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if W 55215 9 xg f5 'i533ifQf EMM Fm?kgyj TQ fit W won Q01 f U 1 .0 9, x Q ' MZ? X52 2 ff? D9 V .9-ff ' . 'M - WNWW 744 3 ,HW LU j ggiissi wwcwe mid igig 3 in E? "M Cf !LWubw'8 W'-vfbmw 1 ' U 4124 Aww. LUOLKL I Mlm QQ Mgwipwwm 'www A Wmjkbkm -- f ' ,MRD W Lb 0 Hkw Rmfx H TE 'MNH QV ffff5kfQ'3f"j'fffd !Gg.1WBXLQ 1 riff O g Mwddifgfdfg ,ilk "'f.. Y?-I .J-K .,J-i -N ig 05 Oixiilgp X G 9 F z CW W X x J5. cr -vgafijv OO, l Q00 5 X ,954 vbcigfc' cgi Qyg- Qvwwxfkyjdgb - xc' U . Xb OJ-1 OBNEW QQDQE Q SV Jbwo gwxbm 650 O ZW, X Y QM xg! Qibxg . fd 641 VSV wow' JWRQ 452392050 459 C 'JWWQEEQQSQQWVGQ 4 WQAX o Nos .fxlw O Xl! Q gdw b qi, Owgjwjg syb gi Ayn 'Qvigvy Q X Qffxgdx J?Q5l50if3Q'f?S?5 Qgf?-'iggw Y' OO 35? bw' Wfbpzx GSW! N 29, Ky cgi? X '09- kfkkr Q69 ' x64f'5x xgisi. S THE 1969 SHIELD STAFF H Proudly Presents: L D FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL ,69 I Somerset County New Jersey XN?yg,.,.,, 255: 'wifi' . Simi-Fw? GIW35, .1 'l11'5s"x""N'v. JM a 1f'4fz'f:.QhK-..1. 3 15 - Sw W i?-a",F'13e.s-WAWP W ' ' , kk 1-:if 2.513 x.fr4R3.-,As fgpsv yi w,,i.wq Qi NWA Q Y? 1 VZPHQQ. if-lf' fm' Ni ,Z , f x X X N 5 . 0 -'XXXL '-A ' YB" F W-1 if 1 ' .-'- "'X. . "-EY"-' X K ,.. N x 'bww ,Ku . X 'ax tr ., 4 ,. xx - .N -is Vxx ,SXXXY ' 'WNV 'ri Mx ix YQ' I-2 2 E 'mv-.?lzx'gQ.f-a-:Q'2.ix'a" - -,,51n,l"gfg:'- -WAN!.4-"x1SL:?Ipw-1V w Tv: 'q,x'fgfQAi'-1'.E 'iz-.-:.:'fmIm, - 933. , MTM-.wi -Q, .e.':5q.w"wi21 ' -,rv .gf:'sfq3'-fi-:' ' '5.- x"Ya'.4M -'-A-5x.2'vxhS'4-v '-!'.f--'NQQ- A - .ww-1 - "Mn-, rv JI- .w w X -x.. , "4"33 Saw 1. . . . N 19 X - fm-tr + -9-:W mf' V'-QI'-'nf-w. .---v 'X' 'vw'-" if A-W1-, w ,. -:QfQfsi.,!,--.ffI-f!-?-- 6 ' nnmi' '-x -A . W9 ':"x"wgvfi4- -gw..4, -.5 -A ,. 5 A ',,-'--,Qt ,f-,-pm -.J . 4,1 nq.3955f- k H -A . +1 ..,Q.ffw-Mgt .' Q we 1 ' -s. my 'Q'1fQ,X.-"wc K d'+f',f-'Ss iq? 9 "-,'f-4""'-fQW?ia'.ff: ,Q 3'-1 1 fu' ,--, -A , .Q-l S., -'-v . . I--Agt' e-1+ - - Ea! vg zo- QAM:-gw 'Sa-Lk::'f"A W -. Q' 1 -' 'fH"'A9',, 311:11 'ws' ' 'M'Mm ' fl - .4 -4?-NN "1-if'-.-ir affddjn' mf"'W"vf,-mw- :-:fa-1'u',m.... W5 - K ' JS-,'ff'f. wwf Q In ff..-S-w , . '-5-.Ka gi w- +-.f-+' f I' M '-.Wa nic' 3 '."-W"f'.f'-'X xl - . " ifF'1':QA:'1 . . Q XX, 12 ,.f5:i'E94-'ii-4?"'2V,57111 -ji.-w-Q 'R'-vegii-',31"-rrfA'5,,. xg-A-LFLQ.-:' ,Hg 'I-S5-?2'f'5S1Q-:.fa' . df Q-syggxiggeqafp-r-xv! ,,f'+'.4,,JN sL:'7'.-'?32'4.-f1 W.-My Qgiffogseqie wi, ,Y fy-:Xie-z - ' H x 'F 'W'-ff. - - ' ' R' 4 ' . '-.",H:'I1' ""'f'. '-'51-":' '54 fx ' ' -TV", tiff' 5753.552 J' ,?"-Q.. EJ-'-"-JH ' ' A '+-fimffw "k" '-ff - fa wtf' iff?.".'f2"'Mf-ffl fit V. 'ff 3 1ff--3'-T-Miifxh.Jw-ffi.v,.,m '2TQ:e1Z22'ygQ31:3Mgf!f,7zv'Q 9, 1 , 'Z " -.213 1 M 1, ',g,:1'-vzgfaegm,fv....j4y7.W-N.-ffm 4'-,rx 1'Qzw':f.-g:!f2oy2.Q1,,'q'5-r Q-4,-V-if --wc -, , , f J-11' :siefm-erffzww Vbjju " " ' 5 av, -V.-mv .,.:?' vi im-,f .W ' W-sag, I -bw? ,- .W ff,rr'.1,A, ww n15f5fQ'Y'zv'ff if ,s".'- 451 5"f4, ,1w.5?:'f 2. -,- .masvkrag 54 E4 .lxglq 'fx 2 Mg., 5-.ggv . v-3.5.5, M , , zA,:.f',,-,...fg.:.q:-.g,v.. at ff ,ki - - ' gg! V. . 39 51059. 5955: .,..,,,3,..P,L,.r, .... I A VZ 5 ...,. ,, , Sf'-'?W"'v' - . , , . 33?-.4 fglfggz-kk .gg..,5x5, 3',.g.gQ::5,2': Vw .,. . - l Xie 4 ,i -. R: - TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .... FEATURES .... CLUBS ..... SPORTS .... UNDERCLASSMEN .... FRESHMEN . . . SOPHOMORES .... JUNIORS .... SENIORS .... 6 22 35 54 80 82 88 94 100 PAGE 3 x .-Wi..,,-xl .,. gi I, 'Pgl P42 The Shield Staff of 1969 would like to formally thank Mr. Gaar Lund for all of his help as the yearbook advisor. This is a position which he has held for the past eight years. During this time he was be- come more than an advisor. Each year he faced the next new, completely unexperienced staff and somehow taught them how to successfully produce a yearbook. We were each given confidence and a more definite sense of respon- sibility through him. Therefore, this is to show our deep appreciation and gratitude for all of the help he has given us. XQfl'i" e 3 V . 3 we Q 4.-an ' - fQ iQ ' 2?fii"if ' i2'!'?' t. 1 i f W. Q au 'i l m'+',g r f- ' FOREWORD M' s " When the Shield staff held their initial meetings, which were open to all and any students interested in working to plan and produce the 1969 yearbook, there was a common goal, in everyone's mind. That goal was to present the best book that we could possibly produce. At that time we were not totally aware of the problems aheadg nor did we suspect the amount of time-consuming work in- volved to attain our goal. The staff did not stop working at the close of school last June. Frequent meetings were held during the summer. Ideas were introduced, discussed, and decisions were made. Since September, an average of four nights per school week were spent designing layouts, planning pictures and their schedules, cropping pictures, typing copy, and re-reading copy. 'I'his does not mention the numerous hours of work involved in fmancing the book. For the above reasons, I would like to express my gratitude to all of my editors, staff members, and advisors, Mr. G. Lund and Mr. J. Wnuk. I would also like to thank Mrs. M. Duitsman, Mr. R. Foster, and Mr. D. Davis for their aid during emergency situations. The cooperation for other faculty, organizations, and students were also appreciated. Now with the eighth chapter of Franklin history closing, it is the staffs hope that we have reached our goal, and that you enjoy this yearbook. , Lffl 'a 6 5 S 'M' :Q P6 :rf PAGE 5 um-.x'.vv n+mmxuwwwmm Ni K 1 ACULTY AND Xlykyxgwxx wwwvum--W-wurwfvnv --v--w---H------f'-----'--- - - DMINISTRATION M... .Nqr-. . . .M ,. -L .. '.f.x:.,.u-Q..- .-f... .A , .-,nm .. . ,, "The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires sebf distrust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no deciple. " Amos B. Alcott PAGE 7 PAGE 8 Principal Patrick J. McDermott As you recount and relive your high school days in the future years by pondering the pages of this book,l would hope that you remember not only the many worthwhile social and athletic experiences you have had but also t.he fine educational preparation you received at Franklin High School. Although your success in life will depend in some measure upon your personal dedication during your twelve-year academic experience- those of us who have played some small role in your development will constantly share a concern for your well-being-your difficulties-and your many triumphs. PAR-L w1D.,T.IB2 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Kenneth Adams Mr. Paul Broady MF- Philip Maflcinelli Dr. Robert Shaffner Mr. Joseph Wilson Mr. Robert Arthur Supervisor of English 81. Social Studies BOARD OF EDUCATION - First row: Dr. E. DeHaas, P.E., Mrs. M. Panek, Mr. M. Peacos, Dr. R. Schaffner, Mr. V. Buckley. Second row: Mr. H. Orrtell, E. Marlan, Mr. D. Pearce, Dr. R. McCredie, Mr. J. Wilson, Mr. P. Mancinelli. Mr. Raymond Bleiweiss Supervisor of Math 8: Science PAGE 9 BUSINESS Mrs. Judith Atlas Miss Catherine McAndrew ENGLISH Mr. John Butchko Mrs. Lillian Bodnarik Department Chairman Miss Frances DeSa1vo Mrs. Melita Krauszer Mr. Edward Mayer Mrs. Katherine Van Den Ameele Mr. John Wnuk ML Gordon Binks Mr. Patrick Arvonio Department Assistant Miss Pamela Ba,-nes Mrs. Ann Marie Bonanne Miss Cathy Cahill Mrs. Esther Davison Mrs. Jane Golenko Mr- JCHY ICB Mrs, N01-ah Mrs.,Leslie Leftkowitz Mr. Irving MacDowell MIS- Adele MCVQY Mrs. Alice Brenaman Mrs. Mary Duitsman Mrs. Beverly Klausner Miss Arlene Looksteln Mrs. Diane Molee .N ' l S Mr. Robert Janone FINE ARTS FOREIGN LANGUAGE Miss Diana Chalkis Mrs. Mary Ann Mesics English and Social Studies Mr. Gaar Lund Department Chairman Mr. David Davis Mrs. Helene Parent Department Chairman Miss Helen Heller l Mr. William Westfield Mr. Ross Spalt Mr. David Belzer Mr. Stanley Potonski Mrs. Nana Ronsvalle N N Miss Dorothy Simmons 5 61 if . rf, 5, , - bf , a ij.. 'U 3, Mr. Edward Watts Mrs. Annette Weinberg Mr. Laszlo Somogyi Mr. George Ziegenfuss 1,22 'gf HOME ECONOMICS Miss Mary Lou Burdick Department Chaim1an +. 1 Mrs. Doris Grazulis Mrs. RBC WHISOII INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Sanford Wolff Department Chairman Miss Judith Botzan Mr. Stuart Brenaman INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Earl Dunham Mr. Don J. Francera Mr. Andrew Hudak Mr. Walter Klikus MATH Mr, Richard Foster Miss Anita Baffy Department Assistant Mr. John Brunnaben Mr. John Gilbert Mg, Wijlmot Finch Miss Dominga Evangelista Mrs. Ruth Kaselis Mr. David Duitsman ,TL 'z' , .f f gg My .,,,, . .1 W .Z f a A 1' ,.,5 1, K if 4 H E' R f: xl MY- J05ePh MHUTO Mrs. Sandra Micheletti Miss Vivian Smith MUSIC , Mr. Jack Pirone Mrs. Loris Hinebaugh Chairman Mr. Thomas Gall PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. George Ackerman Mr. Bryan Bozick Director MF- Kerry Davis Mfr Patrick Dolan Mr. Charles Gundennan ,, W I , ,K l . . - .,9" .mf Im B! .1555 4 5 f M gs PHYSICAL EDUCATION X Q 'i" v.: sff eg i -igwffs. , , . ,K -. Mr. Garland Harris Miss Mary Mason 5" 5335, Miss Carole Moore Mrs. Rosemary Powell MiSS Pat Weinert Mr. Robert Williams SCIENCE Mr. Harry Brobst Mr. Carl Boyer Dept. Asst. fu. ,hw Mr. William Conger Mr. Robert Ewing Mr. Samuel Feldman . Mr. Richard Feszchak Mr. Wilton Kimmer Jr. Mr. Bernard Nodzen Miss Nancy Nowak Miss Donna Strusiuk SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Thomas Fahey Department Assistant Mrs. Sylvia Blumberg Mr. John Bradley Mr. Wilton Kimmer Sr. Mr. Barrett Smith Mr. Peter Swank Mr. William Axelrod Mr. Thomas Crop SOCIAL STUDIES MI--Tl10m3S Elliot Mr. Douglas Fawbask Mr. Joseph Fosko Ml- William Kfl-lu Mrs. Patricia Matuszewski 4 Mx. Joseph Tabbit Mr. Gregory Vaniscak GUIDANCE S. Mx. Eugene McDonald Miss Adilade Greiss Director Mrs. Wilma Hamer Mr. Charles Pulcrano Mr- Javques Schmied Mrs. Dunn Mr. Richard Weinberg Secretary Mrs. Mary Williams Mrs, Nancy Boyd Chairman Mr. Glenn Reed Mrs. Viola Oram Secretary NURSES G1 Mrs. Yingling Mrs- Carney Mrs. Troichuk Mrs. Kalechstein PAGE 19 Mrs. Pearl Pashko Mr. Philip Olynciw Mr. Salvatore Ronsvalle Enrichment Special Education Work Coordinator Mrs. Ada Ferraro Mrs. Mary Piazola SECRETARI ES Mrs. Nina Pontus Mrs. Catherine Shedden s iii CUSTODIANS Mr. John Young Custodial Staff ,-A., CA FETERIA Mrs. Nell um KN D' Cafeteria Staff PAGE 21 PAGE 22 Never is their work either without reward, or reward without work. Livy FEATURES 1 CARNIVAL A-ff 19? -s. bv- . i WM ik: eg-2 , . .-w , SWJ 'ff' xx x X 4' B J 3 R.-SR. PLAY 26 .ffm 'p --. rin v ' a Q tt 'Bl 3 INHERIT THE WIND CAST Melinda . . . . Howard ...... Rachel Brown . . . Meeker ......... Bertram Gates . . . Mr. Goodfellow . . . Mrs. Krebs . ......... Rev. Jeremiah Brown . . Corkin . . .......... . . Bollinger . . . Platt ......... Mr. Bannister .... Hawker ...... Mrs. McClain .... Mrs. Blair ..... Elijah .......... E. K. Hombeck . . . Hurdy Gurdy Man . . . Timmy ............. . . . . . .Chris Labbe . . Mark Mattliano . Maureen Condit . . . . Rick Sicurella . . John Bonosoro . . . Frank Gerace . . . . Valerie Broadnax . . . . . Roger Beals . . . . Roger Spratt .. . . . ..DaveCowing . . . Terry McLaughlin . . . . . Lyle Gerber . . . . Eugene Curran . . . . Liz Stillman . . . . Carol Yager . . . . Steve Spring . . Brian Tennyson . . . . David Heller . . . . . Art Slani Mayor . . . . ........... ..... S cott Dreiser Mathew Harrison Brady ....... . . . . Tony Mento Mrs. Brady . . . . ........... . Tom Davenport ...... . Henry Drummond . . . Judge ........... Mrs. Dunlap ..... Sillers ........ Radio Man ...... British Reporter. . . Louise Kaleckstein . . . . . Ed Gershowitz . . . Wayne Jonelunas . .... Russell Judge . . . Gayle Micklo . . . . David Heller . . . .Rich Berliner . . . . Howard Gross Reporter ............ ..... H elen Kagdis Juror 84 lst. Workman . . . .... John Courtney Juror 8: 2nd. Workman Jurors and Townspeople Diane Smith Eileen Rojack lvy Deion Charlene Spangenburg . . . . . Bob Sykes Nan Kronick Marcelle Hoff Mary McKnight Margie Smith waive W J e yl ,,,,., A ...,....... L 'J ' W . rigf ,N, 7. f ,FX Lf PAGE 28 ONE ACT PLAYS RAISIN IN THE SUN Ruth ....... .... Walter Lee .... Benetha . . . Tarvis... Mr. White. . . .. Mrs. White ........ Herbert Sargent-Maior Morris Mr. Sampson ...... Mr. Sud . . . Mr. Ivory .... Miss Ivory ..... Mrs. Pencie .... Mr. Ruler .... Mr. Inkwell .... Mr. Woulby .... CAST .... .MaryMcKnight . . . .Leroy Belton .......CherylJones . . Herman Thompson MONKEY' PAW CAST . ..... .................BobSykes . .. Nan Kronick, Maureen Condit POT BOILER CAST . . . Steve Spring Wayne Jonelunas Brian Tennyson . . . . Mary Ellen Cade, Kim Quigley . . . . Michelle Pinheiro, Carol Yager ..........- ......RogerBeals .................KenRuch .. John Bonosoro K' . -M rffzrizbkx fTi1'1?f'!.,z.'f'fi"T5".,n, Q, 'K h f L haf - f .af - - g 'fw"'f sw - - ' al 1, x. E ri , f V 1, 2 y N x J, 5. x A 1 563 Q8 9? ?i-Lf! v. P ' ! WLx4n X rf 'Xt ' 1' f A :lf ,,, ,A ' W ' nf.-A 111. , W R..,:-'ww-F W,3p,i-515. --iw.. 'eww ,f rf rf' ' -Nvgw-, .- Q- -,- -' X 1 1 1 4 4 . ,L 1 1 .. . fm' p 1 a K ...iw f vemzpf- 4 ' J ,fx 4 'I 4 :xx x X . L. N A, ., f, 'fi f a - x ' -X 1+ xx if sf' ' X .LA li I. ' ' :. xx T- xl. f -Q I e -1 .' f xr f V ' 6 ' XX .4 fu." 1 ' - Q 425' YE '3 - a 1 91 -ff, I I I I --23. 4 9 I A ir' 5 4 ' 5 ' 'f 5 '4 N ' AS' ' ' x 'Jkt' 'X ' x X E' x 5- Sm .M-.ex- fw f . Q Rm- .5 . 1- ' 1 x 65, 3 U ' v slim 4 . ' 4 -g 5 B 1 S ,,'q:-:QB Xxx EYKT! K , ' X 4 - 4, .., X ex A cf- en 9 5 .Ny WL- X, -X n ev nn ,, Q . no - 'B 'iQ Q A W' Q xg Xxx F A E ul li . I XXX O 0 iq 0 .. ... X X X K h x ...g ..4-4' N-',-an-hill' ' ' -as 5, . . N X. . .1 ...Qty :stain Vx. Q, ' 5 ' ,gb N Phu 4' ?J1y,r':!f!'f'A4 f ' - -A15 -4 I V' 1 -:"I2,Ly V ,. Y fix 1 'S 1 7? r 1, F rx .Yr Jw Qs. , ,nN,'a"Q lt' A-My ' lub, "'-'24 , x K. .,,,,h .rm ., , 'Q ' ', ' 'ills '- 'LX - fffiiii 1' -' ' , , ,,,x,15.y x :M 6 . 5, -.-11-rrwf,Vfi IW xi--, N UW . 1, H -J., -, ,, .aw Q-5. X 1 g Nl 'Qx',1,k 4 J. ' flu J-42126 X. + N QA ..1, -ts., a . . at , N 'X , na, v Q 'lf it" X X I ! ii 5. 16 'EL Q0 O' ,muff ,Q X 01 13' L., J' ,- CLUBS 'Enthusiasm always exaggerates the importance of things and overlooks their deficiencies. " Hugh Stevenson Tigner . ' ' H First row: I. Iwachiw, P. Naruta, D. Adragna, J. Sferelli, S. Mac Kenzie, D. Lattimore, B. Grider, S. Anderson, L. Abrouma, D. Nimo. Second row: S. Bovie, S. Garretson, B. Buckley, P. O'Brian, P. Danielson, J. Kodges, C. Dunn, D. Balenswala, E. Lowenhar, L. Mendell, S. Slaughter. Third row: P. Knight, S. Agg, V. Broadnax, M. Jackson, D. Arneson, G. Brogan, D. Carter, E. Myers, J. Travis, J. Kelly. Fourth row: S. Boswell, B. Conticchio, P. Smith, D. Mooney, B. Sykes, B. Hinds, B. Burnett, P. Nozenko, J. Vanderwaal STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS First row: S. DeSalva, G. Neirny, M. DiFerdinando. Second row: W. Stines, C. Fizzarrotti Mrs. Ann Bonanne Advisor PAGE 36 STAGECRAFTERS D. Duchai, E. Sorensen, L. Adler, M, Kirk, D. Stark, R. Wheatley, D. Stark, T. Wheatley ART CLUB 'hun-5-+ First row: J. Budd, V. Broadnax, M. Carlano, M. Jackson, W. Wasson. Second row: K. Horvath, C. Bessenyei, S. Schu- macher, G. Melnyk, J. Horvath, B. Galick, L. Wasson, J. Cortlyou CH ESS CLU B First row: A. Nesenjuk, K. Cortney, R. Teager, J. Mueller, P. Schepel, J. Messerol, C. Second row: S. Harl, W. Dawson, J. Baum, T. Teager, E. Morris. 