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i. SETT ' H ‘fCH£ ' , £DrfOX-IM-Crl]£; ; 4 i I « t • • • ; 1. t . 41 4 i DEDICATION TO OUR PRINCIPAL, NR„ E. P McLEOD, jE dedicate THESE, OUR memories OP THE SCHOOL TO WHICH HAS GIIHJN SO JvfUCH OP HIS EPPORT AND DEVOTION. IN RETROSPECTION, HE Am PRANKLIN SCHOOL GO HAND IN HAND TO US, HE PRANIILIN SCHOOL. ..THE STAPP„ , . _ • V ;.V I I ■: YBAR BOOK STAFF f i ' IV 5 I? • EDITOR IN CHIEF: BETTY HATCHER ASSOCIATE EDITORS: VIRGINIA BEkmn MARY HOPE BOOKER SPORTS EDITORS LILLIAN 3ADGETT ROY KIRKI HAl ART EDITOR JETTIE VERNON SOCIAL AND LITERARY EDITORS EDITH MILLER EVELYN SIMMONS PRODUCTION SWAIN COOKE WARREN SIMMONS GRADE REPORTERS CHRISTINE WITT LELA LAWRENCE HELEN HORTON LOVIE CITNDIFP TYPISTS LILLIAN BADGETT WORTH HAYNES BUSINESS MANAGER CHAiRIES BURROUGHS i ; 1 1 f -w ' l’:. •, foe 1] " t • ■ ■V ' ' X:L ■ «■ • ., ■. -I. V " • ' i iiipx-.- f " I t I • ■; ■ r tiv t I •v J ! .4l»a ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD MR. ROBERT JONES MR. E. L. PATTERSON IvIR. GUY PATTERSON principal MR. E. P. McLEOD FACULTY MRS. W. L. DUNIvI iN MRS. H. S. BROOME MRS. E. P. McLEOD MRS, R. S. WIMBISH LEE ANNA HUTCHENS LULA DAVENPORT MYRTLE BURGESS J. C. HIATT MARGARET F.AY MYRTIF o. COOPER VIRGINIA (..OLIILiNE LOUISE KEHrA L HELEN GEORGS MRS. J. 0. WIMBISH LENA MAYS MRS. 0. F. MOORE MRS. J. C. SAMUEL iViRS. J. MARION BURKE i iRS. J. SMFORD CHILTON iMRS, M. G. STANLEY SENIOR GLASS PRESIDENT: CHAxRLES BURROUGHS VICE-PRESIDENT: ROY KIRKMAN SECRETARY: REPORTER: EDITH MILLER EVELYN SIMMONS RAMEY FLOWER: ROSE COLORS: BLUE AND GOLD IIOTTO: ’’DUTY IS OUR GUIDING STAR ’ Iv MBERS WARREN BOOKER MARY GARDNER CHARLES BURROUGHS DOLIA GORDON CHxARLES BRINKLEY BETTY HATCHER SWAIN COOKS M. RION HARBOUR COY KIRKMAN NANNIE JARRELL ROY KIRKMAN RUSHIE LINESACK ALICE ALLRED LEONA MARION LILLIAN BADGETT REBECCA McMILLx N VIRGINIA BEAMSR EDITH MILLER ¥.mY HOPS BOOKER EVELYx SIMMONS RAMEY p- AYE COOKE GERTRUDE SHELTON LQVIE MAS CUKDIEI’ JETTIE VERNON DOROTHY FRANCIS RACHEL WILLARD WARREN SIMEONS CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1935, a class of sixty-one freshman, forty-tv o girls and nineteen boys, entered Franklin High School, It was the present Senior Glass, vhich so long ago set sail on the waters of higher learning. Ours was ’ ' The Good Ship Knov ledge,” and our port:’’Scholastic Achievement.” Have we reached it? You m.ay be the judge. I turn back the pages of our high school career and visions of th e past come before our eyes. There is the High School Glee Club; a liberal amount of its number are fresh¬ men, Here v e see a game of basket-ball in progress; its players are freslimen. In music, dramatics, art, and public speaking, our class took an active part. The next year we continued the voyage as soph¬ omores with twentyi elght girls and eleven boys. It was this year that Faye Cooke and Lillian Badgett made tho second basket-ball team, and Evylyn Simmons, Faye, and Dolla Gordon gained renovm in the field of dram.atics, I fear the light of knowledge burned less bright during the second lap of our voyage. We became an established part of high school life. It was no longer now and our class functioned as a single unit. In the year of ’37 v e again assembled for the roll-call and our number was still smaller: twenty- three girls and six boys. Later Roy Kirkman en¬ rolled, proving to be an asset on the basket-ball team. Our junior year was filled with numerous act¬ ivities. For the Junior-Senior Party we gave a barn-warming, and we took an active part in this teimi’ s gr aduation. Last fall the fourth lap of our voyage was begun with yet a smaller number. This year has not been all cleru sailing. We have had differences among ourselves and activities have filled the year to the brim. Athletics, drematics, in the form of the Senior play, md now commencement and graduation. The end of our draws near. Port is in sight. We turn from visions of the past to visions of the