :ev , ' X 7 Z . P . ' 'Q . 5' : , 13.3 ' -. 'UT T-ET Vfwfwvwfvnyw D It-w7,..,+...-M..7..WL THE Loo Nelson Martin XVildermuth Ellis Rosi Nestor Nloore Metzger Orman Letterman Hendricks Burke Medley Taylor Hellenthnl Downes Snellenberg Cook XVaters Gorsline Miller Mldwlmter Concert HCARMEN H Midwinter concert by Music Depurtinentf- Glee Clubs, Senior Orcliestrzx, and Bzllletf opera in four uctsfiperimlof1820i-street singers ? gypsy fortune tellers - army oflivers-21 toreadorisong, dalice, Clfkllllil -colorful musical accompanimenti-life, fire, spirit. CHORUSES E. Adams V. Dorbin A. Johanson E. O'Neil E. Swenson E. Bell li. Earnest P. Johanson H. Packard V. Tarasevitch A. Boyd M. Edline XV. Johnston R. Parker D. Taylor V. Brooks G. Erickson H. Kiger A. Pearson M. J. Taylor M. Brougham V. Fairchild E. Kuker R. Phillips G. Thayer L. Busch B. Ferrell G. LeClnir M Pierson M Thomas F. Butler B. Pinton J. Lenhart A. Policarpo H. Tomida C. Cnllin G. Fox H. Lewis C. Reid J. Tremper A. Camehl J. Gallant XV. Maxwell B. Reseburg L. Uradnick S. Carlson M. Garrison l. Medley P. Ruaro J. Vicle E. Curd M. Hanson N. Medley C. Runyan S. Warren F. De Caro H. Heaton K. Mitchell E. Schultz A. XVilliams B. Devin XV. Hepworth M. Morken A. Smart A. Vvlohleirner E. Donaldson B. Hoffa C. Natelle P. Smith V. XVolaver L. Donohoe D. Holland D. Nord M. Storey D. Woodcock R. Donohoe E. Jenkins I, Olsen L. Supino V Worth Ninety ENGLISH DANCERS JAPANESE The Spring Qpera "GEISI-IA" Tea House of Ten Thousand Joyswgeisha girls-English naval officers--English tourists-officer pretends to love O Mimosa San, chief geisha-really loves English --geisha pretends to love Englishman, really loves Japanese ofticerlMarquis wants both the girls, and gets neither comedyTtragedylcolorful costumes rich music. CAST OF CHARACTERS O Mimosa San, Chief Geisha ,..YY,Y.... Edwina Hendricks Molly Seamore Y,........YYY,,YY,YYY,,Y.....,.,,,, Thelma Burke Juliette, a French Interpreter ,,,,,,.,,,, Genevieve Thayer Geisha Girls Blossom ,,.,.,., Y,Y,YYYY.,,Y.......,,...,,,,, D orothy Griffin Little Violet ,YYY ...,..,,..,,,,,, L ,,sMarjorie Letterman Golden Harp . ..,,, ,.......,...., A gnes Boyd Chryanthemum, ..Y,..,YY.....,,....,.,,,..,,, e,,,e G race Quale English Ladies Lady Constance Vilynn ,,,,ee,,,,eee,,Y ,,,., I6 :ggi giainn Marie Worthington ,Y,YY as .,YYYYYY.,Y...,e Lois Nelson Madge Hanselpacker Mable Grant' """"" ""' M ary Janc Taylor Ethel Hurst ----Yf..---... ...YsY,YY M abel Jiencke Nami, an attendant ,,,, ., .,,,,,,s,Helen Kiger Officers of' girl but 'H. M. S." T he Turtle Arthur D'Angelo Reginald Fairfax .,.....,..........,..... .W Dick Cunningham ..,. Arthur Bronville , ,, Tommy Stanley,. ,.. ..,William Johnston ,,,,,,,,,Clarence Reid George Crimston ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,s,,, ,,,,,,,,Frank DeGaro Maurice Sunderland Wun Hi, proprietor of Tea House ssssss, Harold Heaton Marquis Imari, Chief of Police, Gov. of Pr. ,.,,,,,,, , ,,,.,, , Arnold Stark Captain Katana, Chaptain of Guard ss,, Verl Busenbark Takemme, Sergeant of Guard ,,s,s,,sss,,,ssssss,,,s,,s.,,,Y N....,..,WWW.n,...,..,.,Art Johan son, Stanley Orman Japanese Guests, Coolies and Attendants Ninety-one MONTE CARLO HOBOS SPECIALTIES VENUS CHORUS LEADS JOURNEY'S END The Vodvil "FLYING HI" Aviation theme-melody, laughter, dancing -hobos to high huts-fParis night clubs to planet Venus--magic-England's Dickens+journey's end in Franklin locker roorn-around the world and home again in two hours. ACTS Orchestra Selections Tail Spins The Take-off Flying Hi in Monte Carlo Hobo Coquettes in Kansas Side Slips Free Air in Detroit A Stop in India Night Club in Paris Crashing on Venus Lines and Loops Home Through England Through the Fog Journeyls End in Franklin Ninety-two Seaman Axlell Golub Liepper Brandlise Clark Salmon Franklin Hi DEBATE Priceless experieuee+harcl studying requir- ing late hours after sehool-keen inter- sehool e0mpetitiou?elever cross-examining --coached by Miss Hart the fall debaters win from Broadway and Ballard-Mr. GFlHlll'S spring debaters give stiff competi- tion to Lincoln and Queen Anne. SPRING Resolved: That all uatiom should adopt a plan for complete dis- armament. FALL Resolved: That all automobile owners should he required by law to Carry insurance covering personal liability and property damage. Ninety-three ,XS PONY 1'1XPlil'1S5 RIDERS c'zx1'1'ivml thc- lllilil' M--with the h10gilll+'-MTIIC mzxil must go on Ulll'IlilliStS' iIllUdCI'I1 couriers of illf-0l'Ill21fi0H7""fZl4'i" and CUIIQIIPI' mwclcrn acl- vcrailicsf ---to gvt oul' the-ir pamper J-serv :nuts of Hu' people. THE PRESS Standing: Mr. Johnson Giles Tanberg Cox XVatson Chnmpreux Seated: Ewing Trempcr Thayer Fnlahee Hicks Gorslinc Hawes Embryo j0urnalists learning the tricks of the trade --theory coupled with actual experienc'e+publisl1- ing one of the best high school wceklies in the stutei first place award by vvllltlllilll Press Cll1lJ+lt'ZlI'llCd of dailies by trip through newspaper IllillltSf-lDllSlI1PSS experiencc - ald- lbw u ,gift , vertising the school . to the C0llllTlllIlltY ' 4' 5 -T010 afects the l HQ 3 ll ' :fr ' inannersnnorals and ' ' I - 2 'W Eg ,X , , , , H ' 11 spirit of 1' ranklm- 1 'M 1 . 7 J! U' F1 1' ites-unif-'ies thc 'P 14, N' " ' ' school-makes the i ' "ll ' A DLA G , interests as onc 3 F ' I GT N 51.0 . . iiii ,la VE i 5E,,l,R 'lun , , 1 tiring work-late F " LllL,,,?l S 1 LEM TREMPER gf I u 1 V Y 1 Aunnmeeanvkfsx - ASW, flglmqg Q, loul S at el 6115 Q Nfws tunica M week an interesting f ' 1 ' paper -- gentle- f fr A -f W , Q, in X Z men of the press f f K W - , ' future Bris- ' ' - Y, , lmanesvcopy! rl' JOHNNY HWS ' ' DlLl,fJEGll.iSNi' mkHg,,f mmm ,X 1 ,A , ,W Smiles Sunni-1 " ' A gm GQRSLINE GENLVM: vrllxvia .WN ilazs Mwimli 2 iwuou lmmsz X , , , 'f j M 5 iw 5 1.2 ,l V 4'X,f,' kr ei ST 1 ' lf 2 5 , i e r 1-k , vi i 1 M Lk ,, , KA - . v,, Emggf CQX 'V ii " 'li NHL MATZGER Cow imma A M NltRRlHlANl3ERG Csecummx Mcr Y Y mlm wma Msounsos inuuxzm mmm RJ HANDY W""M'WWW WU Ninety-six Copeland Shaw Greenwood Upton Ewing Rutnn McDonald VVork day after day--new ideaslpioneer theme, covered wagons, Indians4-new pictures--better ph0t0grz1phy+different styles of write-ups through- nutinxorc- pietures4-larger page size e0lor inserts--sueeessfnl subscription drive--cooperw E NEG 1, L '57 he JOE Mlocumm Nam w Vw' fa Wy 3' A LUCCLE: MANSEN SENHVD UNH P I 3 NORMAN FALAHEE Swan Enmz Evig YN WALTUZ Msmnm lmsw g e W E3 7 me 1 , a veaowewm 5 Dimmu im n L1 C5 fi q GREKHEN SHAW NAUNISUL x, gi tion of students- eooperation of all members ofthe staff -able art staff, with original ideals Thelp of the art vlusses 1 confi- dent editor --lill- wzlys on the job, helping others. :1 good lender -- ul- VVZIYS cheerfnlg patient and helpful udvisers,Miss Shaw, Miss Iiisazza and Mr. Copeland. mf9M Q X k 5 . is ,V ' xr t ,M , vmeecmewms It fi'VlllH?Wi Nm Bots Rwcrue f CARWUNIXI 1 f Q K 'C VM' 3 af J, ,, A Bm Gfzeenxvcoo Cmmmuin Mm Tomo Tovcm W ' Tw Dunes Emmnz Z 1 n M A i rf A ,QQ if ,, ft Q! B' ART X M L ' - f Q EDHORS f Q 51 t ., v QQ t 3 PAnCovnAuo J Et f Puuwznrmrsex ' if E X ' M Canntormnsum Mukest meme Main Momma 'W MWK ' Y tu 1'.