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Franklin High School - Purrs and Scratches Yearbook (Franklin, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1 M Q -vw nfrf a 1-4 g 564, .'.'u r , . , . S. .V N. ' ffm " f . '-1 ,,,, 11 Q. , -, -1 wx 43'--"id, A... 1 vw H - v 2.34-X L ,L , -A 1 , 4.. , 1 Q ' ff ., , f if . . m -' ,. -" 'Vt bfi' 1,0 A37 3 MFZIK QQ, Iinagfffzii- 1:m.f2?ffff'5E ,H 4., A -,-'qv X .'. 'L '-'f1iiL:.u"'f -'-',a2.?3:.2? 4- i., 3: .11 1 , V I r A .4 , f N, ,,,, limi., 4 .1,.f-x.- ' .Fi J lr 5 K . -, K giw- . M, ' , .vm , f 1' . , -1 . ,Q ff- Q., X A., . . Hu ,,. ' .. ,, ..,. 1 , , .', . ,127 ,. F, . rx 1- 34-5 ' 11' . 'r -. -V' ,X . ,f ,.-k,:,..,,.i .. 534-'71, , fr" L..Qs:- ' .'x'v-"Aa V S . 11 ,Agn ,Q-.n . ,xgwijl FV. ' -:wi 3."',. . 1 -' , -A 1? ' 11 L .'we,L Tv ,.ff' , H53 L- im. .. .1-.LA v Nt: ,,... ,... 1.1: .uv ,. , . ,k.. , 5 ,, , I .,...p,- I ,2- -' f-J 'uf ' , f ' A' 'IL - T.-v: -gf .. .. 1 1'-1. - ! , , 4 . :Aww Q. Ffh'-:Q-.,.'J V ' 1. 'H J r Q FJ? ua is-fi? my ASQ... Qf 'Ni 1 wi 4, L in 'if e-.5 .f- i'Lr!rxa X, firgem , nw-:Jawa-fyi fe, A AL .7 . 'f"l .:5-1 '. ,3- ,.' sv a, . :,. . ". ,.,.:.1- 1 . if ,, r1w,,,5grf.1i 'gs' ' . . 'z-4.',,5?i:J114"5'A V- ' 'lf' ,grae .- . - 1 'JZ--.' gg: LQ .L " ff ,.., , ,M ' 1. '.,4i.m Egg'- ,- -fa-fa e.. ri sw 4 'if 11 I ., zz.-gy, ,A 51" ,va 1..- -M i.. . ..-A .1 ., 31?-95,3 V4 . , . , . ' ,-., ., . gi-'.,:e:QSfAha.i. .xya.4uM:.',.,:+-Lf..g...zvh..-mLMw.i.miLm:- , ,. . ,nm ' 2, .,! .r . ' EE , ': '- I ms JK ' I R. E. Augspurger SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOIILS Secretaries MRS, XNIILLI.-XM HIIRST - f Mus ISABEL BOND I M. D. Hartzler HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MORRIS VOORHIS WARDWELL BROWN i WEAVER, ALLEY, FARNLACHER, BORN BOWERS HILL BROWN BREWER BURKETT Our Faculty . . "Tell us more, Dear teacher, Tell us more.'!" LONGNECKER HANKINSON TOMS BURGESS WEAVER, LILES, HEINSELMAN HABEGGAR, AUGSPURGER, ZARTMAN, GAULKE HAWTHCDRNE, OWENS, IMES, LITTLE OUR J ANITORS "When Day Is Done" their work begins. CUR COOKS. . Shoo Fly Pie" . . . their specialty. HAN NAH, JEFFERY JSLEJSS.-'ZS' J , Seniors . . s l "Af ter Graduation Day" MARVIN SHANE, President Junior-Senior Class President, Cat's Meow, Operetta, Scholarship team, Latin Club, Future Teachers fPresidentJ, O.M.E.A. music contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Football, Basketball Manager, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Varsity F, Hall Mon- itor, Unrhythmic Six, Variety Show, Purrs and Scratches. BRUCE BARLETT, Vice President Acorn, Operetta, Scholarship Team, Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers Club, Boys' Glee Club. Chorus, Junior Class Play, Foot- ball, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Buckeye Boys' State, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Varsity F, Hall Monitor. ELLEN HATHAWAY, Treasurer G.A.A. Vice President, Sophomore-Senior Treasurer, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Con- tests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Orchestra, Senior Scholarship Tests. MARY JANE VANDERVORT, Secretary G.A.A., Senior Class Secretary, Operetta, Honor Society, Scholar- ship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers, Girls' Glee Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Chorus, Personality Plus Pin- up, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Library, Legion Essay Winner, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Schol- arship Tests, Camera Club, Purrs and Scratches. L. D. ALLEN Varsity F QVice Presidentl. Personality Plus Pin-up, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Hi-Y fTreasurerl, Hall Monitor. ROSE ELLEN BORDERS G.A.A., Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Orchestra, Senior Schol- arship Tests. DAVID BOSWELL Acorn, Scholarship Team, Latin Club lVice Presidentl, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Future Teachers, Junior Class Play, Student Council CPresidentl, Library, Baseball, Track, Buckeye Boys' State, Legion Essay Winner, Visual Aid, Patrol Boy, Public Speaking Plays, Senior Scholarship Tests, Camera Club fPresidentj, Hall Monitor, Variety Show, Exchange Assembly. MARJORIE BOTHE Latin Club fSecreta1'yJ, Future Teachers fTreasurerJ, O.M.E.A. Music Contests. Chorus. Triple Trio, Library, Popular Orchestra, Orchestra, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. IRENE BOWLES Assistant Editor Acorn, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Cgioiius, Library, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, , ice ir. EUGENE BRANDENBURG ' Purrs and Scratches, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Basketball, Visual Aid, Patrol Boy. We, the Class of '48, will always remember our fellow classmatesg the Eight Seniors . . A ELIZABETH BULLARD G.A.A., Cat's Meow, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Class Play, F.H.A. IMOGENE CALLAHAN G.A.A., Acorn, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, ' ' Purrs and Scratches, Future Teachers Club lSecretaryJ, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. ALYCE CARLSON Cat's Meow, Purrs and Scratches, Band, Orchestra, Public Speak- ing Plays, Peace Declamation, Camera Club fSecretary-Treasurerj. HOWARD CHARLTON Latin Club, Visual Aid, Public Speaking Plays, Basketball, Base- ball, Varsity F. CLAIRE COLDIRON G.A.A., Cat's Meow, Scholarship Team, Latin Club fVice Presi- dentl, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Librarian, Orchestra, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests. WILLIAM CON BOY Acorn, Cat's Meow, Scholarship Team, Purrs and Scratches, Foot- ball, Baseball, Track, Legion Essay Winner, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Varsity F. LAWRENCE COOKE O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Library, Hi-Y. JAMES D. COX, Jr. Future Teachers Club, Junior Class Play, Football, Baseball, Hi-Y fSecretaryj, Public Speaking Plays, Varsity F, Hall Monitor. VIRGIL LEE CLEMMONS Hall Monitor. GENE ANNE DARMODY G.A.A., Acorn, Cat's Meow, Latin,Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Chorus, Triple Trio, llciersfznality Plus Pin-up, Student Council fVice Presidentj, Hall om or. many sparkling romances that grew from our dazzling dancesg the terrific Nine Seniors . . BERNICE DAVIS Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Library, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. PHILIP DIDRIKSEN Honor Society fTreasurerJ, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Class Play, Purrs and Scratches, Football, Basketball, Baseball, H1-Y, Visual Aid, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. SHERMAN FLEETWOOD, Jr. Boys' Glee Club, Football, Track, Varsity F. LORADA FRISBY Girls' Glee Club. MARGARET FRY G.A.A., Acorn, Cat's Meow, Honor Society, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches lEditorD, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Library, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. JANET FRYBURGER G.A.A., Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Future Teachers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club fSecretaryJ, Chorus, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. MARY ELLEN GREENUP G.A.A. fSecretary-Treasurerj, Acorn, Cat's Meow, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches CAssistant Editorj, Future Teachers Club, Chorus, Personality Plus Pin-up, Junior Class Play, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Hall Monitor. BARBARA GRIBBLE G.A.A., Acorn, Cat's Meow, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Future Teachers Club,'O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Librarian, Senior Schol- arship Tests, Hall Monitor. DAVID GRIBBLE Junior Red Cross, Boys' Glee Club, Patrol Boy, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation. DELLA HARRIS G.A.A., Purrs and Scratches, Operetta, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee ' Club, Chorus, Triple Trio, Office Girl, 4-H Club, Hall Monitor. team that won our Little Six Crown, the fascinating fashions of the Variety Ten Seniors . . l WILMER HARRIS Boys' Glee Club, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y. JACK HARTZELL Football. HAROLD U. HENCY, Jr. Boys' Glee Club, Librarian, Football, Hi-Y, Hall Monitor, Visual Aid. BETTY HINKLE G.A.A., Acorn fAssistant Editor, Editorj, Honor Society fSecre- taryl, Operetta, Scholarship Team, Latin Club KPresidentJ, Girls' Glee Club fTreasurer, Presidentl, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Chor- us, Triple Trio, Senior Scholarship Tests, Variety Show, Purrs and Scratches. DOROTHY HOFFMAN G.A.A., Latin Club, Band fSecretary-Treasurerj, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Senior Scholarship Tests. DICK HUBBARD Cat's Meow, Operetta, Honor Society, Scholarship Team, Purrs and Scratches, Future Teachers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Personality Plus Pin-up, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, Public Speak- ing Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests, Varsity F, Hall Monitor, Exchange Assembly, Variety Show. JOYCE JARVIS Junior Red Cross, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Leadership Club. MARY JOHNSON G.A.A., Operetta, Latin Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, F.H.A. DEAN KNUTSON Purrs and Scratches, Band, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Track. Hi-Y, gieggon Essay Winner, Visual Aid, Public Speaking Plays, Camera u . HOWARD KNUTSON Operetta, Honor Society, Scholarship Team, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches. Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Hi-Y, Legion Essay Winner, Popular Orchestra, Orchestra, Senior Scholarship Tests, Camera Club, Variety Show, All-Ohio Band, Exchange Assemblies. 