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 - Class of 1966

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Text from Pages 1 - 268 of the 1966 volume:

Q fi . SSC' JHLW-1-iwif Q2 GK I A N -Mix ' Qfrf'l..jg. J? fl Q 'keg Jw. QQ 1 ig ,J- xc, Ib' if A :Jew ww Xxybxobsa. -V 3 E, 46 x7 CU"X:X-X f . A ,U 0 5 Fi, 73 ,Pg V ' LE , ! J my 'Exif . vb N93 RV ,xi pf, 1 f "V 62:4 I XCNQALX Lx, W Q? X Q f : , Ag , i 1 fx J j? .3 Y ,X , V?,f5 2J 2 ,M 1 4 12 i- 'fi'3, Q if? 5 V Q? 'J ' .. 5 NA 471 s ?o:j Jl , 3 .SA ,-. LQ rj X- R-Qi sigfg QQ? 41 ff 4 2,3 ,3 5 yb -D Q '. 2 12 Mjfivgy win? '?'27E X2 bw, Cf 53766 'ff ?7,, 'h - 279- ff -fffy, f f if ?Q ?7f1,ffff,,,,,1 XQW .--ff fa f , ff , V K ki -ge- '1 '. . ,IW 73 ' "W my Gb X KL: f'7 F , 75,46 V " A Ph . ,gp 'x UL -1 W, ,1, I J L, 1 1 xx ,X VX U J , I2 Of A! K X! My X 4 X K xx I X Qf K4 ,KW f M W! bk 5 QQ f YL XV Y N fx A C QV A' f' ylffb jx W NL 'UA W, ,EY N7 fxffyfv A Jw f L mu! V XM A MMC ff - ,Mig 'gi Q v O15 iigS5f52fLa Qi R O H52 O Q5 Ev aa Ei, if vii Ei Q2 A H iv afar mo-rw QC N HIGH SCHOOL Portland, Oregon bl b I MANAC Staff J kl TABLE UF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION WE... PREPARE . . . NOW . . INDEX . . Seniors . . Juniors . . . Sophomores . . Freshmen . . Academics . . . . . . . Stud ent Government Sports ....... . Groups and Staffs . Clubs ....... Activities .... Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page This book, representative of only one year at Franklin High School, is iustly dedicated to the Forty years of service afforded Franklin by Miss Dana Small, a Franklin graduate of l9l9. Coming to Franklin in l926 after teaching one year at Parkdale and two years at Chehalis, Miss Small embarked on a teaching career that would span four decades. This career has been marked with asingular honor thatovershadows the accom- plishments of an averageclassroom teacher. Miss Small was the first educator to instruct teachers about how to teach the new UICSM fUniversity of Illinois Committee on School Mathematicsl mathe- matics program. She has spent several summers at the University of Illinois during the late 50's and early 60's. Further proof of Miss Small's mathe- matic ability is that she is chairman of Franklin's department of mathematics. This year, l966, is the year of Miss Dana Small's retirement, a time of rejoicing in her accomplishment, yet sorrow For her loss to Forth- coming students. WITH DEDICATIUN... 'N TODAY... Each year hundreds of students enter Franklin High School, where the doors of knowledge open wide. Every student is an individual with a past and a future different from all others. Educational backgroundsdiffer. Many Frank- lin students are advanced enough for placement in the program of Educational Enrichmentclasses. Some, newly arrived from other nations, lend a n international flavor to the school, although pro- ficient in their native tongues, they must receive varying degrees of help in mastering the unfami- liar English language. Franklin's teachers adapt the curriculum to each student, giving special attention where need- ed, in order to best provide him with the educa- tion on which he will found the rest of his life. These teachers are the ones who have opened the doors of knowledge, but it is up to each student to enter. A PREPARE... 'k A ""'9'Pf?'?2. .- ,T . sr K :I . PRESENT... Students at Franklin have a source of educa- tion larger than the material taught in the class- rooms. ln addition to the classroom curriculum, students gain the experience of numerous extra- curricular organizations and activities. The ath- letic competition is conducive to emotional as well as physical well-being, the basic principles of democracy are absorbed by those who are in- volved in the student government. School-char- tered service and interest clubs and school-spon- sored dances and assemblies create a background of fellowship. All students have the opportunity to work with clubs, staffs, and groups, they may be involved in the dramatic or musical productions, they may work in the student store, or the library or the cafeteria - the list is almost endless. For the student who is interested, activities are avail- able to utilize and develop special talent. Getting an education is a full-time job: to those who care enough to work at it go the great- est opportunities tor a rewarding high school life and a happy and successful future. "PY 'I ,WJ J' ,M-!"'f.f-fr AND ALL THAT... Mm-N. 9 Hundreds ofyoung people enter Franklin every year with all manner of plans for their respective Futures, some have no plans at all. But few realize the importanceof what they will learn and ofthe decisions that they will make. Many, when they have finished their high school education, will continue theirformal edu- cation at college, others will supplement their learning in vocational schools, and still others will go directly from organized learning to the trial-and-error education of their chosen occupa- tion. Regardless of where they choose to learn, the learning must progress. For none ofthe Quakers is Franklin the First school, nor the Firstlearning experience. Each in- dividual has gained knowledge in a thousand diff- erent ways. Facing this vast array of possible futures, the students as they graduate take their places as the new generation of Americans. 5 f ff fusulmuf it 4 """"'ff?REQ ' 1' -54 Rllitllle 3 LIFE MAY HOLD. 3 Q . l is Ii I . v Beginning their work during the summer of I965, the fall senior class cabinet began prepar - ing for the firsthalf of the senior year. They sent letters of information to each senior, along with a senior class card, hoping the recipient would buy it. Soon afterward, the cabinet and other selec- ted seniors introduced the incoming freshmen to Franklin High School. "l'ts Great To Be A Senior" tags were sold soon afterschool started. The purpose of this pro- ject was mainlyto raise money, but it also helped to identify the members of the senior class. Dur- ing the football season, the class sponsoreda game tag sale and an after-game dance following the Marshall versus Franklin game. Senior Satisfac- tion and Senior Satisfaction Part ll, dance themes, show the seniors' point of view. A prom committeeand senior movie staff were selected early in the year so they could have all year to plan the main social event of the year and the senior assembly. During Christmas vacation, a rummage sale was held at the Rummage Sale Center. This boosted the class treasury to well above SISOO. At the conclusion of their term, the fall senior class cabinet depart, leaving an excellent example for their successors to follow. FALL OFFICERS Qlfront Rowyz Marian Sandoz, Pub Chm.g john Clements, Treas.5 Carol Bradshaw, Sec.g Velva Thompson, V-Pres. fSecond Rowj: Kathie Hicks, Linda Elliott, Gretchen Wagner, Sgts. at Arms. fBack Rowj: Dick Roth, Gary Grisanti, john Winquist, Sgts. at Arms, Dan Roisom, Pres. Dan Roisom voices his appreciation for the fine work of his cabinet, consisting of Marian Sandoz, Carol Bradshaw, Velva Thompson, and john Clements. 12 efzlf. Q A, , ,. ,,,,, f Q .645 51:2-A SPRING OFFICERS fFront Rowl: Ric Seaberg, V-Pres. 5 Carol Smurthwaite, Sec. 5 Janice Bishop, Treas.5 Bonnie Allen, Pub. Chm. fSecond Rowj: Kathy Stofiel, Kathy Bacon, Gayle Thielson, Sgts. at Arms. fBack Rowj: Gerard Brosnan, Pres. 3 Herb Carter, Clair Ryan, john Acton, Sgts. at Arms. After their installation in January, the spring senior class cabinet assumed their duties forthe last half of the senior year. The first activity they planned was thesenior-faculty assembly and game. Proceeds from the game weredivided between the senior class treasury and the fund for new band uniforms. Continuing the previous cabinet's fund raising drive, the spring senior class cabinet sponsored game tag sales to boost the class treasury. The senior movie staff continued their work through the spring term, preparing for the senior assembly, at which time the moviewould be presented to the student body. Before leaving Franklin for the last time, each senior class presents the student body with a gift. As the ALMANAC went to press, the decision had been narrowed to a choice between a clock for the main hall and a gym marquee. The Senior Prom was the highlightofthe seni- or year. Held in the Sunken Ballroomof the Ma - sonic Temple, it was based on the theme "My Fair Lady." A new activity a senior picnic, was initiated with hopes that it would become a tra- dition. Plans for baccalaureate and commence- ment were prepared by the spring senior class cabinet, thus completing a successful term. l l i 1 : Spring senior class officers Bonnie Allen Carol Smurth S , - enior rally members john Acton, Joe Lever, and A1 waite, Gerard Brosnan, Ric Seaberg and Janice Bishop Alexander, present a skit as Shirley Cain, Maureen take the oath of office. ' Peloqum and Joanne Scates look on. 13 -up Q - 4 AALBERG, sm. ACTON, JOHN ADAMS, VICK1 ALBAND, LINDA ALEXANDER, AI- ALFSEN, KRISTUNIE ALLEN, BONNXE ALLEN, GERALDINE AILEN, KATHY ALLENBRAND, IKM Sue Fitzgerald is observed during one of The many A1-SNUXN, JULIE ANDERSON, BARBARA ANDERSON, KRISTEN ANDERSON, WAYNE ANDREW, JOHNNA ANDREWS, ART long moments spenf in Mr. Manning's office. , . w 1. sf Ax Q 14 Si- I 1 ww-.:.' ""' 'W-rx :M .,,, .,.- .Mgy A-I inf. H ' s s ww sr il ARASMITH, CHANCE BACON, KAT1-rv BARNES, RANDY BEISLEY, CARY ,fd Ba M, ,w'.',.1Y. .N iff' ' f . . '31, A, 2 ' ' ,' , -I Q 1' 1 ,, va" I -ff" f 3,7 . ' Cixi., -' 'V ,. .1 E A, ' A -i" '. .x , . , :A - ' L, X, , , My . H. .- X I if x. B x A ,N . - A ASHENBR1-:NNER, VOUNEL BACON, MARY WEA BARNES, WILLIAM BELIA, STEVE .45 f - ,, , . K x A AUSTIN, STEVDI AZORR, ,IANICE BAER, STEVEN BALI, DOLORES RE CUMPLETING... BARROETABLNA, Jo BELLAND, BARBARA 15 BACHMAN, JANICE BARBAR, MARIE BEHNKE, ELWYN BEUIZ, MARYANNE 1 R. --.. , 1... .V,, ,- an-eg siw . , . XR? BENNETT, DAVID BIG ON I, DUANE THE BOOKSHNIS, KAREN ERADSI-LAW, CAROL Q 1 S- , 4 BENNETT, JANICE BESWICK, RICHARD MYER, SALLY BIGGS, DIANA BISHOP, JANICE B1-ACIQMN, CHRYL BIAIR, ROSEMARY BODEMAN, STEVE BORKUS, CAROL BOWE, MARY EQWEN, DARRELL ERAY, GREG EREHM, LINDA ERENNER, TERR1 td: . ,K il? Q., V 16 N., g.,,.,.,. W. nf .1 - I E 5' Sharin Ullman presents one of The mony reports o BRONLEEWE, RON BROTHERTON, GEORGE ERDWN, PAMELA A . I , BROWN. RICHARD BROWN, RoLLYN BRUNO, KATHY senior socual srudnes student must gwe. BRYAN, LINDA BUFTON, ALAN EUETON, DONNA BURCAR, DIANE ELIRGETT, JILL BURKE, DONALD BURKENBINE, NANCY BYE11, CAROL CINDY, SHIRLEY CAMPBELL, VALARIE A .,,. Tax. I X I X,-bv 17 i 5-s:3R.2:'G:, 1 x - -K Two KRDR sports commentators present Steve Haw- thorne with cz trophy for hes? all-around foot- CANDMND: RICHARD CARBON, WAYNE CARNEMOU-AY LINDA ball player. CARTER, HERBERT CARTER, MARK CASCIATO, ANGELA CAVLN, MELVIN CHAMBERS, DONNA CHEGWIDDEN, RICHARD cl-xRls'r1ANsoN, KAREN CHRISTMAN, RITA CLARK JAMES CLARK, PAT CLEMENTS, JOHN CQCHRAN, CAROL COLLINS, MARY 1 1 18 Q ev af vs 1 i.. , , 5 . . s..a.'1f I .2 1 YY 'SP' ' -"9 ,VP 5 XM "f. " g1: f l ' FF 'L-Q f ' ,Zi if '. '33 gg yfmwz.-,, -Qi: A 12:1 5? 5 14- LE ' ' 2 SY :Zn - 1 332 C Y 4 T V ig! ' f , x......- . "' -. X X0 . it Y . ..,.M,....x.Mzi. X' mv r . Y , Y q4.q'E.f,1' M-1.3.g1...m. V.. 'ffgfzwtas 7. 11.2. 1, Y COMELLA, SANDRA COMPTON, MARLENE CONNELL, DIANE cooPER, ROBERT CORNO, RON C0-m-ON, AN-1-Omg cousms, GEORGENE cox, NANCY cozAD, RICK CRISWELL, TERRY cmnzs, CAROL CRQCKER, CHLRYL CROCKETT, CAROLYN CROSBY, DICK CROTEAU, JUDY CROWN, WILLIAM CRUIKSHANK, CURTIS CRUIKSHANK1 DENIECE 3 'z 19 .ff 3 ul 'ff ,4- Q fin, I 'f - 'f 1 , A N . cuslc, warm CURRIN, FAYDENE CURTIS, EARL DAHLQREN, ROBERT DAR!-ING, SUSAN DAVIDSON, wn.1.1AM DAVIS, BRIAN DAVIS, ELMER DAVIS, SANDRA DAVIS, SHARON T h , . , DAY, JAMES DEANGELO, MIKE DEARDNIG, DONNA eac ers protest superiority of Sensors. DEBUSE, MAR-U DEMARRE, LDXIDA D151-2, KATHY i -nf f , s ff, V. . 4. 1' 1 :Q s A N 20 Q' ,,,'x.-wi. yy ,,. DOBBIE, SHIR LEY DUDDENGTON, SONIA ECKERT, A IANA EDGERTON, REBECCA as mf' N . x fi ft I 1 Q fx. Y tx' ' ' e Q if B ., ,I , . 1,.A' ' ' ' L ' w ' 'I -1. 1 313 fx 1 xv. 1. ' ' N ,-, f A 't 4.. 4, 1, . ' 'Q 4- we ' 'IR ,' ' ' a, 37 7' " ' Q Is . I K i it . ..' ' ,., '3 9, X 1 , tg "Sit I if . s 3- as H , e . 32 ,ggi-v Q -3- : DOBRY, JANET DOTY, MELVIN DOYLE, RON DRAIS, GRECGRY DUGGDXIS, LINDA DUMAS DOROTHY DYER, LINDA EATON, PATTI EDELINE, JOHN EDGAR, DIANA EDGE, SAMUEL EIDE, BARBARA ELLIOTT, LINDA EMERSON, NANCY Q.. Q- I If . -fi 21 zzz: :ggfgi 'H Ij3i?2r?i52???1? 11:3 gggwirzzzg ,,, '-ig f' V 1' D . A , '11 ENGSTROM, SANDY Es'I'Es, MIKE EVANS, DAVID EWERS, JAMES FADNER, PATRICIA FIELDS, LOUISE FILLMAN, SANDRA FITZGERALD, DAN FITZGERALD, PATRICIA FITZGERALD. SUSAN FITZHUGH, vEs FLEMING, WENDELL FORBES, JON FORREST, STANLEY FOWIER, WANDA FROHWERK, ROBERT FRUSTACI, FRANK GAGE, JOYCE 22 2 ww.. E 2 9. GAENER, JAMES GALUNO, LARRY GANDER BILL GARNER, CAROLYN GARVIN, DAVID GEORGE, RICHARD UR T0 BECOMING ACTIV GER!-LN, IQ-IN GETCHELL, DAVE CHRAMM, vlcm COODALE, JOE GRAENEE, LENDA GRAHAM, DAN T 23 Mr. Nelson gcllcnrly assists Mrs. Moore down the stepsufter being presented with flowers by the outgoing senior class cabinet. TIZENS... CILLEN, KATHLEEN GLENN, STEVEN GRANATO, CAI C-RANDY, LARAYNE ECI s :zz 3 ix 1 X1 J q, an il . ,It Ate IQ W .1--NA 1 4 N 14+ f f I QA If 'Q , N .- 1-'-1 it 1 ., f 4 . sift' - "Must we lock?" ask Doug Hall and Carol Huck as Jim Poole and Lindo Grabner stick H out. A Q iff r X 3-1 j xj, ,Ev GREEN, ROBBIANNE GRIMSRUD, ROGER UR PRUMINENT BUSI 1-LAAPA1-AJ DAN HAGEN, MARTIN HAGSTROM, KATHRYN HANSEN, SAM HANSON, BARBARA HARDY, LUCILLE 'fix 274 if Sr-ff .M an--K Q , 03 ---., 4? gx NX GREENLEE, MARILYN GRIFFEN, CLARK GRISANTI, GARY GUSTAFSSON, MORLEY N M 9 O I O HALL, MARILYN HANNA, SAMUEL HARNESS, FOREST HATCH, JOELLEXI pf-9 ,AQ Eff? ' E KJ' . 1 X 24 9 HAWTHORNE, STEVE HAY, ROBERT HEIMAN, IIM HEITZ, TIM HENRY, RICHARD HERNESMAA, GERALD HIGHTOWER, LINDA HILIER, TERRY ggi.- . ,, HAYS, CHERYL HENDRICKSON, NICK HEERLEIN, JIM H1-QNRIC KsoN, MARIA FULFILLING OUR... HIC KS, KATHIE HIROMURA, PA TRICIA f .Q 'N-I--v 6 v-'si I 25 mggmsy KATHY HIGGINS, STANLEY HOFER, BRUCE HOLSTROM, KEN Ii Q ia, I ' s., N Q?N""R?3 ...Q ,,,,,,,,i. .L ,lxdk , 4 3' a vqgwg .viva RZ, . ,wi-Avg r gtg.. 4 .- A , ,, sf: 'if ri- wg! ,. " "ix 1 ' . 'j.., rp, ., ,. .--, 'B A A ci. Q ' 'f-if Q 1 Q HOOVER, RON HOPKINS, CHARLES HOFPLE, ANN HORTON, TIM HOSKIN, GENE HQWARD, Bon HUBBARD, ROBERT HUCK, CAROL HUMBLE, JUDY JACKSON, JUDY Mr. Peery, Mr. Brewer, and Mr. Shaffer wcil JACOBSON, GEANNE JENSEN, BARBARA IENSEN- BETH JENSEN, STEVE IEWVELL, DIANE JEWELI., DICK on their rendition of "Down By the Gym Floor." ' H ' 1 ' 7' "'S'5!H . '- ' lknn-4' 'D' ,. ,H 26 5' K ' 123, f " WJ Q? ' , M- ,,-:T fir. nf. A f av Q ' 3: V: ' I A ' J i, 'W e .5 ,fx J ,, n '. I ,f 5, - : ' "' A ' -- ' , A - ffl ' J ,rdf 5 I I , , . J f 4 ' , f J ' 2 9 'x fflff m NX. JS' K' fn + fi 5 . J ' ' f 1 L , " .1 1 r 1 ,, , Q , . ' 5 if 71' TvZ?jl',,,l J . SON, DALE V JOHNSON, KATHILEN J Ns'roN,,y1c'r 1A Jou, WINNIFRED J f J KELLY, KATHY ICLETZEL, JACK GRADUATION KIDD, BONNIE KNUTSON, JAMES e i 3 2 an- -so ' a 'CSV JOHNSON, MARY JONES, LAEL '-VP JG-INSON, RICK JCHNSTON, DICK JONES, RANDY KANAS, STEVE WILL BE REMEMBERED... KIDWILER, umm KOCH, MARCLA 27 Knucm, CHRISTINE KOLB , Ksvm 3583355 ,.,.... , , 'Ml 9 1 S o W I +0 .. ,. Q, v +9 -4. L4 Lffffl' , Q L- Y YY 'Y' ,yy gygylkki I ga we va -4.W.f--Mg-f uwwxawe iff? I 5-S 11:-s'v2'a f.,.,grgWg1.E5.1:,.2' , ,fx-,:::,,,i,, ......,.W.. .... ,fn-e'I wmv.. If 2, , ,I.v.f fs'5k"'k"'5 I.. - :'??'1'i ' ' ' 'ifiix 57.18 Q I Q ggfi 7- .ia txt: li I . ,. .h ., , I 5 I k Q -. 1 , 11' 4 -...S X. --4' I , z Q , ?" Q I . . f W. ' I X , . is , I5 KO?-B, LARRY KONETSKY, CHRIS KOSKEIA, ERIC KRISTENSDI, MARCUERIT KRUECER, KARL KUHN, JERRY KUSHMAUL, SANDI LAKE, K'EN'NETH LEACH, JIM LEE, LARRY LEE, LOUIS LEHR, SHARON LEMLEY, ANNA UESINAI JCI-IN LEVER, JOE LEWIS, PAULA LEWXS, RICHARD LEWIS, STEVEN au '17 I www- .fr sys' 1. an 28 Af?E'i 138 I 1 1 Vf'3'V?f I 7' x . T425 . x My .uxqzqw ,, -Thi I .,'l'21'1" H3339 I IM, , , , Vx . . Vx, 'Vim ...M .415 , . Y . , , - . -if 1 . 'A 1.12 r .4 U' I -4? . f 3 1' n I , . -1' CQ 1 ,,N.,, R ,UT ' f' ,- SATIN, Hy, ,mn 'gi' f: .Q I-'fx I f" . x,:.'EfI Si -If ,,, "" In I EDS 1 ,N . rl II ll D' ' b 1, uNDQu1sT, DIANE LoRENzm1, JEANETTE LORUSSO, SARAH Very goiti, sa.ys nine Wfuser? erg o Joe LOIHE, LANAN LOUIS, CAROL LUSHENKO, ART Gocdale, next hme we II fry If with blades. LYTU5, DEANNA MARCONI, VICKI MARKWART, GARY MARLIN, CAROL MARTELI, RAY MASSEY, cAR1.1'rA MATSON, ERNIE MAXON, MICHAEL MAYEA, Rxcz-:ARD MEUCCI, SHARON 4 v5??ffF. ?.,::' '- '- f Q -pq-up fi ' GJ L ' " ,aj SF 29 fix mac 'X X ,pf-q Two industrious members of the ALMANAC staff, ' X Clair Ryan and Meredith Oxford, are caught in ' one of their happier moments while working on MIDDLETQN, DEANNA the yearbook . M1z.1.ER, MARIANA N 'v ' i 4' MILLER, LYNDA MILUSR, BRUCE MITCHELL, MARILYN MILLSPAUGH, LYNNE INTO NEW FIELDS,... MOEN, ROBERT MOFFITT, ROBERT Mocus, MARILYN MONROE, DALE Moon, cARouNE MORGAN, NANCY an .Q nfs 9 I , . . X 30 Mocus, MARLENE MONNER. SHARON MULLEN, CONNIE MULLEN1 CLINTON s MURRAY, MERLENE Mc BROOM, LINDA Mc CUBBREY, WAYNE Mc DoNNEI.I., MARY Mc KEE, RALPI-I Mc QUAW, PAT NELSON, DAVID NELSON, JODY I v R531 if 5 Mc cov, MIKE Mc DOW, IUDY NG WITH Mc QUEEN, JEAN NEI.soN, KAREN MC COY, PATTI MC GIBBON, NORM U S Q Q Q NAGLE, FREDERICK NET-SON, BARBARA NELSON, MARS!-lA NEWBY, MARIO ,eevrvs 44 gggf.. fir? A ' ,Q , ,, ' 31 W 5.5,- ' -4-14 , 'sr A ' X E X X M . ' 2 Q X f Nqr --5 'f "F . Q A NEWTON, PAT NICKIRSON, TERRENCE NORTON, STEPHEN NUDELMAN, LAWRENCE OESTERRUCHER, SHEU-A OUVER, CATHEY OLSON, DAVID OSCAR, CAROL THE MEMORIES WE TREASURE... "lfCI1eetch can do it, so can I," says .lim Poole. "G" 7-1 Oxmmf, LARRY PAQUE, GREGORY 51 32 mms, THOMAS PARKER, PAMELA NYSETH, MARYLOU OXFORD, MEREDITH PALADIE, ROBERTA PATTERSON, BARBAR at ,L '. 2 S fn aa Oni. "'? A 3 "Elf A ,I vi 1. UC . ., I. , ,A Q-Hrs' PELIUIN, MAUREEN PENNING, ALAN PETTENCILL, MARSHA PEIRCE, IANET THE PREPARATIUNS WE HAVE MADE. PAYNE, JOHN PEARCE, DIANE PEARSON, ROD PERSONS, HELEN PETERS, RONALD PETRARCA, MIKE PIMENTAL, Jo ANNE PIXLEY, CAROL Pol-IRMAN, LINDA POPP, JEANNETTE PORRINO, WILLIAM PUTNAM, RICHARD -12253-I, f , mf 4, I 4 +a x Q, s EI fs .JL A, . . Rf E xx k V bane, 33 POOLE, JAMES RUUKKA, RAIJA RAGNONE, TONI REISBECK, RALPH ROMINE, JUDY RYAN, CLAIR fs 1 k . f, A , , fi Ski Am., B3 ,Q S H tx 4 2 Y A RAMBO, KAREN RASMUSSEN, Mme: RAYMOND, LYNNE RIMM, MARc1A RITTER, SUSAN RORERTS, PATSY RODGERS, DEE Rolsom, DANIEL Ross, DONNA ROTH, DICK Rouw, PAT RYAN, PATT1 SARAH, TERRT SAT-xu, uNDA ,x,..,,.z.., 'sua 2 S " n ,-,, Q. A. 31, 1-T , I: "F , ,, A - K I f A- 34 1 SALLADAY, MIKE SAMUELSON, CLIFF SANTANGELO, PAM SARRIUGARTE, MORRIS WE semis, JOANNE SCHLAMAN, MIKE Maki ' 4 Q 4 ' "'f':"xi1f5 -1 2 z -I 75, y Q gtg-v . a aw' -wusgqygv 7 Arn" ,- Q 1 a Jim Heimon, John Acfon, - .. SANDOZJ MARLAN Joe Goodcledlscuss the pr 3+ "-!'!'1,m53iE M ' vu Ralph Reisbeck, and ice of Tec in China' sAU13Rl B03 of an AFM meefing. SCHAQHER, Dmmg SCHECTEL, JANET SCHEIDEL, GEORGE SCHMEERJ 51-EVE SCHRADER, yxm SCHROEDER, DANETTE 35 na? I V3 ,' is-,r-, Y n.,f'-in R' -2,-2. , I . , X , a. e' . SESLER, VIRGDXTIA + Cusrodicms find use for large, economy-size cereal SCHULMAN, Rlcl-1 SEABI-IRG, RIC SHINN, LORELEE boxes. SIRIANNI, IACQUELINE smm-1, KENNY sMuR'rHwA1'rE, CAROL SNIDER, SANDRA SNYDER, Yvomm SOMNIIERFELT, EVELYN sommms, sus SORENSEN, THOMAS fpf52fsPmfzi1.'5'W?E , ..--.g.,w-,. 93.53, ,, ya. , S" f qi! f 0 ,A " '77, TQ , Fuitgfvii , f' I I Ni ' 1 if.fNf..- Ls 36 A Nr? s SEAWELL, DEAN SHHXIN, PATSY SNYDER, EIIEEN SCJWLES, SHERRY , w-3 ,Y RQ-Q X? -I 1 SPIELMAN, DIANE STOFIEI., KATHY STRICKLAND, WENDY SUNSERI, RON s'rANc, GENE STANLEY, KAY STEWART, JAN STONE, DAVID STOWE, LLNDA STRAUSS. JACKIE STROMBERG, HAROLD STUCKERT, GARY s-mem, uNDA SULLIVAN, SHARON SUPER, GARY TAMBUNG, DONNA TAYLOR, CHUCK TAYLOR, 1351-HER T033 ,JS K 'ff"9 0 'iff 2: 2 M-iw -2 as 1 5 37 L X 4 wg'.,if,gj if' ,M TAYLDR, JANEY THOMAS, VONNLE Mcrii DeBuse, caught at c ucfuclly sfudying. Q . A -6-'fygf TGI' TAYLOR, KATHY TEENY, MIKE TESDAL, DWIGHT TEVET, SARAH THOMPSON, DOUG THOMPSON, LINDA THOMPSON, MIKE 'H-IOMPSON, RONALD f ' THOMPSON, VELVA THORPE, DOUG TU-LMAN' DAR!-A e momen ' 'S TIPTON, CONNIE TOBIN, MARY Lou TOBKTN, DONNA w 1 38 '? TODD, RANDY TUPPER, GLENN UTTERSTROM, ERIK VINSON, BEVERLEY Qx.. , ,:.-K-W, .wt f ,,.' ' TOMLTNSON, HENRY TOOTHMAN, CHUCK TREIBEL, DENNIS TUPPER, KATHLEEN TYLER, DAVID ULLMAN, SHARHN! VANARSDALL, CLINTON VANVEEN, STEPHANIE VINSON, JUDY VOGI, KAREN Q X 1-an f , ...ff 4- 39 44,1 W... ,-'vw' an I ., - 4 1 ,E K Ex! E l E? Tucmak, CATHY UNDERWOOD, DONNA VENTRELLA, JOANN vom, GARY L-'Y1'ff1-'TTCIX , .V., YQ as ff rrw-W x F-.,V"'w,i,, , gym ,. Q Wai Af 2 :,5W:.?W . I " ' VQNDERGATHEN, KAREN wAn1.EK:H, RUSSELL WALDROP, BRENDA WAY-SH, KATHY WEAVER, CHRISTINE WEBB, ROSEMARY WEISENBERG, DIANE WESTERBERG, BONNIE A 5 Q if X , V Y.. WELCH, DIXIE YVHALLON, LARRY 40 Ki , i M21 WALKER, BERT WALKER, JUDY WEGNER, GRETCHEN WEI1-ER, MARTHA WELLS, BARBARA WESTBERG, THURE wu.uAMs, Rm. WILLIAMS, KENNETH 3133 ... . . 3 , , vas: N.. F N l FN -P" ,,2Ngi' EW" -r ' "2 wn.uAMs, LESLIE WIRRICK, JUDY a a 'X' 0 .vw WILUNCNHAM, CINDY wmQUlsT, JOHN WOLFE, TERESA WOLFORD, VIRGDXUA wooDHoUsE, JIM WOOLFOLK, ALAN YODER, JOHN ZIMMERMAN, KRISTLNE N N WONG, IVAN YAMASAIQ, Ross N B575 L ,. ,, N N i V L N 41 Senior Dee Rodgers shows Freshman Dove Ellis the View from higher up. WYATT, CARMELLA ZUPUNSKI, KATHY YABUKI, AMY . H W Ji, SENIOR ACTIVITIES A JOHN ACTON Kellogg-- Sepk. cless Trees., Jr. cless Pres., Lrrrm. clels, Eeer- Isell l,2,3,4. werlr. vlcRl E. ADAMS Rielmmerre-- Bond l,2,3,4. werk. LINDA ANN ALBAND Cres- ree-- Heeer Rell l,2,3,4, Cerel,sr 4, YFC 4, PHI Ne Al- ,-He 2. Cellege. ALFRED B, ALEXANDER Sr. Igrreries--AEM Rep. l,2, AEM Senator 3, Treelr I, wresrllpg I, Swimming 3. Cellege. KRISALFSEN ReIlegg-- AGS Rep., sc Rep., cc Rep. College. BONNIE JEAN ALLEN Devle Deegles--Herrer Roll 3,4, NHS Sec., Pleiodes 4, Perf. Alt., cless Pub. Clem. 4, SC Rep. 4, ALMANAC 4, Art sreff 4, Pep 3, IRL 4, Lemlsee Oemme 3,4. College. OERALDINE J. ALLEN De Apze, vepliire, CellferrrIe-- serelle. Cellege. KATHY L. ALLEN Richmond-- Work. JIM ALLENBRAND Richmond-- Wrestllng I, Cross Coonlry l,2. College. JULIE ANNE ALSMAN Wood- siock--Horlor Roll I,2,4, AGS Rep. 2, Sc Rep. 2. Eerpm 4, Perf. Atl. 2. College. BARBARA ANDERSON Lerre --cel lege. RRIS ANDERSON Leee--AOS Rep. 4, Heeer Rell I. Cellege. JOHNNA ANDREW cresrep- AGS Rep. l,2,3, SC Rep. 2,3. Cellege. ARTHUR E. ANDREWS Creston --Herrer Rell 2,3,4, NHS 4, cless Sgr. ol Arms, sc Rep. 2, Ltrfrrr. Club, Fionclielto Pres., YFC, Key Club, Football I, Beskereell l,2, Treelr l,2,3,4. College. CHANCE w. ARASMITH Rel- Iogg--AFM Rep. l, Cc Rep. College. VOUNELASHENBRENNER Lone--Honor Roll 3, AGS Rep., SC Rep. College. STEVEN D. AUSTIN weeesreek --sc Rep. I, AFM Rep., Key, Eeerlspll l,2, Treelr I, wresrlapg l,2. College. JANICE AZORR Kellogg--Class Sgr. el Arms 3, AGS Rep. l,2,3, sc Rep. I, Pepl. Cellege. B JANICE BACHMAN Sr. Mory's Aeeeem,--Herrer Rell 3, AGS Rep. College. MARY CHRISTINE BACON AGS Rep., SC Rep., CC Rep., Sorelle Sec. STEVEN BAER weeesreelr- Perf. An. l,2,3,4, slgme PM Alplvo 3,4. Cellege. MARIE TERESA BARBAR Sr. Igrreries--Heper Rell l. Col- lege. RANDY L. BARNES cresree- Kappa Omege Lemeee Trees. cellege. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER SKIP BARNES O.P. Lerrrs--Sgt. ol Arms 4, Sc Rep.,AEM Rep. l, 2, 4, AFM Seeerer 3, Football 3, Wrestling I, 2, Beseeell 2. Cellege. JO MARIE BARROETABENA Boise, Ieelee--AOS Rep. Cel- lege. BARBARA BELLAND Mer,eresr-- SC Rep. 3, Tlrespieps Pres., His- terion, Sgr. et Arms, GIrl'sClloir, Plays, Mekepp crew, Srege crew, Publieily. College. MARYANNE L. BELTZ Atkinson -cless See, 2, Aos Rep. I, 3, 4, Sc Rep. 2, Cellege. RICHARD BESWICK Kellogg-- Heeer Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, AFM Rep. 4, Friurs Pres., Llrnn. Club, Eeereell l, Beslrereell l, 2,3,4, Treek l,2,3,4. College. SA LLY BEYER Atk inson--Armed Services. DUANE L. BIGONI Central Catholic--Perf. Atl 3, College, JANICE RAY BISHOP Creston-- Honor Rell l,2,3, NHS 3,4, Class V-Pres. 3, Sc I,4, CC 4, Pep Clee l,2, IRL, Pleieslesv-Pres., NHS, Jr. Prem ceprr, Pleys. College. CHYRL BLACKMAN Creslorl-- seimmieg 2. Cellege. ROSEMARY KAREN BLAIR Wash- irigrerr Higlr--Serelle 4. Cellege STEVEN R. BODEMAN Kel- Iegg--Herrer Rell 2, cc Rep. 4, AFM Rep. 4, wresrlieg l,2,4, Cross ceerrrr, 2. College. KAREN BOOKSHNIS Richmond-- Art Slotf. CAROL BORKUS Peru High, Peru, lndionu--Honor Roll 3. Wolk. DARRELL BOWEN RelIegg-- Cless Sgr. ot Arms 3, AFM Rep, AFM serrerer, Sc Rep., Lrmrr. Cleb Pres., Trees., Eeerlsell l,2,3,4, Beskereell I, Beseeell l,2,3,4. College. CAROL BRADSHAW Atkinson-- Honor Rell I, cless Pee. Crrm., see., AGS Rep. 4, sc l,2,3, Pep clels Sgr. er Arms, IRL. College. GREG BRAY cresrep--Sc Rep., AEM Rep. Cellege. RON BRONLEEWE Cresree-- Ceppe Omega Lempee, Cress cermrry l, Termws 3,4. Cellege. GERARD O, BROSNAN cep- rrel Catholic--Closs Pres. 4, AFM Rep. 2, Sc Rep. 4, Ltmn. clee 2,3,4, Footboll 2, Treek 2,3,4, Cross ceerrrry 3, Pleys, "A" clreir. College. PAMELA BROWN AIletd-- Honoi Roll l,3, Closs Sgt. at Arms, POST, Pep Club. Work. RICHARD A. BROWN Sr. Stephen--AFM Hist., AFM Rep., SC Rep. I, Foolboll l, Truck I, Aclreir 2,3,4. Cellege. ROLLYN BROWN Arlrirrserr-- Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, S.B. Trees., sc Rep. 2,3, AEM Rep. l,2, cc 2, Forum 2,3,4, IRL sgy. at Arms, Lemeee Gcma Y-Pres., Cerelysr Hisr., Tlres- plans Pres., Red Squares Pres., Key v-Pres., Ereeklirr Folk- siegers, Jr. Prem ceerr, Foot- Bell I, Treelr I. College. LINDA L. BRYAN Rleereele Higlr School, Hillsdale, llleeis. Work. DIANE BIJRCAR Woodstock-- Honor Rell l,2,3, AGS Rep. 4, Forum 3, A Clreir 3,4, Girls' Choir Pres., Cerillees 2,3,4, Pres., Lib. Cellege. JILL DIANE BLJROETT ArIete-- sigme Plri Alplme, 'IAP ceeir 3,4, Olrls' Clreir 4, Meerigel 4, Ceril- lees l,2,3,4, Pleys. NANCY BLJRRENBINE Rees- eeelr--AOS Rep. 3. Cellege. CAROL BYER Atkinson- Honor Rell l,2,3, AOS Rep. l,2,3, SC Rep, l,2,3, CC Rep. 4, IRL Sec. 2,3,4, Lemeee Gamma 4, Pep Clue I, FTA 4, Eerem 2,3,4. College. C SHIRLEY L. CAIN Atklnson-- AGS V-Pres, 4, Class Sgt. ot Arms, SC Rep., CC Rep., JV Rell, v-Pres., Beelimg, Girls' Clwolr 2. College RICHARD H. CANDLAND Beml Jr. Higlr, Beme Oregep-- Honor Rell l,2,3, Lrmrr. Clele 3, 4, Rey, Wrestling l,2,3,4. Cellege. WAYNE CARLSON Richmond-- ALMANAC, Eeerpell l,2, Bese- eelI3,4. Cellege. LINDA CARNEMOLLA Atkin- son--Girls' Clloir 2. Work. BOB CARNES Rellegg--sc Rep. 3, AEM Rep, I,2,4, Bes- kereell l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, 3,4, cress ceerrlry. Cellege. HERBERT STEPHEN CARTER cerrlemriel Hlglr--Herrer Rell l,2,3,4, Closs Sgr. er Arms 4, AFM Rep. 3, SC Rep. 2,3, cc Rep. 4, IRL, Key, Eeereell I, Treelr l, wresrlirrg 4. Cellege. ANGELA MARIE CASCIATO Sr. Ignatius--Honor Rell l,2,3, NHS 3,4, cless Sgr. or Arms 2, AGS Rep. 2,4, SC Rep.l, Pep clee l, Eerem 2,3,4, College. MELVIN CAVIN Creston-- SC Rep. 2, AFM Rep. I, were DONNA CHAMBERS Richmond-- AGS Rep. Z, SC Rep. 2, CC Rep. 4, Pep clele I, Girls' Clwoir 2. Cellege. RICHARD CHEGWIDDEN Cres- ton--College. RITA ANN CHRISTMAN Sl. Arr- rleerrys--Pepclele I. College. 42 JAMES CHARLES CLARK Kel- Iegg-Cellege. JOHN CLEMENTS Arlrirrsem --Honor Rell, Closs Sgr. at Arms 2, Trees. 4, Sc Rep., Basketball 4, Cress Country I, Golf I, College. CAROL MARIE COCHRAN Kel- legg--Heeer Rell l, Pe.reetAr- remeeree 2,3, Forum 4, IRL 4: Pep Clep l,2, Lemlsee oemme, Makeup Crew 2,3. College. MARY CO LLINS--College. SANDRA LEE COMELLA Rel- legg--Perfeer Arleeeemee 2, IRL 2,3,4, FTA 4, Bewlirrg 2, Lemeee Gemme 4, Pep clels l,2, Berre 3, 4. Cellege. MARLENE COMPTON cresrerr- AGS Rep. l, SC Rep. cellege. RON CORNO Richmond-- SC Rep., AFM Senoror, Foot- Lrell l,2,3, Treek I, wresrlirrg l,2. ANTOINE M. COTTON Wood- sreelr--AEM Rep. l,3, Foolboll I 2,3,4, Treek l,3,4, Wrestling I. College. OEOROENE COUSINS Roosevelt High--College. RICK E. COZAD Arlero--AFM Rep. 3,4, SC Rep. I, Football l,3, Basketball l,2, Truck I. Work. CAROL CRITES weeesreek- sc Rep. l, Eerem 2,3,4, Meke- up Crew l,2,3,4. Cellege. CHERYL SUE CROCKER Wood- stock--Honor Roll 3, AGS Rep. l, FTA. College. CAROLYN R. CROCRETT Kel- Iegg--Heeer Rell 3, s,a. Pep. Clem. 4, Closs Pee, cpm. 3, sc Rep. l,3, Beml l,2,3, Orekes- rre 2,3, Peelieiry 4. Cellege. RICHARD CROSBY Richmond-- SC Rep. 2, AFM Rep. 3, AFM Senator 4, Football I, Wrestling 2. College. JUDITH ANDREE CROTEAU sr. lgrmries--Aos Rep, Pep clue, Perf. Att., Pleys, Relelieiry. College. KEITH CUBIC Willomino Higll School, willemiee, oreger.. cc Rep. 4, wresrlirrg 2, Swim- ming I, Golf 2. Cellege. EAY'DENE CIJRRIN Eeirliele --Riehmerre, virgirrie, Honor Rell 4, ALMANAC 3,4, Forum 3,4, Reeerierr 4, A Clwoir 3,4, Girls- Choir 2, Pleys 3. Work. EARL CURTIS Allrieserr--AEM Rep., Eeeleell l,3, Treele I, wresrlirrg I, self 3. College. D SUSAN DARLING Arleto-- Girls' Choir 4. WILLIAM ROGER DAVIDSON Deeie Deegless-Cellege. BRIAN H. DAVIS Woodstock-- Horlor Roll I, POST Editor 3,4, Flonclletto Vice Pres. 3. El.MER L. DAVIS Cresrerr-- AEM See. 4, AEM Rep. 2,3, SANDRA DAVIS Esreeeele Union High, Esreeeee, Oregerr--Herrer Rell 2,3, Lemeee Gamma Vice Pres., IRL. Cellege. JAMES R. DAY Arlrirrserr- Bond, Orevresvre. cellege. STEPHANIE ANN DEAL Wash- iegree Hrgk--Cellege. MICHAEL JOHN DE ANGELO Centrol Collwollc--AFM Rep. 4, Boseboll 3,4. College. DONNA DEARINO Wood- sreelr--Teerris 2, Oirlsl cReTr I. Cellege. MARJORIE DE BUSE Atkin- sem--Herrer Rell l,2,3,4, s.B. Se., AGS Rep. l, SC Rep. 2, 3, Pleieees Hist., NHS, IRL, Pep Club, Lemerle Oemme Hlsr. Cellege. KATHLEEN A. DlETz Lerre-- AOS Rep. 3, "AP Clreir 4, Phi Ne Alplno. College. JANET DOBRY Lone--CC Rep., Forum 3,4, FTA, A Ckeir 3,4, Girls' ceeir 2. Cellege. MELVIN T. DOTY Arlet:l-- Bond 2. Work. RON DOYLE Rellegg-- wresrlirrg l,2,3,4. Cellege. GREGORY E. DRAIS Glen- eee--Herrer Rell l,2,3, AEM Sen- ator 4, Llrrrrr. Club Sgt. at Arms, Forum, Foorbcll l,2,3, Truck l,2, 3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Berre I. College. SONJA DUDDINGTON Lone --Forum 2,3,4. Work. LINDA A. DUGGINS Clock- emes. DOROTHY L. DUMAS St. IgnotlIJs-- Closs Sgt. el Arms 3, AGS Rep. 4. Work. DYANN JILL DYER creslerr-- Class Sgr. er Arms 3, Pep l,2, Oirls- Clreir 2,3. College. E ALANA ECKERT Creslon-- sigme Prri Alpee, Lemeee Gemme, Pep Clels I,2, Orelres- rre l,2,3,A. Cellege. DIANA GAY EDGAR ArIelo-- AGS See., cless ser. ot Arms I, AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. l,2,4, cc Cltm. 2, Pep Clep l,3, Jv Rell, Pres. 2, Girls- clreir. SAMUEL N, EDGE Madison-- Football l,2. College. BECKY EDGERTON Cleveland -- Work . BARBARA EIDE Richmond. Col- lege. LINDA LEE ELLIOTT ReIlegg-- Class Sgt. at Arms 4, AGS Rep l, 2,3, IRL Sgr. er Arms 4. College NANCY LOUISE EMERSON Bur- roughs, Ridgecrest, California-- Col lege. SANDRA K. ENGSTROM Cres- ton--AGS Rep. 3,4, sc Rep. I, 3. College. F PAT FADNER Cleveland--AGS Rep. 4, Eererr. 