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A Hua wld Z? My Y WW we My 5041 j xx 1 ' ff A 'Hymn ' X .f i QJXQNAJX WVKA XD 1 NJ? V V, ! ,XM MWXf L55 ff ..,,,A J if J, 4-af fff-V1 ,ff gud? iffwzf 4 A 21 yn 7 ' XSL .4 Z Qs. lm - Q2 5, Hx Kwiiso f MW U T fgf X 1M, 3rL? ' gf ? Wm? M? ESQJ1- if XX. 6 L- 1 " 1 - 'S A yt My .-M' 1 KV' Q J bk U V! I I J v Jff If ,uf ,IN 'J ' " .J JV ,UJQKI U X 1 -' UNK, nu Q 19: . J I A ,N f X w ' ' M' HNXMJ A . x Y x -,QM YW 53 1 - NJN' jj X iff!! fm W 5-fs.g S T f,bgd M s s s fx fHL'sfaffWOii1d mee " - , 9 7 7, W Y 1, express their apprecia: 1 'I tion tobthe fonowing firmsc has assisted inimeasuralvly in producing Tolo, 1929, Whose faithful cooperation LumBermen's Printing Co. Art Craft Engraving Co. Ralston Studio A Ward's Bind if I, My fp i ' , 'iff W' fo it W ' C715 cfm! KE . m .5 e 'i A 2 x, -, X TQLQ ANNUAL 1929 .9 x Af A A ff! X 'X rj' A f f 2 M 1 A X M Nf 'M D 0 'Q 'X I sf N X 1 - s - 5 X! . 'V I 1 .K. U1 Yi , W I I E X WX ,J J X K Cixassrmvzzz 06.11.011 A MWMAwA::zf 1 - - I 'rj K V? X ' W h' I ' An W 'VJ 30 '17 FRANKLIN HIQHSCHQQL A f 'T 'D Seattle, Washington Y . K X.. " fy ,QL ' ' N A 1 . X f... Y , sf? A RJ , Q, .M .. '1- J . 'X-M , A J X I MV A. , I 1 i , :SM ' . x Zliutbe Glas M1929 , ' Q x ani: u J jllilisk Zlnna .Baughertp ehzrzfaithgtril ir enh, ruitnurker 6,bJ Cxfljyfyyiifi Auf? xjf My .3 ' F K4 anh a hiser me rzsprnt: A4 fu Ip he irate this X , EJ A h uma J I ' ,J Nw f1J , N x 0 x X , 1 X. 2 ' X .1 -.. if ,Y X wb N 5 5 SJ X J J 91 5 J Y J ,- N J fi 3f 55 Q9 Eg 'X , Table 0 Contents 111 lllilPIC.X'l'1UN .A,,,,,,,w.,1,V,,,,,,w,,, 4 F.xcl'r,'l'Y ,1VA,A.,,,,,,w,,,,1,, , ,,,.,.w,1, 7 ToLo gXNNL'.XI. S'l'.X1fl-' ,,,.w,,1 10 Slcxlok Class Officers .........,,A.,..A............,,,,A. 14 Connnenceinnet Speakers ,,,,, 15 Senior Honor Society ...,, ln 10 40 Personze ..,,.,,,,,,.......,..,,,,, Senior Play ........,,.,..... Jexiort Class Officers ....,,..,,,. 50 History ..,....,...,,,..,. 51 Personze ....,..,,,,.......,, 52 SOPI l OM ORE Cl..XSS Officers ....,......,,,,,,...,. 62 History ..,,.,,,,,,..r..,,. 62 Personze ,,........,,...,.... 63 l'CRIiSlIM.XN Clnxss Officers ,,,,......,,..,,,,, 68 History ....,.,,..,, 68 Personze .........,,., 69 C Dum N IZAXTION s Girls' Club .......,, 75 Committees ,,,,. 76 lloys' Club .....,,,, 78 Honor Society ..... 80 , Tolo Weekly , SZ Clubs .,.......,,,.,.. 8-l dl eslc Operetta ....,,..,,....., 96 Student Groups ,,,.. A 97 Arn I.Ii'l'ICS Inter-School ...,., ....,.. l 02 Intramural ..,,,,...,.. .,,..,. l 12 FlC.X'I'L'RliS Senior Class Data ..... 42 Snapshots .,,,,..,.......,.. .,,.... 9 S - Historical Data ,,,.,..........,,,,,,.,....,....,,,,..,........Y..,,,. ll4 Cartoons .,..................,,.,..,...........,,.,..............,,.,....... 116 Q, - Qty, v , 5, 1 ..,,, ,S , M A .. ,,.., 4 4 "-: ,S-V C 4' A ir V - ,dv .I V3 ' 1 Q xv' 7 -7 W K kgifflgz 'AC 9 -K w .f I Alia' . i W W L' I 6 'V ' ,-5' Q! 1 X Uvwwan Ytgupfiyy inf! V , ' ' 1 . gf ffl lm .J f g " ., Q f S W ' z, f - 6 "' 5 Z' , I V , f 1 I K v .X -J. OVR SCHOOL .W e ex? E lx MR. SIDNEY P, 'l'RATIll'lY Vice P'I'HIL'I'f'tll MR. flOSl'.PlI A. RlLltD PVI'lIt'lft1l Faculty joseph .X. Reed. principal, who has been with lfranklin since its opening, has been greatly responsible for its rise to the scholastic position it now connnands among the high schools of the city. S. l'. 'l'rathen is known to all lfranldinites as head of the attendance. Ile succeeded Mr. S. lfleining as vice-principal in 1919. This year has seen many changes in the personnel of the faculty. At the beginning of the year several teachers were added to the staff. Miss jar- dine, Miss Kenhn, Miss Sherrill. Mr. llishop and Mr. Dodson, who re- placed Mr. Geisert, are the newcomers. .-Xn unusually large number of the faculty nienibers have suffered niis- fortunes during the year. Miss Marjorie Pidduck and Miss Louise Fowler were seriously injured in an automobile accident near Tacoina. Miss lfowler returned to school in April, but Miss l'iddncl4 was absent for the remainder of the year. Miss Reniley suffered painful injuries as the result of a fall during the cold spell of last winter. Miss Ida lllanche llerg, long an instructor of English in Franklin, passed away during the semester. She had been ill for some time and had been unable to carry on her school duties regularly. .Xll who had known Miss llerg were deeply grieved on hearing of her death. IQNGLISIT llliP.Xl?'l'MliN'l' Xlrs. Strong, Miss llarnes. Xl. ll, Griffin, Nliss llnnter, Miss Fowler, Miss Limlherg Miss Iiailey, Miss liuehn. R. R. Upton, I,t'f'tlYflllt'llf lleutlg Miss Maellonald. Nliss McMaster, Miss Jardine Seven i HISTORY DEPARTMENT B. .X. Samuelson, RIi's. Stzlegcr, ll. Kirk, R. J. Reed R. C. Johnson, Miss Lcntz, N. C. llavcnlmort, D!'f7lIl'fHlC7lf Haadg Miss liZ1SSCllZH.'lI11, G. A. Kellogg SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Miss Daugherty, Miss NYz11'nei', VY. J. Reseburg, Miss Chambers G, LX. I.zxizu1'e, DL'f"G7'DHlL'lZl' Hcadj Miss Rinehart, Miss MCCarney, Mr. Ahnquist MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Miss Kuehler, S. P. Trnthen, Department Head: Miss Doheny R. J. IIanfly, Miss Iohnson, Miss Sherrill, J. M. Dodson lfigllt ., VY W COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Bliss iXIcGi'atli, Miss Sheahan, Miss Fowler C. S. Jackson, Miss Gorman, F, II. Bailey, Department Handy E. S. Bishop iw? ,Qs Zim FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT AND MUBIL Miss Perry, Mme. DuYal, Miss Bennett 7 1 VV. S. Armbruster, Mrs. VVo0ds, Miss Quigley, X V11 , 'lv-Z1 KB. jackson, Head Fureign Language Defmrtment MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENTS R. N. Knapp, Miss Hisazza, Miss A. 13. Shaw, T. F. Cales G. O, Scott, Miss G. Shaw, Miss Tidd, Miss Caughey, R. Grocock, Head Industrial Arn Department N Nine I B .4-5" Q lilllani EJ Cgy fagigg dl? PIN . g Aisihur EDS' Aharcl Jr ffinaguzg fdzfaf Harriett Blackwell Afsnnafe fzffar 52 Rufzhshx lg' brown. Ari yglxifilt fl l , QUE H1 Im QM . gh JH " up Mm' TQR, Ry, pix ,quivffv 11 - 3 i::xizUPkOfYfs! QE xum an 5 U .Azfvder 'U' ' W, W Q K H S Rune Todd HCDI'-y Yamada fprmkffan Miniger EBFQ7? faffar- 41.4 .'f'l 5? ' 1:51, Q 2: ,:i3i:W1:fL' - gmg .S L I WY ' A fi 'v fa , 6! Q W .N I A, i ww w J , if 3 dau Q btqwtl 3 OH -ff gf. 1 4 - 5'fzc1f 5fQffZZifl.fag 41 Unk ugmngx--' ui I iripkz lf' Louisa ' "pWeui""f' QGeralS1snQJ5uChnff .jwnbr flfor A N25 -.,f m tm- Emu! lm nz v- - we: naw , 5enf5f'l'fa0fUf', - fm' nmw ff - - :arm :mel Qlwxw J h x. ,mu hm In, lrffriiliia-ex1.'r1wi-A fl w Ullmf' s.r1!u.nx 111 3li'4r!'Ig?!STfsrtI HH' UI-IBi96lvL A wrt lisnxxzpln-ll ' 'S 1 U 1 3. -, ':,1f,sf,,fafwr' R196 Pa Fkef' Ieiiflmefzbf fffar Vic bor Vieg farfnanfbf 1 w f 341 f , vv b , r K v 5 I A m: -lil: .. . 1 gig ,. F, . CLAS clzz6.xL21ec1l 172 goofs ana! szhcere x creafions o1!tAe fAo113Lf1!Z1f IIYIQYLJ are .3 en16fG111atz'C of hge llilgksvg Dcpari: menf! BIZCZCSSGIHZHA fo ffze dCLl,CVCINClIf of sezzzbzity dlICL:d QLPJOIIIH WJ 4 I ,ll g I! if ' 1 eff' f 1 1 SQENKQJQSY - C9 me n A Eiiikix - . .f I yggiu Nw, VJ, hw, , ,,.-4.g,,V.. I , . Q,-fi ,,' if I . W 6 fy' W A Q . ff' L ,fy r 4 , ,Wi-1. ,. ', ' . S lzanliy 'Pe tcrson Wh: f Pr slbfrnl-' SENHJR CIASS X P SYS Jwwmmk CHTKERS 1929 DMB? A. My x Q s A w' A ummm Lawrence Manlgf Walter Fallon. ?3JifV xx? FIJSUFEV SEEfEfy jf I K j' ,I ,Q iw Z7 ,ff f J 0 ,ff I V. nf! V x t F t r af lc' 'il ,1"VlfJ'Av I ,JJ 'f ffvvk' X 1 1 ' ry L I' il- 'L J , Ljlgadff Y , ' f 4 I , fQl.' f ,fl lf" --' I ,, .1-flf.QV..yw' - ' fj, ,ffl ,A fly! 5, "x I I A lu u " u nun . . . ,, in Hi in in .H nn. ll ' I ' I I U uxlt , ... - ni- ...-.. --. - .il V I CQK.l1lENClfhllfN'li Sl'EAlQl3RS Alice RFOXVII-.bifllllillllf Cl11!Ilt't',' Harold llaliner-.S'f11der1f Clz0it'v,' Nlarjorie Tankers- ley-l"m'z1lfv Cfzoivvg NYarren Goss!!'r1li'divfo1'i4111,' Patricia fyll21Y2l-Still!fUf0I'liCl7I,' Jack Sonacla-linrzzlly Cfzoire. SlCNlOR HONOR SUCIICTY The members of the Senior Class who have earned ninety points necessary for Senior llonor Society have obtained the highest scholastic standing in lfranklin. The point system employed is based on subject grades as vvell as school activities. This year there are Fifty Seniors in the organization, several of xvhoni have obtained per- manent possession of their pins by earning one hundred and twenty-tour points. The commencement speakers are invariably selected from this group. lliss Bennett is adviser of the Honor Society. Fifteen Ill ll Ill n " ll I I -- Kiwi is Q H H. .ii U. na ..- Q ..- ..... .,, H. ... ... ..---. ... .. K l l Sixteen S fi EQ ,www 4 l a 4 i l l 4 i SIN ADAMS, JACK Entered: Canadian School, '25. Future: Magazine line. Activities: Make-up Comm. 33 Senior Picture Comm. 43 Circus 4. I may be little but I Inline big ideas, ALSAGER, CLARENCE qshoriyp Entered: llavrthorne, '25. Future: Work. Activities: Indoor Volleyball 1-2-33 Horseshoes 1-2-33 Soccer 2-3: Track 3. A man of affairs. ANDERSON, GLENN CBabeD Entered: VVhitworth, ,25. Future: Undecided. Activities: K. IJ. Club 23 Service Club 3-43 Sec.- Treas. HF" Club 43 Stage Force 43 Track 3-4. A man of mark. ANDERSGN, VIVIAN JOY Uoyj Entered: Beacon Ilill, '25, Future: Chicago Art Institute, Activities: Girls' Club Play 13 Tusitala Cluh 2-3-4: French Club 3-43 Senior Sister 43 Senior Roll Rep. 4: Art Club 33 Chairman Art Cluh Yaudeville 43 Tennis 43 Reporter Tolo XVeekly 4, Art .vliould be Izcr m1'a'dIr: mime. ARGALL, ALICE Lctlr got arqriaiutcrl. ISAIRD, RUTH MARION qoscarp Entered: Columbian College, Canada, '26, Future: U. of YV. Activities: Commercial Club 13 Minute Girls l: Girls' Rest Room 23 Chairman Rest Room 33 Four O'CloCk Tea 2, Gentle, .rwcct and 7'Bff7"f71g'50l11Cfil1H'J! BARKER, REXFORD CRCXD Ht' f.r1z't as loud ax his llama. HECK, AUDREE CAudsD Entered: Renton High, '26, Future: Nurse. Activities: Track 23 Vodvil 23 "All at Sea" 33 Chairman Tolo Book Comm. 4. Pretty is as ffretfy docs. EEKKEN, WINIFRED QPeggyj Entered: Brighton, '25. Future: Aviation. Activities: Basketball 1-2-33 Freshman Stunt: Operetta Usher 2-25: Call Girl4"Ycllow Sands" 45 Circus 43 "Prince of Pilsenn 43 Vvardrobe 33 Chairman VVardrobe 43 Senior Gift Comm. 4. Mflzcre are the wardrobe keys? BELCHER, JACK Hi .my fi16'7'B.i BERGANO, FABIAN A quiet man. BERNHARD, ARTHUR CArtj Entered: Trinity, '25. Future: AfA'Cl'ltW'Ol'tl'l. Activities: Circulation Staff VVeekly 13 Circula- tio11 Manager VVeckly 23 Make-up Editor Weekly 33 Sport Editor VVeekly 33 Photographer Annual 2-33 Annual Editor 4: Circus 43 Chairman Class Publicity Comm. 23 Matinee Comm. 33 Social Service Comm. 4: Improvement Comm. 43 Cartas Club 13 Honor Society 23 Pep Club 23 Thrift Club 2-33 Auto Club 33 Quill and Scroll 33 Hi-Y 2-3-4. Artlzin' the Red. A In H ,, ui in ui .H H. u u -- In n U I l . f I ll nil! . - nn ... ... ... ... .-.... --- A l3IALlxOXYSlxY, ROY .-liz, xurli a llazzdxaznc guy! 1-:1Gc3s,A1uY tliillyj lintererl: lleaeou llill, '20. Future: Cnslecirlerl. Activities: "Shaw's Nightmarei' 2: H.Xll at Sea" Zi: Spanish Club 2: Art Club 3-4. That gift of gall. BISSETT, EIXIILIE Entered: VVhitworth, '25. Future: Cnfleciilecl. ,Xetivitiesz "Irene" 2: "All at Sea" 3: Frankliuite 3: Circus 4: "Prince of Pilsenu 4: Commercial Club 3: .-Xssist. Erlitor XYeekly 4. Oli, that 1 rvvrc' a Illigllf-i71-121110. BLACKXYELL, IIARRIETT CSannnyI lintereil: Brighton, '25. Future: Journalism. Activities: Tolo IYeekly 2-3: Assoc. Iftlitor .Xu- nual 4: Lost anrl Fouml 1-2: Circus 4: Chairman Senior Sister 3-4: Dramatic Club 1: Commercial Club I-2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: French Club 3, Sec. 4: Tusitala Club 2-3-4, Pres. 3. ,-lm! flaw I take my fan in hand. BLAIR, DON linterecl: Brighton, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Entertainment Comm. 1: Science Club 2-4: Commercial Club 2: Honor Society 2-3-4, lV11at 'would Grant do without me? BOSTVVICK, MARGARET Clli Poeketsj Iintereil: Emerson, '25. Future: U. of NV. Activities: IIockey 2: Chairman Bulletin Boaril Comm. 4: Yoclvil 2: A'Prince of Pilsenn 4: Coni- niereial 2: French 3-4: Art Club 4: Tutor 2-3. Ollzvrx .ring her fr'ai.rcs. BOYIJSTAN, MAX lfntereilz Los Angeles, '26, Future: C. of YY. Activities: llonor Society 2-3, Pres. 4: Sec, Serv- ice Club 3-4: Boys' Club Sec. 3: Cor. See. Boys' Club 4: "F" Club 3-4: K. D. Club 3: Ili-Y 4: Class Sec. 1: Class Pres. 1: Basketball 2-3-4. Heli a gaorl Boid, BRACKEN, MARIORIE Calargel lintererl: Brighton, '25. Future: II. of VV. Activities: Chairman Favors Conun. 4: lintertaiu- ment Comm. 4: "All at Sea" 3: "Prince of I'ilsen" 4: Commercial Club 1-2-3-4: OEICE Farce 4. S'l1a'll gladly lend a helping llami. BROGREN, MARGARET Qhlarmej Iintererl: Hawthorne, '25. Future: Cnrleeiilefl. Activities: Minute Girls 1: Publicity Comm. 1: Ticket Seller 4: Commercial I-2: Honor Society 2-il-4: Gracie School .Xrlviser 3: Senior .Xclviser 4. Sha vault: for Imozvlarigc. BROOKS, ROBERT QBOIDI ,-llfvayx Ifmkirzg af the fltllllj' .ride of Illiugx. BROOKS, RAY CT-Irooksiej Iintererl: Beacon Hill, '24. Future: XY. S. C. Business. Activities: Football 2-3-4: Swimming 2: "Irene" 2: "Prince of Pilserr' 4: HF" Club 3-4. .-lll romnl Ray. BROVVN, ALICE CAllyj Entered: john Muir, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Ilockey 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-IZ: Yol- leyball 1-2-3: Class Activities Comm. 2: Class Vice-Pres. 3: Senior Song Comm. 4: Chairman Class Entertainment Comm. 4: 'IAII at Sea" 3: Assist. Director Senior Play 4: 4'Prince of Pil- sen 4: "F" Club 2-3, Pres. 3: Honor Society 2-3-4: Science Club 3: Vodvil 2-3-4: Musical Con- cert 3-4. l1'U'r'e lxcrcr Iieard of an I-11160 Brown gown. I I l J . foam l R ZF? rv Q l ,f,- V 1' .iii fl 2. N i it A as as . mi S Q -T N72 fr -I ff, .M 4- 5. I 'lx , I ik 4-'Kiwi S Q lv. if I ,ff Ms .4 is-'E ni JL 5 I il 1 5 ,5 If 1. are ' ur K- ' I I Ai .K I I I .Q L ' V x i ' -wi: fix. l ' .gy ' i Sm'c'niccn 4 -.-..- ll ' ll nun ,WH I' I I I I' um 11 0 in ni n in in - .-- .nn in in U, ii. .ii nn- ... - BROWN, EDWARD CBFOWIIICD Entered: john Muir, Future: U. of VV. Activities: "Shaw's Nightmare" 3: Circus 4: 'tYel- luw Sands" 4: Amusement Comm. 3: Tennis 4. Excuse my dust. BROWN, IRENE CBrownieD Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: Business College. Activities: Basketball 1-2: Vilardrobe Squad 3: Chairman Goodfellowship Comm. 4: "All at Sea" 3: Art Club 4: Sr. Play Properties 4. These quiet girls. BROWN, MARIORIE Entered: American Lake, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Make-up Comm. 3: Chairman Poster Comm. 4: Circus 4: Chairman Art Club 4: Com- mercial Club 2: French Club 3: Art Club 4. One of the 10,847,962 Bvutwix. BROVVN, RUTH SHIRLEY Cffrigglesj Entered: East Seattle, '25. Future: Cornish. Activities: Assist. Art Editor Annual 3: Art Edi- tor Annual 4: Roll Rep. 1-2: Cultural Arts Comm. 2: Chairman Dec. Comm. 2: Friendship Comm. 3: Favors Comm. 4: French Club 2-3: Art Club 4. Allin! .-1 gflllilli in our iiiiilxt! BRUSIXEVITH, LAVVRENCE Entered: Columbia, '25, Future: Architecture. Activities: Track 3-4. Glmlyx' little lzrotlzcr. BURGESON, KENNETH Qliennyj Entered: VVhitworth, '25. Futui'e: University. Activities: Baseball 4: Spanish Play 3: Spanish Club 2-3-4: Thrift Club 3-4. Mlm! lm, Slvi'Nic1'.' BURGH, NILDRED Qliootsj Entered: Vilhitworth, '2.5. I Future: W. S. C. ' Activities: Hockey 1-2-4: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Yol- leyball 2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3-4: Ten- nis 1-2-3-4: Tumbling Team 4: Decoration Comm. .uw- x -. po- 3-4: Stunt Comm. 4: Chairman Art Club 4: Carni- I val 2: Commercial Club 1-2-3: Spanish Club l: i . "FU Club 2-3-4. i Size llUL'XIl'f roimi. i 2 BURKE, IRVING tlrvj f Entered: Emerson, 325. 2 A Future: Undecided. ' Activities: Frosh Football 1: First Team Football 4: Commercial Club 2: K. D. Club 3: HF" Club 4. He lciiowx all tlierc is to know-ziizzl more. BURNER, CLIFFORD CCl1Ffyj '- Entered: Snohomish Ir. High, '2-L Future: Undecided. Activities: Track 4: Vocational Comm. 13 Pres. Glee Club 2: Art Club Trcas. 3: '4Irene" 2: "All at Sea" 3: 'tThe xI0LlSEil'211lH 3: A'Yellow Sands" 4: 'KPrince of Pilsenn 4: Cartas Club l: Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Pep Club 2: K. D. Club 3: Quai-tette 2: Octette 2-3-4. The I:7'L'.9lZlllL111- girls' ideal. CARVILL, ALFRED fS11ookyj Dorff let lzix czirly laclrx ilercirc yan. CENTENERO, ANTHONY CTonyj Entered: Brighton, 326. Future: U. of W. Oli ycx, I'm II'I'.Ylll CIIITTENDEN, TOM Entered: East Denver High School, '28. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Stamp Club 1. A famous rlie1111'st1'y student. Iiiglztc h In RTD R A fl'l"' H!!! ' ummm U u lux . H ru w ni .ii .it . n nu ..- CHRISTENSEN, ANNA QCliristieJ Entered: Emerson, '25, Future: College. Activities: Freshnian Stunts: Carnival 2: Senior Play Usher: Concert 4: Operetta 4: Commercial Club 3-4: Choral Club 4: Freshman Nominating Comurg Triangle Players 4. 11 daiuiy uziss. CHRISTENSEN, STEVVART CStewj I.eaz'c it ta me. CLARK, IZORA Doing all tliifzgx well. CLARK, THOMAS CTomj Entered: lieacon Hill, 525. Future: Cndecided. Activities: Yell Duke 3: Yell King 4: Service Club: Cartzis Club 1: 1-'ep Club 2: Auto Club 3: Spanish Club 1-2-3-4. Ginimc a malt. COLE, HARRY Entered: VYhitworth, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Tennis 2-3-4: llzisketbzxll 2: "F" Club 3-4: llzlsketball Manager 3. Tezznix liloyer of quite .rome esteem. CONONICA, CATHERINE Entered: Euumclnw High, '25. Future: Stt-nogruplier. Activities: liaseball 1-243: Decoration Comm. 3. Hy d'I'1igCllliL' slir 'ZUOII her way. COULON, CATHERINE Cliittyj Entered: Emerson, ':2f1. Future: U. of VY. Activities: Tennis 2: llasebzill 23 Yolleyball 2g Basketball 4: Hockey 4: Honor Society OIL, that Snfvlzonmre mon! COULTER, MARY-JANE Entered: john Muir, '25. Future: Study abroad. Activities: Honor Society 1-2-345 Sec. Honor Society 4: Frienilshin Comm. 3g Chairman Enter- tainment Comm. 4: Chairmzxn Extension Comm. 4: Art Club 4. Coulter im.: lIlllI7ifl'I?llX. CRANE, ROBERT 4130135 Entered: Roosevelt, Los Angeles, '28, Future: U. of XV. Activities: liasketball 43 Football 4: French Club 4: "F" Club 4. Big bn3"Cronc, of Iznxlcvtlmll famv. CROAN, HELEN iCl'1L1CRlCSJ ' Entered: Yan Asselt, 323. Future: C. of VV. ' Activities: Senior Sister 3: Freshman Stunt 13 Spanish Club Play 2: "All nt Sea" 3: "Prince of Pilscn" 4: Circus 43 Ailfl-AYCZII' Concert 4: Com- mercial 1-2: Spanish 2: Switch Board Try and cutrlz lim' not Nlllilillg. CROXY, DORIS ERNESTINE CIJOFICD Entered: Queen Anne Hi, '28. Future: llusiuess College. Activities: Senior Roll Rep. 4. Hfaifll I quit Cr0u'iiz'. CURTISS, RODGER Qlieunyj Entered: Columbia, '21 Future: Cudecidefl. Activities: Tolo VVeekly Ad Manager 33 Art Club 4: Commercial Club l-2: Czlrtas Club lg Thrift i l-2-3-4: Ad Club 4: Musical Concert 4. lfVcIl tlressml man. l to N-,Af 41 f 7'1- Nineteen lull " lun " l I I :I Hwy gg Q E H m vi. ..- .-- --H. .H ... .i. ... .-. nu- -.. - Twenty CUSBER, HELEN Cblunnj Entered: Stadium High, Tacoma, 528. Future: Undecided. Activities: Spanish Club 4: Science Club 4. Courtesy gained lzw' many f1'i97lU'S. DAVIS, JEAN CYeanieJ Entered: Brighton, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Honor Girls Comm. 4: Chairman of Friendship Comm. 4: French Club 3-4: Thrift Club 3-4: Commercial Club 2-3: Honor Girl 2: Senior Sister 3-4. To know lim' 'is to lore lzcr. DAY, LILLIAN CLillJ Entered: Colman, '26. Future: U. of WV. Activities: Soccer 1: Hockey 2-3-4: Volleyball 1-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3: Baseball 1-2-3: Basketball 2-3-4: Hike Manager 4: Party Ticket Comm. 1: Student Grade Advisory 3-43 Sec. MFE Girls 4: Freshman Class Play: HF" Club 2-3-43 French Club 3-4: Honor Society 2-3-4. Early to lied, early to rise, malrcx a llflllfllj' Day. DINGVVALL, MARGARET .flu often-lzcrzrlcrl maiden. DINVVOODY, MARGARET 'L0, llifmioodyl DONADEL, ANGELINA Slle must bc an Angel. DOUNG, WALTER fDangj Entered: Broadway, '27. ' Future: W. S. C. Activities: Yodvil 3: Science Club 1: Glee Club 2-3: Commercial 4. Ding, dong! DUDLEY, GEORGE CDudj Entered: VYhitw0rtb, '25, Future: Law. Activities: Tolo Annual Rep. l-2: VVcckly Rep. 3: Assist. Vileekly Manager IS: Reporter VVeekly 4: Assist. Circulation Manager Annual 4: Business Manager VVeekly 4: Thrift Roll Rep. 1-2-3: Vice- Pres. Honor Society 4: Refreshment Comm. 4: Circus 45 Senior Play 4: Cartas Club 2: K, D. Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Honor Society 2-3-4: A. R. Contest 3-4: Rep. Times Oratorical Con- test 4. Mf'lznf.' You doubt my ivorilf EASTMAN, WILLIAM fB1llD Entered: Emerson, '25. Future: C. of VV. Activities: Circus 4: Commercial 1-2-3: 2-3: K. D. Club 3: Science 3-4: Senior Comm, 4: Student Auto Comm. 4. .4 ffcrfcft gentlcnzzm. EDMUND, LOUISE Entered: Bryn Nlawr, l25. Future: WVork. Spanish Picture Activities: Volleyball 2-4: Basketball 2: Chair- man Volunteer Book Comm. 3-4: Commercial Club 2: Usher 'KAII at Sea" 3. Score unotlicr for Bryn illiiwr. EGNER, RUBY Entered: Garfield, '26, Future: U. of VV. Activities: Baseball 1-2-3-4: Basketball 4: Volley- ball 4: HF" Club 4. Another jewel. ELLIS: CONSTANCE CCOIHIICD Entered: Bryn lXIawr, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Student Grade Adviser 2-3-4: Favors Comm. 4: Senior Sister 4: Freshman Stunts: K'Prince of Pilsenu 4: Honor Society 23 French Club 3-4: Senior Girls' Octette 4. Sweet and shy, she gets by. . . . . lu u " nina ,, I it .ii ... H. HH' 'ff' f I I I I " lllll ... - ....