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x' ""1..f.iiiL's,hIrI ALMANAC 1973 Volume 58 Benjamin Franklin High School Portland, Oregon 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction 4 Academies 18 Faculty 44 Seniors 64 Classes 120 Juniors 122 Sophomores 140 Freshmen 158 Sports 174 Fall 176 Winter 189 Spring 203 Arts and Interests 220 Arts 222 Interests 250 Activities 266 Index 312 Table of Contents 3 We Tread On A Beaten Path 4 I t oduction ..-.l.,,,, E , A, S gh , i 1 - X J .nf v - Y! 1 .W .r,............-.--.- Traces Remains Of Those Who Have Passed This Way Before. Introd t 5 Aff 53 Mx 5 Our Journey Leads x 1 if fe, v wr nv-MQ E55 3 , K , X. X 2 5 I ,v 4.5 -1 w 1 "2 k 7 wi' ggi A --. 4 be J J, 1, . w . XJ From The Example Of The Past And The Security Of The Present 6 Introduction N, ., 1 we J' . L , " " ' To The Uncertainty Of The Future, FA Introduction 7 4 8 Introduction From The Sheltered, Insulated Sphere W ' e LIVC T ln Today T ,,.L,h 7 -- 2 :Qzf?51ifjg it :S '.1, f '-", i E7 f-': 5 ' 7 ,f:, ,. W W f fi heed'd W o n hd h h e T - K f.h' L A 'H I 5 1 22 for I e f --.'. ,e" ' , - W '-vw-- M,,-.zfvfw fff mmwwmwmnt-ggM,gm, ., V, xl, I' ,,.7.,f,W,,..f,.,.t..,.....,,,4...,t,,,.,,,,,,,H.W.t ,,h, ,e,,,,f ,, . A ' ' To The World We Will Enter By Uurselves Tomorrow. Intro d As We Prepare For Our Chosen Pathways Through Life, J X, -.wffil 10 I troduction Fleeting Insecurities And Pressing Doubts Oeeupy Our Thoughts 12 Introduction The Vagueness Of What Lies Ahead Seems T00 Much For Us To Grasp 4 f gf ., 1 EW ' . -Z ff X 14 Introduction Q353oXNw,, MX gm ,N X EV f 'T-X 'ET'5?:I5TXfxXXXf'Q'-. er' X gx ui I I QLQK' vXqXX'XX0'fww Photographed by jamcs Fiscus. f I5 N V ? 'Q ' :Sidi '7 fog? ' in A, -. . V 1, ',fsje"V L Qi. -, ., . - ,A E ffl xv Q 'f V 'V x -if! V - 5 w' - f- A iii' - - ' V V Vg. , 1 . if , , 'Y' Q' 1 ,Vo V . ,1,ej.5g5! y , i X' Figi ii ESI , Elqewigi, it I E2 - z f fu . , ,- 1.' ., if -V I . any h . 1 S , V , fr 2.9.4. K ,g jg Q' . 'VI 1 ff-1 J' 5594? !x'v J gg '5 W, : ,V 3-Af? 2' A 'cg N 1 ' 0 1 4 :dc Vs V Q , ZX - , .. 112. .4 WA? .ff-r' JW J 'GJ 4 Vf my s izqfaigra 5 Y ,aww ii V- . gig-O' 20 sg -WLV , if 1 4 Jig' 'Q' .- a QQ 'V S 9' f aj 'Hu S . , E ,. ji '- li'-5 it ' . f - 4 'tijiQi'1' 32 if ' f .g , NVQ? C . . V . V V Q A .f 'xg Lys-, :V . !:,.,'-Y-igfV 'W V? V . o 'V ' ?.-oM.,.,V V 4 46' E' V 4, ,' '+ Vi n J' gf' xPY"" ,K iff. j gm-.' , V, ' ' fiy iff 'rw ' ' S 'M' 'L 4 5- ,fi xl ,-, V' mfg V af . A 1 gg y 515. 3.1! 4 . X . iff.. V, -'if Vi . 1 2 GW f 'wi f-:'1"f:. IS N 4' H f 'A I V 1 X Xp 3 , 3 5. 221 43 mv VK, - Q 2251 Vs ' ' if-:W U ' if ' ' :So +5 Q H:fVi-.fwow Q 'fl 3 5-'tg I Q u nf h 1 N .r P at f . V , :Af aim , V, , I .71k, . r V ,. I w IQ' 1,5 I ,' tx : ff, fgg.iI:,, g- F-V.-,L f ' V- Z Q 'fs V ,4'r'74l,H ' 1 ' s Vi Vs o 4, f z- .,." 5- x .f. xqf f ' wif - ff- wJWki 'if V f s 3 V if ,Msg 9 . .ex -7 .. g 1 ' 5 V. . z,mi,4w -,VA i, QV f -4 4 , 4 Q 4 f M. , -V ,vriw,g1"f'f , ' H 5-my g.11,.VfQif-, x e V 2 wp! ,yM,maw,1go R5 4 S ' .rn A x . 4,-. .1 .. 4 32 ' W 'W f K . -5, W If his 2 s N g ,-YvA,:::?3,J, . 5 .3 ' ,115 . Q K A ff. 33' ff? I . .1 1 ff? fxlfm J X' uf - - Vu. 4 V , 3 " 1 -gr--V - 1 1.42 1 I 'ff ' 'liffgt 'Af Rf. - 33" 'E ' Q ' f V, 41:1-1 lag: r x w L 77. , -' -'A':-J.. V',.f'. Q? 1 , "- . y ,.,. - '3i',?a. .m s .A ,-f ,V - 1 . , -. 4, A I fa V I J .3',g 'ff "fi, . v 5' Q- 'J .Q 2 g ,Y -- '54, '41 . 1 , . gn .1 4 Q , fm jf.3.q.x f m .V , 3 4 , V- V V , 'I V36 l if 555161 if 1 H 1 V A A - N - Mwwv, ,Z lv.. AL M ,V ' . f ffwfi 'ff aw ---nnllliff h 9 We Hesitate, Looking To Yesterda For Inspiration And 'N Iifo i V39 , z 6 1 To Today For Reassurance . . . . v,'L k , .x-"1 'Q' xv: x.4"" X. - ' J 17 ., Ax 1 1 of ifiwhi ww: V I Introduction 15 16 I Introduction X r Li1i:fE5f.E,':5b 4 w- M - I 'f xx , ' F 'STL Pii?1'f . :rs S l Y 1 ff' ' ' , K , Then, We Persevere And Turn To Face Tomorrow And The Reality Which Is Life Itself. 7 1 1 i I - i 1 - Af U ! 6 F Q ff? Q S? 3 px M-y Mk xxxx ? slinefliterfcecdl sphere Asadlemiw UCD 415 McCall Views Art Art Department Franklin, with the largest high school art department in the state, offers many opportunities for personal expression. Mr. Charles Kearney expressed his opinion that more pupils should take advantage of the instruction available to them. A new feature of the Art Department this year was the artist-in-residence program, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. Establishment of this program at Franklin prompted a visit by Miss Nancy Hanks, Endowment chairman, and Gov. Tom McCall. Shades of red, blue, green, and all the colors of the spectrum adorned the walls of the art wing and auto shop. With brush and bucket in hand, art students decorated their halls with a multitude of designs. 5 X Us 4 K MQJ' Xml . .. , .. N . Q A amd was M , Q .a 429 20 Academics te.. ,,,,,,.,..,..--nib'-" 453 . ..X, . - --:' IE ,pat sv fll Pushing a pencil can be exhaustive work for Gail Kirchem. C21 Sitting cross-legged is the most comfortable way of painting, as demonstrated by Mike Wright. lfij Silva Bernarcltakes time out to gaze at her masterpiece. 141 A 'cluttered room seems to be the most creative environment for painting. KSJ Mr. Kearney escorts Gov. and Mrs. Tom McCall around the department before the Governor's press conference. 147 Academies 21 Academics Teachers Guide Students In Career Preparation Business Instructors in the Business Department recognize that many students don't plan to go to college. Consequently, teachers strive to provide adequate preparation for students who feel that a business career is what they want. Mr. Gerald Eurich stressed the concept of career courses to round out a student's education. These courses are supplemented by the addition of new business machines, especially the all-electric typewriters. ln November, the department sponsored a Week of demonstrations, lectures, and exhibits to inform students of the many different career possibilities. swarms ,W e,.,,e,,,W . X - new p,!yqMwMWm,,,.,, it ,, .,,,, W. .,.,, a ,.V, ,.,,.,a..., ..,.w....4 ilj Suzie McKinley, Mary Beasley, Cathy Lindholm, and Valerie Harmon try to increase their typing speed. QZJ Miss Krista Ulland critiques Jan Frison's typing, while Eva Dusek works on hers. 131 Typing requires precise measurements and centering, as practiced by Nancy Hausch. 14j Joanne Thomas concentrates on her dexterity, an essential part of typing. KSJ Chris Coiteux busies herself at the typewriter. C43 Academics 23 -wr-ww M W g '13 ff 'V ,W WWW- 7 ,, 24 Academics ,,,,..w-...v ...-v ill Debbie Tallman, Sue Zimmerman, and Vickie Emra listen intently to Mr. Britt Davis' discussion. KZJ English grammar is studied by Rosemary Ellis, Karol Cohen and Rhonda Meadows. f3j Linda Thario, Linda Wynlcoop, Vicki johnson, Barbara Wiseman, and Pam Moore concentrate. 143 Brett Weigel engrosses himself in a contemporary novel. 15, Shanna Galluzzo thumhs through a magazine. Q61 Freshmen ponder a difficult question. C33 ' t aae e assi x 4"3""Na Nsgnnsuii .14 at K , V. . s w , 5 ,A A,,,, M A,,L,,, s,,,, 5,--fr .3 3' 4. J. 15? 9 wr 2 5 W, . , 'Eff is i f ' A Q. V- si" fi Q .M f M ,, 5 VKX 5 as vga ' , Q viW'1 x 3 1 il i X il ,M f 'A C43 Teachers Adopt Humanities Approach Combined Classes According to Mr. Britt Davis, some of the freshman combined classes have adopted a new, humanities-oriented approach to their subject matter. ln addition, all sections featured newly-developed paperback series in English and social studies books, geared to getting away from the idea of formal texts. Again this year, the combined classes were separated, due to the back-to-back scheduling of physical education and social studies. Mr. Davis explained that other schools have stopped combining the two courses. C63 159 Academics 25 ll? Department Offers New, Traditional Approaches English Continued refinement of Franklin's electives program brought elimination of several English course offerings. Students could choose from among many semester courses, but year-long courses were offered for those who desired a more traditional approach to English. ln these sections, emphasis was placed on both literature and compositiong the "classics" were featured, as were popular new books such as DON'T PLAY DEAD BEFORE YOU HAVE TO. ln November, several performers from the Oregon Shakespearean Festival at Ashland visited Franklin's drama and speech classes. Mr. Michael Hibbard, speech teacher, hoped to organize a forensics team to compete with other schools at tournaments, while Thespians, sponsored by Mr. Brian Biggs, made plans for a trip to Ashland in the spring. Qlj jill Stith, Barbara Gurwell, and Alice Mammen find the floor more exciting than Chaucer. QD Barbara Whittlesey, Sherrie Love, and Mollyanne Thornton practice before the curtain goes up on their play. 13, Ken Osuna proves that there is more than one Walter Cronkite. 14, Student-technicians prepare the new video-tape machines for use in an English class. 151 Gina Puppo and Mike Tapfer find that the resource center is sometimes the best place to study. 43? 26 Academics J 1,-wz'f+ -f.,,,:.:mU ,. Academics 27 Enrollment Drop Affects Programs Languages Although the entire Foreign Language Department at Franklin is suffering from a decline in enrollment, the Russian program seems to be the most threatened. French, German, and Spanish, however, attracted enough students to justify offering a four- year sequence in each. When asked what has happened to bring on this apparent disinterest in languages, Miss Dorothy Grant replied, 'll simply don't know." One probable reason she gave was the elimination of college language requirements. C27 28 Academics r' ill Carol Olsen recites her Spanish into her headset. Ql Mr. Alan Ellis helps Annie MacDonald with her diction. l3l Mrs. Gaylen Luher helps her girls crochet. 141 Miss Rosemary Klep speaks to a gathering of people on child care. -v fl Girls Gain Child Care Experience Home Economics Recent additions to Franklin's home economies curriculum indicated a new focus on career education and personal expression. Girls taking the Child Care Cluster gained on-the-job training by working in local nursery schools and day-care centers. Other girls could choose the conventional full-year classes, or newer, more specialized courses such as Candle Making and Creative Stitchery. To supplement the expanded curriculum, the Home Economics Department submitted a five-year plan for new facilities to the school board. Mrs. Ruby Sewright, department chairman, mentioned an inside - outside playroom for pre-school children, larger sewing rooms, and better cooking facilities as the most urgent needs. C49 Academics 29 419 ia, v,A., 'wi' R Y Q2 ff f' 30 Academics .0 f f W vs, il xc v. 3 "Gif, L, A 5? , Hg. Q, F A 'br Y A .xv wk my www 2 ii Q 5. ,L 325 1' ix 1' . 'Gbv-, D-.....---and kill NUI xc W, sa. fag. . Riga .fi i 'Y g 645 Department Plans Building Expansion Industrial Arts Although boys have customarily been the only ones enrolled in industrial arts classes, Mr. John Shefler encouraged girls to take advantage of the training available to them, He agreed with the school board's decision allowing girls to attend Benson High School, and added that several took shop classes at Franklin this year. Within the next five years, the industrial education complex by the auto shop will be completed. This will mean an enlargement ofthe curriculum, and expansion of existing classes. Some of the several new courses to be developed are graphic arts and building cluster. ill Charles Oliver, Shahab Vakili, and Mike Primmer try their hand at mechanical drawing. Qi Tim Lamb works at his drafting table. 131 Mr. Patrick Nesbitt teaches a new welding technique. K4-H David Walters collapses in a pile of tools and grease. QSJ Greg Deems watches Rusty Fancher work on an automotive part. Q61 William Rogers surveys Daniel Kirkpatrick's working methods. C63 Academics 31 fl? Resource Centers Ease Overcrowdin g Library Always receiving new volumes, Franklin's librarians must find a place to put them. This was often a difficult task, considering the overcrowding in the library. Despite enlargements, the facilities were still too small to adequately serve the needs of the school. The resource centers siphoned off some of the overflow, but, especially during lunch hours, students sometimes had trouble finding a place to study. With the help of Head Librarian Mrs. Eleanor Norlin, her assistant Mrs. Marjorie Christensen, and the student library staff, information could easily be found. The library served as a storehouse of books, periodicals, records, microfilm, and other sources of information. These materials covered a wide range of subjects, not just topicsirelated to the curriculum. 32 Academics wiv 'nu "7 A.,-, New ill Librarians Mrs. Eleanor Norlin and Mrs. Marjorie Christensen. Qi John Siplt- and Alan Aoki draw their physics graphs in the library. Q31 Mike Caputo substitutes for Mr. Mabry. f4l Jerry Palandri and Mr. Mabry look over the test scores. Glhleff Newton tries to figure out how to get the answer. ,. , g tsstvz ....: . ,::s::.,:e-t 1 : st. x if X st sf M.. L . .... X is t . is Q l fi ., t iter? ww+ si 1 if k .His R 4 is 3, xigfgxsd .ext I N H at ellis f S X5 Y . rQ, -t K J' at to ,Q st- e ff . s--, 3- -ss., 655 Students Gravitate Around Computer athematics In only three years, computer mathematics classes appear to have become the most popular courses offered by the math department. As a result, Mr. Richard Mabry instituted a full-year course in computer math. This provided students with the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the workings, language, and programming of a small computer. Many of the elementary schools are dropping their first year algebra course, so this might mean that the advanced senior mathematics class will no longer be taught in the near future. Other math courses, though, were still going strong. Although enrollment in several sections decreased slightly, classes such as consumer math seemed to attract more and more students. f4l Academics 33 4"'?' 127 34 Academics 435 443 Performers Develop Lasting Memories Music For many students, participating in Franklin's music program is the focus of their high school life. While performances at 'AOklahoma!" and in concerts were an important activity, several groups appeared outside of school at games, organization meetings, and in events such as the Rose Festival Parade. Mr. David Carleson commented, "Many lifelong memories have been established, whether they be comic, inspirational, musical. . . " This year, the responsibility of instructing the music students rested with two teachers, instead of last year's three. However, this greater teaching load did not hinder Mr. John Peery and Mr. Carleson in training the many performing groups to present high-quality music. Ill Randy McCartney masters the snare drum. 12, Janice Kruse and joy Hughes enjoy singing in the Sonnettes. 131 Dennis Groh, Mike Bowen, and Mike McNerney rehearse for "Oklahoma!" Hi Lori Cox practices on her bass clarinet. Gi Debbie Leathers and Linda McMurray are amazed by Ken Ottoson's talent. Academics 35 ill Athletes Concentrate On Strategy, Techniques P.E., Health Strategy and highly developed techniques, rather than sheer strength, were emphasized in boys' and girls' advanced physical education classes. Due to scheduling changes, this course was taught during zero period. The P.E. and Health Departments operated on a reduced schedule, because of district budget cuts. Classes were more crowded. However, those students who wanted to take greater advantage of Franklin's athletic facilities could do so on Saturdays, when the gym was open for public use. S 36 Academics ill Sue Leonetti aims at her target with the eye of an eagle. KZJ With one hand over her eye, Jacque Ernst is watched by julia Coffey as she takes her eye examination. 133 Mrs. l-lowardssupervises eye testing, f4l Students scramble as Roby Schiele receives the ball. ISD Tom Lovlien escapes the grasp of Dennis Groh. l6J Athletes watch as Reed Palmer tries for two. 433 ., , fi f E QAM 1 .far :Sam Q21 Q11 38 Academics Ql1 Physics is a course that demands total attention, as demonstrated by Eileen Clow, Allen Crisanaz, Ken Ping, Alan Aoki, and Chris Baumann. Q21 Helen Liang Uintroducesn herself to a skeleton in physiology. Q31 Mr. Leonard Scheele finds that private instruction is sometimes preferable. Q41 Jay Coe and Curt Madson study the "intricacies" of light refraction. Q51 Mr. Joseph Sklenicka prepares to baffle his students with a demonstration of physical properties. Q31 l as X up X ...I . . K gage C43 wk- Laboratories Continue Q I. F it 'W-ww ,,,.............-.W XA. hw To Stimulate Interest cience While enrollment in science courses has declined, Miss Anne Bohlen stressed the fact that the school's population has also decreased. Miss Bohlen said she did not know whether the percentages coincide, but she feels that the differences aren't alarming. Even the Science Department is feeling the pinch of the budget cuts. Miss Bohlen explained that teachers have been storing up supplies, and that the shortage situation is not yet critical. However, she warned that if the budget is not increased within the next two years, supplies will run out, possibly forcing the school district to make cuts in or eliminate parts of the science program. 659 Academics 39 cu Seniors Get Involved ocial tudies Selected seniors had the privilege of attending a seminar in politics and government held at Willamette University in Salem. The week-long conference provided these students with the opportunity of studying government while observing legislative bodies in action. Mrs. Maxine Crites hoped that in the future, Franklin would participate in the Government Responsibility and Student Participation program. This activity, sponsored by the Multnomah County Intermediate Education District, would place junior and senior students in legal, governmental, and political situations. Participants would Work alongside professionals on a training basis. 123 40 Academics 137 mm , , .':.,.. P , ig A V f".-4"Q-T l4l lll Rita Bruce asks the photographer, "What stock shalll buy?" 125 Dan Smith and Rex Brenton explain the "writing on the wall." 131 Cindy Hayzlett and Ken Brown prepare for a class discussion. 141 Al l-lauge helps Rita Sudborough with her income tax return. l5l Margie Fletcher chuckles at Maureen Donnell's anecdote. 659 Academics 41 ill Exhibits, Field Trip Highlight Career Week Vocational Education Beginning with classroom education, the students enrolled in Mrs. Helen Howard's hospital worker class get practical training in the various fields of medicine. While some enroll in the course for nurse's preparation, others plan to go into technical work or therapy. By working at Portland Adventist Hospital and in local doctor's offices, they gain part of the valuable experience needed to succeed in a medical career. ln mid-November, the counseling and vocational education departments sponsored a marketing career week. Featured were talks by local businessmen, promotional exhibits, films, and a field trip to the new First National Bank building. ln addition, the student managers of Benji's Seller, Donna Willett, Marty Blake, Jim Sweet, and Chris Coiteux, designed a presentation entitled "Starting Your Own Business." Horticulture classes, under the direction of Mr. Mike Miller, learned the fundamentals of nursery work. Operating from off- campus headquarters, students designed corsages and floral arrangements for school functions, and rented out plants for use in the grade schools. Landscape gardening was another area of study. 123 42 Academics Three Pursue Pastimes Retiring Teachers Ending a 43-year teaching career which began in the Midwest, Miss Anne Bohlen retired in May after 28 years at Franklin. She held bachelor's and master's degrees in botany, which were conferred by the Universities of Nebraska and Michigan, respectively. Her students have ranged from third-graders to college students. Here at Franklin, Miss Bohlen taught biology and physiology, headed the Science Department, and served as NHS advisor. In 1970, she was named an "Outstanding Biology Teacher of Oregon" by the National Association of Biology Teachers. About her post-retirement plans, Miss Bohlen exclaimed, "l don't intend to twiddle my thumbs!" Working in her garden and greenhouse, and traveling are included in those plans. HI started in a wide spot in the road,', reminisced Miss Faye Cornutt about her first teaching post in Gold Hill, Oregon. Miss Cornutt retired in January after 30 years of teaching at Franklin. An active English teacher, Miss Cornutt was ALMANAC, Senior Movie, NHS, and Centhalis advisor, and English Department chairman. A graduate of Franklin and Willamette University, she plans to "clean house, read, have fun, but most of all, sleep in every morning." A varied career in teaching came to a close this year with the early retirement of Mr. James McKee. Mr. McKee began teaching- in a one-room, rural Missouri grade school, but his career eventually took him to the cities. One Portland student was Franklin's Mr. jack Burri. Over his Z3 years at FHS, he taught English and social studies, was chairman of the Social Studies Department, and served as AFM advisor. He helped organize a student blood donor's program during the Korean War. ln the meantime, Mr. McKee attended several colleges here and in the Midwest, earning his bachelorys and master's degrees in administration. Mr. McKee's plans include pursuing his hobby of antique clocks, traveling, and udabbling in real estate." ill Denise Monaco cleans her apparatus under Mrs. Helen Howard's supervision. QZJ Bryan Deck becomes accustomed to the techniques used in horticulture. Q31 Miss Anne Bohlen. Q41 Mr. james McKee and Miss Faye Cornutt. 143 Academics 43 ill Principals Focus On New Ideas Administration Dr. Arthur Westcott and many faculty members noticed that students were generally more enthusiastic and interested in school this year. He felt that students should develop skills and attitudes they will need in the future, while still in high school. Herstressed the need for alternative school financing measures to relieve the burden on taxpayers and to guarantee students this learning opportunity. "He who giveth also taketh awayli' exclaimed Curriculum Vice-Principal Dr. C.V. Cremer when asked for his opinion on this year's midmorning break. He expressed optimism over the new independent study arrangement, citing as advantages quieter halls and the opportunity for students to improve their study habits in assigned study rooms. Adding to his responsibilities as vice- principal, Mr. Marvin Flitcroft assumed the position of Activities Director. He worked with Executive Cabinet on various projects, including a student-parent handbook. Continuing Franklin's well- developed intramural program and sharing information with the freshmen through counselors were among Mr. Flitcroft's plans for the year. Supervision of girls, affairs, membership on the Assembly Committee, and responsibility for all school activities were among the duties of Mrs. -Nancy Russell, vice-principal. New to Franklin this year, Mrs. Russell previously counseled and taught home economics at Cleveland High School. Later, at Monroe, she served as vice- principal for six years. lncluded among Mr. Jack Burri's responsibilities are assisting the vice- principals with attendance and disciplinary matters, and helping to supervise the campus. 44 Academics l -'l flu ,.,. -tg, Y Nl 137 Z W lll Dr. CV. Crcmer, curriculum vice-principal. 121 Dr. Arthur Westcott, principal. 13, Mrs. Nancy Russell, girls' vice-principalg Mr. Marvin Flitcroft, boys' vice-principal. K4-J Mr. Jack Burri, administrative assistant. l4l Academics 45 413 Trainees Sample Office Life ecretaries Aside from being the nerve centers of the school, the major offices also serve as teaching centers. Each secretary doubles as teacher and office worker. Students aspiring for a career in a business office receive credits for applying their skills in the offices and resource centers. Watching and working with these adept secret-aries gives the student the personal experience valuable in helping him decide whether this is the kind of occupation that he desires. Mrs. Doris Bertram, Mrs. Psyche Miller, and Mrs. Jeanne Schultz provide some students with background in specialty fields. Working with the teacher's secretary, bookkeeper, and bookroom clerk, respectively, allows these students the same kind of training, only in a more limited area. ff iam si N .4 .,.if"' K s? v1.31 C37 143 S 46 Academics -- is sw.. 657 fll Mrs. Helen Hanson, work experience. KZJ Mrs. Bonnae Lindley, Social Studies Resource Center. GJ Mrs. Patricia DeLance, SSRC, distributive education. 14-J Mrs. Doris Bertram, teachers' secretary. KSJ Mrs. Delores Gowing, head secretary, Mrs. janet Greenfield, Mrs. Esther Klein, main office. l6l Mrs. Rose McKnight, Counseling. Q71 Mrs. June Peden, Mrs. Rowena Davis, attendance office. 181 Mrs. Ida Wolleclc, English Resource Center. I . , . , .ieg K 7 l l6l Academics 47 lil 125 Individuals, Staffs Handle Varied Duties Adult taffs Mrs. Roa Selliek, matron, and Mr. Ed Drais, head custodian, along with the rest of the custodial staff, had as their job the cleaning and maintenance of the building. Mrs. Sellick succeeded Franlclin's "White Tornado," Mrs. Corey Belleque, who retired in Qctober. Franklin's new Athletics Director, Mr. jack Knudsen, handled the endless details involved in the operation of a large sports program. His duties included overseeing the ten areas of competition, and keeping track of every piece of equipment. Mrs. Enid Carter, cafeteria manager, and her staff served students a variety of lunch- time Choices. These ranged from nutritious, government - planned plate lunches, to many a la carte items for those who prefer a less conventional approach to lunch. Assisting students with medical and dental problems is the duty of Mrs. Rosemary Klep, Franklin's nurse. Involved in the field of child care, she appeared at a January meeting, and encouraged girls to investigate this career area. 48 Academics i s 'R N Si . Ee: -. ' . f f N ,. ff : 5 r . e - I 'H' -' ' X 1 if tr ' ' . wi 'fs 'M .f . W""x : Q .5 VU ' fl vt li i' i K Ns.: ii-ri? S ,, .seg Y . a. is . s Y - - - l K x V ff . 1 i il? 3 'E N l W ff.. ' A ss, XA K Nusa-, A .X .A , X . R fxfglig X :sl W A s- be --MQ. . 5 Q .-,X .fsfm :N ' Y . i"- f i t Q W- sw L g .sxwsxrez-, Es -1 S X Q.. V KK S 3' :fs fastest X' WI s A J Q a 4 , J 2 5 5- it 3555 K x gtg 3 4 s H P , 1 if 1 a"il-his S in My Q. . his :Q 3 3 . XR , - -fx .N ,if x . . F NX e ?-, .fs - M 5 Fr 3 r 5 t ...sat 3 .f . . 5. its ME aw ex R 5 5 N -- we .s 4 as - A is 3 9 gg P g Q 5 N345 3 E . S. , A ,tx , . ,Q 5 'E 5 lf".5'is e e f ' iff e f' as se-:src ' -- ...Nags K v 5819 if ' ' . ' Q ax 5 3 S- gt.. .4 M is has ir' NX . 13? Ns? f6J C77 flj Mrs. Psyche Miller, bookkeepur. 121 Mrs. Jeanne Schultz, book room clerk, f3j Mrs. Rosemary Klep, nurse. 141 Mrs. Roa Scllick, matron. ISJ Mrs. Enid Carter, cafeteria manager. 16D Mr, jack Knudson, athletics director. 171 Mrs. Corey Bellequc, matron. l8j Mr. Edward Drais, head custodian. Academics 49 Counselors Administer Career Interest Survey Counselors "What are you interested in?" This question confronted sophomores on Dec. 12, 13, and 14. A test of 173 questions was given so each student could see what he liked and disliked, in terms of a future career. Results were put on a graph, explained Mr. Billy Burnam, to allow students to see which answers would cause a career conflict. The test has been administered at other schools in the city, and Mr. Burnam hoped that it would be given every year at Franklin. Mr. Dean Mauchley, Mr. Yoshinohu Terada, and Miss Dorothy Dundore worked closely together, helping seniors meet all of their college deadlines. Starting with an informative session at a class meeting, Mr. Mauchley assisted college - bound students with completing their senior folders of test scores, applications, and activity summaries. 121 50 Academics ii .QQ 145 lll Miss Dorothy Dundore and Mr. Yoshinobu Terada, senior counselors. Q21 Sophomore counselors Mrs. Helen Weed and Mr. Bill Burnam. l3l Freshman counselors Mrs. Sara Borchers and Mr. Lewis Parks. 14-l Mr. Dean Maucliley, college coordinator and activities director. 151 Mrs. Emma Moore and Mr. Donald Nelson, junior counselors. l6l Work Experience Coordinator Mr. Bob Coles. f6l Academics 51 as Q 1 113 52 Academics . i e . i Council Adopts New Forecast Arrangement Curriculum Council Dr. C.V. Cremer led the Faculty Curriculum Council to some notable decisions, including a reorganization of the Forecast Fair. Changed from eighth period last year, this annual presentation of course offerings was held during four periods over two days in February. Another project was a change to semester grading. Under this plan, students would receive two final grades per year-long course. In addition, Miss Beth Thomas attended several district meetings on implementing the new state graduation requirements, and relayed proposals to the council. C23 1 W 5 , , , 1 ' 2 , fll Leaning: Mrs. Gaylen Luher. First Row: Miss Joanne Marini, Miss Helen Takas, Mrs. Madson, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Lesley Glasglow, Mrs. Enid Hall, Mr. Cliff Ferry, Mr. Bob Coles. Back Row: Dr. Con Cremer, Mr. Billy Burnam, Mr. Richard Mabry, Mr. Leonard Scheele, Mr. Gilbert Erlandson. Qi Miss Helen Takas gets ready for curriculum council meeting. ,st - as-fe swsseviss ' . sgga .t 4 asf' Wig". MM. W'-N. Coffee Tasting Nets Funds P.T. . Traditionally involved in many activities, at Franklin and in the community, P.T.A. members had an especially busy year. Coffee tasting for a marketing research survey was an unusual highlight on the calendar Cnetting the treasury 33.00 per participantj. ln addition, board members attended a conference with venereal disease as the topic for discussion. On a volunteer basis, mothers assisted with collecting fees, distributing textbooks, testing students for tuberculosis and eyesight problems, and tutoring under the VIPS fvolunteer ln Public Schoolsl program. At year's end, a luncheon was held for Franklin's faculty, and two scholarships, were given to graduating seniors. 13l Mrs. Hilda Kay and Mrs. E. Wang discuss P.'I'.A. activities. 14D Seated: Mrs. Elsie Urbach, president, Mrs. June Baker, first vice - president, Mrs. Pat Hesgard, secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Lambert, Mrs. Rita Sehwartzkoph, Mrs. Ester Stone, Mrs. Nona Cline. Third Row: Maurine Odhert, Mrs. Marylou Parrish, Mrs. Doris Harding, Mrs. Noreen Nelson, Mrs. Rhoda Whittlesey, Mrs. Phyllis Selirieber, Mrs. Hilda Kay. Academics 53 177 54 Academics 415 C25 Q39 K -... fwx k ,gzip , . K ,,.,3,vs,. X K . Q gig, . sv Q11 Q21 Q31 JH . i fiom '57 -, E if 71f.:, - X --2 v iii: x l Y Z... E . . . . 4 'S A , . ,, - 'lit'-asf N E Y cg X X XX Q 1 :st-. 5. NN X c 3 , QS.. sc . , i .K :skin In sm s -: it :A .. . i. . ms,-. . i 1 ' ,--. 5' 555 52522 1 . B . L Q sg as 5 7 Xmhw, mmx, . kx,,X . ww., Q81 Q71 1 ' Ig 'm.. ' X ' Q- c. .... .. t ar. - i'if2S"3.'v5'f gg ks ,:,' 1 .t A 'X ""' ' ,,,.: ":: Q41 Page 54: Ql1 Mr. Herman Becker, Social Studies. Q21 Mrs. Osa Ballen, English. Q31 Mr. .Ion Abraham, BE. Q41 Mr. Brian Biggs, Drama and English. Q51 Miss Helen Boelts, Art. Q61 Miss Anne Bohlen, Science. Q71 Mrs. Barbara Bousquet, English. Q81 Mr. Jerry Bosco, Art. Q91 Mr. Walter Buckiewicz, P.E. Page 55: Q11 Mrs. Maxine Crites, Social Studies. QZ1 Miss Faye Cornutt, English. Q31 Mr. Thomas Dyar, Mathematics. Q41 Miss Marion Cauthers, Combined Classes. Q51 Mr. Peter Donahue, Combined Classes. Q61 Mr. Britt Davis, Combined Classes. Q71 Mr. David Carleson, Music. Q81 Mr. Borden Christensen, Industrial Education. Academics 55 147 415 625 135 V a Q ,, 3 1 ,M M-MM'-"M -ywaxsxwi H"-2 f. by .ms , V . i s ' 5 M' X ww ! 1? 1 9 V -ffm 5 j S 1 Q4 7 in h M W. T' ,,...A f f ff f i , A , I -- 4. vi' , wi gf :fn JA Q: ,if 1 L X 175 137 C93 56 Academics 1 1 121 131 Page' 56: 111 Mrs. xloscpliinr Elim, Healtli. 121Mr. Gilbert lfrlandsnn, Social Studies. 131Mr. Alan Ellis, Social Studies and Foreign Languagu. 141 Mrs. Gladys lfggiman, Home Economics. 151 Mrs. blanc-I Faurot, Social Studies. 161 Mr. Gerald lfuricli, Business. 171 Mr. Harold lfllmcrs, Mathematics. 181 Miss jc-an Fostm-r, Combim-Ll Classvs. 191 Mr. Cliff lfcrry, lfnglisli. Page 57: 1l1 Mr. Paul Hansen, lVl2ifllElTl2iflC5. 121 Miss Dorothy Grant, lfnrcigri Languagv. 131 Mr. Howard Grogan, Distrilmutivc lfducation. 141 Miss Elizabi-tli Halckini-n. English. 151Mrs. Conncc Gullcy, Hvaltli. 161Mrs. Enid Hall, Business. 171 Mrs. Leslry Glasgow, Coinliincd Classes. 181 Mr. Micharl Hibbard, English and Spi-4-ch. Academics 57 141 171 ww. wr. 58 Academics 131 121 111 ,aw V '22 .kia A, XX N N- .K X, - st .,,...,z.., X . Lt.-'..s.,.N..-4.. ,513 ,,.. ws. 51 ,. I Q l o ,K gg ' fv' ' "" ":Q ,,Qf-". 1 .- QS ..,' 1 In E . ,.kX il Q k,:. 154 . ., . X..., .2 ,...V .,,:v E J 5 :,, ,r i .. . 1 W il. . H 'i .h ,,' 1 I V , 111 ll ' 1 3 we li Ai Alu l ex Page 58: 111 Mr. Gary jackson, Social Studies. 121 Mrs. Ellen Jenkins, Business. 131 Mr. john Hilley, English. 141 Miss Kathryn Knotts, Mathematics. 151 Mr. jeff Kuter, Social Studies. 161 Mr. Charles Kearney, Art. 171 Mr. Edward johns, Mathematics. 181 Mrs. Helen Howard, Career Education. 191 Mr. .lack Knudsen, P.E. and Athletics Director. Page 59: 111 Mr. Keith Lokan, Business. 121 Miss Joanne Marini and Miss Beryl Piper, P.E. 131 Mr. Reuben Maier, Foreign Language. 141 Mr. Richard Mabry, Mathematics. 151 Mrs. Gaylen Luher, Home Economics. 161 Mr. Edward Lanctot, Industrial Education. 171 Mr. Harold Linder, Art. 181 Mrs. Kathleen Lowe, Science. is X it f 5 s K X 191 K . T 1 ' . if 'i ' 111 ... 5 l he . etef ieer t 1 . .. . 1 X it , ... LV ..i. 1 . MSM, K A 5 x f . A. W ,A Yi fi V :.fS,:k5-N55 m a A SJ, J, M ,MQ :I X. .Q 1, .xx, is E QQ gfyifi X Q xg Rx X z Rf X X 53, xx X w 1 a g ' ,X X New . ,M , .1 X U7 623 :I wi , M - as A 4 ff N. V A ,W x gg 'ik f 1 S-,aaa 1 X. ' Q, gy' Q . if ' ' .N .-F N , f N33 .J Sf' ,Y X X T .- 1+ '13 w V ' 4 if ,, -N ' ff ,. Y f My fi if Q X S Sim! S X li-'T 55? f u bs' X , .. , I ' x N 5 . ... .swf-QQ.--Q f57 Academics 59 645 UD X W RS 2 S Q 60 Academics U9 127 gy k,A ., ,YI T14 Q- M2 K rf J 4' :ie 'V ff A , fy, ,K 1, if if 4 9 L' 19 f , f JV f A1 --in bw ,M , 4 Mizwy- ,, MW A 151 Page 60: 111 Mr. Patrick Nesbitt, lndustrial Education. 121 Mr, John Neeley, Science. 131 Mr. james McKee, Social Studies. 141 Mrs. Mary Nyland, Business. 151 Miss Miriam Morgan, Art. 161 Mr. Kirk Morey, Combined Classes. 171 Mr. Michael O'Gara, Mathematics. 181 Mr. joseph Maloney, English. 191 Mrs. Connie McBride, English. 1101 Mrs. Arla McKee, English. Page 61: 1l1 Mr. Leonard Sclieele, Science. 121 Mrs. Miriam Puckett, English and Publications. 131 Mr. John Peery, Music. 141 Mr. Dario Raschio, Science. 151 Mr. Earl Osborn and Mr. Charles Pulliam, Combined Classes. 161 Mr. Carlton Richter, Science. 171 Mr. Harold Palmer, Industrial Arts. Academics 61 C19 123 1 Page 62: ill Miss Corrine Senn, Business. Q21 Mr. Reinhold Schouweiler, Foreign Language. Q33 Mr. Joseph Sklenieka, Science. Hi Mr. John Shcfler, Industrial Arts. 153 Mrs. Ruby Sewright, Home Economics. 161 Miss LaRhette Swann, English. UQ Mrs. Lenore Stoffel, English and Journalism. Page 63: ill Mr. -Iohn Unfred, Englishg Mr. Tom Thomas, Health. 121 Miss Elizabeth Thomas, English. 131 Mr. Gary Waite, Industrial Arts. HJ Miss Krista Ulland, Business. QSQ Mr. Frank Wolf, Mathematics. 163 Mr. Philip Wax, English. UI Helen Takas, Art. 62 Academics . :ww 2 A 491 c.- My r "" f ' Y FMU N, ,SMT g, Z 1 t. A3 f- ri 'V Qsgiizfzei. ,fwfr f W. - H v 40 Q f' Y 1 I' is Q", - "'f' . s , iw:-' , , . qi.-syz yy XL "' a x ,, , ' , if A . ffm ii Wfigf . M12 4 2. f' ' , ef V4 I' ,ff M, 'Q f 149519 Y if sys! wifi 663 ay .M , ' f ,5.. M Q Q 'Z' an hw-'ewan 214- Q7 vw, wfa ,V gi FCA. Academics 63 Q M! X M LL-xx 'i M 'Mu fm w V MFL , Q - 0' E K ' Q X 2' YL '15 N X - ij-f - turn tcm Ease EQDHTIHQIFIFCQ Sengnimfs W E 14 EQ' R ! Z f if 1 1 1 A l fo Z Q N 66 Seniors S ' E , ,ESQ 3 r Senior Week SUPERb Fall Cabinet "Since this was our last year, we wanted all seniors to have something out of the ordinary to remember," stated fall president Jim Ewing. Getting off to a good start, his cabinet raised 5250.00 by decorating the Georgia-Pacific Co. float for the Rose Parade. Later, sales of "Super Crunch" bars, class tags, and having a "Drudge Sale" during Senior Week provided additional funds for the prom. Jim cited as outstanding workers Linda Schroeter, Sandy Dickinson, Melodie Stafford, Julie D'Ambrosia, Paulette Richmond, and Carrie Bergstrom. Seniors 67 ff! , X mf? gw.. e' . E 4 um f ! YV 444' 1 .1 My . QSM. L.,. hx ,X 1 My F - ,4 ff, ,Qi 45 Q!! A x N V1 y Q ' , fx : :iw Af. ij , i f NE 1 V. H 'wfiiiqsa S: 'umsxzym ' 'MT-4 'V f, DMX" - t ish- . ' E 7 R A .1gi- Q , ffm .ff f . 3 'N Qi mw-win Q ' . 