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GLM E MADEMOWLLE LOOK E E wi? MAGAZINES V53 0F AMERICA , X! ff4llHKMX ' X X , m XML WX ,KM 1 .Lg 1 THE ALMANAC PUBLISHED BY THE 1956 ALMANAC STAFF OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL PORTLAND, OREGON JUNE, 1956 EDITORS MARILYN A. CASH MARILYN F. RUST ADVISOR CARL W. SALSER, JR. h g ph P d by Bl VI N 41 B Iiff Print Table of Contents Dedication eeeee 3 Faculty .t,,.. as Student Government Classes Seniors . . 32 Juniors , r r 69 Sophomores . , , 83 Freshmen , , . . . . 97 Service Organizations , 3 Clubs Honorary . . l34 Interest , . , . , . 143 Service , . . , . l48 Social .., .,.. l56 Sports acsssssc The Classroom ssss Activities Advertisers W C We the students of Franklin High School humbly dedicate our 1956 Al- I mam, T0 FREEDOM OF THE if ' X . fl I y H 'Lf 1 ,, , PRESS... ,m M in wf 'i lfwllf f r V i l X ' 'W l ' I "VKX , xxllvw lx t Wg ' gaetrqll t jj A X 'X y y fy llllllll with the hope that the world might realize the con- :I Z cern of its youth for the preservation of this precious 7 9 heritage. As Americans we know, as do no other - people anywhere, true liberty of expression because X 'our forefathers cared enoiugh to offer their lives and X ""' ortunes to insure its en turance. ', 1 s XSS... s- J if Q lllmwluuuiqji'3,?:1 W f : L Tl f A 1 f 'll Wllll f fa - ,lllf'All X i I ill l f' i dly! f fl X It is our duty as young people to V gf X X ll .iix MW? ' X maintain this liberty for future :tif IWVMI K l ' gy X generations, as it was maintained I yu, ' ' , Z f f J for us, by honoring, respecting, Www X I A K and using it. May its light glow lf ,M hw J f Ig, forever! l r l K I ,T s l ,W P V l VI f V 14 X ll 1 l Y ' :laik "mill, ' Xi D1 N 1 ly ll s ' ' Qu f X f v . 4 of ' lla-ii TWENTY CENTS JUNE TPIE WEEKLY NEWS MAGAZINIE - fx N fi X ,.-A 51' W -K gi QE, 56.00 A YEAR LREG. u.s. PAT oFF.n S3 , of i i ,i .l ll ggi li ll 2265 ' -A jf , 5 4 We at Franklin are well aware of the willing contribu- tions of time, patience, and effort which our teachers make each day. This is one school where the faculty is truly composed of "human beings" who are counselors as well as instructors, friends as well as superiors. As we progress through the years, their immeasurable service to us will become more and more evident in the development of fine character and high personal ambi- tions. 6 EWMAGAZINE O F BETTER4,S CAH0,O A.,l A DMlN.l.SYTRA. 'l' I OUR PRINCIPAL Dr. Erickson Though he has a full schedule he is nev- er too busy to find time for our problems, however small and unimportant. He has truly been a wonderful counselor and ex- ample to us. r ......- .mfr Prr ff' PUQ ---- ,,,y,,,.g ,swim iieisigszgfu fe-.45 ll ,,.,Nu N-rrrrrrfrrr sf lint gmerww 5 H4933 lllw gl lille ,......,l I H ll ll ll ll ll 8 Whose most outstanding quality is a deep and true sincerity, for which we will always remember and love him. V 'E M G1 Fe? eff: 5 1 :sf we K N9 OUR VICE PRINCIPALS Mr. Cdmpbell-Whose strength of character has proved an inspiration to all of us. We will always remember him with admiration and respect for the spirit of cooperation he has always shown and the helpful advice he has offered to us. Miss Grqnf-Whose advice, patience, and understanding have made our years at Franklin so much more meaningful and productive. She has truly been a good friend as well as a wonderful example to us. Ml-5, Shank-Whose winning personali- ty and diligent work have endeared her to all of us, though she has only been here one year. We wish her many more years of gratifying service at Franklin. Q. 1 - .i We l Ms, x.. ig tLll' .,. l ,,,.. l ,I IVE, l, ,i ,i l Mrs. H. Allard , .. 35? Miss A. Bohlen English Science sa ,.-T--1-N , ,kkk-L 1 l . ,A 'sf A' ' ,,l: I iiif Mr. H. Becker 4' 1 K '-ff: - Social Studies ' 'H 5- A " if?5"'t 0 -.Q .1 fgwvmmsw fl' ' A f I . -, ll.. Tl 'f . E. l .,, . 2 ,,.., gg 3. VL , Xxx aw 'B rrrr. ff rr.. s 1 I Mrs. E. Arnold Mr. L. Botti Art English 'X .. AQXNSYX 1 Mrs. A. Auld Social Studies 'W- Mr. M. P. Bennett Mathematics Mrs. M. Bruckner English Mr. L. Beghtol Mrs. D. Carpenter Industrial Arts Physical Education Mrs. A. Casebeer Foreign Language .-ulllll' Mrs. M. Cairns Homemaking -00" Miss T. Collins Social Studies EngnQH CCC Miss F. Cornutt English Mr. R. Damberg Mathematics ll Q Mr. B. Davis Combined Class Mr. C. Dawson Business Education Mr. L. Devlin Social Studies Department Chairman it lIiaa42 i5 ? E?ffElfa ii IIIEI Mr. J. Doerter Art i A Mr. L. Douglas Business Education X . Mrs. M. Giess Music Department Chairman Mr. G. Erlandson Social Studies L L, Miss M. Driscoll Mr. G- Gordon ff Mathematics Department Chairman Mr. D. Dusek Industrial Art Mr. A. Fedje Social Studies Mrs. J. Heintz Combined Classes ,Q , Q lv' Miss H. Erickson Mis? C- Hinchev Homemakmg Physical Education I2 Mrs, R. Hendrickson English Mr. N. Horr Mr. G. Kalman English Mr. C. Kurath English Mathematics Mr- M- Krause Physlcal Educarlchllleparrmem Chalrman Mr. A. Johnson lfhgllsh 'QX Mr. D. Kearns Ehgllsh va Mrs. T. Landes Eng llsh Mrs' V' Jones Marhematlcs Combined Classes Department Charrman I3 'WW 5 ll. jfxi Mrs. E. Luginbill English kg in .,,,L I , f --fi t if., it gf' X tg : . ..,s W V ALVL ...S i I t .1 f :', fi 'J "if 'b'l , ' 'F S- . 7' 42 ' ',,, .1 S J . ":1. 'f - . . i- --vff szf f4g:fqf2 J sv 'sftf is 'L M U ,LL.., ,, . . . W Mrs. E. Matson Combined Classes .qi Miss Ruby McKay Social Studies Miss M. Maule Mr' J' McKee Business Education Social Studies , i -ii l x i 2 .1 Y i 2' ' 2 1 iw if .r. Mi i Mr. J. Manning Social Studies Mr. W. McClure Combined Classes 2+ vi 5-as Uglfggi Miss C. McKercher English Miss E. Marshall Mr- H- Medici Science Mathematics I4 fs, s Mr. G. Messenger Music eb' Mrs. E. Moore Combined Classes Mr. H. Mullen Science Mr. F. Murray Y Y English Mrs. E. Norlin English Mrs. F. Nutting l-lornemaking I5 xi 43.1. , Mr. A. Ouchi Social Studies Mrs. C. Oliver English Department Chairman rxkw si 66L1a:vm Mr. E. Osborn Combined Classes Mr. R. Pierce English Mr. J. Peery Music Mr. P. Read Combined Classes Mrs. S. Rydman Combined Classes Mr. J. Pratt Mr. C. Salser Industrial Arts Business Education Mr. C. .Pulliam Combined Classes Mr. C. Richter Science Mr. F. Savage Industrial Arts Mr. D. Raschio Mrs. M. Scott Science Department Chairman Business Education I6 X! t ff. 1. 4L F' M ' :a Miss A. Senn Business Education Mr. E. Southwick Business Educatncn Department Chairman Miss S. Stewart Business Education ,.1..f 'Rs iN E . X Mr. J. Shaffer Mr. M. Stipac English Mathematics Denartmcnt Chairman Miss D. Small Mathematics Mr. W. Stephens '-.-.4 Mr. J. Taylor Science Physical Education Miss M. Smutz Miss E- Th0m2S Foreign Languages EVlQl'5-ll I7 jk--uf' Miss A. Townsend Mr. J. Wolfe Mathematics Mathematics Miss M. Webster Homemaking Miss M. Townsend Miss J. Woodward Foreign Language Department Physical Education Chairman -rs , ig.-.X T' Mr. R. Wagner Miss A. Young industrial Arts Department Social Studies Chairman .... .- if ...., . f iliiill 1. SJ :VM . I!! Mr. L. Wilson Physical Education Mr. J. Ward Miss I. Zimmerman Physical Education Science 5, N N A 5 is Mrs. Marjorie Christensen Mrs' Alice Jose Mrs. Psyche Miller CURRICULUM COUNCIL X5 .pf S -. "N C7 . i Q ll ,wfir x '1 G' we-aff' .71 -M 74' X X Row I: Mrs. A. Auld, Mrs. Gritzka, Miss J. Woodward, Mr. G. Erlandson Row 2: Mr. G. Gordon, Mrs. E. Shank, Mrs. E. Morlin, Mr. G. Kalman, Mr. C. Richter, Miss O. Lehman I9 Z1-5 f- lmvwlflx X gf 2 l l QQ, fl l 'B Q 53 l if X R Xp 1 . R ESF Wi. fl l i ,KQ M57 f r j fs flsl f xfm W x7l W Franklin students play, as do very few student bodies anywhere, a vital part in the government of their school. Their setup of two main governing bodies, the Executive Cabinet and the Student Council, their leadership classes, their election procedure - all are unknown in many schools throughout the nation. Certainly they can be proud of the interest which both teachers and students evince in student government by their participation in school affairs. 20 STUDENT COUNCIL 4 ACTIVITIES! I THE EXECUTIVE CABINET . novel of suspense JUNE L...- Q I 58 E. I v HIE The Amazing Story of ,gs STUDENT X PARTICIPATION I I EVERYTHING COMPLETE IN THIS ISSUE ffkye 7.rfy,.,, fa ewpwfwffw rfwfufxv fy WW.-- Fall Student Body President is +A Jerry Petrie Jerry Petrie has proven himself a most capable leader as our Fall Body President. He may be justifiably proud af a job well done, for his sparkling personality and will- ing service have won him our respect and admirationg we extend to him sincere wishes for a brilliant future. 22 Fall Student Body Vice President Al Lavorato has contributed exten- sively to the smooth working order of our Fall Student Council. His adminis- tration has been most successful in its advance toward the betterment of our entire Student Body, we are grateful for .his personal concern and consequent action. FALL STUDENT couNcn. A' Lmmo Row l: A. Lavorato, C. Compton Row 2: E. Hagan, C. Brollier, C. Peccia, L. Smith, D. Erdman, J. Schmunk, B. Judge, S. Palmer, M. O'Connor, J. Florey, unknown Row 3: H. Garrison, G. Benson, C. Stonach, P. Bracken, L. McGrew, N. Fleischmann, S. Knowland, unknown, C. Westhusing, N. Dominguez, B. Kibe Row 4: J. Williams, R. Cozad, F. Kackel, D. Sols, M. Cash, R. Portney, C. Lanier, unknown, B. Sauer, C. ller, J. Crosby Row 5: M. Dwiggins, S. Bishop, P. MacDonald, G. Raforth, P. Schaar, L. Lash, J. Hanna, G. Thompson, J. Smith, J. Anderson, C. Bell Row 6: T. O'Neal, P. Allen, J. Fawcett, M. Adams, unknown, E. May, S. Spence, K. Kaady, C. Spence, A. Michaelson, J. McCray, F. Hovanic Row 7: D. Overall, R. Reigert, G. Range, O. Bell, J. Wobig, J. Briggs, D. Scott, D. Pubols, P. Davidson Row 8: G. Payne, K. Wiedemann, G. Allen, R. Ashfield, G. Risoth 23 Fall Student Body Secretary Marilyn Mackin We all know and respect Donna Fields for her wonderful spirit of friend- ly cooperation and competent leader- srip. Her school life has been a real example of industry and service to Franklin, and an inspiration to all of us. as Connie Klingman Fall A.G.S. President Although Marilyn Mackin has long been active in Franklin affairs, the ultimate point in her high school career was reached in the remarkable effici- ency and initiative with which she car- ried out her duties as Student Body Secretary. Fall Student Body Treasurer QW Donna Fields in jfi i g i 5 if a as f , Q ,.,, 5 l Ernie Spargur Fall A.F.M. President ,Www --Q2 rx. NRS Roger Hughes Donna Patterson Doug Leonetti Post Representative Inter-Club Council Representative Freshman Class President - it siei erig r ri M fm- 7175, f c Q , sewn ov Q i"UU1B.y...-1' .... .l U ' P 1 ' "' ,v esfs S Y , It l Y ,. lv? .. l .wi S Bob Davis Steve Schell Jerry Crispe Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Senior Class President P x 1 l B. Davis, S. Schell, D. Patterson, J. Crispe, E. Spargur, M. Mackin, Mrs. Auld, J. Petrie, A. Lavorato, D. Fields, C. Klingman, D. Leonetti. 25 Spring Student Body President Bud Snodgrass The leadership and dependability which Bud Snodgrass has shown at every point during his term as Student Body President have done much to gain him his reputation as "the very finest." Bud's intelligence and good humor have endeared him to both faculty and students throughout his four years at Franklin-an active four years which were highlighted by his election to the highest office a Franklin student can hold. 26 Spring Student Body Vice President Bringing along with him energy, capability, and a long background of experience in Student Council work, vice President George Russill expertly took over the Council during the spring months. Congratulations on a good job, George! sPmNG sTuoENT couNcu. GW Rm" Row l. J. Crispe, G. Russill, M. Perkins, D. Fields Row 2. J. Stromp, A. Tyson, D. Erdman, C. Scoggin, H. Orren, J. Schmunk, F. Kachel, P. Ball, B. Judge, unknown, J. Seaquist ow 3. L. Leavitt, C. Westhusing, K. Kristensen, S. Thomson, N. Seeley, J. Atkinson, N. Fleischmann, unknown, unknown, unknown Row 4: C. Wenstrand, V. Cain, S. Baker, A. Rask, J. Gregory, P. Bracken, P. Burgard, S. Knawland, L. Gimbol, C. Bell, J. Crockett, R. Nakata ow 5. M. Koltsh, G. Raforth, L. Brisbee, H. Garrison, S. Holman, unknown, J. Hanna, R. Sempsel, J. MacKenzie, C. Bakken, M. Blanco Row 6. D. Pubols, A. Linn, unknown, K. Wiedemann, M. Brown, S. Briggs, M. Merritt, E. Bonar Row 7. S. Woodyard, J. Taylor, G. Range, A. Nelson, J. Wobig, P. Sams, T. Painter, 0. Batdorf, T. 0'Neal Row 8. D. Leonetti, R. Cozad, M. Adams, P. MacDonald, D. Daniels 27 Spring Student Body Secretary Susie, whose unassuming demeanor and skilled efficiency have made her an officer of whom we are all proud. Her strength of character is continually reflected in her stability of purpose. Spring Student Body Treasurer Susie Palmer Judy, whose quick wit and loyal spirit have served as an inspiration to all of us. She deserves our sincere commen- dation for her willing and competent service in many school activities. Judy Saylor Diana Fields Joe Roth Spring A.G.S. President Spring A.F.M. President 28 Marvin Hempel Delmay Spencer Mike Azorr Post Representative Inter-Club Representative Freshman Class President our V ,Y 4'-3, Q sh- Kiis' John Hedman Gary Gill Phil Schnabel Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Senior Class President . amrjh H I N. 'Q Q Row One: D. Spencer, D. Fields, M. Azorr, J. Sayler, S. Falmer, Mrs. Auld. Row Two: J. Roth, M. Hempel, B. Snodgrass, P. Schnabel, G. Gill, G. Russill. 29 nh. , ,IQ I an-I ff l l , Win Y A Z VJ . 1 gx X: Q l g lx l l X xx S S+,-f l l l TT fa Q JN-ful-X Individually and collectively, the classes at Franklin have done all they could to better the school this l955-56 term. This can be directly attributed to the loyalty and concern for their classes and school which is shown by many individual members in each class. We can truly exhibit a justifiable pride in this achievement. 30 I' xi E THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW THE STORY OF 2300 STUDENTS Q ! . J ' "Hitman-U , V 1UNh L " A 4 is ,ik A v 6 ,jig , Fortune Z Y FS ' 4 H K D In this issue: 32 New Leaders of the N01ftlJwest" Ami twenty th t ly articles Senior CLA ORROW CLASS COLORS-BLACK AND SILVER SS MOTTO-"IT'S ALMOST TOM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,... ,,A,....... Vice President ,,,,.,.. v,,,.,, Secretary .............. Treasurer ..,.......,v.,,., ..f,.. Historian ,,,,........,,, ...,. , ....... . Jerry Crispe Bud Snodgrass Barbara Curtis Bob Backstrom Cheryl Crook Girls' Sgts.-at-Arms ..,..... .....,A.. D ixie Clark Marilyn Eakln Arlene Martin Pat Qualley Boys' Sgrs.-ar-Arms .....,.. ss..s.. B vb Bunker Doug Daniels Bill Nichols Dick Treadwell " md' if "l'."Ef President ,,t...,..,, Vice President ...,,. Secretary ,,,,,,...,. Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. Historian ........,,,,,,,, Girls' Sgts.-at-Arms ......Y. ,,,,,,, , Boys' Sgts.-at-Arms ..,..,,s, Phil Schnabel Carlyn Compton Kay Elliot Betti Macki Ed Olsen Shirley Anderson Ann Chandler Dolores Harrison Betty Neal -A-------Orville Bell David Erdman Mel Fox Li I Uh' 33 SENIOR COUNSELORS Mr. Manning We seniors thank you for always giving of your time and talents to help us in every way possible. Mrs. Auld We have appreciated your constructive advice and genuine understanding during the past four years. Adams, Curtis Charles-Woodmere "Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it Work. Adams, Mary Ellen-Richmond "An abundance of all that is charming" . cl ' 3 A, BIS ,, G' I ' Ch ' : R lly Squad: Jr. Rally: Student Council: Jr. ass: ggllllrat-Arms:elr. Pibm Coilll: Fileshie Court: Career Conf.: Chairman, rep.: Class Committees: Hi Ki Ki: Vice-Pres., Treas.: Kle Koe: Nat. Honor Society: Pep Club: Swimming: Oregon State College. Aeschliman, Noye Edward-Vancouver, Washington "Fame is the essence of heroic deeds" Navy. Albus, Eileen Marvis-Arleta "A likeable girl in every wayv Choir: A, B, Pres.: Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Plays: Phi Delta Chi: Chaplain, Club Reporter: Providence School of Nursing. Allen, Tom Jerome-Richmond "A friend to all" A.F.M. Rep.: Oregon State College. Allison, Carolyn Mae--Richmond "A merry heart goes all the day" Stvudent Council: A.G.S. Committees: Almanac: Sr. Section, Salesman: Class Com- mittees: Career Conf.: Chairman, Guide :Student Sec. Delta Beta Phi: Hist.: Nat. Honor Society: Sec.: Pep Club: Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56: Oregon State College. Amundson, Sandra Lin-Binnsmead "Puts her shoulder to the wheel" Choir: A, B, Girls' Choir: A.G.S. Rep.: Class Committees: Twirp Dance Court: Plays: l.C.C.: Delta Beta Phi: Pres., Vice-Pres. Gulick: Treas., Chaplain: Sitzmark: Club Reporter: Not. Honor Society: Work. Anderson, Marjorie Lee-Woodmere "Everyone excells in something' Girls' Glee: Rek-Quo: Work. x Anderson, George Edward-Kellogg "Be always what you mean to be" Portland State. Anderson, Geraldine Emma-Richmond "Our deeds determine us" Choir: A, Girls' Glee, Girls' Ensemble: A.G.S. Rep., Committees: Plays: Mosque If Gavel: Sgt.-at-Arms: Business College. Anderson, Raymond Donald-Woodstock "Power can do by gentleness that which violence fails to accom- plish" Student Council: A.F.M. Rep.: University of Oregon. Anderson, Shirley Ann "Good sense, which is only a gift of heavenl' Sr. Class: Sgt.-at-Arms: Student Sec.: Work. Andrews, Shirley Deloise-Joseph Lane "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired" A.G.S. Rep.: Lecoho: Pep Club: Work. Armfield, Roberta Kay-Binnsmead "A rose with its sweetest leaves yet foldedi' A.G.S. Rep.: Class Committees: Pep Club: College. Atiyeh, Ma ry Rose--Arleta "A happy youth" A.G.S. Rep.: Girls' Choir: Phi Delta Chi: Vice-Pres., Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms: Portland State College. Attwood, Clyde Buford-Arleta "Virtuous and vicious every num must be" College. Backstrom, Robert Lawrence--Joseph Lane "Tis good to be merry and wise" Student Council: A.F.M.: Class Committees: Sr. Class: Treas.: Almanac: Photog. Super., Salesman: Career Conf.: Chairman College Conf.: Chairman: Relatives: Sgt.-at-Arms: l.R.L.: Lambda Gamma: Treos., Sgt.-at-Arms: Nat. Honor Society: Treos.: Honor Roll 3 Years: Reed College. Baker, Donald Raymond-Woodstock "A pal and a friend who is good and true" A.F.M. Rep.: Football '52, '53, '54: Undecided. Aw no ff sell: id' wi-E san!" 'Pi dung Baldwin, Donald LeRoy-Phoenix, Arizona "Tis good to be merry and'iwise" Track '54, '55, College. Baldwin, Leona Erlene-Lent "Silence is the most perfect herald of joy" Student Council, Lambda Gamma, Lecoha: Vice-Pres., Pep Club, College. Baltzell, Alice Anne-Creston "Full wise is she that can herself know" Work. Bantord, Robert David-Wood mere "He who ics firm in will will mold the world to himself" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Class Committees, Saxons Hi-Y: Sgt.-at-Arms, Treas., Optimist, Sitzmork: Chaplain, Vice-Pres., Royal Order of F, Jr. Prom Court, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Track '54, '55, Notre Dome. Barnett, Marsha Ann-Marysville "It's good to be honest and true" A.G.S. Rep., Phi Delta Chi: Club Reporter, Marriage. Barth, Marilyn Jean-Kellogg "Truth is within ourselves" Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Lecoha: Hist., Sec., Pep Club, College. Batdorf, Oliver Ervin-Marysville "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Student Council, Post: Bus. Mgr., Lewis and Clark College. Baty, Evelyne Doreen--Lane "She was the admiration of ull" Girls' Choir, A.G.S. Rep., Northwest Nazarene College. Batsch, John LaRoy "A nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men" Baughman, Janice Carol-Binnsmead "Truth is the highest thing that one may keep" Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Business College. Bean, Wyatt Howell-Powellhurst "Friendship is the wine ol life" Photography: Sec., Treas., Football '52, '53, Truck '52, '53, College. Bell, Dennis Lee-Woodmere "Look! He's winding up the watch of his wit, by and by it will strike" Choir: B, Orchestra, Jr. Symphony Orchestra, All-City Orchestra, All-State Or- chestra, All-Northwest Orchestra, Cross Country '52 Swimming '55, College. Bell, Gary Dennis-Lane "It is excellent to have ll giant strength" A.F.M, Rep., Illuminati: Sgt.-at-Arms, Saxons Hi-Y Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Baseball '53, Notre Dome. Bell, Orville Milton-Lent "He is liked by everyone" ' I Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sr. Class Sgt-at-Arms, Khlisti: Vice-Pres-, HIS'-I Sitzmark Cross Country '52i Truck '53i Afmed 59fV'Ce5- Belles, Raymond Dee-Portland Christian "Great thought, like great deeds, need no trumpet" A.F.M. Rep., Undecided. Bellovich, James Elwin "Truth is a fair and durable thing" Band, A.F.M. Rep., Post, Football, Track, Basketball '52 Plays, Oregon Stote College. Bennet, Larry. Benson, Georgia Carole-Binnsmead . . . , "There's a twinkle in her eye that means mischief yet untned' Girls' Choir, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Jr. Class. Sgt.-at-Arms? C2flfl'0llS1 Treas., Honor Society, Swimming '53, '54, 55, 56, Nursing, 36 Bird, Farrell Norman-Woodstock "Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet" Undecided. Bishop, Susan Mary-Glencoe "Her quietness is becoming" Fire Squad, Student Council: Sec., A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees: "PfeffY PYQP- per", l.C.C.: Treas., Delta Beta Phi, Nat. Honor Society: Vice-Pres., Spanish Honorary, Pep Club, Gulick: Hist., Entertainment Chairman, Oregon State College. Bitz, Delories Marie-St. Peter's "Happy I am, from care I am free" Work. Black, Roderick William-Lent "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" Class Committees, Catalyst: Pres., Relatives, Pep Club, Plays, Oregon State College. Black, Virginia Mae-Girls' Poly "Truth is eternal" Choir: B, Marriage. Blackburn, Annetta Jean-Marysville "Art is power" Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees Centhali: His., Pep Club, Comp- tometer School. Blanc, Julia Joanne-Arleta "Her charm is just being herself" h Career Conf: Chairman, Guide, Kappa Kappa: Program Chairman, Chaplain, Vice- Pres., College. Bodle, Ellen Lois-Richmond "Often those who say least know mostv Girls' Glee, Girls' Choir, A.G.S. Rep., Phi Delta Chi: Hist., Treas., Sec., Chaplain, Work. Bodle, Helen Louise-Richmond "Courteous, though coy, and gentle, though retiredv Girls' Glee, Girls' Choir, Phi Delta Chi: Sgt.-at-Arms, Chaplain, Hist., Vice-Pres., Business College. Booth, Donald Bernard-Arleta "Nothing great is beyond our reach" Undecided. Boyer, Franklin David "I find nonsense singularly refreshing" Choir: B, Class Committees, Undecided. Brickwedel, Beverly Ann-Portland Christian "I would be friends with you and hold your love" A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Marriage. Bridge, Kay Charlene-Richmond "The sweetest thing that ever grew" Student Council, A.G.S.: Treas., Rep., Girl of the Month, Fresh. Class: Treas., Class Committees, Sltzmark: Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Chaplain, l.C.C., A.F.S. Ex- change Student, Ski Team, Tennis '54, Undecided. Briggs, Gerald Hollister-Richmond "Men like bullets go farthest when they are smoothest" Choir: B, .Student Council, Soph. Class: Vice-Pres., Class Committees, Career Conf: Chairman, Sannz: Treas., Sgt.-at-Arms, Knightz: Treas., Sgt.-at-Arms, Pres., Royal Order of 'F', Football '54, '55, Track '54, Willamette University. Brown, Eleanor Dorothy-Woodmere "She's just as nice as she can be" Student Council, Post: Asst. Editor, l.C.C., Lecoha: Pres., Sec., Chaplain. Club Reporter, College. Brown, Marilyn Jean-Creston "A quiet worker who accomplishes things without saying muchi' College. Buchanan, Mary Alice-Kellogg "A light heart lives long" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Career Conf: Rep., Guide, Hi Ki Ki: Club Reporter, Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, College. Bentley, Eugene Lewis-Woodmere "Gentle of speech, great of heart" Marines. J,-,ff l rt iiiii f I .ca F J .1 A.: -'ze if ww' l f 75 , F W vrg, ,.fV f 1 Smtfinpffk 1? O ei ,c if' r Q1 5 E ' . I ' gf Q- fi! lift Q as ll it .haf ' 'VL : .::r: R l i B r R' . 5' , ' -, , if , . r f..s1,,g. ' .f . Q ix fir T, Buford, Gary Manford-Kellogg "The mold of a man's future is in his hands" Student Council: Khlistiz Vice-Pres., Hist.: Oregon State College. Bulloch, Linda Evora-Washington High School "Don't let's be serious, it's a bore" Choir: A: Pep Club: Vice-Pres.: Nursing. Bunker, Robert John--Gilbert A "A quiet looking man, but looks are often deceiving" Fire Squad:lCapt.: A.F.M. Rep.: Sr. Class: Sgt.-at-Arms: Class Committees: Royal glglezii F: Optimist: Sgt.-at-Arms: Football '52, '55, '54, '55: Track '53, '54: : o ege. Burchell, Virginia Lee-Lent "She counts life by its sunshine and gladness . , , - . d C 'lg A.G.S. Rep.: Quatasia: Class Committees: liriloizzd Bcrrllfglluiilntliyllilcinlil: niismmadrpgal Group: Kle Koe: Pres.. Sec.. Trees-. Hist., Outstanding Member: Pentathloml Vice-Pres, Chaplain, Sgt.-at-Arms, OUT' standing Member: Pep Club: Swimming 52? U""Ve"S'lY of ofegcn- Burke, Carol Ann-Woodmere "Love me little, love me long" Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Quatasia '55: Phi Delta Chi: Hist.2 C0ll092' Burke, Terry Ann-St. Stephen's "A shy and modest maiden" Career Cont.: Portland University. Butler, Patricia Shintaffer Butterfield, James Albert-Marysville "Not a perfect man, but a good heart" Band: Portland State College. Butt, Shirley Diane-Creston "Cheerfulness and success go hand in hand" A.G.S. Rep.: Neich-Ko: Pres., Sec., Traes., Outstanding Member: Work. Cain, Virginia May-Kellogg "Her friends-there are many, her enemies-are there any?,' Fire Squad: Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Fresh. Class: Sgt.-at-Arms: Jr. Class: Treas.: Career Conf.: Chairman: Class Committees: Hi Ki Ki: Club Reporter: Gulrck: Pres., Jr., Sr. Council Rep., Sgt.-at-Arms: Pep Club: I.C.C.: College. Cameron, James Richmond-St. Peters "Tis not what he does, but what he is" Choir: A, B: Student Council: A.F.M. Rep.: Quakers: Sannz: Vice-Pres., Treas.: Football '53: Track '53, '54: University of Oregon. Caputo, Steve Ronald-Richmond "I laugh at care and never hurry' Student Council: A.F.M. Rep.: Sannz: Sgt.-at-Arms: Quakers: Football '52, '54: Baseball '53: University of Oregon. Cartwright, Glenn Edwin-Creston "A faithful friend is better than gold" Air Force. Carvell, Charles Edwin-Richmond "Who mixed reason with pleasure, wisdom with mirth" A.F.M. Rep.: Lambda Gamma: Cross Country '52, '53: Portland State College. Case, Clifford Bruce-Arleta "Life is too short to worry over anything" Fire Squad: A.F.M. Rep.: Track '52, '53: Cross Country '52: Oregon State College. Cash, Marilyn Aileen-Richmond "A quiet girl, a good student, and a friend to all who knew her" Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Jr. Class: Treas.: Almanac: Co-Editor, Sr. Section' 1 Student Sec.: Career Conf.: Guide: Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56: Delta Beta Phi' Treas.: Nat. Honor Society: Pep Club: Lewis Cr Clark College. Cawood Neil Frazier-Arleta I "Gentle in manner, firm in reality" Fire Squad: A.F.M. Rep.: Past: Sports: Class Committees: Career Conf.: Chairman: Football Fold-up Court: Royal Order of 'F': Optimist: Club Reporter, Sgt.-at- Arms, Vice-Pres.: Football '52, '53, '54, '55: Track '53, '54, '55, '56: Cross Country 55: Pacific University. Chamberlain, Sylvia- Chandler, Ann Carol-Lent "A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known" Class Committees, Xys-Ki, Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Class: Sgt-at-Arms, Uni- versity ot Organ. Chatterton, Ronald Claud-Benson "The mildest manners with the bravest mind" Choir: B, Post: Subscriber, Oregon Technical Institute. Chavers, Margaret Ann--Lane "Her wants are few, her wishes confined" Marriage. Chiaudano, Janet Clarena-Kellogg "A true friend is forever a friend" A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Spanish Honorary, Work. Clark, Allen Truman-Superior, Wisconsin "A spirit yet unequalled" Navy Clark, Carol JoAnn-Binnsmead "Her charm is in just being herself" Choir: B, Student Council, AG.S. Rep., Class Committees, Sitzmork: Pres., Treas., Pep Club, University of Oregon. Clark, Dixie Dawn-Powellhurst "A sunny soul does not need letters of introduction" Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Year Rep., Class Committees, Gulick: Jr. and Sr. Council Rep., Sgt.-at-Arms Vice-Pres., Oregon State College. Cleaver, Ivan N.-Woodmere "H is good nature never relaxes" Band, Choir, Orchestra, A.F.M. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha: Pres., Basketball '52, College. Clement, David H.-Powellhurst "In him alone was natural to please" Photography Club, Y.F.C., Undecided. Compton, Carlyn Jo-Arleta "Music is well said to be the speech of the angels" Choir: A, Girls, Student Council: Sec., A.G.S. Rep., Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Quatasia '54, '55,, Class Committees Masque 6 Gavel: Sec., Parll., Nat. Honor Society, Centhalis: Club Reporter, Pleiades: Pres., Pep Club, Plays, College. Conger, Deanna Dawn-Creston "Unextinguished laughter shakes the skies" Choir: B, Fire Squad, A.G.S.: Rep., Committees, Pep Club, Swimming '52, '53, '54, University of Oregon. Conklin, Gerald Wayne-Kellogg "Neither to seek nor despise honors" A.F.M. Rep., Lambda Gamma, Career Conference Chairman, College. Conrad, Lorraine Merle-Kellogg "A pleasant smile, a charming face" Choir: A, A.G.S. Rep., Y.F.C.: Pres., Plays, Marriage. Conyng ha m, Catherine Stuart-Powellhurst "Her erected thought seated in a heart of courtesy" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Almanac: Praotreading, Index, Salesman, Quatasia 'C:x:iqli0"E7mgfG9il ':.Ril-.:Prr.esa, Inge:-gitys Cabinet, sriahsalflonor Society, ', ave: arm., elaes, ..., ' ' ',' ,Pl :H Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, College. wlmmmg Cys onor Cooley, Arlie Ann-Arleta "And those that are good shall be happy" Marriage. Correll, Danny Carl-Tennessee "Young fellows will be young fellows" Royal Order of F, Photography Club: Vice-Pres., Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Track '53, '54, Undecided. Cox, Patricia Ann-Miles City, Montana "Like a petal of a rose and as sweet" University of Oregon. Crawn, Donald Eugene-Powellhurst "Ah, why should life all labor be?" Band, Basketball '53, Football '54, Service. x F CC' Go- Nb Cribbs, Carrie Lou "Perhaps her stature is not tall, but good things do come small" Crispe, Gerald Allen-Binnsmead "A hard worker, a good student and a friend to all" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Jr. Class: Vice-Pres., Sr. Class: Pres., Optimist: Sec., Chaplain, Pres., B.F.F.: Pres., Nat. Honor Society, Sitzmork, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, Student Rep. to Frisco, Reno, College. Crites, Robert Peterson-Binnsmead "An hour for toil a day for sport" Fire Squad, A.F.M. Rep., Khlisti, University of Oregon. Crone, Myrna Jean-Lane "With grace to win, with heart to hold" Student Secretary, Work. Crook, Cheryl Audrey-Kellogg "A merry heart, a comrade true" A.G.S.: Rep., Committees, Sitzmark: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Hi Ki Ki: Chaplain, Class Committees, Sr. Class Hist., Jr. Prom Court, University of Oregon. Curry, Dave J.-Kellogg "The gentleman is learned and an excellent speaker" Choir: A. B, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Quatasia '54, Sigma Phi Alpha: Parli., Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Football '52, Track '53, Voice of Democracy Con- test, Portland State College. Curtis, Barbara Ann-Russellville "Bright eyes and a lovely smile" Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Soph. Class: Treas., Sr. Class: Sec., Post: Typist, Class Committees, Pentathlon: Sgt.-at-Arms, Vice-Pres., Pres., Kle Koe: Sec., Vice- Pres., Sitzmark, Football Foldup Court, Jr. Prom Court, Career Conf. Chairman, Business College. Dalbey, Ga ry Eldon-Kellogg "It is the quiet mind that keeps the tumult of the world in poise" Baseball '53, Work. Dambach, George G.-Lent "He seems to be a man sprung from himself" Choir: A, B, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Baseball '53, College. Daniels, Douglas R.-Lane "A true man is earnest, therefore enthusiastic" Fire Squad: Captain, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Saxons Hi-Y: Sec., Sitzmark, Nat. Honor Society, Royal Order of F: Sgt.-at-Arms, Baseball '53, Basketball '54, Track '54, '55, '56, Wrestling '56, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, All-City, College. Daniels, Harry Browning-Lane "Born for success he seemed" Band: Vice-Pres., Choir: A, Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Fresh. Class Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, Jr. Class Vice-Pres., Class Committees, Saxons Hi-Y: Pres., Sgt,-at-Arms, Hist., Club Reporter, Sigma Phi Alpha: Pres., Royal Order of "F", Track '53, '54, '55, '56, Football '53, '54, '55, '56, Rally Squad, Baseball '53, Oregon State College. Davidson, Joan-Lent "There is a great force hidden in sweet command" Phi Delta Chi: Club Reporter, Undecided. Davis, Delores Marie-Woodmere "For every why she has a whereforev Undecided. Davis, Dixie Joy-Tacoma, Washington "A girl with a smile and eyes that speak for themselves" Band, Fire Squad, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, D. E. Club, Pentathlon: Club Reporter, Kle Koe: Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, Student Sec., Port- land University. - Davis, Kay Jean-Lane "Minh and seriousness successfully combinedv Band, Choir: A, B, Orchestra, Student Council, College. Day, Carolyn Dawn-Creston "Good temper oils the wheels of life" Choir: B, Work. DeCamp, Dale George-Battle Ground, Washington "I take it to be a principle rule of lie not to be too much ad- dicted to one thing" Work. DeCarlo, Virginia-Kellogg "Both short and sweet some say is best" Work. 40 Denson, Judith Emma-Marysville "Let your speech be better than silence, or be silent" Choir: A, Quatasia '55, '56, Class Committees, Kappa Kappa: Club Reporter, Hist., Treas., Corresponding Sec., Portland State College. Dolson, Denton Earl-Kellogg "An hour for toil is equal to an hour of sport" Golf, Portland State College. Doran, Harvey Michael-Arleta "When there is work to be done he creates a genius to do it" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Fresh. Class Vice-Pres., Soph. Class Pres., Class Committees, Sannz: Vice-Pres., Pres., Quakers, Basketball '53, '54, University of Oregon. Dotton, Donna Lee-Lane "All her converse is sincere, her conscience as the noonday clear" Work. Doty, Carolyn Donna-Brooklyn "Zealous, yet modest: innocent, though free" Rek Quo, Emalayoz Vice-Pres., Girls' Choir, Plays, D. E. Club, Business College. Downing, Carol Elaine "Simplicity in manner has an enchanting effect" Orchestra, Portland State College. Downing, Zelpha Mae-Kellogg "To work and to do she's always willing, modestly her place she's filling" Quatasio '55, '56, Plays, Masque and Gavel, Jr. Red Cross, Oregon State College. Dransfeldt, Ida Jean "Modesty is to merit. what shade is to the figures in a picture" Driscoll, John Joseph-St. Philip Neri "He is wise who suits himself to the occasion" A.F.M. Rep., Plays, Class Committees, Oregon State College. Dunford, Russell Orrin-Richmond "Formed on the good old plan, a true and brave and downright honest man" Choir: B, Cross Country '53, Tennis '54, '55, '56, Oregon State College. Dunlop, Donald Henry-The Dalles, Oregon "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot he is all mirth" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Almanac, Class Committees, Boy's State, Career Cont. Chairman, University of Oregon. Dunn, John William-Lent "Lord to himself" Choir: A, Student Council, Quatasia '53, '54, Portland Nat. Choir Rep., Lewis and Clark College. Dutson, Jensen Val-Idaho "Good looks and a pleasant smile" A.F.M. Rep. D. E. Club: Pres., Work. Dwiggins, Margie Jane-Lent "Her head is an inn where good ideas often enter" Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Sigma Phi Alpha: Treas., Sec., Emalayo, All- City Band, Honor Roll, Portland State College. Eakin, Marilyn Joy-Lane "Let us say what we feel and feel what we sayi' Fire Squad, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Post: Typist, Class Committees, Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Work. Edwards, Janice Lee-Richmond "Beauty with brains" Choir: A, B, Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Year Rep., Not. Honor Society, Pep Club, Kle Koe, Hi Ki Ki: Vice-Pres., Sec., Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, Outstanding Member, Swimming '53, '54, Tennis '54, Junior Rally, Rally Squad, Freshie Frolic Queen, Girls Ensemble, Career Conf. Chairman, University of Oregon. Eklof, Harry William-Marysville "A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known' Undecided. Elle, Ralph Carl, Jr.-Glencoe "A man not to be changed by time or place" Fire Squad: Captain, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sitzmark, Optimist, Sgt.-at- Arms, Treas., Pres., Nat. Honor Society: Sgt.-at-Arms, B.F.F., Track '53, Base- ball '54i l'l0lI0r Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, Oregon State College. - - ,s a - sei .X 5. ' . ..., . L" 32521-1 I - ' . .-F x if l gg if X -,",, . f -s. 'At "":."! . za.-A " Y' A Q 1 X ,ik 1 P 3 we Pi Elledge, Peggy Loretta-Creston "She is short and sweet and hard to beat" Fire Squad: A.G.S. Rep.: Class Committees: Pentathlon: Kle Koe: Pep Club: Freshie Frolic Court: College. Ellingson, John R.-Richmond "His whole life is like a play without time for intermission" Fire Squad: Post: Advertising Manager: Sitzmark: Not. Honor Society: Career Conf. Chairman: University of Oregon. Elliot, Donna Kay--Richmond "Her ways are ways of good willi' Choir: A, B, Girls: Fire Squad: Student Council: A.G.S.: Rep., Sec.: Sr. Class Sec.: Class Committees: Gulick: Sec., Hist.: Delta Beta Phi: Jr. Rally Squad: O.G.C. Delegate: Willamette University. Elwess, Barbara Mae-Powellhurst "A sweet girl with an abundance of charm" Marriage. Emch, LaVonne Faye-Lent "The only way to have a friend is to be one" Work. Erdman, David-Woodstock "Seri0usness and rnerirment are near neighborsn Band: Vice-Pres.: Orchestra: Student Coluncil: A.F.M. Rep.: Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms: Sigma Phi Alpha: Pres.: Nat. Honor Society: College. Erickson, Lee Cranfill "The idle but delightful condition of doing nothing" Erickson, Elaine Faye--Powellhurst "She is neither tall nor small, but finds favor in the eyes of all" Fire Squad: A.G.S. Rep.: College. Erickson, Loraine Edna-Powellhurst "Shyly smiling she proclaims her characterv Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Oregon State College. Fahl, Joyce Jasmine-Hosford "A jolly girl, full of fun" i6a3iSStE:5.eoClsSZ' Committees: Masque and Gavel: Pep Club: Girls' Choir: Port- Farmer, Nancy Jean-Washington High School "A nice girl to know and have around" Art School. Ferguson, Dell Robert-Powellhurst "An affable and courteous gentleman" Band: Basketball '52: Football '52, '53, '54, '55 College' I Track '55, '56: Portland State Fiedler, Mary Elys-Vestal "Time is so precious" Undecided. Fields, Dianna Lee-Kellogg "By the work you know the workmanv Student Council: A.G.S. Committees, Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas., Rep., Girl of the Month: Almanac: Index, Copy, Senior Section, Salesman: Quatosia: Class Com- mittees: Centhalis: Pres., Treas., Sgt.-at-Arms: Gulick: Nat. Honor Society: Pep Club: Career Conf. Chairman, Guide: College Conf. Chairman: Jamboree Standard Bearer: Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56: Student Body Committees: Journal Prep Panel: Del. to Ore. Assoc. of Girls' Leagues Convention: College. Fields, Donna Marie-Kellogg "'Possessing a capacity for work, success must be hers" Student Council: A.G.S. Committees, Rep., Treas., Girl of the Month: Almanac: Copy, Senior Section, Salesman, Rep. to Ore. Press Conf,: Student Body Treas., Committees: Quatosia: Centhalis: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Vice-Pros., Outstanding Member: Pep Club: Nat. Honor Society: Gulick: Treas.: Career Conf. Chairman, Rep., Guide: Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56: Jr. Prom Court: Girls' State: State Girls' League Pres.: Del. to Summer Workshop: Jamboree Standard Bearer: College. Finck, Marilyn Joyce-Powellhurst "Common sense to an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom" Choir: A, Girls, State Choir: Fire Squad: Student Council: A.G.S, Rep.: Class Com- mittees: Y.F.C.: Nat. Honor Society: Parli., Club Reporter: Career Cont. Guide: Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56: Cascade College. Finne, Ronald Paul-Kellogg "Character is the best kind of capital" Student Council: A.F.M. Rep., Treas.: Class Committees: B.F.F.: Sec.: Nat. Honor Society: Pres.: Photography Club: Pres., Vice-Pres.: l.R.L.: Vice-Pres.: Catalyst Club: Math Club: College. Fleischmann, Warren Lee "He is of the wisest man who is not wise at all" Choir: B: Student Council: Class Committees: Y.F.C : Pres.: Tennis '53, '54: College. Ford, Janette Jewel-Richmond UShe walks in beauty" Marriage. Forney, Margaret Ann-Lent "A generous soul is sunshine to the mindv Sigma Phi Alpha, Work. Fogel, Marvin Wayne-Morton, Minnesota "Gifted with the ability to please" Band: Vice-Pres., Sigma Phi Alpha: Treas., Track '53, '54, College. Foote, George Elvin, Jr.