- --. .. ' , 1 ERICIXSON, DOROTHY tooo y lintcrerl: Spokane, '25. I Future: If. of VV. . Activities: "All at Sea" 3: Christmas Play -lg "Prince of Pilscnu 4: Commercial Club 1-23 lin- I. tertzxiunieut Comm, 4: Social Service 4. ' H0111 still our finttcring lzcurt. ERICKSON, OLGA E Entcrerl: Dunlap, '2t5. Future: C. of XY. ' Activities: Scholarship Comm. 2-3: Girls' Club Roll Rep. 3--tg "Prince of Pilsen" -1: Circus -ig 3 Librarian 1. i That golden hair! A ETHIER, ELEANOR ,S'l1c'lI put you fu slucf. EUBANK, MARGARET Cblargoj Activities: "Prince of Pilsen" 4: Christmas Play 4: Commercial 23 Treasurer Commercial Club 3: Vice-Prcsiclent Commercial Club 4: llonor Society 2-33 Tusitala Club 3--tg Yicc-Presitlcnt Tusitala -13 Matinee Comm. 3-4: Poster Comm. 1-25 Decora- tion Comm. 2: Scholarship Comm 33 Chairman Historian Comm. 3g Make-up Comm. 3: Standards Comm. 41 Chairman of Property Comm. 4: Recep- tion Comm. 4. California, hum' 'ah t'0mv.' EVANS, HENRY Cilankj lfutcretl: Emerson, '25. Future: Unclccitlcrl, Activities: Yice-Pres. Commercial Club 11 Roll Rep. 3-4: Commercial Club 2-33 Science Club 4. i i Henry and his girlr. EVERALL, GLAUYS CSuo0kD lintcrerl: Everett, '25. Futurc: College. Activities: Frosh Stunt: "Prince of Pilscnu 4: Commercial Club 1-2: Choral Club 4: Tolo Rcp. I 2-33 Roll Rep. 25 Filing Comm. -tg Make-up Comm. 4. ,llirnlfnl not of lzersclf. EYRE, RICHARD flfrigiclairej Entererl: Dunlap, '25. Future: Curlecitlefl. Activities: Track 3--tg Typist 3: K. D. Club 3. K Still fuuterx rim deff. X FALLON, VVALTER CVValtj Entered: Lcschi, '25. ' Future: C. of VV. ' Activities: Football 1-2-3: Basketball 1: Track - I-2-3-43 Class Yell Comm. 11 Activities Comm 31 5 Class Sec, 4: Chairman Ticket Comm. 41 Senior Pin Comm. 43 A'Yellow Sands" 4: Circus 4: Cartas ,, Club 1: Spanish 3-4: "F" Club Zi-4: lIi-X Klub 3-43 K. D. Club 31 Service Club 4: Commence- V ment Csher 3: Football Manager 4. Tlmt srlioollmy fomf1Iv.rion. W FEND, KATHLEEN Clxayj lintereilz lleacon Ilill, '25. Future: Cnrleciclezl. Activities: Hockey 2: Restroom Comm. 4: Art Club Chairman 4: Point Comm. -tg Circus 1: Vorlvil 2: liirls' Tumbling Team 4: Circus 43 Senior Roll Rep. 4. C11 I 1I41T'Cil1 l7.t'L'H5F.0 FESSENDEN, VIRGINIA CSh01'tyj Entered: Dunlap, '25. Future: VVork. Activities: Senior Play Orchestra 1-2-3-4: Oper- Ctta Orchestra 1-2-Ii-4: Carnival Orchestra: Yorlvil 31 Commercial Club lg Roll Rcp. 2: Ability Comm. 4. Day by tiny, in mvry 'zL'u3', .S'liz".r gvtting rutvr Hilti' rutcr. ' FISCUS. SCOTT iSCOttyj Q lintcrezl: Gatewnod, '25. E Future: College. l Activities: Rascball 2-3-4: Senior Play Orchestra E 43 MF" Club 2-3--Lg lli-Y Club 3-4. , Biz llnselmll man from tlic I11i.rli-lmlgxirx. FLINT, GI..-XDYS Size lmx Hit." T1w'11ty-arzc lllll " lu u "- !!!M?"'w. - 19 Q m in ni un in ll .nu . an 1 i in - l l l .pw nw Q. r as E ' r Twenty-two FRANCKE, MILDRED qMi11yp Activities: Hockey 2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3: Volley- ball 1-2-3: Track 3: Baseball 1-3: Entertainment Comm. 3: Lost and Found 3: l'Irer1e" 2: "Prince of Pilsenn 4: Christmas Play 4: MFI' Club 2-3-4: Commercial 2-4: Art Club 3: Camera Club 3. A perfect type. FORD, KATHRYN Entered: Beacon Hill, ,25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Girls' Rest Room Comm. 2: Ilistorian Comm. 4: Tutor 4: French Club 3-4: Art Club 4: Science Club 4: Honor Society 2-3-4. 1,111 K1 twellfy-111'11o IIIOJCI. GARRETT, ARTHUR Entered: Brighton, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Science Club 2-4: Commercial 2: Of- fice Force 4. Old a.r.r11ra11ue l11'11z.rL'If. GARVEY, KATHIQRYN CBabeJ Entered: lolm Muir, '25. Future: C. of YV. Activities: llockcy 3: Volleyball 3: Basketball 3: Track 3: Baseball 3: Roll Rep. 2-3-4: Senior Song Comm. 4: Favors Comm. 4: "F" Club 4. A girl rvitlz ideas and IIJFUIS, GERSHON, SAM Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Tennis Team 2-3-4: Laizure Trophy 3: Improvement Comm. 2: 'tIdol's Eye" 1: 'AIrene" 2: Commercial Club 2: Science Club 3: "F" Club 2-3--1. That 'Zt'l'.YffllI look, GIPPLE, VVILLIAAI CBillj His car is the envy of fill? whole st1111'1'11t body. GLESIN, HARRY ' Entered: Broadway, '27, Future: VVork. Activities: Basketball 3: Baseball 3: Senior Play 4: Service Club 3-4: Art Club 4. T110 "te'i111111i11" just wilt before lllilll. GROSS, RUTH CRUtll1BD Entered: Portland, '28. Future: Undecided. Activities: Spanish Club 4. A gross of Ruth ir not too mzrclz. GOSS, WARREN QD. Entered: Emerson, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Commercial Club 2: Science Club 3-4: Honor Society 2-3-4: Bank Cashier 3: Valedic- torian of Class 4. lf1f'Yt17'P7, Gauze. GRAEF, MARY Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Volleyball 3-4: Baseball 3: Thrift Club 3-4: Orchestra, "Prince of Pilsenn 4. A real all-1'o111m' girl. GREENE, MARTHA QMartj Entered: Ritzville, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Cultural Arts Colnm. 2-3: Senior Sis- ter 3: Reception Comm. 4: Chairman Social Serv- ice 43 Exchange Comm. 4: Commercial Club 1-2-3: French Club 3: Honor Society 2-3-4. Wo11Id'.if .ra-vc a smile for 1110? GROVES, RIDSDALE Plcused to meet yan, llflrs. Crocker! ,J4 32 mf X J , . . nl w in .ir ... , ul u " ' u sun nn: U 'III' ll uxun ... .. nu ... ....- -.. A S GRUGER, DAVID qnavep A Entered: john Muir, '25, Future: College. ,, Activities: llaseball 2-3-45 Captain llaseball Team - 4' Pres. Freshman Class: Pres. Thrift Club 2-Zi: 5 Tireas. Boys' Club 3-41 Pres. "P" Club 4: Sec. 3 , K Ili-Y 4: Hi-Y 2-3-45 Thrift Club 3-4: Stamp Club 1 4 ' A ' ,- 3g French Club 43 "F" Club 4: Co-Chairman I W - N Circus: Sirle-show Comm. 4. . ,M f k ,,, I :.. , .fi man of ariian. g HAGSTRAND, CONSTANCE ffonniej A A lintererl: lieacon Hill, '25, Future: Unrlecidecl. Activities: llockey 1-3: lilaseball 1-2: P. T. A. gil Comm, 23 Lunch Room Comm. 3g Chairman Point Comm. 4: Art Club 43 Operetta 3--1g HF" Club , 25-4: Carnival lg Voclvil 2. ' .-Ire you Irish? HAKALA, ALFRED That winning smile. llALE, MARTHA Entered: Colman, '25. Future: Nursing. ' Activities: llockey l-2: llasketball 1-2. l It newer rains lmtitH41lc.r. HANSEN. ISESSIE linterecl: Emerson, '25, Future: Normal. Activities: llockey 3: llaskethall 3: Ability Comm. 4: Art Club 3-4: Manager Tea Room 4, Ilandrome Hansen. IIARADA, FRANK CJIROD Entered: Central, '25, 5 Future: Cnrlecirled. Is he Ff0Plft',7 l l 1 HARDEN, ROSEMARY Y Entered: llcacon Hill, '25. 2 Future: U. of VV. 5 . . . , , h ' . .Y . UP . If 3 Z A Activities: A oclvil 2. Q armxal 3, rmce 4 Pilsenn 43 Tolo NVeekly 3-4: Point Comm. 4. Hubbling :with lllllffll at all times, HASSELBLAD, ED lintererl: AYcst Seattle, '25, Future: AY. S. C. Activities: t'lrlol's Eye" 21 Hlrencu 3: K'Prinec f of Pilsen" 4: Funmakers Comm. 3: Senior Song -I Comm.: Ili-Y Club 3-4: Accompanist lloys' Octcttc 4, ,QM i 21 Ymlvil 2:44. , f l Piano fwxzmlrz' for c,i'r'cIIc'm'L', if Y """ E HATELEY, MILDRED CPretzelj - -, W. 2 linterecl: llrighton, '25, , l Future: Unclecirled. ' - ' Activities: Tolo VVeekly 4: Favors Comm. 43 u rw' Commercial Club 4: Freshman Stunts. ' Q LVL' low: llotv-ly. - HAYES, RUTH FOUNTAINE Q , linterecl: lirigbton, t 1 ,fe Future: U. of VV, I Q , A Activities: Chairman Lost and Founrl 3-4: Sec, gpm Art Club 3: Senior Sister 3: WVarmlrobe Mistress 'Vit 4: Commercial l : Art Club 3-4: Carnival 1-2, l ,F ' Those irr'c.ristnlvIe eyes, l : if IIEGDAH L. GUNVAR CGunnyl - Activities: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Volleyball l-2-:ig llaseball l-2-Si: Track l-2-3: Hockey 2-3-4: Vice- Chairman "F" Club 3: Class Activities Comm. 25: :him Comm 2 Ric Sec Cirls' Club 4' "F" A QP 1, X ,M Q Friend: I .1 -. , . .1 . , Club 2-3-41 Honor Society 2-33 lliking Manager 3: Basketball Manager 3. l Scrwifzg ever, weary 11e:'c1'. 1-IEISE, JACK Entered: Columbia, Future: C. of XY. ., Activities: 'l'olo XYcekly l-23 Assist. Ed. AYeekly K 4 3: Feature lirlitor Annual 4g Commercial Club 23 Tusitala Club 2-3-4: Spanish 3-4: Carnival l: A ' ii' Circus 4. 'ivsssx H T00 Hlllllj' lmlies on HIL' brain. Twenty-tlrrce Y Twenty-four i ck Room Comm 4 . Ill lI'E KC. L. E i I XYeekly 2-33 Assist. Sports Etl. Club 33 Commercial 2-33 Man- 13 Entertainment Comm. 23 Poster Comm. 33 All-City rcus 4: Yorlvil 1-2. .rlzelling fwaniits. som-IIE qsophp Entered Muir, '25. Future: College. Activities: 3-4' Chairman Refreshment Comm. 13 XYar1lrobe Comm. 23 Chairman 33 Chairman Re- freshment omni. Girls' Club 4: Blake-up Comm. 43 23 junior Cabinet. Sire waffles for others. HIELMA, IDA Cfonyj Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: VVork. Activities: Commercial Club 1: Carnival 13 Bas- ketball 3: llasi-ball 33 Hockey 43 Volleyball 1-3-4. I'f'r' lived and loved. HOLDSAVORTH, PERRY Entered: Emerson, '25. Future: U. of VV. and Stanforrl. Activities: Thrift Club 1-23 HIclol's Eye" 13 "All at Sean 3: Tumbling Team 23 Library 1. Vcry little, but lotsa brainzx. IIOLFELD, VERNON qnappyy Entered: Colman, Future: XYoo4lu'orking. Activities: Tumbling 2-3-43 Stage Force 43 Serv- ice Club 3, Small! Yea, lm! only in sise. llOLLOlXflAN, EVELYN Entered: Vhlhilworth, '25. Future: College. Activities: Ilockcy 1-2-33 Basketball 2: Volleyball 1-23 Class Refreshment Comm. 13 Class Seating Comm. 33 Treasurer Commercial Club 43 Social Service Comm. 43 Class Activities Comm. 43 Yoclvil 13 Circus 43 'tYellow Sands" 43 "Prince of Pilsen" 43 Commercial Club 1-2-3-43 Art Club 2-3-43 Honor Society 2-3. A recipe for being rate. 1-IOLMES, IVA MAE qisitfyp Entered: Iohn Muir, 126. Future: College, VK'ashington, D. C. Activities: Axl1ll'tll'UllE Comm. 1-43 Freshman Class Play 13 Upper Classmen AAvElCOll1C Party Play 4. Yes, I'm a .Sicnx'or. IIORDER, GARRET Oli, that sailor! lfl ORS T, CHARLES Horxed 'who ? TIONVE, HELEN fHOneyQ Entered: lirighion, 525. Future: Teacher. Activities: Orchestra 2-3-43 Choral Glee 4. I-Iowlr Helen? HUDSON, MARGARET Entered: John Muir, '25, Future: U. of VV. Activities: Commencement Comm. 33 Class Me- morial Conim. 23 Funmakers Comm. 33 Chairman Decoration Comm, 3-4: Chairman Junior-Senior Play Comm. 33 Chairman Reception Comm, 4: Senior Sister 43 Girls' Club Banquet Comm. 43 Yoclvil 2-3: Senior Play 43 French Club 33 Class Cabinet 3-4. l'eggy's playmate-z111d soinebodylv gurriil. ,, .fi m an .H .ii ,, - i few. n i ii A gi HUNTER, DORIS Entered: Columbia, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Hockey 3: Sec. Commercial Club 1: Treasurer Commercial Club 2: Standards Comm. 3: Student Grade Advisers Comm. 3-4: Chairman Scholarship Comm. 4: Art Club Chairman -L: N Christmas Play 4: Art Club 3-4: Usher for "Yel- low Sandsfl . Wlzolr 5110 hunting for? HUNTER, LORRAlNE Entered: XVhitworth, Future: Undecided. Activities: Volleyball 1: liascball 1: liaskethall 1-2: Hockey 1: Minute Girls 1: Chairman Class Entertainment Comm.: Class Decoration Comm. 2: Chairman Junior Seating Comm.: Chairman g . Permanent Records Comm. 3: Friendship Comm. 3: Social Service Comm. 4: Reception Comm. 4: Freshman Stunts: Senior Play: Commercial Club Play 4: Commercial Club l-2-4: Art Club 3: Science Club 4: Carnival 1-2-4. An olll maid in ilu: play, but not forc':'r'V. V A 1-IUTCI-l1NsoN, JOHN Q1-Iutchp 'ff , . Entered: Emerson, '25. 5 3 Future: C. of YY. Activities: Basketball 2: lla:-zchall 3-4: llonor , Society 2-3: UF" Club 2-3-4: Hi-Y Club 3-41 French 3, Mfhen llc smiles, ' His dimflcs bcguilc. I : IBIBERG, xx RIGHT fu hiteyl . : - r Safe and 5l1l1l?'jll.Yf like filly Fourth. . - . l JANSSEN, IRL csiimp 1 w Entered: John Muir, '25. T: ' E Future: Musician. ' Activities: 'KIrene" 2: "All at Sea" 3: "Prince of Pilsen' 4: Thrift Club 3. , 5ecretIyKJ'j he plays the violin. .. X , JANSON, MARGARET Chlargyl Entered: llrighton, '25. 7 X Future: U. of VV. N, Activities: Four O'Clock Tca Comm. 1: lfost and A' Found 3: French Club 2-3: Science Club 4. Janson lmtlling girllfl. 9 l JAYNES, GORUAN fGlJfCl16D . ' -. ' Entered: Vancouver, '2S. ' "" A B Future: U. of W. , . ' ' Activities: Baseball 3: Basketball 3: Reception 0,7 ' ' , V Comm, 4: Art Club 3-4: French 3-4. K 9-' Q-Q iii Look :vlmt Canada sent us, 1 3' ' In 1 ll JEFFRIES, ALECK fjeffj 1 ,sy 1 ti r' , , lx Entered: Old Orchard, lVIaine, '26. Q ::" I F i- ,J Q 'W 15:3 P. Future: Aviation. ' I A l Q' Activities: Track 4: French Club 3: Circus 4: A Q1 , 3 Carnival 3. , P i x' A ?Ji'll17!1A71g smile. xl: 1 q Wg ' JEFFERSON, WlLLIAlXl Ueffj - A - " V yi A , Entered: Beacon llill, '25. 5, I Future: C. of XV. """' ' Activities: Golf 2-3: Assembly Seating Comm. 3: 5 ' T' 'Qi 1 J K'Yellow Sands" 4: Circus 4: Cartas Club 1: HF" l - Q' lik, 1, Club 3.4. .1 ' .-a 4. K 4 He woulil ll golfer Ive. 1 , E Q I. IXALYK, MIKE 'F 5 - , Has 110 tl brntlicr named Ilccf i : X I KAWAGUCHI, KEN JI - A A true friend. TV 'N I I I " W KILBOURNE, ELIZABETH CBcttyL0ul Lg V 1 ' - ' - Entered: Los Angeles, '26, Q. 5' 3 I t Q2 Future: San Diego. ""': l ,,.,. ., " 7 ' Activities: Vodvil 2: Circus 4: Tusitala 2-3-4: f French Club 3: Flower Comm. 2-3: Entertainment lj 5 ' ' Comm. 4: Chairman Triangle Players 4. Sn smart-at sclzoal. Twcu ly-five lil? gli at ei :Srl QW., X . K K. QQ. " 'x'x Aumv. .. -S ..,,S. 1, Mis. .6-1 .X-,.- . 'r X. .-XMB ll 1431 4 lllll " Ill n " I I I 55 Kiwi gg Q vu H an ni m .-- .un ... in .l. ... .ii nn - .-. ... 106 A gn. QW. nty-six ,1- KELLY, MARGARET qxiiggp Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: Music. Activities: Hockey 13 Basketball 23 "lrlol's Eye" 13 "Irene" 23 "All at Sea" 33 "Prince of Pilsen" 43 Music Concert 23 Girls' Club Play 3-43 Thrift Club 1-3g Triangle Players 43 Lunchroom Orches- tra 3. Her' Bass fiddle is nobodyir bus1'uc.vr. KEMPER, BERNICE Entered: John Muir, '24. Future: Music Teacher, Activities: Teachers' Comm. 43 Senior Play Or- chestra 1-2-3-43 Opcretta Orchestra l-2-3-43 French Club 4. Likcable and likcil. KIMBALL, MARY Does your falhcr make beans? KLATZKER, LOUIS Cluouiel 7lllL'I'C',S 111'i.rzrlzicf in this man. KOLSTAD, DORENE CSn1pj Entered: Vlfhitworth, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Thrift Club 13 Ability Senior Sister 43 llonor Society 2. That 0l1,'L'l0ll,Y smile. KOOZIN, ES TELLE CTolaD Entered: Beacon Ilill, '26, Future: U. of VV. Activities: Decoration Comm. 33 Entertainment Comm. 43 Girls' Club Play 1-23 Frosh StL1I1fSQ French Club 43 Science Club 43 llonor Society 2-3--1. Om' of those alluring Rzr.r.riz1n.r. IQABBE, GEORGE QFatD Entered: Victoria, '27. Future: Law, Activities: K. D. Club 43 Art Club 3-4. lim' and be merry, for tum0rro'ii' I die-t. LAIRD, RAY Activities: Basketball 2-3-43 Chairman Intramural Sports 43 Hi-Y 43 HF" Club 43 Service Club 43 Spanish Club 33 K, ll. Club 3. Sliay, Ish my hair rcdf' LOCHORE, JOYCE U05 Entered: Emerson, '2G. Future: U. of NV. Activities: Commercial Club 2-33 French Club 33 Senior Picture Comm. 43 Stanrlarmls Comm. 43 Hockey 3. She has zvomanis Cruzwibzg glory, now. LOADER, LUCILLE CC1lel Entered: VVhitworth, '25. Future: Unrlecitlecl. Activities: Basketball 23 Art Club 43 Girls' Club Plays 23 Conimercial 1-32-33 Art Club 43 Office Force 4. Louder, Loader! LUCKE, MARGARET Lucky, Luuke. LOMBARD, GEORGIA Entered: Los Angeles, '28. Future: U. of California. Cause Lcelr my man. Comm. 33 ' ' 2 LQUIS, RUDoLPi-I E Entered: Central, l24. , Future: W. S. C. Activities: Commercial Club 1-2: French 3-4. Vodvil 2: Carnival 3. A diligent worker. MCBAIN, GRACE Entered: Bryn Mawr, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Chairman Teachers' Comm, 4: Club 2: French Club 3-4: Tutor 4. Our Math wizard. MAcBRlAR, JOSEPH Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Standards Comm.2: Carnival 4: French Club 3: Service Club 3-4: Honor Society 4. A good guy-before lie fell in Ioruc. IMCLEOD, AGNES tAgj Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: Holy Names Normal. Activities: City Debate 3: Scholarship Comm. 2: Commercial Club 2-3-4: Pres. Commercial Club 4: French Club 4: Librarian 1-2-3: Honor Society 4. Are you Scotch? MCCLGY, MALTBY Cllflaltl Entered: VVhitwortli, '24. Future: U. of W. Activities: Picture Comm. 4: Friendship Comm. 4: "Irene" 3: Circus 4: Science Club 1: Service Club 2-4: Commercial Club 2: Spanish Club 4. A great big Sfotchman. MACDGNALD, ELIZABETH Entered: John Muir, '25. Futurc: U. of VV. Activities: Social Service Comm. 3: Senior Sister 3: 4'YelloW Sandsn 4: 'tPrince of Pilsen" 4. Hello, Beautifzrlf FTACDQNALD, NATHYLIE Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: Normal School. Thrift Activities: Entertainment Comm. 4: Senior Sister 4: "Yellow Sanclsn 4: Spanish Club 3. Senior Plays are her meat. IIACCARTHY, ELTNOR CTeddyj Entered: Brighton, '25. Future: VVork. Activities: Chairman Activities Comm. 3: Chair- man Minute Girls 4: Fumnakers Comm. 4: Senior Gift Comm, 4: t'All at Sea" 3: Carnival 3: "Prince of Pilsenn 4: Circus 4: Spanish Club 3. Love mc, law? Ewciyzi. NACCARTHY, EVELYN CShanj Entered: Brighton, ,25. Future: VVork. Activities: Basketball 1-2-3: Baseball 1-2: Chair- man Entertainment Comm. 1: Refreshment Comm. 3: Gift Comm. 4: "All at Seal' 4: Carnival' 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 4: Spanish Club 3. Low? me, love Elinor. RIACFARLANE, VVOODBURNE tXVOodyD Entered: Beacon Hill, '25, Future: Law. Activities: Luncliroom Comm. 3: Thrift Clufb, 3: "lrlol's Eye" 1: Circus 4: "Irene" 2: Vodyil 2: 'tPrince of Pilsen" 4: Class Yell Leader 2-4, Er'crybody's 111011. 1, MCHENRY, JA:MES Uimmyy , f Entered: lohn Mlsnr, '254 1 4 Future: U. ofiW. . Y 57 I -, Activities: Tolo XVeekl j3-4: Assist. -Seni 'r Ed. Annual 4: Sport Erlflyieekly 4: Publicity iomm. 1: Class Pres. 2: ClassxVice-Pres.. 2: Class reas- urer 3: A'Idol's Eye" 1:YfIren.e" 2: Vorlvil 2: 'tAll at Sean 3: Octette 1: Football Manager 3. She made me what Ikuui oflay. NTCINARY, DCRIS CS ortiej Entered: Beacon Hill, '2n, Future: Business Collegei Activities: Basketball 2: Tolo Typist 2-4: Frm'- Stunts: Musical Concert 1-2: Commercial Club 2-3. Full of wit and humor. ' i 2 l l Twenty-seven .ro if Q 'rs fl ' .J gzfvwf -V-L1 '- " fl I 7 J j l bjflx I I I ix MD V 0 mae - 0 ." f .f' ewan I ,VMI N x ff! .5 5 . 1 xl Y I, . . ty 59 1 W 1 A fp Ad! 4 ' Mr? 3 lm r ,l T f, iQ fn' I ,' x N X ,A. , . ,E- x -l it I , Af W MCRAE, FLORENCE Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Hockcy 1: Basketball 1-2: Class Sec. 1: Chairman Improvement Comm. 2-3: "Irene" 2: '4Prince of Pilsen" 4: Art Club 4: Spanish 1-2. Iflflzerelr my "lfif'l1itc" maui' MACK, VIVIAN Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: U. of NV. Activities: Commercial Club 2: Friendship Comm. 3: Chairman Favors Comm. 4: Social Service Comm. 4: Art Club Chairman 4: "Prince of Pil- sen" 4: Spanish Club 2-4: Honor Society 2. Curly trcsses, Pretty dresses MAGINNIS, ETHEL qEo Entered: Hawthorne, '26. Future: College. Activities: Basketball 2-4: Track 3: 'IFN Club 3-4: Commercial Cluh 1: French Club 3-4: Art Club 4. Sozmzdx Iri.rli-a'oesn't it? MAHER, MARGARET qrfeggyp Entered: St. l1ary's, '26. Future: U. of XV. Activities: French Club 3-4. Emily changed to Mayor. MALVEN, ETTA-MAY CPeteD Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: Musician. Activities: Vocational Comm. 3-4: Vodvil 1. All at Sea. MANLEY, LAVVRENCE Entered: VVhitworth, '25, Future: Music. Activities: Class Caliinct 1-2-3-4: Lunchroom Comm. 3: Matinee Comm. 3: Commencement Comm. 3: Class Treasurer 4: Carnival 1: Vodvil 2: 'tAll at Sea" 3: "Prince of Pilsen" 4: Cartas Club 1: Spanish Club 3g Service Club 4. The Singing Fool. MAXXVELL, JACK Big eoffee 111011, II!lIj'IIL'. MAYNOR, DORIS CDOYICJ Entered: Renton, '25. Future: Normal. Activities: Baseball 3: P.-T. A. Usher Comm. 4: Entertainment Comm. 4: Commercial Club 1. Iflfe adore Doris. MAYS, CATHERINE qicarep Entered: Dunlap, '2!i. Future: Bellingham Normal. Activities: Tennis 2: Volleyball 3: Tolo Weekly 3: Commercial Club 1-2-3: Science Club 3: Art Club 2-3: French Club 2-3: Honor Society 2-3: Student Grade Adviser 2-3: Senior Sister 3. Illay Kate? MELIN, MARGUERITE Qhlargl Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Basketball 2: Senior Sister 4: His- torian Comm. 4: Commercial Club 1-2-3-4: French Club 3-4: Honor Society 2: Science Club 4: Tutor. A smile for every 0718. MENKE, LULU QLOUJ Entered: Broadway High, '26, Future: Nursing. Activities: Basketball 1-2: Baseball 1-2: llinute Girl 4: Commercial Club 3-43 Art Club 4. For I'II bring Lulu myself. MICHAELS, REVA CShortyD Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Hockey 1: Basketball 1: Volleyball 1: Tolo Weekly 3-4: Cultural Arts Comm. 2-3-4: Sen- ior Sister 3: Activities Comm. 3: Funmakers Comm. 4: Refreshment Comm. 4: Vodvil 2: "All at Sea" 3: "Prince of Pilsenu 4: Christmas Play 4. Need Pep? Call on ine. . . . I In H H in ii .4 ii. .ii u ui nun I I I I I uxln - fm ....