Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1969

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9.4 63290 C Dj! gi fx? QVXQQOQCQFXKE Q Jgfj' E653 417, YC fjffiigglii if 965250 Q? gf Us l M X ' Q5 QQ? H if KGf?61fp sq N SA Y KlJ ig 5 9, WAV W W , My ggi, E E WWW My ggi xii ffgoifjuwvjjd, Q2 23 fb .5563 QQ P-51 fe bg 962 'CXK 'Q ' E1 Kai K if LC fe QU QVVWI Q Q4 . .im 1 I ' Q ' w kc if Z N f 5 iw X255 f1iEffQ.m U Ujxygthj gvbixywpf TJ Q XC Q XQMKJ L , 12 . . wwmwmw L jk 3' v Gd QQ ww W1 my WW KMWSC L ww W on W' JM V Jw M QQXLOXJ N Q W Q55 if yyx' my S N Q ,E 3 5 Q gy fx is 5, '35 jd J! N S 1 9, ,Q ,vgsgjs mQ3gyXgbaN WJ YJ Eglxw N 51 iff Q vjisxyyxfwy Q65 JQ Xi SAE Nd QV' Op gg, Y 5 Q? fiysgijfiiggiy Q Q 3 icffwfiiffwx X + ws f ggigqiggi vi Nl? W QMQ UW Q1 I 'bf of 1 TQ 7 0 9,4 7406! zygbfwqyfb KN I ,Vf ,f. Q nnff , J N Ap E4 f dgo fxdiboofv fffff A mfedfyjj WK? W jiijqngf O, Eb f ay- ,an M W W MDV WW LQ? MK QUMQM Q X K RV U V M MMM Oy YM Wiwjbg CV NVQ W Q ,GAG Q ,fx 'QUAD Q ff X WUx0i NLQWN 75 W WM W ' gk Q34 vu W Qlgwx M wif 5 Q is V C V ! 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'NVQ battle our way 1" ' q through thc hulls. NVQ nssemhlc in classrooms. cafeteria, and - auditorium. x N W M W 5 M fi hi? gg? U wfffiso Q ESM 2 K X , ,M ii' iii H Qvk' YSL A' , YV Xwivk I y N 4, 5 ' Mk Li We laugh with sccmingly czircfree gaiety. We take disappoint- .. . I i U ments with ll frown that S0011 disappears in the course of OLII' busy day. WN ai Q27 4 5f5ilmQ3 if Sb 523 W SEE f SQ si iw qv Q53 WW , U - I u Qu K Q -ad ' v' A . 4 Q 'M'- S"5f KUPB il! 'md ' , CM iw 'VME Jig? Swwickoba rv WADM - my XNXSU N kjiwfisk Swv My QV www OW DG ft? Q CXQU '4 . p wwf." If 'N . ig.. 'X ,SEQ 1 5 Sa' ka1i7W1 . - ' iiiflii , ll 1. -W., V- X. N. 'I O '.x .yi fm f - - ,. , U, 1 f ' ' I -Q4 f. ,' - ' KI ' , ,A A- - t f .,' ff d ,fl ,,gf'ffA 4' f' , O f I of, 1 H 1 ff-A 0 ff' ..- f ..x I f , fff ,,,f5f. -.f-4, " J ' ' 4 -." ff ,un ,, ' ff 5 5 ff' ,j 21 ."4vff , V g f f f f 1, 44' ,f A f ,ff .off ,.-wr, ,fs ,,. 'Jr' 40 f" J .f""'ff!"f f' A' O 5 ' 0 5 'J - f f - .- A ,f .f Q4 f f L! 'f ' f ff .V ff .-Q ffi -'ff f-- K-,if 'ix' XX f A I V Q ff xxx 4 ,'l ' ' f' 9 f, ' J:fEf1! Qf ' 231 1 f , W? mf -gf-" a l . 'L I , ,X :ff nf IU lf? IU rw 3 X ff? XX J va xi ' s 5 . lj ' I - ,f 'VW' XVho are we? XVQ are Ynnflv-the Youth that makes Franklin High School great-Youth that has come through its period of complacency-Youth that searches for meaning in life. 7 lm, 4 We appear carefree, confident, and content-indeed we should he. The world lies before us and success is at our feet. We have everything to choose from and the strength of youth to make good our choices. But we are not completely happy, We are only sometimes con- fident, and seldom content. Bewildered, we see that wonderful world hefore us, yet do not know how to claim it. 8 1 '..J, ' ,Q ,H f , . . ,r f A ' . ' 'is A , A-2 wi ' 54 y .4 A' W lf, -f ,rp r ' 4-.4 wwgwg "wh pl . 'f-. A W VV A -Vg X Q, ' f , . . '39 jj f Wm if Wdajiy -UBYW R XXX I' 'V AQ 30 Mas 2NfVWfL?f ff f mf fm N V XWQWG M W f, N ANZ? Ji O6 Xobggffxcf X D Qs f W vga .,f-f - gt v-v-Ofi' ,.Q..g .4-41 4.4 ,-,...-.' ' .4.,L- ,Q-.. ,.,, , ,yo-.,-:' ' W., L.-v""' .. . 'l'?n ,':ri w 5 v 2, 39. ' I W A,b,,- As children we asked questions, and they were answered in simple and indisputaihle terms. That was the way we were taught. There was nothing to worry 2ll3OLll'. Wfe asked and received. XVC were reassured. Now, we are no longer children. Vile are YOUTH. Wfe inquire, hut the responses are no longer simple. The replies that we get are riddled with flaws and loopholes. IO 'I WALLAC 4 'Ll'l.x0 , Lgv' it r' ,iv --sir K-ggi' ...A 1' ci rysv- -. ss l tg . . - . . , . 1 - 4 . , ' , 9 3 .S V ' I f 'l fl- if ' 'dn '., w. g,i'. b ' .hiv f 1 A -lk I .. Qvrwk, W- g 'gs QA! L-v I . X 5 .Q . . , X' K 'u ' K x 1 ' ' , ' - , ' -u , Q QQ. , ' wr AL 4 'Q' . -.- .'.v, ., S, . - sv x .Q pf , 2 ,. 32- 1 WF- fr . -- - ' - M -- 0 , QT' K A ., 413 1: nf ' U 4' , : . ,. D, Q . . ,nn N . ' '.., '3 - , A . - Q9-- .- '1---9 If n ' , 6 . 5' ,I JV., IAA my qw!" A ' .. W' ' J ' . - ... ' 'Y ,ff -1 I if S 'V V ,'i",-ikQ 'm 5 4.3 ' -'- .Q ff.. " ' , 4 :- e Q . ,.r ' Of 6 f 'AMY . ru H e'.. My 4 . , if . .v.:.:9 ,L ,J -5' 'a s " av S 5,5 a . ' . "' 'f f 'ff'-51.3. . -A - , . 3.- fxdli ' c 10 ..'1 . we' .oc . -' , 'x ,As-4. lbs r "' 1 . 9 5 0 'O K v 4. , L .au 0 Sm l! i 'Pin In N JF Q I , 1 ' ' fl, .,' ' .KG Rf o .' . 4.0 N. " Q , 4 9'-O w ' Wazhsg , ,it Q . 1 I 'V 5. F '1',r.'3'2"i' -' w 5' n.' 'il . P ' .' M va- a ' YG ,J img" , Q. 1-Q Q. rf: ' 5- 4:52525 j.j..X:f..2i:5w . . , , at H. 'W ' . QE7' nfs: .5 '. .V x - 'v H S . w fi f ,RH f. ' fi if-5 - ' X5 A 1. L A 21 1, ' ' I 1, X ,,,,,LJ I 4- ' 1 K , 2. ., .- ' 'N 4 4J"4fs I -LH 4: . 2 - A' -"n , - -3' 04' . '-- ws.-- '1, ?.. . W. '..-4. -.Q ,' , 7 ' : n . A 4 ,x , H ff 4"l'.?'!' 'deg .1 1. . A - , - , ,,a ' , . 1212, if ' . , ' 'lin 2 - A v V tm, . X' , f W, I u . , f NL, 4 uf O . J 1 0 .4 1 M A ,v , . . K P -' 3 Q 0' .4 a 4 . s W l ..'-"A:.'4 Q A fm ' 1 t sf , .1 A , ,. A ' . ' . -f yr " . 1 I 1 ' A 1 . V ,. I f- . , N., y L, f , i J ' I ! -4. N XA , ww " . r ' f " f 1 1 f' , 1 , -if ' ' ,I K' A-.1 1 ,- J L f 7 J-fx 'L bil' X rs W Q K ,L x Ixfcxm ,i mt P f It X N !fX 1 il., f V '- 1 4, f y 'X . in Z i Je. -KJ' W u my K I l ' fx e X-' I. f hifi 1 Ui' i Avi., LL I jj 5 QQ! jiri, 'fun 'jf . 'QV if ,Qs L Qytjht 0 im N 1 L W, .cv 1 f' N HQQ-W, Afkf qyvf , pm' ,X L I A ji, J Clk , t L It x M wp rr i Q9 1 i eric r V if t P iq' if U U ,f sy A 3, Q M iff 'ct' C Lf we 1 s., in f f ' , , 1, 1 , ' 'x I' , . , ix vv J .mi I . ir, 'X f lx' W Air ,KI Mix ,FX Ufcl mm! Y I XQ 'S ' VCX H XX, fN NX! x " Isl X ! XJ f' wk In fact, we discover that answers bring douhts, and that the teachers just can not remove them. Each of us has a slightly different answer to every question. In that difference, we dis- cover, is the essence of life, I f I ' f , f,e . A f , 5 ljlf if fsy ., ' J f i xl f - if sf f s -w A f ff H' X 1'5" , C JFKIOX ' X ' , , ' 11 ' r . I. if Jffij,-rf!!! tLf 1 M if X ' ff bl '17 ' 'iff , jf' W' ' 4' 1 4,41 yq,f4j- N-" ' 9 1 1 , V iff, ' f fi f K ,f?r77fgf:Q i, f ,, r ,A I f t Q AZ 12 ' 'ti tiff Q .,,,,, , -- in is " .,-4-. , , ,al 1 E MII ,- ,, , Q.- Cu, -.Q xp " Wu. N, . -. spun Cl .ss A A Y' Q 0 ' Q. Q , Q.. . 'K .fa- S n af . 5+ Ak f fQQiI5flJ if ' Li' - -, 3 Egg-,K-t Sv - , by I "fa v.' .KH ixgf M 'Y if I f+3,.45 i,,f,. iH?NfffQ 5. Q .2 N. f ivnx .SL all c gg?gg1 . GN .5 wi, WA 14 'Ni ' X' I ' I I I ll I Illlllslttl0llsll!l9:lnraclaslasaxlaes,lf fMllFlllli!lIR5Yl.QOQxM6uilnrq'Ilvx5.1-wvdllw-u 1' . lllllililltllllltl1llltlI1lsxllllxuasaaxs' l1!I!l!!f2l!1l1fl?l?I!rflllllllllll!2iiI1 Xtlxsiitlllxxlxllllxllxsilsslllsaixxzlls, llllalltlslllualalluaalann:cla4lsllla:nng S8851Ssxxiilxsstsssxszlsslslsllssssssslz Ksztssiasisisisiscsssxsnasaussiyellses,f 231311211Illriiezfflizyrfili1::f1:::::' xaliaslolnslxslasesuaaosaasznvxaazure:1: l!!.!55955!?!!l1!i'9I!5'!'i'5?'if,':lxS 31rfw'Ijfsf4x't 4'il"n -- xv-, - . I I K -sw.. , 'if' ., And, through that tlillerence, we oluserve that we are changing. Wl1e1'e lwefore we strove to lue like our classmates, now we no longer cure to conform to others' molds. XVC have searched and we have found what we were looking for, XVC still do not have :ill the answers. Vlfe never will-lvut we tlo unclerstancl better our ll1LllViClLl2ll souls und, to us, ffm! is the meaning of life. .035 A Lv-,A A- "'-'. I 17 y Im-,Q ,A . 1. , 4' , ' iff". NX , UNLV, , 'fu 5 Hb f' w4s.ff.,y-if -V,-...+ gf-Q W 4"51"'l"' wx-ff' '43 , wh., fm, .Awe-f I Fil: 2523. . Q. 'V ,L' if-AW -'.f1-"lf . ,. .'s--Bbvw Q . 7.5! 1 A11 'Q 'Y viii A 1 ,v'.',1' -'iwiffzi -ang .f, ug: ga an " -. . ' .5 .Q , ff 0 WWIIWW vw YY W 0109 Amwfa! 2? I Wji WM, I ., of WMV h WU IM 21311, YV TQWWV U5 ABLE OF CONTENTS fell? INTRODUCTION SENIORS ACADEMICS STUDENT BODY Juniors Sophomores Freshman SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS Staffs Groups Clubs ACTIVITIES Government INDEX 2 19 75 117 119 135 149 163 209 211 223 233 247 269 301 I7 U' kmvfw.. ,- i' lj! r " ev' Az., -ui M9 , ,Z SENIQRS ,km Am NX N I wa WW 5 I9 ,A K 4 5 S F ,wif v a. as.. fzfrf' - f -,N ,N ,mg . 2' -2 H759 "ff wwf: 1 Q r . K if + 5, el Q Nf-' VV .Ar In N 1 4.14m 1 I, A 5 5 ds f 0 A Ss v I 0 ' . If ,, I r .. I ,. - his . ,Q Tig, M! 13" W: ' W V Y x 5' It K rf 1 Q. Qs ,-b-f fx .l X Spring Cabinet umps Into Action The Spring senior class cabinet with president Darrell Coe led the class through the remaining term. They Carried out plans for activities at the end of the year: haccalaureate, senior prom and commencement. Planning for the annual Senior-Faculty game occupied a large percentage of the cahinet's time. Senior Mosts were announced at a special class meeting in March. The Art Staff. cooperating with the senior section of the Almmmr Staff, created heroic-sized props to symbolize the eleven categories. New ideas, such as Bunny-Grams, an Easter egg hunt, and an egg-eating Contest were proposed for the spring season. Senior Omcers: Darrell Coe, Presidentg Terrie Smith, Treasurerg .ludy Fazzolari, Publicity Chairmang Rick Langdon. Vice Presidentg Eliza- heth hlelineo, Secretary. SU- at Arms: Steve High, Donna Lohmeyer Cheiko Takaul, Lynn Dixon. 2l Aalberg, Cliff Aboud, Cherylie Aboud, Valerie Adams, Lcslee Alf, Susan Allen, Donna Allen, 'Sharon Alm, Christine Anderson, Alan Anderson, Edward 22 '23 04' p 1 "Zi 'Tr- L X :vs iw il? svfw . 1 5 J 1 - If YT" fix W -1:-5 nv-. sep, ' Viv 44? W-wel I . B 941 t' T""7 N... Anderson, Everett Antlerson, Janice Anderson, Susan Anderton, Robert Antlroschuk, Douglas Austen, David Avenson, Steven A:-Isoin, Kntlmelene Bncrgen, Martha Ball, Gary Bnrhoum, Riclmrrl Barnes, Janelle 23 Barnes, Pattie Barnhart, Dale Barton, Michael Bassett, Allen Beaver, Kathleen Beck, Pamela Beck, Patricia Beck, Steve 24 ii! '57 '1l':'3"' rv-1 'K Gr 1'--Q 'ZR' 165 r,, EI 'KE ,fw- at rf' N:-'Y' fx Q fd-T' . ,,,.,.l v-17 ni 'K L Bellnnd, Paula Bennett, Susan Bennett, Tcrren Bergeron, Karen Berglund, Laurie Bermlt, Victoria Berrong, Frank Bi goni, Judy 25 llinglmm, jerry Bishop, Debbie Blackman, Cheryl Blni r, Mike li lair, Pamela Boland, ROLl Bonner, Beverly Boone, Lurilyn Huwns, Lucy Braulslmw, Mary Brady, -I:1Cli Braxukmillcr Anita 26 -sv Yfvgy r Eff J-z-"Wx L 'YPYR Q g X 'YUM Q04 f"m iw xi" ,,"5"a Y"'f Braukmillcr Kathy Bridges, Willard Brolliar, Susan Brown, Carol Brown, Deborah Brown, George Brown, Karen Brown, Kenneth Brown, Kenneth Brown, Susan Bruner, Lyn Buchanan, Mike 27 Buckley, Mari lyn Buell, David Buker, Mary Bullard, Diana Bun kcr, Chris Cnmncho, Frances Campbell, Annette Czmipnroli, Carol 28 , ,REX 'E ' W'-nr l -wars rw' 'f'-.5 QF' ig--.- ff "1"""'v 41 I .'. Carlson, Diane Cal rlsun, Wesley' Carman, Rena Carnemol la Gary Carnes, Daniel Ca rrnll, Sanlona Cal rrol l , Susan Cla rter, Debbie Cary, XXfayne Casciatu, Fmlwarcl Casciato, Michael Center, joseph Nfyg .. ' A . 29 Clzamberlxn Arlee Cl1i lrlers, Vickie Ciri, Ines Clark, Doug Clark, Jenifer Clark, john Claypool, Steve Clunas, Margn Cochran. Linda Curly, Della 30 xy if ' ,-H nlkjijifffffi? :EXIT 'si-N-Y f?Uh '-ff -,Q fi-Jn 'Q-5' '-11 r vw' as 1 G L ha.-m une. sq, A xr. ""'!" is 'lk 1... Coe, Darrell Come! Ia, Stephen Conner, Frak Connors, Alan Cook, Richard Coons, Terri Cooper, John Cooper, Patricia Copcnhnuer Tim Copko, Barbara 31 s!N'l Cnppcrnoll Carolyn Coryncll, ji ll Custanzo, Richard Couture, Gail Cramer, Marsha Cranston, Terry Cross, Donna Croteau, Dun Cruikslmnlc, Dave Currin, Elizabeth Dalrymple, Susan Darby, Richard 32 Darlow, Keith Delashmutt Sandra Demagalski Frank Dempsey, Sandra W .Q Dcxwey, Kathy Dexter, David Dezell, john Dickson, Robert , 1 Diekman, jim Dictderich, Craig 33 1 'fFY. ,ep , I Dixon, Lynn Dodcl, Debra Dockstacler Kathy Dolan, Janice Dole, Tim Dunkin, Dianne Donnelly, Diane Drake, Richard Dressler, Christine Duncan, Doug Durlnnd, Kathie Edwards, Sheryl 34 s E lg it fin X'--"gr 4 lv! Yi! 'livin' QU? si? Ehrig, Barbara Eide, Marilyn Ell, joseph Elliott, Bryce Else, john Endicott, Debra Erickson, Charles Evans, Debbie Ewers, Becky Faris, Ariz Faris, Faris Farley, jackie 35 Q . X- 234 ,ww R 'ill-f SFF 3 ik? ,gggg SVWWFW aff A , A ff' wif' , gy 4, 'gzffm Q an X ,SA 36 Fastehn, Marlene F awcett, Donna S ,f rf .- Q vi...-4' Fazzalan, Judy . N.,..' Feammelli, lg Brad 4- sg -sf ru vm Ferguson, Mary Lou F eretti, Joyce Fitch, 'R'-N1-P Qu fy-B 1315, Cathie F laming, Gary 1. ...Q--ov' R Foggia, Mike Fontana, Frank Francetich, Floyd Frankenberg Linda Frie, 'Steve Gallentine, Deborah Gallentine, Sharon Garland, Sharon I I I 1 x it K, 37 Garvin, Richard Gatto, Richard Gattuccio, Nick Geimer, Leslee Gerlicker, Mary jo Girmdomenico Mike Gilliam, Janet Gilliam, Felicia WWW n 38 Gregg. Shelley Grimes, Craig Guarnotta, Nancy Guile, Steve .Ny Goska, Kathy Goss, Douglas Graham, Beth Grant, Allen Grauer, Mary Green, Kathryn Green, Mary Greer, Glenda 39 Gulliford, Don Haag, Leonard Hagan, Curtis Hall, Debbie Hamer, Loren Harding, Debra Harmon, Debbie Harris, Darlene Hart, Linda Hathaway, Gary 40 ,-.,M -'vs 4-rf"-"7 Nw x 1 ff' 'X p.n. -f th -7 47139 N.. we w--.. sf Hathaway, Kay Hausch, Kathy Haussman, Eileen Haussman, Phillip Hawkins, Lorine Haynes, Ricky Hcidingcr, Suc Hcikkile, Hope Hciman, Linda Helmer, Kath lccn 4 I Hergct, jim Hctriclm, Greg Hcuchcrt, joseph Hickcrson, Deborah High. Steve Hi lclcbrancl Don Hill, james Hi ll, Mark Hi l lc, Ramlall Hofcr, Stcvcn Hofmann, Robert Holland, Katy 42 rf' l ' Nl? ' .xN' wx 1 X f?' fAz:, N 'S L: A ga 4, .2 R ff? alP"'Q"Pu- Hollinger, Sharon Holstrom, Glen Holte, Denise Hopkins, Donna Hopplc, jon l"lUNVLll'll, Darrell Hughes, Ellen Huke, Keith Hummell Chris Iilol, Limln Ingersol Danny Ito, Christy jackson. Stephen Jclinen, Elizabeth jenkins, Marcy jenkins, Shirley Jensen, .Inn jewel I , Lynn jini n gs, David johnson, Judy Johnston, Glenda jnhnstnn, Kay 44 eve f.- "'v Q-4 F., -fa '19 Xipxv Rx but' T ' 17? Y'--'WY sq, 'sn nv 4 fr 'I 1 -L Avfk sf, NW nf R 1 'Y ,v 2 ff 1,u"1"x 5? .M sf' if a Ji swag I .ov 'svg . 'Al -F . R ii. V ,,. W, K. WE W1 ,Q N4Z"'1iJ if V 'N s N :ww 'Fw A ,ff ,xv , 7 'os ' ,sy Q' Q -- an 'Q ,J , .4 :-J" Q it YNY ,Vx 5,9- K 1 My 1 -x. I in-uv Ng? .va TTY? jones, Kevin J 111114, Carol Kaulolph, Tana Kahn, Danny Knsner, Billie Keller, Gary Kelley, Lonnie Kelly, jenn Keltner, linrhzlra Kerr, Christopher Kincniil, Luuelln King, Eddie 45 Klccman, Randall Klcnkc, Kathryn Knapp, julie Knuclsnn, Dcnnis Kncgcl, Dale Kolb, Janet Kralcy, Mary La j mnclier, Denise Lang, Bonnie l,ang4l0n, Richard Larson, Pamela Larson, Sandra YQ 46 I I ., 0vQ T' iK 'T-T? psf-x Q' xgrzv -,ggfpf panv v-.v fix QN85 'Q' 1'-an M-gf' I, f I M e"'P fb . 1 f,oX f' '7 'x iff , rf-Mffyw VW iw S13 Q-'av 3 ,few 1? '27 'QM ""'k..a,, ' .Wikfi ' mg Laws, I.nVctn Leung, Pak Lewis, james Lewis, Susan lewis, Terry Lihkc, Dchornh Little, lloyd Tmfstcclt, Nancy Lohmeycr, Donna Long, Judy 47 V 3 Qt-w .fs 5 ? Long, . s.- Rick Long, Thomas Loomis, Donald Loprinzi, Cathie ,A , Y :fffff " Loprinzi, Pamela gs Lovlien, ,QM A Karen as-'S 'iq Lunceford, Ronalcl Luncle, sw., Trude ,Qu-0" WT 1-'ti f --y 'N vi? fav' f"'.If7 Nba -6 "':"1-1 Mclilllancy, Daniel McEwen, jerry McFall, Davicl McFarland, Linda Maclson, Cynthia Mallory, Vicki Mammen, joan Mansilla. Alberto Marconi, Gary Marshall, Robert Martinolich, Darrell Mason, Mike 50 .X . 'BR' 'TV X X , f ii 'wifi' -.Sm -li wh f 'wi' .. C1237 tri X, 41? iw,- -rf X miiziti .im uw lp ' I ' ov, '-uf' 7:9 S 'SJ 'SQ X X X 1 1 vt , l X ""l ad' . + ,J "5" " by ik. ., l VW' Massic, Thomas Medley, Scott Matson, Ruth Mettecr, Brenda Miller, Randy Mitchell, Mary Moffatt, Deborah Moflitt, Catherine Mohr, Rebecca Monaco, Debbie Moore, Gloria Morgan, joEllen 51 Bfnran, Kathy Morton, Richard Mullen, Nina Mundnrff, Deborah Mungcr, Jeannette Myers, Terry Nail, Cliff Nelson, Jennifer Nemgar, Patricia Newton, Terry 52 Nichols, Alan Notcboom Nancy Nuldc, Mary Nnrhy, Mn rry Noyes, Dnrlcnc Odhcrt, Susnfl Olivcrio Judy Olson, Tina Orscn, Ncnl Orvis, Greg 53 Oswalt, Robert Oswalt, William Otey, Robert Oxford, Ann Oxford, Randy Parker, Mike Pearce, Bonnie Pearson, Kathleen Peck, Mike Pendleton, Deborah Penrod, 'Sue Peters, Marvin 54 Y, rl N25-6 Q""f'TD X 'Q-wg, rf A ,J i--..Jw 'mf A J" S XA. P-.M ' ...f ,I X- Q 'J A J ga in -.41 i......., if wg'-7' "EY iv' x, f t 5 ' x il I I I. R Ns"N-A. wif! T iii IU!! M- Phillips, Linda Pierce, David Pihulak, Ronald Piland, """ fi William 2' '33 IWW N "' IWW 'Q i NX ,A ,I-.4 4 1... 3 sm-4 f -X X'T"f1v '9 sv-W4-Q Postlewnite, Kristine Proffitt, Larry Prusak, Eclmuml Purvis, johnny Qui jnrro, jose Rnmlall, Florence Rasmussen, Bonnie Rusk, Nancy 55 Rathkey, Sherrie Rauchcnstein, Lowell Redfcrn, Marilyn Rchder, Gail Richardson, Marvin Rickard, Charlotte Riddle, Virginia Riesenman, john Ritter, jim Ritz, Charles 56 NJ' fin!" 'Y qgvtf I N-...X wr , Q vii? f-fn? 'nuff i I . --.-,. but x. 'f""'? -Q? gm, J .ll .paso C37 IV-if CZ? R4 YW' gf U15 1' C53 Rnvcrn Rosie Roach Orvnl R01'ltII'ULlCk Rifle Rolwinwn, I.:lrry Roisonl, Rogrl' Row, jqnncs Ruth, Susan Rudclcll, -Ion Rucck, Paul Rust. Gloria Ruth ruff, IJHLIII Ryan, Dan 57 Ryan, Bill Saloum, Harvey Schcnkcnbcrgcr, Cindy Schicle, Connie Schlickciscr, Gary Schmidt, Ray Schmidt, Roger Schuctte, jolcnc Sch wartz, Pau I Schwarzkopf, ju d y 'Zh 'P"'7' .I L x...A K ik 'vw'-rv Scuhcrgg, lilzli nc Scibnlal, Charles Sci fcit, MilI'j.:l? SCYCl'hllI1, Gloria 59 Sipp, Iilcnai Smith, Amlrcii Smith, Ciml Smith, Hclcii Smith, ,Line Sm ith. janet Smith, I.aii'i'v 'CS 'Iwi 1 '1Z...+' Smith., Lynn N i i oo Smith, Tcrrie Snyder, David Sodcrberg, Helen Speciale, jan ap? 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IK lb. .4 ,Q .VJ wfilfkl. Halrulal Wzxrnl, Mika' Xwnslmgnn. I.vncltc Wca1x'cr. Phvllis Wallin, Susan Wcstcrliclll Norma Wfcstmn, Tunv Wfllipplu, Richxml Wlmitc. l.:xri White. VULIVIIC Wilknnmmlcr, Carl Willis, Diane 65 7 . Willu r, Gnrv Wfllsml. Kathleen XYvfI1L'hL'SfCl' Run Wfinquist, Donna Wamlcl. Arthur Wmulfe, Douglas XWUIHA. Donna KVM luck, Grey: 66 XVnn,u, So Hin Wmmcmcl, Lcamnu Vlfomllmousc. Steve XXfurkm:m Barham Wnxxmnlcrlick M:1rtl1:l Wfvntt, NiJll'ViI1 Yonge. 'IAIALILHC ZiIl1l11CI'l11ll'l Susan 6 51: Y , ,X Wd' I , ff' , K wi ,V : ass- 'I' f 3.19 n 'Z' uf! ,x f, 1 l S ex uw, . "'?':4.. - .Nt Q fy 'kk W, ,y ' 1 gb-, up A A. , ' . up 'abxmmil Gt Popular Quakers Elected To Senior Most Roster Most Friendly: Most Likely to Succeed: Most Spirited: Most Studious: Most Talented in: Art: Athletics: Drama: Leadership: Music: Speech: QUAKERETTE: Chris Aim Peggy Siegle Darlene Harris Barbara Ehrig Terrea Bennet Christi Ito Beth Graham Cathy Loprinzi Lynn Jewell Susan Straight Cathy Loprinzi QUAKER: Darrell Coe Roger Rosom Richard Langdon Mitch Tlustos Doug Clark Mike Casciato jerry Bingham Robert Marshal Dave Buell Gene VanTroyer Mike Casciato ALBERG. CLIFF-W'otirlstock-Work. ABOUD. CHERYLIE Richmond-jr. Prom Chrm3 AGS Rep. L3 Girl's Choir. College. ABOUD. VALERIE Richmond-Honor Roll 43 Forum 2.3,43 jr. Prom Comm3 AGS Rep. 2.5.43 Career Conf. Rep. 1: FTA3 Girl's Choir. College. ADAMS. LESLEE Atkinson-Honor Roll I. 33 Forum 2.3.43 Lambda Gammai "S" Choir 3.43 Girl's Choir 21 Starlighters 1,2.3. 43 Plays 41 Swimming 1.2. College. ALF. SVSAN loseph Lane--AGS Rep3 SC Rep: Career Conf. Rep. 1. College. ALLEN. DONNA Kelly-Career Conf. Rep. 13 Pep. 1. Wfork. ANDERSON. ALAN Creston - Bowling Club 5.43 Rifle Team 13 Track 2. College. ANDERSON. EDWARD Milwaukie - Armed Services. ANDERSON. IANICE XY'o1mdstock - SC .. ..,- . ,.. . ..,.- .. ,,,.. W if Y, 41 Girl's Choir 31 Plays 43 Drama3 Pub. 4.x College. BLAIR. MIKE Kellogg - Honor Roll 3- Football 2. College. BRAUCKMILLER. ANITA Sunnyslcle-Golf Wrmrk. BRAIICKMILLER. KATHY Sunnysiclg -- Wtrrk. BROWN. CAROL XY'oodstock - AGS Rep. 51 Campus Life Sec.: Girl's Choir 5. College. BROVUN. KEN Glencoe-College. BROVUN. SUSAN Arletn - Career Conf. Rev- 33 Sigma? "A" Ch wir 2.3.43 Madrigals 2.5.-1. Girl's Choir 33 Plays 4. College. BUCHANAN. MIKE Lane - AFM3 Track 1: Wrestling 1.2.3. College. IIUCKLEY. MARILLY Richmond - Career Conf. Rep. 1. Wfork. BVELL. DAVID Richmond - SC Rep. 41 Thezpiztns 3.4: Basketball 1.2.33 Football lg National Honor Society --W., CLARK. IENIFER Arleta - Class Sgt. of Arms3 AGS Rep. 3. College. CLASEMAN. VUILLY Grant - Wtxrk. CLAYPOOL. STEVE Marshall --SC Rep. 4: Career Conf. Rep.3 Football 2. Armed Services. COCHRAN. I.INDA Kellogg-Honor Roll 2.3.41 Forum 3.4: NHS 3.4: lr. Prom Pub. Comm.3 AGS Rep. 13 Career Conf. Rep. '13 POST 5. 43 Editor-in-Chiet'3 IRL3 I.ambda Gamma. College. COE. DARRELL Atkinson - Class Treas.3 AFM 1.4: SC. Rep. 2: Ltmn. Sec.: Baseball 1.2.3,43 Basketball 1.23 Football 1. College. COMEI.LA. STEPHEN Kellogg - Cross Country 13 Band 1.2.31 Orchestra 1,23 Col- lege. COOK. RICHARD I.:1t1e-Wtwrk. COONS. TERRI Ricl1mond - Honor Roll 1.25.41 Forum 5.41 NHS 5.41 NHS Party Leslee Adams David Austin Michael Barton judy Bigoni Lorilvn Boone Marv Buker 129 Carol CHUIPHIOII Debbie Carter Linda Cochran Terrv Coons Donna C,-055 Rep. 13 Career Conf. Rep. 2: Catalyst Sec.3 Tennis 23 Track 1. College. AXSOM. KATHELENE Madras High School. Madras, Oregon: AGS Rep. 51 Track 3. College. BAERGEN. MARTHA Newport High School. Newport, Wash.3 Girl's Choir. XlUork. BARNES. PAT St. Ignatius-Art Staff 5.4. XY'ork. BARNHART. DALE Kellogg-Ltmn. 1.2.3. 4: Swimming 1.2,5.4. College. BARTON. MIKE Woodstock-Honor Roll l.2.S.4. Forum 2.3.43 SC Rep. 43 Catalyst: Basketball 1,23 Cross Country 2.4. Track 1.2. 43 NHS 3.4. College. BASSETT. ALLEN Lane - SC Rep. 2. College. BECK. PAT Kellogg-Honor Roll 43 Class Pub. Chrmn.: Dance Comm. Chrmn. 33 SB Pub, Chrmn.3 AGS Rep. 1.23 Executive Cabinet Pub. Chrmn. College. BI7ITGI.l.lND. LAURIE Arleta-Forum 4. XY'ral'l4. BIGONI, IUDY Our Lady of Sorrows- Honor Roll 1.2.3,4. Forum 2.4: NHS 3,43 SC Rep. 13 College Conf. Rep. 43 ALMA- NAC 5.4: Tennis 2. College. BINGHAM. IERRY Kellogg-SC Comm. Chrmn.3 AFM Rep.3 SC Rep.3 Key Club V. Pres.: Thespians Club Prc-s.3 Football 51 "A" Choir 33 Drama 1,2.5.43 Director 4: Makeup Crew I.2.3.4Q Plays I,2,3.4Q Stage Crew 4. College. BISHOP. DEBRA St. Ignatius-AGS Rep. 23 SC Rep. 3: Sigmag Pep Clubg "A" Choir "A" Choirg Drama: Plays 2.3.4. Wtrrk, BVKER. MARY Arleta -Honor Roll 21 Forum 3.43 "A" Choir S3 Girl's Choir 2. College. BUNGER. CHRISTINE Creston - Forum 43 NFL: -I-l1!:.iDlil11SQ Swimming 1. 23 Make- up Crew 2.53 Stage Crew' 3. College. CARLSON. DIANE Atkinson - Forum 4. College. CARNES. DAN Kellogg - AFM Rep. 43 Stage Crew 4. Armed Services, CARROLL. SADONA Kellogg - AGS Rep. 1.2: SC Rep. 23 Drama 2.33 Make-up Crew 5: Drama Pub. Comm. 2.3. College. CARROLL. SUSAN Richmond - Pep. 1.2. College. CARTER. DEBBIE Holy Child Academy- Honor Roll 33 Forum 43 AGS Rep. 33 Career Conf. Rep. 51 ALMANAC 4. College. CARY. WAYNE Lane - Armed Services. CASCIATO. EDNWARD Our Lady of Sor- rows - Cross Country 2.33 Track 1.25.43 "A" Choir 4. Armed Services. CI-IAMBERLIN. ARLEE joseph Lane - F lrum 2 S1 AGS Rep. 1: Make-up Crew 4. Work. CHATTERTON. LYNN Richn1ond-Bowl- ing Club3 Ltmn.3 Rally Squad 3. Wiwrk. CHILDERS. VICKIE Xvoodstock - D.E.3 Work. CIRI. INES Atkinson - Forum 23 Lambda Gamma Sgt. at Arms 2.33 Pep Club 1, Col- lege. CLARK. DOUG Arleta - Forum 4: ART STAFF 4: Ilaseball 1.21 Basketball 1. College. Chmn. -13 AGS Rep. 43 Career Conf, Rep. 33 Sigmag "A" Choir S3 Girl's Choir 2: Star- lighters 1.23.41 Plays 4. College, COOPER. IOHN St, Ignatius - - AFM Sen. 2: Baseball 1.2. College. COPPERNOLI.. CAROLYN Wfeston High School. Las Vegas. Nevada. "A" Choir 43 Girl's Choir 5: Madrigals 43 Plays 4. College. C0l7'l'llRlE. GAIL Richmond - AGS Rep. "H" Choir 2, Work. CRAMER. MARSHA Richmond-College. CRANSTON. TERRY Richmond-Career Conf. Rep. 21 D.E.3 Football 1. College. CROSS. DONNA Pleasant Valley. Pleasant Valley, Oregon-Honor Roll I,2.3Q Forum 2.3.43 NHS 3.43 Ir. Prom Patrons Comm. Chmn.3 AGS Rep. 31 FMS. Sec.3 Pep Club. College. CRUIKSHANK. DAVE Marshall-AFM Rep. College. CURRIN. ELIZABETH Creston-Honor Roll 1.43 Forum 2.3.4. SC Rep. 13 "A" Choir 3,41 Girl's Choir 23 Plays 4. Wtmrk. DARBY. RICHARD Atkinson-AFM Sen. 1.2.3,43 Cross Country 1.21 Track 1.23 Wres- tling 23 Plays3 Stage Crew 4. College. DARLOXV. KEITH Woodstock-Honor Roll I,2.3Q Forum 2.3.43 NHS 3.43 Sr. Announce- ments3 Friars. College. DELASHMUTT. SANDI Arleta--SC Rep. 3. College. DICKSON, ROBERT Lewis-AFM Rep. 3: Basketball I.2Q Football 1.2. College. DIXON. LYNN Wooclsttuck-Hrmiitmr Roll 43 AGS Rep. 2.5.43 IRL 21 YFC. College. 69 DOCKSTADER. KATHY Creston-Forum 2: Career Conf. Rep. 3. College. DODD, DEBRA CrestonxAGS Rep. Sec. 4: Pep Club Pres. 3: SC Rep. College. DOLAN. IANICE Creston-FMS V. Pres.: Bowling. College. DONNELLY, DIANE Atkinson-AGS Rep. College. DRESSLER. CHRISTY WHsocllawn-Forum 2,5,4: Girl's Choir l. Wimrk. DUMAS, DAVE St. Ignatius-College. EHRIG, BARBARA Kellogg Honor Roll 1.2.3,4: Forum 3 Sec.: NHS 5.4 Sgt at Arms, Ir. Prom Co-CI1mn.g Sr. Prom Chmn: AGS Rep, 1: AGS Treas. 