177 , Show: the stupendous senior picnic,' the ever-memorable homecoming Eleven Seniors . . J. D. LAKES Track, Hi-Y. JOAN LeROY Honor Society fCo-Presidentj, G.A.A., Cat's Meow, Operetta, Schol- arship Team, Latin Club QPresidentJ, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Student Council QVice Pres- identj, Library, Head Cheerleader, Public Speaking' Plays, Senior Scholarship Tests. KENT LIBECAP Sophomore Class Treasurer, Football, Hi-Y, Hall Monitor. LLOYD LOGSDON Freshman Class Vice President, Operetta, Band, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity F. ALICE McCANDLESS Freshman Class Secretary, G.A.A., Operetta, Scholarship Team, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus. BILL MINGE Acorn, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Track, Hall Monitor. BETTY LOU MORELAND Girls' Glee Club, Camera Club fSecretaryJ. LOUISE MULLINS Scholarship Team, Senior Scholarship Tests. BILL PATTON Freshman Class President, Operetta, Latin Club, Future Teachers Club, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Football, Basket- ball, Track, Hi-Y, Public Speaking Plays, Varsity F, Hall Monitor, Variety Show. EARNIE PHILPOT Cat's Meow, Operetta, Junior Red Cross, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Patrol Boy, Varsity F, Hall Monitor, Variety Show, Un- rhythmic Six, Little Six Football Team. festivities: and the cavalcade of other activities which highlighted our Twelve Seniors . . PAUL PLESSINGER Purrs and Scratches, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y fPresi- dentl, Visual Aid. WILMA POWELL G.A.A. fSecretaryl, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club fSecretaryJ, Chorus, Triple Trio, Public Speaking Plays, Office Help. ALFRED ROBERSON ' Operetta, Latin Club, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Librarian, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Varsity F fPresidentD. DORIS ROBERTS G.A.A., Junior Red Cross, Future Teachers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Triple Trio, Junior Class Play, F.H.A., Public Speaking Plays, Variety Show, Exchange Assemblies. DOROTHY ROBERTS G.A.A., Junior Red Cross, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club fSecretal'Yl, Chorus fSecretaryJ, Triple Trio, Orchestra, 4-H Club, Public Speaking Plays, Hall Monitor. MIRIAM ROBERTS G.A.A., Cat's Meow, Junior Red Cross, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus. DONALD ROBINSON Purrs and Scratches, Band, Hi-Y, Orchestra, Visual AiQ Public Speaking Plays, Camera Club. DON ROBISON Operetta, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Hi-Y, Popular Orchestra, Orchestra, Visual Aid, Public Speaking Plays, Camera Club, Variety Show. PHILIP ROBISON Operetta, Latin Club, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee T Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Hi-Y. ROY ROGERS Senior Scholarship Tests. l i is days at F. H. S. We've had fun reminiscing about our readin', writin', and Thirteen ,......,-.. Y. -. . f..--- ,, ,,,.., ..,...,-.F-.-.-1 Nha Seniors . . LEE W. SCHOLL Operetta, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Hi-Y, Popular Orchestra, Orchestra, Public Speaking Plays. NAOMI SCOTT G.A.A., Cat's Meow, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Girls' Glee Club, ' Chorus. MARY SEARS G.A.A., Latin Club, Chorus. THERESA SEEMAN Cat's Meow, Operetta, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Teach- ers Club, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Triple Trio, Librarian, Hall Monitor. RICHARD SHOCKLEY Cat's Meow, Boys' Glee Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Track, Varsity F, Home Room Officer, Golf. WAYNE STEWART Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity F. JIM TAYLOR Operetta, Purrs and Scratches, Junior Red Cross, Boys' Glee Club Chorus, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Visual Aid, Varsity F. CAROLYN WHITETED G.A.A. fPresidentJ, Band, Junior Class Play, F.H.A. ROBERT WILLIS Junior Red Cross, T1'3Ck, Visual Aid, Hall Monitor. MARJORIE WINKLER G.A.A., Junior Class Secretary, Acorn, Cat's Meow, Operetta, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Purrs and Scratches, Band, O.M.E.A. Music Contests, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Junior Class Play, Li- brarian, Orchestra, Public Speaking Plays, Peace Declamation, Senior Scholarship Tests. 'rithmetic days. We shall always cherish them as not having been only Fourteen r Seniors . . BETTY WITT Operetta, Girls' Glee Club, Chorus, Leadership Club. DICK YOUNG I gland fPresidentJ, Boys' Glee Club, Hi-Y, Popular Orchestra, Drum g ' ajor. "Beyo':Etd The Blue Horizon" We were browsing through the Hles of the Chronicle the other day, looking up items for the "lt Happened Ten Years Ago Today," and "It Happened Twentyffive Years Ago Ttoday," columns, when we saw several articles about some of our fellow students from the Class of '48. That gave us a great idea-why not check up on everyone in the class and see what happened to all the classmates from the best class that ever graduated, in 1948, that is. The following results are what we found: Harold Hency now is a famous orator about the rights of women. He is a bachelor. Betty Hinkle and Dick Young are a busy married couple. Dick is setting the world on fire with his trumpet, and Betty has her hands full with the little "Younguns." Howard Charlton is still leaning against brick walls, talking to girls. Mary johnson's mind has been affected by calis- thenics. She's now a physical education teacher. Don E. Robison now has an orchestra of his own, "The Country Cows." They are slowly, but surely, blowing Spike Jones out of business. Janet Fryburger is secretary to a dry cleaner execuf tive. She's always saying, "Yes, C. H., No, C. T." Bruce Barlett is out in the wilds of China digging ditches. He's a civil engineer. Imogene Callahan is also out in the wilds of China watching her B. B. David Boswell is a brain surgeon. He is trying to find someone with some extra brains so he can snitch a few for himself. Alice McCandless is now executive secretary to johnson E? johnson, Inc. ffamily, that isl. jim Taylor just broke the wor'd's record for the mile in the Olvmpics. A dogs was nipping his heels in the final sprint. Dorothy Roberts now calls the square dances for all the waltzes during her noon hour. Earnie Philpot is Superintendent of Jefferson Town' ship schools. Why jefferson? Betty Lou Moreland is now fifth from the end in the Rockettes at Radio City. Paul Plessinger is a famous horse trainer. His lat' est trick is teaching horses to run on all four legs. David Grible is an expert meat grinder making sausages for Swift Meat Packing Company. Margie Fry is assisting Dr. Boswell as his nurse: she's looking for some extra brains, too. Bill Patton is quite famous in a village called Frankburg. He is a good mixer. Alyce Carlson now owns and operates her own floral Shoppe in New York City. Philip Robison now is general purchaser of nuts and bolts for Conover's. Oh! What a nut! Irene Bow'es is teaching a kindergarter class. That's the one grade that docsn't know more than she does. Wayne Stewart is the king of pinball manufactur- crs. He puts more money into those machines than anyone else ever has. Lorado Frisby has just added a few more Akers to hnally make a fullfsized farm. Eugene Brandenburg li quite an artist. He is al' ways painting the town red. Marjorie Bothe is teaching piano lessons to Wayne Avenue inmates. Don V. Robinson still loafs. He asks, "Why earn money when you have to pay it all back in income tax?" fConti'nued on Page Twentyftwoj profitable, but joyous. We have "finished our course," so it's "So long!" Fifteen l First row: Mayme Howard, Helen Brown, Odella Moore, Dorothy White, Marianna Clase, Rose Plessinger, Helen Johnson, Juanita Adams, Eleanor Phillips. Second row: Ileana Slusher, Phyllis Bair, Patty Hineline, Mamie Leonard, Marilyn Kindred, Betty Thacker, Rose Henderson, Phyllis Routt, Doris Hipsher. Third row: Mary King, Della Woehler, Delores Farmer, Pat Morey, Barbara Tinch, Leola Chester, Edith Dalton, Alice Dixon. Fourth row: Ann Simpson, Barbara Owens, june Redding, Dollie Taylor, Pauline Young, Barb Glossip, Daisy Tinch, Dorothy Purky. The Forty-niners . . Future Seniors-- The Class of 1949 The class ofhcers that led the juniors this year on to accomplish many things were: Richard Ruppert, president, james Imes, vicefpresidentg Dorothy White, sccrctaryg Ann Simpson, treasurer. The class was un- der the sponsorship of Mr. Morris. The officers did a swell job this year and the class is proud of them. The juniors showed themselves to possess great athletic ability. The class boasts seven Juniors who re' ceived their football letters-Robert Bottles, Paul Buck' ley, Robert Dearth, Jim Imes, Dick Ruppert, Raymond NVade, and Kenneth Wilson. Other Juniors on the reserve team were: john Reese, Gene Murray, Dick Taylor, Dick Bothe, Buck Tynch, Bill McCabe, jack Kellis, Paul Upton,,,and Red Lamn. In connection with the football games there were students who took over the concession booth to make money for our treasury. Some of these hardworking unrewarded students were Irvie Day, Robert Black' ford, Mayme Howard, Doris Hipscher, Dollie Taylor, and Alexander Bors. Here comes the Class of '49 with brains, athletic ability, wit, and love to Sixteen Along with sports, Mamie Leonard should he men' tioned as she was the only Junior cheerleader. In basketball, the class had Carl fBorisj Hathaway on the starting lineup. Carl received his letter this year along with Eugene Glossip and Bill McCahe. Others on the lwaskethall squad were Dick Ruppert, jerry Egleston, john Reese, and Tom Dolihoa. Blair LeRoy left the class this year to attend Merf cershurg Military Academy in Pennsylvania. Blair was greatly missed, and he has the hest wishes of his fellowfstudents at his new school. The juniors had much fun producing the class play, "Melody MadhouSe," which was under the direction of Miss Virginia Brewer. A square type class ring was chosen hy the class and purchased from the Bastian Bros. The ring com- mittee was composed of Dick Ruppert, Gene Murray, Dorothy White, and Patricia Morey, The juniors anxiously awaited thc arrival of thc rings. jerry Egleston, Pat Morey, and Gene Murray rep- resented the class on the Student Council. In the Senior National Honor Society, Dick Nol' and, June Redding, Patricia Morey, and Dick Ruppert were made fullffledged memhers at the annual "tapf ping" ceremonies. Every single junior is responsihle for making this year a successful one. Next year, much can he ex' pected of the Class of .49. First row: Dick Ruppert, Gene Murray, Dick Bothe, Jack Kellis, Paul Buckley, Millard Marshall, jim Jeffery, Boh Shockley, Jim Imes. Second row: Frank Dalton, Van Bone, jack Mayne, Bula Lackens, Paul Griffen, Bill McCabe, Boh Dearth, ,lerry Egelston. Dick Taylor. Third row: Paul Upton, Boyd Alexander, Dick Noland Rodger Cooke, Bola Bottles, Clarence Taylor. Fourth row: Leo Maffeo, Vernon Lynch, Ronald Weaver Blackford, Gene Egleston. , Raymond Wade, Carl Hathaway, Ray Kinder, , Eugene Glossip, Kenneth Hinkle, Ervie Day, Paul Fifth row: Kenneth Wilson, Tom Adams, Luther Lamn, Warren Tinch, Carl Chamberlain, Don Updyke, Warren Young, Alexander Bors, Fred Gray, john keep the Spirit of F. H. S. alive. Our Reese, Joe Jeffery. Goal -Room 28! We're leaving a Seventeen The Sophs . . The Class of 1950 The class of '70 has shown its talents in most of the school activities. They are represented in many. In scholarship they have many classmates making the honor roll. Don Croll, JoAnn Larick, and Beryl jestice were taken into the Honor Society as probaf tionary members. Janet Klaber and Bill Hannum placed first in the American Legion Essay Contest. Heading their class in the achievement of leadership are Laura Lou Hollon, President, joan Huif, Vice Pres' identg Elizabeth Roberts, Secretaryg and Barbara Green, On the athletic Held and tloor they received honors. Making the reserves' football team were Bob Abrams, Eugene Leonard, Dick Schall, Bob Hunt, Alfred Sears, Treasurer. Student Council representatives are Marilyn Rutledge, Patricia Anne Scholl, and Bill Hannum. Ad' vising the class of '50 is Miss Weziver. First row: Hazel Taylor, Maxine Royce, Recla