future. Who.t will be our mode of travel in the journey of life? ’’Quien sabo?” as the Spanish say, ’’who knov s?” BBTTY HATCHER, HISTORIAN CLASS PROPHECY ’’Wake up, Faye, wake up, " Alice cried as she to v ake her from deep slumber. Oh-o-um-mm, " Faye yawned as she awoke. When she saw Alice, she at once thought of the dream she had just had. " OhI Alice I " she exclaimed, " I have just had the most wonderful dream. " I dreamed I visited Franklin High School and found our from Mr. Mcleod and the teachers what alliTimy class mates were doing. I was surprised and happy, too, to find out the ac¬ complishments each had made. Charles Burroughs v as a veterinary surgonn and had migrated to the far west. He has originated a nev; species of cow-boy, who changes the cut of his cost¬ ume every nev; moon r.nd throws the lasso ambidextor- ously. Edith Miller had been given a. position as a closk and suit model v ith Madame Bazook of par is, whore her histrionic powers were given full sway. Dorothy Francis, whoso ambition vaas always to be an aviatrix, he d won the povjder-puff for women in Los Angeles. Evelyn, and her us and, Pat, went to Africa, whers they became possessors of the largest diamond in the world, which they finally exchanged for a log cabin in the mountains. Betty Hatcher now holds a position as literary cr¬ itic and poet Isturcate for the Federal goverrmient. Warren Simmons had taken a great interest in the training of bo rs and girls and is dedicating his life to reforming them v;ith the help of an electric spanking ms.chino . Roy Kirkman aft-.-r graduating from college, had circumnavigated the globe three times v ith a Ford motor car and t birch-brrk canoe. On his second trip he met Lillian Badgctt, vi ho hi.d become a college dean. After a short happy courtship thoj wore mar¬ ried and took the third trip .together. Delia Gordon was a successful nurse in one of the leading hospitals in New York City. Swain Cooke had become one of the most faraous avi¬ ators of today. Ho was rapidly achieving the name of a second Howard Heghes. Lovie Cundiff and her husband had migrated to Flo¬ rida, bought a thousand acres df un-irrigated Ir.nd • Proph‘ ' ;cy Conti nued. f.nd v orc rnisln 9 ; onionr on r gi rntic occ.lo. i ' r.rion Hi-rbour in.?, th-, propriotcr of n thcntor. iiobcccr. ricl.lillrn’, ■ ' vhoso hobbv vnnr hod bccorao tlio non.ngor of ono of Chic .go’r. lending gnn fex torlec. lunry G: rdncr, wnbc-th ' O proud ovmor of i. bocnut ’--pri ' - lorfor ecro n-ptn-re In Hollyvxod. Gbnrlce Brlnhloy lind trnvelcd to the rcr.iotost cor¬ ners of til. onrtii In. soc.irch of n ;vifo, returning to ri.nrry hie next-dof- ' r ncigbbor, iviio hnri nenni ' . ' hile bec¬ ome n 7 ido’w. Jettle V-,. mon hnd bexome r successful nilliner, v ho s G ho n dge n r n -s t on i r i " e d tii c vj o r 1 d. Vi nrren Booker w?.. s in Cnlifornin, rs.pidly becoming rich by gnthoring enc.ile end soiling then to French re s turnnts. Nnnnie Jarrell v r,s n floor -lnlg,r in v hosiery mill but was considering givi ng up her lob to mi. i’ry h o s i ' 3 r y e f.. 1 e s ir r. n. linric Allred and Certrudo Sheldon uere estcblishcd as th 0 0 vner s of of Kale igh, N . C . iie au t - s;iop. ia.ishie Linebacl. ' v r.s the wife of s preaclrir and teaching a Surxlay School Class. Mary Hope Booker, uhose love for sue its had nearl sent the senior bo x Into bccnkruptch, uas a fore-lad in one of Chicagoloading candy fsetorios. Leona Mrricn,’vvr.ys sx ' ips.the tic, is super intendent of nurses in a ' Vashington hospital. C 03 " Kirlsmrn had achieved fane as the 440 yaxd race man on the All-Arier i ca.n track team. Rachel hillrrd had just receiv-ed a large check for her first book of poems. Virginia Bearner hr ' d become a vxll-loved B.i ' hb. Ic- ater dn Forth Cr-rollna because of hereevor evor-roa- diness to assist young people to appreclch.o Christ- i :..n i ty . ’’And Alice, I du ' eaned you v;ere an accomplished mus¬ ician plau ’ing in St, Paxl’s Chthodral. ’ ' Lhat-.a Beautiful dream, Faye. hhat became of You? ’ ' I even dreairxod v hat I uas doing. I had become a cor.