3,4. cellege. DANIEL M. FITZGERALD Rich- mond--CC I, College. RAT FITZGERALD Mereleell-- College. SUE FITZGERALD Madison-- AGS Rep. 2, Sc Rep. 3,4, cel- leee. WENDE LL FLEMING Atkinson-- College. JON FORBES Arleta--Wrestling l. College. FRANK DAVID FRUSTACI Wood- stock--Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, POST 3,4, Bowling Treee. 3, 4. College. WANDA EOWLER Arle+e--STe- ma Phi Alpee, A cr.elr 4, Girls' Choir 3, Modrigol 4, cerilleree. College. ROBERT A, FROHWERK cree- rer.--Heeer Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Sc Rep. l, Eraere Treas., Catalyst See., sewlrpe Rree., Swlrereiep 2,3,4. College. G JOYcE GAGE weeeereeR-- RRT N.. Alppe Ser. ol Afrrre. Armed Services, JAMES E. GAINER Kellogg-- Bond 2,3. celleee. LARRY A. GALLINO Lone-- College. BI LL GANDER Woodstock-- Football 4, Rene, Oreleeerre. celleee. CAROLYN GARNER Lane- celleee. DAVID GARvlN Arlere-- Honor Rell 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Sc Rep. 4, cc 4, Football l,3,4: Treek 3,4: Orchestra l,2,3,4, celleee. RICHARD D. GEORGE Ar- Ieto--Swlmrnlng l, Meleeep Crew 4. College. KATHLEEN J. GILLEN Rich- ,rreee--Heper Rell, AGS Rep. 3, Pep clele. cellepe. WILLIAM STEPHEN GLENN Lane--Armed Services . DAN GRAHAM Atkinson-- Herrer Rell, AFM Rep. 2, Sigma PhiAlpha Hist., Clb. Rptr. 2, 3,4, "A" cleelr 4, aepe l,2,3,4, oreheerre 4, Rleye 2,3. celleee. LORAYNE GRANDY--Work. ROBEI GREEN Arleta--Honor Rell l,2,3, Siepre H.. Alpha 3, 4, "A" Choir 2, cerrllerre l,2, 3,4, Rle,e2,3. cellepe. MARILYN GREENLEE Joseph Lerre-4:elleee. CLARK LUCAS GRIFFIN Arme- eer.--Herrer Rell 3, Forum 4, Eeerppll 2,3, ReeRereell 2, Track l,2,3. celleee. ROGER A. GRIMSRUD Ruther- ford High School, TeArerp South, Aeelelerre, New Zealand--Track 3, Cross ceeerr, 3, Plays 4. College. GARY J. GRISANTI Atkinson-- Honor Rell 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, cleee Ser. at Arrr.e 4, Eerpr.. 2,3, 4, Catalyst V-Pres., Quaker Muskets Pres., Lambda Gamma Sgt. mArmS. College. MORLEY GLJSTAESSON Kellogg --Herrer Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, AGS Rep. 2,4, PleidesTreos., Lereeee Gereree Pres., lRL, Swlre- ming l,2,3,4, Tennis 3,4, celleee. H DAN HAARALA,.-- cc 2, Saeree Phi AlpRe Ser. at Arrrre, Eell. Singers Rree., Eeer- eell l, Bond 2,3,4,OreReerre, Pleye. Arrree Seeereee. MARTIN C. HAGEN Abernathy --"A" Choir. College. KATHRYN J. HAGSTROM Rich- per..J--Eerep 4, Class Sef. er Arree 3, AGS Rep. 3, FTA 4, Hier celleee. MARILYN KAY HALL Lane-- Honor Rell 2,3, AGS. Rep. College. SAMUEL HANNA Kellogg-- Honor Rell l,2,3, NHS 3,4, AEM Pree., V-Pres, AFM Rep. l.2,3, Sc Rep. 2, AFM Sen- ator l. Lrmr.. clpp Sec.: Eeereell l,2,3,4, laeeleerpell l,2, 3, Troclc l,2,3, aeeeleell 2,3. College. BARBARA ELLEN HANSON Arlere--Herrer Rell 2,3, NHS 4, A cleezr 4, Girls' cr.elr 2,3. College. LLJCLLLE HARDY Kellogg-- AGS Rep. 2, Sc Rep. l,2, PHT N., Alpha, Girls' cleelr 2,3,4, College. JOELLEN HATCH weed- stock--Honor Rell l,2, AGS Rep. 2,3, cc Rep. 4, Girls' chelr 2, A clrelr 3,4, Caril- lsepe l,2,3,4, Rleye 2,3. College. STEPHEN M, HAWTHORNE Lpee--cleee Ser. ot Arms, Sc Rep., cc Rep. AFM Rep., Ser.- erer, Lrrep. clee, Football l,2, 3,4, Basketball l,2, Baseball l, 2.3.4. celleee. ROBERT D, HAY Richmond-- Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Sc Rep. 2, AFM Rep. 4, Treele l,2,3,4, Cross ceerrrry l,3. celleee. DON HEERLELN Rleeeeervelley --sreererrep, weerrapererr, Track l,3, creee ceeprr, l, Bond, Or- eleeerre. celleee. JAMES L. HEIMAN Arl.:r.eer.-- Honor Rell, AFM Treasurer, Rep., Senator, Sc Rep., Forum 4, Lrrrrp. clue, Eeerpell l,2,3,4, l3eeRerpell l,2,3,4, Track 3,4, seeeeell l, c.eee Country 3. College. TIM HElTz cererrel cerl,elle-- AEM Rep. 2,4, Eeerleell 2,3,4. College. NICK E. HENDRlcRSON Woodstock--AFM Rep. l, Sc Rep. 2,3, POST 4, Treel. 2, College. MARLA HENRLRSEN Honor Rell 3, Forum 3,4, Pep clele l, FTA 4. celleee. RICHARD HENRY Astoria Jr. High--Sgt. or Arms I, SC Rep. l,4, Ltmn. Club, Basketball I, 2,3,4, Treele l, Tennis 2,3,4, Serra 2,3,4, Orchestra 3. Cel- lege. GERALD LEO HERNESMAA Park- reee--celleee. KATHIE HlcRS Atkinson--Class Ser. at Arms 4, YFC, Makeup Crew, Publicity College. LINDA R. HlGHTowER Hee- 9on's ae,--Heep. Rell, NHS 3,4, College. TERRY RAY HlLl.ER weeeereeR-- Herrer Rell l,2,4, NHS 4, AFM Rep. 4, Eaer.el.erre Hisl. 2,3,4, Lrrer.. clele 3,4, Eeerleell 3,4, Rerf. Arr. l,2,3, Eererr. 2,3,4. College. PATRICIA HlROMLJRA Arleta --Honor Rell l,2,3,4, Eerem 4, NHS Hist. 3,4, AGS Pele. cl.,-.r.., AGS Rep. 3, Sc Rep, l, ALMANAC 4, Arr Srprr 4, Pleaeeee See., Pep clele l,3, IRL 4. College. BRUCE E. HOFFER Arlevo--Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, SC Rep.l, Eraefe Sec., Cotolyst Treas., Ltmn. clee, Eapeerrerre, Football 3,4, seee l. celleee. KENNETH H. HOLSTROM Jeff- ereee--Herrer Rell 2, AEM Rep. 3, Franklin Eelle Srpeere, Eeerpell 2, laeeleerleell 2,3,4. celleee. ANN HOPPLE creerer,--Heeer Rell l,2,4, Class Ser. erArrr.e 4, AGS Rep. l,3,4, Serelle Pres. IRL, ETA, Ereplellr. Folksingersg Plays l, Makeup Crew l,2, ALMANAC. College. RONALD C. HOOVER Creston --Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 4, Sc Rep. l, Fianclwetto Pres., Lrrw.. Club, Rey, Eeerleell l, Treel. l, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Teeple 3,4, College. TIM HORTON Atkinson-- AFM Rep. 3, Truck l,2, College. GENE w. HOSKIN Relleee- Sc Rep. 2,3, cc Rep. 4, AFM Rep. l,3, Track l, Wrestling l. celleee. ROBERT E. HOWARD Lane-- POST 4, Kappa Omega Lerepee Pres. 3,4, Catalyst Sgt. et Arms 4, Fluneheno Hier. 4, creee ceerrrry. celleee. ROBERT LANE HUBBARD Ar- lele--Heeer Rell 2,3,4, cc Rep. 4, IRL, Lereleee Gereree, Ltrnn. Club, Wrestling l,2, Swimming l,2,3,4. celleee. CAROL JEAN HUCK ArIetu-- Honor Rell 3, Class Ser. at Arms l, AGS Rep. 2, Pep Club l, A Choir 3,4, Gzrle' crrefr 2. Work. J 43 JUDY JACKSON Lane--Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS, Sorelle Chop. 2,3,4. College. GEANNE L. JACOBSON Red- fere Hlele, Heeeele, Hawaii, Honor Rell l,2,3, AGS Rep. 3, Russian clele, Pleye. College, BARBARA JEAN .JENSEN Lane-- Honor Rell l,2,3, AGS Rep. 3, Sc Rep. 2, IRL 2,3,4, Pep clep l,2,3, Relelleiry. College, BETH JENSEN Atkinson-- cleee Hier. 3, Arr Sreff3,4, Pep clee Hier. l,2,3, cellepe. STEVE JENSEN Madison-- Bowling clpe Pres., Truck 3. College. DICK JEWELL MTlweeRle-- AFM Rep. 2,3, AFM Senator 4, Football 4, TreeR 2,3,4, DALE L. JOHNSON Mil- waulde--Track 3, A Choir 2, 3,4, Meerzpel 3 celleee. KATHY JOHNSON Taft High School, Oeecn Lolce, Oregon, Work. MARY JOHNSON St. Ignatius-- celleee. RICHARD JOHNSTON Riel,- mepe--Sc Rep. l, AEM Rep. 2. College. VICTORIA ANNE JOHNSTON creere..--Herrer Rell l,2,3,4, AGS Rep. l,4, cc Rep., Forum 3,4, Pep l, ALMANAC 3,4, POST 2, Publicity 3,4, lRL, Tlwespicns Sec., Plays 2,3,4, Make-up c,ew 2. cellege. WINNIFRED ESTHER JOLI Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass, Oregon. Work. ALLEN L. JONES Fernwood- Football, Track, Wrestling. College. LAEL JONES Grout--Perf. Arr. Sc Rep. l,2,3, AGS Rep. 4, Pep l, Girls' Choir 2,3, Rree., "A" Choir 4. College, RANDY T. JONES Atkinson-- AEM l,2,4, cc Rep. 4, Football l,2,3, seeRereell l, Track l. College. K STEVEN KANAS Atkinson-- Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, S.3. Rree., Class Pres. 3, Sc Rep. 2,3, cc Rep. 2, Twlrp Rlree 3, Jr. Prom Ripe, TRee- plans chep., Red Squares Pres., Rey, IRL, cerelyere, EelRe:.eeere, Track l, Wrestling l, Rleye. cellepe. KATHLEEN L, KELLY Creston-- AGS Rep. l, Sc Rep. 2,3, Plays 2,3,4, College. LINDA L. KIDWILER ArRleeer.-- Honor Rell l,2,3,4, AGS Rep. 2, A Choir 3,4, Girls chear 2, ceri- lleee l,2,3,4, Eleye. College. CHRISTINE JOY KIRIGIN Our Lee, of Rell 3, POST 4. College. JACK KLETZEL creerer.--Sc Rep., AFM Rep., Eeereell, Wrestling, seeeeell. celleee. JAMES M. KNUTSON Kel- lepg--cleee V-Pree. 2, Sc Rep., AFM Rep. pee Senator, Jr. Rrerr. ceerr, Franklin Eelleeirre- ers, Football I, Truck I, Wveer- ling 4. celleee. MARclA KOCH cellepe. LARRY KOLB Creston--SC Rep., Eeefeell l,2, Track l. College, CHRISTINE KNOESTSKY Rel- leee-Heper Rell 2, AGS Rep. l.3: Sc Rep, 2,4, IRL. celleee. ERIC ROSRELA SRe.Tee,. Teel., oererfe, Ceeede, aeeleerleell l. cellepe. KARL O. RRLJEGER Atkinson-- Honor Rell l,2, Sc Rep. l, cc Rep., Perf, Att. 2,3, Pep Band. celleee. SANDI KUSHMAUL Milo Aco- pep,--celleee. L KENNETH E. LAKE Lane-- College. ROY JAMES LEACH Atkin- son--A chelr 4. celleee. SHARON LEHR Lone-- Reelzeiry 3. celleee. ALANA JEAN LEMLEY Lin- coln--Girls' Choir I, Publicity 2. Work, JOSEPH H. LEVER Relleee-- Sc Rep., AFM Seperer, Lrrep. clee, Eeereell l,2,3,4, TreeR l,2, wreerlape l. College. PAIJLA LEWIS Holy Eerr.rly-- AGS Rep. 3, Sc Rep. 4, Girls' Choir 2. College. RICHARD LEWIS RleRrr.epe-- celleee. STEVEN c, LEWIS 3reeRl,r,-- Class Rree. 2, Sc Rep., cc Rep., AFM Rep., See., Hist., Lrrr.r.. clue, Football l,2,3,4, laeeleerl-.ell l,2, Treel. l,2. College. JEANETTE J, LORENzlNl Kel- logg--AGS Rep. 3, Sc Rep. 2, JY Rell, 2. werR. SARAH L. LORLJSSO creere,.-- AGS Rep. 3, see. 4, v-Rree. 4, cleee Seererery 3, Sc Rep. 3, cc Rep. 2, JY Rally 2, Rell, 3 Rree. College. CAROL LOUIS Woedmere--Cob lege, ART LLJSHENRO Rleereerre--Sc Rep. l, AFM Rep., Football l,2, 3,4, Treele l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2, Orchestra l,2,3,4. College, M VICKI MARCONI Woodstock-- AGS Rep., Sc Rep., Pep Club Sgr, ul Ar,r.e. celleee. CAROL ANNE MARLIN ArIeto-- AGS Rep. 4, CC Rep. 4. Work. RAYMOND O. MARTELL Lune-- Sreee crew. celleee. 3. MICHAEL W. MAXON Wash- lngron--College. LINDA LOU MCBROOM Kellogg --CC Rep. 2, Phi Nu Alpha 2, Quaker Muskels 3,4, Sec., Trees., Rifle Team 4, A Choir 4, Girls' Choir 3. College. MIKE McCOY Creslon--Wresl- ling I. College. PATRICIA ALICE MCCOY Lone-- Honor Roll 3, AGS Rep. 3,4, Forum. College. MARY MeDONNELL Arlele-- Honor Rell I,2,3, NHS 3,4, ser. erArrrrs, Lerneee eernrre 4, Pep Clue I,3, FTA 4, Girls' Clrelr 2,3, Plays. College. NORMAN C. MeelI3lzON Cerrrrel Cerlrelle--SC Rep. 4, AFM Rep. 3, Forum 4, Treels 2. College. RALPH R. McKEE ArIeIa-- Boskerboll I. College. PAT MCQUAW AGS Rep. l, A College. JEAN McOUEEN Christian Heel.--Herrer Rell 4, Eerurrr 3. College. SHARON MELTCCI Arlrlrrsen --AGS Rep, 3, CC Rep. 2,4, Forum 4, IRL 4. College. DEANNA GAYLE MIDDLETON Sfanwood, Sreeweee, weslnne lon--Girls' Choir 4. Colleqe. BRUCE E, MILLER ArIelu-- AFM Rep. 4, Lrnm. Club, Fool- looll 2,3,4, Truck l,2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3, Swimming l. College. MICKEY MILLER Sr. Igno- llus--AGS Rep. 2,3 SC Rep. 3, CC Rep. 4, Sigma Plra AI- plre V-Pres., Lambda eerrrrrre Pres., Rrrsslerr Clelr V-Pres., IRL, Serelle, FTA, Folksingersg Orchestra 2,3,4, Pleys. Col- lege. LYNNE MARIE MILLSPALJGH Deule Deueles--AGS Rep., SC Rep., Tlresplens, A Choir, Makeup Crew. College. MARILYN D. MITCHELL AGS 3. College. ROBERT MOEN JR Lewis-- Trock I, Cross Counrry I. College. MARLENE M, MOGUS Woodslock --Work . SHARON MONNER Arlere-- Honor Rell 3,4, ALMANAC 3,4, Forum 4, ETA LIE., A Clrelr 4, Girls, Cheer 2,3. College. CAROLINE JEAN MOORE Rseleneprl--Herrer Rell 3,4, Eerprrr, 5.3. Trees., CC Rep. 2, Ererrklln EelRsIr,eers, IRL Trees. YEC V-Pres., Slgrrre Phi Alplre, A Choir 3, 4, See., Trees., Plays. NANCY JANE MORGAN weeesreeR--Eererrr 3, Arr Sleff. Celleee. LINDA J. MORRISON Arlefc --Armed Services. BONNIE L. MULLEN Arlelo --Work. CLINTON MULLEN ATIeIc-- Foorboll I,2,4, Troek l. Work. MERLENE MURRAY Kellogg-- werR. N RICK NAGLE Cresren--SC Rep. 3, AFM Rep. 2,3,4, Forum 3, Key See., Trees., Eeelleell I,2, aes- lrerpell I, Track 2,3. College. BARBARA A. NELSON Atkin- serr--Herrer Rell 4, AGS Rep. I, 2,3, Sc Rep. 2, PM Nu Alpee, Pep. Celleee. R. DAVID NELSON Creston-- Honor Roll I,2,3, Fioneheno, Coaolysl, Russian Club, Forum. College. KAREN MARIE NELSON Honor Rell 3, AGS Rep. 4, Pep Clpp, Bowling Clep, Meleeup Crew. College. MARSHA NELSON Porkrose- College. MARLO NEwEsY Sl. Ienellusu SC Rep. 4, CC Rep. 4, Sorelle Cor. See., Phi NlrAlplre See., Swlrnrnlrrg 2, Melreup Crew I. College. STEPHEN NORTON Kelleee-- Honor Rell, SC Rep., Tennis l,2. College. LAWRENCE M. NUDELMAN Arlelu--Honor Rell l,2,3,4, Lrnp. Clue 3,4, Bowling clue 3, Iaeslpereell I, Bcskelboll 3, 4. College. MARY LOU NYSETH Lone-- Cless Sgr. erArns 3, AGS Rep. I,2,3, SC Rep. I, Pleys, Meke- up Crew, Sreee Crew, Publicily. Celleee. O CATHEY OLIVER Kelleee-- Herrer Rell 4, Class Sei. ul Arms 3, AGS Rep. 4, CC Rep. 4, Pep Clue I, Perl. All. 2, Ferern 4. Celleee. DAVE OLSON Kellogg-- Honor Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, SC Rep. 2,3, CC Rep. 4, AFM Rep. 2, Forum 2,3,4, Erzers 4, ALMANAC 3, Eelrer 4, cell 3. College. CAROL G. OSCAR Cresron-- Honor Roll 3, Swimming I,2, College. MEREDITH OXFORD Cresrerr- Honor Rell 4, CC Rep. 4, Eerurn 4, ALMANAC 3,4, Sagrne Plli Al 3,4 Perll., Sorelle 3,4, I-list., V-Pres., Red Squares 3,4, YEC l,2,3,4, Rene 3,4, Orchestra I, Celleee. LARRY OXMAN Kellepg-- Swrrrrrrrlne 2, Rene I,2,3,-4, Or- elresrre 2. Celleee. P THOMAS H. PAIGE Creslon-- Wreslling l. College. ROBERTA M. PALADIE Havre, High, Havre, Merrrerre--A Cleelr 4, Olrlsl Cleelr 2,3. Celleee. JOHN DAVID PAYNE Creston --Honor Rell 3, SC Rep., Fool- eell I, aesRerIeeIl I,4, Iaeseeell 3,4, Acrrelr. Cellepe. DIANE PEARCE Richmond-- College. MAUREEN ANN PELOQLJIN Kellege-AOS Rep. I,2, SC Rep. l,2,3,4, Jr. Prere Court, Perf, Arr. 3, Pep Cluls l,2. College. RONALD PETERS Woodstock-- Slgrrre Pl1iAlpho Trees., laeee, Orchestra, Swimming I. College. MIKE PETRARCA ArRlrrsen-- AFM Rep. I,2,3, AFM Seneler 4, Truck l,2,3,4, wresrlarrg I,2, Cross Ceeelr, l,2. College. MARSI-IA RAE PETTENGILL Armrrserr--AOS Rep., Pep clue I,2, orrls' cleear 2. College. JANET PIERCE weeelsleeR-- Hener Rell I,2, Pep Club I, FTA Pres., Eerurrr 2,3,4, Lenleee Oerrrrrre, Prerrklrrr EelRslr,eers. College, JOANNE PIMENTEL Lane-- College. CAROL LYNN PIXLEY Creslon --Forum . Work . JIM POOLE Rrelrnrerre--AEM Rep. l, Eeerpell l, Treele I,2, 3,4, A Clrelr 4. JEANNETTE POPP Woodsrock-- AGS Rep. I, A Choir 3,4, Girls' Choir 2. Work. WILLIAM L. POPPINO Arlere --Hene. Rell 3, SC Rep. I,2, AFM Rep. I,2,3, Cerelysr, Sze- rpe Phi Alplre, Eaerrelrene, send 2.3,4, Oreeesrre 3,4. College. HARVEY LEE PRIESTER Kellogg-- CC Rep. College. RICK M. PUTNAM Atkinson-- Honor Rell I, APM Rep. I, ser.- erer 2,3,4, Lrrnn. Clue, Eeereell I,2, Iaeskereell l,2,3,4, Treek I, Laeseeell 2,3. College. RAIJA HANNELE PUUKKA Elllol High--Onrclro, Cerre- ee. Cellege. Q CHERYLOLJERUBIN SI. Slephen --Honor Roll 3, AGS Rep, 2, SC Rep. I. Work. R TONI SUE RAONONE Sl. sreplrerrs--Herrer Rell 3, AGS Rep. 3, SC Rep. I, Arr Slew, Makeup Crew. Celleee. MIKE RASMLJSSEN Kelle9e-- Cress Ceurrlr, I. LYNNE RAYMOND Girls' Choir. College. MARCIA REAM Kellege-- College. SUSAN RITTER Richmond-- CC Rep. 2, College. 44 PATSY JEAN ROBERTS Rich- rrrerre--Pep Club, Sorelle, Phi NpAlpIre. College. DEE w. RODOERS Rreer, waelrrre Falls, Texes--Arr slefr 4, Kappa Omega Lerrrpee See., Sleee Crew. Work. DAN ROISOM Atkinson-- Class Pres. l,4, AFM Rep. 2, SC Rep. I3, Limn. Clue, Eeer- eell l,2,4, Iaeslrelleell I,2,3, Iseseeell 4. College. JUDY ANN ROMINE Kel- logg--A Choir 4. Work. DONNA RENAE ROSS wal- llen clerlr--AOS Rep. I,2, SC Rep. 3, Pep Club Ser. or Arrrrs, See. College. RICHARD P. ROTH Atkinson-- Honor Roll 2, Class Sgr. or Arms, Slgrrre Phi Alpha Pres., Rene 2,3, 4, Orchestra 3,4, College. PATRICIA ROUW Lerre--Hener Rell 2,3, NHS 4, AGS Pres., Trees., Rep. l,3, Lerrreee cenrne 4, FTA V-Pres., A Clrelr 3, elrlsl Clresr 2, Pleys 3, Forum 2,3,4. College. CLAIR RYAN Richmond--Honor Rell 2,3,4, Perf, Arr. 3, Cless Ser. erArns 4, Sc Rep. 3,4, ALMANAC 4, Forum 4, ATI stall 3,4, Rell, seuee 2. College. PATRICIA RYAN Morycresl-- College. S TERRI SABAH Arleic--SC Rep. I,2, Pep clue I. College. CLIFF SAMLJELSON Arlere-- AFM Rep., Thesplons, Foolbcll l,2, Treelr I, Orelreslre l,2,4, Pleys 2,3,4, Puellell, 4. Cel- lege. MARIAN G, SANDOZ Allele- son--S.B. Pup, Clrrnrr., Cless Hlsr. 4, AGS Rep. I,2, Veer Rep. I, SC Rep. 3,4, Forum 4, An staff 4, Jr. Herne Cerrnrrp Princess 3, IRL 3,4, Pep Clue I, 2,3, Pres., Trees. Celleee. PAMELA LYNN SANTANGELO SV. lgrrerles--Herrer Rell 3. College. MORRIS SARRIUGARTE Lone--SC Rep. I,2,3, AFM Se-rarer I, Feel- boll I, Track I. College. STEVE SAVAGE Glencoe--SC Rep, 2,3, AFM Rep. I, Football I, 2, Wrestling I,2,3, Pleys 2,3,4. College. DENNIS SCHACHER Kellogg-- College. JANET LOUISE SCHECHTEL SI. Ierrerlps--Hener Rell I,2,3, Cc Rep. 2, Lerrrpee oerrrrre, Pep I. College. KATHERINE SCHILTHUIS Rlch- mond--AGS Rep, 2,3, Pep Club l. College. STEVEN SCHMEER Alkinson- Closs Ser. ol Arrns 2, Sc Rep. 2, CC Rep. 4, AFM Rep. I,2, Lrmr.. Club, lsescrerleell I,2, laeseleell I, 2,3,4, cress Country I. Celleee. DANNETTE SCHROEDER Sr. Srepperrs--AGS Rep., Phi Ne Alplre V-Pres. College. RIC S. SEARERG AlRlrrserr-- Clessv-Pres. 4, AFM Rep. 3, Serrerer I, Eeereell I,2, ses- Relpell I,2,3, Wrestling l,2. College. DEAN SEAWELL Lewis-- Herrer Rell 2, SC Rep. I, AFM Rep. 3,4, Lrrnn. Club, Fool- looll 2, Track l,2,3. College. LORELEE SHINN Alkinson-- AGS Rep., Closs Sgr. or Alrns 3, Bowling Club, Ski Club 3,4, Pep clue I. werL. PATSY SHINN CresIerr-- Hener Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Cless Ser. ol Arms 3, AGS Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. 4, IRL Pres., FTA, Pep Clelr, Pleides. Celleee. CAROL LEE SMLJRTHWAITE Cresren--Heeer Rell 4, AGS Pres. 4, AGS Trees. 3, Closs Trees. 3, Closs Sec. 4, AOS Rep. 2,3, SC Rep. l, Jr. Prem Ceun, ALMANAC 4, Pep Club I, IRL 4, Forum 4. College. SANDRA SNIDER ReeseVell-- Sorelle Ser. el Arrrrs, A Cleelr 3,4,Girls'Cl1oir 2, Meerlgel 4, Pleys 3,4, Meke-up Crew 3, PuLelIeIry3,4. College. EILEEN SNYDER ArkinsorT-- CC Rep. College. YVONNE M. SNYDER Lewis-- AGS Rep. I. College. EVELYN K. SOMMERFELT Cres- lon--Honor Roll 3, All Sloll 4. College. SUE ANN SOMMERS Creston-- Heper Rell l,2,3,4, NHS 4, SC Rep. 2, CC Rep. 4, ALMANAC 4, IRL Hisl., Pres., Lernbee cernrrre, Pleaeees, Pep Clue, College, THOMAS THEODORE SOREN- SON Kelleee--SC Rep, I,2, 3, AFM Rep. 4, Jr. Prerrr Court, Eeerpell I,2, laeskerleell I, TreeR l,3, Cress Country 3. College, SHERRY L. SOWLES weeesleele --AGS Rep. I,2,3, SC Rep. 2, 3, Homecoming Prarreess 2, Celleee. GENE STANG Lerre--SC Rep., Treele 2, Iaeseleell 2. Celleee. KAY J. STANLEY Atkinson-- Honor Roll I,2,3, CC Rep., Pep Club 3,4, IRL Chop. 3,4, Lombclo Gomrno 4. College. JAN STEWART ArL:rrsen-- YFC Pres. College. KATHY M. STOFIEL Raerrrrrene --Honor Rell I,2,3, Ser. or Arms 4, Pep Clue, Plrl Ne Alplre Pres. Celleee. DAVID K. STONE ArlpTnsen-- Slgmc Phi Alplre, Erenlrllrr Eelk- slrlgers, Rally 4, Foorlsell I, Iaesleerbell 2, Wrestling I, Band 2,3,4. Arrrree Servlees. LINDA STOWE Reper High, spekeee, wesle.--CC Rep. 4. College. JACKIE STRAUSS Buckmon- Closs Sgl. ol Arms 4, CC Rep., A Choir 4, Girls' Choir 2, Cor- illons I,2,3,4, Ploys l,3, Make- up Crew l,Z,3,4. Work. WENDY STRICKLAND Sherr- pelp--Herrer Rell I,2,3, Eerern 2,a,4, Sorelle, cefolysr, YFC. College. GARY STUCKERT ArKl,rsorr-- AFM Rep., Cross Country l, College. LINDA PAYE STUCKI Arlevo-- closs rreos. l, Class see. 2, AGs Rep., sc Rep., Home- coming Princess l, Twirp Court l, Jr. Prorrr Court, Rally 2,3, 4, Girls' Choir 2, Plays 4. College. SHARON MARIE SULLIVAN Arlolrrsoo--Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS chop. 4, AGS Reo. 3, Forum z,3,4, AlMANAc 4, Pleiades Pres. 4, Sigma Phi Alohe :l,4, NHS chop. 4, IRL 3,45 A clrolr 3,4, Girls' Choir 2. college. GARY DEAN SUPER Arklrrsorr --Ski Club 3, limo. Club 3, Eoorooll l,2, Troek l, Wrestling l, Baseball l, Swlrrrrrraog 2,a, A Choir I,2,3. college. T DONNA MAY TAMBLING Creston--Honor Roll l,2,3, Perf. Atl. 2, Sorelle Sgt. at Arms, Pep Club l,z. College. ESTHER TAYLOR West Linn-- AGs rreos. 4, FTA see., YEc Sec.pAChcir. College. JANEY TAYLOR Woodstock-- Perf. Att. I,2,3, SC Rep. Work. KATHY TAYLOR Woodstock-- col lege. MIKE o. rEENY ARlosoo-- Eoolooll l,2, rroek l, Wrest- llogl. College. DOUG TESDAL Atkinson-- AFM Rep. 2, Football I,2, rreelo l, Wrestling l,2,3, A choir 2, 3,4, Moorlgol 4, Ploys 3. College. SARAH TEVET slronoelo--cc Rep. 4, Forum 4. College. VONNIE THOMAS Meriwe- ther Lewis--Work. DOUGLAS THOMPSON Rich- roooo--wreslllog l,2,a,4, reo- rrls 2,a,4, sc Rep, AFM Rep., llrrrrr. Club. college. LINDA SuE THOMPSON Rlelrrrrorro--Peo clole. Work. RONALD B. THOMPSON Rich- roorra--cc Rep. 4, AFM Rep. 4, Ltmn. CIub7 Football I, Wrestling l,2,3,4, rerr,rls2,a,4. college. VELVA THOMPSON Arlero-- Honor Roll l,2, NHS a,4, Sec., Class Y-Pres. 4, Class Sgr. at Arms l, AGS Rep. l,4, IRL 3,4 Trees., Peo clole. College. DOUGLAS rHoRPE Lane-- sc Rep. 3, Radio clolo Pres., Sec., Chess Club. college. nARlA ANN rlllMAN creslorr--close sgf. at Arms 2, AGS Rep. l,2, sc Rep, 3,4, Ski Club, Hockey 4. College. CONNIE TIPTON Richmond-- Wark. MARY LOU TOBIN Mr. Ver- rroo Hlglr--Alexooofao, Virgi- nic. College. DONNA RAYlENE losKlN aellloglrerr--laellaoglroro, wosls- lngton. college. HANK TOMLINSON Creston --Honor Rall I,2,3,4, NHS 3,43 S.s. V-Pres., closs Sgr. at Arms 2, Sc Rep. l,2,4, AFM Senator I, Perft. Atl. l,2,3, Jr. Proro Court, Forum 3,4, lRlg Catalyst Pres., Friursj Llmn. clolo, Foorleoll l,2,a,4, Basket- ball l,2, Traclf I, Tennis 3,4. College. DENNIS rREllaEl Greer-- Honor Roll 3.4, AFM Reo. 4, Forum 3,4, AlMANAc 4, Relly 2,s. College. DAVID TYLER Creston--Forum 3, soskeflsoll l, cross Country l. college. U sHARlN A. ULLMAN Arlolo- soo--AGs Rep. l,2,3,4, sc Rep. 2,3, cc Rep. 2, Perf. Att. l, Peo clolo l, Forum 4, Girls' Chair2. College. ERIK S. UTTERSTROM At- kinson--Class Sgt. or Arms, Sc Rep., cc Reg., AFM Rep., Senator, Ltmn. Club: Football I,2,3,4, sesloerleoll l,2,3,4, Trook l. College. V CLINTON VAN ARSDALL Lune --college. STEPHANIE vANvEEN S+. Mery--college. ROSELLYN ELAINE VAWTER clooloeoros--work. JOANN VENTRELLA Lane-- Honor Roll I,2, AGS Rep. 2, sc Rep, 3, Pep clolo. College. laEvERlEY VINSON Call- rorrrlo--sorelle V-Pres., Sigma Phi Alpha, A Choir. College. JUDY VINSON wooosroel- Sc Reo. Work. KAREN VOGL Richmond-- sc Reg. 2, Pep l. College. KAREN VONDERGATHEN Rlolrorooe--cless sgr. at Arms 2, AGS Rep., Pep cloo. Work. W BRENDA WALDROP West Coast Bible School, Fresno, Calif. --"A" Choir 4. Work. JUDY WALKER Lane--Sigma Phi Alpha, sooo Z,3,4g orelr- estra 3,4. College. CHRISTINE WEAVER Creston-- AGS Rep. 4, SC Rep. I, CC Rep. 4, Ar, Staff, Swimming I,2. College. ROSEMARY WEBB ArIeta-- Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS 3, 4, Thespians V-Pres., IRL V-Pres., Ploys. College. MARTHA ANN WEILER Lewis -cc Rep. 4, POST 3,4, Sigma Plrl Alpha, A clroar a,4, Girls' clooarz, Ployss. College. BARBARA A. WELLS Arle4o-- AGS Rep., A Choir, Girls' Choir. THURE S. WESTBERG Richmond --Sc Rep., AFM Rep., Cross Country I, Track 1, Wrestling I. college. BONNIE NAl:lNE WESTERBERG Gleoooe--A Chair :l,4, Glrls' CI1oir2. college. LARRY WHA LLON ArIeta-- Work. LESLIE ANN WILLIAMS Rich- ,rrooo--Ho,.or Roll 3, AGS Rep. 3,4, IRL, Sorelle Trees., FTA. college. CINDY WILLINGHAM Rich- roorre--AGs Rep. l, IRL clols. Rptr. college. JOHN c, WINQUIST Riel,- ,rrorro--SGT. at Arms 4, sc Rep. 3, cc Rep. 4. college. JUDITH K. WIRRICK Grout --Honor Roll l, Poroo 2,3,4, Lambda Gamma See., Girls' clroar 2, A Choir 4, Corillons l,2,a,4, AlMANAc 3,4, Plays 3. college. SHERRV KAYEWITTNER Mar- shall--Girls' Choir 3. Work. VIRGINIA L. WOLFORD Ar- Ieta--YFC Sec., Treus. Work. ALAN woolPolK Allolrrsorr --Honor Rall I,2,3,4, NHS 3, 4, S,B. Pres., Class Pres. 2, Y-Pres. 3, Sc Rep. l, cc Rep. 2, AFM Rep. 2,3, Jr. Prom Court, NHS Pres., IRL s,4, Errors V-Pres. College. IVAN G. WONG Richmond-- Honor Roll l,2,3,4, NHS :l,4, Class Sgr. of Arms l, Sc Rep. 3, cc Rep. 2, APM Senator 2, Perf. AH. l,2,3, Poforrr, Rowl- ing1CutaIyStChup., NHS sgf. of Arms, Pres., rroelo l,2,3,4, cfoss Country l. College. Y AMY EMlKo YAsuKl Creston --AGS Rep. 4, Sc Rep. l, Phi Nu Alpha. ROSS YAMASAKI wooosloolo --ALMANAC 3,49 Honor Roll 4, Pororrr 3,4, Bowling Club V-Pres., Hlsr. College. JOHN YODER Arlere-- rroek l, Wrestling 3, aoselsell 2,a,4. College. Z KRlSTlNE M. ZIMMERMAN sl. lgrrollos--sc Rep. 3. College. KATHY ZUPUNSKI Arlere-- col lege. 45 SENIOR MIJSTS -. , I 'gf R . " Q ': ? . .z . . . sv-s 4 S.. I5 if .Q . - .,.. , ,. . . r 2 . f is 4 1 5? V 1 9 e , 1' 4: v .A . 8 A : Q f fs- , ., ' Q 34 .1 ee' 1 - ' ,Dr 9 A .1 ,gee .ew P -3, 4 ' ,Q .7 Q I Ll ' S. .. "Dae, 5' . e 5 is ' . 1, rw I . gm: 1 I Q gk 95?-5. e S A li. '- Q s V " 2 u . s 1 4 1, -4 T' , X g ,. lf' 1: ,. . . 5, . 4 . . DlANEWEISENBERG,AII Around Quukeretle, Most Friendly SAM HANNA , All Ar- round Quaker .JOHN ACTON, Most Friendly ,IANICE BISHOP, Most Likely to Suc- ceed MARJI DE BUSE, Most Studious Jos GOODALE, Most Athletic DAN GRAHAM, MostTaIenled in Mu- sic MORLEY GUSTAFSSON, Most Ath- letic DAN HAAPAlA, Most Spirited TERRY HlllER, Mos, relerrreo in Arf, MoslS1udious PAT HIROMURA, Most Talented in Art STEVE KANAS, Most Likely te Succeed CAROLINE MOORE, Most Talented in Music CLIFF SAMUELSON, Most Talented in Drama MARION SANDOZ, Mast Talented in Arr CAROL SMURTHWAITE, Most Friendly, Best Leader LINDA STUCKI, Mosl Spirited ROSEMARY WEBB, Most Talented in Drama ALAN woo lro LK, ses, leeoer Ay , INR ' X R W , at , r , , 0-'K 'S . ' u s, 'Q 'f .g. avg' wl X -sau f X N M- 913 wkffl' -s.. .XA if 'lg f x Y. PRINCESS JANICE BISHOP PRINCESS CAROL BRADSHAW PRINCESS PAT ROUW ns., . - . -.4.- , I su-. , f gsm K. - 'Sami -'es .... MAY FETE PRINCESS MARION SANDOZ PRINCESS CAROL SMURTHWAITE PRINCESS LINDA STUC KI ln the midst of an elegant setting highlighted by colorful Fountains and standards of delicate flowers, the I966 May Fete Court was presented in an assembly to the student body. The princesses,each having shown outstanding services to the school, ascended the curving staircase and took their places in Front of the soft blue background to await the presentation of the Queen of May Fete. ln her royal robe of red velvet, Queen Marji DeBuse took her place in the gold, satin-draped throne. For the Queen's entertainment, the Girls' Choir presented several songs, including "Three Coins in a Fountain," the theme For the May Fete activities. At the end, 35 people were knighted for their service. "2" 'isis' 13- M , A ' K at -f -f-.v Mg' . , Q? Q 3 , aff! J ix J xr ' 4 X . ,qi 1 2 , ,. Q, n ,F -'iii' ' : Qmikgic 1-1 -"v 1 fr , l X 3 , 7 4' .f' 'Xk""Wf , tiff' - - hy- V 5' vt, i -f "' X K H- '. Q, : sp uw ,ww QFront Rowj: Rick Putnam, Linda Stucki, Marian Sandoz, Carol Smurthwaite, Marcia Lynn Hewitt, David Shaffer. fBack Rowj: Ric Seaberg, Marji DeBuSe, Janice Bishop, Dick Beswick, Pat Rouw, john Acton, joe Goodale, Mark Carter, Carol Bradshaw, Steve Kanas. 48 , . v 1 1 ' -62:2 ' ' 'af 32 Fall President Jim Coons A good leader, a capable cabinet, and out- standing class support are the ingredients For a successful class, and these are what contributed to a prosperous Fall term for the junior class. Their main project was to prepare forthe .lun- ior Prom. They did this by holding several money making projects and raising over S500 by appoint- ing the general committee and chairmen. THE CLASS DF 1967... Bill Armes and jim Coons listen to cabinet business. Fall Officers: QFrontl Vice President, Bill Armes. QBack1 Secretary, Fall Sgts. at Arms: Qlfrontj Teresa Namba, Pam Ty Suzy Bensong Treasurer, jackie I-linesg Publicity Chairman, Linda ler. QBackj Susan Ball, Vance Putnam. Larson. 50 '- zz? ' 2 M' if --, A-, Q-,:. - .- ..,.. - .4 B .T..: rrr: E E ' U Y rx 1 FW, 7 a-Av' f , H ggi' 5 Tx' Xxx- -xxx, Spring President Jackie Hines 'K ' ...W-M f,.v+-Mer-f-'f'r2"""" The spring junior class cabinet begun their xterm by sponsoring osuccessful after-game dance. Money-making projects included car washes and X bokesoles, os well os continuing thesoleof cords. The ccbinetorgonizecl the Senior Movie Com- x A , V mittee, ond work began on the l967 Film. i 5 L . W Also coordinating the committees, the cobinet xhelped present the Junior Prom, "Shongri-Leu." l l l jackie Hines conducts Spring cabinet meeting. I T ASSUMES DUTIES. my ' Spring Sgts. at Arms: fFrontj Vicki Ellenwood, Spring Officers: fFrontj Vice President, Rick McNerney. fBackj Treas- Debbie Vasile. fBackj Margie Brasesco, Sharon U-Ter, M317 Kushner! Publicii-Y Chairman, Evon MCKUIHOHS 5eCfet3YY: Wells, Chris Walsh. Shelley Williams. 51 5 Y' gf: ' L 3 1 H Q , QF A il ', .A ZZ ' A,.f , A. rarfllef, . ..l wfA"f1?EfSaggg ' F? ri K ., 3' ,r, fs' gl Ulm' A' Anderscn Anderson John Lydia Babikoff, Bachmen, Ronald Linda ' I bf! kd f ' M 2 ar F? 4 ff ' Q2 ' ,r , rxain I ? . L 1 5. - . 3 , WX xnxx I 1 'I A. LA lfiff w x 1 Q Aalberg, Jim ,mx Abbon, Ronald .l:.-..-A Abraham, Cindi Q' 'fi M Albana, Darla Albana, cam, Albana, Theresa . 3 'S . Alcorn, Barbara AI a d , R , , Alf:e,V:'e,:,rarf3lr,, jumor Gxrls' Counselor, Mrs. Helen Weed Allbough, Hawara Arnaa, Par Anccker, Rarnaar 15 Q . CLASS or war Anderson Anarasahalr, Annes, Aronson, Arnraa, Arlrznaan Aubom, Ausiin, Margaret ghlrley Bill Robert Sleve Becky Julie Rqbqr, Boker, Bukke, sales, Bull, Boll, Barber, Bum-1rd, Barnes, Ralph David Lrrraa Kenneih Susan Ronald Toni Pamela I 4' 'K' 1 . KW x' tt.-gg . W M. . Yr: 3 fff, ' V x fi A' QI Xl Q' ' vii! , A ,N ll . ' r rf I l . l , gr--fhfrr ?2' A- r .2 5: E -E ,, f A E ' ' y er-.Q r f5w ar ?, 4 g , rl vga? V as 'Q :Y g ' G ,rung 2,5 J. gf "rf ,QQKT Q fin I , ' xffaiml V 'r . y -"7 11' . -Q X' -wr f r , ' f tr , ds, A A 1 fi gl 52 Barnerl, Bernice Barneh, Melarrza W 3 K . Burtel, Sheryl 5 4' 1 ,iw Q 3, 1 22. ' Q x .. 4, 5 ,,. Bateman carrrlarr ,,,,,..,,1 Bavy, Jalrel ,,. ff f " 2 A Eoucom, Calhy 0 F r , X K f 76 e junior Boys' Counselor, Mr. Donald Kearns, Baader, laraaa Q55 3 + gg Beard, Leanne 5 Bell, arlaa E? , 'G Sit ' t' -9 4 3 , , . ri- T ' l fx., r -3' -1 fry l f - -5 .' f . ,Ma ' ' ': A is 2 A g ,, XX if ur ' ir' ' 5: laalrz, Dara T1 pf: Barlsan, Susan rv b " ' r 'LF' Y Berman, Charles I A , Q' ' ff ' ' '. A -3 Q. K -gy Y . 3 .E 4. . vf 1 .. Q ' 5 3 .. I V A ,. 1 . xv -,gr r .32 Y' ,S iff. sa. . CLASS or l9a7 germerr, Benton, eeralaa, mags, mgorrl, lalrrglaarrl, Birch, Blair, Bladraa, Bollinger, Charles Nancy Darra Frank Pamela Chris laraala Rlla Lee Ann rarrla laarray, Bama, saarl., Barralrawa, aarrlar, lsawlay, araafara, Brusecc, lsrallalaralllar, srsslaw, Gerald Barbara Gary Ellen Irene Chris Darla Margie Diana Rav iffy? ' rf tfft' . -5,12-iivg f, , a Mfe1.p.,a ' ,.. , SEL: z -QE' 'WE-12 , .2 r 5. r , 1 - . - 5 Q, , r r .J - S . X , . 3' l R E 9 5' we " ' 1 ' ' -A ,. r 11' -- 1 V K V-1 : ' 14,-'wx Q ' it MLK. 'ii rt I .3 K, 1 ,A , . wi ., , w, .W N , , l .rf ff r Br sa - ' rx ' -VZ' 'i' r.r.aEW3Q'iili r '1'-1.., ' .A gf 1- 1 my fra' 'Wave " zgkrpdlrrem 1, .' 22 lf-'W , -. 2' f ' A - M- .ra WEN - ' r- ' . ' ,A . ,N . ,gf ri :Q a. 4' a r .Q W L ., 1 xr K' ' -rf T?' .5r f .K 5 f - w ... W., rr 0.-' ,A .,.,,.,r a sd XF, nv " 3 N151 It ' 4, 3 D3 tw gb - I U , V A 2 1 rt . r 'B lm A 2? ' .W Q Mx' fx 'Q'ik+."',-" f ' . . . l Aa l ri 3, -1 - , . Xl Y? 3 ' 6. Brivzuls, Daryl aneekne, Dan Brolliar, Everice Brown, Cheryl Brown, Deen snewn, Jerry lsnewn, Lune Buck, Sheryl snekley, celeen allen, Adele Buffon, Ken Bullis, Terrie silken, cefaen sunken, snmnne aurgens, Den Burgnrd, Peel CLASS OF I967 Bush, Mike Calverv, Brenda Campbell, Linda Carlough, Dick Carlson, Bob Carlson, Harriet Carnes, Jim Carr, Jim Carter, Janiece Cavan, Pav Ceialvo, Ben Centers, Sarah THE KNOWLEDGE THAT... .eg , ,ft x 4,53 , ' A' i " 3 3 I ,sux xg ,f . e ! K 'J 'mx I ' Q W., ' e 55' ,Fe T 9 . E53 C. -1 . 