- --. x . ,M MILLER, EVERETT Qllappyl Entered: Forest Grove, Oregon, '26. Future: Business VVorld. Activities: Ilaseball Ig Chairman Friendship Comm. 4g Thrift Comm. 1-2-33 Commercial Club 1-2. HU oughta' be Seaiflr, fllillur. MILLER, JOHN Entered: Broadway, '27, Future: VV. S. C. Activities: Track 4: "Prince of 1'ilsen" 4: French Club 4. Fair and Sqiiarlf. HIILLS, RUTH Torx' Iittlu sister. MINARIJI, IRENE Qlkcl Entered: Colman, '25, Future: Stenograplier. Activities: Commercial Club I-2: Spanish Club 4. Cliutrful ought to be lzvl' miiliilc mime. IXIITCHELL, MELVIN .11 Franklin Ctl1'f00l1l..Yf. MORI, MASUMI Qzrivt and rexrrfed. MORRELL, FLORENCE Entered: Campbell, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Hockey 2: Tolo VVeekly 2: Restroinn Comm. I-2g .Xbility Comm. 45 Ticket Manager Senior Play 4. Shy and 1'1'fii'i'11g---f.rIr, Mk. MURRAY, THOMAS, fT0mj Entered: ,lohn Niuir, Future: II. of VV. Activities: Student Manager Opcretta 43 Cartas Club 1-2: li. ll. Club 3: Ili-Y 3-4: .Xuto Club 3: Service Club 3-45 Vice-Pres. Service Club 4: Lunchroom Comm. 4g Football I-3-43 Manager Track Team 3. Rack mlm af letters. SAITO, NOBURO IVL' almost turned it avozuid. NAKAGAVVA, JACK Entered: Missoula Iligh, Mont., '26, Future: Signal Corps. Activities: Track 2: Basketball 2: Science Club 4: Circus 4. Football 3: Giro ur the high sign, Jack. NAKAGAVVA, MITZI Entered: Missoula County High, Mont., '2G. Future: Stenographer. Activities: Hockey 3: Commercial Club 15 .Xrt Club 1: Otice Force 45 Musicale 4, PVLVII bc! on llfitsi. NAKASHIMA, THEODORE CTeddyj Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: .Xrchitccture. Activities: Social Service 2-3-4. Hallo GU041I.0I7kiIlgf . Comm. 4: .Xuto Club Q, .2 ! li ..-' ' L . I .li FL? x : I, .... 1 5 . Q, . 4 'L F' A I I '43, , v , S " E l I ' ,,., "'::"i 5 I E , :is i'i' . 'i I 4 V IL. ,N A l - K, I: gr, y f .ef , ' 'W I' l 'Q .x . ...,. I , I I : i ef i . - , ,:.Nl : 'NX g ll. - - T ' 3 K H LL 1 k k. V..,- ,fyhzkh , A : N i fi -I ii .. ' :.:lvi. ..s: l if' . veg. ,Q-. Qjs, i i F I., ,T ,.,. I- -, . ir 2 ,I . ., U. . , it H K2 E Stay r T 1 K W, in :gm + yy, l E i. in I Q -- Z., i f i Q, it 5' .4 6- 1 1 Q gi Ki 'l If 3 ,Q Ja N 3565, 'ii' f as f. S Q 5 5 tio Wit if 1332 V Q iz 352.1 i ji I : 3 if H ,V,k ,,- in . if iz : Q, ,, ' , -' .:.,::'f- li 'L I i wx, f ...ei - I ' . filftelfli Sf- YP-i ky lu ,Wi , ,A . Fi Zi 'VV JV: N iff -' I t ,.V.. Y K K l w.,Q:e-W -Mx? if J, +1 1 ll Twenty-n ine lllll " lun U ..--- u I I I I' 0 0 in ui in in m .-. .un i.. ii. H, ii. .n -nu - .-. .- Thirty NAKATANI, KENICHI CKennyj Entered: Washington, '26. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Track 2: Honor Society 3-4: Stamp Club 43 Debate Club 4: Science Club 4. A boy true blue. NISHIMURA, SABURO Good reuse. NISHIMOTO, TOSHIKO Entered: Beacon Hill, '24, Future: Business College. Activities: Hockey: Basketball. A quiet tongue shows a wzlre head. NUESCO. VINCENTE Clntingb Entered: La Union High, 52.5. Future: Engineer. A leader among his fellows. NORKGAUER, ELSIE Cliiettyj Entered: Whitworth, '25, Future: College. Activities: Program Comm. 3: Senior Sister 4: Chairman Tolo Clipping Comm. 45 Christmas Play 4: Stunt Night 4. Dotir little friend. NORTON, JOHN Cliinkyj Entered: Van Asselt, '25. Future: Music. Activities: HAH at Sea" 35 Spanish Club 2-3-4: Lunchroom Orchestra 2. Crm he play? NYBERG, AUDREE qoddp Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Activities Comm. 4: Cozy Comm. 45 "Irene" 23 HAI! at Sea" 33 "Prince of Pilsen" 4: "Yellow Sands" 4g Yodvil 1-4. You:'ll hear from her, .the sings. OAKLEY, JAMES CO'KcllyD Entered: O'Dca, '25. Future: Theatre. Activities: Stage Force 1-2-35 Chairman Vodvil Comm. 43 Science 1-45 Sec. Science Club 4. Yep, Franlcir brutlzer. OAKLEY, FRANCIS qbfankp Entered: John Muir, '23. Future: W. S. C. Activities: Tolo VVcckly 3: "Idol's Eye" 25 "Irene" 3g "All at Sea" 43 HPrince of Pilsen 45 Cartas Club 23 Pep Club 3: K. D. Club 4. A prince to be sure. O'HARA, PATRICIA Entered: john Muir, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Christmas Play 43 IIOnor Society 2-3- 43 Pres. French Club 43 French Club 3: Chairman Entertainment Comm. 2-3: Make-up Comm. 2-4: Lunchroom Comm. 35 Senior Sister 45 Chairman Program Comm. 4. They .my Irislzmen are Ivoi.rter'o1rs, but are they? QWLEY, ARTHUR He is wire as an owl. PALMER, HAROLD Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: Law or Politics. Activities: Debate 4g Annual 3: Entertainment Comm. 23 Chairman Refreshment Comm. 3: Vice- Pres. Boys' Club 4: Chairman Boys' Activities Comm. 4: 'KYellow Sands" 43 Cartas Club lg K. D. Club 2: Service Comm. 4. Always in a l1141'ry--'cus he has lots to do. iff?" H!!! Wgfklgf We . - U in in in in in .I I 1 un PANES, RAFAEL .-lu isluzni fricinl. PARKER, Rl IYS Entered: Portland, '26, Future: U. of XY. Activities: Tolo VVeekly 33 Assist. Eil. VVeekly 43 Tolo Annual 43 Seating Comm. 33 Grcenbook Comm. 33 Circus Ticket Comm, 43 Pep Club 23 French Club 3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Yotlvil 4. Great ix the poivcr of the press. PARIxIN, JOHN fParkj lintereilz John Muir, '25, Future: College. Activities: Tennis 3-43 Iunior Cabinet: Clmirnian Auto Comm. 43 "Irene" 2: "Yellow Sands" 43 "Prince of Pilsenu 43 Cartzis Club lj Thrift Club 13 IIonor Society 2-3-43 Service Club 43 French Club 3. Spmilc fm' j'0lH'.Yl'lf, Julzn. PAROSA, FRANCES Just lilac a mimic actrcss. POTTOROE, GVVENDOLYN CGWBIIIIB She made it in tlxrw years. PATTERSON, DOROTHY fllottiej Entered: Brighton, '25. Future: Cnaleeicletl, Activities: XYarilr0be Comm. 43 Clizxirinan Typing Comm. 43 Senior Gift Comn1.3 'fPrince of Pilsenu 43 Art Club 4: Office Force 4. Do! Pzitlcrxr into C7't'I'-Vf70!fj"J licarf. PENCE, DOROTIIEE Qllorthb Entererl: XVliitw0rtlt, Future: U. of XV. Activities: Tolo VVeekly 3-43 French Play 43 Girls' Cluh Play 33 "Prince of Pilsen" 43 Enter- tainment Comm. 3-42 French Club 3-43 P.-T. A. Stunt Night 4. Little Dot Pmzrv, sittin' on rr fence, Tryin' ta' nialcv a dollar Dllflll fifty frills. PERRETT, LAWVRENCE Qlsarryj Entereil: Auburn, 525. Future: Sea captain. Activities: "All at Sea" 33 Pres. Commercial Club 2. fl 'rvarrnin 1l!1fl'l"f!l'II., heh! PEDERSON, ELIZABETH Qllettyj Entereil: Brighton, '25, Future: If. of VV, Activities: French Club 3-43 Senior Sister 3. 'Tis oflvn they say, Slzcfll go a long way. PETERSON, MARGCERITE QPetel Entereil: Columbia, '21 Future: XVork. Activities: Typing Comm. 43 Thrift Club 2-Z5-43 Frosh Stunts. lVlzo zlaU.m't like flIllI'gllCl'1-ff? PETERSON, STANLEY CStanl Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: 'LAN at Sea" 3: Circus 43 Business Manager Seniur Play 43 "F" Club 2-3-43 IIi-Y 2-3-43 K. ID. Club 33 Camera Cluh 33 Iloys' Club Cabinet 43 Class Cabinet 43 Class Vice-Pres. 43 Publicity Comm. 33 Improvement Comm. l-22 Pres. Service Club Ci-43 Truck 2-3-4. A lzandsome brute. PETKOFF, FRANCIS CFFHHRICJ Enteretl: Dunlap, '25. Future: Untleciderl. Activities: Assist. Eil. lfVeekly 43 Student Grzule Adviser 3--13 Senior Sister 43 Pres. Thrift Club 43 "Irene" 23 Honor Society 2-3-43 Thrift Club 2-3-4. Size 11115 a'i1111ill'.r Ilml twinkle, 4'-K X I . 4 . ,l -1 Ag, f xx, X .4 N 'Kruse 1 f . . x , -.1 'Ndv"" -r., 1 l L , 4 3 r 2 ,- -1 t K : Q Q.: , 1 I - A L, K vb Wit' 4 I f , 1 ,.,. gi X ' 7 -x 5, 7 J 1 'guy I f! H, 'P N ,.,, j , . , ..,,- I Q ,g Thirty-one rf . lllll " In n " Ili ll I " WWW 19 3 l n 1 n - .... - Tlzirty-two PHILBRICK, MARGARET QPQ-ggyp Entered: John Mfuir, ,25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Class Yice-Pres. 2: Chairman Fun- makers 3-4: Chairman Program Comm. 3: Com- mencement Comm. 3: Chairman Refreshment Comm. 4: Senior Sister 4: Voclvil 3: Carnival 33 Circus 4: 'Trince of Pilsen" 45 French Club 35 Class Cabinet 3: Octette 4. A litlle girl who rates. PICKFORD, EMMA Any relation to llflaryf' PIXLEY, MORRIS qcapy Entered: Columbia, '24. Future: College. Activities: Yodvil 43 Vice-Pres. Science Club 45 'XXII at Sea" 3: "Charm School" 35 Science Club 1-2-45 Commercial Club 2-3: Stage Force 2-3-4. The Captain, himself. PLANT, GEORGE Entered: Dunlap, '26, Future: U. of W. Activities: Annual Picture Comm. 4: Make-up Comm. 3: Chairman Lunchroom Comm. 45 Car- nival 2: 4'Prince of Pilsen' 4: Carnival 4: Com- mercial Club 1: Tusitala Club 3: Pres, Tusitala Club 4: Stage Force 2: Grade School Adviser 3. Curly loclcx. POVVELL, EDVVARD CEdD Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Vodvil 3: Cartas Club 1: French Club 3: K. D. Club 3. Ami now it'.r zz redllend. POVVELL, FREDERICA fFr1tzl Entered: llroadway, '26. Future: U. of W. Activities: Volleyball 2-35 Hockey 3: Basketball 3: Baseball 3: "FH Club 3: Class Sec. 2: Pres. Girls' Club 1: Hake-up Comm. 2: XVardrobe Comm. 3: Vice-Pres, Tusitala Club 3: Chairman Publicity Comm. 3: Vodvil 3: Honor Society 2-3- 4: Tusitala Club 3-45 French Club 3-4. Boys, I like to dance. POVVELL, LOUISE CLouj Entered: Broadway, '26. Future: U. of W. Activities: Make-up Comm. 2: Carnival 3: Circus 45 Honor Society 2-3-4: Tusitala Club 3-4: Treas. French Club 3: Vice-Pres. Girls' Club 4: Tolo Weekly 45 Senior Ed, Annual 4: Senior Play Comm. 4: Chairman Matinee Comm. 3: Chairman Commencement Ushers 35 VVartlrobe Comm, 3. And I do, too! PRICE, FRED cFI'1tZ5 Entered: Wliitwortli, '25. Future: Banker. Activities: Class Vice-Pres. 1. Mflzat price bankevmf RAMSEY, ROBERT fBobD Activities: Scrapbook Comm. 2: Chairman Scrap- book Comm. 3: Sec. Art Club 4. An lrislzuialz to be xzrrc. REEDY, VVILLIAM Ready, Ready! RAUTIO, ALMA You can rely on her. REISINGER, CATHERINE CKittyD Entered: St, EdWarrl's, '25. Future: Stenographic Work. Activities: Scrapbook Comm. 2: Chairman Scrap- book Comm. 3: Sec. Art Club 4: Chairman Enter- , tainment Comm, 45 Chairman Iianquet 4: Musical 2: Stamp Club 2: Honor Society 2-3-4: Tusitala Club 4: Debate 4: Commercial Club 4: Art Club 4: Science Club 4: Tutor 1-2-3: Four o'Clock Tea 2: Senior Sister 3: Librarv 4: Office Fo1'ce 4. None name her but to I7l'!1i.Y6, mu ,, ,,. .H i.. ... ,, -un .'."f.5f. 5 H ! U! 81.--H REISINGER, JOHN Uohrmiey Entered: St. Edward's, '25. Future: Undecided. Activities: Football llanager 4: Debate 3-4, Im- provement Comm. 3-4, Chairman Scholarship Comm. 45 Pres, llebate Club 4: Senior Pin Comm. 4: "Yellow Sands" 45 Thrift Club 1-3-43 Science gl-:Ill 4: Hi-Y 4: Service Club 4: Stage Force 1-2- I doubt it! RIEVE, EDBIOND I have uotlzing tu 5L1j'. RICHARDS, JOSEPH Uoej Entered: Seattle College, '2T. Future: U. of VV. Activities: "Prince of Pilsen" 4: Hi-Y 3-4: Pres. Hi-Y 4: "F" Club 3-4: Art Club 4: Class President 4: Football 3-43 Tennis 3-4. He smiles at cifryouc. ROARK, LOTTIE Clllikej Entered: llryn Mawr, '21 Future: Commercial work. Activities: Typing Comm. 3: Commercial Club 1- 2: Thrift Club 45 Honor Society 2-3-4: Office Force -l. Her lmir a rroztining glory. ROBERTS, PllYLLlS QPliylj Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: Normal. Activities: Hockey lg Basketball 25 Activities Comm. 2: Grade School Adviser 3-4: Ability Comm, 3: Assembly Program Comm. 3: Senior Sister 4: Chairman Luncbroom Comm. 4: "Yellow Sands" 4: Honor Society 2-3-45 Science 3: Tutor 2. Islft .rliv a Cute mairll' RUGERS, XVILL The firmly man of the ucfvsfulpcrs. ROE. LUELLA Row, raw, Roe your boat. RAGER, IXIILDRED Qlllltlgej Entered: Foster, '2Ii. Future: Undecided. Activities: Restroom Comm. 2: Lunebroom Comm. 4: French Club 3: Commercial Club 4. U'1zr:rc'.r Mildred? ROSEN, VERNE Entered: Jason Lee, 525. Future: Rlusic. Activities: Funmakers Comm. 3: Publicity Man- ager Senior Play 4: 'tIclol's Eye" 1-3 "Irene" 23 Yodvil I-2-3: Circus 4: Cartas Club 1: Dramatic Club 13 French 2-3: Commercial 2-31 K. ll, Club 2-3: Science Club 2-3: Spanish 43 "All at Sea" 3: Octctte 2-3-4. Full fired nznsirirlu. ROYCE, ALLEN Entered: St. Paul, '2T. Future: Undecided. Activities: Yoclvil 3: Circus 4g lli-Y 3-4: Vice- Pres. Ili-Y 4: Chairman Pin Comm. 4: Class Cabinet 4: Funmakers Comm. 3: Track 3: Frosh Football llanager 4. FV4llll?lliIl,S only ruomrzn limiter. SAYLOR, FRED Entered: South Dakota, '26. Future: Undecided. Activities: Football 2-3-4: Track 2: Track Klan- ager 3: Chairman Auto Club 4: Sec. Boys' Club 4: "Irene" 25 Spanish Club 2-3: Ili-Y 3-4. Pretty nice sailor, llltllfl SCHAFFER, BETTY Entered: Emerson, Future: Whitman. Activities: Basketball 2-3-4: Hockey 3-4: Class Treasurer 1-2-3: Treasurer Girls' Club 4: Friend- ship Comm. 33 Vice-Pres. Art Club 3: Honor So- ciety 2-3-4: "F" Club 4: Thrift Club 3. l1"ork is play to me. .5 nm- IXN av-- rb : lb' Tliirly-three 4 Y 4 'L ' I K .,,, 4" 1 I-.i,"', Ax, I Q .1 - - ' I 99- cf . . . - - . Q Inu .11 111 an in -.1 ll -nu . .ac-:.... 5 5 ! M aww. - 19 Thirty-four SCHAEFER, RAYMOND QRayD Entered: Dunlap, '25. Future: Hardware. Activities: Baseball 25 Track 4: Senior Activities Comm. 45 Hi-Y 2-3-45 Thrift Club 2-35 UF" Club 2-3-45 Tumbling 2-3-4. OI1, boy, can lie tzmxblel SCHUMAN, LLOYD Entered: Whitworth, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Decoration Comm, 45 Pep Club 35 Stage Force 4. Big meat man. SEAMAN, BETTY Entered: John Muir, '25. Future: Business College. Activities: Recreation Comm. 15 Party Ticket Comm. 45 Sec.-Treas. Spanish Club 4: Spanish Club 2-3-4, L Have you seen my man? SERIL, NOZARIO Entered: Broadway, '27, Future: Educator. Activities: Spanish Club 3-45 Filipino Club 3-4. A born leader. sEXToN, BERYL Entered: Auburn, '26. Future: Aviation. Activities: Debate 33 Thrift Club 4. lx this .ve.rfon going to ring the village 110111157 SIIELEY, GLENN CSpudD Entered: Lincoln, '27. Future: College. Activities: Football 35 Track 3-45 Commercial Club 3. fl lllllll of al?11i1's. SHIGENO, Yosmo CCharlesD Future: W. S. C. Activities: Football 33 Art Chairman 4: "F" Club 45 Art Club 4. His 11111116 ought to be "Haf1f1y." SHOWERS, AILEEN Shel: all wctAlzer name is slzowcrs. SICKLE, VIRGINIA .blifkilflll Sickle, SKALLERUD, MARY Entered: Portland, '26, Future: Undecided. Activities: t'Yellow Sands" 45 'tPrince of Pilsen" 45 Refreshment Comm. 35 Charm Comm. 45 Chairman Letterbook Comm. 4. VV0117 .rlze bc a fine grandmollzcr? SMITH, FERN CSmittyD Entered: NVhitworth, '25. Future: Stenographer. Activities: Restroom Comm. 35 Chairman Rest- room Comm. 4: Commercial Club 2-3-45 Tutor 3- 45 Honor Society 2-3-4. Such black eyes-0011! SMITHVVICK, CORMA And she went to Broadway. ,1- I 0 f' f. L Wlfyyy , K' LZ J SONOIJA, JACK tledaj Entered: Central. Future: Educator. Activities: Debate 4: Frienrlsliip Comm Spanish Club 3-4: Science Club 4 1 lflonor Soc, 2-3-4 .-l class speaker. TANNARD, JACK Bzzsiness? Oh 110. STEELE, ROBERT Cliobbyl Entered: bVllifWOl'lLll, '24, Activities: Tolo NVeekly Editor 4: Tolo 3-4: Lunch room Comm. 1: Dramatic Club 1: Spanish Llub 2 Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Imlmrovement iomm. 4 Tlirift Club 1-2-3: Commercial Club 1-2-3' Cai Club 2: Stamp Club 4: Tusitala Club 4: Ili-X Club 4: Circus 4. Still iz pretty good typirt for a boy. STEINHEIM, AUDRIE CAudD Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: Business College. Activities: t'All at Sean 3: "Prince of Pilsen Music Comm. for Matinee 4: Improvement Comm 2: Social Service Comm. 2: Yoeational Comm. 4 .flamtlzcr little Vassar girl. STEVVART, MARGARET Entered: Iolin Muir, '25, Future: U. of XV. Activities: llasketball ll Volleyball 1: Studen Grade Comm. 3-4: Senior Sister 3: Activities Comm. 3: Reception Comm. 4: Cliairman Stand ards Comm. 4: Refreshment Comm. 4: Yodvil 2: Operctta 4: Christmas Play 4: Ilonor Society 3-4: Lnzrc mes-love Sarah. STEVVART, SARAH CSally Entered: Iolm Bluir, '25, Future: U. of NV. Activities: Basketball 1: Senior Sister 3: Refresh- ment Comm. 3: Student Grade Comm. 4: Chair- man Filing Comm. 4: Activities Comm. 4: Recep- tion Comm. 4: Operetta 4: Honor Society 3-4. Low' mefflorc Blargarct. STlCKLER, YVILLIAM G. iliilll Entered: Manila Central High, '28, Future: U. of VV. Activities: Basketball 1-2-3 fat Blanilaj: Stamp Club l-2 tat Manilahg Science Club 4. Hc'.r from flu' refill: ofwu .rfi1i'e.r. STUTFIELD, CHARLES LCl1uckD Entered: lolin Muir, '21 Future: C. of XV. Activities: Track l-2-4: Football 2-3-4: Class See. 2: Class Pres. 2: Standards Comm. 2: French Club Pres. 3: Senior Cabinet 4: "All at Sea" 3: , "Prince of Pilscn" 4: "F" Club l-2-3-4: lli-Y Club 2-3-4: li. ll. Club 2-3: French Club 3-4: Frosh-Sopli Track Coach 3. Rell Grange ix also good. S 3 ff!! V. f' '.X" fy' ,Z- . i ,f-N' , iff' . , ,,! I' f iff-, A K I 'f CJ' ' f ffklliliii' f "I .af ', ,W f A .J ' ' , , ' Q-,tiff Lf' l , J ' Civ' X ' ,mf . I 1 .x 'O ,. S 1' 'N . xiffl it - ' l .Mu -I ,Xs.,,.,.. -, Jul-'. 1 . 1' Xl ' .1 - , . N . f.v'l-A' ,J-+P' . J, , , 4 SUTTILR, LEON l'. - ,4 ICJ! Entered: Queen Anne lligli, '26, l L, , ,f Future: College. 1, lf' A Activities: Football 3: Tolo XVeekly 3-4: Art Club ,f -1,4 ' Pres. 4: Chairman Funmakers Comm. 4: Hi-Y 2-3- -1 f 7, 1 4: llotentot 2-3: "F" Club 3-4. ' Y 1 X' Ton Iflnl--tlze pour boy ix l0:'z'r1'l'ls. 'Q l A I Q SVVEET, El.OlSE CEU ,A 1,1 , 'X - -4 Entered: john Muir, l f ,' Future: U. of NV. xy V - 4 1 1 I 1' Activities: Standards Comm. 2: Social Service I ll - ' Comm. 3: Senior Sister 3: Restroom Comm. 3: xi 6, ' 4 Report Comm. 4: Reception Comm. 4: Social Serv- X' ice Comm. 4: "Prince of Pilsc-n" 4: Ymlvil 4. f , .fl rmcifz' for being sweet. , , .L A A ' f 'C TAHER, MORRIS CSchrunchyD X X ' 5 N 1... -f -' L Entered: john Muir, '25, ' - " . 7 . Future: Undecided. Y "' E' S1-f H . J lf 1 I I, Activities: Basketball Manager 4: Thrift Club 1- : Q 5 T' Q ,av , ,f ,Q K. D. Club 3: Stamp Club 3-4: Service Club 4. X t ' x I LJ? 1 '. I Little lvlmui lmy, ain't lu' .r7el'l't.' V ' ,km X f ' 1 if 1. , f TAI, MINORI b ' :' " I'l'ell-a'ln1t.r1ioulrl 'wc' say? 4 K T1u'1'ty-five fy . X , If, 1 ,I 'lf l lf f 'C fa f I ,4,Lf f 1, .1 4 ,M - ,ffl- . 1 If .1 Kyle - Xa! mug .. ,L um 3 .c1':.... 5 9 E M ...xttt .. 19 xi.-si A fi ,. -,. 'V . . me ,Vw I K , f ' ' ii ' LVLL I ,F 7 age . A ,, X 'W' K 5 'v-., .r 7e. i :?-'kE i E I - X T " A ls .. l Qt X V yV S , K A W I V 5 ..,, H ' l We... f W. V - 1 ilr Hynix, 5 L: J, K ,124 A Ari V,,A i c Tllirty-sin' TANAKA, sunt .4 flcasmg smile. TANBERG, ROBERTA qiaobbyy Entered: John Bluir, ,25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Ir. Ed. Annual 33 Pres. French Club 3: Friendship Comm, 33 Chairman Improvement Comm. 45 '4Prince of Pilsenll 4: French Club 3: Honor Society 23 Senior Sister 4, Torch Society 4. Very iizodest--but with no reason to lwe. TANKERSLEY, MARJORIE Entered: Gatcwood, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: liaskctball 1-3: llockey 2: Baseball 2- 33 Volleyball 33 Class Vice-Pres. 33 Class Sec. 3: Chairman Friendship Comm. 33 Sec. Girls' Club 4: Honor Society 2-3-45 "FN Club 3-45 Thrift Club lg Librarian 1. - Per'so1ml1'fy plus. TAYLOR, DON Big I1IlffCl'CtI' egg man. THOMAS, RAYMOND CPetej Entered: Brighton, l25. Future: Unfleciclecl. Activities: Commercial Club 2. Smile and show your dinzples. TRICK, STUART qsrup Entered: John Muir, 524. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball 15 Track 1: Tolo Vklcckly 3: Cor. Sec. Boys' Club 4: Sec. Hi-Y 4: HIrlol's Eye" 25 Carnival 35 Yodvil 43 Hi-Y 2-3-4: 'KF' Club 1-2-3-4. Yon ran? trust liim. in the dark! TREDIDGA, GLADYS Sounds interesting, but we dofft know you. TRTSLER, ROBERT qofippyy Entered: Columbia, '25, Future: VVork. Activities: Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2: Tolo VVeekly 3-4g "F" Club 1-2-3:43 K. D. Club 35 Art Club 4. Home run king. TUCKER, SARAH CSorryD Entered: Columbia, '2G. Future: Teacher. Activities: Commercial Club 2-3: Science Club 43 Restroom Comm. 43 Senior Sister 4. Cute little girl with IL cute little name. UYEMINAMI, FRED Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Commercial Club 1-2-3-45 Science Club 4: French Club 4. How do you like my name? VANVICK, GLADYS mickp Entered: Hawthorne, '25. Future: Work. Activities: Basketball 1-33 Volleyball 1-3: Base- ball 3: Track 3: "F" Club 43 Carnival 1: Grade School Adviser 4. Just like o great big doll. VANVICK, MARTHA Full of vim ana' vigor, arenft you, Vamdfle? Ill ll ' lx lil . n . . H in in in ni in n I ll nn un 'c':" M!!! VIEG, VICTOR fVicD Activities: Tolo VVcekly 3-45 tnonist 3-4. Ycf, he draw thc history. VILEGSHANEN, MARY Entcrcil: Beacon Hill, '26. Future: XYork. Activities: Ilasehall 1: F1'encl1 mercial 3-4. Big Hume for a Iifflc' girl. Tolo Annual Car- Club 3: Com- VILLENEUVE, MARGARET Entered: VVhitworth, '25. Futurc: U. of XV. Activities: Entertainment Comm, Ig-Refreshment Comm. 25 Abilities Coinrn. 