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 - Class of 1983

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tzm lak vEZy v ' YrP. ' ' Vfr. glm ' . -4 mm rnik mm ' ' aMvA V V VV ' v. - - r L A. ' , 6 ,;, ffl- iKA - X P nineteen eighty three Franklin High School • Franklin, Massachusetts Seniors • 17 Faculty • 69 Sports • 81 Student Life • 113 Activities • 125 Underclassmen • 151 Sponsors • 177 WE’VE GOT TONIGHT . . . For all who attended, the Junior Prom was indeed a great night to remember. Upon entering the Sheraton Hotel in Mansfield, MA., on April 22, 1982, the beautiful surroundings were admired by all. Dancing to the music by “Secret Agents’’, everyone was having lots of fun and enjoyment throughout the evening. The guys, dressed in their tuxedos, looked very handsome, while the girls, in their long and colorful gowns, looked especially beautiful. Although the decision was a hard one to make, Denise Padula was chosen to be the queen of the Jr. Prom, while Gina Gianetti, Kathy Morgado, Kim Corvi, and Jonna Dunham were in the court. “We’ve Got Tonight” was the selected theme, and we made that night one of the best ever. 5 l _ i A j u r tii ft ' ■ . P Z7 1 ; . ■Hr J », ve Most Dedicated Colin Hoffmeister, Anna l Beth Manacchio Most Outgoing Mark Stuart, Kim Menize Most Athletic Brian Bonollo, Debbie Daddario Most Respected Lia Lippert, Jim Brown Best Looking Butch Breed, ■ 985 V Typical FHSer’s Jane Reardon, Mark Reardon Most Gullible Tommy Keville, Linda Oxford Preppiest Kris Stoughton, Neil McCabe Best Dressed Kim Giannetti, ob Bissanti Best Personality Mike Smith, Leslie Joannides Most Likely to Succeed Kaia Miller, Neal Foley Most Spirited Bonnie Ficco, Mark Ballarino ITv M . { . ' J. Most Organized Mike Dwyer, Dianne Court Most Musical Richard Balest, Karen Thomas Cutest Couple Nancy Durand , Stephen Ross Most Artistic Tammy Schauer, Gary Stucchi Friendliest Linda Colace, Kevin Murphy Class Clown Mark Hanlon, Irene Sullivan Most Talkative Steven Sullivan, Marianne Marak Shyest Charles Humphrey, Cutest Smile Tommy Nasuti, Kim Ryan Rowdiest Dianne Foley, Jim Marchand Laurie Maguire Best Partiers Leslie Martello, Jay Mullin Most Disorganized Karla Pasquantonio, Joe Steeves MANADNESS ON MANADNOCK! We HOPE that most of you remember the senior class trip to Mt. Monadnock on October 11, 1982!! The great satisfaction of reaching the top after the long and hard climb was felt by everyone who made it! Most of the thirsty ones drank the cool water from the mountain streams, while others picked the beverages of their choice. The beautiful weather and the colorful autumn foliage made the trip an extra special event, which will stay in our minds forever. b : ' -■’- ' • ' ; ; ' r v - f{ r :«fe as-v-VS " -,•;! « ? v-. ' • v t i : ‘ ’Sfc V iil ' ’fcv, ’-I 1 WxV N i ' - " 1 ' 1 8I§8S ■ Mm Wmm§iM i »w Seniors a new look at us Robert James Adams R.F.D. Forest St. Nickname: Adams Found w Chritta, Teddy, Doha, Suzanne, Kim, Cavelle, Murph, Arty, ware up. Memories: Senior trip, energy party, N.H. over the summer, Vine St., Crosby, Stills and Nash concert. Amb: to become a machinist or a computer technician. Act. : partying. Likes: Bud, cruising, Suzanne, partying on Vine St., food. Dislikes: Camille, work, my mustang, Mondays. Anything Else: Don’t get mad, get even! Tammy Anne Adams 472 Coronation Drive Nickname: Bambi Fav. Saying: Oh my God! Found w Marcia, Bunzy, Billy, John, Paula, Eddy, Old Ribbon and Bluers, and D.E.ers Memories: Jr. Prom, DECA trips, Monadnock, Bunzy’s parties, Summers ’81 and ’82, New Year’s Eve at John’s, Bridgewater State Apartments. Ambition: Major in business, get married, and have 100s of kids. Activities: Activities Committee, Ribbons and Blues 2, 3, DECA 3, 4. Likes: Tacos, guys, and being loud. Dislikes: being told to be quiet. Anything else? Good luck ’83! Oh yeah, and of course, good luck DeeDee. Cherylanne Alberto 488 Martello Road Nickname: Cheryl Favorite Saying: What’s up? Found w DeeDee, Jane, Sue, Tracey, Terry, Marcia. Favorite Memories: Junior Miss, Ski Trip, Cape Cod, Kinks. Ambition: To go to the University of Southern California, to study Child Psychology. Activities: CYO 1-4, CCD Teacher. Likes: being w friends Dislikes: plastic people Anything else? Good luck Class of 83! Kenneth J. Assad 209 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Ken Fav. Saying: What’s up? Easy son Found w Joe H„ Joe S., “Little Twillie”, Tony, Rich, Kevin, Murph, rest of the gang. Memories: Baseball 82, Columbus Day Weekend, Wild Pitch vs. Canton, Hopkington Park, Jr. Prom, J. Geils, Patriot Games, Bryant College weekend. Amb: To be successful and happy at whatever I do, Act.: Baseball 1-4, Ffockey 4. Likes: Weekends, summers, parties, sports, waterskiing. Dislikes: Mondays, snow storms, Algebra. Anything Else: Thanks Mom and Dad Mary Catherine Atkins 14 Parliament Drive Nickname: Mary Kay, M.K. Fav. Saying: I don’t know. Found w Rick, Marianne, Fiona, Cathy, Kevin, soccer team. Memories: times w Rick, doubling w John 4- Marianne, New Hampshire, tipping canoes, Summer ’82, Monadonock Amb : To reach out and touch as many lives as possible. Act.: Rick 3-4, Soccer 1-4, Foreign Language Club 3, Honor Society, OEA 2, CYO 1-3, Hockomock Model Senate 3. Likes: Rick, flirting. Dislikes: explaining my name, homework on weekends. Anything Else: “You only live once and this ain’t no dress rehearsal " R.H. Tracy Ann Baddeley 606 Pond Street Nickname: Tray-ba Fav. Saying: I’m bored! Found w Tony and the girls. Memories: Petty ’81, W.H.B., Deb’s toy, Keene State, SMU, Dennisport, my parties, Bitsy’s parties, Kim G’s party, P.D.’s cookout, Prom, Coco’s 4 of July, Soph, banquet, Phils’ gigs, tracks, the fort, cruising w Chris N., Softball break-up party, Goats’ party June 82, Summer St., Hopkington. Amb: To make it thru college, get Ferarri and TSJM. Act: Softball 1. Likes: skiing, money, hockey games, NA’s and partying. Dislikes: liver, homework, Mondays, attics, and preppies. Anything Else: Gina, YMBFA. Bryan E. Anderson 16 Forest Street Nickname: Byron Favorite Saying: “No Way!” Found w Dave M., Dave H., Matt T. Favorite Memories: New Hampshire ’82, Sugarbush ’81 Ambition: To make some good money doing something. Activities: Skiing, Bicycling, a little of all Dislikes: Physics, Trig . . . 18 Jeffrey D. Baker 91 Regent Circle Nickname: Jeff, Bake Found w Karen, Scott, Matt, Tony, Melon, Keith, Dan, and the rest of the guys. Memories: hockey games-especially Garden, Jr. Prom, Mt. Monadnock concerts: Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, South St., Grove St., Jake’s. Amb.: to be successful in life. Act.: soccer 1, 2; Golf 3, 4; part- time job at Riccos. Likes: weekends, payday, study, crusin’, Chef, class. Dislikes: Mondays, homework. Anything Else: I’m outta here!! Richard Balest 468 Dailey Drive Found w Deb, Al, Gordo, Linda, Kathy, Len, Paul, Cheryl. Memories: Al’s parties, Prom ’82, Chem Lab, Holly. Amb: To be successful and happy in what ever I do. Act: Band 1-4, FLC 1, Yearbook. Likes: cruising, parties, 7th study, babes. Dislikes: passes, Freshmen, school lunches. Mark J. Ballarino South Street Nickname: Bal Nickname: Bal Fav. Saying: In your dreams Found w Mark R., Dune, Pis, Newt, Bono, and the gang. Memories: Cruisin’, Watton’s 2, AC DC. Amb: To never have too much, but always have enough and to excel In whatever I do. Act: Baseball 1, 4. Likes: long weekends, sleep, snow. Dislikes: stupid questions and wind. Linda Bassick 125 Longhill Road Nickname: Hassick, Lise Fav. Saying: Relax! Found w Everyone. Memories: The Dead, Monadanock, FB w CC, Bridgewater, No Nukes, France THE USUALLS, parties at my house, shrooms at Cut’s, the concert that never was, purple mornings, the Barn, DT’s w CG and TM, excursions w Bruce and Mac. Amb : to go to college and be a professional. Act : Yearbook, binging. Likes: Harleys, Vets, Brown Eyed Girl + Lonely Hearts, Springsteen, S and MP Dislikes: work, dull weekends, French fags, Anything Else: HOTSALAYCCCARSMUWAM-Do it up ’83! Stephen P. Beane 14 Mechanic Place Nickname: Beanie Found W John C., Gary, Dan. Memories: Hockey games, Holtzies Halloween party, Ken’s parties. Ambition: to make enough money to have a good life. Activities: Working. Likes: sports, outdoors, fishing, parties. Dislikes: getting up in the morning and going to school. 