'Ihird row: K. Finc, R. Stuart, L. Myers, D. Latterman, D. DeWarers, H. Wyser PAGE 37 RUSSIAN G ERMAN FRENCH PAGE 38 CLUB k.Vh xi,1:h i ,E AV,A, K K' I HI First row: Miss Simmons, D. Leonovich, P. Gyengo, Pontus, M. Pontus, Iwachiw. Second row: J. Sagi, P. Lapcynski, M. Ostergren, J. Wilson, B. Orechorosky. C. Rockhill, G. Azarko, E. Steinberger, A. Nesenjuk, P. Schepel, E. Schneck, J. Ostergren, A. Marandino, S. Walters CLUB First row: D. Maurer, M. Geipel, B. Zelechivsky, S. Spak. Second row: D. Leuser, S. Nowak, D. Swanton, B. Sovinee. Third row: E. Skladany, H. Wyser, B. Belloff, B. Edward CLUB First row: G. Frank, Mrs. Weinberg, R. Markowski, C. Mavica, D. Lattimore, J. Brastad, N. Ferraro. Second row: S. Gart- ner, M. DiLorenzo, J. Pinter, J. Yazgier, B. McVicar, L. Hoffman, T. Curran STAMP CLUB First r0WS R- Berliner, Miss Barnes, B. Zelechivsky, D. Latterman, S. Hart AM ERICAN FIELD SERVICE First row: P. Brand, J. Dolan, S. Niemy, W. Schuler. Second row: G. Wolfe, D. Surma, K. Clementi, L. Res ac. Third row: C. Lysy, P. Ward, C. Yager, N. Kronic LATIN CLUB First row: Mr. Watts, R. Stewart, D. Nimo, G.P. Zirnite, G. Tuleja. Second row: L. Melick, C. Enoch, J. Mc Aule C. H ' ' Y, aywood, K. Hart, J. Maurer. Third row. R. Racz, C. Moltu, T. Edridge, K. Finc, L. Walton. Fourth row: R. Smith, T. Koolidge, P. Boton, H. Myers PAGE 39 LIBRARY CLUB First row: M. Johnson, M. Abate, L. Piwtoratsky, C. Lamoreaux, K. Bukowski, P. Richards. Second row: B. Jackson, A. Garrett, A. Fama, D. Sanders, C. Enoch, J. Green, C. James, E. Peleskey, R. Sovinee, L. Pearson. Third row: G. Richard- son, L. Fenyo, B. Szur, E. Taylor, C. Jones, G. Wilson, E. Szilagyi, L. Patrizi AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS Eng gcaw: CR.OBfneX ?azzaMJ Ratti, B. Belloff, B. Zelechivsky, V. Mistretta, E. Napolitarrxf-D. Duchai, B. Allen . u y, . n a, . ps aw, . ravrs , . GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB I First row: Mr. Wolff, E. Carson, J. Sano, V. Mistretta, R. Scofield, B. Brown, Mr. Dunham. Second row: R. Lautenschlager, R. Diehl, P. Finkelstein, C. Todd, R. Diabo. Third row: T. Tappen, R. Petri, T. Sexton, R. Mc Coy. Fourth row: PAGE 40 L. Wojtowica, G. Gruber, R. Holmes, H. Pace, K. Harrell GIRLS ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION First row: C. Salter, V. Black, V. Hickson, A. Cappalinni, E. Sepp, E. Steinbergger, J. Efron, N. Faust, K. Gordon, N. Nazar, C. Coury, T. Wash- inton. Second row: C. Ullett, A. Pemberton, D. Pierce, K. Martinek, D. Wroten, N. Frank, J. Scalleti, D. Szabo, E. Myers, D. Tatum, G. Mason Third row: T. Kelly, J. Mobely, E. Milionis, R. Gaither, P. Danielson, K. Marquis, D. Mooney, G. Evangelist, N. Kronick, P. Pace, A. Thompson J. Judge. Fourth row: W. Smith, A. Sanders, G. Davidson, E. campbe1l,M. Diamond, G. Rodriques, K. Clementi, C. Hembling, S. Miklos, C. O'Donnel, A. Byrd. Fifth row: J. Hodges, L. Roberts, B. Scales, P. Donnelly, D. Chamberlain, J. Sanders, N. Moskowitz, D. Garrett, D. Morton C. Dunn. Sixth row: C. Strucke, M. Hooper. INDIAN CLUB TVVIRLERS First row: K. Sincak, C. Wilson, J. Johnson, V. Ingram. B. Kronic. Second row: R. Diazdevillegas, V. Broadnax, D. Hooper, D. Duchai, L. Mendel, A. Howard. Third row: P. Ross, K. Jensen, A. Willard M. Jackson PAGE 41 9 s U NDERCLASSM EN SKI CLUB First row: M. Group, D. Gribic, M. Downs, E. Zimony, C. Coury, G. Evangelist, K. Smith, B. Scales. Second row: S. Shaw, M. Troost, G. Molowinski, L. Mendel, B. Burke, S. Garretson, B. Walley, M. Carano, S. DeSalva. Third row: J. Ross, J. Ostigren, E. Bovie, J. Budd, L. Caison, P. Ross, T. Bailey, K. Marquis. Fourth row: K. Koy, K. Condon, D. Tallmadge, K. Lancaster. J. Sobel. J. Didie UPPERCLASSMEN SKI CLUB First row: M. Ostergren, D. Tippet, I. Iwachiw, L. Zerbe, D. Swanton, M. Mendel, T. Kelly, D. Maurer, L. Golaszewski, J Quigliano, M. Luska, D. Stark. Second row: C. Stilwell, P. Johnson, M. Lecuona, S. Blazewicz, S. Bovie, J. Dayton, E Milionis, M. Lewandowski, W. Wasson, D. Tybor, M. Alexanderson, S. Kaufman, E. Stillman, G. Lanzarotta. Third row: B Reynolds, L. Melyck, L. Gerber, G. Niemy, K. Varall, S. DeHaas, D. Mathison, B. Charleton, D. Welty, L. Blatterfein, M Grokier. Fourth row: K. Larson, B. Rice, D. Rose, P. Jankowski, B. Wolf, T. Marquis, B. Birkland, C. Urban, M. Roth V. Aplas, H. Wiser HOST-HOSTESS PAGE 42 ...Y First row: A. Byrd, R. ,Hudgins, J. McCoy, K. Lanagan, P. Borys, D. Steer, L. Goss, A.M. White, B. Mondey. Second row: J. Endrizzi, R. Andrillo, A. Toth, J. Metz, K. Schmitt, E. Berrios, D. Small, D. Smith, D. Sanders. Third row: C. Schmon, K. Kraft, S. Lanigan, D. Wroten, V. Johnson, J. Mobley, M. Howard, M. Sawyer. Fourth row: S. Gross, G. McLaughlin, M. Foat, J. Hodges, D. Chamberlain, L. Pearson, J. Brooks, J. Mobley 9 BEACON First row: S. Kaufman, J. Courtney, M. Dean, P. Silver, R. Ross, J. Metcalfe, L. Kirpan, R. Scofield, J. Budd, J. Stickel, T. Horvatt, T. Rojak, C. Rockhill, M. Cleveland, W. Leydsmen, Second row: T. Leach, R, Kish, T. Martian, D. Gribic, J. Joyce, M. Carlano, B. Scales, A. Csehi, L. Knapp, D. Heller, P. Borys, N. K.ronick. Third row: T. Leach, T. McLaughlin, D. Kucsma, D. Mooney, L. Brown, V. Clementi, M. Mattliano, A. Nesenjuk, G. Lanzarotta, K. Varall NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: M. Dean, J. Pinter, R. Ross, J. Brastad, S. Spak, D. Duchai, S. Bovie, B. Sovinee, P. Naruta, S. Nowak, D. Leuser Second row: D. Lysy, B. Kelley, S. DeSalva, L. Eden, L. Zerbe, P. Kronick, E. Edwards, M. Teager, G. Tuleja, C. Haywood, M. Hirsch. Third row: B. Allen, J. Locke, R. Mac Phie, J. Jaskula, B. Birkland, N. Wojciechowski, R. Judge, J. Witchel, B. Reynolds, G. Lukacs. Fourth row: M. Geipel, B. Mc Vicar, W. Leydsman, T. Leach, G. Azarko, S.E. De Haas, S. Boswell, T. Marquis PAGE 43 KEY CLUB First row: J. Courtney, L. Belton, K. Hart, K. Varall, S. Hart, M. Hirsch, W. Sobelsohn, T. Spak, B. Puskas, C. Coules. Second row: B. Richards, G. Lanzarotti, H. Bienstock, I. Goldman, A. Plevy, H. Lee, J. Baum, K. Laudadio, R. Dunn, Mr. W. Axelrod. Third row: A. Zavodnick, R. Judge, R. Charlton, M. Gronner, R. Stewart, J. Jenkins, B. Hinds, L. Myers, M. Gerber. Fourth row: W. Mc Vicar, R. Rice, G. Azarko, B. Wolf, L. Batterfein, D. Welty, D. De Waters, D. Latterman, K. Finc AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB PAGE 44 mov-Q-....,r QU!!! 1. F???arsiKt.i?Q WSH SCHGO First row: A. Byrd, F. Gilison, V. Capeland, V. Johnson, E. Myers, B. Brown, D. Lattimore, H. Singleton, J. Mc Coy, E. Johnson. Second row: M. Thompson, J. Barley, D. Carter, J. Hadges, L. Jansan, L. Kelly Exchange Student, G. Goodgoins. Third row: L. Myers, E. Spencer, R. Spencer, S. Janes, K. Harrell, L. Harris, B. Hends, J. Hoopers, H. Skank VARSITY CLUB First row: B. Mobley, B. Kuncewitz, G. Tulega, A. Plevy, M. Basin, B. Charleton, L. Salvaggio, E. Sakayama, D. Porro- vecchio, T. Calvo. Second row: G. Fitzpatrick, B. Jennings, C. Haywood, P. Jankowski, C. Harris, M. Groner, M. Mango, B. Mills, R.Pellichero. 'Third row: D. Mattison, S. de Haas, T. Sexton, J. Kronheim, T. Marquis, E. Casper, E. Casper, G. Lucas, W. Howard, M. Magda. Fourth row: E. Spencer, R. Birkland, B. Racz, K. Harrell, N. Wojciechowski,C. Todd, D. Tyus, L. O'Connor, A. O'Connor SPANISH CLUB First row: M. Levine, H. Kagdis, D. Nimo, J. Doherty, L. Boton, M. Doherty, P. Kagdis, L. Mc Kenzie, L. Holmes. Second row: D. Lattimore, K. Horvath, P. Danielson, P. Getz, B. Sanchez,'M. Lewandowski, C. Gorden, A. Willard. Third row: M. Karlin, A. Plevy, W. Hanson, W. Philips, K. Sellers, V. Mac Phie, J. Galleon, Fourth row: D. Welty, R. Jones, F. Gerace PAGE 45 SCIENCE CLUB E. Schneck, R. Motto, W. Leydsman, I. Goldman, Mr. Ewing, R. Brenner, W. Wielgosz INOVATIONS First row: B. Rice, S. Freeburg, C. Aerstin, D. Silver, K. Brenan, I. Delon. Second row: S. Swift, V. Waugh, E. Millionis, M. Mattliano, non-member, G. MacLaugh1in, M. Cleveland, D. Pearl, C. Jones, V. Morrows, M. Carlano, P. Silver SHIELD PAGE 46 First row: D. Maurer, S. Mistyhn, M. Kellner, D. Lattimore, R. Markowski, S. Spak, M. Geipel, V. Broadnax, T. Kelly Second row: J. Witchel, T. Leach, D. Hooper, P. Danielson, C. Hembling, L. Weisenburger, M. Poppy, S. Agg, P. Naruta Schumacher, S. Anderson. Third row: E. Spencer, L. Myers, B. Allen, A. Nesenjuk, A. Upshaw, B. Mc Vicar, W. Wasson B. Zelechivsky INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB First row: L. Resac, S. Niemy, W. Schuler, J. Pinter, D. Maurer, B. Scales, I. Sobel, L. Wasson, F. Mack. Second row: N. Ferraro, S. Gartner, K. Collins, B. Sovinee, W. Wasson, D. Leonivich, J. Wilson. Third row: C. Prentice, D. Silver, J. Jaskula, A. Edwards, I. Iwachiw, B. Zelechivsky, G. Lanzarotta, Fourth row: J. Hooper, B. Rice, B. McVicar, M. Welshko, R. McGraft, A. Nesenjuk FUTURE NURSES CLUB First row: Mrs. E. Troichuk, D. Arnesen, H. Hemming, M. Mattliano, E. Yager, S. De Salva, Mrs. E. Carney. Second row: J. Wohlfarth, R. Kayden, L. Weisenburger, M. Di Lorenzo, J. Brastad. Third row: K. Kraft, C. Schmon, S. Yuchnovitz, M. Skipwith, G. Davidson, N. Kowalchuck. Fourth row: D. Arnesen, O. Yaworsky, C. Marquis, J. Yazgier, J. Torpey. Fifth row: C. Hembling, J. Jaskula, B. Monus PAGE 47 Mr. J ack Pirone Rosemary Mac Phie Mr. Thomas THE GOLDEN WARRIOR MARCHING BAND Ga I NATIONAL CHAMPIONS ice AH G FIR PACE 48 C. Fizzarrotti, L. Zerbe, M. Poppy, S. Blazewicz BANNER CARRIERS COLOR GUARD First row: M. Poppy, S. Garretson, E. Zimonyi, S. Garretson. Second row: L. Zerbe, C. Prentice, R. Rayner, R. Sanders, K. Hines, C. Stillwell iw nf Wy. PAGE 49 C . DANCE BAND First row: D. Powell, R. Bramwell, G. Grealis, N. Dioszeghy, J. Scales. Second row: A. Mansfield, P. Ross, B. Phillips, D. Mieman, C. Broadnax, R. Reynolds, S. Hoff, R. Beach, W. Reynolds, J. Baum, Mr. T. Gall FUTU RES BUSINESS LEADERS First row: D. King, M. Kellner, S. Blazewicz, M. Abate, D. King, S. Mistyn. Second row: G. Goodgoins, N. Chauvez, S. Corbin, S. Fuimenaro, J. Romansky, R. Sovinee, D. Blanchard. Third row: R. Mac Phie, M. Poppy, J. Armato, K. Jenson, A. Holmgren, D. Tybor PEP CLUB First row: D. Adragna, B. Nash, M. Ekstein, M. Thomas, E. Groner, D. Mooney, L. Kalechstein, M. Troost, Mrs. Wineberg. Second row: T. VanderWaal, E. Black, K. Kraft, J. Bayless, D. Lattimore,sC. Schman, P. Mercer. Third row: J. Rudolph, C. Condon, L. Ekstein, C. Rockhill, L. Hoffman, S. Bielski, J. Rebbel Pmri 51 VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB First row: Mr. Ronsvalle. N. Wincek, M. Thompson, C. Zeh, D. Cannady, L. Hansen, T. Perri, J. Toth, J. Varga. Second row: J. Di Giovanni. C. Kopsco, J. Bryant, P. Hadley, S. Thompson, R. Andrillo, K. Lovas, L. Harris, A. Marton, Third row: D. Osowski, D. Voorhees, J. Szwarz, T. Trezza, L. Wade, G. Marton, L. Fair, C. Van Derveer AMATEUR RADIO First row: S. Goldberg, B. Sorensen, B. Hibbard, J. Ratti, L. Mason. Second row: B. Stuart, M. Grahm, B. Hasner, W Kornienko FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA PAGE S2 First row: A. Anderson, K. Lanigan, R. Markowski, K. Collins, M. Levine, D. Maurer, I. Sobel, L. Rezac, L. Wasson. Second row: S. Gartner, S. Yuchnovitz, J. Sagi, S. Reed, J. Pinter, B. Sovinee, B. Sanchez, M. Karlin, J. Jaskula. Third row: M. Schonfeld, N. Ferraro, D. Lazorchak, K. Lysy, M. Cade, M. Mercer, D. Tybor, l. lwachiw. Fourth row: M. Lech, J. Quagliano, L. Hoffman, R. Sanders, J. Resta, J. Yazgier, A. Edwards, A. Swewmi. M. Hancock, A. Hynes MIXED CHORUS First row: G. Thompson, D. Dean, P. De Marce, F. Schroker, J. Sframeli, J. Mayes, A. Middelton, E. Lawson, M. Botelho, L. Edwards, C. Der- vech, C. Robinson, Mrs. L. Hinebaugh. Second row: J. Robinem, A. Byrd,D. Mazzeo, L. Shaw, E. Ferguson, D. Leonovich, C. Mage, B. Sanchez, E. Campbell, P. Richards. Third row: B. Cangiano, L. Gonzales, M. Hoff, C. Paris, J. Nixin, D. Weer, T. Weer, D. Lazorchak, G. Onka, S. Salicos, K. Lancaster, D. Varvaris, B. Boekhout, D. Rudnitski, K. Smith. Fourth row: L. Pearson, S. Gardner, M. Foat, S. Cato, E. Whigley, G. Fitzpatrick MATH CLUB Mr. Foster, M. Teager. Standing: L. Blatterfein, B. Edwards, T. Lukinski, A. Kayden. P. Mignella, M. Grahm PAGE 53 PAGE 54 SPQRTL-3 ,,. 1:-..:. . ::1 ,.4..4-. Aww. .ax .ve -' xx rm -- ' .4-.11 x av..u-fs.-rw. ..r.-1.4-,.vr-i-1:- -FW fa.-z.,-.-aw"-'-V' .cv..,-:-':-z1-:- .4-2-':.'.-aff.:-.M 1.1:-1245.-ve::.1'1.z-aw-1 2 4 GIRLS TRACK First row: R. Rayner, C. Higgins, C. Prentice, S. Dressel, T. Sharks, Sanders, S. Yuchnovitz, P. Diamond, C.l0'Donnell, J. Efron, C. Liebman, E. Campbell, K. Reed: Second row: C. Szabo, D. Tatum, C. Dunn, D. Lattimore, W. Smith, R. Hudgins, P. Kronick, J. Judd, N. Faust,-T. Horvath, S. Cato, M. Alexandersen, C. Marquis. Third row: J. Gordon, B. Albrecht, M Monck, M. Covert, K. Coury, E. Edwards, P. Lapczynski, S. Garretson, B. Kronick, J. Budd, M. Carlano. Fourth row: D. Tall- madge, G. Prentice, C. Stilwell, S. Bovie, D. Swanton, L. Zerbe, S. Nowak, E. Smith, M. Skipwith, M. Jackson, D. Adragna, D. Mooney, P. Brogan. Fifth row: E. Francis, B. Kelley, P. Ross, W. Spell, J. Bork, D. Fitzpatrick, F. Nowak, S. Kopsco, C. Dean M. Doherty, N. Moskowitz, N. Frank. s Led by runners Chucky Dunn, Eileen Francis, Bar- bara Kelley, Wanda Smith, and many other girls re- turning from last year's team, the Franklin High School Girl's Track team shows great promise for the upcoming season. The team also shows great potential in the field events, with girls like Eileen EdWHfdS, Cathy Marquis, Carol Prentice, Sue Dressel and Con- nie Stilwell returning this year. RECORD 1968 Kinnelon 33 Franklin 85 Newton 47 Franklin 71 Rancocas 29 Franklin 89 Toms River 42 Franldin 76 Princeton 10.5 Franklin 107.5 Matawan 66.5 Franklin 51.5 State Meet Red Bank Catholic Franklin Matawan ,jd 3. PAGE 57 FOOTBALL Varsity 8x J.V. First row: R. King, J. Coring, G. Dedeaz, E. Eikrem, D. Newman, R. Gyrmatti, R. Christ,G.William. Second row: H. Pace, S. Boswell, G. Lrxkus C. Todd, T. Sexton, B. Jennings, D. Porrovecchio, R. Redd, M. Bazin, T. Calvo, E. Carson, W. Howard, Third row: B. Wolf, C. Pimond, L. Vin- son. K. VanDyke, B. Frishkorn, C. Harris, R. Tyus, F. Marble, J. Gallon, I. Hill, B. Jackson, J. Diaforli, C. Harshanney. Fourth row: K. Hoff- man, S. Bonsall, M. Carron, H. Traver, B. Easton, D. Thompson, G. Pellowski, B. Sheer, T. Warden, F. Weber, G. Guskus, M. Tofariello. 4 PAGE 58 SENIORS Q First row: D. Porvechio, T. Calvo, B. Jennings, R. Redd, W. Howard, Mr. P. Dolan, Second row: M. Bazin, E. Carson, T. Sexton, H. Pace, S. Boswell, C. Todd, G. Lukacs The 1968 - 1969 football sea- son proved to be the best ever for the Warriors. Although a 44-1 re- cord is far from being perfect, it is a sign of great improvement. Fifteen , ' M . AxY4 g seniors made up the varsity roster, V ' f R 1 r rrer f' 'rrr ' 1 four of whom made county and if central Jersey honors. They were: ' J K' ref' W W lil ' Reggie Redd, Dan Porrovecchio, V ,IWW lp Calvin Todd, and Bruce Jennings. ...ix ,. .l L- xt:-1, - ,ow ,M ' .1 4- jk '.' ' xi. " T 1 -rw.:"?:' ff 2 . V . ' 'Lifil'-Q" 'le' .Q.....,. ,.., PAGE 59 First row: A. Edwards, J. Fizzarotti, M. Sherrod, L. Hickson, B. Leachy, R. Messina, P. Gianotto G. Olson, G. Adragna. T. Alfrey, P. Lawrence, B. Harris, Second row: J. Murphy, N. Gallo, L Auerback, R. Kirkpatrick, R. Laudino, J, Gronner, B. Stillman, T. Cauagnaro, E. Mikalk, S. Lewis J. Yacone, Mr. Gunderman. Third row: Mr. E. Alexander, B. Mansfield, R. Tallmadge, C. Lizzano M. Kane, B. Yeager, J. Mc Dade, G. Marold, J. Yacone, H. Hirsh J 1-49.3 , ' - 3 55, .1 gif 'Mia . ' ' 5 N - i ' ggi , rw . Up . .QV , 6 in . 1 L" Mx A 1 ' S 5 J, v gi .xlujc a , ,K E ,iw Ls. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL GI RLS ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION vol.LEvBAl.l. First row: C. Salter, V. Black, V. Hickson, A. Capellini, E. Sepp, E. Steinberger, J. Efron, N. Faust, K. Gordon, N. Nazar, K. Coury, T. Washington. Second row: C. Hullett, A. Pemperton, D. Pearce, K. Martinek, D. Wroten, N. Frank, J. Scaletti, D. Szabo, E. Myers, D. Tatum, G. Mason. Third row: T. Kelly, J. Mobley, EfMilionis, R. Garther, P. Danielson, C. Marquis, D. Mooney, G. Evan- gelist, N. Kronick, P. Pace, A. Thompson, J. Judge. Fourth row: W. Smith. A. Sanders, G. David- son, E. Campbell, P. Diamond, G. Rodriquez, M. Clementi, C. Hembling, S. Miklos, C. O'Donnell, A. Byrd. Fifth row: J. Hodges, L. Roberts, B. Scales, P. Donnelly, D. Chamberlain, J. Sanders, N. Moskowitz, D. Garrett, D. Morton, C. Dunn. Sixth row: K. Strucke, M. Hooper FIELD HOCKEY First row: D. Pearce, E. Sepp, A. Capalleni, N. Moskowitz, C. Hullett, J. Efron, E. Steinberger, N. Faist, K. Gordon. Second row: A. Pemperton, K. Martinek, D. Wroten, P. Danielson, J. Scalletti, J. Sanders, L. Roberts, G. Mason. Third row: D. Garrett, J. Mobley, A. Sanders, R. Gaither, N. Frank, S. Mikles, C. O'Donnell. Fourth row: G. Davidson, E. Milionis, D. Mooney, P. Diamond, E. Campbell, M. Clemet BASKETBALL First row: D. Tatum,A. Thompson, D. Szabo, C. Marquis, D. Campbell, V. Hickson, T. Starks, P. Pace, S. Yarchover. Second row: T. Washington, J. Efron, C. Hulleh, D. Mooney, C. Dunn, W. Smith, P. Cerminaro PAGE 61 , f' X Q' . , 'T First row: A. Upshaw, S. Rojack, P. McDade B Kuncewitch Second row Mr Voltz I QVQQNL- Sw? Wade, D. Swift, J. corfeiu, G. Desaiva cnolss COUNTRY PAGE 62 1 This years Cross-Country Team was led by two Seniorsg Ed Rojack, and Mark Gronner, plus the running of 4 Juniors, and 2 Freshman. This year's team proved to be weak because of lack of experience and lack of runners, next years team hopes to improve and try for a 500 record: with the return of fine young runners who were placing well in the meets. VARSITY TENNIS - L. Salvaggio, B. Charlton, B. Taub TENNIS This year's tennis team will rely on the return of several fine players from last year's team. Yet, all of the weight of competition may fall into the senior hands of Steve Boswell and Eric De Haas, with aid from juniors Bob Bazin, Bob Charlton, Lou Salvaggio, and Barry Taub. All of these players competed in at least one varsity meet last season. J. V. TENNIS - First row: T. Huie Second row: T. B. Barris, R. Berlineri M. Sudia B. Teager, M. Stephenson, T. Teager, J. Boswell. B. Edwards, J. Didie, D. Feherbari, W. Rockhilo, PAGE 63 VARSITY WRESTING First row J Griffin L Edwards T Edrrdge C Haywood, G. Roberts, S. Bonsal, P. Calvo. Second row: Mr Harris D Kozerow B Davidson P Sanders R Redd A 0Connor E Carson B. Jackson, H. Traver, T. Calvo, Mr. Voltz X Ng 1 N. Plainfield 14 Piscataway Bound Brook Bridgewater E. Princeton Somerville J. P. Stevens Highland Park Bridgewater W. Watchung Districts 2nd place RECORD 14 Franklin 33 22 Franklin 21 33 Franklin 8 13 Franklin 32 30 Franklin 21 21 Franklin 24 28 Franklin l 2 10 Franklin 30 6 Franklin 39 6 Franklin 3 2 Christmas tournament 2nd place J. V. WRESTLING - First row: R. Tyus, A. pshaw, H. Thompson, K. Hart. Second row: Mr. Voltz, A. Hines, D. Channel, B. Van Allen, M. Gilchrest, Traver, B. Belloff .J.v. WRESTLING X' QF' FRESHMEN WRESTLING - First row: R. Messina, D. Laudadio, J. Edwards, B. Pusch, R. Douglas. Second row: Mr. Voltz, M. Kane, A. Haywood, R. Mansfield, D. Leahy PAGE 65 First row A Prevy D Mathrsen K Harrell L Vmson M Gronner Second row: R. Klidge, P. Jankowski, C. Harriss, B. Frrschkorn L Blatterlien Third row Mr Wnuk A OConnor G Nesb1t,R. Mondey, T. Marquis,G.Lukacs. The baseball team is off to a flying start, by winning fo of their first tive games. This year's team is led by Rir Klieg, Paul Jankowski, Mark Gronner, Doug Rayner, R1 Monday, George Lukacs, Art O'Connor, Cliff Harris, Lei Vinson, and Don Tyus. These players have provided tl fine hitting, pitching, and fielding which make the tea look very impressive. M 'A " 'xg-"nl 5' ff? C F., A f " kia' le . .RAM -1 .. Y 2 A 5 if K. r 4 , - , gk A9 . f . .. - IW- 5 39? - ' 1 - ' 5f,Ff3?AgXS jgg, r,g,,.Qgeq:51?:'- - wk K' f" ' . .. ,, , .f.L.:..f1fgv LY ri" y LK ' ,, W ,, :N , f- N4 A , xmqj- ,iijfymv E I , .4 G A 4, H 1 1 x M x , 1 x 'I , , Q , V W ' .,F3',f5q.x -- 5 ' 31? tqg,,f-img, 'Mi ,au , V V - up :3?g,,4,5,- Q 1 ee: s fi Mi' ii" ' y , lil ' Y gl f. " Q ' wp, . ,i Wi AM . l.,., av ,, Q WW x K K R . ,K 'Q'1:jQI,2Q-5 , My x i ' N A ,, pw My Q, z,e ,mfsf , f . M f ly Q . 1rhrWf.0M','?' A- 9- W?" ' T' ' 4 , , 'ai irc ff' A - f1.i:py' ri 'A 4 w .4 ,LL , gk,-i.,j',QQf wigevigjtwgfet V:-gf ff. , .,.- 1 1 .V K, QP , , -33.f5fz'i22g fif"5Tg'?-42ww-?'Sf bg ' 1 , .sa wfgw .L ,ca-'S ' H:-1'QWafa"Y 'X ,wa-1 fn K ,' xg wma wtf? V A - W ' L M A '' av fa ya'-I? " .12-'51L!'? s. f , 5 .Lffhi-V Q if W 2 f-sr , 1 A ,. ' -" f' , ,E x , P I im,fXQ.,' l ' Lfff "f, 1 YU . - - Q S' i A X , ' X M 'I ' - f Af A G X ' 4 , ff, A :NI E - . W . wg . ' - V- 1 , M vbffffgw f ' 'MH 5 Q' k LW ,I+ mel'-fQ:f'f1 A '-'xii . pww-. , 4 .ffw-,i. 'wgwf M G' . ' '-c. '-'. 2ffl.1.....Al Q' 'G -f-Aw v I 1 SH 3' , 53251, K , mf ff 5, Q , -,Af .L 1 ,,lk11ru, QT, - M f r 6 R .1 - , an ., , , A 5 L. VARSITY BASKETBALL - First row: B. Brown, C. Ingram, M. Bazin, K. Harrell, D. Tyus, C. Harris, G Pursley Second row: T. Curran, G. Onka, N. Wojciechowski, E. Spencer, R. Kish, G. Fitzpatrick, L. O'Connor VARSITY BASKETBALL Princeton Bound Brook RECORD 52 Franklin N. Plai.n field Somerville Watchung Piscataway N. Plainfield Edison Bridgewater E. Piscataway S. Plainfield Somerville Bridgewater W S. Plainfield Watchung Bridgewater E. Manville Westfield Bridgewater W. 5 8 Franklin 4 8 Franklin 5 8 Franklin 56 Franklin 50 Franklin 55 Franklin 74 Franklin 5 6 Franklin 5 8 Franklin 49 Franklin 60 Franklin 67 Franklin 5 9 Franklin 5 3 Franklin 5 9 Franklin 74 Franklin 55 Franklin TITLE GAME 44 Franklin T? 5. - Y i, Q-X A 1 if k"'ff Q M ' 8 1, 4 . , 2. - 'g gi ways QW' .kj X 5 g , 1 X if 3 2 ag it fm Y if? if 2 X? ffl' y - Af H22 Q 3 bw 5 U 'Lf , Vusrgw Wsx' ri L Q fi Ak -v ,, Xa 197, Q Oy Qiq,5 . S. ii . 2321 Xi' SQ, .-li -Q4 J ,,,. ,, -S35 . 3' :fr wif U i X 5 S 45 S. Ms' m..wwg fr? 2 as if 1 1 f 45 J ,' 12. 'E Q 1 f js v F1 'Q 6' f ,L . X 'W 'N 3 , .211 'iv , :Y A F . 1, 'Q sua! leaf :leaf .5 Q PAGE 72 l l First row: N. Burch, M. Mozell, N. Shonfeld, J. Mc Daid, M. Schoski, R. Laudino, T. Lubiniski. Second row: G. Mayo, L. Ynestn, J. Kronheim, E. Rojack, G. Joseph, P. Beechem, R. Spencer, W. Howard, G. Mendez, G. Niemy, B. Henry, S. Bailey, D. Swift. Third row: I. Belton, W. Bakalar, E. Casper, G. Tuleja, G. Amoto, B. Kuncewitch, S. Gaffin, J. Scales WINTER TRACK WINTER TRACK There were many tihe runners who completed this season, and at least five of them made the state relays at Lawrenceville. lt's a long time from December to June, a long time for anything but especially a long time to be running. Yet 40 or so aspirants do it every year. These people have no cheerleaders yelling for them, little or no publicity, no peprallies and an average yearly attendance of about 6. As this ignominity is not enough the track team has somehow gotten a less than complimentry reputation for being a bunch of hapless rejects from the other "important" sports. The F.H.S, track team has probably the finest sprint team in the state of N.J. We have the state novice 60 yd. champion, James Scales, and 2 more state open 60 yd. dash finalists, -ny- .ii -.N ' H...--.3-f-A - we-ff-" I :ill-Qxggpnnlnhz -F -. - Aga -QF -wmv! 'tw -K, rf? -. qw .--.1 --1. - -9 fl-v "mv W, 1, i v- "'-' -- A-A-ff' 'F f .Q ,ws .' 4: -Q .-N44 4 Jr, ff IQ, A 511 'IW ' -is A-ff .. f Q: 4 Q: W 26 -f sa pf nl. 3? mn VMC? A Ne we nm , 5 .1.QG,: , :., V E . I 'vffv' A is ' lj me MN- X15-Q I K R Hxmmm First row: D. Steinberger, W. Horvath, W. Douglass, M. Deore. Second row: C. Stani, B. Ruzalsld, H. Lee, J Murowsld, J. Wade, S. DeSalva, Mr. B. Bozick GYM NASTICS 1 First row: D. Lamoreaux, L. Magee, W. Spell, L. Carson, M. Ganim. Second' row: B Monday, C. Tschumper, M. Oreka, M. Rudolph, D. Smith, P. Julas, J. Albie , lv. A1 . ,ref f 'fx T ' A fi, . ' ,Y i 11 X 3 ,f 4 49 -...n Q sv 'avg N, VARSITY SOCCER - First row: G. Niemy, J. Scales, D. Rayner, D. Mathisen, S. E. deHaas, B. Mobley, C. Haywood, E. Morris. Second row Mr. G. Harris, P. Jankowski, E. Banks, B. Rice, T. Leach, B. Birkland, N. Wojechowski, R. Birkland, A. O,Conner, R. Alizade Us SOCCER The Franklin Soccer Team followed in the footsteps of last year strong team ending up with a 500 season. The team success was due mainly to the fine play of a couple of Seniors, Eric DeHaas, Russel Alizade, Charles Hay- wood, and others. Next years team looks impressive also, with the return of many young players. PAGE 76 First row: N. Schoenfeld, J. Laurie, B. Orocawski, B. Van Allen, B. Puskas, J. Prescott, K. Matlmisen, Second row: J. Griffen, K. Laudadio, P. Calvo, T. Edridge,S. Hart, D. Norby,J. Stig, K. Hart, J. Bartook, B. Marino. Third row: J. Boswell, J. Dolton, L. Haverson, T. Jokoplic, T. Taeger, W. Dawson, B. Gordon, B. Chiavaroli J.V. SOCCER PAGE 77 s A . A A .. . First row: G. Hassenplug, A. Moren, A. Phillips, D. Pearl, B. Gaynor, T. Spak. Second row: N. Ziegen, E. Casper, N. Wojciechowski, B. Racz, D. Powell, D. Newman GOLF .il ' L s This Year's golf team looks very strong, judging from their perfor- mance in the first meet of the sea- son. The team is going to be tougher competition this season because of the large number of underclassmen on the team. VARSITY FOOTBALL SL BASKETBALL - First row: L. Ballai, P. VARSITY 8: J.V. WRESTLING 8n SOCCER - First row: M. O'Brien, J. Sframeli. Second row: J. Green,E. Lowenhar, P. Naruta, Lewandowski, C. Mauica, E. Bodo, J. Buzby, R. Fletcher, G. M. Abate. Third row: P. Mason, P. Johnson, S. Agg McLaughlin, D. Dumas CHEERLEADERS Managers: E. Edwards, P. Kronick J. V. BASKETBALL 8a FOOTBALL - First row: J. McMu1lin, L. Carson, L. McGee. Second row: C. Tschumper, C. O'Leary, B. Mondi, M. Ganim, D. Lameroux, P. Gomes PAGE 79 i UNDERCLASS 5 0 H ,a Q4 T: fi , 1 G tx E 3 gx 9. 1 - a f 1 f Q x x ,Y x 1 1 4 A E Q. '!AWfWAN'X'I4,'-Sf!-SwJ610AKmT.Q0LK0HSUi1L?,w :a.Xx'kY!NNvBXLA-Hii1Sc2Q!'fKXLZKXYM5'C5kI1QYL9.H'Xl1L!7SK2!HKi2EE7EifAB.XwSZ2b? 1XEK v B' '. ' . . ' 'Q X. MEN "Chaos, a normal condition in the world" I unknown j PAGE 81 CLASS OFFICERS - M. Moskowitz- Presidentg S. Shuster - Vice-Presidentg G. Wilson - Secretary g P. Kagdis Treasurer The Freshmen class had to adjust itself and establish a foothold of respect and credibility in school. Since the beginning of the year the enthusiasm and exuberance of the students has brought us a long way toward our goal. Now as a chapter of our lives comes to a close we continue our story of adventure by promising to be the best class Franklin High has ever had. First row: J. Vitale, D. Colo, J. Boekhout, D. Glynn, L. Robinson, W. Lancaster. Second row C. Shepard, R. Corcorian, V. Hemingway, N. Schonfeld, G. Battle, P. Motto, M. Adamovich, A. Edwards, L. Auerbach, J. Tereby, C. Roth. Third row: L. Nemes, D. Duchai, G. Marold, A. Puskas, K. Fisco, S. Lewis, G. Kasics PAGE 82 CLASS O 5 5225- -' , Miss Arlene Lookstein Advisor F 2 First row: J. Renda, K. Overboe, D. Beach, G. Graham, H. McGeehan, G. DeSalva. Second row: R. Messina, V. Bratus, T. Scelsa, R. Kelly, C. Szabo, J. Lancsak, W. Francis. Third row: C. Argondizzo, E. Ziegrnan, J. Yacone, J. Catalfamo, R. Harris, D. Iskra, G. Davidson First row: P. Schepel, M. Stephenson, B. Pusch, A. Capellini, D. Landy, D. Brennen, R. Gartner, L. Mackenzie, G. Olson, B. Reynolds, P. Merrill, J. Perri, Second row: R. Helgensen, J. Wade, J. Cull, L. Bechler, J. Cottrell, L. Hucul, B. Edwards, K. Kudson, M. Gutwein, T. Nieman, E. Mikulka, M. Shegoski F' , Q- . eggs, V .L K N 3 V I, 4- K si x S' J ' X K A of Q W - J V, 2 iigigg First row: A. Holliman, J. Stichel, P. Grogin, D. Berghoff, A. Lookstein. Second row: B. Fac- chini, D. Cole, A. Sarcich, J. Dalton, T. Kiss, S. Walters, C. Mason, L. Kalinowski, R. Delon. Third row: J. Boswell, T. I-Iorvath, C. Liehman, J. Kuncewitch, M. Mozell, C. Ross, B. Biondo, R. Haslestad, S. Shaw First row: F. Nowak, P. Boton, F. Nemes, J. Pearson, W. Moore, T. Pearson, A. Paulus. Second row: J. Efron, A. Marendino, D. Goldblatt, L. Dioszeghy, B. Uhall, R. Dayton, B. Cangiano, K. Livingston. 'I'hird row: S.Mik1os, K. Mathisen, N. Stark, W. Rockhill, S. Jurewicz, B, Hasner, L. Adler, E. Conner PAGE 83 4 . First row: J. Csehe, D. Napolitano, B. Reed, R. Green, J. Possemato, N. Sframel, F. Strucke, B. Grider. Second row: L. Robinson, E. Ferguson, K. McGrary, B. Sanchez, J. Judd, J. Aasheim, J. Bartlett, J. Kane. Third row: A. Williams, M. Travis, J. Burke, B. Rose, E. Lewis, T. Lamb, V. Pozza. T. Mazza, M. Alvarez First row: E. Lawson, M. Paul, V. Tucker, P. Murphy, D. Roppelo, E. Steinberger. Second row: C. LaMauro, S. Toth, D. Szabo, A. Haywood, D. Gonzalez, J. Edwards, S. Amato, T. Tracey, G. Thompson. Third row: J. Fizzarott, N. Doroshenko, C. Kawaters, M. Wewers, L. Brown, P. Robicheau, D. Chamberlain, T. Huie, L. Costanzo er CVS , f I sf' ,t Ml 3.15" I 4 8 , ? 9: lil, J . . ,,, .ij 1 ' it ' gauw'-'f g -. , ii- ,i i 1' First row: C. Coury, D. Landadio, P. DeMarco, Second row: S. Swift, S. Schuster, E. Sepp, C. Mager, R. Pearl, K. Sebastian, R. Kayden. Third row: G. Burack, N. Nazar, V. Bica, F. Gerhandt, J. McDaid, R. Gaffin, P. Beckley, N. Moskowitz, K, Reck 'a First row: K. Sirgedas, R. Burch, K. O'Brien, M. Corbin, B. Turek, W. Robinson. Second row: P. Schmon, E. Manfre, M. Duane, P. Thompson, C. Hutchinson, J. Yacone, D. Kucsma, R Mondi, D. Axelrad. Third row: J. Albrecht, N. Hockrow, R. Lightfoot, R. Mansfield, R. Grosso L. Gay, J. Spano, G. Prentice, J. Bork XT ,i.s iii. .,,- - s-'i 1 .f',. iiiiiij ' 'A il!! FF K3 Q. Vi. Rye AA 5 Q: ' Q 'I i ii 'Y 3 gi gf 7 T X .J , lf . is v First row: G. Lawrence, M. Covert, C. Ricci, V. Johnson, C. Holliday, E. Hayers, F. Gibson, J. Hamilton, G. Milesnick, S. Gamble. Second row: E. Ruffin, R. Stig, R. Vandevaarst, E. Whitten, M. Lovas, M. Zvolensky, S. Randolph, K. Kane, B. Beckage, A. Black, W. Kleiber, B. Hendrick- son, R. Ries, F. Ernest. First row: D. Morris, M. Doherty, S. Grealis, D. Gery, G.Holowinsky, D. Kirkpatrick, S. Wall- ware, K. Hadley, D. Dean, K. Pavone, J. Benson. Second row: G. Nye, J. Ostergren, T. Sorensen, N. Frank, B. Richard, D. Powell, V. Mac Phie, A. Czornyi, T. Mason, L. Sliwka, R. Bramwell l Q! I1 First row: F. Schmon, A. Byrd, J. Mayes, B. Magee, J. Rankin, S. Miemy, L. Hastings. Second row: C. Walters, W. Whitter, B. Gallick, R. Lewis, S. Hynes, G. Cowan, R. Adams, K. Gordon, G. Ferguson. Third row: M. Sherrah, G. Cortelyou, A. Pinnello, J. Armer, D. Tilton, J. Russo, R. Laudino First row: F. Schroker, D. Mazzeo, J. Rongers, S. Hatez, E. Zeh. Second row: V. Copeland, A. Gobac, S. Reich, T. Stephens, C. Beck, C. Dean, G. Adragna, J. Varga. Third row: T. Cavagnaro, D. Fitzpatrick, L. Langland, M. Kane, R. Traver, M. Bragen, M. Howard, R. Diaz de Villegas PAGE 85 Fortney, C. Lizzano, M. Katko, S. Dervich, N. Birch First row: K. Mathisen, Z. Foy, R. Aldrich, M. Group. Second row: K LaDuca, M. Musial, B. Gonndek, L. Wasson, L. Romaine, D. Brandt, M Hooper, M. Barlow, P. Stephenson. Third row: R. Aler, J. Toth, M First row: J. Benson, R. Sanders, D. Graham, J. Gillen, B. Lindsey, Mrs. Molee. Second row: R. Mitchell, K. Witkowski, E. Taylor, C. Rayhon, P. Knolmayer, C. Luska, C. Rudolph. Third row: G. Feaster, B. Walden, L. Truszkowski, K. White, W. Hanson First row: E. Reyes, D. Barbati, B. Wade, L. Marble, L. Edenson, G. Georgiana. Second row: S. Hoff, J. Ricko, A. Jackson, D. Morton, R. Hardy, F. Locke. Third row: P. Lawrence, F. Rush, J. Jensen, R. Yager, R. Tallmadge, R. Gosgrove, H. Kemple, M. Taylor First row: Elaine Griffin, B. Bowman. Second row: F. Dima, L. Abramo, A. Thompson, L. Rezac, C. Duane, L. Harding, W. Schuler, Third row: K. Lancaster, A. James, R. Rebovich, E. Marchinson, K. Reed, N. Gallo, T. Stahanovich PAGE 86 ummm MW! 