3: Chairman Vocational Comm. 4: Honor Society 2-3-4: Thrift Club 1: Commercial Club 2-3: French Club 33 Tutor 1: Librarian 2. She knows har books. VOIGIIT, EGBERT fEggsD Enterenlz lohn Illuir, '2G. Future: C. of VV. Activities: Football 1-2: Vice-Pres. l'Eggs lf'oi'ght" need more be said? .Xrt Club 4. XVAIJDINGTON, MARY Illcrry, ,TINY-Y, quite Contrary. VVAGNER, ROSE Entered: VYhitworth, '25. Future: Photography, Activities: Commercial Club 3-4: Science Club 4: Vocational Comm. 3-45 Decoration Comm. SS: Favors Comm. 4. M"hat is I0z'cl1'cr than a rose? XVIDM ER, MARION fTootsieD Entererl: -Tohn Muir, '25. Future: Stenographer, Activities: Baseball lg Basketball 1-2-3: Hockey 1-2: Volleyball 2: WVarclrobe Comm. 3: Com- mercial Club 45 French Club 3: Carnival lg Franklinite 2. A mighty good friend to have. VVALLACE, LOLA Meet the Mrs. VVAS HBURN, JOH N CVVashyJ Entered: Bryn Mawr, '25, Future: Office work. Activities: Basketball 1-2-3: Golf 4: Commercial Club 1-2: 'IFN Club 2-3. Handsome is as liandswize docs. VVEB B, MARY ' A newcorner. WEED, LUVERNE fLouieJ Entered: Columbia, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Social Service Comm. 1: Funinakers Comm, 23 Program Comm. 4: "Idol's Eye" 1: "Irene" 2: "All at Sea" 31 "Prince of Pilsen" 4: Spanish Club 3: Vodvil 2: Circus 4: Concert 2-4. .-1 flower among the wccds. WESTPHALEN, GRACE Entered: Brighton, '25, Future: College. Activities: Art Club 4: Honor Sunkist hair. Society 2-3-4. ll li I w .-... j ' f : 5 ' ' "A i flllklili ' Ll ' I i KVA 'f ,i', , ,K gi I f .-. . . - tu I E it l t in l .: , ,ft , g' . :F l lf H 3 'iff 'E I if M , . . r , ie, l l Ti -fi it 4 ' .V JS.-4...-sr. . a l 3: " i 4 V A I , .- .Q A A E i ez is i t s k l me 7. -ff 1' .V I l """ ' El 5 x Tlx 1 -5 . A K ff ,-!,, Q 5 , js fy' ' .- , e f For -I 1 I Q , 1 x Tliirty-seven v i 'N gif Q M!!! 355533 L Q 1 J TI iirty-eight WICKS, HENRY qnanky Entered: Harmony Hi, '27. Future: Business. Activities: Football 1-2: Basketball 1-2: Baseball 1-25 Track 2-3: Debate 29 Improvement Comm. 2. Know Evelyn? VVIDMER, MARION Silence and more silence. WILHITE, JOHN Entered: Colman, 125. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Basketball 2: Track 2-3-43 K, D. Club 3: Tumbling 2-3-43 Stage Force 4. So big and strong-look ont, women! VVILLIAMS, BURTON CBurtj Entered: St. Mary's, '25. Future: Unrlecirled. Activities: Football 1-2-3: Basketball 1: Track 1- 2-3-4: Tolo VVeekly 3-4: Vice-Pres. "F" Club 33 Pres. Boys' Club 4: Circus 4: MF" Club 1-2-3-4: History Club 2: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Spanish Club 2-3-45 Auto Club 3-4: Service Club 4. The spirit of big business. XVILLIAMS, EVA Jo Q05 Entered: john Muir, '25. Future: U. of W. Activities: Basketball 1-2: Hockey 1, Volleyball 1: Music Comm.: Program Comm. 3: Chairman Senior Song Comm. 4: "Idol's Eye" 13 "Irene" 2: 'KAll at Sean 3: 'Trince of Pilsen" 4: Voclvil 2: Honor Society 2: Circus 4. Orange and blade are my fazfoifitc colors. XVILLIAMSON, BERNEAL Entered: Emerson, '25. Future: Aviation. Soar high, for Franlrlin. VVILLMAN, ARVO Entered: Beacon Hill, '25. Future: U. of VV. Activities: Improvement Comm. 4: IIonor Society 2-3-4. lfVillA-111an? VVILSON, CAROLYN Cliebbyj Entered: Roosevelt, '26, Future: U. of VV. Activities: Scholarship Comm. 3: Senior Sister 35 Social Service Comm. 4: Glee Club 4. Here Kcbby, Kebby, Kcbby! IVILSON, ROY Nice and curly. VVILSON, WALLACE S71lt1!'f-'Oil my. WOMACH, JULIA A jeu-el is Julia. VVOO, GEORGE Entered: Central, '25. Future: Study in China. Activities: Circus 15 Vodvil 2: Science Club 3. Docs George Woo? :fun qua H. I ll Il I I u nn . - . H nl in in ui -- I un ...- VVIBERG, SIGRID fSigl Entered: Iulm Muir, '25. Future: llellingliam Normal. Activities: llzxsketlmall L2-3-43 Volleyball 1-2-3'-43 Baseball 1-2-3: Track 14245: llockey 2-3-4: llikivivf 2-3-4: lirientlsliip Comm. 3, Chairman 43 'KV' Club 2-3-43 Vice-Cliztirman 4: Honor Society 3--lg Basketball Manager 4, Nnfv.v11r"s not atlilefff. VVOOD, HARKEN Entered: Dunlap, '25. Future: College. Activities: Lunelirooin Cunun. 4: Operettzi 1-2-4: Commercial Clul123 'l 'hrift Club 3: Service Cluli 3. PV007' 'wcmff I V NVOOD, IUAXINE llvdlilli iUr1.1'1'11c? XYYLIE, RUTH qiizettey lintcretl: Queen Anne, '27, Future: Dramatic Art Teztclier. Activities: llztsketball 3g Sprtnisli Play 3: Pru- gram Comm. 4: t'Yelluw Sands" 43 Cmninercial Club 33 Spanish Club 3-4. IVN3' Ruth. YARIADA, H EN RY Entered: Stevens. Future: Cnnimercial Art. Activities: Honor Society 2-3-4: Assist. Annual Art lid. 1: .Xnnual Art licl. 2: Annual lk-sign lirl. 4: Art Cluli Class Chairman 4. Artist flux. YOUNG, GORDON Very young Kami ir1t'.1'l1t'i'ft'i1u't1fl. ZUCCONI, ELDA Entered: Colman, '25. Future: Stenogrnphy. Shel? been in the .S-C'lIiO1'.T f7t'1iliL' mm: 605110, LOU Gosh oh gcc! PASCUAL, CARLOS Last, Init not least. t . l I i i ifi PQ p- M g Ji i ,Qi A XX f I l 'I Iiirty-nina' . . mu U. .R nm E 3 I e... .. ..... JH!!! -xxx - 19 i g A L Edward Brown. mf Qdsdale Groves Roy Bianwsgg Harold Palmer Sgllerud lv my : L QD W ES AX 0 1 U K L N w l V . r 4 if XTX Qeorja Lomba rd Margfarek Hudson. Qoberes f VM , 4iA hk A p A g if I W i f A :,, , , 9 jadgseichef Walter-P'a1Iom, 1' Q f Clifford Burner Creorge Dually U9 in 'YW' ff, +A Ax D - V V Lorraineliunber Andrejfbfberg ,,,A.:.A H abeHNM4D M1 john. Parkgy, A L A- K IQi5iI'lgCF' -Rukh Wylie y , L 0 L 1 x Q .4-, f H' f i 2 Dinwooy CLASS OF I 9 2 Q HUD' Glesim Forty . . . - . In H ,, fu in in in ... ,I u nt lun 'I I I . I I ll uxxt ... - nu ... ... ...... ... A Yellow Sands . lc1.I.ow SA Nnsf' a three act comedy, under the direction of Miss llazel l, MacDonald, was presented by the Senior Class on December ll and 15. It was a play with romance, a black sheep and humor which brought out the interesting doings in a small Devonshire village. The play portrayed the lives of common fishermen in the linglish seacoast town. The plot dealt with the lishermen's views on socialism. Harold Palmer and Roy llialkowsky, as -loe Yarwell. showed their ability as a fiery radical, with nothing but hatred for the "blasted capitalists," until joe himself is put into that class through a legacy. Ed llrown, as Dick Varwell, certainly was well fitted for his part as a jolly, carefree hobo. The part of Jenifer Yarwell, the grandmother, was taken by Mary Skallerud and Ridsdale Groves. Une could not have seen the part of the elderly lady better acted than these two portrayed it. Emma Major, as the young girl in love with Arthur Yarwell. was well taken by Nathylie MacDonald and Margaret Hudson. Lydia Blake, Jenifer Yarwell's housekeeper, taken by Phyllis Roberts, and Georgia Lnmbard. seemed to understand joe Varwell better than any of the rest. They were ably supported by lack llelcher and George Dudley as Mr. Baslow, the lawyerg Lorraine Hunter and Audrey Nyberg, and Evelyn Hollowman and lilizabeth MacDonald, the comical twins, Nellie and Minnie Mastersg John Reisinger and Harry Glesin, Thomas Majorg Mar- garet Dinwoody and Ruth Wylie, as Mary Yarwellg and ,lolm Parkin as Reverend llretnall. The business staff of the Senior play also had a great deal to do with its success. Stan Peterson was business manager of the production, and Yerne Rosen, as advertising manager, took charge of the many interesting posters which were made to advertise the play. lflorence Morrell managed the ticket selling. ,Xlice lirown was student director of the play. CAST FRIDAY SATURDAY Ed Brown ..............,.,.....,,.,., ....,... l Dick Varwell ,....,, ,,....,............. I id llrown Nathylie MacDonald ,......... ,,,,.... l imma Major .,........ ..,,,.. X largaret lludson Clifford Burner ..........,.. ,, ,...,,i -X rthur Varwell .,.,.,,, ,...,,.,.. X Yalter Fallon Harold Palmer ..,..,. ,,.... 1 oe Varwell ,.....,. ....., l Yoy liialkowsky Jack Belcher ...,.,..... ...,,,,.., IX lr. liaslow ...,.,,,, ......... G eorge Dudley Harry Glesin .........,,... ,..... ' Thomas Major ......... ,,,..t... j olm Reisinger Georgia Lumbard ........ ....,.... l Aydia Blake ........ ......, I 'hyllis Roberts Margaret Dinwoody .... .. ....... Mary Varwell .......... ,,,...,,.,t,..... I luth Vvylie Ridsdale Groves ,..,.,..... .,.... I enifer Varwell .,...... ,,....,...,.. 3 lary Skallerud Evelyn Holloman ...... ,,,,,, N linnie Masters ,,,,.,.. . .,,, tfiizabeth MacDonald Lorraine llunter ........ ........,. N ellie Masters .,.,..... . ......,,..... Audree Nyberg John Parkin ...........,...........................,. Reverend Bretnall .,,.....,..............,..,,......,.....t john Parkin Forty-one G9 Anne Lian " H ' I I' nxvu CCD Pi' Www"rmw'uWWW.'mcgfww.r11qw Af , 7Mmu h NVl11"w,-J 4 5 f- 'T 'M OS? GQN 'WE A - S. ww - 9 47 N '99 Q 1 QQ Q 9 Al ll' W N. . '. .X , .f G ' 'MQ M . Q 545 V wen.'newfE 321 S+ S A li Y RQ- A ,-QM! i, "' UW , ' Q S A f- S. V If D Q 4 X4 K .Ns ll Pmmg Of Scnom.. GIHZST PTFSENGL 5 O No I 4 EPUFSSION ' W 4 K i mx fn EVEWS Lzaomamxr? gyo " -N 'VUE ST E . A - JN 'ma Nfwrz, F 4 505' lgmrzf ' S . ' lk ' ff' IT. V" ff . A- 4 WM . ,...x 'I EE - I' N' 1" 1 X Qf , ' SN' , ' I -2 xi I ,.,.wvga- , W ia " X S ' ga? 5 '22 .w 'Sf - S--S-, A ' 1 MH W- Xvmm unvzreiifizi, 1 "- W ' 'V '1 ,Q COMKNG Fooffmf L mama Hem wave I '-M l,- i l Moms ? 'G PARTY f' 5 Y ie- 4 f - v Tum ODD Femme," K-7 wwg WM A VZ i Q-., Q - K' 2 MN? QQ V ww SNO K SSONZ Y LE J w lf' , N Q Gosw- I . poszsor lr GO O f 41 W M, ii T wa Vempo R Q ARD!! Q ,IL Q . .fi F3 .P u,1 czsze -yu: nrv if X 'I :sm ff R45 I, ay J S 7 saw 0 fffg PU me .gfcvmf F,- fxn ' f N1 3, P f .W A, f e GQ za ii , ff R TS Xl H' EW " fax X FM I " x V X W C Q l Pnunm. 0 N A . f? x X53 n N? wlll I 1 K Ceo 4 Q 1 C X ELL aovwn Dwlhx X X, X If ' I Q U up HN 3 M 9 JW' W g mi X 1 fl f 1 ' xv F ,f A 0 X " 141 V ' ' ' 9 ' x' ' ,O fl I X 2 N A ,VL ' Bran 9 was V h - NXYK x ' Oramomcnu S Q , , IQKATH-ac. PARTY CM 'Lx TQQKJS . J H. Y T? V l I Nl -4. fx if I Au! ,. 1 1 f ., .,4v.hlv:nr1f:u .llIIlL1ll4l,- lllmr ll MII vw rg Fw lg., N kg XX X , ,f ffg X O ' ' -1 fvfn . X I 'iw wi as QOUNTEY RUN if A I SX , V U, , QM R - C- , , X -,gs Vlffkagzf C' new SQ, M J, H , ,A X, xx .,. . . N Sa J' Nf af V , . ,1 f , ,- i , YK a' W ' ' V - I Nw, H 1, If -' W S ' ,Q 5 X V -if 7 K, E BY 2 Xgi2Z5w5?5i A5 VACMON me Ki mgmcwe 'MG up TM? if SEM IIF?-Q Qlfjlgmmmf GU mf Q25 W H J 'i"1w"kN , . 47 SU' ' Z, ' - M E B A i 0- Wim mug-mn. y V g S J! O 5 nl . X L -- X Y' Siam: , WW E 1 ,iruji f A fA, ,nav ,ir 15 -' - 'E if , TE I IW ' Www A S AW KW: U 'ESI Fuffj'-firm SENIO R CLASS HISTORY S WXUCY arf Q fm U wx Sgx Y, X ll I lllil ' I H ll ' ullx . . . . ,, fu m m H. .n ,, nf 1. I I I I mu ... - . 1 3, H-'WM 5 , 1 ,I hw viii " f Q' A . 'ff . A A - , 'x If -X H. Ernjlie Wxmfred Bekke-rx, Siglid Wibcrg' eva 'A 3A Dxssgkk Milfhafls l - 5 .... A . Qin, A 'N F ' My-z 'Z 2' M V 1: K . "" ' 3- IN ' :- A QV 'J' LQ 1 - ' R " V? fs join'-L. - ix I k f W Z Q r , ' rvmg 2 Rm! iff Ruth mme HUM' i In ,K if L 5 A , , Q I V 7 1 fe! t , 4 A r Ji I . iliii f 'ff A A ':' , YM 2. ' ' 5 3, ' N? , I I ' ":' D XX AA L ' , Htrffar r xi 'E-A aff? 1, Dorxgg Ndyucr Y H t nm Ah ed ckamlue Evfljrm Hoiloman I ' ,A mv. f I A .il u . A. il M 7 QA A T ff? qi f ii , M ,AM X5 .A -74 , 5 X., Wig , .g W' A 1' fairy fv arnarx f5ofhLe Herian, N 1 w1w.Ae',.zzm A Q !3,06315os. -Q 1' 5' - is Infgxns Q Crwtwa Q A L' W ' ' if Riv.heLm Bamcfino! 135 V A ' ffg Duma A 11 my Ag? H gi 35 Mmm xi MC. A 4 :fffr T A Af lim 'li ildhbi . V TQ A, V 4 I 5:55 AE . A ' Q if 'lk P -'fT2E'i'1 I. V. A Q V El L - . gsm f K 'nh , Norktgiver I Eva 'jo Wxl Hams Forty-thrcu 1 I ' vn Af: Q Q A In H ,. in , V ' - 3 Lc'2.... 5 5 8 H A ...xm .. 19 ' ' T 'G Senior Song ' Farewell, a long, long. fond farewell, Dear friends of Franklin High, 1 r 1 1 . . l he Llass of Twenty-nine bids you, .lXs time to part is nigh. L Our School with colors green and black, To you we will be true, And while we travel fortune's way, ' XYe'll still remember you. You've cheered us and enlightened us, XYhile on our upward climb, lfor you we'll Cherish loyalty, And wander back sometime. Cfl07'It.S'.' Oh beauteous School of Tiranlalin High, Our high sehool days are passed, From you we'll stray, but not to stay, For memories will last. lYe've spent such happy years with you, That oft again we'll pine To be within your walls once more, This Class of Twenty-nine. -Aynvs illffmocl. Senior Poem Beside the stately poplar trees Those days on wings of memory N Our beautiful liranldin stands, l'ass by us in reviewg And none like her will ever be And while they linger in our minds, Throughout the earth's wide Wie live those days anew. lands. Though we pass on and stray away The days we spent within her halls Some day We shall returng i Soon memories will be, .Xnd though the years have swiftly And they to us will always eome sped, ln fondest revery, ' Our love still bright will burn. For in our hearts as deep as life .Xgain our love and loyalty lVe have and e'er will hold, Vlle pledge will eler be trueg The joys, the cares, the tears, the Franklin-The Class of Twenty- friends nine XVorth more than a galleon's gold. Now bids farewell to you. -Kcmacth B urgcsoiz. Class Yell: "X'Ve're the class that leads the line, ONE NINE TXYU NINE." Class Colors: Blue and Gold. Forty-four . . . . . - in rn ni ii. at I lu ll " ' n nun HH' " Ill.. U uxxx ... - ur- ... .i. ... ... ... -...- ... - Senior Will Kxow Au. MEN Uv THICSIE PRi1s1iN'rs: lfIf"lzm'ras.' Being fully aware of the uncertainty of this frail and transi- tory existence and a possible untimely demise, due to the deadening effects of that pernicious and malignant malady described by one Noah Wiebster as "Learning,'l and, ll"lzc1'cr1.v.' llidding adieu to this esteemed lidifice of Education and deeining it altogether fitting and proper to herein describe, designate, dis- tribute, and dispose of the wealth, chattel, and property named herein, which we have managed to accumulate during our brief sojourn here. we the CLASS Ol' 1929, of l"RixNKi.IN llnzn Scnooi., in the City of Seattle, County of King, State of XVashington, being more or less mentally, moral- ly, and physically sound, do hereby publish and proclaim this document to be our Lixsr XYILI, .xxn 'llliS'l'.XB'IliN'I'. Sarrieri. Ona GIFTS TO THE l7ACl'l.'l'Y iXR'l'IC' l. To one who has incited us to greater efforts by his constant encouragement, and who has changed disappointment to hope with his ever cheerful help, to Mr. gl. .X Reed, principal of lfranklin lligh School, we give our deepest thanks and sincerest appreciation for his assistance and encouragement during the past four years, and we feel sure that the present Junior Class and many classes to come will benefit as greatly by his undivided efforts as we have. iXR'rIC1.12 H. To Sidney Trathen, Esquire, we leave one ,Xddressograph machine for making out excuse blanks and the like. so that he may not be handicapped by writer's cramp during the first few periods of the day. gXR'l'ICl,l2 Ill. To our eminent Spanish instructress. Miss H. Jeannette Perry, we leave one velvet upholstered shock-absorber to be placed on said teacher's desk to relieve the shock occasioned by striking aforementioned piece of furniture during class reeitations. kricua IV. To Mr. Noah C. Davenport, we give one bucket of the purest, clearest Lake Uiashington water, to give a little moisture to the History and Economics courses when they become too dry for the students endeavoring to absorb such knowledge. . :XRTICLIE Y. To Miss Hazel McDonald, we bequeath much dramatic ability such as displayed by Margaret lludson and Nathylie MacDonald. This is a gift which shall be sorely needed by the classes to come. for never again will such talent shown by this year's Senior Play cast be so apparent. EXRTICLE VI. To Miss Anna M. Daugherty, our adviser, we leave our most hearty thanks and sincerest appreciation for her untiring efforts in making the class of 1921! the most distinguished group ever to set foot within the portals of this institution. LHXRTICLE YH. To Miss Agnes E. Remley we extend our sincerest wishes for a happy, prosperous and successful year as head of the Class of 1930. Forty-five in . . .. -- :un 'I I 2 ,, M W .L':e.I!. 9 5 9 M ILE!!! .. 19 Section Two GIFTS TO THE LIBRARY ITEM I. f'How to Get Alonff on Nothing a Yearl' or i'Char0'e It to The Beaneryl' by Tom Murray. ts ts 2: ITEM II. Burt IVilliams and Fred Saylor, joint authors, leave their various voluminous tomes of choice anecdotes in Miss Caughey's care. ITEM III. That thrilling novel of the Northwest Mounted Police, "I Always Get My Manf' is left by Florence MacRae. ITEM IV. 'Ally Face Is My Fortune," or "Over the Hill to the Poor- housef' by Charles "Sleepy" Stutheld. ITEM V. Georgia Lombard leaves that stupendous set of books entitled l'XVhat I Know About Men." . Section Three GIFTS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY CL.xUsE I. Ed Hasselblad, author of "Advice to the Lovelornf' or "I Know I" has been enticed into giving Rae Stollcup and Virginia Cline, to be shared equally, one thumbworn and dog-eared copy of his literary gem, which may-and probably willmbe used advantageously by the two afore- mentioned, CLAUsE II. Alice Brown leaves-well, she just leaves, that's all. CLAUSE III. XValt Fallon gives his spectacles to Bob Miller to impart that studious appearance which almost invariably deceives the teachers. CLAUSE IV. Bill Gipple, who has a strong antipathy toward all junk- men, leaves his Ford to anyone who thinks he can make it run. CLAUSE V. To Norwood Nickols, Stan Peterson bequeaths his ability to break into the Tolo humor columns at least once per week. CLAUSE VI. To Ross Pederson, big stock and blonde-holder, Cliff Burner leaves the loving cup in the exhibit case, for being the greatest inspiration to the Girls' Club. CLAUSE VII. Xkfarren Goss and Patricia OlFIara, valedictorian and salutatorian, leave all their Als to the athletic coaches to be distributed as they see fit among the various athletes who fall by the wayside. CLAUSE VIII. George Dudley bequeaths to Al Stedman his well-de- veloped ability to captivate the hearts of Freshman girls. Section F om' MISCELLANEOUS FIRST. Ioe Richards and Kenny Nordby will their week's supply of whiskers to the House of David, so that its less fortunate members may not spend their lives in vain. SECOND. To those who persist in arriving late, Art Bernhard, Dave Gruger, Audree Steinheim, Reva Michaels, and jack Heise leave the same old alibis, excuses, or what have you, that have been practiced so successfullyf ???j in the past. THIRD. To August Ghiglione Caccent as in Macaronij, President of the Junior Class, we bequeath one gross of "VVoolworth,s Best" spectacles Forty-six . . . . . I Ill Ill Ill Nl lull " U " nun: lull " I I I . i U nxt: . ... .. uf- ... ... ... ... ... ...... --. - ,-...-, which will be needed sorely by members of that mediocre group after having strained their optics so seriously as a result of continually looking up to our extraordinary achievements and high ideals. l7OL'R'l'Il. To the tiirls' Club, lfredericlta and Louise l'owell donate one genuine, guaranteed, rust-proof. nickel-plated liig lien slumber stopper, for surely the one now in use in 730212 must be sadly worn from recording the innumerable hours spent therein by said damsels. l,AS'rl.Y. To the many liranldin students left behind, we give twenty gilt- edged certificates of membership to the lleanery llot Stove League to be auctioned off. These cards are issued expressly at the request of Jimmie Klcllenry, president, and llob Crane, Max lloydston, Eva Jo XYilliams, Charlie Horst, Dorothy l'.ohrer, and George I,'.'Xbbe, charter members. .'Xl'll'QlN'l'lXlEN'l' OF liXliCL"li0R lleing desirous of a proper and legitimate execution of this our last will and testament we hereby appoint as executor one Lon Chaney, far- famed exponent of the dramatic arts, and facial make-up man. who we believe will, through his eontorted countenanees, force the above men- tioned to accept the bequests offered by the Class of 1929, which other- wise might be refused through the kind-heartedness of the receivers. lx Tizsrrxloxv XVu1QREo1f: We have signed, sealed, published, and declared the above document to be the LAST XVILI, AND 'l'ES'l'AMEN'l' of the CLASS Ol" 1929, in the presence of us xvho have hereunto subscribed our names. Rovcic X S'1', .lfz'u1'11cys at l,argfc. rw miami XVWWML BALL t Gfiffgv 55? D 1,W'Vl-2 Forty-.rcz'Cu . M4 ,llc Qfznzbr nzzkml CllC'OlIlI1'CI'l?73 aim! Aflaffy sofvzhg MC pcrpfcxftzbs ofils uni: vcrsc 115' we!! ukpzktenf Ay 1140 Secmingfy po1m!e1'o11S fDI'O6!61IIS ozftbe 1DCf5LXFfIII6l'If of cmalzhs 4f MJ JHNIQZQ 4 , , A If .40 J J xy :X ag Ni: fx ix ENE . - - - - 3 H!! A ...Am - 19 Xa. Q 0 X Qyygy a! Qjjmmm A'-18 tG Harman JUNIOR CLASS Q3 REQ xiii? Si , - X1 XX 1 - Rl15?ff ?:Si5'?iiii',aEE5QiRSa?i3 A Q f ,Y 0. f' Y. vi it fl Q l A Q 1 in in in in in . lun " " ummm Inu Il Q l I l I ll lllll ... - nu ... .,. ... ... --..- -.. .