Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA)

 - Class of 1946

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Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL CAQBONDALE PENNSYLVANIA E I 9 DEDICATICDN CLXPL HVSSLINJC Th yearbook S de-dreaded by The C1655 of I946 +0 We me nory of Carl Hes N ng WHO died Aprl 22 1945 and who qu 0+ sfeadfasf com age durmq monflws of wllnpss slwouid be an msn: rafmom 'ro al! of U TH PIONEER 46 in 1 .I Q Z wi. . f ' THE PIONEER I946 MWSS MARY B MrANDREW pew fe dev 0 Sc JC GRADUATES OF 1946 reach a whfch v,L a e rea rfhfl pas fwv ve we r rv hrs H Q 5, SU Mm FP r-n' 'wg f osr 1vmWvF- yfars N rsr rss rw mfr fa fs as ivff Umemrr 6 and mosv ff- Wesi Q v "wQO5'f1'ff Ufvf Thfv wc Wd L e 'W Q have a e 'P ww fv an fha? are Q PHL? E3 avely wlwafever fro DMS Conf Med yn Dot 5 r Q Lac Fra FE wa' r unso we Q P F We p 5 war Wd L. frvwpafcs H 765 ' m 4 cas? low years 'I f US uDf LS 35 6 POQP PF! P B4 'TTS VY ? F 9 Pcff YCLJ VWL15 PP f 'JV5 l. 9 G V a awp SL p brmq we" p wmfy foe! am CL fcvvff V n oihpg fa gc V V a E, aww: P rw endurmn mea ws? 1 fm Q ,Lf 4 'fgffap TP ppfe 'f e a D OL.V 459 CDUVT Q pl Sf C W, U U Sq 'Af r ,f Nt Hr WS Cf'g'a','1':ms jr . Urn We tw rd ' f'P1 1' 555' 'fo , f ,N p fi I' U ru'f'f'V,1S' f- ,T,ffr: ic ,W ? H ff's' my 1 ,Fwd ' pf ff ,d- ,. Dwi. H 3 , . ,e vw haw' 'ff-fi "vi, Jw 'iw c dilpvf Tgv Thii'1 Q U ' d Sf M F1 ,A 1 1 'wild ' We 4 MUN wav ' 1 Wa'Cw', A nw "war, if 'J' bmw leave the Cl3SSfv'f'fws IC' wan Sf AE .h, ,fi - -' 'etur 'fy pa" ' H H155 Uma 'har v. ldhf b My f fd. if 'He ':'73u3 d " gan. you X, f , E, rc ,u. H I We V353 "2 . TF. - a ij - ::r:b'-EMS 5 lx V d. The 5,51.sF:rw J of wo' f HM-Q E ' "WV: rw fafe A J." the '- f :Y ilHons Q Fovws 'Fe . . TPL 5.,','fA C' Pvverizi d,-pQw ,F N f p, V, bu? Es V Ped wZ'b the MMM, cf N' n HJ, We WU5' Egfr' 1: Hz, tx'jE'L'V9'1T 3 1-. 'f W H fe 5 Qflviilge TQ wr d -af Y 3 Uwe fmev .iu Ti' sie, ya, p ff ,MH U, YQ Pei ' 5 . ,751 and gp of A ' W. P 'cv new I' 'Ve a:'l7'7Qs if y ' ., Jifv. Jiif fi" .f 'Q i"1sr:f-2 '. . 5 J . f C, M 1 1,5 fc lame '-a":-2 e. " 2 e 51110 wir M M ' 5 5 ' ! ze. ffeip y ' V f. lV'1'if.fff ,CQ BCCCWEDNA' Vw is w:"V 'UQ in 'M - Us ": :"'h "ya . ,rwetklfq ?- 5 15" . 1' nf' -"iv-' 'f yin. Vx? 25 'Lf ciV",Ns Fam faith ff ,m. Ma, ,cw Im 'Q 5 H11 'V- ' nf- " 1' '1.f- 'dv ,pu 'idly THE P!ONEER I946 HARRY CGLEMAN FUR A JOB WELL DCDNE The r publish ng of lhe Pioneer by he Class of 946 rn rils lhe gralilude of pup ls and leachers annual lhus year surrnounled many ob lac es and posse sed greal perseverance Their eflorls have seen crowned wl ucce s l evfend lhe lhanlcs ol The lacully lo lhe ornmillee and +3 lhe Class for lhs qreal achievemenl 5 Principal e ' 5 ' ' l , e ' ' i . The commiflee lhal was assiqned lhe laslc of publishing an . F y S , I . 4 ,I L , . THE FACULTY 1' I i , , I I ' si -' E , , 2 K , W . Y 1 'W 4 1 Q il ga , , B ' P ". ,J :E ,',-Y Df1':f'?, THE FACULTY " 'E ,. If Fd xl r' N P K HU F-AF? ww ,M 6, 1' 4 Q V4 Q ga 2 J 2 Q ,. M ,' ..., ' A 9 x wx x X. wk 'L Af' 1 - Q- ,X TY' L - ,- .vw-: X' Ya- np.: f-Q. -A Av ,,. , , -.-Q , V-, XM-. UH-IGS UJI-IO 7 S Q 9 Q fax gf Y R X " H m N Ylgj J 5 1 Y nm.. E P ONEER I9 ANN ADAMS n us a e y serrous rn r rson vvrlh a de lqhllu onallly enroys bernq wllh Sieve hrbby s dancrnq wrshes fo become a house wnle In lhe lulu e BETTY JANE ADAMS The source of B J s energy has long been a rnyslery lo us e IS unlense mlerc-sled sporfs member ol lhe Spanush Club Wanls lo be a nurse or a medrcal secrefary LEON ALLEN Leon us a qurel and reserved la whose specral lo e s a planes always ready lo en fer mio class acluvrhes crable and lrkeable PAUL AMOS Amos was lhe llrsl veteran lo relurn lo CHS lo Conhnuc hs sludues we lrked be cause ol hs eady smrle an rlenclly manner w all ad re and resp at rrr 'Q' w..f'N T IO ANGELA ANDIDORA A me us a qulel lass who s very seruous aboul her work falces lrfe as 1+ comes loys slcalung s quule decsdecl aboul her lulure MARY ANN ARCURI Mary Ann us an aehve and a pre fy qrrl She has a Chee y he lo for everyone En oys ealunq hopes fo become a Tennrs Champ rs a mern ber of lhe Cornmercual Club ROBERT AVERY Bob one of our more qure+ members has made a b rlluanl 5Cl'olaSlxC reCOrd aclrve IH many oufslde achvuhes mem ber of lhe French Club plans lo becorne a corporallon law year Good Luclr' BERNICE BAKER Berney s a very lalen ed member ol lhe class of 46 n ed fo her arhslnc a r and her wrllmqness lo cooper ale Member of lhe Spanish Club ed for of lhe year als possesses a peas :ng personalrty E PIONEER I946 NAN BAKER Nans v y sian rw her appraran n wr ss nas 3 3 , ne lor every n Hard rler 'i v y 0 s sludenl JOHN BALDINO We will remvmbpr Baldy or hns excellvnl qw ar p aym and his maflwemahfal rmus 1 yreef lease and mfffrtzlner rfewber of flu: Spzmslw Club 'mes ar wr ru Bu as prfwnl HELEN BANKO Helen o P P lanes' rw f e ermr Ca as 0 w rw lwr in a very ready smwle Wcl lilo by all md an uhm FTIWU P PUT T G U ROSE MARIE BARRESE se Ma r 5 e mags C u T A :J 5 rf ner M1 ww ess Af Q mm, 'Z' x NN MARJORIE BARNES 1 5 lv! sm ass r g rcxfsrd Pm y mum Hors biclf W H 3 f- fm v WALTER BARTHOLO MAY Wlndy IS ww of ll1e mom Ura onus boys r fur class O r yo-Hrs r 1 1 cs 1 rf Su u1'm ns JANICE BATTLE :LO lS fvm , fx l IF F r one vm KS FF gn ROMONA BELLES C H ' 11, as E I 9 JANET BLICKENS me? Io f D IQ fa hurm n 3 rahiy RUSSELL BONACCI ss ns EI wrfund fo an aways c o era Ive worl aah r-Ie lnkos J al and Inq Hrs am cn b FREDA BOOTH Freddue possesses the sweef sf srmIes Iha+ we have ever se n Her r s drawunc she Iha+ me nqoys horsebau rudwno a anurnaIs u 0 d I e MARY LOUISE BRENNAN ry Lou is cne oy o - tiring friends. She Ioves Io act and also fo borrow +hinqs. I-Ief hobby ig ir'I?a'I'g and engcgys dandnq, She hoses To become a yea? adress. :Ha 13.7 I 2 MERRIE BROWNELL 0 II Q Fr ppIesI p n Ir 3 s She and Q CFI I 2 od In f I U rue LOUISE BURGIO A qay compannon wufh :rf ure a a rea smne are Louuse s conmbufnons our valued I ss She Jays ready Io lend a helpunq hand RUTH BURKE I bash U an q :ei She IS weII lnlred by r m ny Irnends She ha nf vealed Io us her hopes for fhe hnure buf we are cerfann she Ihnd happmess JEAN CADORA Jear' is very Iiny and is very quiet and never Infe ers w'I anyones affairs. We are hop- ing we WUI a'ways have your friendship aI! +hrough Ihe years 'o come. E PIONEER I9 46 HAZEL CAMPBELL If ff an f f- c f IH r M11 has V VIVIAN CAREY ly s POISF' an PVTTPFI fm 9 Iwer 0 Io mom uIur qurs rw I e rIaSS 0 rw ICIIVO 'nerr nr 0 Q um Iv Cx u 1 Ilyn EVELYN CERRA P yn r and w arrfu ramre V05 I xy I1 If VT f MARY JEAN CERRA SP CJD Cl 53 I J Wh "5 I 3 MIP MARIE CERRA 'me 4 an 1 Q05 VJ "N ffIw BETTE CHAPMAN a 5 u sen e I humor SIIG MIQS wharpver S IU ICI y IYIIIUIIPI w Im? how 1 'wr JEANNE CHELLINO Everyomb Icnows If unnp and Ivor rmnd Mary Arm Where