19 Christine Marie Berardi 98 Pine Street Nickname: Chrissy Fav. Saying: I love it! Found W good friends Memories: Bonfire ’79, New Years ’79, ’81, Jorge’s parties w Les, P.S., “Skeeta”, “The Machete”, “The Leprecaun”, MTA, “The T Rich”, doublin’ w Donna, “The Kill Switch”, 4 22 82, Kurgy’s all nighters, Banquet ’81, times w Timothy. Amb.: to find out what I want to do and to have fun doing it! Likes: soccer, my Alex, Budman, passing math analysis, Lesli, Sat. nights at the cinema, partying. Dislikes: signing into opt., being called stupid. Anything Else: L,R,D, + J “Calf, here we come!” “Hey Bud let’s party!” P.S. “Bye Donald!” Robert M. Bissanti 215 Jordan Road Nickname: Bizant, Bib Fav. Saying: Easy there KW Buddieee! Found w Newt, Bone, Piz, Brownie, OMalley, Dennis. Memories: 7 4 82, 7 4 81, C.C.C., Boston Garden, Newt’s gigs, Sandy Neck, Onset, Eddies boat, Hampton Beach (S.T.’s Z28), Tom Petty, AC DC, camping w Leo. Amb: Go to college and become rich. Act.: Football 1-4 (Co-capt), Hockey 1-4 (Co-capt), Baseball 1-4. Likes: Playing for Coach Leone, Nice cars, Bud, winter, the letter “B”. Dislikes: FALMOUTH, double sessions, dirty cars. Anything Else: Let’s make like a hockey stick and get the puck out of here. Robert Roger Bixby Forest Street Nickname: Bix Fav. Saying: Smile Found w Butchy, Matti, Grif, Joe, Marshishe, Hanlon, Gazzo, and the rest of the boys, plus the forest St. gang. Memories: Freshman year, Jr. prom, summertime, Kinks, Tom Petty, motorcross racing, weekends, partying w everyone. Amb.: to be happy 4- successful. Act.: cruising, bugging the senior girls, cleaning my car, hunting and fishing. Likes: clean cars, going out, visiting grandma and mom, eating, traveling, nice blondes w blue eyes, sitting on the beach. Dislikes: teases, hassels, car breaking down, rainy nights, getting up early. Anything Else: Kathy, How about another ride on my motorcycle? Stefanie Bloemink 663 Pleasant Street Fav. Saying: You’re living on borrowed time. Found w Celina, Sue, Sue, Dee, Carrie, Tina, Chris, Winnie. Memories: Salisbury ’82, Hampton N.H., Class Trip, J. Geils ’81, Philie, all nighter, BOC, Police concert. Amb.: to make it up the ladder of success and become rich. Act.: Basketball 1-2, Yearbook. Likes: weekends, concerts, traveling, Chineese food, getting Molsonized. Dislikes: snobs. Anything Else: Good luck class of ’84. Thomas Andrew Bolton " 17 Churchill Road Fav. saying: “No way,” “Mint” Found w Steve, James, Dave, Mike, Gary. Memories: Hockey Tournament ’82, junior year, Celtic’s Parade ’81, Sox opening days. Amb: To be rich. Act: Gold 2, 4 Dislikes: Selling magazines Scott William Brady ADDRESS: 17 Hawthorne Drive NICKNAME: Brady, Otis FAV. SAYING: “Spark it!” FOUND IV : Rob, Evans, Kevin, John, Lauri, Mucci, and the rest of the Holiday Inn crew. MEMORIES: Parties on the new road, summer of ’82, kegs on the tracks, B.O.C., Joe’s party, Tracey’s, parties, and winter parties at Roger’s. AMBITION: To make big bucks and live a long life. LIKES: Budweiser, the Stones, cruising, and hockey games. DISLIKES” Gummers, getting bagged, getting up, and going home. ANYTHING ELSE? Good luck to the class of ’83. Brian M. Bonollo 18 Martin Avenue Nickname: “Bone” Fav. Saying: Have an Idea Found w Newt, Bibby, Steve, Dennis, rest of the gang Memories: Baseball “82”, times w Laura, Summers at the Cape, Newt’s parties, Soph. Banquet, Varsity football “82”, Boy’s State Ambition: To own a successfull racing horse Activities: Football 1, 3, 4, Co. Capt., Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Yearbook Sports Editor. Likes: Weekends, B.C., winning, Scilwg, Playing for Coach Leone, Clyde, Ken’s Dislikes: Signals (O.A.), Girls with no idea Anything else? The party’s over Paul F. Bradley 1285 West Central Street Nickname: Scoot Fav. Saying: “What now?”, “My Car!” Found w Debbie, Nick, Len, Pat and Joe, Lisa, Alyson, Michelle. Memories: Oskey ’82, ’83, End of year party-June ’82, Mt. Monadnock ’83, 5th period study, summers at Pat’s cottage. Ambition: To get my associate degree and be the best chef I can be. Never to work in a Country Club again! Right, Pat? Activities: Student Council 1-4, Student Rep. 3-4, Foreign language club 1-2, Oskey 3-4, Yearbook ’83. Likes: getting myself and other people high. Dislikes: Snobs, most athletes Arthur J. Breed 27 Howard Street Nickname: Butch, Ich Fav. Saying: “What?”, “Excuse me” Found w Griff, Mutt, Mark, Steve, Willie, Hampa, Frank, Bix, and the rest of the family. Memories: Southwick, Terrance’s House, Fryburg Fair, Prom ’81, ’82’s, Griffin’s Parties, Cruising w Brent, Elton John, Griff’s, truck, Dean, M.L. Ambition: To move away from Franklin. Activities: Wrestling 2, Baseball 3, 4 Likes: Parites, Bud (in the can), girls Dislikes: Frito’s, Milford “Lincoln” Drugs, snobs, two faces, people who think they’re better than others. Robert J. Brennick 510 White Avenue NICKNAME: Bob FAV. SAYING: “What’s up?” FOUND IV : Pete, Mike, Bob, Mark and everybody else. AMBITION: To get a job. LIKES: Sports, hockey, football, driving DISLIKES: School, VPs, and Contemporary Issues, James A. Brown 721 Pond Street Nickname: Brownie Favorite saying: “Mega” Usually found with: Mouse, Head, Randy, Gook Favorite memories: Stones ’81, Varsity Football, The Dead with Boisture, living at Godfrey’s, California Summers. Ambition: To Hit A Superfecta for mega dollars Activities: Football, Baseball, Golf Likes: Stones, Gambling, unsupervised study, Datsun Service Center in Conners Dislikes: Milford films, Buff, Hit and Runs June Ann Brady 15 Russell Street Nickname: Slim Fav. Saying: Whatever. Found w Mel, Kim, Pam, Traci, Danielle, Linda, and the rest of the cheerleaders. Memories: 3rd of July-Hummarock 81-82, Marzies partys, Kinks, T.C.’s partys, Duce’s Toga, Finding F.O.O.T.S. with Mel, Cocktails on the beach, the Bridgeway, Towel diving w Mel, Prom 81 + 82, the Cape after — . Amb: To be ambitious. Act: Football, Soccer Basketball Cheerleading, captain 2- 3. Likes: Summer, partying down the cape, T.C.’s, Stones. Dislikes: Floating shoes, 3 am visits with a 2 by 4. Jeffrey Scott Brown 15 East Street Nickname: Brownie Fav. saying: Sorry! Usually found with: Everyone Memories: Cape Cod, Willies gigs, getting the hell out this place, 7th period Art Class. Ambition: To live in a Log Cabin in the mountains and to hunt fish every day. Activities: Girls, Cars, work-in that order. Likes: taking out girls, Michelle, eating. Blizzards, Springsteen Dislikes: Rubber room, teachers, when Paws locks the keys in the trunk, totaling my skylark Anything else? Keep drivin’ that train. Craig A. Buchanio 47 Cottage Street Fav. Saying: “Hey Spike.” Found w : Mia, Charlie, Timmy Memories: summers 81-82, down the Cape, Celtics Celebration ’81 Ambition: To be ambitious, Activities: Soccer 1-4, scouting Likes: Oceans, beaches, sports three stooges, LX1X summer Dislikes: School, flirts, R.C. Kerry Beth Brown 33 Moore Avenue Nickname: Blue eyes Fav. Saying: L.A.B.; I