-nercial teacher and opened a business college; no entrance fee except the studer ts being able to do the two-step. " BACCALAUREATE SERVICES FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL APRIL 2 , 1939 PROCESSIONAL-GLEE CLUB, GRADUATING CLASS INVOCATION ' ' BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR " ---ARRANGED by V . RIEGGER HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB SERMON-REV. J. B. FICKLIN III RECESSIONAL-GRADUATING CLASS " LEAD ON, 0 KING ETERNAL " GRADUATING EXERCISES APRIL26, 1939 PROCESSIONAL-JUNIOR CLASS, GRADUATING CLASS " FAREYi ELL TO SENIORS " RESPONSE TO JUNIOR CLASS-GRADUATING CLASS INVOCATION --MISS RACHEL WILLARD " A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE " -- - --SSNIOR CONGRESS OF FRMKLIN An informal discussion of the problems of young people, arranged and presented by the Graduating Class of 1939. Presiding Officer: Charles Burroughs " DEAR FRANKLIN SCHOOL " -GR.4DUATING CLASS PRESENTATION OF AWARDS AND DIPLOMAS- MR. E. P. McLEOD, PRINCIP oL RECESSIONAL v ' ' 4 X; ■ SENIOR SUPERLATIVES PRETTIEST: EDITH MILLER MOST POPULAR: DOLIA GORDON CUTEST: EVELYN SIMMONS RaLEY SWEETEST: ALICE ALLIiED BESI aLL i.ROUND: LILLIAN BaDGETT MOST STUDIOUS GIkL: BETTY HATCHER NEaTEST GIRL: LOVIE CUl DIPF WITTIEST GIRL: MARY GixRDNER MOST ambitious GIRL: LECNA MiJ ICN MOST ATHLETIC GIKL: MARY HOPE BOOKER MOST ROMilNTIC GliiL: FaYE COrKE MOST POETIC: RACHEL WILLARD MOST MiUSIC.X GIRL: VIRGINIA BEARER MOST ' DILiaTIVE: lEJaON HARBOUR MOST DIGNIGIED GIRL: RUSHIa LINEBACK BEST SPORT: REB 1 .CCA HeMILL.iN GIGGLES MOST: DOROTHY FFcGNCIS MOST LOYYL: JETTIE VERNON BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT: ILxNiYE JaRRELL MOST DOMESTIC: GERTRUDE SHELTON E ST LOOKING BOY: CHARLES BRINKLEY MOST POPULixR BOY: ROY KIRKMi.N BEST ixLi. 7 .ROUND BOY: SVWYN COCKE MOST STUDIOUS BOY: COY KIRKILHI WI TTI STBBDY: BARREN BQDIveRS MOST ATHLETIC BOY: CHiHiLES BUR.DUGHS MOST TALKi-iTIVE BOY: Wi.REEN SIMMONS MOST romantic BOY: SVAYN COOKE MOST MUSIC.Y: lAHiREN BOOKER MOST ..HBITIOUS: ROY DIIuELxN MOST DIGNIFIED: SVAYN COOivE ■_»LJ . - ' vi GL--.SS V ILL I, the Glass of 1939, Franklin High School, cone to ny last hours in riy right rnind and in peace with all the world, do hereby bequeath and devise all ny worldly goods and possessions to the following beneficiaries, to wit.: To Franklin School, a large barrell of spark¬ ling grcxtitude dra ' n from the deepest wells of rrieiiory, and kept cool and refreshing by large chunks of cold cormon sense supplied by the prin- cipal, Mr« McLeod. V e, the members of the senior class, con¬ sidering it fairly well settled that we are to gradiuate this " j ear, do hereby bequeath our several belon ings to follov ing persons in this, our will and testament: Mary Gardner and Jettie Vernon will their musical t voices to Ethel Lee Stantliff and Glen Blact.burn, hoping their sucess will be as great. Virginia Beamer wills her ability to learn to Glyde Brown, Marion Harbour walls her chewing gum to Grace 7 il- moth, Faye Gooke v;ills her dignity to Eva Lee Haynes, Evelyn Simmons Ramey v ills her ability to act to Lois Lineback. Alice Allred Y:ill her red hair to liozelle Renegar. Swrain Gooke wills his height to Henry ihlred hop¬ ing he Will attain the same by the time he becomes a senior. Gharles Brinkley v ill the keys of the school bus to John Greenwood. Gertrude Shelton wills her talkativeness to 2adia Edith Miller wills her curly hair to Virginia Allred. Betty Hatcher 7ills her height to Lei a Moseley, Rachel ' illard wills her poetic ability to Lottie Belle Gundiff. ' i ' arren and A-arren Incorporated will their company to Johnson and ' . eddle, Doiia Gordon and Mary Hope Booker w.i.ll their WILL continued: tongues and appetites to Alma Nichols aid Josephine Hudson, (”Yoo hoo, Harold”) Roy Kirkiiian wills his ability to handle the