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if ffl A 123 A 7 . vb.: N QQ ,-,J www WM 5 MQ W M6141-46' K5 , , Q ,xp 52? 5346513 K3 ... 0' , V1 i, ,, W .x,1f' . Q , , , ogy X anffxj' A Miqv-.qv G , u A J Kgczmq Tuiwfnm 'K ko chff vjxj , is Q .41 M -fMl5L 'g, W Q my .uxjx I X. fy7r'V4fL""'f' O M945 C 6'Lg..Lm mil?-4 Jlffunlp K ll- 0 jv M41 QL WW .19 Su' W EVN UUL ,AQ N ,Ld v f " Q00 4vw4Q 702 .QV mx bmi vii 774 mah- Aj ' A , Cn,-Q igw silk if W is X . X P ' w bw f xy Xp Alf L7jL A of L xx QJMVSEQ fy 7 USWSQQSE Q SS? FSM ff' Qff+Qi4"'3Y - Q gi YJQJQQDT' 'W ,f ifygq, iw fffff f sg Wwwbikyjs V of ff 5 N QN - -5 w N3 qw- RQ-mm +G QQOG',GO3QmA Sim e I i I . I I Volume 53 Portlomt Oregon Hmjamin ironklin High School V4 lmonoc '68 QM , 145, xi, 'di 'sk 'M " wa-'M m V A u A , '... m ' 7 'Q ' I , , K v .T ks f Q ' Q K K hw iff! L -vi" L gf.: ' 15 P .L ,f'flL,,' f ' .f . . www iff-ap'-Ygw.-fm-' 1- .ft ' M f fn, 3 W 535.5 if f . x fffftf L .4 ,I 4 Jr VJW, . 1, , 'V f I i ' 1 ,Q Q 1 ' 1 Q f ' QI: Lxb. in C' L , -K-M "look to this Day! .?ar it is ,CW Chr very Uk of ,C1fc. .711 its brief fours: lie all lhc Verifivs and kcalitics Of your Erisfcnccf U16 Bliss of Growth. Che Glary af Arlian. 1 1. --" 7,iif1:2:. 2 . K- w -- X1 an 44 ' A ' A- '1 "' " Q V . , V V x 5- jlffxg'-,1:a:j,3:-ff-.5 L, L VM ' A Q "1 C716 Splendor of Hcaufyf . . 2 1 ' .. ' ' -:A :Ju - ' 3 I .' -- -'sf 'G-fill-:,Q was 'fr 'F E.. -aw -few , -lf. J.-if !'f,f,'.: vf- wi gag . Jga,1f. Aga , ia sgi,vf. -n '15:wiL, fg"fSk -,Tw-. gwf - rw- . . .2 , I ' . ff. -ff -"Q f M7 my I ff! 1 'Y S QA l""'V""'1""'1 a FW x-"' 7,12 i . . - 1 ,-'I . ,....,. :N -1 1. wx" k VJ 1 ' , .-Ny. 4"', f ,,,Q m x. ', , . , f s ill' v -,...,,1..--V ,.,,,, ,,x--- .' . P? .'-. ' +I' A if ' ' J Ani'-9 na: Ir1'AV'k'm - A F K " ' .. 0 1' . 'X' i ' N' I ' .vi X K : . ' K A' A .T 14.1. :Ag U t I - . f .FEM g " A ,553 5'-?f ' X 4 Q4 ,T f5 i L my ff. , . f J '25 F This doiy, This yeoir, ond These Tour yeors you spend oT Fronklin ore ci very irnporTcinT porT of your life. During These yeors you experience oi vcirieTy of The T reolliTies of life. 1..- mo-1f.....Q' A, fs, fri Q . me ef? fT2iQ3Z3Qieil??2' 3 Q12 . if 2. V Y xi? .s ,..- ?- IQ , .,.x T. I , 5 f Q 5 2 T 3 Q . 3 .. X Jia d TQHQTTQ4 T ff QQiQa E Gres? 527 Zig' Exo? seffeergie gtg 23226 if - so-'QQC 2, if Egfr 5 Qi Qs 1222 Todoly, os h- men, e e' hcir1g everyThin Tor The firsT Time. Todoy you sTorT high school, go To your TirsT ossembly ond TooTlooIl gome, Toke your firsT English TesT, cmd eIecT The TirsT clciss officers. On The sodder side of being ci freshmolr1,Todoy you dropped dll your books in The mdin holl ond forgoT your locker combi- hoiTioh. 49 P.. 'Z 56? ' QQQQ Qs? Xara N F 1 3 X are g Y ""I- I' our f Q Q Jjilbwafmwf LW f5'gDq,V 4yrCQVyL5 QW You sophomores look To This year as The Time when you may siT wiTh The upper classmen, laugh aT Those liTTle freshmen, ancl when vviTh a whole year of experience, you are alloweol To ioin some clulos. The second year in high school also means a new varieTy of courses. You can Take drama and business classes, have a sTuoly hall, anol Take a half year of healTh. This year can also mean being on Junior VarsiTy Rally or going To a special game. 44 YW flv? n YK.-fl LY 0,15-', V. ,nf - wa, zgg,-1 , 'W . , I 5 .- I , . ki. I :A . A f R.. fg 1 , u 1 " if in .4 . 'w-, v M Af Y. Hg A in JQT-W.: W ' Q" , X ff. 'Q ., 44 . V ,V , W . I 1, I , L. vi: I1 A , V 334 1 . , ll 1 jg, Q .ir L 1 41.4, H 3 Knut A',1g,f" ""Y'iW' .f"!- 1 ,q , 'f P- 1 in , . 4 vf lwvl 5 V- , A ,, A I . A s j 'N yi: 'Mi N , ,- ' 'Wa 3 4 xt 'N I 'V' I 1 f ,L i f . --- , 1, f 7 . "' A 'e 1 -fi ' , gf . , Q 1 jx S- J I n I 1 Af, 5' . 2.39 Q ' if., ' 'rzzz' .','. s, ' W ' qw- A. 1 mQ3zf fi i ri 91' .N ,I V: ' bf tri? , , -- 12 I at .H Q . x I". .ygiiy M If w ,, K 1 13? f lxxx U 1 4 "Umm, ff 1 N To you iuniors, this yeoir rneons being upperclossmen. You look forvvorol to being on volrsity rollly, joining Noltionoil Honor Society, being on the Post or Almanac stoff, ond working in the student store or one of the offices. Moybe you ore oble to drive cours to school, ioin the Junior Symphony or work os cn Coinoly Striper. All of you juniors look forvvoircl to oicquiring closs pins this yeoir, oinol, of course, to olttenoling the Prom. x ffl f x hhgm - 4 34 xl .NME rf YT twyiwmrifiwilifiil -WWW' lx' ll if ' , L. - mls.. my . . . 301' llesterday is hu! 11 Dream, As seniors, you have The besT vievv of all. You see all Tour years ThaT have rushed by so quickly, remembering all The plays, TooTball games, olances, TesTs, homework assignmenTs anol crowded assemblies. You remember all The Tears and laughfer, all The failures and successes. Fl J'g',g A9 - .' 'l fi. 'J 5 - S5 ,f'W"e'f- f l-V111 ' T '5'f'3.' .-,.4 1 ... - -le e'f1f?'l:'iIe"l'l?24'l 'Q fe 'ivy Vi' 8 if-W '- 9 I' -Q xt. 4 :Q 3, 5411 N 'V no is 1 T?'1f:51' 922' f r-'Tiff 5312 lnwafy V F I 'J W -:Li suv SNP? ,offs 4' :f .3 A fx' ' .4 I ' 1 ,I ffm If? P""" if E m ,fffr BENJAMIN ll IQ ll I 9 ,MEN xx FRANKLIN HICH SCHOOL i A- A3"13'3'! II ...Am4ZwmmmW30myaLBwm... You seniors olso look To The fulure, onficipotihg business Troihihg, college boorols, schol- orships, eollege omol iolo oppli- colfiohs, The Senior Prom, grolol- uoHoh ... I2 j f,M rf X ., ,. , W xy ff? 'ff .M 3 'Q , U: ,, f f " " il 7 'U 'HJ ,V " I -f Y 'n --Q .. KM. , . . . Hat Caddy Well lived makes every Ifeslerday a Dream af Happiness. . . 2-:ali .if "im , 1" ,J it F ' W' ': f lawn -milf sv.. Q I uni ,vu I ,,,.,u w,?.wi-W2 43 1 ff wfikgf - A Xfg .gm ...l WQTFQQ-,A . .,.4e!f"""" .L.,, 2 "- 1' " . 195m -fi AW , Af gfiff' P , :',.,' f "'f In ,Cook Well llfercforc la tins Day. mm zxffsmkfff ee, sly TABLE INTRODUCTION ACADEMICS STAEFS STUDENT BODY Seniqrs Juniors Sophonnores Freshmen Government Clubs SPORTS ACTIVITIES I N D E X Pham by David ialrancr OF CONTENTS 2 I9 63 7I 72 II6 I32 T48 T60 170 T79 225 268 I7 wif' Eff 356 Qiiff 5345 if We W W iwiyyiww vi 6 M few lfoek ie this Day! . 4714 its brief eeurse lie all I Verifies and Realities . ,4 eezelemies Aclminisfrafion Faces Dilemma Of Finances And Educafion WhaT will happen To PIL aThIeTics This year? VVhaT programs will have To be cuT from The agenda This year? Will we lose all exfracurricular acTiviTies complefely? I-low much money will we have To use for The school anol iTs acTiviTies? These are iusT a few of The hundreds of ques- Tions which raced Through The minds of our principal, Nlr. ArThur L. WesTcoTT, afTer The school levy failed for a second Time. By mid-SepTember Mr, WescoTT found ThaT The year was filled wiTh more acTiviTies Than had been originally ex- pecTed, and school was somewhaT nor- mal. ln addiTion To being Franklin's principal, he is head of The Teacher's Conference CommiTTee and is also presi- denT of The PorTIand High School Prin- cipaI's AssociaTion. AnoTher of our adminisTraTors, Mr. Donald I-lolT, assumed new and doubled dufies This year as Vice-Principal in charge of boys and girls. LasT year he was responsible only for The boys, buf due To Miss GranT's reTiremenT he has become responsible for discipline and aTTendance of all 2346 sTudenTs, STudenT council, school finances, and The aThIeTic program are under his supervision. Mr. Jack King, curriculum Vice-Prin- cipal, had ci cIifficuIT Time This year sche- duling The Tremendous influx of fresh- men. The limiTed amounT of space made iT increasingly hard To schedule sTudenTs an-d, in facT, some even had To be Turned away To register ar neighboring schools. MR. ARTHUR L. WESTCOTT, PRINCIPAL Mr. WesTcoTT and Mr. Pulliam share joke aT coffee urn 15,1 Mr. Jock King Curriculum Vice-Principal "Next," cclils Mr. Holt. f. Mr. King checks enrollment in language classes. Mr. Donald Holi Administrative Vice-Principal Art Department Stresses Appreciation, Understanding And Skill. Ranging from general art to interior design, many different aspects of the art field are offered to students at Franklin. ln art general, students experiment with medias of oil paint, tempera, water color, charcoal and pencil. Many differ- ent fields are emphasized in art metal and textile weaving classes. Interior de- sign classes focus on one and two per- spective room designs and furniture periods. Commercial art classes stress advertising layouts and production proc- esses. Art staff gives students who have the consent of their previous instructor a chance to apply their knowledge by creating posters, banners and signs for the school. For the college-bound student without previous art experience, an art understanding course is offered. The stu- dents study paintings by the masters, sculptures, architecture and art in our community. lll,I,'4','m ..,. ry ,ibm rx Miss Helen Boelts Mr. Jerry Bosco Art Art Art Department Chairman Linda Hunter works on an art proiect. lFirst Rowl: Mr. Bosco, Elaine Schibel, Debbie Moffat, Jan Speciale, Christy Ito. ISecond Rowl: Gary Kyle, John Mather, Mike Neuse, Diane Colvin, Sheila Hildebran, Linda Fill- man. lThird Rowl: Randy Road- ruck, Alan Winegarden, Joe Beck. Mike Neuse develops skill on The pottery wheel. j7,.r' Ap. Gary Kyle puts finishing iouches on orf proiect. Jon Speciale and Christy lto Work on Q p oster. Miss Mory Driscoll Miss Merilee Sommer Mr.Yosl1inolou Teroclo Art Ari Ari Business Eolucofion Enriches Students Clerical Knowledge Q KH S F E k-.: Q t W f i V. ,A s. M X Ill Aimee Von Arsdoll ond, Susie Dolrymple use typing workbook. Q, "' 'Xv:f"""' X..... ,V -'S l '1f1fs--- -M' Joan Simmons races through typing speed test. 3 wi ' Zeiss or ,,f-, f ---- :W is - J.-v" . 9 ,--- Ji' I E1 Judy Fozzolori demonstrates correct way to compute o tcx. Toni Molsey frowns ot ccxmero after using wrong row of keys. id? Mr. Gerald Eurich Mr. Howard Grogan L 5 X T- it My Business Business , , , b ' Gail Becker and Chris Cave practice calculating taxes. Department Chairman Mrs. Enid Hall Mrs. Ellen Jenkins Business Business For those students interested in a usiness career, a Wide variety of ourses is open. Typing heads the list, with briefhand close second for those preparing for ollege. More advanced courses cover ne to four years in sequence. Those ubiects include bookkeeping, in which e fundamentals of office machines are ught. The general business series arts with general business and first ear typing and ranges to advanced ping, shorthand and bookkeeping. Students with a background in ad- anced office practice may apply for a urse called work experience, in which udents are excused early to work in cal business offices. Still other students can gain valuable perience by working in the various ffices around the school. QIFQ i suv, ,wg If Mrs. Mary Jean Nyland Miss Corrine Senn Business Business Mrs. Ardis Sheridan Miss Krista Ulland Business Business TX Mr. Manning Advises Students On Selection Of Colleges Mr. James Manning College and Vocational Counselor Social Studies Mr. James Manning is a well-known figure around Franklin High School. He has been college and vocational coun- selor for many years. This year, in addition to his already numerous duties, he teaches two classes, a junior social studies and a vocational class. ln his role of college counselor, his main iob consists of acquainting students with various colleges by making information about each college available to them. Mr. Manning compiles college folders for promising stuplents. Included in these folders are scores on various college tests and recommendations from teach- ers. Using this information and talking to the student he is better able to ad- vise them as to which college would be best suited to their needs. Capable stu- dents vvho need help may apply for scholarships through Mr. Manning. Stu- dents who desire employment may ap- ply to him, and he attempts to place them or send them to business estab- lishments where they might be alole to obtain work. lUpperl Mr. Manning browses through new college materials. lLowerl Representative from the University of Oregon talks to assembled seniors. 14......:....- lFront Rowli Kathy Lalli, Debbie Monaco, Rea Wheeler, Gayle Stucki. lSecond Rowl: Mr. Manning Gnd Donna Hessen discuss college brochure. Kay Johnson, Florence Kraley. 26 AA . I B - lFirst Rowl: Miss Bohlen, Chairman, Mrs. Ehm, Miss Boelts, Miss McKercher, Miss Thomas, Miss Morris, Mrs, Norlin. lSecond Rowl: Mr. King, Mrs. Weed Mr. Laughlin, Mr. Hansen, Miss Rizner, Mrs. Lindley, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Nonne, Miss Senn, Mr. Brewer. Curriculum Council Considers School Problems it' stralian teacher, Sister Basil Cooney, visiting Portland to observe biology procedures, sits on Curriculum Council meeting with Miss Bohlen. Thirteen teachers representing almost all of the different departments in the school, plus three parents from the com- munity, who have children in school, comprise the Curriculum Council. Their iob is to discuss problems in the school's curriculum such as new courses to be offered and ways that established courses can be improved. Teachers, ad- ministrators, and students through their parents, may bring up problems about the curriculum. Solutions are then pro- posed at meetings which are held every Tuesday after school. The teachers who belong to this group are selected by Mr. King from a list of volunteers and serve for a three year period. This year the chairman of Curriculum Council is Miss Bohlen. 27 Mr. Herman Becker Mr. Britt Davis Mrs. Jane Faurot Combined Classes Combined Classes Combined Classes Department Chairman Audio Visual Two ot every treshman's required courses are English and social studies. The classes are taught by the same teacher in consecutive periods and are known as combined classes. Freshmen study grammar in Roberts Patterns of English. They also read and analyze such literature as Homer's Odys- sey, Six Centuries of Great Poetry, The Yearling, and Mid Summer Night's Dream. The first year of study in social studies concentrates on the history ot Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe from the Re- Miss 'lean Foster Dr' Luglle Hill Mr' Clyde Johnson naissonce To The 1900-S. Special em- Combined Classes Combined Classes Combined Classes phasis is placed on the maior religions and cultures of the world. -we 1 xv' t - 1 f CTM? Beneath mural depicting the iourneys of Ulysses, freshmen read of the heroes adventures. Mr. Earl Osborn Combined Classes Mr. David Poiier Mr. Charles Pulliam Combined Classes Combined Classes Dwight Dierking pauses while giving an oral report. H psi -. A 5 Q iii: ffl Freshman student locates area of discussion on map. 1159 QQ! Mrs. Robin Ross Mr. 'Melvielle Sands Mrs. Betty Waid Mr. Phil Wax Combined Classes Combined Classes Combined Classes Acfivifies Director Sfudent Leadership Combined Classes Xvl I Miss Dorothy Dundore Junior and Senior Girls Mr. Hashberger Freshman Boys Mr. Robert Jacobsen Senior Boys Mr. Donald Kearns Junior Boys Counseling Chairman Ss ie. Mrs. Moore assists Leslie Skaggs in forecasting Mr. Nelson explains procedure used in filling out application Counselors Play Important Role In Forecasting A students counselor is one of the most important and influential people in his high school career. His counselor is not only concerned with the courses he will need to prepare for his future vocation, lout with his character develop- ment as well. The classes that are to be taken during the next year are dis- cussed by the student' and his counselor during the process of forecasting. Stu- dents schedule individual conferences with their counselors to talk over various subiects suited to their interests, prob- lems, or vocational plans. Past per- formance, known ability, and teachers' recommendations are used as guides in selecting classes. en in hand, Mr. Kearns checks forecasting schedule. f 5 5135:-sg:-,B f . Mrs. Emma Moore - Sophomore Girls' , Counselor so if ' ' T- ' f A .sq Mr. Donald Nelson 1 Sophomore Boys' Counselor Mrs. Helen Weed Freshmen and Junior Girls' Counselor i Mr. Hashberger and office assistant, Lynn Olson, look over test materials ,3- X i ' i Orval Roach, Vicki King, Bonnie Lang, and Terri Smith recognize famous Doug Duncan and Bob Oswalt act out a Shakespeare play. author by participating in Zane Gray Day. English Classes Study Great Authors ...fin afnhhiwbvvv Mrs. Doris Avshalomov Miss Faye Cornutt English English Department Chairman The English Department offers com- prehensive courses for students during their four years at Franklin. Since Eng' lish is a required suloiect for everyone different phases of English are coverecl through the successive courses. The department strives to help stu- dents master their skills of self-exprese sion. This comes through proper spellin and grammatical sentence constructio and the skillful analysis of literatur helps the student improve his Englisa continually, both orally and in writing Furthermore, the student studies se lected essays, short stories, and poetry thus familiarizing the .student with im- portant authors and styles and the ca' pacity to recognize plot and theme Many great and well known Britislf authors of the l9th and early 20th cen turies are studied. ,fy -X L i'5?F Miss Trudy J0hnS0r1 Mr. Peter Lackaff Mrs. Thelma Landes Mrs. Marilyn Lindgren Mr. Joseph Maloney En9ll5l'l English English English English 32 i i Glenda Connell, Michele Harvey, Bruce Heath, and Beverly Stahl acquaint themselves with Mr. Wheeler and Ann Wolfe demonstrate the famous titles. Mlmlel- Besides these types ot literature, sev- ral great novels are considered over he tour years ot English. Also included in the English program at Franklin this year was a course open only to seniors -studying the works of Shakespeare. This -course substitutes tor the senior A -classes. W will ' 4. x Q. WT TY Brown shoots-it-up in Zane Gray celebration. Michele Harvey and Glenda Connell examine Mrs. Norlin recommends author to Beverly displays. Stqhll - 3, ' EX I? 1 , Q I. A g ,gfjfj jffiiffff- gg I Miss Cecil Mcliergher Mrs. Miriam Puckett Miss LaRhette Swann Miss Elizabeth Thomas Mr. Ehrick Wheeler English English English English English 33 One Act Plays Featured By Franklin High Drama Department Dramatics and forensics are among the elective English courses available. Beginning dramatics courses focus on the basics of acting which include in- struction in pantomime, voice and char- acterization. Much of the learning is from direct class acting to help the stu- dent gain the greatest possible amount of knowledge. More advanced theater arts training is offered which concen- 'tt .5 Mr. Gary Clark Mr. Gary Kaiser Speech Drama trates on historical development and evaluation. Forensics in the beginning courses, works to improve the skills of the or- ganization and expression of ideas. Be- sides the first year speech course, above average students can, during the sopho- more year, take a pilot English class which includes two days a week of speech analysis. In the more advanced classes of speech, the principles of de- bate are taught and participation in speaking contests is encouraged, Audience views Pam Beck in one act plays. Beth Graham slams suitcase lid . . . waking witn a start Phyllis Weaver Miss Dorothy Morris English Language Development f . '.':"- Qriifkfiifgffitfiw 'fitii?xifri5e1211i.ffl5.fi5g55.:sig . - ,ig-,Q , -.,,--,.'ffg5ggy.s .- V 1 1. Q xl A F 'ta f' . 5 4' rr Mrs.Gwyndolyn Young Mrs. Eleanor Norlin Mrs, Mariorie Effective Reading Head Librarian Christiansen Librarian's Assistant Library Offers Resources To Academic Quakers Another elective offered by the English is a semester course in ef- reading. It is provided for those who wish to expand their read- comprehension and speed, especially going onto college. Franklin educates many foreign stu- each year who have moved to is country, but cannot speak or under- 3 the English in varying degrees. ecause of their need to communicate, n English 'Language Development ourse is offered them. The program also is designed to in- - m....n..,,.,....,,-, clude familiarization to the students of the American culture. Most of the em- phasis is on developing the student's ability to speak and understand English, but structural knowledge is also taught. For all interested sophomores, iuniors, and seniors, a course in library training is offered. Among the things taught for the future librarians are shelving, index- ing and work with periodicals. Often this training, which also counts as one elec- tive credit towards graduation, leads the student to iobs in the branches of the public library. 2 . Afv' Bill Purdom uses library resources lFront Rowl: LeNae Clark, Debbie Monaco, Wyla Tatrnan, Jana Stone, T, Osborn. lSecond Rowl: 'Barbara Keltner uses magazine ar- Denise Laiimodiere, Kathy Draper, Kathryn Klenke, Janice Peters. lThird Rowl: Linda Niironen, Becky ticles for reference Ewers, Linda Clark, Elena Sipp, Margaret McGowan. 35 gg N I AVCA 'AtA1 . A A i 2 - Mary Louise Ott, Editor, puzzles over headline. Almanac Published Out Of State Franklin High School's yearbook The Almanac is put out by a staff of 20 who meet in room T69 seventh period, The staff consists of select juniors and sen- iors who are interested in publications. This year instead of publishing the book in town, the staff voted to send the book to California to have it printed. The staff members have to schedule pictures, order prints, write copy and plan page layouts. This year, however, the staff members do not have to pre- pare the pages for the lithographer, this part being taken care of at the publishers. The staff also votes on the colors to be used on the book and a design for the cover, hoping to please the student body. 36 T x arlene lkeda concentrates on typing. Dana Zink and Mary Ott celebrate. Susie Deems and Judy Bigoni plan layouts. Arlene Richford, center, helps Don Hildebrand and Terrea Bennett complete a page. Nm .f- Dennis Blanchard uses dictionary to correct spelling error. Steve Massie assists Kathie Ross in planning page layout. Michele Vulgaris lcenterl, helps Jolene Schuett and Pat Nemgar with headline. Ron Lewis, Margaret McGowan and Ross Morehouse sort underclassmens pictures. .l 'Q in-" X . Y. is l ,l Dana Zink pauses for photographers. Susan Harding balances her account books. Barbara Ehrig identifies senior pictures, 37 Journalism Staff Keeps Students Post-ed As a prerequisite for taking a begin- ning course in journalism, a student has to have a good deal of interest in writ- ing. It is offered as one of the special elective English courses at Franklin. Bothl beginning and advanced journalism classes are provided frequent films, field trips and guest speakers add variety to the learning situation. By completing a beginning iournalism course successfully, a student is eligible to work on the Post staff. Included on the Post staff are the editor, a photog- rapher, a cartoonist, reporters, a business manager, and a typist. Almost all aspects of newspaper pro- duction are experienced by the members of the Post staff, who work under the instruction and guidance of -Mr. Geoff' Cole. . .af g Rust: Morrison Leanna Wood and Debbie Mundorff discuss headlines Sue Johnson decides on size of headline, Pam Loprlnzi and Greg Wolleck discuss news story Cindy Schenkenberger and Linda Cochran check copy before typing. wlllrv- sf Mr. Geoffrey Cole English, Journalism -A Q31 Y 1 is Y ox f ag . Q A S B Q 5 . . I N M... , . V I -., ' ss."--..,N:-.f ,is so " t Qi Egg, .X , MW- 1:,'5L, ' r ' -harp, , 9ll:n"T.e:gfE "':7"f 8 ' ' ,, ' - 9 ,,,,,,,. over rival school's paper. lbelowl Janelle Barnes puts finishing touches on story. -ff, t 1 .QQW4 Q -gss.,5f,':e 1 ., i A...- . ,., ' M-on-'wg fi 'Qi fir' i Larry Smith receives help from Dan Keefer. labovel Nancy Stoutenberg and Sylvia Ullman look .pf f ' . s - . ' , 1 ' Mark Swain and Deryl Hudson, fall editor, debate length of headline. Jane Smith writes news story. 1 39 Sfudy Of Cusfoms And Culfures Supplemenfs Foreign Language Courses K-K ,a-shit! Jim Wirick, Josie Feammelli, and Kris Gniewosz celebrate successful play. Ah, the privileges of Ath year French. AO ,fs I Jeff Furnish and Perry Hines relax during French. WiTh each new sTride in our modern, advancing Technology, The naTions of The world are drawn closer TogeTher, Com- municafions have increased our need To undersfanol The neighbors, noT only nexT door louT around The world. Thus, it be- comes essenTial for mosf of Today's students To become proficient in more Than one language. Our own Foreign Language Deparf- ment offers four-year sequences in Ger- man, Russian, French, and Spanish, and a Two-year sequence of Latin. IT is equipped wiTh an efficienT language lalo. Besides The language itself, The facul- Ty recognizes ThaT knowledge of The culTure and cusToms of ThaT country is imporTanT, is helpful To The sTudenTs, and makes The courses more beneficial and inferesting. Some members of The faculty have Traveled extensively in The counfries where The language which They Teach is spoken. I be I YK Frank Demagalski concentrates in language lab. X 'Nw Valerie 'Holmes, Josie Feammelli, Michele Vulgaris, Kris Gniewosz, Jim Wirick attend 4th year French class. L I Miss Grant attempts to break Mexican pinata. Deryl Hudson misleads Spanish student teacher to pinota. ol, 64f"f1'72f'.4cz2vl 5054" JM 'A 2.444- 175 iss Katlwyrn Horvafh Miss Dorothy Grant Mr. Ruben Maier Mr. Denzil Walton Miss Susan Wohld oreign Language Foreign Lgngugge Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language Depf. Chairman , . in ,JUN 5 N ,wwf Wm K K Yigifgihg, I S W S 'W W vm . ., RX was Claudia Blake exhibits sewing skills. lTopl: Jane Loprinzi measures width of material. Bottoml: Diane Guy handsiiicnes o hem. X iii ta ii I xii iiiia WN J iw,,' 2' A ' .Mies fggiv FS-- SANGERM ' .1 -A 1 S. Rx Debbie Hall removes basting from blouse ,, ,. ..,, . :qi X . mm ,,, Wwe' . ,R ini ni . 53' mans i 7' i A h e Qii I L 9 , sQs.JA 3 slii- it .LW X Home economics dass discusses reading material. 'L Iva 5' f NX li , , ., Miss Linda Stanwood 'fr G .p lo t ig Home Economics 1 B-4 'fy K 'lf- . K i j ' , X- ,ff 'Ns .s . ' ,fig I - 1. ' S ffx' lk 1 Vliss Gladys Rizner Home Economics Vlrs. Ruby Sewright ome Economics Pam Stady and Chris Carr practice good hygiene in home economics class. epartmentChairman Home Economics Prepares Girls For The Future P lb an-Q., ll' NN Shelley Grimm and Norma Kubel learn fundamentals of dress making. Home economics courses are ideal for preparing a young lady for her future as a home maker. She gains knowledge in child care, management of finances, decorating and designing, home dec- oration, and a unit onmtood and nutri- tion. The basics ot cooking, clothing and lite with a tamily are learned during her freshman year. During the sopho- more and iunior years these topics are gone into more.deeply and each project an increasing challenge. As loecomes a senior student she studies home man- agement, portance marriage and subjects ot im- to family life. This prepares her tor the world that is waiting tor her atter her graduation from high school. Whether she becomes a dietician, dental assistant, housewife, nurse, or a career woman, each girl will find a home economics course very rewarding. 43 Industrial Arts Projects Displayed At Fine Arts Festival I- : 5 Rvws Mi? Art Frohwerk adiusts picture on closed circuit camera. I Shop facilities give Franklin students an opportunity to gain up-to-date iob skills. An increased demand for skilled workers gives students with the right Training and knowledge unique oppor- tunities for immediate employment. Drafting, electronics, vvoodshop, and metal shop are the courses offered to the freshmen. lf combined, these courses can be put to good use paving the way for future creative efforts. The Almanac and Past staffs often make use of pictures taken by students in photography class. In this course stu- dents learn the proper ways to handle a camera, and how to develop and process pictures. Each year, Franklin has a Fine Arts Festival in which many industrial arts students display interesting items they have made. Among these are go-karts, tables, lamps, stereo sets, doodle-bug frames, and cabinets. Welding pieces of iewelry requires delicate skill and technical know-how. Wood shop student uses drill press on his proiect. o--n "T Mr. William Irgens Mr. Bruce Fleming Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Department Chairman Mr. Thomas Parr Mr. Francis Savage Industrial Arts Industrial Arts .wg I D Frank Solari smoothes rough edges with grinder. T"N-L re' -.N ix -n-,QQ '.x X x X.. XX Soldering iron poised, Jim Eveland secures connection. School Photographers lFirst rowl: Don McEnany, Jerryi Daniels, Ron Roherti, John Savory. ISecond rowl: Cliff Nail, Dan Zimmerman, Steve Woodhouse. Intermediate Algebra Added To List Of Mathematics Courses Offered At Franklin s 5 2 1 K 0, VEII . si y , ..-5. E tenses?--' 4 - - as Ms.,,.. ' -- :g,'733f?!1 Y 3 1 t I Mr. Hansen explains use of functions to 2nd year algebra students. John Gallucci and John Cavagna show proofs to class. 46 The Mathematics Department offers many varied courses to the students of Franklin. One year of mathematics is required by the state and can be easily fulfilled during the freshman year taking general mathematics. First algebra, geometry, lfor those who l had algebra in 8th gradel, and a tively new course, MIA l-2 which is sequence covering MA i-2 and MG l in three years, instead of the no two, are offered. For the students who pursue hi mathematics, courses are avail which include trigonometry and mc matical induction. In these more plicated courses, the student learns apply various principles of logic, and taught to think from an abstract I of view about the complicated as: ments, tests, and class discuss Through these techniques, they understand and explain difficult F lems which become applicable on iob in today's highly advanced tec logical world. Jay Thomas helps Leona Tinclay to complete cult geometry proof. Si 'R X ---0 'f'fY'W' Mr. Richard Mabry Justin Hagglund Mr. Paul Hansen Mathematics Mathematics Dept. Chairman rise Sflfdems HQUVE Proof- Leona Tinclay rieviews important geometry theorems -'er Mr. Edward Johns Miss Kathryn Knotts Mr. Gorden McEwen Mr. Fred Willis Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Quakers Sing Out In Major Choirs and Various Ensembles Part of the Franklin music department is devoted to the development of vocal music. Franklin is proud of its choirs, "A" Choir, "B" Choir, and Girls' Choir which are under the direction of Mr. Peery and Mr. Brewer. Besides these, there are various other small groups comprised of outstanding members chosen by the directors. These include Madrigals, Highlights, Starlight- ers, and lntonations. Freshmen may choose to participate in freshman girls' glee clulo or the fresh- man laoys' glee club. In their sophomore Yeorf they may Conllnue with muslc Gnd MADRIGALS: lFront Rowl: Marji Henschel, Charlotte Rickard, Susan Brown, they be plgced in "A" or "B" Choir Baker. lSecond Rowl: Delia Bacon, Kathy Gray, Donna Wolff, Karen Burrow. bl Rowl: Lee Trautman, Leon Hawkins, Allen Grant. lFourth Rowl: Bill McClane, or on ensem e' Moore, Jim Wirick, Jim Owen, Dave Gardner. V X iFirst Rowl: Susan Brolliar, Jean Simmons, Judy Kocher, Joan Simmons, Mary Buker, Susan Itami, Linda Crowell, Diane Hillard, Jo Ellen Morgan, Rickard, Susan Brown, Gina Baker. lSecond Rowlt Marii Henschel, Jennifer Nelson, Karen Bergeron, Nancy Lofstedt, Kathleen Pearson, Sandy Bacon, Woodruff, Jean Spurlock, Karen Burrow, LesLee Adams, Linda Draper. lThird Rawls Lynn Jewell, Sylvia Hillesland, Margaret McGowan, Kathy Gray Peck, Sally Warner, Elena Sipp, LeNae Glenn, Delia Bacon, Diane Willis, Donna Wolff, Trudy Walter. 48 i 'cw l, .. Z I ' . l J 'ar 5 Q E 2 Nav l 5 MV. JOl'1H-peefy lNTONATlONS: lBack Rowl: Martha Ueness, Sue Miller, Kay Crewse, Cathy Miller, Kati Warner, Kathy MUSIC Jensen, Bonita Fredrickson. iSeatedl: Debbie Mealey, Toni Malsey, Melissa Dolyniok. Department Chairman Mr. John Brewer Music 4 - L , A A 3 First Rowl1 Lonnie Kelley, Joy Wilson, Chris Hummel, Kathy Wilson, Gail Berry, Pam Braukmiller, Martha Ueuess, Carolyn Coppernoll, Linda l-lauskins. econcl Rowl: Penny Wilson, Bobbie Draper, Elaine Seaberg, Kay Crewse, Sue Miller, Carol Brown, Sharolyn Bowman, Vicki Scales, Bonita Freclrickson, athy Siegner. llhird Rowl: Melissa Dolyniuk, Lori Smith, Lynn Tesdal, Kathy Jensen, Cathy Miller, Bev Bonner, Kathy Schmorl, Lynn Smith, Kati Warner, aomi Choate, Debbie Brown, Jurine Burgard, lFourth Rowl: Tina Eaton, Jane Smith, El Rae Sadring, Debbie Mealey, Lela Liermo, Connie Klatt, Patty urgett, Manle Whelchel, Janis Pearson, Lynn Bruner, Toni Malsey, Linda Jordan. lFifth Rowl: Pat Lal-lae, Vicki Mailer, Jane Linclentath, Mrnda Bales, laudia Fuller, Wendy Daniels, Patty Hamlin, Debbie Stricklan, Jayne Scott, Linda Bennett, Debbie Bishop, Pat Wolfe, Suzette Nonne, iSrxtlr Rowl: Bill cClane, Greg Orivis, Greg Grandy, John Lukrotka, David Price, Steve Mark, Dave Gafdner, Larry Moore, Dave McFall, Dan Taylor, Neal Orson, Lee rautman. lBack Rowl: Joy Thomas, Dennis Monner, Jim Poppino, Bill Piland, Mike Pond, Jim Owcns, Roger Moore, Dave Buell, Loran Hamer, Jerry ingham, Don Lively, Ken Palmor. 