5 7 ,N 1 x i 'fix' 1 X3 fb X fm, , f' af f v,' W , . i , Q -v , - .. f 1 gg? an . f.' X Q .f,g sf 25' p Cabinet Overcomes Financial Difficulties pring Cabinet "Trying to obtain money for senior activities was our biggest problem," commented Linda Darke, spring senior class president. The cabinet faced a near - crisis situation in February when it discovered that there wasn't enough money to have a prom. To raise the needed funds, the officers decided to sell prom tickets early, at five dollars a couple. The S330 netted in this manner, and the S100 received from the PTA for housing visiting All Northwest Choir and Orchestra members, assured seniors that their traditional activities would be held. Besides the usual senior-faculty basketball game, prom, senior breakfast, assembly, slides, and baccalaureate, a senior movie was produced. Unlike past years, May Fete and the second Senior Week were held simultaneously. This served to emphasize the role of seniors in the traditional celebration. Summing up the year, sergeant- at-arms Barbara Bridges remarked, "The cabinet wished to make all our final activities great." Page 66: Senior Fall Officers: Jim Ewing, president: Linda Schroeter, vice-president, Melodie Stafford, secretary: Sandy Dickinson, treasurerg Helena Kaipola, publicity chairman. Page 67: Left, Fall Senior Sgts.-at-Arms: julie D'Ambrosia, Paulette Richmond, Carrie Bergstrom, Helen Liang, Debbie McKee, and, seated, Janette Vanderpool. Below: Ken Ottoson, John Giunta and Dennis Vigna discuss senior men's roll eating contest. Page 68: Senior Spring Officers: Linda Darke, president: Chris DiLoreto, vice-president: Linda Sanders, secretary, Rex Brenton, treasurer, Shirley Colvin, publicity chairman. Page 69: Spring Senior Sgts.-at-Arms: Dawn Cunningham, Barbara Bridges, Becky Durbin, Carol Knutson, Shirley Gribble, and Randy Bishop. Seniors 69 Amato, Craig Androschuk, Gordon Anstine, Michael Backstrom, Cindy Baker, Nancy Barbour, Tracy Barnum, Patrice Barrett, Shirley 70 Seniors Albano, Carol Allen, Barbara Allen, Sheila Bastin, Patricia Beal, Harlie Beck, Debra 5 a s -as X sa X f K YN sv? 43 .f aw- ewqa ,,..A. I . in 1 f f 2 ea B ee , qqzf' S X LL:LL.L M' , Abbzffwi e ,Q W X ,,i, i i "' an .xx Behnore, Curtis Bentley, Diane Bentz, Randall Bergstrom, Carrie Bernunzio, John Bernunzio, Paul Bethune, Clarence Q- , My di it Seniors 71 Blades, Patti Blair, Terry Blankenship, Debbie Blumenschein, Debbie 72 Seniors Billingsley, Barbara Bishop, Randy Blackford, Johna Boetger, Michael ff. wp. J""""'--M. Bonner, Anita Bowen, Michael Bowen, Pamela Page 71: fLeftJ Ken Ping and Sam McKean prepare to dig in during senior roll eating contest. tRightJ Mark Jones shows his etiquette in devouring a roll. Page 72: Carol Knutson and Ron Palmer take advantage of one of the nice days while discussing executive business. Caldwell, Cindy Bowles, Arlene Brandt, Joan Brenton, Rex Bridges, Barbara Brown, Ann Brown, Donna Brown, Kenneth Burgard, Tim Seniors 73 74 Seniors Callaghan, Jeanne Canham, Karen Caputo, Mike Carrara, Denise Carroll, Dennis Cheek, Alan Chow, Lynn Cieloha, Randy Clark, James Clark, Jeff Clayson, Daniel Cozzetto, Connie Crisanaz, Allen Cuddy, Patricia Clevenger, Larry Clow, Eileen Clunas, Cannen Coe, John Coleman, David Colvin, Shirley Cooper, Ted Coughlin, Steve Seniors 75 76 Seniors Custer, Leonard D'Ambrosia, Julie Darke, Linda Darlow, Greg Cullison, Carol Cunningham, Dawn Custer, Leo ck 'sg 'X Xl K. Page 74: "Who?!?'y queries Miki- Caputo. Page 76: OBSVVVFGA lOnly Be Satisfied With Vowffls For Grades Associarionl pauses while recruiting new members. Dickson, Shannon Davis, Chuck Davis, Pamela Davis, Ray Dean, Gary Deems, Greg Demuth, Cindy Dent, Bonnie Darby, Heather Deters, Bruce Dezell, Bill Dickinson, Sand IH Seniors 77 78 Seniors Dirks, Glenda Donaldson, Carol Down, Pat Duclos, Joann Dunford, Marilyn Durbin, Becky Eastland, Paul Entwisle, Ron Dickman, Ricky Dimoff, Deanne DiLoreto, Chris Erdman, Dorethea Erickson, Charlene Ewing, Jim W "" Ford, Steven Foster, Tim Frison, Debbie Farrell, Shawn Farley, Nancy Flach, Kznyn Federspiel, Mike Fluharty, Thomas Seniors 79 80 Seniors Gedamke, Janet Geren, Peggy Giunta, John Glasbrenner, Barbara Garner, Dwayne Garrett, Steve Garrison, Dale atywfai Y ,tc .W ' W. ,,, 54 r ,Www 'E Q, ' I M1 Grant, Gayle Green, Mark Gribble, Shirley Za 1,3 fm isp, ,Q ,,., My Page 79: Showing complete concentration in his work, Gordon Androschuk works on drafting while Steve Ford whistles. Page 80 fLeftJ: Dale Garrison walks leisurely down the path in the summer sun. iRightJ Rex Brenton pushes strenuously toward his goal of first place in a cross country meet. Harris, Patricia Q, , Grimes, Steve Groh, Dennis Guldenzoph, Larry Gumbert, Richard Gurwell, Barbara Gwilliam, Vicki Hammond, Peggy Hampton, Richard Seniors 81 Harrison, Susan Haven, Greg Hayzlett, Cynthia Head, Elaine i Helmer, Tim I .i., ' Tiigseigrgsf K- i. Helquist, David Helus, Paul Herrmann, Lisa 9 41' I I 1 Herzog, Cindy Hilderbrand, Terry Hogan, Tom 1 82 Seniors Hauge, Al 5 Hausch, Nancy 3 v F E N S E E Q Z Henry, Vanora , Horton, Kathryne Howell, RoZanne Hughes, Joy Huie, Melvin Inahara, Cheryl Jacoby, Kenya Seniors 83 84 Seniors Jensen, Patty Johnson, David Johnson, Tom Johnson, Victoria Jolley, Sandi Jones, Andrea Jones, F loy Jones, Mark Jackson, Stewart Jarvis, Janis Jarvis, Melissa Jordan, Tom J ung, Doris Jung, Richard Page 83: Rick Williams shows Debbie Rask the sights of the town in the play "Oklal1oma!" Page 85: "That's enough snow for today!" exclaims Sandi Jolley. Keyes, Fred Junker, Mark Kaipola, Helena Kappleman, Dayle Karrer, Chris Kays, Robert Kehdy, Steve Kelley, Gary Seniors 85 86 Seniors Kirchem, Gail Kirkpatrick, Dan Knapp, Georgia Knight, Raymond Knutson, Carol Koppy, Martin , Krettler, Larry Kruse , Janice Lapp, Beverly i 1 i r sis: ""' L 1--'1 g My 15 . 5 'rix : ' 2.5.2. .VWV 4 X 1 X K :E K X QrL..- rv- '-X A : - R ii, Q It K . rqxwr ! '4 Q, .JS . is "" y f 1 n ' . ri., X L L ,s L 'gg X' if Q rs' rr L frr, i .eh Lewis, Cindy Liable, Earl Liang, Helen Lawwill, Gary Lee, Harold Lentz, Debbie Leonetti, Thomas Seniors 87 88 Seniors Locke, Jan Lohmier, Rebecca Long, Michelle Lorenzen, David Louie, Janet Liavaris, Sophia Littell, Debra Little, Sharon rn Louie, Shelton Love, Roddi Lovegrove, Mark , Tw Page 86: Signing each other's ALMANACS during the summer delivery are Curt Madson, and Gary Kelley. Page 87: Melodic Stafford concentrates on painting a sign during an art class. Page 88: "See, there's more muscle there than you thought," says Wayne Palmer to Cindy Nelson. Mahoney, Debra Lovlien, Tom Lowery, Mark Lukich, Peter Lundquist, Gordon Lyseng, Roger Mabry, Richard Madson, Curtis Maghbouleh, Farid Seniors 89 90 Seniors Main, Kit Mammen, Alice Manolis, Susan Martin, Mike Martinez, Desiree Mattson, Bob McCartney, Randy McC1anahan, Gary McCleHarn, Rosemary McCoy, Royce McCreary, Debbie 0 M . " 9 , e e N McDonough, Steve McCann, Dave Seniors 91 92 Seniors McKee, Debbie McNerney, Mike McGuire, Rebecca McKean, Coralee McKean IV, Samuel e 'fe gawgw, emmx, 52 , Melton, Dale Meyer, Don Meyer, Sue Dfln Page 90: Randy McCartney performs his part from the fall play "Oklahoma!" at the University of Portland Speech Meet. He took first place for talent. Page 91: Discussing a recent turn of events are Greg Haven, Allen Crisanaz, and Ken Ottoson. Page 92: Desiree Martinez and Becky Durbin convince Linda Struble to give Karen Tweten some Fritos. Page 93: Connie Cozzetto and Cherrie Marshall dream of graduation. Mills, Julia Miller, Patricia Miller, Sandra Millholilin, Wanda Miley, Carl Seniors 93 Miner, Leslie Monaco, Denise Moon, David af was Moore, Jean Moore, Jill Moore, Jim 94 Seniors Morehead, Marilyn Moultrie, Trula Moyer, Don Munkers, Pam Myers, Michelle Myers, Nancy Seniors 95 96 Seniors Neukamm, Marlene Nicholson, Lawrence Nies, Ronald Norton, Rick Olson, Leilani Naylor, Steven Nelson, Cindy Nemgar, Donna 2 X W if 2 , l 3 5,4 1115! My I , I 1 eeil if if 9 A 2 lf Page 94: Seniors Arlene Bowles and ,loan Brandt view some facts on inflation in a pamphlet held by junior Linda Harder. Page 95: Dennis Regelin, Alice Mammen, Greg Darlow, and Annette Snider pause during their performance in "Oklahoma!" Page 96: POST Editor Tom Fluharty, apparently pleased with his effort, smiles at his typewriter. Page 97: Diane Stalker, ALMANAC Editor, beams as another deadline is met. Palmer, Wayne l 'H Ottoson, Ken Owen, Kevin Palandri, Jerry Palmer, Becky Palmer, Ron Seniors 97 98 Seniors Pearce, Sally Peloquin, Penny Parker, J eff Parsons, Karen Pavlich, Walt Pendleton, Dennis Ping, Kenneth Plyler, Teresa X 'PW New ,eg Nr r.-, .- --.RQ New f- in 1" . nes 2 1 rr1 nnea P P er rE rj! E f Q if A 2 f' X , 4 f J' E v , , ,Z .. A A, - V , X 'U v- 4,0-rHQa--" 4' Pullen, Dave Rask, Debbie Reese, Rick Porter, Sheila Powell, Mike Price, Laura Price, Tim Priest, Sherry Seniors 99 100 Seniors Robbins, Jeff Robinson, Frank Rodd, Fred Roll, Steve Regelin, Dennis Reynolds, Theresa Richmond, Paulette Ruonela, Susan Sabin, Jackie Sander, Laura Sanders, Linda if ,x ", vi 'il ' L" 'f1i,,,15.Q Page 98: jim Pearson joins in applause at the Russian Club's Vetcherinka. Page 99: Richard Jung and Dennis Cvroh listen to music in Mass Media class. Page 100: Pat McDermott waits for her Senior Newsletter in Reg. Rep. meeting. Page lOl: "lt's my turn to check the time" insists Jeanne Callaghan to a reluctant Carol Knutson. Schramm, Debbie Scarbury, Barbara Schreiber, Tim Schaffer, Ed Schoenbeck, Leo Seniors 101 102 Seniors Schroeter, Linda Schumann, Louise Schwanke, Cindy Schwartzkopf, Lila Scott, Cyndy Scott, Leslie Seim, Joel Shaffer, Matthew Shaver, Pamela Sickler, Tad Seivers, Carol Siple, John Skidmore, Darlene Smith, Daniel Smith, Paul smith, Sally Seniors 103 104 Seniors Smith, Wendy Snider, Annette Solari, John Sparkman, Tara Stafford, Melodie Staino, Nick 4' Page 102: Using a Coke as refreshment, Kathy Horton takes on another Chapter of Charles Dickens. Page 103: Kevin Roach provides the instrumental portion of entertainment at the Russian Club Vetcherinka. Page 104: Rex Brenton, Karyn Flash, Mark jones, and Julie D'Ambrosia yell, "Senior Power!" during Senior - Faculty Game assembly. Page 105: Richard Thorpe and Dorian Quinn enjoy the Russian Vetcherinka. Steele, Evonne Stalker, Diane Stark, Brenda Stark, Valerie Stenson, Fred Steffan, Daryl Seniors 105 106 Seniors Stevens, Martha Stith, J ill Stockdale, Kirk Stokes, Pam Stonecypher, Ruth Stopper, Judith Stoutenburg, Joni Struble, Linda Sudborough, Rita Tano, Shari Taylor, David Taylor, Robert Templeton, Greg TenClay, Nyla Thompson, George Thompson, Jacquiline Seniors 107 108 Seniors Tolonen, Steven Tracy, Pat Trask, Teresa Treible, Patty Trimm, Jon Turley, Sara Turnquist, Kristi Tweten, Karen Throop, Mark Tolan, Terry Tolonen, Stanley Urbach, Susan Vanderpool, Janette Vavrosky, Lennae Page 106: During a Senior Reg Rep. meeting, Floy Jones and Patti Blades find out about senior activities to come. Page 107: L'8:00 is too early for cabinet meetings," protests Shirley Gribble. Page l09: Gloria Wingenbach cacklcs during her "Oklahomal" performance. Waterhouse, Rod Vigna, Dennis Volhner, Brett Waits, Pamela Wakeman, Jay Wallace, John Seniors lO9 Weber, Teresa Weber, Vicki Webster, Joe l s 5 2 f S Z 4 , Weirich, Mike Welch, Leann 1 Wells, Steve l Wethern, John i 3 Westwood, Tracy l l l ll0 Seniors 1 l Wheeler, Vicki Wickham, Jeff Wiedenmann, Art Wittkop, James Wold, Terry Wong, Jeffrey Wilson, Geri Ann Wilson, Marilyn Wilson, Sue Wilson, Tom Winchester, Steve Winegarden, Ron Wingenbach, Gloria Wiseman, Mary Jo Seniors l l l l 12 Seniors Wong, Mike Woodall, Taffy Wright, Jerry Wriglesworth, Dennis Wurst, Lillian Yanase, Kazuhiko York, Linda Young, Dan Page ll0: Rozanne Howell catches up on her correspondence while waiting for her Class to start. Yowell, Paula Zink, Tom 43 sg ef Z 'Z' ' Vi Most Friendly Bob Kays Carol Knutson lvlost Likely to Succeed Dan Smith Linda Schroeter Most Studious Mike Caputo Julie D'Ambrosia Most Humorous Randy Bishop Debbie Flask Most Individual Rich Hampton Nancy Baker Most Sincere Jim Ewing Evonne Steele Most Spirited Steve Stone Shirley Colvin Most Talented in Art Mike Wong Nlelodie Stafford Athletics Ben Bethune Barbara Bridges Drama Randy McCartney Alice Mammen Leadership Ron Palmer Tracy Barbour Instrumental Music Dennis Groh RoZanne Howell Speech ' Dennis Regelin Gloria Wingenbach Vocal Music George Thompson Laura Kim Price QUAKER: RON PALMER OUAKERETTE: CARRIE BERGSTROM Seniors 113 .W , " , E . - il ff r f' Q VV , --f'- Backstromf Clndl' , iymy V ' ' . B2-1rreft,Sl1irlev . ' ' F A . A . Be'm0'e Cuff PM t ff' an en ' - 2 , ' ' r f , Q V V M , ,-ff 2: V , Bergstrom, Carrie V ,,, - 5,1 s ., .Vi -f H ,.., , K 41 5:5 ,V . V ,VV , Bfandl-Joan , ' " fi w A lil lilf A .pf kvff i P , Brenton, Rex ? ' , fm, ' Q : ' fi" Q V 3 Bridges Barbara '5 .. ' V n E27 2 V ' ffl gif' 'Q f T' ' 'W it 4? , Q V' K V-lvl! V l ll! rx 1 Y! f'i:" ?'. 4 . ' , I 'r': l 'f '," L V , . Caputo, Mike ,, V A' V -V V, VV ' VV Chow' Lynn : ' , ., . Brrr V3 Clayson, Dan V, . , V 'V V5 3' an 1 '5 CIOWV Eileen P rrrr ' . l ,. V: Coe' JUN' I ' t M A i BLV I Colvin, sninev W . 7 - VV VV V 5 V I krrk A .3 , 1 .V L ,tu VV V VV :. ,,V. Custer, Leonard tk 1 at. W- f, n , , -yy, , -r - :V ' 1V L' 7 inf WMBLTZ. ' J If . 1 ., :ff , . 4 V . , "LL ' ,V f Crlsanaz, Allen li . 1 - - 1"' f. . ' 2 ,--, -M v " 4: V " 'f D Ambrosmf Julie 1 ill ' V432 . ,., ' gif : V Dm' Lind: n .V , F - aa . DlCkl"S0'1VSa"dV t V :' rrrr V DlL0r9t0 ChriS .. ' V 5 'V -2. V' Dimoff bearing 54 rrr , ' A V I V VVIVVZVVV V Vw VV V V , V grvyv Viv! V , E:'V'I:'g'J"q. f ri 'f. i mil 9 f il U arrv, Om ai? if : ,V . l V - ' " fn, iV , , V qu V , 4 , 1 ' :' V -rr' V ' . , ff Ginnfn. Jnnn l Gran, Dennis : .3 A ' 2 l fl --'H ' ' . f ' V ' f ' , at wifi? ' X. fri? Hauschf Nanclf . ' . , W . t ft, , -fn V F FP 5' . V12 ' Heffnnnnn, Linn , '- . 'Ve wt .. i Howell, FioZanne Hi r rm A i , ,. . , f fu an I S ' . 'MM .VI 1 .gag E 75 J , " ' - , "" ' ' W" Hughes, Jov If-'W' V X Q 1 ' .5 . V ' A ji Hare, Melvin l cf ' ,ff q W W Jacoby, Kenya ,V V y V1 V ! VV,fjVg3'e'. , 4 VV Jones, Mark i l S? V' , ' , V, ' Jung' Dons il' 12 V . I t , 1. VV , V V' i A ful JUHKHV, Mafk Q 4 V"' au 9 V V .n-:i . 'Q Exif. 2 ' I V' 3 Kirchem, Gail , V J" V Vt . ' . gr, V " A, E1 V N , Lapp, Beverly A, "VV,V f, V , 1,5 " V V , . i 2, , r V . , V :V ,.'f , .V - 1 I ,aff .a im U , -r f. fV V -li' V V . - Leg Hargld - "..V V - ' is ', , t . - I if 4 ,f J ff 7, ' xv X '19 , ' Llffle, Sharon 1 ' r n: V V . 2 L D -d V 1 4 . 2' f OFSFIZBYI, BVI Q - W ,. ,,,,, umIw,- V, 'L A , . , . ,. ,nwiw ., ,zu .VIZ Al to 1 , .Q K r KEY: DECA: Distributive Fdueation Clubs of America NHS: National Honor Society Sigma: Sigma Phi Alpha CC: Curriculum Council AGS Rep.: .Associated Girl Students Representative AFM Rep: Affiliated Franklin Men Representative Thes.: 'lihespians Car. Conf.: Career Conference NFL: National Forensic League SC Rep.: Student Council Representative SB: Student Body Cos.: Costumes Committee Cr. C: Cross Country B-ball: Basketball Ha-ball: Baseball F-ball: Football POST: PUST staff member ALMANAC: ALMANAC staff member Chmn.: Chairman Chap.: Chaplain Gen. Chmn.: General Chairman Comm.: Committee Pres.: President V. Pres.: Vice President Sec.: Secretary Treas.: Treasurer Pub. Chmn.: Publicity Chairman 114 Seniors Sgt.-at-Arms: Sergeant-at-Arms l : Freshman year 2: Sophomore year 3: junior year 4: Senior year Parl.: Parliamentarian Albano, Carol: Abernethy: Wlork, Allen, Barbara: Woodstock: VVork: Honor Roll- 3: SC.-Rep.-l,Z: Ski Club-3.4: Forum-3,4: hlr. Prom Decorations Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Decorations Comm. Chinn.-4. Androschuk, Gordon: Creston: College: WVork: POST-4: F-ball-l,2: li-ball-l: 'lirack-2. Backstrom, Cindy: Richmond: College: Honor Roll-3,-l: NHS-3,4: Track-3,4. Baker, Nancy: Woodstock: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: Class Pub. Chmn.-3: SC.-Rep-l,Z,3: AGS- Rep.-4: AGS Pub. Chmn.-4: Art Staff-3,4: Thespians-3.-l-, Pres.: Forum-Z,3,4: Student CC.- l,2: SC. Pub. Comm.-1: Plays, Pub., Cos.- Programs,-Z,3.4. Barbour, Tracy: Woodstock: College: Work: SB.-Sec.-4: SC.-2,3,4: AGS-Rep-3,4-: Forum-4: Christmas Court Queen-4: -lr. Prom Decorations Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Entertainment Commf Chinn.-4: Candyland Dance Chmn.-4: Senior Rally: May Fete Court. Barnum, Patrice: Creston: Armed Services. Barrett, Shirley: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: Sigma-3,4-Sec: 4: Lambda Gamma-2: Forum-2,3,4: Band- I,2.3,4. Beal, Harlie: Clinton Kelly: Armed Services: li- ball-l,Z. Belmore, Curtis: Atkinson: Honor Roll-2: NHS 2,3,4: Forum-2,3,4: Cross Country-l,Z,3. Bentley, Diane: Creston: College: Work. l Bentz, Randall: Hood River High School, Hood River, Oregon. l Bernunzio, john: St. Ignatius: Work: ALMANAC photographer-4: May Fete Escort. Bernunzio, Paul: St. lgnatius: Work. Billingsley, Barbara: Binnsmead: Colle-ge:l Work: Honor Roll-2,3,4: NHS-4: Forum-4: Track-2. l Bishop, Randy: St. Ignatius: College: Work: glass Sgt.-at-Arms: AFM-Rep-2,5: lJettermen's ,lub-l,Z,.l,4: Track-4: B-ball-l: F-ball-l,2,3,4. l Blades, Patti: Arleta: College: Work: Honor Roll-3,4-: AGS-Rep-4: Sigma-4: Ski Club-4: Quakerettes-l,Z-V-Pres. Track-3,4-: "AH Choir- -: Plays-4: Ticket-2.4: slr. Prom invitations-3: tr. Prom entertainment-4: Senior Council fomm.-4. llankenship, Debbie: Sunnyside: Work: Girls' fhoir-2.3. lowen, Michael: Work: Honor Roll-4: Band- ,2,3,4: Orchestra-4. Bowen, Pamela: Addams City jr. High, Addams fity, Colorado: Armed Services: Marriage, Qowles, Arlene: Woodstock: Marriage: Girls' fhoir-3: Bowling-Z: Stage Crew-3: Cos.-4. Brenton, Rex: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll- ,Z,3,4: Class 'l'reas.-4: NHS-2,3,4: l,ettermen's 'lub-2,3,4: Friars-3,4-Pres.: Forum-2,3,4: accalaureate Host-3: Cr. C-l,2,.l,-l-Captain: B- 'all-l,2,3: Track-l,2,.l,4: May Fete Escort. ridges, Barbara: Atkinson: College: Honor oll-4: Sgt-at-arms-3,4: ALMANAC Staff-394: igma Z,3,4-Pres.: l,ettermen's Club-l,2,3,4: orum-2,3: Sr. Prom Comm.: Open House ornm.: Sr. reg. rep,: Swimming-l,2,3,4-Capt.: Nrack-l,2,3,4-'lirack Hall of Fame: Band- Z,3,4: Perfect Attendance-l,2,3,4: NHS-4: per Senior Colnm. rown, Ken: joseph Lane: Work: Honor Roll- aldwell, Cindy: Marcus Whitman: College: rmed Services: AGS-3,4: DECA-Sec. 3: 'ickets-4. allaghan, jean: St. lgnatius: College: Honor oll-4: AGS-Pres.-4: AGS Sec.: AGS Rep.- 2,3,4: Ski Club-3-,4: Forum-3.4: Baccalaureate omm.-3: Graduation .Comm.-4: Day of ialogue Comm.-4: Make-up Crew-3: Publicity- : Tickets-3: Outdoor School-Z,3,4. anham, Karen: Creston: Plays: Stage Crew. aputo, Mike: Richmond: College: Honor Roll- Z,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: Forum-3,4. arrara, Denise: Arleta: Girls' Choir-2,3. arroll, Dennis xl.: Benson High School: ollege: Honor Roll-.3,4: Photo Staff-3: Forum- : Baseball-l. arter, Samuel: Kellofltll Wtlrkg Armed rvices: Student Council: Football: "A" Choir. heek, Alan: Marshall High School: Work. how, Lynn: College: Honor Roll-3: NHS-4: orum-4: Girls' Choir-3. ieloha, Randy: Woodstock: College: Honor oll-l,2,3,4: Commencement Comm.: accalaureate Comm. Clark, Jim: Arleta: College: Honor Roll-l: NHS-Z,3,4: Class president-l: SC rep-l,Z,3,4: AFM-l,Z: Christmas Court-l.3: Prom Court-3: B-ball-l: Ba-ball-l: fllennis-4: Christmas- Pub. Chmn.: jr. Prom Court Chmn.: Safety Week Co Chmn.- l: jr. Prom Band Comm,-3: Constitution: N HS-Chap-4: May Fete Escort. Clayson, Dan: Glencoe: College: Honor Roll- 2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: SC Rep-3: ALA-3,4 Pres.: Forum-14: Band-l,2,.3: Pep Band--1-. Clow, Eileen: Creston: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: AGS Rep-1,-l-: SC Rep-2,3: Russian Club-3.4: Pres: Ecology Club-3, Treas.: Lettermen's Club-2,3.4, Treas.: Forum-2,3,4: Swimming- l ,2,3,4: Track-l: Curriculum Council-3, Sec.: jr. Prom Refreshments Comm.- 3: Pleiades-4. Coe, john: Kellvggi College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: Forum-2,3,+l-: Friars--l-: B- ball-l,2: Ba-ball-1,2,3,4: Baccalaureate-3. Colvin, Shirley: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3: NHS-Z,3,4: Class Pub. Chinn- 2,4: ALMANAC Staff-3,4-: Art Staff-3,4: Lettermen's Club-3,4-: 'Pliespians-2,3,4: Varsity Fall Rally-3,4, Pub. Chmn.-3, Pres.-4: Christmas Court-3: jr. Prom Court-3: Pleiades- 3,4: Sec: Campus Life-l,2,3,4: Elections Comm- Z: slr. Prom Pub. Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Publ. Chinn,-4: Christmas Dance Dec. Chmn-3: Baccalaureate-3: Make-up Crew-2,3: Stage Crew-l,2,3: Publicity-Z,-1: Cos. Comm.-2: Alumni Christmas Party-4, Perfect Attendance- l,2,3: Petition Revision Comm.-2: May Fete Court-4. Crisanaz, Allen: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-2.3,-l: Forum-2,3,4. Cuddy, Patricia: St. lgnatius: College. Cunningham, Dawn: Arleta: College: Wlork: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-4: Forum-3. Custer, Leonard: La Salle, Milwaukie, Oregon: College: Honor Roll-2,3,4: NHS-4: Friars-4: Forum-3,4-: Track-3. D'Ambrosia, hlulie: St. lgnatius: College: lVork: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: Pub. Chmn-4, Sgt.-at-Arms-4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-4: AGS Rep- Z: ALMANAC Staff-3,4-, Typist, Seniors Editor: Lambda Gamma-Z,3: Sgt-at-Arms-Z: Lettermen's Club-l,2,3,4, Pub. Chinn-3: Ecology Club-3, V. Pres., Pub. Climn., Pres.: Campus Life-4: Russian Club-4: Sec.: Curriculum Council-3,4-, Sgt.-at-Arms-3, Sec.-4: Swimming Hall of Fame-4: Forum-2,3,4: Super Seniors-73 Comm.-4: -lr. Prom Refreshments Comm.-3: Alumni Christmas Party-4: Day of Dialogue Pub. Chmn.-3: Fire Squad-l,2: Honor Roll Comm.-3: Concession Stand-l,Z,3, Chmn.: Petition Revision Comm. Chmn.-2: ALA-4, Sec.: Pleiades-4: Senior Rally-4. Darke, Linda: Mt. labor: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-3,4: Class Pres.-4: AGS V. Pres.- 4: SC Rep-l,2: POST Staff-3,4, News Editor, Feature Editor, Managing Editor: NFL-l,2, Sec.: l,ettermen's Club-3,-lg jr. Prom Court-3: Forum-2,3,4: Golf-3,4-: jr. Prom Gen. Chmn.-3: Rose Festival Princess-4: May Pete Court Chamberlain-4. Davis, Chuck: ,loseph Lane: Armed Services. Deems, Greg: Arleta: College: Bowling-2.3.4. Demuth, Cindy: Wloodstock: Vvork. Deters, Bruce: Our Lady of Sorrows: Wlork: Rifle 'lleam-2,3,-l-: Captain: Rifle Club-14. Dickinson, Sandra: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Class 'llreas-4: SC Rep- 2,3,4: Sigma V. Pres-4: Pleiades-3.4, Pres.: Forum-Z,3,4: Band-l,2,5,el-: Majorette-l,2,3,-l: Sr. Prom Serving Comm.-3: Senior Rally-4. Dil.oreto, Chris: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Class V. Pres.-4: Lettermen's Club-2,3,4: Friars-2.4, V. Pres.: Forum-4: Track-l,2,3,4: Sr. Prom Budget Chmn.-4: Baccalaureate-3: Senior Breakfast Chmn.-4: Senior Rally-4: May Fete Chamberlain-4. Dimoff, Deanne: Creston: VVork: Honor Roll- 1,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-Z: ALMANAC Staff-3,4-: Bowling 'lieam-l,2. Dirks, Glenda: South Side High School, Ft. Wayne, lndiana: College: Honor Roll-3,-L Donaldson, Carol Rose: Kellogg: Work: Quakerettes-2: Highliners-2: "B" Choir-3: Girls' Glee Club-l: Drama-4: Plays-4. Duclos, Joann: Dexter McCary. Gresham, Oregon: College: Honor Roll-4: Forum-3. Entwisle, Ron: Creston: Armed Services: Honor Roll-4: NHS-3,4: ALMANAC Staff-3,4: Lettermenls Club-2,3,4: Forum 4: Perfect Attendance-l,2,3,4: F-ball-l,Z,3,-l-: B-ball-l: Wrestling-2: Ba-hall-l. Erickson, Charlene: Kellogg, Armed Services: Pep Club-2: "A" Choir-3: Girls' Choir-2: "A" Choir: Madrigals-3. Ewing, james: Creston: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-2.3,-1: AFM Rep-l,2: Class Pres.- 4: Friars-3,4, Pub. Chmn.: -lr. Prom Court-3: Forum-2,3,4: F-ball-l,Z,3,4: B-ball-l,Z,3: Track- l,2,4: slr. Prom Comm.-3: Baccalaureate-3: Commencement-3: May Fete Chamberlain. Fluharty, Tom: Creston: College: Honor Roll- 2,3.4: NHS-3,4-: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-2: AFM Rep-l: POST Staff-3,4-, Editor-in-Chief-4, Managing Editor-3: Quill and Scroll-4: Forum- Z,3: -lr. Prom Comm.-3: B-ball-l: jr.-Dad's Club B-ball-3. Frison, Debbie: W'ork: Honor Roll-.2,3,4: Track- 3,4. Garrett, Steve: Abernethy: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: SC Rep-2: AFM Rep-1: Forum-2.3,4: Rifle Team-2: Bowling Club-1.2,-1. Garrison, Dale: Richmond: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: POST Staff-4: F-ball-l,2,3,4, Captain-4: Ba-ball-l,2: "A" Choir-Z,4: NHS-4. Gates, Linda: Newport High, Newport, Seniors 115 Gregon: VVOrk. Gedamke, jan: Reynolds, Troutdale, Oregon: Work: Marriage. Giunta, John: Atkinson, College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: SC Rep-2,3: Friars-3,-l. Treas.: F-ball-l: B-ball-l,2: Ba-ball-l,Z,3,42 Best Offensive-3: Baccaluareate-3: Sr. Alumni Christmas Party-4: Forum-2,3,4: Track-4. Glover, jeff: Kellogg: College: Sc. Rep-4: F-hall- 1: B-ball-l,2. Grant, Gayle: Kellogg? Class Sec.-2: SC Rep- l,2,3: Forum-2,3: AGS-1,Z,4. Green, Mark H.K.: Benson: College. Gribble, Shirley: Lane: College: Honor Rol1-1- 4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-4: SC Rep-l,Z: AGS Rep- l,2: Track-l. Guldenzopf, Larry: Kellogg: Armed Services. Gumbert, Richard: College: Work: SC Rep- l,2,4. Gwilliam, Vicki: St. lgnatius: Work. Hampton, Rich: Portland State University: College: Step One Coordinator: POST Staff- 3,4, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor: Forum- Z,3,4: Principal's Advisory Comm-4. Harris, Patricia: Dale lckes Jr. High College: Work: "A" Choir: Girls, Choir: Plays: Forum- 3. Harrison, Sue: Joseph Lane: Work: Honor Roll- l,2. Hausch, Nancy: Creston: College: Honor Roll- I ,Z,4: NHS-Z,3,4. Head, Elaine: St. Stephens: College: Forum-3: Step-One Tutor, Helus, Paul: Richmond: Armed Services. Henry, Vanora: Glencoe: VVork: "A" Choir: Girls' Choir: Madrigals. Herrmann, l.isa: Kelloilili College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,-l: NHS-2,3,-l: AGS-Z,3,: Thespians-3,-l, Scribe: Forum-Z,3,4: Plays- 2,3,4: Make-up Crew-2: Stage Crew-3: Stage Manager--l-. Hiller, Mark: Kellogg: College. Hogan, Tom: Woodstock: College: Work. Holstrom, Lonna: Kelso Senior High, Kelso, Washington: Work: Honor Roll-3. Horton, Kathyrne: Atkinson: Work: Honor Roll-4. Howell, RoZanne: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: Sigma-Z,3,4: Chap. Hist. Pres.: Pleiades-4: Forum-2,3: "A" Choir- 3: Girls' Choir-2: Band-l,Z,3,-l-: Orchestra- l,2,3,4: Ensembles-l,2,3,4: Sonnettes: Plays-4. 116 Seniors Hughes, joy: Lane: College: Honor Roll-l,3,4: NHS-3,4: Sigma-Z,3,-l: Pub. Chmn., Hist.: Forum-4: Sr. Prom Comm.-4: "AH Choir-3: Girls' Choir-2: Band-2,3,4: Orchestra-l,2,3,4: lfnsembles-l,2,3,-lr: Sonnettes: Costumes-4: Asst. Director for winter play-4: Thes.-4: Treas. Huie, Mel: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,-l-: NHS-2.3,-1: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-2: Russian Club-4: Forum-Z,3,4, Steering Comm.- 4. lnahara, Cheryl A.: Creston: Work: Class Sgt.- at-Arms-l: AGS Rep-l,2: Ski Club-3,4, V. Pres.- 4: Step-one Tutor: Golf 'lieam-3,4. Jacoby, Kenya Rae: Woodstock: College: Honor Roll-2,3,4: NHS-3,4-: lforum-2,3,4: U. of P. Drama Festival-3. Jarvis, Melissa: Kellogg: College: Curriculum Council Rep-2: SC Rep-l,2,3: Baccalaureate Co- Chmn.-3: Jr. Prom Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Comm.- 4: Commencement Hostess 3: jr.-Dad's Club B- ball Game Rally. hlensen, Patty: Atkinson: Wlork: Class Sgt.-at- Arms-l. johnson, Dave: kvork: F-ball-l. johnson, Victoria: Atkinson: VVork: Honor Roll- 3,4: NHS-3,-1: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-3: AGS Rep- Z: Forum-3: Track-l: Costumes-4: Art Staff-4. Jolley, Sandi: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,3: POST Staff-3,43 SC Rep-l,2: Forum- 2,3,4: jr. Prom Comm.-3: Step-One Tutor: Latch-Key Ceramic Tutor. .lont-s, Andrea: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll- 2,3,4: NHS-4: Class Pub. Chmn-l: Art Staff- 3,-l: Forum-3,4: Christmas Court-l: Latch Key Ceramic Tutor-3: Costumes-4. glones, lfloy: St. Stephenls: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: AGS Rep-l: Photo Staff-3: Forum-3,-l-: Sr. Prom Programs and lnvitations Comm. Chinn.- 4. jordan, Tom: Creston: Work. Jung, Doris: St. Ignatius: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: NHS-4: AGS Rep-4: Pep Club-5,43 Attendance Sec: Swim Team-l,Z,3,-l: Forum- 2,4. slung, Richard: Creston: College: VVork: Bowling 'l'eam-2.3,4. glunker, Mark: Richmond: College: VVork: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Forum-Z,3,4: Golf 'l'ean1-2,353 klr. Prom Decorations Comm.- Kaipola, Helena: Creston: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,3,-l: Class Pub. Chmn.-4: SC Rep- l,2,3: AGS Rep-l,Z: Orchestra-l,2,3: ulr. Prom Court Comm. Chmn-3: Consitution Comm.-Z. Kappelman, Dayle: Kellogg: Work. Kirchem, Gail: Clinton Kelly: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,Z,3,4: NHS-4: Art Staff-Srl: Poor R ichard's Rockettes-3, Captain. Knapp, Georgia: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-2,.l: Sigma-2,3,-l-: Band-l,2,3,4: Orchestra-l,2,3,-l: Forum-4: Plays hdake-up Crew-2. Knight, Ray: Arleta: Work: Ba-ball-l,2, Nlanager. Knutson, Carol: Glencoe: Honor Roll-3,4: Class Pres-3: AGS Pres-4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-2,4: SC Rep-l: jr. Prom Court-3: l"orum-Z,3,4: "A" Choir-2: Girls' Choir-4: "Uklahomal"-4: -lr. Prom Comm.-3: Elections Comm.-3: Class Constitution Revision Comm.-2: liudget Comm.- 2: May Pete Court-4. Kruse, Janice: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: AGS Rep-Z: SC Rep-l: Forum-3,4: Sr. Prom Comm.-4: "AH Choir-3,4: Girls' Choir-2: Ensembles-Z,3,4: Plays-4. Laihle, Earl: Woodstock: College: B-ball-2.3.42 F-ball-2,3,4: Ba-ball-2,3,4. Lapp, Bev: Arleta: College: Work: Honor Roll-, 3,4: NHS-4: AGS Rep-4: Hi-Liners-2, Pres.: Sigma-3,-l: Ski Club-4: Lettermenls Club-4: Forum-4: KISN-Faculty B-ball Rally-2: Track- 3,4: "A" Choir-4: Tickets-Z: Plays-4: Sr. Prom lfntertainment Comm.--lf: Sr. Prom lnvitations Comm.-4. Lee, Harold: Atkinson: College: Vllork: Honor Roll-2,.l,4: NHS-3,-1: ALMANAC Staff-4: Forum-2,3. E Lentz, Debbie: Lane: College: Work: AGS Repl 2: SC Rep-l,2: liorum-3: jr. Prom Decorations Comm.-3. Liang, Helen: Cleveland: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3.-1-: NHS-2,3,4: Class Sgt.-at-l Arms-4: NHS Sgt.-at-Arms, Pub. Chinn.: SC Rep-3: Sr. Prom Comm.-4: CC-4. Littell, Debra: Creston: Armed Services: SC Rep-1. Locke, Jan: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-4: Art Staff-4: Forum-2,3,4: Steering Comm. Sec.. Pres.: jr. Prom Decorations Comm. Chmn.-3: jr. Prom Programs Comm.-3: Cos. Chmn.-3.4: 'lihespians-4. Lorenzen, David: Atkinson: College: Vvork: Honor Roll-2,4-. Lovegrove, Mark: Arleta: College: Vllork: Honor Roll-4. Lovlien, 'liomz Kellogg? College: Honor Roll-l l,Z,3,4: NHS-2,3,'l-: Forum-2,3,-l: SC Rep-2: Cr. C.-l,2,-lf: B-ball-l,2,3,4: Ba-ball-l,2: Track- 3,-l. Lowry, Nlark K.: kv tiiir lstock: College: Work. Lundquist, Gord clii C Nlarshall: College: Vvork. Lyseng, Roger: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,-l-: NHS-Z,3,-l: lla-ball-3. Magel, jeff: VVork. l l L e :ViVg,VVVVfV gms, V '5 . V VVV: ae, Lovl ren, Tom i L: V V V 'rifif :Wiz ,", i .1 ..' .V ' l-YSGFIQ, Roger if l e iii A .": :f-V ? l 'V' ' V 'V V A " Wi lVlHdS0n, Cuff , 3 1 " VV VVVVxVV V s 'L,L V Mahoney, Debbie c AAAV 'f ,V V V IVIcCarInev, Randy . f 'LXQV IVV , ' : f If , , ' , V 1 V-'V M K S I IV ff'Ve::V-sieve ,.,A VV ... 5 ' 1 C aan' amue V f 1 H. 5 A V McLeIIarn, Rosemary -,.W , "-- Q V cf i V t V Q V . - - e V f V V V'-L ' : ef' V V IVIIIIS Julie Leer, km , V V, , . V , ,. , . ,, V, " V f' 2V :G-VeViVV VVff VV ' V i " " A VV V 5 Neukamfm 'V'a"ef'e V VV ' V V i V c 1 ,VVV Niifanem Paulette 4' " :VV ff V ' 'W' 5,5 if VV Ottoson, Ken V 'V V 'V V ., V V ., Vdggf, 5 eaviezl palmerl Ron A ' J Parsons, Karen f.. V V t gf V . Paviieh,walr V V' if 1' i Peloquin, Penney ll. V VV V V - Quinn, Dorian -.3 V '- am fe Vw ef 4 k V S A A VV " VV : A V Regelin, Dennis A I A -' -1 ' V ,..' V i . A Z, V Richmond, Paulette V Vg V 'V V V , V Z . lf Ruonalal Sue c 'V' A fi VVe ' K are 4 Sands" Laura -V -V. -f - 235' 5' 'ii . " W V A V, " V ., ' ' ' Schroeter, Linda g iV" I 'W' It ' ' 'H - V ff- ' ' ' ' 4' " 'V . '51 , VVVVVVVVV VVV V W VV V 5 of V ,:s:y': V 9 K -V A Scott, . V , If V V f f A V f V Sparkman, Tara- V Vi 1 l ,Q 2 VV Q ,.V V V ,V V- Stafford, ivieiedie W VVeHfi'iI7ff' :V -W EMU N ' 41" m H ' """ '- VV ' VV c -VV- - Q ' V ,Vee -VV V V V V V V. V V VV Stalker, Diane i f f V r Vi r VVV, V A Stegle' Elyonne Q Q 4 ' U A ' Y T"e'beI'. any. . V Vg VVVjiVVjQVV:' A V i V V . , A .V. V Turnquist, Kristi . V .:' V" VV VV 'I' , 1 V ' VV , ' " ,J V Tu,-IBVV Sara XVV .. ., Vu VV V V ? ' 5 Q 'I View ' ff' V T eten K en 'V' 4 i .V x A t V V -"1 A V if j " . J .V W V af f .y :ip V if if fp ' Yr? :We 2" Q5 VVVVVVV gb, V Weirich, Mike l ff : I 2 ' V 7 'Pl?g1 , l Wheeler, vieki V- -I '- 1 : V-:Ve - . ,e.. :,V::VV' L -' , - '-- ' V fe. , ,Q '4 V VV. V VV iflayberry, Rick: Creston: Work. in ii " , Wilson, Geri Wong, Mike !IcCartney, Randy: Richmond: College: Armed iervices: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: SB V. Pres.-4: SC Exep-l,2,3,4: Forum-3,4: Sigma-3,4: Par.-4: hespians-4: "A" Choir-4: Cr. C.-l,2: B-ball- ,2: Track-l,Z: Plays-4: Band-l,2,3,4: Jrchestra-2,3,4: Percussion Ensemble-3,-l: Boys' tate Rep-3: NHS-4. !IcClanahan, Gary: Kellogg: Work: Armed iervices. !IcCreary, Deborah Ann: Einstein jr. High, San flaghbouleh, Farid: College: CC-3. flahoney, Debbie: Sunnyside: College: Honor ioll-l,Z,3,4: NHS-3,4: POST Staff-3: Forum- ,3: Elections Comm.-3. flain, Kit Thomas: Benson: Work. lammen, Alice: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- ,3,4: NHS-3,-l-: SC Rep-2.4: AGS Rep-l: NHS fhap.-4: Thespians-3,4-: Sigma-3,4-, Chap.: lussian Club-3,4, Sec.: Girls, Choir-3: "A" fhoir-4: Madrigals-4: Plays-2,3,4: Make-up frew-4: Tickets-4: Sr. Prom Refreshments fomm.-4: Speech-4. flanolis, Susan: Marshall: Work. Tartinez, Desiree: Crescenta Valley High chool, La Creseenta, Calif.: Work: Sr. Prom fomm.-4. lattson, Bob: Richmond: Work: AFM Rep-3: :rt Staff-4: "A" Choir-2. I V , VV fix ee. .V 1 -wi V 4 ff 4 5 M fi e ee Q ZW, Diego, Calif.: College: Honor Roll-3: SC-2: Thes,4: AGS-1: Forum-3: Girls' Choir-l: Plays- 3,4: Publicity-3: Usher-3. McDermott, Patricia: james Monroe Sepulveda, Calif.: College: Work. McDonough, Steve: College. McGuire, Rebecca: Woodsotck. McKean, Cora: Arleta: Work: POST Staff-3,4-: Art Staff-3,4: Sigma-2,3: Thespians-4: Track 2: HAH Choir-3,4: Girls, Choir-2: Plays-4: Cos.-4: Make-up Crew-4: Programs Chmn-4. Meyer, Don K.: Arleta: Work: Rifle Team-3,4: Perfect Attendance-l,2,3,4. Miley, Carl: Woodstock: College: Golden Ball B-hall-2: Campus Life-4: B-ball-l,2. Miller, Patricia: Woodstock: College: Work: Honor Roll-3,4-: POST-4: Forum-2,3. Mills, Julie: Arleta: College: Honor Roll- l,Z,3,4: NHS-3,4: FUYLIITI-Z,3. Miner, Lesley: VVoodstock: College: Work: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-2: NFL-Z: See.: Forum-3. if Yanase, Kazuhiko Moon, Dave: Creston: College: F-ball-Z: Swimming-4: B-ball-1.2: Bowling-l,2, Moore, glean: Richmond: Work: Honor Roll- 2,3,4: Forum-3,4-. Moultrie, Trula: Burley High School, Burley, Idaho: Work: "B" Choir-1. Myers, Michelle: College: Work: Honor Roll-3: SC Rep-3: Art Staff-4: Homecoming Court-l. Myers, Nancy: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: Forum-2,4: Band l,2,3,4: Sax Quartet- 3. Nemgar, Donna: Arleta: College: Work: AGS Rep-l: SC Rep-I: Forum-4. ' Neukamm, Marlene: St. lgnatius, College: Honor Roll-2,3,4: NHS-3,4: Forum-4: AGS Rep-2: Baccalaureate-3. Niiranen, Paulette: Arleta: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: NHSe3,4: AGS Rep-l: Forum-Z,4. Nies, Jim: Roy C. Ketchem, Wappinger Falls, New York: Work. Ottoson, Ken: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll- l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Lettermen's Club-l,2,3.,4: Seniors 117 Forum-2,3,4: Friars-4: Cr. C.-1.2.3,-l: Track- l,2,3,4: Band-I,2,3,4. Palandri, Alerry: Arleta: College: Honor Roll- 3,4: NHS-3,4: SC Rep-3: Forum-2,3. Palmer, Becky: Creston: College: Work: Honor Roll-2,3,4: AGS Rep-3: Art Staff-3,4: SC Rep- l. Palmer, Ron: Creston: College: Honor Roll-3,4: SB V. Pres., Pres.-4: Class V. Pres.-3: SC Rep- l,2,3,4: AFM Rep-2: Friars-3,4-, Sec.: Rally-3: Wrestling-l: Jr. Prom Court-3: Sr. Prom Comm.-4: Christmas Dance Comm.-3,4: Make- up Crew-3: NHS-4: May Pete Prime Minister- 4. Palmer, kVayne: Glencoe: College: l,ettermen's Club-3,-l-: Forum-2,3: P-ball-Z,3,4. Parsons. Karen: Redmond High School, Redmond, Oregon: College: Honor Roll-2,3,4: NHS-3,-F: AGS Rep-2: ALMANAC Staff-3.4: Forum-.Z,3,4: Band-l,2,3,-lg NHS Hist. Pavlich, W.D.: Woodstock: College: Honor Roll-4: NHS-3.4: .-XFIVI Rep-3.4, Sec.: POST Staff-4, Columnist: Forum-2,3,4: F-ball-l,Z,3,4-: B-ball-l. Peloquin, Penney: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- l,Z,3,4: NHS-4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-2,3: AGS Rep-l,2: SC Rep-l,Z: P-ball Wrestling Rally-4. V. Pres., Pres.: Forum-2,3,4: Jr. Prom Decorations Comm.