Franklin High School - Post Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1935

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1 X f y x L9 1,3 ' ff ,MMQ ff lfilyjwl' v . bw N - .QW W fy-fi? i lm! f Sw PM f My ' Q gffgf R Af JJ, v N X wg!! fy Vg if W Q4 -J -'- ' I If X I x F 'N'-V I- IN N I if L IX JANUARY 1935 EDITION OF THE ALMANAC BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHCOL PORTLAND, OREGON AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PRCDUCERS Edited by ..... Fr ances Antonini Managed by ..... Dorothy Davis Printed by . Durham, Ryan 8s Downey Engravings by .... Hielss-Chatten Photographs by ..... Markham VVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVVVV AAAAA.A.AAAAAAAAAAAA.AA FOREWORD The Best of the inserts from Almanacs published before 1931 have been selected For the theme of this Jan. 1935 "Almanac on Paradefi Poor Richard quotations are to honor Poor Richard's Almanac, as no plates from this issue could be Found. :: :: :: VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Gratefxullyn acknowledging the en- couragement and aid proffered by Mns. Thurston, Mns. Wana, and those seniors not on the staff who helped at the time of necessity :: :: :g vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA r DEDICATIQN To the editors oF the past and the editorskof the Future we humbly dedi- cate this, our Almanac. To the past editors goes our appreciation of their hard worlc and to the future editors our lcindest encouragement. 1: 1: 7777777777 7777777777 PRIZE LIMERICK Have you your money Today? The Almanac salesmen say Well, bring il Jromorrow Or much +o your sorrow The lime will be over 'ro pay. Amelie Peyralans lEdi'ror's nolez Jrhe above limerick won firsi prize in a school-wide coniesl in connec- lion wiih Jrhe semi-annual. Miss Peyralans received a free copy of lhe "Almanac" for her worlcl "We may give advice, buf we canno+ give conduc'r." ' -Poor Richard. Edilor .Z Marienne Lunclell Associale Eclilor Assisianl Edilor Hazel Davis Doro+l1y Davis Byron Wrighl' ' Business Manager Sporls Ru'rl1 Bush Seniors Dolores Shipp Organizalions Margerie Lundell Circulalion Agafha Rossifer Fealures Virginia CaH'on Copy Mariam Kefer Arl Violancla Donofrio Facully 'iff' ,J Q J' Helen Burman 4: ?,4,,,.fr"'i 1-F.. Snaps X -f"f,f-v , f wif " ,f 3 X M, - tv, ,ffl rf-1.1, Rufh Vranson by V Music Mabel Andersen Typisl Mr. Wm. Dewhirsf Business Adviser Weafherbeafen schoolhouse Thaf's worn and knocked for years, You hold many sfudenfs Who give you many cheers. Sfudenfs soughf your four walls As fhey gained friendship fhere, Also greafer knowledge Which made Them learn fo care. Many years have faded, Your friends are scaffered wide. Some fo greafer business And some have even died. +Birdell Eliason T SENICDRS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: "He siis 'mongsf men like a descended god:" lCymbeIine, Ac+ I, scene Vli was Elizabe+h Trenary's opinion of seniors in ihe June I929 issue of ihe Almanac. She chose as her fheme Modernism. :: VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V-I . 1 4 f . . . L I . . . . ,. . . 4" 'H' 2 J . 0 1 I . 'L 3 :. . Jw' I Jai: are-5 ' ie' '- 'L ' " - ' :Nu df- Jia-3' J-'21 :I . -4, I 3 ,j.f- , ,ai , 1 - my ... M J.. -. ' -f s.. ' Q . f ' sl.: . .fn ', 53. 3 5 ff " Z' +42 .- ix xr" 23. - ' "' '- 'x ' '1 'l . Q' :ggi . " g-,. 5 4','.a.g 8 1. : C..-' 11. n ' . , ? ,El 5 'Y' i .. ,A ' 5-,. 454 . - A , 1'S."". - '4 wx- r f u. ' .xg A Q. . .., . h I 1 1 'b..F,1. ' . JL ' " " ".f!A ,3f: , . ',..Q'.x3 h .a 5, Sai' - "'.. -Jn: ' ZA '57 4.3 A ' 1 . . .-, , g- ,A m.. .,5.. .gl-,M , fvz. ' ' ht, . ,, , x V 1 . , Jr. X34-.'., ,,-. - 1' . , - ' X QR --in,-'!1',f--', x 'I ' X'-w:.1.- . .. . .Q -. '.'.5-Zn... 4.5. - H - . ' .' " Q'-1 . E l ff -.- A ,Q - 176 ' 1 .kg ' . . E ' . . -r.g.g.'-Q.. 1 V " - 3-,M ,. - '- , , iff' - .4',, 13:R:,r,',?5,g,:.p,1..,.-r AQ ' ' 1 1 ,L ,- .- , -,,.., .gy-.-1 '-- 1, .,,, .J . 3 N., ' fx. '1 ' Lf' v ac-A Ay" 'z'-' " . -..u'vfFW'-"4 'F If 1 ' 0 .. '. - I 3:3 gf.---' w. , Q9 , , 4 .5 I- gg .v V' v v. 15. Sa- H e Q - - . - ' 'J .- ' - 217 1 1' f - -mi: Q - s -', ,x.. u, .F AA K P w e? ' 3 f, ' may -, .f., 1... L, 4 1 mn -, 61,5 . . , ,. f, W.-Q. 1 'Y ' ' - ' . 'x " f 3 . - 1 . 1 .1 -fi ,K :' ,ji E gl! :Pi 1 ' Q 21' ,- - 171 1 'ir' Q. ' X ag r f 45 -' -.-gi, :Q - - .. . wg' X Q. . .. , . ., .. . I 2 vaif ,N I In . ,.g.QH ,ln ' ' ...I f jf' I PN. ...L ..,..1--.- .-- ' 'r " J'-Irllf.,-'5 " 4 . A nh Zxisi-'Mx' f- - - -- , .ug -3, .. w- . " 1 ,. ,lggfwazi f " " Jw . .,,,,,,. - 4-TR vig... ' '869' A r v -iff' l If . ,'I:sI in 4' u'.!r-v-uw' "-u-4 - "lm . . . - . .'a-Vw.. if -- -""' H., , , ., .'h,1Q,i - .--. D: f' Q, ' "g,.f"' :' "5 1- .. , .A 1 ,r B- -Af - 1. - "Q . Ea, A ,.n:- -.., . ' -c, 5 - ,. ,J V, 4 ' '.' -.-, , - w ,. I ., .t-:L will B 1. xg . H up 1 l.-- 1 . . . I -55 '1' ' 'Q ' ..f1'fu1y- .Q -' 3- ' 5- 91 "" - -v 1 '15 U ',1l,... n , - ,. --'41, - - . -1 "-:-ia: ' 'F ..' . .'-1. "x-P " . .' Lk' .'Tf" , V n'- R1 2 ' , qc . fb" ' ,..' 41 ,J . r'q 'Y,7yg'Q1 .J if , -. vu .U ,I , : .,, wg' - . ,.,, It A hr- an 1 fi 'V - ' 1 .A J.. ,I I 3 6 If. .,. ,,,.. ,, . Q - 1 V - ,. I rr- l J- is P: I 4 V.-J-vT..':1,a.l v -1. , . . J. ., 1. '-gt .5..' -1523. .--- "1 1 J- K'-.-f--.P - Q ff' -H ' 611.12 :if 3 fsizffx sf-r -e " xii- ' ' ' ' ' wwf. gygigf .-LFLQ :QA 5 -':1:5g9 L, ' '- - - " " 4,-.Jf -f . ' ,-,I l 4 4' . H I :IW :D I- 334, E., -Q 41. - ' ..,,.,. , . .- .' Q .- . Wfgi, -1 -.4-7.-A, 1- 4-gp . . .. -.., ..- ..., ,f , ,., X, ,f ,,..- . -,:,2i"Ev5 . xqfi ..,.,!2g:,'L3,E. , In V . we -.-1 fx V, 5 .S 5. L 5:5235 'fag ig V: 2.1: owes. L , ' : . ' . A L- 1 . we 4f:: 'if 2 .1-ff ' :. , ' A:-5-1.2, .ix -.. . ., M-- 'H" ".-' Gi W?.",g,- ' J, V -13 :14 m . . -' , Pei- .bflxv '. . -' -. '.. -- :wb v ' - - vs" r V . 1 - . -"- -' f ' 4iy.-',-- mr '1 - - -. --1: ,w .1 1 -'f z.. . f gi . 4 2 - ' , 40. .if . :,-gzsfabi g'h'.-gig, ' ' . . sf, ' f?f535g,3'1i-5g.:'-- w ' 13. -2 22 -2 - :mf-f-. '.'.:e2. ' , if ' -V 1 '- ff -N42 55' 2 ff: if "'5-'ff 'ia SLE' 'H "f5!ff?iv'e r.-'71'.1- -:fa 1 ' ' N7 '22 Fw. 'mg-v , ::,4,-,g-ff.-r' ' ' 43 A' ,bv - ' ,"' 1. .U ,w,:i-,h-lap '-4. -'Bw .,-. . mg... - 1 ' U 1-3 - '- . :ROR if ,,,,,:L,.,.A, , , ,nl , WF. ,. .gg ....,,. ..'. vb, .,., ., .-15. .Q 5. ,. . sf lv ., f . . - . ' -1- -1 .y was X e I - : .1 -- 'ffliinf -r-- . '- ' ' - : . .x.!.,'g4E-ifwillgffd, .,.3:3.fs' -?' : l. ff, , , , 1 1 - 3:55335 ,3Q:h5ff1qf. S: 'J . .Y g jf cl-44 J :lx JA, al. . "'f"3"5g'4'Hk:'4La .--.' -A V1 "7sD7"5-'35-"5f:'5!1lS-.L ' ' J' V -. 55531975 -13'1':':1' vi 1'i'7575" 'k"'1"' 'I "ff."Ae 'RW5 "'-1 J ,T.. ,- ' ,"g ...- - 7 ', nf . ' . lj- . -2' mf, ': '. :A -,rf . ' gi - gfi 4' 1, wiv :Axpggpyg,,,1,Q,55:g:,'b:fCf-- qggu ' . ""'.:., L ' 59.3 A 155755 ,:-,psf " -g..,,J2'?f 47...-If '. .:, f wh" ' " ' 70" -aLJ,.55S'f-'wr' 3' .-SE fx ish'-"-f "f-liz., ' fe' .Q '-ffgfl' " Rm-. "" -iff - -,gi:Yg1 "-1: " -:QQ V " ' sf 1 n- -1 .,-..--. .- 'zgmgf - 5' .,-- , ...hy - ,uh ..-,.,: fu.. . . cfffff - , 'ffl my 1 -- .Q':fFi1"' 7' .....:.Af:F' " " 'mi' 1515359 i-'JZi'L-:Q-spiv?---'f"'9'V3'7"Y"'1'6'?'illA' Sf? 'Ig ,4, ""f'sa..,.,v,-,r.,....,.g,5:u-'f' "1-gi-,N ' v. f:JQQ.:5,- ..',,-ff' A l h I Wiugv, 5-',3fJ.7'N'.-V, . -1-.. I " - --"-""3"'-""!f-M L. .:""- . -vv'?'vf"':.'1' 1 F '- 'W -r " 'S N --GW A 2 xii- .4 .-v ..' - If """' ---. --rf'-1' ' vi 'V' 'X -. ' H-1 W '55-4 -- -- -'Sf . . "---"w,:.,f, "mid:-K-' . . ., ...N ,- 3-H, - -f2'i3.f4 -' "M ""11?1.... - . ' his , , Ax ' ' nip!-14 0 w - Damn M- - 'H'-f9z,5.3r, ,h, 0.5. 4 I ' --1-1.-is "'A'vp-4.-yrgxr 1 .4,f,-lf A ' -'vhx' - IS3,,.j,.,.?'.f---- U N ' " ' 'lgj 125- .,-f J .p.,.-Q. . ' A' 1 f',,.I-. - so 8 L H" -iff' -b A - f' Q" W 1 "fp," .. lm' 1,', ' .fu ' " ' '--' iv ix- 4 A - .u-yr 'U- ' Qxl,-. - 1 1 JANUARY '35 OFFICERS' Q is ,l gi 1 12 Arba Ager QE Presicleni ii 3, ES 'z 'E 5 Marjorie Moeller Treasurer -. Byron Wrighi Vice-Presideni : S 3 Irving ScoH Sergeanl-ai-Arms ' Doroihy Davis Q Secreiary 2 Mr. H. H. Eckhardi' Honorary Member Hazel Davis Typing Secreiary Mr. Wm. G. Harringion Adviser ' Frances Anfonini Almanac Ediior A ploughman on,his legs is higher Than a genileman on his knees." -Poor Richard. Class ivlottoz Victory Equals Will. Class Colors: Rust and Emerald. Arba Ager Leadership is indicative of character. "Since lhou are not sure of a minute, throw not away an hour." Poor Richard Leif Aasen Yesp he is one of The loesl men. Jack Adams A jack of hearls, bur a queen will 'rake him Mabel Andersen To know' her is lo love her. Ronald Alpaugh The caulious seldom err. Lawrence Amos lnlelligence makes good will. Frances Anfonini ' None loul herself could be her equal. Geraldine Armsfrong Darlc eyes--elernal soul of pride. , Francis Blake A lavorile among his friends. Edward Brandley A man of courage. s- esrss - .-1 4 Doris Branson " 2' "'i A! I She has winning ways. " i"'V5'+ffJj,,-fy V Mary Brossarl Beauly springs from wilhin. Harry Brooks When all else fails, love saves. Helen Burman More lovely lhan Pandora. Rulh Bush There is no wisdom like lranlcness. Eihel Calderwood A daughler of lhe gods. Lloyd Caldwell ' Noble by herilage generous and free. Reber? Camber The besi of comrades. John Carfer Poliiicians gel hard-boiled because +hey're always in hoi wafer. Virginia CaH'on Full ol sweei indifference. Clarence Challcer Power io ihe bold. Ru'l'h Chapman l-ler words are irusiy heralds. lla Cook A good head and an induslrious hand. Eric Cooper Good will means good friends. Cecile Cripe Always ready io do her parl. Geraldine Daiber She has an indefinable charm. Doroihy Davis Failhful is she and a 'friend lo all. Roberi' Davis Friendship requires deeds. Hazel Davis Genius is a capaciiy for hard worlc. Joseph Day A merry hearl goes all The day. Violancla Donofrio She possesses "wim," "wigor," and "wi+ali+y." Edwin Dorner 1 All good 'rhings come 'ro him who wails. Ernes+ Ehinger Siurdy and resoluie as Jfhe Rock of Giloraller. I4 Gerrrude Eldridge Smiling and cheerful ever. William Elmer Grace Engelsgaard He wears his wisdom lighily. Delicaiely pure and marvelously lair. Roberl' Ennis Vivian Erd+ Genial, iolly, ,and lull of lun. Sincere in all ihings. Pal Excel ' Enough io make lluller any female hearl Lois Foley Charming io everyone. Edil'l1 Ford Mary Jane Gilberl' Nolhing endures buf personaliiy. There is none like her. Charles Gillespie Jean Gray A simple maid a A man in good repuie. nd proper, loo. George Hamson John Hancock Characler is success. Honesly and goodness personified. ' Fa Roberl' Harris ye Hansen Genile ol speech, loeneiicenl. Noihing good is lighlly won. Ray Harvey Slrong as lhe gods. Frances Henderson Beauiy draws us wirh a single hair. John Hickman BeHy Hillis A wise and a good man can suffer no di grace. She is fair and never proud. Mary Hing Gleneva Hunfer The besi way io Ja Russell Hurchinson Wiih her dimples she charms all. save daylighi is +o use i+. nei' Hufchinson Cool, undisiurbed. and always unafraid. A smile from him makes one forgive all. Ja Alberi' Ho ' Beware The fury mes Hyland The world smiles wi'rh him. of a paiieni man. Frederick Jacobsen Mariam Kefer Ari is long--life CI Marian Kilpack The besi way 'ro gel rid of your duiies is io discharge rhem. is shori. yde Kemmer By your deeds shall ye be known. Wil 'ro persuade and beauiy 'ro delighr. James Kirkland Harrier Knuisen . A man's word is his honor. U She is as good as she is fair. 4 Henry Krafi' His digniiy is los+ when he smiles. I I6 5- Mary Kuylaars Mmiwfifi To himyiho is deiermined il remains only +o acl. i -I 1, 1' li i vyqr riff' 1 l 7 ll lyii Berry Lou Lacy W ll w,fl,."O I A f.y,' 'j X Merry and blilhe she is. l ,fm fl A J A ,ri ,yy by N 'cfja ,. , , ' Roy Landis J, Siraighras ihe Indian arrow. Hazel Lennie The girl wiih a Claudine Larham We are iudged by our companions. million-dollar smile. i 1 . Roberi' Livings+on L fill Tall and siraighl as ihe pine. I, .nj G Don Long The looks of A pollo. Margerie Lundell Marienne Lundell l-le builds loo l A slandard by which all olhers are measured ow who builds beneaih ihe siars. Leslie Lynch Mary Mackwood Music haih charm io sooih The savage beasr Service is The law of humaniiy. Arnold Marfi Marjorie Moeller Perseverance wins. Wilh a hearl of gold. Marcella Mannheim Eugene Muench A siill and quiei conscience. One who slays wiih his ship io Jrhe end. J Dorofhy Oberg uiei in all ihings. , l Q I 7 Elhel Olson Miracle of noble womanhood. Marjorie Paflon One who is loved by all. Gilber+ Paulsen To bear is 'ro conquer our lale. Priscilla PraH' Sweei dewy freshness. Joy PrueH' Palience is a lesl of characier. Lawrence Ramsby Mirlh smoolhs rough edges. Alice Richeson Q Every cloud has a silver lining. George Rolander ' y H pays 'ro insis'r if you wanl ihe besl Helen Rolfe Praclice malces perleci. Agalha Rossifer Leave if lo. her. Olive Ryclxman Thy carefree hearl is mirrored. Marguerife Schirmer Rich in 'rhe beauly all women desire Irving ScoH' Joy springs from a carefree hearr.. Louise Schroeder Quiel, calm. and refined. Donald Sefferberg . A blush from him is surely limed. Jess Shinn , As smarl as Wesi Poinl on parade. E I8 Dolores Shipp Dilligenl and Amy Simonsen exacling is she. Charles Shorl' Oh, for lhe life ol a vagabond! A maid 'rhal laughs is hall laken. Margarel' Smi'l'h Belly Smilh Never idle a momenl. Ever genlle and so gracious. Virginia Slewarl' An unoblrusive personalily is hers. Virginia Summersell For if she will, she will. Berniece Sulherman Thelma Taylor 'Beauly is lrulh: lrulh is beauty. Polileness averls many a slorm. Helen Thompson . Hope springs elernal. Kennelh Thompson His power is known 'ro men. Homer Thorsen Peggy Thoringlon Never be afraid of 'rhe dog who barks. Such popularily is well deserved. Roy True Kiyoko Tsuboi Vehicles, like men, make fasler headway on lhe level. All 'rhe sweelness of a cherry blossom. Jerry Turner A will all his own. Arda Ulen She is a very merry soul. Ardis Ulen A frue likeness of equal genialify. Billy Van Paffen A man worfh while is fhe man wifh a smile. Wanda Van Ronk If would nof have escaped Ben Franklin fhaf "dough" begins wifh "do." Blanche Vesley An earnesf maiden, and cl fe? foo. ig 1 f bi M if ii i . 04.0 I I fly GQ! ufh Vranson M Always friendly and cheerful. Deloise Wesfer You'll find sugar in fhe dicfionary. Pafricia Woffenden The female of fhe species is more able fhan The mail. depend- ii in N3 l i l ii I ' i . i i X, .Her V ina Wolleck QE losf: fwo found. A Byron Wrighf A liffle spark kindles a greaf fire. Evelyn Yeomans l-lappiness is wanfing whaf you gef. . Rufh Zimmerman Jollify, fhe friend of all mankind. Ermund Zocherf The soul can nof be measured. Mary Sufherland Eyes like rampanf pools of mirfh. lnga Selmer A good hearf equals gold. Roy Andersen Time is fhe fesf of all fhings. Wilma Burkharf Knowledge comes, wisdom lingers. 