can’t wait; S.D; BFD; Found w Lana, Donny, David, Lisa, Steph, Lisa B., Kim, Carrie, + the rest of K.C. Memories: Sr. Class trip; Jr. Prom; Soph, banquet; Police Trip; Newport w L.W., M M, ML; Softball games + the V; C.S.N.; 10 31 81 Holst’s. Ambition: To go to California w L.W. + Live Activities: graphics, partying, watching the stars, traveling Likes: Bud, to party, Dislikes: Plastic People, Saving money Anything else? Live for today and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Donald Buchanio 242 Union Street Nickname: Tony Fav. Saying: “Keep em low!” Found w Matt, Melon, Keith, Craig, Dan Memories: Junior year, Jr. summer, Soph, summer, new road gigs, moon gigs, Joe’s parties, Matt’s parties, Dan’s party Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Likes: Budweiser, partying, the Stones, all nighters. Dislikes: Hangovers, staying in, not getting beer, falling out of Dan’s window. Anything Else? Good luck 83! x i iiiIK I mi f t |STO •• ' ft? W A ■ f. Timothy Paul Burke 85 Cottage Street Nickname: Burkie Fav. Saying: No way, What’s up? found w .Joe, Steve, Neil, Scott, Tony, Kenny, and other friends. Favorite Memories: New Years ’81, Summer in Maine, Hampton Beach, Halloween 8 24 81, Rossies Gigs, Guinea Fest. Amb: To be happy. Act: Basketball 1-4, Track 1-4, Cross Country 1-2 Likes: Nice cars, parties, late nights, BUD, snow storms, good music, long weekends Dislikes: Dean Ends, State Cops, Red Corvettes, the morning after. Sunday Practices Anything else? GOOD LUCK ’83! Julia M. Byrnes 514 Maple Street Found w Keith — Kathy, Mary M, Lia, Mary C, Linda, Anna, and friends Memories: Summer of ’81, Junior Year, Prom ’82 w Keith, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard-Mopeds, New Hampshire weekend, camping trips, skiing, (Mt. Snow), OEA trip- Hyannis ’80, Hopkinton w Mary, Duxbury w Kathy, Trip to Ireland. Ambition: To be happy and successful Activities: KEITH 3-4, OEA 2, Working (Stop Shop) 2-4 Likes: Being with Keith, weekends and vacations Dislikes: Mondays, Decisions and Phonies! Anything else? Good Luck Class of “83”! Kimberly Marie Calabrese 109 Highland Street Nickname: Kim found tv .-Rob, Rennie, Foley, Cheryl, Deb, Marisa, Jean, and the rest of my good friends. Memories: Freshmen year, Christmas Banquet ’79, Prom of ’80 w Rob, 2 weeks down Chatham w Rob, Forest Street party with Debby because .... “My friend is really drunk and needs a ride home”, Graduation. Amb: To be happy and successful in the business world Likes: having good times and people with personality Dislikes: two faced people, and phonies . . .!!! Anything else? It’s been a good four years with the class of “83” Anthony T. Calderone 140 Longhill Road Nickname: Tony, Fav. Saying: “Please” “Mint” “Oh Well” Found w Joe, Richie, Smitty, Kenny Memories: Celtics Day “81” (It was worth it Mr. Burr), Patriot games, Tournament hockey games, Summers 81, 82, T.D.B., Egged at the Rome, Act: Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 3, 4 Likes: Summers, 2816, winning, Dislikes: Being broke, umping L.L., c + c sports, eating basketballs, Richard Simmons Anything else: “Don’t look back, someone might be gaining on you” John Adrian Cameron 356 Pond Street Nickname: Boo-Boo Fav. Saying: I don’t want to hear it Found w Paula D., Susan R., Dori D., Paul Z., Deanne T., Joyce I., Joe M., Kevin F., Janice P., Ken L., Rob Diane, Kathy H., and Chris and Kim for old times sake. Memories: Me, Critter, Kim, and Sue In Willie’s room in the 9th grade. Amb: To someday get my driver’s license! Act: listening to music, writing, and just having a good time with my friends. Likes: Heart, the Cape, partying, week-ends Dislikes: Plastic, Stuck up people, Mr. Gray’s D. E. class. Carole Anne Capezza 14 Short Street Nickname: Kez Fav. Saying: Do it up! Found w Dianne, Linda, Kerry, Deb, Jill, Laura, Carmella, Dori. Mem ories: Mt. Monadnock, Linda’s gigs, Halloween ’82, Bon fire ’80, Memorial weekend ’82, J. Giels concert ’81, Keith Moon. Amb: Move to Italy and marry an Italian. To major in child psychology. Likes: Ringo, cruising, partying Dislikes: ignorant people Cheryl Lyn Cardullo 15 Sunset Road Nickname: “Card”, “Hyperchick” Fav. Saying: “Funky” Found w Roundie Round, Friends Michelle, Getch, The Z’s, Aartie. Memories: Springsteen, All nighter with Mister B, excursions to E. Douglas, road trip to Monadnock, Riunite summer, and all other good times with Michelle. Amb: Field of Graphics, Find that certain someone and be happy. Act. Graphics 1-4, Yearbook Editor 4, F.A.S. 3, 4, Likes: Camaros, “Body Heat”, Bruce, TAB, Italians, sunsets, all nighters, Dislikes: Monadnock, cold, Nukes, and blinkers Anything Else: Thanks Mom, for always being there. You’re the best. To my friends, you’re the greatest! Take care ’83. Christine Catherine Carlow 9 Colt Road Nickname: Chrissy, Fav. Saying: Oh my gawd! It’s all over! Found w my crazy friends, Mrs. G., and Maizy Memories: Bop ’n Drops, K of C gigs, Rd. trips w T. M. and C. G., F. B, St. Rocco’s 81, 82, Barn, Cape w Chris, Jr. Miss, Prom, C-ville, TrF, x’s w Heidi, MAP, Hags, Purple mornings, Oskey ’80, Genoa’s, Pk. wood, the muddy situation, Willies, Cut’s, Buzzy’s, snowbound, shots til 6:00, Mahrzys. Amb: To live life one day at a time. Likes: Strawberries, red convertibles, Stones, “Brown-Eyed Girl”, Mick’s mouth Dislikes: Kraft macaroni and cheese, Anything else? Live, Love, and Laugh ’83 Keith F. Chambers 5 Grissom Circle NICKNAME: Vinny FAV SAYING: How was it? FOUND W Matt, Tony, Craig, Melon, Eric, Dan, Godin, Mike MEMORIES: C.C.C., Boston Garden 3 9 82, Judas Priest, Dan’s parties, Rosco’s kegs, Matt’s party. Craig’s gig. Junior prom, trips to the moon. Chemistry lab AMB: Hopefully to be happy and successful ACT: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, having a few cold ones. LIKES: Green paper, hockey, Budweiser, and having a good time DISLIKES: Your basic policeman ANYTFIING ELSE: Godin, keep both hands on the wheel, Jean I didn’t take the wax pencil. Linda Maria Colace 7 Everett Street FAV SAYING: Go away FOUND W : Phyllis, Anna, Bonnie, Julie, Kathy, Julia, Dee, Dianne, and the rest. MEMORIES: Maine ’82 with Phyl, summer ’81 + ’82,” Italy ’80, Florida, 7 24 82, times at the “Daor Wen” with the gang, J.C. concert ’82 AMB: To be a medical-technician, and find success and happiness ACT: Treasurer 4, Yearbook, Foreign Language Club, Math Club LIKES: Being with friends, vacations, laughing DISLIKES: snobs, getting up early ANYTHING ELSE: Smitty, need a ride to the concert? Aannnnaaa! Phil, a bike, a bike!! Good luck class of ’83! John C. Colella, Jr. 138 Pine Street NICKNAME: Newman FAVORITE SAYING: She’s Fugly USUALLY FOUND WITH: Brian, P.V., Jay, Sully, Mark, Murf, J.D., and the rest of the men. FAVORITE MEMORIES: Prom, Brian’s parties, Claire’s parties, skipping school, Aerosmith. AMBITION: An early retirement ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, I.P.U. 2-4 LIKES: Weekends, parties, teachers out, B.B.B., skipping school, and chocolate chip ice cream DISLIKES: Bald headed muscle bound guys, pits at night, and on the end line. ANYTHING ELSE: School wasn’t so bad ... 