49 Mr. George Pancheau Franklin Music Department Music ! Participates In Exchange ,135 Trip With Redmond High School Music Department - 1. l 1, fi i E li 'J A i lFronr Rowl: Barbara Workman, Diana Des Brisay, Barbara Copko, Katy Warner, Marilyn Eide, Joane Lundgren, John Lundgren, Judy Johnson, Virginia Murphy, and Mary Gorsling. lSecond Rowl: Ardelle Jacobson, Rebecca Mohr, Ray Hoyt, Kay Johnston, Lori Lindi, James Wirick, Linda Phillips, Ronda Hunnel, Lynn Swann, Barbara Johnson, Debbie Donnell, Tom Gauche. lThird Rawls Jeanette Munger, Ruth Payne, Glenda Magel, Larry' Ruddell, Philip Baldino, Susan ltami, Claudia Bradt, Sylvia Hillesland, Sally Warner, Margi Harrington, Dick Lytle, George Hill, John Ball, Mike McDow, Dean Taylor, Marshall Short, Mark Wyatt. lBack Rowl: Mr. G. E Pancheu, Linda Bennett, Chieko Takagi, David Fast, Jack Ellis, Roy Bennett, Ken Hall. Rebecca Mohr concentrates on her music, Ardele Jacobson and Kati Warner play a difficult piece on violins. f Lee Troutman and Dave Gardner examine first bars ofa sang. Kathy Gray and Kathy Garrett sight read new piece of music. T I Senior girls' ensemble practice their parts during after-school rehearsal. ex., su t 5 . c ' e , 4 5-cz: -1:59 , if r K Ji ,ii ,, J A , 4 '12 'K .. . ' ' j r e e r an s 9 , i I ct,c i e i 1 ." if , J 1 ' ' r at 1 r. - r 'r f 'M - r... ll P i - V c ' lf 'l - A 'K .. nu' .e ,- A . Kathy Pearson, Dana Zink, Sally Warner, Evelyn Lushenko, Janet Hartzell, Virginia Tyler, Donna Hesson, Leslie Schreiber, Sylvia Hillesland. ul- nun xl 1' ,og H , lSeatedl: Beth Graham, Peggy Seigle, Terry Coons. lSTandingJ: Lynn Jewell, Karen Oxford, Suzie Brolliar, Girls Ensembles Pracfice And Per 'Z' Larry Ruddell listens d-uring explanation of a new number, Bergeron, Leslee Adams, Nancy Lofsfedf, Mariori Henschel, form Togefher Mary Gorsling adiusrs cello before orchestra hearsal. lFirst Rowl: Annette Walker, Diane Cote, Naomi Choate, Debbie Dunlop, Rhonda Hunnell, JoAnn Fouts, Dorcas Taylor, Ann Bennett, Scott Hill, Mr. Pancheau. lSecond Rowl: Phil Baldino, Dorothy Roley, Sue ltami, Seve Miller. lThird Rowl: Cliff Lewis, Pam Roylance, Debbie Lohenes, Ann Larson, Karen Schreiner, Tessie Meyers, Ina Weissenbuehler, Alan Anderson, Sylvia Hillesland, Sally Warner, lFourth Rowl: Chris Ball, Doug Gillies, Ed Roley, Kim Ralplis, Linda Ruthruff, Norma Westerfield, LaVeta Laws, Rick Sauer. lFifth Rowl: Marshall Short, Dean Taylor, John Bell, Mark Wyett, Bev Bonner, Maigi Harrington, Richard Schiele, George Hill, Frank Conner, lSixth Rowl: Ken Hall, Dick Garvin, Steve Hofer, David Dirnoff, Morris Funk, Dick Lytle, Dave Bell, Steve Jewell, Dale Bowen, lSeventh Rowlf Don Taylor, Gordon St. Marie, Robyn Tinner, Emory Bonner, Mike Rankin, Mike McDow, Russ Shennon, Jack Ellis, Roy Ruddell, Mike Parker, Steve Comella, Paul Vandehey, Lerrid Clow, Randy Oxford, Cliff Nail, Wende Brown, Larry Rucldell and Susan Bennett posed by Benii. ln the field of music anyone who has ' the desire to play an instrument in QV ' V either the band or orchestra, will find K if many opportunities for experience and to training. lndividual help is available for those who need it. Large numbers-- of students can participate in the instru- mental department, In the orchestra, for example, there is a 34-piece string sec- tion, with a complement of brass and woodwind instruments in addition. ONE Students who are interested and who also enjoy attending Franklin's football and basketball games may become members of the school band. Beside the games, the Rose Festival Parade, the Fairy Tale Parade, and the All-City Band Festival are among the other activities in which the band takes part. 53 5.4 'Y Girl's P.E. class learns fundamentals of guarding and shooting, Mr. Walter Buckievvicz MVS- -l059Pl'lme Elm' Physicgl Educoigor-, Physical Education I . Department Chairman ln order to meet graduation require- Mr Hmold Ellmers Mr. Gow Jockson ments, a year and a half ot physical ed- physiml Education physical Educmion ucation must be taken and passed by each student. A semester of health is also required. Such subjects as smoking and alcoholism and their dangers, me- chanics of the human body, and a unit on driver education, are covered in health. Physical education classes tor fresh- men and sophomores help these students learn sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and football, In the freshman classes, boys and girls are combined and taught dancing, from traditional square dances to modern steps. During the warmer season, track and baseball are included. Linda Bennett dribbles past opposing guard. 54 l Paul Herman watches as opponent shoots. lRightl1 Steve Roos demonstrates used in calisthenics. Doug Patterson prepares to pass as Greg Laws and Mike Shatter look on. A Q 3. .s ,V-Ai K K A, t.-,.,. V. l .,,x -y --'rr Miss Beryl Piper Physical Education Miss Joanne Marini Physical Education Miss Patricia Vaughn Mr. James Winters Physical Education Physical Education Ernesto lnclan uses model of heart to explain functions to class, F i 1 l l i -sq.-V..v,.....,.... , ...if X w. W, , 1-Qu Miss Ann Bohlen Mr. Ronald Calhoun Science Science Department Chairman Science Courses Prepare Students For New Frontiers " ' SRA T Steve Grove and Bob Allenbrand setup ripple tank. After using scales, Linda Clark completes cal- culations, 56 .rW""!+ Mr. Leonard Gehrke Mr. John Neeley Mr. Ddrio Rachio Science Science Science Steve Grove, John Cavagna, and Rudy Casciato observe wave patterns in ripple tank. sg H it Q 5 :.,,,,c LX f X 1-.. l D Mr. Carlton Richter Mrs. Myra Rose X 4 Science Science ,Q s- Q lift . 5, There are many different science ourses offered at Franklin for both the ollege-bound student and students de- iring only a basic knowledge of science. Each student must complete one year f science for graduation requirements. reshmen may take a general science ourse. This is designed to give a basic ackground. First year and second year iology are offered for those students ho desire a more extensive knowl- dge. Chemistry and physics are avail- ble to students who have a science and ath background. A physical science is ffered to those students who do not ave a math background, but who ole- re another science credit. Science minar is offered to those students who ave completed biology, physics, and emistry by their senior year and who esire another year of science. x F' 'ix 5, s ,A 1 gi 0' , , 1 K s 5? ffff 'l it u Q i l f H 5. s Jim Ross and Lauri Boone prepare for chemistry experiment. Q, .... . I i , Mr. Leonard Scheele Mr. Joseph Sklenicka Mr. John Sweo Science Science Science l ii Q. 'Q' 54 USing the microscope, Doug Blair is better able lAbovel: Roger Carter uses gram scale to weigh out small amount of chemical lBelowl Above Kevin Jones studies intently the patterns prc Diane Oetinger and Marilyn Bowen do required experiment in plant block In a ripple tank lBelowl Mary Huffaker focuses micrc Mr. Mike Miller Science Q-gn -7 Gary Edwards prepares seed bed. X47 Horticulture Offered To Students H.,.,.C.,.,.,,e Interested In Gardening A greenhouse for a classroom? Yes, for those 21 fortunate Franklin boys who are enrolled in the unique horti- culture class which is offered at Frank- lin and other surrounding high schools. The class holds lab and lecture sessions in a greenhouse on S.E, 72nd Avenue. The course is especially useful to students vvho plan to go into nursery or florist Work, or who are interested in learning more about the cultivation of plants. Due to small numbers of stu- dents in the class, each student is better able to obtain more individual assist- ance. Some of the senior boys who are enrolled in this class have already been placed in iobs at a wholesale nursery, a florist's or in landscape construction. Junior boys stay at the greenhouse for the full year's instruction, and those re- turning to the class next year will be placed in a iob. Plants, bouquets, or arrangements found from time to time in the office or in classrooms are products of the horticulture class. Students and faculty enioy them for a time, care for them, and then find them replaced. .. I K if E is Harry Blane trims begonia plant. Don Watts works on machinery in horticulture class Sfudenis Become Well Versed On Currenf Affairs Through Social Sfudies T .T ' T 1 , 32. . A .1 ix' , 01+ Surprised by presence of camera, Jay Burkenbine Through social sTudies, The sTudenT learns abouT The culTural world around him and becomes well-versed in hisTory. STudenTs' are required To Take -Three courses of social sTudies, but They may elecT To Take more if They desire. ln The freshman and iunior year The emphasis of learning is on hisTory. This includes a Wide range oT ancienT hisTory up inTo Tairly recenT Times. The junior year is devoTed especially To The sTudy of American hisTory and sTudenTs make an inTensive sTudy OT The ConsTiTuTion. Some presenT problems of socieTy are discussed. The senior year's sTudies are focused on poliTical science, sociology, econom- ics, and inTemaTional reIaTions. From These sTudies, The sTudenT emerges wifh a well rounded under- sTanding of The world abouT him in which he is preparing To become a producTive citizen. Because of The Train- ing received sTudying poliTics, econom- ics, and hisTory, The sTudenT can speak compeTenTly abouT and discuss inTel- ligenTly The problems facing Today's socieTy. The elecTives open To sTudenTs are geography, European hisTory, and his- 1.--,-, S-w fl' Y. ' .' 'ff V . r i Q lg, M W in . E " fi, ' T pauses from studies. 'iss- Tory of The U.S.S,R. OuTsTanding sTu- denTs may parTicipaTe in EE social sTudies classes which place more emphasis on presenT problems. .ludy Bigoni studies while Nancy Lutz and Kathy Moffitt participaTe in class discussion. 60 Mr. James McKee Social STudies DeparTmenT Chairman Mr. Jack Burri Social STudies Miss Thelma Collins Social STudies Mrs. Maxine CriTes Social STudies is rx fp, '41 ,fl Mr. Gilbert Erlandson Social Studies Mr. Marvin Flitcroft Social Studies Athletic Director Mr. Richard Laughlin Social Studies Mr. Marlin McComb Social Studies Q-57 -,... Q- 5 L , L .1 ., X George Teeny and Jay Greeg work together on American Problems X A -Q? 11 Judy Oliverio, John Struble, and Sharon Willirriont concentrate on different aspects of modern American society. i l' iff I 4 Paul Taylor and Bill Todd review recent material on racial strife. ol Future Teachers Enjoyed Responsibilities While Testing Goals Mm Grade school student listens as Terry Craylon Naylor assists grateful youngster with Malsey explains solution. her scarf. This is the first time that the Student Assistants Program has ever been put into action at Franklin High School. The program had its beginning at South Salem High School five years ago and has been going on there ever since. In this course, given at Franklin under the supervision of Mrs. Maxine Crites, the student assistants are seniors who have expressed an interest in teaching and have proved themselves capable in a wide area of subjects. Before signing up, they hold a conference with their coun- selors, who, if they feel the students are qualified make recommendations them. One half of the year will be s at the elementary level, and the other half will be spent at the high school level. The course begins with an orienta- tion period in the classroom of the su- pervising teacher for two to three weeks. During this time the students are given background knowledge in teaching prepare them for work in the schools. Speakers are invited to give talks, and visits are made to schools for disad- vantaged children, and to the Adminis- tration Building. The students read and have discussions on child growth and development. When placed in the schools, the stu dents will work a five day week begin- ning each day at 2:15 P.M. Full credit is received for this assistant work. Mrs. Crites checks evaluations received from super- Craylon Naylor buttons coat on Richmond girl. vising teachers. 62 Staffs as-QU! lFront Rowl: Patty Smith, Janice Guinta, Susan Roth, Marlene Fastelin, Kathy Hausch. lSecond Rowl: Pat Beck, Tina Eaton, Debbie Mealey, Crisanaz, Diane Carlson, Jean Spurlock. IBack Rowl: Karen Lovlein, Mary Grauer, Donna Hopkins, Kathy Dockstader, Beth Grahame, Donna Stickles Miller. Students Assist Mrs. Miller And Mrs. Peden 'ini lFront Rowl: Mrs, Pedenf Claude Des Georges, Mike Giandomenico, John Lukrofka, Jim Hill, Charlie Seibold. lSecond Rowl: Judy Kocher, Terrea B Karen Brown, Carol Manti, Trudy Walter, Lyn Washam, Gail Rehder, Tina Olson, Carol Tanory, Marilyn Eide. lBack Rowl: Brenda Finnerty, Kathy T Susie Harding, Barbara Ports, Frances Camacho, Vicki Holstine, Anita Brauckmiller, Lynn Srnith. 64 Mrs. Lorraine Miller 'fs 14 Head Secretary Ti Mrs. Christine Putnam Assistant Secretary ""'7 2 Mrs. Rose McKnight Counseling Secretary 1 ,. A' . . . MAIN OFFICE: Mrs. Miller, Susie Deems, Susan Salladay, Barbara Ehrig, Mary Gerlicker, Sue Peck, Janet Kolb, Donna Cross. 'x Business Clerical Assistants Gain Office Experience Juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to help in the various offices. Mrs. Lorraine Miller and Mrs. Christine Putnam, Franklin secretaries, supervise student secretaries who assist in answer- ing the phone and running errands each period. These girls are very helpful to the secretaries and from it they gain the experience of working in an office. Mrs. June Peden, the attendance sec- retary, supervises clerks who assist in checking studants in and out, while Mr. Holt employs the services of a boy. In the counseling office, the students "' assist Mrs. Rose McKnight in delivering V conference slips, taking messages, and typing for the counselors. Recommended sophomore, iunior, and senior girls are given the opportunity to Work in the student store. They aid Mrs. Miller by selling school supplies and student body cards, as well as assisting in keeping the accounts straight and handling money. STAFF: lFront Rowl: Brenda Metteer, Carol Niparoli, Jeanne Bisennius, Laurie Lunn Olson. lSecond Rowlf Marilyn Utz, Debbie Capparelli, Terrie Smith, Susie Alf, Jacobsen. lBack Rowl: Gail Van de Wiele, Mrs. McKnight, Leslie Skaggs, Ann Ferrell, STUCJSYITS Work ClUr'lDQ Tltelt' study hall Head. First year Business Clerical Assistance and do not receive a credit. Second year BCA Students take it as an elective and receive one credit. 65 3 kfpqiui lFront Rowl: Sue Miller, Glenda Greer, Mary Mitchell. lBack Rowl: Corol lFront Rowl: Vickie Childers, Kathy Goska, Ann Heirn, Patty Cooper Field, Linda Meyer, Lindy Johnston, Julie Conner. Charlotte Richard, Sandra Dee. lBack Rowlg Susie Lang, John Boland Leona TenClay, Mrs. Greenfield. Students Serve In Locker Room, Bookroom, And Cafeferi i ' i , Q A QV, lFront Rowif Jimmy Vest, Pamela Coutun. lSecond Rowl: Dean Baisinger, Sterling Stromberg, Lindo Sessler, Diane Miller, Marilyn Rettinger, Marcia lThird Rowlf Doug Goss, Debbra Galentine, Carol Smith, Kathy Smith, Debbra Atkinson. 66 -'-Q? , , . t t Rowl: Rhoda Hallway, Viola Vandeberg, Harine Baylie, Helen Gattsch, Edith' Phitkat, Ann Nicholas, Snow Tebeck, Gladys Dunn. lBock Rowl: 'tie Stuck, Stephanie Buffington, Wilma Sanderson, Lucille Var1Horn, Amanda Huntley, Jean Schaenheinz, Daisy lsacson, Mary' Eaton, Joyce Lowry. Good Food, Clean Halls, Provided By Adult Staffs I fs I lAbovel: Mr. Ed Drias lLeftl. Mrs. Cory Beleque Two groups of people who are seldom recognized for their service at Franklin are the cafeteria staff and the custodial staff. The custodians, who are essential in the operation of a school, have special duties. Among their responsibilities are cleaning the building and keeping all the machinery in good working order. The cafeteria staff is kept busy pre- paring very large, inexpensive meals every day for hungry students. Students and teachers should take advantage of the cafeteria df Franklin because it is set up to serve them at the lowest cost possible. At Franklin, there are seventeen ladies employed in the adult cafeteria. Students are also given the privilege of assisting the adult staff by helping serve during all three lunch periods. Other stu- dents are trained to make proper change. emi' .K , .4- rf Cv, on a 2 Q34 v C9 'I' m Marlow, . - ' ' - d Ji F R : J ff O t , Mk M Iler, M ke Goodale, Everett Anderson, Wayne Hess, Tim Dole. lMiddIe Rowsl. Kys Taylor, Darrell Howar , lJifr?nl:al?kWlMilSe Lanilsei Rdne Bluhienscheih, Steve Claypool, Ken Brown, Richard Murvell, Randy Hiller, Neal Orsen, Terry R. Cranston, Mike Falck, Charles White lrearl, John Clark, Frank Cosby, Mr. B. Davis, Mr. Britt Davis, instructor, points out that the proiectionist's class provides an opportunity for sophomore, iunior, and senior boys to learn the basic functions behind running proiectors. They have the advantage of working with different electronic communication machines. The equipment used includes: sound pro- iectors, slide projectors, overhead pro- iectors, tape recorders, transcription players and many other different types of valuable equipment. The skills they acquire can be important after gradu- ation. The students enrolled in this class earn their unit of credit by showing films in classrooms during their study hall. Stage Crew gives the student an op- portunity to learn the techniques in- volved in stage productions. The class, headed by Mr, Kaiser, constructs stage settings for plays and assemblies. They also construct the settings used in the May Fete and Rose Festival ceremonies. Special effects, created by skillful light- ing, are also under the direction of Mr. Kaiser and the stage crew. Projectionists And Stage Crew Specialize In Service To Teachers And School WX f lFront Rowl: Steve Gore, Neal Orsen, Jack Smith, Joe Barbur, Sterling Stromberg. lSecond Rowl: Willis Keeney, Dennis Howarth, Terry L. Cranston, Keith Huke, Tom Cox, Roger Moore, Les Hoppe, Carl Morrison, Dennis Knudsen, Dave Furth. 5' 1. 1 P.T.A, Officers: lFront Rowl: Mrs. Edgar Dole, 'lst Vice-President, Mrs. Irving Wheeler, President, Mrs. Clark Austen, 2nd Vice-President lSecond Rowl Mrs William Odbert, Treasurer, Mrs. Willard Lindley, Historian, Mrs. Lowell Sheets, Secretary. P. T. A. And Dads' Club Assist In PIL Drive The main proiect of the Dads' Club as to promote the PIL Fund Drive. They orked throughout the summer helping o raise the money for the athletics rogram. An Italian spaghetti dinner prepared y the dads was held in the cafeteria efore the Cleveland football game. The Dads' Club also plans to sponsor n All-City Dance in the spring. The P.T.A. promoted the PIL Drive, too. Throughout the summer, they pre- pared envelopes and helped organize the door-to-door button sale. During the football season, the P.T.A. worked at the concession stands selling cottee, hot chocolate and candy to the hungry spectators. The P.T.A. filled necessary positions to further school work. They assisted in the eye testing programs, the SCAT tests and the career conferences. 'N L... K. as time Dads' Club Officers: Warren Green, Scretary, Al Kocher, President, Don Casciato, Vice-President, Harold Jones, Treasurer X Jw Wim Q? Mwwyyyy X Ov Q52 ' QNG8yw09FOf'B QWWWNKDU OS W Uv QP A ' W ef ' w"m:2JX,e fl If yew! . K' My ' s . j Q LEQ L N 'k n .ww R59 4 499201591 I ,O I Egfr! .f Z' 0' gym! JBA! 'rf' we Q , LJ V 6 f ,A ifigiy gffil if ' W N 6 l Q: Y 'df' W B MQW ff' -Q1 VE 35956 .fy N V X , 9 y y. 1 A K , 'xx 0503 XV N ' ,550 . U5 . fqgfigym b, S9 jwjgifjisf 5 , Q V x 1 D. EW w I ' Q? . ggi Qi Ogbjqyxw Q Q Fifiiiilf Q 5 M yy 5 PM M if VW 1 w wk 35 X ws x'f3Qi25f W fp W W M ' WP W b QW HMS? fjwxb JW Q5 W5 39 W fudenf Body FALL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: lTop rowl Marshall Short, Vice President, Dan Trinci, President, Rea Wheeler, Treasurer, Kathy Kanas, Publicity Chairman, Jeanne Bisenius, Secretary. Sgt, at Arms, Susie Deems, Elaine Soliaga, Gail Van de Weilc, Donna l-lesson, Glen Caniparolip Gayle Stucki. The Senior Class Faced Their Final Challenge This year's tall senior class cabinet was active in planning tor commence- ment on May Sl and baccalaureate to be held on May 19. The Senior Prom chairman, Marilyn Mizote, anol the co- chairman, Gayle Stucki, began planning tor the prom in September, involving much of the cabinet and committee's time. ,Senior Movie Committee chair- man, Mark Swain, and his co-chairman, Jerry Jarboe, began their year-long proiect, creating the senior movie. This tilm, showing highlights ot the seniors' last year in Franklin, will be viewed during the senior assembly at the end ot the year. The senior cabinet served as guides for freshmen on Orientation Day and aided the newest class with their election. ln September, work was begun Senior Spirit Week. Throughout the week, September l8 to 22, class cards were validated and "Senior's are Super" tags were sold. Aromatic pepperoni was ottered for sale to hungry Quakers The week was brought to a close with the Homecoming Dance. The following week, game tags were solol tor the game against Marshall. In November a bottle drive earned money tor the class. December was activated by a class meeting depicting the Dating Game, in order to stimulate class card sales. The Senior class cabinet discusses plans tor the upcoming Senior Week. wi As Spring Senior Class President, Steve Grove led the class through its final term. The first function of the new spring abinet was the planning ot the annual enior-Faculty game. This entailed choos- ng Senior Rally Members andthe Senior Basketball team. Seniors elected Senior Mosts to honor 'hose who had the most skill in a variety Dt fields. Senior girls anticipated Rose Festival nd May Fete selections. Tradition was ltered this year with the 'May Fete Court eigning over the Senior Prom, and the ose Festival court being selected by dults not connected with the school. inally, Seniors looked forward to their emaining class activities, Senior Prom, accalaureate and commencement. SPRING SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: lTop Rowl: Carol Monti, Publicity Chairman, Joanne Lat-lue Evelyn Lushenko, Melissa Pettingill, Linda Niiranen, Ann Heim, Judy Kocher, Sgts. at Arms lBottom Rowl: Carol Fuglee, Secretaryg Steve Grove, President, Ray Hoyt, Vice-President Josie Feamrnelli, Treasurer. Capable Leaders Made Their Senior Year A Success ST' Steve Grove, Senior Class President, conducts cabinet meeting. vii' Addis, Jeanne Alderson, Geraldine Allaerf, Marianne Allenbrand, Bob Alver, Kenneth Andrew, Rea Andyke, George Aslfikar, Ted Reflechng On Pasf High School Experiences . Bacon, Delia Bailey, Gene Baisinger, Dean Baker, Gina Mug QQ?- vb? 4"3? an-1"L? :--.4-0 Bgldinol Phil Bales, Minola Banfa, Nancy Barnes, Jirn Bgrnegl Roberf Basseif, Rose Baxfer, Susie Beck, Harold Seniors Recall Many Fond Memories. Becker, Gail Beltz, Kathy Bennett, Royal Berry, Christine ,V Mn '15 , 7 f casa, 50N I ,'-' ' " b K - : -. r 5 EQ, .. 1 , ff ' ' ,- 'Lexi' Wie ' I 2 -fi N191 Berry, Yvonne Bisenius, Jeanne Blake, Claudia Blanchard, Dennis Blumenschein, Ronald Bolder, lien Bordner, Mike Bowen, Vickie Academics, Government, Afhlelics, Music And Drama . . Bray, William Brown, Jane-T Brown, Rick Bruner, Margaret ., . K .. .c., xl iS Bunnell, Nadine Bush, Palricia Byer, Chuck Byerg, Lloyd Cameron, Karen Camp, Randy Canfield, Ronald Cqmpgl-Olli, Glen Are The Elemenfs Thai Make High School Enjoyable. Capparelli, Debbie Carnemolla, Lori Carroll, Dianna CQ,-roll, Phil AR ,f - .Q V Co rr, Terry Covolli, Ernie Coles, Mike Cook, Kerry Coscioro, Rudy Covc1gno,John Chem, Doris Chilson, Russ Cc1rTer, Roger Cove, Chrisfine Colvin, Dione Drone Des Brzsoy cmd Phul Boldmo produce their duet s-.nb-RN X,.- '1.'1'1DV Cook, Mike Coppernoll, Eloine Crewse, Lucinolo Crisonoz, Morcelline J ',f'f, nclici Hooker ond Dove Thompson practice their ports for the ploy Eozebo TN YT? 'KI'T3' fviwf' l'N-mr Corbett, Croyne, Cloyfon Dov' Crowell, Donner, Lindo Debby Dovis Deems Jim Suson Deloney, O6 W 'G' !""'D ,-rj? .Q K ...P Laval A I 4""'PI' Emi, DesBrisay, Diane DesGeorge, Claude Diclcson,Cl1risTine Dierking, Fred Dobson, Sharon Donkin, Clwrisiine Draper, Linda Dumais, Vicki Seniors Execufed Their Priorify During Assemblies . . Eaion, DGVS Eaton, Robert Edwards, Gary Ellis, Jack rv., x 1:-55' -nga., .-Q KN 'Yi-. Ql"""N -sf - L . ' .25 . '-:Le . NW mmf " if- - :UVA 'wx f 'we--"" 'Sv vzfif ff 4 -.5-P eva N 153' I x F'-N Qiffw I ' - Q Ellis, Mike Ellsworth, Marsha ESTGS, K'ClTl1y Evans, Joe Faulkner, Gayle Feammelli, Josie FEHOVW, D900 FSVQUSOH, 5lWGfYl9 Sifhng In The From' Rows Of The Audlforlum. Ferrell, Ann Fillman, Linda Finnerty, Brenda Finzel, Bob KN 413' '.,f 8l 'lv Oli n-V A-Ulm YY? Fisher, Hayden Flathers, Naf Foehler, Dan Foehler, Diane FOS1er, Lawrence Frohwerk, Ari' Fuglee, Carol Fuhrer, Cher: FUFI"1iSh,JGff Seniors Vie Wiih Other Classes . . Gage, Wallace I Lfi:g,g:wF ,.f1iV.y ,.E,?llk,k K, , ,pf W f - 4.1 We '-1-fd' Gallucci, Ed Gallucci, John 5 i"""'P -Q ,ir E . ., up-5119 Q-A Gander, Dorothy Gorrett, Katherine Gorton, Roy Geimer, Mork George, Ted Getchell, Jerry GIWFGWOSZ, CINS Gorovvski, Gary For The Dr. Erickson Trophy Grcly, Kathy Gregg, JOY Griffiths, Annette Grodosky, Lindo 'Q-41 1" 115 fu' W Gross, Bob Grove, Steve Gustafson, Curtis Guy, Diane HGH, Ken Hall, Martha Hamar, Reese Harding, Susan Career Conferences And College Conferences . . Harrell, Suzy Harrington, Vieila Harrison, Glenda Hartzell, JCUWGT 'wwf' N-...., fx '7 3 ,EW ...f...., . , . ., i , vu! l.,LlW '1""? If' Aix fas- M5 9: Q-"9 4 W Qswt 1' Hawkins, Barbara Haynes, Steve Head, Susan Hedges, Paul Helm, Ann Heisler, Charlolle Hensley, Sfeve Hesson, Donna Helped Seniors Decide On Fufure Plans. High, Barbara High, Terry Hilclebran, Sheila Hillard, Diane K Kina A fir'-v'lU ll Q Y'-fs' 'W .-"Sq if v.,- wvi- MV ..f-3 Hilleslond, Sylvio Hollvvoy, Borboro Hopkins, Debby Hornbeck, Pol Hill George 1 Holmes, Volerie Hopkins, Jomes Hines, Perry HOdSOn,N0r1cy Holsline, Vicki Hooker, Cyndic fi Borboro Ports ond Dione Roylonco boord "Rosie", To ofiend "The Adding Mochinef' i ody Howard, Linda Howard, Marilyn 111, as lix W. sf 'Fri Howell, Sally Hoyf, ROY Howarfh, Howe, Dennis lvy Hudson, Huie, Deryl Anflwony Ikeda, ltami, Marleen Roben' ltami, Susan v ...ral 1' TY' 'WX ng tis McMurray and Dan Trinci carry Bob Helfont, Granfs Student President, To hls doom, MWA-yn Jackson, Diana Jackson, Larry Jacobson, Arclelle Jarboe, Jerry Jaflbacher, Patty Johnson, Duwana Johnson, Gary Johnson, Linola As Seniors Apply To Colleges . JohnsTon, Lindy Jones, Don Jones, Joe Kahn, Michael 'J ,,s1 F' '?CZZl'1"' FQ vm 'N-cv X""""' Kanas, Kathleen Kaski, Diane Keefer, Dan Keeney, Willis Keller, James Kirkpatrick, Ronald Knoll, Karin Kocher, Judith Unclerclassmen Forecasf For Nexf Year. Koisfinen, Leon Kolibaloa, Janice Kraley, Florence Kruse, Roger lll'4?v"i'HFl A K Lal-lue, JoAnn Lalli,KaTl1le-en Lambert, Douglas Lang, Sue Langdon, Yolinda Lanning, Dan Larson, Harold Lau, James The May Fefe Courf Reigns Over . . . Laundreau, Billie Lee, David Lewis, Ron Lieb, STeve lgix 11-'Q' ffv Mi 4 Lincllwolrn, Byron Linton, Pcirnelo Little, Dorlene Lomax, Art Lukrotl4c1,.lol1n Lusltenko, Evelyn MocDc1niels, Jomes Moloney, Pot A Formal Assembly And The Senior Prom. Molsey, Terry Mcinoly, Duane Manning, Dennis Marino, John 'SR' 41' Mark, Sfeve Marlow, James Marfim, Sherry Massie, STeve Mafher, John McBride, Moira MCClar1e, Sandra McCIer1ahan, Rom The Seniors Who Will Graduafe . . McCreaclie, Coleen McDovv, Mike McGowan, Margaref McKeThen, Kafhy v...,.,,,,, i1ir'x:zad' AQ?- ,l,., ' -vsix X 1-,fy 5-'Xm,L"'! . i. .3 LL ',, iv-5--r 'Q McMurray, Mike Medina, Jonn MeTTeer, Janice Miller, Lorraine Miller, Shirley Mills, Parricia Milner, Sandra Mirencla, Ray Enjoy The Lasf Of Their Youfhful Pursuifs. Mizofe, Marilyn Moles, Leona Monner, Dennis Monroe, Derek i 43 A l jk.. qqv., 'K 'sv' I Moxley David Mullen Larry Murphy, Virginia Naylor, Craylon Monti, Carol Mulvaney, Wanda Nease, Micheal Nelson, Greg Morehouse, Ross Murphy, Vincent Nelson, Elaine Even after four years, Seniors Evelyn Lushenko and Julie Leppa haven'T learned To keep lheir lockers clean. -:N 'Q N119 Olsen, Turid Orozio, Mike OTT, Mory Louise Owens, Jim -tif Parker, Craig Parks, Nancy Pafferson, Lauri Payne, Ruin Pearson, KaThy Peck, Sue Peters, Mark Peftengill, Melissa Seniors Look Forward To Their Final High School Acfivifies . . Piretfi, Janis Poolony, Milaola Pond, Michael Poppino, Diane iss L 4.5 T' --r 's' 'W RW' 'ar w 62' we-sf .sl 1191 g! Ports, Barbara Purdurn, Bill Rasmussen, Glenn Reisloeck, Judy Renish, Sieve Richforol, Arlene Roadruck, Randy Roloerti, Ronald Senior Prom, Baccalaureafe And Commencemenf. Roberts, Kathie Robineff, Maria Roloinson, Rick Rose, Lowell 445' 40 ff-11' A l 'ZTLF' ,sms 1---' Ross, Corolyn Ross, Connie Ross, Kathy Roylonce, Dione Rudclell, Bolo Ruolell, Lorry Rueck, Ken RuTc1n, Dove Seniors Complefe Their Second . Rutherford, Kelly Soolring, El Roe Sollc1dcuy,SUson Soloum, Eolno X iY'f'h. X31? I "fa Q 9 fan v' -me Sanders, Sharon Sanfangelo, Kristine Sauer, Linda Savory, John Schaefer, Sharon Schechfel, Jeanne Schiloel, Elaine Schmitz, Brian And For Some, Lasf Phase Of Their Educafion. SchoTT, Dennis Schneider, Pinni Schrieber, Leslie SchulTz, Gary of Scott, Shei la Sheets, Ed Simmons, Jean Simonsen Dick Sekarich, Sue Shields, Fred Simmons, Joan Setterberg, Susie Sharkey, Julie Short, Marshall Siegner, Dave Judy Kocher assists Mrs. Peden in the attendance office. 'N' 'N X..- 533' Smith, Ilene Soliogo, Elaine STevvc1rT, Dionne Srnifn, Lindo South, Dole STevvorT, Jonet Sfevvorf, Torn Sfickies, Donna Sfolrenberg, Jon Stricklan, Deborah Sfrohecker, Sheri STruble,Johr1 Sfucki, Gayle Svolooda,Joar1 Swan, Lyn The Fuiure Holds Many Dreams For Seniors . . Swanson, Marie Tafman, Clyde Taylor, Daniel Taylor, Dean wg--fp Taylor, Donald Thompson, David College, Turley, Sfeve no - XX f I-. Taylor, Paul Teeny, George Thompson Chrys Tipfon, Sherry Tocla, Bill Trinci, Dan Service, Marriage, Or Finally A Profession Turner, Donna Turner, Joe Tyler, Virginia X 'S ,a-as '-N-P . EN..-f x.- '17 xx ' , Ufz, Marilyn VanArsdall, Amy Van ale Wiele, Gail Velander, Daniel Vonfelclf, Gary Vulgaris, Michele Wagner, AI Walker, Gary Seniors Prepare Their Way . . Warner, Sally Watkins, Sharon L 4 5 5, V ,y Watts, Don Webb, Dale im., I W 'IBVN rw., s--vi la' if Q1-3 T -r-'za 'T Weeks, Stephen Weisenberg, Gordon Weiss, Vicki West, Borborci Whollon, Shirley Wheeler, Reo White, Shoron White, Sherry For The Future Years Of Adult Responsibility. Wick, Judy Willimont, Sharon Wilson, Gory Winegorden, Allen "Q""1' axis: 'T "'v'Nj Wirick, Jim Wolfe, Anne Wong, Sfeven Wood, Mork Woodcock, Jim Woodruff, Rormo Woolfoik, Mike Wrighf, Don The Class Of 7968 . Wymer, Gioolyce Yomosoki, Doviol Zodon, Anno Zink, Demo t"'7' 4? nf" Mr. Jacobsen pauses a moment from his work. Miss Dundore ponders over a forecast. The Counselors Aid Seniors In College Forecasting Senior counselors, Miss Dundore and r, Jacobsen, aided Seniors during their ur years at Franklin. They helped to lve various forecasting and career lanning problems. Mr. Mannig, college co-ordinator ad- sed College Board tests and college formation bulletins. He helped those t going to college by recommending rious iob opportunities, technical hools, and business schools. urn'- Mr, Manning grants interview during deadlines. XC. W college application Beck J09 BISEHIUS JSGVWWG Blanchard Dennis Brown, Rick Bunnell, Nadine CUPPGVEH' Deblme COSCUGTO Rudy Cavagna John Chan, Doris Crisanaz, Marcelline Sfudenfs Wifh High Academic Abili Davis, Jim Deems, Susan DesBrisay, Diane Bush, Patty Feammelli, Josie Frohwerk, Art Furnish, Jeff Gallucci, John Head, Susan Hillesland, Sylvia Hallway, Barbara Jacobsen, Ardelle Jarboe, Jerry Kruse, Roger Lewis Ron Lifile, Darlene Olson, Lynn Mather, John Monroe Derek Morehouse Ross Olsen Turid Ott, Mary Louise Patterson Lauri Peck Susan Ports Barbara re Honored As Members Of Nahonal Honor Sociefy Tyler, Virginia Utz, Marilyn Vulgoris, Michele Wirick, Jim Wrighi, Dan Not pictured: Johnson, Lindo Schecfol, Jeanne Schneider, Rob Sheets, Ed Stucki,.Gayle Richford, Francie Ross, Kathie Roylance, Diane N . E fb T SENIOR MOSTS1 iTop Rowlz Marilyn Utz, Virginia Tyler, Elaine Schibel, Diane DesBrisay. lBoh'om Rowl: Rea Wheeler, Valerie Holmes, Susie l Cindy Hooker, Gayle Sfucki. Most Friendly: Seniors Vofe On Those. Valerie Holmes Mosf Likely To Succeed: Virginia Tyler Most Spiriredz Most STudious: Mos? Talented in: Aff: Afhleficsr Drama: Leadership: Music: Speech: Susie Deems Marilyn Ufz Elaine Schibel Rea Wheeler Cindy Hooker Gayle Sfucki Diane DesBrisay Virginia Tyler QUAKERETTE: Gayle Sfucki ,aus SENIOR MOSTS: lTop Rowl: Roger Kruse, Ken Bolder, Art Frohwerk, Ed Sheets, Phil Baldino, John Mather, Jeff Furnish Phil Carroll Sieve Grove Mosf In The Class QUAKER: Ken Bolder Mosi' Friendly: Phil Carroll Most Likely To Succeed: Roger Kruse Most Spiriied: Mosi Siudious: Most Talenfed in: ATT: Athletics: Drama: Leadership: Music: Speech: Steve Grove Ari Frohwerk .lohn Maiher Ken Bolder Dave Thompson Ed Sheets Phil Baldino Jeff Furnish ADDIS, JEANNE Richmond-FMS 4 Sec., Pep l,2,3, Phi Nu Alpha 3, Club reporter, YFC. College. ALDERSON, JERRIE KelloggADECA. ALLAERT, MARIANNE St. Ignatius-Honor Roll I, Forum 3, Sr. Announcement Comm., AGS Rep. 4, SC Rep. 3, IRL. College. ALLENBRAND, BOB Richmond-College. ALVER, KENNETH Benson-Forum 4, Catalyst, Chess Club, Football I, Tennis 2, Stage Crew 2. College. ANDREW, REA Atkinson-Honor Roll l,3, Forum 2,4, College Cont. Rep., Track I, College. ANDYKE, GEORGE Atkinson-AFM Rep. 2,4, SC Rep. l,3, Ltmn. Club Sgt. at Arms, Baseball I,2,3,4, Cross Country 3, Wrestling, I,2,3,4. College. ASHKAR, THEODORE J. Central Catholic-Forum 3,4, SC Rep. 3, College Conf. Rep., "A" Choir 4. College. BAILEY, THOMAS EUGENE Beaverton High School, Beaverton, Oregon -Armed Services. BAKER, GINA Fontana High, Fontana, Calif.-"A" Choir 3,4, Madrigals 4. Work. K BALDINO, PHILIP Kellogg-SC Rep. 4, Sigma Phi Alpha, Band l,2,3,4, Ensembles 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4. College. BALES, MINDA Kellogg4AGS Rep. 4, Career Conf. Rep., Basketball 3, Tennis 3, Track I,2, Girl's Choir 4. Work. BARNES, JIM Arleta-AFM Rep. 3, SC Rep. I, Track 2, Plays 3. College. BARNES, ROBERT Creston-College Conf. Rep., POST Photographer. College. BASSETT, ROSE Lone-Work. BECK, JOE Albany High School, Albany, Ore- gon-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 4, Forum 4, AFM Rep. 4, ART, Basketball l,2,3, Cross Country 2, Football I, Track l,2,3,4. College. BECKER, GAIL Richmond-SC Rep. 3, IRL, Lambda Gamma, Pep I, Track 2, Girl's Choir 2,3. College. BERRY, CHRISTINE LaneA-Pep. College. BERRY, YVONNE A. Lewis-Work. BISENIUS, JEANNE Richmond-Honor Roll I, NHS, Forum 2,3,4, SB Pub. Chrmn, Jr. Prom Decorations and Program Comm., Class Sec. 4, AGS Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. I, IRL 2,3, Pep I, Girl's Choir 2, Plays I. College. BLAKE, CLAUDIA-Class Sgt. at Arms 3, AGS Rep. l,2,3, Career Conf. Rep. 2, Pep Sgt. at Arms. College. BLANCHARD, DENNIS Benson High School- Ho- nor Roll l,3,4, NHS 4, Forum 2,3,4, Career Cont. Chrmn., SC Rep. 3, ALMANAC 3,4, IRL 3,4, Pres. College. BLUMENSCHEIN, RONALD Woodstock4Honor Roll I, Stage Crew I. Work. BOLDER, KEN KelIogg4Honor Roll l, Forum I,2, 3,4, AFM Hist., Jr. Prom Court, Ltmn. Club Pres., Key Club, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. BRAY, WILLIAM Arleta-College. BROWN, RICK Creston-Honor Roll I,2,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, AFM Rep. 4. College. BRUNER, MARGARET Creston-Honor Roll 3, Forum 3,4, AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. I,2. College. BUNNELL, NADINE Woodstock-Honor Roll I,2, NHS 4, Forum 2,4, Sr. Prom Pub. Comm., AGS Rep. I, SC Rep. 2,3. College. CAMERON, KAREN Atkinson-I-lonor Roll I, Forum 3,4, AGS Rep. I, SC Rep. I. College. CANFIELD, RONALD Seaside High School, Seaside, Oregon-Ltmn. Club, Football 3,4. Work. CANIPAROLI, GLEN Kellogg-Forum 2,3,4, Class Sgt. at Arms 4, AFM Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 2, IRL, Sigma Phi Alpha V-Pres., Football l,2,3,4, Track 3, "A" Choir 2,3,4, Plays. College. CAPPARELLI, DEBBIE Lane-Honor Roll 2,3,4, NHS 4, Treas., Forum 4, Sr. Announcement Comm., AGS Rep. I,2, Pep, Politicos, Girl's Choir, Drama, Pub- licity. College. CARROLL, DIANA Atkinson-College. CARROLL, PHIL Creston-SB V.-Pres., SC Rep. I,2, Career Conf. Rep. 4, Key Club, Nat'l Forensic League, Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2. College. CASCIATO, RUDY St. lgnatius4Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 3,4, Class V.-Pres. 2, AFM Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. 3, Jr. Prom Court, Ltmn. Club V.-Pres., Friars Chap., Baseball i,2,3,4, Basketball 2, Foot- ball I,2,3,4. College. CAVAGNA, JOHN Our Lady of Sorrows-Honor Roll i,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Class Pres. I, AFM Rep. 3, AFM Senator 4, College Cont. Rep., Jr. Prom Court, Friars Sec, Baseball 2, Basketball I,2, Football I,2, Track I. College. CAVALLI, ERNIE Central Catholic-Sr. Prom Comm., AFM Rep. 2, SC Rep. 2, Baseball l,2,3,4, Football I,2, College. CAVE CHRISTINE Creston-Work. CHAN, DORIS New Method College, Hong Kong!Honor Roll 3, NHS 4, Catalyst 4, Lambda Gamma 4. College. COLES, MICHAEL Kellogg-AFM Rep. College. COOK, MICHAEL Arleta-Armed Services. CRISANAZ, MARCELLINE Kellogg-Honor Roll l, 2,3,4, Forum 2,3, AGS Twirp Dec. Comm., AGS Rep. l,2. Work. DANNER, DEEDEE Chamberlin, Florida-College. DAVIS, JIM Richmond-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Chap., Forum 2,3,4, Class V.