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V i ' - ' ( 19 - L 3. v e n c e toiToR-iM Chn£f 1 A r ■V,. V— HIGH SCHOOL 1941 franklin ii. i . l.cLe ;(], i ' rLnci L(n!l!»e iiencHll Hnnlirh, ’ ' ’renoh 1941 FAC U LT Y ... fin.a: , lone c? £jV1£jV J. c. ni a 11 Coach: I3oy ' s Athletics • ' rs . Chilton I ' uricl Coltrane hrs. i- ' olyer nrs. Cones I ' ir i-i ' S. hiruii Stephonscn I rr. Lcoi’e iiViby rolllnycr ■ nsic hrs . ’.V.L. L jnman hartha V. ' ay t rs . L.P. I ' .-cLeod l ila havcnport ! ' rn. H.S. Broorne Letitia As;;by i-so Iutchins t ' yrtle . ' .]r£:ess M ICT. -»■ .1 I I f THE SENIOR CLASS HARVEY Wagoner PRESIDENT PRAlslCES NORMAN SECRETARY MISS KENDALL SPONSOR CLASS COLORS; BLUE iR ' JD GOLD CLASS RLOWER; YELLOW TULIP CL.iSS MOTTO: WE EINIBH, TO BEGIN I lienry Allred Civics Club, 4, Funny Paper Weddiiig, ' As liierry as tno day is loiigo , William Carter Boys chorus, 4; Volley Ball, 4; Basketbai f man¬ ager, 1; Basketball, 3; Dramatic Club, 3; Play, 1; Monogram Club, 3; Staff, Franklin Hi-Life, 4 ; Staff, Yearbook, 4; Science Club,l, ”He v as a man.u.Ishall not look upon his like again’’. Oneda Booker Chorus, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Basketball, 3,4; 4-H Club, 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club,4; Soft Ball, 3; Track,3,4; Home Econom¬ ics Award, 3. " She was roung, and her cheeks were red, She v as young and she loved laughing ... " Louise Bowman Hom:e Economies Club, 4 " Kind hearts are moi ' ' = than coronets... " J.H. Hall Science Club,4; 4-H Club,2,3,4; Citizen¬ ship Club,3; Baseball; 3; Boys chorus, 4; Vol¬ ley Ball, 3; Basketbaj-1,3 " he are such stuff as dreams are m.ade cf. . ■ » -4 1 ■-1 IS I fiiii j Jack Johnson Honor Club,3,4; Play,3,4; Basketball,2,3,4; Baseball, 2,3,4; Monogram Club, 3; Volleyball, 2,3,4; Chorus,4 " The force of his own merit makes, his own way.. , " Lottie Gundiff Citizenship Club,4; Dra¬ matic Club,3; Chorus,2,3,4. " ...A day for toil, and hour for sport. But for a friend is life too short... " Ola Faye Boyles Basketball,2,3,4,5;Co¬ captain, 5; Staff,Year¬ book, 5; Play, 4,5; . Baseball,3,4,5; Play, 3, 4,5; Citizenship Club,5; Staff,Hi-Life, 4;4-H Club Style Shov;,3,4,5; Chorus, 2,3,4,b; Mono r am, 4,5. " The keen spirit seizes the prom pt occasion., ' Opal Mae Boyles 4-H Club, 1,2,3, ; Plf y, 3,4; Basketball, 2,3,4; Dramatic Club 3,4; Home Economics Club, 2,3,4; Staff, Hi-Llfe, 4; Track, 2,3; Chorus, 3,4. " ...Teach me half the gladness that thy br iin must knov;... " .li Lois Hooker Home Economics Club,3; Science Club,4. ’’If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it... " Harry Lambert Citizenship Club, 3; 4-H Club, 2,3,4; Dra¬ matic Club, 3,4; Base¬ ball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2,3,4; PI ay ,-4,5; Am.atsur Shov ,2,3,4; Minstrel, 3,4 , . ' •.’ ' V hile harp, and flute,, and mandolin Mak music sweet and gay.. Maizie Horton Citizenship Club,3,4; Dramatic Club,3; Play,4 " Sv;eet promptings unto kindest deeds were in her very look " . Josephine Hudson 4-H Club,2,3,4,5; Mon¬ ogram Club, 4,5; Horae Economics Club, 3,4; Staff,Hi-Life, 5; Staff Yearbook, 5; Chorus,2,3, 4,5; Citizenship Club,4; Basketbfill, 2,3,4,5; Play 4,5; Baseball,! ,2,3,4; ‘i-H Awards , 2,3,4,5; Min¬ strel 4,5. ' ' . Her eyes as stars of twiliglit fair Like twilight’s too her dusky hair... " TomiTiie Jones Basketball, 2,3,4,5; Baseball, 1,2,3; 4-H Club,2,3j4,5; Volley Sail 1,2,3,4;; Dr;imatic Club, 4,5; Science Club, 4; Minstrel, 4 ”. .That man that hath a tongue, I say, is no man, if with his tongue ha cannot win a v oman.,” i Maude Greenwood Dramatic Club, 4; 4-H Club, 3,4. " Vvhen youth and pleasure meet To chase the glowing hours with flying feet” Edith Hauser Citizenship Club,4; Home Economics Club,3: 4-H Club, 1; Chorus,2,3, ' ' The smiles that win, the tints ths.t glov f But tell of days in goodness spent " . Tomieie Lou Holder Citizenship Club,4; Science Club,3; Cheer Leader,4; Play,4. " Herehs health to the lass wJ th the • ' norry black eyes " I Horne Economics Club,3; Science Club, 4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2., 3. ’ ' The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed. And ease of heart her e ' 6ry look convey’d. " LV Reid Slmmo.ns Volleyball, 4; Basketball 3,4, Iv ' ono am Club, 4; Sr le.nuo CJub , Roy C ho ' cus , 4. •we av ay. Ilk 0 sen vuj.boYs, t y to joy and play... h Lola Lavi ' rence Horne Economilcs Club, 3; 4-H Club,2,3,4; Honor Club,3,4; Editor,Hi-Lifc, 4; Editor,Yearbook,4; 4-.H Awards, 2,3,4; Style Show, 2; Class " resident, " ..Ono most lives vTiO thinks most, feels the noblest, acts thv best Lucille Martin Dr a.rncL t ic C lub , 3; C i t - izens jip Club, 3,4; Staff Hi-Life, 4; Chorus,1,2,3,4; Ixome Econoniics Award; a-H Club, ' :; T lay,4. " ...C harms ou have a ■ous crowd of... " .. i Harvey V, agoner Class President., 1,4; 4-H Club,1,2; Boy’s Chorus,!; Staff,Ki-Life, 1,4; Staff,Yearbook, t; Honor Club,5,4;Play,3,4; Basketball rr-anager,2; Minstrel,3. .. " hho comprohonds his trust, and to the same Keeps faithful with n singleness of aim... " Melba McCravv Home Economics Club,3,4. " Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait... " Dorothy Morris Honor Club, 3,4; Hom,c Economics Club,3; 4-H Club,1,2,3,4; Chorus,3; Play,3; Staff,Hi-Llfc, 3,4; Stai ' f,Yearbook,4; 4-II Av ard,3,i. " ..But thu sure tr aveller, though ho slights son:otime Still gooth on... " Frances Norman Class Secretary,!; Citizenship Club, 3,4; Dramatic Gl ib, 3; Pla ,4 " Happy the heart that keeps its twilight hour. ■ ' i .3 ■A : i i 4 « i 1 •4 — - ' ■3 ' ll • ■i i I :- i ' 2 Vivian Rainey Mount Airy,1,2; Lowgap, 3; Play,1,2,3; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Club President, 1,2,3;Paper staff,3. ... " a face with gladness overspread! Soft smiles, by human kindness spread,,. " Dora Quesinberry Citizenship Club, ; Dramatic Club,3; Home Economics Club,3; Home Economics Av ard,! " Silence often persuades when speaking fails,., " Nova Smith Citizenship Club,3,a; Dramatic Club, 3; 4-H Club, 4. M 1 Dreams augnter happy...and , learned of Haywood Vi ’eddlc Boy’s Chorus,!; Class Pr3iident,3; Staff,Hi- Lifei4; Honor Club,3,i; Monogram Club,3,4; Base¬ ball ,3; Basketball,1,2,3,3; Volleyball,2,3,4; Play,3,4; Chief