1 even learned something! Kimberley Ann Corvi 20 Midland Avenue Nickname: Kimba, Bim, Kabim Fav. Saying: Holy Crud found w Lori, Willie, Tracy, Lauren, Laurie, Jen, Chris, and the rest. Memories: Canada ' 81, prom ’81, ’82, Mt. Monadnock, the Cape ’82, Kansas ’82, Beatlemania, The Clash, wild times w Lori, Worcester State, Parties! Amb: To make it! Act: partying Likes: good times, parties, water skiing, traveling Dislikes: snobs, clicks, and plastic people Anything else? Class of ’83 is the best. Mary Ann Cormier 120 Conlyn Avenue FOUND W : Hap, Cathy, Karen, Julie, Monica, Deb, S.G. MEMORIES: Camping in N.H. with Cathy, Hap PDWHUB-LAFS .... ’80 Hopkinton with Julie, Halloween ’81, Prom night, sleeping over Corbs, oblivious!!!! AMB: To be happy and successful in everything I do ACT: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 3, Speech Team LIKES: LuAnn, (Wild times with Hap, WUWH), Blizzards-doing it up!! DISLIKES: People who put others down ANYTHING ELSE: Good luck Cathy-LuAnn I wish you the best in life-Go for it!!!! Richard R. Cornetta 50 Corbin Street NICKNAME: Rich USUALLY FOUND WITH: Tony, Kenny, Joe, Tom, Colin, Mark FAVORITE MEMORIES: Patriots games, T.G.B., 2816, Egged at the Rome, Hopkinton, T.D.B., Mt. Monadnock, Summers ’82, ’83 AMBITION: To win a million dollars LIKES: Van doors, roofs, detour signs DISLIKES: Sand dunes, mosquitos, C + C Sports, loosing money ANYTHING ELSE: Good Luck class of ’83 Mark Corsini 5 Tyson Road NICKNAME: Corka FAVORITE SAYING: What a weirdo! LIKES: Jim Morrison DISLIKES: Dizzy broads, ERA. Todd Compton 221 Pond Street NICKNAME: Crompton USUALLY FOUND WITH: Jay, Phil, Moose, Mike, Donald, etc. FAVORITE MEMORIES: Mosse’s kegs, years at the racetrack AMBITION: To become a racehorse trainer or run a breeding farm LIKE: horses, traveling DISLIKES: people who act like jerks. Donald Richard Costello 17 George Road Nickname: D.C., Saying: I’m Hangin in there! Found W Paul, r John D., Brian, Murph, Sully, Newman, Kathy, Joanna, Chrissy and rest of the “Gang”. Memories: Team cookout-Sandwich, 1982; soccer Banquet-Hockey, 1981; Cruising in the BBB; Brian’s Parties; Cape and Canada- Summer ’82 AMB: To always appreciate the things I have, no matter how few or many. ACT.: Soccer 1-4; I.P.U. 2-4; M.H.O. 1-4 Likes: Winning, Cape Cod, Sandy Neck. Dislikes: Sunday practices, Chicken Pox, teases, BB, triple sessions. Anything Else? Keep always the happy years! Kimberly A. Costello 246 Pleasant Street Nickname: Kimbumbley, Kim Fav. Saying: “We’ll see what happens??” Found w Todd, Janet, Cindy, Debbie, Beth, Kathy, Leslie, Tracy, Gina and gang. Memories: Fresh. Yr., Fort, Tracy’s, Proms w Todd, summer of 80’ w Leslie + Deb, Bitsy’s and Griff’s Parties, Deb’s toy, S.S.’s, Summers at cape, graduation of 1982, summer of ’82. AMB: To be happy and Successful ACT: softball, Whiting 4- Davis 3, 4 Likes: being w friends, summer, weekends, hockey games. Dislikes: People who drive fast! undecided nights and dukes. Anything else? Class of ’83 always be happy! Patricia Ann Costello 229 Bent Street Nickname: Dingy Fav. Saying: Give me a break Found w Lisa L, Joe M., Denise M., Karen D., Pam T., Lisa T. Memories: Prom ’82, Mt. Monadnock, The Cape, Student Council flower days, working at the club, End of school year 1982 Party, Wilk’s 6th period with the gang. AMB: To live my life to the fullest and be happy. ACT.: Foreign language Club, OEA, Sophomore Banquet committee. Student Council 2 and 3. Likes: Money, good friends, chocolate, white russians, and not having Physics. Dislikes: People who are deliberately cruel to other people. Anything Else? I thought I’d never make it. Good luck class of ’83 We’ve come a long way. Diane Marie Court 3 Pine Street Nickname: Court, Courtly Fav. Saying: Oh, give me a break! Found w Deb, Kurg, Sue, Geralyn and other friends Memories: Bonfire, 10 sec. win over K.P., Kurg’s parties, “Cruising” w Deb, 3 20 82, Police ’82, Clash ’82, Deb in FISHTANK, good times w T, Anne, Sondra and all the good times. AMB: To enjoy myself in life and figure out what I want to do!! Act: Field Hockey 1-4, Tri-captain 4, softball 1-4 likes: Sundaes, Italian and Chinese food, sleeping late and having a good time. Dislikes: Pizzeria Regina and stone faces Anything else? Thank you Bette . . . Good Luck Laurie Ron a Lynn Co wen 16 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Rona Found W: Mark or “the girls” Memories: Jr. Prom “82” with Mark G., Fleetwood Mac “82”, Kim G’s Party, 6 6 82, Under the Waterfall at Hopkington-Summer of “82”, Kinks, “80”, 5 27 81, 10 9 82, 9 11 82, G’s b-day party at Tracy’s, FHS Tennis Tourney “81” Act: Girls Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Miss Likes: Sunshine, Laughing, Parties, tans, football Hockey games, Weekends talking Dislikes: People who tell me what to do, waking up early Fiona Christine Crerar 21 Mackintosh Street Nickname: Fe Found w Cathy, Dianne, Marianne, Mary Kay, Beth, Linda Memories: Monadnock, California ’82, Jr. Miss, Scooter’s class, Mickey’s class, Canada, causing scenes in the library. Amb: To become a nurse and have a happy, healthy life. Act: Spring Track 1, 2; Cross Country 2; Math Club, Foreign Language Club, Jr. Miss, Yearbook, Prom Committee, CYO. Likes: Pizza, chocolate, weekends vacations, nice looking guys, good friends good times, Dislikes: Mondays, the Doors, only 4 minutes to get to classes. Anything else? Thanks for everything Mom Dad, I love you. Good luck Class of ’83. It’s been a GREAT 4 years. Debra Ann Daddario 20 Marvin Avenue Nickname: Deb. Fav. Saying: oh, my God!. Found w Court, Kurg, Sue, Geralyn. Memories: “All” the summers @ MARSHFIELD, Bonfires, Police concert ’82 Kurg’s parties, “cruising” w court, 3 20 82, FISHTANK, great times w T, PD, Sondra, cape (Greekies) ’81, ’82, Amb: To find an ambition. Act: 1-4 field hockey 4 basketball; 1-4 softball; Likes: Italians, Laughing, snow, driving, beaches Dislikes: Kurg’s last party (10 10 82), Anything else? Hey Kurg, what’s the name of the game? Good luck class of ’83 Cynthia Jean D’Amico 511 Union Street Nickname: D’Amic Fav. Saying: Give me a break! Found u Kathy, Tracy, Deb, Kim, Gina, Leslie, Janet, Beth, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Summer’s at Cape Cod, Marzy’s Party, Prom w Tlmmy, SMU, Eddie’s Party, Phil’s gigs, Naucet, J. Geils, Kim G’s Party, 3 21 82, Down D.P. w Gina, Griffins, Graduation ’82. Amb: To make the most out of everything I do. Likes: Weekends, being w friends, hockey games, the ocean at night. Dislikes: Foghat, Nov. 22, 1 30 82, confusing nights, attics Anything else? Gina, what do I do? Kathy, next time wear your raincoat? Timothy M. Crowley 6 Shady Lane Nickname: Crow, Beaver Fav. Saying: That’s life! Found IV Craig, Donald, J.D., Mugs, Susan, Claire, Kathy, Sully, Newman, rest of the soccer team. Memories: Hockey brawl at C.C.C., 81 N.A. 4-2, Prom, 2nd and 7th study. Amb.: To be happy and sucessful at whatever I do. Act.: Soccer 1-4, Baseball, Hockey 2, Spring Track 3. Likes: Soccer 1-4, Doors, Stooges, Scouting, busting Coach. Dislikes: Sun. morning practices, triple sessions, losing, tag days, long bus rides. Anything Else: Good Luck Class of ’83. David N. Debaggis 10 Janie Avenue Nickname: Rave Fav. Saying: What the-! Found W Tom, Steve, Mike, Scott, Mastro, Freddy, Harpo, Nealzo. Memories: Lake George, Summer of ’82, Nealzo’s, Wotton’s, Boston Garden, 26 in the mud. Amb: to live without worry, become good at what I will, and remember the class of ’83. Act.: Golf 1-4 (Co-capt. 4) Likes: Long weekends, warm weather, music, playing my guitar, nice cars. Dislikes: snobs, losing, dizzy girls, paranoia. Anything Else: If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. Kevin A. DeMaio 25 Sunset Road Nickname: Weasle Fav. saying: Listen, A.M.F. Found w Jim, Mike, Frank, Dicky, Skull Memories: Parties with the gang. AMB.: To be successful. Act.: Wrestling. Anything else: Frank, I thought you said there was a car coming. Albert J. Dacko 3 Hawthorne Drive Nickname: A1 Found w George, Scott, Headly, Padula, rest of the senior crew Deb. Memories: CSN, Tull, Van Halen, McWilliams and Griffs Parties, watching Marshy duke on Impy