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csi cy iass “The most exciting spectacle I’ve ever seen” - Leonard Malted Milk “The best show I’ve seen all year” - Rex Reek “Like Wow!!” - Dr. O’Malley “Thumbs up!” - Roger Egbert + Gene Sickle “So emotionally gripping, you’ll be on the edge of your seat” - Rolling Pebble Magazine “I was so moved, I left the theater in tears” - Milford Daily Bruise STUDENT HITE UNDERCLASSMEN SENIORS ACTIVITIES SIDCDTS EACUITY SPONSORS 4 MU 25 m 111 3 147 MUM Library Media Center Franklin High School [EranWin, MA 02038 Winning smiles Intense reading Look at me when I ' m talking to you! (Far right) Go ahead — make my Why do I bother? I know all the answers . . . John and Guy guve the photographer “thumbs up’’. (Far left) Are you lost, Jenny? (Left) Turn that frown upside down! What a work out . . . Steven, don’t be so shy! “Once upon a time Oh sure, you think so! “Are you afraid of a man this big?” Lean any further and you’ll fall out of the chair, Alex. Hey, it’s the “Vicker”! “Mommy! Are you out there? " It’s not working we can still see you. Kathy and Pam neighborhood chums. “Get the camera away from me now!” 6 We ' re hoping this picture was taken around Halloween time. What a nice smile. ‘‘You’ve got to be kidding me!” Here’s our Panther Pause editor-in-chief herself! “Oh darling you’ll have to stop by and check out my new line of clothes at the store.” David had no trouble in deciding whether to drop this class or not! Tobey and Brian pay close attention in class. “Look he winked back! " 7 FAST TIMES AT How would you like to be in a dark alley with this guy? Kelly is looking very thrilled to be in school. A football player enjoying his grub. ain t nothing but a hound dog Here are some typical freshman, one with an elbow in her face. “Hi everybody! " “We go together like FRANKLIN HIGH!!!!! “That’s so funny!” This is Jesse and his tarantula. What a nice couple. Lesson 1: Never say ‘ah’ with food in your mouth. That smile looks as though it could hurt. “Oh, but you’re cool!” Talk about your happy people! 11 THE ENVELOPE PLEASE . . . Teacher’s Pet P.J. Lampasona and Aimee Heaton Shyest Bruce Eaton and Sarah Mahoney Most Artistic Lynn Dancy and Phillip Ristaino Most Musical Craig Bernheart and Andrea Fanelli Typical FHS’ers Denise Colella and Eric Cussson Class Clowns Guy Rezendes and Liz Sottile Best Dressed Carla Marguerite and B illy O’Neill Cutest Couple Todd Wayshville and Pam Tomasetti Most Gullible P.J. Lampasona and Tess Dubois Most Spirited John O’Donnell and Heidi Bergman 13 Not quite the E STREET BAND but close! Hola, me llamo pedro Your dentist must be proud! You can call me Snake Hey, What’s number six? A % S M The dude brigade. THE WINNERS Class Flirt Billy Caso and Tawnia Wicklund Best Personality Craig Bernheart and Mary Derrico Most Likely to Succeed Jim Duronio and Heidi Bergman Most Athletic Peter Fricker and Leslie Moore Most Dedicated Dan Dena and Heidi Bergman HIM UIS Terry Coakley, president (not pictured); Patty Lacourse, treasurer; Katie Zanetti, vice-president; Denise Prentice, secretary. SOPHOMORES The sophomores are no longer the “low men’’ on the totem pole, thanks to the freshmen. They are in the unique position of being able to look behind themselves and say, “Thank God we’re no longer freshmen!’’ and look ahead to their junior and senior year, (upper right) The Sophomore class officers are Jennifer Capuzziello, Vice-President; Karla Gruseck, Treasurer; Kim Crowley, Secretary; Tracie Turinese, President. ■ V f The junior class is lead this year by Peter Scaccia, Dennis Sardella, Jennifer Cataldo, Matt Friend. These officers have served for three consecutive years. This year the students have sold candy to raise money for the Junior Prom to be held April 19, 1988 at the Sheraton Mansfield. The juniors also sponsored the Christmas Dance that was held in December. Many juniors turned out to serve on the prom committees. This class is a very enthusiastic class that works very well together. They have been nicknamed the “class with class.” John O’Donnell Jennifer Doherty David Briggs Tess Dubois Jeanette Duffy Gail Caldwell Susan Crandall 26 Liz Sottile Joanne Suchanek Sonja Mello Kerri Henault Kim Maney Bobby DeRose Bernadette Genoa Kevin Jones Pam Tomasetti Kelly Bailey Pat Steeves Jennifer Revell Michael Pellegri Charlotte Souza Jeff Thompson Diane D’Amico Nicole Ransom Todd Baker Joy Dauley Patty Sullivan Laurel Rafferty Lynn Dancy Merry Corbett Jenny Harrington Christine Jennifer Matyi Tina Thornhill Tawnia Wicklund 28 Craig Bernheart Stephen Mirable David Girard Jennifer Kleponis Tracey Milligan Paula Nasuti Carla Marguerite Barbara Colella Tommy Smyth Phil Ristaino Denise Colella Julie Adiletto Robin Crandall P.J. Lampasona Melissa Earls Jan Cooper 29 . . . the debut of the Class of ’88, and boy, was it a hit! It was just the first of the four biggest events given in the Class of 88’s name, all of which were received with a standing ovation. THE EIEESEMAN BaVNCIET » • • 30 DIRIEA H €N . . . was the theme of 88’s sophomore performance. As the lights dimmed and the curtain rose, a magic filled the air. When things really started to roll, the audience went wild and the overall review was great. This was truly a night to remember! TCNITE’S TEIE NIGEITt THIS PAGE: (1) The King, Queen, and their Court. (2) Lisa and Robin, both pretty as a picture. (3) You do the Watusi like this, guys! (4) Are we having fun yet? (5) We get the feeling Claudia and Chucky didn’t like the Grand March. (6) Here’s a pic of the Fab Five. (7) Relax, guys, it ' s only a camera. OPPOSITE PAGE: (1) Tina and Brian laughing it up. (2) “It’s okay to smile, Pat,” says Laura. (3) Jason decides to take a breather. (4) Nicole snuggles up to her date. (5) We know Jim’s having fun — but what about Dan and Bruce? (6) Look, it’s Mr. Macho and Miss Congenality! (7) Pat and Christine try to hold back their smiles. (8) Here’s John giving us his mischevious look! (9) Wow!! What a pack of handsome guys! crowning of the King, Queen, and their court. And when it came time to announce those people, five lovely ladies and one special guy took the stage. They were (on facing page, from left to right) Carla Marguerite, Christine Langevin, King Billy O’Neill, Queen Denise Colella, Diane D’Amico, and Colleen Brote. ie stars were out on April 21st. All the guys were acked out in their tuxedos and the girls in their gowns. = was a night of tradition, as the Class of 1988 brought lack the ever-famous Grand March, a chance to see eryone looking their best. Then the time came for the Tkik god U pxeiident of Ha National Nonox Society and aiUitant (turn majox of Ha PanHex, MaxcJdng Band. Can you, name Lex? Thu god gxem up to become, an important membex of Ha oaxidy gixA balketbaR team. IVko U ike? Tkii title gixl became Nomecoming queen, and pxeiident of Ha (homo, dub. Can, uou, name Lax? Tldi g ' od uJal a ckeexleadex and U nou) Ha aUiltanttxainex of Ha footbaK team. IVko U ike? SkAi on Ha field koclcey i team, ItAl on Ha vaxitty football team, who axe Hay? Tkil guy kat ei He goal fox, Ha oaxitty boyi loccex team. IVko U toe? Tkil guy u al doll pxeiident fox Horn yeaxi and il a, itaxxing membex of Ha oaxitty football team. IVko il toe? Tkii boy ckaxmed all Ha gixA and uion dm (bit IVko il he? 34 Thu ntait dedicated, ipinited cud Italy to iucceed young lady U pneiident of Ua daii of 88. Wlur U i d? Thu boy gHAu) up tic be, a meutben of t d PantLen fodboM, baiebcM cud (today teand. Cm you nantA (dm? T(ui g ' od u)on nuxitt ntuiical cud Lai penfouned Ut Oifay eveny yean. C d ii alia t d lead Hagen of t d bcud klaii. Mur ii ile? Ttdi god u ai vice- pKeiident of itudent Council, and ii mutagen of Ua boyi ioccen leant. Mur ii ila? T(ui god mai a pHinceii at t d Junion pHont and at (umecotning. C d aAo playi on Ua vanity ginA ioccen leant. Cm you name Lee? fl gpgf T(ui boy ii a meutben of v t d Panthem Football . leant. IVlo ii Id? ipjeqwcn ui|op m pi 810jg U88||0Q •£!_ OUIIUBISOQ U8i|0 m zi J3 PMd J8}8d ' ll HiauuBg B8jpuv ‘01- ueuu6j8g ipisn ’6 ssog jbijibbh pub Abjjpoq UB jjg 9 ||8 jjbh Apu8 v i B||8pjBS MJsqBZjig -g uossriQ oug •g Aosuuog oug -p uipoo ubjb» -9 ifflius eiqqea ‘2 osbq A||ig ‘i Mr. Feldman, you took us under your wing to guide us through the years. What a job you’ve done. You’ve provided us with the guidance that we needed in order for the high school years to be most memorable. Without you, we would not have a banquet or a prom or a dance, Mr. Feldman you’re more than a class advisor, you’re the class of 88’s friend. Without you, no one would have ever gotten to know “the man with the flourescent pants”. You’ve got style, charisma, and the patience to put up with anyone. We can only recall all of our memories with you. Freshman year, you helped us with our first function- the Freshman Banquet. It was a success. Of course, any effort you put into something it always comes out as a success! The years flew by and now the class is able to see what events have taken place. You’ve made them possible. And now Mr. Feldman, we will let every one know about you with our description of “our leader”. W.W. Feldman is what the name plate says when you walk into the guidance office. You’ll notice this tall, dark, and handsome guy-well that’s him! He’ll say hello and make you feel comfortable-he’s so easy to talk to. You’ll notice that he’s a cool dude and that he understands your problems-maybe you want to get out of a class or get in to one. After you see him, you can’t wait till your next appointment with him. But when you walk in the hallway and see him, there’s no way he’s going to let you by without saying hello. You’ve just encountered the beginning of your acquaintance with Mr. Feldman. We ( the class of 88) have had him as our class advisor- we know what he’s like and we love it! We must thank Mr. Feldman once again, of course we can not begin to thank him as much as we would like to. He’s helped the class of 88 in so many ways! To you, Mr. Feldman. THANK YOU for just being yourself. IIEaVICIEIE Cr CUE IPaVCE ' SIEN1CKS ■ ■■ V ■V K ■: - : C ; - Holly Adams Matthew Aspin NN: Hollyberry, Holl, Hornet (thanks to Tracey). FW: Scott, Brenda, Candi and the rest of the family. ACT: Gymnastics 85’-86’. FAV MEM: Quebec 84’-85 ' , being best friends w Michelle, Kerry, Joy, going to Hampton w Joy in the summer. LI: Graduation. DL: school homework. AMB: To marry Scott be very happy. AE: Thanks Mom Dad, I love you. Julie Adiletto NN: Jules. FW: Tux, Kym, Kris, Mich, Hob, anyone who makes me laugh. ACT: fid. hockey, softball, hockey cheer, Drama, JM. FAV MEM: Petty 86’, 87’, soph banq., Prom, CA w Mom, Kelly’s Heytul- lys, forgotten nights, “b-ball game”, LI: GB, useless w Petty, wild one forever, my beach-the-cir- cle, psychology, my car, DL: Bap- choice, Rt. 88, you crazy?, “cor¬ sages”, regrets, FAV SAY: Don’t dare me! AMB: Rn, to own CA. beach house. AE: I wish U the best Buds-Mom Dad I love ya! Monica Amendola NN: Moni. FW: Eb, Meil, Laurel, Chucky the others. ACT: base¬ ball basketball mgr 4, skiing. FAV MEM: Duxbury Boxboro 86’, Calif. 85’, times in the G.P., 4- wheeling w Laurel, Inxs, Ma.s car, Harry’s parties, U2, banquets, Prom after, ski trips, Cape Sum¬ mer 87’, S.C. parties. LI: sleep, Ol¬ ive pizza, Elton, C.B., tans, beach¬ es. DL: humidity, Rubbaneck, yangin, wreckless driving, osteo- perosis. AE: Eb, should we save the ice? Good luck Class of 88! Eric C. Anderson NN: Max. FW: Margy, Hawk, Mike, Bake, Roms, Marblehead and the gang. ACT: all water sports. FAV MEM: Cape Cod summers, cruis¬ ing snatch alley, Monomy, Gene¬ sis, Roger Waters, The Belmont. LI: money, Jumper my tarantula, muscle cars, 151, lobster pots. DL: Larry Law, The Gargoyle, side¬ walks, being carded, getting caught, gas bills. FAV SAY: Noth¬ ing ' s against the law unless you get caught. AMB: To own a chain of packy stores w Margy. NN: Matt. FW: John, Kelly, Scott, Keerie, Jen the girls. FAV MEM: Jr. Prom, 5 20 87, nights at Bea¬ ver, soph, yr., concerts parties, McD’s, great times w John Kelly. LI: girls, my car, summer¬ time, music, Star, honesty, having fun. DL: waking up, bad days, snobs, stupidity, Dairy. FAV SAY: I don’t get it! AMB: To keep life ex¬ citing, to stay happy. AE: Thanks for everything John, you ' ve made it all worth while. I love you Mom Dad. Look out world, here I come! Scott Ayan FW: Dan, Jeff, Bill, Greg anyone else who will put up with me! FAV MEM: playing guitar on stage for the first time, playing in “Klass”, playing in “Shatterglass” vari¬ ous other garage bands, parties at “The Oven”, times at the “F- path”, Poison in concert, VH in concert, Kix in concert, summer vacations. LI: playing guitar, girls, weekends. DL: idiots (can ' t men¬ tion names so I won’t), those little subscription cards that fall out of magazines. FAV SAY: Who cares!! AMB: To be a rock star or die trying. Tobey J. Bachelder NN: Tobes, Hob. FW: Ron, Mich, Denise, Julie, Kym, Kris. ACT: cheerleading 1-4, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: times w friends, Seger, Ste¬ vie, brutt fights, Petty, numbteeth, Chikita, day-after, N.H. w Mich, “Our Picnic”, Cape, killer toma¬ toes. LI: Surprises, birthdays, hockey, microwave popcorn. DL: overheating, being lost, keys in trunk, tickets, plunging toilets, 2 a.m. . AMB: To be happy suc¬ cessful. AE: Thanx Mom Dad for everything, I love you! Good luck 88 ’! Kelly Bailey NN: Bettle, Kel. FW: Brenda, Aar¬ on, Danny, Matt, Anette, Paula, Lisa, Beet, Jim, Petty, Tony, John. FAV MEM: Barbados, Hampton, The Cape, Summer 87’, parties at my house, grincing w BAP, skipping w Bren. LI: shopping, Chinese food, Bruins games, fun people, being a senior, payday, summer. DL: mondays, rain, curfews, liars, locking the keys in my car, Brenda ' s driving! AMB: To make a lot of money happy. AE: Good luck everyone!! I love you Mom! 38 Todd Baker Charles Bennett 14: Bake. ACT: Hockey 1-4, Golf 14. FW: Cal, Jesse, PJ, Marble, | msie, and the rest of the pine- lads. FAV MEM: Cape 87, 4th of jly 87, fishing with Bizo Frick, |? concert, Baileys Bash, parties. I Water skiing, hockey, blondes, Ihing, Three Stooges, winning, J)ing curls. DL: Losing to Canton, I tting busted, locking my keys in 1 car, one way streets. FAV S KY: Blue lights mean we win. ,4B: To build and design my own I ' use, and be able to pay for it. |i: Thanks Mom Dad Adam John Ballarino M: Bal. FW: Brian, Jeff, Eric, fcker, Bizzo, Joe, Chuck, Diane. JIT football 1-4, Cap 4, wrestling It, Cap 4. FAV MEM: N. Orleans, |; keys, day after Prom, Pats jmes, Canale’s house, Toomey’s crt, Summer St. LI: JIMI, The I ss. winning, Fla, rev. mohawks, i52, GTC, vettes. DL: snow- knks, camaros, getting blown off, !’, Weston, losing, gasers, pre- (me, snake bites, knee braces, le Dukes. FAV SAY: I kill me. 1 IB: To be just like Ted Stefan. !: Thanks Fricker, I was just lost i the flood. AnneMarie Bassick IV: whoever. FAV MEM: Stevie Icks, Fleetwood Mac, lunch Jr. I, CSN, Roger Waters, Cape VDave, Icehouse w Beg Thief, uarte rs w Sue. LI: Fleetwood lac, Mars, lost 45’s, sunglasses, ise incense, the moon, Cat Ste- f ns, Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead. ,AV SAY: That ' s groovin. AMB: ' ) follow my dreams. AE: Stand- g at the crossroads I try to read e signs to tell me which way I iiould go to find the answer when lil the time I know plant your love i id let it grow. Monique A. Beaudette 14: Desiree, Pokey. FW: Kerri, jal, Beth, Weedy, Billy, others. 5JT: hockey cheerleading, soft- ill. FM: Mussi’s Weedy Hill, Jr. iom, times w B.S., Fleetwood Jjac, Skynard, Boston, Bowie 87’. I: 4-wheeling, grilled cheese, i ow, Billy, Fridays, fast cars. DL: (Ivegnal yelleck, rainy days, fights Billy. AMB: To make momzy |oud. AE: Got a quarter Pete, I ve you Mom, I wish you the best lie, good luck Class of 88, c-ya Iiina. NN: Chuck. FW: Joe, Todd, Moni¬ ca. ACT: Football 1-4. FAV MEM: GTL, Nova days, Summer 86, ’5150’, football 86, VH ’86’, Todd’s house, SNL, quarter mile, spiked-do, D’s house, Cape w Moni. LI: Cruising, playing, M.A., mega sound systems, find¬ ing parties, American girls, laugh¬ ing, convertible cars. DL: Not play¬ ing, nothing to do, being late. FAV SAY: What a jerk. AMB: To be on the D. Letterman show. AE: And yet it happened. Heidi Lynne Bergman FW: Just about anyone! ACT: Se¬ nior class Pres, OEA Sec, year¬ book, Student Council 1-4. FAV MEM: France, Aruba, Marshfield 85-87, Boston Harvard, four years of weekends w a great bunch of friends! LI: Red, people, music, men (esp. foreign), ac¬ cents, romance, travel, surprises, x-mas, $, chocolate, being greeted by Tess! DL: Stress, cracking knuckles, bad breath, racing against time, Dan’s “man” image. AE: D K-Thanks! (For all the times I didn’t say it.) ’88 ' - ' Til we meet again . . . Craig Bernheart NN: Giarc, Ernest, Parker. FW: Cabbage Regime, Class of 88. ACT: Oskey 2-4, Klass 2. FAV MEM: Times with A.M., Chris’ par¬ ties, VH 84, 86, DLR 86, Prom 87, NY 87, Jordan ' s, Stryper 85, 87, D.E. with M + L, Auto 1, Kev’s Coronet, B. Joel 86, the rock. LI: Jammin’, sleeping, fishing, Rhoads, Ryche. DL: Mornings, be¬ ing broke, death, Yada’s back pats. AMB: To be the all-being master of time, space, and dimen¬ sion. AE: Take care 88, thanx Mom and Dad, I love ya. Hey Bea¬ ker stop interrupting me. Patrick Bissanti NN: Bizzo, Bizworth, FW: Weedy, Missy, Ted, Frick, Jeff, Mario, Ed. ACT: Football 2-4, hockey 1-4, field bombing. FAV MEM: Weedy hill, Freshman year, B.S.B, Skyr- ynd, tracks, nights in Mario ' s blaz¬ er, day after prom, NH road trip. LI: Winning, green monsters, good parties, snow days, Fricks giggs. DL: Canton, KP, losing, getting caught, teachers that are never absent, rats, getting my car stuck. FAV SAY: You’re nothing. AMB: To own my own bar called Bozo ' s Big Top. 39 Toni Boix Edward Buckley NN: Toni. FW: Allison, Kristen, Ju¬ lie, MaryBeth, + Sue. ACT: For¬ eign Language Club, Tennis. FAV MEM: Aug. ' 87. LI: Tennis, making new friends, swimming, summer. DL: Getting up EARLY!, exams, waiting for letters from home, pho¬ ny people. FAV SAY: What? AMB: To be a lawyer and return to U.S.A again. AE: Thanks to my American family for this wonderful year! I wait for you in Spain. Christian Andre Bonvin NN: Chris. FW: Jon, Circ, David. ACT: Soccer 1-4. FAV MEM: Sum¬ mer ' 87, beating Foxboro, soccer season ' 87, 2nd period study ju¬ nior year. LI: People with class, sleeping late, the Boss, cars with powerful engines, sports, the ocean, comedy movies. DL: Fox¬ boro, triples, Sunday practice, waking up early, baseball, people with little ability who are conceited anyway. AMB: To have success, happiness, power, and wealth. AE: Best of luck to the class of ' 88. David J. Briggs Jr. NN: DJ. FW: Kris, Chris, Pisan, Kent, Robin. ACT: Art, HW in HR, RISD 1, 2. FAV MEM: Summer of ’87’ w Kris, Prom, 9-12-87, art, U2, phone convos w Kris, 38 Spe¬ cial, the old shift, 2-14-87, New Year 86, ambushing 87, David S, X-mas banquet 86. LI: Art, rain, the dark, beaches at night, the BOSS, Sunday football, CFM boots, money, Lamborghini. DL: Broken plans, boredom, veggies, long distance. FAV SAY: Awe¬ some, What’s up? AMB: To be an art teacher. AE: Thanks Mom Dad. And we’re off . . . Colleen A. Brote NN: Co-Leen, Brot. FW: Mike, Mari-L, Merry, Kerrie, Guy, Erica, + others. ACT: Track 1-4, soccer 4. FAV MEM: Times w Mike, par¬ ties, RED UNDERWEAR, CCK, Prom 87, Scusset 86, Hampton 87, Huey 87, moped riding w Guy, Kennedy, “The cooler times”. LI: Getting my way, Mike, $, eating, good times. DL: Unexpected visi¬ tor, Parmenter, fake people, skid- ders. FAV SAY: Oh, my God. AMB: To be happy, successful, + spend my life w M.S. AE: I love you Mom + Dad. Tuna Pocket, “Joey is a friend of mine.” John B. Calarese NN: Cal. FW: PJ, BC, TB, JM, TS, rest of 88. ACT: Hockey 1-4. FAV MEM: Beetle’s bash, the day after prom, Maine, Bon Jovi, sum¬ mers 1-4, Hrsneck, Yone’s 87, Sr. year, Vt., free wk. 87. LI: Summer, concerts, good parties, wkends, water skiing, lifting, money, girls, being with friends. DL: Telephone poles, police cars, a.m. practices, running yuppies, being grounded, 2 faced people, paying for gas. FAV SAY: No, get out! AMB: To make something of myself. AE: I made it Mom Dad, It’s been real 88 ! Gail Diane Caldwell FW: Jeanette, Liz, Sue, Jenn, Sa¬ rah, Tina, Brian, and the gang. ACT: Dance Workshop 1-4, year¬ book 4, soccer 1. FAV MEM: Bry¬ an Adams 86 87, Huey + News 87, the Cape, Liz’s parties, Mon- kees 86, Sophomore year, Chem 7, 1 23 88. LI: Oceans, dance, being w friends, making them laugh, music, football. DL: Scars, messy people. FAV SAY: I’m gonna snap, ya lose. AMB: To let nothing stand in my way! AE: “The best was yet to come! " -Bryan Ad¬ ams. Thanks Mom + Dad, you’re the best!! Brian C. Campbell NN: Bri, Sheep. FW: The Jens, Sa¬ rah, Lynn, Jude + the Harem. ACT: Yearbook, taxiing. FAV MEM: Water riding w Jen C. + Sonja Lea, Oct. weekend, con¬ certs w Lynn, ’Til Tuesday, party at Amy’s, Proms ' 86 4- 87, Billy Idol, U2, July 4, 87, 6th pd. study. LI: J.D., Keebies + Lemonade, yellow shirts, Aimee Mann. DL: Liz’s slap, Cashel ' s leftovers, Kelly O’s, girls that act like men. FAV SAY: Hellooo McFly! AE: You know I love ya, Lynn + Jenn D. To my parents + teachers, thanks. 