-Pres. 3, YFC Pres., Catalyst Chap., Track I. College. DEEMS, SUSAN Arleta-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 4, Class Sgt. at Arms 4, AGS Rep, l,3, SC Rep. I,2, IRL 2,3,4, Pep I, J.V. Rally 2, Pres., V. Football-Wrestling Rally 3,4, Pres. College. DELANEY, JOE Richmond-AFM Rep. 2, AFM Senator 3, Football 3, Track 2, Wrestling 2. College. DESBRISAY, DIANE Kellogg Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, High Q Rep. 4, Sigma Phi Alpha Treas., Ensembles l,2,3, Orchestra l,2,3,4. College. DICKSON, CHRISTINE Lewis-Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., AGS Rep. 3, Sigma Phi Alpha, Band I,2, College. CIERKING, D. FREDERICK Central Catholic- Honor Roll 3, Forum 3,4, College Conf. Rep., Bowling Club, Catalyst, Politicos. College. DONKIN, CHRISTIE SUE Burley High School, Bur- ley, Idaho-College. DRAPER, LINDA Atkinson-AGS Rep. I,2, DECA 4, Swimming I, "A" Choir 3,4, Ensembles l,2,3,4. Work. EDWARDS, GARY Madison-Armed Services. Eusworzti-i, MARSI-IA Kellogg-AGS Rep. i. College. FEAMMELLI, JOSIE St. Stephens-Honor Roll l,3, NHS 3,4, Sec., Forum 2,3,4, Sr. Prom Refreshment Chrmn., Class Treas. 3, AGS Rep. l,2,3, Jr. Prom Court, Lambda Gamma, Pleaides Hist. College. Class Treas. 4. FERGUSON, SHERYL Creston-YFC, Girl's Choir 2,3,4. Work. FERRELL, ANN Gregory Heights-Honor Roll I,2, Forum 2,4, FTA. College. FILLMAN, LINDA Taft High School-Career Cont. Rep. 2, ART 4, Track l,2. College. FISHER, HAYDEN Lane-Forum 3,4, POST 4, Chess Club. Armed Services. PLAN-iEi2s, NAT Rachmondfplrm Rep. i,2,3, AFM Senator 4, SC Rep. I,2, Ltmn. Club, Baseball 3, Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling I. College. FOELLER, DAN St. Stephens-Honor Roll I, Forum 2, Track. College. FOELLER, DIANE J. St. Stephens-Honor Roll I, Forum 2, Jr. Prom Court Comm., Class Sgt. at Arms 2, SC Rep. I,2, Pep Squad Leader, Rally 3,4. College. FROHWERK, ARTHUR Creston4Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Sr. Movie Photographer, Editor, 3,4, AFM Rep. 4, SC Rep. l,3, Career Cont. Rep. 2, Bowling Club I,2, Hist., Catalyst 2,3,4, Pres. College. FUGLEE, CAROL Kellogg4Forum 3,4, Class Sgt. at Arms 3, FTA 4, IRL 3, Golf 3, Rally 2,3,4, Band I,2, Maiorette l,2. College. Class Sec. 4. FURNISH, JEFF Atkinson4Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Pres., Forum 2,3,4, High Q Rep. 4, Interclub Council Pres., Jr. Prom Band Chrmn., Class Pres. 3, AFM Rep. 3, SC Rep. 4, Catalyst 2,3,4, Pres., Key Club 3,4, Chap., Nat'l Forensic League 3,4, Sec., Cross Country I,2, Wrestling I.,CoIIege. GAGE, WALLY Woodstock-Honor Roll 3, Forum 4, Ltmn. Club 3,4, Tennis 3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. Armed Services. GALLUCCI, JOHN St. Ignatius-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Class V.-Pres. I, AFM Senator l,2,3,4, Key Club Pres., Ltmn. Club, Basketball I, Cross Country 3, Football l,2,3,4, Track 2,4. College. GARTON, RAYMOND Marshall-Work. GEORGE, TED A. Woodburn, Oregon-College. GETCHELL, JERRY Kellogg-DECA, Ltmn. Club, Cross Country 2,3, Track 2,3. College. GNIEWOSZ, KRIS Notre Dame, Ottawa, Cana- da-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4. Jr. Prom Patron Comm., SC Rep. 3, Catalyst, Lambda Gamma Pres., Swimming 2,3, Tennis 2, Track I. College. GOROWSKI, GARY NELSON Atkinson-Forum 4, AFM Rep. I, Career Cont. Rep. 4, Basketball I, Football l,2. College GRAY, KATHY Richmond-"A" Choir 4, Madrigals 4. College. GROVE, STEVE Kellogg-Forum 4, Faculty Rela- tions Chrmn., AFM Rep. I,2, SC Rep. 3,4, Pres. Pro Tempore, Twirp Court 3, Ltmn. Club, Football- Wrestling Rally 4, V.-Pres., Wrestling I. College. Class Pres. 4. GUY, DIANE Atkinson-Work. HALL, KENNETH Rawlins High School, Rawlins, Wyoming-Cross Country 3, Track 2,3, Band I,2, 3,4, Orchestra 3,4. Armed Services. HALL, MARTHA Kellogg-Honor Roll I, Forum 4, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., Class Sgt. at Arms 3, AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. I. College. HAMER, ALBERT REESE Creston-AFM Rep. 4, Cross Country 2,3, Swimming I,2, Track I,2, Armed Services. HARDING, SUSAN Creston-Forum 4, SC Rep. I, ALMANAC 4, Bookkeeper. College. HARRELL, SUZY Creston-DECA. Work. HARRINGTON, NIARGI AtkinsonfSigma Phi Al- pha, "A" Choir 3,4, Band 2,3,4, Girl's Choir 2, Orchestra 2,3,4, Make-up Crew I. College. HARRISON, GLENDA Kellogg-College, HAWKINS, BARBARA CAROLYN Atkinson-AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. 3. College, HAYNES, STEVE Lane4CoIIege. HEAD, SUSAN St. Stephens-Honor Roll 'l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,4, AGS Rep. 4, FTA V.-Pres, IRL V.-Pres. College. HEIM, ANN Kellogg-AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. I. Work. Class Sgt. at Arms, 4. HIGH, BARBARA Creston-AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. I. Choir 4, Girl's Choir 3. College. HESSON, DONNA Arleta-Class Sgt. at Arms 2,4, Career Conf. Rep. 4, IRL, Pep Treas., Sigma Phi Alpha, "A" Choir 4, Ensembles l,2,3,4. Work. HILDEBRAN, SHEILA L. Arleta-Forum 4, Jr. Prom Advertising Comm., Class Sgt. at Arms 2, AGS Rep. 2, AGS Year Rep. 2, ART 3, IRL, Pep Hist. College. HILL, GEORGE Lane-Career Conf. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha, Swimming I,2, Band 2,3,4. College. HILLESLAND, SYLVIA Woodstock-Honor Roll I,2, 3, NHS 4, Chap., Forum 2,3,4, SC Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 2, Sigma Phi Alpha Pres., Track I, "A" Choir 4, Band l,2,3,4, Ensembles l,2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4. College. HINES, PERRY M. Woodstock-Honor Roll 2, Forum 2,3,4, Class Sgt at Arms I, AFM Rep. l,2,3,4, SC Rep. 2,3, Career Conf. Rep. 2,4, College Conf. Rep., Basketball l,2,3, Track 3. College. HOLLAND, IRENE Atkinson-Forum 4, Sr. Prom Programs Chrmn., Class Sgt. at Arms 2, SC Rep. 3, Career Conf. Rep. 4, IRL, Pep. College. HOLLWAY, BARBARA Richmond-Honor Roll l,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,4, SC Rep. 4, IRL, Pep. College. HOLMES, VALERIE Atkinson-Forum 4, SB Sec., Christmas Dance Chrmn., Class Pub. Chrmn. 3, AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. I,2, ART 4, Jr. Prom Court, Twirp Queen 3, Homecoming Queen 4. Work. HOLSTINE, VICKI Henry Hill Jr. High School, Inde- pendence, Oregon-Work, HOOKER, CYNDIA El Segundo High, El Segundo, Calif.-Thespians, Make-up Crew 3, Plays 3,4. College. HOPKINS, DEBBY Creston-Honor Roll 2, Fresh- men Orientation Comm. 4, SC Rep. I, FTA Pub. Chrmn. College. HOPKINS, JAY Lane-AFM Rep. 4, Ltmn. Club Sgt at Arms, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. HOWARD, LINDA Lane--AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. 2, "A" Choir 4. Work. HOWARD, MARILYN Richmond-AGS Rep. l,2,3. College. HOYT, RAY Lane--AFM Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. 2,3, Baseball l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Orchestra I, 2,3,4. College. Class V.-Pres. 4, HUDSON, DERYL Richmond-Honor Roll 3, Forum 2,3,4, SC Rep. 4, POST Editor, Politicos. College. HUIE, ANTHONY Kellogg-Ltmn. Club, Cross Country 3, Football l,4, Tennis 3,4, Track l,2, Wrestling l,2,3. College, IKEDA, MARLEEN N. Woodstock-Honor Roll 3, Forum 4, AGS Rep. 3,4, ALMANAC 4, Typist, FTA 2,3,4, Parliamentarian, Politicos 4, College. ITAMI, ROBERT Arleta-AFM Rep. l,2,3, AFM Senator 4, SC Rep. l,2, Ltmn. Club, Baseball T, Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2. College. ITAMI, SUSAN Woodstock-AGS Rep. 3, Sigma Phi Alpha V.-Pres., "A" Choir 4, Band l,2,3,4, Or- chestra 4. College. JACKSON, LAWRENCE Atkinson-SC Rep. I, Golf 2,3,4, Wrestling l, Perfect Attendance l,2,3. College. JACOBSON, ARDELLE--Honor Roll I, NHS 4, Or, chestra l,2,3,4. College. JARBOE, GERALD Kellogg-Honor Roll l,3, Forum 2,3,4, NHS 4, SC Rep. 4, Basketball I. College. JOHNSON DUWANA Atkinson-Honor Roll I, YFC V.-Pres., Tennis 3. Work. JOHNSON, GARY--Forum 4, Wrestling I. College. JOHNSON, LINDA ANN Waldo Jr. High School- Honor Roll l,2,3,4, Forum 2,3,4, AGS Rep. l,2, IRL. Work. JOHNSTON, LINDY Arleta-Forum 4, AGS Pres. 4, Twirp Dec. Comm., Class Sec. I, AGS Rep. l,2,3, Hist., SC Rep, 2,3, ART 4, Jr. Prom Court, IRL Pep V.-Pres. Work, JONES, DONALD-Football I, Wrestling I. Callege. JONES, JOE Arleta-AFM Rep. l, Rifle Team, Cross Country 3,4, Track 2,3,4. College. KANAS, KATHLEEN Atkinson-Honor Roll 2, Forum 3,4, Class Pub. Chrmn. 4, AGS Rep. l,2, Pep Pres. College. KASKI, DIANE Kellogg-YFC. Work. KEENEY, WILLIS Lane-SC Rep. l,2, Swimming I, Stage Crew 3,4. College. KELLER, JIM Atkinson-Swimming 2,3,4, College. KIRKPATRICK, RON Jim Bridger-Football 2, Wrestling I. Work. KOCHER, JUDITH Our Lady of Sorrows-Pep, Phi Nu Alpha, "A" Choir 4, Girl's Choir 2,3. College. Class Sgt. at Arms 4. KOLIBABA, JANICE Our Lady of Sorrows-Honor Roll l,2, Forum 3,4, Career Conf. Rep. 2, DECA Treas. College. KRALEY, FLORENCE Richmond-FTA Treas., Col- lege Conf. Rep. College. KRUSE, ROGER Atkinson-Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, SB Pres., Forum Comm., Class Pres. 2, AFM Rep. 1,2,3, Career Conf. Rep. 2, Jr. Prom King, Friars Pres., Key Club Pres., Basketball l,2, Football I, Golf 3,4. College. LAHUE, JOANN Richmond-Candyland Dance Dec. Comm., Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., AGS Rep. l, Pep, DECA Pres. Nat'l Forensic League, Track 2. Work. Class Sgt. at Arms. 4. LAMBERT, NELSON DOUGLAS Woodstock-Good Neighbor Comm. SC Rep. 2,3,4, Career Conf. Rep. 4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball Rally 4, "A" Choir 2,3,4, College. LANG, SUSAN Our Lady of Sorrows-Honor Roll 4, AGS Rep. l,2, AGS Year Rep. 4, SC Rep. 2. College. LANGDON, YOLINDA Our Lady of Sorrows-Pep I, Swimming I. College. LANNING, DAN Whatcom Jr. High, Bellingham, Washington-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,3,4, Class Sgt. at Arms 2, AFM Rep. l,3, Career Conf. Rep. 2, Ltmn. Club Treas., Cross Country l,2,3,4, Track l,4. College. LAU, JAMES AtkinsonmHonor Roll I, Forum 2, Ltmn Club, Catalyst, Cross Country I, Tennis l,2,3, 4. College. LEE, DAVID MIH Sao Paula, Brazil-Forum 4, College. ,EWIS, RON Richmond-Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Sgt. at Arms, Forum 2,3,4, AFM Rep. 4, SC Rep. l,2, Career Cont. Rep. 4, ALMANAC 3,4, Classes Editor, IRL, Sgt. at Arms, Politicos Treas. College. LIEB, STEVE Creston-AFM Rep. 3, Football l,2, Track I, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. LINTON, PAM Richmond-College. LOMAX, ART Creston-DECA Treas., Wrestling 2. College. LUSHENKO, EVELYN Richmond-Honor Roll l, Forum 2,4, AGS Rep. 2,3, AGS Hist., FTA Sec., IRL, Lambda Gamma, Sigma Phi Alpha Chap., "A" Choir 3,4, Ensembles, Girl's Chair 2, Plays 3, Publicity 3. College. Class Sgt at Arms. 4. MACDANIELS, JIM Atkinson-AFM Rep. 2, Cat- alyst, Football T, Wrestling l,2, College, MALONEY, PAT Churchill High School, Eugene Oregon-Forum 4. College. MALSEY, TERRY RichmondiForum 4, Clean-up Comm., SC Rep. I, Basketball I, Cross Country 'l,2,3, Track l,2,3. College. MANDY, DUANE E. Richmond-AFM Rep. 2, DECA Parliamentarian, Football I. College. MARK, STEPHEN Atkinson-Forum l,2,3,4, "A" Choir 2,3,4, Ensembles 2, Plays l,2,3. College. MARLOW, JAMES David Douglas-Armed Services. MATHER, JOHN Richmond-Honor Roll 3, Forum 3,4, College Conf. Rep., ART 3,4. College. MCBRIDE, MOIRA Holy Child Academy-Forum 2,4, Commencement Card Comm., AGS Rep. 2, Career Conf, Rep. 4, Catalyst, Basketball 2,3, Swimming 2,3,4, Track l,2,3. College. MCCLENAHAN, RONNIE LEE Richmond-AFM Rep. 2,4, AFM Senator 4, SC Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 2, DECA Publications, Sigma Phi Alpha Hist, "A" Choir 2,3, Madrigals 3, Plays 3. Armed Services. MCCREADIE, COLEEN Lane-Honor Roll 3, Forum 4, AGS Rep. 2, Home Ec. Club Pub. Chrmn., Basketball 2,3,4, Track I, Volleyball 3,4. College, McDOW, MIKE Glencoe-Basketball I, Cross Country 2,3,4, Football I, Track l,2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 3,4. College. MCGOWAN, MARGARET Lent-Honor Roll 2,3, Forum 3,4, ALMANAC 3,4, "A" Choir 4, GirI's Choir 3. College. MCKETHEN, KATHY Kellogg-SC Rep. l,2,3,4. College. McMURRAY, MICHAEL Benson High School- Forum 2,3,4, AFM Pres., Jr. Prom Comm., AFM V.-Pres., SC Rep. 3, Career Conf. Rep. 2,3, Ltmn. Club Pres., Key Club V.-Pres., Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. METTEER, JANICE Woodstock-Honor Roll l,2,3,, Forum 2,3,4, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., AGS Rep, l,2,3,4, IRL 2,3, Pep I. Work. MILLER, LORRAINE David Douglas--SC Rep. 3. College. MILLER, SHIRLEY Lone--Forum 4, Pep T. Work. MILLS, PATTY Clatskanie-AGS Rep. l,2,4, SC Rep. 2, Career Cont. Rep, 4. College. MIRENDA, RAY Creston-AFM Rep. l,2,3, SC Rep. 2, DECA Sgt. at Arms, Football 2, Wrestling l,2, College. MIZOTE, MARILYN JANE Atkinson-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,4, SB Treas., Sr. Prom General Chrmn., Class Sec. 2, AGS Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 2,4, College Cont. Chrmn. 4, Pep, Rally 2,3, Plays I. College. MOLES LEONA R. Columbia Christian-DECA Par- Iiamentarian. Work. MONNER, DENNIS Arleta-Baseball 2, Football l,2,3, Track 3, Wrestling, "A"Choir 2,3,4. College. MONROE, DEREK Atkinson-Honor Roll 1,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, AFM Rep. l,2, SC Rep. l,2, Career Conf. Rep. 4, Catalyst Comm. Chrmn. College. MONTI, CAROL ANN St. Ignatius-Forum 4, Jr. Prom Dec. Comm., Class Treas. 2, AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. 3, Career Conf. Rep. 4, IRL 2,3, Pep I, Girl's Choir 2, Perfect Attendance 3. College. Class Pub. Chrmn. 4. MOORE, LARRY Creston-"A" Choir 4, Band l,2, 3,4. Armed Services. MOREHOUSE, ROSS Atkinson-Honor Roll l,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Career Cont. Rep. 2,4, ALMANAC 4, Classes. College. MORRISON, CARL Arleta-AFM Senator, SC Rep., Cross Country I, Football -l, Wrestling I, Make-up Crew, Stage Crew 3,4. Armed Services. MOXLEY, DAVID Kellogg-Basketball 2, Cross Country 2,3,4, Tennis 4, Track l,2,3,4, Wrestling 2,4. College. MURPHY, VIRGINA Buckman-Sigma Phi Alpha, Orchestra l,2,3,4. College. NAYLOR, CRAYLON Lewis-Honor Roll I, AGS Rep. I, AGS Year Rep, I, POST 4, FTA. College. NEASE, MICHAEL Lane-ART 4. College. NELSON, ELAYNE Woodstock-AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. l. College. NELSON, LARRY Atkinson-Basketball I, Football I. College. NIIRANEN, LINDA Kellogg-Honor Roll 2, Forum 3,4, FTA, Lambda Gamma. College. Class Sgt at Arms 4. OBEID, MUSTAFA Syria-College. OLSEN, TURID CrestonAHonor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Class Sgt. at Arms 2, Homecom- ing Court I, Pleiades V.-Pres. College. OLSON, LYNN-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4. College. ORAZIO, MICHAEL Woodstock-AFM Rep. 3. Armed Services. ORESTE, JEFF Creston-Class Sgt at Arms, AFM Rep., AFM Senator, Cross Country 2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4. Work. OTT, MARY LOUISE Kellogg-Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, V.-Pres., Forum 2,3,4, Rose Festival Se- lection Comm. 3, AGS Rep. 3, Career Conf. Rep. 4, ALMANAC 3,4, Editor, lnterclub Council, Thespi- ans, Drama, Director 4, Makeup Crew 3,4, Plays 2,3,4, College. OWENS, JAMES Richmond-POST 4, "A" Choir 3.4, Madrigals 4. College. PARKER, CRAIG Atkinson-Forum 4, Career Conf. Rep. 4, Catalyst 4, Hist., Orchestra l,2. College. PARKS, NANCY Creston-College. PATTERSON, LAURI Kellogg4Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS, Forum 2,3, Lambda Gamma. Work. PAYNE, RUTH Creston-SC Rep. I, Sigma Phi Alpha, Orchestra. College. PEARSON, KATHLEEN Richmond-Forum 4, SB Treas., Kangaroo Court Chrmn., Class Sec. 3, AGS Rep. l,2, AGS Year Rep. 3, Jr, Prom Court, IRL 2,3, Pep I, "A" Choir 4, Ensembles l,2,3,4, Plays I. College. PECK, SUE Atkinson-Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Sec., Forum 2,3,4, Jr. Prom Patrons Comm., Sr. Prom Comm., AGS Rep. 2, FTA, "A" Choir 3,4, Ensembles l,2, College. PELOQUIN, RAY Kellogg-Cross Country. College. PETERS, MARK F. Lane-College. PETTENGILL, MELISSA Atkinson-Forum 3, AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. I, IRL, Pep 2,3, Hist, College. Class Sgt at Arms 4. PIERETTI, JANIS St. Ignatius-AGS Rep. 4, AGS Year Rep. I, SC Rep. 3,4.-Work. DODANY, MILADA MILARDINA SVVS Czechoslovakia-College. POND, MICHAEL Creston-Honor Roll l,3,4, AFM Rep. I, Baseball l,2, Football l,2,3,4, Track 3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. POPPINO, DIANNE Arleta-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,3, Red Squares. College. PORTS, JOSEPHINE Kellogg-Home Ec. Club. WOYK. 'I REISBECK, JUDY Atkinson-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,3, Jr. Prom Patrons Comm. Work. RICHFORD, ARLENE David Douglas-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, ALMANAC 3,4, Academics, IRL Sec., Perfect Attendance 2. College. ROADRUCK, RANDY Creston-SC Rep. 2, ART 4. College. ROBERTI, RONALD J. Our Lady of Sorrows-Forum 4, Good Neighbor Comm., AFM Rep. I,2,3, SC Rep. 4, ALMANAC 4, Photographer, Basketball I,4, Cross Country 2,3, Football I, Track i,2,3, Wrestling 3. College. ROBERTS, KATHIE Middletown Area High School, Middletown Pa.-AGS Rep. 4, Lambda Gamma 4, Basketball 3. College. ROBINSON, RICK Arleta-Honor Roll I, AFM Rep. i,2, SC Rep. i,2, Career Conf. Rep. I, Baseball I,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4. Cross Country I, Foot- ball 3, Rifle Team 3. College. ROSS, CAROLYN Kellogg-Forum 3,4, Class Sgt. at Arms 3, Career Conf. Rep. 4, "A"Choir 3,4, Girl's Choir 2. College. ROSS, CONNIE Medford High, Medford, Ore- gon-Sr. Prom Comm., Candyland Dance Comm, FMS, Home-Ec Club, Band 2. College. ROSS, KATHIE Richmond-Honor Rall I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Treas., Forum 2,4, SB Sec., Sr. Movie Comm., AGS Rep. 4, SC Rep. 3, Career Conf. Rep. 4, ALMANAC 3,4, Sports, Catalyst Pres., Swimming I,2,3,4, Track 2, Perfect Attendance I. College. ROYLANCE, DIANE Kellogg4Honor Roll 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Hist, Forum 3, Pep, Baseball, "A" Choir, Drama Director. College. RUECK, KEN Lane-AFM Rep. 4, YFC, Football 2,3,4, Swimming I, Track 2. College. RUTAN, DAVID Creston-Forum 4, AFM Rep. I,4, SC Rep. 3, Cross Country 4, Football i,2, Track 4, Wrestling l,2. Armed Services. SALLADAY, SUSAN-Forum 3,4, AGS Rep. I, Home-Ec Club Sec. College. SALOUM, EDNA Arleta-College. SANDERS, SHARON Binnsmend-AGS Rep. 4, DECA, Pep, Girl's Choir I. College. SANTANGELO, KRIS St. Ignatius-Twirp Dec. Comm. 2, AGS Rep. 2, DECA V.-Pres. College. SAVORY, JOHN Atkinson-Honor Roll l,2, Forum 2,4, AFM Rep. 2, AFM Senator I, SC Rep. 2,3, ALMANAC 4, Photographer, Ltmn. Club, Politicos Pres., Football I,2, Wrestling l,2,3,4. College. SCHAEFFER, SHARON Lennox High School, Len- nox, Calif.-Girl's Choir 4. SCHECHTEL, JEANNE St. Ignatius-Honor Roll I, NHS 4, Hist., Forum 2,4, Sr. Prom Dec. Chrmn., SC Rep. 3, IRL 2, Pep I. College. SCHIBEL, ELAINE Our Lady of Sorrows-Forum 2, SB Pub. Chrmn., Jr. Prom Dec. Chrmn., Class Sec. 2, AGS Rep. I,2, SC Rep. 3, ART, Homecoming Court 3, Jr. Twirp Queen. College. SCHMIDT, DANIEL David Douglas4Armed Services. SCHNEIDER, PENNI Grant High School-College. SCHNEIDER, ROB Richmond-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, AFM Rep. I, SC Rep. 2, Baseball 2, Basketball l,2,3, Track 3,4. College. SCHOTT, DENNIS CrestonfFootball I. College. SCHREIBER, LESLIE Lane-Honor Rall I,2,3, Forum 2,3,4, Sr. Prom Dec. Comm., AGS Rep. i,2, IRL Sgt at Arms, Ensembles 2,3,4. Work. SCOTT, SHEILA-Forum 4, Career Conf. Chrmn., Politicos 4. College. SEKARICH, SUSAN Richmond-FTA, IRL, Lambda Gamma, Phi Nu Alpha Treas. College. SETTERBERG, SUE-Girl's Choir 3, Drama, Director 4, Make-up Crew 2,3,4, Publicity 3,4. SHARKEY, JULIE Woodstock-Honor Roll I, Forum 4, AGS Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 4, IRL, Pep. College, SHEETS, ED Richmond-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS Pres., Forum 2,3,4, SB Pres., SB Dance Comm. Chrmn. 3,4, SB Budget Comm, 3,4, Class Pres. 3, AFM Rep. 2, SC Rep. 3, Catalyst Hist, Friars Treas., Key Club V.-Pres., Golf 2,3,4, Track l. College. SHIELDS, FRED Benson High School-College. SHORT, MARSHALL Lane-Forum 2,3,4, Class II4 V.-Pres. 4, AFM Rep. l,3,4, SC Rep. 4, Career Conf. Rep. 4, Ltmn. Club V.-Pres., Key Club, Basketball I, Football I,2,3,4, Track i,2,3, Wrestling 2,3, Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, College. SIEGNER, DAVE Atkinson-SC Rep. i,2, Cross Country 2, Football I, Track I. College. SIMMONS, JEAN Riverdale Sr. High, Port Byron, Illinois-"A" Choir 4, Girls Choir 3. College. SKAGGS, LESLIE Kellogg-Forum 3, Class Sgt. at Arms 3, Career Conf. Rep. 2. College. SOLJAGA, ELAINE M. Richmond-Forum 4, AGS Sec., Sr. Movie Comm., Class Pub, Chrmn. 2, AGS Rep. 4, SC Rep. 2, Jr. Prom Court, Twirp Court l, Homecoming Court 2, Pep, Girl's Chair I. College. SOUTH, DALE Richmond-Class Sgt at Arms I, AFM Rep., SC Rep., Ltmn. Club, Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Track, Wrestling I, V. Basket- ball Rally 4. College. SOWLES, KAREN Woodstock-SC Rep. 2, DECA. College. STEWARD, JANET Atkinson-Work. STICKLES, DONNA Richmond-Career Conf. Rep. 4. Work. STRICKLAN, DEBORAH Atkinson-Bowling Club, Pep, Volleyball, Girl's Choir 3,4, College. STROHECKER, SHERIE St. Stephens-Pep 2, Work. STRUBLE, JOHN QUINN Kellogg-Honor Roll i,2, Forum I,2,3,4, Class V.-Pres. 3, AFM Rep. 4, SC Rep. l,2,3, Ltmn. Club Sec., Key Club, Basketball I,2,3, Football I,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4. College. STUCKI, GAYLE Arleta-Honor Roll l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Pub. Chrmn., Forum 2,3,4, Jr. Prom General Chrmn., Class Pres. 2, SC Rep l,2, Career Conf, Rep. 4, Jr. Prom Queen, IRL Hist., Pleiades Treas., Thespians, Rally I,2,3,4, Drama, Director 3, Make- up Crew 2,3,4, Plays i,2, Publicity 2. College. SVOBODA, JOAN Wenatchee High, Wash.-College. SWAIN, MARK Atkinson-Sr. Movie Comm. Chrmn., AFM Senator l,2,3, POST 3,4, DECA Par- liamentarian, Basketball l,2,3, Football l,2. College. TEMPLETON, STEVE Clackamas-Armed Services. THOMASON, ROGER Woodstock-Work. SWANSON, MARIE St. Stephen'svHonor Roll I, Class Sgt at Arms 2, AGS Rep. 2. College. TAYLOR, DANIEL IVAN West Linn High School- Forum 2,3, Sigma Phi Alpha, YFC Pres., "A" Choir, Band i,2, Plays. College. TAYLOR, PAUL H. Richmond-Forum 2,3, AFM Pres. 4, Class Sgt at Arms I, AFM Rep. 3, AFM V.-Pres, Career Conf. Rep., Track I. College. THOMPSON, CHRYS-Work. THOMPSON, DAVE LanegSigma Phi Alpha, Thespians, "A" Choir 2,3,4, Plays 2,3,4, Stage Crew l,2. College. TRINCI, DAN-Honor Roll 2,3, Sr. Prom Band Chrmn., Class Pres. 4, AFM Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. I,2,3, Key Club, Baseball I,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, College. TURLEY, STEVEN Glencoe-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,3,4, Catalyst V.-Pres. College. TYLER, VIRGINIA Creston-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4 Sgt at Arms, Forum I,2,3,4, High Q Rep. 4, SB V.-Pres. 4, Forum Chrmn., Class Sgt at Arms 3, SC Rep. 2, FTA Sec., IRL, Nat'l Forensic League Pres., Pleiades Sec., Politicos Sec., Sigma Phi Al- pha, "A" Choir 3,4, Ensembles I,2,3,4, Girl's Chair 2. College. W UTZ, MARILYN LaneAHonor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, SC Rep. 3, Pleiades Pres., Politicos V.-Pres. College. VAN ARSDALL, AIMEE Lane-College. VAN DE WIELE, GAIL Creston-Honor Roll I, Forum 3,4, Class Sgt at Arms 4. College. VELANDER, DANIEL RichmondAAFM Rep. 4, SC Rep. 3, Jr. Prom Court, Ltmn. Club, Baseball I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4. College. VULGARIS, MICHELE Our Lady of Sorrows-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, High Q Rep. 4, SC Rep. 2, ALMANAC 3,4, FTA 4, IRL 2, Lambda Gamma 2,3,4, Politicos 3,4. College. WAGONER, ALBERT Riddle High School, Riddle, Oregon-Armed Services. WALKER, GARY Arleta-Honor Roll 2, Class V.- Pres. 2, AFM Rep. i,2, AFM Senator 3,4, Baseball I, "A" Choir 2. College. WATKINS, SHEREY Lane-College. WEBB, DALE Kellogg-Basketball I, Cross Country I, Football I, Track I,2,4, Wrestling I,2. Work. WEEKS, STEPHEN Benson-College. WEISENBERG, GORDY Lane-AFM Rep. 4, SC Rep 2,3, Basketball i,2, Football l,2,3,4. College. WEST BARBARA J. Intermediate Kroemer, Placen- tia, Calif.-College. WHEELER, REA Kellogg-Jr. Prom Refreshment Comm., Class Treas. 4, AGS Rep. I,2,3,4, SC Rep. I,2,3, V. Football-Wrestling Rally, Tennis Rifle Team. Work. WINTERS, CRAIG Kellogg-Basketball I. Work. WHITE, SHERRY Lane-Honor Roll I, Forum 2. College. WICK, JUDY Marshall-Girl's Choir I. Work. WILLIMONT, SHARON Richmond-Honor Roll I, Forum 2,4, FTA Pres. College. WIRICK, JAMES Kellogg-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, Freshmen Orientation Chrmn., AFM Rep. I, SC Rep. 4, ALMANAC 3, Sigma Phi Alpha Sec., YFC Y.-Pres., Orchestra l,2,3,4. College. WOLF, ANNE Atkinson-Forum 2,3,4, Career Conf. Rep. 4, POST 4, FTA. College. WONG, STEVEN Richmond-Forum 2,3,4, Career Conf. Rep. 2. College. WOOD, MARK Lord High School, Woodburn, Oregon-College. WOODCOCK, JIM Atkinson-Honor Roll I, Forum 4, AFM Rep. 4, Baseball l,2,3, Basketball I,2,3. College. WOODRUFF, RONNA Richmond-Class Sgt at Arms I, AGS Hist. 4, SC Rep. 3, "A"Choir 4, GirI's Choir 2,3, Plays. College. WOOLFOLK, MIKE Atkinson-AFM Rep. 4, SC Rep. I, Golf 3, Wrestling I. College. WRIGHT, DANIEL Richmond-Honor Roll I,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forum 2,3,4, AFM Rep. I,2, Catalyst Chap., Friars V.-Pres., Perfect Attendance 2,3. College. WYMER, GLADYCE Richmond-AGS Rep. 2, SC Rep. I, Career Conf. Rep. 2, Pep Club, V. Basket- ball Rally 3. Work. YAMASAKI, DAVE Richmond-Forum 4, AFM Senator 2,3,4, SC Rep. 3. College. ZIMMERMAN, DAN St. Ignatius-Armed Services. ZINK, DANA Arleta-Forum 3,4, AGS Pres. 4, Jr. Prom Refreshment Chrmn., Candyland Dance Re- freshment Chrmn., Class Sgt at Arms 2, AGS Rep, I, SC Rep 2,3, ALMANAC 3,4, Seniors, IRL Sec., Pep Sec., Ensembles 3,4, GirI's Choir 2. College. KEY TO SENIOR ACTIVITIES Pres. President V.-Pres. Vice-President Sec. Secretary Treas. Treasurer Hist. Historian Pub. Chrmn Publicity Chairman Chap. Chaplain Sgt at Arms Sergeant at Arms IRL International Relations League AFM Affiliated Franklin Men AGS Associated Girl Students NHS National Honor Society YFC Youth for Christ Rep. Representative SB Student Body SC Student Council Ltmn. Lettermen Nat'l National :fl Y 4+ K7 Q KI LL,kkL 1slA,.s,Xxs.x.. W1QxNL,,s , Q X, X, lx SJ 1, is '. Dana Zink, Rhodes, Gayle Slucki, Meier 84 Frank, Diane Foeller, Nordsirom - Besf's - Ungcrg Valerie Holmes, Lipman's, Carol Fuglee, Charles F, Berg I I I H1-Boorcl Members Presenf Spring Fashions Hi-Board members and models line-up for a final look ot fashions. l 3 5 l T 2 'i i 5 Fall Class Officers: lSSaTedl: Nancy Stoutenburg, Publicity Chairman, Tina Olson, Secretary, John Riesenman, President, Pam Beck, Vice President, Bonnie Lang, Treasurer. lStandingl Sergeants-at-Arms: Cindy Schenkenberger, Pam Loprinzi, Judv Fazzolari. Fall Junior Class Anticipates Prom ln order to fill The class Treasury, The iuniors held activities Throughout The summer. Among These were bake sales and car washes. As school began, The fall cabinet started making preparations for Junior Week, one of The major events of Their term in office. During This Time several fund raising activities Took place, The most important of which was valida- Tion of class cards. Others included a Tag sale promoting class spirit, candy and bake sales, and a class sponsored after- game dance. The money earned went entirely Toward financing The Junior Prom. Prom chairman and co-chairman were Peggy Siegle and Barbara Ehrig. It was finally determined that The Theme of this year's Prom would be "Flower Drum Song." seg lk . Junior girls' counselors, Mrs. Weed and Miss Dundore, sift Through class schedules .S 3 mv. Q rw 'Wi Spring Class Officers: lSeatedl: Darlene Harris, Secretary, Cathie Loprinzi, President, Mike Casciato, Vice President. IStandingl: Sergeants at Arms: Katy Holland Kathy Timblin, Pat Beck, Publicity Chairman, Chris Alm, Sergeant at Arms, Pam Loprinzi, Treasurer, Elizabeth Jelineo, Sergeant at Arms. Mr. Kearns serves as iunior class counselor for 342 boys. Spring Cabinet Plans Next Year's Movie The main concern of the spring class cabinet was the successful presentation ot the Junior Prom, which took place April 19, 1968. In accordance with tradition, the prom was held in the school gym. The decoration committee, headed by Linda McFarlane, carried out the Oriental them with a turquoise, lime green, hot pink, and gold color scheme. Providing music tor the extravaganza was Bruce Kelly and his Orchestra. As usual, class cards were validated to allow students to attend less expen- sively. The expense of the prom greatly depleted the class treasury, thus neces- sitating such fund-raising activities as pop bottle and paper drives and tag sales. It was also the iob of spring cabinet to look into matters concerning the film- ing of the senior movie. At the time of this writing the chairman and co-chair- man have not been chosen. H8 Proceeds From Junior Week Finance Prom . We ,fdlbfi . 25, -.1 ,, Y. f Y Q ,fr V. fm Arcouette Diana Baldridge, Mike Basden, Etta 1 Austen, David Barbur, J oey Beaver Kathy' Aalberg, Cliff Aboud, Cherylie Aboud, Valerie Adams, Leslee Addis, Edward Alf, Susan Allen, Donna Allen, Sharon Alm, Chris Anderson, Allen Anderson, Edward Anderson, Everett Anderson, Sharlene Anderson, Susan Anderton, Robert Androschuk, Doug ' I' . txt' fl' ly K 2 1, , A f. s N r s. .. , . . 'X 2 5 6 1' , cs: K N ,, H' A gif? ff' f 5 A .. .Jw :fig Y if -qv sw? , A Avenson, Axsom, Steve Kothelene Barnes, Barnes, Janelle Joyce Beck, Beck, Pam Pat .WL IL i ' N! A x ', K' s .4 g U' ,e A' M r-.. 1 '4' . 4 A' - Q ff ff . Bacon, Baergen, Sandy Martha Barnett, Barnharrt, Stephanie Dale Beck, Belland, Steve Paula '13, Q 1: I mil 3 'iv X. til' f .,, My . , V 4 V I -A . , i 9 7 'I x 5 r Q in A if ' i A 'sf' f ,gi , , Q ' NN ,' I , E . 5, if if . X -' fi ..:. "' " i fi ' Y . -X A .. . L , we " mm Mir f 1 l -K Q 'Zi ' .x s 1,-'- Bailey, Steve Barton, Mike Bennett, Gloria 5 P .2 if Q Q 6 "' , H t . 'f 5' ' I ,5 I k 5 , Y- . .:i51::E it A , -wtf ..:::: ..... N, 3 0 K , . I H 6 ...Fu I . rl '-3 Q K M x i lui, K iv, . --M i -0 r .Sf I i f i n 1 lf 5 . i .. at Q i u- ,u . x 2 J 4 lf ur , , - X , Y'-7 -1 , 'W' L A ' -.I-f A IE 1, pf ' W 5' x , A ,W W! a 4 X vii N! x, l x .H ,' i' ,S B I Bennett, Bennett, Bergeron, Berglund, Berndt, Berrong, Bigoni, Susan Terrea Karen Laurie Vickie Frank Judy Bingham, Bishop, Blackman, Blair, Boland, Bonner, Boone, Jerry Debra Cheryl Mike John Bev Lorilyn Bowe, Bowen, Bowns, Bradshaw, Brady, Brauckmiller, Brauckrniller, Richard Debbie Lucy Mary .lack Anita Kathy ' Bridges, Willard Britton, Darrell .2 L V. l Brolliar, Susan as V M b ' i Brooks, AI ea- f -an 2 reer or fy. if li ' l I 7 , i ., .r A 'Y K l Brown, Carol Brown, Deborah . Brown, Karen A ., Brown, Ken lr st X 5 - ' A ' "-I 6 i r l Brown, Ken 'Brown, Susan Bruner, Lyn - 4 X gi Buckley, Marilly is typo' f t fig ' w.-, 712 . A will Q 1 Lf hq 2 nw - , Mx Bs Buchanan, Mike A Buell, Dave ' .4 Buker, Mary 4- V. - Bullard, Diana - YNY? ' 5 "ls this a dagger which I see before me?" quotes Bill Piland 5 1 S Sue Odberf stuffs stockings for Multiple Sclerosis Christmas Pa rry. X Are e I rl 1 fl Q A Cary, Wayne Clark, Doug Comella, Stephen e K N , e .3--.. A 1? rr e Casciafo, Edward Clark, John Conner, Frank Bunker, Chris Burrow, Karen Caldwell, Darlene Comacho, Frances Campbell, Annette Canfield, Gary Caniparoli, Carol Carlson, Diane Carlson, Wes Carman, Rena Carnemolla, Gary Carnes, Dan Carroll, Sadona Carroll, Susan Carter, Debbie Carter, Mazie ,A Qi, V , rx Casciato, Mike Claypool, Steve Connors, Alan Cenfer, Joseph Clunas, Margo Cook, Richard .,, , y ,-.., . we ff SK" w-f r 1. .J W1 4 i n ,i 4 - 5Zlfif153i'5 'U Q 1 xv' Ts- Chamberlin, Arlee Cochran, Linda Coons, Terry 1 N .. 1- W 'Q' ,se gg.. ,,,,. ,,,,-aww ,W U ,ds 9, 1 , 4 F' r 14 1 as Az ,f . A 41. gk A .1 , -15 if ,yr Nh. .. " -K Q, N. - . ll 35 I, .6 in .. JN, f E31 I HHN . ,wk b N " Af' ' z fem 1,1 gif . "1 Chafterton, Childers, Ciri, Lynn Vickie Ines Cody, Coe, Cole, Della Darrell Carol Cooper, Cooper, Coppernoll, John Patty Carolyn fr, ,C 5. ..,, N Q E x ' i . -QQ' Sr rv . . 51,14 N, lg: .iita tl 5 rw' , g' ,i Wi 3 -4. L .4 4, 4. Coryell, Jill Currin, Elizabeth Dexter, David 06.7 , p 'X 'xv 4. HK if mi? Costanzo, Richard Cutler, Ben Dezell, John A n .,'e"'i 2 9- Pits' :ii life: 4- , if 1, ,im ii J ' Q, - ,..-.. l I J C ,if , it ' f' sri, f 'AQ .. L N ff J v gat sf .Q 1 is nav J J' -,., 5 ,,.. V A ,L-A--xg 1 ,.. If K if .. X A ry J affgf f it rc 4 of , 4 or J :T C 'JP so f Ja- .Sn he I , Couture, Cramer, Cranston, Gail Marsha Terry Dalrymple, Darby, Darlow, Suzy Richard Keith Dickson, Diekmann, Dietderich, Robert Jim Craig Dolan, Jan Dole, Tim Dolson, Gerald Donkin, Dianne Donelly, Diane Drake, Tonia Draper, Kathy Dressler, Christy Dumas, Dave Duncan, Doug Durland, Kathie Edwards, Sheryl Ehrig, Barbara Eicle, Marilyn Ell, Joe Elliott, Bryce .6 C tx ' at, 1 x Q. N- v.- X Cross, Donna DeLashmutt, Sandro Dixon, Lynn Q x ,A . rl C- J' Sv N X a P is ,F 1 0 1 K n .--v K E Croteau, Don Demagalski, Frank Dodd, Debbie Juniors Rejoice Cruilcshank Dave Dempsey, Sandra Dockstader Kathy At Finally Becoming Upperclassmen , W -on -.sf ,F ,,,, 43 pt . .Q 5 if -V f ' f l , , ,, f Tk f ii A g ya . LV Lv flu: :V E' 'za i'iii , J '-it , fi 1 ,-I- , ., 52' E wg, If ,, ww 5 , ' ii' ' 7 . . i if 3, V , ,,V,.:. V at Else, John Evans, David Fawcett, Donna Locker check plagues Bryce Elliott and teacher, Mr. Johns. Emmons, Endicott, Eddie Debbie- Evans, Evans, Debbie Ginger Fazzolari, Feammelli, Judy Brad Foggia, Mike Folck, Mike Folk, James Fontana, Frank Francetich, Floyd Frankenberg, Lincla Frie, Steve Gallentine, Deborah Gallentine, Sharon Garcia, Manuel Garvin, Dick Gatto, Dick Gattuccio, Nick Geimer, Leslie Gerlicher, Mary Giandomenico, Mike 'Qi is 4-'s fly' ll Erickson, Brenda Ewers, Becky Feretti, Joyce ,L i. Q . . xf - iw ,Q W, A., -I ,ff-,sa . ., , t , it 9 . Sac A x 3, ,w kg, 1,3-5, 4 yi, ,.c', Erickson, Chuck Faris, Anziz Ferguson, Terry ,Jim flag, T3 si' ..,. 2- l , it t, 3 il it 'I Erickson, Kathi Farley, Jackie Fitch, Cathie ""' .Ns N .ju Sff if '9 ,gf 1, g, ,N W fn N5 -.4--an -, X ,, .QI i I- 4 il Essy, Ina Fasfelin, Marlene Flaming, Gary eff' q fi f 4, Q- .ts 1 .J Jfiffif Y? . x .. ,,mL y K - lui .- I le. ' wwlilhl fr '4 ,. I Ho N yy C7 as I Qi, l"Q 'Q 7' 'V Af f , G4 o r ,ff --4' ' bf x, Q , 3 ' QV -H' ' V - Q D- 5 ,. sg lx" A L it X y .LxL .. ' Y r. fx ' vi 4' , . if 1 5, fr , K k"'hA all Jlei K l xx 'I N' , 'S I e . 