you nd ow you see O w en ph ra y and Is'vv 5 G n w way o a Iwapoy an ospe aus Iufqr ROSE CIAMBRONE CS WV' aourg V' E I 9 IMMACULATE CINO rnwcn 3+ II"'7I V 1 3 2' I' PEGGY CLARK Pe qy 5 a very enerqefr ass e Iva made rnun frm-nds durnnq her school years W0 feel sum slve WII su nnd whaIever professron sho ch oses FRANK CLEARY nk rn 1 we wr n anrplanes an one of he srar puprls IH aeronalfwcs eg Io raw an y around sp rfsnnan In s 0 ns I e me PS F Lurk and Surcess' MARY COLEMAN The guds wrfh flwe prerry eyes an Qoiden locks IS Mary A qreaf basIceIbaI Ian and dar Cer Her hobby rs wruu ne An Icenf s n a Cher 'co ID' my has I A NAN COLEMAN n a ways s'nrI n J .uys Q pa sh I d do ard DF n n+I'vQyQ1r JOHN COLLINS o nny w s vo1ed our Imndsornesf semor boy n wI ou rn :nr us qu: HP s ys I of as n r Ihrf IL. ur JAM ES COSGROVE R S r' nfor Inns Iarrw he r and Inns yearn o p III ca' of: es Cass sccrrfary pc,puIar wdh ew y nnr berausp of has qood sp fs manshnp and occenhur d s VIRGINIA CRANE Vfrquma ns co capfaun of our cheernnq squad and has qulre e s aw I ng and ra+es q wth Q mc are Q THE PIONEER I946 ANGELA CRISALLI Anque w II be rememb red r r o na u an smulrnq blaclr eyes rnern ber of Spar-rsh Club affer qradualron she plans Io come a nurse we now I al she has wha? rl ralces lo sur: ceed JANE CUMMINGS ne rs ery ral a sum well Ir b e spends mos? of her lersure lime rn McCawleys drrnlunq colces I-ler hrqhesl arnbuhon IS 'lo be a success MARCENA DANOUE AI hmes Marcena rs cheerful and happy Then aqarn he ap pears Ihouqhlful and quref wllh a dlslanf loolc rn has eye Success s ound fo crown your efforls Marcena PAUL DAVEY u rr an Ixlced Dy fery rnernb r CI I e class r-le axes a wreaf rn rE3SI w Inj enflons are fo become a greaf bow er Success and a Ile ful cl happmess Paul I 5 WILLIAM DAVIES Durrnq Brllys four years af B F H S he has qarned many n s I-In humor wl an appy go luclry dnsposrhon are fo be envied CARMELLA DE FAZIO Carmella wrll always be membered by all of her fruencls as a very brrlluanl sludenl and a swell person no under Ialrlnq IS foo bnq for her Io do Iols of Luclrl MARIE DE FAZIO Mane rs one sludenl wh worlced hard during her Senior year Along wrlh her regular school worlc she sludued beauly c ure IH the evenrnq In e lulure she would lrlce lo own a hop ol her own and be aus of fhe abulrfy she has s own u nq fhus year we lcnow h wrl succeed PALMA DE FAZIO ma I5 In nds Io her frrenclly dlspo srlon her happy srml and e lr wo ds whch h alway has for you Loads of happr ness and su cess Palma E ONEER I9 PETER DENECEVICH Denny enyoys lxnu any Ihrnq lhal as mecharrcal hobbies are swummmc a d rsh In especlally addwcled I musuc soff rnusuc hasnf made any plans for lhe lulure HELEN DEVITT Helen s sweel smrle and davx ecl haur have long been envied all The IF lnlensely mleresled rn sporls and an ac hve worlrer nn all achvn me plans Io become a nurse JOSEPH DORSAY Joe wull long be renowned has love or carrolg a baxmq was vofed Ihe besl porl In Ihe Sensor Class probably has possessed more female admirers Than any ofhcr sensor bov ALBERTA DOWD We will remember Alberfa lo her polnhcal alhfude which she showed af 'rvmes In dlscus slons her personalrfy and her school record a e +he fsnel Besf of Luclr' Q97 is I6 CATHERINE DOYLE Cafhy IS cxcod nalu ed and happy go luclry possesses an uncanny abulufy lc en y herself wherever she goes member of Ihe Spamsh Club plans Io become a secre fary Have you the bcsss lap nn mind Calhy7 FREDERICK DUNLAP Sfevne 2 was a co capfaun of our 'loofball lean' Ieresled In all sporls and ex cells In lhem possesses our Favornle crew cul loves O eaf :ce cream and onnons wanls +0 be a loolball coach ID 'rhe 'fulure GLORIA EALO Glcrna s a drum malorclle shorl and cule wufh dan clnq eyes plans fo become a nurse We wush her lois of luclr In Ihe lufure LOIS EDWARDS Blondue rg one of our spec nal pals possesses posse and wnnnznq personalIIy e voled Bob and Lows our favor :Ie couple member I French Club very acflve In class achvmes E PIONEER I946 GORDON EMMETT Gcrdy Emmel' can? decide Wl'1o's his eerldln C99 BUT always Ser-Jrrs 90 dale W en lms days lr I5 V1 MERTON EVANS Mer? en oys speedmq aloni lr- any lrnnd of car obraunaole mferesled IH clvernlsfry and plmloqraplny plans lo sludy Clverneslry rn ll'1e lulu ROSE ANN FALBO Never ance lwafe we seen r 1 four me mood Slwe as one ol llwe ew who can always fake a qolre and never 'alre offense Tlwafs flue w we lnlre nl Rose' ROSEMARY FALBO srvnary rs ann Q a' c ass yeryone rlwcu ll s e nly ass vn US Ll' O wwll 3 we S n S lucx a cl b s e T174 -4:7 I 7 JOE FARRELL Joe is one of many veierans who have refurnecl lc C.l-LS. 'lo finish his educafion. He is a generous sorl of fellow who enlcys a pracfical lolce and falres par? in all The Fur fha? n e 0 ed a Heres sucfess fo yru Wl"ldtCVCf you clan lo d JULE FARRELL Jule as one ol us wlm always S ready wllw a srn e Iwo us lreeplnq a scrap bool: xoys swrmrnlng and lwavlnq lun Slwe plans +0 be a nursc ROSE MARY FESTA Rose Mary has a mf ru ure VOl fs' qu V' dlQI'1 poise of ma rw whmh lf ees an as surawce Slrve IS a sympar elle and undersfa cling fzend AGNES FINLON l me arnb "W 'nosl' f 0 sclwolas wle 1 a Q nf Q lwer su cess MARGARET FOFI ur rl FH lo xr-cw O V1 r y fu sn pshols s her paslvhe v cahon s undccu w aleve x y S MARION FOX Marr a uve sweel dwsposlluon and loendlv mwe ave wen man frnends Good luclc BETTE FRANCE BeT+e lmndness smcern cnesfy re c me 'Malls ol characler Sh s bound fo succeed ln llle Lols of luclnl JEAN FRYER an s ove da mg a she devotes much of her spare e lc l Her desnre come an av alrux us unusual u w ave cerfaun s e ws succecd n vv J ese may a++ernp+ CECILIA GAFFNEY Cl C OU CV as c cassrnales l-l r sm p e lov d he ws always qlad lo e Mend an any way Success to you always Cecx ua PATRONTLLA GARCIA Dar eyed Pal vs a per ec Moms? proved by he ress her dusfry n h wellchoscn presudenf of fhc anush Club s e ove ance and 4' sfudy nurslnq aflef Gfadualuon VILMA GEORGETTI Vnlma may be a qulef ass buf she has 3 dommahnq er sonaln+y +ha+ has won her many trends one of our hardesf wor rs we n W lhal she fund success n +he lu u MARY GILHOOL Mary us qu el and casual e fraend we Ill always remem bef She colecls pnclures and engoys Ice slcahng and lallunq H ambdon s lc e secfefary cr a sfenographer buf we lm w she wnll succeed sh o E NERI9 HELEN GILL Helen as a good nafur d Q r She collecls posl cardg a d s dancunq ard swvn A very qood rypusf I I r s a d besf h s Drosper us life JOE GILROY We wnll never forqef Joes smoofh busnnesslulce manner In Ss Of clowrnnq B Sleve I IS especially fond of dahnq qnrls and ea :ng sun daes wanls 'ro sludy law CLAIRE GRAZIANO a re s one ho s a,s on Ihe qo donnq errands and a few ofher Things She as of fhe rnosl arnblflou sludenl we! ow Slay Thal way Cla BETTY HATALOVICH FI, rr CW Y I T' ' - ely 