- I U Junior Class will-I good ship 1930 sailed ofif on its first upper class year voyage with a fine crew of officers. Harriet Harnan was at the helm as President, Al Stedman was Yice- President, 'lane Sheldon was Secretary and Howard Davenport, Treasurer. During the first semester many Juniors were prominent on the football field. john liurton distinguished himself by making the all-city team as guard. Ross l'ederson, captain of the team. placed on the second all-city team and was re-elected as next year's captain. Others who earned their letters were: Al Stedman, Frank Nichols, Jack Barber, Merritt Mauer. Dominic Constantino and lieryle Doyle. XYith the last cries of "'l'ouchdown" still in the air the third year students gave their first matinee under the able directorship of Ruric Todd. .lt was worked as "a Dutch Time" idea. NYayne Richardson planned the second junior-Senior Matinee, carrying out a unique "Coffey Dan" idea. Came the mid-semester and new officers were chosen to carry on the good work begun by the former officers. .Xugust tihiglione was elected President, Ross Pederson, Yice-president: Harriet iliarnan, Secretary, and Howard Davenport was retained as Treasurer. "Tiny" Roy Gustafson was elected as Sergeant-at-Arms. Along with these mid-year events came the entrance of the ever popular sport, basketball. Frank Nichols, the captain of the team. brought his class fame by making the all-city, as guard. The blond demon also cap- tured the high point honors. Ross Pederson and .Xl Stedman also earned first team letters. Debaters of some note made their appearance in the persons of Gerald Hcmrick and llessie Taylor, both students being members of the debate teams. The Honor Society, a goal for every student's amhition, contained the names of fifty-four junior students. Some gained further honor by making senior points while still in their junior year. .Xnna Haberland led the Girls' "FU Club through a successful year. .Xletha Gray deserves the credit and praise for the large part she played in the musical department as accompanist. Other juniors took part in the annual operetta "The Prince of l'ilsen," in the choruses, and Walter Snellenberg and l'aul Johansen had leading parts. A great deal of praise for the fine things accomplished by the class is due to Miss Agnes Remley, whose untiring efforts made the class dreams of great accomplishments realizations. 1 Q Vg ,- .ft 8. X. 'J ,, I. - Fifty-one s 1, . .I all ij I I 4 A fb go' ff 9 L Il, OUR PHOTOGRAPHFR . " 431' ' W Ui X gilt ' wg ltd A 4 Y :C Q I N Y N Y X R BS if '1 gv -- 0, ,. Q EEFEKXX. - as E 1 A ,T A J' N - . L s' XXV. I . fly u ,. I Q, 9 X f 1 - v II W gf I .I 'D' X, Q 1 J , .lf ' ry V Z! M l 'A If K, R i VVILLIAM SHIRLEY AIARIO ALICE IVIILDRED JUNE ACOMB ,XNDERSON B .B BERSTROM BRODNER BURNER BURTON QXLICE JACK NIELVIN IQOBERTA ROBERT .XLLBRIGHT ,XRMSTRONG BA ER BLAIR BROWN BURNETT FRANK BIILLIE GERALDINE JOHN ,ALLISHIO JXRNEST BUCIINER BURTON GILLMAN CHARLENE BIL E XIELMA RUTH JXLBERT IXLLYN .XSMUS ARTEE BOATMAN BUEHRER CAMPBELL XYERA Ors GE GE IJELEN LEON NETTIE ,TXMALIFF ,AUSTIN ARTOSCH BORELLA BUHL CAMPBELL I,ICK ' ED A ICE DOROTHY NIARVIN THELMA ANDERSON TELL EACI-IWOOD NIACBRENNAN BURKE CARD Fifty-two yy' , R PJ R ZWJWD ' If ,A U r f Vftwhf OL A- 1 QV AQ 2 Q J W I .I. I an Q I 4- C I M Ngfwpmw EI.LEN 1XI.I.EN xIORRIf LOUIS WILLIAM CLARK CARRADINI IDXMSCHER IJEINIATTIA DUNCAN IXIYRON IIELEN HOWARD ROBERT VVILLIAM X CLIMENSON CRYER ILXVENPORT IIEVIN DWYER I XYIRGINIA XIAR-IORIE EVELYN X CLINE 1,EWINTER DYER GLORIA CECILIA HAROLD CHARLES JEAN QULCOCK CUMMINGS DAY IDIESEN DYER HAROLD IIELENE EDA LORRAINE NIARGARET COOPER DAHLEY 171-ICI-IERNEY 1,liNNIS EDALINE CATHERINE GORDON BERNARD BIARY LOUISA L XVELL CORNING D.kI.Y DEGE DOIING ILDMUND Fifty-three , 1' r j Y ,I I , " . . . - . A, .ca'u.... 5 5 E Q Q - 1 19 ROBERT E1-'F1NG12R .XDELAIDE EONER TOM NIY ILLIADIS AIARJ Orem JEAN E1.MORxc I.Uc1L1.1z E1'5T1z1N GOSTA ILRICKSON Fifty-four M ILTON 1":R1V IN ROGER EVANS Tu ERESA FAZIO AN N112 FERRARI ST1cLr.A FESSENDEN IJOROTIIY F1'1'Ts CEERALDINE RAE FITZRATRICK f:AI.I.ANT JAMES AL'u1'sT I'LAIII2RTY GIIIGLIONE I1ENNLLY RORERT FORDON GLASGOW' JACK STANLEY FOWLER f:OLUB C1mRI.b:s limnx FRI xanax. GORDON AXLETHA GREY QQORDON GIKAYSON ROBERT GICEENE .X1.RERT.x GRI-QENHOTV ROY GUSTAFSON A NNA I'TARERl'.AND ELVA IIAGIQRUP GLEONA IIAGEY ARTHUR HARIGEL :HARRIET IIARNAN CLARENCE HAWLEY JACK HAWORTH " lx lil In H ,, nl fn nl 11- -.1 lu n U ' I I I I ll lui!! ..- .. uf. ... .., ... ... --..- ..- - - 1 PHILIP ESTHER Lxflc LUc1L1.E IJOROTYIY IIEBNER I'lOl.TER 1IU'rC111NsoN -IANSEN JONES Exm'o1.n FUMI XV11,1w1,x JACK Smsuxo Il1-:Go IIISAGASU Isfucsox jfmvxs 1x1xs111wAn1 CEERALIJ ELAINIQ I,1mT'1'1E Ill-LMRICII j011Ns0N Ki-LHOE A1.ma1c'r S.xC1111s0 S.xBURo Pmu. juris IIENDERSON 110111511100 IVVANA JOHNSON IiELLY lDr:Ro'r11y STUART HELEN D1c1c RAY I1ENDRIClxS PIOSSACK jAcru:s jm1NsoN IQENNEDY l:RACIA NIARIOIKIE R.x111-H xYIl.L1.X1kf JACOB 1'lENIlRICKS HULQ111-is 1:11155 jo11NsToN KLINE 1 A I f' 1 fcv X !I'!f'l!0 x X J Fifty-fi 0 XML . ! 1 W r. 5 I I xXgJ T533 3 R KK QV, 6 W 672 P u- 5 if Q f 1 f , E A I J L , I .. - - M 3 9 5 5 M ...xxxx .. 19 Y I Y , 5 J Bi' I . I X, J' ' A ' . Tift, , J IP' P il Y 1 X X 'J - AJ n, I I 'J nf' I .73 ' PERRY QILADYS :XRTHUR IQIIN AXGNE Ny V' JBSEZITA H KOCH LEE BIABBOTT MARX MCME yN3l1LLER ,XRTHUR LIURIEL EDVVI - " ROBERT KIIANTZ LETTERMAN MCI AIRD MaI.L BETH IRVINC. ROBERT YOICIII fx K BER A IXLICE LAIRD LEVINE BICRAE RIATSUDA - K I C L Ms BIINGO DONALD 1iA'I'HRYN CATHERINE GRANT I VLULU DOROTHY LAIZURE LINSTAD MAINE NIATTHEN s V XIENKE AIISER ALVIN IJOROTHY IQINUKO IXIERRITT ' ' ELIZABETH GER'rRUnE m LAIISON LOHRER BIAKATANI BIAURER MILLER BiITCIIELL . Fifty-If. Qn N o vxrfw K - 'VV ' Q ' L , o ' n . Q -W. - 'YN-0 'x Q 'O Q Q' 0 my f RSSCRMQ' I 'X Q nm W f I KIITI-IIQRINE M ITCIIEL1. SIIOTORO BIIYAMOTO HIROJ I M IYIIGJIW .Vx LIIIIAN MOE JOIIN NIONSEY XYIRGINIA AIONTAGUE X K Ig 1 ,- , U I , I I NIERVVIN RIOORES ELIZANUR AIORGAN .XI.I FE AIUIR BIARIE MURPHI-tv IQIFHARD NAKAMURA I,AVIlJ NEQSON X X Y :XJ . -2 I X I- I 5 x X IIIIRRIET NEI.soN I7ELORES NEXX'lCI.L SIIRAII NICHOLAS JIISEPII I N11 NICHOLS FRAN Ii NICIIQLS Nuuwoon NIcIioI.s RRLI-II NIcIIoI.s GRACE NI xuN GEORGIA NORMAN .XLBERT fjDNE MARc:ARI4:'r BER N I CI: CYIJUNNIQI. PEARSON EDIT!-I MILIIRER OHM RN PILIII-:RsoN VVII,I.I.xIxI Ross PAIGIQ PEDERSEN IRIS IJORICNIE IIARKE PIERSON PIIILIP BIARY PARKER PENNY PZRNEST CI-NRA PATRICEIII PETERSON Fifty-seven I' M gsfmd Lhvogf tfnuy lull " Ill!! 2211? nmmmmm f .cw " M! M " -xxx .. 19 9- BIARY CLARENCE Sy1.v1A UERNICE WALTER PHILLIPS Rum .SANDBERG SIMPSON SNELLENRURG ELMO STANLEY BTARY JOSIE GEORGE PICHT RICH SANDS SHINOWARA SOLLICK JOHN FRANK IRENE XYINA POLOKOFF RISPOLI SMADES SOVEREIGN DOROTHY AIILDRED EI.IzAB1zTH GLENN BILL PRINGLE IQOLLIN SCHILPLIN SMITH SPIEDEL LEROY MARION BIARILOUISE LEO CATHERINE RAINBOTH RUGG SCHNEIDER SMITH SPLAINE ALICE RIARGARET EDGAR IXIARJORIE JANE RAMM SAMUELS SCHOEFIELD SHIMONO SMITH STAEGER Fifty-eight lu I nl ' I ,f sll ,, . .- f ' ' ' 11:1 5 M, '46 Vx. ,, HI In I. ... I. , ,I ll lllfl U 11111 H.. . ....- --. fu-X. Q' JUFIETIS V T. .1 A f . I, h .k,L -. bg - ,, 'fe :I f Ia I 'ae-f ' . I Y , 4 X , ' 4 l ii N '- ' ' ' " 4 l i' H 4' Y' ' 4 .. ' . I . 4 ,ij ffl' I m - j,,,.i,d '- , , V nz Q WT- - 7.8 . "" 1 V 'Es' ,HK N K I! f' 'F' Iv I- K' ,I "' X - g it K , . - - I , V- , T' 'I' . 3' ' I f .w i 1 . , , f ff ,,, - , 1 I I My , .gf XM, Q 'f ' 'Y I I ff 'QQ' r . I I I I I W .,k N 3 ,W 1 . V Us ,,. , W . . , ,I ' ,W E, , - - I I.- , Q I 5' , . 1 .f ,QV x I I H F' ,I , , ,WgsI?E,4g I V 2 55.-V ' " ' ,5?4nf,f"-- Q 6 ' f I I II A , : I ' , A L! ,. , , RAE My ' K I W , ,4jGJ0NfxI.D RICIIARD LESLIE A STALLCOP . L AKAGWQJLI TIIUMPSON TIEUEMAN V . ALBION RUT Y . FRA 'ug ELAINE RURIC M1xf.xRET STEDMAN 5 A H YI? RR TIIoIvIPsoN Tonn X AN VIIANK- IDICK DAN I 41' ' , 0 EvEI.YN GBEIIT STEELE SUI,LIx 'y TUNSTII V01 ALTA ANNA 1 GE ' 1VIEVE IIARRY SENA N ' RED STEIN SUMNER X '1 Lok 'FIIURNBLADE Tum' .N on 'u'r0N IIOVVARD EDITH Io xuxlm CIIAIzI.Es LILLII' R I. T STEINIIElM SUMMERS 'X IIoM,xs THORN ON Uv NAMI VVALLIS JXUDREY EEFIE MAY , ARGIJEIIITE KIERDA xx, SE EvEI.vNg STOCKS SUMIIIERN THOMAS TI-I Izsl I J HUUTEN XVALTER N .J IX J x ,f -X W, ff X ,xl X new I 1 3, f . .,, kcpwf amz, 4,40 f N1-:WELL M,x1w SMICK BE XVATERS MA1:GA1uzT DAN EVELYN X WVESLI-Ly E NVICKE VV1CKs x JUDSON LA XYON NURTON XVIGHTMAN NVLLLIAMS W1I.soN , IQ . RUTH RIINE IDA K l VVOODCOCK Yosurm ZUGER JFK . Q . L' ,f f A ," , 1 4:1 1 f f WL, ,, , 54,411 ,Cnfo ,Leia LA9bw.fffMf fff f X ' f' , , 5 K, I I r fc! W, X 1 ,Q fin? Lf C- Q QV L, 1 1 1 x , ,f if A , .. , ' A , .f ' K X A i if . V , J K , rv ff , L 1 x 1 6' I h-JL ll . 1 I , . 1 I , 4- f I i ,I 4 ' x 11 I x ' ' ' 5- X ' g 1 0 1 ' a. g . F If 4 ' ! ,I j I ! I 1 ' I 5 1 x N IJ . f' . pi, ff' QPHQMQKE5 lze zgnzous Aves, grave profafcms Ana! cvcnfs of lakfory zhspzie tfze Syopfcofnore fo gecomc zkzpieul more wzbe ana! male cmfrcazzzs come true 1,1 terms O11 JCLZQVCIIICIIL n X 0 5 9 e in ....utv, o -HK SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Lois Nelson Ieanne Champreux Thelma Burke llliss Fowler Bob Stone Helen Newell opltomore Class 5' 551114: Sophomores, striving to gain experience for their years as upper- ' ' classmen, had a most successful year. At the beginning of the semes- ter the ofhcers were chosen and the class started work. The officers were: Lois Nelson, President, Thelma Burke, Vice-president, Bob Stone, Secre- tary, and Helen Newell, Treasurer. The Sophs took an active part in school business. Sophomores served on committees, took part in plays, and played on the athletic teams. Prominent among the athletes were Trygve Hansen, Paul Kimball and Frank De Caro, all members of the Hrst football team. Second year students identified with entertainments Were: Isabelle and Muriel Monette, and Donald Craft. The Monette sisters were known as pianists and Don- ald Craft for his dancing. The group also had a large representation in the Honor Society. Evelyn Peterson, as Chairman of the Program Committee, did some fine work in securing entertainment for her class. Another important group was the Party Committee, which sponsored the Mixer, the main event of the year. At the mid-year election there was one change made-llob Stone, Sec- retary during the fall semester, was replaced by Jeanne Champreux. Miss Lillian Fowler, adviser of the class, deserves much credit for her good work, done in behalf of the class. 5i.r!y'lzz'0 M aj! ff? WW' f'Wfs Gr 3 WL W 5 99 f xvx ' x NNK UA M J 1WfH Ufffl 3,3,. . Q W- W W 'M QV' ww wfw Wfwffglwf' MMXWX ' My fx . ff YJ Www W Nifwww 0 S Q . . F, K X mg Y Wm ' . B.. - E Aix N f 5 1 y. .f ,f Si.1'ty-four i I 3 S 4 WJ L '. ::s '-: I ng: In g-I 555: BDE n anal als I sri ' 555 ISE sin lv' BOYS SOPHOMORE fn N3 - K iii: . M,- L ,X , X 1 f X M X N9 Aekles. Richard Albright, Burton Almy, Earl Alsted, Arnold Annibal, Alfred Anthony, Louis Anunciacion, Policaipo Axclson, Henry Backstrom, Harold Bacon, Sanford Barnes, Raymond Bayer, Kenneth Bayer, Lawrence Beardslee, Gerald Bell, Eugene Benson, Leonard Benson, Paul Bertram, John M. Bianchi, Renato Birky, Howard Blackwell, Austin Bloomberg, Gordon Bogdan, John Bohi, Henry Braden, Ralph Broderson, NVillian1 Brooks, Martin Brooks, Winslow Brougham, Milton Burroughs, Richard Bush, Bob Buhl, Leon Callens, Cameron Campbell, Herbert Canavan, Desmond Centenero, Marcello Chin, Arthur Chin, Harry Chinn, Charles Christian, Edgar Clavey, William Clothier, VVillard Colcock, Jack Collins, Billy Craft, Donald Crawford, Earl Greevey, Charles Crenshaw, Lorin Crichton, VVallaee Currington, Clyde Callin, Charles Daley, VVarren Si.r!3--.ri.r .ai--- um H ..., U. ,R nm 3 L'::.... 9 5 9 E A ....Et9. .. 19 Sophomore Close , Hors N D'.Xngelo, .Xrthur Danbom, Clarence Davis, Ernest Davis, Kenneth DeCaro, Frank DeLappe, Junior DeVVitt, Delbert Dickei, Roland Dilworth, David Donohoe, Leo Donald, llenjamin Edminster, Philip Elsey, Ralph Fiscns, John Frank, Howard Franzini. Frank French, Frank Fosso, Kenneth O. Gamble, Harold Geehan, Jerrold Glasgow, Robert Cray, Bert Grugcr, John tiuisc, Norman lladley, XYarren Hague, George Hansen, Trigve llattield, .Xdrian Hawley, Clarence Hayden, Garnet lleath, Bruce Heaton, Harold lleiden, Roland Hcpworth, James llepworth, Robert lrlerberholy, Louis llirai, Jimmie Hoffa, Bert llomann, Carl llorat, .Xlbert Horton, Milton Hoyt, Harold Hutchinson, Howard lhashi, hfxvilliillll. Jan, Theodore Johansen, Paul Jacobson, Charles Jahn, Robert Jessen, Howard Johnson, Dick Jones, Kenneth Kiewert, Jimmie Kline, Jacob Klincfelter, Thomas Kolhe, Fred Kranlz, Arthur Krauland, Kenneth Krause, Frank Kugler, Robert Kimball, Patil Lacey, Ed Lang, Arthur Lapasin, Lewis LaVille, Hugh Lrtternian, Lincoln Lewis, Richard Lupis, Frank Lyons, Richarrl McDonald, Byron McDonald, Joe MCNah, Duncan McNealy, Arthur MacMillan, Bill Medley, Nathan Metzger, Edward C. Mimbu, NVilliam Miya, Tadashi Monnette, Yernon Moore, VVillia1n Murphy, John Murr, Ernest Muscolo, Joseph Nairn, Elmer Napoli, Dominic Napple, Mike Nastor, Basilio Nishimura, Toshimi Nuremberg, Donald Nornhom, Howard Uber, Goodwin O'Brien, Bert Ornian, Stanley O'Rourke, Thomas 0'Brien, Patrick Palmer, Archie Pascoe, WVilfred Patrieelli, Fred Patterson, Rhey Paulson, Melvin C. Pearinan, Albert Pearson, Alvin Perry, Clitford Perry, Joseph Phares, James Ploeger, Milton Poinper, Archie Prentice, .Xrthur Peterson, Fred Paulson, ,Xrne Rice, Harold Ricketts, Clarence Richardson, Ray Ritchie, Robert Rivers, Joe Rogers, Raymond Rosik, Joseph Salmon, Sholta Saylor, Ralph Scarpello, Arthur Sehlag, John Schneider, David Shimanaka, Frederick Skallerud, Russel Skarp, George Smith, ,Xlva Smith, Hartford Stone, Robert Sullivan, Dan Sunderland, hlaurice Stark, Adolph Tanberg, Merritt Taylor, Ted Taylor, Tommie Terry, NValter Toji, Keiehi Tomita, Hideo Uradnick, Julius Vincent, Orrin NValker, Mcrl Vtlallen, XVilliam VVard, Henry NVare, VVilliam XVayne, Charles NVelch, Richard W'illiams, Vincent Vtiilson, Floyd VVilliams, Glen NYilson, Frederick VYo0, David Yeomans, James Yeomans, NVallace Young, Donald Zuppe, Herman FJQL SHMIN Le Hesknzan, curiozzs ana! gf VVOI'lJ6I'l'lIS at af! Le meets, 13 weffpzktzzreafzlz tlze Depart: ment of 5-Jciencef Wgllfllf gy cfvzhe uabcontent ana! nogfe curzbsity Zeacllv aff fo Azgber tkzhgs. 1 l . . - - - lun " 'I ll 0 H miami .I Xu EI f Q .cL'u....9.., ....Et9. ,L Q Q FRIESHMAN OFFICERS Fowler Perkins Miss VVilson Boatman Merril Freshman Class 'fv- iis, the time does Hy, and so, after having completed a very shaky year, the Freshman Class is now ready to start the coming semester as dignified Sophomores. At a meeting held early in the year, the newcomers chose a committee to nominate the class officers. ln the election, john Merrill emerged vic- torious, as President, Roscoe Boatman, Vice-President, Merle Perkins, Secretary, and Jean Fowler, Treasurer. These officers guided the class through its initial year. The biggest event in the term was the Frosh Frolic, held in May. The party was well attended and everyone declared the Frolic a rousing success. Several committees were formed by the Freshman Class. The Posters Committee, under Roscoe lloatman, announced the various Frosh activities. A committee formed to collect dues in the Freshman rolls had Al Simmons as its chairman. The Program Committee worked very hard in getting entertainment for the class. Audrey Champreux was the chairman of the committee. The Frosh basketball team finished their season in undisputed possession of second place. The yearling football squad did not fare so well, winning one and losing three. The first year students also took part in intramural athletics. The class owes much of its success to Miss Willson, its adviser, who is to lead the group through its four years at Franklin. Sixty-eigllt Adams, Elsie Allen, Zola Anderson, Alice Armstrong, Olivet Atkinson, Marjorie Anderson, Marguerite Bacon, Barbara Baker, Vedra Beltz, 'leannette Bianchi, Rose Boyd, Agnes Brooks, Virginia Burt, Velva Bently, lloris Chinn, Bing Lani Cannoniea, Ruth Castro, Mary liliamprenx, Audrey Chase, Katheryn fonway, Catherine Ciroyle. Marguerite finrle, Ilelen furrie, Elnora M. Couple, Sarah Dahlbeck, Doris DeBoer, Nellimay Delfel, YVinifred Delzer, Doris Uineson, Gladys Acton, Gwendolyn Almblade, Gladys Anderson, Alice Anthony, Carmella Black, Laura Bradley, Margaret Brown, Phyllis Bryenton, Evelyn Burke, Elland Burdick, Mildred Bailey, La Gletta Carlson, Sylvia Czorniecka, Ilelen Curtiss, Evelyn Chin, Amy De Lappe, Mary Dawson, June Didonato, Rosie Ilonohoe, ,l osephine Edwards, Irene Elmquist, Evelyn Emanual, Mary Egts, Dorothy Falconer, Hilda mu ,, U. .H ... ,, u In . .'."".ff. Q ! ! l l hi." 1-- Freshman Class , GIRLS N ADVANCE D FRESH MAN GIRLS Downes, Edith Danielson, Katherine Dick, Marian Fairchild, Vera Fox, Gladys Freebnrn, Annabel Filigno, Violet Goodman, XVilda tiorton, Phyllis tiiridin, fora Grirlin, Margaret llale, Marie lland, Madeline llati-ly, May llaynes, Alphae Ilieber, Frances L. Ilolland, Donna llunt, Sallie ,lohnson, May Johnson, Irma Johnson, Viola lorgens, Thelma Kelly, Alma liibnehi, Chiye liingham, Violet Kirk, Anna Leflranfle, Elizabeth Lanier, Edna Lawyer, Charlene Lonergan, Alice Leipper, Ellen Malaspino, Elizabeth Mulanax, Lnana McLeod, Dorothy Massena, Lilly Mayfield, llelen Metcalfe, Virginia Minardi, Lillian Morgan, Mary Mattola, Pavia Mitchell, Gertrude Nelson, Ruth Newell, Helen Nichols, Madge Nord, Doris U'Brien, Mary Utteson, Ruth Parr, Barbara Palmqnist, Ilelen Privatt, Madeline Quay, Gonverneur Rasmussen. Helen Raetzloff, Lydia Ramsey, Mary Reeeheo, losie Sehmitt, Leora Schneider, Marie Schneider, Mary FEBRUARY FR ESIIMAN GI RLS Fryberg, Mary Franz, llazel liahnherg, Ruth M. tleoghegan, Kathleen Garrison, june Grafton, Virginia tlritiin, Dorothy llakala, Fanny llikida, liimiko llaney. Ruth lIeise, Lillian Ilughes, Evelyn Hanson, Louise Ht-iclen, Myrtle Jenson, llelone Judd, Florence jackson, Naomi jaeobson, Anna -lohnson, Virginia Iessere, Edna johnson, Elsie liiger, IIelen liaeh, lloris Kashiwazi, Mitsuo Kenemeyer, Margaret liolstead, Margery Linareli, Mary Laraswick, Vivian Larson, Ileli-n Lativa. Laina McNair, Isabelle Mnnk, BIarie Meflelland, Elizabeth Milovieh, Zora Nakagawa. Marion Nieolli. Florence O'Neill, Evelyn Ochi, Snyeko Ohman, Anna Odne, Ann Parker, Ruby Pilo, Elizabeth Payne, Marguerite I'ehl, lloris Paulson, Evelyn Palmer, llorothy Rossi, Eva Roberg, Jane Sear, Dorothy Sheldon, Mary Shaman, Edna Simon, Amelia Sinclair, Beth Southeimer, Elizabeth Spellman, Anna Springer, llelen Stevens, Delight Stone, Nancy Tatil, Rose Taylor, Flora 'lillOl'llIiS, Evelyn Thomas, Margaret Thompson, Ilelen Trunible, Lorenc 'l'nllis, Blanche lidd, Selina Vandeliant, Catharina Voigat, Eleanor Vivola, Lucy YValsh, Evelyn YVesley, Ruth hVIlll1l1ll5. fatheryn NVilson, Evelyn J, NVingsness, Agnes XVorth, Vivian Zarcuba, Ella Riekets, XVinnifred Roberts, May Ranko, Irene Smart, Catherine Smith, Leona Smith, Pearl Sharp, Christiana Sweet, Mildred Striekler, Dolores Sniailes, Viola Twardus, Helen Tomita, Ynriko Toyoji, Masako Vgehara, IIaruk0 l'rlin, Alice NVohleitner, Annie XVavley, Mary XViekelieh, Mary XValker, jean XVeigel, Elizabeth XVeikel, Evelyn lVightman, Mary Zokelt, Frances Zimmerman, Mabel Sixty-nine un: " 'I ll ll :un I' I U' ny y 0 Q 0. nn an m m l ..- H!!! . A. .. i 5 Sez'e11ty GIRLS RESHMAN F . - .. . m m m U- H. I, lull " nuun I- .:f. I I I I I :L--x f'5 f- sf, R 1' S Ax Q, 9 . .5 , js is QV, cQ-,,z' , I ? ' Q' A .4 7 'wif -2"K"P,'Ll 1 M -1 V-I f I 1 f" x 13' A f S 47 .0 Q2 f KR K YN Vx I Q 1 x 3 Q 6- n Anderson, Kenneth L. Anderson, Alton Ancrson, Charles Axelson, VVcsley Rate, Nlarden Barber, Howard Bennett, Harold Burnett, Dick Camp, Richard Campbell, George Carlson, Edward Castro, Joseph Chiles, Marcus Clark, Dustin Coleman, William Collins, Kenneth Cordell, Clinton Cunningham, VVesley Cook, Jack Chinn, Hing Dahlbeck, Edwin DcsCamp, Raymond Augustine, Antonio Anderson, Bert Adkinson, Dempsey Burgeson, jack Bremen, Harris Berglund, Frank Burner, jim Cawie, Clifford Clausen, Glenn Cobb, 'Blain Collins, Thomas Chiba, Perry Chicketti, Louis Conn, Clarence Chin, Walter Chin, Henry Crandall, William Corey, Alfred Craft, Richard Dickerson, Raleigh Desault, Edward Doran, Donald Denardo, Ioseph Dodaro, Charles Severity-two ---- ll ll nn --wr, 1, reshmon Clloss N Boys N ADVANCED FRESHMAN BOYS llonovau, Francis Donovan, Harry Dong, Gin Hon Dejausserand, Robert Eipper, George Esmay, George Gaunt, Robert Ghiglione, llilly Gilbert, Ralph Gilliam, jack Golub, Orville Gill, George Greenwood, vvllllillll llansen, Lester llarris, Vl'ilson llarrison, Joseph Hepler, Paul li. llirata, George llofstarl, Harvey Horat. Clarence Hyatt, john Iinberg, William FEBRUARY FRE Erkison, Frank Ekdahl, ,Xndrew YV. Erieks, Oscar Ferrari, Enzo Frost, Norman Fend, George Feyko, George Fowler, Richard Goldman, George Givinn, hvllliillil Gould, Stanley G. Henderson, Rob Heiler, Elmer Harrison, Teddy Harris, Orville Iniberg, Ralph Johnston, VVilliam Jones, Ralph jordan, George Kremer, Mathias Kagane, Mitsumasa Kimball, NVilbur Lindman, Barret Landry, LeRoyce Jackson, Robert Jensen, Leonard johnson, Sydney Jones, Lyle Kehoe, jack Kiene, W'illiam Larson, Erhard Lehuhod, XYilliam Leipper, Alex Lincoln, Howard Lonergan, John Lonsdale, Richard Lyford, Edmund Nlasuda, Satoshi Mounday, Charles Maletla, Alfred Nelson, Carl Norton, Harry O'Rrien, Iohn Ono, Frank Packard, Harry SH MAN BOYS Lalbcrt, Ellsworth Leckiuby, Robert Lundy, .Xubrey MeCumber, Jack Maxwell, VVilliani Miller, Irwin McCoy, Russel Blatzger, Neil Mellonald. Leonard Nitta, Susarnu Noble. XValter Norem. Hardes Ness, Arthur Olson, Carl Patricelli, Aldoch Perry, George Peterson, XVilliam Pringle, John Pixley, Phillip Pitt, Alfred Perry, Benny Riggs, Robert Rosewald, Iaek Roberts, Harold Price, Klartin Ramon, Frank Royce, Charles Robinson, Roger Richards, Frank Sao, Toraiehi Smith, llarleni Summers, Thane Stass, George Stringer, Stewart Yallala. Frank XVells, Ted NYeston, Fred lVhite, Raymond NYienlcer, Collings VVebber, Rowland NVilson, Floyd llvilson, Grant lVoods, Elmer Yamada, Renjiro Yerxa, Rodney Roltich, Victor Runyan, Clark Smith, Frank Sigel, Fritz Scheild, Frank Stewart, James Shigemura, Shigeuo Sakuma, Tadashi Self, Charles Shahieh, Steve Swain, Arthur Tait, Jack Tapper, Harry Uchida, Jack Viele, jack XVhite, John XVarren, Stanley VViek, Joe WXTTICCTCF, llfyron Wesley, Ralph W'ilson, Donald VVylie, Jack hNYlCkSt1'O1l'l, Rodney fze czlnbielzcy ana! or3a1111zaQ tion of moofern gusinessf exempbigeolgy tlze Commerczh! Department 13 fypzkaf ozftke sckoof organzkaiions whzbh fzavc geen so fargc an efement Zyl tba compfete preparation ozfiflze .gycrlzoof stuofent for A Zmszhess career. 