2: ALMANAC S, Ir. Prom Court: Pep l: Pleiades V. Pres. College. EIDE. MARII.YN Ritlunontl-Orchestra 1.2, S,-I. College. ENDICOTT. DEBRA WHmoclstock-Honor S Rep. 3: Ir. Prom Court, Football 1, Track I: W'restling 2.3,4. College. GERLICHER, MARY IO Richmond-Forum S, Campus Lite 4 Chap. College. GIANDOMENICO. MIKE Creston-Honor Roll 1, Forum 1.21 Baseball I: Football I. College. GILLIAM, FELICIA Eastwood Ir. High, lutlianapolis, Ind.-Honor Roll S, AGS Rep. S: Career Conf. Rep. 4: Sigma 4, FTA 2, "A" Choir 3,4. College. GLENN, LE'NAE St. Ignatius-Career Conf. Rep. I: College Conf. Rep. 4: "A" Choir 3,43 Girl's Choir 2, Plays 4. College. GNIEXWOSZ, FELICIA Kellogg-Honor Roll I.2,S.A'I, Forum 2,S,4: NHS 3.4: Career Conf. Rep. 4: Lambda Gamma Pres., Sec.: lRI..: Track I. College. GOFTZ, IAMES Lincoln--Baud 3.4: Or- chestra -I. College. enior Members Forum I. College. HEIDINGER. SPE Atkinson-Honor Roll 1.2.'v,4g Forum 5,43 NHS 5,41 ART STAFF 4, College. HIEKKlI.A. HOPE Sunset-Honor Roll 1, 5, SC Rep. 1, D.E., Girl's Choir I. College. HEIMAN. LINDA Atkinson-Class Treas. I: AGS Rep. 23.4, AGS Year Rep. 4. XX'ork. HELI'S. IOHN Ore. City High, Ore. City, Ore.: Armed Services. HEUCHERT, IOSEPH Goodrich, Goodrich, ND.-FTA Hist.: Football 2,3,4, Track I: "A" Choir 4: Plays 4. College. HICKERSON. DEBORAH Creston-Forum 4: SC Rep. 4, Bowling 4: ART STAFF 4. Wfork. HIGH, STEVE CrestoniClass Sgt. at Arms I: AFM 1, AFM Sen. 2: SC Rep. 3: Ltmn.: Rallv 4. Sgt. at Arms, Football 1,2,3,4: Elizabeth Currin Keith Darlow Barbara Ehrig Richard Garvin Felicia Gniewosz Marv Gorsline KEY TO SENIOR ACTIVITIES Pres. President V.-Pres. Vice-President Sec. Secretary Treas. Treasurer Hist. Historian Pub. Chrmn. Publicity Chairman Chap. Chaplain Comm. Committee Sgt. at Arms Sergeant at Arms Roll 1.-I: Forum li.-I: Class Sgl -ll AFINSZ AGS Rep. l,2: SC Rep. 5: Career Conf. Rep, sg IRI.: I.ill11lWeI.I Gamma. College. EVANS, DEBBIE St. Steplienk--lloiior Roll 2: Forum 4. Wfork. FARIS. AZIZ Si'ri.m Scliaol, Svria. College. FARLEY. IACKIE Rulunontl-XY'ork. FASTITLIN. MARLFNE Kellogg-Girl's Cli ur 1.2: ALMANAC 4. Wfork. FAXVCl2'l"l'. DONNA Atkinson -SB Sec., Forum: C.mtli'l.mtl Dance Clmm.1 Class Pub. Clmm 2: SC Rep. I,2,5: Bowling 1.5,-4, Rallv Squad S, College. FAZZOLARI. Il'DY I..lne-fRally Squad 5.4 Pres.: Dance Chmoi Class S Sgt. at Armsi AGS Rep. 1.23.43 SC Rep. 2.4, Career Conti. Rep. 4: Ltmn. Sec.: Pep Club. College. FEAMMIfI.l,I. BRAD St. Ignatius-AFM Rep. 4: SC Rep. 5. College. FERGUSON. MARYLOU Wfoodstock- XY'ork. FERRFTTI. IOYCE St. AIllI1tP11X"S"ACIS Rep. 1, SC Rep. 2, D.E. Vlfork, FONTANA. FRANK Kellogg-College. FRANCETICH. FLOYD East Ir. High, Great Falls, Montana-Ltmn.: Cross Coun- tri' 2.3: Track I,2,S: Wlrestling I.2,'w,4. Xkork. FlII.I.IiR. DEAN Creston-Forum 4, Foot- ball 2. College. GARTON. KAY Marshall-Armetl Serxices. GATTICCIO. NICK St. Ignatius-Honor Roll -I: Forum S,-I, SB V. Pres. 4, Ir. Prom Comm. Chmu.: Class Pres. 2: AFM Rep. 23 AFM Treas. 3: SC Rep. I.2.?51 Career Conf. 70 '.,11 Beth Graham Darlene Harris GOODERHAM. KRIS Kenton-Baseball 2, Basketblll 2. GRANT, ALLEN Kellogg--Forum 4, Co- Clmiu. Sr. Miivie: AFM I,2.5,4: SC Rep. 2.9: Ltmo.: Sigma V, Pres: XX'restling 1,25 "A" Choir 2.3.4, Plays 2,4. College. GREEN. KATHRYNgSC Rep. 2, College. GRFER. GLENDA Arleta-Vfork. GRIGGS, IAMES- Armed Services. Gl'ARNO'l'TA. NANCY St. Ignatius-Hom or Roll I: SC Rep. 2: Pep Club 1: D.E. Reporter. College. GILLIFORD. DONALD Lane-Football 1, 2,3,WresIlii1g 1: Bowling 4. Armed Services. HAGAN. CURT Arleta-SC Rep. 2: "A" Choir 2. College. HAMAR. LOREN Creston-Baseball I: Football 3: Track 231.41 "A" Choir S,4. College. HARRIS. DARLENE Lane-Honor Roll 3: Class V. Pres. 2, AGS Rep. 1.4: AGS Year Rep. 2: SC Rep. 3: Thespiansg Ltmn.: Rally 25.4, Make-up Crew 3. College. HATHAXVAY. KAY Lane-Honor Roll S, Forum 5.41 AGS Rep. 2, ART STAFF 4, Basketball 2: Track l,2,4.4, Bowling 4. Wisrk. HAIISCH. KATHY Creston-Honor Roll 3: FUFUIII 3.41 AGS RCP. 3: SC Rep. 2: Pep Club. College. TIAVSSMAN, PHILLIP--AFM Rep. Col- ege. HAWKINS. LORENE Arleta-Campus Life Chap. Wimrk. HAYNES. RICK Lane-Honor Roll 3.4, Kathv Hausch Susan Heiclinger Track I,2,4. College. HILDERBRAND. DON Atkinson-Honor Roll 1,2,5,4, Forum 2,3,4: NHS 3,43 SC Rep.: Career Conf. Rep. 1, Catylst Chap., Key, ALMANAC 3.4. Editor. College. HILLE, RANDALL Arleta - RifIe Club, Wlrestling 1. College. HOPKINS, DONNA Arleta-Forum 2.4: AGS Rep. 3, FTA 3. Work. IDOL, LINDA Wfooclstock-AGS Rep. I. Wforli. ITO. CHRISTY Creston-Honor Roll l,2, S, Forum 2,5,4, NHS 5.4, Sr. Prom Chmn. Pub.1 AGS Rep. I,2,3, Career Conf. Rep. 3: ART STAFF 5,41 College. IACKSON. STEPHEN St. Stepheifs-AFM 2.3.4, AFM Sen. 3, SC Rep. 2,31 Rally 3, Track 2: Vlfrestling 2. College, IELINEO, ELIZABETH St. Mary's Acad- emy-Forum 3,41 Sr. Hnvie Comm: Class Sgt. at Arms 3: SC Rep. 3. College. IENKINS, MARCY Taft High, Lincoln Citv, Ore.-Honor Roll 3: Forum 4: Class Sgt. at Arms 4: SC Rep. 4, College Conf. Rep. 4: Pep Club 1,2. IENKINS, SHIRLEY Kellogg. IENSEN. ION Kellogg-fHonor Roll I,2,?s, 4: Forum 2,?i,4, NHS 3.4: Ltmn.g Cross Country 2.3.41 Track 1,2,3,4. College. IEWELL. LYNN Atkinson-Forum 4: AGS Rep. 1,2,3: AGS V. Pres.: SC Rep. 1.2, "A" Choir 3.4, Girl's Choir 2: Starlighters 1.23.41 Plays 4. College. IININGS, DAVID Atkinson-AFM Sen., Cross Country 1, Plays 3, Stage Crew 4. College. IOHNSON, CYNTHIA Grant-Sigma Delta Chi. College. IOHNSON, IUDY Creston-Honor Roll 1.2: Forum. 2.3.43 AGS Rep. 43 SC Rep. 33 Career Conf. Rep. 3: Orchestra Col- lege. IOHNSTON. GLENDA Arleta-Wfork. IOHNSTON, PAMELA KAY Richmond- Orchestra 1.2.3.-1. College. IONES, KEVIN Kellogg-Honor Roll 43 Forum 33 AFM Rep. 1,23 AFM Sen. 23 SC Rep. 1.3: College Conf. Rep. 43 Ltmn. 2.3.-I. College. ll'NG. CAROL St. Ignatius-Forum 43 AGS Rep.. 1.-1. College. KADOLPH. 'TANA Arleta-College. KAISER. KANDI Richmond-A-College. KELLER. GARY Kellogg-AFM I,2,4Q AFM Sen. S3 Key Pres., I.U'l111.1 Basketball --.--......,.. . . . ..,,. ,,n,!,.Y...,.... , W. LEXVIS, IIM Richmood-FootbalI I. Armed Sertices. LEXWIS. TERRY Lane LOHMEYER. DONNA Creston-AGS Rep. 3: AI.MANAC 43 Pep Club 1. College. LOFSTFDT. NANCY W'oocIstock-Honor Roll 3: AGS Rep. 21 Career Conf. Rep. 1.33 Prom 3,43 "A" Choir 33 Girl's Choir 23 Starlighters 1.2.3.-4. College. LONG. IUDY Marshall-Honor Roll 2. College. LONG. RIC Kellogg-AFM 1,253 sc Rep. -13 Baseball 1.2.3,43 Basketball Foot- h.tll 1,2.3,-I. College. LONG. THOMAS lelTerson H.S.. Denver. Colo.-Forum 4. College. I.OPRlN7fl. CATHIE Richmond-Honor Roll 1,2.3.43 Forum 2.3.42 NHS 3.43 SB Pres. 43 Class Pres. 33 AGS Rep. 2.33 SC Rep. 2: Girl's State3 lr. Prom Cottrt 33 "A" Choir 2. Armed Services. McFARI,AND. LINDA Atkinson - Forum -I: Class Hist. 23 AGS Rep. 1.2.33 SC Rep. 2.3.43 Career Conf. Rep.: jr. Prom Cl1mn.3 ART STAFF. College. MALLORY. VICCI Dale Ickes jr. High Model School. College. MAMMEN, IOAN Kellogg - Honor Roll l,2,3,43 Forum 2.3.43 NHS 3.43 Sr. Prom CI11'l11'l.Q SC Rep. 23 POST 3.43 Pleiades Pres.3 NHS Sec.3 Plays 3,43 Pub. 3,4. College. MARSHALL. ROBERT Lane - Honor Roll 1.23 Forum 3.4: NHS 5: Class V. Pres. 13 Pres. 23 AFM Hist. 33 SC Rep. 1,33 Career Conf. Rep. 33 jr. Prom Court3 Friars 43 Key 13 Baseball 13 Football I,2Q Track 23 Wrestling 1. College. MARTINOLICH. DARRELL Lewis -- Col- lege. MASON, MIKE David Douglas -.- Wlork. ational Honor Society hav HUDC Heikkile Don Hilderbrand Christy Ito Ion Iensen Cathie Loprinzi Pam Loprinzi KEY Continued IRL International Relations League AFM Afliliated Franklin Men AGS Associated Girl Students NHS National Honor Society YFC Youth for Christ RCP- Representative SB Student Body SC Student Council Ltmn- Lettermen Karen Lovlien Robert Lvtle 1,33 Football 1.2.3.-1: Track 1.25-41 Wres- tling 3. College. KELLEY. LONNIE Noxato High. Novato, Calif.-AGS Rep. 5: Girl's Choir 5: Madri- gals 4. Wtwrk. KELTNER. BARBARA Richmond-AGS Rep. 2. Work. KERR, KEVIN Kellogg-POST 4. College. KINCAID. LOl'ELLA Atkinson-AGS Rep. .fl SC Rep, 43 IRI. 2. College. KING. EDDIE lellerson. Denver, Colo.- Armed Serxices. KI.EEMAN. RANDY Creston-I.tmn.3 Base- hill 13 Football 1 25,43 Track 23 Wfrestling 1.2.3.-4. College. KNUDSEN, DENNIS Kellogg-AFM 1.2. 3,41 gqj Rep, 23 DF. Sgt. at Armsg Foot- ball 13 Stage Crew 3. College. KOLB. IANET Richmond -Forum 23 AGS Rep, 13.4. College. LAIIMODIERE, DENISE Creston-Honor Roll -tg Forum 53 AGS Rep. 33 Career Conf. Rep, 3. College. LANG. BONNIE Arleta-Class Sgt. at Arms 2. Treas. 3: AGS Rep. l.2.3Z SC Rep. 31 Homecoming 33 Girl's Choir 2. XY'ork. LANGDON. RICK Central Catholic-AFM 2,33 I.KI1111.3 Cross Country 4: Football 1.2.32 Rallv 43 Track 1.2.3.-4. College. LARSON. PAMELA Atkinson-Forum 43 Class Sgt. at Arms 1: AGS Rep. 2. Wfork. LAWS. LA VETA Arleta-Honor Roll 23 Forum 43 Sigma, Parlm.3 Band 2.3-4: Track 2. College. LEONG. PAK Matteo. Hong Kong-College. joan Mammen Rebecca Mohr Lambda Gamma Treas.3 Pleiades Hist. Col- lege. LOPRINZI. PAM St. Ignatius-Honor Roll 1,33 Forum 2.4: NHS 3.43 Class Treas. 33 SC Rep. 1.2: POST 3.43 lr. Prom Courtg NHS Treas.: Pep Club. College. l.OVLIEN, KAREN Kellogg-Honor Roll 2.4: Forum 3,43 AGS Rep. 1.25.41 SC Rep. 2,33 Career Conf. Rep. 3.43 IRL Club Re- porter: FTA Sec. College. LUNDGREN. IOAN Atkinson-Orchestra 1,2,3,4. College. LYTLE. BOB Arleta-Honor Roll 1.25.41 Forum 2.3.43 NHS 3.43 NHS Comm. Chinn.: AFM 23 Career Conf. Rep. 33 NHS Sgt. at Arms 33 Friars 4. College. McCARTY. LON Lane-College. McI.ANE. BILL Richmond-AFM Rep. 3: "A" Cl1tDIfQ Plays. College. McCLELLAN, MICHAEL Cltiloquin. Chilo- quin. Ore. Football 4: Track 13 Band 1.2, 5.41 "A" Choir 2.3.4. Armed Services. McCLl'RE. CHESTER Clackamas. Clacka- mas. KJFC.-I.l'11I1.3 Basketball 23 Football 1.25.42 Track 11 W'restling 1: DRAMA 4. College. MLFLHANEY. KAN Atkinson-AFINI 1,43 SC Rep. 2,33 Career Conf. Rep. 33 jr. Prom Ctlllfll Ltmn. Pres.3 Key V. Pres.: Baseball l.2,3.4Q Basketball 1.2.3,43 Football l,2,3.4. College. McEVVEN. IERRY Xwooclstock-SC Rep. 1: Career Conf. Rep. 3: Cross Country 1.23 Track 13 Bowling 3. MCFALL. DAVID Creston - Football 3: MASSIE. THOMAS Wfoodstock - AFM 1. 2: Football 1: Track 1.2. College. MITCHELL. MARY Wfoodmere - Honor Roll 3,43 Forum 43 AGS Rep. 23 ALMA- NAC 4: Pep Club Pres. 43 Sec. 33 NFL. College. MOFFITT. CATHIE Arleta - Forum 43 Class Sec. 43 AGS Rep, 1.3.43 SC Rep. 13 FTA 3. College. MOHR. REBECCA Creston - Honor Roll 1,2.3.43 Forum 3.43 NHS 3.4: Career Conf. Re . 3: Sigma 3,43 Basketball 43 "A" Choir P 3.43 Girl's Choir 23 Orchestra l.2,?JQ Plays 4. College. MONACO. DEBBIE Honor Roll 33 AGS Rep. 43 SC Rep. 1.2.33 Sr. Prom Comm3 ART STAFF 4. Wfork. MOORE, GLORIA Glencoe - "A" Choir 3,43 Girl's Choir 2. College. MORAN. KATHY Atkinson-eXXorlc. MORTON. RICK Benson - AFM: SC Rep. College. MVNDORFF. DEBBIE Lamar jr. High. Brran. Texas -- Honor Roll 1.2.43 Forum 23 AGS Rep, 2.31 POST 3.43 Pep-Club. College. MUNGER. IEANNETTE Our Lady of Sor- rows - Forum 33 AGS Rep. 23 Orchestra 1, 2.3.4. College. NELSON. IENNIFER Kellogg f- AGS Rep. 1: Sigmag Pep Club 1: "A" Choir 3.43 Girl's Choir 2. College. NEMGAR. PAT Arleta - Honor Roll 23 Forum 4: Sr. Moxie CI'l11111.3 AGS Rep. 1.2.33 SC Rep. 43 ALMANAC 3. College. NIENWTON. TERRY XX'oodstock-College. 71 NICHOLS. AI. Atkinson - Honor Roll 42 Class Sgt. at Arms 23 Career Conf. Rep.. Cross Countrv 23 XY'restling 2. Colle,1lC. NOLDE. MARU St. Ignatius - SC Rep. 23 Pep.: D.E. 4. College. NORIIY, MARCY Arleta - AGS Rep 13 SC Rep. 23 Lambda Gamma 43 Pep Club 1.2. College. NOTEBOOM. NANCY - Work. NOYES. DARLEEN Atkinson - Forum 43 SC Rep. 43 ART STAFF 4. Marriage. ODIlERT,3SI'SAN Kellogg - Honor Roll 1,2,3: Forum 5,43 NHS 3.43 NHS Hist. 32 Chaplan 43 Sr. Prom Chmn.3 AGS Rep. 2,33 SC Rep. 1.2.33 Career Conf, Rep. 3: Class Sec. 23 Sgt. at Arms 3: Ir. Prom Court3 Twirp Court: Pep Club 13 Pleiades Treas. College. OLIVERIO. Il'DY Atkinson - Honor Roll 41 Forum 23 Sr. Prom Cl"I11'1l'1.1 AGS Rep. 33 S 'Track 1,23 Wrestling 1.2.41 "A" Choir 2.5.43 Plavs 4. College. POSTLENVAITF, KRISTINE Atkinson - Honor Roll '13 Forum 43 AGS Rep. 2: Career Conf. Rep. 3: Campus Lifeg Swimming 1. College. PRUSAK. ED AtkinsonHCross Country 1.23 Track 1.23 Rifle Team 2,33 "A" Choir 2, College. RANDAI.I., FLORENCE Lane-SC Rep. 33 Career Conf. Rep. 33 Thespian Pres. 43 DRAMA3 Direetor 3.43 Make-up Crew 3.43 Stage Crew 4. College. RASK, NANCY St. Anthony's - Forum 21 SC Rep. 1. College. RASMFSSEN. BONNIE KAYE Burley Sr. High. Burley, Idaho-Honor Roll 43 Forum 4: AGS Rep. 43 Career Conf. Rep. 4. College. RATHKEY. SHERRIE Arleta. RFDFERN. MARILYN Wfoodstock - Class enior Members SCHENKENBERGER. CINDY Kellogg - Honor Roll 2,-1: Forum 23,43 SC Rep. 13 jr. Prom Chmn.3 Class Sgt. at Arms 33 POST 5.43 Pep Club Sgt. at Ar:ns3 Lambda Gamma Hist.3 Politicos3 IRI.. College. SCHLICKEISER. GARY Lane-Honor Roll 13 Forum 23 Catalyst V. Pres.3 Cross Coun- tri 23 Football 13 Track l,2. College. SCHUETTE. IOLENE Richmond - Honor Roll 23 Forum 2.53 Ir. Prom Comm.3 Career Conf. Rep. 5: ALMANAC 3,41 Sigma Treas.3 Pep Club3 "A" Choir 3,43 Girl's Choir 23 C vllege. SCHXXIARZKOPF, IUDY Wilson-SC Rep. 2. College. SEABFRG. ELAINE Atkinson-Honor Roll 1: AGS Rep.3 FTA3 "A" Choir 43 Girl's Choir 33 Plavs 4. College. SEIBOLD, CHARLES Wfoodstock - AFM3 SC Rep.3 Baseball 13 Wrestling 1. College. Debbie Mundorff Susan Odbefr Bonnie Rasmussen Gail Rehder jon Rucldell Cindv PCSEY Siegle Elena Sipp Andrea Smith SC Rep. 2: ALMANAC 4: ART STAFF 4: Hon'r:coming Qiieen 41 Girl of the Month 4. W'ork. OI.SON, TINA Kellogg - jr. Prom Cl111111.Q SC Rep. 13 Class See. 33 Sgt. at Arms 23 Make-up Crew 3. College. ORSEN. NEAL Lewis - AFM3 Thespians3 "A" Choir: Plaus 3,43 Stage Crew. College. ORVIS. GREG Creston -- AFINIQ SC Rep. "A" Choir 3. Xwork. OSWIALT, BILL DelBalle. Austin, Texas- AFM1 "A" Choir 41 XY'restling 43 YFC. College. OTEY. ROBERT Atkinson - AFM 1.23 AFM Sen. H3 SC Rep. 21 Career Conf. Rep. sg Baseball 1.2,33 Football 1.2. Armed Serxices. OXFORD. ANN Glencoe - Honor Roll 1,2.-43 Forum 23.43 "A" Choir 53 Girl's Choir 23 Starlighters. College. OXFORD. RANDY Creston Q AFM 1,23 SC Rep. 23 D. E. I,I'ES.Q Cross Country 13 Football 2: Tennis 11 Track 23 Wrestling 2: Band 1,2,3,4. Work. PEARSON. KATHY ANNE Woodmere- College. PECK. MIKE Creston - AFM l,2,711 Wrestling 1. College. PENROD. SIAE Rich'nond -4 Forum 4. XVork. PIHULAK. RONAI.D Cre.ton-SC Rep. 3: XY'restling 1.2. W'ork. PILAND, BILL Creston -- AFM l.2,5, SC Rep. 1.23.43 Career Conf. Rep. 33 AFM Hist. S3 LIINITQ Kev Cluhg Football l,2,3,4Q 72 Sgt. at Arms 23 Career Cont. Rep. 13 D.E. Pres.: TXWIRP Court 1. Wfork. RICHARDSON. MARVIN Lane-XX'ork. RICKARD. CHARLOTTE St. Stephen - Sigma. Chap.3 "A" Choir 3,43 Track 13 Girl's Choir 23 Plavs 43 Pub. 4. College. RIFSENMAN. IOHN St. Ignatius - Honor Roll 2.3.41 Forum 23,43 Ir. Prom. Chmn3 Class Pres. 4: AFM3 Wrestliiig 13 jr. Prom Court 5. College. RITZ. CHARl.ES Central Catholic- -College. RIVFRA. ROSIE Kellogg - AGS Rep, 1: SC Rep. 2. Wtit'k. ROADRVCK. RICK Creston-College. ROBINSON. LARRY Upland High, Up- land Calif. - Football 33 Wrestling 33 "A" Choir 41 Plavs 4. College. ROISOM. ROGER Atkinson - Honor Roll 23 Forum 23,43 Sr. Prom Comm.3 AFM Prc-s.3 AFM 12.5.43 SC Rep, 1,2.5,43 Career Conf. Rep. 53 TWIRP Court, 23 jr. Prom Court3 Baseball 1,2.41 Ilasketball l,2.3,4, Football 12,i.4. College. ROSS. IIM Ceneral Catholic - Armed Services, ROTH. SUSAN Atkinson - Sigma: Band 2.1.41 Girl's Choir. College. RFDDFLL, ION VC'oodstock-Honor Roll l,2.3 Forum 2.3.43 NHS 5.43 Sgt. at AYIDSQ AFM Sec.: Ltmn. Club Treas3 Key Club3 Friars V. Pres.3 Catalyst Treas.3 Cross Coun- trv 1.23.43 Track 1.2.5.-13 W'restling 1.2,R.4. Cjol'c-ge. RI'ST, GLORIA Kellogg - Honor Roll 23 FTA 3.4: FIVIS 2. College. Schenkenberger lane Smith Lvnn Smith SEVERSON. GEORGIIE Creston - FMS. Crllegc. SIZVERSON. IANIZ Marshall--XX'ork. SIFGLE. PEGGY Richmond - Honor Roll 1,2,'v,-43 Forum 26,43 NHS 3.43 HISL 41 SB Treas. -I1 Ir. Prom Chmn.3 ALMANAC 43 Pleiades Sec.: "A" Choir 5.41 GIFFS CIIUII' 31 Starlighters 1.23.41 Plays 4. College, SIMMS, RENE' Grant - Honor Roll 41 Forum 43 AGS Rep. 53 NFL V. Pres.3 ,I-IICSIWIAIHSZ Track 1: DRAMA 2.4.-ll DIFECIUI' 13 Make-up Crew 2.13 Plays 2.4.-13 Pub. 5: Stage Crew S. College. SIPP. ELENA Richmond - Honor Roll 1.31 Forum 2,43 SC Rep. 53 FTA Hist.3 Sigmn3 "A" Choir 3,41 Girl's Choir 2. College. SMITH. IANE Lane Honor Roll l,2,.ri,4Q Forum 25,43 AGS Rep. 2,43 SC Rep. 32 POST 3.4: "A" Choir 4: Girl's Choir 5: DRAMA Pub. College. SMITH. LYNN Richmond-Forum 43 AGS Rep. 33 "A" Choir 41 Girl's Choir 2.31 Plavs 4. Vdorlc. SMITH TERRIE Atkinson - Honor Roll 23 Forum 43 AGS Rep. 1.2.31 AGS Year Rep. S3 Career Conti. Rep. 51 AGS Pres. 4. Armed Serxices. SPFCIALE, IAN Atkinson - Honor Roll 1.1.43 Forum 23,43 NHS 33 Pres. 43 AGS Rep. 4: SC Rep. li Career Conf. Rep. 31 ART STAFF 3.4. College. SPRAIQER. VINCENT Central Catholic - Wfork. SPFRLOCK, JEAN Woodstock - Honor Roll 1.25.43 Forum 23,43 NHS 3,43 Candy- land Dance Comm. I,2,3.4Q AGS Rep. 2.31 Career Conf. Rep. 5: IRL: Tennis 2,31 "A" Choir 3.4: Girl's Choir 2: Plays 4: Pub. 4. College. STAINO, LINDA Kellogg-Forum 3: AGS Rep. 2: Career Conf. Rep. I: D.E. Sec. Wtirk. STEWART. NANCY Atkinson-Honor Roll 3: Forum 5.4: Class Sec. I: Sgt. at Arms 2: AGS Rep. 3: SC Rep. 1.2: Homecoming Court I. College. STONE. IANA Atkinson-AGS 2. STOl'TENliL'RG. NANCY Arleta-Honor Roll I: Forum 2.5.-I: NHS 5.4: Sr. Prom Chmn.: Class Pub. Chmn. 5: AGS Rep. 1.2. 5: SC Rep. I,2: Career Conf. Rep. 5: POST 51 D. Hist.: Homecoming Court 2: jr. Prom Queen: Rallv 5. College. STRAIGHT. SUSAN East High. Salt Lake Cilv. l'tah - Honor Roll 5,43 Forum 4: -F--.--. ,ii V-. -1 .-. -... .. , . . ,-.V--H Blackstone, Va. - Honor Roll 1.2: Career Conf. Rep. 4: Cataylst: FMS: Track 3: Wrestling I. College. THAM. LINDA Singapore. japan - AGS Rep. 2: Lambda Gamma Treas.: FTA. Col- lege. THAM, RONNEY Singapore High, Singa- pore. lapan. College. THOMAS. IAY Richmond - Career Conf. Rep. 5: Sigma: W'restling I: "A" Choir 23, -I: Plavs 4. ' THOMPSON. NANCY Atkinson - - Wfork. 'l'LL'STOS. MITCH Lane - Honor Roll: Forum: NHS 3.4: NHS Comm. Chmn.: ALMANAC -I: ART STAFF: NHS Club V. Pres. 4: Pres, 4: DRAMA 3: Plays 3. Col- lege. TLUSTOS. MARGARET Lane-Honor Roll 53 Forum 2.4: YFC. College, TOSI. IOE Our Ladv of Sorrows - Armed ational Honor Society XX'ELl.IN. SI'SAN Arleta - SC Rep. 1. XX'ork. XX HIPPI.E. RICHARD Oregon City high, Oregon City, Oregon. - Armed Services. XVILLETT. GARY XX'oodstock-Honor Roll I1 Forum 2.3.4: Cross Country 2: Wrestliiig I,2.3.4. College. XVHITE. LORI - D.E. Club Sec. College. XX'INCI-IESTER. RONALD Creston - SC Rep. 2. XX'ork, WINQl'lS'l'. DONNA Richmond - Honor Roll l,2,5.41 Forum 2.3.41 NHS 1,41 Candy- lind.Danee Comm. I: SC Rep. 5: IRL 1,2. College. WOLFF. DONNA ,IO - Honor Roll 1.2.3, -I: Forum 23: NHS 5.4: AGS Rep. 3: SC Rep. I: IRL: Sigma: FTA: "A" Choir 3,4: Girl's Choir 2: Orchestra 1.2: Madrigal 3,4. College. WOI.I.ECIK. GREG St. Ignatius - Honor Jan Sfieflale Jean 5PUfl0Ck Nanfv 5f0UfCI1bCl'g Susan Straight Leona TenClay Linda Tham Margaret TluSt0S Mitch Tlustos Donna Winquist Donna Wolff Trudie Yonge NHS 3.4: NHS Chmn. 4: NFL Sec. 4. Col- lege. Presidential Classroom for Young Americans. Sl'NSERI. GERALD Richmond - AFM 2: SC Rep. I: Baseball 2: Football I.2,: Track I. College. SXVENSEN. CHERYL Kellogg - Forum 4: POST 3. College. TAKAGI. CHIEKO Kaisei. japan - Forum 4: Class Sgt. at Arms 4: Orchestra 3.4. Col- lege. TANORY. CAROL Arleta-Wfork. TENCLAY. LEONA Freeman. Davis jr. High, Mobridge, S.D. - Honor Roll I,2: Forum 2: Career Conf. Rep. I: ALMANAC 4. College. TERAUCHI. GREGORY Blackstone High, Services. TRl'SSEI.l.. DAVE Englewood, Englewood. Col. - Armed Services. VAN TROYER. GENE Benson - Honor Roll 2: Forum 3,4: SC Rep.: POST -I: NFL Club Treas. Plavs 3. College. VAN VEEN. ROSANNE XX'oodstock - Eoru-n 4: AGS Rep. 2: SC Rep, 3. College. VICE TOM Benson - Armed Services. XVAITS. RICHARD Sunburst High, Sun- burst. Mont. - XX'restling I. College. XVAKEMAN. ANDREA Lane - College. XVASHAM. LYNETTE Arleta--Honor Roll I.2: Forum 23,41 Pep Club I. Wimrk, WEAVER. PHYLLIS Creston - Forum 3: The-spians: Swimming 1.23: DRAMA: Make' up Crew 2,33 Plays 2. Armed Services. Roll -1: Forum 2,i.4: Ir. Prom Chmn.: Class Sgt. at Arms 2: SC Rep. 2,?v,4: Career Conf. Rep. 'wg POST 5.4: lr. Prom Court: Wrest- ling I. College. WOOD, LEANNE Glencoe-POST 3,43 IRL 21 D.E. 4. College. XWORKMAN. BARBARA Richmond - Pep Club: Orchestra 3.4. College. XXVNDERLICH. MARTHA St. Ignatius'- AGS Rep. 1,41 Class Sgt. at Arms 4: SC Rep. 2: Pep Club I: ALMANAC 4. College. XVYATT, MARV - Football I. College. YONGE. TRUDIE Atkinson-Honor Roll 2.14: Forum 4: NHS 4: Career Conf. Rep. I: Lambda Gamma V. Pres., Chap.: IRL Band I. College. 73 ACADEMICS Z " sw , fi r 1 ,w a gt I fu- f. , or XA 4 '24 in fi . .fi '-:dig lxof This year Franklin High School wel- comed its seventh principal since the foundation in 1914. Mr. XValter E. Erickson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Willariiette University and his Master of Arts de- gree at the University of Wasliington. Positions he held prior to coming to Franklin include: Principal at Madison High School for six yearsg Vice-Princi- pal at Madison High School for five yearsg Activities Director at Wilson High School Cwhen it openedjg Vice- Principal at Cleveland High Schoolg Principal of the Junior High in Camas, Wfashingtong teacher and coach at Camas High School for five yearsg and Willainette University, Dean of Bovs and Director of Admissions. To the job of Principal, Mr, Erickson brings a warm smile and good humor, as well as administrative skill. iii! I si. ' ' i 'K lf. 'fun' ,, ,A r-f'wS',!'K,v1-nusw N.-.--.- ' , - As l write these comments in early January, l969, I reflect hack on my interesting experiences working with stuclents, staff memhers, ancl parents. Less than one-hall' of a school year is not a very long time, hut it is sum- eient to hntl that Franklin High School is a great institution, with hue tracli- tions ol scholarship, ancl a compre- hensive stuclent activity program. lt' is my fervent hope that during the school year all Franklin Quakers will have participated in the work antl play on the campus, ancl that some of the action is reflected in the ALMANAC, the record of student lite in its bright- est, busiest, and most vivicl moments. As you relive the school year from September through June by reading this puhlication, may you hntl it full of pleasant memories. Wfalter li. Erickson Principal """I1 te- ,W,, PL , ,, 5,1 . i .1 U I A - wa, New Girls' V. P. Finds Challenge Mr. Donald Holt, Mr. Jack King, and Mrs. Verna Miller assisted Principal Walter Erickson in his administrative duties this year. New and challenging problems arose and were dealt with by these three capable vice-principals. New to Franklin this year, Mrs. Verna Miller filled the administrative posi- tion left vacant last year. Mrs. Miller commented that she found- many chal- lenges here at Franklin due to the fact that she is dealing with teenage girls. Mr. Holt, boys' vice principal, is re- sponsible for the activities, welfare, and attendance of the boys. He handles the supervision of student finances. Mr. King, curriculum vice principal, works with the elementary schools in the Franklin area in order to give incoming classes a good idea of the courses available to them. He helps to set up programs for the coming year. 'qs-sk. 'l l -Mil, 31 , RW: bil! 335 T' digg 1 Mrs. Verna Miller Girls' Vice-Principal Mr. 'luck King Curriculum Vice-Principal Mr. Donald Holt Boys' x7iL'C-Pl'iI1CiP.ll Adults Work In Key Positions Secretaries, custodians, the cafeteria supervisor, the library staff, and the teachers' aides make up Franklin's staff of adult assistants. Their duties are as follows: the custodial staff keeps the building clean and in good repairg secretaries take care of student recordsg the teachers aides help with typing, duplirating and mountingg the librari- ans take care of the libraryg and cafe- K teria workers are responsible for the ' school lunches. -a 7: -l Q... l X Mrs. Lorraine Mr. Ed Mrs. Corey Belleque Miller Drias Head Head Secretary Custodian Q? Mrs. Helen Gottsch Mrs. Rowena Davis 80 Mrs. Doris Bertham Mrs. Marie Newton as T. . ' I T- Mrs. lanet Greenfield Mrs. Mariorie Christensen Mrs. Christine Putnam JJQ 81 9-I -" ,Q if , . rf Nj' .. t Mrs. Sara Miss Dorothv Mr. Marvin Mr. Larry Mr. Richard Mrs. Emma Mr. Donald Mr. Lewis A. Mrs, Helen B0rCl161'S DLmCl0l'6 Flitcroft Hashberger Laughlin Moore Nelson Parks Weed Fl'CSl1mCf1 5CUi0f Athletics Sophomore Senior Junior junior Freshmen Sophomore Girls Girls Director Bovs Bovs Girls Bovs Boys Girls A , '- I n I I my , 3 4 Counselors Assist, D 1,4 " 0-, lg Aid 2382 Students ln order to give all help possible to the individual student, the Franklin Counseling Department added three new members this year. In principle, each team of counselors starts with the freshmen class and stays with the group until graduation. Students are urged to know themselves today and to give some thought as to the direction they may take tomorrow. Course discussion, academic and voca- tional information by individual or groups, and conferences are a part of every day service available to each Franklinite. Junior and senior students obtain extra help from Mr. Manning in post-high school planning. rl ,fa U I Oi yo it 0 O E1 1 5 if ames Manning , L Dispenses College, Vocational job Material To Eager Students Mr. 