Marshal,3. ,., " He was a gentleman from solo to crown, Clean favored and imper¬ ially slim... " Mabel Tickle Chorus,3,4; Staff,Hi- Life,4; Staff,Yearbook, 4-H Club,1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club, 3,4; Basketball, 3; Play,3; Amateur Show,1,2,3, .,. " A daughter of the gods, divinely tall And most divinely fair,.. ' Mary Nell Snow Home Economics Club, 3, Dramatic Club,3; 4-H Club,4; Basketball,1,2,3,4 Chorus,1,2,3,4; Science Club, 4, " Kind looks and actions may be eloquent " . .A ■J •i 1 ‘1 J m History is commonly regarded , as a dead issue, a series of obscure, slightly decadent events. Not so the career of the Senior Class of 1941. Ours is a varied and interesting life span - ' a case history which rivals the most advsnturous of stories. Let us,then, reexamine the biography of the late deceased class of 1941, ' Ve sntered Franklin High School in 1937 fifty- six strTng-”twonty-three boys and thirty-three girls. Wv3 soon outgrew the ”red-hGaded step-child” fee.ling, and under the leadership of Jack Johnson, began to assert ourselves both socially and acad- emicajlyo Man of our members became Interested in nnat most popular of sports --basketball,while others entered dramatics, journalism and acoustics.| As Sophomoresy Harvey Wagoner held the reins of government, and we continued to pursue our various extra-curricular activities. In the fall the rank of Jun year. What wit clubs, the ”Jun crammed to the little tiro to off honors in t Farshale were H Dorothy Forris of 1939, we were promoted to iors. ’39 was indeed a full h basketball tournaments, plays, ior-Senior”, our days v ere utmost, and yet we found a study. Lola Lawrence carried ho Home Econ omics Fashion Show, avwood Weddle, Jack Johnson, and Leia Lawrence. The last chapter make thirt one members of the Saniors in deed as well a dent, Harvey Wagoner, off lino. Significantly our awarded to Leia Lawrence, Harvey Wagoner. It is wl with compunction that we s exciting history for class of ’41. Wo were s in nam.e. Our presi- iciontly kept us in scholastic honors were Dorothy Morris and th alacrity not unnixed turn the last page. -Ft we the Class of 1941 of Franklin Hi h School, beinp of strong mind and sound bod " , but being av rare that we are s.bout to depart this life, do hereb make our last V ill and Testament. To the members of the Facult , the class wills its ability to work. II ► . I t t ;i To iir.FcLeod, we leave our thanks and good will. To our parents we leave our everlasting love and cevotion. To members of tie Junior Class we becpaeathJ To Forothv Nichols, Vivian haney leaves her cute ways . hilliam Carter leaves his big feet to James Lewis, To Clara belle Allred, Lola Lawrence loscves her talent. Frances Norman w ' ill her height to Mae Moser. To V alkcr Shelton, J.Ii.IIall bequeaths his ' Rabbit ears ' " . Cneda Booker wills her beaut as well as athletic ability to Christine Jones. To william L’agoncr, i eid Simmons leaves his shvnes s. v- Haywood Meddle bequeaths his board to Carroll ' wagoner. Jack Johnson wills his wit to Junior Tickle. Tommie Lou Molc-or grants her