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jj., to perform, w honour, to dem grateful and happy satisfaction i engaging in festivities, mdulgejg merrymaking, or other simila from accustomed IrAitine. eviatio ster’s Mcmories-And Von Were Zkere dear and trembling start, Constriction of the heart, dreshmen year dranklin High School, September 19$ J. Alice in Wonderland syndrome exists, “dm late, dm late for a very important dated dirst class dreshmen year. But fall turned to winter, and winter to spring, and dreshmen class discovered a most amazing thing, Jt was enriching, enlightening, and most of all fun. Some battles were lost, but most of them won. End dreshmen year, dune 1982. dor all our four years, our Panthers stood tall. Basketball, football, soccer, hockey-can’t name them all. Zhe Hockomock league knew, all our teams were real cool. Zhe next years flew swiftly, with Prom, studies, and trips. And as we grew in wisdom, we gave other dreshmen tips; Stay out of trouble, dollow the rule, And you’ll have many memorable moments at dranklin High School. Zhe Graduating Class of dranklin High School-1985, wants the whole world to know We’ve loved, cared, listened and all intend to survive. Godspeed to each one of us, keep in touch if you can. WE ve shared many happy moments together, each women, each man. Goodbye—a hard word to say, but friendships will linger, though we each go our own way. Zhank you to dHS administration, teachers, counselors, But most of all to us— Zhe survivors! 2 Kit a Szjaner On May 29, 1982 our first class funcrion, rhe Freshmen Banquet was held at rhe Franklin Elks Hall. The disc jockey played excellent runes all night long, including our rheme song " Knights in White Sarin. " After this great beginning we were all sure there would be more exciting things in store for our class. 4 Sophomore year was exciring for our class. On Moy 3, 1983, we held a successful banquer or the King Philip Ballroom. The hall was . delightfully decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers. Everyone had the rime of his life earing, dancing, and watching the Bruins ' play-offs. 5 For rhe class of Eighry-five, April 17, 1984 was our nighr. All of us rhar orrended rhe Junior Prom or rhe Sheraron Mansfield will remember rhar sensarional nighr forever. The girls in rheir gowns, and rhe guys in rheir ruxedos, danced ro rhe mighry music of " In Pursuir. " Alrhough all of rhe girls looked beouriful, only one girl could be chosen Prom Queen. Lauren O ' Brien was crowned queen, while Karhleen Dorsey, Laura Duffy, Karen Gerrish, and Faye Johnson were her courr. Like our rheme song said, " Our heorrs were on fire. " 6 7 Hs • m 1 P ' [. _ _ P :■ !«■ " ih " puBM ir , - ' M ' .4 h mm k f-f 9 - j ■ -fe | ¥ XL $jfc r ' ;;i " ■ f v s|H 1 ,_ B li ' PNPiMKMflLj f t £0P a. j i -M •ffi -■■. M ,r.. ja Pr •■’ « «■ T r . •• Wm-JA Food, fun, and excitement were the main ingredients of our Senior Picnic. On September 29, 1984, two busloads of singing seniors left Franklin headed for Lincoln Woods Store Pork. Many rook port in o variety of activities, such os touch football, volleyball, capture the flag, and a " rope breaking gome” of tug-of-war. The most challenging activity, however, was keeping your food from falling into the fire. This fun-filled day was the first of many exciting events in our senior year. 11 On October 8, 1984, the class of 1985 assembled in the Junior High parking lor ro embark on rhe annual journey ro Mounr Monadanock. The convoy pulled our or approximately 8:00 a.m., and afrer a few srops arrived or rhe mountain around 10:00 a.m. Afrer a grueling two and a half hour climb, rhe peak of Mounr Monadanock was covered with F.H.S. seniors. High spirits and fun filled rhe air all day. Ir is a day we will never forger! 13 14 15 -— — — V Cheryl M Adorns 156 Foresr Srreer B ioy: 7 25 67 Activities: Dond 1-4 Found w : Corolyn, Michelle, Loro, Trocy. Mike C., Mike L., Kevin, Dove, Decky, Skore Town gong Fov. Memories: Tom Perry ' 82, Moody Dlues or Tonglewood w John, Prom, New Yeors Eve ' 84, Holloween ' 83, 9 22 84, Fov. memories of oil - - - rimes I hod spenr wirh my brorher Rob. Likes: Going our wirh Carolyn, being w Mike, wine coolers, cars, meering new people, chocolore hip-minr ice cream Dislikes: 9 10 84, being embarrassed, being tickled on rhe feer, high class snobs (D.S.), mosr jocks, people who rolls obour orher people, Sam Ambition: To become successful in business Anything Else: Thanks for everything Mom Dad, Rob, I ' m going ro miss you! Scorr Amendolo 630 Washington Srreer D-day: 6 25 67 Activities: Skiing, gerring in a cor wirh Jeff Found w : Mark, Greg, Jeff, Terrence Fav. Memories: Mark ' s parry, Chuck ' s parry, Squoker’s parry, garden ' 83, April vacation, Superbowl ' 82, February vocation ' 83 Likes: Friday nighr parries, hockey gomes, foorboll gomes, Par ' s srories Dislikes: Mondays, driving wirh Jeff, row rrucks, Blue lights, mud slides Fov. Saying: Dod, ir wasn ' t my foulr! Ambition: To own my own resrouronr, ofrer I groduore from N.H.C. Anything else: " Is rhor Par? " Gregory Anderson 16 Foresr Srreer D-day: 10 28 67 Activities: Foorboll 2-4, Skiing 2-4 Found w : Pose, Scorr, Mark, Jeff, Rob, Morr, Orion Fav Memories: Summer of ' 84, 4 16 82, Thanksgiving foorboll gome, winning the Superbowl, 7rh period study " 84 " , Jeff ' s ond Kevin ' s, Conodo skiing rrip, rhe Jade, Sr. bonquer, rhe Springsrein concert " 85 " Likes: rhe beoch, mororcross, skiing, standing in rhe halls berween periods, busring Por, weekends in New Hampshire, Wiers beoch, gerring Phil mod wirh Orion Dislikes: films on Mondays, driving wirh Jeff, gerring coughr, " Deonies " , Par ' s srories, going ro gym senior year Ambition: ro go ro a good college and become on orchirecr Anything else: Sometimes you jusr gor ro soy. Suson Arnold 13 Mackintosh Srreer D-day: 3 27 67 Nickname: Sue Activities: parrying, worer-coloring, Found w : Kelly, Joanne Tom, Eloine, Carol, Louro, Sue, Elizoberh, Kim N., Moureen, Michelle, Fav. Memories: Stevie Roy Voughn ond rhe Moody Dlues, 71 rop, Aerosmirh, Holloween ' 82 3, Corr Rd., rhe controlled environment, comping our, Likes: Jim Hendrix, Dod Company, wearing sunglasses, J.T., Counr Choculo, guys, spending money, drawing wirh Eloine Dislikes: people who con ' r ocr like rhemselves, soph, bonquer, nor having money, Fav. Saying: Good deal. Thor ' s cool! Ambition: To become o beochbum in Californio Anything Else: " The West is rhe besr " Corolyn Alger 300 Chesrnur Srreer D-day: 9 23 67 Nickname: Carol Activities: working Found w : Chris, Kelly, Sue, Joanne Tom, Eloine, Kim and Derek Fav. Memories: Jr. year w Chris, weekends or Chris ' s house, being w Derek, Cope Cod ' 83, Sophomore bonquer, walking into trees, Lizzord ' s Likes: Clouds, rhe color pink, Derek, red converrobles, Druce Springsrreen, buying shoes, payday Dislikes: my brorher living in New Jersey, making decisions, working, rhe Friday nighr or Sr. Rocco’s w Chris and Charlorre, AM radios, gerring coughr Fav. Saying: " Please " Ambition: To hold o koala bear Anything Else: Chris . . . never, never, never again!!! I hore him, I hare him, I hare him!!! Eloine Chrisrine Anderson 14 Elm Srreer D-day: 8 1 67 Activities: Arr I, II, III, IV, I.S. Found w : Kelly, Sue, Robert C., Joanne Tom, Bobby Carl, Carol, Kim N. Fav. Memories: OZZY Dio AC DC Holloween 82 3, Sue ' s pool parry, Cope ofrer rhe prom, Soph. Bonquer, Cope ' 81-4, snowmobiling w Kelly, Sue, ond especially Bobby, Bon Fire ' 82 Likes: OZZY, rhe Doors, R.J. DIO, nice cars, loud music, a good rime, Cope, rubing off our boor, ond drawing w Sue Dislikes: Duncon, Rum Coke, The Pelham House, gym, geomerry class, Hogs ond chewed up ropes Fav. Saying; Quire rhe Awesome! Ambition: To live ir up while I con Anything else: Ir ' s heaven 6 hell, Oh well Liso Marie Arcoro 1 Cleveland Avenue D-day: 3 27 67 Activities: Dancing, cheerleoding, CYO, srudenr council, foreign language club, D.E. I ond II; rreas, ring prom commirrees, Jr. Miss, Found w : Chrissie, Mio, Linda, Richard, ond Fav. Memories: freshman year, Lauren ' s X-mos parry, Oskey ' 82, summer ' 82, soph, year, bonquer, Fb season ond superbowl ' 82, bb season ond parries ' 83, N.Y. 2 17 83 Cana¬ da ' 84, Jr. Prom, cope ofrer, DECA trips, 8 22 84, Franklin vs. Medwoy gome 9 14 84, Jr. Miss, senior year Likes: Long walks, quier rimes, crowded beaches, dried aurumn leaves, kids, ice cream, amuse¬ ment parks, fresh flowers, poetry, dancing, serious rimes, mom ond R.P.D. Dislikes: Lies, goodbyes Ambition: A cozy cobin w my husband kids in o small rown w hoppy people lors of flowers Anything Else: Mio, rwin socks able ro leap rwenry foor bolconies?!?1 Chrissie, woir " rill Sepr.” Mio Arrudo 40 Sourhgore Rood D-day: 8 26 67 Activities: soccer manager 1-3, cheerleoding 1-2, DECA 3-4, OEA 3-4, Oakey 2-4, yearbook ' 84 Found w : Liso, Chrissie, Linda, Korhleen, Rose Fov. Memories: 9 16 83, soccer managing, rwin socks, Forge Hill, Jr. Miss, DECA rrips w Liso, New York, prom Oskey, Sugarloog ' 83 ' 84, narrow guage, lunch roble, rimes w Poul, foorboll gomes, Poul ' s parries, Sr. Rocco ' s ' 83 Likes: good rimes w friends, Rose ' s Comoro, working or Ben, Medwoy DK Dislikes: being lefr behind, siruorions you con ' r ger our of, Blue NOVAS, curfews, people being lore, SAT’s goodbyes Anything Else: Liso, do socks hove twins who con climb balconies? Paul, I ' m only kidding obour NOVAS Brian K. Assad 209 Conlyn Avenue B-day: 2 24 67 Nickname: Sid Activities: hockey 1-4; capr. 0,4, baseball 1-4, golf 0, 4 Found w : Julie, Tim, Chris, Joe, Don, Paul, and rhe rest of rhe gang Fav. Memories: 6 18 82, Bearing Falmourh (in or), Bearing Canron in rhe third game ' 83 G ' 84, S.K parry after bearing Wilmington, Clash concert wirh little Twilee and Chris, Police concert, and Perry Likes: Bobo ' s pep talks, bearing Canron Dislikes: Mondays, baseball practice, math, rain Fov. Saying: What! Ambition: To go to college and be successful at whatever I do Anything else: Thank you Mom G Dad. Jennifer Mary Ballarino 70 South Street B-day: 4 0 67 Nickname: Jen, Dal Activities: softball, 1,2, basketball 1, laundromat Found w : JEFF, Diane, Laura, Deb, JoJo, Paula, Cathy, rhe crew, Berhy Fav. Memories: Being w Jeff, going on missions w rhe crew, Van Halen, Tracks, vain Street, G.S. T4, Parmenrer, 4 18 84. 4-wheeling wirh Kelly, T.P., Donovan ' s parries, 12 0 Likes: Jeff, missions, consuming rhe mighty rails, comping, Stones, Springstee n, Eddie Murphy, bargains, baking in rhe sun Dislikes: superfriends, Allien Man, Forge Hill, Ghosrbusrers, 3 84, having ro pull over on Union Street, evil talk from Sue, Union Sr. circle Fav. saying: I think I will try some Anything else: Diane ga ' head, ga ' head; Laura hold that THOUGHT! Dionne Deerlesrone 670 Oak Street B-day: 0 29 67 Nickname: Di, Carrot, Bed Activities: swimming, bike riding, camping Found w : Carmella, Tracy, Karen, Lynn, Denice, Kim Fav. Memories: sirring in rhe lunch room flicking straw papers into unsuspecting people ' s food Likes: babysitting Dislikes: school Fav. saying: Say What? Ambition: ro be a governess Anything else: Thank you mom for helping me through rhe school years. Denise Bigelow 90 Elm Street B-day: 0 27 67 Nickname: Nise, Biggy, Dee Dee Found w : Karen, Jeff, Kim, Frankie and Stephanie and rhe rest of Medway and D.K. crowd Fav. Memories: Dosron, New Hampshire, staying in Maine, summer ' 80, Jr. Prom, 3 26 80, 0 4 80 ro 5 9 80, 9 22 84 (A H R.) Likes: Being w friends, Bob Seger, 2:10, being a senior, spending rime w a special someone, weekends Dislikes: fake and plastic people, gym, bocksrobers, working wirh T.B., being woke, walking home from Medway, snobs Fav. saying: “Karen, how are you getting home?, No-way, Will you please grow up! Ambition: To go ro Europe and ro rescue Robin from Maine! Anything else: Kim, for rhe last rime, 18 pick up your vasoline!!! Lynn Baker 204 Union Street B-day: 5 26 67 Activities: Foreign Language Club Found w : Dawn, Kerry, Maureen, Jul Fav. Memories: shopping w Dawn, Novo Scoria ' 84, Canads, Hog Island ' 80 Likes: shopping, vacations, Springsteen, sleeping lore, bonfires Dislikes: cold showers, Monday mornings, Chemistry G Physics Ambition: To finally go ro Hawaii Kelly Bassignani 76 Jordon Rood B-day: 12 19 67 Nickname: Baby Found w : Joanne, Elaine, Sue, Tom, Bryan, Carol, Louro, Kim N., and everyone else Fav. Memories: bonfire, B.B., cope after prom, Ozzy, Dio, T.P., Moody Blues, Huey Lewis, Sue ' s pool party, skipping school Likes: concerts, Jim Morrison, partying, cruising, spending money Dislikes: death rides in rhe Morodor, algebra II, fake people, being used Fav. saying: I like it!!! Kimberley Delloforro 05 Moore Avenue B-day: 10 23 67 Nickname: Kim, Kimbo, Bello Activities: DE 1 G 2, field hockey 2, Jr. Miss, chorus 1 Found w : Kim, Karen, Denise, Donna, Stephanie, Doreen, Korhy, Fav. Memories: Prom, summer ' 80, Aerosmirh 8 5 84, New year ' s eve ' 84, Togo 9 1 84, Deco trips, parrying w rhe Millis, Bellingham, Medway, Franklin gong, Jr. Miss Likes: being single, parrying, budweiser, friends, cruising, weekends, purple, senior year, gorgeous guys, 2:10, working, silver Dislikes: immature guys, cold weather, fake people, getting embarrassed, gym, getting up, snobs Fav. saying: What?!, I don ' t think so! Ambition: To go ro secretarial school, be an executive secretory ond go ro Hawaii!! Anything else: I ' d like ro thank my father for everything he ' s done for me, especially rhese post few years. Timorhy Dobolo 2 Cook Street B-day: 8 18 67 Activities: football 2, 4, wrestling 1-4, capr. 0, 4, Found w : Jim, Meek, Sul, John, Kevin and rhe rest Fav. Memories: day 1 1984, superbowl, Collies ' s parries, Chuck’s parries, Perry, Aerosmirh, Rod, summer ' 84, Dennisporr, Doogo ' s parties, gomes or Garden, Keefe rournomenr Likes: 12 oz curls, parries, frosries, winning, wrestling, cruising Dislikes: snakes, Mondays, moving telephone poles, Bud blues, mornings, losing, washing cruisers, snobs Fov. saying: fomoodo, What ' s going on? Ambition: To reach oil my goals ond live happily Anything else: It ' s been real ner R. Dollivor 0 David Rood day: 4 21 67 Activities: Chorus 1, 2, I sewing, working or McD ' s in Wore. Kind w : Dione, Wendy, Nancy, Doo, Iny Fov. Memories: Cruise " 82 " , 11 83, Junior Proms, Riverside, 5rh Ifiod sewing wirh rhe gong, Super I wl ' 82, Monodnock weekend rerreor ' 2 " " 83 " " 84 " , 7rh period parries in 13-84 " Likes: working or McD ' s, going t foorboll gomes, going ro yourh, going npping wirh friends, people wirh a | sirive orrirude, rhe Jets (99) Dislikes: ling lore, people who con ' r occepr ju for who you ore Ambition: ro be I icessful in o career rhar I choose iiything Else: " Hey Laurie! You ' re I nr, Quonriry does vs. Quoliry! " Good Ik ro rhe doss of 85! rphonie A. Driggs II Glen Meadows Moy: 6 6 67 Nickname: Sreph itlvltles: Jr. Prom Comir., yearbook, (A 4, Jr. Miss, Slave Doy, Halloween Ince, Senior Chrisrmos Donquer Found V: Deau, Debbie, Anne, Kelly, Karen, Inny 6 rhe main hall lefr gong Fov ‘mories: Jr. Prom, France, 2 11 84, line w Debbie, 11 18 83, RFM, Beau ' s tall parries, pool parries, X-mos eve sleeping " over Anne ' s " Likes: Beping, summer, hor rubs, sand cosrles, ping wirh Dod, doys w Deau Dislikes: Q-ible srondords, liars, people who t?ar, Mondays Fov Saying: Bunches 6 finches Ambition: To become o poor, fly, go hor oir ballooning, whire v rer rafting, sky diving Anything else: hv ' s Herman? Scorr Kennerh Bourque Milliken Ave. B-doy: 7 2 66 Nickname: Burkie Activities: Foorboll 1, 3, 4; skiing Found w : Bal, Alby, George, Bopey, Griff, Jorz, Gorely, unwonrobles, Don Fov Memories: Holsrey ' s 82 83, new years eve, Ausrrio 84, Rod Sreworr, Summer 84, 7rh period srudy, Cape Cod, Gulf Srorion, Perry " 66 " Impala Likes: Early morning ' s, crazy parries, being wirh my friends, ploying rhe field Dislikes: Prom 84, Franklin’s finesr, rhe day ofrer Fov Saying: Whor ' s up! Where ' s rhe parry! Anything else: Ir goes by fa sH Corherine Ann Brunelli 8 Spring Srreer B-doy: 2 23 67 Nickname: Corhy Found w : Ashley, Louro, Nancy, Lynn, Jen, Jo Jo, rhe resr of rhe girls, and rhe obnoxious ones Fov Memories: Sophomore Banquer, snow doys wirh Nonce, rhe rrocks, Vine Sr., Bowie!?, Aerosmirh, Friday nighr odvenrures wirh Louro, D D W. S., Seover ' s parries Likes: Weekends, all-nighrers, Chevelles, sirring in rhe common and G B , having o good rime Dislikes: undecided mghrs, waking up, pulling over on Union Sr., posies our of my driveway, immorure boys Fov Saying: " I ' ll rell you how sorry I om in rhe morning " Anything Else: The rime hos come ro be gone, n and ro our heolrh we drank o Thousand rimes. Ir ' s rime . . ro ramble on Jill M Duffone 148 Dean Aenue D-day: 12 14 67 Activities: cheering- foorball, soccer, basketball, hockey, comperirion, OEA, Oskey Found w : Julianne, Debi, Colleen, Carla, Marissa, Danielle, Pam and rhe senior guys Fav. Memories: Superbowl ' 82, Dosron Garden ' 83, Sr. Rocco, rimes w Dob, Doubleing w Julianne G Tommy, 10 12 84, w Carla, junior 6 senior year, E.B , Wesr Dennis, Tom Perry, Pod Srewarr, Aerosmirh, Chuck, Colleen G Kevin ' s parries, Carla ' s summer parries, rimes in rhe boar, Cem. in Med w rhe Nancy ' s Likes: laughing, beaches, rans, summer nighrs, G.H., life Dislikes: May ' 84, slammers, undecided nighrs Fov. saying: Ya know whor? Guess Anything else: Thanx for rhe memories, Good Luck ' 85! Karen Marie Caldwell 48 Pheasant Hill Road D-day: 11 14 67 Nickname: K.C., Kare Activities: soccer 1-4, work ar B.F.N.H. 3-4 Found w : Debbie, Laura, Karhy D., Kim, Michael, Doreen, Tracy, Lisa D., Kathleen, rhe soccer reams Fav. Memories: proms, prom nire w Robbie, Celtic ' s day, New Hampshire vacarions- summer of ' 79, snowstorms w Debbie Likes: moror-morors, sunsets, Richard Gere, " An Officer and a Genrleman " , Lowenbrau, $, balloons, fullmoons Dislikes: canoeing w Laura, rriple sessions, getting caught, rhe day after, saying Good-bye Fav. saying: He ' s so gorgeous 1 I ' m so embarrassed! Anything else: Mom G Dad I did it! 20 Thank you for everything! Good Luck ' 85! I ' ll never forger you Debbie 1 Susan M. Bussaglia 69 Crocker Avenue D-day: 1 16 67 Nickname: Sue Found w : Morr, Kerry, Cheryl, and rhe rest of rhe " bunch " Fav. Memories: Jr. Prom ' 84, 3 24 84, parries with Kerry, cruising in rhe Mav. " , freshman and senior year, going ro rhe beach with Marr, RISD classes Likes: rhe beach, 9 30, T.P., jaguars, drawing, painring, RISD (rhe people rhere) Dislikes: nor having an excuse, stalling ar intersections, work, gerring caughr, passes, being early, Kerry ' s monkey, and collapsing beds (remember Kerry?) Fav. saying: I ' ll do ir larer . Ambition: To become a successful arrisr and live in Europe Anything else: Good luck class of ’85! 1 Laura Mary Carmignam 68 Jordan Road Nickname: Mick Activities: varsiry cheerleading 1-4, jamming on my guirar Found w : Jen, Lynn, Diane, Debby, Joanne, Karhy, Ashley, Paula and rhe resr of rhe dudes Fav. Memories: Vein Sr., Parmenrer, Carr Road, Cape afrer rhe Prom, Simon G Garfunkle, Padro G Chicco, missions w rhe crew, Friday nighr ventures, Red camaro Likes: Mick Jogger, staying our lore, rhe Rolling Srones Dislikes: 90° rum near big apple, homereckers, morher ' s lirrle helper, Laundry marrs w Lynn Ambition: ro wing on down ro England w Mick and 1 jam wirh rhe Srones or ro become rich and famous Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad for purring up wirh me these years Stay Alive " 85 " Christopher C. Chobor 897 Lincoln Srreer D-day: 9 19 67 Nickname: Chris, Chobor Found w : Robyn, Eric, Croig, John, Sreve, Scorr, Den, Perer, Rob Fav. Memories: Exchange Program, New York Ciry, Junior Prom, rrip ro rhe Cape, Mr. DeFronzo ' s Trig, doss, 4rh period srudy, Pocono Show, Syracuse Show ' 83 and ' 84, firsr rime on rhe road Likes: Weekends, summers, auro shop, unsupervised srudy, my cars, vacarions Dislikes: Gym, Mondays, English, supervised srudy, Burger King, fav. saying: " I don ' r know! " Ambition: To be a success in life ar whatever I do Anything else: I ' d like ro thank everyone who ever helped me. Also I wish everyone " good luck " in life. Kathleen M. Chambers 5 Grisson Circle D-day: 7 31 67 Activities: Girls J.V. soccer manager-2, Varsity soccer manager-3, Yearbook: phoro ed., rennis manager-3, Found w : Tricia (Dumbee), Laurie (Dumbee), Keeley, Adrienne, Lizzard, Tina Fav. Memories: Prom, Dryanr ' 84, Gardens ' 83, Summer ' 83, New Hampshire, soph, banquer Likes: Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Tournamenrs, being w rrue Dumbees, Dustin’ people, and JEEPS! Dislikes: The rwo C ' s, freshman who acr like seniors, bad impressions, and leaving Fav. Saying: Warch me!, Whar a howl. Ambition: To become a professional darrs player. Anything Else: Good luck Lizzard and Spikael! Thanks C 6 L!! i Diane Chimelinski 75 Alpine Place D-day: 10 5 67 Activities: Grange Found w : Janer, Wendy, Pam, Debbie, Paula, Boo, Amy, Nancy Fav. Memories: Trip ro Spain, Vacarions ar rhe Cape, 7rh per. 83-84 w Janer, Amy, Wendy 6 Nancy Likes: Foorball games, hockey, roller skating, crafts, bowling Dislikes: Hisrory, science, walking ro school Fav. Saying: You ' ve gor ro be kidding! Ambition: To be an executive secrerary Anything Else: Desr Wishes ro rhe Class of " 85 " Edward A. Coloce 45 Evererr Srreer D-day: 10 20 67 Activities: basketball 3-4, girl watching in hall 1-4 Found w : Rob, Joe, Pere, Boomer, Beau, Mart, Dork, Dink, and anybody else who ' s around Fav. Memories: basketball, hoop parries afrer games, Jr. prom, Forge Hill before prom, Newport beaches w Rob ' 84, golf w Brian, Tim, and Boogo, road rrips w rhe guys, parries ar Beau ' s, senior year Likes: being Italian, basketball, girl warching in hall w Rob, Eddie and rhe Cruisers, summers, corverres, making people smile, and jusr having a great rime Dislikes: people wirh no sense of humor, Spanish, Saturday morning practices Fav. saying: Whar ' s up? Ambition: To hosr my own Comedy Show Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad, you ' re both very special. Adrienne Chalmers 19 Brushwood Hill D-day: 1 22 67 Nickname: Ade (no " s”) Activities: J.V. cheerleading 2, rennis 2-3, homeroom represenrarive 2, V.P. of foreign language club, " publications " , Oskey Found w : Paula, Tricia, Keeley, Chambie, Laurie, Janine, Kim Fav. Memories: Quebec, Montreal rrip, Business week, prom and Bosron, days or Cape Likes: Summer vacation, Mr. K; Mrs. L; nighrs ar Janines; Keeley ' s Tr. P. parries, shopping wirh rhe gang. Dislikes: moving, goodbyes, M.C ' s, 10 15 84 Fav. Saying: Wicked, I ' m scared Trish! Ambition: To go ro college, find a good job, and be happy! Anything Else: Me roo, Paula! Keep in touch bumbies! No lipgloss jokes! Stephen R. Chelorri 19 West Park Srreer D-day: 5 28 67 Nickname: Rocky Found w : Paul, Sracy, Jane, Lu, Jack, Sharon, Robin Fav. Memories: Canada ' 83, New Jersey ' 83, Limo ride ro Foxboro, Working ar McDonald ' s over summer Likes: Junk food, wine coolers, nighrs off from work Dislikes: McDonald ' s food, sea food, snobs Fav. Saying: Alrighr rhen! Ambition: Become a manager Anything Else: I DID IT! Mike Cleland 882 Pond Srreer D-day: 10 4 67 Found w : A.J., Paul, Edzo, Joe, Drenr, Richie, Kenny Fav. Memories: On rop of Swear Hill warching rhe clouds rise, down rhe carr roads w Roberr and Joe, down ar rhe casrle Likes: parries, listening ro runes, being w friends, playing rhe drums, Neil Young, " Zep Rules " , Dislikes: preppies, jocks, pep rallies, geomerry, gerring kicked our of Mr. Hinckley ' s class Fav. saying: Come on, I didn ' t do anything Ambition: Learn a trade in elecrronics Kevin B. Collins 1 Brookfield Road D-day: 4 21 67 Nickname: Collie Activities: Baseball 2, golf 2-4; caprain 4 Found w : The Jerre boys, Mark, Srayne, Barzy, Tommy, Jeff Fav. Memories: summer of ' 83 ' 84, Killingron ski rrip, Johnny ' s wipeours, Aerosmirh ' 84, freshman soph, banquets, Chuck ' s graduation parry, Rod Srewarr ' 84 Likes: being loaded, spending money, being w Carla, parrying w rhe boys, hockey games Dislikes: gerring up early Sunday morning, working Friday nighrs, loosin ' my brews, smashing cars Ambition: open my own business, have lots of money Anything else: Thanks for being rhere Ma 21 Michael Collins 102 Conlyn Ave. B-doy: 5 11 67 Nickname: Collins Activities: OSKEY Found w : Moose, Whirey, Kyle, Druce, Dole, Trod ond oil rhe Parryer ' s Fav. Memories: N.H. parries Likes: ro worer ski, ond parry Dislikes: Jocks Fav. Saying: Don ' t worry abour ir Ambition: ro own a woodworking shop Anything Else: I wish ro will rhe return of rhe smoking oreo ro rhe class of ' 86 Robert P. Considine 64 Evererr Srreer B-doy: 8 22 67 Nickname: Rob, Dob Activities: football 2-4 Found w : Eddie, Deou, Perer, Joe, ond rhe resr of rhe gong Fav. Memories: Prom, Forge Hill, Cope ofrer prom, parries over Deou ' s, football, Newport Deoch w Eddie, Summer ' 84 Likes: Football, Eddie ' s jokes, girl worching in rhe hall w Eddie, summer, good moods, making money Dislikes: practice field, people in bod moods, English Ambition: To be happy and successful in onyrhing rhor I do Anything Else: Remember rhe good rimes. Good luck Eddie! Michelle Cormier 54 Pine Srreer B-doy: 5 14 67 Found w : Jeon, Cheryl, Loro, Sondi, Paul, Traci, Riro and Jen-rhe neighborhood gang Fov. Memories: New England Drogwoy ' 82, Van Holen, N.A., May 31, 1984, P.C.D.- Bob T., Electric Avenue, July 4, Jr. Prom- sols beach w Cheryl G Sondi, Likes: Paul, summer, reading, cameras, H.A.