2 4 - G 4 ,K .: r, 1 ffl .1 it V' - l, " -,ff G 'fi x,79'-:F gel 'gh' ,I G 'W'fj,l Vi K L E lr 1-fwffg is X V ' ax is, Q rs' ,G , . H r, 7' X -x K F ,rt , ,f is F l , Gray, Sherry Guile, Steve Harmon, Debbie 9 Gilham, Janet Gillen, Janice Gilliam, Felicia Glen, LeNae Gniewosz, Felicia Gooderham, Kristy Goetz, James Goodfellow, Jean Gore, Steve Gorsline, Mary Goska, Kathy Goss, Douglas Gossett, Carol Graham, Beth Grant, Allen Grauer, Mary .luniors Sport Class Pins Wt Green, Green Kathryn Gulliford, Haag, Don Leonard Harris, Hart, Darlene Linda Ma ry .Uh !'3 Ng, .1 V, Q .. Q -R x W R J Greer, Glenda Hagan, Curt, Hathaway, Gary i 0 6 l 5 Ga is ,Q A cc G . as - ev Greg, Griggs, Shelley Jim Hall, Harnar, Debbie Loren Hathaway, Hausch, Kay Kathy -Q-5 gs M .Q I Guarnotta Nancy Harding, Debbie Haussman Eileen lv ie ia., J -L .... , Kia 1 ' Y J X 1 If l 1 ,r , 6, .U 5 WW f ' 'N L : W Q V ilk: h z , ". t n w VK 1 .3 ,K i I 1 K 4 if ' J A 0 A g ft Haussman, Hawkins, Haynes, Heidinger, Heiman Helmer, Phillip Emma Rick Sue Lindo Kathleen Hess, Herrick, Heuchert, Heumann, Hickerson, High, Wayne Greg Joseph Donna Dedorah Ste-ve Hille, Hofer, Hokenson, Holdiman Holland, Hollinger, Randy Steve Don Leslie Katy Sharon Juniors Experience The Thrill Of Running For A Student Body Office Hopkins, Donna Hopple, Stan Howard, Darrell Hughes, Ellen Hyke, Keith Idol, Linda Ingersoll, Danny Ito, Christv Jackson, Steve Jelineo, Elizabeth Jenkins, Marcy Jensen, Jon Jewell, Lyn Jinings, Dave Johnson, Judy Johnston, Glenda rf T' ,Je 'lf' ,Q fil Henschel, Morii Hilderlorancl, Don Holstrom, Glenn 3, A, 'mf uw " ...S .YL Herget, Jim Hill, Jim Holte, Denise in , QW ii 1 'nb 2 -if., A fi .sf x 6, .L 1 ZA. 3' . I s .41 J 5.1 9 is 1 , ,.-: 4 lv J l 1. SH. P . 5 - '- 5' l'5 Z, w ' J ,.- 'L X ' -fx 5, XS., J , wx, - X ', -rl.: 1' ' i - , a f 5- Q . w , 5. Q t gg " . k ci r 'fr' K Q' A . K ... rw. - fd ,. , Ja cj Kleeman, Klenke, Kletzel, Randy Kathryn Steve Laiimodiere, Lang, Langdon, Denise Bonnie Rick Lewis, Leytham, Libke, Terry Janice Debbie L. Johnston, Kay Johnstone, Kevin Jones, Kevin Jung, Carol Kadolph, Tanna Kahn, Dan Kasner, Billie Kasner, Deborah Keller, Gary Kelley, Lonnie Kelly, Jean Keltner, Barbara Kerr, Kevin Kincaid, Louella King, Vickie Kirk, Mary nz? - . ,. S , ieeie w ,sa ii ' i f ii, ilii il K , , , .. .. X Knapp, Koegel, Kolb, Julie Dale Janet Larson, Larson, Laws, Pam Sandy LaVeta Lind, Lindquist, Little, Susan Brian Llovd Trudy Walter ponders a scene from Macbeth it ,g ig M-fp ' ,gg . l J ci R i ,.,,, ig. , ef if i ,Jef N... 3 1 . Kraley, Kwasney, Mary Bruce Lewis, Lewis, Jim Susan Lively, Lofstedt, Don Nancy Juniors Prepare For College Enfrance Exams ,J , J -ft, X, ,V H.. R Mammen, Joan Meireer, Brenda Monaco, Debbie 126 fr J F ve M. .fa-' + if 'Bu , -N f ,iv f 1 ,.f' L li H , Ji f ai 1: ,fir l K -. 1 .155-:W 55? ' , , Marconi, Marconi, Gary Linda Miller, Miller, Pat Randy Moore, Moore, Gloria Roger gy , gg , Marshall, Bob Morrison, Jerry Mirich, Rusti Lohmeyer, Donna Long, Judy Long, Ric Loomis, Donald Lopko, Barbara Loprinzi, Cafhie Loprinzi, Pam Lovlien, Karen Lunceforcl, Ron Lunde, Trude If ' Lundgren, Jean im' V' Luiz, Nancy A 'la' A ' . V ' ' R 1? , E AE Lynn, Judy K , Lytle, Bob L Madson, Cynihia - Mallory, Vicci g A N ,S Y . i if .gg , -J e y -. 6 ,K H, -:LS li l g sm A , JV: 3 ,, , if i" u I 4 R Mcirfinolich, Massie, Darrell Tom Mitchell, Moffiff, Mary Caihie Morton, Mullen, Richard Nina x-'- Matson, Ruth Mohr, Rebecca Mundorff, Debbie 1 A! ia. , '95 rv ,Li -5 Munger, Jeannette McEnaney, Donald Mclntosh, Jim 6 M K. 1 4, l 5, : Murrell, Richard McEwen, Jerry McKown, Karen . .1 V ' . , s e .,. K wt? Myers, Terry McFall, Dave Nail, James . ,J McCarty, Lon McFarland, Linda Nelson, Jennifer X . 9 , fy Q fc " . Q xx . v . J L M7 K Q McClane, McCracken, Bill William McFarlane, McGibbon, David Tom Nelson, Nemgar, Skin Patricia Nolde, Mary Norby, Marcy Noteboom, Nancy Noyes, Darleen Odbert, Susan Olivierio, Judy Olson, Tina Orsen, Neal Orvis, Greg Osbrone, Diana Oswalt, Bill Oswalt, Bob Otey, Bob Oxford, Ann Pappas, Tonia Parker, Mike l f. 5511 ...a Sz. Nl ,. - 8 McElhaney, Dan McHenry, Jim N:-wton, Terry Nd rv-Q I 'J ,i il N X . YJ I 5x Er? and , , M ir wx Dave Rutan, Steve Jackson, and Jim Pinckard ham it up for Hi-Board picture. X S . X Art student, E f . URS , d Evans, sketches a cathedral. , l flf 1 X ws Raker, Bob Rehler, Gail Roadruck, Rick Randall, Florence Richardson, Marvin Roisom, Roger uv- f Rask, Nancy Rickard, Charlotte Ross, Janice Pearce, Bonnie Pearson, Kathy Peck, Mike Penning, Robert Penrod, Sue Peters, Marvin Peterson, Bobbie Phillips, Linda Pierce, Dave Pihulak, Ronald Piland, Bill Postlewaite, Kris Proffitt, Larry Prusak, Ed Purvis, Johnny Quiiarro, Jose Rasmussen, Bonnie Riddle, Virginia Ross, Jim PI lf' -.v Q , tllli t K ,QA ' ' lk 'i t 't l it l v 'E r my i 3 iw Q l 'J' ' by Nu-ffifi ll 'R so x g y -5 l l " X R l Rathkey, Sherrie Riesenman, John Ross, ' f U N . .. ,"N.'El 'llfl E- R . ... ,,., , prim ,fx Y A Rauchenstein, Redfern, Reese, Lowell Marilyn Craig Ritter, Rivera, Roach, Jim Rosie Orval Ross, Roth, Rowley, Terry Susan Randy Joyce l , bf' 'iajfi C. ,xxx lr 4 I I X Y 7 A l 1 , . .a I- - . '. 'i ' , if-D' N I Jig ' I ' 4 ,gr fl if T, ir -fs .v ,Q Ruddell, Jon Schlaht, Darrell Scuongen, Cliff dilgllr Rueck, Paul Schlickeiser, Gary Seaberg, Elaine i fl! w-RN' 4,-,-.L 1 fgg , , 4 : ,7-H" f 'N ' A-'S t lu 1, L '- M' . J , h K ltr. J "' X Rust, Gloria Schmidt, Ray Seibold, Charlie Siegner, Cathy Simms, Rene Sipp, Elena Smith, Andrea Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith 1 Carol Helen Jack Jane Ja net Larry Lynn Steve Terrie 1 'Y s Ruthruff, Linda Schmidt, Roger Severson, Georgia Snyder, Dave Soderberg, Helen Speciale, Jan ...J i:i .1 , O ' x Ryan, Bill Schuette Jolene Sha rkey, Wayne 1 1' ff , if ive., r ll V4 X 451 gi, iffy x,v! 0 . -.Q we if Ryan, Dan Schuyler, Kevin Sheckells, Donna Q' . 2 1 it f... x . M!! .eff Schenkenberger Cindy Schwartz, Paul Shields, Robert .4 'C -A xii. Schiele, Connie Schwarzkoph Judy Siegle, Peggy Flower Drum Song Chosen As Theme Of .lunior Prom sv r , . 5 ' - fx J ' Spurlock, Jean Stoutenburg, Nancy TenClay, Leona f ff Ns- 1 5' Q l ' ,Q 'Nm L f - up .Mai A , 'T T- Kathy Beaver paints an ashtray in crafts class. 130 A fi J a, .1 M. , R T '7 'mv' I 3 128 D ' 7 Stahl, Staino, Beverly Linda Straight, Stromberg, Susan Sterling Tham, Tham, Linda Ronney Tlustos, Mitch Toy, Debbie Trautman, Lee Tripp, Torrie Troeger, Steve Turley, Paul Ullman, Sylvia VanCleave, Dawna VanTroyer, Gene VanVeen, Rosanne Varnell, Mike Veness, Janet Ventrella, Thomas Vice, Tom Vichas, Deno Viniciquerra, Jean tue .. ,,"i l s z ,A A V. ... , ' N P- '7 ' R so ua 1 J -1 . s XXI 44 N. . , . K .. Q , 3, B, -tx i , li al .yI 'lf!Ln K " , it Stark, Stewart, Stitch, Greg Nancy Harold Sunseri, Tciccogna, Tanory, Jerry Steve Carol Thomas, Thompson, Timblin, Jay Nancy Kathy ' L 0 s, , ,XEJTV ,. ,A H Y' ,K ., f 3 ,-,I Stone, Jana Taylor, Vicky Tlustos Margaret 1 ' 1 is J J YT? BX, f QR "1 Q .. ,. N. .. k t t If l I 1 ELF' Q W 5 -.- Qt 1 xx .. ,x Wiese, Mike Waits, Richard Wakeman, Andrea Walter, Trudy Washam, Lynette Weaver, Phyllis Webb, Dean Weber, Don Willis, Diane Wellin, Susan Westerberg, Joyc 6 Westerfield, Norma Westom, Tony White, l.clri White, Wayne Wikander, Carl Willett, Gary Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Mark Winchester, Ron Graduation Eagerly Awaited By Juniors uv Winquist, Donna Wood, Leanne Woid, Wolff, Arthur Donna Woodhouse, Woods, Steve Donald Wolfe, Douglas Workman, Barbara Wolford, Wolleck, Gloria Greg Wunderlich, Yonge, Martha Trudie Wong, So Hin Zimmerman, Susan s 1-I """ Fall Class Officers: Dave Hudson, President, Debbie Mealey, Vice President, Sharon Gallucci, Secretary, Bill Morgan, Treasurer, Matt Eaton, Publicity Chair man. Sergeants-at-Arms, Betsy Stoutenburg, Beckie Lang, Kathie Fuglee, Janet Laprinizi, Patty Burgett, Mark Knutson. Sophomores Go A-Begging Due To Levy Failure The most important item on the agenda of the fall sophomore class cabinet was the success of Sophomore Week, Decem- ber 4-8. The main event of this week was the sale of class cards. Mr. Nelson, the sophomore advisor, suggested a 25 cent donation be collected from each card purchaser to bolster the treasury. This became necessary when the school levy failed and the administration was forced to temporarily terminate the soph- omore-class sponsored after-game dance and a class sponsored assembly. 132 ill it I H I ff: -tl Simi F ' ' Sophomore girls' counselor, Mrs. Moore, checks student's completed questionnaire 'f .. 'r t if 1 ' i Spring Class Officers: lSeafedl. J V P l rl -1 oann assar, ubicity Chairman, Kathy Fuglee, Secretary, Mark Knutson, President, Tyler Tsunemitsu, Vice-President Sharon Gallucci, Treasurer. lStandingJ: Sergeants-at-Arms: Pam Francetich, Bonita Fredrickson, Don Wahl, Gary Turner, Shelley Fadness, Sue Miller. f 4 Sophomore boys' counselor,'Mr. Nelson, checks Psychometric Laboratory for newest tests. Rummage Sale Highlights Fund Drive Succeeding President Dave Hudson, Mark Knutson and the spring cabinet of the sophomore class had two main objectives. The first was to promote school spirit among the growing number of apathetic students. Next, the class cabinet needed to raise more money. Two highlights of the fund drive were a rummage sale and a pop bottle drive. To back next year's Junior Prom, the cabinet planned a special assembly in the auditorium. To cultivate more class spirit, the officers promoted the final home game of the basketball season. T33 Sophomores Look Forward To Being Upperclassmen 5 . Q - X if , 1 rf 1 - A r L . JJ 1 ' Fig iiflv- ' :E'i1t4 til P lil I lil Akins, Carol Alfsen, Darlene Alsman, Chris Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Janet Anderson, John Anderson, Keith Anderson, Wendy Anderton, Stan Andreoti, John Andrew, Judy Andrew, Lyn Ansen, Gary Bankheacl, Allen Barbour, Matt Barnard, Terilee Barnett, Donald Barnett, Karen Bassett, Barbara Bauhaus, Melissa Beal, Ray Behrens, Alfred Beigh, Steve Bell, Miki Bellarts, Elizabetl Benedict, Mark Beniamin, Kerry Bennett, Jan Bennett, Linda Berclrdinelli, Ted Bergstrom, Wynne -Bernard, Sue Berry, Gail ,X X -ew i :F f A rs, " .A B -se 9 v . Atkinson, Deborah Austen, Tom ,. . 'W 'M 'f gf, , -3 I I B 'vw 'J V51 : xslt , if it A, ' K A, ,,.. .jf Bacon, Doug Bisbee, Elaine v in U M Bacon, Faye Blackford, Ron Baker, Bill Blades, Larry - Blair, Doug "" " I 4 ' m y A , 1 ,C arf' f W f 4 V A 1- x r A 1 ' 1? If 5 4 infant.-f,f .f...f-, Y, ml uv , 1 Boker, Michael Blonfcncrflrdb Del B Id kv, h ens up, ave BSN Lfzjchn O n Bliss, Marsha H , ' Bokemeier, Scott , , .. 5, -Q -3 tg. Q," 1 1 in Y it 1' " WW x if B' Y, 134 J fr . ,tg 3 ,t t iz gk , -4 - Xa im.. TF! 9 , s B f V555 gk i -. ,Nw XX, r, Af! i ' 4 r F , l 1 f I I Q' A Mme, N Us -,,..,y , g . . r ' ill? ve' at ,B 'e Q' '-- I' ,iriq 'utfff f r, f K K fi Bolin, Lynetto Bondy, Robin Bonner, Emory Booth, Kathy Booth, Leonard Boothby, Debbie Borgmann, Cathy Bowen, Dale Bowen, Marilyn Bowman, Kathy Bowman, Sharolyn Braclt, Claudia Brandt, Bob Brauckrniller, Pam Brenton, Leslie Bridges, Rick Brockhaus, Jay Brooks, Sharon Brooks, Sheila Brooks, Julie Brosius, Dale Brown, Colleen ff' Q,- Kris Horton and Sherry Hansen eagerly anticipate the devouring of gourmet delights. Brown, Jim Brown, Patty Brown, Vicky Browning, Kathleen Buchanan, Barbara Buldridge, Betsy Bunnell, Linda Birchell, Jeff Burgard, Doug Burgard, Jerine Burgett, Patty Byer, Mary Calkons, Peggy n fm 'Ll , C mf ' tw" . lk .I , . .'fH,iIll"l1':1'3' 1.' X I B , . rf .' 5516. ,,,,,, 4, . . v' A. W1 ' ' - fiiiof, 'fe Q l Rl Wd. . - . . L t - .. 1 ,sffr I I I 'N . Z' s,,,.7W,, K X ,,,f-Q J ff' l .WMS -if 4' ,, YV!" ggi . ..,.c ..:,, 0 ,e .?'fz'f 2 I Q B P vs- - , - AS, ' ' Brown, Corrine Candiliere, Gail l "H+,-4,i .wa Brown, Dorean Capps, Joe ' " ' Carman, Darlene ' V ,Q , 2 l l' f f ' 'f'5l.f3' B '.,.' Q X .4 ' Yi .IP f 4. 7 B am x J , .l i . -1? h l G '94 fi.: wi' ff .. 'e ,, JQQ sf IL, i 'F J -,X X 'A gifs if if s , - . 1-4' 9 if N l wall f fe' . sw.-Z 1 7 cy,-v L X 'll 2 V'--N .,,.4.v , , t:1,4Mae,' .ff-ij +9 ir-K' C " 2 is tim , Qi' V ,, N t if' . ---if 5 .v.,, 'svn' YQ! Carrara, Mary Carruth, Jaimye Cary, Allen Caryell, Dean Center, Judy Chambers, Dean Chapel, Debbie Chilson, Patti Choate, Naomi Clark, Linda Clark, Tina Clow, Bruce Cole, Edward Cole, Ken Colvin, Pati Conboy, Melody Connell, Glenda Conner, Julie Conover, Dana Cook, Harold Cooper, Leslie Cooper, Patti Cosby, Frank Cote, Diane 3 5: S Cox, Mike Cox, Tom Cozza, Michele Cozetto, Carole Levy Failure Eliminates Sophomore Class Dance Crewse, Kay Crosby, Janice Cullison, Delmar Cummings, Sherri Curran, Carol Dailey, Rick Dallas, Linda Daniels, Gary Daniels, Wendy Davis, David Davis, Diane Davis, Mike Dearirig, Linda DeMoor, Dennis Dempster, Dolores Densem, Debra Diftler, Katherine Dixon, Donna Doering, Gary Dolyniuk, Melissa Donnell, Debbie ,N is i ,lv-Q, iv , , ,wwf :A tw Pb.. - grew-.vf".c.w 1f,.ew,,,.,, Q l i. :sr ,, 'fs 'F 1 fi If e .A . -5 . 'iig,,, ll 'eh-1 .r es was-5555,-fd 'R 95 'if in 5 L2 'flew . w ix., , Q, . ,X Q, yu J Sophomores, Michele Harvey and Glenda Connell, view current book display in their Social Studies class. P 'rv 'I V., ,Nl ,J S335 Q3 g we f f' . ' ' 4 i .v . , ef? Z .F ' ,-rf , LISA.,-,I x. '- 'iw K l 1 . Donnelly, Debbie Dixon, Dave 1-riilsaiwm 5 Down, Michael li Drais,-Janet .-If, A Draper, Bobby Ducham, Ronald 1 Dugger, Randy -in . Dumais, Leonard ai ff J' ff llfl V Dunlop, Debby Duvall, Craig Eaton, Matt Eaton, Tina Edington, Terri Edminson, Bob Edwards, Bob Edwards, Ron H L 'iv .sf 'xi F Eichorn, Frank Eichstadt, Dave Ellis, Bev Ellis, Peggy Emmons, Pat Erickson, Dan Erickson, Kristine Erickson, Mary Estes, Dennis Evans, Kurt Evans, Marlene Evans, Mike Eveland, Jim Fadness, Shelley Farris, Val Farris, Wilma Faulhaber, Dave Feammelli, .lineen Ferrell, Elaine Field, Carol Finley, Mary Fisher, Amy Fisher, Margaret Fossati, Bruce 1 E ,sri 'ii 53- Ig, H" - gi - Cf iw A is - R if E ,L E -if rf, E i ,- -, 1 ,Q W 4. . 1 , , f N y . t X C A 6, In in i, ,.. he I lam! Q km 'A 1 5 .W l iii, , N .2 kk, - vi i if? 'E 'EVM it ff M., ' ss..- if if Foster, Chris Fosterman, Elizabeth Francetich, Pamela Fredrickson, Bonita Fry, Marti Fuglee, Kathy Fuller, Claudia Fink, Morris Gage, Ginger Gallucci, Sharon Gardner, Dave Garland, Dale Gattuccio, Brian Gay, Thomas Gayton, James George, Barbara , 'QQ F 'l i ,,,fa 33 3 Qi ! s ' P f't iii l, . , Margaret Fisher and Diana Taylor, sophomores, sample prepared meal in their home economics class. Georges, Toula Geraci, Ken Getchell, Ross Gilbert, Jerri Gilbert, Karen Giles, Larry Gillies, Doug Girvan, Margaret Giunta, Janice Glasbrenner, Bill Godsey, Gwen Goetsch, Rex Goldhammer, Rick Goldsby, Roger Good, Brad Goodale, Mike Goodwin, Rhea Gottlieb, Mardi Grandy, Greg Granstrom, Frank Gray, Alice Gray, Diane Green, Bill Greer, Raymond I , I -4- 'N AA XJ? 1? k S ,X . 4 if 1' it f A as X U 'S 3 all if ilu ----f' rt l F sft' N: .f--.f-4:5 Vu p ln 5 its 55' is 'Y -I l fi 1 - iff F " l" l - ,T bs lx ti s if 1 - so .1 'H xi x W Q.-v pb ' - x ' . it ' .4 3 1 v f,-i f ' as J Nl 'V I l 2 l N lia hz xxf W fs , L .nv c 4' I , A-A yi 5 'Q rr! l x 5' f'f,:3'f i . , , f Y. j A 1 '1 is 5 , ' yds A ' Griffiths, Marilee Grimm, Shelley Guile, Linda Gunter, Ken Gunter, Michael Gustafsson, Kristin Guy, Mark Haapala, Steve Hale, Linda Hamlin, Patti Handsaker, Janice Hansen, Curt Harding, Steve Harman, Marc Harmon, Steve Harper, Alvin Harper, Dennis Harris, Vicki Harrison, William Harvey, Michele Hash, Keith Hatton, Wesley Haugen, Debbie Hausch, Susan Hauskins, Linda Hauskins, Rick Hawkins, Leon Head, Dorothy Dr. Erickson Trophy Eagerly Eyed By Sophomore Class Heath, Bruce Helquist, Daniel Henick, Larry s 1 , i . 1 .Ja - V lb- .Y l l t . , V, 1' .. ,X Henninger, Marty Hicks, Terrie Hill, Dana y F ' ...L it A 1 5 rf dp, rf Hill,Scott Hill,Sharon Hirsch,Judy "' -- K 1: -.4 i ' 'X N - Holder, Nancy ' l Hollway, Richard Hooker,Jim 8 0 ' . .g V x SX I Hooker, Randy Hopkins, Don Hopkins, Marty I N , ' ,ivrrhh . iv A i M 'la V i ' i 1 S W, V Horton Kris K Q: 1 1 ' ' r I ii Howell, Janet - Huber, Shirley xxx, . , no ea lf, '33 " i ,,, K A- v Y l f 15125 l :. Hudson, Dave Huke, Debi ., . Huker, Andrew ' Au uf 4 ,.,, r-4 ...Q I F J 'll w ' ,. T' J 'l ..Qf1f'llii, 'E -'fi HH S O , i e w . 1:7 , uf ,F ,, I , , 3 fs X, fi I 'I if A s "' im s l R ff sgawa , W GX , Ha l, Ki 'ls Hunnel, Ronda Hunter, Linda Hyland, Janet lkeda, Jerry lnclan, Ernesto Irwin, Linda Jackson, Jim Jacobson, Byron Jelineo, James Jelineo, Jeff Jenkins, Shirley Jensen, Chris Jensen, Kathy Jepperson, Patti Jirschele, Gary Johnson, Allen Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Judy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Thomas Jones, Judy Jones, Larry Jones, Steve Jones, Terry Jordan, Jeri Jordan, Linda Jordan, Stanley Junker, Debbie Kadolph, Stan Kasner, Janice Kaufman, Bill Kelly, Barbara Kemrer, Kay Kibe, Keith Klatt, Connie Knutson, Mark Kokoruda, Carol Konetsky, Eileen Kraemer, Ken ay. figs, J 1 wg 3 Linda Bennett checks her book of short stories for a salient point in the intro duction. Activities Ancl Customs Become More Familiar During Sophomore Year S Kral'1mann,Frank ' Kraley, Donise 4 ,Q Kruger, Steve .Lu 5' X L K' EIL' ., B - i A fl - Kuch, Charmaine Kwan, Mavis LaFramboise, Jennie 1 s . LoHue, Pat Lamb, Stephanie Lambert, Lori J . k -A 167 e- ,. l , I' R' 2 , I Y ' ' Landles, Michael Lang, Beckie Langnon, Tim Larsson, Eva Lawwill, Mark Lee, Arnold ,r,. -ff'4 4 Leirmo, Lela Lenon, Walter Levisee, Rick Lewallen, Robert Lewis, Cliff r - L Lindemuth, Jane L 7 5 Y.. .Inv JN H l I1 4'JbwGQ2 r rr, fl. J iii' Lindley, Karen Lins, Debbie Lohnes, Debbie Lomax, Jacquie Loomis, Larry Loprinzi, Janet Lorenzini, Irene Lorusso, Ralph Luker, Raeshell Lukich, Danny Lum, David Lund, Anita Lundgren, John Lytle, Dick Mackey, Mark MacKenzie, Marianna MacKin1osh, Sue Magel, Glenda Maine, Susan Maiors, Joe Malet, Mike Maloney, Ted Malsey, Toni Mankins, Martha Mann, Philip Marks, Diane Marleau, Marilyn Marler, Vicki r em 1 v f 1 V Q ' Q fl, li ,Nr Q in , ' if w Q 4. X 1 . X D 2 5 -+L. , i '17 1 f Q lQ'-'- :iw 4 ci nb. F, Y 4? f,'l,Z'J - f wb X... N Q.-dn. ..1,, f 'i 'E Quai thins 53' df' -A N 0 o 6 s I L ll' ef I 4 S e . 14' 1 ,V 4 Business Courses Open To Mofuring Sophomores Marshall, Don s W Martien, Vickie ' ' ' Martinolich, Bonnie 4 A I xy QQ S 44 : "'- 0 5 N ' Mather, Mary Matters, Catherine Matthews, Steve May, Susan Mealey, Debbie Meeks, Charlene C? Melis, Kayla Mellen, Linda Merideth, Bob Mettler, Gary Metz, Francis Meyer, Linda U dot , N04 frm' Mikkelson, Martin Miller, Carol Miller, Cathy Miller, Deborah Miller, Jackie Miller, Janet 2 . Miller, Penny Miller, Sue Moats, Janice Mochkenhaupt, Patty Moifitf, Jeff Moon, Peter Moore, Susan Morcom, Karen Morgan, Bill Morgan, Ron McCalister, Lynn McCamman, Maureen McCammon, Anne McCartney, Teresa McDonald, Mike McDonough, Mike McFarlane, Patrick McQuire, Gary McKague, Jeanne McKeown, Molly McLean, Jan McNeal, Pat McQuaw, Nancy McQuaw, Terry Naught, Rodney Neeland, Karen Nees, Carole Nelson, Becci M .4 w Q. "'., L if i l - 4 '17 5 .3 l rt fi .xx .fi lgx . 1- L , 'Y 4.2225251123 " fx l 2 ft. gfxj 'W A A Nw I . 111 yr-v - 1 W-vi B Lv 1 .J '.- a 'if ll is A h, J -f-if I I 1 1 A ,F ,l 1 fl E urns 2 572555 'cyl' - .. I 'fb Nelson, Connie Nessling, Diana Newcomer, Nick Nicholas, Janet Nichols, Kitty Nickila, Jerry Neilsen, Brenda Niiranen, Richard Nlonne, Suzette Nord, Joyce Oakley, Walter O'Brien, Jolynda O'Brien, Nancy Ocello, Tyra Oetinger, Diane Oien, Gary Oliver, Gordon Olney, Jay Oman, Ron O'Neill, Steve Orling, Scott Q vdnananqw-any-.Q Q vnwangqvsu-4.-,vnu-.-, gv ,J Sophomores ISeatedl Aziz Faris, Richard Barhoum, Fresia Poblete, lStandingl Faris Faris, and Jesus Wong learn to formulate English by playing Scrabble. Osburn, T. M. Oster, Sandy Owen, Linda Oxford, Charles Palmer, Ken Parker, Cleve Parker, Gerry Pormer, Diane Parshall, Don Passmore, Gary Patterson, Judy Pavlich, Paul W- , Q . . If , - . Q 0 Q ' 2 . X .. b ' l ff K' ' ' " 'Q - , i .' A .gil il -.iii 75 r I rf' wi, 7:-'5 lp-X' lm ' l ' "" ' ' V tf' rmcnf. ., i 1 M l ' -- - ' ' J E? lf! ,S . 5, nv 1, 6? y, Orme, Ron Payne, Bill G ' Ogbgrnl Nqncy Pearson, Janis Osborn, William PSCl4, ViCki V Peets, Alice "' ' W fu I 6 ' S -7, 5.3 4 NP ' ' i' wr, ,Q . 1 - K I ' tis: ,f I4 3 Iadnlwk er V 'J 3 av id iss iff ' . l., ,- . ' 2 s f Y - .1 , fm is it, 'S lf' 'S nl f in il is fm..- N 1 f 'P gf . J- l .5 6 5- K 4? i,5f, . as - sg' "' . ! , ix 1 H:- .J r 'Qt Wfl Penrod, Diane Perkins, Karen Peters, Janice Peterson, Lynn Peterson Patricia Peterson, Steve Peterson, Vicky Petrarca, Dave Car Wash, Bake Sale Proceeds Fill Sophomore Treasury L' J. F , .M 1 Pickens, Tom Pimentil, Billie Pinckard, Jim Plass, Marla Pohrman, Terry Pomeroy, Paul Poppino, Jim Porter, Steve Potts Iris -Price, David Price, Linda Price, Susan Primmer, Sherrie Puukka, Hanna Rail, Louis Ralphs, Kim Raze, Bruce Rearley, John Reiter, Wendy Remme, Dale Rhoades, Mary Rice, Nancy Richard, Michele Riehl, Bill Ritchey, Dane Ritter, Wilma Rivera, Jean Robinson, Darleene Rogers, Julie Q -.ri T7 if l -aa., V '- ' J . ..X 1 i 3 5 if Roisum, Robert Roley, Ed Ross, Robert A, . R xg ii .. N? T-4 - Ross, Steve X , , Rountree, Rick Rowley, Dorothy " l J . l "x 2 ,A Roylance, Pam is 5 Ruddell, Roy ' M' " Rundhaugh, Karen el 5 . K Ruthrruff, Steve Sadamoto, Rei Sadring, Dave Germ Mike Baker sends the aliens out o Coryell s lWestbrook Peglerl request, 1 I Ni all x ,hi l l 'L V' , 0 f ' 2 ,cy l S W qi X ,, , J A -.4 - M 1 ,r xl A. . it, f x , fig 4' fe' ' 'x . of K v lf U.S.A. at correspondent Dean St. Marie, Gordon Salisbury, Denise Salois, Karen Saloum, Mary Santangelo, Terri Sauer, Rick Savory, Cathy Scales, Vicki Schechtel, Linda Schiele, Richard Schlosser, Dave Schmitz, Dennis Schmorl, Kahleen Schneider, Gary Schneider, Phyllis Schoenbeck, Kathy Schramm, Terrie Schulman, Debbie Schulze, George Scofield, Russell Scorcio, Sherie Scott, David Scott, Jane Serrano, Ray Setzer, Tonya Seymore, Kent Shannon, Russell Shae, Daniel Sheets, Harriet Shrake, Christine Skeen, Mary Smith, David Smith, Gary Smith, Jan: Smith, Lori Smith, Margaret Smith, Mark Smith, Mary Smith, Nita Smith, Pam 4 'N it it lm gl '-ar av, x . t 3 ' t -A v:,,..n ,it s tp: it Smith, Patricia Smith, Sue Smothers, Steve i I , Smurthwaite, Don .-. tn.,-ji 4 illiflfw Q ' Solari, Frank SooHoo, Alan Spacek, Darrell T Speten, Cindy .Q Q. W, 3 wal 1 x Staffer, Mark Stalker, David Steeves, Fred Stevens, Dorerte Stinnette, Susan , Stofiel, Sandy -bf, A Stokes, Mike Stokes, Susan . -3 ' , 11 , sf ll is l an at li Mm K 'ist My T ' 4 Y ' Ready with the answer, Robyn Tinner flags the teacher's attention. Stone, Becky Stone, Bob Stoutenburg, Betsy Strange, Danny Strickland, Barry Stuckrath, Ed Sullivan, Beckie Tarlton, Debi Tate, Debbie Tatman, Wyla Tauscher, Fred Taylor, Diane Taylor, Dorcas Taylor, Steve Taylor, Thomas Tesdal, Lynn Test, Billie Tevet, Matilda Thomas, Londa Thorpe, Colleen Tinner, Robyn Todd, Keith Tofflemire, Charlotte Tower, Janet 'll . L - lv A ,,.. K 'D , .54 ' 5 ,lr 1, me h uw' ht, T ti I ,. ll S x 76 A 'l .S 2' 'ff 'i , S ,. , 525 " v55"'e,'1- ' lll A V' ll -M-H .. Q. JJ l n A I . WA BN ' K ,, 6 " X 1' ,fx . X l 161 T -it 1 -JW fn as 4 5 ' ei T If flil fi? , 4 , , P' Witt l . N R 'ti T il li S S , 3 'sv l , f it H . 15 -i f A l l i 1' J bi 1 ,X N 'fr-ft i . v it be if r - i .4 P' Y , ri , S I - 4 N ' 'i 1 . K ft, Q 5, 1 'ff J ,el .:.A f ' if " f P .. I 1 My V , .K , Q . ww? V . t ., . - ir: LR , ,ff ' Pix . f' f r ., ' -.Q:e':-1: f H212-r'-vf"i .1 U "' ' f--sr, W J M -. ffrrfvm Tsunemitsu, Tyler Turner, Gary Urban, Margrette Unsvvorth, Cindy VanAcker, Judy Vandehey, Paul Vassar, Joann Veness, Martha Vest, James Vigna, Gary Vonfeldt, Vickie Wahl, Don Walker, Annetta Wall, Larry Walters, Debbie Walters, Doug Warner, Kathryn Warren, Lynette Watkins, Mary Weaver, Linda Webb, Juretta Weeks, Karen Welch, Cynthia Wendell, Sharon Westwood, Lucy Whelchel, Marie Whitley, Craig Wiatt, Lorrie Sophomore Week Highlights Sophomore Year Wilson, Dart Wilson, Joy Wilson, Penny Wiseman, Cherre Wolfe, Pat Wolff, Vickki Wong, Gary Wood, Leslee Wood, Robert Woods, Pam Woodward, Robert Workman, Jackie Wyatt, Mark Yaconetti, Sam Yeager, Dave York, Judith Young, Richard Young, Steve Zaleski, George Zimmerman, Janice Zeller, Carolyn ww " it N f 3 ijt -2 1' if . if , 1 G is f - P- if, .wffnff 7 "-fiztzglfffffffff' AQ J ye , ut. ,K A' bl.. , ', 57f:5" ' -s Q 29 2. lftfiiiiif Hr K X H. .Vi s 'Q-4 I Z 1 nr' Q, I ,. f 6 5 rmi "Y Q- 1 K -A E K' ,X X , A 9-' J JI' ,Q k. '3 C ' 3 . J - n ' i-ss ::..-PQ. ,Fr .f' 455' ' ,f5f3.'.- ' ' f, ' A i ., ,, .,. , ,. , ,, - , , M 1 - i l , lflffrei is. 3 ,,,,, 5. 2 ' gli J J A An Q Q x r so sift Q - . il - -- A 0 Class Officers lSeatedl Joy Graham Treasurer Patty Ball Vice President Rick Schibel President, Terry Brock, Secretary, Sandy Harding, Publicity Chair man lStandingl Sergeants at Arms Mike Ryan John Emra Debbie Stokes Jeanne Brown Barbara Hicks, Yoshiko Saheki. Freshmen Learn Proper Parliamentary Procedure The freshman class officers began their term in office with one maior goal in their sights. This was the drawing up of a constitution which would serve as a guideline for their class during their high school years. The fledgling cabinet relied heavily on Mr. Hashberger, their advisor, to teach them the protocol necessary for performing the duties of their offices. He also aided them in thinking up such money-making schemes as car washes and bake sales. fs? N . uh, ,, tri . B f - '4 , A A . 1 ,y ' 4 1, Addis, Kevin Amato, Jerry Anderson, Steve sift' , .A A iii l sp ' Y .t W -. , gif 1 moi in 'i??f:llQ.,i' su' Albough, Dale Anderson, Carol Andre, Kathy ' i Alfsen, Wendy Anderson, Mary Ankeney, Danny ,Wt V,-Qs! ' A . We A -, A 1' '.:rv, Allen, Steve Anderson, Miles Anter, Dianne f' X X Q Allen, Tom Anderson, Ron Armstrong, Alecia Armstrong, Bruce Atkinson, Gail Austin, Carol Bacon, Bert Bacon, Vernon Bailey, Joel Baisinger, Karen Baldino, Kathryn Baldwin, Donna Ball, Chris Ball, David Ball, Patty Bankston, Beverly Barhoum, Richard Barnard, Steve Barnes, Elissa Barnhart, Karen Barnhart, Marilyn Barrett, Tommie Bassett, Frank Batchelor, Ken Baugher, Rick Beard, Heather Beaudry, Ray Beck, Catherine Beggs, Allen Behneke, Rush Bell, Ricky . .L , 'f if 'V .sly "F sf ,,,, ' M- 1 .A -all E N l , x 2 neg. K La B,-5, 2 gs, , n,Q V4 Q-.,. K -e its m- A fi 3' x s. I s . ,,.,,. W4 L, if s - it as ' Belott, Barbara - iff .,: : ' lgill' if Bennett, Ann Benson, Margaret ' Berry, Urpha s, ,,, ' Q W B B -,LFS ,f B - 5. I I fl, Beswick, Bob H K Bishop, Dan 5 B' Blackman, Janice f" Blumenschein, Kathy M fr Q 4- Nl, Kathy McCauley snickers as Joann Hopper is photographed during English ' " 1 1 '5"'f'ti'E 'ffm lecture. 14 C , '- .. -VVA J 'Q'-A 4 'fl gm , .fn W 1 ,N , , V -1. - AP' 'Q' P' 1' ff 'ii l x'-,,yi,l,s ir' t K Q' Y g,45if,,:5w . f f ' ' 1 "EE" r 9' - r , , , . ., ,.r,.'f r, Y, We-.. - .LL :IR at J L' 4 VM E1 iw. 1512.15 -A . V, .ik V, . N5 A . QL L 5 s q 'f ,y F Ei ' ' , -vii' 9' - ' Nw' 'H eb I J s sf- t ft 37" ff: ll? f J 9237 Cyl: is , lt 4 lti f - i ' 'Sf J ll tl ij ' f , r., 0 f M , 'Q Q 2' I ' 6- K its my f f " 1? 1 ' fri' , 351533 Bodeman, Dennis Bolera, Sharlene Bolton, Dianna Bondy, Donald Boroff, Lee Brady, Jim Brannon, Bonnie Branton, Kevin Brauckmiller, Georgette Britt, Rhonda Brock, Terry Brockway, Lance Brown, Duree Brown, Jim Brown, Jean Brown, Kathy Brown, Kaye Freshmen Bewilclered By First Year Af Franklin Brown, Marilyn Brown, Rick Bruning, Melissa Brust, Bob Button, Janice Buller, Jeff Bullis, Mike Burkenbine, Jay Burns, Kathy Burola, Eddy Burrow, Linda Busby, Teresa Bush, Bill Byers, Lynn Caldwell, Debra Y? C 0 0 ,A-Q Q r- J Q J lx Callaghan, Camacho, Caravity, Carpenter, Sue Dolores Torel Paul Carr, Carr, Carroll, Cartee, Cheryl Chris Lynn Nancy Caton, Cavett, Cavin, Cavin, Marily Orchid Patti Sheela jfsligf s L, , J if ax: ,f 1 . ir rr 1, s f . . . W -J is-F i. R. :tm .W . 'T Center, David Clark Charlene Coates George -cr, Chapel, Ed Claypool, Dianne Coates, Gloria Christensen, Sibyl Clow, Laircl Cochran, June . fi Clark, Cathlin Clunas, Lola Cole, Duane if ! ' I " ' -W Cole, Glen . 1 ' 51 Cole, Scott H 5 ' A E+ ' gl 35 Comstock, Terry " is 3 ' ,Q ' Cook, Millie Cooper, Paula Coppernoll, Marsha Couture Pamela Cox, Steve 'BQ . . ,gi ' .1 l D'Ambrosia, Mary Anne Daquilante, Theresa Dayton, Bill Deal, Kathleen Deal, Michelle Dean, Diane De La Ossa, Margie Delozerda, Stacy su.. if ui UV' i A a S ,Q Craig, Ginger DeMartino, Bonnie " ' M ' ., I K "" CrQ55,Bl-iqn DeVeiteo, Marcia i 1' ' , Cross, Steven Dierking, Dwight K 1" ' P ' ' " sw ' M Cubic, Eric Dietz, Kevin ' - . Q .- - . , f 1 A .S .rw 1 . . k 1 1 I wi V Y , f t, 1Vf4 ?aa ,X if l yi I 'Wistar , 0 .lf 5' Wg, Q t 1 . ' ,, ,l rlffg Cunningham, Debra Dil-0fet0,Gref1 l ' 15lf'fi,1f"i 'r.'- Currin, Hope Dimotf, Dwvid Cutler, Marty Dirks, Stan R I., ,. , ' Dahlgren, Jerry D0eflV19,BfUC9 P , - .. ,gf ' ,Q C .,.. i i s - ' "" ' ,iv D. 13, ' A i JY" V X 1 Ei gf E" i , , rift-5 ' f 1... 1 Doering, Falina ' Doig, Diane l , Q ' , g Donaldson, Peggy f x , . I Douglas, Debbie 'N 1 i Y I ' 1' ' 3 D T' f rennan, im 'III' 9 Ducham, Mike K - Duggins, Lola Q 'L A Duddington, Norm . i x h , K Tx ' er , - tg -iffy C ,2 Q' Dunkljgnef .. .452- ff.. . f 1 Dunn, Jim Earnest, Dave , ' Eason, Ervin V, " 'E . g ei Y N l- .45 tx T ,gin nf N l 'lit Edgar, Beverly i ' Eheler, Barbara ' fi Ehrig, Jim if 'f ElI,.ludy '.,. .CKE --Wea., f KA h s ' , s ,kik A ' N X awmwesmwv-was-vine ,.,. ,Q ,.C. ,,,, M , f jfljl, Elliott, Gary ' gif ,i Elliott, Jean We W Ellison, Leatha K ' ' ttr, El t , J E L Q , it ' -fx-Y -":'9"x7'5. - 4. C. fiiifiiir.. Q J A - ' .1 -- :,,f:s-areas 1..C 15- . -W ' - ' 'f 2' ' . X A kg E , 4 E it iii Lollipop gives inspiration to first-year art' student Fred Faulkner as he " works with Sherry Hansen to construct a pinch-pot. ,. e W. 4 s w Nu l W Q ix I i i W 9 4 'v r , 5 bg .4 , 1 .1 .- x " 1' ' s A-,A-. ' N., , 2 J ir' '51 - , is Q. xx' T -1 J 5, t , f ,T :ffl r-if K v A -I ml f ,, 'E ' .4 5' - 4. I I A l K .1-4 K VV A "' T, - - ,. :Q 3' W A 'I , , D, Q f i 8 v s 'uw' 2: ,gg ' .A - 5 X -:Z ,V fp ing' J l l tw Us V ' i 1 cl., 11 il fl-?SZfi'. .,i A i " ' Vis,-gg 'lil ll i D in F -o i. :L J , gr ee ! 4 ii i , 1 fi if J I " ' My I I X i ff b,,?g ' " I Ii : 3:22 ' -- . un NA ,, 'V . 'll Q, 'TI 'V f Q i y ig ffl , 2 A s '. I' lf X AN 'i ' 1 of l ii - A ag X F J -1 fi ... .. f A -Q x A ' ,. 1 A' qt ff, f' v S ,J 0 fi I f W f , , 152 , .,:,,,-D ., 1, 1 3, Q, ' U M:-4 l X x g, - - N -l ' .l + ,V 4 Emra, John Goodall, Rich " N Eutsler, Bob Goody, Randy 'ell g Evans, Joan Gordon, Janis fx, , Fein, Make could, Debbie , 7,1 ,. -i "h' 5 1.3 i Farley, Debbie Gould, Kim ! fe if Farmer, Carol Graham, Joy .A J Fast, Davidi Graig, Gene ': W- Fastelin, Nancy Grays, Mike N Faulhaber, Susan Green, Richard . - '- Federspiel, Debbie Greenlee, Mike ' .A - QL.. ' Filbeck, Linda Greenough, Bill ' ,ii Finch, Robert Gross, Anita iv ji V- sv r x if ' Finch, Vivian Guffey, Patrick mf Q Finnerty, Ron Gulliford, Phillip A ... Finney, Steve Gunter, Dennis ' J Finzel, Ron-nie Haapala, Jim 4. , y g ,my uf T1 , A "Ml ff, I ' . Ki". lj'Jf i - .. -' Fish, Sharon- lil ' 1 Fitch, Joe A' 1 l Flaming, Dale 4 5 Fontana, Patti 3, 2 'Q 5 I French, Debbie, Gallagher, Steven Garrett, Jerry Gauche, Tom E Geimer, Tom Gesen, Don- Giandomenico, Warren Giannone, Nick Giles, John Gilliam, Victor Gilman, Vicki Gish, Stan Glenn, Sherri Gniewosz, Barbara Godoz, Felix Goleman, Odis as 4451.2 Mary Anne D'Ambrosia and Lynn Vance eye the photographer as Glen Cole concentrates on English assignment. Orientation To High School Occupies First Semester For Freshmen X Q' sf "farms 4. l - ' Hall, Hall, Dan Larry Hammond, Hankey, Steve Joe Harding, Harding, Marsha Sandra .i bw ,nl Q , , 'fl . . 'j'-'. '- if Y Us lr f r 1 el if' 4 1 ! Hauskins, Hawkins, Connie Tracy Heidinger, Heinrichs, Jack Terry Henick, Hensley, Laura Ron 3 2'-xg N 1 9 fi X , K, v L., 4, 1 1 i , ,E I Halverson, Hammond, Deborah Beth Hannah, Harding, Cathy Donna Hart, Harvey, Juliann Bruce A. ,I uv Q, : 'xg " h' fu-i E: A . f sb Jam. N , 5 A ,lj f-rh , 15, , , ,ts 2 '-f QL K .2 5 l if H l , ll Haynes, Hayzleti, Bill Nancy Henderson, Henderson, Rebecca Robert Herd, Herrmann, Tom Paul Hess, Stanley Heuchert, Rudolph Hicks, Barbara Hicks, Russ Hiday, Ernie High, Mavis Hildenbrand, Rodney Hill, Cheryl Hill, Jeff Hill, Scott Hinkle, Debbie Hodson, Cindy Hoffman, Dale Hogeland, Mona Holdiman, Kathy Holifer, Mark Holland, Jeff Holmes, Marty Holshu, Linda Holstine, Cindy Holt, Glenda Hopper, Joann Howell, Michelle Hoyt, Susan Huck, Rick Huffaker, Mary Huffine, Evelyn , Huffman, Guy lggulden, Dan lnahara, Alan Ingersoll, Roy Anna Ingham, Cathy .. ,- .1 J ,- f: Q J- 'V . . tl' Qtaf. si'-" .Q as K V si ef , 15- , :NT-'33 is f g XXL- A . 5 egg 11 .C S C ' nv fi F f it Z .91 -as t --pg"l.'S' r, ffl s JI: . , f f 1 l ,ML ,,,1 , eb r -'tail' - I 1 I" MQ! Lf' . 1: o.,,v iff, j .wif '.:TF?" 4 ' K X 9 r , Que - - , ' "A-:iq 1' .. ! Luanne.-04, I V. . 'rw N7 flzlg L ! x'X ...U . ttyl -au: rl. 4 t Y. I V I I krf JY f"'A5 -ws, ' ' "Y .W-r, "' a ghxiur- ij, , , ' - - - -. v Lg s s M , "W T1 H 'A : r V' n 75' R i vm? r . . : A " I .L if ' , L f ' 4 o'?'1g M755 N' f' 1'f"Q, , 'tw .L . 'P' .W ' fi we 4' W X no ,fox " f New 'X Q' . hh '9 W. . V it i l L .N A ' - ,A , IV , V .Xt ,NJK . X V -L J , roof, Q fm 5f'4575, 2 'Qi L g et r ,, if 'Ig Q J . 1 an . f . y, . I Q 4 UU X -w-A-1 ph' L V pt ,l! . Q Isbell, Jean Jarboe, Cheryl Jenkins, Donna Jensen, Brenda Jensen, Greg Jewell, Steve Jirschele, Steve Johnson, Bernt Johnson, Curt Johnson, Fred Johnson, Lorette Johnson, Marilyin John-son, Steve Johnston, April Johnstone, Don Jones, Bill Jones, Clay Jones, Donna Jones, Kenny Kelley, Brian Keller, Greg Kelm, Jerry Keltnier, Thelma Keyes, John Kidner, Dave King, Linda Knutson, Bob Koch, Gary Koehler, Aaron Kolb, Marcia Kaseniensky, Mi Kraemer, Bob Kubli, Walter ke R :fer f Kurkinen, Nancy Kwan, Nancy Kwasney, Sharon Qi 2 ESQ 'hr Q cr Smeg X Waiting to try out for J,V. Rally, Sue Miller and Sherrry Scorcio discuss their chances for success. LaHue, Lois Laiimediere, Leola Lake, Sandra Lamb, Susan Lambert, Paul Landreth, Jeanette Lang, Gayle Langdon, Sherry Lankins, Michael Larsson, Anne Lassiter, Carrie Laws, Greg Leaf, Dennis LeBron, Rhonda Lee, Judy Lee, Karen ...Q .,,.w , sss, y 5 Q g , Q W ja, te: wif' D Ji ,V A e Quaker Ways Quickly Adopted By Freshmen x -4 if 4 l Lee, Stella Lieb, Cynthia Lively, Ken E' , s iz, if " 1 , , if yr ., i Lohmeyer, Cheryl Louie, Melvin Lusk, Lucy 1 0 ,-0 ' -.L .-M..-,. Q. -. - C. A . ,.. .. Q at di' ... 9, o 0 ,. Q P91 xzffbg Lengert, Erna Lindi, Lori Llaneza, Lorraine .x . if if 'Sf' . 1 'lil 'V 'L My i i " L j 1 ti, B. iii L Lenon, Lewis, Tom Bill Lindquist, Little, Craig Christie Locke, Lockhart, Jay Mike rf . 'S x , ,, , ' : . W-"I '-H -f' s t i .xl if M l E ii g 'al 21 , ff' 6 5 - Q! e . L is r A Long, Lorenzini, Louie, Paul Barbara Elaine Lovel, Lovlien, Lund, All Jean Cheryl Lynn, Lyons, MacFarlane, Bob Patricia Linda Mackintosh, Roasnne Macklin, Ellen Malicoat, Mark Mankins, Sandy Manning, Marcia Martin, Marie Martinolich, Beverly Mehlig, Dana Mesplay, Gwen Meyer, Claude Meyer, Edward Michigami, Wayne Miles, Bill Miller, Diane Miller, Kelly Miler, Paul Miller, Paul Miller, Sharon Miller, Steve Miller, Susan Millett, Gilbert Mills, Ken Mitchell, Cheryl Moore, Juanita Morgan, Dan Morrison, Greg Morrison, Jerry Mosbrucher, Debra Mottram, Shirley Mulkey, Cindy Mullen, Craig Mulvaney, Larry ew I s L 4 , C R V5-4' ,H X L A 0 x , X r z .l '19 ,ii .4 2 if I H4 . ' L, . ff egg 1 3514 , ia- "L I .X s X sl. Q.. ,re UQ.:-r -C in I ' ' L ff' B.. le vm f U .3 . Q it 4' 6 fi x , fs I .. L Ei BVS Q Q i fc-9 J' , 46- F Vu fn., 1 Q I ..