'D First row: C. Hunter, R. Chiavaroli, G. Robinson,Secondrow: H. Pfeiffa, K. Murray, B. Gordon, D. Lombardi, D. Fine. Third row: P. Cowing, B. Blair, D. Gianotto, J. Fozman, D. Leahy, D. Willmott, D. Tatum First row: R. Hibbard, A. Middleton, N. Arnold, S. Gelfound, R. Douglas. Second row: T. Diaz DeVillegas, D. Mento, J. Sanislo, S. Greenspan, D. Eland, P. Pace, B. Scales. Third row: P. Brogan, W. Wielgosz, K. Lewis, S. Yarchover, R. Denardo, R. Knolmayer, V. Clementi First row: M. Ktko, D. Allen, J. Ferris. Second row: T. Washington, M. Garces, M. Diamond, S. Bafiic, J. Cortelyou, P. Rodland, J. Judge. Third row: J. Gallizzo, C. Haque, B. Stillman, A. Brussich, D. Pillon, J. Murphy, B. Sam1owski First row: L. Baker, D. Sanders, M. Economy. Second row: L. Sterling, J. Hadges, L. Shaw, V. Harrell, P. Yager, G. Rempkowski, L. Roberts. Third row: J. Harrell, H. Hado, W. Roberts, R. Morton, R. Rayhon, J. Fludd, G. Wilson PACE 87 PAGE 88 CLASS OFFICERS - V. Chaladnicek - Secretary, L. Mendel - President, S. Garretson - Treasurer, M. Oreka - Vice- President CLASS OF '71 Mrs. Anita Barry Advisor This past year at Franklin High School has given every sophomore a real chance to get involved in clubs and school activities. Each student has been able to fulfill his own interests by geingable to participate in extra-curricular activities. We worked together for the things we wanted and have been successful in achieving our goals. Alittle effort and a lot of coopera- tion have made all of us proud to be members of the class of 1971. First row: S. Schumacher, T, Baily, R. Brenner, V. Chladricek, P. Juhasz, B. Lackey, H. Thompson. Second row: E. Wrigley, F. Pohlman, B. Peterson, P. Zukowski, H. Szwarc, C. Diamond, R. Bush, J . Masters, P. Dunn, W. Smith N irst row: L. Woisznies, C. Allwine, K. Schmitt, S. Lopsco, V. Marrows, J. McCoy. Second row: . Jones, J. Nixon, P. Ross, J. Palidino, R. Sokoloski, W. Myers, M. Hemingway, D. Heller, L. dwards. Third row: K. Lancaster, G. DeAngelis, J. Vangerud, J. Cooper, K. Hansen, R. Lopez, C. Tomkins, D. Tallmadge, L. Casper First row: S. Singleton, J. Bethea, M. Sivetz, C. Harshaney, M. Povalac, A. Henning, E. Igeikrem, M. Abramo, J. Linder, D. Swift, R. Sicgrella, D. Enid, R. Barnes, Second row: J. Bonasaro, R. Cyarmati, T. McLaughlin, A. Enright, E. Shaw, S. Malyska, S. Spring, F. Frick, A. Chappina Grst row: P. Silver, H. Gross, K. Klein, T. Edridge, A. Lewandowski, B. McGeehan, B. Teager, . Sobelson, R. Hubert, R. Dick. Second row: B. Burke, C. O'Leary, D. Surma, C. Schwartz, E. Curran, P. Ward, E. Gershowitz, H. Lee, R. Berliner, J. Baums, C. Coules, C. Lysy, B. Rayl, M. arlano, J. Budd First row: M. Deore, N. Gilbert, M. Colligan, K. Smith, E. Lake, L. Mason, G. Joseph, E. Bovie, R. Gagliardi, P. Schwartz, P. Hancock, M. Mistyn, G. Evangelist, D. Balensuela, C. Sanislo. Second row: L. Mendel, M. Mattliano, C. Jensen, V. Walton, L. Horvath, S. Dreiser, T. Koolidge, J. Laure, R. McGrath, W. Toth, R. Christ, O. Yaworsky, J. Sobel, W. Spell, S. Adams - f .,,, --. SIL, ,-,ri ima- 'X I PAGE 89 First row: B. Mondey, J. Bahr, G. Kover, S. Kwasnazer, E. Dodson, J. McAuley, K. Cseke, Second row: P. Smith, J. Downs, T. Martian, J. Metz, L. Jansen, M. Goretti, S. Herbst, I. Tamasy, B. Gaynor, J. Boston, M. Troost. Third row: A. Moren, K. Knudson. R. Adams, N. Thime, K. Ferris, H. Edwards, G. Anderson, C. Wiley, T. Van Allen NH-PW!! First row: 0. Pappas, K. Kucsan, C. Spangenberg, B. Killer, L. Edwa.rds,.D. Stein- berger. Second row: A. Willard, B. Bockhout,J. Miller, B. Hryniewi, J. Arnesen, D. Troeller, P. Danielson, E. Scilagi, C. Anderson, D. Collier. Third row: D. Smith, R. Schilling, W. Kendal, K. Hoffman, D. Mason, P. Luceri, D. Kocerow, D. Duchai, J. Jolly First row: R. Griffin, E. Muiler, J. Wohlfarth. Second row: H. Robinson, G Mays, J. Saggese, S. Sonntag, G. Foys, S. Klisch, L. Dermar. Third row: S O'Connel1, H. Breese, L. Machonis, E. Rodak, D. Berman First row: M. Ekstein, J. Romansky, E. Johnson, K. Quiley, L. Albi, M. Pavone, D. Lamoreaux. Second row: R. Mazzo, M. Backhous, L. KnaPP, G. Brooks, N. Kronick, T. Spak, P. Calvo. Third row: P. Stevens, Z. Balogh, J. McCoy, J. PAGE 90 Diaforli, C. Wiglet, B. Burtus First row: J. Juswiak, C. Tschumper, L. Magee, J. Rupperto, I. Hinrichsen, J. Leiser, M. Mattaliano. Second row: B. Douglass, C. Young, D. Cannon, J. Ross, D. Onuschak, F. Laudino, T. McGrew. Third row: W. Murphy, T. Weer, J. Corri- gan, K. Carson, S. Goldberg, D. Woodson, P. Zirnite First row: V. Belton, M. Cosimano, B. Hobbs, T. Rubin, P. Bongiovanni, J. Grywalski, C. Busbey, L, Malunow. Second row: E. Fehlberg, I. Azarko, S. Pet- lak, T. Worden, J. Courtney, T. Teszar, M. Welsko, G. Smith, M. Carron, B. Cirullo, L. Fenyo, K. Kocsis zfnfgi B .1 First row: R. Hudgins, C. Collier, D. Dumas, R. Terrase, R. Thomas, L. Reed, Second row: B. Allen, D. Wroten, J. Mobley, J. Harrell, G. Williams, H. Lebbing, M. Foat, D. Nash, A. Sanders, R. Cunningham, J. Sanders i . First row: B. Marino, J. Bartor, F. Peterson, D. Jackson, R. Damato, E. Aldrich. Second row: R. Sovinee, P. Mercer, M. Szoke, M.E. Cade, K. Koy, K. Kerr, K. Gray, K. White, B. Melnyk, A. Shea,'M. Smith. Third row: R. Verne, O. Brastad R. Spencer, D. Fehervari, G. Johnson, B. Scheer, A. Eckard, S. Cohen, H. Mauer W. Hanson 1 7 PAGE 92 First row: M. Sawyer, R. Carlson, G. Mason, P. Gianotto, M. Gonzolez, J. Scaletti. Second row: J. Musial, W. Edwards, C. Taylor, R. Sanders, M. Mitchell, S. Vadas First row: E. Williams, D. Tornquist, B. Nelson, K. Glementi, J. Mueller, H. Kastner, P. Brand, A. Fizer, K. Hines, J. Dolan, J. Torpey, A. Csehi, E. Lukacs, J. Push. Second row: C. Kozma, J. Rudolph, C. Cross, S. Bonsall, S. Baily, S. Skladany, L. Lelkes, C. McGinnis P. Beachem, M. Sudia, R. Fletcher, R. Naman, M. Majinics First row: K. Sansone, G. Berrios, P. Fiure, L. Pearson, P. DeAngelis, J. Varga, J. Tyus Second row: J. Young, C. Ingram, M. Gilchrest, B. Lancsak, J. Mobley, C. Averette, H: Rappold First row: Al Belton, E. Holliman, T. Starks, R. Gaither, E. Powell, D. Hanson, J. Griffin, D. Remson. Second row: G. Pellowski, F. Maples, D. Pozza, G. Dedeaux, J. Alexandro, D. Newman, C. Buchanan 2 First row: E. Zimonyi, G. Rodriques, M. Botelho, M. Oserin, L. Carson, B. Ruch, E. Barr. Second row: C. Marquis, D. Miller, E. Campbell, B. Conover, M. Gobac, J. Busbey. Third row: R. Sperduto, S. 0'Brien,C. Fudge, A. Williams, C. Wisniewski, T. Jakoplic, B. Hassen- plug, A. Yacone First row: M. Levine, S. Slaughter, K. Harf, C. Dunn, A. Beck, J. Gordon. Second row: M. Karlin, T. Teager, J. Revak,, J. Mauer, S. Culverwell, C. Moltu. Third row: T. Vanderwaal J. Ratti, J. Didie, P. Lengyel, A. Zavodnick, G. MacLach1an First row: V. Belton, M. Cisimano, B. Hobbs, T. Rubin, P. Bongiovanni, J. Grywalski, C. Busbey, L. Malinow, Second row: E. Fehlberg, I. Azarko, S. Pelak, T. Wordon, J. Courtney, T. Teszar, MN.vWelshko, G. Smith, M. Carron, B. Cirullo, L. Fenyo, K. Kocses ' ssyiv an f K as V 5 :ll First rowf M. Ganim, S. Turiak, D. King, D. Johnson, A. Fama, M. Napolitano, D. Weiss, S. Garretson, L. Schwartzberg, S. Yucknovitz, P. Lapczynski, P. Cornell, Second row: C. Burke, C. Stani, R. Milesnick, A. Berrios, D. Kozerow, E. Paduch, T. Norcia, T. English, G. Wisniowski, K. Condon, W. Warger, M. Meiczinger, R. Cuddy PAGE 93 PAGE 94 CLASS OFFICERS - D. Hooper - Vice-President, J. Scales - President, D. Adragna - Secretary, R. Tomascik - Treasurer Mr. Ross Spalt Advisor CLASS OF '70 As junior and upperclassmen we have come to realize that matur- ity and responsibility are very much a part of our lives. Juniors have not only realized these qualities but have attempted to show an example by participating in class activities in the school. Our Junior year will be characterized by our many activities climaxing with the Junior Prom, which is an event which will be remembered throughout our lives. Juniors accept the challenge of our coming Senior year, and will strive to make it our best yet. Truly we hope that when we leave our Junior year, that we would have left a path for future Juniors to follow. "And the Beat goes on" Vi . rf. ' . islam .4- 'A 'XL' 2 cb J l 5, x,.... Q1 ' Ui fx. XL, - M--L' ' lx f' 'i r. , ,f+'i,f if w SJ , le . 'Cf f Qi? ., Li. V K ' 32 ,Ui s s s QV" sie- fp we .,Xt,V 'Q 40 MQ' First row: A. Marton, G. Chatfield, R. Bambacus, M. Micucci, K. Warshaw. Second row: M. K l . -Dk jNQf'3 N Francis, R. Petri, C. Broadnax, D. Haskins, M. Hancock, J. Livak, Third row: D. Tangolics, D. IDQMPYL' ,Ojk "X , Beam, R. Birkland, G. Nesbitt, A. Hynes, B. Hinds MS.-f X" " -X 3 K ,+All fflvj a I ' if,-' P Nl ,PW xl-tk . W A U dy fx ll-' :OU lk VA Vyylbl Q I n M A sf . lr .UV F" Frrst row: M. Drferdmando, L. Siko, D. Varvaris, R. Rayner, S. Bielskr, J. Benzrlio, M. Ostergren A Vg, G. Brogan, C. Ingebrand, C. Labbe, C. Enock, E. Peleskey. Second row: S. Jaskula, J. Baird, L. Szabo, P. Mason, M. Alexandsen, B. Wolf, D. Struble, M. Paul, E. Rojack, B. Stewart, B. Merrill, L. Danielson First row: B. Belton, K. Jolly, D. Testa, B. Chippana, J. Perri, R. Halm, G. Wegner, G. Roberts, J. Reed, P. McCourt. Second row: J. Honeywell, M. DeNardo, C. Ofsick, L. Towns, N. Reyes, D. Murphy, O. Mickins, I.V. Ruffin, B. Brkal First row: A. Pemberton, M. Hoff, P. Donally, J. Keller, L. Gerber, K. Ruch, V. Pistone, J. Prescott. C. James, L. Helmstetter, D. Dispirito, B. Carpentieri. Second row: W. Philips, N. Koltary, B. Wolfery, C. Miller, F. Schilizzi, J. Hooper, J. Abate, S. Kelly, T. McGrill, B. Frischkorn, B. Belloff PAGE 95 vai. .. .. First row: E. Bodo, M. Pontus, S. Bielfelt, D. Hooper, I. Delon, K. Cuddy, C. Prentice, N. Ferraro, S. Mackenzie, J. Meserole. Second row: S. Lazar, C. Suydam, P. Zirnite, J. Moore, B. Taub, J. Pace, A. Barron, B. Place, M. Tufariello, P. Gyengo, B. Orichowsky, M. Graham, J. Jenkins, D. DeWalters, L. Salvaggio, J. Keheley I E Q . I 7 First row: L. Baker, D. Sanders, M. Economy, L. Sterling, Second row: J. Hodges, L. Shaw, V. Harrell, P. Yager, G. Rempkowski, T. Roberts, Third row: J. Harrell, H. Hado, W. Roberts, R. Morton, R. Rayhon, J. Flood, G. Wilson First row: D. Stark,J. Endrizzi, K. Goss, L. Ballai, S. Freeburg, A. Toth. Second row: C. Aerstin, Petrscik, N. Friedman, K. Bettinger, R. Ablett, D. Lattennan, A. Nesenjuk, M. Leck, P. Mc- Dade, E. Somogyi, G. Gussie. Third row: G. Summonds, G. Lanzarotta, J. Yazgier, E. Morris, L Ekstein, C. Rockhill, W. Wasson, J. Iacono First row: W. Dawson, L. Vanderhaggen, H. Hemming, D. Lazorchak, B. Bazin, D. Mooney, K. Neilson. Second row: H. Treaver, B. Locke, F. Fry, G. Goichle, P. Gerencser, B. Schmidt, G Duda, K. Hoffman, T. Enright, E. Breese PAGE 96 First row: J. Doherty, M. Thomas, S. Fordham, C. Higgins, N. Kowalchuk, P. Getz, D. Adragna, S. Benson. Second row: L. Melick, K. Wolfe, R. Sander, D. Leonovich, D. Carney, E. Casper, B. Konsevitch, E. Millionis, J. Dayton, D. Pearl First row: P. Wheatley, J. Muller, F. Hack, E. Black, D. Tippett, Z. Pontus, J. Petose, D. James, J. McKeon, J. Sussman. Second row: J. Gioe, I. Sedneff, B. Charlton, B. Nash, L. Stillman, Z. Lelkes, A. Edwards, R. King, B. Beach, P. Dozenko, K, Mc Carthy, S. Hart First row: B. Colman, L. Lamoreaux, J. Metz, K. Smick, J. Peacos, W. Reyes, J. Sanders. Second row: R. Lautenschlager, J. Beridge, C. Gardner, J. White, C. James, E. Carson, Third row: L. Wojtowicz, M. Paun, T. Norin, D. Thomason, D. Hill, C. Harris, R. Traphagen First row: D. Wolfe, M. Thompson, J. Wilson, C. Bessenyel, A. Willard, J. Robinson, J. Greene, W. Schnatter. Second row: J. Gallon, L. Havorsen,-PT. Gessner, H. Wiesser, E. Sorensen, M. Nord- haus, B. Allen, B. Easton, J. Murowski, D. Channel, L. Vinson PAGE 97 PAGE 98 First row: L. Travis, L. Harris, M. Lemay, R. Motto, J. Jusewick, D. Carter. Second row: R. Tmszowski, P. Sanders, R. Diabo, L. Patniza, B. Zeyolensky, M. Byrd, J. Adams. Third row: M. Pozza, D. Hendrickson, W. Crandel, R. Jones, D. Breese, N. Ripley fs- 2 All ll First row: H. Kagdis, L. Kalechstein, N. Busch, J. Bayless, E. Naman, L. Goss. Second row: D. Dakin, M. Kirk, S. Lanigan, J. Resta, M. Moore, G. McLaughlin, K. Sellers, D. Shamy, M. Dilorenzo, L. Hoffman. Third row: D. Reynolds, R. Spratt, G. Pursley, R. Dunn, K. Laudadio, G. Adams, P. Robicheau, D. Nieman K-it First row: J. LeMay, L. Abramo, J. Sframeli, J. Fargo, M. Remson, C. Szilagy, Second row: K. Horvath, E. Francis, E. Berrios, J. Musser, R. Zahorak, B. Mickelson, J. Wolfe, V. Gonzalez, R. Tomascik, L. Mayes. Third row: E. Chase, B. Velloso, T. Herrman, K. Kopec, D. Voorhees, A. Campbell, G. Jackson, R. Anderson, E. Sakayama, G. Pavlics First row: J. Joyce,C. Ubry, P. Cerrninaro, K. Brennan, K. Strucke, S. Sebastian, D Second row: J. Steig, S. Dressel, B. Puskas, M. Cleveland, R. Richter, G. Curran, M. Mason, M. Condit, J. Scales, P. Gomes, L. Walton. Third row: B. Gerace, D. Welty, R. Beals, B. Holmes, S. Vanderwaal, L. O'Conner, E. A. Kadin, B. Fletcher First row: C. James, J. Pieroth, J. Quagliano, S. Salicos, A. Garret. Second row: J. Yager, N. Eglewski, J. Cox, R. Busicchia, S. Baumander, L. Fox, J. Kinlin, S. Livak. Third row: V. Mistretta, L. Hinrichsen, T. Taylor, J. Szwarc, B. Booker, F. Marble, D. Jones, R. Weer, A. Upshaw First row: C. Shaffery, L. Ynesta, E. Cotnell, A. Fochtman, L. Golaszewski. Second row: J. Rebbei, D. Moody, L. Belton, K. Brensinger, P. Havey, E. Suydam, B. Facchini, R. Diehl, D. Duchai, B. Szur, G. Howard. Third row: S. Long, M. Griggs, R. Kiss, G. Merlen, R. McCoy, R. Stephens, E. Mockovack, W. Ourret, S. Pagano l X r X V ..'-,mx Q Q ,J W,-s. . reg mix M ly ,Rf x PAGE 99 Xl l I 1 P fa N 4 W A , 21 8 S 2 as E '14 1 n Q Y. W. ENICRS "That which is the foundations of all our hopes and fearsg ..... a future life. " Joseph Butler PAGE 101 PAGE 102 Ronald Kish, Vice-Presidentg Marie Poppy, Secretaryg Richard Pellichero, Presidentg Linette Eden, Treasurer Mr. Thomas Crop Advisor CLASS OF 1969 As we, the Senior Class of 1969, leave Franklin High School, we look back with pleasure and pride to the four years we have spent here. Each member in his own way has contributed to making this class a mature and responsible group. We have tried to provide the type of leadership which has always characterized the Franklin High School student. Our class has earned the respect of the entire school by the way we have conducted ourselves through the years. The things we have learned at .Franklin High School will equip us to face whatever future lies ahead. Although it is time now to move on, memories of our class will remain at Franklin High School, just as each one of us will carry his own remembrances through life wherever he may go. GLENDA ARLENE AASHEIM Glen "I'll bet you a nickel" Secretary RASUL ALIZADE Razz "Sure, right!" College: Biology SUZANNE ANDERSON Sue "I can,t help it" College STEPHANIE H. ANTONEVICH Steph "Forget it" Nursing MARY ANN ABATE SUSAN L. AGG Mary Ann Sue "Oh jeez!" "Wanna hear a good one'4 Executive Secretary College BARBARA ALLEN JACQUELINE AMATO Bllfb Jackie "Oh b0Ih6r!" "Give me a break!" College: Chemistry Secretary RALPH ANDREWS RITA MARGARET ANDRILLO Cal Reet "Coca Cola what?" "1 d0n't know" College Secretary VICTOR APLAS DIANE ARNESEN ALAN JOEY AUCIELL0 Vic "Keep smiling!" H Af-'FOV I "What can I say?" Nursing D0 YOUY OWU thlngn College Tonsorial Artist JEANETTE LUCILLE AVERETTE GEORGE AZARKO GREGORY A. BACKMAN Jenny Azark Greg "Love is alright" "Anarchists" "Hey Luv" I,B,M. School College: Engineering Collegeg Air Force JEFF L. BAILEY ROBERT BAUMGARTEN MIKE BAZIN Spick Bob Baz "Life is what you make it," "I can't make practice!" "Shut up duck!" Somerset County College College: "Amber" College L ' MICHAEL T. BEACHEM Mike "Oh yeah" PAGE 104 College ISAAC BELTON Ik 1 Wax e mmf M AM Qxwvdxfep.. ANGELO BERRIOS JAMES M. BETTINGER HOWARD JAY BIENSTOCK Ang Jim Beany "What a goof!" "Take it easy" "Why is it tuff'?" Mechanics' School QGMD Navyg College College ROBERT BIRLAND PHYLLIS LEE BIUNNO VANESSA LaFAWN BLACK Bob Phyl "George of the jungle" "Gee, that's great!" "Ain't this a kill? Really!" Air Force Nurse College: Engineering DIANE BLANCHARD LAWRENCE DAVID BLATTERFEIN SUSAN BLAZEWICZ Dee Larry Blaze "For Pete's sakeln "Hey Dude!" l'Oh wow!" Secretarial School College Secretary PAGE 105 DANIEL THOMAS BODNARCHUK Barny College STEVE BOSWELL LINDA BARBARA BOTON SHARON BOVIE Boz Teeny Rm' "All right!" College "i Dicen que su Novios?" College College WILLIE BRADLEY JEANNETTE BRASTAD VALERIE CECILIA BROADNAX J f Val Cgggge "Oh you're kidding!" Art Education BENNIE BROWN JACQUELINE BRYANT CATHERINE ANN BUKOWSKI Brown Jackie Cathy "Brown Bomber" "It ain't hardly no way" "Don't bet on it!" College Nursing Beautician PAGE 106 DAVE BULKILVISH BOBBY BURNETT THOMAS ARTHUR CALVO Bacavage Mookey FIGSI1 T0mmy "You bet churn" "That's life" "You ain't smartl' Navy Cgllege Collegeg Horse Ranching DARRYL H. CANNADY . JAMES CARLSON DONNA CARRON N , Lltfle Doe