- Led Zeppelin Dislikes: cold, goodbyes, Docey Bros Fov. Saying: " Jean, Sray inside rhe cor!” Ambition: To own o bank in Southern Californio Anything Else: Thank you Mom! I love you! Chrissie Ann Correia 59 Deon Ave B-doy: 8 29 67 Nickname: Chris or Crirry Activities: Ring commirree, Jr. Prom commirree, Christmas bonquer commirree, Oskey, Jr Miss, dancing Found w : Lisa, Undo, Jessica, Mio, Korhleen, Krisrme, Lisa G and rhe resr Fov. Memories: freshman year, Lauren ' s porry w M C , 6 27 82, N G T with Lindo, girls, Prerenders ' 84, Jr. Miss 11 , Oskey ' 84, Double Daring wirh Lisa, R G T , baseball gomes, Mio ' s sleepover, 5rh period srudy jr. year Likes: jeans, laughing, dancing Dislikes: endings ond goodbyes Fov. Saying: " I don ' r know!” Anything Else: Thanks doss of ' 85, you ' re rhe best ' Morr Coiron 87 Maple Srreer B-doy: 8 11 67 Nickname: Colry Activities: Foorboll, weekends, fixing my cor Found w : Seovers, Purdon, Bizzo, Desrooch, friends Fov. Memories: Bon fire ' 83, Scarfoce, Moose kegs down rhe tracks, driving Collins ' cor Likes: weekends, meering people, driving my T.S., 26 oz. curls Dislikes: homework, snobs, flor rires Fov. Saying: Yo gorro Love ir!! Ambition: To be successful or whatever I end up doing Rose Morie Coscio 260 King Srreer B-doy: 6 27 67 Activities: D E I ond D E II Found w : Greg, Mio, Paulo, Carlo, Karen, Michelle, ond rhe gang Fov. Memories: Sorurdoy 6 22 84, Junior Prom, freshmen year, buying my Comoro, Franklin vs Medwoy foorboll | gome, rimes wirh Greg Likes: Driving my Comoro oround, clothes shopping, I going ro beaches on hor summer days ond laying in rhe hor sun, dogs Dislikes under rwenry clubs Ambition: Buying o red porsche, gerring married, having rwo kids-a boy G o girl, having lots of money, living in Howoii, ond owning o Ling Ling 22 Ashley Melissa Cosrello 246 Pleasant Sr. D kiy: 10 11 67 Activities: Class Treasurer 1-3, Jr. Miss, Dancing school, Found w : Michael, Carhy, Nancy, Lynn, Laura, Paul S., Kevin, Chug, Sreve, Fov. Memories: Moosekegs, Danquers, parries w Sam G rhem, Proms, rimes w Kevin, being w Michoel, Likes: Michael D., old music, going on trips, Dearies, Jerry Garcia, 60 ' s, " rhe masrer " Dislikes: Fighrs, fake G plastic people, prejudgemenr, Dearies ' jokes, Fov. saying: Oh, I feel so badl Ambition: ro be happy in whatever I do Anything else: People say I ' m crazy, doing whar I ' m doing, well they give me all kinds of warnings ro save me from ruin! -J.L. Susan Curran 15 George Rd. D-day: 12 27 66 Nickname: Sue Activities: Srudenr Council 2, prom commirree 3, rennis 3-4, polo 3-4 (righr Terrence?) Found W : Diane, Danielle, Karen, Debby, Jennifer, Lyn Fav. Memories: Cider mill, NH ' 81, Feb vacarion ' 83, Nanrucker w Di, Thanksgiving eve ' 81, Ed ' s birthday, boar rrips, and Don ' s mosr embarrassing moment Likes: rhose beauriful blue eyes, roses from Ed, good come bock ' s, Jaguars, busring Terrence Dislikes: Nothing Fav Saying: Are you serious? Ambition: ro be successful Anything else: Good luck ro everyone and mom, rhonk you for everything. Lyn Marie Cosrello 17 George Rood D-day: 6 3 67 Activities: Doys V soccer mgr. 3, 4, yearbook Found w : Devi, Tammy, Nancy, Sue, rhe rwo " Patricia ' s " , and Comp Fav Memories: Drian W ' s July cookour, " New Years 84! ' ' , Sandy Neck, Sr. Rocco ' s weekend, meeting cujo, prom 83 G 84, Canada G cruise, 7-21-84, " hor rea”, summer 82, PR w MO; Deb breakin ar P ' s, J Geils, Orion ' s parries, Kennedy w JAM, Sandwich w ream Likes: Freedom, robin, felines, veggies, rimes w friends, Italians, falling srars Dislikes: Sid, sharrered illusions, Summer Sr, pirune maggir, red trucks Fav saying: " Oooh la la, C ' esr un garcon! " Ambition: SANDS. Sracey J. Coughlin 78 Miller Street D-day: 3 16 67 Nickname: Srace Activities: Alliance, Sr. Joes, OEA, Marh ream, National Honor Society, Treasurer, AMSFACT Found w : Eric, Traci, Sue, Karhi, Tami, Anne, Lisa, Lynn, Christine, Maureen, Michelle, Karhy, Tammy and Lois Fav. Memories: Gumby and Pok ey, Miami Deach, " Look! There ' s rhe Srarue of Liberty! ' ' , puddle diving, " don’r suffer . . . rake a pill! " Likes: Srevie Nicks, V.C. Andrews, Garfield (borh TD), diet coke, being myself (TYERILY), always 1988 Dislikes: S-T-A-C-Y!, pessimism, refection, closed minds, quirting (TD), procrasringaring, " rhe year rhar never was " , my roes! Ambition: ro reach rhe end of rhe rainbow! Anything else: Traci-we ' ve been through so much rogerher-Thank you for being rhe besr friend anyone could ever have-iray Gold! Laurie C. Courr 3 Pine Srreer D-day: 1 17 67 Nickname: Druiser, Courrly, Dumbie Activities: Tennis 1-4, Field Hockey 2-4, Srudenr Council, Oskey 3-4, Yearbook Found w : Keeley, Tricio, Adrienne, Chambee, Concha, Chris ' , Lizzard, Mozzola Fav Memories: Tapper Lake 82, Quebec Monrreal, Dusiness Week, Srudenr Gov. Day, Jr Prom, Ocean Ciry 84, all rhe laugh arracks Likes: giving CPR, singing parrioric songs, kissy, and ferrer faces Dislikes: dancing on rabies, guilr rrips, making decisions, and Lou ' s Fav. saying: " who loves you . . . .baby? " Srraighren up and fly righr! 4 dolla please, Redrum Ambition: ro live life ro it ' s full porenrial and look back wirhour a single regrer Anything else: thanks Mom and Dad, and rhanlss for rhe memories class of 85! Christopher M. Daly 8 Shady Lane D-day 12 12 66 Nickname: Chris Activities: foorball 1-4, Winrer track 3-4 Found w : Jim, Terrence, Tom, Jimmy Fov Memories: going ro Division III Superbowl, friends, school Likes: Unsupervised study, foorball games, friends Dislikes: foorball practice, school lunches, people who rhink rhey are awesome, Druggies Ambition: ro earn a million dollars before I ' m 30 years old 23 Richard D ' Amelio 194 Wochuserr Srreer Nickname: Rich Activities: Arr 1-4, Graphics 1-2, D D, Taking Tea, Watching Lore Nighr Found w : Chris A., Den, Scorr, Chris P., Jon, and friends Fav Memories: 8 31, Thar nighr over Jons, R.H.P.S., Prerenders 1-2, Cars, E.C., Police Likes: being carbonated wirh Den, Prerenders, U2, Fixx, Police, Monry Pyrhon Dislikes: Schwer Merall Fov. saying: Whar a silly bunr alborross! Ambition: ro find rhe girl of my dreams in rhe arms of some Scotsmen from Hull Anything else: Yes Den, ir is your nose. John Darling 59 Pine Sr. B-doy: 11 6 67 Nickname: J.D. Activities: Dand 1-4, Portfolio 84-85 Found w : Craig, Chris, Dig Dill, Eric, Tom, Drendan, John F., neighborhood lads, arr room cars Fov Memories: Dearie ' s conventions, 1st Dearlemania, Simon Gorfunkle ' ' 83”, Roger Worers ' ' 84”, Rush ' ' 84”, having my shirr stolen ar Cars concerr ' ' 84”, 1st Cape Trip Likes: Craigs marvelous magic bus, rhe Who, Police, Lore Nighr wirh David Lerrerman, Larry Dud Mellman, Dearies Dislikes: babies rhar scream in rhe nighr, boredom Fov saying: ya know, you look mar velous Ambition: ro hove 52 billion dollars Anything else: I ' d like ro soy rhank you on behalf of rhe group and ourselves and I hope we passed rhe audition. Drian Keirh Demers Activities: Arr, Thought, Medirarion, Dop, walking, hiking, climbing, listening ro music Fov Memories: people and sruff Likes: Arr, Thought Medirarion, Wisdom, Spirituality Dislikes: Ignorance (Anyrhing negative: Prejudice, Hare, Ere.) Fov saying: Ignorance is rhe only evil and knowledge rhe only good. Ambition: Oneness-Deing Anything else: DE WHO YOU ARE, DO WHAT YOU MUST TO DE WHO YOU ARE AND HAVE EVERYTHING. " It’s funny how rhey shoor you down when your hands are help up high, and you open up your heorr and soul bur rhar ' s nor enough for most . . . " THE ALARM Paula Dill 6 Mechanic Place B-doy: 3 4 67 Found w : Marr, Dave, Deb, Lisa, Pam, Dianne, Rob, Roland, Rich, Laura, Pere Fav Memories: 10 21 83, rhe prom, Woonsocker w Lisa 82, Endless Saturday nighrs wirh “rhe crew”, rhe view, sirring in rhe snow w Lisa ar rhe side of Kings parking lor, cruising in a whire Ford pickup G weekend of 82-84 Likes: being w Morr G friends, summer nighrs, weekend nighrs, people w o good sense of humor Dislikes: Mondays, feeling lost, being broke Fov saying: Thank God ir ' s Friday, I waired all week for rhis Ambition: ro be successful and happy in whatever I do and do everything humanly possible ro achieve ir Anything else: Thanks mom and dad. Worch our 24 class of 84, 83, ere. I ' m our! Debra A. D ' Amico 511 Union Srreer B-day: 3 23 67 Nickname: D ' Amic, Dubby, Zebbi Activities: Cheerleading 3, 4 Found w : Danielle, Diane, Jen, Laura, Paula, Jill, Nancys, Lynn, Ashley, Julienne, rhe guys Fov Memories: rimes up Parmenrer w crew ' 82, Rocky Point, Sundays w Jill, Chuck ' s, Willie ' s grad, My Dros, rhe Garden games, dying w Diane, rhe Duplex w rhe girls ' 84, rimes up DP Likes: HOCKEY, Mustangs, Sunsers, gold, my 2x4, pink, anyrhing natural Dislikes: hockey refs, bod moods, fighrs w Johnny, rheives, dukes Ambition: ro make life fun never be old! Anything else: Paula, rhis isn ' r a one way is ir? Joe, I love you Joe! If I could fly.Someday Karhleen Davin 25 Parliamenr Drive B-doy: 12 2 67 Nickname: Karhi Activities: OEA, Foreign language club, Marh ream, AMSFACT Found w : Traci, Sracey, Sonjalea, Lyn, Christine, Karhy, Michelle, Sue, Tami, and Anne Fov Memories: Summers in Florida, Dayrona Deoch horels, race weelss, Rose O ' Grady ' s, meeting Eagles or Red Sox games, Oh my God, Ir ' s a furnace!! Likes: Traveling, Florida, MDSC, Dosron College and 22 Dislikes: fighrs, fake friends, being lore, losing Fov saying: Karhy-so how do you feel today? Ambition: To be rich Anything else: Traci, I hope you always ger whar you wanr and you never change. You are a great friend. Kevin Diehl 45k Easr Park Srreer Activities: parrying, working Found w : people Fov Memories: parrying, weedy hill, Florida, racing w Nancy, Jeff, and Rachel Likes: cars, working, parrying Dislikes: snobs, " some teachers” Fov saying: Don ' t rell me whar ro do. Ambition: To make money Anything else: " I can ' t wait” Lisa DiMarrino 115 Conlyn Ave. B-doy: 5 1 67 Nickname: DiMar, Liska Activities: soccer 1-4, sofrball 1, 3, 4, OEA 3, 4, srudenr secretary Found w : Kim, Karhy, Karen, Laura, Amy, soccer girls, Karen M., LuAnn Fov Memories: summer 84 w LuAnn, going ro rhe beoch, OEA in Wakefield and Indiana, movies w LuAnn G Deb, Mary ' s bacherlerre parry, Mary G Richards wedding, End Zone w TK, Menize ' s class wirh Amski Likes: being w friends, going places w LuAnn, full-moons, Romance, cure buns, cool spring mornings, aurumn foliage, rhe mountains, Dislikes: goodbyes, jealousy, losing soccer games, hurring someone ' s feelings, being embarrassed, rain Fov. saying: Vicious Ambition To become very successful in rhe business field Anything else: Mom G Dod I love you! Good luck class of " 85”! Lyn A DiTondo 430 Pond Sr B-Doy: 7 20 67 Activities: Nononol Honor Society, Math ream 1 tutor, OEA, Yearbook, Sr J, AMSFACT Found W : Lisa, Pick, Korhi, Sue, Lynn, Srocey, Maureen, John, Mark, Lisa, Chnsrine Fov Memories: MASP, W2, meeting Chris K, yesterday summers 81 82, NH 82, rimes w Kevin, Seger G Dosron w D, Journey, seeing Par, marching w Pon, Donnie, and Kevin, the proms. Mom ' s wedding, Canada, Mrs L’s classes, THE food fight w L, the WG weekends, the rose Likes: honesty, being in love, my car, DN, marching, slow dancing, DM, my family, good conversations Dislikes: LIES, closed minds, being called Lynda, missing people, Ambition: to go our w D, to moke my " hour upon the stage " be heard Anything else: Deny that anything is futile CTOE—stay close Love Eric Maureen Frances Dolan 18 Mackintosh Pd. B-doy: 12 22 67 Nickname: Mo Activities: tennis 2, Track 3, 4, crosscountry 4, Foreign Long. Club 1-4, Marh Club 2-3, Moth tutor 3 Found w : Kerry, Susan, Michelle, Karh, Lyn, Srocey, Lynn, Christine, and the resr Fav Memories: Maine ' 83, Quebec ' 83, meeting P.E.M., Cope, Yes w C G K, New York, concerts ' 83 G ' 84, Wesleyan, beochdoys Likes: Sunshine, laughing, being w my family and friends, David Dowie Dislikes: Boredom, goodbyes Ambition: To be hoppy ond to moke others happy Michael E. Doherry 31 Conlyn Ave B-doy: 1 29 67 Nickname: Dork Activites: Daskerball 1, 3, 4, Student Council 2-4 (Pres 4); marh tutor Found w : Main Holl Left Gong (Hutch, Dink, Flyod, Deou, Pete, Eddie, Jis, Mart, Dlupus Fov Memories: Darrocade 84, bearing Stoughton, hoop gigs, Springsteen 81684, Summers in Vo, Junior yeor, beer-hunter or 30, 2 or :03, Likes: sleeping, luggage, DHP, my guitar, Druce, the omegomobile, talking to Kerri, Woody Allen, being o senior, McDonalds, DSOTM SI WD, Dislikes: the day after, being told whor happened, getting up, falling down mountains Fov. Saying: " Relax " or " Dur anyway " Ambition: to go to the moon Anything else: Hutch you ore the donut! and sorry about the grease Paula M Dolge 21 Pheasant Hill Pd B-doy: 6 7 67 Nickname: Paula Found w : Bobby, Boo, Stacey, Adrienne, Melissa, Sreph, Kathy Fov Memories: Jamaica ' 84, Cope Cod, Penn., Ocho Rios w Bobby Likes: Bobby, fireplaces, snow, sunsets, roses Dislikes: long distance relationships, goodbyes Fov Saying: You know what I mean Ambition: to turn my dreams into realities Anything else: Me too, Adrienne! Thanks Mom and Dad L Colleen Marie Donovan 5 Pine Sr. D-day: 3 21 67 Nickname: Donovon, Coween Activities: Basketball 1-4, Sofrball 1- 4, Field Hockey 4 Found w : Sue, Carlo, Marisso, JuliAnne, Jill Jonine, Lynn, Joanne, Ashley, Danielle, Pom, Senior Guys Fov. Memories: my parries, Carlo ' s summer gigs, prom Cope after (Carlo ' s shorcur), BRUCE TP, NYE 2-4, Paul ' s house, quarries, N-Deca (MGM), WH or 3 amp hydronr, Likes: BRUCE, Being w my friends, Pam ' s house, the Ford, laughing, mirro mowo, Tommy Dislikes: Srop Signs, courr, SLAMMIN, saying goodbye, and Exir 17 Ambition: ro see Bruce from the 4rh row for less rhon $120.00 Anything else: Class of 85, someday we ' ll look bock on rhis and ir will oil seem funny—B.S. Croig Dowley 6 Sohlin Circle D-day: 9 12 67 Nickname: Dooley Activities: Arr 1-4, Found w : John, Tom, Drendon, Eric, Dill, and orher assorted psychopaths Fav. Memories: Rodney, rhe door smashing incident, our parries, Junior proms 84, The Cars, Cope trips, junior year, Aerosmirh, summer of 83 84 Likes: having rhe nicest cor in Franklin, parrying, my magic bus, summer, $, cruising, rhe beach, days off, parry, heorries, arr Dislikes: People who don ' r worch where I ' m driving, whiries, working weekends, SAT ' s, $, pain, my yearbook picture Fav Saying: Hommono, Hommono Ambition: ro moke enough money ro moke people nauseous Anything else: " An in rhe end, rhe love you take is equal ro rhe love you moke. " Hey guys, irs been real, ler ' s do ir ogoin sometime. Korhleen Mary Dorsey 2 Brian Rood D-day: 12 10 66 Activities: Soccer 2-4, track 2-4, gymnastics 1, soccer manager 1, cheerleader 2 Found w : Doug, Krisrine, Mio, Chrissie, Hope, Srephonie, Undo, and rhe " soccer girls " Fav. Memories: June 18, 1983; proms and banquets w Doug ; rimes w Krisrine; Cope ; 8 22 84; Oskey ; Sugorloof- Norrow Gouage; Worerville, Christmas Eve ; Mia ' s sleepover-Ellie ; Jersey Shore Likes: Hairy legs and B ' s, dork eyes, chocolate ice cream, nighr soccer gomes, money, presents, skiing, poerry Dislikes: Being colled Karhy, compus runs, rriple sessions, gerring up, braces, gossipers, double dares, heavy conversations, people going in my room Ambition: ro become o college groduore Anything Tina L. Driscoll 126 Royal Cr. D-day: 1 22 67 Nickname: Tuna, Scandal Activities: work, cruisin ' w Sisu, Dancing, Junior Miss Found w : Karen, Michelle, Talio, Danielle, Carla, Paula, Carolyn, Sisu Fav. Memories: 3 24 84, Karens parries, Prom w Tim, Lake Pearl (rhe spor) 5 12 84, 6 16 84, quarters or Sreves, 7 6 84, Michelle ' s 2 weeks Carolyns ' " parry " , drive-in, Rod Srewarr, Elron John, 6 4 84 w JC Likes: singing w Talia “yeah " , " Down Town " , friendly people, breaking inro Lake Pearl Dislikes: depression, 1 nire stands, Michelles driving, 90% junior girls Fav Saying: Thar ' s a good deal Ambition: ro marry a nice rich guy Anything else: Mom Dod I love you, thanks Good luck Talia, " Missing You” Luv, Laura A Duffy 34 Pheasanr Hill Rd D-day: 12 10 67 Nickname: Laura Duddy Activities: Soccer 1-4, basketball 3, warching Susan scheme 3-4 Found w : Susan, Karen, Deb, Kelly, Joanne, Sue, Elaine (musicians) Fav. Memories: Junior Prom 84, Bellingham Prom ' 84, Eric, Our w Eric, Susan and Joe, meeting Andy Summers, Police ' 83, Celtics w Koren, Old Orchard in April ' 84, New Years Eve ' 83, Art w Elaine Likes: Surfin ' , Beach Boys, Old Orchard Beach, Police, Sting, U2, Boston, S.B.D.s, Chester, musicians Dislikes: Garage doors, canoeing w Karen, triple sessions, running, sunburns, Newport Cliffwalk on bike, Mr. C ' s Alg II class Ambition: Malibu Anything else: Tea in the Sahara with Chesrer-Huh Susan!? Kathleen J. Dunn 58 Pheasanr Hill Rd. D-day: 12 9 67 Nickname: Kathy, Karh, K.D., Dunzo Activities: Soccer 1-4 Co- captain 3, CYO 1-4, Delegare 3, working, AMSFACT 3, 4 Found w : Laura, Amy, Lyn, Karen, Paula, the Lunch crowd, the " soccer girls " , Rico ' s gang Fov. Memories: Jr. Prom G Cape 83 with Joe, Jr. Prom 84 w Kevin, banquets, Lake Pearl, doubling w Lynn and P.J., Ski Trips, Point Judith w Louren, cruisin w rhe gang Likes: beaches, sunsets, midnight swims, roses, long talks, honesty, lifeguards, considerate people, and “knowing where I stand " Dislikes: injuries, crutches, triple sessions, noncommunicators, monsters, dobermons, ond goodbyes Ambition: To realize all my dreams and make them a reality. Anything else: " Frisbee anyone? " A special thank you to my Mom and Dad, and family for everything; " I love you all! " Paula J. Durrand 48 Oak Street D-day: 10 21 67 Nickname: P.J. Activities: Oskey 81, Jr. Miss, D.E. 1, President, football manager Found w : George, Jars, Joanne, Jen, Laura, Deb, Yellie, the guys Fov. Memories: Prom 82, 83, 84, New York with G .M., D.E. trips, Austria, Halloween 83, Chucks, Missions, Von Halen, Rocky Point, Worcester Store, Par ' s games, being with George, Floyd! Likes Summer, California Coolers, tans, skiing, sunsets on the beach w rhe one you love Dislikes: MOMBA, superfriends, phoney people, liars, being stood up (New Years), girls who chase my boyfriend, snowmobiles Fov. saying: Cure! Ambition: Live a happy life to its fullest! Anything else: Hey, Debbie its a one way! Look our Sherri! Tommie Ellis 3 Cottage Court Found w : Laur, Beverly, Pam, Carolyn, Lisa, Donna and all the group at the farm Fov. Memories: Senior year 84, 83 Christmas parry, horse show 7 21 84 Likes: horses, boo to, a good rime, movies, being a senior, being w friends, blizzards, MGM ' S, cars, summer Dislikes: gym, getting up early for school, snobs Fov. saying: " uh, huh”, " yup " , " o.k. " Ambition: to someday buy o big horse farm and raise Appaloosa horses Rick Dunham 196 E. Cenrrol Sr D-day: 1 7 67 Nickname: Ricky Activities: Soccer 1-4, Moosekegs, and Indoor Soccer, Found w : Gary D., Rob D., Rick R., Leslie, Carol, and Mary D. Fov. Memories: Bearing Foxboro, going to Boston with the boys, Richie B., L-88 or the Centrum, parries at Bernier ' s, Carol getting a ran, Cape weekends w Leslie and the jacket for 2. Likes: Playing soccer, parrying, L-Rock, Beach parries, Sandwich, and parrying at the Cape. Dislikes: Passes, Mondays, Sunday Morning Practices, snobs, cynics, and authority. Fov. saying: Go for it! You gotta love it! Sounds like a problem! Hey, Bud, let ' s parry Ambition: To be successful at whatever I do. Anything else: Carol rake a shower!, Leslie, where ' s the bathroom? Tracy Ellen Dunn 60 Partridge Street D-day: 10 28 67 Found w : Andy, Carmella, Dianne, Donna, Karen and Kathy Fov. Memories: 10 29 82, Junior Prom 4 17 84, Andy ' s Senior Prom 4 21 83, Dob Seger " 83 " , Van Halen " 84 " , The Cars " 84 " , Rick Springfield, Rush, 9 3 83, Christmas " 84 " , New years Eve ' 82 Likes: Being w Andy, spending money, weekends, Chinese food, summer vacation, Newport Beach, 6rh period study w Donna G Paula Dislikes: getting up for school, homework, working on weekends, Sunday nights, being broke Fov. saying: Don ' t worry about it! Ambition: To become on Executive Secretary G live a happy life Anything else: Thanks Andy, for everything. Tracy L. Durfee 29 Oak Sr. Ext Nickname: Durfbag Activities: D.E. I, D.E. II Found w : Kim, Karen, Betsy, the Marshall ' s crew (old and new) Erika, Billy Fov. Memories: Rod Stewart ' 84, Billy Squier ' 84, Biology ' 82, Word Processing period 1, D.E trips Likes: Money, going to . . . hockey games, Maine, warerbeds Dislikes: People who are stuck on themselves! Teachers who think they are never wrong. Immature seniors! Being caught unexpectedly. Fov. saying: " What? " Ambition: To be happy in whatever I do Anything else: Thanks to my family. I love you Mom and Dad. Good Luck Erin. Laura Ann Emery 65 Pond Sr. D-day: 1 4 67 Nickname: Lau Activities: Pre-School, working at Franklin Answering Service Found w : Deb, Laura, Pam, Paula, Pam, Deb, Tracy, Kim, Tammie, Jen, Michelle, Donna Fov. Memories: Florida ' 81, 82, ' 83, ' 84, New Years ' 84, Dill ' s parry ' 84, Halloween ' 82, Hockey ' 82, English w Pam and Laura 9, 10, 11 Likes: Birds, Roller Skating, Swimming, Squirrels, Eddie and the Cruisers, Kahlua Dislikes: Snobs, English, Football, gym Fov. saying: What ' s up, Funky, Hurred Ambition: To be Successful Anything else: I am our of here! " 85 " Ma, I made it! good luck Mike, Alan, Paula 27 Kevin M. Ficco 55 Anchorage Rood D-doy: 1 7 67 Nickname: Feek, Ficco, Jerry Activities: Curling 12 oz. buds, going ro rhe Grateful Dead, Keeping Mr Quinlan ' s job exciting Found w : Sreve, Chug, Jim M, Dope, Mike, Barry Fav Memories: Freshman year, Moose kegs, Dead shows, Santana 80, Saratoga 84, Binges with Mike, Steve, ond crew, corrroods with rhe obnoxious 4 Likes: Raccoons, snow storms, Cope Cod, all- nighters, being w friends, Jerry Gordo, rhe woman folks, living, rhe Allman Brothers Dislikes: worm beer, Franklin ' s finest, rhe Cadillac ranch, unexpected nights in cars Fav saying: “come on " , Hey, what ' s up Ambition: ro win megobudss Lynn Susan Fonrenarosa 16 Stanford Rd. B-day: 7 4 67 Activities: cheerleoding 1-4, GS 1-4 Found w : Laura, Joanne, Carla, Paula, Colleen, Marissa, Nancy ' s, Ashley, Rachel, Kelly, Debi, Cathy, Jen Fav Memories: Colleen, Carlo, ond Chuck ' s parries, T.P., Rod Stewart, Bowie, Weedy ' s hill, Vien Sr., adventures w Psychedelic 4, Proms, Forge Hill, rimes w Poul Likes: being w friends, consuming, Led Zeppelin, thinking, all nighrers, Fleetwood Mac, making clothes, rime 6 little kids Dislikes: Pom ' s parries, undecided plans, accidents, Bellingham cops, waking up Fav saying: Hey you guys! Ambition: ro be happy ond successful in life Anything else: I ' m nor goin down rhe laundry shoor! Laura, where ' s Laura? David C. Fording 501 Old Form Rood B-day: 2 18 67 Activities: Football 1-4, Copt. 4, Basketball 1-4, Student Council 1, Notional Honor Society 0, 4, OEA, Hockomock League Model Senate 3,4 Boys Store 3, AMSFACT Found w : Moin Holl left gang, Class of 84 Fav Memories: Soph year, Superbowl ' 82, Symmes field, Great White Shark w John, Chuck ' s gigs, ' 84 prom, Dover P.D. w Dupe, ' 84 grad. Standing ' s accounting class, Perry, Quebec Likes: Conservative Republicans, Elvis Costello, The Clash, B in rhe C, windy, autumn Sunday afternoons, controversy Dislikes: Liberal Democrars, under pressure, violent drunks, heavy merol, power 44 left Fav Saying: Easy there, pal Ambition: To become commander of rhe Starship Enterprise Anything Else: Whor hove we got? John P. Foster 48 Pine Srreer B-day: 5 24 67 Activities: Speech Team 1-4, Tennis 1-4, AMSFACT 3-4, School Committee Rep. 4. Found w : Rich, Mark, John, " the neighbors " " the dudes " Fav memories: rhe prom, canoeing in Canada, Hockey playoffs, Comp Rich, Nationals, MASP summer- Forbes Hall, Roth ' s Camp, phases w " rhe neighbors " , " Oh Dod, Poor Dad " , trips w Rich G RD (UMass DC?) Likes: cruisin, sunny days, sailing, s-d ' ing w friends, weekends, xx, death roads, Sonnet 116, laughing ' til it hurts Dislikes: Rich ' s puns, nor having rhe cor, double¬ foulring, Fund-raisers, big decisions, unexpected expenses Ambition: To live 2 Q in Mayberry w AG 6 Paul Anything else: Thonlis so much Mom Dod Daniel P. Foley 5 Eagle Drive B-day: 5 24 67 Nickname: Floyd Activities: Daskerball 1-4,■ copr. 2, Class Pres. 3-4, NHS 3-4, OEA 3-4, Tutor 4 Found w : CHRIS, Main Hall-Left Gang Fording, Dorkums, Hurch, Beau, Boomer, Coloce, Sousa, Kennefick, Considine, and Jerome. Fav Memories: rimes w Chris!, Oskey, Cape, 5 4 84, Beau ' s, gigs, Quebec ' 83, Prom, Sen Bonq. ' 84, concerts, Srandring ' s doss. Likes: CHRIS!, Giggin’, success, weekends Dislikes: Girls who ore different just for attention, Sun. practices, decisions. Fav. saying: Thor ' s fine w me. Ambition: To own a business and enjoy life. Anything Else: Thanks ro my family. Good Luck ' 85! Denjomin Bryce Franklin 465 Dailey Drive B-day: 5 18 67 Nickname: Ben, Coop Activities: Soccer 1-2, Crurching 3, Art T 4, Reps 2-4 Found w : Pru, Jake, Dove, Rich, Bonz, Arr room people, people from up North and Mountain Dew Fav memories: Thumb walk ro Hoprown w Pru, Open Game ' 83, Twisted Sister ' 84 rwice, Rocky Point, Likes: Bandannas, MS, TFS, HM, mirrored shades ond rhe Benefits, Arr, poerry, writing, long hair, rain, Dislikes.- Authority, hospitals, short hair (especially on girls). Chemistry, broken mirrors Fav Saying: Dew it up Ambition: To continue having fun Anything else: " Joke, get up!” Theresa Jean Fraser 29 West Park Srreer D-day: 9 1 67 Nickname: Terri, Te Found w : Kelley, Lori, Carla, Paulo, Shelly, Corhy, Joe, Dave, Tina, Andy and Sreve Fav. Memories: VAN HALEN, TOM PETTY, Summer 84 w Kelley, Times w Don Penny, Times w Carhy, Milford, 9 24 82, Bonfire 82, Typing 2 w Paula, Shelly and Lori. Likes: rhe ocean, T.K ' s neck, Mrs.Bloom and California chickens, V.H., eyes, Herby, The Eagles, Puppy, hockey games,,, skating and Kangi Dislikes: Rainy days, when Lori says, " I hare her. ' ' , snobs, people who rhink rhey are berrer rhan others Ambition: To be happy Anything Else: I Love You Mom and Dad Nancy M. Gautreau 397 Oakland Pkwy. B-day: 2 22 67 Activities: Cheerleading 1, 3, 4, Student Secretary 3, 4, O.E.A. 4, Found w : Nancy, Rachel, Lynn F, Devi, Dave, Lyn C. Tammy, Ashley, Stacy, Kerri, Fov. Memories: rhe Prom + Cape 84, chucks parries, rhe squirrel, good rimes w Bobby, rhe cem. w J.J.N., Pizza D Mission, Rod, Living over Yodas, coloring 84, my shrink, K V parry Likes: true friends, roses, gumby, candles, sunsers, Gerrad ' s laugh, rhe dry, Fleetwood Mac, $ Ambition: win Megabucks! Anything Else: never again! Richard J. Frongillo 519 Coronation Drive B-day: 8 28 67 Activities: Soccer 1-4, Track 2-4 Marh Team 3-4, Marh Turor 3- 4, Nor. Honor Society 3-4, Newspaper, Amsfacr 3-4 Found w : John, Perir, Paula, The Team Fov. Memories: Prom " 84 " , Soccer Tourney " 82 " + " 83 " , UMass trip Likes: Soccer, winning big gomes, Summer Vacarion, camping Christmas w my family, Paula Dislikes: Sunday morning pracrices, Foxboro, Ml A A, Losing To Duxbury, Fundraisers, Shakespeare, Tuesday Period 2 Fov. Saying: No Gurs, No Glory Ambition: To find Webster Anything Else: Thanks Mom and Dad! Michael P. Gannon 5 Flynn Road B-day: 5 5 67 Nickname: Mike Activities: Ski trips, Hunting, curls Found w : Bullhead, Cape Cooker, Neighborhood, B house crowd Fov. Memories: Junior year, Moose keg, Bizzo ' s parries, cruisin ’, ski trip, snow storms, trips with Bullen, Laurie ' s house, shack Likes: cool people, parries, cheeb, pops, women folk Dislikes: uncool people, getting up, Franklin ' s Finest Fov. Saying: Sweetie, Fried dough Ambition: To succeed in life Anything Else: When Eagles fly with rhe doves and you can ' t be with rhe one you love honey, love rhe one your with. Ernest B. Gorriry IV 55 Southgate Rood B-day: 11 16 66 Nickname: Beou Activities: Varsity Basketball 3, 4, student council 3, 4, O.E.A., Jr. Prom Committee, Recreation Basketball coach 2-4 Found w : Stephanie, Main Hall Left Gong (Hutch, Peter, Dork, Dink, Foley, Sousa, Boomer, Coloce, Rob, Jerome) Fov. Memories: Canada, O.E.A. trip, Puberty, Doing dishes, rhe oasis, rhe Pyramid, SAM, bearing Stoughton, R-N- ing w luggoge in rhe Omega Likes: Stephanie, Accounting I, Bob ' s class, sleep, money Dislikes: Moth, Communists, Sunday Morning Practices, Basketball tryouts, one piece bathing suits Ambition: Fly, Sky Dive Anything Else: See you boys in Jail Julionne Geer 145 Pleasant Srreer B-day: 4 27 67 Activities: Cheerleading; football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and competition, DEC A, oskey, OEA Found w : Jill, Coween, Carlo, Morisso, Yellie, Debi, Pom Fov. Memories: Coween, Collie, G Chuck ' s parries, Superbowl ' 82, Garden ' 83, Nights in de Noximo, doublin ' w Jill G Bob, P.R., P.I., Worehom, Rocky Point (Flume), Bruce, DECA (M.G.M.), Cemerory w Noncy G Jill, Quorrys, Carlo ' s summer gigs Likes: Summer, Joner, Pom ' s house, weekends, Slommers G Tommy. Dislikes: May ' 84, boring nights, working, skydive w Corlo. Ambition: To hove o full life Anything Else: Jill, rhey don’t hove any onion rings . . . 