1 3 MMG. xxx - 19 QZQWW Frederic-ka, Powell Prcsrbfen 6 Louise Powell Gunvazj I-leg'dah1 Wk: Pffflyfhl' Recnrdnvg' 52:1-efafj GIRLS OFFICERS CLUB 19 2 9 Mxss M. Mc:-Carngy xfldwber W-WWI m mmmm Magjorie 'Emkerskgf Debby Schaffer W Car esfanwirg' SECfHf3ly Treasurer fsf ll' I' U nu nn ni ni in I. ll -I Ill" " I I I I I 'W mum ... - ,... ...... ... - Girls? Club V. ."5u12 aim of the Girls' Club is to foster a spirit of loyalty and enthusiasm for the best interests of the school. To encourage democracy, good fellowship, and co-operation and to further the cultivation of all womanly graces among the girls of Franklin High School." Cnder the able leadership of Miss McCarncy. the Girls' Club has finished another progressive year. Assisting Miss McCarney were the officers: lfredericka Powell, President: l.ouise Powell, Nice-president: Marjorie Tankersley, Corresponding secretary: Gunvar llegdahl, Recording secre- tary: lletty Schaeffer, Treasurer. The club this year was reorganized under a new system consisting of four departments: .Xdministrative, Service, lintertainment and lYelfare. The Administrative department is headed by liredericka l'owell with Miss McCarney as faculty adviser. lt includes joint committees with lloys' and Girls' Clubs of other Seattle High Schools. The Service department is under Marjorie Tankersley with Miss Gretchen Shaw as adviser. Louise l'owell is in charge of the lintertainment department and is assisted by lletty Schaeffer and Miss Doheny as adviser. The fourth de- partment, the XYelfare. has Gunvar llegdahl as its student leader and Miss l.ouise Fowler. faculty adviser. The most outstanding event of the year was the banquet held this spring. lt was one of the best that has been given and Catherine Reisinger, as manager, was largely responsible for its success. The Girls' Club gave several parties during the year among which were the lfreshman XYelcome Party. the Christmas l'arty. a Xew Girls party and the Senior lfarewell party. The Girls' Club planned several programs for assemblies, through the Vrogram Committee under Catherine Reisinger. 'lihe Yocational Committee secured speakers on various vocations, as a help to the girls in choosing their life work. Margaret Yilleneuve was chairman. The Ifriendship Committee. with Sigrid XYiberg chairman, has helped spread good cheer among the girls who have been out of school due to illness. The Cultural ,Xrts Committee is unique for a high school. lts purpose is to increase and diffuse interest in things of a cultural nature. A weekly bulletin, informing the students of the finest musical programs, theatrical productions and art exhibits has been issued during the past few semesters. The l.unchroom Committee is another important combined Girls'-lloys' Club group. Its purpose is to better the various branches of our cafeteria. The Social Service Committee takes care of our annual Christmas and Thanksgiving llaskets, Red Cross Drives, and other charitable drives con- ducted in the school. Sl'I't'Vlfj'-17I't' . . - - - ,nu H ... In m ... ... ,I -nu 6 lllll "'-I..-I ll " INN G5 ... .-... .., H. .ly ... --. V.-n . .-. STANDARDS COMMITTEE Flaherty Loehorc Miss Rinehart Champreux Evans Eubank Champreux H emrich Miller Stewart SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE Bernhard VVilso11 Bostwick Baird Murray Hunter Mack Erickson Sands Holloman Buchner Jacobson Miss McGrath Greene Minor LUNCIIROOM COMMITTEE Pearson Roberts Rager Taylor VVood Murray Miss Sheehan Plant Seventy-six Steele Taubcr Rcisiuger Nichols lfichuels . UI Ill Ill Ill lil :nu " " usnx nn. 'I I I I I I U uni , ..- - fm ,.. ... ... ... M..- ..- 4 '45 IM PROYIZKI ENT CO MMI'l'TEli g Hr. M. If. iiritihl Ilreuuzm l:Cl'l1l!Zll'd Evans xviulllilll Lc1iL'1'x11:u1 Puirson Xyigllilliilll C'UI.Tl7R.XI. ARTS i'OMNII'1"1'i2li fnssirlv Nliws Uisnzzn I7cXYinte1' Mc'NYilliu1ns Greene liuchrel' FUN SIAK ER S Fitts Davenport Michaels Mcllarthy Templeton Philbrich Nelson XYicks Kehoe Se1.'enty-.rave , in ,, .., ,. 4 Gif CCD ee :mm - bo QZW Durham. Wil hams 1Dre5fl'!en6 I Harold Palmer J Vik: PfB5l2fE0b'A x BUY CL David Gruger TITEJUFEI' OFFICERS 1 9 2 9 JW JAM JO' 2 ,w-I7' 0 - . 3. elm Reseburg ' lfclwser fx.,4i,, .. 7 XEIZIDIUKLI it Q C , F d S I ' W . W ,fgzmf 522e'25,v fakzfnwgqeiiisfzj exif k .S'crw'H Lx'-vig ffl M1-.W V+ L- . In I' U in m 111 11. -.11 ,I -I -K lun-U ll lllll - ... - nu i.. ... ... ... ... --..- --. A Boys? Club 7. .'7111i lfoys' Club of lfranklin lligh helps to fostcr enthusiasm among A the boys of the school in school activities. The boys elected capable officers to pilot them through the fall Zlllfl spring terms of 15128 and W29. Those chosen were: llurton XYilliams, l'resident1 llarold l'almer, Yice- president: Fred Saylor, Secretary: David Ciruger. Treasurer, and Max lloydston, Corresponding Secretary. Mr. Reseburg is tl1e lfaculty mem'3er i11 charge of the boys and their problems i11 Franklin. The Club took part in providing ClllC1'lZllll1l1C1ll for the school i11 several ways. They sponsored the Circus ill conjunction with tl1e Girls' Club and took complete charge of o11e of the l'.-T. .X. programs. The first important event of the year was the annual lfather and Sons Banquet given in honor of the football squad. It was held lleceinber fifth in o11r lunehroom. The featured speakers were Steve Anderson, Cui- versity of Xl'ashington and Olympic star: Al Clbrickson, ex-lfraiiklinite and crew coach at tl1e C. of XV.: Coach Kirk, and Ross l'edersen, captain of our football squad. On April 123, the lloys' Club held their annual conference at lfortuna llark. An all around good time was had by all, to tl1e CXlClll of a few duekings, some swell "grub," lots of athletics and a nice boat ride to the island park. The liloys' Club was responsible in a large way for creating spirit among the students i11 school a11d at athletic co11tests. Several rousing pep as- semblies were held previous to football Zlllfl basketball games. The officers of the Club are assisted in their work by various committees most of which are in conjunction with the Girls' Club. The Tl'Il1DI'OVC1ll6lll Committee l1as KlO1lC m11ch to better tl1e appearance of the lltlllfllllg Zlllil grounds by keeping them neat Zlllll free from waste paper and debris through 2111 incessant campaign. Une of the groups that has helped the boys a great deal is the Employ- 111e11t Committee, with Eugene Miller as chairman. The committee has aided a number of boys i11 finding f11ll Zlllil part time work in establish- ments and residences. lVhen boys have been ill and absent from school, the liriendship Com- mittee, with liverett Miller as chairman, has kept them i11 touch with the doings of the student body. The Standards Committee did much to awaken the students to the fact that their lockers must be kept locked. Gerald lffemrick was chairman of the committee. New athletic equipinent was purchased by tl1e llovs' Club Zlllfl a11 in- ventory, the first for a good many years, was tZ'lliCll of the material on llflllil i11 the various athletie supplies. The retiring officers wish the i11- coming workers the best of success and extend tl1eir hearty appreciation for the splendid co-operation received this year from the boys. 5CZ'Cllfj'-II inc :un " " HHH Q .v:e.::. am. is HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Mary ,lane Coulter, Sec1'Utz11'y-'I'rmsnrUr Max lloydston, Fresidellt George Dudley, lfYI'L'I"1,l'DXl'llCIll' Miss li. P. Bennett, .4CiI'l'.YL'l onor Society 'U' 'Tun .Honor Society is one of l"ranlilin's most highly esteemed organiza- ' tions. lt serves to encourage attainment of high scholarship and school service among the students. Miss llennett is the faculty adviser. To be eligible to the llonor Society the student must earn a specified number of points, tive being allowed for each "A" grade. three for a ."l3,,' and two for a "Cf while two points are deducted for every failure. Credits are also given for school services. A major attainment merits two points and is earned through holding the upper-class or lloys' or Girls' Clubs presidencies, and also by lettermen, debaters, leads in plays and operas, and Tolo heads. A minor service merits one credit. Only three service points may lie earned in one semester. To gain a pin, a Sophomore must have 28 points: a Junior 583 a Senior 90g and for permanent possession of the Torch pin, 124 points are necessary. There are 159 members in the Honor Society. The officers for the 1928-1929 school year were: Max lloydston, Presidentg George Dudley, Vice-president, and Mary jane Coulter, Secretary-treasrrer. Eighty H," I "ull: I ,, in in in in in .I u X 1 1. I ... - nn .H ... ... ... ,M ----.. --- - - onor ocziety Memf ers Blair, Donald Boyclston, Max Brogren, Margaret Brown, Alice Brown, Roberta Coulon, Catherine Coulter, Mary Jane Day, Lillian Dudley, George Ford, Catherine Goss, VVarren Green, Martha Groves, Ridsdale Gustafson, Roy Hebner, Philip Hisayasu, Fumi - Koozin, Estella Adams, Janet Anderson, Dick Arizumi, Fumi Bianchi, Renato Bucliner, Geraldine Callin, Charles Champreaux, Jeanne Cline, Virginia Cryer, Helen Davis, Ernest Delfel, Marcella Epstein, Lucille Fazio, Theresa Felton, Evelyn Fessenden, Stella Fulton, Russell Gallant, Rae Gershon, Maurice Allamano, Marilouise Anderson, Selma Backstrom, Harold Boni, Henry Bush, Robert Centenero, Marcello Champreaux, Audrey Cox, Emily Davidson, Margaret DesCamps, Raymond Erickson, Edith Eubank. Florence Fiscus, John Fiymoto, Frank Ghiglione, VVill Gilbert, Ralph Golub, Orville Gruger, John Hayes, Dorothy SIZNIORS Laizure, Donald MacBriar, Joseph McLeod, Agnes McX'Yilliams, Roberta Miller, Eugene M iyanioto, Shotaro Nakatani, lienichi Nicholls, Josephine U'l'lara, Patricia Palmer, Harold Parker, Rhys Parkin, John Petkoff, Frances Powell, Fredericka Powell, Louise Reisinger, Catherine Roark, Lottie JUN1oRs Gray, Aletha Hillgren, Lillian Hutchinson, Jack Isaacson, X'Yilma Johnston, VX'illiam liashiwagi, Setsuko Kanazawa, Misao Kehoe, Lottie Kerns, Eleanor Lewis, Gertrude MacRae, Robert Matsuda, Yoichi Mays, Kate McCumber, Olive McDonald, Joe Miller, Elizabeth Milner, Schaefer Mimbu, Willianl So1'noMoR12s Hicks, Charlotte Hikida, Haru Hirata, George Hogan, Geraldine Johnson, Bernice Johnson, M illicent Jones, Kenneth McNab, Duncan Miyamota, Fumi Morgan, Mary Mosley, Susan Murakami, Ayako Nelson, Lois Nestor, Doris Orman, Stanley Otteson, Ruth Packard, I larry Ritchie, Robert Roe, Anna Mae Roberts, Phyllis Saito, Noboru Schaffer, Betty Schaffer, Raymond Shinowara, Josie Smith, Fern Sonada, Jack Summers, Edith Tanberg, Roberta Tankersley, Marjorie Villeneuve, Margaret NYestpli:1ltn, G1 ace W'iberg', Sigrid W'illman, Arno Nlfilson, Norton Yamada, Henry Monette, Isabelle Monette, Muriel Nakatani, liimuko Nelson, Harriet Nishimura, Toshimi Pashley, Jean Polakoff, John Sands, Betty Sands, Mary Scharfenstein, Carol Schneider, Mary Louise Sheldon, Jane Skallerud, Russell Summers, Effie May Tsukuno, Mary Van H outon, Una Rose VValter, Evelyn Yoshida, Mine Serji, Catherine Shields, Elaine Shimanka, Fredrick Smith, Fredericka Smith, Helen Sonada, Yaiko Springer, Helen Swenson, Edith Toa, Toraichi Tomita, Hideo Tremper, Lela Trumble, Lorene Uyeki, Yoshiye Uyeminami, Mary VVebb, Mildred VVildermuth, Jane Viiing, Jane Eighty-one fi 6 , s If WW PM ,M .---- M ,, .,. ... ,, 3 "JL M!!! :Lmx .. as 4-... ll, U n In nn mm nu n I' -K 'HH " I I I I i U uit: ... - m- ...... ... - Tolo Weekly Z' 'Suu Tolo XVeekly is a representative of Franklin student opinion and ii activities. Tolo has grown steadily from a monthly magazine form containing only jokes and stories to a four page, six column weekly. .Xt the beginning of the fall semester Tolo was published under a new plan. The beginning newswriting class took care of the business of the paper, in place of a separate staff as in former years. The soliciting and collecting were handled by them besides the regular basic studies. The editorial department, under the able advisership of Mr. R. C. John- son was responsible for the editorial end of the publication. Robert Steele, as editor of Tolo during the fall semester, deserves a great deal of credit for his work in publishing a Tolo of such high rank. Rhys l'arker aided him materially as his associate. The newswriting class was not large, but the members worked diligently to get the news. The editorial board consisted of Emilie llissett, llurton VVilliams, Frances Fetkoff, Louise Powell, Robert Trisler, Steven Ripper, Rosemary llarden and George XVhite. Jimmy Mcflenry was sports editor with Chas, llenry as his assistant. At the end of the fall semester a new staff was elected to carry on the publication of Tolo. Charles lflenry was the choice of the newswriting class as editor. Tolo weekly had a successful semester under his care. He was assisted by Frances lletkoif and limilie Iiissett. The staff included Jack Jarvis, Sports liditorg Ross lledersen, Asst. Sports Editor, and Robert MacRae, News Fditor. Those on the editorial board were: George Dudley. Rate Mays, Ruric Todd, Elaine Marsh, Helen Jacobs, Gerry Ruchner, Jannice Jackson. Donald l-aizure, .Xlbert Campbell. XYilla alc- Lein, Reva Michaels. XVayne Richardson, Yirginia Cline, Roger Evans, and Gerald llemrich. Among the featured columns of the paper are, "Poor Richard" and "Among the lSOH," The tirst has been a regular Tolo feature for some years and is a news-editorial column. lt was handled by Yictor Yieg dur- ing the first semester and George Dudley the latter term. Jack Jarvis was the originator of "Among the 18tlH." its unusual and interesting style is similar to that of O. O. Mclntyre. Sutter, Herb Ogawa. Jimmy Mclienry, lflob Steele, XYayne Richardson and Roger Fvans supplied the humor. On the business staff were: Donald Thompson, Dorothy llrennan, Ralph James, Leroy Rainboth, Shirley Anderson. and James Flaherty under R. llandy. Tolo has stood for the honor of Franklin High School. lt has brought to the students the news of the school activities and athletics. lts editors deserve the highest praise for their effort to make the paper a success. Eiglzfyetlxrce ll ' ' ll un ,WH -- n n --H-in 19 irllsy 66 99 Club I -NE of the most active organizations among the girls at Franklin this year, was the Girls' "lf" Club. It was first organized at Franklin in 1926 to give the girls who took part in athletics a chance to earn an HF." In order to gain a letter, a girl must first obtain 500 points. One hundred points are given to girls making a first team and fifty for a second team position. Points are also earned by going on hikes. The membership in the Club is now 37. This year the MFT' Club was reorganized and a new constitution was drawn up. Any NFB girl can be initiated into the Club after her third semester in high school. The officers of the Club are: Anna Haberland, Chairman: Lillian Day, Secretary, Sigrid Wfiberg, Vice-chairman. The advisers are: Miss A. B. Shaw and Miss B, Tidd. Armstrong, Alice Almquist, Yera Beachwood, Alice Brown, Alice Brown, Roberta Buehner, Geraldine Burgh, Mildred Burke, Thelma Burr, Florence Cryer, Helen Danielson, Dorothy Day, Lillian Egner, Ruby Franke, Mildred Garvey, Kathryn Gray, Aletha Haberland, Anna 1'lagstrand, Constan CC Hegilahl. Gunvar Jacobs, Helen Kerns, Eleanor Kimball, Mary Maginnis, lithel Nelson, Harriet Nestor, Doris Newell, Helen Pearson, Bernice Pottorff, Gwendolyn Powell, Fredericka Schaffer, Betty Swenson, Edith Sheldon, Jane Tankersley, Marjorie Tarr, Frances Yates, Josephine XViberg, Sigrid Card, Thelma '+ 14,4 Iflglllf-V-f0Il!' I lllll U lllll I 'VIII 'Hu H lu nv in ur in ,1 u 'I- ... .. un ... ... ..i ... ... ----- --- - oysf Ml-799 Zlwlb T' 'Gnu Boys' "lim Club, under the supervision of Coach Doug Kirk, has i i completed an extraordinarily active year. The group this season con- sisted of a majority of the most influential boys in Franklin. The fellows were whole-heartedly behind every movement promoted in the school which was for the benefit of the student body. The chief purposes of the organization are to arouse and maintain interest in athletics among the students, and to promote clean sports. The Club was started in 1925, and included all letter winners, but it was reorganized this year so that only the wearers of big "l"'s," first team lettermeu, were official members. .-X new constitution was adopted. The present officers are: David Gruger, President: Glen Anderson, Secretary-treasurer. The following are members: Allyn, Gillman .Xnderson, Glen Anderson, K harles Ilarbcr, Jack Hell, Eugene llronks, Ray llurke, Irving Burton, John floydston, Max Campbell, ,Xlbert Ciole, Harry funstantino, Dominic Franc, Robert llc Caro, Frank Doyle, Beryl Fiscus, Scott Gershon, Sam Gruger, David Hanson, Trygve Ilcgg, lingvold Hutchinson, John jefferson, Xifilliam Kimball, Paul Laird, Ray Maurer, Merritt Napple, Mike Nichols, Frank Odne, .Xlhert Pedersen, Ross Peterson, Stanley Richards, Joseph Sayler, Fredrick Skallerud, Russel Schatier, Raymon Stedman, Albion Stutfield, Charles Trick, Stuart Trisler, Robert XYhite, George xYilli2l.11lS, Burton Big ztx h c lun H m m un ua -.. I. .nu V Q llln " I . I . I " UXIX . an. . . ... -1 ...- - l THRIFT CLUB Lewis VVesley Showell Graef Schaffer Adams Van de Kant Burgeson Petkoff Miss Johnson Davenport Ghiglione School Franklin is a leader in thrift. No one who knows anything about banking in Franklin, could challenge this statement. Franklin has led all other city high schools in thrift for the whole of this year as well as the last weeks of the spring semester of 1928. Three times the student body brought our average to 100 per cent and as a reward for this, two pictures were pre- sented to the school by the sponsors of the project in America. Two people have been mainly responsible for Franklinls rise in thrift. Miss Minnie johnson, adviser, has given much of her time in order to bring the school into the lead. Frances Fetkoff, President of the Thrift Club, an organization of the room cashiers, has also done a great deal to help the Thrift standing. These two have Eiglzty-sz'.r qi' ,ix si' -i., ..--' F ,pr 5 4 ll ze . 5, xiii ef a ii Q mov ? 5 .Q fx ww. iw l . .., an Sowhw had the co-operation of the cashiers and students as well. ln order to keep the stu- dents informed of the stand- ings of the schools a totem pole was erected bearing a symbol to represent each Se- attle high school. A Quaker for Franklin, a Bulldog for Garfield, a Tiger for Broad- way, etc. This pole was kept in the main hall and attracted much attention. Qn the bul- letin board a record of every room was kept. Benjamin Franklin was a great exponent of thrift and it is something of a distinc- tion for a school named in his honor to be a leader in thrift. Although at t11nes through the year the school has been hard pressed to keep its lead, it has main- tained it, and it is hoped that this interest in thrift will thrive as the years go by and that Franklin will always set the pace in school savings. . - .. - . m fu nu in in I, lu u " u lun lun 'I ll lllil - un ... ... ... ... H..