40 Anthony Caravaggio Marilyn Carmignani Tina A. Carlucci fJ: T, Teen, Gimpy. FW: Brenda, Inn, Chris, Kim, Karen, Liz, In. ACT:NHS 3-4, FLC 4, YBK 4. LV MEM: Bryan Adams the boters, summer 86, 1 30 87, [ dies w the gang, senior fresh, jar, 5th per. study, teary late ijhts w Jenn. LI: Balloons, Red Lx, Spritz, smiles, laughs, MGF, Urvettes, pictures. DL: Glass loes, crutches, funerals, plaid, igatives. FAV SAY: Get out?! ,4B: To stay off crutches. AE: ' Vhat’s so good about goodbye nen the best was yet to come?” 1a. imberly C. Carmichael HI: Kym. FW: Julie, Denise, Kris, k;h, Tobe anyone I laugh with. )T: Field hockey 1-4, Jr. Miss. FV MEM: Petty 86, 87, Kelly’s, figotten nights, Fleetwood Mac, f picnic, Quebec, Hey Tully’s, snmer of 87, Woodsy’s, uncon- t. liable w Jules, stitches at St. Fccos, “B-ball game”. LI: PET- 1 , stupid things, useless nights, 0, Gumby, wkends, munchies, sindards. DL: Cockey boys, find- ii out, moving, waiting, “cor- s es”. FAV SAY: It’s all over. IB: To always be happy. AE: Vsh us were here Mom Dad. Dennis Carmignani F : Family, T.P., Casper, Mike, Srra, Redda, Gordon, Bev. FAV ► :M: Neil Young 84, 86f, 87, The E nd 4x’s esp Lupo’s, CSN, and i other concerts, Italy, good ties with friends. AE: " Once yu’re qone you can ' t come kck”-N.Y. NN: Malzo, Mari-lamb, critter, (Roxanne on Fridays). FW: Nikki, Nickie, Kerri, Mystic, Annette, Bonny, Mary, Robin, Weedy, and of course BETHLAHAM! FAV MEM: Warwick AV, RR tracks, Weedy hill, Turtle Pond, Moon, 20 ft., Beaver, quarter mi., Meadow- lands w Beth, Pellegri’s New Years, summer of 85. LI: The Mon¬ te, weekends w my buddies, morning sessions w Nickie + the master, Sat. night missions w the critters, Led Zeppelin, sunshine. AE: Beth-it’s-a-classic! Nikki P. we grew up! John Cashel NN: Alf, Stallion. FW: Jody, C.B., B.C., D.Y. ACT: Pub. speaking, D.E. FAV MEM: Senior prom, D.E. Falmouth trip 87. LI: Jody, idea of graduating, talking to my friends. DL: Speeding tickets, enemies, stuck up women, waiting. FAV SAY: Who’s the @ “$ ! AMB: To be a very successful lawyer, politician, businessman, also to be a very good husband to Jody. AE: Thank you Jody for your support, I love you. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with the likes of me! I love you! Thanks B.C., C.B., D.Y. William Caso FW: PJ, Stingly, Cal, Gok (9). ACT: Varsity hockey, baseball. FAV MEM: Fresh year, Upper Union-Oakland Pkwy, Washington trip, Boxboro mission, block party + those unbuilt houses. LI: $, my convert, Quifa’s, being different, missing curfew, most FHS dances. DL: Doz-off while driving, jealous people, Grays dream. FAV SAY: Nice! Ya donkey-(Hee Haw), Chick-eye. AMB: Make mucho $ doing what I want. AE: Mom 4- Dad you’re the best. Class of " 88” if it itches, scratch! Bo-Bo. Stephen Casparian NN: Casper. FW: Dennis, Mike, Harry, Mike B, and everybody else. ACT: Football 1, baseball 2, guitar. FAV MEM: DEAD 84-87, Pat Meth 87, Weedy Hill, NY 87, « Neil Young, cotton bowl 85, Lu- pos. LI: DEAD, jammin, parties, Mike’s truck, fishing, friends. DL: Sounds-Abounds, no money, be¬ ing lost in the Bronx, school rules, crusin. FAV SAY: That’s cool. AMB: To be a successful musician. AE: Gotta make it somehow on the dreams we still believe. 41 . Michelle Lee Chase Denise Colella NN: Mish, Mic. FW: Tobe, Denise, Julie, Kym, Laura, Kris, + every¬ one else I like. ACT: Class Sec. 3- 4, hockey cheering 2-4, JM, OEA. FAV MEM: Times w friends + neighbor gang, driveway hunting w Lisa, killer tomato, NH w Tobe, Petty, banquets + Prom, Di’s house, 10 25 85. LI: Parties, yel¬ low Irocs, oldies, sunsets, tans. DL: Fighting w people, fake peo¬ ple, liars, Spain bus trips. FAV SAY: Whateva. AMB: To live in Australia. AE: Thanks Mom, Dad, Te, + Dave. Good luck Schempp, have fun. Caroline Cioto John Circone NN: Circ. FW: Matt, Scott, Keerie, Ed, Mike, Steve. FAV MEM: Soph, yr., Boston 87, Jr. Prom 87, port¬ folio day 87, Halloween party 87, 2nd per. study Jr. yr., nights on Beaver Pond, going out with the gang. LI: Girls, weekends, party¬ ing, friendship, Italian food, driv¬ ing, quiet times with someone spe¬ cial. DL: Stupidity, obnoxious people, people who use their friends, smoking. FAV SAY: I love that! AMB: To be happy and suc¬ cessful. AE: Thanks Matt, you’re the best! Goodbye FHS, look out world! Barbara Colella NN: Barb, Barbie, Bubba. FW: DAVE, KW, WY, CC, KG, LT, + the rest. FAV MEM: Times w Dave, Adam s 85 + 87, Roth 86, Aero. 86, 8 3 86, N. Years 86 + 87, Prom 87, Cape 8 87, Wendy ' s 9 87, Jim’s 10 87, 6 7 86, N. Carolina 87. LI: Dave, being Italian, Bianco, guys, tans, cruisin, roses, Adams. DL: Snow¬ banks, curfews, Deanies, Kens, waiting, breaking up w Dave, liars, landing 11 86, my car, Piggy. FAV SAY: Forget it! AE: Mom, Dad, Jim, Vin, + Lin, I luv ya. Dave, honk honk I luv you! FW: Dooly, Kym, Mich, Teri, Kris, Tobes. ACT: Treas 1-4, softball 1- 4, JM. FAVA MEM: Stevie, Madon¬ na, Cape 85, Fla 86, 87, Fleet- wood Mac, woodsies w K, stealing cars, Prom, banquets, Kelly’s, Hey Tullys. LI: Private jokes, stupid things, scary thoughts, pickles, Being immature, SS, sunsets, beaches. DL: Route 88, Wareham, sleeping in the SH, losing my car, being in trouble, jobs, reality, corsages. FAV SAY: You guys! Are you serious? AMB: To avoid reality as long as possi¬ ble. AE: Thanks M, D; D + P. Janet L. Cooper NN: Jan, Coop. FW: Heidi, Chris, Debbie, Sue, Sarah, Jen. ACT: Tennis 1, Chorus 1-3, Foreign Ex¬ change 2 4, OEA 4, Student Council 4, Honor Soc. FAV MEM: France, Wash D.C., New York, the Prom, U2, Pine Acres. LI: Snow¬ storms, Corey Hart, blue, music, shopping, fall, the beach, convert¬ ibles, dancing, camping. DL: “The scaries”, long lines, doctors, meatball subs. AMB: To travel the world. AE: I’ve had the time of my life! Shouldn ' t that be an R Jen?! Meredith A. Corbett NN: Merry. FW: Paul, Kerrie, Col¬ leen, Paula, Lisa, Claudia, + any¬ one else around. ACT: Soccer 1-4, track 1-4, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: Marshfield 85, camping 86, Kinks 87, FCDC 87, red underwear, some parties, Mac’s drive thru in a standard, sunny nights. LI: Excite¬ ment, simpie notes, Meatloaf, ri¬ ots, 110 dollar roses, soccer legs, weekends, P.D. DL: Boredom, having no time, stalling on rt 9, big plans that turn out wrong. FAV SAY: YIPPIE! You’re probably cool! AE: Wish you were here! Cheri Ann Costantino FW: Keith, Kiki, Wendy, Godi, Barb, Cyndi, ACT: Soccer mgr. 1- 4, cheering 1-4, DEC A 3-4, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: Times w Keith, Halloween 87, Aerosmith 87, sum¬ mer 87, Maine 87, 7 4 87, 12 23 85, snowdays, Prom, 5 17 86, 11 28 86, California, New Years. LI: Being w Keith, Maine, roses, being Italian, smiles, purple, surprises, B.A., red cars, LeMans, cheering. DL: Godi’s driv¬ ing, moving snowbanks, 12 19 84, being sick, lies, fights. AE: Thanks for everything Mom + Keith! I love you! 42 Douglas William Cowell h: Doug. FW: Vin, Jars, Bob, T. , mpin, Cory. ACT: Soccer 1-4. KV MEM: Quebec 87, Jr. Prom, bston trips, beating Foxboro, jiastie Boys 87, DLR 87, Outfield I), winning the Hockomock I ague, Killington 87, LI27, Chez larios, outer limits. LI: Paychecks, Us, CFA, skiing, class of 88, NFL, j m. DL: NY Giants, Foxboro, lath, the bottle bill, losing, NFL :ab games. FAV SAY: Uh-huh, ilht. AMB: To be successful in I isiness. AE: Thanks for every- i ing Mom and Dad. Robin Lynne Crandall In: Robi. FW: Nikki, Nina, Lisa, Ic. ACT: Dance, Oskey 86 + 87, , Miss. FAV MEM: Oskey, Stevie ji, stories w Lis, Sombreros in ks room, Baryshnikov 87, child la, NYC, horse-dog, 1st dance of J. LI: Dance, poetry, CFB, pink, iny nights, Mattapoisett, money, Bear, gold, revenge. DL: Break- g up, sleepless nights, no gas. MB: To dance on Broadway, cut record, and write a bestseller. E: Good luck Roy! Susan Crandall l: Sue, Cranie, D.Q., Susie. FW: sanette, Heidi, Jen, Jan, Liz, Deb- e, Chris, Van, Rick, Stacy, Toni. ,3T: Student Council 7-12, Pres ll, 12, band 7-12, latin club, : hool board rep 12, Star Mkt. W MEM: Wash D.C., Toronto, om, field trips, Redding HS, driv- g, banquets, trig. LI: Cute dudes, 2, field trips, Pete J. DL: Noses urallel to the sky, liars, slow or ■ unk drivers. FAV SAY: Funky! awdy! Scary! AMB: Foreign Ser- :e. AE: Thanks Dad Mom, Ms. Ypas, Ms. Cornetta, Mr. Mio, Mrs. enize, Mr. Feldman. Eric Cusson M: Ric. FW: Gook, Bal, Pete, Jeff, E:zo, Jo. ACT: FB 1-4, B 1-4, tsketball 1-2, class Pres. 1-3. f V MEM: The Boss 84, Bal ' s ca¬ ll na, coach Leone, sophomore I, the Cape, Hampton, day after f: m. LI: Football, baseball, win- jig, HR, smiles, Bizzo’s haircuts, t Boss, Bugs Bunny, summer fes. DL: THE FEARSOME FOUR- j)ME, losing, KP, shoulders, rain, listed times. AMB: To break ray and be warm and happy. j.V SAY: I didn’t do it! AE: We ride it Mom + Dad, I love you Ith. Steve Daesen NN: Dacey. FW: Mike, Brian, DJ, Derek . . . ACT: Football, baseball, bowling, pool, golf. FAV MEM: Rocky Point, Prom 86, the Chal¬ mers ' , Ficco’s, talking to Brenda’s cat, onset, football practices. LI: Sports, money, sport cars, Neil Young, Hi-tech equipment, shop¬ ping, computers. DL: School, work, French classes. AMB: Lots of success, happiness, and for¬ tune. AE: Thank you Mom, Dad, and Uncle Ray. Michael Daly NN: Mike. FW: Stephen, Rob, Derek, Dean, Brian, Rick, Jim, and Kelly in Soc. class. FAV MEM: Liza concert 8 11 87, Summer of 87, Florida, 10 11 87. LI: Weekends, sleeping in late, money, unsuper¬ vised study, old movies, Florida. DL: Math, comp uters, Mondays, snobs, hot dogs, school lunches. AMB: To be successful at whatev¬ er I do. AE: Thanks Ma and Dad for everything. Diane Marie D’Amico NN: Di, De. FW: Maga, Raf, Hunk, Yethy, Pam, Bri, Bal + the rest. ACT: Cheerleading 1-4, capt 2-4, JM. FAV MEM: Soph yr, HAL¬ LOWEEN 87 w BG, meeting E. Money, F + S ban, roadtrips, Prom + day after, times w TS, playoffs, MT. Wach, summers at Cape, winning Prouty 85, 87, 88, Cape w BG, 10 25 85, Hi 33. LI: Laughing, being tan, ice cream, 1st place, competitions, beaches, FB H games. DL: Fights w BG, waiting, liars, fake people, Rayn- ham, goodbyes. AMB: To be rich! AE: Pam it ' s.only Tuesday. Lynn Marie Dancy NN: Linda, Nancy. FW: Jenny Doe, Heidi, Liz, Brian, artheads. ACT: Stud. Council, yrbk, art, tennis. FAV MEM: MASP, HoJo 85 + 87, U2 87, Spain (kinda), times w Mike, Slippery Bob, Y.G., per. 6 study, meeting Ivan Lendl, Bryan Adams. LI: Skiing, VanGogh, non¬ stop shop, the VOLV, Billy Idol, tans. DL: Nukes, Segovia day trip, double faults, the green boat, male chauvinists. AMB: To be Pres, of U.S., own a BMW, marry Boris Becker. AE: Good luck class of 88. To my fam. friends-thanks for everything! 43 Joy Ellen Dauley Joe DePetrillo NN: Toy. FW: Chrissy, Laura, Missy, Varj, D.P., Beth. FAV MEM: Fr. yr., forgettable times, S. Nicks ‘ ' 86 " , Petty " 84 + 87 " , CS + N, times w DP, Presidential lot, L.B.’s house, LENNY, New Yrs. Eve “87 " , B. floor w Laura, toasts w Chrissy, lawn job, H.R. night, the click, Jenny Picalos, V-land, trip w Chrissy, bonfire “84”, Cape “87”, X-mas eve “85”, UNH, BLN. LI: D.P., roses, monte ss, girls night out. DL: Bellingham PD, regrets. AE: Thanx Mom + Dad, CL “I ain’t wasting no more time!” Wayne C. Davis NN: Stain. FW: John, Matt, Scott, Dave, Karen, Cris and the rest. FAV MEM: Bos 87, ZZ Top 86, times in Maine, boat landing after dance, 12 5 86, B100, slush bagel wars, french fry basketball in lunch. LI: Floor hockey, 57 Cheby, times in Maine, Vette, Stingray, music, football, my car, golf, work. DL: Lies, broken promises, morn¬ ings, Mondays, chem, day after M A wedding, wasted time, wast¬ ing money, losing. FAV SAY: What are you, funny? AMB: To become an eng, take over Noremac. AE: Thanks Mom, Dad, Al, Kathy. Mari-Lou DeBaggis NN: Mary, M.L. FW: Sheila, Col¬ leen, Lisa, and anyone else who is around. FAV MEM: Soph yr, cart rds, scheming w Sheila, Scusset 86, Tom Petty " T.D.T.F.”, 8 29 87, Live Aid wkd, 8 2 86, Florida 86, INXS, New Yrs 87, nites on the bank, 7 11 87, C.C.K. LI: Good times w friends, RTC, week¬ ends. DL: Freshman yr, rats, round brushes, mold, Parmenter woods, locker 53, disrespectful people. FAV SAY: Are you serious? AMB: To be happy + successful. AE: Thanx Mom + Dad, Colleen wrong person! Daniel Dena NN: Depa. FW: Q, Snake, Dan, Pi¬ san, Chief, Shwartz. ACT: B-ball 1, 2, BVD 4, golf 2-4. FAV MEM: Golf 87, Florida 88, Eddie Murphy 86, criming 86, poker nights, LI: Mon¬ ey, parties, weekends at colleges, sleeping late, Saturdays in Boston. DL: Stupidity, 3-Putts, Larry Law, Baker’s driving, losing, barrage, bosses. FAV SAY: Wow! AMB: To own a business, retire at 40. AE: Thanks for being there Dad. Robert W. DeRose FW: Jars, Red, Dug, T, and the rest of the senior classless. FAV MEM: Canada 87 + 88, outer limits w Jeff, Tommy’s, Prom w Eb, day after, nights at the sun, Bee¬ tle’s, NWL, the Crue, GD + D, w D.C.P, U2, the circle, and the dart. LI: Saab 900s, skiing, sleep, GH, VH, BB, GL, GC, AND $. DL: Parties at my house, rags, jail cells. FAV SAY: Front seat, yeah! AMB: To make serious money + retire in style! AE: Thanks Mom and Dad. Mary D’Errico FW: My family, Bonnie, Pete, other fun people. FAV MEM: Dux- bury summers, Florida, NH week¬ ends, BH Boston w Bon, Block Island, 20 ft, the vineyard, Rock- port fun concerts. LI: Smiles, hugs, arlo, beaches, mermaid tears, sunsets, Kermit, tangerine Nantucket. DL: Punchy, Ficco’s parking lot, “friends” who don ' t know the meaning of the word, Donny’s toothbrush. AMB: To catch up w my dreams. AE: Bon, don ' t 4get to milk the cows! Donny, AHGWA! I love u Mom Dad! Joseph T. Dmytryck NN: Joe. FW: Serra, Margy, Wayne, Dave, and others. ACT: Hunting, fishing, and other fun things. FAV MEM: Portfolio day 87, car crash. LI: Fango, cartoons, gory movies, sleeping. DL: Yellow poles, gym, swamprats, blue lights. FAV SAY: D-M-Y-T-R-Y-C- K. AMB: To get a name with vow¬ els. AE: Hey! Hubijacokuf. 44 Jennifer Jane Arianne Doherty N: Jenn, Jenny Doe. FW: Lynn, Isa, Liz, Vee, Jeanette, Heather. Uv MEM: U2 84 + 87, slippery bb, Christmas at Liz ' s, Halloween unce 86, rasberry slushes ' Lisa, horror movies, 6th period ndy. LI: Black, spraypaint, night, 1 3 Jesus + Mary Chain, scary do¬ ts. DL: Airheads,male jocks, ath, Keebie breath, Policias Mili- ' es. AE: Kathy, wake up! Brian, en though you are a sheep head, ; u’re still okay. Liz and Jeanette, hum Michael Carven Dorsey N: Doc, Doccen. FW: The soccer am, KS, Jim, OD, Bill, Ed, Pat, lief + Dan, Cory, Doug, Red. ;T: Soccer 1-4, hoop 1, 2, 4, ick 1-4. FAV MEM: SS w Jars, l|mmer parties, Cape 87, Quebec l, Killington, beating Foxboro, l ing champs, Friendly sign, snoo- |i in the back seat. LI: Soccer, {ling, SWB, Sunday River, True (it, sleeping, deep powder, win- ng. DL: Prom 87, triples, wiping ct, losing, Dean cops. FAV SAY: ” h right. AMB: To be happy. AE: Tanks for everything Mom + Ed. Good luck 88. Kristen L. Doyle N: Kris, Mugsy. FW: Steve, Mis- $, Bernie, Squish. ACT: Color- jard 2-4, co-capt 3 + 4, chorus, I it. Honor Society. FAV MEM: El- I Haven, Soph banquet w Josh, v Prom w Steve, Riverside, uste water exit. LI: Having fun + ling w ith friends, shopping and sending money. DL: Gym class. E: Thanks FHS for all the memo- s. I love you Mom and Dad. Mel Steve you’re great friends, Luv ! Squish! Tess Susan Dubois M: Dooby, Tesa. FW: Kel, Ang. |m Dancing, Jr. Ms. FAV MEM: h line w Kel, Nutcracker, this is a $ ewalk, LGSSBU, creepy three, Sdw w Ang, killing the mother- S p, here pinky, whitey, plate carge, 4th study with Scott N. LI: " 42, Kniffy, tan, lettuce cheese sndwich, $, X-mas, rhinestones, othes, square jaws, dancing. DL: (utches, fat, bellbottoms, braces, cnteloupe, SAT. FAV SAY: Hi In. AMB: Be rich. AE: I love you bm, Dad, Todd. Speak up Kel I tn’t hear you. Jeanette Marie Duffy NN: LJ, Jette, Nanet. FW: Sue C, Sue W, Liz, Liz, Jenn, Gail, + oth¬ ers. ACT: Band 1-4, Jazz band 2 + 3, yrbk 2 + 4, Student Council 3 + 4. FAV MEM: Def Lep, Duran, + Idol 87, Monkees 86, S.C., D.C., MICA, Hyannis, Liz’s parties, Spain. LI: Teddy bears, music, laughing, travel. DL: Goodbyes, math, failing. AMB: To be rich + happy. AE: Thanks for everything Mom + Dad, I love you. Mar, I wish you could have been here, it’s not the same without you. Joe Duggan FW: Chuck, Todd, Dave, any¬ body else. ACT: Baseball 1-4, football 1-3. FAV MEM: Nova days, GTL, ‘5150’, 9 29-10 23 86’, summer 87’, 2cb’s, jr. yr., VH 86’, spiked-do, bombin’ cars, foot¬ ball 86’, quarter mile, Painter’s jock, football 86’. LI: Summer, food, baseball, Chuck’s Nova, fin- din’ a bash, playin’ catch, summer nights. DL: Winter, school, pests, hole in my car. AMB: To have fun. James F. Duronio NN: Jim, Schwartz. FW: Dan, O’D, Mike, Chief, Tim, Joe, Tooch, the rest. ACT: Soccer 1-4, S. track 2-4, SC 2-4, Hon. Soc., BVD Inv. FAV MEM: Hawaii 87’, NH, cruisin in the fag way, 6 19 87, winning, France 85’, Ski trips 86 87, visit¬ ing at MIT, poker n’s. LI: Ice cream, beating Foxboro, sports, days off, Fall, being w friends, CCFD’s. DL: Sun. morn, prac., los¬ ing, work, Foxboro, regrets. FAV SAY: “We goin’ to Friendly’s. AMB: To live a happy, long life. AE: Thanks Mom Dad for everything. Melissa Grace Earls NN: Missy. FW: Mario, Laura, Chris, Toy, Varj, Bren, Bizzo. FAV MEM: Fresh yr., CA 87’, Stevie, LENNY, lawn job, 1st wknd in TJ w La, Bizzo, Teddy, Mario’s cottage, Gwen, V-land, Peter ' s bashes, DE 1 w L C, Picalos, Bonfire 85’, 8 24 87, cruisin in TJ w La. LI: MC, parentless wknds, MC ' s truck, Irocs, football, Spring¬ steen, Italians, RB’s smile. DL: Mo- tercycle gangs head on, RE¬ GRETS, curbs, dead opposums, Bizzo on 2. AE: Laura, I don ' t care what he called me he’s a hells angel 45 Bruce Eaton Heather J. Flynn FW: Mike, Kini, Craig, Ben, Wicks. ACT: Band, Tennis, Honor Soci¬ ety, OEA, flyfishing. LI: flyfishing, 50’s music, European cars. DL: Homework, tests. FAV MEM: Graduation. AMB: To be success¬ ful. To catch a bonefish, tarpon, and an Atlantic salmon on a flyrod. To own a large BMW. AE: Thanks to all those, Mom, Dad, teachers and friends whose support will hopefully pay off in my quest for success. Keerie Melissa Eccelston FW: Jen, John, Matt, Scott, Mel. ACT: Track 1, Jr. Miss 4, Star 3-4. FAV MEM: 11 1 85, Apology w Jen, Cran. Meadows, Jr. yr., 2 per study jr. yr., Prom 86-87, being out w Matt John, Scott. Hall. w Jen. LI: Teddy bears, “scoop¬ ing” w Jen, “whatever”. DL: Goodbye’s, US Navy, being sad, moving. AMB: To be happy and live through the next 5 yrs. AE: Thank you Mom I love you, I love you Dad, Scooter you’re the best, thanks Matt, best of luck 88! Andrea Fannelli FW: Mike, The loud girls. ACT: Os- key 1-4, Klass, Jr. Miss, singing, piano. FAV MEM: Times w Mike, stickin, the bell, the cellar, Jill’s party, 10 24 85, 86, 87 . . LI: Mike, credit cards, tans, Italians. DL: cereal, gym, Mike after losing a game. FAV SAY: That’s mutant. AMB: To be on MTV and have a top 40 hit by the time I ' m 23! AE: Mom, Dad, you’re the greatest I love you, you to Mr. Mrs. Pelle- gri! “Linda are you coming? " ”... Mike I love you forever! Langevin, oqwo Ferris! Lisa J. Flaherty NN: Lee. FW: Laura, Kel, Kim, Rach, Dana, Lou, Laura C., DH, DG, BG, MM. FAV MEM: 10 24 86, cruising on East, Cape- NH 85 ' , NH 86-87, 3 yrs. w Laura, SBF w L, L., M, KK w L, D, M, stories, Rush-Aerosmith 87 ' , soph, yr., times w D L, Fr. w L, 3D. LI: Being w friends, friday nites, E.P., 3D’s, the Metal’s DL: Mondays, goodbyes. FAV SAY: What’s up? AMB. To live a good life and to be successful. AE: Thanks Mom Dad for everything, Dana Derek- good luck next year. Good luck Class of 88’! NN: Heath, Heathcliff. FW: Barba¬ ra, Kerri, Nicole, Tracy 1 2, the rest. ACT: Track, Jr. Miss, working. FAV MEM: Proms, Spain, Billy Joel, Whispers, being w friends. LI: Tigers, sunsets, smiles, weekends, hugs, roses, ro¬ mance, adventures. DL: Mornings, busses to Segovia, my knees, lies, snobs, goodbyes, not getting my way. AMB: To be happy and man¬ age my own restaurant. AE: Thanks, Mom Dad! Barb, my home is yours-it was a good year. Happiness is out there, 88, find it!! Alex N. Forbes FW: My friends. ACT: Baseball, tennis, skiing, golf. FAV MEM: Sut¬ ton Mt. 86, Okemo Mt. 84. LI: Weekends, vacations, karate, pitching, Australia. DL: Monday, rats, rain. AMB: Minimum input, maximum output, money. AE: Bring it on! Robert Foti NN: Rob. FW: Brad, Scott, Todd, Colleen and Steve H. ACT: Bas¬ ketball and baseball. FAV MEM: Meeting my best friends Scott and Kim. LI: Playing street hockey, weekends, days off, and no more high school. DL: Getting up in the morning, and Mondays. FAV SAY: I don’t get mad, I get even. AMB: To get a nice job working with computers. AE: I’m a free man too, just like you Scott. Timothy C. Franklin NN: Frank ‘n’ Stien, Frankenberry, Paco, Stienster. FW: Dan, Shwartz, Hank, and others. ACT: BVD 4, soccer 1-3. FAV MEM: Canada 85, Mellon 87, prom, 120, April vac 87, cruisin in the death- wagon, the path, Riverside 87, YF 87, the O’s 2 am, the ledge. LI: Dew, fast cars, weekends, cruisin, rock loud, hangin out. DL: 55, Larry law, McD ' s hot seats, blues in RVM. AMB: To make it work. AE: If anyone found a little black dog named Bo keep him and thanks; let the good times roll. 46 Peter Fricker Vincent W. Giardini ! l: Frick, Friction. FW: Jeff, Stu- n, Weedy, Bal, Biz, Ric + the ,t. ACT: FB 2-4, baseball 2-4, ckey 3-4, 12 oz. curls. FAV :M: Chris’s house, ME 87, Goo- , M D, bull in the ring, Gerry, all ihters, the vet, Weedy hill, Skyn- j 87, hurricain, the rink. LI: Par- s, girls, food, HR ' s, hitting, cruis- I, TD’s, the B ' s, coaches. DL: e fearsom foursom, blue lights, pool, hangin, losing, Canton, , helmets, authority. FAV SAY: iutup. AMB: Cardiologist or ain surgeon, hoot! AE: Nice tch, Bal. Scott Gardner I: Boo-Boo. FW: Circ, Spanky, pin, Ed, Keerie, band, AE. ACT: nd, BSA, social. FAV MEM: DC, : aver Pond, Freshman year, 30. LI: Playing poker in a hotel om, driving to Bridgeport Circ, weekends, B + J, girls. : Getting caught playing poker iia hotel room, getting hit by Circ v ile in Bridgeport, Mondays, imework. FAV SAY: I’m snappin. A: Thanks to those who made ! ' great. Bernadette Ann Genoa I: Bernie, Berns, Barnabee. FW: V, KO, KO, CP, SG, LF, MA, JC, 3, EB, DS. ACT: Dacey’s. FAV JEM ' Maine w Kim, times w Mel, ich w the gang, date w Matt, si ' s house after school, Kim + attresses. LI: CG’s body r being ' real friends, blue eyes, talking, jghing, Italian food. DL: Looking r Joe, flashers. FAV SAY: Snap. ylB: To be an elementary assis- nt. AE: I love you Mom + Dad. ood luck Re, JP, Meg at this hool. Sorry Mom + Dad for all e greys I cause or loss of hair, e! Steve Giardini N: Jars. FW: Bob, Doug, Red, T, id the rest of the clowns. FAV EM: Chez Mario’s, Quebec, Ha- Jn 84, Ratt 85, Diamond Dave 86, untry nites, Beetle’s Bash, the ock party, Tommy’s bench, the ccess road, Fricks at Rocco’s, de seek w RBC, scab game. : The B’s, the curls, the fat ones, g bashes, snap, Quebec’s main rip, bustin people, the van. DL: Herbek, C. Nilan, Jonesin, Chi- igo Bears, Bob’s bushes, the id, rags. AMB: To get rich quick. NN: Red, Scallion. FW: Doug, Jars, Bob, T, Ed, Cory, Doc. ACT: Hoop I, soccer 2-3, b-ball 2, BVD 4. FAV MEM: Prom, Beasties, Out¬ field, B. Idol, Quebec 84, 86, 88, Killington, sun, T’s, Daffy’s at sun- apee, flying goose, Chez Mario, FS, nites in the dart, hub trips, air¬ ing it out at Klein’s. LI:; SF Giants, skiing, SC orange, Fila, NE Pats, D. Mavs, black diamonds, school’s raviolis. DL: Lift lines, losing track of money, working on weekends. FAV SAY: You look good! AMB: To make money. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad!! Jessica Gilbert NN: Jess, Jessie. FW: Priscilla, Jen, anybody else around. ACT: Soccer 1-4, Student Council 2-4, F.L. Club 3-4, yearbook 4, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: Florida 86, 7 5 86-BC frwks, Sph. Banquet 86, Jr. Prom 87, trips to NH, times w friends. LI: Sunsets, sport cars, RB, giant pink teddy bears, inten¬ sity, rebels, the “cool” times, blue eyes. DL: People w out a sense of humor, math, being grounded, triple sessions, play¬ ing Marian. FAV SAY: Oh scary! Like ya know. AMB: To be a suc¬ cess. AE: Thanks Priscilla. Sonya Gillis NN: Sawny. FW: Bill, Deidre, Larry, Kim, Chris, Berni, Kelly, Sonja, Da¬ vid. ACT: Basketball. FAV MEM: Sophomore year Biology, The Summer of 1987. LI: Run D.M.C. LLCOOL J Eric B. and Rakim M.C. Shan Dancing and going to their concert. DL: Andrea Valley grandpa rents who don’t act like it. FAV SAY: Ya kno warn urn sayin, for real. AMB: To have my future plans succeed. AE: For everyone in this senior class to have a good and happy life, and to take your time with your lives, one day at a time. David M. Girard NN: Digga. FW: Sonja, Chris, TW, J, Tom, Mike, Steve, Guz. ACT: Football, wrestling, escavating. FAV MEM: Feb ’87, Dec ' 86, Jr. Prom, Jamestown, C.T.A., C.U. ol, Canada. LI: SLM, road trips, MBC, 500A. DL: Incompetence, commu¬ nist aggression, CD’s. AMB: To es¬ tablish law and order. AE: Thanks Pris. S for nothing, thanks Mom, Dad, Tom, Jeff, Sonja, and every¬ one else for everything. 47 Brian Godfrey Michael Gordon NN: Gook. FW: Bal, Rik, Will, + the rest of em. ACT: Football 1-4, baseball 1-4. FAV MEM: Bal’s flight, VH 87, tms w Kim, wnder the lights wins, FB 1-4, soph yr. LI: Cutlass S, FB, parties, buzn, pumps. DL: Fites with Diane, day after game, the 2 cool and conceit¬ ed hacging. FAV SAY: Relax! AMB: When it’s all over, I’ll know I did the best I could to be success¬ ful. AE: I love you Rishy! Thanx Mom + Dad for being there, I love you! Karyn Godin NN: Godin, Gode, Godi. FW: Cyndi, Kiki, Cheri, Wendy, Barb, + rest. ACT: B-ball 1-4, s-ball 2, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: Summer " 85”, awesome 3-some, w-melon fight, swim, Fresh. Banq., prom, 12s, NY " 87”, Bryan Adams, 9 12 87, Tourni 86. LI: Funny people, being obnoxious, b-bub- bles, food, b-ball, scaary movies, cruising, g-tunes, skiing, beaches. DL: Fall-stairs, being scared, Mic trip me, snobs, Karen’s b-seat, be¬ ing grounded, FS8 UH, you guys. AE: Thanks everyone I guess I’ll see ya at your wedding Cyndi. Daniel Gold NN: Bagel, Goldy. FW: Scott, Hawk, Jeff, Tiny. ACT: Soccer 1-4, wrestling 1-4, indoor soccer. FAV MEM: Beating Foxboro 87, En¬ gland 87, JJ’s class, the F path, the Mav, winning the Hockomock 87. LI: Weekends, any party soc¬ cer, wrestling. DL: Foxboro, igno¬ rant people, Sunday practice, the morning after, snobs. AMB: To go far and fly. AE: Thanx Mom and Dad. Cynthia Gordon NN: Cyndi. FW: Godin, Kiki, Cheri, Wendy, Barb, and the rest. FAV MEM: Summer of 85, awesome 3- some, watermelon, Prom, 9 12 87, Bryan Adams, NY 87. LI: Kiki’s pool, Bruce, oldies, sum¬ mer, Godin’s gum. DL: Long bus rides, colds, Chemistry, Godin’s driving, rainy days. FAV SAY: Get it! AMB: To always be a happy person. AE: I love you Mom and Dad. NN: Gordo, Gordobags. FW: D Dani, Phil + Phil, Wicks, Craic and the rest of the Band nerd; ACT: Band, Drama, Y.J., Speecf FAV MEM: D.C. with the band, th Big " E”, Drama rehearsals, ridin around in the phone van. LI: M Walkman, my guitar (manifest des tiny), going places with people DL: Boring classes, doing nothinc FAV SAY: Wait, let me rephras that; for no reason! Once again i English, for us Natives; Probabl is! Here I go! You caught me, I’r such a heel. AMB: To be rich. Erin Dene Grantz FW: Jen, Jan, Tanya, Beth, Sue and anybody else. ACT: Yearboo 4, OEA 4. FAV MEM: Cruzin w Lainie, C. Hart ’85, Starshi “86, 38 Special ’86, B. Adam ' 87, Summer ’87, and Calif. ’85 LI: Concerts, cruzing, unsupei vised, Calif., roses, and my ca DL: Geeks, not having a car, fool ball, Marshall’s, snobs, footba players, and the thought of being freshman again. FAV SAY: Thin about it! AMB: To be happy, sue cessful, and rich. AE: Thank Mom, Dad, Lainie, and Karl. Gooc bye Franklin High! Joy Paula Greenhalgh NN: Shrimp, Shroid. FW: Michelle Tricia and the rest of them. FA MEM: Hampton Beach 85-87, th Pit, going to Mn., Mark D., teacf ing Michelle to drive a standard. L Rainy nights on the beach, M chelle’s electric drivers seat, eye smiles. DL: Snobs, phonies, pet pie who drive too slow, running oi of gas, being short. FAV SA ' Gimme a break. AMB: To be wh I want and to be happy. AE: He Michelle, LOOK! Thanks to even one who helped through it, esp daily Mom and Dad. Robert A. Grimes NN: Grimy, Bush, Junior, Jerr FW: King, Mark, Paul. ACT: Mai team, Decathalon, College Bov FAV MEM: Gold medal, Wilkba LI: Loud music, Italian food, car LJA. DL: Heavy metal, heall food. FAV SAY: Dude what’s up Oh my. AMB: To have the taste: car and the best looking wife at th reunion. 48 Lisa Renee Guinard f Robin, Claude, Paula, Merry. T: Junior Miss. FAV MEM: f D ' s drivethru in a standard, sto- r | w Rob, horse-dog, skiing, fryshnikov ’87, the highway. LI: I t stomachs, guys w class, J.P. his jokes, super nachos, Laura ainnigan, chu-chu, uncontrolla- 3 ' laughter, Robin’s advice, ro- ijintics, guys w tans. DL: My )m + the day after, working at 4 j n., blue lights, blind dates, : eaking into houses, regrets, ac- i lents. AMB: To travel the world , d make millions! Ebba Haagensen J: Eb. FW: Moni, Mel, Laurel, jura the others. ACT: Base- 11 basketball mgr. FAV MEM: xboro, 4-wheeling w Laurel, Vs cad, nights in the G.P., ach, the road trips, times ' Bob, U2, Prom day after, mmer 85, INXS the 10 ft. ice, NH, Christmas 86. LI: eakfast, sleeping late, CK, flow- 3 , cow tipping, DD, 911’s, El- n. DL: Rags, stress, work, arthri- , poverty hunger. AMB: To live productive happy life. AE: We in’t save the ice Moni! Stephen Hagberg M: Redzo. FW: Anyone cool. CT: Working, fishing. FAV MEM: t. Washington 7 87, Maine ' 87, the coach house 86, ALC’s ame 2 86, World Series, Eric lapton 4 87, 4 3 84, 3 7 84. : Money, Boston Red Sox, my otorcycle, fishing, camping, ounding nails, doing nothing. DL: urn out of 86 World Series, FHS, icool people, Bob Stanley, the lets. FAV SAY: Hey dude! AMB: o work, work, and more work, to wn my own home, have a family, itire early, and never work again. E: I’m oughta here, it’s time. Bradley C. Hansen si: Brad, Ponyboy. FW: Rich, m, John, Billy, Kelly. ACT: Work- [g, band 1-3. FAV MEM: 2 years th Kelly, Aerosmith 86, 38 Spe- al 86, Boston 87, Cape Cod, July 1987, Rachel’s parties, Billy ' s tchen. LI: Crusin, my auto’s, immers. DL: Franklin Tiles, FHS, iobs, jocks, Dean, Medway Po¬ le. FAV SAY: It ' s not printable. MB: To be successful at whatev- I do. AE: Thanks Mom and Dad id I’m outa here. Wendy Diane Harrell NN: Wendle, Wend-i. FW: Tawnia, Jill, people I laugh w . ACT: Ath¬ letic training 3 4m, cheerleading 2 3, Drama Club 3 4. FAV MEM: V. A. beach 86, Stevie 86, Jr. Prom 86, Madonna 87, Calif 88. LI: Getn’ in trouble w T, dying my hair, beaches, smiles, muscles, S.D., M.L. DL: Iggy Andre 86, getn’ caught, Fri. 13th, SoCo, B.B sittin’ w T, worrying. FAV SAY: Could there like be more sand on this towel? AMB: To be an athletic trainer get rich! AE: To my fam¬ ily, thanks for everything, I love you! Bye! Jennifer Anne Harrington NN: Jenny. FW: Heather, Aimee, Laura, Laurel everyone else. FAV MEM: Times in R.I., sriving w B.L. P.S., Barry bound, trying 2 ski, P.G. bathroom, times w J.J.J. J., clambake. LI: Sum¬ mer nites, mid-nite talks w Heath, d. bike rides, good times, laughing, eyes smiles, private jokes, straws, good memories, all-niters. DL: Getting caught, being ground¬ ed, rumors, blackouts, freckles, crying, let downs. AMB: To always be happy. AE: Jokes over Heath. Thanks Mom Dad! Aimee L. Heaton FW: Heath, Bren, Jen, Di, Pam, Maga, RAF. ACT: F S Cheering, comp cheering, skiing FAV MEM: Quebec 85, Sugarloaf, Summers down the Cape, Florida w Pam, BMW’s, Halloween 87, meeting Eddie Money, U2, Rl. Fresh Ban¬ quet, Jr. Prom, Prouty’s comp, SB weekends LI: yellow roses, beach¬ es, BMW’s, winning comps, Emer¬ alds, Wellesley guys, Hockey games, H133, DL: Raynham, Prouty, losing comps, waiting AE: Everybody run, Heather’s got a Dart, thanks Mom Dad for put¬ ting up with me through the years. Kerri A. Henault FW: Jim, Nic, Heath, Barb, Tracey, + the rest. ACT: Soccer, softball, track, + work. FAV MEM: 7 4 86, Prom 87, Heartland, Medfield, Hanging out w Nic, Lke. Pearl, Whispers, Billy Joel, Jour¬ ney, summer of 86, Rocky Point. LI: Having fun, dancing, brillo pads, red mustangs, tans, roses, + mashed potatoes. DL: Having no $, fighting, being sad, failing, + spinach. FAV SAY: Who cares! AMB: 2b happy, makes lots of $, + 2b in charge. AE: I luv you Mum, thanx for everything. L.V.J.A. 49 Kelly Jean How ley Carole Kamerik NN: loog, booo, red, button. FW: Richard, Patty, mom, Bucks, Lau¬ ra, Mike in soc. ACT: Working, singing, camping, shopping. FAV MEM: 6 8 84, 5 10 85, 7 27 85, Jr. Prom 87, Def Lep 87, Italy, Hawaii 87, old times w Patty. LI: Richard, Lambie, lots a presents, Hugs + Kisses, sleep¬ ing, fr. fries, Binky, gossip, soaps. DL: Horror movies, cramps, fish, arguing, + exercise. AMB: To do well at whatever I decide to do in life. AE: Thanx for everything mom. I love you mom and dad. Brenda lllescas ACT: Field hockey, track, DECA, designing. FAV MEM: 12 29 86, day after prom, Boston shopping w Jason, FASHION SHOWS 85 + 86, Prince, U2, upperclassmen parties. LI: Jason, shopping, mon¬ ey, designing, obsessions, 2nd chances, Liz Claiborne, DMSR, PRN, my Gucci. DL: Gossip, jeal¬ ousy, FAKES, lies, fads. AMB: 2 be successful in the fashion biz + 2 marry the one I love! AE: I love u Ma + Pa, thanx 4 showing me right from wrong, Don’t waste the chance u’ve been given live w no regrets, 4-ever I be w u. Kevin A. Jones NN: Jonsie. FW: Derek, Greg, Ex¬ cess, + Shannon. ACT: Hockey, music. FAV MEM: Jamming w Derek, Gino, + Rick, Burling¬ ton, Vermont, Bakes card games, Hockey championship, Stryper 87, parties, Giarsi’s laugh. LI: Stryper, hockey, money, eating, guitar, laughing, girls. DL: Losing, dingle- berries, Bruin’s fans, cheap shots. FAV SAY: You ' re cool. AMB: To be the first round draft choice of the Canadians. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad. Jolene Nicole Kaiser NN: Jo. FW: AEKL, TFG. FAV MEM: Summer 86 87, Jr. Prom, Mono, T’s w AEKLM + D, t ' s w TFG, T’AL, Eddie Murphy, 10 23 87, FHS Sr. yr. ACT: JV1- V4. LI: laughing, dreaming, cheese, + dancing, when every¬ body gets along. DL: WPROT + R, locked out, when friends fade, when friends hurtd, winter, 5:30 AM, WTPTE, 3 sessions, injuries, blow offs. AMB: HGH, TBGHGTM + DJ, TGDW MB. AE: THANKS MOM + DAD, ILY! T, BW, ILYTP! BONZAI LIVES. NN: Caroley. FW: Gene, Lise Alan, Paula, Anette. FAV MEM 6 14 86, 11 24 86, The fori purple party, 495, prom, canoeing Speronies, Summer Jam. LI: Gene roses, Ernie, being w the bears purple balloons. DL: snobs, rain fights, gym. FAV SAY: Have j clue. AMB: To have a million littli Beanies. AE: Beanie, I luv you. Barbara L. Kennedy NN: Barb, Jo. FW: Matt, Heather Kerri, Nic . . . ACT: Spanish Ex change, spectator 1-4. FAV MEM Spain, being w Matt, July 4, Prorr 86 and Marc, Grand March. LI Matt, green frogs, daisies, hugs OD’s sheep, convertibles, Chinese food. DL: My nose, Camaros, Se govian bus tours, Heather’s driv ing. FAV SAY: Why doesn’t any one listen to me? AMB: To live underwater. AE? Thanks to mj crew and mom. Heather, Vienne waits for you. AP BIO, who am going to babble to? Can we clone me and win the science award? Kevin King NN: King. FW: Mike, Dave, Dan Ed, Chris. ACT: Cross Country track, Math Team, Decathalon OEA, C. Bowl. FAV MEM: Bryar Adams 85 + 87, Beastie Boys OEA nationals, football games World Series 86, Friday nights 11 6 86, BC, Sox games, golf. LI Baseball, David. Letterman, The Boys, Run-DMC, college football Chinese food, all sports, Soutl Carolina. DL: Canton, NA, summe reading, New York. FAV SAY: Oh my! AMB: To get rich and pla; golf. AE: Thanks to Mom, Dad, nr teachers, and all my coaches John Kinsley NN: Stingley Kins. FW: Billy, PJ Cal, Marb, Yada, Romsey, the res ' of 88. ACT: Hockey 1-4. FAV MEM: Sue 85-86, Weedy’s Hill, Kic ow Bike, VT, ME, brawl w Delucie (Westboro KP), Monte Carlo, try¬ ing to have NP. LI: Rebelling w Caso. DL: Girls w big mouths, x-girls, t-birds, 2 faced girls, Can¬ ton, KP, AM practice. FAV SAY: Bostonbatwinger. AMB: To be the best at whatever. AE: Thank you mom + dad for everything. 50 Joshua Kirchmeyer Deirdre M. Kramer N: Kirch, Elf, Whirlwind of De¬ ruction. FW: Phil, Steve, Dave, e group. FAV MEM: Summer 85, r, hanging out w Phil, group, ind + associates. LI: cruisin, eating, good tunes, luck. DL: ose minded people, delay, being ounded. AMB: To be totally free id be happy. AE: Phil, yeah I )uld take him. Jennifer Kitch Claudia J. Kittredge N: Claud. FW: Paula, Lisa, Col- ■en, anyone else. ACT: Field ockey 1-4, Spanish Exchange 87, AV MEM: Boston 86-87, L + M’s arties, Virginia Beach 86, ques- ons, CW B + D, sugarloaf 87, LI: kiing, weekends, Doritos, travel- ig, shopping, earrings. DL: Acci- lents, townies, flat hair + having io money. AMB: To get an MBA in iternational business. AE: Paula : ub! Thanks for everything Mom ind Dad! Good luck Class of 88! Jennifer Ann Kleponis NN: Jen. FW: Sat. nite crowd. ACT: Dance 1-4, Jr. Miss 4, Driv¬ ing to Hanover on Sat nites. MEM: Aerosmith 86w Chico, NEAC 1-4, Arom 86, Tommy, Chrissie’s party 137, Pete’s party 87, Jim’s car dy- ng on the expressway 8 87, 17 29 86, 10 9 86. LI: Hugs, ted- :jy bears, A-18, Sat nites in Hano- ] er, being w friends. DL: hO 9 86, 7 AM. AMB: To fulfill all pf my dreams. AE: Tommy you’ll De in my memories always. Mom, Dad. I love you both. Susan, thank you for pushing me to my fullest ability. NN: Narc. FW: Melanie + Coli. FAV MEM: 5 25 87, Hampton nights, Denny’s at 3 AM w Nick, Ken, Troy, Ed, Barry, + Tim, Ja¬ maica 87, Stealing the bank ' s gumball machines, + Fitchburg. LI: “Pizza talks” w RR. DL: The club, security at the PLM, being booted from PLM, being chased in Boston, guys that swear they’re God! AE: Thanks Mom + Dad, I love u! John Kucich NN: Q. FW: Joe D, Mike P, Hawk, Scott C, Mike S, Dave C. ACT: Football 1 + 2, basketball 1-4. FAV MEM: Celtics parade, going to beach, times w Kara, going to Rocky Point. LI: Basketball, beaches, winning, parties, fast cars, girl watching, A’s. DL: Los¬ ing, moodiness, morning practice, F ' s, stuck up girls. AMB: To be rich at an early age. AE: Mom + Dad, thanks for being so understanding. Patrick Lampasona NN: PJ, OOF. FW: Tom, Billy, Cal¬ kins, rest of C-house clowns. ACT: Hockey 1-4, baseball 1-4. FAV MEM: T ' s after prom, Wash DC, Sonny’s class, Horseneck, Burl VT, Bake’s card games. LI: Having money, winning, eating, Van Ha- len, hat tricks. DL: Empty wallets, losing, Canton, KP, oneways, teams that don ' t cover on the goal line, missing open nets. FAV SAY: What a clown, Yes sa! AMB: to play in the Boston Garden. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad. Christine M. Langevin FW: Donny, Pal, Loud ones, etc . . FAV MEM: July 4 summer w Donny, Prom, day after, con¬ certs 87’, mt. w-87, U.O.L. 87 ' . LI: Donny, beaches, shopping, week¬ ends, waking up the birds! DL: goodbye’s, lightposts, open win¬ dows, waiting, tapioca pudding! FAV SAY: So listen to this one! AMB: To be successful rich! AE: Joy, I ain ' t wastin’ no more time, sure Russell see you at 9! Chicken- 5372! Hey Donny, can I tell you something, this toast is for you! Andrea- save Ferris. Thanks Mom, Dad, Steve, I love you!! Tami Lee Larkin NN: Roberta, Sparky. FW: Brian, Bonnie T., Mary, Timi, Dave, Bon¬ nie S. FAV MEM: Times w Brian, Oct. 86 ' , Crue 87’, meeting Great White Cinderella, Skate Palace. LI: Brian, Pink, drums, heavy met¬ al, Leater-n- Lace, my family, friends, laughing, boots, Alt, Ozzy. DL: flat hair, rain, snobs, death of R.R., most girls, people who copy, Franklin. FAV SAY: A yumma yumma, what? AMB: To someday marry Brian. AE: Thanx everyone, love ya Mom-n-Dad, I love you Brian. Anette LeBlanc FW: Eddie, Paula, Lisa, Kelly, Charlotte, Beth, Marilyn. ACT: DE 1 2. FAM MEM: New York, Cape Cod, camping w Marilyn, skating, green party, the Limelight, scusset beach. LI: Eddie, roses, beache s, sunsets, New York, being w friends, cruisin’, smiles, purple, Jasper. DL: trees, The Bobcat, locked doors, Mondays, work, rain, liars. AMB: To be happy successful. AE: Good luck Class of 88 ’! Dean Lewis Pamela Logue NN: Ben. FW: Karen, Chris, Jenn, my study pals. FAV MEM: Ames w Mel, summer of 86’, 2nd pd. study hall, Museum of Science w Jeanette, Liz, Gail, the fork mur¬ derer w Mel Chris, Liz’s parties, U2 w Moe, Jeanette, Sue, the accident w Moe, Jeanette, Sue, Thursday nights w Mel Sue, fights w Moe, being pulled over w Mel. LI: all sorts of things. DL: accidents, Sue’s directions. FAV SAY: Howdy. AMB: To be happy and have money. John M. Lombardi NN: Chief, Jethro, Lombaygo. FW: Dan, Sid, Shwartz, Carvin, Waysh, Doog, Toochi, Joe, O.D. ACT: football 1-4, track 4, OEA 4. FAV MEM: I can’t remember. LI: unem¬ ployment, parties, watching Night- shift, palm trees, originality, people acting natural, exercising. DL: anxiety, reminiscing, libbers, or¬ ders, cretins. FAV SAY: Ya, I’ll probably do that. AMB: Hawaii or bust. AE: I guess it’s time to stop jabbing people now. Angela Longobardi NN: Ang, Angie. ACT: dancing, choir, JM. FAV MEM: “Can I kiss you?”, France, teabags, 2 14 86, snow w Tess, Cape w Tara, dis¬ connected, spying on Joey. LI: “Jessie”, silkies, the beach, sun¬ sets, seagulls, shells, Stephane, foreign accents, $, foriegn music, letters from France, X-mas, snow- days, love stories, deep thoughts, day dreams, sleeping late, sand dunes, salty air, tan feet. DL: gym, fat. AMB: To follow Stephane’s advice. AE: I love you Mom, Dad, Rob, Gram. Thanks to those who make me happy. Victor E. Lopez NN: Vic. FW: Judanne, other as¬ sorted people. FAV MEM: 3 6 87, Prom, loft party 87’. LI: Judanne, SF, musics. DL: school, school functions, paranoid freshmen. FAV SAY: Hey kids! wench, funky. AMB: To make it big w as little effort as possible. AE: Good luck, esp. Kirsch, funky people and deadheads, Luanne, take care of Judanne for me. Thanx. Farewell. Derek J. Luccini FW: Jonsie, Cal, P.J., Bake, EX¬ CESS!, anyone. ACT: baseball 1- 4, hockey 1-4, rock band “EX¬ CESS”. FAV MEM: Prom, day after, Bon Jovi, Chrabaszcz, Ha- len, Roth, Stryper, TNT, Crue, hockey in VT. LI: baseball, hockey, donuts, parties, winning in Canton, having money. DL: waking up ear¬ ly, rain, having no gas, cheese, los¬ ing to KP. FAV SAY: “What a skid.” AMB: To succeed, to see Ratt. AE: “If you can’t do some¬ thing right, do it anyway.” 