-3. Ping, Ken: St. Ignatius: College: Honor Roll- 3,-1-: Forum-2,3,4. Plyler, Teresa: Foster High School, Seattle. Washington: College: Work: Honor Roll-2.14: NHS-Z,3,-l-: AGS Rep-2: Sigma-2,3,4: Pep Club- 2: "A" Choir-3,-lr: Girls' Choir-2: Forum-2,3: Madrigals-3.4: Sonnettes-Z,3,4: Cos-4: jr. Prom Program Comm.-3. Powell, Nlikez Kellogg: Work: Armed Servius, Preskey, 'liim L.: Marshall: College: Lettermen's Club-3,-lf: B-hall Rally-4: Ba-ball- 3.4: E-hall-4: "A" Choir-3,-lf: "B" Choir-2: Plays-4. Price, Laura Kim: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-1,Z,3,4: Photo Staff-3: NFL-3,4-: Hist., Treas.: Foruin-Z,3,4: "A" Choir-3,-1: Girls' Choir-Z: Sonnettes-Z,.3.4: Plays-4. Price, 'liimz Creston: College: Honor Roll-2: AFM Rep-3,4: Forum-2: Bowling-l,Z,3,-l-: Pres.- 4: Track-l: Constitution Comm.-2. Quinn, Dorian: Brooklyn: College: Honor Roll- l,Z,3,4: NHS-3,4: Class Sec.-2: SC Rep-2: Russian Club-3,4: V. Pres.: Ecology Club-3, V. Pres.: NHS V. Pres.-4: B-ball Rally-2: CC-3,4, Pres.: NHS Comm. Chmn-4. Regelin, Dennis: Kellogg: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-2,3,4: ALMANAC- 3,-P: Lettermen's Club-l,2,.l,4: Russian Club- 3,4: Sigma-4: Swimming-l,2,3,4: Hall Of Fame- 4: Bowling-2,3-: Forum-Z,3,4: Steering Comm.- 4: Speech-4. 118 Seniors Richmond, Paulette: Conrad High School. Conrad, Montana: College: Honor Roll-l,Z,3,4: NHS-l,4: Pres.-4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4: Campus Life-2,3: AGS Rep-2,3: SC Rep-4: Sigma-3,4: 'l'reas.-4: Forum-4: Track-l: Pleiades-4: Band-l,Z,3,4: Orchestra-l,4: Ensemble-Z,3. Roach, Kevin: W'ooclstock: College: SC Rep-l: Russian Club-3.4: Ecology Club-3,4, Pres.-4: CC-3,-lf, V. Pres.--lf: Forum-2,3,4: Wrestling-l,2. Ruonala. Sue: Atkinson: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: Ags Rep-l,4: NHS-2.3.4-: POST-3,-4: Forum- 2,3,4: Election Comm.-Z. Sander, Laura: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-4: Forum-2,3,4: Track-l. Schoenbeek, Leo: Arleta: Armed Servicxs Honor Roll-4: AFM Rep-3,-lf. Schramm, Debbie: Arleta: College: SC Rep-l,Z: AGS Rep-2: Forum-2,3,4. Schroeter, Linda: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Sec.-4: Class Sec.-3: V. Pres.-4: AGS Rep-l,2,3: SC Rep-1.2: Pleiades- 3,4-, Treas.: Forum-2,3,4: -Ir. Prom Court Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Decorations Comm.-4: Sr. Prom Programs Comm.-4. Schumann, Louise: Washington: College. Schwanke, Cyndi: Woodstock: Work: AGS Rep- l. Schwarzkopf, Lila: Richmond: Work: Forum-3: Elections Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Pub. Comm.-4: Baccalaureate Comm.-4: Campus Lite-3,4-. Scott, Cynthia: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-2.3,-1: Sigma-3,4, Sec.: Pleiades-4: Forum-2,3,4: Band-l,Z.3.4: Orchestra-3.4: Ensemble-2,3,4. Seim, Joel: Kellogg: College. Shaver, Pamela: Arlcta: College: AGS Rep-4: Lettermen's Club-3: Ski Club-4: Pep Club-l,Z. V. Pres.: Dance Line-l,2: KISN-Faculty Rally- 2: Track-2,3,4: "A" Choir-4: Girls' Choir-3: "B" Choir-2: Plays-4: Tickets-2: Sr. Prom Entertainment Comm.-4: Sr. Prom Programs Comm.-4. Sickler, Tad: Glencoe: College: Armed Services: AFM Rep-2: I"-ball-I,2,3,4: Ba-ball-lg Track- 2,3,4. Seivers, Carol: Atkinson: College: Work: Honor Roll-3.4: AGS Rep-l,2: Band-l,2,3.4: Forum-4: Orchestra-3,-l-: Brass Ensemble-2,4. Siple,-Iohn: Atkinson: Work: Honor Roll-2,-4. Skidmore, Darlene: Creston: College: AGS Rep- 2: 'lirc-as.: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-4: Rhodes Hi Board-4: jr. Prom Comm.-3: Baccalaureate-3: CC-2.3: SC Rep-2,391-: Car. Conf.-2. Smith, Daniel L.: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-Z,3,-lr: NHS-3,4: Cr. C.-l,Z: B-ball-l,2,3: Track-l,Z,3.4: "A" Choir-2,3: Forum-2,3,4: Steering Comm.-4: SC Rep-4. Smith, Paul: Atkinson: College: AFM Rep-2: SC Rep-l: Forum-4: Golf-Z. Smith, Sally: joseph Lane: Work: Girls' Choir- l: Mixed Choir-4. Sparkman, Tara: Creston: College: Work: Honor Roll-l: NHS-3,4: Forum-2. Stafford, Melodic: VVoodstock: College: Honor Roll-l,2,3,4: NHS-4: SB Pub Chmn.-4: Class Sec.-4: AGS-l,2: ALMANAC Staff-4: Ski Cluh Z: Forum-Z,3,4: Art Staff-3,4-: jr. Prom Court- 3: Plays-4: jr. Prom Pub. Chmn-3: Alumn Christmas Party-4: Super Senior Comm.-4: Sr Prom Pub. Chmn-4: Commencement Usher-3. Staino, Mick: Kellogg: College: lfVork: Honoi Roll-Z: B-ball-2. Stalker, Diane: St. Stephens: College: Honoi Roll-3,-4: NHS-4: AGS Rep-2: SC Rep-4: ALMANAC-3,4-: Editor-in-Chief: Lambda Gamma-2: Forum-3,4: Plays-4: Safety Weel- Comm.-2: Sr. Prom Decorations Comm,-4: Sr, Prom lnvitations and Announcements-4: Supel Senior Comm.-4: Alumni Christmas Partj Hostess-4: Elections Comm.-3. l l Stark, Brenda: Hoover High School, San Diego Calif.: VVork. l Steele, Evonne: Kellogg: College: Work: Honoll Roll-2.3,-l: NHS-4: Class Sgt-at-Arms-2: AG. Rep-4: ALMANAC-4: Campus Life-2,3,4 Forum-2,3: Girls' Chorus-l: Elections Comm. 3: -Ir. Prom Decorations Comm.-3: jr. Pron Refreshments Comm.-3: Sr. Prom Program Comm.-4: Sr. Prom Publicity Comm.-4 Baccalaureate-3: Christmas Alumni Party-4 Stage Crew-3: Baccalaureate Chairman: Senio' Rally. Steffan, Daryl: Arleta: College: kvrestling-2 Forum-l,2. Stevens, Marty: St. Stephens: College: Forum 4: Plays-2. Stone, Steven: Glencoe: College: Class SC Rep-3: Sigma-3.4: Homecoming Escort-Z Prom Court-3: Rally-2,-i: Track-l,2: Band l,2,3,-lf: Forum-4: Dr. Erickson Points Comm. 3: Nlay Fete Escort. Stopper, Judy: St. Stephens: Work: Forum 2,3.4. 1 Stoutenberg, Joni: Arleta: Work: Rally-1,2 Forum-Z,3. Suclborough, Rita: joseph Lane: Work Marriage: Forum-3. 'l'ano, Shari: Richmond: Work: Girls' Choir-l. - Taylor, Bob: Richmond: College: Work: Sf Rep-3: APM-l,2: POST-4: Ba-ball-l,Z,3,4. 'l'empleton, Greg: Benson: lfVork. 'lien Clay, Nyla: Creston: VVork: Honor Roll 3,4: SC Rep-l: Thespians-2,3,-P: Sigma-Z i Forum-2,3,4: Girls' Choir-2: Ensembles-l,2,3,-l-: Thespians Sec.: Make-up Crew-2: Tickets-2: Cos.-2,3,-lf. Thompson, Jacqueline: Richmond: Work: College: AGS Rep-2: SC Rep-3: Forum-3: Girls' Chorus-l: Plays-3. Whroop, Mark Edwin: Las Lomas High, Walnut Creek, Calif: VVork. lqracy, Pat: Our Lady of Sorrows: College: Track-3.4. l'rask, Teresa: Creston: College: Marriage: AGS Rep-l: Forum-3,4: Track-l. lnreibel, Patricia: Joseph Lane: Honor Roll- ,2,3,4: NHS-3,4: Forum-2,3,-I-. lirimm: jon: Arleta: College: Honor Roll-4: glass V. Pres.-l: SC Rep-l,2: 'liwirp Court-l: 'orum-Z,3,4: F-ball-l,2: B-ball-l: Ba-hall-l: ltage Crew-3. liurley, Sara: Glencoe: Wlork: Honor Roll-3,-1: GHS-3,45 Forum-3,4-. l'urnquist, Kristi: Richmond: College: Honor Loll-l,2,3,4: NHS-3,4-: Forum-2,3: Girls' Choir- l: Ensembles-l,2,3.-I-: Plays-3,-l-. liweten, Karen: Kellogg: College: Honor Roll- :Z.3,4: NHS-2.3,-lg Class Sec.-3: SC Rep-2,3: AGS-l,3: POST-3,4-: Lettermenls Club-3,4: reas.: Plc-iades-3,-l-, V. Pres. Forum-2,3:4: jr. Irom Queen-3: Homecoming Court-3: .hristmas Court-2.3: B-ball Rally-l,2,3,4, Pre.: lr. Prom Decorations-3: Jr. Prom Refreshments- : Sr. Prom Co-chrm.-4: May Fete Queen. lrbach, Susan Kay: Richmond, College: Honor .oll-2: AGS Rep-3: Year Rep-4: Ski Club-4: 'os.-4. avrosky, Lennae: Atkinson: Work. 'igna, Dennis: Kellogg: College: Class Sgt.-at- arms-2: SC Rep-l,2: AFM Rep-l,Z: DECA-3: orum-4: B-ball-l. -lfaits, Pamela: Woodstock: VVork: Girls' Choir- Vallace, John: Creston: College: Class Sgt.-ah .rms-3: AFNI Rep-l: SC Rep-2: Forum-4: iettermenls Club-2,3,4: F-ball-l,2,3,4: Vrestling-l,2: Track-l: All City lf-hall llonorable Mention. -Waterhouse, Rod: Marysville: College: Honor oll-2: AFM Pres.-4: Key Pres.-4: slr. Prom 'ourt King-3: Forum-4: F-ball-l,2:3,4: Vrestling-l,2,3,4: Ba-ball-l: Track-2,3,4: May ere Escort. Jeber, Terri: Glencoe: Work: "A" Choir-3.4: lays-4. Webster, joe: Marshall: College. feirich, Michael: Lynch Park: College: Honor oll-l,2,3,4: NHS-Z,3,4: Russian Club-3:4-: res.-4: Forum-2:3,4: Steering Comm.-3,4-: LMANAC Staff-3,4-: Sr. Prom Refreshments Comm. Chmn.-4: Area III Ecoaestethics Continuum-5,4-: Speech-4. Welch, Leann: Cleveland: College: lfVork: Pep Club-l: Powder Puff F-ball-l. Winegarden, Ronald: Arleta: Stage Crew-2.3.4. Wlittkop, Qlim: VVoodstock: College: AFM Rep- l. Wilson, Geri Ann: .loseph Lane: College: Honor Roll-3,-lg NHS-3,4: Class Sgt.-at-Arms-3: AGS Rep-l,2,3,-l-: Sigma-2.3,-1: 'l'hes.-4: Pep Club-2: Lettermen's Club-3,-l-: lforum-2,3,4: CC-Z: Step- One Tutor-4: Nlr. Prom lnvitations Comm.-3: Sr. Prom lnvitations and Programs Comm.-4: "A" Choir-3.4: Girls' Choir-2: Orchestra-4: Sonnettes-l,Z,3,4: Madrigals-3: Plays-3,4: Cos.- 3: Props-2:14, Climn.: Track Manager-3,-l-. Wiseman, Mary Jo: Arleta: lrVork: "A" Choir- 2,3,4: Girls' Chorus-l. Wong, Jeffrey: Oreston: College: AFM Rep- l,2.3,4: Forum-3,4-. Wong, Michael: Atkinson: College: Honor Roll-l,4: NHS-4: SC Rep-l.2.3: ALMANAC- 3,4: Cr. C-l,2: Wlrestling-l: Forum-4. Yanase, Kazuhiko: Shinmei, Tokyo, japan: College: Honor Roll-l,2,3.-l-: NHS-Z:3,-l-: SB Pres.-4: Class V. Pres.-Z: Class 'lireas-3: .AFM Rep-l: AFM Pres.-4: ,lr. Prom Court-3: Forum- 2,3,4: "A" Choir-Z: Orchestra-2:3: B-ball Rally- 3: l"-hall-2: Golf-4: Assembly Comm.-Z:-l-: May Fete lfscort. York, Linda: llloodstock: Vllork. Young, Dan: Arleta: Wlork: Marriage. Yowell, Paula: Richmond: College. Zink, Tom: Arleta: College: SC Rep-3: Sigma- 4: "A" Choir-3,4: Double Quarter-5: Plays-4. Seniors 119 K3 k Q X Ai. I 'X 7' X "' 3 fi, ---.+ ----1 A i pathways thrfsugh Hifs Cllslssss I CD 'Gu' We 'haf Q.. f 122 Juniors smiths. 'id jigs, 3, QM esggnn-'r'1N9im. Opposite Page, junior Fall Cabinet: Jacque Ernst, treasurer, Linda Goodwin, president, Jim Sweet, vice president: Nancy Louie, secretary, not pictured, Leta Sweeney, publicity chairman. Ill Sgts.-at-Arms: Doug Tallman, Cindy Comella, Patty Schwab, Donna Willett, Mary Hughes, Debbie Couture, julie jones. QZJ Cindy Comella and Doug Tallman paint posters for Junior Week. 129 Juniors Raise Funds Fall Cabinet "I would say my term was a great success, due to a very helpful and cooperative cabinet," expressed Linda Goodwin, fall junior class president. Through its many money-making projects, the cabinet raised over 5300. junior Week activities were many in number, including lemon-and-pie eating contests, a trike race, and fortune cookie, pepperoni, pickle, and class tag sales. Other ideas considered were a cabinet exchange with Lakeridge High in Lake Oswego, and Christmas gift-wrapping at a shopping center. Linda stated, "Our goal was to promote spirit and unity in the junior class, and I felt we accomplished it." Juniors 123 K r 1 W W r 2 V r iii Juniors Plan Prom pring Cabinet Looking ahead to April, the spring Junior Class Cabinet began making preparations early for the Junior Prom. lt had appeared for a while that, due to the seniors' lack of funds, a joint prom would be heldg however, separate events were decided upon. "Pieces of April," the title of a popular song, was chosen as the theme. President Jacque Ernst hoped to schedule biweekly activities as a means of raising additional money for the prom. Her plans provided juniors with an opportunity for involvement. ln addition, a special committee wrote the class's first constitution. Opposite Page, Junior Spring Cabinet: Timm Zimmerman, vice-president: Georgene Rose, publicity chairmang Greg Strech, treasurer, Jacque Ernst, president. Not Pictured: Shelley Shirley, secretary. Clj Sgts-at-Arms: Joann Thomas, Carmen Hardy, Penny Allen, Bob Hollingsworth, Patty Schwab, Julie Locke, Gayle Hamilton, Cindy Comella, Benjamin Franklin, Julie Cahill. l2l Cindy Haynes digs in her purse to find money to buy licorice from Julie Locke. 4-Zl Juniors 125 126 Juniors Aaltonen, Jerry Abraham, Ralph Adams, Chris Albrecht, Nancy Allen, Georgina Allen, J im Allen, Penny Allenbrand, Patty Alley, Sherry Alver, Helgi Anderson, Gail Andrakis, John Andreotti, Sue Aoki, Alan Arnold, Tim Arthur, Rhonda Atkinson, Terri Auborn, Mary Lou Axom, Linda Banks, Julene Barlow, Leilani Barnes, Debbie Barnett, Debbie Barnett, Joyce Barry, Gloria Bastedenbeck, Roy Baugher, Chris Q- ':-, , ,rs B 'Sf A 2 assess effaasfhe Brsag fmfs yea? A , ' :be f 'af f 'S ,, . erase f5H Vfi if s ,lil sr l y. f -M x Xt. X " X A it ,,,,, H ' ' fsfs assv,f J. J . , heesay , N, - " . 'tl Y 'H ., ,-3 , , if I .T 492 T? 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K . , Q5 r 'Yr if HEL Q' Q as r wk Y' s Q X M r ,, , is ,, 'H' T ' , if if if ' -' 3 -' if ' it C ' . . -it I' s 5 xii:-IP' L7 K 1 XLXV . m,A 3 ,f57' . 2 Q-,gf ri LL . "" F X i rf , f ,awww tat IWWH, Blair, Jeff Blake, Marty Brawley, Austin Britzius, Denise Brooks, Rick Bruce, Rita Brunelle, Pam Bruning, Debbie Bryant, Dennis Budahl, Steve Burbank, Naomi Burge, Tonya l files , i ., ,riiiirrr , Qi.3 C B B ' if , K 5 , , sr BA? - Y? f- so Q :Ek 2.23. , .. M.,-:ez f M . . .. .53 "xii Tiki C of , Tlx' , l :Sl s' QQ, -N. F W 'Y X i Y Q rf s S ,.,. 5 1 - ff i:,.fa5.,, I " , we if K K 'X' r N 2 Si Q ' Jif.. Q: 'ff A' 'wr-w vw.. sj-,,,vj- ,ai at 'f.v,,. . r. -Q fv- f ,r KM X, S y Y 3 JL fa, . 1 r ,, i X, . ., ,Y ,, . gm I , 5 , - - at -mf ' ' " I Li f e NE-' , va 2 rs H J f f 221 J,-11, r 211' Q , , Wg, .,,,, X S , -. - Z , - ,4...,g ,Q , Q, ...: .5 1 I A W ' , .. " 4: . f ' 'fiffff W f ' If B, C wggfzsgi 3. . "H , , Q. . .. . A? .x , ' - - , ew Q Q, 5, B fs... aiu, we -if i ' , . L X af Y, - A A 2? ,- gr- - ,, , X' 14" 'ia C5125 fr - 'E .-xwfx, J. 2-33314 ,, , s ,F W ,. ,... . . .. .. r. -awk, M ,. , :- . f i r ' M5532 iz.: s .. - , lagiggsggs - - - , :Wifi 'g - , my - ' - - A, -Q. sa- . J - ,. 5 Eff Burrow, Gail Cahill, Julie Cameron, Scott Carroll, Teresa Cervantes, Julian Chastain, Cheryl Chow, Wally Clayson, Christin Clifford, Mark Clure, Jeree Coe, Jay Coffey, Candy Coffey, Julia Coiteux, Chris Couture, Debbie Coleman, John Comella, Cindy Conner, Dale Cook, Linda Cooper, Debra Copko, Glen Cornet, Bill Corrado, .Iodine Cramer, Joy Crawford, Dale Crosley, Bill Crouch, Nancy 6 uniors 127 Cummings, Dale Cummings, LeAnn Cunningham, Karen Daschel Mike Davis Charlene Davis, Dan Davis Dayle Davis Lorraine Daw Bill Deck Brian DeMoor Don Denny Jeff Deters Julie Dlllery Carla D1Loreto, Vince ,Y r' "1 my i ,,l, l, ff, --rv . ylsy f 9?7fg5W?' r in vs ,ff Hu. ,, f grgwiffagf-f wiv-1' 25 M f rffif K Dodd, Ron Donnell, Maureen Duclos, Mike Dumais Roxanne Durbin Paul Dusek Carol Dusek Eva Duvall Scott Easly Cand Eaton Mary Eaton Toby Edwards Dennis Eisenbeck Carol Elbon Leona Elliott Bob f Z 1 '9 aw dbg, ,ji . ' ,V , 5 ia QF Azffiire 'i waz 'K 'S 4? ,,f,,,.,,Q, in .1-0 MW av vu JJ? 1 5 W l w l fi' as t2 ,, , -,-Sl' P , ,K Q: or '9 , if S ll, , 'IA 1 f 5' J ffl 15, J i , W ' if2,'??:ir: , ,fa I, f ., , I . ,G w J r. , 5 2 frfglai , tv Y J" -in .E ,. 5,92 A' ,x -'Lift f li A J K rl ,gf QA , , I J 'f .. k k 'Q J f ,,,e i - r e sc , , ' " J " ' f' f , Mfg , 1 ., . - af, 2 'a 1' i .,., i - ,' - . I gag 2 K 3 . ff'- -,w ' I ' J f J ,.'V F 8 , 1. aalrr J, 1 J it e --fg .J 1 i se iii 2. F M W f Elston, J 0 Eming, Jim Emmons, Sallie Eoff, Don Erdmann, Rochelle Erickson, Karen Ernst, Jacque Estrada, Carlos Evans, Janice Faris, John Ferero, Debbie Ferrell, Wayne Ferren, Linda Fletcher, Margie Folkert, Kathy Foss, Sue Fouts, Damon Frishman, Paula Frison, Georgia Fujino, Barbara Fujino, Donna Gallucci, Dave Garcia, Angle Garrison, Connie Geren, J im Getzinger, Marty Gibson, Kathie Page IZ6: ill Tim Zimmerman, Walt Goska, and john Graham discuss-who knows what? Page 127: 121 On ALMANAC delivery day, Gail Super and Rita Starkey exchange signatures as Roxanne Dumais watches. Page l28: ill Doug Tallman and Nancy Louie suffer from the effects of a trike collision in the junior Weirk assembly. Page 129: QQ Nancy VanWart recovers from a barrage of snowballs. Q H s C23 Juniors 129 130 Juniors Gibson, Tom Gill, Dave Giordano, Tony Giordano, Carrie Gladfelder, R. Golden, Vicki 9 , K K is ii . wa, tx " ff ' W 2 l ff X 7 41 mx Z 7 is 4 -. ,G Q H f '- : Goodall, Celeste V ' .af F-it Goodwin, Linda fl. Q G Goska, Walt V. 4 A ,ff 1f" Wi? M WA ff V Gqs , Gouia, Lisa ,z Q Graham, Jon 'if' 4- G Grant, Susan .54 Q V, V :L pi iv ' .a , .. Jil 5' ' V' ,, Lu - Z ilzqif 1 Q I: 2,45 'W Gress, Candy 'A 4 ' A G Griffin, Mike "5 I, - is-gg, G1'0h, Linda ' - X , ,V:, , , W AW, ,, ' .S My 9, V , A . , f FHM A J.G i ff Gross, Ralph 1: , 'Q' i I I Grur1er,Pegsy G 3 V we Guldenzopf, Jean ' - G G, ,GGGVV s 'iff' F GV ji 7 G G f i W f I V. - f H ' Hafner, Leann V' ' Haines, Cindy 1 ' V V+ EEG I G Hall, Valerie G, VV '-" - -' ,I G H 'z - .V G V. G wi: 1 '35 Wa "'f.' 1 fxailif ff ' ' 'fav 1' . 'xiii-iGG, V Hamilton, Gayle Q 4 G 'W' f"' HamH10r1fi,Pf-Iggy Gr V 9 49' GG Q Q55 gs Hansen, Karol I V I WV , 1 . if G ' Af: . II I , -germ - X f ' Q VG.fgeg, a ,G Q 'l', VVii f i G V ,. Vgfyvg iiGG G 4 Harder, Linda A f -u v 52 Hafaing,J0Am1 V: G V'1' JL GGG A Hafdingr John V VG GGGV G fl i I L 6 ,1 ..,G fair? A I A H i , 5 if-'2il,ilf52 J L Hardy, Carmen Hardy, Janet Harris, Preston Harris, Terry Hastings, Linda Hayes, Joe Henderson, Jeff Hendren, Michele Hendrix, Don Henry, Valarie Hess, Sherrie Hester, Darleen Heuvel, Terri Hill, Dave Hinrichs, Delna Hoerman, Karen Hogan, Barbara Holbrook, Patty Holder, Ron Holland, Brian Hollingsworth, Bob Hollister, Don Holstine, Kim Hornor, Terri Hudelson, Tonya Hughes, Mary Ice, JoyceAnn M., 4 '45 1 z VGG-G' i 3?rZ4Gggx ,WGW3 ?k'ii', ral, ge ,fa ,Q aes fa 6 as :fp G !' fr , E G f if 5" ' t '. fG Xa L I W 13 4-I' ff Gi 2 lf OX I G - im- G fx Gf,tlG, la gf 1 ,iw ff' . f Ef- ,V V' ' E5 GG 5, if , QV G I 2 G, gf- 'Qin-iff'-' , :GV H L, I X K :list A x I I I 63 1 f , .f ,if l if , s ' i is ii ii 4 e no , L -.f f 5-Mil. . -I Ig, ,ze , Y 1. 1, , gg, sir Q' Q is an ig? 5 Q , . I ,SHE 1 ff QL, , K 2 kj, 5 ' . Q H, Irish, Randy Isbell, William Ivey, Debbie Jackson, Anna Jelineo, Sue Jensen, Lee Johansen, Keith Johnson, Dan Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Tony Jones, Julie Jordan, Kim , gg. ,MI . lk ,za All I f 5- K 1 +25- f M. , fm 1 ', I . 7 YES .- fu . . .... sus, as if I e' F' I f if In , .33 I ,f ?1f'-we ' K 3 A AAI i.,,- , Q' 1 N ,,V,.,V I or e I p I 5 Mi K -1' J 'I f J ournagan, J oletta Keller, Lori Kelly, Vicki Keltner, Irwin Kemrer, Debra Kent, Kevin Kern, Brenda Keyes, Roxanne King, Terry Kinney, Charmaine Klamath, Barb Klauser, Lilia ill uniors 131 132 Juniors Knutson, Mavis Knutson, Valerie Kokkoris, Zaharoula Krahmann, Rosalie Kuan, Janice Kuch, Robyn Lackey, Diane Lam, Jeanne Landers, Chuck Lang, Terri Larson, Sharon Laudahl, Sheree Lavorato, Randy Lee, Sam Leisure, John Leong, Marilyn Liang, Mary Lima, Dave Lindholm, Cathy Locke, Beth Locke, Julie Lons, Dorey Louden, Leslie Louie, Nancy li Ii i 1 1 ff s a E Q5 n W. ar K, We J 1 2, 'H.g5w3.r 1 ' 4 wr it M J A . ' . ' 51" ggiff. ' ff " 1 fe R ff 'X' 11 1 'Ai " 3 'X if fy , ilu-tif' - ' " f i . ,l--,s. x ff 'HZ 4: . : H ' Y 1 if 5 ' Y 1 6 . -'i ! g li fr Page 131: 111 Lisa Rizor claydrcams as Carla Dillery and Chris Coiteux haggle over the rising costs of candy. Page 132: ill Bruce Robinson, joel LaFollette, and Dale Crawford relax during their morning break. Page 133: 121 Bill Daw smirks triumphantly as he pulls ahead. f3j "Are you threatnin' me?" shouts Becky Mullins. Louie, Ray Lukich, Diane Lukich, Mike Lund, Lorene MacKenzie, Peter Maddux, Ginger Maddux, LaRinda Malleti, Clarence Malsey, Trudy Mankins, Rodney Marleau, Christine Marrow, Mike U1 f 'i" .. 1 V' Q? ...' s . ,W , I . ' .1 s l1re gg-' gg If M I 1-I I , M., ,, , ,,., , ""55EE1'5.lL'3' iff" 'WW' iffy QWY ' ififii - ' ,V ' ,, 5' iQ5.+.iii ' ' ig 52 f-I 7Ef9i'n ' ' Q me -V 35115, A sif - ' . 132 ' , f.,..,f i . ,. f ., My . f 1 ff: ff' 6 - ,,. .,-... - ...H ,.,. . V .... , ,, fi F: . . ,V 1 may f . af ,, :K 5' 1 ,5 1,035- fn- 7 . ' 3 e -2 Q 3 L ,, ,, ,' 4? 4 g, f tr A , E 'ifliifif l A ' V V "9-1. T" 1, , a Aw Egga ,,' 'li' ix Q , ' f ' 3 6 E493 if -J i e, ' if f 2 :M 33250 M lf . 1 'V MM.. wr afgf ,anna "MN I Wk k vy . 2 1 lumps A Y 9 a i, ' ,J Ara' , -, s,i,,,::'f3z L 1, .,., I Q? , A :'h an . ,, -1 z E52 ii 1 V ff - 6 ,, , K " M--.Ig A f A' 'V , ,., g I I J I . gi L ' 1 I if cl X I r l - .V , " Sb i 'Iii 1 l . w , 5 l an P -'Crit 5561? ,i rl in Q., , ' ,f N2 A . f Q5 e 3 on .AQ 7 2 11" gg , ii? M i . v"fl'7 1 U 5 ew . 6 , Xe-if W' fy' We S Mg- f 1 4, 9' W ol Ei, 1 fx I 1' , ,lv .', wr if ' if ' 4 T f M 4, " X ,N 0 , W, ii 6 3 f 5 Mason, Jerry Matthies, Becky Matthieu, Cathy Matthieu, William McClintock, Phyllis McClung, Charles McCommon, Cheryl McFarlene, Dan McKeoWn, Sally McKinley, Susie Meinecke, Jeff Melcher, Steve Meskel, Robin Meyer, Karen Michigami, Donna Miller, Terrie Mosley, Denise Mullins, Becky Murphy, Sherrll Muko, Yuto Nelson, Gary Nesse, Erick Newby, Rochelle Newton, Jeff Nibley, Mary Nicholson, Roger Nickerson, Debbie uniors l33 Nickila, Dwayne Nielsen, Bruce Nies, Jean Odbert, Barry Oliver, Neil Olson, Cathy Olson, Renee Ooley, Patti Oster, Laura Osuna, Ken Otey, Debbie Owen, Mike Pahl, Kurt Pahle, Lisa Patterson, Darle Ile e ,L 1 mfg 'P if ,W if .Qt ai ff law F P A, f s an wld Y 3 AP! Z X r v i 14 ' 'If fi .. ,,,,'. ea, f, - A taaa A , AA'. 5 , 2 faa iig 4252 f iff' .V ' " A W., ,,2s, , ' W ' as P Q " ,U L Ig f ' X S 'iiiaa ,X ,. 55 12 - ' V 1 V AIV 3, t e V at y .fix ,ei 'A , 'fl 134 Juniors 1- Patterson, Vivian Payne, Michelle Pence, Karen Penwell, Ken Perrone, Denise Peters, Julie Pinkston, Susan Pirie, Steve Plucar, Rocky Probert, Roger Proffitt, Michele Pullen, Ann Puppo, Gina Rail, Nick Ralphs, Kelly Reed, Teri Rehorka, Suzann Revel, Cathy Riaz, Teddy Richey, Jean Riehl, Phyllis Ringquist, Marv Rizor, Lisa Robinson, Bruce Robles, Joe Robson, Chris Rogers, Steve ill 6 W -I MN 5 A 1 gs pg If j f at-, Q l'Ii f M K I 2 V at 'J' I -V , I ,ff ' . if l ai I Y ':. J . 3 1 , , fr 2 ,, , 'fi' ' a k ,, .,--'. .f-" , , ' I ,i ,.. W, ggi? Alf f f . 7 3 U . x , ,gl 'rf Qi ff K 1 K t A Ji' x , v . ' av. ' fa ""' f an Z' in 1, , , . A n - 3 r iw H my f V. ' ' K e f' X 5' g f E ga if f F 9 5 W 5 2' if 5 f' I ' , eh? rs , i is 4 if P S , i:,:e,3,,f i ' L25 Q 5 V7 ,q,A,V.lvmm gags J its ' A-'A I Q 5 , W Xl? " V3 Li E f 1? , 'V ,avg ,,,,,- Q if QW4 3, K j if ff A " JA ' QQ? S . '95 N I yi if 21 f i ai Roisom, Donna Rose, Georgene Rova, Lori Roylande, Chuck Russell, Carla Ruthruff, Patty Saheki, Hitomi St. Helen, Barbara Savory, Paul Scheese, Dixie Schiele, Randy Schmitz, Dale Schoenbeck, Sandy ,Jw 'k 4 J 2 S, f" , x r me Schoeneman, Cindy Schomberg, Becky .gm J W 'f V 1 by , 1 22- 'ff ,,-i ':" , ' Q T New J k 2 J ,, 'V f fa? ' ii W i" is V ' M 4 f e' l fl A J- ,f ' 5 ' ,,, V , 1 2 J k V, Vf ffffi We ' 1 ifii,f. 'L za ' 34 f V J ,V L if Q fr Q, -3 ,1 2 V: if if f 953 Ga ' ' 'L 2. T? S f rgssv IM . , 1-ag 1 HH I 2 'UW' 1' a", Q 'fr H ' 15 V wr 'H a ' -VJVV if ' V 4- fix, J V 1 , ilu. 6. 5 9 all I I 1, . Q XC r Q V X ,.,, ,,, . Q 4, I f I 3 121 Schreiber, Stacy Schucharot, Ron Schwab, Patty Schwahn, JoAnne Scott, Don Seaburg, Julie Seeling, Tina Seifert, Bertelle Sharkey, John Sharp, Kim Shephard, Debbie Shields, Bill Shelley, Shirley Sinclair, Robin Siple, J olen Siverson, J im Skinner, Mariesa Smith, Susan Snyder, Lennia Songer, Laura Sorenson, Melody Sorenson, Pam Sprague, Phil Sprando, Mark 136 Juniors Starkey, Rita Steele, Mike Stickney, Brian Stinnette, Pam Stokes, Doug Stoltz, Jeff Strech, Gregg Stuck, Diane Sullivan, Doug Super, Gail Sweeney, Leta Sweet, Jim Swensen, Stephanie Tallman, Doug Tapfer, Mike Taylor, William Thario, Karen Thomas, JoAnn Thomas, Mark Thomas, Pam Tooze, Terrie Torkelson, Lorena Townsend, Bill Trimm, Jennifer Vanderpool, Larry VanWart, Nancy Veenhuizen, Steven Q, A ' ' V is S, . gs: K E 3 I it - l ,,-,Jw f., SI J , rf S, a X J J , . r ..,. ,w r., wk N Va: ,Vg A . f ' "A:. i " gr rx -.1 . A .,. J ,ER we Q ' " 31 f ir .S R Y " ' Q-is X X ie Nr: X if QQ' ' X as .. ., 8 is ,.1,,,,,,,,3i5 N, 2 wig div if 1 1' r 1 3 J A 5, L fs ig, K . w S 3: If K J -le x, "' 5 ur ,af SQ f , as ,ff , get Q 1-if "'i is ' Q rm J - ZQQ g - ' Q , A . Q E? 'f I M f ' 'II so T aa or -fi er. -1 QS? 7 I T' f -M, - . : . -3? . fn-K Q35 I 'L - .if W J it , J ,' A Q- a- , ia f ,, , . -. ,1 if-, .,. , , L k ' wma K r K K i" - . Q-i f ,Lire gi g L 1-ff A no 1 A . A I--1 bf' nl J- ' T43 , r ' VerMeer, Sharon Vinciguerra, Vernon Viter, Vance Voreis, Monetta Waddy, Maria Waddy, Vernita Waldo, Charlotte Walker, Chuck Walker, Debbie Walls, Dave Walters, David Warmuth, Roberta Wattenburg, Kurt Wayfall, Cindy Wayman, Leo se. fi: . J, gh ,JY X 1 A ,.,. 13 ' '- M 1 r xg V i 5, M 0 qviwkimlw, A. J - I S ,X M fi 'i l K' K ,aff ' . 1 . y ik' ". W 'Q as . M'--r ' 5, g any lx f' f 4 ff, 'F :K T X TQ,4fc,fw A I 1 ., , Sita if +93 .W 4 .M f, J:,9fs,Q ,gg ,FKA LA.-Mn, fi 5-Q 1 'Af' "A, J . W' wi l' t s s ,gil I , f, Q .,.,,w I 1 l at y AZ2 ,,,,, 1, ,W 5 rm ,f.V 1. ' -' v.',, ,, Bi V, 1 'ssfwirszp ir! -'Q ns w e KZ f V 215 N1 B' 3,5553 X S im, 24 gg, 3 1 Za , , 2, 4 - If-.lf ,-v E t I 'va , A 5. 'fwggt v 3p:.5, ., . 1 I vw 'W' V sm . rf 2 , , A . .V 5 .f f G , Webb, Mitch Weber, Mark Weissenbuehler, Dwayne Wellington, Joni Wells, Terry Westcott, Elaine Westcott, Wayne Westfall, George Whedon, Peggy 9 1 ,J Y Whelchel, Becky ff white, Mike VVVZ- ""' 9' Whitman, Nancy Y . View U , ,L N Wilks, Toby 1 I 1 If Willett, Donna 7 ,Q f Williams, Kevin " 2 tj fshtvfagf. Q1 -sv ,, ,,.,,. A 1' Page 134: ill Mary Lou Auborn and Janet Hardy judge entries in the A.G.S. Pumpkin carving contest. Page 135: 121 Theresa Carroll, Barbara Klamath, and Elaine Westcott wait for the pep assembly to begin. Page 137: ill Dan McFarlane deviously prepares a plan of assault. 121 jim Sweet and julie jones assist the "injured" trikes. U1 , "-.Ni New Mwgmsa 'ww , "tit A.-V 5. V lziy , ,. .1 P 1 Willingham, Kathy 3 1 K Willis, Stephanie QV A,,' , ,-" fm we , A Willman, Linda 'i f , fwfil f ' . if , I QE. ' J ' ,-, f 3-A , ' WlItj6S, Becky M as ,ff 1 Wold, Donald 1 " l1,, 1.A1 Wong, Delissa , t I, Woodard, Joe f 5 , A ,,,:g Wright, Mike 1, xt 9, 4 , if Ala 5 ' Wymer, Mike ,- Vi ,..A 3 - . .fi Young, Greg lxfflf , it .A 'ii , , Zeller, Jim I J i lr K JV' 11.11 if 156 Juniors 137 Zeller, Mike Zimmerman, Diane Zimmerman, Tim 138 umors , . .5 , J, I -so CU fr t, f f-2 1 Ile' A' Q2 r ig y i 'Sf .fi K K Not Pictured Allen, Edward Anderson, Jeffery Arnone, Tina Baumgardner, Nolan Bentz, Ronnie Berg, Dave Berndt, Beth Boetger, William Bowling, Stanley Boyce, Cynthia Bradley, William Bradke, Richelle Brauckmiller, Greg Bremer, Kathy Britton, Richard Brolliar, Leah Burkenbine, Jo Anne Burris, Tena Constantin, Jerry Cote, Debra Cottrill, Robert Couture, Debra Danton, Ted Demoor, Ronald Deranleau, Denis Dewitz, Brenda Dobson, Mike Dreves, Charles Ellison, Monica Ewers, Tom Fahl, Vonda Glaig, Gary Glorer, Charles Fouts, Jack Franz, Greg Gamon, Rene Garcia, Ralph Giroux, Michael Griggs, Janice Gunter, Jerry Guy, Russel Hansen, Annette Haun, Joni Hawkins, Thomas Henry, Vivian Herget, Virginia Hesgard, Vickie Huffman, Dan Humbird, Walter Hunter, Jerry Hupala, David Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Steven Jones, Richard Kent, Kevin Kern, Brenda Knight, Dee Ann Lamb, Timothy Landau, Mitchell Lee, David Lindqueist, Leslie Loughrey, Betty Low, James MacDonald, Annie Mallett, Clarence Martinotti, Margaret Mastrude, William McFall, Cynthia McFarland, Cathy Miller, Jeannette Morrow, Mike Nacoste, Betty Nyseth, Randy Ong, Sidney Palmer, Reed Patapoff, Steve Potter, Richard Raymond, Kim Roelle, John Rohrscheib, Debra Ross, Henry Rostig, Ditmar Santangelo, Kathy Schramm, Jeffery Schuchordt, Ronald Shaver, Vickie Skalbeck, Susan Smetana, Vlada Smith, Rodney Sudlow, Thomas Sweitzer, Joe Taylor, Bob Trontman, Teri Vakili, Sherareh Vanderpool, Larry VanWart, Nancy 623 RH-... eww few R. ' 2 si K' 1' I A 133 ill Chris Baumann peers into a seemingly endless pile of books for replacements. 121 Tom Lovlien and Tim Lamb discuss politics. 131 "When's it going to pop?" ponders Celeste Goodall. f4l Margie Fletcher, Linda Bernard, Becky Mullins, Karen Hoerman, Carol Dusek, Laura Oster, janet Hardy, and Debbie Couture participate in junior eye resting. lif e? 'WMWM A b 1' 5 a i if Juniors 139 Aw way? 5 :H JN. 140 Sophomores g 'ilk Sophomores 'Truck On" Fall Cabinet "Our main goal was to get everyone involved in having a good time," explained fall sophomore class president l-lollie Stafford. Sophomore Week, held Oct. Z4-27 with "Keep on Truckinm as the theme, was the focus ofthe cabinet's plans for fall. Among the activities were a cabinet exchange with Cleveland High School, a sponge throw, and class tag and pepperoni sales. One unusual highlight was a "Hats and I-lankies, Boots and Braids" day, with a contest held for the most original costumes. Opposite Page, Sophomore Fall Cabinet: Front Row: Toni Cozzetto, treasurerg Hollie Stafford, president, JoAnn Ngan, secretary. Back Row: .loan Coe, publicity chairman, Nancy Vassar, vice president. ill Sgts.-at-Arms: Front Row: Mary Hong, Susan Warnack, Linda Butler. Back Row: Shawn Lukich, Connie Stewart, Rosemary Culberson. 121 Connie Stewart and Rosemary Culberson, sgts.-at-arms, prepare decorations for the Sophomore and Junior Dance. Sophomores 141 ... W5 nw-43 Nm 142 Sophomores Sophomores Seek Original Approach pring Cabinet Seeking an original approach to fund raising, the spring Sophomore Class Cabinet made plans to sell kazoos and maroon-and-gray beanie hats. Sales of these unusual items provided more money for the Class of '75's junior and senior years, and especially its proms. ln addition, President john Derby mentioned cabinet exchanges with Grant and Madison as another possible activity. These exchanges hopefully would supply even more ideas for the officers to try. Opposite Page, Sophomore Spring Cabinet: Front Row: Mark Lindley, vice-presidentg Tracy Hayzlett, secretaryg Back Row: Leslie Bennett, publicity cliairmang john Derby, presidentg ,lodeen Newby, treasurer. ill Marilyn Martin traces a poster outline. 121 Sgts-at-Arms: Debbie Bennett, Shannon Tilton, Mark N. Lewis, Debbie Leathers, -leannie Allen. Not Pictured: Laurie Beck. l2l Sophomores 143 Allen, Jeannie Amato, Michael Anacker, Marion Anderson, Barba Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Tom Arnone, Tami Babnick, George Backstrom, Marc Baird, Jeff Baisinger, Janet Baker, Judy Barber, Debra Barbour, Chris 144 Sophomores 1' WA 1- - 2121! S .2 we Q - ik 'QR S -, fi - Q 2 459 J l X ., F J 522 ... YW gn . .. t -gig? e r wif ii. - f H: -, 3 tw is A5 5 X W1 ssh , in Q, . 3 -,-., . ' -'.'a"".f1 ,1 -3 3 W ff' H :vi A Wg .f -14 . .1 . .:25'fzQ1Lf. 'fi' R 1 'Ji 5 , i t X 3 x W5 , 3 ., anne KM VVV 'Q it vp 1 fl Q 2 if. 1. Egg. fi I .131 lsr Qs: .. . ,k-,. W J J reeeree T rrrrr . f ' - fiffi ii.. .x3"-'P 'fr QE WHS J 1 Mig' ' WW , '- N tX" .Y:x:j::g2?' -15155 gif? . . : welt N K ls 1 2 ' N e . , Y . 3 5 Q x , N S55 5 ,vis im : if B5 3 5 S Q Barlow, Anthony Barnard, Lily Barrett, Bobbie Bartholomew, Iney Bauer, Brian Beck, Laurie Belmore, Barbara Bennett, Deborah Bennett, Leslie Bigoni, Gayle Bills, Barbara Bodeman, Cindy W Bolera, Tom Bondy, Jay Breese, Stephen Bridges, Deborah Browning, Janice Bunch, Jennifer Burk, Myron Burrow, Gary Bushnell, Donna Butler, Gillian Butler, Linda Butler, Margaret Callaghan, Brad Camp, Cheryl Candello, Jackie few, , . g A if 1 an ' as 1 1 3- F9 gif-.J X r YS' X -. Sw . -. ' ,- . - ,Q tap., 5 . V - f 'wtf:'i:,1 - mg? .8v1,q,,rv5,pw:-19 vo , 'Clary -egg., mug.: f 9 , W o' 3""- M ' gfyd wwb .-t.fsawwW ww .H f Q- II? s 43 Y I 'Ji ffl? i J 5 g 5-gful Y' 1 . -iiaisfw fflgfi ii. --7,, .1 - 1. as an -:., , .1 -,,r , V ,, it ,,'.. , J Rr fx, fa X W F ., il 3 s., 4 ., , - fri: R, .... . ,Wh :fi r .. -' JS? . : " ,... - ' ' i3SL5.5g .1 K s , . . ,-gf? W 1 K ' Ne Y x 551 if " s:awk'Y?5 P.. Q X s is S R t lf, , iii? my Q5 ,,'f1w,i ,iff if s12:'fi:'2 . :Riff-'J .Ui tsste l f'l',"'-'f ..'-. .f My .- Q- ff' diff r 1 ' ' f lx . kk LL..L ,- t X 7 p . , - , QQ W ,K fi ,J I x A , "k. . ' ,--, 1 , .f aal. .V" K , sg 1 I if A .-., X f 1 A i . . 7 ' '1 ff' ,1 5 9 aj I Af? ii ,, 'P i . ,. , K. . it :,L,,2,,. ,gb . :IWW 1' " F rt. 'sift ' .. , M- K 7. I ,fi ., . ff J. .rt 6 ' Q . . , . l Lfiff' J .if - it -as 0 .. .kk .. J A f P N J 'ff . f eff. ire is if if W1 , 3 is 3 xg are 1 3 . ,Q MSE 'ff we R di wx 'Q 3 .I is 3 xi ii ' 1 fs 2 B t ....... sl X. .. , 2 J J' " M -.A l F Il- ,E k li at e t i lzi f'll,k'fLl g f' if ff it ,f I f 6 ' lf' ,at ' as 4 , . ,.. ,E , , , Q In If if ,,., ,A , lv' , J iii Zfv 'awww f1":Le21m:',w'f' ff' W7 5 Ta ,Lg .r Q f if iw , 5 , ,. f 2' if ' x , LQ gg 'zz' f . 'rr :' .V ,. all 5 1 ' 5 , M I. if 2.16 , , Caputo, Danny Carlson, John Carpenter, Robert Center, Janice Cervantes, Connie Christensen, Tracy Clancy, Kathaleen Clark, Kathy Clelland, Bonnie Cline, Luanne Clure, Kerrie Coe , J oan 125 Coiteux, Sherrie Constantin, Lyle Constantin, Sheryl Cook, Cheryl Cook, William Cooper, Roberta Corrigan, John Corter, Bob Cozzetto, Toni Crocker, Lynn Crouch, Cindy Crowser, Dennis Cubic, Karl Culberson, Rosemary Cummings, Barbara WMNMNWVWWJF ff' wr? .W lisa- Q . B 1 e Y ,. g K? aw :af V vrfag e, U rf'-f if .3 y ff D 1 at -f I V ,,,,l, ., , I .1 in V r V .fp ' ,,,, P ' " ' ' fu vi l 3 . 'Zigi I ,1' V ,vi . il ff' Q ' fy nl 1,5 V f Q-1 uf 1' MQYWSS , "", xv - - ,L A ' , 1 Aft! 1,- Cunningham, Linda Custer, Cecilia Daniels, J ay Danner, David Daquilante, Adrianne Darby, Cindy David, Beverly Davis, Brenda Dawson, Ronda Demuth, Jeff Derby, John Dewitt, Michael Dickman, Betty Dickman, Bonny Dickson, Lori Sophomores 145 413 Dumas, Sue Durkee, Frank Durkee, Tom Dusek, Steven Dyer, Doreen Eastlund, Carl Elder, Colleen Elston, Jeanette Emra, John Entwisle, Beaver Esmond, Debra Evans, Carry Everitt, Jon Fahl, Ronald Falaschetti, Danny 146 Sophomores gig.. -3 Farrington, Diane Felix, Steve Ferero, Deborah 22? 'V , , , I j V54 f iv '52 ff 1 7? . K 'S Ill' f J . ffvii Finch, Mary Fitzgerald, Randy Foster, Barbara Fouts, Teri Fowler, Dennis Frison, Jan Gates, Julie Gibson, Laura Gilpin, Susie Giordano, Annette Goett, Charles Goldhammer, Jack -7 f, 5,5511 ,1 .V W V raw ,f ' f ' E .. 2 ' .W . ,rw-W I , r ,X f' wt V in A fy, 1 -,V s'w,,3Zf34 , If I 1 ' 5 aigfimkla ' l 1 ' ,,.' ' G 11i'ffflQE,Q W W V V 1, Q1 Jfif?fM'yfg 1 , A , 3 K.. -pf fa 'ii:'gQ,,. I ik eg ,,k, if ya, ..,,.V1. . . . ., ,Q - --y,, f - I r . . ' .1 re, - . .S S if 'wr . wt, e Q' r A .. f F' fi H34 ffq5,i:i2s' lf- ' ,., ff Ei ' fif fwfii 5 V if 5 v ,:L.1,fJ, , 3: -of xii, Z, tp f Wm' Jil' M a ,fit 2 J ' 'lil e H . . is SQ , Q A .ef f 5. ' 4. S Hts? J feylkllfl - ,aka W , , ,.,A I ,,Z,. Z ei! WW? nw' wr 194 if Q ff?-x we . 'K-. fe' Ea xr -iv- mite ' i, as l , .W . .. an 2 Q f is , , ,W , ,, r . , ,. ,., . n. f .a ' X' .,. . 1 , ri 'fm 47 ., , , QQ, are JP? ,,,L V V N lf? in W 4 3w5?WVa ,1"f ,.,, ,ia 'f' f', 2' ,swf -Q iffy, af- --,saw ' f QQ "QWi?Q1 Hiif fa any WHi Ere ,ra2a?an3+fl'sa l-6 'ii ,t 5" f Vxfijirlilf. N X VV fl ' . tk r, 2 Liga, f 'ff-L . ' ' Gragg, Rita Grant, Kevin Green, Don Green, Nancy Greene, Helen Grimes, Stan Hackathorn, Tom Hall, Joseph Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Debbie Hampen, Lloyd Hannan, Bryan Hanson, Brad Harding, Carol Harding, Regina Hardy, Wilbert Harmon, Valerie Hartwig, Dave Hasbrouck, Jeanette Hawkins, Delani Hayes, Pattie Hayzlett, Tracy Heiserman, Diana Heisler, Chuck Helvie, Susan Henninger, Shelley Heuvel, Linda it J .3 f ,,-rwwfy ,g .,-f ww ,,,. ' ,W '??j:f A, r ff, iw - f - me 4- . W A 3 air , , v 9' av K 96895 P E? i 0 f at gf v tw ,1 A ff way' , aw g Y ri viii Li ai 'J Y W1 la 5"?a .tgw idk 'Q QW Page 144: ill Sherrie Love, Barbara Whittlesey, Jeri Paulus, and Karen Richardson practice a reading for English, as Vince Wolff opens his locker. Qi Hollie Stafford portrays a belligerent little girl in "Oklahomal" Page I4-6: llj Leslie Bennett and Roberta Cooper engage in a vicious tug-of-war as winners of the "Boots 'n' Braidsn contest. Q21 Kerrie Clure and Connie George work on social studies assignments. Hewitt, Marcia Hicks, Rick High, Cynthia Hill, J ulie Hill, Terry Hiller, Mary Hodge, Pam Hodson, Steve Holland, Bernard C25 Sophomores 147 Hollender, Steve Hollingsworth, Roger Holstine, Leslie Holt, Tina Holten, David Hong, Mary Horton, Theresa Howard, Kathy Howell, Robert Huntley, Jerrie Huntley, Linda Iammatteo, John Ice, Mary Inahara, Robert Inkwon, Lee lrinaga, Ron Jackson, Glenn Jacobsen, Melane Jarvis, Stephen Jester, Brenda Johnson, Donna Johnson, Janet Johnson, Lisa Jones, Jennifer 148 Sophomores ,pr ,,.f . , Y Wm .T I . , ' ' , ifvi"iii7ifQ5 N, 2 xl we-of 6.1 it at it 7 dig g, W ,. 1 f l , , , ' A , 1.