senior girls to Edv ard McGee. Lillian Badgett V7ills her place on the basket¬ ball squad to Louise Simmons, Nannie Jarrell® wills her ability to study to Clara Belle allred, Rushie Lineback v;llls her smiling eyes to Ruby Wilmoth. Leona Marion wills her graceful manner to Helen Horton, Rebecca McMillan wills her taste for ice-cream and candy to Christine V itt, Coy Kirlanan v ills his smile to T, W. Estes, hoping it may possess the same charm for the ladies, Charles Burroughs v ills his job of getting news¬ paper and year-book to Harold Stone. Lovie Cundiff wills her luck in love to Guida Mc- Graw, wishing her as much success as she has ac¬ complished in the past four years. To the Junior Clas.. of 1939, it is our privi¬ lege to will all the dignity wc did not possess, and all the privileges we did not have, so you won’t be kept under strict rules nesd: ear. We will you our friendliness p.nd all the good advice v e refused to take. To you we leavd our seats in the deten¬ tion hall. Don’t have a ”Sneak Day” and maybe you won’t need them. For the Faculty, a papier-mache basket bas-relief of a worm in the act of turning, made of deihtntion hall slips. Also am engraved testimonial signed by the school doctor, to the effect that we have come through four years of struggle with an unexcelled record in the matter of heart action, cranial expan¬ sion, v eight reduction, and synthetic complexions. I, Dorothy Francis, testator for theS Class S ' ! 1939, will all the pencil stubs, left-over erasers and any pieces of paper that I failed to use in the drawing up of this, our Last Will -md Testament, to the testator of the Class of 1940. f V, ' . ' ■ ■ V ' ■ts ' VALSDICTCHY It is not an easy or pleasant task to have to say goodbye. But in behalf of the Senior Class of 1939, it is my duty to Icavo with you some final thoughts, which I hope will express to each of you our love and appreciation for all that has been done for us during our school 1 if o. To our parents wo v ould express our apprecia¬ tion of tho- Opportunity you have given us of going school, for the care you have provided, the interest you have always shown in us. It is our earnest hope that we will never disap¬ point you. VVe feel that we owe to Mr. Mcleod and to all our teachers a debt that we can never repay. To them we owe the ideals we have of making our lives mean something in this busy world. We app¬ reciate your faith in us and wc hope to live up to your expectations. Now, in return, I am going to promise to all our friends and parents who are hero tonight, that wo, as the graduating class of 1939, make a solemn pledge that for each year v c live in this community we arc going to give the best of our knowledge, physical efforts, and financial aid toward maViing our community become- not Just a bettor place- but the best place in North Carolina in v hich to live. I am proud to speak for the class of 1939 and to express our appreciation to each one of you for your presonce hero tonight. Virginin. Boamor, Valedictorian r I i % { • r ■ I .■A I . i ir H, r ,sl N » . f -0 « 0 A Cf T • .-Jl i ' ■ ' iBIRl - Ai ) ,-i I ... ' ! JUNIOR CLASS Pr es ■■ dent -Edward FcGee Vice“Pr6 3 idea u--!Estes Se c t. cETre as . “Louis e S immans Cion 31: ' . ' ckiourn ' ’-1 a cl:3urn Erltz Eooker Glade .rovra William Carter Llugene Caudle T.W.Estes John GreenV ' oodL Worth Harases Edv ard J cGee Harry LB.mbert Roid Simmons Harold Stone V1rginia Allred Eti ' iel Bowman Ola Fay loylos Eva loe Haynes Helen Horton Josephine Hudson Edith Jarrell Zadia Jones 01ea Ieonard ' _ Lois Linchack Giiida IWCrav,’ Icla • ' oseley Alma l-ichols r ' ldrod Philips Fo elle Rcncg ' r Fargarct Rose Louise Simmons Hazel ‘- ' icklo Fay Venable Irons Venable Audrey Lynn Vernon Graco Wilm.oth ibiby EMlrnoth Christine Witt Gladys ' ' rlght ■ . : . :: t V : .-.-v-c-- • V ' ..• •s ;.:. y-:--:-» •:■■ ' ■•..-v ' -:i fkj . ' • V -, ■ ' • IHi ,.,.i- - -v .;Vv,; • • . ' s;» ' ;:■ ’ ' . ■■vie - ..