- -t ,Qj X ' A-www."g3gwwfggwwqtr f Y Ninety-seven PHYSICAL Sl' PR l'1BI.XCY--- i mpo rtn ut and Il6C'6?S21l'y to the piouee1'-fb0dy-build- ingvund Chi!FEIl'fC1'-lilli1Klil1gf SIJ01'tSlll2lll- slmip--:mother devc-lopvr of lenders:-a moulder of rm-:ll men. CQACHES KIRK RFFD D0l'G Kllili -V-.X C'02l4'll tllilt Att'IlS right lxlll :lllcl sllmvs llll' lmlryfllmv it xllulllll lw llllllt' --lillilllgj alll lllv lilllwlis :lllcl llrllisvm-fllis fholllllll tc-:lllls 2llXV2lyN trillky, XYl'llil!EllllIll'4'Cl NllIlilil5"" lll'2ll'lj' zllwalys ill iirxt llivisiull-V - liirkk llllllp 'CCZIIIIN f2ll'l' Cllllillly wvll- tl'2lC'li IS lllS sp0l'l:llty :lllcl lllN lc-:lllls llolll tlll'Il' UXVII. li.Xl,l'H ICICED P ,Xl'Yllc'lilll1:lll-ly liIl0XVIl to llis lmlx :ls "l'llp"-W lIlt4'I'l'Nt ill llix :lllllvll-s l'Ktl'llllN llvyllllll Sl'llllHl llllli' - --vslllle ll0I'L? Willl l'llVl2llll4' I't'L'Hl'll' - --llzlx zlllclvll lll il'-- Ilffilfly :lll llis frllsll flmlllslll ll-:lllls JlI'l' l'll:lll11lilllls--W l-xpl-vlx lu lIlEl.llDl' ill l'. li. all l'llllllllllizl Pl'lTfl'S9l'N In lliltl' llt'XVNIlillDl'I'lIll'll. llllf ll0CSl1.l f-el gre-:ll g1lly,"l'llp" 9 Onc llunllrcd One FQQTBALL W if i' 2 fs . Q . ., K. Q 1 r f 3 1. 5 1 4 'ffi ,..., - ,Q fr gzagssg- is 1. 4 ,Q fi fs s in 'S I S 5' fl 'pf' -V . t J: I-H f in 4 . Q 1 . jf in . s 5' i 3 A I xp., lr- MX'W ' ww? K One Hundred Two Frankl in T--Roosevelt U RIVII ,,,,, , .W , Em! Second Team All-City---Len was chosen by his inspiration to XVarner Trophy distinction. He teammates as greatest team, and awarded graduates. KIMBALI. ,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, Tackle "Beans" lopped off three Captain Ifoolhall by proving him- ycars of self the best all-round Tackle in the league, Kimball graduates. HANSEN ,,Y,,, ,Y,,, ,.,,, f I uartl rllllfity- 'The fastest sprinter in town, Trygve hauled down plenty of ball packers, and was an offensive big gun. llansen graduates. Fiwmklin lil-g13l'02lClWEll'0 GII.l.I.-KM ,,,,, , ,,,, Guan! Jack combined weight and speed to cop oi? his pesition for the laxt two years. lle will be hack next season. CAMP ,, ,,,, W I-ullbuelz "Jumbo" was by far the largest player in the league. and scored Il points with his bone-crushing tactics. Camp relurns. RICIIIARDS ,,,, lltzlflmck Though rather light, Vrank was plenty fast and showed his heels to the opposition On many an eud run. He returns. l"1':11ikIin37---I3:1lls11'tlT "CAM" CQALLIN W, llulfbatlz "Cam" was she speed sensation of the season with his long runs with i which he scored 3X points. Cameron will return. CIIAS. CIALLIN ,,,,, Quurlerbuclz Chuck made the All-Cary last year and just missed it this seasun. His clever generalship sparked the Quali- crs, He graduates. DICKIF , ,,,,, ,,,, Y,,,,,,,, F r 141 Playing his Grst season of the grid sport, Roland won a place on the squad and outplayed many veterans. Dickie graduates. hl1'lNAfJl'RS Harold Giles. Len Pnlukofi Franklin T-Lincoln I9 BROUGHAM .,YY,Y,,Y,Y.., .,,,,, 7 'ackle "Bud" filled in the Tackle gap with his 225 lbs. in a manner any vet might envy. He returns next year. BELL ,,.,...,,,.Y.YY,YY,,,,,v.,,...,, Cenler Backed by two years of experience. and built close to the ground. Gene smeared plenty of center plays. Bell graduates. RITCHIE ,,,,tt,Y,,,t,t,,,... ..,, H alfback Bob returned to Franklin in time to break into the Quaker backfield. where he Was a scoring threat. He graduates, Fraiiklin H-Cleveland 6 HOYT ,...,..,.v..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tYY.., Guard A fast rough and tough player. i'.liggs" excelled in going down un- der punts and nailing the receiver. And how? Hoyt graduates. MAURER ,,,,,t,,t,,r.,,,, .,,, ,,,,,,,r E n d XVith a year's experience behind him Maurer proved himself a mean pass snagger and no Slouch on defense. He graduates. KUGLER ......v........,....... Halfback Bob proved too good for the Scrubs and moved up to the regular back- neld where he worked smoothly. Bob graduates. Franklin 12-Garfield 13 RUGG ................................ Cerner Alternating with Bell at the Center position Rugg proved his ability and will figure prominently on next year's Quaker eleven. DE CARO .. ...................... Hzzlfbach Scoring 25 points in the four games in which he played. lirank placed among the leading scorers ofthe League. He graduates. ED METZGER ........ Head Manager Considered the best manager who ever slung a towel. MANAGERS Dave Maginnis, Bob Bush i l L s il 5 fr .tg i 1 wg 'i u i fi! 9 i 1 .fr 1 Qi ,X ea., , ss,.....,.af ,W ra .1 sf FCDOTBALI. J "" "" f "A A Tr, We ltr , ji e , g s s I Z' ' MN' is J' One Hundred Three FOOTBALL O Maxwell, Bloomberg, Franzini, Hendrickson, Boni. lmberg, Ritchie Okada, Mason, Klinefclter, McCue, Doughty, Mattson, Tulip, Moser Ccenrerl Second -Feam Football Runners-up?-classiest and swiftest team in the league- lost championship in heart-breaking 7-6 defeat by Garfield Bulldogs-lran up highest total score compiled by a see- ond team squad in recent years-won four out of five con- tests--spectacular, trick plays--opponents bafllediwill strengthen next year's Green Wave. Freshman Football Clm1upi0ns sec'ond straight yearlheavy, bone-crush- ing line that overwhelms opposition-undefeated in two years-best squad "Pop" Reed has ever coached-at start of season'-green rookiesf-at conclusion-finished mu- terial--potential first team All-City stars next year ragged uniforms-poor equiplnent-ihard knoeks4-but spirit unquenchublef-true Champs. Konort, Garbarino, Kenney, Shaw, Sagor, Moseley, Lewis, Karabclnikoff Lasalle, Crothtrs, Smith, Gamble, O'Brien. Ritter, Soriano Constantine, Steiger, Toribara, Clist, Thomson, McDowell Doshen. Simpson, Jones, Thurlow, Scavato, Fisher, Richards ne Hundred Four BASKETBALL i ,L " " , xt ' 1 .:,.:- , i zz. I f -if ,, ,, :"" ' " i, -ll :-' iz : Kk ",' , - . I 1 3 M xx , - tfif ,. el: , k g rs. A ily, 5 . .A"k -k-' 2 i-i" -' V' 1 STILMAKER Clillanagerj MERRIL CManagerJ DICKIE RICH MOSER IVES HOWARD First Team Basketball A dark horse in the race-unfinished material-many faults to be ironed out by Coach Doug Kirk--big, tough oppo- nents-close scores always against Quakers--routine work in fundamentals to build up next year's team-team feared and respected by first division clubsithree victories and nine defeatslalways close, scrappy scoring duels- defeats never decisive-inew schedule system hampers team chances-with no upper nor lower division the Green Wave forced to meet strongest teams-team of Junior class stars developed-will be most promising squad in prep league in 1931-1932 campaign. LYFORD RITCHIE Il-IASHI O'BRIEN PAULSON WEINKER . . ., ,..,T ,.,. Z ,.,.:., W .:.,,. A 7 b f ' idribiy b if r x ,Q 5? f , , V 'E F. , , A R fnv l v- , b y J will jk I ,.,, N A 1 . i ,. . Q' Q ' ,"2 ' r "ff , A ""' f A Q ' he "1 ' eer'cv Q , rV,, ft ggi! Q. A "" ,. I K' S I t . , ' I- , , la' A r 10. 