- --. - sta, ,, -i ,ab Palmer H emrich McLeod Tramper Sonoda Summers Erickson Cummings Page Reisinger M. H. Griffin Taylor McLeod Reisinger Debate Club TSHE Debate Club is one of the new organizations formed in Franklin ' ' this year. The group elected as its officers, john Reisinger, President, and Gerald Hemrich, Secretary-treasurer. Many students in Franklin are interested in debate and the club was formed for the purpose of giving these students a chance to advance in that subject. The club also tends to increase interest in the inter-school debates and to train future city debaters. Franklin's city debate teams this year were unsuccessful as far as vic- tories, winning two out of twelve contests, although some excellent ora- torical work was displayed. The affirmative team was composed of Gerald Hemrich and jack Sonoda, and the negative of Harold Palmer and john Reisinger. Bessie Taylor joined the affirmative during the spring term. The two questions argued were: "Resolved: That the President and Vice-president be nominated and elected by direct vote of the people," and i'Resolved: That a system of unemployment insurance, supported jointly by contribution from the employer, the employee and the state be adopted in the U. S." Mr. George Kellogg is the faculty adviser of the club, with Mr. Griffin and Mr. Davenport as coaches for the speakers. I 5 1, Q liiglt tj'-.tvrmz MEMBERS 0 HILQY PHE Hi-Y Club is an international organiz'tion my sed entirely of ' ' separate groups of high school boys, In 1' d' as thirty mem- bers, devoted to school and community servic . The service idea has been carried out extensively in relation to the various athletics, as well as other school business. Cocoa was served by the group to the football team during its season, members helped with the work on our field, assisted in coaching, managed, took tickets and ushered at the Auditorium field, provided transportation to away-from-home games, and visited the grammar schools in the district, enlightening the graduating classes on high school procedure, activities and athletics. Mr. S. P. Trathen is the active adviser of the group, vvhile Mr. E. A. Dome represents the Y. M. C. A. The officers for the past semester were: Joe Richards, President, Alan Royce, Vice-president, Dave Gruger, Secretary, and Ross Pedersen, Treasurer. Bernhard, Art Boydston, Max Duncan, Bill Fallon, Wfalt Fiscus, Scott Gruger, Dave Hasselblad, Ed Eiglxiy-eight Henry, Chuck Hutchinson, John Iarvis, Jack Laird, Ray Nlurray, Tom Maurer, Merritt Nichols, Frank Ogawa, Herb Pedersen, Ross Peterson, Stan Richards, Joe Rich, Stan Royce, Al Reisiuger, John Sayler, Fred Schaefer, Ray Stedman, Al Steele, Hob Stuttield, Chuck Sutter, Lee Trick, Stu NYilliams, Hurt VVhite, George lu ll ' ' lx nun . . . . ,, mai in -1- in , lun I' l I ' I' ni!! ... - nu ... ... .i. ... ... --..- --. - ommercziul Club Z' wjlili Commercial Club. one of the largest of Franklin's organizations, ' ' and the most active, was formed in 1920 for the purpose of enlarging the commercial students' knowledge of our Seattle and northwest in- dustrial and commercial projects. The highlights of this year's activities on the part of the club include several trips to downtown establishments. where the visitors have each step explained by experts in that particular line. The annual Western XYashiugton Fair at Puyallup was also listed as a collective visit. ln june the club made the trip to Snoqualmie Falls. visiting the Sno- qualmie Ifalls Lumber Company, the Fish Hatchery and the Puget Sound Light 8: Power Company's turbines at the lfalls. Lunch was had in Sno- qualmie llass on lake Keechelus. The meetings at school featured carefully chosen speakers. selected for their knowledge and ability in various lines, who gave talks on aviation, printing, merchandising, importing, advertising and manufacturing. Mr. li. ll. Hailey. head of the commercial department. is the faculty adviser in charge of the club. lfle was assisted by the officers elected early in the year: llarriet lilackwell. President: Margaret liubank. Yice-presi- dentg Catherine McLeod, Secretary, and Evelyn llolloman, Treasurer. Eiglzfyefzflze 3 .aa-u.... M!!! - 19 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is one of the largest organizations in the school. An active year was had by the group with many notable speakers at the meetings, including the Mexican Consul to our city, Mr. Jose Torres. The Spanish Club also sponsored a Spanish film held at one ot the large suburban theaters. Oliieers for the year were: Robert Steele, presidentg Luella Roe, vice-presidentg Betty Schaffer, secretary- treasurer, TCSITALA CLUB The Tusitala Club is one of Frankliifs active groups. Many of the students possess literary talent and this organization enables them to further their interests in that Held. Several excellent stories and poems were turned in during the year by the members of the club, some of which have been used in the Tolo VVeekly. The officers were: George Plant, president, Effie lllae Summers, vice-presidentg Mary Louise Schneider, secretary. The club is under the guidance of Miss Lindberg. Nixzefy . . . - . fu nf in il. M n lull " u :lx lun " I I I I I U uxxn ... - nu ,.. ... ... ... ... -..... ..-. - FRIINCIT Cl.L'll The French Club, an organization of the students of that language, is rapidly gaining' a foothold as an important society. Its purpose is to promote interest in the French language through snappy meetings. There have been many interesting speakers presented at the bi-monthly meetings. Mlle. Du Val, our instructor of French, is adviser for the group. The ofticers elected by the members include: Patricia O'llara, presidentg llarriet Blackwell, secretary, and Anna Ilabcrland, treasurer. ART Cl.l'l3 The Art Club, recently reorganized after a few years of inactivity, is rapidly returna ing to its former position oi importance. All art students are members, and each roll is represented by a chairman who carries on the business affairs, Many interesting artists, collectors and critics have spoken to the members, The ofticers were as fol- lows: President, Grant Matthews 1, l.eon Sutter Z1 vice-president, Egbert Voight 1, Geraldine Reisinger 2, secretary, Katherine Reisinger l, Muriel Klonette Z: treasurer, Richard Steele 2. .'Yz'uct,i'-one ,uf l J, ,- get ff J . SERVICE CLUB The Service Club is one of the most helpful clubs in the school, Its name signifies its purpose-to serve the school. The members of the club have helped in various ways about the building. They cleared the athletic field, erected goal posts, and secured transportation for the athletic teams and other useful things. Stan Peterson is president of this club and Mr. Reseburg adviser. ' STAMP CLUB One of the active clubs in the school is the Stamp Club. The club provides a place for those students who are interesetd in stamp collecting to get together and discuss stamps. The members of the club hold auctions at their meeting and stamps are auctioned off and exchanged among the students, The officers of the club are: Jack Fowler, presidentg Russell Skallerud, vice-presidentg Alvin Pearson, secretary. Miss Bailey is faculty adviser. Niuetyetvvo I I I I I Firm SCHZNCE CLUB Due to the interest of the students in science, the Science Club was again organized this year. It elected as officers, Bob Iiffinger, president: Morris Pixley, vice-president, and Jimmie Oakley, secretary-treasurer. The purpose of the club is to give the science students a chance to become better acquainted with the scientific work carried on in and out of school. Mr. Laizure is faculty adviser of the club. FILIPINO CLUB The Filipino Club was organized for the benefit of the Filipino students, to help them obtain positions, get acquainted in the school and in general make it easier for them in unfamiliar surroundings. Vincente Nuesco was elected president of the club, with Mr. Reseburg as the faculty adviser, Other ofhcers were: Carlos Pascual, vice- presidentg Saledad Felipe, secretary and treasurer. Ninety-three , Q MM! - is L V, : vi if -,W ' V' ' 9 I 1 . x 1 xv OFFTCIZ FORVE Ilrogren Pattersmx Summers Mrs. Gmpcr Miss Moormzxn Striker Loader Summers NI orrcll Sovcreign I lately Petcrsmm Tate Clark lirzwkeu w N Q W , I.IUR.XRI.XN5 Palmer .Xrizumi Iluclmur r lluclxrer Frces 1 8119111011 Kcrus McXYilliz1mS Miss Caughey Reisingcr Tshuuo STAGE FORCE VY Henderson Mr. T. F, Calcs Schuman Bertram Cunningham Bale Anderson Ninety-fo11r' X yy' 1, fdkf' 1 S 559- if 25? F' " , ,J Q 3 ff. 5 Rv -I If ' Elf' 'i"""!':iwe wig!" . 55-7 1 EQQQ A i l We W. 'td 1 U1'liRl2'1'T.X l.lC.XlJS ' 0 0 N Prince of Pilsenw .N MAY 3 and sl-, the two act comic operetta, "The Prince of Pilsenf, was presented to an enthusiastic audience. The production was di- rected by Vtlalter S. Armbruster. A Cincinnati brewer, llans Wfagner, is traveling abroad with his daugh- ter. Wlhile in Nice he is mistaken for the Prince of Pilseu, who, it was rumored, was travelling incognito. There is an intrigue plotted by Francois and Sidonie, the head waiter and a lfreneh maid, involving plans for a fort. These are given to Hans and as a result he is arrested as a spy, but is soon set free. The identity of the true prince is then revealed. The same cast appeared both nights with twelve choruses, made up of over a hundred students. The business of the production was taken care of by Tom Murray, student manager. CAST 5 . 5 Prince ...................... Frances Oakley tl X Hans NVagner ..,......... Paul Johansen Tom Wagner ........... Clifford Burner Francois ........... ..... l ,aurence Manley Artie ..............,.. Walter Snellenburg Jimmy .............. ....... R oy Gustafson Edith Adams ..,........... Emilie Bissett Nellie XYagner .... Eva Joe Vxlilliams Mrs. Crocker .ii...... Ridsdale Groves Sidonie ,.................... Audrey Nyberg Ol' I2 RETT.X G L Eli CLC I3 . , I I Nlxzety-sm' gl I 'fl L 1 x r m r N K . . 1 - , n M 1 xx" w V' I L 7 s Ek r A A- l, I if Lia li... ,IUNIOR GLEIC L' 'Z CH RAL CLASS Tix AJb4v-Ns.Nv ,GJ-A-fvck ORCIIICSTRA Of' 0 nf P5 wwg im? f x' Jude 61 IVV!--N.: o-V, LNNJCKJ I I .----- Q Inu .: U. In an H. m n lun V F A In I in ' ' .w:.:.. 4 I ! M :Lum - 19 1 .A , 4 2 E 4 w K w A 1 1 I i R Y Niucty-Uigllt VX'II.X'l' THE CAMERA SAXY lung: ul un an an nn I- u-l H un . . nu 1 A 'E H!!! "uw K 671 if ' f ff, , N... . .....-,,, A '4 A4 ik N., 1 'sv 1 Vw "T,, XYIIIQN IT NYENT RCLXKIIN1' s I5 Yiflufy-111' r f p - -.- -- . u nu m un u .ll n u una, ' ' ' 1 3 .aa'e.::. MEM ILE!!! - 19 . , w i One Hundred in IN FAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS A H ,W UIQ 1 - Pl' 4-f up ,A X' A 77JLf77QS! fze sfzzcfy ozflfzvrezgrz fangzzageg whife not QSSCIIUBL serves to aivrn ana! pe1'1lQCt tba civzk ana! so 13 typzbafozfathfeizksf wfczkh tfzo not A 1lQvr11'1a!part offfce Czzrrzkzzlxf aofac Lie Mc sfzmfy oflxfvrezgrz fanguagesf to Me PGFIQLYIIOI7 o1fLzzn1.x11z'ty. I I B bfi I . f, "7 'T f L yg . I , ,- , fig T c A "Vt ' zirst Team If Ross T T 3 Mc j Prgfssr FOOT - me T 'R,xNkL1N's 1928 football season i was not successful in the num- BZQQN ber of games won, the team ending with two victories out of six. How- 6"""' ever, none of the defeats were de- cisive walk-aways for the Quaker 0 Cmmg opponents, LO 5'U'F'Ew Coach Kirk was looking for a 7 T ,MACK good season when he issued his first call for gridiron men, with five let- termen responding in Ross Peder- Cliellia son, Charles Stutlield, -lohn llurton, Dominic Constantino and Tom Nm Murray. His main problem was that of finding backheld material. N , t Cleveland, who made its debut in I, first team competition, was easily gl I v , Viz defeated by the Green XVave, 20 to T Lf, V, O. It was not until the second half .Jil , signs that the Quaker eleven showed Kp some real action and continually ' i ,f walked through the Highlanders' , line for long gains. fi. SQSEQR Threatening to defeat their tra- ,l J ' ditional rivals, the Quakers met the J J" lflroadway Tigers in their second fl, conflict and fought desperately for J three quarters, only to lose in the ZQSQJQQIM last canto, when two touchdowns il Wm were scored, giving the Tigers a 13 . to 0 victory. f. pit, In the three following games, the y mm Green Wave found themselves on 5 1 'mm the small side of the score, losing to if I l F ,ll Q " I v 1 ui. at lid jff P ,vi -. TRSGVE HINSEN GUARD rom ' Mufzrm fi M1 ' 1 I x 4 ' 31 Var 1, if' Ali NEVMA 1 , ss I929 One Ilmzdrcd Two Ng Lincoln, Garfield and Roosevelt. Lincoln, one of the weaker teams of the league, upset the dope by winning 7 to fi. Both Garfield and Roosevelt. two of the strongest clevens of the league, won by the mere margin of G to 0. The final tussle brought the Quakers up against the VVest Seattle eleven, who, through a victory, would have been given a chance at the city championship, but the ln- dians were repelled, losing 7 to 0. . . . . ll' ,ru vu an nn in in -I 'li - HH' " lllll U un: I . -.m- t... .H ....- ..- A 0 n First Team Twenty-one members of the first squad played the required number of quarters to earn ,their big "lf," They are: Ross Pederson, Tom Murray, George XVhite, Charles Stntlield. Joe Richards, Ray llrooks, lfred Saylor, Merritt Maurer. Dom- inic Constantino, john llurton. lleryl Doyle, Paul Kimball, Trygve Han sen, Mike Napple, Eugene llell, . Stedman, Frank DeCaro, jack lla ber, llob Crane, Irving llurke and Frank Nichols. Of these, thirteen will return next year to assure Coach Kirk of plenty of good material. Those returning are: Pederson, Maurer. Constan- tino, llurton, Doyle, Kimball, Han- sen, Xapple. liell, Stedman, DeCaro, llarber and Nichols. Ross Pederson, the big, hnskey plunging halfback, who captained the team this year was chosen by his teammates to lead the Green NVave on the gridiron again next year. lie also placed on the All-City second team. Sam llnrton, the outstanding star of the Quaker eleven, was the only man of this school to obtain a place on the All-City first team, making a guard position. The player who is voted the greatest inspiration to the team dur- ing the playing season is awarded the XVarner Trophy. This year Tom Murray was chosen by his fellow players to have his name engraved on the cup. Tom was a great help to the team and played excellent ball. although an injury which he received in the early part of the season slowed him up greatly. The managers: John Reisinger, Vkialter Fallon and Al Royce, de- serve praise for their hard work. . I? K 1 Jjgfgf ., , , COACH I KIRK , BALL FOOT- I 1 E E l 5l'fDPMN f rw. sux rwmm Mmm 3, ,gr END bo s CRANE 5 t sm ' IRWNG r , 2192, wwe i E 2 HCM: MMF. . NAPFLE GUARD EUGENE BELL f-'PNYLR '44 tzf Q, an , . K ef JACK A i BAREER if M17 I wi I 1 J! . ,iff 1 ,A , g .uf -'. -M- U-' vyiw? ' ,f ' 4 V I J ..! ig! li! Y 'AM 4.11 Y I JA. .rj ,,,,.-f"'f' ?f. ' 4 : e ff, ' 3 O ue Hundred Three QF' f ,TQ 1' -.ilu AT' fl ,JJ . 4-111,-4 l,Aa' ' SECOND Tli,XMffFUOTl3ALL l Q , ' , Holland Callin Fowler Rich Duncan, QCalliu Rich Sollick VVallis Ghiglione Perry Matthews H Secoml 'Team Football Franklin's scrub football team had a 50-50 season under Stuart Trick, a 1927 football letterman, who turned out every night to coach them. The team defeated Ballard and Garfield, tied Broadway and West Seattle, and lost to Lincoln and Roosevelt. Those awarded second team letters are: Bob Wlallis, Lenard Rich, Stan Rich, Dave Nelson, lack Fowler, George Sollick, August Ghiglione, Cameron Callin, Charles Callin, liill Duncan, Vllilliam lhashi. Russell Dellarco and Roy llolland. Froslt Football , it The Quaker yearlings, under the tutelage of Coach 'Top' Reed, t ic ot have a successful season, having won only one game of their - 1 ame schedule. Garfield took the first 6 to O, Franklin then def e Vest Seattle ti to 0. Roosevelt won 13 to 0 and llroadvvay Twenty-three members of the squad received the Vllesley Axelson, Harold Babbitt, Richard Diblulio, lack Gilliam, Tom Hagen, Bill Hood, Bill Kiene, Albert Oase, joe Pickering, Bud Runce, Paul Spagnole, Thane Summers, Dave Vfilliams Nlartin Price and ir They are: joe J on. Rugg, 11 red Bill Tulip, Harold W eml ler One Hxuzdrea' Four MN? PW -I f 7 ,, Q Q91 it gi li 1 X., fy 51, 4 T . - . .- in m lu in ..- . yu " " ummm lun U U uint run .,. ... ... ---... --. .. l , 'lg i g ii 71 l.t i ,:t C i eist E 2 2 I M S l l l ,., ,,,,l FIRST TEAM --l3.XSK12'l'll.X1.1. Ross Pedersen, Forward Coach Kirk Frank Nichols, Guard tfiaptain and .Xll-Cityj 'WT 0 'Y i First 'leam Basketball T 7'l2izi4: it not for three ga1nes that were lost in overtime periods, K C Franklin's basketball season would have been a decided sueeess. As it was, the team linished tifth in the upper division, losing seven games and winning tive. ln the tirst round of play, the Green Wave proved to he quite a threat by beating llroadway, Cleveland, West Seattle and lglallard, but suffering defeats at the hands of an equal nuniher of teams, Roosevelt, Garfield, Queen Anne and Lincoln. In an extra half-game played to decide if the Green Vvave was to enter the first division, Franklin ran wild against Queen Anne to win 11 to U. Franklin won but one game in the final playoti, against the ehanipion- ship Roosevelt FIYC, losing to Lincoln, Garlield and Queen Anne. Franklin 17, Roosevelt 23 Franklin 37, llallard 20 Franklin 23, Garfield 24 Franklin 21, Lincoln 22 Franklin 33, Broadway 15 Franklin 25, Roosevelt 19 Franklin 28, Cleveland 7 Franklin 19, Lincoln Z2 Franklin 44, Vvest Seattle 25 Franklin 18, Gartield Z3 Franklin 27, Queen Anne 30 Franklin 24, Queen Anne 25 , L V1 1 - . ' ' ,V 2 Q' A R I , . 1 f Q, 5393 a 1 5 Max lloydston, Forward Hob Crane, Cent , I aids .Xl tedman, Guard li ne fIllllf1'l'C'Lll Fife fix? SQ? lx 1 as Y 2. 3 -X ' ah Jdiellmwtb mwfwj 1, i SECOND 'l'l'I.XNI l3,XSIiI'I'l'IZ.Xf.L 4, 13 Rich Campbell Coach Kirk Gechzm Thomas Mcfiriar, Mgr. N Rich Ihashi Iiarhcr liurtrm Heiiclerson ' 'f " Y iq by .. ,, , K I' X, 5 yt: .WL JV ki A W ala" ,ffl ILML , 1 SOPIIOHORE l!,XSIil2'I'l!.XLI. H Dickie Cnllin Conch Recd Sollick, Mgr, Bayer Cfalliu Rich Geelmn Hawes IJ',Xnge1o 1098. , FROSH B.XSIilE'I'I3.XLI'. Ives Camp Lyford Ishii Difulio VVCinkle1' Rainboth Price One Huudrzfd Six' i , Q if fl gJ',,,ff' In H, ,, U. ... H. .i. ,, n -H lu 1' 'ff' I I I I I nun Secoml Team Basketball I' "ima scrubs. like their elders the first team. won tive games and lost seven to end a fair season. At one time they were tied for the top, but a losing streak spoiled their record. Tn the opening game of the season, Roosevelt proved to be too strong and won easily. Then, in the next four games, the scrubs won from Gar- field, Broadway, Cleveland and XVest Seattle. The losing streak followed, and they dropped all of their games until the Garfield tussle. .lack Barber, Marvin Burke and john Burton were the mainstays of the team and will be valuable men to Coach Kirk next year. jerry tfieehan, who came up from the Sophomore squad, played a nice game. Those who won letters are: Albert Campbell, Marvin Burke, Stan Rich, John Burton, XYilliam lhashi, Howard Thomas and -lack Barber. Sophomore Basketball R.xNK1.1N's Sophomore squad, under the tutelage of Coach Reed, had an exceptionally good season, losing their chance to end on the top of the league when theyfwere defeated by Lincoln in the final game of the season. The only other loss of the year was administered by Broadway, who caught the Quakers napping, and took the tussle with little trouble. By winning the other five games, they took second place in the city standings. Jerry Geehan, llob Ritchie and Len Rich saw the most action on the maple court and were a constant scoring threat throughout the season. Helping these three were Lawrence lloyer, Art De Angelo, Roland Dickie. Charles Callin, Bob Hawes and Cameron Callin. lffresbman Basketball l oxen Rlililliti yearlings, like the second year men, had a good season, winning six games and losing but two, to end near the top of the ladder. The initial turnout found the yearlings a trifle green, but a stiff training moulded them into a smooth working Five. The Frosh won all of their games except two, against Cleveland and Ballard. Both defeats, however, were close score matches. Collings Wleinkler was probably the most valuable man of the squad. He led the Frosh in scoring and displayed some stellar floor work. Ed Lyford and Dick Camp also showed exceptional playing and Bill Kiene, 'loe Dihlulio, Yernon Rainboth, Kenichi lshii and Ralph Ives completed the squad. One Hu mired Seven :ll ' fl I ' F7 1 A A , ,X X A ,I ,VXJ , fee" ' ---- ty! "J, ef ' ln' L..-.. i llASlil3,XLL Iloyt, Mgr. lleaton, Mgr. Kimball Ritchie Parker Ilalglcisli Janes Coach Reed Balbi liarber Metzker Fiscus W7arrick Sollick Nelson Hutcliinson Connors Rich Gruger, Captain XYl1ite, Assist. Coach Burton Pedersen Gcehan liurke Horat, Hat-boy k t .4 tciselmcill ' ' ,xs1z1:.u.1. seemed to create a new interest at Franklin this year, and when Coach Reedls first call for candidates went out, there vias a larger turnout than ever before. Five hurlers reported for mound duty. Scott Fiscus, a two-year veteran, and Ray Wlarrick, a letterman from Lincoln, got the call most of the time. Last years infield combination of Gruger, Hutcliinson and Pedersen remained intact with Len Rich at short. Mario lgialbi and Dave Nelson filled in at short. joe Connors and Marvin Burke received. The Hy-chasers were few but they delivered the goods. George Sollick, Bob Trisler, john llurton, Paul Kimble, Jerry Geehan and Mike Napple were the fellows who guarded the outer borders. Scott Fiscus, in the last game of the season, held Queen Anne to no hits and no runs, tieing with Roosevelt for the championship. lioth teams won ten of their twelve games. , A Q A A 7 Franklin 6, Queen Anile 5 .jf 'f MW Franklin 7, Garfield 4 X1 ' Franklin 1, Roosevelt 2 E E Franklin 8, llroadway 4 A l H Franklin lll, Lincoln 8 A Franklin 6, VX'est Seattle 5 5,6 fi '-iV Franklin 8, liallard 7 f .. Q' Ah Franklin 14, Cleveland 7 Franklin 0, Roosevelt 7 Franklin 7, Garfield 4 Franklin 4, Lincoln 3 Franklin 3, Queen Anne O ... 