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FACULTY 3 SENIORS 17 ACTIVITIES 65 ATHLETICS 97 ORGANIZATIONS 12 9 CLASSES 149 ADVERTISING 164 I GlaU ol ' 86 Thank you The senior class of 1986 would like to thank our class advisor, Mr. Chrabaszcz for leading our class through many events and also to financial success. As freshmen, we found ourselves without an advisor for about half of the year. Finally, Mr. McCall volunteered to do the job. Under his guidance, we held a fund raiser to establish a class treasury. Unfortunately, we mistakenly spent that treasury on our Freshman Banquet at the Franklin Country Club. During our Sophomore year, Mr. McCall was joined by Mr. Chrabaszcz giving us co-advisors. Together they helped us make our class ring selections and led us in a fund raiser for our Sophomore Banquet at the Red Snapper. This time, however, we managed to keep some money in our treasury. In our Junior year, Mr. McCall retired and Mr. Chrabaszcz continued as our advisor. His extra efforts helped make our Junior Prom glamourous and exciting. With his enthusiastic guidance our class became the first to sponsor four dances in one year. Continuing this tradition as seniors, we sponsored more dances. Mr. Chrabaszcz encouraged class participation and brought the class of 1986 closer together. Our Senior Banquets were enjoyable and unforgettable! Mr. C. helped us with the magazine sale in order to raise money for our Graduation. With Mr. Chrabszcz’s ideas and dedication we have been able to have activities that are fun for all. We are grateful that he took our class as if we were always his. The time he spent helping and guiding us make him a special man. Mr. Chrabaszcz, we thank you for all of your guidance and support and we hope you remember us fondly as we remember you! Good luck with future classes! Sincerely, 2 The Class of 1986 " % ■ cm “It is great being principal and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do not look at the principalship in terms of gender. I see it in terms of getting the job done.” “Students know me as a strong disciplinarian; therefore, I did not have to take measures to establish myself. A female principal is a good role model for female students. I hope that indirectly, I am teaching them to aspire to any position they want if they want it badly enough and are willing to work hard for it.” “If anything is needed to help me,” Mrs. Swanbeck told us, “it is longer days. I knew well what the responsibilities would be when I became principal and I looked forward to them. As principal, I have total responsibility for all school administration and operations. I must define rules and regulations; prepare the budget; supervise and evaluate staff; establish public relations; and oversee extracurricular events. The position gives me the opportunity to do positive things and to bring about changes that are beneficial to the students, staff, and school as a whole.” “When my children were at Franklin High School, I was aware of the unrest students were experiencing with the establishment, not only at FHS, but all over the country. At that time, rules were not as tight as they are now and consequen ces for infractions were not consistent, therefore students did not know what to expect. Maximum learning takes place where Franklin High School’s First female principal Continued from p. 4 there is a maximum amount of order. I believe students enjoy learning more if there is a structured environment, and not a chaotic one. Students now know the rules; they know we are consistent and everyone is treated the same. They have the choice to do what is right or receive the consequences for not doing so.” ‘‘I believe the rules give students respect for and pride in their school and their teachers. I feel very fortunate to have such a strong staff. I find that now, students work more with than against the staff. I think our students are great!” ADMINISTRATION The administration at Franklin High School is what keeps our school running smoothly. Together with the faculty, the administration does its best to see to it that students leave FHS prepared for what lies ahead - whether that means work or even more school. These dedicated people are eager and willing to assist us as we get ready for present and future successes. They spend every day helping students, teachers, and parents deal with each other. This year Franklin High School made some big changes in administration, and next year will bring even more. In addition to hiring Mrs. Swanbeck as principal, to replace our principal of three years, Dr. Suffredini, we hired a new assistant principal (to replace Mrs. Swanbeck, who had formerly been our assistant principal), Dr. Kevin O’Malley. Dr. O’Malley arrived, almost a month into the ’85 ’86 school year, and has been helping to keep FHS looking sharp ever since. Dr. O’Malley has been hired with a view towards curriculum enhancement, and next year he will be freed of his disciplinary duties to tackle this problem full time. While Dr. O’Malley reviews the school’s curriculum, Mr. Quinlan will take over as full time head disciplinarian at FHS. We wish them both luck in their new roles. We would also like to wish Dr. O’Malley a most sincere welcome, and continued success to him and everyone else at Franklin High School! Mr. Quinlan Mr. O’Regan Dr. O’Malley 6 7 © Mr. Miller Ms. Gannon Mr. Cayford Ms. O’Brien PHYS. ED AND SPECIAL NEEDS Mr. Gormley Mr. Sutherland Mr. Leone Ms. Richards Mr. Cotter Mr. Parnell Mr. Chauncey Ms. Grenier L Vv, Ms. Duncan Mr. Radford Mr. Gilmore Mr. Lombardi Ms. Vosburgh Mr. Currie »)If)j)j|»nimi DD)i) it r ENGLISH Mr. DiMarco Mr. Parmenter Mr. DeFronzo Mr. Kingsbury Mr. Fiske 4 ,(AC SCIENCE 10 Ms. Willard Mr. Vaillancourt Mr. Butler Mr. Compagnone Ms. Menize Ms. Turco Mr. Corman Mr. Loper Ms. Russo MATH BUSINESS Ms. Bloom Ms. Hawkins Mr. Clamp Mr. Standring Ms. Reizian Ms. Richardson Mr. Gray 12 Mr. Johnston Mr. Chelotti Mr. Ferrari Mr. Crowley Mr. Mulcahy Mr. Luccini SOCIAL STUDIES HOME EC. AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ms. Bennett Ms. Cardin Ms. DiMarco Mr. Hosford Mr. Ettenhoffer Mr. Conner Mr. Hinckley Mr. Autieri » ? • v ei ± Ms. Robinson Mr. Gianetti The FHS Music Program, directed by Mr. Eric Rosen, is huge this year. It includes the marching band, the chorus, a string ensemble, a stage band, a rock group, and a women’s barbershop harmony group. Mr. Rosen, Ms. Robinson, and Mr. Gianetti train students in these and other areas. Among the new classes offered are guitar class, piano lab, and musicianship. Ms. Lisse also works with the color guard. This enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented music faculty welcomes new members each year. Mr. Crowley Mr. MacPhee . f 11 -fr- » i j » jpi n J, ■hr - t-i r » — fit) J 4+- 1 — i- —Ha 5 fr. FOREIGN LANGGAGE LIBRARY STAFF Ms. Riendeau Ms. Murphy Mr. Peters Ms. Alcala Mr. Methot Ms. Maaseidvaag M s. Damiata Ms. D’Agostino Ms. Rossetti I f : 1 - r : -4) Hands Up To The Class Of ’86 Hands up to the class of ’86 We’ve got something to be proud of We made it through the years of high school And we made it through with love. We started off our freshman year In quite a different scene Our frightened faces, timid looks . . . Were the seniors really that mean? Falling down the stairs was part of it And even worse was falling up them, Embarrassing moments such as these Will never be forgotten. Sophomore year we changed a bit, But not enough to make us fit, Finally we decided at the pep rallies we’d be loud, The reason was, of course, that as sophomores we were proud. Building friendships, strengthening bonds, The type that will last forever As we stepped into Franklin High as juniors, We learned that life got a little better. Remember the prom, how could we forget? For many of us it was the best time yet. So many hours of preparation Made lookers out of young men and women. Juvenile actions were replaced with “mature ones” In our senior year of laissez faire. We were the greatest, the proudest, and the loudest, And if we looked like fools, we did not care. The main hall was where we got our kicks, The class of 1986 With screams and yells and the telling of jokes, It was the best time of day for many folks. Parties, banquets, and dances filled our senior year As we eagerly awaited June, But little did we know that our last farewell Would sadly come upon us so, .. . so very soon. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Danielle Balest, President Mitchell Hoffmeister, Vice-President Sharon Duronio, Treasurer Lori Svetkey, Co-secretary Lauren Manasso, Co-Secretary 20 Becky Adams RFD Forest Street Activities: DE I, II. Found with: Fitzy, Charlene, Chris B., Chris F., Deanna, Brett, AnneMarie, Sue, the rest of the gang, Ed. Nickname: Becky, Beckles. Favorite memories: Lunch line with Charlene, times w Chris, McD ' s parking lot, Friday night trip w gang, times w my brother, Rob, 9 24 85, New Year ' s Eve ' 83. Likes: being w my friends, Camaros, watching sunsets, staring at the sky. Dislikes: snobs, jocks, 9 10 84. Ambition: To be happy at (whatever I do. Anything else: I love you Mom Dad. Christopher Albert 28 Pine Street M Christine Anderson 45 Peck Street Found with: Lisa, Sue, Kelley, Re, and gang. Favorite memories: Camp • ' 82, Dux. ' 83, Soph. Banquet, Prom ' 85, Cape ' 85 w Li, 7 20-7 28, 8 3- I 8 18, Li Re’s bashes, times w LS, FP, RR. Likes: going out w friends, Sundaes, tans, football games, laughing, sport-cars. Dislikes: cleaning up w LI, goodbyes, bad moods, bees. Ambition: To do i whatever I want in life and be happy , doing it. Anything else: Sandy, I j didn ' t know how to write it!!! Paul Anderson 800 Lincoln Street Activities: Hockey, Fishing, Hunting. Found with: Caputo, Lenny, Beetle, tKevin, and the rest of the gang. Nicknames: Petty. Favorite memories: Beetle, parties, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Charles River. I i Likes: Patriots game, bottles, playing j street hockey with the guys. Dislikes: Lenny ' s bragging, the wood I stove, kids ' crying, two sided people, HiLincoln Mall Ambition: To be happy ( and lead a good life. Anything else: I ' ll pay for it. Daniel Adiletto 76 Miller Street Activities: Golf 2-4, Capt. 4, Cruisin’ w Joe. Found with: Joe, Bob, Murph, Mario, Cal. Nickname: Nestle, Rican. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom day after, Cape vacations, week in CT, Mario’s parties, busted at Mac ' s, Idol ' 84, Petty, blondes, 99, Beatles, shark shorts, flirting, nana. Dislikes: OA, shaving, citizens’ arrest, 4 putts, work. Ambition: To be happy and successful. Anything else: Hey Joe, you got a problem w the kids!!! Lisa Alker 206 Hemlock Street East Douglas Favorite memories: 1 1 84, Milford Skate Palace, partying with Laura Lee. Likes: snow, horses, and being with Adam, 1986, carousels. Dislikes: Sitting at gas stations waitin’, newspaper puzzles, Typing II, reading. Ambition: to live one day at a time. Anything else: Thanks a bunch Ma and Jay for the support. Kristin E. Anderson Longhill Road Activities: Student Council, Junior Miss, Mirage. Found with: Traci, Tina, Sharon, Tami, Jill, Ingrid. Nickname: Kristi. Favorite memories: ' 85 trip to Europe London, summer of ' 84 ' 85, Junior Miss, ' 85 Prom, Friday nights at Whispers, Mount Monadnock trip, times spent w my friends. Likes: traveling and seeking new experiences, CJ2, Bryan Adams red. Ambition: To travel the world and to be the best person I can be. Anything else: Thanks Mom, Dad, Cindy, Steve I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!! Denise Antico 406 Partridge Street Activities: Jr. Prom comm., OEA 3 4. Found with: Jeff, Meshe I, Meshe II, and anyone else. N ickname: Tico, Nise(y). Favorite memories: 1 23 85, 4 18 85, summer of ' 85, OEA, long talks w Meshe II. Likes: Jeff!, Mustangs, Bruins, roses, sunsets, stuffed animals. Dislikes: saying good bye, rain, two-faced people, idiot drivers. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite saying: Can I ask you a question? I don ' t know. Anything else: It ' s finally over!! GlaM, o{ ' 86 21 Typical FHSers • Terry Murphy, Lisa Scaringella Robert Bailey 201 Dailey Drive Activities: Hunting, Fishing, Working. Found with: Cheech, Tony, Alan, Jim, Chuck, Nick, Paul, Mark, Ray, Bob, and Bud. Nickname: Beetle. Favorite memories: parties down Miliken and at my house, Mt. Monadnock, Tony’s cottage, T.P. and Joe Walsh. Likes: The Stones, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led-Zeppelin and Budweiser. Dislikes: Stone Walls on Eldon Dr., jumping over bridges and falling off cliffs. Ambition: To live happy and have lots of money. Anything else: Bottles before cans; remember Star Mkt. Cheech; Don’t stare at Staties. Danielle Balest 466 Dailey Drive Activities: Class Sec. 1-3, President 4, Yearbook 2-3, SADD 2-3, Band 1 2, Jr. Miss. Favorite memories: summer w Talia, N.H.M.C. ' 85, Halloween ' 84, Beaver Pond, 7 4 85, ’’Gumby " , George Benson, ASTI Bubbles, the sunset, 104-1785. Likes: talking w David, rebels, politics, champagne sand dunes, liberals, Democrats, Tom Brokaw, Boston, pressure, B W. Dislikes: humidity, fruit, Reagan Ambition: To become captain of the Love Boat. Anything else: Kath, if they ever find out . . . Scott Baker 4 Regent Circle Activities: Hockey 1-4. Found with: Ome, Barz, Mike, Stayne and the rest of the dummies. Nickname: Bake. Favorite memories: Dean bashes, Kev’s Halloween Bash, ' 84, " The day after”, Jammin Kev ' s, Roger’s, T.P. ' 85, Prom ’85. Likes: summers, jammin, cruisin, parties, sleeping. Dislikes: Milford-120, blues, snibblers, losing to O.A., Mondays, unemployment. Ambition: to be happy. Anything else: It ' s been real. Rhonda L. Barnes 6 Dale Street Found with: Heather, Cindy, Karen, Donnie. Nickname: Barnes Favorite memories: winter of ' 82 with DAVE. Likes: seeing David, driving my car. Dislikes: working, getting up, school. Ambition: To have a family and be rich. Anything else: Best wishes to the class of 1986 as the years go by. 22 Michelle Beaudette 18 Geb Street Activities: Prom committee, Yearbook, Hockey cheering 1-4, Football 1-2, Jr. Miss. Found with: CHRIS, Te, Kate, Tal, Ka, Kel, the rest. Nickname: Mich. Favorite memories: 7 4 85, ColdSprings, Prom ' 82, Soph, banquet, Elm Motel, Collies’ parties, summer ' 84, 4 18 85, times w Chris, Petty ’85. Likes: CHRIS, Hockey, cheering, waterbeds, roses, Beatles, Mick, Doritos. Dislikes: fighting w CHRIS. Ambition: To be happy! Anything else: I LOVE YOG MOM, THIS ONE’S FOR YOG DAD! Christina Bennett 525 Maple Street Activities: Student Secretary, Band 1- 2. Found with: Tam, Char, Becky, Lisa, Stewarts, and the rest of the gang. Nickname: Chris, Benny, P.H. Favorite memories: Cap Cod ' 84, Adam Ant, Marshfield, Prom ' 85, times at McD’s. Likes: M M’s, dancing, being with good friends. Dislikes: rainy Mondays, wearing food, being confused. Ambition: to travel be successful in the business field. Anything else: We made it! Good luck to the class of ’ 86 ! Tami Bolton 17 Churchill Road Found with: my friends. Nickname: Tam, Tamantha, Alice. Favorite memories: Get Away ' 84, parties w neighborhood deadheads, Medway and Sue’s parties, Bruce, BCN Expo, P w JCC, T.P., Gncle Dave’s Class, St. Rocco ' s, Chris’ party, C S and N. Likes: The Stones, WBCN, Christmas, Towelheads, David Letterman and LBM, men, bigmouth singers, balloons, giraffes, profoundness. Dislikes: poison ivy, snobs, snakes, goodbyes. Anything else: Thanks Mom Kristen. Jeanine M. Bonvin 121 Royal Court Activities: Yearbook, Math Tutor, Prom Dance Committees. Found with: Jennifer, Kathy, Karen, Lauren, Kim, and Beth. Favorite memories: 4th period study, Canada ' 84, turkey, lunchroom conversations, Sophomore Banquet. Likes: slow dancing, going out w friends, guys who dress well, sunsets, smiling. Dislikes: falling on my physics car, bad attitudes, fake people. Ambition: To have a great life! Anything else: Jenn, see you in France on your 25th birthday!!! Aary Elizabeth Bassignani 55 Pleasant Street Activities: shopping, working, eating. : ound with: Kim, Sue, Frances, 4ike, Kim Chris, Laura, and the est of the party people. Favorite nemories: Jr. Prom next day, Jruce Springsteen ' 84, Crosby Stills Nash ’85, Soph. yr. w Richie, TH. w Mike, 9 9 84 ‘’DK " . Likes: 4ike, partying w friends, blonds, the each, leopard, the moon and stars. )islikes: guys w no class, rain, bad Ireams. Ambition: To find the end of ny rainbow. Anything else: Thanks 4om Dad for everything, I Love ' ou!!! Michelle Beauregard 191 Chestnut Street Pristine Bergeson 100 Paula Lane Activities: Oskey ' 84 ’86, Jr. Miss, iDEA. Found with: The Misfits, Kathleen. Favorite memories: L.D. jnd the 2 J.C.’s, Prom ' 85, times w Kathleen, 2 21 84, Sugarloaf ' 84, :imes w Jay, HJ, working w Amy. Likes: M.J.F., brown eyes, beaches, summer houses, Mediterranean Sea, roffee fribbles. Dislikes: Ferg, ehearsals, good byes, sneezing. Ambition: to be happy and successful and to go to Elche (again). Anything else: Good luck in ' 86, D,J, jnd J, I love you Mom and Dad. |t Kathleen M. Bonollo 31 Dale Street Activities: Basketball 1-4, Capt. 4, Softball 1-4, Capt. 3-4, F. Hockey 3-4, Capt. 4. Found with: MaryBeth, Michelle, Te, Das, Yelli, Pam, and the est. Nickname: Kathy, Kate. Favorite memories: summers at the Cape, NB weekends, Jr. Olympic parties, Beth’s house parties, Newport ’85, Nichols, Kiss 108 :oncert, 7 16 85. Likes: my beach, tans. Dislikes: big decisions, winter, llegal trucking. Ambition: To be a Deach bum. Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. MB Yelli if they only kne w . . . GIgm, of r S6 Susan Boulanger 282 Country Way Activities: Prom Committee, helping w dances. Found with: Melissa, Mary, Betty, and everyone. Favorite memories: France, Quebec, Benjamins, Camp Kingsmont, cruisin’ w Meme Betty, Bruce ’84, T. P. ' 85, C. Cod, breakdown on Pleasant St. Likes: Italians, meeting guys, Kev. F., Jim Morrison, cruisin ' , MEN, Eric Clapton, partying. Dislikes: pushy men, snobs, fake people. Ambition: to succeed and have a family. Anything else: Good luck Class of ' 86. and Melissa, be a woman!!! Heidi Briggs 134 Glen Meadow Activities: cheering, Museum School, Jr. Miss. Found with: Kenny, Pam, M.B., Ange, Kerry, Kate, Lauren, Sue. Nickname: Dass. Favorite memories: Flinstones, Forest Milk Co., Dec. 12, Weedy ' s, Prom Wayne’s, Sue, woodchips w Kerry, dances, Englewood Beach, Soph. Banq., Mark’s Eve Party, TIMES W KENicknameY, 3 qts. of oil. Likes: KENicknameY, uncontrollable laughter, finding OJ. Dislikes: doubling w Pam, fighting, Return of the Flinstones. Anything else: I love you Mom!! Cheryl Brennan 599 Maple Street Found with: Suzanne, Cheh, Lauren, Sharon, Marjie, Toot, Marshalls crew. Nickname: Cheh. Favorite memories: 6 21 85, Soph. Banquet, Jr. Prom, Marshfield w Suzanne, Canada, woods, Cheh’s adventures, Lisa’s and Chris ' bashes. Likes: spending time w Jimmy, shopping, 12-2 English. Dislike: accidents, working weekends. Ambition: to have time to do what I want. Anything else: Suz, don’t worry about it. Thanks Mom and Dad. Donna Brown 7 Hillside Road Activities: Soccer 14, Softball 14. Found with: Bobby, Sandy. Nickname: DB, Downtown Donna Brown! Favorite memories: times w Bobby, Prom, 6 15 84, The Dead ' 85. Likes: being w Bobby, weekends, chocolate. Dislikes: triple sessions, fake people. Ambition: To marry Bobby and to be happy. Anything else: Thanks Bobby for everything; I love you. 24 Most Intelligent Jerome Maddox, Kelly Flynn Michael Bullen 16 Forest Street Activities: Soccer 14, Track 1 -3, )EA 3. Found with: Pete, Nick, Lip, ■Aitch, The Team the boneheads. Hickname: Bully. Favorite memories: lal. ' 85, Aerosmith ' 82 ' 85, Geils 83, Clash ' 84, Petty ' 85, times at Hick ' s, my 1st car, beating Foxboro. .ikes: Soccer, food, busting people, noon, allnighters. Dislikes: losing, hysics, 6 29 85, waking up. Ambition: To be financially set lappily married have friends as |ood as the ones I have now. Anything else: Thanx Mom Dad laryn, for everything. lichael Callahan 0 Warwick Road Activities: Golf 3-4, Soccer T2. found with: Bozo, Rican, Badger, Aurph, Jim, Bob, Chip, Bax. iickname: Mixie, Booga, Cal. avorite memories: Tom Petty, got a roblem with the kids? Prom ' 85, U- . Likes: golf, horse racing, concerts, ioney, friends, BK’s house, State ournament. Dislikes: Joe ' s jokes, an ' s jokes, losing at races, speeding ckets. Ambition: To be happy and 1 3 succeed. Anything else: Nicaragua, " was a great year, glad ’s over. Thanks Mom Dad. lark Caputo Mechanic Lane ctivities: hockey, fishing, hunting, aseball. Found with: Carl, Petty, eetle, Griff, Mike Kevin, ickname: KK Favorite memories: rewster-Costello ' s 81-85, Griff’s arties, Beetle ' s parties, beating almouth 83, going to beaner’s, ymouth, hunting, fishing, Aerosmith Likes: Bud, parties, Springsteen, rls, crusing Dislikes: Lincoln Mall, owing lawns, snobs, work, driving ith Griff, John ' s not waking up in e morning Ambition: Attend ahnson Wales, make lots of oney. Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad. homas Carlucci 8 Onion Street ctivities: Wrestling 1-4. Found with: lil, Pat, Spark, John. Nickname: ardeen-Calooch. Favorite memories: ay after Prom, Pat ' s game ' 83, T.P. 2 ' 85, D.E.C.A. trip ' 85, Soph, anquet ' 82, New Year ' s Eve ' 84. kes: winning, making people laugh, at ' s van, warm weather. Dislikes: itting up in the morning, wrestling actice. Ambition: To go to school id become a chef and start my own jsiness. Anything else: Good luck lass of ' 86. Thanks Mom Dad, I ve you. Michael Calderone 140 Longhill Road Activities: Football, Track, X- Crountry. Found with: Kim, Jim, Bob, Keith, Kevin. Nickname: Cal. Favorite memories: Red Sox Opening Day ' 85, Kerry ' s party, Prom, Whispers. Likes: sleeping, weekends, Track, Pit Pat, Ed. Dislikes: rats, homework, mornings. Ambition : to do something fun and make money doing it. Anything else: It ' s been fun. Vincent T. Callisto 6 Annabel Lane Activities: work, CYO. Found with: Tim, Kevin, Amy, Liser, Maureen, Kerri. Nickname: Beeker. Favorite memories: CYO ski trip, Tina Turner, summer of ' 85. Junior Prom, The Day After. Likes: bowling, tennis, cruising, Jaguar XJ-S, going to Boston. Dislikes: math. Ambition: To achieve and conquer anything I want. Anything else: " This is true. " Thanks Mom Dad. Kim Cardillo 298 Partridge Street Found with: Lance, Christine, Mary, and the daring ones. Nickname: Kabimbly, Wimbly. Favorite memories: Prince ' 85, Bon Jovi ' 85, AA ' 85, Fresh, year, times w Sandy, long nites w Lance, Whispers. Likes: Lance, pink, purple, punk people, fans, obsessions, sugar, romance. Dislikes: people who dress funny, snobs. Ambition: To fit in in London. Anything else: Mommy, I love u! Don’t be afraid, it’s gonna be alright. Madonna, you ' re o.k. Melissa Castiglione 76 Elm Street Activities: Prom Committee. Found with: anyone I ' m with. Nickname: Meme. Favorite memories: 02 concert, 4 23 85 w Doug, Robbie, Betty, Bono’s looking at us during MLK, Cape Cod ' 84 and ' 85, 12 12 84, Myrtle Beach, SC, breakdown on Pleasant Street, all- nighters at Betty ' s, Don Henley concert, Benjamin ' s. Likes: Chuggy, football, Bono, 02, Billy Bates, Dallas Cowboys. Ambition: To meet Bono. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. ClaM. ajj ' 86 Robert Michael Cavanaugh 429 Pond Street Activities: track. Found with: Steve, Tim, Kevin, and Yassy. Nickname: Bo-Cav. Likes: war movies, Saturday night parties, The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello. Dislikes: punks, snobs, geometry. Ambition: To be the best at what I do! Carolyn Conetta 57 East Street Christine Covell 65 Brook Street Found with: Kabimbly, Mary, other freaks. Nickname: Flash. Favorite memories: Prince, The Ramones, 2 pencils, massages, Terri’s pool, shopping, shoes. Dislikes: Paul Bunyan, people who stare, clones, high risk insurance, reality. Ambition: The Land of Make Believe. Anything else: Life isn’t as boring as the people who make it that way. Admit it, Rich, you like Bruce. Michele Crerar 21 Mackintosh Street Found with: Meshe II, Tico, Crash, Mimi, Sue, anyone else. Nickname: Meshe. Favorite memories: Quebec, OEA, 4 17 85, 8 27 85, Bretton Woods, Wilde Co, Florida, 5 31 85, Summer ' 85, causing trouble w t Meshe, Scarbourgh. Likes: Porsches, skiing, dancing, guys, sunsets, beaches, Summer nites, laughing. Dislikes: snobs, people who can’t take a hint, people who worry about what other people, think of them. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad, you’re the best; Hey Meshe, want a daisy? Fla. ' 86, Good luck ' 87, ' 88, ’89!!! Terri Chase 179 Highwood Drive Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, OEA 3 4, Prom Comm. 3, Yearbook 4, Jr. Miss 4. Found with: Mich, Ka, Kathy, and the rest of the gang. Nickname: Te. Favorite memories: times w BS, Cold Springs, Aug. ' 84, times w Bake, Cape after Prom, Petty ’85, New Year’s Eves, Chuck ' s grad, party, Ka’s Halloween parties. Likes: sunsets, nice guys, Mark’s Kevin ' s parties, beaches, tans. Dislikes: heartaches, snobs, lies, deaths, fights. Ambition: To live a long and happy life. Anything else: Dan, here comes the sun. Thanks, Mom Dad DH. James Costello 21 Corbin Street Activities: hunting, fishing, Soccer 1- 4, hiking, swimming. Found with: Jay, Greg, Sharon, Chris, Mark, Len. Nickname: Jim. Favorite memories: Bubba’s bash, summer ' 85, Cape Cod. Likes: Sharon, vacation, animals. Winter, dogs, woods, snow, rain. Fall, foliage, frost, guns, cats, Penn deer season. Dislikes: Elvis! stuck up people, jerks! Ambition: Veterinary Tech., good life, money. Anything else: See ya later F.H.S. Richard Cowan 25 Scholfield Drive Activities: Golf Team, work, horse track, skiing. Found with: Keav, Kent, Reedso, J.D., Cal, Joe, and Beetle. Favorite memories: Superbowl ' 82, Mr. Radford ' s Junior English, Beetle’s parties, Graduation, Hockey Championship Game ' 83. Likes: hunting, driving, big pay checks, ice hockey. Dislikes: Franklin, work, and incompetence. Lisa Croke 3 Rolling Ridge Road Activities: Oskey 1-4, JV Softball 2. Found with: PAUL, " The Gruesome Fivesome. " Nickname: Crokester, Cookie. Favorite memories: night at Government Center, boat cruise, St. Rocco ' s, JC’s, the Union, Mad Dog, Danny H., The Mug with Amy and Bonny, Donut Shop, Cape Cod, New Hampshire. Likes: PAUL, lime Jell-O. talks w Hope, Muddy, Russians, The GRANADA. Ambition: To find happiness and satisfaction. Anything else: Talia, do you know how to cook spaghetti??? J laureen Crowley Shady Lane ctivities: Soccer 2-3, Cheerleading 4, Prom Comm., tutor 3-4, CYO 2-4, irage 4. Found with: Kerri, Tim, ? ince, Moe, Kevin, Misfits, ickname: Mo, Crow. Favorite temories: Jr. Prom, 2 17 85, 99 ed Balloons, Soph. Banq. w K.P., i trip ' 85, camping, Girls ' State, r Crazy 4 Cl, " 4 18 84, 17th bday, IjiT. M., EA. Likes: second chances, al people, sleeping, 21. Dislikes: ponies, games. Ambition: To reach I my goals and be the best I can ;. Anything else: Thanks Vince, for itching me time after time!!! Iregory Cunningham )8 Brenda Lane ctivities: Cross Country MVP 12, jckey 1-2, Track, Tennis 2 4, Indoor Tack 3, modeling, Eagle Scout. und with: Chuck, Guzz, Joe, Joe Ken, Damon, Mucci. Favorite emories: summer of ' 85, Lake acid. Likes: Rhode Island, girls, irfing, scamming girls, Karate, The an. Dislikes: Franklin, rats, flygirls, lobby girls. Ambition: To get arried, be successful, and make oney. Anything else: Thank you om Dad!!! - GlaM ol ' 86 Richard Crowley, Jr. 5 Kathleen Drive Timothy M. Cupka 107 Country Club Drive Activities: basketball, Me Donald’s, bowling. Found with: Steve Quinlan, Bob Cavanaugh, Mike Douglas. Nickname: Cupcake, Tim, T-Cakes. Favorite memories: Hockey Championship, Football Championship. Likes: football, basketball, bowling, 2:10. Dislikes: Monday, 7:45, customer complaints, snow. Ambition: To succeed in life be substantially rich. Favorite saying: I KILL YOG, MAN!!! ■■ 27 Kathy Dacko 3 Hawthorne Drive Found with: Beth, Jaycee, Kelly, Dene, and the rest of the crew. Nickname: Dak. Favorite memories: Mt. Monadnock, Prom ' 85, Cape ' 84, Tom Petty ' 85, Limo to Elton, Illegal truckin ' , Kevin Jaycee ' s parties, Roni in the undertow. Likes: parties, cruising, California dreaming, good tunes. Dislikes: D.C., Bonfire ' 83, Mt. Monadnock, endless driving. Ambition: To enjoy whatever I do with my life. Anything else: Thanks Ma Dad, Good luck ' 86. Ingrid Dahistrom 76 Prospect Street Activities: Jr. Miss, Oskey, dance, piano, weekends. Found with: the girls, the guys, and the graduates. Favorite memories: summer ' 83, CIMass, life w the BBC, rm. 422, Petty, Prom ' 85, summer ' 85, Rocco’s, Anderson’s party, Marie ' s bashes, Summer St. Likes: B.B., Petty, BMW ' s, Framingham, China food, the real thing, when Chris is home. Dislikes: gym, waiting, Marie’s house burning down, algebra, raisins. Ambition: To be happy. Anything else: Thanks Todd- Kimberly Davis 475 Chestnut Street Found with: Linda Schaaf, Jennifer Purdon, Michelle Beauregard. Nickname: Kim and Kimmie. Favorite memories: after the beach party dance, Soph. Banquet Florida (FEB) March 30 ' 84, July ' 85, Likes: shopping, Foods 4, class, weekends. Dislikes: tests, reading, algebra, work, Mondays. Ambition: To travel around the world. Anything else: I hope that everyone will accomplish their dreams and ambitions. Good luck Class of ' 86!! James Debaggis 10 Janie Avenue Activities: Oskey, golf. Found with: anyone. Nickname: Mario. Favorite memories: Oskey ' 83 ’86, 11-2 English class, dances in the cafe.. Police ' 83, Petty ' 84, M.P. ' 85, Prom ' 85, artistic grafitti, The Expatriates, The Band banquet ' 83. Likes: drums, music, B. Bunny. Dislikes: O.A., cartoon-like people, dogmatism. Ambition: To find the lost generation. Anything else: I ' m out! GIgaa, ' 86 Joseph Daddario 12 Stanford Drive Activities: Golf 2 4 Capt., cruisin ' with Dan. Found with: Dan, Bob, Jim De., Jim Da., Murph, Mike B., Mike C., Chip. Nickname: Bozo, Joe. Favorite memories: Prom ' 85, Debbie ' s party, Faulkners Rescue, Jim’s parties, summer of ' 85, Golf State Tourn., Tom Petty, Billy Idol, The Police. Likes: studies, Fresh, girls, The Shield, MRA ' s humor. Dislikes: Firm, 3 putts, Mule Talks, stuckup girls, Cal’s tips, Sat. morn. OA. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Anything else: You got a problem with those kids? Gordon Dailey 10 Partridge Street Activities: working, sleeping, cruising around Nickname: Flash, Geddy Favorite memories: Oct. 3 Rush Concert Dislikes: homework James Davison 10 Pyne Circle Activities: Baseball 2 4, Hockey 2 4. Found with: Cheryl, Jack, and Sean. Nickname: Jimbo. Favorite memories: winning South Eastern Ma. in baseball. Likes: going over Cheryl ' s house and Boston Bruins. Dislikes: not having my license. Ambition: To make money and play baseball. Nicholas Debaggis 100 Milliken Avenue Found with: Linda, Dan, Beetle, Tracy, Tony, Jim, and the rest of ’em Nickname: Nick Favorite memories: Beetle’s parties, Soph year, Newport, mansions (8th grade; remember Murph?) riding down the moon, being w Linda Likes: MX ridin ' , driving around, working, goin’ out, Foxboro raceway Dislikes: fishing, wipeouts, flat tires Ambition: to get my electrical licence; to be happy and successful Anything else: Yah, just kidding Jim, Good Luck Linda and Class of 87 V 28 Hren de la Puente Skyline Drive i tivities: Cheerleading football 1, 2, I :key 1, 3, 4, Prom. Comm. Found h: Te, Mich, and the rest of the dig. Nickname: Ka. Favorite r mories: Collins ' parties, T.P. ' 82 , Prom ' 82, Prom ' 84, Cape w f rk, Garden ' 82, Elton, hockey sties ' 82, Wayne’s w Mark, f Shanley’s Bar, Dean field, c ibling w Chris Mich. Likes: f key games, Mark, Pisco, Tony, 5 ' s car, the Cape, cheering. I likes: breaking up, snobs, c ioxious boys, funerals. Ambition: 1 be rich. Anything else: I love you [ iny! Thanks Ma and Dad. Jin Delucia 1 eritage Way Aiivities: Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1-4. Find with: Jimbo , Joe, Calooch, Si rk, Phil. Nickname: Jack. Piorite memories: winning the Ickomock League in hockey. Likes: ic ey, baseball, girls. Dislikes: aniulances. Ambition: Work for my Ser or play hockey. wsum Anne Dellacona 616 Pleasant Street Activities: yearbook, OEA. Found with: Mango, Emma. Nickname: Annezo. Favorite memories: getaway ' 84, Sue ' s kegs, 5 31 83, 3 23 85, Pace ' s, 6 4 84-85, Worcester State (hairy backs), Cars ‘83, Sammy Hagar ZZ Top w Gramma, almost making it to see Bruce! " Freshman boys”, parking in the Gremlin. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. Lisa Denommee 469 Lincoln Street Activities: ski club. Student Council, Prom Committee. Found with: Kris, Kah, Pudding Pals, Rico’s people, Vince, anyone who’s around. Favorite memories: Prom (FI ’85) 10 16 85, 8 5 85, 7. Likes: my family, rainbows, smiles, happy people, Ed., Lunch periods, Mr. W’s class. Dislikes: tests, fights, crying. Ambition: To always have a smile on. Anything else: Amy, how about some Tapioca Pudding Friday night? I love you Mom Dad! I { »! u lit in 29 Most Athletic - Danny Smith, Kathy Bonollo Best Smile - Joe Patracuollo, Carrie Scheinman Lisa C. DePetrillo 274 Pond Street Activities: B-Ball, Softball, NHS, Sp. Exc., Math Team, tutor, hockey, work. Found with: Paul, Linda, Missfits, Jr. Jocks. Nickname: Depa. Favorite memories: LD the two J.C.’s Proms afters, (Jncas, Spain, Soph. Banq. nite, doubles w McM, times w Chris Laur, fun w Linda, art, Mendon w JSC, St. Rocco’s w CS, Sr. Banquet, Jess’, NH, times w Paul, Wed nite, Jr. Miss, OC City, 9 7 85, ski trips. Likes: Paul, 2EC’s, Italy, hugs, being w friends. Dislikes: wakin ' up, saying goodbye, critics. Ambition: University of Penn. Anything else: I love you Dad. Good luck Joe, too, Paul. Traci Di Giorgio 66 Miller Street Found with: Peggy, Sharon, Stacey, Kristi, Carrie, Missfits, Emma, Kristine, Laurie Carrie Activities: Prom Dance Comm. Yrbk staff Favorite memories: Hollywood CA, Miami, Dayton, Allentown, P.R. D.L., N.J., meeting John Stamos, Howard Jones, summer of ' 83, Erte’ Productions, Beach-Boys w Peg. Likes: CA, Whispers, (Mr. Pink) C. G., Baltimore sunsets, foulshots, H.J. traveling Ambition: to make my dreams come true. Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad; good luck class of ’86, I’ll miss you. Charles Dickinson 5 Stanford Road Activities: Basketball 1-2, Soccer 1, Track 3, Golf 3 4, work 1-4. Found with: Sean, Joe P. p Jim, Bill, and the rest of the Boneheads. Nickname: Chip. Favorite memories: Quebec ' 84, Mr. Radford ' s English, Lake Pearl, Tag Teaming with Sean, Oskey, winter parties, Newport Beach, midnight expeditions, dances, giving Karen the splash. Likes: late nights, Rich’s house, parties, food, payday, money, pretty girls. Dislikes: Mondays, spins, The Blue Lights. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad for everything! Patricia Donovan 5 Pine Street Found with: Kim, Michelle, Lynn, Chris, etc. Nickname: Tricia, Trishie, Pat. Favorite memories: Freshman year, summer ' 83 ’84, Mr. Radford’s class. Sophomore year, Springfield w Ann Charlene, Driver ' s Ed., rolling down Jr. High hill falling in ditch. Likes: being with good friends, having a good time. Dislikes: Snobs, fake people, falling in main hall down steps. Ambition: To grow up for Keri to be happy and successful. Anything else: Kim, I know a short cut!! 30 mberly Dorr Chestnut Street tivities: Field Hockey 2-4, arbook staff. Found with: Beth, uren, Karen, Kathy, Jen, Michelle, chele. Nickname: Kim. Favorite :mories: Mt. Tom (Beth, I wasn’t earning), New Years ’85. Likes: ng with friends, hockey games, ing, summer. Dislikes: waiting, sders, two-faced people, liars, j ibition: To live a happy and Jjrcessful life. Anything else: Tanks Mom and Dad , fin Downie ( Highland Street I jnd with: Wayne, Roger, Bake, I Ice, Tom, and the rest of the nmies. Nickname: Jay, Barz. I rorite memories: Dean field, ebec. Soph. Summer, The day ;r, the Prom, Elton John ' 84, 1 ty ' 83, Kevin’s parties. Likes: jgar, skiing, partying, hounding. I likes: Mt. Monadnock, fire chiefs, £ es, regrets, Milford cops. J ibition: To get an ambition. flicy Dunn 31 Partridge Street ivities: band, OEA 3-4. Found v ti: Scott, Chris, Jean, and the rest c he lunch bunch. Nickname: r iny. Favorite memories: Big E v p the band ' 85, Newport Beach I Jr. Prom. 4 17 85, OEA trips, f it date w Scott, 12 14 84, 1(5 85, Likes: being with Scott, lit places, summer Dislikes: Egg Wuffins, getting up, snobby • pie, Mondays, algebra Anything : To Ma, Dad, Nan Tracy; I the world to you. Thanks for uything you did. And, Scott, I love Slron Duronio 4 Brenda Lane A ' ivities: Treasurer 1-4, Student C ncil Found with: Lauren, Cheryls, b lie, Lori, Danielle, etc Favorite nlnories: Quebec, the corner, P ns, Xmas eve, 2 20 85 day r, CT w Tim, NH, breakfast at 3, sleepovers, St Rocco’s, NY, BBE W.auren, PE w Cheryl, Banquets lies: eating, smiles, sleeping, r onlight Disli kes: rude people, g lg on. Ambition: to be happy in v itever I do. Anything else: 1 inks, Mom Dad! Lauren, you’re tl best!! Michael Dorrington 61 Crocker Avenue Found with: my friends. Nickname: ET. Favorite memories: baseball ' 85, Vancouver, Portland, 6 22 85. Likes: baseball, lunch, Porsches. Dislikes: football practice, hockey practice, work, death. Ambition: strike out 300 batters in 1 Major League baseball season. Anything else: Good luck Class of ' 86. Carol Driscoll 19 Sargent Lane Found with: Shelley, Michelle, Lynn, Tricia. Nicknames: Carol, Marol, Stella, Lopa. Favorite memories: Neil Young 2 15 83, 9 8 84, CSN 8 2 84, 9 22 84, 8 29 85, Live Aid 7 13 85, Cape ' 82, ’84, ’85, Aerosmith, Dead, partying, getting obnoxious with Tebe. Likes: Montes, Neil Young, BMWs, CSN, payday, money. Dislikes: school, attitudes, rules and regulations, boring nites, Rubber Room. Ambition: To own a BMW, a mansion and a business. Kimberly D urfee 29 Oak Street Extension Found with: Mary, Laura, Suzanne, Sandy, Chtistina, the rest. Nickname: Kim, Turkey Favorite memories: 9 9 84, T.P. ’83, ' 85 Likes: playing in rain, sunflower seeds, smiling people, clowns, candles, night sky, my pup. Dislikes: beeping watches, humid weather, Jonny Walker Red, climbing Mts. Ambition: to fly Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad; you stuck with me through some tough ones. Sandy, where’s your yellow, Reach toothbrush? Laura Ehlers 18 Short Street Found with: Jennifer, Rick, Bob, Amy, Paula, Denise, Peter, Lisa, Maureen, Carrie, Vince, Tim, Joanne. Nickname: Beep, Tiddlin ' . Favorite memories: 4 28 85, Peter ' s parties, social hour, 16th bday party, wind surfing, dances, Trivial Pursuit parties, Nov. 2, 1984, Dec. 24, 1984, Aug. 25, 1985. Likes: going out w Rick, horses, sketching, Christmas, popcorn, movies, books. Dislikes: cheaters, liars, gossips, false friends, too much work. Ambition: To be good at whatever I decide to do. Anything else: Keep smilin ' !!! GIgM oj ' 86 31 Most Artistic • Chris Alberti, Mary Beth Sweeney Talia Ely 41 Southgate Road Found with: Tina, Nelli, the rest. Favor¬ ite memories: New York 7 3 85 w J.B., (Jncas, F. Fair, 8 18 85, 9 13 85, 9 21 85 = J.B., Petty, Rod, Elton, " Windows, " 11 29 84, Bridge- water, all times spent w T, S, J. Likes: New York, polo, smiles, laugh¬ ter, omelets, " Donna " landscapers, anything famous, Gary, pinheads, mas¬ ters. Dislikes: liars, late-dates, my bracelet on other people, being stood up, MISSIONS, Bohemian Bread. Any¬ thing else: I love you, Mom Dad Thank you. I love you, Tina. I miss you, Johnny. XO. Kevin Feeley 567 Pleasant Street Activities: Baseball 1-2. Found with: Craig, Tim, The Wizard, John, Jim, and anyone else who will hang around w me. Nickname: Feeley. Favorite memo¬ ries: The Crue and Oz ' 84, Dio ' 85, Rush, The Cannon, Jordan ' s parties, Weedy Hill. Likes: heavy metal, jam¬ ming w Craig Ted, parties. Dislikes: fighting The Cannon Ambition: To be successful. Kelly A. Flynn 127 Longhill Road Activities: Speech T4, Mirage 1-4 (Art Ed. 4), NHS 2-4, Yb 3-4 (Art, Co-Copy Ed. 4), X-Country 3. Found with: Eve, Lovey, Wayne, WJ, CH, SM, Misfits. Nickname: Kelzo, Flynnbo, Favorite memories: Fresh, yr., Spain, Prom after, ' 85 Grad., MASP, New Year ' s Eve ' 85 the Cape, Classic Coke in " Afri¬ ca. " Likes: good friends (EP SH), mu¬ sic (BJ, CI2, mainstream otherwise), FHS sports, Mrs. L., Ms. B., love. Dis likes:K,P., Foxboro, fake people, smok¬ ing, New England, " domesticity. " Am¬ bition: To be half the English teacher Mrs. Ligon is. Anything else: " Shut up, just shut up " ; Thanks love, Eve ' 86; Dad, Mom, Heather, I love you; Stay gold, Angel • don’t forget me. 1 Dressed • Yasuhiro Endo 16 Besso Street Sean Reardon, Pam Scaccia il id Forbes 0 Partridge Street It vities: baseball, tennis, skiing, golf. ' 4nd with: Kevin, Ken, Joes, Chuck, ijl, Rich. Nickname: Forbzee. Favor- enemories: ski trip 85. Likes: pay- a baseball training. Dislikes: work r1 r ridays, rats, Sundays. Ambition: 0 ecieve my masters ' degree. Any else: What ' s next? Veronica L. Fornaciari 230 Plain Street Nickname: Roni. Found with: Steve, Beth, Jaycee.Dacko, the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: ski trip ' 85, T.P. ' 83, Elton ' 84, Rod ' 85, Cape w the gang • look out for them closed windows, parties down DEAN, Kev’s parties, Prom ' 85, working w Bonnie, Wayne’s cottage, Jaycee, what are you eating? Dacko, you live in India? Likes: partying, busting Barzy, staying out late, McCartney, Elton, Mrs. Lovely. Dislikes: people telling me what to do, waking up in the AM, sleeping over Dene ' s. Ambition: Jo find an ambition. Anything else: So long FHS. Cch Fortin Wc Zhurchill Raod V ivities: skiing, aquariums, going out imy girlfriend. Found with: Karen " Men, Greg, Jay, Kevin K., Jim Me., U C., and Karen’s friends. Favorite ■ r mories: Jan. 1, 1985, summer of Ji Mt. Snow, Judas Priest, Deep Pur- nip Dio. Likes: chess, computers; tropi- tc fish, Dragons, heavy metal. D ' s- ' ins: eggs, loud people, crowds. bition: To succeed, be wealthy, be h py. Anything else: Thanks for e rything. HI in Fraser Oakland Parkway ivities: skiing, soccer, fishing, sleep- Found with.Jim, Vince, Pam, Mo, Cal, Dave, Yazzi, Tim C, Lisa, |y, Keith, Jim. Nickname: Mr. Life orite memories: Mt. Snow ' 84, Mt. 3rd ' 85, Jr. Prom, Sugarloaf ' 83 Xavarian soccer game ' 84. Likes: day, Fridays. Dislikes: Thursdays, Ambition: To get the most out of i with putting the least amount of k into it! Favorite saying: Bone- hid; OH well!!! en H. Friend Elm Street ivities: Softball, Prom Comm., Year- k, Student Council, Fr. exchange, ring. Found with: Brian, Sue, Mis- Favorite memories: Soph. Banq., Prom, quiet times w Brian, talks vlChip, ride w Sue after Lisa ' s party, ne w Brian, Disney World, Que- , being chased by football team, :ball games, summer ' 83 ' 85, J e. Likes: Brian, football games, go out w friends, parties. Dislikes: rl nings, goodbyes. Ambition: To be h py. Anything else: Thanks Mom C I! I love you!!! GloM. oj ' 86 Wayne Foster 697 Pond Street Found with: Amy, Ome, Barz, Pud, Bake, the other pinheads. Favorite memories: Dean Fid., Bombin’ in Col¬ lie’s Impala, Quebec, Soph, summer, Cape ' 85, THE DAY AFTER, J.R.’s do¬ nation, T.C.’s pool parties, K.W. on 495, Pago, Gloria, Mobil, Harvest ' 85, St. Rocco ' s, Bake ' s $120. Likes: sum¬ mer, bonfires, Collie’s bashes, Cougar, Ome’s A.C. Dislikes: blues, the tera, NPD, jail, rock-throwing cops, regret- ters, Mt. Monadnock. Favorite saying: Get on it! Anything else: Mom, you ' re the best!!! Paul French 349 East Central St Nickname: Frenchy, Mr. French Found with: AJ, Brentski, Rich, Ken, Edzo, Joe, Mike. Favorite memories: Neil Young ' 84, CSN ' 85, all three Brentmo- biles, Tracey Boston, the parties of Brent Rich, Sweat Hill, Morton Con¬ struction, Killer Corner, summers of ' 84 ' 85, the Led-Zeppelin relationship Likes: busting Dave Kim Favorite saying: Let’s be out of here. Wrong. See ya later. Sit down. Anything else: See ya later, FHS! Damon Gannon 74 Brook Street Activities: X-Country, Indoor Track, Spring Track, pit-patting, Ski Club. Found with: Greg, Chuck, Joe, Guzzy, Joe, Ken, Pepe, gang. Favorite mem¬ ories: X-Country ' 85, parties, dances, Austria, hard workouts, physics mid¬ term, fret. Likes: running, good times, the sea, skiing, P.L., winning races. Dis¬ likes: back injuries, being spiked in state meet, rubberdome cough, plasti¬ c useless people, K.D., choking in big meets. Ambition: To run a 29:59 10K, to place in the All-State meet. Favorite saying: Get a real life. Anything else: I HOPE TO GO TO COLLEGE. Kathleen Garland 34 Winter Street Activities: Field Ministry, Chorus 1-2. Found with: Linda, Jen, Karen, Jean- ine, the gang from the K.H. Nick¬ name: Kathy. Favorite memories: 8 11 84 ' s Big Splash, 2 16 85 in Na¬ tick, Dr. R. at Holli’s. Likes: secretary stuff, studying at Jeannie ' s, Thurs¬ days, Congregational meetings, A.T. Dislikes: grammar, essays, bells, Baby¬ lon the Great, cars that over heat, wak¬ ing up. Anything else: Thanks for being there, Shari. You ' re a peach!!! Robert Giardini 9 Meadow Parkway Thomas D Girard 84 Northgate Road Activities: Football 1-4. Found with: Mike B., Chris M„ Sarah C„ STICK- MAN. Favorite memories: Dec. party, 9 13 85, Quebec, Sue B. ' s parties, (J2, T.P., Rte. 9, Dart 4x4, carriage cruise, BIG GUY, water warfare, physics, har- rasing Edzo, bass, 7 4 84, the Cape, Jr. Prom, ascot, Mr. M’s new boat, cast skiing ' 81- ' 85 Dislikes: incompetence, Lioneers, Spanish IV. Ambition: To have a purpose. Anything else: MINI¬ MUM INPUT MAXIMUM OUTPUT. Jennifer L. Gray 394 Dailey Drive Found with: Laura, Bob, Paula, Eva, Amy, Rick. Nickname: Jennyfair. Fa¬ vorite memories: Social Hour, Maine w Laura, 11 17 84, 11 30 84, Wed.’s rose, 5 27 84, 4 17 85, 4 18 85, Math Analysis, Nausset, overnights, Eve ' s house after Prom, Trivia Pursuit w the group, Psychology, Laura’s b- day party. Likes: times w Bob, Jeep, Christmas. Dislikes: 4-wheelin ' , argu¬ ments, waking up, fake people, home¬ work, smoke, C.B., Freddy Krueger! Ambition: To become Mrs. Danforth to become a physical therapist. Keith Gatewood 19 Anthony Road Activities: Football 2 4, guitar. Founa with: Chris, Kyle, Bruce, Rog, Jars, Brownie. Nickname: Gator. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, day after Prom, Mt. Monadnock, my first gig, Amendo- la’s party, NH. Likes: Chris, curlin’ pounders, cruisin ' the cutlass, being with good friends, playing guitar, good music, Mr. Leone ' s pep talks. Dislikes: running out of gas. Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do. Anything else: You ' re brutal. James Gibson 21 Parliment Drive Activities: taking up space, working. Found with: Crowly, Mike, Scott, Ter¬ ry, Jim, the rest of the crew. Nick¬ name: Gibby, Gus, Baron, Gibbles, Gib. Favorite memories: Summer 84’ trip to Vermont. Dislikes: people taking my hat gray hairs. Ambition: To live ' til I die. Beth Gold 205 Bent Street Activities: horseback riding, Ski Club, Prom Comm., work. Found with: Lauren (Freddy), Kim, Kathy, The Mi¬ chelles, Jen, Barn Kids, Tim, Maria. Fa¬ vorite memories: Mt. Tom 2 85, Cape Cod ' 84, T.P. concert 6 85, Kathy ' s party 9 21 85, ANAMARIA. Likes: horses, friends, cars, parties, Florida, VACATION, work. Dislikes: people rag¬ ging on me, Freddy lying, MATH, peo¬ ple who are mad. Ambition: To be sue cessful in anything I attempt in life. Favorite saying: What should I wear??? Jean Marie C. Guardabascio 59 Chestnut Street Activities: Band. Found with: Nancy, Chris, and band members. Favorite memories: going to the " Big E " . Likes: most of the teachers, especially Mrs. Cook. Ambition: To be a nurse. N h 34 Best Personality - Rob O ' Neil, Sharon Duronio 4i elle Marie Guinard ay Hill Road Id with: Lamb! Leslie, Keri, Kim, far, and anyone else! Nickname: MIL Favorite memories: 5 1 84, aration ' 84, Soph. Banq., Jr. Prom, o j85! Likes: Lamb! Bruce Spring¬ er! 5 1 84! Dislikes: Monday’s, air days, sad faces. Ambition: To go :o,)llege and get married. Anything ela Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lamb; T ' n have done it without you! dj luck class of ' 86. Richard Guzman 222 Irondequoit Road Activities: Indoor, Outdoor Track 1-4, X-Country 4. Found with: Joe, Joe P., Ken, Chuck, Greg, Damon, Tom C. Nickname: Guzzy. Favorite memories: Canada, Prom ' 85, day after, Mush, Ma¬ ria ’84. Likes: 20% of FHS, sleeping, running, music. Dislikes: 80% of FHS, bridge people, Ken dolls, fly girls, talk, fretting, Peter Pan. Anything else: “All the critics luv (J " PRN. Ja i :s Guzzetti Vie Street Ac ' ities: Football, Fishing, riding, Found with: Dan, Beatle, Tony, Alan, Ray, Nick. Favorite ories: pool parties, T.P., Triumph, MtMad, Joe Walsh, riding roof tops, e|i| w Mel. Likes: money, parties. Dis es: Mt. Mad, rubber room, losing, 3e»i broke. Ambition: making a lot of mory and finding the right girl and Deri happy. Anything else: good luck to i;verybody; keep in touch ;v body. GLm. of ' 86 Daniel J Hansen 330 Chestnut Street Activities: fishing, hunting, canoeing, work. Found with: Tracy, Beetle, Jim, Nick, Tony, Chuck, Bud, Ray, and the rest. Nickname: Cheech. Favorite memories: Beetle ' s parties, T P.; Joe Walsh, Gatherings down Milliken, Mt. Monadnock ' 85. Likes: Tracy, week ends, parties, money. Dislikes: mixing chemical ' s with Nick, getting stuck at L. Pearl, Beetle ' s driving. Ambition: To be rich happy in life. Anything else: Hey Nick, where are you? GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' ' 86 ' ’. GIgm, ' 86 Carolyn Haskell 18 Pleasant Street Found with: Stacey. Nickname: Spike. Favorite memories: Adam Ant concert ' 84, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mt. Wachusett, discussions w Mr. Chelotti on wings of song, P. town, Soph. Banq. Likes: the Eagles, Bob Segar, ice cream, stuffed animals, The Occult, cats, horses, spiked hair, teasing Stacey. Dislikes: math, gym, loud people, conformity, oral talks, cheerleaders. Ambition: To be happy in whatever I decide to do!!! Mitchell Hoffmeister 412 Oakland Parkway Activities: Soccer T4, Wrest. T4, DECA, MHS, Sen. class V.P., Ski club. Found with: Mick, Bully, Keith, rest of the Soccer team, and everyone else. Nickname: Helmut, Hoffmeyer. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom. Quebec I II, Aerosmith, Calif., DE trips, winning league ’82. Likes: people, personalities, animals, arms, outdoors, laughing, coach’s sayings expresions, Bully ' s van laugh, winning, challenges. Dislikes: selfish people, people who don’t try, losing, endlines. Anything else: Good luck to ' 86. Christina Hunchard 21 Worsted Street Activities: DECA, Field Hockey, Prom. Com. Found with: Marie, Mostie, Carolyn, Kim, etc. Nickname: Hunchie, Tina. Favorite memories: Summer of 85! NYC, Prom w D.A., Debis party, Fresh, and Soph. Banquets, Grad parties, 7 21 85, St. Rocco’s, T.P., B.S. Likes: Being a senior, laughing, obnoxious people, Twinkies, parties, cruisin ' in the Gonga! Dislikes: cleaning up after parties, liars. Ambition: To have as much fun as possible in life! Anything else: “And a memory is all that is left for you now“ S. Nicks. Kelly Harland 14 Crocker Avenue Activities: Prom Comm., work, Student Sec. Found with: Kristen, The Pudding Pals and the rest of the misfits. Nickname: Kah, Kel. Favorite memories: Frye Island ' 85 Bruce ' 84, Def Lep ' 83, Paul Young ' 85. Florida ' 83, ' 85, listening to Amy’s Adventures, Kris’s party, Lisa’s party. Likes: Camaro ' s, weddings, vacations, sweaters. Dislikes: BRACES, sunburns, C.B., tapioca pudding Aim!. Ambition: To be rich!. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad!!! Robert F. Heinzmann, Jr. 5 Warwick Street Activities: Soccer, Baseball, Basketball. Found with: Joe, Dan Nick, Bully, Lip, Pete, Ope. Favorite memories: Prom with Dawn, Baseball Tourney, Petty, Police, Nick ' s parties. Likes: big cars, girls, Beatles, fore arm, smashes, Boom Town Rats. Dislikes: citizen ' s arrest, bb ' s, striking out, errors, stuck up girls, Monday’s. Ambition: To be rich and own my own business. Anything else: See you later Grizwald!!! Peter Huie 7 Mackintosh Street Activities: Baseball 1, Football 1-4, Hockey T4, Found with: Bully, Lip, Nick, main hall crew whoever. Nickname: Hong Kong, Mr. Fuji. Favorite memories: Cal. ' 85, Tom Petty, (J2, Fresh. Soph, banquets Prom, Nick ' s parties, Pancake House at 3 am, Mr. Radford ' s Fresh, year, times w friends. Likes: Hockey, game days, money, cruising, all nighters. Dislikes: losing, Fri. 13th police, waking up, Oct. 27, 1984, green, The Corns., 3 3 85, Lemon Heads. Ambition: To be successful. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. Roger Jette 132 Wachusett Street Nickname: Ome Found with: Barz, Mike, Wayne, Bake, Kevin Activities: Football 2-4, Wrestling 2 Favorite memories: bombing in Kevin ' s Impala, Dean field ' 82, Quebec, Kev ' s parties, Cape Cod ' 85, TC’s pool parties, day after the prom Likes: bonfires, being in the palace, summer jamming, Mr. Leone’s speeches Dislikes: alarm clocks, Tri County, regrets, the blues, Oct. 2, selling the Buick Favorite saying: Get on that thing. Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do. Anything else: Thanks for being there, Ma! Annemarie Harrington 18 Anchorage Road Found with: Dan, Char, Paul, CP, SR, TW, KR, more. Nickname: Booberry Anabanana. Favorite memories: nites in the comet, Maine ' 85, R.B ' s parties, circus ' 85? Marriot? sum. of ' 84 w Deer, BM’s party w J.D. Likes: Dan, horses, sunsets, beaches, f. moons, summer. Dislikes: S.L. animal imitation, junkist on Skyline! Ambition: To make it on my own! Anything else: T. W. M. L. SMILE!!! Saron A. Johnson I George Road tivities: Basketball 1-4, softball 1, 2 Soccer Mngr. 3, 4. Found with: Sb, Traci, Lisa S. Kristy, The nut 1 . 3 Fdding Pals. Nickname: Roo. fvorite memories: 11 11 84, Jr. F m, Paul Young 85, Canada 82, Smmer 85, Cruising to Church, Mt. Mnadnock, Rocky Point. Likes: R ' B, times w friends, Celtics, lobster Lilikes: high heels, bridges, fainting ii Church, snobs. Ambition: To a ' ays be happy and to get my litnse. Anything else: Thanks Mom a i Dad, I love you. lnothy Kachinsky 4 Shady Lane tivities: Basketball, working. Found v‘h: Kerri, Maureen, Vince, Kevin, iy. Nickname: Tasha, Ka Cderclub. Favorite memories: Cnada ' 84, Tom Petty ' 85, Esketball parties ’84, ' 85, Football gnes, Prom and day after, Mt. Mnadnock, C.Y.O. Likes: Tom Petty, dices, being with friends, 4?erleaders. Dislikes: snobby chics, Esketball tryouts. Anything else: Tanks for everything, Mom Dad! I lie you Kerri!! Take care ' 86. Most Gullible - Peter Huie, Kerry Rafferty Wendy Kullen Johnson 15 Sahlin Circle Found with: Kelly, Eve, Carolyn, Stacy, and Traci. Nickname: Wenderlyn, Fred, Wendith. Likes: books, N.H., friends, travel, smiles, candies. Dislikes: long lines, deadlines, water bugs, Madonna wanna be’s, Ambition: To dig up an ancient city in Egypt. Kevin P. Keaveney 14 Annabel Lane Activities: Golf, Hockey, water snow skiing, gambling. Found with: Petty, Skimbo, Lenny, Greg. Nickname: Keav. Likes: money, sleeping Dislikes: Linclon Mall, washing cop cars Ambition: Most amount of money from the least amount of work. Anything else: Thanks for nothin’!!! 37 Most Organized - Mike Savicki, Maureen Crowley Steven Kent 480 Dailey Drive Activities: skydiving 2-4. Found with: ■ Brunellbag, ICEMAN, Bart, R.C. Favor¬ ite memories: Sundays at Sullivan ' 85, i W.H.S. Dec. party, S.W.S. w S.S., 9 13 85, Police 81 83, T.P., N.Y., snow cruise, Florida, 4x4 in Dart, S.S. w BIG i GUY, water warfare in history, physics, harassing Edzo, 7 4 84 w Guz, Sat. work w Mike, any study w Bart. Likes: MONEY. Dislikes: incompe ( tence, uselessness, hicks, Franklin bridge. Ambition: Jo point out useless ness. Anything else: MINIMUM INPUT MAXIMUM OUTPUT. Laura M. Kittredge 393 Coronation Drive Found with: the gang. Nickname: Lau ra. Favorite memories: Soph. Banq , Yarmouth ' 84, Old Orchard ' 85, Joe s Grad, party, Virginia Beach ' 85, Boston July 4th. Likes: Snickers, tans, Porch es, beaches, Fridays, vacations, par ties. Dislikes: diets, snobs, math, term papers, liars, Mt. Monadnock. Ambi¬ tion: To pass math Anything else: Lisa, will you make up your mind!!! Julie Ann Kenney 491 West Central Street Activities: Yearbook 1, 3, Cheerleading 3, Softball 1. Found with: the Senior gang, Kori K., Dave, Kelly P. Nick¬ name: Jules. Favorite memories: 10 12 85, 8 23 85, L-Derry w Kori the rest of the gang. Likes: Bruce S., Senior guys! Dislikes: Freshman crash¬ ing into trees w Kori! fake senior girls. Ambition: To finally go to Europe, meet Bruce S., be successful in my career. Anything else: Thank you Kori, I love ya, I miss you, you’re the best. Thank you!! Kelly, we finally did it, I told you I would be here! Love ya. William A Keville 397 Oakland Parkway Activities: Wrestling 1-4, Capt. 3-4. Found with: The Miliken crew, Bully, Pete, Mitch. Favorite memories: boxing up north, Rush, Aerosmith ' 84, Boston, parties 1-12, sailing on the Charles, the first night dive, tournaments. Likes: friends, art, silence, sleep, long week¬ ends, contact sports, wrestling, win¬ ning tourneys. Dislikes: sleeping w Bs, dogs in cuffs, closed minded people. Ambition: To be satisfied. Anything else: Thanks Pip ' s. I 38 athryn Lapp 1 Besso Street lcf V f ' es. O.E.A. Found with: Beth Jailer, Paula McCarthy. Favorite mem¬ ories: dances. Likes: television. Dis- 1 tes; V-66. Ambition: To be an execu¬ te secretary. imothy Lawhorn D Union Street divides: street hockey, Track 1, X ountry 1. Found with: Craig, Kevin, edhead, John, Jimo. Nickname: ima. Favorite memories: Rush ' 84, stty ' 85, New Jersey ' 85, D.E. trips, eddy ' s cannon. Likes: football and ackey games, parties, heavy metal. ' islikes: Monday detention, fake peo- le. Ambition: To be successful at hatever I do. Anything else: It ' s been eat ' 86. Stay cool. mma Elizabeth Letchford Downingwood Drive Activities: Band 3-4, Oskey 3-4, Jr. iss 4. Found with: Margo, Anne, Jes- ica, Traci, Lisa, Misfits. Nickname: m. Favorite memories: Oskey ' 85, Jr. liss, summer of ' 85, 8 24 84, 6 9 85, mes w Lisa Lee. Likes: pennies, lusic, partying, being English, the ark. Dislikes: goodbyes, narrow linds, being interrupted, fakes, pho- ey friends. Ambition: To be a profes- ional musician, live in the sun and be appy. Anything else: Thanks Mum )ad (even for " the move " ); one day the eemingly unreachable dream will be ome living reality, so live for that day. Michelle Landry 55 Miller Street Found with: Lynn, Carol, Tricia, Kim, all the rest. Nickname: Mishnelle. Fa vorite memories: Summer of ' 83, ' 84, ' 85. Likes: partying, having fun, being w friends. Dislikes: H.H., jocks, prep¬ pies, fake people. Ambition: To be hap¬ py and healthy. Anything else: Wow! I think my car’s on fire. Noelle-Marie Laviolette 796 Pond Street Found with: T.H.H., C.A.G., T.L., L.G., L.M., S.D., H.B., L.S., D.B., S.T., S.N., C.A. Nickname: Noah X-mas. Favorite memories: 4 14 85, 7 12 85, 11 2 84, 11 3 84, 4 27 85, Cape w Che ' 84 ' 85, U2 w T.R., T. Petty w Che guys, OEA ' 85, ride to N.H. w the women. Likes: T.H.H., PeeWee, U2, poptarts, D.D. ' s w Tee. Dislikes: Lou ' s Driving, Tee ' s directions, 3 A.M. food raids, good byes. Ambition: To get al¬ lowance in advance forever! To be hap py in all I do! Anything else: Thanx folks, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for every¬ thing T.L. C.G. Thomas Lee 170 Maple Street Activities: Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4. Found with: Jay, Stayne, Patter, Steve, the rest of the guys. Favorite memories: July 4, 1985 w Dave, Steve, Lanzco buddy, summer vacations in Long Beach Island, N.J. w GorB, Fresh, yr. winning the states, Quebec city Jr. yr. w Stayne, Dean field parties. Likes: nice looking girls, meeting different people. Dislikes: girls that think they ' re awesome. Ambition: To play college hockey. Anything else: To the class of ' 87: enjoy, ' cause it don ' t last!!! Sandra Levy 15 Bent Street Activities: Soccer 14, Softball 1-4. Found with: Mike, Pudding Pals, Don¬ na, Kim. Nickname: Sandy, Beach, Leves. Favorite memories: times w Mike, Prom, Dec. 3, ' 84, Florida Amy! lunch table, The Dead. Likes: Michael, unicorns, Mustangs, Grateful Dead con certs, busting Amy at lunch! Dislikes: triple sessions, fake people. Ambition: To be a child psychologist and to marry Michael. Anything else: Eat that tapi oca pudding, Ames. Thanx, Mom Dad, for everything!!! (?loM o ' 86 39 I Cutest Couple • Robbie Pisano, Sharon Johnson Steven Lewis 432 West Central Street Found with: Roni, Varje, Mark, Gep, Patta, Jimmy. Nickname: Lewy. Favor¬ ite memories: ski trip ' 85, Peru trips, curls at Gep’s gym, 4th of July week¬ end ' 85, Prom, Stain’s cottage, T.P. ' 83, Paradise Cove, Mr. Hinckley’s class, Fridays in the Grand Prix. Likes: old time rock roll, gumballs, weekends, Perv, Steve Martin, 4-wheeln ' , out¬ doors. Dislikes: plungers, Monteray, room 4, rags, druggies, following rules, Mondays. Ambition: To travel and be successful at whatever I do. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad! God bless the class of ' 86!!! Paula Lodi 12 Milliken Avenue Activities: Soccer, Track, B.S.G., S. Council, pit-patting. Favorite memo¬ ries: 1 20 83, tourneys, howling, social hour, Friendly’s, track ' 85, Europe, Fletchers 7 10 85, harbor cruises, re¬ treats w J.P., Walden, Wellesley, S. Cape Beach, Whispers. Likes: Mary, pink, bears, M.C.C., younts, bread, all- nighters, league titles. Dislikes: G.H. Green, V.W.’s, alcoholics, M.A., B. Stang Hurdlers, Peter Pan, good byes. Anything else: Thanks for everything F.H.S., Damon, good luck. I ' ll miss you. 100% Danielle! (Go for it) Destiny. Cyprus. Kristina R. Lovely 517 Beech Street Nickname: Tina. Favorite memories: Wash., Andy’s, CI2, 10 5 85, room 395, That Night, 9 14 84, 7th per. w R.S., Cape, OEA, 2 years w Cookie. Likes: Twinkies, Scorpio’s, orange, my directions, Sesame Street, guitar, L.J., growing up w Eddie Nita, laughing. Dislikes: losing something you love, Prom day - 7:30 A.M., knowing my dream won ' t come true, excuses, los¬ ing wallets. Favorite saying: You big Malaka! Who cares! Anything else: No’1, you’re welcome! Caldaryn, did you have one yet? Mom, we ' ve had some rough ones, but I still luv ya!!! Mark Lomberto 564 Oak Street Activities: Football, Baseball. Found with: David, Steve, Gep, Patta, Jimmy. Favorite memories: Prom, Cape, Peru, Karen, Superbowl, Grand Prix. Likes: Thanksgiving game, Friday night games, four-wheeling, golfing. Dislikes: 4x4, Patta, double sessions, Saturday practices, films, room 4. Ambition: To be rich! Anything else: Thanks for everything Mom Dad. i -1.W. Jerome Maddox 1 Elm Street Activities: Football 2-4, Basketball, Track 1-4, Class Pres. 3, AMSFACT 2- 1. Favorite memories: Christmas Ban¬ quet ' 84, Chuck Beau Pete parties, Mt. ' Aonadnock 3-4, The Field, Shark w Dink, Boomer, France, Quebec, Ha vaii, Senior Picnic ' 84. Likes: clothes, ate nights, Lakers, girl watching in -tails, MHL ' 85, Flakey Puffs. Dislikes: wrecking cars, Celtics, stupidity. Ambi¬ tion: To be a successful lawyer, travel he world, and be like my Dad. Any¬ thing else: Thanks Mom Dad, and es, Jenny. Thomas Mammola 592 Lincoln Street Activities: Basketball. Found with: 5 aul, Hector, Mark. Favorite memories: ’ep rallies. Likes: the field house. Am¬ bition: To own a business. Scott Manning 1 Eagle Drive Jaycee N. Mathieu 155 West Central Street Kenneth C. Maguire 31 Greystone Road Activities: Soccer. Found with: Yaba, Gator, Bruce, Bob, Mark, Mike the rest of the Boneheads. Nickname: Ken. Favorite memories: the rink, Soph, yr., Mosty ' s Killer bash, 4 yrs. w Susan, Miller St., The Tent Party. Likes: Su¬ san, expensive cars, Pink Floyd, Sa- chels, parties, sleep, big trucks, long trips, hologrammetaphysics. Dislikes: snobs, “What ' s up dude " , accidents. Ambition: To marry Susan own a Lamborghini. Favorite saying: " Big time,” " Big guy get out of town.” Any¬ thing else: F.H.S. merely complicates the geometry of reality!!! Lauren F. Manasso 411 Oakland Parkway Found with: Sharon, Danielle, Noelle, The Cheryls, Lori, etc. Favorite memo¬ ries: Summer ' 85, Quebec, H. of P. at 3 a.m., 10 30 82, 2 20 85,the corner, 3 a.m. food raid, B.B.F. w Sharon, Fresh. Soph, banquets, my 16th. Likes: parentless weekends, yellow, J. Carson, X Mas, laughing. Dislikes: re¬ port card days, working, red lights, waiting for Sharon, goodbyes. Ambi¬ tion: To lead the glamorous life. Any¬ thing else: Sharon, Best Friends forever don ' t forget to BREATHE, Thanx, Mom Dad. James Marguerite 25 Gallison Street Activities: Baseball. Found with: Varg, Mark, Patta, Lewy, Gep. Nickname: Jimmy. Favorite memories: summer of ' 85, Peru ' 84 ' 85. Likes: work, people, hunting, fishing, sports. Dislikes: lazy people, people who yell. Ambition: To succeed in life and work. Anything else. -Good luck class of ' 86 and thanks Mom Dad for your help. Marie Maxwell 62 Prospect Street Found with: Hunchie, Calderine, Nauber, Tuna, Kelley, and the rest of the best. Nickname: Marieshus. Favor¬ ite memories: room 422, (JMass, my bashes, Nauber ' s bashes, N.Y., the Cape, T.P., B.B.C., F.H.S., summer of ' 83 ' 85, 12 31 84, 5 12 85, St. Roc- co ' s ' 85, cruisin’. Likes: the Cape, $, Twinkies, obnoxous people, Hampton, parties, Phil Collins, laughing, The Gonga. Dislikes: being grounded, snakes, blue magic markers, painting walls, liars, 7 6 84. Anything else: Thanks, everyone for the memories; Good luck ' 86. GLoM. o ' 86 41 Beth Molla 62 Hutchinson Street Found with: Jayce, Kelly, Dene, Dacko, Roni, Kev in, the guys and whoever will be seen w us. Nickname: Beffalou. Fa¬ vorite memories: Dead ' 85, Limo to El¬ ton, Gaso, Kevs, Cape ’83 ' 85, sitting on the common, Amy Halls-84. Likes: a variety of friends, old tunes, 60 s, flow¬ ers, long hair. Dislikes: war, evilness, day after, the prom, 10 12 85, climb¬ ing up Mt. Monadnock- down was ok. Ambition: to live free and be happy. Anything else: Thanks Dad! Thanks you pinheads! What a long trip it’s been. Gary Mucciarone 17 Church Street Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 4; tennis 3, 4. Found with: Tim, Peter, Joe O., Joe S P., Ken, Chuck, Greg, and junior girls. Nickname: Mucci. Favorite memories: Prom ’85, sophomore banquets, Florida ’85, Tim’s, Guzzy’s, Amy ' s parties, South Rd. Likes: Football, Basketball, and Soccer games, The Stones, T.P., PAYDAY. Dislikes: Sunday practices, working at RICO’S, tryouts, Amy ' s driving. Ambition: to graduate from col¬ lege. Anything else: “Good luck”, class of ’86. Terry Murphy 18 Colt Road Activities: baseball, work, and tutoring. Found with: Joe, The Rican, Badger, and whoever. Nickname: Murph. Fa¬ vorite memories: times with Lori, prom and the day after, parties at Badgers, Gerominie’s, hunting and fishing trips, working at Rico ' s with Joe’s, and NYC with Kev and brothers. Likes: Lori, Chuck and Kel, the track and winning the ocean. Dislikes: getting caught, the van at Cornell and Milford. Anthony Narducci 485 Union Street Activities: automotives, working, sleep¬ ing. Found with: Dan, Rob, Chuck, Jim, Nick, Alan, Ray. Nickname: The Baron Boppa. Favorite memories: Rob’s pool parties, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, my cot¬ tage, fourth period study, first aid con¬ cert, Mt. Monadnock. Likes: Jim’s vo¬ cabulary, hockey games, Trans Ams. Dislikes: Centrum cops, one way streets, snobs. Ambition: Jo be good at something, make it big in life, and to be happy. Anything else: Just busting, Jim. Debi Most 285 Country Way Activities: Cheerleading 2, Prom Comm. 3. Found with: Carolyn, Kevin, Hunchie, Greg, Ed, John, Mell, Judy, the rest of the Motley Crew. Favorite memories: Summer parties at Brian ' s, Bon Jovi w C.K. A., Soph, banquet, Jr. Prom, Chuck ' s grad party, Mt. Freshman Banquet, Times w K.H., Hampton w K.H. Likes: K.H., parties, K.P. dances, B M Dislikes: Leaving friends at Mount, cleaning up, holding tanks. Anything else: Hunchie, whats ' a matter? Lynn Mucciarone 94 Hill Avenue Found with: Michelle, Tricia, Carol. Fa vorite memories: Hampton Beach, tracks, summer ’83, ' 85. Likes: Pina Coladas, Bill, canibus, camaros. Dis¬ likes: jocks. Ambition: to hire and fire. Favorite saying: " Are you real?” Any¬ thing else: " Michelle I think your car ' s on fire.” Stacey Myers 5 Charlotte Court Activities: field hockey 1-2, Mirage 4. Found with: Carolyn. Nickname: Space. Favorite memories: my shower at Friendly ' s, Linda stuck in the cold, C.L. ambushed by Aunt Jemima, C.P.’s party, Jess ' quick change. Likes: the Jetson’s, Tweety Bird, Spike, being a nuissance, The Police, The Eagles. Dis¬ likes: rat tails, rotating things, shop¬ ping, the Brady Bunch, fender-benders, anchovie pizzas. Ambition: To leave Pa pa’s w my sanity. Anything else: The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Alan Nasuti 89 Pond Street Activities: work, fishing Found with: Lisa, Dan, Beetle, Tony, Jim, Chuck, Mike, Ray. Nickname: Newt, Ganzo. Favorite memories: Milliken, Beetle ' s house, Mt. Mad, 8 8 85. Likes: Pink Floyd, Boston, skiing, money, camp Dislikes: waking up, telephone poles, ATC ' s at night. Ambition: To find a good job and have a happy life. 42 GIgM, of ' 86 Most Talkative • David Paratore, Lisa Denommee Ihristine Nelson 184 Pleasant Street T ound with: Ken, Maria, Trisha, Chris, friends. Nickname: Chris, Dumbo. Favorite memories: meeting Kenny, 1 1 85, Tri County, friends, Maria ' s tizza place. Likes: Jimmy, Mars Hall, nusic, listening to Ken ' s band. Dis ikes: meeting Rich Dronzek Ambition: o become a grahic artist to own my wn printing shop. Anything else: hanx, Mom Dad, for everything; I : ve yas! Jimmy, I love you. I won ' t ver 4-get you. I ' ll always be there for ou. Good luck. iandra M. Nicol 8 Mackintosh Street r ound with: the gang. Nickname: ■andi. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom ay after, Soph. Banq., Yarmouth ' 84, )ld Orchard ' 85, Joe ' s Graduation par- , New Year ' s at Marie’s, Boston, July th. Likes: peanut butter, summers, eaches, ' 68 Mustang convertibles, creaming Yellow Zonkers. Dislikes: di- ts, working, crutches, Craigville mo- il, hospital food, Mt. Monadnock, Lau- ) ' walkway. Ambition.To leave Papa ' s efore I go crazy. Anything else: Laura, itupandlotoleep!!! Timothy Nickerson 191 David Raod Activities: Soccer 1-4, Capt. 4, cruising, Ski Club. Found with: Keith, Bully, Pete, Ope, Bob, Joe, Mitch. Nickname: Nick. Favorite memories: Quebec ' 85, my parties, Petty ' 82, ' 85, Aerosmith ' 84, the Prom, winning the league ' 83, busted at Mac ' s. Likes: my Dodge, soc¬ cer, hockey games, Fresh. Soph, girls, Bully’s laugh. Dislikes: losing, Foxboro, sun, A.M. practices, BB guns, running out of gas, Grizwalds, working at Rico ' s Ambition: To play soccer at college. Anything else: Nice shot, Keith. Cheryl E. Ober 167 (Jnion Street Found with: Joe, Lori, Cheh, Jess, old new Marshalls’ crews, etc. Nick¬ name: Cheh, Obes. Favorite memories: Monique, 2 2 85, 7 6 85, Cape ' 84, ' 85, Fla. w Lori, d a Prom, Ban¬ quets, talks gym w Sharon, Quebec, ABC gang, J.C. ' s, L.P. ' 83, woods ad¬ ventures w Cheh, OOHI, wkds w Joe, sleeping at Michelle ' s. Likes: spending $, vacs at L.’s, food, t. on p.w J., R. sundaes, sleep. Dislikes: cliques, boating w J.P., Mt. M., busses w identifications,cleaning up Dave’s house, wkds at Marshalls, Maria ' s. Am¬ bition: To travel the world in 30 days w L.l! Anything else: Mom, Dad, L., and J., I ' m not leaving! I Lauren O’Connor RFD 2 Populatic Street Activities: For. Lang. Club 1, Softball 1, Ski Club 2-3, Yearbook 3. Found with Au, Kim, the Michelles, Jen, Kerry Laura, Tim, Kathy. Nickname: Crash Freddy, Jana. Favorite memories: Mt Tom 2 85, Cape Cod 2 Beth, sum mers of ’84 ' 85, Hampton Beach Canada ski trip 1 85, Scarborough Beach 2 Michelle (Poky), T.P. concert 6 85, Joe ' s Graduation party, Kathy’s party. Ana Maria. Likes: red, parties, summer, beaches, trips. Dislikes: get¬ ting into accidents. Ambition: To be happy. Favorite saying: Is there a prob¬ lem? Anything else: Malibu!!! Joseph C O’Regan 392 Martello Road Activities: Soccer 1-4, Hockey 1-4. Found with: Sean, Ope, Nick, Bully, Butch, David. Nickname: Gumby, Oregano. Favorite memories: Nick’s parties, Aerosmith, Maine ' 85, lunch before H.R., W.H.P. w Dave. Likes: true friends, girls. Dislikes: fake people, Jr. Prom, algebra, hockey practice, yel¬ low cards Ambition: To see the world, be rich, and be happy. Anything else: To everyone else who are graduating this year, may many great things be lying in your future. Michael Padula 84 Maple Street Activities: Football, Hockey, Baseball. Found with: Lynne, Roger, Stain, Barzy, Bake, the rest of the hounds. Favorite memories: Cape ' 85, Petty ' 83, Kevin ' s parties, Dean Field, base¬ ball semis ' 85, Stain’s at 3 A.M., fishing w Gep. Likes: being w Lynne, watch¬ ing F.B.P. Dislikes: doubles, films, Barzy’s back seat Ambition: Jo be suc¬ cessful at whatever I do. Favorite say¬ ing: What a loser! Anything else: It ' s been real, ' 86!!! Cindy Lee Papp 29 Schofield Drive Activities: Student Secretary. Found with: Ron, Stacey, Keri, Anne, the rest of the gang, the neighborhood! Fa vorite memories: Ronnie, Old Orchard Beach, White Mountains w Ron, New¬ port mansions on the rocks, Thursday nights w Keri, Stacey, Anne. Likes: being w people I like, parties, Led Zep. Dislik es: jocks, fakes, preps. Ambi¬ tions: To be happy in whatever I do! Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad, for everything!!! Robert O’Neil 3 Carpenter Drive Activities: Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Track 1, Student Council 1-4. Found with: The Soccer Team, Main Hall Left Gang. Favorite memories: Tennessee, Soph. Banq., sleeping on the beach, Hampton Beach, Florida, tourney games, SAC weekend, MYLS weekend. Likes: Nick ' s gigs, basketball parties, B.C. vs. Georgetown, the beach, mon¬ ey, nice clothes, pretty girls, music. Dislikes: Sunday A.M., conservatives, snobs, school, waking up, Me Donalds’ parking lot. Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, wise. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad, Good luck ' 87! We are finally out!!! is : o : l :v idi Iff «r if nd hii ad iyi (it Joseph Orlando 492 Old Farm Road Activities: Football 1-3, Wrestling 1-2, Track 2-4, Skiing 1-4. Found with: Cheryl, Joe, Ken, Guzzy, Chuck, Da mon, Greg, Mucci, Dave. Nickname: Joe, PH. Favorite memories: Italy ' 84, Quebec ' 85, 2 2 Sb, The Day After, Guzzy ' s bashes, S.S. unplanned, Mr. Radford ' s Fresh. English, boating on Pearl. Likes: weekends w Cheryl friends, SDMB, payday, pole vaulting, oldies. Dislikes: working at Rico ' s, math class, Cheryl Jess O.R., snobs, rats, Mr. C’s detentions. Ambition: To see the world from the sky. Anything else: What’s the matter, guys, don ' t you know anything about . . . ? to 16 W If % rw I hi IB for N be t.a. WJ for Ire; I Cindy Lyn H. Palermo 346 Pleasant Street Activities: 4-wheelin ' , going to parties. Found with: Lisa, Kim, Barbie, Mary, Earl, the rest of the radicals. Nick¬ name: Cm. Favorite memories: July ' 83 - Sept. ' 84, going out w Carlo Likes: 4 wheelin ' , guys! Dislikes: everything else. Ambition: To make a name for myself in the 4x4 world. Anything else: I never could have done it without my family friends! Thanx!!! David Paratore 6 Beth Road Activities: Math Team 1-4, Soccer 14, O.E.A. 3-4. Found with: Sean, Jerome, Joe, Mike, Opie. Favorite memories: CJMass weekends, navigator, O.E.A. trip, water wars, W.H.P. w Joe, Hobie ride, Riverside w exam, Kool the Gang. Likes: Maple St., (JMASS, blonde hair, skiing, food, b-ball, pink pumps. Dislikes: left turns, lights, long halls, swamps, cups, Pep. S., mornings, hyp ocrites, incompetence. Ambition: To make money and totally ENJOY IT! Anything else: Nothing matters greatly and few things matter at all! Thanks Mom Dad. ,1 |T I jl I I I 44 GIgM, o{ ' 86 isa Parker 4 Dean Street ' ound with: Vinny all of my friends. avorite memories: Ratt Bon Jovi oncert with Vinny. Likes: horseback ding being Mr. Ettenhoffer ' s stu- ;nt secretary. Dislikes: boring studies, irly mornings, death rides w Maria, fake people. Ambition: To be happy id successful at whatever I do. Any- ling else: I love you Mom Dad, good ck to everyone, and thank you to ev- yone at the Franklin Press! We are it of here!!! 8Ir § avid Patterson 165 Pond Street ctivities: Hockey 1 2 3 4, Football 1- Found with: Varg, Louie, Gep, Mark, om, Jimmy Nickname: Patta Favorite lemories: Petty, day after Prom, 4- heelin’, July 4th, Cape, Florida spring reak, Renea Likes: Bud, Hockey, vaca- ons Dislikes: stuck up girls, OA, get- ng stuck while 4-wheeln ' , not being on ' ie ice Ambition: to be well off, finan- ally and to work at what I like doing. nything else: Thanks, Nana Melissa r all the help. Hope everyone fulfills leir dreams. Joseph Patracuollo 9 Grandview Drive Activities: Track 2-4, Hockey 1-3, kara¬ te 3-4. Found with: Joe,Ken, Chuck, Chip, Guz, Damon, Mucci, Dave, Greg, Pepe, the rest of the guys. Nickname: Joe, JP, Pepsi, Smiley. Favorite memo¬ ries: CA ' 85, Canada ' 84, Mr. Radford’s Fresh. Cl., New Yr. ' 85, day after Prom, things I don ' t remember, S.S. un¬ planned, Senior Yr. Likes: vaulting, par¬ ties, oldies, laughing. Dislikes: snobs, wimps, heavy metal, J K, working at Rico’s, porcelain god, rats. Ambition: To get bachelors, get a good job, get married. Anything else: Isn ' t this mel¬ low! Thanks M D. Greg Paxton 22 Brook Street Activities: working, fishing. Found with: Kevin, Jay, Keith, Jim, Charlie. Favorite memories: Deep Purple, sum¬ mer of ' 85, skiing, garden. Likes: week¬ ends, Rolling Stones, fishing, nice cars, skiing, having a good time. Dislikes: working, homework, waking up early. Ambition: To become rich happy. Anything else: Good luck, Class of ' 86!!! Most Outgoing • Dan Adiletto, Kelly Walker Biggest Sports Fan • Kevin Tattrie, Kathy Bonollo Patrick Peabody 205 Conlyn Avenue Activities: Hockey 1-4, skiing. Found with: Jack, Phil, Spark, Tommy. Nickname: PJ, Pat, Joe. Favorite memories: skiing in Austria, TOM PETTY ’83 - ' 84, day af ter Prom, all of the Banquets, Mt. Monadnock, summer of ' 85, D.E. trip to Boston. Likes: hockey, skiing, hunting, busting Jack about girls, going to parties, TOM PETTY, Heather Thomas. Dislikes: skydivers, people who can’t take a hint. Ambition: To do whatever I do. Anything else: Good luck to the Class of ' 86. Sandra Lee Pellegri 185 Wachusett Street Found with: Diane, Mary, Cindy, Laureen, etc. Nickname: Sandy. Favorite memories: T.P. ' 83, Neil Young ' 84, Grateful Dead ' 84, Madonna ' 85, the Prom, summer of ’83 St. Rocco’s ' 83 ' 84, the Cape w D.K., J.P., S.H., New Year ' s ' 85, Rocky Point, truck tractor pulls ' 84. Likes: being w friends, summer, weekends, parties, cruisin’, soaking up the sun, The Flintstones, Led Zeppelin. Dislikes: snobs fake people, authority, the morning after, Mondays, immature boys. Ambition: To succeed. Anything else: Good Luck, Class of ' 86!!! Douglas Pereira 392 Brenda Lane Activities: Soccer T4, Hockey 1-2, Tennis 2-4, Ski Club T4. Found with: Mike, Mitch, Pam, the Team. Favorite memories: Spain, CJ2 concerts, Hawaii, Newport w P.A., (JVM weekend, summer at B.P., 7 4 84 in swamp, Clash, Proms, 11 16 84, Demetri ' s, Rap w Dan Likes: snow, darks w D.M., ski trips, lobster, busting Sue. Dislikes: blue lights, Sunday morning practice Ambition: To own a major law firm. Anything else: You only live once, but once is enough if you live it right. Robert Pisano 76 Arlington Street Activities: Baseball 1-4. Found with: Sharon, Jimmy Cheryl, Doug, Chuck, Mark B. Nickname: Robbie, Elvis. Favorite memories: being Elvis at the dance, the Prom, Rocky Point, winning the Division Two South in Baseball ' 85, the ocean, the summer, 11 11 84. Likes: Sharon, baseball, Elvis, art, Christmas, summer, Pink Panther movies, the Marx Bros. Dislikes: people who don ' t care how others feel. Ambition: To play major league baseball. Anything else: Mom Dad, you ' re the greatest!!! Most Musical - Jim DeBaggis, Emma Letchford elley Plausse 1 North Park Street ctivities: Field Hockey 1, D.E.A. ound with: Jeff, Te, Nauba, Rie, aldaronean, the rest. Favorite lemories: Seger ' 83, summer of ' 82 7 Rue, Adams ' 83, 2 14 85, the ape w Lisa, all the great times w k Hampton, New Year’s ' 84, times Jeff. Likes: Jeff, B.A., friends, ickey Mouse, roses, POLO. islikes: liars, rain, fire hydrants, sa ' s cellar stairs. Anything else: To e class of ' 86, the best is yet to ime. I can’t wait till tomorrow!!! lizabeth Prescott 25 Old Farm Road i ctivities: F.L.C., C.Y.O., Track, rom Comm. Dance Comms, orking, tutoring, French exchange. ' ound with: Meme, Sue B., Karen, ue S. Nickname: Betty. Favorite lemories: Canada, 4 23 85 • CJ2 (M., R.), Newport, Cape ' 83, ' 84, (5, Friendly ' s, all-nighters w Meme, ranee, Mt. Monadnock, Moidebetti, enjamin ' s (Jnc Terrie, Bob. Likes: 2, friends, Chatham, Graduation, I jotball games. Ambition: To survive lelissa ' s driving. Anything else: Eve, ley won ' t take your license; Meme, ! :member - we have to grow up Dmeday! Mom Dad, I love you!!! tephen Quinlan 43 Coronation Drive ctivities: Wrestling, Track, Band, rt. Found with: just about anyone. Nickname: Steve, Quiggy. Favorite lemories: all those times in the art om, seeing Laura before D.E., Ding out w Laura, Susan, John, raig. Likes: art, music, people, king, food, traveling. Dislikes: jople who put down other people, shonesty, moving from my home. mbition: Never to die. Anything ' se: Something is better than Dthing, so let’s appreciate what e ' ve got, and make it right for jrselves. Eve Pouliot 227 Irondequoit Road Activities: everything! Found with: Kelly, Ray De, Ray, Misfits, trackies. Nickname: Eva. Favorite memories: A.I.O., M.A.S.P., N.E.A. w Jill Allen, Halloween ' 83, X-mas ' 83, Canada ' 85, Prince ' 85, crusin ' w Dave Danielle, travels w De Ray, times w Kel, Classic Coke in " Africa,” FRANK. Likes: flowers, the ocean, romance, V.C. Andrews. Dislikes: Puppy Dogs, ignorance, domesticity, Peter Pan, 4 27 85. Ambition: Champagne and Emeralds. Anything else: Kel: shut up, just shut up! Betty: Newport? Thanx Mom, Dad Kel! Good luck, Class of ' 86!!! Jennifer Purdon 101 Wachusett Street Found with: Jeanine, Kathy, Kim, Karen, Kim, Michelle, M M, Me D. s crew, Beth, Kim, Lauren. Favorite memories: Maine, Prom ' 85, 4th per. stud y, telling Karen about O.S., walking home w Kathy. Likes: Frenchmen, w. lib, h. fudge sundaes. Mustangs, good manners, ties, Jane ' s parties, roses, Chinese food, C.P., flirting, quarters, bucket seats, h.f., d.d.s. Dislikes: chauvinists, M.A.S.E., immaturity. Ambition: To be in France on my 25th birthday. Anything else: Long live the Class of ' 86 . Laurie Quinn 416 Martello Road erry Rafferty 11 Lincoln Street ickname: Raf, " Precious " Found ith: Lauren, Angie, Das, Red, Pam, F., everyone else . . . Activities: ding, art, cheerleading, talking, Dofing Favorite memories: dancing, ;w road, Jeff, Narragansett!! Likes: en, suntans, laughing, the beach id life itself. Dislikes: disliking ings, not having enough time or om, extra lbs. Anything else: Yes, member, " I love you!!!”, “Thank u for being a friend.” Sing it to e!! Douglas Ramsey 595 Lisa Lane Activities: Silver ' s Gym, skiin g, Model Senate. Found with: Len, Tim, Paul, Rob, Bill, J.J., others. Favorite memories: Graduation, Mt. Monadnock, figuring out what to do on weekends. Likes: good friends and most everything else. Dislikes: pseudo people, speeding tickets, the morning after. Ambition: To own my own country. Anything else: I can ' t wait to see you guys when you ' re old, bald, and married. GIcm, of r S6 Stacey Randall 304 Main Street Activities: Student Secretary. Found with: Anne, Cindy, Keri, Char, Julie, the rest. Favorite memories: meeting Wayne, pit parties, Upton fireworks, R.F.’s, Grad, party, Donny’s Mustang, quarries. Likes: Wildwood, getting hap¬ py, Marino ' s Mom Dad, partying w Tina. Dislikes: fighting w Wayne, peo pie who are fake, Sean ' s joking, being confused, Mondays. Ambition: Just to take one day at a time. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad!!! Sean Reardon 38 Pine Street Activities: Football 1-4, Hockey 2, Math Team, Model Senate. Found with: Dave, Joe, Jerome, Jim, Rob, Murph. Favorite memories: Maine ' 85, Baha¬ mas ' 85, Superbowl ' 82, Wilmington hockey game, Quebec ' 82, Aerosmith ' 84 Likes: UMass weekends, Maple Street, water snow skiing, water war¬ fare in U.S. History, high heels faded jeans, causing trouble. Dislikes: dou¬ bles, films, getting out of bed, studying, brownnoses. Ambition: To own a Ferrari. Patricia Ravinski 105 Mill Street Activities: skiing, Tennis, Basketball, drawing. Found with: Melissa, Betty, Karen, Jen, the rest of the gang. Fa vorite memories: skiing w Tom, Mar¬ tha ' s Vineyard, blind dates, beach par ties, first dance w Sean, Dean dances, Prom w John ' 84, cruising w the gang, Cape Cod at night. Likes: having fun, joking, dancing, 1986. Dislikes: lies, being hassled. Ambition: To suc¬ ceed and go to college. Anything else: All the luck to us, ' 86!!! Maria Rebhan 118 Peck Street Kenneth Reed 07 Pine Ridge Drive Activities: Spring Track 2-4, Winter rack 2, karate 3 4. Found with: Joe ? I)., Chuck, Guzzy, Damon, Mucci, Joe, y, ireg, Pepe. Nickname: Reedso. Favor- e memories: CA ' 85, S.S. unplanned, lew year ' s 85, weekends I can ' t re- lember. Graduation day, day after rom. Likes: vaulting, snowstorms, he Boss, free cars, dog track. Dislikes: eekend mornings, Septembers, work- ig at Rico ' s, rats, J K. Ambition: To o to college and find a job I like. Any- 1 ting else: Joe, read the drivers ' man- al next time. auren Rettman 08 Brook Street Activities: Cheerleading 14, Oskey 3-4, r. Miss. Found with: Kerry, Angela, ll.B., Heidi, Pam, Mike, etc. Favorite memories: 9 15 84, “The Boss,” oph. Banq., Comp. ' 84, the first snow, lark’s Eve Party, Prom ' 85, Wayne ' s ottage, Martha ' s Vineyard, M.E.C.A. amp, Jr. Miss. Likes: smiles, sunny ays, the beach, parties, being w like, Sundays, riding my bike, laugh- g, friendly people. Dislikes: un iendly people, the gossip at FHS. Am- ition: To become a schoolteacher. nything else: Kerry, we know. 1 — i i eslie-Anne Rice 28 Lincoln Street ctivities: Graphics I, II, III, Art 1-4. ' ound with: Jeff, Keri, Kim, Anne, Crit- ;r, the neighborhood. Nickname: hortie. Favorite memories: Fresh. Yr., abor Day wknd, countryside, laughing Anne Keri, playing cribbage at eff ' s. Likes: parties, strange people, H, pool, JEFF. Dislikes: chemistry, lobs, jocks. Ambition: To be happy Jeff. Anything else: I wish everyone the Class of ' 86 happiness. — This rd has flown — The Beatles. ngela A Rofino 11 Wachusett Street activities: Cheerleading 1-4, skiing. bund with: Kerry, Lauren, Pam, Dass, IB, Sue. Favorite memories: summer jf ' 85, Prom ' 85 w Matt, the day after - j aynes, 3 qts. of oil, the Me Double, arelicks ' farm, dances, decorating, P. w Sue, Mt. Monadnock, Jr. Miss. ikes: Matt, noses, convertibles, being |n Alice, the purr. Dislikes: rumors, ly- ig, gossip, being the only one, red ghts w Kerry, getting lost. Ambition: o be rich marry a hunk. Anything Ise: Thanks for everything Mom ad. Charles Rettman 466 Lincoln Street Activities: Wrestling 1-4, Footbal Mgr. 2-4. Found with: Matt, Greg, Jim S., Jay, Keith. Nickname: Charlie, Chuck. Favorite memories: Springfield ' 85, summer in Arizona. Ambition: To be¬ come a soldier and a cop. Anything else: To all the teachers; Eight down, one to go. Keri-Lynne C. Rice 209 School Street Found with: Matt, Leslie, Kathy, Mi¬ chelle, the neighborhood. Nickname: Kiddles. Favorite memories: 6 9 85, Thursdays, w C.P., S.R., A.H., the moon, 8 3 85, the Cape w Matt, Rice parties, big pit. Likes: Matt, money, Sue’s family, Chevelles, rides to MH w Michael, rainbows, snow, BAD CO., giggles w Leslie, piggy backs, Aeros- mith. Dislikes: fighting w Matt, fake people, lies, mayonnaise, Mondays. Ambition: To stay happy. Anything else: MO, I’m not Leslie’s sister!!! Da¬ vid, can you come over?!! Tamara Lee Richards 558 Maple Street Activities: Yearbook, Jr. Miss, Mat ' l Honor Society, Student Council, Speech Team, Softball, Basketball, Ski Club. Found with: Ron, Pudding Pals, Chriss, Kristi. Nickname: Tammy, Bar¬ bie, Brooke. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom ' 84 ' 85, Plymouth, ZZ Top, DIO, MOTLIH, Quebec ski trip, Jr. Miss, " The Mailtruck,” Trinity, Marshfield. Likes: Ron, ' 69 Firebirds, sunsets, fam¬ ily, friends that don ' t talk behind my back. Dislikes: people who laugh at oth¬ ers, rumors, snobs, yellow Monzas, pain, cigarettes. Ambition: To be hap¬ py healthy, successful. Anything else: Mom Dad, thanks for every¬ thing you ' ve ALWAYS done!!! Ron, I love you!!! Good luck ' 86!!! John Rose 8 Sherman Avenue Activities: Art 1-4, MacPhee’s Maraud¬ ers 1-4. Found with: Greg, Jim, Kevin, Artroom Crew. Nickname: Jay. Favor¬ ite memories: Dio, Deep Purple, sum mer of ' 85, Bubba ' s. Likes: weekends, loud music, art, ecology, reptiles, mo- torhead. Dislikes: Wimprock, Rob’s El vis, getting up early, working, getting bagged. Ambition: To be a rich, famous artist. Anything else: Good luck to most of the Class of ' 86 -1 hope the rest of you rot. CloM. o ' 86 49 Michael Rovedo 154 Beech Street Found with: Dan, Steve, Tom, Rich, Gib, Bella. Favorite memories: mad trails at the Cape, concerts with every¬ body, parties at the pits, the traveling party. Likes: playing guitar, parties, old Chevy ' s, 429 T-Birds. Dislikes: U2, school, dingbats, jocks, The Police. Ambition: To live the rest of my life the way I want to. Danny R. Sancomb 38 Southgate Road Found with: Pete, Rich, Bella, Mike, Herb. Favorite memories: Page Plant ' 85, Cape party 2 Bella, mad trails w Mike Bob, parties at the pits. Likes: LED ZEPPELIN, concerts, parties, good times w friends. Dislikes: jocks, CI2, Prince, alligators, etc. Ambitio n: Not to have one. Anything else: " Good¬ bye cruel world, I’m leaving you today, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. " — Pink Floyd. Good luck everyone!!! Fred Sapienza 1 Julie Dawn Drive Found with: Corinna, Jennifer, Terri, Ed, Bob, David. Favorite memories: New Hampshire, Eric Clapton, summer of ' 85. Ambition: To be rich happy. Anything else: Good luck everyone. Michael Savicki 416 Brenda Lane Activities: Soccer 1-4, Hoop 1-4, Track 2-4, NHS 3-4, Student Council 1-4, V.P. 4, Treasurer 2-3, O.E.A. Found with: Dave, Opie, Jerome, Gumby, Helmut, Doug. Nickname: Don, Sawick. Favor¬ ite memories: summers at the Cape, Rose ' s, League Champs ' 83, Hobie rides, France, O.E.A. trips, times w Kathy, the Prom the jag. Likes: SUM¬ MER, my beach, tans, bikinis, WIND¬ SURFING, cameras, O.P., eating, snow days, winning, Senior Yr. Dislikes: left turns, term papers, curfews, Ambition: college, success, happiness, the beach. Anything else: Mom Dad, thanx, U R 1,1 love you!!! Amy Ryan 92 Miller Street Activities: Soccer 1-2, work, CYO 1-4. Found with: Pudding Pals, Vince, Lau¬ ra, Liz. Nickname: Arm, Ames, Amerd. Favorite memories: 1 16 84, Florida, Prom, New York, lunch table, Lisa’s profound statement. Likes: Sandy’s locker, rainbows, The Bake Works, smiles, laughing, my car, cows! Dis¬ likes: The Boat, tapioca pudding. Ambi¬ tion: To find the rainbow ' s end!! Any¬ thing else: Pals, I really hate tapioca pudding!! Mom Dad, I love you!!! Carolyn Santoro 62 Lewis Street Found with: Nauba, Tina, Mostie, Mar- ieshus, Hunchie. Favorite memories: summers of ' 84 ' 85, Ratt, B.S., Bon Jovi, 7 9 85, B.C., Fla., Chuck’s Grad, party, week at Rieshus ' , Mostie ' s Nauba ' s bashes, 1 4 mile. Likes: black T.A.s, money, nice cars, getting my own way, blonds, parties. Dislikes: peo¬ ple who lie, snobs, Deb’s driving, Tina ’s directions, cleaning up. Anything else: Tina, when I do - you ' ll be the first to know. Marjorie P Sardella 597 Maple Street Suzanne Sawyer 85 Pineridge Drive Activities: Band 1-2, Chor 2-3, Soccer Mgr. 3 Found with: Melissa, Katy, Tina, Patricia, Brenda Nickname: Suzy Fa¬ vorite memories: Child Development Likes: being young, the good times, good senses of humor Dislikes: getting up early, work, cameras!!! (hint-Mel), good-byes! Ambition: to teach school in Dallas Anything else: Good luck ' 86, some of you will need it. i f 50 Most Polite - Kevin Tattrie, Marjie Sardella Pam Scaccia 17 Jordan Road Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, Tennis, oiking, skiing. Found with: M.B., Dass, Sue, Angela, Kerry, Lauren. Favorite memories: summer of ' 84, Quebec, Ha¬ waii, Mark’s Eve party, Prom ' 84 ' 85, wrecking Wayne’s cottage, red light w erry, lotus w Sue the unusuals, r lashdance, DANCES, decorating, the ' Ac Double B.T.M. Likes: Cape Cod, shopping, tempting offers, being an ’Alice,” sombreros Fig Newtons, suntans. Dislikes: rumors, losing ear- ings glasses, operations. Anything ?lse: Thanks Mom Dad. Linda Jean Schaaf 565 King Street Activities: football games, shopping, working, and going out w friends. Found with: Kim, Michelle, Maureen, and the Papa’s gang. Favorite memo ries: summer ' 85, Canada, Paris Island, Myrtle Beach. Likes: Fridays, week¬ ends, roses. Dislikes: Mondays, oral re¬ ports, working late, insecure people. Ambition: To make it through Papa ' s alive! To be happy and successful in life. Anything else: Come on Maureen! It ' s never too late. Lisa Scaringella 485 Martello Road Activities: Soccer Mgr. 2-4, Cheerlead¬ ing 1-2. Found with: Laura, Sandi, Lisa, Sharon, Marnold gang. Favorite memories: 6 21 84, Boston, Sugarloaf ’83, ' 84, summer ' 84, causing traffic on 1-95, Narragansett, Prom, Fresh, yr., Rocco ' s, cruising to church. Likes: ITALIANS! times w friends, the beach, tans, summer, ennie, grandpar¬ ents, rainbows. Dislikes: red trucks, SATs, goodbyes, DECISIONS, waiting, being rushed, knowing nothing will last forever. Ambition: To always be happy. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. “OKBI!!!” Carrie Scheinman 486 Martello Road Activities: Nat ' l Honor Soc. - Treasurer, Jr. Miss, C.Y.O. 1-4, Yearbook, Prom Comm., Math Team. Found with: Lisa, Mo, Traci Misfits. Favorite memo¬ ries: Sugarloaf ' 83 ' 84, Soph. Banq., VT, Gr. Arts, Prom, Mendon w JLS, Cape w Pam, St. Rocco’s, " The Ba¬ nana”, Inga, nites at Friendly ' s, Likes: Mac’s drive-thru, li’l red cars, guys w blond hair, smiles, R.R., beaches at nite, Mr. E., Whispers. Dislikes: critical people, jealousy, police cars, good¬ byes. Ambition: To be happy, wealthy, a mathematician. Anything else: I love you Mom Dad!!! GIgM. oj ' 86 51 I Kathy Seaholm 446 Pond Street Found with: Leslie, Kerrie, Renie, Kim, Lee, Cathy the rest. hiickname: Wobbles, Poo, Poo’s. Favorite memories: NH w Leslie, the Cape w Leslie Matt, driving w Kerrie, summer of ' 83 ’85, 8 2 85. Likes: black Trans Ams, the beach, fun. Dislikes: jealous girlfriends, asthma, hospitals, 2 27 83, 9 29 85, boyfriends, haircuts. Ambition: To be happy, successful, single!!! Anything else: I love you Mom Dad. Bye bye Bub, it ' s been real. ' 86 have a nice life!!! John Barton Sims 9 School Street Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-2, Tennis 3-4. Found with: Sue, Beth, Kendall, Buff, Nick, Pete, Kent, Joe, etc. nickname: Bart or Simsi. Favorite memories: Me Donald’s, Jr. Prom, ruining Ski Club in Quebec. Likes: Sue, holidays, Mr. Radford. Dislikes: rats, boring people. Ambition: To be successful in life. Anything else: Thanks Cliff for not coming down so hard on us at the border. Thanks Mom Dad!!! Maryellen Smith 426 Coronation Drive Found with: Chris, Deb, Tracey, Mike, John, Kev, Greg, Ed, Jon, Scott, Bri, V.J. nickname: Mell. Favorite memories: 4 8 83 - 4 11 83; times w Scott Kym, T.P.! summer ' 84 - ' 85, 2 24 85, NH, DECA trips, 5 24 85 5 26 85, boat docks (w Deb), the lost, 5 28 85, Motley Crue, 6 5 85, parties at Brian ' s. Likes: unicorns, ' 73 M.C. ' s, CA. Dislikes: Army, Jiffy Pop, being tickled. Anything else: The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away, the good times are 4-ever, but the last time is today. Thanks, Dad Mom. Bye, bye, Debba!!! Mark Spillane 51 Highland Street Activities: Hockey. Found with: Phil, Tom, P.J., John, nickname: Sparky. Favorite memories: Ski trips to Quebec, day after Prom, Tom Petty ' 85, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart. Likes: hockey parties. Dislikes: on the way home from Aerosmith, John falling out of van, Jack ' s driving, Dean cops, getting busted. Ambition: To succeed in anything be rich. James H. Sidney, Jr. 94 Prospect Street Activities: Track, Basketball. Found with: Chuck, Cal, Greg, Jay, Kevin. nickname: Jim, Sid. Favorite memories: Spring Track ' 84, Whispers, Toys " R” (Js. Likes: Fridays, vacation, payday. Dislikes: working, hackisacks, Mon.-Thurs., school, loud pushy people. Ambition: To grow up, and get a good job. Also, to become someone nice. Daniel Smith 53 Forest Street Activities: Football 1-4, Capt. 4, Hockey 2-4 , Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1. Found with: Becky, Tom, Mike, the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Garden games, times w Becky, Prom, Baseball champs, Clash, LI2, concerts. Likes: Becky, FHS coaches, winning, Tourney games. Dislikes: losing, Florida, roast. Ambition: To be financially set for the rest of my life. Anything else: Take pride in everything you do. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Tina Sorensen Sonderaas 71 4200 Slagelse Denmark Found with: Carrie, Jennifer, Margie Favorite memories: coming to Franklin, M M’s, being with Amy, study, walking to school, trip to Maine, the day I could speak English almost perfectly, blue sky, 11 21 85 Likes: football games, American spirit, Chinese food Ambition: To come back and visit the friends I have made here Anything else: It has been an AWESOME year and I wish everyone could experience a new country like I did. I will use this occasion to thank all the people who helped me. (J.S. is great. Lisa Stauber 1 Tam-o-shanter Road Found with: Chris, Carolyn, Tina, Marie, Sue, Kell, Marjie. Favorite memories: Cape w Kell, ' 83 ' 84, Cape w Marie Chris ' 85, Marie ' s parties, C.A.’s parties, Duxbury w Chris, Springsteen, B. Adams, Prom day after, Soph. Banq., 4th of July, times w C.A., F.P., R.R., summer of ' 84 w Sue. Likes: summer, Twinkles. Ambition: To be successful and happy. Anything else: Good luck to all my friends. 52 CloM, { ' 86 Shyest • John Rose, Linda Schaaf Lori Svetkey 158 Longhill Road Activities: dancing, Franklin Dance Co., Sr. Class Sec., Prom Comm. Found with: the Seniors. Favorite memories: Cape Cod ’84- ' 85, and Florida w Cheryl, Kiss 108 party, weekends w Ter, the ocean, ooh, 12 21 84 at Lauren ' s, Jr. Miss, Oskey 84-86, 4 13 85, Chorus Line. Likes: ice cream (R. sundaes), 14k, dancing, The City, laughing, T, cards, tans. Dislikes: parties at my house, working w ends, buses, identification. Ambition: To travel the world in 10 days w Cheryl. Mary Elizabeth Sweeney 5 Gerard Circle Activities: Cheers 1-4, Capt. 3-4, Yrbk., NHS, Jr. Miss. Found with: Heidi, Pam, Kate, Kerry, Ang., Sue, Lauren. Nickname: MaryBeth. Favorite Memories: Flintstones, ’83, QUEBEC! France, dances, Dean Field lake, Wayne ' s cottage, NECA camp, sister ' s parties, 3 quarts of oil, banquets, finding the OJ, Mark’s Eve party, Not Mt. Monadnock! Joe at the museum. Likes: summer, parties, art, E.C., T.G., B.C., broccoli. Dislikes: freckles, frogs, My Tailbone, stairs, Hole in the Wall, decisions, casts, arguing. Anything Else: Good luck Eddie! I love you!!! Claudene Stockberger 31 Southgate Road Activities: Hockey Cheerleading. Found with: Kelly, Beth, Jaycee, Roni, Dacko, and the rest of them. Nickname: Dene. Favorite memories: Cape ' 85 Kev’s parties, 3 23 85 at Pip’s, Prom ’85, Elton + Petty ’85, CSN, JC’s house, Beth’s house. Likes: going out with my friends, the TA (undented), hockey games, Reeces. Dislikes: driving Beth and Jaycee, the sun, the climb up Mr. Monadnock, Roni, trying to talk sense. Ambition: To make it through college. Anything else: Thank you Mom and Dad, thanks Paul. Charles Sveden 36 Pine Ridge Drive Activities: X-Country 1-4, Indoor Track 1-4, Spring Track 1-4, Karate, scuba diving. Found with: Damon, Greg, Joe, Joe, Ken, Pepe. Nickname: Kanboon, Scooter, Chuck. Favorite memories: summer of ’83, X-Country ’85. Likes: Anne, Karate, scuba diving, sunsets, Orleans, smiles, people who care, light eyes, blondes, my dog. Dislikes: Franklin scrug rats. Anything else: Life is just a chair of bowlies. Kim Syngay 88 Elm Street Activities: riding motorcycles. Found with: Tami, Leslie, David, Matt, everyone in lunch, Juniors (Sophomores). Favorite memories: 1986, summer of ' 81, Sophomore parties. Likes: Harley ' s, Matt, friends. Dislikes: burners, stuck up people, being grounded, school. Ambition: To graduate and get outta here! Anything else: Give the smoking area to ’87. See ya around!!! Jessica Taylor Taraski 72 Dean Avenue Activities: Mirage ' 85 - ' 86, Oskey ' 84 • ' 86, Jr. Miss. Found with: Cheryl, Chrissie, Jill, Misfits, Sam5, Wendy. Nickname: Vesska. Favorite memories: Bruce, Lisa ' s sovers, da Prom, Quebec, B. Pond, Monique. Likes: periwinkle, Jell-O, bushy eyebrows, white black, K.F.C., Pee wee. Dislikes: white w offwhite, polyester, exercise. Ambition: To be eternally happy in my baggy clothes. Anything else: Mom, Dad, Rachel, Traci, Becca • " And the wonder of it all is that you just don ' t realize how much I love you.” Susan Syngay 69 Elm Street Found with: Karen, my friends, Marshalls ' crew. Favorite memories: Soph. Banq., Prom w Joe and day after, drive w Karen and Matt after Lisa ' s, Medway Football team, Sugarloaf ' 84, Fr. exchange ' 84 ' 85, Dave and Uncle Terry, PJ- carwash, Jr. Miss, Whispers 5 more Ige. fries, please. Likes: smiles, Heavenly Hash, skiing, " Crazy for You”, foul shots, roses. Dislikes: projects from Mr. Coy Ambition: To follow my dreams. Anything else: I love you Mom and Dad! Good luck Lisa!!! Kevin D. Tattrie 9 Hawthrone Drive Activities: Football 2 4, Hockey 2 4, Baseball 2-4. Found with: Tommy, Patter, Mike, Smitty, and the rest of them. Nickname: Tat. Favorite memories: Canton hockey games, ' 85 baseball tourney (Dighton Rehoboth game), Soph. Banq., Jr. Prom. Likes people w a good personality and a good outlook on life. Ambition: To go to college and to be the best at everything I do. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. 54 Denise Thidodeau 517 Pond Street Activities: Soccer, Softball. Found with: Stephanie. Nickname: Tibbs. Favorite memories: summer of ' 83, Canton hockey games. Likes: partying, hanging around my friends. Dislikes: the library, grammar. Ambition: To live one day at a time. Anything else: Thanks to my mother and father for their support and thanks to Mr. O ' Regan for all his help. Charles C. Todd 4 Mount Street Activities: sports, skiing. Found with: Tony, Jim, Beetle, Dan, Mick, Alan. Nickname: Chuck, Scrod. Favorite memories: Beelte ' s parties, Petty, Tony ' s cottage, bio., 4th period unsupervised, First Aid concert. Likes: Jim ' s vocabulary, hockey. Dislikes: Centrum cops, oneway streets, snobs. Ambition: To make it big love it. Anything else: Beetle, watch out for the cliffs. Jim it’s 1987. David Tracy 10 Tyson Road Margo Tuttle 2 Downingwood Drive Nickname: Mango. Found with: Tom, Anne, Misfits. Activities: Yrbk. Editor, D.E.A., Jr. Miss, piano, dance. Likes: cats, Boston, Run DMC, Gunds. Dislikes: Ri, people who run over chipmunks on purpose. Favorite memories: times w Tom, Boston w Anne, summer in the Gremlin, MH, Germany, Prom. Ambition: To have my name become a household word. Anything else: Thank you Mom, Dad, Rich, Tom, Muff, Chrissy! I love you very much!!! Charlene Thomas 75 Dean Street Activities: DECA trips, Prom Comm., canoeing w Paul. Found with:, Paul, Becky, Anne, Ben, Tam, Stac. Nickname: Chuck, Chucka Kahn, Bean. Favorite memories: lunch line w Becky, Prom, circus w Dan Anne, times w Paul, Me D ' s w gang, 7 10 85, May 12 85, Mew York in ' 84. Likes: Paul, being w friends, roses, Ashland. Dislikes: broccoli, fighting, fake people. Ambition: To be happy healthy. Anything else: Remember Springfield, Anne Tricia? Good luck gang!!! Suzanne Tosches 25 Brook Street Nickname: Sue. Found with: Chris, Moah, Cheh, Carla, Lisa, Marjie, Kim, Laura. Favorite memories: Fresh. Banq., Marshfield w Cheh, Chris Marie ' s parties, summer of ' 84 w Lisa, DECA trips, VA beach, Fla. Likes: missions, Italians, being w friends, roses, tans, food in general. Dislikes: accidents, goodbyes, working on Saturday, snobs, moody people, people who don ' t laugh. Favorite saying: I don’t get it. Ambition: To live my wild dreams. Anything else: Cheh, it ' s probably just . . . Julie A. Tregoning 406 Oakland Pkwy Found with: Stacy, Lisa, Merv, the rest of the crowd. Favorite memories: Meil Young, summer of ' 84, Grateful Dead concerts, Jr. Year, Thursday nights, Weirs beach ' 83. Likes: vacations, halfdays, Fridays, studies. Dislikes: Monday mornings, waking up, teachers outside bathrooms, gym. Ambition: To be successful own a Corvette! Anything else: Mothin’ left to do but smile!!! David Varjian 120 Washington Street Activities: Hockey 1 -4, Found with: Mark, Steve, Gep, Jimmy, Tom, Patta. Nickname: Varj, Might Rider. Favorite memories: Cape 4th of July ' 85, Peru trips, Prom ' 85, Stayne ' s cottage. Likes: outdoors, diving, weekends, parties, 4 wheeling. Dislikes: 4-wheeling w Patta, the Monteray, practise Mew Year ' s morning. Ambition: To fly, be successful. Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad. I hope I never lose the ambition to try something new. CloM ' 86 55 Paul Vipraio 240 Summer Street Robert Weintraub 415 Martello Road Activities: Chess Club, Student Senate Found with: Scott, Steve, Vince, Lisa, Mitch Nickname: Bob Favorite memories: Whale watch, NJ ' 85, FL ' 84, Likes: spending money, driving, fishing, carshows, movies, making money, sleeping Ambition: to become rich and happy Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad. Kelly Walker 11 Eldon Drive Nickname: Sqwawk. Found with: Dene, Beth, JC, Dack, Roni, C.S., the guys, whoever. Favorite memories: Prom ' 85, Wayne’s place, Cape ' 85, !4 mile, Kevs, JC ' 83, Roger’s gigs, trip to Monadnock, Amy Halls, Sat. nights, meeting new people. Activities: Cheering Hockey Likes: partying, cruisin ' good tunes, being w friends. Dislikes: getting busted, dented T.A.’s. Ambition: To support my mother. Anything else: I told you MA! Thanks Fran! Wish you could see me now DAD!!! Joseph Whippen Jr. 20 Besso Street Activities: Wrestling 1-4, riding and racing DRs, lifting, boating Nickname: Whip Favorite memories: Xmas ' 82, Metals I, Bahamas ' 83, flipping w Fran, 5 23 84, T.P. ' 85, times w dad, 8 18 85, 9 28 85, day after Widow McCoy Likes: Kawasaki KX 125, Friday nights, PK Dislikes: Harleys, Patta ' s truck, 8 9 85, Honda CRs, wipin ' out Ambition: to be very wealthy Anything else: Thanks, Dad, you are the best! Mom, thanks for always being there. Most Likely to Succeed - Jerome Maddox, Sharon Duronio Class Clown - Dan Adiletto, Kerry Rafferty 56 the «S: i, David Wicks 1 1 Tyson Road it ou Sean Yadisernia 84 Pineridge Road Activities: Jammin ' Found with: The Punk, Omer, Bake, Yaba, Scrocket Favorite memories: Hartford ' 84, CSN, Live Aid Likes: Dylan, the Grateful Dead Dislikes: Wrentham Courthouse, reality Ambition: to play guitar Kerri Yon 267 Country Way Nickname: Kiki Found with: the Misfits Tim Activities: Track 2, Jr. Prom Comm., CYO 2-4, Mirage 4 Favorite memories: 4 7 Qb w Mike, 4 18 85, Petty ' 85, Misfits, ( " Beeping at D.F. " , " Life ' s rough " Likes: smiles, pillow fights, tilt steering Dislikes: good byes, mountains, puddles, cold floors Ambition: to always be able to laugh Anything else: Thanks, Mom Dad. Tim, don’t leave home without your Kleenex. Karen Yadisernia 656 King Street Found with: Jennifer P., Trisha R., Jenine B., Kim Likes: going to dances, Marc, hanging around w friends Dislikes: snobs, druggies, the bathrooms, lunches Ambition: to go into Hotel Management Anything else: Well, Class of “86 " , we did it together and made it! Good luck to everybody! I did it, Ma!!! Timothy Yarush 660 Lincoln Street Activities: Wrestling, Streethockey Found with: Lenny, Paul Doug Nickname: Tim, Yarush Favorite memories: Belmont Tournament, Biology class, Chemistry class Likes: vacations, weekends, wrestling, Bruins Dislikes: homework, school Ambition: to go into my own business and be successful Also graduating with the class of ’86 Edward Annese Joseph Bassick Leonard Cerundolo Scott Christensen Steven DesRoches Kevin Ficco David Keyser George Pellegri David Robertson Peter Smits Alan Starkweather Leslie Rice Sandra Pellegri GIgM. o ' 86 57 We, the members of the Class of 1986, being of somewhat sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: Tina Sorensen leaves a lot of good hope for all FHS students. Margo and Sue leave Scott Baker a new toy to play with. Talia leaves Ingrid a lie detector to take with her everywhere. Denise T. leaves FHS absolutely nothing. Charlene leaves Maryellen a new car door and a date with Smiley. Karen leaves Matt the best of luck with the next three years. Mike and Dave leave Wild Bill throat lozenges for his cracking voice. Mr. Clamp’s period 2 class leaves him a real accent and a dinner bell. Cindy Papp leaves Mrs. Bloom a chocolate cake with ice cream. Anne D. leaves Mrs. Bloom the birthday cake she never baked her. Danielle leaves David P. some long hair and a pair of glasses. The 1986 Officers leave Mr. C. with many thanks and the best of luck. Chip D. leaves Karen Friend with a dry towel. The Class of 1986 leaves Mr. Radford a comb. Sandi Nicol leaves Pam Tomasseti someone to stand with in the morning. Roger Jette leaves Gwen Harrison a night in the palace. Mike Savicki leaves his height to Phil Ristaino. Lauren leaves Sharon all the memories of the best times we’ve had. Kim and Christine leave Moe a different .pair of boots. Sue leaves Suzanne a pair of gold crutches. Terri C. leaves Michelle C her mud puddles. K.D. leaves Sue Cowan some personality. I leave 90% of the sophomore girls some class. Lisa leaves Amy one box of tapioca pudding. Tammy R. leaves Donna Brown all to Bopey because nobody else wants him. Sandy L. leaves her brother Marty a telephone to talk to freshman girls. The Pudding Pals leave Donna Brown one herd of cows. Kelly H. leaves her sister Kristen her own clothes to wear. Auto II leaves Mr. Connor a six-pack of Coca-Cola. Kim leaves Keith white cords. Jean G. leaves Sue her tennis ball. To Belzebub, we leave the Class of 1987. I leave Sue Tosches a book about how to flirt. Kathy Seaholm leaves Bub another favorite person. Margo leaves Kristine a real house at the top of Oakland Pkwy. Maryellen S. leaves Kristine B. a reservation at the Giggle Snort Hotel. Leslie R. leaves Mr. Ettenhoffer a smile for the days he needs it. . Christina and Marie leave Heather Ross a blue Crayola marker to write with. Danny leaves Becky a lot of good memories and more to come. Sharon sadly leaves Jim with an empty house. Lauren and Sharon leave Pete and Bully an invitation to the House of Pancakes at 3 A.M. Traci DiGiorgio leaves her sister, Lynne, a case of hair spray. Tim leaves his girlfriend to Peter. Mike B. leaves Pete, Tim, and Keith more late nights. Meshe II leaves Kris L. a senior math class without Mr. C. Lori leaves Cheryl bus fare, a new curling iron, and a bump on the head. Anne Dellacona leaves Wayne Foster as 20. M-n-M leave Kathy K., Kris L., and Deanna a great senior year. Jerome, Rob, and Mike leave Mrs. Vosburgh a willing suspension of disbelief. Robbie leaves Keith with one more year of triple sessions. Mitch leaves Mike Bullen his own McDonalds’ restaurant. Mo leaves Dave a belt and a pencil sharpener. Mr. Mulcahy’s 5th period contemporary issues class leaves Julie a noose. Kerri leaves Cory the best of luck with Mom and Dad-you’ll need it, MaryBeth leaves Kerry a can of moldy baked beans. Michelle Landry leaves her yee face to Mr. Standring. Carol Driscoll leaves Lisa Denomee some sins to cry about at confession. Cindy Papp leaves Laura Geromini a muzzle. Vince leaves his sister a real laugh and luck in biology and chemistry. Sue leaves Karen an extra $50 for the next time her parents go away. Lisa leaves Julie A. a real walk and Kim C. a real life. Cheryl leaves Joe P. a mellow spot and matching clothes to wear there. Tom G. leaves Eve P. a box of Kleenex and 8. Jeanine leaves Jennifer a one way ticket to France. Kathy Bonollo leaves Beth Murray her shooting touch. The Senior Softball Players leave the rest a coach with a clue. Tami leaves Kristen a black stallion, a porcupine, a sandwich, and luck. Senior Girls leave Leanne B. some more lovely clothes, and expensive rhinestones. Senior Men leave Guzzy a pair of boots from the MENS’ Department. Kelzo leaves Wayne and Sean, sadly. The Misfits leave Mrs. S. their greatest gratitude for hiring Bobby Kennedy. Janine, Kim, and Jenn leave Karen Yardisernia a microphone. Jessica leaves ' Rachel a wall to bang her head on and luck, love + happiness. Margo leaves Anne the freshmen boys, including Jeff. MaryBeth leaves Heidi with the Flintstones. The Senior Class leaves Carol Driscoll a new set of weights. Melissa and Betty leave Dough a million thanx for the ride to (J2. Cheryl leaves Lori a board, a Shopper Hopper map, and a box of Lemon cooler cookies. Mary Beth leaves Pam with two words: BE HAVE. Joe P. leaves Ken his own weight bench so he can lift at home. Joe O. leaves Ken a clean, new back seat and a bottle of Woolite. You’ve come a long way, baby uosjapuy qsu j 91 uosuajos euii gi IP jsbh uA|ojb frl sjaAaw Asdbjs £ UBAy Auiy zi PUB|JBH A|| 3 M 11 miuus u9||3Ajbw 01 ossbub w uajnBi g oiuoanQ uoJBqs g I diabs a 1!W L puB|JB[) AqiByj 9 uoqog iLUBi g puauj uaJByj p oopuy asmaQ £ uBUJUiaqDg aiJJB z uunQ Adub| j 1 60 soiujis jjeg g ueuuajg |Xj9m g pjBLjDung Buijsijq 7 uqjoj qqa j 9 us||ng 9 iiw 5 j SUlABy BpiJiBJ p o||ouog AqjB j £ sj 66 Bg 9 a unp Z uosuqop Apu9 w •[ UMOjg BUUOQ 7,1 ||9MXBW 3JJBW 91 jjoa ui 51 Luoj;s|qBQ puBu| JS9|Bg aiiaiuBQ ei |OD|K| ipuBg z jajspuujpH IRiPHW ll spjBqDiy Aujujbx oi 61 1. Kelly won’t show her pearly whites. 