-Monroe High School "A nice person to know" Track '52, '53, Basketball '52, '53, Work. Fournier, Linda Ann-Salem, Oregon "A ripple of dimples that dancing meet by the curves of a perfect mouth" A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Post: Typist, Student Body Committees, Class Com- mittees, Centhalis: Chaplain, Sec., Pres., Portland State College. Fowler, Deanna S.-Highland "Patience is a plant that grows not in all gardensl' A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Undecided. Fox Melvin V.-Richmond I "Whatever he did, was done with ease, in him alone 'twas natural to please" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Base- ball '54, Track '55, '56, Basketball Mgr. '56, College. Fredericks, Fred Douglas-Woodstock "Not everyone has the ability to pleasei' Work. Frederickson, Nancy Louise-Richmond "If she will, she will, if she won't, she won't-so there" A.G.S. Rep., Neich Ko: Hist., Club Reporter, Sgt.-at-Arms, Vice-Pres., Pep Club Plays, College Conf. Chairman, Oregon State College. Fredin, Ailene Dee-Warrenton "An attractive girl was she with lots of charm and wit' Band, Student Council, l.R.L.: Sgt.-at-Arms, Parli., Rep. to State, Nat. Honor Society, Career Conf. Chairman, College. Frost, Eleanor Lucile-Arleta "All were her friends and a friend she was to all" l.R.L.: Hist., Spanish Honorary: Sec., Work. Fugere, Larry Gabrielsen, Ralph E.-Sunnyside "What is yours is mine and all mine is yours" Orchestra, Quatasia, Catalyst: Vice-Pres., Portland State College. Garrett, Graham Manley-Richmond "Silence is more golden than speech" Gebhart, Kay Lynn-Gilbert "A merry heart doth good like a medicine" A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Sec., Vice-Pres., Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Quatasia '55 Class Committees, Masque Cr Gavel, Centholis: Sgt.-at-Arms, Chaplain, Plays Nursing. Gehring, Fred Ernest-Whitaker "A rare compound of importance and funn Choir: A, B, A.F.M. Rep., Saxons Hi-Y, Royal Order of F: Vice-Pres., Track, Football '53, '54, '55, Baseball '53, '54, '55, College. Gibson, Sybil "Be silent and soft-silence never betrays youv Kappa Kappa, Work. Gies, Thomas Eugene-Povvellhurst "A friend to everyone" Fire Squad, Baseball '54, Air Force. 1 N-f' -4-14' 1615 Gillson, Donna Lee-Lane "By her sweet smile and winsome ways, she wins our heartsi' Xys-Ki, Work. Glaske, Janice Marie-Creston "Thought is deeper than all speech" Choir: A, Class Committees, Nat. Honor Society, Honor Roll '53, '55, Gilrs' Choir Girls' Glee, College. Goettsch, Mona LaVerne-Arleta "She has the truest, kindest heart" Emalayo: Sec., Marriage. Gorham, Arlene Edna-Milwaukie Jr. High "There is no knowledge that is not power" A.G.S. Rep., Plays, Class Committees, Work. Gowen, Barbara Joyce-Kellogg "Dignity in her aspect, compose in her motion" University of Oregon. Graham, John Arthur-Woodmere "Honor, truth and manhood" Harding College. Graves, Gwendolyn Carol-Lincoln High School "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Almanac: Senior Section, Individuals, Salesman, Class Committees, Portland State College. Greenman, Roger-Richmond "They're only great who are truly good" Track '55, '56, Undecided. Griffin, Diane Mae "A friend in need" Marriage. Griffin, James "He is ever ready to reach new spheres of activity" Grimes, Patricia Ann-Woodmere "A dear, demure maidenn Class Committees, Work. Grover, Elizabeth Marie-California "I have leisure always to assist a friend" Swimming '54, Portland State College. Grover, Rennie D.-Benson High School "The mindis the standard of the man" Undecided. Gullion, John Wayne-Powellhurst "It's a serious thing to be a funny man" Student Council, Proiectionist Club, Football '52, '53, Portland State College. Gustafson, Carol Ann--Richmond "An ordent supporter and a sincere and good friend to us all" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Almanac: Individuals, Salesman, Class Committees, Nat. Honor Society, Centhalls: Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, Nurses rammg. Haas, Joe Alexander-Hosford "Broad in mind and rather short in stature" Work. Hagen, Jerry E. "A nice fellow with a pleasant disposition" Hagen, Wellrose F. "He was a modest young man and people respected him for it" Eire Squad, Work. AA. Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Class Committees, Sitzmark: Hist., ever encircle her" Hanson, Raymond Lee-Benson High School "Thou art a fellow of good respect" Oregon State College. Harriman, Ronald William-Richmond "The best men are moulded for being a little bad" Choir: A, Vice-Pres., Student Council, Arms Outstandin Member' Illuminati: 1 9 r '53, '54, University of Oregon. Harris, Victor Leslie-Lane "Work never hurt anyone" A.F.M. Rep., Sannz: Club Reporter, College. Harrison, Dolores Marie-Binnsmead out of faults and becoming better A.F.M. Rep., Saxons Hi-Y: Pres., Sgt.-at- Sgt.-at-Arms, Football '52, '53, '54, Track Knightz, Jr. Prom Court, Portland State if ,, A merry heart, a comrade true Girls' Glee, A.G.S. Rep., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Jr. Red Cross, Emalayoz Vice-Pres., Sec., Chaplain, Sgt.-at-Arms, Lambda Gamma, Spanish Honorary, Pep Club, Exchange student to Mexico, Portland State College. Hart, William C.-Woodmere "Beware of the fury of a patient man" Band, Choir: B, Orchestra, A.F.M. Rep., Post, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Basket- ball '53, Portland State College. Haslet, Vernon Lynn-Lent "Push on, keep moving' Oregon Technical Institute. Hayner, Allyn Gail-Woodmere "You can when you think you CUIIH Choir: Girls, A, B, Marriage. Hayward, Kenneth LeRoy-Woodmere "There was his big Haw! Hawli' Choir: B, Football '52, Work. Hawes, Alice Allaire-Eugene, Oregon "Beauty graced with charm" University of Oregon. Hebacka, Richard William-Kellogg "Truth is the highest thing that man may keep' A.F.M. Rep., Service. Hedman, Dorothy Aurella-Kellogg "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart" dent Council AGS Rep., Committees, Trees., Class Committees, Plays, Stu 2 - - - Brigham Young University. Heller, Margaret Cecelia-Lent "A pleasant disposition will work wonders" Beoutician. Herget, Ann Elizabeth-Richmond "Good humor is the health of the soul" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Post: Club Columnist, Reporter, Class Committees, A.G.S. Committees, Student Body Committees, Marriage. Hersh, Carol lone-Omaha, Nebraska "We are proud to graduate with Carof' Business School. Hester, Ronald J.-Creston "Such a friend is worth all the hazards we can run" Air Force. Hill, Alice Jane-Creston "Things aren't as bad as we sometimes think" Work. Hinman Betty Jean-Kellogg , "Her modest winsome ways have cast their charm over all" Student Council, A.G.S. Committees, Class Committee, Pep Club, Sitzmork: Hist., Honor Society, Delta Beta Phi: Club Reporter, Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Outstanding Member, Honor Roll, Football Foldup Hoddevik, Heather June-Creston Court, University of Oregon. "Beauty, honor and kindness form a trio of virtues that will far- Fire Squad, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Year Rep., Soph. Closs Sec., Jr. Closs Pres., Class Committees, Kle Koe: Sgt.-at-Arms, Hi Ki Ki: Chaplain: Freshie Frolic Court, Jr. Rally: Rally Squad, Girl of the Month, A.F.M. Sweetheart: College. i x .J swf X .L .V , 41 , www 'B' .Lo i an- we 1 f 9 a. YQ F A W... .,.. F ,,,. . - .. , ' M, .,. sr. L 1 V- "h' . 2-if sf, 2+ Zi f ,i . fi' l ffgfxf' I L 4 t . . . H849 ' H ,,s.,...., also . E Hoffstetter, Joane Helen-Creston "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Oregon State College. Hoggatt, Delores May-Anoka, Minnesota "A pleasing smile makes the heart feel good" Choir: B, Walla Walla College. Holcomb, John Alan-'Glencoe "If all the world's a stage, let me be Romeo" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Illuminati: Vice-Pres., Saxons Hi-Y: Treas., Football '52, '53, Basketball '53, '54, '55, Baseball '53, '54, '55, '56, College. Holden, Ray Arthur-Kellogg "Thou art a fellow of good respecti' Choir: A, B, A.F.M. Rep., Jr, Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Football '52, '53, Track '53, Mgr. '54, Career Conf. Chairman, Plays, Oregon State College. Holliday, Robert Charles-Sabin "True knowledge consists of knowing things not words" A.F.M. Rep., Navy. Hollingsworth, Dennis-Powellhurst W, "I seek knowledge, where is she. A.F.M. Rep., Khlisti, Sannz, Basketball '53, Football '52, Portland State College. Holmes, Gary Alfred--Binnsmead "What care I when I can lie and rest, kill time and take life at its best" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Football '53, Oregon State College. Hoober, James Michael "A wonderful person to know" Hoover, William Elton-Marysville "He was a man, take him all in fill, I shall not look upon his like again" Band, Fire Squad: Fire Chief, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Soph. Class Sgt.-at- Arms, Post, Class Committees, Student Body Committees, Sitzmark, Optimist: Sgt.-at-Arms, Royal Order of F, Pep Club, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Track '52, '53, 54, Basketball '52, Honor Roll '53, Jr. Prom Court, Career Conf. Chairman, Football Faldup Court, Oregon Technical Institute. Horne, Neil Clayton-Woodmere "A quiet fellow admired by all" A.F.M. Rep., Royal Order of F, Cross Country, Track, Mgr. '54, Football, Mgr. 54, Work. Houser, Barbara Louise-Creston "I'll be merry, I'll be free, I'll be sad for nobody" Choir: B, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Pentathlon: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Kle Kae: Sgt.-at-Arms, Vice-Pres., Undecided. Hovanic, Franchot Leonard-Creston "Small, but masterful with the paint brushv Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Hist., Sec., Post: Cortoonist, Class Committees, Proiectionist Club: Pres., Freshie Frolic Court, Student Body Committees, Chicago Art Institute. Howard, Linda Carole-Kellogg "A merry heart that laughs at cares" A.G.S. Rep., Lecoha: Vice-Pres., Portland State College. Howarth, Dorothy Ann-Kellogg "In her tongue is the law of kindness' Choir: A, A.G.S. Rep., Emalayo: Sec., Spanish Honorary: Treas., Pres., A,G.S. Committees, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, Brigham Young University. Hughes, William Albert--Woodmere "A firm determination will always win out" Choir: A, Oregon State College. Huit, Maureen Veda-Kelloqg "Speech is silver, silence is golden" Post: Writer, Club Columnist, Class Committees, Kappa Kappa: Hist., Sec., Treas., Vice-Pres., Jr. Red Cross, Work. Hultgren, Nancy Ann--Kellogg "Thinking of others wins many friendsi' Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Lecoha: Pres., College. Hunt, Madeline Marie-Arleta "'Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her', A.G.S. Rep., Undecided. Huntley, Carla Jean-Lane "Never an idle momentn Choir: B, Marriage. Hurita, Patricia Lee-Vestal "A sweet attractive kind of gracen Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Plays, Class Committees, Sitzmark, Delta Beta Phi, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, Work. Hyatt, Judy-Gilbert "Ambition has no rest" A.G.S. Committees, Post, Quatasia: '55, Masque 6- Gavel: Pres., Sec., Sgt.-at- Arms, Pleiades: Sec., Not. Honor Society, Plays, Texas Technological College. Jarvis, Betty Lou-Binnsmead "Tiny and as sweet as the petal of a rose" Marriage. Jennings, Sharon Rae-Richmond "It's nice to be natural when youire naturally nice" Student Council A.G.S. Rep., Delta Beta Phi: Club Reporter, Pep Club, College. Jensen, Donna Lee-Kellogg "Best is she liked who is alike to allv Choir: A, B, A.G.S. Committees, Quatasia '55, Plays, Sitzmark: TreaS-, Pres., Masque Cr Gavel, Pep Club, Tennis '52, '53 Lewis and Clark College. Jensen, Lavonne Faye-Marysville "Intelligent, dependable and lovable is our pretty Lavonnen Fire Squad, Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Plays, Class Committees,'Lambda Gamma, Masque E1 Gavel, Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Delta Beta Phi: Sec., Pres., Un- decided, Jillson, James Neil-Woodmere "What a glorious thing human life is" A.F.M. Rep., Air Force. Johns, Robert Wayne-Powellhurst 'The man who loves and laughs must sure do well" Proiectionist Club: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Pres., Football '52, '53, '54, Baseball '54, '56, Track '55, Student Body Committees, University of Oregon. Johnson, D. Allan - "Graduate my friend and quit your booksv Johnson, Eugene E.-Lent "Always thoughtfuln A.F.M. Rep., Portland State College. Johnson, Florence Ann "All the world loves a quiet girl" Johnson, Paul Stanley--Kellogg "Hold the fort, I om coming" Choir: B, Student aCuncil, A.F.M. Rep., Quakers, Sannz: Hist., Football '52, Basketball '52, '53, '54, Track '52 Freshie Frolic Court, Jr. Prom Court, Uni- versity af Oregon. Johnston, Byron William-Binnsmead "Modesty becomes a young mmf, Student Ccunoil, A.F.M. Rep., Post: Club Reporter, Plays, Catalyst, Portland State College. Jones, Patricia K.-Richmond "Her life is like a summer rose" Student Secretary, College. Jones, Pauline Louise-Marysville "Love came to her heart one day, and then decided to stay" Orchestra, Y.F.C., Student Secretary, Northwest Christian College. Jones, Raymond L.-Russellville "Ile is never alone who is accompanied by noble thoughts" Bond, Choir: A, Orchestra, Fire Squad, A.F.M. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha: Chaplain, Sgt.-at-Arms, Undecided. Justice, Sharon Elizabeth-Portland Christian "In her friendship there is nothing insincere" Nursing. 47 -4-BY N359 . 3. nf, N . me Pi' K 1 .i B 'LQ' Qf if 4--v Q .ae ' i I f f I Killian, Van Lindsay-Richmond "King of good fellowsi' Almanac: Photog., Post: Photog., Portland State College. Kinish, Francis LeRoy--Comstock, Nebraska "A small engine of high power" Band, Choir: B, Football '52, Basketball '53, Track '53, Work. Kinney, Leona Fay--Creston "Old friends are the best to trust Neich Ko: Pres., Business School. as Kinville, Melba Lau-Binnsmead "Innocent ingenius and candor in power are both noble qualitiesi' A.G.S. Rp., Lecoha: Chaplain, Pres., Oregon State College. Klingman, Connie Rae-Binnsmead "None but herself can be her parallel" Choir: A, Orchestra: All-City, All-Northwest, Sec., Fire Squad: Captain, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Sec., Pres., Soph. Class Sec., Quotasia, Class Committees, Gulick: Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, Pres., Hi Ki Ki, Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club: Sgt.- at-Arms, D.A.R. Citizen, N.A.S.C. Delegate, Career Cont. Chairman, College. Knapp, William Monte-Binnsmead "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Class Committees, Undecided. Knowles, Esther May-Binnsmead "Her thoughts are flocks, she keeps them whitev Orchestra, Y.F.C., Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary. Kuhl, Joe Merrill-Arleta "Many a genius has been slow to grow" Class Committees, Basketball '53, '54, Undecided. Kuhn, James Edward-Richmond "Tall, calm and fair, say, is it cold up therei' Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Fresh. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Saxons Hi-Y: Chaplain, Pres., Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Basketball '53, '54, 55, '56, Track '53, Baseball '53, Boys State '55, College. Lamorie, Neal Fred-Libby, Montana "A pleasant fellow with a pleasant disposition" College. Lanier, Myra Louise-Woodmere "A violet by a mossy stone half hidden" Plays, Portland State College. Lannigan, Wallace Edward-Mt. Tabor "A quiet looking man, but looks are often deceiving" A.F.M. Rep., Class Committees, Lambda Gamma: Sgt.-at-Arms, Hist., Treas., Nat. Honor Society: Sgt.-at-Arms, Football '52, Oregon State College. Larson, Richard Lee-Binnsmead "Persuasion tips his tongue whenever he talks" Choir: Boy's Glee, A, B, Student Council, Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Com- mittees, Khlisti: Sgt.-at-Arms, Pres., Cross Country '52, '53, Work. Lash, Linda Gayle-Woodmere "Happy am I, from care l'm free" Student Council, Kle Koe, Hi Ki Ki, Business College. Lavorato, Alfred Samuel-Binnsmead "Whatever he did was done with ease, in him alone ,twas natural to please" Choir: Boy's Glee, A, Pres., Vice-Pres., Student Council: Pres., A.F.M. Rep., Vice- Pres., Soph. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Pres., Student Body Vice-Pres., Quatasra '53, '54, '55, '56, Plays, Class Committees, Optimist, Masque Cr Gavel: Vice-Pres., Parlr., B.F.F.: Treas., Student Body Committees, Lewis and Clark College. Leach, Douglas Lee-Arleta "Oh, what a friend was Doug" Football '52, '53, Oregon Technical lnstitute. Leavitt, Karma Rae--Richmond "Those who try will attain successn Choir: .B, Phi Delta Chi: Pres., Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms, Outstanding Member, Tennis '55, Brigham Young University. Leistiko, Merle-Sellwood "A nice girl could do wonders with me" Proiectionist Club, Swimming '53, College. Leisy, Carol Mae-C reston "As full of fun as the day is long" A.G.S. Rep.: Pep Club: Student Sec.: Oregon State College. Leonetti, Richard F.-Creston "Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm" Student Council: A,F.M. Rep.: Soph. Class Treas.: Class Committees: Sannz: Club Reporter, Treos., Sec., Outstanding Member: B.F.F.: Nat. Honor Society: Career Conf. Chairman: Rally Squad: U. S. Air Force Academy. Lidbom, Noel-Allen-Couch "He loves to chat with the girls, we know: 'Tis the way with men -they're always so" Band: Dance Band: Navy. Lindquist, Marilyn Jean-Auburn, Washington "No fears of the future" Student Sec.: Business College. Livesay, Sharon Kay--Creston "A shy and modest maiden" A.G.S. Rep.: Xys Ki: Vice-Pres.: Work. Lolley, Larry Ward-Lane "A quiet looking man, but looks are often deceiving" Track: College. Lowe, Dianne A.-Lane "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low', Pentathlon: Masque G Gavel: University of Oregon. Lunos, Yvonne Joan-Fisher, Minnesota "A companion that is worth gold" Band: Class Committees: Work. Lynch, Judith Ann-Richmond "No one knows what she can do until she tries" Work. Lynn, Shirley Ann-Woodstock "Pure friendship is something which those of inferior intellect can never tasten A.G.S. Rep.: Class Committees: Business College. MacGregor, Sally Marie-Woodmere 'KWhat can I do with all the days and hours from now on" Choir: A, B: Student Council: AiG.S. Rep.: Post: Typist: Lecoha: Club Reporter, Chaplain, Sec.: Lewis and Clark College. Mackin, Marilyn Rose-Binnsmead "And wheresoever thou go, Good Luck shall fling her old shoe after" Choir: Girl's, A, B: Student Council: A.G.S. Rep., Year Rep.: Soph. Class Sgt.-at- Arms: Jr. Class Sec.: Student Body Sec.: Class Committees: Hi Ki Ki: Gulick: Sgt.-at-Arms, Chaplain, Sec.: Not. Honor Society: Pep Club: Jr. Prom Court: College Cont. Chairman: Career Cont. Chairman: Del. to Ore. Girl's League Cont.: Twirp Dance Court: Plays: Honor Roll '53, '55: University of Oregon. Madison, Patsy-Vestal "Her thoughts are like flocks, she keeps them white" Choir: B: Y.F.C.: GirI's Choir: Marriage. Maes, Richard-Powellhurst "When one is past, another care we haven Maes, Ronald Eugene-Powellhurst "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure a business" Fire Squad: Student Council: A.F.M. Rep.: Quakers: Sannz: Football '52, '53, '54, '55: Basketball '52, '53: Baseball '53, '54: Track '52, '53, '54, '55: Undecided. Maia, JoAnn Marie-Creston "Naughty but nice" Fire Squad: Student Council: A.G.S. Rep.: Class Committees: Kle Koe: Pentathlon: Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec.: Pep Club: University of Oregon. Maki, Bette Marie-Marysville "A friendly little Miss: pretty, dainty and clever" Student Council: A.G.S. Rep., Treas.: Sr. Class Treas.: Nat. Honor Society: Career Conf. Rep., Chairman: Honor Roll '52, '55: College. Mansott, Burns David-Powellhurst "Man was born for two things, thinking and actingy' Student Council: A.F.M. Rep.: Projectionist Club: Sec.: Tennis '54, '55, 'S6: College. 21. 1 : ,. Q we 5 if .. 41, i. 3-all uni" R? QQ-We 2 f '1 ,, 'l L is-fm Jett. i ,H 'u-r ,La I .rid 1 Pram 'l J t r eg ' 4 12' L ff J-r' fs .. . ..,,. 'fffiii 'fffffu' if . f 1' " 1L-,,Z 1,,, -- ".-. .K L, me 1 t ew me i 'M aw... ...,,., . . wi, .. Marks, Duane David-Woodmere "The warmth genial courtesy, the calm of self-reliance Band, Choir: Boy's Glee, A, All-Northwest Music Educators Conf., Dance Band, Air Force. s sX Marks, Neil Orval-Kellogg "An excellent young man, methinksl' Cross Country '53, '54, Track '54, '55, Portland State ColleQ9' Martin, Arlene Alice--Richmond "'Tis modesty that makes her seem true and wise" A.G.S. Rep., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Delta Beta Phi: Chaplain, Pep Club, Oregon State College. Martin, Norman Roy-Highland "He can make tomorrow as cheerful as todayv Band: Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Sigma Phi Alpha: Sgt.-at-Arms, Track '56, University of Oregon. Mattioda, Louis Mark-Marysville "Good things come in small packages" Boy's Glee, Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Fresh.. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Post: Asst. Circulation Mgr., Class Committees, Freshie Frolic Court, Illuminati: Sgt.-at-Arms, Saxons Hi-Y: Vice-Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Royal Order of F, Football '52, '53, 54, '55, Basketball '52, '53, Track '53, Baseball '52, '54, College. McAndrew, Chere Ellen-Kellogg "Thre was a soft and passive grace, a cast of thought upon her face" Choir: Girl's, A, B, Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Lecoha: Treas., Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Plays, Work. McAndrews, John Patrick, Jr,-St. Lawrence "Thy modesty is a candle to thy meritn College. McCarthy, Neil F.-Binnsmead "One can not always be a hero, but one can always be a gentle- mani' Band, A.F.M. Rep,, Swimming '54, Undecided. McDonald, Maxie "To make the world a friendly place one must show a friendly face" McDonald, John Allen-Binnsmead "He was a scholar and a good one" Band, Orchestra, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha, Y.F.C., Honor Rall, College. McEwen, Harold Franklin-Lent "A nice guy to have aroundv A.F.M. Rep., Optimist: Hist., Chaplain, Baseball '54, '55, '56, Undecided. McGill, Robert Charles-Richmond "A man excellent in sports" Illuminati, Saxons Hi-Y, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, All-City, Basketball '53, '54, '55, Undecided. Mchale, Janice Claudia-Marysville "A becoming smile bestowes happiness upon the entire worldl' A.G.S. Committees, Class Committees, Career Conf. Chairman, Nursing. McPherson, Virginia Lee-Kellogg "Undisturbed by what men say, she goes on the same today as yesterdayi' Girl's Glee, A.G.S. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha, Student Sec., Oregon State College. McShatko, Jerry E.-Lane "Only by hard work can things be accomplished" Track '53, '54, '55, Cross Country '53, '54, Work. Meeks, Karen Colleenfr-Girls' Polytechnic "An undiscovered jewel and a good- rock upon which to buildv Almanac: Staff Typist, Y.F.C., Work. Melberg, Gary Wayne-Lent "Large is his bounty and his soul sincere" Class Committees, A.F.M. Rep., Khlisti: Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms, Marines. Mergel, Janice lleen-Lynch "She is great who is what she is from nature, and who never re- minds us of others" Undecided. Metz, Marion Lorraine--Lent "The will to do, the soul to dare" College. Michael, Carolyn Dee-Lent "The pith o' sense and the pride o' worth" Almanac: Copy Writer, Y.F.C.: Club Reporter, Emalayo, Pep Club, College. Mingo, Darrell Howard-Creston "Better late than never" Undecided. Mitchell, George Dennis-Riverside, California "This is the thing that I was born to don A.F.M. Rep., Royal Order of F, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Track '52, '54, '55, Baseball '53, Plays, University of Oregon. Mitchoff, Robert Frank-Richmond "It is a handicap to be such a handsome man" Fire Squad, Lambda Gamma: Treas., Sec., Catalyst, Basketball '52, '53, Road Show, Career Conf. Chairman, College. Mitzelfeldt, James William-Washington High School "A credit to any class" A.F.M. Rep., Undecided. Montrose, Myra Phyllis-Richmond "They say everyone has one talent" A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Lambda Gamma, Fmalayo: Hist., Vice-Pres., Pres., Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross, University ot Washington. Moore, Dennis DeLaire-Kellogg "What could we have done without Dennis" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Portland State College. Morgan, Marian L.--Kellogg "Kindness is wisdom" Work. Morton, Sandra lone-Kellogg "A girl of action and deeds" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Almanac: Clubs, Business, Artist, Quatasia '55, Centhalisz Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, Lambda Gamma: Sec., Vice-Pres., Pres., l.R.L.: Treas., Nat. Honor Society: Sec., Pleiades: Vice-Pres., Jr. Red Cross: Sec., Pres., A.F.S. Exchange Student, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, Career Conf. Guide, Plays, Lewis and Clark. Munson, Don Arlin-Myrtle Point "I am the utmost height there is to climb" Choir: B, D. E. Club, Football '52, '53, Track '53, '54, Portland State College. Munson, Jon Mark-Highland . U X ' He dares do all that may become a man Undecided. Nauenberg, Vern-Woodmere "He only is a well made man who has a good destination" Choir: A, B, Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Football '52, '53, College. Nazer, Marjorie L.-Vernonia, Oregon "Friendship is the wine of lie' Choir: Girls, Girl's Glee, Phi Delta Chi: Treas., Vice-Pres., Sigma Phi Alpha, Pep Club, Work. Neal, Betty Williams-Kellogg "It was her thinking of others that made you think of her" A.G.S. Rep., Year Rep., Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Centhalisz Club Reporter, Vice-Pres., Outstanding Member, Pep Club, Work. Neilsen, Jack Richard-Portland Christian "Where is thy learning? Hath thy toil o'er books consumed the midnight oil?" Band, Oregon State College. Nelson, Dean-Creston "To do is to succeedv Post: Cartoonist, University ot Oregon. Nelson, Terry Gale-Arleta "A man of quick and active wit" Football '53, College. aw iff" 'L-i 1 'O' x -.y a il fit , it , .' A Q , 5 , ,fgfcg - Nerison, James Ala n-Woodmere "Honest designs justly resemble our devotionsn A.F.M. Rep., Proiectionist Club, Photography Club, Golf '53, '54, Air Force. Neubert, Beverly Ann-Binnsmead- "So full of lie and soul my joys have beenv Choir: Girls, Girl's Glee, Almanac: Typist, Salesman, Class Committees, Xys Ki: Chaplain, Pep Club, Plays, Student Sec., Lewis and Clark College. Newhouse, Delbert Carroll-Berkeley, California "He'll let them know hels in this world" Almanac: Business Staff, Quatasia '55, Plays, Class Committees, Lambda Gamma: Vice-Pres., Pres., Career Cont. Chairman, Rep., Reed College. Nichols, William W.-Richmond "Keen sense, common sense, and lots of room for nonsensen Band, Student Council, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Saxons Hi-Y: Hist., Sec. B.F.F., Nat. Honor Society, Tennis '52, College. Niezgoda, John Ted-Jefferson High School "Advancement feeds ambition with desire" Work. Noble, Fred-Lane "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Choir: B, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Royal Order of F, Sitzmark: Sgt.-at- Arms, Basketball '53, Football '55, Service. O'Brien, Roxie June-Woodmere "So sweet the blush of bashfulnessu Band, A.G.S. Rep., Lecoha: Treas., Work. Olsen, Edward Gene-Woodmere "Honor lies in honest toil" Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sr. Class Hist., Post: Co-Editor, Khlistiz Chaplain, Club Reporter, Royal Order of F, Optimist: Sgt.-at-Arms, B.F,F.: Vice-Pres., Base- ball '53, '54, '55, '56, Jr. Prom Court, Rep. to Washington, Ore., Forest Grove Press Conf., Journal "Prep Parade", Portland Interscholastic Press Association: Pres., University of Oregon. Owen, Eleanor-Creston "Smiles are like songs in lov Y.F.C., Marriage. ess Page, Darlene Fayette-Glencoe "To see her is to love her" Winner of Scholastic Art Award, Contomater School. Palmer, H. Susan-Glencoe "The mirth and fun grew fast and furiousu Choir: Girls, A, B, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Jr. Class Sec., Soph. Class Hist., Student Body Sec., Class Committees, Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Gulick, Vice-Pres., Entertainment Chairman, Ooutstanding Member, Pentathlon: Club Reporter, Treas., Plays, Willamette University. Pa pasadero, Katherine Joanne-Lent "Lovely, dark hair clustered over her brow" Student Council, Class Committees, Sigma Phi Alpha, Phi Delta Chi: Hist.' College. 1 Parker, Roger-Binnsmead "Nothing great is beyond his reachi' Student Council, Portland State College. Patterson, Christine Amanda--Powellhurst "A smile from her bright eyes" Girl's Glee, Work. Patterson, Donna Lee-Vestal "Her beauty is as ll poet describesv Student Council, Class Committees, Kle Koe: Hist., Hi Ki Ki: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Pres., Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Freshie Frolic Court, Sweetheart Swirl Queen, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, Student Body Committees, Oregon State College. Patterson, Joanne Phyllis-Binnsmead "0h! what a personality has she" Band: All-City, Orchestra, A.G.S. Rep., Quatasia '54, Sigma Phi Alpha: Vice- Pres., Hist., Sgt.-at-Arms, Emalayo: Sgt.-at-Arms, Golf '53, Student Sec., Port- land State College. Patterson, Noel Lee-Woodmere "He has natural, wise sincerity" Student Council, Khlistiz Treas., Outstanding Member, Oregon Technical ln- stitute. Patterson, Paul David-Kellogg "Let us be seen by our deeds" Undecided. Patton, Anita Louise-Beaverton "I perform and I persevere" Choir: B, Girls' Glee, Pep Club: Treas., Marriage. Paulsen, DeEtte Kay-Richmond "Open, candid and generous, her heart is a constant companion of her handsn Girls' Glee, Girls' Ensemble, Undecided. Payne, Phillip Gordan "He is complete in feature and in mind with all good grace to grace a gentleman" Student Council, Undecided. Pearson, Marthajeanne Valoise-Powellhurst "Fine thoughts are wealth" Band, Choir: A, Orchestra, Northwest Christian College. Peck, Marcella Mae-Joseph Lane "She's a trim little thing, and always ready to help anyone in need" Orchestra, A.G.S. Rep., Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Work. Pemberton, Alvera An n-Bin nsmead "Thou has not sorrow in thy song nor winter in thy year" A.G.S. Rep., Centhalis: Vice-Pres., Work. Pemberton, Marvin John-Binnsmead "A pal and a friend who is good and true" Navy. Perkins, Marlene Louise-Richmond "The smile in her eyes brightens our livesv Student Council, A.G.S.: Hist., Girl of the Month, Rep., Fresh. Class Sec., Post: Editor, Class Committees, Rally Squad, Jr. Rally, Jr. Prom Queen, Plays, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, Delta Beta Phi, Gulickz Chaplain, Nat. Honor Society: Pres., University af California. Peters, Patricia Irene-Vestal "A face with gladness overspreadu Choir: A, Girls' Choir, Career Cant., Kappa Kappa: Pres., Chaplain, Sgt.-at-Arms, Oregon State College. Peterson, Del Roy "Whatever his hand finds to do, he does with all his mightv Peterson, Kenneth Edgar-Bend, Oregon "Wise to resolve and patient to perform" A.F.M. Rep., Royal Order of F, Football '54, '55, Baseball '55, '56, Undecided. Peterson, Richard Glen-Glencoe "Deep sighted in intelligence" Nat. Honor Society: Sgt.-at-Arms, Undecided. Petri, Alice Darlene-Powellhurst "Her heart, her talent, and her hands are free to all who need them" l Band, Choir: A, Class Committees, Sigma Phi Alpha: Treos., Jr. Red Cross, Work. Petrie, Jerry Lorne-Our Lady ot Sorrows "Born ta be great' Choir: A, B, Vice-Pres., Boys' Glee, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Fresh. Class Pres., Student Body Pres., Class Committees, Freshie Court, Man of the Month, l.C.C., Illuminati: Vice-Pres., Hist., Saxons Hi-Y: Pres., Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms, B.F.F., Basketball '53, '54, Golf '55, Baseball '53, '54, '55, '56, Wilamette University. Plopper, Marjorie Ann-Kellogg "In her eyes a thought grew sweeter and sweeter, deepening like the dawn" Student Council, Committees, Honor Roll '55, A.G.S. Rep., Neich-Ka: Corr. Sec., Sec., Lambda Gamma: Sec., Vice-Pres., Portland State College. Podrybau, Thomas-Worthington, Ohio "He speaks what is in his heart" Band, A.F.M. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha, Portland State College. Pomeroy, Daniel Everett "He is a part of all whom he has met" Choir: A, B, Boys' Glee, Baseball '53, '54, Swimming '51, '52, Undecided. Prost, Janice Jacqueline-Woodmere "Quick to forgive and slow to blame" Work. 11,5 4 PCO! -5.1 . ff.. if ""-..'.7 2 Pubols, David Louis-Glencoe "He is an athlete brave and bold and handsome as a knight of old" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Post: Cub Reporter, Royal Order of F, Golf '53, Track '53, '54, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, College. Qualley, Patricia Jean-St. Stephens "A girl with a smile, and eyes that speak for themselves" Student Council, A.G.S.: Rep., Committees, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, Sitzmark: Sgt.-at-Arms, Hist., Sec., Delta Beta Phi: Sgt.-at-Arms, Undecided. Rankin, Gerald George "Good nature and good sense must ever join,' Rausbeck, Sharon lrene-Jefferson , v "Grace shaped her limbs and beauty decked her face t Choir: B, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Xys-Ki: Enter- tainment Chairman, University of Oregon. Reno, Camilla Marie-Woodmere "Your deep brown eyes are running over with gleev Student Secretary, Beauty College. Reynolds, Richard Sherman-Seaside, Oregon "An honest man is the noblest work of Godn Choir: A, Sigma Phi Alpha, College. Richards, Marlene Lee-Arleta "My crown is called content" College. Rippe, Joscelyn L. B. -Marysville "Of gentle air and quiet mien" Jr. Red Cross: Sec., Kappa Kappa: Pres., Treas., Program Chairman, Portland State College. Rizner, Dorothy Eileen-Woodmere "Good actions crown themselves with lasting days" Band, Choir: A, A.G.S. Rep., Lecoha: Sgt.-at-Arms, Treas., Sigma Phi Alpha, College. Roberts, Kenneth Wayne-Joseph Lane "Friendship is the cement of two minds" Band, Choir: B, Football '52, '53, Undecided. Roentz, David Stanley--Lent "It is a joy to think the best we can of human kind" Band, Fire Squad, A.F.M. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha: Vice-Pres., Undecided. Roland, Carl Frederick-Kellogg "Perservence keeps honor bright" Band, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Catalyst: Pres., College. Rose, Celinda Marie "I work for good, be it ever so difficult" Choir: B, Class Committees, Career Conf.: Rep., Chairman, Honor Roll, Nat. Honor Society, Lambda Gamma: Chaplain, I.R.L.: Sec., Hist., Sorbonne. Rossell, Sandra Lenore-Kellogg "Always sweet and patienti' Choir: A, B, Girls', Student Council, Career Conf.: Rep., Chairman, Nat. Honor Society, College. Roth, .loseph Earl-Woodmere "There is nothing so noble as learning" Choir: A, Boys' Glee, Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M.: Vice-Pres., Pres., Rep., Fresh. Class Pres., Class Committees, Post: News Ed., Sports Ed., Feature Ed., Football Foldup Court, Royal Order of F, Nat. Honor Society, Saxons Hi-Y: Hist., Chaplain, Outstanding Member, Football '52, '53, '54, '55, Basketball '52, Track '52, '53, Baseball '54, '55, Oregon College ot Education. Rothery, Joseph Edward--Binnsmead "It is success that colors all in life" Catalyst, Track '53, '54, Oregon State College. Rusch, Dale Wayne-Richmond "A .man was born for two things, eating and sleeping" Armed Services. Russell, David Albert-Mount Shasta "Glory like time, Progression does requiren l.R.L.: Vice-Pres., Chess Club: Sec., Treas., College. E4 Russill, George A.-Woodstock "I am a man and I have purpose" Student Council, A.F.M.: Sec., Rep., Almanac: Sports Writer, Salesman, Student Body Vice-Pres., Class Committees, Career Cont.: Rep., Honor Roll, AFS Ex- change Student, Optimist: Vice-Pres., B.F.F., Not. Honor Society, Sitzmark, l.R.L., Baseball '54, '55, '56, Football '53, College. Rust, Marilyn Frances-Joseph Lane "I know what study is" Student Council, A.G.S.: Rep., Committees, Almanac: Co-editor, Class Committees, Career Cont.: Chairman, Rep., Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, '56, Spanish Honorary: Pres., Vice-Pres., Nat. Honor Society: Hist., Marriage. Ryherd, James Mike-Powellhurst "His mind is his kingdom and his will is his lawn Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M.: Rep., Quotasia, Class Committees, Masque and Gavel, Sgt.-at-Arms, Career Cont., College. Sandblast, Donald LeRoy-Sunset Valley "The toils of honor rlignify repose" College. Sanders, Duane Albert "He that has nature in him must be grateful" Sanford, Paul Lloyd-Kellogg "I am constant as the northern star" Bond, Plays, Masque and Gavel, Portland State College. Sasse, Henry Charles-Richmond "A true knight" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M.: Hist., Rep., Class Committees, Stage Crew, Rally Squad, Freshie Frolic King, Jr. Prom Court, l.C.C., Pep Club, Illuminati Pres., Royal Order of F, Knightz: Vice-Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Baseball '53, '54, '55 56, Basketball '53, '54, Football '54, Oregon State College. Sauer, Anita Marie-Astoria, Oregon "The wit is as quick as the greyhoundfs mouth, it catches" Choir: A, B, Girls' Ensemble, Football Foldup Queen, Sitzmark, Delta Beta Phi Vice-Pres., Undecided. Sayler, Judy Lila-Binnsmead "Youthful but ripe in wisdom" Choir: A, B, Girls' Choir, Fire Squad: Captain, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep. Committees, Soph. Class Hist., Almanac: Copy, Salesman, Student Body Treas., Plays, Career Conf. Chairman, Nat. Honor Society, Delta Beta Phi: Chaplain Gulick: Sgt.-at-Arms, Entertainment Chairman, Pep Club, College. Schlak Robert Dean-Vancouver, Washington f "A good-natured pal" Work. Schmunk, Janet Helen-Creston "An honest heart possesses a kingdom" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Jr. Class: Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Career Conf. Chairman, Pep Club, Nat. Honor Society College. Schnabel, Philip Alan-McMinnville, Oregon "None but himself can be his parallel" Band, Choir: B, Student Council, A.F.M, Rep., Class Committees, Fr. Class Hist., Soph. Class Vice-Pres., Sr. Class Pres., Post, Soxons Hi-Y: Sgt.-at-Arms, Illumi- nati: Pres., Treas., Outstanding Member, l.C.C., Football '53, '54, '55, '56, Basket- ball '53, '54, '55, '56, Track '53, '54, '56, Baseball '54, College. Schoenfeld, Deanna Jean-Gilbert "Whenever she is in our midst, there is always sunshine" A.G.S. Rep., Jr. Class Hist., Quatasia, Plays, Freshie Court, OGC Delegate, Masque and Gavel: Hist., Centholis: Treas., Work. Schultz, Joanne Elizabeth-Arleta "My heart is ever at your service" Choir: B Girls' Choir, Plays, Marriage. Schwartz, Richard Ernest-Creston "A fine fellow wherever he is" Wrestling, University of Oregon. Scott, Clinton James "Always sincere and friendly" Choi: A, B, Navy. Scott, Gary Alan-Richmond "I live in crowds of jollityv Hi-Y: Vice-Pres., Sitzmark: Sgt.-at-Arms, Football '54, Track '53, '54, College. Seable, Juliette Winsted-Joseph Lane "She is gracious to all" Work. 55 1 Seethaler, Robert Marion-Binnsmead "A good guyv Choir: A, B, A.F.M. Rep., Soph. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Quatasia, Khlisti, Mosque C1 Gavel, Swimming '53, '54, Portland State College. Shaw, Lois Jane-Arleta "She is gracious to all" Marriage. Sherman, Flora "With your conversing we forget all time" Shipley, Betty Lou-Arleta "I have ease, and I have health, and I have spirits light as airi' Pep Club, Business College. Shogren, Judy Anne-Russellville "We love her for herself because she is herself' Choir: A, B, Plays, Sigma Phi Alpha, College. Siemssen, Joanne Jacqueline-Richmond "Patience and gentleness are poweru Jr.. Red Cross, Phi Delta Chi: Sgt.-at-Arms, Club Reporter, Treas., Pep Club, 5W'ml'f1lfl9 '52, '53, Tennis '53, '54, '55, '56, Brigham Young University. Sivesind, Douglas Harold-Arleta "A helping hand to alla, Band, Choir: B, Class Committees, Track '53, '54, Undecided. Smith, Barbara Suzanne-Corvallis, Oregon "She is a dear sweet girl" Bond, Choir: B, Class Committees, Y.F.C., Pep Club: Sgt.-at-Arms, Lambda Gom- ma: Sgt.-ot-Arms, College. Smith, Bette Jo-Woodmere "Fortune is merry, and in this mood will give us anything" Choir: B, Phi Delta Chi: Club Rporter, Sgt.-at-Arms, Swimming '52, '53, '54 '55, Work. ' Smith, Jon Paul-Richmond "Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smithi' Choir: A, B, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Jr. Rally, University of Oregon. Smith, Judy Adele-Arleta "Her wit can not be equaledn A.G.S. Rep., Girls' Choir, Delta Beta Phi: Club Reporter, Pep Club, Business College. Smith, Patricia Lea-Arleta "In your patience you are strong" Choir: B, Career Cont.: Rep., Guide, Northwest Christian College. Snelling, Jeanette Elizabeth "Truth needs no flowers of speechn Band, Orchestra, A.G.S. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha: Sec., Undecided. Snider, Edward Louis "In every secret glance he stole the fond enthusiast sent his soulu Snodgrass, Randal Joseph-Creston "Title of honor add not to his worth, he is an honor to his titlei' Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Post Staff, Student Body Pres., Class Committees, Jr. Rally, Varsity Rally, Career Cont. Chairman, Honor Roll '53, '54, '55, Sonnz: Treas., Club Reporter, Soxons Hi-Y: Chaplain, Treas., Nat. Honor Society, Sitzmork, B.F.F., Pep Club, University of Oregon. Snook, Coralou-Arleta "Good, only, is great, generous, and fruitfuln Rek Quo: Hist., Treas., Service. Solberg, Beverly Jean "Worthy and dependablev .... Soloman, LeRoy Albert-Kellogg "Merit was ever modest known" Band: Student Director, Pres., Orchestra: Student Director, Pres., Quatasia, Class Committees, Career Conf. Rep., Sigma Phi Alpha, Baseball: Manager, College. Sowles, William Clark-Wood mere "I work with patience which means poweri' Royal Order of 'F', Baseball: '53, '54, '55, '56, College. Spargur, Ernest Thomas -Creston "I do not say much, but who knows what I think" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M.: Pres., Rep., B.F.F., Track: '53, Basketball: '53, '54, '55, '56, Captain, College. Spence, C. E.-Lebanon, Oregon "The land of joy lies all before his eyes" Choir: A, B, Fire Squad, Student Council, Jr. Class: Pres., Class Committees, Saxons Hi-Y: Chaplain, Khlisti: Sgt.-at-Arms, Portland State College. Spencer, Colleen Delmay-Joseph Lane "Honest designs justly resemble our devotionsv Student Council, Quatosia: '53, '54, '55, '56, Class Committees, Career Conf.: Chairman, Rep., Guide, I.C.C., Plays, Masque 6 Gavel: Pres., Nat. Honor Society. University of Minnesota. Spina, Barbara Ann-Joseph Lane "W'isdom, wit, and popularity are ever her companions" Undecided. Spina, Gene Albert "Your hero always should be tall, you know" Student Council, A.F.M.: Rep., Navy. Spire, Alan Graybill-Richmond "Thy wit is as quick as thy greyhounds mouth, it catches" Fire Squad, Track: '53, '54, '55, '56, Basketball: Manager '55, College. Spurlock, Burt Clyde-San Francisco, California "Never backward, always forward" Air Force. Stalzer, Frances Joy-Kellogg "We surely like her, all because a sweeter girl there never was" A.G.S. Rep., Committees, Almanac: Clubs, Class Committees, Career Conf: Chair- man, Rep., Guide, Centhalis: Hist., Club Reporter, Nat. Honor Society: Sgt.-at- Arms, Plelades: Hist., Pep Club, College. Stelzner, Lauren Philip-Arleta "Brevity is the soul of wit" Oregon Technical Institute. Stephens, Billy LaVerne-Vallejo Jr. High "Music is the universal language of mankind" Choir: A, A.F.M. Rep, Quatasia, Plays, United Nations Conf., Masque Cv Gavel: Vice-Pres., Treas., Chaplain, Episcopal Priesthood. Stone, Selma "Innocence has nothing to dreadl' Stout, Barbara Rose-Powellhurst "The faithful are certain of their reward" Choir: A, Girls' Choir, Student Council, Quatosia, Nat. Honor Society: Chaplain, Sigma Phi Alpha: Hist., Oregon College of Education. Stradley, Margie Jean-Binnsmead 'K0h, why has happiness so short a day" Choir: A, Girls' Choir, A.G.S. Rep., Quatasia, Stage Crew, Masque Cr Gavel, College. Street, Carol Francis-Gilbert "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Delta Beta Phi: Sec., Chaplain, Stizmark: Treas., University ot Oregon. Strejc, John Charles-Creston "Self-confidence is the first requisite of human greatness" Choir: A, B, A.F.M. Rep., Portland State College. Strite, Bill Fredrick-Binnsmead "Light-hearted, merry, jolly and gay, a guy with a happy go- lucky way" A.F.M. Rep., Catalyst, Football: '52, University of Oregon. Stumpf, Margaret Deanna-Columbia Bible School "True merit is like a deep river, the deeper it runs the less noise it makes" .. .. 5, . l' ' V- 'QQ fi- ' Y 6 of ,. . Q. . , ...K ,,.k, J "-- 5 B. f,',-' QQ Stutheit, Donald Lee-Kellogg uT Stl' he reason firm, the temperate will, endurance, foresight, ength and skill" Summers, Roger Allen aT d is not what a man does which exalts him, but what a man would o Student. Council, Optimist, Saxons Hi-Y, Pep Club, Track: '53, Brigham Young University. Tatman, Edward Lee-Binnsmead nlf little labor, little are gains man's fortunes are according to his pains" Student Council, Stage Crew, Baseball: '56, University ot Oregon. Taylor, Arlene Grace "Experience joined witht common sense, to mortals is a provi- denceu Taylor, Donna Kathleen-Longview, Washington "You have deeply ventured, but all must do so who would greatly wini' Band, Lecora, University of Oregon. Taylor, Judson Harry-Glencoe "No time will end my gloryv Fire S quad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Class Committees, Twirp Dance Court, Quakers, Sannz: Pres., Sec., Club Reporter, Pep Club l.C.C., Basketball '53, ' r Unlve sity ot Oregon. Taylor, Judy Ann-Richmond '6Kindness lives beyond the memory of her who gives" Girls' Glee, A.G.S. Rep., Soph. Class: Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Career Conf., Pep Club, Kle Koe: Chaplain, Club Reporter Pentathlon: Sec., Portland State College. Taylor, Patricia J.--Buckman "Grace lhat won who saw to wish her stay"' A.G.S. Rep., Marriage. Taylor, Velma Jean-Woodmere "Noble souls in nature are allierln Choir: A, Girls' Choir, A.G.S. Rep., Lecoha, Neich-Ko: Sgt.-at-Arms, Nat. Honor Society, Undecided. Tenerel UA Fire S State Thill, B HA Choir: li, Deanna Jean-Richmond quiet pleasing manner wins many friends" quad, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Pep Club, Oregon College. arba ra Ann-Joseph Lane companion that is cheerful is worth goldi' B, A.G.S. Rep., Marriage. Thorgerson, Patricia Ruth--Kellogg "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenancei' Choir: A, Orchestra, Quatasia, A.G.S. Rep., Madrigal Group, Plays, Career Egg.: Chairman, Committees, Pep Club: Pres, Nursing Club, Oregon State Col- Thomas, Erva Jean-Idaho Falls High "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute" Fire Squad, Class Committees, Girls' Choir, Pep Club, Swimming '52, College. Thompson, Sonya Valetta-Rochester, Minnesota s'Service with a smile" College. Tonnesen, Sylvia Elaine-Glencoe "Surely fortune did confer wisdom and fortune upon her" Mexico Exchange Student, Spanish National: Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas., University of Mexico. Ton sing, Marilyn Ma rguerite-Arleta HA Torchia aj generous soul is sunshine to the mind" James Thomas-Richmond , ack of all arts is he" Fire Squad, Student Council, A.F.M. Rep., Jr. Class: Sgf.-Of-APHIS! P0Slj R2- porter News Editor Ass. Editor, U. ot Wash. Post Conf., Class Committees, Quakers, Sannz: Sec'., Hist., Club Reporter, Knightz: Pres., Vice-Pres., University of Oregon. Townse ccE Fire S EO nd, Jim Albert-Joseph Lane nergy and persistance conquer all things" quad, A.F.M. Rep., Work. Treadwell, Richard Allen-Richmond "To none he seems ignorablel' ' ' Band, Student Council, Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Comlmittees, Illlummatt, Saxons Hi-Y: Vice-Pres., Royal Order ot F: Treas., Football 53, 54, 55, Tfafk '54, '55, '56, University ot Oregon. Trimble, Patricia Ann-Richmond "True to her work, her words, her friends" Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Em0l0Y02,PfeS-, Trees., Sgt.-at-Arms, Club R2- poyfeyi Xyg Ki, Sgt,-qt-Arms, Pep Club, Ping Pong 53, Student Sec., Portland. Troutman, Marilyn Lee Chapman "Youth loves and lives on change" ' I Choir: A, B, Girls' Glee, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Plays, Phi Delta Chl: Sgt.- at-Arms, Career Cont. Chairman, College. Tucker, Carol Jean-Lent "Mild as the infant rose" A.G.S. Rep., Class Committees, Kle Koe: Club Reporter, Pep Club, Work. Vanek, Lillie Mae-Arleta " 'Tis a manner past understanding how she became so wise" Emalayo: Chaplain, Corresponding Sec., Nat. Honor Society, Honor Roll '54, '55, Carer Cant. Chairman, College. Vehrs, Dianna Rae-Hillsboro Union High School "When she spoke her words were like sweet honey" Choir: B, Quatasia '55, Masque C: Gavel, Plays, College. Volberding, Joanne Zella-Kellogg "Mine honor is my life" Orchestra, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Quatasia '53, '54, '55, Ernalayoz Club Reporter, Pep Club, Sigma Phi Alpha, Student Sec., Plays, Lewis and Clark College. Vorseth, Mardell Nancy-Lane "The face is an index of a feeling mind" A.G.S. Rep., Pep Club, Work, Vukovic, Judy "Mysterious to some. but attractive to alll' Waldo, Patti Lou-Kellogg "Grace is to the body what good sense is to the mind" Choir: Girls, A, Fire Squad, Student.Council, A.G.S. Committees, Rep., Quatasia '53, '54, Class Committees, Neich Ko: Hist., Treas., Masque Cv Gavel Career Conf. Chairman, College. Walker, Betty Jean-Binnsmead "A gifted musician, and friend to all" Choir: A, B, Accompanist, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Quatasia '54, '55, '56, Class Committees, Masque Er Gavel: Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Vice-Pres., Career Conf. Rep., Plays, College. Walker, Richard D.-Woodmere "He that bears himself like a gentleman is worth being called a gentleman" Cross Country '54, Baseball '55, College. Wallace, Anthony Wayne-Lane "He has made it his business not to .seem what dimly lies in the distance, but do what is clearly ahead" Wallace, Nona Laree-Washington High School "Appetite comes with eating" Choir: B, Fire Squad, A.G.S. Rep., Swimming '54, '55, Brigham Young University. Wallingford, Janice Louise-Cleveland High School "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired" Marriage. Wallner, Dianne Faye-Richmond "As pure as a pearl, a noble and lovely girl" Emalayo: Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres., Parli., Xys Ki: Sgt.-at-Arms, Nat. Honor So- ciety, Stildent Sec., Portland State College. 'Walsh, Robert James-Benson High School "To know how to hide ones ability is great skill" Baseball '55, College. Walsh, Virginia Ellen-Richmond "And violets transformed to eyes enshined a soul within their blue" Almanac: Individuals, Pleiades: Treas,, Nat. Honor Society: Vice-Pres., Rela- tives: Pep Club, Career Cont. Chairman, Rep., College Conf' Chanmalli DEPGUW University. wud' 46' mine Walter, George David-Tacoma, Washington "Worth, courage, honor, these indeed your sustenance and birthright areu College. Warner, Marshall Frank-Richmond "True knowledge consists in knowing things, not words" Band, Choir.: A, Quatosia, Sigma Phi Alpha: Vice-Pres., Pres., Football: '52, Portland University. Washam, Ramona Lee-Woodmere "For she that once is good is ever greatu Plays, Phi Delta Chi: Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Treas., Portland State College. Watson, Patricia Ann-Gilbert "Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius" Work. Watts, Robert N.-Milwaukie "All my offering must be truth, and spotless constancyv Undecided. Webster, John Auther--Our Lady of arrows "His name was not born to die" Work. Weeks, Dallas June-Powellhurst "Patient and goody Choir: A, Girls' ensemble, A.G.S. Rep., Mosque G Gavel: Chaplain, Nat. Honor Society, College. Weinkauf, James Lee-Irvington "Constantly striving to make his better besti' Quatosia, Class Committees, Masque Cr Gavel: Sgt.-at-Arms, Undecided. Wengel, Jacquelyn Marie-Cottage Grove, Oregon "Good humor only teaches charms to last, still makes new con- conquests and maintains the pasta Tennis, Work. Wenstrand, Carol Linnea-Gilbert "She is too much our pride to provoke our envyu Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Career Conf.: Chairman, Guide, Honor Society: Parli., Treus., I.R.L.: Treas., Y.F,C. Reporter, College. Weston, Allen W.-Corbett "Knowledge is more than equivalent to force" Navy. Weygandt, Gary Wayne-Joseph Lane "And to think he began life as a barefoot boyv Choir: B, Royal Order of 'F',: Treus., Swimming: '52, '53, '55, Undecided. Weyhrich, Jean Antoinette-Binnsmead "An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual gracen Band, Orchestra, Class Committees, Career Conf. Rep., Work. Wienker, Jacqueline Lea-Grout "But there,s nothing half so sweet in life, as love's young dream" A.G.S. Rep. Work. Wiggins, Carol Jean-Richmond "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are" Choirs- GirIs', Student Council, Fr. Class Treas., Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, l.C.C., Student Secretary, Jr. Red Cross Career Conf., Chairman, Guide, HiKiKi: Sec., Treas., Kle Koe: Pres., Club Reporter Nat. Honor Society, Pep Club, Oregon State College. Wilde, Phyllis Jean-Arletea "An open-hearted maiden, true and purev Emalayoz Sgt.-at-Arms, Hist., Treas., Work. Wilhoit, Darrel Loel-Powellhurst S'Man was born for two things, thinking and actingv Plays, Brigham Young University. Willard, Diane Elfie-Joseph Lane "A lovlier flower on earth was never grownu A.G.S. Rep., Quatosia, Class Committees, Masque E1 Gavel: Sec., College. Williams, Barbara Ann-Marysville "Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health, and truth breathed by cheerfulnessn A.G.S. Rep., Girls' Choir, Swimming '54, Vl.A.F. Williams, Donald Le Roy-Sellwood "Exceedingly wise, fair spoken and persuading" Relatives, Track '53, Air Force. Williams, Patricia Ann-Arleta "Women were made to give our eyes delight" Student Council, Honor Roll, Student Secretory, Nat. Honor Society, College. Wilson, Virgil Leslie-Kellogg "The hearty group, the honest gaze, the voice that means the thing it says" Student Council, Oregon Technical Institute. Winistorfer, Joann A.-North Dakota "The load becomes light that is cheerfully borne" Choir: B, Xys-Ki: Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Porli., Emolayoz Hist., Porli., Portland State College. ' Winjum, Clarissa Gladys-Lane "Accomplishments were native to her mind" College. Winters, Ellen Virginia-Tulare, California "A girl to whom was given so much of earth, so of heaven" Band, Work. Wittman, Virginia Joyce-Arleta "A merry heart goes all the day" Girls' Glee, Fire Squad, Student Council, Collge. Wolff, Violet J. L.-Joseph Lane Choir: B, Student Council, A.G.S. Rep., Jr. Class Hist., Class Committees, Plays, H. Red Cross: Vice-Pres., Girls' Choir Career Conf., Masque G Gavel, Pep Club, arnage. Wood, Leo Vernon-Arleta "Great thoughts, great feelings, come to him like instincts" Air Force. Woods, Barbara Ann-Atlanta, Georgia "Constancy is the foundation of all virtues' A.G.S. Rep., School of Nursing. 9 Woodfin, Bill Woodyard, Stephen Gordon-Woodstock "Fame is the essence of heroic deeds" Band, Student Council, Class Committees, Golf '53, '54, '55, '56, Track '53. Worley, Jacqueline Ann-Sherwood "Heaven made me honest" Nursing. Yoder, Bill Lee-Lane "He is a man, take him for what he isl' A.F.M. Rep., Post: Mgr., Class Committees, Quakers, Sannz, Freshie Frolic Court, Portland State College. Young, Karen Cha rlene-Richmond "How brilliant and mirthful the light of her eye" Choir: Girls', B, Class Committees, Sigma Phi Alpha, Marylhurst. Young, Bob Donald-Glencoe "By knowledge we declared ourselves to know" A.F.M. Rep., Tennis '54, '55, College. Keranen, Ardith Elaine-Arleta "There is no greater delight than to be conscious of sincerity" "Camera Shy" Bouchet, David Louis-Creston "He'll let them know he's on this earth" Brown, Robert Albert "A quiet worker who accomplishes things without saying much" Burch, Walter Clair--Central Catholic "A boy with a smile of friendship" Burnett, Dennis Ray-Garland, Utah "His pleasant ways will be remembered by all" Buschman, Charles Arthur "An all around good fellow" Clements, Karen Patricia-Kellogg "ln tthe out-of-doors she found joy" Cox, Jack Joe-Binnesmead "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere will it were done quickly" Dickson, Brent Edward-Gilbert "I take it to be a principal rule of life not to be too much addicted to one thing" Football: '52, '53, Track: '55, Baseball: '56, College. Drath, Ralph Lewis "There is no art to find the mindls construction in the face" Forsloff, John Richard-Richmond "Far may we search before we find a heart so manly and so kind" A.F.M. Rep., Royal Order of 'F', Football: '53, '54, Track: '52, Los Angeles Art Center. Gish, John Lewellan-Tacoma, Washington "To be or not to be-that is the question" A.F.M.: Rep., Work. Hahn, Eric Ross-Washington High School "Good things come in small packages" Track, Undecided. Hughes, Raymond Walter "A firm determination will always win out" Lawler, James Patrick "Honor is a chief content that to man in life is lent" Leach, Robert Emerson "A good man and student" Maxwell, David Wesley-Marysville "Experience joined with common sense, to mortals is a provi- dence" Golf: '54, Undecided. Mervin, Cecil Waymen-Parkrose "A vain of mirth beneath his air of dignity" Navy. Morris, Harry Lee "'Tis virtue that makes him most admired" Moultrie, Lola "And all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes" Nelson, Ronald Edward-Lent KI find nonsense singularly refreshing" A.F.M. Rep., Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Class Committees, Khlisti: Sec., Pres., Port- land State College. Overby, Donald "The purest treasure mortal time affords is a spotless reputation" Choir: B, Undecided. Phelan, Roland Gary "Quiet but that isn't all" Pierson, Larry " 'Tis to my faults that I my virtues owe" Renish, Ken Eugene "We have a singer in our midst" Simpson, Josie "Eyes darker than darkest pansies" Sparks, Joann Louise "She's a trim little thing and always ready to help anyone in need" Choir: B, Class Committees, Work. Stanfill, Beverly "For all that, the best girl in the world" Sturges, Robert Leon Dale "A firm yet cautious mind, sincere though prudent, constant and resignedn Terwilliger, Donald Fred "His honors came through diligence" Undecided. 2'- I 2 aww-"J" . . , 'HW ff' 351 x I -.1-..,"s N x QKN' ,.1h ff ,M I Q ' Q ..A... F . was 5 ' f Q' , 5 , . -W . 4A ,A 46-- gz. if 2 , W 'mi ' f."H:1' 1- , " , V t1 L ' 'K' wig ? w'T.i7f7"gf1if" 77 -T ,f J, , , A .75 I ' 5 lv Am' X " I 'Q KISS P'- ,n 1 A 'l fl 'nm 'N I aww ff. v ,. K, AF' By Betty Smith Autographs 68 SPACE STORY -- PUZZLES -- TINY TALES AcKMJlL5NE I U X, fl 1 WA Qf QQ K S 099 2 6 G' C 1 001 0 ff WULXTETJ N 1 65 B I f 25c THE COPY - 52.50 THE YEAR 69 Juniars F JuNloR orrlcsns all SPNHQ Pat Burgard Leslie Swanson , , . l . I lofi, S rf Q , Vin alfa U Rosylyn Richards Jack Wobig PRESIDENTS a Spring Steve Schell Gary Gill 70 Barbara Price John Hilsenteger , O Carol Hedwall Lorcy Hoyt Spring Arlene Bushman Marion Cockell Sylvia Geres Deanna Ward Bob Gebo Glen Hutton John Howarth Phil Schaar Fall Ann Michaelson Nancy Gribble Bernice Heim Wayne Christofferson Gayle Justice Ethan Scarl Diane Torkelson Barry Barnum A dams, Andy dams, Judy A dams, Mary Alexander, Jim A lfsen, Pat A nderson, Audrene nderson, Dick A nderson, Louise - nderson, Mary Ellen A nthony, Pat - rcher, Irene A rchie, Willie - rntsen, Harold A shenbrenner, Marlene shfield, Ron Atkinson, Francie A tkinson, Richard A zorr, Marian ailer, Fred ailey, Marilyn aker, Sharon all, Chris ancroft, Dick ' 1 Barbee, Lois ' L Barnum, Barry ,Aii ff arreth, Myrna 1 astedenbeck, Beverly "' b A Baxter, Dave -. T m eck, Bob ecker, Don ecker, Jon eckius, Ellamae ehee, Darrel errong, Janice erry, Juanita ervin, Art iancone, Sharon 1 iorn, Jim lack, Dorene - loom, Gwen onomi, Kitty ower, Ronald racken, Patty reazeale, Duane ridges, Pat rockbank, Sandra Brooks, Marcia Brooks, Millie Judy lBrown, Lois Brown, Michael D. Brown, Michael G. Brumbaugh, Sharon Erunson, Jerry urgard, Pat Burleson, Merlin Bushman, Arlene Bussear, Claudine Butcher, Red Butler, Jerry Butler, Jim uzzell, Toni addess, Kenneth Calitf, Mel Califf, Patsy Campagna, Carmel Campbell, Judy Campbell, Lynne Carson, Marie Carter, Tom , in-1 Q . 5' i is s an j K .J ss. 5 is rm i if' " Q 355 ' Q' H K N 6.11 L l a K 46' ve. an i -5 qi aa ia 5 l Q Q QL? N EZ, , 9 5, f Mail nv- I ' VW 2 Ziff' A, 74 55? lik - yn K We s f-132 - 3: 5-QF , ,A sf 95 f I4 i fb A v T' .fy , 'S , up X 4 1 ... B x Y x B. x 5 i A L 1 'al 7l E51 2 in Y N . :fi Cartwright, Larry Casper, Luana Castile, Ted Cawood, Pat Cervarich, Larry Channer, Carol Chapman, Tom Cheek, Earline Christopherson, Wayne Clark, George Cleaver, Lois Cobb, Carol Coberly, Gary Cockell, Marion Coe, Dick Collingwood, Lorri Cook, Georgia Cooper, Linda Cotone, Joanne Cotter, Mary Cox, Gary Crandall, Curt Crawford, Jim Croall, Lillian Crockett, Joyce Crosswhite, Alice Curry, Jim Dahl, Susan Daniels, Dick Daniels, Joyce Danielson, Delbert Darcy, Dennis Day, Dick Dean, Russell Dechant, Clark Delk, Ronald Denman, Nancy Dernback, Diane Dial, Loy Dickinson, Lynda Dickmann, Norma Dietderich, Judy Dodson, Sylvia Doig, Bill Dorn, Nancy Dorris, Sue Drath, Louise Dunbar, Beatrice Duncan, Chris Dunn, Sharon Dunn, Sherrill Durant, Al Durant, Bobbie Dutt, Vern Eaton, Dolma Edon, Gwen Ellison, Frank Elmer, Dale Emerson, Bob Endicott, Carolyn Englund, Ray Entrikin, Daryl Erickson, Bob Erickson, Merrilie Erwin, Ellis Evans, Carolyn Falotico, Mike Farber, Bob Feammelli, Sharon Felix, Larry in H . lea 1 . 'SY' I AVL. DV I! iI l uit 1. vig aa, Q L V+? . r,,, .- 5. 2 if ,s.. . .ef-fuqgff ,ffm .9514 ' S 1 V V E lf, is- Q "7 5 - 4, if A9 j y gf .1 w ,L L K . 22155 ' '4 1-'Q l as ig?- iff wgfQ E VVV' T 4 E I 9 , .5 if ,...: " wage? J! if ',,f als: Qi ""- A --VV we gwqvv WMMA ammo fwiee . W,5,E ,, 1. A ' ,aaa .-Y- "Ma, HW' as ea, ,gif X 0-, Qiief igwkwe fam EQFME g lllg ,, ,, , rrss is r s J 2 EQWMQ .. I - 1 i 1 f 2MM'Mv W J s as J ff' .. .. ,L f , Y A 5,5 ,jjf :-y.f:1::..' 7 , L 5,51 ,,,,,, l. E ' 384- -X fwaff r. 5 ,:M, My is ffl-I "hi: I ..,, 1 rwgiw ww?sc wwffv warts wwwl wwe sw a ,x , lf In ' gf, i 72 :iw Q: :ff- V :fy ge',f wr , 5g . ,il if . ' V ' at J, af 5 e-'jg-HJZQL -le? 'L we f ,,,f f , M ff! gm, 7 - ' .. ,IL Eme7w D ' ----V V 1 F me Q .2552 aa?e r ' ,iff - I. '- 'aq- H- jf g ' faai l' .,. r 1- 'kl- 51 1 'SZ 4' 4 ss, N , 5 1 me I xa- 1 'gf ,li K- 'X :li ,Q l' C J, Fl' li Qt E.,,,:,s:- 'tava 1. -9 g ww. .QF 1 as .,... - ,W -,Q fa li-x' it Q : ,af . f . 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Fenton, Bill Finnell, Richard Fischer, Judy Fisher, Donna Fitzpatrick, Winnie Flatland, Kathy Fleming, Janet Floessler, Dick Florey, Janice Ford, David Ford, Lila Fortner, Loretta Foster, Buddie Fowler, Sylvia Fredin, Jeri Frey, Leslie Fritsch, Lorena Fugere, Suzanne Games, Marianne Garland, Joyce Gattucio, Gale Gaunce, Joy Sue Gayral, Josette Gebo, Bob Gebo, Donald Gelow, Jerry Gentry, Barbara Georges, Ron Gerces, Gene Geres, Sylvia Gilbert, Betty Lou Gill, Gary Gilmore, Warren Gimbol, Dorothy Glass, Melva Gleim, Ron Goettsch, Georgia Goughnour, Peggy Gould, Bill Graves, Linda Gray, Bill Gray, Sharon Green, Dale Greenfield, Diane Greer, Kathy Gregory, Janet Frenz, Bob Gribble, Nancy Griffin, Bill Griffin, Ginny Grohs, Tom Guerrero, Joe Hadley, Ben Hall, Herb Hallock, Leonard Harris, Patricia Hargreaves, Judy Harding, Judie Hart, Jim Hay, Marlys Hays, Marjorie Hedwall, Carol Heim, Bernice Helmer, Dale Hempel, Marvin Henkel, Mollie Hicks, Donna Hiebert, LaNita Hiersche, Terry Hill, Jim J- ws. L' - A , J' g ba, ,LIVL 1 ii ,. , r'n, , ' , ' 21 .. Q ' 2 I 6, '5 X x , fa, Q l L J I a 'tux J K i " ,H 11. . . , " J sf A ,N is - F ' if x if 'R 2 Q' 32? Q Y .L A' . ..f,,,, 5 v, 5 ' Q . 5 'Fi 1 - ., ...-. , af' lj 'W ff . -.. L . 1 .A 1 414' ' ' R251 , E? wif- ' Qs. i F f a Q ,f 'I if if - i XX 'J ., Y '-f V ww ' S' w ,Q JB 52 r , . . , l .f 'J I? 'K O 4 I ' ' 3541 T. fr A . 4 S , 4' . A QQ 9' . Vx TT A . . Q 'i 1. ---x' " . . "ff: i'Vik J' Q... 4 5- .,1i- , - A , l 1 F .fouls 4 1 Vmx br v YP' .. , B 5 it S -ra, gk Q . i 5 1 'A ' Hx: 4 i Q' W W -. f 'lk .1 , 9 at 73 i. ,X Q t ix if 7 a 4112! Q 1 - - ,.. -1. - 6 1 ff ,f Xi? I f M he ig if? V 'V LQ ,pf Q x 1 ff? .g nl:-. F ir- , ,- Wx fs 2 4 .ixii in 5 ' - . , v 3. 5- ' 5 iff age X i I .e My Q.. , X Hilsenteger, John Hinrichs, Beverly Hinton, Mary Hoffman, Judy Hooper, Earl Hoover, Jim Howard, Loralee Howarth, John Howe, Janet Hoyne, Patty Hoyt, Lorcy Huetson, Jerry Hughes, Roger Hurst, Mary Husted, Gary Hutton, Glen Hutton, Janet Hval, Gene ller, Sharon Inman, Kathy lsaacs, Laura Israel, Elaine Jarboe, Jerry Jee, Ron Jensen, B. J. Jensen, Dorothy Johnson, Karen Jones, Jo Bette Justice, Gayle Kaady, Kathy Kasparek, Myrna Kell, Leland Kelley, Roger Keno, Bill Kent, Diane Kernan, Ralph Kier, Karen Kimeldorf, Laurie King, Louise Kirk, Pat Knepper, Wayne Koessel, Carolyn Krigbaum, Jeff Krohn, Marion Kromer, Marion Kuhn, Eugene Lamper, Mike Lane, Doil Larson, Jerry Larson, Jim Laugen, Gary Lawrence, Barbara LeCIair, Sharon Lee, Scott Linn, Arnie Locke, Ellen Loe,Janice Lofthus, Arnold Lolley, Mercedes Luhrs, Jack Lukens, Dana MacCreary, Hugh MacDonald, Phil Macy, Ray Madden, Dale Madsen, Dennis Marler, Beverly Martin, Ann Martin, Delmar Martinalich, Joanne Y i , .vi af' se ' in 9' 7 . ' I .K l Ky 5 74 EASY - -Ta E2 , if ' e. .- 1 N 2' Q kk " 1 v? X. -. L Q? own , ,X E" ,,, 4 l "fig : Q, l be ' 1. 531 'i ' , Q Q 1 X , 4 in , B fo r , 6' , .P , ,52 5 A h J f- :,.fi+. ' ,ggi 1, " f f . f-JPL . - ICT. 3 ,., ., H K ,Q ff i" 1 :fi A 2 X . rue.. Lil i, atthews, Margaret ay, Earl cAlpine, Nina cCIeIlan, Phil cConnelee, Bill cDanieI, Ralph cElhaney, Bill cGibbon, Daleen cGrew, Lynda eyer, Lyle ichael, Clifford ichaelson, Ann iller, LeRoy illikan, Gail itchell, Ann oeckli, Jeannette orrow, Audrey ueller, Yvonne uramatsu, Earl urie, Nadine yers, Ron akata, Ron ealeigh, Barbara eels, Sandy elson, Allen elson, Dennis elson, Eddie elson, Janeth elson, Maxine orton, Jack 'Brien, Alice der, James ldham, Betty lson, Joanne rren, Helen verall, Dallas age, Emma Ann age, Priscilla almer, Dick apasdero, Jack arshaII,Judy atheal, Dennis aulson, Lance eake, LeOra ebley, Mel ersons, Ann eters, Marie eterson, Don eterson, Jack 'eterson, Karen 'harris, Betty fhilpott, Don "orter, Mike 'ortnoy, Ron 'otts,Judy 'ratt, Judie 'rice, Barbara 'rocter, Doug 'utnam, Barbara Quinlin, Judie labick, Janice lambeau, Janice lange, George lankin, Judy .ask, Bernie Lathke, Ron Legele, Hal legelin, Marcia Lichards, Rosalyn Lichey, Lee Ti 1. 2 fu VU' A y, ffm .ek . 3 N ' Q. A- J Jll Q. J .. bx E? 'AN Y T f, ...-ff ' . , rf-ff" Jf r Q -I 1 .2 li' 1 1 L. 1 is 4, .V 6 'i 5 u 4 as x 'P .A li I 3 M ,Q . :I A G' i g X ,V , 'V .377 x 1. V.. j ,, I ,- 41- , M? 'M 6 'F . 6- L. E 2.3315 ,x " .1 35. . ,':,:fe' :,e': 5' , s -v v aa .5 ' Ar. A 123-Y , 4, .yhy , 75 v ', -. " F if . if A ii l g f if ,q - A V, 555, r , Q W .lui ', J fhif m- ' .- , I 1 g "' "' ' P 6 -'9 2 19 . ' - 6- ' "- E ,mls v 5 'Kb ' E ' . A V i - 1 N Q K . 5. b- fi x i , , Q R t sq y ffl'-g Q " ' his 'Ps I Y Q . ... . A J 31 1 A . - :tr ,ff " . YQ J sc 9 i M 1. 'gas 1. 1 23, fv- S yi' J 2. M- M ' 52' i -i Thomas, Sandra Roark, Roberta Rogers, Mike Rosenb loom, Susan Ross, Merry Jo Roth, Kay Rathery, Daniel Rund, Phyllis Russell, Jack Ryan, Kathy Ryles, Dick Sams, Roger Sandall, Victor Sanvitale, Carol Savage, Mary Ellen Sawyer , Lawrence Schaar, Philip Al Schade Schade, Florence Schell, Steve Scharbrough, Lillian Schlem lein, Mary Schmidt, Ron Schneider, Bob Schommer, Greg Scoggin, Chris Scott, Dick Scott, Janet Scrivens, Dodo Seim, Wayne Sherlock, Wayne Shields, Bill Shintaffer, Jo Shirts, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Carmalita Carol Gwen Karen Lee Pat Smith, Penny Smith, Snook, Sha ron Pete Sorenson, Jim Spear, Sally Spence, Shirley Stark, Pete Stewart, Bill Stimpson, Dave Stogsdill, Ron Stone, Frank Stose, Glenn Street, Bob Strickfaden, John Sullivan, Lorraine Suran, Allen Sutton, Anna Swanson, Buzz Swartz, Norma Swetland Norma Swyger t Sharon X N-L iv. a ce ,L X V J l v o e 9 ' 'A 'Y 5 1 ey M: 'J Q Q. ,.- f f-N. if g s ta. r r gl jagxi .S all Q f we mr. N I 9 Y. Thompson, Brenda J 6 . N Timpe, Ron Torkelson, Diane Tousley, Jerry Troxel, Eileen Truman, Doug Tussing, Frances Tyson, Ann VanDemarr, Meredyth VanSIyck, Jan 1 , . " X 1335! , - ge ld' l F' qc' 1 . . xg ss if . J l ' ' "lei ,, ff ,W .Q 'lf A fe, W as rl gi lie-1 w , 76 J A ' ',:,.4s,.as XM I , ' N' Y. I RV' ,,5,7 Q ' S ,L ila L 1, - 1 is ,,, . 6 TP' .' 5 ,hx me ' -' Keg! -- Ne '- ' 2 - ' 15: ' + ,fa -ai f l . iifi, Q 'f' . 5 .5 ' in ,. x - Y f ' 1 , .- 'i :ig - 1 f -feww. 'X' iz, 1, N ,, Q S Y .3 i fo . " :wif is f A 1 2 2',1:fg,iff if z, 3 QW, .4 , as -N f J .. " 'en g V . "' fiiffif' y is ' we gf 3 Q 5 A 'Why ..,. . Sfgq . 1 E I P - ' ,4 J . sf 1 'X l 77 errinder, Bob ollmer, Chuck acker, Myrtlan alker, Allen allen, Dick alter, Nancy ard, Deanna arren, Doral ashburn, Joan atkins, Larry att, Kathy estover, Jerry Wienker, Duane Wigg, Jerry ightman, Ruth illiams, Ralph ilson, Bob inkenwader, Bob obermin, Donna obig, Jack olfe, Marvel olfe, Pat oolford, Peggy orrell, Dorothy Worrell, Robert .lohn orster, Margie right, Judy oung, L. Grey Young, Norman eida, Jerry ilk, Bill ink, llla V I . Q ,E u xg, W X rw si 3 3? 4. ,J ., .4-gk F., eff i X .,,,E K ,n ,,,,, , Y' 3512 Q 5' t Q,- ei s ,me 4? i H. 5-A qi 2' x g I . .xg g Q. 1 l 5 x, t Illlllillll lilllll FRANKUN wsu S1'EvE'5CHE1 L JUNIOR an '955 1956 ACTIVITIES O This year's Junior Class has worked hard to make the sale of their class cards and jewelry a success, and now they have reaped the benefits of that labor with an extra-successful Junior Prom, a wonderful Junior Class assembly, and a bursting treasury, ready to finance next year's full slate of activities. The third-termers chose their designs carefully--for their card, a cardinal-red rose emblazoned on a back- ground of white, and for their pin, a striking shield of black, gold, and white--and once these were decided upon, they set out to sell them to as large a representa- tion of their class as possible. ln this, as in all their activities, they more than succeeded. ,mfiimmimu 'ii' ' -L ' 1 1 WI a17iwrf""' 4 bit 'LL I, uf Uh ,,,- ,, ,'k ,, 1554 1, 4 , T' 3 - f-ff l T r ' A711 l S51 xxx , T, Q- 1--. ' l"'?'3f-12315 ,-'W ix -1 --1lI llllQ l x - I It -B ig 43 ll 4: L : I ' I 1 - fl, ' i Q 'W H ,- This year's Junior class held a gala all-school dance titled the SWAMP STOMP as one of their major social events. The junior class prepares to elect l a cabinet of competent officers. The class holds monthly meetings which are always eagerly ticipated as,an opportunity for planning and discussing rious activities. l 79 The Junior Class is proud of its talented entertainers. G T ' x. fl The Prom committee pools ideas These students seem to be enjoying themselves at the Junior Prom. 80 JUNIOR CLASS COUNSELORS Th l ss of l957 owe a gigantic vote of thanks to its advisors, e c a Miss Faye Cornutt and Mr. Carl Kurath, who have displayed unfailmg b Th warmth and understanding toward the problems of its mem ers. e knowledge of the junior class counselors in matters parliamentary and vocational has proved indispensable. "W rm 'f Autographs A Berncliff Graphic Yearbook 27 GNC A MAGAZINE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ! Sophomores VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASUR HISTOR SOPHOMORE OFFICERS HISTORIAN TREASURER f A N SECRETARY , .. VICE PRESIDENT Vlrglnlo Pumfrey Gail ll' ."2'2' A I A. Kreuder , S' , 4 Pat Patterson f RVACP A of X Sue Holman tf Jim Everts ' Beverly Judge 'I 1 Tom Stevenson Nancy Torkelson J . fx:- sen Dove A Fan PRESIDENTS Spring Sheryl Thompson Bob Davis John Hedman Bonnie Bronson Clolre Gall Thompson Ken Ray Marc mg on Ge rry mioda Aase, Terry Accuardi, Sue Adams, Alice Adams, Jerry Adams, Wayne Alden, Tommy Adler, Donald Ibus, Glenn Ilen, Sandra mes, Sheryl nderson, Lois nnas, Gerald Arnason, Karol Armfield, Sara Ashpole, Daryl Austin, Fred Baker, Dearl Baldwin, Jacoleen Ball, James Ball, Juanita Ball, Phyllis allard, Patricia alogh, Rick altzell, Rodney arbee, Jerry ardsley, Beverly arnes, Judy Bartholomew, Bill Bechtold, Joyce Beck, Edward Beck, Sally Beckey, Glenna Bennett, Tyrone Berglund, Greg Bergstrom, Deanna Bellamy, Judy Belscher, Ruth Bergstrom, Beverly Berreth, LeRoy Betts, Dick Bitz, Janice Blackburn, Gary lanco, Martha loom, Laurel oozer, Kenneth owen, Charles owers, Ellen owling, Jim Bracken, Arlene Bradbury, Mike Brault, Nujie Bra-sesco, Charlene riggs, Judy riggs, Sue Brockhoff, Lorene Brolliar, Chris Bromgard, Sharon Bronson, Bonnie Brown, Deanna Brown, Steve Brownlee, Evelyn Brumbaugh, Jean Bruno, Kenneth Bryans, Edward Bryd, Joni Buchanen, Fred Bunn, Gary Bunnell, Loren Burk, Virginia Burgett, Roberta ss f' -ca l, V as 9 14 ,- b G A .'b.,. 5. s 5215 A u . M ,,.. ,,,,,,,..,... y A ff, Q ga. ' 5. I or J Aii an ee, 5 Pu ,,.'-, il'-A r e I fe Q im' g ab A t Al. 1' , gg- Pl i gr , I ' iiii B Il Q EA yyr at .. ,gg ' 'zz 5 I E , C v wma , , 2 5 " L., vs ,Ao 3 2? ' ,, X -r i 1 'X Sf 5 ' 1 aa, ,, .l,, ii' ' f J' -W' 1 . ir lg cry dx A i - X wk! 7- ku tw gl B' A 5 of agf 'a' . . f. QQN' Q ! ,. Q lil E7 ' fr- -: X 1 ' - 1 ...if 4 1 P fra 5a , 'L --: as Q - Q A - X 1, . 1, ww, ..., ,. ,, mfg: ' -2- -gaze. ti Q. we i, h i XXXL T QV' 'Z f -f-, f E ,. .3255 :fi B 'gl A az. mi A eg, 'I a r L O wr "Eli 'at K ,lag 1 it H M710 - ff' ' A .. an E !+-c ! ef if 1: 1 ,, Q14 l l' Q in ..:, M 'ing 5 f Q Li TT r F sz" ,,,,k. lx 'ff Butcher, Lenne Butler, Ken Capps, Jerry Cashner, Sandra Channer, Donna Creamer, Chuck Christopher, Robert Coale, Craig Cole, Richard Cooksley, Karen Cooper, Joyce Congdon, Joy Cornelius, Claire Cozad, Ronnie Crandall, Sandra Crotts, Charlene Campbell, Valerie Crompton, Ray Conti, Pris Cunningham, Lolly Dalrymple, Ron Dambach, Marilyn Darby, JoAnn Dinnocenzo, Deno Davis, Darrel Davis, Robert Davis, Martha Day, Lorraine Deal, Allan Dean, Albert DeLashmutt, Cherie DeLauney, Len Dever, Peggy DiNucci, Dominick Dixon, Joan Doak, Raymond Doelman, Dave Danforth, Patti Donivan, Phyllis Dotson, Ronald Doty, Dianne Downing, Charles Drake, Bonnie Duncan, Sheron Dunford, Douglas Dunnam, Dan Dunnel, Sonny Durland, Peter Earley, Eddie Eaton, Jim Eggo, Donald Elkins, David Elliott, Lotus Elliott, Nancy Endicott, Warren Enna, Carol Erickson, Dick Etlinger, Barbara Evans, Jay Everaert, Gary Eve, Nancy Everts, Jim Fairchild, Michael Fazzio, Cheryl Fazzio, Don Feigert, Ray Ferguson, Gary Ford, Dick Foster, Fay Fourneir, Donna ' Ng an ' a All 1, - 5 :ily ,...yseJ.l P' . it as Y 'W l 1 395 xl - - , ww- fi V Lai' ' vzznf -- Pifirf' .c ' 2 N, C X 4. .. U ,N ,. ,, .. ,M 4 , was-li 1- f gag? ,,' 1's 3 ,QE A.,v f.. ,,iil1513,'g I Z X l eww:--H .ga 9: ' vl- X ' f ,fs ssmx 4 1' i "M , l K 4 it 1 A in ,ls M Q s' csii we! L , 52111 fi , ' nfs is Y l R 15 , , ji, ., 1 img, if ' - ' , Ne., 'J' ee-we A - ' P A ul 6 fr 596 N ' X , ll XFN 7. 5 Qt-tail L 2 ',"X TX :sail 'A ' ' -rms 412, -' -- I 86 P .. -'F ,Q - , I. H lax 9 I 0 u:"'3!i1,, I cf . if 5 me , ,.,m,2. c i.-f-:',' Q41 W Q X C Y W a 5 K 1 Q Sh L ' s , er. . -NPT' tn- M be 'Z ikn 'iff 1, ML. Q' 155' Q ,cf fs. 1 'U , if ,Q f - ' 12.12 ,- . ' 1, g P ,liar 'T S iifiswzf. - t f Q .,,.. v 2 I ,Milam J ee . . ff 4 L54 'fi 4 E , - - ..,,.. Q Q Q ' 723 .. - - . .Sq ' ' t j' We .fs f .- 1 1 " D K-.15 4 ,, ., 'x. I , my ii I fb 'P' H li "' i 1. M 9 9 nf-,.g,f,,, ,f 2 ' . if ,W is I A .Ps- . gg 3' fweggjfi., - -. ., - beau - an k awe. ag? ' I 'ta Y... 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E iw H ,i ff, 7 z I l e 9 W ,, x, ,L , P 'W is I f E5 P i :Lf as ii fm L 4555 339'- ggei r 5 .al gel' lic' 1,10 We're Sophomores now-participationg in our first Sophomore class meeting. Prexy Bob Davis introduces one of the many speakers enjoyed by the Sophomores. SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES Ring out the old: Ring in the new-officers, that is. 93 The candidates for King and Queen of the "Snowdrop Bon Mrs. Bruckner advises the framing of the Sophomore Class Constitution Looks like everyone's having fun at the spring sophomore class danc. suvnmvmmz Clk ss Be Hn faqw Beam . . . Axim! , . Meetings - nam - Talent show NAME A,,,,,, ,. ,,7.., W -Nr SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNSELORS The competent leadership of Mrs. Vivian Jones and Mr. Mike Stipac has introduced their adopted class to a period of increased activity through inspired initiative and industry. The sophomore coun- selors will continue their invaluable service until the class is led to the ultimate goal of graduation in l958. ,Ibex W? Autog ruphs 96 Humlbijf Dumlbzyiv MAGAZINE FOR LITTLE CHILDREN Things To Do - Stories To Be Read To Children GUIDE I DO K., Penh M JUNE 35c 132 PAGES PUBLISHED BY THE PUBLISHERS OF PARENTS MAGAZINE Freshmen 'Y 1 .l-ff F .er gi LLW,,, gr E.. mm, L, if in 1 .- ' H if ,. 1 '1-- ,EFL V Q Ag ... 'ii :iax '1W'W HISTORIANS TREASURERS SECRETARIES VICE PRESIDENTS Fall Fall Fall Fall . Mary Ann Taylor Kim Lee Sandra Singer Alice Ellingson Spring Spring Spring Sprinq Colene Fredin Eileen Kasner JoAnn Martinso Joe McCray SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS Fall S iq tn -a " H Q 1 i 'li .1 N Q 1 ' fi i Carolyn Jacob Jackie Bell Kathleen Johnston Nancy Holcomb A , 6 - , K, 1 3 X 'E 7. Q . 2 J? i 441 a el L? . . . fl 1? . fin li A J K SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS FRESHMAN OFFICERS Lf Kathy Beermcn Jim Betts Beverly Murling Paul Davidson Shawn Reise Ron Marchington Pdf WCIlSl'r0m Don Silgbee SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS Fall Craig Baker Bob Erwert Don Killian Don Silsbee lra Wong PRESIDENTS Fall Spring Doug Leonetti Mike Azor ,eschIiman, Daryl lbrecht, Jerry lexander, Doris Jean llen, Barbara allen, Dean ,llen, Patricia ,llen, Gary ltig, Michael nderson, Edna nderson, Joy ndrews, Lola nderson, Norman nderson, Viola ngle, Pam rchie, Arthur rena, John rmstrong, Delores rnett, Richard Itkeson, Greg tkinson, Judy tkinson, Sharron yers, Thomas orr, Mike con, Ronald il, Gary iley, Harold illie, Barbara kken, Craig ldwin, Kit ll, Dan rnes, Esther rney, Janeice rteaux, Mervin uer, Billie aver, Barbara al, Julie eman, Kathelene ll, Chriss ll, Jacki mis, Lynda rgstrom, Jerry .rreth, Pat tts, Jim ke, Bill uvelt, Janice letger, Susan thannon, Marylou +nar, Ellen oth, Dianne llozer, Gordon Lel, Dale vwers, Diana dshaw, Dana inard, John inard, Judy isbee, Larry kenshire, Charles wn, Peggy onomo, Joan rback, Darlene edin, Colene urkett, Michael rrnside, Jim sboom, Susan shiger, Dan izell, Eddie mpbell, Charles pps, Don lrleton, Connie rlson, Dennis 4 QF Q Q 1 .. ,, , ' x Y ' N A ,RG s- 'vi' -fl '25 Au qi I 'f', ' 1. 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I 51" ' 5' . s Q x ugent, Sharon M W A. in -s: ' e if 'i -on NS- C5252 , f At' W , 7.- ,.. ., an, W .6 :if 'sis X v L ' k N 3 an ,e f 3 V' i -I -, i 2 z 45 :ZH X z at 3, l , L i S 3 Pile f ri rf '35 .- ff L- 45 gf ii A ' 2 - X if Q if-, iii - 1 fffiam nk . X . N t a il ' ' S' ' in -if J 5 " '+V . ij! fr-fZ::im I s 515311 r 1 - Q, ! X Milf a, -iii N , fff-:f:: T iahiiai in 'V 'fx 'K X x -4. W, H '25, Q- iff: ,fn . -, ,, 1: if N. -5 1 fi Q N -Nf,,?w..N., ' "' 'C u f 5 use W 7. 'M R 1: QV ' 61, ,K ai- , 'K if A. 4? 