29 Joseph Paul Geromini 185 Plain Srreer D-day: 4 3 67 Nickname: Joe Activities: Basketball 1-4, Spring Track 2- 4, Cross Country 2-4, Class V P 1-4, Dud- Squad Found w : Gerch, Rich, Earl, Don, Dooga, Paul, rhe Italian + the Senior girls Fav. Memories: U Mass, Running, Chuck ' s parries, Cape " 83 " , Prom, Soph Danquer, Dooga ' s parries, Molla ' s Shack ' 81, Paul G Colleen ' s NY eve parries Likes: The Clash, some of Gerch ' s humor, Hockey games, winning, racing, Coach Geysen, girls w class Dislikes: Losing, driving w Donald, crurches + casrs, The resr of Gerch ' s humor Fav. saying: Whar? Ambition: To own a Running and Fitness Center,- run for Nike Anything Else: Thank you Mr. Merhor for all your hard work. Good Luck " 85 " . Paul D. Gerchell 134 Peck Srreer B-day: 2 26 67 Nickname: Gerch Found w : Dooga, Donald, Earl, Molla, Cid, and rhe resr Fav. Memories: 9 5 84, Springsteen, Gerch and Dooga keg, T.P., doughnurs 3 a.m., bonfire ' 83, prom ' 84, Cape after " Carlo ' s shorrcur " , gold, skully ' s rrons am, gerring busred up rhe new rood, rhe doba Likes: Springsteen, Pam ' s parries, G G M special, on rhe dark side, rhe Curias, Molla ' s shed, J.C. parries Dislikes: car payments, hirring parked trucks, snobs, McDonalds, Doogas stereo, hoop rriours, ALL of Joe G ' s Humor Fav. saying: relax " Donald ready " Ambition: ro own a Lambreguini Anything else: Dooga, we don ' r have rime for this guy. Liso Giannelli 150 Dean Avenue Activities: horseback riding, swimming, working Found w : Karen, Ari, Weliks crew, Lauren, Linda, resr of rhe gang Fav. Memories: Florida 84 w Karen, rrail rides w Koren, Junior Miss, Concerts, parries over Paula ' s, Saturday nights ar Weliks, cruising w Koren, Junior 6 ending up " God knows where! " Likes: animals, parrying w friends, snowstorms, helping people, cruising, no school days Dislikes: fake people, cheerleaders, Jocks, escorrs ( " Crash " ) Fav. saying: " rake a picture, ir losrs longer " " Promises, Promises " Ambition: ro be o veterinarian Anything else: Ger me our of here! Wendy A. Gillespie 14 Haversrock Rood D-day: 11 08 67 Activities: Working or Papa Ginos, sewing Found w : Joner, Dionne, Amy, Nancy, and rhe P.G. gang Fav. Memories: Summer of 81 in Indiana, Florida, Perry " 83 " , Maine w Amy " 83 " , summer 84 in D C. w. Noncy, 7rh per. srudy 83 84, September 22, w Laurie C " 84 " Likes: Working, going our wirh friends, traveling, Lorie ' s parries, spending money, Squire, Stones, Perry Dislikes: gym, English, dishonesr people, snobs Fav. saying: " Why me " , " Shur up " Ambition: To be successful ond happy Anything else: " Good luck ro rhe doss of ' 85 " Karen Lee Gerrish 10 Moryonne Drive D-day: 5 19 67 Activities: Tom 3-4, Cheerleoding 2-4, Srudenr Council, Foreign Language club, Notional Honor Sociery Found w : Tom, Stephanie, Lisa, Hope, Stephanie + Deou, Kelly, Debbie, Amy Fav. Memories: Sepr 12, 1983, X- mos ' 83, Our Prom, Spending Time w Tom, Hampron Deach rrips, Deou ' s D- Ball + pool parries, mud fighrs or Hompron, skiing ' 84, foorboll in rhe rain Likes: Tom, chocolate milk, blue eyes, smiles, mountains and snowflakes Dislikes: goodbyes, wairing, making decisions Fav. saying: 14337 Ambition: ro be financially successful ond happy in my career Anything else: Thanks MOM ond David, I love you. Tom, rhanks for rhe memories we ' ve hod and rhe ones ro come. Pomelo A. Gionerri 141 Oak Srreer D-day: 7 18 67 Activities: OEA, Srudenr Secretary, Found w : Trina, Dionne G Rob, Deb G Dove, Paula G Marr, Pere, Laura, ond rhe resr. Fav. Memories: Cope Cod 81, 82, 83 w Trina, New York 84 w Trina, Talking w Dainne, Pere ' s House, Sophomore year, Deover Pond Likes: Vocations, Pizza, The Deoch, Warching rhe Sunser, Deing Happy, Lisrening ro Music, ond GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL! Dislikes: Conceited People, Deing Doard, Arguing! Ambition: To Win Megabucks To succeed os o Secrerary ond anything else I may arrempr. Doreen Gibbs 75 Morvin Ave D-day: 9 14 66 Activities: D.E., Oskey, Jr. Miss Found w : Kim D , Karen D , Stephanie K., Erika M., Jenn P., in essence everyone Fav. Memories: Prom " 84 " w Oscar, booze cruises, leaving Franklin on Weekends, being w friends or F.H.S., ond meeting Damon M. Likes: Friends, summer, looking forward ro gerring our of here, having Yvonne leave, Erika, and convertibles Dislikes: Unsrudly sruds, raggy people, nosey reochers, geeks, housework, cliques Fav. saying: " Jusr con’r seem ro ger o grip on ir " , " Dah " , " If you insist " , ond " Evvvreeeeeeer " Ambition: Word Processus Maximus ar Warers Associates directly ofrer groduorion. Anything else: Ir ' s been real, and fun, bur nor real fun. Jeffrey T Godin 11 Brookfield Rood D-day: 10 24 67 Nickname: Julio, Clubbo Activities: Foorboll 1-4, Hockey 1- 3, Track 2 Found w : Marr, Paul, Terrance, Kevin, ond rhe resr of rhe gong, or anyone rhor likes my jokes Fav. Memories: rhe drive-in, Aerosmirh 82, Roberr Planr 83, Colleen ' s parries, Kevin ' s parries, Spanish w Morr, recording in rhe rruck, rhe new rood, Jr High, Foorboll, Prom nighr Likes: Freshmen chics, o good bosh, foorboll, Mart’s singing, our sense of humor, big cars. Rock G Roll, fires, cruising in converrobles Fav. saying: " Don Jour " Ambition: To be o good guy Anything else: Thanks Mom G Dod Morr don ' r go in rhe born. Morrhew James Luke Gordon 8 Donny Drive D-doy: 4 26 67 Nickname: Flash, Gor Activities: Foorboll 1-4, Daskerball 2, Indoor rrock 0, 4, Spring rrock 1-4 Found w : Jeff, Paul, Gerch, T-Bone, rhe resr of rhe Hallway Boys Fav. Memories: Prom ' 82, ' 80, Nighrs wirh Paul G Jeff, Jeff’s fires, Colleen ' s parries, Horse Neck, Cope afrer prom, Carlo ' s shorr cur, Morr ' s wrong exir, recording rhe nighr, Morr ger in rhe rank, Jeff G I like you berrer os o blond, Jeff ' s jokes Likes: Converrobles, Cadillac ' s, sand dunes, Bruce, summer, nighr gomes, drive-ins Dislikes: Smoking, Mounr Proms, ' 70 Musrongs, Hospirols, moke up days Fov. Saying: I hear ya! Ambition: Win srores, join Coosr Guard Anything else: Class of " 85’ 1 no rerreor, no surrender. Edward Gorman 22 Rolling Ridge Rood D-day: 7 29 66 Nickname: Ed Activities: guiror, karare, telling dumb jokes, lisrening ro rhe srereo, running owoy and joining rhe carnival Found w : Bill, Mike, Dove, Sreve, Keirh, Mike, Chris, Eric, anybody else Fav. Memories: summer 84, whole worches, summer nighrs in Malone NY Likes: hard rock and heavy merol, korare, dumb jokes Dislikes: gym, English, country bums, loud, obnoxious people, know ir oils, Fov saying: nosry knorly Ambition: run owoy and join rhe carnival Anything else: Good bye! Deborah Marie Gorman 22 Rolling Ridge Rood D-day: 10 3 67 Nickname: Debbie Activities: OEA, working or ans service, srudenr secretory Found w : Laura, Dove, Pam, Poulo, Louro P., Deb, Pere, ond oil rhe resr Fav. Memories: Halloween ’82 w Louro, 4 16 83, summer ' 83, ' 84, Sophomore G Junior year, Bob Segor, Pere ' s House Likes: being w friends, Dove, driving, vocation, summer nighrs, Cope, sleeping lore!!! Dislikes: people rhor ore fake, snobs, homework Fav saying: " OK " , " Yeh, right! " Ambition: To be happy in life Anything else: Good luck ro doss of 85 wirh oil your dreams. Thanlss Mom ond Dad. James T. Green 429 Brenda Lone D-day: 7 28 67 Activities: Golf 3, 4 Boskerboll 2-4, Tennis 1-4, Found w : The boskerboll ream, rhe lunch roble gong Fav Memories: France, Florida, SMU, Villonovo, July 4-swamp, BC gomes Likes: B in rhe C, Mulch ' s doss, rhe Gionr, weekends ond vacations Dislikes: Sunday practices, monsters, rerm papers ond Mondays Fav saying: " well " Ambition: To see rhe world Anything else: Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Gary A. Griffin 809 Lincoln Srreer B-day: 12 20 67 Nickname: Griff Found w : Mark, Carl, Smirry, Mike, Dob Fav. Memories: ski Trip wirh rhe guys ' 83, Burger King drive Through ’84, summer nighrs ’83 Likes: sunsers, pracrical jokes, Dud, hunting cruising Dislikes: losing, nor having enough gos, snobs, certain teachers Fav. saying: Yeah, right Abmition: To be successful in construction Anything else: Corch you brer F.H.S Deborah Diane Haggard Phoenix, AZ B-day: 7 30 67 Nickname: Deebe, Deb Activities: soccer 4, student council 1-3, bond 1-2, work 3-4, Nick 1-4 Found w : Nick, Doreen, Michoel, Karen, Laura, Karhy D , Lisa, Kathy, Michelle Fav. Memories: snow storms, all rhe rimes w Nick, Mr Monadnock ' 83, Prom ' 82, Mr C’s class, Horseneck beach and Lincoln park Likes.- Nick, rhe beach, hockey gomes, white wine, Cape, money, Wednesdays, driving. All My Children, sirring wirh Michoel Dislikes: snobs, orders, getting caught w Koren, weeks w out N Fav. saying: Oh my god, nor in my cor Ambition: To get through nursing school and rhen go on 32 to be o doctor To get married on be happy w N Anything else: I am free now Good Luck ' 85 Carla Field Guidrey 1 Warwick Srreer B-day: 9 27 67 Activities: Daskerball 1 4 ; capr 4, sofTboll 1-4, co-copr 4 Found w : Colleen, Julionne, Morissa, Jill, Lynn, Kevin, Johnny, Kate, Jonine and Courtney Fav. Memories: Tom Perry, Simon Gorfunkel, Druce Springsrein, Pod Stewart ' 84, prom-cape after, Colleen ' s cellar, Dooga’s and Gerch ' s parries, summers of ' 83 and ’84, Paul ' s house, Pom ' s pomes, NYE, sky dive w Julianne, 11 12 83 w Jill, Mr Monadnock Likes: hydrants, causing a ruckus, " Janet " , NDECA trips w M G M , Maxima, skiing, T P Dislikes: LTD ' s, siammers, FMH Fav. Saying: Shee yo Anything else: The best of rimes are here bur gone and remembered, Thonx 10 . Jeff Haigh 685 Pond Srreer B-day: 1 12 67 Nickname: Dagel Found w : Mark, Scorr, Johnny, Greg, Terrance Fav. Memories: " 84” April vocarion, Jr Prom, Perie ' s party, and Dooga ' s and Collin ' s parties Likes: long weekends, girls and beoches, cruising Dislikes: Mrs Robinson ' s English class, having your beer ' s confiscated Fav. saying: Where ' s rhe cooler? Ambition: To be accepted to o college or university Anything else: May everyone in rhe doss of ' 85 have at least one dreom come true Charles Hailer 1296 Pond Sr. D-day: 12 1 67 Nickname: Chick Activities: rwo seasons of rrack, D.S.A. Found w : Ed Gorman, John Merriam Fav. Memories: Scour Jamboree ' 81 Likes: People, sporrs, sciences, booring, rorger shooring Anything else: Thanks! Philip L. Henaulr 58 Anrhony Pd. D-day: 7 30 67 Nickname: Phil Found w : PJ, Mark, Tom, Kyle, Bruce, Mike Fav Memories: Bowie 83, Aerosmirh, Feb. vocorion 83-84, summer vocorion, cruising down rhe cape, comping Cope 84, Pars 84 wirh friends, Collin ' s parries, rhe Kinks 84 Likes: ploying drums, jamming, parrying, cruising around Dislikes: Monday ' s Marks driving, snobs, anyone who can ' r rake o joke Fav. saying: Awesome, yeah huh! Ambition: ro own my own business Anying Anything else: Good luck class of " 85” Tom Hinckley 20 Coir Pd. D-day: 10 1 66 Nickname: Hink Activities: rennis 1-4, guirar 2-4, my parries Found w : Brenden, John, Craig, Phil, Paul, Bill, Eric, Gory, Fav. Memories: cruising in rhe Dooley mobile, junior prom, Bowie, rhe Cars, Cope rrips, parries, comping rrips, quories Likes: rhe Who, rennis, guirar, doughnurs, jam w J.D. Dislikes: homework, L.A. beer, people who cririze for no reason Fav. saying: minr goooor!!! Excellent Mom om I craze! Ambition: ro be happy or rhe work I do and moke money, ger inro rhe music field Anything else: " I hope I live before I ger old ' ' Joanne M. Hornsrra 24 Highwood Drive D-day: 5 30 67 Nickname: Joanna- danna Acr : Parrying Found w : Tom, Kelly, Sue, Carol, Laura, Phil, Kim N., and everyone else Fav Memories: Cape ofrer Prom, July 4rh, rhe moon, Carr Pd., rimes in rhe Monre Carlo, Sr. Pocco ' s, Halloween 82-83, Di Dio, TP, Aerosmirh, Huey Lewis, Bowie Likes: being w Tom, parrying, comping our, concerrs, spending money Dislikes: gerring caughr, deorh rides in rhe Morodor, speeding tickers, Worehom, Wild Turkey, fake people, whire russlans, gym, Deanies Fav. saying: " I like ir!” " Be serious ' ' " please” Anything else: Dio ' s gonno be awesome Kimberly Horr 1 Walker Pd. D-day: 5 19 67 Nickname: Kim Activities: Soccer 1-4, Track (indoor our) 1-4, Bob 1-4 Found w : Soccer ream, Bob, and anyone else Fav Memories: " Love Boor”, rhe Cope (82- 84), Bonfire " 82”, Montreal Quebec, Sr. Banquer, rhe Police, all hockey gomes, Chester’s doss, 2nd period w Joonne, and Joan Pivers Likes: laughing, rhe ocean, 14K gold, sleeping and good champagne Dislikes: Franklin, egorisrical moles, morh, reochers who rag, Michelob, and fake friends Ambition: ro win megabucks and ger lazy and for, or marry inro serious big budss Anything else: Thanks Bob, couldn ' r hove done ir w our you-oh, by rhe way, rhe answer is yes. Karen M. Henderson 17 Beech Srreer D-day: 9 17 67 Nickname: " HENDA”, Keno Activities: DECA 1-2, chorus Found w : Denise, Kim, Tracy, Carmella, Donna, Korhy, Srephonie, Dione, Kirk, Mike, and rhe Medway crowd Fav Memories: Prom, Denise ' s sweer 16 parry, summer of 84 w Trocy Carmella, Piverside 84, freshman year Likes: spending money, summer vocorions, weekends!!!, being w friends Dislikes: being broke, fake friends, dumb jokes, stupid people, gerring up in rhe morning, snobs, walking home from Medway Fav. saying: Don ' t worry about ir! Grow up! Don ' t cry Kim! You lour!!! Ambition: ro go ro secretarial school Anything else: Thanks for everything Mom Dad! Kira Leigh Holsr 96 Summer Srreer D-day: 6 3 67 Nickname: Concha Activities: Foreign Language Club 1-4, Morh Club 2, ring commirrree 2, Speech ream 2, OEA 3-4, Newspaper, Yearbook, Popping corn Found w : Chris, Laurie, Cinema Crew and rhe resr Fav. Memories: Business Week, Perry, OEA rrips, Disney World, Senoro ' s class, prom, ski rrap, Evira, Bryanr College, Newport, sen. pic., D.C., rhe Foils, junkfood in unsupervised Likes: Cope, o good book, carroons, balloons, meering deadlines, Dislikes: Zero below weorher, parallel parking, decisions, peer pressure, grouchy people Ambition: ro travel, and ro meer lors of interesting people Anything else: Thanks Mom Dad; Laurie, you ' re rhe greoresr! De Vanna Hosford 61 Crocker Ave. D-day: 7 22 67 Nickname: Devi Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, Oskey 1-4, Srudenr secrerory 4, Jr. Miss 4 Found w : Jimmy, Lyn, Nancy, Rachel, Tommy, Fav. Memories: Fresh year, " shadows in rhe nighr”, Tom Perry, NH w Todd and Tommy, Bryanr College 83, Jr Prom, Chucks parries, 1-15-84, 4-18 84, 8-1-84, rimes w Jimmy Likes: TAZ, McDonolds wroppers, sunrises, summer, soromoc, Roses, being w my friends, Srevie Niclss Dislikes: GOODBYES, ' 83, brick walls, sneezing Ambition: ro reach rhe orher side of rhe rainbow Anything else: rhonx for being rhere Mom Dod, 85-hold on righr ro your dreams!!! Luv yo ' s, good luck ' 86! 33 Melissa M. Houston 409 Poulo Lone B-doy: 11 15 67 Nickname: Derry, Deri Activities: Turoring, Field Hockey 3, Morh Club, Yearbook, Mirage, Newspaper, collecting from various resrouronrs, AMSFACT Found w : Foye, Korhy, Julie, Hope, Tracy, Amy K., Kelly, Linda, Jennifer Fav Memories: Duxbury, Cope, May 9, Diana Ross, Tom Perry, D- 52 ' s, P. Tests wirh Linda, WDCN Dooze Cruise, Red Sox gome, Likes: Mr. DeFronzo, Fridays, Newbury Srreer, My Parenrs, DAVID LETTERMAN, Conservative Republicans Dislikes: Long hair, My relatives Fav saying: Now rhor ' s comedy! Ambition: To kill Doy George in o public both house, College Dound Anything else: Thonx Mom and Dad, Julie we should hove gone ro MoS Amy Humphrey 54 Summer Sr. D-day: 9 9 67 Activities: Dancing, Srudenr Secretory 4, Chorus 1,4, work, Franklin Donee Company Found w : Donno, Wendy, Nancy, Diane, Janer, and rhe rest of rhe gong! Fav Memories: Showtime 84, Oskey 84, Junior Miss, Maine 83 wirh Wendy, performing w Franklin Donee Workshop, Likes: Dancing, being w friends, comping in Maine, animals Dislikes: Dishonest people, snobs, gym class, crowds Fav saying: Yo know whar I mean? Ambition: To become a successful professional dancer and donee on Droodwoy Anything else: Good luck ro rhe kids ar F.D.W.! Thanks Susan for everything you roughr me. Deborah J. Hunrer 432 Oakland Parkway D-day: 7 28 67 Nickname: Debbie, Heb- bie, Edno, Odie, Patricia, Activities: Dan- quer and Prom Commirrees, JV soccer, srudenr council, OEA, Doskerboll mgr., Fball srorisricion, Yearbook, Jr. Miss Found w : Kelly, Stephanie, The Loud Girls, The Porri- cios, Tom, Karen, Amy, Lauren, Jerome, on exchange srudenr Fav Memories: France, Canada, banquets, Proms, Ala¬ bama, missile silo, rhe bunny rabbir Likes: Food, having my liscence, R R, sleeping, ALADAMA, comping w my family Dis¬ likes: Parune Maggor, disappearing keys, homework, milk, gerring losr, busy signals, repeoring myself, decisions, goodbyes Anything else: We should really srop meeting like rhis! Pomelo Ann Hughes 162 Conlyn Ave D-day: 4 27 67 Activities: Arr 1-4 Found w : Louro, Louro, Joan, Deb and walk owoy Wendy Fav Memories: summer of 83, rhe Cope, 10 11 grade English wirh Emery, Dosron Garden gome 82, senior year, freshman year Likes: summers, vocorions, Corverrs Dislikes: guy, snobs, English Fav saying: I wonno go home and go bock ro bed! Ambition: ro go on ro school and be rhe besr I con be Anything else: good luck doss of 85 Susan L. Husron 6 Skyline Drive D-day: 9 21 67 Nickname: Skroozi, Suzy, Punky Activities: Feild Hockey 1, Sr, J. 1-2, OEA 3-4, srudenr secrerory Found w : Lisa, Dill, Liso, Lyn, Francine, Dob, Medway men, Fubz Annezo, Tomi G rhe gong Fav Memories: OEA, stores ond nar’ls, my parries, Roy ' s gigs, summer ' 83, NH, 9 8 84, 11 4 82 G 83, 2 19 84, nires w Dill, 9 21-23 84, Rl men Likes: men, " mega " , parries, NH, money, smiles ond happiness Dislikes: big rolls from small minds, snobs, " ka- weohs " Fav saying: Sho-bo-do!!!! K M W ?!?!?! Ambition: To find blue skies G Palomino ponies Anything else: All my love ro D P, rhanks ro T.R., N.D., 34 G A L David F. Hurchinson 282 Pond Srreer D-Day: 4 17 67 Nickname: Hurch, Clurch, Clyde Activities: Doskerboll 1-4, Srudenr Council 1, 2 Found w : Dork, Pere, Morr, Dloopus, Floyd, Dink, Deou, (Main hall lefr) Fav Memories: Hompron, 7 4 84, Par ' s gome, Prom, Cope, bearing Sroughron, Dorricade, hyperspoce, D-hunrer, AP orr Likes: cheese things, winning, rhe bucket, rhe Omegomobile, Summer League Dislikes: Dork ' s greasy breokfosr ' s, " on rhe line ' ' , losing, donur larceny, new rood Fav. saying: I don ' r know Anything else: No Danny lonnuzzi 112 Marvin Ave. D-day: 4 22 67 Nickname: Issac Activities: football 4 Found w : Kerry (Moc), C urr D , Scorr, Fav Memories: ski trip ' 83, England ' 84, 4rh of July ar Mae ' s Bermuda ' 80, ' 82, weekends in N H., Blizzard of ' 78 Likes: summer, skiing in N.H., good rimes, Arcades, pond hockey, friends, beaches, Boston scene Dislikes: girls who ore snobs, (D M.), police cars, Regals and pizzo makers, moth, book reports, fights, delerious people, hospitals Fav. saying: " Take it easy " Ambition: To be successful in my Father ' s business Anything else: Good Luck to oil my classmates. Look our, here comes Joe B. John Omer Jerre 132 Wachuserr Street D-day: 4 22 67 Nickname: Johnny, Jem Activities: foorboll 2, 3 Found w : Mark, Jeff, Kevin, Carlo, Tim, Wayne Fav. Memories: Kevin ' s parries, Boogo and Gerch ' s , Summer of ' 83 ' 84, ' 82 Superbowl, Rocky Point, Killingron, Rod Sreworr ' 84, Dennisporr, Pines, Elton John ' 84 Likes: skiing, the Stones, Beaches, Springsteen, T.P., weekends, converrables, cruising down to the Cope Dislikes: Cor accidents, foiling down mountains on skiis, snobs, bod jokes Fav. saying: Relax Ambition: To be filthy Rich, and live in Malibu Anything else: Thanlss for telling me to slow down guysl Richard D. Jackson 127 Beech Street D-day: 6 27 67 Nickname: Rick Activities: hong around and talk to people, work, drive around in my cor Found w : Edzo, Steve, Mike, AJ, Rich, Bello and the rest of the gong Fav. Memories: Oskey ' 82, the bonds in the cafeteria Likes: Budweiser, ploying drums, parries up the legend Dislikes: wise people, stuck up girls, and Monday mornings Fav saying: Whor ' s up? Ambition: Go to cooking school ond be a chef. Anything else: Hope you get your cor Steve! Eric C. Jacobson 12 Island Rd. D-day: 12 12 67 Nickname: Rick, Joke Found w : Karen, Chris, Peter, Dooley, John, Shorty ond the Guys Down J D Fav. Memories: Bon-Air, Dongerfield ' 83, B.O.C. or Rocky Point, Junior Prom in the Rolls, Hampton Beach Nights! Likes: weekend trips to N.H., fooling around or work Dislikes: Snobs, Burger King! Fav. saying: No Way! Ambition: To have a happy life James B Jerre 132 Wochuserr Street D-day: 4 22 67 Nickname: Jimmy, Jet Activities: foorboll, baseball, skiing Found w : Tim, Pete, Kevin, Sully and the dummies or work Fav. Memories: Ski trips, fishing in Lake Winnepesoukee ' 82, summer down country club ' 83, Tom Perry, Aerosmirh, Kevin ' s parries, being on superbowl ream Likes: listening to music, pay doy, parries, golfing, skiing, earing good food, Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater, standing in halls Dislikes: Alarm clock buzzer, being o twin, Heavy merol, going to work, two faced people, detention, Algebra Fav. saying: Unbelievable! No Way! Ambition: To win Megabucks ond never work o doy in my life after high school Faye M. Johnson 103 Pine Ridge Drive D-day: 2 6 67 Nickname: Faye hey Activities: Srudenr Council, Oskey 2-4, D E I II, Nor ' I Honor Society-Sec , Sign ond Silverware collecting Assoc Found w : Melissa, Julie, Korhy, Star Mkr Crew, 6 Co Fav. Memories: Dosron, Dobson ' 83, Dean JC, DEC A trips, Bryonr w rhe Pots, T J , Jr Miss Likes Poy-Day, Snack Arracks, Soles, Cities Dislikes: Whor some people think, stereotypes, voodoo dolls, Fake friends, attitudes Fav. saying: Thor seems to be the consensus Ambition: To be happy, successful-ond marry o rich man (kidding mom!) Anything else: Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, Julie, we should hove gone to Mo ' s! Scorr Joyce 7 Harborwood Drive D-doy: 0 15 67 Nickname: Donz Shorry Acfivifies: Arr 1-4, and rhen some Found w : Den, Rich, Dooley, Eric, John, Chris A., Chris P., whoever happens ro be in rhe orr room Fav.Memories: woiring for rhe 11:50 rroin on o cold Dosron nighr Likes: worching rhe sun ser Through rhe trees in o smogless sky Dislikes sirring or home and worching rhe acid rain Ambition ro travel bock in rime and lough or oil rhe srupid things we hove done Anything else: Reality is no more rhon o porrern produced in rhe mind by obsrrocrion from a very limited ser of sensory impressions Niles Konr 500 Pond Srreer D-doy: 9 25 67 Found w : Piush, Dill, Jim, Rick, Mark Fov. memories: Freshman Year Likes: Rock Roll Dislikes: Foreign Languages Korhleen E Keeley 101 Woodside Rood D-doy: 0 11 67 Nickname: Keel, KK, Dobin Activities: Field hockey 0-4, Tennis 2-4, YRDK, Ski Club, Tone Deofs, Sr. Council 2, Oskey, Newspaper, Def Lep burrons 0 Found w : Laurie, Tricio, Adrienne, Janine, Zola, Lisa, Alice, Chambie, Jon, Perer Fov. memories: Adrienne ' s cover up, Folmourh ' 84, Def Lep ' 80, Paris, 7rh period class ' 82 Likes: C.P.R., X-mos notes from Laurie, weekends, neon colors Dislikes: Deing colled Squeeley, wisdom reerh, Mors Fov. saying: Who loves you baby? Ambition: To be o Rock n ' Roll sror! Anything else: People come and go, bur friends sroy near ro your heorr. I love you Mom. Porricio A Kennedy 20 George Rood D-doy: 10 12 67 Nickname: " T " , T- Domb, T.K., Trish, Dumbee Activities: Field Hockey 3 6 4, Tennis 2-4, Yearbook, skoring Found w : Adrienne, Korhy, Lourie, Chombee, Janine, Karen, Fov. memories: banquets, Prom ' 84, Voc or Groms, trips ro Dosron, Field Hockey Comp ' 84, Oskey " 84 ' ' , skiing or Kleins, Corey Harr, Tea Parry ' s, Dusiness Week Likes: Chinese food, sporring events, shopping, skiing, listening ro rhe stereo, dancing, being wirh friends Dislikes: Cheese, goodbyes, cemerories, gerring up early Fov. saying: Easy rhere fido in rhe — Ambition: ro go ro college and be good or whatever I do in life Anything else: Hey you guys, keep your shoes on Srephonie Kolen 24 Mackintosh Srreer D-doy: 12 29 66 Nickname: Srephie Activities: Jr Miss, DEC A 82-85, D E II Found w : Mike, Kim, Denise, Karen, Scorr, Corhy, Doreen, Foxboro Crew, Drockron gong Fov. Memories: Labor Day weekend " 84 " , 9 9 84, The Norfolk Grave Yard, Jr. Prom, D.E.C.A , Rockey Poinr 6 16 84, 9 22 84 A H Road!!! Likes: Weekends, purple, friends, Foorboll 210, Maine, Comping, Skiing Dislikes: Norwood Hospirol, Morh, Chemistry, Cars wirh no shocks 1 Fake friends Fov. saying: Sounds Good! Smile! Ambition: To go on ro school for Dusiness Adminisrrorioh Anything else: I jusr wonr ro rhonk rhree people for really pushing me and helping me along. My mother, Paula, Mrs Dloom " Thanks olor!! " Karen Lee Karkos 10 Joval Courr D-doy: 8 14 67 Found W : Mich, Scandal, Tolio, Carlo, Paulo, Danielle, Susan, Korh Fov. memories: American Duffalo, 8 20 83, Rod Sreworr, Hello, rhar month, JT, Clothesline Copers, Red Fox, Newport and Dosron, Susan choking Likes: real gold, Polo, bubbles, Srevie Nicks, and deorh corners wirh o smile Dislikes: No socks, people who only core obour rhemselves, Pink Floyd, nor understanding Fov. saying: Ger our of my Kirchen Ambition: Erernol Happiness Anything else: The clouds never expecr ir when ir roins-bur rhe seo changes colours, bur rhe seo does nor change . . . John Kelly 310 Pleosonr Srreer D-doy: 11 29 67 Nickname: Kel Found w : Nick, Keirh, Murf, Joe and rhe ream Fov. memories: bearing Foxboro, winning rhe league, Sandwich, indoor tourney ' s Likes: soccer, fishing, winning, weekends, and money Dislikes: Sunday a.m. practices, losing, running on empry, snobs Ambition: ro live a happy and rich life Anything else: Good luck class of " 85 " Perer Kennefick 355 Pond Srreer D-doy: 11 23 67 Nickname: Poco Activities: skiing Co-piloring Found w : Main Holl lefr Fov. memories: Hompron rrips, quad bolls, orresred New Rood, The Pyramid Likes: Suircases, The Omega Mobile, porenrless weekends, N H skiing Dislikes: Dork ' s lore nighr driving, Sourh Srreer, Police Srorion Fov. saying: Whor is rhis, o domboke? Ambition: To moke ir ro heaven 36 Michael W. Kenney 491 West Central Srreer D-day: 10 12 67 Nickname: Mike, Mikey Activities: wrestling 2-4 (co-capr 4), track 2-4, soccer 2, hockey 1. Found w: Joe, Dove, Charlie, the gong. Fav. Memories: Wrestling Tourneys, overnight or C.C. ' s, summers ' 82 and ' 80, New Hampshire, Maine, Delcarres Likes: wrestling, joveline, Snooker, D P ' s, legs, The Door, senior girls, Remingtons, Monday practices. Dislikes: lock of funds, sprints, Physics, Milford, snobish girls, walking. Fav. saying: " Hey! Dewey " Ambition: Do oil that is, before it ' s too lore Anything else: " Mr Wills, dig them Funky threads. " Cormello Ann Lobossiere 715 Washington Srreer D-day: 11 24 67 Nickname: Cormie Found w : Tracy, Dionne, Donna, Karen, Korhy, and the rest of the gong. Fav. Memories: Junior Prom " 84 " , Rick Springfield " 84 " Likes: working or McDonalds, spreding money, cruising around Dislikes: snoby people, freshman year, getting up or 6 a.m. Fav. saying: " just drop it " , " knock it off " , " don ' t be wise " Ambition: to get a good job Anything else: Good luck in the future to the doss of " 85 " . Amy Derh Kuehn 5 Midland Avenue D-day: 6 5 67 Nickname: Amis Activities: Varsity Gymnastics, Notional Honor Society 3-4, SAC 3-4, WSA 1-4, Franklin Donee Co Wkshp 3-4, Sewing Depot 2-4, yearbook 4, AMSFACT 3-4 Fav. Memories: 16rh surprise party, Jim ' s, Paul ' s, Deou ' s Parries, Prom ' 83 6 ' 84, Fresh, and Soph. Banquets, FD gomes, Kenny, Chino Lotus, Dryonr, Sugorloof, Wolfeborro, Riverside, talks with TT, MrM, SMU, New Year’s Eve Likes: warm hugs, sunshine, sod movies, Elron-Cor-Lionel, oil things new ond exciting, swinging, fast cars, dorkmen. Dislikes: broken promises, good byes, liars, non communicators Anything else: Thank you to anyone who brought sunshine into my life. Class of ' 85, moke your dreams realities. Traci Lonogon 33 Moore Srreer D-day: 5 30 67 Nickname: Lit’ Lono Activities: parrying, Softball, Frisbee, Rock Climbing, Dowling, comping ond swimming. Found w : Chuck, Loro, Mike C., Moose, Cheryl, Collins, Paul T., Terry, Dourgie, Mogillogutrie, and gang Fav. Memories: Shock parries, 9rh grade in Mr. William ' s doss, storing into Mr. Srondring ' s eyes during class. Likes: weekends, Mike, bowling, Mom 6 Dod, Mr. Srondring ' s eyes. Dislikes: Mondays, plastic people Fav. saying: Moke love Nor war, Peace Ambition: truck driver, airline stewardess Anything else: Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken, winged bird that cannot fly. Take core and good luck. Kelly A. Longevin 19 Hoversrock Rood D-doy: 3 14 67 Nicknome: Kels Activities: D.E.I, Dip-n-Sip, porrying, short term cheerleading (HA-HA) Found w : Joanne, Lynn, Jen, Colleen, Morisso, and rhe resr of the crew. Fov Memories: Weedy ' s Hill, Donovan ' s parries, Chuck ' s porries, Carlo ' s house, Sophomore Conquer, ond rhe day afrer Likes: The Mighry Duds, weekends, nerds, driving rhe truck, ond seeing him, bubbles Dislikes: Having accidents, working, rubber room, sreak, Union Sr. Circle Fov saying: Joanne, where is he?, Thanks, you ' re o peach Ambition: ro leave Franklin and do alor of traveling Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad you ' re real peachy. Parrick P LaRosa 28 High Srreer D-Day: 1 25 67 Nickname.