'ff' . r ' ' , f f. " . '- f '--'- - V One Hundred Five BASKETBALL A Ji.1s:,msg2k:..,,.,.tiLi,.., ' min..-L'.ea.,W f,5i'ii'9:: 'Q B Q e .. n, " - 1 I . ' ' k ji' Q 5- 2, V . k F nj, 'ug 'CEQA . i -Z figs" fygfj V sign' " I Q25-f, ,5 ' Q R32 QUM' - r Us B i r F, , B- . A- . sf .2 f 2 :J , ,-. - f f j , iff - fx A . L' 1 - - KX 1 . - 'Q . N -' S: 35- -- - 1 ,ii I Q , -2.55 :- 115335 ' 1 v 5525 ,' ,, i QR L. MMM A -1 eww ...fs m ,,. r 2- fm, - M. K r::a,z:- v 'a:-f- -- r,f:.- s b Skarp Fowler eww D'Angelo Czarnieki Horiuchi Masuda Reseburg Dijulio Second Team Basketball Starting slowly-eligibility holds down Quaker hopes in first three games-new semester brings added strength- sinooth combination plays that clickedlthree deeisive vic- tories in quick successionQtight defensive games1time limits with Franklin seconds trailing--spelled defeats-- record of four victories, a tie, and seven losses-very fair record considering class of opponents. Sophomore Basketball Lack of materialltearn work not up to highest standard --inevitable defeats-Hashes of real form shown fre- quently which spelled an occasional victory--bright spots shown in play of individual starslexperienve will prove invaluable next season-for first year Soph basketball draws Crowds of eager fans. Lowe Cobb Scott Fifield Walker Everall Bringolf Jordan Doughty Ankrum Caiper M 'jzisr.seriesmmwsamwamvsmrvQ-.-lm-'I-T'ieKe?efir"fe'L-ms-E ' -" ' 5324 . ' 3 ' if 1. iff" , ' . . V - ' f 1 J 3: 1. '59 .,:- Q. "Yi f 2, AQL. Q' B 'Q 1 P it Q' K ,HM ,pk 'Am Q "fu , w nik- 5 " E- gn .. - I 1 . ,S . ,- 1+-1:35. .- .R -ai ls . . ' - f ' ew, z L' ., E, , Q A 'V H - K 2 I it B B is it B 3 1 r e " ' is K- ' ' r f , T, H-5'-'-5? ' , 1' I One Hundred Six BASKETBALL so we an y so f so - as L L s .. V ' .- 2 - -- if V '-FIL E. :-' A L .. "L: ' egg ,ie ,, 'ef f 1 Q ' . f,i+ff'Y: ' f .i se g' 3 . f, is i ' Q, L , t H L I il ,J xv. E, , , ,.,: I L an ,X fl , ,V - " .- .Mm . -..,.l4,-.l..l ' . ....-,-ai. aft. A , Q, f . ,,..:... ,,,:.. , ,.s..,,... ...f,...,,.-H.. -V - N ' Smith Senvol Lyford Ritter Everall Deshen Wilks Hansen McKay McCready Davenport Jones Freshman Basketball Runners-up-a fast, smooth-working squad with team work as its goal-no individual stars-a team "Pop" Reed should be proud ofvtight defensive play held opponents below ten points in four c0ntests1flnal heart-breaking 16 to 10 defeat at hands of Roosevelt's championship quintet. Yell Leaders Pepftireless energy expended to cheer teams on to victory -life of assemblies and pep meetings-the king and his two dukeslthe fellows who take the students into the game with the team--truly the very backbone of school energy and spirit. Dilworth Heaton Pickering 'GV 'KH One Hundred Sev EH TRACK 5th Row-Buckley, Royce, Gilliam, B. Tulip, Wilson, Kirk. 4th Row-R. Tulip, Koozin, Fifleld, Ankrum, Mahr. Mangini. 3rd Row-Hendrickson, Allyn, Skarp, Wall, Leipper. Bogdan, Tudor. 2nd Row+Kugler, Paulson, Ate, Okada, Goodrich, Johanson, Scott, Cobb. lst Rowqllansen, Burnett, Stoes, Boni, Maginnis, Bergland, Huess. Track Best Quaker track squad in recent years-Coach Kirk greeted by largest turnout in his career as track mentor at Franklin-only two first team lettermen back-in the first meet of the year Lincoln was defeated 63 to 50, show- ing power of the team-Franklin gets additional honors in placing second in State' Relay Carnival--hopes checked as Garfield administers 66 to 417 defeat-all classes well repre- sented-placing notableievery regular starter on the team made his letter before the season was half over?- Sophomore and Freshman cinder aspirants in training for Frosh and Soph All-City Meet--first team men out to beat showing made in All-City Meet last year. One Hundred Eight llllwilltll BASEBALL f' v llvgl ll i 4th Row-Schomberg. I. Kenney, Obley, McNab. Merrill, Rhineholder, Weston, Masuda. 3rd Row-Doughty, O'Brien, Macreedy, Stalcop, Warrick, Rich, Ellsworth, Reed. 2nd Row-'Lowe, Ritter, Greenhowe, Dickie, Reseburg, Crothers. lst Row-Jordan, Jones, Price, Wienker, Toribara, O. Kenney. DiJulio, Valella. Baseball Most popular of Spring pastimes from standpoint of student interest-many candidates for Quaker teams-lettermen scarce on this year's squad-W-rookies get chancew-'heavy hitting lies in power behind shoulders of Weinker, Schom- berg and Di Julio-Franklin well-fitted for pitchers? Jones and Vallela regular starters, with Crothers and Lowe in relief-Coach Reed's squad gets off to a bad start as Garfield blanks themlCleveland falls easy to sluggers- Broadway and Queen Anne dim Franklin's hopes with close victoriesiin comeback whips Roosevelt, but drops close game to Ballard---finishes first round of play with three victories and five losses. One Hundred Nine M INGR SPQRTS Y. Norton Richards Anderson Czarneicki Knapp Calkins D. Tegler Murphy Herberholrz T. Teglcr Nelson Colt Team Leaders--these Quaker divot diggers showed their worth by blanking Queen Anne 24 to 04:1 defeat by Ballard dimmed Franklin hopes, but the team is still min" at press time- Czarniecki 4- Heberholtz y- Murphy I Anderson -- Nelson--Smith-the Tegler twins--all champions or D621I'-CllillDPl0llSe'S1ll'h teams do not give in easily. Tennis Most popular minor Spring sportfstimulzltes both muscle and hrainsftezxches Coordination and team worklsix thrilling singles and doubles matches with rival schools- t6ilIl'l IIl2ltCllCS'-C'0IIlPCtltl0ll keen-Laizure Trophy for winner--every L-ancliclate given equal chance for higher position-lf'ranklin team not very strong as a team, but in- dividual work is up to standard. A. Lyford Lnizure l-lannav Toribara Schenk Gershon Ghiglione One Hundred Ten .K A W n , N5 W ' e r""N-12", 3' r' 1 " A, V . rxia, - ..,L, A Y LVL4 M, . :1 l -Q " L I it 'H' 'AAL ' yL-L p A E Q A ,- 3 Viv- g i V ' f.. A t Z.. A 5 l fh , 'f 1 iw 'W BASEBALL Boys' Intramural Sports ' A INTRAMLIRAL 'aw 4 I , any Q 4 Q . '. -Q - I .L , I .L l 4 1 f l l Intramural Sports-the very heart of Franklin athletics -- promotes team workvtc-ac'l11-S cliscipli11e4every boy gets a cliance to make a tc-ain-umler Instructor Ralph Knapp this year was most successful onevprograni varied- Foothalli--class teams in heated tourney with Seniors victo- riousfBaskvtball----teains well niatm-hc-elf-large crowds ---lnterclass tuurnailu-11t-Soplm are cha1npions are taken for rifle hy l"ac'ulty+Hard and Indoor baseball lt'ZlgllPS arouse stud:-nt intl'rvst---VolleyhalIf-Tennis- Horsesliuvksilolf tuurnanic-ntsilnimlrvclx of boys turned out for the-so sports and roinpvtm-ml regularly. APPARATUS CLASS an Onc Hundred lllcvrn GIRLS' ATHLETICS .,ee:sw,,issa2m'wfszfsmaatfseafsssweissawmweisaasiaseyszfsmwersz imwwg -- ""' M-Q- Nmsgsru fi i , - ' ' W I I V 'ag L. Q .,.,:,:. ., 1 . AA I . i M f L, 1 7 1. -- . i , e , R. .,:. . . A :.,, ..1, , , .,., ,g , it ., w Qu Y . W l Q Q Q , -ig-is We , 5 , g A ff V if ML- S f ' 2 "" Qi' A Q A xwig' I i it L , m'k- A ,, , Bowden, Hopton, Sctsudn, Skofstncl. Scarramuzzo, Garrison, Hamada, McClelland, Radnmsky, Tod Ruff, Nicola, Bertucci, Hagerstrom, Dibb, Desies, Mitchell, Ulovich, Rutan Bishop, Ruran. De Marco, Bigham, Lines, Mote, Ware, Smndes Callcndnr, Delzcr, Voigt, Schuman, Couch, Shields, Almquist, Anderson, Engstrom Volleyball Sore wrists and stiff muscles'--cold showers, misplaced locker keys--niispluced clothes-Yover the net !