- 4 V, VVLV V 5 -'.2l I ,""'A ! A 45 9, 'ga ' 2, A T gf L ' WJ my id 'L L If is Mr ,..f-A G Leila ,LA QV, 1 f T.n',:r"'1. ., . ,V . . , 71 W' L Z 1 Q: A Yi 4 Jones, Reid Jones, Susan J orgensen, Laurie Journagan, Ruth Jung, Diana Kadolph, Marla Kaipola, Marianne Kemmer, Becky Kent, Theresa Kenyon, Rick Kernan, Karan Kerns, Roger Ketchum, Leslie King, Debbie King, Roberta King, Terry Kirkland, Frank Kirkland, Jim is E ml f 4' Af we 2 X ,, LQ Qi, 1 I . , ' ' jf5?i??'Ei , ,a C. . A Li, A 0 1' J If , .,g.,f .:i,, H wr lr' V ,,,V f it s , .,,, y - ': ' ' ,,,, J . , ,. - k W: , s , K ':g:' A , 4 , -Q -if-+ H ,ff , f-f ' Sf, 9. A ,, E 1 f r . I if? . i - .gf 'Wf .1 , as sms: f- rs,- Klein, Shellee Knight, Steve Knipple, Randy Knuth, Pamela Ko, Elaine Krueger, Mark Lafollette, Joel Lam, Lit Lambert, Joretta Lambert, Lori Landaker, Gordon Langdon, Robert Larsen, Karla Lauro, Karen Lavalla, Jeffery Lawrence, Patricia Leathers, Debbie Leisure, Jean W-.qt ,nr Sophomores 149 123 ill 150 Sophomores Page l49: ill Marianne Kaipola, jurly Preskey, Kathy Clancy, jeff DeMuth, Margret Stewart, Danny Falaschetti, Cathy Thorpe, Nick Lehmann, Danielle Morehouse, and Bob Howell gather about the stairs during lunch. l2l Barbara Rubin sculpts a clay figure. Page 150: Ill Beulah Schweitzer, Sherrie Love, Margret Stewart, Nancy Matson, Peggy Melton, and Debbie V0nl'lollen Catch up on each otherys news during lunch. KZJ Suzanne Allison and Margaret Butler Chat during their lunch break. Leonard, Janice Leonard, Lori Leonetti, Susan Lewis, Mark A. Lewis, Mark N. Lindley, Mark Lipca, Danita Little, John Little, Steve Lohmeier, Chris Lorenzen, Teri Loughrey, Deborah Love, Sherrie Lucas, Linda Lukich, Shaun Lynum, Kathy Maddin, Jeff Madson, Andy 4 I ' f .a ' 1 ' -W f 1-1 wff5.5f5,, xg: Wg" ' QV , gh A .. . ' i ,a - .2314 .fi ' ,.., ' VJ? . I f 1 51 7 L , fi my A ' 7, -:wp I gli: , A 'fi Qigaf, f' 5 55 ' 85 - -v I "V , f ia - .12 1 2 e f 4' I -or V in I 4 ,.,.,,. 3 , Xxx f ' 1 - " f H V x -'fifty , 1 , i, " A l ff' I at 6 r ,,rI !i,, , 2 5 ffli I rl X ff ' i7 QI, M ,af 2 ,J 2 Y YM 1 5 yr- 'V , 54 4 if if gr I- 4 0' ff X-f V4 3 ff x A I ,.. rv "4" fl! I A -fi 1 f , ,wi tix K , I K I - 1' - I ' If I 5 ',, ,L I i, 1 7 ea -vvf c, ,I 15 X W2 f . , f Q' - " .12-I I , 5,32 - E Uh. 4 is I, A I, I X " rr,f' f I. X Ig W., ,I he f Q,....f1:arfI .. H Malet, Gregory Manolis, Robert Martin, Gary Martin, Marilyn Martin, Teresa Mason, Melodie Matson, Nancy McCartney, Karen McClane, Judy McCracken, Chris McFarland, Tami McFarlane, Mary McKinnis, Taffy McMahon, Colleen McMurry, Lynda McMurry, Rick Meadows, Christine Melton, Alan y as ggi I 4, wg !ArI lf: I - I . VVVI I , j lf' A ' W tr 15 2, , A , .HI while: f , 7 Iris, iw Iaii ,J Ai, if 1, " 11? 5' I w i 4-.1 ,r I , , I' 'W ,Y , ,4 in ,- f R 1 I tt f , Q' ,gl Xl V' .1 I mir ,ga X -f X ,If I 5?-fi 1 E, 5 K ,I '-512452 -V effvg z V 5523, ' rter f: 'ii' ., , sf J ii I 1 g 4 Y f , s I M, M.,-1 V 1 0 Q -5 'Y 5 i iGI'4lW?7h It ,V V 3.5 . A g l ,f TW? Q -w 1 1 .s O4 f 3 t pf 14 ig if W 'fs 3 Y 6 A F 1 V l t .Q . ,C 5 5' 'M X? I V 1 1 f , , ' 14 " 1 J M Q 1 fI. W M555 f 3 Melton, Peggy Meskel, Mark Meyer, Annette Miller, Carol Miller, Carolyn Miller, Debbie Miller, Linda Mills, Carla Mills, Clay Misho, Beth Moffitt, Kevin Monk, Eugene Moon, Ron Morehouse, Danielle Morgan, Karen Morrison, Wayne Mulvaney, Kathy Myers, Terry Nelsen, Laura Nelson, Beverly Newby, Jodeen Newton, Bryan Ngan, Joann Nicholson, Rebecca Nim, Shwiyong Noyes, Douglas Oliver, Wayne Sophomores 151 Olsen, Carol Olson, Donna Ostrem, Linda Owen, Tom Paasch, Candace Page, Bronwyn Palin, Alicia Palmer, Theresa Paradise, Evelyn Parks, Leroy Parrish, Randy Parsons, Sherrie Paulus, Jeri Pearson, Darryl Peck, Lisa Penkert, James Peterson, Daniel Petrone, Rosalie 1 is - .5 X - gr? M V I fr ffiiifgifffiii' ff 25131 , s- 'Nr X5 XD fa X52 Q, as-1 Gigi J J igwgpye F Y K QSQSK ' 1 ,I S be '19 - 4 ,sw .1 ... f ITL! 4 R as I ' . " 'K J . .sr -A L1 ,,, iEQfi4' A Jr T -5 i f e N 1 PV s .te P , 5 s Q R X 'X f iv if YF? iikiiii' ir ' W., ' .-. , '. rl... , 2 J ,4- r' f J QA ! Y- . fffsfrriifsll Z-.ZfQ .f?J'i Pillette, Kimberly Pinkley, Debbie Portschy, Julie Primmer, Michael Purpura, Jan Putnam, Cheryl Quorp, Cindy Randol, Jackie Raphael, Vicky Rathkey, Mark Reaves, Linda Reed, Mary Reeves, Krisi Renner, Martin Rerick, Karen Richards, Julie Richardson, Karen Rickman, David Riehl, Dianne Rieseman, Joan Rigdon, Don Rinella, Gerald Ritter, Wendy Roadenizer, Sheila Roadruck, Rudy Robinson, Diane Robinson, Gordan ill 1 rli P J, 1 ,rl , , . , an yum. ,-15' , ,,. ' ' iz T ., if K S V ai. ,. . rr xl' x Q if , , is ea - 2 -s - qv 5 J . ik rx Qs J f W J is bugs ' I or w l r r L ss , J is , ,.,, J .,,,' " T J ,o". Q ' C- : L - . Q, ' 'fe , E-is i k-. Q . ' .1 1 9 J J' ' - M Q-M s N. fl . i s i ,Je s ' X' Myx 1 5 L ' Js J' ,,. A S K . Q E' Ie 3 J. .- - 'X . X ,.:.: 'K -1 Q, J 1 "" 4"' ' ' 12151, ' ,es t - :NE , r A S' . I- m y li A Q' Jig -in fl-,, J -I - A, 1 ,M ,, . ,, . I,- gfs -1 :1 - 3 Seavfgi Q S ,kc J.. S rQ:,..,a , gf X ' sw - Q N31 4 f 1, sf Rf wiki' fr "5 e-sz" ., 7, K f - , ., eQt.e S D , 9 r'- . tri. 4 Q' fs.. L 161. Q, "' w 'L-. Y ' - V.--'a12'4:,.sgff1s s wg, is-ff 5 t ix . ,, Q-A mi W m 5 0 t is ,qi tx? he s Q ig, fir X , ' I 4 .r 1 I we im.: ..,,f11gg,gi5.,,,,1, Div - f' Q 5- Rocks, David Roelle, John Rogers, Steve Roll, Annette Rose, Dawna Ross, Kurt Rostig, Kirsten Rountree, Diane Royce, Barbara Russell, Sherrie Sample, David Sanders, Gecky Sanseri, Cynthia Santangelo, Jeff Satter, John It ek 3 1 gsigggg. f ,. ,., .3 252 1 " wise gen t :. -:q Q ,ifmrz r.r:?,:-f R ,L me isagfaigl A-I ! ,521 ef,-fm ms .W ,cxfps . - ef,- S it 523255 , :- ,, .. ,Lg :,- L .E W' K. . Q,3.,k, ,L. My , , gigs? S 52 fi ,iS"'5: Q i ' A ' iQ 5 fr L, r . K Z me - ., V 1' 5 if Ni 5 6"f'i"l+3 ri i Z gfigiggi.-figs ti Eilgfvla ..., : . ' X. f . E if s N ga.f?if SS., q , ,, ,M as 5555- .r,. r f . X f K Schiele, Rob Schild, Eric Schmaltz, Steven Schomberg, Deborah Schomberg, Ruth Schultz, Deborah Schultz, Stewart Schwanke, Mickey Schwarzkopf, Richard Schweitzer, Beulah Sconce, Lori Scott, Pat Senften, Mike Sewell, Jerry Shaver, Vicky 62? Sophomores 153 ill 154 Sophomores wal Page l52: lll Tracy Durkheimer, Nancy Nord, Suzanne Allison, and Beth Locke visit during lunch. Page 153: l2l Sherrie Stone grinds out a piece of metal in her art class. Page 154: ill Richard Strait bids farewell to the happy couple in "Oklahoma!" Page 155: QQ Wayne Oliver tiredly leafs through his Pee Chee. Shipley, Hazel Shrake, Larry Schonkwiler, Teresa Shrope, Rebecca Sichley, Rita Simms, George Sloan, Mark Smith, Larry Smith, Nancy Smith, Susan Smith, Tracy Squires, Ron Stafford, Hollie Stang, Charles Stephens, Claudia Stewart, Connie Stewart, Margrett Stinnette, Judy Stockdale, Susan Straig, Richard Stuck, Larry Stuva, Sue Swagerty, Wayne Tapfer, James '3 -155 Nd '. X lf f f 'W' f X 51? .N a f X , if i f , '+ 'gmaaff iiiiih get 4. 5' ff. 44" 1 if 49 r aka f , ., me if e Q i 42 L ' elle E l .5 V ' .:,1w'f: I iii, f',' ff , S ieiii e is 5 " " ay :- ' Z, , il 1 H P 1 'il' Q , , f ,, ",', . x ' , ,,..I ,nl VSV. L.hL A 1, A 5 W I, , I 5 tgirifwwaamategz A P "' 4 1 i t " Nt ' "' ' f uf' at . ' :, -V15 yi W5 ' , asv: H ... wb ,a ,f , f f , 5 ,J 3.9-1 ul 5 "f "in as .W-we i x .22 ., g zpsfff' J, 5, ,fs , , We ' 1:49 ia Q' V 3 , .. .7 ww. .-,g. ' ' 5' in 2 'W . If? . ,w.k.V sa wr 5 if 2 i , ifwsg "1 .gif 43 +41 5 I H 2 ' ',-a+sf',-nf i L" r ' ,,,, . L. 4, iw V, ,,,V,,, ,, ,.,,,.,,,,,,. , , X' fi. V-.- iffy .,.'5,,,W,,, , , J, ' , , ,, "1 . e',- we . fe if' 1 , P M iieey , R- iiii V' , 4 ! UAF 'Sl-H,e..-f1'9gi'j"E - It i he :t'w1lfT:f:?.' -f. l if 'R ' A , ., , f V -V , ', ., T 41557 liil f -N Q, P332 , X ' 1 i A. ,A ff .e : JA af' R' f , fy at eitfffg-st+::-.Qfgf 41. "" f 1' : , u .".r"'N4'f . ' W v 9?marf.:i.., 4 I .- f wiiifi t'xf'1 -1' A 'z ,457 if 7 -if 4 , A l r C M f -Q . lf? llil ,fr limi i.: IE. r 5 , 5' . Ii' ' I l H Templeton, Dorinda Teresi, David Thomas, Rick Thorpe, Cathy Tidswell, John Tilton, Shannon Tindall, Vickie Tooze, Vickie Totzen, Laura Tribble, Lynn Tucker, Kevin Ullman, Bill Vakili, Shahab Vanmeltebeke, Shawna Vassar, Nancy Vielmetti, Douglas View, Connie Vonhollen, Debra Voreis, Spring Wainer, Sharon Wakeman, Joel Walters, Carol Ward, Valerie Warnack, Susan Waterhouse, Carol Webb, Lee Weber, Steve Webster, Veronica Wells, Laura Wells, Steve Wheeler, Richard White, Monica Whittlesey, Barbar Wilkerson, Cindy Wilks, Sandra Williams, Cheryl Williams, Doug Williams, James Williams, Robert Sophomores 155 Willimont, Deborah Wilson, Cathy Winner, Donna Wisdom, Steve Woods, Vicky Woody, Cydreese Wrege, Roberta Wrigglesworth, Debbie Wrought, Denice Wynkoop, Dale Yambra, Terry Young, Leslie V 1 1 W A , Q W , Q rf: , H Q , "'r , W , tr f . FQ ," fig V ff , 1 W,!f"'f w Vvwkh A et, ki, 'I ,xl , ,,.r ' . ff' l V ,. V- Z ""v Q ' f,,.. ' Q " ' i 5' 5 5 ix ' r iffy? r ' Y ' ., A8 1 A g n K y r' Ig pdf ig, 'Ly X, ' h J nhrr , fhgiwpg fa, 2' L1 ,,., iff? 35" E Zimmerman, Mark I -ili '." , ol ' 9 1, QU 7 jgfrwf' 4 ,,e.-u.-- c i . asm E ..,r.. re....eW 5 :Wt ri Q5 156 Sophomorcs ill Becky Shrope and Cindy Anderson apply make-up in the glare of dressing table lights. 121 Randy Jarvis, Sue Leonetti, Susan Helvie, George Babniek, and Audrey Pound watch Bill Isbell Wipe dust from the A.F.M. memorial marker. GJ Leslie Bennett and Marcia Hewitt cheerfully swing down the hall. f4l Chuck Goett and Mark Howard visit at their lockers. 133 NOT PICTURED Albin, Randy Allison, Suzanne Andrew, Sam Armstrong, Rick Austin, Mike Burke, Mike Burns, Karen Busselar, Rory Capps, Rebecca Carrar, Susan Carruthers, Darleen Chamberlain, Tony Chung, David Cramer, Edwina Davies, Melinda Davis, James DeClark, Marlene Donnell, Laura Duggan, Matthew Durkheimer, Tracy Eheler, Jackie Elliott, Karen Fischer, Debra Fisher, Douglas Flaig, Alisa Fleming, Craig Fluno, Guy Franx, Jeffrey Gallagher, Mike Galloway, Mike Gamon, Ray Gaul, Donald Gill, Danny Giroux, Sharel Giusti, Kathy Glenn, Deborah Goleman, John Gould, Dan Gress, Mark Grimm, Linda Gustafson, Alonzo Guy, Ricky Haugen, Tina Hauth, Jeffery Hinkle, Con Hudson, Sharon Hughes, Roberta Hutchens, Michael Irish, Robin Isbell, Billy Jarvis, Randall Jarvis, Ronald Jensen, Rod Jerome, Anita Johnson, Ben Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Larry Jones, Rosemary Karam, Hunan Karper, Leslie Kehdi, Andy Kindel, Richard Korter, Robert Kraus, Melanie Leben, Allen Lee, Inkwon Lehmann, Nicholas Lentz, Cindy Lillie, Marian Lish, Robert Long, Denise Lund, Byron Mallett, Jeff Martinez, Juan McCoy, Mark McDermott, Karen McFarland, Bruce Meyer, Rowena Miller, Alvin Miller, Jeffery Monett, James Miller, Carolyn Mullerleile, Clark Mullin, Richard Newman, Roy Ng, William Nord, Nancy Norvell, Deborah Olsen, Carol Pace, Jim Pankey, Valarie Pearson, Darryl Pearson, Rebecca Perez, Marino Peterson, James Phelps, Wally Poyner, Tom Pound, Audrey Presky, Judi Preston, Daniel Preston, Sherrie Roach, Michael Rubin, Barbara Schmidt, Terry Secor, James Siler, Cathy Smith, Bruce Stark, Brad Stegmany, Terry Steltz, Connie Stone, Sheryl Tucker, John Valdez, Rolandon Vantassell, Larry Wallace, Cliff Ward, Diana Watkins, Mike Wehring, Joni Welch, Jody Westwood, Gale Whitten, Mark Williams, Lucy Wilson, Jon Wixtel, Cary Wolf, Dan Wolfe, Jim Wolff, Vince Yim, Chwi Yong Young, Colleen Sophomores 157 158 Freshmen CU Freshman Spring Cabinvt: Front Row: Georgia Oiman, vice-pri-sidvnt, Dale Palmer, president, Linda Christensvn, sccrvtary. Back Row: Diana Schneider, trcasuri-rg Barbara Moon, publicity chairman. QZJ Sgts.-at-Arms: Front Row: Cindy McShatko, David Dvmmon, Vickie Brown. Back Row: Terri Ryan, Sue Zimmerman, Kim Shipman. 133 Georgia Oiman, David Di-mmon, Sui- Zimmerman, Diana Schneider, and Linda Christensen. 125 Class of '76 Plans For Senior Year pring Cabinet The first cabinet of Franklin's class of '76 was primarily concerned with money- making projects. These headed the list of proposed activities. By selling pepperoni, licorice, suckers and baked goods, the freshmen hoped, in the words of President Dale Palmer, "to earn enough money for our senior year." A freshman week featuring the sale of class cards was planned for spring. Before elections were held for class offices in November, a number of freshmen joined together to form the Associated Freshman Girls and Guys. This group organized the class and provided leadership until officers were chosen. 5, 'R v E r , f l3l Freshmen 159 Aboud, Nita Adams, Chris Adams, Ricky Addleman, Bill Anderson, Dean Andreotti, Robert Andrews, Maria Arnold, Tony Ashlock, Jeri Askew, Jodi Ayers, Dawn Bachman, Nancy 160 Freshmen Baird, Mike Baker, Richard Banks, Rosanne Barbee, Greg Barbee, Marlis Barnard, Kim Barnerd, J im Barnerd, Marvin Barnes, Melissa Barnes, Sandra Bay, Brad Beach, Rachel Beal, Christina Bean, Mary Beck, Debra Beck, Randy Beckford, Leena Bennett, Kim Bennett, Nyal Bernard, Cindy Bernard, Julian Betts, Stuart Bixel, Mike Blalock, Doug ,Q Y X fmvvsmm. j K .-" r is is Sayer' Cs., Y K nf 0 Q? so Q23 4 V ," Bloomgarten, Julye V ff , , V' Boetger, Caryn 5 ,,s,, Bollig,William A B ' asf 54: rw J f Ms. V9 Ja ldv' rs 1 , . ,g Q 41 8' 4 Q .. Z 9, ft ,y v , MQ -Aa ,f M sf effffi "' ns M Z r fi? 1 Borgmann, Angi Bradley, Gene Bradley, Pati Brannan, Barb Braun, Lynette Brawley, Ken Brockway, Patty Broomfield, Pam Brown, Bob Brown, Shannon Brown, Vicki Bruning, Tim 1 eiirr iii 'lag xi , 'fm r a i ag 3? ' '. , f -4 .ss as mf Isa.. ,Q . 1 if X20 ,D ff, 'K ' -F ' 4 - , wi" ferzrgllgge ,s i was 4 4 as M + if 1 S an K Ze ai 'fm s i A m 5 5 5 52' , fy ,,,l ,ff i 7 'f ' -ff ff , is r .r .u v ' In ' H f, " 4 P6501 J , N ,I ,,, , A J W I lie 2 pt ' A- ' ' , 7 X , i 11 7 if E , l ,ZW . Icy is 'vu Q? ,, lf?-'rz.' ff: , . Q ,,,, :Vg ' ,f gg, W .,. Wg , , V74 N14 W' ghff 1 sr fl . fs ia ,, ,y ,ps " , , L , 1 fx U 'vel 6 'f 'E' K . 3 Q F? of? , - ,,.. af Aery yryy ' f f P , r ,. '. "" ffffxa f 1 i 4, 1: i r -, x ,fa Z I -- P Em-mar . T .' " m:,6Z' p 4 ""' 1 YS. if 9, s Hy , , f Wiisaa V s Buchanan, Doug Buckmeyer, Sandra Budahl, David Buff, Colinda Bunker, Valerie Burgess, Teri Burke, Mike Cahill, Sharon Camp, Bob Carns, Kim Cervantes, Angel Charbonneau, Hazel Chinn, Nancy Christensen, Linda Chung, Dave Clancy, Patty Clark, David Coffey, John Cogburn, Chuck Coggins, Stanley .Cohen, Karol Cohen, Kathy Coiteux, Renee Cole, David Coleman, Kevin Conner, Carla Conover, Cindy Cooper, Mark Coppernoll, Greg Corley, Jerry Corrado, Kari Cote, Michael Cox, Laurie Crosby, Dianna Croteau, Greg Cunningham, Bruce Cunningham, Kerry Danielson, Patty Danton, Rex Daschel, Steve Davenburger, Cindy Davis, Craig Davis, Linda Davis, Mark Davis, Mike Davis, Terri Daw, Jim Deeter, Vicki Delangis, Candy Demmon, David Denniston, Mike 162 Freshmen Wa, m,,,fA, f, , .Graeme fi iw ,V i JA is .3 X 5 ZW .A ,ig V , '-iii ff , ,. ft .J J i if 5321, f xi ' kia if 4 2 M55 if 2? i , ,.....,. nf if Q R A ' ff A it ' t fe A: . Q1- Hy!! will fl .i i-,' f 1 7517 ff ' f '- r ' a rf? 1,2 , Y 5 2? 175 ,C ,,,.,,. ,,,,,, ,ai I Lf irf :ZA-t AAAV r I , 1 , i " 'i,' t gl, fi t psi: 515 in fi " fr ,J if ..,Z' f, . 'A 5 fi l f Densem, Don DeWitt, Kari Dillery, Mike Dixon, Gerald Donaldson, Floyd Donkin, Sandra Dorety, Betty Drenner, Dale Drew, Pam Durbin, Pat Durland, Doug Eades, Debbie Eaton, Kevin Edington, James Ellis, Rosemary Elmer, Kelly Emig, Nancy Emmett, Colleen Emmons, Alta Emra, Vicki Erickson, Bill Ernst, Kevin Esmond, Dan Estabrook, Rhonda Estrada, Marta Evans, Mary Ewers, Sarah , I :aww-'f-ff ,-f, Q- fqgsyt ,. H f .V Vfiiizflfiirwf -"5 W' Y' f , ' "4 nf M, Y x,..- ,E 'bei :E AM 41-W-,L fi I ' , ' We. , ii? I me f , .va .a,' Q' H .4 at ' Kffeftifii, f, fm t? 2-2' , 'ai l if 'Tits ff gf., ff M " 'll pile... ' '.- 3- V QMS." . ,i,',,,r f if 4 at ,Qf,i 'W ' 57 35" ,fJ'.15?f .2 ' E. - fi? lk - sa- t 1 f. , , ' . , gi ' 5 iff' - r . - 1,13 . i,ifgfgi5fffiLeigf ,fi aa. : - 2- 17 : iii 1 , t t , 1 , 4 , ,0,, Q R r JZ '-frm? v . it 4 -' -f fs ,Q 7 f f ii We v , ,-.. g , M ,,4'f.L7! fy - , rs' p ff from - f, l 1 ,. " fu C v 2 W ' 2 In 10 l ,i , 29. Q t x K 2 ,ig W , Q ga . ,V Els Q , , D .a - n ' xx V 2 W H 5, f f E i , iiii 'fkgvi 2 : M: vllz 2 R ,aa 1 2 ,f.1"y? 3 E , f 43, t ,t v ,vve l S, V , 9 r'i' , ' I 1 , "" K 1' v Q 'lt ' gf , ' .5 t , A Page 160: ill Doug Steele and James Edington relax on the stairs during a break. Page 161: 121 Chris .lacquer shapes her design in art metal. Page 163: 111 Bob LeBaron leisurely reads his material as Tim Bruning and Don Lang prepare their assignments. 121 Mike Kelly and Chuck Cogburn meet at their lockers. 111 f l-S' ".' 2 if -gs, wi. f is 1 " Q .1 fi' . me - H F- . . Q. .... . te - ,Q - X A ,U f ' . - l Q tl 1 ? 1 ' Si -71525-iii if 2 ' 2 r f M -' .. 5 'F s I , . SS as ,B : . , - .. - . L , 1 L -e ,... 2 I . :sr - - . I h 3. 5:2 ,gigs-. 1 A AR?" , ef ' he 1' s 3, at , 'i'1 G iiiiii t 2 iil ' 1 - f ierl , f a G ' + fa ,ea-is K E X K ..i- fl ' 'viii fs: '.'- " X -- 'QQ 'L ig, - ,.. , . 4 . 1, if fir N L'-5 -fi' '11 ' . Q, , ',- . M :"1i ' Q-if ,si 5' 25' , , iii IRI? ,-,' 7 . f f Faulhaber, Lori Feeny, Mary Feightner, Sherry Fleming, Tami Flynn, Mike Fontaine, Sunday Ford, Kathy Forsyth, Barbara Forsyth, Karen Foss, Julie Fowler, Nancy Fujino, Mimi Funkhouser, Candy Gallagher, Donna Galluzzo, Shanna Gamon, Ortensia Garrett, Chryl Garrigues, Floyd Gaston, Rick Geiger, Elizabeth Gelow, Debra George, Connie Gibson, Brenda Gillaspie, Juanita Freshmen 163 Giordano, Ruth Gish, Barbara Gish, Steve Glenn, Debbie Golding, Mike Gomes, Kathy Gonzalez, Lourdes Gorsek, Christopher Gorsline, Tammy Gragg, Nancy Grant, Elizabeth Greening, Scott Griffin, Faith Groce, Larry Grubbs, Guy Guest, Randy Guldenzoff, Jeff Gulliford, Nancy Gumbert, Steven Hale, Charles Hall, Lorna Hamman, Mark Hanson, Pam Harding, David Hardy, Kevin Harmon, Kerry Hasrohd, Duane 164 Freshmen .f f a af ,- , M fa Y 'L 33, 1 I iff' a r,,.,.:y 'I ,--f K, wjjl' 710525 .,,, , V ,K 4,2 V. it fi 'fa i , ff '!Y.. ,f-, ,s.,w,, Q 4 VI 5 Q H , , milf, ' ' A n in Vw " E , ,vjm A-3 f Q A 'fs y if " ' , Q ' Ag as V 92 H fi Q' , - M W, X 44 1' 1? il f X26 1 , Va '46 Lx , ff y L if 3 .6 5 W, H ,f i VVL! Hatch, Tom Hauskins, Alan Hawkins, Pam Hayes, Leslie Heath, Carl Hein, Donald Heiserman, Susan Helfer, Rene Helquist, Rocky Henderson, Cathy Herd, Don Hereford, Gary Herndon, Lorry Heuvel, Sandy Hewitt, Sandra " 5.- ., li Q 4... , . Z? 1 ag f V Wx 2 , 'E ag af X 1 ., W, W My 5. . , f wi" X' 1 f 1 1 I , x ,L A 'T' A T, in ala 47 'iff M ' , r V .iff K 2- Q jfgp 'f , 1e.,Q2fZSf ' ,, gL- N W- ad' , aw 1a 1 4 ff , 'M ff A r E ,,. , by-' W ,S 7 2 if if FQ HM, f. r' . ff Z ' I W Sf M5 I , ,av A l K 3 P7 ' I In I lr .4 i ' J 1 , M V 5 : 1--f,v L . M j ff K Q, r i + P . K ? '. ,, H , ' ' 'Z-' ' ' Y? -V' 'il"'t f ' V' ' V, 'L ,,,, V' , V ..5.,, , Y., , ,,,, 3,,,,, x 'Q 4 .,'. A' it-' 2 I I X k.7vkk K R K! ,M M gy ' A I l YM ill iw gl C ls le 1- " -at -- "" I r - .,-. -- . ,- ,-.f V, I 1 ffifff. ,, - ' LL-, , 21- ----A-A 1 -'Li-K: " N ' I I lf' 1, - -- . . i. - . . !xE5Z:5I.ifyI Akk"' T., 1. S J, 1 - '--' ff K.. ' : ' . gg.. wmnfvig. . ' I 1' f 3. ' ' . A , Lf -x'- 'uf ' . me Nz,-7' f .. 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X is ' I fr diy af., X? , af., Hickcox, Tina Hiles, Kathleen Hill, Debra Hinrichs, Jacqueline Hodge, Tina Hoffman, Paul Holcomb, Dianna Holmes, Audrey Holmgren, Doug Hong, Daniel Houston, Jim Howard, Dwayne Huddleston, Rodney Hunt, Bobby Hunt, Raymond Hylla, Dieter Idle, Tammy Ingham, Victoria Ingram, Debbie Isbell, JoAnne Jackson, Don Jacq uet, Christine Jerome, Cathy J obe, Kevin J ohannsen, Heide Johnson, Betty Johnson, Jennifer gm.- J i t I ii ' - i igfflgifif I 3 - ' X , 1 , ,K J I Q. ,ff . a ff ff? I f I ff f x. .L if- nf 'Ak .Q t - f 'ix A V Q- it 55 I 4' J, , -A . . J S' F 5 M M 5 'kkii X fin - if .Es'fs:s .K .. - It .X 1 2 fn i, x - Z I, 5 it fs fig Q, ,elif .fmui I -f 1 R are at 5 I .. .E .Q - V i I 1 '55 - fi ii. . "W I 1355? ,- J . ,-'5 'K' f. s , R E' f Sf 'V if Johnson, Mary Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Vicki Johnston, Karen Jolley, Dan Jones, David Jones, Michele Jordan, Reed Kaeding, Sabra Kahn, Cindy Kanne, Debra Kappelman, Deloris Freshmen l65 ill 166 Freshmen fggfzgwg www , 5 2 rj, 5 at-X55 gif ' . rr L an ? E 'MF Kasch, Don Kay, Janet Keaton, Kathy Keenan, Carmen Kelley, Michael Kelly, Billy Kemrer, Patty Kerns, Patricia Kim, Kyung Kindel, Stephanie Kinney, Kim Kinsey, Michael Kistler, Donna Knight, Jeffery Knight, Mike if it . .Ji , 2? J" , ,' W M5 Mi f Q , f I 1 ' I it f , 5, . ,, K ey 'af 4 '-ff ,I W - f 71 at gn . H .pw TW .. L .. , 315: A ,iw -' g Nx me ,mm .W N5 sign, tttt, g i if ,. V .1 5 M if an , in MW 6 'X Wi, .. 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L if tl, , ,ii if Long, Marti ' A5-.22 Loska, Richard , 'ii i Louie, Mary if yi. 4 f ,,,g , A , ff N? K . as wwf fa s Sf 1? X X33 S es fi' ss, 5 V1 get f gl as ' 5 ha , 1 i j :f1 r V :., K L ' - E.- ,. ? ii -. I t' -,' : f -iift S E: - Q .2 V V . ...s, gi iii?iJ A V A,'mL,, Q V , . ' qi i f .r -41" iii ff, . fml rtr l s WE' i t fl- L - , .,.i s '- ,-. .,-- .3-.-,,, ,: , , ,gm9',:'Br- fir .pg ., X, its a - f 'L '-': ' ,,.' . ' 7 s if A J,.3g1f+ ffflifLf l v' V l . ii r y ff 3 b,q lp -- .ff sf .1 ft -5' 'su -," 1' xx Qi' ' li WB 1 5' Q 4 1 44 Ludlow, Leslie Lunceford, Lonnie Lund, Dennis Lund, Neil Lynton, Leo Mahoney, Daniel Maine, Barbara Manning, Charlotte Marler, Jody Martin, Jeff Martin, Thomas Martinez, Kathryn Martinez, Mike Matthes, Darby May, Debra McCartney, Cheryl McCommon, Roger McCrary, Dave McDonagh, Gary McNeely, Scott McShatko, Cindy Meadows, Rhonda Medina, Barbara Meiners, Wallace Melton, Guy Meyer, Arlene Mikulic, Ratko K l e e, ,ie ea k 2 MS ,as ., , " , if ,, f--"' ., X T ' 1 fi 22:55 f tyyt W X sg s f N 'Ss .ease sie? 2 X 5 5 in V X if Y g , Q tif 1 1 N fl' A 1 wk -, '-,, 'f M ei- in are y 1 Q L .its A 4 Ns W E veg. fi - is ? o if rf' s i- 4- .,.a , -,S . . .. , nv li ,X 2 X W i it 5 RTS? 5 3' s , ,Q 1 X if , vi 5 N , ,,,, . fe-ra Ex R ' :Q X 3 Q Q--... X . X A dt, A ,,. , ., Page 164: ill jean Nelson, Marlis Barbee and Kathy Green wait for the bell to ring. Page 165: QQ Phil Savory displays his gigantic snowballs. Page 166: ill Dave Harding, Steve Gumbert and Jim Daw are shown with the Japanese students they hosted for a week. Page 167: QD Rhonda Meadows, Barry Pullen, Cindy Conover, jim Barnard, Kevin Coleman, Joe Peterson, ,loc Woodward and Tom Martin work on a test. can an any cu me Miller, Jacqueline Monaco, Alberto Monaco, Gino Moon, Barbara Moore, Alan Moore, Kelly Moore,.Pamela Moore, Ruth Moore, Walter Morrell, Karen Morrison, Kathryn Morrison, Pamela ' Q23 -vw ...sf an ,saws anno o-QQ anus yu in nun me use su ,qw are an Freshmen 167 rff,WQ,,:f,ia,-, ,,,f,.,, I 1 - 61? C27 fm :wg-vmfww nd? wr ! 2 religion ...Q ?61li.fWitRi2?5-?E?f' 7k'. f2'1i'5iT ,W 5, is 5 Y 'MLW ky f 4 mf, 'i . 'W 2 ,, Q 4 ix iz.. , i . 1 Hi A f 3 5' 168 Freshmen Morton, Loretta Moultrie, Russell Moxley, Karil Moyer, Michail Mullin, Dennis Mullins, Dan Munkers, Jay Murphy, Lori Murphy, Rhonda Murr, lla Murray, Mel Myers, Cathy Nacoste, Betty Nelsen, Jeanne Ness, Bob Newby, Sharilyn Newton, Edwin Neyman, Mark W, X at A ivy, New f it we , ,,, , , 6 M ,f -A . , 5Q'23:'t f- , '- A X if A Q 1 5 x Y 4 1 1 f 2 24 f' A fi' 12 M 'wire' , if f 'ww .at We ,- Av . ' 1 ga, 1 1 2. V, 2 A 4? 1 If , 41 t, A me X - ' A-Ffffil l - "'t . 1 - ' ,,,, , . H 4,,, ,gy gg in H l V, 'Q ' ' " 'I ' f 12' 'V iz eerrt ff . 1 1 1 M My 'W ,ff A . E ' fl 6' sw ci I l A is erse M H ' W z o , - r of 4591 J ., iirfegffif? ', 'ff' 2 , ' T r,aiMf'f3l r stiff? wk' fm ,. V ,D 3, A -f- , ia , ni, ,,, , x Jw f ,J s l all X 4 , , f' W i' za ,U ' asf la 1, 4 lg 45 " L 'fav E vcvfxfef' .1 f, f -an-4 , J J J ,,,,h,t:,.a,.a fa ,U lx '31 S MZ W , . ,fl - fl , ' W i":ll?" L -235 r - szwtff ' 4 f, f 35,25 , , 5 2 2 ga fit? 5525 fit ff are I f ,Q J J ,i,,, if 'hir je j 1 4 J iq feifsffs 44- f ' 'MFG J Q? fe 3 4 W J f u rns. .. Z :- f W I i f 46 J af ' ,X 1 41, Nigo, Carolyne Noble, Karen Odbert, David Olman, Georgia Olney, Loretta Olney, Martha Olsen, Bret Ontiveros, Barbara Ooley, Jerry Orme, Brian Page, Brian Pahl, Fred Palmer, Dale Palmer, Thomas Parker, Gloria Parrish, Mark Patterson, Jim Pattzold, John K , ' lir , ,"i J ' J ,ao at , ,gf J 1 ' ff-Q ,F i f , g-V, A T, , f 1: ?' 5':l'f gl'7 Q': . I , W I all lk ll I , ,. ,, 5 .,,. fr f ,fa f ,W , - f ,, rr' Q .fa izW'f:!fv If 'W , " '- ' f sf , ef v - 4 P A52 Q K, by I 'YW l A 'Viv .Z ah ' 4 24 dz fb fl! ,, L ,. ,. ' ll., 153,556 , nf a shun' pu - Mfh-'l,, , , f 3 mf+,g,h., 1. "" ' "P 1 N91 Q 'ffm' if ,Ng ' nf ' , I f X H I J J' 1 ,591 , .- " Q , was ,. -- Y . W' - A , .f 2, , of I a X K 2 "" f o' , ,f 'fs wh, 1 f v , ,, V - W, ,ww 4, My , 5 J J , 1 '13 g bm, , Q six, .4 , r aoa ' h J J Or r if or r 'P , il WN if ? J J a a ff J Paulus, Mike Pearson, Chyrle Peoples, John Perawleau, Teresa Peraza, Olga Perkins, Lana Perronne, Carolyn Peterson, Brinda Peterson, Jim Peterson, Joseph Peterson, Tony Phillips, Debra Ping, John Pinkston, Timothy Powell, Cindy Pullen, Barry Pullen, Joni Quarum, Merritt Raffaele, Nicky Raphael, Mike Rasey, Deborah Raynor, Laurie Redfern, Kathy Reed, Linda Reese, Susan Renner, Jan Reusser, Terry Freshmen 169 170 Freshmen if 14 W, , , , .,.,,, V ,V ,tes 1 q t,, f if ff Q fl, f Rice, Hazel Richardson, Kevin Richardson, Julie fig, Q , . f ak' , A H ii 7 Meei . ji 1 X n y f,fl1 l 1 ei e Iii , 'xi I it Richey,Cheryl A P 7.577 Rider, Tammy ' f 1 Ringquist, Michelle .-., l 3 c 1 f' if f ' 'V ff iii i z "' I Ritfhalef, Joy ii 3 YZ 4 , Rizor, Paul ff 'S ,X , -- Roellea Richard al ,ii . 1 , ' Romaris,Dan N ,',',: gt ' V 3, Roos,D0uglas f R0w1ev,Damw 7 iiei i-,V ' izv if P i A,, Roys, Debbie so sw, Q Royner, Dave Rueck, Janice , 1-lin' ' IA, ,, , , . I ,,- ,Q Q E, ,gig Q, Y L 'S as l Russell, Kathi j V ' 1' 'V Ryan, Terri 2 4 ' 461 4'-may ff' 1. Q 255 ,l W, , Sanders, Nancy , T " ., a,s 15 . A f at 'M fills? if Ana- fi V ' 1 s 1 n H ,fi nz' ' f Q, ' .W,l,g. ' 1 Sautner, Debbie ,V i f - H lgg,1,,, 7 11-fi viii' ffiitiim Savory, Philip Scheinkofer, Lee M T 4. "2 -i wife ,i 2 ff- nv' '43 J , tm if-'I if ' S to , vt, f 4 'l J f 1 iw? V If Schmidt,Kathleen , 7 Schmitz, Tim N ' Y it "1 Ag,-I J if fl. l Zi, , Schneider, Diana 3 ' , ,I ' ef 2 . f' gf " Hifi 3' , " "gr Wil ,- VF: 1 Page 168: ill Joe Woodward and Tom Hatch rush for the door as the bell sounds. QZJ Nick Raffaele and Steve Senften discuss team strategy with Coach Charles Kearney. l3l Franklin students find the cafeteria a convenient meeting place. Page- 170: fll "Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, anyone?" asks Georgia Olman. Page 171: Q21 Vickie Brown gingerly wipes her fingers of crumbs. at f fa 1 w .- 'fl Ahh. ,Xp H I Schneider, Nadine Schutt, Jimmy Schwab, Sandra if ui , 1 av, , , , Schwartzopf, Paula Scott, Lori Senften, Steve Serrano, Veta Shafer, Julie Shaver, Cindy Shipman, Kim Simovic, Doug Sines, Bret Smith, Curtis Smith, Glenn Smith, Kelley fl, 5 x 5-H' N y f l iz 5 , 3 1 w 3' lf if N .. 1 ie ff. , ",,, A 5 , W H -gg - 2' 'G I 14 ,Qi 7:7 1' r 'P I 4295, 1 A . 1 it f P ' it 1 R 1 1: 2 1 I ..,., J 1 . Q all--f :-,,, V , 3:6 ,,,, Tw, ,, fi. - V, , 'Q ,ffl A 4 4 vrt 'ygh A S l . ,f. l Q ekr s 9 fa. ' r as Q1 L13 f f r Il Xi Q' R! J .3 as sw- - - . Q, . ,-,L- fs-fasrgg at X if if .Q 151 X I Q .1 N x x in-sits 1: E X fs? ,-4' -rf-aff fr. I LLAVL 5, , -L.. .. W with - -,fi ,G S, it x -4 -K if 1 X ,i Solari, Becky Solheirn, Cheryl Spada, Nancy Spencer, Stephanie Spingsted, Wayne Steele, Douglas Steltz, Kathy St. Helen, John Stith, Dave Stockman, James Stokes, Kathy Stoltz, Keith Stone, Kim Stone, William Strech, Gayle - Nr: ,Q 4, , . Q ' f- . 3 X Q f , 'X nv Q at A will X M Q -he 'fil l 1, rl Jia- -297- firik .Q P' ' -' 9-Sw se .Q-' -. , K, ...L ,fs :f 1353 1 - '.Qr5YE"Y"" ,Cf n 1' f, ,K f 15 :5 . 5' 4-ii ' if a sit 4 iss: .Y 1 -- -" - "lsr J' Ji if if, I r Qesi2'.-stem--1 44ff'fSe.f5 5 SQ J fra , sf K ,r S , xx 2-F X A .1 X X u as 4 5' J' f:ff,1- t E I 'F PC r . 6 . . , , . f ,igz .J - X Q V 5 J .-A 33 f X 3 . 'E ' nf? VEQQ - ,S S' iL' ,g ,-it -5 - . Ar? aff? :gg K '35 N?-L sf Q' J J isp s + rf N -Q F 5.8 Lil , N 5 ,:,. sf' K i - ww ..a my .Q ,, X ,rr ' I k -f' r-. r ' ,, Q 'iff N , 5, : W . is-ffffm 'Q ' J 1152, Xl. C25 .fr X WSW - ww W I !L X 5 ,ar ' f ref 3,109 is - , W -13 was ' Vi-:tl 5580- S Subrough, Steven Sudlow, Tami Sumner, James Tallman, Deborah Taylor, Julia Thario, Linda Theimann, Kathy Thomas, Kevin Thomas, Richard Thompson, Cindy Thompson, Douglas Thompson, Ivy Thompson, Tim Townsend, Patsy Trevitts, Susan Trif, Sandra Trinci, Carol Troutman, Thomas Tucciaronen, Tony Turner, Barbara Urbach, John Vanderpool, Craig Vanortwick, Guy Vansteenwyk, Gary Freshmen 171 Vielmetti, Dave Vollmer, Brad Warner, Sharon Warren, James Wayman, Kathle Weeks, Debbie Weigel, Brett Weiss, Marla Wentz, David West, James West, Lori Westfall, Sheryl Westom, Robert CII Wethington, Teresa Whedon, Michae l Agn i ! ! - R335 Nia QS sg " - ., xg 5 1 M sissy . V " A .li ft 5 , .... , 4 ' ' se 3, V,.,,, 7 , ttl, I ,X ,B ' X iii! he-4, 3 .r I ,k:. EiE1rL5l 3 ,. , ,ii t K , Q, . . . X - IQ I , -gsssiq , bfi! 2 ,, 1' . R155 i A f t. ig W ' , eg 'H' 7 vii' ' K X ,V 35:5 ' . Wheeler, Peggy White, Lisa White, Richard White, Susan Willard, Debbie Willett, Maryann Willis, Charlene Wills, Robert Wills, Roberta Winslow, Dennis Wirtjes, Mary Wiseman, Barbar Witzel, Linda Woehlert, Bret Wolleck, James ii if si ,e Y W ,H si is 5 if Q Si 55 gif rf 5 , x W. , iesxwzygg NN X X te gf if wi tl T B lg - f J ff.- ,.-, -,--,-,-, - t fav it-iz. mt- -, -A as :,,:, , ieit, 2 is we ' ' -.,. . 'SEQ S , jg , sf LN E S , ,, ,S . K' .fr A I s"- 1 '.-s -f-- tt . e I . ..... g . V Q, X il 'Aja q , ' .. gag . . , , , .5 N ,,,,, i s,,,g3: ,J sw 5 1! 2 3 .W e + be 5 S K rg f Jig X 'J r 172 Freshmen 619 5,51 -4 ,' Y .1 , A ', I J .asc H.. . .rm S2514 :-' if fg-x ,,,. : K -Sw: 11 - 3' Lg! ii ,lf ..,, ix. H wr , 1 's, xo .xr ' A532 :vE,E-'S ' K K wgfyff-,sg 5 - , jf I , is ' is said. 55353 f ' Siigfg, , 2 fi -1 .,, - ,. sw, 'i . 5' ' 9 ' ' ,, V2 W N 5 kgcyi eff. Woodall, Vernon Wooden, Ron Wright, Bryan Wright, Howard Wrightson, Linda Wrought, Danny Wymer, Kevin Wynann, Durant Wynkoop, Linda Wynn, Cheryl Yattaw, Dawne Young, Sandra Young Shelli Zeller David Zimmerman Susan ir, or 1' Not Pictured Anderson, Darrell Banks, Rosanne Barbee, Marlis Barrett, Carol Becker, Janet Blevins, Linda Brady, Cheryl Breitler, Cynthia Bridges, Gil Bryant, Ruby Bryce, Robert Buchanan, Kurt Carruthers, David Cassell, Joyce Christensen, Barbara Coffey, Dan Cole, Ted Constantine, Cyndi Danenberger, Cindy Davis, Kerry Demmon, David Deranleau, Teresa Durant, Wynn Entriken, Sam Fares, Adnan Florer, Don Fujino, Blanche Garcia, Joel Gibson, Roland Golding, Michael Gress, Bruce Harris, Kenneth Llaubold, Lori rrelus, Dan Hinkle, Joyce Housel, Debbie Johnstone, Zane Jolley, Dan Koenig, Donna Kreutz, Randy Kuan, Yung Iueben, Carl Lentz, Davvie Manning, Vivian Martin, James Moon, Barbara Moralez, Louisa Murray, Patricia Ng, Henry Olson, Frank Ottoson, Roger Pauley, Jan Patsold, John Perez, Adolfo Phillips, Rodney Reed, Jordan Rowley, Kim Ruby, James Ryan, Jon Sparks, Dea Sykes, Robert Sylvia, Debbie Taylor, Elizabeth Walls, Dan Wehring, Richard Weidner, Kim Willcut, Jennifer Wood, Lawrence Woodward, Joe plc lil Lori Cox and Juanita Gillaspie talk during lunch. CZJ Kevin Richardson molds a clay figure in art class. l3l Linda Christensen and Kim Shipman load up their trays with goodies to sell in the freshman bake sale. l2l l3l Freshmen 173 WWW Us r 5 7 M, Q li 'B ,, 131 1-it .. , My J M r nrnsecmnrfiities and pressing cdlcnnmufbats 'r 1- Sparks UCD Quakers Rally at End of Season Football A two-win, six-loss record did not indicate the effort put forth by this year's varsity football team. Despite a slow start, the Quakers exploded at season's end with impressive victories over Madison and Roosevelt. Coach Frank Wolf explained, "A new coach, a new system of offense and defense, and six returning players from 1971 promised a slow start for the 1972 Franklin varsity." Designated as most valuable player was Ben Bethune, who was also named to the PlL's first-team Hall of Fame. 176 Sports C37 l4l W K ?" 'wt 'fr v.w....,,. .-ww f V N'r i , f wwmw ,W .ak - Kiki if , . , gf M' " 1 5 , so if 5, :.. ,tw -if WMM- t57Ifg'1'cqNiriei11.sS ,Q t..s5wftzs:fzwlQv:5: Q -sf 491 -51 -3 Hfwltfgk ,,,,j1j,,..yj,fJ3, .. . ., . fst:a.fL: .V -fmwiggQ.Q,gagsggwggi-fe,f:.g,,,Q.,Wiggq,,,,,., get 4m5,1z1gs:1,9z.::,., , M , tt ., cc., .,,..,,...,,t1: sg. -835-95,351-vfrz.sszgfaifwrmviw-:v,f we.-,W 1ffw,V1-'ffr ...Q- . -ff' we-I.. MQ -125.915izgwzgwv3w5.i,,,ss,eg W,-:.z.f , -'vw 3515 fl -f A T 'L 1 7 H57i5?'i:?J:i3' ,ztP3E'i"EI?5ii if ' 5. -i f- 1- tiiY'35f'?'?f ii"i?"f.i-1? . ' iFE"'i' 1 1 k-,l iz cc. W Q6 .4szt...,... . ,, 'f f -V -' - - .UTIL 5 f V? t. ff'QL'-A"L-LHS: 539l57l5i5H5ww?is gem fs., ,, -ie, K M. . , . cr 'W fl l jerry Mason tackles his opponent. fZl Front Row: Dale Garrison, Rod Waterhouse, Sam Carter, Randy Bishop, Ben Bethune, jim Ewing, Walt Pavlich, Fred Rodd, Don Moyer. Second Row: John Harding, Brad Baughman, Dave Gallucci, Tim Preskey, Bill Emra, jerry Mason, Tad Sickler, Kurt Wattenburg. Third Row: Coach Charles Kearney, Mark Weber, Roy Bastedenbeck, Mike Tapfer, Dave Gill, Dan Hawkins, Ron Wold, Larry Vanderpool, Marty Blake. Fourth Row: Joe Woodard, Doug Sullivan, Dwayne Weissenbuehler, Vance Viter, Tim Zimmerman, Brian Dreves, jerry Hunter, Henry Ross, jeff Santangelo. Back Row: jerry Wright, Tim Lamb, Wayne Westcott, Earl Liable, Coach Frank Wolf. Not pictured: Ron Entwisle, Alan Melton. l3l jim Ewing watches game action intently. 143 Quakers recover Cleveland fumble. 151 Rod Waterliouse strives to beat Marshall defender. Sports 177 s " ffl- i - get me 9 2. lll 178 Sports fx .K E up ,fg,,,a-MM A ,H W W .,.. Mat..- W K A S W ri? t i 'f it i ill Ben Bethune tackles Roosevelt opponent. CZD John Harding attempts a pass. f3l Dave Gill eludes a Cleveland defender. f4l Quakers converge on a Jackson runner. KSJ Front Row: Mark Lewis, Bob Bergstrom, john Leisure, Mike Owens, Mark Bergstrom. Second Row: Larry Stuck, Chuck Goett, Brian Hannon, Bob Howell, Tony Johnson, Clay Mills. Third Row: Chris Lohmeier, Bill Johnson, Tom Hackathorn, Terry Hill, Bob Manolis, Mark Rathkey, Fourth Row: Rob lnahara, Mike Primmer, Jeff Baird, Steve Wells, Mark Lindley, George Babnick, Fifth Row: Coach Tom Dyar, Brad Callaghan, John Satter, Mike Burke, john Little, John Derby. Page 1802111 John Leisure and Chuck Cvoett tackle a Raider back. QQ Randy Fitzgerald and Rob lnahara take a break during a game. 131 QB Myron Burk prepares to throw as Steve Wells and Rob lnahara give protection. HD 5, M M fi ff . J' , ., M 5 4 is I V 273 ., . . fi' W. ll' I ,, X I 4' Zi ., ff fmwrm... .W,.-w-mffww-W ,,,g..w..,...M Q ..., ,... W -M W. ,.f.,,...w-A W' QWNJ, X C., T?- 'N s . -..i if ' t.. l .,,,.,..,,,, sn., p ws. W ,-., V W 1 N . v .iff???7?k2ssa it r N ,Q 4 W r ff 13? Players Named Gutstanding . . Football The j.V. Quaker gridders completed a season similar to that of their varsity counterparts, with a 2-5 win-loss season. Major disappointments of the season were three close losses to Adams, Grant, and Jackson. Both of the Quakers' victories were shutouts. john Leisure was voted most valuable player, while Bob Howell was named most improved. However, Coach Tom Dyar considered many of his players outstanding, and remarked, "The attitude and ability of the squad was outstanding. Many of the players should contribute a great deal to the varsity program in the futuref, l5l Sports 179 419 180 Sports mmf? ,W L 1 K wifi' H - A i --Q-N -' f K . ., ,fn ff. , . , ..,,., .. , .. . , . GJ .. . f '- , we 9 , L . . A . J " ..B"'L J' 'L N?1"3"F 'V Q' ' " S' k . fy ,- g ..,, A ., -, ..' f W,-,-.:Lg,2.'-flag: sw 5:5 - L - A Q . ' - .. 8, A - : ,wS.-l-M - ,Q - ' -x K -3 w 1-K -.- ff + af: M . . my f M -4- Q - - Q- H .f- - -fs?--7.--1m,2'i .gf 'Q , ' - .Ng-:wr ff: . . Q' 'Qui ' . - , gg.:'."y-- ,. w vsf-Qu ,. A 5 MPN A. L ' L ,... ' " A 5 K .K g 7 kg A --,Z.iV.,,-F , K , . -.,s:i5 - ..-1, : s: :, .:4 SA I I g - , -- - 9 ., L f A . ,, . l .,-Q-, - -L f 3 ,Agn K - X . f 4 : - 1 N V Y I . V l . 4 ,, x i S 1 X ...Q K A 5.43 QQ, , . 'u Q Q - 5 1 no :T 4 vw ff ...N 1-. 1' I P Xlf . 1 ,Hb Q Q , I - 4 -ff" rf - af' Y"'M. 1 ' . . I Mis t . A . Q , . .W ,... .- .. b g N U sffffvsf .. ' f' ' do " ? S, . 4 ' '11 ' ' WW A f X 1 W W . 5 . ' , u k , K A f M H. 4 Lf' - bu Yak? S .V H, r A-A Q .5 t - 1 -- 5-. , x- 4 . . N 1 "0 4 I Q I . '? .. , 'W ' . .4-. u i.AQuii- A - --Q A 4' ,, ...nun .. A Ei., I , 4 , A W . K M- - ,,. viz 4 Q --s-"1 1 -,, W. ,N 'K .. M V ,K I 1 . ' ' N. 1 A -,fr - .J-, V f -- .,.."", A -. . " --Q - sq Q .- . A M W -' - " ' U ' Y . V N V . -- .nw . , . ' I - t M 'H ' Y .5-,Z .,. ,-1...-gg ", ' K , T Y. 1. as-ff i K K HN , x 'fgg Jiikwsi n f X K K -- K' '3' A , . i K - 5 Qff'-2 Ms 'i '- ff S' 4-7 ' A - .A -A + f ,-ii! My .. gi .,,. 'S--: . gk, ? N .VH -A 53.gxQ,g,vk,mi,fs5ix5',r-'S .i,...?5frV -Q, 5 'L Ji. ff '-Qif31W"f i 4 ' XT'-'1 al 59 ix"- -A N11-S 1 7 , 'Sig' ,. , B .. -J 1 in - M- - 4 'URS 2 -M ,ff . . - .- . giwgb..-, -fb ,K . . ' . A K fig: . ' ,-M. - is 9 H v 'V-ka.-Qs. 'M .X - . .-., , 4 ---f . . -V - -K, .. - - f, . -T, my X g A I V , 5 . 1 . xg- .Q -f Q as . .,. Y QQ A i, A y iwfghmwtr A ViFi.L+,2, ,kk , 3 .gy , . - -f 7 .sgg,g4.rgf-.