20 klf.. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Aasen, Leif-Claiskanieg Demosihenians, Baseball Manager. g Adams, Jack-Russelville: Thespians, Commerce Club. Ager, Arba-Hudson: llluminali, Fooiball '32, '33, '34: Baskeiball '33, '34: Baseball '32, '33, '34: Fire Squad. , Alpaugh, Ronald-Joseph Lane. Amos, Lawrence-Kellogg: Science Research, Black Knighi. Andersen, Mabel-Groulg Los Caslellanos. Della Bela Phi, Posi iypisl, Almanac Iypisl. Andersen, Roy-Grour: Los Casiellanos. Anfonini, Frances-Richmond: Presideni Commerce Club, Masque 84 Dagger, Posi Slafi, Almanac Edilor. Armsirong, Geraldine-Marysville. Blake, Francis-Kellogg: Masque 8: Dagger, Rheloricians, Room Represeniaiives, Class Play, Tennis, Orchesira, Bank Cashiers, Chorus. Brandley, Edward-Creslon: Hi-Y, Dionysians, Rheroricians, Fooiball '33, '34: Baseball '33, '34: Fire Squad. Branson, Doris-Arlelag Hi Ki Ki. Brooks, Harry-Arleia: Masque 84 Dagger, Rheioricians, Siralegors. Brossarf, Mary-Commerce High School. Burkharf, Wilma-Richmond. Burman, Helen-Richmond: Almanac Slaff. Bush, Rulh--Terwilliger: Thespians, Posl Slalf, Almanac Slafi. Calderwood, Eihel--Glencoe: Masque 81 Dagger, Commerce Club, Penlaihalon, Class play, Rheioricians. Caldwell, Lloyd-Creslon: Slraiegors, Sales Service. Call, Waller-Woodmere: Los Casiellanos, Areopagilicans, llluminaii. Camber, Roberf-Richmond: Science Research, Rheioricians. Carler, John-Richmond: Band, Rheioricians, Class Play. Ca'Hon, Virginia-Richmond: Masque 8: Dagger, Della Bela Phi. Chalker, Clarence--Commerce High school: Dionysians, Areopagiiicans, Sales Service. Chapman, RuI'h-Lenis: Spanish, Operas. Cook, lla-Creslon: Ela Rho. Cripe, Cecile-Len+s, Girls' Polylechnic. Daiber, Geraldine-Woodsiockg Deuische Schulerbund. Davis, Doro'I'hy-Glencoe: Thespians, Secrelary of Class, Commerce Club, Cafeieria. Davis, Hazel-Mullnomah: Posl edilor, Commerce Club, Penlalhlon, Almanac Slaii, Secreiary of Sludeni Body, Secreiary of Class, Caleleria. Davis, Roberl'-Jefferson High school: Rheioricians, Commerce Club. Day, Joe--Arlela: Rheioricians, Gym Leaders, Sales Services, Radio Club. Donofrio, Violanda-Richmond: Masque 8: Dagger, Posi siail, Almanac siail. Dorner, Edwin-Glencoe. Ehinger, Ernesl-Kellogg: Black Knighl, Science Research. Eldridge, Gerfrude-Jefferson 'High school: Masque 81 Dagger, Chorus, Opera, Delia Bela Phi. Elmer, William-Llewellyn: Sales Service. Engelsgaard, Grace--Woodslock: Los Caslellanos, Thespians, Penralhlon. Ennis, Roberl--Arlela: Gym Leaders. Erd'I', Vivian--Arleia: Sales Service, Dionysians, Rheloricians. Exel, Pai-Woodrow Wilson high, California: Glee. Foley, Lois-Wichila, Milwaukee: Delia Beia Phi. Ford, EcIiI'h--Marysville: Tau Gamma Kappa, Chorus. Gilbert Mary Jane-Glencoe: Dionysians, Chorus, Girls' Quarlrei. 4 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Gillespie, Charles--Joseph Lane. Gray, Jean--Groul: Quill, Tri Colore, Scholarship Club. Hamson, George-Woodsloclcg Thespians, Band. Hancock, John--Groul: Dionysians. Hansen, Faye-I'-losford: Thespians. Harris, Roberf-Sacred Hearl: Benson: Glee. Harvey, Ray-Creslong Hi-Y, Baskelball, Varsily '33, '34, Henderson, Frances-Grant Hickman, John-Woodmere: Room Represenlalives. Hillis, Belly-Woodslock: Commerce Club, Bank Cashiers. Hing, Mary--Woodmere: Chorus, Masque 8: Dagger, Opera, Eurydice, Della Bela Phi. Hunler, Gleneva-Woodslockg Della Bela Phi, Masque 81 Dagger, Rheloricians, Sales Service. Hulchinson, Russell-Pennsylvania. Hufchinson, Janef-Granl High school: Black Knighl. Hyland, James-Salem: Quaker Club, Demoslhenians, Posl Slall, Fire Squad, Foolball, '33, '34, Wreslling '33,'34. . Ho, Alberl'-Kellogg: Illuminali, Foolball '33, '34: Wreslling. Jacobsen, Frederick-Arlelag Scholarship Club, Posl Slall. Keler, Mariam-MI. Tabor: Masque 84 Dagger, Almanac Slalf. , Kemmer, Clyde-Tillamook High school. Kilpack, Marian-Glencoe: Masque Sc Dagger,'SaIes Service, Rheloricians, Thespians, Class Play Commillee, Class Piclures Commillee. Kirkland, James-Kellogg: Masque 8: Dagger, Rheroricians. Knu'I'sen, Harrie'I'-Kellogg: Rheloricians, Masque 8: Dagger, Sales Service. Kraff, Henry-Kellogg: Rheloricians, Thespians, Dionysians. Kuylaars, Mary-I-loslord: Science Research, Scholarship Club. Commerce Club, Rheloricians, Penlalhlon. Lacy, Belly Lou-Arlelaz Science Research, Scholarship Club, Masque 8: Dagger, Commerce Club, Room Represenlalives, Presidenl of Ihe A. G. S. Landis, Roy--Groulg Winged F, Illuminali, Track '3I, '32, '33, '34: Foolball, Fire Squad, Areopagilicans. Lennie, Hazel-Woodslockz Masque 81 Dagger. i LivingsI'on, Roberl-Richmond: Los Caslellanos, Thespians, Gym Leaders. Long, Don-Creslong Illuminali, Fire Squad, Sales Service, Foolball '33, Baseball '33, '34-. Lundell, Margerie--Glencoe: Commerce Club, Della Bela Phi, Rheloricians, Masque 81 Dagger, Class Play, Class Morro Commillee, Almanac Slafl. Lundell Marienne-Glencoe: Commerce Club, Della Belra Phi, Rheforicians, Masque Dagger, Class Mollo Commillee, Class Play, Associale Almanac Edilor. Mackwood, Mary--Woodslockz Dionysians. . Mannheim, Marcella-Girls' Polylechnic. MarI'i, Arnold-Richmond: Rheloricians, Masque 8: Dagger, Class Play. Moeller, Marjorie-Glencoe: Masque 8: Dagger, Rheloricians, Quill, Commerce Club. Class Play, Treasurer of Class, Valediclorian of Class. Muench, Eugene-Lenls: Commerce Club, Scholarship Club, Rheloricians, Masque 84 Dagger, Sludenl Body Treasurer, Manager Aclivily Office, Class Play, Cale- Ieria Slalf. Nelson, Mildred-Beaverlon High school. Nelson, Roberi-Richmond: Masque 81 Dagger, Rheloricians, Class Play. Nichols, David-Lenrs: Radio. Oberg, Doro'Ihy-Woodslock. Clson, Elhel--Arlelag Commerce Club, Science Research, Penlalhalon, Thespians, Class Play. Paulsen, Gilberl-Creslong Illuminali, Commerce Club, Deulsche Schulerbund, Fool- ball '32, '33, '34, J SENIOR ACTIVITIES Pallon, Mariorie--Woodmere: Posl Slall. Prall, Priscilla-Oakridge: Chorus, Opera, Della Bela Phi. Pruell, Joy-Creslon: Los Caslellanos. Ramsby, Lawrence--Kellogg: Dionysians, Foolball '32, Yell Leader. Richeson, Alice--Kellogg: Tri Colore, Rolander, George-Groul: Rheloricians. Rolfe, Helen--Lincoln High school: Masque 81 Dagger, Thespians. Rossiler, Agalha-Woodmere: Della Bela Phi, Posl Slall, Almanac Slall, Thespians. Ryclcman, Olive-Arlela. Schall, Rulh-Hoslord: Della Bela Phi. Schirmer, Marguerile-Richmond. Schroeder, Louise--Washinglon High School. Scoll, Irving-Woodslock: llluminali, Fire Squad, Sales Service, Foolball '33, '34I Baseball '34, Wreslling Manager '32, - Selmer, Inga-Washinglon High school. Sellerberg, Donald-Hoslord: Black Knighl, Scholarship. Shinn, Jess-Richmond: Band, Room Represenlalives. Shipp, Delores-Arlela: Science Research, Della Bela Phi, Presidenl ol Scholarship Club, Commerce Club, Quill, Posl Slall, Almanac Slall. Shorl, Charles-Kellogg: Quaker, Room Represenlalives, Posl Slall. Simonsen, Amy--Washinglon High school: Commerce Club, Science Research. Smilh, Belly-Sellwood: Della Bela Phi, Deulsche Schulerbund. ' Smilh, Margarel-Girls' Polylechnic: Tri Colore, Slewarl, Virginia--Foresl Grove: Los Caslellanos, Chorus, Girls' Quarlel. Summersell, Virginia-Richmond: Sludenl Body Secrelary, Penlalhlon, Band, Science Research, Commerce Club, Scholarship, Black Knighl,-Rheloricians, Class Play. Sulherman, Berniece-Ml. Tabor: Commerce Club, Hi Ki Ki, Areopagilicans, Class Color Commillee. Sulherland, Mary-Los Angeles: Della Bela Phi, Los Caslelanos, Scholarship Club. Taylor, Thelma-Binnsmead. Thompson, Helen-Woodslock. s Thompson, Kennelh-Creslon: Dionysians, Chorus, Room Represenlalives, Caleleria, Opera. Thoringlon, Peggy-Marysville: Thespians. Thorsen, Homer-Glencoe: Black Knighl, Rheloricians, Class Play. True, Roy--Lenls: Slralegors, Vice Presidenl ol Gymn Leaders Club. Tsuboi, Kiyoko-Kellogg, A Turner, Jerry--Richmond: Illuminali, Band, Orcheslra, Foolball '32, '33, '34. Ulen, Arcla--Glencoe: Della Bela Phi, Masque 8: Dagger, Knil 84 Rip, Franklin Alumni, Class Play. , A Ulen, Ardis--Glencoe: Della Bela Phi, Masque 81 Dagger, Knil 8: Rip, Franklin Alumni, Class Play. A Van Pallen, Billy-Powelhurslg Gym Leaders Club, Masque 8: Dagger. g Vesley, Blanche--Richmond: Chorus. Vranson, Rulh-Kellogg: Science Research, Tri Colore, Della Bela Phi, Scholarship, Almanac Slall. Wesler, Deloise-Creslon: Della Bela Phi, Los Caslellanos. I Woffenden, Palricia-Hudson: Band, Radio. Holleck, Hermina--Creslon: Deulsche Schulerbund. Wrighl, Byron-Kellogg: Hi-Y, Masque 8: Dagger, Fire Squad, Posl Slall, Almanac Slall, Yell Leader, Slralegors, Room Represenlalives, Vice Presidenl Senior Class. Yeomans, 'Evelyn-Granl: Glee. Zimmerman, Rulh-Glencoe: Rheloricians, Deulsche Schulerbund. Masque 8: Dagger, Bank Cashier. - THINGS WE CAN DO WITHOUT Leif Aasen-The darkness lhal comes before ihe dawn. lExams-perhaps?l Jack Adams-Teachers who kick you our ol class and Then follow you +o your reg. room. . Arba Ager-My speech-making abililies Ronald Alpaugh-Lawrence Amos. lTskl Tsk! RonaId.l Lawrence Amos-Sociology roll call. lls Jrhal all?l Mabel Andersen-Teachers who insisi on library slips. Roy Andersen-Obliging sisrers. lWooe is mell Frances Anfonini-A Thousand people who wani lo know how lo do everylhing all al once. Geraldine Arms+rong-Tardy slips she was never able +o make up. lTooo badll Francis Blake-Thai cerlain Crowning Glory. Edward Brandley-"I-le-man" hairculs. Doris Branson-Free sfraws 'ro drink milk Through. Mary Brossarl-A couple of exira lerms of science. Harry Brooks-Forgels Franklin wilrh a "Twee-+wee" and a "fa-de-da." Helen Burman-Trying ro gaiher snapshois. ' Rulh Bush-Assemblies. ll-low could you, Ru+h'?l Eihel Calderwood-My week "in braids." Lloyd Caldwell--Noi Mary Jane Gilberl. Roberf Camber-"My old flames." lBe spe-cific.l John Carfer-Noi 'rhe lime he speni ar Franklin. lBravo, Johnny.l Virginia CaH'on-Assemblies. lYou, Jroo, Virginia?l Clarence Chalker-Going lo sleep in Miss Graves' English 7 class. Rufh Chapman-The hard seals in 'rhe audirorium. lla Cook-Typing iesis. lCan'+cha +ake il, lla?l Eric Cooper-"I don'+ wanna do wiihoul nulhin'." Cecile Cripe--Marguerile McBurney's imiialions of a hurl pup. Geraldine Daiber-Teachers who insisl on reciralions up lo The lasl bell. Dorolhy Davis-Poelry which had lo be learned. Hazel Davis--Any reference To a "bicycle buill for +wo." Roberf Davis--Traffic jams in The main hall. lBeep-beep.l Joe Day-People who yell "FooJrball Ticke+s!!" in your ears. Violando Donofrio-Her long Jrardy record. ll'Ioo'r monll Edwin Dorner-Gerling abseniee slips signed afler 8:30. Ernesl' Ehinger-All ihings perlaining lo and connecred wilh Laiin.. Gerlrude Eldridge-Classes. lNo, No, a 'rhousand Times, No.l William Elmer-Sociology. lDo you mean i+?l Grace Engelsgaard-My misspelled monicker. Bob Ennis-Noi his coqueriish looks. lWhoops, my dearll Vivian Erdi-Franklin's pep assemblies. lOh, my lranll Pai Exel-Trying To graduale. lA+ lasl you've made i+.l Lois Foley--Franklin's receni looiball success Edi+h Ford--Franklin high. Mary Jane Gilberl-Everyihing. lBul Lloyd, Mary Jane?l Charles Gillespie-The whole school. .lWell, he has high ambirionsll Jean Gray-Tardy bells. lWho couldn'l'?l THINGS WE CAN DO WITHOUT George Hamson--"As You Like lf," nof fo menfion Shakespeare. John Hancock-Names fhaf refer fo famous predecessors. Faye Hansen-English fhemes. lWe're all wifh you, Faye.l Roberf Harris-Those human beings who call him "Bobby." Ray Harvey-Girls who say. "My hero!" Frances Henderson-Thaf rising inflecfion. lWhich one?l John Hickman-The facf fhaf he wenf fo grade school wifh a cerfain foofball hero. Beffy Hillis-The forfune she spenf frying fo keep Almanac sales sfraighf. Mary Hing--Music assemblies when no one pays affenfion. Gleneva Hunfer-Lasf minufe cramming for exams. Janef Hufchinson-Anofher black mark for fhe foofball squad. Russel Hufchinson-Affending fwo sociology classes in one day. James Hyland-Charles lThelmal Shorf. Alberf lfo-Geffing his picfure proofs in on fime. Fred Jacobson-Hazel Davis' 'haunfing' him. ll-lave courage, my boy, fo say "no Mariam Kefer-Thaf hungry feeling iusf before lunch. Clyde Kemmer-Hisfory 7-Gladly. Marian Kilpack-Nof fhe dog house. lWeeoooll Jimmie Kirkland-The 'hoodoo' on fhe .I5-yard line. Harrieff Knufson-The liffle pafh she has worn coming fo school. Henry Kraff-Cheese. lCream if, Henry, cream if.l Mary Kuylaars-Her sfruggle wifh Cicero. lMy dearll BeH'y Lou Lacy-Foofball fickef salesmen. Roy Landis-People who call him "Freshie." lTooooooo bad.l Claudine Lafham--Anyfhing and everyfhing. Hazel Lennie-Room 23. lSo af lasf if's come fo fhis.l Roberf Livingsfon-Franklin's I934 foofball sfanding. Don Long-Friendly faculfy members who furn you in for skipping. Margerie Lundell-The scholarship assemblies. Marienne Lundell-English 9. lOh, Mariennell Leslie Lynch-His Apollo-like physique. Mary Mackwood-l-lisfory 8. lDear, dear., Arnold Marfi-Girls who falk ouf of furn. lAffa boy. Arniell Marjorie Moeller-Tacfics sfudenfs use in making fheir way fhrough fhe halls. Marcella Mannheim-Franklin's foofball feam. lYou. foo?l Eugene Muench--Kid sisfers who insisf on faking Lafin. , Mildred Nelson-Shorfhand. l'Ja mean if?l Dorofhy Oberg--Her quief disposifion. lYou can give if fo Agagie Rossifenl Efhel Olson-Falling down sfairs. lYour faulf, or fhe sfairs?l Marjorie Paffon-Thaf uncomforfable feeling when Mr. Down calls on her. Gilberf Paulsen-His "Liffle Boy Blue" curls. Priscilla Praff-People who call her "Percy." Joy Prueff--The effecfs of signs. lFor insfance?l Lawrence Ramsby-The fen minufes befween fourfh and fiffh periods. Alice Richeson-Those blue cards fhaf come ouf every six weeks. - George Rolander--Library slips he never refurned. Helen Rolfe-Quarferly exams. lYour worries are over.l THINGS WE CAN DO WITHOUT AgaTha RossiTer-Teachers who deliberaTely laugh aT you when you're Trying To make a speech. Olive Ryclcman-A cerTain sevenTh period class. MargueriTe Schirmer-All The "crumby" parTies she aTTended. Irving ScoTT-The blue slips Miss McKay hands ouT. Louise Schroeder-NoThing. lAnoTher who is loyal-or aTraid?l Donald SeTTerberg--lvlyse-IT. Jess Shinn-His school-girl complexion. I Dolores Shipp-PorTables. . Charles ShorT-Benjamin Franklin High School. ' Amy Simonsen-Teachers who arouse you Trom a perTecTly good sleep To answer a quesTion you don'T know. BeTTy SmiTh-Library slips required. MargareT SmiTh-NOT The canopy which does noT sTreTch from The main building To The porTables. Virginia STewarT--MaTh I. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Virginia SummerseTT-Too many broThers. Mary SuTherland-Franklin's illusTrious TooTball Team. lPopular, This Teamll Berniece SuTherman-LoTs oT Things. lFor insTance?l Thelma Taylor-Lack oT school spiriT aT Franklin. Helen Thompson-The odors Trom The chemisTry lab. KenneTh Thompson-A IiTTle of everyThing. l"Yeeow naThy man."l Homer Thorsen-Scholarship assemblies. Peggy ThoringTon-AbsoluTely noThing. lDiTTerenT, we musT say.l Roy True-The debaTe he made in English 6. Kiyoko Tsuboi-I-ler nickname. "Ko Ko." IAW "Ko Kol"l Jerry Turner--Has already TorgoTTen LaTin 8.- Arcla Ulen-The quesTion "Which one are you?" Ardis Ulen-Everyone who asks, "Where's your beTTer half?" Billy Van PaTTen-SisTers who come before you and seT a Too good example. Wanda Van Ronk-All The "good looking" boys. Blanche Vesley-NighTs spenT laboring over English Themes. RuTh Vranson-All The scholarships she didn'T geT. - Deloise WesTer-Spinach! lWhaTI Don'T you ready Popeye?l PaTricia Woffenden-Onions in hams aT The Dog I-louse. Hermina Wolleck--A cerTain shorThand class. Byron WrighT-Being Told To do a dozen Things by as many girls. lThere'll come a dayll Evelyn Yeomans-Exams. ll'd raTher die Than say, "yes."l RuTh Zimmerman-Being called "Tiny," Ermund ZocherT-Always having To be lasT. lShall we Turn The alphabeT around. Ermund?l I NAME Leif Aasen Jack Adams Arba Ager Ronald Alpaugh Lawrence Amos Mabel Andersen Roy Andersen Frances Anfonini Geraldine Armsfrong Francis Blake Ed Brandley Mary Brossarf Harry Brooks Helen Burman Rufh Bush Efhel Calderwood Lloyd Caldwell Roberf Camber John Carfer Virginia Caffon Clarence Chalker Rufh Chapman lla Cook Eric Cooper Cecile Cripe A Geraldine Daiber Dorofhy Davis Hazel Davis Roberf Davis Joe Day , Violando Donofrio LOOKING FORWARD AM BITION To be successful Make exams for feachers Make All-American feam Millionaire Chemisf Edi'ror's assisfanf fypisf Newspaper man Greaf fypisf Privafe secrefary Orchesfra leader Marry a rich wife Good sfenographer Prosperous business man "Round fhe World" four Morfician Good secrefary Marry a florisf A docfor Sfafesman Marry a millionaire Phofographer To sleep and sleep Privafe secrefary Composer and conducfor Denfal nurse Fashion arfisf Good as Pavalowa Secure an Lld Own his own plane Wall sfreef broker Famous acfress POSSIBILITY Yogi Jorgensen fhe 2nd Poulfry business Aesfhefic dancing 'reacher Chauffeur Bus boy in a cafeferia "Scappoose Weekly" edifor Firsf wifh fhe news Prin'rer's devil Vocal 'reacher "Man on 'rhe flying frapiezef' Difch-digger Searnsfress Model for Coca Cola ad Missionary 'ro China Sally Rand's undersfudy "Social Bump" sociefy edifor Shakesperean acfor Sociology feacher Piano mover Beaufy confesf winner AK. P. dufy 5 a. m. housekeeper Pie baker "Bing Crosby fhe Second Kifchen mechanic Chorus dancer Babies' boudoir keeper Perambulafor pusher Merry-go-round operafor A Wall sfreef "broke" Hairdresser NAME Edwin Dorner Ernesl Ehinger Gerlrude Eldridge William Elmer Grace Engelsgaard Bob Ennis Vivian Erdl Lois Foley Edilh Ford Mary Jane Gilberl Mary Hing Gleneva Hunler Janel Hulchinson Russell Hulchinson James Hyland Alberl llo Fred Jacobsen Mariam Keler Clyde Kemmer Marian Kilpack Jean Gray George Hamson John Hancock Faye Hansen Ray Harvey Frances Henderson John Hickman Belly Hillis Jimmy Kirkland Harriel Knulson Henry Krall LOOKING FORWARD AMBITION POSSIBILITY - Break 'Flagpole-silling record "Sleep-long" demonslralor Champion chess player Piano leacher Bacleriologisl Dress designer Deleclive Avialrix Greal slylisl Sleep, sleep, and sleep Florisl Nurse in children's hospilal Social research worker Surgeon Thealer manager Foolball coach Arlisl Well-known poel To "savvy" chemislry lnlerior decoralor Head ol boys' school Boss ol somelhing "Wild Weslern" hero Ambassador lo England Head bookkeeper Have a good lime Undersland Browning A carpenler Breadless sandwich invenlor Old-age pensioner Buyer lor some slore To have sexluplels Champ ping pong player Puppy raiser Worm digger Knil and ripper - Garbage colleclor Ferris-wheel colleclor Tidcllewinks arlisl Walkalhon conleslanl Tap dancer Police malron Ballel dancer Chicken-dresser Sailor "Elelunl" waler boy Truck larmer "Lilerary Review" edilor Farmer's wife Ukelele arlisl Presidenl ol YWCA Slave lo a lypewriler Cryslal-gazer Janilor Movie Aclress Criminologisl ' Carloonisl x Hope his hopes hold up Manicurisl Barker ina circus Sland-in Cheese maker , NAME Mary Kuylaars Belly Lou Lacy Roy Landis Claudine Lalham Hazel Lennie Roberl Livingslon Don Long Margerie Lundell Marienne Lundell Leslie Lynch Mary Mackwood Marcella Mannheim Arnold Marli Mariorie Moeller Eugene Muench Mildred Nelson Dorolhy Oberg Elhel Olson Marjorie Pallon Gilberl Paulsen Priscilla Prall Joy Pruell Lawrence Ramsby Alice Richeson George Rolander Helen Rolfe I Agalha Rossiler Olive Ryckman Irving Scoll Louise Schroeder Donald Sellerburg LOOKING FORWARD AMBITION I Chemical Iaboralory work Undersland young people Railroad presidenl Beauly operalor S Break windows in hol houses Jusl 'ro be rich No Mrs. Long lnlernalionally known harpisl Musician and 'rourisl Owner of a lruck line Dress 'designer Nurse Dance orcheslra leader Marry a slreel cleaner College professor Beauly operalor Well-known aulhoress To be a doclor Talk back lo a leacher Secure many degrees Gel oul of doing work To marry 'rhe boss Chemical engineer Journalisl Deleclive Surgeon To secure a Ph D. To go 'ro California Dance wilh Ruby Keeler Librarian High school principal POSSIBILITY Blues singer Disillusioned school leacher Side-door pullman lourisl Slewardess on a ship Truanl officer "Hill Billy" Fuller brush salesman Tennis champion I Malh leacher Toe dancer No Telling whal ' Blues singer Swiss yodeler A second May Robson Radio announcer Privale secrelary 'llexas C5uinan" The second Professional dishwasher Lawyer ' Wealher prophel House maid Be lhe boss Wriler of romanlic poems Barn-slorming avialrix Flal-fool on a beal Dramalic crilic Secure I. O. U's Sack "sewer upper" Concerl violinisl Climb Ml. Everesl Professional polilician NAME Jess Shinn Dolores Shipp Charles Shorf Amy Simonsen Be'r'ry Smifh Margaref Smifhi Virginia Slewarl' Virginia Summersell Margueri+e Schirmer Mary Sufherland Berniece Sufherman Thelma Taylor Helen Thompson Kennefh Thompson Homer Thorsen Peggy Thoringion Roy True Kiyoki Tsuboi Jerry Turner Arda Ulen Ardis Ulen Billy Van Pa+'ren Wanda Van Ronk Blanche Vesley Ruih Vrainson Deloise Wesier Pafricia Woffenden Hermina Wolleck Byron Wrighf Evelyn Yeomans Rufh Zimmerman Ermund Zocherf LOOKING FORWARD AMBITION Traveling salesman DocI'or Federal engineering service To be an old maid Kindergarien Ieacher To fly an airplane Conceri soloisf Be a school "marm" Have large family Old maid school Ieacher Bachelor girl - Undersfand Ellwood To hi'r high C Grea'r acior Millionaire Beauly operalor Pass 'rhe C.P.A. exam Wriie an opereHa Travel Io Egypl Overseas buyer Air line hosfess Pharmacisl Cerfain beach nex'r summer Accomplished pianis'r A lilerary genius Comforfable sleep Have faculiy for pupils Live in a penfhouse Spor'rs wri'rer I To be a good wife Somebody's wife College presideni' POSSIBILITY A misundersfood husband La+in 'reacher Cosmetic company salesman Famous adress' undersfudy Horizon chaser Telegraph operalor' Naiional economics figure A school "ma'rm" Lead quie'r life Maiden aun+ Jusl anolher Peggy Joyce "Goose Rhymes" Prize-winning husband-caller Yodeling cowboy Drugsiore cowboy UshereHe Landscape gardener Japanese school Ieacher Animal Irainer Founfain girl in Kress's Floorwallcer Peanuf vendor Darning somebody's socks Salvalion army worker Public sfenographer School Ieacher Assis+an+ secre+a ry An ich+heologis+ Jusl' a gigiolo "Husband a+ church door--' Hunl elephanls in Africa A banker lsandbanlcerl Slanding: Nelson, Lundell, Carler, Hufcliinson, Thorsen, Summersell. Sea M Ol Mr UI M I led: arfi, son, . Hairringlon, en, oe ler, Calderwood, Muench, Blake "THE GOOSE HANGS HIGH" Bernard lngals Eunice lngals Granny . Lois Ingals . Bradley lngals Hugh lngals Dagmar Carroll Noel Derby . Ronald Murdock Julia Murdock Leo Day . CAST . . Eugene Muench Eihel Calderwood Marjorie Moeller Ardis Ulen Francis Blake . Arnold Marli . Elhel Olson . Bob Nelson . Russell Hulchinson . Virginia Summersell Homer Thorsen Rhoda . . . Margerie Lundell Ellioil Kimberley . John Carler MANAGEMENT Dramalic Coach . 4 . William G. Harringlon Business Manager . . Bob Tarr Properlies . . Arda Ulen Mary Kuylaars Coslumes . . Virginia Cailon Siage Managers . Bob Svendsen Wade Riller Prompler .... Marienne Lundell The Goose Hangs High," a popular lhree-acl play, was presenled Friday evening. December I4, by a casl selecled from lhe Jan. '35 class. lo a large, enlhusiasiic audience. A Jrypical American family is involved in The ploi, which refules 'rhe saying, "The younger generalion is going lo pol." Bernard and Eunice, The doring parenls who would do anylhing for lhe happiness of lheir children. are surprised lo find lhal Lois and Bradley, Jrwins, have apparenlly become harum scarum and radical al college. Granny. ably porlrayed by Miss Moeller, is The key lo 'rhe siiualion aller Bernard loses his posiiion because oi some social-climbing polilicians. Hugh and Dagmar poslpone iheir marriage so The lwins can go back 'ro college. However, Bernard sleps in and lakes charge of his family, proving lhal blood is Jrhicker lhan waler. Dear Teacher. I Four score or more years ago, our faThers broughT forTh upon This conTinenT The professor. conceived in knowledge and dedicaTed To The proposiTion ThaT all sTudenTs are creafed dumb. Now we are engaged in a greaT sTruggIe, TesTing wheTher This sTudenT or any sTudenT so conceived and so dedicafed can learn someThing. LaTer, we meeT in The schoolroom for examinaTions. We come To scribble and scribble on Those exams as final grades for The professor who here gives "bum" grades ThaT The sTudenT mighT fail. IT is aITogeTher fiTTing and proper ThaT he should do This, because in a large sense he does noT give good grades: he does noT care To give good grades: he does noT like our "mugs" anyway. . The grave sTudenTs, living and dead, have goT noThing from him, and They never will. The sTudenTs will liTTle noTe nor long. remember whaT They learn from him, buT They can never forgef whaT They goT from him. , IT is raTher for us, The survivors, To dedicaTe The unfinished work ThaT we have Thus far so dumbly carried on To him. IT is .raTher Tor us To make him do The Task remain- ing before us: ThaT from The honored sTudenTs before us he geT an idea of whaT They wenT Through. We here highly resolve ThaT we, as sTudenTs, shall noT have sfudied in vain and ThaT These sTudenTs, under Teachers, shall have a new deal: and ThaT The schools for The sTudenTs, of The sTudenTs, and run by The Teachers who give roTTen grades shall perish from The earTh. -Some Flunkers "You are young and have The world before you, sToop as you go Through iT, and you will miss many hard bumps." -POOI' RiCh6rCI. 1 He, i ll Ifbfl' X fi , i' U ya Iii -V FACULTY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA An inieresfing issue of 'Phe Franlilin yearbook was ihe one which had ihe American Indian for a fheme. Clifford Joy, Jan. '28, ediicr. added a lovely cover wiih a huge American eagle flying across ii io com- plefe fha well-presenied conienis making a very suc cess ful book. :: :: :: :: VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV FecuL1'Y wwf, Tw - - ., 4 , 1 Q .. Q Q v r 1 x . Principal Sheldon F. Ball- 'Knowledge and Wisdom, Tar Trom being one. l-lave oTT Times no connecTion. Knowledge dwells in heads repleTe wiTh ThoughTs oT oTher men- Wisdom, in minds aTTenTive To Their own. Knowledge, a rude, unproTiTable mass- The mere maTerial wiTh which wisdom builds ' UnTil squared and Tormed and TiTTed To iTs place, Does buT encumber whaT iT seems To enrich. ' Knowledge is proud ThaT he has learned so much: Wisdom is humble +ha+ he knows no more." Vice-Principal ColTon E. Meek- 'The habiT oT viewing Things cheerfully and Thinking abouT liTe hopeTully may be made To grow up in us like any oTher habiT." Dean Ella E. Wilson- EducaTe The hearT To1Teel, The mind To Think. and The body To acT." , owe man, ison, in, ic ar s, mer, igew , ion, un more, eman. 4Th Ma QBIIB r Wl KgRhd El Rd ay Dll Ds Lh r T W k ield, Burke, Zimmerman, Word, Bymhold, Devlin, Young, HarringTon, Neikirk, DewhirsT, W n Th I k MacLean, McKay, Roller, SmuTz, Casebeer, ThursTon, M. Townsend, Clifford, Meek. lsT E S ll ST D D M h ll All d M'll G h g one, own, oran, ars a , ar , I er, ros on . FACU LTY SixTy-Two members now corisTiTuTe The TaculTy oT Franklin. The Tollowing Teachers have been added To The adminisTraTion This Term: William Bowerman, science Teacher and TooTball coach: James Manning, hisToryg RuTh STone, German and English: and EdiTh CliTTord, hisTory and English: KaTrina Gagnon, French and English: Thelma Collins, English: Mrs. S. Wakefield, English, parT-Time Teachers. The heads oT The English, language, commercial, maTh, science, and hisTory deparT- menTs are respecTively: Blanche ThursTon, Mary Townsend, W. l'l. WhiTe, Lee Dillon, William Ridgeway, and R. E. Down. The special deparTmenT has no head and consisTs of music, arT, domesTic science and arT, gym, orchesTra, band, and manual Training. Two Teachers, Miss Julianne Roller, LaTin, and Mr. J. R. Bymhold, manual-Training, beside Principal F. S. Ball, are The only members leTT who have TaughT aT Franklin since iT was Tounded in February, l9l4, aT The presenT CresTon school. ln The Fall oT l9l4 Mr. l"l. W. Parks, Lee A. Dillon, Blanche ThursTon, and H. W. WhiTe began Their Teaching career aT Franklin. RoberT Walsh oT The music deparTmenT, whose beauTiTul and ouTsTanding programs have been greaTly enioyed by boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy, enTere.d in Fall oT l9l6. FACULTY PERSONNEL ENGLISH Thurslon, Blanche lHeadl Allard, Helen Clifford, Edilh Collins, Thelma Collon, Agnes Elmer, Frances Gagnon, Kalrina Graves, Norma' Harringlon, William MacLean, Viole'r Meek, Colfon Miller, Mildred Monroe, Margaref Oliver, Cecile Richards. Hazel SmiIh, Marie Sfone, Rulh Tscharner, Lydia Wakefield, Mary Word, Ruih Zimmerman, Burnice SCIENCE Ridgeway, William lHeadl Bourgeois, Helene Bowerman, William Dewhirs'r, William Doran, Jennie Heislr, Lulu Marshall, Emily Neikirk, Abigail HISTORY Down, Roberf lI'Ieadl Clifford, Edilh Devlin, Laurence Manning, James McKay. Ruby Reeves, Grace Schmidli, Lilli Young, Amie I MATHEMATICS Dillon. Lee A. lHeadl Eckhardl, Heber .I Groshong, Myrlle Hammer, Laura Small, Dana Townsend, Aileen LANGUAGES Townsend, Mary-French lHeadl Casebeer, Alice--Spanish Enna, Alexander-German McElvain, Pauline--French Roller, Julianne-Lalin Smilh, Bessie-Spanish Smulz, Margarei-Lalin Sfone, Ru'rh-German COMMERCIAL While, Herberl lHeadl King, Charles i Lehman, Clive Maule, Mable McElvain, Pauline Parks, Hugh Soulhwick, Eugene SPECIAL Burke, Clara-Gym Bymhold, J. R.