2. To be ... c not to be, that is the question. 3. Susan says, “Go ahead . . . take my picture.” 4. Rob is very proud of his bridge. 5. Hold it, nobody move. 6. “Guys . . . I’m scared!!” 7. “Suzy don’t laugh, I think he’s cute.” or Keep smiling, keep shining . . . 1. “What do I do after I put it on the burner?” 2. “Hey, do you want to help me?” 3. “I’m glad they saved the bubbler seat again for me!” 4. “Joe, teach me how to hold the pencil that way.” 5. Jerome- still shining at position 1. . . . That’s what friends are for ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO REMIND OS “Welcome, class of 1986, to your Freshman Banquet . . Here we are at our first semi-formal dance. Does my hair look okay? How about my tie, is it straight? Look! Your slip is showing! Nervous . . . nervous . . . nervous . . . Approaching the Franklin Country Club on May 20, 1983, a feeling of anticipation surrounded us. All the girls looked marvelous and check out those guys! A definite change from their everyday jeans and sneakers. With a combination of excitement and insecurity, we mixed and mingled and shared compliments. After the so-called chicken dinner was eaten (or not eaten!), the dancing began. It took quite a bit of convincing to rouse everyone from their seats to the dance floor. The disc jockey played all the popular songs including our theme, “Always Something There To Remind Me.” 1 Denise says, “Lisa, the glare of your braces is killing me!” 2 Really, Tom this is fun! 3 Joe sits dazed and confused as usual. 4 Lisa and Steve relaxing. 5 Kerry, I would strangle him if he were my date. 6 Smile, Lauren! 7 Mary Beth asks for two more drinks. 8 Mitch seeks his next dance partner. 9 Carolyn in the corner with her date. 10 Oh, are you serious? 66 1 “I have a feeling that I’m being followed,” says Bart. 2 Karen, Kim and Jennifer, enjoying the banquet. 3 Patricia says, “Betty, it’s not funny!” 4 Sue S. and her date pose for the camera. 5 Stephanie and Denise, friends forever. 6 Leslie, Michelle and Kim stand with their escorts. 7 Hey, take my picture! 8 Carolyn says, “Watch this Terrance!” 9 Tickle, Tickle, Tim. Sophomore Banquet . . . Friday, May 11, 1984 . . . Red Snapper . . . Foxboro. Definitely one of the highlights of all our high school years . . . Like at our freshman banquet, everyone looked their finest. One year older and out- ’n’-outrageous!! In that one room, there was an incredible amount of spirit and excitement. Even before the dinner was served, we were out on the dance floor. After working up an appetite, we were relieved to find out that it was time to eat. But little did we know that it would be chicken once again. With the help and support of our class advisor, Mr. McCall, another exceptional disc jockey, and the class of ’86, the banquet was a smashing success. SNAPPIN’ AT THE RED SNAPPER 67 PLEASE DON’T GO, TENDER YEARS As soon as our junior year began, ideas and plans developed for the biggest event of the year • the Prom! The date: April 17, 1985; the place: Blue Hills Country Club in Canton; the meal: roast beef, baked potato, and green beans; the band: “Rainbow”; the theme song: “Tender Years " by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. We could not have had a more dedicated class advisor than Mr. Chrabaszcz, who, along with the prom committee, put all the pieces together for an extraordinary evening. Everyone looked exceptional, formally dressed in long gowns and tuxedos. We chattered nervously until the music began, and then the nerves seemed to fade away as the disc jockey placed the first record on the turntable. The time finally arrived for the Prom Princesses to be chosen. These five enchanting girls were Danielle Balest, Kristine Bergesen, Carrie Scheinman, Lisa Croke and Veronica Fornaciari. After nearly 50 pictures had been taken, they danced with their dates to our theme, “Tender Years.” I " Don ' t worry, I have him under control. " 2 Danielle and Dave dance the night away. 3 Cheryl and Joe: a night they ' ll remember. 4 Kerri anxiously waits for the music to begin. 5 The lovely court and their escorts. 6 Christine says, " Please, no comment on the hair. " 7 Mike “fogs off " into space. 8 Pam shows off her wonderful singing talent. 9 Roni and Steve dance passionately. 10 “This evening has been a smash!” says Jessica. II Nick says to Alan, " Are we having fun yet?” 12 Mrs. Swanbeck congratulates Carrie. 13 Kathy, we know you ' re up to something - what is it? 14 Smile pretty, Kristine and Margo! 15 Keith would rather sample his roll than have his picture taken with Chris. 16 F.H.S. class of ' 86 at their best. I — AROUND THE WORLD WE GO In February of 1984, FHS took its traditional trip to Meaux, France. Mr. Methot accompanied the group of 20. He also escorted the 9 who travelled to Spain in March, 1985, starting a new tradition. These experiences brought the spirit of FHS around the world. 1 Sharon and MaryBeth say, ‘Cheers! 2 Jerome enjoys his French company. 3 FHS gathers before Sacre Coeur. 4 Kris, cantando en la lluvia! 5 Doug and Kelly try Spanish pizza. 6 Bart, Mike: les touristes Americans. 7 " I don’t want to go, " cries Lisa. 8 Franklin students pose at El Palacio Real in i ■ • • i • M THE GREAT WHITE NORTH 1 Roni and Steve snuggle. 2 And here ' s Rogette, the lady of the evening. 3 Tommy hijacks the tour bus. 4 Franklin takes on “the killer slope.” 5 Jay says, “Quebec est formidable! " 6 " Six hours and one more to go. What a bus ride!” says Mike. 7 Pam, Michelle, and Chris shiver in the cold. 8 A beautiful view of our hotel, Le Chateau Frontenac. Look out Canada, here comes Franklin High! The Quebec trip, led by Mrs. Riendeau, was a great success . . . fun non - stop. We learned a bit of Canadian culture on the tours . . . eh? Mr. Chelotti was in charge of the ski club’s trip to Quebec. The rowdy group conquered the white mountains of Quebec. A L IflL. 1 f I 1 WE ARE THE WORLD 1. “Vince is just helping me, nothing more.” says Kerri. 2. Smile, Jen! 3. The gang poses for a picture. 4. “Just love this book.” smiles Talia. 5. Cheryl and Kevin share a joke. 6. Jennifer studies hard. 7. “Check out that chick, Tom!” whispers Peter. 8. “Hey you!” yells Kelly. 1 Wonder what Paula’s laughing at. 2 Nice legs, Mike! 3 “What was the question?” asks Mark. 4 “Don’t rush me Sharon!!” laughs Lauren. 5 Look out Elvis, here’s Rob! 6 Karen and Dene attacked by P.J. 7 “Get away from me commands, Rob” 8. Bashful Tina. WE ARE THE ONES • • • 1 Kim leans closer to hear the gossip. 2 " Please, Bart, not in public,” says Steve. 3 Mel is caught in a state of deep thought. 4 I know you are, but what am I? 5 " Leave me alone, I ' m busy, " Mike grunts. 6 Tami grins and bears it. 7 Bob is picture perfect. 1 Roger, you sexy thing, you! 2 Stacey sees somethings she likes. 3 " I just adore school,” sighs Carol. 4 Karen and David, alert in class. 5 " Hey, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it, " laughs Terry. 6 Lisa debates whether to debit or credit. 7 Debi heads for another thrilling gym class. 8 " Which party should I go to tonight? " wonders Marie. 9 " Please don’t take my picture, " pleads Tricia. WHO MAKE A BRIGHTER 1 l{ t iA. did not hit Franklin, but think of all the school we might have missed if we had gotten the worst of Gloria! 1 Sue cleans up 2 Anne escapes from those deadly low winds 3 One of the many reasons for the blackout 4 Was this tree fort knocked down by Gloria or the kids at Oak St. during recess? 5 A familiar scene on the Thursday night before the storm struck. D.B.A. the On Friday, September 27, 1985, Hurricane Gloria hit New England. Predicted to be the worst storm since 1938, she tore trees down, snapped poles, ripped down wires and left many Franklinites without power for days. Some of us, who need electricity to get well water, had no water until the lights came back on, hours or days later. Fortunately, the eye of the storm 80 Seniors, we’ve got what it takes Franklin shows “pep " at S limm er seminar 1- Peers Educating Peers Slogan. 2- Franklin students who attended the seminar gather together. 3- Joe O. and Joe P. show their “PEP”. 4- Ron Burton, who spoke at Franklin High School this year, tells how losers can become winners. 82 3 On August 8, 1985, a busload of seniors and juniors were escorted to Bentley College by Mrs. Swanbeck and Mr. Cotter. It was at this convention that we listened to Nancy Reagan and Ron Burton former N.E. Patriot, talk about the dangers and feelings towards drugs and alcohol. The convention was so successful and inspiring that Mrs. Swanbeck invited Ron Burton to visit Franklin High and speak to the student body. He encouraged us to reach our goals and he discouraged us from using drugs and drinking. He stated that after that very first drink “you would never be what you could have been.” rxt The sporting life, Junior Miss 1986 Front L-R: Emma Letchford, Tammy Richards, Jessica Taraski, Michelle Beaudette, Lisa Depetrillo Back L-R: Anne |Hastry, Mary Beth Sweeney, Eve Pouliot, Heidi Briggs, Angela Rofino, Raye Lynn Padula, Maureen Ward, Kristine Bergeson, Terri Chase, Margo Tuttle, Susan Syngay, Lori Svetkey, Danielle Balest, Lauren Rettman, Kristi Anderson, Diane Aubut, Ingrid Dahlstrom, Mary Jo Mason, Charlene Thomas, Carrie Scheinman, Pam Baldwin Thanks to the devoted efforts of Raye Lynn Padula, Christine DiMartino, and the rest of the Junior Miss Committee, the two nights of performance were a great success. Waiting back stage, the twenty five participants nervously awaited the judges decisions. The final results were: 4th Runner up: Kristine Bergeson 3rd Runner up: MaryBeth Sweeney 2nd Runner up: Emma Letchford 1st Runner up: Carrie Scheinman The winner of the 1986 Junior Miss Pageant was: Diane Aubut Other creative areas of compeition included: Creative and Performing Arts • Diane Aubut Scholastic Achievement ■ Lisa DePetrillo Physical Fitness • Diane Aubut Poise and Appearance • Pam Baldwin The Spirit of Junior Miss Award, voted by all the participants was awarded to: Margo Tuttle. The Junior Miss Program may have been one of the best high school experiences to all of those who participated in it. The group of girls was truly a very talented one. Hard work, determination, and cooperation of each participant during the dreadful but productive hours of practice produced a feeling of great accomplishment. The drudgery was soon lessened by the excitement and anxiety created during the final week of the production. It was a week of intense pressure; perfection was a must. The girls formed an indescribable bond- so much support was given and received. During this time, it was learned that Junior Miss was not a contest but a wonderful experience of which every girl should be a part; one which can not be forgotten. SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS 1. Umm, (Jmm, good, nothing like cafeteria cooking. 2. The girls taking a rest. 3. “Hi, I’m Michael.” 4. One, and two, twist, and three and four. 5 . “See, I told you Steve.” 6. Wow, this teacher is pretty interseting. 7. Psst . . ., Wayne, wake up! 8. “Look, Lisa, he’s staring back at you.” SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS 1. Look, I got another one right! 2. A result of Billy’s playing with the camera. 3. “I’m in love,” says Margo. 4. Sharon says, ”Oh, he’s so cute!” 5. Our best side. 6. And here’s . . . . Joe!! 7. Cheryl asks, “Is my nose really okay?” 8. Please turn off the lights. BEflUTIFIGflTIQN It is hoped that a tradition began this year at Franklin High School with the first student, staff, and parent beautification weekend which was held on October 5th and 6th. The project was initiated by Principal Dorothy Swanbeck and organized by the National Honor Society. Student teams chose one area of the school grounds to beautify, picking up litter, mowing lawns, planting flowers, and trimming shrubs. Members of the Town Beautification Committee judged the area beautified by the Girls Soccer team as the most improved. School pride and spirit was emanating throughout the beautiful October weekend when two hundred students, parents, coaches,and administrators worked together . ' ' This attitude is typical of the student in the year 1985-86 at Franklin High School,” quotes Mrs. Swanbeck. m 89 rtf THE MUD GOT THE BEST OF OS ON THANKSGIVING 1 IV ’Twas the night of the 1. Jen and Bob: the all-American couple. 2. Hey, I’m a wild and crazy guy. 3. Uh- oh, they caught us. 4. Hey Tina, you have to see this. 5. Danny, you aren’t embarrassed are you? Senior Christmas Banquet 1. Kristine, please don’t take if off here! 2. I don’t know, Kevin are mashed potatoes supposed to crunch? 3. Bobby! Stop! Everyone’s staring! 4. Vince wines, “But, you guys, my hair is a mess!’’ 5. What a cunning ham!!! 6. Psst . . . hey, Steve-don’t look now, but I think your girlfriend is dancing with Dr. O’Mally! r i r (pictures on pg. 94) 1 - Lisa, we caught you checking out the waiters. 2 - “No, you can’t cut in.’’ 3 - “Pass the gravy.” 4 - Just one publicity photo, Lisa. 5 - “Would you believe I don’t know any of these guys?” 6 - “Smile like this, Rob.” 7 - “Well, I can break dance.” (pictures on pg. 95) 1 - “Watch out, these guns are loaded.” 2 - Would you believe I won both of them in a raffle?” 3 • “No, it’s done like this.” 4 • ' “Mitch, please let go of our arms.” 5 • “On the next episode of F.H.S., will Pam and Tommy still be only friends.” 6 • Alright Kelly and Eve where did you hide them? 7 - “No, a rabbit has ears like this!” 8 • “Let’s hear it for water!!” : W. 4 A dream come true . . . From left to right: Dawn Cioto, Barbara Kennedy, Debbie Cornetta, Mary Bassignani, Pam Scaccia, and Danielle Balest; accompanied by their escorts. On October 25, 1985, the Homecoming tradition at Franklin High School was broken, and a new tradition was begun. This year each class elected their own choice for representative in the court. Fans were delighted to see an ordinary football field turned into a fairy tale fantasy, completed with a queen and princesses in beautiful gowns. Our representatives were: for the Freshman class, Dawn Cioto; for the Sophomore class, Barbara Kennedy; for the Junior class, Debbie Cornetta; for the Senior class, Pam Scaccia and Mary Bassignani. Our queen was Danielle Balest. What a beautfiul group they made! In Memoriam-The Challenger Crew Christa McAuliffe, a social studies teacher in Concord, New Hampshire, was going to be the first, teacher in space. Everyone who knew her loved her. Everybody who didn’t know her wanted to. But then something went wrong. America’s dream of having a teacher in space was shattered. On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle, carrying six professional astronauts and teacher Christa McAuliffe, exploded while millions of people watched. As they watched the spectacular liftoff, they also witnessed the horrifying end of this mission This tragedy may change the future of the space program, but it is hoped that the change will not last long. We hope that Christa McAuliffe’s spirit and determination will be remembered and copied by the generations of potential astronauts to come The flags are flown at half mast, Yet, the memory of this tragedy will never pass. We pray for those brave souls. We hope for our country’s future goals. Our tears have dried, Yet, it seems a part of us has died. We will never forget the courage of this crew, Whose flight into eternal blue, Was brief and sad, Yet, full of pride. May God and his angels be always at their side. Barbara Gannon January 28, 1986 (Back Row L-to R) Scott Weitzenhoffer, Chris Tattrie, John Sherry, Kevin King, Alan Dwyer, and David Noble. (Front Row L-to-R) Chuck Sveden, Damon Gannon, Michael Calderone, and Richard Guzman. 100 Cross Country The 1985 X-C team had a very successful season. Lead by the experienced first-year coach, Randy Sloane, the harriers finished with a spectacular 8-1 record (second in the Hockomock League). Their only loss came in their second-to-last dual meet to league champs Stoughton High, who the Panthers later defeated in the Eastern MA Championships. Franklin 27 Bristol-Plymouth 28 Franklin 22 Canton 33 Franklin 16 Sharon 46 Franklin 23 King Philip 36 Franklin 16 Oliver Ames 43 Franklin 25 Foxboro 41 Franklin 20 Mansfield 43 Stoughton 25 Franklin 30 Franklin 21 North Attleboro 38 Front L-R Tom Carlucci, Tim Yarush, Charlie Rettman, Billy Keville, Joe Whippen Back L-R Mark Gazzola, Jim Toomey, Chris Corbett, Jim Colace, Keith Lippert, John McCarthy, Tom Hosford Wrestling is a sport like no other. It is not just a team sport but also an individual sport. When you’re out on the mat for your match, the only man out there to help you is yourself. Some people don’t know what it takes to be a wrestler, but it takes pride; a very special kind of pride. It takes a pride in yourself and what you have learned. But, most of all, it takes a certain pride when you lose. It’s not easy to be a good loser in wrestling because you are the only one to blame. We are proud of our wrestling team. At this time, they are ranked third in Central Massachusetts. Dec. 18-Marlboro Dec. 21 at Masheaba Tourney Dec. 28-at Keefe Tourney Dec. 30-at Dedham, Quad Meet Jan. 4-at Belmont Tourney Jan. IT Quad Meet: Foxboro, Whitman, Dedham Jan. 16-at Xaverian Jan. 18-Quad Meet: Holliston, Gardner, C.C.T. Jan. 22-Catholic Memorial Jan. 28-Nashoba Feb. Tat Gardner Tournwy Feb. 6-Walpole Feb. 8-Quad Meet: Holliston, Keefe, Bostin Latin Feb. 1 TWeston Feb. 14 Div. II Central Regionals Feb. 15-Div. II Stater Feb. 22-Div. II States Gymnastics For the first time in four years, Franklin High School had a gymnastics team. Considering that it was an entirely new team with some inexperienced competitors, the gym team did exceptionally well. Much poise, expression, concentration, and agility the girls do have. Important factors such as dedication and determination are what make the team strong - physical strength is only one small part of it. The Franklin team surely will be strengthened next year - with several gymnasts returning, it will be ready and able to match the skills of any opposing team. Back row: Debbie Molloy, Jennifer Steel, Jen Genoa, Karen Callisto, Wendy Yones. Middle row Lisa Malhoit, Maureen Gannon, Donna MacLean, Michelle Midgley, Joy Greenhalgh. Front row: Kelly-Ann Paul, Nicole Laviolette, Lisa Shannon. 1 Foxboro 91.8 Franklin 87.4 Canton 122.1 Franklin 94.4 King Philip 94.4 Franklin 84.4 Sharon 124.85 Franklin 87.65 Franklin 92.7 Stoughton 66.4 North Attleboro 99.1 Franklin 85.8 Franklin 91.1 Stoughton 77.2 Canton 108.5 Franklin 85.2 King Philip 101.05 Franklin 90.1 I Back row: Coach Nello Luccini, Mark Mammola, Jim Davison, Bob Heinzmann, Dan Smith, John Delucia, Mark Lomberto. Front row: Rob Pisano, Kevin Tattrie, (Tim Macleod, Brian Assad, class of 1985) Mike Padula, Mike Dorrington. The 1985 Varsity Baseball team won the Hockomock League Championship with a 13-3 record. Franklin also won the Division II South Championship by defeating Duxbury, Cardinal Spellman, Deighton-Rehoboth, and Bishop Stang. The 1985 team had only two Seniors, and ten of the twelve Varsity letter winners are returning fo the 1986 season. Apr. 11th- at Mansfield Apr. 14th- at Oliver Ames Apr. 16th- Sharon Apr. 18th- King Philip Apr. 22nd at Canton Apr. 25th- Stoughton Apr. 28th- Foxboro Apr. 30th- at North Attleboro May 5th - Mansfield May 7th - Oliver Ames May 9th- at Sharon May 12th - at King Philip May 14th- Canton May 16th- at Stoughton May 19th- at Foxboro May 21st- North Attleboro Softball A strong field of players returning from last year’s championship effort could be enough for continued success this season. However, a talented group of junior varsity players, joining the varsity this year, will fill the vacancies left by last year’s graduation and help to make the transition smooth. Looking forward to this year’s prospects would be impossible without considering the outstanding contributions made by captain Kathy Bonollo over the last four years. Consistency and leadership have been the hallmark of her success and ours. Her accomplishments and talents are not only known within our league but also throughout the state. B ing the best is a tradition at F.H.S. and this softball team is no exception. A lot of talent and a few surprises have made this team well worth watching. Apr. 11 - Mansfield Apr. 14 - Oliver Ames Apr. 16 - at Sharon Apr. 18 • at King Philip Apr. 22 • Canton Apr. 25 • at Stoughton Apr. 28 - at Foxboro Apr. 30 - N. Attleboro May 5 - at Mansfield May 7 • at Oliver Ames May 9 - Sharon May 12 - King Philip May 14 - at Canton May 16 • Stoughton May 19 - Foxboro May 21 - at N. Attleboro r.; JaL S3 111 S8 s4fi ». ‘ ... , r . 1L jSafe % -jJF ' te-..JPNfr m r jgf Back: Kristen Rappa, Sandy Levy, Shelly Dunn, Beth Murray, Donna Brown Front: (Sherri Leone, Coleen Donovan, Carla Guidrey: all class of ’85), Kathy Bonollo, (Karen Mazzola, class of ■85) Boys and girls tennis Although tennis allows one to have fun in the sun, one must be determined to strive for perfection. The Franklin High boys’ and girls ' tennis teams are made up of many disciplined players. Mot only have they given their opponents true work-outs in previous years, but they wish for further development among their skills to capture the Hockomock League title. ■A 1 T ! f Standing l-r: Coach Mrs. Pisani, (Kathy Chambers, class of ’85), Suzanne Henry, Jan Cooper, Margaret Lewis, Amy Bourge, Lynn Dancy, Coach Mrs. Perreault. Kneeling l-r: (Laurie Court, Sue, Curran, Tricia Kennedy, Kathy Keeley, class of ’85), Susan Cowen. l-r top row: Coach Paul Parnell, Gavin Strok, Pat Doherty, Gary Mucciarone, Doug Pereira, Bart Sims, Greg Cunningham, Bruce Eaton, Steve Tulli, and Alex Forbes, l-r bottom row: David Forbes, (Tom Hinckley, David Majcen, Jamie Green, class of ’85), Chris Sousa, (John Foster, class of ’85) and Gordon Dailey. Spring Track ' - 525ti r - p» ■ ' ,, 0 8ST LS 1 i..