--- 7 2 , w A K L - - , k , . -H X f -. ., ., , - Q Avg- -A Frosh Put Forth Great Effort Football The freshman football team won a majority of its games this season, including three shutout victories over Cleveland, Marshall and Adams. Part of the reason for the team's success was a large turnout of 40 boys. Named as "most valuable" was Pat Durbin, while other outstanding players were Gil Bridges, Sam Entriken, and Jim Daw. "Greatl" summed up Coach Brian Biggs' evaluation of team spirit, this enthusiasm was shown by the statistics for the season. ill Frosh players prepare for a game. 121 Front Row: Vernan Woodall, Jim Daw, Tom Palmer, Joe Woodward, Rob Weston, Sam Entriken, Russ Moultri, Pat Durbin, Rick Thomas, Mike Moyer, Dwayne Howard. Second Row: Mike Kelley, Dave Harding, Barry Pullen, Chuck Cogburn, Mark Parrish, Bob Hunt, Mark Cooper, Steve Gumbert, Randy Beck, Gary Hereford, Mike Martinez. Third Row: Stuart Betts, Bruce Cunningham, Dick White, Tom Hatch, Gil Bridges, Bill Bollig, Carl Heath, John Urbach, Bob Ness, Roger McCommon, Brian Orme. Back Row: Leonard Lambett, Mike Baird, Henry Lohmeier, Coach Morey, Julian Bernard, Coach Ellmers, Ted Cole, Coach Biggs, Alberto Monaco. 'Elf kv' mailbag? 425 Sports 181 V? Franklin Places In Regional Meet Cross Countr Many hours of long practice in rain, mud, and cold weather, along with determination and a desire to win, contributed to a-good season for the varsity cross country team. After finishing in fourth position at the city meet, which was held at Franklin, the team moved on to the regional meet at Pier Park. Outstanding runners were Rex Brenton and Ken Ottoson, seniors, and Ron Moon, sophomore. 182 Sports 'WW . '1'i 1 3 -H- ., ,fa . ,rw J WW'-V 1 .'fk-g-, f 'r"f: li iii 2?,.fi-13.3, ': ' 623 on - aw- .f , 1' fn, - - 11,5 ,en :Sify 3 :Mx 12 in ,fa -'57 if 59? Qftgsi , gf q:Jf2?21j?T'Tj,f2PYf. 'QW fvflijggfl Qff' 5 , 5. ,J ies 1 . . 'A f eetef etttierif -1:,f ',-' . ,.,. . it - f, ,--, 1 ffjjfg-aw, ,fkk 2. - ' : t-- wi ofr: :Mgr r r-Y'f1wf- .frf ' 5,14,:,vg.Hm,g,'1y,5-ig gr. 3 1. Fra - , at t 41 riptt - ittttr,sirnttirrs t . .,f- . ,. 1 9 f f i 1. ,E W - A-5WQr::fIf'F-543'YmrwHP' I . f -- I - viii 1139 'E it at r r , elt --ri t1,e:f?:f:fzfIfuizsfiarvfaeszif 'f', l?'m -3' 41' :i 'CQ-131 21 Tifias f' ill Front Row: Ken Ottoson, Ron Moon, Paul Savory, Mike Feeny, John lammatteo, Mike Caputo. Second Row: Sam McKean, Tom Lovlien, Coach ,Ion Abraham. Back Row: Greg Haven, Rex Brenton, Walt Goska. 121 Tom Lovlien sweats it out at a meet. 131 Front Row: Tom Martin, Chris Gorsek, Dieter Hylla. Second Row: Coach jon Abraham, Kerry Davis, Doug Roos, Gary Van Stecnwyk. Third Row: Mark Neyman, Craig Vanderpool. Back Row: Craig Dixon, Philip Savory, Gary McDonough. f4j Coach ,Ion Abraham instructs runners on the course they are to follow. 151 Front Row: Vince DiLoret0, Dave Hill, Barry Odbert, Andy Madson. Back Row: Marc Backstrom, Sid Ong, Chris Baumann, Anthony Barnaby, Steve Rogers, Coach ,Ion Abraham. 135 Junior Varsity Takes First In City Cross Country Excitement marked the end of the season as the -I.V. Quakers took first place in the city meet. This victory followed a 12-0 season record. Outstanding runners were Steve Rogers, Dave Hill, Barry Odbert, and Ron Moon, who set a new J.V. course record of 9:39. Good backup has been provided for next year's team by strong freshman runners. Pepi Savory was named outstanding runner. Coach Jon Abraham stated, "we had a good year with lots to look forward to next year." 1,37 .. ei. .,.. V C23 .L ..'. . Uiwiggg,-g,1fe:e,f,. v,.., , -M1.i.t.1..::::ff,:qfm:-H. . . W, ,.,..,,,f, WW-....i.,r,,.,.. . .. L,.. , . wwf--Mr W -- - . f .f . . . . .a-.,.....2 N.: rwff'.f.s:i.f1f.wefgfwsfffl s22i.!S?l':1:f ' ' ' S., 'L ' g it--,fi'5lEi?gQ5:,fgie5il9i7l!? If5.:t:iiTfe: 5 4: .iHi-w.iii55SX:i5i::fii.54E :H-if - - "E 1315Wjm.M'iQfgL::iXl'fVfl5f7: V' ' ,Q ,L ,,j:I'i f.9..:v5"fQzk9Ei 55Z?Lf55L.?: 'YEAH ,.. me .2 ,:5.,. IW, , 1m, A. . L,,., . . ,:,, sg Wm.. tcc Z c . . N ., . 40 , lmgfshgliief ..e. 33B . ,.L.., . ., , .,,Aw,,AL.,,,,..,.. I 1,, , . , I -Z .- ' f ' . , r-w,Lgq,fggizAs5L1H les' if -5' :5::....W If' 4- X f ' ' "A ' -5" 5 ffssvff v ' " v'.,.'f:2 'l?,:i7LviE'fi Elf-fhfkiiiill. ZTi,i?'ifLW5?iIf i"'V'TT' 'Wil-giiiil-5':1Wf'T5l" ' e 'A --, ...,?ifR.S..... f -'fEfflf'Er-: f ' I -'fill-L. 'iffff.'i73fff2TlfQTiz-5 G Q W ii Y, My - . f-- .-ww ::'i'1llE'.3, x K T r c c else M f 23 22 c e .f,,2h, - .s.c 3 eiec 5 aetc. 5 ...Wy , - Q39 . .c afjzvfaefffz . . , ff'--'Y ' if F W f K K 'V ill Mike Zeller makes a dive for the water. f2l Front Row: Gregg Strech, jim Emig, Coach Jeff Kuter, Mike Zeller, Dennis Regelin. Back Row: John Tidswell, Jerry Ruonala, Tim Zimmerman, Dennis Bryant. 133 Front Row: Eileen Clow, Nancy Emig, Nancy Bachman. Back Row: Barbara Bridges, Barbara Rubin, Karen Elliott, Debbie Bridges, Michelle Jones. Third Row: Doris Jung, Naomi Burbank, Coach Jeff Kuter, Julie D'Ambrosia, Beth Locke. Q4-l Barbara Bridges, Nancy Emig, and Julie D'Ambrosia relax during a practice. lSl Nancy Emig and Debbie Bridges prepare for a race. 184 Sports A l3D Practices Pay Off For Swimmers Wim Team Early morning practices and hard work contributed to the success of this year's swim team. The team sent eight members to the city meet where the team finished in eighth position. Outstanding swimmers on the girls' team were Julie D'Ambrosia and Barbara Bridges, seniors, and Karen Elliot, sophomore. The boys' team was led by Larry Krettler and Dennis Regelin, seniors. Both teams swam to a 3-2 season record. i2f?iff?f , A I Q , . f - 7, ,J .V V f f ' 'Wt ew 'WM aw.-aaa, 45? 647 Sports 185 186 Sports Rally Cheers On Teams Varsity Rall Cheering on the swimming, cross country, and football team were among the activities of this year's fall varsity rally. Along with attending athletic events, the rally supplied the teams with treats at games, decorated lockers, and sponsored a dinner for the football team along with the mothers of the athletes. Rally officers were Shirley Colvin, president, Penney Peloquin, vice-president, Cathy Lindholm, secretary, Donna Willett, treasurer, Georgene Rose, chaplain, Kathy Bell, publicity chairman, and ,lim Sweet, rally king. Other members of the rally were Steve Stone and Greg Strech. llj Shirley Colvin and Donna Willett cheer team. Q21 Rally members greet football team. C33 Front Row: Shirley Colvin, Cathy Lindholm. Second Row: Gregg Strech, Donna Willett, jim Sweet, Georgene Rose. Third Row: Kathy Bell, Steve Stone, Penney Peloquin. 141 Shirley Colvin and Gregg Strech lead a yell. l5l Georgene Rose shows her spirit. C27 l '!?2Xiig - gk ggi -win. , sas . Z -:ww aksfiwzffwi X 3 29, M. . .. ,QWhifQig-- , F VMLISQ Lv - X-A Ykbfjtl W S 4' .ws x Q33 -sage 'tis ,SN ,, My Magik- lf A . QL 'fm xi ,.,..1.,...,,.....,, .K I i MM5-.Q S xii W? meg MS- my 35355- 437 Sports 187 12? 188 Sports . . Rall Rally Cheers Players On To Victory Six spirited sophomore girls made up-this year's junior varsity football rally. Led by Dawna Rose, president, the rally made weekly locker signs, provided the team with treats before and after games, and attended the team awards dinner. Officers were Dawna Rose, president, Christie Meadows, vice-president, Becky Kemmer, secretary, Mary Hong, corresponding secretary, Ruth Schomberg, treasurer, and Shellie Henninger, publicity chairman. President Dawna stated, "We just wish the season had been longer." ill Rally members show their spirit over a touchdown. 121 Front Row: Mary Hong, Shellie Henninger, Dawna Rose. Back Row: Christie Meadows, Becky Kemmer, Ruth Schomberg. sie Improvement Shown During Season Rifle Team Franklin sharpshooters were led in competition this year by returning lertermen Bruce Deters, Sherry Alley, and Dan Wolf, along with newcomer Lynn Hayes. The team got off to a slow start, due to a loss of practice time during bad weather periods. However, as the season progressed, a lot of improvement was shown. Coach Britt Davis predicted that by the end of the season, in February, Franklin would be outshooting some of the top teams in the area. Q15 Front Row: Lynn Hayes, Dan Wolf, Larry Shrake, Don Meyer, Mr. Britt Davis, Mr. Jack Wilson. Second Row: Don Lehman, Terri Elking, Chuck Landers, Bruce Deters, john St. Helen, jim lrloustan, Jeff Miller. IZJ Don Meyer prepares to shoot at his target. Sports 189 190 Sports m m, fl f N , , by . , lex , ,, .,f . 2 ,l , i ' . , :ffl 2 fi W af: 5 H A ,.,. 3 .4 .,, wd,, i.Q.,l Eg? Q ' E 5 if .- eeel QE . , xi X, ,QA gigsigsggr. M8 it -. . ,. X3 e Q - . A. 1, J? Q, , ,, gf3.r,fa,, 59Y .,,ii5g, .,,37 ,i yignfagipif we .y ,Ag , . ,, - e ,, - i f f- Qylieglaesffei ei, - 'v vm-, W .u' -. ,,:?'sx:,1. , aw -V-4l4y,4,x.v fYo5 1 .- 1A a A ' ,,9?'f e5 .q,. ,.,z "5Q,maiis2rgx, 2h9l1Q5k?2 frg a gg 4 - .,, . V g 5355 , A i 1 ' X 2 J?" .a r f vm 5555 - - e i if .f - - 1 ww Qi : ' A We f A f, . aw,-if f .,-mi ,IM .wx-M, f-L,-reg :.,,s,,1tf':g1Qig5,zlzgfifm-gef,,1: grim, 1 1 A living my vgfwfzwwL'nfiff2if2:Q as5eggi1,j1f,gyvffvfm'ziffzamefi,1iigr1'HH2if'f+fZzliffwvfiyisayiyv ww- ,Him-' we .fe Xi+fwfX eff1win,MQQewmiriis-fivswffsas ., ffm! , if V35 ff ,z 1 ' ' - f up ,f 1 " M 'ffisq-ijffs,15552Klyfeiyw,-Hi- Q if 1 ' W 'gf.L5wgi8s M Slay-wfJiLt 'W' EQ .ff fa? W, 731 Wliiliiwv 9513 flj Jeff Santangelo completes a long shot. 121 Senior Tom Lovlien makes a lay-in during the Rainier game. Bl Quaker players confer with Coach O'Gara during a timerout. f4l Paul Durbin makes a leap for the basket. f5l Front Row: Alan Melton, Bob Lamb, Curt Madson, Ron Dodd, jay Coe, Dave Gill, Earl Laible. Second Row: Jerry Wright, Reed Palmer, Bill Ullman, Tom Lovlien, Paul Durbin, jeff Santangelo, Coach Mike O'Gara. MMR 20 H' eww, Shu if ff A A 5 ,V at vi' sf , 'www a,.uWv.wwe,wW aaa. fm ar ?4?'Q4????Aaf ff ,, , f W .azw-:M " ' Players Display Spirit, Dedication Basketball "The close games we lost and the amount of spirit and dedication the players put out" were not evidenced by the 10 win - 12 loss season record, according to varsity basketball Coach Mike O'Gara. However, he felt the Quakers had a good season, and was especially pleased with the efforts of seniors Bob Lamb, Tom Lovlien, and Pete Lukich. "They worked hard and assumed the leadership role in both games and practices," remarked Coach O'Gara. Lamb, the squad's top scorer, was named "most valuable player", while Lovlien gave the most assists and Lukich won the "Hustle Award." Included among the juniors and sophomores who formed "an excellent nucleus for next year's team" were junior Paul Durbin lwho led Franklin hoopmen in reboundingl, and sophomores Jeff Santangelo and Bill Ullman. 417 Mmm Ill Tom Lovlien releases the ball as Reed Palmer guards an opponent. l2j Starting five wish each other luck. lfij Bob Lamb shoots a foul shot. Q41 Jeff Santangelo completes a lay-in. f5l A Franklin player evades his opponents. Q61 Front Row: Roger Hollingsworth, Eugene Monk, Rob lnahara, Dennis Fowler, Bob Meskel, Chris Lohmeier, Steve Rogers, Dan Caputo. Second Row: Tom Anderson, Mike Burke, Brad Callaghan, Marc Backstrom, Coach Jeff Kuter, Dan Peterson, Sid Ong, Terry Wells, Ron Bergstrom. 133 192 Sports X ,M i is ,M , , ,,:. N f if f 5 N ,, ' livin- Xi, I 'QR ,ay was an . ,,., as i f I K :kk.v ':.k, f K l - ,qb I gum-es s-ftfQ lol? Wann i 'T K 4, ,...,t. .'if',.-N as ,,,,,,,..ww Q AYMWMMMW W, if my iw .. --smelt , e 6 , Hoopmen Triumph At Seasons End Basketball "Outstandingl" exclaimed Coach Jeff Kuter when asked to describe J.V. basketball team spirit. Consisting mainly of sophomores, the Quaker squad lost many games in the first half of the season, but finished with victories in five of their last six contests. Jefferson proved the most difficult opponentg the overall season record was 5 Wins and 15 losses. Despite the loss of two Houtstandingl' squad members in Jeff Santangelo and Bill Ullman fvvho played on the varsity level this yearl the team included several other talented individuals. Coach Jeff Kuter mentioned Sid Ong, Marc Backstrom, Rob lnahara, Mark Meskel, and Danny Falaschetti as outstanding players. Ong led in scoring, while he and Backstrom were the top rebounders. Sports 193 Spirit, Aggressiveness Bring Success Basketball "The team was aware early in the year that with hard work they could be very competitive," explained freshman basketball Coach Tom Thomas. "Good" team spirit and an aggressive overall game plan brought success for the frosh Quakers, in the form of an ll-1 league record and the P.l.L. freshman championship. Their most difficult opponents were Benson and Marshall. Named as outstanding players by Coach Thomas were Sam Entriken and Gary Hereford fwho were the top scorer and rebounder, respectivelyl, and Pat Durbin. 111 Front Row: Bret Sines, Mike Dillery, Bob Camp, Steve Gish. Second Row: Randy Beck, Kevin Hardy, Stewart Betz. QD Front Row: Alberto Monaco, Hank Lohmeier, Tom Martin, Pat Durbin, Dan Jolley, Richard Loska, Mark Cooper. Second Row: Gil Bridges, Mark Parrish, Kevin Coleman, Sam Entriken, Russ Moultrie, Gary Hereford, Mike Knight, Coach Thomas. 194 Sports Rally Attends Cheerleading Camp arsity Rally Spirited crowds, large attendances and a vivacious rally sparked Franklin's 1972-'73 varsity basketball team. Members of rally spent a week at cheerleading camp in Washington, along with groups from other schools. ln addition to attending all games, they boosted team spirit by making locker signs and hall posters, and by buying treats for the players. Rally officers were president Karen Tweten, vice-president Marilyn Wilson, secretary julie Cahill, treasurer Shelley Shirley, publicity chairman Silva Bernard, and chaplain Donna Fujino. Tim Preskey, George Thompson and Ron Wold were the rally boys. Karen remarked, "We felt really close to the team this year." ill Donna Fujino, Tim Preskey, and Shelley Shirley display spirit at a rally practice. QQ Front Row: Donna Fujino, Tim Preskey, Marilyn Wilson, Ron Wold, Karen Tweten. Second Row: Julie Cahill, George Thompson, Silva Bernard. Third Row: Shelley Shirley. 415 ill Rally members practice yells before a game. Q21 Karen Tweten and Ron Wold show their spirit as George Thompson looks on. 135 julie Cahill and George Thompson pose at the end of a yell. 141 J.V. rally members prepare for a game. Q51 Front Row: Janet Baisinger, Rosemary Culberson. Second Row: Cydreese Woody, Linda Butler. Third Row: Cheryl Williams, joan Coe. 1 MMK ., ,.sKM,.w+mm M 1 l 196 Sports 1, Rally Supports Determined Team . . Rally "The potential of our team was a great source of constant sportsmanship, determination, and'spirit,'l remarked Janet Baisinger, publicity chairman of the l972- '73 J.V. Basketball Rally. Bubbling with enthusiasm, the all-sophomore rally supplied the team with treats and locker signs, and held a party for the players at season's endl Qther officers were president Cheryl Williams, vice-president Cydreese Woody, secretary Rosemary Culberson, Corresponding secretary joan Coe, and treasurer Linda Butler. Sports 197 Rally Chooses Team Approach Freshman Rall Attending a rally camp on Saturdays, the freshman basketball rally started practicing soon after their selection in November. The girls did not elect officers, but instead worked as a group on all projects. They designed their own outfits. Rally member Lori Haubold commented, "Turnout at the frosh games was really good. Freshman spirit is really great." QU Connie George expresses her excitement at a game. Q21 Front Row: Lori Hauhold, Paula Schwarzkopf. Second Row: Connie George, Cindy Conover, Rhonda Meadows, Cathy Henderson. GJ Rhonda Meadows and Connie George show their spirit before a game. f4J Front Row: John Harding, joe Woodard, Brian Dreves, Daniel Hawkins. Second Row: Mark Thomas, Fred Rodd, Ben Bethune, Rod Waterhouse, joel Wakeman. Back Row: jay Wakeman. C51 Rod Waterhouse starts in the down position. 163 Jay Wakeman shows look of determination as he starts in a down position. 198 Sports Sophomores Join Varsity Squad restling "Our team is very young and lacks varsity experience. We have many sophomores on our line-up," explained varsity wrestling coach Mr. jack Burri. However, a turnout of 30 boys, some of whom had wrestled on the varsity level in previous years, gave the Quakers an advantage in PIL competition. Overall team spirit was Avery good." Matmen Ben Bethune, John Harding, and Dan Hawkins were cited by Coach Burri as most improved, while two of the team's "outstanding" members were Bethune and Jay Wakeman. I Sports 199 413 A . L,L' Www A 425 f3P 200 Sports fll 123 un- .Mfr if , ,golf 433 i 2 Ill Mr. Jack Burri consults with wrestler on bench. Q21 Shahab Vakili tries a hold on an opponent. Bl Franklin wrestler holds an opponent. f4l Henry Ross's hand is raised in victory. 151 Jay Wakeman has decisioned another opponent. f6l Randy Fitzgerald holds an arm bar on his opponent. Vi A513375 .L1HC01r1fp ..M.,.,, ..,. H.. ,E - M X. ff inwtf--Q5-stuns,.ef.fwztpvagfgg-.ggg,gyggggrgigrggytgg .JS is Q. ,.,..,., .. ..,..,,..,.. ,. . R, t 54i2V-l33f-vf1- Q 'EiEiiIf?is L 'T 'ff E 5 iz 5-E : liS..,Ei.,if T "-'1fi1'i:l M - f- -.aww .W .5 tm t - t -f :lf - f :9?ffJfll5f:?4fff75 Kiwi?-fi iiilll Thxff 'Rl' Kgs.gtg,-.gz..g,, fr.Mg.i W Q., ..., www- 2 V. .Y 5 L . . .ra S QQ. ' ,f . SW- A L ' Y xii! 31 I X A ,ty frglfjgl13ggwg,g5g52agf+1f?1 , i Sports 201 Coaches Cite Stand-Out Grapplers Wrestling According to Coach Tom Dyar, junior varsity wrestling turnout this year "was small compared to past years." The team. consisting primarily of sophomores, had a dual meet season record of six wins, three losses. Stand-out wrestlers were Bill Daw, Bryan Hannan, Barry Udbert, Joe Robles, Rick l-licks, John Derby, and Ron lrinaga. Derby and lrinaga were injured during the season. Daw, incidentally, had a 9-0 dual meet record and was considered the outstanding wrestler on the squad. Coach Charles Kearney had much praise for Franklin's freshman wrestling squad. l-le was "very pleasedu by the turnout of 22 boys. Citing Gary Van Steenwylc, -lim Daw, Robert Westom and Dave Harding as outstanding team members, Coach Kearney added, A'Clt'sJ very hard to pick one good one when you have so many." The quality of the squad was reflected by the season record feight wins and one loss, to Marshallj, and by the team's success fsecond placel in the City Championships. Franklin's scoring averaged 46 points per contest. ln addition, the frosh Quakers earned the distinction of out-pinning all other Portland teams. 202 Sports t .,,:22, ww,--' ,Q X ww- i K W i ,,.., M il 13? ill Coach Tom Dyar consults with Mri Jack Burri. KZJ Front Row: Jeff Baird, Bill Daw, John Derby, Joel Wakeman, Rick Hicks. Second Row: Wayne Oliver, Mark Howard, Vince Wolff, Bryon Hannon. 131 john Urbach's arm is raised in victory. 141 Front Row: Dan Rowley, Bob Ness, Robert Westom, Barry Fishback, jim Daw, Mike Baird, Tony Arnold. Second Row: Steve Daschel, Tom Palmer, Julian Bernard, Rick Thomas, Steve Gumbert, jeff Martin, john Urbach, Bruce Cunningham. Third Row: Nick Raffael, Craig Vanderpool, Steve Sc-often, Alan Moore, Gary Van Steenwyk, Dale Palmer, Dave Harding, Phillip Savory, Coach Charles Kearney. Not Pictured: Bill Addleman and Mike Kelly. 143 Sports 203 Diamondmcn Win Coach's Last Game Baseball Although its nine win-fifteen loss season record did not show it, Franlclin's varsity baseball team became a more defensive unit this year. Scoring averaged four runs per game. Qutstanding team members were: Ron Dodd, named most valuable player and best offensive player: John Coe, best defensive, john Harding, best pitcher fwith a three win-four loss recordjg Larry Vanderpool fwho had the highest batting average, a 28955 and Dwayne Weissenbuehler, most inspirational. ln the last game of their 1973 season, the Quakers upset the division-leading Madison squad with a 2-0 victory. This win was especially meaningful, because the game was Coach Buckiewicz's last as varsity coach. Coach Buckiewicz commented, "Their attitude was great. 'llhey were one of the best bunches of kids l have coached in 21 years." a I , W at y , 'ww K Y, ,N 49, ...Ja- Q ,v A , ana H- . t,, 1a'1"" an WN wr: ,,T,,g.1f'3v'4" 7 1 ui dw M we an WZ .4 .,.. ,U 27 521633 ,V 5- 'NM .iwifstff W7 as' . M H Awww N il, L .Jul mm VY if C29 C33 204 Sports Franklin Fraiiklin, 'Franklin ,Y Franklin ' f,1..Fl'3,flklll'l , Franklin 5' -Efranlclin 3 ?Efdn,k1in i i, a 2 IU he M 351503 Adamsi l Cie vclandi Grant , Marshall , Benson " Washington Jefferson Lincoln '. Roosevelry , Jackson ,,'N' Miadisonii if ii Adams llll ,ri :N 7 F lll V 50 i ill 'lay Coe smiles as he wanders off first base. f2J john Coe gets ready for the pitch. 131 Coach Buckiewicz watches team from third base line. 143 Front Row: Reed Palmer, Larry Vanderpool, John Giunta, Dan Mclfarlane, Tom Anderson, and Daniel Falascln-tri. Second Row: Allan Melton, Curtis Maclson, Bill Taylor, Terry Wells, Bill Ullman, Ron Dodd, jeff Santangelo, and John Harding. f5l Jeff Santangelo watches as his hunt goes to the infield. Sports 205 Winning Enlivens Players' Morale Ba eball "Winning has livened-up spirit," remarked Mr. Keith Lokan, coach of Franklinys junior varsity baseball team. The one junior and seventeen sophomores on the squad faced some tough competition from the Madison and Wilson J.V. teams. They followed a "hit constantly and play 'sterling' defense" game plan, "learning baseball to a point where one reacts to a situation instead of just doing." Outstanding players were sophomores Rob lnahara and Jerry Rinella. Coach Lokan predicted, "The competition will be keen for the varsity squad next year, as this year's varsity is composed of many young ballplayersf' "We had boys who were very intense eompetitiors, who always tried to give a 10021 effortf' commented freshman baseball Coach Tom Thomas. Naming Roosevelt, Madison and Grant as the frosh Quakers' most difficult opponents, he explained that the team tried to Hbunt and run a lot, and force the other team to have to handle the ball." Gary Van Steenwyk, Alan Moore and Mark Parrish were outstanding members of the squad. 206 Sports i , f ' if iff iiffwl,I??gQ'fHf-fiwfafs I -',,. ravi fivz, iyi, 4' 2 1 ,-Q: , ' 'wf5Zf?EQ:i1sfr A f Q 2? as 4 J - - fs' , as f l 4 l i l l l . aff, . .. .. 649 ill Gary Van Steenwyk, freshman team member, practices his swing. KZJ J.V. 'Baseballz Front Row: Scott Robson, Steve VVeber, Steve Hollender, Eric Sehild, Jerry Rinella, Rob lnahara, Chris Lohmeier. Back Row: Coach Keith Lokan, Kurt Wattenburg, George Babnick, Marc Backstrom, jim Tapfer, Myron Burk, Dennis Fowler, Dave Sample. Gi Steve Gumbert, Bill Bollig and teammates peruse the statistician's book. 14-J Rob lnahara reaches home plate in J.V. game with Lincoln. QSJ Freshman Baseball: Front Row: Kevin Eaton, Alan Moore, Mark Parrish, Scott Greening, Bill Addleman, Rick Thomas, Mike Dillery. Second Row: David McCrary, Tony Arnold, Brett Weigel, Steve Gumbert, Randy Guest, Bret Olsen, Marvin Bernard. Back Row: Terry Reusser, Bob Andreotti, Steve Senften, Mike Paulus, Gary Van Steenvvyk, Bill Bollig, Coach Tom Thomas. 153 Sports 207 f2l ,. 208 Sports fll if - fg g f fjfggy, H+' .wgww A' 541 ff? 352352 I-4 figs? ff fag 2 fig. ffuff fa- - " L , with ,wk if ' , 1 Q 1 Q flj Senior Steve Hall completes a javelin toss. CZJ Chris Diloreto and Dave Gill run in the 440 relay. 133 jim Ewing lieaves the shot put. K4-J Varsity Boys' Track: Front Row: Dave Gill, Tad Sickler, Ron Wold, Rex Brenton, Ken Ottoson, Pat Tracy. Second Row: Mike Feeny, Ron Entwisle, Vince Diloreto, John lammatteo, Ron Moon, Wayne Wirtjes. Third Row: Brian Holland, Dan Smith, Chris DiLoreto, Steve Hall. Fourth Row: Tom Lovlien, Ben Bethune, jim Ewing, Coach jon Abraham. f F if-S T 'ffl ew-0 , A dl iid 21 K i ff-54,iw15f+K'f S W N. ,,..,,:,tmQgW,,,.,,, ,. ,i,a,f.X,::.:,k, . , , K ,L ,iiie:.g5T5fi5Emy'EEfEff' ' . fri., ,.-s.W- rii. . .,. ,. hs. -' -sf.- -f-sf. '- t ,xi-,,, H .. ,.. , l W it Lvgyfaaw 1 -, Q.. Wfn, I ,-u, fypvrwmqrh , 1 4' , ' 'f Q-.U V , f W .. , '91 adm We ,3?1kiWlr,Z,.,aa,l,,,fQ,,kt, 6 M ' 4 'ff f as We' wife Grant, Marshall Provide Tough Competition Track Seniors Rex Brenton and Chris Dilaoreto were named team captains of the 1973 varsity boys' track squad, which ended its regular season with a two win-five loss record. ln addition, the team finished in fourth place at the city relays meet. Coach Jon Abraham explained that his team met its toughest opposition from Grant and Marsliall varsities, and expressed optimism about next year's team. Outstanding participants were Rex Brenton, Ken Ottoson, Chris DiLoreto, and Dan Smith fin running eventsl, and Ben Bethune, Jim Ewing, and Steve Hall in field events. Sports 209 1 i Q . , t is ,W 12 I., , li . Iiiifila X. lst :F-'Y -'EM-'.5'.f .,,.. ' tt-'fig -fax" , S' A A' - X My-kk.-Q.-.gygsig , t.f.,,f,.ft EXW Radley ,i-,,q5.,,1t,,s,,.s ty,-.,,..,s,-fi... K. gf H 1 as fs-edffw ' s ie-:eggs-firl A-,remit W Qs.:-kiwi:-gm, tt ws -sez-..-f. T 3 W i " t l it A . as A l it 1 kkkk , ' - wk i g. ,W Coach Predicts Success For J.V. City Champs Track "Franklin has been sI.V. city champs the last two years and should be strong contenders again this year," commented Mr. Harold Ellmers, J.V. boys' track coach. Ending their season with a five win-one loss dual meet record, the J.V. cindermen placed third in the city relays. l i i Coach Ellmers' prediction of success in the l city meet was prompted by a good team attitude, and notable performances by several Quakers. Andy Madson, Jerry Mason, Mitch Landau and John Derby were cited as the most outstanding squad members, while Mason and Mark N. Lewis showed the most improvement during the season. ill Mike Owen receives a hand-off from Danny Caputo. Q21 .I.V. Track: Front Row: Barry Odbert, Dave Danner, Andy Madson, Chris Baumann, jerry Smith, Danny Caputo. Second Row: Vince Barnett, , Steve Rogers, Bryan Hannan, Sam Lee. Third Row: ' John Derby, Bob Williams, Mark Lindley, Mike r Owen. Fourth Row: Coach Hal Ellmers, jeff Baird, l Dave Hill. GJ A frosh cinderman long jumps. 14-J Freshman Track: Front Row: Wallace Daschell, Russ Moultri, Mike Moyer, Craig Dixon, Alberto Monaco, Dave Harding. Second Row: Beaver Entwisle, Mark Howard, Coach Mike O'Gara, Brian Orme, Henry Lohmeier, Chris Gorsek. Third Row: Gino Monaco, Tom Martin. Fourth Row: Dan Rallie, Mark Cooper, Gary Hereford. KSJ Mike Howard tosses the shot. l 210 Sports x i r."'j .K Vs V x Q ,.,, is 33. -H 'L ' . "3-Ev: . f P e, sr .. . f was as Qgggn-V' S- N xt 5 ss- 'QQ' ff -t s is X S ,. X . Rag . E L X .. it Q, My is I V X W , X X X 5 5 as R X ,N as as X as sr X i 2 -N Q X 1 X ss. X N N .Q -. Q f Q- 9 - i- 5 sf at X Q it t 'te s Ps N M seat t X , . .. 1 X. ,, , .,,L .. , . . .,,. . , ,. Messrs M X s I Xi - 5 "" ' 2. f. as 1 N ms :JE 4 .fx 7. ' me F3 'K ..-ii I 5 i , ' a - . f... ,K f f er' r 'K-N .t I H. ulwki ' 3 . 'A i ii Lit. W' .. ., .7 15222.-'f .f. V. f .t . 1 ff . Af - . K Y se, 2 T9 Y i?ffWiif'f?f--.fz.- W w X . ' f-- 1-':.-alfa--. as-a . , 3 4. . ..,..., t . .. , ty., t , if u e .5 I - - X SA 1'. as M - p i, "f+"'3.3s'--Ritffrl 1' ' 1 V - g 4 . Q 'fi M N- si ' e fs.. 'M a- sr - f - r Niil?jlQP'3J'eS K - - t uf' I af-' . . H . .- 'lt .. p .Lf - 1 T" :" ' T.Q f 1-M ., Kafw it " 1 -M A- sv . A j H .L . fa ,iw Team Improves Each Week Track An "excellent freshmen team" competed well this year and took second place in the city relays. Coach Mike O'Gara felt that his team will he a great asset to next year's overall team, both on the J.V. and varsity levels. Outstanding members of the team were Brian Orme and Richard White in field events, and Hank Lohmier, Russ Moultrie, and Mike Moyer in running events. Coach O'Gara was happy with the freshman squad, remarking Mldhe team has improved consistently each week and is working toward a high finish in the city meetfy Q'-tty: - 1z:"gQ1 . 32 . - imgig ff -1 . t L, ,,,-,1..iM..iL . . 1. ...M 'fm 'Q-gd! Sv? :. :f55.-'.E,:.' If s . 1' .gif f .ifiliiffilligi w ii iil:Eaii?if5?f' - X ' ses tilawftls- fsifgiii ff ' we . - . .. L- w11'.s.- 1--an .. .. . -a -ss - .4 5 f .k f . La ,524 t X59 1. , .. f sr x..,m . r5,at.r-I Q.. nm. V. . .K A A ,aw ww. -3 f, we , xy-ws W V52-Qt V' ' . 1 41 wiixvxsink fasgms-'V 42113--X. uaQ f . ig, s-L' ' , f 5 . gg V+ f at. K ,. 4 X , '."ff'TTT'5.2 1E El. Qivi' A X 4 ...Yr Li T V R ' ..,e ziifiilfigfmfllt . L t ' f 3151- ff "SA Wiz-"fi Ti' Q.. .El".'Q.,?lST-' I a v s Sports 211 A i f rikliiri ' :.g.3Franklin ,Franklin ' Franklin fwffanklin . ,,fii,, .1,.,. ii Glevieiiwdi Mmnaiiiiiistjx Grant ' 'Monroe fl 4 Madisoll X- L1 ncoln , ill Girls' Track: First Row: Dawna Rose, Rochelle Erdmann, Georgene Rose, Vickie Shaver, Cathy Matthieu, Linda Willman, Barbara Bridges, Pam Shaver, Debbie Nickerson, Rita Starkey. Second Row: Shellie Henninger, Cyd Woody, Debbie Bridges, Diana Heiserman, Marion Anacker, Coach Frank Wolf, Barbara Rubin, Cindy High, janet Baisinger, Connie Stewart, Cheryl Williams. Third Row: Sue Heiserman, Barbara Moon, Pam Drew, Kathy Hiles, Tracy Hayzlett, Debbie Leathers, Helen Greene, Linda Davis, Ruth Schomberg. Fourth Row: Vickie Emra, Barbara Elder, Barbara Foster, Pam Knuth, Sharon Warner, Karen Leverson, Diana Snyder, Rosemary Culberson. Fifth Row: Carol Donaldson, Cherylyn Newby, Geri Wilson. l2l High jump is practiced by one of the many freshman on the team. 131 Cindy High tosses the discus in competition. HJ Sophomore Barbara Rubin practices putting the shot. Q51 Barbara Bridges practices a hand-off with assistant coach Barbara Elder. 212 Sports 'Fairly Young' Team Takes Second Girls' Track A strong girls' track team took second place in city again this year. Tough competition has been encountered from Cleveland for the last three years, but Coach Frank Wolf felt that next year will be the year for Franklin. The team was a fairly young one, composed mainly of freshmen and sophomores. Taking first place in the city meet were sophomore Marian Anacker, shot-put, and the 440-yard relay team composed of junior Georgene Rose, sophomores Diana l-leiserman and Dawna Rose, and freshman Karen Leverson. Qther outstanding competitors were Debbie Leathers, Rochelle Erdmann, Sue Heiserman, and Terri Lorenzen. At the end of the season awards were presented to stand-out members of the team. Georgene Rose was named team captain, Debbie Leathers and Dawna Rose, "most inspirational" and Diana l-leiselman, "most valuable." Sports 213 Coach Praises Teams 'Good' Effort Boys' Golf Franklin's boys' golf team Cthere was no girls' team due to inadequate turnoutl had a season record of four wins, seven losses and one tie. Pete Lukich was cited as the six- member squad's outstanding golfer. Coach Richard Mabry described team spirit as good, as was overall effort. llj Pete Lukich practices swing. Q23 Boys' Golf Team: Front Row: Pat Durbin, Kazuhiko Yanase. Second Row: Gary Kelly, Pete Lukieh, Paul Durbin, Paul Smith, Coach Dick Mabry. GJ Boys' Tennis Team: Front Row: John Tidswell, Mike Kelly, Merrit Quarum, Steve Gish, Paul Savory, Phil Savory. Second Row: Coach Bob Coles, Kevin Anderson, Steve Jarvis, Frank Durkee, Dennis Vigna, -lim Clark, Coach john johnson. 141 Steve Gish attempts a SEfY1'. 627 214 Sports C35 .. Quaker Netters Complete 2-5 Season Boys' Tennis Mr. Bob Coles, boys' tennis coach, remarked, "The tennis team was very young. I had one senior and one junior, while the rest of the squad was comprised of sophomores and freshmen. The team had great spirit and showed a lot of effort." Stand-out team members were junior Paul Savory, and the number one man on the squad, freshman Steve Gish. The Quaker netters completed a 2 win-5 loss season. Sports 215 S 617 216 Sports Team Takes Third In East Girls, Tennis ln spite of strong competition from both VVilson and Jackson l-ligh, the girls' tennis team managed to capture third place in the PIL Eastern Division. Junior Donna Roisom, who had a seven win-one loss season record, moved on to state level competition. Mrs. Connee Gulley felt that next year's team will be even better, beacuse the 1973 squad was a young one, and interest in tennis seems to be on the upswing. Along with participating in matches, the girls attended a tennis clinic at Estacada. There they heard tennis pros and received tips on improving their skills. Mrs. Gulley, coach, commented, "The members of the team enjoyed the competitiveness and sportsmanship of the other teams and of one another." ill Front Row: Michele jones, Barbara Gish, Donna Roisom, Leslie Hayes, Annette Meyer. Back Row: Arlene Meyer, Rosalie Petrone, Nancy Bachman, Lynn Hayes, Mrs. Connee Gulley, -lo Ann Ngan, Mary Hong, Yulco Muto, Rosemary Ellis. QZJ Freshman Barbara Gish returns a serve. ill Lettermen Organize At End Of Year Lettermen Franklin's Lettermen's Club was inactive until near the end of the year, due mainly to difficulties faced in getting the group organized. Planned for june, the annual steak feed was open to the Franklin community, and members received a price discount on their steaks. lll 'liopz P. Savory, C. Bauman, lf. Bauman, lf. Liable, K. Ottoson, B. Dreeves, VVallace, -I. Santanggelo, A. Melson, 'If Zimmerman, G. Nelson, M. Thomas, sl. lfmig, P. Durbin, C. Madson, T. Sickler. Middle: B. Daw, M. Feeney, Iammattoe, W. Goska, R. Brenton, S. Ong, V. Diloreto, J. Harding, R. Dodd, D. Galluchi, R. McMurray, M. Tapfer, Ewing, Woodard, M. Blake. ,l. Sweet. Girls: First Row: D. Heiserman, D. Rose, L. Willman, K. Bell, Wilscnii, B. Rueben, S. Heninger, D. Leathers. Second Row: G. Rose, S. Colvin, G. Super, C. Dillery, D. Bridges. Third Row: M. Ananker, j. D'Ambrosia, D. VVillet, B. Bridges, D. Jung, K. 'liwett-n, G. VVilson, S. Shirley, Front Row: D. lfalashetti, B. Ullman, R. Wold, T. Lamb, P. Smith, B. Lamb, G. Strech, T. Preskey, VV. Hardy, D. Sullivan, D. Garrison, .l. Giunta, R. Bishop, C. Diloreto, T. Lovelin, R. Plamer, L. Vande-rpoul, P. Lukich, G. Kelly, B. Bethune, K. Watenburg, D. McFarlane, S. Wisdom, A. Madson, R. Entwisle. l2J Varsity wrestlers congratulate a fellow letterman on a win. Sports 217 ill Coach Ellmers confers with Mike Owens. KZJ Times are read off at a practice by Mr. Ellmers. 131 Mr, Ellmers explains a problem to a class. 145 Mr. Gordon Bishop presents Heather Derby with her award. l5l Dads' Club members observe the proceedings at a football game. .5 ts 'N , ill 218 Sports WHL Mil Fellow Coaches Honor Mr. Ellmers Coach Of Year Mr. Harold Ellmers was honored in October when his fellow coaches at Franklin named him "Coach of the Year," on the basis of his 24 years' service. With one of the longest coaching careers in the city, he has guided teams in various sports lincluding basketball, cross country, football and trackl and especially enjoys coaching the latter two. Twenty-one of those years have been spent in Portland. Coach Ellmers has sent several athletes to state and national competition, and led two high school football teams to the state finals. Two of his former players have competed in pro ball. ln the area of track, he coached runners who later went on to the NCAA championships, and another who was an alternate for the U.S. Olympic team. When asked why he was chosen for the award, Coach Ellmers replied, "Mainly because l have enjoyed coaching, and l lasted for Z4 years." Dads Organize Tree Pickup Dads' Club This year, Franklin's Dads' Club helped organize and operate a city-wide Christmas tree pickup, in conjunction with dads' clubs from other Portland schools. The used trees were taken to designated collection points, later to be recycled for use as garden mulch. Club members performed many services for the school as well. These included supervising at athletic events and sponsoring a dinner for the varsity football team and rally squad. ln February, Franklin senior Heather Derby received one of several new All-City Dads' Club citizenship awards. Ir was presented to her at a special assembly by President Gordon Bishop, who held the additional position of all-city president. Sports 219 Jxf-ff M I 0'- I w 1 1 K 4 Fi x f N 3 fljgN -"1-T tn Arts and Hniltsrfssts Staffers Participate ln Mural Painting Art taff The Art Staff's major activity of the year was the planning and painting of wall murals for the art wing halls and girls' health room. Staff members and many other art students could often be seen working on the project, which was coordinated by Mr. Bill Garnett and Mr. Charles Kearney. Under the direction of Mr. Jerry Bosco, the 13 talented juniors and seniors made posters and signs advertising dances and other events. They helped publicize Franlclinls production of "0klahomal" and designed covers for concert programs and the P.T.A. annual directory. ln addition, the staff designed its ALMANAC group picture, which is actually a photo-montage. 11 57 222 Arts N, R 143 Unusual Exhibits Arouse Interest rts Festival The artistic talents of Franklin students were displayed May 17th and 18th at the annual Fine Arts Festival. Exhibits in the gym featured the work of students enrolled in art and industrial education classes. Unusual displays by visiting artists and our own artist-in-residence, Mr. Bill Garnett, added a professional note. The music department provided an enjoyable evening of entertainment in the auditorium on Friday, May l8. Program highlights included selected songs from "South Pacific" and "My Fair Lady." lll Tim Helmer, Nancy Baker, Sandy Schoenbeck, Becky Palmer, Gail Kirchem, Cora McKean, Bob Mattson, Mr. jerry Bosco, Jan Locke, Vicki Johnson, Andrea Jones, Michelle Myers, Melodie Stafford, and Shirley Colvin pose for the camera. Q21 Melodie Stafford, Jan Locke and Sandy Schoenbeck demonstrate their artistic expertise in painting a game poster. 131 Vicki johnson paints beads for a necklace. l4J Young artisan fashions a clay pot. l5l Walt Goska demonstrates the working of his tape recorder to a crowd of onlookers. 