H ssoh forget inn What s new sweetheart? .tR0ck, ,, Secretar Hotel 8: Restaurant Administration C lim up y College 0 C26 EARL S. CARSON JR. FRANK CASTANO BARBARA ANN CHAMBERLAIN Earl Man Barb "Tough luckt' "At last, I made it!" Undecided Court Reporter rj, RICHARD CHLANDA Rich "Go Perri!" Collegeg "Amber" PAGE 107 DOUGLAS J. CHRISTMAN Doug You should know better!" College MARY ANNE CHROBOCINSKI KATHLEEN ANN COLLINS WILLIAM S. CONTICCHIO Bonnie Kathy Bill "Wow!" "You know what?" "How's it coming?,' College College College SHARON CORBIN NANCY CORRIGAN BRIAN DANIELSEN "Rea11y?" Nance Bri Executive Secretary "Oh HO!" "Gr00V6y" Somerset County Technical Inst. College PAT DARDEN ROBERT E. DARLING BILL DAVIDSON Bob Wild Bull College "Anonymous character who no one really knows." PAGE 108 Social Work CHARLES FRANK DEAK MARTHA SUSAN DEAN DENNIS DeBOW Deak College College "Forget it" Navy SVEN ERIK deHAAS CONSTANCE MARIA DERVECH The Mad Swede Connie "Take it from there Margaret! "Wharf YOUF Pfoblemiw Medicineg Language Translator College . "N--Q-...Ss STEPHANIE FRANCES DeSALVA STEVEN DeSALVA Steph "I don't believe it" "Got me beat" College: Medicine Psychiatric Nursing JOHN MARK DiGIOVANNI DENISE M. DUCHAI DONNA DUCHAI Di Business College "Be good!" "If you do, God help you" Fufthef Schooling Air Force PAGE 109 PAGE 110 GARY DUDA ERNEST WAYNE DUNDA JANE F. DURYEA Dude "Fd say it but I'm Janie "Ifit feels good, do it" too polite" College College IBM School LINETTE EDEN "Only---more days!" College EILEEN EDWARDS Big Red College LEONARD EDWARDS Shy Low 'lAlways together" College BRUCE P. EIGE Brucie "Forget it" College ELLEN ENGLISH LEVI FAIR BARBARA ANN FERRARA Lynn Little man Barb "Huh?" "Death is slowly behind you" "I'll catch ya later" Nursing Business College KATHLEEN FERRIS KENNETH THOMAS FINC GARY MICHAEL FITZPATRICK Wheel Kenny Fritz COUCEC "Obviously" "Are you kidding me or somethin' Onka?" College Serviceg College , ANTHONY FIUMENERO SALLYANN FIUMENERO CLARA FIZZAROTTI Tony Sally Fizz "Get tough tiger" "Really?" "Right?" Undecided Secretary College STANLEY CARL FRANZYSHEN STEPHEN JAY GAFFIN FRED A. J- GAGLIARDI JR Steve Freddy "Not again!" "Hello Dummy!" "Geri!" College College College MARYANN F . GAMBLE Mare "Get lost!" Fashion School SHELLEY LYNN GARRETSON Shella Bella "Or what?" College kv MARINA ANN GEIPEL DORIS MARIE GARRETT "What are you going to Geip "You old buzzard!" do about it?" College College: Chemistry MARC B. GERBER SUSAN C. GILKESON Gerb Sue "Hut the pean and smooth sailing" "Yes dear!" College Secretarial work KATHLEEN HOLLY GLYNN ANTHONY GODFREY Speedy "Oh no!', Nursing School DENISE GODFREY IRVIN GOLDMAN LINDA MARIE GONZALEZ Twlggy Irv Speedy "Now don't you feel stank'?" "Take it easy" "Always?" PAGE H2 IBM Operator College Bealltician GLORIA GOODGOINS "Or what?" College: Business Education CATHERINE GUADAGNINO Cathy "What's it to you?" Beautician I "Q l:.fff22 V - n I 'T t' . I A- -ww uf 1,-,wif A ' 'lfflf . - -f LTL VYPK. ' ." ' - --:wigs LARRY HANSEN Lazz More "That's the breaks" Armed Forces LORA LEE GROIS Lorie "Didja, really?" College: Elementary Education PATRICIA MAY HADLEY Pat . iicreepgv College EDNA HANSON Mope "I don't know" Undecided MARK IRA GRONNER "Ah shoot" College 4'-lx t NWN LN fp-.J KENNETH JOE HARRELL GEORGE HASSENPLUG CHARLES HAYWOOD Cage Hogs Charlie "Be sweeter then you were "Guess what?" College yesterday" College College PAGE 113 VALORIE HICKSON Val "You'd better get se BRENDA JANE HOLMAN Bren "What a drag" Undecided ELEANOR HOLMGREN Eleanor "You're kidding me?" Secretarial work WILLARD HOWARD Willie "Very interesting" College I- N CAROL HULLETT Carol "Ach du meine Gute!" Somerset County College DAVID NICHLOS IACOVONE Dave "Like ifitls jazz, its where it's at" TERRYL JACKSON Terri "Cold hands, warm heart" Business School: Secretary IRENE S. IWACHIW Rene "It's I watch you!" College: Business Teacher X. MARGARET ANN JACKSON Margaret "Don't worry about it" Elementary School Teacher PAUL JAN A. JANKOWSKI JANE JASKULA Pablo, Jan Janie "Play'n the role" "I hate you Debbie!" College College: Special Education BRUCE L. JENNINGS KAREN ANN JENSEN GLENN JOHNSON "You want a cookie?" Snoopy College: Sociology "Sorry about that" Further Schoolin g PAGE 115 PAGE MARLENE ANN JOHNSON Moe-Iene "My man's a Marine!" Further Education DONALD JONES RUSSELL JUDGE Russ "How's it going?" C ll 116 O age JEANETTE JOHNSON Jeannette Business WAYNE R JONELUNAS PATRICIA A.kJOHNSON Bigwayne ,,LamEi:,0men,, "Let me pot it tliisxvay . . . Colle e you ll get it. g College Sfeven STEPHEN R. JONES "Many a true thing is JOVWSFJ' said in jest" College College STEVEN MARK KAUFMAN BARBARA KELLEY Kauf College "All right!" College MAUREEN T. KELLNER M0 "That's life" Secretarial work DEBRA KING Debbie "What's your problem?,' Secretary RICHARD KLIGE Richie Undecided CAROL KOPSCO Carol "Umm, I don't know" Medical Assistant JO U fl. .1 f1'Nl il J JAMES V. KELLY THADDAS KELLY Kelly Thad "Black is beautiful" College College ALL LINDA MARIE KIRPAN RONALD JOSEPH KISH Chirpy Kishy "What a circus!" "Take it slow and make Art School it last" College: Politics BETTY ANN KNOLMAYER BARBARA KOPSCO Peaches Barb "Oh wow!" "Hahn Modeling School Interior Decorator PAGE 117 PATRICIA KRONICK Pat College CINDY LAMOREAUX Cindy "Like I could care less" Technician DIANE LAPCZYNSKI Work PAGE I I8 l DONALD KOZIELEC Rosey "That's hepn College JOSEPH LAGOWSKI TOM LAIRD Joe Lump College "That's life" Undecided iv! QV F7 f" R gf ,J ,X SAMUEL LANCASTER JR. CATHY LANIGAN Sam Cat "You know it too" "I'm so happy!" Undecided Further Education KEVIN LARSON THOMAS H. LEACH Kev Tgm "D0n't get so upseti' "Chicken Little was right!" College College MAUREEN ANNE LECUONA BARBARA JEAN LePOSA M0 Bobbi College "You know Boobie' College MARY ANNE LEWANDOWSKI Mary Anne "lf that happens, I'll just melt." College - K . DOROTHY LEZAN P111 "I don't know." 'Tm dizzy" Air Line Stewardess DAVID MIKLE LEUSER Dave "Dass ich erkenne was die Welt im lnnersten zusammenhziltl' WAYNE LEYDSMAN "The sky's not the limit." College JOY ANN LINDER Joy LtG0Sh!i Nursing School JEANNE ELIZABETH LOCKE Jeannie "lf there's one person l can't stand . . ." Secretary PAGE 119 PAGE 120 K KATHLEEN DIANE LOVAS GEORGE LUKACS MARY ANN LUSKA Kathy Luk Mary Ann "Oh yeah" College "Greeting!" Secretary College DIANE G. LYSY PAMELA MAAK Lys Pam College 'Tm tired? Receptionist ROSEMARY D. MAC PHIE gg CAROLQQEIQQLDAMA HI dOn,t vzfxa hear iw, "How ridiculous can you Secretarial position Seiigary MICHAEL MAGDA WALTER LARS MAISON MIKE MALINICS Mike Walt Mal "Tell it like it is." "Gimme a break!" "I'm glad" College College Marriage MARIO MANGO Nunzio College STEVEN F. MARKO Big Steve "Bunk it!', College ALAN J. MANSFIELD AI 'LHut the pean and smooth sailing College THOMAS WILLIAM MARQUIS Fog "That's close" College REGINA MARIE MARKOWSKI Reggie "You know what I mean?" College KAREN MARTINEK Little Bit Kar "Wow, what a riot!" Co1legegW.A.V.E. GABE MARTON DANIEL H. MASON CARL MASTERS Gabby Dan "How's your face?" "What 3 way to gg!" uAIl'ighf,, College College College DAVID MATHISEN Dave College I WAYNE R. MATHISEN "Hut the pean and smooth sailing College JANE KATHLEEN McGEEl-IAN Jane csHeea1 PAGE 122 Conege MARY MAT TEI Mary "Je n'eu peux plus" College: Teaching CECELIA A. MAVICA Ceal '6Oh Bulldinky" Secretarial: Airline MARGARET MCAULEY Peggy College MARY A. MCKNIGHT "Are you for real?" Music Teacher DEBORAH VICKIE MAURER Debbie "I hate you too, Janie!" College: History Major TERRY MAYES "Where's that grab ya?" Navy THERESA McCONNELL Terri "Silence is golden." Junior College WILLIAM McVICAR Bill "Je ne sais pas" College: Veterinarian DOROTHY MELNYK MARGIE RAE MENDEL Gail Barf Beautigian "l've got a good one for you." College: Nursing 'wr , I ' S T - w - . MARIANNE SUSAN MERCER JOY CAROLYN METCALFE "Hey, guess what?" "All hate is based on envy" College: Teaching College OTIS MICKENS JR. PATRICIA MIGNELLA Nicky Pat "You must be dreamin' " College College WILLIAM H. MILLS SABLE A. MISTYHN Millie Sable "Change, brother' Nancy Taylor Secretarial Work School ANTHONY R. MENTO Tony "I'll drink to that." College: Drama 2' L BERNARD MOBLEY Mobe Trade School PAGE l23 i PAGE 124 MIKE MOLCHAN RONALD MONDEY BARBARA ANN MONUS Tweet BJ "So what's the bitt?" "Y'all come on" College College: Nursing DENNIS MOORE MARGARET M. MURPHY ERNEST NAPOLITANO "What hurts?" Margie Napo College "Steve" "What's going on?" Work College PAMELA ANNE NARUTA PATRICIA C. NELSON DONALD NEMCHICK Pamie Nels Nemmer "I can't take it!" "Hey, good buddy!" "FII drink to that!" College College College SHARON NEMES GLEN PAUL NIEMY , ,.,,A-""" Niem Higher Education WILLIAM JOHN NIKOVICS ANN V.T. NIZALAK STEFANIE S- NOWAK Bill 'Robin " Stevie "What a shame!" Secretary "Hot spit" College College PATRICIA A. O'BRIEN Pat ARTHUR O'CONNOR THOMAS O'DONNELL ..Ya known Frog H Tom Airline Stewardess or College lgolily here Reservationist 0 ege VINCENT O'LEARY GARY A. ONKA DAVID OSOWSKI Vinny Butch Dave 'LDon't worry about it" "Marty don't" "Don't know" College College Navy PAGE 124 HERBIE PACE JR. LYNN PAITAKES Nutty Pone Invader Greek "Get ready, here I come now!" "I love you" College: Business College MARGARQIQQQRALUSZ CHRISTINE A. PARIS .. . - Chris Good tlgxcglsacgilrre In small UAW ynu ki ding mefr, College Nursmg DEBORAH CATHERINE PEARCE Doug Debbie 'lWhen you ain't got "Who knows . . . ? nothing, you ain't got PAGE 126 College nothing to lose." College: Pre-Med. SHAWN O'SULLlVAN "I don't get it" College AVA MARIE PALADINO Googles "Let's love one another" Modeling GREGORY PATAKI Greg College RICHARD PELLICHERO Pelican College PATT T. PERR1 ANGEL0 JOHN PENA Tedd, ANDREW PHILLIPS as ,senfl ,, "Catch ya down Brunswick, Andy, What s going on? balisticp, ffporget lt" Couegeg Navy Beautician College JACK PINTER JOSEPH PINTER JUDITH A. PINTER Rufus Joe Judy College "You're walking homei' "Live your life free!" College College l K LUDMILA PIWTORATSKY SUSAN R. PLASKOW ALLAN NEIL PLEVY H Luda n Sue Kosher Kid Oh darn! "You're a goofball' "C,mon girl, I got your secfetafb' Cosmatology number" College: Law MARY VERONICA PONGRATZ Mary "Think, it may be a new experience!" Secretary PAGE 127 PAGE 128 MARIE ANN POPPY POD "What a bomb!" Secretarial School KAREN ANN POZNIAK Sarge "What am l going to do now?" College: Teacher DOMINIC PORROVECCHIO Danny College WILLIAM P. PREZLOCK Bill "Hang it up" College VELMA POOLE Pal That sounds like your problem Marriage DAVID R. PORTER Bid Dave "Say it loud" Somerset College DARLENE PRESCOTT Granny "Ain't that much gettin' in the world" College DOUGLAS JOHN RAYNER REGINALD C. REDD MILDRED REED Stork Reggie Millie "Oh yeah?" "Hey what's happening?" "Get it togetherl' College College Business College 1 SHELLEY R. REED Shell DIANE SHIRLEY REMSON WILLIAM REYNOLDS "Experience is a fooI's best Dee Bill teacher, the wise don't need it" "I ain't saying nothin' till College College I see my lawyer" Work i BRUCE RICHARDS "Stand up for America" College: Biology ROBERT WILLLAM RICE Bob College PATRICIA ANN RICHARDS PATSY ROBICHEAU Pat Pat "Oh yeah?" "Oh gaud!" Undecided Marriage CYNTHIA J. ROBINSON TRACY ROBINSON EDWARD L. RO-IACK Jean Dumb Dumb Skip "I don't know" "Girls you can,t do "God kI10WS . . . " Work what guys do" College Airline Stewardess PAGE 129 DOUGLAS A. ROSE VICTOR J. ROSKOWSKI RITA ROSS Doug Vic "The trend is toward the College "What's going on? " bourgeois-smugv College: Law College STEVEN ROSS MIKE ROTH Steve Bid Daddy "That's life" "Yea, right?" College: Business Management Collegeg Air Force Q L I . f V AN N - S R 1 X 'HN - fyifiwfw. .fav V I I .3 A Q ' , I ,A ,,,, ., ,mf .g xr HOPE EILEEN RUBINFELD DIANE A. RUDNITZKI Hope Foxy "Oh well, that's life" "God help us!" Junior College Further Education SAM RUSSELL CHRISTINE RUSSO JQANNE MARIE SAGI George Chris Joanne "Higher and higher" "Listen" College: Teaching Mechanic School College PAGE 130 CHRISTINE SALTER "Love makes a woman" IBM: Technician JOYCE ELAINE SASSMAN GARY SCHEIB J0yCl6 Gary Blues "Oh well, better luck next timen College Secretarial work MARIANNE M. SCHCENFELD KATALENHIEEI-INIIDT jk! PATRICEA ISCHOCK Manny U "Wh t I . . . d . b ' "Good luck" lgncfsvnhojsyit iswyou ,DJ Work Nursing School ROBIN DIANE SCOFIELD Scof "What a hassle!" College We W2 ANDREW SEREMI TYSON SEXTON Andy Truk "Knowing you is loving you" "Girl's is alright with men Advancement in Fine Arts College KATHLEEN ANN SINCAK Kathy "I'm so happy!" Art School M ARY A. SKIPWITH EDWARD THOMAS SKLADANY JAMES SKOW Skip Sidane Skuzzie Hwhafs her face" "I mean like, man you know!,' Schoolg Work Nursing College PAGE 132 CHESTER SMITH DIANE C. SMITH Chet Hoolie "Good-bye Franklin for good!" "Bare-it" Salesman Junior College: Nursing I 1 ELAINE, SMITH Green-jeans H Lam' P, 'Tu get by fwith a little Eh man, grve me a break. help from my friends, ,- College College: Business ROBERT SNYDER STEVEN F. SNYDER ILENE SOBEL Steve Ilene College "You know' College: Teacher PATRICIA SOKOLOSKI Pat "Stop itl' Bookkeeper MARK S. SOUDER Don Qubcote "You're gonna get ---!" College SUSAN MARGARET SPAK Spak "Let's get organized!" College: Library Science TAF FY SPELL Dinky "Are you kidding me?" Secretary , gilt SORENSON Bob My Bon "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser" College: Art Education NANCY SPANGENBERG Sponge "Cute" Nurse EDWARD ARTHUR SPENCER JR. Spimey "Keep the faith" College DONNA SOUDER "Good deal" Registered Nursing ROBERT SPICUZZO Bob "You snake in the grass!" Navy PAGE PAGE 134 RONALD SPICUZZO TONY L. STANI ALAN STEINER Capt. Fish Tony Spiderman "Are you hip?" "What's going on here?" "Rodan is coming" Business College College CONNIE STILWELL WOODY STINES JAY PHILLIP STOUT Consuela El Wood Jay i'Shut up, you do so!" "Hey!" College College College DIANE J. SWANTON ROBERT GUY SYKES MARY SZOKE Dainie Bob "Wow! Really?" "Well Sue, we bombed it againll' "Heyl That's my line!" College College College THOMAS L. TAPPEN Liltle Tap "Some other time" College: Printing GERALDINE TARTAGLIONE Geri "Yes, Fred!" Junior College MARGARET IRENE TEAGER Marg "Oh darn it, I forgot!" College: Chemistry MILLER THOMAS Junior "Miss Sheild I love youu BRIAN TENNYSON Tuscan "No brag, just fact" College RAISA TEREBEY Raika "One must learn to bear the tragedies and comedies of life College MARY M. THOMPSON Super Chicken "What's the bit?" Registered Nurse SUSAN ELAINE THOMPSON THEODORE THOMPSON CAROL ANN TILTON Sue Fat Ted Tilt What the world needs now ---!" "It jUSt bS'S that Way "What 3 1101, can YOU PAGE 135 Secretary sometime" Stand if?" Somerset County College Airline Stewardess l CALVIN LOUIS TODD Loving Dad "Bend over" College MARION LOUISE TODD EDWARD J, TOMAS DAVID TOMKA Toddie Eddie U Srosh "Are you hip with it?" "Say that again?" Li QW?" College C01-legg College: Ministry JANET TOTH MARY MADLYN TOTH LYNN TRACE-Y Jan Mare Hey man! "Hey Lou" "What's your problem?" COUCEG Business School Medical Career JOHN TRAINOR MARGARET C- TRAINOR GERALD R. TRAVIS Cindy Chick College "Understanding will always deliver a smile" PAGE College JIM TRETSKY Tretsk "What's going on?" Night Sehool TONY TUCKER Rebel Collegeg Armed Forces 5 'ls- LEWIS TURNER "Please, please return your love to me girl" College HOWARD L. VAN DE VAARST Howie College THOMAS TREZZA 7-,ez KATHLEEN MARIE TROELLER HL r b f t Kathi et S igrigdgre Hex Beautician School School RON TUGYA GREG TULEJA Tooj "T" "Come on" College College DONNA CHRISTINE TYBOR CHARLES MICHAEL URBAN Don Chuck "What can I say?" "Well, if you can't take College ajoke . . . " College PAGE 137 PAGE I 38 NICHOLAS R. VERNE FRANK JOHN VIZZIELLO Mother Verne Vizz " 'ell yeah" "Hot diggity dirt" Mechanics School Building Construction Technology LEON WADE LORRAINE CAROL WALLACE Chiny Carol "Got you Covered" "Are you for real or what?" Navy IBM School Q-Tr STEVEN WEISHAAR LINDA LEE WEISSENBURGER "I'll drink to that" Lin Policeman "Oh really?" Nursing KENNETH J. G. VARALL Duck "Shut up Bazinv College DAVID WADE Dave "God, country, honorn