2. WF s -1 ,Y X X J - ' V ,.' L- 1 . Oberle, Joyce Olin, Danny Olson, Janice O'Neill, Bonnie Owen, Timothy Painter, Tom Post, Elvin Palmer, Bob Parman, Judith Pamer, Marilyn Patchin, Neola Patheal, Nancy Patton, Dick Paulsen, Philip Peccia, Carmie Pederson, Sylvia Penberthy, Larry Pennington, Barilynn Pentecost, Myra Peterson, Joan Pettichord, Donald Ping, Maridene Plopper, Marilyn Pollard, Judith Porter, Carol Portnoy, Donald Potts, Judy Pratt, Diana Pruitt, Alvin Rafferty, Judy Rasmussen, John Ralston, William Rankin, Steven Ratliff, Bob Ray, Delores Reagor, Beverly Reese, Ann Reese, Sharon Richardson, James Riebling, Ron Risch, Eileen Roan, Penny Reiter, Bob Roberts, Caryl Robertson, Jerold Robinson, Pat Roland, Jerry Rose, Barbara Rurey, Sharon Salvatore, Robert Sampsel, Roy Savage, Betty Sawyer, Clifton Saxton, Fred Schater, Judy Schmunk, Jerry Schultz, Sherri Scott, Richard Seely, Nadine Seim, Janet Sept, Pat Shaw, Judy Shelton, Debbie Sheperd, Joan Short, Bonnie Singer, Sandra Silsbee, Don Silsbee, Jim Simmons, Cecil Sipp, Gentria an ' l 'I A 4 X v t ,W - 1, midi.. "Sig: ,V i ,, ' ,.i-t-L-vfti -vr-'12 q v t., .,,g,. f flfz, .-M ,H, au1vf , '.f ii - .-, y . .. nd? 'X yyyi i S 5, 5... 5. ge, , Id f Zia . 26 5 31, , gif., 4 ,B if ,JT ev 'l v fx T- fri ' 'P ii x 'F- 0 :'1 A 1. ' 5 , A . sid -4 'ff' x 2' X4 xg . A ,, hi 'H Q . 4 -6' g is - ' 2 -l , 1 ,M y ' wl 5 ,, :: ,, V .i ,rfb 6 , W 5'9- wg. 3? Lf ' .X f. xi 6. , P 1 El . N wr' f "R" 5, . wif-n , ' , J no V S gg, Q I A ta, R t in ,, Q, 35. 'IDA fff fi X , J, "' fl, . W - V: 1 'L V "twill-,, if ,, F . f , .Lv 15+ gil 1 'Rf .5 , ,, S. Q. 'W N 'J' if wa- 1 - E .L 'T XM . F -A Jia if 3 . 3 1 A A . ' l il ' 1 if . ixl , x li H ."' '1 ' M . i .. . 1 1 Q i as Q Q , , A -, E. NN Rise' -1 'gr , ' 1 it , . . " -L as s 4 -f -1 F BF' 3 A5 TL 'sr 1 E if :requ- g ,jf -Hn r i i , xi' i .kelton, Ann ikelton, Maralyn ikidmore, Dennis ikidmore, Larry rkipton, Ray rmith, Don M. Lmith, Donna imith, Erwin imith, James imith, Judy Lmith, Lynne imith, Perry imith, Richard Lnider, Sandra olberg, Karen oles, Barbara ommers, Ruth ott, Pat Lousley, Willis owles, Susan pidal, Sandra pina, Norma pifter, Thomas ands, Darleen eele, Pat telzenmueller, Karen tenhouse, Julie tevens, Frank tiles, Gene tober, Sharon fockman, Carol Qoutenburg, David itrader, Arlene ,tradIey, Bob ltraka, Sharon Erejc, Judy rode, Brian fump, Evelyn tronach, Charles ytrong, Michael froup, Julia lfuck, Joyce urbaugh, Fred Iabino, Santiago angen, Sandra 'atman, Joyce aylor, Madeline aylor, Mary Ann aylor, Ray enerelli, Beverly hacker, Sheila homas, Douglas hompson, Dale hompson, Peggy homason, Wanda hornber, Karvel 'horpe, Craig 'horpe, Sharon 'hrall, Gary 'olIen, Terry 'oothman, Charrel 'urner, Billy 'urner, Freda yrell, Geneva rke, Karen 'aIe, Mell 'aIian, Burnis ance, Marjorie 'anek, Mary 'ander Martin,AIice J? J lr Y 4 , L AN , Baa' , ,L ' 5 ,. I v wl , -1 v if if 7 5 0 Ne, 5 'Q'-ai. 'T li 'ge -. 'L ,ef mf-"' 3 Y , fi V 5- V .., 1. 2, .S , aww F X! 'a .. Nev' fs.-of V . 4 emi' ,Q me , 5. va, L . .2,i ,W .' 'Q 1 A as A v 5 xv, .. V zz H,- F gt 46 ,3 Y' iz- , 1 -L V -P, 4 ,511 ' .1 3 i V 'F ,1 I ' I 1 , if " w'.E5'5: K :H . if .. 9 Yi if X , is 'Y F we QT!! 5, - ,rv up oi' 'Hb .gl fx 3 A 'RZ ,. -vs 5 1' gg- , IF K, if y 5 43 J :REL QQ e 4. 5 f f 1 -S -1 fi Q 1 '+L X 5 X , X F I if 'Y :", . 7 'P-4 X ' 441, f W 1 x A X 5 ,lf if - 5? 1 Q fee Y X ' 1 Q' we ip.. -'N' 71 W,i" iff, ' , 47 if F... ,, ii! fgiix , 1 f,.' 9, X,- file' 2: ' Vanderberg, Robert Veltikold, Janis Vincent, Nancy Vollmer, Judy Wahl, Joy Wahlstrom, Patricia Walsh, Charlotte Ward, Claudia Washam, Barbara Washburn, Clinton Weaver, Don Weber, Donald Weiler, Roberta Welch, Mary Ann Wellin, Denny Wengel, Ann Wetteland, Judy White, Billy White, Merton Whiteley, Vicki Wiebe, Elizabeth Wiedeman, Carla Jo Williams, Audrey Williams, Patty Williams, Roger Williams, Sonya Wilson, Charlene Wilson, Linda Wilson, Ruth Windred, Dennis Winkenweder, Kenneth Wood, Lynda Wong, Ira Wright, Andrea Wright, Harriet Yann, Ronald Yax, Leonard Yoder, Janel Young, John Zenger, Richard Zullo, Albert M95 :I . I H l? f. 1 ,, xnx- J - " . V 4 . r V ,,,,,,e,-.zqs,,g:w mia,-xi. ,. 1. X -Ln 'mia' fe- i ' ,.'5" Jfl 5. tl l c 1 'Heil' JJ 'F l mall 1 b , 3 We A l 4 3, Y Q fi :BR I-is Wil .Q Qi, Yi r- . 4 as - 4.. MIC' Kiwi :fl , 1155 seve W 5 :5 'iw 4' fs Nu.. we s X all gk 1.5:- i L i,,ii , b A if .51 'ia -at . Q : 'L' . +. ' i G- 3 bl FJ L 4516, ff , .ay l Q , Rglgij ri is 5 li'i J M an I .Q ':. J, j g 'fan . 4 ffm, 'W . ,.,., 6 -s NM A Q i,,i ,,,,, gf-Q Q1 ,,, . ,.,,.,, Q33 5, 'ig as x ,f ,lu- v A 5' i fl 1. FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES ft A Iaifs-:ww V The kickoff activity for the class of '59 was their Freshie Frolic, presented an nually by the Senior class. A large group of interested Freshmen turned out this fall for class officers. Senior Class President administered the oath of office to the first Freshie Cabinet. hi. I07 The King and Queen of the Freshie-Sophomore "Snowdrop Bop." A whirl of petticoats ut the wonderful Freshie party Pat Scott, Liz Frank, and Joe McCroy clown it up at the Freshie Talent Show. "How to cast my vote" is the problem g of the hour-at the mid-year Freshman electrons. IO8 h FRESHMAN CLASS COUNSELORS Mr. James Wolfe and Mrs. Emma Moore have undertaken the job of initiating the new freshman class into the dubious pleasures of high school study. Any person who has ever been a freshman will understand and appreciate the tremendous responsibility of these able advisors. lilly WL f Q f KG ' 1 X X W W ,A., L. I ' X 4 ., X I l Q Q ' N X liz Il!! 1 2 V f if 5 -J' 1 XV rl Without the cooperation of our school's service or- ganizations, it would be impossible to maintain the high standards for which we all strive. Students involved in these service groups willingly contribute of their time and talents, and although we sometimes fail in showing our appreciation, they earn the satisfaction to be derived from worthwhile accomplishments. Jaw 1956 ood pusekeeping M Ix.....r,'F SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS 4 coMPL 5 ggu ALMANAC Marilyn Rust, Co-editor Carl W. Salser, Jr., Advisor Marilyn Cash, Co editor Row Row Row Row Not l: M. Rust, Mr. Salser, M. Cash Z: M. Savage, A. Tyson, C. Gustafson, C. Ball, V. Walsh, J. Bjorn 3: B. Neubert, S. Morton, D. Fields, C, Conyngham, D. Fields, C. Allison, H. Dunlop 4: J. Stalzer, R. Backstrom, R. Ashfield, R. Hemple, B. Emerson, D. Dennison Pictured: D. Newhouse, E. Locke, R. Rathke, D. Ford, J. Saylerilz Sandra Morton, Ann Tyson, Ron Ashfield, and Del Newhouse comprise the business staff. yy W -L, -WE Our layout artists: Christine Ball, Marvin Hempel, and Ellen Locke. 1 l'lank Dunlop, Carol Gustafson, and Vir- ginia Walsh supervise individual pictures. - VT fri' l Nfl is Carolyn Allison, Mary Ellen Savage, Sandra Morton, Bob Backstrom, Bob Erickson, Judy Saylor, Diana Fields, Bev Neubert, and Donna Fields. Marlene Perkins Fall Editor Roger Hughes Spring Co-Editor PDST STAFF hlnklrw High gf , rmumnlgbfrfk ----M-W-f , froliclmioq Mr. Lido Botti Advisor to the Post Staff Marv Hempel Spring Co-Editor Fold and stack, fold and 'stack- a regular job in the Post room lI4 . Hmmm . . . the Post staff IS at its usual hard-working best Ny.-r"' Ollie Boltdorf ond John Ellingson sit studiously while solvina a problem. Row l: M. Perkins, E. Olsen, M. Hempel, R. Hughes. Row 2: L. Mattioda, M. Brooks, M. Moe, M. Dambach, G. Koskey, T. Buzzell, M. Roberts, Mr. Botti. l Row 3: J. Bjorn, B. Bartholomew, L. Ford, M. Huit, S. Mac Gregor, F. Hovanic, B. Curtis, J. Roth. Row 4: K. Johnson, S. Staton, G. Berglund, L. Anderson, J. Wright, L. Meyer, D. Bergstrom. ow 5: E. Brown, J. Campbell, C. Nilson, K. Plancich, D. Hubbard, V. Fumfrey. R l Row 6: J. Torchia, O. Batdorf, B. Snodgrass, N. Young, K. Wiedemann, J. Ellingson, N. Cawood. Secretaries Miss Doris Greenland Mrs. Gladys Wheeless MISS l-GUM Mvsler Mrs. Virgiina Yeager Levelle Osborne Mrs Janet Neuman STUDENT SECRETARIES Row Row Row Row Row Row K. J. P B. M Libdom, D. Fowler, H. Orren, C. Sanvitale, S. Willis, P. Cheney, M. Roberts Fischer, D. Warren, S. Justice, B. Solberg, J. Davidson, L. Howard, L. Kinney . Jones, M. Lindquist, S. Anderson, B. Curtis, L. Hoyt, F. Johnson Neal, C. Wiggins, S. Dunn, P. Williams, M. Crone, M. Eakin, J. Fahl . Cash, V. McPherson, S. Gray, M. Barreth, J. Chiaudano, A. Keranen L. Dickinson, C. Reno, M. Klein, N. Diekmann, D. Clark, C. Allison, J. Volberding ll6 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row FIRE SQUAD D. Pubols, B. Bunker, B. Hoover, Mr. Bennett, C. Ball, N. Cawood . E. Muramatsu, J. Sayler, J. Washburn ' J. Grave, P. Ball, K. Solberg, D. Worrell, G. Edmon, P. Elledge, B. Curtis, M. Roberts H Dunlop . R. Lord, J. Mattioda, G. Doht, R. Diorio, R. Hval, R. Doak, D. Helbi, D. Roentz : J. Smith, M. Strong, R. Stogsdill, W. Hagen, G. Justice, G. Rigotti, J. Hagen, T. ONeal D. Ashpole, C. Herrell,. N. Wallace, K. Kaady, S. Bishop, L. Fritsch, R. Timpe, A. Walker . M. Finck, J. Cooper, M. Eakin, L. Marl, C. McAndrew, M. Woo, P. Carrier 1 G. Berglund, J. Ellingson, M. Ryherd P. Barnard, B. Summers, M. Doran, A. Spire, J. Torchia PEP CLUB Row Row Row Row Row Row 1. Z.: 3 4: 5 6 Lafterty T. P. Thogerson, L. lssaacs, A. Patton, B. Nealigh, D. Gimbol Smith, L. Bullock, L. Hoyt, P. Page . Games, M. Adams, J. Edwards, J. Flemming, J. Washburn, P. Qualley H. Hoddevik, J. Rausbeck, M. Schlemlein, F. Tussing Fritch, D. Jensen l l7 P. T.1A. Mrs. Walsh DAD'S CLUB Row I-Mr. Rogers, Mr. Cash, Mr. Schemmer, Mr. Howard. Row 2-Mr. Bailer, Mr. Peak, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Van Demarr, Mr. Fredrickson, Mr. Smart. P.T.A. Officers: Mrs. Cas Mrs. Mosler, Mrs. Wigg, Mrs. Stunberry, Mrs. Stre' Alg EX d Mr. Ed. Smart President na , I CAREER CONFERENCE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: J. Nakata, R. Nielsen, C. Kuchne, P. Smith Row 2: D. Spencer, N, Denman, P. Thorgerson, M. McKinIay , , Row 3: K. Hill, F. Johnson, C. Bell, D. Hedman, M. Savage, C. Jaco b, S. Amling, N. Dorn, P. Burgard, D. Ward, B. McElhaney, J. Williams, P. Shaw , I , . Row 4: J. Peterson, D. Williams, B. Sauer, J. Mackenzie, A. Rask, D. Carlsen, gillglnynl KH0lSl"li1 lb hliW'l'1f'Cll1i, ?V9n5l"-and' C- Klmgman - . T . h k, D. R , E. B I , P. M , . , - OWN' , - en, - fn 55" Row 5. V Walsh, B hompson, J Sc mun ' oy rown ee urp hy 0 lg B. G b L D Mis S. Lee, D News D Dunnam Row 6: Pi Lindsey, M. Peters, M. Mackin, J. Hilsenteger, A. Fredin, D. Felgert, P. Patterson, e o, . e , . 5 - Row 7: M. Brown, G. Hoss, T. Allen, M. Adams, M. Merritt, S. Briggs, K. Thornber, L. Frank, D. Newhouse, J. Brockbank, R. Tlmpe CAREER CONFERENCE CHAIRMEN Row l: D. Carlson, N. Dorn, C. Jacob, N. Gribble, L. Ford, C. WenstYand, B. Sauer, S. Amling, M. Rust, D. Parrish, T. Gates, D. Newhouse Row Z: B. Neubert, V. Cain, P. Conti, P. Neilson, S. Bromgard, J. Nakata, P. Hankins, P. Smith, D. Feigert, C. Coale, J. Albrecht, R. Back- strom, E. Lannigan Row 3: E. Muramatsu, C. Klingman, S. Staton, D. Leonetti, E. Early, K. Weidemann, N. Keranen, M. Cash, M. Merrit Row 4: D. Williams, V. Walsh, L. Hoyt, C. Ball, M. Regelin, B. Thompson, K. Kalb, R. Taylor, B. Martsotf, D. Stands, G. Berglund, K. Thornber Row 5: P. Lindsey, P. Dunbar, J. Dietderich, S. Dahl, M. Hay, K. Cooksley, P. Ball, M. McKinIay, K. Mashberger, J. Masher, A. Kasner, M. Hosmann, O. Batdorf, B. Mitchoff Row 6: C. Rose, S. Stoher, S. Swygert, R. Wightman, M. Azorr, C. Sanvitale, F. Johnson, N. Cawood, J. Ellingson Row 7: D. Quine, D. Lindquist, R. Hewitt, P. Cunningham, P. Burgard, D. Ward, B. Pennington, C. Cornelius, J. Bellamy, J. McHaIe, J. Schmunk, B. Maki, S. Briggs, B. Hoover Row 8: S. Rossell, P. Cawood, P. Shaw, N. Stout, J. Williams, E. Brownlee, J. Weyhrich, J. Briggs Row 9: K. Baldwin R. Sams J. Maio R. Black, N. Marks, D. Killian, M. Savage, D. Thomas, D. Hedman, B. Baske, K. Oishi, D. Fields Row l0: M. Adams, H. Ainsten, Cockell, C. Wiggins, M. Mackin, J. Hilsenteger, D. Ford, A. Frisch, P. MacDonald, D. Ashpole, S. Dorris, J. Edwards, P. Patterson, S. Allen, S. Brockbank, K. Weston, M. Peters Row ll: T. Burke, L. Frank, J. Howarth, B. Gebo, R. Zilk, P. Allen, C. Compton, D. Leonetti, D. Davis, J. Crispe, A. Keranen, O. Bell Row l2: A. Weston, O. Duntord, G. Hval, D. Jarboe, D. Dunnam, E. Beck, N. Horne . LL9 FALL A. G. S. fr VM we Connie Klingman Row l: Dorothy Hedman, treasurer, Lolly Cunningham, historian. Row 2: Judy Murray, trosh yr. rep., Pat Patterson, soph. yr. rep., Mary Ellen Savage, jr. yr. rep., Betty Ann Neal, sr. yr. rep. Row 3: Marie Peters, secretary, Diana Fields, president, Kay Gebhart, v. president. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row I 2 3 4: 5 6: 7 8 D. Fields, Mrs. Matson, C. Klingman A. R, J. B J. A. B. Anderson, L. Nelson, P. Shaw, B. Macki, K. Gebhart, N. King, K. Johnson, P. Gidley Varnell, E. Baty, N. Sealey, L. Gimbol, L. Andrews, P. Armstrong, B. Price, A. Blackburn, M. Ray Fahl, J. Maio, J. Smith, J. Baty, R. O'Brien, M. Farley, C. Wenstrand, L. Dryer . Walker, M. Wolfe, D. Torkelson, M. Hoyt, L. Kay, S. Reese, A. Martin, E. Page Mosher, J. Stalzer, K. Gillespie, P. Murphy, D. Hedman, D. Gimbol, C. Stockman, J. Hoffstetter, M. Savage Rask, N. Torkelson, J. Rasmussen, L. Dickenson, J. Harding, B. Houser, M. Regelin, Neal, P. Patterson, M. Rust, P. Hurita, J. Murray S. ller l2O i Row Row Row Row Row Row Row SPRING A. G. S. .aria .1 .5 s eff-1 qt." VUE., Y f K, X mill' 2 'IG T L 6 ,. xii.. .g mar l . f .nv in tr 'J Q ' . .,, -39 iff? 'QS' f :AQ Diana Fields 'Q Gi ffH9".'.' .. TMS Row l: Dorothy Hedman, treasurer, Lolly Cunningham, historian. Row 2: Judy Murray, frosh yr. rep., Pat Patterson, Betty Neal, Mary Ellen Savage Row 3: Marie Peters, secretary, Diana Fields, president, Kay Gebhart, v. president. l: K. Gebhart, Mrs. Matson, D. Fields 2: N. Chapir, R. Varnell, M. Peters, D. Hedman, C. Brollias, A. Blackburn 3: M. Pentecost, P. Thompson, P. Gidley, K. Flatland, E. Kasner, J. Hoffstetter, C. Sanvitale, unknown, unknown, N. Denman, R. Wright' man, unknown, M. Stalzer, M. Savage 5: D. Weeks, M. Brooks, R. O'Brien, A. Martin, J. Guance, J. Shein, C. Hedwall, B. Gowen, B. Curtis, C. Wenstrand 6: E. Page, G. Smith, D. Hicks, C. Jacob, P. Murphy, M. Plopper, S. Kreiling, L. Benson, D. Harrison 7: J. Fischer, unknown, J. Harding, E. Rizner, J. Begley, K. Ryan, S. Spence, E. Erickson, H. Hoddevik, J. Briggs 8: B. Neal, P. Patterson, M. Rust, C. Smith, J. Murray 121 FALL A. F. M. , --if-ace, efw..i..,,. :fr'wsa.v.,,.f1:e-.z,ff.f ' -V . The Fall Council: K Ron Finne, Treasurer, Bill McElhaney, Historian, George Russill, Secretary, Joe Roth, Vice Presi- dent, Ernie Spargur, President. ,fa g . ., V 1+-eff' T1,4?,?.aiF?- 5 'M-1. -'Beef 32562 ' . w ,ff wah EF ri . ,Q , A -,kk , - ..., Ernie Spargur Row Row Row Row Row Row Row J. Roth, Mr. Murray, E. Spargur P. Mitchell, unknown, C. Stronach, J. Hedman, G. Russill, l. Wong, E. Buzzell, G. Bell B. Belles, R. Macy, D. Soles, W. Stonelake, C. Bakken, J. Betts, R. Starr, J. Hanna, R. Jones G. Hutten, M. Strong, A. Dean, G. Melberg, D. Thomas, D. Adler, unknown, F. Lemnitzer, J. Albricht M. Moe, A. Linn, G. Gattucio, M. Pebby, R. Holden, G. Justice, R. Jones, J. Smith, J. Mattioda D. Quine, D. Overall, D. Pubols, H. Daniels, J. Darby, unknown, D. Morrison, B. Snodgrass, C. Crandall J. Briggs, R. Nelson, B. Fenton, B. Zilk, D. Mitchell, R. Stogstill, J. Taylor, B. Barnam nl u, ..., , ls AA .... D n....l.-- E LA-ll..2 D lA-f2:Il . ,A SPRING A. F. M. Joe Roth Franchot Hovanic, Secretary, Ron Stogsdill, Vice President, Joe Roth, President Barry Barnum, Treasurer, Roger Hughes, Historian. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Q-1 -J ,I ew. l X M' L-, hr N' .Al R. Stogsdill, J. Roth E. Buzzell, G. Stiles, B. Strode, B. Barnum, F. Hovanic, M. Barteaux, M. Altig, E. Chalers M Bradbury J Mattioda M Moe F Lemmitzer R Holliday G Miller J Lipscomb J. Strejc 4: T. Stevenson, B. Gebo, R. Magee, D. Soles, S. Rankin, J. Smith, B. Sprague, D. Thomas, H. Dunlop 5, . . . W. Chapelle, G. Gattucno, D. Killian, B. Seethaler, D. Overall, B. Swanson, S. Klockans, J. Hiersche, F. Bailn J. Gallucci, A. Walker, J. Russell, R. Timpe, R. Jones, J. Luhrs, G. Srong, K. Peterson, D. Roentz J. Norton, D. Pubols, H. Daniels, J. Darby, D. Mitchell, B. Strite, R. Nelson, N. Cawood B. Snodgrass, T. Gallagher, P. Bridges, O. Bell, G. Justice 123 Row Row Row Row Row Row CAFETERIA STAFF Gentry, B. Leuthold, H. Gottsch, E. Ward, P. Califf A. Adams, B. Wenther, S. Schlemlein, l. Erickson, P. Grimes Lansing M Bentley, A. Tyson, Y. Mueller, H. Orren, B. McKinnis, M. Henkel, l. Chester F. , . R McEIhaney, J. Garland, D. Doty, P. Smith, L. Anderson, S. Wolfe, J. Richard, L. Vanek, S. Witkowski Shinn, R. Barnett, B. Seethaler, P. Page, K. Bruce, G. Goettsch, N. Lidbom, B. Ferguson, D. Spencer . Dean, D. Dunnam, J. Potts, D. Phillips, M. Hinton, G. Bloom, J. Garland, L. McPoland, J. Rhoads CUSTODIAL STAFF Row l: B. Fergusen, G. Johnson, Matron, A. Rust, Sr., Head Custodian Row 2: F. Binns, L. Wagner, T. Mituniewiecz, Ass't. Custodian, V. Holtsford, C. Chandler Row 3: D. Phillips, J. Rieder, J. Beatty, L. McPoland 124 STAGE CREW Row Row Row Row l: G. Justice, F. Boyer, Mr. Shaffer 2: M. Falotico, J. Wienkauf, A. Lavorato, M. Ryherd 3: D. Miller, M. Lum, R. Fedor 4: B. Seethaler, G. Weygandt, L. Harris, B. Johnston, L. Bulloch, C. Scoggin STUDENT STCRE CLERKS Row l: P. Ball, A. Tyson, Mrs. Miller, L. Barbee, J. Lane Row 2: J. Nakata, L. Cunningham, J. Williams, N. Swartz, L. Kinney A Row 3: S. Dahl, D. Eaton, N. Diekmann, J. Wobig, K. Oishi, J. McCreught 125 "A" CHOIR FALL OFFICERS: President, AI Lavorato Veep, Ron Harriman Sec.-Treas., Connie Klingman Librarian 5' Robes, Kay Davis SOPRANOS Anderson, Gerrie Anderson, Lois Bonomi, Marcella Compton, Carlyn Conrad, Lorraine Finck, Marilyn Games, Marianne Hargreaves, Judy Hayner, Allyn McAndrew, Chere McGrew, Linda Peters, Pat Petri, Darlene Sauer, Anita Shogren, Judy Stout, Barbara Thogerson, Pat Walker, Betty Jean Weeks, Dallas Woods, Barbara ALTOS Adams, Mary Ellen Albus, Mikki Amundson, Sandra Anderson, Louise Ball, Christine Baty, Evelyn Davis, Kay Dickinson ,Linda Elliott, Kay Glaske, Janice Howarth, Dorothy Jensen, Donna Johnson, Florence Kaady, Katherine Klingman, Connie Mackin, Marilyn Mac Gregor, Sally Palmer, Susan Rizner, Eileen Rossell, Sandra Stradley, Margie Taylor, Velma Thomas, Sandra Torkelson, Diane Troutman, Marilyn Waldo, Pat Ward, Deanna ACTIVITIES: Choir Show at Entertained at Entertained at Participated in Assembly Participated in Program give School for Parents Barnes Hospital Vet's Hospital Thanksgiving a Christmas n by Holliday Park Kiwanis Club for under- privileged ch ildren Annual Christmas Program Went Christmas Caroling Sang on "SpotI ight On Youth" over KOIN-TV Participated in "Land of the Empire Builders" Spring School Music Festival lZ6 SPRING OFFICERS: President, Betty Jean Walker Veep, Ivan Cleaver Sec.-Treas., Dave Curry Librarian G Robes, Kay Davis TENORS Bennett, Scott Brown, Michael Edwards, Janice Elmer, Dale Falotico, Mike Harding, Judie Hoyt, Lorcy Johnson, Karen Larson, Dick McPoland, Laurence Nelson, Allen Pearson, Martha Jean Peterson, Jack Range, George Rinish, Kenneth Reynalds, Richard Schmidt, Ronald Suran, Allen Sayler, Judy Tousley, Jerry Warner, Marshall Williams, Ralph BASSES Cleaver, Ivan Curry, Dave Dambach, George Daniels, Harry Delk, Ronald Dunn, John Entrikin, Daryl Gehring, Fred Harriman, Ron Holden, Ray Hughes, Bill Jarboe, Jerry Jones, Raymond Lavorato, AI Marks, Duane McElhaney, Bill Petrie, Jerry Pomeroy, Dan Roth, Joe Schnabel, Phil Seethaler, Bob Smith, Jon Spence, C. E. Strejc, Jack Walker, Allen B Choir ACTIVITIES: Christmas Program Easter Assembly Easter Sunrise Service Spring Music Festival SOPRANOS: Marilyn Bailey Virginia Black Carolyn Endicott Kathy Gillespie Deloris Hoggatt Arlene Gorham Kathleen Kline Janet Kaiser Frances Leaming Karma Leavitt Janice Rambeau Chris Scoggin Judy Smith Patricia Smith Joann Sparks Joann Winistorfer TENORS: Clifford Bell James Bowling Paul Carrier Glen Edmon Glen Franklin Terry Gates Jerald Huetson Daniel Jarboe Wayne Johnston Francis Kinish Bruce Keunle Glen Mathews Richard Patton Art Noyes Fred Noble Kenneth Roberts Doug Sivesand Earl Thomas Don Thompson ALTO TENORS Sharon LeClair Mercides Lolly Betty Jo Smith IZ7 ALTOS : Linda Bullock Carol Clark Sylvia Dodson Janet Gregory Laura Isaacs Ann Martin Jeannette Moeckli Barbara Nealeigh Carol Neuter Anita Patton Rosalie Peblie Celinda Rose Barbara Sue Smith Sally Spear Barbara Thill Meredyth Van Demarr Nona Wallace Karen Young OFFICERS: President.. Jack Luhrs Vice President. Fred Noble Secretarv-Treasurer. Janet Greaorv BASSES David Baxter Jim Cameron Charles Downing Orrin Dunford Don Eggo Warren Fleischman Bill Hart Kenneth Hayward Glenn Hutton Kenneth Kilminister Jim Larson Mel Macy Kenneth Linderman Douglas Lindquist Jack Luhrs Charles McConneIee Phil MacDonald Don Munson Vern Nauenberg Edwin Nelson Richard Neuman Robert Osborn Don Overby Donald Parrish Gardon Payne George Stacknke Gary Weygandt ORCH ESTRA FLUTE Iler, Sherry Lovegren, Sharrie Snelling, Jeanette 0305 FALL and SPRING oFFlcERs Cleaver, Lois President, Roy Solomon Pippe, Dolores Vice President, John Hanna CLARINET Clarke, Charles Hanna, John Nelson, Dennis Weynrich, Jean HORNS Cleaver, Ivan Schneider, Bob Shields, Bill TRUMPET Olson, Joanne Solomon, Roy Versoza, Bonnie Secreta ry-Treasurer, Joanne Olson ACTIVITIES Arsenic and Old Lace Thanksgiving Service Open House Christmas Program KEX Tapes Quatasia Orchestra Concert STRING BASS TROMBONE Clemons, Carl Pearson, Marthajeanne Crgckeff, Joyce Fortner, Loretta Frank, Elizabeth Dahl, Susan Judge, Beverly Fredin, Colene Quinlin, Judy I28 PIANO Brown, Lois Cooper, Joyce McKern, Douglas Smith, Judy VIOLIN Anthony, Patrick Bell, Dennis Cooley, Arlene Downing, Carol Dunafon, Margie Forgey, Kathleen Gabrielsen, Ralph Hines, William Iler, Christine Klingman, Connie Lidgren, Ellen Miller, Gilbert Moeckli, Gordon Nebergall, Jim Peterson, Judy Pratt, Diana Rydman, Donald Stone, Franklin Tiffany, Charlene Weiler, Roberta Volberding, Joann E VIOLA Bervin, Arthur Jacoby, Sondra CELLO Howard, Lovalee Walsh, Charlotte BAND ACTIVITIES FALL and SPRING OFFICERS Jamboree Cresidlentndkoy Sjalmamoz' Football Games TRUMPET Sice resi-Tent, o n anna OI B H Robert ecretary- reasurer, Joanne son Veterans Parade Fa I D H Fairy Tale Parade HZ'l?:3g?'Jaf1eS Foster Booster Parade Hayes, Ronnie SAXOPHONE Pep Band, Basketball Games Nelnergail, Jim Clmkel Charles Dance Band Revue gflseni Jack Ford, David - son, oanne F d' I A-I o ry au, om K ki L - Band Concert Sefton, Bob Riches? Queen's Coronation Tousley' Jem Smith, Jim Rose Parade Trachsel, Tony. Versoza, Bonnie CLARINET BARITONE McCray, Joe Cllanneff DPM3 Grenz, Bob Schneider, Bob E"Cl4,50f1, Richard Kelley, Kenneth Shields, Bill F621-0, Cheryl Lidbom, Noel Zullo, Albert :lQll3EdiLlSZl'llY Roenfz, David NTSC , In 3 Warner, Marshall Henna, John TROMBONE Butterfield, James Hngiay, Pgnnly Clemons, Cm SQUSAPHONE Caiteux, Jerry MC duri' Jet Felgefli RBY Dietz, Johnnie Dean' Albert , Null' oc b eapene Marks, Duane Feigerf' Dave Efdmanfh D-Wld eion' enms McDonald, John Fi-,gel Marvin F0fd, Jim gkkmga. Beverly Owen, David Jonesi Ray Roland, Carl Rzzxxuoncjganne Pearson, Marthajeanne MCKQI-nl Douglas W'ld9f, Ron Stanbery, Rosemary MAJORETTES FLUTE Sff0n3Cl", Charles Atkeson, Frances Leonard, Gail T3Ck9f, Shelli Solomon, Roy Hale, Elanor Lovegren, Sherrie Weaver, Donald Weyhrich, Jean Wobermin, Donna Woodford ,Marilyn Helberg, Lily Petri, Darlene Sommers, Ruth Taylor, Donna Swartz, Norma Peake, LeOra CELLO Cleaver, Lois 'L- V Vit., 1 '74 , K 5 i .A . ?' IQ f K '33 I mf" ' if --2.5, ., vi, f levi W , H i s 4 fi: ,tv N-.- in i- Ji qv ii 19 1 Franklin's club program has long been designed to in- clude all students interested in club participation. With approximately thirty five clubs of four types-social, service, interest, and honorary--it is possible for every student to belong to an organization which will fit his particular interests and abilities and provide an outlet for his time and energy. By conducting a well-rounded program of activities and service to the community, the clubs3c6f Franklin have more than justified their existence. June 25c ' it can be told: WHY FRANKLIN CLUBS ARE BEST ' it can be shown! THE ECONOMY RU N AND OTHER GREAT ACTIVITIES I S U 'Q S ?' J A HILLMAN PUBLICATION I k at I Q. uXL,.A Q I H' JI 'ii' ,K -IIC 'II K If '92 " 4 .- f . , 6 - f f v - Q 1 I A ,Q "" 5 , FALL INTER-CLUB COUNCIL Row Row Row Row Row JUDY HYATI' I: L. Jensen, M. Doran, J. Hyatt, Mr. Fedje, V. Cain 2: J. Winistorfer, B. Gilbert, C. Wiggins, K. Leavitt, J. Briggs 3: E. Brown, D. Wallner, D. Jensen, D. Fields 4: M. Warner, S. Butts, R. Finne, P. Peters 52 R. Harriman, P. Schnabel, E. Lannigan, R. Nelson, B. Erickson, R. Elle OFFICERS: President, Judy Hyatt Vice President, Mike Doran Secretary, Virginia Cain Treasurer, LaVonne Jensen Librarian, Jerry Briggs I32 ACTIVITIES: Supervision of Jamboree ticket sales Assembly for student body All school, dance-"Ditto Drag" All city club meeting Joint meeting with Roosevelt I.C.C Party Organization of Red Cross Chest SPRING INTER-CLUB COUNCIL N., ACTIVITIES: Safety-Economy Week Two assemblies Victory Luncheon Motorama dance Safety-economy run Safe driver contest All School Dance Joint meeting with Gran .....,,xw it Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: t I.C.C. J CTG' hal T..- Z Mr. Fedje, J. Torchia, J. Crispe, B. Curtis D. Spencer, W. Burchell, M. Montrose, L. Fournier, R. Washam S. Bishop, J. Rippe, C. Conyngham, M. Warner, D. Clark, B. Rask, L. Kinney H. Sasse, H. Daniels, J. Taylor, D. Larson SPRING OFFICERS: President, Jerry Crispe Vice President, Jim Torchia Secretary, Barbara Curtis Treasurer, Sue Bishop Historian, Virginia Burchell Sgt. at Arms, Jud. Taylor 133 JERRY CRISPMF X pi-Z5-ff YL I 'QQ I 3 , had GX L 5 i ' l r I Ol ilk X L i 1' X 1 i l Wm O W i Milli it , ,W 4 . lil ,P l X ,S r Students who belong to one or more of Franklin's hon- orary clubs merit congratulations, for they have made an outstanding accomplishment in some field of en deavor. Franklin is duly proud of these students and the clubs they represent. l34 Row Row Row Row Row JERRY CRISPE J. Crispe R. Finne, E. Olson D. Leonetti, A. Lavorato B . Snodgrass, B. Backstrom R. Elle, G. Russill, B. Nicllols, E. Spargur FRIARS I35 FALL AND SPRING OFFICERS rresldent, Gerald Crispe Vice President, Edward Olson Secretary, Ronald Finne Treasurer, Alfred Lavorato ACTIVITIES: Valentine Party Baccalaureate Party Speakers Get-Togethers if F' LAMBDA GAMMA ACTIVITIES. Sold Jamboree cowbells Progressive dinner and movie Spaghetti feed Bowling party Beach trip Skating party Junior Red Cross service projects Annual language banquet SANDRA MoRToN car wash DEL NEWHOUSE Fudge Sale Pastry chain FALL OFFICERS: SPRiNG OFFICERS: President, Sandy Morton President, Del Newhouse Vice President, Del Newhouse Vice President, Margie Plopper Secretary, Margie Plopper Secretary, Bob Mitchoff Treasurer, Bob Mitchoff Treasurer, Ed Lannigan Historian, Club Reporter, Ed Lannigan Historian, Club Reporter, Judy Hargreav: Chaplain, Celinda Rose Chaplain, Diane Dernbach Sgt. at Arms, Judy Hargreaves Sgt. at Arms, Sue Smith R 1. s. M f , M' Townsend, o. Newham , ROW 52 D- Defnback, K. Kaadv, J. Hafsf , M. Pl o. G- RSV: 2: L. Vghglii, T.IsBuzzeII, M. Montrose, S. Duncan, S. White, B. Smith Row 6: J. Fleming, D. Harrison eaves upper' ImboI Row 3: J. Congdon, C. Rose, M. Davis, B. Marler, S. Amling Row 7: B. Backstrom, C. Smith, E. Lannigan Row 4: L. Anderson, N. Dorn Row Row Row Row Row Row Row LETTERMEN l: Mr. Ward C. Crandall B. Gebo, A. Walker McGill, D. Ferguson, G. Hutton, F. Noble G. Husted, N. Cawood N. Horne J. Wobig, D. Mitchell, D. Daniels, D. Lane, D. Pubols l37 FALL AND SPRING OFFICERS: President, Curt Crandall Vice President, Bob McGill Secretary, Allen Walker Treasurer, Dick Treadwell Chaplain, Mr. Ward Sgts. at Arms, Jack Wobig, Doug Daniels ACTIVITIES: Career Conference Parking Faculty Basketball Games Seating at gym dedication Assist at basketball games A K .,,,. .1 if CURT CRANDALL MAsQuE AND GAVEL FALL OFFICERS: President, Judy Hyatt Vice President, Bill Stephens Secretary, Betty Jean Walker Treasurer, Audrey Morrow Historian, Deanna Schoenteld Chaplain, Dallas Weeks Parliamentarian, Carlyn Compton Sgts. at Arms, Gerrie Anderson: Jim Weinkauf Row l: Mr. Shaffer Row 2: E. May, A, Morrow, J. Hyatt, D. Spencer, B. Walker, . 'll d. M. B Row 3: Qglloghfeld, J. WZ?nkauf, C, Conyngham, C. Compton, M. Falotico, D.. Weeks Row 4: K. Gebhart, V. Wilfe, P. Shaw, J. Mosher, N. Nenman, J, Hart Row 5: J. Fahl, S. Neels, S. Brockbank, Z. Downing, P. Waldo M. Stradley, N. Gribble Row 6: M. Games, R. Black, D. Newton, L. McPoland, J. Hanna, P. Gidley Row 7: B. Seethaler, A. Lavorato, G. Justice, M. Ryherd, C. Spence Not Pictured: G. Anderson, B. Bartholomew, J. Denson, D. Jensen, J. Quinlin, P. Santord, B. Stephens, R. Vehrs, D. Wilhoit ACTIVITIES: Progressive Dinner Multiple Sclerosis Candy Sales Costume Ball Caroling Sunshine Division Easter Egg Party Project Night Aftergame dance F0496 Sale Beach T,-ip Shrine Hospital Picnic Grandmother and Grandfather Junior Red Cross Box Pep Assembly JUDY HYATT Stage Parties DELMAY SPENCER SPRING OFFICERS: President, Delmay Spencer Vice President, Betty Jean Walker Secretary, Diane Willard Treasurer, Mike Brown l Historian, Earl May Chaplain, Bill Stephens Pariiamentarian, Catherine Conyngham Sgts. at Arms, Judie Quinling Mike Falotico 'chi ss...-V HONOR SOCIETY fe ACTIVITIES: Fudge Sale Teachers Tea Initiation Assembly Annual Picnic College Visitation Joint meetings Speakers Red Cross Services RON FINNE Assemblies MARLENE PERKINS Scholarships to members FALL OFFICERS: SPRING OFFICERS: President, Ron Finne President, Marlene Perkins ice President, Virginia Walsh Vice President, Susan Bishop Secretary, Carolyn Allison Secretary, Sandy Morton Treasurer, Bob Backstrom Treasurer, Carol Wenstrand Historian, Marilyn Rust Historian, Catherine Conyngham Parliamentarian, Carol Wenstrand Chaplain, Barbara Stout Sgts. at Arms, Joy Stalzer, Ralph Elle Parliamentarian, Marilyn Finck Sgts. at Arms, Dick Peterson, Ed Lannigan Row I: R. Finne, Mrs. Heintz, M. Perkins Row 2: B. Backstrom, R. Elle, E. Lannigan, D. Peterson Row 3: M. Games, L. Vanek, Row 4: B. Price, D. Ward, A S. Amundson, J. Sayler, J. Row 5: M. Cash, D. Luckens L. Ford, D. Weeks, P. Bra Row 6: A. Keranen, D. Wallner, P. Williams, C. Ball, J. Harding, J. Edwards, A. Fredin, K. Kaady, M. Cockell, K. Johnson, D. Fields, D. Fields . Tyson, C. Rose, J. Moeckli, J. Glaske, C. McAndrew, M. Eakin, M. Peck, B. Maki, M. Lum, P. Smith, J. Schmunk J. Stalzer, M. Rust, C. Allison, V. Walsh, S. Bishop, S. Norton, C. Wenstrand, M. Finck, B. Stout, C. Conyngham, S. Palmer, D. Patterson, S. Geres, M. Azorr, C. Sanvitale, D. Warren, C. Gustafson, K. Flatland, J. Roth. Hyatt , D. Hedman, C. Klingman, C. Wiggins, B. Hinman, G. Benson, D. Spencer, J. Hutton, P. Burgard, M. Savage, cken, L. Hoyt, S. Baker, D. Eaton S. Rossell, V. Taylor, M. Mackin, M. Adams, L. Jensen, C. Compton Row 7: J. Crispe, D. Leonetti, G. Gill, G. Russill, D. Curry, B. Snodgrass, J. Wobig, D. Daniels, G. Guilliams, B. Nichols, E. Scarl, D. Erdmann 1 G. Range, J. Ellingson, P. Schaar, H. Dunlop INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS LEAGUE it f -' 5555" ,K , wma. I i ' QV fa . A.,:.::,Assf4' ' IETHAN SCARL FALL OFFICERS: President, Ethan Scarl Vice President, Ron Finne Secretary, Celinda Rose Treasurer, Sandra Morton Historian, Eleanor Frost Parliamentarian, Ailene Fredin ACTIVITIES: Refreshments for Open House Fudge Sale Coke Sale City Meet State Convention in Eugene Joint Potluck with Cleveland Joint Meetings Speakers Adoption of European Orphan Care Packages Oreqon Exchange Student Visitation l.R.L. Day r .M,1f.fL3?1Ehe:9fggSzmai? if , ,'if"tZE .. if."H.:Matisseinig5aixqaE:'faE'-siaieii "Iii . 3: :T " E V , K ,. ,i.,f3.n2fg,.w1g ,-mf .V -E 'iisiieizwwfii , -f e ifffffi , iz: P qi Q 4 ikflii 'iii-sf 'PT'-,V '- 555523 'rw -W? ' . ..,- W 5,2 51. . , :JF 'Eggs M as , .- a f- , - efsvfeissifszff- ' L. CATH ERIN E CONYNGHA SPRING OFFICERS: President, Catherine Canyngham Vice President, David Russell Secretary, Lolly Cunningham Treasurer, Carol Wenstrand Historian, Celinda Rose Club Reporter, Gayle Justice Parliamentarian, Ted Landry Row Row Row Row Rose R. Finne, E. Scarl, Mrs. Oliver, C. Conyngham, D. Russell, L. Cunningham 'Morton A. Fredin, E. Frost, G. Justice, T. Landry, C. Wenstrand Fiorey 'G. Graves, v. Griffin, L. vanek, M. savage, L. Ford J. , G. Smith. J, Hutton, B. Backstrom, D. Pebley, D. Thomas, D. Lukins, D. Spencer I40 :D. I Curry, M. Warner, I. Cleaver, D. Roentz 2: S. Iler, K. Flatland, J. Olsen, L. Fortner 3: L. Cleaver, R. Jones, L. Peake, B. Shields, J. Murdock, J. Crockett Lindsay, J. Papasadero, B. Ockenger, +1 4: P. B. McClure, S, Lovegren FALL OFFICERS: resident, Ivan Cleaver ice President, Marshall Warner ecretary, Sherry ller reasurer, Lois Cleaver istorian,Loretta Fortner haplain, Kathy Flatland rlub Reporter, Dorothy Gimbol gts. at Arms, Joanne Patterson: Nor- lan Martin -We "Nw IVAN CLEAVER SIGMA PHI ALPHA ACTIVITIES: Potluck Hoy Ride Barn Dance Joint meeting Coroling party Cor wash l4l 'L Row 5: K. Young, M. Dwiggins, D. V. McPherson, D. Petri, M. Forney Nelson, B. Schneider, J. Shogren, Gimbol, Row 6: D. D. Erdman, R. Solomon G. Range, J., Batsch, D. Row 7: D. Rydman, Reynolds, D. McKern SPRING OFFICERS: President, Marshall Warner Vice President, David Roentz Secretary, Lois Cleaver Treasurer, Loretta Fortner Historian, Joann Olson Chaplain, Jerry Tousley Club Reporter, Joyce Crockett Sgts. at Arms, Sherry Iller, Steve Schell MARSHALL WARNER Row Row Row Row P1 Row Row Row l: S. Morton, C. Compton, J. Hyatt 2: J. Stalzer, Miss McKay, V. Walsh 3: C. Conyngham, Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Fedje, M. Perkins Row 4: D. Fields, D. Fields, M. Rust JUNIOR RED CROSS l: B. Hadley, Mrs. Landes, V. Wolff, J. Rippe, Z. Downing, D, Jones Z: E. Israel, E. Hulse, J. Bell, A. Chandler, M. Huit, B. Johns, J. Ross 3: P. Carreon, M. Eaton, M. Kinville, M. Hays, V. Burchell, L. Kinney, D. Chester 4: D. Clark, P. Qually, J. Siemssen, D. Petri, J. Rausbeck, G. Goettsch, M. Vanek -Interest clubs have been established for the discovery and promotion of hobbies. Those affiliated realize that to attain success, excellent guidance is vitalg this need has been fulfilled by the advisorship of friendly and un- derstanding teachers. Amicable relations encouraged by common interests is contributing much toward a truly united student body. l43 CATALYST Row l: P. Schaar, R. Starr, R. Black, B. Gilbert, P. Hankins Row 2: D. Williams, G. Clark, J. Lipscomb, B. Ferguson, K. Smith Row 3: Mr. Richter, F. Bailer, D. Quine, A. Whifflesey, E. Scarl, L. Woelfer SPORTSMEN Row l: K. Arnason, H. Arntsen, Mr. Medici, G. Annes, D. Thomas, A. Kalanquin Row 2: P. Neilson, D. Schela, L. Richardson, J. Darby, J. Lynch, B. Emerson Row 3: J. Lipscomb, D. Procter, B. Wilson, J. Ross, D. Parrish, J. Hintz 'IAA FRANKLIN FOTOGRAPHERS Row l: D. Schela, W. Bean, J. Bjorn, D. Correll, K. Lukens - . Row Z: F. Austin, D. Ford, R. Rathke, J. Rausch, W. Knepper, L. Barreth, M. Lelstoko, C. Bowen YOUTH FOR CHRIST L. l .9 Row l: J. Hoover, J. White, M. Finck, J. Jensen, C. Michael, W. Fleischmann, S. Smith, K. Flatland, J. McDonald, G. Justice Row 2: L. Croall, B. Maxfield, N. Denman, P. Carreon, R. Parker, C. Wenstrand, S. Justice, R. Jones, J. Albricht, G. Miller, J. Mergel Row 3: B. Stout. D. Stands, C. Finck, N. Fleischmann, J. Simpson, S. Henkleman, J, Rippe, E. Baty, K. Meeks, P. Jones, M. Schlemlein, C. Bussear Row 4: B. Jones, D. Russell, J. Stenhouse, C. Roberts, E. Owen, P. Madison, S. Morris, J. Bailey, S. Beck, B. Pool, S. Lovegren, D. Clement Row 5: D. Russell, W. Archie, B. Kimball, C. Conyngham, D. Rydman, A. Bervin, K. Linderman, L. Conrad, M. Pearson, A. Stewart, D. Channer, P. Conti, P. Ballard 145 PROJ ECTIONISTS FALL OFFICERS: President, Clark Dechant Vice President, Bob Emerson Secretary, Lawrence Sawyer Treasurer, Bob Erickson fi. .,gv,,: , M e., .v,. c A 1 Y mba.. w - ff-,Tig K CLARK DECHANT Row Row Row Row Row Betts, B. Emerson, C. Dechant, R. Macy Ross, Mr. Read, J. Hintz Michael, M. Fairchild, D. Krebs, T. Aase, J. Myers Hood, D. Duggan, M. Cooper, D. Cottir, T. O'Neal Sawyer, B. Erickson, D. Sanders, L. Tucker, G. Annas ACTIVITIES: Sponsored Noon Movie Coke Sale Field Trips to Benson, Ad Building, Vancouver High School, and Down Town Theatre I SPRING OFFICERS: President, Bob Emerson Vice President, Dick Betts Secretary, Jim Ross Treasurer. Ray Macy Sgt.-at-Arms, John Hintz 1 .Q g I lg. W " BOB EMERSON SITZMARK ACTIVITIES: Ski Trips Fudge Sale Joint Ski Trips Red Cross Services DONNA JENSEN CAROL CLARK FALL OFFICERS: President, Donna Jensen Vice President, Dale Elmer Secretary, Audrene Anderson Treasurer, Carol Clark Historian, Barbara Gowen Chaplain, Ralph Elle Sgts. at Arms, Gary Scott, Cheryl Crook in a .ls ,rf Row Row Row Row Row Q , Y I. 2. 3: R. 4 5. ...ep 'ig SPRING OFFICERS: President, Carol Clark Vice President, Bob Banford Secretary, Cheryl Crook Treasurer, Carol Street Chaplain, Jim Everts Club Reporter, Sandy Amundson Sgts. at Arms, Fred Noble, John Hedman . C. Crook, B. Banford, C. Clark, D. Jenson, A. Anderson, C, Street, Mr. Kearns . J. Crispe, M. Hibbs, K. Roberts, F. Noble, B. Hinman, S. Amundson, A. Sauer Curtis, P. Qualley, S. Holman, R.-Jee, J. Hedman, B. Gowen, R. Kernan 1 J. Driscoll, R. Elle, B. Houser, V. Pumphrey, D. Hicks, M. Rogers, G. Bell ' G. Melberg, R. Harriman, G. Scott, B. Hoover, D. Daniels, O. Bell, J. Ellingson I47 Rf, VID, I- 0. X Q V -,fvxffis 'I' Fqvix -K K fl!