52 Mike Luccini W: Could be anyone. FAV MEM: town 87, Spring meet 87, 9 dead lows in one year, first weekend at auset Beach, Cape Cod 76-87, evil’s Night 86, fishing w Sara, largy, and Kooze. LI: Cape week- nds, The Dead, pasta, Franklin’s ower, Grandparents, Mr. Smith’s indness to me. DL: Waking up, lue dump trucks, leftovers, keep our day job. FAV SAY: That’s all! vMB: Changes every day! AE: hanks Alice and Ralph, you’re est. Wake up Casper! Keep on filing, just a mile to go. Robert Luke John Thomas Lyons IN: Lionz. FW: Elizabeth, Jonsie, ay, Dan, Alex, Mike, Dave. ACT: rack 3 and 4. FAV MEM: Summer f 87, Hampton Beach, Bryan Ad- ms 87, Sophomore Banquet, rom. LI: Days off, sleeping late, jnny people, sports, Jonsie’s lugh. DL: Alarm clocks, stuck up eople, druggies, Mondays, Hal- )ween dances, being cornered. AV SAY: No way, are you seri- us? AMB: To be happy and make , iy parents proud. AE: Thanks for verything Mom and Dad. Good jck class of 88. Sarah A. Mahoney : W: Jen, Sue, Jan, Gail, the guys rom MMC, the rest. ACT: BB nanager 2-3, EC 2-4, Walk for lunger 2-4, yearbook 4. FAV 1EM: 11 15 85, 5 30 86, 3 23- !5 87, U2 87, Summer of 87, Dirty )ancing, NYC, 8 7 87, talks with ' racy at midnight, sign stealing ir Tracy + JC. LI: Bruce Spring- teen, NYC, Boston, beaches, ummertime, the Cutlass, Eddie + he Cruisers, JJ + EC. DL: Waking ip in a strange room, Burger King or 4 hrs. FAV SAY: Are you hav- ig . . . ? AMB: To be wealthy. AE: ve had the time of my life. Michelle Maietta NN: Michy, Yogi. FW: Chris G, Sue, Bob, Lisa, Joe, Jen. ACT: Softball. FAV MEM: Cape Cod w Chris, Bon Jovi, Seger, Eddie Murphy, 38 Special, Atlantic City. LI: Being w Chris, weekends, the way Chris drives. DL: Waking up early, liars, people who drive slow, fights. FAV SAY: T-AWWW O-Tay, uh-ah, love you more. AMB: To marry Chris and be hap¬ py. AE: Chris, Mom, and Dad, thank you for your help and sup¬ port this year. I love you! Sianara FHS. Karen M. Malen NN: KAR. FW: Chris, Jenn, Kim, Tina. ACT: OEA 1-4, VP 4. FAV MEM: Summer 87, Jr. Prom, Soph, year;, times w T.D. + K.B, 1 1 85, times w C.M. + J.M, K.M, + T.C, July 27, 87, red roses from a certain person. LI: Tom D, McD’s, Italian food, parties, hugs, smiles, " Oreo”, T.D’s mule, the weebe look. DL: Snobs, loud peo¬ ple, pickles, onions, fake people, fights, spiders. AMB: To succeed in life. AE: Thanks to Mom + Ed, I love you! Thanks to Mr. + Mrs. F. Good luck to the rest of FHS. Chrissa I love you, good luck. Kimberly J. Maney NN: Kim, Kimby, Kimily, BiBi. FW: Jim, Jenn, Chris, Tina, Karen. ACT: Colorguard 1-4, co-capt 2, Mirage 2, yearbook 2. FAV MEM: Times w Jim, 10 22 85, luggage hunts in Agawam, Wash DC, Big E, MICA, concerts w the gang, Ri¬ co’s, arsenic parties. LI: Being w Jim, hugs, roses, being w the gang. DL: Two faced snobs, hairs- pray fanatics, “the gifted awe¬ some ones”, hairy men. FAV SAY: Uh-uh, wait just listen. AMB: To marry Jim be happy. AE: LOOK OUT FHS, TARA’S COMING! Jen- nifi, did you remember yet? Carla Jean Marguerite FW: Pam, DD, Heather, Aimee, Laurel, guys of 87. ACT: b-ball 1- 4, Jr. Ms. FAV MEM: July 4 wkend w Toomey 87, Ric ' s bash, BG’s party for D. conn w Pam, dancing w T, 7 17, 87, Fr. yr, St. Tom, Sr. banq. w Toomey 87, Mr. Fiske 5th Bosten Th. day. LI: Toomey, bak¬ ing in sun, T ' s roses, gold, SUR¬ PRISES!, beaches at night. DL: July 16 + GOODBYES, flirts, MONDAY, 2 faced people who change w season choice SVP keys. FAV SAY: I HATE IT. AMB: To be as fortunate as I am today. AE: Luv ya Mom Dad. 53 Jesse Marguerite Mystic McCarthy NN: Margy, Big guy. FW: Max, Bake, Mike, Roms, Marble, and the gang. FAV MEM: Cape 87, monomoy, parties 85-87, NH 85- 87, CSN, cemetery, partying on foot 84-86, Falmouth 87, U2, Dead, 7 4 87, snatch Alley ' 87. LI: Muscle cars, Jibber my tatan- tula, the Dead, hunting. DL: Slow cars, getting carded, getting caught, skidders in detention, the Gargoyle. FAV SAY: Do the blue lights mean we win? AMB: To own a packey store chain w Max. AE: What a long strange trip it’s been. Christine M. Matyi NN: Nini, Chrissa. FW: Karen, Jenn, Kim, Tina. ACT: Colorguard 2-4, chorus 1-3. FAV MEM: Sum¬ mer 87, Maine, Jr. Prom, MICA, times w K.M, T.D, K.B, concerts w gang. LI: F.R, my car, McD’s, Me in uniform, pink roses, hugs, peppermint candy, being a twin. DL: loud people, squished caterpil¬ lars, fighting, coffee, being asked, “Are you guys really twins?” FAV SAY: Umm . . . AMB: To be suc¬ cessful in love and life. AE: Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you! Good luck Phil! Jennifer L. Matyi NN: Jenn. FW: Kim, Chris, Tina, Karen, Liz. ACT: Colorguard 1-4, capt 2-4, NHS. FAV MEM: Arsenic parties, Cape Liz, Maine, Jr. Prom, DC 86, MICA, DEF LEP! concerts w friends, times w Ron, DMA, teary nites w T. LI: red, hugs, being a twin, being w friends. DL: DISORGANIZA¬ TION!, fake friends, being asked, “Are you guys really twins?” FAV SAY: um, never mind, I forget! AMB: To be happy in whatever I do. AE: I love you Mom + Dad, thanks. Kim? Forget it, I don ' t re¬ member what I wanted to say. Jon McCarthy NN: Mac FW: all sorts, namelessly unspoken to protect the guilty. ACT: Art, women, wrestling, stay¬ ing alive. FAV MEM: summers in the Cape, many concerts, Jr. Prom, party in Duxbury. LI: enjoy¬ ing life, wild nights, connections. DL: flashing blues, being broke. FAV SAY: They wouldn’t print it. AMB: Not to die poor and to make the most out of what I have. AE: I had a blast, and I thank my par¬ ents, and friends for their help and support. Sonja L. Mello NN: Sonj. FW: David, Tracey, Chris, Tracey, etc. ACT: Color- guard 1-4, Chorus 2-3. FAV MEM: Dec 86’, Feb 87’, Jr. Prom, James¬ town, luggag e hunts in Agawan, KP Prom w JMF. LI: being w DMG, D’s W.T.D., strawberry shakes, back scratches, hugs. DL: rainy Sundays, cold noses! AMB: To earn my Bachelor degree in Nursing. AE: Love ya Mom and Dad! David, no matter what you may do, no matter where you may go, I will always remember the memories I’ve shared with you. Jill Mercer FW: Christine, Andrea, Tawnia, all the rest! ACT: Comp Cheer-1, Oskey 1-4. FAV MEM: my party after Soph, banquet, Wachusett Mtn. 87’, summer of 85’, 87 ' , 4th of July 85’-87 ' , Billy Joel 87’, Bryan Adams 85’ 87’, times w Joe. LI: times w family, Sun¬ day dinners at Grams, times at the birdsnest, poptarts, beaches, green. DL: mornings, liars, fake people, guardrails, drunk drivers. FAV SAY: You’re such a ? AMB: To always be happy get a later curfew. AE: Good luck 88’, thanx Beth I luv you Mom Dad. Chris Merriam NN: Chris. FW: Toochi, Luke, Dan, various speds, Tri-County bums. ACT: headbanging 1-4. FAV MEM: Overkill 87’, Metallica 86’, Dri 87’. Jam sessions at Spike ' s, any time I left my street. LI: Moshin ' Drumz, Gatorade, Newbury Comics, hard¬ core and thrash 1:55 not neces¬ sarily in that order. DL: jocks, GQ boys, spent minds, The Dead, brownosers, top 40, posers, regu¬ lar shirts. FAV SAY: Is the class over yet? AMB: To figure people out. AE: Best quote in a Gap store. “Will that be cash or charge?” “No, just money.” 54 Jeff Merolla V: Steve, Jim, Rob, JP, Derik, iff, Kenny and anyone else. FAV EM: Milliken parties, Roger ' s Hd, NH, Seger 86’, 1st time on e globe, 16th w Rob, April vac. 3 ' , parties down the tracks. LI: 3d Zeppelin, mustangs, girls, Jim- y Page, E-Z ' s, 3 day weekends, id other stuff. DL: snobs, rubber om, fake people, the boys, de- ■ntion, cubicals, English. FAV AY: Yo! Mrs. Bennett! AE: Well om Dad, I made it. To the rest J ya, good luck!- later Thanks ete. Michelle Marie Midgley M: Bob, Joy, Tricia, Rebecca, id anyone who smiles back. FAV EM: Jr. Prom 86’ 87’, p 15 86, Hampton Beach 86’ 7 ' , times w Bob, A.H. Rd., ughs w friends. LI: my soldier, y dog, sunshine, smiles, ear- bes, blue, money, working, ather interior, cruising to no- here. DL: getting up, no star ghts, Army, snobs, red lights, lies, good-byes. FAV SAY: Look! MB: To be happy and to finally 3e a shooting star. AE: Joy, look . . the dogs! Bye! Tracey M. Milligan W: Chris, Sonja, Kerri, Heather, ;racey, etc. ACT: Chorus, Year- i ook. FAV MEM: summer 85786’, ! HS, NHS, semi w ES, 1 28 87, kiing w Amy, Prom 87’, 3 7 87, 1 87’, Ca 86 ' , JAMESTOWN, lorwood center, X’s w Chris, |any, Sonj, C. Cafe, VINCENTS, lew Years Eve 87’. LI: being w 3hris, clubs, X’s w friends, sunn¬ ier. DL: snobs, fighting, walking ar. AMB: To make something of nyself. AE: Luv ya Mom! Thanks or everything-Chris: Thanks for all he good times we ' ve had. I’ll cook ' ou dinner sometime! Luv-U. Stephen V. Mirabile IN: Marble. FW: Roms, Cal, Bake, finsley, Jesse, and the rest of the ouble makers. ACT: FB 1-3, ausing trouble 1-4, weight lifting nd trying to ski. FAV MEM: day fter Prom at Tom’s, Canton FB lame, Soph, banquet, Bakes pok- r games and Guido’s class. LI: ’orsches, hotrods, lifting, senior arties, dances and laughing tr friends. DL: getting up, the A.M, ! faced people, the office and de- ention. AMB: To succeed in life ind to own a 911 Turbo. AE: " hanx Mom Dad. Good luck ’ 88 ”. Leslie Moore NN: Sizzle, Moorehead. FW: Lynne, Mary, Nola, Barny, Jerry, Ruby. ACT: soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, softball 1-4. FAV MEM: beat¬ ing Westwood in tourney, beating Frick flipping in J.H.S., shutten down Shelley, Beth at Amy’s house. LI: going out w Lynne, Nola, Mary on Sat. nights, gold chains, sports, GB. DL: losing, fake tans, being blown off by Billy- S. FAV SAY: Gotta quarter? AMB: To go to college and be All-Ameri¬ can in basketball. AE: Lynne, you’re getting too fat so play sports next year! Christine Morgado FW: Only the best. ACT: Honor Society, yearbook, foreign lan¬ guage club. FAV MEM: Paraty at Cornell, Virginia Beach, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, talks and other great times with Mary, Hawaii, and all the fun times shared with the best mom I could ever ask for. LI: tennis, horseback riding, sap¬ phires, diamonds, wealth, designer clothes, shopping, soap operas, animals, and flowers. AMB: Inter¬ national finance. AE: May success follow you everywhere. Laura Morgan FW: Missy, Chrissy, Joy, Varj, Bren, etc. FAV MEM: Freshman year, bonfire 85, Stevie 86, after the prom, the raps w Craig, NY w Chrissy, B room floor w Joy, HR nlight-“Missy, what ' s the deal w the bikers?”, EVERYTHING w Jay, lawn job, v-land, Bon 87, LENNY, July 4th, Tommy’s, DE w M C, Gwen. LI: JD, partying w the girls, wild nights in TJ, mile. DL: fights, telling Weedy I have to go home, rope tied around my leg, being snapped on. AE: “Chrissy, Almucs would be right there!”, Thanks Mom and Dad!! Melissa A. Moseley NN: Mel, Missa. FW: JD, BG, KE, KD, KN, etc. ACT: Chorus, Friend¬ ly’s. FAV MEM: 4 86, Prom, River¬ side, Cocke Kettle, 9 5 87, Chi¬ na Lotus, 9 12 87, Westport, Pete’s party, 18th w Joe, water w Joe, " the skunk”, St. Rocco ' s, 10 28 87, B.H.R. w Bern, 1 30 w Sue, Algebra, 6th pd. study, Hershey Park. LI: Joe, roses, teaching, strawberries. DL: 10 24 87, North Carolina. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad! Good luck Bern. I love you Joe! “Till now I always got by on my own, I never cared until I met you.” 55 Phil Muirhead NN: Mulee. FW: Alex, Rap, Vendo, Deb, Moe, Tina. ACT: wrestling, cruising. FAV MEM: Hampton, OA, DC, Prom?, Boston, Deb’s house. LI: weekends, CFM boots, real cars. DL: Monte SS, broken plans, HW, break downs, sales slips, s-lo, domineering women. FAV SAY: Right here, Putts, ping. AMB: To get what I want. AE: If you don’t know the words hummalong, good luck to the wrestling team. Paula L. Nasuti FW: Billy, Anette + Eddie, Lisa, Carole, Kelly, Beth, Charlotte, Becky, + anyone else. ACT: DE 1 + 2. FAV MEM: Superbowl 19, Salsbury + Hampton w Billy, Li¬ sa’s purple + green parties, King’s, New York 86, Cape Cod 86. LI: WJE! hiccups, NFL, tailgate parties, 14Kt, surprises, being w Billy, backscratches, roses, ski¬ ing, skid, palm trees, cruisin + my family. DL: birds, seaweed, wait¬ ing!, fighting, losing, + goodbyes. AMB: To be happy and successful. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad, I love you Billy! Hasta laviesta baby. Jim Nelson NN: Nellie. FW: Steve, Jeff, Rob, Derrik, Tammy, Marybeth, and ev¬ erybody else. ACT: going out, find¬ ing something to do. FAV MEM: Fisher St, my license, Barne’s ga¬ rage, Beaver pond, my dirtbike, crash nov 86, June 87, corn husk¬ ing, Merola ' s nautious white wall apts, old man Pete. LI: rat racing, going places, no authority, classic hits, nice old cars, money. DL: au¬ thority figures, school. FAV SAY: No Lardo and Dorko. AE: Get me out of here. David James Noble NN: Dave. FW: King, Ed, Bill, Dorse, Mike, Jim, Pat. ACT: x- country 1-4, indoor + outdoor track 1-4, skiing 1, BVD investing 4, Math Team 1-4, OEA 4. FAV MEM: Canada ski trip 85, Bryan Adams, Princeton, Bowie, B.C., BOOM, visiting Ms. M, Prom, Lon¬ don. LI: running, compact disc, wearing shoes w out socks, road signs. DL: oral reports, Forge Hill, car trouble at Franklin Park, norks. FAV SAY: ‘‘You gotta be kidding! " " See ya. " AMB: to own a Porsche. AE: Veni, Vini, Vici. Good luck class of 88. Derek James Noble FW: Cheryl, Wayne, Bob, Pat, Steve, Dave. ACT: Spring track 2- 4, skiing, boating, photography. FAV MEM: Junior Prom, Bowie concert, Canada ski trip, London, MT. Monadnock hike. LI: cruising in town, weekends, friends, choco¬ late, stereo equipment, model building, taking things apart. DL: Glenn Ellen kitchen, alarm clocks, homework, crispies. FAV SAY: I don’t know, what’s new. AMB: De¬ sign own Tudor Home. AE: Thanks Mom + Dad, Liz my favorite sister. John F. O’Donnell NN: O’D. FW: Mike P, Andrea, Pi¬ san, Jim, Mike D, Cheri, Godin . . . ACT: Soccer 1-4, basketball 1-4, BVD investments club 4. FAV MEM: 10 6 87, Quebec 85, crui¬ sin in the fag wag, Celtics parade 87, the Cape, the boat, Didi’s porch, GPH 87, the timer. LI: win¬ ning, Celtics, sports, ALF, beach¬ es. DL: losing, Sun. morn practice, reading, work, Foxboro, Lakers. FAV SAY: It’s always funny ' til someone loses an eye. AMB: to be rich and successful. AE: Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. William J. O’Neill NN: Bill. FW: The team , Ed, Pat, Gav, Tom, Mike, Dave, O’D, the rest. ACT: soccer 1-4, b-ball 1-3, track 3 + 4, CYO, BVD. FAV MEM: ski trips, Friendly’s sign, splat-87, soccer league champs- 87, Bowie, Cape 87, Prom, dance 85, parties. LI: laughing, ollie, signs, going out, bugging Dean cops, money, SCWC, knyaz. DL: losing, pressure, getting caught. FAV SAY: Yea, right, what’s up? AE: Thanks for everything Mom + Dad, thanks Clyde, Ed, Gav, and Tom meet me at Papa Bell McBur- gerly Hut Crown. Kimberly Osier NN: Kim, Kimbee. FW: Kelzo, Chris, DS, BG, SG, SL, SH. FAV MEM: Prom 87;, times w Kelzo + Chris, the gocart, IN 14, 1 1 87, 7 26 87, 8 4 87, times w DS. LI: DS, boxer shorts, cute guys, tans, beaches, Fridays, sleeping, U2, CC;s, being obnoxious, ' late nites. DL: rainy days, waking up, accidents, having no hairspray. FAV SAY: It just doesn ' t even mat¬ ter, that’s icky, wicked nice. AMB: to get an ambition. AE: What else is there to say besides the fact that I’m psyched to leave. Thank you Mom + Dad! 56 Michael Peter Pellegri vIN: Raoul. FW: Andrea + the loud riends. ACT: F-ball 1-4, hoop 1-4, )-ball 1, 2, track 3, 4. FAV MEM: imes w Andrea, football, the Bell, he Cape, lifting, the boat, the )rom, DD’s deck. LI: winning f-ball james, being capt. my Z, making vaves, polo, + M M’s. DL: los- ng f-ball games KP. AMB: to be lappy + successful at whatever I lo. AE: Thanks for everything I ove you both. Hey gang just 75 to jo! Nico J. Pellegri sIN: Nikki. FW: Nina, Mom, Robin, +■ my buddies. ACT: Scuba diving [+ concerts. FAV MEM: Dead ;hows, sing alongs at 20 ft, 3rampy, Sunday dinners, Lake 3 earl, Sombrero’s w Robin, the jack room at Interstate Photo, my Oapri, Great Woods. LI: Australia T the ocean. DL: people who for- jet you. AMB: To be happy. AE: Sometimes ya have to moan when lothing seems to suit ya but never he less ya know you’re locked to var + the future. Yes Gep, my lame is Nico. Christine Pezzuolo JN: Chris, Christable, brat. FW: 3m, Kelzo, Sonya, Barnabee, SL, Jillian. FAV MEM: Sophomore lanquet w Paul, Cape w Paul, as Vegas, Kelly’s GoCart, 85 irebird, Summer 87, beach Kim + Lisa. LI: Paul, blue eyes, alians, Tans, boxer shorts, my lath tutor, CC, red pistachios. DL: nobs, Mondays, rain, detentions, ie boat, math. FAV SAY: It oesn ' t even matter, left one, lat ' s your fault. AMB: to get what want out of life. AE: I luv u Mom - Dad, thanx for everything ML. Tara Polito FW: Those I know and love. FAV MEM: All the special times with my family, friends, and you D.C. LI: the ocean, fields, smiling, children, nature walks, and memory books. AMB: to make an outstanding contribution to special educaiton. AE: I’ve waited for this moment for so long and now that it’s here all I can say is goobye FHS. Beth Quinn FW: Mai, Nick, Kerri, Jen, Anette, AJ others. FAV MEM: times w friends, Jr. Prom, Cape 87, DEAD AT MEADOWLANDS, Tur¬ tle Pond, RAPPIDS, FLEETWOOD MAC 87, Stevie Nicks 86, David Bowie, Monkey, Scussett, HEART, The Deathmobile, the Colt. LI: Friendly people, clowns, my bun- nie, fall, nature, snow, partyin, but¬ terflies, AJ, and stuff that keeps me happy. DL: not too much, just liars fake people. AMB: To be happy. AE: Hey we love ya stay beautiful! Come home Sidney! Laurel Rafferty FW: Diane, Andrea, Linda, Pam Todd, Carla, Hunky, and the rest of the loud ones. FAV MEM: FCO Summers, Quebec 85, Bruce 85, Supercamp, Playoff wknds, Az. 86, 87, Barry Bound?, U2 87, road trips, chewing ice and peeling la¬ bels w Andrea. LI: Esprit, emer¬ alds, Spring Skiing, credit cards, V 2 the Jr. girls. DL: The other V 2 of the Jr. girls, GOODBYES, Kerry’s driv¬ ing. FAV SAY: Oh no!! AMB: To have an American Express Gold Card. AE: Guys I think it has Ar¬ thritis! Oh no, I think I need some more ice, quick!!! James Martin Pisano JN: Pisan, Jamie, Pi. FW: O’D, like. Jay, Joe, R.M. ACT: Golf 2- , co-capt, baseball 1-4, Nat. Hon- r Soc, Boys’ State. FAV MEM: aolf 87, baseball, Prom, Cape Jay + Mike, football games. LI: iolf, baseball, McD ' s. M M’s. )L: bets w Rona, 3-putt. FAV IAY: Big guy, guy master, I only 4fer once. AMB: To have my Ireams come true. AE: Thanks lorn + Dad, I love you. Nicole Ransom NN: Nic. FW: Derik, Kerri, Tara, Mel, Barb, Heather, everyone else! FAV MEM: 6 8 86, MADONNA!, Beaver Pond, Pete’s party, cruisin w Kerr, Derik’s ‘‘R.B. " LI: Derik, hot summer nites, brown babies, blue Camaros, “WHISPERS”, dark men, graduating!! DL: work¬ ing at McD’s, bad moods, hairy chests, faakes, flat hair. AMB: to have a million oreos and be happy forever. AE: I love you Mum, thanks for everything! Kerri and Tara I luv you guys, you’re the best friends anyone could ever ask for!! 57 David A. Rap pa Guy Rezendes NN: Rap. FW: Alex, MKulehead, Bendo, Dippy, Eddie, Brendon, Moe. ACT: Some of us work for a living you bums! FAV MEM: Prom?, 11-2 w Sonny Sprah, HAMPTON!, Union 85-87. LI: weekends, CFM boots, real cars, nights at Deb’s. DL: domineering women, last minute plans, respon¬ sibility, reality slaps, mechanical failures. FAV SAY: You’ll be al¬ right, so what’s your point? AMB: To be the bum with the most toys. AE: Phil’s mother says he’s . . . Steven Rebhan Laura Rettman NN: Law, Laurie. FW: Jill, Lee, Kel, Kelso, Tanya, and Dana. FAV MEM: 6 20 84, Cape w Jill, NH 85 + 87, dancing w Bethy + the the gang, Showtime 77-87, Sum¬ mer w Chris, 5-11, Eddie, Monop¬ oly w Lee, SBF w M, L, + L, King Kong, EBS w J, L, + T, getting lost w Lee, Tues. w Sabrina, driv¬ ing metals, family, Marshalls and Biology. ACT: Dancing. LI: Pizza, 1:58 M-F, dancing, sleeping, my bunny, and smiles. FAV SAY: You’re pretty cool! AMB: To dance on Broadway. AE: I love em thank you. Best of luck Jenn + Sonja. Jennifer A. Revel I NN: Jen, Woody. FW: Keerie, Tom, Sue, Liz, Tina . . . ACT: Student Council 4, soccer 3-4, basketball 2-4, softball 2-4. FAV MEM: Jr. Prom, Summer 86, Z.H.S, 2nd per. study Jr. year, Halloween 87, apol¬ ogy w Kerrie. LI: old movies w Sue, Mr. K’s B.B drills, cruzin’ w Vicky + Lorrie, J.C. DL: Triple sessions, early morning practice, Summer 85. AMB: To succeed in life. AE: Thanks Mom, Woody, + Dad for everything. Thanks Keerie for being there, you ' re the best! GOOD LUCK! FW: Erica, John, Keith, Colleen, and anyone who’ll put up w me. ACT: wrestling 2-4. FAV MEM: Scusset 86, the cabin, Van Halen 86, Roth 86, Huey 87, Hampton 87, Prom 87, Summer 86, Hawaii 87, Yarmouth Cove, 10 10 86. LI: Erica, Van Halen, wrestling, fun in general. DL: SKIDDERS, The Dead, girls w no class, waiting, when kids can’t take jokes. FAV SAY: " Shut up!” AMB: To suc¬ ceed in anything or everything. AE: Thanks Mom Dad! To my friends, “Good Luck’’ and to OIMVJO VJC l d lllfcf . Phillip A. Ristaino NN: Phil. FW: Josh, the O.P. gang co., artheads, Mike G., and a cast of thousands. ACT: Speech 1-4, soc 1-4, Drama 3-4, Oskey 3- 4, Yrbk 4. FAV MEM: hanging out w Josh, summer 87’, cruisin in the fag wag, Moody Blues 87’, portfolio day, Oskey. LI: having fun, acting, STYX, friday nights, rude dogs. DL: souveniers, face sneezes, Dweebs, taking off. FAV SAY: " Get outta town” AMB: To grow, become famous fly. AE: A veritable potpouri of thanks to Mom Dad. Class of 88, spread your wings and fly. Christine M. Rodier FW: Deb, Scott, Heidi, Liz, Lynn, Jan, Maura, Dennis co., Ban¬ dies. ACT: Band 1-4, Jazz Band 1, 3, 4, Orch 4, Newspaper 4, Stud, coun. 2-3, NHS 4. FAV MEM: DMA 86, 87; MICA 86, 87; Cent. Dist. 1- 4; ic no z’s- DC 4 23-27 87; Oskey 87, 88; 4 21 87; 2 13 87; NH w Deb; FRA 88; bag hunt- Sprfld. 