3 U r n. , a ities 'c e posxs es. I h frequent vs" ,5 WI es-Barre, e won er r ' main aflrazhe com . z V I9 JEAN HAZEN an has a very sw e and a mce personalnfy She as I nd o an IS away e n cded She IS espef ally p lar wnfh a 'lellow by the name C u Lols o u JACQUELINE HAYNES Jaclue quuel and pleasanl e ua: nes o Good nurse fha? she hopes I0 LOUISE HINDS Loulse usa hard worlunq qlrl an she wall succeed ID w a ver she underlalres Fond ol ea Inq and a lover of rnuss T you Lounse we wsh a I e lull of happnness JAMES HOLLERAN James 'S one of Ihe wo. In'l o' o Cass, ' sc ,ol an ou si e. 1 school hours and on Safurday 'rnrny may be I-wc-Ted in c- aw ey's dishinq o f ser aes. e 5 o L C . E ONEER I9 ALICE HORAN Alrce S fhe lund of qrrl we d I fo have or a lrrend n bonslerous nor qunef She s al w 5 eady wulh a srnrle o cheer you on your way May ul le d her lo a brrqhl palhway n her lrfe lo come VERA HORDESKY A qay and charmrnq gurl Vera wrfh personalrly plus A hard worlrer and lrusl worlhy frrend Lukes qood rnusuc A member ol lhe Commercial Cub ALEX HOYLE O Reliable IS a lad whu as always gay and happy and a frrend lo all Baslcelball and baseball have been lhe sporls rn whrch he has qauned hls suc ce s Lois ol luclc lo you Ale DOROTHY HU NT Dofhe brown harrecl and pe? :fe wrrh a very lrlcable person alrfy as one of lhe more care ful members of our class We know she wall male The besf of what lrfe has To offer 'fs' 19" Www 20 MARILYN HUNTER Here as a lass wrlh a pleasa dlsposrhon a d a way fhal us l s A True lrrend and a lavome of lhe Senxor ass SJccess Marilyn HELEN INCH Helen holds qreal pride her amazrnq collechon of srlver bracelels Frnendluness and per serverance are +wo of her ou? ran rnq qualxhes whuch wll and her an allaununq success th meld ognursrnqr 5 MERCEDES INGOLDSBY To rnosl people Mercedes rs Yhe quuef lype buf we lcnow beller She us really one of the JOVIAL 'nemberg of our cla s Her vouce can always be heard mlxed vsrh The merrwmenr of a crowd JEAN JACK an s an afhlehc sorf person who lceeps an rrrm by olaynng baslcefball Shows her fondness for fhe Navy Her o y co echng nc Naclcs May she reach The foal of success for whsch sn as deshned 11 SARAH JACOBINA Sarah rs an mdusrrrous W Q we knOW Will be f'llSS V f ully Enroys ,lr qrnq fo Hal Mclnlyres 'wus A qreal lypusl a d fnemb r the Commercial Club MORGAN JENKINS Moroan s easy qomq manner lwas made lum a lavorrfe wat hrs Cass qurel and con servalrve ony arnblon 5 To become 3 prunler ALZINA JONES Azrnas sense ol humor ns q y developed Slwe 5 ways ready 'ro hear a grand e and e e re u a Al I ccnlrnue o rw roy and lwapprness IS our parl nq wlslw JOSEPHINE JULIANO Joe loves lo fall: andf . . . rs one of .lwe rrfosl che-- lul comp nions ol vlw. C s , . .nlo s playirvq ca os and an- Q .l-le y' auf '5- 'e-d. CECELIA KEEFE o flue e se ved qrrs of flue class e noys chewing qurn dancmo ar' Blly Her arnbfron rs lo become a prwafe secrefary 'ro sl on her boss nee flernber ol lhe Commercnal C ub ROLAND KILKER o re lanlcy an sleepy always spoulrng corny lolces crazy aboul N vy wlwrcl-4 he wx 'nalre has lulure ROBERT KOCH Bob rs an accofnplrslwed nu czrcran as onrshes s all wxlh lws blaclc maqlc e sporfs and gurls an llle u e w go n llwe Marr Cor ALDINA KRICHBAUM Aldina Darlidpales whole- arfedly 'n all ,lass and ou - S' e adiifles , . . noled lor er in eclbus lauq ...wishes To become a nu se 'n flue l - fare. E N RI9 RUTH LARKIN R ns an ernlner' c rner fu n eneroeluc and humorous own pleasanf drsposuhon plres Io a secrefarlal pesmcn BETTE LEWIS Lveryone knows Belle' Dur I ye sh qamed many lrends and w have been qlacl Io call her ou classmafe We wash her .JIFGBY success SHIRLEY LIPTON Dnrnples s deservnnq of her nrckname Lufe musf meef wulh hel' approval as she IS always smllnnq She has Ihree grea? pleasures drawlnq horseback rndmq and pholoqraphy Al ways wullunq Io lend a hand Io all who de are her elp BETTY LLOYD LIZ Belly conducls herself nof wnrh selfassurance bu? wnlh quuel confndence I-ler hobbies are dancunq reading and :ce Inq H r ah r' ye? u declded 22 ARNOLD LOFTUS OC 9 HI clown a smoolhy when comes fo dancrnq oves rnuslc and lhorouqhly enloys 'Ile In every respecf JOE LIUZZO One of Ihe nealesl and nuc es? fellows of our class lakes Io explann lhe unknown ves Io an sfare an o space H5 arnbuhon as Io be successful MARGUERITE MACKRELL A very lovely Q l wllh ressnve eyes us Dele e has a swell personallry and as lnked by everyone We wnsh you success and happnness In your fufure years EILEEN MANGAN Keeps Io herself and never nnfer ers wllh anyones per sona bussness She IS one of fhe mos? nndependenl gurls ol our semor class Hopes Io lv ypo d a wash uc T H P l O E E 4 6 Ulll ' I ' -r Cm' ' ' D " I5 our fall sl se 'or cialsde?,.. 1' , if , , . kn ' for her ' , . , l . .. t A ' as- , . l ing her our ars e has , , , ' I, e ' ' ' . . . inreresled in sporls . . . . ' ' ' lo si? d ' I E I I . . . ' A ' I lr ' ex- M 4 ' p ' ' " Sh s' lv . l . f . , Q A l - I . U . . l , . - , I e skaf' . e voc Aol Is, as a 'I 'sf an we ll ' her VI A - I k. E I 9 ROBERT MARR o y ss a promm rwl I player m Ih C H S a and a local orchesfra w voled ham our mosl Ial me sensor boy Ihe rw C ST ormples p hs Io use hrs lalenf profes uonally ANN MARIE McANDREW el' laclc hair and a sweel personalufy are her oulsfand mg characlernsllcs member O Ih Spamsh Club her pans r he ure e o b r-urse WILLIAM McCANN Ih up an omm business man ol our class rsh w de qhfs us somewhere earned rho fr l I Mayor lreasurer of lhe sensor class JOSEPH McDONALD Moose s rwoleo lor h s Cul slam ng alhlelrc ab l ly rw baslcelball foefball and bas a world We are S :ily ng ws q Q humor and lane persenalury WI be a areal help Iowa d u'r1lI mg hs deslre Io become C a h or a wmmng Ieam W 1 an-my 1""T 23 X-mm. 'Q' ANN McDONOUGH rw ns rw o Ie swee I rv rrvbc s of our cess er dan mq ey s always seem I reveal h lnn1 Her am I hon s Io b come a sec e ary Member ol Commercual Clab JOSEPH McGRAW ce The presldenl' of lhe seruor class IS a good nalured fellow has a way of malrmq oihe s worlc for hxm and enloy hobbles are loalmq and havuhq a qood fume would C llnly vrvalce a qreal e a cor HELEN MALINOWSKI I-lelen possesses lhe lovable Combma non of beau'y an qusel pon e wears h r aar nr- dfOWII'11 o her lu ure w proba revc around lemographlc wok JOHN MILEWSKI UTI uv-1 d m mol: ed because of h s s ved V3 u IS alm s 1 lhrouwh sch ol succ ss? ll ller Ihar who lcr1owS7 E ONEER I JOE MOLINARO 9 P for wn as Sfelnr r ssrna es a a som and arnbmous lad es o n an Dare fume wslwes fo e a draffsrnan rn f e ure JOE MOORE Joe 5 friends C6lll'1Il'l'1 Sam perpefually cool and col lecfed lne has made many frrends enroys baslcefball and foofball hobby 15 slefp nn lwasnf made up lus fnrnd as fo flwe fufure ANNE MORAN Ju I5 IS well lrlced b every one srmply because