-2 ff Br X 1 I x if X 1 Hgh' EA-,-. W mum!! l X fg 352 X-JS-3 NM Throughout the years, Franklin students have aimed at the goal of faithful service to school and community. Those who are truly interested in giving this kind of serv- ice have banded together in service clubs. l48 GU LICK I: V. Cain, Miss Rydman, C. Klingman X 2: K. Elliot, S. Palmer, K, Johnson, D. Clark, M. Mackin 3: S. Dahl, D. Fields 4: M. Perkins, B. Judge, M. Savage, S. Baker, M. Peters 5: G. Ratorth, J. Ball, S. Amundson,,N. King, J. Nakata, D. Hed man FALL OFFICERS: fsident, Virginia Cain :e President, Susie Palmer retary, Kay Elliot Easurer, Sandra Amundson Ltorian, Mary Ellen Savage aplain, Marlene Perkins rs. at Arms, Judy Saylerg Marie Peters hior Council Rep., Karen Johnson riior Council Rep., Dixie Clark ivice Chairman, Judy Harding lertainment Chairman, Sue Bishop r VIRGINIA CAIN 4 ACTIVITIES: Annual Chuck Wagon Ushered plays Ski Trip Faculty Tea Decorated Christmas Tree Joint meetings Friendship meetings Progressive dinner Row 6: P. Patterson, J. Sayler, P. Ball, S. Bishop Row 7: J. Hoffman, J. Harding, V. Pumfrey, D. Tork D. Fields, G. MurraY SPRING OFFICERS: President, Connie Klingman Vice President, Dixie Clark Secretary, Marilyn Mackin Treasurer, Donna Fields Historian, Sue Bishop Chaplain, Marie Peters Sgts. at Arms, Judy Harding: Beverly Judge Junior Council Rep., Karen Johnson Senior Council Rep., Sue Dahl Service Chairman, Phyllis Ball Entertainment Chairman, Judy Sayler 63 CONNIE KLINGMAN elson SAXONS HI-Y Row l: G. Scott, Mr. McKee, H. Daniels Row 2: D. Treadwell, J. Roth, J. Petrie Row 3: C. Spence, B. Woodfin, F. Gehring Row 4: . Nakata, L. Mattioda R Marchington, B. Banford, J. Jarboe, A. Frisch, B. McGill, G. Bell, J. Curry Row 5: R. Row 6: D. Jarboe Row 7: E. Lahti, A. Walker, B. Nichols Kuhn, B. Snodgrass, R. Ashfield, R. Summers, C. Crandall, R. Jones, J. Holcomb, D. Daniels, P. Schnabel Row 8: J. g e I ' H "5 ifiliii ei 7 ggi ".4s'gegff1'Hf95.12152 . , ..,, 1 ,...5:- -I .ea"'.s'. ere' -- .leaf -f W RON HARRIMAN FALL OFFICERS: President, Ron Harriman Vice President, Dick Treadwell Secretary, Doug Daniels Treasurer, Bob McGill Historian, Bill Woodfin Chaplain, Joe Roth Club Reporter, Bill Vloodfin Sgts. at Arms, Harry Daniels, Jerry Jarboe ACTIVITIES: Joint meetings Red Cross Projects Stag Deals Thanksgiving Assembly Easter Assembly Services Took tickets for plays Taking part in May Fete Beach trip ISO HARRY DANIELS SPRING OFFICERS: President, Harry Daniels Vice President, Gary Scott Secretary, Bill Nichols Treasurer, Bob Banford Historian, Jim Curry Chaplain, Ron Nakata Club Reporter, Jim Curry Sgts. at Arms, Ron Harriman, Jerry Petrie 'KLE KOE FALL OFFICERS: President, Carol Wiggins Vice President, Barbara Hauser Secretary, Barbara Curtis Treasurer, Virginia Burchell Row Row Row Row Row Row 1. f Burchell, Miss Stewart, C. Wiggins, R. Jarvis Bergstrom, J. Taylor, D. Patterson, S. Geres, J. Rabick Curtis, S. Holman, C. Cornelius, K. Kreuder Lowe, B. Drake, N. McAIpine, S. Gray, J, Powell, Roberts, D. Kent . Bronson, F. Luhrs, J. Hansen, J. Yoho, S. Feammelll, Campbell Kurilo, C. Hedwall, C. Tucker, P. Elledge, B. Houser, SPRING OFFICERS President, Virginia Burchell Vice President, Barbara Curtis Secretary, Judy Hansen Treasurer, Sharon Gray Historian, Nina MCAIPIUG J. Washburn, D. McGibbon, P. Smith . Historian, Ellen Locke Cl"3Pl3In, Carol Hedwall Row 7: H. Hoddevik, M. Regelin, M. Cockell, M. Adams, D- l'l'Ck5 Chaplain, Marcia Regelin Club Rep0I'fef, Sharon Gray Club Reporter, Carol Tucker 593- if Arms, Daleen MCGIbl-7001 Sgts. at Arms, Nina McAlpine Carol Heather Hoddevik Hedwall ACTIVITIES: Kle Koe Formal Work for T B Center Sold Candy for Bram Research Institute Anniversary Dinner Gave food baskets Red Cross Boxes "'Tl."'9" CARQL WIGGINS ISI VIRGINIA BURCHELL JERRY BRIGGS FALL OFFICERS: President, Jerry Briggs Vice President, Jim Torchia Secretary, Pat Barnard Treasurer, Norm Young Historian, Tom Carter Sgt. at Arms, Jim Butler Row Row Row Row Row Row Mr. Botti KNIGHTZ ACTIVITIES: Joint meetings Service projects Banquets After Game Dance Date Deals Beach trip Sold popcorn at games Friendship meetings Help decorated for Candyland Dance 2: J. Hedman, J. Briggs, J. Torchie, G. Hutton . D. Soles, D. Ford, E. Earley, T. Stevenson 4: D. Smith, G. Bergland, G. Blackburn, D. Aslipole, M. Bradbury, B. Gobel 5: J. Luhrs, G. Rigotti, L. Watkins, T. Carter, D. Overall, H. Sasse, R. Finnell B. Hoover, B. Zilk, J. Butler JIM TORCHIA SPRING OFFICERS: President, Jim Torchia Vice President, Chuck Sasse Secretary, Tom Stevenson Treasurer, Jim Butler Historian, Norm Young Sgt. at Arms, Glen Hutton LECOHA ACTIVITIES: Gave cosmetics to Louise Home Card Sale Served at banquets Q Confetti SOIG Made qfghqn and fgys White elephant sale Supplied two families with Rummage and CUNIY 50le5 Christmas dinners Cflke auction Friendship meeting FGCUITY T60 Slumber parties Beach TFIP Christmas dance and party and After Qam? Cvke Sale Joint meeting ELEANOR BROWN FALL OFFICERS: President, Eleanor Brown Vice President, Erlene Baldwin ' Secretary, Alice O'Brien Treasurer, Sharon Brumbaugh Historian, Linda Cooper Chaplain, Melba Kinville Club Reporter, Jo Bette Jones Sgts. at Arms, Eileen Troxel: Gwen Bloom MELBA KINVILLE SPRING OFFICERS: President, Melba Kinville Vice President, Sharon Brumbaugh Secretary, Linda Cooper Treasurer, Eileen Troxel Historian, Charlene Lanier Chaplain, Joann Seaquist Club Reporter, Jo Bette Jones Sgts. at Arms, Donna Taylor: Carol Channer Row I: E. Brown, Miss Erickson, M. Kinville Row 2: C. Koessel, C. Mathes, J. Seaquist, R. Varnell, E. Troxel Row 3: C. Lanier, S. Brumbaugh, S. MacGregor, A. O'Brien Row 4: D. Channer, N. Hultgren, L. Bloom, J. Van Slyke, S. Thomas Row 5: C. Channer, M. Barreth, L. Howard, J. Thomas Row 6: J. Shinn, G. Bloom, E. Rizner, K. Gillespie, J. Jones Row 7: L. Cooper, C. Smith, V. Taylor, D. Taylor I53 OPTIMIST FALL OFFICERS: President, Ralph Elle Vice President, George' Russell Secretary, Earl Muramatsu Treasurer, Gary Gill Historian, Hal McEwen Chaplain, Jerry Crispe Sgts. at Arms, Bob Bunker, Neil Cawood RALPH ELLE Row Row Row Row Row Row Row J. Crispe, R. Elle H. McEwen, Mr. Horr, K. Wiedemann A. Lavorato, J. Crawford E. Olsen, P. Bridges, N. Cawood, E. Muramatsu M. Moe L. Dial, B. Bunker, L. Myer 5. , 6: W. Christopherson, B. Hadley, J. Gallegher, G. Gill, W. Seim, E. May D. Eggo, D. Morrison, S. Schell ACTIVITIES: Stag Parties Joint Meetings Business Meetings Basketball Games Service Projects Banquets 154 SPRING OFFICERS: President, Jerry Crispe Vice President, Neil Cawood Secretary, Lyle Myers Treasurer, Steve Schell Historian, Earl May Chaplain, Hal McEwen Club Reporter, Mel Moe Sgts. at Arms, Ralph Elle, Ed Olsen JERRY CRISPE XYS-KI Miss Luginbill J. Winistorfer, A. Rask A. Chandler, F. Atkenson, R. Wightman, S. Swygert L. Isaacs, B. Neubert, M. Brooks, J. Barnes, G. Koskev J. Byrd, S. Knowland, A. Martin, R. VlckefS. -l- Wllllams' J. Pratt, S. Cashner FALL OFFICERS: President, Joann Winistorfer Vice President, Norma Swartz Secretary, Ann Martin Treasurer, Amelia Rask Historian, Myrna Kasperek Chaplain, Beverly Neubert Club Reporter, Shirley Spence Sgts. at Arms, Diane Wallner, Marcia Brooks Parliamentarian, Pat Trimble JOANN WINISTORFER vc... ACTIVITIES: Christmas Caroling Freshie Tea Faculty Tea Adopted Needy Family Fudge Sale Served For Open House Made Scrapbooks After Game Dance Red Cross Projects Records to school Services Bake Sales White Elephant Sale Joint Meetings Date Deal Friendship Meetings Row Row Burgard, P. Trimble, P. Donivan, N. Swartz, Wallner, J. Loe Kasparek, S. Spence, J. Rausbeck, S. LeClair, Michaelson SPRING OFFICERS: President, Amelia Rask Vice President, Marcia Brooks Secretary, Sharon Swygert Treasurer, Norma Swartz Historian, Pat Bugard Chaplain, Sandra Knowland Club Reporter, Jan Williams Sgts. at Arms, Pat Trimble, Jan Raus beck Parliamentarian, Joann Winistorfer Corresponding Secretary, Shirley Spence AMELIA RASK J X ik l G4 f TN fi gl ll 3- lj X T' l. ,f - X wx xl 4, I Social clubs are maintained primarily for the purpose of having fun, but members of these organizations con- tribute more to the school than the name implies. The developing of fine personal qualities-such as leadership, cooperation, friendliness, and loyalty-as well as service to the home, the school, and the community are benefits appregiated and enjoyed by all. 15 FALL OFFICERS: President, Diana Fields Vice President, Alvera Pemberton Secretary, Linda Fournier Treasurer, Georgia Benson Historian, Annetta Blackburn Chaplain, Kay Gebhart Club Reporter, Carlyn Compton Sgts. at Arms, Patty Bracken, Isaacs CENTHALIS La Row Row Row Row Row DIANA FIELDS aw' -.1 ura l: P. Gidley, D. Fields, Miss Cornutt, L. Fournier, M. Hay 2: S. Swygert, C. Gustafson, W. Fitzpatrick, A. Blackburn, C. Sanvitale, 3: M. Stalzer, M. Azorr, L. Isaacs, J. Mosher, D. Torkleson 4: K. Gebhart, J. Stalzer, J. Lane, C. Iler, G. Benson, J. Guance 5: D. Fields, C. Compton, G. Thompson, A. Morrow, P. Bracken ACTIVITIES: Freshie Tea Candy Sale Picnic-Swimming Parties Slum-ber parties Date deals Joint meetings Progressive dinner Adopted poor family Christmas cards Caroling party Jr. Red Cross project and box Coat hangers, sold confetti, cokes Pastry chain Rummage sale Ushered for Quatasia Beach trip Tea for new members Bowling party Bakery sale Served for the victory luncheon SPRING, OFFICERS: President, Linda Fournier Vice President, Betty Neal Secretary, Carol Gustafson Treasurer, Diane Torkelson Historian, Marlys Hay Chaplain, Laura Isaacs Club Reporter, Arlene Bushman Sgts. at Arms, Sara Armfieldg Sandy Morton D. Schoenfeld LINDA FOURNIER LAVON N E JENSEN FALL OFFICERS: President, LaVonne Jensen Vice President, Sandra Amundson Secretary, Carol Street Treasurer, Marilyn Cash Historian, Judy Hoffman Chaplain, Arlene Martin Club Reporter, Betty Hinman Sgts. at Arms, Audrene Anderson, Baker Sharon DELTA BETA PHI ACTIVITIES: Sweetheart's Swirl, Three way deal Mothers Tea Three way beach trip Beach trip Joint meetings Date Deals Freshie tea Faculty tea Services Slumber parties Caroling party Friendship meetings Alum party . .Q ,et .ff 9521 I zfffif ,aff SANDRA AM UNDSON SPRING OFFICERS: President, Sandra Amundson Vice President, Anita Sauer Secretary, Betty Hinman Treasurer, Audrene Anderson Historian, Carolyn Allison Chaplain, Sharon Baker Club Reporter, Judy Smith Sgts. at Arms, Eileen Hogan: Marve Wolfe Row Row Row Row Row Raw Row I L. Z M, 3 A. 4: M. 5: P. 6 P. 7: J. 'U' Jensen, Miss Webster, S. Amundson Cash, J. Sayler, K. Oishi, C. Nillson, K. Elliot, S. Jennings ' Anderson, B. Rask, N. King, J. Rasmussen, M. Van Demarr, S. Baker, M. Perkins i Wolfe, C. Enna, G. Koskey, C. Allison, S. Bishop, J. Smith, N. Peterson Hurita, E. Hogan, B. Hinman, P. Qualley, C. Street, J. Ball,A. Martin Lindsey, S. Allen, J. Hoffman, K. Pianich, M. Bareth, A. Sauer Gregory, L. Dryer I58 DIAN E WALLN ER FALL OFFICERS: President, Dianne Wallner Vice President, Myra Montrose Secretary, Dorothy Howarth Treasurer,.Pat Trimble Historian, Phyllis Wilde Chaplain, Dolores Harrison Club Reporter, Georgia Goettsch Sgts. at Arms, Carol Doty: Florence Johnson Parmliamentarian, Joanne Winistorfer Corresponding Secretary, Lillie Vanek EMALAYO ACTIVITIES: Friendship Tea Rummage Sale Bake Sale Sold candy at basketball games Made yarn dolls for a baby home Faculty Tea Washed Elk statue Sold washing machine Collected hangers Christmas Formal Sold peanut brittle Joint meetings Swept bleachers Slumber party Skating party Bowling party Christmas caroling ,I Row I: Mrs. Heintz Row 2: D. Wallner, M. Montrose Row 3: J. Winistorter, C. Doty, B. Lang Row 4: L. Vanek, M. Goettsch, J. Koch Row 5: P. Wilde, F. Johnson, J. Bailey, S. Adams Row 6: P. Trimble, G. Goettsch, S. Amling Row 7: D. Harrison, B. Johnson Row 8: D. Howarth I59 ,,...d' MYRA MONTROSE SPRING OFFICERS: President, Myra Montrose Vice President, Carol Doty Secretary, Mona Goettsch Treasurer, Phyllis Wilde Historian, Georgia Goettsch Chaplain, Florence Johnson Club Reporter, Pat Trimble Sgts, at Arms, Dolores Harrison: Betty Johnson Corresponding Secretary, Jody Koch Parliamentarian, Dianne Wallner is S DONNA PATTERSON HI KI KI FALL OFFICERS: President, Donna Patterson Vice President, Mary Ellen Adams Secretary, Janice Edwards Treasurer, Carol Wiggins Historian, Janice Rabick Chaplain, Cheryl Crook Club Reporter, Christine Ball Sgts. at Arms, Diane Kent, Mary Buchanan , SPRING OFFICERS: ' President, Donna Patterson Vice President, Janice Edwards Secretary, Carol Wiggins Treasurer, Christine Ball Historian, Diane Kent Chaplain, Janice Rabick Club Reporter, Judy Harding Sgts. at Arms, Lorcy Hoyt, Carol Hedwall ACTIVITIES: Joint meetings Friendship meetings Dahlia tea Freshie tea Football Foldup Waffle party Mother's party Alum party Slumber party Donated: newspapers, magazines, records, ashtrays, Thangskiving basket, toys. Helped: T.B. Center, Mental Health, Multnomah County Hos+ pital, M.S. Society. J Ushered for plays R I: D. P tt R33 Z: S. P:illiatI:IIS. Dahl, Miss Woodward, B. Heim, J. Rabick Row 3: M. Buchanan, C. Klingman, G. Edmon, K. Kreuder, C. Hedwall, V. Cain, N. TOFIKBISOH Row 4: B. Bronsen, B. Sauer, J. Nakata, P. Ball, F. Luhrs, V. Pumfrey D. Hicks 160 Old folks Christmas party Valentine party J Swimming party J Anniversary Deal Rummage Sale I White Elephant Sale Row 5: J. Harding, C. Crook, D. Ken B. Thompson, B. Judge, M. Pe ters, M. Mack Row 6: N. McAlpine, C. Ball, C. Wiggins, J. Washbu Row 7: L. Hoyt, P. Patterson, H. Hodder Row 8: J. Edwards, M. Adams ILLUMINATI PHIL SCHNABEL FALL OFFICERS: President, Phil Schnabel Vice President, John Holcomb Secretary, Phil MacDonald Treasurer, Ron Jee Historian, Ron Ashfield Sgts.-at-Arms, Jack Luhrs, Ron Stogsdill fs. ACTIVITIES: Joint Meetings Date Deals Annual Hula Lua Dance Gifts to Red Cross Candy Sale wild' mor-club Football, Champions CHUCK SASSE Beach Trip Mountain Trips Stag Deal Nu, F' A SPRING OFFIC President, Chuck Sasse Vice President, Jerry Petrie Secretary, Ron Jee Treasurer, Buzz Swanson Historian, Daryl Entrikin Sgts.-at-Arms, Ron Harrima N. E, ix ii' -S .I 54 "'N. if tl J Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row l: 2 3. 4: 5: 6: 7: 8. 1 W " I 'J "sc, I "--.., 5:1 L. Mattioda, R. Jee, P. Schnabel, Mr. Gordon, C. Sasse, J. Mattioda, G. Bell P. MacDonald, D. Ashpole, R. Cozad, T, Stevenson, D. Treadwell, M. Bradbury J . Curry, G. Staehnke, A. Fritsch, B. Swanson, A. Walker Jarboe, R. Ashfield, B. McGill, J. Luhrs . Higdon, J. Butler, D. Entriken Holcomb, D. Scott . Rigotti, R. Harriman R. Stogsdill I6l ERS: n, Jim Curry Row Row Row Row Row President, Pat Peters Vice Secretary, Karen Keir Treasurer, Elizabeth Hendricks Historian, Judy Denson Chaplain, Sylvia Dodson Club Reporter, Judy Denson Sgt. Program Chairman, Joscelyn Rippe KAPPA KAP PA I: P. Peters, J. Rippe 2: Y. Staino, Miss McKercher, J. Jensen 3: L. Day, C. Tiffany 4: E. Hendricks, N. Stum-pf, D. Moore, L. Helberg, K. Lidbom 5: D. Brown, M. Woodford, N. Jensen, D. Ireland, S. Jacoby Row 6: J. Sandberg, J. Denson, K. Kler, C. Jolly, M. Matson Stout, J. Blanc, K. Hill Row 7: K. Watt, R. Stanbery Row 8: S. Dodson SPRING OFFICERS: President, Joscelyn Rippe Vice President, Sylvia Dodson Secretary, Kaye Hill Treasurer, Judy Denson Historian, Lily Helberg Chaplain, Julie Blanc Club Reporter, Lily Helberg Sgt. at Arms, Julie Blanc Program Chairman, Charlotte Jolly FALL OFFICERS: President, Julie Blanc at Arms, Sylvia Dodson ACTIVITIES: Sold confetti for jamboree After game dance Slumber Parties Freshie Tea Date deals Four way Christmas formal Christmas Projects K Rummage sale 9' Candy sales Faculty Teas PAT PETERS Beach M162 JOCELYN RIPPE Row Row Row Row Row Row v' PPS? Nelson, L. Patterson, D. Larson Rogers, B. Street, J. Townsend Melberg, D. Betts, G. Buford, S. Bennett Linquist, R. Atkinson, L. Cartwright, D. Elmer, C. Spence KHLISTI I ACTIVITIES: Joint Meetings Date Deals Sold Most Jamboree Tickets Banquet Business Meetings Christmas family Rummage Sale QQ J. Hart, A. Nelson, O. Bell, W. Sherlock J. Wigg, C. Villmer, D. Sivesend Donation to band uniforms f FALL OFFICERS: President, Ron Nelson , SPRING OFFICERS: Vice President, Gary Buford P'fe5'de"I1.D'Ck I-3fS0f' Sec,-efafyl Gary Melburg Vice President, Oryille Bell Treasurer, Lee Patterson SeC"eI3fY, Dlfk Atkinson Historian, Orville Bell Tfeaslffeff WHYNS SIIGFIOCIK Chaplain, Jim Hart Hlsfvflgn, Jerry Wigs Sgts. at Arms, Dick Larson Dick Atkinson CIIHPIHH1, Mike R0gerS f- 'tfs xt to " Q, ...eff 5 I E t ,,.. eiifi iif if I iif ft I xy f ,, I RON NELSO N Sgts. at Arms, Gary Melberg, Bob Street DICK LARSON NEICH KO FALL OFFICERS: SPRING OFFICERS: President, Shirley Butts President, Leona Kiney Vice President, Leona Kinney Vice President, Nancy Frederickson Secrettary, Margie Plopper Secretary, Janice Florey Treasurer, Patti Waldo Treasurer, Pat Burgard Historian, Nancy Frederickson Historian, Priscilla Page Chaplain, Janice Florey Chaplain, Helen Orren Club Reporter, Nancy Frederickson Club Reporter, Priscilla Page Sgts. at Arms, Pat Burgard, Velma. Taylor Sgts. at Arms, Lori Collingwood, Janet Hutton 5,5 3' Row I: R. Frederickson Row 2: S. Butts, L. Kinney Row 3: J. Vukovic Row 4: J. Sorenson, P. Burgard, M. Dambach Row S: D. Ward, L. Collingwood, C. Fazzio, J. Rasmussen Row 6: K. Weis, I. Turchan, K. Davis, M. Tansing, N. Frederickson, P Page, J. Hutton Row 7: H. Orren, S. Hale Row 8: J. Florey ACTIVITIES. Slumber Party Faculty Tea Comic Book Drive Plastic Bibs-Red Cross Stuffed Animals Christmas Dance Christmas Party for Children JW SHIRLEY BUTTS 164 LEONA KINNEY PENTATHLON QW low I: J. Maio, Mrs. Norlin, B. Curtis low 2: J. Taylor, S. Geres, D. Lowe, E. Locke low 3: R. Jarvis, B. Bergstrom, P. Elledge, J. Fahl, J. Powell Row S: S. Palmer, N. Kurilo, K. Jacobson, S. Gray, low 4: M. Roberts, C. Cornellius, J. Hansen, J. Yoho, S. Holman, Row 6: S. Feammelli, B. Houser, D. McGibbon, V. I FALL OFFICERS: 'resident, JoAnn Maio 'ice President, Barbara Curtis Iecretary, Barbara Houser 'reasurer, Susan Palmer glistorian, Judy Hansen Ihaplain, Sharon Gray :lub Reporter, Dixie Davis Lgts. at Arms, Pat Smith, Virginia Burchell ' , . , JOANNE MAIO K. P eterson ACTIVITIES: Freshie Tea Christmas Faculty Tea Date Deal Slumber Party Three Way Deal Joint slumber party Joint meetings Bid potluck Worked at Jewish Community Center Worked at T.B. Center Donated Red Cross Boxes Christmas Basket for needy family Car Wash Rummage Sale Bake Cr Handicraft Sale Candy Sales l65 P. Hoyne Burchell Row 7: G. Raforth, P. Smith, L. Campbell, P. Smith, R. Roark SPRING OFFICERS: President, Barbara Curtis Vice President, Virginia Burchell Secretary, Judy Taylor Treasurer, Judy Hansen Historian, Lynn Campbell Chaplain, Pat Smith Club Reporter, Susan Palmer Sgts. at Arms, Sharon Gray, Sharon Feam melli BARBARA CURT IS KARMA LEAVITT FALL OFFICERS: President, Karma Leavitt Vice President, Helen Bodle Secretary, Ellen Bodle Treasurer, Margie Nazer Historian, Arlene Taylor Chaplain, Mikki Albus Club Reporter, Joanne Siemss en: PHI DELTA CHI ACTIVITIES: Date Deals Food sales Beach trip Mountain trip Party for old folks home Joint meetings Friendship meetings Slumber parties Fqculfy teq After game dance Mothers' tea Alumni tea Gaspro, R. Washam, Miss Collins, K. Leavitt, L. Brown Row G. Row J. Slcmssen, E. Bodle, M. Nazer,'H. Bodle Row A. Adams, L. Leavitt, M. Potter, F, Leaming Row M Albus, M. Ateiyah, S. Logsdon, M. Smith Row Row Ryan, B. Smith, J. Rhoads, V. Patton, M. Troutman K, S Staton, E. Lidgren, D. Whittenberg, P. Shipman I66 SPRING OFFICERS: President, Romona Washam Vice President, Margie Nazer Secretary, Gloria Gaspro Treasurer, Joann Siemssen Historian, Helen Bodle Chaplain, Ellen Bodle Club Reporter, Mikki Albus Sgts. at Arms, Myrna Smith and Sandra Logsdon I MIKE DORAN FALL OFFICERS: President, Mike Doran Vice President, Bucky Johnson Secretary, Jim Torchia Treasurer, Bud Snodgrass Historian, Pat Barnard Club Reporter, Vic Harris Sgt. at Arms, Steve Caputo ow n Mr Dusek J Ta lor I: M. Dora , . , . y U ow 2: B. Goebel, D. Soles, J. Hanna, C. Fox, M. Sullivan xow 3: B. Worrell, R. Marchington, G. Blackburn, P. Bifnifd low 4: T. Carter, S. Caputo, G. Berglund ow 5: D. Leonetti, B. Yoder, D. Wienken, K. Bruno SANNZ ACTIVITIES: Joint meetings Date deals Multiple Sclerosis services Rummoge sale Progressive dinner Football team Beach Trip Jamboree ticket sale, Zn Four way deal 'LBJ d place JU D TAYLOR SPRING OFFICERS: President, Jud Taylor Vice President, Jim Cameron Secretary, Dallas Overall Treasurer, Dick Leonetti Historian, John Hanna Club Reporter, Gregg Berglund Sgt. at Arms, Jerry Briggs Row 7: J. C Row 6: D. Overall, B. Johnson, P. Johnson, J. Torchia B. Snodgrass ' amefonf 3. Summers, J. Briggs, V. Harris B. Crites LC iiirmw l Q39 lf! I hr li Yi f my yy y . f l Q r l l l 1 I i 'T ,, X Y J W X lf ll' W Hi if A complete athletic program makes an outstanding contribution to the lite of any school by providing both mental and physical training for its participants, enter- tainment for its spectators, and a spearhead for a con- tagious school spirit. This year Franklin was blessed with a particularly successful aggregation of teams, leading school spirit and pride to a new pitch. l68 ILLUSTRATED X The Fighting Quakers Ore on's best High School 25 CENTS YEAR J L 4 I Q 'U 'Q K V x l at ALL STARS Une ot fhe top wrestlers in the city is Ross Hewitt. All through the season Ross chalked important victories and in the city meet climoxed a successful year by taking top honors. Pictured above is senior, Doug Daniels, who through his un- canny, flawless play, captured a first string spot on the l955 all- city football team. ,Hyf 4 F' Franklin's l956 basketball cap- tain, Ernie Spargur, was on both the city and state second teams. E r n i e displayed his outstanding ability all through the season and certainly showed first string all- city class. l7l +s Franklin tackle, Ron Maes, just barely missed being placed on the first string all-city team, but was placed on the second team. 1 1 Powerful fullback, Bob McGill, received the most votes from the coaches than any PIL performer as he was a unanimous choice for all-city honors. All-American Pictured above is Franklin's towering center, Bjarne Jensen. Bjarne led all PIL scorers, piling up 365 points, and was an all-city choice for the second year in a row. His outstanding play in the state tournament earned him a spot on the all-state team. VARSITY FOOTBALL . .Fw .......... . fl! 5 ...... ..-5. 1 L 2 J-, 5 ,,, . f Row l: J. Briggs, B. Bunker, D. Ferguson, H. Daniels, K. Peterson, B. McGill, N. Cawood, D. Treadwell, L. Mattioda, P. Schnabel N bl . Rgw 3: Coach Will Stephens, B. Gebo, P. Cawood, W. Seim, D. Daniels, R. Maes, J. Kuhn, A. Linn, G. Husted, J. Roth, N. Horne. Row 3: G. Hutton, B. McEIhaney, D. Scott, D. Wienker, J. Luhrs, C. Crandall, J. Jarboe, R. Jee, J. Larson, D. Lane. Head Football Coach, Mr. Will Stephens Mr- -l0me5 W0fd 172 Mr. Mel Krause Franklin I3 Franklin 6 Franklin 7 Franklin 28 Franklin 7 Franklin Zl Franklin 6 Franklin l8 Jefferson ..,,,,r Washington ,.A,, Lincoln ..,...... Cleveland ...,, Franklin Grant ..,.....,., Roosevelt .,,,. Benson ...... Pre-season League Final PIL Football W 7 7, ,, 4 4 4 3 2 2 I 173 McMinnville I2 Jefferson 7 Roosevelt I4 Benson l9 Lincoln 25 Cleveland 27 Grant 0 Washington 0 Standings L T PTS 0 0 I4 2 l 9 3 0 8 3 0 8 4 0 6 4 I 5 5 0 4 6 0 2 l05 ll0 IIO 5' .,. K. X, vi ,Q rx Q 5- . ixh X . ? www in WPS if asf? vm . W - rrr J f I A X ' l V A L " b ' YJ A I 'A::. gy , ,YVA I I f xx f 6 " f ' f fr ,kg 5 W Joe Roth, Sr. r r Guard r Bull Hoover, Sr. Fullbuck Q M -Glen n Hutton, Jr 3 W, S 1 v ,QI -. r !Hqjpfbclck r -. .l-W -. ,V iigg, r.k,- I fill' A' .M M D , 3, I , 6.5515 ,ASQ ' 1 Q -X. ' if r E if r R ! r 1 l gif,f,,M4 N ar W rr rr Gary Hmrsted, Jr. H i r Tgpkle ,fri f r ennis Mitchell, Sr. , I ya, . Wu., D " ,. ""'w . t 1 R Holfbock if f .,fffzm, si ,, .f 9 K r, .1 "" 4 ' , 3 r Phil Schnabel, Sr. m A E d up J gf, K . r 'X I1 I Nxt i .M Jr., W , M M Jini ,A 'Ldrsonr Jr. r Guard 4 - , , , ,ff xg ' .. ff' .-A ., Q, gf-M 7 , L ' fl ikirwff, K ff - . E' Q J' -ASW WU, ,ami .,.,,,,2 Y J J J' .JJ lf f' 1 vs J .K X . 3' Q i A .,i M' ref 4? r l X J .n, ?,2 gyQ . 4' 7 ,lj JIS It M ffFQih:'if7-'- 4' ' J' .J A ff JJ J J JJ Halfback uruu . :ss ' ::" " ' fJ 'Jim 'A ' fix ::': 4 'J L3,' g 1 . S I Q ii F Curt Crondell, Jr. Jr Halfbuck Jurry Jorboe, Jr. J . J J LQ r Quarterback, J 5 -'fl JN' ,J . in f url' J 'JM J ,I J JJ. ff' Q uf . J Jr J J f' I Duane Wlenker, Jr. J""'s, " ---: ' ' J r, ,J . JJ fy - - i rf Wk - L. ffm ., A 5 my Qu, .Jf .,4L,,?-,5..J .Af J. f-155 J -- .. . .. J 2 'qi d. . Dan Correll, Sr. J x . J . ., J, ff" W ,,,,,r A W ,Y W J S, , W Qi wr fn, , ,W 'M' J figs L7 . 1 - J J B05 Bunker, Sr. M ' ' Guard V. w 1 V J J . J J JV JJ u J - Dell Ferguson, Sr. J ,.: A w J'rJ f V-N. f + E d L QJJL ,J-J JJ.J , MMM? A M155 ' f ui Jrrr J f J J .JN A i QQ- -fs ,NL .Air " J rr xi ' -2 'f--'- Jr-1 J ,. ..,., MJ ga" If H16 L, MW A hw A724-Vu L ,.z.J-fn Q, -:gm 3 raw gVQJ.iQ7J.k,mlJ Ni Jimi, 1. Vx I I I I 4 QW W ,.gg:Ef..W.,vZH,M ,C 5.53. W my W- J. W- W , V f.,..f -M nw Q ""r2,. w .r I 'ff' lf, .,.'r'J ,,w1g iz- ' f l .' "-. 2 , 24 Dick Treadwell, Sr. Guard J, Q-, .-1-Vx J, Q .QLIJQTQJ J-, p. ,J A . wzr. ,. M. ,J 5 4, X 4 . 9 I 3 ,fi u Ju J , ff Q fx f, 721 K f ' sf -J '49' V V , J M.. H .JM .WJ V fJJ. X Sv J .. 5 W W 5 A .., " ji V 4 may " ,agp A J an X xi M621 ig My -. 'V W' md? M I 'I+ :I 5 r ,ir ' XX f Q , Q M7 JA wi. K r I ? Z L 7 , A2 , - A in ... i' 9 V' ' ,1', Swiss :. 'f1Q'f...'f':s ". 'f " "?ffr,,'.'2'f"-w- W f f I V Gebol Jr- , M' ,..., .. wW Halfback l' , K V :.f,s?.... LNV,,.., ,,lw,,,,,,, . , Eiga, V f,V LN J in kk , FAN M ' L 6 h m kWVkMMmMW'x"""1wW mf fk, ffrgfiffigiff1gf':,fg,:1 f-fs Ltif, , I , k I I A , X. Q "' ff --li 4-A: 1 il , . . X Dave Pubols Sr 'Q ' ' M Guard h 5 x K.. ,f '26 T1 :. 'f ,..,,.!-Tm ' ' XL fm Y, Q 2 'fm u,.,,f f .mimi M N 5 NS iw ,, , Gsf., 4, 5 5 , , :fes- sf 1 'W W . . r im., mg . i if A A v,:.,, K H we-.. zl' A W 4 l' GFre fi mm Sr ,J Q..,,. W. ..A' -1 LL 'n Hulfbock 'w-vm., 1 X.: ' A, ff' , Bull McElhc1ney, Jr. Tackle ' 6 A . Fre VAIA - V',.y gp, A Sr. K fx f.:.:- i .:.. ,A 'AY-mf' W F .. ffr.yL-.JV Q4 I ffl ffaMPfm:.Xfv up W a?i,i,,f:'gf3,'i-952515. I I Bob McGill, sr. lst string All-City Fullback , ss , , in , ,s ,,.V f N Vx 7 I ,, s Q ii,ir . s r f ', r ' HY n i e , VV ,. V ,.L., . ,L ig 5 . Q 1 i ,fe 5, 1 ' K J 1 gh, f H A ,. 'xx 'L, Aww I . I .1555 f ' W" fs ' ,,. my -,fic ,V I, . K, ' K 4 ,M 5 5 , 1 V ,QQ -. Q9 IJ ' fs Louie Mottieda, Sr ' Halfbuck gi, , .. ., ,. - if . y -me . .N Jz ' P w'ri""' ,A-,, xi x . .1 , " 4 r 12' ,S " 'ss is , - . - wi P Gvard g I J , s H N? if A , , 4 , g ,g-h,g':g, . M. 9 , ,. s, , , ,b f 42' W , A,,V 5 ' ' s' V ' If- 371 ,Q ,XL-V5 , , Y V K ,-.., , , s, h . N ,-It Harry Daniels, Sr. ur- X3 , Doug Daniels, br. Arnie Linn, Jr. Hulfback .K i x libs KX ,S si iiiiis s 3 , I 1541, 5, ss" I 'i 8 "" s ' ssiiis. M K 'i,i fs', , 'fi K , M M , i ii ,g V 1' r ' ' sii , ' A if 1 .. K " .. 1 . L, .-- ,us Mg r .q gf, .:. 1 '1-f -1 . ,W . -V vm , ,Miz i U' 4 4- 2 1 ,aff ' . K x- ! 1- I f 97 O :ff s ,M K swf He, X . 1 ii' ,, . ,451 ' " - .N LM - 2 ' c' in i End 1 ist string All- lty End , 1' .. . ,, , , W , ,g - , , If 5? ' - r sm l iii' sf' L W L V+. Mfi5f9vrg,r,gg,f:,' T , ,z ' 4 f ! . n ' ' ' -, iffy 'gfie i ,',' i . ' . ' :gg V A V, S , Q x A K I " A ., s . - 1 srrr Q s i, , - , i s s -, s,,- . - f W - . , w - , '.,i,, sgg- ,X ,L.,, ,zzwgyi mfr-fe? my mf, gil 1,1 'fp' ' -'W if f iv -' ' '15 Lf 2-rw f-"-'E-we . "- f ap' ' -V me - 1 77 ,, . gf ".. 4 'f "' --',5 P' ' Q ,f 13 ',', , ,hr.3"' 5' :ar-,.h,.J. , L, ' L Sy ' fe . ' V , A ,3 L, f .21 f' ' x ' ,, ' 'vi If -vm, ,Ea , 5 ' ,,j- Y' Q2 A ' M ' f' ' 1 if-M 1, L , if I . 9315. ,., ,.,,,, I ,E4g1,,...2 ,f ,, kgmg,-,ax MJ M W,,LQf:mL, ,wma !W.4, , ., A li, qc ., 1- aw ,its as 'f7f7'1f 51.12. f 25' :'fTif7 LIQ ' f' W w"fx,7 ' 3 f f ' L' If -fl ff' -,J .A Y If 'f ii f' f. ,ffI,'12:C g "" 1, ,-,mag ' '3 'glfg , 3 'Jeff ve-L .wif ff 2:22. - gm- -W f' L rf. .g, ' f'-' -11'-.. 'rr 95 s,."',.'3f ",'i-charm, .' ' , 5 .54: 1956 CITY AND STATE CHAMPS Left to Right: L. Swanson, J. Luhrs, E. Spargur, B. Zilk, D. Porter, B. Jensen, J. Kuhn, J. Jarboe, C. Crandall, R. Nakata, G. Hutt Front: Assist. Coach, Larry Wilson, Head Coach, Mel Krause, Manager, Mel Fox. JV Gnd Assist. VGI'Sify Head Basketball Coach, Franklin's l956 Varsity Basketball C0GCl1, Mr. Mel Krause Basketball Captain, Mr. Larry Wilson Ernie Spargur 178 l 4 PIL Basketball Standings W L P r PF c . PA Franklin 11 3 786 917 788 Jefferson 1 1 3 786 874 750 Lincoln 10 4 714 710 639 Washington 10 4 714 794 759 Grant 7 7 500 823 801 Benson 5 9 357 776 770 Cleveland 2 12 143 742 934 Roosevelt 0 14 O00 717 912 Preseason Franklin 54 South Salem 48 Franklin 58 North Salem 47 Franklin 47 Central Catholic 33 Franklin 59 Hillsboro 48 Franklin 71 Hillsboro 37 Franklin 53 Medford 58 Franklin 57 Grants Pass 49 Franklin 60 Central Catholic 58 League Franklin 51 Lincoln 57 Franklin 64 Washington 60 Franklin 62 Roosevelt 43 Franklin 58 Benson 51 Franklin 60 Jefferson 59 Franklin 83 Cleveland 66 Franklin 47 Grant 54 Franklin 45 Lincoln 47 Franklin 83 Washington 63 Franklin 83 Roosevelt 57 Franklin 54 Benson 53 Franklin 79 Jefferson 60 Franklin 77 Cleveland 62 Franklin 71 Grant 56 179 'Q tton Jr Sllhihiibn Jr Jam Kuhn, Sr. M r Jock Luhrs, Jr, Guard Dee Porter, Soph. Center Forwo rd String All-City String All-State HH jorne ' Guard lst Center S r' A t Ing Il i I Xxf I ' 5 ,K S s A ?' 2 -Ron ,. 2? ,nv aww Bull Zllk, Jr. Center , fy 181 -duf- urt Crcmdul, Jr. Forward VARSITY BASEBALL R. Jee, B. Blake, L. Watkins, G. Rigotti, R. Nakata, B. Sowles, D. Lane, E. Olsen, S. Lee, J. Mattioda, M. Moe, J. Luhrs, L. Meyer F. Gehrig, J. Kuhn, J. Curry, R. Holcomb, M. Hempel, J. Petrie, A. Durant, H. McEwen, G. Dalby, E. Nelson. Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Larry Wilson l82 J I: PIL BASEBALL STANDINGS L W. . PCT. LINCOLN 4 I .800 GRANT 4 I .800 FRANKLIN 3 2 .600 ROOSEVELT 3 2 .600 BENSON 3 2 .600 CLEVELAND Z 3 .400 WASHINGTON I 4 .200 JEFFERSON 0 5 .000 Due to printing deadlines the standing are not complete 183 Watkins, Jrqjf, Jim Kuhn Sr. 'fag Ron Nakata, Jr. 2nd Base ff! g ,. 1 if 1 W 5 X 7 Rf Y !, f ww if ivivifllixyf ?w f 4 'f 5 if vf fi g f 1, . ,, , f 1 f,f q Wf R,','f f x f YE? If 'f lst Base -' ,rx , ff?J','Y ' f I1 1 I 3 31.1, 5 Y ln, , Y - K. Base iii M, 3 w X x X w ! N I 7 7 P 7 7 ? 7 P I If 3 3 F Li 5 xx , 1 N 5 X , 5 5 1 l 1 X 4 u VARSITY TRACK K '5 nu lm lllll tr !' ,ll Row Row Row Row J if Coach Kurath Husfed, Walker, Baldwin, Spire, N. Cawood, Daniels, Bell, Mark, Schnabel. 2: Hutton, P. Cawood, Linn, Ramberg, Sfrudgeon, Snook, Scarl, Gebo. 3: Scotf, Morrison, Seiin, Wolfe, Christopherson, Sfark, Pebley. 4: Barnum, Guilliams, Wobig, Zilk, Schell. W . f l z l 1 ,411 ll J.: 187 Coach Stephens 4 Q - ,,.,h,. xx if wi' vu . " j ,g:W...f , ' . , . ,,4,.1,-,:'...L ' X , H- x ,Q ' . -. Q " kg i'-f 5 V 'irw--4, Q, - g L :V 15. ---5 1 ,,,,f:'-' 3 1 .X W fb p T. V f,,.fN,w,,t.L F uv Q k k ni ' f- A ' , - - '-.- . M ' 7, 4 . Q 3, 5" s E T.. .. N, .L , I .1 .1 V , - 3 , Q ,fvg f P- W.. v?'U . W-.......,., -, , Navy!! ' 5 lwuad ..ff.a,:2m ww , ,'hfwem,.".A-f-'ff mfzffwnw f Alan Walker K Y -,., 1'-. if .1 s ' Qv1","v'1' 411, Juruon RALLY "A" SQUAD Row lr R. Marchington, R. Diorio, C. Bell Row 2: J. Nakata, K. Krueder, P. Lash, F. Luhrs, M. Hoyt, N. Torkelson JUNIOR RALLY "B" SQUAD Row I: C. McCrum, A. Reese, S. Braumgard, B. Judge, J. Ball Row 2: R: Marchington, R. Diorio, C. Bell, B. Bronson 190 uv B liqn A G JV FOOTBALL -.... -7--Q 95:7 ., ...ff Row Row Row Row 1. 2. 3. 4: 5 Nz Coach Ward, E. Early, J. Hedman, A. Frisch, F. Tice, Unidentified, J. Mancini, C. Fox, D. Ash. D. Dunford, L. Price, J. Klink, D. Eaton, P. Johnson, Unidentified, J. Mattiodia, B. Summers, D. Smith, F. Pubols. Unidentified, Unidentified, V. Higdon, R. Cozad, J. Fawcett, D. Jarboe, G. Werf, G. Rigotti, K. Bruno. Unidentified, J. Weatherbee, R. Jensen, D. Morrison, T. Gallagher, E. Lahti, R. Hewitt. JV BASKETBALL 'lo an .r -U ae' s . B...-1 t.-- I 'H W.--A we "B :S t " ' iiif ni 'H O ... 1 w'..,,,. , , -' gl SPA QA U6 'n - i rms, M. Moe, J. Fawcett, E. Lahti, D. Morvison, D. Eggo, J. Darby, G. Rigotti, M. White, R. Cozad, Front: Coach Larry Wilson, O. Dunford. l9l .5 JV BASEBALL as -R14 1 Qlkiblk Q f Row l: C. Stronach, B. McGelvary, J. Young, G. Crockett, G. Garrucio, B. Hines, K. Kolb, D. Ashpole, A. Frisch, K. Wiedemann, L. Bisbee, M. Kottsch, E. Keen. . Row Z: Mr. Osborn, T. Ayres, D. Capps, N. Losk, R. Skipton, G. Hoss, J. Salyands, W. Stonelake, F. Pubols, M. White, T. Gallagher. 1956 City Wrestling Champs ,,-xi Row I: J. Young, D, Halloch, G. Doht, L. Fawcett E. Chavers, R. Wilson, C. Fox, K. Schrock, D. Wienker. g Row Z: B. Gebo, L. Hewitt, L. Young, R. Lindb B. Ball, R. Hewitt, D. West, H. MacCreary, D. Baker, J. Larson. Row 3: D. Newmann, Mgr., L. Richey, G. Husteu, T. Gallagher, D. Baldwin, R. LaBarre, R. Jenson, M. Barteaux, Mgr. 107 "C" FOOTBALL Shown above is the freshman football squad coached by Mr. Dusek. "C" BASKETBALL Row li S. Rankin, K. Grover, R. Williams, C. Bakken, D. Leonetti. Raw 2: F. Maffei, G. Hoss, P. Davidson, B. Turner, C. Thorburgh, J. Bergstrom, T. Painter, Coach Kurath. IICII Row l: Surbough, Bakken, Fawcett, Davidson, Ratciff, Klockars, Darby, Painter. Row 2: Betts, Marchington, Lamb, Sampsel, Stradley, Baldwin. Row 3: Grover, Fausell, Hamar, Owen, Manager. JV TRACK Row I: Mancini, Rydman, Higdon, Jenson, Wilson, Krantz, Dalrymple. Row 2: Eaton, Cozad, Whittlesey, Grover, Lockyear, Johnson, Beck, manager. GIRLS' TENNIS Row I: A. Bracken, N. Keranen, P. Bracken, C. Sanvitale, J. Siemssen. BOYS' TENNIS Row I: C. Carvell, D. Dunford, R. Williams, J. McDonald, .D Row 2: J. Ross, M. Fox, L. Wise, R. Young, O. Dunford. I94 GIRLS' SWIMMING Row I: G. Benson, M. Gaines, B. Sauer, F. Luhrs, D. Bradshaw. Row Z: P. Shipman, E. Cornelius, N. Torkelson, J. Sand- blast, B. Hults. YS' GOLF I: T. Carter, S. Bennett, C. Kuchne, S. Woodyard. Z: R. Peterson, B. Gobel, D. Johnson, L. Young. BOYS' SWIMMING .fax Row I: J. Michelson, J. Strickfadin, D. Feigart, G. Frank- lin, D. Frisch, J. Smith. Row Z: R. Macy, R. Nakata, J. Lukor, R. Feigart, D. Bell Row 3: D. Erickson, G. Wygant, D. Sanders, C. Thornber f rlff 1 M mil i Although outsiders often are misled by our many ac- tivities, the typical student at Franklin finds that play is secondary to work. We at Franklin are proud of our lofty standards, and justly so. With the graduation of each new senior class, we are much gratified by the rapidly increasing number of college scholarships and other special awards, proof of the industry of our students and the counsel of our teach- ers. For our underclassmen, the way is often difficult and discouraging, but, encouraged by this example, they strive with renewed ambition toward their goal. The high school years also include social opportunities essential to the development of personal character as well as outward personality, the ultimate significance of the graduating diploma, however, lies in the evidence of aca- demic responsibility and initiative. l96 fuaQ1zi' mfg , 512554 N Q 4- ...i.....4.............-- ,,..... , 4,6 6 X ' R - i 5 4' bl 'goof 9 Biology is an exciting study of plant and animal lite. Students learn to consider all phases objectively. l l Chemistry is a specialize course tor those student planning to enter som field of science. , 5 1 w s ,,P,-HMC.. Can you verify that statement? The debate course, contributing to the cause of better citizenship, is appealing to many students. 411 i Parlez-vous le francais? French class introduces an interesting study of culture, as well as elementary language. ...Q-"""""-l ,fr- X Students of English are often at least this industrious, but generally, more sol We are proud of our fine English department. These students are improving their speed and accuracy in typ- ing. People are increasingly aware of the major role business plays in our lives. Art is a popular course, entertaining and educational. Creative ability is developed ac- cording to basic concepts enhanced by imagi- nation. Our mathematics department is superior. A knowledge of math, whether elementary or specialized, is useful in all phases of liv- ing. 1'- ,Ag 'Y' l l The boys enrolled in shop courses may one ive-'R day take positions in mechanics and engl fil neering, essential to our complex industrial civilization. Homemaking is fun, encourag- f E ing proficiency in household eco- ' ' - W nomics and wisdom in handling ' -Q" -GL' many adult problems. if V zoi ki. Z i? I llllllhlll ff!! 3 fl fee Vi f f"'N ff il Y X "All work and no play makes Jack a bored boy, if not a dull one. . ." Because we realize the truth of this statement, we at Franklin include extracurricular activity as an important part of personality and character development. Though major emphasis is directed toward academic achieve- ments, the cause of diversified activities is also promoted by faculty and student body alike. Our school days are brightened by a whirl of fun in the form of assemblies, plays, sports events, seasonal programs, and dances. But with particular pleasure we anticipate springtime-and the selection of Franklin's Ioveliest senior girls, our radi- ant Rose Festival Princess and the sparkling May Fete Court. 202 1 , Concluding in this issue The Franklin Memoirs The most momentous year ,gn wg i 12513535 ETA: 252 if .. W 1 si-an Y 2 3 Z E Fi og :L i f ear 6 f,,:,. ,K I f ii X THE NEW LOOK Our Rally Squad-Best in the Northwest we xeow 'ne comes X And the band's in fine fettle for the Jamboree 204 Curt Crandall, shown above catching a stray pass during the McMinnville game, Quaker end Del Ferguson, watches action closely. Democrats Edge Franklin Eleven JEFFERSON O 7 0 O-7 FRANKLIN O 6 O O-6 Franklin's scoring possibilities were numerous, but they could not capitalize on them. The Quakers played one quarter of the game at Multnomah Stadium on "Jamboree Night" and the other three quarters on Jeff's home field. Fred Gehring scored the Quakers only touchdown, when he ran 59 yards after receiving a pass from quarterback Jim Kuhn. Quakers Stop Grizzlies, 13-12 MCMINNVILLE 0 0 6 6-12 FRANKLIN 6 0 7 0-13 Franklin opened their 1955 football campaign by edg- ing past the McMinnville Grizzlies 13-12, on the latter's field. Fred Gehring, Lou Mattioda, Jim Kuhn and Bob McGill showed outstanding performances in the Quakers' attack. Fred Gehring scored both touchdowns, once a twelve yard sneak, and the other a fifty-nine ramble off tackle. Joe Roth booted the deciding point. Three Jefferson Democrats bring down an unidentified Franklin ball carrier at Hopkins field. Teddies Trip Quakers, 14-7 ROOSEVELT 0 7 0 7-14 FRANKLIN O O 7 0-7 Roosevelt, while capitalizing on seven Quaker fumbles, scored with 1:32 left on the clock to preserve a 14-7 victory over a hardluck Franklin squad. Franklin out played the Roughriders all through the game, while making seventeen first downs to Roosevelt's two. An unidentified Teddie reaches for a 205 Quaker pass. Lou Mattioda is shown being brought to the turf by a Benson gridder. Neil Cawood, Quaker tackle, watches action. Cardinals Win Lincoln .... O 0 12 l3-25 Franklin O 7 0 0--7 Lincoln, capitalizing on a strong ground attack, came storming back after a slow first half to hand the Franklin Quakers a 25-7 defeat on the Lincoln field. Bob McGill scored the Quakers' lone touchdown of the night when he hit pay- dirt, climaxing a 49 yard drive. Joe Roth converted with a perfect placekick to make the count 7-0 at halftime. Quakers Top Benson Benson .. .7 6 0 6-l9 Franklin . .7 9 6 6-28 The Quakers, after two straight losses to Jefferson and Roosevelt, hit the win column for the first time during league play by whipping the Benson Mechanics 28-19, on the Franklin field. Bob McGill led the Quaker attack, scor- ing three clutch touchdowns and averag- ing l2.4 yards a carry. Outstanding per- formances were shown by other team members. Quaker fullback, Bob McGill, is heading downward during the Lincoln game. An unidentified Franklin ball carrier hits the soft turf after a long gain. 206 Cleveland Victor Cleveland .. 6 6 l5 0-27 Franklin 7 7 0 7-2l Cleveland's Indians, while hitting pay- dirt in every quarter, held off a determined bunch of fighting Quakers to earn an ex- citing 27-2l victory in the Quaker bowl The victory put Cleveland in third place in the PIL football standings. Doug Daniels, Glen Hutton, and Wayne Seim scored TDs for the Quakers, two of which were aerial balls. QUAKERS SLIP BY FIGHTING GENERALS GRANT O O 0 0-O FRANKLIN 6 0 0 O-6 Franklin's fighting Quakers scored a first quarter TD, and then settled down to hold the Generals of Grant to exactly nothing to register their second league victory 6-0, in the Quaker Bowl. Bob McGill climaxed an 89-yard drive late in the first frame when he went into paydirt from I5 yards out. The win put the Quakers in a sixth place tie with Roosevelt in the PIL football standings. t , -W . Oh! My EYE! ll COLONIALS STUNNED WASHINGTON 0 O 0 O-O FRANKLIN 6 6 6 0-I8 Will Stephens' spoiling Franklin football squad upset the state bound Washington Colonials, I8-O, on a rain-drenched, Franklin field, Friday, October 28. The game marked the close of the 50th PIL gridiron campaign, and brought back some glory which has been missing at Quakerville this past season. Doug Daniels scored two TD's, and Bob McGill went into paydirt for one, to count for all of the scoring in the contest. Franklin end, Doug Daniels, escapes a Grant player to pick valuable yardage. Jack Luhrs 1233 watches play. QUAKERS END SEASON With the win over the state-bound Washington Colonials, the Quakers closed their I955 league campaign with a so-so three win and four loss record. Although the record is not im- pressive, many gridiron fans around Quakerville witnessed some good, hard-hitting football games. Rittled with costly injuries during the first three contests against McMinnville, Jefferson and Roosevelt which cost the services of fullback Bob McGill and halfbacks Fred Gehring and Glen Hutton, the previous highly-ranked Stephensmen were doomed to end up towards the frightful position-the cellar. But the Franklin came back with determination and never-say die play to whip Benson, Grant, and Washington. Bob McGill and Doug Daniels drew all-city honors with McGill getting the most votes from the coaches than any other performer in the city. Ron Maes, tackle, received a second team rating. Ron just missed being placed on the first team by a narrow margin. 207 Four Quaker gridsters close in on a loose ball during the Washington tilt. THE FRESHIE FROLIC The l956 Freshie Court-Ann Reese, Sylvia Goodwin, Nancy Patheal, Eileen Kasner, Barilynn Pen- nington, Sharon Reese, Joyce Hyde, Pat Allen, Judy Shaw, Cecil lra, Bob Ratiff, Ron Marchington, Joe Maia, Don Selsbee, John Arena, Fred Surbaugh, Joe McCroy, and Fred Maffei. if een Sllololl A Q' n me 0 -gm! lo Havin 9 fun, 208 ' i , 1 XJ' im As usual, this year's Freshie Frolic was a smashing success. The theme, "Rock Around the Clock," was carried out in a jazzed-up version of "CindereIIa" and two be-bop bedtime stories. After the entertainment, our 1952 King and Queen, Chuck Sasse and Janice Edwards came forward to crown the new royalty-King John Arena and Queen Sharon Reese of the 1955 Freshie Frolic. le i .Aix A QM i, 'T' A A..,. uf ,rggm 'Y 209 Q 4 1e Z The W get -CM! b Coxm dl Yme - 55265 Y 'nefxr hxlcmoui 0 S up OKYZY K OW! Shi ke, rattle, NOW let' s all give a yell for the '55 Almano C! ani rolll 210 Cr Gzyl m. lxed up kid' he A Choi' K lf? F2 il The hanging of the candidates Congrat ulations, Bud! W ONYX C00ch 5 re 1, team og Eng bcongratulares a I0 Well done. f J ig-,I V eerY and t Sembw , SEMBLI ES Mr- V nkS9M"g AS zu at We Tho ACTIVITIES X FALL A.F.M. ,, S 'X I: 5 R mi, I IHWQSIS, ' VQJQSELQ ,gi I f 2mufgSfS'f5:ffffiSfff an-1 -, Q, ILLXEP' ' M -W wr al A-FM. .. Wee lr ways Produc e s a Crop of new b eards Won S. we NN an-...M oe! P- 3 M- we dw' OHS wk avnce QQXX o Pose ox We Ong Q01 Pg,-Hand D e uma University St hoehdow udents demo 212 n techniques nstrqfe some A-F' H .1-S' i Sm svonsored M. QU Sh C C 19' B05 nt " -X gk President .loe Rotlr engine ers A' E M6 infensiye "Ca'77lJUs Cle anup Benjy needs dusting off every so often, a job willingly undertaken by Franklin students. Campaign, " eS Qfowmt on 430 SQOQS e c vrefy Jo Ron . I P r 9968 vice new ARSENIC AND OLD LACE i"+ If i Q., CAST OF CHARACTERS Drrector Mr Jomes Shatter Assistant Director Corlyn Compton Stage Manager Roger Fedor Y A wt E ll 5 x O' X 4' ll 4990 Ylfg N mee' ow' O Q s RLQ' g gctaeex iii 'iflllxvwl s i ll. .lllfaet E 'lei M -V ',y'I,..' f fmwfff f s iil5N'u:.t' . 