and Cozmo, ’81 Hockey team finals, 9 27 80, and Paula. AMB: To be successful working with my father. Act: D.E., Wood I, II, III, partying 1-4 Likes: Chinese food, bud, J.J., Arties wood class, busting Headly, two stepping, and Mr. Quinlan. Dislikes: Getting chased by Franklin’s FINEST, flat tires, squawkers. Anything else? STAY COOL ’83! Susan M. Dena 5 Colt Road Nickname: Sue, Minna Fav. Saying: What a Babe!!! Found w Jane, Julie, Anna, Mary, Bunzy, The “Friendly Babes” Memories: Summers w Lisa, Teri, Paul, Journey Concert w Jules, B.M. concert w Mac Deb, the shack w Janie Laurie, puddle wars w Anna Dee, Rocky III Drive Inn, Hockey games ' 82 (Garden), “the great escape”. Amb: To be happy, and successful at what I do. Act: yearbook Likes: Babes, weekends, football, good music, clothes. Dislikes: Preps, homework D.T.!!!!!!!!!! Anything else? Good Luck ’83 Edward H. Denyer, Jr. 33 Glen Meadow Road Nickname: Ed, Eddie, Denya Fav. Saying: Ooout of it! For Sure! Found W : Phil, Pez, Steve, Time, Mark, Princely and Lorenzo Memories: February ’82, Sugarbush ’82, Cornetta’s and Mickey’s gigs, The Dead, Modern Problems, Cid’s house w Celtics, Monnadness, Prom, Blizzard of ' 78, N.H., The Clash, Hopkinton Spain Summer of ’82, The Boat, C.H, Petty ’81, Quarries, Blowout w zome, zz Top, Jive w Mary and Lisa. Amb: To get my college degree, live rich and be happy. Act: Student council, V.P. 2, Ski Team, Yearbook, Partying 1-4. Likes: Skiing, The Punks, Looking at girls, Partying, blonds, Snow, My car. Dislikes: Cape after prom, working, runarounds, Thumbing. Joyce F. Derry 823 Summer Street Fav. saying: What? Found w Mark, Laurieanne, Pat, Julie, Heather, Jeanne, Jodi, Pam. Memories: Summer of ’82, times at Ellis Haven w Anderson’s, Grass people of Union Street, times spent w Sam + Henrietta at Big " A”, Oskey Party, Nantaskett Beach w Laurieann, Jibber + Mark. Amb: To live a long, happy life with Someone Special. Act: Oskey ’82, Chorus 2-4, Jr. Miss 4. Likes: To have fun! To laugh! To be happy! Plymouth, Florida, Music, can’t live without it! Dislikes: Rainy days + Mondays. Anything else? Life is too important to be taken seriously. I told you I could do it! Martin Paul Dempsey 4 Donny Drive Nickname: Demps, Dempsky Fav. Saying: I don’s act this way cause I’m in a band, I’m in a band cause I act this way. D.L.R. ’81 Found w Hutch, Suets, Dave, Becks, Bud Fav. Memories: Van Halen + Blue Oyster Cult + Pretenders ’81, Police + Talking Heads ’82, Fiske’s soph, bio, Deathrides, Bonham’s Thunder, “Artistic Grafiti, T.P.’s graduation party, 10 18 80, Don’t try to be heroes. Amb: To undefine the defined. Anything else? “. . . we all get it in the end . . ,”-P. Townshend ’81 Robert Charles Diehl 45 East Park Street Nickname: Big Deal Fav Saying: Take it easy Fav Mem: Boc, Judas Priest, Mooses Parties, The Moon, New Years eve ' 81, Ski trip “81”, Mt. Monadnock, Weekends, Bellingham Drive In. Amb: To Make a lot of money, and be successful Act: Weight lifting, Jamming Likes: Cruising Dislikes: Getting Pulled Over Anything Else? “Welcome to the point of no Return”. Karen Jeanne Dietel 136 Pleasant Street Fav Say: Yeah Right! You Momma! Usually found w : Fred, Reanea, Pam, Lisa, Cynthia, Denise, Pat, Joe, Karen. Fav Mem: Pat’s party (6 17 82), Cape ’80, Cape ’82, 6 30 82, Mt. Monadnock, Trip to Canada, Exchange program to France, O.E.A. trips, to Texas and Mexico, Wilk’s Chemistry Class with the gang! Amb: To be successful Act: O.E.A., Pep club Likes: M M’s, Vacations, being with my friends. Dislikes: Gym, Physics, Preppies Anything Else? Good Luck class of ’83 Cheryl Ann Dobachesky 11 George Road Nickname: Doba Fav Say: Bob, No! Found w Bob, Jean, Debbie, Kim, Kathy, Marisa, Rennie, and the rest of my friends. Fav Mem: T.P., Summer in Maine ’80, U- Mass Weekend ’81, Monadnock ’81, Jr. Prom W Bob Heart, N.E.M.P., Apple ’82, Summer ’82. Amb: To become a professional Artist and satisfied with everything life brings me. Act: D.E. Art, Weekend Softball games. Likes: Art, Animals, Chinese Food, Bob, Winter nights, Music. Dislikes: Cruelty to Animals, Meat, Cold winter Mornings. Anything Else? Thanks Mom! Everyone: Live, Love Laugh! Julie Marie Doherty 71 Highland Street Nickname: Jules, Fav Say: On my god! Found W Brian, Bonnie, Linda, Anna, Dee, Phyllis, Nancy, Sue, Jane, Ellyn, The Neighborhood. Fav Mem: Monadnock, Clash, Journey, Donuts 3 a.m. 6 27 82, New Years, Summer ’81, ’82, Kissmobile, Anna’s wagon, Pizza Day, parties, St. Rocco’s, Hockey games 5 30 82, times with Brian. Amb: To be happy Act: Hit or Miss, Editor: Yearbook, Prom Com. Likes: Parties, Sunny days, Purple Dislikes: Bad moods, Rainy Days. Anything else? Thanks family, Friends, Teachers, class of ’83, I’m going to miss you! Catherine Ann Dolan 18 Mackintosh Road Nickname: Cathy Fav Say: Nevermind, I’m Sorry Found w .-Fiona, Mary Kay, Beth, Marianne, Dianne, Maureen, Scott and Bill. Fav Mem: Chinese Restaurants, Fruit salad at S.R., Masp, Pickle parties, Canada, Deli with Dee, Joe and Dom, New Years ’82, Amb: To learn all I can and be able to apply this knowledge unselfishly. Act: Tennis 3-4, Student council, 1-3, Foreign Lang, club 1-3, pres. 3, Nat’l honor society treas 3-4, Math club 3-4, Math tutor, 4, Likes: Oreo Ice cream, Tassel. Anything Else? Best of luck, Everyone! Michael Donovan 5 Pine Street Nickname: Dunnie Favorite Saying: You guys are brutal Usually found with: Terrance, John, Butch, Patete, Ken Favorite Memories: Cape Cod weekends, Van Halen, Petty concerts, Skipping school, Boston trips Ambition: To make more than the minimum wage Activities: Football 2 Likes: partying, frosties Dislikes: rubber room, airheads Anything else? “Who is Peter Mehegan?” Dori Michelle Drowne 558 Pleasant Street Nickname: Chinky, Speedy, dor Fav Say: Oh no. I miss A1 Found w : Al, Paula, Dianne and Rob, Marie, Kathy, Carole, John, Chalaine, Lisa, Deanne, Etc. Fav Mem: Sophmore Banquet, ’79 Bonfire, Archie’s 1st Keg, Summer of ’82 with Al, being with Al, driving with Al Freshman year at the voke. “69 T- Bird” Proms, Blue Oyster Cult, A certain Thursday night Amb: To graduate and be successful Act: bowling, babysitting, Partying, drums, art, Al Likes: Al, Jim Morrison, Partying, being free Dislikes: Quinlan’s office, Passes, Lunch lines anything else? Good luck “84-85-86” Thomas W. Downie 62 High Land Street Nickname: Tom, Birdman Found w : Dave, Matt, Jim, Frank and the rest of the gang Fav Mem: Rolling Stones in Phillie, John Cougar and other Concerts, Parties with the Senior Class Amb: To succeed in life Likes: Weekends and days off Dislikes: Working at Star Anything Else? Have a good one |l John H. Dorsey 2 Brian Road Fav Say: NP Found w : Brian, Murph, Sully, John, Don, Paul, and the rest of both gangs Fav Mem: Killer’s, Police, Boston Trips, Oz’s, N.Y. Prom, New years, N.Y. Party, Claire’s, winning B.C. Tournament, Sandwich, Banquet parties. Amb: To specialize in having fun Act: Soccer 1-4, B-Ball 1-4, Prom Com, M. Senate Likes: Soft Parades, Drawing, Team Functions, Monday Thinking. Dislikes: Hypocrits, Crashes, NA o- o, Sunday night talks Anything Else? Class of ’83, Take it as it Comes Mark C. Duncan 62 Southgate Road Nickname: Dune Found w Colin, Rich, Tom, Bal, Mark, Ed, Dave, the gang and team mates. Fav. Memories: Hockey 80-81, Falmouth C.C.C, Mt. Manadnock, T.G.B., Saturday nights, Colin’s attack of hillaphobia, baseball state champs, golf carts, being with friends. Amb: To be successful, and live it up. Act: Hockey 1-4, Fottball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Capt of Hockey + Football 4. Dislikes: The shute, Falmouth, Cocky people, G.S.A.P. Likes: Playing sports, sour pickles, vacations and good friends! Anything else? Do it, class of ’83! Lisa Jean Dowley 6 Sahlin Circle Fav Say: “No problem” Found w Deb, Mark, Kris, “People From Lunch” Fav Mem: Prom 82, Mt. Monadnock, Lollipop Day 82, 10 7 82 11 19 79 Amb: To become a physical therapist and live life to the fullest Act: Yearbook, Chorus, Senior Prom Likes: Eric, Soccer plays, sports, having a good time, slow dancing, music, guitar playing Dislikes: Plastic people, accuracy labs anything else? Deb, you do the same thing, so stop buggin me about it. Jonna Kay Dunham 42 Alpine Place Nickname: Joan Fav. saying: Ooh Baby! Found w Joyce, Kim, Denise, Deanne, Trish, Janis, Ellyn, Ellen, Jane, Bonnie, Nancy, Kathie, and everybody. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Journey ’81, Jr. Miss, Jr. Miss party, and seeing Patti and Trisha smile! Amb. To live life to the fullest! Act. Gymnastics 1-3, Oskey 2-4, Jr. Miss, Mckeon Fliers, McKeon Dance Machine, Ring Committee, Prom Committee, Yearbook Typist, Sr. Prom ticket chairman Likes: Gymnastics, Dancing, Journey. Dislikes: Yearbook deadlines! Anything else: Thanks Mrs. Ligon, you’re the best. Love and Happiness to you al! ’83. Nancy Jean Durand 48 Oak Street Nickname: Nance, Nan Fav. Saying: You’re Dippy. Found w .Stephen, Kerry, Bonnie, Anna, Julie, Phyllis, Linda, Kathy, Kim, Gary. Memories: November 29, 1980, Junior Prom, Sophomore banquet, Mount Monadnock, Oskey “82”, Ac Dc, New Hampshire, Summer of “82”, and all the Parties, Jr. Miss. Amb: To graduate from college, get a good job, to finally do what I want and be happy. Activities: Stephen, Basketball, Cheerleading, Jr. Miss Likes: Stephen, weekends, payday, and being with friends. D likes: Snobs, radicals, most sophomore girls and math Anything else? GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ’83! Michael R. Dwyer 16 Churchill Road Fav. Saying: What’s the story? Found w Nealzo, Freddy, Scott, Tom, The Rave, Chuck, Tom B., Jo, Pigger. Memories: Nealzo’s gigs, Pits, Summer ’82, Ms. C’s Freshman Biology Class, CSN Tull Police, Hockey Tournament, Jammin w Deg, MB’s, Monadnock, Prom After, New Road, Canada ’81 Amb: To make it to the top Act: Baseball, Freshman Class V.P., Student Council, Likes: Absent teachers, concerts, my guitar, Led Zeppelin, Buds, girls, Nealzo’s M.C. Dislikes: Work, Falmouth, P.V.E.E., math, green deaths, the shadows Anything else? WHAT A LONG, STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN j-g. (Thanks for everything Mom Dad) William Joseph Emery 65 Pond Street Nickname: Billy, Bird Favorite Saying: Lets do it, Go for it Found with: Bob S., Mike R., Mike B. Favorite Memories: Partying down Camp, Purgetory ’80, ’81, ’82, Surfing in N.J., The Warriors. Ambition: To be a centerfold. Activities: Working on cars, motorcross Likes: Fast cars, motorcylces, Judy, 5, The Doors Dislikes: English, slow drivers, Helen’s yellin’, getting up in the morning Anything Else: Dad, (CAN YOU DIG IT!) Best of luck ’83! Kerry K. Feeley 40 East Street Nickname: Ker Found with: Mike, Nancy + Stephen, Joanne, Vickki, Carole, Gina Favorite Memories: 11 25 81, Prom, Mt. Monadnock, Ozzy Osbourne and Charlie Daniels Concert, Willie’s party, T.C. dinner dance, Stephen’s Kegs, 4th of July ’82. Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever I do Likes: Mike, long weekends. Bob Segar, being with friends and having a good time. Dislikes: Punks, termpapers, and rainy Mondays. Anything Else: Good luck class of “83” It’s been a great 4 years! Anna F. Ferrara 9 Washington Street Nickname: Anna Banana Fav. Saying: I can’t stand it! Found w : Dee, Bonnie, Linda, Phyllis, Cheryl, Kathy, Julie, Minna, Nancy, Ellyn, Sue Geralyn, the D.E.ers, My Rich. Memories: Cruising in the wagon, Prom Cape, 9 10 82, Phyllis’ Parties, Dee’s Parties, DOAR WEN, puddle wars, walking w Dee Cheryl, Concerts: Clash; Cougar; Squier ’82, Amb: To be like my father. Act: Senior, Junior Class President, Yearbook Ed., O.E.A., DECA 3, 4 Likes: Smiling, making people happy, . . . and my clowns! Dislikes: Being caught (B.M.H.) Bonnie Aileen Ficco 43 Highland Street Nickname: Bon Bon Fav. Saying: Hey Babe! OK! Found w Julie, Anna, Phyllis, Linda, Jane, Dee, Ellyn, Nancy, the neighborhood. Memories: The good times. Summers ’80, ' 81, ’82, Prom, Mt. Mon., Hockey games, 9 4 82, 6 27 82, Kissmobile, Lake Pearl, St. Rocco, cruising w the girls, pizza-days, Clash, Cougar Heart, Cape 81-82, Rosewood, New Year’s Eve Amb: To live a happy life. Act: Yearbook Editor in Chief, i Basketball 1-3, Prom comm. Likes: having fun, weekends, meeting people, partying, FHS Anything else? Thanks to my family and friends for making these past yrs. the BEST, Good luck Kids! James A. Fish 135 Oak Street Nickname: Fishy Favorite Memories: Black Sabbath w Jim, Paul, and Henry Ambition: To be happy and successful Activities: Hockey 2-4, Baseball 2 + 3, Football 1 Likes: Kris, Kris, and Kris! Dislikes: Homework Anything Else: Good luck to the rest of the class of “1983” Lauren Jean Fitzgerald 24 Shady Lane Nickname: Fitzy Fav. Saying: “Get this” Found IV Tracy, Lauire, Jen, Toni, Mark, Danny Memories: Labor Day Weekend, Maine w Danny ’82, weekends up Maine w the Campanella’s, Bonfire w Tracy ’80, Night of prom w Tracy + Jeff-Cape afterwards, Beatlemania ' 80 + 82, J. Geils ' 82, Clash ’82, Parties at Rogers, Tracys, Winnies, and Apt. 107. Summer of ' 82, Drive-ins. Kansas w kim, Danny, Mrs. C. Amb.: To meet Ringo Starr Act.: Softball 1-4 Likes: Bloom County, Beatles, partying w friends. Being w Danny. Whiskey Hits, Labatts Ale. Food, “BCN”, Maine. Ma + Dad. Dislikes: Fennal seeds. Kevin Michael Flaherty 4 Midland Avenue Favorite Saying: What’s up? Found with: Scott, Rob, Mucci, Diehl, Traci, Jen, Kim, Toni, Mark, Matt, Lauren, Lourie, John, Chris Memories: The Clash, Mucci’s Party, party’s down the moon, Blue Oyster Cult Ambition: To party ’til I’m old and gray and to be rich Activities: Drinking and Partying Likes: Partying, Molson Dislikes: Raggy people, Working on weekend nights, Medway Police Cynthia J. Floyd 105 Forest Street Nickname: Cindy Fav. Saying: “Gimmee” Found W Cheryl, Mike, Hank, Donna, Anna, Dee, Sue, and the Conlyn Avenue Gang. Fav. Memories: Mount Monadnock, Prom day + night, VFW Christmas Party, Holsty’s party, Cote’s parties. Ambition: To be happy and successful. Act.: Drinking, eating, cruising, playing quarters. Likes: Bud Lite, weekends, parties, full moons. Dislikes: Curfews, school, detention, Nancy. Anything Else: Birdie, Thanks for a memorable Jr.-Sr. year. Dianne Michelle Foley 105 Pine Street Nickname: “Foies”, Fav. Saying: TGIF, Found W Bitsy, Holly, Kim Cal., Kathy G., Gina, D’Amic, and the gang. Memories: Fresh, and Soph. yr. w Paul, Hampton Beach ’81, 16th B-day, Prom ’82 w Bopy, Labor Day Weekends w Bitsy and Mike E., 7 4 82, Tracy’s, Grif’s Gigs, Sr. yr. w Doug, Week at Bitsy’s, Dates w Smitty, Amb: To own a Vette, Act: V.P. 2 + 3, Varsity Soccer, “PARTYING”, Whiting + Davis. Likes: “Doug”, Harley Davidsons, N.A., family + friends, flowers. Anything Else: “I’ve been afraid of changing ’cause I built my life around you, but time makes you bolder, even children get older and I’m getting older too!” God bless class of ’83. Kathleen Marie Foley 5 Eagle Drive Nickname: Kathy Fav. Saying: “Really?” Found W Jo, Kala, Susan, Claire, Les, Chris, and my other friends. Memories: Soph Banquet, “fixing stereos”, Jazz Singer, Soccer Banquet, parties, J. Geils, 12 31 81, France, Claire’s parties, Cape, Prom, B.C. Tourn., Spring ’82 (W B,C,R), Clash, Monadnock, “gas pumps”, times w friends. Amb: To be happy Act: Soccer 1-4, co-capt. 4; Softball 1- 4; Class Sec. 3, 4, NHS sec. 1, Oskey, French Club 3, Math Club 2-4. Likes: laughing, T.P., honesty, optimism. Dislikes: decisions, good¬ byes, homework. Anything Else: “Only time will tell . . Neal Charles Foley 445 Beverly Road Nickname: Nealzo Fav. Saying: No kidding Found W Mike, Fred, Scott, Kristin, Pigger (Para), Chuck, Tom, Kenny, Burkie, Danezo, Eric, and Raner Memories; Wen Daor, MB’s, The Vineyard with Mike, “Jethro Tull”, “The Police”, Gardens, WPI, Fig’s gigs Amb.: To see the world Act.: Baseball 1, Ski team 1, Hockey 2-4, National Honor Society, Oskey Likes: Parties, vacations, weekends Dislikes: Working, saving money Anything Else: Uxbridge never showed us the cell! Julie Ann Fontenarosa 16 Stanford Road Nickname: Jul Fav. Saying: Really, What a jerk. Chicks Found W T y, Patty, Bruce, Joyce, Lisa, Jodi, Pam, Heather, Debby and the gang. Memories: Hampton Beach Olivio’s, Big “A”, Prom, Union Circle, Police concert, SS w Patty and Joyce (“sirens”), parties, that cold Nov. night, 2nd UNS Jr. year!!, smiles, cow bells, H.D.