-Manual Training Carr, Owen-Gym Denlon, Carl-Music Dickinson, Georgia-Domeslic Ar+ Drew, Nellie-Library Driscoll, Mary-Arl . Dunsmore, Marion-Domeslic Ar'r Grant Mildred-Domeslic Science Handzlik, Leon-Band Walsh, Roberl-Music Winks, Jane--Library c.,., To Principal S. F. Ball: As The NorThern STar is To The sailor A guide To direcT Through uncharTed seas So Thou arT To us. guide and counselor, To piloT our course and To granT our pleas. So wiTh Thy absence we are leTT alone To seek ouT anew a more lonesome way: For Thy hearT is lcind our TaulTs To condone WiTh generous helpfulness Trom day To day. The Time is passing Those happy hours To The sadness Thar comes Trom parTing Tree From Things ThaT please have Ios+ Their powers A memory leTT To us and To Thee. -From The Senior Class 'Fools make TeasTs, and wise men eaT Them." -Poor Richard. Q7 7, If , -uf I 51,1 fl lv ff ORGANIZATIONS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "Birds of a 'feather 'Flock fogelher, And so do pigs and swine: Refs and mice will have 'Their choice. And so will l have mine." Joe Warren, June 28, ediled lhis boolr. 'tha Molher Goose issue. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV STUDENT BOI The Srudenl Body Ac High School, headed by has lhis +erm complele adminislrarive, and soc as one of rhe busiesl in High on lhe lisl of . operalion-for Jrhe firsl cons+i'ru+ion was adopl Assembly. Guided by denl, and Virginia Sur has in one 'rerm becor sludenl life. In addili s+i+u+ion were Typed e for The use of all sluder Even more imporfanl membership card car Tarr and Paul Deufschnf all lime record of l3OO +han I900. The cards, Hlrled holders To I3 is admission 'ro 'rwo malin 3rd row: Murdock, Burbee, Sfromquisf, Husk, Hylands, Shorf, 2nd row: Kuykendall, Meals, Linklater, Wolfe, Todd, Diprofi Front row: Newman, Church, Rossifer, Huichinson, Anfonini, Ediror-in-Chia Associalre Ecu Sporfs Edi+or Columnisfs News and Fe Rose land, COMMERCE CLUB 3rd row: Burbee, Muench, Murdock, Erickson, Sheppard, Rosenfrealer, Cooper, Schalz, B. Davis, WhiTe. 2nd row: Aason, Meek, BooTh, Kuylaars, SummerseTT, Hillis, Moeller, Simonson, DeuTschmann, Bahlman, Miss McElvain, Adams, Cornell, Mr. WhiTe,'Drake, H. Davis. FronT row: Church, Lundell, Lundell, D. Davis, AnTonini, Olson, Campbell, Calderwood. PresidenT . . Frances AnTonini T Vice-PresidenT . EThel Olson SecreTary-Treasurer . DoroThy Davis EdiTor . . . Marienne Lundell SergeanT-aT-arms . . John Campbell Advisers . . Miss M. Maule Mr. W. WhiTe Miss Pauline McElvain To make This club more ouTsTanding, Two new proiecTs were Taken up-securing picTures Tor The commercial rooms and The sTarTing of a Tiling index wiTh inTormaTion abouT commercial graduaTes-how and where They have received posiTions and how They keep Their posiTions. V77 , Among The recenT acTiviTies oT DelTa BeTa Phi were The Freshie Welcome. The Tormal ll iniTiaTion aT The MT. Taloor PresbyTerian Church, .and a Tood sale aT The Farmer's MarkeT. Five represenTaTives of The club aTTended The Girl's League ConvenTion aT'-l A Reed College. I f E PresidenT . Eliz-abeTh LeiTzel C V Vice-PresidenT Fay Zahn , ,dll f" ll SecreTary . ElizabeTh Merrick lj 'T Treasurer . . BeTTy Meek if xg SergeanT-aT-arms . Arda Ulen 5 Q xx EdiTor . . . Agarha RossiTer P Advisers . Miss Julianne Roller!! ' T Dean Ella Wilson if' FronT row: Lundell, Lundell, Rossiler, Meek, Merrick, LeiT?l'iUlen, Harvey, I-lunTer, Church, Ulen, .arnell DELTA BETA PHI 39 DEMOSTHENIANS 3rd row: Lemke, McJury, Sfainbrook, McAllis+er, Miles, Aasen, Thorsen. 2nd row: Boyle, Hende.rson, Alexander, McBrayer, Slewarl, Schneider, Lundell, Lundell. Fronl row: Mr. Harrington, Deulschmann, Smifh, Olson, Ogdahl, McKay, Meek. PRESIDENTS Firsl Third . . . Paul Deulschmann Second Third James Hyland Third Third .... Theodore Olson The Demoslhenians have spenl lhe sernesler sludying parliamenlary law, debaling. and lhe essenlials ol public speaking. The arl of impromplu, inlroduclory, and pres- enlalion speeches. and The lundamenlals ol oralion were also included. Every Wednesday a business rneeling was held and was followed by a program. V77 This lerm four boys were chosen lo help palrol lhe bowl. Every Wednesday a program was given in lhe audilorium on such subiecls as parliamenlary law, inlroduc- lory speeches, impromplu speeches, and debales. The class also ordered pins. , New officers were chosen each rhird. lf 'll lllx Lf' s. i' ' l ' PRESIDENTS , , , T l T , J Firsl Third .... Bob Cornell M fkfxlf ll, rl X X Second Third Roy Landis , i l Third Third .... Lyle Hildrevlhixg , , A T , sl 'Tl li ixkfll 3rd row: Chalker, Raymonde, Miller, Reynolds, Thompson, Felde, Tallmam, Kalk, Moore. , f X f 2nd row: Guillou, Jacobson, Anderson, Allison, Sufherman, Pruell, Herman, Pickering, Malcolm, Taylor. K, . ' ,, ' Fronf row: Mr. Harringron, Landis, Gall, Hogafe, Hildrefh, Welker, Tweer, Cornell. ,Q I , ll rv X- . l l' , ll' ' .. :ii if s ,J ,. AREOPAGITICANS 40 ilv 4l RHETORICIANS 3rd row: Solumn, Rennicker, Murdock, Zapf, Campbell, Lunde, Moodenbaugh 2nd row: Thorsen, Beck, While, Persinger, Wolfe, Moeller, Zimmerman, Field g Fronl row: Mr. Harringlon, Cherny, Day, Cloud, Davis, Tarr, Husk. PRESIDENTS Firsl Third . . . . Bob Tarr Second Third Ronnie l-lusk Third Third . . Roberl Davis The Rheloricians. iirsl period public speaking class, look lhe Bowl Palrol silualion as Jrheir lerm proiecl. An appoinled commillee carried oul Jrhe idea successfully. The class also had a program every Wednesday in lhe audilorium. Officers are elecled each new lhird. V77 The Masque and Dagger dramalics club presenlred live one-acl plays This lerm. Belly Lou Lacy. Arline l-larvey, Virginia Callon, il-larry Brooks, and Gilberl l-leald presenled The winning play, "The Tie Thal Binds." Four sludenls were appoinled lo keep The caieleria in an orderly condilion. PRESIDENTS L Firsl Third .... Arnold lvlarli Second Third . . James Kirkland Third Third .... Eugene lvluench 3rd row: Greco, Brooks, Hoo slraal, Hopkins, Healcl, Blake, Van Pal n. 2nd row: Eldridge, Upham, l-Tarvey, Zimmerman, Slrohmeyer, l-ling, ennie, Kefer From' row: Mr. Harringfon, Anfonini, Callon, Marfi, Muench, Kirkla d, Lacy, Ca MASQUE AND DAG-GER CLUB THESPIANS 3rd row: SchaTz, Upham, STar.r, Adams, Hamson, RiTTer, PrueTT, Svendsen, STevenson. 2nd row: Rossifer, Haines, Hansen, Wilcox, Azarr, Ellis, Higgs, Jones. Perry, Eliason. FronT row: Savage, Morse, Mifchelson, Mr. Harringfon, Worfendyke, Brandon, HunT, Alexander. PRESIDENTS FirsT Third . . . Ivan Miller Second Third BeTTy Savage Third Third . Jane WorTendyke The Thespians, Mr. HarringTon's second period drannaTics class, presenTed one-acT plays as a Term proiecT. Scenes Trom Shakespeare's plays were also given. Every Friday a program was puT on by The sTucIenTs in The audiTorium. New oTTicers were eIecTed every six weeks. V77 This Term The I-Ii Ki Ki ioined The Junior Red Cross and prepared a Thanksgiving baskeT Tor The poor and small: Toys and scrap books Tor The ChiIdren's Home. AT one oT The meeTings Mr. RoberT Donaldson gave an inTeresTing Talk on skiing. PresidenT . BeTTy Savage Vice-PresidenT Lucille GeThing SecreTary . Geraldine Larkin Treasurer . Berniece SuTherrnan EdiTor . Beverly Anderson Adviser Miss EdiTh CIiTTord 3rd row: STewarT, Ager, Kaufman, Jonassen, Marshall, Iverson, Bracy, OTT, Spencer, Johnson. 2nd row: Logan, Sodburg, Vaughn, Walker, Mann, I-IunTer, Dean, Morse. FirsT row: Miss Clifford, B. Anderson, D. Anderson, GeThing, Savage, Peferson, Larkin, Durham. HI KI KI 43 HI-Y 3rd row: Liffel, Thielade, Meek, Nunnenkamp, Lennie, Jonasson, Smifh, Murphy, Mic a 2nd row: Ager, Falk, Tolman, Slromquisf, Logan, Paflerson, Halverson, Miller. Front row: Kernnilzer, Murch, Harvey, Brandley, Wrighf, Leavens, Bracy, Barzee. Presidenl . Edward Brandley Vice-Presidenl Ray Harvey Secrelary . Lyle Hildrelh Treasurer . . Harold Murch Sergeanl-al-arms . . Bob Murphy Edilor . . . Byron Wrighl Reporler .... Jack Kemnilzer The aclivilies of lhe Hi-Y have included lhe oily-wide Thanksgiving service al +he Audirorium and lhe sale of Jrhe season baskelball lickels, a new 'lea+ure al Franklin. The club also had a ioinl meeling wilh lhe llluminali, anolher oulslanding Franklin boys' club. V77 The Quaker club was organized four years ago. ll has a limiled membership ol 25 boys of lhe Sludenl Body. Among The aclivilies of Jrhe club 'rhis Jrerm was a banquel al Mullnomah Holel. The club slands lo supporlr alhlelics and lo carry on lhe lradilions of Franklin. Presidenl . Jim Hyland Vice-Presidenl Karl Zapf Secrelary . Earl Lee Treasurer . . Ted Carlslon Sergeanl-al-arms . . Bob Cornell - Adviser .... Mr. H. H. Eckhardl 3rd row: Hampfon, Morrison, Hall, Nilch, Wrighl, Williams, Berfoglio, 2ndrw:T Sm HSh'lB HMIh HnnEnnaMr.E o arlr, u merse , or, arre , uc ay, a se , , Fronl row: Plluso, Cornell, Lee, Hylands, Zapf, P. Marr, D. Marr, Fruif. ckhardt QUAKER CLUB , l as akixmmm ,429 .ff f I ,, I ,f ,i ff f. ,f X , x J lLlfUMlNATl 3rd row: BergsTrom, Clark, Turner, Moodenbaugh, Bomgardner, Lang, Miles. 2nd row: Paulsen, Miles, Husk, McKeown, Taylor, Solumn, Wells. From' row: Miller, lTo, Hunf, Ager, ScoTT, Mr. Ridgeway, Landis. , PresidenT . Arba Ager Vice-PresidenT lvan Miller SecreTary . l-larmon l-lunT Treasurer . Irving ScoTT SergeanT-aT-arms . AlberT lTo Adviser . Mr. William Ridgeway The llluminaTi, composed oT 25 members, has This Term supplied The aThleTic loclcers wiTh benches and also a TooT pan Tor The prevenTion of TooT diseases. The club members have been wriTing leTTers of encouragemenT To all college aThleTes who have graduaTed Trom Franklin and are The ushers aT all STudenT Body assemblies. V77 The Fire Squad consisTs of a chieT and abouT 35 assisTanTs whom The chieT appoinTs usually Trom The sTudenTs mosT prominenT in sTudenT acTiviTies. This Term's Fire Squad esTablished The remarkable record oT clearing The building in 58 seconds, lThe all Time record Tor The ciTy being 57 secondsl. This organizaTion has no regular meeTings buT assembles whenever The necessiTy arises. 3rd row: Hampfon, PaT+erson, WrighT, Logan, B. Miller, Murch, SummerseTT, ScoTT, Ho, Leavens, SmiTh, B dl . 2nd roviiTnM5lICeown, Taylor, Hylands, Hall, Murphy, Lennie, l. Miller, Miles, Hunf, FruiT, Zapf. Fronf row: Barreff, Morrison, Williams, Husk, P. Marr, WriqhT, D. Marr, Lee, Cornell, Tarr, Hansen. FIRE SQUAD 44 ,j5,7ffgf 1 -L ff , 1' iv, ' 'Tk f' X ,fl X . 'V T .V I f 'i ff l jj-ff. fl ff if gf if b 45 SCIENCE ' RESEARCH CLUB l 3rd row: Raymonde, Allen, Miller, Olsen, Ehinger, Cook, Wilson, Camber, Sfouf. 2nd rop21:KSurnmerseTT, Cornell, Boyle, Varney, Shipp, Bloomfield, RineharT, Cavagnero, Averill, Kuylaars c ay. Fronf row: Brooks, Webb, Harvey, Wood, Amos, Erickson, Vranson, Miss Neikirk. PresidenT . Lawrence Amos Vice-PresidenT . Charles Wood T SecreTary . Arline Harvey EdiTor . . Lewis lvliller Adviser . . lvliss Abigail Neikirk SergeanT-aT-arms . l-larry Brooks Science Research aTTended a Talking picTure on The reTining oT oil, a demonsTraTion abouT neon Tubing, an exhibiTion Trom The physics laboraTory, and a glass-blowing demonsTraTion. The club is composed oT a physics, biology, and chemisTry commission, which gave an exhibiTion beTore The club. V77 This Term The chess games were played on SaTurday nighTs aT The homes oT The various members. The Two besT players Tor This Term were ErnesT Ehinger and Paul PaisT. ' Club pins were selecTed, and Ten new members were iniTiaTed inTo The club. PresidenT . l-lomer Thorsen Vice-PresidenT . ErnesT Ehinger SecreTary-Treasurer . Virginia SummerseTT EdiTor . . . Mary Kuylaars SergeanT-aT-arms . Bob SummerseTT Adviser .... lvlr. A. Enna 2nd row: McCloud, C. Kuylaars, Wood, STrick, Amos, SeTTerberg, Cooper, Wilkes, Beck. FronT row: B. SummerseTT, Davis, HuTchinson, M. Kuylaars, V. Summerseff, Thorsen, Ehinger, Mr. Enna. BLACK KN LOS CASTELLANOS 3rd row: Moses, Grouf, Brandon. 2nd row: Papsl, Sfewarf, Engelsgaard, Chapman, Howfon, Johnslon, Hoecker, Lesignoli, Cooper. From' row: Mrs, Casebeer, Wesler, Sulherland, Heidi, Kirkland, Alexander, Livingsfon, Prueft. Presidenl . . Mary Sulherland Vice-Presidenl . . Deloise Wesler Secrelary . . . Dorolhy Heidl Assislanl Secrelary . Kalherine Kirkland Treasurer . . . Jeannelle Alexander Sergeanl-al-arms . . Bob Livingslon Adviser .... Mrs. Alice Casebeer A+ lhe meelings of lhe Spanish club lhe sludenls were enlerlained by reporls, exhibils, Spanish songs, and music. The informal inilialion was held al lhe home of Bob Livingslon. A slcaling parly for members was held al 'rhe Oaks. V77 The general business ol lhe French club was conducled in French. All lhe sludenls parlicipaled in lhe programs which were given al every meeling. These programs consisled of many French arlicles, poems, games, and songs. Many of The sludenls f corresponded wilh French girls anyboys. is ' l ll cl Xl , f, R rf A Presiden+ . . . Denise Peyralans 1 lil T X j XV, Vice-Presidenl if . Rulh Vranson ' , , X ,UQQF ,, , my ecrefrary-Treaju ix' . Virginia Guillou N V Y l ' lv' I 4 K T ' by , if , l K Sergeanl-al?al'msa Gloria Ager 4' 'Q ii Adviser-A ,H xr . i . . Miss Marie Townsend is . ' 2 X l fx Xl: NT' H. . . ll-I r . gf, . . , LX.. XIX. , .. -. TRI COLORE T, , 46 47 DAS DEUTSCHE SCHULERBUND ui 1 9 Q-.5 Presidenl . Fred Grulze Vice-Presidenl . . Thelma Singer Secrelary-Treasurer Elizabelh Marks Sergeanl-al-arms . Franlclin Moore Advisers . . Miss Rulh Slone Mr. A. Enna A parly al lhe home of Mr. Enna was an oulslanding evenl of Jrhe lerm for lhe German club. German songs were sung, and lhere were refreshmenls and an inler- esling program. Food was broughl lo aid lhe Sunshine Division in providing a Merry . Chrislmas for lhe needy. VV? The members of lhe Scholarship clulo acled as guides on Parenls' Visiling days. A commillee checked lhe school records and compiled lhe lisl of sludenls enlilled 'lo scholarship awards. An oulslanding meeling was lhe inilialion of lhose who had earned lheir lirsl awards. Presidenl . . Dolores Shipp Vice-Presidenl . Thelma Singer Secrelary-Treasurer . Vera Todd g Adviser . ., . . Miss Lilli Schmidli 3rd row: Jackson, Reed, Slang, Males, Perkins, Smilh, Douglas, Moses. 