-out of hounds?-Seniors champions by virtue of victory over Frosh tgirls get wild and keep knocking the ball out of bounds 3-too much pep for game where ball must stay within set zireufgjurnp4-stretch--play good ball-fine coopera- tion ancl girls very enthusiastic. Radonsky, l-lamadn, l-lopton, Garrison Kelly, Skofstad. Boyd Schuman, Delzcr, Scnrrnmuzzo, Bowden One Hundred Twelve Junior Hockey Upperclass sport-games played in- doors during cold weatheriskinned Shins-floor burns!-whoops and yellslclashing sticks--shin guards -sailing puckigoal nctsfskill- ful passing--fast running--popih lar sport-fighting teams and a hard race for vict0rylJuniors win cham- pionship in series with Seniors- fighting spirit. GIRLS' ATI-ILET Seniors-Angstrom, Almquist, Haberland, Couch. Sophomores-Hemrick, Mote, Gorsline, Bigham, Dinius, Garrison, Miller. Setsado. Freshmen-Johnson, Dibb, Ulovitch, Hunter. Rolle, Hagerstrom, Downes, Johnston, Elliot, Nishimoto. Juniors-Balbi, Scofstad, Bowden, Scararnuzzo. Davis, Delzer. Radomski, Larson, Anderson, Garrison. Basketball Juniors win championship-wreceive cup at banquet-keen rivalry and Fighting spirit- bumps and bruises--pep, fun, enthusiasm, eagernessfvery few disputesiboys doing impromptu coaching from sidelines-good brand of basket- ball and promising materialiall games played after school -good sportsmanship--many good players among girls -ffine individual playing. Freshman Soccer Bruised legs, hard falls, fast playing T-lots of noise wild playing- good team workvclever passingf Freshmen sportlyearlings good at it-they learned how to kick about teachers, homework, boys, anything- players forgetting who is on their side -sailing spheres-critical specta- t0l'S-SPIISII for showers after prac- tice. i Rutan Shacht Downes Johnston Vifilson Jensen One Ulovich Dibb Coccione Hundred Thirteen SOCIA I , M EDT L'MS n1z1kingthejourucy SlI100tll0!'-'+2llld more cnjoyablc--building new friendships-A-strcngtlmelming old ones -breaking the routine---givix1g,: an outlet for marked abilities--building, unouldiug character. MONETTE TWINS GRCANIZATIGNS as r, X? ---- i ef? F535 exit , , 4 ,iw rw, ' . esi753?7 5 fit hfif 5 952 me E ' 'I 2 s , M5 ,,,,, 1 'Sf , ii, f ,-,, f A - , i , - ii ' 7N7"Mi - .iw . it I 1 , X 3 f-h. .1 , ' f ' BENNETT PASHLEY DAVENPORT GRUGER Jqhn Gi-nge: ,,,,, ,,,,, P resident Margaret Davenport W ,,..,., Vice-President Jun pashley YYYYVY Y-,Y,, S ggfgmry Miss Bennett ,,,,,,,,,,.Y, ,.,,,,.,.----- A dl-MSCI' Scliolzlstic' z1cliieveinentf4f1fty-eight members of graclnnting Class in honor sovietyf-twenty of sixty-two Juniors have ezlrneil Senior ernhlenisf-scliool leaders-consistently good scholarshipf-bringing life and meaning to the words 'School r fix is if ie is an business." Adams. Janet Allamano, Marilouise Anderson, Helen Auker. Lucille Barnum, Ruth Backstrom, Harold Bell, Eontella Bianchi, Renato Bush, Bob Callin, Charles Centenero, Marcello Champreux, Audrey Champreux, Jeannc Engstrom, Gladys Graduating Seniors Erickson, Edith lirishman, Daniel Gershon, Maurice Golub, Orville Gruger, John Hannay, George Hatfield, Adrian Hays, Dorothy Hicks, Charlotte Hogan, Geraldine Johnson, Bernice Kerns, Eleanor Lewis, Gertrude McDonald, Joe Morgan, Mary Monette, Isabelle Monette, Muriel Murley, Marion Murakami, Ayako Nelson. Lois Nestor, Doris Orman, Stanley Otteson, Ruth Pashley, Jean Packard, Harry Peterson, Ercd Peterson. Evelyn Roe, Anna May Sands. Betty Shields, Elaine Shinowara, George Sinclair, Beth Smith, Helen Sonoda, Yaeko Soriano, Julictt Springer. Helen Tanner, Le Ora Uycminami. May VN'ebb, Nlildred XVelch, Richard NVildermuth. Jane Xving, Jane Morgan. Margaret H, fu sf Ie' -,.." - .,-,--,, 1 1, L 2 'F Q , , .ii an it 9 A A 'L A ' 1--. K, ' , 3: ll, ZA, .' :act We V. ,, 4 F. it ., as D. ' in Q " ' , if' 5 v :ri J Sa E .Q W- ee ,.,, i as at if - L or ,S-'Q lg J :se I Q I ' 'Q My 'K X I ., ii? 7 A V :'-' ,,fv rf-,' ifssisisr 'PLswf:fs1:'f:s we f2,.fs Y vsssirfane ?fs+fw'f- " ' fW"7Mmfff??ilI137Ex'4'?efiN55iif by One Hundred Seventeen K. MOSELEY JACOBSON SMITH PETERSON CHAMPREUX MCCARNEY Barbara Jacobson ..... .,,,,,,,,YY, P resident Jeanne Champreux ,,YYYYY,YYfYYYYfVf.,-Y,V... . . ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... Corresponding Secretary Susan Moseley .A.,,,,,Y........,, Vzce-President Fredricka Smith muW-wwmmnTreasumr Evalyn Peterson ,,,,,,,, Recording Secrelary Miss McCarney ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,........,,,, A duiser One Hundred Eighteen GIRLS' CLUB Purpose: To emphasize service for others, courageous, unselfish leadership, and cooper- ative team-worklendeavor made to set high standards, ethic-al, scholastic, and social? fosters spirit of loyalty for best interests of the school+does much social service work --sponsored Mother and Daughter banquet -presented vodvil in conjunction with Boys' Club-gsponsors girls' athletics and all other girls' activities excellent training for girls -+Betty Buckner to head Club coming year --Miss McCarney, loyal, never-tiring ad- Visor. l93l 28435.-' 13511 ' 153555 IQ Q Q s RICH HANSEN GRUGER CALLIN RIISEBURG Trygve Hansen H, . ,,,, ,,,, , ,Prcsidenl Charles Callin ,,,,,, Sr-crplarg Leonard Rich ,,,,,, ,,,YY,,,, Y 'ice-President -.l0hn Grllgvr YY,,,YY. Ufllreasurer Vxlnlter Roseburg ,,,,, ,..,,,,,,,,,,, A dviser BUYS' CLUB Eneonraging friendship :nnong the boys of the sehoolvsponsoring activities and trying to get every boy interested in something- spoinsored Father and Son banquet in honor of football squad-eooperated with Girls' Club in giving animal vodvilisends advis- ers to help grade school stndents+buys ath- letic equipment for teams-+holds assemblies with inspiring speakers+pr0motes the spirit of athletics throughout the sehool-Frank Richards president for next year-Mr. Reseburg, interested adviser of boys' activi- ties. I95l One Hundred Nineteen Kugler Howard Maison Heaton D Angelo Wienkcr Nlcljonnld Bush Grugcr Greenwood Hoyt Cnllin Richards Dickie Kimbnl Maucr Hawes Canvan Stoss Ritchie Metzger Hansen Klmtfeltcr Trathcn Dilworth Ghiglionc Dldulio Reseberg Rich