-(Lisa) S.P.W.P., New York trip. Amb.: To become very successful w the business field and in years to come get happily married to Ty! Act.: J.V. Basketball Cheerleading 1, 2; Jr. Miss. Likes: Ty, parties, friends, food. Dislikes: homework, school lunches, snobs. Anything Else: I had a good one — Lisa do it up! John A. Fording 501 Old Farm Road Fav. Saying: Go home ... Sit down . Found W Madman, the Man, Hutch, Chuck, Wild B., Brian, et. Memories: spraying graffiti at 3 A.M., hockey down Ernie’s, basketball after school w Wilk, running from women attendants in Hynes Auditorium, Oct. 9, ' 82, Franklin vs. KP Thanksgiving ’81. Ambition: To be rich enough to own my own Corvette and a split-level complete w jikouzi. Likes: summers, weekends, parties. Dislikes: school lunch, rules, warts. Cheryl A. Foster 697 Pond Street Fav. Saying: Pretty Girl, Pretty Anna, EM Found IV Cindy, Mike, Hank, Donna, Sue, Dee, Anna, and the Conlyn Ave. gang. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, VFW Christmas party, Cote’s parties. Prom day + night, Holsties party, new Year’s Eve of 82. Amb.: To live life to the fullest and become successful. Act.: Drinking, cruising, eating, playing quarters. Likes: Bud Lite, parties, weekends, roses, sunset on Cape Cod, a good game quarters. Dislikes: school, curfews. Detention. Anything Else: David: Thanks for a unique Jr. + Sr. year I’ll never forget it! (How can I?) Mark Alan Franklin 465 Dailey Drive Nickname: Space Shot Fav. Saying: Lets blow this clambake! Found IV Dan, Rich, Neil, Dave, Steve, Pete. Memories: Camp Child Staff ’79-’82. Sat. trips w BTW, Monadanack ’82, canoeing on Saco, Whale watch ’82, blizzard of ’78. Amb.: To get a M.S. Meteoralogy Space Shuttle jockey. Act.: Science Club 2, B.S.A. 1-4 Likes: quiet places, camp, rockets. The Space Shuttle, paychecks. Dislikes: Garth, late papers, school lunch, booze, cigarettes, pot, nuclear sirens. Ruth Ann Fraser 29 West Park Street Nickname: Ruthy, Ruddie Fav. Saying: I know it! Found VJ : Diane, Kelley, Cheryl, Lisa, Debbie, Dody, Sue, Rennie. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Cape ' 81, Lynn w Diane ’82, Summer of ’81 and ’82 w Kelley, Sue’s party ’82, Tracy’s softball party ’80, Rocky’s party ' 82, school shopping w Diane, and up my neighborhood w the gang. Ambition: To succeed in what ever I do and be happy. Act.: Softball 1, 2; field hockey 4. Likes: people who are themselves. Dislikes: people who think they’re better than everyone else. Anything Else: Good luck everyone!! David S. Fricker 101 Union Street Nickname: Frick, Friction, Dave Favorite saying: No way Found w Birdman, Matt V, Dink, Frank + the rest of the gang Favorite Memories: Concerts, Depot St., Griff’s gigs, Hampa’s party, Elton John, seeing the Stones and the Who in Philadelphia Ambition: To be happy + earn some money Activities: Street hockey, Ice hockey Likes: The Stones, BUD, having fun Dislikes: Stuck up girls, Monday mornings Anything else? Good Luck to Everybody Tom Gately 580 Maple Street Nickname: Headly Found w George, Alby, and the Senior Class Memories: burning in the fort, C.S.N., 8 2 82, Gulf Station, tracks, Willie’s 6 barrels, Marzie’s ' 82, California ’82, Thanksgiving Eve ' 81, George’s Q.P.’s Ambition: To be a millionaire Activities: Football 1, Hockey 2-4 Likes: Weekends, Summer concerts, Burning and listening to my stereo Dislikes: passes, stuck up chicks, teachers that are out for brownie points Anything else? Sonny, It was me; Smash!! Deborah Gautreau 397 Oakland Parkway Nickname: Deb Found w Kim, L r Cindy, Tracy, Janet, Kathy, Beth, Ij, Leslie, Gina, + the rest of the gang Memories: Freshman year, J. Geils, L.A. Woman w Lizard 7 4 82, partys at the fort, Summer of 80 w Kim + Leslie, Boston (fence) cruising w Brownie, Talks at Whiting 4- Davis, Boogying at Tracy’s Party Ambition: To be happy, successful Activities: Gymnastics 1-2, W D 3- 4 Likes: being w friends, summertime, Payday Dislikes: Being broke, 107.103, confusing nights + decisions Edward George 8 Carpenter Drive Nickname: Ed, Georgie Fav saying: Go for It. c ound W Mike, Gary, Paul, Kobe, Dave, Jim Memories: Senior Skip Day Party ’82 Cult concert Amb: get rich and party d likes: school, disco, preppies. Likes Bud, the Doors, Partying, cars, concerts, the news. Cheryl Getchell 134 Peck Street NICKNAME: Getch FOUND WITH: Deb, Robin, Karla, Crew from Welik’s MEMORIES: School, Pond, Pleasant, and Summer Streets, 10 31 81, 10 17 81, 4 Wheeling w Peter, Joe’s New Year’s gig, Robin, Bridget and Shawn’s parties, 16th and 17th birthdays, Summer of ’80, Kinks 80, Party w Deb L., Bumble Bee, Donna’s house, Linda’s apt., D.E. trip, Maine ’80. AMBITION: To be happy. ACTIVITIES: D.E.I. LIKES: my friends, ride Monadnock and V 2 the ride back. DISLIKES: Mt. Monadonack, spaghetti dinners. ANYTHING ELSE? I love you Mom! Best of Luck ’83! Gina Marie Gianetti 73 Dean Avenue Fav. Saying: “ya little Jerk” Found w Eddie, Tony, Tracy, Kathy, Beth, Leslie, Cindy, Kim, Foies, Deb, Bitsy, Janet, Rona, Crissy, Kim and the guys. Memories: parties at T.B.’s, soph, banquet, fresh, yr., fort, Bitsy’s parties, Cape Cod, J.B.’s O room, Kim G’s party, J. Geils, “SUMMER 82”, S.M.U., Christmas Eve ’81, Tom, 9 11 82, dinner party w Beth, on trips w Tracy, Amb: be happy Likes: Cape pines, snow blizzards, rockstars, being w friends, guy’s w NA’s, Dislikes: J.U., Foghat, 8 9 82, Car crashes w Kim!! Anything else? However far we travel, wherever we may roam the center of our circle will always be our home! P.S. Cindy where is your shirt? TRACY YGAF Kimberley Giannetti 111 Brook Street Found w Tony, all the girls, Jim¬ my and Colleen Memories: Freshman year, Sophomore banquet, Prom, Summer of 81-82 down the Cape w Tony, Tracy’s Party, my 8 kegga party, down Dennis on the beach, Greens pond Ambition: To marry Tony, to be successful Activities: Cheerleading 1-3, Prom Committee, Junior Miss Likes: Tony’s beard, wine coolers, seeing Tony, Jimi Hendrix, Mom and Dad, Cog and family, Sunsets, and the ocean. Dislikes: Hit or Miss, fake people, and anything white Anything else? Mom and Dad, thanks for everything, love ya, Tony, I.L.Y. brother. Best of luck to the Class of 1983! Claire Ann Giardini 59 Miller Street Found w Sue, Lesli, Chrissy, Kathy, Susan, Kaia, Jo and the team Memories: W. Dennis, Canada, 8 14 81, FYB w Kaia and Chris, my parties, Spring ’82 (R,B,K), Cars, flying to Lesli’s, Prom, Cape ’82, 8 14 82, Aug. 20, 1982 (TFL), DC’s cookout, Boston w JD and Lesli, all times w my friends Ambition: To be eternally young and optimistic Activities: French Club 1, Boys V. Soccer mgr. 3-4, Baseball mgr. 3, Oskey, Math