86; Dawn, Bob-Marsh 86; loud music at Beav; U2 Fire 85. LI: music, my band family, my pals. DL: analyzing people, hairspray, band hats, busrides (except DC). AMB: To make something of my life. AE: Thanks, Deb, Mom Dad. Kathleen A. Rogers NN: Kathy. FW: Keith, Traci, Moe, and the rest of the gang. FAV MEM: summer of 87, Jr. Prom, Cape, Cranberry Meadows, Bos¬ ton Concert, Pete’s party, Marsh¬ field, Grove St., 12 31 86, unh- unhs, 10 31 87, Jr. year. LI: beaches, summer nights, Keith, parties, pickles, tans, mushroom black olive pizza, cruisin, hugs, weekends. DL: the morning after, snobs, fights, accidents, curfews, liars. FAV SAY: " Ya know? " AMB: To be happy. AE: Thanks for ev¬ erything Mom Dad. I love you Keith! 58 Eric S. Romsey JN: Roms. FW: Marble, Bake, Jes- e, Max, Kins, and the rest of the rowd. ACT: soccer 1-4. FAV 4EM: day after prom at Tom ' s, inning the Hockomock sr. yr., NY 7, totem pole 1st time, 8th grade, ne piggery. LI: cruising w Steve, arties, fast cars, beating Fox- ioro, sleeping, staying out of trou- le. DL: losing, Sunday practices, SS, bondfire, accidents, getting aught. AMB: To be happy and lake a lot of money. AE: Thanks lorn Dad for always being there nd all your help. Good luck Class f 88. Heather Anne Ross W: Brenda, Aimee, Jen, Pam, jv.M., D.D., Raf. ACT: field hockey, kiing, work. FAV MEM: Quebec, Jape, July 4th 87, Sugarloaf, U2, Ally ' s party, Jen’s house in Rl, neeting E. Money, midnight talks Jen, 4 21 86, the loft, Califor- ia 87. LI: J.M.L., skiing, money, lood times, older brothers, straws, IMW ' s. DL: liars, waiting, not re¬ membering, rainy Mondays, l.V.P., keys, Mt. Snow. AMB: To larry Rich. AE: Hey you guys did ou hear what I said? Mom Dad ou saved the best for last! James Roth well IN: Jim, Snake. FW: Mark, Neely, arah, Linda, ALEX, HAL. ACT; lath team, College Bowl, Com- uter Assistant, Model Senate. LI: omputers, Rock climbing, hiking, antasy Sci Fi, chess, Camp Al- ersgate, Kristine, Sarah, Linda. •L: Spanish Literature, closemin- edness. FAV MEM: Spain, Al- ersgate. FAV SAY: “There is no enius without some touch of ladness.” AMB : To live life to its jllest with no regrets. AE: Yester- ay is gone-Tomorrow will never e here-Live for today . . . Tanya Sapienza N: Tawny, Tayna. FW: JP, Steve, jmi, Sonja Lea, Laura, Jewels. W MEM: RJB, times w AS, 7- 1-82, Bobby Orr 10-6-84, Bos- n-the flood FPL after, SR Jess, LP w. JL, KS, MC, BM. LI: ALIANS!, SS, fast cars, $, the :ean, waterfalls, sunsets, sum- er, tans, wknds, cruizing, smiles, B, GWLH, Stevie Nicks FM. L: Mondays, getting up, rainy indy days, goodbyes, accidents, irs, waiting. FAV SAY: (Fred nows it). AMB: To be rich own black Lamborghini. AE: Thanks lorn Dad. Michael S. Saraceno NN: Sara, Ceno. FW: Mike, Jesse, Brian, Joe. ACT: Fishing, hunting. FAV MEM: Trips to the Cape, Nau- set 86, 6 lb. bass, Florida 87, Lake Archer 85. LI: Fishing, shooting, being outdoors, puddle-slammin, wake-jumping, watching hocke y- fights. DL: Working, heavy metal music, McDonalds in Middleboro, kivers, people with big mouths, people with lousy personalities. FAV SAY: I hate kivers. AMB: To get a job with lots of money so I can buy whatever I want. Thanks Mom and Dad. Elizabeth Sardella NN: Liz HQ. FW: Silla, Sue, Deb, Chris, Scooter, Nanet, Liz 2, Lisa, John, lolly FHS’ers!! ACT: Band, aart, drama!!, work, singing, snor¬ kling, playing. FAV MEM: Wash¬ ington, Big ‘E’, Maine, Mike + I at beach, MICA, Nantasket, New York, prom, bowling w Silla, French exchange, top of Hub, laughing w friends, killer vac- cumes. LI: Mike, sunshine ‘n’ sand dunes, acting, smiles, amies fran- cais, experiences. FAV SAY: Oh, yes!! AMB: To be an actress. AE: I would rather light a candle than curse the dark. Steven Sawyer Brenda Schauer FW: Artheads, real people. ACT: Indoor, outdoor track 1-4. FAV MEM: Camping w Kev, Bob, Beth, Ray, Scoot, J at P’s, sum 87, sen. year. LI: Bob, real people, art camping, pi. pool, originality. DL: FHS, fake people, ignorance, rules, curfews, no wheels. FAV SAY: Shut up. AMB: 2 be success¬ ful w art in some way, 2 always accomplish what I set out 2 do. AE: It was hell, but thank God we made it. Goodbye Class of 88, and good luck! 59 Steve Serra Matthew A. Sidney FW: Whoever. FAV MEM: ACDC 86-7, Neil 87, Rock Trek 1 87, Cooper 86-87, Boston 87, Rush 877, yelling contests, lumphoma, air raid over Libya March 86, mini¬ bike inferno, being serrassed. LI: Sleep, LOUD music, “Hey you” guitar solo, Alice Cooper, and a good Joe Walsh tune I don’t know the name of. DL: end of Prince of Darkness , the HEROES, reality, pain. AMB: We’ll see. AE: It’s bet¬ ter to burn out then to fade away.. . fade away . . . fade away .... Lisa Anne Shannon NN: Levi. FW: Alan, Carole, Gene, Paula, Anette, Kelly. ACT: Gym¬ nastics 1-3, D.E. 1. FAV MEM: 5 25 85, 8 8 85, Prom 87, Fort, Bailey ' s, Wendy’s, Van Halen, R.I., Boston, TP, 25th party, Arizona. LI: Alan, roses, Ernie, 495, Harry’s, beach, puddles, parties. DL: Snobs, studs, liars, Mondays, fights with Alan, headaches. AMB: To live a long, healthy, rich, and happy life. AE: Paula how do you want your seaweed cooked? Alan, I love you. Maura Theresa Shephard FW: Sean, Laurie, Lynn, Sues, ebba, artheads, Carrie. ACT: Art. FAV MEM: Cult and after, hj-85 87, Cure, Siouxsie, trips to Boston, portfolio days, 19 Oct 85. LI: Pointed shoes (obviously), watch¬ es, good humor, people watching, Siouxsie, Tracey Ullman. DL: Square attitudes, narrow minds, posers, empty promises. AMB: To be a happy and successful artist. AE: The ordinary will ignore what¬ ever they cannot explain. Mr. Mac- Phee, you’re not just a teacher. Priscilla J. Sheridan NN: ' Silla. FW: Mike, Brenda, Tra¬ cey W., Tracey M., Tina, Jessica, Kerri, Nicole, everyone else! ACT: OEA 2 4, FAV MEM: Jr. Prom 87, bowling w Liz, Summer of 86, Bon Jovi 87. LI: Shopping, Corvettes, being w friends, going out having fun and being w Mike! DL: 85 z-28s, homework, people who are stuck on them¬ selves, work, ice cream! FAV SAV: Relax! AMB: To be a happy successful person to own a 76 Corvette Stingray! AE: Thanks Mom Dad good luck to all my friends to the class of 88!! NN: Sid. FW: Barbara, John, Dan¬ ny, Joe, Chucky, Mike. ACT: Track 3, 4, football 1-4. FAV MEM: Sum¬ mer of 87, July 4 weekends, times w B.K, senior year. LI: Camaros, winning, watching cartoons, sleep¬ ing, having $, Barbara. DL: Cover- tibles, losing, Mustangs, winter, being broke, practice, Chinese food, people touching my hair. AMB: To be successful in every¬ thing I do. AE: Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Jason Simmler ACT: B-ball 1-4. FAV MEM: 12 29 86, day after prom, shop¬ ping w Brenda, Celtics parade, Whitney concerts, 4th quarter at KP. LI: Being w Brenda, b-ball, LB-33, my Gucci, Celtics, beach¬ es, shopping, the Z, Cape. DL: Lakers, lies, being unfaithful. AMB: Make my parents proud, to be a Celtic. AE: Brenda thanks for be¬ ing there showing that you care thru the BEST worst of times, Mom Dad you gave me love showed you care, now it’s my turn to tell you thank you I love you!!! Mark Simpson NN: Esquire, Fred. FW: Erin, Jim, Erin, Alex, Hal. ACT: Math team, college bowl, Decathalon, com¬ puter Ass. LI: DK, Erin, cool peo¬ ple. FAV SAY: Howdy, no prob¬ lem, chow, aw shucks!, Shiite Muslim Terrorists. AMB: Going to WPI, getting a good job, going to a few good shows. AE: No, this is all, nothing else! Debbie J. Smith FW: Chris, Heidi, Liz, Jan, Sue. ACT: Band 1-4, Stud. C. 2-4, Hon¬ or S. pres. 4, DM 3-4. FAV MEM: DC, France, DMA 86 87, Boston w buds, U2 85, Peter G 86, MICA, NH summers, trips w Kipp, Hyannis, band trips. LI: Jelly¬ beans, stars, hugs, balloons, sun¬ sets in NH, flute, spring skiing, dreaming, writing, smiling, flowers. DL: Arrogant guys, stress, tears. FAV SAY: Yeah, Hi! AMB: To write. AE: Go for the gold, band!, No, Chris and I are not related!, Heidi and Chris: I could never have lived w o you! 60 Thomas S. Smyth vIN: " T”, the docta’. FW: A.F., ted, Steve, Bob, Doug, PS + the est. ACT: Hockey 1-4, football 3, 4oto-x. FAV MEM: Post prom par- y, parents away weekends, Bea¬ les party, the rock, the cannon. LI: Cutting down flirts, hockey, Moto- |(. DL: Open diaries, stuck up girls, osing games, 2 faced girls who change w the season. FAV SAY: ‘Are you for real?” AMB: To be a lappy, rich businessman. AE: Thanks to my family for not giving JP- Elizabeth M. Sottile IN: Liz. FW: 3 Jenns, 2 Sues, Lisa, ina, Duff, Gail, and others. ACT: oftball, yrbk., Drama Club. FAV 1EM: Spain, Yank Stad. w Amy, :ape trips, prom day after, my arties, frosh yr. LI: Pro football aseball players!, tuna w Doritos, tefan Edberg, fall, Isuzu man, aving older brothers, gossip. DL: laggers, Bruce Willis Cybill She- hard, 6:00 a.m., smokers. FAV AY: Talk to ya later. AMB: To be n actress or scriptwriter. AE: iood luck to my friends, family, nd ’88’! Charlotte A. Souza W: Todd, Rebecca, Mystic, Pau- ji, Anette, Vippy whoever! FAV 1EM: Martha’s Vineyard, Baha- las, NH, S at the lake, the wall! I: White roses, the ocean, water- ixiing, sunset, the river, Summer, mpty beaches, Bugs Bunny, odd’s eyes. DL: Franklin, being roke, silver lighters, whiners, say- ig goodbye, hospitals, fakes, get- ng lost! FAV SAY: Ya, right! MB: To be happy in life w what- ver I do! AE: Thanks for every- ling Todd, I love you! Greg Sparrow N: Hawk. FW: Max, Bob, Bagel, sott, Q, Tim. ACT: Football 1 + wrestling 3 + 4, track 2-4. FAV EM: The Cape, nights at the f- ath, Florida, prom, hoppin at G- oods, the granade, P-H, the en, and all those times I can ' t rite about. LI: Blonds, BW, B- 51, bashes, d-biking, trucks, tun- g out, and snapper! DL: Larry aw, PTTPG, getting hurt, stolen lairs, w-b, getting busted, 55, id dopey girls. FAV SAY: This is je. AMB: To be successful. Keith Spillane NN: Putt. FW: Denise, Guy, Miah, Juls, Chasa. ACT: Hockey 1-4. FAV MEM: Summer 86, times w Denise, times w Miah, times at Brote’s, “Joey is a friend of mine”, Stryper TNT 87. LI: Denise, Giza’s checking, having money, metal, Stryper. DL: Practicing wrestling moves, Canton, losing to KP, ski- das, the Dead, thrash, homework, airheads, Chris’ car, Mark’s music, Jack’s jokes. FAV SAY: Hooooooooo! AMB: To be a yup¬ pie. AE: Thanks to my family, thanks to Spack + his buddies for cheering me on. Hi Juls. Alexander Sprah NN: Grover, Jumbo, Sprah. FW: Raps, Muley, Bendo. ACT: Wres¬ tling, lifting, Deca, cruzin. FAV MEM: Cape 86, return from Aga¬ wam, DC, Falmouth, Hampton, Deb’s house, cruzin with Rap. LI: Lifting, Ninja 1000, foolin around, partybarge, CFM boots, ocean moonlight, silver bullet, canary, Roxanne. DL: Rader, 62 in a TSA, black SS, crashing with Muley, MRSS, losing matches, domineer¬ ing women, being carried by W. FAV SAY: Where is she? AMB: To make it big! Kimberly Ann Stearns NN: Kim. FW: Rach, Kel, Pat, Lee, my boyfriend Kenny (especially). ACT: Chorus 1-3, Star, fishing, eating, being w Kenny. FAV MEM: 8 22 87, 8 26 87, Hampton Beach, Def Lep 87’, Oskey party 85’, L. Pearl w Kenny. LI: John 3:16, M.L.T.K., Chelos, D.Q., 57 Chevys. DL: working at Star, school, rainy days. FAV SAY: Are you serious? AMB: 2 get out of this jail, get a good job marry Kenny. AE: Thanks Mom Dad, I LOVE YOU-YOU TOO KENNY! Patrick Emmet Steeves NN: Pat. FW: Ed, Bill, Mike, Matt, Tim F., and everyone else. ACT: soccer 1-4, hoop 1 2, tennis 4. FAV MEM: Dean cops 7-12, Friendly’s sign 85’, B.C. football games, winning Hockomock league, Ski trips, vacations w fa- mily, Cape w Tim, LI: Bruins, beating Foxboro, Marvins CD’s, music, friday’s, the bumblebee. DL: Sundays, triple sessions, early practice, tests, nothing to do, loos¬ ing, tagging for soccer. FAV SAY: Cornin ' over? AE: Thank you Mom Dad! 61 Theodore S. Stefan Mary Kathryn Svingen NN: Stupun, Teddy. FW: Class of 88, Dez, Gars, Wheeler. ACT: gui¬ tar, lifting, listening to tunes, pounding anything else that’s fun. FAV MEM: everything from 1970-198 .... I don’t regret any¬ thing, it was always fun! LI: BC, Rich’s, lifting, Rhandy George, food, tamin huge sets, girls, nice legs, a whole bunch of other stuff. DL: Les Pauls, McDonald ' s kethcup, cruisin, fake girls, Bizzo on 2 ties, a whole bunch of other stuff. FAV SAY: What’s up? AMB: To be happy successful in what¬ ever I do. AE: Thanx to Mr. P. Christine Stockberger NN: Chrissy. FW: Joy, Laura, Mis, Varj, Brenda. FAV MEM: Fresh, yr., NY w Laura, CS N, Presi¬ dential Lot, V-land, toasts w Joy, 495 w Varj, Bonfire 85’, Picalos, after Prom, Teddy as a date, Tom Petty 84’ 87’, LENNY, Mario’s cottage, times w Tim, July 4th, Bizzo breaking in, lawn job, Gwen, trip w Joy. LI: Weedy’s good moods, Horseneck, Tim, Great Woods, J.B. DL: regrets, Missy’s unecessary flats, Bellingham PD. AE: But Laura, that is Almacs, I love ya Mom Dad. Good luck SPUD!! Joanne Suchanek FW: Too many books. LI: English literature, foreign language, classi¬ cal music, Bible study. DL: Math, gym. FAV MEM: English w Mrs. Ligon, “hanging out” in the FHS library, Raggedy Ann and friends. AMB: To be a missionary for Jeho¬ vah’s Witnesses. Patricia Danielle Sullivan NN: Patty. FW: Kelly, Dave, Kim, Rach, Kelly, Kate. ACT: Chorus 1- 4, Jr. Miss, Star, Oskey 2 4. FAV MEM: 6 10 86, camping, " It’s 2”, talk w Rich, vaca. ' s w family. LI: Dave, talking, being close, the fall, G.D., singing. DL: jealously, cher¬ ries, Thursday’s, “the stomach ache”, Distance (Cecille), fights w Sue, my hair! AMB: To be suc¬ cessful w Dave and a career, and to please Mom Dad. AE: Mom, Dad, and Sue- thanx, I love you!, Dave-you are special-never forget- I love you!, Everyone else good luck!! 62 NN: Katie, Kate. FW: Jen, Sue, Ka- trice, Anna, Patty, and anyone else. FAV MEM: Aerosmith, sum¬ mer 87’, sneaking out w Sue, Crue 87’, Boston w Jen, Hallow¬ een wknd 87’, D’s street, K J’s bashes. LI: Aerosmith, concerts, parties, sleeping, coffee. DL: wait¬ ing, obnoxious people, ifst may- bes, Great Woods leftovers, Bel¬ lingham girls. FAV SAY: Is that normal? AMB: To make it through college. AE: Thanks folks for put¬ ting up w me for the past 17 years! Good luck 88’. George Edward Sweeney, Jr. NN: Ed, Jumpin. FW: Mike, Bill, Pat, Doug, Vin, Dave, Cory, Tom, Gav. ACT: soccer 3-4, track 2-4. FAV MEM: Friendly sign, splat, Bowie 87’, Prom, ski trips, summer parties, League Champs 87’ Soc¬ cer. LI: The Police!, CD’s. Fila, Bowie, Cmm, Dogs, Inxs, skiing, U2. DL: Jul 6 86 ' , bad habits, hid¬ ing from psychos, empty wallets. FAV SAY: How ya doing’? AMB: To own a nice house, porsche 944T, and a dog. AE: “If you love somebody set them free”-Sting, MB-You ' re the best, ILY! Lisa M. Syngay FW: Jenn, Liz, Eliz, Tara, Chris, others. ACT: Drama Club, Jr. Miss. FAV MEM: " Witness for the Prose¬ cution”, Eaglebrook w T, L, J, sleepovers at Liz’s. LI: old, green Ford trucks, yodels raspberry slushes w Jenn, Sunday drives w T, Autumn, old farm houses, comp, room talks w M. DL: Dun¬ can doughnuts! AMB: To get mar¬ ried and live happily ever after. AE: Goodbye F.H.S. I hate to say it, but I’ll miss ya! Rachel Jean Taraski NN: Rach. FW: Kelly, Kim, Patty, Jenn, Lisa. ACT: Ames, Band 1-2. FAV MEM: Hampton Beach, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Oskey party 85 ' , vacation to Florida. LI: sum¬ mer, 1:58 wkdys, parties, laugh¬ ing, concers, opt. study, sleeping, weekends. DL: Ames, school, rainy days, snobs. AMB: To get out of this town, be successful in my life and have fun! AE: Mom, Dad, Jess, Becca, I love you lots, thanks for always being there. Laura Anne Tenney Jeffrey W. Thompson W: K.C., J.A., K.S., C.P., M.C., H. ACT: skating. FAV MEM: ijmmer of 86 ' , 5 8 86, 6 30 86, oston 86 ' , Soph, banq., summer f 87’, Gaf, Narragansett, Def- am. LI: alligators, stupid things, laughing, muscles, anything ' Chris, advice, giggles, Rock- lan, cruisin. DL: boring nights, reaking up, broken hearts, Piggy, apa’s. FAV SAY: Are you seri- us? AMB: To be successful. AE: hanks for all the memories Chris! Ijeather-are you having a party? I )ve you Mom Dad! Paula Thackaberry NN: Jeff. FW: Frick, Biz, Bal, Ric, Julie. ACT: football 1-4, baseball 1-4. FAV MEM: Maine 87’, Back seat boys, Quebec 87’, Chez Mar¬ io’s, Mexicans in the Cabana, Prom, 8 19 86, Pats Games, Summer St., G.T.L., Vi at Frick ' s, Killington, Fletchers, condos w Bob, DD’s parties. LI: summer, winning, Coach D, Coach E.M., J.L.S., good hits, cruisin, The Boss, sleeping. DL: Canton, KP, losing, getting up, Wrentham cops. AMB: Millionaire at 25. AE: Did I ask for anything else . . . nothing else! Tina Marie Thornhill W: Claudia, Lisa, Merry, Kerrie. CT: Jr. Miss, field hockey 1-4, ldoor spring track 1-4. FAV 1EM: camping 86’, C. w D B, I uestions, kinks, Mer’s parties, lalif., Sum. w SP, San Diego each, times w Kerrie. LI: IcChickens, ENB, early dismiss- Is, beaches, shopping, lipstick. ;)L: Claud’s driving, school ham- Jiurgers, Honey Dew, cheerlead- rs, the little D, being broke. FAV ;AY: Ok Bye! AMB: To have fun! j E: Hey Kerri, you look good! Good luck Class of 88’! Claudia, Jb! Bonnie Therieau NN: T, Teen. FW: Michael, Lisa, Marc, Melissa, Bernie, Priscilla, Kathy, Keith, Hec, Tracey, Brenda, Barbara, Heather, Matt, Wayne, Steve. ACT: Karate. FAV MEM: af¬ ter the Prom with Michael, March 17, Valentine’s Day, 4:00 in the a.m. LI: Michael, tournaments. DL: beets, horn kits, cars that need help, not having time alone. FAV SAY: Your kidding, right? AMB: To succeed in a mans world better than a man. AE: Thanks Mom for pushing me, I love you. Michael, you mean the world to me, I love you. Mike Tocci I N: Bonz. FW: Troy, Mary, Tami, lay my family. FAV MEM: times Troy, trip to Cali., times at Dux- ury Beach w Mary, fresh, hr., Smileys” Bos. M. w Troy, Bos. .H. w Mary, all the concerts esp. lant The Firm, boogieing down t Mary ' s, Stony Brook. LI: all nds of music esp. 60’s, art, funky othes, Jim ' s faces, the racoon, ughing. DL: Troy’s nicknames, re map. AMB: Hopefully to be- ome an architech. AE: Mom ad thank you for everything, lary, Florence is calling! Troy, I ove You! Jennifer Thomas NN: Toochi. ACT: College bowl 3- 4, soccer 1-3, BVD Inv. 4, Acad. Dec. 4, Math team 4. FAV MEM: ball games, poker games, BC game, Beastie Boys 87’, ALCS 86’, BC-Miami 84 ' , deering, Italy WC81’. LI: pasta, baseball, Gator- ade, soccer, D. Letterman, Indi¬ ana, meatballs, Fenway Park. DL: Papa’s, Dean JC, work, Sharon, NY, Syracuse, Mets. FAV SAY: Wow! AMB: To live along life and make alot of money. AE: Thanks Mom Dad. Pamela Jane Tomasetti CT: Decathalon, Math team, ack 1 2 3, Mirage, McDonald,s. AV MEM: MASP!, XC86, KP rom, Mary Queen of Scots, D88, Heather Pisani, people at IcDs. LI: music, McD’s, free time, ce, interesting classes, reading ot required for English, warm eather. DL: losers, Mr. T, useless [lasses, being bored, not sleeping, orking too much. AE: Wake up, athy! O.K., I am! Schaaf, speak p! Thanks F.H.S. and goodbye. NN: Pammy. ACT: Prom comm., Yearbook 4, skating. FW: Todd, Carla, Diane, Heather, Amy, Bren¬ da, Laurel. FAV MEM: Mich D’s parties, 5 23 86, 7 21 86, Conn. w Carla, B.J. 86 ' , 87 ' , B. Adams 87’, G. Woods w Todd, wet ‘n’ wild (FLA), Rick’s 87 ' , Halloween. LI: Todd, friends, Winter, seals, rainy nights, being happy, smiling, EMC, X-Mas. DL: pasts, tempers, being wrong, bugs, strep throat. FAV SAY: Sh! Carla be quiet. AMB: To be happy and successful. AE: DD, it ' s almost Friday. Thanks Mom Dad, I love you. Becky Vars Melanie Volz FW: Mike, Michie, Lynn, Grave, Paula, Goob, the crew. FAV MEM: 10 17 86, TP 84’ 87’, Prom night, Mussi’s bash, Maine 85’, Seger 86’, Otto’s b-berryfield, Mike’s parties, overflowing jacuzzi. LI: Mike, roses, Hervie, 14K, Irocs, Spuds, shopping, beaches, dreaming, bubblebaths, snow¬ storms, Oscar, jacuzzis, Alt. DL: fake people, fighting w Mike, Mondays, not having any money, onions. AMB: To be happy en¬ joy life. AE: Mom, this one’s for you. Mike, I love you, the future’s ours!! Brenda L. Vass FW: Heather, Aimee, Pam, Chrissy, Missy, Laura, Joy, Varj, etc. FAV MEM: Quebec!, freshman yr., July 4, 86’, after Prom, talks w Pam, Vi mile, being w Todd, U2, The Cape 85’, 86’, the Loft, partying w the girls, freshman banquet, Sugarloaf, Chrissy’s. LI: bubblebaths, 14K, cold nights, Aust., snow storms, surprises, Boston. DL: being wrong, gym class, not understanding, canoes, Dean. AMB: To be the best at whatever I do. AE: Missy watch out for those bikers; Thanks Mom Dad for everything! Mike Vendetti NN: Vendo. FW: Rap, Mudhead, Jumbo, Jeff. ACT: wrestling 1-4. FAV MEM: 11-2 w Sonny, Cape, Hampton, grad at Holden, Fal¬ mouth, the boats, Bassett Island. LI: VETTES, Scarabs, 495, real cars, weekends, beaches, the GMC. DL: Romsey’s driving, fail- ;lures, spins, cancelled plans. AMB: To own my own Corvette. AE: ? Linda Vierra ACT: Oskey 1-4, Jr. M. FW: And Mon, Eb, Andrea, etc. FAV MEI Ma’s car, Oskey 87, CA 85, stui in NH w AJ, TH, NL, the Cov Cape, Milford drive in, Blue Moon Boxboro 86, 8 11 87. LI: bla olives, Andy, cows, oceans, be loons, jeeps, Jags, clothes, tl Jetsons, being a veg, DL: curfew humidity, pink, chocolate, waitini Porsches, ticks, falling out of c windows, AMB: go to Australi; own a dishwasher Jeep, be fashion designer. AE: Thank Mum, I love u, Mom Eb I love guys, thanks for aways being ther for me!! Krispen Lee Wagner NN: Kiki, Krispy, Kix. FW: Wend; Chere, Barb, Godin, Cyndi, + res ACT: cheerleading 1-4, socc mgr 2-4, Prom comm, Jr. Mis: FAV MEM: 9 12 87, prom 86 • 87, RS 86 + 87, 10 6 87, Fres + Soph banquet, Florida 86 ■ 88, Jr. Miss, Jill’s party w T. L friends, beat Fox, skiing, cheerint New Year’s 86 + 87, running car DL: Godin ' s driving, snowbankir w Barb, 02, being sick, tras cans, FAV SAY: Get outa towi AMB: to be happy! AE: Thar Mom + Dad, I love you! Hey Wet dy, you know what. Gregory John Wallace NN: Wally, W. FW: Jones, Dere Jesse, Sean, 88 boys. FAV MEf Sean’s last two weeks, Halen 8 DLR 86, cruisin w B.K. and Za Ryche 86, the dessert, poolsic nites, Worcester State. LI: weel ends off, loud music, patience, o Halen, Vai. DL: wanna be ' s, tt heroes, Sammy, carryin Alex, r patience, owing Jesse fins. FA SAY: Oh you did, lata dude. AMI to do good and be happy. Al Thanx Mom and Dad, you’re tf best. Kathryn Louise Wall act NN: Vee, Wally, Mary. FW: not trackies, artheads, sheep, Deat Liz’s gang. ACT: sleeping, socce track, yearbook, art. FAV MEh Liz’s parties, portfolio, Euro His the sleepovers. LI: sleeping, at hist, soccer, Monty, Clint, Cra; pas. DL: fries, R. Reagan, footba Billy Idol, fake hellos, bubblt brains. FAV SAY: Are you Mar Queen of Scots? AMB: to ste awake thru college + to play pi football, AE: No! Now let me sleei PS: Kathie not up the middle ■ Mr. MacPhee I’ll haunt yo forever!!!! 