- , ,Q Nix f Nil 3 r j xl 1 f S K Q! lnle . in .AJ If ,rf i ,V Q- i 'Z , in If V? if 5 ,1!Pi ti i ggegj. i-"ei 'i 'EWS'-flhaagi Q ef Y' HW. 1 x ca Y, . r ,iwgedi Q6 ' .. ,. f Q. ' .tg X l ' is f'-Q, ,.. Wvf 4 R i ,, wr A A k , ' ,1- lri- til 8 XY, a I FQ are ip! I 41+ , , ai.. 2 , , .... i ., .. L... :::..:, M 5 Q. . i las.: " fin, i - . Effr - , l -Ji i W, r if-.4 "1'. ' ., ' if f I 56 b ti Munger, Marilyn Munkers, Gail Munson, Donna Myers, Diane McBride, An McCauley, Kathy McClure, Donna McCreadie, Kenneth McDonald, Rick McElhaney, Nancy McEwen, Jeff McFarlane, Kathleen McGloghlon, Donn McGuire, Diane Mclntosh, Linda McKenny, Mollie McQuaw, James McQuaw, Pam Nelson, Eric Nelson, Eric Nelson, Steve Newcomer, Mike Newell, Sharon Newton, Diana Nicholas, Patty Nigh, Patricia Niiranen, George Norby, Nancy Nye, Ruth Nyland, Richard O'Brien, Rochelle Odbert, Nancie Olayos, Janet Olsen, Jim Olsen, Nancy Osbeck, Craig Osburn, Randall Otey, Bill Owens, Gaynell Pak Man, Leong Parrish, Greg Passmore, Robin Patapoff, Martha Patterson, Doug Paulicek, Rocky Payne, Alvin Peets, Nora Perkins, Yvonne Peters, David Phillips, Da:cic Pickup, Cathryn Pitzer, Donna Pohrman, Jim Potter, Larry Pouiade, Jim Powell, Anne Freshmen Experience Excitement Of Their First Pep Assembly 'Q' e In , ,U if 1, 't . i pp, -K , i 9 wid' R ,Q : v u F X il,, 'Q , I ' " l 5 , V ,, , M mi if Irv ,- fr. - 5. " ' .' " ' fil- . fi 29593 - - ' ,ah .J w xt- , filfii 5 I P 0 mr ' 1 P .gy 4. 4' " A ,,f,, -.-u-.....,,... '73 fr .i g :-...vfgif if-Q , ,Z ww ' " fe, T 9 o 1-W " ---- - -f ,- R if fel 5 , If in 9. 4: '1 'i 'R -. '- ,f ' f .- Q 2 - .if f iw' gf: - i A ,3 'r U ss-1' , - '. ff . ,- '2' ,F ll J ' Alb. 1 , ,. 925528 Freshman fans watch with avid interest, wondering when their team will score again. Priestley, Mike Primmer, Dan Purpura, Teresa ' Qual, Chris ' o I i' X ,1 , ., XA K. x ,Ht l ts? ' , Quinn, Doug 'X Ragnone, Roger . g ti Raker, Lori Rall, Georg-Jean 1 Q 1 Raphael, Arthur Rasmussen, Darwin ll Pi . N t 5 ,1225 . - . J- ,,s....-A-...,..,..m,, 5 Rathkey, Ga ry Rauchenstein, Marcia Raymond, Gayle Rearley, Judy Reese, JoEllen Remme, Roxanne Rettinger, Marilyn Reverman, Chris Rice, Richard Richardson, Robin Riordan, Dan Rivera, Juanita Roberti, Marlene Robinson, Elaine Robinson, Mike Robinson, Paula Robinson, Trisha Robson, John Rodd, Ken Roos, Steve Ross, Wendy Royce, Jerry Roylance, Doug Rumbaugh, Greg Ryan, Michael Ryan, Theresa Sabin, Darrell Seheki, Yoshiko Salois, Jim Sanders, Terese Schafer, Mitchell Schibel, Richard Schiller, Lori Schmidt, Brenda Schmidt, Linda Schneider, Julie Schott, Nola Schreiner, Karen Schroth, Jeff Schuette, Jim Schultz, Linda Sconce, Vince llg L I- I rf 4 A Q f ii Q i S Q.. 3 1-Kiflf l '. sc - 157 T - , lil U. ,, X V Y X., rf if v-rv i i ' QA 5 i l' I gs., it 1 ., ni i X Q- X. .J " .,-1 ,, 3:53 -fera- Q fe Scopacasa, Donna Sessler, Ingrid Sessler, Linda Shaffer, Mike Sharkey, Bill Shelton, Rolin Shields, Jim Shorts, Becky Shrake, Stuart Shumway, Bob Sirianni, Mary Slane, Judy Sloan, LeRoy Smith, Cindy Smith, Craig Smith, David Smith, Joyce Smith, Kathy Smith, Paul Smith, Susan Soclerquist, Steve Santangelo, Michael Soohoo, Shirley Sparks, Don Springgay, Debra Stady, Pam Staigle, Rosalee Steffan, Debbie Steltz, Robert Stewart, Susan Stitch, Edward Stith, Dennis Stokes, Debbie Stopper, Sandy Stromberg, Robin Summers, Barbara Super, Debbi! Swain, Susan Sweet, Allen Taccogna, Lynn Tambling, Stan Tano, Teresa Taylor, Mark Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Steve Thario, Sandra Thacker, Julie Thiemart, Linda Thompson, Mike Thornton, Charlein Tipton, Darla Todd, Karen Torelle, Dodie Torres, Maria Totzen, Joanne Tracy, Margie Insecurity Diminishes For Freshmen As Year Pro gresses S 9, l , xr 'I V 1 l l x 4 if . if v. ' ...Jn X i' 'JO' ,V ,Q , K i t w ' . -,. M 'mv ' ' ' , I nd , i we Q' inf f l 3 - ' 'Sm A fl ,po 'a'-"' , f 3 7 , M, .: ,. P ' 'e Q A H. I ' 'r ln 2 1, 1 rn ' , .. ..f ,-.. ,v 's? . I i ss, - X76 "-, .A u, 9 Q-1 13 Q Q Q. Wk Q X' 5 ,Ji 1. -u.. , we rx, sz .f 11, Qi 1, W or lr 1 .X il x . -in .r Treat, Sharon Trimm, Lori Troutman, Barbara Truiillo, John Tweten, Carla Vance, Lynn VanCleave, Evonne VanDusen, Donna Veness, Nancy Vorseth, Joy Wahl, Debbie Waits, Birdie Wakeman, John Walsh, Theresa Walters, Diana Ward, Jim X.: Rick Brown focuses on roving photographer instead of South America. Ward, Milford Warmuth, Vickie Washam, Marlene Weber, Allan Wellington, Joanne West, David Whipple, Mike White, Roberta Whitehead, Cecilia Whitley, Candy Whitlock, Susan Wickham, Sandi Wikander, Mary Wikander, Merilee Willett, Steven Wilman, Richard Wilson, Steve Wilson, Terry Wilson, Tim Winegarden, Donna Wittkep, Larry Wittman, Jolene Wohlers, Karen Wolf, Clark Wolff, Richard Wong, Jesus Wood, Pat Woodard, Clyde Wright, Gayle Wright, Marlene Yabuki, Stuart York, Terry Young, Linda Zaleski, Karen Zielsdorf, Bob Zilk, Jeff 9599 x C ' il! Q N f '5 TRY 5 sw s t 1 1 1 I Q , -A i " ' , iris f' ' :ln ,se 0 -4' wa ' v-, ,f 1 ' asf ."a.,.n,. ' 1 fn. l . o al K ,ll . -14 ,o' ! 1321 ,Y-fl: - 'li J eff if f i si fi T r 'T '. N x .ii J an 4 ,gf if ' s ,474 'S ., -,' 9 L J-- wt-c.... W Q J h . 159 K A, ' H si A ggi? K Ml Ed Sheets checks his box for mail. S- Ed Sheets calls a meeting to order Ed Sheets Heads P. I. L. Paper Drive Ed Sheets, Student Body President, best described his term in office as "The Year of the New Tradition." During the summer, Executive Cabinet supported the "PIL" drive. They held a paper drive which netted 351,200.00 for the reinstatement of "PIL" athletics. Two goals were set for the year. The first, and certainly the most obvious, was that Franklin should have as many activities as allowed by the school board. These activities included Homecoming and the Candyland Dance. The tradi- tional Candyland Dance experimented on a new idea to encourage student participation. It was suggested to make the dance a dress-up dance instead of semi-formal, The success of the innova- tion will determine whether a new tra- dition will be established. The second goal was to urge students to participate more in student govern- ment. They more than accomplished this from the first day ot school. Active dis- cussions in all classes, led by student council members, showed the interest students had in activities around the campus. Marilyn Mizote, Mary Louise Ott, and Elaine Schibel discuss the 1967 Almanac Senior Class President, Steve Grove, gives his acceptance speech. 5 in :f'f1,g-5: 'Egg-1, .pg . f fx' -' N 5 " , TTT C ,lffi . 1 J. X. iifsfvzcwff - so f if V. Roger Kruse Elected Spring Student Body President 1' ' .251 Roger Kruse informs the cabinet of plans for Safety Week. Safety Week, March T8-22 was pro- moted by the spring Executive cabinet. The week began with a car check on Monday, and continued with a written test on Wednesday, the behind-the- wheel driving test on Thursday, and ended Friday with an assembly, and in the evening a tree dance in the gym. The cabinet plans to purchase a new flag for the auditorium, paint the park- ing lines, and organize a program for playing music in the cafeteria at lunch, during their term. They also plan to spon- sor a Red Cross Drive in the spring. Six student body officers from Centen- nial High School were guests ot our Executive Cabinet on March l. Their acl- ministrators sent them here to observe how our cabinet functioned. They are planning some changes in their-cabinet. Executive Cabinet Sponsors llBobes In Toyland" Publicity Chairman, Elaine Schibelg Treasurer Mari- lyn Mizote. Activities Director, Mr. Wox Vice-President, Virginio Tyler, Secretary, Valerie Holmes. AFM President, Mike McMurray: AGS President, Dana Zink Class Presidents: Junior, John Riesenmong Senior, Dan Trincig Sophomore, Dave Hudson: Fresh mon, Rick Schibel. Safefy Week Promofed By Execufive Cabinef Secretary, Kathie Ross, Vice-President, Phil Carroll. Treasurer, Kathy' Pearson, Publicity Chairman, Jean-ne Bisenius. AGS President, Lindy Johnston, AFM President, Paul Taylor. K 1. sf is i . life .. .Q ,W A Je 1 Junior Class President, Cafhie Loprinzi, Senior Class President, Steve Grove. Freshman Class President, Rick Schibely Sophomore Class Presiclenf, Mark Knufsen. -1 t P il Student Council Haggles Over Dress Code ' The tall Student Council, led by Vir- ginia Tyler, has considered a record number of resolutions. With the help of President Pro Tempore Steve Grove, Sec- retary Janet Brown, and faculty advisor Mr. Donald Holt, student council plunged themselves into school problems. The drawing up of a new dress code received priority. Whenfthe T967- l968 dress code, drawn up by the Exec- utive Cabinet, was published in the school paper, it brought criticisms and complaints from many of the students. . It was then voted on for acceptance in Student Council, but was defeated. Vari- ous resolutions pertaining to the dress code, which include such proposals as allowing bermudas and no socks for the boys, and no set skirt length for the girls, have been brought up for discus- sion, but as yet a final decision has not been reached. To enable the Student Council to accomplish more, a sugges- tion box has been set up in the main hall. Meetings have been lengthened to Fall Student Council President, Virginia - ' Fall Student Council Officers: Secretary. Tyler allow for more discussion' Janet Brown, President Pro Tempore, Steve Grove. lFront Rowl: Jeff Furnish, Jerry Jarboe, Deryl Hudson, Jim Wirick, Jerry Bingham, Steve Grove, President Pro Tempore, Virginia Tyler, President, Janet Brown, Secretary, Carol Anderson, Evonne VanCleave, Julie Rogers. iSecond Rowl: Ron Morgan, Terry Jones, Greg Grandy, Marshall Short, Phil Baldino, James Vest, Jr,, Lucy Bowns, Mary Anne Ambrosia, Karen Neeland, Barbara Hollway, Janet Olayos. lThird Rowl: Nancy McElhaney, Judy Slane, Gary Daniels, Robyn Tinner, Craig Whitley, Steve Harding, Al Weber, Joe Hankey, Rick Brown, Toni Malsey, Charmaine Kuch, Cynthia Welch, Bonnie Lang, Judy Fazzolari, Karen Burrow. lFourth Rowl: Jeannie Lovier, Ron Hensley, Don Geven, Fred Johnson, T. Soxburn, Dale South, Susan Bennett, Rosanne Van Veen, Sue Odbert, Cheryl Blackman, Donna Windquist, Karen Perkins, Sharon Gallucci. lFifth Rowl: Wayne Sharkey, Greg Wolleck, Leslie Cooper, Bill Todd, John Struble, Mark Smith, Ron Roberti, Scott Anderson, Donny Wahl, Claudia Fuller, Jackie Miller, Linda Meller, Tina Eaton, Michele Harveyi. lSixth Rowl: Mike Shaffer, Steve Nelson, Pat Guffey, Frank Demagolski, Lynn Swan, Doug Lambert, Steve Jackson, Brad Feammelli, Dan McElhaney, Roger Roisom, Tom Taylor, Connie Hauskins, Judy Lee, Karen Lee, Marsha Coppernoll. Dress Code Accepted By Spring Student Council L., lFront Rowii Perry Hines, Dave Snyder, Mike Casciato, Not Identified, Dave Yamasaki, President Pro-tempore, Phil Carroll, President, Dana Zink, Secre- tary, Patty Mills, Lorraine Miller, Janet Hartzell, Florence Randall, Jan Smith, Toni- Malsey. lSecond Rowl: Jim Woodcock, Bill Piland, Mark Smith, Dale South, Rodney Hildebrand, Not Identified, Diana Newton, Diane Doig, Lucy Bowns, Pam Roylance, Not Identified, Not Identified, Margaret Benson, lThird Rowlz John Gallucci, Gordy Weisenberg, Not Identified, David Moxley, Ted Ashkar, Harriet Sheets, Debbie Junker, Moira McBride, Not Identified, Lyn Andrew, Not Identified, Tina Clark, Claudia Fuller. lFourth Rowl: Tom Taylor, Dan Keefer, Kelly Rutherford, Chuck Byer, Ron Orme, Not Identified, Lynn Bruner, Kathy Timblin, JoAnn LaHue, Judy Johnson, Elena Sipp, Debbie Monaco, Jane Smith. lFifth Rowlr Harold Cook, Jim McDaniels, Not Iden- tified, Don Hopkins, Mike Goodale, Not Identified, Not Identified, Not Identified, Not Identified, Judy Ell, Mary Wikander, Not Identified. lBack Rowl: Brian Lindquist, Roger Moore, Alan- Giant, Kevin Jones, Lee Baggs, Not Identified, Not Identified, Jackie Miller, Sharon Gallucci, Linda Hopper, Joy Graham, Christie Little, Not Identified, Curt Surf, Jai-mye Caruthers, Ny-Kee Monroe. i Spring Student Council President, Phil Carroll. The Spring Student Council, led by Phil Carrol, had an exciting year. Most of the excitement was a follow-through on the dress code. This code, after being revised by Stu- dent Council, was passed by the Repre- sentatives. lt allowed boys to wear ber- mudas with long socks. Girls' skirts were to be no more than three inches above the knee. Girls could wear coulottes with a flair. This revision of the dress code received criticism, not only from students but also from teachers. Someday, maybe, there'll be an agreement on what would be con- sidered proper school attire. The proposal to adopt an unfortunate foreign child was passed. Next year the Council is planning to begin this adoption. Spring Student Council Officers: Dona Secretary, Dave Yamosaki, President Pro pore. Y . 223 fi i Rib: 4, . ,J r stef .iffy Q.. RQQQQ. Zink, -fem- EPIX Featured AT AFM Assembly AFM Fall Officers: President, Mike Mc- Murray, Vice President, Paul Taylor. Under The leadership of Mike McMur- ray, fall AFM president, AFM Week proved To be the most successful in Franklin's history. During The week, they earned a record of five hundred dollars from The sale of AFM cards and slaves. The slave sale alone earned seventy- five dollars. The final event of AFM Week was The special assembly featur- ing The Epix. All who purchased AFM cards were admiTTed to The assembly. The men of AFM Took on several proiects for The year. Among Them are having a combo play during lunch hour and having large Trees planted out front along The parking lot on Woodward. Last year, The men of AFM made plans To buy a war memorial honoring Franklin students who have died in mili- Tary service. They are still interested in The memorial and positioning iT by The flag pole facing The school. Another proiect is buying a new Amer- ican flag and a new school flag for The auditorium. AFM Fall Officers: Secretary, Jon Rud- dellg Treasurer, Nick Gattuccio, Historicn, Bill Piland. ii, lFronT Rowir Norman Duddington, Dean Coryell, Mike Baker, Bill Ryan, Harvey Saloum, Gary Canfield, Jay Olney, Ralph Lorusso, Bill Otey, George An- Dyke, Larry Smith, Mike Peck, Leslie Cooper, Jay Locke, Steve Soderquist, Dave Ellis. iSecond Rowl: John Jones, Jeff Oreste, Gary Turner, Dave Petrarca, Dennis Harper, Richard Darby, Neal Orsen, Steve Bailey, Reese Hamer, Robert ltami, Dave Rutan, Jay Hopkins, Paul Rueck, Kelley Miller, Mike Woolfolk, Tyler, Tsunemitsu. iThird Rowl: Mike McDonald, Gary Rathkey, Jan McLean, Bob Eutsler, Darrell Spacen, Dan VerMeer, John Andreotti, Steve Avenson, Steve Beck, Jim Pinkard, John Cooper, Don Loomis, Rick Hallway, Frank Berrong, Rick Goldhammer, Bob Otey, Mike Casciato. lFourth Rowl: Paul Carpen- ter, Rudolph Heuchert, Jim Pouiade, Lee Boroff, Keith Anderson, Wes Carson, Joe Beck, Roger Kruse, Gary Walker, Ron Lewis, Nat Flathers, Ron McCIena- han. lFifth Rowl: David McFarlane, Rick Morton, Ken Rueck, Mike Dickson, Perry Hines, Dan Velarider, John Galliucci, David Austen, Gary Keller. .V .N dxf it can , gfyu, ig it 4' Q' 1 i fi War Memorial Culminates AFM Projects Spring AFM Vice-President, John. Savory, President, Paul Taylor. American Legion participates with Drum and Bugle Corps, in the AFM dedication. Spring AFM Histori- an, Bob Marshall, Treasurer, Nat Flath- ers, Secretary, Dan Trinci. This spring term, AFM was led loy Paul Taylor, President. His most impor- tant goal was to promote interest in AFM. One of the projects was the dedi- cation of the War Memorial on March lst. The War Memorial, consisting of a marble plaque and four gumwood trees, is in honor of former Franklin students who have sacrificed their lives in the .j f services of our nation. Two ex-Franklin boys have given their lives in the war in Vietnam. Their parents attended the services. The American Legion, AFM of- ficers, executive cabinet officers, the ad- ministration, and newsmen were present for the ceremonies. The last event of PauI's term ot office will be the election of Man of the Year. 167 W Fall AGS President, Dana Zink, Secretary, Kathy Estes, Vice-President Kathy Pearson. A.G.S. Publishes Paper Small booklets explaining the purpose and activities of AGS were made avail- able to all girls ot Franklin tor The tirst Time this year. Rules tor behavior and a copy of The AGS song were included. Each registration room elected a girl to attend The AGS meetings and report back to her room the plans tor upcom- ing activities. Each Tall term one girl is chosen to represent her class on The cabinet Throughout the year. The Year Reps for this year include freshman, Pam McGuaw, sophomore, Jean Rivera, Junior, Terrie Smith, and Senior, Susan Lang. The AGS cabinet initiated a new idea of publishing a small paper tor the girls. This publication, entitled "Petticoat Press," will give girls the opportunity to submit stories or poems, as well as to intorm them ot the upcoming activities at Franklin and other schools. The cabinet held ioint meetings with the girls from other schools to exchange ideas tor promoting interest and en- thusiasm among the girls. Fall AGS Treasurer, Brenda Metteer, His- torian, Ronna Woodruff. lFront Rowl: Janet Hartzell, Susie Baxter, Freshman Year Rep., Pam McQuaw, Sophomore Year Rep., Jean Rivera, Junior Year Rep., Terrie Smith, Senior Year Rep., Susan Lang, Elaine Solliaga, Valerie Holmes. lSecond Rowl: Rei Sadamoto, Lynn Dixon, Vicky Peterson, Pam Roylance, Patty Mockenhaupt, Gloria Wolford, Susan Stinnette, Sue Miller, Judy Oliverio, Linda McFarland, Joy Graham. lThird Rowl. Marlene Ikeda, Sue Head, Cathie Loprinzi, Glenda Connell, Debbie Chapel, Debbie Junker, Pat Beck, Donna Heumann, Linda Heiman, Janet Kolb, Nancy Stewart. lFourth Rowl: Brenda Schmidt, Mary Skeen, Patty Mills, Vicky Brown, Vicki Peck, Brenda Nielsen, Martha Vaness, Karen Lovlien, Billie Test, Filicia Gilliam. lFifth Rowl: Maureen McCamman, Barbara Lorenzini, Mary Sirianni, Patty Ball, June Cochran, Jane Smith, Sandy Larson, Katy Holland, Cathie Moffitt, Kathy Andre, JoAnn Hopper. lSixth Rowl: Kathie Ross, Marianne Allaert, Barbara Eheler, Sharon Fish, Cathy Ingham, Linda Johnson, Teresa Purpura, Hope Currin, Melissa Pettingill, Linda Sauer, Janice Metteer, Rea Wheeler, Kathie Roberts, Sharon Sanders. - AGS Hosts Hi Board Fashion Show lFront Rowl: Miss Dundore, Advisor, Claudia Blake, Treasurer, Brenda Metteer, Secretary, Lindy Johnston, President, Janet Brown, Vice President, Susie Deems, Historian, Susie Baxter, Sue Long, Senior Year Rep., Pam McQuaw, Freshman Year Rep., lSecond Rowl: Jonia Puppos, Toula Georges, Kathy Kanas, Marilyn Mizote, Carol Monti, Deana Bullard, Pat Maloney, Evelyn Lushenko, Sherry Hansen, Sharon Willimont, Penni Schneider, Kaye Brown, Kathy Holdi-man. lThird Rowl, Judy Hirsch, Linda Schectel, Joann Vassar, Vickki Wolff, Shela Ryan, Bonita Fredrickson, Patti Jeppeson, Nancy Noteboom, Kathryn Warner, Kathy Goska, Dorothy Rowley, Anne Powell, Louanne Bowns, Mary Wikander, Nancy Kurkinen, Cheryl Jarboe. lFourth Rowl: Carol Anderson, Elaine Robinson, Janice Giuntd, Shelley Fadness, Melissa Pettengill, Sheila Hildebran, Lonnie Kelley, Mary Mitchell, Donna Hopkins, Bonnie Pearce, Pat Nemgar. Donna Heumann, Nancy Stoutenburg, Susan Odbert, Carole Nees. lFifth Rowl: Carol Curran, Pam Francetich, Gladyce Wymer, Darlene Alfsen, Nancy' Taylor, Robin' Richardson, Lucy Lusk, Gayle Raymond, Delia Caldwell, Donna Cross, Marsha Ellsworth, Kathy Beltz, Barbara Copko, Lyn Andrew, Karin Knoll, Lynn Smith. lBack Rowl, Gail Munkers, Kathy Baldino, Lori Trimm, Heather Beard, Carla Tweten, Peggy Donaldson, Judy Slane, Susie Miller, Torel Caravity, Donna Lohmeyer, Denise Laiimodiene, Valerie Aboud, Vicky Taylor, Ealine Seaberg, Kathy Hausch, Donna Stickles. Spring AGS President, Lindy Johnston, Vice President, Janet Brown Each year the major event of the AGS is the Twirp Week. This week is usually highlighted by the Friday night Twirp Dance, to which the girls ask the fellow, however, due to The levy failure there will be no dance this year. Despite this fact the enthusiastic spring cabinet and representatives, led by President Lindy Johnston, are planning new ac- tivities for Twirp Week. The main money- making project will be the Slave Sale at which the men of A.F.M. bid for the senior girls who are hidden behind the curtain, showing only their feet. The highest bidder has the girl for his slave for the remainder of the day. A.G.S. sponsored a Fashion Show put on by the Hi-Board representatives on March 8. The latest in spring fashions were modeled by the A.G.S. reps. Door prizes which included a charm bracelet from Klein's Jewelers, a month member- ship at Loprinzi's Gym, and a wiglet from Wig World, were given away to girls whose names were drawn at ran- dom. The cabinet is now in the process of organizing the Big and Little Sister pro- gram for next year's incoming freshmen. Q '42 W 'is JY Spring AGS Secretary, Brenda Metteer, Treasurer, Claudia Blake, Historian, Susie Deems. ,Q ,M ,, llhnikgg x H 'ss-.,m . 'LI-K. x Dads' Club discusses support of Franklin clubs. 1 1 ?. BOWLING CLUB: lFront Rowl: Dave Yamasaki, Sgt. at Arms, Dale South, President, Miss Knotts, Advisor, Rick Sauer, Treasurer. lSecond Rowl: Jeff McEwen, Miles C. Anderson, Joy Wilson, Billie Test, Kay Crewse, Patti Hamlin, Lauri Wiatt, Lynn Tesdall, Rhea Goodwin, Sandy Thario, lSecond Rowle Alan Anderson, Jerry McKeown, Ross Getchell, Dave Gardner, David Dimoff, Melvin Louie, Stan Dicks, Keith Todd, Gary Doering, Ken Palmer, Leroy'Sloan, Keith Hash. Bowling Club And Catalyst CATALYST: lFront Rowl: Steve Turley, Fall Vice-President, Kathie Ross, Fall President, Mr. Sklenicka, Advisor, Derek Monroe, Spring President, Art Frohwerk, Spring Vice-President. lSecorid Rowl: Mike Bell, Doris Chan, Chris Chummun, Harriet Sheets, Kris Gniewosz, Moira McBride, Claudia Bardt, Frea Dierking. lThird Rowl: Jon Ruddell, Jim- Davis, Ed Sheets, Jim McDaniels, Jeff Furnish, Craig Parker, Jim Lau, Don Hildebrand. lFourth Rowlz Dave Slosher, Den Alver, Ron Orm, Rick Sauer, Cleeve Parker, Gary Schlickeiser. 171 1'- il we S DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION: lFront Rowl: JoAnn- LaHue, Fall President, Sharon Sanders, Fall Secretary, Sally Howell, Spring Secretary, Kathry Beltz, Spring Vice-President, George Teeny, Spring President. lSecond Rowl: Mike Kingsley, Pat Hornbeck, Janice Kolibaba, Ivy Howel, Sharon- Nudelman, Margaret Bruner, Suzy Harell, Karen Sowles, Ron Faulhaber. lThird Rowl: Mr. Grogan, Advisor, Rob Eaton, Kenneth McAloney, Jerry Getchell, Mike Cook, Roy Mirenda, Tim Achison, Steve Lieb, Lewell Rose. lBack Rowl: Randy Camp, Dave Opoka, Bob Itami, Kelly Rutherfordil Paul Taylor, Jay Gregg, Rick Mier. Disfributive Education And Friars FRIARS: lFront Rowl: Roger Kruse, Fall President, Mr. Mabry, Advisor, Bob Schneider, Spring President. iBack Rowl: John Cavagno, Rudy Cosciato, Art Frohwerk, John Gallucci, Ed Sheets, Derek Monroe, Dan Wright. FUTURE MEDICAL STUDENTS: IFronf Rowlz Debbie Harmon, President, Miss Rizner, Advisor, Jeanne Addis, Vice-President, Donna Cross, Secretary. IBack Rowl: Chris Schray, Janet Anderson, Allen Johnson, Tom Gay, Ron Orme, Steve Harmon, Janice Dolan, Fulure Medical Sfudenfs And Fufure Teachers Of America FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: IFronf Rowl: Sue Head, Fall Vice-Presidentp Sharon Willimonf, Fall President, Glen Caniparoli, Spring President, Marleen Ikeda, Spring Secretary. ISecond Rowlz Calhie Moffitt, Craylon- Naylor, Valerie Aboud, Carol Fuglee, Sue Peck, Karen Lovlien, Linda Niiranen, Donna Wolff, Joe Heucherf. IBack Rowl: Lynn Bruner, Elaine Sipp, Virginia Tyler, Michele Vulgaris, Lori Boone, Evelyn Lushenko, Gloria Rust, Florence Kraley. I KEY: lFront Rowl: Dan MacElhany, Fall Treasurer, John Gallucci, Fall President, Jerry Jarboe, Spring President, Gary Keller, Spring Treasurer. lSecond Rowl: Jeff Furnish, Mike McMurray, John Cavagno, Rudy Ccisciato, Phil Carroll, Steve Grove, Rick Brown, Dan Wright. lBcck Rowlz Joni Ruddell, Jerry Bingham, Nat Flathers, Roger Kruse, Perry Hines, John Savory, Bill Piland, Ed Sheets, Rob Schneider. Key And Lambda Gamma LAMBDA GAMMA: lFront Rowl: Linda Niiranen, Spring Vice-Presiden-tg Lori Boone, Spring President, Miss Wohlcl, Advisor, Kris Gniewosz, Fall President. lSecond Rowl: Felecia Gniewosz, Doris Chan, Melody Conboy, Susan Price, Judy Patterson, Wynne Bergstrom, Nancy McQuaw, Linda Thamg lBack Rowl: Kathie Roberts, Evelyn Lushenko, Lauri Patterson. 5 LETTERMEN: lFront Rowlz Carol Fuglee, Marilyn Mizote, Susie Deems, Gayle Stucki, Spring Secretary, Gordy Weisenberg, Spring Vice-President, Rudy Casciato, Spring President, Dan Lanning, Spring Treasurer: Kathie Ross, Moira McBride, Mary Anne D'Ambrosia, Diane Foeller. lSecond Rowl: Judy Fazzolari, Gerry Getchel, Gill Scott, Craig Smith, Glen Caniparoli, Dale South, Phil Carroll, Steve Grove, Anthony Huie, Dan Wright, Wally Gage, Claude Des Georges, George Brown, Susan Brolliar. iThird Rowl: John Jenson, Mike McDow, Tom Stewart, Ernest lnclan, Dave Rutan, John Marino, Ron Roberti, Da-rell Coe, Terry Carr, Mike McMurray. lFourth Rowl1 Jon Ruddell, Jim Lau, Kevin Jones, Dale Barnhart, Not Identified, Nat Flathers, Paul Schwartz, Gary Hathaway, Roy Hoyt, Mike Varnell, Mike Pond, Art Wold. lFifth Rowl: Pete Moon-, Not Identified, Ron Canfield, Jim Woodcock, John Gollucci, Bill Piland, Rick Robinson, Jim Keller, Not Identified, lBack Rowl: Dan McElhaney, Ric Long, Mike Casciato, Perry Hines, Gary Keller, Dave Austin., Cleeve Parker, Ron Orme, Rob Schneider, John Savory, Dan Keefer. Lefiermen And National Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: lFront Rowl: Kathie Ross, Fall Treasurer, Sue Peck, Fall Secretary, Jeff Furnish, Fall President, Mr. Gehrke, Advisor, Ed Sheets, Spring President, Mary Louise Ott, Spring Vice-President, Josie Feammelli, Secretary, Debbie Capperalli, Spring Treasurer. lSecond Rowi: Carol Caniporali, Laurie Patterson, Sylvia Hillesland, Lynn Olson, Gayle Stucki, Susie Deems, Jeanne Bisenius, Doris Chan, Jeanne Schetel, Rick Brown, Dan Wright, Bob Marshall. iThird Rowl: Ardelle Jacobsen, Jean Spurlock, Donna Winquist, Marilyn Utz, Jan Special, Michele Vulgaris, Jerry Jarboe, Rudy Casciato, John Cavagna, John Jensoni, Kris Gn-iewosz, Dick Garvin. iFourth Rowlz Barbara Hollway, Cathie Loprinzi, Mary Gorsline, Marcelline Crisanaz, Terry Coons, Donna Wolff, Dennis Blanchard, Jim Davis, Diane Royalnce, Barbara Ehrig, Joan Mammen. lFourth Rowlz Sue Head, Nadine Bunnell, Arlene Richford, Sue Straight, Peggy Siegle, Virginia Tyler, Don Hildebrand, Bob Lytle, Turid Olsen, Sue Odbert, Lori Boone. lBack Rowl: Donna Cross, Sue Heidinger, Jon Ruddell, Dave Austin, Ross Morehouse, Jim Wirick, John Gallucci, Roger Kruse, Rob Shneider, Derek Monroe, Joe Beck, Art Frohwerk. l75 PEP CLUB: lFront Rowl: Pam Francetich, Sgt. at Arms, Jerine Burgard, Treasurer, Mary Mitchell, Secretary, Miss Vaughnr, Advisor, Debbie Dodd, Presi- dent, Shelley Fadness, Vice-President, Sherrie Primmer, Historian. lSecond Rowlz Karen Zaleski, An McBride, Judy' Lee, Nancy Kurkinen, Heather Beard, Debbie Hinkle, Nancy Taylor, Susan Swain, Pam Stady, Donna Scopacasa, Donna McClure. lThird Rowl: Darcie Phillips, Rebecca Henderson, Marlene Wright, Darlene Caldwell, Terrie Hicks, Nancy Hayzlatt, Kathy Baldino, Linda Vance, Chris Carr, Kathy Holdiman, Janet Anderson. lFourth Rowlr Colleen Callaghan, Marilyn Barnhart, Judy Ell, Donna Baldwin-, Juanita Rivera, Karen Baisinger, Sibyl Christensen, Karen Barnett, Marilyn Catan, Margaret Benson, Vickie Scales. Pep Club And Pleiades PLEIADES: lFronrt Rowl: Gayle Stucki, Treasurer, Turid Olsen, Vice-President, Marilyn Utz, Presidentgl Virginia Tyler, Secretary, Josie Feammelli, Historian. lSecond Rowl: Sylvia4Hillesland, Michele Vulgaris, Kathy Kanas. SIGMA PHI ALPHA: lFront Rowl: Sally Warner, Fall President, Mr. Pancheau, Advisor, Susan ltami, Spring President. lSecond Rowl: Kati Warner, Debbie Darnell, Phil Baldino, Sylvia Hillesland, Claudia Bardt, Rhonda Hunnel, Susan Roth, Debby Dunlop. lThird Rowlf Virginia Murphy, Elaina Sipp, Charolotte Rickard, Jolene Schuette, Donna Hesson, Evelyn- Lushenko, Margie Harrington, Scott Hill. lFourth Rowl: Glen- Caniparoli, George Hill, Dave Thompson, Larry Ruddell, Jim Wirick, Jay Thomas, Cliff Lewis, Rick Sauer, Roy Bennett. lBack Rowl: Edt Rolin, Doug Gillis, Dave Austen, Bob Lytle. Sigma Phi Alpha And Youth For Christ YOUTH FOR CHRIST: lFront Rowl: Linda Johnson, Vice President, Jim Davis, President, Duwana Johnson, Secretary, Kathy Beltz, Treasurer, lSecond Rowl: Jeanne Addis, Lorenene Hawkins, Carol Brown. lBack Rowl: Debbie Douglas, Karen Lindley, James Lua, Lela Leirmo, Diane Kaski. W'fW33M W wbwif M Mfwwffxwv MQW ,wfwgfjdyw W iii W W OW My M Che Glory af Action ,... ports lFirst Rowi: Glenn Caniporoli, Cliff Nail, Bob Gross, Randy Kleeman, John Narino, Don Loomis, Kevin Jones, Mike Casciato, Ken French, Anthony Huie, Jay Hopkins, Steve High, Ron Canfield, Rudy Casciatidj Gordon Weisenburg, Robert ltami. lSecond Rowl: Allen Grant, Pete Moun, Ken Rueck, Roger Roisom, Dave Snider, Dan Keefer, Dick Garvin, Steve Hofer, Randy Miller, Terry Carr, Paul Schwartz, Randy McLean, Dave McFall, Mike McMurray, Art Wold, John Struble, Phil Carroll. iThird Rowl: Chet McClure, Dan McElhaney, Rick Long, Bob Kickson, Terry Ross, Dave Austin, Ken Bolder, Dan Velander, Nat Flathers, John Gallucci, Marshall Short, Dave McFarlane, Bill Piland, Gary Keller, Mike Pond. Long Practices Produce Determined Team Long pre-season practices combine with good coaching by Coach Wal Buckiewicz produced a determined an spirited '68 Varsity Football team. Thi year, because of the number of hig schools in the city, the different teams had to be divided into separate groups with the winners of each division meet- ing in a play-off game for the chami pionship. Along with separate divisior' competition, each team played a numbei of pre-season games to balance thi: schedule. Franklin's team started witl two pre-season wins against Jeftersor and Lincoln high schools. With these wins under their belts, the Quakers wen into the regular season games with higl' hopes and determination. The team cul minated the season with a 4 win, 4 los: record, bringing to an end a tough sea son with rough competition. iBottom Leftl: Quarter back drops back to pass. iTop Rightl: Franklin defenders overcome opponent. iCen1er Rightl: Franklin offense finds a break in the line. lBottom Rightl: End sweep gains valuable yardage. ,ak 1, pm ' - i R' ,. 1- NX 'ef ' f Q Q 5 i E ' L' -4,1 Q ' X 'y .QL M is 'N I 1 ,a 5 Y 2 NF '+ M-fvqwf - A -'.' .Sag x 5 Q, gg, . 1 'ff 'wtf it at K ,,1.-puv-vm' L 4 " . QV 5' ' ' I, , aim' 'M X ff 'LLA , . . ,, ' rx' ,. . Q X. , uk b'M. 5 'Q-, - QA ,QQ du, -wk . A X NTL, 4 mmm rf.. - SN' 'V Q X aww,-f Q " '- K Q,,D,.,g,,' ,.4ww'- 'f ' " all - , ' - . - . ' 5 f 'iq' Q , ' Q sf ' X ' 1 s gkw 1 pf 0 """ A ' r QQ 5 A -K ie: 9' X 5 ' ' . . I ' l l 4 A , U N V .,. . ' .., . I x 5 Y. A 1' 0 mx, ..,. K- '5- , , . 3' ... ' 'Tins H 'N'-s4.w' , 'Qs' . , Ahh - W. - .....,.-V V My QVEEN T I. Ahsl Inspired Seniors lTop, from Lefr, both pagesl: Marshall Short Joy Hopkins Mike McMurray John Gallucci Ken Bolder John Sfruble Dan Velander lBo'n'om Leftl: Player takes a break offer muddy first quar- ter. lCenfer Rightlz Quaker caught behind lines by opponents. lBo1Tom Rightl: A break in the line gets big yardage. , .Q lk Lead The Team Wifh Dedicolfion lFirst Rowl. Coach Elmers, Ed Rally, Rick Hollway, Mike Goodale, Mark Wyatt, Tony Westom, Del Cullisom, Ernie Inclan, Kent Seymore, Don Hopkins, Tod Halberg, Coach Nelson. lSecond Rowl: Jim Pinckard, Cliff Lewis, Paul Rueck, Don Gullitord, Greg Grandy, Mark Knutson, Joe Heuchert, Frank Granstrom Ron Ducham, Tom Johnson, Ken Gunter, Kerry Beniamin. lThird Rowl: Terry Jones, Steve Peterson, Jan McLean, Tom Austin, Loren Hamar, Gary Turner, Ro Naught, Gary McGuire, Pat McGarlane, Doug Gilies, Paul Pavlich, Larry Jones, Steve Smothers. J. V. Compile Excellent Record Jr 9 1 V all r ' ...,,. r.. , AWE, ff .. C' . 'ff ' A , 6 9- ' . . 27,4 . pt 4 . A 1 Q, xv , , . , ", 1 , ' Y ' l A ,V 1 f K h -- ' 11. .wut 5 e 00 E ijt. p 9- 5 K. A ' 'Q U- 'N F, Qi 4 8 4 i"S. if 1, F, , v 4 'lf i 1 9 I ll i lit iri r .. Q T pq 11" in H it A 'sn 5 . P' ', . A 'M' me if fe 'V 4 ' 1 L ml r C . . . f ef mr ,.,, I , , -. w 7v5.3,,,,.,.., if ' fr, 5, ,, 1, .A H ff , .S if , ..:... , no 1 I it 'ir' f.'f.'fw.g1 'r". fr ' ' "M f 4' i T f .. V, rf A f 9 . .. D ,V ,,, . 7 This year's J.V. Football team com pleted a successful season under th leadership ot Coach Hal Elmers. Strenu ous practices combined with scrimmage with the varsity team built a prepare and determined J.V. team. The J.V teams this year, like the Varsity, wer divided into divisions because of th number of schools. Upon taring well i the pre-season games, a determined J.V. team went into the regular season game high spirited. The J.V. terminated an excellent season with a 6 win, 2 loss record. This page, lBottom Lettl: J.V. defenders stop of fensive cold. Opposite page, lTop Rightl: J.V. pas attempt stopped. lCenter Rightl: Quaker brough down after large gain. lBottom Rightl: Quaker' line holds strong. .zz iFront Rowl: Darwin Rasmussen, Paul Burkenbine, Jim Pouiade, Larry Hall, Mike Santangelo, Gary Rathkey Allan Weber Dan Hall Greg Parrish Elmer Boroff, Greg Keller, Bob Eustler, Rick Schibel, Bob Zeilsdorf. iSecond Rowl: Jim Olsen, Dave Kidner Rick Brown Rick Baugher Jim Dunn Dennis Bodeman Dan Bishop, Paul Lambert, Jim Brady, Chris Ball, Bob Lynn, Craig Mullen, Bill Bush, Jim Ehrig, Wayne Michigami iThird Rowl Jerry Dahlgren Douq Guinn David Dimoff, Mike Schaffer, Rudy Heucherct, Mark Holifer, Dennis Stith, Steve Nelson, Brian Cross Jeff Hill Tracy Hawkins John Emra Aaron Koehler Verncn Bacon, Alan Sweet, Felix Godoz, Chris Qual, Dave Olsen. Frosh Complete Undefeafed Season This year's 'freshman football team had an exceptional season, Except for a tie with Grant, the team was undefeated. These re- sults surprised Coach Burri. When the season began, the team was in poor shape, but their intense enthusiasm and marvelous de- sire 'to win rallied them to success. To make a good team there must be real devotion to the game. "The freshmen really have it," stated Coach Burri. This rang true as the frosh racked up a total of lO4 points while holding their opponents to 30. The team strength sprang from their abil- ity to score during any and every ganne..The defense knew this so they held the other teams from scoring, The frosh elected their own team captains: Jim Pouiacle, Greg Parrish, Greg Keller and Bob Eustler. The two top scorers for the season were Dan Hall and Greg Keller. 'ij' 'ag .arf 1' i. Q' Q- Wi-tis - Rifle Team Explodes Myths, Accepts J ox Girls On Team v + we fTop Leftl: Quaker Muskets practice for upcoming meet. lTop Rightl: Rea Wheeler draws bead on target during rifle practice. lBottomJ: Judy Jones and Jean Vincinguerra check the accuracy , of their practice shots. l Judy Jones and David Ball practice at Marshall in- door rifle range. lFront Rowl: Gene Craig, Tom Geimer, David Ball, Bill Jones, Coach Davis, lSecond Rowlz Judy Jones, lna Essy, Jean Vinciguerra, Rea Wheeler, Joe Jones. lThird Rowlf Keith Anderson, Jay Thomas, Dana Hill, Marshall Short, Mr. Floyd Jones. 