- Rosey Activities: Hockey, wrestling Found w : Tim, Pere, Chris, Russel, rhe hallway gang Fav Memories: 1980 Bonfire, Tom Perry, 38 Special-Eddie Money, 1984 1984 New Years Eve, Kevin ' s Parries, Danvers " 84”, New Hampshire " 84” Likes: Friday and Sarurday nighrs Dislikes: Rubber Room, Sarurday Mornings, Gerring up for school, Perer when he wanrs his way Fav saying: Whar ' s up? Ambition: To become a chef and own my own Resrauranr Anything else: Good Luck ond Farewell Timi Ann Larkin 435 Pond Srrer D-day: 4 28 67 Nickname: Do-Da-Do Found w : Firzy, Mishy gang, Lisa Jean, Chris, Karhy, Tami, S.P. gang anyone else Fav. Memories: summer 83, rimes wirh Firzy, Ozzy concerrs, parrying Likes: happy people, weekends, money, vodka, Bosma ' s, Ozzy, good runes, Chinese food, jewelry Dislikes: fake people, mornings, Milford regisrry, dearh of Randy Rhoads, mad dog, heodgames Fav saying: no way, Ler ' s be " 14 " Chris! Ambition: ro marry a crazy rock srar! Anything else: Ya gorra believe in foolish miracles 1 P S Thanks Mom-n-Dad 1 Joanne Lawler 71 Norrh Park Srreer D-day: 3 27 67 Found w : Linda, Nancy, Wendy, Rosemary, Pam Fav Memories: Summer of " 82”, Freshman and Senior years Likes: being wirh friends, old movies, traveling, Summer nighrs Dislikes: phonies, working ar R.G I S , and gym class Fav saying: Whar ' s up? Ambition: To be happy, successful and ro rravel all over Anything else: Good Luck ro rhe class of " 85 " Sheri Leone 50 Union Sr. D-day: 7 27 67 Nickname: Shez, Shozbor Activities Sofrboll 1, 2 4 Thanks Mr. G., Jr. Miss 85, GS 1-4, Srudenr Council TO Found w : ' ' 84 ' ' Charl ie, Gerra, Trish, Deb, 6 85 Kevin Fav Memories: Hagen ' s allnighrer 10 9 82, VA Deoch w CP 7 27 84, Soph. Donq. w JD, Florida w DM, Prom 84 w SD 6 Cope Likes: SPRINGSTEEN, The Cope, Roses, My parents advice, Dislikes: foiling our of cars, comping in rhe roin, running our of gas or nighr, nor being able ro skip Fav. saying: Huh! Are you kidding me? Ambition: ro succeed and live life ro rhe fullest Anything else: 85 if you dream, dreom big. Dye Gorgeous. Christopher J. Lombardi 757 Washington Srreer D-day: 12 30 67 Nickname Guido, Vince, Jonesy Activities: Doseboll T4 Found W : rhe lunch roble gong Fav Memories: baseball championship ' 82, Superbowl ' 82, Oskey ' 84, Florida ' 83, afternoon of PS AT Likes: sleeping lore, watching people, breakdance, away game bus rides, hamburgers, Typing, warm weorher, people who make me laugh, exciting games Dislikes: Work senseless arguments, getting in shape, closing, science, right grill, people with no sense of humor Fav. saying: What happened? Ambition: ro be able ro do what I want ro do in life Anything else: Mr. Lombardi, rhe English teacher, is nor my father David L. Majcen 401 Paula Lane D-day: 11 13 67 Activities: Varsiry Tennis 1-4, Golf 1, Srudenr Council 1-2, and Yearbook Found w : Craig, Dan, Myself Fav. Memories: Dosron, summer in NH, The Tavern Club, ski trip ' 82, rhe Police, VH, on rhe rocks in Maine, " rhe " prom, rhe lamp expedirion Likes: rennis, skiing, Doaring, traveling, lamborghinis, " Lore Nighr " w David Lerrerman, and sleeping lore Dislikes: srarion wagons,boredom, rainy days, waking up one minure before rhe alarm Fav. saying: " greor flame follows a riny spark " Anything else: " when rhe world is runnin ' down you make rhe besr of whar ' s srill around " Daniel J. Marak 6 Union Sr. D-day: 3 15 67 Activities: c.c., rrack, hall monirer, ravern club, shooring Dosron, scumfighring Found w : Craig, Dave, Myself Fav. Memories: Police 2- 3, VH, Lamp, PC, GH, NH, JMS Likes: bugs bunny, rhe Police, Erwin Rommel, driving, guns, Dosron, DC Dislikes: mayonnaise, srorion wagons, Television, small carsCexcepr Ferrari ' s, Porsche ' s, ere) Fav. saying: censored Ambition: ro personally solve rhe over population problem Anything else: yes, I can read my own writing! Joseph Lipoma 8 Elm Srreer Timorhy E. MacLeod 446 Oakland Pky. D-day: 3 26 67 Nickname: Mac Activities: Hockey 1-4, Daseboll T4 Found W : Sharon,Cid, Dooga, Meek, Tenn-Gay, and rhe rest of ' 85 Fav Memories: Lonzo ' s 6 Dilly Mac ' s hockey parries, Dooga ' s gig ' s, rhe parry afrer bearing Canron for rhe rirle, rimes w Sharon, prom, summer of ' 84, Sr. Roccos Likes: suitcases, NL, Franklin, Canron, hockey games, rourney games, winning weekends Dislikes: New Jersey, waking up, becoming Junior ' s, " line ' em up " , 3 on 0 ' s, practicing on New Years morning Fav. saying: " yes” Ambition: ro be successsful in whatever I do Anything else: Hey Dooga, we don ' r have rime for this guy. Elizaberh Mann 142 Lincoln Sr. D-day: 11 17 67 Nickname: Elizaberh, Tweek Activities: Dand 2, Track 3, 4, yearbook 4, AMSFACT 3, 4, ruror 3, 4, Found w : Amy, Sandy, Donna rhe resr of rhe gang, rhe Aces, other abnormal people, yearbook crew Fav. Memories: Max ' s parries, rri-prom, New York, Canada, Maine, working ar rhe Mug, Winter ' 83, Tammy ' s slumber parry Likes: Credence Clearwater Survival, Dosron, Lynyrd Skynryd, Talking ro Amy, hiking, good rimes 6 being w Friends, and Dill rhe Car Dislikes: wine, having no money, closing for cooks, Fav. saying: Good deal! Ambition: To fly and be successful Anything else: Seagull you fly Dione Marie Marguerite 206 Maple Sr. D-day: 5 17 67 Nickname: Di, Diaz Activities: ski club, Jr. Miss, Found w : Greg, Jen, Danielle, Debby, Sue, Laura, Fav. Memories: being w Greg, 4 18 84, prom, 5 13 83, " now hiring all shifrs " , summer 84, SR 83, sailing ro Monomoy, Florida, 10 7 84, 10 13 84, Likes: Greg, Hobie Cars and rhe lunar eclipse, rhe ocean, NL, Nanrucker Dislikes: CD and SOCCERFIELDS!, wairing, long disrances, being rold nor ro worry obour ir, false alarms Fav. saying: " be serious " Ambition: ro always be os happy ond forrunare as I am roday Anything else: Jen-can I, can I, huh, huh? Don’r worry-rhings could be worse. 39 Carlo Marie Masrropieri 40 Sourhgare Road D-day: 4 30 67 Nickname: Carly Activities: Cruising w Sisu Found w : Paula, Michelle, Karen, Lori, Tolia, Maureen, Tina, Danielle, Rose, Terri Fav. Memories: being w family G friends, New Years Eve ' 82 GO, NYC, ' 82, summer ' 84, Laquidora ' 84, Lake Pearl, Michelle ' s house, Sreve ' s D-day Likes: family G friends, N.Y.C., cold, Polo black, Opium, rubies, summer, rans, rrue friends, old music, Elvis, dancing, exercising, Dislikes: people who lie ro me, marh, resrs, users, vegetables, being inrerupred G unhappy endings Ambition: ro live in a penrhouse in N Y C Anything else: " you never can rell how close you are, ir may be near when ir seems so far so stick ro rhe fighr when you ' re hardest hir, ir ' s when rhings seem worse rhar you musr nor quir. " Karen E. Mazzola 7 Burning Tree Road B-day: 8 21 67 Nickname: Reindeer, Speedo, Marz Activities: field hockey 2- 4; capr. 4, basketball j.v.-l, 2,v. 0, 4, softball j.v.-l, v, 2-4, band 1 Found w : Keeles, TK, Courrly, Nancy, Dimar Fov. Memories: lasr day of U.S. History with Hal, field hockey camp ’84, prom nighr (Sreve ' s pants ripped), b-ball camp ' 84, b-ball banquet, softball tourney game ' 84, Likes: rube socks, " I love ro swear " , daily exercising, soft rock music, saving money, curly hair, all of my marh teachers Dislikes: conceited guys, hard rock music, falling down, 6 a.m., being c-o-l-d, having a fractured nose, two-faced people, Fov. saying: " relax " , " easy there " Ambition: ro pursue my goals in life ro rhe best of my ability Anything else: thanks Madre! Nancy Lee McCarthy 2 Colt Road B-day: 9 11 67 Activities: student secretary Found w : Karen, Amy, Wendy, Lisa, Diane, Janet, and Joanne Fov. Memories: camping w family, trip ro Washington D C., and being in class with A.H Likes: honest people, and weekends Dislikes: Rude people and getting up early Ambition: ro travel Kerry McDermott 00 Crescent Street B-day: 5 11 67 Nickname: MAC Activities: skiing Found w : Muskie, Kurt, Dan, D-house gang, Chris Fov. Memories: summer ' 83-84, 3rd of July, Kurt ' s house, fort parries, sugarloaf V H Likes: skiing, parrying, good rimes, camping Dislikes: hall passes, some teachers, detention, gym, s s study Fov saying: What ' s up ? Ambition: ro own o Mister Dounur by age 20 Anything else: See yo Paula Ann Masrropieri 40 Sourhgare Rd B-day: 4 30 67 Found w : Carlo, Lori, Terri, Michelle, Karen, Maureen, Tina, Talia, and Rose Activities: cruising with Sisu Fov. Memories: summers at N H , summer ' 84, Laquidara I G II, Maine ' 84, Ogunquir, Jethro Tull, Michelle ' s house, Sreve ' s parry at Karen ' s, Trolley with Lori Likes: good rimes, being our w friends, nighr skies, being in a good mood, 2nd chances, music, beaches, veggies Dislikes: end of summer, winter, snobs, clicks, fake people, getting up early, working late, mear Fov. soying: I gotta get outra here Ambition: To be happy Anything else: Thanks Mom G Dad for helping me through high school! Terrence McDonough 104 Longhill Road B-day: 2 21 67 Nickname.- Terry, Gomer Activities: football, hockey, baseball 1-4, dri ving around and being cool Found w : rhe " hallway gang ' and Haigh Fov. Memories: Chuck ' s parries. Canton games, Superbowl, Mrs Pollies homeroom Likes: playing sports, Par ' s stories, winning, studies Dislikes: driving with Jeff, people writing on my car, losing, my haircuts, Sue ' s srupid stones, copy machines Fov. soying: It s a gob romping morning Ambition: to have a normal conversation with Jeff Godin and Mart Gordon Anything else: Brian, jump in 40 Lisa Jeanne McFarland 28 Pine Srreer D-day: 12 2 67 Nickname: babyface, V.D Activirles: Sr Joes G R.R., dancing, Jr Miss Found w : Lyn, Sue, Lisa, Sracey, Richard, Karh, Chrisrine, Timi Fav. Memories: Dob Seger and Ted Nugenr, Billy Squier, Journey, AC DC, Sr pic., Mr Mon , being w friends Likes: T.N., dancing, Iralian food, laughing ar Karen ' s, sharkfin! Dislikes: saying good¬ bye, Thinking abour everyone going in rheir differenr direcrions Fav. saying: Lyn, you look like E E Ambition: To someday win megabucks G give ir ro mom G Tony Anything else: A crystal boll David K Meeker 454 Doily Drive B-day: 9 24 67 Activities: hockey 14 Found w : Tim, Moc, Sully, Ten-Goy, rhe resr Fav. Memories: Perry ' 83, summer jam ' 84, C.S.N., Neil Young ' 84, AC DC, Aerosmirh ' 84, down Sully ' s corroge, G D , Donovan ' s soph bosh, summer ' 83, Dowie ' 83, Doogo’s porry, soph bonquer ' 83, ' 84, Rocky Pr crash Likes: Mom Sr Hyonms, NA’s, procrices before big gomes, boby Lowies, weekends, Fridays, Sr Michoels Dislikes: summer school, Wrenrhom Gips, Snibblers, paying for gos, barrels Fav. saying: Yes Ambition: Sr Mikes, whorever follows Anything else: No Rachel Cloire McKenna 225 Crossfield Rood D-day: 6 25 67 Nickname: Rochelle Activities: busring N V , pumping gos, making pizza Found w : people who ore special ro me Fav. Memories: rimes w Mike, long ralks w N.G , concerts ' 84, cope, R P w Poulo G TP, worching " eehe " , rhe pizza expedirion, 6 26 67, summer junior year Likes.- bolloons, bubbles, pink roses, N.W ' s P.P,, rhe muppers, peach yogurr, being w Mike, rhe beach or nighr Dislikes: explaining why I ' m o vegerorion, frogs, rhe rainy day or rhe beach, waiting, P S, saying good-bye Ambition: To understand, give G love os much as my Mom G Dod hove Anything else: Our memories ore once again rucked away, bur never forgorren, I.L Y M P ! Donno McMonus 32 Chesrnur Srreer D-day: 10 17 67 Activities: srudenr secrerory, chorus 1, 2 Found w : Amy, Wendy, Kim, Karen, Trocy, Cormello, Julie, Korhy, and rhe resr Fav. Memories: prom, training in Plainville McDonalds, Duron Duron 3 84, spending rime w Dill, sixth period study w Trocy G Paula Likes: being wirh friends, senior year, weekends, spending money Dislikes: people who wrire Mr Chorobecze os o dislike, people who don ' r mind rheir business, working during rush, (Almosr hirring a rree) Fav. saying: " Kim, let ' s hir a rree " Ambition: ro live o happy life Anything else: Hope ro see yo oil or rhe class reunions Good luck w everyrhing you do Brian McWilliams 845 North Srreer D-day: 8 17 67 Nickname: Musky Activities: riding, skiing Found w : Kerry, Curr, Don, Pep, Garries, smiles, Jeff G Chris, and rhe resr of rhe gong Fav. Memories: rhe cope ’82, summer ' 84, Sugorloof, for kegs Likes: payday, all nighrers, my cor, my bike, Mom G Dod, Jennifer, weekends, " rhe moose " , verres, parries Dislikes: " fences " , flors, cops, F ' s, sruck up girls, fighrs w friends, working, detention, gerring ripped off Fav. saying: Take off! Ambition: To hir rhe Megabucks ond be a millionaire Anything else: Good luck class of ' 85 Joseph Paul Mehler 4 Glenn Drive D-day: 12 9 66 Nickname.- Moypo, Blockie Activities: skiing 3-4, bowling, horseback riding, fishing, comping, 4 H Found w : Aimee, Donny, Liso, Ken, Scorr, Don, rhe resr of rhe inmores Fov. Memories: Summer ' 83 4, Dovid Bowie Sullivon, Neil Young, Horseneck Beoch, Nanrucker, Shonnonigons, Bermuda, Belmonr-Dock Boy Dorrisrer Likes: people, snow srorms, red wine, snow, cooking Dislikes: people w our o sense of humor, working, clones, gerring up roo eorly Fav. saying.- Hi, how yo doing Ambition: To be heolrhy, wealthy, ond wise Anything else: Good Bye 1 41 David P. Melo 344 Pleasanr Srreer D-day: 3 24 67 Nickname: Dave Acfivifies: parries, dungeons, ski rrips, jam sessions Found w : Curly, Terry, Paul, Troy, rhe gang Fav. Memories: killer korner, rhe snow srorm Likes: screaming guirars, rhe Dead, ”65 " g500 ' s, " 71 " skylark ' s Dislikes: Franklin ' s finesr, rhe sysrem Fav. Saying: Hey Dude Ambition: To rock rhe Dosron Garden Anything Else: " rhe day will happen wherher or nor you ger up " Kelly Ann Mills 7 Norrhgare Road D-day: 1 3 67 Nickname: Kel, Kelloggs Activities: srudenr council, banq. G prom comm. ' s, j.v. soccer, basketball G baseball mng., foorball stars, OEA, yearbook, amsfacr, Work Found w : Debbie, Sreph, Karhy, Julie, Karen + Tom, and " all rhose guys " Fav. Memories: banquets, France, rhe rock (Deb),10 10, Quebecs, Prom, rwisrer, S.D G C ' s, DU G DG, memorial day foor(mud)ball, Deau ' s bb parries, CW, OEA rrips, F.H. G f. missile silos, Dryanr (r) G Wesrfield(p) parries, 9 22, L.A ' 84— rhe Olympics, D.R., sen pic , Mr. M Likes: summer, uniry, TGIF, Tom ' s bunny, Chinese food, walks, The O ' Neills and GMC Dislikes: Missing keys, gerring lost, decisions, Clinron girls, " hang up " and goodbyes Fav. Saying: Oh Really? Ambition: To find one Anything Else: Happiness and success ro ' 85! Erika Moore 33 Dale Srreer D-day: 6 23 67 Nickname: ”E " Activities: dorhes shopping, dancing, earing our with Evererr, D.E. I-D.E.-II, DECA hisrorian, Oskey ' 83, ' 85, chorus ' 82 Found w : Dersy, Tracey, Doreen, Faye, Evererr, Melissa Fav. Memories: going ro Dosron wirh Faye G Dunzy, DECA rrips, Specrrum, rhe Gallery, Evererr ' s car wirh Faye, Michael Jackson concert, Dean J.C. Likes: driving sporrscars (Evererr’s), going our ro nighr clubs, real friends Dislikes: plasric people, running our of money on rhe weekend, srare police for giving me rickets Fav. Saying: I don ' t know! SO! Ambition: ro really make somerhing of myself Anything Else: Well Mom, now more rickers having ro rush home ar nighr on rhe weekends Srephanie K. Morgan 415 Oakland Parkway D-day: 12 15 67 Activities: cheerleading 1-4, srudenr council, Foreign languoge club, Found w : Karen, Hopey, Amy K , Amy S , Karh + Rachel Fav. Memories: Deau ' s b-ball parries, and pool parries, infatuations wirh MR G KM, our prom!!!, screaming down rhe esland, my 16rh, rhe U.W. on rhe tree, N.H.. w Hope, absolurely everything w Karen Likes: Smiles, sleepovers, Spam!!!, talks wirh Amy, dark hair + dark eyes, freedom,guys w dass Dislikes: " rhe frizzies”, Forge Hill, waiting + wairing, knowing rhar norhing lasts forever Anything else: Thank you mom and 42 dad so much for everything; Yahooze ' 85! ' ! John Merriam 173 Conlyn Avenue D-day: 12 29 67 Activities: doing as lirrle as I can ger away wirh, earing, drinking (sometimes), going ro Dosron, video games, bowling, blowing money, listening ro real heavy rock, hanging around, drawing Found w : Chicky, Drian D , Jeff K., Kris R Fav. Memories: punk concerr ’84, Morley Crue ' 84 Likes: heavy meral, hard core punk, gross horror movies, $, dirry jokes Dislikes: school, losers, school spirir, work, dumb people, new wave, mosr sruff on TV Fav. Saying: " I ' m inro ir " Ambition: To have a job rhar I like and also pays bucks Anything Else: I ' m glad I ' m gerrin ' our of here! Paul David Molla 62 Hutchinson Srreer D-day: 2 25 67 Nickname: Paul Activities: baseball 1, foorball 1-4, co- capr. 4, class presidenr 1, srudenr council 2 Found w : Jeff, Morr, Gerch, Dooga, Terrence and rhe resr of rhe gang Fav. Memories: Prom, Cape, day afrer- Carla ' s shorrcur, Pam ' s parries, Gerch ' s and Doogo ' s parries, Colleen ' s cellar, Perry ' 81, Simon and Garfunkel wirh rhe girls, recording in rhe rruck, Carla ' s house, 4 19 84, Seger ' 83, Police ' 83, messing up Dooga ' s hair, all rhe good rimes w Lynn, Forge Hill before rhe Prom Likes: parking, slammers, cruising in rhe convertible, winning, old runes, weekends Dislikes: people wirh no sense of humor, snobs, 4 years of rhe dusrbowl, hirring parked trucks Fav. Saying: good rune, I ' m serious Ambition: To someday make ir through college Karhleen A nn Morey 55 Phyllis Lane D-day: 1 14 67 Nickname: Karhy Activities: drill ream 1-4; caprain 3, 4, srudenr secrerary ar Oak Sr. School Found w : Alison, Greg, Kim, Julie, Nicholas, Robbie, Karen, Donna and rhe resr of rhe gang Fav. Memories: Freshmen Danquer, Junior Prom ' 82, gerring my car on wheels, summer of ' 84 w Rob, 8 31-9 3, rhe Cape, Concord NH 11 1, w Lou, 7 4 84 w Robbie G rhe gang, Al’s parries, Lincoln Park ' 82 Likes: roller skaring, gorgeous guys, weekends, 210, going our w friends, walks Dislikes: my car being in rhe shop 5 days, being followed, hospitals Fav. Saying: Heavens, Poor Daby 1 Ambition: ro be a legal secrerary and reside in California Anything else: Mom and Dad, I always said you were srricr, bur if you hadn ' t kepr me in ro do homework G srudy, I probably wouldn ' t have-so rhanks Paul Mucciarone 17 Church Srreer D-day: 2 14 67 Nickname: Mucc Activities: working-having a good rime Found w : Jen, Rob, Chance Fav. Memories: Freshmen banquer, rhe prom, J Geils, New Years eve ' 83, Tom Perry, Aerosmirh, The Holiday Inn crew, Trixie Likes: Jen, parrying, making money, chance (my dog) Dislikes: make up, loud people Fav. Saying: Relax Ambition: To become rich and happy, Marry Jen and hove a family David Mulloney 87 Summer Srreer D-day: 11 2 67 Nickname: Dave Activities: hanging around up rown Found w : Pam and rhe resr of rhe bums Fav. Memories: 9 4 84, 9 28 84, summer of ' 81, my freshman and sophomore years, Jerhro Tull, rhe pool, Diane, Deaver pond Fav. Saying: I don ' r rhink so! Ambition: ro be on occounronr or computer p rogrammer Anything else: Good luck Pom, you ' ll need ir! Orion Mullin 0 Orion Road Michael P Mulligan 4 Skyline Drive D-day: 3 10 67 Activities: Skiing, Fishing, Hockey, Water skiing Found w : Seon, Paul, Orion, Jeff. Scorr Fav Memories: summer of ' 83 Aerosmirh " 84 " , Tom Perry concert, rhe Dlushing Drides and Through rhe Doors concert Likes: parries, cars, summer, Junior- Senior years, money Dislikes: Monday mornings, work, 4-doors, waking up Fav. saying: Ler ' s do ir up Ambition: ro become Supr of FHS Anything else: Whor o long, srronge trip ir ' s been. Drendon J Murphy 18 Coir Rood D-day: 5 19 67 Nickname: Murph Activities: golf, work, morh ream, ruroring, AMSFACT Found w : Craig, Tom, John, Don, Dove, ere. Fav. Memories: rhe Cars, summer of ' 84, Hink’s parries, rhe Cape, Washington, Red Sox gome Likes: having fun, good music, weekends, money, Dob ' s class Dislikes: srronge people, riding rhe bus, English Fav. saying: I don ' r know Ambition: ro be rich, happy, and retired Mark David Murphy 2 Walker Road D-day: 11 15 67 Nickname: Murph Activities: Soccer 1-4, AMSFACT 0-4, marh ruror 3-4, Found w : Drerley, Mart, Johnny Kel, Boomer, Nick, Dork, Hurch, and rhe ream Fav. Memories: Horseneck trips ' 84, Barricade Parries, July 4, 1984, winning rhe Hockomock, Reid Murray, borh proms and rhe Cape ofrer, Sugarloaf Likes: bearing Foxboro, nighr games, money, baseball games, B in rhe C, warching rhe scenes, Springsreen, Mac ' s, Riviera ' s, Perry, payday Dislikes: Grove Sr., Sunday morning pracrices, BB’s, gerring up early, work, losing, snobs, rerm papers, sirring or home, boredom, lab, Mondays Ambition: ro be a successful engineer or an arrorney Anything else: Good Luck Kim Novick 153 Glen Meadow Road D-doy: 12 15 67 Nickname: Kimmy Found w : Elaine, Kelly, Sue, Joanne, Carol, Brenda, Danny, Pam, Lisa, Sreve, rhe gang Fav Memories: Florida ' 84, New York, Milliken, Beschi ' s parries, cruisin Likes: rhe Srones, Springsreen, parries, french fries, Cadillacs, cape, Pearls and spending money Dislikes: snobs, no money, having no radio, gerring bagged G being bored Fav. saying: " I don ' r know”, " I guess " Ambition: To go ro England and be rich Anything else: maybe Janine M. Nasuri 129 Union Sr B-day: 2 5 67 Nickname: Newr Activities: Daskerball 1, 3, 4, Sofrball T4, Field Hockey 2, 4 Found w : Colleen, Carla, Karhy, Tricia, Adrienne, Rachel, Jenny, Carmella, Perer Fav Memories: Simon 6 Garfunkel, Falmourh ' 84, Colleen ' s parries, Carla ' s parries, Boogos ' 83, Cape w Carla G Colleen, Florida ' 82, April 1, ' 84, March 24, ' 84 , Dinner ar Donnies, sofrball rournamenr ' 84, Kliens skiing ' 83-84, Likes: Phone calls de Spain, Spanky, ' Talks w Karhy”, Dark hair blue eyes Dislikes: Saying Goodbye!, 4 22 84, moving, 8 16 82, being seporared, decisions Ambition: To be a pediorrician and Mrs. D K Cavallaro Anything Else: Eddie, gor rhe picture? Lauren O ' Drien 7 Rolling Ridge Road D-day: 6 18 67 Activities: Jr Miss, Dancing 1-4, CYO 1-4, Treasurer 3, AMSFACT 3-4, friendly ' s Found w : David, Amy, Tina, Karhy, Lise, Lisa, lunch group, Friendly gang Fav Memories: Jr Prom, 5 29 82, France, Pr Judirh, CYO carwash ' 82, Canada, ski rrips ' 82-83, Lake Pearl Likes: causing traffic jams on 1-95, rhe beach, " huz and risses” Dislikes: cliques, phonies, " Carlo” signs on my car, unregistered " verres”, friendly ' s and small rippers, Ambition: To forger abour college and make ir DIG in Hollywood 1 Anything else: This is ir Mom-no more lunches 1 44 Dove O’Hearn 28 Anrhony Rd D-day: 7 12 67 Nickname: O ' H Activities: Crusin in caddi, curling rhe pounders Found w : Gare, Greg, Brownie, D house gong Fav. Memories: Deoury Mountain, rhe foils, up rhe pork, Weeky Hill, Fisher Srreer, X, XI, Foorboll Likes: neighborhood sporrs, summer vocorion, old rime rock and roll Dislikes: working derenrion, snobs, Fav. saying: No Way Ambition: ro be successful in whatever I do Carl Paxron 22 Brook Sr. D-day: 8 31 67 Nickname: Pockror Found W : Griff, Bob, Dove, Smiry, Mark Fav Memories: ski trip ' ' 83 ' ' , Cope afrer Junior prom, summer of " 83 " , Friday nighrs wirh rhe guys, daring Joe Ellen Likes: weekends, parries, Bud, Michelob, rock and roll, sexy women, nice looking ladies, fosr cars, skiing Dislikes: working, stuck up snobs, Monday morning Fav Saying: Don ' t worry obour ir Ambition: ro become rich and happy in life Anything else: Good luck ro rhe Goss of " 85 " Lori-Ann Penque 49 Pond Sr. D-day: 6 30 67 Nickname: Lob Found w : Poulo, Terri, Carlo, Michelle Fav. Memories: VAN HALEN, TOM PETTY, Loquidoro I II, 6 30 83, Lake Pearl, Maine 84, Florida 83, Jerhro Tull, rhe fence wall w Terri, Ogunquir Beach, rhe Trolley w Poulo Likes: weekends, silver, summer, green eyes, being our w Friends Dislikes: roiny mornings, snobs, Chinese food, milk Fav. saying: No Way Anything else: Mom, thanks for always being rhere Mark Perir 19 Eldon Drive D-day: 6 20 67 Nickname: Perrir Activities: morh ream, ruroring, job or Sror, senior fund raising and dance committee AMSFACT 3, 4 Found w : Rich, John, Linda, Lyn, Srocey, Christine, Sreve, Mark Fav Memories: Junior Prom w Denise, Mrs. Ligons informal discussions, Senior-Freshmen ger ocquoinred donee Likes: Mr Defronzo ' s cor comperirion, going