3 1: ' " r J '1 3 W L I Q I 5 Il A ' , , , l f - , , 4 ' I 'J lf' I ' f '1 E Q' - , .43 K 1 . 3 nz, Y.. 1 L f r we - , W J, , a ff 'gg fl,fr?.-,3 1 ff-fx' fur fn wr' . . . 5 ? 1 ,. I 4, .Y 'g ' 's . , ' ,W n' .ey .A - Ai x yr, 1 : I3 f : - E 54 ' ' - I I ' f lj 1 5 f . ' Q ' l yfvx. 2 , .', I . A Q. ..-X X 'Oi f W ' -A l X ex ,n l. . cnemeenlln, cneflee, Chalfield, Chinn, Carole snefyl Merrill Penn Constantin, Cook, cnene, cnwen, Rlenenl Ernie Jim Georgene ,f,.f... cnfleleneen Clark, Mun, Megan cron, cnell, Ed James Clark, Sam C rasby, Cherri Cline, Donnc Cunningham, Lane Collier, Kavhleen Dambaclfl Janet Combs, Jack Daniel Paula 54 ' 1 if -xi X , Darby, sariay fi Davia, Pol iii Davis, George Davis, Mike Davis, Nancy Dawes, Rieiiara 41 Deiariey, Donald Dickson, Liriaa Dieksaa, Margie Diaraievie, Duscn Docksiuder, Michelle Dorsey, James Daiiaias, Jackie Dowler, sae Deyie, sary Drake, Jar. Darik, Liriaa Durr, aiii Duvall, Carrol Eckin, Diana Earnest, Run Edwards, Ruben Ellenwood, Vicki Elliot, Debra Ellief, Donna Elliot, Eiaine Eiiis, Sparky Ellis, Mike Tiifv Aiifmlifllsf Elmure, Elie, Evans, Ewers, Fadness, Kay Mike Dan Susan Juelene Filliom Finnell, Fiiiaii, Fleming, Pass, John James Lil liar. Mark Myron Farah, Norma Fassaii, Dole TO... Fnulhaber, Michael Fasief, Gloria Fazzolnrl Terry Fosferman , Roberra Feaeriei, Feebaek Alari Lirida Frairiey, Frariiila, Gloria Richard 55 Grimes, Lorry Hardy, Wlllicm Gosorr, Morro H o rgroovoo, Gilbert 4 l Frie, Susan Frrroorr, corol Form, Llrrdo Gogrrlor, corol Gollirro, sorroy Gclluccl, Mike Geracl, Kororr Glwromm, Slove Gianrlerti, Edward Gibson, molr Garrrlool, slow Glrvan, Tom Glunm, Ecrbaru Glovor, Sandy Grrzowou, Ann Gooooy, chris Goelz, Glorla Golaoloy, Gail Gooowar., Debby Goss, Jerry Grace, wllllo Groy, John Gray, Rod Green, Karen Groor, clrras Griffin, Glue Griggs, vlolrl Grill, Theresia . 1 Lo i 1 K 9 gf ? 'fi AA 'lv 1 E Q r e X433 I K .L 'e 1 JDJ 4 W , , r A ' z ACHIEVINEMHE aulll.. Gwinn, Gulliferd, Hall, Hull' Michael Shirley Dfw, Ron Harmon, Harp, Horrio, l-lorrio, Donna Ron Corrrllo Gilborl Horoor., Carolyn Horrao, Jody l-lorrsorr, Dlanu Howoy, Michne FEW 'G 4- n fa, ' 'Z "wwf G 3 F 'rrlfwwzi -- 5 , YI f , f 2 ' , ' 5:11. 4 3 , 'J Q?" V4 ,, . 4 L if r ' .'.'. N- "f'Q'f'f 'Z zwfoo.4+r 4- 4 .wt ' to P 3, X . , li m2,, fag .oo ,Q Y -J 'lr 5 4 H fr w l r 51,6 K , ,4 as , xA fs N ,. 5 l . 1 Y r 'v 'uf 3 ,W, . X I , . . Hanson, Roland Hooor., Keith ..' liz 5 2 I if Y Harding, Glenn Hayzlelf, lcorlry 56 4 s l Heelh, Stanley Heine, Darrell Heller, Richard Henarie,Raberr Henry, Gail Hiclcerson, Fred l-lleks, Don Hill, Deon Hill, Ffonle Hill, Lando Hines, Joelele Holt, Susan Hauser, undo Howard, Allen Howell, Alun Huoaleslen, Alice CLASS OF I967 Huae, Beverly Hughes, Gary Hummel, Erl: Hunl, ooye Hyde, June Hylone, James lfnfelo, Heidi Jooksen, Shelley Jacobsen, Terry Jesnes, Hofley Jensen, Chris Jewell, Susan SET BEFORE THEM... Jifminsf. Johnsen, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Michael Hugh Jennifer Lois Mike Rita Jones, Jung, Konglser, Keisrer, Keltner, Kibe, June' shlrley sunelro Ann vareanlo Susan Johnson, Shannon Killian, Michael Jollrlfwrl, Janes, Jones, Guy Don Deena Floyd Kinsey, Knight, Knudsen Donna Miic eefolo 57 +1 Kosher, Judy Koslowski, Raymond Krause, Marie Krerller, Thomas Krueger, Sharon Kushner, Mary Landretlri, Esmeralda Langan, Robert Lannns, Don Larson, Dale Lanan, Linda Louzan, Douglas Luwne, Barbara Lewis, Myrna Leyva, may Lanauinulli, noun CLASS OF 1967 Lindley, Douglus Linenlfo, Laurie Linfooi, Gae Lingo, Robert Linn, Lzndn Lively, Bonnie Lang, Debbie Long, Waller Louie, Calvin Louie, Dick Lovlien, Roben Lukrofka, Jol-in ELEVEN YEARS AGU. Lushenko, Lufie, Mackenzie, Macklin, Maloney, Marsh, Margin, Marthes, McAdum McCarnrnan Andy Danny Colin Margaret Kathleen David Linda Gail Cath: Jalwn Macrendle, McDermott, Mclntosh, McKinnis, McK?nnon, Mclqgnnon, Mcrxlecl, Mclxlerney McSharko Menzies 5h.m,,, lqainleen Phyll is George Evan Melvin Susan Rick Susie corny J 1 58 Merlevede, Narray Meyer, Peggy Miller, Anthony Maller, Arthur Miller, Diane Maller, Jarre Miller, Larry Mills, Charles Mlrerraa, Larraa Malml, Eric Mole, Larry Moore, Larry EVENTS Neimifhr Nesslirrg, Ne-wberg, Newell, Lrrraa Patricia caral Jarrr Ny'-mder, Odgeror Oliverio, Olson, Phyllls Marie Lyrrn sarrrlr.-, Q- , .e . fvrpvg r, ' ' r if , f 5 1 lr cz , , B ff ' X f. A. r ar A r ef. 1 be .1:.t' Sap 1. Re ' i' X r uf 'i r Q nr.: ' ' , l-e. x , 'F' r " - ' rf' X' 'J Y r tr ri,-9 Q e 1 as .. V gr 4, f r- x 3 a v 4 . . .E 3 B. A r, - , ,, f L tx ea Morehous, Marana Margarr, Laura Maeea, Make Mullen, Larry Marraarff, Janice Marrlaere, Carol Nab, Doug Nckuia, Michael Nambe, Teresa Neal, carlry Neuse, Pat Meelarrd, Susan Neea, aaa Nelson, Fred Nelearr, Lynn Nemgar, Murcia CLASS OF 1967 HIGHLIGHTING... Nichols, Nleleerr, Nierrrarr, Nivz, North, Novak, Chris Linda Rick Ilona rarrr Garaarr Orme, Osrby, Offeson, Owings, Palmer, popascdero Terrell Parr. Jean Nancy Charles Dara ,Q , SJ' 'y '4 -w , - f 5 3 114 E 3 'I r l l ,e 1 if Q f ar , - r ft!! O B J YL Y ' S ii Si' ' Q, .vs N, gg 9 r ft 1, ' j, 'g' "' I ' ' 2 L' , , at I R 7 hd , 5 if ' . rfli' ,.-r...e,,- V ea! .gi ,X y 5 ghggggall 'f el ' 'A 'zgf ,- 2 Q 1 E , ' .1 p .a . r , ,- ree- fr 4 HQ! - - V 1 z" ' l e :gi fx., ek Q., U Aw 'V gf A A K g L "' XV 1 15 fr ' QQ? S9 vi ' 2 5' 6' xl' 4 er fi.: in ,QT f 4 Y sa g . , I Kp Q S 4 4. 2 .. 4- yr f ig, ' if -ur " if ,E i. , 4 :R 9 r R. tm lf, 4 1 3,3 9: Kg? QS, X 5- ax .CIW ' 3 ff r fr I r, 'W ,X 3 Rav R ' if Parrish, Rick Patterson, Jim Pence, Ladine Perez, Carlos Perkins, Paul Peters, Barbara Peterson, Lynene Pelrone, Carolyn Pfaender, Bruce Pierce, Barbara Fierce, Mike Pohrrnun, Sharon Popoino, Morzlyn Posllewuive, Doug Putter, Bob Pooiode, Harold Preisler, Dave Prewllr, Paul Price, Sieve C. Price, Steven Rrerelr, Merrlyn PVUSH, Dave Proeelr, Peggy nerr, Rzelrora Prrlsdo, clrrirnne Purdy, Pol Putnam, vonoe Rall, Louis CLASS OF l967 :- ?f , f 'A , '32 v 'ef RQ at 295' S, Q "'l' W 1 f ,, f 3 N ' I -4 THIS YEAR INCLUDE... Rolphe, Rornoo, Rerlr, Rennie, Repp, Richardson, Riekord, Willa Monfin George Kenny Evelyn Winifred Nellie Ann Risnelr, Riyero, Roerle, Robinefte, Rolnler, Ronlfe, Rose, Rolren Roger Rerln Roeeolie Mary Ann Terra Kevan X..- ,,,. I , , , ., . i ' 3' V , , , 4.3, at y -V V J ' - - 0 , x .4' r X4 , s ,R-. ,Q-' ry 1' W . A , if . , 4 , f Q ' . ? 15. ' 1 if. F if? , . as . r W5 - . .. X , rg Y 1 3, 4 R , r no- ' .5 i E. 3 - I 1 se" . ix L4 , R ' Riddle, Rieservmunr Rigoni, Niro Kvfen Vickie Rovito, Rveck, Rose, Sherr Margaret Everen Y 60 Russell, Linda Schll, Key Scvuno, Dnlee Schafer, snfn Scheirmun, cfeag Scheurmnn, Gary Schiele, lanlpn selnneef, seeen Schrader, Carole Scorcio, Krls Scan, Bryon Scott, Pcrrlck Scan, Sharron sean., William Sell, Carl sergeenl, Dlcnu TAKING Smith, Smith, David D'-ws Soderberg, Solovlc, Ric Polly Smith, Janice speeenle, Mike CLASS OF 1967 Shanklcnd, Scan Shrake, Vivian snleu, cnfl Shill, cllne Shioshi, Roger slnnnwny, llnefnnn Siemssen, Richard Sievers, Greg Simmons, Gail snernglae, Mnnlyn sfnlln, cnrel Smith, Dave la. COLLEGE BOARD TESTS,... Smlllr, Sfnmn, Srnirh, Smith, Smlfh, Lorraine Nickle Pcrtie Steve slnnn spnneek, slang, Stanley, slnne, sfefnnl, Barbara Pony Kari Sheryl Ron snide., snyaer Linde Ken slannene, srenel Tern Randy ' 1 5 - - 2 S 4,1 " Q fx! 'sf ' '- , E lor- W x ,s ' " ' T T? 9 if . ffsf? ' W 1 Q .A . V ,Tw ?L4,'8.? 44 ,ag l f ' '- s ' ,gs ', . Q is 9 V.sf '2 ' 9' L f ' W ,aa f. z lf' ,, s T ax - Stone, Irene Stone, Sondra Sfoutenburg, Tim snoaloy, Linda sfnssof, Sherry Stuck, Dennis Summer, non swonson, June Thomason, Sharon Thompson, Dolores Thompson, Lando Thrasher, Kon Thsoshof, Roo Tnoh, ooo Tilch, Bill Tamhnn, Lofho Tolonon, Donnis Torelle, Judy Tcurville, Don Tony, Myra s sw-sonsy, Robert , ,' Tohno, Ncrey Q ' , ' nf. Tomhlang, Clyde 3 'Q gt . A L., .,,, , ,V Tower, amos 1 'Q w x .o :fi , .Ages ,.. gs ggsarb ,. vs T , 6 , ' Y 1 'T 35? ' J L. A Tosoons, Gcry f- 1 of .f Tell, DennYs 1- , .A n ry . 3 4 Tempus, Kim AV K 'sg V M W X Uh 5,3 J' 5 Thomos, Jock , QF 1 ,4 Y , -1 1 We S 2 -.J 1 T it iw gg mx. b , 'j ,o L , T ' ' ' ' . Q' ii 5 it Ay 3. if g- 4 ,, af! X gy' 1 s sf , A 5 S '7,1'IfHQ' W ' CLASS or 1967 New :YM Tyler. vonoo, vonnoson, vonvson, van-ell, Vaslie, Cm' Um Per-nv Michael Penny Don Sheryl Debbie V0f'Feld', WGN, Walker, wouooo, Walsh, wohh, ws-hh, Webben James JWC2 Bob common Chris sofhoro Kevmevh condy volosoo, Julie wohofg, Ken vioe, Puvry Weitzel Randall 62 Wellin, Perry Wellinglon, Jarl wells, slrararr weel, Virginia weslerflela, Karen Whelclwel, lnaylal Wilson, Wilson, Linda Lyle weaawarp, wrlgm, Tom Sue Whipple, lan V Whively, April 4 a ,E wllllarrre, Shelley ' 7,3 -1 V 1 , 1'- 3, , Q .a :ll J IL .., - . .7 wllllarrre, Sheryl Willis,Steve I H , I wllaarr, Lani 13. 'N ' , v . .. ay . , SF 2 'i' dl ' ' R W E f f . Q, ',l t' CLASS OF 1967 Wise, Chuck Yundle, Claudia Winner, Joyce Zohrrler, Mary Wolford Delores Zak , S uscn 1 lf V , , , , , , ee ,., ..,, ,.,. -..-.r.., W..- U, S. Hlslory class. Carlson practice for orchestra, for c pleusanl spring vacation. Burbwebb, Debbie Vasile, Ed Rioseco, and LindaSluckl Alun Federici, lzaa l-larrllllarr ond Doug Smith axarrllrre Fraalr l-llllearefally sculpvs will. mal- Terry Jacobsen plays Dr. Jelryl lelalrara George arlae nrrlelrlrrg laaelreeva Marie Krause 5 tlve Armed Forces alealay. lel aria chisel. in chemistry elaee. lralrala. 63 1 W4 Fall Officers: fFrontl Vice President, Gary Walker. QBackj Publicity Chairman, Elaine Soljagag Secretary, Marilyn Mizoteg Treasurer, Kathy Pearson. "TL""'Ic':'...f11Lif' Q w.E:iz.r...: is .ff r 'tlazzs '::z,.,, fl, .W - ,tm . at 'L Fall Sgts. at Arms: QFrontj Diane Foeller. QSecond Rowj Sue Baxter, Jeanne Bisenius. QThird Rowj Marie Swanson, Sheila Heildebran, Lindy johnson. Lindy johnson and Marie Swanson perform their duty as Sgts. at Arms at a class meeting. align:-L97 s X, , . f ,, Px.Li,x .gf Fall President Gayle Stucki AMONG MEMBERS OFM. The Fall sophomore class cabinet initiated a highly successful term by holding several cor wa- shes and bake sales during the summer, which helped to build up their treasury. One week in November was setaside as Sop- homore Spirit week. A class meeting, the selling of spirit tags and a class color day highlighted the week. Many benevolent sophomores worked on the Christmas project, making toys which were de- livered to thedelighted young patients ofthe Do- ernbecker Memorial Hospital. The cabinet's main objective was to write a class constitution which was adopted in the Spring elections by the class members. Spring President Roger Kruse THE SUPHUMURE CLASS... Under the able leadershipof Roger Kruse, the spring sophomore class cabinet instigated several successful money-making proiects for the purpose of supplementing their class treasury. With their thoughts on raising funds for the coming Junior Prom, the cabinet's first enterprise was a tag sale for the Roosevelt basketball game. Following this profitable venture, an April bake sale was held rat Lipman's. The delicious cookies, decorated cakes and other fine baked goods were made and donated bysophomores who wished tosupport their class. All of the projects of the spring sophomore class cabinet proved profitable, paving the way to a successful junior year. 65 Spring Officers: fFrontj Vice President, Rudy Casciato. QBackl Publicity Chairman, Lindyjohnsong Treasurer, Carol Montig Secretary, Elaine Scheibel. Spring Sgts. at Arms: QFrontj Irene Holland, Dan Lanning, Donna Hesson. QBackj Dana Zin.k, Ron Abel, Turid Olsen. Sophomores hurry to their classes along with other school mates. Abel, lean Aenlean, lan. Aaanre, Becky . Q., I Addis, Jeanne X X i -1 4 1 ' r L 9' -f - ' A , ' , -4 ' 11 Y .5 , , . rl , : rll " , l 153, - I Alderson, lerrle 3 --,rmfg ' fy: B Allaerl, Marianna ' -f' rmigz' ' 3 ' 1 , ,, . , , r 1, dun Allen, Darla r 5 t - ' Allenbrarnl, Bob ' ,. g rg f af 5 D Q X r 2 Y' ,IW wil V 1? e- Q ' if ' 5 B I r, ,Q Xe, r K ' ' like -r fer rz Sophomore Girls' Counselor, Miss Dundore INTEREST IS KEEN... Anaarran, Anderson, caral sean Bunlc, Barner, Nancy Jzrn Benfzala, Benn.-en, Berry, vaelea Roy Bannle Blarnenalreln, Balaar, Baaele, Ranala Ken slave Andrew, Rea Barnes, lzaleerl Anaylee, George Bauhaus, Mlke Berry, Clwrisline Borkus, Tom CLASS OF l968 Arnerl, Jim Baxler, Sue BiggSr Ranma Bowen, V lck i e Babcock, BGCOVM Tim Della Beakel, Becker, Rlck Gc il Blaenlas, Blackburn, Jeanne Ken Brcksmd, Bray, Karen Wll Iiam 66 Balalngar, Daan Balrrrka, Mark Blake, Blalaelr, claaaaa weela Brsaenlragerr, Braxey, Larry Brenda Baker, Ed Bell, Darrel Bcles, Mlndc Belle, Kallry Blanchard, Dennls Brix-ey, Glenda Brockway, Brokenshire, sraphy, Janar Narrnan Dennis Bullard, Bunnel I, Baan, Diana Nadine Pcrriciu 1 2 'S' Ki 'Iwi M Ccrnemclla, Lara Chrisfensen, Danny rf Brown , Cc why Byer, chaak .4 1 1 . . R '.""' ,I T34 gfggzsu. 1, .- x Q gr , , L jg QF I . il Q 5 ' 1 CY 1 K i : : f -R 2 a rs . x Brown, arawn, CYndy Jana' Cameron, carnp, Karan Randy fa 4 r.. Brown, arawn, sraner, Ball, Rick Virginia Margarar Rachel Cfmipcroli, Ccppurelli, carlran, Carman, G len Debbie Karhy David COMPETITION FUR... Carpenter, Linda cnrarrranren, Darren Curr, Carroll, Terry Diana Coates, Coburn, Pct Carol Carroll, Phil Coburn, Mildred crarn, Richard crayne, David crawaa, canay craranaz, Marcelline crawalx, Undo Darby, cnarlar Dalby, Dnrrefl oanaalr, Jerry R 67 Carrer, Roger Coles, Mike 1 caraaara, cayagna, cayana, caya, Rudy John Ernest Chrisrine Colvin, Comstock, Cook, Corbebt, Diane Linda Mzahaal Clcyfon . ,W Sophomore Boys' Counselor, Mr. Jacobsen Dobson, Draper, Ellis, s s s Q , Q.. .X 'r Davis, urn Davis, Lee Davis, Stepheny Decouroy, Lonnie Dedmarer Terry Deems, Susan CLASS OF I968 Delaney, Jae DeLuca, Kris DesBrisay, Diane aesewrgs, cnnra. Dickson, Chris Damn, snsrn, Sharon Estes, Kurhleerr Finnerfy, Brenda Frahwerk , Arr Linda Esres, Srephen Fisher, Hayden rnnlns, Carol Dumais, onrgnn, Enron, vaski Krsrny David evnns, Evans, Faulkner, Joe Make Gayle Flavhers, Fleming, Flercher, Nat Brenda Rick Furnish, Gage, Garner Jeff Wallace Row, ' Eaton, Edwards, Eichhorn, Robert Richard Barbara Fessrnrnslli, Felton, Ferguson, Jas7e Dean Sheryle Foellerr roellsr, Foster, Dan Diane LAYYY Gallagher, onunss., cnnncsfr Richard eddy John Mike Ferrell, Ann 0 0 I Freeman, Walter Gander, nororn, Ellsworth, Ma rsha Fallrnqn, Linea Friederick, Carol Gurreff, Katherine 68 Geimer, Mark Gray, lcalny Gwse. Gelchell, elm, Gill, Gniawau, Godsey, caan, Gafr, Gorowski Ted Jerry gandya Don Chrlsline Marlene Maeana Tom Gary Griffiths, Gram, Gm, Gmye, Gustafson, Gay, Hcgsirom, Halgwaaa, Hallf Anflelle Bill Bob Steve Currls Diane Martha Jonathan Kenneth T H E C S S C I O Hull, Hflmefr Harding, Hcfrflom Harrell, Harrington, Harrington, Harrison, Hart, Hart Martha Alban Susan Gary sary Jim Margie Glenda Marga Stanley Hurtzell, Hawkins, Haynes, Hayzlen, Haaa, Haagas, Hearn, Halnraaln, Haislar, Hensley Janet Barbara Steve Chris Susan Paul Ann Puulo Charlotte Steve v. Hess, Simon Hessen, Donna Haan, aarbara High, Yerry Hill, George ,f 1325. ' Hillcrd, Diane CLASS OF was 69 Hilleslcnd, Sylvia Hines, Parry Harlglaln, Graaa Haaran, Nancy Hoffman, Lloyd Halrlarnan, Dan Holland, Heilwey, Helrnee, Irene iaerbern velerie Hewerd, Howarth, Howe, Sum Dennis ivy I Q b 7 r 3' :V ae - 'f .9 i , . " r gm' 1 ? . - Y . Q 6 ' ' , r, 1 l " 5 ' -J, 'ff lzf., ,f , 4 1 4. ' .1 ', :K , .", ' Q 1 u if I 19 ,mi 1 , . . r. . n , yn ., 2 el fe- ' lwmi. lwfvii, Jackson, Susan Robert Dim Johnsrorr, Jones, Jones' Lindy Don Joe ,Eyfg Q .SQ Q 4 M, T: Q - 'S x g 4 r 1 e Q 2 1 f ' i-2. 2 1 P ' 1 2' 'gf ' 'Q - , 1 2 ' 2 s ' 5 lx f ,Q . ' 3 ' , , ' 3 "S 1 e. -se . , g J 'A' ""' , 1 . v If .K "' , , ZW .Q V.. ii YQ. iz. mf'-Q ff E u .. A f 3 s ,: , ' 1 i -, 3 f 0 l x1,..l , "3'r HJ., . . . . ,grim r Hclsfine, Hopkins, Hopkins, Hoppe, Hofnbeck, Howard, Hcwvrdr Vicki Debby James Leslie Pat Linda Mdrilyrl Howell, Heyi, Hndeen, Hughes, Heie, lkeae, Isbell, Sally Herelri Deryl Chuck Anilrnny Murleen Paul Jvfkwnr Jacobsen, Jcrboe, Jewell, JUl,,,,,,,, Larry Ardelle Gerald Joann Duwunc Joslwlin, Kenes, lceski, Keefer, Ke,,,,,, Nora Kathleen Diurre Dori Willis CABINET SETS THE... Johnson, Gary Keller, Jim Johnson Linda Kenny, Mike Kirkpcfrick, iznn Kline, Miielr Knoll, Karin Kosher, Judy icelibebe, Jeniee lcoierirren, Leon Sophomores listen rp guest speaker discuss their futures os wage earners, during o class meeting. 70 Kraley, Florence Leu, Jams Kruse, Roger Langdon, Yolinda Kyle, Lellee, ser, JeAnrr Laundreau, Lee, Billie Doug Luke, Lrrlll, Rohm Kalhy Lewis, Llrrdlrelrrr, Ronald Byron Lambert, Doug Llrrler., Perrrele Lrrrrg, mrrrrlrrg, Susan Dan Little, lorrlax, Darlene An Lereerl, Harold Loup, Marcia L-JP-1, Reerrrrrre Memerrey, Kenneth Lushenko, Meeoerrlele, Mrrleey, Merely, Merlrre, Mark, Mrrrrlrrserr, Massie, Mather Evelyn Jim Terry nrrrrrre John Steve Lydia Steve John Mearlde, McClane, Meclerrelrerr, Mecreeale, Mecrrblerey, McCulloch, McDow, McGowan, McMurray Moria serrare Ron Coleen John Mike Mllre Margaret Micheal Medlrre, Jelrrr Merrzlee, Valerie Metteer, Jarriee Mier, Rlelrard Miller, Lorraine McKevhen, Kathy CLASS OF I96B W 71 Miller, Shirley Mllle, Mark Mllle, Patrice: Mirenda, larry Mizofe, Merllyrr Meffell, slrrrrerr Mol es, Leona Merrrrer, Derrrras Monroe, Derek Morrli, Carol Moore, Juan Meere, Larry Merelreuse, lzess Morrison, Cer! Mess, Stephen Mekley, David Mueller, Mike Meleeney, we.-dr. CLASS OF was 'W '1 95 , . S , . 2 6 1 r' . -' in Q . ,,, ' S ' -f x , Vf ,Q 33 ' I ' y gg-r , 5, 'lv 7 Q . Sr Q , 1 e , I ' gl X, ge xref 1 . w 2 'r . 3. e X A , I l 'i N ' , ' Q Q X . l 55. 7.3 1, . . . I ld ' K . 1 . az' if , 4 ' sf E J g 1 ,, ,, " , -V 1 -ex r ff .s . .. 3 g 15 M '31 " 'f 1 Y Qi ' ,W 3-5 9 ki :ee N ,sexi Ll. -r, , li? Q t .E H .,, I i l I K rl I . I V' si ' 19 - ' -L ob I l Av v x 32 fn' - 'rr Murphy, Murphy, Neyler, Neese, Nelserr, Nelson, Nelson, Nllrerl, Nilfw-en, Numier vlrreerrr vlrgarrze creylerr Maelreel Elelrre Greg Larry June Lrrr-le Mer, Nudelmnn, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, olser, Olfman, o Neil, Opoku, orezle, Oresfer slrererl Harry Turrid Jelrrr Lynn Ronnie Peggy David Mlclwel Jeff Mery, Owens, Peledae, Parker, Forks, Puvterson, Payne. Pearson, mek. Peloquinr on Jim Mike Craig Nerrey Lauri Ruth Kerlry Susan Rey Perrer-e, Perers, Peters, Peterson, Penengill, Plerelrr, Pane, Pelrrrrrer, Perrd, Pcore, Judy Kriss Mark cerel Melissa Jerrls Zellc Edward Maelreel Dale 72 Paris, Jaanna Potter, Susan Priee, Carolyn Piaffin, Lynn Pardani, Bill Quentin, sandra CLASS OF I968 Rcncourv, Doug Rankin, Michael Raennieeen, Glenn izeielaeelr, .Indy Remme, Sieve Renlsh, Sieve :Hg za i i x .. ff 'few iff w e ' iii? f el v iff ' s 8 , sn , .z ey? ,L i. -5 f' T rr' 8' sw n.. , 1- no a v 4 in ,n V. 0. r f 4 'K ,r. . X 'Q ima, .. ,V y A Q. 53, 2 ' Ag L W gif e an ,si H , .f f an W" 'rs ,V a 'N fav .4 - 1 8 A s 'V , 1 lkts ' -, 'v ' A L r xv ' , g men ip J ' i a X 4, 'r 1 '4' , -'si f . e ' -41 f 13 1 'f . -ii " 1- 4 . ' , ,,, - , 25 ' i ' : 'J f A Y ' Q fr ,fs al . F , ' WY M . - 5- 'J' r- I .' 1, . ' ,. In ifrrf if, " n i, , i ,, an Ig 3 , ,3 ' 4 gg I Q' x :ff S, R in " ," .b 1 'J' ' W Y ' A-21 1' ff Q U X ' Pl N '-' ' -fn-4 Q' .a i , . - . Richardson, Richford, Rimestad, Rioseco Roadruck, Raberii, Robinefl, Robinson. Rose. Ross, Curl Arlene Jenn Ed Randy Ran Maria Rick Lowell Carolyn Ross, RD-iw, Raylanee, lzinldell, lzuddell, lzaeele, Ruvan, sabdn, searing, salladay Kathy Karen Diane Bob Larry Ken oayid Judy Elrue Susan salaarn, sanden, Scntangelo, saaer, Savory, selneeniel, senilnel, Sei-ff-liz, Schneider. SCHOHI Edna Slworon Kris Linda John Jeanne Elaine Bryon Rabbie Dennis senreilier, Schultz, Scolt, sakarien, seeler, Selierberg, sliarinananeen, Shafkey, Sheds, Show, Leslie Gary Sheila Susan Diane Susie Vern Julie Ed Marshall 73 Siegner, Simmons, Simmons, Simonsen, Singlelary, Skaggs, Skinner, Smivh, Smith, Srnilh, Dave Jw' leon mek Bev Leslie Jim Ilene Jornee Jim Smith, Smivhr srnmr, Smilhers, Smiihers, Snearley, Snider, soles, soliogo, South, Kathy Lindo Mom Lise Moreno Rosalie Michael John Elaine Dale Sowles, sloarro, sro-Worr, Stewart, srooorr, snekleo, Sfofiel, Karen Kornleerr Diane loner rorn Donna loorr srrrololon, slroneolrer, Struble, snrlrl, Swain, sworr, sworroon, Deborah Sher? Jolrn Donna Morlo Lynn Marie :gg :Less os was T -A 'ff 2 . ' u r ,lg Q Taylor, Donole ,Y , of xoylor, Foul mrlrere, Melinda 1 ' ' fl f 4 v' Teen oeor e ra ron slrerr o x l .1 yr 9 P 1 Y "' -E 1 Thomason, Roger rode, am or .- ,, ,V 4 ff ff 1 '4 4 6 5? 2' 7' .,gX rf Q r ' k Rf' U 8 . i t ' I P -tg' A o 9 'V .3 rhorrrpoon, clrryo . ' 'Y , ' 1 f Thompson, David looney, lone f X Tnorrrooon, Iris Tri90f George A Trinci, Dun rnroolornorron, Allen 74 Sml tenberg, Jon Tutmun, Clyde Stowe, Roger roylor, Daniel s rroel ley, corner roylor, Dean Tuffera, Turley, Turner, nrner, Tyler, ure, vennrerlell, Vundenburg, ven de wsele, Velander Nell Steve oenne Jee Virginia Marilyn Aimee Chuck seal Dun venfelal, verrne, vendergerhen, Vulgaris, Walker, Walker, warner, wefkrne, wells, Webb eery Beverly Linde Michele Gary John sally shnrnn Dar- Dc e Webb, Harold waekr, Jehn Weisenberg, Wells, West, Whallon, Gordon June Barbara Shirley Wilkinson, wzlllerne, walnrnenl, Wilson, lean senrlre Sharon csnry c LA s s welfe, Anne Wolfer, Jerry Wong, sreyen weed, Rhonda wmdmk, Jlrn Woolfolk, Mike Whitlock, Steven winlere, craig waelr, Judy Wirick Jernee Wheeler, While, White, Rec John Sherry Wilson, Wilson, winegerden, Ren Terry Alan O F I 968 75 Woods, Rick Wright, Danny Wymer, Gladyce Yumasulci, David Yoder, Reherr Younger, Susan zndnn, Annu zsnk, Dano l Class President Steve Gore After basic orientation to high school life, the Freshman class began preparation for entering in- to student government activities by electing their first class cabinet. Headed by President Steve Gore, the class of I969 began to build their treasury up by selling class cards and sponsoring an after-game dance. FRESHMAN CLASS UFFICERS President Steve Gore prepares to go home after a busy day. fil.,1r'a,s ga. sh, K ..i1',lA'e, aw:-g,il?rt .., Other Officers: QFrontQ Treasurer, linda I-Ieimang Secre- tary , Nancy Stewart . QBackj Vice President, Robert Marshallg Publicity Chairman, Lee Troutman. Sgts. at Arms. QFrontj Cathy Moffit, Dorma Fawcett. QBackj Kathy Brown, Henry Lopez. 76 Ffeshman Girls' Counselor, Miss Dorothy Dundore Freshman Boys' Counselor, Mr Robert Jacobsen .f llfis 4 . 9 . 'fit' , , ' , we s r at vi. 3 . . - .Qi . ., X . ora-5-f .Q . x ' Be A mx-Vi s "ei '11 r Qs., f A l R15 f Am, -3- 1 ' . s I f V' f FRESH ENTHUSIASM FUR... 5 of as 4 , , If .M 'gr . 5 1 V re ri' 3 " 'sri ,f il l' 'rel' ,r 2 " -lllr ., 'Vi 4 ,, . l .: . , ,. ...neg , we 1 f l - , x' :Y ff ttf .aff Tk if , .., ire: L s, V 2, . Slit' frm I. s W t li l ' s . :li Q- il A K' 15:1 3 Q 2 if .e M, .sf sy '. 2 Sf z , nf! ,, ' f gt 5. ,J . " gi I 1 Q lift! in 53 Q Q , . 4-.. .,. .r M-. M 1 3 M, riiz, Z. Ti: 1 3. . iii 4 ms .,,, , 1 2 CLASS OF l969 Aulberg, cliff Aboud, clrsrylle Aboerl, volorae Aoonrs, Leslee Alexander, Bernie Alf, Susan Allen, Donna Alm, Christine Aneo, Tony Anderson, Alon Anrlerson, fveren Anderson, slrorlene Anderson, Susan Andrews, Mary Anoroselnslr, Doug Arccuelve, mono 77 Anslln, leon Bacon, sondro lanrollr, Joey Barnes, Janelle Barnes, Pavvie Burneli, Srephorrie eornlrerl, Dale Barton, Make Bassett, Allen Beaver, lcorlry seoerre, corles laeolr, Pens 3-fzrig-'fr.'+'g 92131-33 11 'I Beck, Peni Blvifr Mike 'W' r :':'r '-'fgxfge N, Bed, New Blake, Kerr., ' ,5 - 1: ,' 3' Beuerre, Peele Boland, John g , . , ' f Berrrrerr, elerre - Y - .., Q is 1 - -f I it e ?55rIK3gf ' 5 Lg .5 f . Q - 3 r - Berman, Susan Bone, Jolene 'jf 3 2 r r - eg A 54' 2 Benneti, Terrec Berrrrr, Jeff B Q fs f, A 5' ' 6, 3- ' 1 Bereererr, Keren Berrrrer, Beverly TP.. A: ' ' Y.. - Ek: 4 Berelerre, Leerie ea , 'L W K 'ri ' ff -3 r : rg 5 - , -- ,ieeb A Bereqrrzer, Kerr., Boone' LNFWH , , ' :A ' 5 ...S ' Seize' us r Bernt, vxekie Bergmann, Derreu Ir." 5 e ., f .4 :V 3 I 'V among' Frank Bewerr, Debbie tl? L rt ' r , . . er Baeerrw, Jed, .ee E t 5: B , ' A ' ' ' J T7 W' ' ik W - rx Bti: r .' Q v ,W . Xa B L ' ff! I r-4 ': J e - , Bingham, Jerry owns, eey 7 ' L 1 e Breeeeeez. , gf: ,.-sw ? 7 Eff- Bierrep, Debra Breaeleew, Mery A ff' . 5 f , Y W , i , Baehee, Rerrey Breey, Jeek I B 55 A , -5 , ie ' 3 Bleekrrrerr, Cheryl .32 A , 3' 1 J Qi X 4 .r K ' I - " S' r , T. r rr ',.s':':. L34 e' . If if L1 .2 Q' j I rf 3 CLASS OF we? ir- ri . Brcuckmiller, Brauckmifler, Brveeee, Brmerr, Bremer, Brewrr, Brewrr, Brewrr, Brewrr, Brown, Anne Kem, wallere Darrel! seeerr Alen Carol Dole Keren Kafhy "L?t?'f'3 tivsfiifw QTKQY- B x er.-JW 1' 'Q B ' I : ee :fe Ui E: , " f' ' -X ,fm B r 'Ar i 53 V ,I 5- J 5 B, r - .. ,. , A L ., A ... I , .q 4 A . xv? 3 i , r R t vi.: K V ' . G r H ' 4 3 5:2 V r f .B r , 1 ff .--14 f r .er , -,, , K , , , f , . ,3......,-3-, W 4 5.1 1 r ' L. M1271-3 ' -3 lr. ,Q xg : f.. lf, fewilfegg 1- Q-Q: .Q eggs? Ayn, e 5' ,Q . r fry r- ,, . fr -A, fre-- A , g' - - r f. 3 sei - ' 'f fl . A . , Sa I e :T A ,, X-1' .3 f- 'T' , . if ' '-'ff ' B7 5' ' -, . -rr A - X r B r r, "'. ' ' K 1 uf' wif 42 B f.. J 9 4 .. Q W r . . 1 ' 5 . ' , ""' fre, 1 1 K l'f'?"w '1 ,.e re? af 1 . . '- Bwwm Brewrr, Brewrr, Brewrr, Buchanan, Brrekwey, Buell, Buker, Bunker, cerrrpben Ken Kee Larree sreee Make Marilly nevara Mery Chris Annevre ,':rT1ff'f' 'pfgpee g...A. gy.. 272. 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Carroll, seeerr Ccscicvo, Mike Y .2 78 Center, Joe Chcnerlon, Lynn Chamberlin, Arlee Childers, vralrle carl, Ines clark, Danna clark, Doug Clark, John Clark, Jenifer Clcypool, Steve Cochran, Llnaa r Coe, Darrell Cale, caral callane, Patricia carnella, Slephen canner, Frank caak, rrlalrara caake, Lrnaa caanr, Terry caaper, aarlaara caaper, David caaper, John ceaaer, Patricia capenrrayer, rarn caplra, saraara Contour, Gall Cmrmorr, Terry cranalan, Terry Cross, craleaa, carrrn, caller, Dalrllrera, Dalryrnale, Danrel Darby Danna Danala Elrzabeln Ben Susan lzelaa L Dernpeey, sanara ".,....,e ev Deyler, Derell, Dlekey, David John Jim Dlelraan, Drelrrnann, Dselaerrelr Drxan Docksleder Bob Jarrres Crara Lynn Kcfhy ACTIVITIES IS EXHIBITED... Dodd, Debra Dalan, Janlee Dale, Tim Dannelly, Daarre Dralre, relelrara f Draper, lcallry L 4 x 1 I. 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Our principal, Mr. Arthur Westcott, has been with the Franklin administration since l96O, and has proved himself to bea man who not onlyworks diligently in school, but also devotes many hours to outside activities. Besides carrying outhis full-time responsibility at Franklin High School, he sewes as a trustee of Cascade College in Portland, and is the president of the Oregon SclnoolActivities Association Board of Control, Oregon Association of Secondary Schools, and the Oregon School AthleticAssoci- ation. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Mr. Westcott as our principal. Even though he con- tributes mostof his time to Franklin, he is able to effectively participate in these important educa- tional activities vital to the communityand state. 90 Mr. Max Murray works closely with the faculty ,in planning curriculum. His post, supervising vice-principal, makes him responsible for text- books, Films and other instructional materials and for the library and bookroom personnel. He is in charge of dramatic productions, non-athletic contests, publications, and Field trips. He orders all new books and magazines, and supervises the upkeep of classroom equipment. ln addition to these duties, he assumes charge of the school in Mr. Wescott's absence. Mr. Murray is especially helpful to new teachers and student teachers. For his assistanceand service to the facultyand to the school, Mr. Murray is a valuable member of the administration. ENCUURAGE US I Although he is fairly new to Franklin, Mr. Jack King has earned the admiration of both students and faculty. As administrative vice-principal, Mr. King is responsible for discipline and atten- dance among Franklin boys. He is in charge of athletics and school finances. The dispersement of student funds is a concern of Mr. King, as are after-game dances, lockers, fire drills, and non- classroom furniture. In addition to these respon- sibilities, Mr. King acts asa special advisor to the Student Council and works closely with the Dad's Club and AFM. Through the successful per- formanceof his many and varied duties, Mr. King has become an important and well-liked member of Franklin's administration. 91 BY EXAMPLEH. ln addition to her duties involving the acti- vities and welfare of Franklin girls, Miss Carrie Grant has many other important responsibilities. As one of the two administrative vice-principals, she is in charge of activities, assemblies, and two of Franklin's most important annual events, the May Fete and the Rose Festival. She plans senior activities and is responsible for the Rally and Pep squads, she registers new students, she supervises hall posters and themorning bulletins. Miss Grant is also the advisor to the senior girls' honor club, Pleiades. All of Miss Grant's efforts are directed toward aiding Franklin and giving the girls four happy and successful years of high school. aww... K 'nw 1 1-gwvafgzrgrg-H iwgezg . 3 I" .47""" - , 'Fu 'fi Sim W F Mrs. Lorraine Miller Mrs. Barbara Galbraith Mrs. Barbara Horvath Mrs. Rose McKnight Head Secretary Bookclerk Assistant Secretary Counseling Secretary Mrs. Psyche Miller Mrs. June Peden Mrs. Carol Rokstad Mrs. Ruth White Bookkeeper Attendance Secretary Assistant Secretary Vice-Principals' Secretary T0 PURSUE STUDIES WITH DILIGENCE,... Mis. Carol Rokstad cheerfully takes a moming phone call. Franklin High School has eight efficient sec- retaries and clerks to administer the scl1ool's busi- ness. Among these secretaries, Mrs. Lorraine Miller, head secretary, works closely with Mr. Westcott. The attendence secretary, Mrs. June Peden, has the daily task of each student's atten- dence record. Mrs. Ruth White's responsibilities are to assist Miss Grant, Mr. King and Mr. Murray with their correspondence and records. The two other secretaries in the main office are Mrs. Rok- stacl and Mrs. Horvath, whose duties are to assist Mrs. Miller in any school business. Mrs. Rose McKnight, the counseling secretary, types many forms and appl ications and keeps records for Frank- lin's counselors. Mrs. Psyche Miller is in charge of the student store and all money transactions for student groups. Mrs. Galbraith's important iob is arranging the distribution of classroom text- books and checking the condition of all books. All of Franklin's secretaries and clerks are vital to the careful managing of Franklin High'School. 