Webb, Rose Gabbard, Delores Lindsay, Barbara Green, Mary Frances Priest, Anna Stanifer, joan Hoskins. Second row: Marilyn Cox, Marcina Snyder, Shirley Heller, Marilyn Rutledge, Josephine Plessinger, Laura Lou Hollon, Norma Cox, jean Blythe, Violet Scearce, Pat Bennett, Priscilla Isbel, Alice Bruce. Third row: Libby Roberts, Joyce Roberson, Rose Ingram, Lila Burdge, Lois Snell, joan Huff, Margaret King, Nelda NVhisman, Clara Wilson, Virginia McKoy, Nancy Johns, Fourth row: Helen Robison, Lillian Neff, JoAnn Larick, janet Klaber, Pat Scholl, Barbara Stewart, Mary Bryant, Linda Cole, Mary Brandenburg, Judy Priest, Betty West, Lois Jean Minge. fine record behind as as we approach it, too! We might be a bit green, Eighteen First row: Paul Fry, Hiram Depew, Jack Grahm, Richard Bowermaster, Bill Hartman, Bill Hannum, Don Croll, Dan Wexiver, Alan Vandervort. Second row: Paul Harrison, Boh Ahrams, Victor Frishy, john Jones, Ferris Rohison, Bill Harris, Dick Schall, Gene Adams. Third row: jim Catferty, Tom Kennedy, Earl Lansdale, Eugene Leonard, Paul Hoiliman, Williziiii Wilsiiii, Tom Kennedy, Leonard Young. Bill Harris, and Dick Bowermaster. The class of '70 is proud of its haskethall team. This year, making the reserves, were Earl Lansdale, Boh Ahrams, Don Haines, Eldon Matthews, Tom Kennedy, Eugene Leonard, Paul Harrison, Eugene Adams, Bill Hannum, Don Ivloore, and Paul Hoffman. They have a good chance of col' lecting the Little Six trophy next year. In the act ot' service, the Sophomores got the dirty part of the deal. At the haskethall games they sold candy and ice cream, cleaning up after the games, while the others went to parties or home. The money they received goes to the treasury to help pay for the junior and Senior Prom and hanquet next year. The Sophomores are looking forward to the years they have ahead of them to help their Alma Mzlter, Franklin High School, in as many ways as they can. but we're making our way up into the world you Seniors just left. We Nineteen The Greenies . . Freshmen - - 1951 There sccms to be some big promises for the class of 'il in the future. Oiiicers were elected in the spring of '47. They are: Cecil Harville, Presidentg Paul Burkett, Vice-Presidentg Patty Libecap, Secretaryg and Joanne Riddell, Treasurer. The three Student Council representatives from the class are: Mary Ann Waller, Joy Shane, and Marjorie Mallicoat. Faculty advisor is Mrs. Burkett. She also serves as an English in' structress for almost half of the class. Many of the freshmen students have brought honor to the class by being chosen as members of the Junior Honor So:iety. Early in February electons were held for the olhcers. They are: Cecil Harvi'le, President, Kent Martin, VicefPreSident, Phyllis Owens, Secre' tary, and Jack James, Treasurer. Other clubs are the Freshman Latin Club, of which Kent Martin is Presif dentg Norma Jeffery, VieefPresident, Joy Shane, Secref tary, Phyllis Owens, Treasurer, and Mary Ann Waller and Ted Beuke, program chairmen. Many freshman girls also belong to the G.A.A., F.H.A., and Girls' Glee Club. First row: Gracie Jones, Ruby Steadman, Joanne Eversole, Jean Collins, Katherine Paugh, Eula Holt, Barb Young, Violet Kirby, Joyce Wilson, Jeanette Chester, Barbara Bottles, Dorothy Brown. Second row: Edna Kirby, Wanda Wheller, Deloris Cummings, Mary Wilson, Georgie Robinson, Barb Taylor, Annalyle Green, Betty Richardson, Barbara Clemmins, Wilma Dennis, Lorato Whisman, Deloris Charlton, Elizabeth Salley. Third row: Gladys Young, Betty Cass, Lilliam Elam, Leveda Smith, Joanne Riddell, Wanda Whisman, Mary Lewis, Phyllis Owens, Ann Jeffery, Louella Holbrook, Norma Schmidt, Mary Williams, Lois Tinch, Bessie Rose. Fourth row: Nancy Ruppert, Norma Jeifery, Shirley Fielder, Jeraldine Neff, Imogene Dearth, Mary Roberts, Pat Van Camp, Bennie Wilmoth, Jane Hensy, Irma Maffeo, Pat Libecap, Pat Hall, Lois Cox. fully realize the massive task before us as we try to equal the successes of Twenty First row: Charles Powell, junior Patrick, Conley Poaeh, Donald Hilton, Otis Meadows, Douglas Smith, john Hipsher, Richard Young, Roy Weaver, Paul Burkett, Kent Martin, Richard Cook. Second row: Allen Field, Otis White, Eugene Dehart, Happy- Knott, Glenn Thacker, jerry Hillard, Darrell Hedric, -lack Bicknell, James Whitt, Richard Mzirshall, Ted Beuke, Bohhy Hoffman, Allwert Callahan. Third row: joe Lamhert, Paul Leis, Eddie Dehart, Clarence Lonicker, Lowell Klahcr, Howard johnson, Walter Hitte, George Powell, Don Chamherlain, Charles Maloney, Charles Depew, Leon Wood, james Davis. Fourth row: Bill Clase, Eugene White, James Berneth, L. H. Carpenter, Donald Long, Don Finke, Eugene Ripley, .lack Hedrick, Roger Lakes, ,lack James. Fifth row: ,lack Minge, Thomas Fcaly, Dale Kellis, Jack Kirlay, William Wilson, Don Taylor, Cecil Harville, The freshmen, too, have promising haskethall and foothall teams. Shooting those hot shots as memhers of the Blue and White haskethall team are: Charles lvlalouey, Kent lvlartin, Bohhy Hoffman, Darrell Hedf rie, Donald Taylor, Eugene Ripley, Dale Kellis, Jack James, Lowell Klaher, Donald Finke, Cecil Harville, Eugene White, and Charles Powell. Bill Clase and Happy Knott are managers. Pigskin addicts who made the reserve foothall team are: Cecil Harville, Lowell Klaher, Dale Kellis, Eugene Ripley, Happy Knott, joe Lamhert, Howard Johnson, and Ted Beukc. jerry Hillard, Donnie Taylor, Darrell Hedric, and Charles Maloney served as managers. The night of March lo proved to he a night of frolic and fun for the "little greeniesf' as their first party was given. the Class of ,48 . . . but the Spirit of Franklin High will carry us through! Twentyfo-ne "BEYOND THE BLUE C? Bernice Davis' secretarial studies are serving her in good stead. She knows how to file bobby pins, curlers, and shampoo so she can find them easily. Claire Coldiron has the lead in the play, "Annie Get Your Gun." She's the gun. Hot Rod! Howard Knutson now owns his own drug store. His motto is, "We have the pill for your pain." Gene Anne Darmody was physical education inf structor at West Point Military Academy. Two years after she got this post, Phil Didriksen entered as a cadet. Larry Cook is torn between two desires: to tour the world or to drive a Chrysler. Joyce Jarvis is a great uphold for law and order. She'll uphold Justice any time. Doris Roberts finally got her singing career. She is now calling pigs on Harold's farm. Richard Shockley is now in the used car business. It seems to be a very profitable business. Theresa Seeman and her singing ability have come a long way since she left high school. She is now sing' ing instructor at a school for the deaf. J. D. Lakes and Virgil Clemmons are traveling sales' men for a hat brush company. Marjorie Winkler is now modeling for Powers Candy Bar advertisements. That ain't no bad wrapper. Lloyd Logsdon owns a bus line between Miamisf burg and Franklin. Who can think of a better way to save money? Rose Borders and Dot Hoffman are running an escort bureau in Carlisle. They naturally take care of all the business personally. Bill Minge has a job that will take him quite some time. He's taking the corn out of the pop. Naomi Scott is known all over the world. You see, she is famous for being the first woman referee. Bill Conboy is illustrator and editorfinfchief of Parents Magazine. Betty Witt is now a famous writer on her own farm near Germantown. Her latest book is "Centuries With the Rauch's." We knew that Dean Knutson's fiddling around with clarinet reeds ini. band was bound to bring him success. He now personally fixes Jimmy Dorsey's reeds. Carolyn Whiteted was still a queen. She was chosen Miss America of 1950. Now she is the head of a school which teaches people how to drive. Kent Libecap has a job that many boys envy. He's a janitor at Vassar fgirls, that isj College. L. D. Allen is now coaching basketball and is showing the boys the shortest way to a woman's heart. 'Twenty-two Miriam Roberts has half interest in her father's car business. You can see her any time running around in new cars. Al Roberson is on a professional football team. Seeing his magnificent build, the coach gave him the job of carrying the water bucket out to the team. Roy Rogers, the two-gun man, is making a fortune off his prize horse, "Trigger," Joan LeRoy nearly lost her life the other day. She saw a lifeguard and almost drowned. Louise Mullins is now a private nurse for Dr. Kildare. Robert Willis has set the new world's record for having the greatest number of hours in the hospital. Mary Sears is private secretary to the president of Scars, Roebuck Ei Company. Wilbern Ferguson has recently discovered a drug which, when slyly slipped into teachers' food at noon, allows students to sleep in the afternoon classes with' out being called upon. Elizabeth Bullard is now quietlv married with a House in a house. Oh, what a fine home! Wilmer Harris is touring as a happy bachelor. His mind, time, wine, and money are going quick. Lee Scholl is now shoveling along in his new firm called, "DigfMe O'lee Undertaker." It isn't a very lively business, though. Barbara Gribble is studying in Holland. She's try' ing to learn all she can about "Dikes." Jack Hartzell always seemed to have something horsey about him. He is now a horse doctor. Mary Ellen Greenup has even greater lung power today. She calls hogs on a certain Blue Ball farm. Sherman Fleetwood now holds the position of bell' hop at the Manchester Hotel. Jane Vandervort and Dick Hubbard now have a radio program of their own. It is called, "The Blonde Brains Are Here Again," on station WDJH at the most convenient hour-2:00 A. M. Ellen Hathaway, alias "ToadfFrog," is teaching all the little tadpoles how to swim. Marvin Shane is Postmaster General of the United States. His past experiences with mail boxes helped him ascend the ladder to success. Last, but by far the least, come two characters of the class. They are, of course, Wilma Powell and Dellas Harris, who are cofpresidents of the Soda Jerks Union, holding their first convention in Chicago. fThere always has to be two big "Burps" in the bunchj Well, this ends our search for the members of the Class of '48, Although we do not see the members of the class all the time, our thoughts are of them quite often. And we are sure that you will agree that this Class of '48 was quite a swell class. ELLEN I-IATHAWAY, Chairman DICK HUBBARD JANE VANDBRVORT The Last Will and Testament of the Classfof 194-8 We, the Senior Class of Franklin High School, of the City of Franklin, County of Warren, and State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. I, Dick Hubbard, will my love for Miss Brewer to Coach Born, my grades to Matthew johnson, and my moron jokes to Eldon Matthews. I, Mary Jane Vandervort, will my attention to Miss Gaulke because she has been trying to get it all year in gym class, and my hair, next time I have it cut, to all the blonde headed fellows who were crazy enough to get burrs--so they can have wigs made. I, Elizabeth Bullard, will my crush for Mr. Weaver to Leola Chester and my