College JIM WEBER College BRIAN WILLIAM WHITAKER HUP ,, College BARBARA WHITE Barb "Better get with it" Business College THEODORA WILEY CAROLE L. WILSON Teddy "Only --- more days" "It's in the East Villageli' Legal Secretary College NANCY WINCEK Nance "You're kidding A" Art College NICHOLAS WOJCIECHOWSKI Nick College GLORIA GEAN WROTEN Gloria "That's your business isn't it?" JEFFREY R. WITCHEL Lil' Twitch "Chief? I got a problem" College ,ff CATHY MAY WOLFE Cath "That really cracks me up" Secretary CAROLE LOUISE YAGER PRISCILLA DELORES YATES Carole Cilla "You know" "And words are all l have . . " College Co1legegRjdinglnstructor PAGE 139 DONNA MARIE YOURKOWSKI MARY ZANGARA CAROL THERESA ZEH BOHDAN JOHN ZELECHIVSKY wi Q55 .. , Tony QJQQXL PAGE 140 Gahunda Zangie Cgml "Copasetic" IBM Operator "What should I do?" BUSUICSS Business Secretary Boh "Ach du lieber' Law School LINDA RAE ZERBE Zerb "And we laughed" College TONY BOTELHO I d love to turn you on" N Us g,,4xS..2 Art School EDWARD BANK CHARLES BELMONTE WESLEY BOLTON CLYDE BRIGGS DALE DODSON STEVE DRAKOULIS DANIEL DUCHAI PHIL FINKELSTEIN DAVID GOLDBLATT GEORGE GRUBER LESTER HARRIS STEVEN HILL CAMERA SHY BRUCE THOMPSON HENRY KAROWSKI MARK KEMPTON JACK MEAGHER RICHARD MOORES CHRISTINE MUCK DAVID NAIL BRUCE RUDOLPH DAVID SILVER CHARLES VANDERVEER KENNETH WARGER JEFFREY YELLEN RICHARD MOTTO R ich "What?', College Biggs! Fling Most Musically Inclined B, MOHUS Spicuzzo M3nSfsiC1d M8HdC1 SENIOR CLASS POLL Everyone 's Pal S. Jones P. O'Brien Class Sweethearts D. Rose L. Zerbe Apple Polishers C. Fizzarotti T. Marquis PAGE 141 Most Scholarbz M. Teager S. Boswell Nicest Smile D. Porrovecchio P. O'Brien . Q. .A N. X A Most Artistic J. Witchel L. Kirpan PAGE 142 Seen But Not Heard C. Haywood G. Goodgoins Most Offbeat R. Jones A. Botelho ' Most Likebl To Succeed Best Looking M. Teager S. Boswell G. Lukacs D. Duchai Teacher 's Torment Biggest Blushers L. Blatterfein M. Johnson S. Garretson R. Birkland Most Popular D. Porrovecchio P. O'Brien 19' PAGE 143 fv' U QC , A., Most T alkative Most A thletic S. Jones B. Monus B. Jennings B. Kelley Most Respected W. Stines L. Eden Most Dramatic Most Sophisticated V. Broadnax A. Mento G. Lukacs R. Mac Phie PAGE 144 Most Courteous W. Leydsman S. Anderson Did Most For F.H.S. R. Kish s. De sam Best messed D. Porrovecchio M. Gamble s Best Dancers D. Rudnitzski A. Steiner Biggest Bluffers Class Clowns I n S' Plaskow P. jankowski B. Brown M. Johnson G. Fltzpatnck PAGE JUNIOR PROM f y ma I7 kr Setting-up R Bal k1 SGW' 9,5 ' I f' Af . P 146 PAGE 147 GLENDA ARLENE AASHEIM - 103, MARY ANN ABATE - 103, Corres. Secretary 8: Treasurer of F.B.L.A., Corres. Secretary 8t Vice-President of Spanish Club, Jr. Prom Committee, J.V.-84 Varsity Cheerleader, Library Aide, Library Club, Office Aide, Ski Club, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Homeroom Representative, Student Government Day. SUSAN L. AGG - 103, F.T.A., Gym Office Assistant, Junior Prom Committee, J.V. 84 Varsity Cheerleader, M8iM Bunny Helper, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Shield StaffSenior Editor, Sophomore Class President, Student Council Historian, Student Council Representative. RASUL ALIZADE - 103, Homeroom Representative, Ski Club, Soccer, Track, Varsity Club. BARBARA ALLEN - 103, Chem League, Chemistry Tutor, Enrichment Program, F.T.A., National Honor Society, Scope, Shield-Copy Editor, Girls' Track-Manager. JACOUE LINE AMATO - 103, F.B.L.A., Musical-"Damn Yankees". SUZANNE ANDERSON - 103, F.T.A.-Vice-President, Girls' Track Team, Homeroom Representative, Shield Staff, International Relations Club, Spanish Club, Student Council Representative. RALPH ANDREWS - 103, Beatles Fan Club, "Bells are Ringing", Drama Club, Ducks, "lnherit the Wind", "The Mouse That Roared". RITA ANDRILLO - 103, Cooperative Industrial Education Club, F.B.L.A., Host-Hostess Club, Make-up Committee for plays, Secretary of Math Department, Work Co-op. STEPHANIE H. ANTONEVICH -103, VICTOR APLAS - 104, Football, German Club, Outdoorsman Club, Ski Club, Track. DIANE ARNESEN - 104, Folksong Workshop, F.T.A., Guidance Counselor's Secretary, Stu-Co Homeroom Representative, Modern Dance, Spanish Club. ALLEN AUCIELLO - 104, A.V.A., Italian Club, Soccer, Spanish Club. JEANETTE LUCILLE AVERETTE - 104, Afro-American Club, G.A.A., Jazz Club. GEORGE AZARKO - 104, Concert Bt Marching Bands, National Honor Society, Sophomore Class Alt. Rep., Stu-Co Alternate Representative, Treasurer Russian Club, Vice.President Russian Club. GREGORY A. BACKMAN - 104, Science Club, Shield photographer, Track. JEFF L. BAILEY - 104, Baseball, J.V. Wrestling. EDWARD BANK - 140, A.V.A., Soccer-J.V. 81 Varsity, Spring 81 Winter Track, Student Council. ROBERT BAUMGARTEN -104, Science Club. MIKE BAZIN - 104, Ski Club, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Club, Varsity Football. MICHAEL T. BEACHEM - 104, Drama Club, French Club, Jr. 8: Sr. Class Plays, Musicals, Scope. CHARLES BELMONTE - 140, A.V.A. ISAAC BE LTON - 105, Spring Track. ANGELO BERRIOS -105. JAMES M. BETTINGER - 105. HOWARD JAY BIENSTOCK - 105, Baseball, Jr. Math Club, Key Club, Spanish Club. ROBERT BIRKLAND - 105, Basketball, French Club, Jr. Math Club, J.V. 81 Varsity Soccer, J.V. Bt Varsity Tennis, National Honor Society, Ski Club, Student Exchange Day. PHYLLIS LEE BIUNNO - 105, F.T.A., Main Office Duty, Spanish Club. VANESSA LAFAWN BLACK - 105, G.A.A., International Relations Club, Library Club, Track, Work Co-op. DIANE BLANCHARD - 105, Cut Office Assistant, F.B.L.A., Guidance Office Assistant. SUSAN BLAZEWICZ - 105, Banner, Beacon-Business Mgr., F.B.L.A.-Treasurer, Ski Club, Jr. Prom Decorating Committee Chairman, Lancer, Student Council Rep. 8i Alt. SENIOR ACTIVITIES DANIEL BODNARCHUK - 105, Freshman 8: J.V. Football. WESLEY BOLTON - 140. STEVE BOSWE LL - 106, German Club, J.V. 84 Varsity Football, National Honor Society, Science Club, Student Council Representative, Student Government, Varsity Club, Varsity Tennis-3r. TONY BOTELHO - 140, Soccer. LINDA BARBARA BOTON - 106, Drama Club, Jr. Si Sr. Class Plays, Office Aide, Prom Committees, Spanish Club. SHARON BOVIE - 106, Girls' Track, Lancers, National Honor Society, M8iM Bunny Helper, Ski Club, Student Council R epresentative. WILLIE BRADLEY -106. JEANETTE BRASTAD - 106, French Club, Future Nurses' Club, Introduction to Vocations, National Honor Society, Nurses' Office Aide. CLYDE BRIGGS - 140. VALERIE CECILIA BROADNAX - 106, Art Club, Certificate of Merit, "lnherit the Wind". Drill Team. Jr. 8: Sr. Stu-Co. Reb.. Jr. Prom Decorating Committee, Lancers, Scholastic Art Award, Yearbook Staff. BENNIE BROWN -106. DAVID BROWN - 106. JACOUELINE BRYANT - 106, Future Nurses' Club, Work Co-op Program. CATHERINE ANN BUKOWSKI - 106, F.T.A., Guidance Office Aide, Introduction to Vocation, Library Aide, Sophomore Alternate. DAVE BULKILVISH - 107, BOBBY BURNETT - 107, Jr. Prom Committee, Student Council, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club, Varsity Football. THOMAS ARTHUR CALVO - 107, Frosh Baseball, Jr. Prom Committee, Varsity Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling. DARRYL CANNADY - 107, Class Presidente9th, Debate Club, Industrial Education Club, Junior Class Alt., President of the Cooperative. JAMES CARLSON - 107, Introduction to Vocations, International Relations Club. DONNA CARRON - 107, Cut Office, "The Group" EARL G. CARSON - 107, Football, Outdoors Club, Soccer, Spanish Club, Varsity Club, Wrestling. FRANK CASTANO - 107, Concert 84 Marching Bands. BARBARA ANN CHAMBERLAIN -107, Drill Team, G.A.A. RICHARD F. V. CHLANDA - 107. DOUGLAS CHRISTMAN - 108, Student Council Representative. MARY ANNE CHROBOCINSKI - 108, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, F.O., Future Nurses' Club, Medical Careers Club, Red Cross Club, Spanish Club, S.P.H.S. KATHLEEN ANN COLLINS - 108, C.Y.O. Cheerleader, F.T.A.-President, Treasurer, International Relations Club, Sr. Homeroom Alt., Science Club, Newspaper Committee Chairman, Spanish Club. WILLIAM S. CONTICCHIO - 108, Amateur Radio Club, A.V.A., Football Mgr., Spanish Club, Student Opinion Staff, Student Council Representative, Teenage Republican V.P. SHARON CORBIN -108, B.Y.F., F.B.L.A., Host-Hostess Club. NANCY CORRIGAN - 108, Host-Hostess Club. BRIAN DANIELSEN - 108, Football, "Inherit the. Wind", Intramural Volleyball, -Marching Band, "Our Town", Photography Club, Pole Vaulting, Science Club, Weight Lifting Club, Tennis. PAT DARDEN - 108. ROBERT DARLING -108. BILL DAVIDSON - 108, Concert 84 Marching Bands, Dance Band, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Wrestling, J.V. Wrestling, Sophomore Class Rep. CHARLES DEAK - 109. MARTHA SUSAN DEAN - 109, German Club 84 German Band, Girls' Track Team, Marching 81 Concert Bands, National Honor Society, Beacon News Editor. DENNIS DeBOW -109,A.V.A. SVEN ERIK DeHAAS - 109, A.V.A., Chess Club, Cross Country-Varsity, National Honor Society, Photography Staff, Ski Club, Soccer-Varsity Captain, Student Council, Varsity Club, Varsity Tennis. CONSTANCE MARIA DERVECH - 109, French Club, Freshman Homeroom Rep., Girls' Chorus, "La Cortiere", Mixed Chorus, Nurses' Aide, Senior Homeroom Alternate, Student Council. STEPHANIE FRANCES DeSALVA - 109, Drill Team, Freshman Class V.P., Future Nurses' Club, German Club, Lancer-Co-Captain, M.C.A.S.H.C.-V.P. 8: Secretary, Ski Club, Sophomore 81 Junior Rep., Student Council-Treasurer 8: V.P. STEVEN DeSALVA - 109, Junior Math Club, Marching 81 Concert Bands, National Honor Society, Student Council Representative, Varsity Cross Country, Wrestling. JOHN MARK DiGl0VANNI - 109, Baseball, Track, Varsity Football Mgr., Work Co-op. STEVE DRAKOULIS - 141. DANIEL DUCHAI -141, DENISE DUCHAI - 109, Folksong Workshop, G.A.A., Indian Club Twirlers, National Honor Society, Lancer, "Music Man", Office Aide. DONNA DUCHAI - 109, G.A.A., Indian Club Twirler, Junior Prom Committee, "Le Coterie", "Music Man", Nurses' Club, Office Aide. GARY DUDA - 110. ERNEST WAYNE DUNDA - 110, Concert 8: Marching Band-Sgt. Major, Trombone Section IRank Il. JANE F. DURYEA - 110, Carnival, Carwash-Soph., F.B.L.A., Jr. Prom Committee, Lancer, Nurses' Club, Office Aide, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Student Council Rep. 84 Alt. LINETTE EDEN - 111, Class Treasurer-9-12, Jr. Prom Committee, Main Office Assistant, Mock Board of Education, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Student Council Representative, Student Government Day. EILEEN EDWARDS - 111, Enrichment Program, Cheerleading Manager, F.T.A., Girls' Track Team, Math Team, National Honor Society-Treas., Scope. LEONARD EDWARDS - 111, Afro-American Club, Jazz Club-Vice-President, International Human Relations Club, Introduction to Vocations, Spanish Club. BRUCE P. EIGE - 111, Beacon, Coin Club, Drama Club, Track. ELLEN ENGLISH -111, Future Nurses' Club, Scope. LEVI FAI R - 111, Track, Work Co-op. BARBARA FERRARA - 111, F.T.A., G.A.A., Guidance Aide, Office Aide, Pep Club, Stu-co Receptionist. KATHLEEN FERRIS - 112, Drama Club, French Club, Freshman Homeroom Rep., Jr. 81 Sr. Prom Committees, "Mouse That Roared", Office Aide, Pep Club. KENNETH THOMAS FINC - 112, Chess Club, Key Club, Latin Club. PHIL FINKELSTEIN - 142. GARY MICHAEL FITZPATRICK - 112, Chorus, Graduate of E.M.U., Graphic Arts Club, Track Team, Homeroom Representative-3 yrs., Member of the Fellows, Varsity Club. ANTHONY FIUMENERO - 112. SALLYANN FIUMENERO - 112, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Main Office Aide, "The Group". CLARA FIZZAROTTI - 112, Banner, Beacon Business Manager, Drama Club, Jr. Prom Decorating Comm., Lancers, Spanish Club, Student Council Rep. 84 Alt., Student Council Corr. Sec. STANLEY CARL FRANZYSHEN -112, Track. STEPHEN JAY GAFFIN - 112, Band, Spring 81 Winter Track. FRED A. J. GAGLIARDI - 112, Car Club, Foreman-Power Mech., Frosh Football, Homeroom Rep. 81 Alt., Intermediate Athletic Program, Introduction to Vocations, Pep Rallies, Physical Ed. Assistant Instructor. MARYANN GAIVIBLE -112, Jet Set. SHELLEY LYNN GARRETSON - 113, Colorguard, Girls' Track Team, Junior Class-President, M8tlVI Bunny Helper, Nurses' Club, Senior Clam Representative, Ski Club-Treasurer, Sophomore Class-Secretary, Student Council-9-12, Student Government Day. DORIS MARIE GARRETT -113, G.A.A., Latin Club. MARINA GEIPEL - 113, American Field Service, Chemistry League, Chemistry Tutor, Enrichment, German ClulrTreasurer, Girls' Chorus, National Honor Society, "Our Town"'Prompter, Shield-Business Editor, Student Council-Alternate. MARC B. GERBER - 113, A.F.T.M.O.L.C., International Silver String Submarine Band, Concert 84 Marching Band, Dance Band, German Club 84 German Band, Green Briar Band, Key Club-President, Pit Band, Secret Softie Saxaphone Section. SUSAN C. GILKESON - 113, Apartment 18, F.B.L.A., Paper Drive '69. KATHLEEN HOLLY GLYNN - 113, F.B.L.A., Future Nurses' Club, Homeroom Rep., Host-Hostess Club, Pep Club, Twirler-Captain. ANTHONY GODFREY - 113. DENISE GODFREY - 113, Afro-American Club, Jazz Club, Negro Heritage Club. DAVID GOLDBLATT - 142. IRWIN GOLDMAN -113, Key Club, Science Club. LINDA MARIE GONZALEZ - 113, Chorus, Drama Club, 4C Lunch, March 29th, Vito. GLORIA GOODGOINS - 114, Afro-American Club-Treasurer, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Jazz Club, Spanish Club-Secretary, Student 81 Class Council. LORA LEE GROIS - 114, Chorus, Chorus Librarian, Resident 4B Lunch. MARK IRA GRONNER - 114, Baseball, Beacon, Cross-Country, Key Club, Latin Club, Math Tutor, Science Club, Senior Class Rep., A Ski Club, Student Council Rep., Varsity Club, Winter Track. GEORGE GRUBER - 114. CATHERINE GUADAGNINO - 114, "AIan", Cut Sheetsl, "Donald Duck", Drama Club, F.B.L.A., Nurses' Club. PATRICIA MAY HADLEY - 114, Work Co-op Program. LARRY HANSEN - 114, Detention, Served Class for most. EDNA HANSON -114, Spanish Club-9th. KENNETH JOE HARRELL - 114, Basketball Team, Football, Track. GEORGE HASSENPLUG - 114, Recreation Basketball 8a Baseball, Wallace Camp. CHARLES HAYWOOD - 115, Concert 84 Marching Band, Key Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society-Vice-President, Varsity Club, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Wrestling-Co-Captain. LESTER HARRIS - 141. CAROL JEAN HEMBLING - 115, Future Nurses' Club-V.P. 84 President, Nurses' Aide, Sophomore Class Rep., Volunteer in Somerset Hospital, Yearbook Staff. BRIAN HEMMING - 115. VALORIE HICKSON - 115, Girls' Track. DAVID HILL - 115. STEVEN HILL - 142. MICHAEL HIRSCH - 115, Chess Club, Drama Club, Jr. 8iSr. Play of '68, Key Club, "Mouse That Roared", Musical of '68 "Music Man", National Honor Society. BRENDA JANE HOLMAN - 115, Apartment 18, Paper Drive '69. RONNIE HOLMES - 115, Introduction to Vocations, Jazz Club, Negro Heritage Club. PAGE ADRIENNE HOLMGREN - 115, Banner Holder, F.B.L.A., Yearbook Staff. ELEANOR HOLMGREN - 115, Banner Holder, F,B.L.A., Yearbook Staff. WILLARD HOWARD -116, Football, Winter 84 Spring Track. CAROL HULLETT - 116, Frosh Homeroom Rep., G.A.A.-9-12, German Club, Girls' Chorus, International Relations Club. DAVID NICHLOS IACOVONE - 116, Concert Si Marching Band, Dance Band-Alternate, Green Briar Band, Homeroom Rep.