92 i .A-... fUpperj: During their discussion of problems related to school curriculum Miss Boelts, Mr. Richter, Mr. Hanson, Miss Grant, Miss Morris, Miss Thomas, Mrs. Weed, and Mr. McKee take time for an occasional coffee break. fLowerJ: Mr. Pancheau, Mrs. Schrader, Mls. Temple, Mrs. Tyler, Mr. Didditis, Mr. Fuller, and Mr. Murray follow along as the minutes are read. Franlclin's curriculum council, one of the first in the nation, convenes every Tuesday afternoon. This is a seventeen-member committee ofparents faculty and administrators, who discuss curricu- lar problems in the school and the district. Ser- ving a three year term, the parents have oppor- tunity to become familiar with Franklin's curricu- lum. Each year, one parent retires, thus rotating the committee membership. Based on experience and availability of time is the teacher's tenure. The parents, as the laymen, are chosen by the council on the recommendation of the PTA, the Dad's club, and the former members of the council. I Each teacher represents a differentdepartment. Mr. Murray, the administrative vice principal, serves as the curriculum council chairman. Discussions in the committee relate to course offerings, school relations in the system and com- munity, and student conduct and discipline. Be- causeof the distribution of the minutes to the fac- ulty members, others are given the opportunity to make recommendations to the committee through the department representative. Many important and often serious problems are broughtout into the open, discussed, and solved, in the curriculum council meetings. Through art instructions, creative hands are made more skillful. In a general art course, the many media of expression explored include pencil, charcoal, tempra, watercolors, and oil paints. Those with more specialized interests can ac- quire artistic skill in a number of areas. In art metal, for example, student projects include rings, pins, and candle holders as well as purely deco- rativeobiects. The ceramics class provides another opportunity for expression in three dimensions. Fabrics are explored in both the textile weaving and interior design courses. However, students enrolled in weaving make use of looms whereas those studying interior design concentrate on com- bining colors with fabrics. The commercial art course offered to Franklin students presents the psychologicalaspects of col- or, shape, and arrangement in relation to the con- sumer in today's world. This class is also a pre- requisite for art staff. Those on the staff apply their knowledge of advertising techniques to num- erous posters and banners around the school. For those who appreciate theacademic rather than the creative facet of art, a half-year course benefits its students by teaching them criteria for understanding art. Miss Helen Boelts Art Department Chairman Miss Mary Driscoll Art WHETHER AESTHETIC... K+: jerry Bosco Yoshinobu Terada Darrell Bell forms a ceramic piece on the pottei-'s wheel. Dan Summers 5Cu1Pt5 H Small Statue with hammer and knife "'-I' t , S ' 0 'Six QA ' 2 Q , :gl 51, Q W""4fm, A wwf. -v 5 you 11 any 5'3" ,v I., hir. f ,ax W5 f QU 1: 5' ,fv Wm v -Av' f- .--z Mr. Donald johnson Business Education Department Chairman Mr. Gerald Eurich Business Education Mr. Howard Grogan Business Education Mrs. Enid Hail Business Education R UR PRACTICAL. t ' A' Opportunities are open for the students in- ' terested in the world of typewriters, shorthand, ,W and data processing machines. E . These courses include shorthand, typing and - bookkeeping, first and second year. Also avail- ' able is briefhand, a fairly new course which en- ables the student to take notes in dictation much faster than in longhand, without the extensive course in shorthand. ln Business Office Prac- tice, career-minded seniors become acquainted with adding machines and calculators. On a half-day schedule, students may take distributive education, which allows them to at- tend school half of the day and then hold a job . Junior and senior girls are given the opportun- ' ' ity to work during their study halls in the office, counseling room, or book room. Here they learn office procedure, courtesy and the many day-to- day responsibilities required on an actual job. A cooperative programwith Girls' Polytechnic is maintained so that Franklin girls may receive more technical training in the operation of busi- Q ness machines and in medical filing. X- QLeftj: Miss Uliand introduces new dictation machines. I Il'.L,,,,. . , Sue Sommers and Dennis Treibel practice their typing skills. Af' i .1 . X ii ' aff Q 'vii is f W' '.x v 97 WF? Mrs. Mary Nyland Business Education Mr. Vema Roberts Business Education Miss Corrine Senn Business Education Miss Krista Ulland Business Education Miss Joan Zimpelman Business Education Franklin has completed its I8th year of Com- binedClasses. These classes, which merge English and social studies, are exclusively for freshmen. The purpose of combining these two important sub- iects is to help the incoming freshmen learn the more difficult high school English and social stu- dies by providing one teacher for both disciplines rather thana different instructor for each subject. lncluded in the English curriculum are Homer's OdyssehMid-Summer Nights Dream, Huckleberry Finn, Six Centuriesof Great Poetry, and the Eng- Iish text book, Robert's Patterns of English. ln the four year sequence of English, the freshman's study of sentence structure is basic to later work with paragraphsand longer papers. ln social stu- dies the students study the h istory of Europe, South- east Asia, and Africa, from the Renaissance to the l900's. The students study the major religions of the world, finding the laws and taboosof each. This helps them to develop an interest in thediff- R. k 4 x 1 Freshmen students hurry to complete assignment. WE REALIZE THAT... erent cultures of the world. 4.-M.. , Via., ... fit , Q. ,td fi I C Alt 1 X' . . . ya , ,ggi .xg fi , f k R 4 119. .y. rig! Nui . ,. -..1,.,.21 3. .,.,,. lfwcvw. .,. Q- 3. 3 . ff 3' 4,-fr . 1.1 '5' r JE. 5 Mrs. Helen Weed Comb. Classes, Couns. Department Chairman Mrs. janet Faurot Combined Classes 98 -' Mala: .. .. ., .. ,gt gg , --...,J'l! ' ' ' "' 'Mila .H f . 4... -1. i-. . r.. 'tx gf' . ,X JV J Mr. Herman Becker Combined Classes Miss jean Foster Combined Classes Y,-0 Mr. H. Britt Davis Combined Classes Audio Visual Mr. Dennis Harland Combined Classes WR '19 l ,REL1norf1UNS """ S if 1' l:4'4f-'ItmTi? 33 -ex N ' l Muses Hzwmsn Bmw, 1 1 wx'.1Hf'- NEIJSU ill any Hil- WB , 4 Monty Lee, Linda Hansen, Bob Maxshall, jennifer Nelson, Trude Lunde, Cheryl Blackman, and Paula jackson study for the oncoming exam. 9 ivy -rf? Dr. Lucille Hill Mrs. Betty Langford Mr. Earl Osborn Combined Classes Combined Classes Combined Classes Mr. Charles Pulliam Mr. Melvielle Sands Combined Classes Combined Classes 99 Through their carefully planned study of Eng- lish, students strive to express ideas in oral and written form. Much of their knowledge stems from a careful analysis ofthe literature they encount- er. Creativewriting and grammar skills arestressed throughout all four years. The students write papers, correcting and dis- cussing them in class. ln this way they have the opportunity to voice their opinions, become fa- miliar with the thoughts of others and better un- derstand the techniques of communication. Asa sophomore and a senior the student studies the evolution of his language from Indo-European, through the age of Chaucer, to the present. The sophomores also read Dickens' A Tale of Two Ci- ties, selected poetry, and a variety of short stor- ies. This helps prepare the students for their ti- nal two years. Seniors broaden their literary background by reading books written by British authors. Seniors read such books as Wuthering Heights, Lord Jim and plays from Shakespeare. Miss Thomas lectures students. GREATNESS IS ACHIEVED... .angijf V' ,ghp . ... nm. .,.. ,., '-3' FX 6:5 Miss Faye Cornutt Mrs. Doris Avshalomov Mr. Clifford Ferry English EngliSh English Department Chairman Mr. Arthur johnson Mrs. Thelma Landes Mrs. Emma Moore English English English, Counselor 100 K E - I , l jody Nelson, Ron Sunseri, and Pat McQuaw ignore Edgar Ber- Mrs. Avshalomov awaits student rewonse gan's birthday. Q xv- af gf-N 'g..'f'f?"?5m 9 31- Riff f .5 f , Quai 1 ' ,ffl 'C' '77 Mrs. jackie Powell Miss LaRhette Swann Miss Elizabeth Thomas English English English Mr. Ehrick Wheeler Mrs. Gayle Withnell English English 101 Drama, speech, and special English classes are all important parts of Franklin's academics. Students wishing to develop the skills of the per- forming arts profit greatly from speech and drama. Mr. Shaffer teaches his beginning drama stu- dents the primary techniques ofinterpretive read- ing, pantomimes, skits, and short plays. He also instructs an advanced class for talented students who wish to further their study. These classes provide most of the performers in Franklin's dra- matic productions. In charge of forensics is Mr. Holt, who teaches both beginning and advanced speech. The speech students are given the opportunity to gather in- formation, to organize it, to write a speech and to deliver it before an audience. Mr. Holt's re- sponsibilities also include the speech and debate teams, which compete in city and state tourna - ments. Miss Morris' special English course helps stu- dents from other countries to learn English, en- abling them to continue their education in regu- lar classes. Arabic, French, Spanish, Korean, Yugoslavian, and Chinese are among their native tongues. 3: ff 2 rt -rpg K Miss Dorothy Lee Morris Mr. Donald Holt English Developement Speech, English Mr. james Shaffer Drama, English ONLY BY ACIIUIRING... Cliff Samuelson, janet Dambach, Susan Jewell, Steve Savage, and Mary lou Nyseth help Mr. Shaffer revise script The special courses in English include the POST staff, for the students interested in iour- nalism, the ALMANAC staff, for those interested in publications, and the new Effective Reading class for those students who wish to improve their reading skills. Creative, productive minds are needed on both the POST and ALMANAC staffs, for their tasks are the construction of Franklin's newspaper and yearbook. The writers must be skilled enough to handle serious and humorous stories, articles, and captions. All staff members must be capable and consciencious. The necessary requirements include the approval of the staff advisor, Mrs. Miriam Puckett, and the recommendation of ano- ther teacher. The course of effective reading enables the college-bound student to improve his reading speed and comprehension. This half-year course also teaches good study habits and the proper method of taking a test, and provides constantvocabulary practice. rx'::q sfgfqggggigggsiogzpg Mrs. Miriam Puckett Mr. Geoffrey Cole English, Speech, English, joumalism Publications Mrs. Gwyndolyn Young Effective Reading WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. Students in the effective reading class wait for the flash from the tachistoscope machine. 1 r lg .f ,Q f -N5s . A 4 i W X QQ ,,x -, K ,M - , . 1 2' 4 C' ' .' A., K- ., -, . fy, I f ' 6:9 ' Mrs. Puckett gives Fay Currin some paste-up instructions dur- Mr. Beard, of Agency Lithograph, explains the color printing ing ALMANAC period. process to members of the ALMANAC staff. Gretchen Wegner pastes down copy for the POST. Lynne Oliverio and Brenda Calvert work on adds for the POST. PM K ,Q 4-v"" -A i 105 1, gf N fwfgg ' Zi . 1: .. ., w , TYTEXVY' .- y va .-' ,L lf .2 .1 ,. Miss Dorothy Grant Miss Kathryn Horvath Miss Cecil McKircher Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign language Department Chairman English Mr. Lyle Tucker Mr. Denzil Walton Foreign Language Foreign Language CAREFULLY CHUSEN SUBJECTS... Kari Stanley, Bob Iangan, john Payne, Karen Green, and Tom Nakata await the results of a German exam Vx F in. ln an age of advanced communication and transportation systems, knowledge of the foreign languages and of those who speak them is of tre- mendous importance. Any Franklin studentwith an interest in foreign languages,customs,and peo- ples will find a variety of areas and nationalities represented. ln addition to the classic Latin, four modern languages, Spanish, French, Russian and German, are offered. Latin, a key to the studyof a fascinating civ- il ization, a necessity to those students considering scientific or medical careers. A recent innovation in the contemporary lan- guages division of this department is the Audio- Lingual-Method. Employed during the first two years ofall four modern languages, this consists of a planned program of study concentration. Em- phasis is first placed on speaking techniques, next on listening, then on reading, and finallyon wri- ting. Thus, as the prospective linguist masters ,each skill, it aids him in learning the next. Ef- 3 fort is made to exercise the student's vocabulary in psuedo-natural surroundings and to make him proficient in conversation. As the course pro- gresses, students concentrate more on grammar, land are introduced to the culture and history of ithe countries in which the language is spoken. An ideal consummation of this program is a summer study-abroad tripsponsored bythe Foreign Language League. l Mrs. Minavar Uzakova and Mrs. Zoya Malkova, Russian vis- l itoxs, enjoy coffee with the Franklin faculty. l i I l i !'?""' Q? Qv Kathy Kanas develops her oral skill in the language lab. Sandy Davis and Megan Clark celebrate a French holiday .YW EYEgr.:A.ftx, . Many girls have found home economics to be one of their most important courses in high school. These classes give the students practical knowl- edge in child care, financial management, decor- ating and designing, home decoration, and food and nutrition. Strange and intriguing sounds and smells e- merge from the home economics rooms atdifferent times as the girls race through some last minute sewing on that spring dress, or preparing for an afternoon luncheon. At times mouth-watering aromas waft through the halls to tempt students to take an early lunch break. Starting as freshmen, the girls learn the basics of cooking, clothing, and family life. These are studied in more depth during the sophomore and iunior years. From cottons through tailored wools, and simple muffins through complete meals, pro- iects become more difficult and sophisticated. In their senior year the girls learn about family life, with the emphasis on marriageand home manage- ment. They are being prepared to enter the world that awaits them after graduation. Each girl will find home economics profitable whether she be- comesa housewife, dietician, nurse, dental assis- tant or a career woman. Mrs. Lucile Lyons Home Economics ARE VALUABLE SOURCES UF... Diane Lindquist and Jody Nelson practice baby bathing in their Child Care unit. Mrs. Ruby Sewright Home Economics Department Chairman Miss Gladys Rizner Home Economics Y55"1i"S ' V 2 rl ,I ' E n . yy!-,,..V,. . , 1 M-, f' 3 Mrs. Lyons shows Ann Heim and Janice Pieretti various Ways to combine carpet and drapery colors. Cathy Baucom speeds progress on a new formal. Nancy Cwvings checks to be sure seam is exactly wide enough With the increase in automation and techno- logical advancements, the demand for skilled workers for tomorrow's iobs has greatly increased. A means of supplying this demand is through mo- dern instruction and training in industrial arts. Although Franklin is not a technical school, its shop facilities afford students an opportunity to equip themselves with up-to-date job skills . Single-semester courses available to freshmen students include woodshop, metal shop, drafting and electronics. Those who do well in these classes during the remainder of their high school training. Careful combinations of these courses will pave the way for future competence in crea- tive endeavors. Photography enables the students to learn the proper use of a camera and to skillfully develop and process the resulting pictures. The students often takeand develop pictures used by the POST and ALMANAC staffs. Each year many industrial arts students con- tribute items of interest to the Franklin Fine Arts Festival. These includetables, lamps, stereo sets, cabinets, doodle-bug frames and go-karts. The exhibits are judged for quality and workmanship. TECHNICAL ,, I , E., lie: .I . , gi 3, -r-'P NYT' Mr. William Irgeris Industrial Arts Department Chairman Mr. Thomas Parr Industrial Arts TRAINING. Mr. Francis Savage Industrial Arts Mr. Bruce Fleming Industrial Arts Ed Gallucci studies manual on correct wiring procedure. Dennis Schacher sharpens a plane blade. xxx d i l Mik Roy SK A ,,.,. , f. M iff? pw. Q ,A ,.,- r .. ' e Rasmussen operates metal lathe. Leyva observes the skill with which Ken Ball drills a bl mix: s 'sr A e W gs., 51. X A Q Q-2.44 n . Masked we ock of wood. ,Ky .dx W aslaielggkx . 1 :'qLj.A1iQ.. ... .. he S vs, f I .Q 4. f u 1 w Q Q . , ,ldv Q . v .,2 1. lder de monstates technique. we s P, M Miss Dana Sm all Mathematics Mrs. Roberta Ferrero Mathematics ....44' Mr. justin Hagglund WK! .-."3!?!'?ff'f'f21t'! Mathematics it A 'K i' i if Yi :V Mr. Dau Hanby V Mathematics THEY SUPPLY USABLE l Mr. Mabry listens as student explains math problem. .. arf ,,.. IQ NJ? L""Zf'J.,' .f""f4.q5 f"w'.' Q' " fr? , f SKHLS ANDU. Mathematics, taught by highly qualified in- structors, gives the opportunity to each student to learn the new mathematic skills. Through daily discussions, tests and homework, mathematics students absorb the principles of abstract proof and learn to apply them to practical computation. Math, which has become a necessity in today's world, is availableto the students on several dif- ferent levels. The requirementofoneyearofmath may be met by taking general mathematics or first year algebra. In furthering his studyof mathemat- ics he mOy wish to go on in algebra or advanced courses such as geometry, trigonometry or senior mathematics. During the iunior year, students take standardized tests. Scores on these tests reveal capabilities in arithmetic and mathematics, deter- mining whetheror not studentswill be required to refresher mathematics. avastamountofvaluable under- the study of textbooks, proofs, squares. They learn to explain take a course in Students gain standing through theorems and "T" difficult problems to their classmates during dis- cussion. They learn to use logic in evaluation of proofs. They become more capable people. 112 . , 1 Lynn Olson takes note of Mike Guin.n's problem solution. Mr, Lind diagrams triangle for curious students 5 wfffzxs SQ! 5 : :rf--bfrwrftf WY' 'VME ?2?E' XMissKathrynKnotts I 5751 M Mathematics .nc Mr. Paul Hansen Mr. Edward johns Mathematics Mathematics Mr. Henry Lind Mr. Richard Mabry Mathematics Mathematics 113 f.-....n..:,.,.. :..,f.:..L.a,.L.:..1-p, -,m:,.. . ..,...A-..,., c A g 3Qf:4fTF 111 Hfrwxmwsfhefq MLM 5 f . S1 S v 'QMN S7-XLLC? HQfL,6'e 3Ql2L.Ff17E QMj5Am WAQAT DPY3 T7QQUT'5 flvclxhemree FMR VHOLDQQ mme WN Lmmw NMR ,ge , -1::-- X . xi 'a ' 4 fri I Music offers monywide and varied opportuni- ties to students. The vocal groups include "A" Choir, Girls' Choir, Madrigal, Boys' and Girls' Glee, and the girls' and boys' ensembles. The instrumental groups include band, orchestra, and beginning instrumental music. Students interested in learning about musical form and the style of great composers may enroll in the half-year mu- sic unclerstanding course. The music department performs in many assem- blies throughout the year, including the Christmas and Spring assemblies. Every two years there is a city-wide music festival which incorporates the band, orchestra, and choir. Each group performs with half of the other schools in the city. These programs give the groups something to work for after the Christmas rush. The highlightof theyear is the spring Fine Arts Festival, where the music and art departments combine their talents to per- form for the Franklin community. The girls' ensembles include the Carillons, the Melodeens, and the Highlights. Each spring a new ensemble is formed for the freshman girls. They audition, and nine or ten singers are chosen, as well as an accompanist. The group stays toge- l ther for three years and disbands at graduation. ,.:, Mr. john Brewer Mr. john Perry Music Music Department Chairman Mr. George Pancheau Music OPPORTUNITIES FUR ENl0YMENT,... i Many hours of practice are evident as jack Ellis executes a drum roll on the timpani. . isa, Mr. Lynn Hewitt P- E-, Health P. E. , Health Mrs. Josephine Ehm s a Q ...fv::z.. . , M... 3 .. Department Chairman Miss Joanne Marini Mr. Martin Bergan Mr. Walt Buckiewicz P. E. , Health Physical Education Mrs. Joanne Mead Miss Beryl Piper Physical Education P. E. , Health PARTICIPATION, AND RECREATION. Mr. Buckiewicz and Mr. Fiitcroft hold a short conference while observing student activity. The health and physical education classes in- clude all freshmen, sophomores for half a year, and juniors and seniors who wish to progress in this field. Because of this year's enlarged enrollment, Franklin has addeda newgirls' P.E. schedule in- cludes Field hockey, badminton, apparatus, dan- cing, basketball, tumbling, track and Field. The sophomore classes Follow a similar sched- ule, which substitutes tennis for field hockey. In addition to their half-year P.E. classes, sopho- mores attend half-year health classes. In health, such things as driving, alcoholism and its dangers, and the mechanics ofthe human body are taught. The advanced P.E. classes enjoy such sport activities are golf and archery. The girls partic- ipate in field hockey and soccer, the boys engage in an advanced level of the many vigorous acti- vities enioyed by the other classes. 116 a-, ...L A skeptical Rene Simms prepares to demonstrate the use of the Wes Carlson and Randy Bishop block another opponent's shot mini-tramp. Mr. Bergan demonstrates a wrestling hold on a Student as Angel Santana watches. kj"',.4'3'3 Z-gf..-1f'qg..., A "..,.L,,i.,, W . , j',.:yf?jL1TI.. so kf,Q1A1 117 sf1f':g'3srf- ' ,.rf': ffgfsi Q, , ,, ., g, ,, 3 -.. "i:':L2f?3f,f y 1 'A' f f 1 1 gwvx ' :il 0 ff s m,"-5' 4.4415 -r,j- 5 'r ,sw."1. ,157 6-at ...aan Q fist. gi IX-' .- , 4.. Miss Anne Bohlen Mr. John Fletcher Mr. Loenard Gehrke Mr. John Neeley Science Science Science Science Department Chairman Mr. Dario Raschio Mr. Carlton Richter Mr. Leonard Scheele Mr. Joseph Sklenicka Science Science Science Science PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS DEPENDS... Mr. Scheele listens to a student giving a report. A variety of science courses is available to Franklin students with a curiosity about theworld in which we live. A foundation is laid in freshman general sci- ence. Here students are given an introduction to thewidely differing fields which are loosely class- ified as science. Basic exploration is the most im- portant ground work for the science student. As he advances, he may take biology, chemistry, and physics. Upon completion ofany of these courses, a student may, the following year, earn ascience credit working as a laboratory assistant. A course in physiology, the study of the hu- man anatomy, is offered to those who have com- pleted both biology and chemistry. Students recommended by their elementary school science teacher may begin their high school experiences with biology and complete the se- quence with science seminar. ln this class, stu- dents apply their knowledge to individual projects. ll8 I , .4 , , v , ,zxf-,. fl . 4 ', ,, . 1,525.45 'Q ., l .Q Piave. ms., , QEEEQME' .r'gi11,f'31i if 'xv S' + 'J g , . , ' N , V2 . o b ,fl ' J 3 X ,, 4 'E ff' Q if y r sw f. 6' .1 U -I' L' 9 X N 1'-I '-'H' ,Y L N i ' -W- , 1 "" 0 .sf Rl, -' H ,,, by i 2 Q . - ' sl at A Q -.f 1- ' U an i , Nd, "M 3 ,Q i 'gb P+! e W Rodney Cray examines the microscopic world of paramecia. Bruce Hofer adjusts apparatus during science seminar. w 3, .i l 0' l ft az 'Ik Rl J 1 z his W in 1 anna: V I Judy Humble, Bob Hubbard, Ron Doyle, Duane Bigone, and Ric Soderberg use a large molecular model to aid their experi- ment in physics. 119 In the social studies classes, the students learn about the world in which they live. From their freshman year and the study of ancient history in combined classes to their senior year and the study of economics, international relations and world problems, the emphasis is understanding the world of the '60's. Social studies plays an important role in de- veloping the individual into a thinking member of our society, through astudy ofpolitics, economics and history. The students are able to speak freely in open discussion. These discussions often open new areas of social studies For them. Although offered as an elective course For soph- omores, many students Find enriching experience in the furtherstudy of European history. The jun- ior social studies course is involved with American history, including as intensive studyof the Amer- ican Constitution. Seniors go into further detail in the discussionof international relations, econ- omics and world problems. UPON SCHULASTIC EFF Q40 155. W HCL5 PROPAGANDA INFLUENCES , E ,YOU -of URT... Mr. james McKee Social Studies Department Chairman Mrs. Clytis Belloit Social Studies Mr. Jack Burri Social Studies Miss Thelma Collins Social Studies Mrs. Maxine Crites Social Studies 5 . x i v'l!!v ,N ia.. Students in Mrs. Crites' first period social studies class analyze the Oregonian editorial page. ,M.k V. .. ,,, '4t1t.5A 'ivfiigtstvfk':3..b-15g,:vgyg1L.r ,ps My , .2 'UD s . Q. -ne 121 Mr. Gale Davis Social Studies Mr. Gilbert Erlandson Social Studies Mr. Marvin Flitcroft Social Studies Athletic Director Mr. Gary jackson Social Studies Mr. James Manning Vocations Mr. Meri Mitchel Activities Director Student Leadership ,UN .. . U.,-ow? , , . E ...,.w- . ,. . ,, ,,. ,:,..2x , -. yy: Q. V,-,w.,:x:"rgq .. Egtv, , 1 r f"2f.:.f.h f 4 : :.e.'.:' , S' if J , M JT: -. i 4 4' S 'wk-if 5 2 Miss Dorothy Dundore Mr. Robert Jacobsen Mr, Donald Kearns Mr. james Manning Freshman, Sophomore Freshman, Sophomore Junior Boys' Counselor Vocational Counselor Girls' Counselor Boys' Counselor Mr. Donald Nelson MTS- Helen Weed Mrs. Emma Moore Senior Boys' Counselor junior Girls' Counselor Senior Girls' Counselor Department Chairman AND UPON APPRECIATIVE USE... gr' '. .. ... nr"- v9.4-9-.4-J-v-p-Q gif-'ft , '. . ,Yep K... Q55 idx.. gf , .4 5'g',I'.f x J.: as . 5 - 'f'.,:a-w:'I f.,, .fa ae' '53 . em. .sz F. . .. .. ww.-.Y .,..-..t , .,. f .lean rv. -- 1 1- 1 , gyffgn . J! , .f Mrs. McKnight prepares a student's schedule for the files. At the end of four years, each senior has had the opportunity of becoming acquainted with his counselor through severalscheduled appointments, depending upon his individual problems. Each of the four classes has two counselors, one for the boys and one for the girls. The students are intro- duced to their counselors during their freshman year and remain with the same ones. The counselors try to helpany studentwho has a problem with his school work or getting along with people. These difficulties are often worked out in private conferences with the student. The junior counselors help the interested stu- dent to start planning for his future after high school. Many questions arise about scholarships, tests, and loans, which they must answer for alert students. The senior class counselors take the re- sponsibility for writing recommendations for each of the seniors who applies for college admittance or scholarships. 122 Lending as many as three thousand books daily, Franklin's library is a store-house of information. The library now contains approximately l8,000 volumes and is continually being supplemented with the latest editions of new books. The well- stocked fiction shelves offer a wide variety and selection of novels for pleasurable reading. Here the reader will find everything, from light, ro- mantic fiction and exciting, suspenseful adven- tures to ageless and time-proven classics. Current and past issues of one hundred dif- ferent periodicals, as well as several thousand pamphlets, are available to the energetic student who seeks information, in addition to these, re- cordings are available to teachers. The library staff is effectively helped by the librarian, Mrs. Norlin. She is aided by her two assistants, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Lemery, and by several trained student helpers. Many students use the library wisely during their study halls and leisure time for completion of daily assignments, or when resource books are needed for research and term papers. A student will find many wonders among the shelves. Mrs. Marjorie Christensen Assistant Librarian UF AVAILABLE HELP. Students study in the library during their study halls. V xf. Mrs. Eleanor Norlin Head Librarian Mrs. Ruth Lemery Assistant Librarian Diane Sesler reaches to put her last book away. 1 M!! W M 2 .5N' f X N 1 , 1. 1A 4 .J I , fs. Q.: A X -...H-" 1? , .., .9 l, . 2 f .N , g.,' I if il : ,W , .. M my fig .md lm. . ew- .rw-s .. . , ,,....4,. ...fl cy.- ' .rfwz M f 13V .'w ' ...Q . .34 v,H ,, 4. .. 4 it -v Q ' . 55: '? .4 iam.. ff,-54, - ,fzvgwef . 'IA-.,3s.. ...wig M 4. 1 . limi 1 viii-, 1 . 2153!!'fi'-gg,:f??.L.i....z ,n..-.M W 11: -' g,.-f.v.f-..,.. . Q . J, V2 r ::...:,,: ,,fg,.:..-: . it fm- 2221: 2 :gf gtg?-'gg'-Q ,g-vggfgs .1 ws- , ' If -V 1 'I . " fi H ' A zfazfg gif? ' 1" 551' ,M 1 ,wrist ....,:,...2 FALL STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Steve Kanas DETERMINED AND ENERGETIC... Every student body president promises to work For the betterment of his school. He begins by setting standards for himself and his cabinet to follow throughout their period of office. Steve Kanas and his cabinet were no excep- tion. They aspired to promote a more satisfactory relationship between thestudentbody and the fac- ulty. They planned interesting, new and worth- while proiects that would include those students who weren't used to participating in other school activities. Steve informed students about student government so each person could take a responsi- ble part in it. Steve feels that he protitted from the broad experience he gained from his responsibility to our school and community. He has participated in Franklin's student governmentasa student coun- cil rep, Junior Class president, and finally, Stu- dent Body president. He is a member of several clubs, including National Honor Society. He attended the Forum and acted in The Miracle Wor- -lf-ei-and Pillow Talk. ,:, :xg . ., , ,g Q fav 1 ,,,...-v Mr. King and Steve discuss assembly schedule. 126 dk iQ SPRING STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Alan Woolfolk STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS... When Alan Woolfolk was installed, he quoted a past United States President by saying of his predecessor, Steve Kanas,"He can be succeeded, but he cannot be replaced." In one respect, Alan was wrong, because he has matched Steve's de- termination and hard work. Alan has continued the work to improve student participation. One of his main goals was to increase the effectiveness of the Executive Cabinet so thatour student body would recognize its value. Alan's experience in student government in- cludes the sophomore class presidency, and the iunior class vice-presidency. He has been vice- presidentof Friarsand presidentof National Honor Society. Alan feels he has benefitted from the experi- ence he gained as Student Body president. He learned more about people and their views. A- mong Alan's outside activities as Student Body president was his attendance at the Region Three Conference at Concordia High School last Feb- ruary. 