187 Freshman Team, lFront Rowl: Dave Earnest, Dave Smith, Mike Priestly, Tom Herd, Bob Knutsen, Jim Brown, Mike Lockhart, lSecond Rowl: Pat Wood Zilk, Billy Haynes, Dick Green, Jim Shields, Stan Gish, Doug Roylance, Craig Osbeck. D. Green J- Zilk D. Smith P. Wood M. Lockhart Frosh Ancl J. V. Runners Produce Successful Team F- Frflncefich J. Jensen E. Casiaro K. Kibe G. Pussmore Junior Varsity Team. lFirst Rowl: Keith Kibe, Jon Ball, Gary Passmore, Scott Hill, Allen Johnson, Jim McHenry, Floyd Francetich, Dan Wilson, Jerry lSecond Rowl: George Brown, Jon Jensen, Stan Kadolph, Don Smurthwaite, Bill Green, Tom Gay, Dale Brosius, Dean Bassinger, Robert Wood. , Dave Rutcm. This year's cross country team started successful season with a spirited team nd grueling workouts. Coach Len heele combined speed building drills ith endurance building, long distance ns in preparing the teams tor this ar's competition. Hard work, tough mpetition, and sound coaching by oach Scheele were not in vain as the rsity placed 7th in the city meet, the nior varsity placed 6th inthe city meet, nd the freshman team placed 5th, We Rowl: Jon Ruedell, Ed Casizto, Jett Oreste, Dan Lanning, Mike McDow, Tom Steward. lSeconcl Rowl: Coach Scheele Doxe Moxely Joe Jones Dale lCenter Rightl: Dan Lanning. lBottom Leftl: Jon Ru- dell. lBottom Centerl: Dale South. lBottom Rightl: Mike McDow lFront Rowl: Roy Ruddell, Mike Ducham, Jim Keller, Gary Koch, Mike Davis, Bruce Heath, Sam Yaconetti, Jim Brown. lSecond Rowl: Bruce Harvey, Dale Barnhart, Walter Kubli, Kevin Addis, Clark Wolf, Arthur Raphael, Craig Whitley. lFront Rowl: Kathie Ross, Mary Anne D'Ambrosia, Roberta Henderson, Chris Reverman, Barbara Gniewosz, Torel Caravity. lSecond Rowl: Phyllis Weaver Debbie Densem, Nancy Hodson, Moira McBride, Leslie Adams, Debbie Super. Strenuous Practice Rallies '67 Swim Team This year's varsity swimming team has high hopes tor future competition. The boys were much better swimmers than in previous years. The team had only one senior, and since the boys always continue to improve their skills, the prospect tor the coming years looks even brighter. The same held true tor the girls. Although their team was small in number, they had a great deal ot poten- tial, and, like the boys, improve with strenuous practice. This year's team has shown premature signs ot their success for the future. QV Chris Revermari and Craig Whitley swim breast-stroke in competition. Sf A f V ,,,y. ,.-'-.A,.:- . X. - ,- ' s '-- x , . .Q X 5 X , ' .,- fp ' ' t -'V' ln, .-W' ,5 Q., K 5. . wait. -v:f,5,, . b ,i 5, L . M, ' .. . -, . t ' A - s ' v L 1 . . - rm r - - 4 , , 'P-v 59' . gps' 1-'41 QT." 5-1"-if.. M , ,I . .af Q, , :A , ?+.?A3Y yn .659 5L..3i.u., espn . 'Ng 1 f ' ' f - , N an M 4 v 'QR 11, li -M , t Q. 1 7, -..r."'ML 4' . .Y-4"4' .K ,-,,,-.-gf! -h-" :3"' 'ffl - u-1, gr- .Q fbi: .--.-0.1552 bv K .-,., f -- -:Q ,,., 1 1 4. . . . ,. . -1. ..,,,, 1. v ,n A 'A' -J, 11.1" 4,,' ,E 1 , ff . ,f ,ef 5 x .r 6 , , 7. '22, ' nf xrzxg. L. 14+ bv l55'75"'7':,,,L . Q, m ,. 4.9 . sm. , ,- v.- na, S ,. , ,4 -.- - ... -Sb- . .fx . 4 t.. ,Wg , ,fx .ne X, fs i. y . Q. 1 Q, Q Z Ls 1. 3. ' A , As ,V - 'J I js: ',"4,ig. .' ,,Y?A,v.yX r , . 1'-K 348, I ge' ' ' .-.. ' f, 1 ' y 1, 'fr ,o ". ,fru- m.. , . , .. ff, . . 4 - MLA N 'r ,.,, , k W pta, " ' I 5 I 1 Aff'-1 , K . x .IP 1- - Q . 1 ' if . A ii' --,.-,A .5 -, .- . P ' , 4 'f,,,i!0f:1:, ' 'ff ' ' 1, f' , 3 4, -S, Y. MQ, S3 Y gf .LJ-s J LQ -. -'v ' ' x"93,,.. , . ,. ' K ,A VE: ff -I g, W -Q W wrvg, A, .wr ' .r Q ' ,,---,, --Q " ,W ,I va Q-- ,,,.,-i' 'V 5 Q -....- L"'-ii. - . s Q? 3 Q . i-idx' x -'f , si 5 g r A f fx as 1 k U , Q56 ts: q YQ ' -1, Q ga N W, .4yuw.:,-..w-4w...,, ,MM ,.A,.x,... 2. 1 .. -bmw-'fmgirlmx -L.. kk V ' ' , ,. L ,fig ' ' .... Q D 5i41.j"k ' A . 1 g ' b L ip If 9 lk' ' . I 5' ,gf ' r 1 s w Q SJ fx ' A . , . fi? , M ' .. . , 5, 2. 41 xx 'Q V 1. X, 5 ' X. 'ex K A l . Q, 5 V , -Y K af' A ' 'K Y -.L '.. , 1 ' , ,. -X, . . Kyiv, ' A , . . ..,8......m.- ........m .. 'K K ' ""'Ws'i4?,g!f5?5.'lYil5':i-x gig, I ' . . x I5 I ' ' . 'ff' . 5 -- Q - 7 7 . . I s 'Av J Lf, 1 V . of ,,.., ,..- Spirifed Rally Supporfs Defermined Team Members of wrestling rally prepare To meet Sonia in skiT To iniroduce wrestling rally ouTTiTs. An aTTer school assembly Took place lasT spring Tor The purpose of announc- ing, The New members of The TooTball- wresTling rally Tor The Tall of The T967- i968 school year. As soon as school was ouT and-The summer vacaTion had sTarTed, The girls sTarTed pracTicing Their yells and dances. They pracTiced an average of Three or Tour days a week. ATTer The school levy was deTeaTed Tor a second Time, in July, all The rallies in The ciTy goT TogeTher To elecT one mem- ber of each rally To represenT Them on a commiTTee To organize The "Save The P'lL" drive. Franklin's represenTaTive was iunior Judy Fazzolari. The girls Took Two or Three weeks off from pracTice To help in The drive. They wenT Trorn door To door solicifing Tunds, and worked on an all-ciTy car wash and dance. 9251,-,N , .,.. It ,se ta Nm, llineelingl: Judy Fazzolari, Steve Grove, Rea Wheeler. lSTanclingl: Diane Foeller, Gayle STucki, Sfeve Jackson, Lynn Chafterron, Susie Deems, Nancy Sfoutenburg ---l 5 5.1 Varsity Basketball Team: lLeft to Rightl Del Cullison lManagerl, Ray Hoyt, Roger Roisum, Bob Shields, Dan McElhaney, Dan Velander Bill Todd Jim Shields lManagerl, Jim Woodcock, Rick Long, Rob Schneider, Byron Lindholm, Mike Varnell, Jim Winters lCoachl. Varsity Basketball Players Have Successful Season This year's Varsity basketball Team had an outstanding season. Although their won-loss record vvas not as well as it could have been, all The boys on the Team agree that it was an invalu- able season as far as experience was concerned. Among the outstanding sen- iors vvho contributed to the success of the season were Dan Velander and Byron Lindholm. Outstanding iuniors were Rick Long and Dan McElhaney. Outstanding Individuals Dan Velander Byron Lindholm Rick Long Dan McElhaney Coach Winters confers with boys at half-time W - xv-.M , M mmf ,Q Y uf y Q SY, -f wi -43 ! 1 nh ,gig 5 fR14I,f? S2 llilq 1 Q 0 Coach Hashberger Trains .l. V. Maplemen MANAGERS: Rodney Hildebrand ond Rick McDonald. Team: Doug Burgurd, Cliff Lewis, Mark Knutson, Pot McFarland, Dove Buell, Steve Peterson, Steve Smofhers, Curr Hansen, Doug Gillies, Paul Pcxvlick, Don VerMeer, Jon- McLean, Dove Smith. N,. N l " ' ' f-- ' I ' - 4 1.10 1' ' " gif ylffflfy 'X -:wv.'L L-- ffl' 3 ' - 4 . le tl'EQff cr- . .T .ffl 1' 'tim , 1 N' MF N ' 1 wf.Jx1 'V' ' . ' vw ' T S2 A x 1 . X f- J '. 'X -x ff - s ,M 'Q-.Q f 'xl Ms rf .Q 3 X s A K 5 A i A , K r'f'fNi -"' L 1' X K ' lm., 3 5 .4 J N , i I K . I y L Al ,. L hnui-nl Q1 'l lFront Rowl: Steve Cross, Larry Whittkop, Grey Dioreto, Jim Dunn, Mike Santangelo, Jeff Holland, Rick Brown, Brian Kelly, Mark Holifer, Jim Schuette. lSecond Rowl: Paul Carpenter, Jeff Hill, Stan Gish, Ken Rodd, Bob Beswick, Rick Schibel, Shields, Dan Bishop, Steve Roos, Pete Moon. lThird Rowl: Bob Zielsdorf, Allen lnahara, Tim Dremen, Paul Herrmann, Pat Wood, Jim Elston, Jeff Zilk, Bill Lewis, John Wakeman, Alvin Payne, Brian Cross. Franklin freshman B-Ball player goes for jump ball. Freshman Basketball Team Completes Challenging Season X45 'A This year's Freshman basketball team had a successful season under the lead- ership of Coach Willis. This year's Team fought a hard season with continuous preparation. The team's success in gain- ing important skills and practice can be attributed to the determination and spirit of the Frosh team. This year's Frosh B-Ball leaves great prospects for the future. L iFront Rowi: Dave Ellis, Jeff Moffit, George Andyke, Gary Hathaway, .lon Ruddel, Floyd Francetich, Jay Hopkins, Steve Lieb, K. C. Jones, Mike McMurray Randy Kleeman, Cleve Parker, Ken Bolder. iSecond Rowl: Scott Hill, Don Hopkins, Keith Kibe, Jeff Burchell, Ernesto Inclan, Nick Gattuccio Paul Schwartz Gary Ball, John Marino, Ken Brown, Mike Pond, Tom Austin, Dave Austin. Varsity Wrestlers Take P.l.L. This year's Varsity wrestling team finished number one in the city. Under the leadership of Coach Burri, and the strong determination of the boys them- selves, this season produced one of the finest wrestling teams Franklin has seen in years. This success was due mainly to, hard work, much team spirit and outstanding efforts by varsity wrestlers Ken Bolder, Jay Hopkins, Mike McMur- ray and George Andyke. However, the season did not go without a mishap as early in the season varsity wrestler George Andyke suffered a dislocated shoulder. Franklin can be proud of every single team member, for outstanding efforts by all were required to make Franklin's '68 wrestling team number one in Port- land. N? 'fc ',,g.Q. in Mit K lTopl1 Hopkins and Andyke practice wrestling tech- niques. lCenterl1 Dave McFarlane prepares to pin opponent. lBottom Lefttz Ken Bolder and opponent square off for match. IBottom Rightlz Jay Hopkins breaks loose from opponent. Opposite pagep lCenter Leftl: Steve Lieb attempts to maneuver opponent. fCenter Rightl: George Andyke tries to offset his partner's balance. iBottoml: Randy Kleeman turns his opponent for a pin. HM lx Q1 l 200 ix Coach Burri shows John Marino how to successfully avoid getting pinned. Japanese All-Stars Highlight Wrestling Season lAbovel: Japanese All-Stars enter gym prior to match. lRight, ToPl: Franklin wrestler breaks down Madison opponent. lllight, Bottoml: Keith Kibe prepares for second round against Madison wrestler. at-l 'R oo an 0' " Q9 -0' vw I V I 1 --we 'T' lFront Rowl: John Ball, Jerry lkeda, Ma-rk Wyatt, Gary Keller, Bruce Clow, Richard Niironen, Gary' Schneider. lSecond Rowl1 Mike Buchanan, Ed Roley David Dexter, Brain Gattuccio, Thomas Taylor, Rick Holloway, Terry Jones, Gary Willet. J. V. And Frosh Grapple With Fundamentals lFront Rowl: Greg Parrish, Lee Boroff, Darwin Rasmussen, Greg Keller, Stacey Delazerada, Dennis Ward, Robert Lynn, Kenny Ward, Tim Wilson, Stuart Yabuki, .John Robson. lSecond Rowli Allen Weber, Aaron Kochler, Mike Schaffer, Mike Ryan, Doug Guinn, Lee Beggs, Wayne Michigami, Jeff Schroth, Allen Sweet, Ernie Hiday, Steve Soderquisf, David Ball, Miles Anderson, Tom Herd. 2 Rally STarTs Season Early With uSave P.l.L." And Organizafion Of J.V. Rally This year's varsiTy baskeTball rally started The season by introducing Their outfits in a ioint assembly with The wrestling rally and J.V. basketball rally. Preparation Tor The season began lasT summer when The girls held Their prac- Tices. They worked wiTh The other rallies in The ciTy on The "Save The PIL" ciTy wide car wash and fund drive. After school began They organized The J.V. rally eliminations and Try outs and helped Them get sTarTed. As a geT ac- quainted project, The Varsity Rally had a banquet wiTh rallies from other schools. Rally girls Darlene Harris and Brenda Metteer rest between yells. M pc xv- N, Sh,-S lGirlsl. Brenda Metteer, Carol Fuglee, Susan Bennett, Donna Faucett, Darlene Harris, Kathy Helmer. lBoysl1 Vince Murphy, Dale South, Doug Lambert RS lTopl: Susan Bennett, Kathy Helmer and Donna Fawcett do dance routine during game. lLeftl: Var- sity rally performs "Give 'em the Axe" chant. lBottom Lettlz Susan Bennett does the splits at ci pep assembly. lBottom Rightlf Rally members re- veal their new outfits in a skit. lt, xi T X. n, ' f . A I L . A 4 After School Assembly Reveals .l.V. Rally After the eliminations, each finalist trying out for .l.V, rally presented her own routine to go with a yell from the yell book. Each girl tried out separately, then all twelve performed collectively. The six winners were announced in an after school assembly in the main hall. The six girls who make up the rally are: sophomores, Kathy Fuglee and Patty Smith and freshmen Terry Brock, Patty Ball, Carla Tweten, and Susie Miller. The girls began their practices immediately and drilled every night until the season began in December. The unveiling of their outfits came in a ioint assembly with the varsity rallies. Maroon iackets with white trim and maroon and white box pleated skirts composed the new uniforms. Before each game the girls bought each member of the team a treat. Q , g r lvl!! A W f F, , g ' 4 wg., ..' I lf' , ,Wf" 3 T , , 5 if V 5 fm il V .fss W. ' - ' 'Q' . ' . Q f ' g ' in gi: 'i , , '...f Y .gg f ., . - " 1 F 'G it , 'Q' st ' H A a Vg wi kg . U if. X 5 Spirited rally whirl through active routine at J.V, basketball game , g lLeft to Rightl: Kathy Fuglee, Susie Miller, Patty Ball, Terry Brock, Carla Tween, Patty Smith. bmi Sf- Gary Vigna, Jerry Ikeda, Mike McDonald, Ron Morgan, Dave Dexter, Dan Wright, Mr. Fleming, Roger Kruse. Ed Sheets, T. Osborn, Bob Brandt, Ted Maloney. Early Selection Prepares Teams For Full Season lFront Rowl: Mr., Linda Schmidt, Teresa Walsh, Donna Pitzer, Mary Sirianni, Charlene Clark, Susie Miller, Judy Sling, Gloria Bennett, Urpha Berry. lBack Rowl: Christy Little, Debbie Stokes, Gwenn Godsey, Carla Tweten, Robbin Shulton, Anita Brockmiller. , 4 . . .:,-'zxiiifl . . .4 .1 - , A l lFront Rowl: Mr. Mabry, Dan Gish, John Mather, Jim Lcii, Rick Sauer, Jim Dunn, Allan Sweet. lBack Rowl: Wally Gage, Roger Carter, Ron Urme, Varsity Tennis And Baseball Teams Display Skills. . . lFront Rowl: George AnDyke, Darrell Coe, Doug Lambert, Joe Ell, Ray Hoyt, Rudy Casciato, Fred Dierking. lSecond Rowl: Peter Moon, Doug Wolf, Don Loomis, Dan Trinci, Bob Otey, Mike Casciato, Ddve Snyder, Gary Flaming, Bob Gross. lThird Rowl: Randy McCIean, Vince Murphy, Rick Robinson, Dan Velander, Rick Long, Dan McEIhaney, Brian Schmidt. 7 mi .lx,.....,o 1 H of i 'rl lFront Rowl: Steve Jones, Jerry Nickila, Tyler Tsunemitsu, Doug Burgard, Ralph Tarrauso, Bob Edmunson, Leon Hawkins, Tod Halberg. lSecond Rowl: Coach. Nelson, Ron Edwards, Bill Morgan, Steve O'Neil, Robert Stone, Mark Tawill, Doug Blair, Cliff Lewis, Mike Winchester, Dan Harding. lThird Rowl: Pat McFarlane, Steve Taylor, Mike Evans, Don Whal, Steve Peterson, Mike Malet, Mike McDonough, Dan Venir, Keith Anderson. Developed In Frosh And .l.V. Apprenticeships . ,. .1 .-t.Al ' . lFront Rowl: Gerry Garret, Ken Mills, Mike Santangelo, Jim Elston, Rick Schibel, Dennis Smith, Jeff Holland, Bill Otey, Rick Brown, Dennis Bodeman, John Emra, Ricky Goodall. lSecond Rowl: Coach Hashberger, Alan lnahara, Vic Gilliam, Rick Baugher, Greg Rumbaugh, Warren Giandemenico, Craig Mullen, Al Payne, Brian Kelly, Steve Wilson, Laird Clow, Dan Hall, Steve Miller, lBack Rowl: Brian Cross, Ken Rod, Mike Newcomer, Steve Roos, Alan Webber, Stan Tamlly, Paul Cooper, Larry Potter, Mork Holifer, Chet Carlson, Rodney Hildenbrand. fl . xi fly! X XJ! xf , x 1 J ,f J Ja ,I x r if I I yf 1 1 209 Jim WR ful 1 Coach Buckiewicz, with ihe aid of pitching machine, teaches the players hitting fundemenfals. -x. .W X. iii. V r....1 lil., must ha uhlained lrsm: lusiness lllluce, School lmrictf I Ill lllalny Slml r . S ' , . . . r 1 x 1 I K I I f 1' f 1 I I 1 I I . - . n 1 , 1 n A l 1 1 1 Y Pemilluplay llllillBllll ' ' ' 1 K I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . , u x 1 1 Vx . I 1 . " 1 1 . ...- . fx-3-. ' I 1 I l , - - . - J . ,' . 1 . . i A 1 I y. ,. Al I I f .X . . . , . . u X In I I K 1 - :fx m I 1 1 ,ryN"' 1 l.,.',. an x 'fr, fr x ,u 1 ,ff 'I' Brian Schmidt works at perfecting bunting skills. franklin Baseball Players Dvercome Spring Fever ,n Nighfly Pracfice Sessions Vursily players eye the ball apprehensively at batting practice. nxkmn Y Quaker Baseball Teams Look Ahead To New Vicfory-Filled Season 212 41" Joe EII, Don Lumis, and Dan Velander watch team prepare for new year. Q7 W A Roy Hoyt tags Doug Wolfe in split second ploy. 213 n' r: 4 LQK Q 1 Mike Evans lobs bull to home plate. Bob Gross leads off ,cs Dun Trinci owoits ball. ,- .- wh 5' Q . f X: - ' ,W-. A -. N4 un "5l!51"O v I 4 I rm an 4 AQ' V. A, ff' -f A :ffm . L. we A t ,FN Ax .4 1, ,A , Q g K , 4 . wr ,B Player fakes his Turn of but os iecm-mcfe catches. as Bob Gross otiempis to steal Baseball feam members engage In throwing practice ,, , 3 ., 5- Q H Q - x - Vi., , , K 3' fi A g . i 4 Q swirl. "' - ,pp ...M Q4-was '-.nun - "lv ""'r"" ' ' "" M' ju 'J-, 'n-' -:-:I an --in in A , 'M' 'W' ""' "" I! 'FE f" IIHXXX V HQQIISQ QSQQN 'T' Ml- -s.. hh, 5 3-ML.: .xv r A - 4, -.inf , , uw' 4 ' X' L iffy I swat' x ,s',1s,M. Ab M W., M A nw. he -ui wk L K wsi :tif K1--4 K '5-,ff ' if yy -1- -p -ir, H' 555. ,k,Y,. ' ' X 36 ws"-. ' rp,-wha, ' 9 z' .k.vlsd,h.s..1...i 3 Don Wright lines up putt while Anita Brouchmiller tees off. Golf And Tennis Requires Concenfrcifion, Skill, And Precis Y 'r ,wi :nz lx a -A h , - IW' P H Wi K P 424 if e , in 'kr 'i ' Q . , , ' -1 v -'O' Q. . ins.. V " g.z:z'?'z xxx.: A .1 ' fy!! '53 ,, .- " QQ- .,, . N' ' ' vf++-. F., ,,. Members of boys tennis Yeam improve swings during pradice. 216 ws , , , , . v . o . b ' l ' A , n 1 L . ' 1 .rg , ,. gs, ,-rv. ' t 9- . 0 1 ' 1 I , 0 ' . v ' ' ' I , . , v ' ' ' , ' ' , o . 1 a ' , , - - ' V AQMM, A ,....,..-Q--.4.-W-V -- +--"M-P " f ,- r 7+-A a.s.g--Yw,,v--.- ---U -'- ' 4. , . . , . 4 , . . f , , v ' v , ' , , 4 o Q ' , f v , 1 , o ' ' . . - . , , , , pu v ' ' ' ' , v ' ' a 0 V . . . , . ' , , , 4 v ' ' ' , , v ' , . 1 , . V , -1 . v , , . -fy' , , , , .. f , . o ' o ' ' 0 o . ' 1 1 O , , v ' , Q r ' O 0 o - ' , f o , . . - . . 4 s v 0 ' v ' ' Q 1 ' , 1 Q ' Q ..o . f ' ' , , v o lTop1: Stan Gish wotches us Duwcmo Johnson returns ball to opponent. IBottomJ: Ron Orme returns opponenfs serve during practice. 7 mga all l My i l J 'Q X 'i m , . , , :Q V -- AX 1 g Z 4 ' "J ,, R, is f . -I x, f , T C' 0i'L"f ' 'X "X ' Qiifo i , i . s YN, .2 XX4 ' Q VARSITY: lFrcnt Rowlr Torn Hurd, Jeff Oreste, Jon Rudell, Ed Ccscioto, Don Lonning, Dole South, John Struble, George Brown, Floyd Frcncetich, Ron Roberti, Jon Jensen. lSecond Rovvl: Dove Austen, Dove Ruton, Dove Moxley, Dick Gdrvin, Steve Hofer, Steve Gile, Randy Miller, Not Flathers, Loren Homer, Art Wold. lThird Rowl: Dori Tdylor, Perry Hines, Bob Schneider, Ken Bolcler, John Gollucci, Dove McFc1rlone, Joe Beck, Gary Keller, Mike Pond. Track Teams Dress Down For Early Spring Picfures QALHXJ1, K sa' 4. 4' S sas sk X 'S 4 'X Q , . J.V. lFront Rowl: Ernie lnclon, Bruce Fossoti, Mark Smith, Jim McHenry, Mark Wyott, Scott Hill, John Boll, Bruce Clow. lSecond Rowl: Emery Ed Roley, Greg Grundy, Dove Petrdrco, Tom Tciylor, Mork Knutson, Dole Brosius, Rossell Scofield. lThird Rowl: Cleve Parker, Tom Austen, Kerry mon, Terry Jones, Sion Kodolf, Rod Ncught, Gory Turner, Bill Green. 218 S :ff , if Q Q. ' , 1 x 1 f - ,. gf -4 i--K 45- L ATLW Nr ' ive ' X R-Q Rowl: Darwin Rascmussen, Pot Wood, Dennis Wand, Bob Beswick, Paul Herman, Jon Robson, Bob Lynn, Dave Boll, Dave Earnest, Mike Lockhart, Smith. lBack Rowl: Lee Boroff, Jay Burkenbine, Nick Giannone, Bob Shumuay, Doug Guinn, Paul Carpenter, Jim Pouiade, Michigomi, Greg Killer Bishop, Bob Zielsdor, Jeff Zilk, Dick Green. in s. Nat Flathers exerts potential as discuss champion. Q. . is Q7 If ' Y--r .. . - ur 1 . .F Hs.. , 3 .uvv"' Mike Ernest and teammate catch breather between Lee Baroff demonstrates excellent form in hurdles. Cindermen Goin Experience Through Competition Ward vie for lead in 10 yard dash. Runners wait in anticipation of gun. Dave McFarlene pauses before throwing shot put, John Strubie attains good height in first iump of meer 0 i i it r Y Ai U ii ' ' i T I i A? L , -. .. I 5 'X X iv ,f i . f A I 9 .4 Mgr- .J Floyd Francetich prepares for race. Randy Miller leT's loose with winning. Track Compefifion Sfiffens As Stan Kadolf, George Brown, and Russell Scofield vie for first in long distance race J Qiklllmvvuq-V, 'H' ix eoison Progresses Mike Pond approches bar. Stan Kodolf wins important first as officials clock times. Jon Jensen clears bar with room to spore. Q Y 1 1 ,st 3 3 ,.... gr Q f-, 'lr if?- MQ SVG Ogk5QUw2gf5 Wf mfvfg U we KMWQWQWWW ZW? CQ MW My wdjiygvx N V' wggywy Q wmiifgiw WJ KJ . . . E715 Splendor af Kcauty ,4 cfizfifies -4 xi , , ff 3. l i 5 S A I 1 I P. I. L. Fund Drive Saves Sports The Poitlond interscholastic League eemed doomed until spirited Quakers, long with many others, participated in fund drive which raised more than 200,000 needed to save the PIL, The ports program at Franklin and each of he other Portland high schools was hreatened because of a lack of funds due to the school district levy failure. Franklin students had a drive to haul n 33 tons of paper. SAVE PIL buttons -fvere sold door-to-door, at Beaver base- nall games, and at two professional ootball games. Various social service :lubs gathered pop bottles and returned hem to stores, giving the money to the "lL. Student body officers served Coke nd ice cream while selling PIL buttons t an American Service Station. Franklin aised S5l,200, the most raised by any ingle Portland high school, and donated his to the PIL fund. 3 5 i l i Q 'Slug sing f JF, ra 1 I if f I II ear J El . -I.. 1 I 1 li -ed -..Ji XJ Rally members sell PIL pins to aid in sports. 1 I E :H s: : iff? :Qi-Q-w,g ll ' .. W, L -'J sc., 1 E 4s.,!i...2 F' Gayle Stucki, rally president, knocks on door of home in Franklin district. Gayle, Sue Deems, and Diane Foeller seek contribution for fund drive. i E 'WW' Bonnie Long and John Riesenman repre- Dove Hudson escorts sophomore, Lori Terry Brock represented freshman class sent lunior closs Smith. with Roger Kruse. Valerie Holmes Chosen Homecoming Queen Q Queen Valerie Holmes, was escorted by Dan Trinci. The traditional homecoming at Frank- lin was celebrated on the evening o September 22. The tour candidates fo homecoming queen entered trorn th west end of the bowl for the eage crowd to view, The T967 queen, senio Valerie Holmes, was crowned during th ceremonies, as her escort Dan Trinci senior class president, looked on. Val erie's court consisted of iunior Princes Bonnie Lang, escorted by John Riesen man, iunior class president, sophomor Princess Lori Smith, escorted by Dav Hudson, sophomore class president freshman Princess Terry Brock, escorte by Roger Kruse, Friars president. Each princess was presented with corsage of white roses, their escorts re ceived boutonnieres of white carnations The Queen was given a dozen red rose by the 1966 Homecoming Queen, Chri Walsh. iw A n 1. Q L 'nil' wwf' Q ? xx qi 3, z 4. , , Qi I 4' ' ' S Qlgg, ,. - gi N-V ' A 1. .W,:g Q , , x v I 0 .',,,.., 4-M IR' i W if 'iii-. 'K Q 'M I 2 1 X fi fi , IJ ff? Q . Ns ,X . ' ' nam. Q, A-f rw TW A, J., ' f1f..1 5 For the first time in seven years, Grant lost a student body card sale contest and the Franklin Quakers had the honor of being the victors, Although percentages for both schools were lower than ex- pected, Franklin was able to overcome Grant by 2.4 percentage points. As a result of the Quaker victory, Grant's student body president, Bob Heldfond, was required to come to Franklin and participate in an assembly. Dressed in painter's overalls, he painted two garbage cans in "Grant blue." Bob good-naturedly became the target of eggs, tomatoes, whipped cream, syrup and flour, all provided by Franklin's executive cabinet. Wads of paper were tossed at the visiting president by the audience. Then, adding insult to iniury, Bob was placed in a stockade and forced to watch a rally assembly in which spirit was raised for the forthcoming football game against Grant. "Mickey" threatens Elaine and Dave Franklin Overcomes Grant A Valerie and Dun yell with seniors as Mike looks on. Mike McMurray represents the football squad 230 F' ,mt . 2 HQ' Grants S.B. president humbly cracks iokes. In S. B. Card Confesf v f F. Bob mumbles, "Next time, you iosel" President excltaims over shampoo llFor Spirit, Let's Hear lt" Presentation ot the new football rally outfits took place at our first rally as- sembly, held on September 15. A skit was enacted in which the rally members represented fairytale characters. After the skit the girls emerged doing the traditional umbrella dance, thus unveil- ing their new costumes. The girls and boys outtits were of the customary ma- roon and gray, with a new twist ot gray hats tor the girls. Franklin's second football assembly was presented on Friday, October 13. The members ot the rally performed a skit, the theme of it being, "Lack of Spirit." Each member ot the rally repre- sented a typical student at a Franklin game. The purpose of the skit was to chide the students for spirit and partici- pation at their Franklin games, Rally promotes spirit during football assembly. Nancy Stoutenburg and Judy Fazzolari discuss lack of spirit at Franklin games Class Dance Proves 'lBetter Than Ever" Couples wail to the music of the combo. Groovy, Super, Tuff, Keen, Great, Neat, Nice, Kind, Lovable, Splendid, Miracu- lous, Intelligent, Humorous, Spirited, Am- bitious, Good Looking, Mysterious, and Better Than Ever...was the theme of this year's Junior Class Spirit Tags. Dur- ing the Junior Class Spirit Week the Junior officers sold charm suckers, on Monday, and spirit tags on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, on Tuesday, during a class meeting, a skit was presented by the class officers in the hope that this would promote class card sales. Class cards were validated during the entire week, for 52.00. This card admitted the holder to the Junior class sponsored dance, and later, to the Junior Prom. The New Delta Rhythm Boys were fea- tured at the class dance following the Franklin-Cleveland football game. The week was very successful with a profit of 5500.00 which will be used for deco- rations for the Junior Prom. Empty shoes show dancers enthusiasm. Nick Gattuccio, Tina Olsen, and Dan Trinci enioy Junior Dance. ' Y we Q .x. . . ye ,S 515, l swf, The Nash's get a neighborly visit from Harlow Edison. The Gazebo Chosen For Franklin's 7 9 I. Elliott and Nell are completley serious about the murder, tion this year, December l and 2 The Gazebo written by Alec and Coppel. The gazebo, a garden h The drama department's first produc Ai o was the burial spot for a long unide fied body, which added mystery suspense to the plot. Elliot Nash's us, like for his wife's favorite shower cur tains with green sea horses on t along with Nell Nash's watchful eye his low calorie diet consisting of chops and Rye Krisp, provided delightful laughter in the serious The end is near as Elliot, wh charged with murder, is about t taken away by the police. Then discovered that the victim died heart attack, not a bullet wound. Drama coach Mr. Gary Kaiser assisted by student director Mary L o Ott. Thanks to the many hours spent these two people, the cast, and all who worked behind the scenes, no left the play unsatisfied. If s plot o o it of tl ,V J Nell tries To find out who! is bothering her husband. Firsi '67-'68 All School Producfion ,J-f Louie and The Dook question Elliott obout the loccmon of The key To The safety deposit box. D mrs. ' 'sa .. ,land Don'1Think you're going any place cause ya ain'T." Pam Roylonce plays maid The Gazebo lnfrigues Audiences l l Harlow Edison apologizes for the police intrusion, r .4 liott Nash arlow Edison atilda ell Nash rs. Chandler e The Black r. Thorpe he Dook uie enkins r. Wyner ruker Cop e Dook contemplates the removal of Elliot. Mitch Tlustos Dave Thompson Pam Roylance Cyndee Hooker Joan Mamrnen Mike Robinson Dave Buell Jerry Bingham Gary Canfield Gene Van Troyer Steve Johnson Dave Jinings Fred Faulkner l s ' Su Nell Nash and Harlow Edison have a heart-to-heart talk. A1- CO aw' Nell shows concern for Elliott's future. Elliot Nash gets a light from The Dook. 237 Bob K9f1neClY Pl0Y5 fl1Y'flTm Qvifuf- Lead singer Gary Muncler sets the pace. Leading guiTar player, Darrell Thrasher, shows XT ' ll Slave Sale Pays For Epix Assembly his singing abiliTy. A.F.M. Week, November 12-17, pi To be a financial success. The sellii A.F.M. cards To The sTudenT body place Monday Through Thursday. Tuesday morning, aT 7:45, in The ai rium, The annual Slave Sale was Boys volunTeered Their services as sl Groups of girls goT TogeTher To scrape The 52.00 To 58.00 Mike McMurray quesfed for The services of These sporTs. The aTTire of The boys rc from rumpled fafigues To ami brighT colored 'iams. Girls finally goT T Ron Morraccini solos on The drums. rule The boys, even if iT was iusT for day. They had The boys opening doors carrying books, geTTing lunches and ius plain acTing like genTlemen. Friday broughT an end To The fund raising acTiviTies wiTh a special, enTer Taining assembly. Only sTudenTs wh purchased A.F.M. cards during The wee were allowed To aTTend. The well-know combo, The Epix, provided 45 minufea of enTerTainmenT. C' , , 45:1-ll' Vis:-S 5 an git I W gg 1 f?'5'jf if sl AW' fs :gy I -101, :2.aQ5f2iU'JZ qw- 'B-157 Students reioice at early dismissal in preparation for Parents' Night. Miss Knotts explains math concepts Parents Take Students' Places In Classroom Situations Franklin parents got a glimpse of the active school life their teenagers lead at the annual Parents' Night, November 15. "A" choir started the parents' busy eve- ning with several songs, preceded by greetings and instructions from Mr. Westcott. The parents then went on their way to hear about the methods of study and programs that are designed by the teachers for each course for the year. Going from class to class, being amazed by the new math, confused with chem- istry, and perhaps a bit bored with American literature was an experience that wouldn't be forgotten. Parents were mystified by varying room numbers that iumped up and down in size, and found that the six minutes given them wasn't sufficient for traveling time between classes. The Lettermen's club had re- freshments for the parents during their study halls and lunch periods. 240 Parents are intrigued by teachers comments 3 : t i ' r l i 3 r ,, : Citizens of the community question the board. lBottoml: Other Portland school officials our own Mr. Westcott. Board Meets Here Franklin had the honor ot having the first ot a series of school board meet- ings in neighborhood schools in its au- ditorium, November l3. The faculties and parents from the surrounding schools were invited to come and see what went on during a board meeting. Visitors could have questions that they wanted to discuss brought up at the meet- ing by calling earlier and having them added to the agenda. About 250 people attended the meeting. The board passed bills concerning everything from the dates of basketball games in the Coli- seum to the buying of electric type- writers. Sitting in the audience was the honored Mr. Kiyashi Takahashi, visiting from Portland's sister city, Sapporo, Ja- pan. Mr. Takahashi, who is a member of the Sapporo school board, came to observe the workings of our board in action. lt was necessary to have an interpreter for Mr. Takahashi due to the fact that he was unable to understand English. Mr. Leland Barker, Mr. Delfovd Bishop, Mr. Ed Burkitt, Mr. John Beatty, Jr., Mr. Theodore Yaw, Mrs. Forrest Rieke, and Dr. Howard Cherry. 1 S4-W Rally reveals new basketball outfits to student body. r .... V. -i ' , .. ' if 5 .W ' '- 'fy . M. use " ,ra .. rg ' as K K A, ,' 3 .A if , K f-- fstrms. ii -. A 5515 as 3. 1 gg s - . .' ' . ' 'T' 1 ' ' ffsh -gsrlr 4 I ' "J, Doug Lambert and Dale South boost crowd's enthusiasm. Rallies Raise Rukus Introducing Garb Rea Wheeler whispers Christmas wish to Santa Steve. This year's basketball rally uniforms were shown for the first time in an as- sembly December 6 in the gymnasium. Basketball rally's suits were shown in a skit with each rally member playing the part of a teenager who was totally unconcerned about what was going on outside his own clique. Their outfits were pleated white skirts with red and grey trim topped oft by a white sweater with stripes that matched the colors in the skirt. The wrestling rally showed the stu- dent body grey and maroon jumpers worn with cordinating tights, after a scene that had Santa Steve passing out packages to the supposedly shy and unwilling little receivers. The J.V. rally sported new white suits with a scooped-neck jacket and ci skirt featuring box pleats that were trimmed in grey and red. The spirit of our rallies began our basketball-wrestling season with a booming start. s ' .i-- L- -J 'Ili e lAbove, Leftlz Dr. Witney Bates, lAbove, Cen- I P terl: Mayton Hannon. lAbovel: Main hall dis- s play. lBottom Leftl: Ray A. Johnson. lBot1om r Centerl: Dr. Lee V. Ragsdale. Careers In Government Stressed Franklin's vocational department, headed by Mr. Manning, held its six- teenth bi-annual Career Information Conference. Mr. Robert Duncan opened the two day conference December 6, with a single assembly for all sopho- mores and upper classmen. The topic this year was "Careers in Government." Careers in government were especially stressed, but the students' requests for subjects to be covered were also ful- filled. Examples of varying topics were Criminology, Dentistry, and Engineering. The freshman class, for the first time, had a chance to participate in a similar program. They got to choose three from the 24 main areas offered. Thanks to Mr. Manning, some 175 conference were led by prominent men and women of our community. These people donated their time in order that the students might get a better under- standing of what is expected of them in the working world they will soon face. -1' 'bw .., Q ,,1.., xi lx Main hall display attracts the attention of passing students. 243 Snow Stalls l'Babes In Toyland" 'ES gb I Executive Cabinet relives childhood in "Babes in Toyland" skit. Valerie prays for a successful Candyland Dance 244 imc, '-.fem Dan Trinci and Valerie Holmes discuss theme of Candyland dance The Christmas season at Franklin opened with an Executive Cabinet as- sembly to advertise the Candyland dance. Performing in the assembly were the l-li-Lites, ten senior girls, who have sung together since the end of their freshman year. The girls in the group are Linda Draper, Donna Hesson, Leslie Schreiber, Kathy Pearson, Virginia Tyler, Sally Warner, Janet Hartzell, Sylvia Hil- lesland, and Dana Zink. Their pianist is Evelyn Lushenko. December i9th, the date of Franklin's annual Christmas program, fulfilled all students' hopes by dawning cold, cloudy, and snowy. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Pancheau played music for a "Winter Wonderland." Members of the vocal music department sang some of the traditional Christmas songs. "Babes in Toyland" was the T967 theme for the Candyland Dance. Due to the conditions created by the snow, on the evening of the Candyland dance, the dance was cancelled. The hard- working Executive Cabinet, however, de- cided to have the Candyland Dance in January. The new date was set for January 13th, and the cabinet hopes that this will become a tradition in the coming years. .r , ' C . 'Ti W cj-jf: ' 'lf . .. .fr if ff ff? x.. fs. t 5 , 3 r i V . 5 Mr. Brewer leads Choir in traditional Christmas songs. ,M 5, ek 1 N Beautifully flocked tree promotes Christmas spirit. Hi-Lifes delight audience in Christmas performance ' -Q fi' L 4 4 B 5. M g x-. 2 -a -P K. ...U -. 3 l N qi Q If ,W 4 Boys and Girls Choir sing at annual Christmas program. 