size to Helen Pajmc. To Lorotlr Nichols, Mabel Tickle leaves her soprano voice. Harvey wagoner grants his success to Tom Lavls . CLASS ' u ' ILL (Continued) Henry Allred loaves his rod hair with anj one who wants it. Opal Hae Boyles v ills her dramatic abilitj to laye Jones. Josephine Hudson leaves her prowess as a ball- plaj er for I-iss Henclall to divide among future guards Harry Lambert leaves his courting time to Aoland Nichols. Nary Nell Snow loavt. s her abilitv to move fast C ' to Edward Shelton, for he scons to need it. Lorothy l. ' Iorris leaves her Senior dignity to Kathlcne Lewis. Louise Bowman and Llelba HeCraav leave to Clollann Ramey and Tom Lavis their devotion to hard work. riaizio Horton loaves her 10,c( comb to Alyenc Arrington. Lora -ouesinberry leaves to Hazel - ' cCraw her ability to keep a ■ ' iixed up schedule. Nova Smith smd Lucille Hart in leave their v;orn- out powder puffs to Josie Willard and Elizabeth Cox. Ardena Jarrell wills her perfect attendance record to Tommie Gvigrn. Edith Hauser wills her typewriting ability to Walker Shelton. Cla Faye Boyles perfect head of red curls is v illod to Irene Harris. r ' k..udo Greenv ood boo ueaths her romantic temp¬ erament to Zinnia Smith. Lottie Cundiff’s poetic ability goes to Zula Sur.incr. Lois Hookor l...avcs her quiet voice to Janes Lewis for wc think h.. can usu it. In v itness whereof, v e, the Cltiss of 1941, set our hr.nds and seo-l to this, our Last i ' » ill and Testa¬ ment. Hay 6, 1941. Tomriiie Jones, Attorney. Vv it nos SOS : V elchie Franklin (Pap) Simons Hrs Ruth Ct.rt r Fourqurean. alt rU c 3 - 3eST (AosT T i.£NT15Q LooUl l 11 1 Or rV CVQ U pcKLii ' Uyv l« ' 0 vVtODLI; IAo t F)sPtKlDAGL£ Sk TH ? v ' ir«V u ( QH vi ck ' DST ATHufi-Tlc. |■; c oCST TALKta ,. tsT AU A n.auaD ViTT (AoM Alh LtT‘C» I lAr.tis " QciO j S (i ' rA 0 ( ' l S «S v lh»,G AooJC CTiT 0 r -ccc-sT nosT Uke Alius ( . ' ' I A C3isj l£S irT O ' oi ' f I K e ' jT L’iI eL ' I X 5 w CCtt ' ' 0S t vous CSii-ST i- » - «i hO L t i A A r?t Ki C G. Wv ' UiAiA c OiMtOA iliotk’e ' L CiRtCiv ' AL J ; ’ tv 1 1 n 1 i 3 I 1 M gre celve all that is to and the lives of the be--the future. I am the Great i!adame Lazonga. Mine is the f’t power. Reflected in this ball I can per- events, the people And here are signs of great services to your country. In 1950 Har¬ vey Wagoner w ill be the most famous surgeon of this nation. I can see the love of Louise Bow¬ man for the underprivileged carrying her into a great orthopedic hospital; and serving as head nurse will be Melba McCraw. What J here is a great audiende with the lovely voice of Mabel Tickle being heard on Major Bowles’ Amateur Hour, Ah, I can see Josephine Hudson modeling the clothes that Queen Elizabeth wore while on her American totir. And here is Jack Johnson as Gen¬ eral of our army and J H. Hall as one of his lieutenants. Some of the most famous magazines of the land will hail Lottio Bell Cundiff. as a well knov;n poet of 1950. One of her best sellers in entitled ’’Ballads of Franklin”. I can see fhe landlady hol ding Reid Simmons’ clothing. i:,ntil he pays his rent. Lucille Martin will