■Sv k v . ' . - " »■y v+t ' •,•■ ' S-CW I ■■ •■■ - ' .V,’- • • ' - - :. ■ ■■ GuiJa LlcCrav;, John G-reenwood, Ola Faye Boyles, Clyde Brov n IB7IT...TI0B CO.illTTBB Lola i.Iosely, Harold Stone, T. V . Bstes iJ ' Louise SiiUMons, Louise Lineback, Hazel Tickle The Junior Class of Franklin Hi 5 h School en¬ tertained the Senior Class at a Masquerade Party, March 23, 1939 The scene of the party v as the school gyrmasiuia, which was decorcxted in blue and gold, the Senior colors. Various conanittees were selected by the class to provide an interesting evening. Progressive gaiaes, consisting of Chinese checkers, Rook, pic¬ ture nuzzles,and needles were played. Miss Kendall v inning high score. Prizes also v ere awarded to Nannie Jarrell and John Greenwood for the two best costunes, . fter the gaaies v ere played refroshrients were served by nerabers of the Sophoj.iore Class. J onery Allrod Onoda Booker L ou i s e B ov rnan Opal Mae Boyles Caudle Lee Creed Lottie Cundiff i ' eith Cant Ilaude Creenv ood J.H. Hall Plenry Harris Edith Hauser Kathleen Holder ToiTiriie Lou Holder I ' aizie Horton Lois HoOder Ardena Jarrell Jaci: Jolinson Tommie Jones Pauline Key Leia Lawrence James Lewis Lucile r.artin Hyrtle ILatthews I ' ielba I cCraw Dorothy Lorris Dorothy ilichols K ' rances Norman Dora Quesinberry Nova Smith l.iary Nell Snov L ' thel Lee St an tiff Helen Surratt Label Tickle Harvey 1 a oner Hayv ood V ed ' ile T hirt t’ liraan J ' ' O boy: clas 3 and twenty-six in 1 ' ffirls made uo 6 7. The Sop on roll. for work in ej CD CO e were; the Fre ends wi t Home Economics in their Fresimian year. Tl ese were; Laude Green- v ood, Lucile Lartin, Dora Quesinberry, Dora V elborn and Leia Lawrence. In athletics our boys won tiie class basketball tournament in 19B9. Several boys and [ irls entered the track meet and shov ed up well in various events. ■.K ,_a.i ■ • y ' ' l ' - . .» ■ • - ■■ ■ ' SlS ' ' ;:v V ' -A r■4 AsL i‘ ‘ " ■ ifl ' iSiiXui-iJ- ■ ' •- ' .fi? ' ;.. ' ' -. . ' ' , ' W ' " , -Fr,S3 FRESH. ' :AK CLASS PRESIDENTS Rayrnonas Edv ardrj VICE ' -PRESIDENT s Jiinior Rose SECRETARY: Torrrniy Clv yn TREASURER Roland Nichols CLASS REPORTERS sAlyene Ari ' ington Clara Belle Allred MEMBERS Clara Bello Allred Alyene Arrington Lola Bov man Lois Brinkley Joyce Cooke Elizabeth Cox Cleo Fulk Betty Golden Eula Rose G o]de n Irene Harris Pauline ilarriLSon C hr 1 s t i ne J one s Paye J one s Omie Key Alice Leftv ich Rena Leonard Kathlene Le is Mae Moser Hazel McCrav Helen Ho lin Helen Payne Zinnia Smith Zula Su-inner LucV Surra11 Irene Vernon Josie ' Millard Claud Beasley Charles Boles Calvin Bov. ' man G ' lenn Brc ?n Arnol Easter Raymond Edv ards Roger Pelts J o] inny Gv yn Eobcrt HolCer Edv in I; ine back Rov e Meklimey James Nichols Roland N i cli o 1 s Clei3,an Ramej Osier Shavj Edv ard She 11 on WaIke r She11 on Junior Tickle Carroll Wagner a ' -oh ' .dr ' ' t ’iS A ' ■S. olmZ ' 7 ' ; -fda JbO LIh : ' lit A Gsr Y ' lA :ijf ;;; oo :IfV T ' .1 j: j c. i ■- . -■-’ - C.f - . -,.4. .J. ' «?- • i- ' .dPn ' . ' C C’. ' .VO ' . • ' ; ' • V-Y ' y ■■? ' ' T rV’ r • 3. ' 70 i) i ' i rr 0 -d i i ' s 1 T p ' ;o £i yPC E ot; ' x ' " ' ' -. E ' ’ :iefr T ddo: ' i,. ' ' j. i- ' .l ;ji ' 7 ?7:oP oX rE ndlpp ’ e. jl G}: lJ }■ . ' PlC-r ' i nv‘7-y ' ' T. ' EioE ' ■• t V JCP fo.3dexr { fix " ' Pa £0 r. 0 . . ■ ' 4. 3ri I !• r r -. liTa ‘ t- on 1 d d X OiiO iTiar v i 1. Y ' " X t. {DfifYL .pv;: o-;oiV X " ' j‘X oiakO di ' o loxU :.ef.i. i3 ■ ' .L’ " j j ' ?:! - ■ ' X.l:! ' ! C- r ' t.i:n IP .£ IM1 p i " ). ' ■? • ' f 3 t.’iT -yj J Vi. . fV -. ; •■■ -. ! ' ■;■ r. . " r - « •us.j.v..,..— a - - .. i ■ ;au72«aE;ff ' " ) oi:oi{ i:- ' oxv ‘ro_ jxr;i. X y-ii. -I t . ' ■•c ' ' Tt. rrrr. J- -i . - i.L lA •.y ■ ' .—rf ' • " ' ‘ f r r A. J.. --ci s - p •’ .- . _ , I f - r.. j - ' -• ‘.■ T r L ■ j. ' , j. ; ' . i ' : ' .‘Ji c 0 il ■j .0 ‘1 P ■• ' ' r- ' ::0 ' d ! ' ' i i: -i V.i •■7r ' •iCOrfrrj.: rf. ’Ig: . i ’ - ' ' jj‘ Tt ' lo yj r (; ; ., r r-v ' ■ t:.