-10-12, Pep Band. IRENE S. IWACHIW - 116, C.Y.M., EUROPEI, F.T.A., Girls' Track, Russian Club, Senior Skit, Ski Club, Sr. Student Council Rep. MARGARET JACKSON - 116, Art Club, Chorus, Modern Dance Club. TERRYL JACKSON - 116, Girls' Track, Jr. 81 Sr. Class Play, 2 points in Basketball. PAUL JAN A. JANKOWSKI - 116, Baseball, Beacon, Frosh Basketball, Jr, Class Homeroom Rep., Mock Board of Education, Ski Club-President, Soccer, Spanish Club, Varsity Club. JANE JASKULA - 116, Drama Club, F.T.A., International Relations Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Spanish Club. BRUCE L. JENNINGS - 116, Football-Frosh, Football-Varsity Co-Captain, Track-Frosh, J.V. 81 Varsity, Varsity Club, Wrestling-Freshman 84 J.V. KAREN ANN JENSEN - 116, American Legion Jr. Auxiliary, F.B.L.A., Host-Hostess Club, Indian Club Twirler, Jr. 8: Sr. Play, Library Aide, Spanish Club. GLENN JOHNSON -117. JEANETTE JOHNSON - 117, Carwash, F.B.L.A., Girls' Track, Host-Hostess Club, Indian Club-Captain, J. Jetset, Jr. Class Rep., Jr. Prom Committee, Lancers, Office Aide, Spanish Club. MAR LENE ANN JOHNSON - 117, "Bells are Ringing"-choreographer, Chorus-Girls' Sr Mixed, "Dancing", F.H.S. Band Manager-2 yrs., F.H.S. Twirler-Co-Captain, Future Homemakers, Jr. Prom Decorating Comm., Library Aide, "Mike", "Misty and the Tears", Pep Club, Sr. Class Rep. PATRICIA A. JOHNSON - 117, F.T.A., H.R. Rep., J.V. 81 Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Stu-Co. Rep., The Pack. WAYNE R. JONELUNAS - 117, Chorus-solist, Drama Club, Football, Foreign Relations Club, "lnherit the Wind", "Music Man". DONALD JONES - 117. STEVEN LOVETT JONES - 117, A.V.A., Concert Sr Marching Band, Exchange Student, Flag Bearer, Library Aide, Mock Board of Education, Student Council, Varsity Basketball Manager. STEPHEN R. JONES -117. RUSSELL JUDGE -117, H.R. Representative, "Inherit the Wind", Key Club, "Mouse That Roared", National Honor Society, School Plays, Ski Club, Tennis. HENRY KAROWSKI - 142. STEVEN MARK KAUFMAN - 117, Beacon, Concert 84 Marching Band, German Club-Secretary, Shield, Ski Club. BARBARA KELLEY - 118, A.F.S., German Club, Girls' Track Team, International Relations Club, National Honor Society. MAUREEN T. KELLNER - 118, Apartment 18, 4B Lunch, F.B.L.A.-Vice President, G.A.A., Guidance Assistant, Jr. High Nurses' Office, Jr. Prom Committee, Library Aide, Office Aide, Pep Club, Shield Staff, Track. JAMES V. KELLY - 118, A.V.A., German Club, Homeroom Rep., Introduction to Vocations, Student Council. THADDAS KELLY - 118, Afro-American Club, "Busted Tears", Class Representative, Cut Sheets - 1st period, Guidance Office Aide, Jazz Club, Prom Committees, Shield Staff, Student Government Day, Student Council Receptionist, S.C.A.P., Ski-Club. MARK KEMPTON - 142. DEBRA KING - 118, F.B.L.A.-Historian 81 President, Jr. Homeroom Rep., Student Council, Work Study Program. LINDA MARIE KIRPAN - 118, Beacon, Folksong Workshop, Indian Club Twirler, MGB, R.J.A., Senior Homeroom Rep., Shield. RONALD JOSEPH KISH - 118, Baseball Mgr., Basketball, Beacon Sports Editor, Bob Lloyd and Alabama, 4B Lunch, Freshman Football, International Relations Club, Recreation Basketball, Rutgers, Senior Class-Vice-President, Soccer, Spanish Club, Varsity Club, Wallace Campaign. RICH KLIGE - 118, Coin Club, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football, Jr. Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball-2 yrs. BETTY ANN KNOLMAYER - 118, Homeroom Rep., Office Aide, Student Council Receptionist. BARBARA KOPSCO -118,F.B.L.A. CAROL KOPSCO - 119, F.T.A., Homeroom Representative, Spanish Club, Work Cooperative Program. DONALD KOZIELEC -119,A.V.A., French Club. PATRICIA KRONICK - 119, Cheerleading Manager, Girls' Track Team, Junior 8r Senior Play "1967". JOSEPH LAGOWSKI - 119. TOM LAIRD -119. CINDY LAMOREAUX -119, Library Aide. SAMUEL LANCASTER JR. - 119, Track, Wrestling. CATHY LANIGAN - 119, F.T.A., Host-Hostess Club-President, Nurses' Club, Student Council Rep. DIANE LAPCZYNSKI - 119, F.T.A., Girls' Track, National Honor Society, Russian Club-Treasurer. KEVIN LARSON - 119, French Club, F.T.A., Junior 81 Senior Class Plays, Ski Club. THOMAS E. LEACH - 120, Beacon News Editor, Junior Math Club-Vice-President, Key Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Shield Photographer, Ski Club, Tennis Team, Varsity 84 J.V. Soccer Team, Varsity Club. MAUREEN ANNE LECUONA - 120, Beacon, Chorus, H.R. Representative, Spanish Club, Stu-Co Rep. BARBARA JEAN LePOSA - 120, Drama Club, French Club, Host-Hostess Club, "Inherit the Wind", Junior Homeroom Rep., "Mouse That Roared", "Music Man", Senior Homeroom Rep., Senior Skit, Surfing. DAVID MIKLE LEUSER - 120, Art, German Club, Key Club, Life, Math Tutor, National Honor Society, Philosophy Club, Student Council. MARY ANNE LEWANDOWSKI - 120, Future Nurses' Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Ski Club, Soccer Cheerleader-Varsity, Spanish Club, Sr. Br Jr. Homeroom Rep., Student Council. WAYNE LEYDSMAN - 120, Astronomy Club, Beacon, Class Representative, National Honor Society, Science Club. DOROTHY LEZAN - 120. JOY ANN LINDER - 120. PATTI J. LINDNER - 120, Drama Club, Freshman Class Rep., Spanish Club. CARMEN LIPSCOMB - 120. JEANNE ELIZABETH LOCKE - 121, Art Club, Guidance Office Assistant, National Honor Society, Student Council Homeroom Rep. KATHLEEN DIANE LOVAS - 121, Cut Sheets, F.B.L.A., Library Assistant, Typing. GEORGE LUKACS - 121, Captain-Varsity Baseball, Football, National Honor Society, Varsity Club. MARY ANN LUSKA -121, F.T.A., F.N.A., Scope Staff. DIANE G. LYSY - 121, F.T.A., Future Nurses' Club, Girls' Track Team, National Honor Society, Shield Staff. PAMELA MAAK -121, Pep Club. ROSEMARY D. MAC PHIE - 121, "Candy Apples", Drum Majorette-"Golden Warrior Band", F.B.L.A., Hostess, Jr. Class Rep. Br Sr. Class Alt., Jr. Prom Committees, Music Librarian, National Honor Society-Sec., "Rutgers", Student Council Rep., Twirler, Yearbook Staff. CAROLYN MADAMA - 121. MICHAEL MAGDA - 121, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Varsity Club. WALTER LARS MAISON - 121, International Relations Club. MIKE MALINICS - 122. MARIO MANGO - 122, A.V.A., Carvvash-Soph., Concert 84 Marching Band, Dance Band, Freshman Football, H.R. Representative, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep FIallieS. SPGDISII Club. Spring Track, Winter Track. ALAN J. MANSFIELD - 122, Band President 1969, Carnival, Concert 81 Marching Band, Dance Band, Homeroom Rep. Bt Alt., International Silvertreak Submarine Band, "Music Man", New Jersey All Regional 84 All State Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, "The Ruins", Secret Softy Saxaphone Section, Student Council Rep. REGINA MARIE MARKOWSKI - 122, Carnival, Church Sodality-Treasurer, French Club-President, F.T.A., National Honor Society, Shield-Photography Editor. STEVEN F. MARKO - 122, Chorus, Drama Club, F.T.A., Jr. 81 Sr. lClass Play, Musical. THOMAS WILLIAM MARQUIS - 122, A.V.A., Baseball, Basketball, Football, German Club, H.R. Rep., Jersey Boy's StateRep., Library Aide, National Honor Society, Ski Club, Varsity Club. KAREN MARTINEK - 122, G.A.A., Girls' Track, International Relations Club, Spanish Club. GABE MARTON - 122, Work Cooperative Program. DANIEL H. MASON - 122, French Club, I-LR. Representative, Key Club, National Honor Society, Ski Club, Tennis. CARL MASTERS - 122, Senior Class Representative. DAVID MATHISEN - 123, Baseball, Soccer, Spanish Club. WAYNE MATHISON - 123, Golden Warrior Concert 81 Marching Band, Ski Club, Spanish Club. MARY MATTEI - 123, A.F.S., Beacon-Business Editor, F.T.A., Future Nurses' Club, International Relations Club, Latin Club, Scope. DEBORAH VICKIE MAURER - 123, American Field Service, Franklin Park Twirlettes, F.T.A.-Treasurer, German Club, Gina's Girls' Track Team, International Relations Club-V.P., Senior Homeroom Rep., Shield-Club Editor, Ski Club, V.I., Washington. CECELIA A. MAVICA - 123, Carnival, Folksong Workshop, French Club-I,ll,lII, F.T.A., Guidance Helper, Likes to cook, Sr. Homeroom Rep., Varsity Cheerleader-Soccer 84 Wrestling. TERRY MAYES -123, Wrestling. MARGARET McAULEY - 123. THERESA McCONNELL -123. JANE KATHLEEN McGEEHAN - 123, Art Club, Drama Club, Frosh Clxs Rep., Sophomore Class Rep., Spanish Club. MARY A. MCKNIGHT - 123, Chorus, Drama Club, Jr. 84 Sr. Plays, Jr. Miss, Musicals, Single Trio, Spring Concerts, Triple Trio. WILLIAM McVlCAR - 124, Carnival, Enrichment Program, French Club-Vice-President, International Relations Club, Key Club, Math Tutor, National Honor Society, N.I.M.G.A., Shield Staff-Faculty Editor. JACK MEAGHER - 142. DOROTHY MELNYK - 124, Art Club, Homeroom Rep., Host-Hostess Club, Student Council Rep. MARGIE RAE MENDEL - 124, Concert Bl Marching Band, Future Nurses' Club, G.A.A., Girls' Track, "Music Men", Ski Club, Student Council Rep. ANTHONY R. MENTO - 124, "BeIl's Are Ringing", Chorus, Drama Club-President, Freshman Football, F.T.A., "Inherit the Wind", J.V. Football, "Mouse That Roared", Night of One Acts. MARIANNE SUSAN MERCER -124, F.T.A., G.A.A., Girls' Track Team, National Honor Society, Shield Staff. JOY CAROLYN METCALFE - 124, Beacon, Folksong Workshop, Science Club, Scope. OTIS MICKENS JR. - 124, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football, Heritage Club, Jazz Club, J.V. Football. PATRICIA MIGNELLA - 124, Beacon, Chem Team, F.T.A., International Relations Club, Math Club, Math Team, National Honor Society, Spanish Club. WILLIAM H. MILLS - 124, Freshman Wrestling, H.R. Rep., Varsity Club, Varsity Golf. SABLE A. MISTYHN - 124, Apartment 18, F.B.L.A.-Secretary, Office Aide, Shield Staff. BERNARD MOBLEY - 125, Baseball Team, Co-op Program, Football-J.V. 8: Frosh, Traffic Coordination Club, Varsity Club, Varsity Soccer, Wrestling-Frosh. MIKE IVIOLCHAN -125. RONALD MONDEY - 125, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Wrestling, J.V. 84 Varsity Baseball. BARBARA ANN MONUS - 125, F.H.S. Band, Future Nurses' Club, Girls' Track, Gymnastics, Office Aide, Senior Class Rep., Student Council Rep. DENNIS MOORE -125, French'-Club. RICHARD MOORES - 143. RICHARD MOTTO - 143, A.A., Debate Club, Drama Club, Science Club. CHRISTINE MUCK -143. MARGARET M. MURPHY - 125, Apartment 18, Homeroom Rep., Office Worker, Woodshop. DAVID NAIL - 143. ERNEST NAPOLITANO JR. - 125, A.V.A., Senior Homeroom Rep., Student Council Rep. PAMELA ANNE NARUTA - 125, Freshman Class-President, J.V. Sl Varsity Cheerleader, M8tM Bunny Helper, National Honor Society, Nurses' Aide, Pep Club, Shield Staff-Feature Editor, Stu-Co. Historian, Stu-Co. Rep. PATRICIA C. NELSON - 125, "A Tribute to Walt Disney", Cheerleading, "Death Takes A. Holiday", G.A.A., Guidance Aide, Gymnastics, "Hawk", Junior Class Council, Junior Prom, Modern Dance, Newspaper-Hawkeys, Ninth Grade Council, Office Aide, Pep Club, Sophomore Class Council, Student Council, "TinkerbelI", Yearbook. DONALD NEMCHICK - 125, Concert 81 Marching Band, Dance Band, Freshman Baseball, Kay Club. SHARON NEMES - 126. GLEN PAUL NIEMY - 126, Key Club, Soccer Team, Stu-Co.-President, Track Team, Winter Track. WILLIAM JOHN NIKOVICS - 126, French Club, International Relations Committee, Outdoor Club, Recreation Baseball 81 Basketball. ANN V. T. NIZALAK - 126, F.B.L.A., Flag Twirling Co-Captain, Girls' Track Team, Office Aide, Stu-Co. Rep. STEFANIE S. NOWAK - 126, Concert 84 Marching Band, French Club, German Club, Girls' Track Team, MBIM Bunny Helper, National Honor Society, Sophomore Class Rep., Stu-Co. Rep. 84 Alt. PATRICIA A. O'BRIEN - 126, Freshman Class Secretary, J.V. 81 Varsity Cheerleader-Captain, Nurses' Club, Pep Club, Representative to Girls' State, Student Council Rep., Stu-Co. Elections Chairman. ARTHUR O'CONNOR - 126, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling. THOMAS O'DONNELL - 126, Basketball-Frosh, J.V. 81 Varsity, Football-Frosh, Homeroom Rep., International Relations Club, J.V. Soccer, Mock Board of Education, Sportsman Club. VINCENT O'LEARY - 125, Baseball, Basketball, Spanish Club. SHAWN O'SULLlVAN - 126, Baseball, German Club, Sr. Homeroom Rep. GARY A. ONKA - 127, A.V.A. I-IV, Baseball, Basketball, Choir I-IV, "Damn Yankees", Human Relations Club, Member E.M.U. 84 Graduate, Member of the Fellows, Music Theory I. DAVID OSOWSKI - 125. HERBIE PACE JR. - 127, Football, Track. LYNN PAITAKES - 127, Band, Jr. Miss Pagent, Jr. 84 Sr. Prom Committees. AVA MARIE PALADINO - 127, Host-Hostess Club, Pep Club. MARGARET PARALUSZ - 127, Concert 8: Marching Band, F.T.A., Host-Hostess Club, Junior Prom Decorating Comm., Spanish Club, Student Council Alternate. CHRISTINE A. PARIS - 127, Chorus, East Millstone, E.M.U. Graduate, Nurses' Office, Pep Club. GREG PATAKI - 127, Concert 84 Marching Band, Cross-Country. DOUG PEARL - 127, Cross-Country, Frosh Football, German Club. Kev Club. Track. DEBORAH CATHERINE PEARCE - 126. RICHARD E. PELLICHERO - 127, A.V.A., Freshman Baseball, Freshman Football, Sr. Class President. ANGELO JOHN PENA - 128, A.V.A., Baseball, Concert 81 Marching Band, Pep Band. PATT T. PERRI - 128. ANDREW PHILLIPS - 128, A.V.A., Basketball, Football, Golf, Spanish Club. JACK PINTER - 128, Captain of Trap 84 Skeet Team '67-'68, President of Outdoors Club '67-'68. JOSEPH PINTER - 128, International Relations Club. JUDITH A. PINTER - 128, French Club, F.T.A., G.L., H.R. Representative, International Relations Club, Pep Club. LUDMILA PIWTORATSKY - 128, Librarian Aide. SUSAN R. PLASKOW - 128, Folksong Workshop, Host-Hostess Club, J.Jetset, Spanish Club. ALLAN NEIL PLEVY - 128, Freshman, J.V. Bl Varsity Baseball, Freshman Football, International Relations Club, Junior Class Rep., Key Club-Senior Class Dir., Library Aide, Spanish Club, Varsity Club. MARY VERONICA PONGRATZ - 128, F.B.L.A.. Folksong Workshop, Guidance Office Aide, Host-Hostess Club, Main Office Aide, Sophomore Class Rep., Student Council. VELMA POOLE - 129, French Club, Future Homemakers of America. MARIE ANN POPPY - 129, "Candy Apples", Colorguard-Co-Captain, F.B.L.A., F.T.A., Folksong Workshop, H.R. Rep., Hostess, Jr. Prom Decorating Comm., Jr. Prom Chairman, M8lM Bunny Helper, Office Aide, Pep Club, "Rutgers", Senior Class Secretary, Shield Staff, Student Council Rep. DOMINIC PORROVECCHIO - 129, Carnival, Chairman Jr. Prom. Comm., Freshman Football, Homeroom Rep., J.V. 84 Varsity Baseball, Rep. to State Police Academy, Soph. Cawvash, Spanish Club, Varsity Football-Captain. DAVID R. PORTER - 129, Jazz Club, Negro' Heritage Club. KAREN ANN POZNIAK - 129, Art Club, Church Sodality, Glee Club, Literary Club, Student Council Alt. wll.l.lAlvl P. Pneztoclc - 129, Spanish Club, stamp Club. DAR LENE PRESCOTT - 129, Basketball, G.A.A., Volleyball. DOUGLAS JOHN RAYNER - 129, Baseball, Basketball, German Club, Soccer. REGINALD c. neon - 129, F00tbaII, varsity Club, Wrestling. MILDRED REED - 129, G.A.A., Heritage Club, International Relations. SHELLEY R. REED - 130, Delegate to Model U.N. at Georgetown, G.A.A., Heritage Club, International Relations Club, Introduction to Vocations, Spanish Club. DIANE SHIRLEY REMSON -130, Pep Club. WILLIAM REYNOLDS - 130, Concert 84 Marching Band, Dance Band, National Honor Society, Ski Club, Track. ROBERT WILLIAM RICE - 130, Class Council, French Club, International Relations Club, J.V. 81 Varsity Soccer, Key Club, Nimga '68, Scope, Student Council Student Government Day. BRUCE RICHARDS - 130, Beacon, German, International Relations Club, Key Club, Science Club, Senior Class Rep., Ski Club. PATRICIA ANN RICHARDS - 130, Girls' Chorus, Library Aide. PATSY ROBICHEAU - 130. CYNTHIA J. ROBINSON - 130, Choir, 4-H Club, Work Study. TRACY ROBINSON - 130, Cheerleader, English Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Senior Class Rep. EDWARD L. ROJACK - 130, Cros-Country, Folksong Workshop, Spring Track, Varsity Club, Winter Track. DOUGLAS A. ROSE - 131, Carnival, Pap Club, Senior Skit, Ski Club, Soph. Carwash, Spanish Club, Surf, Stu-Co. Rep. 8: Alt., Track. VICTOR J. ROSKOWSKI - 131, Freshman 81 J.V. Basketball, School Play, Varsity Track. RITA ROSS - 131, Beacon-Editor-in-Chief, Folksong Workshop, Library Aide, National Honor Society, U.S.N.B. STEVEN ROSS - 131, Drama Club, Freshman Football, Ski Club. MIKE ROTH - 131. HOPE EILEEN RUBINFELD - 131, Host-Hostess Club, Nurses' Club. DIANE A. RUDNITZKI - 131, "BelIs Are Ringing", Junior Prom Committee, Office Aide, Mixed Chorus-3 yrs., Nurses' Aide, "Music Man", Misty Bl the Tears, Girls Choir, "Dancing", "Le Coterie". BRUCE RUDOLPH - 143. SAM RUSSELL -131. CHRISTINE RUSSO - 131, Art Club, German Club, Grand Union, Program seller for sports. JOANNE MARIE SAGI - 131, Art Club, Host-Hostess Club, Pep Club, Russion Club-President. CHRISTINE SALTER - 132, G.A.A., Girls' Track. JOYCE ELAINE SASSMAN - 132, Counsellors Aide. GARY SCHEIB - 132, German Club, International Relations Club, Scope, Shield Staff. KATALIN SCHMIDT - 132, Beacon Staff, Freshman Class-V.P., National Honor Society, Typing Club, Girls' Track. PATRICIA SCHOCK - 132, Human Relations Club. MARIANNE M. SCHOENFELD - 132, F.T.A., Future Nurses' of America, Library Aide, Spanish Club IN.H.S.I, Steve. ROBIN DIANE SCOFIELD - 132, Beacon, Candy Striper, Folksong Workshop, "Hair". AN DREW JOSEPH SE REMI - 132, "Bells Are Ringing", Chorus-school 81 church, F.T.A., Gymnastics, J.V. Football, "Mouse That Roared"-Jr. 84 Sr. Play. TYSON SEXTON - 132, Freshman, J.V. 84 Varsity Football, Freshman Track, Freshman Wrestling, LOVER, Weight Lifting. DAVID SILVER - 143, A.F.S.