manufacture cosmetics, her lovely skin v ill pr .vc her trade marl:. I can see William. Carter as pitcher of the Washington Senators. And here is the darling of Broadway being none other than Tommir Jones, his leading ladies are Frances Norman and Mazic Hor¬ ton. Operating a public stenographic office in Miam.i are Mary Noll Snow and Ardcna Jarrell. Whom, do I now perceive? It is none other than Ola Faye Boyles and Lois Hooker operating a beauty shop in Now Yor]v. The m.isty vapors of the crystal ball reveal Maude Groe.nv ood living in a smiall cot¬ tage built for two . A .series of contradicti- ns, Yes I But Dorothy Morris is Dean of Men at Caro¬ lina., and Harry Lam.bort Head of V omen’s College of U. M. C. Opal Mae Boyles and Oneda Booker chailk up a first place again, that of feeing police 4 I i 4 ii iiA Prophecy Continued. ivonen of I. ' t, Airy. Ha .nvood Weddle and llova Snith are pilots v ith Edith Hauser and Dora Queslnberry air hostesses. Fulfilling her das ire for notoring Toriny Lou Holder v, ' !!! be cone the driver of an arny anbulance, Lela La Yrence , always interested in sev ing, will sowe day be a designer of dresses. Her superior talent carr rlng her to London, Paris ojid many f or e ign c ap 11 als , Thus, my young friends, are your fortunes cast Hay you prove deligent and happy in your various careers JUNIORS OFFICERS Presldent--CIara Belle Allred V-PresJunior Tickle Sec’ y.--Retia Leonard Treas.-Johnny Gwyn Reporter--Tommy Gwyn MEMBERS Claude Beasley Tom Davis Raymond Edwards Johnny Gwyn Tommy Gwyn James Lewis Edwin Lineback Roland Nichols ClelIan Ramey Edward Shelton Walker Shelton Junior Tickle Carroll Wagoner William Wagoner Clara Bell Allred Alyene Arrington Lola Bowman Lois Brinkley Joyce Cooke Josie Willard Elizabeth CoX Cleo Fulk Betty Golding Eula Rose Golding Jurmaine Golding Irene Harris Christine Jones Faye Jones Omie Keye Pauline Keye Rena Leonard Kathlene Lewis Mae Moser Hazel McCraw Dorothy Nichols Helen Nowlin Helen Payne Zinnia Smith Zula Sumner N V.4frpres Sec’y.- SOPHOMORES OFFICERS Presidont-Billy Gray Stone -Beauford Poore Treas.--Franklin Haymore -Sue Mae Johnson RGporter--Ray McGee MEMBERS Dick Allred Billy Gray Stone Clarence Beasley Wiley Dean Stover Raymond Blackmon Jack Tate Junior Carson Ray Woodruff Robert Greasy Marie Berrier Lee Greed Ruby Lee Beshears Arvin Edwards Frances Brown Roger Felts Annie Chandler Joe Frank Gardner Foye Chappell Jack Gwyn Veo Collins Franklin Haymore Ethel Freeman Conrad Haynes Irene Gillespie. Moyer Hodges Thelma Gravely Bruce,Jones Eva Hall R.C.Lambert Emily Hiatt James Loflen 1 Pauline Hiatt Dick Lowe Annie Lee Jarrell Ray McGee Mary Rose Jarrell Buster Nichols Sue Mae Johnson Beauford Poore Maxine Jones Gurney Roberson Norma McCormick Osier Shaw Berdine Nichols Kyle Shelton Irene Tolbert Mitchell Sparger Mabel Towe Jane Weddle I X 1 - ♦ Pros . Rc.v;loy Amburn Prcs-r-Orr Iir.c Sumpter Vice PrG2.--Jrxk Pose Vice Pros. Mary Vernon See. t Trec-s .--Hugh Hommings See.--Velma Sykes Reporter_eugh Homm ' .ngs Troas .