245 pi . in , A ..,, H TX JJ lf if va- fb? Q If Tl: lf X if lf l ' 1 Q l i , i S J- if . , yr , 4 Roger Kruse, Dave Ruton, Julie Sharkey engage in a fast and furious snowball fight. Snow lnierrupfs Sfudenfs' Siudies -it meg.: 3, A r . kv' 'E N 3- Members of Franklin's craft class ore absorbed in making Christmas angels: Lindo Hill, Darlene Boldridge, ond Martha Mankins 61lvw7S Nlond up WY Excerpt from "Peanuts" brightens a Franklin hall. Gay decorations add Christmas cheer to classroom door. "Babes in Toyland," the theme of this year's Candyland Dance, was also the theme for the AGS-sponsored window decoration contest. The competition began on Monday, December ll, and ended on the 18th. The purpose of the contest was to pub- licize the Christmas dance. Each door was decorated in holiday designs, and the doors were judged for imagination and creativity. Following the Christmas season, fea- thery flakes fell on the frozen field, and flourished and flattered the faces of frivolous Franklinites, who formed fanci- ful figures in front of Franklin. alibi -li? -W Q1- Benii keeps vigil over snow-covered football bowl. 1-171 47 4 Norad And Musicians Inform ancl Entertain Speaker informs students about missile defense systems in the U.S. On February 27th, Franklin seniors and iuniors attended an assembly in which they learned about NORAD, the North American Air Defense System. Two men from Bell Telephone were present to show slides and speak to the students about the system. The student body was alert and receptive to the vital informa- tion with which they were provided, con- cerning the protection of the United States from nuclear air attack. The highlight of the assembly came when the speaker placed a long distance call to NORAD headquarters in Colorado. He answered questions posed by the speaker, Dr. Tompkin, and then students were given a chance to ask any ques- tions they might have. 9"5 Seniors boys tolked wtih NORAD officials in Colorado via the telephone. I Austrian musician shows his skill on the accordian. This Austrian dance produced added applause from students. Fritz searches for his hat amid senior boys. Franklin was host to their second Na- tional Assembly on March oth. The Franklin Quakers were entertained by the music and dance of the Tyroleans, a group of three Austrian men. Dressed in their native attire, Fritz, Peter, and Johannes delighted the stu- dents with the wild antics. Each member of the group performed individually as well as with the others. The highlight of the assembly came when Johannes did a dance which originated in Austria. All students enioyed the songs ot the trio, which were sung in German, the lan- guage ot Austria. The three men were hams when the picture taking started. This brought much laughter from the student body. 2 4 Annually, seniors meeT TaculTy in a conTesT of baskeTball skills l??l To de- Termine The school champions Tor ThaT year. In T963 The Taculfy sTarTed a Trend which The class of '68 was unable To break. The TaculTy now has a record of six sTraighT wins. BoTh Teams, however, were aT Their peak performance and The game was an exciTing one. An assembly The day of The big game gave equal Time To boTh rally squads, buT undoubTedly The seniors came Through wiTh The besT skiT. A com- puTer was builT by The exalTed compuTer- maker, Edward SheeTs, and was pro- grammed To predicT The ouTcome of The game. The seniors had everyThing going for Them, buT luck allowed The ouT-daTed TaculTy To win. Seniors were delighTed when no rally came To Tbe game To cheer Tor The Tac- ulTy. The TeaTure of half-Time was The presenTaTion of a skiT by The senior class cabineT, illusfrafing The controversial dress code. Losing had liTTle eTTecT on The morale of The almighfy seniors. They came back To school The nexf day wiTh many wiT- Ticisms abouT old and knobby knees. .. Mr. Fleming and Mr. Willis aTTempT To guard an evasive senior. Luck Aids Teachers Perry Hines balances ball prior To pass. Senior pep band adds noise To The game. rl, UV O -C 2 15 1 N T' A M Each year Franklin students partici- pate in a variety of political activities, both in and out of school. Included every year are the student-body and class elec- tions, The T967-68 school year, however, found students attending speaking en- gagements of Senator Edmund Brooke of Massachusetts, Governor RonaldReagan of California, Mayor John Lindsay of New York City, and Oregon's own Gov- ernor Tom McCall. This year interest in student govern- ment was high as T4 people ran for the five student-body offices. This provided the voting students an opportunity to choose more qualified officers to serve them. Voting percentages were the best in at least four years for both student- body and class elections. Through arrangements made by Mr. McKee and the social studies depart- ment, interested and politically enthusi- astic students were privileged to hear noted political figures speak to Portland audiences. During the summer, students heard Senator Brooke at the 1967 Na- tional Urban League convention. In the fall, they attended meetings to hear Governors Reagan and McCall. Mayor Lindsay spoke forthe observance of Lin- coln's birthday. 'Y' at in Gov. Reagan, itopl and Gov. McCall lbottoml sm le for Frankl n ca era Pupils Participate ln Politics 37' Quakers receive autograph of Mayor Lind-say. Featured during the 1968 Band and Orchestra Concert were three soloists: Phil Baldino, clarinet, Diane DesBrisay, violin and .lim Wirick, piano. The winter concert was held in the Franklin audi- torium on the night ot February 28th, with Mr. Pancheou, Franklin music teacher, conducting the two groups in their separate numbers. ln a double assembly the following day, a condensed version of the concert was received well by the Franklin stu- dent body. The band and orchestra played a total ot tive numbers and the soloists each played one song during the assembly. 'A ft , I Diane DesBrisoy performs before student body Winter Concert Highlighted By Soloists Mr, Pancheau directs the orchestra, Phil Baldino senior, plays his clarinet. Jim Wirick solos on the piano NEATNESS: PERSONALITY Elaine SChibel Kathy Pegrgon John Struble Roger Kruse COURTESY: Valerie Holmes Ken Bolder 4 -Que, SPIRIT: LEADERSHIP: Susie Deems Vifginifl TYISV Dole Soufh COITOH . ,-ew.: GIRL OF THE YEAR MAN OF THE YEAR Gayle Sfucki Ken Bolder Gayle Sfucki, Ken Bolder Chosen Girl of Year, Man of Year, For Oufsfanding Traiis. nr 'QL-92" A SERVICE: Lindy Johnston SCHOLARSHIP: Diane DesBrisay Ed Sheets Ed Sheefs 255 2 Officer Sutter And Cabinet Promote Drive For Safety xy! 1 - FW i Inspection insures that license plate light is operating properly. Students enioyed taking driving test in city police car. at 1 M 'r'f 5 1 V - . X ,if Tests are corrected and finalists announced, 56 Safety Week is an annual event in each Portland high school, Its purpose is to encourage students to become and then to remain better drivers. Officer Sutter is a big help at Franklin each year. He administers a written test to those interested in taking it. The l5 Franklin students who score the highest on this test are then given an actual driv- ing test. This year these students took the driving test in a Portland police car, an impressive experience for both the driv- ers and their envious friends. Based on this test, the five best drivers at Franklin are chosen. These students are awarded seat belts, engraved with their name and the place they achieved, during the Safety assembly. This year the Safety Week speaker was Len Sutton, race driver at the Indianapolis 500. The week ended with a dance spon- sored by Executive Cabinet. -'ff' if t Qi , T . 'lf' It z 3 gg:ggg5,.limei""' ' X fit in 5. N . X-tx L, X fa, N lx QR F' I R ' 5 ll . V xx - Len Sutton, professional roce driver, speaks to students on v K Q . Q! MY. 'H Q v is .,,5 .Y Q- 'U QM. 3 fi S 3 Students ponder over Sofety Week test questions. F S 2 X .3 . " A X X , . iff . A .......w-f' Q "gi fe ,M ' . ..- , M F , Mfg , , b skills of driving. Rudy Cosciato checks onswers before turning in test ' lll l " w -Q. 4-4 --e-.-. n ,QI 'l lllllllrll y Til!-Q-......1.-1 A ' . ' -..,...--1..- .Q M, .K ,., Officer Sutter inspects Quaker Cliff Noil's cor during lunch hour checks, Mr. Montague and Luke concentrate on game, while Mrs. Montague examines the Doctor's findings. 258 Eleanor Vance Doctor Montague Theodora Luke Sanderson Mrs. Montague Arthur Parker Mrs. Dudley Gayle Stucki Tom Johnson Cyndee Hooker Dan Keeter .lo O'Brien Larry Smith Kathy Lilley After explaining her duties, Mrs. Dudley says, "After dark I leave! 14- , 'ul if - ' g .QLQJJ si' 7 " L A V 4 7 u X X - sn- 3 ,mm . X. mi, --N-:fx Q 4 ,, Q., V35-'Q 2 -vv, ey f u. ,, . . 9 sf mf- ', '-' ' f up nf i , 1 - . sg :ff if i ' ' 'xfitz . msa-,'1+ K y, . Y QQ - vs A , A ' ' -, f- IP". - A Q U ' f K . .- ,f'f"f W -, 4 xg-K Z t wtf r,.. QP: x,,A!o 5 'Q S if if 9 'ff ui :ui -P-wus 17' '-..,,, Q '4-4... .Jr ,,,,.,, .. Music From Dance And Assembly Adds To Year Members of The Wild Side perform during The dance sponsored by the The Edgewood Band from California plays for Franklin sfudenls. Franklin Dads' Club. Due To The levy failure, There were few school dances This year, Hence, many Franklin sTudenTs and Those of oTher high schools were found aT The all-ciTy dance sponsored by The Franklin Dads' Club. The dance was a greaT success and helped To increase The club Treasury. The Wesf Covina Choir and Edgewood Band delighfed Franklin audiences wiTh a performance during Their Tour of Ore- gon. The group spenf Their spring vaca- Tion singing and playing in Oregon high schools. They were received well by all audiences, 260 The West Covina Choir enferfains sfudents at Franklin prior To refurning To California llncense And PepperminT' Provides Theme 'Incense and PepperminT' was The Theme Tor This year's Twirp Week, April l-5, carried ouT wiTh The burning of in- cense during lunch periods and The sell- ing of pepperminT sTicks on Friday after school. AGS planned and carried ouT a week Tull oT ocTiviTies. Monday was color da'y in which boys parficipafed by yvear- ing blue ond green and girls by weciring pink and yellow. Tuesdoly Twirp-o-grams were sold during lunch periods Tor 5c To be delivered Wednesday in reg rooms. During all Three lunch periods Wednes- day sTudenTs ploiyed The daTing game in The ciuditorium. Thursdoy, The AGS ossembly featured The C.C. Riders Tor dll, The sTudenTs who had purchased AGS buTTons. Friday broughT a close To The busy week wiTh a slave sale before school. The slaves sold Tor sums ranging from 351.25 To 33.90. Min ! Kathy Kanos Takes a break from tying Dan KeeTer's shoes To pose for picture. .S 3 f1,t-.,uiia ..-A rf 'J'-n T- The C. C. Riders perform of The AGS assembly Thursday. X v.-1-n . l'il..l A 1 N . S U i, iz' K ...-,X Larry Smith Takes full advanfage of his slaves Marilyn Mizofe and Evelyn Lushenko. 26 'A 4 s- - ....-i-..- ilu.. X ,- an-aim v 1 we lx is-fy. ...v-- A-Q 2 -. c Vs -- W v - Tl""!lf".h!.- I 2 i. ei, ' 1 53 Clockwise from The front: Gayle Stucki, Roger Kruse, Pat Beck, Nick Gaituccio, Bob Morshell, Peggy Siegle, Dan McElhariey, Roger Roisom, Barbara Ehrig, Mike Casciafo, Jon Riesenman, Nancy Siourenburg, Greg Wolieck, Pam Loprinzi. Not shown are Sue Odberr and Cathie Loprinzi. I h X ' S l Class Of 69 C ooses F ower Drum ong V 3 L--. '- ezngigqggi- '25, Princess Cafhie Loprinzi and Prince Bob Marshell are escorted by Arthur Frohwerk and Derek Monore from Friars. 262 ...- - N1- 4 . X 5 T i! if f Ki XA .40- , p cc 'T A T Bruce KeIly's bond gives a lively beat. Cheryl Bortel, Dale Bornhort, and Roger Moore stop by the refreshment Table. For Japanese Inspired Junior Prom Theme The class of '69 chose April 19 as The date of their Junior Prom. 'Flower Drum Song' was the theme that brought out a Japanese atmosphere. The dance Took place in The gym where many students had devoted hours To decoration, Bruce Kelly's band provided the music for The 140 couples who attended. Men of Friars escorted members of The court from The door to The stage. Royal couples "rode" in a rickshaw pulled by members of The boys' honorary club. From The court chosen Two weeks earlier, The Juniors voted Tor a King and Queen Friday dur- ing their lunch periods. They chose as Their Queen, Noncy Stoutenburg, and as their King, Jon Riesenman. Under The capable direction of Peggy Siegle, as Junior Prom chairman, the committies planned and carried out every minute detail ofthe prom. Couples, resting between dances read fortunes hidden in cookies. 263 May Fete Beauties Serve School 264 K Ml fi 1 XX' ,a I Snsan Deerne Valerie flalrnes In Franklin's May Fete, pretty girls and service go together. Nominated by sen- ior social studies classes, the top ten are presented to the entire class in an as- sembly. After each girl is introduced and her qualifications are read, the seniors vote for a court of seven. In an all-school assembly the students are given opportunity to know the girls' contributions in service to the school dur- ing their tour years. The seven finalists from the class of '68 are: Susan Deems, Valerie Holmes, Lindy Johnston, Marilyn Mizote, Kathy Pearson, Gayle Stucki, and Virginia Ty- ler. On May 3, one will be chosen Queen, to reign both tor May Fete and the Sen- ior Prom. l ,Cindy ,iannstan Marilyn ,Mizate Kathy Pearson Virginia Cyler 4 " .Queen Gayle Rose Festival Princess Elaine Represents Franklin In 1968, the final seven candidates for Franklin's Rose Festival Princess were chosen by a group ot five businessmen and women from the community. The seven girls were then presented to the student body. Elaine Schibel, wearing a sky blue gown with puffed sleeves, was presented to Franklin students on April 18 as their l968 hope for Rose Festival Queen, She will reign until the 1969 princess is chosen. Uurid Olsen ,Kinda Smith , ,N 1 flizinc Soyaga Virginia Cyler ,Michele Vulgaris Dana Zirzk 1 VN E I cz i n e S c I1 i b Priuccss Slzziue 7 A Aclberg. Chffe, 115 A1ma.cnefy1.., 119 Abovd, Volene, 118,160,173 Ad1son,T1m, 177 Adams, Leslee, 48,511 18,190 Add1s,Edwurd. 118 Adam,Jwnne,o4,112,117,177 Add15,Kevm, 149,190 Ak1r1s,CnroI, 134 Albough, Dale, no Alderwn,Jerr1e, 74,117 AH, Suson,65,118 Alhen, Darlene, 134,109 Amen, wendy, 149 Allcen, Mcrvonne, 74,117,168 Allen, Donna, 118 Allen, shawn, 118 Allen. Sieve, IAQ AIIen,1om, IA9 Allenbrand, Bob, 56,7A,1l2 Alm,Chm, 117,118 Aim-un, cm, 134 Alvev, Kenneth, 74,112,171 Anderson, Alan, 53,118,171 Anderson, Carol, 149,164,169 Anderson, Eddue, 118 Anderson, Everett, 1 18,68 Anderson, Glonu, 134 Ande1son,June1, 134,173,176 Anderson, John, 134 Anderson,Ke1lh, 134,166,187 Anderson, Mary, 149 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderton Andenon ,M1Ies,149,171 , Ran, uv SCON, 164 .Shcl1ene, 11B . Sieve, 149 . Susan, 1 IB . wendy, 1:14 Roben, I IS Sian, 134 Andre, xamy, 149,168 Av-argon., John, 134,166 Anu1ew,Judy, 134 Andrew, Lyn, se,1J4,14J,1bs,1w Andww, nw, 74,112 Androschuk, Doug, 118 Anoyke, George, 74,1 12,1611 l98,1?9, zoo Anken ey, Donny, H9 Amen, Gary, 134 Amer, Duunne, 149 Afwuene, owne, 118 Am1mf1g,A1em, 1417 Amnmng, arm, an Ashko 1, Theodore, 74,112,165 Aikmson, Deborah, 66,134 AVk1nsnn,Goll, 149 Aumn, Dowd, 11e,1ao,175,17a,17f, 180,198,218 Aumn, Tom, l3A,1B4,19B,71B AusI1n,CaroI, 149 Avenscn, Steve, llB,1be AVSNALOMOV, Mrs Dom, 37 Anon, Kclhelene, 118 5 . Bacon. Ben, 149 Bacon, Deha, -16,74 sown, Dawg, 13.1 sown, Faye, 13.1 Bocon,Scndy,AS,11S Bacon, Vernon, 50,149,186 Boggs, Ln, 165 6a1Iey,Gene, 74 san sveve, l18,1Q6 'Y Bolley, Joel, IAQ ao.1ey,1homaf, 117 scmnge, Dean, 6614, 1 se swngef mmf., 1417.17.11 Baker, Boker, Boker, B1II, 134 Gmc, 48,721,112 M1ke,1C14,1AS,16b Bulduno, Kathryn, 7,149,157,175 Bolduno, Phvl, 50,53,75,75,111,11?, 164,177,253 Boldn dge,M1ke, 115 solemn John, 134 Bcldw1n,Donno, 149,176 Bales. Mmdu, A9,75,117 eul1,ch..,, 53,149,186 Bn1I,Duvld,149,1S7,201 B.-111,Gnfy, we Bcl1,John, 50,134,188 201,218 Bo1I,Pany, 14a,149,1bs,2o4 emo, 53 son1.nma,A11en, 134 annum, Beverly, ue soma, Nancy, 75 Barbo Barbu Bmdv, Borho u1,M4m, 134 r, Joey, 65, I IB Clcuduc, 171 um, Ruchurd. 149 Bc1rnurd,Sleve, 149 Barnard, Tenlee, 114 Barnes, Ehsso, 149 Borr1es,Jomes,75,117 same., Janelle, 39,115 umm, Joyce, 11s Barnes, Ruben, 75.11? naman, Donald, 134 Bcmell, Karen, 134,176 Barnen, Slephome, 118 Bauman, Dale. 118,175 190 summon, Karen, 149 Borr1horv,Mar1Iyn, 149,176 Bone Bono n, Tommne 149 n, Mme, 113 semen, Emu May, 118 Bcssefv, Barbara, 134 Bassen, Frank, 149 Bcssefv, Rose, 75,112 Batchelor, Ken, 149 Baug Bcuh her,R1ck, 149,186 aus,MeI1ssa, IJA Baxlel, Sue, 75,168,169 Beal, Raymond, 134 Beard, Heuvhev, 149,150,176 sem,dry,1z0y,14v BefM,,xu1hy, 118 Beck, camy, uv Becu,Joe,22,751os,112,1oe175 sec1.,Pam,34,1w,11s sea., Pa0,bd,117,118,168 secksneve 115,165 secuncsl-111,25 75,112 BEC K ER, Mr Herman, 19,73 aeggf, Lee, uv 202 Behnke, Rush, 149 Behrens, Allred, 134 Be1gh,S1eve, 134 Bell, Dave, 53 se1l,1ohn,sa seu,M.Le 134,171 ae11,1z.g1.y 1.19 Bellond, Paulo. IIB Be1Icrrs,EI11ubelh, 1:4 Below 1, Barbara, 149 Belvz,Ku1hy,7S,1b9,172,177 Bene d1c1,Mark, 134 Bennen, Jan, 134 Benneif, lvnda, 13.49,50,1Q14,140 Benneri, Ruyol, 5O,53,75,177 Bennen, Susan, 8,119,164,202 Benr1eN,TerreG, 36,641,119 Benson, Meng,-am, 149,165,176 Bevordlnellv, Ted, 131 Bergeron, Karen, 4s,51,119 sefgmnd, Law-e,bs,11v Bergslrorr1,Wynne, 1J4,174 semdv, vmkle, 119 Bernard, Sue, 134 swung, Frank, 119,166 amy, some, 76,112 awy,Gu.1, 49 1:14 amy,cm.,f.n., 75,112 Berrv- Urphn. 149,206 Beswnc1m,Roben, 1d9,197,21B B1gon1,Judy, 3b,bO,119,125 amghcm, Jerry, 49,119,1b4,174,235, 237 same, Blame, 134 slwws,1wme,as,72,75,1oe,112 163,175 suhcp, Don, 149,186,197 Bishop, uebbw, 49,119 Blufufmd, Ren, 134 summon, cheryl, 119,164 a1mmqn,Jon-re, 149 Blades, Larry, 134 Blum, Harry, so 1111-W, Mm., 119 Blu1r,Doug,58,134 slung,c10Ud1u,42,n,,112,1w Blanchard, Del, 134 BIonchord,Denn1s, 11 37,7b,1oe,112, 175 alankenmp, Dave, 134 BI1ss,Murc1u, 66 Blass, Marsha, 1114 Blumenschem, Kmhy, 149 Blumenschem, 51011, 68,76,112 Bodemcn, Denms, 53,150,136 BOELTS, Muss Helen, 22,27 BOHELN, M151 Anne, 27,56 Bokemener, Scan, 134 Boland, John, 66,119 BoIder,Ken,12,7b,111,11?,1BO,1E3 19B,l99,218,25-1 sold'-age, Darlene, 246 Bolelo. Shurlene. 150 Bohn Lynenn, 135 BcIvon,D1annu, 150 sandy, Donald, 150 Bondy, Robun, 135 som1ef,sMf1y,49,s3,11o Bonner, Emory. 53,135,218 Boone, Lonlyn, 119,17J,174,175 Boom, Kcmy, 135 Booth, Lenme, 'IJ5 so0mby,Debb1e, 135 Bordner, Mlchael, 76 sofgmcnn, cushy, 135 Boroff, Lee, 150,166,1B6,YO1 Bowe, ilvchord, 119 Bowen, Dale, 53,135 Bowen,Debb1e, 119 Bower1,Mar1lyn, 58,135 Bowen, vwkle, 76 Bcwmc1n,CcVhy, 135 sowmqn, shmwn, 49,135 Bouns, Louunne, 169 Bowns, Lucy, 119,164,155 Bradshaw, Mary, 119 Bradr,CIuud1c, 50,135 Brady, James, 119,150,136 Brandi, Bob, 135 Brennan, some, 150 Brunlon, Kevm, 150 smucum.11ef,Amm,54,119,215 Brcuckm11ler,Geeorgel!e, 150 Bmu4km.l1ef,1cmhy, 119 Bmugkm.11ef,Pum,49,13s smy.s111,7b,112 Brenlon, Leshe, 135 BREWER, Mr John, 77,49 sm1ges,12.cky, 135 sndges,w.11md 119 Brm, Rhonda, 150 Brmon,Dc1rreII, 119 arm, wry, 14a,15o,2o.1,22a Brockhous, Jay, 135 Brockway, Lance, 150 Brc1II1ar,Svsor1,A8,52 119,175 Brc1oks,AI, 119 smk5,.1U11e, 135 Brooks, Sharon, 135 Brocks,Shes1o, 135 Brosws, Dale, 135 218 Brown, Ccrc1I,49,119,177 Brown, Colleen, 1115 Brown, comme, 135 Blown, Deborah, 49,119 Brown, Doreun, 135 Brown, Duree, 150 Browr1,George, 175,185,218 222 Bfc1wn,Jumes, 150,188 Brown, James 5, 135,190 Brown, Janes, 7e,1:,4, 169 Blown, Jeanne, 148,150 Brown, Ko1en,64,119 Brown, Kmhy, 1511 amwn, Kulhy M,:1:1 Brown, Kaye, 150,169 Brown, Ken, 68,119,199 Brown, Ken, 119 Brown,Mur1Iyn 150 Brown, Pony, 135 Brown,R1:k,76,108,174,175 Brown, Rmk D,, 15O,164,1B6,197 Blown, Susan, 48,119 B1own,V1cky, 135,168 Brown, Wende, 53 awwmng, Kmhy, 135 Bruner, Lyn, 49,119,1a5,173 aww, Mmgqfee,7b,112,172 awmng,Me1mu, 150 Brusl, Bob, 150 Buchanan, Barbara, 135 Buchonor1,M1ke, 119,201 BUCKIEWICZ, Mr Wulver, 5411021 5 suck1ey,Mm.1ly, 119 Buell, Dave, 49,119,196 Bvhon, Jamce, 150 Buker, Mary, 48,119 Buldndge, Bevsy, 135 Bullard, Dlana, 119,169 Buller, JeH, 150 Bull1s.M1ke 150 Bunker,Chns1me, 120 Bur1neIl,Lunda, 135 Bunnell,Nud1ne,77,1O8,112 175 Bu1cheII,JeH, 135,198 Bwgma, Doug, 135,196 sufgofa, Janne, 49,135,176 Burgen, Pony, 49,132,135 Burkenbme, Joy, 60,150,136 Burns, why, 150 Buro1c,Eddy, 150 BUPRI, Mr .1cxk,60,200,?50 Burrow, Karen, 120,165 Burrow, Lundn, 45,150 Busby, Tama, 150 Byer, Mary, 135,239 Byers, Lloyd, 77 Byers, Lynn, 150 C Coldwe1l,Dcrlel1e, 120,176 Co1dweII,Debvu, 150 CAL:-1ouN,Mf Ronald Sb Culkms, Peggy, 135 Callaghan, colleen, 150,176 Ccmocho, Dolores, 150 comme mmm, 64 120 Cameron, Karen 77,112 Camp. Randy, 77,172 Campbell, Am-eng, 120 Cand1I1eve,Go1I 115 Con11eId,Gury,120,166,235,236 commend non,77,112,17s,1so Ccn1DaroI1,CoroI, 120 175 cumpqwl., Glen, 72,77,112,173,175, 177,180 CoF7pcreII1,Debb:e,b5,77,10B,I17, 5 CcpPS1Joe, 135 cqmv.1y,1m1, I50,1b9,190,191 CorIson,D1une,65,17O Carlsor1,Wes, 120,166 Carman, Darlene, 135 cmmun, Rem, 120 Curnernollc, Gary, 120 Comemobla, Lc11y,77 calm, Dun, 120 Cafpemef, Paul, 150,166,197 Can, Cheryl, 150 Carr, chm, 43,150,176 cnu,1my,7a,175,1ao cmmm, Mary, 1141 Conan, omg, 117795, 1 I2 CcrroII,G1nger, 150 Cmm11,Ph.1,77,111,112,1a3165, I74,175,1B0,754 Cc1rro1I,Sodor1u, 120 comm, Susan, 170 Ccwu1h,Ju1mye 135 Coffee, Nancy, 150 Calm, Debbue, 120 Cufm, Mane, 170 Conn, Roger, 55,713,206 Cary, Amen, 1Ja Cary, wayne, 120 Cam-no, Edward, 120 189,216 Co5:1uw,M1ue, 117,120,1bb,I75,1B0, 07 CUSUUIO,1?udy,56,7B,10B,112,172, 17A,175,18O,70b,?57 cuvon,Mm.1y, 150,176 Cuvcgna, John, 46,55 78,108 112,172 174,175 CDvu111,Erme,7S,117 Cove,Chr1s, 25,112 Cuven,o14h.d, 150 Cavm,Pau1, 150 Cavm, sheela, 150 Camel, Duvnd, 150 Cen1e1,Joseph, 170 Cenle1,Judy, 136 Chamr,er1.n,Ar1u, 170 Chambers, Dean, 135 Chan, Dons, 7B,1OB,112,171,17d,17S Chapel, Debra, 130,168 chapel, Ed 150 Chalvervon, Lynn, 170,192,191 Ch1Ider,V1ck1e,b6 170 Chulson, Pol 136 Chnlson, Russ, 78 Choose, Moom1, 49,53 IJQ Christensen, 150,176 CHRISTIANSEN, Mrs Marlene, 35 Chummun, Chns, 171 Cm, Inn, 120 Clork,CavhI1n, 150 CIcrL,Chcrler1e, 150,706 clark, Doug, 170 c1AnK,Mv ow, an Clark, John, bB,120 C1ark,Lenae,C15 Clark, Lmaa, 35,545,136 C1urk,Tmc, 136 165 CIoypooI,D1unne, 150 Clcypoo1,Sleve 68,120 Clow, Bruce, 136,201,215 Clow, Land, 53,150 CIunc1s,Lolu, 150 Clunus, Margo, 120 comes, George, 150 Coages,GIuv1c1, 150 Cochran, June, 150,168 Cochran,L1ndc,I18,12O Cody, De1Ic, 120 Coe, Carrell, 120 175,706 Cole, Carol, 120 Cole, Duane, 150 Cole Edward, 136 COLE, Mr Geoffrey, Jo Cole, Glen, 151 Cale, Ken 135 Cole, Scan, ISI Coles M1d1uel,78 117 COLLINS, Mlss, Thelma A0 CDlv:n,D1CIf1E,2Y,78 Colv1r1,Pclr1:1o, 136 Comella, Stephen, 511,120 Comstock, Terry ISI cm-bay,Me1Qf1y, 115,174 Connell, Glenda, 33,136,137 105 Conner, Frank, SC1,1?0 CMM., June, 415,136 Conr1nrs,AIun, 11,120 Conover, Dana, 136 Cock, Harold, 115 136 Cook, Kerry 78 Cook M11.e,79,172 Cook, M11l1e, 151 Cock Rlchord, 120 com, reuy, 57 120,175 Cooper, 120,166 Coc1per,Les11e, 16-1,1645 Cocper,Pc1n, 136 Cooper, Parry, 66,120 Coopel,Pou1, 151 Cooks, Barbara, 50.159 CnppernoI1,CnroIyn, 49,120 Coppernoll, EIc1ne,79 Copperno1l,Malsh0, 151,164 Corben, Claymn 79 CORNUTT, Mm Faye, 32 Cowell, own, 130,145 166 CovyeII,J1Il, 121 Cosby, Frur1k,b8 IJO Coslunzo Ruchord, 171 Core D1ane 53,136 CouIure,Gcn1 121 Coulure, Pamela, 66,151 q0x,M1Le, 135 Cox. Sieve. 151 Cox, Tom 65,136 C01lu,M1chele 1Jb Cczeno, Carole, 136 omg, Gene 1s2,1e7 Cm1g,Gmge1, 151 Cromer, Marsha, 171 Cmmmn, Yerry, 68,121 Crewse, Kay, 49,136,171 Cnscncz,Mcrcellme,6A,79,1OB,117. 175 Cmes, Mn Max-ne,60,g2 cmsby,1cmfe, 136 Cr05s,Br1cln, 151,186,197 CIOSS.D0nn0.65,121,169,173,175 Cross, Sieve, 151,197 Croiecu, Don, U1 CroweII,L1ndu,48,79 Cru1kshank,Duve 121 Cublc, Ent, 151 CuII1son,Delmor, 135,194,194 Curvvnmgs, Sheme, 136 Cur1n1ngham,Debru, 151 Cunm, Carol, 1Jb,1b9 Curr1n,El1zclbelh, 121 Cuu1r1,Kcrhryn, 151,168 Curly, sen, 121 Cul1e1,Mony, 151 D D'Arnbros1a, Mary Anne, 151,164,175 190 DohIgren,Jerry,151,1Bb Dc11Iey,Ruck, 136 DoIIcs,L1ndu, 136 Dulfymple, Susan, 24,121 Dumels, Gary, 136,164 nan.e15,Je.,y,4s oqmels, wmdy, 49,136 Donner, Debby, 79,112 Dc1qu1Ionve,Theresa, 151 Dorby,F11churd, 121,156 Dorlow, Kenh, 121 Darnell, Debbue, 177 Dav1s,Dav1d, 136 Dov1s,D1ane, 136 Dam,mm,79,1oa,112,171,175,177 DAVIS, Mr Bun, 7B,6B,187 Dcvns, Mlke, 136,190,191 Duywn, 5.11, 151 Deal, Knmuen, 151 DeaI,M1cheIIe, 151 Dean. Dunne, 151 Dear1ng,l1nda, use Deems, susan, :1o,a5,72,79,1os,11o 112,169174,192,19J,277,754,26A Delaney, Joe, 79,117 DeLuOssc, Margery, 151 DeLoshmun,Sand1, 171 DeLoZerdc, Slccey, 151,201 Demugclskn, Frank, A0,121,1bA DeMar!1no,Bonr11e, 151 DeMoc1r, Dennus 136 Dempsey, sandra, 121 66 Dempmf, Dolores, 136 Der1sern,Debm,9O,136 DeS5rIs0y,D1ur1e,50,7B,8O,1O8,11O, 112,753 DesGeorges, Claude, 6A,80,175 DeVe1leo, Maroc, 151 DexVer,Duv1d, 171,201,206 De1eII,.Iohn, 171 Ducks, Stun, 171 Dlckson, Chr1s,S0,l1? Dmkson, Nuke, me D1ckson,Roberr, 121,180,1:Qnn1d,90,112,171 206 Dmmng, Dwnghl, 29,151 o1e1mcm.,1.m, 121 o.f1dmh,cm.g, 121 D1er1,Kev1n, 151 D1LoreI0,Gregory, 157,197 D1moH,D0v1d,53157171,180 Drrks, Sion, 151 umm, Kuvhenne, 136 D1xon,Dov1d, 137 own, ow-U, 136 Dixon, Lynn, 121,165 Dobson, Sharon 80 Dock5mdef,Ka1hy,e4 171 Dodd, Debra, 171,176 Doefkmg, Bruce 151 Doer1ng,Fo11r1c 151 Doevmg Gary, 136,171 Do1g,D1une,151,1a5 Dolan, Jun, 121,173 Dole, T1rr1 68,121 Dolsor1,GeraId, 121 Dc1lyr11uk,MeI1ssu, 49,1116 Donaldson, Puggy, 151,1av Don1un,Chr1s!1e,80,1l2 Donk1n,D1c1nne, 171 Donnell, Debble, 13u,17c Dor1neIIy,Debb1e,50,137 Dor1neIIy,D1or1e, 121 Douglas, Debra, 151,177 Doun,M1ue, 137 Dram, Jonev, 137 Drake, Toms, 111 Dmpef,Ka1hy,Js 171 Draper,Lrr1da 48,BO,112 Draper, Bobby. 49,137 Drennan, Tvmorhy, 151,197 Dress.ev,Chn51y, 121 DRISCOLL M135 Mary, Y3271 Duchum,M1ke, 151,190 Ducham,Rona1d, 1J7,1S4 Duddmgmn, Norm, 151,160 Dugger, Randy 137 Duggvns, 151 Dumas, Dave, 121 Dumals, Leonard 137 Duma1s,V1ck1,B0 Duncan, Doug, 32,121 DUNDORE, M155 Dorothy, 30,107,116 1 Dur1k,Jonev, 151 Dunlop, Debby, 53,137,117 Dunn, Jun, 151,18b,197,206 DurIcnd,KaIh1e, 121 DavuII,Cvu1g, 137 DYER, Mr Thomas, 47 E Emmy, Dave, 151,155 sam, mm, 151 Eavar1.Duv1d,80 sawn, Mon, 117 so1on,Roben,so,132,172 EuIor1.1ona,A9,64,137,16A Edgar, Beverly, 151 Edmgmn, rm., 137 summon, Bob, 137 edwards, sob, 137 Edwards, Gmy, 511,130,112 Edwards, nan, 137 edwards, sawn, 121 shew, Barbara, 151,165 E1w1,M15 Jmphme, 13,27 54 snug, Barbara, 37,65,121,175 Ehr1g,J1m, 151,186 e.:11hom,rmnk, 137 Euchslcdl Dowd, 117,Mm11yn, so,bs,121 EII,Jce,171,2Ob 212 EII, Judy, 151,165,176 I 511.011, Bryce, 121,122 511.011, sary, 151 ElI1o1,Jeor1,151 69 Elhs, Mlke, B1 EII1s,Paggy, 137 EII1son,Leovha, 151 ELLMERS, Mr Harold, 54 Ellgwnnh, Marshc1,B1,112,1b9 Else, John, 122 Elsmn, J Emmon, times, 151,197 Eddue, 127 Emmom, Pav, 137 Emm, John, 148,152,196 endmn, Debble, 122 Ervckson Euclson Enckson Enckson Enckson ERLAND , Brenna, 122 , chuck, 172 . Dan. 137 ,KalhIeen, 122 ,x,.svme, 137 son, Mrcllben, 61 Essy, Inc, 122,187 Estes, Denms, 137 sim, Kamy, 01,160 EURICH, Mr Gerald, 75 Euvsler, Ruben, 152,166,106 Evans,Dov1d, 127 Evans, Debbne, 122 Evur1s,Ed, 128 mm, Gmgef, 122 Evans, Joan, 15? Evans. Joe, 81 Evans, K url, 137 Evans, Marlene, 137 Evans,M1ke, 2111 Evans, M1chaeID., IJ7 ireland, nm, 45,137 Ewen, Rebecca, 15,122 F roar-m,sne11ey, 137,109,176 F01n,M1ke, 152 Fulconev, Dowd, 17 Far1s,A111, 172 Farley, Jume, 122 Former, Carol, 157 Farm, Vol 137 Fcms,W1lma, 137 Fcsl,Dov1d,50,15Y Fuuelm, Marlene, 64,122 FasreI1n,Ncncy, 152' Faulhcber, Ron, 172 Faulgabe1,Svsan, 152 FuuIkner,F1edd1e, 151 236 FAURO1, Mrs Janel, 28 Fuu1un.,,oQy1e,s1 Fuwcen, Donna, 122 Fuz1oIou,Judy, 24,116,122,164,173, 192,193,232 Feammellu, Brad, 122,164 FeammeII1,J1neen, 40,451,137 Fecrnrv1e1I1,Josoe, J9,A0,73,B1,IOB, 112,175,176 Fedevspuel, Debra, 152 Fe11Qn,Dwn,s1 Fefguwn,snefy1e,e1,112 Ferguson, nw, 122 Ferrell, Ann, 65.B1,117 Ferre1l,E1u1ne, 137 Fenem, Joyce, 122 Fueld Carol, 66,137 Fulbeck,L1ndo 157 F1lIma1,Lmdo,77,B1,112 Fmm, Rohm, 152 mah, vmon, 152 F-nley, Mary, 137 rmeny, Brendu, 414,81 F1nneny,Ron, 152 Finney, Sveve, 152 Fmzel, B1 F1nzel,Ronn1e, 152 Frsh, 152,166 r.51m,Amy, 137 Fnsher, Hayden, 118,811 12 r.5ner,Mmgme1, 137 F1lch,Cu1hue, 122 Fnch, Joe 152 FIam1ng,Dale, 152 FIom1ng,Gcry, 122,207 Flavhers, Nov, B?,117,1bl:,1b7,173, 174,175,160 215 FLEMING Ml Bruce, 45,206 250 FLITCROFT Mr Morv1r1,61 Foeller, Dan, 82 112 Foeller, D1one, 82,1111 15,175,192 193,227 Fogg.u,M.1e, 122 Folck, M1chael, 68,172 F0151 Jw-,as,122 For11cnc,Frank, 177 Fonvcno Pam, 152 Fossa1r,Bmce, 137,218 FosIer,Chr1s, 138 FOSTER, MlssJeor1, 78 Fosver, Larry, 57 Foslermun, Eluzubevh, 138 Fcuk, JoAnn, SJ Fvcncehch, Floyd, 12?,1B8,19B,218 222 Francel1ch,Pam 138 169,176 Frunkenberg, Lmda, 12? Fredr1ckson,Bon1l0,49,169 French, Debble, 157 French, Ken, 180 Fne, Sreve, 17? Fmhwm,An1m,u,a2,1oa 111,112 117,171 175 Fry Man., me Fuglee, Carol, 13,73,82,112,1 15,171 175,702 FugIee,Kc1hy,137,133,I38,20-I wmv, Chef., B7 FuIIer,CIaud1o, 49,135,154 165 Funk,Morr1s, 53 138 Furmsh,Jeff,40,87,1OB,111,112,164, 171,174,175 mm, Daw, as G Goge,G1r1ger, 138 Gage, Wally, 82,1 12,175,205 Gallagher, smen, 152 Gallenhne, Deborah, 66,127 Gollenlme, Sharon, 121 Gc1IIu:c1,Ed,8? GcIlucc1,John, 46,82 108,112,165 156,172,174175,1BO,1B7,21B.?39 Gollum Sharon, 13?,133,135,16d,165 Gm-du, Dummy, sa Galena, Manuel 1?7 Gardner, Dave -13,d9.51,13B171 Garland, Dale, 135 Gwen, Jerry, 152 Gorren, Kovhy, 51,83 Gonon, Ray, 83 11? Gawm,n1fx,53122,17s,1so,21s Gone, D1ck, 127 Gcmuzcm Bunn, 1J8,201 Gdrlucoo Nach, 122,164,198 233 Gavme, rom, 50,152 Guy, Thomui. 133,173 188106 Gay1on,Jomes, 130 GEHRKE, Mr Leonard, 56,95,175 Ge1mer,Lesl1e, 122 Genmer, Mark, BJ Bef11wf11f1,Kvv1v,13411541719 Bush, 13.11, 150,106 C,,,,,,,,,,,A1,,,y R , 63,171 E1l1s,sev,1:17 Ge1mer,1om,152,177 Befffwv. Ann, HV Bush, Pmfm, 77,1OB C,,,Y,,e, Dove, 79 s11.5,nav.d, 166,190 owge, scrum, 138 Bv'1'1"'1 G'D"01 1181706 sye1,crw:u,77,1ba C,,,,,,! Cmdyl 7.7 51115, mu, so,s3,so oemge,1ed,sa,112 1 0'-uses, mln, 118,169 Geracl, Ken, 138 Geren, Don, 164 Gemfhef, Mary Jo, 65, 122 Gesen, Don, 157 Gefthell, Jerry, 83,1 17,117,175 Gelchell, Ross, 138,171 Giondomemco, Mme, 64,122 Gnandomenmo, Warren, 157 Gamnone, Nlck, 157 Glam, Alon, 165 G1Iber1. Jem, 1118 Culberv, Karen, 138 G1Ies,John1e, 152 cum, Larry, 1218 G1Iham,June1, 123 Cullen, Jun, 123 G1II1om,FeI1c1o, 173,168,v.nof, 152 Gullles, Doug, 51138, 177,184,196 G-wan, Mmgcm, 138 Gush, Sion, 152,1B8,197,706,217 G1ur1Vo,Jcm:e, 135,169 Glmmnw, 11.11, 138 Glenn, LeNae, A8,I?J Glenn, Shern, 152 Gmewcsz, Barbara, 152,190 Gmewosz, Fehcuu, 123,174 omewou, Km, .1o,41,sJ,1 12,171,174 175 Godo1,F:l1x, 152,186 Goersch, Rex, 138 Goetz, James, 173 Goldnummer,R.g1 13s,11ao Goldsby, Roger, 130 Goheman,Od1s 152 G00d, Brad, 129 GoodcIe,M1ke, 68.13816-5,184 GoodcII.R1:h, 157 Gooderham,Km1y, 123 Goodlellow, Jean, 12:1 Goodwun Rhea, 138 171 Goody. Randy. 157 Gurdevl, Jams, 152 Glare, Sieve 68,123 Gorowsk- Gary 91112 :av Gorslme, Mary, 50,57,12ll,175 Goals, Kcvhefme 00,123 uw Goss, Doug, 00,123 Gossell, Carol, 123 Gofl1eb,Mcnhu 1118 Gould, Debbae, 157 GouId,K1m,15Y Grof1om,8evh,34 521:-1,173 Graham, Joy, I-18 157 168,165 Grundy, Greg, 49,135 164,164,218 Grunslrom, from-, 138,184 GranI,AI1en,AB,1?3,18O G1zANr,M1,, mommy, 41 Grover, Mary, 04,123 Grcv, Allie, 138 Gray, owne, 13a Gray, xumy, 4E,51,BJ,112 Gray,M1ke, 152 Gray,S51erry, 123 cfm, xmhwn, 123 cfm, Mary, 123 Green,R1chard, 1s2,1se Green, W11hom, 138,718 GREENFIELD, Mrs Jar1el,o6 cfwmugh, B111 152 ofnwvgh, Ruben Greer,G1er1da, 66, 123 Greer, Roy. IJB Greer, Joy, 61,133,172 Gregg, Shelley, 171 Gr-mum, Annene, BJ GnH1vhs,Marllee 139 Gf.ggs,.1.m, 123 Gnmm. Shelley, 43,1:w, Grodosky l1ndu,B3 GROGAN, Mr Howard, 25,172 Grosx,An1!u, 152 Gross, Robert 8-1,18O,?Ob,71-1215, Grove, Sieve, 55,7184 111,117,161 1bJ,16A,174,175,19Y19J Guomonu Nancy, 123 GuHey, Pal 157,164 Guule Lmdo, 139 Guvle Sieve, 173 Gum, Douglas, 157,156,202 Gu1mu,Jcn1ce,oA Gul11lc1rd,Don,123 Gullricrrd Ph1lI1p, 157,184 Gcnvev,Der1r11s, 152 Gunner, Ken, 139,154 Gunler,M1chDeI 139 Gunnison, Cums, BA Guualmn Kmum, 130 Guy,D1une A184112 Guy, Maru 139 H Haag, Leonard, 123 Hcupqm, nm, 152 Hogan, Cun, 173 HAGGLAND, Mr Jusnce 47 Mulbefg, road, ma Hale, Llnda, 139 Hun, Dan 153,186 Hall, Debbne, 42,123 HALLM15 Emd 25 Hall, Ken, 50,511 84,112 Hul1,Luw'enfe, 151,185 Hu1l,Mqfmu,s4,112 Holvorwn,Deborc1h, 152 Humor, Alber!,B4,112,1b6 Hamm, Loren, 49,1B4,1?3,21B HomI1n,Pum, 49,139,171 Hammond, Ehsubelh, 153 Hummor1d,Sleve, 152 Har1dscke1,Jcn1ce, 139 Hankey, Joe, 153,164 Hcm1uh,ccmy, 153 Hcr1sen,Cur1, 139,196 HANsEN,Mf,PqU1,27 46,-az Hansen, Sherry, 135,151,169 Hapulu, Steve, 1:19 Hmumg, Debra 123,Dm-nu, 153 Hurd1ng,Mcrshc, 153 Hard1r1g,Scndra, 148,153 Hmdmg, suave, 139,164 Nord-ng, Susan, 37,04 B-1,117 Harman, Mm, 139 Horrnon, Debra, 123,173 Harmon, Sveve, 139,173 Harper, AI 139 Hafoer,Dem1.s, 1J9,1bb HarreII,Suzy, 84,112,177 nqmngvmmofgl, 50,518-1,112,177 Horr1s,Dcrlene, 117,123 20? Horns,V1clu, 130 Hurr1son,G1endn,84,112 Hurr1sor1,W1II1um, 139 Hcr1,Jullann, 153 Har1,L1ndc1 123 HonzeII,Jc1nel, S1,84,1b5,168 Harvey, Bruce, 153 wo Harvey,M1che1e, 137,139,154 HASHBERGER, Mr Larry, 30313148 Hosh,Ke11h, 1J47,171 Hmrmway, Gary, 121,175,199 Havhawcy, Kay, 123 Halton, Wesley, 139 ' Haugen, Debra, IJ? 4 1-150501, Kathy, 64,173,169 Haugen, susan, 139 Hcusklnx, Connle, 153,164 HUuslclr1s,L1ndu, 49,139 Hewslnns, 11.51, 139 Hc1us5mcr1,E1Ieen, 123 Kw Mec1end1e,C51een,v2,11a HouSSmcn,Phllllp,174 Huwk1ns,Bu1buvu,85,117 Hawkins, Lorene, 174,177 Huwklrxs Leon, 48,139 Ingerscll,RcyAr11-lu, 153 1ngnen1,lvlfny,153,15s URGENS, My w.l1.efn,45 l,W.n 11nde,14o lsbell, Jeen, 154 llaml,Roberl,B7,1111,16b,172,lS0 115nn, susan, 48,5o,53,87,11a,177 115, cnnny, 77,724,174 J Krcley,Florer1te, 76,B9,113,17J Kroley, Mary, 125 Kruger, Sleye, 140 Knne,R5gef, 2,B9,108,111,113, 151,155 177,174,175,7Ob,77B,746,754 Kubel,Norn1u,4C1 Kubl1,WnI1er,154,190 1clJen,, 140,154 K1Jrlclnen,Nuncy, 154,169,176 5n, lvlnyn, 140 Meslheney McGuow,Ncr1cy, 147,174 Hewlnns, nney, 153,185 Haynes, 8.11, 53,188 Haynes, 12.811, 114 Haynes, sveye, 55,112 Huyzle11,Nnncy, 153,175 Heed,D.-.n51ny, 139 Head,Suscr1,65,85,1OB,1l7,1bB,173. 175 Hec1h,BrlJce,3J,1Q9121 198 Hedges,Pul.1I,85 He1d1nger,Joclc, 153 Heldlr1gel,Sue, 124,175 He1rvl,Anr1,b6,73,85,117 Helrv1cr1,l1nda, 124,159 rlelnneln, leny, 153 Helsler, Chorlor1e,B5 Helmer,Ku1hy, 124,202 Helquls1,Dcn1el 139 Her1dersorl,RebeCcc, 153,176 Her1der5or1,RobErYu, 151,190 Her11ck,larry, 139 Hen1eR,L51n5, 153 Hennlngev, Many, 130 Henschel, Murll, 4B,S7,174 Hen5ley,1?or1, 153,164 Herd, Thomas, 153,188 Herge1,J1rr1, 114 Hensley,S1eve, B5 Herrmann, Paul, 55,153,197 Hess, svunley, 153 Hess, Wayne, 68 124 Hesscn,Donr1a,76,51,77,85,117,177 Hevuck Greg, 174 Heucherl,J05epl1, 174,173,154 He1Jene11,Rnd5lpn, 153,166,186 Heurvlanr1,Dor1na, 124,158,150 Hlckerson, Deborah, 174 llleke, laenbnle, 148,153 Hlcks, Russ, 153 HlCkS,1errl9, 139,176 Hldey, Enne, 153,202 H1g11,Barburu,85,117 H1gh,M0vls, 153 Hlgl1,S1eve,1?