-t - J r ' i " f o I ' ■ ' j ■. ' ' Gs r . • -i- ti-L .li J. ' . ' ' - ' ■ • 4 ■ i GIRL»S BASI-a?T3ALL- 1933-19o9 Franklin girls had a very successful year in basketball, v inning 19 out of 27 games. Letters vi ere awarded to the followinggirls Yiho played in 2 3 of the games for their first year. Rebecca McMillan, Josephine Hud¬ son, Grace Wilmoth, Edith Jarrell, and Ola Faye Boyles, Stars v ere a varded to the follov ing for second and third years’ services: Lillian Badgett, Captain, Josephine Nichols, Dolla Gordon, Mary Hope Booker, Marion Harbour, Lola Moseley, Faye Cooke, and Louise Sim¬ mons • Josephine Nichols v as high scorer for the year wi th 320 pointsLillian Badgett made 244, and Dolla Gordon scored 177. Mary Hope Booker, Lela Moseley and Marlon Harbour did excellent guarding throughout the season. Total points: Franklin:794; Opponents: 621 This fine team deserves the congratulat¬ ions of the student body and community for its splendid record, and for the excellent spirit of good sportsmanship shovm thi-ough- out the year. Members of the squad ore as follows: L Badgett, Captain J. Nichols D. Gordon M. H. Booker M. Harbour L. Moseley O.M Boyles D, Nichols F, - Cuoke R. McMillan L, Simmons J. Hudson G, Wilmoth E, Jarrell 0,P. Boyles 0, Booker Lo Kendall, Coach 3t®IS ' . ■,, •3i ' i b asVKSy-i ' » r, - -v - . ' J-’ ■ ., , ;■ V-’ ■ ' i.ra • iaB ear - .,, r„ BCYS BASKETBALL- 1938-30 The Franklin B 03 -S had a very successful voar in basketbill winning 13 out of 25 gaines played which gave then a per cent of---52 ’ . ' The boys who were awarded letters, are the foll¬ owing ; Glen Brovm Chrrles Burroughs Lugene Caudle Kobert Holder Stars Were awarded to th . second year boys: boy ilirkraan Willir.n Carter T.W.Ls tos ' I ' oriimio Jones Keith Gant Jack Johnson Hoywoed Vioddlc The points scored during the season--550. The opponents scored --546 SLic loading scorjrs for the bo us were L Jones, and Gant. The defensive weru and Carter. Substitutions; ’.vodcllo. Brown, Johnson, oughs, vfno alvaays nls. ycd a good defensive de;pt the regulars hustling all the time. iS twS , Kirknan ane . urr- ganc and High Spot of the 5oason--Lofor, ting the strong Boonvillc Team 21 to 20 , in the Flat bock Tourna¬ ment, and defcasting the same tea.m 28 to 2p in an extra, period game in the P ' ranklin Gym. THE SUCCESS OF THE 5..Si:ET-B..LL Se.i.SCN Ci.NNCT BE- MENTICNX.D V-ITHCUT FIKST THINKING CF THE TIRnL SS vvORK OF COaCH HI TT. FACING THE PHOBLEFi CF BUILDw ING AN i.LMGST ENTIRE NEV T oAH HE TURNED CUT i. TEAII VJIICH tliiDE THE BETTER TEiJIS CF SURIiY i.ND ADJOINING COUNTIES SIT UP i.ND TiEhi NOTICE. THEY WON HOKE THkN Hi.LF CF THi. G HIES PLi,YED ..UL THE GuHIeS LOST VvERE CLOSE ONES. THE OPPOSING TEiJlS PL.D TO FIGHT i.LL THE WAY IN ORDER TO 0V1.RP0WER THe SCRi.PPY TPAE WHICH CO.X’H HIaTT IL-.D SC UeLL TR.TINED. ■ ' r-■ ■ ' .4S,v ?.;r ACTIVITIES Franklin shared second place honors in the _annual track meet b 3 tying with Westfield. Our squad made 31 points but was edged out by Cope¬ land who made 33 3. Coy Kirlnnan won first place in 880-yard run and broke his own record set in 1936. Charles Burroughs took first place in 75-yard hurdles. Roy Kirlonan, Burroughs, McKinney and Coy Kirlonan won the 880-yard relay. Second places were won in the mixed aOO-yard relay, 440-3 ard dash, SSO- rard dash, and 100- rard dash, for boys, and in the baseball throw, and broad jum.p for girls. CLASS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Eighth Grade Girls-34 Tenth 12 Tenth ’’ ” 27 Eleventh ” " 23 Ninth Grade Boys 19 Ten th ” 12 Ninth " ” 10 Seventh Grade Girls Ninth ” Eighth ” ” Tenth ” " Eighth Grade 3037-3 Eleventh " 11 Tenth ” " 8 CO O ' - Vf. . m •j FRANKLBI HI-LIFE STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: SV AIN COOKE ASSOCIATE EDITORS; Virginia 3EAMER CHARLES BURROUGHS ART EDITORS JETTIS VERNON WARREN SIi,!MONS SPORTS EDITORS LILLIAN 3ADGETT ROY KIRKMM HUMOR EDITOR WARREN BOOKER MISCELLANEOUS DOLIA GORDON ALICE ALLuRED CLASS REPORTERS