--Dorothy Key Roporter-Mabcl Roberts I-.lcmbers Iiombors Rawley i mburn hay Bennett J.G. Booker Cooke Ixlvin Coe Jrck Doss Thomas Go.rdncr Bryce Gough Hugh Hammings Mrrvin Holder Robert Hutchins Jack Jones M.C. Keye Calvin King McLean King Carroll Lincback M.r.rvin Kr.rtin Aidean Newman j. C. Parker Burnie Pf.yne Columbus Payne Alton Phillips Roland Shelton Ray Tate Howard Thomf-s Junior i cstmoreland Geneva Beasley Branson Irene Carter Nellie Childress Mary Lou Cundiff Blrn che Davenport Josephine Easter Gladys Freeman Lthei Hooker Dorothy Key Gladys Lewis Betty Jcf.n Lineback Lillian Long Helbf. Me Hone Virginia Montgomery Myrtle Morris Ruth Norman Mabel Robertson Janice Simmons Ora Mfo Sumpter Velma Sykes M.ary Vernon Vi illio Ruth VJagoner Josephine ilson Y •» • • ■i • ■i V « » 3 ■M • l i 1 1 A i i • •f m « .4 J J 4 ' 1 i ■I gOOG a. u cord Thu girls buskotbull tcuiii showed for r. now t;.;ur,i. Sturtin;-!: v ith onlv two rcieulurs, Jo -tiudson and uia F ' ayo Bo3 1:s, now recruits wore soon welded into a smooth working combination. The end of the season sav a record of fifteen victories and eight losses. Outstanding work vms done Berdino Nichols,a consistent scorer, who 1 c ci tho t e an in po int s f or the eco.s on. Excel lent guarding cone OT Jo Tuds on ana Cned: Booker. Co-Cantains of the toan were Cli ' a VC Bowl or and Jo Hudson. Those receiving letturs for first j Cccr service lT-O Fa re Jones Burdinc Nichols Josie hillard Ardcna Jarrell Lewis Chrie tinc Jone s Clara Bello iillrci Farv Nell Snov; Those receiving stars for second ’■ear service c.rc Josephine Huds on Ola Faye Dowries Oneds ' v Booker Lorotlu Nichols Opal hac Boyles The Junior Varsitv lost its (bounty Chanpion- hip titlJ. won in IcOt poor ' s r.t.hiry tournraiicnt, ut vjon the Consolation bp defor.tins lit. 7 to 36. honbors of this squod were: ..i.xino Jones, urroino ' ooldinG, Lois orinklep, nnic Jra’roll, nnic Chondlor, Lillian Lons, ' - ' ladps l ' Tecaan,Suo ■ t Johnson, Lthol ITockor, Blanche envonport, xrone “rfi Lolba LcEonv. and francos Brovn. Illlil OYS SPORTS The Boys’ Baskotboll Squad had a verA’’ success¬ ful season, winning eleven out of twwnty-two gamos- a fair record considering the size of our team. With the mombry of last year’s County Championship spurring them on, the members of the team fought hard to hold the title.-Thejr v;wrc forced, hov7cvcr to relinquish the title, this year, to Dobson, although the Franklin team v as rated among the best in the county. This reeprd is largelj due to the uncca sing labor and interest of our coach, J.C. Hiatt, who has worked faithfully with the team all season, Total scoring: Franklin: 438 Opponents: 400. High Scorer: William Wagoner, with 132 points. Co-Captains of the team: Jack Johnson and Haywood V eddlc, The first team v;as composed of Jack Johnson, Havwood Weddle, Tom Davis, Tommie Jones, and V illiam Wagoner. Boys receiving stars: William Wagoner Raymond Edwards Tom Davis Reid Simmons Hayv ood Weddle Jack Johnson Bovs receiving letters• Claude Beasley Franklin lic.jnoTo Carroll agonor Dick Lowe .Y Buster NicholsY " PIUvNKLIN IiI-LIPE TIE STAFF Editor-in-Chiof-Lola Lawroncc Associate Editors: Harvc37 ' Vyagonor Doroth r Kiorris