'lames Manning, a nationally noted college and vocational counselor, helps Franklin students with post-high school planning. Q As a college counselor, he performs many services. One of the most impor- tant consists of organizing certain tests that are helpful for college entrance and keeping students informed of other compulsory tests. For those promising students who may need assistance. he keeps hnancial aid folders. Those who need finances may apply for scholar- ships through Mr. Manning. l-le also aids students in their choice of colleges hy making information ahout each in- stitution availahle. ln the way of career guidance, Mr. Manning uses his knowledge of the husiness world to help students that are not going to college. After looking over the records and talking to the stu- dent, he is usually ahle to Gnd him a joh along his lines of interest or send him to a business where he may apply. He can also recommend various techni- cal and business schools. 84 Vocational Training Offered At Monroe Monroe High Srhool offers a variety of vocational courses for students interested in business careers. Classes open to seniors are, business machines, which intludes IBM card punch training, business shorthand, medical assistants, dental assistants, and nursery school. An important part of the program, on the job training, is offered in March. Then the medical and dental assistants go to the University of Oregon Medical School and the business shorthand students enter businesses or law hrms. Also during March, the business ma- chine students take three civil service tests, federal, state, and lotal. A pass- ing grade means consideration for government employment. P. T. A. And Dads' Club Benefit School The P.T.A. CParent Teachers Associa- tionj and the Dad's Club work to- gether for the betterment of the Frank- lin community. Both organizations promote under- standing among parents, teachers, and students, thereby helping the students to make the most of their school years. An important service of the P.T.A. is the eye examination which it conducts in the P.E. classes each year. The Dad's Club assists the administra- tion by patrolling football and basket- ball games and raises money by selling programs. Both organizations work to provide scholarships to enable deserving stu- dents to enter college. 'JW . ...ff I K ,:.,.f,.gf!gXiM! Ray Parrish, President confers with Arnie Jensen, Treasurer about Dads' Club Account. 86 Y 'mf .., .J f r!.,s-5 . Mrs. Lucille Dole, President, and Mrs. Betsy Austen, First Vice President P.T.A. meeting at which new teachers were introduced. .41 I" I :xi preside over first s M-A . if-rs I' - k:nCLl.ftf'1 5 New Systems Studied B C Council 'I'he Curriculum Council was founded for the purpose of developing improve- ments for Franklin's academic system. Comprisediof representatives from each department and parents from the com- munity, the council submits recom- mendations for the betterment of the school. A study was made this year of the pass-tail system. Mr. Laughlin col- lected opinions of the system from teachers and students who had used it and presented them to the council, The plan passed, and now ii student can take an elective subject on a pass- liail basis provided that he has the teachers consent. Council members tielt that the subject taken on this basis should be a sixth subject. Other ideas discussed included the module system, double period classes, a student curriculum council, and new courses offerings. All new subjects submitted for approval were passed. l Seated: Mr. jack King, Curriculum Yice Principalg Mrs, Gwen Greeng Mrs, Doi' Nonneg Mr. John Brewer, chairmang Miss Anne liohleng Miss I.a1Rhette Sxvanng Mr. Richard Laughlin. Standing: Mr, Yoshinobu Teradag Mrs. Bonnae Lindlevg Mrs. lanet Faurotg Miss Corrine Senng Mrs. Eleanor Norling Mrs. Gladys liggimang Mrs, Josephine lfhm. Sccretaryg Mr. Melville Sandsg Mr, Ruben Maier. E 87 Art Draws Students Through the Art Department, students are given the opportunity to use their creativity in many ways. Courses range from a general study of color and experience in different art media to specialized studies such as weaving, printing, ceramics, and in- terior design, Commercial art, open to those who have completed the general art class, emphasizes advertisingjayouts and let- tering with further experience in color, design, and production processes. Members of the Art Staff produce posters, banners, sign, and program covers for school use. juniors and seni'ors interested in col- lege and without previous art experi- ence are eligible for Art Understand- ing, a semester course which entails a study of art from all ages and cul- tures. Art exhibits in the olhces, and ex- amples of all crafts displayed through- out the year for all to enjoy, have made Franklin students and faculty aware of this department. pw. . Miss Helen Boelts Art , v f , . 4 , 1 If , K, ,y I A 'l .QT -. Mr. Yoshinobu Teracla Art Depart. Chrm. 88 s. .R an N mlb M .... DICJI. 134 -N if Business Department Prepares Students For Emplo ment Business courses help the stuclent with skills that he can use during his stay in high school, and they prepare him lor work after gracluation. Typing, available in one-half to four year courses, is the most popular be- cause it enables the stuclent to type his book reviews, homework ancl manu- scripts. Other classes, such as short- hancl ancl brielfliancl, help the stuclent with taking notes, lior the stuclent interestecl in taking care ot' his own business affairs ancl untlerstanclinlg those of others, there are courses of recorcl keeping and gen- eral business. Those interested in becoming part of the business worltl will enroll in oHice practice, which gives experience in the use of machines. Aclvancetl stuclents gain work experi- ence in the otlices within the school anrl by holcling jobs in the business community. ii: . -,-- X I , f , 352 I X l , s, A Mrs. Katherine Mr. Geralcl Beckham Enrich Business Business Education Fclucation , ii, - I i ii 5 5 B 1 ' ' i 4 1 vb A . ' Rv Mr, Howard Mrs. Enid Mrs. Ruth Grogan Hall Horlson Business Business Business Education Education Education s-4 wx Ns 4 i tan -i 3, Fiirri' P iii' 'i' TF' W? Piikii ' Jbllnl- Eiiiif A Eiiii -E-49+ ifwefii 'u - -9--use-L 'i-+6541 4. .tlfilai 1 'vrr L i i-,ww xiii! 'si Rn: 'mf ' . i- iw? .uu .ia E 'K . +69 151211. K 1 AWS, , si, ' A 4, J. N, ' i is - I 'Ma A, i Mrs. Ellen Mrs. Marv I. Miss Corrine Miss Krista Mrs, Minnie Jenkins Nvland Scnn Ulland Wccnc Business Business Business Business Business Education Education Education Education Education ' F 5 1 I 1 1 . ' 1 , ' 1 E5 I 1 P' I 1 1 I 1 i f 1 4' I V P i I ,,-.f., -Ji 91 Combined Classes Help Freshmen To Adjust The Combined English and Social Studies classes of the freshman year were formed to bridge the gap between the elementary and high schools. During the linglish study, the emphasis is placed on sentence structure. Unclerstancl- ing of the novel, Shakespeare, poetry, and Greek mythology is stressed in literature. A study ol' ancient' history comprises the social studies program. Interest centers on the Crusades and the major religions and cultures ol' both the ancient and modern worlds. Q . -F san 92 411 Mr. Herman Mr. Victor P. Miss Marion Mr, H. Britt Mrs. lanet Miss lean Becker Bucv Cauthers Davis Fanrot Foster Combined Combined Combined Combined Combined Ciyinbincd Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Depart. Chrm. A GAZKXDN N, Q. .. 'VT 46: " www kkhx I C ,Q 3 l , f. IDr. Lucille Mr. Earl Mr. Charles Mr. Melville Miss Marv Hill Osborn Pulliam Sands Zell Combined Combined Combined Combined Combined Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes PIA N- 9 3 1 X S, ro , 'MC lf! S.i.......- L-.l 93 English Stresses Practical Wisdom Of Philosoph Philosophy, a new course that has not been tried here before, was offered by the English department on an experi- mental basis. The course covered the philosophies ol' segregated cultures. Self-expression and understanding others are the most important aims of the English department. This is ac- complished by creating situations, real and imaginary, which place emphasis on oral and written skills. The program for all four years en- compasses study of selected essays, short stories, poetry, novels, plays, and the development of the English lan- guage. A course called Shakespearean English is offered for seniors who wish a more detailed study of Shakespeare's works than is generally acquired in the senior English class. Special emphasis on writing is offered in creative writing classes. Easter read- ing with greater comprehension is the aim of effective reading classes, open to all on a semester basis. 94 if fi, f . f 1 i I e ffl if IS 'fit ,ffl J c . E2-if .sf-.rf W -- ia I I i Q A Miss Bertha Mrs, Osa Mr. Geoffrey Miss Fave Mr. Clifford Mr Iohn Alm Ballen Cole I Comutt Ferry Hillev English English English English English English lournalism Depart. Chrm. lv fx Y M viiss Gail Miss Trudv Mrs. Thelma Mr. Joseph Miss Dorothy Mrs. Theresa Mrs. Miriam Miss I.aRhette Miss Elizabeth Mrs. Gwendolyn Hughes Johnson Lamles Maloney QMorris O'Donncll Puckett Swann Thoinas Young English English English English English English English English English lin 'lish . A, Publications N Q 5, X 4 i Mr. Phillip Mr. Gary I.. Bonfiglio Clark Drama Speech English Speech Students Earn Trophies, Gain Experience, Honor Franklin Speech and drama are elective English courses. The beginning forensics class covers the fundamentals of preparing and delivering speeches. ln order to gain more confidence in delivery, this year the hrst year students went. to English and Social Studies classes with symposiums. Students in advanced speech courses were required to at- tend the outside speech meets, some of which took them as far as Dallas, Oregon. XVith a new coach this year, the drama department had two aims. One was bringing the community closer to Franklin. Department members strived toward this end by putting on chil- dren's plays each Saturday afternoon. The plots came from fairy tales, and the players provided their own dia- logue. Exposure to a wide range of drama, the second goal of the depart- ment, was secured in the presentation of one-act plays for the student body. 96 ltlll l in my -1. ,,...--gg il' .AX -W- 1 XFMB. ,Q ,X , nf" L ig 1 M, 'XX xxx. ENN? vtxnigr -,Ai ir . , g X rl . . . I -5 J - i I A . If ltbu v r S . 4 F V A I Mrs. Eleanor Norlin Head Librarian Research Work Made Easier B Library Facilities Mrs. Norlin, I-lead Librarian, has a few questions to ask regarding the area of the library, which she considers in- adequate: "How do you hang shelves from light fixtures?" "Wl1ere are we going to put this year's books?" "How can you fit three classes in the library at one time?" The library contains 1000 pamphlets and about 22,000 books. Its main pur- pose is to provide resources to the student for research work. The facil- ities include the pamphlet Hle, ref- erence books, and the Rm.f!w".r Guide In Periodic Lilcmfnru, used for locating magazine articles on specihc topics. Other purposes of the library are to give the student information on any interests he has, to supply him with books for recreation. -A ,Wy 5,51 'af Af:-. K 97 U 3 I i rv-- gi'-lmigwf Q- vu, X N f V ., .-L 7 Miss Betty Miss Dorothy Miss Susan Buckles Grant W0l1ld Foreign Foreign FOFCU-In Languages Languages Lan!-ZUIIFZC Mr. Ruben Depart. Chrm. Maier Mr. Forrest Foreign Siemroth Languages Foreign Languages Accent Placed on Foreign Languages The Foreign Language Department at Franklin offers students an opportunity to study the language and culture of three modern nations: France, Spain, and Germany. The languages are taught in four-year-sequence, beginning with emphasis on comprehension of the spoken language, and a basic under- standing of the history, art, and people of the nation. Films, records, and a language lab supplement the textbook instruction. In the advanced classes, concentration is put on reading and writing. Short stories, newspapers, plays, poems, and magazines are used to de- velop these skills. With the retirement of Miss Cecil McKercher last year, Latin and Russian were cancelled, but may be back in the curriculum next year if there is sufhcient interest among students. 'DI if i X - 'C' ,F vfrs. Gladys Miss Betty Mrs. Ruby Miss Linda Eggiman Gilbert Sewright Stanwood lome Home Home Home Eqgmymicg Fmnnmics Economics Economics ,f'q "-S+, 1 Home Ee. Stresses Famil Arts Cooking, sewing and first aid are among the basics of homemaking which girls study in Home Economics courses. The Child Development Program is a step toward better understanding of young people. The girls operate the Franklin Play School and study the different types of children's programs used throughout the city. Clothing classes range from a tourse for girls with no background in cloth- ing construction to advanced tailoring. This deals mainly with sewing for chil- dren. Cooking, an important duty for every girl, is covered in general courses all four years. A gourmet foods class, which involves experimenting with recipes from all over the world, is available. N -ii-s .XNW Mr R Bruce Mr.Williai11 Mr. Frances Mr. John Mr john Fleming Irgens Savage Shefler Su eo Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Depart, Chrm. Industrial Arts Department Provides Career Experience Designed to give background and train- ing in modern job skills, the Industrial Arts Department provides an explora- tory experience in careers. Courses in electronics, drafting, woodshop, and metalshop, are designed to prepare the student for today's technical world. Many of these courses provide the training necessary for beginning an apprenticeship upon graduation, while others are preparation for college. Each spring many Industrial Arts stu- dents contrihute items of interest to the Franklin Fine Arts Festival. These include tables, lamps, stereos, and go- karts. The exhibits are judged for qual- ity and workmanship by qualihed men in each field. 1' X ,ov-4 5 w c ll i Mr. Thomas Mr. Harold Mr. Iustin Dyar Ellmers Hagglund Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Miss Kathryn Mr. Richard Mr. Gordon Knotts Mabrv McEwen Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Depart. Chrm. Computer Enhanc Mathematics Curriculum The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses ranging from general math and elementary algebra to trig- onometry and senior math. After each student completes the required one year of mathematics, he may choose to increase his knowledge in this held by taking more advanced courses. Through daily discussions, tests, and homework, students absorb the prin- ciples of abstract proof and learn to apply principles of logic to specific problems. Through these techniques, they can better understand difficult problems which become applicable in today's highly technological world. This year the department had the use of an electronic computer. Instruction in its operation highlighted the year's study. 'IO4 Mr. Paul Hansen Mathematics Miss Laura Raab Mathematics Mr. Edward Johns Mathematics Mr. Fred Willis Mathematics YJ CS X 3 f S-...Q 5 Q. 7-N gs is-. ,zum Music Enriehes Student Life The music department of Franklin High School has much to oflfer stuclents. ln- leresting antl challenging classes in hoth instrumental ami vocal music are avail- ahle. The hancl, orchestra, "A" Choir, Girls Choir, ancl the small ensemhles continually tlistinguish themselves in the community This year, lor example. "A" Choir anal the orchestra presented the musical, flllllic' Cel Ywn' GNN. livery Christmas the choirs and orches- tra put on a musical program, while the hancl performs at lioothall and basket- hall games and marches in the liairy Tale and Rose Festival parades. In the spring hoth the hanti anti the orchestra compete in a cityhwicie contest. In acidi- tion, the Fine Arts liestival is annually presented hy the entire clepartment, with every musical group performing. ., iii i i . XS. f i . .h 'fl' ,gf N, . Mr. john Mr. George Mr. john Brewer Pancheau Perry Music Music Music Dept. Chrm. 'Qi' ' ""-"-nuff. . I t X A l 1 uakers Shape Up Benjamin Franklin said, "Games lubri- cate the hody and the mind." ln order to achieve this, Franklin High School carries out the state physical education program which makes two years of P.lf. required and gives those who wish it the opportunity to advance in this area. During the liall of the Freshman year the hoys improve their skills in loot- hall and speedhall, while the girls play field hockey. Activities such as volley- hall. tnmhling, haskethall, and track are covered in the course ol' the year, and a quarter is spent of the hasics ot' dancing. ln one semester the sophomore student learns the skills of tennis and reviews the activities of his freshman year. During the second semester driver edu- cation, sex education, the dangers Ol' smoking and alcoholism and the use and abuse of drugs are discussed in the classroom. Advanced, emphasizes lifetime sports such as archery and golf, and gives the students a chance to develop calls for their own square dances. 108 54 1 1 I . N' "" g 4 iq X' 9 Mr. ,Ion Mr. Walter Mrs. Josephine Mr. lack Miss Ioanne Miss Beryl Miss Patricia Abraham Buckiewicz Ehm Knudsen Mnrini Piper Vazuglin we tl-'R is 1: 5 i ,A tx 000009-vw Depart, Chrm. Y 'S g V. fair 4 x, 5 . t -ff 3, yeh! 4 J-cv' I we 'fi-1 .8- ,ar Fw. r- nf 1 .J 109 3 meds -ff ,, w F J, - ' Q . d K 5 rg rs- fi' it ' i .lf ,. t Miss Ann Mr. Ronald Mr. Leonard Bohlen Calhoun Gehrke Science Science Science Depart, Chrm. ?.,,.,.c . . I 1. . ixji i '14 lg. E- Mr. Dario Mr. Carlton Mr. Leonard Rachio Richter Scheele Science Science Science ni... Mr. john Neeley Science " l Mr. joseph Sklenicka Science i Science Explores New Worlds The Science Department aims to educate students to live in the complicated world society of today. Biology deals with the problems of the living world with its population, food, and space needs and difhculties. The chemistry and physics courses help make the physical world more meaningful in the "space age." Actually, no held of science can be sep- arated from the othersg therefore. we do have some classes of integrated science, a combination of biology, chem- istry, and physics. Special interests are met by oftering courses in seminar, where students work on their problems and in human physi- ology and second-year biology. Horticulture was offered to iunior and senior boys again this year. This class is a valuable experience for those inter- ested in nursery or florists work. The photography course consists of in- struction in the basic techniques of pic- ture taking, camera operation and the developing and printing of film. lil ,N4 H ww-nA , .f 1 Mr. Mike Miller 'Q Science Horticulture W Stud Of The Past Helps Students To Understand The Present Knowledge of the past, present, and future-what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen-is gained by the social studies program. Through social studies the student be- comes well versed on the world around him. He learns to interpret the pres- ent, and some aspects of the future, in light of the past. During the required three years of so- cial studies, freshmen study the ancient worldg juniors peruse American his- tory-from Colonial to present time, seniors deal with political sciences, sociology, economics, and international relations. Electives include half year courses in geography, European history and vo- cations. For students who have a 'en v ' - y to taste teachers duties there is a ear . i Y course of student assistance. The student body officers, class presi- dents learn more about government through the leadership class. "jf, Ti of uf u ii' w s-f Mr. James Mr. Iames Mr. Phil McKee Manning Wax Social Studies Social Studies Activity Dir. Depart. Chrin. Voc. Counslr. H4 Y A L 5 1 .-u i? Q , 9 I xx fl .43 :qt -f ' . :gr if , vii Mr lack Burn ., ,V Q , .W-fl! S L , ,.w. 9 if is of A ' x M1ssThelm1 Mrs Maxim Mr Gillncrt Mr Robert Mr Gary Collins Crites Ifrl mdson Fon laclcson V YJ f kg' ""-'i..,, A Xxx -'ii X. . xy .Z gb V . 4 " Mrs Susan Mrs loanne Mr lamcs Mar1nd1s Nordlmg Winters . Q Q N . i' " I Social Studies Social Studics Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studios f Physical Ed rn! ff' ,f ,,. .Q 'H' 4.6 Y S' f . L . L .Q 'Y' X .J -'jeff' U ',."?if' A, If -4" .F 1 1 v -Q , D 'Q , my ww ww- ' ' -' ' N, 'nik ,V 'gg I-if. STUDENT BODY sbs E 5-5 I , T I , Nr IF si .Qvv f' 9' X A XL., , F If J ' ' . rf J. if SEN .1 ,., i fm 1, - . --c f , - . L i,t?""'- X Q . ' if ix U A - '- .- K - 14" ii xi' K 'i ' S. ,"" Q" W 1' -. . " ' . , ' V '1 .Q i 2 , 1' J m fp-i " ,B Q , . ,iw . - -' ,r - A. S is W,-gf I Xu , K - 4 4 ,lv .N I f 5 i ,,S fy - ,Q , X, s , f '4 5 - X ' -, is if - v. ,. ' ' ' D' 0- , ,Q ' . . , .H . , . H. , 5 ,15 jg 14 , Q ,X '. 3 Fai?" i ' if L '- - Z' s' KN . L A ' ' 5 V id' ' f"?ii . 3: 5 i 'y ,Q , 1 w-' 3 Q - -Iggy Q ,, 1, A' i1..g,,gA. ig Q , expr, . , , U' ' . .' . K 'H wr, x - N .-,Q c , -g.,. A v 4 A ' A .i , -I V . . x, 4, ' i' L K I L fr "M if-inf' T-lx" av n , A "Qu 9 -' ' f -if - f - A Q'N'il'S.- ' - - - ' E' ' - 1 K i kfl.. 5 A ,A M ,: 5 . 1 ' i .f ,fffiaw J - ' 'v - A X - ,fflxi - " A '- X ' X." . ' f' ' Q . ,' 1 ,i H ifi, ' ' sa' X ii .Q . 5 -. ,g ' i 4 , ' gr' Ll l. V, 1 .Q . .i . . f i n + i 'V . X x i w?-1, i x i i i i i .- NV-I G ' - 1 v A W , i L ,-,. '-':- ."' ' " Jw TL' X . .Iggy-"ivl? 'Q H., K ,X . A,,,. st -A ' v' 'XQVQ . rv 4 v . F3595 ,f . l,'Qg,f:1m.,. ytgya. ,TE K 9, x 1 f S , W K . 'W-47 Q '-1-m?o'fr.-"4' .Q 1 i N X -4 Q-xx Y N .. '. fry- if-v.", .- ' xgfsf? .QVNLQ YQMVL gg in A 4- 1'?f. im ',-fini-'Q' 'IQ' .,A' 5, 3 ' . .f L . ' . L. ' ,. 3,3 2- -, sfanN'i!aKa,1Q,,x'!k Q -.W ,.,v,.4 3 .,. .. .'rI.a.+,.,. . ,,. .,, . L 1..t .y L i fs: .Q , :M , . I L lx '. C, ' ' -- ny. .1 'l -.1 ,, 5? 3- '- 'vu' I ' QM! 4. f- X '. 'xx ,'1,..,'--ij if-1xS,' K-.-fvf. N fs' 'L xi'-1 x fig-..i".x - qi I .1 ' 1 M-.. I' 55 a-3, pl u , . . . sq, 1- .., f . ,4 I vm'-. 5. , e. s , ..,. ij. gh-,4 -qv-4, - ff" - "iff 3155 "U'.'.'v'.Eix . ' , '- 'fn Q of . , , , Q ' -5 -.' 45 ,vqpi-,L . -:nfs . x-'Un .n. - 1- , , V . .,i i 1sL.,s 0' f- 3 -Q-ff. . - .5 Q.-, A . . ..,,,,..,+ .. ,mf iff.-ff gi- ,. , ' -tj f.'?' x ,U-, -V... - x wit Y' 5 . ..." ,4, 1' FY'f7'f..i ,'i ,ff A . 4, 1 P is . u f . 3, ".' 1' . JUNIORS: SPRING OFFICERS President-Sharon Gallucci Vice President-Dave Hudson Publicity Chairman-Betsy Stoutenburg Secretary-Karen Weeks Treasurer-Tina Eaton is J Fall Officers Prepare I For An Active Year "It was hard work, but I'd do it over again if I had the chance. You have to be willing to give up most of your free time and put forth all your effort. You also have to be able to take criti- cism." This is what Debbie Mealey had to say about her term as junior Class president. Debbie and her cabinet wanted the Dr. Erickson trophy to go to the juniors and kept this in mind during the planning of all activities. The term began with Junior Week. Activities included a color day, tag sale, and dance. During the remainder of the term, two class meetings were held, class jewelry was sold, and the plans for the prom were Hnished. ,p . -..J . . . , ,n..,-, , ,,...,..,,,...,,t,,.,.,.., . W.. ....,..,:,.,..,,W,,,,,..,,,.M.-.f-yfaiw 4. -4. Spring Cabinet Winds Up The Year Successfully junior Class president, Sharon Gallucci, said about her spring term, "It's lots of work, but you want to do it, so it doesn't seem like work. I just wish we'd had more participation. It's such a big class, 600 people, and it is hard to get everybody interested." During the spring term, the cabinet continued the class jewelry sales and various money making projects. Two of these projects, the validation of class cards and the sale of spirit tags, took place the week before the Junior Prom. The big event of the spring term was the Prom with the theme of "April in Paris." Much hard work went into the planning and execution of this activity. V--0-s 1 1 g j 1 f 1 I J X an O Qi 0' - J '61 1' , l pn, N x "' nv f 'N' ' H '-w 4 1 , 7 , 1 1 - I ,Kr X Q ,X ,r f Cf- Akins, Carol Alfsen, Darlene Alsman, Chris Anderson, Janet Anderson, john Anderson, Keith Anderson, Wendy Andreotti, John Andrew, Judy Andrew, Lyn Atkinson, DeeDee Austen, Tom Bacon, Doug Bacon, Faye Baker, Mike Baldridge, Darlene Balduyck, john Ball, john Bankhead, Allen Barnard, Terelee Beal, Ray Beigh, Steve Bell, Mike Bellott, Michele Benedict, Mark Bennett, jan Berardinelli, Ted Bergstrom, Wynne Bernard, Susan Berry, Gail Best, Charlene Bisbee, Elaine Blades, Dennis Blair, Doug Blanchard. Del Blankenship, Dave Bolin, Lynetta Bundy, Robin Booth, Kathy Booth, Lenny Booihby, Debbie Borgmann, Cathy Bowen, Dale Bowen, Marilyn Bowman, Cathy Brandt, Bob Brauckmiller, Pam Brenton, Leslie Brockhaus, Jay Brooks, julie Brooks. Sharon Broomfield, Donna Brosius, Dale Brown, Corrine Brown, Dorean Brown, jim 'Q bf 1 v . X C ,gr-Lf l. "' '.