crush for Mr, Morris to Gertrude. I, Robert Willis, will my ability to lose fountain pens to Juanita Adams. I, Wayne Stewart, will my curly hair to Shorty Glossip so he doesn't have to put his up on curlers every night. I, Philip Didriksen, will the dollar that David Bos' well owes me to Jerry Egleston. I, Alice McCandless, will my love for Middletown to anyone who has a flame there. I, Paul Plessinger, will my sense of humor to tell jokes to Mr. Hartzler. Maybe then he won't have to keep looking them up, and my shift in the bathroom at home to my sister, Jo, in order that she may sleep long' er in the morning. I, Betty Witt, will my love for Germantown to Priscilla Isbel and my seat in social studies to anyone who likes to talk. I, Bette L. Moreland, will my love for horses to Priscilla Isbel, my seat on bus three to anyone who gets there first, and my seat in Senior Science to May Jean King if she's foolish enough to take it. I, Margie Fry, will my natural blonde hair to Patty Bennett so she won't have to swipe anymore peroxide from her Dad's drug store, and my job as editor of the annual to Moe Johnson. I, Howard Charlton, will my height to Bill McCabe and my curls to Virginia McKoy. I, Gene Anne Darmody, will my job of refereeing Hfth period to Patty Morey and my ability to fall down all the time to anyone who doesn't have enough balance to stand up. I, Kent Libecap, will Miss Brewer and her social studies class to all the lucky juniors. I, Della Harris, will my curly hair to Miss Brewer and my job passing bulletins to anyone who has a study hall second period. I, Miriam Roberts, will my seat in journalism class to anyone who can go through it every day. I, Caroloyn Whiteted, will my height to jo Plesf singer and my seat in art class to Tom Doliboa. I, Ellen Hathaway, will my nickname "Toad" back to the pond, my ability to loaf around the halls and do no studying to Dick Ruppert who always envies the Seniors and wishes he could be skillful like us, and my ability to have parties to my brother, Carl. I, Joan LeRoy, will my job of head cheerleader to Jane Bindley when she's a Senior and I will my love for lifeguards to Pat and Marilyn. I, Dean Knutson, will my ability to beat the tardy bell by a photo finish to anyone who can use it and anything I forgot to Mr. Hartzler and the General Fund so it will be used for the good of the school. I, Marvin Shane, will all the loafing I did during football season to all the fellows who are out of con' dition enough to need it and my ability to get along with a cheerleader to Mr. Farnlacher. I, J. D. Lakes, will my nickname of "Outlaw" to Bill Clase and my love for school to Marianna Clase. I, Rose Borders, will my place in lunch line to Marilyn Kindred fshe gets there first anywayj, and my clarinet squeaks to Charlie. I don't want 'em, he can have 'em, they're too much for me. I, Earnie Philpot, will nothing but my tackle posif tion to Cecil Harville, I figure I'll need everything else. I, Theresa Seeman, will my crush on Mr. Alley to Patricia Morey, and my nickname of "Big Wheel" to Miss Gaulke, who had once given it to me. I, Doris Roberts, will my ability to get a man to my sister, Mary, and my ability to get along with teach' ers to my cousin, Libby. She'll need it. I, Mary Johnson, will my ability to get along with Miss Gaulke to Georgie Roberson, and my ability to stay out of the oflice to my brother, Moe. I, Dot Hoffman, will my love for Carlisle's basket- ball games to Eleanor Phillips and hope she will find them interesting, and my seat in band to Marilyn Rutf ledge in hopes she makes good use of it next year. I, Lee Scholl, will my position in the marching band to any poor fellow that Mr. Toms can catch and my drums to my two little brothers, jerry and Larry. I, Naomi Scott, will my seat in Senior Science class to anyone who can stand to listen to Mr. Alley all year. Twentyfthrec I, Al Roberson, will my position in the backfield to Robert Dearth and my ability to keep out of list fights to Buck Lynch. I, Bernice Davis, will the nickname of "Ellie" to Eleanor Phillips because she hates it so much. I. Lloyd Logsdon, will my position on the football team to Bob Abrams and hope he gets a chance to show his ability, and my presidency of the "Constahs" to anyone who is good enough to make Tom Kennedy's All-American Football Team. I, Marjorie Bothe, will my king size saddle shoes to Mamie Leonard to walk to school in, and my Pepsodent smile to Shirley Heller. - I, David Boswell, will my tricks for getting to ride the team bus to basketball games to Ted Beuke, and my weekly trips to Middletown to anyone who thinks Saturday nights are dull. I, Eugene Brandenburg, will my seat in Senior So' cial Studies to anyone who is unfortunate to have to take it. I, Sherman Fleetwood, will my ability to keep out of trouble to Buck Lynch, and my ability to ride john's horses to Wilbur Wilson. I, Bruce Barlett, will my job at the AUP to Dick Taylor who already has one and doesn't do anything, so maybe he will with two. I will my half of locker 70 to Dick Ruppert. I, Harold Hency, will my ability to get to school every morning on time to "Cuzzy" Wilson, and my knowledge of putting up my hair at night to anyone who has straight, unruly hair. I, Barbara Gribble, will the job of caring for all the better used Buicks in Franklin to Don Updyke. I, Mary Sears, will my art talents to my brother, Alfred. I, Howard Knutson, leave the follow: To Johnnie Harris my versatility in music. To Ted Beuke, my broken reeds and all my sour notes and mistakes. To Ronald Weaver my ability to talk Mr. Toms into get' ting me excused from study halls. I, Bill Conboy, will Mr. Zartman and Mr. Hartzler to the class of 1980. Maybe by then they'll be able to talk them into something. I, Don Robison, will my place in band to my broth' er, and the way I play to Mr. Toms since he likes it so well. I, Wilmer Harris, will my ability to sleep in Senior Social Studies to anyone who is smart enough to get by with ic. I, David Gribble, will my ability to skip school and not get caught by Miss Liles to Roger Cooke. I, Betty Hinkle, will my brother, Kenneth, to Odella Moore, who's big enough to handle him, and my habit of holding hands in the hall to anyone who can get away with it. Twentyffour I, Dottie Roberts, will my love for the jr. Hall in Miamisburg to my sister, Libby, and my cousin, Mary, and to my sister, Peggy, my place in Triple Trio. I, Dick Young, will my ability to play the trumpet to Matthew Johnson, and the knack for going steady to Jerry Egleston. I, Wilbur Ferguson, will my wavy hair and bottle of "Color Back" to Mr. Morris. I hope he will have as much luck with it as I did. I, Bill Patton. will my long blonde hair to anyone who is bald enough to need it, and to Bob Abrams my ability to get along without a draft card. I, Imogene Callahan, will my little red whistle I use to referee to Joy Shane so she can get a big red F. I will my half of locker 70 to Pat Morey and hope she keeps it cleaner that I have, and I also will my nick' name of "Cow" to JoAnn Larick. I, Marjorie Winkler, wil my ability to get along with Marvin Shane to Nancy Fitzpatrick. My ability to stay single to the girls of '49 and my most beloved hidden treasure fbottle of peroxide, to Pat Bennett. I, Irene Bowles, will my ability to crack jokes to May Jean King, my little brother to Miss Heinselman, and my seat in algebra to any junior who is fool enough to take it in their senior year. I, Wilma Powell, will my athletic build to my little brother, Charles Edward, and my ability to get a ride to school in the mornings to Betty Mynheir and Delores Carr. I, Roy Rogers, will to Eugene Glossip my love for the opposite sex, to my brother, James Rogers, in the sixth grade I will my ability to get along with teachers. I, Virgil Lee Clemmons, being of sound mind, do hereby will my nickname, "The Hook," back to Coach Born, the one who gave it to me, and my health book to any sucker who is foolish enough to want to take it. I, Claire Coldiron, will my big mouth to anyone who can control it, and my love for the library to all of Miss "A's" followers. I, Mary Ellen Greenup, will my love for alumni to all the new seniors, and my position as Treasurer of G.A.A. to anyone who has had bookkeeping. In witness whereof, we, the members of the Senior Class of Franklin High School, the testators, have set our hands and seals hereto this fourth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fortyfeight. ' MARY JANE VANDERVORT Secretary Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for their last will and testament by Mary Jane Vandervort, for the Senior Class, in the presence of us, who, at their request and in the presence of them and have sub' mitted our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. Z A Q Q. 3 HITI1' H159 YK 5 I yr "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me."' First row: Jerry Imes, David Boswell, Bill Hannum, Gene Murray. Second row: Marjorie Mallicoat, Dorothy Perry, Mary Kennedy, Joy Shane, Gloria johns, janet Hollon, Mary Ann Wziller. Third row: Mr. Hartzler fSponsorj, janet Good, Patty Scholl, Gene Anne Darmody, Pat Morey, Claire Cold' iron, Marilyn Rutledge. Student Council Three Student Council memhers are elected from each class at the end of the school year to meet every two weeks with their sponsor, Mr. Hartzler. The Stu' dent Council is composed of eighteen memhers from whom are chosen the four officers. This year the off iicers were: David Boswell, Prcsidentg Gene Anne Dar' mody, Vicefljresidentg Claire Coldiron, Secretaryg and Gene Murrziy, Treasurer. The purpose of this organization is to further closer cooperation hetween the student hody and the faculty hy allowing the students, through their representatives, to voice their opinions for improving the school by prof moting activities and realizing privileges and responsif hilities of a democratic school life, 'Twenty-.six The projects of the Student Council this year conf sisted of the sponsoring of several paid assemhlies, afterfgame dances for the students, and the sale of activity tickets at the heginning of the school year. The Student Council also sponsored noonfhour movies on Fridays and has helped purchase equipment for other noonfhour recreational activities. The Student Council of Franklin entertained the Student Councils of O. S. Es? S. O. and Germantown. It also sponsored a Student Council forum of several neighboring schools in the spring. "Out of This World" Dick Hubbard, Mary jane Vandervort, Miss Weztver fSponsorj, Margaret Fry, Phil Didriksen, Pat Morey, Dick Ruppert, -loan LeRoy, June Redding, Betty Ann Hinkle, Dick Noland. Senior National Honor Society . . This year the members of the Honor Society elected joan LeRoy and Dick Hubbard, cofpresidentsg Betty Hinklc, seeretaryg and Philip Dikriksen, treasurer, Miss Lois Wezlver served as the faculty advisor. ln October the Honor Society had an evening wiener roast and meeting at Dick Hubbard's home. They made plans for Honor Society projects for this year. At the