slne rs corn plefely unaffecfed and sincere enroys baslcefball nof only as a specfafor buf as a player oo capfaun of our Cheer leaornq squad desfrnafuon unknown MAFALDA MORGANTINI Mafalcla IS complefely and delrglwffully fennunrne cels an all of' ber underfalnnqs Her plans for fhe fufure are fo nurse Off NN 24 MARY MOYLAN lfn W l' W l sweef dasposufron and person a :fy would be czomoefr fron for any cornedlan hobby as roller Slrafrnq loys baslcefball hopes fo enfer flue nursrnq profession MILDRED MULLANY A cufe lrffle lass wrflw a mafrng gmrle lulces Gene and defecfuve sfornes lnopes fo seffle down rn Jermyn member of flue Commercral Cub wanfs o become a housewife nn flue fufure JOE MURRAY J P rs flne only gunsmrflm rn our class lnobbreg are rol ler slcaflng lwunflnq and lwnlcrnq weflwlnlc fl1afl1elavors'rl1e ladres foo plans fo be me wyer an Man RITA MUSSARI Rnfa durmq lwer Semor year has probably pounded flwe fypewrlrer more fnan any oflner sfucenf Slwe was clwosen fl'1 Buqqesf Flurf of our class We know flmaf success and lnappr ness will crown lwer efforfs E I 9 TOMMY MYERS 'wwf I I" Iw MI a ff W CVURJ 'HECS C I. f" v PHYLLIS NEARY f rover srm n pwssossos a ova y Ifw voxfn W I1 has I fed Us assm ws a "YOUNG VFFWT DFW I flnqg r of Ilwc Smawslw CIub H r Ores? In Iv r W rn her In surges JEAN NEPA Jem y and he wax us Iau bard Io Qsnsf Qswdv he cwmer ri U r IIendIy 'manner and IIN JI I fu ress have 'made Ivor a av WIIIW 2 MARY NESTICO A r w DS fi JLAGN 5 4-My is 4 4' lj? Aff W' fn 'Z ' 4 477' MARY NEWCOMB If FRANK OLIVER! Dr wmv Vasc fm 25 X as I1 mo ICI' JH LAWRENCE OLSEWSKI awrn IDFICIS S -inning. wwf, rv O' r S CLJWU V S MARY PANATTONI E ONEER I9 TH ERESA PASTORE resa ssess r us nalure an a s ca s osrlrc She rs umversa v cl Ccrwbrned wlllw a Qlfll r una rrends ll as requlslles necessary lreeolnq llwern CLARABELLE PEDUTO arabclle as a lrue fruen Her pep rs boundless and her sense ol cg rnradeslwp and loy an b gudqed by number of her friends ANTHONY PERRI rnaclcy goes nr' lor sporls Q rs n a IQ w baseball he slnnes He plans l beco'nc a conlraclcr and er a mlllona good u Srnaclry SALLY PERRY y lust rolls lwer eyes a l Come runnrn Her e of n Q nz: ma a e ano llreable lo s ces n he y ars lo co 26 ADAM PETCAVAGE A arn lov s lo beclrle be ully H specralu 5 lrcs and beaulrhl women rnosfly women Sol des re I5 in be weallby The wealilwy Slee lale d nl they Adar'n7 JUNE PLATZER ne s lrnown 'fo a c as a llrrf a bundle nl pep and enercy loo Her hobby as rnusrc and dancing and lwer lwuqbesl a llncn IS lo be Mrs Terry Briggs Vrce Presndenl ol porn rnerclal Club PEGGY POPE Peqoy adds he share lo ilre .ralel and dlsluncllon of flu class of I946 whenever slwe usnl busy being a qood sfuclent a sccrely ednior slne ns wll Inq and ready lo help anyone rr need Besl of Luck Poqqy HELEN PREMOCK Helen IS damfy lovely and fermnlne Her genfle rnanne and lund sm: e has won fo l-r ny lflends Fl wslmng Helen lhe qree es? happuness an the lufure years E ONEER I9 VERA PUGH When fhe bugle blows brughf and early we know Vera ns on The rob She enloys good musnc and baskefball Success To you rn The musnc held RITA RINALDI RADAR Radar IS never wrfhouf a smnle Her hobby ns reading nd she loves fo go walksng and dancing Seems to pr fer Danchaks 'ro any ofh r ga+h ernng places and us a member of lhe Commercnal Club BETTE ROBINSON e eg moffo s Never rrouble frouble fll frouble froubles you Ksndness an good sporfsmanshnp are a parf of her wnnnmg personalnfy JOAN ROBINSON or four years als e kno n r many frnends has worked and laugh ed her way Through C H S Info fhe hearfs of all 27 LOIS ROBINSON A very near lass lrlled wdh rrpplrng lauqhrer Those w o know her besr fund an under sfandung and unsellnsh fruend capable presudenl f he French Club plan for fhe fu +ure rs fo sfudy nursrnq PAUL ROTKO Buddy IS greatly nnreresred nn sporls and Through fhns Yeresl became sfudenf mann ger of ou baske+ball lean l-le en oys many oufdoor achfnh s such as swnmmanq hunhng and skafung We prophesrze a brll Iran? fulure for hum as a slate policeman FLOYD RUDE Floyd us one of the qunefesr s un our cass when wanfs fo be We hardly hear a word from hum buf we mow Thar he wnll succeed nn whar ever he plans fo do an the fu ure sf of Luc fo ou Floyd MARIE RUSHEN Blondne a rnovreland fan and a baskefball enrhusnasf as sure 'ro secure an off ce 'ob en sl'e 'turns on +ha+ sm le Wrrh r abnluiy and h r une er sona fy we know sh ceed E ONEER I VELMA RUSSELL Velma ug a gurl who has very 1 e o a Her hob xs swnmmuno Lakes baske ball and rsdlng Her arnbuhon ns To be a secreTary BETTY SANDERSON A good comrade wnThouT preTense blessed wnTh common sense and Tun Th s ns Sandy known To all for he Tun and prachcal lokes buT one ThaT we can depend upon ELAINE SHUSTER me s peT1Te and Turn: yeT one can always be aT ea 0 n ler company Once yol have made her icquasnllance U l'T1V9 6 C flpn CARMEN SlERRA Carmen ns a very quleT grrl of The senior class She always Tnnds Tame for sTudysnq as well as Tor Tun We know ThaT nc rnaTTer whaT she mTends To do ure ears a success BesT ol Lurk To y u CBLFTIQU 28 DELORES SlKORSKI Loss was one oT our ou sTandunq cheerleaders whose vlTalnTy and qracvousness have made her many Trnends loys sewunq will sTudy den Tsshy an The TuTure FRED SLICK Moe was The co capTam of our TooTball squad Thus year Tall blonde and rugged unTeresTed nn sporTs an which he excels lakes music The TuTure wanTs To drive a Bulck MARY ESTHER SPEDDING Mary EsTher was well blessed wT lnles :TTS a lovely face a wonderful personaluTy an above average nnTelh qence was voTed our besT looking gurl secreTary o The French Club member of The Spamsh Club We know a h Treasure Tor her ENIS STAFFARONI Good naTured and loves TO Tease Enls has an mnspnrnnq am blTnon To do someTh1nq worThwhule Her personalny has Tnrrnly placed her an The hearfs us E NEER I9 SHIRLEY TAYLOR Shlrey rs a pooular sensor gurl whose nealness and con Iaqrous laughter have endeared her to U5 all Vofed our rnosf sophnshcafed qnrl plans Io be come a college qurl afler qrad uallon ALICE TELEP Blondue came Io us from Greenfield and lrnmedualely became one of our besf loved She lnlceg fo receive rranl Ice slcafe bowl and malce new friends We hope 'rhal Ihe fu I e wll rrnq er a beauy of her own IU tlarl where she hopes 'G I J LENA TOCHELLI Lena rs always ready for lun and seems Io be complefely happy al all Ilmes Success lo you Lena an Th fmure years LENA TOLERICO Lena ns always ready for hm Her hobby phefoqraphy E loys dan-:Inq ard hlrmq He am mon s Yo be a Ienoora pher. frlmber of Cornrnc-racial Cub. 29 MARY TOLERICO One loolc and one mee-lang rnalres an nnfroduchon fo her a pleasure A good spealcer easy fo Tall' To and pleasant fo be Wll ROBERT TRAC-JO Shorly ma nol be our Iallesf bul he ns lrnown all over 'rhe school for be ng such a cu? up