2nd row: Sufherland, Marshall, Lennon, Harris, Slehlik, Lacy, Summersefl, Moeller, Kuylaars, Kleinschm Fronl Foilwhmiiilllanson, l-loogslraal, Singer, Shipp, Massinger, Selferberg, Camber. SCHOLARSHIP CLUB IJ .-ow f' rgj' CAFETERIA 3rd row: Worrell, S. Wilson, Dykesfria, Livermore, Porrer, Elle, linson, Brown, Yeomans, Huber. yrgf l ' s.,.Q,..fLkM7LslNg--,V 1 2nd row: Newfon, A. Wilson, Borin, Medearis, Farnell, Adams, 'xon, Hufchinson, Malcolm, Schafer. Fronf row: Cain, Thompson, Eliopulos, Mrs. Garver, Mrs. Thompso , Mrs. Jones, Jackson, Hansen. . I X if ' i I X ff Lgf VXIX-1 lf'1 ,Iqj g44..p A I . General Manager .XX'4v1rs, Dora Thompson U X ' Mi' Cook . . . Mrs. Clara Garver f JVM! Assislanr Cook . Mrs. Annie Jones Wy!! big improvemenrs in The cafeleria have been made This lerm-a pelilioned jfs 4.l"eacher's lunch room and a new slream cooker. Mrs. Thompson, general manager, 5,47 Xf rsglalres lhal lhe leachers seem lo be gelring a full amounl and pleasure our of The K. --,V ,ig ,Ji W new lunchroom, and in regard lo lhe sleam cooker: "Tha+'s The baby of The lcilchen. Aclmliflii ll culs our iime beller lhan half." A new milk shake machine has also been added making five such machines now. ,J yi The cafeleria is serving belween SOO and 600 sludenls a day. 1 vvv' To encourage lirerary abilily and originalily, crealive wrilings have been read and commenled upon al lhe meelings of 'lhe Quill club. Many inleresling programs were arranged. All members were urged lo enler lilerary crealive conlesrs which came up during rhe rerm. Presidenr . Helen Beck Vice-Presidenl . Emma Rigby Secrelary-Treasurer Ada Pepsi Ediror . . . Thelma Singer Sergeanl-al-arms . l'larry Fielding Adviser . . Mrs. M. Miller 3rd row: Leckman, Eliopulus, Erickson, Sfrick, lhla. 2nd row: Mrs. Miller, Manor, Wolfe, Heidi, Sfrohmayer, Moeller, Young, Felde. Fronf row: Peferson, Rigby, Singer, Papsl, Fielding, Arnold, McKay. QUILL CLUB i 49 PENTATHLON '3rd row: L. Davis, Mrs. Armstrong, Murphy, Shilke, Johnson, Krahman, Woodward, Summerseff, Warden, Cldr dC Mr.BrkHIhf. a ewoo, avagnero, s u e, uso 2nd row: Englesgaard, Shand, Bradl, Mafhieson, Gehrs, Ehinger. , Fronf row: Kuylaars, Sfampher, D. Davis, Olson, Woehlerf, Horfen, Kaufman, Eberf, Tory. Presidenf . Dorofhy Woehlerf ,V Vice-Presidenf . . Efhel Olson A Secrefary . . Jean l-lorfon Treasurer . . Dorofhy Davis Sergeanf-af-arms . Margaref Kaufman Edifor . . . Kafie Warden Adviser . . . Mrs. Burke As a proiecf of fhe ferm, fhe club gave a demonsfrafion af Lincoln High for fhe Oregon Sfafe Teachers' Associafion. Among fhe social evenfs were an inifiafion parfy for new members, followed by a fheafer parfy, and a bridal shower for Mrs. Mary Poynfer Armsfrong. . V77 The newly formed Legislafive Assembly funcfioned very safisfacforily under fhe able leadership of Bob Tarr, who, as Vice-Presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Body, is presiding officer of 'This body. Alfhough no oufsfanding measures were passed, imporfanf basic work was done. and fhrough represenfafive commiffees fhe Assembly confribufed much fo fhe general A welfare of Franklin. This new work was done in addifion fo fhe regular dufies of Room Represenfafivesg selling of Sfudenf Body Cards and dance fickefs, disfribufion ofyfhe 3 8 , gif' ilbgj "Posf" every Friday, and represenfing fheir respecfive regisfrafrioyrrooms. -, i " 0f,l,,.fs X r' T' Y il ll" ' Q, fi ll I - r"' All ll, ,,' -. A,1i"'i' , 'K ' fi 6 ii' x -T - s j i ROOM REPRESENTATIVES A. G. S. 2 d Woehlerl, Mrs. Wilson, Meek, M-r. Ball, Leilzel, Word, Savage. Fr fr : Engelsgaard, Hulchinson, Ager, Zahn, Lacy, Jonassen, Gehrs, Vranson. A Presidenl . . Belly Lou Lacy Vice-Presidenl . . Fay Zahn Secrelary-Treasurer . Jean Jonasson A Assislanl Secrelary . Gloria Ager Reporler . y . Virginia Gehrs Advisers . . Mrs. Ella Wilson Mrs. Rulh Word The A.G.S. was organized lhis lerm by Janel I-lulchinson, gradualing senior, under lhe supervision ol Dean Wilson and Mrs. Rulh Word. ll is pallerned aller lhe Associaled Women Sludenls Organizalion ol lhe colleges. and ils aim is lo losler a lriendly spiril among lhe girls. V V V FRANKLIN SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB This club which has lunclioned several seasons in Franklin l-ligh School under lhe advisership ol Mr. Down and Mr. Manning, is designed especially for social science maiors. The advisers believe lhal lhere should be some place in high school lor lhose sludenls who expecl lo major in college in hislory or sociology lo acquire some small insighl al leasl inlo lhe lileralure and processes involved in lhese sludies. Take lor example lhe sludenl who expecls lo maior in hislory. The lirsl lhing he will be ex- pecled lo do will be lo acquire a general knowledge ol lhe lileralure in his lield. especially lhe oulslanding views ol leading hislorians lhrough all lime. This lileralure is so vasl lhal lhe reading ol il should really begin in high school. ll he devoles lhe leisure lime which' he has in high school and which will be largely wanling in college lo lhe perusal ol such hislories as I-lerodolus, Thucydides, Zenophon, Mommsen, Van Ranke, Treilschke, Green, Trevelyan, and many olhers ol equal rank, he will lhus be acquiring lhal solid loundalion ol hislorical knowledge and acquainlance wilh hislorical wrilers which is indispensable lo lhe serious sludenl ol hislory. The Franklin Social Science Club also devoles ilsell lo currenl social problems, nol only ol a nalional bul ol an inlernalional characler as well: disarmamenl, naval limi- lalions, and similar proiecls. Sludenls in lhis club are also expecled lo read currenl books and make reporls on lhe same. All sludenls in lhe hislory deparlmenl may become members ol lhis club wilhoul lhe paymenl ol dues or olher obligalion. 3 Fronf lpw: Celci,IBradI, Savage. Morse, B Summerseff, Dbell, Sfromquisf, Church, Miss Cl CLASS OF JUNE '35 Presidenf . Bob Tarr Vice-Presidenf . John Campbell Treasurer . . Theodore Olsen Recording Secrefary . Beffy Savage Typing Secrefary . Marjorie Morse Sergeanf-af-arms . Bob Summerseff l-lonorary Member Miss E. Clifford Adviser '. Miss L. Schmidli Edifor . Alfred Sfromquisf Wirh 92 eligible members presenf, fhe June '35 graduafing class was organized December 4 in room 37: fhe membership, however, is growing rapidly and will prob- ably come near 200 by graduafion. Due fo an early beginning and fhe selecfion of ai compefenf and experienced group .of officers headed by Bob Tarr, pasf vice- presidenf of fhe sfudenf-body, an excepfionally acfive and oufsfanding ferm is fo be expecfed. Af fhe second meefing. held December I9, fhe Almanac Edifor, Alfred Sfromquisf, was elecfed by a large maiorify. ln aoldifion. commiffees for pins, announcemenfs. moffo, colorsi giff, dance, and play, were appoinfed by fhe presidenf. The chairmen are as follows: pins, Jack Murdock: announcemenfs, Don Kuyl4endall7 giff, Arlene l-larvey: colors, Wade Rifferg moffo, Lewis Eliopulus: dance, Karl Zapfg and play, John Campbell. Af a lafer meefing Rufhann Church was appoinfed chair- man of fhe picfure commiffee. 1 X f F' LMX4 R 5 0 L px V 1,-4" ? .Z V ,. Q rv' ,f , A A , X- Z' IQ? A, f ,lv , gr i Ulf JRJQZZ f ,V 'fl .ff 1 ff ,f Af 49,-1-fffg ijf-Hoff SOPHOMORES f. 52, ff, lug -ff' ff 5'Qy1,i' Fx .1 F W 'R' -4' 1 f 4' sf- 4' X FRESHMEN 791 , , g , 4 gdb 52 SPORTS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A Duich boy slrafing freely across u smooih field of ice was George Roof's. June I930 edifor. concep- 'Hon of sport 1 His color scheme was blue-A deep iniense blue fha? migh? belong io a sky hung over a field of briglwr Durch tulips. :: z: :: :: VVVVVVVVVVVTVVVVVV ,mumps -5 4' 54" AwQ,?C.n,w. . v.. v .,n. B i'f-Eli' Lab: ' U up-,I Q- . -'fwwsnuqf , ,. .A - ,.g1.,Q. G5 A"".m.- 5. ,. 1 rg. AA. ,Q "ul-f . lisa 4 K. V., M, . Q.. ,. ". V- - vc' '- -.Q ' 4--r-.f A ..-m V 1 gnulj--",5v5-,l7x', wg-,vw 1- 1 .,' ,,,.1'v:' V, . lx N L ' .. " V ,' ,. ..., 1 ck z v A- , nf t in .gf ru U " iw.: ., 1 1 -J. '1-P , :,,:.,i,.,1. F -nl. v 'V ,. -1- iq-k1,"'5:-.f',,, 1 'fm .. -. , X A, J, , ' , . Q .Ft Q ' 31? 4- LVN -- , ,L ,gl U ,- - 2. -. p W, I 3, TA 1 r1,,L: .1 s , , . . '., f. , . 5-i, Ai-14 - .. 1-. ,,4 mmf., 'E ' Y- vm' Ii 5 .W ' 'J ,. .-p. i' - -'ffl .- 5 ., T.-.I 'Q' 4 - ,.,""' I-.nv v-, 1 - ,qi ' . . - W .- -vw -vw- 'p" 4 .x-.-wf -'- W" "'1s1. ? .ufffi ,-swf ' . .. "ff ' t. -9. an : r .3 .Q ,Q,,. sl: I ,..- z,,.. - V f ,Iii fr -' f'L"1r ' W .-. 'r - 'I .'1f1-vp," 21. ' , ., V. if x ., 'ff .-WT,-1 V f,f-:4- 1, lug. - . ' xg-W' 1,7172- ,'e, ' f WGN. ,, fwgb.: ' 11 I 'VJ' ' 4 ' , , , L- ., . ,, - . ft" va.: we-'A ,, ' 143.1 '575'L"- 5 'Q-f f . .sam A f 'J1'lQ 1 ire. ,, .rv . A ,A .pv, ,L ' ' 1- wx- f ,l 4 hi lg -.l,1,, 4 x V ,W I 1 - V dv' .V 4, -Q 1,.v'-".:-gi.: - g ' V ,...3p L , . H i' jx ' . N MA .,,. E. 2, ,g-.I Kv.f,,,y-L . 'W v1,' ' ,, . cg Coach William Bowerman Assisiani Coach Charles King Junior Coach Eugene Soulhwick Co-Capiains Ronald Husk Arba Ager Marvin LeMone Ole Lunde Loyal Long FOOTBALL BOWERMAN AND KING Coach VVilliam Jay "Bill" Bowerman meT wiTh some hard luck This year and spenT mosT oT his eTTorTs in concenTraTing on nexT year's Team. lT Takes aT leasT Two years To produce a winning Team under an enTirely new sysTem such as "Bill" used. Chas. G. "Chappie" King acTed as assisTanT coach and Took care oT The backfield and second Teams. BoTh men worked hard and deserve all crediT due Them. NexT year, however, Franklin is expecTed To have iTs place in The TooTball spoTlighT as iT has in oTher years. JUNIOR COACH G. N. SouThwick TuTored The iunior grid squad To Their usual season success This year. SouThwick has developed many ouTsTanding players who have gone up To The varsiTy and made good in Their deparTmenTs on his iunior Teams. "Gene" is cerTainly TalenTed aT developing The young players inTo sTar aThleTes Tor The senior squad. CO-CAPTAI NS Ronnie l-Tusk-Co-capTain and righT guard-The sTellar playing oT l-lusk in The line on boTh oT'Tense and defense won him all-sTar raTing by The sporTs scribes oT The ciTy. Ronnie reTurns To play even beTTer ball nexT year. Arba Ager-Co-capTain and leTT halfback-Ager's superior leTT-TooT punTing, his passing and ball-packing will be sorely missed nexT year. Arbalee also acTed as Tield general. l-le received all-sTar menTion along wiTh Husk. He graduaTes before nexT year. MANAGERS The idea ThaT The managers' iobs are a snap To geT leTTers is enTirely erroneous. The Three boys, Marvin LeMone, Loyal Lang, and Ole Lunde, worked many long hours To please everybody. The equipmenT and impedimenTa oT a TooTball squad are large and many. To keep Track oT all These Things as well as To aid The players are only parTs oT The managers' work. These boys deserve all The crediT Tor a hard job well done. GAMES SUMMARY FRANKLIN I3 - COMMERCE 7 ' In The only game of The season in which The Franklin grid squad played under The sTadium lamps, They downed a TighTing Commerce Team I3 To 7. This was The only game ThaT The local boys won by acTuaI play The whole season. Arba Ager. co-capTain and haITback, packed The IeaTher sphereoid Tor boTh Touchdowns Through Hue line and Tossed The pass To Jonasson, IeTT end, Tor The exTra poinT. Ager, Logan, I-Iusk, and Hyland played a noble game Tor The Purple and Gold. FRANKLIN I -- BENSON 0 AlThough Benson Trampled The Quakers To The Tune oT 23 To O, Dennis, Tech lineman, was declared ineligible Tor being over age. The Mechanics TorTeiTed The Tour games he played in by I To O scores. This gave Franklin Two games crediTed in The win column. FRANKLIN 6 - WASHINGTON 9 In Their TirsT league encounTer The Colonials dumped The Quakers 9 To 6. The Maroon and Gold scores came on a Touchdown and Tield goal by DeWiTT, Wash- ingTon's all-sTar Tullback. Leavens oT Franklin recovered a blocked punT in The end zone Tor The lone local Tally. PaTTerson, Leavens, and Turner were in There TighTing all The Time Tor The Quakers. FRANKLIN 0 - LINCOLN I9 On a muddy, slow Tield The Lincoln Cardinals charged over The Quaker goal sTripe Tor Three goals and a conversion. The game was played Tor The mosT parT in Franklin TerriTory wiHu Bowerman's proTeges playing as in a dream. The old Quaker pep and TighT was sorely missed in This grid baTTIe. FRANKLIN 0 - ROOSEVELT I3 The Purple and Gold gridsTers spenT The whole game piling up I2 TirsT downs To The RoosevelT Two in The middle oT The Tield. The Two Tield-lengTh dashes oT Ed Adams. Teddies' IeTT halT, however, nulIiTied The eTTorTs oT The Quakermen. Adams sTepped oTT Tor 99 and 75-yard runs, boTh Tor Touchdowns, on an inTercepTed pass and a punT reTurn. The Franklin Team TuncTioned well in mid-Tield, buT always sTopped shorT our The diagonally-sTriped ground where counTers are garnered. FRANKLIN 2 - GRANT I3 ' AlThough The Quakers received Two poinTs Tree, graTis, and wiTh no eTTorT whaTso- ever, They sTilI losT anoTher ball game To GranT. Gleason oT GranT Tumbled a low pass Trom cenTer and Tell on iT in his end zone Tor an auTomaTic saTeTy and Two poinTs Tor Franklin. Ager's punTing was The ouTsTanding TeaTure oT Tlue game. ' FRANKLIN 0 - JEFFERSON 20 The IasT prep league conTesT oT I934 Tound Franklin on The losing end oT a lopsided score wiTh JeTTerson. IT was a Tough game To lose, buT The boys TuTored in The grid sporT by Bill Bowerman. acquiTTed Themselves nobly. The Tinal season sTandings Tound The Quakers occupying sixTh place wiTh Two games won and Tive IosT. BeTTer luck nexT year, 'FrankIiniTes. Irving ScoH'-Cenler T Ed Brandley-Riglml End . L, 1 K rl l l X K x ,Kg V tcp, ' ,I ,A-A-xi .ff -V' ,-' f I ' , I X I l ', f I V i , 1 I K 1 If J, I Frank Nifsch-Righf Tackle Darrell Leavens-Leif End Jerry Turner--Riglwl Tackle Jimmie Hyland-Quarlerloack Bill Eagleion-l-lalfback T Bryce Logan+Fullback Gilberf Paulsen-Leif Guard . Bob McKeown-Leif Tackle Bob SummerseH-Righi Guard Harold BarreH--Leli Guard T' . T 'l A lil lm ,Q T Q AF:-xf T Y 1 -. lxldll N l xxx ev' ' X G XX Lloyd Ber'I'oglio-Lef+ l-lallloack Carl Jonasson-Leif End Jack Morrison-Quarierback Eugene Pafferson-Riglwl Halfback LEGEND lrving ScoTT--CenTer-NoT very big buT very scrappy, "ScoTTie" broke inTo The sTarTing lineup in mid-season and held his posiTion To The end. He is losT by The diploma rouTe. Ed Brandley-righT end-"Boomer" played a nice game aT The righT Tlank. NoT many plays came around his end ThaT he Tailed To sTop. He graduaTes beTore nexT year. Frank NiTsch-Tackle-Big and hard To move away was NiTsch. He blocked and opened holes in The opposing wall wiTh The besT oT Them. He comes back Tor anoTher year. ' Darrell Leavens-leTT end-AnoThed pass-snaTching wingman who will leave a hard posiTion To Till nexT year. Leavens was The ball carrier on The end-around plays. Jerry Turner-righT Tackle-For a TighT'ing, blocking Tackle, "Roughhouse" cerTainly iilled The bill. He was an aggressive Tough player and "in There" all The Time. He leaves by diploma. A Jimmie Hyland-leTT guard and quarTerback-STarTing The season in The line where he played a Tine game, Hyland was shiTTed in mid-season To blocking quarTerback. He carried The ball I2 Times and averaged IO yards a Try. GraduaTion Takes him away. Bill EagleTon-haITback-A shiTTy, speedy ball carrier This "Eggs" boy is. He has Three years oT TooTball leTT. and'iT he keeps on, he'll be all-sTar wiTh no compeTiTion. Bryce Logan-Tullback-ln his TirsT and lasT grid season here Bryce cerTainly Tilled The posT oT plunging Tullback To perTecTion. He will be losT To The squad nexT year. GilberT Paulsen-guard-As anoTher senior sTarTer "Gibby" was in on every play. and his line work will be sorely lacking nexT season as he graduaTes beTore nexT Tall. ' Bob McKeown-leTT Tackle-This 2l5-pound behemoTh was a regular This year. His Tine play in The line and abiliTy To kick oTT will cerTainly help The local gridsTers There when King EooTball again reigns supreme. Bob SummerseTT-righT guard-AnoTher TighTing lineman who will be sadly missed nexT year. His blocking sTopped many an opposiTion's cenTer rush. SummerseTT was a sTeady. dependable scrapper in There all The Time. Harold BarreTT-guard-On The leTT side oT The cenTer BarreTT Tilled his posiTion capably and wiThouT criTicism. His blocking was noTable Tor iTs Tinesse. He reTurns To Till again The guard posT. Lloyd BerToglio-halfback-''BerT" oTTen goT inTo The games and acguiTTed himseiT nobly. 