-0. -M Lf-1 N N4 -pf ix- . ,WJ ,, mr V' Irons 1- , v-an I . W 1 'A yn n- . l Si ' an i N.. 7 I ll?-. ,Q x Zo H ff . 4 L, K 'I ' - ei ii 'r'Y X . ww l . f.f'4 3 J I S.. , '-r 4 -.Q J , -ef ' ah 4:1 'miie 'fr tr , 'g X N ,al Brown, Patti Buchanan, Barbara Bunnell, Linda Burchell, jeff Burgarci, Doug Burgard, jerine Burnell, Bob Byers, Mary Cabral, Barbara Calkins, Peggy Capps, joe Carmickle, Ron Carrara, Mary Carruth, jaimye Cary, Allen Center, Judy Chambers, Dean Chapel, Debbie Chilson, Patti Choate, Naomi Clark, Tina Clow, Bruce Coel, Edward Cole, Joseph Colvin, Pati Comstock, joRene Connell. Glenda Conner, julie Conover, Dana Cook, Harold Cooper, Patti Coryell, Dean Cospy, Frank Cote, Diane Coughlin, ,lim Cox, Mike Cozza, Michelle Cozzetto. Carole Creivse, Kay Crosby, lanice Cullison, Delmar Cummings, Sherrie Dallas, Linda Daniels, Gary rr ypprpr pi dk, V 4'-0 . .l"'ffii..wJ x :E T' -- Daniels, Wendy Davis, David Davis. Debbie Davis, Diane Davis, Mike Demoor, Dennis Dempster, Dolores Densem, Debi Dittler, Kathy Dixon, Donna Dolyniuk, Melissa Donnell, Debbie lllgi 5 Donnelly, Debbie Down, Mike Drais, Janet Ducham, Ron Duman. Ted Dunlop, Debby Duvall, Craig Eaton, Matt Eaton, Tina Edmunson, Bob Edwards, Bob Edwards, Ron Eichhorn, Frank Ellis, Beverly Erickson, Charles Erickson, Kris Erickson, Mary Estes, Dennis Evans, Cindy Evans, Marlene Evans, Mike Eveland, jim Fadness, Shelley Felizola, Risseth Ferrell, Elaine Field, Carole Finley, Mary Fisher, Amy Fisher, Margaret Flink, Linda Fossati, Bruce Foster, Chris 'Ol f. .9 4-rv' 11 3 I , I Nr ,J X A. s QR + ,el ws 1 2 ,s V, All if M ll i ,Q 10 , NJN: ' +2524 .. x.:.."1ff!'N- A X , 4 fix -52 V 'sq -4' Ll Gilbcrt, Jerri Gilbert, Karen Gillies, Doug Giord, Ken Girvan, Margaret Giunta. Janice Fosterman, Elizabeth Franceticb, Pam Fredrickson, Bonita Fry, Marti Fuglee, Kathy Fuller, Claudia Funk, Morris Gallucci, Sharon Gardner, Dave Gattuccio, Brian Gay, Tom Gayron, jim George, Barbara Getchell, Ross J Q Q-. '1 if il .5 ,- ,ess 0 if a, RJ 4 Qs-0 af rx 5 . ,- X s l I r r N B J' N A 0x7 f inf ' t xc 'J ,.f J Glasbrenner, Bill Godsey, Gwen Goetsch, Rex Goldhammer, Rick Goldsby, Roger Goleman, Clayton Goodale, Mike Goodwin, Rhea Grancly, Greg Granstrom, Frank Gray, Alice Gray, Diane Green, Bill Greer, Gene Griffiths, Marille Guile, Linda Gunter, Ken Guy, Mark Hamlin. Patti Handsacker, Janice Hansen, Curt Harding, Dan Harding, Steve Harmen, Mark Ha-rmon, Steve Harper, Alvin Harper, Dennis Harris, Betty Harris, Vicki Harrison, Bill Harvey, Michelle Hash, Keith Haugen. Debbie Hausch, Susan Hauskins, Linda Hauskins, Rick Hawkins, David Hawkins, Leon Head, Dorothy Heath, Bruce Helquist, Dan Henick, Larry Henninger, Marty Herrmann, Helen Hicks, Terry Hill, Dana Hill, Linda Hill, Scott Hill, Sharon Hiransomboon, Chris Hirsch, Judy Hodges, Jeanette Holder, Nancy Hollway, Rick Holt, Ken Hooker, Randy Hopkins, Don Hopkins, Marty Howell, janet Huber, Shirley Hudson, Dave Hunnel, Ronda Hunter, Linda Hutchens, Kim Hyland, janet lkeda. jerry Inclan, Ernesto Irwin, Linda jacobson, Byron jelinco, jeff jensen, Chris jensen, Cathy jeppeson, Patti jirschele, Gary johnson, Allen jolmson, Barbara 126 'F 05 ' 'i is Q7 johnson, judy johnson, Linda johnson, Teresa johnson, Tom jones, judy jones, Larry jones, Steve jones, Terry jordan, jeri jordan, Linda jordan, Stanley junker, Debra Kadolph. Stanley Kaufman, Bill Kelly, Barbara Kemrer, Kay Kibe, Keith Kiewatt, Celeste King, Stan Klatt, Connie Knutson, Mark Knutson, Norman Konetsky, Eileen Krahmann, Frank Kraleyg Donise Krause, Rose Krueger, Ron Kruger, Steve Kuch, Charmaine Kulbel, Nora Kwan, Mavis Laframboise, jenny Lahue, Patrice Lamb, Stephanie Lambert, Lori Landels, Mike Lang, Beckie Langdon, Tim Larsson, Eva Lawwill, Mark Lee, Arnold Leirmo, Lela Lenon, Walter Leppa, jo Lewallen, Robert Lewis. Cliff Lindley, Karen Lins, Debbie -S 'D' N X Lohnes, Debbie Lomax, jacquic Long, Cyndi Loprinzi, janet Lorenzini, Irene Lorusso, Ralph Louie, Elaine Lovel, Clyde Lukich, Danny Lum, David Lund, Anita Lundgrcn, john Lupo, john Lytle, Dick Mackintosh, Eve Macy, Debbie Mcffamman, Maureen Mcffamman, Anne MCCJIFCDCY, Terry McClanahan, Dennis 127 McDonald, Mike McDonough, Mike McFarlane, Pat McGuire, Gary McHenry, jim .xt 1-lf"5 r.,, , 'f:1'f Nr' McKague, jean MCKiernan, Mary McLean, jan McNeal, Pat McQuaw, Nancy Mather, Mary il Martinolich, Bonnie . W " , -1. . .M , McQuaw, Terry Magel, Glenda Matthews, Steve May, Susan w X 'N QN, X ' I 7 ' lin' Y .,, , tv 'x f X Maine, Susan Majors, Joe Malet, Mike 30 Maloney, Ted Malsey, Toni Mankins, Martha Marleau, Marilyn Marler, Vicki Mealey, Debbie Meeks, Charlene if x Melis, Kayla Mellen, Linda Mettler, Gary Metz, Frances Myer, Linda Mikkelson, Martin Mi les, Tom Miller, Carol Miller, Cathy Miller, jackie 144 'x Miller, janet Miller, Penny Miller, Sue Moats, Janice Moffitt, Jeff Moon, Pete Moore, Susan Morgan, Bill Morgan, Larry Morgan, Ron Mortimer. Karen Nauglit, Rodney Nees. Carole Nessling, Diane Newcomer, Nick Niclcila, Jerry Nielsen, Brenda Niiranen, Richarcl Nonne, Suzette Norcl. Joyce Nochols, Kitty O'Brian, Nancy N is 11' e 0 Uv.,- Tr' Oetinger, Diane Oliver, Gorclan Olney, Jay Olsen, Rodney Oman, Ron O'Neill, Steve Orling, Scott Orme, Ron Osburn, Mark Oster, Sandy Owen, Linda Oxford, Charles Palmer, Ken Papas, Sista Pappas, Tonia Parker, Cleve Parrish, Ed Parshall, Don Passmore, Gary Patterson, Judy Patterson, Steve Pavlich, Paul Pearson, Janis Peck, Vicki Peets, Alice Penner, Carol Penrod, Diane Peters, Janice Peterson, Steve Peterson, Vicky Petrarca, Dave Petrie, Pat Piccolo, Gary Pickens, Tom Pinchard, jim Plass, Marla Pohrman, Terry Popp, Betty Poppino, Jim Porter, Steve Price, Linda Price, Susan Primmer, Sherrie Puukka, Hannu Racanelli, Joe Rail, Louie Ralphs, Kim Raze, Bruce Reiter, Wendy Rhoades, Mary Richards, Michele Richey, Walter Riehl, Bill Ritchey, Dane Rivera, jean Roberts, Terry Robinson, Darleene Robinson, Ilene Robinson, Rick Roley, Ed Romine, john Rountree, Rick N Q fl 3 nl x' Rowley, Dorothy Roylance, Pam Ruddell, Roy Rumage, Sue Rundhaug, Karen Sadamoto, Rei ' Sadring, David Sague, Ileana 'Salois, Karen Saloum, Mary Santangelo, Terri Sauer, Rick Savory, Cathy Schlosser, Dave Schmitz, Dennis Schmorl, Kathy Schneider, Gary Schneider, Phyllis Schoenbeck, Kathy Schramm, Terrie Schulze, George Scofield, Russ Scorcio, Sherie Seitz, Gail Serrano, Ray Seymore, Kent Shaffer, Mark Shannon, Russ Shea, Dan Shrake, Chris Sink, Pamm Skeen, Mary Smith, Dave Smith, Gary Smith, john Smith, Lori Smith, Mark Smith Mary Smith: Nita 'Smith, Pam Smith, Patricia Smith, Sue Smothers, Steve Smurthwaite, Don Solari, Frank Soohoo, Alan Spacek, Darrell Speten, Cindy Stanl, Beverly Stalker, David Steeves, Fred Stevens, Dorene Stiles, john Stinnett, Susan St. Marie, Gordon Stonel, Sandy Stokes, Mike Stokes, Sue Stone, Becky Stone, Bob Stoutenberg, Betsy Strickland, Barry Sullivan, Becky Tate, Debbie Tatman, Wyla Taylor, Diana Taylor, Dorcas Taylor, Steve Taylor, Tom Taylor, Vicki Tesdal. Lynn Test, Billie ,ff Tevet, Matilda Thomas, Lorda Thompson, Dave Thorpe, Colleen Todd, Chris Todd, Keith Tonnes, Maria Tower, janet Tsunemitsu, Tyler Turner, Gary Unsworth, Cindy Van Acker, Judy Vandehey, Margaret Vassar, Joann Veness, Martha Vermeer, Don Vigna, Gary Wahl, Don Walrlrep, David Walker, Annetta Wall, Larry Walters, Debbie Warner, Kathryn Warren, Lynette Watkins, Mary Weaver, Linda Webb, Ju retta Wleeks, Karen Weissenbuehler, I Welch, Cynthia Welch, Keith Welsh, Kevin XVestwood, Lucy Whelchel. Marie Whitley, Craig Wiatr, Lorrie Willis, Virginia Wilson, Dan Wilson. Joy Wilscnn, Penny Winchester, Mike XY'inczewski, Pat Wcmlff, ViCl:ki Wolfe. Pat Wolford, Gloria Wood. Leslec Woods, Pam Wfoodward, Bob Workman, Jackie Wyatt, Mark Yaconetti, Sam York, Judy Young, Steve Zalesk. George 'Q E, M: : SOPHOMORES: FALL OFFICERS President-Wfayne Michigami Vice President-Nancy Mclilhancy Secretary-Carla Twcten Treasurer-Doug Roylance Publicity Chairman-Judy Slane SOPHOMORES: SPRING OFFICERS President-Nancy Mclilhaney Vice President-Anita Harris Secretary-JoAnn Hopper Treasurer----Carla Twctcn Publicity Chairman-Carol Anderson you-.f , QU S X1 I Fall Sergeants-at-Arms: Kathy Andre, Lois LaHue, Anne Powell, Terese Sanders. w., - -Fr-,-.P Jn,- ,Ed C' ..1,,p,'g, - . c . .4 ,ff ' :,, 4.3-5. 3"--v -. 5. ',31f351m-fair 3 'f'- - 1-f.. N . .usa . Mn. 'M' -'vffrr ., 5 tmlxrkr .:,,,1.9.:4ets-,l A . , lk ' ,' .WY ' . f, 5A -gig A , Spring Sergeants-at-Arms: Sue Stewart, Debbie Douglas, Diane Miller, Sherry Langdon. Christie Little, Doug Guinn. 136 Sophomore Class Puts Money-Making First n Agenda u l didn't think there would be so many worries, but l did have a good cabinet and lots of fun," said Wfayne Michigami. The fall term sophomore class officers began work with car washes during the summer. Other money making projects took place during the school term and included game tag and class card sales. Most of the activities of the class were can- celled or postponed because of conflicts of schedules or weather conditions. Spring term sophomore class president, Nancy McElhaney, felt that the class needed more interest from members outside the cabinet. She also said that she was impressed by some sopho- mores who asked if they could come to the cabinet meetings. The term consisted mainly of money making activities such as a bake sale, car wash, candy sale, and after school sales. Since both the sophomore and freshman-sponsored dances dur- ing the fall term were cancelled out, the two cabinets sponsored a dance together in the spring. Q - me f' Alfsen, Wently -S' M J Allbaugh, Dale , rg,-f' .. Allen, Steve D' If , i Allen, Tom Amato Alerry it C s Anderson, Carol x l KX .. I Anderson. Miles -A ' i A ii Anderson, Ron 3 i ,L' ,nv-it Arlman, Vicki "" f ' I e -J 1'-'Y id : 3 -.r Q4 'Q "7 Anderson, Steve Andre, Kathy Ankeney, Dan Austin, Carol Bacon, Vernon Bailey, Joel Baisinger, Karen Baldino, Kathy Baldwin, Donna Ball. David Ball, Patty Bankston, Beverly Barnard, Steve Barnes, Lissa Barnhart. Karen Barnhart, Marilyn Barrett, Tommie Bassett, Frank Baugher, Rick Beard, Heather Beattie, Jackie Beck, Cathy Beckwith, Donna Beggs, Allen Behnke, Russ Bell, Rick Belott. Barbara Bennett, Ann Benson, Margaret Bergstrom, Ron Berry, Urpha Beswick, Bob Bishop, Dan Blackman, Janice Blumenschein. Kathy Bodeman, Dennis Bolera, Sharlene Bomby, Don Bond, Brenda Bondurant. Laurie Bonife, John Boroff, Lee Brannan, Bonnie Brauchmiller, Geo Brinda, Cheeri Brock, Terry Brown, Jim Brown, Jeanne Brown, Kaye Brown. Rick Bruning, Melissa Brust, Bob Bufton, Janice Bullis, Mike Burkenbine, Jay Burnell, David rget ' Rf, I ..- ,- ,. QW , -,' ,3-P' x-3' K , --0 av 57 'J- ,4- ..., Lu ...v T4 but f l,,: J i ft ,f 9 is rf' ,Aa ,Cui , 3 f Fi 1 ,-Q nv' f? 'U' X , , -rf A K as ' 13' nl f-.ffv 1 -J, 'fin Burns, Kathy Burrows, Linda Bush, Bill Byers, Lynn Caldwell, Debbie Callaghan, Colleen Camacho, Dolores Canfield, Diane Caravity. Torel Carpenter, Paul Carr, Cheryl Carr, Chris Carroll, Ginger Cartee, Nanci Cassaclay, Marla Caron, Marily Cavin, Patti Center, David Center, Dianne Chavez, Ray Choi, Alice Christensen, Sibyl Clark, Cathy Clark, Charlene Claypool, Dianne Clow, Laigtl Clunas, Lola . Coates, George Coates, Gloria Cole, Glen Cole, Scott Coleman, Bill Comstock, Terry Cook, Larry Cooper, Paul Couture, Pam Cowan, Tim Cox, Steve Craig. Gene Craig, Ginger Cross, Brian Crots, Ellaine Crytlerman, Wancla Cubic, Eric Cunningham, Debra Currin, Hope Dahlgren, Ierry Dahlquist, Judy Dambrosia, Mary Anne Daqui lante, Theresa Deal, Michelle Dean, Diane Dell, Kathleen Demartino, Bonnie Devieteo, Marcia DeYoung, Christine e Rr - , 2 WZ , sr . 5.5 C f-7 Dierking, Dwight Dietz, Kevin Diloreto, Greg Dimoff, David Dirl-cs, Stan Doig, Diane Donnerberg, Mary Douglas, Debbie Douglas, Judy Drennan, Tim. Dryder, Lqrna Ducham, Mike 'T' Duddington, Norm Duggins, Lola Dunk, janet Dunn, jim Earnest, David Edgar, Beverly Eheler, Barbara Ell, Judy Elliot, Jean Ellison, Leatha Elston, Jim Emra, John Evans, joan Fain, Mike Farley, Debra Farmer, Carol Fast, Dave Fastelin, Nancy Faulhaber, Susan Fazio, Bill Federspiel, Debbie Finch, Vivian Finnerty, Ron Finney, Steve Finzal, Ron Fitch, joe Flaming, Dale Fontana, Patti Gallucci, Paul Garcia, Lovrdes Garrett, jerry Gauche, Thomas lr , ,X .M ,M 4' Y xgl' ',x , if -.HJ , L ' I . f vw lah! A4 el L' , it x 9 15' 1? Q C7 .- I' f f 4, !lxv ,rv 25 xx -i Lf l , I' 2 f X -e-7 W ad.-an N l me al 1 Z X 6 if 'Q ..,1 6.4 K? sa I xc! 1- v-,,-4 I Q .- l .-, N0 1 ...f 4 Pk M.. -J ws. Q u I x ,. I , , aw 'A -Q fi 'i. L+? Geimcr, Tom Gentry, Pam Geren, Don Giandomenico, Warren Giannone, Nick Giordano, Steve Gish, Stan Gladfelder, Debbie Glenn, Sherry Gnicwosz, Barbara Godoy, Felix Goleman, Clayton Gonzalez, Aleida Gonzalez, Maria Goodall, Rick Goold, Kim Gorden, Jan Gould, Debbie Graham, joy Gray, Mike Green, Mike Green, Rick Grc-enough, Bill Gross, Anita Guinn, Doug Gulliford, Phillip Gunter, Dennis Halifer, Mark Hall, Dan Hall, Larry Halzer, Bruce Hammond, Beth Hankey, joe Hannah, Cathy Harding, Donna Harding, Marsha Harding, Sandy '? 1 '-0 T Pls av' X . k ' . 1. ,Y ,ts .ff , ,- Q' s Q ' ,.., ,Q ""'Y l .- v af f ' : . ,fad 4 J, x f , 4 i ,iiv I G vm 4 ld -' in ww- 2 . X L 1 ge ,I A x, 'Q . . Y. I- 'a v ' V,h ,f J J 'N 'ff' Vi l 2 Nl ff? .6- ' ri ff 1 Al 1 v v ' i X z .Nix sa -it X 4. .J .J 4 4. -1 f . 5 :gr ., . fr- JV Harris, Anita Hart, Juliann Harvey, Bruce Hauskins, Connie Hayzlett, Nancy Heidinger, Jack Heinrichs, Terry Henderson, Rebecca Henderson, Roberta Henick, Laura Hensley, Ron Herd, Tom Herrmann, Paul Hess. Stanley Heuchert, Rudolph Hicks, Russ Hiday, Ernie Hi Idenbrand, Rodney Hill. Cheryl Hill, Jeff Hill, Scott Hinkle, Debbie Hoage, Raymond Hodson, Cindy Hoffman, Dale Hogeland, Mona Holland, Jeff Holstine, Cindy Holt. Glenda Hopper, JoAnn Horner, Jolene Howard, Lorri Hoyt, Susan Huflaker. Mary Hufhne, Evelyn Huffman, Guy Hull, Gloria Inahara, Alan Ingersoll, Royanna lngham, Cliff Isbell, Jean Jarboe, Cheryl Jensen, Brenda Jensen, Greg JL-well, Steve Johnson, Bernt Johnson, Curr Johnson, Lorette Johnson. Marilyn Johnson, Steve Johnston, April Johnstone, Don Jones, Bill Jones. Clay Jones, Ken Joseph, Penny 4- W K 1 I 4 I I' ,a f, up x 5, wo Y? ,,.- av . -L1 X . . +0 13? I. -A C-4 Kassebaul, Timma Keller, Greg Kelley, Brian Keim, Jerry Keltner, Thelma Keyes, John Kidner, David King, Donella Kitz, Francine Kitz, Pam Knutson, Bob Ko, Eva Koch, Gary Koehler, Aaron Kolb, Marcia Koseniensky, Mike Kraemer, Bob Kraemer. Jean Kristich, Diana Kristich, Judy Kristich, Nancy Kubli, Walter Kurkinen, Nancy Kwakkel, Philip Kwan, Nancy Kwasney, Sharon Lahue, Lois Lajimodiere, Leola Lake, Sandy Lamb, Susan Lambert, Paul Landreth, Jeanette Lang. Gayle Langdon, Sherry Lankins, Mike Larkins, Belinda Larsson, Anne Larvick, Nancy Lassiter. Carrie Lassiter, Joey Laws, Greg Leaf, Dennis Lebeaux, Robert Lebrun, Rhonda Lee, Judy Lee, Karen Lee, Stella Lentz, June Lewis, Bill Lieb, Cynthia Lindi, Lori Lindquist, Craig Little, Christie Lively, Ken Llaneza, Lorraine Locke, Jay X . I 3' v..- ' ,Lax -J fc? 'no' 1: G. i L4 v illLif'fi"llll sf ,--p rs ps ,44 .- . Q 4 . -A 472' , -A .F L 'swf' a J 1.32 -v 4 C", -fifsf' , 5 ,. ' vii!! fb-I cl-P Lockhart, Mike Lohmeyer, Cheryl Long, Paul Lorenzini, Barbara Loughrey, David Louie, Melvin Lovel, Virginia Lovlien. Jean Lund, Cheryl Lusk, Lucy Lynn, Bob Lyons, Patricia MacFarlane, Linda Macklin, Ellen Malicoat, john Malicoat, Mark Malis, Steve Mankins, Sandra Manning, Marcy Martin, Marie Martin. Marilyn Martinolifh, Beverly Mehlig, Dana Meyer, Claude Michigami, Wayne Miles, Tom Miller, Diane Miller, Kelly Miller, Paul Miller, Sharon Miller, Steve Miller, Susie Millett, Gilbert Mills, Ken Mohes, Bill Morrison, jerry Mortimer, Lorelei Mosbrucker, Debbie Mulkey, Cindy Mullen, Craig Mulvaney, Larry Munger, Marilyn Munker, Gail Murphy, Shawn Mursol, Donna Myer, Ed Myers, Diane McBride. An McCauley, Kathy McClure, Donna McDonald, Rick McElhaney, Nancy McEwen, jeff McFarlane, Kathy McGuire. Dianna Mcllroy, Dennis Mclntosh, Linda McQuaw, James McQuaw, Pam Nelson, Eric D. Nelson, Eric F. Nelson, Steve Newcomer, Mike Newell, Sharon Newton, Diane Newton, Kathy Ni gh, Pat Niiranen, George Osburn, Randy orey, Bill Owens, Gaynell Parker, David Parrish, Greg Patapoff, Martha Patraw, Bill Patterson, Diana Patterson, Doug Payne, Alvin Peets, Nora Pendleton, Bill Norby, Nancy Nye, Ruth Oalcleaf, Bob O'Brien, Rochelle Oclbcrt. Nancie Olsen. Jim Olson. Nancy Osbeck, Craig if-v -nal 1 9- xy, 'J x jx t v 'I-' -'!I A -J v -lin an ""7 Peters, Dave Pickup, Cathy Pitzer, Donna Pohrman, jim Potter, Larry Poujade, Jim Powell, Anne Priestley, Mike Primmer, Dan Purpura, Teresa Quinton, Gary Ragnone, Roger Raker, Lori Rall, Georg-jean Raphael, Art Rasmussen, Darwin Rathkey, Gary Rauchenstein, Marcia Ray, Rosemary Raymond, Gayle Reese, JoEllen Remme, Roxanne Rettinger, Marilyn Reverman, Chris Rice, Richard Richardson, Robin Rivera, Juanita Roberti, Marlene Robinson, Elaine Robinson, Mike :L ,., Robinson, Patti X f' Robinson, Paula Robson, john Roos, Steve Royce, jerry Roylance, Doug Rumbauch, Doug Ryan, Mike Ryan, Teresa Saheki, Yoshiko Salois, james Sanders, Teresa -I Santangelom, Mike Schibel, Rick Schmidt, Brenda Schmitz, Linda Schneider, julie Schott, Nola Schreiner, Karen Schuette, jim Schultz, Linda Sconce, Vince Scopacasa, Debbie Scopacasa, Donna Sessler, Ingrid Sessler, Linda 3 if is Qffl Nw ' X ..- Y Y' 45. -ai Y-7 146 Q. X '3 Q .. -mx ,gf I, 4 g ,p 'iff Vu- ' X., . ' 'JH VJ , A x 4. 1 " Se ' iii A 'Mn , " xtj Shaffer, Mike Sharkey, Bill Shelton, Robn Shields, Jim Shorts, Becky Shrake, Stuart Shumway, Bob Sirianni, Mary Slane, Judy Sloan, Leroy Smith, Cindy Smith, Dave Smith, Joyce Smith, Cathy Smith, Paul Smith, Susan Soderquist, Stev Soohoo, Shirley Sprauer, Judy C Springgay, Debbie Stady, Pam Staigle, Rose Standford, Ron Steffen, Debbie Sterns, Sherry Stewart, Susan Stitch, Edward Stith, Dennis Stokes, Debbie Stopper, Sandy Stromber, Robin Summers, Barbara Super, Debbie Sutton, Sue Swain, Susan Sweet, Alan Tambling, Stan Tano, Teresa Taylor, Mark Taylor, Sharrie Taylor, 'Steve Teske, Mary Thario, Sandy Thieman, Linda Tipton, Darla Torelle, Dorothy Totzen, Joanne Tracy, Marjorie Trimm, Lori Tweten, Carla Unsworth, Danny Vance, Linda VanTroyer, Barbara Veness, Nancy Wahl, Debbie Waits, Birdie -w Q '27 ,S ' ,!.f,'fQ i-- jf? if fe? E 2, 5 U if if 'C' 1 V K- A i fr 4 aw , , X 4 , , is 5 Vai? A l ,,.4 415 if 5 og. fi' K v-Z . sr ---v l E1 J, if: N. ..a ,4 ., , by 2 no 'vu --04 fv 4 Wakeman, john Walsh, Theresa Walters, Diana Ward, Dennis Ward, Denis Ward, Jim Warmuth, Vickie Washam, Marlene Weber, Al Weber, Larry Weiclner, Bobbie Wellington, Joanne lag J Wenrich, Bob Wepper, Carol West, David White, Roberta Whitehead, Cecilia Whitley, Candy Whitlock, Susan Wickham, Sandi Wikander, Mary Wikander, Merilee Wilkinson, Kelly Willett, Steven Williams, Debbie Willman, Richard Wfilson, Terry Wilson, Tim Winegarden, Donna Wittkop, Larry Wittman, Jody Wohlers, Karen Wolf, Clark Wolff, Dick Wood, Pat Woodard, Clyde Worthington, Seiaett Wright, Gayle Yabuki, Stuart Young, Lynda Zaleski, Karen Ziegler, Kurt , Zielsdorf, Bob Zilk, jeff an K A . AJ 'J t1' y ,M ox C7 ' 2 s eff r L3 at 4-Tfbf i A 'i vi ' A4 , , T f N I ,, . - - fi, 'l?5' -" 4' s U 'QC Q ix.- ' c-" -if . v I s ,t W .Q W LK, ' ., ' - X V ,fx , E M , f 113-" . , li , A t Ja M 6 ., an "' I if ., IU' ,V ev 'N I A il' , m, .XM fl, .9 5 ' 4:1 1 v I , .1- rv . V . si f' A 4 fa 2' G54 - '41 ' an. -J' 'f K '-' ...TJ ' nr 1-4 -x 1 l ul l47 7- Q-1 3 U Freshmen Find Facts And Friendship At Franklin "It was harder than I thought it would be, because no one takes an interest. The cabinet worked hard, but it doesn't matter how much you ut into some- thing if other people djo not become involved. That goes for the whole school, not just the freshman class." These are the words used by Cindy Stucki to express her feelings about her term as freshman class president. The first activity undertaken by the freshmen was "Fresh Week." During this week the class had a sucker sale, class card contest, .and an assembly. The dance for that week was cancelled out because of snow, and changed to a combined dance of freshmen and sophomores sponsored by both classes. RJ' Sergeant at-Arms: Steve Nonne, Susan Bell, Vicki Miller, Toni Brown Patti Lahn, Rick Rasmussen Adams, Debbie Aho, Ken Akins, Linda Alexander, Sherry Allaert, Martine Allen, Debra Ally, Kim Altmanns, Scott Anderson, Craig Anderson, Tom Armstrong, Cynthia Austin, Mike Ayers, Frances Babnick, Catherine Baker, Bob Baldwin, Douglas Ball, Brad Ball, Cliff Ball, Ray Bankston, Gary Banta, Dale Barber, Valerie Barbour, Frank Barnard, April Barnard, Renee Barnes, Janice Barnett, Tom Bastedenbeck, Marilyn 'kr i AC f i .Q 5. 1 " i A 'X . I x, ' I li" ,J 5 fi ff, ,. ! 4 4 x I V 4, f ls - y ,Q ,,, i 0 'i vvhu, -4 P cz .QV . , ii -JP - 'T' In ..., yy ,E , - ,. ,:. 1 -fy! ,f ' V 1 3 . bl ' c uc, ',:"C, f P f , ,f l I., .ll ,W 1779 fra 'na . . -1 l49 ? 4 W .B 1 -ll f x Ji L. 3 U 1 nf' 4 , , 3,18 1 M -:Ax . 1,319 rd uv,-3 'CF f ,IIN ' Us A, IQ! v ,x .31-is -..-vf ' -J 1 fi Q'-P SB:-fm Q B .gi y - li , 1 121. 525:51 YP K Vx J ,?'x , . nfl' 3 J J i 174, ' Battilega, Bruce G' L, Bauer, Renee -. - Baugher. Brad ',f .. I -. ' J V , It .ar rm " "". no fu.- I nik Bonner, Wesley Boothby, Sharon Bork, jon Bowe. Linda Bowen, jim Bradt, Marcia Brady, Gary Brasesco, jim Braun. Bruce Bray, Becky Bray, Debbie Breeder, Dennis Ng' . 1 Baxter, Dave Beach, Tony Beal, Randy Beams, Diane Beggs, Sheila Bell, jennine Bell, Susan . Belland, Larry Beltz, Ron Berlas, Hory ,Qu Bernard, Cyndi ' Bernard, Bill Bethune, Bob Biggs, Marci Blair, Ervin Blades, Louis Blalock, Stuart Blanchard, Marla Bodeman, Doug Boileau, Skeeter Bolder, Sue N, Bonner, Tom Bridges. Gary Brinda, Merrily Britzious, Dan Brokaw, Mike Brooks. Brenda Broomfield. David Brown, Cindy Brown, John Brown, Randy Brown, Toni Brown, Wende Brunelle, Kathy ,.. ,J '.. 2 P f L'fy', rdwffs 3 - rf! . ' -A Jx rr - 'A 0 Q5 ii ii,?H' L 1-f .f,f 2, r-",...-.,i?':1:' ffif ' if 'NI -,' -Q-.f x. ' vv- L sa' -r -i i 'U 3,5 X :Y Q Q , I no "-'r' X X ' 'ff 9 Q . ,Q-,, ." J.: 1 " if 1 uf!! " li- di Q - ' f 'pl 1 X X A , 9 . .fy Q 4 -J' R.. ,gf ' ,fr .fm Brunelle, Kay Buchanan, Ieff Bull, Nikki Burchell, Ann Burnell, Nfary Camp, Gordon Camus, Zvonimir Caniparoli. Don Capps. Ben Carlson. Rodney Carnes, Nancy Carroll, Carole Case. Doug Castello, Orlando Chapman, Sue Cheney, Sheryl Choi, Mary Christensen, Cathi Clark. Dale Cloutier, Paul Cochell, janeie Cochran. Mic Cole, Debbie Coleman, Larry Coleman, Susan Comella, Lori Conner. Greg Cook. Beverly Cooper. David Corrigan. Shannon Cox. Debbie Cox. Jerry Cozetto, Susan Crawford, Paul Crosby, Roxanne Crowther, Mike Cullison, Wanda Cummings, Jef? Dahl, Ann Dahl, Sam Dalandri, Judy Daniels, Sally Darlow, Brad Davenport, Lori David, jeryl Davies. Mary Davis. Mike Daw, Mike Dawes, Roger Dean, Mike Dcnr, Janice DeMoor, Donna ...K 1 ' K " D , , J - f " -. - 3 ' ' Xa, "' A - r vs-iv S x "T Q-1' v 1 ' ' N l' ., - ' 1 I n ' fi 1 c , - 5 .AQ 1 I 1 L, H ,Q 4-1 ,, ,lib -c ' x 9 I C' --v I . 1 "m ...Q -1 l f X r 1 ,,. , x I l 1 1 X A l A Jil 0 ' it if " .11 f ' " . f W , ' i Q. , Q' A A V 4 ! I .1 r , A . wma ' , ,V 1 ,g ' l jf . 'iv' -. A.. Ll '. - -K- . A9 ' xv Lf' ' . :Q LQ L., we A A . "' ' - r ,WAAS K. K "iii All ' -Q ... y C- - ' i if . V 5 V V ff . be i . 1 , ,Z fe' Muzi- I 1 ...f ,J .3 6 t U A, I Q l , 4 , " N M i 1' . v-4? R , Q.. ' I 9 . '-7 . i 2 5 151 -Q-. .4 x I 1 Av ' . i I I ,S ' r s.' , tr il ,Fi I 4 t 5 ' . -Q fa ' . A ff . 1 'ii an ' A K , "E 'S ' l 31 4 :S i -If s K f Q. l Wniiflz '3 51 04 , Q' .. J -5 2 :Q 7 ,7 if 1 P Q .