1 eo T O rro, 22 l X Y ,, WNW em S MQW Dr. Harper-Bill Bortholemew Martha Brewster-Lollie Cunningham Abby Brewster--J udie Quinlin Teddy Brewster---John Honno Elaine Harper--Mori Lou lvliessner Mortimer Brewster-Del Newhouse Dr. Einstein-Bill Stephens Johnathan Brewster-Darrell Wilhoit Officer O'Hara-John Driscoll Officer Klein-Larry McPolond Lieutenant Rooney-Phil Schoor Mr. Gibbs--Charles Downing Mr. Witherspoon-Mike Folotico The Body-Phil Mitchell "No, Chonnie!" i' .ffl "That's bully--just bully!" Surprise! 215 DANCES 'ff l"4i, '.'IH' qi The Pet hiXXbMys. :Kes and Hokombsffeu Ain' , Eussm, and hghtkn' Hwy' Joonie and Jerry m their best Mike D Qihs CIOSLGQ Und C 't U at Urol Wig- HD, Itto Dl'Qg'll p I.C.C 216 H Uylng f Un? V f,.,f.:Y- , ,XgQgq2.fW,1 .,,,,V, .. , 4 :Y1iva:f:f,Y,-S41 nk' igjg' Zif1225E?seg5fE'f'sfsizefwp A1wi ?f-f f L. 'Q ,kgs- , if , ,, .,.,,Vf,,,.,N,,., ,,,i.,,,,V.,....W.k,fw....S?.,x,kg2,iQVgSmH'-is4fggifggmw,,g,.,.W-W. ..w.m.w..A,,.,, 3- 5' 1 - 1"ff'ff-"-'ffwf-W'JNWL-w""W-Mwvwwwmwwmmiiwifsiq-:iaaswswsw2wm-.Wff--mwwwwm. " f" A Q , V,,,n,,W,..,'wy..,,,,MfMpnwx+w,awgws9Mq,vg5ssQsam.fK,,..w,I.wwf--r4.W.,,,4A,,,,,,,,,m M ,K s 15-1fSi6'iAfEQt2 ggmk.:-fy 3 ,, ,,v,-w.w+w-f 3 ' , K'-' N 1,mdWAw5biW'1I2""' " ,,.,-,:q. "' ,ww! W, h 1 , . f , , ,, X .m....,. , - I wi---M gm, me , xw mggamf. WZ, I- 1 U + 5. M- , 3 '1 m 1 1 V 1, .. f 1 N ' ' W , .,.. , ,,3w"f: i 5 r wT, ,g ,w 'Lvmqggwnlqr if ,, - 5 l?"A' iii V L ,, iff, !,.4 ,V V qi f,'f:,V-,gig . LE, . sn J- , Q 'f ' 1 Y ' 1 ,, sf- , 5 '25 - , .L 4. - im y 4 V V, 1 . fm? . - if , 55159573231 .51 - . 'Q 1 V , ' . ' X ' 'WV .if ' 2 ' ' 1 , , p W fa .. 1 ' x img 'T , ' , wi" ' 9' f 551, V, Z li H my 1 .. A y 1-f ' M' 1 ' H 1 04' ' "if f, 3 ,Q -iii. - 'M W L' 1, 1 ' Q ie: M - ' 4 -8 ' 'A x ' Q , ,, , fr 'K , W X- K V gf ' ,- , 1 M I 1-9 X 1 , K HE L. . ' 133, , . W, ,"Q'f'1h'-3'f-rm!" :L L 52: ,.,, V 55? ,ig rf VIA, g !y N ,gf la, V! ij, s f W 1 at ' 'w' W , -- X Q - f -' ' ,, f 'Biff '- " ' ' ' " Al. f Eff " , "H ' . , . f gg fig O - Pi I V gy, 9 v ,, , 13 , 5533! F' 'Lf gf' T ' ' ' - .di ' 1 2-' ui H ' ' V , -'ah 5 1 ij g ggxij " -, f - , . - 4, f' r f f- W , Y 'f x 3 ,, . 1- 32 ,gf P , f I " ' 'V' ' w M 5'3" 33' 151 ill' ' :yi 'l 4. Srila' ' 'N 7 ' 'nil Q rm 5 -- fr 1 Aj' ,J ' 4 ' '-45' , .-' 3 ' .. , L 1, , 1521: l4i' :if1'1f'Y gk X. '. 3 5 ' .Q , . K - f I' 4,3 , f V '. 4. . K 5 ig :ai , , ab o 12' 2- f .Min N if "-4 W as ,ff ,f N e - 1 - .alifxv W 14 I Q, Asif . . 'Mu .V um' - 4 - I 1 8 ' w , . 7, I. A 'H av 1n"if Q5 ' ,, fa x -' A 'L . , H 1-' , 'V' 1- gif W 5 1 1 5 .J , CHRISTMAS iffy X - 3, V ' ,. 1: k 4gQW4,5,5g,,,?QyWit,4g5g33?gQ:Qg13gsggs,gagfgff:ya1UNMM V, . .,. MVN?-Q4-vblpfg-:swf 5,1- lm' lgwlfui ,,,,.4-'W Hallelujah! Choi' Comb A . 'Katha halls. ggllglilseniors de 218 "Whos ffe.f0""e 'sf SEASON NSY . . Hrfosw Fon khnS Fran Don? th el' look h 0PPy? Joan Washburn, Mike Falotico, and Sandy Neels dance to the "Waltz of the Flowers." 219 Fran and klinites will long remember these famous alums--Tommy Nixon The Candelabra kid: Tammy Llberace Benny Farah. eflwre E Yeeriforge girdle? owes. r. 6 0 X95 og the otkfod Rey SOXAHEUIII S H., I le d ' ' Ys annelfzered 0 Ch E031-er azffenging m sembl essa kong Qe at 220 aiu-.iv Ma!" Qu A Pretty pro sS-" bone Ru Jerry Briggs stands atop Dick Leonetti as his blood-curdling screams pierce the air. ' Y ren' U61 G Z 7 our T Ommy an x ww Neo 'R 'fr 452 ' s i 5 4.23 rs Q . I cl Benn yllreh C- W -mann-nursr '--f'-- H M '-- --- 221 Duf ,D a""'9 f 1 1 Or Do -dads xg 'K ,fi in Leia 'Asi i .i Q : iiii Eek! Robbers! Two Central Catholic performers close in on Bjarne l Jensen during tense action on the Quaker floor. Franklin won, 47 - 33. Lincoln Upsets Quakers Twice LincoIn's Cardinals, employing a slow but deter- mined type of offense, upset the highly favored Frank- lin Quakers twice in league play by the scores of 57-51, and 47-45. Franklin performers Ernie Spargur, who tallied l8 points, and Bjarne Jensen's l9 counters led all scorers in both tilts. Ernie Spargur, Franklin forward, goes high in the air for an easy lay-in. Gene Costi, Washington forward, watches vainly. Preseason Record Outstanding Mel Krause's basketball hopefuls, rated number one in the state, ended their preseason record. The Quakers lost to Medford, 58-53, in the sixth contest of the season for their only defeat of the young season. South Salem, North Salem, Central Catholic, Hillsboro, and Grants Pass, all tasted setbacks from the Quakers. Krausemen Wallop Colonials Twice Bjarne Jensen is shown attempting a shot during the Lincoln fray. Lincoln upset Quakers twice in loop play Mel Krause's determined Franklin Quakers fough off a late Washington Colonial rally in the last quarte to preserve a 64-60 victory on the loser's court as th second round got under way. When the Cols invade the Quaker floor during the second half of the season the Fronklinites registered a rousing 83-63 triump as Bjorne Jensen "canned" 33 counters. Scoring in the double figures in both contests fo the Quakers were Ernie Spargur, who garnered a tota of 18 in the second tilt, Bjarne Jensen, 5l in bot games, and Jim Kuhn, who chalked up 18 in the first contest. y Franklin's Bjarne Jensen is shown above attempting to chalk up two points during the Roosevelt fray. Jack Luhrs 1225, Jim Kuhn 1123, and Ernie Spargur 1lll close in for Quakers. Franklin guard, Glen Hutton, creeps up on a Benson player during tense action. Benjies Swamp Roughriders Franklin's tall basketball quintet swamped the Roosevelt Roughriders twice in league play by 62-43, and 83-57 scores. Mel Krause cleared the Franklin bench as every player tallied at least two points. Bjarne Jensen, while playing a little over a half a game, "pushed" in 28 counters, in the second contest to be the high scorer in both tilts. Ernie Spargur, Quaker captain, goes up to push in two points. Ron Nakata 1351 watches closely. Quakers Whip, Edge Benson After trailing at half-time in both contests, the Franklin Quakers rallied with third quarter spurts to register 58-5l and 54-53 triumphs. It was Bjarne Jensen again who took top honors in scoring for the Quakers, scoring 2l points in the first tilt, and 18 the second. The second round win moved the Franklin quintet into a second place tie with Lincoln. Quaker forward, Ernie Spargur lll l, jumps high into the air for an important shot. Franks Crush ,Jefferson Franklin's determined Quakers edged the Jeffer- son Democrats, 60-59 in the first round play, and poured it on in the final round, blasting the Demos, 79-60 on the winner's floor. Franklin center, Bjarne Jensen chalked up his highest point production of the campaign, pushing through 42 points in the second fray. Ernie Spargur, the Quaker cage-captain, also hit in the double figures in the second contest with 12 counters. f if mfr, fl' ,h X f Jack Luhrs i22l, Franklin guard drives in for two points during the Jefferson tilt. Shown above is Bjarne Jensen as he tries vainly for a basket during the Grant contest. 224 State Q. .. r ' 4 Champions 1956 Q-X. ,f 4 Q! 'fc is! A fin ax KK? GF N, N . Winner and State Champs: Two eager Medford players stand ready for quick action as Franklin's Ernie Spargur looks for a teammate to pass to. A pleaful Franklin rally squad looks in agony during tense action in Eugene. For the first time in 35 long years, these words rang in the excited ears of eager Franklin rooters as they saw Mel Krause's, determined charges crush a good Medford Black Tornado team, 73-60, in the l956 championship finals. The Quakers rolled over South Salem, 65-62, Eugene 56-50 in an overtime thriller, Lincoln's Cardinals, 48-40, and finally the big one, Medford, 73-60. Big Bjarne Jen- sen led all tournament "point-getters" in piling up an impressive 96 counters. Ernie Spargur was picked on the second string all- state team, while Bjarne Jensen received a first team rating. First five team finishers were: lll Franklin, l2l Medford, l3l Lincoln, 143 Eugene, C57 Mac-Hi. Ah-ahl Don't touch that bolll Jim Kuhn, Frankli forward, is shown picking up loose ball during champion ship play. Quakers won, 73-60. Jerry Jarboe ll0l, Glen Hutton 1337, and Ernie Spargur illl, close in on a husky Lincoln player. Frank- lin edged the Cardinals in o thriller, 48-40. Jack Luhrs scoots around towering Bjarne Jensen and an unidentified Medford player during title play. Franklin's Jim Kuhn drives in for two points against the Medford Black Tornado. Two Medford courtmen try, but without success, to stop Kuhn's lay-in. Shown above are rally squad members Mike Rogers, Janice Edwards and Mary Ellen Adams as they whoop it up in MacArthur court. Ernie Spargur llll, Franklin forward, goes up into the air while attempting to snare a rebound from a Lincoln cager. Jack Luhrs 4223 stands ready for ball. Quakers led throughout the contest. i l I i Mel Krause, right, is shown holding the game ball that was used in the final championship contest between Franklin and Medford. For the second straight year Mel coached his Quakers into the annual affair. ln two successful season under this young, inspiring guy, Franklin has come from a second division team to the highest honor a high school quintet can receive. 8 l . of hr !'f'f?5-1 qu tg Q. . aes? .,..,,X Quakers Whip Grant, Share Lead Franklin joined Jefferson as co-champions of the Port- land lnterscholastic League by soundly whipping the Grant Generals, 7l-56, on the loser's floor. The Gen- erals took the first round contest, 54-47. Bjarne Jensen was again high-point man for the Quakers in the second fray, as he tallied 27 points. Grant's little 5'7" guard, Jack Riley, took top honors though, "canning" 30 counters. Cleveland's Hugh Springer is shown trying to stop a Glen Hutton shot. Quakers won. 83-66. Franklin center, Bjarne Jensen, "cans" two points during the first Grant game. Jensen Shines Against Indians Franklin's 6'9" center, Bjarne Jensen, hit the hoop for a total of 79 points in two contests against the hapless Cleveland Indians, as he led the Quakers to 83- 66 and 77-62 triumphs. Hugh Springer, Cleveland's main scoring threat, "pot- ted" 20 tallies in the second tilt for high man on the loser's side of the ledger. Jensen's 42 point outburst in the second game matched his season-high point pro- duction which he set four days earlier against Jefferson. 'rf' ,. 4, y I Up in the air with a yell goes Franklin Rally King, Dick Leonetti. 225 'EB 'Ufcwt' eel! Solo Singer ....... Solo Narrator ...... Barabbas r..r...... . Rascham ......... Ephriam .... Centurion .r,. Messenger ....... Prop Girls ...,. Mlrna .............v..,... Edress .ee.e4.4.............. Barabbas' Mother .e... Judas lscariot .,A.e,,, Women in Crowd Scenes Delmay Spencer Judy Denson Deanna Ward Marie Peters Judy Hart Diane Newton Virginia Burk Diane Willard Linda Marl Written and Directed by James F. Shaffer Bill McElhaney Darrell Wilhoit Al Lavorato Malcolm Greene John Hanna Bill McElhaney Bobby Harris Pat Shaw, Pat Bracken Marianne Games Carlyn Compton Judy Hyatt Bill Stephens Dancing Girls Joan Washburn Sandy Neels Janet Scott Judie Quinlin Achmar .... Britta s,,s......... Roger Fedor Pilate .....s............. Pilate's Wife Pharisee ,s.,......... Lame Man .,........s.. Mary .............,...s......... s...... Mary's Companions ,ss.. ..... Znd Criminal Timpani Player .,.... Men at and in Crowd Scenes Jim Weinkauf Douglas McKern Charles Downing John Becker Phil Schaar Ron Glein Bob Osborn 226 Roman Soldiers Rod Black Larry McPoland Ethen Scarl Dick Erickson Bob Seethaler Sandra Brockbank Mike Falotico Lorraine Conrad Ron Georges Gayle Justice Dallas Weeks Mary Ellen Savage Judy Mosher John Hanna J Sue Dahl Speaking Chorus Jan Williams Donna Jensen Robyn Vickers Pat Bracken Sue Briggs Kathy Inman Jeannette Murdocl Judy Barnes Dolores Pippi Pat Shaw Will Borobbus 'emo to Edress? in true A decide y baffl 1,100 d S who -e beth' will le een 3 Gd f Ufabb he conspifgioigd Ephriom Aggression leads to tense and bitter strife in the Rome-controlled provinces of Judea. 227 l FALL A. G. S. ACTIVITIES 'iv s ' 'Y 3 A.f, Qi . I .4 ,L I lx A 3 r I A The Fall A. G. S. Cabinet can relax and smile now,for they have the satisfaction that goes with a job well done. -nxef 5 , , Q. Ior a long vu A dahlia by G - Ht is I 'W Of ' dow' her ,, A' Hle ami? W A Kai Se we ffl ould smell on . ,.. 1. V , I. v, -- awe 1- iw sg A as 'WMI I f I V9 i s ,, , ,Jw Vr::w..?4,,V kirgk , Vi. t I z A B' -I A , -4 ijfliyas . t it see A aasi il- ' A 'Wf I 55 I . I' ' ' "" if ' -1244. ff' W Q5 3' 1. . Y pi: eg, 'li M' Vs' f t ,E VM Lg. - 9, 4' - ' AAS sz LII -b x ,,,,.s,.s,.,. . 'V ggrfg E' Rig? ' 1 ,Qs A gm-,M A ,,, ,.L " '.-f 2 ,,e-- ' -f ,, A , if.t,,w4 f, I eeis A I A ss 24 2 . ' ii I I ' nf ,tit ' f I I f ': The Annual A. G. S. Dahlia Show. 228 f I si A sew vfdgghiiv Dom' OXSOV one DKSIWY 5 E6 eh 0 . KKn9 Omhqiiikvv Dance this Yeo' S W0 d hauIOIZlT16n Doug D - . Ughin . Oni lud - 9 J els :cial dwarfs Im Torchiqagioierry Briggs . e fhe sey en ,iv fif? L? . . - fffww: - L - The Spring A.G.S. Cabinet, with Diana Fields at the helm. 229 WIZARD OF OZ James F. Shaffer Cast of Characters Aunt Em .,.... ........ M ary Ellen Adams Joe ,.,.....,......... ....,....... D ick Erickson Uncle Henry ................................ C. E. Spence Dorothy .................................... Robyn Vickers Mayor of the Munchkins .,........,..... John Dunn Sorceress of the North ................ Sandy Neels Wicked Witch of the West .... Deanna Ward Scarecrow .................................. Mike Falotico Tinman .............. ...... ....... G a yle Justice Cowardly Lion ..... ....... B ill Stephens General l ...... ........... B arbara Sauer General 2 ............... ....... N ancy Torkelson Singing Chorus General 3 ...... General 4 ....... ....... Private ............. ..... Lady of Oz .,.. Lord. Growlie Audrey Morrow Delmay Spencer Judie Quinlin .. Donna Jensen Dave Pubols Gloria ,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,. ...,..t P atty Bracken Wizard of Oz Bill McElhaney First Witch ......... ....... S haron Stober Second Witch Joan Washburn Tibia ................... ................... S -ue Briggs Ozmas ,.,.......... ...... J eanette Murdock Dick Anderson, Jerry Jarboe, Dan Jarboe, .Larry McPoland, Jon Smith, Ray Jones, Bob Street, Daryl Entrikan, Mike Brown, Marshall Warner, Gerrie Anderson, Sandra Rossell, Judy Hargreaves, Judy Saylor, Pat Thorgerson,- Marianne Gaimes, Sandra Thomas, Diane Torkelson, Marthajean Pearson, and Marge Stradley. Dancing Chorus Marlene Perkins, Diane Willard, Kay Elliot, Deanna Schoenfeld, Susan Rosenbloom, Sharon Stober, Joan Wash- burn, Kay Gebhart, Scott Bennett, Earl May, Paul Carrier, and Bob Seethaler. Now, Dorothy! Attention! You mighty Army of Oz P .II we want is my heart, the Iion's courage Rnd a score-crow's braln. And dea is plotted! DANCES The swing cats are at it cgnin. What on FrankIin's dance floor? You name it! Having trouble? Our own Dr. Erickson with his sparkling family , ., Even principals are human! 233 Preseason Baseball Only four contests marked preseason action for coach Larry WiIson's varsity baseball nine. The Quakers came out on top only once, crushing the Portland State frosh, 20 - 3. Other scores were: Cleveland 5, Franklin 2, Franklin 5, Central Catholic 5, Portland State Varsity 9, Franklin 3. Shown above is the JV Football Squad coached by Mr. James Ward. Due to printing deadlines the names have been omitted. Quakers Edge Indians, 3-2 Larry Wilson's Franklin Quakers opened the l956 PIL campaign by edging past the fighting Cleveland Indians, 3-2 in eight innings on the winner's field. John Holcomb, senior pitcher, hurled all the way, besting CIeveland's mound ace, Hugh Springer. Holcomb allowed only four hits, while Springer was touched for nine base blows. Grant Tri s Wilsonmen P r Barney Koch's Grant Generals handed the Franklin 'uakers their first PIL setback by blasting out a 6 - 0 ctory on the loser's field. Senior, John Holcomb gave up seven hits in 4 2X3 lnings with six runs scoring off him, three of which were urned. Marv Hempel, Hal McEwen and Eddie Olsen eamed up to pitch the Quakers out of trouble for the maining innings. Ron Nakata, Lyle Meyer, Larry Watkins and Billy nwles gathered Franklin's only base hits. rl Franklin Wallops Colonials, 6 - 3 Franklin's Quakers, behind the four hit pitching of Jerry Petrie and the battling power of Jack Luhrs, Ron Nakata and Billy Sowles, handed the Washington Colon- ials a 6 - 3 trouncing on the Quaker field. EXTRAS ,gn vin" to wah' abou x 36 9x9 We 10 xC 1-'iv Wo' Picture Hogf V eneral Dave Curry stands al' a Hen tion fff 2 if Thks Ks what Chrks Bok thknks oi the Nmonoc p ogrop r ok the X. C. C. Dance. oops I fb e pro Src lh . fs fa, ,- "'9f swirling tulle and taffeta 237 ACTIVITIES! Dod's Club presents on exciting wrestling match. Dave and Ddnny entertain. 238 "Someday he'Il come along Seniors enjoy winter escapades. digg ia .15 Parents meet teachers, students, and other parents on our annual Open House night. E H' This is a good time to check on Junior's pro- gress. This year's Career Conferences were excep- tionally well planned and very interesting. Students take advantage of our democratic system at elec- tion time. 239 -1' M.. if i if: -1121 , r f,. -vf4.::gg1:g, .5 er i x ., ,.W, D .,,..,.,, Bud Snodgress Appe Cll'CII'lCe THE ,MEN or 'ri-us MONTH Jerry Crispe Scholarship EW ., f 'xx 2-'iw Jerry Petrie Personality Girls of the Month V ,L1.,lL l : , ,, +P 'fu ,J 6 fur N fa f , . :Wd !'.ff If NM Glrl of the Year- , f ' Connie Klingman M' 1,4 -edfness-Joan W0ShbUl'I1 Leadership-Susie Palmer QL. ,Q ,W 4' Q.: X A X s. 9 ' X , ' . W X. Spirit-.Mqrlene Perkins Scholarship-Janice Nakata 'P-S. P P . , xiii, I ersonality-Pat Patterson Cooperation-Marie Peters Courtesy-Connie Klingman 241 . I9 i!'26"f' ff Homage to our princess. It couIdn't happen to a nicer girl Congratulations! I can't believe it! 243 gif U' -.H vf " qrj-All!ai:i'W i - Lovely! Prdtty girls, pretty dresses. Af,,g--u Q was 5 7gly1l lx v ,X N -'js M A-',,,,--'-"' Y ,.f-1""i ' .-.-if-1"" - ,-,...- 1? -53.1,-i'+' -viii? - - --- ,-,1,,-f --ff ' - Advertising support is vital to our yearbook. Without it our book would be only a fraction of its present size and contain little or no color. We hope our readers will show their appreciation by patronizing the business con- cerns that have contributed so much toward the publi- cation of your l956 Almanac. 246 JUNE Mrs. Miller: the guardian of our purse strings Auto wholesale Co. Mathison Demorest Insurance Wholesale Prices to Retail Buyers 6300 S- E- FOSWI' " PR 1-1317 4949 5. E' powell REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE BE 4-6591 - BE 4-6592 - BE 4-6593 I SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES . . WEST COAST RADIO ' H 81 TELEVISION S9 H10 TELEVISION - HOME - AUTO RADIO SERVICE 5 SALES TUBES A BATTERIES A NEEDLES We Serwce All Makes 8123 s. E. Foster Ra. Phone PR I-5325 Wishes You Luck through Hawthorne Pharmacy 3538 S. E. Hawthorne BE 2-8406 Pay Station for Telephone -- Gas -- Lights and Water the years, May You Always See Happiness and never the tears. "Buy Where ifs Baked--Its Fresher F0sTEn BOAD BAKERY 1 1 1 I 1 6603 S. E. Foster PR. 4-9294 l l I l Decorated Cakes for All Occasions 10? discount on all School and Church Orders . I a " I' ' I A 9 Compliments . " WART Capitol Market ' '- 42Q6 S. E. Division St. 6 , Best Wishes from the Jlm and Doe's OII Company HAMMOND srvmo I . . . in Montavilla Heating OIIS DellYefed Evening and Sunday by Appointment l For Less 7821 S. E. Stark St. AL 3-1996 PR 5-3666 AL 4-1913 Res. AL 4-5347 Education: THE PRIME FACTOR EOR LEADERSHIP IN INDUSTRY Oregon Portland Cement Company Ill S. E. Madison St., Portland, Oregon 248 LESSONS RENTALS SALES Congratulations to -the Biella and P osa Accordions CI ss f'56 a o flaaenlei 14 eealu., .7nc. fjlflllifl' is xjzuz T l f flaifl in .fiom BEI 1 4-5303 5230 s. E. 52nd Ave. PR. 4-9109 JOE ments 1335 SE. HAWTHORNE A President D Portland 14, Ore. STORE NO 1 STORE NO. 3 S. E. 66th and 5- E- 32nd Gnd Foster Rgqd FOSTCI' Road - PR. 4-8817 PR- ' 6300 DEPARTMENT STORES L We Feature FOR THE MEN: Rough Rider Cords Von Heusen Shirts Golden Gate Sportshirts Hiekolq Belts-Suspenders Allen A, Briefs -- Teeshirts Levis John C, Roberts Shoes FOR THE WOMEN: Ship ond Shore Blouses Besttorrn Bros lontzen Sweotcrs Non Dorsey Sweoters Loomcrott Slips Buster Brown Anklets As You Like lt l-losiery M51-'jK'S BELMDNTPHRRMACY For the tinest in Prescription Service, the most complete line ot surgicol ond hospitol supplies, coll or visit . . . 3357 S. E. Belmont - BE. 2-7IS9 - Portland, Ore. DAY MUSIC CO. PIANOS -- T. V. -- ORGANS S. E. 8th and BELMONT BE. 4-5389 For Good Cleaning Always ARROW CLEANERS We .Give S 86 H Green Stamps 2315 S. E. 50th BE 5-1234 Compliments of Duemngenfs - - - S. E. 45th and Woodstock Blvd. Groceries -- Meats -- Food Lockers -- Variety calf Ijgafil JEWELERS AL 3 614, 7854 s E STARK STREET PORTLAND 16. OREGON The Finest In ELEUKICAPPLIAIICE A P P L I A N c E s Conn" Records 0 Record Players RADIO 6' TELEVISION SALES 6' SERVICE 6702 S. E. FOSTER ROAD "The Frienclliest Place in Townw PORTLAND 6, OREGON PR I-2100 CURT 81 FRANK CHEVRON SERVICE Expert Lubrication 6960 S. E. Foster Rd. PR 4-9446 ss sm fits.-1.32 ER: R 5 K U N 'PR-YSleIET4C'tH+E N -15 A 1-.. Ss ati. V? .,,, if -it it'-7? 4 2 if v.'f ,L zo' ,ws u W 513555.11 Q N 'NV 4?-, ?"'y""q'l IE A ygmt Ee'-firkei M . - N'.-,H-Lv.. ,lhifljfg irq.,'5tu,'57gng' CE uJXfiy-Us "s.N,:Nm. I :C s , - , 1 MU 'ZH Ahh REST X LI alhviw' PDRTLAND15. UREGDN Jan Rausbeck seems little interested in her playmate. Z Congrotulotions Closs oi '56 Jack and Carl's Texaco 6704 S. E. Division -- Portland, Oregon N 01't0n's jewelry Watch and Clock Repairing at its best PR 4-9017 6516 S. E. Foster Phone 1 Portland 6, Oregon PR 4-626 We Give S8fH Green Stamps WOOD RICHFIELD HEATING OILS COAL GASCO BRIQUETS PRES-TO-LOGS .r ' 5,,5f.-spas '-- - -- f----1 - - ,X f 6 W Us 'Q' 'Y as MT. scan FU EL .f .. 0 . f- ri- -, li.Wf"7. Portland 6, Oregon 6904 S. E. Foster Road Phone PR 4-3241 PIZZARIA A new service for the busy housewife Featuring Pizza and other Delicious Italian foods 6219 S. E. Foster Call PR 4-4601 Compliments of I FlllllWICK'S FEED STIIRE ' FEEDS -- SEEDS GARDEN SUPPLIES 12140 S. E. Division Llncoln 9382 Mt. Tabor Food Market Groceries and Meats 4904 S. E. Hawthorne Blvd. Schoewes Family Shoe Store Famous Hollywood Skooters for girls. City Club for boys. U.S. Keds for children. Jumping-Jacks. Kali-Sten-lks, Lazy Bones. Weather bird. We specialize in hard to fit feet. Open Monday and Friday evenings. We give S51-l Green Stornos 3574 S. E. Hawthorne BE. 4-1047 DRY CLEANING AND DYEING We Call For and Deliver Thrifty Cleaners 5823 S. E. Powell - PR 1-3734 6306 S. E. Foster Road - PR 1-1682 l For your Sportswear needs visit .Montavilla llept. Store Featuring National Brands 7936 S. E. Stark THE BEST KNOWN NAI' IN WORK GLOVES li Jerseys Specialties BE 4-32 - DISTRIBUTORS 4236 s. E. oivision Ml Dickson Drug Co. S. E. 80th and Stark Portland 6, Oregon ALpine 4-5595 FIRST AID R COSMETICS PRESCRIPTIONS and PRESCRIPTION ACCESSORIES llolmzufs Furniture 81 Appliances PR 4-8886 5716 S. E. 92nd Ave. Open until 4:00 P.M. Mondays and Fridays only f-. 1 97" , . ' ". M R ' ,ua Q I Q S A 1. , ix I ,' 7 SY 1 fd? oAnn Maio, Peggy Elledge, Janet Schmunk, Barbara Houser, 0' " """Y' -'71 CP?-I I935 S. E.'SPoweII Blvd. BE 6-I905 Crown Dry Cleaners COMPLETE DRY CLEANING SERVICE Arthur F. Bertuleit as ' 7 as We re here to serve you PR 5-3710 8141 C. E. Division St. lllIUlI ll. MAIUIIIUS lllllllllill Slllllllllll Good Luck and Congratulations 150 THE CLASS of '56 From GULICK Restaurant 6: Club Complete dinners - Broiled Steaks, Chicken Car Service - Lounge 82nd and Powell PR I-6717 OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY-7 DAYS A WEEK TRAILBURGERS with FRIES 0, ,.1,, Till 2 A. M. lclnnnd snndnysl 44th a Hawthorne ra Sauer pushing her wagon he "LA RUE" Shop 1 I complete line of ladies, apparel H ' 4805 S. E. Hawthorne Blvd. . lcasuals -- sportswear! S fXJ"' BE 6.3574 l' l r-1i: .I X I in, K- nV,, g 251 "JOE" HOGAN REALTY REALTORS - SALES and SERVICE Member Multiple Lining Service 7974 S. E. Foster PR 4.8366 p-In THE J. K. ILL A . iS. W. Fifth Avenue at Stark ...... CA 8-8681 l Bob 81 Harryls Texaco Service Free Pickup and Delivery S Sz H Green Stamps 'icewsonso eee eeee 50th and Division Sts. Telephone Dick Leonettii Portland 15, Oregon BE 5-8164 ! A Symbol of Sweet Memories Your Class Jewelry KARL J. KLEIN, Inc. Jeweler and Engraver 700 Jackson Tower CA 8-3718 Portland 5, Oregon BEST WISHES DONUTS -- DONUTS - DONUTS WILLITS HARDWARE l ' and FURNITURE uiliiruonwi nom sum' 3400 S' E' lzznd Ave' PR' 4-3279 LSCOILHLES for Churches and Clubs S5H Stamps Use Your Credit Hawthorne CANTON GRILL FAMOUS CHINESE and AMERICAN FOODS O DANCING 0 LOUNGE O ORDERS TO TAKE OUT f 1 L 0 Banquet Room Available 'O , K s. E. aznd, soufh of Davasioi Q, PR 4-8550 0 PR 4-9264 J, Fred Louis, Manaoer "Don't ask me!" advises Margie Dwiggins. 'Q 1 1 4 ' "'1"'f " ii d 5- VJ? in -L' Plzlup Ed ?'e'lr'l' - Compliments of oy s p o stery - - RECOVERING -- REPAIRING -- RESTYLING 4616 S. E. Hawthorne ESTIMATES GLADLY BE 5-0752 4624 S. E. Hawthorne BE. 6-6115 WAVSIDE Gnfr sHoD DENNY'S MARKET 3562 SE. HAWTHORNE BLVD., PORTLAND 15,0RE. We Give Green Stamps Howard C Keep BE. 6-5344 4026 S. E. Hawthorne BE. 4-4113 ......... . -. . . , l l l Cdyyleya May! Prompt City-:rifle Pick-up and Delivery Cofnplpfp Clpaning Sp,-Diff, 3342 S. E. Belmont BE 2-2595 252 4314 S. E. Hawthorne BE 4-3473 1 gxfiz Z Your Plumber Since 1928 Gag- Eleciric 14 Makzmv EL "jk mtv, " Plumbing G: Appliance Co. P ospect I-H45 5529 S. E. F OSTER ROAD GEORGE A. MORLAN PORTLAND 6, OREGON OT ' HI-FI -wc. " . f 1 r, --E ,Ar'9..f . Ig ,517 IXY, . K ' KECORDS, 4-if A f- E 1 aff- COMPLIMEN TS OF TOM, JIM and HARRY RASK RASK BROS. MARKET 4455 S. E. 52nd Avenue 52 Q77 CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY SERVICE - Pickup and Delivery Service 5640 S. E. WOODSTOCK PR. 4-4710 'is lonna and Diana Fields at the beach. SEARS REXALL DRUG CO. Prescriptions Phone AL. 4-7383 8037 S. E. Stark St. -- Portland, Ore. F- A DAVE L. SWYGERT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD MOBILGAS DEALER 2415 S. E. 42nd and Division ERlCKSON'S REALTY MARGARET M. ERlCKSON, REALTOR ' 4830 S. E. WOODSTOCK PROSPECT 5-3505 ESTIMATE APPRAISALS FREE GEN. INSURANCE BATTERIES FIRESTONE TIRES ACCESSORIES COURSON'S UNION SERVICE 49th and S. E. Powell Ted Courson Bus. BE 6-7747 BIRKEIYS lllT0 SUPPLY 4950 S. E. FOSTER AT 50h BE 2-7171 romuu 5, our. Chery1's Apparel Sportswear Spevialty Shop BE 4-6186 I 7928 S. E. Stark Alspine 4-9050 XYS-KI Congratulatvs the Graduating Class of 1956 3 v i I A i -.K Complnmemts F of Geri? ---' 1 I A ' fc Jack s Barber Shop 3630 S. E. Hawthorne 'Q I . ML in A." ' large Fgm is iieirsa7QQ E 3729 S. E. DIAL E AL NE 3. ,373 OUQ SPECIALTY1 Orders to take out. POIQTLANDS FINEST MODERN RESTAURANT CHINESE XfILLfXCE AMERICAN AND CHINESE FOODS ffm ..1Ewr:L:ns 1 HAVVTHEIRNE Errol Heights Pharmacy Prescriptions 7425 S. E. 52nd Ave. -I-29.2-f 5-24 cm I Club Privileges In Our Beautiful Lounge. 520 S. E. 82nd Ave. South OF Sw-k portland 16, Oregon Compliments of Walt's Super Market P I ortland, Oregon pg- X2 . MT. sc0TT GARDEN ,55'ff0B fQg Q: at PET SlIOP ' rooos a suvlrikf 5830 s. E: Foster I P113-6687 Wlieeler-Frost Realty Co. Residential Specialists Member Portland Realty Board - Multiple Listing Service -- ' 2039 S. E. 39tl1 Avenue BE 5-4191 ' I l r g 3 l i 1 Compliments of the SAM G. HANNA I Foon MARKET 6360 S. E. Foster Road PR 4-9019 Franklin Rexall Drug Prescriptions DIVISION Hi Ki Ki girls take 0 holiday. Compliments of Coast Auto Wrecking USED AUTO PARTS 8548 S. E. Division PANTURIUM CLEANERS X1 DYERS Prompt City-wide Pick-up and Delivery Complete Dry Cleaning Service PR 1'-2394 3342 S. E. Belmont BE 2-2595 r - 1 n ... ..... Congratulations to the Class of '56 from the Girls CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956, FROM THE GIRLS OF - KAPPA KAPPA PHI DELTA CHI GOOD LUCK! r- Harvey Does The Cooking KNIGHT BICYCLE Co. r lIARVEY'S RESTAURANT D 7804 s. Better Food E. 5,,,,k HOBBY SUPPLIES pnnnlzn- Dv-if-na 11 rn . hh ,4 n A 52nd Ave. and Flavel Street WE LEAVE THE SENIORS WITH THIS THOUGHT: "You have each been given a bag of Toolsg a formless rock and a book of raiesg and each must make, ere life has flown, a stumbling block, or a stepping stone." GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK HI KI KI Dixie Davis in her Sunday best. -' . ' TOM KREUDER Business PR 4-5563 Res. EV 1-1114 The Woodstock Garage 4628 S. E. Woodstock Blvd. Public Accountant AUTO -- INSURANCE -- FIRE Income Tax 5226 S. E. Foster Rd. Earlls Food Center Notary Public Portland 6, Oregon 8228 S. E. Division St. RADIO - TELEVISION - APPLIANCES COMPLETE FURNITURE DEPT. S M I T H S HOME FURNISHINGS Open 9 to 9, Sundays I2 to 5:00 No Down Payment Easy Pay Meter Way 3016 S. E. Division BE 4-9586 CURRY PHARMACY mC'SCggg1gggo15sgic5EPA1H FRED M' CURRY, Pep- .2Z:'2z.-:a:.':z::.E:.::.1f,f. 4726 S. E. Hawthorne BE 2,1806 6147 S. E. Foster Rd. PR I-3880 SENIORS HATCH, INC. 'GOne Today is Worth Two Tom0rr0ws" Benjamin Franklin Hatch Building Supplies Good-bye and Good Luck from LECOHA 7639 S. E. Fostei Rd- Congratulations to the Class of '56 The New Cathay RESTAURANT 2410 S' E' 82nd PR 4-1616 255 Oops' Here's Del Newhouse l 1 Congratulations and Good Wishes to the Class of 445679 from The Best Work and Best Materials THE HARDINGS W. J- LOEWEN BAGDAD MARKET 6203 S' E' PW" Blvd' '11, .1 - .. .- 85 GRQCERY MT. score' DRUG co. ARTHUR and PAUL GEISLER ' 9202 S. E. Foster Rd. Portland, Oregon , PR 4-5563 3631 S. E. Hawthoine BE 5-9650 Over 50 yems of Service HUN'I'LEY'S SUPER SERVICE 7330 S. E. Foster Road Portland PR 4-5622 I Ifs the friendly service that makes the difference CONLEE CLEANERS :S DYERS . We Give S G H Green Stamps l 8l26 S. E. Foster PR l-8620 DRUXMAN JEWELERS Diamonds -- Watelies Silverware and Jewelry ulVla11y Gift Items" Next Door to Hollyiroorl Theatre 4120 S. E. Sandy Blvd. Open every eve 'til 9 C buck s Refrigeration APPLIANCES and T.V. -- SALES and SERVICE 6927 S. E. Foster Rd. PR 1-1157 Franklin High School Class, June '56 " "-1' Vie Wolff seems to be enjoying herself. Here is to the future Brides and Bridegrooms of Franklin Hi Anders Printing C o. 3402 S. E. ' ' ' Catherine Conyngham slyly keeps watch over her toys. Dwlslon BE 2-5842 Franklin Market Montavilla Sewing Machine Center 5402 S. E. Powell Home of Good Sewing Machines BE 256 8324 S. E. Stark Street AL 3-7388 Compliments of Marie , THORPEUS TOILETRIES Bunn S Barber Shop We Give SSH Green Stamps HH pays to look welll, 5835 s. E. Powell PR 4-9192 4617 5- E- W00dSf0Ck uDost thou love life? Then do not M squander time, for that is the stuff life is macle off' S W Third fr Morrison Benjamin Franklin Compliments of I. C. C. OLLIE DAMON SPORTING GOODS "Your Southeast Sport Center" COMPLETE TACKLE STORE - SKI RENTALS 4530 S. E. Hawthorne BE 5-5517 Johnsons 5 81 'IO Complete Line of Variety Mdse. Darlene Petri looks as if she might cry. 3747 S' E- Hawthorne BE 4-8358 Kilowatt Electric llal9s Cycle Shop 6350 S. E. Foster Hobby and Craft Supplies Phone PR 4-8864 Portland 4427 S. E. Woodstock PR 4.3531 For the Best in New House Wiring CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1956 from Cash's Everready Cleaners 4118 S. E. DIVISION 257 6432 S. E. 52nd at Duke PR 1-4006 umm Cfgadio 5 QQ! 3 . . ivision Pl3tiu?1dE2.DOregon F loguers fordflgl Occnsions Quality Merchandise m porte eramics 81 DOROTHY '1'E1-:GARDEN Dependable Service Good Luck, Graduates Phoenix Rexall Drugs 67th and FOSTGI' Rd. PR 4-3239 PHELPS BAKERY 8410 S. E. Division H. L. Phelps, Mgr. Good Merchandise Heh Pearsoifs Mobile Service Station Corner 39111 and Hawthorne BE 2-8446 Thornburg's Grocery N O R T H C 0 A S T 4452 S. E. 52nd PR. 4-9295 EMALAYO Sends Congratulations to the Class of '56 'md Wishes then' Good Luck Finest Quality Stove and Furnace Oils Filtered and Dehydrated in our own plant P f t f P, , for your protection e' ec 0' 'cms ' ' ' PRoMPT,couRTEous sekvicis 5321 S. E. Foster PR 4-8877 BELL W POTATO T OPEN 9-9 -7 DAYS A WEEK Found UI' Your LOCGi Gl'0Cefy Store I OCAMPING EQUIPMENT 0 1-5741-5 0 TARPS 9 SLEEPING BAGS 9 BOY SCOUT SUPPLIES - 9 RUBBER BOOTS - RAINWEA R 9 WORK SHOES 9 WORK CLOTHING 9 HARDWARE 9 HUNDREDS OF MISC. ITEMS DIVISION SURPLUS BE 2.5156 asm s.E. DIVISIOI' n e n 1 vs v . A ' f' ,J ' f . , .gf , .gs , Qual. ,'.. , .'A"M Rub-a-dub-dub--Georgia Benson in ra tub! PR 1-1141 8300 s. Q. DIVISION ST. W N W WH M 7 pl58W Y pl-ywgop SHAKES D NG W I:2l110I'lS Eflilllty SIIOPPC PERMANENT WAVING E HAIR Simms Piiospect 4-9090 2 G E F R GLADYS HUGHES 9 iinifiand, fiffgonoad FRANKLIN GARAGE Complete Automotive Service Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1956 BE. 5-0343 485I S. E. Division FRANCIS BROS. 770 s. E. sunk KE 7511 BE 6-4464 S AWARD LE Portland I6, Oregon Building materials - Garden supplies t WE Deuvfk The Pennant Slinp HQME IMPROVEMENT CONSTRUCWON CO, Ff:lRiN2AS:Z:fiifigi2S Youngstown Kitchens EMBLEMS ' BANNER5 3568 S. E. HAVVTHORNE DOTTY NIOORE, MGR. PORTLAND, ORE. PRODUCTS CO' DIVISION HARDWARE FREE ESTIMATES Marshall-Wells Store i Phones: BE 2-8403 -- BE 4-4665 PAUL MENARD, Owner 4035 S. E. Division St. Portland 2, Oregon We We SGH 914614 S1f1mPS y Phone BE. 5-vzso ssao s. E. Division Family Wash Sliog Rugs and E Dying ond Dry W K Fluff Dr in i ows os e ir eryice Cleonin yflkfw QM E 4 th W 8 and oodstock Laundromat Q Restaurant 81 Lounge 4712? 3 E WOODSTOCK Riangneff M4995 PIZZA Q ITA IAN FOO B 1 JEWELERS at MFG. H SEAFOOD 5 Diamond Setters G Watches and DINING AND DANCING IN IEUNGE T Szlllflv Blvfl. UAL CECCANTI BE 5 9'7' ' lOI6 S E B P O O COMPIJ MENTS of O 9 Q Kay Gebhort takes a stroll with her dolly. -1 Your' Satisfaction- Our Siwrvss Prescriptions Free Delivery We Give S 8 H Green Stamps FOSICI' Road 4258 s. E. Hawthorne BE 5.5310 I'- Pharmacy IACK'S CLEANERS Custom Tailors P11 1-1143 15537 S- E- Foster 413411:i":::1i.a'::0Q::tiF.ra"1'4'4 8243 S. E. Division PR I-7545 Clbngratulations to Franklin High School for Wfinning lst Prize on -41 Ar w's' S. W. ALDER AT PARK PORTLAND 5, OREGON Good Luck Again Next Year Kelly -- Kolin General M grs. 260 AIIISHAWS Portland's "Cleanest - Largest - Most Beautiful - Friendliest" "SERVING THE FINEST FOOD" Best Hamburgers French Fries wishes Shakes to the Fish and Chips great Cold Drinks Coffee Class of I956 Ice C,-eam S. E. 82nd and Division Pkgspecf 1-1755 'gYou are young and have the world before youg stoop as you go through it, and you will miss many hard thumpsf, Benjamin Franklin Masque 81 Gavel Wayne's Fine Foods 1- Fresh Meats and Vegetables 3402 S. E. Hawthorne Good Luck Graduating Seniors Fager's from F 1' o s t Q u e e n NT ALI Fountain and Coffee Shop H S 8454 S. E. DIVISION PR 4-3879 CGRSAGES gf PQTTED PLANTS H G. V ' fr' f 3 f KERN PARK FLORAL FUNERAL SPRAYS 6713 S' E' Holgafe WE DELIVER PR 4-3265 ilhn 1 LORRAINE BARRAGAR HARVEY BARRAGAR I I ' IF U , .1 N nzn 3s.'.mf '?'4?!' ' if Eli . 'la-- .F 5. gig Q10 2 OJ Sf' F3 I Tl -I J: nf 4 ITI z C I11 'Hunan 5' 10 ' 144, ,- IM 4 - PORTLAND 4, OREGON BEACON 6I56 Dear Seniors: Thank you for having selected us photographer. Ne have endeavored faith in us by doing our best to hope that you like us as well as for you. as your official to justify your please you. We we liked working In the future, when you have need for good photo- graphs taken by a professional photographer, whether it be a portrait, special pictures of a special event, a family group, formals or candids when you are married, feel free to tell us your requirements. Ne have an especially Fine service on wedding portraits. we shall look forward to seeing you again when you need photographs taken by a proffessional photographer. Let us again express our appreciation for the fine cooperation of the entire student hody. It has made our work with you very pleasant. Sincerely, KENNELL-ELLIS Wig-effffvvmgdff. Harvey Barragar. Parker's Grocery GLADSTONE CLEANERS 5340 S' E' Lincoln LAUNDRY ALTERATIONS I 38l7 S. E. GLl?XDST2lE BE 5 25 A Specializing ln Rebuilding and Rewinding BUILDING MATERIALS Power and Distribution Transformers 6022 S. E. 72nd PR l-5037 5427 S. E. Woodstock PR l-l675 FOTO TEK PRESS ligll ullhl IIUIVGY D PRINTERS eg LITHOGRAPHERS MOBILGAS U MOBILOIL 3840 SE- S. E. 62nd and Powell - PR. l-1245 C. E. MCCOY PORTLAND 2, OREGON We Give Gfeen Sfgmps V Dan 81 Louis Oyster Delicious Shellfish 208 S. W. Ankeny St. ll A.M. to l A.M. Beckefs Flowers "Becker's for the Besti' Our Personal Attention Given All Urders WE DELIVER 4419 S' E' Woodstock PR 1'o874 Bev Neubert and her brother imbibing again! May the Best of Luck come the way of the We 57456435554 W STAMPING 'oogfix fsl' E 1956 Graduating Class ppnox, A M65 ,ll, ,. U" AR H o . S Roslzbs KITCHEN fvaxsos, 6256 S E F 95 '..-"5'5'.1".f."'f'i--W5 "'-F. ilowi . . oster to ..'1"-""-A..-- S25 ,sm az, Hlffoooof We se . gs-4 s 4 3 iff :gil SOUTHEAST OIL CO. or 'A '77 ll Stove 8' Diesel 0115 PORTLAND METAL SPECIALTIES CO. 1 ll lb DlLlcl -Ulkofns K, ani s, E. Hawthorne ana. BE- 54543 V Call pkospect I-28,2 PonrLANn us, ones-sou Q Serving Portland and Vicinity Office, Plant and Garage 5742 S. E. DUKE P R l-2812 RUTHERFORD'S TRIPLE XXX Drive In -- Car Serv -- Open 24 Hrs. 6120 N. E. Sandy Blvd. - AT 7-9407 ll64 S. E. 82nd - AL 4-3533 Res. Ed. AL. 3-3932 Res. Hank AL. 3-9100 f v-5-dw.- pg, 5-5354 , 1-"9"-F fr 5 X I RAAB's AUTO REPAIR of ' 'ff l - og: flfo-i. gfcafb S. E. 6' Division A W ' vi- VW '. '- EXPQVT TUPQUP Gnd Rem' WOW Body siyiiiig by Del 9430 s. E. Division si. PR- 4-0514 Delbert Cahill Portland, Oregon MIDWAY BAKERY Our Specialty Home Made Bread and Danish Pastry 12315 S. E. Division AL. 3-7010 6 4 S fr H GREEN STAMPS Free Pick-up and Delivery ' ANDERSON'S BET-R-WAY CLEANERS 8330 S. E. Stark 12311 S. E. Division AL. 4-4441 AL. 4-3535 TRAILBURGERS with FRIES opoii Till 2 A. M. icloood Soooioyoi PiCkleS - Kfaul -- Reli-WCS 44th 81 Hawthorne Made in Oregon Since 1922 Congratulations Seniors Wayne's Hobby Supply i PLANES - HO RAILROAD - BOATS ENGINES -- PAINT SETS - CRAFTS EVERYTHING IN MODELS A Phone BE 4-8634 Corner Bybee and Milwaukie 2 doors from Monarch Drug i Portland, Ore. - 1667 S. E. Bybee 1 Chucks' Foster Road Hardware Be-1 of Luck from 6605 S. E. FOSTER ROAD PHONE PR. 1-1413 Lavorato Wall Paper 0 Dutch Boy Paint Plumbing 8 Electrical Supplies 2366 S, E. 32nd PORTLAND, OREGON V A-1 Garage 7812 S. E. 82nd PR. 1-0864 We Give S8zH Green Stamps I I I Affiliated Franklin Men Sporting Goods Outboard Motors Boats -- Trailers -- Tackle Q EASY TERMS C. A. Comstock Ever Ready Hardware i '?i'1'FFlQFfS hiivkijossi-f 264 4106 s. E. Division BE 2-6742 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors from KLE KOE Compliments of IIUN'l'LIlY'S 75 UNIIIN S'I'A'l'ION 7330 S. E. Foster Rd. Al's Super Service Complete Automotive Repairing Southeast Portland's Wallpaper Headquarters -k Hand Prints iv Plastic Finish Papers Glidden Paints E62S-Sa E. Division qk Dutch Boy and , I f Fabric Wall Coverings l -A' Complete Equipment I Q I. 1 and Wallpaper Supplies S R A - E e4-e ' Pi I 3830 s. E. Powell Blvd. at 39ll1 BE 2-0024 STORM SASH SASH KITCHEN CABINETS - STORE FIXTURES 5' DOORS -n FRAMES SCREENS PHONE PR I-3762 9423 S. E. DIVISION STREET PORTLAND, OREGON BUILDING MATERIALS CUSTOM BUILT MILLWORK WAYSIDE GIFT SHOP Cards by NORCROSS .... of course Large assortment of Glft Items 3562 S. E. Hawthorne Blvd. BE 6-5344- Res. AL 4-8607 Kooler Ice Cream lLuaus Room! FULL COURSE DINNERS SHORT ORDERS - HAMBURGERS 6310 S. E. Foster Rd. PR 4-9236 'f ernelill! ' 1602-08 S. E. Division Street, Portland. 