64 Kerri Ann Watts N: Pokey, Weedy, Lee, Thina. ICT: miracle mile. FAV MEM: CB, tawie 87, Rice’s parties, DF, light the forest, Cape after prom 84, jmmer 85, Stevie 86, mem w C, , M. LI: Bruce, Stevie, DF, Weedy a good mood. DL: 85 Camaros feet up trees, mornings remem- sring the night before. FAV SAY: io wadaya thay Thina? AMB: to id a date for the prom! AE: anks Lee!! remember you can nly be so quiet w a tin can, Nick Beck! Todd Mathew Wayshville N: Waysh. FW: Pam, Joe, Dave, ,hn, Chuck. ACT: baseball, pi- sio, bothering Joe, going to Lshes, work. FAV MEM: times VPam, 5 23 86, DS parties, bmbin cars, Billy Joel 86-87, lish, Summer “87”, the Cape, Is Mtn. LI: baseball, Letterman, lod, concerts, bashes. DL: you, les, tempers, no gas, curveballs, Ijield hits. AMB: to get an ambi- 1j»n. AE: good luck Pam I’ll see j»u in four years. William C. Wehring N: Bill. FW: Shelley, Keith. ACT: i ccer 1-4, track 1-3, wrestling 1- ; FAV MEM: scoring the only goal ’ beat Foxboro, the Cape with lielley, FCDC 87, winning the lague championship, Stryper ) ncert. LI: Shelley, soccer, week- nds, beating Foxboro, Leaches lories. DL: losing, getting caught, pies, no free times. AMB: to go • Jt with Shelley Phelan as long as ossible, to own my own business. Patrick Weidman N: Weedy. FW: Bizzo, Mario, ebo, Nick, Harp, Ed, Casper, ick, Magilla, etc. FAV MEM: eedy hill, Hampton Beach trip, . oomey, Skynyrd, Fisher St, acks, industrials, NH on Sun- ays, Beaver, LTD, Fricks gigs, . occo’s, CK’s gig, working with ebo, Summer of 87, jumping the , acks, skip days, NA party. LI: Big ell, HB, sunsets. DL: blue lights, .. atting caught, head games, Gebo ' ail ing fire alarms at 6 AM. AMB: p own a restaurant bar. AE: It’s aen fun, but it hasn’t been real I n. Scott David Weitzenhoffer NN: Weitzy. FW: People in general. ACT: X-country, track, model sen¬ ate, Mirage, tutoring, math team, college bowl, decathalon, NHS. FAV MEM: France 86 + 88, MASP, R.E.M 87, Alarm 87. LI: Sleeping, jokes, poetry, Deathwa- gon, solitude (sometimes), being w people (the rest of the time), Unipacee. DL: Mondays, hate, snobs, conservatism. FAV SAY: I gotta joke for you. AMB: To im¬ prove the world. AE: II ya une veri- te universe lie: sans le bonbeur et sand les amis, la vie est un enter vivant. Tracey Ann Whitaker NN: Casper, Blondy, Curly. FW: Jets, Priscilla, Sandy, Soni, Kerri, Heather, Tracey. FAV MEM: NH 87, Mnt. M 86, Bk-Tsss, Prom 86- 87, Papas w San, KP w Sonj, x’s w Jets, Ed’s pinsetter, Jimo, Oct 30, 8 7-DL. LI: $, guys, smiles + hugs, Aerosmith, being natural blond. DL: Snobs, snakes, cheese, being cold, FAV SAY: Smile-will ya?, Hey Hornet! AMB: To be hap¬ py, wealthy, + free! To find Mr. Right + keep him! AE: I love you Mom + Dad-Jen, Sarah, Ed! Thanks for being there through ev¬ erything! Love ya Lau. Tawnia Wicklund NN: T, Tawn, Tawnsy. FW: Wendi, Jill, Bethy, Gillian, R.V. and anyone else I like. ACT: Cheerleading 1-4, OEA 1-2, Yr. book 1-2. FAV MEM: VA Beach 86, Beach Boys 87, modeling in FI 87, 3 proms 87, re¬ ceiving a diamond from J.C. on the 1st date. LI: Tans, uncontrollable laughs, kiwi fruit, Polynesian food, DIAMONDS IN PEARLS. FAV SAY: No Sal! DL: Being called a snob, jealous girls. AMB: Receive a degree in computers-live in FL w my 56 convertible Corvette! AE: Wendi the baby was choking on a Good N Plenty?! Kelly Noel Williams NN: Kel. FW: Matt, Rach, Kim, Pat, Lisa, Laura, Brad. ACT: Chorus 1- 3, OEA. FAV MEM. 5 20 87, Hampton, Def Lep, working at Cronin’s, Bon Jovi, 6 5 85, 2 yrs. w Brad, JW, Beaver, Boston. LI: Summer, being w friends, shop¬ ping, going out w Matt. DL: Cheating, Ames, breaking-up, fights, jealousy, FHS. FAV SAY: Will u stop it. AMB: To be happy and to get on with it. AE: Thanks Mom and Dad, GL Date and Sean, Matt You’re the best. 65 Jennifer S. Winters Donald J. Yadisernia NN: Jen. FW: Sarah, Jan, Sue, Bri¬ an + the rest. ACT: BB mgr. 2-3, EC 2-4, yearbook, Foreign Exch. FAV MEM: 11 15 85, 5 30 86, FLF ’86, Summer of ' 87, NYC ' 87, jr. and sr. years, concerts, Dirty Dancing. LI: Springsteen, jeans, E + JC, the Cutlass, Eddie + the Cruisers, Corvettes, comedy, drums + drummers, guys w long hair, green eyes, oldies, racing. DL: Waking up in a strange room, Friendly’s bathroom, the " scar- ies”. AE: ... an election? Luxury conditions? I’ve had the time of my life. Susan E. Wooster NN: Sue. FW: SarahJen, Jan, Ang, Gail, Jeanette, + the rest. ACT: FLC-2, 3, P.C. 3, Yrbook-4, skat¬ ing 1-4. FAV MEM: Fr. exchange, DD in NYC, skating, cruising w SJJ + G, Liz’s parties, FB games. LI: Vacations, parties, sleeping, vegging, sweats, candy- corn. DL: Sen. pic., busses, Suns.s 4- Mon.s, friends who leave, deci¬ sions + spirals. FAV SAY: Less than no brain, so obnoxious! AMB: Happiness. AE: I had the time of my life! Oh yeah, Jan, it’s definitely an R!U Thanx Mom + Dad! Good luck class of 88!! SENIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED NN:: Yada, Donny. FW: The Cab¬ bage Regime, Michelle. ACT Hockey 1-4, baseball. FAV MEM D.L.R. 86, Prom 87 w Sherry, the oven, cruisin in the Cutlass, Sum mer of 86, goin out w Regime swimming 87. LI: Girls w long hair Ryche, 12, Mtn Dew, Vai, mon ey. DL: Dr. Pepper, waking up death of R.R., being w stupid peo pie. FAV SAY: Kid ' s hating life AMB: To be happy at whatever do. AE: Mom, Dad, you may knov this but I love you, thanks. Cory S. Yon NN: Flame. FW: Doug, Red, Bob, Doc, Ed, Bill. ACT: Soccer, bas¬ ketball, ACA Joe, tennis. FAV MEM: Ski trips, Quebec, beating Foxboro, the cliff, times at the sen, Fletch, winning the league 10 30 87. LI: Skiing, winning, nice girls, cooking, money. DL: Foxboro, Deanies, losing, rules. FAV SAY: You’re pretty cool. AMB: To own and run my own res¬ taurant. AE: Mom and Dad thanks a lot! If you think you can accom¬ plish anything you will. I’ll try. Wendy Yones NN: Yodels, Wendal. FW: KW, KG, CC, BC, CG. ACT: Prom Commit¬ tee, Junior Miss. FAV MEM: Aeros- mith 86, Prom 87, N, 9-12-87, JM, 85 bash, tal KS w KC. LI: $, blondes, ice cream, dancing, shopping, etc. DL: Dean trash cans, Godin’s driving, pencils, noses, purple, git, alarms. AE: K thanks, I love ya! Mel do the dishes! William Berube Matthew Denommee David Gavel Erin Houghton Warren Kosmenko Anjali Mirchandani Joseph Ponte Rebecca Robertson Wayne Thorpe David Tulloch 66 •k5 Some people just can ' t picture themselves with a smoker. U.S. Department of Health Human Services. 67 The senior class officers represent the Class of 88. Without them our banquets, class gift, t-shirts and all the other events that make our senior year memorable would never have been accomplished. The senior officers are Heidi Bergman, President; Denise Colella, Treasurer; Julie Adiletto, Vice-President; and Michelle Chase, Secretary. Uf SK 5§5B ’ . ' v ' T ' ' Si m is 9! NT H JLS i ■ i Si ANATOMY OF A GEEK Discount Store special, ■ $3.99 plaid button down shirt Light reading material Designer masking tape That “I’m ready for MIT” look Glasses, rulers, pens, pencils, compass and other assorted “musts” 69 The 1988 yearbook staff leaves Dr. O’Malley thanks for helping us when no one else would. The senior girls leave the senior boys some height. E.C. leaves Robin Crandall good luck and a Bruce Springsteen tape to remember him by. Peter Fricker leaves Melanie more time and less people. Jeanette leaves Margaret in South Carolina with a wish that she was here. Missy leaves Laura, Chrissy and Joy 4 more years of wild and crazy nights! M.A. leaves Kerrie everything she wants, because she deserves it. Laurel leaves Andrea behind the curtain at Zoom Video. Andrea leaves Laurel behind the curtain at Zoom. Merry leaves Lisa a plane ticket to Europe where she can meet the unmarried man of her dreams. The calculus class leaves Mr. Compagnone a sturdy desk to sit on. Chrissa leaves Kar all the good and bad memories, enough to last a lifetime! Carla and Pam leave Peter a real well to fall in! Joanne Suchanek leaves all her schoolbooks to whoever is strong enough to carry them. Wendy leaves Tawnia a new book of alibies and 2 Iranians on vacation. Pam leaves Todd 1 slice of pizza and DD, CM, and JD standing in front of Papa Gino’s. Sonja leaves David 365 kisses and an infinite number of lead holders. V. Giardini leaves Brian Harland two tickets to a Pats game. Dennis and Marilyn leave the school an impression. Nickie Beaudette leaves Eric Cusson all the happiness in the world. Diane leaves Brian memories of the goodtimes and lots of LOVE. I leave Lynn and myself on a double date with Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg. Michelle Chase’s party leaves Laurel someone CIASS Will else to blame for kicking her under the chair. Carl leaves Denise C. a fishing pole and net. Jen leaves Kerrie E. a box of Kleenex, the best of times and “whateva”. Joy, Laura, Chrissy and Missy leave Amy Ramsey a new lawn! DJ leaves Mr. MacPhee a new signature. Jenn and Nicole leave Pam a can of Friends Baked Beans (complete with pork cubes). John and Jesse leave Mr. Butler a new saying “Rollin’ like a jelly donut”. Bonnie leaves Mary all the thanks for being the best friend I could ever ask for. K.E. leaves S.G. some old memories. Mike leaves Bum-Bums some socks for her dress. O’d leaves Mike and Andrea a timer with a loud bell. Katabee leaves Katrice and Melissa some more hiking days next year. Kimby leaves Jennifi all the good memories she keeps forgetting. Paula leaves Anette an unlocked door. Tina leaves Liz red and blue flashing lights for her car. Erin leaves Beth some luck, you’re gonna need it. Kar leaves Chrissa, Jenifi, Kimby and T the fun memories we had together at F.H.S. Jenny leaves her brother Billy better luck with dad than she had. Becky leaves Spam and Thina some new buddies. Barbara and Matt leave Sue a locker, free and clear. Kim leaves David Scannell someone to go to the library with first period and a lot of love. Steve Serra leaves quietly. Bernie leaves her brother and sisters luck. Phil leaves O’d his height. Godin leaves Cyndi a pair of ankles that don’t break. I leave Kelly Rice lots of luck the next 2 long years! Maura leaves Lynn going 40 on route 128, men from Revere and her own copy of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. Jill leaves the T.B.T.C. her L.B. Mary leaves Bonnie a new milking stool, pink and purple spots and a pail. M. Amendola leaves Ebba H. a pan of brownies to dunk her nose in. Melissa leaves Keith oregano and a date! Cheri leaves Kiki o 3 an island in Maine. Kevin leaves Mike a plate of spaghetti and some garlic bread. Julie and Denise leave Mr. Feldman 2 more weasels. Lisa leaves Laura a c heese pizza, 2 Pepsi’s and a lot of memories. Laura leaves F.H.S. happily. Kathy Wallace leaves Mr. MacPhee someone else to bake birthday cakes. Liz leaves Jenny Doe and Jeanette permanent vacations at Bellevue after yearbook is over. John leaves Matt a car with a couple of dents. Jenn leaves Tina her own private room at Milford Hospital. Barb leaves Kiki and Cheri in a snowbank. We leave Jen W. 101 ways to speak to more than one person at a time. Heather leaves Jenny a fitting situation. Free America leaves Doug Cowell immigration papers. Heidi leaves here sister, Heather, a year of babysitting and none of her clothes. Tracey leaves Sonja a lifetime of friendship. Kiki leaves Wendy lost in lunch. Michelle and Diane leave Mr. Gilmore a microphone. Tawnia and Eric leave Wendy a snow plow for the front of her car. Matt, I leave you a hug for everyday of the week. We leave Brian a sheep mate. Lisa leaves Jenn Gumby, Pokey, a rasberry slush and some spare change. Jenny Doe leaves Lynn protection in Segovia, Lisa an 8x10 glossy of Geekface, and the Coeds a copy of “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy. I leave the class of ’88 lots of luck! The yearbook staff leaves Linda and company one egg and better aim! i 71 DBrary Media Center franklin High School ErankJfn, MA 02038 Thanks to my friends for four of the best years! Heidi, Harvard forever! Jan, let’s go with our men tonite! Sue have fun next year! Chris where is our sofa?! Ya hi Debbie! Liz you party chick! Liz Sardella thanks! Jeanette you’re the best! Love, Sue C. Lisa + Nikki, couldn’t have made it without you. Always know I’m there. Nicole, hon, good luck- have fun in dance w o me! I love you guys, Robin Hey Bern-let’s laugh now not later! Instead of MBCC let’s try MMA! ha. where’s Dean? Excuse me . . . C.G. 4- u! J.D. 4-me! Tahiti-2 kids! Mel- See you at MBCC. Remember u love JD + I love CG’s body. Matt’s good too. Matt I still like you. Always remember gym class + the good times. Bernie Keerie, best of luck! I know whateva you do it’ll be great. Thanks for everything. See ya in Florida. The 4 of us! Luv ya, Jen Norton, thanx 4 keeping chorus fun! I’ll miss ya. Let’s sing the Indian song. ha. Oh, you can have P.. 1 and my place in study. The moody one To my friends, Thanks for the memories. We have done some crazy things like NH and Jim’s car, Friendly’s + table for 11, oh and don’t forget the nuts. 85’ w the water balloons and of course the togas and bikini?. Love you all, Jenn 74 To Erica, John, my friends, my parents and anyone that put an influence on my life. Thanks for all the great (and not so great) times guys! I luv you all and I’ll never forget you! The good times are not behind us, there are more! Guy Rezendes To all my friends, We made it you guys! It’s been great! Good luck to all of you after graduation! Love, Priscilla P.S. Casper, hope you get what you want (T’s sss . . .) also, see ya around, Tricky SGB, thanks for your talks, your shoulder, your support, and especially for your hugs! Thanks for being you Mom-You’re the greatest! I luv you! YLTB P.S. Don’t pick that ladyslipper! Bonzai, without you: Florance Bessy never would have been milked, Logan wouldn’t have been held, the milkshake wouldn’t have been poured the rates never would have gone up after 5. Without you, there wouldn’t have been as many laughs! I love ya kyd! Mary Mike, it’s finally here. Now I guess you can say I told you so. The past three years have been awesome cuz of you, I love you. Thank you for always being here for me! I love you! Crazy for you! Only 75 more years to go! Love always, Andrea Thanks Dad + Ginny for everything. I love you both. Nick and Kez don’t forget you can only be so quiet w a tin can. Good luck class of 88’ I’m outa here!! 75 INTEECAMEIC Top left- Heather Flynn, Kym Carmichael, Barbara Kennedy, Top left- Juan, Jose, Diego , Alfredo, Fernando, David, Maria, Monica and Spanish Jenn Doherty, Jeanette Duffy, Liz Sottile and Claudia Kit- Advisor Marguerita. Bottom- Regino, Almudena, and Beatriz. tredge. Bottom Left- Gavin Stroke, James Rothwell, Trip Wag¬ ner, Michelle Chase and Lynn Dancy. On a cold, snowy February morning while everyone else was sound asleep the twelve members of the Spanish Exchange were on their way to Madrid. The two weeks were spent making new friendships and strengthing old ones. We all survived being stranded in Segovia, con¬ frontations with the policias Militares and became clos¬ er because of it. Despite these problems every one enjoyed discovering a new culture and new food, such as octopus and squid. Along with night clubs and amusement parks they also visited places of historical significance like the Plaza Mayor, the Aqueduct, and Toledo. Unfortunately the trip had to end and after a teary goodbye and an eight hour plane trip we were welcomed home by friends and family. Jenn, Claudia and Kym at the Plaza Mayor. The fantastic Flamenco. Barbara gets a drink while lost. Resting in the Madrid Airport. The famous Aqueduct in Spain. Hasta luego! I It might have been cold outside on December 18th- but inside of Demetri’s- things were just starting to heat up. The class of 1988 celebrated their Christmas banquet there and brought the house down as they danced the night away. Along with all the dancing were two surprises that the class received. One surprise was a limbo contest, and the other was a dance contest. The limbo winner was Cory Yon and the winners of the dance contest were Melanie Volz and Todd Baker, a.k.a. “Bake”. Key chains were distributed to all seniors by Mr. Feldman and class officers as momentos to always remember the Senior Banquet and the good times we all had together. And the crowd goes wild! Elizabeth and Priscilla pose for the camera. Jenn sighs, " What a dreamboat!” Billy gets down during the dance competition. Jenna displays her method of ’dirty dancing’. What a bunch of babes! John thinks his dance partner is so lucky. CHRISTMAS BANQUET Andrea and Laurel strike a pose. This is Melanie, if you can find her under the beard. “I said, I can see your What a winner! Pat, you’re such a ladies man. Gee, we wonder what the smiles are all about! ORGANIZE T O VE TAKE 1 The Student Council Staff: Top Jeanette Duffy, Jen Genoa, Jim Duronio, Tess Dubois, Sue Crandall, Robbie Robbins, Amy Weidemann. Middle Debbie Smith, Jen Rosseti, Dan Dena, Karen Moran, Susan Washer, Tanisha Steinborn. Bottom: Heidi Bergman, Melissa Savicki, Jen Revell, Lynn Dancy, Melanie Turieo, Holly Lash. This year the Student Council got a new advisor Ms. Sue Cornetta. With her help and the support of the members they have run two blood drives against K.P. and a super dance with the Honor Society. In December they held Reverse College Day in which juniors and seniors got a chance to visit with Franklin alumni about college. Also in December they held a can drive for the friends of Franklin, they collected over two hundred canned goods for the needy. In March they sponsored “spirit week.” It included Silence is Golden Day, Flower day, the Film “Patience” and Blue and White day. The officers are: Sue Crandell, President: Dan Dena, Vice President; Jim Duronio, Treasurer; Tanisha Steinborn, Secretary. A big “Thank you” to Sue Cornetta for her help and connections, everyone did a great job! 82 The National Honor Society, from l-r, back: Bruce Eaton, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Jim Duronio, Jamie Pisano. Middle: Kristen Doyle, Jan Cooper, Tina Carlucci, Jenn Matyi, Kathy Rogers, Elizabeth Sardella, Christine Morgado. Front: Heather Swails, Debbie Smith, Christine Rodier, Jen Thomas. What does it take to be in the National Honor Society? If you notice, there are people from the top ten percent of the class, and others from the top twenty percent. The qualifications to be in this selective group are an 85 average throughout high school, outstanding character, public service, and leadership. Basically, well rounded individuals are invited to join. But what do you do when you become a member? There is more to being on the National Honor Society then the recognition at graduation time. The group provides various services for the community, and to the school. Often the fund raising and activities which are performed to raise money for trips aid the entire student body, such as the running of a dance. A unique quality present among society members is spirit and motivation, which makes activities done together quite enjoyable. Credit must be given to the advisers, Mr. Wilk and Mr. Defronzo, for their dedication and help which allows the society to perform activities. 