-7 -,. ra x .. f 4 'thu' I' i Q i 'Li T w ,D 1 , v I 'up ' 'Qi -f ' e J' W E A M, it-' E .ff X 'L' Deranleau, Cynthia DeWitt, Carol DeYoung, Lynn Diller. Curt Dimoff, Don Dodd, Steve Dolan, -Iohn Donkin, Hal Donkin, Maralee Donnell. Oren Doster, Connie Douglas, Linda Down, Karen Drake. Peggy Dutldington. Waltc Duffey, Cody Duncan, Rod Earl, Robert Eaton, Virginia Eder, Joe Eclen, Julia Edgell. Susan Eisal, Keith Ellidee, Lois Ellis, Don Ellis, Jackie Ellison. Shcrril Elmore, Rob Elmore. Robert Elwton, Janice Engstrom, Penny Entwisle, David Erickwn, Difkilee Eetes. Jana Farah, David Fazzolari, Susan ' 44' 'sf' ,Z it N-'-f 'Z 1 N Q Felizolal, Roldolfo Ferretti, Ralph Fields, Connie Flach. Graig Folck, Cathy Fossati, Janice Fosterman. Carolyn Fouts. Shirley Fox, Barbara Fox. Russell Frederick. Steve Frie, Kellie Frogge, Gary Fry, Betti Fuiino, Marc Fuller, Louis Gahner. Lowell Galbreath, Debbie Gallagher, Dan Gallentine, Dawn Gallucci, Gary Gallucci, Pete Garrett, Bob Garrett, Larry Garvin, Patty Geil. Paul Gemma. Linda Gentry. Kathy George. john Getchell. Nancy Gibson, Laurel Gibson, Waytne Gill, Debbie Gillies, Dennis Giusti, Mike Goetz. Susan Gonzalez, Fffrain Goodall, Allen Goodale, Bill Gordan, Debbie Grace, Debbie Grant, Gary Greco, Al Gregg, Bruce Grimaldi, Greg Grimm, Mike Gunnels, josylnn Hackathorn, Sylvia Hafner. john Hall, Mike Hall, Tony Hamer, Valen Hamman, Cheryl Hamman, Keith Hampen, Elaine Hampton, Jackie 2 ei fx! J of ,, ' i u.. :1 P' , i 1" 1 vu, ,.,. .Ja 17' mf, l A 1 It .5 xx """Y' Y X i i 6 l54 Hampton, Lynda Handsaker, Gary Hansen, Chris Hansen, Keith Hanson, Greg Harding, Janice Harding, Janice Harmon, Mona Harris, Christi Hart, Bob Hartzell, Brenda Hauge, Linda Hauskins, Peggy Hawkins, Bernice Hawkins, Dave Head, David Heller, Carolyn Heller, Mike Helus, David Henderson, Pat Henninger, Paul Hess, Gary Herrick, Teresa Hill, Guy Hill, Mark Hill. Melissa Hodson, Terrie Hofstetter, Louann Holder, Carl Holmes, Pat Holstrom, Carol Hopkins, David Howard, Bunida Howard, David Howard, Guy Hudson, David Huke, Ioni Humbird, Iune Hunnel, Gary Hunter, George H urt, Rebecca Iammatteo, Bill Ikeda. Ken Ingram, Ricky Inslee, Gorclan Irinaga, Patti Itami, Marilyn lackson, Alice lackson, Kathleen Iacobson, Curt lacoby, lack Iahn, Scot 'ink I . ! -.A atv g .I .- ,Q -Q' Y-,- .1 QR! t X 'Ut' 'Q fix JO --f 3, .1 A , X w F ! F f O . Jelineo, Vincent Jensen, Terrie Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Jim Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Philip Johnson, Sandi Johnson, Sue Johnstone, Terrill Jolley, Gayle Jones, John Jones, Rick . A! Kexnrer, Laura Kent, Mark Kidd, Robert Kilgore, Dale King, Colleen King, Linda Klatt, Mike Klein, Candy Klein, Cindy Kletzel, Lynn Kloosterman, Teunis Knox, Joe Kokoruda, Bob Kokorunda, Gloria Kortstra, Jane Krueger, Diane Krueger, Janice Kwasney, Gary Lahn, Patti Lake. Rick Larson, Debbie Larson, Mike Lawrie, Cora LaValla, Jackie Leben, Karen Lee, Reynold Lenon, Tom Leonetti, Steve Lewis, Darrell Linton. Diana Llaneza, Lindsey Lopez, Barbara Loprinzi, Rhonda Louie, Pam Love, Linda Lundquist, Linda Madson, Judy Maine, Bill Malsey, Tammy Manin, Greg an v i . -ar ,' NJ E -.r , QS 1 ' 1, mn u'v Q e N , J l U A v 'V' 1"' j . , RN K X 4, r' -e v l 'Q' 4, , Q H 'X ,J , i J ji' ,A .. , J V 5 0 ' lf, , 4-if b 'XY Q - A Q. , r 1' , f f! 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KJ E' ' l A LA-lx is G X an CFI? pq - C ,:"5ff"Avf '- fi I f ' McFarlane, Maureen McKee Christine McNerney. Patty i f -.5 - ..,- Qffln.. K K r ' - , 5 I , 'f McOuearv, Kathy f lu laf x ' s 2-il MCRQQ' Ed L ,Q ' Nelson, Carolyn C , 'li lia r r 'R Nonne, Noren, Nyseth, Oien, Olney, Steve Nanci Lannie Robert Dale N0rf'l. Nuclelman, O'Brien, Oliverio, Oreste, Tim Randy Bonnie Jeannie Joette 'vm 0 I -an Q-v 5 41' l , ,ov 1 f a 1 I ,J ll K 9 Q7 N M Q L' " ' we ' it -1,-A f Ooley, Otnes, Oxford, Gary Suzanne Deborah Otey. Otnes, Page, Mary Steve Shannon 1 e l" S 1 i, A - R I-Q V. ' .JI 135 r ' -- . 1 4 29 A 2 , rf ' - i f bg I Palin, Wfarren Palmer, Mark Parker, Linela Parks, Bud Parks, Roxann Pa rrisli, Kathy Patraw, Bob Patraw, Rodney Peck, .ludy Peck, Lori Pencie, Debra Peters, Barbara Peterson, Roger Peterson. Robert Pcttengill. Sue Philips, Arlene Phillips, Leslie Pierce, Linda Pierce, Mark Pitt, Randy Pitts, Janine Plass, Mary Porter. Gail Q " i ' J , if . 'fl Postlewaite, Ann i 0 Price, Paul Primiano, lXlaryAnn Protlitt. Dehra Putnam, lioh Rackley, Butch Raglione, Mariann Rail, Ginger Ralplis. Larry Ramsey, Tom Ramlall, Don Raphael. Robin Rasey. Gayle Rasmussen, Pennie Rasmussen, Rlionnla Rasmussen, Rick Ray, Carl Renlfern, Craig Reerl. Daviml Reed, lanice Rec-tl, Paula 157 h. vga ff? i s l , l 2 .fa sfefa I "B lg. , a it 1' ha! Q4 . ti Q ,f' Reeves, Sharon Rehder, Doug Reverman, Lynn Rice, Lorilee Rickman, Susan Riegelhuth, Randy Riehl, Barbara Ritchey, Carol Robinson, Cheryl Rodd, Rick Rodman, jack Rogers, Janice Rogers, Richard Rose, Tracy Rostig, Christiane Rubin, Janice Rueck, Cheryl Rumbaugh, Scott Ryan, Maureen Ryan, Patti Samuelson, Delbert Sanders, Sam Sandvigen, Mark Santangelo, Mark Savory, Debbie Scheese. Cathy Scheese, Don Schiele, Ron Scjild, Melinda Schmitz, Pam Schneider, Nancy Schouten, Baska Schuler, Pam Schultz, Karen Schulze, Don Schuyler, Terrie Schwann, Trudy Scott, Tom Seeley, Cathy Seymore, Terri Shoemaker, Margaret Siegle, Karen Simonsen, George Smead, Linda Smeraglio, George Smith, Gary ff 1 6' Q-1 av I .rt ,Sli Q17 1 5 ,,, - , 1 -U xg tg f. ',, i S X 'i fiwfwv wil tial! . f 1 X 1 hw - ' i i-.i 1, ' 311' 3 'sv ffitfii I 1 -S its til. K5 A -J' it QQ HY--. If we - Smith, jim Smith, Pat Smith, Suzy Sousa, Andy Sowles, Cathy Sparks, Sheryll Spear, Anne Speciale, Judy Spurlock, Leigh Squires, Sharman Stung, Bob Stark, Ben Steltz, Dennis Stenson, Ruby Stewart, Denise St. Germain, Scott Stockton, Calvin Stokes, Sharon s Ati, Stone. Althea . s - , 13' 1. ,Q . ,Q Stromberg, Mark 3 9' Stone, Dorothy 'Y A g ,, Stucki, Cindy Sudlow, Patty Sunseri, Judy Svobodn, Ann Swain, Carrie Swan, Penny 2 4 , J 5 .S-1 i qu-iq ITN f 1117 i 1 1 45' ,ix ' 'ww K' , -0 . 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Mike Weiss, Biike Wfest, Karen XY'estnin, lien XY'hite. Mark XVigg1i11s,Don XY'illiguns, Jennie Wfillis. Geurge XX'7iiiIN2ll1. 1511 l'iUL1I'Al Wilscmn, Darrel Wilscmn. George Wfiisun. Marc' XVils0n, Rod XY'inters, Inez XVirtjes,Dunnz1 XYHSCIIIAII1, Doug XVohlers. Nancy XV0lfer. Kurt XVellingtnn, Aludy Vfung, Denise Xvomi, Larry Wfoodzlre, Eugene Wfoncilwilse, ROSCIUZIFY XX'O.1Lil'lliii, Mary Wfomiy, Britt XY,Ol'fili!'lQIOI1, Jim XY7l'1lkK3SfI'ilXV. Mike XVynknnp. Rick Ynzzulinu, Mary Zzuien. George Zeal. Lori Zimmerman, Teri .paf in -.Q ' . 45-"R Y ' l N' h 'J x r. 4, i -v 'V , r .aj W H X D. 'fi I X 4 jx uvyfgj, .jf ,,,,,. -ar 4 'Q 1 e vi--wa-f'1-"5-.- ' A 4' ' 0 . 4 - , f- " X 'F ' .I I XX: I fi- L3 . h- . 1,- ' I 5 ' 1 Q , 'S an - no ' .,, f ' v-lr - - ' ..,, ' xf Q11 f r . . 1 fr Q" - 'V' i f , If 'sn . " . Q W, L, fN'. V ' YT"'? 5 'Lf I s Q., ' f Q' "' 'S ,ik I 'uf ' fx -X w-y 5 'N ,. y ixxxxs :J -4- X r 7 .Z ' .3 v-J XX' Q5 - ' I if 'if rf ' J L Z Q, Y Q ,i 6 i , i n X if, A 1- 4' ' 1 .. p GJ ,r I J W ltr V X f , 1 N i . N Rx JL' 15" Ji vi 161 x U I Q . U fb . . zo, ---f -tg ' '-f . " 'uw' ' ' ' I b ww' , ,4 . 3 -sa . . v Q., . Q . ' K . ' - ' . 'N S .D 4. S.. 'T ..x .,' X,-4" 'Q 5 .4 0 Xu X' X A f f'a..4L. ' 'N-Rf I ,-if Y. 1 . ' -1 --J fix f N r V X5 4 'P fu xg, N f . -' 'iii f- , . Af 2 My -.f ,' ,Q x ' li ' Cy . h Q , ' X 1 -1 N . fr 4' . w ,5 up qv' 5 ,. . '5 Q "' if , U. rf iff. . ,A 1 k .-f:.4lP,":"3 plliiinbvunv- our .,-, qi, ---u--al, , X 1 wr? Y ...-- --W-.. .- .465-4 kg . .A ' ,XXX 'fix f. L 'Xi' so 1A f an 6U',f 4114 ,P 63:23 4'L.f?!, K1 W 91725 P'- Qf 5- K A. if 5 ffm M if 4- box fff Wu gi, 3' fy 6 X 'L - 1 an H 1 X SPQRTS 63 rs! Xl D Mal llllncy, C. McClure. li. Rolcy. F. Inclan. N. Casciato. S. High, M. Wfvatt, B. Riehl, K. Iones. fSecond rowlz Coach Buckiewicz, Lemin T. lohnson. D. Austen. T. Wfeston. P. Rueck, -l. Pinckard, P SCl1XX.lI'IL, hi. Knutson. Coarli Knudsen. fThird rowl: G. Turner. Notliers R Iona D. Garxin. S. Hofer, M. Landels, l. Heuchert, R. Miller, D. Loomis. fliourth I'UXY,f R. Roisuin. G. Keller, R. Naught, C. Parker, Mel irlmc. A Wfold B. Piland, S. Peterson. I. McLean. fliifth fowl: R. Heuchert, P. Moon, A. Grant, T. Ross, P. McFarlane, P. Pavlich, T. Austen. uakers Take Red Division Coach Jack Knudsen, new to Franklin. drove the Varsity football team to the Red Division Championship. The record of the regular season play was hve wins and no losses, while the total record stood at six wins and two losses. Although each memlwer was important to the team, Mike Casciato, Gary Keller, Don Loomis, and Paul Pavlich were laheled as outstanding. Of the 40 players on the team, ten were nominated for All City Honors and six of these made the hrst All City team. The defensive players chosen were Don Loomis, Dave Austen, Gary Keller, and Randy Miller. Bill Piland was selected on offense. Mike Caseiato was honored by selection on hoth the offensive and defensive teams. Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin l9... 7... 48... IO... 0... Cleveland 6 Grant 6 Jackson 14 Roosevelt 6 Wfashington O Wfilson 6 Marshall 2 Grant 28 GY I . r. ,I I -Q: fi' u H , iris -,wpw J, I 4.5335 L fgfsav -Q-f-i.lsa, , X -as 44 if V W fOppositc pngcj: Mike Cnscintu clullcs Wil! .,son nlefenclcr in mute to Grst clown. fThis PSIXC mpl: Chet McClure 1485, Gary Keller 1855 nml Dick Garvin U21 look on as their tcnmmntcs do thc job. fliclowjz Dun Loomis grimnces in pain after being injured in thc Mnrslmll game. JCE? ffl llft 5555 T its gfgiw fThis page. topj: Coach Jack Knudsen ad- vises the team from the sidelines. fCenterJ: Randy Miller, P566, Steve Hofer. 5ljl'56, and Bill Piland, ip':72, await chance to get back in the game, fBottomj: Dan Mclilhaney, with injured Captains Mike Casciato and Gary Keller, helplessly watch Grant game. lOp- posite page, topjz Varsity players anticipate a play at city playoffs. fLower leftjz Roger Roisum looks for running room, QLower rightj: Roisum, 3:14, drops back to pass after faking to Don Loomis, -23526. ,P ' . 1'n 166 . w vm 181' if Xgfw., 1 4': M. - " 4 w .' 5 Q, "4 . . 'Y Q First rowj: R. Nudelman, I.. Hall, M. Santangclo K XY'ird I Illston B lynn A Sweet R BlllLl'lLI' 9 Glerclmo D Hill fSctond ron Dunn D. Rasmussen, D. liurgard. tl. Olson, D. l5ULlLl'l1ll1 A XX'cbc1 B Kelly B ic sdnif D fird is on nn nrt ou Kc L Coleman, li. Cross, J. Hill, tl, Poujade, G, Parrish R Hcnsls I Boroff C Bill R Ncxxcnmcr jV's Battle Injuries Coach Fred Willis helped the l.V. team through what he termed a "rough sea- son" this year. After twelve weeks of intensive training, bad breaks, and tough competition, the record stood at five wins and two losses. Injuries were named as the key to the bad record. Of all the members of the team, Dan Hall, Mike Santangelo, Greg Parrish, Allen Wfebber, and Darwin Rasmussen were recognized by the coaches for their outstanding spirit and ability. l68 1 Q xf Ni Si H fp! ' Q Of Ju V 4" ,QQQXF Qf1dQ9s-H ' Q' 1 259' 54 Si? Qi' divx X X- aiff Sf. Eff Qu NZXWX V? 40 Q' 519 fOppusitc pngcj: Quaker j.V. quarterback, Mike S1IHf1H'lQL'iO, rum for n touchdown. f'I'I1is page. topj: Dim Hull is ovcrcmnc by his opponents. fBcIuw lcftj: hfikc Szmtnngclo throws pass over the onrushing op- ponents, fliclmv righU: Larry Hull has ll kncc injury inspected nt the sidelines. 169 Griclders Attempt Vietories The freshman foothall team, coached hy Mr. lack Burri, ended the season with a record of one win, one tie, and four losses. Coach Burri was disappointed in wins and losses, hut was "happy with the season as a whole." There were some outstanding players, hut team effort was the key to the season. ge yfzvfffflfftfaiffffj 7fz'74Lc4 if? 42,515 ,zeffif 4fg 94aff4.f7., fFirst rowj: Il. Cox, D. Hawkins, R. Petraw, M. Sand vigen, l.. Boileau, R. Kelly, L. Phillips, KI. Brasesco. G Hunnel R. Ball, R lleltz, D Bodeman G Bricl'es D . . . . . , . 5 , Van XVrtwit'k, R. Bergstrom. fSecond rowj: G Frogge, -I. Bowen, DI. Jones, G. Hill, D. Caniparoli V. Vineiguerra, 'l', Owens, R. Rodd, E. XWooclai'd, R Elmore, D. Baxter, A, Evans, D. Entwhistle. K. Han sen, R, Fox, R. Xwaterhouse, Mr, Fllmers, fThircl rowj: rl. Hafner, li. Stark, G. Grant, M. Daw, R Mealey, T. Rose. D. Hopkins, l.. Fuller, D, Baldwin l., Spurloflc. P. Cloutier, D. Zadan, J, Cameron, B Wfatts, l.. Gahner, M. Brokaw, M. Moreland, Mr liurri. fFourth rowj: V. Hamer, D. Dimoff. M. Sweet B, Olen, G. Ooley, K. XY'olfer, D. Trimm, B. Goodale D. Cochran, 'l'. Anderson. R. Rasmussen, L. Nyseth nl. Smith, D. Trimm, M. Santangelo, J, Waterlmoiisei l7O 1 it xl fFirst rowj: Mike Dean Manager, Clark Wtmlf, David Ball, Dan Unsworth. QSecond rowj: Alvin Payne, Dave Smith, Dick Green, Bob Knutson, Dave Earnest. dm x' fFirst rowj: Bruce Battilega, Mike Samuelson, David Howard, Doug Case, Kurt Jacobson. fSec0nd rowj: Roger Ericson, Tim Nord, Mark Palmer, Bob Kidd. Underclassmen Struggle to Place The Junior j.V. cross country team fell short of first place to end with second in the city meet. Franklin's so homore team took fifth P . place after a season of hard practice and tough competition. The freshmen team worked stubbornly, but still ended with eighth place, and experience which coach Abraham be- lieves will greatly strengthen next year's team. Q., flrirst rowj: K, Kihe, Zilk, S. Hill, Ball, Coach Abraham. fSeeorid rowj: Ruddell, J, lensen E Parrish P Wfood D Smurthwaite fTh1rtl rowj: R, Lanttgdon, S, Kzldolph, BI. Barton, B. Green, R. Scolield. uakers Run Short of State This year Franklin's Varsity cross coun- try team went into competition with desire, determination, and a new coach, Mr. -Ion Abraham. After a slow start, the team went on to hnish fifth in the city meet. The top four teams in this meet went on to state. They ended the season with ll record of seven wins and four losses. According to Coach Abraham, the team had four ot' the top men in the city in Rick Langdon, Stan Kadolf, Mike Bar- ton, and jon Ruddell. Several runners battled for the fifth spot on the team, the top two of these being junior Don Smurthwaite, and sophomore Jeff Zilk. Lack of a strong hfth man was the ma- jor handicap. 172 .,.,s,,, - Y ,,,.-s, n, S, It www . . 1 .. M., A ,- ' i mx' , -J' asf' my fflppnsitc 111111012 Co111'l1 Al1l'Jll11llT1 yells Cl1CULl!'JI.QCIl1Clll tn Alvin Payne illlkl Huh Knulsmvn 11s they I1CJlI'll1C Gnish line. fThis pnggcj: l:1'ilIll'illI'I'S Top Five. fT11p left, Rifk I.:111g1ln11 shows 1l1f- tcr111in11ti1111 cluring il I'ULl1LZl'I pmc- tice. QTop ccnlcrjz Mike 13111-11111 starts his kick. QT11p righlj: Don Sll1LlI'll1XX'1lllC turns on kiflc fm' 611:11 100 y11r1ls. fBUllUlI1 lcftj: 811111 K:11l11lpl1 hnishcs his w:11'11111p, fB111111m riglmtj: jon liuclalcll mumls corner ns hc 11c:1rs thc llnish linc. 173 Tankers Go To State Meet "The season was good," stated Mr. Bob Ford, swim coach. Dale Barnhart, sen- ior, took Sth place in the 200 yard free- style, and 2nd place in the 100 yard backstroke in the city tournament. Freshman Lynn Reverman took 2nd place in the 100 yard backstroke and 3rd place in the 100 yard breaststroke in the tournament. Chris Reverman, sopho- more, was captain of the team. Mr. Ford hopes to have more girls participating next year. .wi K 'if' W' 1 .ev- ff v ' Q. I -wiki ,?' ,l K7 !""?rf"f'W .i'HA "K 'K "' '1J.,,, , 1 -1 ,., 4. , 4' - . 5 .., M... . :gi ...nw K lk.: -..An llilxlnlx-1 Girls, fFirst rowj: Chris Reverman, Merilee Wfikander, An McBride Bertie Henderson Barbara Gniewosz Lynn Revermm Debbie Supei fSecond rowj: Mary Anne D'Ambrosia, Sandra Harding, Kim Goold, Barbara Bellot Debi Densem Mary Wikaiader Boys, QFirst rowj: Craig Anderson, Alberto Mansilla, Mike Weis, Pat Henderson fSecond rowj Gary Koch Kurt McCammon Dale Barnhart Craig Redfern, Bruce Heath, Ron Maples, Carl Wikander, Steve Melis Stan Tambling., 174 NF , s Q .M -154: ,ff- I! qi ww GUS.. Q- .fw - ,pta - 4 '5 1' q ' , M -if .rg sv., QQ' -' 1 , , . JYRQ H . .,B1,g.- . K 1 . fx' f ' . -:a.j .r I-L In I- igfu 1' .I ... . f ",L' W '- s .-r f , . Q - Ng, ', . - ' if 'Lair ,Q , :1-5. 'T I A, ' , , . .'- if 45.4 3 .8-.,' Y ni "' 1?x ff ' ,twwiw - 1-ff.Z"1:. .s I W. , -1. -L -if as 4 :,. ' ' F. 1 V' -rg? l,.1fP.'a1:l' ., ,.,v,J ix . f,,,,:h.,' . V. " V.,-.4 . - 5 " I, ' H31 A ' - .U FR '-' .,-'F Yvfvc. ,319 24 ,V 1 . ,i . Y . , 'A . r ' I ' .1 5 .J .1 A . . , , I v 4 ' .' --'- W ' , ' ' I c 4 ' -.,-g..'- ' .-, ,q..-f. - : - 5 Qi fx: -1 5-fx . .1 - 5 . -' R - ,X-' .. v , . ,P A 1' - fu , -a.. , . H'-' -- -' f- . L ., uaker Muskets Shoot It Up Coach Britt Davis stated that this was a "building year" for the rifle team. A great deal ot the team's potential was lost last year when most of the strong marksmen graduated. Individual marksmanship plays a key role in the efforts of the rifle team. Mr. Davis lists captain Judy jones as the most outstanding member of the team, and one of the top three girl contenders among shooters in Oregon. Other Quaker Muskets improved 1522 at each practice. "Riflery is an exacting sport. It takes a well disciplined kid with a lot of con- trol to participate in this game. And I couldn't ask for a lwetter group of kids." Mr. Davis commented. 3 is sz 5551 UE YU fFirst rowj: Victor Vincigverra, jean Vincigverra, -Indy jones ohn Dolm Back roxxj Dina Hill Bob Stone Vfilson, Mark I.. Hill, Mr. Davis. s 4. Y , .2 ga A Katy Holland, Rick Langdon, tich. Below: Lynn Tesdal, Pam Francetich, -ludy Famo- lari, Bruce Heath and Rick Langdon decorate goal post. Enthusiastic Rall Cheers Team On Judy Fazzolari, fall varsity rally presi- dent, stated that she felt that attendance is the key to a good sports season and that participation was pretty good this year. Another rally member encouraged future foothall spectators to come pre- pared for any kind of weather-"When- ever it rained, the majority of the girls left." The rally also found spirit running high during the wrestling season. President Lyn Tesdal said, "Whereas hasketball is really the more popular sport, we've had great attendance at the matches." Lyn also expressed the desire for even more spirit next year. 177 Top to bottom: Lynn Tesdal, Linda johnson. Bruce Heath, Susan Brolliar, Judy Fazzo- lari. Steve High, Pam France- , 'QUE' 178 .,1 I fd 0 1 Q f l I Ad gg tins: uakers Twice l"liANKl.lN Pll. lNlA'l'Cil'l SCORES lfrziiiklin 32. .. ...Wilsimii ' lfriiiiklin A12 Roosevelt Ch lfrnnklin -1 l Aliickson lfriinklin 56 W.lSllll1glOl1 ,, , lir.iiiklin -i7 lit-iisoii 'llic season was fzilviilous, amd so was , . V ,, l'r.irikliii 27 lx'l.ll'SllAlll thc tc-xim. We proved tlmt! stated Mr. , . 1 . l'rgmlxliii o7 Madison -luck llurri, Varsity wrestling coricli fscc photo at rightb. For thc sc-tmiil consecutive ycar l7Y'2lI1l'illDlS Varsity Wrcstliiiig tciim took thc P.l.l.. city clmmpionsliip with :ill wins and no losses, excepting tlic David Doiiglris invitiitioniil. Mgitmcn Dave lillis, .lr-ll H Tim... W -- .W-Q . - Mollitt, .lon Riiddcll, Gary llzitliziwgiy, Randy Klccimn, rind Cflc-vc Piirkvr pliict-il in tlic rity toiirniimciit Hniils. 'lon Ruddcll, Diivc- lfllis .mtl Gary l'li1tlii1xv.iy rcprcscntcd lfrimklin in thc Stiilc Toiiriialmcnt at Corvallis. Mr. lliirri .iildt-il, "A Conch t-oiililn't lw proiitlcr of :my team." fFirst fowl: Diivc Parker, Jeff Moffitt, Gary Hathaway, Fluyci Frxlncctich, Nick Giittucci, fSccnmi rmvjg Bill Shnrkcy, Dain l'nswiirtl1, Keith Kibe, Ken Wfard, Dennis Wkirti, Iiriicstn Inclnn, Gary Ball. fFirst rtiwi: Paul Sthwnrtz, Kevin Innes, Rands' Klccman, Cleve Parker, Bill Piliiml, Dave Austin. fSc-cond mwbt lon Ruciticll, D.irwin Rasmussen, Tom Taylor, Ken Brown, Tom Austen, Tom Iohnson. Mr. Burri. 179 'fy lififfff I ulkcr m nm m pins his opponent Mr. liurri givcs vnluul .ulxicc to Hill Piland preceding.: AI match. hu-ff" .,,-4' e LJ A Dave Palrkcx' escapes il Madison upponcnt. Floyd Fr'xncctricl1 cuntrols Mndiwn ru xl fUpper Icftj: Opponent drives Gnrv Haitiixiwny to thc mzit. fUpper rightlz Clove Parker "cradles" op. posing gmpplcr. QMMJICH: .Ion Ruddcll pinning Madison mzltmzln. fBottonU: Quaker Miitmain holds control over opponent. 1- ' x . L . 'Q " ' M "' "ic" 4 up A fs'--V Q lin... -. . no. U 2 I ,aa-. ' Nz. ' hu' t: ' . " '1 ,za 4.-.sei - agar 1 -.,-Y j fFirst rowj: Scott Hill, -Iohn Stiles, Stuart Yahuke, Bob Lynn, George Niiranon. Tim Wilson, Allen Sweet, Gary Willett, Bruce Clow, Clyde Wocmdatrcl. fSecond rowj: Rick Bell, Dan Primmer, Jim Dunn, Jeff Hill, Grey Keller, Brian Cross, Bill Coleman, jay Burkenbine, jerry Ikeda, Bat Wcmod, Coach Calhoun. jV's Motivated f by Second H Varsit Positions Though there weren't many matches, Coach Ronald Calhoun felt it was a successful seasonw-"I feel that we have a tremendous hunch of young men that will he fully capable of. htting into varsity positions next year." The IV team worked for novice tourna- ments and a chance to take a position on the second varsity team. This year the team attended two tournaments, and four sophomores gained positions on the second varsity team. Coach Calhoun remarked that Frank- lin had the largest team of JV wrestlers in the city. Of these. the outstanding ones were Dan Hall, Pat Wfood, George Niiranen, Stwart Yahuki, Bob Lynn, jerry Ikeda, and Greg Keller. 183 1-www f 9 L l Q L fFirst IONVFZ B. Putnam, B. Patraw, I. Buchanan, G. Hunnel, D. Ellis, B. Gillis, R. Patraw, T. Ramsey, S. Boileau, B, Maine, G. Hill, D. Case. fSecond fowl: D. Baldwin, D. Cooper, M. Wrakestraw, S. Nonne, D. Lulcick, K. Hansen, G. Wfoodard, B. Stark, D Bodeman B Patraw L Fuller M. Brokaw, E. Gonzales. fThird fowl: T. Rose, M. Webb, M. Daww, C. Anderson, D. Kilgore, J. Hafner, B. Oien, M. Mooreland, B.lGoodaleml P. Rassmussen, R. Fox, V. Hamer, ,N . - , L-.. ' .. .. .. -1 - Frosh Test Skills "It was an overall good season. I hope that the turnout is as good next year as it was this year." These were Coach Dyar's comments on the Freshmen wrestling season. Events of the season included the Grant and Benson invitational, the AAU Junior Olympic Match and eight dual matches. The record of the dual matches was three wins, one tie, and five losses. The outstanding matmen were Guy Hill and Rod Patraw. 184 tKneelingJ: Ken A Ho, Gary Bankston. tFirst cowl: Doug Burgard, Doug Blair, Dave Smith, Bob Shields, Roger Roisom, Mike Varnell, Coach XXfinters. tSecond ILIXVJI Don Vermeer, Ric Long, Steve Peterson. Paul Paulich, Steve Smothers, Chuck Erickson if xi. Varsity Clinches Pla off Berth "Anytime you have a winning season, you have a good season, so I think we had a good season." This is what Coach Xwinters had to say ahout the varsity haskethall team's season. Though the hrst of the season didn't trio too well, the team improved enough during the last halt to clinch a play- off herth with lackson. As a result ot' this, the Quakers wound up the season second in the red division and fourth in P,l.l.. This season, with l'ititeen wins and nine losses, had the hest varsity record since 1962 and ended with a good outlook for next year. Ric Long, a leading scorer and re- hounder was the most outstanding player according to Coach Wiiitersi. Others were Bob Shields, another score- maker, and Paul Paulich, a leading re- lvounder. l85 3 I ,nz Y f 6 f- 5.1. . veit L.-58551 ' ,egg E .' x 'P ' ' - -at , -Q F- iq. 'U-3, lOpposite page top leftj: Coach Winters talks over strategy with Franklin players in the Final minutes of the game. fTop rightj: Mike Varnell, 34, jumps high in order to block opponents shot in Wfilson game. flielowj: Chris Iensen, Dave Smith. and Doug Blair apply a tight half Court press. fTop rightjg Paul Pav- lish, 4-724, ancl Bob Shields, 344. hang tough on Lle- fense, fAhoveJ: Quaker players watch game closely, waiting for their chance to get into the action. fRightj: Center Paul Pavlich jumps high for tip in the open- ing game. 4, . I 2 rs., XX K N 3 Q 'luv A 5 l is .xx 5 I in 232 . Q ' f zu .l 4 F an-'Vg' 2 it ' 1 ii:- -az hp- ,I K. i Rx 5 .1 . t ' 5 n . an E' " -.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,---Q F f, 1 I 4 4 i' 4 'A1',QJ5WB 4 5 i . ,3 Franklin 50 ..... Silverton Franklin 50 ,,... Forest Grove Franklin 71 ..... Fort Vaneover Franklin 64 . . Dallas Franklin 73 . . Newlucrg Franklin 78 . . McMinnville Franklin 62 37 Wilsori 53, Franklin 49, 77 Roosevelt 46, Franklin 63, 59 jackson 66 Franklin 74, 65 Waisliinlqton 6 Franklin 65 51 Marshall 44, Franklin 51 . . Mailison Franklin 59 . , jcfTerson Franklin 63 .,... Cleveland Franklin 56 ..... Grant Franklin 59 ..... Benson Franklin 58 ..,.. Lincoln Franklin 62 .,... jackson Franklin 49 ..... Maclison E if ii., 41 65 56 53 54 67 60 65 54 56 45 89 66 80 70 46 65 50 76 187 1- 'w 9 ,, . Oxx 'z 1' 'wr mf 'K A s i ,,g.,1 ,--5 -Q qua, M' M. an 1 'F lAl1m'L'H1 Slow Pclc-mm :xml Don Vcrmccl' fight for rclmmxrmd :IS Ruger Roiwm .uni Mike Vzlrncll xx.llL'l1. QAIMM century: P.lLlI Pm'- linlm DI'Cl'hlI4L"4 tu slwut fruc throw in Ilmwscxult 2.11110 fAlwm'c lcftj: K . IWUI'l.l!1f Hoc llmww Ill thu fH1ZIl k1Ll.lI'lL'I' ui' ilu- garmx lRigl1fJ: Dun Vcrmccr, 342, and Stew I7L'lL'l'SUI'l, 352. .mxlit tlwul sh vt IW uppcmcnt. 