- iNKEiwfljBjB 2 j?l ii5x ■ BM bi " ’ r V ., -y - - p? WP , " , v .,- , , .Jfc The 1985 track season was a rebuilding season. Cinder coaches Travato and Hitchborne, the young team improved rapidly. With another year’s experience, the Panthers are expected to well in ’86. Coming from very successful cross country and indoor track seasons, the strength of the distance runners should boost the team to victory. W L Apr. 8 • Stoughton Apr. 11 • Oliver Ames Apr. 22 • at Mansfield Apr. 26 • State Coaches Relays Apr. 28 ■ at King Philip May 1 • Sharon May 5 • at IN. Attleboro May 8 ■ Canton May 10 • Brockton Invitational May 13 • at Foxboro May 17 • S.S.P.A. MEET May 19 • Sub Varsity Meet May 20 • Varsity Meet • Field Events May 21 - Varsity Meet ■ Track Events % ■t i tr TraC W» TUX ' •; ,y I f.v K.7 Back row: Coach Travato, Coach Bositis, Kiki Wagner, Sheri Constantino, Scott Weisenhoffer, Dan Marack, Keerie Eccleston, Bob Door, Mike Wallace Sean Halliday, Todd DesMeris, Wei-en Chang, Brenda Schauer, Mike Dorsey, David Noble, Kevin King, Mark Brumbaugh, Paula Thackaberry, Coach Hitchborn, Coach Dacey. Middle row: Kathy Wallace, Jim Sidney, Bob Cavanaugh, Chip Dickinson, Tim Nickerson, Jerome Maddox, Joe Patracuollo, John Sherry, Carl Ristino, Christian Bonvin, Ken Reed, Brenda llliscas, Lisa Shannon, Eve Pouliot. Front row: Damon Gannon, Paula Lodi, ’Elizabeth Mann, ’Mike Kenney, ’Matt Gordon, Righ Frongillo, ’Moureen Dolan, Rich Guzmann, Chuck Sveden, Mike Calderone, Joe Orlando, Bill Wehring. denotes members of the class of 1985. ar ' " v ' § Field Hockey M « (Back Row L-to-R) Christina Hunchard, Julie Adiletto, Brenda llliscas, Wendy Dorr, Christine Karmeris, Coach- Kathy Long, Debbie Cornetta, Sue Grasso, Heather Ross, Jennifer Lombardi, Paula Thackaberry, and Marie Maxwell. (Front Row L-to-R) Kim Carmicheal, Lisa DePetrillo, Kathy Bonollo, Melanie Hyotte, j Kim Dorr, Becky Bardol, and Colleen Keaveney. Franklin Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey, led by Coach Kathy Long, has the promise of a winning season in 1986. With only three seniors, Kathy Bonollo, Kim Dorr, and Lisa DePetrillo, Coach Long made incredible progress. Captains Kathy Bonollo and Melanie Hyotte led the way, with Kathy as leading scorer for the team and she also tied as the second highest scorer in the Hockomock League. Lisa DePetrillo tended goal. The team’s final record was 5-8-3. Franklin 5 King Philip 0 Foxboro 3 Franklin 2 Canton 3 Franklin 0 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 4 North Attleboro 2 Franklin 7 King Philip 1 Mansfield 2 Franklin 0 Franklin 1 Stoughton 1 Franklin 2 Sharon 0 Franklin 2 Foxboro 2 Canton 4 Franklin 0 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 0 Franklin 3 North Attleboro 2 Franklin 2 Mansfield 2 Stoughton 1 Franklin 0 Sharon 1 Franklin 0 113 Hockey The hockey team finished the year with a fine 14-5-1 record. Although the Panthers did not bring home a league championship, they always played with enthusiasm and pride. Led by Coach Bob Luccini, again the Panthers made thier way into the tournament. With the loss of many seniors, next year’s team will have to fight hard to keep up with the outstanding F.H.S. tradition. Franklin 11 Johnston 2 Franklin 5 Marlboro 2 Franklin 11 Bridgewater Rayn- ham 1 Franklin 15 Jonhston 2 Marlboro 5 Franklin 3 Oliver Ames 5 Franklin 1 Franklin 11 Stoughton 1 Franklin 11 King Philip 1 Franklin 10 Blue Hills 1 Canton 3 Franklin 2 Franklin 6 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 10 Stoughton 0 Franklin 12 King Philip 1 Franklin 10 Blue Hills 1 Canton 5 Franklin 3 Franklin 4 Oliver Ames 4 Franklin 10 Stoughton 0 Franklin 10 King Philip 1 Franklin 4 DomSavio 2 Canton 3 Franklin 2 m V «r v ' • ' : sT If Jr f SsS if-. 0k £ ■■i Jl Back row: Coach Bob Luccini, asst, coach Bill Bertoni, Jeff Delucia, Russ Smith, Tommy Smyth, Dave Gorbey, Mike Wheeler, Scott Baker, Mike Dorrington, Jim Davison, Paul Anderson, Bill Caso Donny Yadisernia, P. J. Lampesona, Tom Lee, asst, coach Don Walker. Front row: Kevin Jones, Mark Spillane, John Delucia, P.J. Peabody, Wayne Foster, Mike Padula, Kevin Tattrie, Dan Smith, Joe O ' Regan, Chuck Todd, Peter Huie, Chris Tattrie. Girls Basketball Mansfield 55 Oliver Ames 63 Franklin 52 Franklin 63 Franklin 68 Franklin 50 Franklin 59 Foxboro 67 North Attleboro 55 Franklin 67 Franklin 60 Sharon 53 Franklin 61 Franklin 70 Franklin 84 Foxboro 71 North Attleboro 58 Franklin 52 Franklin 52 Franklin 74 Franklin 66 Franklin 65 Franklin 42 Franklin 61 Medway Sharon 51 King Philip 20 Canton 41 Stoughton 34 Franklin 64 Franklin 47 Mansfield 51 Oliver Ames 46 Franklin 49 King Philip 36 Canton 37 Stoughton 30 Franklin 66 Franklin 46 Bellingham 50 Medway 32 Bellingham 45 Apponequet 42 Westwood 54 The girls basketball team found themselves qualifying for the Eastern Mass tournament for the second year in a row. The road to the tourney was not an easy one for the Panthers, who were lacking experience and were faced with a competitive schedule. With senior captain Kathy Bonollo leading the way the team gained confidence and began to gel as a unit with each passing game. Junior center Shelley Dunn played a vital role as the team’s second leading scorer and leading rebounder. Kathy was the leading scorer in the Hockomock League • she broke the school record by scoring 40 points in one game and also became the first girl at FHS to reach 1,000. Other key contributors were senior Sharon Johnson and underclassmen Beth Murray and Leslie Moore. The Panthers finished the regular season with a 13-7 record, the best compiled hoop record in a number of years. The girls then ventured on into the tournament showing the state that they were for real. Front row: Coach, Mr, Cotter, Kathy Bonollo, Coach Mr. Bositis. Back row: Jennifer Revell, Suzanne Renzi Suzanne Henry, Debbie Nelson, Marybeth Savicki, Melissa Savicki, Karen Godin, Shelly Dunn, Sharon Johnson, Jen Calahan, Carla Margurite, Kristin Rappa, Leslie Moore, Beth Murray. Boy’s Basketball This year the Boy’s Varsity Basketball Team began its season with a basically inexperienced group of athletes. The team possessed excellent quickness in the back court and up front but it was hampered by a lack of overall size. Early in the season the team had difficulty handling the size and bulk of many of its opponents. As the season wore on and the underclassmen became more experienced, the team became more competitive and also upset several of its stronger opponents. Leading the way for the Panthers this year were seniors: Jerome Maddox, Bobby Heinzmann, Mike Savicki, and Tim Kachinsky. Olver Ames 62 Franklin 55 Mansfield 59 Franklin 47 Sharon 85 Franklin 44 King Philip 69 Franklin 55 Franklin 47 Canton 42 Stoughton 72 Franklin 53 Franklin 45 Foxboro 44 North Attleboro 58 Franklin 56 Franklin 56 Mansfield 52 Oliver Ames 82 Franklin 63 Sharon 77 Franklin 53 King Philip 61 Franklin 59 Canton 52 Franklin 45 Franklin 66 Stoughton 47 Franklin 52 Foxboro 50 j North Attleboro 64 Franklin 50 Bellingham 63 Franklin 50 Bellingham 74 Franklin 57 Front L-R Bob Heinzman, Jerome Maddox, Mike Savicki Back L-R Mark Mammola, Pat Doherty, Brendon Whelan, Tim Kachinsky, Paul Laviolette, Chris Sousa, Mike Douglas, John O’Donnell, Dan McCahill, Todd Wayshville, Mr. Geysen Girls Varsity Soccer The Franklin High Girls Varsity Soccer team finished an impressive season, 9-3 in league play, 13-6 overall, second in the Hockomock League. Led by seniors Sandy Levy, Paula Lodi, Donna Brown, and Denise Thibedeau the girls advanced to the semi¬ finals of the Division II South tournament. With spectacular victories over Nauset and Mt. Alvemia they were eliminated respectably by Marian, 2-0, in their top effort of the season. Foxboro Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Marian Franklin Foxboro Franklin Oliver Ames Franklin Franklin Franklin Marian Franklin Franklin Franklin Marian Franklin Dover Sherborn Oliver Ames Stoughton Canton King Philip Franklin Medway Franklin Dover Sherborn Franklin Stoughton Canton King Philip Franklin Medway Nauset Mt. Alvernia Franklin Back Row Mr. Geysen (coach), Susannah Renzi, Kathy Wallace, Amy Borge, Kendall Morgan, Shelley Dunn, Kristen Rappa, Marybeth Savicki, Beth Goddard, Suzanne Henry, Merry Corbett, Lynne DiGiorgio. Front Row Alison Kennedy, Beth Murray, Denise Thibedault, Eve Pouliot, Paula Lodi, Sandy Levi, Donna Brown, Maureen Brumbaugh. Boy’s Varsity Soccer The F.H.S. Varsity Boys’ Soccer team had a very exciting and successful year. They finished a close second place in the Hockomock League. Co-Captains Tim Nickerson and Rob O’Neil helped to lead the team with the other fine senior players. Coach Bositis enjoyed a final 14-4-2 record and a showing in the Quarterfinals vs. Nauset. They beat Old Colony in the first round 3-2 by a strong effort by Bob Heinzman, the goalie. Among the league All-Stars were Bob Heinzman, Tim Nickerson, Keith Lippert, Mike Bullen, and Joe O’Reagan. This season ended the careers of many fine seniors who have been with the team for three years. This has also been the 9th straight time Franklin has qualified for the tournament which supports the facts of the ' 85 team being strong, skilled, and full of panther pride. Foxboro 1 Franklin 0 ! Xavarian 4 Franklin 3 Franklin 1 Canton 1 Franklin 6 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 6 King Philip 0 r Franklin 4 Sharon 0 » Franklin 8 North Attleboro 0 Franklin 0 Foxboro 0 Franklin 8 Mansfield 0 Franklin 9 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 5 King Philip 1 Xavarian 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 4 Canton 0 Franklin 4 Sharon 0 Franklin 6 North Attleboro 0 ; Franklin 9 Mansfield 0 ; Tournament Franklin 3 Old Colony 2 Nauset 2 Franklin 0 M (Back Row LtoR) Jim Thongpul, Keith Lippert, Gavin Stroke, Michael Bullen, Mike Wallace, and Mark Brumbaugh. (Front Row L-to-R) Mike Savicki, David Paratore, Doug Pereira, Joe O ' Regan, Rob O’Neil, Tim Nickerson, Bobbie Heinzmann, Mitchell Hoffmeister, and Jimmy Costello. Varsity Football 24 W Franklin High can be proud of its football team. The Hockomock League is a very well balanced competitive football experience. Franklin finished tied for third place, a notch above last year. The defense played well all year long and the offense finished very strongly over the second half to finish with a 5-4-1 winning season, in a very tough competitive league. The graduating seniors worked very hard all year long and they are to be congratulated for their leadership and their accomplishments. BridgewaterRaynham 21 Franklin 14 Franklin 7 Milford 0 Canton 16 Franklin 6 Franklin 7 Mansfield 0 Oliver Ames 14 Franklin 6 Franklin 0 North Attleboro 0 Franklin 14 Sharon 0 Franklin 30 Foxboro 16 Franklin 36 Stoughton 14 King Philip 14 Franklin 6 125 -ront Row L-to-R) Mike Padula, Sean Reardon, Tom Girard, Dan Smith, Keith Gatewood, Kevin Tattrie, and Peter Huie. (2nd Row L-to-R) Roger Jette, like Pellegri, Mike Dorrington, Bart Simms, Jerome Maddox, Mark Lomberto, Jim Guzetti, Jeff Thompson, and Peter Fricker. (3rd Row L-to-R) Wally lixby, Tom Sherry, Bobby Dorr, Mike Cataldo, Brendan Whelan, Tom Maltais, John Kucich, Todd Brown, Dave Girard, Adam Ballarino, and Todd esmarais. (Back Row L-to-R) Assist. Coach-Ernie Miller, Assist. Coach and JV Coach-Ed Hitchborn, Mark Migliaccio, Matt Sidney, Joe Duggan, John ombardi, Brian Damelio, Rob Kucick, Brian Godfrey, Eric Cusson, Pat Bissanti, Chuck Bennet, Mike Socci, Charlie Rettman, Assist. Coach-Nello uccini, and Head Coach-Gerry Leone. . - Front: Nikki Padula, Kerry Rafferty, Diane D’Amico, Lauren Rettman, Laura Morgan. Back: Lisa Molloy, Pam Scaccia, Aimee Heaton, Angela Rofino, Mary Beth Sweeney, Susan Cowen, Heidi Briggs, Marne Perrault. The season begins in August for the fall cheerleaders. This year the girls attended the New England Cheerleading Association summer camp. Their outstanding performance granted them many individual awards and also the " Best All-around Squad " trophy. They also captured first place in the competition. Keeping up the spirit, the varsity team cheered for football and soccer during the fall season. The girls placed first in the Hockomock competition held at Oliver Ames. 126 Fall Cheerleaders Winter Cheerleaders Basketball Cheerleaders Front: Kristin Harland, Heidi Bullen, Susan Fraseau, Diane D’Amico, Dawn MacDowell. Back: Tina Elhers, Patti Reed, Carrie Schienmann, Tawnia Wicklund, Maureen Crowley, Julie Sanfason. Hockey Cheerleaders Front: Sherry Lee, Michelle Beaudette. Middle: Terri White, Karen de la Puente, Beth Varjian, Amy Robinson. Back: Michelle Chase, Kelly Walker, Kathy Dacko. The hockey cheerleaders cheered the Panther team straight to the tournament this year. These girls’ loud and enthusiastic voices echoed throughout the rink; keeping the croud and the players psyched. At the same time, the varsity basketball cheerleaders constantly kept the hoop players hopping. 127 Golf With combined efforts of talented golf players and the great coaching of Mr. Mulcahy, this year’s golf team was able to produce an outstanding season. The great skill of MVP Joe Daddario and the leadership of him, Dan Adiletto and Jim DeBaggis helped this team show what a golf team should be made of. ! Stroke Average Joe Daddario 41.4 Chris Sousa 42.5 l Jim DeBaggis 42.9 Joe DePetrillo 44.0 Mike Callahan 44.1 Rich Cowan 44.4 Mike Luccini 45.1 Dan Adiletto 45.7 Kevin Stevenson 46 Todd Baker 47 Jamie Pisano 48 s ' Kevin Keaveney 49 t M.V.P. • Joe Daddario Tri-Captains-Dan Adilello Joe Daddario Jim DeBaggis Front: Joe Daddario, Jim DeBaggis, Dan Adiletto, Mike Callahan. Back: Coach Mulcahy, Joe DePetrillo, Todd Baker, Rich Cowan, Kevin Stevenson, Jamie Pisano, Grer Sparrow. YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • ■ YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • On stairs-back row: Amy Weidemann, Chris Foster, Margaret Lewis, Liz Sottile, Traci Digiorgio, Tammy Richards, Karen Friend, Tina Bloemink, Anne Dellacona. Front row: Susan Washer, Kim Dorr, Jeanette Duffy, Kim Maney. On floor: Joe Patracuollo, Joe Orlando, Cheryl Ober, Carrie Caughlin, Mary Beth Sweeney. Standing: Lisa Denommee, Mary Beth Sweeney, Terri Chase. Left hand rail: Eve Pouliot. Right hand rail: Steve Tulli. Back row: Kim Dorr, Sonja Melo, Chris Foster, Kelly Flynn. Front row: Traci Digiorgio, Karen Friend, Tina Bloemink, Margo Tuttle, Anne Dellacona. 130 ■ ' l tt . N I. ' - ' - - i . YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • C201 is another world. Within this room lives a special breed: the yearbook staff. Pictures and paragraphs fly as members try frantically to meet what seems like endless deadlines. Somebody can usually be found pounding at a typewriter or computer while others are searching through mounds of pictures or flipping through a dictionary looking for that perfect word. Late nights and Saturday mornings are good times to find the yearbook room full of busy staff members, coffee cups, and pizza crusts. The room never has a dull moment. Someone has always misplaced a copy or has forgotten to make that important call but somehow everyone manages to work together to make the OSKEY ’86 Yearbook a success. YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK • YEARBOOK FOREIGN LANG. CLUB FOREIGN Front: Judanna Mast, Mary Burnes, Susan Foster, Pam Gianetti, Pam Cooper, Susan Crandall, Christine Foster. Middle: Jennifer Benger, Karen Fish, Janine Wheeler. Back: Kelly O’Brien, Kathy Schaaf, Tunisia Steinberg, Alison Kant. The Foreign Language Club is a group of students presently enrolled in a foreign language who get together to participate in various activities. This year they have taken the Spanish exchange students bowling and had a Halloween party for the French exchange students. Every month they do something fun and enjoyable relating to foreign languages. While having fun, they are also learning a lot, too. The present officers are: President, Pam Gianetti; Vice President, Heidi Bergman; Treasurer, Susan Foster; Secretary, Janine Wheeler; and Messenger, Pam Cooper. FOREIGN LANG. CLUB FOREIGN 132 ' EXCHANGE STUDENTS • EXCHANGE I EXCHANGE STUDENTS • EXCHANGE “When are the French coming?” While that used to be the question every other fall, this year we also heard, “When are the Spanish students coming?” For the first time, Franklin was privileged to have two foreign student exchanges- with the city of Elche, Spain, as well as with Meaux, France, with whom we have had an exchange for more than 10 years. This fall we welcomed 7 Spanish girls and 22 French students and we kept them busy introducing them to our way of life, our history, our food and much more. The Spaniards were here for 3 weeks, while the French are traditionally here for two. Both groups stayed with individual families of the host students. While students from Franklin traveled to Spain during the 1985 February vacation, 22 students went to Meaux in February of this year, 1986, for two weeks, staying with French families and sampling French schools, cuisine and lifestyle. When the exchange students were here, they visited many places-both in groups as well as with their host families. Among their favorite trips are Quincy Market, New York City, Plimoth Plantation, the J.F.K. Library and the Science Museum. Many friendships that were made during past exchanges are still very strong, maintained by telephone, through correspondence and, in several instances, by other trips abroad. These exchanges, directed by the Foreign Language Department, and conducted every other year, form a unique part of the Foreign Language Curriculum and our life here at Franklin High School. Many schools would give anything to have the opportunity that we have here, at Franklin High, to experience such a student exchange. STUDENTS • EXCHANGE STUDENTS EXCHANGE STUDENTS • EXCHANGE o X pq Yasuhiro Endo Tina Sorenson “When I first got here I was a little nervous, but as I got used to the language and the students of the school. It became a lot easier for me. (English is still hard.) Now I have many friends and know how to have fun the American way. I am enjoying my stay in America. My favorite thing in F.H.S. is to say, “Good morning Mr. Hinckley.” Nickname: Yaz and Yaho. “When I stepped in the door to Franklin High my first thought was “I will never be able to find my way around without a map.” Here I am, 5 months later, without a map, and a command of English that has improved tremendously. My stay is almost over and I look back on a very special year. One thing I found out; there is no better way to learn a language than to live with people who speak it. If anyone of you ever gets the chance to spend a year in a foreign country, I would strongly recommend it. You will learn how much Mom Dad really mean to you, and how hard it is, suddenly to depend only on your own decisions. I realize that the students who want to succeed have a good chance with his her background at Franklin High. I know when I go back I will be another person; to the bad because maybe I spent too much money; and to the good because I have grown up. Words like hall-passes, cheerleaders (who are more or less loved), and pep-rallies will now make sense to my little brain. What can I say other than thank you everybody at FHS, for making my stay so fantastically wonderful.” I EXCHANGE STUDENTS • EXCHANGE I 134 01 a SCIENCE CLUB • SCIENCE CLUB • MATH MATH CLUB MATH CLUB The Science Club, under the guiding hand of Mrs. Willard, was organized to promote the interests of science minded students. It’s program is for students who wish to further their understanding of science in areas other than those offered in the classroom. The science club has worked on individual projects, participated in community services and has viewed and discussed Halley’s Comet. The science club hopes to continue its new found success. L-R-Margaret Lewis, Karen Fortin, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Pam Gianetti, Lori Wooster. Front L-R Betty Prescott, Christine Foster, Pam Gianetti, Maureen Crowley, Scott Weitzenhoffer, Jen Thomas, Jen Winters, Sarah Mahoney. Middle L-R Robert Grimes, Ken Davin, Mary Beth Sweeney, Sharon Duronio, Lisa DePetrillo, Jim Rothwell, Jim Duronio. Back L-R Kelly Flynn, Carrie Scheinman, Eddie Sweeney, Mike Savicki, Sean Reardon, David Paratore, Eve Pouliot, Greg Sparrow, David Nobel, Mark Simpson. The Mathematics Team, with a Division 1 status in the South-Eastern Massachusetts Mathematics League, competes in four meets each year. Other schools included in the league are Sharon, Walpole, Dover- Sherborn, and Westwood. Out of the five subject areas, arithmetic, geometry, Algebra I and II, and trigonometry, each member is required to compete in three. Under the direction of “Coach” Loper, the team continues to do its best every year. 135 NAT’L HONOR SOCIETY • NAT’L HONOR National Honor Society Standing: Kelly Flynn, Carrie Scheinman, Eve Pouliot. Sitting: Lisa DePetrillo, Mary Beth Sweeney, Sharon Duronio, Maureen Crowley, Mike Savicki, Jennifer Gray, Tammy Richards. Absent from photo Mitchell Hoffmeister The National Honor Society acknowledges students who not only maintain a high scholastic average, but who also show excellence in school clubs and extra¬ curricular activities. These students excel in scholarship, service, leadership, and character and represent the student body in these areas. This year the NHS conducted Beautification Weekend which was a success at cleaning the exterior of the school. The club held a candy sale, and its proceeds will fund the banquet held at the end of the year to honor members and to help defray the cost of a tentative trip to Washington, D.C. The NHS is under the direction of teachers and advisors Mr. DeFronzo and Mr. Wilk, and led by President, Lisa DePetrillo; Vice President, Eve Pouliot; Secretary,Maureen Crowley; and Treasureer, Carrie Scheinman. ___ NAT’L HONOR SOCIETY • NAT’I SOCIETY • NAT’L HONOR SOCIE 136 STUDENT COUNCIL • STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL • STUDENT The Student Council of FHS consists of hard working and dedicat ed students. These people are the link with both the administration and the School Committee. This year the Student Council worked very hard to put together a student directory. Another activity which was unique to this year’s Student Council was a Reverse College Day, which brought Franklin alumni back to talk about college. The Student Council is also in charge of the Blood Drive, bonfire, fund raisers, and elections. This year the fund raisers range from dances and concession stands to Flower Day. For the school year of 1985-86, the Student Council Advisor is Mrs. Ligon and the officers are: Paula Lodi, President; Michael Savicki, Vice President; Karen Friend, Treasurer; Jessica Simon, Secretary; and Susan Crandall, Student Representative to the School Committee. Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of these people as well as the other members of the Student Council we have accomplished a lot to make this year at FHS the best. Front: Amy Wiedemann, Susan Washer, Julie Evans, Lauren Manasso, Sharon Duronio. Second: Chris Rodier, Lynn Dancy, Sue Crandall. Back: Steve Tulli, Heidi Bergman, Debbie Smith, Michelle Abbot, Tanisha Steinborn, Rita Zandsberg, Amy Kroviak, Karen Friend, Scott Lucier, Paula Lodi, Kristi Anderson, Mike Savicki 137 STUDENT COUNCIL • STUDENT COUNCIL Ensemble • String Ensemble • Jennifer Benger, Jennifer Matyi, Mike Wallace. This year is the first year that FHS has had a string ensemble. The string ensemble is made up of 5 students who all play the violin. Next year it looks forward to adding different instruments such as viola, cello, and string bass. The string ensemble has had a successful first year and anticipates continued growth and success. The ultimate goal of the FHS string ensemble is to eventually develop into an orchestra which will perform at school functions in the years to come. String Ensemble Strin 4 | f Chorus • Chorus • Chorus Chorus • Chorus • Chorus • _ L • R Connie Lievano, Mia Humphry, Joy Greenhalgh, Heidi Bergman, Jan Cooper, Emma Letchford, Jill Mercer, Ellen Puorro, Kim Manning, Mary Beth Geysen, Tami D’Angelo, Sue Chabot, Val Smith, Beth Hailer, Pam Cooper, Erica Chestercove, Maureen Gannon, Amy Robinson, Michelle Casciano, Lisa Mucciarone, Pam Griffin, Lu Ann Johnson, Sonja Mello, Lynne D’Lori, Kris Doyle, Melanie Volz, Andree Vallee, Christine Matyi, Heather Pisani, Sue Washer, Julie Evans. The Franklin “Notables” are a select group of talented singers. This group meets after school, weekly, for practice and organization. They don’t limit themselves to school concerts; each year they participate in the Central District Music Festival with musicians from other area high schools. It’s hard for any group to do, but these artists have done a lot of hard work to receive their well deserved recognition. Chorus • Chorus • Chorus • Chorus Band • Drill Team • Band • Drill Team • Band • Drill Team • Band • Drill Team • Band • Drill Tea . — ■ ■ ■ ——— —I Few people realize how active the Franklin High School Band is. The Band has provided for us, during the last five years, music at the football games, pep rallies, Baccalaureate, and graduation ceremonies. They also serve the town with their marching in the Veteran’s, Columbus, and Memorial Day parades as well as providing two concerts a year. The Band also supports a stage band which performs along with and seperately from the Band. Left to Right-Melissa Rodriquez, Liz Sardella, Emma Letchford, Mike Gordon, Jeanette Duffy, Matt Friend, Sue Crandall, Tina Caravaggio, Amy Weiderman, Bruce Eaton, April Florio, Jean Guardabascio, Margaret Lewis, Brad Hansen, Scott Gardner, Debbie Smith, Chris Rodier, Craig Goddard, Dennis Sardella, Rick Hoyett, Nancy Dunn, Jenny Lynn Douglas, Judanne Mast, Kris Doyle, Kim Manny, Jenn Matyi, Sonya Mello, Maureen Gannon, Lisa Malhoit, Jen McDevitt. Hockomock Model Senate Hockomock Model Senate • Hockomock Model Back L-R: Ivan Lopez, Doug Pereira, Sean Reardon. Middle: Doug Ramsey, Jan Johnson, Scott Weisenhoffer, Melanie Hvotte, Mr. Johnston. Kneeling: Paul Cavallaro. The Hockomock Model Senate is in it third decade. Mr. Johnston has been advisor to the Model Senate for the last 14 years. The Model Senate is a representation of the United States Senate which provides a real legislative experience to its student members. Hockomock Model Senate LIBRARY AIDES • LIBRARY In order to earn credits for graduation, 17 students this year volunteered their time during their study periods to be library aides. These aides have many responsibilities including signing in and checking out books using the new computer system, shelving books, and preparing displays of books and visuals. The aides also process new books, help students find books and other materials, file, and enter information about new books into the computer for circulation systems. These students, along with Mr. Peters and others, help make our library useful and enjoyable. L-R Susan Washer, Lisa Flaherty, Beth Hailer, Jennifer Revelle, Jen Genoa, Amy Wiedemann, Scott Gardner. LIBRARY AIDES • LIBRARY 143 AIDES • LIBRARY AIDES • LIBRARY AIDES • TUTORS • TUTORS • TUTORS • TUTORS • 144 TUTORS • TUTORS • TUTORS Front: Mary Beth Sweeney, Sharon Duronio, Pam Cooper, Pam Gianetti, Second: Lisa DePetrillo, Heidi Bergman, Christine Foster, Kelly Flynn, Eve Pouliot Third: Lynn Dancy, Betty Prescott Back: Sean Reardon, David Paratore, Jeanette Duffy, Maureen Crowley, Carrie Scheinman, Tina Bloemink, Ken Davin, Mike Savicki PROJECT BOOST provides tutoring in English, reading and writing by a certified teacher, as well as peer tutoring in math and foreign languages. Located in the microcomputer skills center, the project includes access by all students to Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 111 and an Apple 2e microcomputers for practice in spelling, vocabulary and composition work by using a simplified wordprocessing program. Softwear is also available for math drill and practice at all levels, and for Scholastic Aptitude and Achievement Test preparation in math, English, reading comprehension and the foreign languages. TUTORS • TUTORS • TUTORS I _ _ __ i SPEECH TEAM • SPEECH TEAM The FHS Speech Team is on its way to t he top! Begun in 1978 by Miss M. Catherine Eppinger, the team was strong enough, by 1983, to continue without a coach for a year when Miss Eppinger resigned. Last year, the team welcomed Ms. Kathy Duncan as their coach, and she has enjoyed continued success with her revitalized team. She has helped encourage new members and has helped the old members mature their acting abilities. This eight-year-old team is now third in the state, and nothing can stop them! Standing: Ms. Duncan, Pam Vernaglia, Tammy Richards, Kelly Flynn, Victor Lopez Kneeling: Mike Gordon, Susan Foster, Phil Ristaino SPEECH TEAM • SPEECH TEAM SPEECH TEAM • SPEECH TE MIRAGE • MIRAGE • MIRAGE MIRAGE • MIRAGE • MIRAGE Seated: Kerri Yon, Liz Sottile, Kim Maney, Maureen Crowley, Mary Beth Savicki, Rita Zandsberg, Heather Pisani, Amy Kroviak Back: Eve Pouliot, Kelly Flynn, Chris Alberti, Lisa DePetrillo, Jessica Taraski, Cheryl Ober, Kristi Anderson Every year, talented young writers at Franklin High School are given the opportunity to publish their creative works in the high school’s literary magazine, Mirage. This tradition is alive and well under the direction of Ms. Vosburgh. The staff edits hundreds of stories, poems, and essays, along with student artwork, in order to come up with the material for the final production of the magazine. In April, the books come back, perfect and professional-looking, for FHSers to read and remember their talented classmates by for years to come. MIRAGE • MIRAGE • MIRAGE 146 OEA • Student Secretaries • OEA Below, Front Row- Scott Weisenhoffer, Christine Bennett, Mary Beth Sweeney, Terri Chase, Lisa Stauber, Carolyn Santoro, Lee Ann Barkhouse. 2nd Row- Michelle Guinard, Pricilla Sheridon, Julie Kearney, Susan Foster, Rita Zandsberg, Jerome Maddox, Mike Bullen, Lisa Forte, Don Yadiesernia. 3rd Row- Dawn Goto, Kelly-Ann Paul, Maureen Stewart, Betty Prescott, Dawn Faenza, Jenn Lombardi, Sean Reardon, Jen Thomas, Margaret Lewis. Back Row- Beth Hailer, Chris Sousa, Mike Savicki, Scott Lucier. Karen Fortin, Carrie Scheinman, Lisa DePetrillo, Anne Dellacona, Tawnia Wicklund, David Paratore, Marne Perrault, Lauren Manasso, Cheryl Ober, Cheryl Hovey. OEA stands for Office Education Association, and is a group formed for those students participating in one or more business courses. This association enables students who have a business skill to compete at regional, state and national levels. By participating in OEA many members have gained self confidence and an insight into the business world. The group has always done well in the past and it expects to continue to retain its reputation. Each year the business department selectively chooses a group of students for the Administrative Assistant program. Each student must have a recommendation made by a teacher to be eligible. The “student secretary” must have an outstanding attitude, stamina, and excellent office skills. The program is designed to give on-the-job training to students, as well as secretarial help to the administration. Left to right: Lisa Parker, Lisa Scaringella, Sharon Johnson, Terri Chase, Kathy Dacko, Michelle Konosky, Michelle Crerar, Kelly Harkland, Christine Bennett, Kelly Plausse, Julie Kenney, Cindy Papp. OEA • Student Secretaries • OEA I _ DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA DEC L-R Greg Whippen, Joanne Derry, Patti Skehill, Eddie Briolette, Sue Cowen, Bob Beliofatto, Bob Giardini, Mark Gazzola, Tom Carlucci, Pam Washburn, Tina Lipoma, Mark Lomberto, Steve Lewis, Jill Godfrey, Randy Vito, Laura Geromini, Michelle Miatta, Scott Alberti, Jimo Thornhill, Tammy Talamini, Laura Kitch, Laura Kittredge, Suzanne Tosches, Christina Hunchard, David Varjain, Becky Adams, Charlene Thomas, Dan McCahill, Tammy Richards, Peter Malloy, Noelle Lavoilette, Lynne Digiorgio, Kristen Anderson, Cathy Seaholm, Dene Stockberger, Lisa Forte. Distributive Education is a program which offers education in the fields of marketing, distribution, retailing, and merchandising. It also stresses basic business principles, giving students a chance to work and or operate the D.E. Express. In D.E. I, students are introduced to the D.E. Express. After learning its basic operation procedure they are given the chance to work for the store. Placing orders, working the register, promoting sales, proving cash, and taking inventory are some of the operating procedures students must practice. The D.E. II students are concerned with the same principles but are also in charge of store operations and decisions concerning the store. Another part of the D.E. II program involves work experience. Students have the opportunity to be placed at job sites in the local area. Available to students if their schedules are permit it, is early dismissal from school, enabling students to work at these job sites at an earlier time during the day. Every year D.E. students have the opportunity to attend D.E.C.A. Conferences (Distributive Education Clubs of America) where students compete in such areas as merchandising, sales, advertising and retailing. If students perform well at a regional level they advance to the state level competing against other regional winners from across Massachusetts. The top three winners over all in each competitive event will go on to the National Competitions to be held in Atlanta, Georgia this year. Students will meet and compete against students from across the nation, and other countries, too. DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA • DECA 1. President-Eric Cusson 2. Vice-President-Julie Adiletto 3. Treasurer-Denise Colella 4. Secretary-Heidi Bergman 1-Freshmen Class Officers; Jennifer Cataldo, Secretary; Peter Scaccia, President; Dennis Sardella, Vice President; Matthew Friend, Treasurer. 2- Amy Pisani and Laurie Mandeville. 3- Rob Fatta. 4- (back) Tracy Grinnell and David Taranto, (front) Tina Danello. 5- Roy Crandall. 158 FnSM JL | A i:- 1 I OSKEY “86” STAFF alphabetically listed Editors-in-chief: Cheryl Ober Mary Beth Sweeney Margo Tuttle Business Manager: Anne Dellacona Advertisements: Anne Dellacona Chris Foster Promotion and Sales: Traci Digiorgio Karen Friend Staff: Tina Bloemink Jeanine Bonvin Carrie Coughlin Terri Chase Lisa Denommee Kim Dorr Jeanette Duffy April Florio Kelly Flynn Chris Foster Tommy Lee Margaret Lewis Kim Maney - Soph. sports pages Melissa Moseley Joe Orlando - sports pages Joe Patracuollo - copy Eve Pouliot Tammy Richards Patricia Santoro Tina Sorenson Liz Sottile - Soph. sports pages Sue Syngay Steve Tulli Susan Washer - Freshman pages Amy Weidemann - Freshman Kerri Yon Asterisks denote major contributors to Oskey “86’ € • • • • PATRONS Acorn Animal Hospital Angela’s Beauty Salon Dog Lovers Grooming Ficco’s Shoe Store Hair Together Unisex Salon New Life Directions Shirley’s House of Styling Mr. Mrs. David Baker Sonny Betty Anderson Mr. Mrs. Roger Anderson The Blaton’s , Mr. Mrs. Donald D. Bennett Mr. Mrs. Paul Boulanger Elizabeth Briggs Mr. Mrs. George L. Bullen Larry Chase Mr. Mrs. John R. Costello John Anne Covell Mr. Mrs. Charles Dellacona Mr. Mrs. Robert Dorr The Duronio Family Mr. Mrs. George Ehlers Mr. Mrs. Henry A. Ely Mr. Mrs. Leo Fortin Mr. Mrs. Steven Gold Mr. Mrs. James Hansen Dennis Kathy Stillman Congratulations to the Class of 1986. Best wishes to the Class of 1986. Here’s to a bright future! Good luck to the Class of 1986. Best Wishes to the Class of 1986. Congratulations to the Class of 1986. Best Wishes to the Class of 1986. Congratulations, Scott. Congratulations, we love you, Paul! Congratulations, Kristi, we’re proud of you. Best wishes to the Class of 1986. Congratulations best wishes to our daughter, Christine M. Bennett. We love you, Sue. I love you, Heidi! Best wishes Michael and the Class of 1986. Good luck Terri, you’re a good kid. Congratulations to the Class of 1986. Christine, we love you just the way you are! Love Mom Dad. Congratulations best wishes to the Class of 1986. Best wishes, Kim. We wish you the best, Sharon! Laura-you’ve made us very proud! May your life be filled with as much joy as you’ve given us. Go forth with love, Talia. Congratulations, Keith. Mazel Tov, Beth. Good luck, Danny. “CCC” Bound-Coungratulations! From Dad Mom. m • • • 163 Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 Builder Developer m : . i . - Cottage St. in, MA. 02038 1 m A i M t ■ l I fi sj I F. A. Mo I la m mi JP m TTTTTTTTT IIIIIIIII i m REALTOR 1 ANDREW E. BISSANTI Residential, Commercial, Industrial Real Estate And Appraisals Box 332 424 East Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 MUlTini LISTING senvicf 164 R.D. Bixby - ■ f ' - • .i ' I ' Congrn tula tions To The Class ‘ Of 1986 From THE OSKEY ' 86 YEARBOOK STAFF i ■ f 4 ' 4 1 ; ' f- ' S •, ' !; 4 rV ‘ J C i- o voutyt c m THE BOSTON ENVELOPE CO. Congratulates The Class Of 1986 Congratulations Class Of ’86 Jo McDermott Proprietor The Bake Works Wedding Cakes All Occasion Cakes Italian American Pastries 18 Depot Street Franklin. MA 02038 Telephone 528-9001 OSTRANDER REALTY + INSURANCE AGENCY 15 E. Central St. Franklin, MA 528-6161 90 Mendon St. Bellingham, MA 966-1116 CRONIN ' S DONUTS Complete Breakfast And Lunch 7 Days 15 A W. Central St. Franklin, MA ■■■ DDS FRANKLIN DENTAL FAMILY DENTISTRY Good Luck To The Class Of 1986 397 E. Central St. Franklin, MA 328-0610 Phone: 528-8275 Jl ' u .inclcLS BEAUTY CORNER 334 UnioaSt. FrouWia, M4 0203 . Auto Body + 24 Hour Towing Repairs + Service EDMUND ' S AUTO SALES , INC. 847 W. Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 (617) 528-43ll m REALTORS ' IB FRANKLIN ROUTE 140 471 WEST CENTRAL STREET TEL. 528-7200 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986 Mt: } MEMBER: GREATER BOSTON REAL ESTATE BOARD m Congratulations , Margo Core MOM, VAT), AW ' D KJCM RESIDENCE 528-1544 MASTER LlCENSt 7877 346 PLEANSANT ST FRANKLIN. MA 02038 iONUK Al ULAl iuNd THE SEWING DEPOT 301 Union Street Congratulations Class Of 1986 Alterations, Tailoring, Dressmaking TEL. 528-0501 Quality Home Furnishings ASS 80H8 5 54 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 167 American Motors n Jeep Congratulations RENAULT BUICK VENDETTI MOTORS, INC. 411 WEST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS 02038 (617) 528-3450 Farm and Greenhouse Tel. 528-1065 Shop Tel. 528-5518 Est. 1896 RALPH W. COOK SONS 664 East Central Street, Franklin, Massachusetts Of Uj (617) 528-1800 Lorusso Travel Agency 205 East Central St Franklin, MA 02038 Charles R Lorusso Manager Italian American Cuisine 461 West Central Street - Route 140 - Franklin, MA 02038 TEL. 528-4332 RON BUCCHANIO, Owners Chef FORD Congratulations Class Of 1986 PATALANO FORD SALES, INC. 175 East Central Street (Route 140), Franklin, Mass. 02038 Phone 528-0040 — Boston 769-2360 PETER PATALANO President qh§s OzJUmF® ( ulebritji ' ' 6SGfc Best Wishes Class Of ’86 PIERCE CHEVROLET INC. 340 East Central St. Franklin, Mass. 02038 Bus. Phone (617)528-1111 Serving Eastern Mass. From Four Locations. For YOUR Convenience. Franklin Walpole Quincy Waltham Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 Jranklin Paint Cwpanif, Jhtc. P. O. Box F 2SS Cottage St. inuPACTuacas o» SPECIFICATION PAINTS TSL: 017-328.0303 FftANKUN. Mam 02038 Good Luck! JACKSON FUNERAL HOME The Franklin Mill Store 305 Union St Franklin, MA 528-3301 Congratulations Class Of 1986 V 4 i ,1_i m 528-0076 YOUR HOSTS: THE WELIK FAMILY WM’s C oach J4oude f cdtaurant Desr Wishes From PISINI SHOE STORE Franklin ' s Family Shoe Store Main Sr Franklin, MA 528-9152 Congratulations Class Of 1986 HHt jiir [» STYLING FOR WOMEN 8c MEN JOAN LAWLESS. PROP. S EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN. MA 02030 PHONE: 528-1 228 Good Cuck Class Of 86 Compliments Of 3KAMCW JCJQUOKS 1-3 Cast Central St. franklin, MA 02038 528-9802 FRANKLIN SHELL STATION FULLY LICENSED CERTIFIED MECHANICS MA Inspection Station 528-8448 STEVE PRENTICE EAST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MASS Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 FRANKLIN GLASS I COMPANY, INC WAYNE SPENCER. Manager Res. Tel. 883-1685 273 BEAVER STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. BURNHAM’S FRANKLIN MOBIL FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE FRANK J. BURNHAM Proprietor INT. RTS. 495 140 FRANKLIN. MA 02038 MEMBER FTD TELEFLORA franklin florist Sreenkouses DISTINCTIVE FLORAL DESIGNS POTTED PLANTS CROSS STREET AT EAST CENTRAL STREET. FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 TEL. (617) 528-9310 Pest Wishes from wmjzb msjv panzrv 20 W. Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 Open 24 Hours Compliments Of: AGWAY INC. Home, Farm, Garden Store Cottage St. Franklin 528-1333 Uniroyal • Dunlop • Michelin Robert P. Saponaro Joseph Tosti Hi 45 WAVERLY STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 01701 TEL. (617) 872-8861 10 COTTAGE STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 TEL. (617) 528-0342 Best Wishes Class Of 1986 ’Utix-h-WfetcA Paint Wallpaper Center Cross St. at East Central St. FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS 02038 Phone 528-7679 DON ' T LET TUITION With a South Shore Bank HELP loan, qualified students can borrow up to $2,500 . per year. Graduate students up to $5,000 per year. And repayment begins six months after you leave school or graduate. Parents with good credit can also borrow up to $3,000 per year through the PLUS loan program. Since this is a regular installment loan, repayment begins thirty days after the loan is made. For more information, call 847-3223, or visit any of our offices. South Shore Bank. We ' re helping students reach for a higher education ta I0UAI HOUSING LENDER Equal Credit Lender Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation South Shore Banh (617) 847-3100 nHBHHHHi Best Wishes To The Class Of 1986 From LORETTA ' S DECORATING 12 Washington St. Franklin, MA Congratulations And Best Luck To The Class Of 1986 MWAMJN 3KAMCJM SA VfflQS 13AM 58 Main Street franklin, MA 02038 Compliments Of: SKAMjCJK SHS8Z MSZAC, we. 231 Cottage St. franklin, MA 02038 Zhe Magliom 3amity 3cst Wishes Zo Zhe Class Of 1986 ei) ims 0J2ZS 174 l. Jjour Reasons Realty " Complete Real Estate Service " _ rW CROWLEY’S OFFICE SUPPLIES Of itf S upphe Furniture • Art Supplier • School Supplu Computer Supphe ' • T ' peuritcr Repair " A HOME FOR ALL SEASONS " 127 East Central Street, Rte. 140 Franklin, Mass. 02038 528-7414 Realtor I- WEST CENTRAL FRANKLIN MA .TO if 4 iM 7 SJm pOnC Ru ' HN WALNIT SI NEWTON VII.LE. MA iTltO tM7 u: SUO realtor 1 Serving Franklin - Wrentham and Surrounding Towns New Construction • Condominiums MLS @ Re-Sale Listings • Mortgage Service • Appraisals Member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. LIBERTY PACKAGE Good Luck Class Of ’86 Bob Vendetti AUTO ACOUSTICS UNLIMITED 847 West Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 Car Stereos And Installations Security Systems Congratulations ’86 Congratulations ’86 DACEY’S MARKETS £ 7C £Cectzic ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Open 7:00 AM-10:00 PM 7 Days A Week Fine Meats And Deli 345 Lincoln St. Franklin, MA ■■1 N:, NICK LaROSA BOB LaROSA 308 W. CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN. MA 02038 Scott LaRosa sF v... mm 175 MM enJie 823 Washington Street, Franklin, MA 528-0038 TH£ OLDC PRIMT WOP 11 East Central St Franklin, MA 528-5339 528-8146 8:30-5:30 Mon.-Fri. 9:00-1 Sat Design copying Printing Blueprints One Stop Printing Reproduction Service Word Processing Best Wishes r | 1 Tl I To The Class Of 1986 vmmh Brand Names For Less! Franklin Route 140 176 Work Toward A Better Tomorrow CCARK ' S MACC MARK • Hallmark Cards • Picture Frames • Writing Paper • Mugs • Parry Goods • Stuffed Animals • Puzzles • Figurines • Other Fine Gifts Kt. 140 SrankUn Shoppers lair Open: Mon.-Sar. 9:30-5:30 Thurs.-Fri. Til 9 pm. Sun. 12-5 Telephone 528-1142 T J BOWLADRQME, INC. Cocfctald lounge PAUL PICCO President 300 East Central Street Franklin, Mass. •?P Ip Congratulations To The Class Of 1986 SNEAKERS N’ STUFF 944 Main St. Walpole, MA 02081 13 N. Washington St. N. Attleboro, MA 02760 10 Main St. Franklin, MA 02038 320 Union St. Rockland, MA 020370 TEL. 528 5487 DeLucia Construction Co., Inc. FRAMING CONTRACTOR New Homes and Remodeling 1 HERITAGE WAY. P O BOX 126 FRANKLIN. MA 02038 CONSTR UCTION BULLDOZER — BACKHOE SHOVELDOZER — COMPRESSOR Paul E. Boul anger — Excavating — 282 Country Way Franklin, Ma. 528-2046 — mSKSmSSSm AUZO0KAPMS OSKEY. FRANKLIN HI6H SCHOOL 1986-C.3 5S59R

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