loves fo hun? and as ln Ihe fulure he washes Io become nofhunq less than a rnrllnonolre HOWARD TUNISON mo owne mclrname Hrs hobby as hshlng In fad he once wrofe an essay on Ihal' sublecf decided Iha he would gave up hs II erary career Io become a mall zonalre lllces I e cream GENEVIEVE VALITSKY The sonqb rd of The Sensor Class and one of our mos? con mal ruends he I a quenf vnsufor fo Mayfeuld. Her favorite band is Frankie Carle. To you Jenny, we wish The besl Ihar life may have lo offer. E NEER I BETH VANHORN l ll ln W r ex es rn alhle rcs res :lenl of Teen Town rnefnber of annsh Club w ll alle r lane nerr year was bel r r 1 w al e JOE VENOSH Wherever you see a bunch q ls n Y' as lauo unz you can be sure lhal the on causnnq all The un rs Vfnosh ep ll up lhrouqh llle a everyone wull keep you al lhe of he as Class of 46 does JENNIE VILLANO Jenny 45 The gurl wrlh a ready me and h arly laugh hobby 15 Colle-clung snaoshols ernber of Crarnrnercval Club EVELYN VODZEAK e may b l and e ma be earresl buf Evelyn man ces lo have a good fume neverfheless, ven with rl h, lc' e life cumpllcaflons. pr 'W' '23 ii' 'iw'-gr' 30 10" uf fi ANDREW VOSEFSKI An row s orc ol The qulel boys n The semo Q louoh shy and bashlul wr? 45 ambl n and delerrnrna n ure lo reach me oa HARRY WALKER A bashlul fel ow who blushes ry He enloys rnusuc ns Inq and hunhnq and hrs ob by as play ng the pnano Bernq Q y o onq quwlnly lhal has qalned for hnrn rnany slaunch frnends JEAN WALLS Jean IS alway wvllrnq lc elp e d an she as man r lauqlnler close e sur ace a :l d luqhls us a n r rn a bro acnve rv 'aber ol Spams Club MARIE WALSH Marne has The unusual com brnahon cf a sunny smile and auqhler close lo lhe surfa e whrch always lhrealens lo u ble over , . . Add lhese 1 - qelher and the resulf is a won- derful .:rhoanI,n, qco sp- f. E P ONEER I GRANT WHEELER Grunf was vof d our besf dressed boy pos esses a smle flnaf lnsfanfly wins vm fiends lvob y IS SWIVTIVYIIYIJ crazy abou? pa zy musuc nfs I0 malce rn ney In fufure JACK WILLIAMS wlnq and sway Ie WI :arm way flwa us Jack s me ere Frnends and shuns no one We now rn as Mnss Ga a rs C A capabe as: ani LOIS WILLIAMS ovss execufuve abnlnfy gel er wdlx her carefree alfa mde Ioward life have endeared l'1er fo all who lcnow l'1er s of K Hn years O come GEORGE OUINLAN inslon 'C' 's known a Y' C fluff G CU ' I 1 en A? comes O d,i X scnccl wark, he is always pre- pared. His Iayorife paslirne is e Inq, In flne fulure, he pans fg gmdy ,ngnical engIne-rin . 3I ALICE YARNOLD Modesly and honesiy how well fhese Iwo words de rn o All w o xs neaf an fa Inful wwfh her prachcal lcncwledqe and oufsfandunq oersonallfy slwe w ll suc ee r cry? una slwe does rn the u Ime years NANCY ZIMMERMAN Lovely Io loolc af deluglmllul fo lcnow Nancy was vofed mos? p pular g I n 0 Cass spends mos? of hor hrne In ine window enloys spaqhefh and Vauqlwn Monroe us d surcus of becomlnq a pruyafe secrelary BENADETTA ZAZZERA Ben l1as smiled lner way rn 0 r I1 arls ner mann IS one nafural e se Hobby I5 sewlnq nnlends fe become a laslwaon deslgner XEER 9 EARBAFA MALUPKL L H PN' 'Xl R ' I 40 l 1 ff YMIVJ U FET 1 V I-H E -UCQQ, , Hi: . . IIE, :I,fxL. T H E P ICJN EE R l9146 SGME SNAPS M ,Wh www fn 5 HQ", . A . . - vs , , . .iff Q ,:,.,., 1 1 ,V f J! I 'k. 7 ' .,, Q - VV-' ,wx ' - '-Qzi 4 , V- -' ., ,,,,,,,, I f M: , f V-" 4 A fg f'.. . sl! N I i xv J ' J? , K' - 'N 45 , ., ,mg 'ef iv F ' ' as ff 'X V4 My ' I I ,M I A 1 ' 1 ' 25. ,V ,fx . ,f ' 'Y M 1 X, -, 15 if fn, M J , , , A M , . "' -if N: af 3? fix ' J ' , f 4 1 ,W .ff .,., Q wh af ,, x, , ff , 5 3 L 1 xf' " , s , TZ . b 3 2 A W if WF, 'FW' E in Ay M V L2 .M , ,. mzgmd JW 1 W ,i ,,AA 7 ' fi W Q N4 UNDERCLASSES flff K 'XX 1X if-.1 Ai -Rf" QN If XX wig, 'o'o' J O ' 0:33 Z ' 9'0' 'Q If 9 0 o Q 4 ....,.o':?.2 5 5 Q Q ' 9 0 iii. 9 P30 0 0 Q 0 QQ Q 9.0.5 :s cam 0 ESE' Q 0,923.2 0 Q O 55:49 O 9 ,ts E-9.99204 so '3 44 ow 6 90, is 'o, , 0, 't'::'z4 P"o,zg, o'Os:0:0 'o'0.':4 o v"z.':.O Q 0 Q O I 5':0.0d a'of'0' 4 0'9 r 'J 0 'Q '. zagz' f' 4 5 ..:o9 Qb,,:,1o -..-.Qs ff 0, az. 4 deff' f rw 'I- 6' E- 0 in E cb QLD 1 1 -jloffg' AA , . , 'Qt ' . .A N f 'C Q Q f w ff f f A V 3 X X A' iv - - ,x lrx f - - ' X ? Nj M X I1 " A 5 36 , lon V3 mx? " ' 'U 56 ,f X , 5 Q 0' X , L 0' 'Q' b ' ' .9 Lf' . 'Q Q 4- ol U ,, V Q1 4' 21 ' 1 'N - hs. .2 ?: Q1-gf 44' w . gf' ..E,' ,. 1 A K ., ', 0 A f N ,grissf . I? f j r ?s0TssYi ' an W A "QI as, Q . T - ...U 'px Q - A1 xv-I 1-2-1- THE JUNICDR CLASS Closs I-Ilstory F we were To wave a magic wand over Thus school or maybe seT back a Trme machnne a Tew years we would see a group oT brrghT excuTed loolong younc Ters enTerrnr3 hrgh school Tor Thelr TursT Tnme To sTarT an advenTure-ous and lnTeresTrng school year as Treshmen rn The Benlamun Franlclln l-Tlgh School A we enTered The school we assembled ln The aud4Torrum There a shrrrng Tallf was glven by Mr Coleman l-low anxrously we sTudued our new programs wrTh our new Teachers' ATTer acclrmaTlng ourselves To The Treshmen rouTrne we conducTed our TrrsT elechon oT clas oTTlcers The pupils elecTed were presndenT Thomas Farrell vrce pre rdenT Andy Grbson secreTary Vlarron Lalfe Treasurer Jaclc Gllhool The evenT gave The newly Torrnal Treshmen class an rnTeresT rn all The acTrvrTres oT Th school ano made Them a parT oT T A subseguenT Tunchon was The publlcaTlon oT a school paper The Treshmen were rap dly esTapllshrng a TooThold rn exTra currrculum lrTe oT Th school During The same year we drsplay d our soclal lnclrnahons by sTagmg a sporT dance Qur TaculTy advrsors Tor The dance were Mr Brunner and Mass McFadden Qur rnTereT rn oorTs was unmaTched Th Treshmen cass was always represenTed n Too+ball and baskeTball and The boys oT our class who rlay d on The Jun or VarsrTy helped To malce TT a wrnnrng squad Some oT The ouT Tandrng c ayer wer J mmy Smedley Donnre Le and Bruce STeph ns On Frrdays and pecral occa Tons The TudenTs were glven orPorTunT s o ex r Therr TalenT On one such occas on Lo s l-Tall Lo STanTon Mary Van Dres and Ann Parrse under M s Boylans d recT on pr senTed an ouT Tand no cr grann based on mlTary seryr es and home TronT workers AT Chrr Tmas Tme Two nTer , . - 32 . . , ' 3 . X . 1 Q . . , , - 5 T I .I I , . , . . . . a T 1. s A T - -3 . . 3 . . . . 3 s . 