our wirh friends, seeing special friends whenever possible Dislikes: rerm papers, morh analysis, losing Mr Defronzos cor comperion Fav. saying: Ir ' s Perir, nor Perrir ' Ambition: always wonred ro join rhe ski club Anything else: rhanks ro my family ond my special friends Piush Porell 28 Wesr Park Sr D-day: 7 13 67 Found w : lunch room crowd Fav. Memories: summer vacarions-all of rhem Likes: Led Zeppelin, The Who, Italian food Dislikes: Walking ro school Fav. saying: How ' s rhe dorr? Ambition: become rich ond retire ofrer I graduate Christine Marie Pellegri 185 Wachuserr Sr. D-day: 2 1 67 Nickname: Chris Activities: yearbook 4, foreign language club 2-4 Found w : Liso, Lourie, Kira, Poulo G rhe resr Fav Memories: prom, hockey gomes wirh my friends, my first ski rrip w Lourie, Lourie, ond Kira, Tom Perry, Von Holen w Lourie Likes: summer, smiles, being w Friends Dislikes: sod faces, Monday mornings, rainy days, cold weorher Ambition: ro see rhe world meer lots of new people, ond hove lors of fun Anything else: Thonlss Mom, Good luck nexr year Liso Mark David Pererson 19 Janie Ave. D-day: 12 15 67 Nickname: Morco Perie 6 Mogicmon Activities: golf 1-4, Coproin 3, 4 Found w : Jeff, John, Kevin, Scorr, Greg, Jim, Fav. Memories Collie ' s parries, Aerosmirh, Terri C ' s, squowkers, Tom Perry, garden, Junior Prom, April vac 84, bashes Likes: weekends, cruising in Jerr ' s Comoro, hockey gomes, Dud Dislikes: cor Occidents, snobby girls, blue lights Ambition: ro become successful or whatever I do Joanne C Pezzuolo 580 Oak Sr. D-day: 2 10 67 Nickname: JoJo Found w : good friends Fav Memories: Donovans, Guidreys, Parries, experiences in Kellys rruck, 8 31 84, Deorlemomo, Billy Squier, rhe Common, Weedys hill, Vine (Vain) Sr Likes: The Mighry Foils, Beorles, trucks, GS, Missions wirh rhe aew, Tunofish casserole, Dislikes: work, woiring around, Boring nighrs, people on my roof, rrees, and chimneys w Monsso gerring losr or Bowie concert, foke people, day ofrer prom Fav. saying: Look or rhose skivvies Ambition: To Live, Love, ond ro understand Louro Anything else: Living is easy wirh eyes dosed irs understanding oil you see Thomas Mark Phillips 417 Poulo Lone B-day: 1 9 67 Nickname: Doomer Activities: Karen 3-4, Soccer 14, capr. 4, Basketball 1-4, srudenr council, Srudenr AMSFACT 3-4, Found w : Karen, Fording, Marr, Deau, Hurch, Perer, Floyd, Mike, Debbie, Kelly, Jerome, Mainhall Left gong Fov Memories: 9 12 83, Hampron, h r., Prom, bunny and missile silos, Borrocode, skiing w Koren ' 84, Moore Ave exp Likes: Karen, " The Post”, Beau ' s parries, bearing Fox., Marh w Dove 6 Jerome Dislikes: giving up goals, throwing bricks, knee injuries Fov. saying: " Shur up, or I ' ll kill you " Ambition: Figure our whor I wonr ro do in life, do ir, and do ir good. Anything else: " Whor ore we gonna do now? " Kerry Ann Pisoni 19 Srubb Srreer B-day: 9 19 67 Nickname: Kerry Berry Activities: Yearbook 3 G 4, Srudenr Council 3 6 4, Choir T4, Mirage 3, marh ruror 3, Marh club 2, Foreign Long. Club 1-4, Religion teacher Assr. 2-4, Elementary Aide Found w : Maureen, Lynn, Alice, Down Fav Memories: Summer of ' 84, Quebec ' 83, France ' 84, Florida ' 83, pool parries ond the chesrnur rree Likes: Walking in rhe rain, smiling, laughing, Jewel, Bean, Chubby, J.J., Jo.Jo., singing, Autumn Dislikes: Goodbyes, pressure, cliques, lOrh grade, deadlines, rime passing ro quickly, shopping Fov. saying: No woy! Ambition: To hove a happy future ond ro learn from rhe pasr Anything else: thank you Devi. Jennifer L. Prairie 59 Corrage Srreer B-doy: 11 8 67 Nickname Jen Activities: Srudenr Secretary, OEA 3-4, Junior Miss Found w : Rurh, Nancy, Norman, Chip, Sue, Trish, Joanne, Jen, Marshall ' s crew Fov. Memories Aug. 17, 1984, Freshman banquet, Junior yr, leaving 7rh, Nancy ' s B-day parry, sleeping over Joanne ' s Likes: Ben, playing in snow, being w friends, rhe beach, wine coolers, my nighrs off, champagne, driving Friday nighr w Norm C.S Dislikes: Gerring sick, being home or 12, cleaning my room, red H Fov. soying: D.B., wonderful, No class Ambition: Becker Jr. College, rhen get married and live a great life. Anything else: Mom and Dad, rhonks! Stephen M Proulx 28 Cross Srreer B-doy: 10 23 67 Nickname: Pru Found w ; Lisa, Judi, Dave, Jack, Ben, and whoever happens ro be there Fov. Memories: L.R.R.H. ' 82, H.G. ' 83, Rocky Point Quest ' 84, Jr Prom, solo parry ar Dave ' s, Hirch-walk ro Hop., and being wirh friends Likes: The Who, Good Drummers, Vacations, J.D., Sleeping, life, and Lisa Dislikes: Homework, Chemistry, Death, Mornings, ond people who afraid ro say whar rhey feel Fov. saying: ' Whar a riot ' Ambition: To find rhe mosr beautiful place in rhe world ond ler ir be Anything else: " C ' mon Jack, you 46 really gorra ger up " Linda Ann Picard 12 rolling Ridge Road B-doy: 1 11 67 Activities: Senior- Freshman Dance Comm , Yearbook 85, Ring Comm 6 WORKING! Found w : Chrissie, Liso Lisa, Lisa, Mia, and rhe resr of rhe lunch gang Fov Memories Prom 84, NH 82 6 84, Sophomore Danquer Likes: Being wirh friends, talking, laughing ond being wirh Hubs Dislikes.- September, Mondays, goodbyes, losr day of vacation, being alone when I wanr ro be wirh Hubs, Hubs being in NH Ambition: To be happy ond successful and ro become Linda Hooper Anything else: Thanks Mom, I love you I love you roo, Hubs Lauro Ann Puorro 679 Pleasant Srreer B-doy: 10 3 67 Nickname: Lou, Pu Activities Srudenr secretary, OEA Found w : Deb, Donna, Char, Laura E , Pam H., Debbie G., and rhe resr of rhe gang Fov. Memories: New Year ' s ' 84, Cope ' 83, Mass Maririme, Moon Parries, Char ' s going away parry Likes: being wirh friends, cruising, sleeping lore, weekends, parries, shopping, vacation, money Dislikes: Gerring up early, Mondays, gym, rainy days, people who walk slow Ambition: To olways be happy ond successful ar whatever I do Anything else: Look Deb a grey con Michael Purdon 101 Wachuserr Srreer D-day 3 28 67 Nickname: Mike Activities: 12 ounce curls, shooring down rhe Moon, going over Rachel ' s, skipping school, purring down rhe Marines (Tom) Found w : Rachel, Weedy, Sreve, Joe, Deihl, Morr, Tom, resr of B-house corner Fav. Memories: every 4rh of July, Rachel ' s house, sophomore summer down rhe cope, Aerosmirh New Year ' s Eve Likes: Budweiser, drinking, lire commercials, big parries, sroying our lore Dislikes: Toby, going ro school Anything Else: Thanks olor. Christine Marie Risroino 52 Sourhgare Rd D-day: 6 6 67 Nickname: Chrisrini, Chrissy, Crash, Activities: Speech 1-4, Gynmosrics 1, AMSFACT Found w : Mish, Korhy, Rob, Mike, Greg, Franny, Joe, Korhi, Moureen, Lyn, Srocey ond rhe gong Fav Memories: Scorr ' s porry, Yes Concert, 8 9 84, Ghosrbusrin w Friends Likes: laughing, hugs, PS letters, Prince, being w friends Dislikes; goodbyes, fake friends, totalling orange Gremlims, sod songs, Ambition: ro hove o wonderful life, bur never forger rhe memories of rhe posr 4 years Anything else: Thanks everyone for rhe memory! To m y family ond friends, I love you oil Tracy Ellen Roppo 232 Pleasanr Sr. D-day: 1 22 67 Nickname: Troy, Porricio, Fred Activities: Oskey 2-4, Jr Miss 4, Jr Prom Commirree 3 Found w : rhe gruesome fivesome, 2 Patricias, main hall left gong, Fav Memories: Boston adventures, rimes w RR, Morsel burgers, Boston w SH, Hompron, 2:30 am cor wash, beoch w Donold, dancing on rhe roof, B-52 ' s, rhe Police Likes: lifeguard orange, doffodills, rhe Moon, Boston ar nighr, Dislikes: pushing cars down Boylsron Sr., WDPD, long distance phone bills, Fav. saying: " ger o job ' ' Morisso A Rozzono 67 Highland Sr. D-day: 5 11 67 Activities: secretory 1, 2, 3 sofrboll man. 2, NDECA 3, 4, Found w : Colleen, Carlo, Julionne, Jill, Joanne, Lynn, Ashley, Kelly, Danielle, Pom, Jonine, ond 85 guys Fav. Memories: Colleen ' s 6 Carlo ' s gigs, Pom ' s all-nighrers, BRUCE, Tom Perry, Prom G Cope (shorrcur), PI, NDECA rrips w MGM, Worehom, Sr Rocco 84, Likes: doody, cows, Fri. nights, rhe hydronrs, hockey, Carlo ' s boor, Dislikes: rrees G chimney ' s w Joonne, working, 4 ' 1Y, skivvies, Evy, courr Fav saying: you guys woir up! Ambition: ro someday live in Chino Anything else: Sheeyolorer " 85 ' ' Kathleen Riley 27 Sourhgare Rd D-day: 10 15 67 Nickname: Korhy, Boo- Boo, Kirry, Gomez Activities: Basketball 1, soccer 1, 2 Found w : Michelle, Christine, Michael,Rob, Greg, Korhy, Time, Doreen and anyone else Fav. Memories: Fresh, bonq. w Bruce Berger, Bonfire ' 82, Super Bowl, Boston Garden, Bruins gomes, Doreens 18rh, Conron hockey gomes, Journey and Kinks concerts, Likes: Bruce, Bruins, Mike O’Connell, Billy Idol, Honeymooners, rhe oblivion, busring Sonny Dislikes: being lied ro, flying hockey pucks, cor occidenrs, Fav. saying: I ' m dead serious! Ambition: ro be happy in wohrever I do!!! Anything else: Thanks Mom ond Dod-for everything. Sarah A Robinson Oak Tree House-1 Lower Rd-Sroke Mandeville-Near Aylesbury-Bucks- HP225UX-England D-day: 1 7 66 Activities: squash, nerball, rheorricol lighting Found w : Anyone who ' s friendly, Debbie H., Korhy W, Julie S, Tino T, Melisso H, Fav Memories: (football gomes), England, picnic, Mr Mon, Boston, Diono Ross, Srephonie B ' s porry, Amy H ' s porry Likes: traveling, sunshine, being English, people who understand, London, Bosron, being happy, my family, Dislikes: flirts, 2 faced people, msensirive people, cliques, giggly girls, wosred lives Fav Saying: ger your ocr rogerher. Ambition: ro be perfecrly conrenr w Life G myself Anything else: Many thanks ro rhe doss of 85 G FHS for being so friendly 47 William E Robinson 109 Drools Srreer D-doy: 7 21 67 Nickname: Dill Activifies: foorboll 1-4, spring track 2-4, indoor 3-4, basketball Found w : Dooley, Dud, Hink, John, Joke, Murph, Jim, Terrence and rhe Deover crew Fav. Memories: winning rhe super bowl, AC DC, rhe Clash and Druce Springsrein concerrs Likes: rhe people of Fronkliin Dislikes: boring classes Fav. saying: Thor ' s life Ambition: ro rerire or 30 Anything else: Good luck ro rhe class of ' 85 Karen L. Ryon 1 Laurel Courr D-doy: 6 13 67 Activities: Oskey ' 85, G S 1-4, Found w : Sue, Dione, Danielle, Debby and rhe resr of rhe class Fov. Memories: Eddie G rhe Cruisers (T.W), day ofrer rhe prom, Feb vocorion ' 84, Kenny ' s apr. w Norm G crew, fun in N H., July 4, 1984, Halloween ' 83, jr high parking lor Likes: good rimes w friends, smiles, Duddies, Chuck ' s parries, weekends, summers in N.H., snowsrorms, paydays, classy guys, Pom ' s house, rhe " Z " Dislikes: off-dury occifers, Sorurdoy mornings, rhe Pir, Thanksgiving ' 81, open cups or Dizzo ' s, saying goodbye Fov. saying: Ler ' s bear rhis place Ambition: To enjoy each day and look forward ro Tomorrow Anything else: Trisha, ler ' s go find your weekend in N.H. Michelle V. Sebio 63 Sourhgare Rood D-doy: 3 3 67 Nickname: Mish, Ceb, Shellie, Mishy Activities: France ' 83, j.v. girls soccer mng 3 Found w : Korhy, Chrissy, Timi, Joe, Mike, Greg, Rob, and rhe gong Fov. Memories: Journey concerr, Riverdale, France, cape ' 83, 7 30 84, meering A.A., Doreen ' s keg, carerpillars w Karhy Li kes: being w friends, laughing, cruising, Joe, purple, and “Stairway ro Heaven " Dislikes: smashing up my Curless, homework, liver, dusring choirs, being depressed and people users Fov. saying: I ' d love ro know Ambition: To live for rhe day and ro be happy Anything else: Go for ir ' 85 Everyone, I ' ll rry ro smile. Debra A. Sirkouskos 9 Russell Srreer D-doy: 1 11 67 Nickname: Chicky Found w : Louro, Char, Donno, and rhe resr of rhe gong Fov. Memories: freshman year, New Year ' s Eve or Lambs, parries down rhe moon, summer ' 83, Maine ' 82, curising w friends Likes: being wirh friends, weekends, fullmoons, beaches, Chinese food, Corverres, sleeping, shopping and spending money Dislikes: gym, school rules, curfews, and being colled o “srudenr secrerory " Fov. saying: “mercy " , “Oh, baby! " Anything else: “good luck ro oil of my friends, luv you oil To Char: I rhink I ' ll always love him 48 Roberr J Ross 10 Midland Avenue D-doy: 10 3 67 Nickname: Oris, Derr, Rob Activities: parrying, ploying guirar, going ro concerrs, lisrening ro U2, work Found w : Paul, Jen, Scorr, Kevin, Ted, Dubbo and rhe resr of rhe Holidoy-lnn crew Fov. Memories: The Who ' 82, orcode days, rhe forr, Tracy ' s house, Thursday nighr wirh Scorr, Roger ' s parries, skipping, moose kegs, rhe killer corner, Swirzerlond Likes: U2, The Police, parrying, Uncle Dud, 16 oz. curls, cruising, skipping, concerrs, summer, gerring away wirh Things, sroying our oil nighr, Monry Pyrhon Dislikes: Franklin High, jocks, rubber room, gerring cheored on, Fov. saying: You ' re such a dork, “Disdole " Ambition: To meer Dooo Drenr Solverri 10 Emmons Srreer Gory Sharpe 6 Corpenrer Drive D-doy: 5 17 67 Nickname: Eugene Activifies: work, woshing my cor, Driving in rhe “bird " , cruisin ' Found w : Scorr, Dave M., Dob, Randy, whoever else is around Fov. Memories: camping in Vermonr, Hompron ' 84, gerring bear up in Norick w Scorr, Dave R., rhar nighr we drove around in rhe bock of Geoff ' s converrable, in rhe bock of rhe Trans- Am wirh rhose “so-colled " beories, prom ' 84, being married ro Danielle Likes: working on my car, cruisin ' orher rowns for girls, Elron John G Sreve Miller runes, going ro Hompron, being w friends, having o good rime Dislikes: flar rires, working Friday nighrs, rhe price of gos, rhose Ponrioc spoke hubcaps, Morh, gerring losr on Vi of o rank Fov. saying: Casuals Ambition: Jusr ro be happy in wharever I choose ro do Anything else: Hey Dove G Scorr- (C-H-l-C-K!) Mark Smirh 134 Miller Srreer D-doy: 9 21 67 Nickname: Smirry Found w : Carl Poxron, Gory Griffin, Dob Syngoy Fov. Memories: x-mas vocorion skiing wirh Dob, Carl, Gory Likes: cars, oil nighrers, parries, paychecks, Moosehead Dislikes: cars rhar break down, speeding rickers, derenrion, sruck-up girls, friends rhor fighr Fov. saying: Hey baby. Day mon worr oppnm CDuckwheor) Ambition: I wonr ro be rich Anything else: See yo lorer Julie Anne Snell 15 Coir Rd. D-day: 12 14 66 Nickname: Jules, Julio Activifltes: Oskey 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Found w : The loud girls, Becky b | Irving Fav. Memories: Adorn Anr, Duxbury w Sue, Korh b Mel, Hampton, New York, N.H. weekend w Amy, Bosron, Fireworks-9 1 84, tennis courts w Amy, Police Likes: bormobile, the city, exact change, the ocean, peace, swiss cheese, the English bear Dislikes: I bus, my neighborhood, anemic . hamburgers, missing trains Fav. Saying: " get a job " Ambition: To keep my I emotions true as a child ' s and to never ■ grow up! Anything else: " should have I gone to Ma ' s " -buckoop Amy J. Sreeves 17 Park Road D-Day: 12 9 67 Nickname: Aimzo, Yahrzee Activities: Soccer 1-4, Oskey 2- 4, Chorus 1-4, BHD, Jr. Miss Found w : the loud girls and Becky Fav Memories: NH, weekend w Julie, Prom-Cape, Tennis courts w Julie, Hampton Beach, Mudfighrs, Kathy ' s gig Likes: Cheeseburgers, Barmobile, Spam, Originality, Tatiana, Veronica, Vacations w family Dislikes: Bloody noses, rripple sessions, Gouchi Fav saying: Buckoop, Da Da Da, 3 and 2 makes 5 Ambition: Broadway Anything else: " Hey you guys, when are they going to grow up? " Hope, get in the rub, Sue, it ' s Wednesday, Prince Spaghetti Day. Matthew Scott Sousa 166 Longhill Rd. D-Day: 5 30 67 Nickname: Mart, Chew Activities: Basketball 1-4, Soccer 3-4, Golf 2 Found w : Dork, Hutch, Crank, Dink, Floyd, Beau, Boomer, Murph, Jism, Ed, Amy, and the rest of the Mainhall Left Gang Fav. Memories: Prom, Tourney Soccer, Baracode Parry, Pete ' s and Beau ' s parries, the Pig Pen members, Morning ' s in the hall, Bosiris b Geysen, Clash Concert Likes: Red b White luggage, Bearing Foxboro, BT ' s, Busring Sonny, money, my friends, The Clash, spending money, watching Dork run Dislikes: snobby girls, being sick, failing rests, MIAA, report card days, rejection Fav. Saying: Be serioiusl, Don ' t throw it away, I ' ll ear it! Ambition: To be happy and successful at whatever I plan to do. Anything else: Thanks for everything Mom 6 Dad Good luck Class ' 85. Robert Stewart 215 Oak Sr. D-day: 6 1 67 Nickname: Rob, Stew, Srewy, Pew Wee Found w : Christine, Charlene, Bonnie, Karen, Pam, Jim Fav Memories: Jr. Prom ' 84, New Hampshire ' 84, Christine learning to cook, S.C. 1980, Maine ' 84, Riverside Park ' 83 Likes: Weekends, Parries, upstairs Dislikes: Mondays, Every morning, Franklin Police, Ambition: To own a ' 57 T-bird Anything else: Bye Pinhead Anne M. Srirzoker 188 Plain Sr. D-day: 0 11 67 Nickname: Anna- Dananna, Gonzo Activities: OEA, Junior Class Secrerary, Prom Commirree, work experience program Found w : rhe Molacka, Sreph, Susan, Gimpy, Wighry, Tracy Fav. Memories: THE CLASH, Hampron Beach w Susan and Julie, Canada, Milford w Sreph, Prom, Fronr of rhe Nova, Likes: smiling people, blue skies and sunshine, long talks w David, nighrs on rhe beach, swinging on rhe swings, parries, foorball games, and Ronnie Dislikes: rainy days and Mondays, homework, most of ' em in ' 86, S.C., French class Fav. saying: Certainly! Ambition: ro find rhe end of my rainbow . . Anything else: Some day David! Thanks Sreph-Keep smiling. Craig Alan Srrok Address: 204 David Rd. D-Day: 1 31 67 Nickname: Varies for person ro person Activities: Cross Country 1-3, Track-2, Nar ' l Honor Sociery, Yearbook, Pureeing food Found w : Dave Dan ar rhe Tavern Club Fav Memories: Ski trip 82 ' , Diner, Police 83 ' and 84 ' , F.O.C., N.H. w Dave and Friends, graduation Likes: Rigguarrigls, Reberhyns and U2 Dislikes: VDK, Fronrlawns, Unair-condirioned cars, srormy houses, rain and exploding pens. Fav saying: Discipline is nor and end irself, only a means ro an end. Ambition: To wipe our communism in Norrh America Joseph Srockberger Address: 32 Sourhgare D-day: 4 12 67 Nickname: Booga Activities: Hockey 1-4, Bud Squad 1-4 Found w : Donald, Gerch, Earl, Joe, Mollo, Brian, Tim and rhe girls. Fav. Memories: me and Gerch ' s parry ' s Colleen ' s parry ' s, rag ream wirh Scorr and Donald, The Cape after rhe prom (Carla ' s shorrcur) Molla ' s shed, Fighting in rhe Vega, Irs a Mazda Likes: Hockey, being absent, The Doba, The desire ro Win and Having a generous mother Dislikes: Canron, waiting for Donald, Bee ' s, Gerch afrer 9 oo o ' clock and hicking. Fav. saying: Who Cares Ambition: To ger married, buy a Porshe, and work wirh my father. Anything else: Irs all over don ' r you wonno cry! Danielle P. Srucchi Address: 65 Maple Sr D-day: 3 4 67 Nickname: Yellie Activities: NDECA I V P., Oskey ' 85, Sneakers n ' yir, O.E.A Found w : D ' Amic, Diane, Sue, Jill, JuJu, Paula, Jen, Marissa, Colleen, Carla, Pam, Dona, rhe guys of ' 85 Fav Memories: BRUCE + ROD ' 84, NDECA (M.G.M.), rhe Garden ' 83, Prom G cape Likes: Changing signs w Di, Missions, Tans, Weekends Hockey, Gold, Memories, Summer, Being w friends Dislikes: G C ! woiring, false alarms, Doreen ' s gig, arguing w Joe, 3 a.m. clean ups Fav. saying: Whar a woman. Ambition: ro moke ir Anything else: ' 85-bemg wirhour you will rake a lor of gerring used ro. 50 John J. Sullivan Address: 100 Pine Sr. B-day: 2 27 67 Nickname: Sully Activities: Wrestling 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Golf 4 Found w : Meek, Tim, Jim, Gary, Bake, Kevin, Roger, and rhe resr of rhe gang Fav. Memories: Doghouse scene 81, bowie 83; J. Geils 82, Perry 83, Dennisporr 82,83; rhe hill A S. 81, 82 Mrs. Perers S.S. class 82; gerring caughr by Mom wirh Joe G. 82 Likes: G. B., weekends, CCR., Summer Vacrion Dislikes: The Gazeebo, Elecrric Blonkers Fov. saying: Thars Cool Ambition: To be successful in whatever field I choose. Anything else: Good Luck ro rhe Class of 85. Robert Syngay 22 Elm Srreer B-doy: 3 30 67 Nickname: Bob Activities: Skimobiling, Playing hockey on ponds, Rackerball and playing a few sporr games wirh a few guys, and going our wirh friends on weekend nighrs Found w : Gary S., Carl, Elaine and friends Fov. Memories: Trip ro Calif. ' ' 83 ' ' , California, Mexico, Canada, Summer of " 84 " , day afrer prom wirh my 3 door Chevy Likes: Budweiser, Hockey, young ladies, working on cars Dislikes: Fighting wirh friends, waking up early in rhe morning, staying afrer school, nor trying for H.S. hockey Fov. saying: I knew rhar Ambition: (undecided) bur ro be successful, whatever I do. Anything else: Where ' s my tree guys? Good luck Class of " 85 " . Pamela M. Tero 215 Oak Srreer B-doy: 11 19 67 Nickname: Pam Activities: bum around rown, parry Found w : Dave, Bonnie, Karen, Rob Fov. Memories: down ar rhe rracks, Maine, Framingham, Bellingham, rhe Pool Likes: men, Journey, Genesis, srraw-berry fribbles, Sars Dislikes: English, lunch, rubber room Fov. saying: Whar ' s up! Whar ' s your problem? Anything else: Good luck Bonnie Karen 6 Dave James M. Therieau 5 Srewarr Srreer B-doy: 11 27 67 Nickname: Moose, Rumar, Moses Activities: Arr, hanging around up rown Found w : Kim, Collins, Sylvan, Drolf, Whirey, Tero, Morr, Sreve, Seaver, Weedy, Capr. Cooker, Gannon, Frankie, Ficco, Smirrza, Aimesy Fov. Memories: Grateful Dead ' 82, ' 83, ' 84, Weedy hill, Fisher Srreer, purple pyrimid, freshman year Likes: K.N., omni, Kim, arr, long trips, Grareful Dead, D 6 D, rail woods, " rhe Cavemand Bowl " , full moons Dislikes: Jocks, skiddas, ores, sruck up people, dummyheads Fov. saying: " hey man " Ambition: ro become a famous arrisr Alice Symmes 24 Alpine Place B-doy: 5 5 67 Nickname: lya, Alvin Found w : Keeley, Courrly, TK, Adrienne, Riely, Jill, Karen, Deanne Fov. Memories: HR w Sully Gary, Icabod, Def Leppard, VH, Squier, Curler, Breads growing up Likes: Icabod, friends, Lorrery, my family, Mc-Nuggers, summer, Sar. nires, charge cords!, Curler Dislikes: Hosebags, F.N., snobs, curfews Fov. saying: Sup? Sometimes ya gorra say whar rhe heck! Ambition: TO WIN MEGABUCKS!, ro go ro college, ro be happy forever Anything else: I love you Mom 6 Dad! Thank you for everyrhing! You will always be rhe besr! Stephen P. Tenney 418 Perrridge Srreer B-doy: 8 30 67 Nickname: Crowder Activities: hockey 1-4; Capr. 3-4, baseball T2 Found w : Scorr, Baldy, Tim Mac, Lew Meek, and rhe resr of " 85 " Fov. Memories: Boston Garden " 82” Wilmington parry, eyebrows, Web ' s room, summer " 84 " , AC-DC, Europe ' 82, ' 83, ' 84, Gunnin ' , Dio 84 Likes: Canron games, HNIB, Brian, Angus, Boston Garden, hockey Dislikes: Falmourh, Canron, " On rhe Line " Ambition: rhar building where rhe rracks meet North Srarion Anything else: Jusr remember, when you play rhe game of life, you play ir for all ir ' s worrh, ir ' s a full conracr sporr, make no doubr ' s about ir, bur remember, ir ' s nor whether you win or lose, ir ' s how good you looked, honey. Donald E. Theriault 4 Prospect Srreer B-doy: 7 21 67 Nickname: Don Activities: hockey T4 Found w : Booga, Gerch, Earl, Rich, Joe G. and rhe girls rhe resr of rhe foorball heads Fov. Memories: Carla ' s parries, Colleen ' s parries, Booga ' s parries, Tom Perry, J. Geils, Cape afrer rhe prom (Carla ' s shorr cur) Likes: hockey, girls, " millionaire ' s daughter " , having my share of Bud ' s Dislikes: rwo faced people, people who rhink they are grear Fov. saying: give me another one Ambtion: ro be happy and successful in life Anything else: good luck class of ' 85! Elizabeth Anne Thompson 31 Alpine Place B-doy: 6 17 67 Nickname: Bersy, Blonde Activities: D.E I, D.E II, Cruisin ' Found w : Srevie Shields, Erika M., Sheri L., Trisha W , Tracy D., Fred, Gismo, Julie Y. Likes: Srevie, snow, sunser ' s Traveling, money Dislikes: people who play wirh my mind (you know who you are) Fov. saying: mellow our Ambition: ro be happy, moke money, live my life Anything else: " see you on rhe other side " 5 1 T. Marrhew Thompson 7 Wesr Pork Srreer B-doy: 8 18 67 Nickname: Morr Activities: foorboll 2-4, baseball 1-2, Found w : Heidi, rhe gong. Fav. Memories: Dec. 16, ' 80, rhe prom, super bowl ' 82, May 25, ' 84, Tom Perry ' 80, rhe beach, dinner or Pippenel ' s Likes: ro be wirh Heidi, lirrle red rrucks, nice cars ond Jeeps Dislikes: smokers, punk rods freaks, foorboll practice, snobs Fav. saying: I love you, Heidi Ambition: To be happily married ro Heidi ond ro be o successful building conrrocror. Anything else: Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad. Tinolouise A. Tosches 25 Drools Srreer B-day: 10 26 66 Nickname: Tina, Teen Activities: Yearbook 85, work Found w : Sreve, Amy K., Hope, Korhy, Amy S., Karen, Lauren, ond rhe guys of " 85 " Fav. Memories: proms, 11 21 81, sophomore banquet, Florida, rhe Union, Chino Lotus, Mr. C ' s English class, Junior year, Boston w Sreven, rimes w rhe girls, Mr. Manadonocls Likes: Sreve, weekends, having fun, being w friends, summer Dislikes: saying good-bye, homework, Marshall ' s, false people Fav. saying: Whar? Are you kidding me? Ambition: To live a happy ond successful life. Anything else: Amy, in rhe gloss! Michelle M. Voss 4 Hawthorn Drive B-day: 5 18 67 Found w : Ka, Lor, Carla, Paula, Te, Don, Lin and rhe rest of us Fav. Memories: sophomore bonquer, New Hampshire 83-84, Narraganserr, Jon. 30rh, K ' s Dday 83-84, John ' s clothesline Likes: people who moke me lough, blue eyes, rrue friends, Polo ofrershove, Newport, Mr. A , Paul ' s Lee jeans, 14lsr Dislikes: lost x-mas eve, nor knowing, explaining rhings ro Karen, paranoid friends, confusion, people who lie, repeated mistakes and wasred rime Ambition: ro move for far away ond ro olwoys be happy Anything else: " We ' ve all gor something rhor we core obour . . . I propose you find ir our. " B.S. Hope Ellen Voughon 412 Partridge Srreer B-day: 9 13 67 Activities: gymnastics ond donee, yearbook, track 4 Found w : Amy K., Sreph, Tina, Korhleen, rhe loud girls and Melisso Favorite Memories: egging w Mel, D C. weekend w Mel, Dosron (Friday ' s), Chino Lorus w Tino Korhy, N.H. w Amy and Sreph, Peppino ' s w Sreph, Dianna Ross, banquets Likes Polynesian people, Chinese people food, food in general, warerskiing, gymnosrics, dancing Dislikes: mowing, rain, rhe frizzy ' s, nor forgerring certain rhings, being sad, goodbyes Fav. saying: " Whor? " Ambition: ro be on Olympian woman (body builder) Anything else: 52 Thanlss, you guys! Tommy Sue Thornhill 127 Maple Srreer B-day: 10 7 67 Nickname: Tommy Activities: Oskey 2-4, dancing, srudenr secretory 4 Found w : Michoel, Lyn, Devi, Nancy, Karen, 6 Sheila Fav. Memories: my life w Michael, dancing w Devi, rhe lake w Michael, Jr. Prom ' 84, 7 2 82, Cope w Michoel, Todd Lyn, N.H. w Devi Todd, Florida ' 84 w Michoel, " Shadows-in-rhe-nighr ' ' , 9 25 81, and Duncan Likes: our " Z-28 " Shadows, Dancing, rhe lake, Prince Mogic, earing!! Dislikes: rhe " Pir " Fav. saying: " Smile! " Ambition: ro go ro college ond ro marry Michael Anything else: " Jusr follow your heart, ond your dreams will come rrue! " Desr of luck in everyrhing you do " 85! John M. Venderri 38 Forringron Srreer B-day: 8 11 67 Nickname: Jock, Joke Activities: Yearbook , OEA 3-4, Norional Honor Sociery 3-4, Found w : Den, Pru, Dove, Judy, Liso, Chris, ond rhe Rico ' s gang Fav. Memories: Opening Gome ' 83, Jr. Prom, 6 14, 8 11 84, Tom Perry, The Police, rhe Kinks