153 Arts 223 F' ,V A ,,. if 12:35 ill Shanon Brown demonstrates a unique sculpting style. l2l Art students create an abstract sculputre. 133 Dave Harding tries out Shelton l.,ouie's color 'I'.V. MJ Kim Sharp renews the ancient art of weaving. C5l Students marvel at the work of their peers. 167 Vicki johnson, Mrs. johnson, jenny -lolinson and Mrs. Maxine Crites rap about rlie photography displays. lZl 224 Arts fig? gg. ,WZ .1,- 5 Aan if H - we 15 K ,. . wb ....g-- rf r Q K 6 sg Us U. , i ., -L., L,.:,Nm ,mx ,L XML 2 HB ff 45 .i-' .f w-wil' 1. l Ejiifcf Artist-ln-Residence Holds Dpen House esidem mist Mr. Bill Garnett, selected from a group of accredited Oregon artists, became Franklin's own Artist-in-Residence this year. This nationwide program offered students the opportunity to observe a professional artist at work. The Artist-in-Residence program is supported by federal grants, through the National Endowment of the Arts. Franklin is unique, in that it is the only school in Portland with such a program. However, Poet-in-Residence and Sculptor-in- Residence programs are in existence throughout Oregon. The Art Department played host to Governor Tom McCall and Nancy Hanks, Endowment chairman. They came to view the program in action, and to announce the amount of money to be allotted for the following year. The dignitaries commented on the excellent, better-than-expected program. ill 226 Arts ,f,j,57f'?S' 'Sis fs A- 'riff I FLTJQ., 2 'lf' 5 gif f5J Ili Governor Tom McCall poses for the press. QQ Mr. Charles Kearney, Mike' Worig, and Miss Nancy Hanks admire Governor McCall's rock painting. GJ Reed Palmer experiments with the medium. f4j Kenya Jacoby adds the finishing touches. Q51 Mr. William Garnett achieves a mood. 'zfgfiff so A ,em-W ..,.rft .. - J -S ,Mow ,sh ne, . . . esss EL t,ir msn rmw-'f QQ' .il X r fl oi? , ii AS... uf ' " KY.. Arts 227 Stage Crew, Thespians Practice Techniques Theater Groups The stage crew met every other day for two periods, designing and building props for plays, concerts, and Rose Festival and May Fete ceremonies. Members also provided lighting and technical assistance on all stage productions. Requirements for membership in Thespians were that the student had performed in or helped with the production of two plays, or had earned a total of ten points. These were awarded on the basis of his achievements in various aspects of theater work. Thespian members engaged in a number of activities ranging from providing ushers for "Oklahoma!" to hosting two actors from the Oregon Shakespearean Festival in late November. ln addition, they hoped to visit Ashland in the spring. i Aff 228 Interests 5 f -1 J Q, I 413 435 ,X 2 ,da A of ill Thespians, Front Row: Joy Hughes, Larry Nicholson, Lisa Herrmann, Nancy Baker, Valerie Knutson, Cora McKean, Janet Johnson, Pam Hodge, Dave McGann, Debbie McCreary, Melody Sorenson. Second Row: Randy McCartney, Maureen Donnell, Barbara Belmore, Cindy Anderson, Mary Hong, Richard Strait. Third Row: Robert Kays, julie Cahill, Ron Palmer, Shelley Shirley, Jeff Clark, Linda Harder, Mr. Brian Biggs, Sandy Wilks, Laurie Jourgenson, Debbie Bridges, Alice Mammen, John Wilson. Q25 Worker adds the finishing touches to backdrops. GJ Mike Daschel and Ben Bethune construct props for "Oklahomal" Q41 Stage Crew: Mr. Brian Biggs, Richard Strait, Larry Nicholson, Lisa Herrmann, Cindy Anderson, Martin Koppy, Roger Nicholson, John Wilson. 147 Interests 229 U CU Q 1 , Photos Portray A Musical ln The Making klahomal Approximately 200 talented Franklin students participated in the production of "Oklahomal,'y a touching musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The play was directed and designed by Mr. Michael Hibbard, whose experience in producing it at other schools proved an asset. All music was under the direction of Mr. David Carleson, while Ms. Kay Lee provided assistance with the choreography. Mr. Brian Biggs handled the technical arrangements. The show included such well known tunes as "Oklahoma!," "Surrey With The Fringe On Top," and "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning." Performances of the two-hour musical on Nov. l6,l7, and 18 drew near-capacity audiences. 230 Arts 5 ,ft eff ka .-1, H ,.,,',, 1.,:a,,r, V . -- ,f'::. ,ir 1155, Z 4' , if N an - , ,, E wy- aa, 1, -wg MMZL 2 K 14 K Q 'i 6 fm., f, t 5 . . ff? 5 A, gk a A Q i 1 l K.. Wifi f .K 4 - We .wow S 15, f ,L ,N 3 9 ta 5 53 fll Seamstresses make ready forposturne manufacture. 12, Mr. Michael Hibbard pitches in with set preparation. Q31 Ali Hakim displays his wares. 141 Will Parker demonstrates his "Oklahoma hello" to the disbelief of onlookers. Q51 Jud Fry takes Laurey for his own after Curly's death during the "Dream Ballet." 143 C5l Arts 231 C23 232 Arts Qll Jud Fry voices his contempt of life. f2l Ado Annie confesses, K'l'm Just A Girl Who Cain't Say No." GJ Gertie flaunts her catch. 141 Curly sings of the "Beautiful Morning." ISJ Entire cast assembles for finale. 637 l4l Cast Credits . Rozanne Howell . . . George Thompson . Laura Kim Price Randy McCartney .. . . Debbie Rask ... Rick Williams Gertie Cummings .... Gloria Wingenbach Andrew Carnes ............ Mark Jones lke Skidmore ....... ....... J eff Clark Jud Fry ................ Dave McGann Dream Ballet Curly . . . .... Mark Jones Dream Ballet Laurey ....... Sandy Wilks Aunt Eller .. .. Curly .... Laurey ....... .... Will Parker . . . . . . Ado Annie . . . . All Hakim ........... Arts 233 234 Arts ill Sigma Promotes Men In Music Concerts, Sigma Attending local musical events, raising money and having parties on major holidays and ALMANAC delivery day were not the only activities of Sigma Phi Alpha, Franklin's music honor club. Members took time to promote male membership. If a boy joined Sigma, a girl member would act as his assistant at school for one week. ln May. Sigma awarded the third annual George E. Pancheau scholarship to a deserving member. To gain admittance to the club, students must be at least a sophomore, be a member ofa Franklin music group and have a minimum 2.5 grade point average. Mr. David Carleson and later Mr. George Pancheau advised Sigma. Instrumental and vocal music groups performed for the Franklin community in a number of concerts. These programs included a Christmas concert, a "Spring Gala," the Area III band and choir program, and the Fine Arts Festival in May. l-27 J ,J ii E5 ll fi 2.3 fl ic? af .SAW 2 l3l lll Joy Hughes and Christie Meadows participate in the spring concert. 121 Mr. Pancheau announces the band's next presentation. 139 Sigma members: Front Row: Lori Totzen, Karol Hansen, Linda Butler, Linda Groh, Rebecca Lohmeier, Beth Locke, Laura Donnell, Barbara Bridges: Advisor, Mr. George Pancheaug Rozanne Howell. Second Row: Debbie Meliee, Barbara WVhittlesey, ,loan Coe, Gayle Hamilton, Sandy Dickinson. Geri Wilson, Patty Blades, Georgia Knapp. Third Row: Rosemary jones, Debbie Bridges, Helen Greene, Janet Baisinger, Bev Lapp, Steve Stone, Dennis Regelin, joy Hughes. Fourth Row: Steve Jarvis, -lohn Vvilson, Mark jones, Cyncly Scott, Shirley Barrett. C4-l Selected members nftlic-'A,-X"Cl1oir participate in the Area Ill concert. l4l Arts Z3 5 l1JWilbert Hardy expresses himself on the drum. l2l Carla Dillery and Karen Richardson practice as Richard Potter studies the front. Ol Band shows spirit at Franklin's home football games. 14D Majorette Mary Beasley, Drum Major Ken Ottoson, Majorette Sandy Dickinson First Column: Wilberr Hardy, Rozanne Howell, Shirley Barrett, Karen Parsons, Carl Eastlund, Georgia Knapp, Nancy Myers, Mike McNerney, Mike Bowen, Carol Sievers. Second Column: Randy McCartney, Paulette Richmond, JoAnn Harding, Debbie Leathers, Laurie Cox, Helen Greene, jerry Corley, Dwayne Weissenbuehler, Dennis Groh, Dennis Bryant. Third Column: Jerry Sewell, Bill Lindquist, Leslie Louderl, 236 Arts Peggy Gruner, Karen Levorson, Georgene Rose, joy Hughes, Richard Baker, Beth Locke, Ray Davis. Fourth Column: Rod Huddleston, Cyndy Scott, john Tidswell, Barbara Bills, Nancy Chinn, Sue jones, Rosemary Jones, Bill lsbell, Dale, Henry Lohmeier, Fifth Column: Dale Wynkoop, Lloyd Hampen, Mary Hong, Linda Butler, Karen Richardson, Jeanne Nelson, Richard Potter, Steve Jarvis, Laurie Raynor, Barbara Ontiveros. Sixth Column: Stewart Schultz, Robert Carpenter, Becky Lohmeier, Gayle Hamilton, Debbie Bridges, Linda McMurry, Barbara Bridges, Sherry Love, Laura Totzen, Laurie Nelson. 125 Capable, Enthusiastic Players Fill Group Band "There's nothing that they can't do!" exclaimed Mr. David Carleson, Franklin's new band director. One of the largest in the city, the 75 member group started the year producing half-time shows, to be presented at some home football games. Unfortunately, all of the performances but one, at homecoming, were rained out. Marching in the Rose Parade and performing in the Christmas concert and Fine Arts Festival were among the band's scheduled activities for the year. A long- standing need will be met when all proceeds from the latter go into a new uniform fund. "An extremely capable and enthusiastic band." Mr. Carleson stated, "lt's a part of Franklin's tradition to be one of the best bands in the city." Arts 237 JN Musicians Hope For Annual Musicals Orchestra After the successful production of "Oklahoma!," Franklin's 35-piece orchestra is anticipating another musical tentatively planned for next year. Mr. David Carleson, conductor, and other faculty members believe that annual musicals will keep the orchestra conditioned on procedures involved. Aside from "Oklahomal," other activities engaged in by the young musicians were the Christmas concert, Fine Arts Festival, and the solo-and-ensemble contest at Portland State University. Mr. Carleson enthusiastically spoke of 'the orchestra as a dedicated, hard-working group showing great potential for future years. i i ilfi W .......1.-mvm""""" at Q 3 E Q ia... 5 "a,feift'cf7fi ' if ,mf name - 21555551 W 11 , fq .1151 M 'WM . fW . M M . gg, A f H , , ' ,Wz,,3.i?2,,,Q7 ,Q V V fm ' A irq, f4 "'v45s,- V 'z: f'W1vH21srw4V: f 1 f-QWW? 1 few, w c., ' -"l , 5f53 f' .' Sniff- ' ' 2- '::. ' K ,, f fi. ,Wg 2 ,fl .1 V A w ill fll Front Row: joy Hughes, Jill Stith, Cathy Lindholm, Nancy Nord, Brenda Jester, Second Row: Lorraine Davis, Suzie McKinley, Ruth Schomberg, Joan Coe, Robert Kays, Becky Schomberg, Geri Wilson, Linda Groh, Debbie McKee, Third Row: Gloria Parker, Patty Danielson, Steve Hodson, RoZanne Howell, Peggy Gruner, Rebecca Lohmeier, Karen Richardson, -lan Renner, Georgia Knapp, Rosemary Jones, Linda Butler, Sarah Eiversg Fourth Row: Mark jones, Cyndy Scott, jeff Clark, Mr. David Carleson, Randy McCartney, Nick Layman, Laurie Nelsen, Carol Sievers, Mike Bowen, Dale Crawford, Steve Veenl-luizeng Fifth Row: Steve Roll, Don Herd. 12D Steve Veenlfluizen and Paulette Richmond emphasize-practice makes perfect. 13D Randy McCartney anticipates his cue. . 141 Robert Kays and Becky Schomberg concentrate on piece at hand. 449 Arts 239 One-Acts Puzzle pring Pla Lanford VVilson's "This ls The Rill Speaking," Harold Printer's first play "The Roomf, and 'ullhe Zoo Story" by Edward Albee were modern one-act plays produced by the Franklin Drama Department for spring 1973. Parts in the trio of one-acts, described by some people as "thinker" plays, were available only to students in drama classes. Earlier in the week, the student body viewed excerpts from -"Rill" in a special 'lteaseru assembly. On the evenings of April 26, 27 and 28, the one aets were presented to small but receptive audiences. fll Gloria Wingenbach tries to brighten up the dismal atmosphere of "The Room." l2l Rose is astounded by the news that the room downstairs is vacant. 131 Bert intently studies his newspaper after eating his lunch. 141 Peter is amused by jerry's frivolous talk. QSJ Mother shows her unquestioned authority. 133 240 Arts l4l Cast C d't TI-IE ROOM Bert I-Iudd ................. Dave Moon Rose ........ .... A lice Mammen Mr. Kidd .... .... R ick Williams Mr. Sands .... ......... B ob Kays Mrs. Sands ......,..... Cindy Anderson Mrs. Riley .............. Georgene Rose TI-IE ZOO STORY Peter Randy McCartney Jerry Dave McGann THIS IS THE RILL SPEAKING MotherfPeggy ........... Laurie Nelsen WillyfEIlisf Earl .... .... R on Palmer ,IudyfMartlia ........... Shelley Shirley KeithfTedf2nd Farmer. . .Mark N. Lewis AllisonfMabc-Ile Robinson ...... Maureen Donnell Manny! Walt Robinson! Fatherf lst Farmer .............. Randy McCartney C53 Vocalists Maintain Busy Schedule Choirs Franklin's "A" Choir and Girls' Choir, 'directed by Mr. John Peery, had a busy year of activities. The two groups performed jointly at the Christmas program and Fine Arts Festival. ln addition, their members sang and danced in the fall musical, HOklahomal" A highlight of the year for "A" Choir members was their appearance, with the Portland Junior Symphony and other local choirs, at the Symphony's annual Christmas concert. The massed groups, conducted by Mr. Jacob Avshalomov, performed Vaughan - Williams' cantata, "Hodie." 242 Arts C23 639 SNWNM lil "A" Choir: Front Row: Pam Shaver, Valerie Knutson, Jill Stith, Barbara St. Helen, Debbie McKee, Laura Price, Debbie Rask, Carol Hansen. Second Row: Cora McKean, Jo Elston, Annette Snyder, Patti Blades, Robin Meskel, Janice Kruse, Carol Knutson, Becky Lohmeier. Third Row: Bev Lapp. Penny Allen, Alice Mammen, Vivian Patterson, Nancy Farley, Pat Harris, Terri Weber, Phyllis McClintock. Fourth Row: Bill Johnson, john Wilson, Richard Strait, Dennis Regelin, George Thompson, Mark Jones, Kevin Grant. Fifth Row: Steve Hodson, Don DefVIoor, Dave Moon, Tim Preskey, Randy McCartney, Steve Rogers, Tom Zink, Scott Duvall. KZQ Mary Reed and Carol Waterhouse rehearse for coming Fine Arts Festival. C3l Girls' Choir: Front Row: Shelly Henninger, Linda Bernard, Veronica Webster, Yuko Muto, Karen Maple, Lori Dickson, Linda MeMurry, Debbie Schomberg. Second Row: Lynn Crocker, Jennifer Bunch, Claudia Stephens, Rochelle Bradkey, Becky Sanders, Mary Reed, Laura Donnell, Dawna Rose, Julie Portsehy. Third Row: Cyndy Boyce, Cindy McFall, ,loretta Lambert, Barbara Whittlesey, Charlotte Waldo, Helen Greene, Shellee Klein, Bonnie Kleclan, Ruth Schomberg. 14D Scott Duvall, Randy McCartney and Steve Rodgers practice sight reading. C49 Arts 243 Girls Share Experiences Ensembles "We've had a lot of good experiences and bad ones, but we still get along greatfl expressed Nancy Louie, a junior girls' ensemble member. The Hlnspirationsf' as well as their senior and sophomore counterparts, the "Sonnettes" and the "Reflections," had another typically busy year. They performed for the patients in various hospitals, and appeared at benefits, installations, local club meetings, and, of course, our own school concerts. The senior ensemble had a full schedule all year. Mr. David Carleson, Who directed the "Sonnettes," commented, "They are a very capable group of girls, and it will be sad when they graduate because they've sung together for four years." The junior and sophomore ensembles were taught by Mr. john Peery. l he ..., ,. x ' 244 Arts 2 E ii 's r H , 2 y y, a ii 0422 fll Sonnettes: Janice Kruse, Annette Snyder, Terry Plyler, Rozanne Howell, Kim Price, Carrie Bergstrom, joy Hughes, Kristi Turnquist. fZl lnspirations: Trudi Malsey, Belle Bennett, Kathy Bell, Georgene Rose, .Io Elston, Ginger Maddux, Nancy Louie, Barbara St. Helen, Becky Wirtjes. GJ Sonnettes practice their formal pose. f4l Reflections: Linda Butler, Carolyn Miller, Becky Sanders, Annette Roll, janet Baisinger, Lynn Crocker, Laurie Nelsen, Helen Greene, Ruth Schomberg, Christie Meadows, Dawna Rose, Nancy Nord, Shellie Henninger, fat pianol Barbara Whittlesey. 143 Arts 245 C23 C17 ' 246 Arts -wg- 'No Mother To Guide Her . . ' elodrama On February 8,9 and 10, the "Franklin Grand Auditorium" played host to an old - fashioned melodrama, "No Mother To Guide Herg or More To Be Pitied Than Censuredf' The play was unique in that it featured silent films which introduced the actors, and showed some off-stage action. "Olios," short musical numbers and skits, were interspersed between scenes. The "Can-Can" olio was later presented in the Benson Tech Show on March Z and 3. The plot centered around the plight of the amnesic heroine, Spring Overton. She was used as a ploy by the fiendish villian, Talbot Twillingham. Throughout the performance, the audience joined in with boos and hisses land cheers for the hero, Casper Vandenburghl. llj Steve Hodson provides music assisted by Lynda McMurray. KZJ The Rose Sisters and Robert Kays capture the audience in their version of "Our Hero." GJ jennifer Harvey accuses Casper of forgetfulness. 14D Mrs. Vandenburgh discusses Casper's future with Augusta Warriner. 151 Rozanne Howell and Mark jones sing, "Indian Love Call." 163 Spring Overton and Casper Vandenburgh achieve mood before the performance. 463 l 425 248 Arts ill Cast Credits .... Shelley Shirley .Ron Palmer ....Alice Mammen ... David MeGann Fifi .................. Debbie MCCreary Spring Overton ...... Sylvester Vandenburgh ...... Effie Vandenburgh . . . Casper Vandenburgh. . Hadley ................... David Moon Talbot Twillingliam. . . Randy McCartney Augusta Warriner .' ...... Kristi Turnquist Jennifer Harvey ........ Maureen Donnell Dagmar Fay ................. Rita Bruce Christopher Courtvvright ..... Mark jones Baxter Seeker ............ Mark N. Lewis Merrilee Mercer ........... Laurie Nelson flj Hadley begs Talbot Twillingham not to reveal his prison record. IZJ Casper and Mrs. Vandenburgh question the amnesie Spring Overton. I4-J Georgene Rose is absorbed in thought before show time. QSJ Ron Palmer gets the final touches on his make-up. 13 and 61 "Beautiful Damoisellesu perform the "Can an. Q65 Arts 249 ill Kneeling: Deanne Dimoff, Lori Rova, Evonne Steele, Shirley Colvin, Terry Tolan, Penny Allen, Ron Entwisle, Kevin Williams, Harold Lee, Standing: Julie D'Ambrosia, Barbara Bridges, Mary Liang, Mrs. Puckett, Karen Parsons, Kim Holstine, Sandy Schoenbeck, Melodie Stafford, Diane Stalker, janet Hardy, Cindy Comella, Mike Wong, Doug Tallman, john Bernunziog ln tree: Mike Weirich, Dennis Regelin. l2l Melodie Stafford and Mike Weiricli enjoy getting staff picture taken in Forest Park. Bl Evohne Steele and Shirley Colvin industriously work on production. HJ Editor Diane Stalker, and Advisor Mrs. Miriam Puckett. C51 Karen Parsons types out her ALMANAC copy. 250 Interests AUM, August Delivery Set Almanac taff The 1973 ALMANAC staff worked for a contemporary look for this year's book. This was achieved by the use of focal point layouts, contemporary art paper in the introduction, a theme written by Doug Tallman, and art work designed by Melodie Stafford. Both are first year staff members. Results of a poll taken by the staff showed that an overwhelming majority of students preferred to see a full year's activities included in the book. They look forward to seeing spring sports, Rose and May Fete ceremonies, proms, graduation and baccalaureate covered completely in the ALMANAC. rrzefwvfiisa .wa .Jr wwf? 'vqw rs: f::': :r:r:fI sz' :::::::: :::.::,-,wx H, nu I1::::::Ifgj-r::!-fx' Pt: gg :ttf---I.-5121111 .5vmv:f,'-mfr: if sr, lnterests 251 POST Uses New Concept POST Staff Take one of Rich Hampton's "arty" cover pages, followed by three to eleven pages of forceful editorials and community news, and you've got the all-new Franklin POST. The 25-member staff, motivated by Ms. Lenore Stoffel, put an emphasis on student involvement as well as awareness of local activities. Coverage of current topics provided interesting reading for students and faculty alike. A S1500 cut in the POST's budget by Student Council caused little concern, as it was later reimbursed in full. Fall Editor-in- chief Tom Fluharty commented, f'We're just going to forget about it." Staffers enthusiastically rated the quality of the POST. -" A c, S . l a Q? at at 'X 4 ,, gm.: .,,. ,, ,,'? ,, -" f E? f c ' g gl get as eics 1 J'l:'q T 5 . si a rw , 2 wwfwm M-gg :...,.. ..,.,....4vYY imma l lil Editor-in-chief Tom Fluhartyg advisor Ms. Lenore Stoffel. KZJ Linda Darke constructs layout. BJ Sitting: Cora McKee, Sandi Jolley, Patricia Miller, John Roelle, Linda Struble, Karen Twcteng Kneeling: JoAnne Schwahn, Becky Mullins, Nancy VanWart, Sandy Schoenbeck, Ms. Lcnore Stoffel, -lim Siverson, Rick Dickman, David Stand, Ken Osunag Standing: Tom Fluharty, Steve Pirie, Bill Emra, Mike Tapfer, Dale Garrison, Walt Pavlich, Bob Taylor, Rich Hampton, Gordon Androshuk. 143 Walt Pavlich sits lost in thought. 151 Staffers find casual atmosphere profitable. Interests 253 C19 Students Gain Clerical Experience Office taffs Students working in the central offices and for Mr. Dean Mauchley and Mrs. Doris Bertram receive office experience, as well as high school credit for their efforts. Answering the phone, typing, filing, and delivering memos are only a few of the duties performed each day. This in-office training is an advantage to those students who plan for a clerical career after graduation. 254 Interests lll Mrs. Doris Bertram's staff: John Roelle, Mrs. Bertram, Joel LaFollette, Patty Jensen. 125 Attendance Office staff: Karen Tweten, Tracy Christianson, Mary Reed, Kim Pillette, Rita Starkey, Sherrill Murphy, Lila Schwarzkopf, Mrs. June Peden, Teresa Carroll, Bonnie Clelland, Terri Lang, Brenda Jester, Neal Cummings, Tom Zink, Beverly Nelson. Bl Main Office staff: Jane Jones, Linda Reeves, Karen Morgan, Terrie Miller, Melaney Kraus, Debbie Shrope, Karen Thario, Floy jones, Maryjane lee, Linda York, Dixie Scheese, Cindy High, Veronica Webster. K4-J Mr. Dean Mauchley's staff: Diane Stuck, Patrice Barnum. f5J Karen Tweten and Ginger Maddux take care of daily tasks. I - 'M Liu- lll Book Room Staff: Gail Bigoni, Leslie Lindquist, Jorjean Griggs, Susie Allison, Pam Thomas, Mavis Knutson, Tom Ewers, Vicki Weber, Pam Davis, Shari Tano, Kathy Mulvaney, Maryjane lce. QD Michele Long and John Wallace take advantage of resource materials. 131 Social Studies Resource Center staff: Lisa Pahle and Mrs. Patricia Delance. Q41 Library staff: Denise Britzius, Kathy Folkert, Rosalie Petrone, Janice Kuan, Sheila Roadenizer, Candy Paasch, Tobbi Wilks, Julie Gates. 151 English Resource Center staff: Debbie Blankenship and Kathy Mulvaney. Q61 Steve Hall is distracted from his studies. 433 Efficient Workers Sort, Catalogue Learning Aids Materials Centers Many students do not realize the amount of effort put in by Franklin's bookroom, library and resource center staffs. Under the guidance of trained secretaries, these workers have the exacting responsibility of keeping all printed materials in good order and repair. Considering the large number of learning aids, their job is a tedious but necessary one. 469 lnterests 257 . N .J Q Staffs Contribute Skills ervice taffs Arranging field trips, selling tickets, and recording payment of student fees are just a few of the duties carried out by the busy and efficient girls working in the bookkeeper's office. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Psyche Miller, the girls work one or two periods a day for credit. If you are bombarded by pink slips, you are probably being attended to by students on the counseling office staff. Rushing through the halls, they deliver counselors' memos to members of the Franklin student body. Student cafeteria assistants are tempted two periods a day by the wide variety of foods they serve. An innovation this year is the availability of snacks in the cafeteria during the midmorning break. i , SSX 258 Interests 'Wi 'Yg- as-ww .J i Il, t .f fl-wa' V , . f -wi , aw... L i ,m1., - E Q s K . . f-mt? N:- fi, ffifa 3 se, '- - . N, - rr , if ,,.,: C, A S -ff so if he , it ills? A V sl is 5 la ' ' if 'i , Q ?if1:fr- C f - . 'ze . 3 sm i t , t. t l ' R , ,LL, L l i 1 - L-" Il , :ig ' AM?-Q, ,Q A .X .,.. , V. .ily i 'ill is V ' ---- 7 if is A e ,Jag Q ,ggi N- V' J is .E it-. A . Sidi, .V . fw . ' -1-.:r" x mx , ,- Q, .y -1 i A lf'Y?"""-I 3 H - h. '14 , 1, 3 5- , 'Q XfQ,.. W, 'A - - M' if X' ..:- s it C , V M e -A Q -, , X,.. I ,... A , XW,A- . gi , f f 1 1 " x"' 1 -- 'fkk -"' we A A 1 449 lll Counseling Office staff: Georgina Allen, Iodine Corrado, Joanne Thomas, Cathy Lindholm, Chris Baugher, Linda Goodwin, Cecelia Custer, Lori Lambert, Maryjane lce, Missy Thornton, Linda Ostrem, Mrs. Rose McKnight. l2l Mrs. Psyche Miller's staff: Denise Wrought, Doris Jung, Debbie Blankenship, Jennifer Trimm, Suzanne Allison, Becky McGuire, Evonne Steele, Mary Beasley, Nancy Hausch, Cindy Caldwell, Toni Cozzetto. Q31 Adult Cafeteria staff: Eleanor Sudan, Thelma joy, Sue Smith, Mary Eaton, Amanda Huntley, Opel Bjoren, Daisy Isaacson, Junith Alexander, Mamie Stuck, Rhoda Hollway, Stenna Buffington, jean Schoenheinz, Pat Young, Enid Carter, Flo Baylie, Ann Nichols. HJ Student Cafeteria staff: Benny Mishler, Mel Murray, Rhonda Dawson, Carol Albana, Marion Lilie, Theresa Reynolds, Duane Harvold, Don Dt-mpson, Bob Syhes, Dale Logan. Interests 259 llj NHS Sophomores: Front Row: Dan Peterson, Debbie Leathers, Rosalie Petrone, Kathy Giusti, Mark Lindley. Second Row: Stewart Schultz, William Ng, Marion Anacker, Dan Caputo, Randy Knipple, Martin Renner. Third Row: Cydreese Woody, Joan Coe, Karen Richardson, Tracy Durkheimer, Barbara Whittlesey, Helen Greene. Fourth Row: Barbara Belmore, Rosemary Jones, Shannon Tilton, LuAnne Cline, Laura Donnell, Nancy Nord, Danielle Morehouse. Fifth Row: Jodeen Newby, Marc Backstrom, Janet Johnson, Linda Butler, Shellee Klein, Sherrie Love, Margaret Butler, Debbie Schomberg, Marcia Hewitt. Sixth Row: Steve Hodson, Laurie Beck, Janet Baisinger, Mary Reed, Debbie Bennett. Back Row: Tom Bolera, Joan Riesenman, and Linda Ostrem. l2l NHS Juniors: Front Row: Maureen Donnell, Mary Lou Auborn, Cindy Comella, Linda Bernard, Nancy Louie, Karol Hansen, Pam Sorenson. Second Row: JoAnne Schwahn, Penny Allen, Janet Hardy, Patty Schwab, Linda Groh, Lisa Johnson. Third Row: Doug Tallman, Shelley Shirley, Terri Atkinson, Debbie Bruning, Jolene Siple, Patty Allenbrand. Fourth Row: Jim Emig, Rebecca Wirtjes, Sherril Murphy, Mary Liang. Fifth Row: Rita Bruce, Stacy Schreiber, Paul Savory, Karen Hoerman, Sue Andreotti. Sixth Row: Mike Duclos, Randy Irish, Chris Baumann, Christine Clayson, Sharon Larson, Donna Roisom, Kim Holstine, Nancy VanWart. Seventh Row: Keith Johansen, Vince DiLoreto, Peter MacKenzie, Barry Odbert, Bill Daw. Back Row: Helgi Alver, Cathy Lindholm, Dan Davis, Dale Conner, Julie Cahill, Pam Thomas, Delissa Wong, Barbara Fujino, Donna Fujino, Donna Miehigami, and Hitomi Saheki. GJ David Lorenzen, Sid Ong, Harold Lee, and Linda Butler listen to spring installation instructions. Q4-J Jolene Siple, Lisa Johnson, and Sherry Vakili look for their names in the NHS membership directory. . we F all Cabinet Starts Point System Honor oeiety This year, Franklin's chapter of the National Honor Society placed more emphasis than usual on individual and group service projects. The fall cabinet started a point system, in which each member was required to earn at least two service points per term. To meet. this requirement, members often chose to work on standing NHS committees, or to help with bimonthly Multiple Sclerosis Society functions. However, they were encouraged to find other, non - club - related projects in the community as well. Modifying the service point system, the spring term cabinet planned to revise the criteria for admission to NHS. These changes were intended to make the club more selective. To raise money for the annual scholarship, the officers held several fund - raising activities. 123 C45 lnterests 261 Club Holds 'Vetcherinka' Groups lntroducing Franklin students to a culture different from their own was one purpose of the Russian Club. The group's biggest project of the year was its "Vetcherinka," a traditional party featuring authentic Russian food and entertainment. Planning and organizing this annual event, held in February, kept the 30 members busy for over a month. Other activities were bake sales, a mortuary tour, Halloween and Christmas parties, and an overnight beach trip in the spring. Mr. Alan Ellis served as club adviser. Assisting teachers with the use of audio- visual learning aids was the job of Franklin's projectionists, trained by Mr. Britt Davis. These students ran film and filmstrip projectors and the video-tape machine during their study hall periods. Each projectionist earned a credit for his services. ww 262 Interests Ill Russian Club: Front Row: Jim Pearson, Stewart Schultz, Vince Wolff, Mike Weirich. Second Row: Kevin Roach, Mike Roach, Dorian Quinn, Doug Tallman, Dennis Regelin, Eileen Clow. Third Row: Mr. Alan Ellis, advisor: Patricia Schwab, Sandra Schwab, Roberta Cooper, Pam Hodge, Alice Mammen, Julie D'Ambrosia, Karen Hoerman, Cindy Comella, Debora Bruning. KZJ Projectionists: Front Row: Wayne Ferrell, Mr. Britt Davis, Rick Cieloha, Charles Estrada, Ben johnson, Terry King, Richard Mayberry. Second Row: Bruce Deters, Bill Isbell, Earl Laible, Chuck Walker, Chuck Landers, Don Meyer, Tom Jordan, Steve Hall, Mark McCoy. 131 Tim Price makes another strike. 141 Bowling Club: Front Bowlers Roll To Victory Bowling Club Taking many victories, the 38 members of the FHS Bowling Club ended their season with a total 71 win - nine loss game record. The bowling season ran from early October to late April - matches being held every Tuesday at Pro 300 Lanes - and ended with the annual trophy match with Cleveland's club. An innovation this year was the awarding of plaques to members for the highest series, game, and average, and to the first place boys' and girls' teams. Tim Price, president, led the club with a 172 average. Row: Terry Yambra, David Demmon, Pam Morrison. Second Row: Terri Reed, Carrie Giordano, Barbara Hogan, Teresa Caroll, Nita Aboud, Georgia Olman, Debbie Weeks, Carol Trinci. Third Row: jeff Newton, Lloyd Hampton, Richard Jung, Steve Garrett, Chuck Stang, Rocky Plucer, Tim Price, Steve Grimes. Clubs Join Forces Pleiades, Friars The ten members of Friars, senior boys' honor club, performed a number of service projects for Franklin and community. Along with Pleiades, they entertained the patients at Shriners' Hospital on Halloween. Buying, helping decorate, and taking down Franklin's Christmas tree in the main hall was another Friars project. Among their other activities, they designed and ordered T-shirts for themselves and Pleiades, and ushered at the junior Prom. Pleiades members were equally involved in "doing nice things for people." Besides their joint projects with Friars, they spent Valentine's Day at a home for the aged, and gave a St. Patrick's Day party for the kids at Providence Hospital. In addition, they served at the Junior Prom, and took Franklin's foreign exchange student, Yuko Muto, to Farrell's lce Cream Parlour on her birthday. ,I i his 264 Interests :Q - ' V -M xx, if . E Nw Q if C19 147 he cf i g . 3. . ,Z in 7 W rf f-,JJ 1, t Ax! Y fi? . if iegsegg " K QU Friars: Front Row: Leonard Custer, Ken Ottoson. Second Row: Advisor, Mr. Richard Mabry, jim Ewing, Chris DiLoreto, Rex Brenton, Ron Palmer, Sam McKean, John Giunta, Mark jones. Back Row: john Coe. i2l Shirley Colvin works on her needlepoint at a Pleiades meeting. ffil Pleiades: Standing: Eileen Clow, julie D'Ambrosia, Carrie Bergstrom, Karen Twcten, Linda Schroeter. Seated: Cyndy Scott, Shirley Colvin, Paulette Richmond, RoZanne Howell, Sandy Dickinson. Q4-Hohn Giunta proudly displays his Friars shirt during a volleyball game. l5l Friar members, Ken Ottoson, Mark jones, John Giunta and Ron Palmer enjoy lunch. 153 Interests 265 Q V! W1 U A J 1 A WN , 1 , r 'minima 1 K g 5 , !""""'i Y N I ff' 'r , 4' I Q ig X 'Yo Acczitiviities Hcmlazinfng Q Q ., EGF inspirfaticm Q C 1 ill Phantom's Brothers and Friends entertain at the after game dance. 121 The crowd listens to the music of "Phantom's Brothers and Friends." f3l Homecoming Court: Sherri Alley, juniorq Karyn Flach, seniorg Marcia Hewitt, sophomoreg Mimi Fujino, Freshman. 141 Homecoming Queen Karyn Flach poses for camera. 123 268 Activities 'SQWSW S' 5 Q, .1-, .4 f 4 37' Annual Events Break With Tradition Homecoming Homecoming '72 at Franklin represented a break from tradition. Held on Friday, September 15, it differed from past years in that the annual activities were scheduled around the second home game, not the first as is customary. Each princess, who had been selected earlier in the week by her class, was presented in a pep assembly on Friday. Voting for queen took place during lunch periods in the main hall. During half-time that evening, the princesses and their escorts arrived in 1972 Ford Rancheros, provided for this purpose by Marv 'Fonkin Ford. Expectancy increased until 1971 Homecoming Queen Nancy Wohlers named her successor, Karyn Flach. The new queen, however, was not the only one to receive tribute. ln recognition of their services, baton twirlers Sandy Dickinson and Mary Beasley were presented with corsages. Tracy Barbour, general chairman, commented on Ha great turnout" for the dance, which featured the music of HPhantom, Brothers and Friends." 149 Activities 269 Japanese Student Explores Franklin Yuko uto Learning to speak English and viewing the sights and culture of the United States were the goals of Yuko Muto. She was Franklin's foreign exchange student from Sapporo, Japan, for the 1972-'73 school year. Yuko found Franklin to have a much more relaxed atmosphere than her school in Sapporo. There, teachers are more strict, and students, who are required to wear uniforms, must concentrate on the areas of science, math, and social studies. There are no electives. She enjoyed her elective courses at Franklin, and quickly expanded her wardrobe. In her spare time, Yuko enjoys playing the piano, reading, listening to music, and playing tennis and ping-pong. ln addition, she joined the girls' tennis team. Traditional dancing is a graceful art which Yuko brought with her from Japan. During her year in Portland, Yuko lived with the Robert Cline family. Calling them 'Avery warm people," she rarely thought of becoming homesick. Arriving at Franklin, Yuko found that students weren't always willing to make friends readily. However, after the ice was broken, friendship came easily. Reflecting on her experiences, she commented that people here are not really very different from those in her own country. 270 Activities Faculty Maintains Hallway Order all Patrol Faculty members on hall duty can always look forward to having interesting or unusual experiences. Mrs. Barbara Bousquet, for example, remarked that she gets "to put a lot of dogs out of the building!" These teachers have the added opportunity of getting to know students who cut classes or have independent study. Commented Mr. Joseph Sklenicka, "Most people cooperate." Although the patrolling teachers are usually busy keeping the halls quiet and orderly, they are occasionally faced with lulls in traffic. Taking advantage of these, some walk outside on nice days, while others head for Mr. Bill Garnett's room. There, they can sit down, converse, and admire the works of art on display. Attempts to outsmart hall patrol abound. Melodie Stafford, senior, described the tactics employed by the art staff in smuggling food past the hall patrol. While the attitude of students toward supervision of this type is often negative, most recognize the need for it. Ill Yuko Muto corrects her English in typing class. Q21 Yuko Muto entertains at the NHS Banquet with traditional japanese dance. 131 Mr. Unfred questions students on independent study time. Q41 Mrs. Bousquet surveys Student Lounge territory. Activities 271 272 Activities C17 Speakers Provide Valued Information Political Forum Prior to the November general election, a number of political forums were held during lunch periods at Franklin. According to Mr. Alan Ellis, they were intended "to enhance students' political awareness." Representatives of campaigns for several different offices provided information about the candidates, and then discussed and debated issues. After each session, a question-and-answer period was held. Mr. Ellis, who arranged most of the forums, called them "beneficial for those who attended." 2 E Z ggi? 3 s I fr at-ee a S ,Ss . f-akkgq ST T 9, ES., wh., ,t,-f 'fa' R5 153 'ws 'Sa ii X iff? llj Morse representative ponders question. lZl McGovern representative gives information on issues. 131 Nixon representative points out qualifications for his candidate. HJ Hatfield representative views his notes. l5l Hatfield and Morse campaigners debate with eaeli other. 657 145 Activities 273 Spirit Boosters Promote Games Pep Assemblies The football and wrestling seasons wouldn't be the same without the spirit and team support stirred up by pep assemblies. These frequent gatherings of the student body in the auditorium often featured the presentation of teams and skits performed by rally members. An additional highlight was the competition yell, in which the four classes attempted to out-shout each other. CSeniors usually won.l "Pep assemblies really help .. . they show how much fun a game can be," explained fall varsity rally president Shirley Colvin. When large-scale gatherings couldn't be held, "spirit boosters" took place after school in the main hall. ln these mini - assemblies, the rally squads and part of the band got the attention of homeward - bound students, and reminded them of the upcoming game or meet. 274 Activities 423 WW? ., A t. k S . 