9 1 l , J 9 I ' ' ' . s ' ,T s , 3 f l ' Q 1 s s , 5 ss we T s e - clse ' s, f T A Ts , T, on 1: 1 : 'Z S xl T O , . -. , J ' Tl ' C - . S 1 I - THE PIONEER I946 THE SCDPHOMORE CLASS Class I-Ilstory N Serlernoer 5 I944 Two hundred and lorly lwo Fr shm n enlrered The door ol Benlamln Franlchn l-hgh School lremendously exculed over lhe lmporlanc of lhe occaslon buf a bl dlsappounl d fha? b cause ol a decrease IH enroll menl lhere would be a lull day schedule ln conlrasl lo 'rhe hall day of The precedlnq year S nce were fearful ol malclng mlslalces we were relieved by every one s apoarenl desure lo help us The larsl Fr day found u ln The audnlorlum alleno ng an assembly al wn ch schedules room numbers and all lh rules of lhe cho were excua ned lo us ln delall oy Mr Coleman We found l C1l'lCull' lor lhe lr werlc b com ng acgua nl d wllh our schedu es bul Hr wa nol long before our cla sn we e runn ng smoolrhly and lhe dally roullne ol hard worlf began Soon aller our me room were organlzed ahd home oom repr se ral ves eecleo We dld no elecl c a s oll cers for + wa nol lne cu lom lor Freshmen 'fo do so Our l rsl year was a succ ss n v ry respecl Our choo won lhe Lackawanna League Basrelball Chamolonsho by deleaf ng Cenfral IO a Pay off game held ln ma y ol lhe C ayers Durlng +he wlnler some oulsland ng assemo es were arranged Ju l o lo Chr s+mas vacahon he band cresenred a hne con err Two lays were T on unde lh d ecl on of lvl ss Score lvlr Coleman arranged +wo olher nler es+ ng 3 semr e one hcw oy a mag c an and ine o er by an rl mafhemal c an g eba on e mc e ame o B J er a se J ,' , , - 3 e 3 l l 1 l l f 1 Q I3 ' , I ' ' e , e ' - l l ' ' . l we ' l , ' - ,l I V . ' l s ' ' ' '- E Q 'T , , , e 3 o , l 7 ' l ' l . . l. ll I H 2' X 2 e ' l e ' ' , ' 3 . 2 ,s . . . , Q no 9 f ' . r e n f 3 , '. ' ' ,l l 5 ' , f s f s . ' e ' 2 e . C , , 'C 1 ' 7 ' ' ,l - , ' Scranlon. We nad a line Jayvee learn a5so fo which lhe Freshmen Class conlrlbuled , rt rl l . ' ' . ' 5 . 'lf , ', 's l 3 re A l l. ' T ' ' .c . c' cu' - r -e If ll 7 . l l E - . .' fi' J' S il ., l l l ' fn la 5153 - 4 7 .. lr 'he srln ba: 'l c r- cf , bacll .Fl-l F, all a lfc ,ol rnany yeau we vuomeerz I-we W FHL H1 hl5H MAN Cf' T 1 M z1 ' Hisswl vr' ' ' V ,. I . V- ,. V, X . , X by XV' A V 1 , E N R 946 Th home room rr:-pre n+a ves were Pa rca Brennan Rober+ Sfephen Sarah Erans Marqaref FaIbo Marlon McAIh5+er Andy Leo Roberf Lynch Byron Gummo Mary Ro e Mufo Chados Ulrne Jo eph Pe+rylak Jean Mdiarn Barbara Shadel Wal+er Julna Joan Tiffany Edward Coogan Room Room Room Room Au A Room Room JOAN BURRELL U 4I T H P I O E E I T I 3 . I William McDonald, Winefred Tiffany Room 2 I , 3 . . 1 4 . a . 5 Q , , . -r d. 5 , r N. d ' , II E I 9 1- fig 42 E O R I L 'M Al, HONOR ROLL Vursl Row Lell To Puglnl En: Slallaronl Tere a Paslore Mary Esler Speddlng Louise Hinds Peqqy Pope Allce Horan fxluc Yarnold Alloerla Doud Roberf Avery Marlon Fox Rosemary Fesla Helen Banko Belly Halalovuclw Pal Garcua Evelyn C rra Vnlma Georgellu Hazel Campbell and Jean Walls Second Row Lell lo Rglwl Loss Williams Carmella Delzazuo Agnes Flnlon Jennie Valulslcy Jean N pa lvlalalda Morqenllnl Jeanne Ch lluno Carmen Sierra fxbsenl when plclure wa lalcen lmrnaculale Cano CLASS OFFICERS 19451946 Presndenl Joe MCC-Eraw Vnce Presldenl Fred Dunlap Secrelary , J , Bill McCann Treasurer . James Cosgrove 44 THE PIONEER I946 STAFF CDF THE 19116 YEAR BQOK w wqSf31ffM0m er w WVV1 6 N9 6 Pfno 1 Aix! 'T CC J PF W M M2 F70 M E 1 X, b, 2 aaS'fffi my M52 Effff G'v"i'v1' f 1Mr', Q fx fm P "iw f-fiI?'11.'m'1 Lmifnhziwfd U11 4 Q ,Op E.'f?fC' Effie Sf if-v' Aiil fam' E.1'T3r'2 XJ' mi f3f1c"fm"' A "f- Xr'fwfif'1 Bkimh-ig Wang?-f ,A 'inf FF in .. Q-Vsfg NASVTSQTV Jaime CFP-' 'HQ Ass f Am. Nia, age-r M121 Fd' Pvimf :A 'ifmef ZQQQQ a"':,' EQ-E "Q 2 THE PIONEER I946 LITERARY STAFF V rw Horode Ly Nwcy Zrmmrrrrw Tnvre a Pasforcf sarah Ja O J an NQCJ H S af a cw e P a KCP fx f C War e Ce Be"y Cm mam Ma y Browne!! BG 5516+ a Zazzpra y Fran J an Hez v learn Crime a Cn IE EDNORS 521+ 0 r v 'PCM EUNTORS 'J VN 4A CN rrrmfl Doyle Hr en Dewi? Lo Edwards V err Ca ey BPM Van HG 'r ami B dem BMW Sarrdpr on no O f 9, E ' rra she' , L J A A -r- '-C jgi, ' - ,S r' 'S 'Q , fc Em ,rw J Y - J '-.W rl E . -P BV? ri? ' , r. Efe ' ,F r ' e e, J ,+ 'E 5 C Q -44? ., 1 ,, , Q JET' Far el' Jifce B " e Merzecei I Idsf Bcdy Jane Afiami Marquerf? Maclfrfm Jaan Rohrnsorm Uaf- W5!2P Beue Robison -EJC' TV E F Biff' pffyw BCI P I rm -Ja CHM", .Hmfl Prrihw' V.'TD'W5lTf Ere Dm 'mar Pvima 4, X- fl' Hay! E N I -an ...- LC C612 C Jcfwrw 1 A O,":rtU' W9-L5 fc" "fc Y-Uv T X1 An gcgrly was THEPRENCH f, JAM 1110 dum 'HQ -vw 1 11' ff CLUb iXu'Al'C7Q Cr "Q'f2'fli'T LH' CVT. nf, 1 V1 me 143 gvwhq 351011, w-R11 vJCVV P 5 IJV LD- RCI? "',3"' V pu - "1e,"' Rr3wv1g'1, - .1 .xv Q LW-.-f-111, PJ VV l'if"'f.' 51 .,11'1i1' T'f.f1,L.'e,-' pail IJ ,X . . , P g'Qf 11,1115 1, A ,Y ,1 .11 fz V, 7 EC 3"j. fp, ,, A X ,- I , , , mi , 1 Yr ,Y ,X ,- 1, .nw , ,N V "Vx-VECCC ini L.'f T' 'WEE infi., .CC '11 wi 'Q 'Q jg -,Q "'Q'Y' 3 'DHS' -1"39'5f5'7C7 'Ig Cf "e 519621 :err 54 irc "QV :.,s':"'2, 47 AJIIP' CGMMERCIAL CLUB Tlue Sensor Commercial Club was organized early un 1945 by a group of acfuve enuor gurls wluo were unferesfed un luavung an exfra currucular acfuvufy 'lor flue commer a sfudenf Preruarafuons were begun umnueduafely and af flue fursf meefung flu followung offucers w ue elecfed Presudenf Janus Connor Vuce Presudenf Mary Blan ouno S crefary Mary Moore Treasurer Anne l-lordeslcy Repoufer Beffy Nolan Mrs N argarer Wal lu and Mrs Anne Farley served as Club Advisors Durung flue feum fluere were many social acfuvlfues uncludung an unufuafuon of flue Iunuor commercual sfudenfs wluose dufues were fo confunue flue club un flue fall Wluen flue fall ferm arruved flue new members were anxuous fo begun plans for fne comung year Tlue followung offucers were elecfed Presudenf Jean Nepa Vac P e denf June Plat cr Secrelary Los Wulluams Treasurer Jeanne C elluno R corfer B ffy Lcw M s Calabro was cluosen as laculfy advusor Af flue busune meefung wluuclu follow o flue members decuded upon flue amounf and paymenf of due Durung flue followung monflus flue club had many gafluerungs Tlue fursf socual evenf of flue year was a l-lollowe en Masquerade Parfy af flu Y on Ocfober 30 G rls wluo luad ruof been unulualed un fluour Iunuor y ar were enrolled as memoers af flu s 'ncefurug ln November flue gurs lueld a flueafre parfy un Scranfon On December 78 fluere was a Clurusfnuas Parfy un flue Durfee Paruslu l-la'l af wluuclu a deluglufful lunclu eon was served Tlue gurls sang Clurusfmas carols before flue rnaun evenf of flue evenung flue excluangung of guffs On February I3 flue club nferfauned flue Frenclu Club and une Spam lu Club af rj Valenfun Parfy af flue Y Affer eaclu club luad presenfed an excellenf enf rfaunmeruf refreslumenfs were served Af a farew ll par y lue d n flue affer parf of flue year flue lunuor commercual fudenfs wer unuf afed Tlurouglu Ms Ca aoros l druess un worlcng wuflu flue grls and flue urufurung efforf ou fru offucer and members flue S nlor Commercual Club bag beggme 5 wg cc sful ouoanuzafuon and uas ga ned a place of promuruence among flue scnool s clubs ani orgaruuzafuons May uf uccc and borularufy conf nue flurouglu fluc comung years' ci 5 s. - ,, ' ' ' . J ' ' 9 ' : e u ' 7 . 7 , . N. A ' - I . s . . r SY" , ' zu I P . 3 ' ' 7 , lu ' I 3- s ' . e J Ez. . ls ' .' Q . ' ' ss 1. . I S .V , . 