84 D.E.C.A.: back: Jen Callahan, Connie Lievano, David Kenney, Chris Thomas, Brian Luccini, Phil Muirhead, Eric Taddeo, Alex Sprah, David Menize, Jesse Marguerite, Greg Wallace, Todd Baker, P.J. Lampasona, John Cashel, Theresa Drohan. Middle: Marybeth Geysen, Holly Swahn, Patti Reed, Michelle Wheeler, Brenda lllescas, Laura Tenney, Sonja Gillis, Kim Osier, Sonya Lee Knustgrachen. Bottom: Diana Gillis, Sue Molloy, Carole Kamerik, Anette LeBlanc, Kelly Bailey, Paula Nasuti, Lisa Shannon, Nicole Drew. The D.E. students have a store located in the cafeteria. The store is run by the students so that they can learn first hand experience about running their own business. Positions are awarded to students as if in a major store for example- store manager, president and so forth. Each year students involved in the program compete in different aspects of busines s in State and National competitions. If a student is interested in business, than they should look into the D.E. store. OEA are L-R: Katrice Kibby, Kathy Eldridge, Erin Grantz, Karen Malen, Heidi Bergman, Priscilla Sheridan, Tina Thornhill, Ellen Purruo, Pam Logue, John Lombardi, Middle Row: Jason Wilhelm, Tim Franklin, Bruce Eaton, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Dan Dena, Jim Duronio, Christian Bonvin, Matt Maki Front Row: Cory Yon, Lisa Casday, Jill Ghringell; Chad Perrault. The OEA is a group of individuals who excel in the business area. They compete in different office related events with other schools. The competition is held in March anywhere around the Boston area. The group consists of 42 members, who each specialize in different events, such as shorthand, typing, accounting, etc. Franklin is known for their excellent knowledge in business, and receives the most awards. The group hopes to make this year a productive and outstanding one, through fundraising and preparing themselves for a competition that they hope will be their best yet. The OEA offecers are: President, Dan Dena; Vice President, Karen Malen; Secretary, Heidi Bergman; Treasurer, Erin Grantz. 88 The Franklin High School Band under the direction of Eric Rosen and the Franklin High School Colorguard under the direction of Mary Doherty. The Franklin High School Band and Colorguard has become one of the most respected groups in the state. Not only does the Band provide entertaining shows during half-time at high school football games during the regular season, but they also work hard in order to participate in state wide competitions, this year the Band and Colorguard placed third all-around in the state competition. Last spring the group went to Washington to march in Festivals of Music. In that event they placed second out of numerous groups. The Band and Colorguard are going to Toronto, Canada to participate in an exchange program where they will experience different traditions of Canadian band and colorguard performances. Each year the band also gives winter and spring performances to the public an the Horace Mann auditorium. The colorguard has grown from its original 3 members to a group of talented performers. The Band and Colorguard work hard to be the best they can be. They have both come along way in their time. These groups are dedicated to excellence and it definitely shows. The 1987-88 Chorus featuring Kristen Doyle, selected to the Central District Festival. If you love to sing than the chorus, directed by Ms. Lisse, is just for you. The chorus performs in winter and spring concerts. They also perform at graduations. This year the students were treated to a special Christmas concert during lunches. Included in this fine group of singers is Kristen Doyle who was chosen to be in the Central District music Festival. The chorus also went to Washington this past spring to participate in a competition along with the band and colorguard groups. 92 ORCHESTRA The Orchestra started out with four violinists but under the direction of Mr. Gianetti, for the last two years it has blossomed into a full-fledged orchestra. The orchestra plays annual spring and winter concerts, special Christmas programs at malls and also have time to play for senior citizens at nursing homes. This year they will be participating in an exchange trip to Toronto. The orchestra is comprised of many fine musicians. Three members, John Lash, Janet Gaede, and Steve Rapko have been named to the Central District Musical Festival. The Orchestra back (l-r): Sue Perry John Lash, Mike Gordon, Dennis Sardella, Amy Kamerik, Elizabeth Sardella, Chris Rodier, Jenn Matyi, Debbie Smith, Janet Gaede. Weideman, Lee Gianetti. Front (l-r): Rick Haran, Kristen •ml, mm Y YY ■ ■ s { ; j The Academic Decathalon: back (l-r) Kevin King, Mike Tocci, Jen Thomas, Bob Grimes, Mrs. Peters. Front: (l-r) Jim Duronio, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Mark Simpson, Jason George, Jim Rothwell. The Academic Decathalon is a nationwide competition of High School students designed to promote and reward academic endeavors. Students compete in local, state, and nationwide levels. This year’s Franklin High team came in first out of 28 other teams in Eastern Massachusetts. The team consists of 2 honor students, 2 scholastic students, and 2 varsity students. The competition involves a series of six tests, not unlike the Achievement tests, and a Super Quiz. This year the Super Quiz was on flight and with the help of Richard D. Legge of Aviation East, Inc. from Norfolk Airport, the team came in 1st! On March 26th, Franklin will compete with the top ten teams from Eastern Ma. and 4 other teams from Western Ma. The winner of this competition will go to San Antonio, Texas to compete nationwide. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Peters, many other teachers help the students prepare for the competitions. HATH 1 The Franklin Math Team: back (l-r) Ken Marshall, Jen Thomas, Michelle Brown, Mark Simpson, Bob Grimes, Mike Tocci. Front: Jim Rothwell, Kevin King, Jay Wu, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Jim Duronio, Jim Davin. The Franklin High School math team is for students who like to solve challenging problems. It usually consists of students who excel in all levels of math. This year’s team is fourth out of twenty teams in Eastern Massachusetts competitions. They compete four times a year. Franklin will compete in the playoffs this year as to no surprise! Mr. Loper, their advisor, is very proud of the group and its fantastic success. SPEECH 1 The Speech team competes in competitions at several diiferent locations. The main jist of the Speech team is competing in different areas of speech. The areas consist of prose, poetry, children’s literature, humorous story and many more choices. Each member selects a piece in which he or she would like to present at a competition. Advisor Kathy Duncan works with students after school in order for them to perfect their performance. The Speech team is an excellent activity for those people interested in such areas as Public Relations, Advertising and so forth. At competitions students present their piece and are critiqued by a judge in the room while they are also in front of an audience. The Franklin High School speech team has become widely recognized as they win awards at every competition they are invited to. This team has certainly proved to be a threat to other speech teams around the country. The Speech team back John Cashel, Michelle Brown, Jen Soinenen, Mike Gordon. Front Holly Lash, Kristen Kamerik, Elizabeth Sardella, Dennis Sardella. The Franklin High School Drama Club: Top Julie Kroviak, Cheryl Cody, Kathy Egan, Wendy Harrell, Marlene Casciano, Lisa Syngay, Dennis Sardella, Mike Gordon, Scott Gardner, Erin Lynch. Bottom row Kristen Kamerik, Janet Gaede, Michelle Brown, Liz Sottile, Marybeth Cowan, Julie Adiletto. The Drama Club or newly named, the Franklin High Theatre Club; consists of students with a passion for theater. Not only are we actors and actresses, but we’re also stage managers, set designers, make-up assistants and a number of other backstage people who tie up all the loose ends. With our director Judy Burns’ help we were able to stage last year’s successful production of “Witness for the Prosecution’’, which got the drama club off to a good start; but maybe this year we’ll at least have an audience. 98 Do you like to write short stories? Poems? Essays? Do you like to draw or take photographs? If so, then Mirage is for you. Mirage is the literary magazine here at Franklin High School. Every year, students submit their best writings and drawings for publication in the Mirage magazine that is available in April. The staff edits the submissions, and with the assistance of Ms. Vosburg, our advisor, Mirage is published. Now, the students and residents are able to see the creativity Franklin High School Students possess. Editor in Chief, Suzanne Molloy; Literary Editor, Mary D’ Errico; Art Editor, Bonnie Therieau; Copy Editor, Louanne Johnson. The Mirage Staff: Top Wendy Harrell, Suzanne Hick, Bonnie Therieau, Scott Weitzenhoffer. Bottom row Janet Gaede, Julie Adiletto, Diane Rovedo, Jen Thomas, Luanne Johnson, Mary D’Errico. 99 The Panther Pause Staff: Top row-Melissa SaVicki, Kristen Duplessie, Christine Rodier, Amy Weidemann, Marybeth Cowan, Advisor-Mrs. Vosburgh. Bottom: Kim Crowley, Alyssa Sveden, Heather Swails, Michelle Brown, Suzanna Renzi This year’s Panther Pause has managed to publish informative as well as informative articles for the students. Each edition of the paper has been eagerly awaited, and thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Articles are proofread and approved by their advisor Ms. Vosburgh. This year’s staff includes: Heather Swails- Editor-in-Chief Mary Beth Cowan- Features Editor Susannah Renzi Melissa Savicki- Sports Editors Christine Rodier- Copy Editor Amy Wiedeman- Photography Editor 100 The Foreign Language Club: top row- Suzanna Renzi, Melissa Savicki, Heather Gardner, Tawnia Wicklund, Wendy Harrell. Bottom row: Janet Gaede, Marybeth cowan, Michele Brown The Academic Bowl: front (l-r) Mike Tocci, Kevin King, Robert Grimes, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Jaosn George. Back (l-r) Mr. Peters, Stephen Rapko, Jen Thomas, Mark Simpson, Diane Rovedo, Kathy Schaaf. Academic bowl involves the quick recall of specific facts. The team, under the direction of Mr. Mrs. Peters, competes in a league of Southshore schools. Two teams of four members compete in each meet. The meets are comprised of two matches. The total number of points from each match determines the teams standing. The toss-up questions are worth ten points each and after every correct one the team receives a twenty point bonus question. The questions range from everything, like art to science. Franklin High School’s team is now ranked number one and is optimistic that they will finish first in the finals. The Library Aides at F.H.S. help students find materials that they need for projects or just easy reading, they also assist Library directors in many of the chores of the library. The Tutors assist fellow classmates in subjects that others have trouble dealing with. Tutors meet with their classmates during free periods to work on fundamentals of such subjects as Math, Foreign Language, Science, and many more. These students that help other classmates are giving a lot of themselves in order to these that need a little more help in defined areas. IIBEAKT AIEES TIJTCE Franklin High School Library Aides and Tutor: Bernadette Genoa, David Skinnell, Kristen Doyle. TIEaVICIBCCIK The Oskey Yearbook Staff: back (l-r) Heidi Bergman, Gail Caldwell, Jenn Doherty, Liz Sottile, Jeanette Duffy, Christine Morgado. Front (l-r) Scott Weitzenhoffer, Kathy Wallace, Tina Carlucci, Pam Tomasetti, Bonnie Therieau, Sue Wooster. 104 Somewhere under the croppers, pictures, and layout sheets lies the Oskey 88 Yearbook. Since September, the staff has been meeting every day after school in order to produce a great yearbook. The staff may be small but they are hardworking. The yearbook staff is dedicated to preserving our four fun-filled years of high school. In order for a yearbook to be completed, there must be a lot of work done by a responsible staff. Not many people realize how much time and effort goes into making the book. Although there are only four full time members on the staff, others gave their spare time in order to help. This year the group choose the theme “It’s A Wrap’’ signifying the end of our high school years. LIVE FROM F.H.S. Each year students perform in a fundraising show called “The Oskey Show”. The show raises money for the yearbook staff the ' following school year. Last year’s theme was “A Calendar Year” and presented a special event in each month. Featured in the month of September was a song from the movie Grease sung by Kim Crowley and Dan Feeley. The Oskey guys put together a dance to Whitney Houston ' s song “How will I know”. The month of December rocked with a Christmas song sung by Craig Bernheart. Oskey ’87 turned out to be a big success and raised a lot of money for Oskey Yearbook ’88. The cast of Oskey will never forget the fun and memorable times performing in the show. IT ' S THE OSKEY SHOW 107 The theme of Junior Miss ’88 was Country Western. There was a record number of contestants this year which made the competition even more difficult. The Jr. Miss spirit could be found in all the girls but when it came to the spirit of Junior Miss Award the girls felt Tess Dubois deserved this honor. Lisa Syngay performed a compelling dramatic monologue which won her the Creative and Performing arts award. Laura Rettman’s modeling background helped her win the Poise and Appearance award. Robin Crandall won the Physical Fitness award with her unremiting energy. Merry Corbett’s outstanding High School record won her the Scholastic Achievement award. 109 The Franklin Junior Miss provided great entertainment for those who attended. The winners of the contest were Merry Corbett-Academic Achievement and 4th runner-up. Laura Rettman- Poise Appearance and 3rd runner-up. Lisa Syngay- Creative Performing Arts and 2nd runner-up. Tess Dubois-Spirit of Junior Miss and 1st runner-up. Robin Crandall-Physical Fitness and FRANKLIN’S JUNIOR MISS! Vw I 110 FBANTUN a Violetta Sambroski Toni Boix Toni Boix comes from Spain. She is staying with the Cody family in Franklin. Toni is currently a senior in the school and will graduate with the class of 1988! She is enjoying her stay in Franklin. She’s met plenty of new friends during the year. Toni speaks Engish very well and can carry on a conversation in English that will leave Americans tongue-tied. She has become a “Franklinite” and a senior in style. We hope that Toni keeps enjoying her stay in the U.S. and never forgets her “second home’’. We’ll miss you greatly, Toni! Violetta Sambroski came to the United States from Poland during the summer of 1987. She is currently enrolled at F.H.S. as a junior. Her favorite subject is Math! Although she finds it slightly difficult, she also enjoys Biology. Because this is her first year having to speak English, she does not talk very often. However, she does understand the language itself. We all hope that she has enjoyed her first year at Franklin High School and will mention us in her home town in the country of Poland! T My Experiences As The New Kid in Town! Waiting at Sahar Airport (Bombay, India) for my flight to be announced the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t let me rest. I couldn’t tell whether it was the tedious, never ending flight or the suspense of what awaited me on the other side, I was frightened. The weeks between the decision to come to the States and this day had literally flown by. I had a lot of time to think on board the plane, I kept thinking of my friends-people who grew up with me, my school that I had attended for 12 years, the phone calls that seemed brief to me but endless to my parents, my bedroom that I furnished bit by bit, it was that nostalgic feeling of home sickness that can really dampen one’s spirits. Determined not to give into 112 my feelings I forced myself to believe that everything would work out just fine. On the very first day on my setting foot in Franklin High I realized that it was proving my fears baseless. Not knowing what to expect, and certainly not wanting to face cold, hostile people, I entered Franklin High to be faced with a set of great people- one better than the other, the staff had gone out of their way to make adjustments for my settling in and have displayed the greatest amounts of patience and encouragement. Even the most gregarious of people sometimes go into a shell when placed amidst totally different surroundings and I was no exception, I too was faced with the problem of a tied tongue for sometime but thanks to the new friends I’ve made the interest and friendship extended towards me. I’ve gotten over it. Not many people take kindly to a new person amidst them but I’m happy and grateful to say that the staff and students of Franklin High don’t fit into that category. Maybe its due to the size of the town but anyone entering Franklin High can almost immediately sense a warm feeling and a homely atmosphere around them. Strong bonds between the student-teacher relationship, individual help and attention, and time for each other are omnipresent, these are things that one never finds in big metropoloitan cities. Another thing that Franklin High excels in is their Guidance Department! I’m sure since I felt the way, that every student knows of the reassuring and caring person they can find in their individual Guidance counselor, and I most certainly would have been lost without the sincere help, patience, encouragement and guidance that I received through mine. There’s no doubt that Franklin High is fantastic, it was my first major change I really am grateful for the way things turned out, and all I can say is thank you very much. I really appreciate everything each one of you has done for me. Anjeli Merchandaui The Franklin High Football team: Bottom row: Matt Sidney, Brian Godfrey, Pat Bissanti, Eric Cusson, tri-captains Joe Ponte, Mike Pellegri Peter Fricker, John Lombardi, Adam Ballarino, Joe Duggan, Jeff Thompson. 2nd row up: Jeff Caruso, Eric LaPlaca, Robby Kucich, Mike Socci, Rick Hyotte, Peter Scaccia, John Marino, Dave Darling, Chucky Bennett. 3rd row up: Mike Grasso, Chris Palladini, Kevin Bonollo, Chris Thomas, Brian Cotton, Tom Rowling, TOm Sherry, Peter Cornetta, Mike Cataldo, David Courtamache. 4th row up (l-r): Mike Goguen, Jeff St. Louis, Tony Lampasona, Ed Dorr, Greg Wozniak, Mike Gronkey, Greg Shannon, Scott Hamilton, Danny McClain. Last row: Coach Pasqarosa, Coach Colace, Coach Colella, Coach D’Errico, Coach Miller. PANTHER Lights, Camera, Action Homecoming Court This year’s Homecoming court and escorts were from left to right: A.J. Gould, and Katie Zanetti; of the freshman class; Jen D’Errico and Scott Yadisernia of the sophomore class; Homecoming Queen Elizabeth Sardella and escort Craig Bernheart of the senior class; Nicki Padula and Eric Taddeo of the junior class; Carla Marguerite and Billy O’Neill; and Colleen Brote and Alex Sprah both couples of the senior class. Despite the cold weather all the girls and guys were dressed to a ‘T’. Flowers were presented to the girls and boutonnieres were presented to the boys. 116 The Basketball Cheerleaders: top-Melanie Turieo, Julie Evans, Karen Lewandoski, Kiki Wagner, Coach Christine DiMartino. Bottom: anna- Marie Genoa, Carla Gruseck, , Cheri Costantino The Franklin High Hockey Cheerleaders: top-Tracey McLaughlin, Pam Lampasona, Julie Rafter, Michelle Chase, Julie Adiletto, Alisa Gentili, Tobey Bachelder, Heather Swahn The Soccer Cheerleaders: top-Jennifer Maddox, Heather Sinclair, Lynda D ' Amico, Karen Lewandoski. Middle: Dawn Briggs, Anne- Marie Genoa, Toby Vito. Front: Beth Mercer. The Football Cheerleaders: back- Julie D’Errico, Kristen Harland, Pam Griffin, Julie Sanfason, Maria Dickinson, Kristen Vaughn, Coach Robin D’Errico. Front: Jen D’Errico, Lisa Saster, Diane D’Amico, Nicki Padula, Tina Ehlers, Kristen Schemp. 