2, Gregori -1 ' 160, Aase, A Terry ,,,,,,..Y... Accuardi, Sue ,,,,,,,,, 85, 146 85 166 Adams, Alice ,,,,,,,,,,,,, f,,,,,, , Adams, Andy T. ,,,,,, Y,.,Y,YY44YY 7 1 Adams, Curtis ,.,..., ....f.,,, 3 5 Adams,'Jerry ,,,,, ,,,,,A..,.,, 8 5 Adams, Judith ,,,,A.. ,......,,,,,,,,,..,A 7 1 Adams, Mary ..,,,,,,.,...,,.,....,., 71, 139 Adams, Mary Ellen A,,,,, 27, 35, 117, 119,139,151, 160,170 Adams, Sharon ,,.,........,,,,,,,.,....... 159 Adams, Wayne ,,,,.,..............,,,,.... 85 Adler, Donald ..,.,,,,,,, .,.,,,A,, 8 5 Aeschliman, Daryl ,,,,,,,, ,....,,,, 9 9 Aeschliman, Noyle Albriecht, Jerry ,...,,,,, 145 .......99, Albus, Eileen ,,,,,,..., .,,,,,, 3 5, 166 Albus, Glenn ,,,,. ,,..,,4.,... 8 5 Aldin, Tommy .,,,,,, ,,,....,. 8 5 Alexander, Doris ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,, 9 9 Alexander, Jim ..,,,., effeef.. 7 1 Alfsen, Patricia ..,,,,, ,,,,......,.,..,,,, 7 1 Allen, Barbara ,,,,....,,,,........,,,,.,,,,, 99 Allen, Gary ......f,,,,,A,,.,,,,............ffff 99 Allen, Patricia ,,,,,,,,,,,, 99, 119, 204 Allen, Ronald ...., ,,,,,,,,,,,..........f, 9 9 Allen, Sandra ....,, ,,,,,,,,.A, 8 5, 158 Allen, Tom ,,....,,,, ,,,....,,,,.... 3 5, 119 Allison, Carolyn ,,,,,,, 35, 112, 116, 139, 158 Altig, Michael ,,....,, ,,,,,,,.,.. 9 9, 123 Altishin, Robert Ames, Sheryl .. Amling, Stormal 19, 136, 159 Amundson, Sandra ,,,,,,........ 35, 139, 147, 149, 158 Anderson, Marjorie ,,,,,ee,.,s...,.,,,,,, 35 Anderson Audrene ,,,,.,..,,., 71, 120, 147, 158 Anderson, Betty Lou Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Charles Anderson, Dick ,,,,,,,,,.,, ....,,,, 7 1 Anderson Raymond ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 5 Anderson Edna ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 9 9 Anderson Fred Anderson George ,,,,,,,, ....,,,, 3 5 Anderson Geraldine . ,,,,.,,, 35 Anderson Joy ..,,.,Y... ...... Anderson, Lawrence Anderson Lois .,,, ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,...,,,,.. 8 5 Anderson, Louise ,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,, 7 1, 136 Anderson, Mary Ellen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 71 Anderson Shirley ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 5, 116 Anderson, Norman ,,,,, ,,,,.. ....,.,., 99 Anderson, Viola .. .,,,,, ,,,,,...,,s . 99 Andrews, Gerald Andrews, Lola ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 9, 120 Andrews, Shirley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 35 Angle, Pam ,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Annas, Gerald ,,,,,,,, Anthony, Pat ,,,,, . .2 ,...,,, .99 85, 144, 146 . ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 71 Archer, lrene ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 1 Archie, Arthur .. . ,,,Y,,,, .99 Archie, Wayne ...145 Archie, Willie . .. 71, 145 Arena, John . . 99, 107, 208, 209 Armfield, Roberta ,,,, ....,,,,,,,, 3 S Armfield, Sara ,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 8 5 Armstrong,,DoIoren . .. 99, 120 Arnason, Karol . . .. . 85, 144 Arnett, Richard ,,,, Arntsen, Harold . Arokae, Arri Ashenbrenner, Marlene . .. . 71 Ashfield, Ron . . 71, 112, 150, 161 .,,,,,,,,,, H99 71, 119, 144 Ashpole, Beverly INDEX Ashpole, Daryl 27, 85, 117, 152 161 Atiyeh, Mary .,......,,,,,,,,....,,,, 35, 166 Atkenson, Francie ,,,,.,..,,,,.... 71, 155 Atkenson, Greg ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,s,,.,. 9 9 Atkinson, Richard ,,,.,.....,..,,, 71, 163 Atkinson, Judy ,,,.....,, ..,....... 2 7, 99 Atkinson, Sharon ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.... 9 9 Attwoo 4, ciyae s,ssssss Austin, Fred ......,.. ........85, 145 Marian ,.,,,,,,,,,, 71, 139, 157 Ayers, Tom ,,,,., Ayers, Walter Azorr, Azorr, Mike ..,.,, B Backstrom, Robert ,,,,,e., 35, 112, 135, 136 139 140 1 1 Bacon, Ronald ,,.......,....,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, 99 Bail, Gary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.........,,,,,,,,,, 99 Bailer, Fred ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.s.. 71, 123, 144 Bailey, Harold ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,...,,..,s. 99 Bailey, Joanne ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 45, 159 Bailey, Marilyn ,,,,., .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 7 1 Baillie, Barbara ...,,, ,....,,,s..,, 9 9 Baker, Dearl ...,,. ..,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 5 Baker, Donald ,...,.,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 35 Baker, Sharon 27, 71, 139, 149, 158 Bakken, Craig ....,,,.,,,,..,,,, 27, 97, 98 Baldwin, Donald ,,,,..........,,,.......,,,, 36 Baldwin, Jacoleen .... ,...,,,,,..,. 8 5 Baldwin, Erlene ,,,,,,....,.....,....,,.,,,, 36 Baldwin, Kit ,..,.. ...,,,.,,s,..,...,,,,..,, 99 Ball Christine .,a,,......, 71, 112, 117, 119, 139 Ball Dan ....,,, ,,,,...,,,,,........ 99 Ball James ,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 5 Ball Joyce Ball Juanita 84, 85, 149, 158, 190 Ball, Phyllis ,,,, 27, 85, 117, 119, 125 1Ball, Robert Ballard, Patricia .s,..'. ..85, 145 Balogh, Rick ....,,,..., ....,..,..,, 8 5 :Baltzell, Alice .... ,. lBaltzell, Rodney Bancroft, Dick .. Banford, Robert Banks, Garrilee 1Barbee, Jerry ,,,,, 'Barbee, Lois ,,,,,,,,.., Barbur, Pauline 150 36, 147, 125 ..........71, Bardsley, Beverly .,a,,,,,,, ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, 8 5 Barnard, Pat .. .. ..,,,,.... 117, 167, 218 Barnes, Esther .a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-,, 99 Barnes, Judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 8 5 Barnett, Marsha ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,-,,,,,-.a,,, 3 6 Barnett, Ronald ., ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 24 Barney, Janeice ,,,,.,,,,,.........,A,,,,,s, 99 Barnum, Barry ,,,, ,....aa,,,, 7 0, 71, 123 Barreth, L. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Barreth, Myrna .,,, 71, 116, 153, Barteaux, Marvin .. Barth, Marilyn ,,,,,,,,.. Bartholomew, William Bastedenbeck, Beverly Batdorf, Oliver .. Batsch, John ..., . Baty, Evelyne .. Baty, F. ,,,., Bauer, Billie Bauer, Joyce Baughman, Donald Baughman, Janice ,,,,, . .. ,a,,..., 99, 145 158 123 27 36 V----------H , 6, 141 36, 120, 145 , ....,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 20 . .99 .36 Baxter, Barbara Baxter, Dave ,,,,.,.. Bayley, Judy ,,,,,, Beul, Julie ,,,,,,,, Bean, Wyatt ,,s,s,,s, Beaver, Barbara Bechtold, Joyce ,,,,,,, Beck, Bob ,,,,,,,,,,,... Beck, Edward ,.....,, Beck, Sally ..,.,,..,....... Becker, Donald Becker, Jon ,,,,,,,,,,,, Beckey, Glenna ,,,,,,, Beckius, Ellamae ,,,,, Becraft, Diane 36, 145 85 85 145 -- f----- 1 71 Beeman, Kathelene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 98, 99 71 Behee, Darrel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,.,, Bell, Chris ,..., ....,,,,.,.,,, 2 7, 99, 190 Bell, Clifford Bell, Dennis ..,.,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,. 36 sen, Gary ssssssssss.s 36, 147, 150, 161 Bell, Jacki ,,,,,,,,.,r,,,.,...... 98, 99, 142 Bell, onine ssssssssss 36, 123, 147, 163 Bellamy, Judy ,.,,,,,,,,s,.......,,, 85, 119 Belles, Raymond ,.....,,,,,,,,...,..eeeeYe 36 Bellovich, James ,,,,, Belschner, Ruth ,,,,,,, Bemis, Lynda ..,,,,, Benke, Donna Bennett, Larry Bennett, Ray Bennett, Linda Bennett, Scott ,,s,sssa..,. Bennett, Tyrone ,,,,, Bennington, Kenneth ........163 Benson, Georgia ,,,,,,,,,, 36, 139, 157 Benson, Lynda ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .92 Bentley, Eugene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 37 Bentley, Maxine ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 124 Berglund, Greg ., .85, 117, 152, 167 Bergstrom, Beverly ,,..,, 85 151, 165 Bergstrom, Deanna ,,,,,..,,.,,,,..,,,,,, 85 Bergstrom, Jerry ..,.,,.., ....,...., 99 Berreth, Leroy sssssssss ,.s,s.s,s, 8 5 Berreth, Pat ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,..,, 9 9 Berrong, Janice ,,,,,,, ,,..,,,,., 7 1 Berry, James Berry, Juanita ,,,,, ,,..,,,,.,,,., 7 1 Bervin, Art .. .. ,,,,,.., 71, 145 Betts, Dick ,,,,.s,.,......,,,,,,,,,,, 85, 163 Betts, Jim ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 98, 99, 146 Biancone, Sharon ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,, 71 Bird, Farrell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aa,a ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 7 Bishop, Susan .,a........, 37, 117, 133, 139, 149, 158 Bitz, Delores ....,,,,,,,,ss.a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 37 Bitz, Janice ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 85 Bjorn, Jim . sssssssssssl 2, 71, 112, 145 Black, Dorene ,,,,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ss,,,, 71 Black, Rod .. .,,,,,,,,...,... 37 138, 144 Black, Virginia ,,,.,,....,.,.,,, Blackburn, Anetta ,,,,, Blackburn, Ga ry ,,,...,,,, Blair, Beverly Blair, Terrill Black, Sandra Blake, Bill . Blanc, Julia . ,,,,,,, . Blanc, Martha ,,,,, Blauvelt, Janice ,,,,,,. Block, Darlene Bloom, Gwen ,,,, ,..,.,. Bloom, Laurel Bodle, Ellen . Bodle, Helen ,,,, Boetger, Susan . .. 37, 157 120, 85, 152, 167 .......37, 162 21, as ....71 124,153 .ss, 153 237, iss 237, ies 99 Bohall, Brent Bohannon, Marylou ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S Bonar, Ellen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ,,,,,,, 2 7, E Bonomi, Kitty ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Booth, Diane ,...,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 Booth, Don ,,,,,,,,,,, , Boozer, Gordon ,,,,,, ,,,a,aY E Boozer, Kenneth ,,,,,,,, ,,,,A,,,YYY 1 Botel, Dale ..,,,,...,,.., ,,,,a,,,,,,,,, S Boucher, Dave Bowen, Charles ,,,,,,. .,.,,,,,, 8 5, 11 Bower, Ronald ,.a., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Bowers, Diana ..,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, E Bowers, Ellen Bowling, Jim ....,,,,, Bowman, Fred Boyer, Franklin ,,,, Boyle, Mary Bracken, Arlene .. 4 .............1 . l.ssss 37, 1: Bracken, Betty ,,,,,, 27, 71, 139, lf Brada rich, Rosalie Bradbury, Mike ,,,, 85, 123, 152, 11 Bradshaw, Dana ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y ' 1 Brainard, John ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,ss,,,,,,,,,, Brainard, Judy ,,,,..,, Brasesco, Charlene ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 Braumgard, Sharon ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 1 Brault, Nujie ,,,,,,,,,, Breazeale, Duane ,,,.,,,,,,. Brehm, Gerald Brickkwedel, Beverly Bridge, Kay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a ,a,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Bridges, Pat 2,,.....,,,,,,,,,, 71, 123, 1 Briggs, Gerald ,,s,,,.,...e 31, 132, 151 167, 176. 2 Briggs, Judy ........ . ................... . Briggs, Sue ........... ....... 2 7, 85, 1 Brink, Darrell Brisbee, Larry .......... Bristow, Beverly Brock, Evelyn 27, Brockbank, Sandra .... 71, 119, 1 Brockhaus, Darlene Brockhoff, Lorene .. Brokenshire, Charles Brolliar, Chris ........ Bromgard, Sharon .. Bronson, Bonnie ..,,.. Brooks, Brooks, Marcia ....... Millie ........ 1 1 Brown, Deanna ....... ......... 8 5, 1 Brown, Diane Brown, Dolores Brown, Eleanor ,,,,,,,,,.,, 37, 132, 1 Brown, Katherine Brown, Lois ....... ................. 7 I, 1 Brown, Marilyn ....,. ,,,,,Y,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Brown, Michael D. 27, 71, 119, 1 Brown, Michael G. ..... ......, .......... , Brown, Peggy .......,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brown, Robert Brown, Steve ........ Brownlee, Evelyn ., Brumbaugh, Jean Brumbaugh, Sharon ........,,,,,, 71, I Bruner, Howard Brune, Kenneth ....... Brunson, Jerry ........ Bryans, Edward ........ Bryd, Toni .. ...... .. Buchanan, Fred .... Buchanan, Mary .. Buford, Gary ..... Bukowiec, Joe Bulloch, Linda ........ .. 38, .. ffffff35,11 ........s4, . . 38, 11 117, 1, Buschmann, Chuck Bunker, Robert eeee ss, 117, 154, 1 Bunn, Gary .,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bunnell, Loren ....,,,, Buonomo, Jean ,,,,..,, Burback, Darlene Burch, Jeanne Burch, Rodney Burch, Walter 75 .. VV,,..,..,,7V..V.V. 85 99 fQfQQQl99 Burchell, Virginia . ,,,,,, 38, 133, 142, 151, 165 Burgard, Pat ,, ,, ,27, 70, 71, 119, Burgett, Roberta ,, Burk, Beverly Burk, Virginia , Burke, Carol ,, Burke, Terry ,...,,,,,,,, Burkett, Michael Burleson, Merlin Burnett, Dennis Burnside, Jim ,,,, Busboom, Susan Bushinger, Dan , Bushman, Arlene Bussear, Claudine 139, 155, 164 85 85 38 W 7..7,...1., 38 99 71 99 99 W H ,1,,.,,,,,,., ,,71 , .,,, 70, 71, 145 Butcher, Reo ,,,, ,,,,,,Y,,Y,Y,,-,, 7 71 Butcher, Lenne ,, Butler, Jerry ,, Butler, Jim Butler, Kendall ,, ,,,,,71, 152, 161 Butter, Patricia ..,. ,,,,,, Butterfield, James Buzzell, Eddie H ,, 2 2 ,,,,,,,. 99,' 86 38 38 Butts, Shirley ,,,, ..,,,,,, , 38, 164 123 136 Buzzell, Toni ,, ,, Byrd, Joni C Caddess, ' Kenneth .,,,,,,,, M71 Cain, Virginia , , ,.,, .,,., 2 7, 38, 132, 149, 160 Califf, Mel ,,,,,,,,,, 7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 1 Califf, Pat ....,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 7 1, 124 Callaghan, Joyce Cameron, James ,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,. 38, 16? Campag na, Carmel H Campagna, Sherry Campbell, Charles , Cam bell Jud p , , Y eeee Campbell, Lynne ,,,, Campbell, Valerie ,, Capps, Don ,,,,,,,,,,.- Capps, Jerry ,,,,,,,,,,, Caputo, Steve W, Carl, Kenneth Carleton, Connie ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 71 ,,.,,71, 151, 165 167 .38, 119 Carlson, Dennis .,,,,. .,....fff, 9 9, Carmen, Helen r,,,, Carpenter, Bill , Carpenter, Clifford 100 Carreon, Priscilla ,,,, 100, 142, Carrier, Paul .,,,,,,,,,,, Carson, Marce ,,,,,,,,,,.f,ff7.,fvff7,,V--,' 71 Carter, Tom ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,, 7 1, 152, 157 Cartwright, Glenn ,,,,-,,Y,,,,,.,-,,.---ff 38 Cartwright, Kenneth ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... 100 Cartwright, Larry Carvell, Charles .,.1 Casciato, Judy W 163 Case, Bruce .s....,,,,,,,,,,,,7.--Y-------f N33 Cash, Marilyn, ,,,,, .eee 2 , 38, 112, 115, ' 137, 158 Cashner, Sandra ...,,.,,,,,,,,,4.... 35, 155 Casper, Luana ,,,,,,,, Cass, Mervin .,,,,,,, Cassidy, Linda Cassle, Dale Castile, Lois ,.,,,, Castile, Ted ,,,,,,,, Cawley, Darrell Cawley, Dean ,...,..,.101 ,,.,,,,,72 Cawood, Neil 38, 117, 123, 137, Cawood, Pat ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,.....,,,,,, Cervarich, Larry ,,,,,,,,,.,.,. ,,,,,,..,, A Chamberlain, Sylvia ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Chandler, Ann .,,,,,,,,,,, 39, 142, Channer, Carol ,,,,, .,, , ,,,,., ..72 channer, Donna eeeeeaeeee ss, 145,' Chapette, W. ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... 2 Chapin, Nancy ,,,, . ....1,, ,,,,,..,.r,,, , Chapman, Lorna ,,,,,,,, Chapman, Tom ,,,,,,,.,. Chasteen, Barbara Chatterton, Gary ,,,,,, , Chatterton, Ronald ...., . Chavers, Edward ,,,.,,,,, , Chavers, Margaret ,,,,,,,, Chavers, Raymond Cheek, Earline ,,,,,, , Cheney, Janette ,,,,..,, Cheney, Patricia ,,,.,,,, Cheney, Richard Chester, l. ,,,,..,,.,., ,.,,,,,,,,. A Chester, Dona , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 00, Chiaudano, Janet ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 39, Chrlberg, Earl ,, r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1, Christiansen, Charles ,, ,,,,,,,, Christopher, Robert H ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Christopherson, Wayne 70, 72, Clarke, Allan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Clark, Carol ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 3 9, Clark, Dixie 239, 11 Clark, George ,, Clark, Michael Clarke, Charles Cleaver, Cecelia Cleaver, Ivan ,,,,,.,, Cleaver, Lois ,,,., Clemenson, Kay ,,,, 6, 133, 142, eegffffie, ,W,,72, Clemenson, Larry ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Clement, Dave ,,,, ,, Clements, Karen Clemons, Carl M. Coale, Craig ,,..,,,,,, ,...39, Cobb, Carol ,,,.,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,1, Coberly, Gary ,,,,,,,, Cockell, Marion ,,,,, Coe, Richard ,,,,. Coigny, Geraldine 70 372 156 1 1 1 U72 Ciiifeeas 2123 ,239 2,272 2100 86 154 22,39 147 H86 53,72 ,272 151 Cox, Carol N Cox, Gary ,,,,,, Cox, Jack Cox, Patricia ,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cozad, Ronald ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, 27, 86 Crandall, Curt , ., ,,,,, 100 .,,,,,.72 239 161 72, 137,'150, zos 175, Crandall, Diane .,,,, ,,,,, ,100 Crandall, Joyce ,,,1,A,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 0 0 Crandall, Sandra .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 85 Crawford, Jim ,,.,,,,, ,,,,, 72, 154 Crawn, Donald ,,,,,. ,,,, Creamer, Chuck , ,,,,, 2,86 Cribbs, Carrie ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, H ,,,,,,,,,, 40 Crispe, Gerald ,.,, ,27, 40, 107, 133 135, 139, 147, 154 Crites, Mary H .,,,,.,,1,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,., 1 00 Crites, Robert ,,,.,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,, 40, 157 Corall, Lillian ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H72, 145 Crockett, Gerald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Crockett, Joyce ,,,,.. Crofts, Charlene Crompton, Larry , , 141 ,.,,,,.27 ,286 ,.,,72 Corteux, Jerry .,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,r Cole, Richard ,,,,, Collingwood, Lorri , Collins, Sandra Compton, Carlyn ,,,, 23, 39, 86, 139, 142, Congdon, Joy ,,,s,,,,,,,.ff....f.ffff,Vf, Conger, Dawn ,,....,,,,,,,,V,,,,,,V,,f,.. Conklin, Gerald ,,,.,,., ,,,,,.,.,,,, Conrad, Lorraine ,,....,,,,.,....,, 39, Conti, Pricilla .,..,,..,.,,.,,,,e.,., 85, Conyngham, Catherine ....,,,, 39, 133, 138, 139, 140, 142, 145, Cook, Frances Cook, Georgia ,. Cook, Russell .,,,,,,, Cooksley, Karen ,,,, Cooley, Arlene ,,,,....,. less 164 138 157 2136 M39 39 145 145 1 12, 252 Crompton, Ray ,,,,,,, ,, Crone, Myrna Crone, Norma ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Crook, Cheryl Crosby, Joan Crosswhite, Alice ,,,,,,,r,.,,, 22,2240 1 Crown, Kathleen Cummings, Kenneth , r 286 116 M47 .1,,,,,,,,,100 ,,,,,,.72 ,,,,,,,,100 100 Cunningham, Margaret H ,,,,,,, Cunningham, Lolly U ,,,,,,,,,, 85, 125, 140, 229 Cunningham, Patricia , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Cunningham, Patricia 7, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Cunningham, LeRoy Curry, Dave ,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, 40, 139, 141 Curry, Jim ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, 7 2 , 150, 161 Curtis, Barbara ,,..,,,,,, 40, 116, 117, 147, 151, 165 D Dahl, Susan ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, 72, 125, 149 Dalbey, Gary ,,..40 Dean, Russell ,,,,,,..,,,, Deardorf, Duane De Camp, Dale ..,,,,, DeCarlo, Virginia Dechant, David ..,,,,,, Decious, Karl Delamarter, David Delashmutt, Cherie , DeLauney, Leonard , Delk, Ronald ,, Dempsey, Dawn Denman, Nancy ,,,, 72, Denn, Rodger Dennis, Judy ,,,,,,,,,,. Dennis, Louise .,,,,, Dennison, Dick ,,,,,,,,, Denson, Judith ,,,,,,,,, Dernback, Diane ,,..,. Deross, Charles Deters, Darrell .,,,,, Dever, Peggy ,,,,,,, Dew, Roger Dexter, Diane , .,,,,..., 40 ,,,,,,,,,,, 2,40 146 ,, . ,72, 119, 138, 145 ,,,,,,,.,,100, 119 ,, .112 ,,,,,,,,72, 136 22.100 Dial, Loy , ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.,. 72 154 120 Dickenson, Lynda ,,,,... Dickson, Brent Diekmann, Norma ,,,, Dietderich, Judy ,,,,,,,, ,72, 116: ,72, 116, 125 2, ,,11,,,,,,,, 72 Dinnocenzo, David ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,, 86 86 DiNucci, Dominick Diorio, Dick ,, ,,,,,,. 100, 117, 190 100 Dittler, Suzanne ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dixon, lone Dixon, Joann ,,,,, Doak, Raymond ,,,,, ,, Dodson, Landon ,,,, Dodson, Miles ,,,,,,,86 117 . .,,,,,, 86, Dodson, Sylvia ,,,,,,,..., ,,,,,,, 7 2, 162 Dodleman, David N .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 84, 86 Doeleman, Nelson .,,.,,,,,,,,. .... , 100 Doht, Gary ,,,,,,,,,, ,,.1,, 1 00, 117 Dolg, Blll , ,,,,,, , Dolson, Denton ,,..,.., Domingnez, Naomi ,,,,.,,, Donivan, Phyllis ,,,,,, Dalrymple, Ronald ,,,,, Dumbach, George ,,,,,,,,, ..86 Dumbach, M. .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,ee, 1 64 Dumbach, Marilyn ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 0, 86 Dance, Dale ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,V,,,., 100 Danforth, Patty ....,, Daniels, Doug ..., 27, 40, 137, 139, 147, 150, 177, 203, 206, 223 ' 7 M72 100 M86 100 Cooley, Arlie Ann ..,.. .,....,.,,...s,, Cooper, Joyce ,,,,, ,,,,, Cooper, Kenneth ..,,,. Coo er Linda .,....,,, P , Cooper, M. .,...,,,,,, . Cooper, Richard Cordahl, Larry Cornelius, Claire 284, Cornelius, Dale Cornelius, Michael ,,,,,, Cornutt, Ron Correll Cotone, 222286, ,,,a,..,72, 86, 151, , Danny ,,,,,........ ,39, 145 r Joanne ,,,.........,,,.......,,,, Cotter, D. ,,,,,,,,,...,. ,,,,,...,,,,.,,,, , Cotter, Jean' ,....,,, 2 Cotter, Mary .,,,..,. Cottis, David Cotwan, Karen ..,,,, 2,39 117 H72 146 ,...,,,100 .,72 Daniels, Dick ..... . ,,f,,e,,f,-e,,V.,.,,-,-- -- Daniels, Georgia ,..,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Daniels, Joyce ,,,,,....,., . ,,s,,,, ,272 Daniels, Judy , ..., , ,,,,,,, ,..,...,.... 1 00 Daniels, Harry ,,,,..,,,,,, 40, 123, 133, 150, 177, 253 Danielson, Delbert ...,,,,,,,,,,,......,. 72 Danielson, Patricia ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Darby, Jim ,.....,,,,,,,,,, 100, 123, 144 Darby, Joanne ,,,,,,,,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,...., 86 Darcy, Dennis ....,,,.,,.,,,,,,,..,,,...,,,, 72 Darcy, Mary ....,.,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,. 1 00 Daum, Cressa Davenport, Jessie R. Davidson, Joan Davidson, Paul ,,,,,,,, 116 1oo ,..,,,....98, Davis, Darrel ,,,... .,,,........,., 8 6 Davis, Delores ,,e.,,,, ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 0 Davis, Dixie ,..,,,,,, ...,.,,,,, 4 0, 246 Davis, Kay ,,,,,,,...,,,,, ..,,,,,,,, 4 0, 264 Davis, Martha ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,86, 136 Davis, Bob ,,,,.....,, ,,,,..... 8 4, 86, 93 Davis, Sandra Davison, Sharon ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,. 1 00 Day, Carolyn ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,.. 4 0 Day, Dick ..,,,,,. ,..,,,.,,,,,,,. 7 2 Day, Loraine .,,,,,, ...,,,,,,, 8 6, 162 Deal, Allan ,,,,,..... ,.,,,,..,.,,,..... 8 6 Dean, Albert ...,,,, ,.,,,,.,.. 8 6, 124 ,,,,,,,,100 155 ,,,,,,,,86, Doran, Mike 41, 132, 167, 216, 217 Dotan, Kathleen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,. .. 100 Dorn, Bruce ,.,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,.,.,.,, 1 00 Dorn, Nancy ,,,,..,.,.,,,,,, 72, 119, 136 Dorris, Sue ,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,.,,.,, 7 2 Dotson, Ron ,,,,, Dotton, Donna .,,,, , Doty, Carolyn ,,,. 159 41, Doty, Diane .,..,,.,,,, ,,....,. 8 6, 124 Downing, Carol ,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,, 41 Downing, Charles ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 86 Downing, Zelpha ,,,,.,,.,. 41, 138, 142 Drake, Bonnie ,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,, 86, 151 Dransfeldt, Clifford ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, 100 Drath, Louise ,,,,.,....,..a,,,,,,,, 72, 100 Drath, Ralph Driscoll, John ,, ,,,,,,,. 41, 140 Dryer, Larelei ,,,,,.,,, ..,...,,,, 1 20, 158 Duggan, Richard ..,,,, . .,,...,,.... 146 Dunafon, Marjorie ,.,,2.,. ..,..,,.,,. 1 00 Dunbar, Beatrice ,...,, Dunbar, Pauline .,,,,,,, Duncan, Chris ,,,,,, Duncan, Sharon ,,,,, Dunford, Doug ....,,,,,,, 136 ,,W,,,,86, Dunford, Russel ,,,,....,,.................. 41 Dunlop, Henry ,,,,,.,, Dunn, John ,,,,,., 41, 112, 117, 139 123, 116 Dunn, Sharon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... ..,,,. 7 2, Dunn, Sherrill .,,,,,,, Dunnmam, Daniel ,,,,,, Dunnel, Sonny Durant, Al , ,,,,..,,, , Durant, Barbara ,,,...., Durland, Peter .,,,,, Dutson, Kent Duntson, Val ...,.,,, Dutt, Vern ..- ,,,, . ..86, 124, 119 , 72 Durall, Norma Dwrggrns, Margie ,.,,,,,,,......... 41, 141 E Eade, Eleanor Fowler, Dennis ,,..... Eakin, Marilyn ,.,,,, 41, 116, 117, 139 Earley, Ed ......A,.,,,,..,,,.,,,,,..,,,, 86, 152 Eaton, Dolma ,,,,,..,.A,,,,.. 72, 125, 139 Eaton, Mary ,,,,,...,,,.,, ...,,,,,, 1 00, 142 Ecker, Stanley Edmon, Gwen ,,,,,,,...,,,,,. 72, 117, 160 Edmunds, Judith ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,, 2100 Edwards, Sharon ..,,,..,.,,, 41, 117, 139, 170, 209 Edwards, Sharon ,,.,,, ,..A,,,,,,...,,, 1 00 Eggo, Don ....,,,,,,,..,,,,,...,,,,,,.., 86, 154 Ehlenberger, David Eklof, Harry ..,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,..o,,,, ,..,,, 1 O0 Elkins, David ,,,,,,,,o,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, 86 Elle, Ralph ..,.,,, 241, 132, 135, 139, 147, 154 Elledge, Norma .,,,,,,.A,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,, 100 Elledge, Peggy ,,,,,, 42, 117, 151, 165, 216, 250 Ellingson, Alice .,,,,, ,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 00 Ellingsin, John ,A,,,, 42, 117, 139, 147 Elliot, Kay ,.,,, ..,,,,..e,,,.. 4 2, 149, 158 Elliot, Nancy ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 86 Ellison, Frank ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,YY,,,,YY, 7 2 Elmer, Dale ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,Y, 7 2, 163 Elwessn, Barbara ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 42 Elwood, Jean Emch, LaVone ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 42 Emerson, Bob W ,,,72, 112, 144, 146 Endicott, Caroline ,,,,,v,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,, 72 Endicott, Warren ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 86 Engelhorn, William ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 00 England, Ray ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , U72 England, Roger Enna, Carol H ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 8 6, 158 Entrikin, Daryl ,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,Y,V, 161 Erdmann, David ,27, 42, 139, 141 Erdmann, Delores ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,, 100 Erickson, Darry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100 Erickson, Dennis ,,,, ,,,, ,,,v,,,, 1 0 0 Erickson, Edward Erickson, Elaine , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 4 2 Erickson, Richard ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 8 6 Erickson, Lee ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,Y,,, 4 2 Erickson, Loraine ,,,,,,Y ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 2 Erickson, Merrilie ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, N72 Erwert, Bob ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 9 8, 100 Erwin, Ellis ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 2 Etlinger, Barbara ,,,,,,. , ,, Evang, Arlene ,,,,,.,,, Evans, Caroline ,.,,,,, ,,..,,,.86 W,..,1O0 101 Evans, Juel ,,,.,,,,,,. ,,,..., Evands, Jay ..,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 8 6 Eve, Nancy .,.8,,,,,..,r,, , ,,,,,,,,,, 86 Eveland, Charlene ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 01 Everts, Gary ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,, 8 6 Everts, Jim ,.,,,,,.s ,,,..,,,,, 8 4, 86 Ewers, Dan F 42 116,12O,138, Fahl, Joyce ,,,, .,,,, , 255' 146 165, 216, Fairchild, Mike ,, ,,,,, W86, Falk, James Fall, Patricia Falotico, Michael 72, Farber, Bob H H ,, Farley, Mary H., , Farmer, Nancy Farris, Vern , ,, Fausett, Richard , Fawcett, Jack ,,,,. Fawcett, Lynn .,,, Fazzi0, Cheryl 1 25, 138, 219 ffQfff11o1i,1' , 72 120 E42 101 ,101 ,,,,,,.,101 ,w,,.,l01 Fazzio, Don ..,...s,,,,. ...,s,,..,,......., 8 6 Feammelli, Sharon ...,,. 72, 165 Fedor, Roger ..,,,,..,,,,....,...........-. 125 Feigert, Dave ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,e,,Y 1 19 Feigert, Ray ........ .......--,f---4 8 5 Felix, Larry ,,,,,,,, ............f.....f 7 2 Fenton, Bill ..,................A,.,..4,,.e,,ee 73 Fenton, George ,,,,,,.,....,...-........ Ferguson, Dell ....,.,,,,,, 42, Ferguson, Gary .....s,,.,,,,,,...,,,... Ferguson, William ,,.....,.,,,,,,,s,, Fiedler, Mary .......,.,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,. Fields Diana 42 112 120 139 149, 228, Fields, Donna 24, 27, 42, 139, 142, Fields, Ray Finck, Celia ,,,,,.,s,.,.......,,,, Finck, Marilyn ,.,. 42, 117, Finne, Ron ,,,. 42, 132, 135 Finnell, Richard ,,,,,.,,,,Y.... Fischer Jud ,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,.,, I Y Fiscus, Melvin Fisher, Donna ,..,.,, Fisher, Jimmy ,,.i,,, ,,,,,.....,, , 101 Fitch, Roger ....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,Y. Fitzpatrick, Winnie .,,,,,,,,,,, 73, Fitzpatrick, Dan ..,,...,,,,,Y, Flatland, Kathleen 73, 139, Fleischmann, Nancy ,,,. 27, Fleischmann, Warren ....., 2242, Flemin Janet .,.,,,, 9, . ee,e,eee.,. Fleming, Joan ,,,,,,,, Fleming, Linda ....,.. Fleming, Noreen , Floessler, Dick ..,.,...,,,,,...,.. Florea, Joanne Florey, Janice ,.,.,, . .,,,,,, 73, 1 Fogel, Marvin .... ,,,,,,..... Foland, Gayle .,..,, .....,,. Foote, George ,,..,,, ,....s.,,,,,,,,.... 4 3 Foote, John Ford, David ......,.,,,,,.,,,. 73, Ford, Estelle ..,,,,,,,,, W Ford, Janette .,,,,,..,...,,..,,,,........,, 43 Ford, Lila ,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,, 140 Ford, Richard ,,,,,.,,,...i.s,,,, Forgey, Kathleen ,,,...,, Forney, Margaret ....,,, Forrester, David Forsloff, John Fortner, Loretta ,.,,,,,,,,,,. Fos, Harlan Foster, Buddie .,..,,, Foster, Fay ......,,,,,,, Foster, Phyllis .,,,,.,,....,,,,,,.,,,,...,, 101 Fourneir, Donna ,,,,,, Fournier, Linda ,,,,,, ....,, 4 3, 157 Fowler, Deanna ,,.,....,,,,,,,,.... 43, Fowler, Sylvia ,,...,. Fox, Chuck ,,,,..... Fox, Melvin ,,,,..., ,, ,,,...,,.,, ,, Frank, Elizabeth ..,,,,..,,,,,,,, 101, Frank, Walter ,,,,,,, Franklin, Glenn ,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,,......,,,, 8 7 Franklin, Jere Franklin, Mary Ella Fredericks, Fred .,,. Frederickson, Nancy Fredlin, Arlene ,.,. 43, Fredin, Colene Fredlin, Jeri ,.,,,,,,,,, Freeman, Billie Freeman, Robin Frey, Leslie ,,,,,,,, Frey, Mary ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,.. Fritsch, Dan ,,.. ..,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,, Frisch, Alan ,.,. ,,., ,,,,, . . 87, Fritsch, Linda ,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,..,... 8 7 Fritsch, Lorena ,,,, 117 Frost, Eleanor , Fugere, Larry 164 Fugere, Suzanne ,....,,, ,,,,..,. Fuller, John ,,,...,s,,.. .,,s,.,, G Gabby, Betty ,....,.,,,......,,,,.AA-ffffeee - 87 Gabrielson, Ralph ,..A.....,..,...-..----e 43 Gallagher, Tim ,,,,,.,,,,,, 87, 123, 154 Gallucci, Jim ........,,,,......,. 101, Games, Marianne,,73, Ganguin, Carole ,,,,,,,,, Garland, Joyce .,,.,,,.,fV,.,....... Garland Judy .,.,,,. r Garrett, Mickey ,,,.,,, Garrett, Richard ....... Garrett, Graham ........, 117, 138, ------- 1 87 101 Garrison, Howard ,s,,s,,..A...... 27, Gaspro, Gloria ......,,.. 87, ,, 87 73 i'57"'1z4 Gates, Terry .,....i., ........e, Gattucto, Gale ....,..., ,,,,,.....,.fff Gattucto Gar ....,,7.....,..... 101, I Y Gaunce, Joy Sue .............. Gayral, Josette ,,,,.,,,,,, Gebhart, Kay , 43, 120, 133, 157, Gebo, Donald ,s,,,,,s............., 73, Gebo, Robert,,70, 73, 123, 137, Gehring, Fred ..,.,s 43 , 126, Gelow, Jerry .s.s..,.,,,,,,,,. ............. 228, 150, Graves, .Linda ,...,,......,. Gray, B111 .,.s,.,....,.,,.....,.,,....,,,,,,..,. 7E Gray, Fred ,,....,.,,..,.,.,.,,...,,.......,.,, 81 Gray, Sharon .,,..... 73, 116, 151, 165 Green, Dale .......,,......,,,.....,,,......,, 7E Green, Diane ,,,....,,,.....,,,,,.... 73, 81 Green, Geraldine ,. ......,. Green, Laverna ,....... ,.,. Green, Leslie ..,.....,...... ,.....,, Greenfield, Diane .....,s .,,.,,,.. 7 E Greenman, Roger ...s,,,, ...,...,, 44 Greer, Doug ,.......,.,,, .,,....,,,,..s, 1 01 Greer, Kathy .,..,,.. .,,.....,,,...,,s,s, 7 E Gregory, Janet .....,.,,s..,. 27, 73, 151 Grenz, Bob ,,,....... ....,,,,. ,,,,,,,, , , , 7E Gribble, Nancy ,,,.,,.,.,,s.. 70, 73, 131 Griffin, Diane ,,,,,..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :H Griffin, James ..,,,,,,. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s, Griffin, Bill ,....,,,,, ,.,,.s,,, 7 I Griffin, Ginny ssss,, s,,,,ss,,,,,, 7 3 Grill, Bill ..,..,,,,, ,.,.,,.,.,.,,,. Grimes, Pat ,,..,...,. ,,,...s, 44 , 121 Grohs, Tom ,,,....,,..... ..,-,,,.,,,,, 7 5 Grover, Elizabeth ...,..,, ,..,,,,,. Grover, Jack .s,.....,.., .,..,,,.. 8 Grover, Philip ,..,., .,,,,,,,. 8 1 Grover, Rennie ,...,,.. ,,,,,.s,, 44 Grubbe, Guance, James ...,,,.. J. ,......,.,.,... . Genovese, Lucinda ,,,,...........s...,,. 124 Gentry, Barbara ....,,,,, ..s,..,. 7 3, George, Thomas ....... .s,s,,s.,. Georges, Ron ,,,,,,,u,.,. Gerces, Gene ,,..,,,,........ -........... Geres, Sylvia 70, 73, 139, 151, Gibson, Sybil .s.......,,,....,,,,,,,,,,..fffA Gideon, Avis .........,..,,,,,,4,,,..,,,,A-.- Gidley, Pamela ,s., 87, 120, 138, Gies, Thomas ,,,,,.,,,,,,....,.,.,,.......... 43 Gilbert, Betty Lou ,,,,,. 73, 132, 144 Gill, David .........,,....................... Gill, Gary .,.. ...,..... 7 0, 73, 139, Gillespie, Kathy ..,,...,,, 87, Gillespie, Sharon ,,,,.,..,,,,,,.,. Gillson, Donna ,,,,,, Gillson, Mile ,,,,,,,,,,,. Gilmore, Frank ........ Gilmore, Jerry ...... 1 20, Gilmore, Warren .... .ss.... . s.A4e.4..A-- - Gimbel, Dorothy 73, 119, 120, 136, Gimbel, Linda ...s....,s.... 27, 101, Gish, John ,,..,....,.,,,,.,.,...fff Glaske, Janice ...... Glass, Melva ........ Gleim, Ron ,,.,.., Glred, Tom ,,,,.,,.,, s.,,...,... sober, 11.11 ,,..,,..........,. 44, c,fffffQffffff 73 87 167 87, 152, Godfrey, Carolyn ..,.....,,,.,.,..,s.,-- Godsey, Judy ,,ss,,,,........,s,.......... Godesy, Judy ..,.,,.,........ Goedeck, Linda ,,,.....,,,v 87 . 101 Guerrerd, Joe ,,...s.. Guffey, Sharon , Guilliams, Gordon If 157 1 35 41 Gullion, John .,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-, Gunderson, Daniels ...,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,, Gustafson, Carol ,44, 112, 139, 151 H Haas, Joe ,..,,..,..,,....,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Handley, Ben . .,,,....,,,., 73, 142, I Hagen, Jerry ,,,.s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 44, I Hagen, Wellrose .,,...,,,,,.,, 44, 11 Hagg, Karen ....,..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,- 'I 0 Hahn, Eric Hale, Eleanor Hale, Myrtle ..,,. ,.,.., Haley, Barbara ,,,,, ,,,,,,-, 1 Hall, Herb ....,,,,,,s ,,,,,,,, Hall, Roy .s.,,,,,.c,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 'I Hallack, Daniel .,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, 1 Halloch, Leonard Hamar, Roger ,..,,., Hankins, Pat ,,....,. Hansen, Judy ,,,... Hansen, Ray Haraden, Judy ,,,.. Harding, Judie ,,,,, Hardman, Dennis 'fjfflfff 1 87, 1 151, 1 12 1 73, 139, Hargreaves, Judy Harriman, Ron , Goettsch, Georgia 73, 124, 142 Goettsch, Mona .............,,.,, 44, Goldstone, Lynne ,......,,,,.,,,...... Goodwin, Janice ...,.. ......s.,,, Goodwin, Sylvia .,,,.... ...,,,. 1 01 Goolsby, Jerry ,,,,,.,... s,......... Gorham, Arlene ......, Gough, Joanna ,,,,,,,..... ....... 101 Goughner, Peggy ..,..s. Gould, B111 ,,,,,,....,.,., Gourde, Sharon ., ,... Gowen, Barbara ,,,,,, Gragg, Cecil ...,., Gragg, Charles .ss,,,s Graham, Billy ,..,,. Graham, John ,,s,s,s,. Graham, Larry ,,...,,., 101 44, 101 87 101 117 Grant, Judith . ,,.,...,. ....,. . Grave, Jean ..........,s,,,,,,.,..., Graves, Gwendolyn ,.....,,,,,,,, 44, Harris, Harris, Harris Charlotte Curtis ..c,,,, Patricia Harrisi Ralph Harris, Ha rris, Harris, 1 1 1 45, 147, 1 Richard ,,.,. ,....,,,,,,,, Royce Vic ,,,.,,,.....,,..,.....,, , Harrison, Dolores Hart, J1m . ,,,,,,,,,.,.,..s,,,.,.,. , Hart, Janice ..,., Hart, Judy ,,,,,,.. Hart, William ,,..s,, Haslet, Vernon ., Hasma nn, Melvin Haugen, James Hauxhurst, Bernadine Hawarth, John 45 1 45, 136, 1 73 1 Qff'ffi87Q 1 Hawes, Alice ,, ,. A. Hays, Charles ,, ,,...,, ,,,,,,...,, 7 , Hays, Edwin ,,,,...,.o,,,,,, 8 Hays, Marlys 23 120, 1 Hays, Marjorie , Y ,,,, , I Huntly, Carla ....YY,,Y.----Y ---,--- 10, Hayes, Ronald Haymer, Allyn Hays, Edwin i 45 Hays, Marjorie . ,,,, . ,,,7,, 142 Hayward, Kenneth ..,,,,., H .,,, 45 Hebacka, Richard .,,.....,,, ,..,,,. 4 5 Hedman, Dorothy , , 45, 119, 120, 139, 149, 229 Hedman, John ,,,, 84, 87, 147, 152 Hedwall, Carol ,7,,,,..,. 70, 73, 151 Heerman, Karl Heerman, Robert Heim, Bernice ,,,.. ,.,,.,., 7 0, 73 Heine, Paul ....,,7 .,,,7..,, 8 7 Heintz, lda ,,.....,.. .... .... v,,,. 1 0 1 Helberg, Lily .....v. .,,,. 8 7, 162 Heler, D. ,7,,7a,.,,.... .,..,,,.. 1 17 Heller, David ...,....Y,.. .,,,, 1 01 Heller, Margaret ...... ..,,, 4 5 Helmer, Dale ,,A.....,,,,,,,, .r,.. 7 3 Helstrom, Richard Hempel, Marcus Hempel, Marvin ,,,,,,,,...,,... 73, 112 162 Hendricks, Elizabeth ,,,.,,,, 87, Hendricks, Glenna Henkel, Mollie ....,,,.r...,,,,,, 73, Henkelman, Shiela ...,,,.... 101, Hepela, Larry ,,r,.. Herget, Ann ..,,,,..,,.. 124 145 Henning, Karen ,,,,,, ,,,..,,,.... 1 01 101 45 117 Herrell, Charles ,.,,,, Hersh, Robert Hersh, Carol ......s. Hester, Ronald .,,, Hewitt, Lynn ,,,. Hewitt, Ross ..,, Hibbs, Mary ,,,,A,,,. Hickam, Sharon .,,,.... 87, Hickman, Blanche ,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,...Y Hicks, Donna .,..,.,,,.,. Heibart, Lanita ...,,,,,,,,,,,, ....,,,, Hiersche, Terry ,,,,... Higdon, Vance ..,., H Il ' i , Alice ,,,,,.,, Hill, Dan ,,,,s,,.,, Hill, Dolores ,,,, Hill, Jim ,,,,,,,,.,,, Hill, Kathleen ,,,,. Hill, Kayle ,,,,,,. ,,,, Victor H ll, Hilsenteger, John ,,.... 70, 74, 119 Himes, Joanna ..,.,, 87 Himes, John Hines, Bill ..,.,,.. 7 22 73, 87, 45 45 101 87 147 101 101 73, 147, 181 73 123 161 45 87 101 73 162 101, 87, 119 Hinman, Betty .,,,,. ,,,,..,, 4 5, 139, A 147, 158 Hinrichs, Beverly ,,....,,,,,,,..Y,,,,,s 74 Hinton, Mary ..,s,,,o.,s,,ss,ss,. 74, 124 Hints, John ,...,.,,,,.... 87, 144, 148 Hoddevik, Heather .o,,,,,.,, 45, 117, 151 170 Hodges, Rodney Keener, Hugh 1 Hoffman, Judy ,.,o,,,, 74, 149, 158 Hoffstetter, Joanne ..,,,,,.,, 46, 120 Hogan, Eileen ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, 87, 158 Hoggatt, Delores ....,. ..,.,,,,, 46 Hokkanen, Joyce ,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,.... 87 Holcomb, John ,...,,,,,....,,, 46, 150, 161, 216 Holcomb, Nancy ,,.,. ,,,,,, 9 8, 101 Holden, Ray,,s,,,,......,,s,,,,,, 46 Holliday, Robert ,,,.,,..,,,,,. 46, 123 Hollingsworth, Dennis ,,,,....,,,, 46 Holman, Susanne s,s,,. 27, 84, 87, 147, 151, 165 Holmes, Gary .,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,, 46 Holmes, James ,,,,,,..,,,..,,Y.,.,,,,, 87 Holmes, Melvin Holmes, Omer ,,,,,, ,,,,, 8 7 Holmes, Wesley Homer, Ronald Honstein, Jackie Hoober, James 46 Hood, Jack ,, ,,,, , . 87, 146 Hook, Ronald Hooper, Earl , 74 Hoover, William ,,,,,, , 46, 117, 147, 152, 174 Hopkins, Joanne Horn, Sharon ss,,. Horne, Ned Horne, Neil W ...K s...,.,Y,fY - - 45, Hoss, George s,,...,e..,. Houser, Barbara ,,s,,, Hovanic, Franchot Howard, James Howard, Linda .... , 102, 46, 120, 151, 165, ,,,s , 46, 46, Howard, Loralee ..,,,,,. .,,,,,,, 7 4, Howarth, Dorothy , 46, Howarth, John -,,,,,,,,, 70, 74, Howe, Janet Ys,sss s,,.,,,V,-ee.ef,,- Hoyne, Pat ss,sYe,,,,ssffY. is .,-, 74, Hoyt, Lorcy ......,...Yfe- 70, 74, 117, 139, Hoyt, Martha ..,,,,.. 102, 120, Hubbard, Leanne ,,s,,...,sfA....AAA- Huttson, Cheryl .,.. Hufft, Phyllis ,s,s.... Huetson, Jerry f,s,s,f.... . Hugths, Roger .s,,s..f,,.... Hurita, Pat ,,,.ss,...,-s. 47, 120, Hughes, James ss....f,,,ssee..,.eeeeee Hughes, Patricia ...,,,,,. .,,.s..,f, . is Hults, Betty ....,.....-. Hunter, Evelyn ,, Hulm, Barbara ..,,,.,,,.....,s,,fV ---,-- Hulse, Ellen ..,,,,..f-f,,...,ff-fA 37, Hunnicut, Haroldene Heighs, William ,,,,..,, Huit, Maureen ...,,,. 46, Hultgren, Nancy ,,,.,,,,..,,,, 46, Hunt, Madeline ,,..,, Hurst, Diane Hurst, Mary ....,....,,,,,..,,s.. ff.fff,-- Husted, Gary ,,,,,,,,,. Huston, Doug 74, 137, Kelly, Judy I Kelm, Patricia .,,,,,,,,, .. ..,, ,, Kendig, Douglas Kennedy, William Keno, Bill ....,,,,,,.... Kent, Diane ,,,,,, Kenyon, Dick 74 I Keranen, Ardith ,,,,,. 61, 116, Keranen, Nedra ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,... Kernan, Ralph ,,,.,,. ,...... 7 4, Kettleson, Laura .. ,..,. Kibe, Barbara ....., Kidder, Larry ,,,,,,, Kidwiler, Jacquelyn Kalbs, D. ,,,,.,,,.,... . Kier, Karen ,,,,,,..,., Killien, Don ,,,.,,,,,.,. Killian, Van ....,... Kilminster, Ken ,, Kilminster, Stanley Kimball, Bernice ...... , ..., Kimbel, Leonard .,.. Ktimeldorf, Laurie Kinder, Joan ,,,...,,,,, 557 74, , 102, 1 02, King, Barbara ,,...,,,.,s..,......,,,,., King, Helen .,,,,,..,...,,,s,,,.......,,.. King, Louise ,,,....,...,,,,,,.s...,,,.,, King, Noreta ...,,, 88, 120, 149, King, Wilma 1 Huston, Janet .,..,,,...,,,,, , ,,,,-,, K Hutton, Glen ....,,,...,, 70, 74, 152, 174, 180, 206, 223, Hutton, Janet .. 74, 139, 140, Hval, Gene ,.....,,,,,.....,,,..-..ff---- Hval, Ron ,,,,,,,...,,,,..,...,,...sffff.--, Hyatt, Judy ..v,,,,....,f,,..,fff, 47, 138, 139, Hyd, Joyce .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s4.. 102, I Iler, Christine ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 87, ller, Sharon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 74, 120, lnman, Kathy ....,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,, lra, Cecil ..