Likes: Dosron, vacarions, JD, Oz, celluloid heroes, and sleeping lore Dislikes: colds, slabs, homework, Tuesdays, Judi ' s driving, Brian Ambition: ro find a career and be happy wirh ir Anything else: Oh, rhar’s righr. Paul J. Villiord 112 Drook Srreer D-day: 10 11 67 Nickname: Villiard Found w : Srephenc, Maysie, Dev, David, Leigh-Anne Fav. Memories: Canada ' 83, Wahingron D C. ' 83, Mrs. Gorman 5rh period, 1984 Summer Olympics, Mrs. Russo 7rh period, Saichewan, Sadie, Mary, July 4rh in N.H. ' 84 Likes: Ms. Hjerpe, breakdancing, rollerskaring, swimming, music, Sheila E. Laroya and Janer Dislikes: Snobs, Twisred Sisrer, Huey Lewis, Economics, mornings Fov. saying: No way, whar a rior Ambition: ro be an accounranr and become rich Anything else: Thanks a lor, Mr. Chrabaszez. s Parricia E. Walsh 19 Orchard Srreer D-doy: 10 16 66 Nickname: Trisha Activities: Srudenr Council 1-2, Sofrball Mng 1 Found w : Sheri, Gerra, rhe Senior Class Fov. Memories: jokes w Nancy 6 Chip, Jr Prom ' 83 4, Donn ' s snowsrorms, 4 9 82, excursion w Sam, Sr Rocco ' s, all nighrer 10 9, Simon G Gorfunkel, Tero, Marissa ' s corrage, Perer Likes: Eddie rhe Cruisers (K R ). buddies, Sparky, Davis, Reading, camping, x-mas Dislikes: English, fake people, forgerring, gerring caughr, new music, Enquirer, paranoia, rel igion, ralking my friends down Fov. saying: I ' m proud, Relax " Ambition: To become successsful Anything else: I owe my life ro my family G my happiness ro my friends Kerry A. Wooge 15 Meadow Pkwy, D-doy: 12 19 66 Nickname: Woage, Kerrance Found w : Sue, Cheryl, Nancy, Nancy Fav. Memories: Parries wirh Sue, Summers ar Hompron Deach ' 84, March 24, Prom ' 84, freshmen year, Worcesror srare Likes: having my license my own car, being a senior, horse backriding, T.C., meering new people, going our, buying new dorhes Dislikes: Doing my homework, when my car runs bad, staying in on weekend nighrs, running over curbs, gerring caughr Fov. saying: You dummy, really Ambition: To be successful in wharever I do, ro be independanr, ro have my own horse and a nice car Anything else: We finally made ir. James L. Wallace 133 Longhill Road D-doy: 8 1 67 Nickname: Jim Activities: Soccer 1-3 Fou nd w : Chris, Scorr, Dill, Eric, Dooley Fov. Memories: rhe Clash wirh Roy J Weber Likes: weekends, rhe Monsa when irs running, sleeping, golfing Dislikes: working ar Welik ' s, people who rhink rhey are excellent Fov. soylng: rake off you hoser, Deaury Derr Ambition: To make millions by 30 and rerire by 35 Nancy E. Walsh 18 Harborwood Drive D-doy: 3 30 67 Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, OEA Found w : Nancy, Rachel, Joanne, Lynn, Ashley Carhy, Jen, Laura, Debi, and Kerry Fov. Memories: sophomore year, squirrels, Cem. w N.G., My 17rh, Dearlemania, Mem. Day Wknd ' 82, Aerosmirh, T.P., Grareful Dead, Sr. Rocco ' s, Vine Srreer, and Jr. High Hill Likes: Sleeping, red converrobles, music, allnighrers, GH, Mrs. D ' s cooking, Dearies, Garfield, and Orange Soda Dislikes: Rusry Jones w ice, waiting, bear rugs, lies, cigarerres, goodbyes, Ambition: To own rhe Four Season in Washington, D.C Anything else: Thanks ro all my friends for always being rhere Karhy M. Worrs 72 Alpine Place D-doy: 8 12 67 Nickname: Karrina, Warrs up Activities: Oskey 3-4, chours 1-4, Yearbook ' 85 Found w : rhe loud girls, Decky, Irving, Drian Fov. Memories: Adam Anr- G Thompson Twins, mudfighrs, DCN fireworks ' 84, N Y Police, N. Haven, mem day foorball, breokin ' on rhe corner Likes: Hampron, Drian, M C.C. Ice Cream, rhe secrer, English Dear, wall urchins, glasses Dislikes: broken glass, missing rrains, M S Fav. saying: If we ruled rhe world rhe rrees would be blue G rhe sky would be green Ambition: go ro Paris and Greece Anything else: Julie, we should hove gone ro Ma s Elizoberh Whirney 101 Drools Srreer D-doy: 12 25 66 Nlcknome: Derh Acfivifles: Arr, Figure skaring Found w : Srocey, Sondi, Sue, Susan, ere. (rry soying rhor 5 rimes fosr) Fov. Memories: Apr. 4, Ocean Pork people and parries, summer of ' 83, summer of ' 84, red corroge, riding double, " Pock Lobsrer " , prom Likes: summer, conrrol, laughing, Maine, " red lo nem”, U2, Dowie, B52’s, Police, bizzorriry, sleep, sarcasm, food, conrenrmenr, rhe beach, gossip, people Dislikes: shorr arms, curfews, users, boredom, Franklin, orange juice, marching earrings, rhe flue, narrow minds, shodss, working, French Canadians, Morion Fov. saying: Ir ' s roo early in rhe morning, leave me alone. Ambition: To die before I ger roo old ro live Anything else: Toro, I don ' r rhink we ' re in Kansas anymore. Drer Worron 1081 Pond Srreer " Quo vadis? " Srocey Ellen Yodisernio 160 David Pd. Activities: Skaring, Cheerleoding 1-4, Yearbook Found w Derh, Sandy, Pochel, Scorr, Nancy, ere. Fov. Memories: Summers in Dennisporr, showers, double daring, squirrels, parries or Chucks (except one), 10 15 83, Prom 6 afrer, weekends or W.5.C., rimes w Scorr, gerring losr w Deb 6 Paulo Likes: popcorn, Seger, hockey gomes, hugs, nice cors, roses from Scorr, gerring presents, wine-coolers Dislikes: cleaning rugs, diets, Angelo ' s seagulls (right Karh), spilling things, goodbyes, crocked windows Fav. saying: Spore me, please!! Ambition: To live a long and happy life w someone special Anything Else: No, Joe you can ' t borrow my pink blouse! Thanks for everything Mom Dad Alan Wodrow 19 Queen Srreer Susan Jeanne Wyllie 7 Lincolnwood Drive D-doy: 7 31 67 Activities: cheering, ruror, F.L. club, yearbook, senior treasurer Found w : Laura, Theives, arrisrs, musicians, ere. Fav. Memories: Soph, banquet, my rendez vous, Dosron adventures, N. Carolina, Newport, Thompson Twins w Craig Likes: Supremes, Culture Club, Squeeze, accents, smurfs, schemeing, rhe ocean, snow, flowers, Chester, D Lowron, SDD’s Dislikes: overly possesive girlfriends, lirrer, upright people, being called Sue Fov. soying: I h ave ro go ro rhe borhroom! Ambition: To live in Europe and never ger married Anything else: " And rhis rime is like never and always: we go there where nothing waits and we find all rhar is waiting. ' ' SEAN E. BEGIN PAUL SEAVER 265 Daniels Sr. 314 Pleasant Sr. JOHN BOURGEOIS TIMOTHY WEIDMAN 86 Pine Sr. 261 Corrage Sr. KENNETH GAY 510 A Eosr Cenrral Sr. JOHN GIARDINI 9 Meadow Parkway TERRY KEITH 10 Derren Court SEAN LEGER 67 Milliken Ave RICHARD POWER 54 30 Dean Ave you IHEtD CUR HAND In September of 1981 we arrived or Franklin High School wirhour any unify, confidence, director or advisor. Thankfully, Mr. Merhor, the newly appointed Foreign Language Director, come to the Class of 1985 ' s rescue. As busy os he was with teaching and directing the Foreign Language Department, he found extra rime to take us under his wing and advise our class. Right away, with his worm, sincere personality, he mode oil of us realize that to be successful, the class would hove to work os one. Mr. Merhor is a very special man with his extra efforts, energy, and patience. He listens to oil ideas and democratically advises us to choose the best paths. He is willing to go the extra mile to moke every endeavor a success. He con always be found making colls, writing letters, and keeping records to keep 85 in morion. Throughout the four years, Mr. Merhor never gave up on us even when we were in debt he was always there through the good and the bod. Mr. Merhor led us through our Freshman bonquer and Sophomore banquet. He carried us through our doss ring selection ond o very successful Junior Prom. He helped us with M 6 M, Jewelry, and magazine soles to raise money for our Senior Christmas Banquet, Senior Banquet, ond Graduation. Bur, most importantly he has watched ond helped us grow. He has token all of his know how and passed it on to us. To o very special mon, a very special thank you. With Love, The Class of 85 Mstf Most Dedicated: Melissa Houston and Don Foley 61 Besr Looking: Devi Hosford ond Joe Geromini Mosr Outgoing: Amy Sreeves and Joe Srockberger Curesr Couple: Rose Coscio ond Greg Anderson 62 Shyesr: Lyn Baker and David O ' Hearn 60 Mosr Arhleric Carla Guidrey and Brian Assad 64 Diggesr Sporrs Fans: Debbie D ' Amico and Mike Doherry Class Clowns Jen Dollorino and Ed Coloce Mosr Organized: Laurie Courr and John Foster Most Gullible: Terrance McDonough and Ashley Costello 65 1965 CLASS WILL Members of rhe class of 85 would lllse ro leave cerrain pons of rhelr esrores ro orhers when rhey leave. Lynn Doker leoves Dawn her locker. Julie Snell leoves Amy loughing Chris Chobor leoves Mr Defronzo o Carl Sagan Dook Joe Geromini leoves Pom Scoccio ro Don T. Hope Voughon leoves Cheryl Seymour my crown. Lyn Cosrello leoves Keirh Lipperr new strings for his swears. Tim, Drion, G Eddie leove Sonny o pair of spozz glosses. The Senior V.G. Soccer ream leoves Poulo Lodi a pair of bikinis. Kim Horr leoves Mr. Merhor reroiners. Nancy G Nancy leave Julionne and Jull onorher day in rhe cemerory. Mike D. leoves Linda Doherty o porroble mirror so she con look or herself oil rhe rime. Jonine leoves Debi G Michelle in N.H. Deborah Haggard leoves FHS ro go ro Pheonix, Arizona. Varsity Doskerboll Team leoves Mr. Geysen some poly-grip. Amy Sreeves leoves Denise Colella, Smedly rhe elephonr, o pair of peach bikinis. Cheryl Adorns leoves Becky 2 inches. Anne leoves David rhe use of rhe AP history desk. Sheri Leone leoves Mr. Williams someone else ro pick on 6rh period. Carlo G Colleen leove D ' ors Kore olone for o year with Liso. Amy Kuehn and Tino Tosches leove Amy Sreeves a gloss for rhe Union. Korhleen, Mio, Chrissie, Linda, Liso leove Krisrine Bergessen rhe lunch roble. Amy S. leoves Hurch some sodss. Michael Kenny leoves his sisrer Julie Franklin High School ond o bog of borbeque pororo chips. Melissa Houston leoves Jennifer Lyons oil rhe luck and love she deserves. Lyn Dirondo leoves Mrs. Ligon a gun for those rowdy, dangerous Sheldonville nights. Dione Morguerire leoves Dilly Caso a membership ro Fred Voron ' s srudio of self defense Korhy G Karen leove Greg Whippen o halo, lets oil proy he uses ir. Kerry G Pom G Diane leave rhe freshman our lunch roble Karen G Denise leove Timmy Yonish on American girl. Anne Srirzoker leoves Louro Geromini her orrisric obiliries ro do her own projects. Eloine leoves Greg Anderson her Ozzy albums. Jen, Carlo, Colleen, and Sheri leoves Korhy Bonollo rhe finals in Japan. Michelle Cormier leoves Jeon o trail of Reese ' s wrappers on rhe way ro Californio. Craig Dowley leoves Susan ond Louro memories of Chester. Jonine Nosuri leoves Mister Wills no one ro pick on. Norionol Honor Society leaves o cose of M G M ' s ro Mr, Wills Donno ond Korhy leove Julie Kenney oil alone!!! Srocey Coughlin leoves Tomi Bolron her " profoundness ond rhe credir for ir " Kerry ond Sue leave " Lirrle Mon " paranoid. Foye Johnson leoves Melissa ond Hope o box of pins ond o dozen barbie dolls. Sue B. leoves Cheryl Seynour Richie ' s phone number. Danielle ond Diane leave Rondy Viro o shoulder ro lean on for when we ' re gone. Trocy leoves Julie, Amy, ond Korhy loughing. Louren O ' Brien leoves o lor of rhonlss ond respect ro Mr. Kingsbury for being a rerriffic person ond on excellent reocher. The Senior Girls leoves rhe Superfriends o roxi ro rhe bridge. Korhy Keeley leoves rhe field hoclsey ream o winning season. Hope Voughon leoves rhe Junior girls, loughing. Donno leoves Wendy Macko o peaceful lunch ond one question?? Kerry ond Sue leove Cheryl " Lirrle Mon " . Nancy leoves Corhy a purple operoror w o 50c hair. Susan ond Louro leove Chesrer temporarily. Kerry P leoves Kenny P. her locker combinarion. Elizabeth M Leoves Sue young love ond rickers ro Srevie. Tina Tosches leaves Amy and Lauren rhe memories of Mounr Monadnock. Debi D ' amico leaves ro Diane and rhe resr of rhe classes rhe besr of luck in rhe years ahead Laura Cormignani leaves Jennifer Bollarino Mearballs and Spagerri O ' s Jennifer Ballorino leaves Laura Carmingnani keys ro Midss horel room Diane Marguerire and Susan Curran leaves Mr fV Crowley 1 dozen orange carnarions. Mr Crowley ' s Economics class leaves him a Cabbage Parch Kid and a per rock. Elizaberh leaves Tammy R. a grear Senior year. Tracy leaves David F. lors of film and a new srarring acrress. Susan ond Laura leave Craig and John rhe definirion of SDD Amy Kuehn leaves Lauren O ' Brien a box of Tissues for her crying spells. Diane Marguerire ond Paul Mucciarone leave Mrs. Robinson an American accenr. Amy Kuehn leaves Tina Tosches a rhank you for everyrhing she did Tracy Dunn leaves her friends in rheir endless pursuir of money, happiness, and boyfriends. Amy Kuehn Lauren O ' Drien Karhy Dunn leave Kelly a rable dorh rhars on rhe righr way. Mounr Monadnock leaves Karhy Dunn a sign rhar says " rhis one ' s for you. " The Class of 85 leaves Jerome a diploma ro graduare wirh rhem. Tracy Durfee leaves a reepee for rhe freshman rribe Morr Gordon leaves Heidi Qullen someone ro look or in rhe hallway. Sheri, Paula, leave rhe girls of " 87 " some personally The girls of " 85 " leave Sue Cowan a coar hanger ro hang on. Srocey Coughlin leaves Traci DiGiorgio-all rhe spirir and energy she didn ' r use ro go on in Alliance and all her besr Paul Molla leaves Smirry: his space on rhe wall. Amy S. leaves Julie laughing Sue Husron leaves Tami and Anne all rhe smiles and her help rhey gave for Sr. year Lauren O ' Brien leaves Mrs. Ligon some saniry afrer her 2nd period class. Tracy Rappa leaves Lisa Croke a borhrub full of green Jello a T-shirr rhar says " My farher wouldn ' r ler me. " Colleen Donovan leaves Marr wishing he saw Bruce. Diane Marguerire leaves Mr. Luccini someone who will go ro firsr period. Mrs Johnson ' s rhird period Marh class leaves rhe presidency of AMSFACT ro Jerome Maddox. Jack Venderri leaves cliff nores ro nexr year ' s AP English class. The senior class leoves Melissa Housron a pair of nylons. Karhy Keeley leaves a prize ro Mirch Hoff, for rhe Billy Idol look alike. Tina and Michelle leave Angela a Cadillac because ir ' s rhe only rhing she ' ll drive in. Sreve Proulx leaves one large borrle of visene ro Mr. Radford Danielle Srucchi leaves her superlarive ro Terry Chase. Debi D ' amico leoves Kelly Walker all her relephone conversarions. Michoel Kenny leaves Charlie Rerrman an aurographed picrure of Hulk holding " Thumbs up Charlie " . Paula Durand leaves Kelly Walker a can of runa, English Muffins, can of Pepsi, and a phone numberl Main Hall Lefr leaves Dave Fording a bigger helmer and a bucker of ice warer Girls Varsiry soccer leaves Amy Sreeves a box of " Huggies " diapers. Joe Geromini leaves all his girl friends ro Don T Janine and Karhy leave Sonny " alor of lepers. " Tracy R. leaves Danny laughing on rhe orher end of rhe phone. Julie leaves Donny a pink gumboil. Carlo Guidrey leoves Sheri Leone some Yodels. Debbie Gorman leaves good luck ro Mark and Jimmy wirh rheir lasr year of school. Laura Emery leaves good luck ro Mike, Paula , and Alan Amy Kuehn leaves Rob Considine a freezer full of ice cubes for rhe furure. Melissa, Brendon Boomer leave Mr. Defronzo an exrra ser of keys, so rhey don ' r ger sruck in Bosron again. Lisa McFarland is leaving Lyn my Nugenr Albums! Lyn Cosrello leaves Tommy Thornhill new " Human Beans " Amy Kuehn leoves Karhy Dunn a box of pampers. Class of 1985 leaves ourselves rhe memories of rhe besr days of our lives. II i -4 " Flurie an Awesome Hail Mary " " Talenred Sing For Srarving " U.S.S. Says Thumbs Up " “Yuppie Invasion " ' ! " lr Vas Like Drearhing Fire. " “A Home Compurer Craze” 68 " America ' s Aborrion Dilemma- rhe Agonizing Moral Issue " " Mr Dox Office " " Medicine Miracles " " Gromyko Comes Colling " " Morylou Number One " " Dreokin " " Resroring Hope in rhe Greor Liberry ' “Vietnam: Finally Remembered” “She Told America” “A Walk in Space—Not as Easy as it Looks” “Mary Decker feels “the Agony of Defeat” 70 “Ethiopia—the Most Devastating Human Crisis of our time” “Baby Fae” “Peter Ueberroth, Man of the Year . . . his Acheivement was Olympian” ‘Hollywood Tragedies—Missing you . . . Beirut Bombing Explodes U.S. Embassy” ONE WIIIIID WEEIO On Tuesdoy, October 9, 1984, rhe FHS spirit week srorred with a crazy clash doy. To dress in rhe craziest, wildesr, mosr eye carching outfits was rhe gome. Wednesday come and students walked rhe halls in rheir best dress up clorhes. There was no march for Tom Phillips, Mr. Irresisrable, on Thursday, silence is golden day. Gerring rhe girls ro talk was no problem for many guys, yer Tom received rhe mosr pins. To end rhe excitement, srudenrs dressed in rheir blue and whites ro show how much spirir they really hod. The class of 1987 won rhe rirle of " rhe mosr spirited " , bur rhe 1985 seniors won rhe " loudest ' ' comperirion in rhe pep roily held on Friday, October 12, 1984. ROARING WITH RRIDIE Following rrodirion, rhe class of ' 85 set our collecting fire wood for rhe annual bonfire. This was on easy rash compared ro rhe job rhe juniors " hod ro do; clean up! On Novemeber 21, 1984, rhe huge pile was lir up on rhe " hill " in honor of rhe nexr morning ' s Thankgiving foorball gome ro be ployed againsr rival King Philip. As students charred, rhey moved closer roward rhe warmth. The flames rose higher and higher inro one, like rhe uniry of rhe school spirit. Sometimes, rhe busiesr ploce in FHS seems ro be rhe hallway. This is rhe main hall, berween D and C house, where all rhe fun and exciremenr of each day can be found. Each srudenr rushes ro his locker or ' ' location ' ' ro meer friends, ralk, grab books, and rhen dash ro class (hopefully making ir before rhe bell). Mosr of rhe rime spenr in rhe hall is dedicared ro " girl ' ' or " guy” warching. The hallways, in each four minure break, are urrer confusion filled wirh noise, laughrer, and people. Ir is a rime and rhe place ro relax, have a lirrle fun and prepare while one warches rhe wall urchins compere for arrenrion. COME AND ©ET IT! SOUP’S ON! Everyone, or almosr everyone ears in rhe Cafe. Each period of rhe doy begins wirh a rush os starving srudenrs mob Mary Mirz ' s snock bar. Mary doesn ' r mind. She ' s super, jusr making change os srudenrs rush bock ro rheir rabies ro ear, gossip, and finish undone homework. The new " A lo Carr " line established rhis year by rhe new supervisor, Ann Ferriero, offers srudenrs and faculty a variety of sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, fries, soup, and a doily hor lunch. 79 ADMINISTRATION FHS has been very lucky ro have a dedicared adminisrrarion. Through our years here, rheir direcrion and guidance have been valuable ro us. There have been many oursranding members of rhe adminisrrarion. Dr. Suffredini, who came ro FHS in our Sophomore year has mode many changes rhar hove improved rhe school. All rhe orher members of rhe odminisrrorion were always rhere ro lend o helping hand. We oppreciore all of rheir hard work, supporr and especially rheir undersranding. Mrs Swanbeck 82 3JS w? _♦ n • ®fS r wsaa Mrs. Donerry Mrs Springer AArs. Gonern . . . Mrs Cosreilo Miss Pisono Mrs Tulli ■ The Marh deparrmenr, headed by Mr. Compagone, has seen grear changes over rhe pasr four years. Wirh advances in Technology, rhe deparrmenr has become heavily involved wirh compurers. They offer courses in compurer programming and basic compurer awareness as well as regular marhemarics. The marh ruroring program has also been a grear success. The marh deparrmenr sponsors rhe marh ream which is comperirive in rhe New England Marh League. Two new reachers have been added ro rhe deparrmenr, Ms. Epply and Mr. DeFronzo. 84 One will always remember his daily journey ro upsrairs D-house. Here, in rhe English classes, direcred by Mrs. Vosburgh, srudenrs encounter literature, grammar, and vocabulary. A great amount of rime is also devoted ro rhe analogy, reading comprehension, and TSWE drills in preparation for SATs. The English department sponsors rhe speech ream which is coordinated by Ms. Duncan. This organization enables srudenrs ro demonstrate their superb speaking skills. Mrs Ligon HI Mr. Gilmore ■ " , . ■ 86 The social sciences, direcred by Mrs. Perers, have ployed a major role in our educarional developemenr. Recently, rhe Economics and Psychology elecrives have been exrended from half year ro full year programs. Also, rhere has been o new class for freshmen added colled Governmenr. These changes have helped rhe already oursranding srudenr achievements. The class of 1985 has distinguished itself in several ways. John Foster won rhe Voice of Democracy contest in 1980 and David Fording, Joe Geromini, David Meeker, and Tricio Walsh distinguished themselves in the 1980 Hockomock Model Senate sessions. In their final year, seventy nine percent of rhe seniors elected o social science course. At least once during his four years everyone who attends FHS visits rhe library located in rhe main hall. All freshmen ore familiarized with rhe media center through their English classes. Throughout the four years, many dosses meet in rhe library to learn how ro use rhe resources for various research projects. With rhe help of rhe students library aides, rhe librarian, Mr. Perers, and rhe librarian assistants Mrs. Greenwood and Mrs. Roserri, they keep all equipment in order for students. In rhe 1984-85 year, an Apple computer was purchased, and work starred on a Computer Circulation System. This new system will check our and keep track of all materials by computer. Mrs Perers Mr. Crowley Mr Johnson 88 Mr Williams Mrs. Greenwood Mrs Rosserri Mr Chelorn 89 Over rhe years, rhe FHS science deparrmenr, headed by Mr. Pellerier, has been blessed with many acrive reachers who have given rhe srudenrs encouragemenr and undersranding. In rhe pasr, rhe science reachers and srudenrs have raken parr in various exrra acriviries. There have been whale warches, model bridge building conresrs, fricrion car races and visirs ro rhe museum of science. In rhe 1984-85 school year, Mr. DeFronzo and Mr. Fiske made a successful proposal ro rhe GTE Foundarion for a granr. The money rhar was donared is being used by rhe science and marh deparrmenrs ro purchase compurer equipmenr and ro build model museums in science classrooms. Mr Kingsbury Mr. Wilk Mr Fiske Mrs, Cook Mr, Parmenrer Mr, DiMorco Mr. Voilloncourr The Business department ar Franklin High, headed by Mrs. Reizian, is one of rhe finest in Massachusetts. Its goal is to provide students with rhe skills to succeed in college and in rhe job marker. Keeping up with technology, rhe deportment now offers courses in word processing and data processing. The O.E.A. is on organization, directed by Mr. Srandring, which gives students who excell in office skills rhe chance to compere on a store and national level. In 1984, fifteen students qualified for notional competition. Mr, Gray 92 nil|?!P -2 ' -: Mrs. Hawkins Mr Srondring Mrs. Bloom The music deporrmenr has been growing in leaps and bounds. Some reochers hove lefr and been replaced, bur Things ore srarring ro come Together again. FHS has found a new music ond band director this year, Mr. Rosen. With his help o class colled " musicianship ' ' come into existence, this reaches music theory and composition. Ms. Robinson is our full-time choral director and Zeffro Gianerri, on FHS graduate, has recently joined us os assistant bond director. aipt Franklin High School ' s Art program, taught by Mr. Crowley ond Mr. MacPhee, has produced award winning students ond exhibits. The Art deportment provides on annual art show for students in art, home economics and industrial art classes ro display their work. Franklin High School also runs a special portfolio class which aids students in preparing work ro be used in college applications. Franklin High knows, " You ' ve Gorro Hove Arts ' Many students participate in the Foreign Language department, directed by Mr. Merhor. In the past four years, there hove been foreign language festivals, a mardi gros, trips ro France and Quebec, ond other activities. In post years, FHS has hod a successful exchange program with France. This year, for the first rime, Franklin students will go ro Spain. We hope that the Spanish exchange program will be os successful os the French program has been. 94 Down in H-wing, a lor of ocriviry goes on. Here students make clothing, prepare food, core for children and learn about adult life. Mrs. DiMarco, director of these classes, works hard with her staff organizing many activities for FHS students. The fashion shows, disploys, and annual blood drives would nor rake place without the time and effort these teachers donate. INDUS- irri-vt ADTS For years, Mr. Errenhoffer, the Industrial Arts director, has welcomed many students into the vocational shops. Classes offered here are outomorives, metals, wood, and construction. A great many of the items mode in these shop classes hove been shown in the annual FHS Art Show. The vocational education that FHS students acquire will be beneficial to them in their future. z m Mr. Chouncey Mr Conner PHYS. CP. There hove been changes in all rhe departments in rhe past four years, bur none so damaging as proposition 2Vi. The physical education department lost two of rhier four teachers os a result. Although many of rhe elective sports had to be dropped and rhe emphasis turned to ream sports, Ms. Richards and Mr. Sutherland hove tried to keep rhe quality up os high as possible. They definitely do have hope for rhe future. Possibly another teacher will join rhe staff in 1986. Ms Richards HEALTH Over rhe years there hove been major changes in rhe Health deportment, coordinated by Mr. McCall. The health course has changed from o one-half year to a full year program for freshmen. The emphasis of rhe course has also been changed, from drugs and alcohol to o full view of health. Franklin High School provides a comprehensive support services program for all students. This program, directed by Mr. Frank O ' Regan, offers instruction and basic skills reinforcement for students with special needs. In addition, this program offers speech and language therapy, counseling, and occupational os well as physical therapy. ... - a : X -X . X Mr. Coyford » •» «» 101 -- " J- N i ? ; i ly 7 . • • SPIRITED SENIORS Dock in 1981, when we firsr walked Through The door of F.H.S., we were scored and losr. We were FRESHMEN. Unaware of whar loy oheod, rhe class of 1985 rurned ro rhe advice of Mr. Merhor. Thanks ro his help, ond rhe efforrs of our officers, posr and presenr—Don Foley, president Joe Geromini, vice president See Wyllie, Treasurer; and Marissa Rozzano, secrerary, we hove grown inro a srrong and rriumphonr senior class. The posr four years hove helped us ro grow more powerful and more unired. Through evenrs such os rhe Freshman and Sophomore Donquers, a very successful Junior Prom, a fun- filled doss picnic, and an exhiliararing climb ro rhe rop of Mounr Monadnock, we have learned ro work rogerher ro face rhe furure; and, more imporranrly, we have learned or F.H.S. ro by happy, Thankful for our parenrs, our friends, and for rhe exciremenr of being parr of rhe class of 1985. Now, os we walk rhrough rhe doors, one losr rime-nor scored or lonely, bur srrong and confidenr-we leave as one, wirh rhe memories of each orher forever in our minds. 