3 ia ,' 1 ' 1 .5 K . ,Pigs as 5 . 'ff 'avr "" 9 ,MQ 7? we iwsliw .,, ag, 11:15 N: 31 1 Q if , . i . V' 'fff,i?iief , . , ...Q is ,Ji 125 , 3 M, 1 A ALL' mf' T342 6 AK'- 1 Qs as . . Q i .gi A ' . . ay: H f . ,575 , ' .. g-awww 141 111 Kathy Bell swims her way on stage. 121 Carla Dillery comes out punching during a pep assembly. 131 "Run Around" Rose, 'KKiller" Dillery and "Short Stop" Sweet promote Franlclin's "Wide World Of Sports." 141Wearing"soup cans" which conceal their new outfits, fall rally members Penney Peloquin, Shirley Colvin and Kathy Bell form a dance line. 151 Football team members take their bows. 161 Jay Wakeman exhibits superhuman strength as he lifts 20,000 pounds. 161 Activities 275 Student Leagues Invite Activity A.G. . And A.F. "Associated Girl Students tA.G.S.l is really a fun organization with a lot of possibilities, and our cabinet had a lot of fun... ln September we held a "Big and Little Sister" tea for the incoming freshmen. We sponsored, along with A.F.M., an after-game dance. October brought a tea for our retiring "White Tornado," and the annual pumpkin carving contest on Halloween." COther A.G.S. projects were "Girl of the Month," and sending birthday cards to girls as a personal touch.J "We are now busy planning our Girls' League week, which will be held the last week in November, and our most important project of the year, "Day of Dialogue." Thanks to our fantastic advisor, Mrs. Lesley Glasgow, all these projects have been made a lot easier, andl feel we've had a successful term!" Carol E. Knutson Associated Franklin Men fA.F.M.J president Rod Waterhouse and his cabinet hoped to provide an opportunity for male students to serve the school. Stressing participation in school activities, he commented on A.F.M.'s major activity, "Man of the Month," which, in his words, "has been working out well." Other cabinet officers were vice-president Tim Zimmerman, secretary Walt Pavlich, and treasurerjoe Woodard. V 276 Activities WN 'il H I ill A.G.S. Fall Cabinet: Front Row: Mary Lou Auborn, junior year representative: jean Callahan, secretary: Darlene Skidmore, treasurer: Nancy Baker, publicity chairman. Back Row: Laurie Beck, sophomore year rep.: Linda Darke, vice - president: Carol Knutson, president: Susan Urbach, senior year rep. 121 The cake is cut at the A.G.S. - sponsored tea honoring Mrs. Corey Belleque. C31 A.F.M. Fall Cabinet: Sitting: President Rod Waterhouse. Standing: joe Woodard, treasurer: Walt Pavlich, secretary: and Tim Zimmerman, vice president. f4j A.F.M. Spring Cabinet: Tony Giordano, vice - president: Bob Taylor, publicity chairman: Pete Lukich, secretary: Gary Kelley, senator: Curt Madson, treasurer: Walt Pavlich, senator: and Kazuhiko Yanase, president. l5l A.G.S. Spring Cabinet: Gayle Strech, freshman year rep.: Terri Atkinson, secretary: .lean Callaghan, president: Patty Schwab, treasurer: Janet Hardy, vice - president: and Cindy Comella, publicity chairman. 161 Patty Schwab and Gayle Strech sell Val-O-Grams in the main hall. Valentines Day Highlights Week pring 4.41. ., Ar. . As their fall counterparts did with Halloween, the spring A.G.S. cabinet scheduled its week around a holiday, Valentine's Day. Part of the week's activities were planned with this romantic theme in mind. A.G.S. Week, held February 12 through 16, was launched with a "Val-o-Gram" sale in the main hall. For ten cents, students could send a message to their favorite boy or girl. On Tuesday, an assembly provided a sneak preview of the upcoming A.G.S. - Cleveland powder puff basketball game. Wednesday and Thursday brought a "Conversation Hearts" candy sale and a bubble gum - blowing contest respectively, while Friday's old time movie featuring Laurel and Hardy concluded the week. On February 28, the A.G.S. powder puff basketball team traveled to Cleveland for the game. The proceeds were later donated to charity. Franklin prevailed by a score of 28-22. Other activities sponsored by the spring cabinet included a freshman tea. Another "Big - Little Sister Tea" was held to end the year on a high note. Activities 277 Girls Fill Schedule all A.G. . The early months of school saw the A.G.S. Fall Cabinet involved in different activities. With September came the annual Big- Little Sister tea, held on the l9th in the auditorium. At the tea, girls from all four classes had an opportunity to meet each other and get acquainted. Refreshments were served in the cafeteria. October brought Halloween and a pumpkin carving contest. Pumpkins were sold in the main hall, and on Tuesday, all entries were judged in categories. ill Ill Linda Darke, Sue Urbach, Mary Lou Auborn and Steve Stone serve refreshments to the underclassmen. 121 Steve Stone displays his version of the "Great Pumpkin." l3j Dave Gallucci admires all the entries in the A.G.S. Best Carved Pumpkin contest. 141 Jim Siverson, Carrie Bergstrom, Don DeMo0r, ,lean Callaghan and Mr. Dean Mauehley listen while Corey Belleque tells of her retirement plans. l5l Mrs. Corey Belleque, former "White Tornado," reveals her true image. 278 Activities 3 3 'iii E 2 af 55:4 46:9 me - ,r mr ,K . Tornado Leaves Franklins Halls Core 'S Tea Corey Belleque, Franklirfs matron and "White Tornado," retired on Oct. 31, after 10 years of loyal service to the school. Shortly before her retirement, a tea sponsored by the A.G.S. cabinetlwas held in her honor. Faculty and students alike were invited to attend the gathering. On Halloween, Corey broke tradition by wearing black to a faculty-only farewell party, where she was presented with a crystal vase. Activities 279 KU Ill Linda Sanders swings to the music. 125 Cindy Nelson and Wayne Palmer radiate happiness. 131 Debbie Mahoney, Rex Brenton, Wendy Smith, and Steve Stone enjoy the evening. I4-J Santa Claus gives out candy canes. l5j Candyland Court receives recognition from the crowd. C35 280 Activities AT" ? 551 galil, 5 C49 'Candyland' Shirnmers In Yuletide Mood andyland Visitors to Franklin found Christmas festivities in full swing at the annual Candyland dance, held on Dec. 16. Selection of representatives from each class took place in reg. rooms during the week, and elections for Queen and King were held at the dance. Tracy Barbour and Chris DiLoreto reigned over the evening's activities, while juniors Kathy Bell and Ro-n Wold, sophomores Toni Cozzetto and Brad Callaghan, and freshmen Rhonda Meadows and Pat Durbin completed the court. Later in the evening, Santa Claus arrived and added to the fun by passing out candy canes. The "Musty Brothers" provided musical entertainment. 159 Activities 281 CU Senior-Faculty Game Highlights Safety Week afety Week Safety Week, sponsored by the Spring Executive Cabinet, was not intended as a means of raising money, but rather to promote safe living by students. Held March 26-30, it began with a kick-off assembly, featuring "joe Jazz" fportrayed by Ron Palmerl and his reckless tricycle driving. Other events during the week, traditional at Franklin, were car inspections by policemen, safety films, and a Friday- night sock-hop. For the eighteenth year in a row, Franklin's faculty basketball team triumphed over the seniors in the annual Senior-Faculty Game, held on Tuesday of Safety Week. An assembly introducing both teams and the senior and faculty rally squads preceded the contest. That evening, in spite of all the Senior Power the senior men could muster, the faculty overcame with a final score of 86-39. C27 282 Activities , ,,,ygf, M, f. X kv 1,9- - w C35 qllggfgw l M WW 4? sig f ffl , 3, 3 3 mmm 5 , , ,. . fll Ron Palmer fin the guise of "Joe Jazznj puzzles over his predicament, while Linda Darke Kas "Candy Crashnl lies "injured" amid the wreckage. Q21 John Derby and Kazuhiko Yanase douse Jean Callaghan and Ron with confetti. GD Mr. Kirk Morey keeps tabs on Wayne Palmer. 141 Senior Rally members Carrie Bergstrom, Laura Sander, Chris DiLoreto, Tracy Barbour and Rex Brenton lead a yell contest. f5l Poised and ready, Tom Hogan prepares to shoot. 5 is-as .1 f5l Activities 283 ill ill junior Class President Linda Goodwin assists Joni Hawn in the lemon eating contest, while classmates and Mrs. Emma Moore watch. KZJ Nancy Vassar, jorlnne Ngan, Toni Cozzetto, Susan Warnack, Rosemary Culberson, Connie Stewart and .lan Coe participate in Sophomore Week assembly, C31 Rosemary Culberson helps Connie Stewart with head gear. l4l Tim Zimmerman dares the crowd into the sponge throw. 151 Vernon Vinciguerra, Tony Johnson, Dwayne Weissenbuhler and Ralph Gross enjoy watching the action during the junior's trike race. 'QS 1,. i i.h 284 Activities 'ix Classes Unite Class eeks "Reach Out with the Class of '74-" was the theme for October 2 to 6. Through many activities such as food sales, a cutest baby contest and a trike race, the cabinet boosted class spirit and added over S200 to their treasury. "junior Week was very successful. l was impressed with participation and the spirit was fantastic," expressed Class President Linda Goodwin. "Keep on Trucking!" made a great theme for the Sophomore Week held Qctober 24 to 27. Events ranging from a cabinet exchange with Cleveland to a stationery sale were scheduled each day. Hollie Stafford concluded, "It was a successful week and we got a lot more people involved. Our dance featuring Atlantis was the highlight of the week. Getting people involved was our main goalfl 15? Activities 285 v K3 2 i gi ii I ' 1 S 5 d ,f -1 51 'ii I Q K. S4 ,A Activities 287 w KSU.. 'WEN N, Ill Seated: SB President Kazuhiko Yanase. Standing: Vice - President Ron Palmer, Treasurer Heather Derby, Secretary Tracy Barbour. Not Pictured: Publicity Chairman Cindy Hayzlett. QD Rod Waterhouse and Ron Palmer demonstrate an executive coin toss. Q31 "Who's into my paints?" questions Cindy Hayzlett. Q41 Hollie Stafford is it a chicken or a ham? 288 Activities i Pride, Unity Comprise F all Cabinet Goals Fall .B. Cabinet The most important goal of the fall 1972- 73 Student Body Cabinet, according to President Kazuhilco Yanase, was to generate more school pride and unity at Franklin. At informal summer meetings, cabinet members made plans for a busy tall term, including the traditional Homecoming activities, a fund drive for United Good Neighbors, and the Candyland Dance. Kaz was particularly enthusiastic about the U.G.N. campaign, which he felt was their most successful project. I-le cited Mr. Dean Mauchley as deserving very special thanks, because " . .. without him, there is chaos!" Another success was the conversion of room 157 from a classroom to a Student Activity Center. Used by student body and class cabinets, and the rally squads, the room contained art supplies and served as a place for meetings. Activities 289 290 Activities lll Cloclcwise: Janette Vanderpool, treasurerg Heather Derby, secretary: Ron Palmer, presidentg Randy McCartney, vice-president: Melodic Stafford, publicity chairman. 121 Jean Callaghan, A.G.S. president, Works on assignments. f3J Linda Darke, senior class president, paints a Safety Week sign. 14D Melodic Stafford does a tedious job. ISD Ron Palmer tells of future plans. av" Safety Week, Red Cross Gccupy Cabinet Agenda pring abinet Under the guidance of Mr. Dean Mauchley, the spring student body officers kept busy with projects related to the idea of safety. Safety Week, traditional at Franklin but not observed for the last couple of years, was planned around the slogan "Be a live chicken- not a dead duck." Cabinet officers organized activities in keeping with the theme. These included an assembly, car inspections by policemen, safe driving tests, films, tag sales, and a sock-hop dance featuring the "Muddy Valley Crawdad Band." Having Franklin's long-awaited bicycle racks installed and painted was another project on the agenda. Earlier in the term, the cabinet held a week- long fund raising drive for the Red Cross. All four classes competed with each other to donate money. While the junior class led for most of the week, seniors came out on top. Combined with the proceeds from the A.G.S. powder puff basketball game, student contributions to the Red Cross amounted to a sum of 215197, exceeding total donations of several recent years. Students Compete On Equal Level Intramurals Franklin's intramural sports program, again headed by Mr. ,lon Abraham, was designed so students from each class could participate on an equal level. Freshmen and sophomores were divided into teams from physical education and health classes, while juniors and seniors joined through their reg. rooms. Group captains helped keep the program organized and handled all sign-ups. By competing in various activities which included flag football, cross country, basketball, wrestling, and volleyball, the groups accumulated points on the basis of participation and attendance. At year's end, a trophy was awarded to the class with the most points. 292 Activities flj Intramural basketball players compete for points. Q21 Chris DiLoreto triumphs over Kazuhiko Yanase. GJ Mr. Marvin Flitcroft and Miss Dorothy Grant enjoy themselves at th-e Vetcherinka. 141 Mr. Alan Ellis introduces members of the Russian Club. 151 Rosemary McLellarn, Jan Locke, and Susie Urbach discuss the Vetcherinka. if . . . caigmwi ,Svfff 3 gligr .S 2 if ,WS , W 1 ay tw t ax 55' R Z 16 ,ff vs if 4 gif as 2 A , W oi it Z .u3gQQ. f,f2 J 'gffii' ' :df s Q' x '!f ag, 1 1- f ff? lffi3i17,ZTfft3ifi: ,ik 7, , Vw if Guests Sample Russian Cuisine 'Vetcherinka' The "Vetcherinka," the third annual Russian Club dinner and party, was held February Z2 in the Student Lounge. Russian teacher Mr. Alan Ellis welcomed everyone to the evening of authentic food and entertainment. Exotic Russian dishes such as borsch, beef stroganoff, cabbage rolls, braised beef, and pirozhki were made and served by the members themselves. The crowd viewed movies on the culture and lifestyle of the Russian people today. ln addition, the Russian Club sang a medley of traditional folk songs, to the accompaniment of Kevin Roach. Activities 293 1 flj The Class of '74 Prom Court: Seated: Patty Schwab, Donna Willett, Nancy Louie, Queen Trudi Malsey, Shelley Shirley, Jacque Ernst, and Linda Goodwin. Standing: Chris Baumann, Dale Conner, Paul Savory, King joe Woodard, Tim Zimmerman, Gregg Strech, and Jim Sweet. 121 Trudi Malsey and joe Woodard share the happiness of being crowned Queen and King of the Junior Prom. Q31 Gregg Strech, Nancy Louie, Jacque Ernst, and Jim Sweet applaud the announcement of the court. Q41 Prom committee chairmen: Sandy Schoenbeck, publicity, Patty Schwab, refreshmentsg Nancy Louie, decorations, and Trudi Malsey, general chairman. 423 t-..,...i t ua. Nyac- An Enchanting Evening for 'Pieces of April' Junior Prom A pastel crepe-paper sky, wall murals, and an illuminated fountain helped set the scene for an enchanting evening, Friday, April 13. Un that "unlucky" date, Franklin's Class of '74 held its long-awaited Junior Prom. The prom's theme was "Pieces of April," the title of a popular song. lntermission brought the presentation of the court, and the annual announcement of new Pleiades and Friars members. The evening was most lucky for Trudi Malsey and Joe Wocmdard, who were crowned Queen and King of the prom. "Music Lab" provided romantic accompani- ment fincluding the theme songl to the dancing, while the senior members of Pleiades and Friars served refreshments. .. A, dt'ff"i' US! 93? ASW l rim fi ,N ?!?!!l? 1552 535523 isis F 5 Qt 5 s "K E Activities 295 Ill lVIelodie Stafford and John Giunta pose for a pre- prom picture. 121 "Mood" music is provided by "Rivergate.l' l3j John Bernunzio and Penney Peloquin prepare to depart for the River Queen. f4l Dennis Regelin and Alice Mammen discuss a photo pose with Bruce Luzader. l5l Barbara Billingsley and Joe Eichorn enjoy a few "moments" of their own. 161 Ron Palmer, Shelley Shirley, Randy Bishop and Karyn Flaeh attend a pre-prom party. l3l 296 Activities "Moments Of Our Own" enior Prom "Moments of Our Qwnn was the theme of this year's Senior Prom, held on May 12. The locale for this long-awaited celebration was the River Queen, a ferry boat converted into a floating restaurant and ballroom. Traditional pre-prom gatherings at students' homes attracted many seniors. Later, from eight to eleven-thirty p.m., couples danced to the music of "Rivergate" or simply enjoyed the cool river breezes from the decks. During a short intermission, the 1973 May Fete Court and Rose Festival Princess Linda Darke were presented. ln addition, the Sonnettes lsenior girls' ensemhlej gave a short performance. Activities 297 S Clj 1973 May Feta- Court. 123 Prime Minister Ron Palmer crowns Karon 'liwctcn as May Fore Queen. 133 Prima- Minister Ron Palms-r, and Chambcrlains Linda Darkv, Chris l7iLort-to and -lim Ewing. 143 Crown bear:-r Andy Biggs and flown-r girl Karen Kuter wait patiently for the curonation uf-rcinrmy to begin. l2l 298 Activities it I i 'Knights of May Pete' Receive Recognition Ma Pete "Warm, wild, rainy wind, blowing fitfully, stirring dreamy breakers on the slumberous May sea, what shall fail to answer thee?" This excerpt from Celia Thaxter's poem "Morning ln May" lrecited by Court Chamberlains Linda Darke, Chris DiLoreto and jim Ewingl not only helped set the mood for the annual May Fete assembly on May 4, but described exactly the spring weather prevailing on that date. Franklin's traditional celebration, planned this year around the theme "Morning In May," saw as its high point the crowning of Karen Tweten as queen. Attended by her court, chamberlains, flower girl Karen Kuter, crownbearer Andy Biggs and Prime Minister Ron Palmer, Queen Karen bestowed the title "Knight of May Feten on 27 of her subjects. Among the students and faculty members knighted for their services were retiring teachers Miss Anne Bohlen, Miss Faye Cornutt and Mr. james McKee. l3l Activities 299 300 Activities KH Carrie Bergstroni escorted by jim Clark. 121 Tracy Harbour escorted by Kazuhiko Yanase. 131 Shirley Colvin escorted by Steve Stone. 143 Heather Derby escorted by Rex Brenton. Karyn Flaeb escorted by john Bernunzio. Q63 Carol Knutson escorted by Mark -Innes. s SFF L2 Q..-V gg .,,,-,Q Z ,KN X of 5 is i 5' 1. , 4 X E 5. if Q -s' N A r A ff Q., 3, ww, ,X - Q' M 3i..,. I sb 4 SS Q ,E 41 K N Q ., 5 wi wma .,X.. ., , at Quakers Announce First Rose Festival "Well there she is!" remarked Ron Palmer as Linda Darke, Franklin's 1973 Rose Festival Princess, smiled for photographers, TV cameramen and the students who chose her to represent them. Only moments before, Princess Linda had received her tiara and ceremonial mantle from the 1972 princess, Judy Speciale. Franklin was chosen to announce its princess first, so the festivities were appropriately lavish. Held on April 9 and 10, they featured two strong links with the past. At the beginning of the announcement assembly, 1973 Rose Festival Association President Robert E. Franklin greeted the audience. 1-le was Franklin's student body president in 1942, when the school had its last queen, Shirley Fowler. ln addition, the throne used by Princess Linda was the same one in which Queen Shirley was crowned. lt was hoped that the throne would bring Linda good luck on Coronation night in June. Stepping our from "Behind The Footlights," Frank1in's Rose Princess candidates display their charm. llJShir1ey Barrett, 121 Karen Tvveten, C31 Kim Price, 141 'lean Callaghan, 151 Debbie Mahoney. 302 Activities C41 Activities 303 304 Activities l1JFranklin's l973 Rose Festival Court is presented to the student body. 121 Royal composure is momentarily lost as Linda Darke is named princess. 131 Judy Speciale crowns her successor. 437 pmncess lmoa ,W-I". "W f. 111 131 306 Activities 1l1 Members of the junior class handle the reception. 121 Somber faces adorn the entering seniors. 131 Curt Madson and Gary Kelley radiate the senior spirit. 141 Patty Treilu-I folds a design into her napkin. 151 Cindy Hayzlett and Shirley Gribble eliat while waiting for breakfast. 161 Nancy Baker, Bob Kays and Sam McKean agree it's been a worthwhile four years. 171"l dare you tu take my picture." '-4-fm . . 'Mfr Nmasi -nw Xu ,V .. ir. - Seniors Assemble For Baccalaureate, Breakfast enior Events Sunday, May 20, was the occasion for a final honoring of the senior class before Commencement. This non-mandatory service featured as guest speaker the Rev. Walter Knutson, pastor of St. lVlark's Lutheran Church, and selections sung by "A" Choir. Before the year-end senior assembly on Thursday, May 24, seniors gathered for breakfast at the Airtel Motor lnn. Highlights of this gathering were the announcement of Senior Mosts, a showing of the Senior Movie, and standing ovations for Miss Dorothy Dundore, Mr. Yoshinobu Terada and Mr. Dean Mauchley fCounselors and College Coordinator, respectivelyj. Activities 307 QV' ,--4, g 1 -U ,M n . Mr. Howe Greets Class 4 7 Graduation On the clear, sunny evening of May 29 fperhaps a good omen for graduating seniorsj Franklinys eighty-eighth commence- ment was held at the Civic Auditorium downtown. After the customary proeessional to "Promp and Circumstancef, an invocation by senior Dennis Regt-lin and a welcome by Class President Linda Darke, school board member Mr. Paul H. Howe delivered his greetings. ln addition, seniors Mike lVlcNerney, Alice Mammen and lVlike Weirich spoke on the "Pursuit of lfxcellencefy the theme for this year's Commencement. The ceremonies concluded with the announcement of scholarships and awards by Mr. Dean Mauchley and Dr. Con Cremer, respectively, and the presentation of those long-anticipated diplomas. Almanac Staff 1973 Diane Stalker . . . Mike Weirich. .. Mike Wong .... Julie D'Ambrosia Evonne Steele ..... Dennis Regelin. . Mary Liang .... Lori Rova ...... Barbara Bridges . . . Kevin Williams ... Cindy Comella .. Janet Hardy .......... Karen Parsons ........ Sandy Schoenbeck ..... Melodie Stafford Deanne Dimoff ...... Penny Allen ..... ASS' John Bernunzio .... Ron Entwisle ...... Harold Lee ..... Terry Tolan . . Kim I-Iolstine . .. Doug Tallman ..... Shirley Colvin ...... t. .. Editor-in-Chief .Academics Editor ...... Academics ... Seniors Editor ........Seniors . . . Classes Editor ........Classes ........Classes ...Sports Editor ..........Sports Arts and Interests Arts and Interests . . . . . . .Activities . . . . . . .Activities .... ...Activities Photo Coordinator Photo Coordinator . . . .Photographer . . . .Photographer . . . .Photographer . . . .Photographer . . . . Bookkeeper ....Copy Editor .......Typist Mrs. Miriam Puckett .... .... 310 Acknowledgements Advisor www The staff wishes to extend special thanks to: Doug Tallman for the theme. Melodie Stafford for her art work. The First National Bank, Bank of California, Representative Edith Green, Forestry Center, Mt. Hood Freeway Information Center, OMSI, Portland Chamber of Commerce, Portland Park Bureau, Mr. Lauren Petrie, Kelley Stafford, and former senator Wayne Morse for photographs used in the introduction. Dave Stalker for special photography. Mr. Ken Becket, Pischel Yearbooks, Inc. Mr. Bruce Luzader, photographer. Mr. jack Yeager, photographer. Cold rain at football games, Christmas trees in the halls, dedicated teachers in hot, stuffv classrooms, blazing sunshine at track meets, and friends that are there when l needed them, kaleidoscope in my mind Being the editor of the ALMANAC helped me find a place for myself at Franklin. Each of us must learn to identify with something in our school life. We are reaching out to find ourselves and learn what is unique within us. There is something here for each of us to learn and grow in, whether it he academic, athletic, mechanical, or dramatic. In disciplining our minds here, we prepare ourselves to move into a world that needs improvement. Franklin is a step toward adulthood that will help us reach goals for ourselves and for our world. l hope that each of you has found something special at Franklin to help you grow. Thank you, Diane Stalker Editor-in-Chief IQ73 Editor's Page 31 1 A Aaltonen, Jerry 126 Aboud, Nita 160,262 ABRAHAM, MR, JOHN 54,208 Abraham, Ralph 126 Adams, Adams, Chris 126,160 Ricky 160 Addleman, Bill 160,203,207 Albano, Carol 70,259 Albin, Randy 268 Albrecht, Nancy 126 Alexander, Becky 157 Alexander, Junith 259 Allen, Barbara 70 Allen, Georgina 126,259 Allen, Jeannie 143,144 Allen, Jim 126 Allen, Penny 125,126,25O, 260 Allen, Sheila 70 Allenbrand, Patty 126,261 Alley, Sherry 126,269 Allison, Suzanne 152,256,259 Almanac Staff 250,251 Alver, Helgi 7,126,260 Amato, Craig 70 Amato, Mike 144 Anacker, Marion 212,217,260 Anderson, Barbara 144 Anderson, Cindy 144,228,229, 249 Anderson, Darrell 173 Anderson, Dean 160 Anderson, Gail 126 Anderson, Jeff 139 Anderson, Kevin 9,144 Anderson, Tom 144,191,205 Andrae, Byron 173 Andrakis, John 126 Andreotti, Robert 160,207 Andreotti, Susan 126,261 Andrews, Maria 160 Andrew, Sam 157 Androshchuk, Gordon 70 Anstine, Mike 70 Aoki, Alan 32,38,126 Armstrong, Rick Arnold, Tim 126 Arnold, Tony 160,203,207 Arnone, Tami 144 Arnone, Tina Arthur, Jeff Arthur, Rhonda 126 Ashlock, Jeri 160 Askew, Jodi 160 Atkinson, Terri 126,260,277 Auborn, MaryLou 126,134,249, 260,277,278 Austin, Mike Axsom, Linda 126 Ayers, Dawn 160 Aynes, Gary 157 B Babnick, George 144,157,206 Bochman, Nancy 160,185,216 Backstrom, Cindy 70,114,264 Backstrom, Marc 144,183,191, 206,260 Baird, Jeff 144,203 Baird, Mike 160,203 Baird, Robert 138 Baisinger, Janet 144,197,2l2, 235,245,260 Baker, Judy 144 Baker, Nancy 70,1l3,222,229, 277,307 Baker, Richard 160,237 BALLEN, MRS. OSA 54 Ballew, Twilla 113 Banks, J ulene 126 Banks, Rosanne 160 Barbee, Greg 160 Barbee, Marlis 160,164 Barber, Debra 144 Barbour, Chris 144 Bariiour, Tracy 70,113,283,298 00 Barlow, Barlow, Anthony 144 Leilani 126 Barnaby, Anthony 183 Barnard , Barnard , Barnard , Barnard, Barnard , James 160,167 Jesse 139 Kim 160 Lillianne 144 Marvin 160 Barnes, Debbie 126 Barnes, Melissa 160 Barnes, Sandra 160 Barnett, Debbie 126 Barnett, Joyce 126 Barnum, Patrice 70,255 Barny, Gloria 126 Baron, Darby 139 Barrett, Barrett, Barrett, Bobbie 144 Carol 173 Shirley 70,234,235,237 302,304 3l2lndex 1 Bartholomew, Iney 144 Bastedenbeck, Roy 126,132,177 Bastin, Patricia 70 Bauer, Brian 144 Baugher, Cris 126,259 Baughman, Brad 126,177,233 Bauman, Chris 38,126,138,183, 217,160,294 Baumgardner, Molan 139 Bay, Brad 160 Baylie, Flo 259 Beach, Rachel 160 Beal, Christina 160 Beal, Harlie 70 Bean, Mary 160 Beasly, Mary 126,237,259 Beavert, Bill 139 Beck, Debbie 70 Beck, Debra Kay 160 Beck, Laurie 144,260,277 Beck, Randy 160,181,194 Becker, Janet 173 BECKER, MR. HERMAN 54 Beckford, Leena 160 Beckford, Sharann 126 Bell, Kathy 126,187,217,244 BELLEQUE, MRS. COREY 49,278 Belmore, Barbara 144,229,249, 260 . Belmore, Curtis 71,114 Belott, Mary 126 Bennett, Belle 126,244 Bennett, Debbie 143,144,260 Bennett, Kim 160 Bennett, Leslie 142,144,146, 157 Bennett, Nyal 160 Benschoter, Dawn 126 Bentley, Diane 71 Bentz, Randall 71 Berg, Dave 139 Bergstrom, Carrie 67,71,1 13, 244,265,278,282,298,300 Bergstrom, Mark 126 Bergstrom, Robert 191 Bernard, Cindy 160 Bernard, Julian 160,203 Bernard, Linda 126,139,242,260 Bernard, Marvin 207 Bernard, Silva 126,195 Berndt, Beth 139 Bernunzio, Cathy 126 Bernunzio, John 71,250,296,298, 300 Bernunzio, Paul 71 BERTRAM, MRS. DORIS 46,254 Bethune, Ben 71,113,177,179, 208,228 Betters, Dandra 113 Betts, Stuart 160,181,194 BIGGS, MR. BRIAN 54,181,229 Bigoni, Gayle 144,256 Bigoni, Marilyn 126 Billingsly, Barbara 72,114,297 Bills, Barbara 144,237 Bishop, Randy 8,69,72,113,177, 297 Bixel, Mike 173 Bjoien, Opel 259 Black, Dale 126 Blackford, Johna 72 Blades, Patricia 72,106,235, 242 Blair, Jeff 127 Blair, John 72 Blair, Terry 72 Blake, Marty 8,177,217 Blalock, Doug 160 Blankenship, Debbi 72,257,259 Blevins, Linda 173 Bloomgarden, Julie 161 Blumenshein, Debbie 72 Bodeman, Cindy 144 BOELTS, MISS HELEN 54 Boetger, Bill 139 Boetger, Caryn 161 Boetger, Mike 10,72 BOHLEN, MISS ANNE 43,54 Bolera, Thomas 144,260 Bollig, Bill 161,181,207 Bondy, Jay 157 Bonner, Anita 73 BORC1-IERS, MRS. SARA 50 Borgmann, Angie 161 Borgmann, Debbie 139 Bark, Steve 73 BOSCO, MR. JERRY 54,222 Bostick, Craig 173 BOUSQUET, MRS. BARBARA 54, 271 Bowen, Mike 34,73,234,237,239 Bowen, Pam 73 Bowles, Artlene 73,94 Bowling, Stan 139 Boyce, Cindee 242 Bradley, Gene 161 Bradley, Pati 161 Bradshaw, Brian 173 Bradtke, Richelle 242 Brandt, Joan 73,94,1l4 Brannan, Barb 161 Brauckmiller, Greg 139 Braun, Lynette 161 Brawley, Austin 127 Brawley, Ken 161 Breese, Steve 144 Breitler, Cindy 173 Bremer, Katherine 139 Breniser, Patty 113 Brenton, Rex 10,40,68,73, 104,114,182,217,265,280, 283,292,300 Brewer, Mark 157 Bridges, Barbara J. 69,73, 113,114,185,212,217.235, 237,250 Bridges, Debbie 144,185,212, 228,235,237 Bridges, Bridges, Gary 113 Gill 181,194 Britzius, Denise 127,257 Britton, Britlon, Rick 139 Jim 157 Brockway, Patty 161 Brolliar, Leah 139 Brooks, Rick 127 Broomfield, Pam 161 Brown, Ann 73 Brown, Bob 161 Brown, Daniel Brown, Donna 73 Brown, Ken 41,73 Brown, Shannon 161,224 Brown, Vickie 158,161,171 Browning, Janice 144 Bruce, Rita 40,127,260 Buchanan, Kurt Brunelle, Pam 127 Brunning, Debbie 127,260,262 Brunning, Tim 161,163 Bryant, Dennis 127,184,237 BUCKIEWICZ, MR. WALTER 54 Buchanan, Doug 161 Buckmeyer, Sandra 161 Budahl, Budahl, David 161 Steve 127 Buff, Colinda 161 Buffington, Stenna 259 Bulkley, Pam Bunch, Jennifer 144,242 Bunker, Valerie 161 Burbank, Naomi 127,185 Burgard, Sheila Burgard, Tim 73 Burge, Tonya 127 Burgess, Teri 161 Burk, Myron 144,206 Burke, Mike 161,191 BURNAM, MR. BILL 50,52,308 BURRI, MR. JACK 201,203 Burkenbine, Joanne Burns, Karen Burro Burrow, Gail 127 Burrow, Gary 144 Bushnell, Donna 144 Busselan, Rory 157 Butler, Gillian 144 Buner, Linda 141,144,197, 234,235,237,239,245, 260,261 Butler, Margaret 144,260 C Cahill, Julie 125,127,195, 229,260 Cahill, Sharon Caldwell, Cindy 258 Callaghan, Brad 144,191 Callaghan, Jean 74,101,277, 278,282,290,302,304 Cameron, Scott 127 Camp, Cheryl 144 Camp, Robert 161,194 Campbell, Curtis 173 Candello, Jackie 144 Canham, Karen 74 Capps, Becky 157 Capugto, Danny 144,145,191, 2 0 Caputo, Mike 74,113,114,182 CARLESON, MR, DAVE 55,234, 239 Carlson, John 144,145 Carns, Kim 161 Carpenter, Robert 145,237 Carrara, Denise 74 Carrara, Sue 157 Carroll, Dennis 74 Carroll, Teresa l27,135,254, 262 Carruthers, David Carter, Enid 48,259 Carter, Samuel 177 CAUTHERS, MISS MARION 55 Center, Janice 145 Cervantes, Angel 161 Cervantes, Connie 145 Cervantes, Julian 127 Chamberlain, Tony 157 Charbonneau, Hazel 161 Chastain, Cheryl 127 Cheek, Alan 74 Chinn, Nancy 161,237 Chow, Lynn 74,114,308 Chow, Wally 127 Christensen, Barbara 173 CHIEISTENSEN, MRS. MARJORIE 2 CHRISTENSEN, MR. BORDEN 55 Christensen, Linda 158,161,173 Christensen, Tracy 145,255 Christman, Frank 173 Chung, David 161 Cieloha, Randy 74 Cieloha, Rick 262 Clancy, Cathy 145,149 Clancy, Patty 161 Clark, David 161 Clark, James 75,114,214,298,300 Ciark, Jeff 75,229,234,239 Clark, Kathy 145 Clayson, Christine 127,260 Clayson, Daniel 145,254 Clevenger, Larry 75 Clifford, Mark 127 Cline, Luanne 145,260 Closset, April 113 Clow, Eileen 38,75,114,185, 262,265 Clowers, Doug 173 Clunas, Carmen 113 Clure, Jeree 127 Clure, Kerrie 145,146 Coats, John 157 Coe, Jay 39,127,191,205 Coe, Joan 140,141,145,197, 234,235,239,260,284 Coe, Ilean 264 Coe, John 114,205,265 Coffey, Candy 127 Coffey, Julia 36,127 Coffey, Dan 173 Coffey, John 161 Cogburn, Charles 161,163,181 Coggins, Stanley 161 Cohen, Karol 24,161 Cohen, Kathy 161 Coiteux, Chris 23,127,131 Coiteux, Renee 161 Coiteux, Sherrie 145 Cole, David 161 Cole, 'red 50,1o0,150,181, 200,250,300 Coleman, David 113 Coleman, John 127 Coleman, Kevin 161,167,194 COLES, MR. ROBERT 51,52,214 Colvin, Shirley 68,113,114, 186,217,222,246,250,264, 265,298,300 Comella, Cindy 123,125,127, 250,260,262,277 Conner, Carla 161 Conner, Dale 127,260,294 Connett, Stephen 173 Conover, Cindy 161,167,198 Constantine, Cyndi 173 Constantin, Lyle 145 Constantin, Sheryl 145 Constantine, Jerry 139 Cook, Cheryl 145 Cook, Linda 127 Cook, Wil.liam 145 Cooper, Debra 127 Cooper, Mark 162,181,194 Cooper, Roberta 145,146,262 Cooper, Ted 113 Copko, Glen 127 Coppernoll, Greg 162 Corley, Jerry 162,237 Cornett, Bil.l 127 Cornett, Paul 139 CORNUTT, MISS FAYE 43,55 Corrado, Iodine 127,259 Corrado, Kari 162 Corrigan, John 145 Corter, Bob 145 Cote, Debra 139 Cote, Mike 162 Cottrill, Robert 139 Coughlin, Steven 75 COUNSELING STAFF 50 Couture, Debra 123,127,139 Cowden, Curtis 113 Covert, Karen 113 Cox, Laurie 35,l62,172,237 Cozzetto, Connie 75 Cozzetto, Toni 140,141,145, 258,284 Cramer, Edwina 157 Cramer, Joy 127 Crawford, Dale 127,132,234, 237,239 CREMER, DR. CON V. 44,52 Crisanaz, Allen 38,75,114 CRITES, MRS. MAXINE 55,225 Crocker, Lynn 145,242,245 Crosby, Dianna 162 Crosley, William 127 Cross, Lynda 173 Croteau, Greg 162 Crouch, Cynthia 145 Crouch, Nancy 127 Crowser, Dennis 145 Cubic, Karl 145 Cuddy, Patti 75 Cullison, Carol 7,76 Culberson, Rosemary 14l,145, 197,212,284 Cummings, Barbara 145 Cummings, LeeAnne 128 Cummings, Neal 128,254,268 Cunningham, Bruce 162,181,203 Cunningham, Dawn 69,76 Cunningham, Karen 128 Cunningham, Linda 145 CURRICULUM COUNCIL 52 Custer, Ceilia 145,259 Custer, Lee 76 Custer, Leonard 76,114,265 D D'Ambrosia, Julie 5,67,76, 104,113,114,185,217,250, 262,264,265 Danenburger, Cindy 173 Daniels, Jay 145 Danielson, Patty 162,234,239 Danner, David 145 Danton, Rex 162 Danton, Ted Daquilante, Adrianne 145 Darby, Cindy 145 Darke, Linda 68,76,114,278, 282,29l,299,304,305 Darlow, Greg 76,95 Daschel, Mike 128,228 Daschel, Steve 162,203 Davenburger, Cindy 162 David, Beverly 145 Davies, Melinda 157 Davis, Brenda 145 DAVIS, MR. BRITT 55,189 Davis, Charlene 139 Davis, Chuck 77,308 Davis, Craig 162 Davis, Dan 128,260 Davis, Dayle 128 Davis, Jim 157 Davis Kerry 173 Davis Linda 162 Davis Lorraine 128,234,239 Davis Mark 162 Davis Davis Davis Michael 162 Ray 77,237 Pam 173 DAVIS, MRS. ROWENA 47 Davis, Terri 162 Daw, Jim 162,166,181,203 Daw, William 128,13l,203, 261 Dawson, Honda 145,259 Dean, Gary 77 Deck, Bryan 128 DeClark, Marlene 157 Dedmore, Dan 113 Deems, Greg 31,77 Dees, Folfe 113 Deeters, Bruce 262 Deeters, Vicki 162 DELANCE, MRS. PATRICIA 46, 256 DeLangis, Candy 162 Demmon, David 158,162,262 DeMoor, Dan 128,233,278 DeMoor, Ron 128 Demuth, Dindy 77 Demuth, Jeff 145,149 Denniston, Mike 162 Denny, Jeff 128 Densem, Don 162 Dent, Bonnie 77 Deranleau, Denis 128 Deranleau, Teresa 173 Derby, Heather 77,219,288, 290,298,300 Derby, John 142,203,282 Deters, Bruce 77,189 Deters, Julie 128 DeWitt, Kari 162 DeWitt, Mike 145 DeWitz, Brenda 128 Dezell, Bill 77 Dickinson, Sandra 66,77,114, 235,237,365 Dickman, Betty 145 Dickman, Bonny 145 Dickman, Ricky 78 Dickson, Lori 145,242 Dickson, Sandy 264 Dickson, Shannon 77 Dillery, Carla 131,217,275 Dillery, Mike 162,194,207 DiLoreto, Chris 1O,68,78,114, 208,265,283,292,299,304 DiLoreto, Vince 128,183,208, 217,260 Dimoff, Deanne 78,114,250 Dirks, Glenda 78 Dixon, Gerald 162,183 Doan, Joe 173 Dobson, Mike 128 Dodd, Ron 8,l28,191,205, 217 Donaldson, Carol 78,212,268,308 DONAHUE, MR. PETER 55 Donaldson, Floyd 162 Donkin, Sandra 162 Donnell, Laura 235,242,260 Donnell, Maureen 4l,128,229, 249,260 Dorety, Betty 162 Doyle, Rick 173 DRAIS, MR. EDWARD 49 Drenner, Dale 162 Down, Pat 78 Dreves, Charles 177,217 Drew, Pam 162,212 Duclos, Joanne 78 Duclos, Michael 128 Dumais, Roxanne 139 Dumas, Sue 146 DUNDORE, MISS DOROTHY 50 Dunford, Marilyn 78 Duvall, Scott 128 Durant, Wynn 173 Durbin, Becky 69,78 Durbin, Pat 162,18l,194,214 Durbin, Paul 128,191,217 Durkee, Frank 214 Durkee, Tom 146 Durkheimer, Tracy Durland, Doug 162 Dusek, Carol 128,139 Dusek, Eva Dusek, Steven 173 Duvall, Scott 128 Duxbury, Ken 173 DYAR, MR. THOMAS 55,203 Dyer, Doreen 146 E Eades, Debbie 162 Easly, Candy 128 Eastlund, Carl 146,237 Eastlund, Paul 78 Eaton, Kevin 162,207 Eaton, Mary 128,259 Eaton, Toby 128 Edington, James 160,162 Edwards, Dennis 128 EGGIMAN, MRS. GLADYS 56 EHM, MRS. JOSEPHINE 56 Eisenbeck, Carol 128 Eivers, Saharh 234 Elbon, Leona 128 Elder, Colleen 146 Elliott, Bob 128 ELLIS, MR. ALAN 28,56 Ellis, Rosemary 24,162,216 ELLMERS, MR. HAROLD 56,181 Elmer, Kelly 162 Elston, Jeanette 146 Elston, Jo 129,242,244 Emig, Jim 129,184,217,260 Emig, Nancy 162,185 Emmett, Colleen 162 Emmons, Alta 162 Emmons, Sallie 129 Emra, John 146 Emra, Vickie 24,162,212 Emra, William 177 Entrikew, Sam 181,194 Entwisle, Beaver 146 Entwisle, Ron 78,208,250 Eoff, Don 129 Erdmann, Dorothea 78 Erdmann, Rochelle 129,212 Erickson, Bill 162 Erickson, Charlene 78,308 Erickson, Karen 129 ERLANDSON, MR. GILBERT 52, 56 Ernst, Jacquelyn 36,122,123, 124,129,294,295 Ernst, Kevin 162 Esmond, Daniel 162 Esmond, Deborah 146 Estobrook, Rhonda 162 Estrada, Carlos 129,262 Estrada, Marta 162 EURICH, MR. GERALD 56 Evans, Carry 146 Evans, Janice 129 Evans, Mary 162 Everitt, Jon 146 Ewers, Sarah 162 Ewing, Jim 7,11,78,113,1l4,l77, 