4,,N..f- A-Qc .xgqs One Hundred Eight f,,., Truck 1 A oixcli Dow: liriaiis initial call for cinder men was answered by a small turnout but consisted of a number of veterans. Four lettermen re- turned. VVilliams and Hansen in the dashes, Stutheld in the weights, Peterson in the high jump and lioh Crane were the veterans. Walt Fallon and Iiruce Heath are also showing up well in the present season. :Xt press time, Franklin had defeated Cleveland hy an overwhelming score and were just nosed out by Broadway in a triangular meet with the Tigers and liallard. The linal count was llroadway, ZSEPLQQ lfranklin, ISS, and llallard. 33'l,fQ. Nine men have earned their letters in the two meets in which Franklin has participated. They are: llurt XYilliams, Stan Peterson, Trygve Han- sen, Richard Eyre, lloh Crane, Chuck Sutlield, Gillman Allyn, Gordon Daly and Kenneth Hines. Other members of the track squad were: XValter Fallon, liruce Heath, jake Cline, Shitaro Xluyamoto, Stan Rich, Cameron Callin. Art lJeAnp'ello, .'Xu0ust Ghiglione. xlohn Hiller, llob Burnett and Red Buckley. 5 6 Franklin was to meet next in the relay carnival at the Li. of XY. stadium and then in a triangular meet with Garlield and Lincoln, followed by a dual meet with Queen Anne. The climax of the track season was the All-City track meet on june l.. Une fIl4l1ll'Vt'd'A7illL' T 1 if tl-'I ,vA4,f I., f',f . I 'JN l"' V r . I N.- ',L LL I7 . 7 x X ff 1 1 ' ' iz. l i l is ,X W It-3. , 'Q , f tg' A X x xx Fx .1- ,I i - - - - - Ill Ill Ill mu H R mu 2 .cc'L'.... 5 5 E ! 5 ...xxxx - 19 TENNIS Roy Vllilson Mr. G. A. Laizurc Sam Gershon Ed. Brown Russ Skallerud Tennis Wfith four lettermen returning for the 15329 tennis squad, Franklizfs chance of ending up near the top of the list was indeed promising. Sam Gershon, joe Richards, Russ Skallerud and Roy Wfilson, a letterman from Queen Anne, are the veterans. Besides these four, several other men are out. Roger Evans, Al Sted- man, Howie Thomas, Ed Brown and Don Laizure were all making strong bids. Poor weather and inability to secure courts for turnouts greatly GUM Franklin's golf team had a fair start in the 1929 season, as Tolo went to press, winning two out of the five played so far. The team consisted of Albert Campbell, Luke Herberholtz, Albert Odne and Charles Anderson, with Joe Kipper, Engvold Hegg, John Murphy and Norwood Nichols fighting over thc remaining two positions. Mr. Knapp coached the golfers. hampered the Quakers. , R GOLF Tl-LXM Mr. Knapp Gurley Anderson Nichols VVashburn Raltch Smith Campbell Herberholtz Odne Kipper Hegg Murphy Bailey One Hzmdred Ten be t Ma lui ' " lx sun I , in nr m in ... lun U ll ull: ... - fm H. ....- -.- CIIEIQR LIQXDERS Hill Speidel Tom Clark, King XYoo4ly Hclfarlaue Cheer Leaders At the first football assembly Tom Clark, duke last year, was elected yell king and chose as his dukes llill Speidel and XYoody Macliarlane. Clad in black sweaters and green and white berets, the trio was among the snappiest looking groups in the city, but lack of good yells and only mediocre support made liranklin's school spirit look rather weak alongside the other high schools at the Auditorium field. tltlletiic Managers There are a bunch of fellows around school who do probably more work and get less credit than anyone else. These are the athletic managers. ln the fall, XYalter liallon, Alan Royce and john Reisinger managed the football squad, and during basketball season Joe Mcllriar and George Sollick threw towels for the basketeers. As we go to press Harold Hoyt and Harold Heaton are the baseball managers, and the cinder men are the charges of john Gruger and jack Fowler. M.XN.XGliRS Heaton Qllascballj Grugei' lTrackJ Fowler t'l'rackj Rcisinger flfootballl Royce flfrosli Football? Fallon Ql7ootballJ lloyt Cllaseballj One Hu1n1'redEIezfcn YK 'All Cyabfffs' BASKET' BALL 1-,ff FIRST SQUIDS Flosylk, SOCCER .f V L6-h-,.f LfeCi7 ,7 52212511735 O H 1-'mar SQUAD diI'I GIRLS, INTRAMURAL . ..... ,, fr. H. t.. ,, "7" lllll 'lhhxxx ... - ,... ...... --. - Tntrotmurotl Sports NNTRAMURAI. sports have enjoyed another successful year in Franklin under the tutorship of R. Knapp, gym instructor, who has given unsparingly of his time throughout the year. Basketball, the first intramural sport, was won by NVood's team in the upper class league, while Shamick's five emerged champs of the Frosh league. The Sophomores won the interclass basketball championship, but in an exhibition game with the faculty they were defeated 32 to 13. Following the basketball season came the intramural volleyball league, which was won by Gillman Allyn's team in the A division, and Barritt Lindmau's team in the B division. The interclass volleyball championship was won by the juniors, but they were in turn beaten by the faculty team in an exhibition game. The cross-country run was not held this year, but to take its place an outdoor track meet was held, which was won by the Senior class. As Tolo goes to press arrangements were under way for the starting of a number of tournaments, including horseshoes, golf, tennis, indoor and hard ball. The climax of these spring sports is the interclass baseball championship games, which come just before the close of school. One IllHZIf1'L'H' T11 irtcen n i Cflnxx of ,Ig Claxx of '14 Clnxx of '15 Clam of '16 Clow of 117 Class 0f'1S 1 Cluxx of IQ , Clam of 30 Claxs of 21 Clam of 2: Claim of J ' .w 1 Cilnxx of 24 Claxx of 25 , Class of 26 1 Ciloxx of 27 Clays of '28 1 CIi1.v.r U f 29 C111 .rx 'en 01' Clam of 'JI Clams of 52 . 1913 Dorothy VVilliam 1914 Marie Iloulahan .--- ............ , 1 11.5, I 5 Wm 11 Ill ' Ill 0 '.M!!.....1.---. - zistorziouill ata CLASSES CLASS PR ESI DENTS 1911 Margaret llurkhart 1911 ,lames Gilluly 1913 AA'aldo Karcher 1912 Harry Seymour 1912 jack Reynolds 1913 Sam Piles 1913IIoward1Iill 1914 Paul Kramer 191-1 Paul XYoocl 1914: Louis Ilart 1916 Louis Hart 1916 Frances Ilostwick 1916 Rohert Dyer 1917 Calvin Hopper 1917 George Dexter 1918 Albert NYilson 19191aek MeA'ay 1919 Earl Mctformiek 1920 Fred liravender 1920 Parker Cook 1920 Charles Harris 1921 Charles Rau 1921 Wialker Milner 1922 Cameron Neumann 1922 Helen Snyder 1923 llruce Cass 1924 AA'illiam Kidd 1924 Kathleen Lewis 1925 Earl Ferguson 1925 Leon Ferguson 1926 joe Sheldon 1926 David Gruqer 1926 Iames McHenry 1927 Iloward Davenport 1928 Morris liallnrrl 1929 John Merrill S 1919 1920 1916 Eleanor MeGrew 1921 1918 Leon Dover 1913 Nina Elliot 1922 1918 1 914 Elizaheth VVaxman 1919 1915 Gladys M, Bragg 1929 1916 Mildred Lindgren 1921 1917 Lola Flagg 1913 Roy Knapp 1914 Myrtle Vlfilmore 1919 Jane Snyder 1920 Herbert Morcom 1913 Arthur Metzgar 191-1 Al Moore 1916 Eleanor McGrew 1917 Ferilette Turner 1913 George Rayner 1914 james Gilluly 1915 Clio Blair 1916 XVestwood VValla 1917 Rita Meyer 1913 Lucien Jones 1914 Nita Rimbold 1921 1921 1923 1924 1918 1919 1920 1922 1918 1919 1920 ce1921 1918 1919 1915 Alohn F. McCarthy 1920 1916 Echo Pepper 1921 1917 Florence Schweitzer One Hl!71ifFEl1FUlll'fCE1l IYRITERS CL. Sara Sisler jean McDonald Dorothy Friend Eunice Story NVRITERS SENI Reimer Phillips Susan Erwin Preston NVright Albert XA'ilson Edna Miller 19135 Lucien ,Iones 1912 Albert Moore 1914 Ellen Turner 1913 Eugene Olson 1913 Allen Flynn 1911 Dolph lloyt 1915 Irving Smith 1915 Paul AA'ootl 1915 ,loseph Lewis 1916 Robert Allen 191711. Hendrickson 1917 Lloyd liaird 1917 Dorothy Iackson 1918 Ilamilton Olin 1919 George Dexter 1929 john Chapman 1929 Glen Iiyne 1929 XN'illiam Kimball 1921 George Artus 1921 Phillip Sutton 1922 Irene Dickson 1922 klohn liurrows 1923 AValker Milner 1923 IIelen Snyder 1924 Don Stewart 1924 Sarah Todd 1925 Earl Selle 19213 lien Smith 1927 Harriet Malstrom 1926 Marguerite Rutler 1927 james Donahue 1927 Charles Stutiielrl 1927 Frederieka Powell 1928 Rurie Todd 1929 Lois Nelson XSS IIISTORY 1923 Charles Harris 1924 Ilenry .Iohnson 1925 Frank Morse 1926 Allan Clark OR CLASS SONG 1922 Marguerite Schmidt 1923 Eleanor Anderson 1924 Florence Ilagen 1925 Gladys Norman 1926 Dorothea Blair VVRITERS CLASS VVILL Fred Blanchard Francis VValdron Marie MeElhaney 1925 Paul Stedman 1926 VVyman Knapp 1927 Roger Johnson VVRITERS CLASS PROPIIECY Reimer G. Phillips Marietta Upton Irma Friend Virginia Grindell 1923 Ruth Stewart 1924 Nora VValdron 1925 Bernhartltjacohsen 1926 Irwin Blumenfeld YALEDICTORIANS SENIOR CLASS Gertrude Elford Margaret Raine Louise Yehslage Charlotte Dobbs 1922 Morris hIeyers 1923 Lois Ilennett 1924 Tadao Kimura 1925 Helen Snyder SALIYTATORIANS SENIOR CLASS IIE-len Esfeld Louise liuerk Helen Quigle Marian Gardiner 1922 Madeline Gordon 1923 George Hitchings 1924 Stanley Ilrogren 1925 Elsie NYilson 1913 Charles AA'alker 1913 Nelson llowles 1914 Lloyd Chase 1914 Marion Reichart 1915 john Kenward 1915 Richard Lewis 1916 John Considine 1916 Cyril Rumble 1917 Robert Bronson 1917 Reimer Phillips 1918 Leo Malek 1917 Alames McCormick 1919 Harold Wiilliams 1919 Hartwell Schotield 1929 ,Ianies Norris 1921 Ilarolil Morford 1921 Palmer Lewis 1922 Earl McCormick 1922 Phil Gruger 1923 Phillip Sutton 1923 Nora XA'aldron 1924 Frank Voorhees 1924 Kenneth Stotler 1925 Kenneth Stotler 1925 Dick Follanshee 1926 llill Templeton Clyde Holmes 1928 James Donahue 1928 Max Iioydston 1929 joe Richards 1929 August Ghiglione 1927 1928 1928 1929 1927 1927 1928 1929 1928 1928 1929 1929 1927 1927 1928 1929 1929 1927 1928 1929 1926 1927 1928 1929 XN'inifrerl Holton Emerson Daggett George Fahey Harohl Palmer Helen Kepler Angela Kennedy Beverly Patten Agnes McLeod James Donahue joe Sheldon Allan Royce Rohert Steele janet Muir Mary Burns lieverly Iloltenhouse Harriet Blackwell Einar Flint Frances Mills Eleanor Flemming XVarren Goss Clark VVilliams Edith Beachwood Sam Wlong Patricia O'IIara BOYS' CL !-g'4i4,H,,,f 4-ff 7"" , W ru m in in , , 1, Q2 9 A 1 1 A 2 9 o 4 isztomeal Dc1L1:fULffCont. COMMl2NCI2MI2N'1' SPl2.Xli12RS 19131Jean Hamilton 1918 Florence Baes 1922 joseph Campbell 1926 Sarah Todd Lee Mcliuen Roy Owen Thelma NVait Henry Charnell Marguerite Miller I2ditli Lee l2arl McCormick Calvin Hall Robert Small .Xlf Otterson Marion Robli llorthea Blair 1914 ,lohn 12. Corbally 1919 .leannette Taylor 19221 Clara VVileox 1927 I2stelle .Xllen Dorothy Meyers Margaret llunn Richard Mangruni VValter Campbell Gladys A. l2ly .Xrtliur Varulerlip Bernice Pashley Sam Fleming Mildred 12. Graef Susan l2rn'in Charles llarris 12dwarr1 XVilson 1915 Ruth 1Vallace 1929 Riehard IJ. Reekie 1924 Dorothy Baker 1928 Charles Coombs ,lames B. Broulette Marjorie R. Piclduek Ilelen Boyd I2rnesl Campbell Gladys VVheeler Helen ,V Lloyd Bernice Parrish Martin Nelson Kenneth J. llorford Ilartwell Schotielcl 1Valker Milner jean Hawley 19111101111 Consicline Jr. 1921 1Vesley Glenn 1925 I2leanor Oium 1929 ,Xlice Brown l2va Clausen Violet Larsen XVilliam -lolinston Marjorie Tankersley Ted Turner Chester Gill Max Ilunter -lack Sonada Kenneth Campbell 12ngenia Relf Trygve johnson Harold Palmer 1917 VVarren B. Benson 1912 1914 1915 1915 1916 1917 1910 1919 1911 1912 1912 1913 1914 1921 1922 1914 1916 1921 1922 1915 1919 1917 1917 1920 1921 1925 1926 1923 1924 1920 1921 1921 1922 1922 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 Lorraine Boyd R. Ashton Rutledge Zillah Ilarned Nelson Bowles Richard Clarke Paul VVood Carl 1Vilson Paul Vtlood 1Varren Benson Irby Crawford Vivian Gill jean McClennan .Xlice McDonald llorothy Meyers Mildred Walsh Marie Storm Ruth 12vans Ruth 12vans .Xrthur Hanson 12rlison MeCreery Alohn Markey Lucian Gearharflt Roy Bach Glenn VValker Iola Snow Pierce Looney Preston 1Vright Olive Malstrom Theodora Smith l2lizabeth Muir George liiteliings Margaret Hall Marguerite Pearl Frances McCauley Martin Klatzker .Karon XVheeler 1Villiam E111111ClL1tl1 Frank Wolfe ,lames Gilluly Al. B. Broulette Kenneth Campbell XVIII. G, Ring Reimer G. Phillips 1918 .Xrthur Connell 1919 Casper Rice 1920 Richard Reekie 1921 12inery Stanley 1922 1211 McGill CLCBS UB PR l2SIIl12NTS 1923 Ilarry Speillel 19231Iayward Ilare 1924 Frankie NVilson 1925 Frank Morse 19215 Clyde Vanclergrift GIRLS' CLCB PRI2SI1ib12NTS 1914 Ilelen Newson 1919 Vivian Lundberg 1914 l2dna Mcliinstry 1929 Ilelen Quiizle 1915 Catherine News 1919 Zillah Ilarned 1922 Norma Davis 1917 Florenc Schweitzer1923 Lorita Tovrnseml 1918 I2ditli Lee GIRLS' GL1212 1923 Clara 1Vileox 1924 Elizabeth Stare 1925 ,Xlberta XVeaver BOYS' GL1212 1923 Iline Brown 1924 VVhitson XVooilard 1927 George 1Vhittle 1925 Cameron Neuman 1927 l2dwarnl XVilson 1927 1927 1928 1928 1929 1925 1926 on 1921 Alberta McMonagl1-1927 1928 1929 1924 Florence Hagen CLU B PRI-ISI1J12NTS 1927 .Xila Kringlebach 1928 1928 l2clith Stover 1929 1928 Marjorie Melllroy CL1'B PRI2SIlJ12N'l'S 19213 .Xllan Clark l92S 1928 1928 1929 SCIENCI2 CLCB PR12S1lJI2NTS 1919 Opal VValoVer 1919 Millar laeohi 1929 Harry Ross 1929 1928 1929 1922 Friilolf Gustafson 1923 Teil Haller 1924 Ilan lluntingtou 1921 Vivian Damerell 1925 Ben Ilamlin .XRT CLUB PRl2SII1I2N'l'S 1922 Norwood Shaetlier 1924 Floyd Flint 1923Idoyd Fhnt 1929 1928 Lucille Mohring 1929 '1'IfSIT.XI..X CLI' B PRI-IS Il712N TS 1920 llorthea Peniston 1927 lanet Muir 1927 Quintin Penisto IIONOR SOC 1925 .Xllmerta VVeaver 1927 liilward XVilson 19213 Bruce Cass i 1920 n 1928 llarriet Blackwell IETV PRI2SIl5l2NTS 1929 1928 Ernest Campbell CO 1IMl2RCI.XL CLC B PRl2S1lJ12N'l'S 1923 Sadie Levin 1923 Franklin Miller 1924 john Kerr 1924 Gunner Cedarwell 1926 Ilarriet Malstrom 1927 1927 1928 1928 1929 1925 Virginia Truax 1925 Sybil Clausen 1926 Sigue VVingsness TO LO EDITORS OF TOLO 1N'I2l2liLY 1919 Susan C. I2rwin 19211 Chester Gibbon 1921 Loren Pearce 1921 Fred Blanchard 1922 VVilliain Lyon 1922 Harry Ilenke 1923 .Xbe Friedman 1923 XValter Rue 1927 1924 Forest VVilliams 1927 1924 Floyd Flint 1928 1925 Bernhardt 1acobsen192S 1925 Alton Farley 1929 1929 Calvin Ilall 1929 1926 Einar Flint lack Simpson Benny Smith Ray ,lackson ,lee Shelilon Burton VVilliams l2mlith Mel1onald Florence Foster l2clith Beaeliwood Marion Bertram Frederieka Powell Lois Ilivlev 12va jo XVilliams Norvroocl Nichols Roger lenson Peter Ilerlan Charles Stuttielcl Reinier Beeuwkes Bob Cunningham Boh l2ftinger Grant Matthews Lee Sutter George Plant Max Boydston Charles Gould Luella Crist Lawrence Perrett Bertha Ilivyak llarriett Blackwell Robert Reese Ted Crosby 12merson Daggett Herbert Ogawa Robert Steele Charles Henry One Hundred Fifteen ' .,.. I ,ff 'if' "'1""f9" 'A Ill sun 3 1 M :Lum - iib NM- lux!! in! ,z v 1 . THE Scuoou. Yemz' X' , "wi' -- -Y--Y l A A 1 Whx . 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'U M" w- : .- ' Wefxroravcmm Cowger Mig ' .f '7 Lk , l YV sam XL A J ff LI ' PGH. Q! VT f 'I' 'Y 'E WA! I 3 We lu 121 ' ' I qw: Z GL awww r F, I9 fl F M Q L-L31 xl ff, Mlm X9 fx fx ' lt! " yi X ' 'slxsr E x ,Kia JW 6 X' V, J' X1 :N IK f xg SY if Xf' JV! Q5-N L M' A RQ G QQU , 2 ' Qfllx, 1 Lax x u Y ff X, , X ,f rw-r Y, V Xi l H by 3 X Q., 1 " K1-WING DAETY XL. 1 some Km SU-N1 HY Omm Enzcsm Q N T S13 W ' I 3 gm Q I K -nl .Q4 Q ,W 141, - -Q w I f X , I 4' B Y t f I xl X9 141' EL - ' ,Um u V-1 Om' l'l1zml1'mi ,S f 1:54, rs x 23 ' , X ,E f - i o 1 . X C J 1' A - f . C ' 1 1' 'lo e X it I -f zzsrtorrco oztoff ont. A, ,f BUSINESS MANAGERS OF TOLO VVEEKLY J ' 1913 Liyle Sniith 1919 Harold Morford 1923 Ilarolcl Swanson 1926 Robert Reese 1 1911 Arthur Ianson 1920 Jack Nlulhern 1924 Franklin Miller 1927 Ralph Marsh V ' 1915 Cec1LR. Smith 1921 Robert Uren 1924 llenry Miller 1927 Martin Nelson 1916 VVill1e R. Illoss 1921 Lewis Cohn 1925 Rob Hayes 1928 Joseph Kipper 19177 Robert L. Allen 1922 Arthur liuerk 1925 Frank Ewing 1928 Stanley Wlilhite y K I 19W Lloyd T. Baird 1923 Phil Watson 1929 Donald Thompson V' EDITORS OF TOLO ANNUAL 1913 Frank XVolfe 1918 Reimer G. Phillips 1922 Wiilliam R. Lyon 1926 Theodora Smith 1 I 2' 1914 James Gilluly 1919 Susan C. Erwin 1923 Iames Morford 1927 llonald Uhrich x f ' v 1915 james llroulette 1916 Kenneth Campbell 1917 NYilliam King, jr. 1913 Lyle Smith 1920 Chester Gibbon 1921 Loren Pearce 1924 Franklin Miller 1925 llernhardt Jacobs 1928 on1929 BUSINESS MANAGERS OF TOLO ANNUAL 1917 Robert I., Allen 1921 Robert Uren 1925 Martin Nelson Arthur Bernhard Douglas Brown Lorrin Malstrom Babe Seidenverg dal I !X Wie 1 1914 Arthur Hansen 1918 Lloyd T. Ilaird 1922 Arthur Ruerk 1926 ' 1915 Cecil liz Smith 1919 Harold Alorford 1923 llarold Swanson 1927 Robert Reese 19116 XVillie R. Bloss 1929 Jack Blulhern 1924 Ilenry Miller 1928 DEBATE CITY DEBATE 1915 Herman 11lumenfeld Kenneth Morford XVestwood Wlallace Ioseph Lewis Douglas VVallace John McCarthy Morris Shindel Iulius Shain Esther Mohr Gladys Bragg 1916 Cyril Rumble Joe Lewis Carl Shulz Clare Alez Charles Dunn Morris Shindel Douglas XVallace XVillis Henson 1917 Myron Overackei Sherwood Smith Ilarold Jordon Charles McDonald Rita Myer 1918 Donna Klinker Florence llaes Sarah Sisler Ilermon Meyers Marie Fouts john Prim llelen Quigle Marion Tworoger Sadie Goldman 1919 Glen Hyner Herman Blyer liarold Alorford Arthur Yanderlip Yietor llovell VYarreu Allen 1920 Ilart Snyder WYeSley Glenn Curtis Rutledge Ilarry Ross 1921 IIarry Ross Robert Uren llarry Ilenke Curtis Rutledge 1922 - . Richard hlangrum 1Tartin McLean Anna Barclay XYalter Rue Martha Ellen Ilughes Verne Ray A 1923 Q James Ilartwig Aluriel Crothers Robert Crosby Ellery VValters Ilelen lloyd Frank Ewing 1924 fy Kathleen Lewis 1A7illiam Iohnston Iletty Taylor Robert Hume ' Amador Seijas Vera Kushner Natella Lackey Ilelen McLain i 1925 A Elva VValsted john Taylor Natclla Lackey Marion Stewart A Elizabeth Muir Elsie Vtiilson K , 1926 Ernest Campbell Elizabeth Muir Elizabeth IIarnan Elizabeth Arnold 1927 Marjorie Heffron Luella Crist Ernest Campbell Ray Jackson 11 Elizabeth Arnold Denave Gilbert Ralph Anderson f 1928 -1 Ernest Campbell Ebba Granstrom Martin Nelson Agnes McLeod N Iohn Reisigner Catherine Kauffman Ralph Anderson Gerald Hamrick Jack Stannard S3 1929 'w Harold Palmer Jack Sonoda John Reisinger Bessie Taylor ' Gerald Heinrich One Hundred Eighteen i v X ,J 1 Q,,7 4' '3 x L ' I ' 1rf"lA if n n n n A Ram A 1 ...- . X , o ra 0 1-1 ismricml nircifflfnnroxi ST.X'112 1l121lA'1'1E 1913 .1111-Iinlnitz 11,l2iIlt-11: 1915 Almc liolnitz kick licynulmls Teil Turncr fu V1 nlin 1'-Jnsinlinc T4-cl Turner XYcQtxrr,1ml XY:1llar'c ' 1917 , n V1 Ilarnlrl llrt-wcr l'lare- Allcz Fr-rfluttv Turner Nlnrrls hlnnrlcl llcury tflark 1918 Vharlvs Rlclionald 1Yillarrl Athrrly 11z1r'11lrlRlox'fu1'41 Glenn llyucr Rn11urtAllcn 19211 A i Ralph Rivers Nathan S11'111f1C1 1211-nu llyncr A1I1.1'1011,1 wurogcrs Phil .Xrlcnrs llarulxl S1orfm'11 Nlary 1'L'c1 Norman Ansoragc Albert XYilsur1 llcnry llenke Manlclinc Gurwlmi Francis 1ValLl ron Ruth Stcwart 11'a1ker Milner Frank Ewing Frank Ewing llclcn Snynler 1919 llcrnian Meyvr 1929 llarolrl Xlurforrl 1911 11. Sclrwcrililmnlrl 1912 il. Nurrlgrcn 1914 11. Scliwcinluold 1915 Ralph li. Miller 1916 Ralph li. Miller 4llcnn11yner XYalker11ilncr llc-lcn Snyrler Parker Crunk 11111118011 NYnn4larc1 1lL'111'yjuli11Stm1 Y:-ra liuchncr 1921 llarnlnl Nlurfnrrl 1922 l.nrita '1'uu'nsem1 1923 Ralf l'ptun 1111115011 Wunrlzxr-11 1924 Aluricl k'rntl1c-rs llr-lun Snyder 1925 1Yillifnnllnlinatnn F11RL'N1 PRICSIIFIZNTS 1921 Ralph Riva-rs 19251 Philip Sutton 1922 1'1ii1ipSuttun 1924 lillery XYalter .X'1''l'1C'S TENNIS 'l'RO1'11Y XY1NN1-IRS Presciiturl hy G. A. 1.aizure Awarclf-nl each year 1911 .Xrtluir Krause 1913 1,CS1C1'1:211'1l1C1' 19111 1121111141C.'F1101111'7SOI'l1921 1917 linlvert Lv. Bronson 1922 1913 fulin Hyde 1914 Lester Farmer 1913 XYillis llcnsnn 19119 Frank Townw 1917 Phil Rucker 1914 11011 Campbell 1913 1,41wCl11Va1s11 191 fi NYarrcn Henson 1917 Johnny lifaw 1918 Dcwcy licnyon 1914 Kenneth Stevens 1913 johnny Allen ntl 1917 llugh Russell 1921 ,loc livcugoocl 191S11ugh Russell 1922 111111111111 Uliu 1919 Allvcrtunllarslnnan1923 Vlarcncc Nan 19211 -loc Livengnorl 1924 Ray Carlson XYARNER TROPIIY to the lmy wlm has proven tn he nmst valuable 1918 Clilfnrfl T. 1-lWV111Z111192l1 llricc Taylor 1929 liinalnlo fascia 192-1 llaywarrl liare lvan 1.. Innes 1923 Toni Xlirantc litlclie McGill 19215 Liherino Patricelli t'AP'1'AINS FOOTBALL '1' EAM 1918 Gum-ge '1'lmrntou 1919 Stcvc Pigott 19211 11ain Stanley 1921 lirlrlit- Mcliill CAPTAINS IZASI 1919101111 Tliortou 1929 1921 1922 19211 1921 Rinalclo Caccia ,lolxn C1116 Gordon Green C'A1'TA1NS lirlxrin Farwell lvan ,lonvs 1917Horacef'11c5Cbroug111922 ,1U111'l11Y Hager 1919 T611 Abner 1922 1923 Harry Speitlel llarolzl VVULNI 1924 "Rc-ml" Currie 1925 Alec Rlagur iliTl3A1.L TEAM 1923 1924 1923 Frank Morse llayxs ard Dare Frank 1Yi1snn Lvn NYL-isenian lialpl lfrc-rl 1 Rivers liravcnrler Francis NYalrlrnn XYalt lfllcr 1141114- cr Rue y XYaltcr rt llunie 1icrtruclL'Austin 1924 1Yhitsnn XVomlarcl 1923 11'1111Z1111J011115101'1 1923 Dick Cox 19213 1927 1928 to th 1927 1928 1929 1920 1927 1928 1929 1926 1927 1928 19211 XYhitncy Follansbcc 1929 11AS1i1!AL1. 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