1 Our Senior Leaders, bock row L ro FV Joe Geromini, vice-presidenr, Don Foley, presi¬ dent fronr row Marissa Razzano, secre¬ rary, Susan Wyllie, Treasurer. 2 Advisor: Mr Mike Merhor 104 An outstanding group of individuals principally noted for its remarkable reputation and achievements. Throughout the last few years, the Class of ' 86 has pulled together and has established itself as being a group of winners. And winners they ARE! Through the hard work of their officers and classmates, they can look back on two successful banquets at the Franklin Country Club and Red Snapper. Last year, as sophomores, the Class of ' 86 accomplished an arduous project, the organization and founding of a SADD chapter at Franklin High School. This program, under the direction of Mr. McCall has proved to be very successful among the student body. In the 1984-85 school year, under the direction of Mr. Stephen Chrabaszcz and doss officers Jerome Maddox, Kathy Bonollo, Danielle Balesr, and Sharon Duronio, the class has many new feats to accomplish. There has been more student involvement at meetings, renewed enthusiasm, and a dedication that gets stronger every day. Now, as the students prepare to enter their senior year, they are faced with new challenges and obstacles to be overcome. They ' re going to make this next year an unforgerable one, considering it ' s their last. 1. Junior doss officers: President Jerome Maddox, Vice President Korhy Bonollo, Secrerary,- Danielle Bolesr, and Treasurer Sharon Duronio 2. Oursronding Juniors.- Danielle Balesr and Jerome Maddox 106 SAUCY SCPHCMCRES The Sophomore Class has come o long way since rhe beginning of rheir freshman year. Wirh rhe help of rheir advisors, Mr. Radford and Mr. Mulcohy, rhey held a very successful rowel sole, making over $1400, ro be used for o class bonquer. The money was nor used for rhis, however, because ir was so lore in rhe school year. The Sophomore class oprimism has shown Through rhe dedicorion and fine leadership of rheir class officers- Chris Karmeris, Presidenr Linda Doherry, Vice-presidenr Kare Marguerire, Secrerary; and Tino Lipoma, Treasurer. The class of ' 87 plans ro hove more fund raisers, like rhe calendar sale, as well os rwo banquers rhis year. We wish rhe class of ' 87 lors of luck in rhe furure or F.H.S. 1. Sophomore doss officers: Presidenr; Chris Karmeris, Vice Presidenr; Linda Doherry, Secrerary, Kore Marguerire, and Treasurer,- Tino Lipoma 2 Oursronding Sophomores: David Gorbey and Krisren Poppa 108 k M •1 ‘fB i L t Jr . -fi inn FRENZIED FRESHMEN The class of ' 88 has a long road ahead. They have a lor ro learn and experience. Being rhe newest members ar Franklin High School isn ' r easy, bur with rhe help of FHS teachers, friends, and upperclassmen, things should be alor easier. Their offices, Eric Cusson, President; Julie Adilerro, Vice-President and Secretary,- and Denise Colella, Treasurer, are planning fundraisers and other activities for rhe class. They would like ro have a dance and a spring banquet, and with all rhe help from Mr. Chrabaszcz, their plans will be successful. We hope that their next few years ar Franklin High are rhe best ever! 1. Freshmen doss officers: President Eric Cusson, Vice President ond Secretory; Julie Adilerro, ond Treasurer,- Denise Colella 2. Outstanding Freshmen: Denise Colello ond Eric Cusson no Fronr L-R: Cherly Adams, Scorr Gardner, Michael Gordon, Michael Haggard, Nancy Dunn, Elizaberh Sardella, Jean Guardabascio Back L-R: Bruce Earon, Ema Lechfield, John Darling, Bradley Hanson, Margarer Lewis, Rachel Taraski, Sreven Quinlan, Debbie Smirh, Chrisrine Rodier Bond Being in rhe band for four ye ars can be a satisfying experience. Ir develops an individual ' s ear for music of course, bur also gives him a sense of direction for the future. By giving annual concerts, performing at art festivals and football gomes on individual gains experience ploying with other young musicians. Collaboration is rhe key word in bond. People shoring their ideas, always with on eye toward improvement. The band rakes a lor of time, effort, practice, and, of course, patience. The reword is performing for people who simply enjoy music. ■ I Hi gagai W ' f • V HB Chorus The Franklin " notables ' ' are a small, yet strong group of ralenred singers. They meet during and after school, weekly, for practice ond organization. The students perform in school concerts as well as community events, showing their talent, knowledge, and love of music. Each year rhe group participates in rhe Central District Music Festival with musicians from other area high schools in rhe district. Ir is hard for such a small group to be so successful, bur these artists hove done alor of hard work to receive their well deserved recognition. Front L-R: Kelly Williams, Tiffany Ridley, Kris Doyle, Holly Adorns, Joy Greenhous, Jon Cooper, Kim Sterns Bods L-R: Joner Bolivar, Liz Sorrille, Heidi Bergman, Pam Cooper, Susan Chabor, Berh Hailer, Amy Sreeves, Ema Lechfield, Lina Vierra, Andrea Fanelli 113 114 OEA After o three year absence, FHS became reinvolved last year in OEA an organization which emphasizes business skills and leadership qualities. The OEA members had a very successful year in 1984- qualifying for the Massachusetts State Conference. They went on to become the leading chapter with 29 awards, many of which helped to carry students to the National Conference in Indiana. Besides compering in these conferences, the members of OEA keep busy with various fundraisers such as bake sales and fashion shows to defray the costs of the competitions. Now back for the second year, OEA is proud of its increased membership, looks forward to strengthening the chapter ' s a criveness, and to another successful year. 1 - 1 , Front L-R Deborah Gorman, Pomelo Gionerri, Christine Foster, Maureen Dolan, Lyn Dirondo, Kira Holst, Nancy Dunn, Jennifer Thompson, Melissa Whitney, Jennifer Lombardi, Sheri Lee, Melissa King, Jennifer Winters, Sarah Mahoney Second L-R: Kelly Mills, Kathleen Dovin, Rita Zondbergs, Kathleen Chambers, Devanna Hosford, Julionne Geer, Jill Buffone, Mio Arrudo, Tommy Thornhill, Julie Kearney, Down Foenzo, Korhy Kelly, Stephanie Briggs, Kori Brody, Sheri Consranrion, Cheryl Hovey Third L-R Deborah Hunter, Lisa DiMorrmo, Allison Kennedy, Moryberh Savicki, Marne Perreoulr, Laura Puro, Micheal Savicki, Mathew Sousa, Stephen Tenney, Tern Chase, Noel Laviolerre, Michelle Beouderre, Tina Lovelly, Jim Borhwell, Kristine Bergeson, Christine Leomad, Karen Forrina, Back L-R: Mr. Srandring: advisor, Michelle Crerar, Denise Anrico, Paula Dill, Mike Wallace, Michael Wheeler, Jack Venderri 115 Fronr L-R- Korhleen Chambers, Kelly Mills, Karen Karkos, Pamela Gianerri, Lisa DiMarrino Second L-R: Amy Sreeves, Deborah Gorman, Donna McManus Third L-R: Nancy Walsh, Jill Buffone, Julianne Geer, Laura Pourro Fourrh L-R: Devanna Hosford, Tammy Thornhill Fifrh L-R: Nancy McCarthy, Lisa McFarland, Deborah Sirkauskas Srudenr Secretaries A group of students is selectively chosen from the business department each year for the Administrative Assistant program. Each must hove o recommendation made by a teacher to be eligible. The " srudenr secretary” has an outstanding attitude, stamina, understanding and excellent office skills. The program is designed to give on-the-job training for students, as well as secretarial help for the administration. 116 Library Aids Many srudenrs ar Franklin High School earn credits toward graduation by hands on training in the school library. This program is treated just like a regular class. These srudenrs learn how to use the library to its fullest and pass on the information to the rest of the student body. During their study periods, the library aides assist Mrs. Greenwood and Mrs. Rossetti doing various jobs. They do lamination, check our books, file, provide magazines ond microfilm, and aide other srudenrs with research. Aides ore also involved with the video systems and the microcomputer. The computer enables them to find mis sing or overdue books quickly. LA: Paul Cavalarro, Wendy Johnson, Susan Chobor, Karhy Garland, Vicki Heiser, Diane Rurrer, Derh Heiler, Laury Sullivan, Jennifer Coares 117 Fronr L-R: Karen Gerrish, Stephanie Morgan, Karen Fish, Janine Weeler, Second L-P ; Kerry Pisani, Maureen Dolan, Lynn Baker, Karhleen Davin, Chrisrine Foster Back L-R: Susan Wyllie, Susan Foster, Pam Gianerri, Bersy Bollivar, Christine Pellegri, Kira Holst, Kathleen Keeley, Lori Court Foreign Language Club The Foreign Language Club has had many acriviries so far rhis year. Desides having a successful Chrisrmas Cookie exchange and a lecrure on Hungarian culrure, rhey also enjoyed a Fondue Parry and a Taco Fiesra. The club also plans ro prinr an Inrernarional Cook Book by rhe end of rhe year. The officers advised by Mr. Merhor were: Chrisrine Fosrer, President Susan Wyllie, Vice President Janine Wheeler, Treasurer,- and Karen Fish, Secrarary. 118 Ski Club With Mr. Chellorr,- as rhe advisor, rhe 1984- 1985 Ski Club is very popular. This year, rhe club has 140 members and spends much of irs rime on rhe slopes of New Hampshire and Vermonr. Besides rhe day rrips rhar run from early December ro early March, rhis year ' s club enjoyed a weekend of skiing or Mounr Orford, in Quebec, Canada. To rop ir all off, several of rhe members Traveled ro Swirzerland where rhey spenr a week ar Inrerlaken. In addirion ro alpine skiing, rhe club also offers chances ro parricipare in cross-counrry skiing borh on and off rhe grounds of rhe High School. One of rhe mosr popular clubs or Franklin High, rhe ski club offers a chance for srudenrs ro hove fun recrearionally while enjoying rhe winrer. 119 Fronr L-R: Joseph Geromini, Donold Therioulr, Trocy Durfee, Mia Arrudo, Rose Cosdo, Mirchell Hoffmeisrer Second L-R: Morisso Rozzono, Liso Crook, Lisa Arcoro Third L-R: Colleen Donovan, Joseph Srockberger, Louro Kirrredge, Foye Johnson, Ingrid Dohlsrrom, Noelle Loviolerre Dock L-R: Becky Adams, Timorhy Lawhorn, Parrick LoRoso, Mark Lomberro, Talia Ely, Mary Dassignani, Korhy Seoholm, Porricio Donovan, Moryellen Smirh D.E.C.A. Deca (Disrriburive Educorion Clubs of America) is a special parr of Franklin High. The mosr enjoyable aspecr of Deca is rhe comperirions. The comperirion rakes place in rhree phases and rwo levels. There are areas of comperirion all wirh business background. The firsr phase is a Regional Confrence. Ir is a rw o day confrence held in Feburory. If one arrains one of 8 places ar rhe Regionals, he rhen goes ro phase rwo, rhe srare confrence held in March. There one has ro obroin one of rhree places ro go onro phase one, rhe Norional Confrence. Franklin has always senr ar leasr rwo people ro rhe Narional Confrence. 120 Hockomock Model Senate Franklin High School ' s Hockomock model senate is a group of very interested students advised by Mr. Johnston. They compere against other area towns by writing, proposing, and trying to pass their composed bills. At the meets, the schools are broken up into small committees. If the bill is passed, by a vote, in the individual committee, it is then proposed to the whole conference. If the bill passes a second rime, it can be brought to the Senate for discussion. At the meets, the competitors learn alor about bills, and governmental work. Front L-R: Ivon Lopez, Joseph Geromini, David Meeker, Stephen Tenney, Stephen Tulli Dads L-R: Michael Calderone, David Fording, Paul Cavallaro, James Rorrhwell, Scott Veisenhoffer, Mr. Johnston; advisor 121 mnthers PM Fronr L-R: Korhleen Dovin, Kerri Yon, Eve Poulier, Lyn Dirondo, Karen Karkos, Carrie Scheinman, Amy Kuehn, Rebecca ftardol, Brendan Murphy Second L-R: Susan Wyllie, Lisa Deperrillo, Maureen Dolan, Mark Perir, Richard Frongillo, Melissa Housron, Karhleen Dunn, Janine Donvin, James Greene, Gary Hues Lasr L-R : Mrs Marak; advisor, Deborah Hunrer, Kelly Mills, Jack Venderri, John Fosrer, Mike Savicki, Thomas Philips, David Fording, Marhew Sousa, Michael Doherry, Craig Srrok, Lauren O ' Brien, Mark Murphy, Piush Parel " MATH " TUTORS The marh, peer-ruroring program or FH5 provides exrra help and supporr ro rhose students encountering difficulties in mathematics and a feeling of satisfaction ro rhose students who ore willing and able ro help their peers, while using their acquired moth skills. The tutoring sessions usually occur once o week and are on a one-to-one basis. Most of the tutors are upperclassmen enrolled in algebra 2, moth analysis, calculus or advanced senior math, bur occasionally quolifyied underclassmen become involved also. This program, organized by Mrs. Marak, is one of great value and assistance ro both learner and the tutor. Mirage Franklin High ' s lirerary magazine, Mirage, alrhough plagued by rising producrion costs and other problems, continues to be published. Mirage first appeared in the spring of 1976 and has been published as often as possible ever since. The last issue was such a success that the copies sold our and more had to be printed to meet high demands. The magazine contains original works written by talented FH5 students. The work can be anything from an offbeat lab report to an editorial. Also included are interviews, poetry, cartoons, and art work. Front LTV Eve Poulior, Moureen Dolon, Lynn Dirondo, Julie Snell, Melissa Houston, Rira Zanbergs Dock LTV Carrie Yon, Jessica Toroski, Kelly Flynn, Domel Morals, Craig Srrol, Amy Kroviak, Mrs Vosburg, advisor Fronr L-R: Piush Porel, Richard Frongillo, Amy Kuehn, Lynn Dirondo, Karen Gerrish Second L-R: John Fosrer, Jennifer Grey, Maureen Dolon, Faye Johnson, Sharon Duronio Third L-R: Jock Venderri, Lisa Deperrillo Dock L-R: Kelly Flynn, David Fording, Daniel Foley Narional Honor Society Scholarship, leadership, service, and characrer are the qualifies rhar all FHS Narional Society students exhibit. These students are highly motivated and involved. The 1985 officers are President, Richard Frongillo,- Vice President, Lyn Dirondo; Secretary, Faye Johnson,- and Treasurer, Stacey Coughlin. This group held two fundraisers, candy and candle sales. Over 1,000 dollars has been raised this year. The money obtained will be used for the annual dinner-banquet, scholarships, and a proposed trip to Washington, D.C. Student Council Afrer rhe formation of a new Constitution, the Student Council went to work with its 16 members (four from each class). The council met every Wednesday throughout rhe year and was responsible for many successful activities including rhe bonfire, Dloodmobile, Homecoming Queen elections, Flower Day, os well os many other activities that helped to make rhe school year more interesting for rhe entire student body and faculty os well. Under rhe direction of Mrs. Ligon and officers President, Micheal Doherty; Vice President, Robert O ' Neil; Treasurer, Micheal Savicki; and Secretary, Paulo Lodi, rhe Student Council also met regularly with rhe Principal and rhe School Committee to discuss rhe views of rhe students on various issues and problems. As o unit, rhe Student Council worked hard throughout rhe year and continued to represent rhe spirit of leadership for rhe student body. Fronr L-R: Denise Collela, Eric Cuson, Julie Adilerro, Randy Viro, Thomas Phillips, Karen Gerrish Second L-R. Lauren Manasso, Sharon Duronio, Linda Doherry, Srephanie Morgan, Robert O ' Neil, Paula Lodi Third L-R: Susan Grosso, Sreven Tulli, Amy Sreeves, Michael Doherry, Kerry Pisani Dock L-R: John Foster, Scott Lucier, Michael Savicki, Kathleen Keeley, Lori Court 125 Fronr L-R: Chrisropher Domes, Maureen Crowley, Carrie Scheinman, Lynn Dirondo, Melissa Whirney, Pam Gionerri, Kevin King, Ken Davin, Bobby Grimes Dads L-R: Lisa Deperrillo, Karhleen Davin, Marls Perir, John Fosrer, Richard Frongillo, Melissa Housron, Karen Karlsos, Michael Savidsi, Greg Sparrow, Piush Parel Math Club The Mathematics Club, under the direction of Mr. Loper, participates in four inrerscholasric meets during the school year. This year with its exceptional start Franklin ' s ream vies for a playoff slot against fellow Division I contenders; Sharon, Dover- Sherborn, Westwood, and Walpole. Each member of the team chooses three of the following categories: arithmetic, algebra I II, geometry or trigonometry, to compere in and all of the members contribute to the ream questions. In the post Franklin has hod a very capable team and this year it appears that it will be one of the greatest ever. 126 Yearbook Yearbook is like no orher acriviry or F.H.S. Ir is nor a dub, ir is a srudenr run business involving hardwork and rhousonds of dollars. Wirh Mr. Vaillancourr os advisor, a group of dedicared srudenrs learn abour rhe frusrrorions and responsibiliries of rhe real world while creoring a book full of memories. They spend long hours up in rhe yearbook room, C-201, working rogerher ro meer o series of deadlines. Yearbook is like o hand; ir musr work rogerher in order ro succeed. Ir is rrue rhar somerimes porrs of rhe hand do nor funcrion correcrly and feelings ger hurr, bur all obsracles musr be overcome for a successful publicorion. Yearbook people ore special, and rhey shore, in a unique way, rhe life of rhe school. Fronr L-fY Karhleen Chambers, Melissa Houston, Kelly Mills, Amy Kuehn, Kira Holsr, Elizaberh Mann, Jack Venderri Second L-R: Susan Wyllie, Linda Doherry, Karhleen Dunn, Kerry Pisani, Lynn Dirondo, Eve Poulior, Third L-R: Janine Nasuri, Lori Court, Kenny Davin, Parricia Kennedy, Stephen Tulli, Deau Garriry, Kelly Flynn Dock L-R. Scott Lucier, Kathleen Keeley, Lauren O ' Brien, David Mqjcen, Craig Strok, Michael Savicki, Susan Houston Few in number, yer bursring wirh rolenr, is rhe FHS speech ream. Afrer a long, hard year wirhour on advisor, rhe speech rea m has received o new one, Ms. Ducan. Wirh her help rhese hardworking, derermined members ore able ro compere wirh orher schools every weekend from Ocrober ro May. The ream has been very successful in rhe posr wirh qualifying comperirors senr ro srare and norionol comperirion. Members have been able ro rrovel ro Derroir, Chicago, and Cincinnari ro compere. This years ream has irs sighrs ser on Narionals ”85 " - a spring weekend in Forr Lauderdale, FLA. Fronr L-R: Caroline Cioro, Hearher Flynn, Philip Risriano, Michael Gordon, Dock L-R: Kelly Flynn, Chrisrine Risriono, Korie Lapp, John Foster HHHI ■HH - 128 ' i, Fanrosric Franklin Fans When an arhlere is our working hard and Trying ro win, he needs ro feel supported Franklin fans love ro cheer for rheir players because when rhe arhleres hear cheers of encouragement it lifrs rheir spirits and makes rhem rry harder. The fans consist of students, parents, and school administration as well as citizens of rhe town. One way Franklin shows its enthusiasm and love of sports is rhe wave. The new tradition allows the fans to show their players how well they are playing by standing or waving arms in rhe formation of a wave. Franklin fans are happy, spirited individuals with knowledge and understanding of rhe game. 129 FOOTBALL Wirh rhe graduation of nearly all rhe srarrers from rhe 1983 8-2 campaign, rhe fans of Franklin foorball had ro be wondering abour rhe 1984 foorball season. And rhanks ro rhe coaching staff and some very had work, rhe fans were nor ler down. The Panthers completed rhe year with a 4-3-1 Hockomock league record (5-4-1 overall) and excired rhe crowd with some very convincing wins over Medway, Sroughron, and of course, King Phillip. Starring rhe year as a very inexperienced ream, each member ' s confidence grew as his ability grew, unril rhe Panrhers were recognized as a strong force in rhe Hockomock League. Franklin 40 Medway 0 Milford 17 Franklin 0 Canron 28 Franklin 6 Franklin 8 Mansfield 6 Franklin 6 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 8 North Arrleboro 8 Sharon 14 Franklin 6 Foxboro 26 Franklin 6 Franklin 41 Sroughron 12 Franklin 30 King Philip 6 130 Isr row sirring L ro fV Chris Doly, Marr Thompson, Danny lonnuzzi, Rob Considine, Terrence McDonough, Paul Molla, Scorr Dourque, Mike Purdon, Greg Anderson, Marr Gordon, 2nd row Dove Porrerson, Roger Jerre, Dorr Simms, Mike Padula, Keirh Gorewood, Jerome Maddox, Dove Fording, Dill Robinson, Morr Colren, Jeff Godin Mori Lomberro, Sol Derrone, Sranding; Offensive Coordinoror Nello Luccini, Lineman Coordinoror Ernie Miller, Todd Desmaris, Charlie Rerrman, Kevin Tarrrie, Mike Calderone, Sean Reardon, Joe Orlando, Drendon Whelan, Marr Denome, Mike Dorringron, Wally Dixby, Dob Porr, Tom Gerard, Don Smirh, Perer Huie, Jim Guzzeri, Ed Carr, Todd Drown, Head Coach Gerry Leone, Defensive Coordinoror Hal Williams 131 HOMECOMING Franklin fans flocked ro rhe foorball field on Ocrober 12, 1984, for rhe annual homecoming gome. Escorred by rheir forhers, rhe queen, Devi Hosford and her courr, Paulo Durand and Amy Sreeves srunned rhe crowd wirh rheir grace and beaury. " Mr. Irresisrable”, Tom Phillips and srudenr council President Mike Doherry, presenred flowers ro rhe royalry. This half rime presenrarion underscored an awesome display of arhleric " PROWESS " os rhe Panrhers wenr on ro defear rhe opposing ream 6 ro 0. The Turning poinr of rhe game occurred when rhe Panrhers ' defense crushed Oliver Ames or rhe one yard line ro insure rhis vicrory for rhe mighry Blue and Whire. 132 GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER The girls ream, behind rhe strong coaching of Mr. Geysen and rhe leadership of captains Lisa Di Marrino and Kim Harr, qualified for rheir firsr ever rournamenr birrh. After a firsr half of rhe season rhar may be remembered by rheir 2-4- 2 record, rhe girls ream pulled together ro finish off rhe season with an impressive 8-5-3 league record. The rurning poinr of rhe season was a 2-2 tie with Dover-Sherborn. From rhen on, rhe ream knew rhar they could play any ream on an equal basis. In rhe rournamenr, rhey proved jusr rhar. In a firsr round romp, Franklin overpowered Wakefield 4-1. Then, againsr Duxbury, rhe ream fell shorr 2-1 although rheir efforts couldn ' r be bear. The season had many high points including Lisa Di Marrino ' s selecrion ro rhe firsr ream all-srars and Kim Harr and Kathleen Dorsey ' s selecrion ro rhe second ream all-srars. For all rhe girls, ir was a season of hard work rhar payed off in rhe end. Medfield 4 Franklin 2 Franklin 2 M edway 2 Franklin 4 King Philip 0 Foxboro 3 Franklin 1 Marian 2 Franklin 1 Franklin 8 Oliver Ames 1 Medfield 3 Dover Sherborn 2 Franklin 3 Medway 0 Franklin 7 King Philip 3 Franklin 1 Wesrwood 0 Foxboro 5 Franklin 2 Franklin 2 Marian 2 Franklin 8 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 2 Wesrwood 1 Franklin 3 Dover Sherborn 1 Easrern Mass Division II rournamenr Franklin 4 Wakefield 1 Duxbury 2 Franklin 1 1 r- Ir p Tt Ja jj Sranding L ro A Alison Kennedy, Denise Thibedoulr, Krisren Rappa, Maryberh Savicki, Shelly Dunn, Poulo Lodi, Sandy Levi, Derh Murray, Donno Drown, Mgr Sharon Johnson, Coach-Tom Geysen, Kneeling Debbie Haggard, Karhy Dunn, Kim Harr, Lisa DiMarrino, Karhleen Dorsey, Amy Sreeves, Laura Duffy, Karen Caldwell SUPER SOCCER Wirh rhe rerurn of 15 Varsiry Lerrermen, rhe Doys Varsiry Soccer Team enrered rhe 1984 season os defending Hockomock League Champions. Despire an opening day loss ro Xaverian, rhe ream rallied ro posr an 12-4 regular season record under rhe leadership of Caprain Tom " Boomer " Phillips and assisranr Caprains Richard Frongillo and Marr Sousa. Under rhe superior coaching of Mr. Bosiris, rhe ream losr only rwo league gomes, one ro Sroughron and one ro rival, Foxboro. The season hod many high poinrs, including Richard Frongillo ' s winning rhe area ' s scoring rirle and four members of rhe ream being elecred league All-Srors. Then, seared lOrh in rhe Easrern Moss Tournamenr, rhe ream suffered a firsr-round upser ro Dedham 1-0. Throughour rhe season, Franklin ' s success was arrribured ro hard work, dedicarion, and a winning spirir. Xaverian 5 Franklin 4 Franklin 3 King Philip 1 Franklin 8 Canron 0 Franklin 9 Sharon 0 Sroughron 3 Franklin 2 Foxboro 2 Franklin 0 Franklin 4 Norrh Arrleboro 0 Franklin 6 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 3 King Philip 0 Franklin 11 Canron 0 Franklin 4 Sroughron 1 Franklin 3 Foxboro 1 Xaverian 2 Franklin 1 Franklin 1 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin Easrern Mass 4 Division II King Philip rournamenr 0 Dedham 2 Franklin i Fronr Row L R Mike Savicki, Kenny Maguire, John Kelly, Brian Mullin, Marr Sousa, Tom Phillips (capr ), Rich Frongillo, Mark Murphy, Tim Nickerson, Rob O ' Neil Back Row Coach Fran Bosiris, Jim Cosrello, Gavin Srrok, Ricky Dunham, Kevin Fraser, Joe O ' Reagan, David Pararore, Doug Pereira, Bob Heinzman, Mike Bulten, Sean Haldiday, Mirch Hoffmeisrer, Keirh Lipperr, Jim Thongpul, Mike Dorsey 137 138 With many experienced varsiry players returning rhis year, rhe Franklin High School Boy ' s Basketball ream was geared up for another challenging season. With rhe outstanding coaching of Mr. Geysen and rhe spirit of senior captains Marr Sousa and David Hutchinson, rhe ream wanred ro work long and hard hours ro prepare for each conresr. Throughour rhe season, despire injuries and upser, rhe Panrer ' s have never lost rheir enthusiasm nor pride in themselves, Each player can end rhe season with pride and digniry, knowing rhor they each has done his besr. Medway 51 Franklin 49 Franklin 47 Foxboro 42 Franklin 47 Canron 44 Franklin 51 Bellingham 43 Oliver Ames 74 Franklin 51 Franklin 59 Norrh Arrleboro 54 Franklin 59 King Philip 57 Mansfield 49 Franklin 43 Sroughron 74 Franklin 60 Sharon 57 Franklin 56 Foxboro 70 Franklin 57 Franklin 58 Canron 50 Oliver Ames 70 Franklin 42 Norrh Arrleboro 55 Franklin 53 Franklin 63 King Philip 51 Mansfield 61 Franklin 56 Franklin 76 Sroughron 67 Sharon 72 Franklin 65 Franklin 69 Medway 68 Franklin 55 Bellingham 40 Standing L ro R: Joe Geromini, Tommy Mammola, Ed Colace, Dovid Fording, Rob Heinzmon, Rob O ' Neil, Jerome Maddox, Coach Tom Geysen, Kneeling L ro R: Dan Foley, Tom Phillips, Dave Hurchinson, Marr Sousa, Mike Doherry, Mike Savicki 140 w m Despire an unusually " shorr " ream (rhe rallesr 5 feer 7 inches), rhe Franklin High School Girl ' s Baskerball Team was a rough ream ro bear. Thanks ro rhe experience and experrise of Coach Don Correr and rhe enrhusiasm of senior caprains Colleeen Donovan and Carla Guidrey, rhe girls were unired and comperirive. Led by rhe rop scorers junior,- Karhy Bonollo, and senior; Carla Guidrey, rhe Panrhers plowed over many of rheir opponenr advancing rhem ro rhe rournamenr play. Franklin 70 Milford 52 Franklin 57 Foxboro 54 Franklin 60 Canron 38 Oliver Ames 50 Franklin 40 Norrh Arrleboro 53 Franklin 47 Franklin 66 King Philip 34 Franklin 54 Mansfield 47 Franklin . 