208,262,299 Fahl, Ronald 15 7 Furaschem, Danny 149,205,217 Fancher, Rusty 31 Faris, John 129 Farley, Nancy 79,233,242 Farrell, Shawn 79 Farrington, Diane 146 Faulhaber, Lori 163 FAUROT, MRS. JANET 56 Feeny, Mary 163 Feightner, Sherry 163 Felix, Steve 146 Ferero, Debbie 129,146 Ferrell, Wayne 129,262 Ferren, Linda 129 Ferris, Dewaine 173 FERRY, MR. CLIFFORD 52,56 Finch, Mary 146 Fischer, Debbie 157 Fishback, Berry 203 Fishenr, Doug 157 Fitzgerald, Randy 201 Flach, Karyn 79,104,269,297, 298,300 Fleming, Craig 157 Fleming, Tami 163 Fletcher, Margie 41,129,139 FLITCROFT, MR. MARVIN 293 Florer, Don 173 Flowers, Betty 139 Flowers, Johnny 173 Fluharty, Thomas 79,96,114 Fluno, Guy 157 Flynn, Mike 163 Folkert, Katey 129 Fontaine, Sunday 163 Ford, Kathy 163 Forsyth, Barbara 163 Forsyth, Karen 163 Foss, Julie 163 Foss, Sue 129 Foster, Barbara 146,212 FOSTER, MISS JEAN 56 Foster, Timothy 79 Fouts, Damon 129 Fouts, Teri 146 Fowler, Dennis 191,206 Fouler, Nancy 163 FRIARS 165 Frischman, Paula 129 Frison, Debbie 79 Frison, Georgia 129 Frison, Jan 22 Fujiino, Barbara 129,260 Fujiino, Donna 129,195,260 Fujirno, Mimi 163,269 G Gallagher, Donna 163 Gallucci, Dave 129,177,217,278 Galluzzo, Shanna 25,163 Gamon, Ortensia 163 Gamon, Ray 157 Gamon, Rene 139 Garcia, Angel 129 Garcia, Joel 173 Garner, Dwayne 80 GARNETT, MR. WILLIAM 57 Garrett, Cheryl 163 Garrett, Steve 80,262 Garragus, Lloyd 193 Garrison, Connie 129 Garrison, Dale 11,80,177,217,233 Gaston, Rick 163 Gates, Julie 146,257 Gedamke, Janet 80 Geiger, Elizabeth 163 Gelow, Debra 163 George, Connie 146,163,198 Geren, Jim 129 Geren, Peggy 80 Giannone, Paul 113 Gibson, Brenda 163 Gibson, Kathie 129 Gibson, Laura 146 Gibson, Roland 173 Gibson, Tom 130 Giese, Diane 157 Gill, Dave 139,177,179,19l Gillaspie, Jaunita 163,172 Gilpin, Susie 146 Girodano, Annette 146 Giordano, Carrie 130,262 Girodano, Anthony 130,277 Girodano, Ruth 164 Giroux, Michael 139 Gish, Barbara 164,216 Gish, Steve 124,194 Giunta, John 67,80,114,205,217, 265,296 Giusti, Kathy 260 Gladfelder, Randall 130 Glasbrenner, Barbara 80 GLASGOW, MRS. LESLEY 52,57 Glenn, Debbie 164 Glover, Jeff 113 Goett, Charles 146 Golden, Myron 173 Golden, Vickie 130 Goldhammer, Jack 146 Golding, Mike 164 Goleman, John 157 Gomes, Kathy 164,173 Gonzalez, Lourdes 164,173 Goodall, Celeste 130,139 Goodwin, Linda 122,123,130,139, 259,284,294 Gorsek, Stanley 164,173,183 Gorsline, Tamara 164,173 Goska, Walter 126,130,139,182, 217,223 Gould, Lisa 130,139 Gowing, Delores 47 Gregg, Nancy 164,173 Grass, Rita 147,157 Graham, Jonathan 126,130,139 GRANT,MISS DOROTHY 57,293 Grant, Elizabeth 164,173 Grant, Gayle 81,113 Grant, Kevin 147,157,242 Grant, Susan 130,139 Green, Mark 81,113 Green, Kathy 164,173 Green, Jon 147,157 Green, Nancy 147,157 Greene, Helen 147,157,212,235, 237,242,245,260 GREENFIELD, MRS. JANET 47 Greening, Scott 90,164,173,207 Gress, Bruce 173 Gress, Candy 139 Gribble, Shirley 69,81,107,l13,307 Griffin, Elizabeth 164,173 Griffin, Mike 130,139 Griggs, Janice 139 Griggs, Jorjean 113,256 Grimes, Stan 157 Grimes, Steve 81,113,262 Grimm, Linda 157 Groce, Larry 164,173 GROGAN, MR. HOWARD 57 Groh, Dennis 34,37,81,99,113, 114,237 Groh, Linda 130,139,235,239 Gross, Ralph 130,139,284 Grubbs, Guy 164,173 Gruncr, Peggy 130,l39,237,239 Guest, Randy 164,173,207 Guldenzopf, Jean 81,130,139 Guldenzopf, Jeffrey 164,173 Guldenzopf, Lawrence 81,113 GULLEY, MRS. CONNEE 57 Gulliford, Nancy 164,173 Gumbert, Richard 81,113 Gumbert, Steven 164,166,173,181, 203,207 Gurwell, Barbara 26,81,113 Gustafson, Alonzo 157 Guy, Rick 157 Gwilliam, Vicki 81,113 H Hackathorn, Thomas 147 Hafner, Leann 130 Haines, Cynthia 130 HAKKINEN, MISS ELIZABETH 57 Hale, Charlie 164 HALL, MRS. ENID 52,57 I-Iall, Joe 147 Hall, Loma 164 Hall, Steven 208,257,262 Hall, Valerie 139 Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton , Bob 147 , Debby 147 ,Gayle 125,130,235,237 Hamman, Mark 164 Hammond, Debra 81 Hammonnd, Peggy 81,130 Hampen, Lloyd 237,262 Hampton, Rich 81,113 Hannan, Bryan 187,203 Hansen, Annette 139 Hansen, Karol 130,235,242,261 HANSEN, MR. PAUL 57 HANSON, MRS. HELEN 46 Hanson, Brad 147 Hanson, Pam 164 Harder, Linda 130,229 Harding, JoAnn 130 Harding, John 130,l77,179,205, 217 Harding, Carol 147 Harding, David 164,166,181, 203,225 Harding, Regina 147 Hardy, Carmen 125,130 Hardy, Janet 130,134,139,249, 250,260,277 Hardy, Kevin 164,194 Hardy, Wilbert 147,217,237 Harmon, Kerry 164 Harmon, Rick 139 lndex 313 Harmon, Valerie 147 Harris, Kenneth 173 Harris, Patricia 81,242 Harris, Preston 130 Harris, Terry 130 Harrison, Sue 82 Hartwig, Dave 147,186 Haserouck, Jeanette 147 Hastings, Linda 130 Hasvold, Diane 164 Hatch, Tom 164,168 Haubold, Lori 198 Hauge, Al 41,82 Haugen, Tina 157 Haun, Joni 284 Hausch, Nancy 23,82,ll4,258 Hauskins, Alan 164 Hauth, Jeff 157 Haven, Greg 82,182 Hawkins, Delani 157 Hawkins, Pam 164 Hawkins, Dan 177 Hayes, Joe 130 Hayes, Leslie 164,189,216 Hayes, Patricia 147,216 Hayzlett, Cindy 41,82,289,307 Hayzlett, Tracy 142,147,212 Head, Elaine 83 Heath, Carl 164 Hein, Donald 164 Heissrman, Diana 147,212,217 Heiserman, Susan 164,212 Heisler, Chuck 147 Helmer, Tim 83,222 Helquist, David 83 Helquist, Rock 164 Helfer, Rene 164 Helus, Dan 173 Helus, Paul 82 Helvie, Susan 147,157 Henderson, Cathy 164,198 Henderson, Jeff 130 Hendren, Michele 130 Hendrix, Don 130 Henninger, Shellie 147,188,212, 217,245 Henry, Valarie 130 Henry, Vanora 82 Henry, Vivian 139 Herd, Don 173 Hereford, Gary 181,194 Herndon, Larry 164 Herbst, Kevin 173 Herrmann, Lisa 82,114,228,229 Hesgard, Vickie 139 Hess, Sherrie 130 Hester, Darleen 130 Hesse, Donna 113 Heuvel, Linda 147 Heuvel, Sandy 164 Heuvel, Terri 130 Hewitt, Marcia l47,l57,260,269 Hewitt, Sandra 164 HIBBARD, MR. MICHAEL 57 Hickcox, Tina 161 Hicks, Rick 147,203 High, Cynthia 147,212,255 Hilderbrand, Terry 82 Hiles, Kathleen 161,212 Dave 130,183 , Debra 161 , Julie 147 , Teri 139 , Terry 147 Hiller, Mary 157 HILLEY, MR. JOHN 58 Hinkle, Don 157 I-linkle, Joyce 173 Hinrichs, Delna 130 Hinrichs, Jackie 161 Hodge, Pamela 147,229,262 Hodge, Tina 161 Hodson, Steve 147,234,239, 242,247,260 Hoerman, Karen 130,l 39,261,262 Hoffman, Paul 161 Hogan, Barbara 130,262 Hogan, Tom 82,283 Holbrook, Patty 130 Holcomb, Dianna 161 Holder, Ron 130 Holland, Bernard 147 Holland, Brian 130,208 Hollender, Steve 148,206 Hollingsworth, Robert 125,130 Hollingsworth, Roger 148,191 Hollister, Don 130 Hollway, Rhoda 159 Holmes, Audrey 161 Holmgren, Doug 161 Holstine, Kim 130,250,261 Holstine, Leslie 148 Holstrom, Lonna 113 Holt, Tina 148 Holten, David 148 Hong, Daniel 161 Hong, Mary 141,148,188,2l6, EEEEE 314 Index 229,237 Hornor, Terri 8,130 Horton, Kathyrne 82,102 Horton, Theresa 148 Housel, Debbie 173 Houston, James 161,189 Howard, Dwayne 161,181 HOWARD, MRS. HELEN 42,58 Howard, Kathy 148 Howard, Mark 203 Howell, Robert 148,149 Howell, RoZanne 82,110,113, 114,233,235,237,239,244, 247,264,265 Hudelson, Tonya 139 Hudson, Sharon 157 Huddleston, Les 113 Huddleston, Rod 161,237 Hufline, Sharry 139 Huffman, Dan 139 Hughes, Joy 34,82,114,234,237, 239,244 Hughes, Jeff 157 Hughes, Mary 123,130 Hughes, Roberta 157 Huie, Melvin 83,114 Hunbird, Walter 139 Hunt, Bobby 161,181 Hunt, Raymond 161 Huntley, Amanda 259 Hunter, Jerry 139 Huntley, Jerrie 148 Huntley, Linda 148 Hutchens, Michael 15 7 Hylla, Dieter 161,183 I Iammatteo, John l48,182,208, 217 Ice, Joyce 139 Ice, Mary Jane 148,255,259 Idle, Tammy 161 Inahara, Cheryl 83 Inahara, Rob 158,191,206,207 Ingram, Debbie 161 Ingham, Vicky 161 lnkwon, Lee 148 Lrinaga, Ron 157 irish, Randy 131,260 Irish, Robin 157 Isaacson, Daisy 159 Isbell, Bill 157,237,262 Isbell, Joanne 161 Isbell, William 131 Ivey, Debbie 131 J Jackson, Anna 131 Jackson, Dan 161 JACKSON, MR. GARY 58 Jackson, Glen 148 Jackson, Stuart 84 Jacobsen, Melane 148 Jacoby, Kenya 83,114 Jaquet, Chris 161 J ones Jones, Jones, David 161 Floy 84,106,255 Jones, Jones, , Jenny 14 8 Julie 123,131,137 Mark 7,12,71,84,104,235, Jarvis, Janice 84 Jarvis, Jarvis, J a.rvis, Jarvis, Melissa 84 Ronald 157 Randall 15 7 Steve 148,235,237 Jelineo, Sue 131 JENKINS, MRS. ELLEN 58 Jensen, Lee 131 Jensen ,Patty 84,254,308 Jerone, Anita 157 Jerone Jester, J ewitt, , Cathy 161 Brenda 148,231,254 Vickie 91 Jove, Kevin 161 Johannsen, Heidemarie 161 Johansen, Keith 131,260 JOHNS, MR. EDWARD 58 Johnson, Betty 161 Johnson, Ben 262 Johnson, Bill 242 Johnson, Dan 131 Johnson, Debbie 238 Johnson, Donna 148 Johnson, Janet 148,260 Johnson, Jennifer 161,225 Johnson, Jet 173 Johnson, larry Johnson, Lisa 131,261,268 Johnson, Lisa 157 Johnson, Mary 161 Johnson, Ricky 139 Johnson, Rosemary 161 Johnson, Sandra 173 Johnson, Steve 173 Johnson, Toni 173 Johnson, Thomas 84 Johnson, Vicki 24,161,225 Johnson Vicki 84 Johnston, Jeanette 173 Johnston, Karen 161 Johnstone, Zane 173 Jolley, Dan 161,194 Jolley, Sandi 84 Jones, Andrea 84 239,242,249,265,298,300 Jones, Michele 161,185,216 Jones, Reid 148 Jones, Rosemary 235,237,239, 260 Jones, Susan 148,237 Jordan, Kim 131 Jordan, Tom 84,262 Jordan, Reed161 Jorgensen, Laurie 148,228 Journagan, Joletta 131 Journagan, Ruthie 148 Joy, Thelma 259 Jung, Diana 84,148,185 Jung, Doris 84,114,185,217, 258 Jung, Richard 84,99,262 Junker, Mark 85,114 K Kadolp, Marla 148 Kaeding, Sabra 161 Kahn, Cindy 161 Kaipola, Helena 66,85 Kaipola, Marianne 8,148,149 Kaise, Kim 139 Kanne, Debbie 161 Kappelman, Dayle 85 Kappelman, Deloris 161 Karam, Hanan 173 Karrer, Leslie 173 Karrer, Chris 85 Kasch, Dan 166 Kay, Janet 166 Kays, Robert 85,229,234,239, 307 KEARNEY, MR. CHARLES 58, 177,168 Keaton, Kathy 166 Keenan, Carmen 166 Kehdi, Andrew 157 Kehdy, Steve 85 Keel, Mike 173 Keller, Lori 131 Kelley, Gary 85,277,306 Kelley, Michael l66,18l,l63, 203 Kelly, Vicki 131 Keltner, Irwin 139 Kemmer, Becky 148,188 Kemrer, Debra 131 Kemrer, Patty 166 Kent, Kevin 131 Kent, Theresa 148 Kenyon, Rick 148 Kepford, Lyla 173 Kern, Brenda 131 Kernan, Karan 148 Kerns, Patricia 166 Kerns, Roger 148 Ketchum, Leslie 148 Keyes, Fred 85 Keyes, Roxanne 131 Kyung, Kim 166 Kibbey, Wesley 139 Kindel, Rick 222 Kindel, Stephanie 166 King, Debbie 148 King,,Roberta 148,268,278 King, Terry 148 King, Terry 131,262 Kinney, Charmaine 131 Kinney, Kim 166 Kinsey, Mike 166 Kirchem, Gail 20,86,114, 222 Kirkland, Frank 148 Kirkland, Jim148 Kirkpatrick, Dan 31,86 Kistler, Donna 166 Klamathe, Barbara 131,135 Klauser, Lilia 131 Klein, Esther 47 Klein, Shellee 149,242,260 KLEP, MRS. ROSEMARY 29,48 Klenke, Debbie 113 Knapp, Georgia 86,235,237, 239 Knight, Dee 139 Knight, Jeffery 173 Knight, Mick 166,194 Knight, Ray 86 Knight, Steve 149 Knipple, Randy 149,260 KNOTTS, MISS KATI-IRYN 33,58 KNUDSEN, MR. JACK 48,58 Knuth, Pamela 149,212 Knutson, Carol 69,72,86,101, 242,277,298,300 Knutson, Mavis 132,256 Knutson, Valerie 132,229, 242 Ko, Elaine 149 Koening, Donna 173 Kokkoris, Zaharoula 132 Koppy, Martin 86,228 Korten, Robert 157 Krahmann, Rosalie 132 Krajeski, Mike 173 Krettler, Larry 87 Kranson, Jeff 166 Krueger, Mark 149 Kruegar, Sue 166 Kruse, Janice 34,87,242, 244 Kreutz, Randy 166 Kuan, Janice 132,257 Kuan, Yung 166 Kuch, Robyn 132 KUTER, MR. JEFFREY 58,184, 185,191 L Lackey, Diana 132 I.aFo1lette, Joel 132,149,254 laible, Earl 87,191,217,262 Lam, Andrea 166 Lam, Jeanne 132 Lam, Lit 149 Lamb, Robert 191,192,217 Lamb, Tim 30,138,177 Lambert, Joretta 149,242 Lambert, Lori 149,259 lamberth, Leonard 166,181 Lamothe, Kari 166 Lampkin, Vickie 173 LANCTOT, MR. EDWARD 59 Landaker, Gordon 149 Landaker, Lori Landau, Mitch 139 Landers, Chuck 132,262 Moore, Rut McFarland, Landers, Mario 113 Lang, Don 163,166 Lang, Pattie 166 Lang, Terri 132,254 Langdon, Robert 149 Iapp, Beverly 87,114,235,242 Lara, Belen 166 Larsen, Karla 149 Larson, Sharon 132,260 Laudahl, Sheree 173 Laur, Bill 166 Laurence, Patty 173 Lauro, Karen 149 LaValla, Jeff 149 Lavorato, Randy 132 Lawrence, Patricia 149 Lawwill, Gary Scott 87 Layman, Nick 239 Leathers, Debbie 35,143,149,217, 237,260 LeBarron, Robert 173 Leben, Carl 173 Lee, Denise 166 Lee, Harold 87,114,250,26l Lee, Indwon 173 Lee, Jeff 166 Lee, Sammy 132 Leer, Bobbi 166 Lehmann, Nick 149 Leisure, Jean 173 Leisure, John 132 Lentz, Cindy 173 Lentz, Debbie 87 Lentz, Helan 166 Leonard, Janice 150 Leonard, Lori 150 Leonetti, Sue 36,150,157 Leonettitam, J. 87 Leong, Marilyn 132 Leopas, Kevin 157 Levorson, Karen 166,212,237 Lewis, Mark A. 150 Lewis, Mark N. 143,150 Liang, Helen 38,67,87 Liang, Mary 132,250,261 Liavaris, Sophia 88 Lima, Dave 132 Lime, Suzanne 166 LINDER, MR. HAROLD 59 Lindholm, Catherine 22,132,186, 239,259,260 Lindquist, Charlotte 166 Lindquist, Leslie 256 Lindquist, William 166,237 LINDLEY, MRS. BONNAE 46 Lindley, Mark 142,150,260 Lipka, Danita 150 Lipka, Linda 166 Littell, Debra 88 Little, John 150 Little, Sharon 88,114,308 Little, Steve 150 Llaneza, Lowell 166 Locke, Beth 5,132,152,185, 235,237 Locke, Jan 88,222,293 Locke, Julie 132,125 Logan, Dale 166,259 Lohmeier, Becky 88,2 35,289, 242 Lohmeier, Chris 150 Lohmeier, Henry 166,181,194 LOKAN, MR. KEITH 59 Long, Denise 173 Long, Dorcy 132 Long, Marti 166 Long, Michele 88 Loo, Sun Foo 173 Lorenzen, David 88,114,261 Lorenzen, Teri 150 Loska, Richard 166,194 Louden, Leslie 132,237 Loughrey, Betty 139 Loughrey, Debbie 150 Louie, Janet 88 Louie, Mary 166 Louie, Nancy 1 22,132,128,133, 244,261 Louie, Ray 132 Louie, Shelton 89 Love, Roddi 89 Love, Sherrie 26,144,149,150, 260 Lovegrove, Mark 89,309 Lovlien, Tom 37,89,117,l38, 191,192,208 Low, Mary 173 Llaneza, Lowell 157 LOWE, MRS. KATHLEEN 59 Lowry, Mark 89 Lucas, Linda 150 Ludlow, Leslie 163 LUHER, MRS. GAYLEN 29,52,59 Lukich, Diane 132 Lukich, Mike 132 Lukich, Peter 8,89,214,277 Lukich, Shaun 141,150 Lunceford, Lonnie 163 Lund, Dennis 163 Lund, Neil 163 Lund, Lorene 132 Lundquist, Gordon 89 Lynum, Kathy 150 Lynton, Leo 163 Lyseng, Roger 89,117 M MABRY, MR. RICHARD 52,59, 255 Mabry, Richard 89 Macomler, Gary 139 MacDonald, Annie 28 Maclntosh, Bruce 113 MacKenzie, Peter 132,260 Maddin, Jeff 150 Maddux, Ginger 132,244,255 Maddux, Larinda 132 Madson, Andy 150,183 Madson, Curtis 39,89,117,2l7, 205,191,306 Magel, Jeff 113 Maghboulch, Farid 89 Mahoney, Daniel 163 Mahoney, Debbie 89,117,280, 303,304 Maine, Barbara 163 MAIER, MR. RUBEN 59 Main, Kit 90 Malct,IGreg 151 Mallett, Clarence 132 MALONEY, MR. JOSEPH 60 Malsey, Trudy 132,244,294,295 Mammen, Alice 26,90,95,113, 228,242,246,248,260,297 Mankins, Rod 132 Manning, Charlotte 163 Manning. Vivian 173 Manolis, Bob 151 Manolis, Susan 90 Maple, Karen 242 MARINI, MISS JOANNE 52,59 Markantonatos, Cynthia 139 Marleuu, Chris 132 Marler, Jody 163 Marrow, Mike 139 Martin, Gary 151 Martin, James 173 Martin, Jeff 163,203 Martin, Marilyn 143,151 Martin, Mike 113 Martin, Teresa 151 Martin, Thomas 163,167,183,194 Martin, Yolande 173 Martinez, Desiree 90 Martinez, Juan 173 Martinez, Kathryn 163 Martinez, Michael 163,181 Martinotti, Margaret 139 Mason, Jerry 133,177 Mason, Melodie 151 Mastrude, Bill 139 Matson, Nancy 150,151 Matthes, Darby 163 Matthies, Rebecca 133 Matthieu, Cathy 133,212 Matthieu, William 133 Matthieu, Wendell 139 Mattson, Robert 90 MAUCHLEY, MR. DEAN 51,278 May, Debbie 163 Mayberry, Rick 262 Martin, Gary 157 Martin, Jeff 173 Meadows, Christy 15 1 ,188,2 34,245 Meadows, Rhonda 24,l63,167,198 Madford, Sheila 173 Medina, Barbara 163 Meinecke, Jeff 133,268 Meiners, Wallace 163 Melcher, Steve 133 Miller, Linda 151 Miller, Patricia 93 Miller, Sandra 93 Miller, Terrie 133,255 Millhollin, Wanda 93 Mills, Carla Mills, Clayt Mills, Julia 151 on 151 93,117 Miner, Lesley 94 Mishler, Jes se 173 Misho, Beth 151 Moffitt, Kevin 151 Monaco, Alberto 163,181,194 Monaco, Denise 42,94 Monaco, Gino 163 Monk, Eugene 151,191 Moon, Barbara 158,163,212 Moon, Davi Moon, Ron d 94,240,242,248 151,182,208 Moore, Alan 163,203,207 MOORE, MRS. EMMA 51,284 Moore, Jean 94 Moore, Jill 94 Moore, Jim 94 Moore, Pam 25,163 Moore, Kelly 163 h 163 Moore, Walter 163 Moralez, Louisa 163 Morehead, Marilyn 95 Morehouse, Danielle 149,151, 260 MOREY, MR. KIRK 60,181,283 Morgan, Karen 151,255 MORGAN, MISS MIRIAM 60 Morrell, Karen 163 Morrison, Kathy 163 Morrison, Pamela 163,262 Morrison, Wayne 151 Morton, Loretta 168 Mosbrucker, Karen 113,308 Mosley, Denise 133 Moultrie, Russell 168,194 Mouttr ie, Trula 95 Moxley, Karil 168 Moyer, Moyer, Mullerl Mullin, Don 95 Mike 168,177,181 eile, Clark 157 Dennis 168 Mullins, Becky 133,139 Mullins, Dan 168 Mullin, Richard 15 7 Mulvaney, Kathy 151,257,256 Mumol o, David 168 Munkers, Jay 168 Munkers, Pam 95 Murphy, Kevin 94 Murphy, Lori 168 Murphy, Rhonda 168 Murphy, Sherril 133,254,260 Murr, lla 168 Murray, Mel 168,259 Murray, Patricia 168 Muto, Yuko 133,216,242,270 Myer, Don 262 Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Cathy 169 Jim 94 Michelle 95 Nancy 95,237 Terry 133,151 Mc MCBRIDE, MRS. CONNIE 60 McKee, Debbie 67,235,239, 242 McKEE, MR. JAMES 43,60 McKeown, Sally 133 McKinley, Suzie 22,1 33, 239 McKinnis, Taffy 151 MCKNIGHT, MRS. ROSE 259 McLellarn, Rosemary 117, 293 McMahon, Colleen 151 McMurry, Lynda 35,15l,242, 247,249 McMurry, Rick 151,217 McNartney, Randy 237 McNeely, Scott 163 McNerney, Mike 35,92,237 McShatko, Cindy 158,163 N Nacoste, Betty 168 Naylor, Steve 119 NEELEY, MR. JOHN 60 Nelson, Beverly 151,254 Nelson, Cindy 96 Nelson, Cynthia 280 NELSON, MR. DONALD 51,308 Nelson, Gary 133,217 Nelsen, Jeanne 168,237 Nelsen, Laurie 151,234,239 Nemgar, Donna 96 NESBITT, MR. PATRICK 30,60 Ness, Robert 168,181,203 Nesse, Erik 10,133 Neukamm, Marlene 96,117 Newby, Jodeen 142,151,260 Newby, Rochelle 133,249 Newby, Sharilyn 168,212 Newton, Bryan 151 Newton, Edwin 168 Newton, Jeff 133,262 Neyman, Mark 168,183 Ng, Henry 173 Ng, William 260 Ngan, JoAnn l40,l41,151, 216,284 Nibley, Mary 133 Nicholas, David 113 Nichols, Ann 259 Nicholson, Becky 157 Nicholson, Larry 96,228,229 Nicholson, Rebecca 151 Nicholson, Roger 133,228 Nickerson, Deborah 133,212 Nickila, Dwayne 134 Nielsen, Bruce 134 Niemeier, Shelly 113 Nies, Jean 134 Nies, Ronald 96 Nigo, Carolyne 169 Niiranen, Paulette 117 Nim, Shwi Yong 151 Noble, Karen 169 Nord, Nancy 152,239,245,260 NORLIN, MRS. ELEANOR 32 Norvell, Debbie 157 Norton, Rick 96 Noyes, Douglas 151 NYLAND, MRS. MARY 60 Nyseth, Randy 139 O Odbert, Barry 134,183,260 Odbert, David 169 O'GARA, MR. MICHAEL 60,191 Oliver, Charles 31 Oliver, Neil 134 Oliver, Wayne 38,l5l,155,203 Olman, Georgia l58,169,170, 262 Olney, Loretta 169,181 Olney, Martha 169 Olsen, Bret 169,207 Olson, Carol 28,152 Olson, Cathryn 134 Olson, Donna 152 Olson, Frank 113 Olson, Leilani 96 Olson, Renee 134 Ong, Sid l83,l91,217,261 Ontiveros, Barbara 169 Ooley, Jerry 169 Ooley, Patti 134 ORCHESTRA 238 Orme, Brian 169,181 OSBORN, MR. EARL 61 Oster, Laura 134,139 Ostrem, Linda 152,259,260 Osuna, Ken 26,134 Otey, Debbie 134 Ottoson, Ken 35,67,97,l17, l82,208,217,237,265 Ottoson, Roger 173 Owen, Kevin 97 Owen, Mike 134,218 Owen, Thomas 152 P Paasch, Candy 152,257 Page, Brian 169 Page, Bronwyn 152 Pahl, Fred 169 Pahl, Kurt 134 Pahle, Lisa 134,256 Palandri, Jerry 97 Palin, Alicia 152 PALMER, MR. HAROLD 61 Palmer, Becky 97,222 Palmer, Dale 158,169,203 Palmer, Reed 19l,192,205,227 Palmer, Ron 72,97,1 13,1 l7,249, Melton, Alan 151,191,205,217 Melton, Dale 92 Melton, Guy 163 Melton, Peggy 149,150,151 Meskel Mark 151 191 Meskefnobin 133,242 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Annette 151,216 Arlene 163,216 Donald 92,189 Karen 133 Susan 92 McBride, Marta 113 McCartney, Cheryl 163 McCartney, Karen 152 McCartney, Randy 34,90,113, 117,229,238,239,241,242, 243,248,249,29O McClanahan, Gary 90 McClane, Judy 151 McClintock, Phyllis 133 McClung, Charles 133 McCommon, Cheryl 133 McCommon, Roger 163,181 McCoy, Mark 292 McCoy, Royce 90 McCracken, Chris 151 McCrary, David 163 McCreary, Debi 90 McDermott, Karen 157 McDermott, Patricia 100 McDonagh, Gary 163,183 McDonou h Steve 90 Michigami, Donna 133,261 Mikulic, Ratko 163 Miles, Linda 113 Miles, Yvonne 173 Miley, Carl 93 Miller, Jackie 173 MILLER, MRS. PSYCHE 48 E , McFall, Cindy 139 McFarland, Bob 113 McFarland, Bruce 157 McFarland, Cathy 139 McFarland, Dan 133,205 McFarlane, Mary 151 Tami 151 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Alidn 157 Carol 151 Carolyn 151,245 Debbie 151 Jackie 163 Miller: Jeannette 139 Miller, Jeff 189 McGann, David 90,229,232, 247,248 McGuire, Rebecca 92 McKean, Cora 92,242 McKean, Samuel Hugh 71,92, 117,182,265,307 McKEE, MRS. ARLA 60 lndcx 315 Potter, Richard 237 Pound, Audry 157 Pound, Connie 113 Powell, Cindy 169 Powell, Mike 99 Powers, Karen 139 Powers, Laurie 173 Presky, Judy 149 Presky, Tim 177,217,242 Preston, Dan 157 Preston, Sherrie 157 Price, Laura 99,113,242,244, 302,304 Price, Tim 99,262 Priest, Sherry 99 Primmer, Mike 30,152 Probert, Roger 134 Proffitt, Michele 134 PROJ ECTIONISTS 262 PUCKETT, MRS. MIRIAM 61,250 Pullen, Ann 134 Pullen, Barry 167,169,181 Pullen, David 99 Pullen, Joni 169 PULLIAM, MR. CHARLES 61 Puppo, Gina 26,134 Purpura, Jan 152 Putnam, Cheryl 152 Q Quarum, Merrit 169,215 Quinn, Dorian 105,117,262 Quorp, Cindy 152 R Raffaele, Nicky 168,169,203 Rail, Nick 134 Rak, Mark 173 Rak, Matthew 173 Ralphs, Kelly 134 Randall, Darrell 113 Randol, Jackie 152 Raphael, Mike 169 Raphael, Vicky 152 Raphael, Tony 157 RASCHIO, MR, DARIO 61 Rasey, Deborah 169 Rask, Debbie 99,113,229,232, 242 Rathkey, Mark 152 Raymond, Kimberly 139 Rayner, Laurie 169,237 Reaves, Linda 152 265,282,288,289,290,291, 297,298 Palmer, Theresa 152,249 Palmer, Tom 169,181,203 Palmer, Wayne 97,280,283 PANCHEAU, MR. GEORGE 235 Pankey, Valarie 157 Paradise, Evelyn 152 Parker, Gloria 169,239 Parker, Jeff 98 PARKS, MR. LEWIS 51 Parks, LeRoy 152 Parrish, Mark 169,181,194, 207 Parrish, Randy 152 Parsons, Karen 98,117,237, 250 Parsons, Sherrie 152 Patapoff, Steve 139 Patriarca, Ernest 157 Patterson, Darlene 134 Patterson, Jim 169 Patterson, Vivian 134,242 Patzold, John 169 Pauley, Jan 173 Paulus, Michael 169,207 Paulus, Jeri 144,152 Pavlich, Walt 98,1 l7,177, 277 Payne, Michelle 134 Pearce, Sally 98 Peloquin, Penney 98,117,187 246,296 Pence, Karen 134 Pendleton, Dennis 98 Penkert, Jim 152 Penwell, Ken 134 Peoples, John 169 Perawleau, Teresa 169 Peraza, Olga 169 Perez, Alfredo 173 Peters, Jan 139 Perkins, Lana 169 Perronne, Perronne, Peterson, Carolyn 169 Denise 134 Brinda 169 Peterson, Dan 152,191,260 Peterson, Peterson, Jim 169 Joe 167,169 Redfern, Kathy 169 Reed Reed David 173 Jordan 173 Linda 169 Reed, Reed, Reed, ,Mary 152,242,254,260 , Terri 134,262 Reese, Rick 99,113 Reese, Susan 169 Reeves, Krisi 152 i Peterson, Tony 169 Petree, Christy 139 Petrone, Rosalie 152,216,257, 260 Petty, David 139 Pearson, , Chyrle 169 Pearson, Pearson, Pearson, Pearson Becky 157 Darryl 152 James 98,262,263 Rebecca 157 Peck, Lisa 152 PEDEN, MRS. JUNE 47,254 PEERY, MR. JOHN 61 3l6lndex Peters, Julie 134 Phillips, Debra 169 Pillette, Kim 152,254 Ping, John 169 Ping, Ken 38,71,98 Pinkley, Debbie 152 Pinkston, Susan 134 Pinkston, Tim 169 PIPER, MISS BERYL 59 Pirie, Steven 134 PLEIADES 263 Plucar, Rocky 134,262 Plyler, Teresa 98,244 Porter, Sheila 99 Portschy, Julie 152,242 POST STAFF 252 Regelin, Dennis 95,100,113, 117,184,235,242,250,262, 297,309 Rehorka, Suzanne 134 Renner, Jan 169,239 Renner, Martin 152,260 Rerick, Karen 152 Resource Center Staff 257 Reusser, Terry 169,207 Revel, Cathy 134 Reynolds, 'l'heresa 100,113 Riaz, Teddy 134 Rice, Hazel 170 Richards, Julie 152 Richardson, Julie 170 Richardson, Karen 144,152,237, 239,260 Richardson, Kevin 170,173 Richey, Cheryl 170 Richey, Jean 134 Richmond, Paulette 67,100,117, 237,238,264,265 RICHTER, MR. CARLTON 61 Rickman, David 152 Rider, Tammy 170 Riehl, Dianne 152 Riehl, Phyllis 134 Riesenman, Joan 152,260 Rigdon, Don 152 Rineun, Jerry 152,206 Ringquist, Marvin 157 Ringquist, Mary 134,157 Ringquist, Michelle 170 Ritter, Wendy 152 Ritthaier, Joy 170 Rizor, Paul 170 Rizor, Lisa 131,134,268 Roach, Kevin 103,113,262 Roach, Mike 157,262 Roudenizer, Sheila 153 Roadruck, Rudy 152 Robbins, Jeff 100,113 Robinson, Bruce 132,134 Robinson, Dianne 152 Robinson, Frank 100,173 Robinson, Gordon 152 Robles, Joe 134 Robson, Chris 134,268 Robson, Robert 157,206 Rocks, David 153 Rodd, Fred 100,113 Roelle, John 153,254 Roelle, Richard 170 Rogers, Steve 134,15 3,183, 191,242,243 Rogers, William 31 Rohrscheib, Debbie 139 Roisom, Donna 135,216,260 Roll, Annette 153,245 Roll, Steve 100,239 Romaris, Dan 170 Roos, Douglas 170,183 Rose, Dawna153,187,l88,212, 2l7,242,245,246 Rose, Georgene 124,135,212,217, 237,244,249 Rosling, Rodger 173 Ross, Henry 177,201 Ross, Kurt 153 Rostig, Ditmar 139 Rostig, Kirsten 153 Rountree, Diane 157 Rova, Lori 135,250 Rowley, Dan 170,203 Rowley, Tim 173 Royce, Barbara 153 Roylance, T. Charles 135 Roys, Debbie 170 Rueck, Janice 170 Ruonala, Sue 100,117 Rubin, Barbara 149,185,212 Royner, David 170 RUSSELL, MRS. NANCY 45 Russell, Carla 135 Russell, Kat.hi 170 Russell, Sherrie 153 Rutledge, Cindy 173 Rutledge, Doris 139 Ruthruff, Patty 135 Ryan, Colin 100 Ryan, John 173 Ryan, Terri 158,170 S Sabin, Jackie 100 Saheki, Hitomi 135,261 Sample, David 153,206 Sanders, Becky 158,242,245 Sander, Laura 100,117,283 Sanders, Linda 68,101,280 Sanders, Nancy 170 Sanseri, Cindi 153 Santangelo, Jeff 153,177,179, 191,192,205,2l7 Santangelo, Kathy 139 Sarver, Bill 113 Satter, John 153 Savory, Paul 135,182,217, 260,294 Savory, Philip 165,170,183, 203 Sautner, Debbie 170 Scarberry, Barbara 101 SCHEELE, MR. LEONARD 38, 52,61 Shaffer, Ed 101 Scheese, Dixie 135 Scheile, Randy 135 Schiele, Rob 37,153 Schild, Eric 153,206 Schleinkofer, Preston 170 Schmaltz, Steve 153 Schmidt, Terry 157 Schmidt, Kathleen 170 Schmitz, Dale 135 Schmitz, Timothy 170 Schneider, Diana 158,170 Schmidt, Randy 113 Schneider, Nadine 170 Schoenbeck, Leo 101 Schoenbeck, Sandra 135,250, 253,295,222 Schoeneman, Cynthia 135 Schoenneine, Jean 259 Schomberg, Becky l35,234, 239 Schomberg, Deborah 15 3,242, 260 Schomberg, Ruth 15 3,l88,212, 234,239,242 SCHOWWEILER, MR, REINHOLD 62 Schramm, Debbie 101 Schramm, Jeff 139 Schrieber , Stacy 135,260 Schrieber, Tim 101 Schroeter, Linda 66,102,1l3, 1 17 ,264 Schuldheiss, Jackie 157 Schucharot, Ron 135 SCHULTZ, MRS. JEANNE 48 Schultz, Stewart 21,153,260, 262,263 Schultz, Deborah 153 Schumann, Louise 102 l E I Schutt, Timmy 170 Schwab, Patty 123,125,135, 260,262,277,294,295 Schwab, Sandra 170,262 Schwahn, JoAnne 135,260 Schwanke, Cindy 102 Schwanke, Mickey 153 Schwarzkopf, Lila 102 Schwarzkopf, Paula 170,198 Schwarzkopf, Richard 153 Schweiter, Beulah 150,153 Sconce, Lori 153 Scott, Cydny 102,1l7,234, 235,237,239,264,265 Scott, Don 135 Scott, Leslee 102 Scott, Lori 170 Scott, Pat 153 Seaburg, Julie 135 Secor, James 157 Seeling, Ting 135 Seifert, Bertelle 135 Seim, Joel 102 Selluck, Rod 48 Senften, Mike 153 Sengten, Steve 168,170,203, 07 SENN, MISS CORRINE 62 Serrano, Veta 170 Sewell, Jerry 153,237 SEWRIGHT, MRS. RUBY 62 Shafer, Julie 170 Shaffer, Matthew 102 Sharkey, John 135 Sharp, Kim 135,225 Shaver, Cindy 170 Shaver, Pamala 103,242 Shaver, Vickie 135,212 Shaver, Vicky 153 SHEFLER, MR. JOHN 62 Shepard, Debbie 135 Shields, William 135 Shipley, Hazel 154 Shipman, Kim 158,170,172 Shirley, Shelley 135,195, 217,229,247,248,249, 260,294,297 Schonkwiler, Terri 154 Shrake, Larry 189 Shrope, Rebecca 154,229, 249,255 Shroeter, Linda 265 Shuler, Donna 173 r Sicheey, Rita 154 Sickler, Tad 103,177,208,217 Sievers, Carol 103,234,237, 239 Siler, Kathy 157 Simms, George 154 Simovic, Doug 170 Simpson, Todd 113 Sinclair, Robin 135 Sines, Bret 170,194 Siple, John 32,103 Siple, Jolene 135,260,261 Siverson, James 135,278 Skalbeck, Susan 139 Skidmore, Darlene 103 Skinnar, Mariesa 135 SKLENICKA, MR. JOSEPH 39,62 Sloam, Mark 154 Smetana, Hada 139 Smith, Bryce 154 Smith, Curt 170 Smith, Daniel 40,103,113, 208 Smith, David 139 Smith, Debbie 173 Smith, Glenn 170 Smith, Kelley 170 Smith, Larry 157 Smith, Nancy 154 Smith, Paul 103,217 Smith, Rod 173 Smith, Sally 103 Smith, Susan 157 Smith, Susan M. 135 Smith, Tracy 154 Smith, Wendy 104 Snider, Annette 104,95,242, 244 Snyder, Cathy 157 Sndder, Lennia 135 Solari, John 113,104 Solari, Becky 171 Solheim, Cheryl 171 Songer, Laura 135 Sorensen, Melody 135,229 Sorensen, Pamela 135,261 Spada, Nancy 171 Sparkman, Tara 104,117 Sparks, Dea 173 Spencer, Stephanie 171 Springsted, Wayne 171 Sprague, Phil 139 Sprando, Mark 135 Spraurer, Bob 113 Springsted, Wayne 173 St. Helen, Barbara 135,242,244 St. Helen, John 171,189 Squire, Ron 154 Stafford, Hol1ie140,141,144, 154,289 Stafford, Melodie 66,104,113, 117,250,290,291,296 Staino, Nick 104 Stalker, Diane 11,97,105,117, 250 Stang, Charlie 154,262 Stark, Brad 15 7 Stark, Brenda 105 Starkey, Rita 136,212,254 Stark, Valerie 105 Steele, Doug 171 Steele, Mike 136 Steele, Evonne 105,113,117, 250 Stegman, Terry 157 Stoltz, Kathy 171 Stenson, Fred 105 Stephens, Claudia 157 Steward, Margret 149 Stevens, Martha 106 Steffan, Daryl 105 Stephens, Claudia 154,242 Stewart, Connie 141,154,212, 284 Stewart, Margrett 150,154 Stickney, Bryan 136 Stinnette, Judy 154 Stinnette, Pam 136 Stith, Dave 171 Stith, Jill 26,106,234,239, 242 Stockdale, Kirk 106 Stockdale, Sue 154 STOFFEL, MRS. LENORE 62 Stockman, James 171 Stokes, Doug 136,268 Stokes, Kathy 173 Stokes, Pam 106 Stoltz, Jeff 136 Stoltz, Keith 171 Stone, William 171 Stone, Kimberly 171 Stone, Sheryl 153 Stone, Steven 113,187,235, 278,280 Stonecypher, Ruth 106 Stopper, Judy 106 Stoutenburg, Joni 106 Strait, Richard 108,1 54,228, 229,24 2 Strang, David 113 Straub, Jim 113 Stretch, Gail 171,277 Stretch, Gregg 124,136,184, 186,217,294,295 Struble, Linda 106 Stuck, Diane 136,255 Stuck, Larry 154 Stuck, Mamie 259 Stuva, Sue 154 Sudborough, Rita 41,107 Sudbrough, Steven 171 Sudan, Eleanor 25 9 Sudlow, Tami 171 Sudlou, Tom 139 Sullivan, Doug 136,177,217 Sullivan, Debbie 139 Sumner, James 171 Super, Gail 136,217 Swagerty, Myron 154 SWANN, MISS LARHETTE 62 Sweeney, Leta 122,136 Sweet, Jim 7,122,123,136, 137,187,2l7,246,294, 295 Sweitzer, Ron 157 Swensen, Stephanie 136 Sykes, Robert 259 Sylvia, Debbie 173 T TAKAS, MISS HELEN 52,63 Tallman, Debbie 24,171 Tallman, Doug 5,123,128,136, 250,260,262 Tano, Shari 107,256 Tapfer, James 154,206 Tapfer, Mike 26,136,177,217 Tate, Mark 139 Tautfest, Teresa 173 Taylor, Robert 8,107,277 Taylor, Robert 139 Taylor, Julia 171 Taylor, Dave 107 Taylor, William 136,205 Templeton, Dorinda 155 Templeton, Greg 107 TenClay, Nyla 107 TERADA, MR. YOSHINOBU 50 Teresi, David 155 Thario, Karen 136,255 Thario, Linda 24,171 THESPIANS 228 Theyman, Kathy 173 Thiemann, Kathy 171 THOMAS, MISS ELIZABETH 63 THOMAS, MR. TOM 63,194,207 Thomas, Jeffery 113 Thomas, Joanne 23,125,136, 259 Thomas, Kevin 171 Thomas, Mark 136,217 Thomas, Pam 136,256,260 Thomas, Rick 207 Thomas, Rick 155,171,203 Thomas, W. Keith 157 Thompson, Cindy 173 Thompson, Doug 171 Thompson, George 107,113,232, 233,242 Thompson, Ivey 171 Thompson, Jackie 107 Thompson, Tim 171 Thornton, Mollyanne 26 Thorpe, Cathy 149,155 Thorpe, Richard 105 Throop, Mark 108 Tidswell, John 155,184 Tilton, Shannon 143,155,260 Tindall, Vickie 155 Tolan, Terry 108,250 Tolonen, Stanley 108 Torkelson, Lorena 136 Tooze, Terrie 136 Tooze, Vickie 155 Totzen, Laura 155,235 Townsend, Bill 139 Townsend, Patsy 171 Tracy, Patrick 108,208 Trask, Teresa 108 Treibel, Patricia 108,117,306 Trevitts, Susan 171 Tribble, Lynn 155 Tribble, Ron 113 Trif, Sandra 171 Trimm, Jennifer 136,258 Trimm, Jon 108 Trinci, Carol 171,262 Troutman, Thomas 171 Tubens, Charlene 113 Tubens, Charlie 139 Tucciaronen, Tony 171 Tucker, Audie 173 Tucker, Jon 157 Tucker, Keidn 155 Turley, Sara 108,117 Turner, Barbara 171 Turnguist, Kristi l08,117,244, 2 6 Tweten, Karen 108,117,195, 217,254,255,264,265,296, 301,303,304 U ULLAND, MISS KRISTA 22,63 Ullman, Bill 155,l91,205,217 UNFRED, MR. JOHN 63,271 Unverrich, Dennis 113 Urbach, John 171,203 Urbach, Susan 108,278,293 V Vakili, Shahab 30,155,201 Vakili, Sherry 261 Vanderpool, Craig 171,183 Vanderpool, Graig 203 Vanderpool, Janette 67,108 Vanderpool, Larry 136,177,205 Valdes, Rolanda 157 Vanduzer, Lori 157 Van Holleor, Debby 157 VanMe1tebeke, Shawna 155 VanOrtwick, Guy 171 Vansteenwyk, Gary 171,183,203 206,207 Vantassell, Larry 157 VanWart, Nancy 129,136,261 Vassari Nancy 140,141,155, 28 Vaurosky, LenNae 108 Veenhuizen, Steven 136,238,239 VerMeer, Sharon 136 Vielmetti, Dave 173 Vielmetti, Dave 155,173 View, Connie 155 Vigil, Chris 139 Vigna, Dennis 67,109 Vinciguerra, Vernon 136,284 Viter, Vance 136,177 Vollmer, Brad 172 Vollmer, Brett 109 VonHollen, Debby 150,155 Voreis, Monetta 136 Voreis, Spring 155 W Waddy, Maria 136 Waddy, Vernita 136 Wainer, Sharon 155 WAITE, MR. GARY 63 Waits, Pam 109 Wakeman, Jay 109,201,247 Wakeman, Joel 155,203 Waldo, Charlotte 136,242 Walker, Chuck 136,262 Walker, Debra 136 Wallace, Clifford 157 Wallace, John 11,109,217, 256 Walls, David 136 Walters, Carol 155 Walters, David 31,136 Ward, Ellen 113 Ward, Valerie 157 Warmuth, Roberta 136 Warner, Sharon 172 Warnack, Susan 141,155,284 Warren, James 172 Waterhouse, Carol 155,242 Waterhouse, Rod l1,109,177, 227,289,298,301 WAX, MR. PHILIP 63 Index 317 250 Woodalh, Vern 173,181 Woodall, Taffy 112 Woodard, Joseph 137,18l,217, 277,294 Woodward, Joe 167,168,177 Wooden, Ron 173 Woody, Cydreese l56,197,2l2,260 Woody, Vicky 156 Wrege, Roberta 156 Wright, Bryan 173 Wright, Howard 173 Wright, Jerry 112,177,191 Wright, Mike 20,137 Wrightson, Linda 173 Wrigglesworth, Dennis 112,156 Wrought, Danny 173 Wrought, Denice 156,258 Watkins, Mike 157 Wattenburg, Kurtis 136,1 77, 206 Wayman, Kathleen 173 Wayman, Cindy 173 Wayman, Leo 136 Weaver, Mary 157 Webb, Lee 155 Webb, Mitchell 137 Weber, Mark 137,177 Weber, Steve 155,206 Weber, Terri 110,242 Weber, Vickie 110,256 Webster, Joe 110 Webster, Veronica 155,242,255 WEED, MRS. HELEN 50 Weeks, Debbie 172,262 Weeks, Glenn 1 13 Wehring, Dani 139 Wehring, Rich 173 Weidner, Kim 173 Weigel, Brett 25,172,207 Weirich, Mike 110,117,250,262 Weiss, Marla 172 Weissenbuehler, Dwayne 137,177, 237,284 Welch, Jody 157 Welch, Leann 110 Wellington, Joni 137 Wells, Laura 155 Wells, Steven 110 Wells, Steve 155 Wells, Terry 137,191,205 Wentz, David 172 West, Jim 172 West, Lori 172 Westfall, Sheryl 172 Westom, Robert 172,203 WESTCOTT, DR. ARTHUR L. 44 Westcott, Bonita 173 Westcott, Elaine 135,137 Westcott, Wayne 137,177 3181ndex Westfall, George 137 Westfall, Sheryl 172 Westom, Robert 172,181,203 Westwood, Gayle 157 Westwood, Tracy 110 Wethern, John 110 Whedon, Mike 172 Wheeler, Peggy 172 Wheeler, Richard 155 Wheeler, Vicki 111,117 Wethington, Teresa 172 Whedon, Mike 172 Whedon, Peggy 137 Wheeler, Peggy 172 Wheeler, Richard 155 Wheeler, Vicki 111,117 Whelchel, Becky 137 White, White, White, , Monica 15 5 White White Whitei Lisa 172 Michael 137 Mike 17 3 Richard 172,181 Susan 172 Whitman, Nancy 137 Whittaker, Dick 139 Whitten, Mark 157 Whittlesey, Barbara 144,l55, 235,242,245,260 Mckham, Jeff l11 Vlhedenmann, Art 111 Wiederhold, Kathy 139 Wilkerson, Cindy 157 Wilks, Sandra 155,228,249 Wilks, Tobbi 137,257 Willard, Debbi 172 Willcutt, Genny 173 Willett, Donna l23,137,l86, 294 Mllett, Maryann 172 Williams, Bob 157 Williams, Cheryl 155,197,212 Williams, Doug 155 Williams, James 155 Williams, Kevin 137,250,310 Williams, Lucy 157 Williams, Rick 113 Willimont, Debbie 150,156 Willingham, Kathy 137 Willis, Charlene 172 Willis, Stephanie 137 Willman, Linda 137,212,217 Wills, Roberta 172 Wills, Robert 173 Wilson, Cathy 156 Wilson, Geri 111,1 17,2l2,217, 233,235,239 Wilson, Jon 235 Wilson, Marilyn 111,195,217 Wilson, Sue 111 Wilson, Tom 111 Winchester, Stephen 111 Winegarden, Ron 111 Win enbach Gloria 109,1l1,113, E , 232,240 Winner, Donna 156 Winslow, Dennis 172 Wutjes, Beckie 137,244,260 Mrtjes, Mary 172 Wisdom, Steve 156 llhscman, Barbara 24,172 Wiseman, Mary 111 Wittkop, James 111 Woehlert, Bret 172 Wold, Donald 137 Wold, Ron 137,177,217,208 Wold, Terry 111 WOLF, MR. FRANK 63,177,212 Wolf, Dan 189 Wolf, Vincent 144,262 WOLLECK, MRS. IDA 47 Wolleck, Jim 172 Wong, Delissa 137,260 Wong, Jeffrey lll Wong, Michael 112,113,117, Wroten, Florence Wurst, Lillian 112 Wymer, Kevin 173 Wymer, Mike 137 Wynkoop, Dale 102,156,173,237 Wynkoop, Linda 24 Wynn, Cheryl 173 Y Yambra, Terry 156,262 Yanase, Kazuhiko l17,112, 277,282,288,292,298,300 Yattaw, Dawne 173 Yeager, Jeff 173 Yim, Chwi 157 York, Linda 112,255 Young, Colleen 157 Young, Dan 112 Young, Gregory 137 Young, Leslie 156 Young, Pat 259 Young, Sandra 173 Young, Shelli 193 Yowell, Paula 112 Z Zeller, Dave 173 Zeller, Mike 138,184 Zeller, Jim 137 Zimmerman, Diane 138 Zimmerman, Mark 156 Zimmerman, Sue 24,158,173 Zimmerman, Tim 124,126,l38, 177,184,217,277,284,294 Zink, Tom 112,233,242,254 ,v PISDHEL YEAHBDUKE INC l Index 319 1 .L s v'.,w1., 1' ...f rf-a,,1' ,, .,,, 1 gi Vx Iwi, v w , A Ki! A Y Q W: 'I Q N 1. X x ,E5 N ,X1 LX IH ' Wi g. S L ,y 5 Qi X AFX N kgs, X' Ai ' x A 5 , .21 3. K, 1, L . iii eb 'E if xi Q 1 L X? ': YS. Nl bi e nf x af, if 6.9 mis 'N' . am j 1 5154.4-If 1,-2':21g5:i5'a'5s111 Xffuii . :?9"31i",1',.'i "'-' 1. gy -' f. ' vs "'- ft nil:-'5',' Q?r"?.,-If.f..1 .:,ii3.2:i'r5Zf 1 .,f,g+.'L'.gf H- 4 ' . Nwq"'- ' w' 1 Q-ffl-.'r54:.:h.i'.g..EL.,f-gpQ:.'.!:4..1J- f , i1:g.11:i:4:i:3:.s.if:miL,::s WP- f -ff- b -A' k.:.1a:m..AG:- -'fl a.yL5... - - L.-S-1.,s. f .Ml---6-v--V-M1-0+-1 1--rf' x. A .1.".'-1, Nfl, 1 MLS. wjag ,.I21:5:.54f .'.'3q.'3v tx-J I 4 . ww ILWESJ ,'Sl.mN5. .mga .'f'if:2e4 Xfziklf HQJTQQL' WW: Wil . -,115 .nga -5195- : glq 1, F, .J-' " wr. ': -, :-21: :- ol. - ,R -. 5.-3 1. fa 515335, Sid i " . ' .1 mg, .512 f'-.vii 'fl' ,1 ' Qi' pw? 2'-fa , 1' ,. .ww 1 1 1 1 fl J

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