impressive Honor Society axembly the members wore black robes and lighted candles to rep' resent the four standards of their societyfeharacter, scholarship, leadership, and service. The new members were then tapped and brought to the stage, and were later initiated at an informal meeting after school. Later in the year the members conducted a drive to get clothing and other needed supplies for relief work abroad. Twcmyfseiicvi Purrs and Scratches . . The second edition of l'Purrs and Scratches" got under way with two new sponsors, Mr. Brown and Miss Wardwell, choosing the staff. Margaret Fry was chosen editor with Mary Ellen Greenup her assistant. The following editors were picked: The advertising campaign was started before Christmas with the whole staff contributing their all Activities ffff joan LeRoy to this Campaign ' f M Llterary ary 'lane Vafidervort Dick Hubbard got the circulation campaign under' SPUNS "" Marvin Shane way the first of February and all orders were taken hy Art f f f Eugene Brandenburg March- Advertising Manager f f jim Taylor With glue in their hair, typewriters banging in Circulation Manager Business Manager f f Barbara Gribble their ears, and their goal as a bigger and better annual, the class of '48 has worked hard to bring this, the sec' ond edition of uPurrs and Scratches," to Franklin High. Dick Hubbard 'fGive Me Five Minutes More" Seated: Patty Morey, Barbara Gribble, Mary Ellen Greenup, Margaret Fry, Mary Jane Vandervort, Joan LeRoy, Claire Coldiron. Standing: Don Robinson, Don Updyke, Dick Hubbard, David Boswell, Philip Didriksen, John Reese, jim Taylor, Marvin Shane, Dean Knutson, Janet Fryburger, Howard Knutson. Twentyfeight Seated: Miriam Roberts, Elizabeth Bullard, Marjorie Wiiikler, Alyce Carlson, Stmding: Miss Helen Brown, Sponsorg Fred Gray, Bob Shockley, Bill Conboy, Bob Bottles, Vernon Lynch, jerry Egleston. Cat's Meow The Cats Meow has gone campaignf ing in this school year of 47f48. The paper started off with an appeal for sen- iors to get their college applications in early. Subsequent big drives were for tuberculosis stamp purchases and broth' crhood week. Many innovations were made in the hopes of improving the paper and even the "A" rating won by the last year's "Meow," Notable among these were new columns-"On the Ball," "Student Spectator," "Sportraits," "Personals," etc.-new headline types, editorial and sport cartoons, small column illustrating, and novel makeup arrangement. "There's Good News Tonight" Acorn . . The Acorn is a semifannual book put out by the English and Art classes. It contains short stories, prose, and poetry, from the English classes, and beautiful illustrations from the art classes. The Acorn sponsor is Miss Helen Brown. This year the staff includes: Betty Hinkle, Editor1 Barbara Tinch and Irene Bowles, Assistant Editors, Ronald Weavf er, Business Manager, and Bill Conboy, Art Director. Seated: Irene Bowles, Betty Ann Hinkle, Barbara Tineh. Standing: Ronald XVeaver, Bill Conboy, Miss Helen Brown, Sponsor. 'I'u1c11tyf11inc First row: Bill Patton, Marvin Shane, Jim Imes, Cecil Harville, Dick Hubbard, David Boswell, Bruce Barlett. Second row: Ann Jeffery, Phyllis Owens, Jean Roberson, Joyce Roberson, Lila Burdge, JoAnn Larick, Pat Morey, Gene Anne Darmody, Mary Jane Vandervort. Third row: Marjorie Mallicoat, Dorothy Brown, Wanda Wheeler, Doris Roberts, Della Harris, Marilyn Cox, Wilmzt Dennis, Joy Shane, Marilyn Rutledge, Imogene Callahan, Eleanor Phillips. Fourth row: Mary Roberts, Mary Ann Waller, Pat Libecap, Theresa Seeman, Miss Mable Liles fSponsorJ, Janet Klaber, Mary Ellen Greenup, Marjorie Bothe, Janet Fryburger. Fifth row: Gene Murray, Helen Louise Robison, Lillian Neff, Norma Jeffery, Dick Ruppert, Ann Simpson, Dorothy Purkey, Pauline Young, Barbara Gribble, Dick Noland. Future Teacherfs Club . . The FarrelfMcGuHfey Chapter of the Future Teach' ers of America was started not only to interest students in the teaching profession but to foster student leader' ship. The club meetings are held during the noon hour so that there is a free room in which to meet. In these meetings the members hear talks on teachers and teach' ing from fellow students and faculty members. So far, they have had Mr. Fealy, Mr. Augspurger, Mrs. Farrell, and Miss McClure speak at meetings. The annual Future Teachers assembly was held on January 22, with club members assisting. The purpose of the club was explained to the student body, and some questions which might be puzzling the nonfrnembers 'Thirty were answered in a forum. The past, present, and prospective future of the club were then given. The program was planned by a program committee and Miss Mable Liles, the club faculty sponsor. The club initiated twenty new members on Februf ary 10. The initiation was held during the regular noon meeting and was the formal initiation used by all Future Teachers Clubs. The club now has 46 members, 14 of the members being seniors. The club has helped out by supplying members to take classes as substitute teachers and by supplying ushers and guides for open house and P.T.A. The hall monitor duties this year were maintained by members of the Future Teachers Club. The Hi-Y . . . The HifY is one of the leading organizations of Franklin High School. The officers for the HifY Club this year were as follows: Paul Plessinger, President, Jim Imes, Vice-President, L. D. Allen, Treasurerg Jim Cox, Secretary. Last year the HifY sponsored a paper drive. The profits of this drive were given to the Bob Hannum Ivlemorial Fund. The HifY also sponsored two paper drives this year. The HifY had several interesting speakers at various meetings held through' out the school year. Cctober 20, Mr. Hartzler gave a very interesting talk which was based on the HifY purpose. December 15, Mr. Augspurger led an inter' esting discussion concerning the HifY platform-clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean living, clean scholar' ship. One of the feature highlights involving the Hi'Y this school year was the sponsoring of a school assemf bly, which brought to Franklin High Mr. George Campbell, who was received with a thundering ova' tion. Mr, Campbell gave a very interesting as well as whimsical speech along with his original and entertain' ing leading of group singing. First row: Howard Knutson, Bob Abrams, Alan Vandervort, Dick Hubbard. Second row: Warren Young, Jr., Marvin Shane, Carl Hathaway, Gene Murray, Jim Jeffery, Boyd Alexander Raymond Wade, Lee Scholl, Dick Noland, Dan Weaver. Third row: Dick Taylor, Don Croll, Don Robison, Harold Hency, Mr. Charles Zartman fAdvisorj, Bill Patton jerry Egleston, Bill Harris, Bob Lackens, Dick Schall 5 Fourth row: jim Cox, Paul Plessinger, Jim Imes, Bruce Barlett, Gene Egleston, Bob Shockley, Dick Young, Dick Ruppert, Ronald Weaver, Kent Libecap. Fifth row: Fred Gray, Dean Knutson, Jim Taylor, Don Updyke, Gene Adams, L. D. Allen, Don Robinson, Don Robison, Philip Didriksen, Wilmer Harris, John Reese. Thivtyfone Junior Classioa The Junior Classical League of Franklin High is part of a nationfwide organization. The Franklin chapter was organized in 1944 under the direction of Mrs. Ida Rhodenheck Zecher, who was the Latin teach' er at that time. The aim of this organization is to acquaint every' one with the value of Greek and Roman civilization to this age. lt helps to provide an interest in Latin for the students by acquainting them with the Roman food, clothes, and activities. While there is only one Latin Club, two Latin classes are organized separately, each having elected officers. The ofhcers of the Latin II class served as officers for the whole organization. These ofiicers were as follows: Bill Hannum, president, Marilyn Rutf ledge, vice-president, Janet Klaber, secretary, Laura Lou Hollon, treasurer, and the sponsor, Miss Mabel 1League . . Hill. The meetings were held every two weeks and took place during the regular class period. A program chairman was elected and it was his duty to plan a program for the meeting. The programs consist in general of several members giving reports on Greek and Roman mythology or Roman Civilization, and the dif- ferent kinds of games are played. There were two evening meetings, the initiation given in the fall, conducted by Latin II members initiat- ing new memhers into the club, and the Roman Banquet given in the spring. The Roman Banquet was arranged and conducted by the first year Latin class in honor of the second year students. The menu consisted of Roman foods. As the main activity this year the group purchased slides on Roman life, "Latinis Amores" First row: Nancy johns, Mary Frances Bishop, Mary Frances Bryant, Louise Hammock, Anne Jeffery, Libby D. Smith, Joyce Wilsoii, Barbara Young, Phyllis Owens. Second row: Joyce Roberson, Georgie Roberson, Laura Lou Hollon, Vklanda Wheeler, Joy Shane, Nancy Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Rutledge, Norma Jean Banks, Lila Burdge. Third row: Kent Martin, Norma Jeffery, Mary Anne Vv'aller, Shirley Fielder, Barbara Stewart, janet Klaber, JoAnn Larick, Linda Cole, Bill Harris. Fourth row: Bill Hannum, Ted Beuke, Paul Burkett. 'Thirtyftwo Librarians . . There were twenty-three members on the library staff in forty-seven and forty-eight. Because of the essay contests and a great- er need for English literature, the library added some new books to their shelves- "The Magnificent Ambersonsf' "The Liv- ing Wood," and "Trail Makers of the Mid- dle Border." "Cross Roads Middletown" was a pamphlet added to the library for use in writing the American Legion Essay. Each January a student is chosen who acts as Head Librarian for the remainder of that year and first semester of the follow- ing year. The student Head Librarian is usually a junior, has good scholarship, typ- ing ability, has had experience in the library and has such qualities as accuracy, dependa- bility, and the ability to supervise work in the library during the absence of the teacher librarian. Barbara Tinch replaced Claire Coldiron whose term in office expired on January 16. The librarians also had fun during their terms. They had a party in january and a picnic in the spring. These students do a fine job in helping students in the library. "Future Brains" First row: Barbara Turner, Ann Jeffery, Phyllis Owens, Betty Cass, janet Good, Patty Scholl, janet Klaber. Second row: Mary Kennedy, Beryl jestice, joy Shane, Joan Rhude, Wilma Dennis, Myrtle Ingram, Marjorie Mallicoat, Mrs. Bowers. Third row: Paul Burkett, Ronald Bailey, Ted Beuke, Mary Ann Waller, Cecil Harville, Norma Jeffery, Bobby Layman, Donald McClure. Fourth row: Roy Weaver, Don Croll. "Little H elpers" First row: Margaret Fry, Bernice Davis, Barbara Owens, Pauline Young, Barbara Tinch, JoAnn Larick, Louise Hammock. Second row: Miss Brewer, Claire Coldiron, Marilyn Cox, Marjorie Wixikler, Mamie Leonard, Pat Hineline, Mayme Howard, Miss Augspurger. Third row: Theresa Sceman, Mary jane Vandervort, june Redding, ,luanita Adams, Irene Bowles, Marilyn Kindred, Ann Simpson. Fourth row: Al Roberson, Ted Beuke, Don