Art Editor; Junior Tickle Literary Editor: Mabel Tickle Humor Editor: Jack Johnson General Nows: Clara Belle Allred Exchange Editor: Alumni Editor: Josephine Hudson Christine Jones Class heportors: Senior Junior Ola Faye Boyles Claude Beasley Sophomor( Ray McGee Freshmen A Hugh Hemmings Freshmen 3 Mabel Hebertson 3o3 s Sports IIa ' " Tv;ood Vicddle d pr kJ A •k- I V u hi ‘ 1 Circulation Manager: Henry Allred Girls ’Sports Fa3 " c Jones Business M.anager: Harr3 Lambert mhr Staff o ' the Franklin Hi-Life, monthly 1 publicr-tion of the Journr.lisp. Clriso, oni is composed of elected from respective I ' . r,nd club p Journr.lisn class pso home rooms .-nd club. . Memories " . To bo on- , sponsors the l.. roooK, journalism class, a stu- rollcd as a “a, fir=t two years ' work ' dent must average 8o on his lln.t ixa, EnE . “ ■ ;7. - .f-. ' • 4 i IF ? ' • ► 1 ::rrja f t K ' ' 1 . % v V HONOR CLUB President:Jack Johnson V.-Pres.-4Cliristine Jones Secretary:Kathlene Lewis Sponsor:Miss Kendall The membership in the Honor Club is open only to Juniors and Seniors who have maintained an average of eighty-five since entering high school. The purpose of the Honor Club is to give recognition to those students vdio, by their own efforts, attain above-average grades, show good school spirit, and in other ways exemplify the highest Ideals of student life Members Clara Belle Allred Jack Johnson Christine Jones Lola Lawrence Kathlene Lev is Dorothy Morris Roland Nichols Harvey Wagoner Hayv;ood Weddle DRAMiiTIG CLUB Oi ' ‘FICURS President---Junior Tickle Vice-presldent---Faye Jones Sec y Treas«---Maude G reemvood Reporter-Claude Beasley Sponsor-----Miss George The Dramatic Club was organized primarily for one purpose--the study of play production. It was hoped that the-group might be able to express them¬ selves in relation to one phase of play production- either lighting, acting, stage-craft, make-up, cos¬ tuming, or scene designing. Lack of time and equlp- itiurat made attainment of these purposes difficult. Our plans are to be worked out in the future. During the year, the club presented several one- act plays. Outstanding amnng them was Paul Green ' s ' hlo-Gount Boy”. The cast: The No-Count Boy-Harry Lambert; Pheelie-Opal Mao Boyles; Enos-Junior Tickle; Old Negro Woman-Zula Sumner. Members: Junior Tickle, Tommie Gwyn, Johnnie Gwyn, Claude Beasley, Tom Davis, Dick Lov e, Raymond Blacl mon,William Carter, Harry Lambert, Tommie Jones, Mabel Tickle, Oneda Booker, Maude Greenwood, Opal Mae Boyles, Doi’othy Nichols, Pauline Keye, Zula Sumner, Faye Jones, and Edward Shelton. 4 . HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President-Sue Mae Johnson Vice-President-Ray McGee Sec, ; Treasr-Josephine Easter Reporter-Maxine Jones Sponsor Miss Coltrane The Home Economics Club_, composed of thirty- gl five girls and seventeen hoys, v as organized for the purpose of studying problems related to home life and social relations. Among the topics used for discussion v ere: How to Make and Keep Friends, " J Good Manners at Home, School, and in Public, Home ► ' ll Responsibility, Health, and First Aid. The