'He could pass, run, and kick. A valuable TighTing player who reTurns nexT year. Carl Jonasson-leTT end-Carl was a hard-working end who was responsible Tor many gains by his sure-Tire receiving. NOT many passes did he miss. He comes back nexT year. Jack Morrison--quarTerback-AlThough he was on The iniured rosTer over halT The season, Jack played some good ball. His punTing. especially, was noTable. Morrison comes back Tor anoTher season. Eugene PaTTerson-righT halfback-Buck was a blocker and ball carrier supreme. He broke his leTT wrisT, however, in pracTice and losT ouT The lasT Two games. He will be back To bolsTer The backTield nexT Tall. Roy Landis-Lef'r Tackle Derald Miller-Righf End AI Ho-Halfback Al Williams-Fullback Merle Tolman-Cen+er Colion Meek, Jr.-End George Falk-Guard James Keenholis-End LEGEND Roy Landis-leTT Tackle-Roy played a bang-up game in The Torward wall. NoT many plays did The opposiTion Try To run Through him. His loss by The sheepskin rouTe will be hard To Till. Derald Miller-righT end--His TirsT season Tound Derald breaking inTo The lineup quiTe oTTen. His excellenf blocking and Tackling, along wiTh his Toss-snaring abiliTy. will aid The Franklin cause no liTTle nexT year. Al lTo-halfback-He excelled in slippery, TasT ball-packing and in blocking. He played good ball Tor The Quakers This, his lasT season. Ai Williams-fullback--Al did a Tine iob when he wenT in Tor Logan. He could pack The ball inTo The line wiTh ease and dispaTch. He reTurns nexT year Tor more compeTiTion. Merle Tolman--cenTer-Merle's passes Trom cenTer were always accuraTe. His superlaTive blocking will be needed and supplied nexT year, as he reTurns. ColTon Meek, Jr.--end-"Buzz" played good ball, buT he was Too lighT To use much in The games. He will be back Tor anoTher couple oT years. George Falk-guard-Falk was a guard who made iT hard Tor The oTher Team To come Through cenTer. He will be back nexT year Tor more ouTsTanding line work. James KeenholTs-end-AlThough Jimmy didn'T geT inTo a game This year he did work ouT and was in There in spiriT all The Time. v VSV SPORTS SHORT This was The TirsT grid season ThaT The local TooTball squad blossomed ouT in new ouTTiTs since Grandpa grew horns. T The purple ierseys wiTh gold sTripes TaciliTaTed The job of disTinguishing players in The pile up on The Tield. Every player also wore The new purple helmers wiTh gold cross sTripes. These new "rompers" cerTainly added To The ascending TooTball spiriT here aT Franklin, in conTrasT To The old drab, dull red cosTumes donned by Quaker luminaries in Tormer years. FOOTBALL MENU lsT l-lalT KickoTT "WhisTle" orange iuice and ScoTT--lchl lemonade. lsT Down Soooop! Ager sTyle-Two "slurps" and a gargle. I 2nd Down BerToglio spagheTTi-Tive yards oT iT wiThouT a break. 3rd Down A big helping oT l-lusk oT corn-good Tor I5 yards: second helping oT downs Tor l:ranklTurTerllin. Ed scores a Touchdown Tor All-Branldleyl. l-lalT Time Jerry brings home The Turkey wiTh anoTher Touchdown via an end run, while PaTTerson is "dressing" To come inTo The scrambleld eggsl. Time OUT ParT oT The Team "sneaks" a piece oT mince pie Trom The clubhouse aT The wrong Time. PenalTy STomachache Tor The "sneakers." Too much Time ouT. Time ln Leavens paTches iT up by "passing" The good old sTand-by, spinach. Plays ITo chops Through The opponenT's suey. Logan smlhashesl Through The righT salad. Paulsen asks Tor The Olives, buT SummerseTT chooses Alices. Landis "converTed" boTh To Mabels. Three Cheers Hyland goes dashing Through cenTer Tor some ice cream. Finis The Team wins in The "scores" oT aTTer dinner minTs.. LITERARY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Alice in Wonderland wandered wislfully across 'Phe pages of Rufh Ksni's issue of fha Almanac. Hera sho is opening a fairy book to disclose the lihrary efforls of flue January, I93l, class. :: 2: :' :: VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV THE FOREST MONARCH There iT sTands, a ToresT monarch, One lone soldier senTinel, STanding guard upon a landscape Where a mighTy ToresT Tell. Upward, skyward reared iTs body, Dense and broad iTs Toliage spread, And The scorching days oT summer Cooled wiThin iTs arbor bed. By iTs Trunk I'd builT my coTTage, ' OTT enjoyed The shady Tree, BuT now l'd come To Tell iT And desTroy iTs maiesTy. Ax and saw were keen and ready, I addressed The sTaTely Tower: "Sir, have you a plea To oTTer Why l Tell you noT This hour?" To my TeeT There slowly waTTed From ThaT grand old cedar Tree, JusT a TragranT branch oT Toliage, And iT seemed To speak To me. "Sir," iT said, "My sire yonder For a cenTury has sTood On The soil iT now is shading, Monarch oT The ToresT wood. "To The summer beasTs and birdies IT has given cooling shade, ' And iT never has reTused Them Or To any Tavors made. "lT has breasTed sTormy blizzards, Dared The rapid lighTning's mighT, Ay, and once iT cooled Thy Tever, Made iT quickly Take iTs TlighT. "See ThaT spiral band demarking From iTs pinnacle To iTs base: 'l'haT's a lighTning bolT iT shouldered JusT To save Thy homing place. "LisTen, while I whisper genTly OT The grandesT iewel known, I-low you led your queen adoring From your cedar Tor your own. "Every leaf upon yon monarch Knows The secreTs ThaT you Told: All The soul words oT your wooing, And we've Treasured Them as gold.' -Lewis Eliopulus NARCISSA WHITMAN - PIONEER WIFE AND MOTHER lEdiTor's NoTe: This essay won The TirsT prize oT S25 in The sTaTewide conTesT spon- sored by The general commiTTee oT The "Oregon Diamond Jubilee." IT was wriTTen lasT Term by Margerie Lundell, Then a sevenTh Termer.l There is romance and hearTbreak connecTed wiTh The old Oregon missions ThaT Tew realize-The romance oT The ioys and sorrows oT a young missionary bride, who was one oT The TirsT whiTe women To cross The conTinenT, and whose eTTor.Ts symbolize The eTTorTs oT all The brave pioneer women oT Oregon. This daunTless young woman was Narcissa PrenTiss WhiTman, who, barely a monTh aTTer her marriage, courageously leTT her home, her Triends--everyTh'ing ThaT had been her whole liTe-and sTarTed WesT wiTh her physician-husband, Marcus WhiTman. Mile aTTer weary mile oT ThaT Trying Trip wenT by, buT The courage and hope oT The plucky Narcissa never lagged. Was she noT headed Tor a counTry oT promise and beauTy- Oregon-wiTh her gaIIanT young husband by her side? NeverTheIess ThaT Trip impressed iTs horrors and hardships indelibly on her mind. Howling, whipping sTorms beaT around The wagon Train, ThreaTening To carry all To desTrucTion, and sTriking Tear in The hearT oT The courageous Ii++Ie New York girl. The Tood supplies diminished unTil The daily raTions became only dried buTTalo meaT- Tood ThaT appeared so TilThy To The reTined Narcissa ThaT she could hardly eaT iT. More Than once did she Think oT The plenTiTul meals she used To enioy, only To brush These ThoughTs impaTienTIy aside. "Am I noT blessed wiTh The opporTuniTy To Teach The will oT The Divine l:aTher To heaThen in a Torsaken land? I musT noT give in To selT- piTy," she admonished herselT. Her viTaliTy and healTh were such ThaT she was able To wiThsTand The rigors of The Trip in spiTe of repeaTed aTTacks Trom mosguiToes and Tleas, in spiTe of having a sick husband To care Tor, and in spiTe oT being herselT weak and hungry and Torn beTween The pain and ioy oT The reaIizaTion ThaT soon she would bring a new liTe inTo The world. The WhiTman mission had been esTablished aT WaiilaTpu. ShorTly beTore ChrisTmas oT I836, aTTer Ten monThs oT weary Travel, The young bride was broughT To her new home. .IT was a li++Ie log place ThaT had bIankeTs Tor windows and Tor doors, and ThaT had TurniTure handmade Trom coTTonwood Trees. Far Trom civilizaTion, and miles Trom any neighbor, in The midsT oT a vasT TerriTory peopled by Indians whose Triend- ship changed wiTh The changing winds-This was The place ThaT Narcissa WhiTman was To call home. Three shorT monThs aTTer seTTling in her new home, Narcissa gave birTh To a liTTle girl -Alice Clarissa-who was To become The greaTesT ioy in her moTher's IiTe. BUT This ioy was shorT-lived, Tor, soon aTTer her second birThday, The child was accidenTalIy drowned. Vv'haT anguish Tore The brave hearT of Narcissa WhiTman only a bereaved moTher can know. BuT, hearTbreaking Though her sorrow was, unresTrained grieT could noT be hers: she had To bear up even when The news was broken To her ThaT her husband musT leave Tor The EasT. I-Ie would be gone a year-Two-maybe more., Bravely she suppressed her Tears and The apprehensions ThaT surged Through her soul as she Turned To The house Trom The Tarewell aT The gaTe. She wenT again inTo ThaT lonely home, pacing Trom room To room, and now ThaT she was alone, she Tound relieT Tor her penT-up emoTions in a Tlood oT unresTrained Tears. Through The agonized monThs of waiTing. alone, The valianT Narcissa again and again was 'Forced To undergo TerriTying evenTs-incidenTs ThaT would Till even The bravesT wiTh Tear. One midnighT she awoke wiTh a sTarT. Someone was Torcing enTrance To her room. She was assailed wiTh Terror as The bulky Torm oT an Indian ouTlined iTselT againsT The opening. WiTh a scream she awoke The Hawaiian servanT, The only person in The mission, and wiTh his help Tinally Torced The inTruder To Take TlighT. AnoTher evening, she was drawn To The window by an ominous crackling. Billow aTTer billow oT smoke was curling inTo The sTarliT sky: The mill was a blazing inTernoI Unable To sTop The quickly spreading Tire, she was compelled To wiTness The desTrucTion oT all Tor which They had so unTiringly sTruggled. Slowly fhafyear dragged by. Then, fhe incessanf fafoo of hoof-beafs broughf Narcissa wifh flying sfeps fo fhe mission door. The color surged info her cheeks for, riding quickly fowards her, was her husband, home af lasf! The ensuing seasons, passing slowly by, found Narcissa working ceaselessly. Sfriving fo lose herself in her work, she mofhered whole families of orphans-children who had leff fhe Sfafes happy wifh fheir parenfs and arrived in fhaf greaf wilderness of fhe Wesf, forlorn, sorrowful, wifhouf fafher or mofher or even friends. Narcissa's hearf, so recenfly forn wifh anguish, wenf ouf fo fhese liffle orphans, whom she cared- for and loved almosf as fhough fhey were her own. In spife of fhe drudgery day affer day, never in fhe hearf of fhis bravely foiling woman was fhere regref over her decision fo be, in every way, a worfhy helper fo her husband. ln fhe meanfime fhe Indians became less and less friendly. Their repeafed affacks on Dr. Whifman only made his wife fry fhe harder fo converf fhem fo Chrisfianify. Her hearf, her soul, everyfhing she had, she puf info her arduous fask. Greafer grew fhe clouds of discordhunfil, in November, I847, fhey broke in all fheir relenfless fury! The murderous redskins, wifh fheir hideously painfed faces and brufal fomahawks, swooped down on fhe unprofecfed mission and began fheir merciless affack. Never was fhe courage of fhis pioneer woman more apparenf fhan af fhis crucial momenf. Cheeks blanched wifh fear, her body racked wifh unendurable pain from fhe wounds she had received, she direcfecl fhe efforfs of fhe women in fheir lasf sfand. Bur fhere was no mercy in fhe hearfs of fhose pifiless assassins. Darkness af lasf broughf a close fo fhose scenes of horror as if did fo fhe heroic life of fhe valianf Narcissa. Thus did fhe life of Narcissa Whifman, pioneer wife and mofher, rise above fhe commonplace iusf as fhe verdanf hills and mounfains of Oregon fower in greaf splen- dor above ifs ferfile valleys.