Croll. National Junior Honor Society Although the National Junior Honor Society is a comparatively new organiza- tion, it is becoming well known among Franklin High School students. It received its charter in 1946. The five goals of the society are: To create enthusiasm for good scholarshipg to encourage the development of trustworthy leadership, to instill exemplary qualities of characterg to render unselfish service to our school, community, and country, to develop worthy school and community citizenship. Mrs. Naomi Bowers is sponsor of the organization. The present officers are: Beryl jestice, Presidentg Pat Scholl, Vice- Presidentg Ted Beuke, Secretaryg and Mar- jorie Mallicoat, Treasurer. Even though the organization has been cftablished for only a short time, it has been very active. ln the past it has sponsored a drive to keep the rest rooms clean, decorat- ed the bulletin boards, and made honor rolls for each room. This year the junior and Senior Honor Societies presented the Honor Society as- sembly together. Thirty-tlwee First row: Della XVoehler, Betty Lou Moreland, Mary Jane Vandervort, Alyee Carlson, Magene King. Second row: David Boswell, Dorothy Purkey, Dean Knutson, Howard Knutson, Warren Tinch, Mary Banks, Don Rohinson, Mr. Weaver fSponsorJ. Camera Club . . The Camera Cluh was organized in the fall of 1946. Its purpose was to hring together a few students whose interest or hohlay was in photography, as well as to create and promote an interest in photography. During I946 and 1947 the memhership was limited to those who made photography a hohhy. Meetings were held regularly throughout the year. They were organization and demonstration meetings. At the heginning of the present school year a charter and a set of rules and hyflaws were drawn up Thirtyffour . Watch the Birdie" and adopted with regard to conducting meetings, dem' enstrations, club activities, dues, and the qualifications of memhers. The Camera Cluh will accept mernhers from any of the upper four classes, hut during this year prefer' ence was given to the underclassmen because of the large numlfer of seniors already in the club. The mem' lership was limited to sixteen. The Camera Cluh sponsored a photo contest in the spring of 1948 for all high school students. Patrol Boys . . Under the direction of Neal Farnlacher these boys help protect our students by patrolling the street in front of our school at noon and before school. They are given cerf tiiicates at the end of the year for WN their service to the school, A ,muh - 'V' First row: joe Lambert, James Wliitt, jerry Ogilsvie, Jimmy Mills, Gbie Meadows, jim Chamberlain, james Hency. Second row: Kent Alexander, Dean La Pole, Sibie Lawson, Glenn Thacker, Richard Marshall, Harold Callahan, Gtis White, Billy Adkins. Third row: R. B. Hedric, Garret Holt, jack Purkey, joe Lambert, Donald Bowles, Bob Evans, Albert Callahan, Leon WLXJd, .lean Noek. First row: Allen Thiess, Don Chamberlain, Lem Wotids, James Davis, Obie Meadows, Don Croll, Roger Cook, Don Robinson. Second row: Wzirreii Tinch, Bill Lowman, Don Robinson, Paul Burkett, ,lim Thompson, Mr. Roland Morris fSponsorj, joe Jeffery, Sherman Fleetwood, jean Nock, Gene Brandenburg, jim Caiferty. Third row: Bob Willis, Vernon Lynch, Paul Plessinger, Luther Lamn, Cecil Harville, Gene Cramer, Tom Fealy, Tom Adams. Visual Aid . . Thirtyfsix boys comprise the staff of the visual education system. They are on call eight periods a day, including lunch period, directly after school, and at night. This group as a reward for their service to their school, does not have parties or picnics, does not have a special assembly, does not get invited to the honor banquet, does not get pins, metals or badges to wear with pride for their service. They sometimes get dis' ivisted glances l'Ci?lUS6 the voice of ref production is not clear, the image is llurred, or flutters due mostly to faulty equipment, rather than an insufficient knowledge of the equipment. Their only reward for this service, which not only means school time, but after school, is not oifered by one organization. Their only reward is the selffsatisfaction of having the audience tolerate mechanical disabilities and receive a pleasant smile afterwards. Tliiftyffive The Band . . . ffrhe Band Played 0 " First row: Claire Coldiron, Patty Libecap, Eleanor Phillips, Marilyn Rutledge, Alice Bruce, Mary Lou Willizims, Joanne Riddell, Dorothy Purkey, Linda Cole, Nadia Taylor, Alyee Carlson, Rose Borders, Nancy Johns. Second row: Don Robison, Bill Harris, Ellen Hathaway, joan Hoskins, Libby Roberts, Anna Stanifer, Mary Ann Wziller, Loretta Whismziii, Waiida Vvlhisman, Lois Tinch, janet Klaber, Jerry Imes, Carolyn Whiteted. Third row: Charles H. Toms fDireetorj, Eugene White, Douglas Smith, Priscilla Isbell, Howard Knutson, Norma jeffrey, Barbara Tinch, Irma Matfeo, Ted Beuke, joan Hutl, Paul Fry, Dick Noland, Dick Young fDrum Majorj. Fourth row: Roy Wcziver, XVarren Tinch, Richard Cook, Leo Matfeo, Dorothy Hoffman, Cvella Phillips, Lois Minge, Dean Knutson, Ronald Weaver, Lester Charlton, Fifth row: Lee Scholl, jean Roberson, Marjorie Mallicoat, Barbara Taylor, Dick Scholl, joe Jeffrey, Mary Ann Lewis, Georgie Roberson, Mary Roberts, Don Robinson. The highfstepping Franklin High School band of '47f'48, under the direction of Charles Toms, consists of sixty members. The band displayed brilliant talent in performances at the football games. Along with the football shows, the band had a full program consisting of parades, pepfmeetings, and concert. As soon as school begins the band starts its marching, Their first parade is at the Wzirreii County Fair in September. Later in the year there are parades held on Halloween, Thi-rtyfsix 'KI Am An American Day," and Memorial Day. Sum' mer concerts are held annually at Harmon Field and Chautauqua. The band's winter concert is held in the high school auditorium. Here the band has an oppor- tunity to display its concert ability. Une of the bancl's social events each year is the "Band Party," which all band members may attend. The annual O.M.E.A. contest at Miami University is perhaps the greatest event of the year. Girls' Glee Club The Girls' Glee Cluh is open to girls in grades 9 to I2 inclusive. Memhership is hy audition, The iirst year of memhership is a prohaf tionary period. At the end of two years the girl receives a certificate: three years, a ping and four years, a letter. Monthly dues of iifteen cents are required. The Glee Cluh appears at assemblies, the Spring Concert, and the mu' sic auditions at Oxford. First row: Delores Lindsey, Anna Belle Shields, Helen johnson, Phyllis Owens, Ann Jeffery, Rose Marie Ingram, Margaret King, Mary Bryant, Lila Burdge. Second row: jean Blythe, Frances Fleetwood, Dorothy Brown, joy Shane, Wilma: Dennis, Phyllis Bair, Betty Mynheir, Irene Bowles, Rose Gahlward, Betty Thacker. Third row: Delores Farmer, Louise Hammock, Lihhy Rolwerts, joan Hoskins, Evelyn Hensley, jane Vandervort, Betty Hinkle, Louella Holhrook, Dorothy Roherts, Violet Scearce. Fourth row: Miss Burgess, Shirley Fielder, Miriam Roherts, Mary johnson, janet Hensley, Pauline Young, Barhara Stewart, Pat Lihecap, june Redding, Fifth row: Alice McCandlcss, Barhara Owens, Imogene Dearth, Betty Wt'st, Naomi Scott, Judy Priest. "0 Sole M io" i .- . ,Q-A., s A s ,N Wilniii Powell, Gene Anne Darmody, Lois Snell, Doris Roherts, Dorothy Roherts, Della Harris, Betty Ann Hinkle, Lihhy Roherts, Theresa Seeman, Patty Scholl fAccompanistj. Triple Trio The Triple Trio, one of the most outstanding niusicf al organizations of the school, eonsists of nine girls, seven of whom are seniors, Miss Burgess is the director, and Patricia Scholl accompanist. The Triple Trio has sung in assenihlies, the Variety Show, and for the Rotary Cluh. This organization took part in the pi-ograni for Wiirltl l'eace at the Luther' an Church. Une ol' the most outstanding achievements of the Triple Trio this year was to sing over the radio at Christmas time. The Triple Trio is working toward the contest again this year. xi "i' i . - f Tliirtyfscven Chorus . . . "Bach to Boogie" . .. ..., . .. , X :X M First row: Delores Lindsay, Barbara Green, Betty Thacker, Joyce Wilson, Mary Jane Vandervort, Phyllis Owens, Barbara Young, joan Hoskins, Libby Roberts. Second row: Margaret Fry, Della Harris, Doris Roberts, Irene Bowles, Delores Cummings, Marilyn Cox, jean Blythe, Wilma Dennis, Joy Shane, Georgia Roberson, Phyllis Bair. Third row: Clara Wilson, Nelda Whisman, Betty Anne Hinkle, Dorothy Roberts, Wilma Powell, Barbara Owens, Mary Brandenburg, Mary johnson, Shirley Fielder. Fourth row: Dick Hubbard, Imogene Dearth, Bill Patton, Miriam Roberts, William Wilson, Earnie Philpot, Nancy Ruppert, Bruce Barlett, Theresa Seeman,Marvin Shane. 'Thirtyfeight , ,, , ......k .... . .. Q..... Q,QX, ......... i ., sa-, . First row: Don Croll, David Boswell, jerry Egleston, Lee Scholl, Dean Knutson. Second row: Marcena Snyder, Marilyn Cox, Violet Scearcc, Lois Snell, Pat Scholl, Lilwhy Roherts, Joan Hoskins, Linda Cole. Third row: Miss Brewer fDirectorj, David Grihlalc, Dick Ruppert, Bill Conhoy, Howard Charlton, Dick Taylor, jim Cox, Don Rohinson, Lila Burdge, Florence Mehl, Hazel Taylor. Three One-Act Plays Junior i Class Play 'N "25f?h fl? Q'g,,:,'ifi1'iA'?,.,Q',fiff?l,5,t4gW,1eQ,5s,z: gqieis "Melody Madhousef' a threefact comedy, was presented hy the junior class under the direction of Miss Virginia Brewer. Leading roles were played hy jerry Egelston, Patty Morey, Barbara Glossip, John Reese, Barhara Tinch, Barbara Owens, Dick Ruppert, Don Updyke, Daisy Tinch, Betty Thacker, Wzirren Young, Roland Weaver, June Redding, Dorothy Purkey and Eleanor Phillips. Thirtyfnine Senior Class Play . . First row: Claire Colcliron, Dick Hubbard, Joan LeRoy, jimmy Cox, Gene Arm Darmody. Second row: Miss Mabel Hill fFz1culty Direetorj, Malrgie Fry, Marjorie Wilnkler, Mary Jane Vandervort Wilmzi Powell, Phil Didriksen. Third row: Marvin Shane, Mary Ellen Greenup, Doris Roberts, Dorothy Roberts, Lee Scholl. Seniors Kindle Old Flame With "New Fires" Forty Sr F 0 0 t b H ll . , , "The Graceful Griddersn First row: Bill Harris, Thomas Kennedy, Silas Logsdon, Donald Taylor, Charles Maloney, Darrel Hedric, Jerry Hillard, Bill McCabe. Second row: Coach Weaver, Lloyd Logsdon, Marvin Shane, Kenneth Wilson, Earnie Philpot, Robert Dearth, James Imes, Sherman Fleetwood, Bruce Barlett, Dick Ruppert, Alfred Roberson, Richard Shockley. Third row: Coach Alley, Bob Abrams, Bill Conboy, Paul Buckley, James Taylor, jimmy Cox, Wayne Stewart, Bill Patton, Raymond Wade, Gene Murray, Jack Kellis, Dale Kellis, Bob Bottles. Fourth row: Coach Born, John Reese, Alfred Sears, Vernon Lynch, jack Hartzell, Charles Powell, Dick Schall, Dick Bothe, Kent Libecap, Eugene Egleston, Bob Hunt, Dick Taylor, Eugene Leonard, Cecil Harville. Fifth row: Eugene Ripley, Howard johnson, joe Lambert, Paul Upton, Charles Knott, Ted Beuke, Clarence Lonicker, Richard Bowermaster, jerry Egelston, Paul Leis, Donald Finke, Lowell Klaber. Under the tutelage of John Born for the