SENIOR.EVELY N SIMMONS JUNIOR.HAROLDDSTONE SOPHOMORE.HARVEY WAGONER FRESHMAN.RAYTvlOND EDWBRDS ALYENE ARRINGTON CIRCUU TION.CHARLES BRINKLEY TYPISTS.LILLIAN 3 .DGETT HxAROLD STONE WORTH HAYilES PRINTERS WARREN SIGMONS WARREN BOOIffiR ■ t i n. ■■■ .V-v ■ ' ■. •-•iti -WS iii. ' . ■ . , t i IV DRAIvIATICS 1958-1959 During the school term of 1938 -I 939 three plays have been presented by members of Franklin High School. The first play of the year, ”The Life of Riley ’ , was presented in the school auditorium at 8:00 P. M. on the evening of December 1. Its plot,written as a farce, revolved merrily around a mix-up created from mistaken identities. The cast consisted of the following: Lovey Riley, a baby talk bride—Christine Witt Celia Masters, her sister-Rachel Willard Terry Riley, her husband-Glenn Brown ICi’S. Fieulali Riley’, hc r mbi-hor-‘Lola lios-’icy Thelma, Terry s sister-in-law-Helen Horton Sadie Cohen, the maid-Mary Gardner Mrs. Michael Casey, a neighbor-Margaret Rose Tim Sweeney, a G-Man-Charles Burroughs Y arner C. Steele, Terry»s close friend- T, W. Estes Two-Time Riley, a desperate character- Rowe McKinney Mona Morris, a swimming champion- Lillian Badgett At this v riting work is going forward on two plays: the Senior Play and the Commencement Play; The former play, ”At the Sign of the Pewter Jug , is scheduled for Thursday evening,_April 6. Miss Virginia Coltrane, Senior Advisor, is coaching the play, which promises to be most entertaining. The cast is as follows: Suzanne Shuler- Lela Shuler—.Lovie Condiff Barbara Shuler--—Faye Cook The three girls who own the inn. ’ At the Sign of the Pewter Jug ' . f ■ IV DR. ivRTr:r r-- (OontinuadJ1 Llrs, Wellington Watts, Iron New York Delia Gordon Betty V ales, her daughter-Edith Miller y illiara Norton, clerk at the inn- Charles Burroughs John MacKenzie, from Texas-Swain Cooke Joseph V eatherbee, over 60-Roy Kirkman Boris IX, Prince of Valencia- Robert Doolittle, who does much- Charles Brinkley Mary McCarthy, the cook-Alice Allred The Commencement Play is entitled ”The Man in the Green Shirt”. Miss Kendall is directing this play,. ,whoso cast is lrai;i.i, m ' llhly, frorr ' the Juninrj. Class. The play is to be presented Tuesday Night, April 23 . The cast: tir. George T. Fuller, always out of money- T. V . Estes Mr. Ivan Ross, a guest from Arkansas- Harold Stone klr. Egbert Cain, a clever crook- Edward McGee William Roach, hired man of the Fullers- Clyde Brown Llrs. George T. Fuller, with millionaire ideas- Lela Moseley Delphine Larule, an adventuress- Mozelle Renegar Millie Fuller, daughter of the Fullers- Louise Silk 10 ns iirs. T. Jefferson Jaynes-Ola Faye Boyles Lena May Crow----Faye Venable Emmy Rockhart, a hard boiled policewoman- Margaret Rose Hi t HOMS ECONOMICS The Home Econoinics Department feels that it has had a hig;hly successful year. There were sixty-two students enrolled consisting of twenty-three first year students and thirty-nine second year students. The year’s study centered around the following topics with their under-lying units First Year— --Too Girl H er s o.m 1 G-rc urn 1 ng And He al th Food For The High School Girl Clothing Fur The High School Girl Personal And Social Development Second Year-The Girl And Her Family Maintenance of Frmily Health Food For The Family Clothing For The Fcmily Making Our Homios More Livable And Attractive Mechanics of The Home Living Together The Franklin Hom.e Economdes Department tied for second place in the second annual Surry County Fashion Show, held, at Mt, i iry, zipril 18. Those winning honors were as follows; Wool skirt and blouse---Mary Hope Booker, 1st Undorwear--Lel.a Lav rence, 1st and 2nd Cotton dresS " -Oneda Becker, 2nd Silk dress— tedder, Srd -Christine Jones . f GIRL’3 ' r ' ' .