11 tu icvi i is: I I The Franklin High Soccer Team: Coach Bositis, Dave Pereira, John Cashman, Matt Sullivan, Billy O’Neill, Keith Dalzell Mark Halliday, Dave Taranto, Eric Simmler, Eric Romsey. Bottom row: Manager Kiki Wagner, Doug Cowell, Eddie Sweeney, tri-captains Mike Dorsey, John O ' Donnell, Jim Duronio, Billy Wehring, Dan Gold, Manager Cheri Costantino. ibcts SCCCIEIR 120 Back: Kathy Schaff, Cheri Revell, SonjaLee Knustgraichen, Missy Savicki, Susannah Renzi, Barbara Huston, Kerry Rogers, Terri Coakley, Holly Smith Front: Kathy Wallace, Jolene Keiser, Merry Corbett, Leslie Moore, Jen Revell, Colleen Brote 122 WINTER TR4 The Track Team: front-Erin Houlihan, Kathy Wallace, Eddie Sweeney, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Kenny Rogers, Dave Noble, Liz O’Neill, Merry Corbett, Greg Genoa. Middle: Chris Campbell, Bob Lynch, Chad Perrault, Shannon Smith, Erica Brote, Liz Mason, Dawn LaRochelle, Michelle Brown, Kathy Shaft. Back: Brian Fraser, Brian King, Kevin King, Mike Tocci, John White, Dave Taylor, Chris Perry, Laura Ouigg, Heather Spooner, Kathy Mitchell, Paula Thackaberry, Joe Macglauphlin. 4th row: Paul Brumbaugh, Bill O’Neill, Tom Sherry, Jeff Caruso, Rod Kucich, Coach D’Errico, Paul Brumbaugh, John Marino, Seth Hatart, Jason Jorge, Paul Travato. 124 126 BASEIETBAIIl The Franklin High Basketball Team: top-David Courtamche, Mark Halliday, David Johnson, John O’Donnell, John Kucich, Mike Dorsey, Mark Yadisernia, Coach Geysen. Bottom-Peter Scaccia, Chris Loper, Jason Simmler, Eric Laplaca, Paul Sherry. 128 I AM I II All Standing, L-R: Susannah Renzi, Kristen Duplessie, Carla Marguerite, Melissa Savicki, Debbie Nelson, Julie Drohan, Jen Revell, Jen Maddox. Sitting, L-R: Karyn Godin, Coach Cotter, Leslie Moore. 130 Hccrcy The 1988 Franklin High School Hockey Team: top-Coach Luccini, Todd Baker, John Dwyer, Brian Fitzgibbons, Marty Levy, Dace Pereira, Gino Zanneti, Jason Goguen, Scott Dwyer, Patrick Bissatni, Ray Lamoreaz. Bottom-Mark McCarthy, Keith Spillane, Bill Caso, Don Yadisernia, P.J. Lampasona, John Calarese, Tom Smyth, Kevin Jones. 132 WKCSTUN6 The Franklin High Wrestling team: top Mark Gazzola, Coach Carmine Colace, Jason Marguerite, Scott Hamilton, Louie Marguerite, Chris Thomas, Greg Sparrow, Adam Ballarino, Joe Ponte, Alex Sprah, Mike Vendetti. Middle: Derek Cotton, Ken Marshall, Jon Scheinman, Tom Hosford, Dana Gavel, Dan Gold, Guy Rezendes. Bottom: Roy Crandall, Larry Lanham, Dan Colace, Jon Carlucci, Jeremy Ballarino, Jason McCarthy, Steve Impey. 134 WTsC, 1 ■ mk ISk 9 UA , ll 4 » r ' W V flj A fi p i: . m , K | ■}» Jp . W? 1 1 if y «s ft The Girls’ Tennis Team Of 1987: top row: Coach Parnell, Sue Cowan, Marybeth Savicki, Marne Perrault, Amy Borge, and Sue Henry, all of the class of 1987, and Kym Carmichael. Bottom row: April Florio, Julie Evans, Lynn Dancy, Julie D’Errico, Melissa Savicki, Suzanna Renzi. CHARIOTS 4 I IFIRE 144 The Franklin Panthers have really outdone themselves this time by producing another award winning track team. The coaching talents of P. Travato, F. Bositis, T. Derilo, and E. Flitchborn helped to make this successful year possible. Thank you, Guys! -•v • d SPORTS SPOTLIGHT The football team had a good season this year. They ended with a 3-6-1 record. Some notables of the football team were: Mike Pellegri, Peter Fricker, Joe Ponte, Eric Cusson, Eric LaPlaca, Rob Kucich, John Lombardi and Mike Socci. All received awards at the annual football banquet for their outstanding play in the field. The captains of the field hockey team were Julie Adiletto and Kym Carmichael. Paula Thackaberry was selected for the Call All-star team as the team celebrated a fine season. The boys soccer team had an awesome season! With their 14-4-1 record, they captured the Hockomock League. Cory Yon was the Milford Daily News Unsung hero. The Call All-stars were Dave Pereira, Mike Dorsey, Keith Dalzell, and Dave Taranto The Girls basketball team is having an excellent season. Leslie Moore tied Kathy Bonollo’s record of 1000 points in her career at Franklin High School. The wrestling team is excelling this season. They are winning over every team that comes within a foot of them. Chances are we will see a repeat of last season’s record. The Girls Indoor Track team was the almost champions of the Hockomock League with only one loss. The captains of this team were Merry Corbett and Kathy Wallace. The boys Indoor Track team came in second in the league Championship and were led by Dave Noble, Eddie Sweeney, and Kevin King. The Girls Soccer team had a good season. The team was led by Leslie Moore and Merry Corbett. Merry and Leslie were also Call All-Stars for the team. The Franklin hockey team is having a fine season. They beat our arch rivals Canton and King Philip and plan to excel this season as usual. Mrs. Vosburgh Mr. Currie “To be or not to be, that is the question”? I thought it was how well you did on your SAT’s. But whether it’s the Classics or the Basics, the English Department, under the direction of Mrs. Vosburgh, know their business and are willing to give their time to any student who needs it. Mr. Radford 148 Mrs. Whall Mr. Lombardi ■WMM NflRMfitt ' ?» ,! Mrs. Ligon Ms. Duncan 149 Mr. Gilmore Ms. Baca «r| •MatA. Mr. Compagnone Mrs. Menize Mr. Butler Mrs. Turco 150 Mrs. Russo Mr. Loper Does Trig, give you a headache, Math Analysis get you down? The Math department, headed by Mr. Compagnone, is there to help you with your sin x equals V 2 or your interior angles. Or maybe you’re the next DesCartes or Newton and don’t need help with Algebra or Calculus, and you think you could teach the faculty a few things. Either way, even if you think you don’t need math in the future, you will, and the Math Department is an important part of the faculty at FHS. Mr. Corman 151 0 Mr. Wilk Mrs. Willard Mrs. Cook immm tbchnojes Mr. Kingsbury Does E = mc 2 make sense to you? Does the thought of disecting a frog make you queasy? It doesn’t bother the Science Department, led by Mr. Wilk. Watch out for those speeding gravity cars and Hydrochloric Acid, because you can expect to be involved with them if you participate in the science program, designed to teach you how you and your world work. 152 Mr. Parmenter Mr. DeFronzo Mr. DiMarco Mr. Fiske Mr. Vaillancourt 153 Mr, Johnston Have you ever been minding your own business walking down the hall and are suddenly faced with a blast from the past? Well don’t worry, it’s only Mr, Johnston with a very long sword. He is immersing himself in history. The job of Mrs. Peters, department head, and the rest of the Social Studies Department, is to immerse you in the histories and cultures of the world. What’s in your subconscience? Why did our Founding Fathers wear wigs? The Social Studies Department can tell you. Mr. Mulcahy 155 Mr. D’Errico 0 ?o ' tely t Hola and Bonjour from the Foreign Language Department. Mr. Methot, the department head, and all the other faculty want to expose you to a new culture and a new language. From Los Matadores to the Champs Elysees, to the Coliseum in Rome, expanding your horizons and embracing a new way of life is what foreign language is all about. If you’re dying to see the Louvre, Flamenco dancers, or taste some juicy dormouse, take a foreign language and open your mind and imagination. Sr. Methot 1 Mm ■.mm ■ S, - t vXJ? Sra. Murphy Sra. Poncz 156 Mme. Riendeau Sra. Ockey Who said Latin was dead? Certainly not Mr. Lynch, who is here to prove Latin is alive and well, as all “Latin scholars” would know. It’s also obvious that Spanish and French are alive from the number of Foreign exchange students Franklin has had. Even if you can’t participate in Foreign Exchange you can still get the cultural ex perience through the Foreign Language Club or the Latin Club. Adios and Adieu. Magister Lynch 157 If you can’t boil water or take up a hem, you need Home Economics. Home Economics teaches you the necessities of life. This department, led by Mrs. DiMarco, not only includes cooking and sewing, but also Child Development and Independent Living. In other words, all the skills you will need when you are independent and on your own. Do you know the difference between the carburetor and the oil filter? How about a “T” square and a triangle? If you don’t, Mr. Ettenhoffer and the rest of the Industrial Arts faculty can show you. If you want to be a graphic designer or just want to change your own oil, Industrial Arts can show you how. Not pictured here, Mr. Cakouros Mrs. DiMarco Fruft- abje Mrs. Bennett 158 Mrs. Bresnahan 76e ' pitte Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. So, maybe Julie Andrews doesn’t teach at Franklin High School, but the Music Department is in more than capable hands with Mr. Rosen at the head. He and the other members of the Music Department want to keep you in tune. With help of the faculty, the students bring the music of Mozart, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston, and many others to life. There are many long, long practices, but they pay off in concerts and competitions. Everyone, whether you’re an aspiring singer or a classical pianist, has a place in the Music Department. Miss Howard Mr. Rosen 160 Mr. MacPhee Miss Lisse Red, blue, yellow, ink, clay, emotion, thought, and creativity become art in the minds and on the canvases of the students under the direction of Mr. MacPhee, department head, and Mr. Crowley. You can usually see their work in the main lobby upon entering school. It’s well worth the time to explore their creativity and talent with your eyes as they have with their hands. Mr. Crowley 161 Octet 7cO Vi Mr. Peters Mrs. Diamata Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Grenier The library, a huge melange of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. How is one supposed to weave through this monster information? Well, if you can’t, Mr. Peters and his crew will gladly guide you to your goal, whether it be information on atomic warfare or an article on Monty Python. If you can’t find it in the Franklin High School Library, chances are it never existed! Subjects are getting more and more complicated each year, sometimes causing more confusion than understanding. To help those who are lost in the fog of academics, we have the tutoring department headed by Mrs. Grenier. They are willing to untangle the cobwebs in students’ minds in such subjects as Math, Science, English and many others. m i Mr. Cayford A group of highly trained teachers have taken on the task of working with Franklin’s special students. Although seldom seen by most FHS’ers, this group of professionals work with students everyday and meet regularly to coordinate the special services that they offer to the students. 163 Mr. Gormley Mr. Parnell Do you remember when you were a FRESHMAN and you had to take Health? You probably thought the class was useless, but in this day and age, teenagers must be more aware of what is going on around them and inside them. All the information you need can be given to you by Mr. Miller, the Health teacher, or in the office of Mrs. Gannon, the school nurse. Mr. Miller Mrs. Gannon Mr. McMullen 164 ' PtufAicaC S cCuc itcoxt Mr. Cotter Hi.1 ■ I ,% ■ % - •» t AM m %» » W - «g v M « - »% V u wv aNEm E m » «• • ' l - -t.- .« » •«%•» » » t« l» i KI $• m m e M p M m | r Jr A ll g» 1 «.?. 1 ■ •4.. ■-S Going for the Gold is every athlete’s dream. Even if you’re not an Olympic hopeful, fitness is still important for a sound body and mind. Mr. Cotter, head of the Athletic Department, wants to get you in shape. It gives you a chance to work off the frustration from that D you received in History or the detention you received for being late for school. Mr. Sutherland Miss Richards 165 if I (I Mrs. Reizian Mrs. Bloom Entrepreneurs, secretaries, and executives-this is your department. Headed by Mrs. Reizian, the Business Department prepares you to accomplish everything from typing that 20 page term paper to managing your own business. Mrs. Arena Mrs. Hawkins Mr. Clamp 167 Mrs. Richardson Do you hate your classes? Do you want to take your SAT’s? Do you want to go to college? Well you had better get down to the Guidance Department, because they can help you. Under the direction of Mr. Rainville, the Guidance Department can help you realize your dreams for the future. Mr. Rainville Mr. Feldman Mr. Lumenti Mr. Evans Mrs. Walker 168 Mrs. Springer Ms. Kenny Ms. Murch Faster than an electric typewriter, more able to leap huge stacks of memos in a single bound! Is it the Secretary of State? The Secretary of Defense? No! It’s the Franklin High Secretary Staff. Yes folks, our very own assembly of hard working individuals are dedicated to the smooth running of our school. 169 s4c( Ut U6frMUc M ' Dr. Doherty - Superintendent Mrs. Swan beck - Principal Behind every successful school there is a hard working administration, and Franklin High is no exception. Although they are not always in the headlines, without them we would be in complete chaos. Dr. Doherty and his team make this possible by taking care of the important things that enable this school to run smoothly. Dr. O’Malley - Asst. Principal 170 Mr. Smith - Asst. Principal WHIIIIE yew WIEIEIE STwwyiNe’% Tims The Dow’s Rocky Slide A series of shocks has triggered its recent plunges Oow Jones Industrial Average DAILY CLOSING 2740 2500 2420 IBM and other key earnings are down; bond prices tumble Interest-rate, dollar and inflation worries continue to mount The latest trade deficit figures are worse than expected drops sharply against the yen Interest rates keep rising; rumors ol a Reagan heart attack Greenspan ru¬ mored to favor a weaker dollar And they came Tumblin Down! Caught in the act. The Reverend gets around. Bork gets rejected. Rejection 2. Are those your own words? Are you sure? 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Ex. • Express Mail Office Space • Answering Services 30 East Central Street Mon - Fri 8:30 - 5:30 Franklin, MA 02038 Saturday 8:30 - 1:30 (617)528-8732 Congratulations To The Class Of ’88 SNEAKERS ‘N’ STUFF Walpole FRANKLIN 528-6196 North Attleboro Taunton TTTTTTTTTTTTT7TTTT7TTTTTT7TT7TT TT7 T T 181 • • •+ •« • • •A •« • •H •A •A •A •« • •4 • SAINT MARY’S RECTORY Church Square Franklin, MA 02038 Congratulations To 1988 Graduates ST. MARY’S PARISH CROWLEY’S OFFICE SUPPLIES A Complete line of ... OFFICE SUPPLIES n a f— if .■ 3=- • Office Furniture • Calculators • Typewriters • Rubber Stamps • Artists Supplies • Data Word Processing Supplies • Computer Supplies • Drafting Supplies FREE School Supplies DELIVERY! Wllmer Compatable Forms For Safeguard, McBee, One Right Systems,Etc... Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5.30 Sat. 9:00-3 00 15 W. Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 (617) 528-6060 338 Walnut Street Newtonville, MA 02160 (617) 332-5310 FRANKLIN HOUSE HEALTH CARE 130 Chestnut Street Franklin, Mass. 528 -4600 Personal Quality Health Care Congratulations Class Of ’88 FKANIKIUN CINEMA jTTT7T7TTTT7TTT7777T7TTTTTTTTTTTTT7T7TTT7TT1 182 1 !!!! The Hillhaven Corporation A Subsidiary of National Medical Enterprises, Inc. y{a l viyti y ' 520-1333 Kathryn ' s Exercise Salons, Inc. 7 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN. MASSACHUSETTS BODY TONING TANNING CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 88 Congratulations Class Of 88 The Hair Shed STYLING FOR WOMEN MEN JOAN LAWLESS, Prop. 5 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MA 02038 PHONE: 528-1228 WHITE HEN PANTRY W. Central Street 528-1757 Open 24 Hours Party Platters Available For All Occasions Subs Made To Order Congratulations And Good Luck To The Class Of 1988 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK 58 Main Street Franklin, MA 02038 TTT7TTTTT7TTTTTT TTTTTTTT77TTTT7TTTTTT 183 •A •A •A • • •A •A •A •A •A •A •A •A •A •A •A •A DEVITA’S MARKET Chestnut Rte 140 6:30 AM To 11:00 PM Fresh Cut Flowers, Italian Cold Cuts, Fresh Subs, Cold Beer Wine GOLD STAR PARTRONS • You Me, Kid • 135 Franklin Village Drive • Franklin. • Courtesy Of D’Amico Cleaners 528-0903 • Garrey Motors - 15A East Central St. Franklin MA • Congratulations And Best Wishes, 1988 • Franklin YMCA Best Wishes Class Of 88 HAIR MANIA •A •A •A •A •A •A • • •A •A • • •A •A f!! n:; S!! !! S !!!!! IIS IIII IZIZII II ' IS IS f?! TTU 184 PARENTS’ MESSAGES Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gordon Larry Chase Donald And Eileen Bennett Mrs. Lynn Eccleston Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amendola Mr. and Mrs. David E. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adiletto Basil and Jeannette LeBlanc Mom, Dad, and John Rothwell Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeBaggis Mr. and Mrs. Don Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Victor Carmingnani Mr. and Mrs. William Daly Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Yon Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Fannelli Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Mi chael Saraceno Mr. and Mrs. James Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Philip Doherty Gayle Kittredge Mom, Dad, and Robin DeRose Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Louis Aspin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Mercer Deede, Allen, Sean, and Katie Mr. and Mrs. Richard D’Amico Mom, Dad, Alan and Jacki Mr. and Mrs. John Lombardi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cusson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Pellegri Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gold Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Duronio Mrs. Martha Suchanek Mr. and Mrs. John D ' Errico Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Ballarino Bill and Natalie Caldwell Mom, Dad, and Sue Sullivan Dad and Kate Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dancy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tomasetti Bob and Barbara Gardner Mr. and Mrs. David J. Briggs, Sr. From your entire family Mom, Dad, and Kerry Katy Mum, Ed, and Steven Di Mr. and Mrs. Wooster Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Bachelder Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tocci May you realize your dreams, Michael. To a wonderful future, Michelle. Congratulations, Chuck. We are proud of you. Love, Dad + Mom. Congratulations! You’re on your way, Keerie! Congratulations Class of “88”-love you Moni. Congratulations, Todd. We’re proud of you, Julie. Congratulations Anette - you did it!! Go for it, Jim! T.G.I.G. -Happy future- M.L. Good luck, Jan. Love and best wishes. Marilyn, all the best and God be with you Love you, Mom + Dad. All our best, Michael. Thank goodness for “Rent-A Kid.” Thank you for being you. We love you. We love you, Jeanette. Best wishes, Mike. We ' re proud of you, Steve! Lots of luck + happiness Jennifer, in whatever you choose to do and always remember we love you. I love you, Claud! With all our love, Bobby. Tom, May you be successful in whatever you pursue. Congratulations and good luck, Matthew. Always be happy, Honey. Congratulations, Jill. Kelly, become all that you can. We love you, Diane. All our love Paula-We’re proud of you. Best wishes, John and the class of 88. Go for it, Rick. We love you Michael, Congratulations. We love you, Dan. Congratulations Jim! We’re proud of you, Joanne. Mary, love U just as U R! Best wishes, Adam. We’re very proud of you, Gail. Patty, We’ll always love you. Love and best wishes for a prosperous future, Heidi. Congratulations to Lynn and the class of 1988 We love you and are very proud of you. We wish you the very best, Pam. F.H.S. Band - Heart of Panther Pride. Good luck to all of you and thanks for four never dull years. May life hold a palette of health, happiness success for you! Best of luck, D.J. We are all proud of you, Merry. O’D- Thanks for the memories- Love ya. Yeah!! O’D. Congratulations, Karen. Kath: You Are So Beautiful To Me. Good luck. We are proud of you, Love Mom Dad. Good luck Tobey- We love you. We are proud of you, Mike 185 THE CSIEIET ‘S8 YEARBOOK M ll EDITORS: Jennifer Doherty Jeanette Duffy Elizabeth Sottile STAFF: Heidi Bergman Gail Caldwell Tracey Milligan Pam Tomasetti Kathy Wallace ARTWORK: Lynn Dancy Phil Ristaino Kathy Wallace ADVERTISEMENTS: Brian Campbell Barbara Colella Mary D’Errico Sarah Mahoney Christine Morgardo Bonnie Therieau Kiki Wagner ADVISOR: Dr. O’Malley JOSTENS’ REPRESENTATIVE: Dan “The Man” Smith PHOTOGRAPHER: Joe Geoffroy Special thanks to Kathy and also to Gail for being the fourth musketeer. Special thanks to Mr. Michael Flood of the Franklin Cinema. g«=s= ' .- v • ' • V • « OSKEY. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 1988 56606 I lllllllll I llll | lllllllllll llll I

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