second year, the Franklin High School Footballers won three, lost four, and tied one. They stood second in the Little Six standings, being nosed out by the Osborn Flyers by one point. Two seniors, the eo-captains, Al Roberson and Earnie Philpot, represented Franklin on the Little Six first team, while Richard Shockley, Mar- vin Shane, and Bruce Barlett were members of the second team. The Blue Lions of Washington C. H. opened the '47 season for the Wildcats and after a scoreless first half, the powerful Lions punched over three touch- downs to win I8-O. Smith, Blue halfback, racked up two tallies for the Lions. Continuing their dominance of Franklin gridders, the Miamisburg Vikings tore the Cats apart, winning 19-0. Franklin, outplayed completely, was never in the game. The "Burghers" scored with less than two minutes gone and completely routed the Cats. The Wildcats then lost their third contest to the Monroe Hornets. Monroe, led by Trimble, completely Forty-two R nullified the Cats' offense, The Red and Black defense again led for three quarters, but with the aid of two breaks, Monroe went over twice. Berry, Monroe guard, added the point as Monroe won 13-O. Going into their Homecoming game with O. S. and S. C.. the Cats were dubbed the "Scoreless Wonders." The short-punt formation, however, proved the Cadets' undoing as Franklin, headed by fullback Roberson, un- leashed a powerful ground attack to crush the Cadets 19-O. Shane, Roberson, and Wilson scored with Phil- pot adding the point. Still victory-hungry, the Cats stunned the Butler airmen by tallying 20 markers in the opening minutes of the game. Held scoreless in the first half, Butler roared back, scoring a touchdown, extra point, and a safety. But Buckley iced the game with another touch- down for Franklin. journeying to Osborn for their next fracas, the Red and Black was the victim of many so-called bad breaks in a rough 14-13 loss. Completely outplaying the Flyers, the Cats completed nine aerials and totaled 270 yards for 18 first downs only to lose. The vaunted Osborn attack was stopped cold as the Flyers were held to a. O yard total including four first downs and no pass completions. Roberson and Buckley went over for Franklin as Shockley swept the end for the extra point. The following week, a sluggish Franklin team was almost upset by the roaring Warriors of Lebanon. Led by Fordyce, their allfleague fullback, the Warriors knotted the count late in the closing minutes after Shockley had raced 20 yards to score for the Cats. Neither point was good, and the game ended in a 6f6 deadlock. The Northridge Polar Bears were next on the dock' et for the Revengeful Cats. Franklin, in full force, trounced the Ridgers soundly. Scoring in every canto, the Wildcat running attack of Shockley, Shane, and Roberson, and the passing of Logsdon was unstoppable. Time and again the Wildcat line broke through to stop the Ridger backs for great losses. 'Twas a big night for Franklin In a game reminiscent of the previous year's conf test, the Greenfield Tigers overcame a twoftouchdown dehcit to win by a onefpoint margin. Shane ond Rober' son scored early as Philpot's kick made it l3'0 at the quarter. Then during the second half, the Cats fell apart and the Greenfield backs took advantage of this as they blasted great holes in the Red and Black line. The contest ended in a l4f13 loss for Franklin. THE RECORD Franklin 0, Washington C. H. 19 Franklin O, Miamisburg 19 Franklin 0, Monroe 13 Franklin 19, O. S. E? S. O. 0 Franklin 26, Vandalia 9 Franklin , Osborn 14 Franklin 6, Lebanon 6 Franklin 27, Northridge 0 Franklin , Greenfield 14 Total points-Franklin 104, Opponents 94. RESERVES Under Clarence Weaver, the reserves completed a very successful season, winning six, while tying one and losing one. This game experience is a valuable asset to the boys when they become members of the varsity team. THE RECORD Franklin 20, Xenia Central 14 Franklin 7, Monroe 6 Franklin 14, Osborn 6 Franklin O, McKinley 6 Franklin 6, Monroe 6 Franklin 12, Roosevelt 0 Franklin O, McKinley O Franklin 7, Roosevelt 0 First String Football Kenneth Wilson, right end, Earnest Philpot, right tackle, Robert Dearth, right guard, Jim Imes, centerg Sherman Fleetwood, left guard, Bruce Bartlett, left tackle, Dick Ruppert, left enclg Marvin Shane, right halfbackg Richard Shockley, left halfback, Lloyd Logsdon, quarterback, Alfred Roberson, fullback. Fortyfthree I Basketball . . . Ted Beuke, Robert Blackford, Tom Dolilwoa, Don Hanes, Tom Kennedy, Jerry Eglesf ton, Carl Hathaway, Don Updyke, Warren Young, Dick Ruppert, Matthew johnson, Richard Shockley, Earnie Philpot, Philip Didriksen, L. D. Allen, Dick Hubbard, Coach Born. Little Six Champs Winning their first Little Six basketball champion' ship since 1936, the Franklin High basketball team had the excellent record of thirteen wins against three losses. Opening the season with the Mason Comets, Frankf lin started slowly and, with Philpot leading the way, won handsfdown over Mason. The score was 49f24. On December 5, after decisive victories over NVaynesville and Kiser, Franklin tackled the "Mighty Middies of Middletown." Franklin displayed excep' tional teamwork in garnering the majority of the ref bounds oil both bankboards. The giant Middies were somewhat befuddled in the first three periods as Frank' lin led 1743 at halftime, In the last quarter, however, Forty-four the superior height of Middletown showed itself. Led by Grimes, the Purple forged ahead, winning 4463. After trouncing West Chester, Franklin then lost to Dayton Roosevelt in an unusually rough game. Then came a nvefgame winning streak which was highlighted by a 6432 decision over the defending league champs, Northridge. Coming from behind, the Cats scored 39 points in the last half to win easily over the Ridgers. The Monroe Hornets abruptly halted the Franklin cagers' winning streak at five as they pounded out a 6167 win. From this point on the Wildcats were invincible. In their next contest with Osborn they gained revenge for the one point football defeat by trouncing the born five 32'29. This contest was very close and Cats inflicted the first league defeat to the Flyers. Brushing past Miamisburg and the O. S. Es' S. Home, the Wildcats came to their ancient rivals, Warriors of Lebanon. The Warriors by this time developed into a power in the Little Six. Franklin opened fast and was leading 9f7 at cnd of the iirst quarter. Lebanon tied it up, but "championship hungry" Franklin boys rallied to ahead 2345 at the half. Franklin 49, Mason 24 Os' the O. the had the the go From that point on the Warriors were lost. Frank- lin's attack went relentlessly on to the ultimate and fitting end, a 41'26 win and the Little Six Basketball Championship. Allen, Shockley, Hathaway, Hubbard, and Philpot wcrc the usual starters with Didriksen as sixth man. They were ably backed by Bill McCabe, Wayne Stewart, Eugene Glossip, and Lloyd Logsdon. Philpot, Hubbard, and Allen formed the usual scor- ing punch but Shockley and Hathaway were superb on iloorfwork and that saved many close games. THE RECORD Franklin 48, Waynesville 17 Franklin 40, Kiser 28 Franklin 33, Middletown 44 Franklin 48, West Chester Franklin 31, Roosevelt 34 Franklin 38, Trenton 34 Franklin 64, Northridge 54 17 Franklin 44 Kings Mills 38 Franklin 34 Springboro 37 Franklin 51, Vandalia 48 Franklin 35 Monroe 61 Franklin 32 Osbom 29 Franklin 41 O. S. 9 S. O. 27 Franklin 40 Miamisburg 34 Franklin 41, Lebanon 26 Basketball Reserves The Reserve squad, following in the footsteps of the varsity, ran rough shod over their schedule of tough opponents. They compiled a record of 13 wins against 3 defeats, the setbacks coming from Middletown, Os' born, and Monroe. The starting quintet was completely comprised of sophomores and these boys looked extremely promisf ing. Some gained varsity experience this year. Fortyffve T 1' a C k Q Q 0 "The Cindermenv Fovtyfsix First row: Paul Buckley, Bob Dearth, Bobby Abrams, Bill McCabe, jim Jeffery, jim Taylor. Second row: L. D. Allen, Howard Whiteted, John Reese, Bob Bottles, Bill Patton, Richard Shockley, Tom Kidwell. Third row: Mr. Farnlacher fCoachJ, Earnie Philpot, Bill Conboy, Luther Lamn, Earl Lansdale, Gene Zinck, Bill Minge. Track Coach Neal Farnlachefs '47 cinder team, after opening with "Mighty Lanier" developed fast, setting many school records. After tasting defeat in their initial meet, Farnlacher's boys had a fairly successful season, boasting victories over Monroe, Fairmont, and Miamisburg. Finishing second in the Little Six Meet, the Frank' lin thinlies were nosed out by Osborn for the second time during the season. Franklin finished strong but Osborn had built up a big lead early in the running events. The District meet at Withrow High in Cincinnati saw the Cats finish fifth in very tough competition. The Farnlacher tracksters won eleven points. Their scores were tallied by Philpot with a fourth in the shot and fifth in the discus, Lamn with a third in the high jump, Allen with a fourth in the 440, Bottles, fifth in the 220, and the 880 relay team which ran fourth. The results were as follows: Franklin 48 Lanier S2 Franklin 631f2 Osborn 87 Fairmont 6215 Franklin 80 Miamisburg 20 Franklin 'i91f2 Middletown 78 Monroe 1216 Little Six Meet: Franklin 403Kg, Osborn 5674, O. S. 6? S. O. NM, Lebanon 28M "Pride and joy Baseball . . . Franklin Highs '47 baseballcrs ended another dis' astrous season with a record of one win as against five setbacks. This was john Born's first year at the helm of the Wildcat nine. The Wildcat hill staff was plagued all year by sore arms. Opening the campaign with six returning letter' men from the previous year's winless squad, the Born' men almost tripped Middletown as they went ten inf nings before dropping the contest 3f2, During the remainder of the season, the Wildcats proceeded to drop three succeding games before pastf ing Vandalia Butler 68. The complete starting lineup was composed of juniors and sophomores which the '48 squad should greatly benefit by. The lettermen returning are Hub' bard, Shockley, Roberson, Charlton, Stewart, Allen, Logsdon, Ruppert, Egleston. Robison, Hedric, Branden- burg, and Thacker were the graduating award winners. With all this material back the Bornmen are looking forward to a successful season. ' , ' 5 mgmxih 'T s 4 ' - f Q 5 I! I 3: . . XX X The results of games were: Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin 2, Middletown 3 1, Northridge 12 3, Monroe 9 6, Lebanon 10 6, Vandalia 3 First row: Coy Myers, Wayne Stewart, Charles Brandenburg, Dick Hubbard, L. D. Allen, Richard Shockley, Alfred Roberson. Second row: Dick Ruppert, Bill Conboy, Ronald Weaver, jim Cox, Paul Plessinger, Howard Charlton, Don Hedric, Lloyd Logsdon. Third row: John Born QCoachj, jerry Egleston, Bruce Bartlett, Philip Didriksen, Bob Shockley, Wilmer Harris, Paul Thacker, J. Hillard, Charles Maloney. Fovtyfseven G. A.A .... First row: Norma Jeffery, Nancy Ruppert, Helen Robison, Lillian Neff, Betty West, Mary Brandenburg. Second row: Phyllis Owens, Georgia