127 Gayle Stucki, jim Coons, joe Goodale, Carol Smurthwaite, Diane Weisenberg, Steve Kanas, Marji DeBuse, Carolyn Crock- ette, Caroline Moore, Dan Roisom, Steve Gore. AIDED BY THEIR CABlNETS,... T Q, A F?5Qc'ia.b L i QQ' ,fn 2' qi .T K 1 X ir yy. V, b , Di X' safftfgllf 1 , . ' '- fl lt ' 5 ' king si Lxngvg I ' AT f S s ' H el, 'i Q - l 1 r sfw. 5 Steve K:-mas listens as Malji DeBuse reads the minutes of the last meeting. The Fall executive cabinet, headed bystudent body president Steve Kanas, started the l965-66 school year successfully by sponsoring the home- coming activities. These festivities included the selection of the homecoming queen. The choice this year was the senior class candidate, Diane Weisenberg. The fall officers sponsored the first after-game dance, "Gridiron Grind," and the student body card sale, contest and assembly. The popular Candyland dance held in December was still another event sponsored by the fall cabinet. Determined to equal the success of their pre- decessors, the spring student body cabinet, cap ably led by the student body president Alan Wool- folk, worked efficiently on such matters as the constitutional revision and a plan of voter regis tration for student body elections. The cabinet sponsored the annual May Fete Dance, and sev eral members served as iudges for the Rose val princess selection. One of the most events under the sponsorship of the spring body cabinet was theannual observation of Week. During the first day of Safety Week students who wished to prove their driving ledge were given a written test on the rules the road. jackie Hines, Gerard Brosnan, Sam Hanna, Marian Sandoz, Hank Tomlinson, Al Woolfolk, Velva Thompson, Rollyn Brown, Pat Rouw, Roger Kruse, Steve Gore. ARE EFFECTIVE ADMINISTRATURS. President Steve Kanas lVice President Diane Weisenberg Secretary Marji DeBuse Treasurer Carolyn Moore Publicity Carolyn Crockette AFM President joe Goodale AGS President Carol Smurthwaite Senior Class President Dan Roisom Junior Class President Jim Coons Sophomore Class President Gayle Stllfi-ki 'Freshman Class President Steve Gore l N SPRING EXECUTIVE CABINET President Alan Woolfolk Vice President Hank Tomilson Secretary Velva Thompson Treasurer Rollyn Brown Publicity Marian Sandoz AFM President Sam Hanna AGS President Pat Rouw Senior Class President Gerard Brosnan Junior Class President Iailkie Hir1eS Sophomore Class President ROSEI' Kruse Freshman Class President Steve COTS Al Woolfolk waits for pre-assembly cla m- mer to subside. 129 CLASS REPRESENTATIVES DEBATE... Franklin's weekly Student Council meetings were the scene of much spirited debate and the birthplace of manyattempts to benefit theschool. The representatives considered many significant issues, ranging from a revision of the Student Body Constitution to a plan to purchase more sanitary mustard and catsup containers for the Cafeteria. The assembly also entertained pleas for G new GS- bestos stage curtain, for more rally assemblies, for an all-class talent show, and for a revision ofthe May Fete-Rose Festival schedule. Student Council meetings are held every Mon- day during activity period. During these weekly meetings, the representatives introduced legisla- tions, debated them, and then voted on the issues. They also worked on committees, often donating their own time. Student Council Representatives are elected twice yearly in all freshman, iunior, and senior social studies classes, and in sophomore English classes. These representatives provide liaison be- tween students and the administration. 130 an s FA LL : QFront Rowj: Linda Grabner, Susan Deems, Rea Wheeler, janice Bishop, Diane Weisenberg, Hank Tomlinson, Bonnie Allen, jo Barruetabena, Nancy Stewart. QSecond Rowj: Patsy Shinn, Marian Sandoz, Michelle Vultgaris, Delia Bacon, Carol Duval, Linda Mirenda, Karen Riesenman, Marcia Morhous, Nancy Lutz. QThird Rowj: Lindyjohnston,Janet Hartzell, Elaine Schi- bel, jan Leythan, Elaine Elliot, Sue Bennett, Marla Newby, Sharon Hollinger, Trudy Walter, Bobbie Simmons, Beth Gra- ham, Pam Loprinzi. fFourth Rowj: Clair Ryan, Norm McGib- bon, David Garvin, Steve Gore, Ron Earnest, Bill Piland, Rick Roadruck. S P R I N G : QFront Rowj: Mike Galluci, Rick Nagle, Willis Keeney, Doug Pesdal, joe Lever, Maureen Pelequin, Hank Tomlinson, Dan Happala, Terry Hiller, Terry Jacobsen. QSecond Rowj: Perry Hines, Larry Foster, Cib Hargreaves, Steve Price, Sheryl Char- les, Sandy Darby, Pat David, Terri Bullis, Carol Byer. QThird Rowj: Keith Cubic, Kim Avans, Neal Orsen, Mark Miller, Curtis Hagan, Ron Lewis, Mike Salladay, Steve Harriman, Rod Gray, Terry Rolfs. QFourth Rowj: Elain Soljaga, jamy Kirkpatrick, Mary Lamb, Wendy Strickland, Donna Tambling, Kathie Hicks, Sheila Oestrreicher, Lael jones, Linda Mirenda, Frank Hill, Elizabeth Kern. QFifth Rowj: Linda Neilson, janet Harmell, Kathy Estes, Valorie Holmes, Dana Zink, Virginia Tyler, Vicki Rigotti, Cindy Schenlemberger, Donna Heuman, McFarland, Sharon Hollinger, Petula Downing. QSixrh Rowj: Candy Webber, Diane Foeller, janet Brown, Gayle Stucki, Chris Bingham, Herb Carter, Nick Gattucio, Bob Marshall, Paul Swarts, Ric Long, Robert Shields. IMPORTANT SCHUUL ISSUES. 'Q-5. my i'il 131 fFront Rowjr Leanne Beard, Jody Hatch, Diane Burcar, Leslie Williams, Amy Yabuki, Patti McCoy, Morley Gustafsson, Linda Thompson. fSecond Rowj: Arlee Chamberlin, Rosie Rivera, Linda Cochran, Christine Alm, Karen Lovlien, Patti Beck, Paula Bellant, Connie Schiele, Billie Kasner. QThirdRowj: AnnHopp1e, PatFabner, CarolBradshaW, Dorothy Dumas, Donna Chambers, Karen Vonder Gathen, linda Wilson, Sandi Stone, Susie McShatko. fBack Rowj: Marilyn Mizote, Karen Rouw, Turid Olsen, Ann Heim, Valorie Holmes, Kathy Estes, Josie Feammelli, Margie Brasesco. GIRLS ACHIEVE RESULTS UNDER... fFront Rowj: Vice President, Shirley Cain, President, Carol Smurthwaite, Secretary, Sarah Lorusso. fBack Rowj: Senior Year Rep., JoAnn Scates, junior Year Rep., Leanne Beard, Historian, Lani Wilson, Treasurer, Pat Rouw. Under the leadership of Carol Smurthwaite, the Fall AGS cabinet started the climb to a pro- fitable and successful year by making plans to build up depleted funds. They accomplished this by selling red and black licorice whips and "Spook Madison" game tags. The cabinet carried out the Halloween theme, sponsoring an after-game dance titled "Spook Spree." Singing by the Carillons and an address by guest speaker Mrs. Reinhart from Johnny .lohnson's Studio provided an enjoyable evening For those who attended the Mother and Daughter Tea. The "Tea For Two" idea was emphasized by Japanese lanterns and dolls, pictures of the Orient and ot- her souvenirs loaned for the occasion by the Frank- lin students. Twirp week was the main event sponsored by the AGS spring cabinet headed by Pat Rouw. The activities beganwith Cotton and Cord Dayand an assembly and concluded with the dance titled "Younger than Springtime." The reps sold assem- bly tags, candy and dance programs. The tradi- tional slavesale andthe Kangaroo Courtwerealso held. l32 QFront Rowj: Beverley Vinson, Martha Weiler, Gayle Thielsen, Rosemary Webb, Ronni Meucci, Kathy Allen, Beth jensen, Patti Ryan. fSecond Rowj: Nancy Burkenbine, Carol Anne Marlin, Ilona Nitz, Karen Riesenman, Rosemary Blair, Polly So- lovic, Barbara Giunta. Carol Cochran, Sue Peck. fThird Rowy: Debbie Mundorff, jennifer Nelson, Terrie Smith, judy Faz- zolari, Varlene Harris, Morra McBride, Christine Alm, Carol Jung, Sylvia Hillesland. QFoLu'th Rowj: Sally Howell, Carol Monte, Heidi Imfeld, Lani Wilson, Karen Bergeson, Janice Ross, Trudy Walter, Carolyn Hansen. QBack Rowj: Claudia Blake, Laura Morgan, Linda Wilson, Kris Santangelo. CAPABLE, ELECTED AGS LEADERS... QFront Rowj: Vice President, Sarah Lorusso, President, Pat Rouw, Secretary, Diana Edgar. QSecond Rowj: Freshman Year Rep. , Bonnie Olesko, Treasurer, Ester Taylor, Historian, Pat Hiromura, not pictured, Sophomore Year Rep., Sheila Hildenbran. 133 Traditional AFM week was one of the First 'f' A maior activities of the i965-66 year. An early morningslave sale, an assembly and an after-game dance marked the week. The assembly proved to be particularlyinteresting. Itincluded several va- riety acts that provided entertainment for Frank- lin's student body. The Fall cabinet also presented tentative plans For buying eighty red and gray blazers. These could be worn by students whenever theyare rep- resenting Franklin at such events as swim and speech meets, conferences and other inter-school activities. FALL OFFICERS: President: joe Goodale Vice-President: Sam Hanna Secretary: Terry Jacobsen I Y TTCHSUYBN Steve Hawthorne Darrell Bowen, Ollerry Jacobgib Joe Goodale, Sam Ha nna, Historian: Darrell Bowen gteve Hawthorne. A fr" f FRANKLIN BOYS CHOOSE OFFICERS... fFront Rowjz Ken Thrasher, Randy Bradford, Rick Brown, Con Burke, jim Heiman, Dick Jewell, Rick Parrish, Ric Soderburg. fSecond Rowj: Elmer Davis, Jim Coons, Mike Bush, Steve Smith, Ray Bristow, Ed Croft, Chuck Byer, john Gallucci, Paul Taylor, Gary Walker, Rudy Casciato. QThird Rowj: joey Barbur, Greg Brenner, Mike Casciato, Bob Odie, Mike DeAngelo, Stan Heath, Dick Beswick, Mark Swain, jerry Zoom. fFourth Rawj: Bob Langan, Alan Federici, Bill Piland, Dave Snyder, Rick McNemey, Randy Oxford, Dennis Treibel, Steve Bodeman, Brian Schmidtz, Mike Mosee, Scott Shankland, Dan Evans. QFifth Rowj: Ron Roberti, Dave Lindemuth, Dick Siemssen, Glenn Harding, Dick Crosby, Rick Cozad, Ron Como, jim Ewers, Tim Heitz, Ted Sorenson, Bruce Miller, Mike Petrarca, George Andyke, jack Kletzel, Rick Nagle, Tim Copenhaver. l L A 134 The AFM Spring cabinet, lead by Sam Hanna, carried out the previous cabinets plans by pur- chasing ten maroon blazers. They hope to buy more blzaers in the future. The spring cabinet also plans to provide thefunds for the completion ofthe sidewalk between the parking lot and the driveway on Woodward Street. AFM has profitted this year from the capable leadership of Joe Goodale and Sam Hanna. They have worked to promote more activities so that more AFM men could be included. These proiects were devised to appeal to the interest ofall the men of Franklin. SPRING OFFICERS: President: Sam Hanna Vice-President: jim Coons Secretary: Elmer Davis Treasurer: jim Heiman Historian: Rick Brown AND CUMPLETE Mr. Flitcroft, Elmer Davis, Jim Coons, Sam Hanna, Rick Brown, jim Heiman. AFM PRUIECTS. fFront Row Q: Glenn Ilaistrom, Dave Lindemuth, Lee Troutman, Mark Wilson, Harold Stich, Steve Baxter. 1Second Rowj: Monte Lee, john Else, Alan Federici, Don Burke, jerry Brown, Darrell Bowen, john Acton, Bob Henarie, Dan Wright. QThird Rowj: Jeff Oreste, Mike Harvey, John Cooper, Bill Hardy, Dan Evans, Norm MCC-ibbon, Ed Croft, Joe Goodale, Mike Mc- Murray, Dusan Djordjerich, Robert ltami. fFourth Rowj: Dean Dixon, Bill Arrnes, Roger Rivera, Bob Langan, Doug Beltz, Dick Beswick, john Savory, Nat Flathers, Steve Leer, Rick Fletcher, Clair Ryan. flrifth Rawj: Dan Backus, Dave Dexter, Mike Schlaman, Steve Bella, Mike Bush, Rick Gibson, Ray Bristow, Steve Bodeman, Bob Carnes, Dick Candland, Randy Barnes, Larry Gallino. 1Back Rowj: Paul Turly, Mike McCoy, Ron Hall, Dave Austine, Dick Crosby, Rick Cozad, Steve Smith, Tim Hein, Bruce Miller, jack Kletzel, David Garvin, Alan Howell, Rick Robinson. .l in - - 9 135 If 5 4. Q . Q ... fx EE I IM t , , Lx ., 'TMS 1 if L. H f ff Q., X ' fff?V'ffQaf' , 1 P 4, ,- ' 'E A XAYN - 233 A 42 -' if i ,Q f r. ,- - Q ' bf z 2Q6fW aw 51, gy 7 ,Q 1 "EW at 2 E' fy 'x A 1 gms 2 4-M. Q ,. xvsn .. 441 Q 1: FYQESEPSZ U INS ,fi 1 F P I L rooTBALL TRUPHY ...Q QR W gi f ai f W N H FIRST OFFENSIVE TEAM Linemen: Rick Parrish, Bruce Miller, Antoine Cotton, Sam Hanna, Dan Roisom, Art Luschenko, Joe Goodale. Backfield Gary Volz, Darrell Bowen, Erik Utterstrom, Steve Hawthorne. CUVETED OBJECT UF VUWS... secomo OFFENSIVE TEAM 1 4 Linemen: jim Woodhouse, Ken Bolder, Greg Drais, Tim Heitz, john Acton, Marshall Short, Hank Tomlinson. fBack.fieldj: G . . . ary Papsadero, Steve Lewis, Bob Lovhen, Elmer Dav1s. 1 38 fFront Rowj: Darrell Bowen, Gary Volz, Dick Jewell, Steve Lewis, Jim Woodhouse, Elmer Davis, Greg Drais, Bruce Miller, Sam Hanna, john Acton, Steve Hawthorne. QSecond Rowl: Art Luschenko, Dan Roisom, Bob Lovlien, Doug Beltz, Clint Mullen, Hank Tomlinson, Rick Parrish, Tim Heitz, joe Lever, Antoine Cotton, joe Goodale. fThird Rowj: Terry Hiller, Bruce Hofer, Doug Hall, Gary Papsadero, Ernie Cook, jerry Brown, jake Thomas, Rick McNerney, Don Papsadero, Ron Alex- ander, Bill Gander. tFourth Rowj: Bruce Bauder, Scott Shankland, Ron Harp, jim Carnes, Glenn Harding, Terry Jacobson Mike Mosee, Ed Gianetti, John Gray, Nary Tobino, Larry Calinlo. fFifth Rowj: Don Burgard, Ken Bolder, Rick Dawes, Dennis Tell, Bob Henarie, Dave Lindemuth, Harold Poujade, Andy Luschenko, Marshall Short, Erik Urttestrom, Dave Garvin. MADE IN 1962... Undaunted by pre-season predictions ofa fourth place finish, the surprising Q uakers of Frank- lin shocked the Portland Interscholastic League by reeling off 9 straightwins on their way to the state football playoffs. In their first PIL tilt of the season, the Qua- kers bounced Benson's Techmen by a 25 - I2 count. Insuring their win with two final period rallies, the Q-men presented Coach Gale Davis with a victory in his first game as head coach of the ma- roon and gray. FrankIin's ground attack slashed through the Grant line for 202 yards enabling the "Vow Boys" to take a 20 - I2 decision from the Generals. Defense and offense highlighted the game with Lincoln. Franklin's scoring potential was demon- strated as the victors tallied a 25 - O win. Continuing theirwinning ways, the "Vow Boys" defeated Marshall bya 20- I3 score. Tallying all their points in the first Iwo quarters, the defense of the maroon and gray dug in, to quell the Min- utemen's comeback attempt. Franklin's 5th straight win cameat the expense of the Roosevelt Roughriders. The undermanned Teddies were never in the game as the Quaker 13 9 eleven ran and passed their way to a 26 - 6 win. Coach Gale Davis' gridders found themselves trailing a tough Jefferson 6 - O in the 4th quarter but the Quakers sprung half-back Steve Hawthorne loose for a 6l yard romp to pay-dirt. Hawthorne raced around the Demos' left end for the winning P.A.T. as well. The powerful Quaker offense was clearly de- monstrated as they scored every time they gained possession of the ball in a 46 -27 rout ofMadison. The Q-men found the Wilson Troians their last league foe of the season, as the two teams met for the PIL championship. The two play-off minded squads traded single TD's in the second period, with Franklin taking a 7 - 6 halftime lead. The Quakers stormed back to take the second half kick off 7l yards and a I3 - 6 lead. Each team struck for two touchdowns inthe final quarter to produce a 27 - I9 victory, and an undisputed PIL crown for the Quakers. Drawing the bye on the last round of the foot- ball season, the Quakers met Gresham in a PIL- Metro League crossover game. The Quakers ex- tended their winning streak game to nine with a 27 - 20 victory over the Gophers. Q . . J W , - I gi een? f 9' l N Q.. n W K an N xl ,lx QW ey 5, fr, 1 if t. gpm 4. 'Ex 3 V ' r Q 9- L., gg! X . Q 6 QA " S IQ' , f . -g WJ ' jk 1, fi 'W' 1 ' N z, ! V. . , Q, ' . 24 ., 1'-,' -2 1 ,. ,m,,,A,g4i',,f, ,.,.f,1 ,Qm:X5fLh' , Opposite pageg 1Top lefty: Erik Utter- strom is stopped after sizable gain by aggressive Grant de f e n s e . QCenter leftj: Quakers break huddle to meet the challenging defense of the Gresham Gophers at Gresham. fBot- tom leftj: Antoine Cotton goes for ball in the Franklin-Roosevelt game, while Joe Goodale and Gary Volz look on. fTop rightj: Steve Hawthorne fights for first clown as jefferson's de- fensive tackle attempts to stop him. fCenter rightj: Erik Utterstrom fights for extra yards in triumphant encount- er with Grant. fBottom rightj: Bob Lovlien squeaksby Lincoln defenders. This page: fTopj: Bob Iovlien hands off to Darrel Bowen as the famed al- ternate unit runs a play against Ben- son. fUpperj: Powerful runner Gary Volz picks up a sizeable gain during the Benson game. QCenterj: Gary Volz attacks Bob Lamb of Wilson as jake Thomas comes up to help. fBof:tomj: Steve Hawthome makes a leaping catch behind Wilson defenders. FINAL PIL STANDINGS league All Games Games WLT WLT F RAN KLIN 8 0 0 9 O 0 Grant 7 1 O 7 2 0 Wilson 6 3 O 6 3 0 Lincoln S 2 1 6 2 1 jefferson 4 3 1 5 3 1 Cleveland 3 2 3 3 3 3 Benson 3 4 1 3 5 1 Roosevelt 2 6 1 2 6 1 Marshall 2 6 0 2 7 0 Madison 1 6 1 1 7 1 Washington 1 7 O 1 8 O VARSITY RECORD FRAN K.LIN 25 Benson 1 2 FRAN KLIN 20 Grant 1 2 FRANKLIN 25 Lincoln O FRAN KLIN 20 Marshall 13 FRAN KLIN 26 Roosevelt 6 FRAN KLIN 7 Jefferson 6 FRAN KLIN 46 Madison 27 FRANKLIN 27 Wilson 19 FRAN KLIN 27 Gresham 20 FRANKLIN 0 David Douglas 43 Quarterback, Erik Utterstrom, Sweeps around left end in the opening Ernie Cook closes in on David Douglas half-back, moments of the Douglas game. Rick Harrington. RENEWED EVERY YEAR... The league champion Quakers representing the PIL in state tournament play, found the Metro- League Kingpin David Douglas as their first round opponent. Playing in the Franklin Bowl, which at the time would have been appropriately called the "mud bowl" because of the heavy rains prior to and during the game, the maroon and gray suc- cumbed to the eventual state champion Scots 43 - O. The charged up Douglas squad, lead by Larry Watson, Rick Harrington and All-State halfback Cam Sinclair gained 442 yards rushing, 327 yards by this trio alone. The Quakers on the other hand couldn't generate a successful drive as the heavy rain curtailed their passing attack and the Scot line stopped the Quaker running backs. Franklin was but one of three playoff Foes David Douglas defeated on their way to the State A-l Football Championship. Mr. Davis commented that David Douglas played a superb game of football. David Douglas half-back, Cam Sinclair, eludes Franklin de- fenders during third quarter action. 142 I A sf 1 'I " V cfwwil- --a':"K fi l y .WPTQ-f' 5- , :::u?,s-19 5 g A X' ,- 1 'i A s 'P ii! A ffl-11 , , 5 il I .. 1 George Enugh, coach of the 1942 Franklin football champions, Varsity team members of the Quaker City Champions were was one of the guest speakers at the award banquet. honored at the Football Awards Banquet. I AND FULFILLED IN 1965... Before the football season started Franklin's 'football team was rated by newspapers and sport- iwriters to come in somewhere around the middle lof the pile in the PIL. The Quakers weren't even considered to be title contenders. These predic- ltions, though, did not dampen FrankIin's title as- jpirations. The Quakers were determined and they lknew that they were a title threat. When this year's seniors were freshmen, they vowed that they would win the city title before they left Franklin. This became a reality in I965 when the Quakers went undefeated Q8 - OI in city league play and won their first PIL title in 23 years. This was FrankIin's first undefeated season in 48 years. The Quakers proved that they were not only the best team in the city circuit, but one of the best in the entire state as throughout the season theywere always rated high in the state prep foot- ball polls, ranking as high as second in the .Cle- gon Journal A - I prep poll. -Because of the tremendous effort and ability displayed by this year's squad, numerous Quakers gained special recognition. Coach Gale Davis, who directed the squad to the title in his first season as Quaker head coach, received the honor of being selected "Prep Coach of the Year" by his fellow coaches. Center Sam Hanna was cho- sen Scholar-Athlete lineman and Oregon Journal Prep Player of the Week as well as receiving AII- City and All-State team honors. Outstanding pass receiver, Joe Goodale, also gained berths on the All-City and All-State football teams. Quarter- back Erik Utterstrom was elected to the PIL city team and picked as a "Prep Player of the Week", and guard John Acton was tabbed an All-City player. Although these players were selected for their outstanding performances, it took a complete team effort to bring the PIL Championship to Franklin. 143 fFront Rowj: Mike Harvey, Iay Hopkins, Gary Wilson, john Cavagna, Nary Tobino, john Marino, Rudy Casciato, Gordon Weisenberg, Robert Itami, Lane Cunningham. fSecond Rowjz Bob Gross, Dave Rutan, John Savory, Ray Mirenda, Tom Stuart, Dennis Monner, Mike McMurry, John Amett, Doug Lee, Glen Caniparoli. fThird Rowj: Phil Carrol, Larry Moore GaryGa1-owski, Chuck Byer, Byron Linclholm, Mike Kenny, Dale South, jim Kirkpatrick, Mike Pond, Dick Simonsen Carr, Ken Rueck. fFourth Rawj: Coach Hewitt, Lloyd Hoffman, Dan Keefer, Larry Wilson, Ernie Cavalli, Dan Velander, john Gallucci, john Delaney, Chuck Vandenburg, Matt F latters, Coach Bergen. IS AT LAST WON... A highly successful and rewarding season was the result of hard work and tremendous team spirit by the Quaker J.V. football squad. Under the direction of coaches Hewitt and Bergen, and led by Mike McMurrayand John Strulolethe team com- piled a sparkling 6 win - 2 loss record. Mike, who was converted to quarterback from the regu- Iar full back spot, to replace injured Byron Lind- holm, ably lead the Jayvees while John spear- headed the offense with his running and pass catch- ing ability. The talented J.V.'s proved that they will be able successors to this year's champion var- sity team. FRANKLIN Benson 6 FRANKLIN Grant O FRANKLIN Lincoln O FRANKLIN Marshall I4 FRANKLIN Roosevelt 0 FRANKLIN Jefferson I4 FRANKLIN Madison 6 FRANKLIN Wilson 21 144 is Mike Kenny is brought down from behind after a sizeable gain 0455, ,vs 'M '?3'Q 3 rg' 3 ik girl' QF1-ont Rowj joe Ell, Mike Giandomimco, Doug Wolfe, Kev1n Johnstone, Glenn Claypoole, Tom Massie, Steve Frie, Mike Varnell, John Thomas, Tony Weston, Steve High 1Second Rowj: Bob Marshall, Coach Buckiewicz, Bob Ohey, Rick Long, Davld Dexter, Terry Cranston, Pat Miller, Wes Carlson, Gary Schlickheiser, Kevin Jones, Mike Parker, Dave McFall, QThird Rowj Jerry Sunseri, Nick Gattucluo, Don Gulliford, Randy Miller, Paul Rueck, Gary Keller, Paul Schwartz, Roger Roisom, M1ke Casciato, Jim Lewis Dave Buell fBack Row, Dan Loomis, Art Wold, lee Troutman, Steve Hofer, Steve IGetzel, B111 Piland, Dick Garvin, jerry Bingham, Steve Ransted, Dave Austen, Dave Snyder, Steve Woodhouse, Cliff Alberg, Dave McFarland, Mike Gunter, Dan McElhaney, Bob Dickson, Wayne Sherkey. FUR FRANKUN. The Freshmen football team was sparked by the superb running of its entire baclcfield. The ex- ceptional running ability was achieved by suc- cessful off-taclcle and end sweep plays. Losing only to Madison by a single touchdown, and to Roosevelt by four points, the Frosh amassed a 4 win 2 loss record. Mr. Burri, Frosh coach, commented that this years freshmen football squad was the best ma- terial he has coached while here at Franklin FRANKLIN Lincoln FRANKLIN Marshall FRANKLIN Jefferson FRANKLIN Roosevelt FRANKLIN Madison FRANKLIN Wilson 145 .4uvne' Chuck DeFir, Steve Rennish, Ron Roberti, Clark Griffin, Kirk Temple, Alan Howell, Dave Siegner, Larry Foster, Dan ning, Coach Scheele. Danny Wright, Dave Moxley, Steve Massie, Terry Malsie, Mike Rankin, Jeff Furnish, Mike McDaw, Jeff Oreste. jerry McEwen, Dave linings, Bob Ruddell, Larry Pauli, Dick Darby, Dave' Pierce, jeff Bomuin, Dan Ryan, Dare11Howar Steve Comella. r ii Coach Scheele gives last minute instructions prior toa varsity cross country Ron Roberti, Alan Howell, and Richard Fran- meet. tilla pace all runners in a cross country meet. IN OTHER SPORTS. . . Franklin's cross-country squad, hampered by l a lack of experience, compiled a final season re- , cord of 2 wins-9 loses. The team saw no return- ing lettermen, whose experience would have been an asset to the squad. Few people realize the grueling hours these runners put in after school, as they ran from 2-5 miles every night in preparation for their meets. Topvarsity runners Dan Lanning, Richard Frantilla, Alan Howell and Ron Roberti Found the opposition quite rough as the Quaker thinclads competed againstsome of the toughest teams in the city cir- cuit. Mr. Scheele, coach of the cross-country team, believes that tough competition is the only way for the team to gain experience. For this reason he strives to get only the best opponents for his Varsityrunner Richardlfrantilla completes gruellingpractice. Squad, even gf 1-he expense Qf feqm records, l 147 31. ,. A . 'ian k 1 46 fFront Rowj: Karen Westerfield, Kath Adams, Sheyrl Barrel, Phyllis Weaver, SPIRITEIJ PARTICIPANTS .. fFront Rowj: Roddy Boland, Cary Super, Dale Barnhart, 11m Keller fBack Rowj Tom Krettler Bob Frohwerk Bob Hub bard, George Hill, John Lesina, Kevin Ross, D1ck Grbson re Ross, Chnstme Bunker Stephanxe Bamett, Carolyn Petrone fBack Rowj Leslee Sheryl Bartel executes a perfect start in the 100 yard freestyle event. PRACTICE THE SKILLS 0F TEAMWORK,... Kevin Ross makes a time saving tum during a relay event. FrankIin's swim squad, handicapped by lack of adequate practice time, found competition quite tough as the boys compiled I win I tie8 loss record and the girls posted a 3 win 7 loss season. Forced to practice at the John R. Leach YMCA pool be- fore school, the team found it a difficult task to swimming clubs. Even under these adverse conditions, the Qua- ker tankers qualified swimmers for the season-end- ing city meet. The boys' 200 yard medley relay team placed 5th, while the girls claimed 6th in the same event. Demonstrating their individual talents were Morley Gustafsson, who took 5th in city in the breaststroke, and Bob Hubbard, who finished second in the diving competition. Coach Terada looks forward to a betterseason next year, as most of this years' girls' squad will return. The boys, on the other hand, will lose the services of senior co-captains Bob Hubbard, and Gary Super, but retain the nucleus ofa good team. 149 Kneeling: Coach Nelson. Team Members: Larry Moore, Vance Putnam, Brodie Birch, jim Heiman, joe Goodale, Ken Holstrom, Dick Beswick, Erik Utterstrom, Bob Lovlien, Ed Croft, Bob Carnes, Rick Putnam. PRACTICE THE SKILLS... FrankIin's varsity basketball squad embarked on what was to be a very unpredictable season. The Quakers dropped their two pre-season games to Parkrose, 47-42, and to Gresham, 8l-80. The maroon and gray compiled a five win, five loss record in the first half of the PIL play. Loos- ing their first game to the Benson Techmen 7I-56 did not dampen the Quaker's spirit for a success- ful season. Franklin took on WiIson's tall Trojans atthe glass palace resulting ina doubleover-time loss 80-79. Bouncing back from their two losses, the team claimed a solid victory of 83-65 over Cleveland. Franklin built up more momentum as they defeated Marshall 65-62. In one of the poorer games of the season Franklin fell to Madison 56-63. A win over Jefferson seemed hardly possible, but the Franklin five reeled offan upsetwith a final score of 80-74. Next theQ-men travelled to Washington High to take on the highly rated Colonials. This game was a determining factor in the final first half standing because of the upset, 66-6I. Seeking 150 a fourth win, our team took on RooseveIt's Teddies and sent them down to a defeat with the final score of 58-53. Franklin dropped its last two games to Grant 77-60, and to Lincoln 58-39. The beginning of the second half, startingwith a see-saw battleagainst Benson's orangeand blue, saw the Quakers defeated by a score of 73-69. Next Franklin lost to the Wilson Troians for the second time, 7l-64. Franklin then trounced Cleveland 90-60. By continuing their fine play the Franklin "5" were abletoscorch the Marshall Minutemen 6l-52. The Quaker's winning streak was snapped by a defeat by the Madison Senators 63-62 and by Jefferson 96-64. Franklin beat Washington High for the second time, but bowed to Roosevelt 74-64. Pul- ling off what may have been one of the biggest upsetsof the PIL season, we wonwith a victorious score over the highly-rated Grant team, 6I-57. The last game was lost to Lincoln 58-55. Franklin was forced to forfeit wins over Cleve- land and Marshall because of player ineligibility. Members of Frank1in's dance band perform during a Quaker basketball game. 0F TEAMWORK,... , av: A .k.k ,814 joe Goodale Scores a lay-in for the Quakers. Bob Cames jumps center on the season opening tip-off. 151 --......, P 'B :1 v , 6 Syfgxljff -Q ' Q x.,w5-ix x, -f , X ,5 ,, ,, 1, ififiyzwggrrf A Q :S IX :gfgg 3 -g 3-nv in 5 Q, 53x V, H, .ui fi -.vw 5 g 'iv nf ,,,:M""' Q .s,..3 kf'..4.x -..W. , H F51 - X 4. 