One Hundred Twenty HI-Y CLUB To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and Community high standards of Christian character is the purpose-school service basic idea-membership based on service to Franklin-fserved Cocoa to play- ers at football gamesfmanaged games away from home and helped at home games -acted as advisers to grade school boys and helped them get started in high school- sent baskets to poor at Tlianksgiving and Christinasicornposed of school leaders whose first thought is for the school. Rutan Medley Garrison Lind Tod Hunter Bigham Zokclt Engstrom Boyd Bowden NVare Smadcs Couch Rulan Mote Haherland Shields Schuman Scarnmuzzo McClelland Hopton Radomsky Nestor Harrison Hamnda Gorsline Swofstad Miller Garrison QUAKER MAIDS Composed of girls who have won an MF" in 2ltlllCtli'S?ff0St6l'S good sportsnulnship among the girls-distinguished by white sweaters hearing il green "F" and the Quaker Maid insignizlvsponsored play-days for girls from other high srlioolsivvent on Sat- urday morning hikesvsponsored Health VW-ek?is one of Fl'21lIlillIllS most spirited organizutions+1nen1lmership includes lead- ers in girls' .activities-encourages health- ful outdoor sports-Miss Annabelle Shaw und Miss Catherine Rogers, girls' couches, advisers of this group. One Hundred Twenty-one O RCANIZATIONS 54 ,ga Kerns Goldsmith Sands Fox Curd Seaman Clavey Hutchinson Hansen Winningham Tremper Hanson Erickson Otteson Summers Scarmuzzo Brown Ellis Grifhn Sinclair Davenport Shields Quale Roe Girls' Club Committee Chairmen WELFARE DEPARTMENT Mildred Webb Athletic .,,,.,...i...,.,.,.,,.,,,, Thelma Burke Charm ..,.....,..........,,. Florence Eubank Girls' Rest Room ,,...,.... Fern Grayson Good Fellowship ...., ..,.... P avia Mattola Health , ,....,.,.,...,.............. Doris Nester Honor Girls ....,,.. Marilouise Allamano Memorial Awards ........ Gertrude Lewis Point ..,,........ ,,,.,,,,........, D orothy Hayes Scholarship ..,,.,,...,,.. Geraldine Hogan Senior Sister..... ,,,...,. ..... . ,Mary Ramsey Standards .....,,........,...,..,, Mary Morgan Student Grade Advisers ,,,, Jenny Lind Vocational .... ,,.,,..... .,.. A u b Champreux Doctor and Nurse .... Jessie M. Duncun Nutrition ......,.........,.,,,,...,.. Mary Haas Ability ...,,,,........ ,.,..,...... M ary Tumer Alumni ..,.,.........,............. Ruth Phillips Cultural Arts ,,,,.... .... lt Iary Ann Green Deeoration-Xmas, Thanksgiving ADMINISTRATIVE DEPT. Eleanor Karnes Bulletin Board..Katherine Goldsmith Extension .................. Virginia Hanson Green Book ...........,...... Maxine Bristol Historian ..,......,,. Margaret Davenport Letter Book ............ Marjorie Atkinson Poster ................................ Valerie Ellis Party Reports ...,,,,,.,,,.. Frances Brown Scrap Book ,....,.. Joselyn Winningham Tolo Clippings .......... Catherine Smart Volunteer .....,.....,,.,,,...,. Evelyn Wilsori Publicity ........... ....... I .ela Tremper SERVICE DEPARTMENT Jane Wing Four 0'Clock Tea .......,.. Adele Nelson Friendship .................., ..,..., E dna Frish Friendship ...,.,...,....,.,......... Edna Frlck House Manager ....,i............ Helen Lacey PRDG RAM DEPARTMENT Beth Sinclair Decoration .................. Edith Erickson Enterta,inment..Margaret Searamuzzo Favors ...............,.,.,,.........., Betty Clavey Funmakers ...........,......,..,.. Libby Curd Music ................,., ...,, ,.,. ,.... L I l adys Fox Party Tickets ,,...... .,,,, , ,.Anna. Mae Roe Program-Meetings .......... Cora Gritfln Program-Assemblies..Elaine Shields Properties ..,,,,....,........... Carol Seaman Refresliments ....,,....,,...., Ruth' Otteson Vodvil and Carnival..Ann Hutchinson Reception ....................,....,.. Lois Nelson Dramatic Group ...,....,,...,.. Grace Quale Invitation ....,,,,........ Anne Seirlelhuber Research ...........,,,,,., Frances Summers Minute Girls .......,.................... Pat Shaw P. T. A. Ushers ........ Gretchen Garber Social Service .............. Virginia Foisie Teachers ....,......... ....... X Iirginla Royce Filing ..,,...,..,,..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Dot Holloway lmprovement ................ Margaret Close Typewriter ....... .,...... G ruyce Storey F10-ral ...... .,,..,.,.,,,,..... R uth Hoffman Lost and Found .......... Charlotte Hicks Wardrobe ..... ......,... D oris Nord Lunchroom ..,.................., Jean Pashley Nord Erickson Pashley Nelson Morgan Holway Lind Turner Hicks Thomason Champreux Hogan Hoifman Shaw Hayes Haas Nestor Lewis One Hundred Twenty-two QRCANIZATIONS f 4 1 4. Radonsky Brehm Nelson E. Rutan Hunter Bigham Callender V. Rutan Newman M. Davis Skofsted Perkins Rubin Miss McGrath lfoisie Jensen Armstrong Engstrom Social Service Committee Faithful workersv-sponsor Fruit and Flower drive-mam age sueeessful Red Cross drive-fill eighty Thanksgiving baskets?-oiticiate many other charitable drives-took Charge of Candy selling at all school performanc'es?-Vir- ginia Foisie, chairman--able direction given hy Miss Me- Grath. Cultural Arts Committee Interested in the finer things of life impart this interest to others through medium of the Cultural Arts Bulletin-paper comes out every two weekslcontains news and notes of art exhibits, reeitals, exceptional motion pictures or plays, and hooks-girls interview celebrities for write-ups in the bulletin. Carlson Bradley Lenhart Johnston Toyoji Miss Sheldon Priestley Christian Kennev Greene Van de Kant Tammany s 'Wifi t a t . ' ' 4 - f 41, 1 if T X., if 1 .s .. T , 2 F 3 Layla .bg ' ' A - , l . res-' 2 r i f' Y N ,F One Hundred Twenty-three ORCANIZATIGNS he if 5 5? O Commercial Club Commercial majors find club an extension of their studies- they learn theory and then obtain practical experience by trips to various manufacturing plants--Puyallup Fair Was obj ect of one trip last falllfactories here in the city are visited -commerce in all its phases is earnestly studied by these future business men and women. Librarians Gaining practical training as well as credit--assist in the library during their study periodsA+ready at all times to suggest new books and help in looking up reference work-1 give interesting information on current events to students by clippings on bulletin boards-have exhibits of interesting articles. Viele Dodge Ulovich Tammany Brown Eskensin Miss Caughey Rcsinger Wing Glehe Jolly Miss Tuell Desics Williams Deusing Ellis Tesack Splain Taylor 'W 5955K ' ? and rv f ne Hundred Twentyffour GRCANIZATIONS Mr. Laizure Thrift Club Roll banking cashiers comprise lnernhershiplpurpose is to encourage thrift--tries to get everyone to hank every week fworks to keep Franklin ahead of other schools in banking -each member has charge of one rollf-handles all the bankin f uve-rv Tuesdav mornin r and turns monev in to een- Ll . . . tral office. Science Club Test tubes-7Bunsen l1l1l'll6'l'Sf-ChCIIllCEll