188 First row: Rodney Hildenbrand, manager, Stan Gish, Brian Kelley, jim Elston, Mike Santangelo, Mark Halifer, Hal Dunkin. Secwnd ron Cliff Lewis lim Sclmette, Paul Carpenter, Dave liurnell, Bob Beswick, Coach Hashberger. Team Loses All But Morale "It's hard to keep team morale high in a losing season, hut these hoys gave IIOC4 effort all year long. Vast im- provement in each team memlwer was evident," stated Coach Hashberger, This season, with a reeord of four wins and I8 losses for the .IV team, ended with a good outlook for next season. Mike Santangelo. leading scorer .mtl lwlaymaker, and Dave Burnell, leading scorer were the outstanding players of the season. Both also made 6295 of their tree throws. I 1. as -. g i AIMUF Eff J 's 2 . 'S' Fill ,Q f T 'sei' 12 an fFirst rowj: Randy Mealey, -lim Brasesco, Rob Elmore, john Jones, Darrell Lewis. Brent Tilton, Don Wiggins, Les Phillips, Burt Nichols. fSeconcl rowj: Mark Santangelo, Gary Morgan, Dennis Gillies, George Zadan, Pete Gallueci, Scott Rumbaugh, Hans Kloosterman, james Cameron, Lowell Gabner. fThird rowj: Del Cochran, Dave Trimm, Doug Vermeer, Steve Cote, Mark Palmer, Dennis Trimm, john George, Ron Bergstrom, Frosh Use Depth To Advantage "This was a hne group of freshmen haskethall players, that are well on their way to being an outstanding team. One of the team's hest assets was its depthg a second or third team player would go in and do a fine job." These are feelings Coach Willis had about his team. The record of the season was six wins and tive losses. Mark Santangelo, john George, Lowell Gahner, and Steve Cote were the out- standing players in respect to scoring and rebounding. 190 l ,Exile 1 H 2? s X, ' ' X, -all' .R WLT' E -Q." V SM:44s,i -2111 i, , .. .t by ,.,.Y ,W .- ' , ll M' Ti' 4',-sigh' sg its ' Ns W 6 . -. Agn 4 . l My ,:.3i2,':,,5! 1 1 , f.. '-1-Wy ft I ' in ..-K. 1. I l IKneeling: Kathy Heliner. Brentla Ivietteer, Kathy Fuglee, Patty Smith. Standing: Mike Evans, Darlene Harris, Susan Bennett, Steve Hofer. NX' 'E 3. Varsit Rall Promotes Spirit And Friendship "The important thing ahout this year was the way we worketl for frientlship antl spirit throughout the nity." This yt-ar's rally promotetl spirit antl friendship through hanquets with the atlministration and rallies of other schools, anti spirit week. Another itlea put into practice was the selling ol' tickets in the main hall insteatl of the stiitlent store, so that more people woultl he aware of the morning games, ' T.. ' " 5 ' Clin- 'Q 4 Pat Henderson, Anim Harris, Sue Miller, Carla Tweten, Patty Ball. Terry Bf.YL'k,N2lI1Cy'KUfkiI1CU,DllD Bishop Fi? J. V. Rally Carries ' On Traditions .rid 'S If: , . QM.. . 5 , ' .I .zr .. '44 1 192 l l fFirst rowj: Ernesto Inclan, Floyd Francetich, Ed Roley, Mark Knutson, Loren Hamar, Jon Jensen, Rick Langdon, Randy Miller, Craig Jenson Manager. fSecond rowj: john Ball, Mark Wlyatt. Dave Austen, Bruce Heath, Tom Austen, Stan Kadolph, Ed Parrish, Tom Greimer Manager. fThird rowj: Coach Abraham, Bill Green, Oren Donnell, Tracy Rose, Gary Letcher, Russ Schofield, john Ruddell, Not Pictured Head Manager, Tom Herd, Gary Keller. Varsity Trackmen Strive For High Goals Mr. Jon Abraham started his first year of coaching trackmen with this statement, "We aim to win the Red Division championship and the dual-city meet." Coach Abraham felt that the team's strongest events were the hurdles, pole vault, weight events, and the mile, two mile, and quarter-mile runs. Gary Keller, jon Jensen, Dave Austen, Loren Ha- mar, Randy Miller, Rick Langdon, Mark Knutson, Stan Kadolf, Gary Turner and Bill Green were named as strong contenders in their fields. Mr, Harold Ellmers, IV coach, and Mr. Jack Knudsen, freshman coach, assisted Coach Abraham. Mr. Knudsen expained, "If there is a freshman and junior or senior on the same event, and the freshman does better, we elevate him to the varsity team. We'll take any guy who will perform to the best of his ability, and do it well." 194 1 ,Nm s was N-. f'.,- We ith.: Opposite page: Varsity trackmen take it easy before practice. This page fTop lefty: Gary Keller hands off to Oren Donnell in 440 relay. fTop rightjz jon Ruddell and Mark Knutson take a few warm-up laps before the race, CAboveJ: Auaker runners line up for time trials in the 100 yard dash. fLeftJ: Etl Roley and Ernie Inclan come close to jump- ing the gun. ,al .nu ma.. -, M. fTop leftj: Dave Austen sets for throw in Dis- cus. fTop centerl: Randy Miller puts all his muscle into big effort. fTop rightjz Tom Austen shows his determination as he tosses the discus. fRig.:htj: jon Jensen. easily clears the bar for school recortlf fAbovej: Lauren Hamar puts all his' effort into throw. Opposite page fTop leftjz Bob Oien lets loose ivith ll throw in the shot put competition. fTop rightj: A JV athlete tries his luck in the high jump as Stan Kaclolph looks on in amazement. 196 . V C cccc Q ,J -W--v.Qb-"" , f , . A'-1, ru. V Track Team Loosens Up For Season 4 , X -xx A A , - H- fFirst rowj: Lee Boroff, Dave Ball, Mike Lockhart, Pat Wood, Tim Cowan, Cliff Ingham, Dan Hall, jay Burkenbine, Clark Wolf. fSccond rowj: Bob Castellini, Paul Herrmann, Russ Hicks, jeff Zilk, Dave Earnest, Dick Green, Greg Parrish. fThird rowj: Coach Ellmers, Alvin Payne, Bob Zielsdorf, Bob Lynn, Greg Keller, Clayton Golemzm, Rudy Heuchert, Paul Carpenter. 197 fFirst rowjz Keith Hansen, Lowell Gabner, Guy Hill, Dave Hawkins, Bob Oien, Bill Goodale, john George, Valen Hamar, Gary Hunnel, Bill Maine Coach Knuclsen. QSecond rowjz Del Samuelson, George Hunter, Leigh Spurlock, Gary Ooley, Steve Dodd, Doug VerMeer, Steve Cote, Curt Jacobson Rick Lake, Steve Nonne. QThird rowjg Paul Cooper, Franklin Gibson, Louis Fuller, Rod Patraw, Mike Brokaw, Ron Beltz, Mark Wilson, Mark Sweet Roger Erickson, Don Dimoff. Frosh Trackmen N Demonstrate Skills 'f' ' vnu, 32+ Varsit Baseball Swings Into Action In regard to the baseball team, Varsity Coach Walter Buckiewicz had this to sayg "We are an inexperienced team, and need much improvement. The turn- out for baseball was small this season and interest has been low." The coach went on to say that most of the key positions would be filled by seniors: Dan McElhaney, pitcher, outhelder, and first baseman, Don Lumas, Pitcher and out- 'i fielder, Mike Casciato, catcher, and Ric :Linus Long, infielder. lA!,'2'.fgir K "'- " Added to the out-door season practice , this year wasra great deal of pre-season practice in the gym. Many prospects -, " "j'J- took advantage of the plastic ball pitch- ,,.. . . -. ,. 4"-'A--fn,-5--Q, r,-b'. -. in 6' -5-...,, l 1- -af.-:,',2. ,f ing machine in order to improve their , 1: -.-,w,: ' ,, ' Ju, .. -r .Q hitting. ,ef- Q -:ly we " . . ".Q A v , Q 'J Q T 4 " T " K . ' A '11 fin N '9 fFirst rowj: Gary Fuemming, Mike Casciato, jim Elston, Brian Kelly, Bill Morgan, Doug Wolfe, Tyler Tsunemitsu, Bill Otey, Mike Santangelo, Pet Moon, Dwight Dierking. QSeeond rowj: Coach Buckewitz, Pat McFarlane, -lay Braukhouse, Steve Peterson, Rick Long, Dan MacElhaney, Don Vermeer, Mike Evans, Mike McD0nnough, Doug Blair., Cliff Lewis, Mark Lewell, Dave Snyder, Don Loomis. 199 .,,, 4 s an xg ,M . .4 n ' ' K HD' aj . nu. x , Q' by 4 ' f 5 ' ' int San.'y E Z". it' v l.. , ,fo k .1 Q 4 v g-Q CAboveJ: Quaker players wait for some action in the outfield. fOpposite page-Topj: Franklin player swings frantically at wilcl pitch. fLower leftj: Dave Snyder awaits throw to third. fLower rightl: Mike Casciato fakes a throw to second. 1:"'l""" I D ::. n,.,-, , -,. -,, . , -Qui -an -. -,,...-gf.-.xf 5- ' i I ",,.'. at if' ,.,, N-'syw ,--.4 45- r' ' '-"',,,X-me - .rt N J fic y 5 .S I G X a- 124 in 'Q 'DJ' lin I' 1 If, I -,, - A J. ,- 133' Qi! ' 1 is 9 Q ' X 1CgSh! 'iwgvL'i' lcftj: Conch Buckicwisz is Caught Q! offgunrd during afternoon practice. fUpper ij app ' Qgywriglitb: Du BiCEii'lAll1CY slums "mother one" by X Xp 5 Q into thc X her's mitt, fRigl1tj: First base- O 5 O 5,-' man. R' Long, warms up in practice perimi, O' GS Or ffifigffg .5 X Q7 JJJQ X Q figgbjf 6. 202 ,ye 1 A .r-' 4 , . .fer q,u.".m., F-1 -v s ' .,.. uaf . Ayn 'a 941' ' 'V v. "V .J . ,. 64-If -444: Q53 A- ., .aw a ' v Q:-ff' C., U..-, , he fn.. -" -.IJ -IV BASEBALL Allen Innhara, Ken Rodd, Richard Willmarm, Steve Miller, Rick Schiebel, Dennis Bodeman, Rick Baugher, Rick Brown, Mike Newcomer Steve Roos, Tom Allen, Larry Potter, Conch Nelson. Not pictured: Brian Kelley, Mike Szlntungelo, Mark Holifer uality, Not Quantity, Scores For . Team Basics Stressed In Frosh Baseball BASEBALL fFirst fowl: Carl Ritchey, Rick Rodd, Don Caniparoli Darrell Lewis, Greg Flach, john jones, Ben Stark, Kenneth Aho, Brent Gary Grant, Manager, Randy Needlenmn. fSecond rowj: Mr. Hnshberger, Randy Mealey, Robin McClintock, Ben Capps, Scott Rlllllbilllgll, Del , Andy Sousa, Ron Bergstrom, Bill Patraw, john Brown, jim Moore. 203 1Front rowj Rick McDonald, Ron Morgan, jerry Dahlgren Don Wiggins jeiry Ikeda Bob Brandt Back row joel Bailey Dennis Gillies Dave Hudson Gary Morgan Coach Fleming, Mike McDonald Fritz Walker Gary Vig.,na Ted Maloney Franklin Putters Hit The Dirt UD 0.74 A M W' Q31 wqqe. MH Nw... i 63- - tt.i np F-vzfrii gtg: f , A. iw RQ'l f.alQQi M va a , an t -X ' K 1,44 L has ,b . 3. D' . , Afbpzfgf jj' K "D 1 il.WQ a fi 1. Q CJ a 'Q Q Q ,rim . 'i 'WJ l-'-' pi l' ' ' -.N Q , , , h ,, .. I 4--I - f ' u. kg'- I' , an I D W ,yank QQ., ., ,V ai-- 'J I 0 , . 1 V' fini -.143 ' - . . , 9 ,A , .,L 5 - , , -.. .9-Q-'ggi qixx . . 4 '. , ,U .ij-Q: f . . ' 9"-K '-1 kaqwv' ,A . x yr, . . . QM ,, - 'K f 'W- '-jgf ,-. agv ' ' -4 W5 5 s 'T O r i AX Q v O ts' .. ,H . Q n fx 'W f"'.' ...y,..yw I . I ,,,x 551' 5 Y f"k x A- .V yy-.,, 4 , I tu. 'bi 11 " ' N 1 ' -1 -4 3 .. ... :., Us ,,nI': ,... .. ..-',.,y 'ttf-Qm'l1:'3m'3? J: ,yi-3'-34,5,.....+ Ezxzri ,mr ..-.., "sam: 5 4 ' " . . -f P ff, I 4...I , 4:z.. I .5, V -nf... -- -.J - W... , .ww 1 --.,.,.. J- 115.-Q" .-. ,, X -a A N ' V " l. ' . ' ,1 ' , gs . ,. ' 71' x--U.. X u , X .. Q. I V , , - '- C yung-.. ' x X QQ 2 ' , . J G.. Q 1 if A 0 ' . . ' Q f ' 7 ff ' P 'f M1 4 . ' - a:" g1f', ,ff f ,f . M K ' 1 ':Q 1' ff- S 12- . wwf" HW ' ' rf M-,,, ggawfg :E-511.9 if 54 I - sr-,rf-ff , , '-5 "W 4 'tw 'iffijl' ' ' fi - 5' fgmgx, -33 ' +e.,f,, C, . fl. .gm fi 2' "14- .. A 'QFVQF1 V. -f-.1 -1. - -4, --. M'-" ' an-e"'f-br-.'k ' ' -4 '45 4.-, x , ,, ,'1'l"'-fir A 'V 4, if : 1g,"'fv.:Q ?7, Y, w-w 2 o9,'E'fiQv:Q 5 1 . ' y.-f ..,:'i',i. Y 'fu xii. ,E 1.4" if 7 aa E-2" '.. '1 ,- f Ap," . .,".' .! . 1' isa.. -,. .1 r A ' Y . ' 'Q . K , - .I '- f' . ' if ., ' ' ' 534 - . ' V :. 1' R 1 W 3 ..,u- . L1 . v . . . X e ,.. X - . . . , K- I Jw 4 J J , ' -v 'V ' 1' K 3 .gk jf?Q V 6- +A g v h 5.1, 5' fic- 'T -' , 9-A K. ' , . , K. 0 ,. x---f,,a,f, dxf' 4,.v'-- f- -1 :rw ' ., ,- ' i k -,gf - . n 1.5 .5 44 -,f" ' 09 YK A K ' . ' :qc .5 ul' .,,.',,,'.1-if K-A A, 4... , b ,1, , A-'fr W . r Aye: A 1 'V x 4 '11, , i . , '1.v- N V, 'ff ' " . L.. I - , ,, A. . 5 A , ' V 53 , 'X . - . A . H '-',Q ' P 5 A Q I -' 1 rxgv , ,l - . W Y fi I ' u N", 'fi 1 3 V ., Ari F " Sm., S' , Q .3 ' f -,.,,.,.,yf v I, - 4 I , , L . ,, ,a..,'... I fav.: ' . '. ,,,4 'W . x .-ga, . x ,.,. , , m 1 , 5? x . X 1. ' . , , ' .Mig -X f ' ' y ' ..1x,,-' 'A ,, , 'Ti LQTJ -1 1. 1 n W l in I , , A v' ' .' v W .ff H vw!! was-uni... ,,, 1 gg X Q '- 11 rl, 5 5-N f 51 2,110 wp ga, "L sd . 0 .:'f" w."T-N .. , -'V' 3. 4-. ', uw. , -1' .wr-' ,G n J 'fx ' ""3.- 1' ff, 4' ,, M , f f iw G wg.. A f. fs fliirst rowj: Pat Henderson, Dave Rnckey, Bob Baker, Gene NXfoodw:ird, Curt Dillard, Mike Weiss. QSeCond rowj: Coach Mabry, Tom Gay, Alan Sweet, Rick Sauer, Russ Fox, Ron Orme, Stan Gish, Mark Sandvigen, Mike Robinson. 206 .. 3. s arb Gniewosz, Pam Couture. 1 Standingj: Joette Oreste, Sue Bennet, jan Bennet, Wencl .Reiter, Sherrie Mason. QSeatedj: joy Graham, Betsy Tinker, Linda , Nancy Tennis Team Serves Its Purpose t Because this year's team w s a y ung one with three freshmen, t 0 s homores, and two juniors, for the 'en starting players, it was mainly a building season. Coach Richard Mabry felt that next years' prospects were good when skills will be improved. Besides making an excellent athletic showing, the team donated its services to Franklin by painting the tennis courts in March. The painting helps the players orient themselves on' the court in addi- tion to beautifying our school. The practice obtained this year and ex- perience from practice matches will undoubtedly combine to bring home honors next year. fOpposite page top leftj: Linda Hunter re- turns powerful drive. fOpposite page top rightj: Stan Gish prepares to serve. fRightj: Betsy Tinker slams ball into center court. Q! we IZDUT ,ifxaaa iw N t . . 1 -b i Ei- A ' -:uf -W + -9 k i 'Y w X R R + K. NZ, df- 'Q MX I ,,e, S ' y',"xb -i'A 1. Y ' A A gf" . fl 'yfl '95 91 A ' f V' -0 .f W,mA,:x Q h ff' 1,159 I ff' if I 'Y 4. Y . Q- 5 X - 1 1 1 . mf j if Q . if if 4 'M ORGANIZATIO Q. i r 'L ss nfl 5 .3 . ' Q' ' ': 'T is K 'ia 'i f Qi R 'cum . 'Q -4 ' - .. . A -5 vs N A . -, X rw, . - 1- ' lx X5 ., . .- +444 R, Q n v, m. !""ve- JG .QU 1 Qua- 'lc -35.4 - . asf, I , . -'li , 5 -3.1 h ' I bn a 1 AMA- ,tw --vw. ' .,.. . 5 I ,.. N . -"" - M f... V ,,.- ' ' ,, , lu , ,. rw-167'-.A fCenter frontj: Mitch Tlustos, Don Hilclerbrand fliditorj, fSeconcl I'ONV,I Gary Daniels, Donna Lohmeyer, -ludy Bigoni. fThird rowj: Peggy Calkins, Mrs. Puckett fALlviserj, Mark Knutson, Jerri Gilbert, Leona TenCIny, Marlene Fastelin, fFourth rowj: Dave Stalker, Karen Runcrlhaug, junly Oliverio eres1 johnson, fFifth roxxj. Dine Srhlosser, Shelley Fndness, Martha Wunderlich, fS1xth IONVDZ Kim Ralphs, Debbie Carter, Peggy Siegle, fToIi FOXVDZ Mary Mitchell, Jolene Schuette. 210 Almanac Staff X Chooses Youth For '69 Theme Year after year a small group of stu- dents combine their efforts to compile what is traditionally called the Franklin ALMANAC. For more than SO years the goal of each year's staff has been to produce a book that surpasses any preceding it. The pages have captured some of the most outstanding moments in student life, and combined them with the theme of Youth, This theme has never before been used in a Franklin ALMANAC, yet what better theme could be used to express what this yearbook is all about? It has been the ALMANAC staffs ulti- mate goal to embody the essay of Youth at Franklin and present it to the students. The staff hopes this ALMANAC is an accurate account of the 68-69 school year, and will be a cherished remem- brance for many years to come. fs F ,san '54 :it Q ' .t . 1' ' P' f x M f ' n 1. fSeatedjZ Dave Lum, fFirst rowj: Judy Oliverio, Terrea Bennett, jan Speciale, Kay Hatlmway, Debbie Monaco, Debbie Hickerson, -lim Herget, Mitch Tlustos, Sue Heidinger, Carolyn Zellner, Debbie Motht, fSecond rowj: Mr. Jerry Bosco, Doug Clark, Linda Macfarlane, Kay Noyes, Cristy lto. ' 5 N 'A i it wut' '13 Art staff members stop oh' for at walk through Portland Center after a held trip to the Graphic Arts Center for a tour of the printing complex. 212 Art Staff Visits Portland Center The Franklin Art staff, under the direction of Mr. Jerry Bosco, pro- vides the student with the feeling that he belongs to an advertising firm. Each staff artist exercises com- plete freedom and carries a perma- nent hall pass. He is allowed to use any art media to carry out orders given to him, and all materials are at his disposal. This year, each of the 18 students was picked for originality, respon- sibility and skill in sign lettering and poster painting. The prerequi- sites for the Art staff are recom- mendations from general and com- mercial art class teachers. The staff produces hall banners, posters, fliers, silk screened posters, and programs, advertising the school's activities in sports, drama, and academics. Custodians Books Keep Bus The Bookroom staff, under the direction of Mrs. janet Greenheld, is composed of juniors and seniors who enjoy serv- ing as clerical assistants. The hrst year assistants participate dur- ing their study halls. A credit is given during the second year for service on the staff. The staff takes charge of the distribu- tion of 14,400 textbooks during the year and helps to keep the Bookroom organized and efhcient. One of the tasks undertaken by the Bookroom staff is the filing of the student textbook cards which are kept as a record of the num- ber of books each student uses during the year. Bookroom work experience, although not directly connected to a particular field, does give valuable experience. lt prepares the student for future work in offices, libraries, and general business. Janet Anderson Patty Cooper Kathy Hannah Mrs Janet Greenfield Charlotte Rickard Lynn Dixon, Chris Dressler, Sue Roth. 213 21 -4x 111 3.4 fFirst rowjz Patsy Smith, Debby Atkinson, Kathy S Al Greco, Mike Klatt, QTopJ: Richard Wipple silk 'L mith. fSecond rowj: Karen Leben, Marsha Harding, Terry Courtney, Terry Pohrman, Janice Harding I .3 Uni? -1' b--- 9153 il, li Uk, ' 'iii 9 i F.--. ww It-,Rib mwl W i' ip .rf- Aim Nichols, Florine Baylie, Lucille Van Horn, Snow Tebeck, Rhoda Hollway, Jean Schoenheinz, Gladys Dunn, Amanda Huntley, Stephaninc Bulilington Mary Eaton, Viola Zable, Mary Langley, Daisy lsaccson, Gladys jarvin. 4 Efficiency Of -f5 .safeteria Depends On Teamwork tudents as well as adults are kept busy ach day, fulfilling the responsibilities f the Cafeteria staff. The adult staff, eaded by Mrs. Helen Gottsch, is con- tantly busy preparing meals and keep- ng the huge kitchen and facilities clean Library Staff Finds Accuracy Most Important The new schedule at Franklin this year has created new difficulties to be over- come by everyone. The Library staff is no exception. They have been busy all year with their regular clerical duties as well as trying to help the Q lnd in order. The res onsibility of erving the students goodi inexpensive 'ood rests upon the members of the staff. Ehe students, also under the direction f Mrs. Gottsch, assist the adult staff n making change and serving food during both lunch periods. Eere, as anywhere, "teamwork" proves ost important in the smooth function of the cafeteria system. nly through cooperation among the afeteria workers could the thousands f lunches and complete meals be ervecl during the school year. Librarians meet new demands made by the new schedule and increased num- bers of students. Students from sophomore through senior grade levels may apply for li- brary work. 'Ihey are then interviewed by Mrs. Eleanor Norlin, head librarian. She requires that anyone who applies must have good attendance and citizen- ship records. The duties of the Library staff are varied, and Mrs. Norlin feels that "accuracy" is most important in what- ever the staff does: shelving and check- ing out books, keepin magazines in order, and arranging filling cards. .-4g5,C , 411: .L-17? X v . 'NSR ' - 3 mf 4 ..f lr I 2' V V 1 'R x A 4 il' rl- ii -9- fFirst rowj: An McBride, Belinda Larkins, Nancy Kirkman, Mrs. Norlin. f Second rowjz Jackie Workman, Wyla Tatman, Judy York, Patti Brown, Marsha Cramer. fThird rowj: Margie Tracy, Ellen Macklin, Karen Neeland, Terry Pohrman. af' 215 af Donna Fawcett, Pat Beck, Janet Kolb, Mary I0 Gerlicher, Beth Graham, Mrs. Lorraine Miller, Donna Cross, Terri Bernard, Liz Currin Student Staffs Serve In Main Office, Counseling, N 1 -:Q gg 'Q 'XX fFirst rowj: Kathy Andre, JoAnn Hopper, Mrs. Rose McKnight, Sherry Cummings, Rosie Rivera, Laurie Burglund, Julie Conner fSeconcl rowj' Connie Hauskins, Brenda Meteer, Ny-Kee Monroe, Debby Hall, Rena Carman, Marti Fry, Janice Zimmerman, Dolores Dempster, Nancy Lotistadt, Bonnie Rasmussen, Carol Caniparoli, Carla Tweten, Nikki Choate. 216 5 ,- fn il ,K QF1rst rowj: joan Mnmmen, Susan Miller, jerine Burgnrd, jncquie Lomax, Ternlee Barnard, Susan May. CSecnnd rowj: C:1rolTa1nory, Cynthia Madson, Kathy Dittler. fThird rowj: Mrs. Juno Peden, Rei Silllillllllfki, Krlrcn Burnett, Lyn Smith, Kathy Timblin, Karen Lovlien. fF0urth rowj: Glcmlu Johnston, Frances Caunncho, Vickie Berndt, Karen Brown, Anita Brauckmiller, jane Smith. J Attendance, And College Coordinating Gffices A IU! 'g,,.a Sherrie Schocio, Nancy Holder, Kathy Green, Liz Fosterman, Judy Schwartskopf, Riclmnl Darbby. 2 New Schedule Increases Post Efficiency Upon completion of a beginning jour- nalism course, an interested student may serve as a member of the POST staff. POST staff membershi , besides being an interesting, rewarding experience, is a good background for college jour- nalism courses, and is helpful in learn- ing to meet deadlines. The new eight period schedule this year has made it easier for the POST staff to plan interviews and to secure better coverage of school events. The purpose and major goal of the staff is to give accurate and complete coverage of events at Franklin, and to please the student body by printing an interesting, versatile paper. l 1 L?" ' M kA" fFirst rowj: Cindy Schcnkcnbergcr, Linda Cochran, feditorj, Ioan Mammen, Pam Lo- prinzi, Debby Mundorff. lSecond rowjg Mr, Cole, Gene Van Troyer, lane Smith, Dennis Harper, Pattie Burgctt, Chris Alm, Helen Soderberg, George Brown, Dorothy Rowley, Terrie Hicks. lThird rowj: Greg Wcmlleck, Mike Baker, Larry Smith, Tom Johnson, Doug Gillies, Kevin Kerr, Gordon Oliver, Rick Sauer. M f il 219 - ,f 0 Photolab Fights To Photo Finish CAlmanac Deadlines! A auc e, eonar nag, Jose Quijarro, r. J 5 Joh S P k L Ong Nfl ' 'P Q. Za 8 lsr xu y Johnson, Steve Wivodhouse, Tom I E h L d H M 9 3 'ffl Q Q. me-A 1 I Yibgn ' I 'C 40, al ' An First rowj: Tom Allen. Steve Fuqua, ,lim Folck, Boh Brust. lSecond rowj: Mr. Britt Davis, Greg Jensen, Mark Hill, Phillip Gulliforcl. Steve Mellis ob Edmunson, Scott Orling. fThircl rowj: Mike Lockhart, Mike Folck, Eddie King. Stan Hess, Rick Robinson, Randy Hilly, Ken Brown. flfourth fowl: ike Ryan, Bill Kaufman, john Clark. Projectionists And Stagecrew 'L X x .. ' ' ,4 if by 'klvfih 'c J .f J: Florence Randall, Becky Sullivan, Nancy Rice. fBack Rowj: Steve Young, Taylor, jerry Bingham, Keith Huke. fFirst fowl: Judy Ell, Patti Smith, Linda Owen Ianice Giunta lean Lovlien Second row jean Spurlock Kathy Hausch Diane Carlson Susan Hauch, Susan Miller, Nancy Fastelin, Cheryl jarboe fThird row J Marlene Fastelin Karen Lovlien Kathy Dockstader Student Store Manages Finances The student store, managed by girls under the supervision of Mrs. Psyche Miller, handles all Franklin student body Hnancial transactions. These girls have many duties. One is that of taking care of the accounts of activities and classes. Others include selling game tickets before and during the game, registering all students, keep- ing track of the locks and lockers, and taking care of club purchases. In addition, the student store carries general school supplies and supple- mentary paper-back books, and work- books for other business and science courses. The course provides good experience and serves an excellent reference for jobs. 222 ajor, Majorettes nspire nstrumentalists, elight Spectators ranklin drum major Cliff Lewis, and ajorettes Sue Bennett and Weiide rown, added flair to the pep hand ctivities this year. s second in command, the drum major as responsible for leading the hand t games and in parades, and for con- ucting the pep band. The majorettes rovided championship quality half- ime entertainment, and performed in ront of the band during parades. hey took part in the Fine Arts Festi- al in May and the Rose Festival Pa- ade in june. Sue and Wende also articipated in Oregon's Twirling Festi- al on March 18. lt pt in shape for their various by practiein twice 31 week e 1 --A g the game seasons. BENJAMN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOl Wendy Brown, Cliff Lewis, and Susan Bennett in Uniform Tl g rg fFirst rowj: Bev Bonner, Chris Ball, Doug, Gillies lNorm Duddineton Annctta Walker Ntomi Choate Sue Chapman lcoll laiimodccr Iindt Lo Dehlwy l.ohnes, lna XY'eissenhuehler, Dorcas Tn lor Di ine Cote lxxren Schreiner Demc Myers Ann Iirson Roberta Henderson Mlrk Wyitt K Roylance, Barbara Wfillman, Don Caniparoli Dennis Mcilroy linda Sessler Torcl fzruitx C ci, lllch Crit I hscn D xid Dmolt D xnl li Steve -lewell, Alan Sweet, Cllift Ball, Tim Nt c ouiti x 1 xxis xrn nc me Chu Roy Ructc Piul Vindchey Russell Shxnnr XX'alder.' Wesley' Bonner, -lohn Ball, Kim Rllphs Dick Iytle Franklin Band This year, as always, the "pep" music for the football and haskethall games was supplied hy the members of the Franklin High School Band. The hand, advised and directed hv Mr. George Pancheau, is' composed of stu- dents with musical ability. The class, graded mainly on attendance at different activities, plays an important role in carrying on Franklin traditions. Daily practice and private sessions re- sulted in the handls fine performance in the Fairy Tale and Rose Festival pa- rades. The hand also competed in the Fine Arts Festival. According to a hand memher, the most important olwiect was to represent Franklin well in all outside activities. 224 ,.,,..,.