Creed of the Home Econom.ics Club; I believe as a student of Franklin High School, I bj should be; Joyous, courageous and courteous. Truthful, considerate, and just, jfl Loyal and sincere in friendship. Too noble to speak ill of others, ;j| Willing to forgive and forget. Prompt and gracious in obedience. Ready to do all possible service. Quick to appreciate what is done for me. Respectful of my elders. True to the best that is within me, that I may become a fine and worthy citizen. WmOMORE ALGiB A CLASS JUNIOR PATROL cm ' s CHORUS SCIENCE GLEB CF?IGi:.RS President-ilazel neCraw Secretary-Jack Gw n Treasurer-Hugh Herariings Sponsor: hiss Hauser Lois liooker Ethel Hooker Lick Lllred Rawley Ariburn Ray Bennett J.G. Booker Lino Cccudlc Nellie Ghildross Nclvin Coc Veo Collins Baxter Cooke Joyce Cooke Elizabeth Cox Jack loss Rayriond dwaros Roger Felts Clco ' Folk Joe Frank C 7 ardnc;r Thor,as Gardner Betty Golding Jurnaino Golding Bryce Gough Jack ifi J.:i. Hall Irene Harris Franklin. Ha-rore nx;gh Hermings .,1,111 ily iiiatt i. ' arvin. loldor Toi.imy Lou i-iOlde-Ti.. Laniel Horton Carroll wagoner Robert " ’ Huetchins Ardena Jarrell Bruce Jones Jack Jones Cmie Kcyc Calvin King IIcLean King Betty Jean Lineback Carroll Lincback Ldv;in L in o bac k James Lofton Lillian Long i.ia.rvin hart in Hazel heCrav Virginia Kontgorery LI do an iiev ran Buster hiehoIs Helen Nowlin Burnie Payne Hulcn HoVv ' lin i lton Phillips Roland Lhclton .waiter Shelton Nary N --11 enow era Lac Sumpter Howard fate Ja DEMAND MORE THAN PRICE FROM YOUR CAP AND GOWN rental company National Guild of Academic Costumers (An organization for the promotion of improved Cap and Gown Rental Services) SENIORS of 1941 Do You Know that you can purchase a very ap¬ propriate gift for your school—a gift that will perpetuate the memory of the class of’41 for as little as $3.60? Our “School Gift Service” catalog contains pictures and full descriptions with prices on more than 300 items which have been se¬ lected for their suitability as class gifts and which you can purchase at a saving at prices ranging from $1.50 up. Write for Free Catalog Today You will be pleased with the up-to- date suggestions offered thru this service. I. C. P. SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 615 Wyandotte Street Kansas City, Missouri p. •- j .i ‘ (B. ,. ,_ ;4B ; ri,. t ? I V ivVi K V-V " - ' -W -v:.»..«, ■ Bi v V •K V? ' - ' ' -1 , ■ - j.‘ • ' ' ■ JSi vV ' Li T;- ' ♦ ' ' • ■. • ' ! r . ( t ■ Hu ‘ v ? TOiwwir • fc ■ . i i ' ■ ' ’■ . " « 1 ' V J " ■ ' V ' l - • ■ ' .1 ■C ' ' 1 tc ' ZE Ul—; i v ' ,- ' ;-. ' A ' ■ f.. - . ' •’ • , V V » ' ► •f’ . ' ‘A, M M, i ■ ., - ' (. • ». ' r " ; ir . ' • ' . •Il In T • • - ■1 , » ' ■ . ‘ r ;, ' ;■■ I’V S h I i ■| ‘-■ ,. ’ . K;- - ' ‘U“S 3 ; I JL , ■. ' ■■ ' ' • ' . v - ' ‘ ‘ v’ I K Ur - J ■ ■ . S ' V. " ' ‘ " i " ' -” ‘ • ' •“ ' ? ' ' l • r ' • ' , ' T ' ,;r ' . 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) collection:

Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Mount Airy, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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