3 and agreed fluaf meeflngs sluould be lueld in flue scluool every ofluer Tluursday, . - I Q If ll ' l u ' u ' Q , l . 1 A , u , ' l . ' , . . 1 X 9 . ' , 's A e " f e ' . . e f l Y l . , ' ' ' s 9 ' ' Y . ' , if 1 l ' 7n ' 2 ' . F . , " f , . . . ' 'S u Q ' C , 9 - F K . . K , 7 . , , 'D J l J ' s s as - A F . -- A . LATIN CLUB When The ChrrsTmas holrdays were ov r and school was resumed In The New Year T945 second year Lalun sTudenTs proposed ThaT a Lahn Club be organlzed Thus proposal was greeTed wlTh enThusuasm and posTers were placed 1mmedTaTely aT var nous po nTs ThroughouT The school To lnvTTe all Lahn sTudenTs To become members Over on hundred and TnTTy lorned The club Under The guudance of lvlnss Marlon BaTTle club advusor The TnrsT year was a very ucccssTul one The Tollownng oTTncers were chosen from second Thnrd and TourTT year Lahn classes PresTdenT DoroThea Chappen Vuce PresndenT Roderaclc Le Van SecreTary BeTTy Varlcer Treasurer Jane CarpenTer PublucvTy Chairman James Rus sell An rnTTraTuon oT nuneTy TrrsT year sTudenTs was held aT The Y aT whuch reTresh nenTs were s rved and a planned enTerTarnmenT was enloyed AT a laTer m eTung oT all members Two Trrbunes a boy and a glrl were elecTed from each l.aTun class To serve as represenTaTTves aT meehnqs and oTTTclal sessxons ln January 1946 The club was reorganized The new oTT:cers were Presndenl Davud ST Ledger Vce Pr sdenT Franlc Verqarl Se reTary Ann Marne Crane Treas ur r C arre G loannon Mnss BaTTle was aqaun chosen as club advnsor On W dnesday January 23 The club held :Ts second annual nnhahon aT The Durrng Th day Tne Tre hmen were r quwred To carry The advanced sTudenTs boolcs To and from classes To erve Them rn any oTher way ThaT They rnTghT requesT Thomas Owens was cha rman oT The aTTar assusTed oy Barre KauTman Allce Connor Jar' T McDonald and The club oTTucers Al houqn The l.aTrn Club rs only rn TTs second year oTex1sTence IT s well on T way To becomrng a very successful organ zahon lTs su cess would never have been oosswble wrTnouT The unhrrng eTTorTs of Mrss BaTTle , l l , . . . e l , A . .. V . . , A . . . I s H . , , . - V . - . I 1 I I I I T . ' y ' r e ' ' . 3' - Il"-'fl . I C , , s e, l' E . ' ' '. 3 . s , . Y. e T s e 1 T ly I , .e ' . T ', , I ls e . ' c . ., .. . E ONEER I9 45' EL CIRCULCD DE CERVANTES The Spanlsh Club has always b en The mosT achve and well lnown club oT The Benramrn F anlrlln Hugh School Through :Ts orqanrzahon The course n Spanrsh has become more rnTeresTun1 and apoeallnq To TudenTs Under The du cT4on oT M155 Eulalle Rocuers The members have nadf, an mp r an conlr bu To :gh school lnTe They have rnade Tree hand drawrnqg and exhubTed Them nn ass They av enTe Tarned oTher sTudenTs wnTh va ned Spanish orooran' They have presenTeo olay and ulTur1 programs rn observance of Pa Arnenran Day They lr' Q el sccral aTTarrs pefuhar T Searls speakanq counTrIes The rnosT ouTsTancl nq of which I The annual I-resTa n November I9 I945 TorTy seven 'Yrs+ year sTuoen s we e nnrTraTed I To E C de vanT 5 The oTTrcers were In charde oT lnuTua ery cerernonres Durlnq The ChrrsTrnas season The Spanrsh sTudenTs spenT parT OT Trer l 55 per d s ngxng Th well known carols In Spanrsh ard learnrno The Yulehde cusTo'ns oT The Soanush spealnng c unTnes Tr The 5ouTh The Spanrsh Club has cooperaTed wrTh oTher hugh school uehes I ncou aqrnq Th o :Te oT The school Or Wednesday February I3 I946 They aTTended a Valenhne Parfy grven by h omrnerclal Club Le Cercle Jeann clAc The French Cub was also rnvlT d Ance Yarnow Jean Nepa and Evelyn Cerra were IH charcze In March Le Cercle Jeanne dArc rnvITed The Co'n rn rclal and Spanish Clubs To a parTy held he Y M C A In obsc vance o Th Fan Arnerrcan ConTerence The Spannsh Club enTerTauned The French and Cornrnercral Clubs Th a parTy aT Th r' M A On June 7 I946 El Curculo de CervanTe hel The annual FuesTa lznown Throuqhow Th valley as The rnos ouTsTandIr'q srcual evcnT QT The year OPI-ICERS P es: enT PaT 0 all Garcla Troasu y Par r V e es denT Vrvran Carey e ord no Se re a v Jean Crane BeTTy Jane Ad John Baldlno Fred Durlap d And few VoseTsln Teresa Turano Bened- Ta Zazze' I"l Claire Grazia Bernice Balrer Janel Bliclrens Vivian Carey C SENIOR MEMBERS Maroare Clarlr Nan Coleman Angela Crisalli Ca herlne Doyle Gloria Ealo Jule Farrel Jean Fryer RiTa Rinaldi Cecelia FaTTney Tlafrcnella Garcia 50 Ann Mane M Andrew Marquerde Maclceral Phyllis Neary BerTy Lou Rebinscn Joan Robinson BeTh Van l-lo.n .lean Walls Jean Crane Ma'y PanaT'rrni Cannon Sie a THE PIONEER I946 THE BACHELOR CLUB The Bmnelor CTub was orqanrz d on February I I946 by a oroup oT energeh enror beys These boys who oeheve ThaT The mascuhne sex possesses excephona nd p ndence ofsrred To Torm The mosT exe usrve oc1eTy IH The schooT The ca m oT he members ThaT The Cruo s The mosT exdu ve n B F T-T S xreved by The Tad ThaT To be a memb r one musT TrsT be oT The MaTe Sbeoes secand musT noT go sTeady w Tn any q Tn ro musT oo Tn ouqh The n TTQT ons r n a on ga neo much noToreTy Tor The Bache-:Tor CTub hrouqhow T schoo The car-d daTes Tor membe shro came To schoo on F bruery I dresseo n Tney were Torn: noen To seem w Th any oT The Tem nrne sex nc uo ng Teachers OT ourse Th ofeo o D6 The oown aw o ma y o T e rn y AT The end oT The oar here wer 29 members Nno marneo oya lhroug T e ea Tne c eTors av 'T d man soca ga 'Te n s s r ano e o gh They nav b n suoge eo To many C me h Ther oors an U m es Trom The L. They have lneTd Ta T he r mo To No Women' 5 I ,M .A . 7-2-fl 1-.. f E, , W ' "ig V , ' J 1 S - . - r --ffL.z,,.. ., Q . . .H A . ' e , 'Q F . , , . - 4 3 Y e e TJ' 3 ' S ' ' . T 7 T ' T ' 7 si T . . . . As ir s, , . 9 , T , A 'I , T T 'T w vw . THE T +A 7 - fe, s The E' X T V ru ' . 3 Y ' Clod-hoboers oo Trousers fo eo To The knees Tong underwear, Ties, and soorT jaCTceTs. M Q T , ' 1 T 1' Q 2 T' . Q '. .SC'T.,'T! T'TT,n Thlcs. W ' , 9 ,' -' f re ' 'T T. T ' ho! Th y r To Ba h , ET e Te5 T ,y T T T r7 g T'CT7y sTaq, ' Wh Q ,T ' e ' ee " CT ' , o 1 '. d I Fng 5 7' j'f3i 1 ir To T 7 T . OUR GANG E525 W QZEMM Y 'Q mmww 1 5PORT5 .iii 'wsu U no, 'NWN L 110000009 H VNV .A xiii? xg X- r . -V i ' A A Q E ' xi . .Vx A N' - x ' T 5 4 ' E 1 . : V l , t ifuhuk 'I " ' QI A . X - ,X 'ffl' . f' 'ICJ ' . ' A , ' ffiil ,1 I-'Ls' .