-1,180,1eny,s5 H1ldebrar1,Sl1ello, 77,B5,117,1b5,1b9 Hlldemlnnd, Don,9,C!6,174,171,175 Hllaenbmnd, Rodney, 153,155,195 14.11, cheryl, 153 HllI,Dar1c,139,1B7 H1II,Geo1ge, 50,53,86,117,177 Hlll, Jnrnes, 54,124 Hlll, Jell, 153,186,197 H111 Llr1dc,74b HILL, Dr lucllle, 78 H1II,Scc1t,53,1C19,15fl,71B H1ll,5CcNL,177,188,19B H1ll,Sl1cllon, 139 Hallord, Ulurle,-18,85 mule, Randy, 68 124 Hllleslcnd, Sylvlo, 4B,5O,51,53,Bb, 10S,112,175,l7b,177 Hlnes,Perry,40,Bb,117,1b5,166,174, 175,718,150 H1r1l1le,Debrc,153,176 Hneen, Judy, 139,169 Hodson,C1r1dy 153 Hudson, Nancy, 86,190 Huler,S1ever1 53,17-1,180,215 Hellman, Dale, 153 Hcgelcnd, Mono, 153 Hokenson Don, 124 Helder, Nancy, 130 Hold1mcn,Ku1hy, 153,169 HoldlrVl0r1,Le5lle 174 Hcl1ler,Murlm,153,18b,197 Hallol'ld,lrer1e, 117 Hollar1d,Jell, 153 197 HolIur1d,Ku1y, 117,17-4,168,176 H0ll4r1geY,ShUrcn, 174 Hollwcy,Borbo1a,86,1OB,112,1c4175 Hallway, Rlcllard, l39,16b,184,701 l-lelfnee, Many, 153 Holrnes,VaIer1e 13,14,A1,B511O,117, 115,152,l5J,728,2Qv,2Jo,254,254 HoIschu,L1ndu, 153 Holsllne,C1r1dy, 153 H5l51lne,vle1n,54,85,113 HoIs1vom,GIenr1, 174 HOLT, Mr Donald, 71 HoI1,Gleer1, 153 Hol1e,Derllse,174 Hoclner,Cyr1d1u,10,7'7 85,110,113,234, 735,737,159 Jackson, Dlnnn, sa JACKSO N, Ml. Gary, 54 Jackson,J1m,140 ' Jackson, lorry,87,113 Jae1s5n,51eye, 174,164 197,193 Jacobson Ardelle,50,65,8B,108,113, 175 Jacobsen, nylon, 53,140 JAcolsssN,M1 Reben, 107 Jenbee, cheryl, 154,159 Jelbee,Jeny,8e,1o8,113,154,174175 Jel1r1eo,EI11abe1h, 117174 Jel1neo,Jumes, 140 Jellneo, Jell, 140 JenL1ns,Donrlu, 154 JENlclNS, Mrs, Ellen, 75 Jer1klr1s,Mcrc,y, 174 Jerll11n5,Sh11Iey 140 Jensen, 81en85, 154 Jer1sen,Cl1r15, 140 Jensen, Greg, 154 Jensen, Jon, 9,174,175,18B,?1B,773 Jensen, Kolhy, 49,140 .leppesorl,Pc111l, 140,169 Jewell, lynn, 48,s2,124 JeweIl,S1even,53,154 J1n1ngs,Dav1d, 124,242 Jngenele, Gary, 140 Jneenele,s1eye, 154 JOHNS, M1 eawnld, 47,122 Kwon, Neney, 154 Rwusney, BnJee, 175 Kwasr1ey,Shclron, 154 Ryle, Geny,l14,22,2a L LACKAPF, Mf,Pe1ef, 37 LeFf5n1155l4e,Jenn1e,73,141 LuHue,JoAr1n,57O,113,1b5,177 Lol-Jue, 1515, 154 LnH1Je,Po1,49,140 Lal-modlele,,a5,125,1517 l5nn15dlefe, Learn, 154 lake, sandra, 154 15111, Rn11n,75,Qo lnfnb, sleplmnle, 141 Larr1b,Susar1,154 Lomberv, Do1Jg,90,113,1b4,7O7,706, 747 Lcmbel1,LcJ1, 141 Lumbe11,Pu1Jl, 154,156 Lor1del5,M1cl1oel,68,141 LANDES, Mrs. Thelma, 32 Lcr1dre1h,Jecne11e, 154 Leng, Leng. Beclue, 132,141 Bonnle, fl7,116,l75,l64,72B Leng, Gayle, 154 Lung,Svscr1,66,90,113,1b8,1b9 Lcngder1,L1ndy,'7O,l13 Lan den, mek, 125 J5nne5n, Allen, 140,173,188 Johnsen, laefbfne, 50,140 Johnson, 8efn1, 154 JOHNSON, M, Clyde, 78 Jo11nson,C1mls, 154 Johnson, Duwunc,BB,113,177,717 Jennwn, ned, 154,164 J5nn,5n, Gary, 88,113 Jol1r1scn,J1Jdy, 140 Jennwn, Judy L , 50,174,165 Jenneen,11ndn,88,1017,11a,177 Q Larlgdor1,Sherry, 154 Langdon, Inn, 141 lar1klr1s,M1chcel, 154 Lannlng,Danlel,99,113,175,1B9,21B Larson, Harold, 90 Larson,Pum,175 Lemon, Sandy, 125.168 Luvsol'l,Ar1ne, 53,154 Larsson, ey5, 141 Lesnvel, Cunle, 154 1511, James, 90,1 13,171,175,177,1o5 lAUGHL1N,Mf R1chord,77,61,70b Hooker, Hooker, Jnn, law Ronny, 139 Hop1urls,Debby,B6,11fl Hoelnne, Deneld, l39,155,l84,1Qs Hopklr1s,Donl'lo 54,124,159 Hopk1ns,Joy,Bb,113,1bb,18O,187, 198,100 Hopk1r15,Mcny, 130 Hoppe, Lee, 55 145ppe1,J0Ann, 158,158 Hopper,L1ndu, 155 Menon, Orme, HoDD1e,S1an, 174 Hnfnbeel P51,a5 172 HORVA111, M155 Kc1l1eryn,A1 Hollon,Kv1s, 135,139 Howard, Darrell 58,124 14ewnnJ,l.nd8,s7,11J l-4ew5fd,M5nlyn,s7,113 Howcnh, Dennn, 58,87 Howe lyy, 87,172 HowelI,Jc1nel, 1347 Hewell, M1enel1e, 153 Howel1,SaIIy,B7,177 Hoy1,l?ay,5O,73,B7,113 175,194,706 713 Hcy1,Susan, 153 Huber, snnley, 139 Huck, lz.enenJ, 153 Hudson, Deye, 137,139,167,776,730 1-lnasen, Deryl, 11,39 4l,87,1 13,154 Huueuel Mary 58,153 llemne, Evelyn 153 Hullmun Guy, 153 Hughes,EIler1, 174 Huke,Deb1, 1317 H1Jke,Ke11h,bB,174 Huker, Andrew, 139 Hn1e,An1n5ny,87,113,175,1s0 Hvmmel,Rcr1dc,41,50,53,14O,177 Hwnel, undo 22,140 Hylcnd,Jcr1e1, 140 Idol unan, 124 lggulden Don, 153 neue, Jerry, 140 155,200,201 lkedu,McrIeen, 36,37,113,1b8,17C1 Inclharc1,Alcr1, 153,197 lr1cIcn,Err1es1cl,55,140 175,184,198 215 Ingersoll,Donny,174 John5on,L1r1dc,C, 140,155 J5nn55n, Lmene, 154 Jol1r1son,Mcr1lyr1, 154 Jennson, sleye, 154,242 Jennwn, susan, 38 Jol1nson,Teres0, 140 J5nne5n,1n5nnn, 140, 184,258,759 JoHNsoN,lv11ee 1nJdy, 37 J5nne15n,Apnl, 154 J5nn515n,Glena8, 124 Jonnslon, Rey, 76 Johnston, Rey, 50,175 Jol'1nslon,Kev1n 125 Jonnsmn, Llndy 55,88 113,163,169 254 Jonnemne, Den, 154 Jor1es,B1II, 154,187 Jorles,CIc1z,154 Jor1es,Dor1,B8,l13 Jones,Donr1u, 154 JONES, Mr Flnya 157 Jones, Joe, 88,113,187 Iclnes,Johr1, 155 Jor1e5,.1udy, 140,157 Jones, Kenny, 154 Jones, Reyln, 58125, 155,175,180 195 Jor1es,Lorvy, 140,184 Jones,S1eve, 140 Jorles,Tevry,140,1b4,18-1,701,718 Jordan,Jev1, 140 Jordor1,Llr1du,49,14U Jordcr1,S1onley, 140 Jflbnenef 17511188 Jung, C5151 175 Junker, oe-515, 140,155 K Kudolph, Smnley, Rudolph, lannc, 175 Koehlen, Aaron, 186 Kol1r1,Dnn, 175 KclehIer1,AurQn, 155 Kohn, Dan, 175 Kohn,M1cl1cel,BB KAISER, Mr Gary, 34 Konus Ku1l'1y,72 B9,11fS,169176,761 Kmln, Dlnne, sv, 113,177 Keener, 511112, 124 Kclsner, Deborah, 175 Kc1sner,Jnn1ce, 140 1c51JlnnJn 13.11, 140 REARNS, Mr Donald, 31,117 Keeler, Don, 39,BQ,165,175,1B0,758, 759,761 Kes-r1ey,WlIl1s, 68,178,113 Kellev,Gavy 174,166174,175,180, 186,701 Ke1lel,Grego1y, 154,201 Keller,Jlrr1,89,113,175,1'?0,191 Kelly, Benbnfn, 140 Kelley, lannn, 154,197 Kelley, L5nnle, 49,124,159 Kelly,Jecr1, 125 Rehn, Jerry, 154 Kenner, 8515511 35 175 Kel1ner,T11elrYl0, 154 Kefnpel, Kay, 140 Kerr,Cl'1rls, 175 Keyes, John, 154 K1be,Ke11h, 140,188,19B,?OO K1dner,Dav1d, 154,155 K1ncu1d,lolJella, 175 KING, Mr Jack, 71,77 K1ng,L1nda, 154 Klng,V1clxl 117,175 1clng4ley,Mleheel, 177 RnR,Meny,125 KlrkpD1r11:1m,Ror1,8l7,l13 KIa11,Cor1me,49,14O Kleemcrljlundy,174,18O,19'3,1QQ KIenRe,Kc1l'1ryn, 35,124 Klevzel, Sveve, 174 Knapp. J1JIle, 174 Knoll, Kunn, 89,159 KNOTTS, M155 Kc1111vyn,47,171,24O Knudsen, Denrlls, 68 Krlwson, Ruben, 154,188 Knlnscn, Mark, 132,13Cl,14O,1b3,1BA, 196,718 Koch, Guly, 154,190 Keener, J1Jcy, 48,85,73,e9,101 113 lceezel, Dale, 125 Koehler, Anfon, 154 Kokorudcl,Cu1ol, 1-IU Kol511n0en,Leon,a9 KcIb,Jcr1e1,t15,175,1b8 KcIb,Mcv:1u,154 Kol1bcxbo,Jcn1ce, 89,113,177 Reneleuy Elleen, 140 Koser1len5ky,Mlke,154 Krcemer, Bob, 154 Krcerner,Ker1, 140 Krclhmur1n,Frcnlc,140 Krclley,Don1Se, 140 140,188,718 777 773 Lendfeun, slllle, 90 luu1s,Greg,15A Laws, mvem, 53,125 Lawwl ll, Mark, 141 le5l,Denn1s, 154 LelsnJn, Rnende, 154 Lee, Arnold, 141 Lee, Dey1a,51c,113 Lee, Jvdy, 154,154,175 Lee, lcnlen, 154,154 Lee,S1elIa,155 ' lenfno, Lelo, 141,177 1 Lenge l,Err1c, 155 Lenon, Themes, 155 Lerlon,WaI1er, 141 Leong,F'clk,156 Lepp5, June, 94 e Levlse Lewls, Lewls. Lewls. Lewls, Lew-S, Lewls, ,Rely 141 alll, 155,197 Clllf,5O,53,141,177,1B4196 Jnn, 125 Ron, 11,37,90,109,113 105 susan, 175 Terry, 175 Leymom, Junlce, 175 Libke, Deborah, 175 L1eb,Cynlh1u,155 Lleb,S1eve,90,l1J,l77,198,199 M1-Jlev, Mlke, 141 MuI1co1:1,Ma1k, 155 Mcllory,V1cc1, 176 MALONEY, Mr l55epn, J7 Mulor1ey,Pcll,91,1111,169 Mc1lor1ey,Ted, 141,205 Mclsey, reny, 67,471,113 Molsey, 15n., 24,4Q,141,154,15s Mcnnmen, J55n, 35,125,175 Mcr1dy,D1Jarle,91,113 Mur1k1ns,Manhu, 141,245 Manlnln5,Sor1dy, 155 Monr1,Phlllp,141 Mennlng, Dennn, 91 lv1ANNlNG, M1 James, 107 MQr1n1r1g,Morcl0, 155 Menon., Gefy, 176 Muvcor11,L1nda, 176 Malmo,JOhr1,9l,175,1BO,19B,700 Men., sveye, 417,172,113 Mem, Duane, 141 M51le50, lvlenlyn, 141 Mar1er,Vlck1, 49,141 Mfn15w,Jen1ee,5s,Q2,113 Mnnnell, D5n, 141 Monncll, Rouen, 176,175,167 Mclr11en,Vlclnl, 142 Mar11n,Deboroh, 155 Mar1lr1,S11euy,Q7 MARJNJ, Mne Joanne, 55 Mcr11r1oI1:h,Beverly, 155 Mur11rlol1ch,Bor1r11e,141 Mcr11r1ollcl1,Dnuell, 176 Mf.nne,s1eye 37,92 M55e.e,1n5fn5e 125 M51ne1,J5nn,22,92,109,111,113,205 Mevnef, Mary, 142 lv1n155n, mn, 170 Mo11ers,Ccl111e11r1e, 142 Mennews, sleye, 142 May, Pele, 254,255 Muy,Susor1, 147 MeaIey,Debble,49,65,137,147 Med-ne, John, V3 Meeks,C11avIer1e, 147 Menng, Dune, 155 Nleln, Royle, 141 Mellen,L1nda, 147,1b4 Mendeln, sob, 147 Meepley, Gwen, 155 Mevleer, Brenda,b5,176,168,169,707 Menee1,Jun1ee,9:1,113,158 Me11ler,Gary, 147 Me1z,Frcr1ces, 142 Meyer, claude, 155 Meyer, Edward, 155 Meyer, undo, 55,142 Meyers, leeele, 53 Mlerngnnn Wayne, 155,185,202 Mlef, Rlenens, 177 M.kRelenn,Mnn1n, 147 Mllee, 8.11, 155 MlIle.S1eve, 155 M.llef,c5n,l,142 Mlllef, cevny, 49,142 M1Iler, oe55f5n, 142 Mrller, D1cne, 55,155 M1lIev,Jclcql7eI1r1e, 142,164,165 Mlller,Jur1e1, 142 MlIler,Ke1Iy,155,1bb M1ller,Lurry, 53 MILLER, M15 Lcr1alne,65 Mlllel,,1n,11J,155 MILLER, MJ Mlke, 59 Mlllef, Pm, 125 Mlllel, 17801, 155 lvllllel, 11501, 155 M1lle1, Penny, 147 MILLER, Mrs Psyche, 64 M11le1,Rar1dy,176,1BO,71B,777 McCar1y, Len, 127 McCauley, Kmhy, 156 McCIcr1e,B1ll,-18,447,177 McClor1e, Sur1d1,97 Meclenqnen, ROr1,92,113,166 McClure, Cher, 130 McClure,Donr1u, 156,176 McCOMB, Mr McrI1r1,61 McCracken ,W1ll1om,177 McCreud1e, Kenrlevh, 156 Owen, Llndn, 143 Owens. Geynell, 155 Owens, Jnn, 48,49,95,11J Oxford Oxlord, Onold ,Ann, 57,177 Charles 143 .RundY1 SJ P Pqlnnnn, Leong, 156 Mem-Jnlels, .l1m, 165,171 McDcnuId,M1ke, 147,166,706 MeD5nnld,R.e1, 1551515 McDor1ough,M1Re, 147 McDow,M1ke, 50,53,97,11J,175,1B9 McEll1urley,Dcn, 177,164,175,1SO,194, 707 ,Nuncy,156,164 Mesneney, Den, 45,177 McEwen, Jell, 156,171 Meewen, Jeny, 127 lvlernll, Deye, 49,177,180 Palmer, Ken, 49 143,171 PANCHEAU, M1 Gee1ge,5o,53,l77, 253 Pappas, Tomo, 177 Perm, Cleve, 143,171 175,215 Parl1er,Cro1g,96,113,171 Perm, Gerry, 143 P.-nuenm-eneel 53,127 Pell-1, Nuncy,9b,113 Pcvrv1er,D1ur1e, 143 PARR,Mf 1nefnm, 45 Pnnnn, cleg, 155,185,201 vennoll, Den, 143 McFarland ,L1nda, 127,168 Mennlene, 051714, 177,1bb,l8O,19Q, 718,771 McFurlcr1e,KoIhleen, 155 McFurlune,Pu1rl:k, 142,184,196 Meo.bb5n,15n1, 177 McGIoghlor1,Dcnn, 155 McGowan M51 fne1,35,37,4a,92,113 1 9 McGlJlre, Dlane, 156 vewnele, Gow, 141, 188 Passmore, lzebln, 155 Pelepeu, PONEYSOYI VOYIEYSUH Mann.-J, 155 ,Doug 55,150 ,Jl1ay, 143,174 MeG1Jne, Gary, 142,184 McHenry, 177,188,716 McIr1losh,Jume5, 177 Mclr11osl'1,L1ndu, 156 Mcliugue, Joanne, 147 McKEE, Mr J0rv1e5,bO McKenney,MolI1e, 156 McKec1wr1,MoIIy, 142 MCKERCHER, M455 Cetul, 77,313,777 Melcelhen, Remy, 92,113 MCKNIGH1, Mrs Rose, 65 McKowr1,Kcrer1, 127 McLeon,Jc1n,147,1b6,184,196 McLean, Randy, 150 McMurray, lvl.l1e,s7,9z,113,l52, 16o,174,175,1B0,1S7,198,73O, 735 McNeol,W11I1um,147 Meouew, Jqmes, 156 L1ermo,Le1c,49 Lllley,Ko1hleer1,75B Llnd, Susan, 175 Llnderrlulh, Jane, 49,141 LINDGREN, Mrs Mcrl1yn,37 Llndnclnl, Hymn, 91,194 Llndl, Lon, 50,155 Llndley, Keren, 141,177 Llndq1J51,8n5n, 125,155 llr1dqvlsl,Crlcg, 155 L1r1s,Debb1e, 141 Linven, Pamela, 90,113 Ll1lle,Cl1r1sl1e, 155,165 706 Lmle, Darlene, 91,109 Ll11le,LIoyd, 125 Llyely. Den, 49,125 Lively,Ker1, 155 Llcneza,Lorvu1ne, 155 Loclce,.1ny, 155,166 Loclchcrr Mlke, 155,188 Lols1edl,Ncncy,4B,57,175 Lohmeyer, Cheryl, 155 L5en1neyef,D5nn5, 125,159 Lo11r1es,Debble,53,141 L5rn58, An, 91,113 Lomax, Jeeqlne, 141 l.or1g,Judy, 175 Leng, Paul, 155 Long,Rlc,175,175,1BO194,707 Loorr11s,Dorlcld,175,16b,1B0,707,717 Loorr11s,Lcl1vy, 141 Lopko, Barbara, 176 Lopr1nz1,Ca1hle,117,176,163168,l75 Lcp11nz1,Jar1e1, 42,132,141 l.crenz1n1,BGrbcl1a, 144,168 Lovennnl, Irene, 141 Lor1Jsso,1?oIph, 141,155 Lou1e,Eal1r1e, 155 Lo1Jle,MeIvln, 155,171 LovI1en,Je0r1, 155,154 Lovller1,KalEr1, 74,176,168,173 LucRer,Rces11elI, 141 L1Jk1ch,Dcr1,141 Lukrolkcl,Jol1n, 49,6591 Lum,Dcv1d,141 Lurlcelor, Ron, 175 Lund, Anllc, 141 Lund, cheryl, 155 Lunde, mae, 176 Lnndgfenmen, 125 L1.1ndgren,J0l'1n,141 Lushenko, Evelyn, 51,7J,91,f74 113, l59,173,174,l77,25l 15514, Lucy, 155,159 1011, Nnndy, 60,176 Lynn, Judy, 176 Lynn, Roben, 155,185,701 Lyor1s,Pol1ltlu, 155 Lylle, Bob, 126,175,177 Ly1le,Dlck, 5O,53,l41 M MABRV, Mr nenele, 47,172,2o5,77Q Meeonnlels, Jnn, 91,113 Meelellene, 111185, 155 McCKer1z1e,Morlar1nu, 141 Meexey, 11711-nl, 141 MneR1n155n,Rosunne, 155 Meeulnleen, s1Je, 141 Meeulln, Ellen, 155 Mudson,Cyn1h1u, 125 Mcgel, Glenda, 50,141 MAIER, M1 Ruben, 41 Mo1ne,Su5cr1, 141 M5,5n, Joe, 141 M1llev,Shuvon,155 Mlllel, snnley, 93,113 Mllrel, susan, 49,55,l47,15a M1ller,SuscnL , 155,169,704,70c M1lle11,G1lben, 155 M1lls,Ken 155 Mllls,Palr1cln,93,l13,165,1b5 Mnnef, sandra, 93 Mlrer1du,l?cy,9J,11f1,177 Munch, Jerry, 176 Mnenell, M1141-ell, Cheryl, 155 M51k,55,125,159,170 McQ1.low,Pom, 156,168,169 Mconnw Jeny, 147 N Na1l,Jclmex,45,53,177,180 N5ugh1,Rodney, 142,184,218 Naylor, Cruylon, 1J,118,b7,94,1 13 Neuse,M1cl'lcleI,27,73,94,113 Nee1cr1d,Kcren 147,164 NEELEY, Mr John, Sb Nees, Carole, 147,169 Nelson, sem, 142 Nelson, Connle, 1411 NELSON, Mr Donald, 30,31 Nel5on,Elo1r1e, 94,113 NeI5on,El1c, 156 Nel5on,Er1c, 155 Nelson, Gveg, Q4, 191 Nelsun,.1ennile1,4B,127 Nelson, Larry, 113 Neleen, sup, 177 Nelson,S1eve, 156,164,186 Nemgar,Pan1clu,37,177,169 Nee5llng,D15n5, 143 Newcorne r, Mlke, 156 Newcomer, Nleu, 143 Newell, Sharon 156 Newlan, Dlono, 150,165 Newton, reny, 177- N1cho1as,Jur1el, 143 Nlcholus, Peny, 156 Nuchols, K1 Nlelnle, Je Nleleon, ls 51.95, Pen ny, 14:1 rry, 14J lends, 143,165 lm, 156 Nllrar1en,George, 155 Nllrunen. Nnronerl, Llnda, 73,95,113,173,174 R1:huvd,35,143,701 Nnnnell, canal, 55 Nelde, Nlfny, 127 Mlzo1,Mcr1lyn,13,93,1l3,16O,l67, 1b9,17S,761,764 MO01S,Jur1lCe, 142 Mae1enlnnJp1,P5ny, 147,108 Mellen, Debl, 77 lvloflnv, ce1lne,5o,175,158,173 Molf111,Jell,147,1VB Mohr, Rebecca, 50,170 Molex,Leonc1,93,113 M5nee5, Debble, 25,a5,125,1e5 Mcnr1e1,Der1n1s,49,93,113 Monroe, Derek, '73,109,113,171,177, 175 Mor1roe,Ny-Kee, 143,165 Mon11,Corol,64,73,94,1:13,169 Moor1,Peler, 147,l75,197,7Ob MOORE, Mrs ennne, 30,141,137 M551e,6l5n5, 176 Moo., Rose, 155 Moovelavvy, 49,511,113 Meme. Regel, 4B,4f:,5e-1,125,255 Me51e,s1nnn, 147 Movcom, Karen, 147 NONNE, Mrs , 77 Nenne, sylene, 49,143 Nefby, Mercy, 127 Nevley, Neney, 155 Nerd, Joyce, 145 NORL1N,Mr5 Eleanor, 77,3135 No1eboom,Nar1cy, 177,169 Noyes,Dorleer1, 127 Nudelmon,Shurc1r1,95,177 Nye,Ru1h, 155 NYLAND, Mn. Mary Jean, 75 Nylend, 12.811, 156 0 OUl1ley,Wcl1er, 143 obeld, neyld, 95 o'lan5n, lolynda, 143,258 O'Brlon,Nor1, 143 o snen, Neney, 143 O'Br1en,Rochelle, 156 Ocello,Ty1a, 145 Odber1,Nar1cle, 156 Morehouse, Ross, 37,94,109,11f1,175 Morgcn,B1ll, 137,147 Morgan, Dun, 155 Morgan, JoEller1, 48 Morgan, Ren, 142,154,205 MORRIS, Mlss Dorolhy, 77,115 Morr1son,CarI,b8,113 M5n.wn,o1eg51y, 155 Mornson ,Jeny, 155 Melnmn, 111515, 38,176 R lchord, 176,166 Meebnnl-ef, Debnnnn, 155 M5nnnn,srn1ley, 155 lvleun, Pere, 150 Mcxley,Dcv1d,94,113,165,198,71B MuelIe1,Mlke, 68 Mulkey,Cyr1lh1c, 155 M1Jllen,Cvn1g, 155,185 Mullen, Nlne, 176 Muller, Leny, 94 lvlulynney, Larry, 155 Mulyuney, w5nd5, 04 Mur1dorlf,Debble,3B,176 M1mger,Je0nr1el1e, 50,177 M1Jnger,MarlIyn, 155 Munkers, 6511, 156,169 Mur1son,Dorlr1o, 155 Murphy, vlnee, 94,202,207 Murpl'1y,V1rg1n1c,5O,9d,113,l77 Murrell,R1:hord,6B,177 Myers, Terry, 127 Mc McAl0ney,Kel1r1eIf1, 172 Mesnae, An, 150 Mesnde, Menu, 97,113,165,170,171, 190 Mecellner, Lynn, 142 McCummczn,Mc1Jreen, 142,168 Mcicrnmon, Anne, 142 Mccnnney,1efe5e, 147 Odben, s0e5n, v,14,120,124,l54,l5Q, 175 Oerlngel, D1cne,5B,14J,7J9 olen, oely, 141 Olayos, Jenev, 156,164 Ollver, Go Ollverlo, J nsen, 14:1 nay, 61,177,168 olney, Jey, 143,155 Olsen, Jennee, 156,186 Olsen, Tur 766 ld, 95,109,1 13,175,176, OI5on,Dav1d, 186 Olson, Olson, Olson, Lynn, 315595, 1 11,175 Neney, 156 T1r1u,b4,1lo,177,71C1 Oman, Ronald, 143 O Nell O Nell , Peggy, 95 1, sleye, 141 Opolmcl, Dove, 95,177 015115, Mmhael 95,113 Oresle, Jelf, nB,Q5,11J,16b,189, 718 Orl1r1g,SCarl, 143 Ronald,143,165,171,17J,175, 706,717 Orsen, Neal, 49,68,177,l66 Oryn, cneg, 49,127 oebeek, Crmg, 155,188 OSBORN, Mr. Earl, 79,706 oelwn, Neney, 143 Osborn, Wllllam, 14J Osborne. Dlanu, 177 Osbufn, Randy, 156 Osbuln,1,J5,14J Over, Sondra, 143 Oswulv. B1II,177 Oswcll, Bob, 37,177 O1ey,B1lI,156,1h6 O1ey,Bob, 177,766,707 0n,M5ry1501se, 11,J6,95,109,l13 160,175 vnvlefwn, Lclur1,96,10Q,l13,174, 175 Puvllcek, Rory, 155 Povl1ch,Pclul, 143,184,196 Puyne,Alv1r1, 156,197 Poyrle,B1II,14J Payne, R1J1h,5o 96,113 Pearce,Bor1n1e, 128,159 Pearson,Jor11s,49,143 Peenon, Remy, 95,1 1 1143, 158,254 764 Pee1,5n,R51hy Anne, 4B,5l,178 Peek, Mme, 178,166 Peck, Susan, 3B,48,b5,9b, 109 113, 173,175 Peck Vlckl, 141168 PEDEN, M15 June,b4,101 PEERY, M1 John, 40 Pee15,Al1ze, 143 Peeis, Nero, 156 Peloquln, any, 111 9er1nlng,R0ber1 128 Per11od,D1clne, 144 Pemod, Sue, 178 Pefklnf, Karen, 143,164 Perk1nx,Vvonne, 156 men, D5y1d, 155 Peleu, Jenlee, 143 PeIers,Mark,96,113 Pe1evs,Mcry1n, 128 Peterson, Bobb1e, 178 Pe1euon,l.ynn, 143 Peferson, Pm, 144 Peterson, sreyen, 144,184,196 Pevewen, vleuy, 144,158 Perfume, Deyld, 144,166,718 PeNer1g1ll,Mel1sso, 73 96,111 168,169 Phllllpe, Dome, 156,170 Pn.1l.p5,1.na5, 50,178 Peellene, Themes, 144 Plelup, calnym, 155 PlereYll,Janls, V6,l13 ' Plelce, Dove, 178. P1hulak,Ponald 17B Plland,B1ll,49,119,128,165,1b0, 174,175,130 P1memel,B1I1le, 144 PIPER, M155 Beryl, 55 P1nc1nu1d,J1m, 144,166,184 me., Donna, 155,205 Platt, Mcvlo, 144 Pedeney, Mllnde, 96,113 Ronnnqn, Jnn, 155 Pohrmcn Terry, 144 Pomeruy, Paul, 144 Pond,M1l1e,49,9h,113175,180,198 718,773 Popplno, D1nnr1e,90,113 Rcpp.n5, James 49,144 Pm1er,S1eye, 144 Por1s,Barbara,b5,97,109 Por15,Joannu, 111 Po5Ylewal1e,Krl5lme, 125 POTTER, M1 Duvld, 79 Penel, Lony, 155 Po115,1vls 144 Poul0de,Jlrv1, 156,166,185 Powell, Anne, 155,159 Pr1ze,Suscr1, 144,174 Pr1de,Llndo, 144 Pnze, Dave, 49,144 Prles1ley,M1ke, 157,188 P11mme1,Dan, 157 Pr1mmer,Sher11e 144,175 Prusck, Ed, 178 PUCKE11, Mn Mlnam JJ PULLIAM, Mr Chc1les,70,79 Puppos, Jonlo, 159 Purdvm,B1lI,35,97 Pwpvw, levm, 157,158 mnyn, Johnny, 178 PUTNAM, Mrs CY1r1s1lne,65 P1nJ1u5,H5nn1J, 144 0 Qual,Cl'1r15, 157,185 Qu1lauo,Jose, 178 PASCHIO, Mr Dorlo, 56 Rngnone, Roger, 157 Ra1I,Lou1s, 144 Ruler, lon 157 Rainer, Roberv, 175 RaIl,Geo1gnJean, 157 Jv 12411175 Rulphi, K1rv1,S3,l44 Ycr1k1n,Mlle,53 Randall, Florence, 125 165 Repnqel, An, 157,190 11511, Nancy, 128 Posrnu5sen,Bor1r1le, 128 Rasmussen,Dorwln,79,157,186,219, 770 Raefnnuen. Glenn, 97 Rnlnley, Gary, 157,155,184 Rullllney, Shelrle, 178 R5nehen11e1n,lewell, 128 Rcutl1ens1e1n,Mur:1o, 157 l?uymor1d,GoyIe, 157,159 Ru1e,Bruce, 144 ReorIey,Jc1hn, 144 Reorley Judy, 157 Redlem,Mnr1lyn, 178 Reese,Crc1g, 178 Reese, JoE1Ien, 157 l?ehdel,Gu1I, 46,173 Re1sbec1l.Judy,97,113 Re1ler,Wer1dy, 144 Remme, Dole, 144 Femme, Roxanne, 157 Penlsh, Sieve, 97 Remnge1,Mcv11yn,bb,157 :sermon Chns, 157,190 oodes,Ma ,144 mee, N5ney, 1144 Rice,R1ehard, 157 Richad,M1cttele, 144 1z1ehardren,Maryrn, 128 ltreharaean, Robtn, 157,169 Rkhford, Arlene, 11,:15,97,109,1 13, 175 RICHTER, Mr. Carlton, 57 Rtckard. Charlotte, 48 66,128,177 Riddle, vrrgrnra, 128 Rioh1,B1II, 144 Riesenman, John, 116,128,162,228 Riordan, Dan, 157 Ritchey, Dane, 144 R1trer,Jtrn, 125 Ritter, Wllrna, 144 Rivera, Jean, 144,168 Rivera,Juan1ta, 157,170 Rivera, Roste, 128 RIZNER, Mar Gtaayr, 27,413,173 Roach, Orval, 32,128 Raodruck, Randy, 22,97,113 Roadruck, Rlck, 128 Raberti, Marlene, 157 Rageatr, Ren, 45 97,113,164,175, 1 tlabertt.Kathte,97,113,155,174 Robrnett, Marta 97 Robtnson, Darleene, 144 Rob1nson,Ela1ne, 157,169 Rabrnean, Mtke, 157 Robrnson, Ratrlce, 157 Robtnson, Rtck, 97,114,175,207, 215 Robson, John, 157,201 Rodd, Ken. 157,197 Rogers, Julle, 144,154 Rarsam, Roger. 128,164,180,194 Roisum, Ted, 144 Raley, Ed, 50,144,177,184,201,21B Roos, Stephen, 55,157,197 ROSE FESTIVAL, 266,267 Rose, Lowell. 97,172 ROSE,Mrs Mytn0.57 Ross, Cato1yn,98,114 Ross,Connte,98,114 Ross, Janrce, 1278 Ross. Jtm, 128 Ross. Joyce, 128 Ross, Kathre, l1,37,98,109.1 14,161 168,171,175,190 ROSS. Mrs Rohm, 29 Ross, Steve. 144 Rea, Terry, 128,180 kaa, Wendy, 157 Rath, Susan, 64,128,177 rzaantree, kteky 144 Rowley, Dorothy, 53,144 169 Rawley, kanay, 128 Royce, Jerry, 157 Roylonce, Dtane, 98,109,114,175 Raylance, Doug, 157,188 Raylance, Pam, 53,144,l65,168,236 Ruddell, Bob, 98 Rrraaetl, Jan, 129,154,171,174 175, 189,198,218 Ruddell, Larry, 50,52,53,98,177 Ruddell, Ray, 53,144,190 Rueck, Kef1,98,114,166,180 Rueck. Paul, 129,166,184 Rarnbaagh, Greg, 157 Ruodhoug. Karen, 144 Rust, Glorra, 129,173 Ratan, Davrd, 98,114,16o,189,218, 246 - Rutherford, Kelly, 12,98,165,172 Ruthruff, Lmda 53,129 Ruthruff, Steve, 144 Ryan, 5111, 129.166 Ryan, Dan, 129 f Ryot1,Mtchael, 145,157,202 Ryan, Sttela, 159 Ryart, Theresa, 157 S Sab1n,Darrell. 157 Sadamata, Ret, 144,168 isaarrng, Daytd, 144 SOdr1ng,E1Rae, 49,95 Shell, Yoshtko, 148,157 ,SaIrsbury, Dentee, 145 Salladay, Susan, 65,98 1 14 Salats, Jlm, 157 Salars, Karen. 145 Salaurtl, Edna, 98,114 Saloum. Harvey, 106 saleant, Mary, 145 Sar1ders,Sharon, 99,114,168 172 Sanders, Terese, 157 SANDS. Mr Melvllle. 29 santangela, Kratrne, 99,114 Sar1tangeIa,Mtke, 158,186,197 SantartgeIo,M1ke, 158,186,197 Santangelo,Terr1, 145 Sauer, Linda, 99,168 501121, Rltthatd, 53,145,171,177,206 SAVAGE, Mr.Franc1s, 45 Savory, Cathy, 145 Savary, John, 45,99,1 14,167,174, 175 ScaIes,Vrek1, 49 145,176 270 Schaffer, Mrtchell, 157,164,186,201 Schaeffer, Sharon, 99,114 Schechtel, Jeanne, 99,109,114,175 Schedel, Llnda, 145,169 SCHEELE, Mr. Leonard, 57,189 senenkenberger, ctnay, 38,116,120 Schtbel. Elarne, 22,99,1 10,1 14.160, 162,230,266 Sehtael, Rtehara 1:1,14a,157,152, 163,186,197 Schlele, Cannte, 129 Schtele, Rtchard, 53,145 Schlller, Lort. 157 sehlaht, Darrell, 129 Sehltekener, Gary, 129,171 Schlosser, Dave, 145 Schmldt, Brenda, 157,168 Schm1dt,Dan, 114 Schmtdt,l1nda, 157,206 Schmtdt, Ray, 129 sehrntat, Roger, 129 sehrrtttr, Bryan, 99 Schm1tz,Denr11s, 145 5thmorl,Kath1, 49,145 Schne1der,Gory, 145,201 Schne1der,Pent11,99.114,169 sehnetaer, Pltylln, 145 settnetaerkaa,1o9,114,172,174,175, 194,218,101 senaenbeek, tcatny, 145 Schott, Der1n1s,99,114 Schott, Nola. 157 Schramm,Terr1e, 145 Schray,Chr1s, 173 Schrelber,Lesl1e, l3,S1,99,114 Sthrelner, Karen, 53 Schroth, Jeff, 157,202 Schuette, J1rn, 157,197 ghuutte, -Jolene, 37,129,177 hulrnan,Debb1e, 145 Schultz, Gary, 99 Schulze. George, 145 S1:hultz,Ltnda, 157 Schuyler, Deytng, 129 Schwartz,Pau1, 129,175, 180, 198 Schwar1ko,Judy, 129 5aJtre1d,Russe1I, 154,218,222 Sconce, vrnee. 157 Scopacasn,,Donna, 158,176 Scorcro, Sherte, 145 Scott,Dav1a, 145 Scott, Jane, 49,145 Scott, Shella, 101,114 Seuangen, Clrtt, 129 Seaberg, Elatne, 49,129,169 Selbold, Charles, 64,129 Sekar1ch,Suxan,101,114 SENN,M1ssCorr1ne,27 serrana, Ray, 145 Sessler, lnana, 158 Sessler,L1nda, 158,66 Setterberg, sae, 101,114 Set1er.Tanya, 145 seyenan, Geargta, 129 SEWRIGHT, Mrs Ruby, 43 Seymore, Kent, 145,154 Shaffer, M1ke, 158 Shannon, Russell, 145 Sharkey. 5.11, 158 Sharkey,Jul1e,101,114,246 Sharkey, wayne, 129,164 Shea, Dan-el, 145 Sheekells, Donna, 129 Shee1j,Edward. 2,12,101,109,111, 114,150,171,172,174,175,205,225 229,230,250 Sheets, Harrret, 145,165,171 Shelton, naarn, 155 Shennon, Russ. 511 SHERIDAN, Mrs Ardls, 25 Shields, Bob, 8,129,194 Shlelds, Fred, 101,114 Sh1eIds,Jtm,158,188,194,197 Short, Marshall, 50,53,72,101,l14, 164,180,182, 187 Shorts. Becky, 158 Shrake, chrntrne 145 Shrake, Stuart, 158 Shumway, Robert, 157 ssegle, Peggy, 52,129,175 Sregner, Cathy, 49,129 Stegner, Dave, 101,114 S1rnmons,Jean. 48,101,114 S1mmons,J0an, 48,101 Simms,Rer1e 129 Stmonsen, Drek, 101 srpp, Elena, 35,48,129,165,173,177 strtannt, Mary, 158,168,206 skaggr, Leelle, 65.99,114 skeen, Mary, 145.168 Sktnner, Jtm, 99,239 SKLENICKA, Mr Joseph, 57,171 Slone, Judy, 158,164,169 Sloane, LeRoy, 158,171 Srnlth, Andrea, 129 Srtttttt, Carol, 66,120 Srntth, Ctndy, 158 srntth, crtag, 158 Smlth, Davtd, 158,188 Smtth .Davtd, 145,196 Stntth, Gary, 145 srnrth, Helen, 129 Smrrh Ilene, 101 Srntlhl Jaek, 68,129 Smlth, Jane, 39,49,129,145,165,168 Smtrh Smrth Smtth Smrth Smtth Srmth Smrth Smrth Smrth , Janet, 129 . Joyce, 158 , Kathy. 66 Kathy 1 , 158 Kent, 158 . Larry, 39,129, 166,261 ,Ltnaa, 99,266 Len, 49,145,228 Lynn, 49,04,129,169 Srntttt, Margaret, 145 Smtth, Mark L., 145,218 srnrtn, Mark, 101,154,155 Smtth, Mary, 145 Srt1tth,N1ta,145 Smrth Srntth Pom, 145 Part 6 64 146 '204 4 Y. , , Smtth, Steve, 129 srntth, sae, 146 srnrtn, satan, 158 srnnh, Terr1e,32,65.129,168 Smath ere, Steve, 146,184,196 Smurthwa1te,Dan, 146,188 Snyde r, Dave. I29,165,l80,206 saaerberg, Helen, 129 saaeraaat, Steve, 158,166,202 Solon, Frank, 45,146 Sallogo,Ela1rte,72,10l,114,166, 266 SOMNER,M1ss Menlee, 23 saanaa. Alan, 145 saanaa, Shtrley, 158 South, 175 Dale,101,114,164,165,171, .189,202,2l8,239,242,254 SowIes,Korer1.114,172 Soxbu rr1,T, 164 Spacek, Darrell, 146,166 sparks, aan, 158 Spectale, Jan, 22,23,l29, 175 Speten,C1ndy, 146 sartnggay, Debra, 158 sparlaek, Jean, 45,54,130,175 Stafler, Mark, 146 Stody, Stahl. Pamela, 43,158 176 Beverly, 33,130 Statgle, Rosalee, 148 Statno, Ltndo. 131 Stalker, Dayra, 140 STANWOOD, M1ssl1nda,43 Stark, Greg, 131 Steeves, Fred, 146 Steffan, Debbte, 158 Steltz, Robert, 1 58 Stevens, Dorene 146 Srewa Srewa rt, Janet, 101,114 rt, Dtane, 101 Stewart, Nancy, 130,168 Stewart, Susan, 158 Stewart, rarn, 101,159 Sttckles, Danna, 102,114,169 54 sttnnette, Susan 146,168 Strteh, Strtch, Edward, 158 Harald, 131 Stith,Denn1s, 158,186 St Mane, Gordon, 53,145 Stattel ,Sandy, 146 Stokes, Debble, 148,158,206 Stokes,M1ke, 146 Stokes, Susan, 146 StoItenberg,Jon 102 Stone, Stone. Stone. Becky, 146 Jana, 35,130 Roben, 146 S1apper,Sandt, 158 Sroute Staute 192 nburg.132,146 r1burg.Nancy,39,1l6,130,169. .232 Stratght, Susan, 130,175 Strange, Danny, 146 Str1ck1an,Debb1e, 49,102,114 Strreklana, Barry, 146 Strahecker,Sher1, 102,114 Stromberg,Rob1n, 158 Strombert, Sterl1ng,66,68,130 Srruble, John, 61,114,164,180, 1811, 218 221,239,254 Stuckl, Gayle, 26,72,109 11O,114, 115,176,192 227,259,265 Sructtrattt, Ed, 146 Sulltvan, Beckte, 146 Summers Barbara, 158 Sunse Super rr, Jerry, 130 .Debb1e, 158,190 Svoboda, Joan, 114 Sworn, Mark, 39,100,114 Swaln. Susan, 158.176 Swan , Lynn, 50,164 SWANN,M1ssLoRhette, 33 Swan son,Mar1e, 102,114 Sweet, Allan, 158 186,202,206 SWEO, Mr John, 57 T Taeeagna, Lynn 158 Taeeegna, Steve. 130 Takagr,Ch1eko, 50 Tarnblrng, Stan, 158 Tana, Teresa, 155 ranery, Carat, 65,130 Tarlton,Deb1, 146 1ate.Debbte, 146 ratrnan, Clyde, 102 Tatrttan,Wy1a, 35,146 Tausohn, rrea, 146 Taylor. Dantel, 102,218 Taylor, Dean, 5053.102 Taylor, Dtana, 146 Taylor, Dan, 49,53,1o3,114 Taylor, Dorcas, 53,145 Taylor, Klp, 68 Taylor, Mark, 158 Taylor, Nancy, 158,169,176 Taylor, Poul,61,103,114,103,107, 166,172 Taylor, Steve, 146 raylar, Steve M, 158 Taylor, tharnas, 146,164,165,201,218 raylar, vteky, 130,159 1w1t.Ge9fae, 12.61, 103,172 ternpletan, Steve, 114 TERADA. Mr. vaehtnaba, 23 19'1Cl9r. Leona, 66,130.46,47 tesaa, Kathy, 49,146,171 Test.W1Ima, 145,155,171 reyet,Mar.1aa, 146 Thacker, Jttlte, 158 rnarn, Ltnaa, 130,174 Thom, Ronney, 130 rharta, Sandra, 158,171 Th1err1an,L1nda, 158 Thomas. Jay, 46,49,130,177,'187 1harnas,1anaa, 146 THOMAS.M15s Eltrabeth, 27,272 tharnasan, eager, 114 tharnpean, Chrys, 103 114 trtarnaean, Dayra, 10,99,103 111,1l4, 177.234,236,237 1harrtosan,, 158 Thompson, Nancy, 130 1harntan,char1ern, 158 tharae, Colleen, 146 ttrttaltn, Kathryr1.65.117,130,165 T1nner,Robyn, 53,145,154 rratan, Darla, 155 rratan, Sherry, 103 rlrntae,Margare1, 130 1lU55gs,M11ch. 10,130,234,235,235 Topp,B1lly,61.103,164,194,195 Todd, Karen, 158 raaa, lcetgh, 146,171 ratflernrre, Charlotte, 146 Torelle, oarathy 158 Torres, Molra, 158 Tatzen, Joanne, 155 rayyer, Janet, 146 Tot. Debate. 130 1raey,Marg.e, 158 rraatrtten, Lee, 45,51,130 Treat, Sharon, 159 trrrnnt, Lan, 159,169 rrtnet, Dan, 13,72,57,103,1 14, 152, 167,207,214,228.230,233,244 Tr1pa,Lots, 130 Toeqer, Steve, 130 rratrlla, John, 159 rtanernrtra, Tyler, 133,146,166 Turley,Paul,130 Turley, Steven, 103,114,171 Turner, Donna, 103 rarner, Gary, 146,166,184,218 rrrrner, laeeah, 103 Tweten, Carla, 159,169,204,206 TYLER, Mrs ,27 Tyler, Vtrqlmo. 2,13,51,103,109, 110,114,162,164,173,175,176,254 264,266 U UenessfMartha, 49 ULlAND,M1ss Krlsta, 25 229 Ullman, sytyta, 39,130 urgan, Margarette, 147 utr, Mor1lyn,2,65,104,109,110 114,175,176 V vanAeker, Judy, 146 vanAreaall,Atrnee, 24,104,114 venee, Lynn, 159,176 VanC1eove, Dawna, 130 VanCleave, Eyanne, 159,164 Vandehey, Paul, 53,147 van ae W1eIe,Gatl,65,72,1O4,114 VonDusen, Danna, 159 VanTrayer, Gene, 130,235 vanveen, Rosanne, 130,164 Varnell,M1ke, 130,175,194 Vassar, Joann, 133,147,169 VAUGHN,M1ss Patrtaa, 55,175 velanaer oanrel, 104,114,166,180, 153,194,195,2o7,212 venea, Janet, 130 The 1968 ALMANAC Staff Expresses Thanks to: Veness, Martha, 147,168 Veness, Nancy, 159 Ven1re11a,Tom, 130 VanMeer, 166,196 Vest, James, 66,147,164 Vlce, Tom, 130 Vtchas. Dena, 130 vrgna, Gary, 147,205 Vlnetguerra, Jean, 130,187 Vanleldt, Gary, 104 vantelat, vtekre, 147 Vorseth, Jay, 159 valgarn M1chele, 37,41,104,109, 114,170,173,175,255 W Wagner, Alben, 104,114 Wahl, Debble, 159 Wahl, Don, 147,164 WAID. Mrs Betty, 29 warts. snare, 159 Watts. Rlchard, 131 Wakeman, Andrea, 131 Wakeman, John, 159,197 Walker, Annette, 53,147 Walker, Gary, 104,114,166,218 Wall, Larry, 147 Walsh, Theresa, 159,206 Walter, Trudy, 122,131,65,48 Walters. Debbre, 147 Walters. Dtana, 159 Walters, Davy, 147 WALTON, Mr Denzrl, 41 Ward,Denn1s,201,220 Word,J1m,159 Ward, Kenneth, 201 Ward, Mtke, 159 Warrnuth, Vltkte, 159 Warner, Kathryn, 49,s0,147,159,177 Warner, Sally, 45,50,s1,53.104, 177 Warren, Lynette, 147 waeharn, Lyn, 65.131 washarn, Marlene, 159 watkrne, Mary, 147 Watktns, Sherry, 104,114 Watts, Donald, 59,104 WAX, Mr Phtl, 29,162 Weaver, Llnda, 147 Weaver, Phyllts, 34,131,190 Webb, Dale, 104,114 Webb, Turetta, 147 Weber, Allan, 159,164,186,201 Weber, Don, 131 WEED, Mrs Helen, 27,fl1,110,148 Weeks, Karen. 147 Weeks, stephen, 10,114 Wetsenberg, Gordy, 105,114,165.180 Welss, Vtekr, 105 Welssenbuehler, Ina, 53 Welch, Cynthia, 147,164 Wellln, Susan, 131 Welltngton, Joanne, 159 Wendell, Sharon, 147 West, earaara, 105,114 West, Dayra. 159 wesrcort, Mr. Arrhrrr, 12,211,241 Westerberg, Jeyee, 131 weeterttela, Norma, 53,131 Wetvom. Tarty, 150,154 weetwaaa, Laey, 147 Whallon,Stt1rIey, 105 WHEELER Mr Ehrtck, 33 Wheeler. Rea, 26,72,105 110114,168, 187,192,193,242 WhelcheI,Mar1e. 49,147 Wh1pp1e,Mlke, 159 Wh1te,Chuck, 55 wlttte, Lan. 131 Whtre, kaaerta, 159 Whlte, Sharon, 105 wntte, Sherry, 105,114 whtte, wayne. 131 Whltehead, Cectlla, 159 wnrttley, candy, 159 Whltley,Cra1g, 147,164,190 Whttlock, Susan, 159 ' W1att,lorr1e, 147,171 wtek, Jrray, 105,114 Wtckham, sanara, 159 Wlese. Mlke, 131 W1kander,Cal1, 131 Wlkander, Mary Dee, 159,165,169 Wlkander, Merrlee, 159 wtllett, Gary, 131,201 Wtlletr, Steven, 159 Wllgrgmnl, Sharon, 61,105, 1 14,169 Wtllts, orane, 48,131 WlLLIS,Mr rrea, 47,250 W1lln1an,R1chard, 159 W1Ison,Dan, 147,188 wrltan, Gary, 105 wtlran, Jay, 49,147,171 W1lson,Kathte, 131 wtltert, Kathy, 49 W1Ison,KothyJ 131 Wtlson, Penny, 49,147 Taylor Publishing Company Don Jones, Representative Wong's Porfraif Sludio The Photo-Graphic Charles Winningham 1 1' Wllson, Steve, 159 Wtlvon, terry, 159 Wtlson,11m, 159,201 Wtnchester, Ron, 131 Winegardelt. Alan, 22,105 Wrnegarden. Donna. 159 Wtnters,Cra1g, 114 W1NTERS, Mr. James, 55,149 W1nqu1st,Donnc1. 131,164,175 W1r1ck,Jtm, 40,41,48,50,1D6,I09, 114,154,175,177,253 Wtseman, Cherre. 147 Wtttkop, Larry, 159,197 WOHLD, Mlss Susan, 174,41 Wohlers. Karen, 14,159 Wold, Arthur, 131,175,1B0,218 Wolf, Clark, 159,190 Walfe, Douglas, 131,207,213 Wolfe, Anne, 33,106,114 Wolfe, Pat, 49,147 Wolff, Donna, 48,131,173,175 Wolff, tzrehara, 159 Wolff, Vlckkl, 147,169 Salford, Glarla, 131,168 Walleck, Greg, 35,131,154 Wong, Gary, 147 Wong, Jetta, 159 Wong. Sa Hrrr, 131 wang, Steven, 106,114 waea, Lebnna, 38,131 Wood, Leslee. 147 Wood, Mark, 106,114 Wood, Pot, 159,188,197 Wood, Robert, 147,188 waaaara,c1yae, 159 Wood:ock,J1m, 106,114,165,175,194 195 Woodhouse, Steve 45,131 waaaratt, Ronna,48,106,114,168 Woods, Don, 131 Woods, Porn, 147 Woodward, Robert, 147 WoolfoIk,M1ke, 106,114,166 warkrnan, Barbara, 50,131 Workman, Jackte, 147 Wrtght, Dan, 106,109,114,172,174, 175,206,216 Wrrght, Gayle, 159 wrtght, Marlene, 159,175 Wunderllch. Martha, 131, Wyatt, Mark, 50,53,147,184,201, 218 wyrner, C-laayee, 106,114,169 Y Vabuk1,Stuort, 149,201 vaeanettr, sarn, 147,190 vantarak1, Dave, 105,1 14,165,171 Yeager, Daye, 147 vange,1r0ate, 131 York,Jud1th, 147 vark, Terry, 159 vouNG, Mrs Gwenaalyn varrng, L-naa, 159 vaang, Rtchard, 147 Young. Steve, 147 Z Zadon, Anna, 106 zaleekr, Geerge, 147 Zalesk1,Karen, 159,176 Zellner, caralyn, 147 z1e1taar1, Baa, 159,186,197 Z1lk,Jeffrey, 159,188,197 Zrmmerman, Dan, 45,1 14 Zlmmerman, Janlce, 147 Zimmerman, Susan, 131 Z1r11K.Dar1a,36,37,51,106,114,l15, 162,165,168,266 Miss Driscoll Sees Changes During Thirfy-Nine Year Tenure One of Franklin's arT Teachers, Miss Mary Ellen Driscoll, reTired This year afTer having TaughT arT aT Franklin for ThirTy- nine years. Miss Driscoll, who aTTended boTh MarylhursT for Two years, and The ArT InsTiTuTe of Chicago, obTained her Bache- lor of Fine ArTs degree from The Univer- siTy of Oregon. She laTer wenT on To Reed To sTudy Toward her MasTer's degree. Before she began her Teaching career, however, she sTudied under such famous arTisTs and designers as Rudolph Shaef- fer of The School of Color and Design in San Francisco, and Emil Jacques, a Belgian arTisT, and Sydney Bell of The Royal Academy. During her firsT year of Teaching she was The only arT Teacher aT Franklin. ConsequenTly she TaughT Two an classes aT once. Lafer, when The arT deparTmenT was expanded and The arT wing was added, she designed boTh her own room and The adioining ceramics room. Miss Driscoll's inTerior design class is The only one TaughT in The Portland schools. Many now-successful designers goT Their sTarT in Miss Driscoll's inTerior design class. One of These is Dick Mil- ler, ci leading Portland inTerior designer. BoTh BeTTy Bronson 'elly, a nofed painTer,'and Merle Boyer, an ouTsTand- ing jewelry manufadurer, 'ere inspired by Miss Driscoll's Teaching. Miss Driscoll's reTiremenT will mark The end of her long and successful Teach- ing career. STudenTs and faculfy will remember her for her Tremendous con- TrilouTions To Franklin and iTs arT deparT- menT. Q. fs. giusnn-o 1 ,ww 2-' .iff -is -. -... g ,. 9 .mf . .mi M- ., Miss Thomas toosts Miss McKercher at Curriculum Council meeting. Miss McKercl1er Retires After Thirty Years At Franklin A distinguished member of the Frank- lin faculty, Miss Cecil McKercher, ended her Teaching career with the close of the school year. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1927, with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, Miss McKer- cher continued her schooling by enroll- ing in summer sessions at Reed and the University of Washington. She became a member of the Frank- lin faculty in i938 after previously teaching for' eight years at Cleveland, then known as Commerce High.School. During her thirty years at Franklin she has taught a variety of language courses, including Russian and Latin. ln addition she has taught speech and drama, as well as sophomore and senior English classes. Miss McKercher's time hasn't been occupied by activities of a purely aca- demic nature, however. She has always found enioyment in working on May Fete and Rose Festival proiects. ln the past it has been her privilege to instruct the Rose Festival candidates on the graces of curtseying. Aiding the May Fete candidates in the formalities of walking gracefully down the aisle and looking poised while on stage were also services credited to Miss McKercher. KYDOQQ , 3 fgouuf' C1 awed QLLHQQ, -Dui SQQLJ, Q good UJQMWQV . D meruohfs Qocznwforf pfl' QAM? Q TXEQQ C3Q03Q5fw0PQ. 9 Leaf Qmuffe 'fJQrf5on, Lui by,gLk.Q1,uCLySicfQ .XQJLQGML W Jl'L0fUf 64, Vflbffwc' 4 QWWQ A XQJXQQLQ, QQQXYDLS4-X A6614 wif? ,Q6,cwfaffL QC, ,MMA 'Q,!3b9F,c,wf2fQfQ fm 79401 ?Z,afu.4, LUQJCL M Clfwf,A1J7U 1 nwfffwcef Jffwf ' ,,. ,, A4,, . ..4, ,.A. lL 5 QQXD 'PH ,K QQ Y, XPKQ, , 0 OL LW C565 XP t X Xxowxj 6 Q CDQOAO fax L59 -K Wwwx Q5 Qff ,waxy vbbvv QJXP 123 QQ 9040 VA og' CXUQ XX XVL XVXXP ogy. CJWW wsfgw QSC' Q',X,xp91,, 'Cv-XIX LE' X,i,dQj!k 3566 GQ Quv QEUQQQWCSQ1 YQYQEECP ffgidffff X Xu N N ' 5 f wiffvfgqfif My W' Vp pf ww xg Q N M A Ay Qu MWC fx 50,91 N xx I 1 QQPA6? fy M GN 6 Aw QQ J A 3' X X Q 1 ii? M if A 17356 72? 9 Wig' W F 'R Sgr qffm mi? ' Sf 5-,A 4? -Y ,F 4 LL vx ko Q,eQt8x,cb EQOQGQUO l9.IAffQfjQT!,f'LM1A+fF,

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