- .x,x ., . t ...W ---. . . ,,, NN xx Q Il- in 1 i L,-1' YK ,Lx Yosliiko, Silliiki, Debby Hinkle, Ann Bennett, Mary Huggnker, Dorothy Rowley. Debby Dunlop, Lorraine Llainezn, Rhonda Hunnel, fSecond rowjz XYILIFIICF, Dennis Gillies, Nornm XY'esterlield, L11 Vetgi Laws, Susan Roth Robert Earl, Scott Hill, Alan Anderson, Steve Miller, fThird rowj, Pam Gordon St. Marie, Morris Funk, Byron jiicolusen, Dale Brown, George Smerziglio, Guy Hill, Gary Hunnel, Steve Taylor, Gary Kwasney, Vernon Bacon, Mike Parker, Cliff Nail, Randy Oxford, Don Dinioff, Terry Wilstin, Dave Earnest, Hal Donkin, Mark Siindviyen, john Bonn, Mr. Pancheau, Andy i !5"ua-ig, 225 in -1 bu Orchestra livery year, 40 musically inclined stu dents meet second period under thc su pervision of Mr. George Panchean. Thi erou H comwrises the Franklin lfligl lg I School Orchestra. The orchestra represents Franklin ii the annual All City Orchestra liestiva in late February and in the Fine Art Festival in May. Other activities this year included par tieipation in the traditional Christina program and providing the original ant unsimplihed Broadway music for flllllfz Cel Your Gnu. 1First rowj: ,luannette Mungcr, llarhara Copko, Glenda Nagel, Mc-rilee Brinda, Susan Bell, .loan I.undgren, -lohn Lundgren, -ludy johnson, Doro l'orn Garclmu, Marla Cassady. tThird rowj: lioh Baker. Terri Hudson, Mina Niemetschek, Ricky jones, Cl.lllkll.l Iiradt. Ciliris Ball, lioh liurnell, Doug Mr. lialdrich, Mr. Panchcau. 6 ' I X W-I-.x ., .NM 1 ,1 I . 'Fa Z' I . e sf., if .' ' P X Q Mi , Y x X Cffrf '7. xX ' .X f mf-I .Xxx f vi' W- fixx 6 1 91' ., , 1 r ff NRQ J' N K ELS ,.. - .R ' 'a"l" 5. 1 MM- ..vl.4. .4 V41 hr hffi.:-4 - . , va' 1 A., .. 'N 45 0 X a f' 'N 4 1 'X ...x i QF XS! ' Q F5 ii r-ivy! Q1 I Qin-A 1.2145 1 ffj L Nt" if 8 'ii Nm-lv . . ,, gg. 1'Q . ,f W , -s, ,' -.. ' : W ,W , Q13 v - ' . 1 Ax a Karen Baisinger, Lori Trimm, Susan Hoyt, Linda Vance, Debra Cunningham, JoAnn Hopper, Kathy Baldino, Carol Farmer, Nancy McElhaney, Lucy Lusk. Harmonettes And Intonations The 1-larmonettes are an upcoming en- semble of sophomore girls directed by Mr. john Brewer. These girls who were chosen for the ensemble after auditioning last spring, practiced each Wednesday and Friday during the year. Among their activities this year, they sang for the Veterans' Hospital, the Atkinson PTA and the Franklin PTA. The Harmonettes are looking forward to more public appearances in the next two years for Franklin. The junior girls' contribution to the Franklin High School music depart- ment is made by their ensemble called the Intonations. This year completes two active years at Franklin for this group. They participated in school pro- grams and assemblies as well as for the Veterans' Hospital, a lodge club, the Father-Daughter Banquet held in De- cember, and a Dads' Club meeting. FU- - W . V T iivx 1 tt K r 1 A ...........,... ,, , H k 1 i T H. ,T , J , P 5 1 """"""t""" 5' 1 1 so f 't Q .X Z ,i Q x if , ' , '- ii ' A ..,..,.. J i i , c fFirst rowj: Bonita Fredrickson, Martha Veness. lSeconcl rowj: Cathy Miller,,P:1tti Cooper, Toni Malsey, Kay Crewse, Melissa Dolyniuk, Sue Mille Debbie Mealey, Kathryn Warner, Kathy Jensen. 228 asf A, fist- t I f Q I I t fv 'S 117 i . X l 1 fFirst rowj: Lonnie Kelley, Caroline Coppernoll, Jean Vinciguerra, Donna Wfolff, judy Peck, Susan Brown, Chris Hummel. tSecond rowjg John Emra, joseph Heuchert, Mike Ryan, -lay Thomas, Bill McClane. Ann Oxford, Lyn Bruner, Nancy Lofstedt, Beth Graham, Peggy Siegle, Terri Cuons, Leslee Adams, Karen Bergeron, Lynn Jewell, Susan Brolliar. Madrigals And Starlighters The Madrigals, the senior boys' and girls' ensemble, adds to the outstanding quality of the Franklin High School music department. These students, un- der the direction of Mr. john Peery, performed on many occasions outside of school this year. Among their ap- pearances they entertained patients at Barnes and Veterans' Hospitals, sang for service clubs and lodges, and PTA meetings. As most of the group already had adequate credits for graduation, participation in this ensemble was a voluntary service. The Starlighters are a group of ten senior girls under the direction of Mr. john Brewer. They, too, have made several out of school appearances during the year. They sang for lodges, the Benson Tech Show, and on KOIN TV. They are especially proud to be the Hrst school ensemble to have sung with the Oregon Symphony. fw Leon Hawkins 229 A Choir Girls' Choir Two musical groups that express the theme of youth at Franklin are A Choir and Girls' Choir. Their concentrated practice is rewarded by the fine quality of music they produce each-year in the programs at Franklin. A Choir, under the direction of Mr. john Peery, participated in "Annie Get Your Gun," the Christmas program, and the Spring Festival. In addition, they caroled several places throughout the city during Christmas, and made their television debut in December. Girls' Choir, under the direction of Mr. john Brewer, entertained patients at the Veterans' Hospital, and participated in the annual Christmas program, the Spring Festival, and the May Fete and Rose Festival assemblies. This year they performed in a special Girls' Choir assembly. . 1 , Nan.-. P' 6 "fi, ri 3 -74 4 fFirst rowj: Karen Bergeron, Sue Miller, Cathy Miller, Kathy Signer, Pam Brackmitter. Susan Brown, Gloria Moore, ,Ierene Burigard, Lyn Jewell, Susan Brollier, Chris Hummel, Carolyn Copprinoll, ,lean Vinciguerra, Kay Crewse, Elaine Seaberg, Charlotte Richard. fSc-cond rowj: Leslie Adams, Vicky Marler, Pat LaHue, Melissa Dolyniuk, jean Spurlock, Lyn Bruner, Liz Currin, Sandy Bacon, Donna Wtmlff, jennifer Nelson, Lynetta Bolin, Kathy Schmorl, Diane Willis, Janis Pearson, Debbie Mealey, Mary D'Ambrosia, Lela Leirmo, Lynn Smith, fThird rowjz Tom Herd, Tim Dole, Bob Edwards, Leon Hawkins, Bob Oswalt, Leonard Haag, Ed Casciato, Iohn Emra, Ken Geraci, Allen Grant, Bill MCGlanC, Bob Stone, Tony Westtmn, Roger Goldsby. Steve Taylor, Steve Giordano, David Waldrep, Ken Giordano, Bruce Raze, Craig Mullen. fFourth rowj: Bill Oswalt, loe Heuchert, Dave McFall, Richard Barhoum. Stanley Jordan, Greg Grandy, Mike Ryan, Greg Parrish, Dave Buell, Ken Palmer, lim Poppino, Larry Robinson, jim Pouiade, Loren Hamer, lay Thomas, Bill Piland, Tim Drennan, Greg Orvis, Dana Conover, Frank Solari, Randy Hooker, Dan Wfilson, Greg Keller, Neal Orsen. fFirst rowj: Lonora Giordano, Debra Cunningham, Eileen Konetsky, Merilee VUikander, ,Ioy Wilstiii, -loAnn Hooper, Gail Berry, Sharon Newell, Vicki Taylor, Cheryl Lund, Kay Anne Cavanugh, Terry Brock, Janice Moats, Lynn Vance, Nancy MtQuaw, lanice Blackman. fSecond rowj: Urpha Berry, Carol Farmer, Penny XX'ilson, Cathy Pickup, Tori Tripp, Sharolyn Bowman, Linda Vlordan, Lori Trim. Betty Popp, Susan Hoyt, Leslie Brenton, Chris Todd, Gail Munkers, Bonnie Martinolick. Mary Green, Nancy Veness, Kathy Baldino. fThird rowl: Iudy Super, Pat Wtilfe, Connie Klatt, Linda Burrow, Ioy Graham, Marilyn Barn- hart. Nancy Olson. Candy Wfhitley, Lori Lambert, Wfendy Daniels, Karen Baisinger, jane Scott, Beverly Edgar, Lucy Lusk, Mary Wzitkiiis, Nancy McElhany, Debbie Steffan, Martha Baergen, Hope Currin, Marie Whelchel. 231 hu.-.......,, 232 if fn f N' W- xg f--- fy-5 x..7. :,l L,if,y 5 ,M A .V A k ff K4 '1'QQN ,ff f""'f'4'tk"f ' A ' 555' . . - , .. A, , , .1 ..--1:.,-Q.:-Mawfk k --f ' - ' -'N .. "' -VM . .N ,,,., -fr -N , .. ---Y . -- , ww - Q-. 1..- - . . ...W.-n-1... , ,. .A ' K ,k""'f"'T""" ,W.',, ,,-.M.. ...W RH" , 'I' ,...,. . . ..-.,.... ...vw ,,, ,..- .. ,. . ,Q-. ' " .,,,3g94.-.wfq-Q4-.. Y ,- -- - V. , , .. .., ..,...,-1-A ' 5 5 LUBS N W wi' tliirst riuwlz Mar,uai'et Tlustus, Sue Straight, Cliristi' ltn, lan Speiiale, liarhara lihrigq. Donna XXlll1i1lllSl, Pain lamprinzi. Terry liruek, Carole Nees. Kathi' lftilulee, Patti Smith, laniee liiiinta, l,intla Owen, l.imla Thani, Dehhv Dunlop, 'lerri-Gilhert, Mike liell, Tvler Tsuneinitsu. lSeiiintl riiwji Mitch Tlustus, Felicia Ciniewusz, Cinily Sehenren- herger, lainila Thinnas, Karen Rtimllniiitig, Lil Ciirrin, Cathie I,iipi'inzi, Nancy Kirknin, luilx' Slane. Nanci' Melfllianey, Carla ,- K Txveten, lm' Gi'ah4u,n, Riilwrta Henilerstmn, I Mari' llueker. Darlene Harris, .lan Bennett, Vieki 'l'avlnr, Linela liunnell, lanis Pearsiin, Dirk Ciaixin, Don Hiltlerhianel, Bill h'ftll'y,tlfl, Daie lluilsun, l"l'hirtl I'ttWlI Elena Sipp, Mari' Gursline, Leslie Atlains, Dehhie Mas- hi'ut'her. Sherrie,:iliin, Naneie Otlhert, Linn Smith. Diiwtln' Rowley. Susan Miller. linnnie Rasinussen, lflizaheth lfnsterinan, lanet Highlanil, flrtlllflll rinvj: Terri Cmmns, l.inila Ciieliran. Dehhie Donnell, Ann Me- liriile. l.eslie Brenton, lnann Vassar, Shelley lfailness, Suzette Nnnne, Lynn Testlal, Gail Rehiler, ,lean Snurloek, Carol Caniparoli, Karen Iawlien, Pain liraneetieh, l.inila Hun- ter, Ciari' Daniels, Dehhie Carter, Keith Hash. Daxe Sehlusser, Greg Dilnretu. flfiftlm rtiwj: Leona Tenfllav, Lori Bunne, Sue Otlhert, Patti Cfouiweig llmnita l7reili'ieksiin, Marilyn Barnhart. liarhara llelntt. lilaine lainie, Stephanie l.amh, Pain Roylanee, Tina Clark, . Sharon llriinks, Rieliaril Niirranen, Terr' lones, Keith Antlersiin, Iitl Rowley, Cari' V Us ' - Vigna, Mike Baker. lSixth mwj: .loan Maininen, Teresa lulinsun, lleggy Sicgle, lieth Graliain. l'e-gggy Calkins. lSexenth fowl: lnhn Antlreotti. Dun Sinurtliwaite. Run Urine, lnlin lensen, Patti Colvin, ,ln Antler- ' ' sun, Stan Gish, liill Green, 'lerrv Thompson, Paul Paxlith 'l'Cl'l'V Innes, Tum Gay, Bill , Larson, Betsy Stoutenhuhu. Larry -limes. Rick Sauer, Gwen Gmlsev, Paul Harman, Larry , fn iiiii-if, Mrk .i ifii, " 1 ., F ' A d ' d iiil',lfQ1fm"iiii.l.,2li7.' Mn RMS Rm 1'121fS, fl 613 65 meg A 49 1? 4 N 1 ' RW 'l 1 - Mr. Mabry Dave Austin, ,Inn Jensen, limb l.ytle, Don Hilderbrantl, ,Ion Rudtlell. Keith Darlnw, Bob Marshall, Dick Garvin, Mike Barton 234 FX 34-he. BQSX . ,V. fn W ir- can Spurluck, Sue Straight, Calthic Loprinzi, Cindy Schcnkcnbcrgcr, Pam Loprinzi, Peggy Sicglc, Sue Odhcrt, joan hf,illl'll1'ICIl, Donna Wfinquisr, Barbara ihrig, 235 in pq. fn.. 'l v.. tlirst rowj: Paul Schwartz, Pete Moon, Gary Fleming, Doug Wolf, Gary Keller, Keven lanes, Dan Mclilhincy Stun Kidolf Nick Gxttucci Bi Mrrk Knutson, lirnesto lnclan, tSecond rowj: Joe Heuchart, Tom Austin, Dick Garvin, Keith Kibe, Dale Bxrnhirt Tony Vllcston Art Wtmlcl Daxc left Mofhtt. Carl Wickziiicler, Run Morgan, Paul Pavlich. fThird rowj: Rick Langdon, llruce Heath, Ken Wlrcl Ctrl lxiklndcr Llrry Hill Larry C corge Brown, Randy Miller. Gary Hathaway, Cleve Parker, jon Jensen, Bill Green. fFourth rowjz Ron Orme Don bmirthxx utc Scott Hi ic btue Hofer. Sue Bennett, Linda johnson, Gary Turner, Steve Fmothers, Tom Taylor, Loren Hamar, tFifth roxxj Ann Mtliridc Blrbiri lielott Henderson, Debbie Super, Chris Reverman, Barbara Gnewash, Mary Ann D'Ambrosia, Lynn Reverman, lvhrk Wylll jin Bennett Wlcncly Rcltcr roxxl: Marilee Wfikander, Mary Wikander. Sandy Harding, Pat Wticucl, Darwin Rasmussen, Mike Varnell Rick long., Tcsdil Pam Frlncetich Hclmer, Gwen Godsey. Lettermen Franklin Lettermen's Club is made up of students who have commendable athletic ability. Any person who ob- tains a varsity letter may join the Let- terman's Club, The Lettermen are devoted to the pro- motion of spirit among the students, and to service in general to the school. They initiated several fund-raising ac- tivities this year, Among these were a ball-point pen sale, the sponsorship of the Northwest Wrestlinig Coaches' Clinic. and the refreshment stands at the games. With the funds they raised, they presented the rally with raincoats and bought new duftle bags for the Franklin Athletic department. Their spring activities included a swim party, a beach trip, and a steak feed. Advised by Mr. .lack Burri, the Letter- men supervise the parking at Franklin activities and assume the responsibilities of the Ere drills. , ., , ,.M1i,se.i:i. 'E 'Q it ...-"""' 3 P' ' 1 xx' y 'mt liirst fowl: Gary Kcllcr, jerry liingliam, Bill Piland, Dan Mclflhancy, fSccoml mwjg Tmlrl Daniels, Dan Hall, Pat Petrie, Larr' Hall, Allan Gi Tlmiril ruwjz Greg Parrish, Dawin Rasmussen, Delmar Cullison, Bob Ziclisilorf, Kcxin limos. Key And Pep Clubs 0'- .4 A ferric Hicks, Robrrla Amlcrsun, licbcuxl Iimllurcii. Melissa Thompson, Marylin Caron, Miss Vahn, janice Blackman, Cindy Hnlsrcnc, Judy Harris, .F.L. The National Forensic League is an honorary organization whose purpose is to promote puhlie speaking hy award- ing deserving candidates memlnership in a national organization. To heroine a member, the student must earn 25 points of eredit in Forensic work. rank in the upper two thirds of his class scholastieally, and he elected into membership hy the Clulv. Althousfh Franklin has been a memlwer of the NFL since 1965, this is the hrst year it has held a eharter. Under the direction of Mr, Gary Clark. Franklin speakers attended tournaments. the student Congress and the NFL dis- trict meet. Their accomplishments have been revealed through the numerous trophies, rilwlwons, and eertiheates they have acquired. tlirst roxxj Mr frm K lule Rent Nuuiu Nut Ntrueht Gene V1n'I'royer Terrie Hitlss tbuond roxxj Carol Nepper, Mary Mitchell, Janis Pearson, jucly l ut l ull Reis Lklx Hhird r xl Dirlene Htms Birbxrn Vxnlroxer bueu Cyodsu jerrx Binuham. Diane Gray, Pam Roylance. Tom Gay. s., XS. 4,..-- A . 2' .V sy .-'flf"'E ,... W EXXQ A fx. x N4 . :Sf bf-V 4 u pl ,A-, ,Wi 3.122 1-,. - . YW . iii QV vyv wi 1 M M MV M -,,...v '-cy "'Q fliirst rowj: Larry -Iuncs. Mike Bull, Terry jones. lSccoml mwb: Mr. Irgens, Bill Harrison, john Ball, Larry Wall, Steve Matthews, Wfzzltcr Kublic Electronics And Catalyst Clubs NP? -H H 9 ll Dun Hilrlurbrrxml, Mr. SchIcnik.r, Lori liaumlcuml, Mike Baker, Ron Orme, Christine Hummel. Dave Schlosser, john Rudclel, Greg 'I'C'f1lLlChl. john ami, Keith Harsh, Larry Jones. 240 ill 4 n TELEPHONE We ' i Q 5 E ix 'pa if L A ffl! 'runt mwj: Mrs. Gladys liggiinan, vlanice Dolan, Dehlwie Harmon, Lori Baunduram, Steve Harmon, Tom Gin' rooks. flopjz Miles Anderson. Allan Iohnson, ., A X Y. 1. v N ' w o r wa xx Q X . , X1-'.. 'x' I , svn- , ,. 1, X r+,1 !,4 .' y . L A . K, l - Q1 lv A '. l l 1 4 l K L-iWe.i.,.1 Greg Tarautai, Chrie Shrake, Sharon Future Medical Students And Lambda Gamma Y - 7 first rowl: Martha Vt-ness, Felitia Gniewosz, .Iutly Patterson, Linda Tham, Chris Reverman, Mary Finley. fSecond rowj: Cindy Long, Barbara Gnicwosz WJ: Teresa johnson, Mary Norhy, Joyce Nord, Sue Prife, janet Vencss, Lois LaHue, janet Olayos. Ufourth rowj: Lori Boone, Beth Hammond, eth lfostcrnian, XY'yla Tatman. Wynne Bergstrom, Karen McKnown, Wfanda Krirerman. Sharon Koisncy, Kathy Andre, Miss Whtmltl. 241 A M-'Usd ill . 'r' . . . i U r 5 i l U R P s C I ' fFirst rowjz Bonnie Lang, Marilyn Redfern, Vivkie Childers, Hope Heikkila fSecond rowjz Debbie Mollitt, Lori White, Sheryl Edwards. fThird rowjz Mr. Grogan, -Iim Ritter, Deno Vichas, Steve Frie, Rick Stubleheld Randy Oxford, Curt Hagen. fFourth rowl: Gary Marconi, Dennis Knutson, Terry Cranston, Wes Carlson, Larry Profht, Dick Gatto, Robert Anderton. Future businessmen of Franklin-these are the members of Franklin's chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of K America. Members of the club are students in ER the D.E. class. This class, designed to prepare students for a successful part in the business world, covers every phase of merchandising. Students en- gage in a deep study of wholesale and retail selling, and methods of salesman- ship, advertising and display. This year the club sponsored an after- game dance, a candy sale, and was largely responsible for the student cen- ter plans. Some members were active in state activities. Randy Oxford was president of the state chapter, and other members took part in the state conference which was held in April at the Hilton Hotel. y BY rmxirtm swarms Flldftldckgnk Z hy PUR smmatiw 42 5 o w 'I 1 Al x align' 'fi' , " J-ee: W? f "l9"i3"3w.4iF N If u f, AAA, ' yl -xx t Q? as ,195 S f W, . W. Campus Life And Bowling Club XIV' if ,..-'54 glow: fFirst rowj: Walt Kublie, Kay Hathaway, Peter Moon, Lowell Rauchenstein, Tim Dole, Ken Rodd, Steve johnson, Stan Dirks, Carolyn Zellner, Dale Olney. CSccond rowj: Kris Gooderham, Steve Cox, Laird Clow, Jeff McEwen, Keith Huke, Teresa Todd, Melvin Louie, lThircl fowl: Shirley Fouts, Donna Fawcett, Kay Crewse, Laurie Bondurant, Keith Hash, ,Janice Dolan, Dan Gulliford, Alan Inahara, Terrie Schramm, Debbie Dickerson, Leroy Slonm. 1Foui'th rowj: Don McElhaney, Miss Knotts, Steve Patterson, Anita Brauckmiller, David Dimoff, Rick Sauer, Ken Palmer, Ross Getchell, Bill Lewis, Patti Hamilin, Gordon Oliver, Don Bonrly, Sherry Cummings. 24 es l 'x Dbl, tFirst rowl: Ingrid Sessler, Allen Grant, Mr, George Pancheau, Debby Dunlop. fSeconcl rowl: Dave Austin, Susan Brown, Mary Gorsline, Susan Roth, Charlotte Riekartl, Yoshiko Sahaki. fThircl rowl: Naomi Choate, Linda Sessler, Roberta Henderson. Claudia Brailt, Dorothy Rowley, liill McClane, Ronda Hunnel. fliourth rowl: Debbie Donnell, Ina XX'eisenbhuler, Lynn Tesclal. fliifth rowl: Debbie Lohnes, ,lay Thomas, Jennifer Nelson. l.aVeta Laws, Cliff Lewis, ,Iolene Schutte, Debbie Bishop, Marla Cassaclay, Lucy Lusk, Lori Lintli. 44 'ru Q. ji wg N, su. Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha is a club of purpose and participation. The club was formed as a music honorary. The main ob- jectives are to promote a greater under- standing of music ancl a better social unclerstancling. Membership in Sigma Phi Alpha con- sists of sophomore, junior and senior members ol' Band, Orchestra, A Choir, and the ensembles. The club advisor, Mr. George Pan- cheau, states that the club was unusually active this year. Their activities in- cluclecl an oliicer election banquet, a new membership installation, a Hal- loween party, an Alumni Christmas caroling party, a mountain trip, a re- ception honoring music teachers, the Fine Arts Festival party, a senior ban- quet, ancl a beach trip, ln aclclition, the club attends one musical event each month during the year. 9 . 3 1 I X :Ur Thespians Students talented in draimntics have the opportunity ol' joining the Thespizms Ciluh, The purpose of Thespinns is to promote interest in the field of dra- matic iirts. The requirement for memhership is ten "Thespinn points," earned hy par- ticipating in events connected with the tlI'1ll'I1.lllL'S dep.trtment, such as behind- the-staige work in productions. Thespi.1ns' activities this year included i'nnd-ratisinyg projects and dramatic nc- tixities. The memhers presented one- :ict plays lor the students nt Franklin, at childrt-n's theater, ttnd took part in the st.ite Tliespidns' contest in April. Otiicers were installed during the year at lmtnquets to honor the newly elected ciihinets. I I R 1 l l l i l lieth Gmlmm. Rene Simms, ,larry Binglmm, Terri: Hicks lxeith Hulse Pim Roxlime Mr Boniielio Becky bullix in lune Humhird Nmey Rice Dirlene rris, Gene'l'royer, Diane Willis, jo Oilifilll 1 J, If N! ggi f- :g g - qi Pffrw-V fr? la. 4 1 r . "vw uf- ' X 'why ,fav 13 f syff' ' X"'9" J :XZ 'Y-r -ow -A-'E Q' X fi, l - . Tl -W .ff ,- -,,,, Q. ' 1.4 4 +5 .1 lg . -' 1 'P X ...- 4.1 ,,, 1 .VH -4' y -..g. g A 4 I , eww' A - -W 1-' ' . 1, ' 'ynlk jf . . - , 4.23 g,.T ' ' . .. A K , ' w5? -'Qnn - W -. M . A - -- ' s 'vp' ' 'J ' h Y, 'ff A " N ' 4 - . . fgywly N, .4 V. Y S A l' N4 xx Y' A-X , . ,f . v-.Y ' .f - Q 0 '.- .. . ,f ' ,I -X -. , ' z. . '. 414 -- QA W 0 A A A x . l ' " ?. 1 wiv.-v .1-. ' 3 gy- I. 1, s rn --. . ,- -V -F s E . .-'Ia f i -- . f' M 40' A- ' " ' ' Koi, 111. .ML , ' ,.T'S.aLA ,-3 -xp. X . . " V -' v , 15"-"' A .N Q "- QQ- , - -W ...- ,X,'-- 1' ' ,A BN, rr. 1 .1 ,V A 4' sq H 1. 1- , . . 4, , V 'J,A1,r',3. 'X -152,5 NE- '-3 Q. A ..,,' 5 , ,P . N ,, qs fax. . Aki, fun...-.-,4f,,. H ., K4 ' ,W 'Li X., K X J- V 4- 3 -. :,, I. .P 5. .X , u ,QQ I -dx NX ,, , , , . .wg,. '-,a - " V .-, ffff' ' ' . P-ff:.f-,mi-,-,. , , 4"a24'n'51'- -' 5 'i 1 f -'J !:"'gf51.JQfxf'f- 5' , -4. ' rx-.,,. JN, 'x . I '4- .5 45 -' x ,. QQ' 5 ,.s. ,. "Q?f' -. af 4 'Eg-: X "xc 5 - Q ,Q -. n. .,..f. .L , 1. X. . '--- - xr f'- '-. 'E , . Q "'N -. v . A. . vs . N ,rf ' 'I g ' 4 3-- r " f I if A Aff .- LN 5 ss, iq X Ia 7 N. -Q gr v 1 M .l N, , ,, - , ACTIVITIES - l X g uakers Again Triumph Gver Grant in S. B. Contest This year is the second consecutive year that Franklin has beaten Grant in a student body card sale contest. Al- though percentages for both schools were very close, Franklin won by about one percent. As a result of the Quaker victory, Cranes student body president and vice president. Dave Edwards and Robin Suwol, were obligated to come to Frank- lin and participate in a special assembly, Both had to paint garbage cans, and be- came targets for cherries, chocolate syrup. flour and, to top it all off, a pie in the face. 5 , --N ni 4 ,RT ' llxlgjwt- J W Y J . a y J .4 A X 1 VA. g Mk gf, 1 'Rv 5 .N X N of ', it ,Y V f Ax , , 4 1 M,-ff' ., YA ,,. .g-N1 H Q , 'nz f ,Q UP? ws? -was X 'QQ- '2 5+- -59,3 Robust Spirit Captures uakers Spirit at lfranklin was put into action in activities sponsored by the student body, Dad's Club, and the Football Rally. Spirit assemblies put on by the rally gave everyone the excitement of a a real game. Men of the Dads Club gave students a chance to get two pizzas and a Pepsi for only SOC before riding the spirit bus to the only away football game we had this year, at Roosevelt. Homecoming, an annual activity at Franklin, took place on September 27. judy Oliverio, senior. reigned as queen with her court, consisting of junior, Sharon Gallut-ci. sophomore, Carla Txveten, and freshman Judy Speciale. MMV: I V l Mild' Gllllllllk JIUIUYC Cill'fllllL ilnll ,lllsly FHZZ0l11fl "Sf00VC" fTopj: Door Ll6COI'JlflI1Q promoted spirit and had ret rooms competing for free bus tickets at Hoinecoming Dance, to the game. fBeIowj: Queen Judy Oliverio reigns oxe her IOKS iouit intludine Slit 250 Gallucci, .ludy Oliverio, Carla Tweten, and Judy Speci ilt 'f+Qv.-ff-..b3', M 1 .Har-1'1.t'v' lf' 'L' s ' .. -V' t .. 5' x U' 'g . .1 ' .n 21,7 . . -' -Y-P?-I ' x , fr, Q' ' f 1 J '0 , ' ff: A 41- mai , QTop leftl: Mr. Green, D.1tl'S Club member, brings but pizzas from oven to table. fTop rightj: Susie Brollinr, Pam Francetirli, Lynn Tesclnl, Linda vlulmwn, jimnim Hopper, Bruce Health, Rifle Lill1j.ZLl0l"l, and Christy Ito toast ll successful grime. flielowj: Dick Gairven, Don Loomis, Rick l.1ll1jltl0l"I, RiCk Lung. Mike Ciiscintn, Bruce He.1tl1, Bill Piland, Joann Hopper blast students with spirit during pep assembly. 251 Paekwood- Morse Debate The elections ol 1068 hrought promi- nent political figures to lfranklin. Two men, rantlitlates lor the position ol sen- ator, appearetl in special assemhlies. Stn- tlents who attentlt-tl inelutletl those who hall stntlx' halls, social stntlies. or ling- lish classes at the times ol the assem- hlies. Quakers were interestetl in the tampaigns, so attentixe .nitlientes were large. Rolwert l'at'lQwootl. Oretsgoifs Repulwliean eantlitlate for the US. Senate, was intro- tlueetl hx' Rox' Sampsel, a lormer lfrank- lin stntlent hotly presitlent, Nr. Pack- wootl expressetl the qualities that he Felt' were necessary' lor leatlership. A panel then eonlrontetl him with questions from stntlents. Following Mr. l'atl4wootl's appearance, his l5L'I11ULt'.1llt' opponent, XVayne Morse. spoke to assemhletl stntlents in the paelietl autlitoriiim. This assemlwly was hantlletl in the same manner as the pre- felling one. Roi' Sawipsel. former Franlflin stntlent hotly tlent. intrntlut'es Rolwert Paekwootl. 252 pres: ,ff UA'-e l I, XJ! ... l t 9' 4 .9 f Asa' 1' if 'llwiedlelluffllf 1 i , Vs 'f WALLACE 3 if Y .. ,.. 5 . 0 ' FDD ' Alberto Mansilla Discovers America Alherto Mansilla, Franklin's exchange student. saw snow for the hrst time in his life while living in Portland. He savs "the little white things are heauti- ful." Alherto came from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent his visit living with the lirie family. Americans have heen friendly and kind to him. he asserted. He was pleased to attend Franklin. Dress is much more casual in this countrv. for students wear suits to school in Argentina. Commenting on American life. Alherto said: "American food is too rich--you eat too much and hecome a little mon- ster." He is certain that Americans think too much ahout money. Music and soccer have heen important to Al- herto, Estudiantes de la Plata, the champion soccer team of the world, is from his home town. Under the ex- change student regulations. Alherto must return to his country for two vearsg after that he will he free to live wherever he chooses. f wg J x 'H " fl 11 -4 if xx, ,A A-, yi 'l9Qx 2 M Q 1 ff P Q g rx if 2 2 ,Ai "" 4 A I fOpposite page topj: I'n1 as "happy as can be, doin' what comes naturally." fOpposite age bclowjz Annie meets Frank at Pawnee Bill's sophisticated ball. fTopj: Annie and Elm entire cast finish with "Tl1ure's No Business Like Show Business." fBelow leftjz Indians take part in ceremonies that atlopt Annie into the Sioux Intlian tribe. fBcl0w rightj: Annie and Frank have opposed views about "An Old Fashioned WCdLill1gl'. 