-- A-,L ft- . ' THE PIONEER I946 FOOTBALL 1945 ARBONDALE opened uls loolball season wmlh a bursl ol speed lhal was soon halled by slronger league forces The Pioneers were handncapped by a lack of expervence as only lwo regulars from The precednnq year were on lhe sfarhng luneup These Two were The leam s aole co caplauns Freddy Dunlap and Fred Moe Sllck The leam suffered many selbaclqs bul IH lhe malorlly of cases The score d d nol lndlcale lhe brand of loolball Thar lhe Psoneers played Coached by Franlc Cappy Burnell rhe Ploneers foughl vallanlly ln every ballle and showed everyon lhelr good sporlsmanshsp and abvlxly lo accepl vnclory and deleal' calmly The Can bondale roolers supporled rherr el ven bolh In and oul ol lown because lhey real zed lhal allhough The home lorces had been bealen many llmes lhey were never Oullouqhl Follawlng are The resulls of all of 'rhe games Th Gr d Season opened on Sep? 20 under lhe llghls al Russell Park lhe oppo llon belng furnished by lhe lvlayheld Warriors Aller 'rhe dusl ellled lhe Car borda e Ploneers came oul on lop I9 lo 6 The Old Forge Blue Devils were nexl lo vlsuf Russel Park on Sepl 26 under lhe Arcs Aller a more or less one slded aflalr Old Forge 'rrounced lh Carbon oaleans I9 lo 2 On Ocl 5 lhe game once more under lhe l ghls a+ Russell Park came lhe Dlcr son Cry Blaclsnawlcs Thls was lheur lrrsl conference game I0 4 years Fnnal score C1 bondale 20 Drclfson O 5 J' BASKETBALL BaslceTball Tor IQ46 saw The Pioneers produce anofher of Their ouTsTanding Teams AlThough They did nor survive as champions They will always be remembered as being The besT in Their day Opening The season wiTh impressive vicTories over ST Rose and Dickson CiTy we had The misTorTune of being deTeaTed on our own courT by Tech 30 '6 Tech was The only Team who was able To Talre us on our own Tloor in five years When The TirsT half of The league race ended we were reshng in Third place wiTh Tive vicTories againsT Tour deTeaTs Prof Ting by our misTalces and misTorTunes wo buclcled down To emerge vicTor Tous in The second half along wiTh CenTral ln a championship game play d on SouTh Side CourT, To d,Termine The winner of The second half we Tousled CenTral. 40-28. Two days laTer we losT The league championship To Tech, 'n a breaThTalcing game on The same courT, 27-I9. Among The members of The squad were Two seniors: Joe McDonald and Alex I-loyle: five juniors, Bobby McClelland. Johnny lv1uTo, Donnie Lee. Rod LeVan and Ray Tyrell: one sophomore, Rual Reynolds and Two freshmen, Fred Jones and Billy McDonald. Alex Hoyle, our capTain, was selecTed by boTh The Scranfen Tribune and ScranTfr Times Tir Their all-schelasTic Teams in boTh his junior and senior year and was regarded as cne GT our be:T. His unselfishness and brillianT playing gained hirn much populariTy. Joe McDonald. capTain, in his iunior year. of The Team which won The league zharnpienshirr, was one QT cur TasTesT players. iWe will remember hirn Tor his anTics on The Tlocr and his Qvqellerd dfabblimq ability. Donnie Lee, a Tnrward and bigrgesT man en eu' Team, did cufsfanding wcrlr 'hrf ,'1hfuT Thr,- seascn. T-Te was chosen capfain aT The I946-47 Team. Bob McClelland, playing cenfer, was one of The hardesi werlrirg bays 'hav we hd, Depend ing en him for rebounds, we were seldcm disappoinTed. Johnny MuTo playing guard, was anoTher rebound arTisT, and is brund if be ne ri The high scorers of The valley in The TuTure. Rual Reynolds, Ray Tyrell, Red l.eVan. Fred Jones and Bill McDcna'd are all e-cs red nz greal' Things in The days To ceme. E NERI9 CI-IEER LEADERS 1 R hr 6 l Look af our len peppy culres who are lhe cheerleaders o BFI-IS' These gurls laufhfully arrended all 'rhe games and led Th sprrrled and enrhusrashc sludenls and fans rn cheerrrrg our 'r am lo vrclory Our complrmenls ro Jrhem for rherr unhrmg ellorlrs an conduclrng pep meellngs 'rhroughoul lhe year and on fheur A specral orchud To Ann Moran The ambrhous caprarn who rs The frrsr cheerleader To be on The squad for The en'rrr four years of Hugh School The squad consrsls of fhe following grrls Senrors Ann Moran Caplam Vrrgmra Crane and Lois Srkorslcr Juniors Ann Wagner Shurley Lang Grelchen Edwards and Margarer Mary Farrell Sophomores Barbara Mrlls Joan Marrrno and Joan McDonald 57 T H P I O E 4 6 Rah. a . R h. r . . . .. V allraclrive appearance in 'rheir red and blue uniforms, r1Ebl1Nnrww4o ci 4 If f 9 JNEER u - . k Q'TI1l5 F WFIVPVWHIUJ CUTQ SUPERIQRLY TRAINEE WGRKERS PPELAJWXU CE JCE TRA fi 'jW6'1"!i CFP C3 1 U OO 6 WO OH Q Manaqefnen +9 phone 8I70 Q CGW for MU pea Cu Scranton Lackawanna College LINDEN STREET SCRANTON PA SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTQ S WALLpApE FUNERAL HOME HHH Lum men? N aim Cam menf W M 1 S RAUB SHOE STORE 4N Man PAT and RED S TIRE SHOP A Cawmg U is a mes Caamm E mwah AND Hmoefaf - - -1 -,- - -,- -1-,-,-, -U- .-,- -,- .. -.-, THE E,'AT. F CQ ul ,FXS 5, THE WHL f V' a' 41 S5 IFJINGT mac ,I an SO ,can Q1 an'anLwg3 if Ca!! 5 H 3 ' in ng am LLBLVVWQ 'aricnfg 'rw + Q Ee? p3as"on3 B LL 9515 J, Amgiaanfng Sfenaararny Sccrefaryznlps, Buiness Admlniefraficn and 12. X 2 Wf', , 2 L, f Y E are. Wi 1, of U U X X x7 - 45 . F U Sree' ,. f 1' N 3 21 Cams: fe 5 of , 1 . Y SNES? . TES Sore Kncwn Ear Eef+ef Va ues .N Z S ,J , , F 4 ' JQHN FOOTH CXXYDQSH STOPES S LUCAS CARDNEI DOM Q QEPVICE STXXTIQN J x K ,J J X X 1 fx H00n-E MILI S BROS TOORNBURO FLOWER Sl-TOR MAIN STREET CIO!-XR STORE KELLY S Texaco Servncc Statue rw MCCAWLEY S WADE S DEAN F 10HNsoN .. .,....... ......-.. ..-...... -- I N T , V 5 I A 'tx 'A J' -' -Y T"Vlf': -' i pi .44 fy. f, ..L,,,",fARE T C , 1 VI K' Vg BOTTLTE if Tim", ' LQ'x"TTTW'f':'T PU. iW1fiTffT' FTTVTT l'f'Nf-vfirff' , , TfT,,f-W?" 'L WWE 1' W. 9 'Q 1 5 WO 'fj'3f.f - . fx Arn L,,.,, 1 , , EQ, jfs-,jx ..--....---.---------..--..-....,- JACK EDWARDS Tw-iomfxs STGRE SERVICE STATION f-X Educator Shoes wiv Kmmey S Shoe Store RUSSELL S BAKERY SCHELLA S MARKET MAURICE AMSEI. X ff ' 'I' P 1. ,Y1,1,,,1 I ,1 i A J IIUCHARDSON TT Bowes smmarsc' 5 , .. WML.-V wqwvefr. ' deiecwxhozx foucmor :Hoes ' 1 ef " ' ' iiliiii iiiii 1lili1ii1iiii1 MRRESV1 JEWP EER IEIWIS cmd DERWGQD DAVIS SAMMY S EUPNITURE CO ANDY S LUNLH ROOM JQE THE ELITE HOLLERAN S Paint and Wallpaper Store -----.-------Q-------.---... 1 If 1 1-1 ' 1 .J i1il"' f.'l'NME -AL ,AE-' V .1 . '."l'l'f'l QFV'fQ,'.f,'llLW1 PHS! N6 1 M1 - 'X ' . . . 1 AA. 5 -,---------Q1---1---QQQ... TEZ7ANO S ATIantlc Service STaf1on LIBERTY DISCDUNT AND O Q SAVINGS BANK REYNOLDS GIFT SI-IOP RAPID TRANSFER CCDMRANY INC SWALLY S PIONEER DIIVIE BANK BEST W,SHEff 7 THE CLASS CE I 46 I ,NK 'lzf' I". ifOI.'?L ','E'IT, Cl -13 QIWQCLTI AIfI"lUE ff'-RBOTEICALE FDA. ff-1 Rf. 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Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) collection:

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 7

1946, pg 7

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 48

1946, pg 48

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 36

1946, pg 36

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 85

1946, pg 85

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 76

1946, pg 76

Franklin High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Carbondale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 48

1946, pg 48

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