- ' TTr Tlie G 1 r 1 ' s Gliorus ic oli ' :)o; ed of forty-five .leiibovs taken fro i the four hiGh rCiiool clasoeo. It r iO ori{G.n.:i].Iy lub under the direc- anlovo For the o ist orpanisod a s a i ' l loe- tion of Mr V 0 i ; o Go S tv o yoiix ' tills oryn sonp.s for school jI ' O nonceuerit ex-.ircioof:’. Thio vear the Chorus took nart in the District Winston-. iiei. test V ' as yro :r3ji, school h a special TTr -i ;ic Contest, which v as held in April i. This con- dart o v ide aiuoic LJ e o XV O V- ' o J a feature of a J. X W t’lis yoar antei ' cd. beinp; the first our The Chorus also sann; rnniber at the Friends Church in Lkarch 26 . We taken in hope to in Music App: students soon. are ho piny riore interest will be our oryanination next year. We avo a _iixed-chorus and a course ■e elation for hi ' hi school y-. ' -.■ - ' ! •- ' . ' ' ' ' -• ' ifPBEBPfSSLSflU99w . V : ■ ■ v; • rT ' .-Ai.; ‘ , ' ' ' M- • -w , - • , ' » .« jl55B • V- ' ' • " ' ■5A -.. i . A .• :.v - : - ' ■ . ' -■r? ' ; ■■. ’ - ■•1- - , i.j-.TtJe - ■!,•:;,-rlLLS-;.; 4-H CLUB President-Tomio Jones V i c 0 “ P r e s i d G n t-D o 1 i a Gordon Secretary-Lillian B idgett Pianist---Faye Yen-. ble C ho i s 1 01- s-Glen Br owa Louise Simi.ions ProGran Go ' riittee---lliry Hope Booker ' Fir yini . BL r.ior Harrv La. ibert The Fran.::lin 4 -H Club h:is increased raoidly in the p.- st year, Lore of the ac. ib-:yrs are tajiing interest in the orojects soonsored by the club. Due to the enterprise ana coo-a ration of IHry Hole Booker, proGi aii ch-Hman, v e have had some vei ' y interesting; ueetiiiGS this y::‘i.r. In the November nGetina the members drev naiiies for presents to be " iven at the December meetinG At the later meeting ti e social nour in v hich these presents mere presented proved to be very entertaininG. Durinm the L.arch leeting ' v ' e elected tue dele- nates that ' ere to represent our club_at the 4 -H Short Course held during the sumior -it North Caro¬ lina State College jPaleigh, N.C, Josepiiine Huason, Hazel Tickle, Torriie Jones, and John Greenv ood were chosen. The most enjoyable fe-ature of the year,perhaps, was the club oicnic. The oicnic con-tituted_ our mav meetinn. The follov ing _ served on_ tne picnic •+.4- o a’-Tp‘]-T -| S " ' ' ' r ' ion ' i Ra ' - ' GV , Guida lacCravi , committee: x veiyn , Bdmard NcGec, ind Harold Stone. m ' H ' WM • ' ki -jra ,!3. ■A. vt; - y ' -i 5=- : .rf‘ Jr -X S S " ' ' ' • • fei: -. ' " " ' Vi ‘ ■ v’TS,? r l ' ;v; lu I .1 VVy V • .■S ' .% ,; ■ - J • « Wl -■« . I ( .i« " r ' if ’ i; r.:!H f -.- ,-- 1- ' - ■ •• fc- ' rM • iip r • ' ' ■ • “■ ' • - I ' . ,.v •.■.■’ t ' ' . f " . ' ' ' . r . r- ; a .»i4f» ■ Ui-■: :■ ' . v ' -. ‘ V. -.-V • . ft . .i -c, ' vr» N i,T? -A ?. iff- A ■ ♦ .ns J J ■ . .■ ; •V V 4» ,’5J.: vr I .i :«■ E V i ii5 ' - r •«R, I- (£,. ,K " 4 - d -.,■ ' ..- " v- ' ■■ :. -if. -. yr- - .‘ Viss V ' ■. , » b -- y- ■ (1 . ' : ■§ ,i- . .k. i Ji i-. 7v- m. Jk ■ ipv ' r-.J-. , 4 ?!v f,.- : P , ' . ' L j ' ■ ’ - r 2 y SENIORS of 1939 Do You Know that you can purchase a very appro¬ priate gift for your school—a gift that will perpetuate the memory of the class of ’39 for as little as $3.60? Our ' ' School Gift Service ' catalog contains pictures and full descriptions with prices on more than 300 items which have been se¬ lected for their suitability as class gifts and which you can purchase at a saving at prices ranging from $1.50 up. Write for Free Catalog Today You will be pleased with the up-to- date suggestions offered thru this service. I. C. P. SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 615 Wyandotte Street Kansas City, Missouri ! ' . » ■ WSry MILTON BRADLEY CO. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. DISTRIBUTORS Boston New York Chicago Philadelphia Atlanta San Francisco Hoover Bros. Inc., Kansas City, Mo. • ’ ••a ’• ' -■ ■ f-v. ...: v ‘ ■■ ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' y wr ' • ' .’’v’s. ' hV ' ' . - ■ ' ‘i ' - , ' ' i- ir,. « x-i " - ' ■w ' ’’! . ' ' ■■ V r:Mm -M " ' 1 V ' , ■’■;■- y i - ' » ' ' I ’ sy ' " -yv vyi; ' •; ' ::- iS -ffij:« ' : ' 00 fi:0: ■: ■■ " •. j,Y, 0 -.00: ' psewa :■■ :0-00 yy-m ' -r - ■.0

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