-Margerie Lundell. AUTUMN LEAVES The Leaves are furning, changing color From green fo red and brown. Aufumn's here and fhey are falling Falling, floafing down. They somefimes remind us of lessons As fhey pass on info space. Some gayly, madly whirling around Twisfing, fwirling in a race. Ofhers linger, loafh fo leave us To venfure info an unknown space. They are subfracfing from fhe frees Adding on fhe ground. The wind comes and divides, lvlulfiplying fhem around. They're language, all fheir own Like fhe flowers and frees. Their verbs and proverbs. each a lesson Like fhe birds and bees. Yes, fhey spell somefhing We can undersfand. How well we read if! Nafure is grand. -Marie Ballard Wriffen while a pafienf, Ocfober 9, I933. Now a sfudenf of Franklin TOOTHFUL TECHNICALITIES TeeTh, Thirfy-Two of Them, laT leasT mosT everyone does have ThirTyTwo TeeTh ThaT posifively musT be brushed noT less Than Two Times a dayl are The mosT indispensible and mosT hindering parT of The human anaTomy. TeeThl Horrible liTTle Things ThaT persisf in aching. BuT The greaTesT charge againsT Them is The facT ThaT one gefs up in The morning wiTh The desire To do noThing buT go back To bed, and much To his amazemenf and disgusf finds ThaT he has TeeTh which are demanding The sooThing and refreshing feeling of The brisfles of a TooTh-brush genTly pressing Themselves againsT Their ouTer exTremeTies. y WiTh one eye compleTely closed and The oTher noT far ahead, one sleepily gropes wiTh one hand for his TooTh-brush while his oTher hand is busily engaged in Trying To find a Tube of whiTe, creamy, smooTh-flowing TooTh-pasTe, which has a grimy, un- pleasanf Tasfe. . Wavering befween complefe wakefulness and blissful unawareness, one gives The Tube of pasTe a genTle squeeze and Tries To hiT The brush wiTh The beauTiful whiTe subsfance. The nexT sTep in The procedure and To me The mosT disTasTeful, is The acT of inserfing The brush inTo The mouTh. I have sTudied long and hard To masfer The arT oT compelling a seemingly unwilling hand To enTer a mouThful of gleaming, gnash- ing TeeTh, and have noT yeT succeeded, buT l sTill have hopes ThaT some day l mighT sfumble on To some small TechnicaliTy which will unlock for me The secreT of The ages. Finally one rinses his mouTh wiTh sparkling cold waTer which wakes him so compleTely and definiTely ThaT all furTher hope of sleep is banished from his mind. TeeTh! AT nighT one goes Through The same gruelling process, buT wiTh a much differenf aTTiTude. For, insfead of being forced To rise' from a warm, comforTable bed, he is faced wiTh The prospecT of a clean. inviTing, uncomplaining bed+noT a brisTly, demanding TooTh-brush.-Agafha Rossifer. THAT HOME OF MINE l see a wee log-house in The wilderness, Where The Tall pine Trees grow: Where The wood Thrush Trills his sweeT nofes And The wild deer come and go. There The scenf of pines and fragranf flowers Bring airy dreams of delighTg And naTure smiles away all lonesome hours, And The sTars hang low aT nighT. There's a dashing brook by ThaT home of mine, Where The speckled beauTies play: Jusf awaiTing for The rod and line, Where we pass The hours away: Far away from The ciTy's busy sTrife And back To naTure once more: WiTh renewed healfh and a ioy in life, As in happy days of yore. -Lewis Eliopulus JAPANESE NEW YEAR Asfhe New Year approaches we Japanese are nof idly fhinking, "Well, anofher year!" New Year's Day is fhe greafesf day of fhe year fo us, since life sfarfs anew fhen. Sacrifices are made fo fhe gods: rice cakes, pine fwigs, and flowering planfs are placed in fhe alcove and fhe gafes are decorafed. The final preparafion is on New Year's Eve when everyone goes fo fhe shrines fo be purified. ' If is everyone's birfhday, for in Nippon a baby is, counfed a year old on fhe day of birfh and on New Year's Day is considered a year older. Rafher unforfunafe for fhose born on December fhirfy-firsf! Neverfheless. if has ifs advanfages, because, since everyone celebrafes af fhe same fime and musf make formal greefings fo friends, no school is opened unfil fhe fhird week of January and even 'rhen no one is expecfed +o sfudy. The eafing of rice cakes and drinking of wine are fhe main feafures of New Year's Day as no one goes calling fhe firsf day. Thaf nighf, dreams of Mf. Fuji, of hawks, or of fhe egg planf are anficipafed as fhey are signs of good Iuck during fhe year. -Kiyoko Tsuboi JUST A THOUGHT IThe radio oufside her cubiclel I'm Iisfening fo fhe radio If's somefhing greaf and grand. I+'s' power, why if's filled wifh mysfery, Somefhing I can'+ undersfand. We hearfhe news of all fhe world, We hear wha+'s going on, Speeches, news and music Comes fo you and me From here, from fhere, from land, from skies From ships and over sea. And fhen if one pauses fo fhink While Iisfening from a cozy chair, We know if has faken years and invenfor's skill, And we know God's power is fhere. -Marie Ballard THE CUTTING WINDS The dull blades of fhe winfer winds I all buf do nof feel- I look fo spring and realize Thaf my wounds will heal. Ah, buf fhe winds of circumsfance Crueler weapons are: They, wifh fheir longer, sharper blades, Leave a deeper scar! -Fred Jacobson LOVE AT SEVENTEEN iEdiTor's NoTe: This essay was wriTTen, direcTed Toward The older generaTion in deTense oT The younger generaTion's Teelings by The besT auThoriTy on ThaT subiecT- a member oT The younger generaTion.l High school sTudenTs are apT To be mushy-disorderly-noT only in Their love aTTairs, buT also in Their sTudies and ouTside acTiviTies. Being a normal, ordinary high school sTudenT oT sevenTeen, l consider myselT, oT course, an auThoriTy on The subiecT oT The ThoughTs and Teelings oT normal, ordinary high school sTudenTs OT sevenTeen. The TirsT boy Triend, The TirsT girl Triend: whaT could be more exciTing'? We modern sevenTeen-year-olds agree--noThing could be more exciTing. There is an anTicipaTion abouT such an occasion which can never again be equaled. GraduaTion Trom high school, graduaTion Trom college, The TirsT iob, marriage-noThing will ever bring back quiTe ThaT adolescenT Teeling oT imporTance and compleTe and overwhelming happi- ness. Yes, we know ThaT iT is adolescenT, ThaT, in our own words, iT is silly. BuT who oT you older Tolks can Torgo The pleasure oT a racing game oT bridge, The exhilaraTion oT closing a Tinished book, The saTisTacTion oT a delicious, well-TrosTed cake? You don'T even aTTempT The impossible. These acTiviTies are parT oT you, parT oT your liTe. JusT so wiTh our inTeresT in persons oT The opposiTe sex. Consider The day when you were sevenTeen, when you TirsT believed yourselT Truly, deeply in love wiTh The one and only liTe maTe Tor you. Would you surrender ThaT ThoughT? Would you have each oT us lose iT? YeT, when each young man or woman begins To wander Trom The apron sTrings oT home, There is a squabble, a TighT on The parT oT home, Triends, and Teachers To keep The sevenTeen-year-old in ThaT sTage oT developmenT when his one ambiTion is To siT on The Top oT The world, lord oT all he surveys. AdmiTTed, Then, ThaT we are silly. WhaT could be more ridiculous Than kissing a girl in a hall during lunch period when The ThoughTs ThaT are supposed To be racing Through ThaT alerT young mind oughT To be abouT economics, maThemaTics, sociology, and oTher subiecTs which, I Tear, we shall Tind quiTe useless when we Try To make our own living? lAnd once I did see a boy lean over and kiss a girl under iusT such condiTions.l WhaT could be more wiThouT cause Than harrying The oTTice Torce wiTh demands To Tix your program so ThaT you can spend more valuable minuTes wiTh The loved ones? l-lowever, deny us noT These pleasures. We shall, we promise, grow up inTo The sorT oT people you wanT us To be. When you see a boy and a girl going Through The hall wiTh hands clasped as if liTe depended upon iT, crush ThaT impulse To snicker. Think oT The TuTure when Those Two young people will be grown man and woman. Bear wiTh us. Love aT sevenTeen will soon be love aT TwenTy, aT TorTy, perhaps aT sixTy. ATTer all, "Love makes The world go 'round"-even love aT sevenTeen.-Hazel Davis. DREAMS Une halT oT our lives is made up oT dreams, Dreams oT The TuTure. and dreams oT The pasT We live Tor Today, and sTrange Though iT seems Our visions and dreams remain To The lasT. ln my childhood days, l dreamed oT The Time When childhood was o'er, and l was a man, And The Things l would do, all in my prime. l s+ilI am dreaming iusT as l began. This brings To us a view oT Heaven ThaT lasTs To The end oT Time. THE IGNORANT PHILOSOPHER Truly, To ourselves we are inexplicable. Here we are, seniors, TasT becoming The older generaTion, and iT someone were To walk up To us and say, "WhaT are you going To do aTTer you graduaTe?" The greaTer number oT us would grin or giggle, replying wiThouT hesiTaTion ThaT we had noT The TainTesT idea. Whereupon The incumbenT older generaTion would smile condescend- ingly aT our childishness and opine ThaT we really were raTher young, ThaT we had plenTy oT Time in which To choose a vocaTion. And perhaps They are righT, AT any raTe, who am I To conTradicT my elders, and doubTless, superiors? lNleverTheIess, iT seems To me ThaT The FuTure is looming righT beTore us, noT To The righT, nor To The leTT, waiTing unTil we grow older To sTep inTo our paTh, buT righT beTore us now, and pondering over a decision should be our work oT The PresenT. For The FuTure will all Too soon become PresenT, ThaT PresenT The FuTure, and suddenly unobTrusiveIy, PasT will replace FuTure, and we shall begin To look backward insTead oT Torward, There musT be an inTiniTy beTween our will and our menTal or physical obedience To iT. VVe say To ourselves, "This musT be done righT away," and make no move To do iT. STopped aT The very onseT, we vainly rely upon ourselves To be inspired when The Time comes. As ineviTably as The hour oT doom comes To The condemned, so The day oT reckoning comes To usp and Then where is our miracle? Indeed, iT is noT. So we shrug our shoulders. and idly specuIaTe on doing iT Tomorrow, buT really have no inTenTion oT doing so. Will we, on The JudgmenT Day, be so ToTally unprepared? IT almosT seems logical. Therein is our ToundaTiong a careless, shiTTing, preposTerous, ineTTicienT base Tor a liTe. A LiTe-a small word ThaT is The obiecT oT a million unanswered quesTions-sTands Tor conscious exisTence, and yeT people go on blindly-making hideous misTakes, ruining Their TuTures, exisTing on impulses, ruled by emoTions, being Tailures-living uncon- sciously. i You say, "Ah, buT you aren'T sTicking To your sphere, in which you are a high school senior, a mere child, an individual, yes, buT one who laughs and cries harder Than we, your elders, laugh and cry. ,You personiTy youTh-exuberanT, reckless, happy-go-lucky, carefree--and we personiTy wise age: we are making The world go round while you are buT kicking up your heels in The cradle,oT your youTh." And I have no answer Tor ThaT, iT is noT in me To Tell whaT I Think and Teel abouT This world, buT sTill I have liTe: indeed, I am liTe, and ThereTore I consider myselT versed in life, which is myselT, and which I have a cerTain power To creaTe. IT is given To me The desire To creaTe a philosophy-3 To VolTaire and I-lugo and Rousseau, The power. I can only claim To be whaT my TiTle indicaTes. Today I am an ignoranT philosopher-Tomorrow-perhaps Tomorrowil shall cease To be ignoranT. You know-when I grow up-. --RuTh Vranson. Y ,:. I E' J la, ww' - fiv' N, 525-55 If ' '- Q: ffm- llli li' ,-r---pf-1. ' fans' I.-I mess' . ,aligns vwzfivws " NL 1 ' ' s 5 4,1 'o LIVING THE FUTURE When The Togs and misTs oT morning I-Iave Taded Trom ken: And The sun in glorious dawning, I-las brighTened all again: Then our hearTs are Tar more cheery AT The brighT'ning oT The day, And The soul so sad and weary Goes reioicing on iTs way. When hopes and TaiTh have deparTed And doubTs conTrol us here: Like sunshine To The broken hearTed Comes a helping hand To cheer. And The kindness we are given So Godlike and sublime, IT God observes The sparrow's Tall, And guides The wild-Towl's TlighTg When my soul has received iTs call, I'm sure I-Ie'II guide arighT. THE WILD-FOWL'S FLIGHT A Tlock oT geese Tlew by IasT nighT- Only God could direcT Their TlighT-- As To The SouTh Their wings were drumming Their leader called, "Come on, come on And The oThers answered, "Coming," In NorThern lands when TrosT and snow Begins To Tringe The lakes, The leader calls his Tlocks To go. Their way To The SouThIand Takes. Where balmy winds, and sunny skies And naTure smiles so Tairg Some guiding power divinely wise Iv1usT have senT Them There. MUSIC AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Chivalry, fhai word which brings fo mind huge cas+les. lovely ladies. and fighting knighfs. was fha iheme of +he January I926. Almanac. ediied by Frances McGilvra. This music inserf cafches fha characferisiic spirii of ihe issue. :: :: z: :z VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 'E'--1 Vf'n..g- 1AF.,,iwA -I , ,V my-XV... ., ,- , Sgt. '..,i.4f'.'L ,f-fgdkqgw 5: ' 5 .L U N Vw., .A,.a.,erw-.V ,. 'Q Vg 'I ,V sm., " . -4 .. .V , ..A,, 5 ,' - 0"-9?--91743 ., - ."V':"'e'9: A . .' . f . ' ' ' UA - ,.f . ,J ., . .M N . zvfv. ,. , '9 N'-s--. ' ,, , . , --:TV '1' x '. . ,- ' "JA . fa - 'A ., '. 7 .., lx? 1 4.4 .4 .sxxu Ai, ,,, . , P'-11. L- . Aw ., . ' ,N--guy. Q. N 2 K . u V AV .N 4, t. . z, . .. . - V . if 4 V- .- . .s 1 ...M ,rr . .- ' - a , . '. . . , -V.. N ,V , . .. V H 1 Q A H' H V5.2 X -. N.. 5 fv V - ll,-Q ,'.. -,,, v ' ' -'.. '-iw uf- 1 'ff . K . .5 . ,A 'AILA ' , .4 - ,, .,?- -.Wy I . . ,I hh " A Ah 3 ,'V. ' 4 M, 4' V.' qv-17 ' V V,--. , . 'z - ' V . .V , I l ...sf V .., ,.gf'.",.'4,..... ,x,, ,,-:.. s,NV lr 4 , - ,Vg-. 4 ik 1 , - - ,. 1' ,J rn s . :-Ave U , f - - y , 1 -Y A: , , kv-f ':wf-- ,..1jfM4. , Vvffw X '- ', ,.,-, , V1 'N . , ' .- . up 'SQ - - i 'Wah , N' ' V il .7 Q. .y.,,,a M A- ,..',.1.,..., 'I 4' lg F . ,Y ,ln , " 1 1,2 .. . .' Q..-L '.. ,. 'g 'Ami' 'x I ' ,Q-,Ml Nm- M I - -r.W-,,..- ,, 3 . . . V' , 5' 4. x -V. 11 . 1 ' - :QW ' .-:.,..,"f'vx" -L ""4'P ,-fV,t..k' , 7 'lr . A .iw V . . ,- .X , Q 4 ,VV V V- gn A . 1, tg' V4 . ,.-V , f 3 V V -4- , , V UW, .. ,.. 5 W. Ll 37.1 1.1. A 0 J .,., . N v . - -A ..v...- , . r A A 'F' .- ' ' , . V., - , , ""': V- - 7 A W vl ., ,.,x, , . f.x4 N. ..1,. aw 1 ' V -V . .-,5,.. " ' fn at I V - V -: A, rj .L.,. J: .. wx . if V ' W- ' - . vi " 1 ,4 .. . .- - mf, K, N-' . 'C ' -.-. .jj A . .. Ejhy W nw 1 . .- 1 A V" xl -4 - V..-vial: ' V '..1' ,W as "V - -A A' .J ' fs -- V V -- X I., 'f , -. , v- Y. -5 1-., VY. . ' 'flu s - ' l Q ' 1 .1x.V1.., ., Y :V1 ,I .. V ,' A ' "'- .f 4 1 1' .f -" .. H W .. ,UQ nu., , Q , ,..,.X.' 4 . 'S-',.kv.a.3 35' uf. .xql f . -, " ' X V A." . ,J,,- . ..V . N ,. . ,Q , - , ws-...rr ' 3' C"4V"z" , . ff ,. 4 7' . Q .W , .Vw YJ U 7 r- ., , I - - 4.-- w. Q .J H.: 1, , X 7 X, W 'sv me vi . - - V , vm. , .V --V. '.'.f. 1 ' ,Q , ". . - 1, ,l .A f AA., , Q. V . xr-. V.. V BM.. , ..i- V-, nf' fl.. .Y I . ' x . ,G .M - .J '-Q-' , ,.-.- , liar M. 5-'K 'bla' -V ,kv .fr , V V1 V1 -. W K Y f f .Q -1" vp , ,-1. f' klgf i f , " ll, xi J. 