experiments sulphuric avid-fthose of scientific turn of mind find this a welcome haven--experiments are worked on-scientific terms are music to their ears--new phases of science are eussed and IliSCUSSOd iIltf'I'CStlllg' experiments performed on things that affect our every-day life. Hendrickson Backstrom Leipper Clarke Almy James Barnum Clarke Anderson McCloy One Hundred Twenty-Eve GRCANIZATIONS Fellows Springer Bcrgland Emerson Bailey Miss Bailey Bremer Berger Kerr Mulhollard Thompson Stamp Club Philatelists-riding a hobby that is both interesting and profitablef-learning of foreign countries through their postage stamps-auctions-exhibits-talks by experts in various lines of philatelyTmysterious talk of imperfo- rates, watermarks, air mail covers-small membership but all intensely interested in their hobby-helping to interest others. Spanish Club Spreading the Spanish language is main purpose of the club -also to promote goodwill between Spanisli-speaking peo- ple and this eountryiparties and programs encourage and develop the speaking of the language-consuls of Spanish- speaking countries present interesting talks i11 the language -learn of Spanish life and customs while learning to speak Spanish. One Hundred Twenty-six ORGANIZATIONS lg Jacobs Vllhitworrh Dodge Le Grand Whitworth Wickworth Newman Lindberg Ware Price Olson Nieson Taylor Lavender Wing Tusitala Club Short stories---book-length novels-poems--Franklin's writers try their hand at all these--stories and poems are read at club meetings-members qualify by writing origi- nal short story or poem and reading it to the club-all forms of writing are encouraged--interest in writing aided by having speakershprofessionally-minded writers try out their wares on members. Filipino Club lto create a better understanding between Filipinos and the people of the United States-organized for the benefit of the Filipino students in Franklinlhelps them obtain positions, get acquainted in school, and otherwise make it easier for them in unfamiliar surroundings various activ- ities taken up, among them debating-all-school party every year. Nestor Catibcg Jacob Reseberg Aquino Rumbnwa Laweng La Franco Ruaro Barruga Anunciacion Osias Perfect Baldonado One Hundred Twenty-seven ORCANIZATICDNS Make-Up Committee Grease pz1int4-powderla touch of lipstick here-ka dab of rouge there-all ready for the stagelunder the able guidance of Miss JardineiFranklin's amateur cosmeticians try their hand at the art--all participants in school pro- ductions are prepared for the glare of footlights and "spots" by these workers-behind the scenes yet aiding greatly in the production of vodvils, plays and the opera. Debate Club Resolved-that peanuts are better than chewing gum-- comic debates amuse yet serve as excellent training for de- baters-debate teams made up from membership of this clubladvised by Miss Hart-those who do not make the teams still get a good chance for practice-correct speech emphasizedi-public speaking helps one in later life--ex- cellent training for everyone. Axtell Peterson Salmon Hawkins Kenyon Anunciacion Tremper Royce Gruble Jacobs Miss Hart Taylor Duesing Stetson Brnndlise Dodge One Hundred Twenty-eight GRCANIZATIGNS Nickols Kolberg Henderson Holdsworth Bringolf l. Monette Kueblcr Murlcy O'l.eary M. Monette Stage Force Lights-scenery-curtain-back of it all, unseen by the audience, the stage force-hard-working-no credit for it-satisfied in a job well doneisuccess of productions depends as much on their work as on actors-cheerful- ready to cooperate--like puppeteers, pulling the strings that make the show go. Chess Club Long silences lprocess of deep thinking- furrowed brows as one debates moves-two moves in one direction and one to the side pawns knights bishops tourna- ments with other schools-Franklin's 'tthinkersv breaking even in matches with outsiderslMr. Laizure can play rings around anyone-scientists and other thinkers are students of the game. Runcc Mr, Lniiure Kcrzic Kenny Jacob Polokoff Goodrich Koozin Aalto Packard Springer James Ober Kerr One Hundred Twenty-nine QRCANIZATIONS L Togagi - Mr. Benson Rogers Rousch Lamkin Barker Thompson Notole Holdsworth Anunciacion Noth James Gorslinc Newman Tochow Mcflloy Paduano Aviation Club Development of interest in aviation is single purp0se-fmod- els are bnilt and contests held-club visits airports and receives first hand information on flyinglspeakers in all lilies of aviation talk to club--president is Iielel, Newman, daughter of British ace and an nvintrix herself. French Club All French students eligible to ineinbership-interesting singing classes held each week directed by Madame Bla- lock of the Alliance Frzincziise+presidents for the year, Audrey Chanipreux and Gladys FOXTFl'6llCll magazines and books purchased by the organization for the benefit of French studentsicooperation given by French teachers, dnVnl, Jackson and Hart. One Hundred Thirty Qgwixtami-si.w.r,i.V,.,eMwwis5lgigxjggmiwt A -'rf ffl fr QRCANIZATIONS - - IN Metzger Axtell Pickering McGinnis Fifield Stark Cohan Dilworth Case Quale Quirk Hogan Wilson Miss O'l.eary Wing Johnston Welty Cunningham Hughes Bates Rich Sullivan Gorsline Thayer Champreux Tremper Dramatic Club Footlights-Agrease paint-drama-embryo Bernhardts and Barrymore-s get their initial training herei-Eileen O'I,eary, dramatic coach, puts the pep in the show and is a constant help--plays Vary from simple scenes to elaborate mel0dran1asff"Cursey0u,Jack Dalton !"-pathosvcom- edy-all are played by Franklin's actors and actresses of the future. Service Club Self-sacrificing-ready to serve the school at a moment's notice-led by Mr. Evatt-forty boys whose only aim is for the betterment of Franklinltake tickets at athletic games-improve and Care for the athletic fieldfthese and many other deeds have made the club one of Franklin's outstanding organizations. Dempster Maxson Backstrom Olson Kimpton Baker B.McCoskrie D. Mcifoskrie Obley Nichols Rolin Case Schaeffer Riggs Vielc Thompson Smith Evatt Goodrich Storey Letterman Royce Evercill Evercill Rosenvold Maginnis Pearson Harris Ormnn Pickering Peterson Lamhrecht Reich One Hundred Thirty-one DE T 141 R M I N A T I O N-f'Ncve1' say die !" -1-good tiIIl9S fl'iClldS SllCC'6SS fight and grit at the bottom of 2lH iIld0lIl- itable -! llllqileliclmlmle immortal 4- leading onward and upward to greater heights -the Franklin Spirit! cw' SCI-IQCDL SPIRIT MATINEES Syncopation4-low moaning of il saxophone --tinkle of piano keys--twanging of fl banjofrliythmic throbbing of drurns-- muted wail of il trurnpet+lights-scenery 4-ents-novelty nuinliers7"Blues Idea." Junior pep revival "xnatQ"T"GeislizL ldea"1Irisl1men revcling at the "Shamrock liallv - pals and gals -3 llpp6I'l'l2lSSlIlCI1 onlyfstags 1 no wallflnwe rs --couples in corners learning new stepsf-"Danee? as's go!"