54 Sroughron 44 Sharon 60 Franklin 52 Foxboro 46 Franklin 42 Franklin 60 Medway 48 Canron 53 Franklin 38 Oliver Ames 60 Franklin 56 Norrh Arrleboro 56 Franklin 54 Franklin 53 King Philip 21 Franklin 79 Mansfield 38 Sroughron 50 Franklin 49 Franklin 60 Sharon 53 Franklin 72 Medway 49 Franklin 71 Bellingham 63 Sranding L ro fV Derh Murray, Deb Cornerra, Sharon Johnson, Shelly Dunn, Moryberh Sovicki, Krlsren Rappa, Karhy Bonollo, Cooch Don Correr, Kneeling L ro R Liso DePerrillo, Jonme Nosun, Colleen Donovon, Carlo Guidrey, Karen Mazzola 144 mu ..I,; 145 On The Right Course: Golf The 1984 Golf Team, led by co-caprains Mark Pere rson and Kevin Collins, qualified for rhe srare rournamenr for rhe firsr rime in irs hisrory. Pererson and Collins, along wirh seniors Brian Assad and Jim Greene, led rhe rourney-bound Panrhers ro a 9-6-1 record. Mark Pererson, wirh o 39.06 srroke overage per march, was vored ro rhe Hockomock All-Srar Team while Kevin Collins, who followed closely behind Pererson wirh a 41.63 srroke average was selecred as on alrernare. Srroke Average Mark Pererson 39 Kevin Collins 42 Brian Assad 47 Jim Greene 52 Jim Jerre 54 Joe Daddario 44 Dan Adilerro 46 Mike Callahan 47 Jim DeDaggis 43 Chris Sousa 45 MVP b League All Star Mark Pererson Srare Individual Tournamenr Mark Pererson Kevin Collins Jim DeDaggis Qualified for Mass. Sourh Sec. Tourney Srandmg L ro R Mark Pererson, Chris Sousa, Joe Doddario, Chip Dickenson, Coack-Dave Mulcohy, Kneeling Kevin Collins, Danny Adilerro, Jim DeBaggis, Mike Callahan, Jim Greene. ms FIELD HOCKEY They srarred rhe season wirh a relatively experienced ream. This being rhe ream ' s second year wirh Coach Long, everyone decided ro improve lasr years record of 2-13-1. They aimed high and reached rheir goal afrer qualifying for rhe Easrern Mass. Division II rournamenr; rhey also ranked Third in rhe Hockomock league which helped rhem achieve rheir goal. The grear spirir rhar held rhe ream rogerher rhis season made rheir vicrories possible. The compeririveness among reammares made everyone srrive for perfecrion and Though rhe ream will lose 7 seniors, rhere are enough experienced, hardworking underclassmen picking up rheir posirions. They worked hard rhroughour rhe season, never quirring, even when rhey were confronred wirh some real monsrers. Franklin 0 Foxboro 1 Canron 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 1 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 2 Norrh Arrleboro 0 Franklin 4 King Philip 0 Franklin 2 Mansfield 0 Sroughron 2 Franklin 1 Franklin 3 Sharon 0 Franklin 2 Foxboro 0 Canron 2 Franklin 0 Franklin 2 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 0 Norrh Arrleboro 0 Franklin 8 King Philip 0 Franklin 1 Mansfield 0 Franklin 1 Sroughron 1 Franklin 4 Sharon 2 Easrern Mass Division II rournamenr Fairhaven 2 Franklin 1 Sranding L ro R: Mgr. Marie Maxwell, Lisa Diparrillo, Daren Mazzola, Trisha Kennedy, Laurie Courr, Karhy Keeley, Janine Nasuri, Debby Cornerra, Wendy Dorr, Melanie Myorre, Coach-Karhy Long, Kneeling: Karhy Bonollo, Jennifer Lombardi, Debbie Bassignani, Kris Kameris, Colleen Donavan, Kim Dorr, Carla Guidry. lilt CROSS COUNTRY This year ' s Cross Counrry reams enrered rhe season wirh one of rhe largesr rosrers yer. Dorh rhe boys ond girls reams, under rhe coaching of Jim Chelorri, gave rhe Hockomock League o run for irs money. In whar was rhe firsr full season for rhe girls in five years, coproin Eve Poulior rook charge. The boys ream, lead by co-coproins Domon Gannon and Chuck Sveden, make olmosr every meer exciring. Domon Gannon, one of rhe mosr gif red runners on rhe ream, highlighred rhe season by winning four of rhe eighr league meers, finishing elevenrh in rhe oil league meer, and finishing rwenry fifrh in rhe srares. Alrhough rheir record doesn ' r indicare ir now, rhe cross-counrry reams ore soon ro become a force ro be reckoned wirh. Boys Franklin 34 King Philip 23 Franklin 33 Mansfield 25 Franklin 36 Foxboro 23 Franklin 31 Oliver Ames 25 Franklin 29 Sharon 26 Franklin 40 Norrh Arrleboro 21 Girls Franklin 55 King Philip 15 Franklin 36 Mansfield 19 Franklin 49 Foxboro 15 Franklin 50 Oliver Ames 15 Franklin 50 Sharon 15 Franklin 45 Norrh Arrleboro 15 Isr row L ro R co coprain Chuck Sveden, Rick Guzman, co-caprain Domon Gannon, co-coproin Eve Poulior, co coproin Suzanne O ' Brien, Susan Fosrer, Hope Voughon, Maureen Dolan, Ebbo Haogensen, 2nd row: Coach Jim Chelorri, Chris Tarrrie, Ed Buckley, Scorr Weirzenhoffer, Kelly Flynn, Tina Lovely, Liz Monn, 3rd row: Alan Dwyer, Paul Lovoilerre, John Sherry, Melanie Volz, Monica Amendolo, Rosemarie Coroldo, losr row David Noble, Carl Risraino. WINTER TRACK For onorher year, rhe Indoor Track League has survived. The Franklin runners ore a respecrable, capable ream wirh much spirir and dererminarion. They builr rheir speed, srrengrh, and endurance by pracricing drills and sprinrs in rhe fieldhouse. Wirh rhe organizarion and knowledge of Head Coach Paul Trovaro and Assisranr Coach Ed Hichborn, rhe Panrhers remain comperirive in rhe league. BOYS Franklin Oliver Ames (forfeir) Franklin 43 Norrh Arrleboro 43 Franklin 52 Mansfield 34 Foxboro 68 Franklin 18 Sroughron 48 Franklin 38 Franklin 51 Canron 35 Franklin 43 Sharon 43 King Philip 49 y 2 Franklin 36 V 2 GIRLS Norrh Arrleboro 68 Franklin 17 Franklin 48 Canron 38 Sroughron 55 Franklin 22 Franklin 45 King Philip 40 Foxboro 6 Franklin 20 Mansfield 42 Franklin 41 Franklin Oliver Ames (forfeir) Sharon 50 Franklin 36 Due ro hord work, dererminorion, and charisma, rhe Franklin High School Hockey ream has again dominated rhe Massachusetts Hockey League. With a dangerous first string and a powerful defense, rhe Panthers were able ro plow over rhe Division II reams, including tough rival, Canton. Franklin ' s force has nor come easily, it is due ro rhe guidance of Coach Dob Luccini as well as rhe commirmenr by each ream member ro endure long hours of practice and pain. All rhe swear and rime was well worth ir because rhe 1985 ream is TOURNEYBOUND!! For FHSers hockey is nor just rhe sweer glory of victory, ir is unity and a sense of pride for all rhe students and communiry. Franklin 15 Sroughron 1 Franklin 8 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 8 North Arrleboro 0 Franklin 4 Hingham 1 Franklin 7 Hollisron 3 Franklin 12 King Phillip 2 Franklin 6 Canron 2 Franklin 13 Sroughron 1 Franklin 4 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 13 North Arrleboro 1 Franklin 7 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 9 King Philip 2 Franklin 7 Canron 2 Franklin 10 Sroughron 0 Franklin 4 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 12 Norrh Arrleboro 1 Franklin 13 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 18 King Philip 3 Franklin 8 Canron 3 Franklin 11 Johnsron 3 152 Dock row sronding L ro R: Assr. Cooch Donold Walker, Kevin Torrrie, Charles Todd, David Gorbey, Russell Smirh, Dovid Vorjion, Coach Dob Lucdni, Standing Second row Tommy Lee, David Porrerson, Patrick Peabody, Joe O ' Regan, Mike Padula, Mike Dorringron, Peter Huie, Don Smirh, John DeLucio, Scott Daker, Wayne Foster, Kneeling L ro R Terrence McDonough, Donold Therioulr, Joe Srockberger, Dovid Meeker, Steve Tenney, Drian Assod, Tim MacLeod, Daniel lonnuzzi 153 ■■ : i % w ' 1 ill • . ... This year ' s Marmen had one of rhe best seasons over rhe years. Wirh Coach Carmen Colace ' s enrhusiasm and skill, rhe wresrling ream is quickly gaining rhe respecr of orher Hockomock reams. The Panrher ' s knowledge of " holds”, " falls”, and " moves” enables rhem ro pin down rheir comperirion. This season FHS held secrional and srare rournamenrs in Franklin. The Marmen remained a comperirive force and a peril ro rheir opponenrs rhis year. Franklin 40 Walpole 18 Whirrman-Hanson 45 Franklin 9 Milford 39 Franklin 17 Ashland 45 Franklin 12 Foxboro 36 Franklin 24 Franklin 36 Cohasserr 20 Cape Cod Tech. 32 Franklin 24 Franklin 36 Hollisron 21 Franklin 38 Algonquin 18 Xaverian 39 Franklin 15 Keefe Tech. 38 Franklin 12 Dosron Larin 32 Franklin 26 Dedham 42 Franklin 18 Rockland 39 Franklin 18 Standing L ro R: Coach Carmine Colace, Keirh Lipperr, James Colace, Mark Gazzola, Sreve Larski, Kneeling L ro R: James Toomey, Dan Gold, Chris Corberr, Tom Carlucci, Sirring L ro R: Mike Taylor, Joe Whipped, Dilly Keville, Charles Rerrman, Danny Sancomb 156 FALL CHEERLEADERS Whor is q foorboll game or soccer game wirhour cheerleaders? They keep rhe cheers going, especially when rhe ream is in Trouble and rhe fans are quier. They have rhe spirir and charisma ro help even a losing ream reach rhe rop. They come Through for all rhe reams during rhe freezing cold, pouring rain and blisrering hear. Each and every one con always be seen wirh a smile and o word of encouragemenr. " Spirir, Pride, Dererminarion roo, mokes rhem proud ro cheer for rhe Franklin Whire and Blue!! ' ' IBASEEYBAIU CHEERLEADERS Dock Row L ro R: Susan Cowan, Down MacDowell, Karen Gerrish, Middle Row: Lisa Molloy, Srephanie Morgan, Laura Morgan, Fronr Row: Marilyn Carmignani, Susan Fregeau inociKcy 11 III II l 11 N Back Row L ro R. Maryberh Sweeney, Kari rady, Terri Chase, Kelly Walker, Middle Row: Jickie Beauderre, Teri Whire, Sheri Lee, Fronr ow: Michelle Beauderre, Karen de la Puenre 159 Due ro hard work, dererminarion, and charisma, rhe Franklin High School Hockey ream : has again dominared rhe Massachuserrs Hockey League. Wirh a dangerous firsr srring and a powerful defense, rhe Panrhers were able ro plow over rhe Division II reams, including rough rival, Canron. Franklin ' s force has nor come easily, ir is due ro rhe guidance of Coach Dob Luccini as well as rhe commirmenr by each ream member ro endure long hours of pracrice and pain. All rhe swear and rime was well worrh ir because rhe 1985 ream is TOURNEYBOUNDI! For FHSers hockey is nor jusr rhe sweer glory of vicrory, ir is uniry and o sense of pride for all rhe srudenrs and communiry. Franklin 15 Sroughron 1 Franklin 8 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 8 Norrh Arrleboro 0 Franklin 4 Hingham 1 Franklin 7 Hollisron 3 Franklin 12 King Phillip 2 Franklin 6 Canron 2 Franklin 13 Sroughron 1 Franklin 4 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 13 Norrh Arrleboro 1 Franklin 7 Oliver Ames 2 Franklin 9 King Philip 2 Franklin 7 Canron 2 Franklin 10 Sroughron 0 Franklin 4 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 12 Norrh Arrleboro 1 Franklin 13 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 18 King Philip 3 Franklin 8 Canron 3 Franklin 11 Johnsron 3 152 I I I mwm mmm mm ‘Mm KPf? m:-i ■■• •• .• " IwaaS . ■?■■ , •. ■ : ■ I i i ll r M, M I 4 ’,;dV f jtM i ♦ , vt-.W. !•.: TT • ' ... IS w Ooci row sronding L ro R: Assr. Cooch Donold Walker, Kevin Torrrie, Charles Todd, David Gorbey, Russell Smirh, David Varjian, Coach Dob Luccini, Sranding Second row: Tommy Lee, David Porrerson, Parrick Peabody, Joe O ' Regan, Mike Podulo, Mike Dorringron, Perer Huie, Dan Smirh, John DeLucia, Scorr Baker, Woyne Foster, Kneeling L ro R: Terrence McDonough, Donold Theriaulr, Joe Srockberger, David Meeker, Sreve Tenney, Brian Assod, Tim MacLeod, Daniel lannuzzi 153 Two of our science reochers wirh alor of help from seniors and orhers ore making big changes ro our high school. Thanks ro o $10,000 GET granr obrained by William Fiske and Ron DeFronzo, we hove o pair of micro-compurers on wheels and on oceanography and animal habirar " museum ' ' in rwo of our large science classes. The micro- compurers hove been used already for lob simulations, collecting and displaying data, and for filing the information obtained during research. Seniors in James Hosford ' s World of Construction program hove been building walls and framing windows ro display ocean fish, desert plants and animals, ond New England forest creatures. Professional artist Martha Huntington will be funded by a Franklin arts council grant ro paint murals on these walls. Mr. Fiske ' s Animal Behavior students and Mr. DeFronzo ' s moth and science students hove been turning materials contributed by local merchants into displays and projects. 161 l I 11X11111 V Elvis Presley G Billy Idol look olikes were omong rhe mony famous " celebrities " who joined Sonra Clous ond his elves or rhe Christmas Masquerade Doll. The event was held on Friday, Dec. 14, 1984 in rhe festively decorated cafeteria and sponsored by rhe Jr. Prom Committee. This was rhe first dance of rhe year, and rhe first rime the freshmen mixed with rhe upperclassmen in a social setting. In keeping with rhe winter rheme of rhe dance, some FHSers came disguised as rhe Hear Miser and rhe Cold Miser, nor ro mention rhe " sheer family " who probably would have a g good rime in any season. Due ro rhe Christmas spirir of rhe srudenrs, this dance was a success. Filled wirh anridporion and exciremenr, rhe 29 girls who enrered the Franklin Counrry Club for orienrorion on Monday, Seprember 17, were unaware of whar lie ahead. When rehearsals began rhe following Wednesday, rhey gor a sampling of whar was in srore: 10 long weeks of pracricing jumping-jacks, push¬ ups, and how ro mop rhe " navy way " Junior Miss was nor all work however, rhe girls kepr rhemselves amused wirh nighrly rrips ro Whire Hen Panrry, a group luncheon ar rhe Franklin Counrry Club, and an exrra physical firness " rehearsal ' ' ar 5:30 in rhe morning. The 25 girls who survived rhe 10 weeks had lors of fun aboard rhe U.5.S. Junior Miss, and rhe show, held on November 16 and 17, was a huge success. While rhe girls waired backsrage filled wirh nervousness and exciremenr (and a sense of relief), rhe judges made rheir final decisions. Afrer rhanking all of rhe people who helped pur Junior Miss rogerher,- including Tom Mercer and Jim Sugrue, co-chairmen,- Van Perraulr and Joanne Mercer, rhe girls presenred flowers ro rhe rwo mosr imporranr people involved in rhe producrion: Raye Lynn Padulo, produciron direcror and choreographer, and Chrisrine DiMarrino, ralenr coordinaror. 165 As emcee Alan Mercer announced " And now . . . rhe envelopes pleose . . . ”, rhe 25 " junior misses” clasped hands anxiously. " And rhe winners ore . . . Spirir of Junior Miss . . . Amy Sreeves Physical Firness . . . Amy Sreeves Poise and Appearance . . . Lauren O ' Brien Crearive and Performing Arrs . . . Julionn e Geer Scholasric Achievemenr . . . Lauren O ' Brien Fourrh Runner-up . . . Julionne Greer Third Runner-up . . . Faye Johnson Second Runner-up . . . Tommy Thornhill Firsr Runner-up . . . Amy Sreeves And, Franklin ' s Junior Miss 1985 . . . Miss Louren O ' Brien.” 4 ( SNCWT SENIOR BANQUET Nor even a blizzard could hold rhe class of 85 ' back from having a blasr or rhe annual Senior Chrisrmas Danquer. Held ar DeMerri ' s December 21, 1984 seniors rocked ro rhe sounds of D.J. " Junior Roy ' ' and danced rhe nighr away. Even rhough a blizzard hailed ourside, inside a srorm of fun and exciremenr brewed. Hors and keychains were given by rhe senior class officers os lirrle parry favors ro all rhar arrended. Chrisrmos rime is a rime ro celebrare love and uniry and rhe class of 85 ' come up shining. si CIEHEIEIRaVTIICN Because rhe Chrisrmas Masquerade Ball was such a success, rhe Junior Prom commirree decided ro hold anorher dance full of fun and exciremenr. On February 8, 1985, FHSers fled from rhe cold ro rhe warmrh of rhe High School cafereria for rhe Valenrine ' s Day Donee. Srudenrs danced rhe nighr away ro rhe dynamic sounds of DJ Junior Ray. In spire of rhe cold ourside, rhose orrending rhe donee were warmed by rhe friendship and good spirir evidenr or rhe dance. L_ ITS A CELEBRATION 175 csrEy §T4rr Co Editors-In-chief: Kelly Mills Melissa Houston Copy Editor: Amy Keuhn staff: Dave Majcen Mike Saviki Kathy Dunn Lauren O ' Brien Photo Editor: Kathy Chambers staff: Mike Saviki Lyn Costello Danielle Stucchi Heidi Ryan Layout Editor: Elizabeth Mann staff: Jack Vendetti Head Typist: Susan Wyllie Typists: Laura Duffy Lyn Ditondo Linda Picard Kathy Davin Janet Bolivar Nancy Walsh Stacey Yadersernia Business Manager: Kerry Pisani Ads A Promotion: Debbie Hunter Art Editor: Julie Snell staff: Ben Franklin Susan Arnold Elaine Anderson Underclassmen Editor: Linda Doherty General Staff: Kira Holst Bret Wotton Janine Nasuti Christine Pellegri Computer: Steven Tulli Scott Lueier Ken Davin Advisor: Charles Vaillancourt 177 Telephone 528-2040 Contact Lenses Member IIIIIU llll ' JEFFREY L. MORRILL, O.D. Doctor of Optometry American Optometric Association Frapkfin, MA 02038 XVMJZS M£fl PAflZKV 20 W. Central St. Franklin, MA. 02038 Open 24 Hours LlilltUtiVliLtiVUillt ' lit pfijBia BfflUCDQJBffij LiliCLUliL: aajBBJtfB Li ' : I C G G V {§J w m f uitib m, G3BBBGUUIJ Best Wishes To The Class Of 1985 WELIK ' S COACH HOUSE RESTAURANT Route 140 Franklin, MA From The Welik Family And Employees 178 Best Wishes Class of ‘85! Serving Eastern Mass. FromFour Locations. For YOUR Convenience. TSraruL Names foe Lessl FRANKLIN Route 140 Franklin Walpole Quincy Waltham pranLJin Opt i ca nc. DEPOT PLAZA P.O. BOX 508 EDWARD H. SANCOMB FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 DISPENSING OPTICIAN TEL. 528-5345 BOUGHT — USED FURNITURE SOLD 1 WEST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MA. JIM AND ELENA MENIZE RES. (617) 528-9204 BUS. 528-0828 (617) 528-1444 VET-MED PET SUPPLIES COMPANY ANIMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS 29 DEAN AVENUE LOIS A. WALSH P.O BOX 401 Owner FRANKLIN, MA 02038 DEBI’S Bags to Bangles • JEWELRY - 14K, Sterling Silver Costume • India Import Clothing Brand Name Sportswear • Ladies Accessories - Bags, Belts Wallets Etc. DEPOT PLAZA - DOWNTOWN - FRANKLIN, MA. 528-8458 TADDEO Heating and Solar Energy Center Heating-Cooling Solar Systems Sales and Installations 528-9475 Registers, Duct Work License 18991 301 Union Street Franklin, MA 02038 Wood-Oil-Coal-Gas Furnaces Boilers Accessories Ron Taddeo Owner fr Jjuur Reasons Realty " Complete Real tstate Service " " A HOME FOR ALL SEASONS " 127 East Central Street, Rte. 140 Franklin, Mass. 02038 528-7414 ft m — REALTOR Serving Franklin - and Surrounding Towns MIS New Consrrucrion • Condominiums Re-Sole Listings • Mortgage Service • Appraisals Member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Telephone 528-1142 J n j Kimball Floor Co. Inc. CARPET • LINOLEUM • HARDWOOD FLOORS • CERAMIC TILE 430 E Central St. THOMAS KIMBALL, President Franklin. Mass 02038 LINDA KIMBALL, Sales (617) 528-4340 BOWLADROME, INC. 300 East Central Street Franklin, Mass. s fBSL T O ' IFUOUERSHOP B | (GAROfHCfNTFR r wn i t A R LANDSCAPE T DESIGN I’ SPECIALISTS (617) 528-0800 STOBBART’S NURSERIES ESTABLISHED 1946 444 East Central Street Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 MARGUERITE BUILDING CORP. 127 E. CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN. MA 02030 TEL. 520-4513 Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class Of 1985 PIERCE CHEVROLET INC. 340 East Central St. Franklin, Mass. 02038 Bus. Phone (617) 528-1111 Celebrity Italian American Cuisine RON BUCCHANIO, Owner - Chef 47 WEST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MA 02038 TEL. 528-0225 " WE MAKE WARM FRIENDS " Congratulations 1985 ran ©©©(ft H [i©©(L[iK " A little more them just an ordinary- bookstore " Located at the old Dip n ' Sip Donut sit 7 MAIN STREET THE BERRY INS. BLDG. FRANKLIN. MA Vv, 573-7275 NEW BOOKS BEST SELLERS HARDCOVERS PAPERBACKS CARDS GIFTS GAMES MAGAZINES SPECIAL ORDERS Tr C GIFT CERTIFICATES ■CSfCC Franklin Dental Associates, Inc. GENERAL DENTISTRY 528-0610 397 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 CROWLEY ' S OFFICE SUPPLIES Office Supplies Furniture • Art Supplies • School Supplies 15 WEST CENTRAL FRANKLIN, MA 02038 (617) 528-6060 Bus. 528-5535 Res. 338 WALNUT ST. NEWTONVILLE, MA 02160 (617) 332-5310 STEVE CROWLEY " Congratulations And Good Luck To The Class Of 1985 . . . " From The HOUSTON FAMILY FRANKLIN GLASS I IOOMPAMY INC 273 Beaver Street FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 BUS. TEL. 528-9550 - 528-9551 Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 Sneakers n’ Stuff 944 MAIN STREET WALPOLE, MASS. 02081 13 N. WASHINGTON STREET N. ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02760 10 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 TEL; (617) 528-6196 320 UNION STREET ROCKLAND, MASS. 02370 Desr Wishes To The Closs Of 1985 H.F.HUNTER COMPANY Certified Public Accounting • Auditing Tax • Financial • Management Consulting 137 School Street • Franklin, MA 02038 • (617) 528-0260 Compliments Of SHAWS MEAT OSTRANDER REALTY GENERAL INSURANCE S , .(tsl I REALTOR • ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE • RICHARD G. OSTRANDER, JR. 15 EAST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MA 02038 528-6161 Congratulation Class Of 19S5 Best Of jCuc c Amy ' s Class Always Jn Cove With STYLING FOR WOMEN MEN JOAN LAWLESS, Prop. 5 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN. MA 02038 Phone-. 528-1228 Congratulations And Best Cuck Zo Zhe Class Of 1985 nefflAMW SKAMCW SA VWQS KAMC 58 Main Street Sranklin, MA. 02038 Mon. Zhru Wed 8:30 A-M-4 P.M. Zhurs. 4. 3rid. 8:30 A.M. -7.-30 AM Sat. 9 A-M.-i P.M. THERMA TRU VELUX Cashall Components Corp. 119 Dean Sr. ' , franklin, mass. 02038 Telephone (617) 528 4030 “ENERMISERS " for the 80 s Insulated (Wood) WINDOW UNITS DOUBLE HUNG - CASEMENTS - SLIDERS BOWS - BAYS THERMA TRU Energy Efficient Door Systems • Insulated Patio. French, and Sliding Doors 1 Roof Windows Call... for “MONEYMISER” PRICES! Thr ( ' mftKwnuthip r f t ito(crd iy m the Product , for tomorrow at today s LOWEST prices " Congradulation To The Class Of 1985 Compliments Of.. . J.D. DADDARIO Daddario Elect Silvers Gym Jack U. 528-0006 President fe ■■■■ Mest Wishes Zo Zhe Class Of ’85 Nautilus jj|j||| Individual programs for men and £T WmS QJ3ZS women or an ay os • POOL • SHOWERS • LOCKERS • STEAMROOM • SUN ROOM • SAUNA 276 Village Srreer, Medway, Ma. 530-7307 men zy package Compliments Of: (food jCuck Class Of ' 85 FRANKLIN SHEET METAL, INC. Compliments Of - AQWAV JM. 231 Cottage St. Franklin, Mass. 02038 Home, if arm, Qarden Store Cottage St. Sranklin 528-1333 The Daglioni Family RICO ' S SUPERMARKETS U X BRIDGE FRANKLIN 470 WEST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MA. 02038 (617) 528-5100 INSURANCE AUTO - HOME - BUSINESS REAL ESTATE COMMERCIALS RESIDENTIAL JOHN D. VOZZELLA ASSOCIATES rfif NEIGHBORHOOD INSURANCE JOHN D. VOZZELLA Desr Wishes To The Class Of 85 Especially Kerry Pisani And Ashley Costello Carvel Ice Cream From PETER, DOLORES, PATTI, AND CHRISSY Dus. Tet. 617-528-5522 GODDARD ' S GARAGE Automobile And Truck Repairs 526-9650 278 Pleasant Street Franklin, MA 02008 C C SPORTING GOODS South Shore ®jTl BanK A 1 muiTibanK 1400 Hancock Srreer Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 (617) 847-0100 Congratulations ' 85! (DBA. The Jock Shop) 26 East Central Srreer Franklin, MA 02008 Owners Carmine Colace Tony Carlucci Sales Rep: James Baxter Home Ti 528-4007 528-3755 528-6216 FINANCIAL SERVICE CENTER OF NEW ENGLAND,INC. 29 Dean Avenue, Franklin, MA 528-1005 Gordon McClay, Presidenr $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ Computer Business Systems of NE., Inc. Franklin Income Tox Consulranrs, Inc. Gordon McClay 6 Associates, Inc. Franklin Press, Inc. Tax Shelters Corporation TIPS Insurance Agency of N.E., Inc. 528-8400 528-1305 528-8151 528-8072 528-1305 528-4514 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ " Six companies working together ro solve your problems and save you money!’’ Quality Horn Furnishing t TEL. 528-0501 A. 54 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 .SIM0N Orthodontist Srarionary-Memo Boards-Friendship Cards- Gifrs-Sruffed DR. WM. R. KOPLIN, D.D.S. Braces For Adulrs And Children 76 Emmons Sr. Franklin . 528-0528 Uxbridge .7 . . .7 . |.142 No. Main Sr. 278-5068 Best Wishes To Th Class Of 1985 fMPPl TMMl f ATm Franklin Foxboro Milford Norron Trovelsmirhs Since 1962 ■Hi Best Wishes From PISINI SHOE STORE Franklin ' s Family Shoe Srore Main Sr. Franklin, MA. 528-9152 Congratulations ' 85 DACEY BROS. Dacey ' s Marker Open 700 AM -10:00 PM 7 Days A Week When You Run Our Of Or Forger, Think Of Us 345 Lincoln Sr., Franklin, MA. Hometown Point And Paper, Inc. Congratulations Class Vmo3k 47 Of ' 85 jpaints_7 Wallcoverings At Discount Prices J-D Liquors 528-9419 065 Wesr Cenrral Sr. Cor. Corrage And Union Sr., Franklin, MA Franklin, MA 02008 LOAM GRAVEL THE SEWING DEPOT Congratulations On A 301 Union Srreer Hob Well Done Congratulations Class Of 1985 1 ZMS Alrerarions, Tailoring, Dressmaking KSMAWDSKS PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Stephen L. Mann Nicholas LaRosa William Daly Charles Dunn Dennis Marguerite Peter Gillespie Sounds Unlimited Mr. John Hawkes Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sousa and Mrs. David E. Peterson and Mrs. Charles E. (Chick) Harr Mr. and Mrs. David Majcen Mr. and Mrs. Philip Guidrey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deihl Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Edward Colace Mr. and Mrs. George H. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. William Tenney Ms. Kathleen Mehler Ms. Doris Bourgeois Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Alberti Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kuehn Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strok Mr. and Mrs. John Lombardi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carmignani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rappa Mr. and Mrs. Richard D ' Amico Mr. and Mrs. O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mills Good luck ' 85 for a successful future. Congratulations to the Main Hall left gang. Congratulations Class of 1985. Congratulations Class of 1985. Congratulations Class of ' 85. Congratulations Class of 1985. Best wishes to the Class of 1985. Congratulations and Best Wishes. Congratulations to the Class of 1985. Congratulations Class of 1985. Congratulations to the class of ' 85! Congrarulaions to the class of ' 85. Congratulations class of 1985! Congratulations Class of ' 85. Congratulations c lass of 1985. Special thanks to the Girls and Bo Soccer reams. Remember the words, " aw come on girl Dammit. ' ' Congatularions and Best wishes to the class of 1985. Best of Luck ' 85. Congratulations and Best wishes class of 1985. Success in the future 1985. Happiness and success to all. Congratulations and good luck class of ' 85. Congratulations Class of 1985. A job well done! Congratulations! Congratulations class of ' 85. Congradularions class of 1985! Congratulations class of 1985. Congratulations ' 85. Class of 1985-go for the " gold ' ' ! May your life be filled with good health and happiness. Best Wishes, best of luck to all of Laura ' s friends. Good luck class of ' 85. Congratulations to Debi and all her classmates. " Go for it " , Lauren! Love Mom b Dad. Reach for the stars, hope for the best; keep a smile, and you ' ll fin success! A GSKEY. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL I985-C.3 56593

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