Roberson, Priscila Ifalfel, Alice Bruce, Phyllis Bair, Mary Wilson, Doro' thy Brown, Marjorie Mallicoat, Eula Holt. Third row: Laura Lou Hollon, Josephine Pressinger, Barkara Young, Joy Shane, Loretta Whisman, Marilyn Cox, Dolores Charlton, Wanda Wheeler, Betty Richardson, Wilma Dennis, Shirley Heller, Miss Clara Gaulke fSponsorJ. Fourth row: Joyce Wilson, Louella Holbrook, Norma Sghmidt, Doris Hipsher, Marianna Clase, Phylls Routt, Marilyn Rutledge, Patty Bennett, Roie Gahhard, Mary Franfcs Priest. Fifth row: Jean Blythe, Lois Tinch, Norma Cox, Joyce Roi erson, Mary Rolterts, Leola Chester, Alice Dixon, Margaret King, Clara Wilson, Barhara Cwens. Sixth row: Nancy Johns, JoAnn Larick, Janet Klaher, Pat Scholl, Linda Cole, Pat Lileecap, Pat Hall, Pauline Young, Mary Bryant, Irma Maffeo, Ann Simpson. Girls Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association was supervised hy hall, haskethall, volley hall, haschall, and soccer. These Miss Clara Gaulkc, the girls' physical education tcaehf points were totaled and about ten girls received letters X er. The officers were chosen in the fall and the results and numerals. were: Carolyn Whiteted, Presidentg Barhara Tinch, Duran? the Christmas Season the girls Sponsorcd the annual Christmas formal. The theme for the dance was a Winter Wcunderlarud. Consequently there were many committees formed and much work done in prep' VieefPresidentg Mary Ellen Greenup, Secretary and Treasurer: and Flora Ellen Hathaway, Executive Off ficer. The girls decided to have five sets of tournaments ai-ation for the dame, The Orchestra Chosen to Supply this YCZIY. POlI1tS tOWElI'Cl l6tfC1'S WCFC given l'.0I' COITIEI' thg musig fgf thg dance was Hershey Hegltqfisi an 01-1 Forty' cigglzt chestra from Dayton. The dance was quite a success, with ahout fifty couples attending. All felt that the dance had heen worth the time and money spent on its preparation. The memhers of the organization and their spon- sor, Miss Gaulke, are trying to start an organization known as the "YfTeens." This organization is hcing formed to promote good fellowship, sportsmanship and religious ideals. The idea of having one of these cluhs originated among the girls themselves. A committee received permission from the oflice to start the cluh. Miss Gaulkc hecame the sponsor and the leader. She is given the credit for promoting the cluh and for helping to organize our first "YfTeens" Cluh. The Girls' Athletic Association has truly accom' plished its ideals of lwetter sportsmanship, and fellow' ship among the girls of its organization. It has given many things to the pupils and to the school. First row: Dorothy Roherts, Betty Ann Hinkle, jean Roherron, janet Fryhurger, Barhara Grihhle, Pat Morey, .loan LeRoy, Claire Coldiron, Gene Anne Darmody. Second row: Mary jane Vandervort, Helen Brown, Marilyn Kindred, Mamie Leonard, Pat Hineline, Mayme Howard, Margie Fry, Imogene Callahan, Della Harris, Marjorie Wirikler, Doris Roherts. Third row: Rose Borders, Dorothy Hoffman, Barhara Tinch, Odella Moore, Mary johnson, Miriam Roherts, june Redding, Carol Whiteted, Wilnia Harris, Mary Ellen Greenup. Fourth row: joan Hoskins, Lihhy Roherts, Anna Stanifer, Barhara Stewart, Judy Priest, Marcina Snyder, Do' lores Lindsay, Dorothy White, Imogene Dearth, Daisy Tinch, Betty Thacker. Fortyfnine Ioan LeRoy, janet Klaber, Mamie Leonard, Mary joe Plessinger, Marilyn Rutledge, Ruth Matson. Varsity F . . The Varsity F Club was organized in the fall of I947, under the sponsorship of Coach John Born. Al Robf -:rson was elected presidentg L. D. Allen, viccfpresidentg and Richard Shockley, secref tryftreasurer. Since its founding, the Varsity F club has sponsored a cake raflle and a moving picture on basketball, The money from these enter' prises will go for the further' ing of the athletic program. An infrafred lamp has al' Fifty "Hip, Hip, Hooray!."' Cheerleaders The cheerleaders w e r e chosen at tryouts early in the fall by their sponsor, Mr. Farnlacher. This year, by selling pennants and having the concession at the Home' coming Dance, the cheer- leaders were able to purchase their new uniforms. They had charge of all the Pep Meetings which were held before almost every bas' ketball and football game. First row: William Conboy, Marvin Shane, Richard Shockley, Alfred Roberson, L. D. Allen, Lloyd Logsdon, Dick Hubbard, Earl Lansdale. YCFlCly bCCI1 PUfChHSCCl by the Second row: Robert Bottles, Jerry Egleston, Robert Dearth, Sherman Fleetwood, Club, Paul Buckley, Dick Ruppert, Jim Irnes, john Born fCoachJ. Third row: Earnie Philpot, Wayne Stewart, Raymond Wade, james Taylor, Ken' neth Wilson, Luther Lamn, Howard Charlton, John Reese. W W X 251 3- 1 6.91 -6' S3 F ai BEST WISHFS The Cheney Pulp and Paper Co Compliments of The Logan-Long Co Franklin - Uhio A Salute To You, The Class of 1948! F1-anklin's civic-minded fraternal or- ganization, recognizing the Worth of any progressive project or program, salutes you, the Class of '48, for your achievement in providing for your School this, its second year book. The Eagles constantly are interested in the growth, development and im- provement of Franklin and as an or- ganization are vitally interested in the schools of the community. As your commencement approaches, we extend heartiest congratulations to you, collectively as a class and in- dividually as graduates. , Great Miami Aerie, No. 2309 A FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES 422 SOUTH MAIN ..... FRANKLIN COMPLIMEN TS CBest Wishes 4 I I OF : from Royys Lunch White Spot Grocery 4, ,1 'l COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES OF from George's Lunch Ray Phillips 41 1, ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,:nr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ja' ' AAA- ur-A -A ff- ff------- ----- f -H f----'f-f-'- ----- A --f----W For Better Entertainments Visit Compliments Of "THE HOUSE THAT HELPS" FRANKLIN A Plays :: Stunts NATIONAL BANK A Music : : Make-Up A Eldridge Entertainment House, Inc 1: FRANKLIN, OHIO DENVER, COLO "MU" """ AM" """ udzlnxr. "" """"' """""' ----W - H------------A -----M-fw 'Y--------M WH ,,, ii, 'TTA xl 1 It Compliments Compliments of HUDDLE I reneis BEAUTY SALON LUNCH BEST WISHES From The Howard Knoll Studios Makers of Beautiful Portraits NQCP' 608 Canby Building Dayton, Ohio YWWW-V--www-vwvvvYvvnnnrnrnnvwrnwWnvnvnnnV ,g..,,,,,,r.-.,1,,,'ll.,, ,Z Th1rk1e1ds ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' """M""A" " Ilnw' 3 YVVYVYVVVVVVV -v Y--in ------UU BEST WISHES from C. W. MONTGOMERY COMPLIMENTS OF EAVEY SUPER THRIFT-E MARKET nl """"' "" ' 'Au' "" ' """ 'lA' ' "dui "" """' H BEST WISHES from M E A R S SOHIO SERVICE COMPLIMENTS FROM HOLBROOK'S BARBER SHOP Compliments Of Coleman 's 437 So. Main Phone 750 Martin-Senour Paints Imperial Washable Wallpaper Franklin Paint Sz Wallpaper Store ,F 411 SO. MAIN ST. PHONE 524 ROY BURROUGHS. Prop. BEST WISHES FROM J. A. TAYLOR, Sr. COMPLIMEN TS OF YOUNG 8a YOUNG --.-,-.-...--.,-. The GGGD Drug Store YO U R STORE W. C. Good, Ph. C Phone 63 Franklin, Ohio Compliments of Service Cleaners and Dyers 407 So. Main St. Franklin, Ohio Phone 242 Compliments Of STANDARD CLEANERS 732 Anderson Street Phone 710 Fedders Supply Co. I I I COAL -:- FEED BUILDING MATERIAL I I I Phone 52 East Fo rth St. lWl l "" A""' ' ' ,,Ym,..,..., BEST WISHES from LONG 8z 0'DONNELL ,,,,,,, ,,,JU,,,,,,, Compliments Of . . THE CONOVER HARDWARE STORE Best Wishes from Humphrey's Store Best Wishes Walter P. Patrick Se e-Point by P t Gasoline - Oil - Lubrication Tires - Batteries - Tubes First Sz Main F klin, Oh from L. G. Kennett RCA Radios Better Floors 1014: tThird Ph 97 COMPLIMENTS OF M. anal K. BCJDY SHCP Phone 788 ' ii ..... -YYY..... . Y.:nlwlNvIlllN.. ..,. V-Y Y..... s ' ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, V , , BEST WISHES OF Compliments Of MAXWELUS MOUNT'S MARKET Everything For The Man " "" ' """" 'Q """"" 'iw I: VVYY H H -YY-VY---- ----W , , 'jjj ,,,, Tjjjj jjjjl "" ' ' ' g jjf, 11 , "" , 'jjjj, "" - A Y 11 Compliments Of TATTERSHALL THE UNGLESBY DRY CLEANERS FUNERAL HoME Phone 414 j ff,11',',',','i.':.2':.:11':i: OUR LOCATION . . 'O' fi? H Af' 'XX if 'S R iffw Nh .bi ' A Y 395593 12,4 nfyfi' ,qwi ipv isa 1 Nfffydl XXX I TNR' , , L if It x 7 4' rv Je,-'QQ--ll ' f,.f'7'4WX?rX J- ,gi N - JMU, ww r' Zvgvb ' 1' 3 3 if df A lb vlx 21397 1 ffyfgxg Nw. . iv ,, ,ffgglji gplgpl E ,of xx w l M A '0 'L E limi A f ,wil N. i i 1 l i H E + ,f 9 .ef if ' , O- 5'1'2'7f4'N 'A ' lil' M 4- ff ,xl ,- 7 52 Tw' 'V 4 -- .-gS'l: ,N ' ' Wi: :if 31111 1 352214 O 1 L f llffif J tl 1: at lil if 3 A jjjgllliilllllll . --A ' ygiii .,,, " - 53. m- - - 4,2 1 O' M l. it O Qfrsflfffiiw Lf 'f X XX UNERAL HOME The location of our new FUNERAL HOME was selected for two important reasons: C15 PRIVACY-at a time when it is most appreci- ated to be alone With friends and relativesg C21 CONVENIENCE-when calling there is ample parking space at all times. " ""' ,lIu"'u2l. "" 'il:"' ""2uUa"' 'W 'Wuxi ' """"' ESTABLISHED 1884 Meeker 86 Meeker Dependable Insurance , , , ,, ,, ,, ,HW urn, CGMPLIMENTS of Walter L. Brown Better USED Cars BOUGHT AND SOLD Junction of Routes 73 and 25 LUMBER MILLWORK Building Material Builders' Hardware Sherwin-Williams Paint A Complete Builders' Store Including Household Supplies The Anderson Lumber Co. PHONE 57 FRANKLIN, OHIO Best Wishes from . . . Croll Flower Shoppe MandT Friendly Service Your MOBILGAS Station Gas - Lubrication - Oils Car Washing - Tires Second and River Phone 617 Shawharfs Drug Store FOUNTAIN AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE L G. SHAWHAN, Ph C ET 'ni """" ' "Meet Your Friends M Kat's Korner" PR F' Sodas Sandwiches Sundaes Compliments R. w. ROSSMAN Of Insurance DAVIS Complete Plans and Service BEAUTY R. W. ROSSMAN WM. C. SHERA Phone 100 FRANKLIN, OHIO U 41 1, 4, ll ,r ll I Jack H. Rhude I M r 4 ,V ll Jeweler Elgin and Hamilton Watches ,l Eversharp Pens Keepsake Diamonds 409 South Main Street Best Wishes o f The Mary E. Fisher Shoppe DAIRY BAR Dan-Mar M fl M if Fountain Service , 1 l l l Soups - Sandwiches Sunday Dinners Open: Week Day 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. Sundays 11:30 A.M. to 10:30 P. M. FLOYD GEBHART Proprietor of FLOYD'S LUNCH opposite High School wishes the boys and girls of the Class of '48 success in their future line of work. Don't forget to stop in and see us from time to time. il EE gggggglg AgggSggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg glgg l Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1948 Howard Paper Mills, Inc. Maxwell Paper Company Div. , 11' Best Wishes Best Wishes of of J. T. Riley Stone Container Corporation ,. .. -51-1 A., sq -' e- J' ' ff... 1,,,,:f -- ,L I .vi 1 y-f ,-.' . P- .. " r VI 1 L -0- 1. . 1, . ?,:,,. 4? .- A "'1'.. ,,E,,:y.. W., .Af ,l 4. 1-1. ' H, 2 ji.. 455.3 .EV M... ,.f 23- 1 r'EI?-fvfi -' , .. V. uf.. . 1, x .T fa? '- ,,.,.a- Y. 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Purrs and Scratches Yearbook (Franklin, OH) collection:

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