--vl"ive cfcloek and all's well-- "Gee, wusn't it keen ?', One Hundred Thirty-live K- f' , 50,1737 f Cllr R me X . A l 1.8406 5 XJ NK . tight ' W 4? J L FQ g f f will I M gt i, ? JK 'mml.11lll1lllllllllll"f llllllml ,um ,.., .iyqllllu llliii , 4'A-A llilllllma ily Wu Q ' ymllgilhg' r mmqgf .4 X KW O-29, X We EE A ai u? r1f:'z?0,gz,Wf. 'JQX ' K 7, Mfg it N r QK 'l,i24Q z,Z jf, ,jjj 4 ,ll edlafgf ffx-lPxLlTlfS ON -mi TRAIL OFl93I One Hundred Thirty-six Perils of the Plains-I93I First day out of vaeation, three Frosh had "Two-Gun Sidw Trutheu on their trail-- Chief Seout Joe Reed says there is no hope fthe water c-asks are as empty as a fresh- muu's head-ibut Chief Your-Credit-Nm Good Qlke Carmiealj is ezunping by Waiter hole called Beanery?Chieftess Stzuidard English fEileen O'Lcary in a Sears-Roebuck bluuke-tj has won all the lTlCIl'S heartsithc head mule-skilmer says something should be done about it-savages, as will he noted, are on the YVill'Il2ltl1lCl'll0f Iron Mau f'6Pop" Reedj sealped two pony express riders QTolo reportersj but their loss was not noticed. X w X I l . fl is ,lil KE f l3i5it7 X X Q Q1 X4 , x Qlilf SCOU ff' yy' J f'fiiWiJ'fgQ X pd' l-,N JOB' CLD Lql 1.4! '4l4fw'G2ia ', if . ,wa - W- "I f'f l V trwoeun R im MQ? SIDV X ' Ywfllggf Ai im! L TRATnCHa:g W x - i,,,,.,,' 1 Mlm, V -X A "' ,mfri ' I. W 1- an K, K, ff Gall, fix X flu 4- ,, I N X X ' m y 'Q W annex t fy H ., I- ' N f M Q g' ,gg XXSJBGV 3- 5 ODWIXQZ, 2 W x ,, V, f l wi tldl E: 0 ur,,,l , f yiicmootun covcurnwmon Perils of the Plains-I93I Flour is giving out, says the quartermaster. but the frosh still have plenty of crust-- small raiding parties of grads crash in and at- tempt to take leadership from Joe Reed- Ed Metzger, water boy, is contemplating de- l wmv he thinks he could C' serting to tie ei K 3- put drfmna into the war danceTall th, young bucks are hanging around the Covered wagon serving as Girls' Club llZlIlg0llt they should be out winging Indians-Huw rah! Here comes the Ninth Cavalry! Saved! --The forves from Fort Vacation under Captain Summer have driven of the savages -Now we can take life easy. One Hundred 'l hilly-scvcn Girls' Club Office 3: 10 and to the Beanery Chang Mascot Goldilocks Tom Kay Smiles for the Camera Swede and Lois Press Men Helen and Eileen Travelers Lost and Found 6' 4" and 4' 6" One Hundred Thirty-eight H' Whoopce Boys Our Demon Chemists Sue, B. J. and Pete Ringer, Maybe South Entrance Nature Hilke Push 'Em Up. Johnnyf Jus! Hicks Zoologists T010 Annual ArtSt.1H' Lela, Franklin! Avitarix One Hundred Thirty-nine Z!f4?if ,f , 19 0'll3ILMi 3 Yqlqflil g 5 , K! X f, ,, hunidil F3 fy -1- A .1111 A I-J :if W,5a,. s.5. af.-boo 'gag L TE Eur-q-I 5 -1 ?SqE?.S?o:3?,0 1 U7 'f""q15x X S- ur 1532 34 gl! f V7 3 - x Q mf 1 f Z . cg, swoon, ' ' Q- :uf ' " 2217 opens "' , -4" 1 ' 'I W ' i fn", f GHRFIELD TAKES FRRNKLlN.-- f fif. WIN5 By R Nose, I5-az. rm Q 1151 f ii? f ' f I fm . Z y N595 SWK' og 1 1 my 9-5? i Wk S- 5 15555155 ' 1 me Ep wk ufkkxlkq U ' IVNQX ffi' 2 1.2334 ffffifiif' J. - .. ' X I NM fm? diff" M if- v XL ' ..' -511'-E 4 L-- : . f- f-I-Lf? W ffff ffWf , LT ,Lg T l-SMoKlNG- can 'Df Y Colt! H g 1. 1 Eumunres use ::Tgli:NY cnvzgsszful FAO 15 Souemigfrkfd X ' ff!,fffff fw wi A ffm cf f H6'2L5'3f' W' ,420 H ,yf"" , WL X lf! xx 1 fy L n :, xl jl sf SWE ii is xm IWC f X41-MN ' Q 9 'H .1 . A , ..2EL.5f, gi K1g?g? H mmff Q G ,L i , l, nfl MWWM,-wm7flAaO -nf -g ,ig-ill ff -.- ," lf '-up - K' 'T' Ali W"T,..W l f , W - T 10 - Q ' TGLO annum. smrr 'nwrwsn uv 1 dkgu r 2, if 1 J-CQf!9R ' SENQQR WATINEES 'Q Une Hundred Forty l f Y,, W 9 Tug' FRANKLINRM NI OR - SE MY 11qr3o+m-A11wQ1m11 M me X ff , . Q Z 545955 if 'xgi V . Y, , JJ GYPQI ES y E Q ,A " ffm ' MEQGER ' fglf Evesyrnlne iii? 1' i 'BASKETBBLL SEASON oiens- ' - Qumcens TAKE Bezrrme G f fm WW X if 2 ff W' gif 2 D f X xA ',N VF' -ax 1? f,- 1 ,ij Q, M " 42" fy 1 'Q ffq Q X, QQ gf wi f Ff iff! " ' 'X X ' ,Lg , Hi"Y lN'lTinT3ONS ""B wif m y 5? --Q V E 5 R use A' jg" EM C U Ni? an fuwweo By FINANCIAL vemessvouj cans Ano Gowns 4 ouddr, l Minimum Requirements for Graduation I-GENERAL GROUP CREDITS CREDITS English ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...... ,,,,,,.,. 7 Community Civics, NVorld Hist. and Algebra or Mathematics ,,Y.. s .. 2 U- S, HEI .-Af --------- V --------------'------- ------ - 5 Science ..,.,,,.,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,, W Z Physical Education ,YY, .YYY Z Electives YYYYYYYYYYYYY,YY YY,Y 1 4 II--COMMERCIAL GROUP This grouping of subjects is designed to guide those pupils who plan to enter commercial employment at the conclusion of their high school course. CREDITS CREDITS English Cincluding C. Eng.D ..,YY ,YYY... 7 Science ,.,,................,Y,,,YYYYY,YY,YYYYY,YYY.,YtY,YYYY Z Com'l Arith. and Bkkp. Y,tt,,YYYY,YY ........ . . 3 Typing I and II and OfHce Training lY.....,.. . 3 'Penmanship and Spelling YYY,,YY,.........,.,..I.,,.. 1 Commercial Geography and Com'l Law Y.,,.... 2 Community Civics, World History, U, S. Physical Education ttY,YY,.,,Y...Y,Y,t............. .. 2 History and Economics .,,,.,,,,,,Y,,Y., .......,, 6 Electives ,Y,.Y....,................,,.......,,,,,YY,tt,YYYY 6 If training for stenographic occupation, elect stenography, three or four credits: and typewriting. one or two additional credits. For accountancy work the election of algebra, two credits, and additional bookk a'Pupils may be exempted from the penmanship and spelling requirements if thei on the Ayres Scale or equivalent. III-INDUSTRIAL ARTS GROUP ecping is advised. r handwriting measures 70 This grouping of subjects is planned for those pupils whose inclination is toward a career in industry. CREDITS CREDITS English .,,Y,ffYY,YYYrrfYrrfYKY-....-..-..Y,,YYYYYY-YY-.-...YY 7 Shop Work and Mechanical Drawing aaaaaaaaaaa.. 6 Algebra or Mathematics and Geometry ,...,,,,.. 4 Physical Education ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ......, 2 Community Civics, World History and Electives ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ,, 4 U. S. History ..,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,...,. .. 5 Physics and Chemistry ,.,.,.. ,..., . , 4 IV-HOME ECONOMICS GROUP The Home Economics grouping is designed to guide girls who desire to specia lize in distinctly womanly vocations through the study of foods, nutrition, clothing, dressmaking, household management, house furnish- ings, etc. CREDITS CREDITS English .,..........,....,............... .....,............... 7 Foods, Clothing Q2 cr. ea.j, Home Economics, Algebra or Mathematics. ..................... ,......... Z Design and Millinery ........ ........,YYY,YY,Y,,YYYY . 5 Community Civics, World History and Household Management ....aaaaaaaaYa.Y.YYa.Y....,.... I U. S. History ................,..,.,............. W 5 Physical Education .,...... .. 2 Chemistry and Biological Sciences ..... .. 