'QQ 55531 f" N w X 109,41 ' fs' f 55+-ww Nag N osite a eg fTop lefty: Bob Carnes bait es or rebound as Erik Utterstrom and Dick Beswick look on. fBottom lefty: Bob Lovlien jumps center as Dick Be swick moves for position. fTop rightj: Kenl-Iolstrom executes jump shot over two Benson defenders. QMiddle rightj: Coach Nelson lays strategy against the Wilson Trojans as Bob Cames and Joe Goodale listen attentively. fBottom rightj: Rick Putnam battles underneath boards for a hardfought rebound against Cleveland. This Eageg f'l"op1eftj: Joe Goodale drives for a lay-in off the Quaker fast- break. fTop rightj: Rick Putnam cuts the corner for two points. fBottomj: Quakers Dick Beswick and Bob Carnes battle on the boards with the Marshall Minutemen. PIL Standings First Half W L Wilson 8 2 Grant 8 2 Washington 8 2 Lincoln 7 3 jefferson 5 5 FRAN KLIN 5 5 Benson 5 5 Madison 4 6 Marshall 2 8 Cleveland 2 8 Roosevelt 1 9 Second Half W L W L Wilson 9 1 17 3 Lincoln 9 1 17 4 Jefferson 8 2 15 7 Grant 6 4 16 6 Benson 6 4 1 2 10 Ma dison 4 6 1 O 1 2 Washington 3 7 13 9 Roosevelt 3 7 6 1 5 Marshall 3 7 5 17 FRAN K1.I.N'f 2 8 7 1 5 Cleveland 2 8 6 16 4fForfeitS to Cleveland and Marshall. Team Scores FRANKLIN 42 Parkrose 47 FRANKLIN 80 Gresham S1 FRAN KLIN 56 Bensgn 71 FRAN KLIN 80 Wilson 81 FRAN KLIN 83 Cleveland 56 FRANKLIN 65 Marshall 62 FRANKLIN 53 Madison S6 FRAN KLIN 80 jefferson 74 FRAN KLIN 66 Washington 61 FRANKLIN 58 Roosevelt 53 F RAN KLIN 60 Grant 77 FRAN KLIN 39 Lincoln 58 F RAN KLIN 69 Benson 73 FRAN KLIN 64 Wilson FRAN KLIN 90 Cleveland 60 FRAN KLIN 61 Marshall 52 FRANKLIN 62 Madison 63 F RAN KLIN 69 jefferson 96 FRAN KLIN 76 Washington 61 FRAN KLIN 64 Roosevelt 74 FRAN KLIN 61 Grant 57 FRAN KLIN Lincoln 66 1Knee1ingl: Coach Jackson. tFront Rowj: Ray Hoyt, Bob Yoder, Gary Papsadero, Bob Potter, Robbie Schneider, Chuck Byer, John Struble, Gordon Weisenberg. tSecond Rowy: Don Burgard, Byron Lindholm, Roger Kruse, James Woodcock, Perry Hines, Bill Todd, Dan Velander, Rick Robinson, Doug Lindley. PROFIT THROUGH... The Jay Vee basketball team, coached by Mr. Gary Jackson, finished the season with a 9- I3 overall record. While participating in league play, the Jay Vee squad displayed the qualities ofa sound ball club. TheJayVee leaguemembers were in close competition, and the outcome was usually decided bya few points. Talented per- formers included Byron Lindholm, Chuck Byers, John Struble, Captain Don Burgard and Danny Ve- lander. Four differentboys were used at the guard position, all of them performing well. This year's Jay Vee team worked well as a unit, and with a little more teamwork this cropof boys could com- pose a real PIL title contender. Varsity prospects for next year's squad are plentiful, with the many fine basketball players on this squad. When asked about this year's team, Coach Jackson stated that he felt the team would be ready for tough competition their senior year. He recognised that here was good material, and that a promising group was coming up. 15 4 Byron Lindholm executes jump-shot over frustrated defender. Paul Rueck, Mike Parker and Darrell Coe fight for rebound. Franklin's Baby B-Ballers performed well dur- ing the past basketball season, finishing with a 4 win and 6 loss record. The freshman quintet was an exciting team to watch because the games were filled with action and unusual performance. Mr. Holt used his two platoon system with compar- itively good results. Sparkplugs ofthe Frosh squad were Darrel Cox, Art Wold, and Bob shields. The freshman squad was blessed with a definite height advantage over their cityopponents. Rebounding strength and baclcboarcl control were two maior at- tributes of the Frosh team. Several of these boys will form the nucleus forCoach Jackson's Jay Vee basketball team next year. lt is hoped by our basket ball coaches that these freshmen continue their competative spirit throughout their remaining high school years. ENDEAVUR AND EXPERIENCE,... fl-'rant Rowj: Mike Parker, Paul Rueck, Darell Coe, Mike Casciato, Mike Varnell, Joe Ell, Carlos Becerra. fSecond Rowj: Steve Cuile, Jim Ritter, Doug Clark, Art Wold, Bob Shields, Ric Long. fThird Rowj: Roger Roisom, Dale McElhaney, Mike Barton, Wayne Sharkey, Chris Keller, Dave Buell, Roger Moore. ' it ,- 3 gf-J:-.f L.: , " W v gs., Qlfront Rowj: George An Dyke, Anthony Huie, jimi-iyland, Rick Candland, G1ennHarding, Ron Thompson, Doug Thompson. QSecond Rowj: Wayne Anderson, Ron Hoover, Greg Drais, Mike McMurry, Randy Kleeman, Art Luschenko, Ken Bolder, Coach Burri. AND GAIN THE... Spectator interest in high school wrestling has increased greatly in the last few years as has the proficiency of high school wrestling teams. This was clearly demonstrated by coach Jack Burri's varsity grapplers. Putting together a season's re- cord of5 wins, 4 losses, and I tie, the Quaker matmen defeated Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Cleveland and Roosevelt. Highlighting the season with the city wrestling meet at Grant High, as varsity and Jay Vee mat- men attempted to gain berths in the state tourna- ment. Franklin was well represented as Ken Bolder took lst in the heavyweight division, Ron Thomp- son 2nd in the l36 lbs. class, Greg Drais 3rd atl48 lbs., and George AnDyke 4th in the 98 lbs. class. Ken and Ron represented Franklin at state. Quick reactions, physical strength, and men - tal alertness are displayed by the wrestlers as they endeavor to defeat their opponents by pinning them or gaining a decision on points. Ron Thompson manuevers into pinning position. 9: , A , , '- ' A 3. H ' ' .. -""" K N A . I -ff' W xv: , ' W f A 9018 . K """"' Q ' ' I ' , V , . John Savory avoids being rolled over into a pinning position. SATISFACTION 0F A... A -,S:1.!l'i-:.:i1fVv i ga. .- . .1 1 pg s'.n'-f1",..f' Q ' . .. . . .- wx ,.-a'iiW ' - l l A . A A 1 ...Qu .. +- Swpgyg . . W 1 12 - A . .'',',',:',i'T'1"13'1'1Sf'?f2.1 fFront Rowj: Caryl-lathaway, Claude DesCeorge, Wa11yCage, EricMoffitt, Narey Tobino, Dave Rutan, Jay Hopkins, Steve Lieb, John Savory, MikePond. fSecond Rowj: jimMcDanie1s, DavidMox1ey, Ron Doyle, Doug Lee, Marshall Short, Dave McFarlane, Bill Piland, john Marino, Larry Foster. 157 fx' V -fx 1' ,- W ,VF " 4: V, .J-' Q , .J " ' 4-PE 'N-inf . X A ,,,,,,............-.- if A.. , + M, x .V, , fi Y 7' i"v:x .-.-.,,, f f ,,... ...D X I X VA x, X, A WA 5' 1 f ' x wwf! 'EY -.. ' is N M , X ' X 7 A t Q ' wg Sig ma? 'gg Q Q2 2-.. A V A - E5 Q C! Q ' ' f A . ,- -Z . ,.g,, QFront Rowj: Ron Piahlak, Willard Bridges, Cary Carnemolla, Randy Oxford, jon Ruddell, Floyd Francetich, Steve Kelter, Mike Buchanan, Mike Peck, Monty Lee. fSecond Rowj: Terry Lewis, Dave Ellis, John Purins, Dave Dexter, Paul Schwartz, Larry Pauli, Steve Gore, Gregg Haloonev, Kevin jones, Everett Anderson, Ed Casciato. fBack Rowj: jerry McEwen Lee Trautman, Dick Garvin, Steve Hofer, Frank Vaughn, Dave Austin, Randy Hille, Ken Brown, Randy Bishop, Tony Weston, Randy Miller, Coach Davis. JOB WELL DONE. Franklin's freshman wrestlers, coached by Mr. Gale Davis, demonstrated their ability and deter- mination as they fashioned a 2nd place finish and a lOwin, 2 loss, ltie record in the Frosh grappling league. Pacing the lst year wrestlers were John Rudell who lost only l match the entire season, Kevin Jones and Floyd Francetich. These grapplers, along with the rest of the Baby Quakers, claimed lst place in the Freshman lnvitational tournamentat Grant, where they de- Feated the Madison, Marshall and Grant Frosh teams. Tony Weston attempts to pin his opponent, as referee begins his count. 160 The Quaker rally performs one of its routines during half-time at a basketballgame. The promotion of spirit at Franklin's football and basketball games was left in the capable hands of the Quaker rally squad. Devoting much of their after-school time to practicing their routines, the rally members provided half-time entertain- ment as well as encouraging spiritand sportsman- ship among their fellow Quakers. The rally squad consisted of Linda Stucki, Gloria Goetz, Chris Walsh, Vicki Ellenwood, Debbie Vasile, and Barbara Webb. These girls were later joined by Dave Stone and Ed Rioseco for the Basketball season. Linda Stucki, the only senior girl member, was elected president of the group by the other members. As President, Linda continuely started yells of encouragement when the going got rough for the team. ENTHUSIASTIC RALLY GlRLS,... Kneeling: Linda Stucki, Gloria Goetz. Standing: Dave Stone, Chris Walsh, Vicki Ellenwood, Debbie Vasile, Barbara Webb, Ed Rioseco. l6l X , , f., ff. . A 4 5 S I 'E Ar' a . W , 5 ' I u 'l 8 5 , 5.2 A A . Q K E l X? A Q v "' Q 1 A 1 .3 K. 4,156 X 5 ,Y I' I X' ki f i 0 2 mm. 3 - -!'4"vn. . ..,, 'S aiiflwp .... 1rvxm.,A,,, f-"-'M-. va. ...WW , fx A 'qt ... ww" 347, H 'mul ms rd. , -af D A y M, A xi r K - :jg . f 3 f 2 ' 5 . f 1 Q :f'5.,::1 ft.. , P f , W ,, ' .V 3 X 1' ' ':- 4 ,Q Q, f ,GK . IB' .A ,, .3 . 5.5.3 , ,malt ik- , Q5-,gy 1 ,bible ma. ff !"', ' ljrrf' nufaq Q89 x Ham' , an H1 ull? . Plgxn' egg!! y.i,v9, ,, A muff I 2' -4.4.v 'ix V,,l',,'Ak -A Hag,- v.. Q ' F, 24' 3,4 E 5 4 2 . , W J' S r, iffy ,N ,, M 3 Q "f 0 ire 4? f'6',f fQ Q, 5' SE"wiff?g" ""'iSx"' ' Q' 34 .tr W U 9 - 9V.. N,,, ala.. 59---9 -1, f V'-if-Mags! if 1,5 3 -f if Q Q Q 1,1 wx A E kv Q ,. Q .X 4? . als . 4655 qi, 5 1 6 ., V, , Q ,. . ' -A - . . gf . U V V ' -V 4 4 arse 'Q Q ' tFront Rowj: Glenn Caniparoli, Antoine Cotton, jim Poole, Richard Frantllla Gary Papsadero, Elmer Davis, N Rick Gibson, Bob Hay, Dick Jewell. fSECOX1d Rowj: Terryjacobsen Alanl-lowell, ClarkGr1ff1th, EdG1anett1, Jo Bill Tilch, jerry Brown. fThird Rowjz Coach Scheele, Ron Earnest, 11ml-Ieiman, M1ke Petrarca, John Gallucci, ler, Ivan Wong, Dale Monroe, Doug Postlewaite, Charles DQFIT, Ron McClenahan fFourth Rowj Walt Haclcn Anacker, Kirk Temple, Rick Parrish, Frank Sweeney, Ken Bolder Dick Beswick, Bob Lovlien Kevin Rorke, GOOD SPURTSMANSHIP... Witha fine cropofreturning lettermen, Frank- lin cindermen had strength in almost every event. This year's squad was paced by H.S. AAU 60 yard high hurdle champ Elmer Davis. Elmer gained this honor for his performance in the Oregon Invita- tional Track Meet at the Memorial Coliseum. Several underclassmen dotted the varsity line- up. A lack of depth in most events proved to be a determining factor when the final points were tallied. As Mr. Scheele has previously stated, he wants his teams to meet the toughest competition possible because he contends that if they don't have stiff competition, they won't improve. Franklin entered the city meetwith high hopes, but these hopes were thwarted as the other teams proved too much, and Franklin finished low in the final city standings. Besides the dual and trian- gular meets thatare regularly scheduled, the city relays are important meets from which the thin- clads qualify for the state meet. 1 X - , . 2 :M,n. ',.:. 4 af., ' kwwww , , I , , w'eg.ea'..,.,,g W Q , Wffgfeiw foiiaiiiisilzsswwmw- W., f A' ' , ,,. . .Q ' ' Hmm .,,,.,.....f4,.m:::eem ww t, .. f' .. . .f. A..-. .' 3!" . w. sw-A-N2 0 Wm' ,ga 1 ,5:,,....-v,i. I -Af' ,. ., J A , ' 'N' ' .,:..'3:,g yr., . f L-Zf5":'3fj:" ' 'gQ14 t1"fX'q 2. vx ,, ffzafftf ' A if W V221 X ' f gg- by W-vslwimczzmsuxnswxzf ,L Vt , , A. , m,..,,.. , fi .' Elmer Davis, Fran.k1in's champion hurdler, e ni. f. e Q 1. T-- .,. 2 i,..,j.4 v 9' X N 'gg'-qua ,.,.v-af Q F, -- an 'Xas-ur ' 1353 .""'. .Q 'vs 'W Q at Q fFirst Rowj: Dean Bassinger, jeff O1-este, Anthony Huie, Mike McDow, Jay Hopkins, Dave Moxley. fSecond Rowl Ken Hall, johnStrub1e, Steve Massie, Dale Webb, Steve Hinseley, joelones, Mike McMurry. fThird Rowj: Terry Malsie Ken Bolder, John Gallucci, Marshall Short, jim Barnes, Steve Rankin. l IS LEARNED... The Junior Varsity track squad boasted fine, all-around powerwith many well-executed talents in the running and field events. Their perfor- mance was somewhat hurt in several of these be- cause a few of the top Jay Vee performers were competing on the varsity level. There was o lack of participation in several events. This year's team showed fine depth, whereas the varsity squad lacked here. The cindermen, coached by Mr. Marty Bergan, look forward to the city relays, which are considered to be the highlight of the season. The city "B" relays held annually atMadison, exclusively for teams, give the cindermen a chance to competeagainst some of the better track squads in the city. ln a relay meetof this nature, a com- plete team effort is needed rather than great per- formances by iust one or two individuals. The trackmen are refining skills which will be an important asset in later competition. Ken Bolder gains momentum prior to hurling the discus 166 The freshman track team of I966 was one of the best track teams to participate for Franklin in quite a few years. The frosh tracksters walked over 4 teams before the city relays came along and the Franklin Quakers placed third, l V2 points out ofsecond place. Oneof the outstanding performers was Lee Trotuman who was undefeated in two events, the 440 and the 880, Mike Var- nell, another outstanding performer, showed a heave 47' 4". Bob Shields did not lose compe- tition in the high jump, with a season best of 5I 7ll The rising importance of track and field com- petition has been shown through the continuing improvement of the city's prep cindermen. lt is no longer unusual to have records broken, as was evidenced by the fine efforts of the baby tracksters . Franklin's hopes for track success was bolstered considerably by the showing of this year's squad. Freshman Mike Vamell clears pole vault bar with ease. THROUGH COMPETITION. QA ,Q .., .. . 35+ '3 . fFront Rowj: Steve High, jerry McQueen, Roddy Bolnd, Bob Ruddell, Sterling Stromberg, Mike Buchanan, Chet McClure, Ierry Sunseri, Nick Gattuccio, Dick Darby. lSecond Rowj: Randy Miller, Steve Gore, Mike Balch, Mike Parker, joe Heu- ckert, Mike Varnall, Jon Jensen, Floyd Francetich, Dave Pierce, Lee Trautman. QThird Rowj: Coach Hewitt, Cliff Aal- berg, Bob Dhields, Bill Piland, Paul Rueck, Bob Penning, Greg Halverson, Ed, Casciato, Gary Schlickeiser, Tony Weston. fBack Row tc Art Wold, Mike Barton, Gray Keller, Tom Massie, Mike Gunter, Mike Gosney, Larry Slover, Dave McFarlane. 167 l'. 4-Q. ' 4 an rvh ,Q . r ,.,..',f , , .ivy a-, ".,,, .3 . W ,..,- -Q.. . , Q - . , Y xv NJ ...gff avg um 1 fiww .g"'l?'QM .1 ws-gg.. SCL... i. .f .K ri 9 , 'O' Rx, 5. UG: "'9gH'?Q"!'9X gif,- . b L .MLK Y ' 1' Y if fg- A2 s L'.11i'9' 1' . , . ?""7' 2 g. ' 'S' , ' 344. ' 3 ' X ax". , 1 1. "viii ig ' -kd. 1 .fy A , gi f' , Y, X A . 1 was W zap... , E. .5 g .. x rg , ,jf-i , rv .gli 'Qi' , Ngwyff- 2 Q s,.,,g2, ,ii "Erma fit? ' jirgfgx 'F' W-K "Y Q 4 " : Hs.-if" -cl ."41.rf X' Q Q ' -Y 42 ' , liv+QQs:f,,x,e: R " I ,F .gifs 3 ef' V , 'Q , W tw V 3:1 5. --be .44 ' ,wg . h Qs. wr-"'4 v-4. R' f fn 2 4. is i osite Pa e- fTop1eftj: The camera cat es Bo Lovlien in thejavelin event during the dual track meet with Grant. fBottom lefty: Bruce Miller is shown during the shot put competitom. QTop rightj: Alan!-Iowell keeps pace with a Grant thinclad in one of the distance events. fBottom rightj: Elmer Davis shows his form in the highhurdles on his way to a new school record. This Pa e- fTopj: Ivan Wong exerts tremengous effort in the broad jump. fMidd.lej: Bob Lovlien clears 5'4" in the high jump. fBottomj: Mike Mc- Dow goes over the bar in the pole vault. Q Gi :fi-S a my QFront Rowj: john Yoder, Bob Potter, Scott Shankland, Steve Schmere, john Acton, Larry Nudelman, Steve Hawthome. fSecond Rowj: Coach jackson, Gary Volz, Mike Bush, Ralph Reisbeck, Ric Soderberg, Don Hicks, Mike DeAngelo, Glenn Harding, Darrell Bowen. fThird Rowj: john Payne, joe Goodale, Bob Carnes, Rick johnson, Dan Velander, Sam Hanna, Wayne Carlson. ATHLETIC PRUWESS... Franklin's varisty diamond men, coached by Gary Jackson, were picked at the beginning of the season to finish 3rcl in a close race for the co- veted PIL crown. This trophy has been in Madi- son's hands for the last five years. The hopes of the team for a fine baseball season were consid- erably dampened, however, when the Quakers dropped their first four league contests. Franklin's players were as powerful as any team in the city, as far as hitting was concerned, with weak defense being their Achilles Heel. Plagued by errors during the beginning of thesea- son, the Q-men didn't get a good enough start to be real title contenders. The varsity batmen face a rugged schedule as they play a game every school day that there is no rain. Franklin's hitting attack was placed by Bob Carnes, Joe Goodale and Ric Johnson. Top notch pitchers were Gary Volz, Ric Johnson, and Ron Stefani. The many juniors on this year's squad should lay groundwork for a good team next year. The Franklin bench listens attentively to Coach Jackson. 170 Danny Trinci moves in to Snag fly ball. The iunior varsity baseballers displayed all- around balance as in the early season going they compiled a 2 win, l loss record, as well as a tie game with Washington which was called because of darkness. They exhibited a sound pitching staff with three starters and two relief hurlers. The batmen displayed depth at all positions, as they had two players at each of the eight infield and outfield spots. ln their first few games, the diamondmen encountered a little trouble with hitting, but the potential is there fora strong hit- ting squad. Coach Nelson schools the "9" in the basic skills of hitting and fielding, with attention also given to the advanced phases of the game. These players are conditioning and preparing themselves for competition on the varisty level. The boys' talent and ability to play "heads up" baseball are developed as the players strive to gain honor and recognition for Franklin. WITH ITS SWEET TASTE... iFront Rowy: Robert Itami, Bob Yoder, Danny Trinci, Rowj: Ernie Cavelli, jim Nelson. Q '23 Dale South, Rudy Casciato, john Cavagna, George AnDyke, Ray Hoyt, Bob Gross. iSecond Rowj: Terry Carr, Byran Schmidt, Greg Nelson, Doug Lambert, Leon Koistinen, Dennis Tell. fTl1.ird Woodcock, Rick Robinson, Mike Pond, Dennis Manner, Curtis Gustafson, Lynn Swann, Coach 'x 'g , - -1 x xx x x Q -u., XXV ,pr-3, ,X ,, . , , 1 X ,V Cy 5 , - A j q fm -- ..,, Lf..,..,- - f 'W'-1'-a.'2igW" . 'mwaex ' I rf rx zwjgqfyirsl mis. 4 Y www 35f4f"-fex'f?fMf?'., Q,-f'AA'jYg,,,LE,ff.,g j N41 I ' - .fww-,,1yW:gg1,,. L- 4 .,-..x-,WV K,,,.A -V V 3, A .,--My ,a,,..,..f - L.,'c.,Q,..,f, 0 -,N Q- 1 hifi-31J5f?'L4f41f-vfgf E310 W' f:T'.'fr 1' 'gg '-'Hf.i.'-i'3f?,?j"M L 3' 1,,. ' ,S A 5, iflfiurf 1 Q ,-'QU ,. ggywi . AM., NA, .g - ,Q Q , J53,-ftw 'f '+ '71 ' -'uw' .1 . , -' . -4 " - 'Av W .. '. fi qc. 'V , A , arf-.f-"'-4 . W ' 1 '55 . Q. 'wvv 4 ', uf, gn, , Q f i' ' .4 1 .1 ,,.rb gf' rf. ggnrw 4 ' fr, I ' s ,. ,, W, ,1 1 1 f ,f ,,. 1 ni. 4 4 1 1 a tray, A dl ni Viv-I V .5 -'ii s,ff.. ---gg . . ii, --,L ,- r, ,.,.v3,.. Qfx-"12ib','f3 N, . M-g.,. g g + f.g,1,.. ,Hg 5r'f'.'Y , p 8 f'?'i?'f ,Ls . , Q 2' '54 fi? -. ff , .i 1.1, 9444 -Qi-4 Q - i A ,,...r,, 1 Qgposite Pageg QTop lefty: JoeGooda1e raps a single to right field. fMidd1e leftj: Glenn Harding rounds third base onhis way to a Quaker score. QBottom leftj: Dan Velander rares back to fire afastball. fTop rightj: Wayne Carlson takes apitch low and outside. fBot1:om rightj: Ric Soderberg takes catcher-'s throw in cutting down a Madison base steal attempt. This Pageg fTopj: Ric Soderberg chases downa enator base runner. fMidd1ej: Scott Shankland lunges after an infield fly. Uiottomjz Glenn Harding streaks across first base as the David Douglas first baseman stretches for the throw. , , QFxont Rowj: Mike Casciato, Darrell Coe, Doug Wolfe, joe Ell, Carlos Becerra, Steve Kletzel, john Else. QSecond Rowy: Steve Guile, Kevin jones, Bob Marshall, Dave Pattee, Gary Fleming, Steve Beck, Randy Bishop, Randy Kleeman. lThird Rcwj: Frank Demagoleki, Doug Clark, Jim Ritter, Mike Giandomenico, Bob Otey, Roger Roisom, Rick Long. fBack Rowlr Mr. Buckeiwicz, john Cooper, Dave Snyder, Wayne Sharkey, Dan Mclilhaney, Don Loomis, Loren Hamar. UF VICTORY... Our baby baseball club picked up two quick opening season wins due to thefine pitching oftheir mound staff. Paced by the hurling of pitchers Dan McElhaney and Don Loomis, the frosh picked up two victories from their Washington and Roosevelt opponents. These freshmen played six games in a rathershort season. Outstanding offensive players were Roger Roisom, Players displaying were Dave Synder, and Rick Long. ln their first game, the Franklin diamondmen thrased Washington 6-3. ln the second game the Frosh Q-men shutout Roosevelt l-O behind the lO strikeout pitching of Dan McElhaney. Coach Buckiewicz was pleased with the re- sults exhibited by his squad. The freshman team displayed fine all around offensive and defensive prowess. These boy's ability will be put to good use on the varsity ball club in the future years to anchor Franklin's entry into the race for the PIL baseball championship. Don Loomis, and Dave Synder. outstanding defensive talent Dan Mclilhaney, Robert Otey T 17 4 Darrell Coe prepares to field ground ball. T ..A7'?'3ii2"fQ5f 511.533 gg lMor1ey Custafsson forehands an opponent's serve, l l l I . .f 3556?-f :gg 1 T 'Q ' rifeirgzryf Q - - 55f'f'Tf gif? ' 3 . Q, -.t 'f'..f.:s ,V The Franklin girls' tennis team, which suffered from the loss of three top players through grad- uation last year, spent the year gaining valuable experience in PIL competition. During this build- ing season Miss Piper, the girls' coach, instructed the girl netters in the more advanced phases of league matches. Sparked by senior Morley Gustafsson, the girls put together a record of 2 wins and 3 losses in theirfirst five matches. Morley, Jane Miller, and Nancy Burkenbine formed the squad's singles rep- resentatives, while the doubles were played by Ria Wheeler and Peggy Prusak, plus Carolyn Pe- trone and her partner Kathy Brost. The girls' tennis program lacks somewhat in enthusiasm because many girls are too busy to par- ticipate. lf they did, however, they would find that the program would benefit them as well as the school. Tennis is one of three competative sports offered to Franklin girls. T AND ACCUMPLISHMENT... QFront Rowj: Barbara High, Rea Wheeler, Carolyn Petrone, Nancy Burkenbine. fBack Rowj: Chris Greer, Peggy Prusak. Jane Miller, Morley Gustafsson, Cathy Brost. 175 This year's tennis season saw triumph for Frank- lin's fine tennis team which demonstrated its abil- ity in dominating the tennis circuit. Starting out the season, the Quaker courtmen overwhelmed their first 5 opponents, the results were a 5-0 vic- tories over Marshall, a pair of 3-2 victories at the expense of Madison and Washington and 5-O white washings of Benson and Roosevelt. This year's team was considered to have some of the best tennis players that Franklin has had in com- petition. The leading Franklin tennis player was Dick Henry,who was followed byJim Lau and Ron Bron- leewe. Other members who compose the varisty entry are Hank Tomlinson and Ron Hoover on one double's team,and Ron and Doug Thompson on the other double's team. Out of the seven starters For the Quaker netters, six ore seniors which in- dicate that next year's team, in all probability, will go through a building season. COMES ONLY TO THOSE... -504 'll Qlfront Rowj: Ron Bronleewe, Ron Thompson, Ron Hoover, Doug Thompson john Olson Coach Mabry fBack Rowj Marsh, Hank Tomlinson, Dick Henry, Greg Sievers, jim Lau. 17 QD Boys' Golf Team: fl-'ront Rcwj: Len Haag, Bruce Bauder, Brian Belt, Gary Booth, Ken Weberg, Del Brown, Randy jackson. Second Rowy: Roger Kruse, Ed Sheets, Coach Fleming, Marty Christensen, Gib Hargraves, Mike Special, Danny Wright. WHU DESERVE... XJ Golf Team: April Whitley, Dyann Dyer, Gloria Bennett, Carol Bradshaw, Kari Stanley. 177 iff? on : V ' - X ,1 , ' J J .. , " Q3 Q A ' - 1 5 Q W1 ' P, f ' f ' ' f X ' . ,V ,, A ,,, .af " 75' ', ffif 'fb -,fig 1213 fig 4 , fi . -- :flu f.. Gr mg, i'm5'2v.,:'Ma LJ' 'k"1'x""'v 'Y liz, :..:q,,xcl -5. :,1vi-E-Ryxfin P ,"'. L' Y11'v N.-'f s. -liigfw: is lrgm- gs' 1 -it-W his :Q hz 'fl S.. 595 4: if l-T. Qs. Sam Hanna - Football, 131: Team A11- joe Goodale - Football, 1st Team All- john Acton - Football, 3rd Team A11- State Center, 1st Team All-City Center, State End, 1st Team All-City End. State Guard, 1st Team All-City Guard THE ACCULAIJES... 906 pn l . f . f W SteveHawthorne-Football, 2ndTeam Antoine Cotton - Football, 2nd Team Bruce Miller - Football, 2nd Team A11-City Back, KRDR Player of the A11-City Guard, All-City Tackle. Year. Erik Utterstrom - Football, 1st Team Bob Hubbard- Swimming, 2nd in A11-City Back. Diving Competition. 1 , , A f ,, ,, .. ,, , ,,., ffm, EEF? .H- .., Q..- Af.. .. - Bob Carnes - Basketball, 4th Team Rick Putnam - Basketball, Sth Team Ken Bolder-Wrestling, lstP1ace Heav- All-City Guard. All-City Guard. yweight City Tournament. UF CHAMPIONSHIP. I Ron Thompson - Wrestling, 2nd Place, Greg Drais - Wrestling, 3rd Place, 148 George AnDyke - Wrestling, 4th Place, 136 lbs. , City Tournament. lbs. , City Tournament. 98 lbs. , City Tournament. FRANKLIN ALL STARS Davis - Track, 1stP1ace, 60yard hurdles, Oregon Invitational Track 179 Mnaxt Nor . , V . INS btw mm lcnoupnp 5109, Hn.: ijcac . I Mf,L.,1Q,+n.h3 evumiwi WMV w,y.1y,,,,-.3 Q i hope! we. 'ADNL ydabhhfj rHc.uasMfp. Tim-5 Yecw Mag been Q-.,,W.mzd, CMN of QxU'4,,'ij duke ? adwlaes 3 Ill ulwcjg rem.zmb.2,,- UYM ,K-5 Xurxaf f'9a.d-lookfml -bm1L1c.- " cf YQYUA5, llxerc'..0,rL So wvww-3 Umngs 'xv remember - TDK Soup af Nktxg Bughgjlivflelf- 'Hug lp-old -C,-,Od ak -LMC 2010013 Ccmagf- Niqlqiw- 60.45 aldbrhgn' 'frq-JS 'IQ NWW-MV710LHli61lAl --Cop5- , dwxdx Pelle, Nr, 'Qw.r-'H , Q . 'QILTV Sm, MAS4, Worn rdazfLSsUAl!5-' f D Xfvvx unhx kqxckfwxg-1 LUG-dl had auf Mp5 dougtxs , hui L hope, 4hQ, fe-V51 of WIC lccux Rs wk My MM. ff-'QM phvwcg'-M075 M43 +l'lQv -CLAML lox-mg 'Fung fjavw pgvmci-Llowapg .lr1C9PfuAC5, VYNLQQ1 vjcrm meow' Pun auf of Si!-lik r'Vla4-CRES' YVIL17 Yun MMU Plcnliful Cams 0-4 AWNCDOK Cfccpfvlf-E", You-c,KA-Qfzlp-WCA! :ww Nlg,,kf fjflf games UL, g9KufjM,N W.-HN lwmd QLUQQK Lubes 2 DCU-Affkfi, Suki EMIS. 'vnemm buf' cfm. kMiwc5 -fl mv Uxxuilf-15 luljrk xloum 3Qwf1L... v' fiuiv xywx MU5"f M Publi, 1-mlb Om XIOMF bilixvucvvx wsmblvw "'L'vYf '5'YW'5M'.'lj bm.Lj5QlIig lowje pu '-Inv.. gawk :yup xnrPuxLL5,Hom,D um I war Q-orjci' -She, 4,,'c.1cAkef -Fad Pclfcwrren 1,960 RMK -HM f-0.'h,mg, +0 meefgu' 1-M055 eqanl'-fax Guzvnfvm 5 Luc. dvakra, u.u.QwvuL- U,C,,oqu-Jw! wpmc, lo jc, or los+ dub Pansy-f wx -fair jiafb of Clwmew UWM' bhmk HM, QJQML, JVYIP W2--Wm SUNY' Some , Sifomfelfb LUH-lfx 3,1 y , , z . Q j QUAD Mlebfaed s'lQiz4q1'YN KW0'i""3MM'Jf wa' KOQW' Sufvweck F' H' 5 SMUAHVXII 'MRS IVIMMAJCK5 Jjfnefkl C.,Y'kLlCK QjCpu,1M'l'llL'l'X of I will Cl,m,5LcQ-gp ,,0Q4vx255 -I S.,w+2., wifi Your VVIO4-7711 '5UP135f',' M0114 'Fha 1 L,xM 4+ Q uA. + +m C1.O.MF. '2Mfw - I WW MH MPN aw Cwvxfl lmpcyif Com :never QU' you LNUU3 VVHMV' 41" 'wwf 514-Hlwabwucv IHIAAUQY mgam .LU mil Dpufd, Cmxvurc bfnvxjfg 36101 0+ Inav Jowai. QXLQMQ QMWU 'cw' dk- 'QRKULUXQVQ 5'UW'V"'-mf 'QCD' E422 3 N. .L Cmvx 5-HH Yhflxffwxfpgv Q,Qt'xCYl6Uv'lV and, of our FYI!-Xl-E 'Qv'r6vxd3 7 f wmmlol 50, mf m me mm: -IM HWMP MG'ffW'f- gf-,2,4,iiH-ll'lX vxeufv' UkvKole.:Xlcw16l LIOLU we,PIcx71eci Q4 50 fUUL- '- I SLLLUUI Iovci. V14X+Q 5 LQAQ , VVXRAQ lx! Cb0,'D5"5 Lfjuiflf 177 N . , -L' x f page I5 gkvggleoclufl Sd ,LX 05,1-Y A' Show'-I-.,, ljmbf UQQV1-f fc 56. xfavfdt ualdaol A Xo cg lfW'f9P'W55 419 M' Wwlckil KWMCTLICK L0 um w.4+MoUA-bib 'W YM M15 by Wffi mm Mmm 115-M e.-ncfk Spwvbhivxu TA Your Imifelp L11."HfX fob C+ lov-.vw mmif 35 ,WC - f-,J 'gill UQLL LUQLU Lf ox, LEQMVNYX lq'3J,Hq,3 V2 l,,Ql1,L,lx5lMl3 Civ lblbl MCQV M3 4 li 01 NOW! 1 K 3 4 K X gf Qdkxlxfx -..- .- 0 W 2 Ny NW on W M 25 FROM THE FIRST NOTES... A high school band has many activitiesduring a school year. Ours is no exception. Being a memberof FHS Band requires more than iust going to the band room first period each day. In the band itself there are two groups thatplay at the basketball games. One is the Pep Band, which has twenty-five members and the other is the Dance Band consisting of only ten members. "Dance Band" is actually a misnomer now. This group, originally formed to play at student dances, no longer functions in that capacity be- cause of the popular combos. Along with providing spirit at the games, the Band performed at theWinter and Spring Concerts and the Biennial City-Wide Band Festival. An unusual request this year was to help in the ded- ication ofa new United States Post Office. Raising money for the new band uniforms filled out any spare time the members had. Ten thous- and dollars is needed to attain the goal of one- hundred new uniforms. Dan Haapala leads the Pep Band in a popular song during the half time intermission. 182 BAND 1Front Rowj: Trudi Yonge, Vicki Adams, Nita Riddle, Susan ltami, Sylvia Hillesland, Judy Lynn, Susan Clover, Susan Schmeer, Marilyn Prosch, Meredith Oxford, JoAnn jewett, Mickey Miller. 1Second Rowj: Virginia Brown, Katie Hol- land, Virginia Riddle, Beverly Wood, Mary Grauer, Mary johnson, Margaret Rueck, David Stone, Ray Bennet, Steve Baer, Ron Peters. fThird Rowj: Larry Ruddell, Beverly Bon- ner, Steve Hofer, Randy Weiizel, Mike Rankin, Don Taylor, Dean Taylor. QFourth Rowl: Bill Gander, Marshall Short, ju- dy Walker, Sally Wamer, Frank Conner, john McCubbrey, Ken Hall, Greg Sievers, Vance Putman, Dan Graham, Rod Hamilton. QFifth Rowj: Dan Taylor, Cliff Anderson, Phil Baldino, Clarence Edwards, George Hill, Steve Comella, Bill Siem, jack Ellis, Karl Kruger, Art Miller, Harold Poujade, Bill Poppino, Mark Fleming, Dave Lindemuth. 1Back Rowj: jim Carnes, Larry Moore, George E. Pancheau, Mike MCDOW, Cliff Nail, Dick Garwin, Tom Bernard, Dick Henry, Gary Volz. HEARD IN SEPTEMBER... Majorettes: Sandy Comella, Carol Fuglee, Susan Bennett. Drum Major Dan Haapala. 183 X . 1. 53-ya- e il Ax . , ,rpg . 4- THRUUGH MONTHS UF. . . The formal counterpart of the Band is the Or- chestra. Most members attend orchestra one per- iod each day along with practices twice each week at 8:00 in the morning. The reason for morning practice is thotsome members oforchestra arealso members of band and cannot attend both classes. Weeks of practice and rehearsal preceded the orchestra's appearance in the Thanksgiving assem- bly, which was their First performance of the sea- son. Later in the school year, although somewhat hampered by an epidemic of influenza which was responsible for the absences of many of its musi- cians, the orchestra represented Franklin in the High School Orchestra Festival, a city-widecon- test. Soon after this, the instrumentalists heralded our May Fete Queen in her special assembly, pro- viding a stately processional forthe court's appear- ance. The last maiorappearanceof Franklin's or- chestra, instructed and directed by Mr. Pancheau, was in the spring Fine Arts Festival. Photographer captures an unusual view of the orchestra. 184 ORCHESTRA fFront Rowjz Jeanette Munger, Art Lushenko, Diane DesBri- say, Alana Eckert, Ardelle Jacobson, Donna Wolff, Harriet Carlson, Carolyn Hansen, Virginia Murphy, Sylvia Hillesland. QSecond Rowj: Phyllis McIntosh, Cliff Samuelson, Barbara Copko, Joan Lundgren, Ruth Payne, Susan Bennett, Jim Wi- rich, Marilyn Prosh, Susan Schmeer, Kay Johnston, David Austen, David Garvin, Margaret Rueck. f'l"hird Rowj: Mary Zahnter, Gail Simmons, Delores Thompson, Judy Johnson, Ray Hoyt, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Eide, Rebbeca Mohr, Phil Baldino, Shirley Dobbie, Marshall Short, Judy Walker, Bill Gander, Mary Gorsline, Lynn Swan, Chuck Palmer, Viella Harrington. QBack Rowjz Byron Lindholm, Keith Hansen, Glo- ria Bennett, Glenn Tupper, Art Miller, Jack Ellis, Bill Pop- pino, Jim Day, Dave Lindemuth, Harold Poujade, Mr. Elmer Pancheau, Mickey Miller, Dick Roth, Ron Peters, Sally War- ner. STUDY AND REHEARSAL,. . . incur e -fa... I I W H-- fwfr., Mr Pancheau conducts orchestra during concert. 185 M cha.. - -- -4 50.1- ,-44n95a QFront RowJ: Gail Goldsby, Rita Blair, Sharon Kruger, Diane Burcar, Diane Miller, Wanda Fowler, Linda McBroom, Linda Nesmith, Linda Bales, Judy Wirrick, Kathy Bacon, Teresa Namba, Janet Dambach. fSecond Rowj: Janet Dobry, Pam Ty- ler, Sandy Snider, Jackie Strauss, Sharon Sullivan, Pat David, Bev Vinson, Jeanette Popp, Cherri Crosby, Linda Luin, Car- oline Moore, Esther Taylor, Susan Jewell, Susan Ball, Bonnie Westerberg, Judy McDow, Jill Burgett, Lael Jones, Barbara Hanson. f'T'hird ROWJ: Martha Weiler, Barbara Spurlock, Judy Romine, Robbianne Green, Sheryl Bartel, Brenda Waldrop, Nancy Ofvings, April Whitley, Jody Hatch, Carol Huck, Kathy Dietz, Sharon Monner, Roberta Paladie, Sharon Wells, Lin- da Kidwiler, Sheryl Charles, Shirley Dobbie, Gail Matthes, Sherry Rovito, Fay Currin. fFourth ROWJ: John Marino, Doug Lambert, Gary Walker, Larry Foster, Glen Caniparoli, David Thompson, Dale Johnson, Dave Bennett, Jerry Brown, Rick Shulman, Doug Tesdal, David Smith, Wayne McCubbrey, Don Delaney, Steve Mark, Mike Snider, Larry Grimes, Gerard Brosman, Bert Walker, Dan Wright. QBack Rowjz Andy Lushenko, Jim Owen, Ron Harp, Dennis Monner, Ric Soderberg, Rick Brown, John Payne, Dale Monroe, Vern Collins, Bill Crown, Harold Pouj ade, Martin Hagen, Mike Jinings, Jim Leach, Ron McClenahan, Gary Super, Mike Pond, Doug Hall, Jim Poole, George Scheidel, Jim Barnes. T0 PERFURMANCES . . . The Franklin vocal music department found it- self facing another activity-filled nine months as the school year began. The "A" Choir, under the direction of Mr. John Peery, sent several small groups and ensembles to perform at Barnes Hospi- tal in Vancouverand to the Veterans' Hospital in Portland. The choir, as in l965, filmed a Christ- mas show for KGW-TV. A tradition for obth the Hilton Hotel and the Franklin "A" Choir is their performance at the annual Christmas tree lighting festivities. The Girls' Choir, directed by Mr. John Brewer, had their biggest thrill of the year when dressed in semi-Formals, they sang for the May Fete Assembly. Other smaller vocal groups, including the Madrigal, the Carillons, the Mel, odeens, the Hi-lites, and the Boys' Double Quar- tet, found themselves ladenwith heavy schedules, performing for hospitals, and city civic groups, as well as grade schools, Dads' Club, and PTA. These opportunities afforded each singing group an experience in communicating with other peo- ple through the medium of music, the universal language. MADRIGALS: fFrontJ: Sandy Snider. fSecond ROWJ: Wanda Fowler, JillBurgett. f'l"hirdRowJ: Shery1Cl1arles, Shery1Bar- tel, April Whitley. fBack Rowj: Doug Tesdal, George Schei- del, Bill Crown, Don Delaney. 