'T MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Walsh. head oT The music deparTmenT, sTaTes ThaT in general, The TalenT oT The music deparTmenT is somewhaT above The average. Several beauTiTul soprano voices show greaT promise and There have been more music engagemenTs ouTside oT school This Term Than Tor many years. The acTiviTies oT The chorus, a group oT voices selecTed Trom The advanced glees. have included The ChrisTmas assembly and a radio broadcasT Tor which They learned several beauTiTul new ChrisTmas Carols. They are now aT work on "MarTha," The lovely opera by FloTow, which is To be presenTed in February. Splendid progress in musical composiTion is being made in Mr. Walsh's Harmony class. Kiyoko Tsuboi, an advanced sTudenT oT harmony, has begun work on an oper- eTTa Tor grade school children, which she expecTs To compleTe beTore The end oT The Term. The music appreciaTion This Term well deserves The pride shown by Mr. Carl DenTon, insTrucTor oT The class. The success oT This class in Franklin has been insTrumenTal in Lincoln's asking Tor insTrucTion in This line. The class covers a very wide scope, deal- ing wiTh biographies oT composers, musical noTaTion and iTs developmenT, musical insTrumenTs, and some elemenTs oT The key Theory. For subiecTs which are oT inTeresT, buT noT especially oT imporTance, special reporTs are made up in The Torm of weekly programs. The personnel oT boTh The boys' and girls' quarTeTs are buT slighTly changed Trom lasT Term. The same boys' quarTeT, wiTh The excepTion of The new TirsT Tenor won TirsT place lasT year aT ForesT Grove. The same girls' quarTeT, wiTh The excepTion of The TirsT soprano, won second place in The same conTesT. y Among The mosT pleasing oT The accomplishmenTs oT The quarTeTs This year was a sacred concerT aT The MT. Tabor PresbyTerian Church and a concerT aT The ArleTa BapTisT Church given in connecTion wiTh The choir OT ThaT church. N BAND The band, wiih increased insirumenlalion and a membership This lerm numbering Tifly, is doing fine workgand winning increased popularily among Franklin sludenis. Wilh The addilion of new uniforms al The end of lasl Jrerm, new confidence was reslored in The band by bolh Frankliniies and band members. Mr. Leon Handzlik and Franklin Moore are The direclors. Personnel: Trombones: Henry Cram, Harry Geres, Kennelh Hillesland, Franklin Moore, Heroerl While. T Clarinelsz Arlhur Douglas, Carl Gravella, Duene Hari, Bob Hancock, Earl Nelson, William Sanford, Ralph Town, Margarei Wade, Tom Worlendyke. Saxophones: Ralph Bowen, Bob Camber, George Hansen, Harris Lyle, Calvin Pieren, Warren Speer. Horns: Roberl Deiz, James Dykslra, Helen Holland, Millon Luendahl, Gordon Ridgeway, Vernon Tilden. Drums: Dick Field, Clare Eshelby, Leo Frederick, Harry Johnson, Terrence Johnson. Trumpelsz Wayne Cambell, Max Collver, Norman Ellers, Bob James, George Lewellyn, Leslie Lynch, Collon Meek, Roberl Richier, Gay Rouas, Phil Scoll, Bob Slocum, Joseph Slorer. Flulesz Hazel Holland, David Livermore. Piccolo: Bob Dillon. ' Bell-Clare Eshelby. 1 Y' ' ,7Y'Y ' I ORCHESTRA ln addilion lo lheir excellenlly perlormed parl in lhe class play program, lhe orcheslra, under lhe able leadership ol Mr. Carl Denlon, is doing spdendid work lhis lerm. Wilh Franklin Moore, sludenl direclor, and Max Felde, as concerl-masler, lhe orcheslra lenl able assislance lo several assemblies. Some ol lhe members ol lhe orcheslra are also enrolled in lhe band. ' Personnel: Piano: Mary Lois Dillo, Evangeline Shellon. Firsl Violins: Roberl Cherney, Charles Collings, Max Felde, Leonard Pallerson Maxine McDonald, Kennelh Morris, Belly Noble, Denise Peyralans, Everell Slinson. Second Violins: Roberl Bochlke, Peggy l-lolmes, Belly Roorlc, Kerna Rowclille, Roberl Sloughlon, Maxine Taylor, Herman Wood. P Viola: Richard Bodding. Cornel: Roberl James, Roberl Richler. Trombone: Jerry Turner. Clarinel: Jack Phillips. Flule: David Livermore. MUSICAL MISHAP "lTlonesTly, Mr. Walsh, They're noT here. I can'T Tind Them anywhere. I've looked all over. WhaT're we gonna do?" "Oh, you're misTaken, Bob. Are you sure you've looked everywhere? ThaT you haven'T overlooked a single place? They musT be somewhere around." "I can'T Tind 'emg I swear iT. I've looked every possible place. Gee, you don'T suppose They could have goT losT, do you?" 'i'Are you sure They're noT mixed up wiTh The cosTumes Tor The TirsT or Third acTs?" Upon being inTormed ThaT The missing cosTumes were absoluTely noT mixed up wiTh The oThers, Mr. Walsh Telegraphed SeaTTle Trom where The cosTumes Tor The opereTTa, "The Piraffes oT Penziance," had been senT. The reTurn Telegram sTaTed The bare TacTs: "SenT wiTh TirsT-acT cosTumes." When he goT This answer, Mr. Walsh Turned To Bob and said, "Go down There and Tind Those cosTumes: They iusT have To be There!" AT 4:30 on The aTTernoon oT The TaTeTul day, The perTormers, all unaware, began To apply Their make-up, while Mr. Walsh and Bob were TranTically searching Tor second-acT cosTumes. lTiTTeen rninuTes beTore Time Tor The opereTTa To begin, Bob exciTedly exclaimed, "Gee, I haven'T Tound 'em yeT and The Thing sTarTs in TiTTeen minuTes. This is a mess!" By This Time Mr. Walsh had become Thoroughly exciTed and worried. He called up Mrs. Walsh and said, "I-loney, we haven'T Tound The second-acT cosTumes yeT. You've iusT goT To come down here and Tind Them: you've iusT goT To." The ever-sensible Mrs. Walsh, Thinking oT whaT The Two men had never even con! sidered, called up The express oTTice where The cosTumes had been delivered, and lo and behold, The sTray cosTumes were There, buT . . . noThing could be done abouT iT because iT was 8 o'clock in The evening. and The oTTice was closed. Meanwhile The casT had heard abouT The missing cosTumes and was nervously ques- Tioning Mr. Walsh abouT Them. "Don'T you worry," he replied, "Those cosTumes will be righT There on Those pegs when we need Them." When The expressman reTused To do anyThing To geT her The cosTumes, Mrs. Walsh phoned Mayor Baker and relaTed her Troubles To him. AcTion began. The mayor phoned The expressman who, in Turn, donned his haT and delivered The cosTumes. And wonder oT wonders, The casT did Tind Their cosTumes hanging "righT There on Those pegs," when They needed Them. A shorT Time aTTer The cosTumes had been delivered, Police ChieT Jenkins called Mrs. VV'alsh and inquired, "Did you geT your cosTumes?" When she replied in The aTTirmaTive, he concluded, "Well, iT you hadn'T, I was going To call ouT The naTional guard and have Them look Tor Them." This iusT goes To show ThaT iT Takes a woman To make Things really happen. FEATURES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Amelia May Schrack was fha ediior of lhe Egypiian issue of The Almanac ln January, I930. She seems to have caughl flue mystic. sinisler feeling of Egypf in her orange inseris. :: :: :: :- VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 5 r 1 DIARY OF AN OREGONIAN Monday-Raining hard-goT a pair of 'skis Tor birThday. Tuesday-STill raining. Wednesday-STill raining hard. Thursday-STill raining. Friday-STill raining - wenT paddling - won'T The rain ever sTop'? Admire The doughTy Ph. D. 'Who Teaches Doris hisTory. Personally I would haTe To be Turned loose wiTh Doris TrequenTly In The sixTeenTh cenTury. I -lv1.W.C5. "GeT The sTory oT This accidenT," said The ediTor To me. "When you wriTe iT up, re- member ThaT The shorTer The beTTer. Never use Two words where one will do." My copy--"Mr, Philip ParIorTrick sTruck a maTch To see iT There was any gas in The Tank. Age 55." Marian Kilpack: "May I help you wiTh ThaT boTTle of pickles?" A Jimmie I-lyland: "No wonder I couldn'T open iT. I ThoughT iT was a keTchup boTTle." BONERS BeTTy LeiTzel: l'm noT conceiTed. I don'T Think I'm haIT as cuTe as l really am. Biology STudenT: A cell is composed oT iron bars and a cemenT Tloor. Hazel Davis lmusinglyl: Did you ever won- der why The day breaks buT doesn'T Tall, and The nighT Talls buT doesn'T break? Clerk in Newbury's: "You can have any- Thing in here Tor a dime." Irving ScoTT: "I'lI Take ThaT liTTle blonde over There." A BOY'S ESSAY ON GEESE "A geese is a low, heavy-seT boid which is mosTly meaT and TeaThers. "The head siTs on one side and he siTs on The oTher. A geese can'T sing much on ac- counT oT dampness oT The moisTure. I-le ain'T goT no beTween-his-Toes and he's goT a liTTle balloon on his sTomach To keep Trom sinking. "Some gooses when They geTs big has curls on Their Tails and are ganders. Ganders don'T haTT To siT and haTch buT iusT eaT. and loaT, and swim. IT I was a geese, I'd raTher be a gander." y 5053 Qqfs 5 l ffom now, vw? I A-jef XX 7' PM v,.f-' F51 Jug? Ouf' CQ? og Fiona Than fun W 3.,..m.,-Kayak if-5- XMXMAX 4 2 asia . T, ix cr lgfjS,,IIMj G F-:f NV' E-f","aQ--F"l"0-MK' gd-ITX lin vafaeiy W2-E NA- f wI40x'I"5 Fu ' Sorfgtlli G I, I !x,,,fX wax. GOULIS EIIZI' viii ICU The QUCNKEYSI - I Er I gaze M i 3 All-sim' Q Red"I1ead SILLY SATIRICAL SLIPS We wonder how long Thelma ReTzlaTT is going To have our heroes dancing aTTend- ance on her. "VoTe Tor John CarTer Tor mayor!" This is whaT Johnny hopes will be said in The near TuTure. Maybe you'll be a good one aT ThaT. Mr. CarTer. The laTesT Teminine hearT-beaT seems To be Mr. AusTin Enna, son oT Professor Enna. Those who have kepT Their slaTes cleanesT aT Franklin are: Marcus Lineal Miles. Marian Isabelle Kilpack, Dale Harry Marr, Arbalee Roy Ager, Joy ldeana PrueTT, Leslie Clarence Lynch, and Byron ErnesT WrighT. ll-low could They help iT? The Misses AnTonini, D. Davis, RossiTer and l-luTchinson, mighT be able To give a clue as To where a cerTain box oT The DelTa BeTa Phi ChrisTmas candy disappeared. STay as sweeT as you are, girls! Then There is The boy whose names are Elmer Oscar. ls ThaT a handicap, we ask you? IT you ever enTer a hoTel and hear whaT seems To be a radio announcer gone wild, don'T worry because iT will probably be a bellhop paging Miss DoroThy Decima Felicia Barclay Davis in person. . The previous remarks were given as warning To TuTure mamas and papas who do noT wish To imperil Their children's TuTures. Miss Berniece SuTherman, Bee To her Triends. can be seen guiTe TrequenTly wearing "Handsome" ,Leavens sweaTer. This will bear looking inTo. Since The advenT oT Arba Ager's purple and gold iackeT. quiTe a Tew loyal Franklin- iTes have come TorTh wiTh "Maroon and Gray." Good Tellows! May we puT in a word here Tor our lasT TooTball Team? We admire you boys Tor having such good sporTsmanship in spiTe oT your many vicTories and hope ThaT you will carry This spiriT Through liTe. Ronnie l-lusk, receiver oT The News-Telegram TooTball award, is one oT The besT and gamesT oT The game. Three cheers Tor Ronnie. lWhoops, The saTire slippedl. Who will ever be able To Take The place oT ThaT energeTic young lady, BeTTy "Tarzan" LeiTzel. in The dean's oTTice? Poor Don Long jusT can'T seem To keep The weaker sex Trom claiming him as iTs husband! To whaT do you aTTribuTe your TaTal charm, Don-Spinach? The senior class leaves "Big ShoT" Bob Tarr To The Tender mercies oT The TaculTy and coming graduaTes. We iusT know he'll come ouT on Top. AgaTha "Fearless" RossiTer leaves our halls wiTh many a sigh oT relieT Trom The proTessors and proTessoreTTes. "SweeT AgaThomine." 74 Forlune Teller: "I warn you., I see a dark man abou'r To cross your 'pa+h." Agalrha Rossilerz "Be++er warn Jrhe dark man." Ealher Io his unemployed son--You sludied law and dropped il. Arl and Iireralure seem noi 'ro be in your line. You had a course in business college and you were a Iolal failure. I guess you'd be+'rer go inlo polilics. Ed Brandley: "And you gel an exlra pair of pan'rs wilh 'rhis sui+." Jimmy Kirkland: "Throw in an exlra coal and I'II 'rake II." Hazel Lennie: "I-Iow were your grades?" Anonymous: "No+hing 'ro be senl home about" Ed Brandleyz "Why didn'+ you Iell me you were going Jro make a Iorlune ou'r of Jrhai mine?" I Forry-niner: "I didn'+ know il was loaded." Mr. Walsh: "Did you gel your hair cur?" Gerlrude Elderidgez "No, I iusr washed ii and if shrank." We nominale for oblivion and olher places: professors who keep you overlime and +he same ones who bawl you our for being Iaie Io class. Employer: "You ask high wages for having no experience al all." ' Byron Wrighlz "BuI you see iI's so much harder work when you don'I' know anylhing aboui iI'." - Falher lar 2 a. m.I: "You needn'I have wail- ed up for us, John." John: "I know, Iaiher, bul someone has Io Ie+ Grandpa and Grandma in." AI Ho: "Does Charlie owe you any money?" Arba Ager: "No,' bui he wanls Io." Ed: "Nex+ To a beauliful girl, whal do you Ihink is The mosl inleresling Thing in 'rhe world?" Bob: "When I'm nexl Io a beauliful girl, I'm noi 'rhinking aboul anylhing eIse.n 75. 2 A PARTING THOUGHT 'Lives of greal men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, deparling, leave behind us Foolprinls on 'rhe sands of lime! Foolprinls, Thar perhaps anolher, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brolher, Seeing. shall lake hearl again. Lei us, Then, be up and doing, Wirh a hearl for any falel Siill achieving, slill pursuing, Learn lo labor and lo wail." -From Longlellow's "A Psalm of Life" AUTOGRAPHS My Pal Whaf He Thinks of Me 1' 9 QP j EL' M A JM, . 5 Q!,VM.K,f If I M ff , f Li , Q- ',.f . C9 'X Q if , ,-:Lx 2 LKJVQ 1 CQIJMJY , LfL 'fN A A A !1W fffggiiLi4?f6fii " 1 1' 77 N , ? X AUTOGRAPHS ' My Pal Wha+ She Thinks of Me - L ' ff ' . .feL- 6.f 1f'c -J Q1 ff- , b Qzfavk 1 . -- 0' ff--7'?'A f'f 'f rua- F' figfc'+f"": if -5 .www .mia f L il. Cf' ,A ff' ' ' 'I' 2 ,O Q! Ziff Ox f' -"' ?'J"1 Lf:-fr 1" it 1' f' jf" A . 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K. pf X, X j MN x,.4" UW 'U' 1 ip: fy 'V , F my sg 5 ,Mig I . ., -' ,4- I 1 , , . f ,.-f Y I 4 -.- J Tr ,-4 .6. . 4 'I ll"-7' M: 'E u ,,. o f gif' F if If 'X , 2 1 2 1 5 , ri 'jf N L ,gl A, i . N ofa , ,fix '56 iV57 2'E" ff"'! MANS I N I Ai : A T , ----.T--Vv,.111-en., YQ, vw 4 L. I , 1 L A, P ' 4 5 'fjfffi ,ff 5 q .V - V, rf-I.-' ' . ,Lf Q 5 H, gf' , W A N 1 If L-L! 1 . . Af!! ' ' 1' ' -' ' ' .'-"'4f'9 1,7 I! .' l , Tr fa 4 fffdf-1' 4 f , ,f x ipbxamwff . LU , 'Lai' yy f ' J' A L yv':Q'V'f.r' f ? I 6" I - 1 ., UV ' A i 1 ,fyzf Q I 517-f if ' ,K My A , 44 W 4, If- E,9 f ,,f,,g ,f f ', -I-4,425 AJ, A i V L I ,ff I J I, . A .1 , ,B . Q .f , A ,. A,,,.. W V 'X f bf , 5' - f'gf,.51f42 kv-W iv f . I, A X h 1 Lf . if, 2-Qc -f" ,tj R 'K X gi! ji N jf Z0 ' -N WM f ff? f ,A ' fy fi-"i'R A . if fy if F' ' I asf- A I ':1,5, -iff' SJ' af E. f 'f 1 4 Nxt - . N ' f ,f ' NfQ!fJ . A - - 'Mfg Bug' ' naqil N xx tif U o - Q27Wf 1 tv Q. ' .nf . i 3 - 4 '-4' X - A '- ...., I' .... 'iff :"Z':'!fiW P+' - .w- av lg 3 . .X ,V '. ...vmx W.. -f -v- ,4 ,f . -J ""1.'?-5 QI. NLE- fa .JW W5 .v lx, ' "'?"4"!1'... I ' "Hfg' hi . , Q! "wi A. K ko -g,.! , V . . , 1 . 4 r .+' W 4,2 5135! ' 13 at I I K ,. , 1 1 , I. 77' . 5 xv, f 1 ' f px QL W0 gd X, 4 X -1- AW' A Lhgiaj .' 5 ""gf.m.., A 4 K 4..- .-1m. ,, Q, , , .,, , -mn W L...-... , 2,nge,.,,Q ,1i.'1Lm.-.,.. V x ' 5: ,w U ' x J 3 , I "- V E, ,s . :Q .. qu. XZ . ,N iff V X . . + b Sy? Fif is X 'L 1 lf. A 1 , mi' , L 3 l X - 1 .Y I 1 If 9 l H. f 'nl 1' IF- 0.5 ak?-gn' ff -fa 5 ,A+ 1 ' a ff' -'By' ff my ,,A.w,' .L 'NH Q. bug,

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