-Pres. 8: V.P., Beacon-Photo Editor, Football Mgr., International Relations Club, Photography Club, Science Club, Scope-Photo Editor, Shield, Stage Crafters, Stamp Club-V.P. KATHLEEN ANN SINCAK - 132, Freshman Homeroom Rep., G.A.A., Gymnastic Club, Indian Club Twirlers, Junior Class Secretary, Jr. 'Prom Committee, "Le Coterie", Senior Homeroom Rep., Sophomore Homeroom Rep., Student Council. MARY A. SKIPWITH - 133, G.A.A., Girls' Track Team, Nurses' Club. EDWARD THOMAS SKLADANY - 133, Enrichment Program, German Club, Good OI' G.U., "The Unknown". JAMES SKOW -133, A.V.A. CHESTER SMITH - 133. DIANE C. SMITH - 133, Nurses' Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Work Co-op Program. ELAINE SMITH - 133, Class Rep., Girls' Track Team, Jr. Class V.P., National Honor Society, Nurses' Club, Student Council H.R.Rep. 8i Alt. RICHARD SNYDER - 133, Athletic activities, Music activities. ROBERT SNYDER - 133. STEVEN F. SNYDER - 133, Audio Visual Aids Club, Introduction to Vocations. ILENE SOBEL - 133, F.T.A., Host-Hostess Club, International Relations Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Spanish Club. PATRICIA SOKOLOSKI - 134, Future Nurses' Club, Guidance Aide, Homeroom Rep., Library Aide. ROBERT SORENSON - 134, Band, Radio Club. DONNA SOUDER - 134, Introduction to Vocations, Latin Club, Librarian, Student Council. MARK S. SOUDER - 134, Freshman Football, Frosh, Soph. B4 Jr. Student Council Rep., Soph. Track. BONNIE C. SOVINEE - 134, Class Rep., F.T.A.-Vice-President, German Club-V.P., International Relations Club, National Honor Society, New York Times Chairman, Pep Club, Shield-Editor-in-Chief, Stu-Co. Alt. SUSAN MARGARET SPAK - 134, Chemistry League Alt., Franklin Tvvsp. Public Library, German Club President, National Honor Society, Science Club, Shield Index Editor, Student Council Alt., Varsity Girls' Track Mgr. NANCY SPANGENBERG - 134, Band, Chorus, Future Nurses' Club, Host-Hostess Club. TAFFY SPELL - 134, Jr. High Guidance, Jr. High Library, Pep Club. EDWARD ARTHUR SPENCER JR. - 134, Frosh Football, Jazz Club, J.V. 84 Varsity Basketball, Negroe Heritage Club, Shield Sports' Editor, Spanish Club, Varsity Club. ROBERT SPICUZZO - 134, Concert 84 Marching Band, Girls' Sports, Homeroome Rep., Prom Decorating 84 Entertainment Comm. RONALD S. SPICUZZO - 135, Homeroome Representative. TONY L. STANI - 135, Wrestling. ALAN STEINER - 135, Cutting Office, History Club, Homeroom Rep. 84 Alt., International Relations, Junior 84 Senior Plays, Jr. Prom Comm., Office Aide, Pap Club, Senior Skit, Spanish Club. CONNIE STI LWE LL - 135, Colorguard, Future Nurses' Club, Girls' Track, Junior Class Rep., M84M Bunny Helper, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club. WOODY STINES - 135, Foreign Exchange Student, J.V. Football, J.V. Track, Prom Decorating Comm., Ski Club, Spanish Club, Student Council Treasurer. JAY PHILLIP STOUT - 135, Chess Club, Jr. Math Club, Science-Biology Club. DIANE J. SWANTON - 135, Concert 84 Marching Band, German Band, Girls' Track, M84M Bunny Helper, Ski Club. ROBERT GUY SYKES - 135, Drama Club-President, Football, Future Teachers of America Jr. 84 Sr. Play-Male Lead, Student Council, Student Government Day, Three One Acts, Track, Varsity Club, Wrestling. MARY'SZOKE - 135, German Club, Judo Club, One basket in Volleyball, Science Club, Student Council. THOMAS L. TAPPEN - 135, Graphic Arts Club. GE RALDINE TARTAGLIONE - 136, Dance Comm., Introduction to Vocations, Science Club. MARGARET IRENE TEAGER - 136, Beacon Staff, Ceramics Club, Chemistry League, Drama Club, F.T.A., Guidance Aide, Introduction to Vocations, Math Club, Math Tutoring, National Honor Society, Office Aide, Shield Staff. BRIAN TENNYSON - 136, A.F.S., A.V.A., International Relations Club, Jr. 84 Sr. Class Play, Senior Class Rep. RAISA TEREBEY - 136, Art Club, Beacon, Folksong Workshop, German Club, Science Club, Scope. MILLER THOMAS 1 136, Beacon, Freshman Football, Track Mgr. BRUCE THOMPSON - 135. MARY M. THOMPSON - 136, E.M.U. Graduate, Future Nurses' Club, G.A.A., Work Co-op. Program. SUSAN ELAINE THOMPSON - 136, Freshman 84 Soph. Stu-Co. Rep., Freshman 84 Soph. Class Rep., Jr. High Library Assistant, Jr. High Office 84 Nurses' Assistant, Co-op. Industrial Club-Treasurer, Work Co-op. THEODORE THOMPSON - 136, Distributive Education Program, Freshman Football, International Relations Club, Pep Rally Skit. CAROL ANN TILTON - 136, G.A.A., Modern Dance Club, Pep Club. CALVIN LOUIS TODD - 136, Football, Track, Wrestling. MARION LOUISE TODD - 137, Entertainment Comm., Field Trip Comm., G.A.A., Work Co-op. Program. EDWARD J. TOMAS - 137, A.V.A., Freshman 84 J.V. Football, Freshman 84 J.V. Wrestling, German Club. DAVID TOMKA - 137. JANET TOTH - 137, Guidance Office Aide, Homeroom Rep., Jr. High Office Aide, Jr. Prom Comm., Pep Club, Student Council Rep. MARY MADLYN TOTH - 137, Office Aide, Student Council Rep.-Soph. LYNN TRACEY - 137, Library Club, Student Council. MARGARET C. TRAINOR - 137, Cheerleader, F.B.L.A., School Newspaper, Swimming Team. JOHN TRAINOR -137, Frosh 84 Soph. Golf, Frosh 84 Soph. Track, Soph. Wrestling, Ski Club. GERALD R. TRAVIS - 137, Introduction to Vocations, Senior Homeroom Rep., Soccer, Wrestling. JAMES TRETSKY - 137, Rock 84 Roll Banda. THOMAS TREZZA - 138, Work-Study, Work-Study Club. KATHLEEN MARIE TROELLER - 138. TONY TUCKER - 138, A.V.A. RON TUGYA - 138, Freshman Football, J.V. Football, Spanish Club, Track. GREG TULEJA - 138, Concert 84 Marching Band, Enrichment Program, Freshman 84 J.V. Basketball, Latin Club-Treasurer, National Honor Society, Varsity Track. LEWIS TURNER - 138, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Junior Basketball. DONNA TYBOR - 138, Drill Team, F.B.L.A., Flag Twirler, F.T.A., Nurses' Aide, Pep Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club-Corres. Sec., Student Council Rep. CHARLES MICHAEL URBAN - 138, Frosh, J.V. 84 Varsity Football, Frosh, J.V. 84 Varsity Wrestling, Ski Club. CHARLES VANDERVEER - 138. HOWARD L. VAN DeVAARST - 138. KENNETH J.G. VARALL - 139, Beacon, Frosh, J.V. 84 Varsity Baseball, Jr. Stu-Co. Rep., Key Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Class Homeroom Rep. NICHOLAS R. VERNE -139, Freshman Baseball. FRANK JOHN VIZZIELLO - 139, Varsity Tennis. DAVID WADE - 139, German Club, International Relations Club, Student Council Rep., Track. LEON WADE - 139, Track. LORRAINE CAROL WALLACE - 139, F.B.L.A., Entertainment Comm. for Jr. Prom, Jr. Prom Chairman, Office Worker, R.E.A.P. KENNETH WARGER - 143. JIM WEBER - 139, Baseball, Football. STEVEN WEISHAAR - 139, Frosh Football. LINDA L. WEISSENBURGER - 139, A.F.S.-Corr. Secretary, Chorus, 4-H Club, French Club, G.A.A., Girls' Track, Jr. Clas Rep., "Music Man", Music Office Librarian, Nurses' Aide, Nurses' Club, Somerset County Action Program, U.P.Y. BRIAN WILLIAM WHITAKER - 139. BARBARA WHITE - 140, G.A.A., Heritage Club, Jazz Club, Student Council. BEVERLY WHITE - 140. THEODORE WILEY - 140, Beacon, Concert 84 Marching Band, Drama Club, Girls' Chorus, Homeroom Rep., Host-Hostess Club, "Mouse That Roared",. Russian Club, Rutger's Ledge, The Village. CAROLE L. WILSON - 140, Chorus, Flag Twirler-Captain, Folksong Workshop, G.A.A.-Secretary, H.R. Rep., Indian Club Twirler, Jr. Prom Comm., "Music Man", Office Helper, Stu-Co. Rep. NANCY WINCEK - 140, "Anthony", Homeoom Rep., Work Co-op Program-V.P. JEFFREY R. WITCHEL - 140, National Honor Society, Scope-Art 84 Layout Editor, Illustrator, Shield-Art 84 Layout. NICHOLAS WOJCIECHOWSKI - 140, Freshman Football 8: Track, Junior Math Club, Key Club, National Honor Society, Soccer, Stu-Co. Rep., Varsity Basketball, Varsity Club. CATHY MAY WOLFE - 140. GLORIA JEAN WROTEN - 140, Afro-American Club, F.B.L.A.-Corres. Sec., Spanish Club. CAROLE LOUISE YAGER - 140, A.F.S., "BelIs Are Ringing", Chorus-Librarian, Drama Club, Duet, French Club, "Inherit the l-1-llmd", Jr. Mus Pagent, "Mouse That Roared", "Music Man", Triple no. PRISCILLA DELORES YATES - 141, Art Club, French Club, Pep Club, Ski Club, Sophomore Class Flep., Student Council Rep. JEFFREY YELLEN - 143. DONNA MARIE YOURKOWSKI - 141, E.M.U. Graduate, G.A.A., Gahunda Anonomous, Pep Club, School Store, MARY ZANGARA -141, Chorus. BOHDAN JOHN ZELECHIVSKY - 141, A.V.A., Frosh Football, German Club, International Relations-Pres., Science Club, Sr. Homeroom Rep., Stu-Co. Alt., World Youth Forum Delegate to Europe. CAROL THERESA ZEH - 141, Jr. High Office Aide, Jr. Homeroome Rep., Work Co-op. LINDA RAE ZERBE - 141, Colorguard-Captain, F.T.A., Girls' Track Team, M8lM Bunny Helper, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Ski Club, Spanish Club. SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Corbin and Family Mr. and Mrs. Rice Mr. G. Fred Roth, Jr. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Fizzarotti Frank's Building Supply How Lane Shell Service Rexton Finishes, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. M Rubezanin Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Geipel Mr. and Mrs. William Jaskula Advance Building Maintenance Co. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Geipel Metallo Gasket Co. The American Metal Market Co. Plastics Color Lorstan-Thomas Studios Ickes Annuals John Wiley 8: Sons Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Garretson Mr. and Mrs. E. Mitchello Holmgren The De Salva Family Mr. and Mrs. Piwtoratsky PATRONS Good Luck Debbie Betty and Walt Paris Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pinter Bonnie's Mother Mr. and Mrs. Lapczynski Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Mignella Mr. and Mrs. William Margulis Mr. and Mrs. Leydsman Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stines Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jackson Takara Co.-Beauty and Barber Equipment A Friend Good Luck Seniors Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Godwin Aamco Automatic Transmissions Guaranteed Motor Boyogamco Service Station The Lysy Family Mel's Car Wash and Shirt Laundry Farmers Cooperative Association The Coffee Shop Mr. and Mrs. Veto Cosimano Mr. and Mrs. Burton Eige Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Gerber Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Naruta 'Ihe Rudnitzski Family 'Ihe Best to Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. Mattei Mills I-lolman Peter Allen, Sr. Brown Milton Witchel A 8: M Paint and Tool Rental Center, Inc. JaeMar Coiffures Mr. and Mrs. Karwoski Somerset Gulf Franklin Bicycle Center Somerset Stationers Mr. and Mrs. Tuleja Mr. and Mrs. Massey Mrs. Mabel La Porta Runyon's Market Franklin Bakery Paul's Beauty Salon P.4ca.155 Rita Andrillo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Andrillo Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Sal Auciello Mr. and Mrs. Bazin Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Bovie A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Bienstock Mr. and Mrs. Bulkilvish Mr. and Mrs. James Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Julius Dunda Mr. and Mrs. Klige Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kopsco and Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Le Posa Barbara Le Posa Vic and Rose Mac Phie Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Martinek Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mc Geehan Mr. and Mrs. F. Niemy Mr. and Mrs. John Melnyk Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swanton Mary Pongratz Mrs. Pongratz Mr. and Mrs. George Pataki Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pinter Mr. and Mrs. Skladany Good Luck Robin Good Luck Nancy Good Luck Taffy . Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paladino 'lhe Sagi Family Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sassman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mavica Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spak 'Ihe Richards Family Anonymus Thomas J . Russo U. S. Navy Mrs. Dominick Zangara Mr. and Mrs. Yager Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tugya PAGE 156 BOOSTE RS Mr. and Mrs. William Mayes Mr. and Mrs. James O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Roskowski Mr. and Mrs. Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Spicuzzo Mr. and Mrs. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Langer Mr. and Mrs. Goodgoins Mr. and Mrs. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Hickson Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Backman Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bettinger Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Blatterfein Mr. and Mrs. Deak and Family Mr. and Mrs. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Kirpan Mr. and Mrs. Bamey Kopsco Mr. and Mrs. Di Ferdinando Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Lecuona Good Luck Dorothy Mike and Cathy Tom and Lex Cindy and Joe Steve and Barbara Ann Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Robert Tuck 'Ihe Pearce Family Mr. and Mrs. Agg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Biunno Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Black A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bukowski A Friend Judges Mr. and Mrs. Kempton Kevin Larson Mrs. Marton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Locke Mr. and Mrs. Luska The Mc Knight Family Good Luck Sable Mr. and Mrs. Amoroson Mr. Stanley Nizalak Mrs. Bette Nizalak The Schock Family Mr. and Mrs. Maak Mrs. Reed Mr. and Mrs. William Troeller Mrs. Pearl King Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Murphy Lorraines' Variety Mrs. Guadagnino Mr. and Mrs. Elemer Glynn Mr. and Mrs. Langer Mr. and Mrs. William C. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferrara Congratulations The Beachem Family Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wincek Mr. and Mrs. Lamoreaux Compliments of S 8a S Mr. and Mrs. George Wade Mr. and Mrs. Davidson Jack Meagher Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Monte A. Gaffin Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Milchanoski Franklin School of Music Norman's Beauty Salon Mrs. Fred S. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mento Mr. and Mrs. Mc Vicar Mr. and Mrs. 0'Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Lewandowski Mr. and Mrs. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Markowski Mr. and Mrs. Weber bg J , ll 1" , Q .... A 'mf M, N M M fp Wy P' A909 . ' fu Q,ib 4 A0jj74JZY3U59?J5viQ0P ipgylifyb w ED WQUBIW Jgyfow 009,65 yy jr 1 Q' l 06'fAjkUb50f9f V5 560 affix 5 wwf? 7 'X Y E ffiffmipb. X, M In SK Ta 'fgisx 6539? 5 55? xf yy t' gg? F7 X7 1 5 sie? gmf W , N Q1 Q' 1 lg 31? Q EYS X?x X395 1,5551 1., E GJ SU Gif Qsfiwffifi Mr 9kNMxi ad 6242 XMQGQ V-Xb fwr LiLf 7 5 qi, 3 H .. ffl I F X. 5 .052 G5SLbij5wk A Q 63XCRff-P Q pclbttffqv fx px is NSW. WmQn dxf 1q,ff N X 3 XOL Q3 mf? X1 Clif, QL Cffux ,7 XL P Q ob -Q 4 LQ M W + 'V , ff, L w- lvl 'QQ lwsfigff VSA KMC-f6,7' Y K6Uk'Cfim' f ijgfficfh M 'xg Q CL, 'NB JCM-c'Ll'gk. MQ, aa? W EDO, I . Cx A L17 4 F Lfogy pak f J E :VM 6516616717 .E QV W A! 4 V M f fm - , xv, ,J EM KQWQ W X C ffw My Q U . M MW rvl UL.Gf MIX 7'uA3f' 41- 17,4 aw. L K .uv U ' L f -X f' SLUJBJJJ L! VN! X! 5 jr .Oxy MU VM yx ' . Q' Q U X V J gum 3 N X M It X U7 I JDQBQO FQ Qwfpifgxf' Q 5X5 if KMA . vxwfia A 955 . TA ' , KL

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1969, pg 37

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