186 S, 1- -fv .8 '53 Q 'A' flvibfa QQ Zrfhaaa af f QFront Rowjz Sherry Stark, Pam Barnes, Kathy Gter, Ann Keister, Diane Sesler, Carol Munkers, Maryann Rohler, Gail Bec- ker, Dana Zink, Judy Harris, Ladine Pence, Nancy Davis, ElRae Sadring. fSecond Rowj: Linda Wilson, Karen Rouw, Sherry Dixon, Sue McNeal, Teresa Wolfe, Sandy Williams, Ilene Smith, Diane Hillard, Karen Geraci, Ronna Biggs, Jeanne Bisen- ius, Debby Capparelli, Lucille Hardy, Rosalie Snearley. fThird Rowj: Donna Hesson, Barbara Boone, Deanna Middleton, Linda Draper, Judy Kocher, Everice Brollir, Susan Darling, Sherry Whitner, Evelyn Lushenko, Kathy Rennie, Carol Monti, Florence Kraley, Virginia Tyler. QFour1:h Rowj: Delia Bacon, Diana Sergeant, Yvonne Casciato, Lesley Schreiber, Kathy Pearson, Patty Bush, Georgene Craren, Margi Harrington, Janet Hartzell, Sandy Stone, Evon McKinnon, Linda Crowell, Ellen Borschowa, Sally Warner, Elaine Elliot. UF QUALITY AND PERCEPTION,... CARILLONS: Diane Burcar, Judy Wirrick, Wanda Fowler, Shirley Dobbie, Linda Kidwiler, Jody Hatch, Robbie Green, Jack- ie Strauss, Jill Burgett. 187 MELODEENS: Carolyn Petronne, Maryann Rohler, Pam Tyler, Pat David, Susan Ball, Lani Wilson, Barbara Spurlock, Cherri Crosby, Susan Jewell, Vicki Ellenwood, Janet Dambach. OUR MUSIC GROUPS... ,A : -5 Q . M 1, --, lung - 4 . in f ' I.-. !a.-.,-Q.. :rs-rr Y y 4. Sandie Williams, Linda Draper, Kathy Pearson, Sally Warner, Evelyn Lushinko, janet I-Iartzell, Virginia Tyler, Susan Donna I-lesson, Sylvia Hillesland. X X EY' Wg X f a Q War- M' U' xii MANNING COUNSELING fl-Tront Rowj: Carol Fuman, Kathy Gillen, Sonja Duddington. fBack Rowj: Georgene Cousins, Juelette Fadness, Barbara Yowell, Carmella Wyatt. GROUPS AND STAFFS During a high school career a student may choose to ioin one or more of the groups and staffs. If he uses an elective for this purpose he usually receives a credit. Groups which do not give cre- cit are generally a source of experience and give him a chance to be of service to his school. To become a member of a staff a student may have to ask the permission of the advisor. In some instances, he will be required to submit a written application stating his reasons for wanting to join this staff and giving his qualifications. Most staff members devote one period a day to their duties, generally using either their lunch hour or study hall. The staffs that give credit meet a certain period each day. In this case, a student may work during his study hall as well as the designated period. Being on a staff is a privilege. For those who are determined to achieve various goals it can be very rewarding. The POST and ALMANAC staffs strive to meet deadlines for the school paper and yearbook production. Other staffs provide ser- vice to both faculty and students. Working with these groups and staffs give one the opportunity to acquire experience and broaden knowledge. A person learns to work with other people. LOCKER GUARDS QFx-ont Rowj: Laura Morgan, Susan Salladay, Rea Wheeler, Rea Andrew, Pam Bigoni. fBack Rowj: Barbara High, Evon McKinnon, Barbara Webb, Lydia Martinson, D a rl e n e Little, Sheila Oesterreicher, Dyann Dyer. 190 MAIN OFFICE IFront Rowj: Sheryl Buck, Carol Smith, Sherry Wittner. 1Back Rowj: Carol Borkus, Jane Miller, Terrie Bullis. STUDENT STORE fFront Rowyz Linda Furth, Barbara Guinta, Karen Riesenman, Sharon Krueger, Chris Jensen, Melanie Bar- nett, Carole Newberg, Mrs. Miller. QBack Rowjz Debbie Long, Janice Bishop, Jeanette Popp, Carole Tyler, Susan Jewell, Janiece Carter. rf LIBRARY IFront Rowjz Diana Sesler, Mija Knight, Diana Sergeant, Marie Od- gers, Lauri Patterson. IBack Rowj: Kris Zimmerman, Laura Vice, Na- dine Bunnell, Marlene Mogus, Diaxm Hall. I . , PROJECTIONISTS fFront Rowj: Robert Cooper, Mike Bauhaus, Andy Lushenko, Curtis Cruikshank, Dennis Renish, Bob Aron- son, Roy Leyva, Bob Lingo, Dave Preisler, Gregg Nelson, Larry Miller. fBack Rowj: Mr. B. Davis, john Soles, Gordon Novak, Steve Price, Mike Rasmussen, Larry Whallon, Chance Arasmith, Larry Mole, Ron McClenahan, john Lesina, Dean Brown, Alan Penning, joe Cran, Wayne Anderson. SENIOR MOVIE fFront Rowj: Alan Woolfolk, Sharon Sullivan, Donna Ross, Vicki Marconi, Nick Hendrickson. fBack Rowl: Bob Frohwerk, Ivan Wong, john Clements, Dick Beswick, jim Knutson, Dan Roi- som. pn- Q Ie-J to Q wav 'Q-Q W 4, 'YQ L, , vw IB? .Aff 192 COUNSELING fFront Rowj: Marilyn Poppino, Phyl- lis Nylander, Lani Wilson, Gail Mat- thes. fSecond Rowj: Gae Linfoot, Becky Atkinson, Lael Jones, Evelyn Reys, Sharon Thomason, Mary Mc- Donnell. fBack Rowj: Lynette Peter- son, Linda Stradley, Barbara Peters, Donna Boyd, janet Pierce. ATTENDANCE OFFICE flfront Rowj: Gail Simmons, Kather- ine Schilthuis, Linda Russell. fSec- ond Rowj: Nita Riddle, Linda Mir- enda, Kari Stanley, Beverly Huie, Marilyn Smeraglio, Linda Nesmith. fBack Rowjx Cathy Baucom, Kathy Hayzlett, Norma Farah, Chris Bing- ham, jean Otteson, Teresa Namba, Vonnie Thomas. 4 n 1 J 2 C! . . , BOOK ROOM fFront Rowj: Everice Brolliar, Den- iece Cruikshank, Duane Bigoni,Nancy Benton, Susan Ritter. fBack Rowj: Connie Tipton, Darlene Greenough, Barb Pierce, Pam Barnes, Margie Braseco. STUDENT CAFETERIA fFront Rowj: Judy Kocher, Linda Dra- per, Wayne Anderson, Larry Mullen, Lanan Louie. fBack Rowj: Sharon Willimont, Linda Fillman, jim Pat- terson, jerry Goss, Pat Purdy, Ron McC1enahan, Carol Smith, Nadine Bunnell. QFront Rowj: Sandy Snider, Johnston, Janet Debach. fBack Barbara Jensen, Lillian Fitton, olyn Crockett, Barbara Belland, STAGE CREW fFront Rowj: Dave Preisler, Ray Mar- tell, Mike Harvey, Gordi johnson, Dan Tolonen. fBack Rowj: john Lesina, Tom Krettler, Larry Miller, Alan Penning, Alan Winegarden. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Lou Nyseth, Nancy Cox. ,,.......:m, Q ,352 42 1 HW as ri if lf - . S ' 10 in E E fra, 1 . . Xp E. 1 4 P 4' 4 . X 2 ' 3 Q 6 X gf Q 1.5 1' , ofa- ' k Q y g 9 5, , air, E f C5 0 1 f Q, . U' 21- S W Llff - 1 . , gg ,Z ' . K V- f . ' vi Hi v-f ff , V 'TIE E y A ,ew y arf- 1. 5, Q , .- ,. E. g., ,..- as , ,W A 55.3 .inf gf.: M32-w H , V Rf ff gwirf. x' 'a if ' j,ff"f - y .Mix H :Aly f ,,- X, -as . ft ' f .f Xf,,,, MQ 'iifxzml ff ' :xx 'R X . H ' X I W , I -Kktlfi , 1 Bs 7 ' ' ' Q 5 " 2 I . ' . : g X , . ADULT CAFETERIA STAFF: fFront Rowj: Amanda Huntly, Helen Cottsh, Gladys Olsen, Florine Baylie, Gladys Dunn, Snow Tebeck. QB-ack Rowj: Joyce Lowry, Rene'e Knutson, Wilma Sanderson, jean Schoenheinz, Lucille Van Horn, Bea Lund- quist, Ardace Larson, Donna Krzmanick. WE RELY ON ADULT SERVICE... Head Custodian: Mr. Drais. ig ,im Matron: Mrs. Belleque. fs . Q l95 PTA: Mrs. Mary Gallucci, Secretaryg Mrs. Opal Wheeler, lst Viceg Mrs. Florence Utterstrom, Treasurer. INTEREST, A glance at the record of Franklin's PTA re- vealsthem to be a sourceof information and know- ledge. The l965-66 meetings contained such en- lightening features as guest speakers and panel discussions. One of the season's highlights was a visit by radio personality John Salisbury, who spoke on "The Responsibilityof Parents." Another interesting topic presented concerned the govern- ment proiect designated "Head Start," a program designed to helpunderpriviledged children. Sub- jects ranged from "Job Opportunities" to "Senior Citizens." End Vice, Mls. Pat Taylor, President, Mrs. Dorothy Pfaender, SUPPURTN. The Franklin High Dads' Club enjoyed a busy and profitable year. They challenged the KISN Good Guys to a basketball game, using the money raised by the admission fee to build up the club treasury. This adventure was termeda complete success, at least financially. Theoutcomeofthe contest, however, proved disappointing to the Dads. This year the Dads were benefactors to a de- serving studentwho received the annual Dads' Club Scholarship. Theyalso made a contribution to the Band Uniform Fund displaying their generosity. W ff tiffw' W DADS' CLUB: Mr. Gean Stanley, Secretary, Mr. Hill Halstrom, Treasurer, Mr. Bob Bingham, President. 1.96 5 f AND SUPERVISIUN. ART STAFF 1Front Rowj: Peggy Prusak, Tina Wea- ver, Mr. Jerry Bosco, Beth Jensen, Marian Sandoz, Pat Hiromura. fBack Rowj: Toni Ragnone, Evelyn Som- merfelt, Jim Ewers, Dee Rogers, Clair Ryan, Bonnie Allen, Sandy Darby. B E L OW : fTopj: Linda Grabner puts finishing touches on banner. fBottomj: Beth Jensen assists Clair Ryan in hanging banner. QRightj: Examples of Art Staff talent. QV ' 'N 'I .1 '- lm Doggy ILA! Steve Baer Reporter " ,J A u , s 1 Q T , FAU- EDITOR SPRING EDITOR ADVISOR Brian Davis Frank Frustaci Mr. Geoffrey Cole CAPABLE FACULTY ADVISORS... Louise Fields Assistant Editor Lynn Oliverio Nick Hendrickson Sports Editor Clyde Tambling Bob Howard Cartoonist Gretchen We gner Chris Kiri gin Circulation Martha Weiler Mike Mosee Reporter Jan Wellington Business Manager Editorial Editor Photographer Features Editor Typist Sis. f 'vff 5 x s 'fx X g R ,I , ,Es .LX 1 """ 'Q 1 - 5, ,V , 'R A , M- f 'il F kwiy Aft '1' ' 1 I no ' n - . W ,. .1 v ,ATN L if-2322's . 'r j' ,,,.. L - ' .A+ W r T , J? Mr. Cole and Gretchen Wegner check copy. Every day the Post staff meets during seventh period to prepare t5-next issue of the school pa- per. Within a two week time limit they must com- plete the entire publication. It is a standing policy thatschool news appears on the first page, the editorial page comes next and the features are on the third page. Sportsand advertisements are on the first page. The Bef staff produces two special senior is- sues: the Christmas and graduation editions. ln addition to general news, the December paper in- cludes seniorwishes to Santa. The endof theyear issue features senior wills. In April the student body receives a newspa- per that is somewhat hard to believe. But then , what can a person expectwhen the staff looks for- ward to making an April Fool's edition for the sole purpose of displaying their flair for imaginative reporting? Under the direction of Mr. Cole, the staff is inaugurating more efficient procedures in gather- ing and writing news. ASSIST SELECTED STUDENTS... w 3,4 , ,br . V, r 2 4 : f . 'mI.s..T f ,, .IJ-5 A ' """" wg: vc, V if. ,. ,ag r ,Vg -ag flu I- f?. ' ,' K ,Rf - f Q.. fr ' , , Sill "" or -r 1-I - Wil YM' -'Q 'T ---M M... --....w...-..Q-..,.Q Q.. X uise Fields types copy for the next edition of the POST. Clyde Tambling plans page layout. 199 Bonnie Allen Academics Editor Ed Croft Sports 6.1 'mix' ze. ,C H+- -if 4:f4a'i','f:':E'5 rr., .K q"T'i'1 wvmvx if x x S 'Q EDITOR ADVISOR Dave Olson Mrs. Miriam Puckett WHO PRODUCE Leanne Beard Groups and Staffs Fay Currin Classes Editor . rg , Q-as . i 1 Chris Bingham Acade mics Susan Glover Copy Editor 4 , 1 F A . 3 'R F' il 'Vp ' kc if , ., ,..., V' 'fm '1 .L 'fir .,L hiya' 2 I 7 wifi. Xf - 1 A xfiryx 73 , V . VALUABLE. . . lane Brown Suzanne Bunker Photographer Classes Pat Hiromura Vicki Johnston Classes Seniors Gifs .uw I Y VA ,,, .asia 71.499 . t a xfi MQW? "1 lf' ' is Q.: p L Wayne Carlson Photographer Sharon Monner Staffs Editor Q ' .ff ' wifi A f y . "" if it fy 'Um Q' N X Vt! ,Q " ., V V, i ,lx ..i..,,. , Slover, Wayne Carlson, Dave Olson listen as Mr. Henry Beard, y' Lithograph Co. representative, explain step in production. Creating a high school yearbook is challeng- ing. lt is a taskwhich takes time, hard work and patience. Each of the seven ALMANAC sections is staffed by two peopleandan editorwho sees that his part of the book is completed. After correc- tions or changes have been made the layoutsheets are sent to the printer. Photographers, a typist, a copy editor and a business manager complete the staff. Student photographers supply pictures of school activities. The copy editor checks each piece of copy for punctuation and proper sentence structure. It is her job to create the headlines and to assist in the creation of all other copy. . The typist then "sets" copy and identification on the IBM Exec- utive typewriter. The business manager's job is to handle financial matters. He keeps accurate books so that everyone who paid for an ALMANAC receives one. The entire yearbook staff is bound together by the editor and the advisor. These two peoplework to see that a good book is created. Caroline Moore Photo Co-ordinator Sue Sommers LITERARY AND PICTORIAL RECORDS... Meredith Oxford Activities Editor Sharon Sullivan Harold Pouj ade Sports Dennis Treibel Activities Seniors Business Manager 54 gr . ,my v W , jx. - V. -,Y rt ., -r N.: , l X 'nt ' f 7: -, f ' . t s , l X ,ff L '+I , f t sa I, ' y, Vt. Mt M 5 ::.i'lIQ i . 'if "H wrt t 31. N 'Q z, T- '-.W g .fi - ' iiflf' Willa Ralphs Activities Judy Wirrick Seniors Editor 5 we-yrs, ' . is -C. Qs. 1 rw bu ,I . , , 201 Clair Ryan Groups and Staffs Ross Yamasaki Sports Editor Carol Smurthwaite Typist ae" iv N 't -A ' dv X X r if Carol Smurthwalte buslly types copy for ALMANAC Susan Glover looks pamed at W111:-1 Ralphs' spht 11'Lf1n1t1Ve Ed Croft Consldefs COPY for SPOITS Sectlon Dave Olson pomts out weakness of page to Suzanne Bunker Ol 81. '-D 1-W Q W-. U. . 1Front Rowj: Hank Tomlinson, Ivan Wong, Miss Bohlen, Alan Woolfolk, Bob Frohwerk. fSecond Rowj: Shelly Williams, judy jackson, Pat I-liromura, Angela Casciato, Sharon Sullivan, Mary McDonnell, Barbara Jensen, Patsy Shinn, Pat Rouw, Marji DeBuse, Morley Gustafsson, Barbara Hanson, Susan Kibe, Janice Wahl. QThird Rowj: Art Andrews, Janice Bishop, Steve Kanas, Bruce Hofer, Bonnie Allen, Sue Sommers, Donna Tambling, janet Schectal, Velva Thompson, Rosemary Webb, Terry Hiller, Pam Tyler, jan Wellington, jackie Hines. fFourth Rowjz Allen Howard, Gary Grisanti, Rollyn Brown, Mar- ilyn Prosch, Jackie Douglas, Chris Greer, Leanne Beard, Barbara Guinta, Sheryl Bartel, Marilyn Popponi, Susan Ball, Pat David. fFifth Rowl: Ron Hoover, Sam Hanna, Sam Scheuerman, Dan Evans, julie Auborn, jane Miller, Sandra Darby, Glo- ria Goetz, Debbie Vasile, Mary Kushner, Susie McShatko, Kari Stanley, Chris Godsey. fBack Rowj: Dick Beswick, Mike Nakata, Bob Lovlien, Mike Gallucci, Bob Henarie, Bruce Bauder, Steve Girnbol, jim Coons, Dave Olson, David Garvin, Bob Hay . EXCELLENCE IN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FA LL: President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: S P R I N G: President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: Alan Woolfolk Bob Frohwerk Bonnie Allen Ron Hoover Pat Hiromura Ivan Wong Hank Tomlinson Pat Hiromura Pat Rouw Bonnie Allen SCHOLARSHIP,... Ivan Wong stresses point during NHS meeting. 203 QFront Rowj: Morley Gustafsson, Janice Bishop, Sharon Sullivan, Pat l-liromura. fSecond Rowj: Patw Shinn, Sue Sommers, Bonnie Allen, Pat Rouw, Angela Casiato. LEADERSHIP, AND CITIZENSHIP... PLE IADES President: Sharon Sullivan Vice President: Janice Bishop Secretary: Pat Hiromura Treasurer: Morley Gustafsson Historian: Maxji DeBuse Pat Hiromura, Janice Bishop, Morley Gustafsson and Sharon Sullivan work at raising funds at a car wash. 204 QFront Rowl: Bob Frohwerk, Allen Woolfolk, Bruce Hofer, Steve Kanas. fSecond Rowjz Ron Hoover, Sam Hanna, Hank Tomlinson, Ivan Wong, Terry Hiller, fThird Rowj: Bob Hay, Art Andrews, Rollyn Brown, Dave Garvin, Dave Olson. President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: IS RECOGNIZED THROUGH HONOR CLUBS. FRIARS Dick Beswick Alan Woolfolk Bruce Hofer Bob Frohwerk Steve Kanas Ron Hoover and Dick Beswick, President, discuss G. P. A.'s with Bruce Hofer. 205 QFront Rowj: Alana Eckert, Ron Peters, Mr. Pancheau, Dick Roth, Mickey Miller. ISecond Rowlz Martha Weiler, Bev son, Sharon Sullivan, Judy McDow, Susan ltami, Sylvia I-Iillesland, Wanda Fcwvler, ji1lBurgett, Nita Riddle. fThird Jody Hatch, Chris Dickson, Margaret Rueck, Sheryl Charles, Meredith Oxford, Shirley Dobbie, Margi Harrington, Bartel, Evelyn Lushenko, Robbianne Green. IFourth Rowy: Don Delaney, Steve Baer, Phyllis McIntosh, Harriet April Whitley, Doug Tesdal, Phil Baldino. QBack Rowj: Art Lushenko, james Wirick, Dan Graham, Bill Poppino, Dave UNITED BY BONDS UF... F A L L: President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: S P R I N G : President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: SIGMA PHI ALPHA Dick Mick ev Margaret Ron Shirley Ron Ala Ni Phylis HH I8 206 fFront Rowj: Sam Hanna, Art Lushenko, Darrell Bowen, john Acton, jim Heiman, Bob lovlien, Dick Candland. fSecond Rowy: Gerard Brosnan, Glen Harding, Hank Tomlinson, Bruce Miller, Dick Jewell, Terry Hiller, jim Hyland, Dick Beswick, Greg Drais. fThird Rowj: Eric Utterstrom, Dave Siegner, Steve Hawthome, Ron Thompson, Elmer Davis, Bruce Hofer, Ron Hoover, Mike Guinn, Dale Barnhert, Mike Harvey. QFourth Rowj: Scott Shankland, Eric Moffitt, Ron Roberti, Bruce Bau- der, Kirk Temple, David Garvin, Ron Harp, Art Andrews. QBack Rowj: Wayne Anderson, jim Lau, Steve Lewis, Chuck De- Fir, Harold Poujade, Ken Bolder, Rick Parrish, Bob Carnes, Gary Volz, Joe Goodale. FRIENDSHIP AND COMMON INTEREST,... LE TT E RME N F A L L : President: Darrell Bowen Vice President: Art Lushenko Secretary: Sam Hanna Treasurer: Richard Candland S P R I N G : President: John Acton Vice President: Jim Heiman Secretary: Bob Lovnen Treasurer: Richard Candland 20 flfront Rowy: Esther Taylor, janet Pierce, Mr. Ferry, Pat Rouw, Clair Ryan. fSecond Rowj: Sandy Comella, Patsy Shinn, Kathy Hagstrom, Mary McDonnell, Marla Henriksen, janet Dobry, Leslie Williams. fBack Rowj: Carol Byer, Marsha Pet- tengill, Sharon Monner, Donna Harmon, Cheryl Crocker, Nancy Ofvings. CAREER MINDED STUDENTS INVESTIGATE... President: janet Pierce Vice President: Pat Rouw Secretary: Esther Taylor Treasurer: Clair Ryan E , Q is ,M fi' 1 janet Pierce conducts a FTA meetingwhile Mr. Ferry listens, 208 fFront Rowj: Dannette Schroeder, Kathy Stofiel, Miss Rizner, Pam B1gon1, Marlo Newby fSecond Rowj Janice Mundorff Virginia Brown, Amy Yabuki, Wanda Scott, Judy Koscher, Kathy Brost fBack Rowj Nellie Rickett, Susan Sekarish, Carole Chamberlain, Kathy Dietz. UPPURTUNITIES FUR THE FUTURE rFALL: I IPresident: Nice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: SPRING: President: Vice President Secretary: Treasurer: II-Iistorian: PHI NU ALPHA Kathy Stofiel Dannette Schroeder Marlo Newby Carole Chamberlin Gail Sesler Pam Bigoni Marlo Newby Barbara Wells Gail Sesler Cathy Brost 20 Qlfront Rowj: Carol Byer, Rosemary Webb, Mr. Walton, Patsy Shinn, Velva Thompson. fSecond Rowj: Pat Hiromura, Kay Stanley, Everice Brolliar, Sandy Comella, Janice Wahl, Gloria Goetz, Linda Elliot, Susan Deems, Jeanne Bisenius. fThird Rowj: Bonnie Allen, Sue Sommers, Marilyn Hall, Angela Casciato, Diana Carroll, Cheryl Crocker, Chris Greer, Marianne Allaert, Judy Croteau, Dyan Dyer. QFourth Rowj: Geox-gene Cousins, Megan Clark, jackie Douglas, leanne Beard, Heidi Imfeld, Carol Fuman, Susie Benson, Susan Ball, Pat David, Terrie Bullis. lBack Rowj: Chris Codsey, Janice Bishop, Sandy Darby, Rollyn Brown, Steve Kanas, Donna Harmon, Chris Bingham, jackie Hines, Evelyn Lushenko. CLUB MEMBERS VIEW THE WORLD... I 'g INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS LEAGUE I ' FALL: President: Patsy Vice President: Rosemary Secretary: Carol Treasurer: Velva Historian: Sue Kay Stanley and Sue Sommers wash car. 210 QFront Rowj: Kay Stanley, Carol Byer, Mr. Walton, Sue Sommers, Mary Kushner. ISecond Rowj: Sandy Quentin, Cathy Oliver, Leslie Williams, Barbara Jensen, Janice Wahl, Velva Thompson, Patsy Shinn, Debbie Vasile, Nickie Smith, Carol Monti. QThird Rowj: Marilyn Prosch, Gayle Stucki, Pat Rouw, Marsha Pettingill, Melissa Pettingill, Peggy Meyer, Chris Walsh, Barbara Webb, Kari Stanley, Karen Riesenman, fFourth Rowj: Janice Mettecr, Leslie Schreiber, Lani Wilson, Su- sie McShatko, Marion Sandoz, Gail Thielsen, Shelley Williams, Jeanne Schechtel, Penny Tyler, Jan Wellington. fFifth I Rowjz Janet Pierce, Carol Schrader, Kathy Pierson, Julie Sharkey, Wendy Strickland, Janet Schechtel, Polly Solovic, Cheryl IVarnell, April Whitley, Arlene Richford, Lynn Oliverio. QBack Rowj: Hank Tomlinson, Rick Nagle. THROUGH NEWSPAPERS AND MAPS... INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS LEAGUE I I S P R IN G : President: Sue Sommers Vice President: C31-01 Bye,- Secretary: Kay Stanley Treasurer: Mary Kushner Historian: Velva Thompson 'o if ' Barbara Jensen and Mrs. Sommers prepare for bake sale. 211 Qlfront Rowj Gary Grisantl, Bruce Hofer, Hank Tomhnson, Bob Frohwerl-C. fSecond Rowj Wendy Strickland, Karen Ross Linda Alband, jackie Douglas, juhe Aubom, Judy jackson 1Third Rowy: David Nelson, Bob Howard, Rollyn Brown, Bob Henarie, Steve Kanas, Jim Coons, Dan Wright, Mike Nakata fBack Rowj: Ivan Wong, B111 Poppmo, Ed Sheets, Steve Tur OR THROUGH MlCROSCOPES,... FA LL: Pre si dent : Vice President: Se cretary 2 Tre asure r: Histori an. SPRING: President: Vice President Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: 212 fFront Rowj: Kirk Temple, Terry Hiller, Mr. Hagglund, Art Andrews. QSecond Rowj: Bruce Bauder, Bruce Hofer, Ron Hoo- ver, Ivan Wong, Bob Frohwerk, Chuck DeFir. QBack Rowy: David Nelson, Bill Poppino, David Garvin. F A L L: President: Vice President: Sec. - Treas. ' Historian: SPRING: President: Vice President Sec. - Treas.: Hi Stori an: THEY STUDY CLASSICAL PASTIMES... FIANCHETTO Art Andrews Louis Lee Kirk Temple Terry Hiller Terry Hiller Kirk Temple Bruce Bauder Art Andrews Bruce Hofer, Ron Hoover, Terry Hiller, David Garvin, and Art Andrews play chess. 213 fFront Rowj: Elmer Davis, David Nelson, Rollyn Brown, Bill Armes. QSecond Rowj: Mickey Miller, Morley Gustafsson, Jeanne Jacobson, Meredith Oxford, Cheryl Vamell. fThird Rowj: Mark Carter, Bob I-lenarie, Cary Scheuerman, Rick Dawes. AND OTHER CULTURESJ... FALL: President Vice President Sec. - Treas. Historian SPRING: President Vice President Sec. - Treas. Historian Steve Kanas, Rollyn Brown, and Mickey Miller prepare for after school cookie sale. 214 RED SQUARES Rollyn Brown Bill Armes Morley Gustafsson Bob Henarie Dave Nelson Elmer Davis Mark Carter Meredith Oxford ,fFront Rowj: Rick Nagle, Rollyn Brown, Mike johnson, Mr. Mitchell, Rick Parrish, Bob Lovlien, Mike Nakata. fSecond 1 Rowj: Rick Siemssen, Roger Shioshi, Jim Coons, Bill Armes, Ron Hoover, Rick Candland, Larry Oxman. fThird Rowjz Ric Soderberg, Steve Austin, Mike Mosee, Ron Alexander, Terrell Orme, Bob Nees. QFourth Rowj: Ron Abbott Bob Hernrie i i THEY SERVE THEIR SCHO0L,... l Vice President 'Sec. - Treas. Historian SPRING: iPresiden1. !Vice President Secretary ,Treasurer Historian Mike johnson Rollyn Brown Rick Nagle Mike Nakata Rick Parrish Bob lovelin Mike Nakata Jim Coons Roger Shioshi 215 Rick Parrish presides over meeting. fFront Rowj: Virginia Wolford, Carolyn Moore, Mrs. Puckett, Jan Stewart, jim Wirick. qSecond Rowj: Esther Taylor, Mer- edith Oxford, Dolores Wolford, Mary jo Gerlicher, jackie Douglas, Nancy Owings. fBack Rowj: Susan Sekarish, Carole Chamberlain, Art Andrews, Dick Edwards, Margaret Rueck, Cheryl Blackford. THEIR COUNTRY, AND THEIR GOD. President: Jan Stewart Vice President: Caroline Moore Sec. - Treas. : Virginia Wolford Historian: Nancy Owings jan Stewart listens as Virginia Wolford makes point regarding Palestinian geography, 216 Ufirffifl 332V iz, V - W . '5gf2:::f:5:iE5f5::f5rVVxg I IQ, gf? r SQ ,a :,z:52f.1hg,,a V' ' mf' ' g e3Z"11'Mw2Qgq2v-v5153.1 'W Q 1 xy w2:fw.,,..,..-.., . V -m d ,, . 3? .gy TTL , 333: ' viii 15-wfVV - fs::V::fQ, .. v .' mf-4' . ' ' ?5 Hn. , f sw ,Sgi:?fV,f5:,-: 55-V:g::?253r:::y1j Ziff F '2:5:a:?'ff1rVrif'fKTl ::,r5i7g555r:z.'5ff- VV:4 f 'f v..-.'::.u'x..:::vq fx we :'2,L.- - ':5,5?iF: Q: rj, V NfV.fw'f"Q'5?53fg?:: gffj " ' Lirffzil A512 V K . iw 'ff ef' 441222: VV 5355? 3 sa 3151 V 11Cf-1i'- -V1 :iff-5 it fan.: if FQ. wr g.f'xj.2f'x ff 8 itffff? , ff ? 22 y-wi -lr:xf,v gh . 'H Gu -3 f'f'l.x ' , ,fi,4.,f.: N 81.19 - Q -'kffw k .,,-ff.-ff, - .-W an .-wxgw - WH 4 u g , K I Rf ., K 4 wk., . 553 ff . fs .iw 14:15, if gf +I.: ?mf,EE"w .Y A A Lv ' U" ,VMff:fMV,V:V, ,fQ.V1,-f,,1-Mg-V 3.1.4-s 'fd-.Vvsfw ..- -N. T II? I"-? lf !':w:?vLfV. . JZ' -au . .58 W.tA , A ,yiyi L L K. 7' .. "' W? .'2-xiiaykfegss , .Lx!353Ta,?'Vw X V '- K Viv- W' ,, f. , . ' '. V. ' 11' Q w , Z - gegwfiiiggg Xe V 1 fs, Q- . lip.:4 5,9 3.5 3-1. ggk. df 1 Q."f??ff1gi5'!5 'fsii-' 2 uf? . wwf 1 2 ,V ' ,mriiizjgig 1 ' L95 af ol, ,903 '2- eaf,-Vg 55:51. , V H," ,r Wy5??f,i'f: ,,.....-ff V Qi Vi:-1:,v--4.i.:g 14 ' , VM-gavp, Q., 2'Th'.vigf74' V far' ,a ,M ,V , ,1iLSvg,5'i'355?x'1ff .' , ,A 'v V wr' ,V ' .9 Q g.:.N ,ag ,4 , ff f , 1 gf A f ,gi 'jiiskwff je-Tj' yfwg , E f wgv V V U1 f . ' " vyffgs' 1339? Q 1 , 'V.V1g' zfui X V A V 'lfxggaiy Q ' if 4 1 M37 N X4 ,,w..,,,...f,.,.. .MV I f r Y , 3 f ,W 5 X X IV W' a . Y- I ' XV I 'kqv w s Q f " ' f- Qf!-g,, A .K Qwv, 3 . 8 ,, I Q , - , X ' 3 BNN' ,'E , I "" ' x X V+' .2 J ik " v 'Ii...L g h I , ..svff-lf, we MW, ZIT' "' ' 'T KL ' ffffyw ff t 511. 'jf 'T ...ww . "W W, .-.4 K , A ,Mgt ff -a q :ya ' .....,,f., X it cr" ww 112:32-3 1-rl? M , A 235152. .W v . , .t t..-...2 . V 1 tif .ggi , 4 '. .. X .-, f 3 f.E3 Elpag V551 I r' ' J w 14:53 'E "V J. , ' if I Senior Queen Diane Wisenberg was escorted by Fall Senior Class Sgt. -at-arms Ric Seaberg as she presided over home- coming festivities. Escorted by Fall junior Class President, jim Coons, junior Princess Lind Wilson preceded the Queen. LINKING THE PAST... Homecoming ceremonies have become a tra- dition at Franklin High School. Since everyone has an English class at the First ofthe year, girls were nominated and then a representative was e- lected from each respective class. These repre- sentatives were introduced to the students in an assembly prior to the Homecoming ceremonies. The queen was elected by a popular vote of the student body. At the first Football game ofthe year, the girls were presented to the spectators in a convertible car driven by a Dad's club mem- ber. Each girl was wearing a corsage of white carnations given to her by the student body. The last girl to enter the bowl and to be presented to the students, was the Homecoming queen. The l965 Homecoming queen was senior DianeWeisen- berg, who was presented with a bouquet of long stemmed red roses by last year's queen Mary Ve- lander. Diane's escort was Ric Seaberg. The princesses were iunior, Linda Wilson, soph- omore, Elaine Soliaga,andfreshman, Nan- c y Stew a rt. Homecoming Court applauds football game. 218 we-N ,f Q.,-, fp. 'ar .ffvfeiiqfft V Q . -,Weil ,M ":.. I'J ., fif, ' fa I .M ' af. ,,.., :Q -F ' gg 'sd' " E' M-.L A ,, f ' 4 we X Q A ir ., Q , 5 A , 1 Another member of the court was Sophomore Elaine Soljaga Freshman Nancy Stewart, escorted by Senior Dick Beswick, w1th her escort Dan Velander. was the first to enter the football bowl. WITH THE PRESENT... Queen Diane surveys admiring throng from the official car. 219 Members of Executive Cabinet put on a s t ki . Carol Smuxthwaite portrays a T. V. commerc1a1 AND SHOWING IN THEM... Several skits performed by members of the executive cabinet highlighted the Student Body Card Assembly on September 2l . These short par- adies of television advertisements were to en- courage the students to buy their cards. A new method of promoting participation in the contest was announced by Steve Kanas. This year, in view of past defeats atthe hands of Cleveland High School, the cautious cabinet decided to have inter-class competition. Results of the contest are among the many factors consid- ered forthe presentation of the Dr. Erikson Trophy . Audience participation was of importance in the assembly. Each class was led by its own offi- cers in a cheer reflecting its intentions of par- ticpating in the contest. When the results of the card sales were an- nounced the freshman class led the competition with 9l.6cXs with the senior class a close second 9I .3'Kv. The sophomoreand junior classes followed with 88.3'Z: and 86.9'M: respectively. 21 Marji Del?-use appeals to students to buy cards X Marine Drum and Bugle Corps plays well-loved martial tunes. U alll? THE COURSE UF THE FUTURE,... Intricate marching formations were executed. gi g? 3' N ily B 30 0 il Vx f,:W t l, .aegis i,, , .5 '. .,g.' , l y. ' 19-' ' JP 2 nw' ' - WY' J els ' l I' Nix I xx. is , y Q 7 . 1 ,A m fl ,Ii JM 'E LEC , .fax M - W N. ag as 'xfriy 123, .'v 4, W N, Ef 4 ' L. .: -JL, ,. ffigf s. Q if 1 .:- .3 K Martial tunes and precision drilling were the highlights of the assembly on October 6 when the Fleet Marine Force Pacific Drum and Bugle Corps performed for the students. The corps hasa mem- bershipoftwenty-one instrumentalisrs and the drum major. The shimmering silver instruments, three sizes of bugles and snare and base drums, were impressive. Executing flourishes between beats the cymbal player entertained listeners as much with his showmanship as with his artistry. lntricate formations were done with ease de- spite difficult steps and footwork. Tunes familiar to the students included medlies from My Fair gy and The Music Man, "Marine Hymn," and "America the Beautiful." The Drum and Bugle Corps has played through- out the Pacific Basin and in many countries over- seas. One of the highlights of their tours abroad occurred when they had the priviledge of playing at the wedding procession of Crown Prince Ahkito and Princess Michiko of Japan. 221 X' 2 I A model car is outlined by a Fisher Body representative. Last Y221"S winning 1110591 CHF Was displayed- ASSEMBLIES PROVIDE... The Fisher BodyAssemblywas presented by the X X t Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. In a filmstrip, a shopping cart concealed in the trunk was shown. i Modern methods for improving transportation were also illustrated. Among the new improvements for cars wereair-flow ball bearings, versatile rub- ber for the tires, heat repellant cloth, and auto- matic air conditioners. He demonstrated how to design a model car by drawing the basic outlines. Theintricaciesofbuilding anddesigninga mo- del car were illustrated in a Film that was shown. By writing to the Guild, every boy could receive instructions about designing a model car. Each boy was encouraged to participate and submit his original creation, being completely constructed and painted by the boy himself. Annually there are eighteen winners, each one being awarded a Sl0,000 college scholarship to be used at the school of his choice. Evidence of drafting skills artistic design, and imagination, contribute to the selection. Winners and losers alike gain experi- ence in making plans and using tools. The feasibility of a solar air conditioner was demonstrated. 