4 Electives ...........t.a W 5 V-ARTS AND CRAFTS GROUP This grouping of subjects is intended to guide those pupils who desire to specialize along art lines. CREDITS CREDITS English .......s.,..,sssssssss,.. - .......................ssss 7 Arts and Crafts ....... s.sss,,,YY 8 Algebra or Mathematics ........................ssss,s.. 2 Physical Education ...... .,.,... 2 Community Civics, XVorld History and Electives ,................ .. 5 U. S. History ...,,,s,ss,s.,. ... 5 Science .............,..,,.......................... .W 2 VI-MUSIC GROUP This grouping of subjects is designed to guide pupils who find employment music and for those who are students of voice, piano, or orchestral instruments. in self-expression through CREDITS CREDITS English ...,..........,................,...................... 7 Science ..s.ssY,ssVY,YYYY YYf---AA-- 7- Algebra or Mathematics.,s..,ssssYss 2 Music ...-YY--YY,f--Y------ ------- 5 Community Civics, World History and Physical Education ....s .. 2 U. S, History ,............. 7 ,.................,... ... 5 Electives Y- 4 Foreign Language ....s...,,ssss,ssss,ss,Y,sY..... ... 4 One Hundred Forty-two N Subjects Qffered in Franklin High School No subject may be taken earlier than the semester in which it is listed. V IST SEMESTER ZND SEMESTER 3RD SEMESTER 4TH SEMESTER Literature I Composition I Literature II Composition II Oral Expression I Oral Expression II Latin I Latin II Latin III Latin IV 3, French I French II French III French IV Q Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV De German I German II German III German IV E Algebra I or Algebra II or Geometry I Geometry II Z Mathematics I Mathematics II Community Civics Vocational Civics World History I World History II General Science I General Science II Botany I Botany II Physiology Zoology I Zoology II Pcnmanship YS Spelling I Commercial English Stenography I Commercial Arithmetic I Commercial Arith. II Bookkeeping I Commercial Geography Typewriting I Bookkeeping II Bookkeeping III Art I Art II Art III Art IV Design I Costume Design Art V Interior Decoration Wood Block Lettering Design Poster Design Art Metal Z General Craft O Clothing I Clothing II Clothing III Clothing IV Z Foods I Foods II Foods III Ze' Elementary Mechanical Machine Drawing I Machine Drawing II . Auto Repair II 2 Drawing U Wood Turning Architect, Drawing I Architectural Drawing II Auto Repair III E Boat Drawing .-. Machine Vllood Working Sheet Metal Drafting Lettering II O Lettering I Cabinet Making II Cabinet Making I Machine Shop II General Metal Machine Shoo I 'Pattern Making Electricity I Electricity II Music I Music II Music III fI'Iarmony Music IV fHarmony Orchestra, Jr. Orchestra, Sr. and Ear Trainingj and Ear Trainingj Glee Club QM CLD Band QM Cr.j STH SEMESTER 6th SEMESTER 7TH SEMESTER 8TH SEMESTER Literature III Composition III Literature IV Literature V News Writing I News Writing II Composition IV Latin V Latin VI Latin VII Latin VIII French V French VI French VII French VIII Spanish V Spanish VI Spanish VII Spanish VIII O German V German VI German VII German VIII gy- Geometry III Algebra III Algebra IV E Trigonometry 3: American History I American History II Economics E Pacitic Rim Physics I Physics II Chemistry I Physics III Chemistry II Stenography II Stenography III Stenography IV Commercial Law Typewriting II Typewriting III Typewriting IV Z Bookkeeping IV Office Training I Office Training II O Art IV Art III Z Art VII :a- Costume Construction Senior Foods Senior Clothing Q Household Management U Auto Repair IV 2 Music V fHistory of Music VI fHistory of Music B Interpreta- ' Music id Interpreta tionj tion, i One Hundred Forty-three 19. wi-3ED's PHARMACY M. A. WEED, Ph. C-. FANCY ICE CREAM ORDERS TAKEN HERE just Phone EA. 7730 2601 Iackson St., Seattle, Wash. EA. 1200 E. N. SCHUMANN c. E. SCHUMANN 1 SCHLIMANN S MARKET 5619 Rainier Avenue RAinier 0389 "Our Reputation is your guarantee" Union Shop WE DELIVER Union Shop Have you heard about the Bull-l"1'0g Gin? I Yea, drink ai little, hop al. little, and crunk. RALSTON STUDIO Gfficial Photographer Ior the Tolo Annual of I93I -I- NATIONAI. BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING MAin S585 Second at Spring orlddi yf ' ALL MAKES 6 .49:-Q ALL PRICES : :.---fi g . .if --' 1 ' RENTALS " S 'S' SERVICE REPAIRS Special Student Prices and Terms E. W. CO., INC. 91 I Second Avenue Elliott 5447 FRANKLIN INN We're Here All Ready To Serve You With LUNCH - CANDY We're Ever So Handy - So Come Over, All of You Hawaii P-June-au ?- -Alaska F-Ah Guam! Hungary? Oh, I don't Bolivia !YGrcec-c 11. Turkey. VVQII, Abyssiniu-Not if Assyrizl first! WEBER-MCCREA COMPANY 421 East Sixth Street LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA One Hundred Fu YI WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOGK CANVAS FOOTWEAR BASE-BA-L GOODS TENNIS GOODS IANTZEN BATI-IING SUITS GOLF GLUBS AND BAGS + THE BEANERY Congratulations to thc Glass ol I93I from Organized Labor VY Glenn Frank, L. L. D., President University ot Wisconsin, recently proclaimed to the Nation, "The very things for which LABOR and liberal- ism have pleaded through the generations, on the ground of simple social justice, namely, high wages, short hours, and low prices, are now seen to be the only things that can, in the interest of the solvency of capitalism, KEEP OUR INDUSTRIAL ORDER A GOING CON- CERN." We extend to those about to graduate, our hearty congratulations, and in the light of Presi- dent Franlds pointed declaration, invite you to study well our ideals and aspirations, and to affiliate in due time with the great Trade Union Movement which Gladstone said is "THE BUL- WARK OF THE NATION." VV SEATTLE LABOR UNIONS as represented by the CENTRAL LABOR COUNCIL OF SEATTLE AND VICINITY and the SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, BUILDING TRADES COUNCIL OH1 y-- Ai T! if E E+ THE BETTER YEABBOOKS OE THE NORTHWEST show the tune artzstry and craftsmanship of thewestern Engraving 6-Colortype Company. Schools that demand the best, year after year, lcnow that "Western Personal Service" insures a Better Annual . ......... . ENGPTAVING 6-COLOPTTYPE CO. SEATTLE ENGPTAVING CO. rzoso FIFTH AVENUE, s+:ATrLs,wAsH. T hat Something"- ln every first class job of printing there is a combination of Paper, lnk, Type, Cuts and modern Presses. Properly used, in the hands of Craftsmen skilled in the develop- ment of artistic printed effects, SATIS- FACTlON always may confidently be expected. But-fine printing doesn't "happen," lt requires those qualities that have been termed "That Something" to win steadily worth-while success ,,... umb ens llriniin 1 ompamy ONCE A YEAR HighSchoolandCol- lege annuals have "right of way." Quick service al- ways, however, on Booklets Folders Broadsides Cards Letter l-leads Color Work Ons llumlrul l ift

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