'XX A. it-0' Q i .OW -iyxb,-. - 5 ,. .t Ji. itll 255 Mr. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Topjz Charlie attempts to persuade Sitting Bull to join liullialo Bill's Show, flielowj: In the hrst match, Annie hows her sure-sliooting ability, Mrs. Annie Frank Charlie DOlly Mac Buffalo Bill Pawnee Bill Pawnee Bill's Messenger Chief Wiltl Horse Wilson Little Jake Jessie Minnie Nellie Sitting Bull Schuyler Adams Schuyler Adams Ferguson Ferguson T. L. Keefer Potter Porter Henderson Henderson Clay Beth Graham Dave Buell Randy Hooker Lynn Bruner john Emra Bill McClane Jerry Bingham Bill Piland Larry Robinson Leon Hawkins Craig Mullen Lynn Jewell Carolyn Coppernoll june Humbircl Ken Geraci Loren Hamer Rebecca Moore Larry Robinson Kay Crewse Bob Edwards Diane Willis Susan Bennett Allen Grant Debbie Bishop 6 S 4,-1 ,X I FX r 7 sg l fav", E , 'mn ' 1 ,Y h nf ff' A0 , irls' B-Ball ' Scores rf Lots of Laughs One of the most hilarious basketball games Franklin has ever seen took place this year between the senior and junior girls on December 19 in the Franklin gym. After a few practices, and because of some tactfully given advice about im- provements from the two coaches, Mike Casicato for the seniors and Dan Mf- Elhaney for the juniors, the game had some "pretty" sharp players. The score of the game gave the lead to both teams many times, with the juniors finally win- ning 37 to 35. The fifty dollars raised in ticket sales was donated to the band for their uniform fund. 1 E! fl ii' 1 Q, M -up NW . . SV, cc- Q - 0-2-"N ,MEX -I 'M-MM Nwcvgvhsg tTopj: -lunior coach Dau Nclilli-iney gives some last minute coaching while Debi Densem is distracted, fffenterlz The two teams seem to have lost the ball in play. fliar riuhtl: The girls had little ditlicultv putting it in when they had a chance, fRightH: Susie Miller moves out with the ball. 258 " """'0 ,ff Y After-Game Dances Re-instated Once again Quakers had the privilege ol attending alter game dances. l.ast year liew dances were allowed. hut sinee the levy passed, schools have reinstated the teen rituals. Various eomhos. sponsored hy fund- raising organizations, played for the en- joyment of all who attended. Dances were held in the gym. and decorated hy the group sponsoring the dance. The Boogalou, the horse, the skate and other wild eontortions done at the after game dances allowed the "swinging" Quakers to express themselves. 260 I X f 75 1 W ffff 'ix i an nik S- -r' a. 4-f ' ff- , 1 f'-sf i Q- -'f Nn9"5"Zl sn, 1.1 vu 4 5 7, ,,,- , , 'n ' fi 4- 9 rl M X Vases-.s, W' xnxx VX --x X-1 ffm 4 If 5 if ,ss-'h id H ii L V -2 'iff pi 4 1 f ta X . -.ffl fi' ' H' ' A .Jw f"- tr , ,, .S ,f-QM? - i "ff In ' 'gfwx . A Ogg? 15 B s 0 .iff M I eg if XXL! an in N e 1, -4, Vimjpxfwecuinfgih re, l..g , X.- if l - K, +4 ,f . Let It Snow! Cold. wet spills and snowlmll hghts were the order of the day the snow had come. Before ffliristmds vnetition. while flakes fluttered quietly down, hopes were high that there would he early dismissal, for L1 few extra days away from school. However, the hoping was in vain. amd gidministmtion restricted snow hall lights to the footlmll howl in order to prevent' hroken windows. During v.1cntion, Ll storm heggin in enr- nest. Witliiii Ll few hours the city was thickly covered hy drifts of snow pro- tected hy Ll hard crust, the procluct of fl silver thgtw, Sinee "it e0uldn't happen in Portland," the city was prepared for winter with one solitary snow plow, The clearing ol' streets was slow: cars crawled single hle on wide streets, hus trzinslwortntion clidn't exist, towing service was un' reliuhle, and taxis were over-worked. Witl1 these conditions prevailing, the wishes for :1 longer VLlCQ1lll1I1 were granted. School hegan two days later than planned! sexing I. 535, ll' Y' Inv a-"A A. ' . W A 'W--Q Shi 264 Nu . M91 gf, 1 " I I 1 If wx E' vfffff 2 ikffif ? if ? -e .- .fr 1 .X , Lt. -N. h A3.x X. .' .g , M: . .Y Q Y ,Q 'ix .. :' l 4 W5 53355, g ES' 1x H525 Eg flips 1 lil? Variety Dresses Campus Life "The responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and his or her parents or guardians." This is how the new dress policy, adopted by the Portland School Board on December 9, begins. The new code allows students to use their own indi- vidual tastes as to appropriate dress for school, as long as classroom procedure is not disrupted and the health and safety of others is not jeopardized. Though it met with some opposition at hrst, the lenient code was well accepted by the majority of high school students. Since they were permitted to wear almost anything they pleased, there was a greater variety to spice campus life. The lack of restriction allowed a better expression of moods and per- sonality through appearance. From shoulder length page-boys and beards on the fellows to cascading locks ironed free of wave on girls, hair styles followed the demands of the new lainie cozzlure. Nw,- J IH ! F aj 'N ll It l is llil ' :mimi . ' fTopl: Debbie Donelley. Rick Hoskins. and Diane Donnelly show examples of common dress now seen at Franklin. tlielowj: Dc-bhie Endicott expresses her approval of the new dress policy by taking advantage of the lenient code. 7 40? New Ideas Put Into Effect The fall term began early for the ex- ecutive cabinet. During the summer, Student Body President Cathie Loprin- zi and three members of her cabinet attended the Student Council Wforkshop at the University of Oregon. Here, through discussion with representatives from other schools, the cabinet picked up new ideas, including Vice President Nick Gattuccids new method ol' select- ing Student Council Representatives on the basis of volunteers for service. Witli this background in mind, the cabinet went on to plan the Football Jamboree, the Homecoming ceremony, the Junior and Senior basketball game, the Candyland Dance, and the assembly to send Sue Straight to Wlashington D.C. Although all of these activities were successful, the cabinet was happi- est with the Jamboree which had a "great" turnout in spite of bad weather. 68 X , Cabinet Urges Participation "XYfe. :ls L1 representative body, need full student participrition in order to get administriltive approval. That's one of the reasons for the student center. If the students can see some tangible reward for their enthusiasm, maybe tht-y'll get more excited about other things." These are eomments made by Bob Miirslmll during his spring term as student body president. Activities during the term included the Student Center candy sale, Safety Week, and the planning of the May licte ceremonies. 'S U of O Workshop Inspires Reforms Witli ideas from the University of Ore- gon workshop, Student Council Presi- dent Nick Gattuccio began revolution- ' ary improvements this year. 'if The most important change was in the procedure for electing representatives. Candidates first volunteered to serve, and gave brief speeches explaining the way they could help Student Council achieve its goals, Reps were chosen from these students, and election of disinterested students was thus avoided. fFirst rowjz Bill Piland, Nick Gattuccio, Pat Nemgar. fSecond rowj: Linda Gemma, Susie Miller, joy Graham, Betty Harris, Not Identified, Lamont Boileau, Don Camparoli, Allen johnson, Clyde Wfoodward, Mike Bullis. fThird rowj: Lou Ann I-Iofstetter, Nancy Sweeney, Janine Iilston, Carla Tweten, Kathryn Baldino, Pam Brauckmiller, Tina Albert, Patrick Hendersun, Bob Baker. Thomas johnson, Michael Goodale, Tom McGibbon. fFourth rowj: Carol Minnice. Not Identified, Not Identified, Carolyn Heller, Denise XX'ong, Sue Chapman, Joyce Nord. Debbie Boothby, Connie Doster, Not Identified ,leff Ielineo, Not Identified, Dave Snyder, Allen Bankhead. fliifth rowj: Cindy Stucki, Not Identified, Not Identified, Pam Roylance, Tina Clark, Shelley Fadness, Donna Broomfield, Beth Graham, Kay Noyes, Not Identified, john Hafhner, Greg Wolleck, Bob Beswick, Doug Roylance, Stan Gish, Jim livelan. tSixth fowl: Sandy Johnson, Debbie Mealey, Gail Raymond, joy Smith, Not Identified, Sandy Oster, Betsy Stoutenburg, Gwen Godsey, Linda McFarland, Frank Demagolski, Cliff Lewis, David Buell, Mike Barton, Paul Miller, Larry jones, Doug Guinn, Mark Benedict. """". Q 270 f 2 i, ,X tjw Q , 2 . pl i ., I tl. ,, J Row lj: Donna Fawcett, Mark Knutson, Tom Alulinson, fRnw 21: April Barnnril. lanicc- F avis, Mike liullis, Debbie XValters, .lutly Fazzulari, Katy Hullancl. Ray Serrano, Allen -loli ill lklUl'I2.II1. tRmv il: Debra Protlitt, Karen XY'est, Glencla vlnliiistoii. Debra Dotlcl, Marcy P ossati. Lou Ann Hufstetter. Susan Cuzzetlo, Linila Mills, Mike nsun, Bob litlwarcls, Paul Cimper. Daxe Huilsun, lim livelantl, lenkins. Teresa Purpura, Susie Miller, Nancy Kurkinen, l.inil:1 ance, Vince lelinetv, Susan Price, Rubin Bimcly, Greg XVnlleck, liulv Marshall, Duug XY'nlfe, Delbert Samuelson. Roger Ragnone, jeff -Ielineo. fllnw 41: ici Wkmltf, Melissa Dulvniuk, lusylnn Gunnels, Maureen lNlcFarlane, Kathryn Warner. Sus itti' Bill, .Iiwce Norcl, Delwlwie ltluiulnrtli, Shelli' O'Brien. Mike Fain. licl Parrish. Tnininx' J l l an liclgell, Karen Sic-gale, Shannon Corrigan. Kathryn Derwey, 'l'aylor, linlw Kraenier, Dennis Gillies, Rick Rmlcl, Mike New- uuer, Qlluw Sl: lat Nc-ing.ii', Patty McNerney. lilizalwc-tl14leineu, Martha XY'unclei'licli, Anne lNIcCaininun. Marilv Catnn, Marluaret Slureniaker, Debbie lqaley, l, Glenn. ,lane Smith, l,incla Mclfarlancl, Duug Guinn, David linings, Daiicl ones, Paul Miller. Steie Nelsun, Rick Brown. Wlalter Duclclington. Austen, Geurge House, Rick l,.ingclun, Bruce Heath, Terry A great deal of effort went into im- proving stuclent council this year. Spring term Student Council Presitlent. Mark Knutson, felt that the most im- purtant cummittees were tlie faculty relations committee, wliicli promotes a better unclerstaniling between stuclents and faculty, antl the good neighbor Committee, wliicli helps community re- lations. 271 L President Terrie Smith, Vice President Lynn lewel, Secretary Debbie Dodd, Treasurer Chris Alm, and Publicity Chait- man Patty Smith. A. G. S. Tries Big- Little Sister Program A.Ci.S. began two innovations this Year. The most important was a "Big and Little Sister" program, which was initiated for the purpose of acquaint- ing the treshmen with the upper class- men. Activities included a Match-up Assembly, Sis-0-gram distribution, and the Big and Little Sister Tea. Also new to Franklin girls is the prac- tice of giving each girl of the month a charm bracelet to keep. 4 The annual Father and Daughter Ban- xx 3 quet with the theme ot' "Christmas with Papa" concluded a comparatively successful term. A.G.S. cabinet serves refreshments at Big and Little Sister Tea. 'Q ' ., l fFirst rowj: Rhonda Loprinzi, Nancy McElhaney, Debbie junker, Linda Heiman. tSecond rowlz Donna Scopacasa, Gail Berry, Nancie Kurkinen, Teresa Purpura, lanis Blackman, joy Wfilson, Linda Hauskins, ,Iudy Fazzolari, Carole Nepper, Pam Stady, ,IoAnn Hopper, Tina Allaert, Patti Lahn, Charlene Clark. t'l'hird rowj: Patti Irinayea, Theresa Wiilsli. Sherry Glenn, -Ianice Fossati. Not Identified: Debbie Sterlian. Gloria Wfolford, Candy Wfhittley. Carol Caniparoli, Bonnie Rasmussen. Sue Miller, ,Ianice Giunta, Peggy Engstrom, Cindy Brown, Sue Pettingale, Mona Harmon. Clfourth rowj: Susie Miller, Sherrie Langdon, Valerie Aboud, Debbie Monaco, Cathie Motfitt, Sandy Larson, Pat Beck, Tina Eaton, Brenda Hartzell, Sherrie Scorcio, Bonita Fredrick- son, Linda Owen. Sharon Galluci, Mary Grauer, Vickie Peck, Vicky Brown, Diane Marks. tlfifth rowjz Mary Siriane. Sandy Harding, Birdie Henderson, Marla Plass, Iiva Larson, Julie Conner, janet Miller. Shannon Corrigan, Sherrie Rathkey. Mary Wzxtkins. Stephanie Lamb, Lucy Lusk, jane Smith, Petit: XXfunderlich. Linda Guile, Linda hfellen, ,lanet Kolb, ,lean Lovelin. Christie Little, Sue Bolder. 272 ,- X Qv GD M01 tliirst rowj: Denise XY'ong. I.uri Trimm, Nancy Odbert, 'lanis Guinta, Carla Tweeten, Nancy Mclilhany, Rhonda Loprinzi. tSecnntl rowj: ,Ioan Evans, Leona TenClay, Peggy Calkins. Peggy Siegle, Teri Lee Jordan, Elane Louie, Sue Anderson. tThircl rowjq Cynthia Matlson, Cathie Loprinzi. Thresa Welcli, joAnn Hopper. Donna Pitzer, Colleen Thorpe, Lorette johnson, A.G.S. Spring term cabinet: Vice President Darlene Harris, Publicity Chairman Sue Miller, Treas- L AGS Sponsors 'sr'-6-on-.......i 7 s. t,et Jsq, Traditional Week Twirp week was the main activity of .. " . . . ,M Aa the A.G.S. Spring term again this year. Other activities sponsorecl hy the girls were the fashion show presented hy the Hi-Board, and Benjamin Franklin Day. President Chris and her cabinet A Q had several new ideas. One of them was to have A.G.S. outhts for the cab- 9 inet members and year representatives. 6 J , bt' irer Kathy Helmer, Secretary Betty Harris, and President Chris Alm. lg 27 3 A. F. M. Tries To ....,,.,., , - fi H Revive Interest vu V A.F.M. suffered its annual lack of interest again this year. liall term presi- dent, Dave Mcliarlane said that he found his office challenging because of the lack of cooperation and constant criticism, but that it was a challenge that he could not meet. A 3 .,...-9l Q, ii' '- During the first few weeks the cabinet's efforts were applied to getting repre- sentatives elected in registration rooms, laying out the schedule for "Man of the Month" elections, and the initial planning of "A.F.M. Week." The first successful A.lf.M. activity was an assembly for the boys. It featured R. C. Owens, a professional football player, who presented a film and a lecture on how to "try harder." "A.F.M. Week," the big event on the schedule, did not go according to plan. 4 Some new ideas were introduced, but were found ineffective. The highlight of the week was the assembly featuring "The Echoes". . 'gil 5 I we li N fAbovej: Randy Miller, spring term president, discusses some of A.F.M.'s problems with advisor, Mr. Thomas Dyar. tCenterJ: Mr. Thomas Dyar, Randy Miller, Rick Sauer, and George Brown set goals for an active spring term. l and rs V1 fFirst rowl: Dan Mclflhaney, Treasurer, Dave McFarlane, President, George Brown, Secretary, Mr. Dyer, Advisor. QSecond fowl: Skeeter lloileau, Mike Davis, Doug Patterson, Tom Mike Buchanan, Iirnie Inclan, Greg Wlollach, Dave Cooper, Mike Norlin, john Rieseman, Chambers, Bill Oswalt, Gary ,lay Brockaus, Don Vermerre, 274 Miles, Bryan Gattuccio, Ray Serrano, Greg Hanson, Ben Capps. fTliird rowj: john jones, Doug llodeman, Gary Hathaway, Larry Smith, lohn Hafner, Terry XVilson, Mike Daw, Not Identified. fliourth rowj: Phillip Hausmen, Robbie lilmore. Rifli BFOWI1, Milfli KIYUISUIT. Slew Hltlifff. Dzlrrell Coe, Ed Roley, Stan Tambling Dan Wlilson, Ralph Lorusso, tliifth rowjr Doug Blair, Richard Darby, Not Identified, .lim Pinckard. Rick Langdon, Don Loomis, Steve Guile, Roger Roisom, Dean Koch, Rodney Hilderbrand, Not ldentified. fSixth rowl: Nick Gattuccio. lirad Feamellie, Bruce Heath,'Stexe Smothers, Curt Hansen, llill Piland, Rick Long, Gary Keller, Lowell Gabner, Lon McCarty, Ron Hensley, Don Dimoff, 'ai I ' IX K! ,,...---- Wir' -di ' M is e ii i s.. ff? Ai ' A E My .r.."- ,i ,, . , . ass' Q in----'M Back Stage Activit Precedes Drama Production I gi 5 ,J al' i Q, is f? fTop Ieftj: Randy Hooker holds his goatee in place waiting for it to dry. fTop rightjz Darlene Harris gets hnishing touches from her sister, Betty. fLeftH: Nancy Rice makes last minute repairs on a homemade wig. fAbox'ej: Mr. Bonhglio applies an experi- enceil hand with Bill McClane's make up. 275 "Tartuffe" Stars PSC Drama Student With Quakers On lfehruary 20, Zl. and 22, lfranklin's drama department presented Moliere's "'l'artulfe." The story concerns a man, Orgon, who trusts his seemingly pious friend, Tar- tulle. implieitly. No one, not even his wife and son, can convince him that Tartuffe, who is a criminal, is anything short ot' perfect. This controversial play, a satire on religious hypocrisy, has offended many people who thought it was a satire on religion. For this reason it was harmed when first written. Directed hy Mr. Phillip Bonhglio, "'l'artul'fe" differed from other Franklin plays in that the leading role was played hy a guest. Mr. David Hetriek a theater major at Portland State Uni- versity portrayed the complex person- ality of Tartuffe. :Kun his '5-'fi' IW N xl" as s aX QI' Ni' 'N e U 276 Oppnsite page top lettj. Orton is manly to strike his ftbppnsite page mp rightjg Tairtullie makes itreinpt to setluee Oijunifs wife. COppnsite J lXl.lkl.IlH Pernelle ininees nu xvtirtls in telli Daimis, Maritime, .intl Clennte xxhalt she thinks them, 1Ahnxel: D.ixitl Hetriulc. guest artist, as u'tufl'e," llnp rightli Organ luis gi tliHicL1lt time ntling the prnpei' wnrtls to coiiviiice his tlziughter that he shnultl ni.ii'ry the man of his ehniee. llnwer rightli urine explains to Clennte how terrible Tzirtuffe is. me. Pernelle. . . rgon ........ lmire. . amis. . . uriune. . nlere. . . Iezinte. . . nrtuffe. . orine. . . . Loyale. . . llicer .,.. lipote. . vw . . . .jo O'Brien .. .Bill MCClane .. .Diane Willis . . . ,Craig Reese . .Kathy Helmer . . .Randy Hooker . .Ron Hensley . . .Dave Hetrick .,DLIl'lCI1C Harris Gene Van Troyer . . . . .jay Thomas ..BeCky Sullivan K n 77 mrs 5 ? , - .,' .. ,Y 3 :Qu 2 4 Flgjir f YTL . 1 ay--Y K--M x , -1 K ' .-U ', al-u is ' -.4',.. -4. gf' I "'-5-'i:fL' I N ,f.,,.l'x iiaxy' .lsvr ' 4 'Mpj I 5 ' - Q i Q 4 ' Q V - X, Q Q 'cuff' t Y MQ-'A . 1 1 1 G ' "F D 'ASN '5 -A J Y Cl rx, -. :F J-'mr : :gh 5 F A xx . N N '-ML 1 . f M m1'.gQT-S --w I 5 h U , ', h Q A , ,z -Y .' 4 L T. - ,l.!. .-' 125' f:'.i5,"' 2 7-fin.: '.,4. Q ' 1 X V p 4 .,,,L,. A A 'QA 4 !'p'4, -. f' : LN 1.'!f -V 4. ' ? - 1 X ' f' ' "-44 2 ' . .4 X uf W :iii J , I ,, 2 s N 'Jw nf A. wx xi ,J , 1 ' ' ,,, I , F WT QA X ' Q k i ' ,Q xg.. A . A lilr. Ai -' vvmhmf gggfyffwz -1. umm 1' "' ,W ww -,tmp-sw? ,+,,, .ai X .P"' ,fa- CN v .-" Q llv I 3-H 7 Y Z. 'T' .. O X W 5 9 I 1 J' Q 'V ., .-.4 'af J 'SH 1 We 92411 Q' If WC i' 279 I ,gi I N sf! xr' tx 'Q' 1 at ,, ff-if 4, XX Faculty Gverwhelms Students With Bowling Abilit This Year, tor the first time. the tact tlart-tl to t'hallt-nge the liranlclin hotly to a howling matth. Stutlents antl tatiiltx' met for attit slut l'ehruarx' 25 at the lfastsitlt' htm f alley. Alter tletitling on the in ts twhith intltitletl "nu t'lieatinlg"j, tht stutlents tormetl six teams tit' six in y t-rs t-ath antl the teatht-rs tell intu six teams with tive players eath. Then the hattle was tin. XY"ithin three hours the results xx in. The store was I3 to ll in fun of the l'at't1ltx', llaplw over their vit 5 fattilti' memhers were rt-atly to haxt it out again in a rt-matth, hut the stut t hlguretl they'tl haxt' ht-ttei' luek stitt i to more attixt' sports. Anyone tim' a fast Kganie ui' titltlt winlss? Opptisite page ttwplz Ken Rtvtltl attempts strike, 1011- tbsite page liar leftl: Mr. Dvai' litlqs vanilla etvne. Opposite page letitl: Mr. lftwrtl, Mrs, Larstm, Miss uhh. antl Mr, Sthet-le t'iiiiteinpl.irtt a fellow team 'l'tNlN't"N mist-iktn lilillis palutt ttwpli N11 XY'ax antl liss liwhlt-ii sit lwatk antl wlttli the game eontitlent ut' t-ir iit'tui'i'. tllt-luw letltlz Mr. lftml mttlitatt-s tin his Ext limit-. tlleluw iiglittz Mi: liutkiewitv antl up- unent L'Xtll.lll.QL' lmwling exaspt'i'atit1ns. If il Q' JH 011 M , ,MWC FY I tg A' Forecasting Keeps Students And Counselors Bus Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were once again faced with the de- cisions of what subjects to take next year. The old gripes, "but it's so early" and "l don't know what I want to take next year" were not uncommon in Franklin halls. Thirteen new courses were offered for 1969-70. Painting with oils and acrylics QArt Departmentjg Hospital Wrmrkers, for seniors interested in hospital ta- reersg American history at the sopho- more level, making three one-semester Courses available to seniors who may choose two of them rather than Ameri- can Problemsg a general social studies, open to sophomores only and an Area Studies social studies class for seniors. s Au' fAbox'ej: Lfike Daw, Casey Aho, Gary Foge, and Terry Owens show interest in the subjects available for their next three years at Franklin. tflenterlz Nr. Larry Hashherger explains courses available next year. tBelow leftj: Debbie Donnell ponders over prohein ot' what to ijakek next year. tlielowjz Miss Dorthy Morris lends a helping hand compiling information oo lets. 3,- -:iff 28 Bus Faeult Enjo s Extra Curricular Activities Breakfasts, buffets, and luncheons added variety to faculty social schedules. The lirst activity was an outdoor buffet, scheduled just before the lirst home game in an effort to encourage the attendance of faculty families. To help new teachers become acquainted with the rest ol' the staff, the counselors sponsored a get-together alter school. The faculty gave a breakfast for the National Honor Society, so that they might get to know the honor students better. An annual function at the close of the year is a farewell luncheon at a restaurant honoring the retiring teach- ers and those leaving Franklin for other assignments. 'Nw 284 t S YA J wigtt 42 r gf , Zi t rw G+-EQ? Pf' ,gif fAbovej: Mr, Donald Holt and Debbie Carter enjoy themselves at the Father-Daughter Banquet, fBelow lefty: Mrs, Mary Nyland finds delight in the pre-game dinner. Uielow rightjz Mr. jack King and Mrs. Eleanor Norlin get in a true party spirit at the pre-game dinner with balloons ,,, T., W I if' I I I 1 IA' I - 1,-I., . " " .givggy N, lAbovc lcftj: Mrs. Emma Moore serves punch :xr rr faculty get-toggctllcr alter school. fLcftJ: Miss Knrlirvn Knotts hc-lpf: Mrs. Dorothy Morris with hcr name tug. lllclow lclll: Mr, GCfillLl Ifurich enjoys thc clclicious cliniicr. fAlJoxc'j: Mr. Xxfillllff Erickson waits in chow linc. fliclowl: Mrs. Vern.: Miller llNVlllllIlALI the exciting lootlmll jL.llllC lo come. A ' 1204953-'ffl' I-A o' 3. 285 Choir, Grchestra Avows Citizenship Dedication liixinklin stiiiients. like must young peuple, .ire wehhwin'e ui' htmxv i'tii'tun.ite they are tw Iixe in the liniteil St.ttes They' h.ive the Ilki, white, .tnti hhie fi.i3g thing iihove them 5X'lHi1Uiilil14Q the i'iti1en's iiniilieimhle rights. Must stiiilents tire citizens who next-r think til' il wuiihi he like, not ln-lwiimuiiilu in this nation, This ve.1t', lii'.inkhn's iwi't'hesti'.i .inil choir h.iil tht- upptwtiiiiitv tu PL'!'fUI'l1l iit ii prouraiin gixin fur itnniiluriints who reeenth' receixeti their tiIill'HNi1iP to the Vniteti Smtes, in Oieeiwii. Petiple fiixnn all twer the globe- fmin Afiiitxi tu Rikistiiii---were there to tilke p.ii't In the eereintinies. CQnxet'iini' 'llwni Mefliill :intl ni.iyoi' Terry Sthrunk lieiith-ti the list uf thynitnies who greeted the new Ainei'it'.tns .it il reception fullnwiiig the ceremonies. 286 +L fu :is . s Yxf." N I v ..,-x J .Mg X if a w 'i 'Y Mt? LH Rv A 1 if 'Q V Q w A v f jf f f ' S..- ' ,t Hg f , -ki -xx xy. ff f...S , Aff'-,':Wx '53 M f 5 5 ,. si J- up Darlene Harris, Meier 6: Frnnkg Brenda Metteer, Charles F. Bergg Peggy Scielc Iipinin s Chris Alin Rhodes Bonnie Rismusscn I C, P nn s l.opl'1n1l, Nordstrom Besl'S. Hi-Board Presents The Latest In Fashion This year 11 new Hi-Board was formed at C. Penney's to give lfranklin a total ol' six representatives to the various stores. The girls are given an outfit from the store to advertise the sponsor's fashions. The purpose ol' the girls is to provide a fashion link helween the stores and the girls at school. The representatives all model at a fashion show held annually at school. This year rather than having the show during school lime, it was decided to have it the evening of March 15, for mothers as well as the Franklin girls. 288 l wh MN W5C-ff'f-ax iiiiigif fM99i, fvifwp 5? GP O0 Fifi WWW if 12216 W yy' , WK My O f np' gf N MWQ Pg WM-MWC N06 .I goal, GEMM -Z , if , ansaa' 003- ,px 46329 5,5 Lb! W 74 C 171, 4:35159 'fp X fx '58 X zxgf Q35 QNX' XCX Xififfgciqvggf WJ QS' w f fffa QQQfQ,iQf NXQJV X JP' LWE-X N- Y 'CX .1 YJ X 'C' Y C ,CJ . fix Xi XSL' cp Y 'W JW HQ RUG bw f Q 2 of W By L :SV 2351 N 9' QSZQQK' 35955. 'PD W M V Qfggbkag-EC cw 'Cf 7 Q! Sk Wiw Jo W f fw 4' E? 5 ,FI Q, 552, QI, E ow W vw AQ. W -fcfsiqff if WX NMUQ fwfy ff- kg QNEMLW W' 3 WNW QL ' , +2 Sf Q5 S353 Sli 0' X Mxwwbix 3 LM Tip 65355 WM' W M NTQWM W W WLQXW ' AVN? Q 60351160 Uffvljurj ucv, I , XQ3 QW 6'dfU i0f,sMY'xb Wg H. wwafffll we Q5 rlxp , cf VU ,ff .H '94 f-K9 4,645 M . myvhfwf Q6 QRS Nm iv Sm ,UCQ MQW NQX SOUWZWW ,ff Nw ' WNW Q 6 D ZWWW Q x cU,0L H1':QQwQQS AD W jwwg Ggepqoqiqffil 3,19 I NWI! fb 42 A ww Tim' f X CW CMU C7643 UQQ - I? XM 0 Qjjffk 35 G 0 W2 5 Q0 is fy 255W X x fefmgjf I if

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