222 Kirby Brumfield, KATU-TV personality, spoke to Franklin students in an educational yet enter- taining assembly on October l2. With humor and convincing logic he explained that studentsdo not have to lower their standards to achieve popular- ity. He challenged the students to make decis- ions and not be afraid to stand up for them. He explained that no one needs to makeapologies For standing for the right even though the wrong is popular. Mr. Brumfield spoke on manners, health, honesty, study, sex, and belief in God, with a crisp, wise, and witty approach to each separate topic. Kirby Brumfield grew up in the small town of Scappose, Oregon. He used several of his personal high school experiences to emphasize the importance of his talk. At the close of his presentation, he empha- sized theimportanceof physical Fitness. Heglibly taught his unsuspecting audience how to wave good bye, "an exercise for taking leave of com- pany," and left the stage to the accompaniment of thunderous applause. ENTERTAINMENT WITH A PURPOSE. i"'P'r-v-. .. ix. "Y'?'tvs- NJ? fr . 'T.1s.. sf 'V . 1 -'YQS-TV "" ...,. , I :Zig .,.-,fff4.x, ' :,s.'3,:fg , ,., .- Q M ,, ,yr ,rw 44. ' , . - -fyrfatsfrxi' , 'HW' I lifes Q as E V 15 5. .n f 'fl ' , ',:"rg,t".Ir F- C--:Mis -+aQ w f , -'-, I., . M, ..,! if ,, .. giggle Q , sq, Q ,,.g. . f . -M . N4 1 Q MQ, gf Enthralled by Mr. Brumfie1d's quips and stories, unsuspecting Quakers absorb moral truths. i , .E . .1 4 3 'Wa AI M SL 3 I E nm Mike Bush, Steve Lewis, Terryylacobse wait to be sold as AFM Slaves. OUR ACTIVE STUDENT GROUPS... 1 Cameraman moves close for a shot of Larry Smith. Larry Smith concentrates as he plays for the AFM assembly 224 Lew Fine and Bill Fraser entertain at AFM Week Assembly. The annual "AFM Week" was held during the week of October ll-l5. The"Slave Sale" was held on Tuesday of that week, where many young men were sold toadmiring young ladies. The weekwas brought to a close with an assembly and an after game dance on Friday. At the assembly, the stu- dents were entertained by comedian Lew Fineand "The Amazing Man Who Grows," Bill Fraser . Students danced to the music of "The Bent Scep- ters," a combo provided by AFM for the dance. Each year AFM sponsors a week in which they earn money by selling slaves and tickets which will permit the holder to attend the assembly and the after game dance. Funds raised in this drive are used For AFM presentations. Lawrence Smith, an accomplished pianist, played forthe men of AFM in an assembly on .lan- uary 28. He was selected as alumnus of the year by AFM. He accepted a plaque which honored his achievements. Mr. Smith, a l953 graduate of Franklin High School, played a selection , Chopin's Andante Spinato, as a tribute to Frank- lin men. CREATE HOURS OF ENl0YMENT... Larry Smith is presented with a plaque by Mr. Perry. Lew Fine demonstrates remarkable agility. -r Q gr-ulgg 'Gala VV -, ,lf . ge Rvws? X? q assgxff '. -f. 39 ' vi! sf x. ,-33. Y: v K . irq 4' 4 W M4 - ' X t ' i x- X M Q4 3 N22 'E Q fm' . X1 2' ' 'E he AHF" .14 W" X . A 413 QA., 4m f L1 P Q COLLEGE ASPIRATIONS A representative from OCE evaluates their curriculum. 228 ..,,. nf 'Hz Wg 0 Vp 1 xl - " xwsevss , 31' k vc Q, ,f.. -w.4'tA ms- MI,-1 T'.?:,!,:gw' ' N vw-on J-L mv-s,, .,,...,.,. , X ,L gqfgcuf. fs-MN. Ure... mix: gg: We ,r.L..,r,3,g,.: -, ,, ,mA,.W.v,.N ,,X ,,...frm..,. W,,.. Mus.. xg. mm-x,.,',r., annum -K ,, evo--ot. . A speaker informs students on vocational opportunities. PLANS.. . eta r . -...C ,rf Q 'ff fem -.. fs-:age 2- :gtg Q? ,' "ff l A representative from IBM demonstrates various machines. Bell Telephone equipment was shown to interested students. DEPEND UPON GAREFUL PREPARATION. Students should make plans for the future. To assist them FrankIin's vocational department had its fifteenth Career Information Conference on December I and 2 of I965. This program was in- iated to inform FrankIin's sophomores, juniors and seniors of available opportunities in colleges and vocations. An important part of the conferences consisted of an assembly on December I featuring Mr. Ben Padrow, head of the Speech Department at Port- land State College. On the following day students were given an opportunity to attend three conferences pertaining to their own interests. The subiects of these con- ferences ranged from Accounting to Vocational Schools. Also included as a supplement to the confer- ences were several exhibits in the main hall. Two large companies, International Business Machines and Pacific Northwest Bell, represented indus- tries. The armed services provided manned dis- -.- 553.4 A sergeant from the armed services defines the draft. plays of recruiting material ' 229 Margaret I-Ieyden, commentator, describes . . . i. X x I i ' W so 0 '. ' 1. -. . is Q 1 ' 1. S M' ,. ,C , 1 - 1 ef Q . , 5 Q . Q X 2 ' ., 5 , W v . YS 'Q Q if 5 'R z-A , s e 1 K ' 4 -Q ' 'x' zz S T' 'Sf' Z at s A ' stil. av", . . . Double-Take fashion modeled by Kathy I-Iayzlett. GIRLS, WITH STUDIED lNTEREST,... Twenty-five lovely "Double-Take Fashions" were modeled by Franklin girls during the October l9 Simplicity Fashion Show. These fashions were expertly designed and tailored to fit the tastes and needs ofa high school co-ed. Commentator Margaret Heyden felt that perts and capri pants were not suitable for street wear. She went on to present several outfits, jumpers, suits, and dresses, which are acceptable for shop- ping, school, and casual dates. The evening gowns were ofthe same style as the daytime dresses, the difference being in the luxurious fabrics and accompanying accessories. This possible use of the pattern for ensembles of casual signifigance or formal elegance gives the appropriate name "Double-Take Fashions" to these designs. The Simplicity Fashion Show gave Franklin girls an insight to good taste and the new fashions. Closely related to the home economics course study of wardrobe planning, girls in all classes saw examples of the features they are learning to recognize and use for themselves. 23 O Dyann Dyer and Janiece Carter exhibit wool jumpers. Carillons sing "A Suanger in Paradise. " ,W-Q-v' 5 WH 51359 . , , I7 , A -- X ,ummm Mrs. Reinhart, guest speaker for the tea, spoke on charm, Amy Yabuki greeted mothers and daughters at the ACS tea. SOCIAL GRACES Greeted by senior Amy Yabuki, the charming Japanese hostess, mothers and daughters were wished "kan nichi wa", "Good evening." The setting was an Oriental atmosphere, with a display of Japanese lanterns and dainty Japanese dolls. Tunes from "Kismet" sung by The Carillons, senior ensemble, were appropriate against a background of bamboo and intricate Oriental paintings. Charm instructor Mary Ellen Reinhart, from Johnnie Johnson's studio, was the speaker For the evening. She explained that though appearance and poise are important, a person's charm is de- termined by the warmth of her personality. Basic elements of courtesy and friendship must accom- pany an attractive appearance, if a girl is to be considered charming. Sponsored by AGS, the Mother Daughter Tea is held biannually in order to promote better re- lations between the girls of Franklin and their mo- thers. ln alternate years, AGS plans a Father- Daughter banquet designed to let the girls be- come better acquainted with their fathers. Alan Federici and Laura Morgan danced to music provided by the Bent Scepters AND SUPPORT OUR AGS. Maureen Peloquin and Shelley Williams decorated for dance. Following the October twenty-second game with Madison, the elated Quakers celebrated their seventh triumph ofthe football season with a vic- tory dance. ln keeping with the Halloween season , the theme "Spook Spree" was selected for this AGS sponsored dance. Decorations, which were cho- sen to compliment the theme, were put in place by girls who had volunteered their services. Both real and paper jack-o'-lanterns were used, aswell as several paper skeletons, witches, black cats and ghosts. A more mobile part of the decora- tions consisted of two live "ghosts" who took tic- kets and served as ushers. A straw scarecrow dressed in blue jeans chaperoned the dance From his corner while his cardboard counterpart stood guard in another part of the floor. The refresh- ments were provided by the AGS Fall representa- tives. Cookies, in Festive Halloween shapes with appropriately colored icings of orange and choc- olate, and orange juice were served. Couples ca- vorted to music provided by the Bent Scepters, until the witching hour. 232 jvc Vicki Johnston arranges janet Dambach's hair before play. Mr. Shaffer gives good luck handshake to Vicki Johnston. I . s Suzanne Bunker puts make-up on Janice Bishop. IN DRAMA... Franklin's Drama department presented "Pil- low Talk" November I9 cmd 20, in the Franklin Auditorium. Senior Cliff Samuelson and junior Janet Dambach assumed the roles of Brad Allen , the irresistable-to-all-women-and-loving-itsong writer, and Jan Morrowa successful interior dec- orator. Brad proved himself a constant nuisance to Jan by his persistent use ofthe party line, which they shared. This party line is what eventually brought them together. Many weeks of work went into the first stage production of the year. After school and evening rehearsals were a part of the preparation for this delightful comedy. The apartments of Jan and Brad were of con- temporary decor, and the costumes which the cast wore, provided by Lipman and Wolfe Company, were of modern design. The students who took part in the play, and the director, Mr. Shaffer considered it a worth- while and exciting experience. Each participant hoped to give the audience a pleasurable evening. 233 f' .-'T Brad smirks while jonathan describes his beloved Jan. Brad grimaces unhappily as . . . 'i Jan angrily waits for Brad to let her use the phone. Jan Brad Jonathan Alma Piero? Mrs. Walters Tony Walters Marie Eileen Yvette Miss Conrad Supervisor Miss Dickenson Policeman Bessie Mrs. Frost Mrs. Ames Graham Girl Tilda Ann Telephone Operator 234 Janet Dambach Cliff Samuelson Steve Kanas Rosemary Webb Steve Savage Vicki Johnston George Rask Linda Stuclci Evon McKinnon Pam Parker Janice Bishop Polly Solovic Dolores Ball Roger Grimsrude Geanne Jacobson Susan Jewell Marie Kraus Steve Marr Barb Belland Gayle Stucki Nancy Cox Mary Louise Ott M, x. . . 1 '-'R '.' pg -up 'bw Q X 'N Speech students wait iw x In I., ' .5,,'m,,,.fgitgga5. Nrngikl, .. 'I 1...tA.2iwx.. 1 for the presentation of awards at the Madison meet. EXCELLENCE IN SPEAKING COMPETITION... E Q wma. S' Rodney Gray present s affirmative side in Oxford debate. Art Andrews consults notes during Lincoln-Douglas debate 236 Sheila Oesterreicher, Pam Santangelo, Dave Olson, and Gary Scheuerman proudly stand behind their trophies. l I l MERITS PLEASURE AND REWARDS A schoolwith growing importance in the Port- land Forensic League is Franklin, whose team, icoached by Mr. Donald Holt, hasamasseda total of 337 points in the i965-1966 season. Franklin placed third behind Wilson in the city standings, with Grant taking first place. Each year meets are held at the schools in the 'Portland area. Franklin hosted two speech and three debate meets. School standings are tallied at the ehd ofeach season, with First, second, and third places being considered For awards. Five points are given For a first place, three points for asecond, and one pointfor a third. A debate win earns tive points. On January 27-29, the Franklin Forensic and debate teams participated in the University of Port- land speech meet. Dave Olson, Pam Santangelo, and Gary Scheuerman brought home first place trophies. Sheila Oesterreicher placed second. The district meet in Dallas, Oregon culmin- ated the most successful season Franklin speakers have had in Mr. Holt's three years as coach. Gloria Goetz and Carolyn Crockett discuss speech meet 237 Frank1in's orchestra entertains students with "We Gather Together" in traditional Thanksgiving assembly. OUR NATIONAL HOLIDAYS... The string section concentrates on music. Special music in the Thanksgiving spirit was the order of the day for the double assembly on November 23. Franklin's 55 piece orchestra, di- rected by Mr. Pancheau was featured. Among the familiar tunes performed was "Wilt Heden Nu Treden." a I7th Century Dutch Tune commonly known as "We Gather Together. Mr. Shaffer, who narrated the program, told the audience of this song's origin. lt was written by the composer Valerius to Princess Juliana of the Netherlands. ln another highlight, "Scene de Ballet" from Swan Lake by Tschaikovsky, the oboe of Marga- ret Rueck could be heard playing the theme. Pat- terning after the famous young peoples' concerts, Mr. Pancheau explained that a novice could rec- ognize the haunting theme, once itwas introduced. Steve Kanas and Rosemary Webb were featured in the program, presenting a narrative on the meaning of Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is the day officially set aside for giving thanks, they said , each person should feel thankful for the things which mean the most to him. 238 Mr. Peery pauses during Christmas assembly to announce the next number. ARE TIMES UF war K t K Santa, alias Mr. Mitchell, provides Christmas atmosphere. BEAUTY AND... ln keeping with the Christmas spirit, thevocal and instrumental music program on December 2I in a morning and evening performance. Introducing the program the orchestra played a medley Lullaby, Our Master has a Garden and "Waltz" from Babes in Toyland. The combined choirs with the orchestra presented a Choral Fan- fare For Christmas. The Carillons, Melodeens, E71-Lites, Madrigal, and Boys Octette supple- mented the program with Folk carols. Selections chosen originated in England, France, Germany, Norway, and Russia. Christ is Born, a Ukranian carol was one ofthe songs chosen by the Girls' Choir to carry out the Christmas theme. The "A" Choir stimulated the audience with Honor and Glory by J.S. Bach. Mr. James Shaffer directed the choral speaking choir in an entertaining in- terpretation of The Night the Grinch Stole Christ- E. As the narrators, Pam Parker and Vicki John- ston, introduced each selection, they unfolded the story of the birth of Christ. 9 Couples dance to the music of Frank Baldino and his band. 'mf Q ALRN Ross Yamasaki and Amy Yabuki talk to Santa. FESTIVITY, AND STUDENTS... Through a lane bordered with lighted candles, couples walked to enter the transformed gymna- sium. A festive atmosphere had been created to correspond to the theme "Lighted Lanes and Candy Canes", which was chosen by the sponsoring Ex- ecutive Cabinet. A tinsel-decked tree provided background For Santa as he heard the Christmas requests of the "children" perched on his lap. With his sleigh waiting in the center ofthe floor, Santa handed out candy canes to his fans and posed with them for pictures. Frank Baldino and his band played forthe couples as they danced be- neath pine boughs and mistletoe. Dances are an important part of student life. ln addition to special dances, such as the Christmas dance and the Twirp dance, regular after-game dances are held. During the I965-66 school year students were given the opportunity to attend a number of these events. Sponsored by various student groups, the dances were generally held in the gym but at times took place in Franklin'scafe- teria. Rollyn Brown officiates at the punch bowl. 240 A 5 if? Y 4 V 'F ,, ,F 3 ag " ' Wx, ' fb f 5 ,gy ,R 4 07 Q if3.Lf. Q. x S Wg 1 , - Hyiagzs as , mf. I ywwfdlb 'Q Q 1 . .W .M ,. we . ,mg 2 Zvi "f K f Nr 233355, .Q sqifjf ,.,, . ,, .i?.',f.3 ..fg igf ' x A-' m'1'c5. QQ1?Q'4.w. - i"3?r5. . Nw.. " ,.,, qg4a X'!5',1 ,fA, .h 4 try: 597' . 13 Q ' Q ' " " fb. sal-1w:.ff:5jQ,5As5x,,9 ,f We 0 J JL? N if V 11 i E' W. ,Q ',A Xi, 11. "A . f' ' . an ' 3 Z" ff , 1 f i - . 'H , if - li ,wg In , 1 .1 i 1 ,A Mr. Pancheau prepares music . . . speaks to students . . . and directs the Band ' ' ' WE ENJOY THE PERFURMANCES. .. Franklin's Concert Band gave its first perfor- mance before the students in a special band assem- blyon February 3. This annual assembly gives the band members an opportunity to display to the stu- dent body proficiency in concert and popular ma- terial in contrast to the usual pep tunes. The program featured many well known songs, including the themes from "Exodus" and "Lawrence of Arabia" and the popular "Alley Cat" in which the trumpet section enioyed prominence. Phil Baldino, clarinet soloist, performed "Clarinet on the Town." Another solo numberwas "Latinata," by Dan Graham on his saxophone. The accomplished band presented one particu- larly interesting selection, entitled "Saraband. " In this piece, the director, Mr. Pancheau, first showed the individual parts of each of the three sections, letting the audience hear the different types of instruments. Then the sections, brass, woodwind, and percussion, played their parts to- gether forming the particular fusion of instrumental sounds characteristic of a band. Dan Graham shows his proficiency as a saxophone soloist 24 2 UF PROFICIENT STUDENT MUSICIANS... Phil Baldino displays his talent in a brilliant clarinet solo. 243 Miss Morris' English class sings American folk tunes. The Foreign Language Assembly was presented on February 7 during forecasting to acquaint pro- spective Foreign language studentswith the avail- able languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Latin, German, and English for foreign students. The audience consisted of students who were forecas- ting orwho werealready enrolled in a foreign lan- guage. Each foreign language class was responsi- ble for taking part in the program. The assembly was presented during Foreign Language Week. Mr. Walton narrated the pro- gram which included "Mexican Hat Dance" played by the Spanish students, and the play "Little Red Riding Hood" performed by the French class. The Latin classes sang two songs,"Du du liegst mir im Herzen," a beer drinking song, was sung by the German classes, and the Russian class sang a med- Iey of revised songs from "The Sound of Music." As a special highlight to the program, Miss Morris' students, who are iust learning English, sang several American folk tunes, including the familiar " l've Been Working on the Railroad," and "The More We Get Together." AND STUDENT LINGUISTS. Little Red Riding Hood discovers the wolf. Spanish students play the "Mexican Hat Dance. " 244 A capacity crowd flooded into the Franklin gymnasium to watch the Franklin Dads' Club tangle with the KISN Good Guys on February 8. The Franklin Dads' Club, nicknamed the "Daddios" consisted of Dad's Club members and a teacher, Mr. Fleming. The referees were Coaches Nelson and Flitcroft. The Franklin Daddios had a cheer- ing squad of faithful and loyal mothers,attired in sweatshirts and pleated skirts. They led the crowd in such cheers to the Daddios as: "Fee fie Fo fum, look out KISN, here we come." Although the Daddios put up agood fight, theKlSN Good Guys won by one point. This basketball game was played as a benefit forthe Dads' Club fund. Every year the Dads' Club has several money-making projects, such as selling programsand manning the concession stand at the games. They contribute to the band fund which provides new uniforms and money For bus transportation. Several Dads' Club scholarships are awarded annually to Franklin students who have a high scholastic record and who are worthy of this award. Fleming goes up for two points against Good Guys ALL FRANKLIN ATHLETIC EVENTS... Franklin Dad jumps high to score for the Daddios. Kisn Good Guys try to stop play by the Daddios. 2.45 Members of the varsity basketball team are presented to the Quaker audience by Coach Nelson. RECEIVE OUR ENTHUSIATIC SUPPURT. . . Pep assemblies featured the exuberant rally squads and enthusiastically participating audi- ences. Starting with a rousing number by the pep band, these assemblies included a variety of tu- multuous cheering sessions and entertaining and amusing skits. The student body cried "We want the team" as the team went onto the stage. Coach Nelson encouraged the Quakers to support their hard-working team by attending the games. A highlight of each senior year is the senior- faculty game. On March 7 in a double assembly the seniorand faculty rallysquads entertained the student bodywith an exhibition of their talents in promoting spirit. Members of the Faculty rally were dressed as beatniks with mopwigs and picket signs. The costume of the senior rally was red iumperswith checked collars and belts. The game was held on March 9. Halftime entertainmentwas provided by a team of senior girls who played an early basketball game. Due to the expert talents ofvarious Faculty members, the seniors succumbed to a twelve point defeat, 46-34. The spirited Rally Squad squirts a fellow member. 246 Carol Smurrhwaite and Angela Casciato walk for bidders. i Steve Kanas and Rollyn Brown sell girls to likely prospects. AGS AND IIUAKERS CUUPERATE... Typical AGS Slave is wearied under her burden. The annual AGS Week was held April 4-9. Tags were sold on Monday and Tuesday which en- titled the holders to entrance in the slave sale and assembly later in the week. Wednesday was cotton and cord day, signifying the relegation of woolens to mothballs. Steve Kanas and Rollyn Brown were the slave auctioneers. Thegirlswere then sold to the high- est bidder. Each girl walked across the stage showing only her legs and feet. Shoes and stock- ings of various types could be seen as the curtain was raised. The assemlolywas presented on Friday as a highlight of the week. Our guests were the Men's Glee Club from Cascade College. They sang a variety of classical and religious tunes, which included "Happy Wanderer," Grandfather's Clock," and Ghost Riders in the Sky." The trio sang "l'm the Other End of You," and in honor of the Easter season, "The Old Rugged Cross." Each year AGS raises money from this week to provide SIOO for May Fete and gifts for the Rose Festival Court. 248 Ex I grff ,Y'L' K: flxi 'rid 6 s 511 SL! -. '5 V K, xxfmfx x , , N'-' - . " w::vP'i- 1 4 -- '- 'W f -. -1 - . - ' 1 gh I 1, - - - 1 KAKHX 3 H 'Was Af? 1 as 3. . xv Amanda tells Laura to look at the moon and make a wish. Amanda welcomes her son and guest for dinner. FEATURE TALENTED FRANKLIN ACTORS . CAST NO. l Tom Wingfield . . . . Amanda Wingfield Laura Wingfield . .lim O'Connor . . CAST NO. 2 Tom Wingfield . . Amanda Wingfield Laura Wingfield . Jim O'Connor . . Cliff Samuelson Rosemary Webb . . Susan Ball . . George Raslc . . Steve Savage . . . . .Vicki Johnston . . . . . Pam Parker Cliff Samuelson 251 Family discusses Lau.ra's future prospects for marriag G! iff' Steve Kanas, jim Coons, Mike Nakata, Ro1ynBrown, Miss McKercher, Miss Small, and Mr. Fletcher of the Forum Committee formulate plans prior to a Forum. Not pictured are jackie Hines and Mr. Ferry. MORE ACCUMPLISHED STUDENTS... .sq ,f Marji DeBuse, student chairman, and Mr. Brewer listen as fellow committee members discuss Forum problems. 252 V 887 .Q-Ah -ry ,JJ s, . . 1.1: Mg. 'ft' 1 "" : . ' -ee.. Dr. Van Rheenan, at the first Franklin Forum, presents his views concerning the Peace Corps. ATTEND INFORMATIVE LECTURES. Launched into its third year at Franklin with the theme "Peace in Our Time," the Franklin Forum has again challenged the mindsof its mem- bers. The Forum is a series of lectures with dis- cussion periods in which the members can question the speaker. This topic was chosen after much considera- tion by a steering committee consisting of five teachers and six students. The themeof peacewas timely in view of the current interest of students and of the entire nation, in the United States' world problems. It wasselected to makethe Forum members aware of the ideas and ideals connected with peace. The first Forum, which took place on October 29, presented Dr. Fredric Von Rheenan of the University of Oregon Medical School. He spoke obouthis experiences with the Peace Corps in Ni- geria, where he and his wife spent two years. Initiated in l96l, the Peace Corps had endea- vored to promote understanding between Americans and other peoples, and to help emerging nations. Dr. Mort Paglin, associate Professor of Eco- nomicsat Portland State College, spoke to Frank- lin's second Forum on the topic "The Economics of Peace." Dr. Paglin drew a chart showing that decreasing the United States militaryoutputwould increase the production of consumer goods. The Forum's third speakerwas Brother Godfrey Vassallo, head of the physics department at the University of Portland. Brother Vassallo's talk concerned the value of the atom to peace. Franklin's fourth Forum featured Mr. Jacob Avshalomov, conductor of the Portland Junior Symphony. As a musician, Mr. Avshalomov was particularly concerned with music's effect upon human spirit and its use as a means of communi- cation among peoples. Presenting the Forum's last lecture was Dr. David H. Newhall, chairman of the philosophy department at Portland State. Expounding his philosophy concerning war and peace, Dr. New- hall provided his audience with ideas to contem- plate. 253 Slxlgront Rowj: Kathy Kelley, lst Place Duo Acting, Rosemary fFront Rowj: Gayle Stucl-cl, Susan Jewell. fSecond Rowj: ebb, lst Place Women's Singles, Vicki golmston, lst Place Cliff Samuelson, Steve Savage, Talent Show Finalists, pre- s Duo Acting. fSecond Rowj: Pam Parker, rd Place Women' Senting a pantomime, called "Four on a Ledge. " Singlesg Cliff Samuelson, 3rd Place Men's Singles. WE CUNGRATULATE OUR PEERS... Students of EE Drama class imitate Portland Park Bureau dan- Mr. Shaffer sits proudly at his "April Fool"desk, which his cing instructor Miss Marjorie Church climbing a ladder. giggling students transported to the football field. Mfr fill, 'Un As the ALMANAC goes to press, a ballot is being prepared for a run-off election to determine Man of the Year. Girl of the Year Pcnf Rouw WHOSE PRAISEWURTHY ACHIEVEMENTS... LEADERSHIP The abilities to organize activities and to fulfill plans is an important quality. Pat Rouw Steve Kanas 255 SPIRIT SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship, and the concentration, de- termination, and ability which comprise it, makes a successful student. Bob Frohwerk Janice Bishop BRING SUCCESS AND. .. Enthusiasm demonstrated for school and activities is essential for school spirit. linda Stucki Sam Hanna ?Ls.'Ki'? 1""','? 256 COURTESY Respect for both faculty and fellow students is a determining factor of courtesy. Joe Goodale Sarah Lorusso C OOPERA TI ON Participation and the capability to co- operate with othels are valuable assets. Diane Weisenberg Darrell Bowen ' .ul a 'N-an '. -fi lf-f . ON-35 'V' ww'-11 '., .r pwffw V " l ? QA' P-Ji.-1. FS! fi 5 z "Y K' mi I . f, - ----e 5.3 1 -. ggwfgw , + 6 -. ,- ' , -.Q fp Q1 w .yn kj 9 N, At ' to F' 7,57 7715, if "Q k e g 1 V ::'f:ff'f 2 1535 -' r ,ff 'I . , 795 yay., .f?.':" sf 'Q y as ' ' - K . .' kk FQ! , fy xx, 14 ' Y I Q A , J' HONOR TO THEIR FELLOW STUOENTS,... Q-1? NEATNESS Neatness is determine d by a well- groomed appearance a n d an orderly manner. Joanne Scates Dan Roisom PE R S ONA Ll TY Friendliness and attitude are the keys to a good personality. Rick Putnam Shlrley Cam 257 Because safety is so important, the week of April I8-22 was proclaimed "Safety Week" at Franklin to emphasize the need for care in driving. Officer Sutter and Mr. Mitchel presided over the events of the entire week. On Monday, a diffi- cult written test was conducted which showed many who participated the necessity of exten- sive training in driving skills. Those attaining the highest scores on the written test could com- plete in an additional driving test Tuesday. At a specialassemblyonWednesday, Franklin's honored guest, Governor Mark O. Hatfield spoke on as- pects of safety, emphasizing the responsibility of the drivers. Rick Nagle, Steve Smith, and Doug Thompson were awarded seat belts in recognition of their commendable scores on the tests. On Friday, students were invited to submit their cars for a safety check. During the week, safety tags with the theme "Settle for Safety" weresold to promote enthusiasm among the students. Posters displayed about the halls emphasized this theme. CELEBRITIES TO 19" Governor Hatfield conducted an informal session to answer questions posed by Franklin students. OUR SCHOOL... H .,Q-. ., .,. . 2.0. t . 2.7. .', x .S . Q O 1? ... -Q ... . ,Q Qs 1.353 ws 63 , ., Bob Frohwerk, Man of the Month for Scholarship, presented by AFM President Sam H Hatfield for his outstanding achievement. 258 , anna, is congratulated by Governor A . 3, le, T ,f . ab-gk ? Qi M We Q ,, 'fr ,nv li , -fm., Q, A- ya I 52352 fs if 352395 if.,-iwfi fi fffimffffffllh I i ,-"ff V , 2 Sv f flff 7 SI' I! s ill ill -..,,,-sb' fUpper Lefty: Officer Sutter checks Gary Erickson's muffler, hom, tires, lights, brakes, etc. for safety. QUpper Righty: Hank Tomlinson is presented with a check list showing satisfactory equipment. fLower Lefty: Each year Officer Sutter examines cars during safety week. fLoWer Righty: Bill Seim, Don Burke, Ed Deuchar, Gerard Brosnan, and Vicki Marconi observe a safety check. AND GLORY T0 FRANKLIN. More than a week of enthusiastic preparation preceded the selection of Franklin's I966 Rose Fes- tival Princess. On April 2l, scores of pretty seniors presented themselves for selection. This number was narrowed to 24 and then to seven. The seven Finalists, KrisAlFsen, Maryanne Beltz, Janice Bis- hop, Carol Bradshaw, Carolyn Crockett, Carol Smurthwaite and Linda Stucki, were presented to the student body in a special assembly. Each cand- idatedelivered an original speech which concur- red with the I966 Rose Festival theme, "From the Music Stand". Students voted for their choices the same day, having been encouraged to base their selection on beauty, poise, speaking abil- ity, adult appeal and personality. The next morn- ing, another special assembly, hosted by Student Body PresidentAlanWoolfolk and featuring Frank- lin's l965 Rose Festival Princess Veanne Johnson, revealed Franklin's representative For the I966 Portland Rose Festival Court, Kris Alfsen. MARYANNE BELTZ IANICE BISHOP t CAROL BRADSPLAW CAROLYN CROCKETT CAROL SMURTHWAITE LINDA STUCK! 260 ,f',, 4 be erm. J Mug -Q . Q.-:S - 1"gfsf.' if ""'Qs5g5 - gy. 'F sr . I '- 'fI,EiFTwit.asf "KQV- .4 4a1sarg, sin 14. Aanssag, C1111 11,1s1. Aaiserg, Jim sz, Assam, sam 52, 315. Asai sam 55, ss. Assiaa, c1.ary11a 11. .issrrs va1aa1a 11. Abraham, cisai 52. 1121.195-. 'rim ss. 1-A" cuss iss. Aersa, 1s1.ra 13, 14, 35, 45, 135, 13s, 1113, 201, 241. 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Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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