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A,,,,,,..,, Ireland, Dixie ,,,,,,, Ireland, Dick J 81, Klnrsh, Frances ...,....,,,,,......,,,.. Kinney, Leona 48, 116, 125, 142 Kinney, Marie ......,,o.,,..,,..,...,,,. Kinville, Melba ..,,,,.... 48, 142, Kircher, Belva ..,..,,,,,......,.,...,,,. Kirk, Pat A,,,,,... ,..,,,,,...,.,,,, Klein, Myreen ..,.. W ,,,,,, ,... . . Kless, Ronald .,..,,,,,,.....,.,,,.s,.,,,, Kline, Kathy ,,,,,,....,.....,,,,,,...... Klingman, Connie .,,,,, 24, 48, 120, 139, 149, Klink, Jack ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Knapp, William ,,o.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,... Knepper, Wayne ,...,,.,..,,,,,, 74, Knowland, Sandra ,,,.,. 27, 88, Knowles, Esther .,....,,,,,,,...,. Koch, Judy ..,,,.,,, ,,.,,,,. ,,,.. Koehler, Alvin Koessel, Carolyn ..,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 4, Kolb, Kenneth Koltsch, Michael ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 27, Koskey, Glendine ,,,,,,,,,,,, 155, Kozlowski, Diane , ,,....,.,,,..,,., , Krasi, Shirley ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.. Kramer, Ursula .,,, ,. ..,, W Krantz, Eddie ,,,,,,....,,..,,,,,,.,,,., Krebs, Donald ..,.,,,.,....,... ,,,,,, Kreiling, Suzanne ....,,,,,,.., ,,,,, Kreuder, Karen ,,,, 84, 88, 151, Krigbaum, Jerry Krigbaum, Norma Krismer, Dick Kristensen, Karen Krogbire, Jerilyn ,,,.. ,,,, Krohn, Marion ,,,, Kubler, William ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Krueger, Donna ,.,..,, Kuehne, Bruce ,,,.,.,., W ,,,, 8, 27, Irwin, Judy ,,,,,,,,,, ...,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, lsaacs, Laura .,,.,,,,,,,, 74, 117, Israel, Elaine ,,,,......,.......,, 74, Jackson, Jacki ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,.,,,,, Jacob, Carolyn ,,,,,,,, 98, 102, Jacoby, Pat ....,, ,.,,...,....,,,,,,,, James, Melva ,,,,,.,, Jacobson, Karen Jacoby, Sandra Jarboe, Danny ,,,. ,. 87 , ,,.. 87 1 Jarboe, Jerry ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 4, 161, 175 Jarvis, Betty ,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,, Jarvis, Rhoda ....,,,,,,,, 87, 151, Jee, Ron ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,, 74, 147, Jendro, Jeffrey ,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,.,,, Jennings, Sharon ,,,,,,,,..,.,. 47, Jensen, Bjarne ....,, .8 74, 224, Jenson, Carol Jenson, Donna ,,,, ,, W 47, Jensen, Dorothy ..,.,,, ...,, 7 4, Jensen Eloise ,,,.,. ,,,,,,, . Jensen, Janice .....,,,,. 87, 145, 162 Jensen, Lavonne .....,,,,,..., 47, 132, 138, 158 Jensen, Marilyn ,.,. ..,,..,...,,,, 8 7 Jensen, Nelja ,,,.. ,,,,... 8 7, 162 Jensen, Roger ,,,,. ., ,,..,.,,,, 87 Jerson, Dennis Jillson, Jim ,,,,,,,..,,,,,.. sssssss 4 7 Johansen, Kenneth Johns, Beverly Johns, Bob ,.,.,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,, 4 7, 142 Johnson, Allen ,,,.,,,,,,..,.,,,, 47, 167 Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Betty ,,,,... ,,,.... 8 8, 159 Johnson, David ,,,,., ...A.,.,., 1 02 Johnson, Eugene ,,,,,,.,,,....,,,.,.,. 47 Johnson, Florence . ......,.,, 47, 116, 119, 159 Johnson, Gary .,...,. ,,,.,,,,..,.,,,,,, 8 8 Johnson, Geraldine Johnson, Jerry ....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 88 Johnson, Karen ....,...,,,,,,,, 74, 120, 139, 140 Johnson, Ken .o,.......,...........,,,.,. 88 Johnson, Lawrence ,,,,....,,,,..,... 102 Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Paul H. Johnson, Paul Stanley ,,,, 47, 167 Johnston, Byron .,.... 47, 167, 125 Johnston, Kathleen ,,,,,,,,,s 98, 102 Johnston, Stanley ........,,,,,,,,.... 88 Johnston, Wayne Johnstone, Deanne Jolly, Beverly ,,,,..,., .,..,,. ..,s..,... 1 0 2 Jolly, Charlotte ,.,.,. ,,,,,,............ 8 8 Jones, Barbara ,,,.,,,,,o,,..,. 102, 145 Jones, Bernard .,..,.,.,.,,,,,.,,.,,... 88 Jones, Bernice ...,..,,,,,,,.,, 102, 145 Jones, David ,,......., ,,....,...,.,. 1 42 Jones, Charlene ..,. ,,,,...... 8 8 Jones, Jackie ,,,..,, ,.,,,,,,...., . 102 Jones, Jo Bette ,,,.s ,,,,,,, 7 4, 153 Jones, Kenneth ..,,,, ,,.,...s.. 1 02 Jones, Lawrence Jones, Patricia E. ,,,,.. ,,,.,, l 46 Jones, Patricia K. ,,,,,...,,,,..,,,,.. 47 Jones, Pauline ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,. 47, 116 Jones, Ray ,,,,,, 47, 123, 141, 145 Jones, Roman ,,,o,,,...,...,..... 88, 150 Jones, Roy ,,,.....,,....,....... - ...,. ... 102 Jones, Vernon ,,,,,,,, .............. 8 8 Jones, Virginia ,,...... - .,............ 102 Jordan, Sharon Judge, Beverly .......... 27, 84, 88, 149, 190, 229 Justice, Gayle .,........ 70, 74, 117, 123, 125, 136, 140, 145 Justice, Mary .,,...,,o...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. 102 Justice, Sharon .,..,.,.....,..... 47, 116 Justice, Shirley K Kaady, Kathy ,, 74, 117, 136, 139 Kachel, Florence ......,...,..,.. 27, 88 Keech, Louis .............,..,...,.,,,,,, 102 Kahut, Diane Kaiser, Janet Kalanquin, Ardath ,,,,,,,.,,,, 88, 144 Kammerer, Betty ...,, ,..,.,,,,,, 8 8 Kasner, Allen ,,,,..,,.,. ,,,,,,, 8 8 Kassner, Eileen .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... 102 Kasparek, Myrna ,,,,,, ,,,..,. 7 4, 166 Kaufman, Kenneth ,.,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, 102 Kaufman, Richard ,..o.,,,,..,........ 102 Kay, Laura ,,,,..,.s,, . ...,..., 88, 120 Kay, Nancy ....,,,, ,o,,o,,.... 1 02 Kearns, Tom ..,,,, ,,,,,,- 8 8 Keen, Edward ,,,,,,,, 88 Keller, Launa .,,. :qu Leland ,,,,,,,,,,,, 102 74 Kelley, Kenneth .,,,.,, Kelley, Roger ,, ,, Kellogg, Elizabeth 88 102 Kuehne, Carl ,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,.... 102, Kuhl, Joe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, , Kuhn, Eugene ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kuhn, Jim ,48, 150, 180, 222, Kuhn, Josephine Kurilo, Nancy H ,,,,,, 88, 151, L LaBarre, Rex ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, LaCasse, Donald ,,,,,,,., LaChapelle, Walter ,.,.,.,.,,, Lafferty, Terry ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,A Lahti, Eldon ,.,,,,,,,.,.,.., 88, 102, Lahti, John ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lalli, Marie ,.,, , ,,,,, Lamb, Ken ,,,, .,,,. , ,, 27, Lamorie, Dean ,,..., 101 74 16 1 31 81 141 104 10 8 10 141 16' A 1 2: 41 1 Of 141 101 7, 81 81 81 1. 151 4. 133 161 10. 15. 7. 111 81 81 1 19 241 8 4. 14 15 4 15 15 10 15 10 8 10 8 8 10 19 7 10 1 11, 4 16 E 1C 1C 11 15 15 E lf 1C Montrose, Myra 51, Lamorie, Neal ,,,,, Lamper, Mike ,,,A, Landis, Richard Landry, Ted ,,,,,, 1 1 11 err,rrrrr 88, Lane, Doll ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,r.., 74, 137, Lane, Joyce ,,,,,,,, 1125, 153, Lang, Barbara ,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,..,. Lanier, Charlene 11 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11 Lanier, Myra ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 132 136 Lannigan, Ed 48, Larson, Darrell ,,,,,,,,,, Larson, Jlm 1 .,.,,, .1 Larson, Jerry Larson, Richard 11 1 Larson, William Lash, Linda ,,,,,,,,, Lash, Patsy ,,,,, Laugen, Gary ,,,,,, Laughlin, Joann 1 ,,,, 1 Lavorato, Alfred 1 135, Lawler, Jim 1 1 111111111174, 1111111188,' 23, 48, 138 154 1 1 Lawrence, Anderson 1 .,.. ,,,,, 1 Lawrence, Barbara Lawrence, Ann 1 1 Lawson, Robert Leach, Douglas Leach, Robert Leaming, Frances Leavitt, Karma Leavitt, Lesta 1 LeClair, Sharon 11 Lee, Kim 11 ,,,,,,, 11 Lee, Richard Lee, Scott 11 1 1 Lehr, Lew ,,,,, 1 Leistiko, Merle Leisy, Carol 1 1 Lemwitzer, Fred Leonard, Gail 1 Leonetti, Douglas Leonetti, Richard 1 Lewis, David .... 1 1 Lewis, Diane 1 Lidbom, Karen 1 Lidbom, Noel 11 11 Lidgren, Ellen Lindblad, Roger Linderman, Kenneth Lindsay, P. 1 Lindsay, Stephanie Lindquist, Judy 1 Lindquist, Marilyn Linhaus, Eddie 1 1 cssseeece 88, 48, 132, 27, 88, 11111111174, 111111111174, 111148, 1 102, 1 1 275549, 170, 225, 588, 116 1111111149 111188, 119, 141, 11111111111149, Lundin, Pat Lunos, Yvonne ..11 Lungs, Dave 11 11 Lynch, Jack 111- Lynch, Judy 1111 1 49 89 1111189, 144 49 McCabe, Jean .11.111... 11111 McCarrey, Barbara McCarthy, Neil 111.1111 McCarty, Larry 11111111 11,,11,1 McClellan, Phil ,1111111 ,,1,,,,,,,,, McClure, Beth 111,11111 11 ,,,, 89, McConneles, Bill 1111111111 McConneles, Charles McCormick, Keith 11111111 McCormick, Michel McCormick, Trevalee McCray, Joe 1,..,, 23, 103, 108, McCre1ght, Joy 11111,1,,,,,,, MCCrum, Carol 1.1111.1111 McCulloch, Sally 111111 111111 McDaniel, McDonald, McDonald, Jud1th A. McDonald, Judith D. 111111 1 McDonald, Maxie 11 McDonald McDowell, Clara McElhaney, Bill 111111 75, 80, 119 McElhaney, Rita 11 1111 1 McEwen, Harold ....111 1 1150, McFeron, June 1..111 Ralph 111111111111,,1,,,,,,, John 11111111111111,111 50, , Virginia 11111111. 1 1189, McGee, Fred 111111111111 McGibbon, Daleen 1 1175, 165, 50, 137, 161 203 McGill, Robert 11111111 McGilvary, Bob 11,11 11,1 I McGrew, Lynda .11111 McGregor, S. 11111111111 1 1 McGuire, Patricia McHale, Janice McKay, James McKee, Barbara McKern, Douglas 1 McKinlay, Margaret 1 McKinley, Bonnie 1111 103, McKinnis, Bonnie 11 McKinnis, Patricia McLean, Jean 11111111 McLean, Sharon McPoland, Larry 1189, Moar, Sharon 1.11111.111111..1.11..1... Moe, Donna Moe, Melvin .111....11.. 89, 123, Moeckli, Gordon ............,......... Moeckli, Jeannette ..11...11.1. 75, Moline, Andy 11111111. Monk, Lynine Monroe, Patricia ....111 ..111. Monroe, Tom Montgomery, Ray Montoya, Gregory Montoya, Ricardo 1111................ Moore, Moore, Moore, Dale Dennis 11111 Doris More, Judy 11111111111 Morefield, Lavonne Morefield, Sharon Morgan, Marian Alberta Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Harry Lee 133, 136, W'1ffff"85Q Jack 11111.1.11,,11111. .1111. Jack Randall Stephany ..11..11..1.1. 89, Morrison, Don 1.111............1 89, Morrow, Morrow, Morton, Morton, Audrey 11111. Sharon 1..11111 75, 138, Ga ry 111111.1.1.1111.1111111111 Sandra 111..1. 11 11 23, 51, 112, 139, 140, Moshberger, Karen 111111 1 Mosher, Judy .111 89, Mosimann, Ronald Mote, Clint Moultrie, Joan Moultrie, Norma 120, 138, Muck, Gary ..1.....,,,.,,,,,, Mueller, Yvonne 1.....11111 11 74, Muleback, Francis 11,1 1111111111 Munse, Aneyene Munsel, Urbana 11,11 1 111 Munsen, Kathy Munsen, Peggy Munsen, Don 11111 111,1111111,1111 Munsen, Jon ....111111111111111111..11 Linn, Arnie 11111 11111 2 7, 74, Linquist, Clyde 1111111.111111111.111111 Lipscomb, Jim 111.1. 1111111 8 8, 123 Littlefield, Barbara Livesay, Sharon Lloyd, Clara 111111 1 Lloyd, Jean Locke, Ellen 111.1 Lockyear, John 11 Loe, Janice 111111111 Loehr, Barton 1 1111 1 Lofthus, Arnold Logsdon, Larry 111111 111111111111.11 Logsdon, Sandra 11111111 Lolley, Larry .1111111111. Lolley, Mercedes ..1. Lord, Russell 111111111 Losk, Norman 1111 1 ..111111 74 111111111174, 1 Lovegren, Sharrie 1 11111 88, 141, Lovelette, Carol 11.1..1111,,,,,,,,,,.... Lowe, Dianne 1...1111..1.11 49, 151, Lubeck, Robert Lucas, Gary Lucas, Ron Lucker, John Luhrs, Faye 1111.1.1 1111111 8 8, 151, Luhrs, Jack 11111111 74, 123, 152, 180, 223, Lukens, Dana 111111.1..111 74, 139, Lum, Marilyn 111111 1111.1.,,,, 1 25, Luna, David Lynn, Shirley 1,11,1 111111 4 9 Lyons, Don 11111.11111111 111. 1. 89 Lyseng, Margaret 11 11.1.. 89 M MacCreary, Hugh 11 11111111 24 MacDonald, Phil 1 23, 27, 74, 161 MacGreger, Sally 111111111111.1111111 49 Mach, Leon 11111111111 1 1111111111111 102 Mackensie, Janice 1111111111 103, 119 Mackey, David 1111 1 1 1111111111111 103 Mackin, Marilyn 11 24, 49, 119, 139, 149, 160 Macy, John 111111 1 111111111111111 89 Macy, Ray 1 11... 1 11111111 74, 146 Madden, Dale 1 11 1111111 1 74 Madden, Karen 111111... 11111111111 1 03 Maddox, JoAnne 1 111111.1111111111111 89 Madison, Patsy 111.1 1111111111 4 9, 145 Madson, Dennis 111.1 1....1.1.11 7 4 Maes, Dick 1111111111 .1.11111111 4 9 Maes, Ron 11..1,1 .1.1111111 4 9, 203 Maffie, Fred 11111 1111111 1 03, 204 Maffit, Floyd 111,11,111111111111111111111 103 Mager, Ron 11111111.. 11111111111 1 03, 123 Maio, Joann 111111 49, 120, 165, 250 Maio, Joe 11111, 1111111111 1 03, 204 Maker, Victor .1......11111.111111111111 103 Maki, Bette 1111111111 49, 120, 139, 228 Mancini, Dominie 1 1 11 .1...1 89 Mansoff, Burns 1111111 111111111111111 4 9 Manzella, Jim Marchington, Ray 1 1111111 84, 89, 167 Marchington, Ray 11.111 .1111 1 03, 190, 198, 204 Morgal, Janice Marine, Sylvia 11111 11111111 8 9 Mark, Beverly Mark, Ora Rose Marks, Duane .111.1 1111.111 5 0 Marks, Neil 11111.1. 111111111111 5 0 Marl, Linda ....111.... 1111111111 9 8, 117 Marler, Beverly .111111.1111111111 74, 163 Marling, Beverly 1111111111 1111111, 9 8 Marshall, Geraldine 11 111111 103 Marshall, Elva Marshall, Sue Marshall, Warren 1111 11 1.111111.111 103 Martien, Sandra 1111 .1111 1111 1 .1111 1 0 3 Martin, Ann 111111111111111111111111111111 74 Martin, Arlene 11..1.11 50, 120, 121 Martin, Delmar 111111111 111111111111 7 4 Martin, Norman 111111111111111 1 50 Martin, Sandra 1111 89, 120, 155, 158 Martinolich, Joanne 1 111111111111 74 Martinsen, Joan 11.1.1111, .111 1111111 1 0 3 Martsoff, Barbara 111111 ,,,,,,,, 1 03 Mason, Mary 11111111,1,11 ,1,,,,,,,,, 8 9 Mason, Phyllis Mathes, Connie 11 11111,1,111 39, 153 Mathews, Glen Matson, John 11111111 1 111111,, 103 Matson, M. 1 11111111111111,,,,,1,,,,,,V,,,, 162 Mathews, Margaret 11 111111111111111 75 Mattioda, Jerry 111111111111 84, 89, 117, 123, 161, 177 Mattioda, Louie 11111 50, 150, 161 Maulding, Les Martineau, Norma Mawhinney, Diana 1111111111,,1,1,,, 89 Maxfield, Betty 11111.11. 11111 1.11 8 9 , 145 Maxwell, Carol 1111111 111111111111 1 03 Maxwell, David Maxwell, Joseph May, Earl 11.111 23, 75, 138, 154, 170 McAlpin'e, Nina 1.75, 151, 160, 170 McAndrew, Chere .11..1 50, 117, 139 McAndrews, Jo Ann McAndrews, John 11111111111111111111 50 McAndrews, Kay 1111111 11111111 1 03 McPherson, Virginia 11 50, McShatko, Jerry 11 111124, 116, McShatko, Steven 1111 1 Meeks, Karen 11 Melberg, Gary 11 50, 147 11 50, , Menegat, Ruth 11 1 11 Mergel, Janice 1111 Merritt, Mark 1111111 Mervin, Cecil Metz, Judy 11 Metz, Marion 11 1 Meyer, Lyle 1.1111 11 1 1 1150i 1 1111 103, 175, Michael, Carolyn 111 11111111111 51, Michael, Clifford 1 1111 111111111 7 5, Michaelson, Ann 111111 23, 70, 74, Michaelson, Jim Mick, Barbara 11111111111111111111,,1,,, Middleton, Doyle Middleton, Gene Miessner, Marilou 1 1 1111 ,1111 1 11 Miller, Miller, ' Miller, John Miller, Johnnie E. Gilbert 111111111111 103, 123 David 1.1111 1 1..1.11111111 89, 1 Miller, Leroy 1111111111,, 11111 Miller Patricia 11111111 11111 Miller: Roberta .1..11.1 11111. Millikan, Gail .1111111 Milliorn, Molly 11111 Mills, Donna 11111111 Mingo, Darrell Muramatsu, Earl .1..111 75, 117, Murdock, Jeannette 11111111 89, Murie, Nadine 111111111111111111111111 Murray, Judy 11103, 120, 121, Murray, Geraldine 11111111111111..1. Murphy, Pat 1111111111 103, 120, Myers, Rosann 11111111111.11....11.... Myers, Jim 1 Myers, Ron 11 N Nakata, Janice 89, Nakata, Ron 1111 75 89, 125, 160, 119 150 1 Nance, Jean 111111111.11111111111111111 Naunberg, Vern 111111111.....1111111 Naylor, Darlene Naylor, Dewey Naylor, Dick 11111111 11 11111111 11 Nazer, Marjorie 1111...11.1.11 51, Neal, Betty 11..11111111 ,.111 1 51, Neal, Karen 11111 1111111111111111.11. Nealeigh, Barbara .111.11.1111 75, Nebergall, Jim 11111111111..111....1111 Neels, Sandra 111111 75, 138, Neilson, Jack 1111111111.1111111111...1 Neilson, P. 11111 1 Mingo, Kenneth 111. 111111111111.111111 Mitchell, Dennis 1 51, 123, 137, Mitchell, Ann 11....11111111111111111111 Mitchell, Phillip 11111111111111.1..11.. Mitchell, Rose Marie 1111111....1.. Mltchoff, Robert 1 11.1.111111 11.1 1 Mitzfeldt, James 11111111 11111 Mitzfeldt, Lee Allen Nelson, Allen 111111..1111 27, 75, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Dea n 11111 Dennis 111111 Donna 111111 1 Eddie 11111 Gloria Janeth 1111111 Joan 1111111 Jonita 1111111 Lendamai Lenodn 75, 103, Maxine 111111 75, 1 Pratt, Judy 33 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 33 Ray, Dolores 3 33 3 Nelson, Pat ,77, 3. ,,,,,.A,,777VVVVV.., 3 89 Nelson, Raymond Nelson, Ronald 51, 123, 132, 153 Nelson, Terry 3 33 ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. 3 51 Nelson, Wayne Vrsrrrrrr 3 3 103 Nerison, James 3 3 ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, 33 52 Neubert, Beverly 52, 112, 119, 155, 263 Neufer, Carole ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, . 89 Neumann, Dick ,,,,,, 33 89 Neville, Barbara 33 ,,,,,, 89 Nevius, Terry Newell, Donald Newhouse, Del 52 Newman, Norman 3 Newton, Diane ,,,, Newton, Karleen Nichols, William 52, Nicholson, Norman Nielson, Pearl Niezgoda, Ted Neilson, Carol Nitzelfeldt, Lee 3 Noble, Fred 52 Norcross, Noel Norcross, Roberta 3 Norgard, Sue 33 Norton, Jack Norton, Michael Neyes, Art Nugent, Sharon O Oberle, Joyce 1 1 19, 136, 246 89 89, 138 103 135, 139, 150 39, 119 33 tttt 52 89, 15s 103 137, 147, 176 3333 3, 89 103 3 ,333 103, 123 75 3 103 33 33 104 O'Brien, Alice 3 ,,,, 3 75, 153 O'Brien, Richard O'Brien, Roxie 52, 120, 121 Ockinga, Beverly 3 3 3 89, 141 O'Conner, Marilyn 23, 89 Oeder, James 3 ,,,,,, 3 75 Oishi, Karen 3 33 89, 119, 125 Oldham, Betty 33 33 3 75 Oldham, Dick 3 89 Oldham, Esta ,,,,, 3 33 89 Olin, Dan 33 33 104 Olsen, Barbara 33 33 3 90 Olson, Edward 52, 135, 229 Olson, Douglas Olson, Joanne 33 75, 141 O'Neal, Tom 23, 27, 117, 146 0'Neill, Bonnie ,,,,,,,, 33 104 Orren, Helen ,,,, 27, 75, 116, 124, 164 Osborn, Robert Overall, Dallas 23, 75, 123, 152, 167 Overby, Don Owen, David Owen, Eleanor 33 52, 145 Owen, Timothy 3 3 104 Owsley, Brenda ,,,,,, 3 3 90 P Page, Darlene Page, Emma Page, Priscilla Painter,, Tom 3 Palmer, Bob Palmer, Susan 33 Palmer, Dick 3 3 Pamer, Maril n Y Papsadero, Jack Papsadero, Joanne Parker, Barbara 3 3 Parker, lgzger Parker, R. Parman, Judy Parrish, Donlad 33 Parrish, Grant Parshall, Judy ...,,, P.1rsons, Janet Patchin, Patheal, Dennis Patheal, Nancy Neola 3 52 75, 120, 121 75, 124, 164 ssss 27, 104 104 3 23 28 , , 52, 139, 149, 165 3 75 3 3 104 3 75 52, 141 33 90 3 52 145 3 3 3333 104 90, 144 75 104 3 104, 204 Patterson, Christine 33333 3 52 Patterson, Donna 3 52, 139, 151, 160, 216 Patterson, Joanne 33333333333 333, 5 2 Patterson, Noel 33333.3333333 52, 163 Patterson, Pat 3 .... 84, 90, 119, 120, 121, 149,' 160 Patterson Paul 3 3333333333 33333333 5 Z Patton, Anita 3333.3 .333333333333 5 3, 117 Patton, Dick 3333 333333 3 3 104 Patton, Vera ....33333 333333 9 0, 166 Paulsen, DeEtte 3333,3 Paulsen, Phillip 3333 Paulson, Lance 33,33333 Payne, Gordon 33 Peake, LeOra 3 Pearce, Larry Pearce, Wallace 53 3 3333 104 3333 23,53 75, 141 Pearson Martha'eanne 3333 53, 75 7 l Pebly, Melvin 3 3.3. 3 Pebly, Rosalie 333333 Peccia, Carmie 3 33 Peck, Marcella 33 33 Pederson, Dick Pederson, Sylvia 3,33.3 Pemberton, Alvera Pemberton, Marvin Penberthy, Larry ..33,, Pennington, Barilyn 145 , 140 90 104 331523, 3 53, 139 104 53 53 104 104 204 121 Pentecost, Myra 3333.,,,33.,,, 104, Pepin, Richard Perkins, Marlene 33 27, 53, 139, 142, 149, 158 Persons, Ann s333....,f..f.,,,,,,.fs..4.. 75 Persons, Judy ,,,,.,..e.ff,efe....VV...- 90 Peters, Marie ......s,,,,,4.,.,, 75, 119, 149, 160, 229 Peters, Patricia 33,.3333 53, 132, 162 Peterson, Barbara .3..33.3.3..33,..... 90 Peterson, Carolyn Peterson, Del ...,.... 3333.3........3. 5 3 Peterson, Don ............,......3...... 25 Peterson, Jack ............. .3.. 7 5, 119 Peterson, Joan 33..3,33 104, 119, 121 Peterson, Judy 33333 333333333333 9 0, 119 Peterson, Karen 3..3.,3.33,33... 75, 155 Peterson, Keneth 3 .3.. 53, 123, 177 Peterson, Nancy 3 33333,333335 90, 158 Peterson, Patricia Peterson, Dick ,..333333333333.33 53, 139 Peterson, Roger ...,,.,,.,..,,,....... 90 Petri, Darlene 3353, 141, 142, 247 Petrie, Jerry ....333,33,33,,. 22, 53, 150, 211 216 Pettichord, Donald Pfingsten, Gary 3 Pflieger, Laura 3 Pharris, Betty ,33333 Phelan, Joanne Phillips, Richard Phillips, Sandra 3 Philpott, Donald Pickard, Jim 3 Ping, Franklin Ping, Maridene 33333333 Pippett, Ronald Pippi, Dolores 3 33 Planich, Karen Platt, Pete Plopper, Marjorie Plopper, Marilyn Podrybau, Tom Pollard, Judith 33 Pomeroy, Danny ,3,, Pomeroy, Robin Pool, Barbara Poore, Harriet Porter, Burton Porter, Carol Porter, Mike Porter, Sydney Portnoy, Don Portnoy, Ron Post, Elvin 3 3 Potter, Margie 3333 Potts, Judy Poots, Judy Pouch, Jim 1 90 7733333 90 75 124 160 75 90 104 90 90, 158 53, 121, 136 104 3 3 53 33 33 104 3 53 3 90 3 145 90 104 75 180 3 90, 33 3 104 33 23, 75 3 3 104 33 90, 166 33 3 75, 124 33 104 Powell, James Powell, Janice 3 90, 151, 165 155 Preble, Sandra Price, Barbara 3 70 Price, LeGrande Price, Lyle 3333 3333 Pricester, Leonard , 75, 120, 139 3 3 90 Pricester, Doug 33333 33333 7 5, 144 Proctor, John Prost, Janice 3 3333333 3 104 Pruitt, Alvin 3333333333 Publos, Dave 3333 23, 54, 117, 123, 137 Pumfrey, Virginia 3333,,3333333 84, 90, 147, 149, 160 Punzel, Fred 33333 333333 333333 3 3 90 Purdy, Eugene Putnam, Barbara 33 75 Putnam, Sandra Qualley, P31 3 33 33 54, 117, 142, 147, 158 Quine, Dennis 3 3 90, 144 Quinlin, Judy 3 3 75 R Rabick, Janice 3333 333333 7 5, 151 Raffeny, Larry 3333333 3 3 90 Rafferty, Judy 3 3 3333 3 104 Rafferty, LeRoy Raforth, Gail 3 33333 23, 84, 90, 149, 165 Ralston, William 333333 33333 3 33 3 104 Rambeau, Janice 3333,3 333333,33 2 5 Ramberg, Terry 3 333333 3333 33333333 9 0 Randall, George Range, George 3 23, 27, 75, 139, 141 Rankin, Gerald 33333 3333333333333 5 4 Rankin Judy 33 33333 3 33 75 Rankin: Lolita Rankin, Steven 3333 333333 3 104, 123 Rask, Amelia 27, 75, 119, 120, 133, 155, 158 Rasmussen, Judy E. 3333 84, 90, 120, 158, 164 Rasmussen, Judy L. 3 3 33 3 90 Rasmussen, John 333333 33 104 Rathke, Ron 3333 3 75, 145 Ratliff, Robert 3 33 104, 208 Rausbeck, Jan 3333333333 54, 117, 142, 155, 251 Rausch, John 33333 3 3 145 Ray, Babrara 3 90 104 Reagor, Beverly 3 104 Reese, Ann 33 104, 107, 190, 208 Rose, Sharon 33 98, 104, 120, 208, Regele, Hal 3 3333 75 Regelin, Marcia 3 75, 120, 151 104 23 107, 209 Reiter, Bob 3 Reiter, R. 33 33 Renish, Kenneth Reno, Camilla 54, 116 Reusser, Bill Reynolds, Richard 54, 141- Rhoads, Jean 90, 124, 166 Rhoads, Sharon 3 3 3 90 Rhodia, Patricia 3 33 3 90, 119 Richards, Judie 90, 124 Richards, Rosalyn 3..3333 70, 75 Richardson, James 33333333 33333333 1 04 Richardson, Linda 3 333333333333 90, 144 Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Lee Richey, Lorenzo Riebling, Ron 33 33333333 3333333 3 104 Rigotti, Gary 90, 117, 152, 161 Riley, Richard Rippe, Joscelyn 3 54, 133, 142, 145, 162 3 3333 33333 7 5 Risch, Eileen ....33 3333333333.3333333333 Rizner, Dorothy E. 33333333333...333 3 Rizner, Eileen 33 333.3..33333339 121, Roan, Penny 33333333 . 33333333333 3 Roark, Roberta 4 33,33 .33. 3 75, Roberts, Caryl 3333,3333333...3 104, Roberts, Kenneth 33,333.333. 3 54, Roberts, Marilyn .3..333333.3.. 90, 151, Roberts, Mary Jean 3333333.3.3..333 Robertson, Jerold 33333333. 33 .3 Robick, J. 333333 33 333333 3333333... 3 3. Robinson, Pta 33 33..3333,.333333333 3 3 Roan, David 3.33 54, 117, 123, Roentz, Judie Rogers, Mike 33 76, 147, 163, Roland, Carl 3 3333333333333333333333333 3 Roland, Jerry 333.333333 .333. Romero, Virginia Romero, Ramona 3 333333333333333.333 33 Rose, Barbara 33333333333333 3333333333 Rose, Celinda 3333 54, 136, 139, Rose, Marvin 333.3.3333333333333333333333 Rosenbloom, Susan 3333..33333333.... Ross, Jim 33333333333333333. 90, 144, Ross, Judith 333333333333333 3,3, 9 0, Ross, Merry Jo 3333 3333333 3 3 Rossell, Sandra 3333..3.3333333333 54, Roth, Joe 33333333 33 333333 28, 54, 150, 174, Roth, Kay 333333333333 3333333333333333333 Rothery, Daniel 333333333333,333,33333 Rothery, Joseph 3333 3 ,,33 3 Roy, D. 3333333.3333 33333 3333 3 Ruble, Linda 116 165 117 104 Rudiger, Ed 3333 Rund, Phyllis 3 333333333333333 3 Rurey, Sharon 3333 3333333.3 Rusch, Dale 3333333 33333333 3333333 Russell, David .33.3 54, 140, Russill, George 27, 55, 135, Russell, Jack 33 33 76, Rust, Marilyn 55, 112, 121, 139, Ryan, David Ryan, Kathleen 76, 121, Rydman, Don 141, Ryherd, Mike Ryna, Dave 3333 3 Ryles, Dick 3 3 33 90, 55, 117, 125, S Sawyer, Clifton 3 3333 3333 3 Sawyer, Lawrence 33333333333333333333 Saxton, Fred 3...333333333333333 33333333 Sayler, Judy 3 333,3 28, 85, 139, 149, Scales, Kathy 3 3 333333333333333 H Scarl, Ethan 3333 70, 76, 140, Schaar, Phil 33 23, 70, 139 Schade, Alfred 33 33 33 Schade, Florence 3 3333 3 Schaffer, Judy 33 3333 Scharbough, Barbara 3 Schell, Steve 3 3333 70, 76, Shela, Dick 3 3333 33333 9 0, Schlack, Robert 3 Schlemline, Mary 3 76, 117, Schlemlein, Robert Schmidt, Ronald Schmunk, Janet 3 jf 23 N27 Schmunk, Jerry Scheidell, Ted Schola, Richard 3 Schnable, Philip 55, 132, 161, Scheider, Robert 76, Schoefield, Donna 55, 157, Schomer, Greg Schrader, Robert Schriber, Jean Schrook, David Schrock, Kennith Schultz, Joanne 119, 139,, 104 54 153 104 165 145 147 160 104 141 170 54 104 90 1 04 140 90 76 146 142 76 1 39 1 23, 206 76 76 54 119 90 76 104 54 145 139 123 120, 142 166 145 138 90 76 104 146 104 1 117 158 90 139 144 76, 144 76 76 104 90 154 144 55 145 76 55, 250 104 145 150 174 141 138 76 90 55 Stradle Schultz, Sherri .,,.,,.,,,, ....,...,. 1 04 Schwartz, Richard ....7,,,,,,A........ 55 Scoggin, Clare .,..,,.. ,,,.,. 2 7, 125 Scott, Bennit ....,,, ..,....,.. 9 0 Scott, Clinton ...,, ...,,..,,........ 5 5 Scott, Donna Scott, Gary ......,,,,,,.c 55, 147, 152 Scot, Janet .,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,.,.......... Scott, P. ,,,...,,........,7,,,,,,.........,,, 108 Scott, Dick 7,,,,, 76, 104, 161, 176 Scott, Shirley Scrivens, Lewella ....Y,,Y,YY,.,,..... 76 Seable, Juliette ,7,7.,,.,,,,..,,........ 55 Seaquist, Joanne ....,7.,,,,,,,,, 27, 153 Seaquist, Gary William Seeley, Nadine ,,,,..,,,. 27, 104, 133 Seethaler, Robert ,,..,,,,A.....,...,, Seim, Janet ..,7,,,.7,,7,,, ,7,,,.f,,f,,,. 1 04 Seim, Wayne ,,,,., ,.,,,, 7 6, 206, 154 Sept, Pat ...,.,,,, ..., ,Y.,A4,.,....YY, 1 04 Seufert, Jim Seward, Dick ,,,,, ,. ,,,,........,,,, 90 Shaffer Philli Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smithj Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith: Smith Smith Dennis Earl Perry Don M. Donna ,,,,,, Betty Jo .,.... Erwin .,.....,.. Gwendolyn ., Jay ..........,.,. Jim ,,...... Jon ........, Judy ,,,,,,,,,, Judy Ann ., Judy C. Karen ,,,,,,,, Lynne ....... Marna ......, Norma ....,t., f'iS,i'1Ei, 'f1f'5E, 16, 23, 91, Pat ,,,,,.,,........,,....,. Pat Lee ...,,,,, 76, 165, 76 Penny ,,,,,a.,.,....,..... r 1 I P Shaw, Judy ,,,,,, 27, 104, 107, 208 ' 55 Shaw, Lois ......,.,,,..,..........e...,,,. Shaw, Patricia .,,,, ,,,, Shaw, Lois aa,,,,77,a, Shaw, Nancy ,.,.., Sheffield, John 90, 119, 120, 138, 228 .VV, YY7.,7, . A 55 55 Shepherd, Joan ,, ,,,,,.... 104 Sherlock, Harold . , ..,.., ,,,,,,. 7 6, 163 Sherman, Flora ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.... 56 Shields, Bill .aa... .,7,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 7 6, 141 Shinn, Janice .. 90, 121, 124, 153 Shintaffer, Joanne ,,,,,,,,,, ,..,.,,,. 7 6 Shintaffer, Pat Shipley, Betty Lou ...,....,A,,,, 65 Shipman, Pat ,,.,,, , ,..,,,,,,,a 90, 165 76 Shirts, Carmalita .. ...., ,,...... . . Shookey, Sharon Shogren, Judy . .. 56, 141 104 Short, Bonnie .,,,.,.,..,,,...,,.,.,.,., Short, Frank Siemenson, Joanne .. 56, 142, 166 ' 90 Sues, Judy ,,,,,,, ,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,..... Silsbee, Don ..,,,.,,,, . . 18, 104, 204 Silsbee, Joanne ,,,, 56, 142, 166 104 Silsbee, Jim ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,........... Simmons, Dorothy Simpson, Josie ,,,,,A Singer, Sandra ,,.. , 90 104 Sipp, Gentria ,,,,,,,, . ,,,.,, ,,,, 1 04 Sivensind, Doug ...,,,,,a,,,,.., 56, 163 Skelton, Ann ,,..,,...., ,,,,....,.. . 105 Skelton, Marilyn ...,...,. .,a,.,. 1 05 Skidmore, Dennis .,..,, ..,.... 1 05 Skipton, Ray ,,,.,...., . ,.... 105 Skoe, Ed Slayton Barbara Sall, Larry Salvatore, Robert ,..... ,...,,. Salyards, Jim ,,,,,,,,,, Sampsol, Roy ,,,,.. Sams, Roger ,,,.,,, Sandall, John ,,.,.. Sandall, Victor ,,,, , Sandberg, Julie ,,,,, 104 90 104 27, 76 76 76 90, 168 55 90 Sandblast, Don ,,,,,,,,,, ...,.,,. Q W Sandblast, Judith .... .....,,,,....,,,A Sanders, Duane ,,,, . .....,,,,,,,, 55, 146 Sandford, Paul ,,,,.,....,,,,,s.......... 55 Sanvitale, Carol .,..,... 23, 76, 116, 139, 157 Sasse, Charles ....s,,, 55, 133, 152, ,,,.161, 209 Sauer, Anita ,,,,,,,.. 55, 250, 147, 158, 250 Sauer, Barbara ,, 23, 90, 119, 160 Savage, Betty ,,,7,,7,,,7,,,..,..., ,... 1 04 Savage, Mary Ellen 76, 112, 119, 120, 121, 139, 140, 149 Smart, Edwin ....................,...,. 90 Smith, Barbara ,,...... 56, 116, 139 Smith, Carol .... 76, 153, '121, 136 Smith, Darrel ..........,a....,... 90, 152 Smith, Dick ,,,,,, ....,,,,.,.,,,,, Smith, Perry .,..,,,,..... .,....... ..,,,, Smith, Sharon .,,,.,,,.,.. 76, 117, Snelling, Jeanette ..,...,,,,,,,,..., Snider, Ed ,,..........,,,.,,..,,,.,,..... g Snider, Sandra ....,...,,.,,,,.......,. Snively, Sandra Snodgrass, Bud A... 26, 56, 123, 150, 167, 211, Snook, Caroline .........,............. - Snook, Charles Snook, Pete ,,,a,,,A.. ..... Snyser, Judy .,...... ......... Snyder, Mike Solberg, Beverly ..,..,,...,..... 56, Solberg, Karen ..... ,,,.... 1 05, Solberg, Dick .,.... ..,.,,,,......, , Sols, Barbara ..,,,,,.............. Sols, Dick ..,,,,..,,.,.. .,,23, 91, 152, Solheim, Ken Soloman, LeRoy ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 6, Sommers, Ruth ,,,.,... Sorenson, Jim , Sott, Pat ,,,,,.,,,,,.,, ,,,,, Sousley, Willie ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sowles, Susan .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sowles, William Spargur, Ernie ,,,,,,,, 24, 123, 223, 222, 224, Sparks, JoAnne Spear, Sally ...........,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, Spence, c. E. .sss 3, iss, 150, Spence, Shirley ,,,, ..... 7 6, 23, Spencer, Delmay .... 119, 124, 138, 139, Spidal, Sandra ,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, Spina, Ann Spina, Gene Spina, Norma .,..,. ,,,,,.,,, Spire, Alan ,,,,...,,,,.,, ,,,,, Spitter, Charolet Spitter, Tom ....,,,, ,,,,, Sprague, Bob ....,...,. .,.,. Sprague, Wilber Spurlock, Burt Squires, Mary Staehanke, George ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Staine, Yvonne ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, 91, Stalzer, Joy ......,,,,.. 112, 120, 157, Stalzer, Marion ,,,,,,,, 91, 123, Stanberry, Rosemary ........ 91, Stands, Darleen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 105, Stands, Navada Staek, Pete ..,..,,... ........,,,. Starr, Ron ........,,,,, ,,,,-, 9 1, Staton, Susan ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,a. 9 1, Staudt, Melvin ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Steele, Pat ........,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,, Stelzerlnueller, Karen .,.,,,,..... Stelzner, Lauren Stenhouse, Julie ,,,,,.,,,,., 105, Stevens, Frank ,.,..... ,,,,....., , Stevens, Glenn .... .....,......,,.. Stephens, Bill Stevens, Ton. .....,..,,,. 91, 84, 1 52, 105 105 105 105 140 90 105 123 90 105 144 105 166 91 119 151 165 105 105 145 56 56 105 139, 216 56 76 91 116 117 91 105 123, 167 141 105 76 105 105 105 135, 122 76 163 121 133 140 105 105 117 105 91 161 162 145, 139 157 162 145 76 144 166 91 105 105 145 105 91 123, 161 Steven son, Tom ....,,,, 84, Stewart, Alice ...... Stewart, Mike Stewart, Bill .,,.. Stiles, Gene .,,,.......,...., . 91 , 152 76 105 123 Stimpson, David ,.s... ........... St. James, Judy Stober, Sharon Stockman, Carol ....,,........ 105, Stogsdill, Ron .,,, 76, 122, 161, 21,2 Stone, Stung Stone, Stose, Stout, Stout, Franklin ....,.........,......... Lucy Sally Glenn .,,a, Barbara , .s... ...... 1 39, Nancy .,.ss...,,s.......-- 91, Stoutenbur David ,,,.....,,A.....-- , 9, Strader, Arlene .,,...,, ........ Strader, Myrtle Stradley, Bob .I ....,s..... - Straka, Street, Street, Strejc, Strejc, y, Margie f...... ...-........ Terwillige r, Roger Teters, David. Thacker, Sheila .,..,,, Therrell, Phyllis Thill, Barbara' . D Thogerson, Thomas, David 91, 123, Thomas, Douglas Thomas, Erva Thomas, Pleasant Thomas, Sandra .. Thomas, William Patricia ,,,,..,..,..... 140 76 Sharon ...,,.. Bob .,,s.... Carol ..,... Jack ....,,...,, Judy ........,,,... Strickfaden, John ..,........., Strite, Strode, Stone, 76, 1 47, Brian ....,. .s., Lorrie ,........,. .......... Stonelake, Wendell Stronac Strong, Strong, Stroup, h, Charles, ......,. 105, Eugene ,,......, .......... L Mitchel .,,,......,,.. 105, Julia ,,.....,,.... ......,..... Strudgen, Jack Stumpf, Margaret Stumpf, Norma ,.,,, Stump, Sturges Evelyn ....,,, Bob Stutheif, Don Sullivan 91, Lorrine ....... ......,..... Sullivani Freida Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan , Mike ......, , Dick , Mort Summars, Bill .,,,....,.,. 91, 91, 117, Summers, Roger .,.......,.........,,. Suran, Suran, Allan ........,.,.A Linda ,..,,........ Thomsen, James Thompson, Betty ..V.................. Thompson, Brenda ..,. 76, 119 Thompson, Dale .,......,.............. Thompson, Don Thompson, Gail .. 23, 84, 91 Thompson, Peggy ,,,s......,. 105 Thompson, Sonya ..,................ Thompson, Sheryl ,,.............. 8 Thompson, Wanda ...............,. Thornber, Karvel .,,,......,, 105 Thorpe, Craig ,,s...,,. .....,ff,.... Thorpe, Richard Thorpe, Sharon Thorstad, Marie . Thrall, Gary ,,......A - ..V.,.,,.......V-- Tice, Frank Tiffany, Charlyene ....,,,,.... 91, Timpe, .Ron ,.....,,,,,. 75, 117, Tippie, Betty .............-.-..Yf.----- Tollen, Terry .....,,,....,,,.,,..,A...... Tonnesen, Sylvia Tonsing, Marilyn Toorhman, Charrel ,,,s....,...,,.. Torchia, Jim ,,s...,,,,...-ff,. 117, 152, 167 Torkelson, Diane ,,..., 70, 76, 149, Torkelson, Nancy ,... 84, 91, 160, Torvik, Marjorie .s... ,............ Tousley, Jerry .,......, ......,,,. Towner, Marilyn Townsend, Jim ....,, , ,,,,........,... Trachsel, George ,,,,,,,,.,..s....... Treadwell, Dick 59, 150, 161, Trimble, Pat ,,,,,,.,.,.... 59, 155, Troutman, Marilyn ....,,,,,,,s 59, Troxel, Eileen ..,,,,,,.....,,,.... 75, Truman, Doug .,..,,,,, Surbaugh, Fred ,,.... 105, 107, Sutton, Anna ..,.,a,.,,,,......,,........ Swan,' Billie Swanson, Buzz ....,,.. 70, Swartz, Norma ..,,..., 76, 125, Sweitser, Marlin 76, 161 Swetland, Norma ..........,.....,.,. Swygert, Sharon ..,. .... 7 6, 157, Tabino, T Santiago ......., ,s........ Tansing, M. ........,,., ...,......... . Tangen, Sandara ....,,,, .. .... Tatman, Eddie Tatman, Joyce .,,,.. ,,,.,. Taylor, Arlene Taylor, Donna ..,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,..,... Taylor, Judy ...,.,....,... 27, 151, Taylor, Jud ,,.,.....,,,., 27, 133, Taylor, Madeline ., ,,.s..,,,,,,..,.... . Taylor, Martha Taylor, Mary Ann ....,, s..,,. Taylor, Patricia Taylor, Dick Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Velma ,,,,,s.s......., 139, Tempelton, Betty Tempelton, Carolyn Tenerlli, Beverly Tenerlli, Deanna Terry, Gorden Terwilliger, Don Tschopp, Roberta .,,,... ...... Tucker, Albert ....... .,,... Tucker, Carol A. Tucker, Carol J. ,..... ,..... 5 9, Tucker, Lance ......... s...........s Turchen, Irene ........ ...,.. 9 1, Turcol, Nickie Turner, Billy ,,,,... ...... Turner, Freda .,.,. , ....,,, , Turpin, Ray Tusslng, Frances .,,,.. ,.,,,,.... 7 6, Tyrrell, Geneva .....,..,,,.,,,, Tyson, Ann .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 27, 76, 124 , 125, U Urke, Karen Usinger, Ron ,,,,,,,,,,, V Vale, Mell ,,,,,,., ...... Valain, Burnis ,,,,...,,,,.,,... ...... Valley, Verlaine Van Arsdall, AnnabeHe ,,,,,,., Vance, Catherine , ,,.,.....,...,.., , Vance, Marjorie ,,,,,..,.,,....,,.,,.. Van Demarr, Meredyth ,,.. 76, Vanenberg, Darlene Vanderberg, Robert ,,,,,, ...,,. VanderMartin, Alice ,,,,,, ,,,,,, Wodo, Lynda , ,.., . VanderMartin, Maxine Vanek, Lillie .,..,,,, 59, 124, 139, 140, Vanek, Mary , ,,,,,,,,,, 105, Van Guilder, Harry 59, 139, 155, Van Loon, Kay Van Slyck, Jan ,,,,,,,,,,,, , 76, Varnell, Rose 91, Veach, B Vehrs, D Ianlla ,,,,, Veltikold, Janis ....,,,, Veronda, Jacky ,,,,,,,, 120, 121, Verrinder, Bob ,,,,,,, Versoza, Bonnie , Vickers, Robin ,,,,,,,, 91, Vincent, Nancy ,,,,,,, , ,,,,, Volberding, Joanne ,,,, , 59, Vollmer, Chuck .... 77, Vollmer, Judy ,, ,,,, , Vorseth, Mardell ,,,,,, , Vukovic, Judy ,, , 59, W Wacker, Myrtlan ,,,, ,,,,,,. Wahl, Joy ,,,, ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Wahlstrom, Patricia 98, Waldo, Patti , , , ,,,,,, 59, Waley, Jim Walker, Allen ,, 71, 117, 137, 150, 161, Walker, Betty Jean ,,,.,,,,,, 23, 120, Walker, Janice Walker, Pat ,,,, Y, ,,,YY, W Walker, Richard , , ,, Wallace, Anthony ,, , Wallace, Nona , , 59, Wallace, Wayne Wallen, Dick W Y,,,, ,V , Wallingford, Janice H , Wallner, Diane , Wenstrand, Carol ,,,, 23, 27, 119, 139, 140, 145, 157 Werf, Gary ,,,,.,,..,,.........e......... 91 West, Dick ,,,,,,, ...., 9 1 Wester, Lona Wester, Stanley Westhusing, Claudia .Y .,s.,,, 27, 91 Weston, Allen Weston, Kathryn Westover, Jerry .,,,,..... ..... 7 7 Wetherbee, Dick ,,,,.,, ..... 9 1 Wetteland, Judy , ,,,, .,,.. 1 06 Weygandt, Wayne ...,, ..,,, 1 25 Weyhrich, Jean ,,,.,,,. ..... 1 19 106 145 106 Walsh, Charlotte ,,,, , M , , Walsh, Robert ,,.., , Walsh, Virginia 112, 139, Walter, David Walter, Nancy , Ward, Claudia 119, 139, Ward, Donna ,,,,, , , , , 106 Ward, Deanna , 70, 76, 77, 164 91 Warner, Warren, Marshall , Doral ,,.. , Washam, Barbara Washam, Diane Washam, Joann Washam, Monty 132, 135 71, ns, 1 Watts Kath 77, Wilson Washam, Ramona 133, Washburn, Clinton ,, Washburn, Joan ,, 77, 117, 160, 216, Watkins, Jim Watkins, Larry , ' 77, Watson, Pat , v at Watts, Bob Weaver, Don Wear, Dave , ,. , Webb, Laurel , Weber, Don ,,,, , , Webster, John Weeks, Dallas ....,,,. 121, 138, Weiler, Roberta ....,,.........,,,.,,, Weimer, Dorothy ,.,,s,,,,,,,....,,,, Weinkauf, Jim ' ,,,,,. 91, Weis, Karen ,,,,,,,,, Welch, Mary Ann ,,,, .,,,.,.,. Wellin, Denny ,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,. Wellington, Pat .,..,. ,,,,. Wenger, Ann . , ,,,..,., Wengel, Geraldine eeee- ...,, Wengel, Jacquelyn Wengel, Marjorie White, Billy ,.....,, ,....,,,. White, Jim ....,. ,.,., 9 1, White, Merton ..,, ,,.,,,s.. White, Pat White, Sharon .,.... ..,.. 1 36 White, Stephen .,,, 91 Whiteley, Vicki ,,,,,, ,,....... 1 06 Whitney, Tam ..,,,,,, ,.,,.,,,..... 9 1 Whitenberg, Diane ,,.91, 166 Whitman, Wayne Whittington, Don .,,., ,,,,,eeY. 9 1 WhittLeasey, Al ,,,,,, ...,,,, 9 1, 166 Widney, Alice ,,,,,,, W ,,,,,.... 91 Wiebe, Elizabeth ,,,, , ,....,, ,. 106 Wiedeman, Carla Jo , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 106 Wiedemann, Kenneth 23, 154 Wienckin, David ,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,...,. 91 Wienker, Duane 77, 175 Wienker, Jacqueline Wigg, Jerry ,,,,,,, , 77, 175 Wiggins, Carol , . 116, 132, 139, 151, 160, 216 Wightman, Bob ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,..,. 1 5 5 Wightman, Ruth , ,, .,,, . 77 Wilde, Phyllis , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,. 1 59 Wilde, Bob Wilder, Nova ,,,, ,,,,. 9 1 Wilder, Ron ,,,.... ,,,,,,, , , 92 Wilhoit, Darrel ., , , 227 Willard, Diane ,, ,,,,, 60, 138 Williams, Audrey ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 06 Williams, Barbara V 61 Williams, David ,L , 92, 119, 144 Williams. Donald , .,,,, ,.......,.. 6 1 Williams, Jane ,92, 119, 125, Williams, Patricia Ann ,,,,.o., 116, Williams, Patty , ,, Williams, Robert ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Williams, Roberta ,,,,, , ,,,,, 92 Williams, Ralph ,,,, ,.... 7 7 Williams, Robert Williams, Roger , ,, ,,,, . 106 Williams, Sonya , , ,,,,,. 106 Williamson, Jack Willis, Sharon ,,,,, , 92, 116 Wilson, Charlene 106 Wilson, Bob ,,,,,,,, W 77, Wilson, Bonnie .... ,,,.. , Wilson Etta Wilson, Linda ,Y,, ,,,, Wilson, Ralph ,,,.,,, ,,,,, Wilson, Ruth ,,,, ,,..,,,. Virgil ,,,,,,. ........ Windred, Dennis ,, , .... 106 Winistorfer, Joann . 61, 132, 159 155, Winium, Clarissa , 61 Winkenwader, Kenneth , 106 Winkenwader, Bob ,,,, 77 Winters, Ellen ,, W 61 Wise, Loren , ,,,, ,,,, , 92 Wiseman, LaVerna Witkowski, Suzanna 92, 124 Wittman, Virginia ,,,,,, 61 Wobermin, Donna H , 77 Wobig, .lack , 23, 27, 76, 125, 137, Wolefer, Lawrence 92, Wolfe, Marvel 77, 120, Wolfe, Pat , Wolfe, Sandra ,,,,,, ,,,,- Wolfe Terrie , , 1 Wolfe, Violet , , Wong, lra ,,s.,,,. Woo, Margie ..,,,,, Wood, Leo ,,,,,,,,, Wood, Nancy , Woodfin, Bill ,,,,,,,, Woodford, Marilyn Y Woods, Barbara ,,,,,. Woods, Margaret ,. Woodyard, Stephen Woolford, Peggy ,a,, Woolsey, Patricia Woolsey, Sharon Worley, Jacqueline Worrell, Dorothy Worrell, Robert ,, Worster, Marjorie Wright, Andrea , Wright, Harriett , , Wright, Judy . ,,,,,,, , Wrightman, Ruth Wrisley, George Wrisley, Larry Wylder, Jim , , Y Yann, Ronald , Yax, Leonard ,W Yerkes, Kay ,,,,, Yoder, Jane ,,,,, , Yoder, Bill ,,,..,,, ., Yoho, Judy. .,,,,,,, 84 92 151 Young, Elsie ,,,,,,,, Young, Geraldine Young, John , , , Young, Karen ,, Young, Lloyd ,,,,, Young, Norman ,, Young, Bob ....,,,,, Z Zeida, Jerry ,, Zelinski, Norma , Zenger, Richard Zilk, Ronda Zilk, Bill ,,,,,,,,,,, , Zilk, llla ,,,,,,,,,,, Zullo, Albert ,

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