Club 4, Senior Prom Committee Likes: TP, Soccer, BCN, being w friends, falling stars and full moons, pearl harbors. Dislikes: day after pearl harbors, stereotypes, peas, good-byes Anything Else? So much for “SAFE” shirts, Sue. janer Lee uoaaara 405 Oakland Parkway Fav. Saying: “What’s up?” Found W Ray, Kim, Debbie, Cindy, Kathy, Leslie, Beth, Kim, Bitsy, Foley, Leslie, Gina, Tracy, the rest of the snobs. Memories: Freshman year, times w Ray, Kennedy School w Kim, Todd, and Ray, summer of ’82, Riverside, Tracy’s parties, Kim’s party, Bitsy’s parties, Cape cod, Deb’s toy, Leslie’s party, prom, W and D, tracks, parties at the fort, soph, banquet Amb: To be rich and happy Act: W and D 3-4 Likes: Weekends, chink food Dislikes: Brownies, 1 30 82 Anything Else? Debbie, watch out for daisy. Kathryn Ann Goddard 405 Oakland Parkway NICKNAME: Giggles FA V. SAYING: “It’s been real” FOUND W : Joe, Cindy, Leslie, Gina, Debbie, Kim, Foley, Bitsy, and the guys. MEMORIES: T.P., SMU, prom w Matti, times w Matti, 7 24 28 82, up the fort, freshman year, classtrips, Mark’s fire, Griff’s parties, summer of 81, New Years Eve 81-82. AMBITION: To get what I want out of life. ACTIVITIES: W and D 3, 4. LIKES: Joe, snow blizzards, DISLIKES: 11 22 82, Harvy’s, horseback riding, motorcycles ANYTHING ELSE? Gina, “awrite.”. L.M, Cindy, “you never?” Deborah Gibson 81 Pine Street FAV. SAYING: “What’s up?” FOUND W : Tricia, Bonny, Frankie, Terry, Scott, Bourge, Janice, Rennie, Lisa, Dianne, Bellingham gang, Neighborhood MEMORIES: Tull 10 2 82, New Hampshire, summer of ’82, water skiing, paddle boat w Tricia, Great times with Deneene, Foghat ’82, walks w Tricia, parties up Bellingham and Medfield, parties down the ghost trail Rock’s, C-house, 7th per. 81-82. AMBITION: To be successful in life! ACTIVITIES: Softball 1 LIKES: Being w friends, partying, snow storms, High Times. DISLIKES: Snobs, gym, 3:30 beatings. ANYTHING ELSE? Best of luck to everyone in the “Class of 83!” Diana Marie Gilley 481 Martello Road Fav. Saying: Peace! Found w Sue, Tracey, Terri, Lori, Cheryl, Jean Memories: The Whole summer of “82”, Jerry The Clash. J. Geils “82” Cruising, T’s w J, “TWB’s” “YAD” smlos, 10 15 82 P.S. AMB: To be happy Successful in the years to come. Likes: Partying, Bud, Cruising, The Doors, Bing w friends Dislikes: ALOT OF THINGS!!! Anything else? Appreciate what you have, don’t worry about what you haven’t, Enjoy what is, before it isn’t. 34 Paul David Goddard 405 Oakland Parkway Found W ' : Mike Kober, Mike Naff, Ed George, Dave Hansen, Chuck Powers, Jim Hutchinson Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Sophomore banquet Ambition: To be successful in whatever I am going to do Act: Basketball Likes: Porsches, trans- ams, and other nice cars, girls, Rock -n- Roll music Dislikes: school, preppies, disco. ! 4 Mark David Godfrey 11 Midland Avenue FAV. SAYING: “Sit Brown,” “Ya mudda.” FOUND W : Sudsy, Muff, Browneye, Franco, Aldo, Dink, Alfio, Willie, Bope, Dave, the dishwasher, Marchie MEMORIES: The Who at Shea, Philly, freshmen year at the fort parties, Taddeo’s B-day at Beth’s, the prom, Boisture’s return, Depot St. (Mr. Henderson), Plymouth after prom, senior year. AMBITION: To see the Rolling Stones ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2 LIKES: The Stones, Buds. BCN. Scott J. Godin 11 Brookfield Road FOUND W : Karen M., Matt, Keith, Tony, Dan, Melon, Mike, Jeff, Craig MEMORIES: Skitrips, kinks concert, Jr. Prom, going to the MOON, 7 14 82, Sr. Class, play cast party, Class trip to Mt. Monadnock, chem. lab, Wilk’s class, Craig’s party, getting my license. AMBITION: To graduate from college and to become rich. ACTIVITIES: Winter track 2, student council 1-4, student council treasurary, Hockamock Model Senate 3, 4 LIKES: Money, being treasurer, good food, tarantulas, the MOON DISLIKES: English, Physics, tests, Craig’s car, 7 2 82, fake people ANYTHING ELSE? Best of luck to the class of 83. Scott H. Griffin 11 Island Road Fav. Saying: Ain’t you the one! Dummy up! Found W Hampa, Butch, Frank, Mutt, Tadpole, Marchand, Bopey, Joe, Fricker, Gook, Willie, and the rest of the obnoxious crew. Memories: Depot street, Santana, Sisters wedding, Elton John, Clash, playing caps, fishing at Delcarts, going out in the truck, 11 23 81 w R.N. ski trip 80, Bitsy’s party. Amb.: To own a 1957 “chevy” BelAir. Act.: 12 oz. curls, Baseball, Football, Skiing, Riding Enduro. Likes: having a good time, CCR, motorcycles, fishing, camping out in the woods. Dislikes: girlfriends, over-protective mothers, fake chicks and peppermint schnapps Anything Else: Which way to Muscle Beach? Frederick John Greene 429 Brenda Lane Found w : Neal, Mike, Scott, Tom, Pigger (Para), Chuck Memories: Nealzo’s gigs, CNS, Tull, Hockey Games (Garden), M.B’s pits, ULSL wedding, V.A.T. 69, E.D.’s house, D.R.’s Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever 1 do. Activities: Basketball 1-4, Tennis 1- 4, yearbook Likes: Burn sessions, taking the lady out, girls, farming, and the Stones. Dislikes: People that rag, preppies, dizzy broads and the Shadows. Anything Else? What a long, strange trip it’s been. J.G. (Thanks for everything Mom and Dad). David F. Grin ley 110 Brook Street Fav. Saying: “What’s up?” “Peace.” Found w : Marianne, Scoobs, Kerry, and Joe. Memories: Cape Cod 81-82, The Moody Blues, 7 15 81, 11 4 81 Mt. Monadnock, 10 11 82, sophomore banquet, junior prom, and all the parties at Roger’s and Union St. Circle Ambition: to make more friends Activities: Friday nights, checking out sunsets and getting stupid w John. Likes: Mom and Dad, Cape Cod, Johnathan Living Seagull, and British rock. Dislikes: Deanies, most jocks and spoiled brats Anything Else?; To the Class of 83,: Limits only exist in your minds. Thanks Nate. Elizabeth A. Hallett 7 Russell Street Nickname: Betsy Fav. Saying: “Let’s do it again, please?” Found w : Ron, Karl, George, Tammy, Bev and the guys in N. Attleboro Memories: Summer 82, Ron and the Cape, 12 14 80,4-wheeling at Ficco’s and the moon, mud wrestling with Ron, Halloween night Ambition: To be w Ron and get a good job in art. Likes: Ron, art, mud, Sat. nights at Mike’s house Dislikes: Having to go to college, running out of milk. Mark Hanlon 804 Lincoln Street Fav. Saying: “Your mudda.” Found w : Matt, Grip, Butch, Frank, Ralf, Gook, Seed, Frick, and the rest of the gang. Memories: November 21, The Clash, Santana, prom weekend at the cape, sleeping out, parties behind Grip’s house, the rock, Led Zeppelin w Ralph, the fort, Grip’s truck, when Mike comes home, New Year’s Eve over Mike’s house. Likes: Dogs, cars, people and good parties Dislikes: plastic chicks, girls that think their great Anything else? To any of the girls in high school and to most of the girls in the senior class: Your Time Is Gonna Come! David S. Hansen 330 Chestnut Street Nickname: Dave Fav. Saying: “What’s up?” Found W : Matt, Greg, Kevin, Mike, Ed, Paul Memories: Summer of ’81, New Hampshire, riding down the moon, Star Market parking lot Ambition: To be successful in whatever I choose to do. Activities: Motorcycling, boating, water skiing, music, bowling Likes: Plymouth’s, cruising Dislikes: School food, Ford’s, Monday’s Anything Else? Good luck to Class of 83. Maryellen Harrington 18 Anchorage Road Nickname: Mel Fav. Saying: Promises Promises, Found w June, Kim, Pam, Danielle, Lauren, and Shanan or being abused by S B. Memories: Humarock, Dennisport, Prom 81, 82, Marzies Haagans and Caseys Pfef, Stones at B.B.s, Toga, Cocktails on the beach Amb: To be the Proprietor of Mels Health Spa + a Pete Fraser. Likes: Richard Gere, Sunsets, Stones and Cheekbones. Dislikes: 3a.m. visits to the tent with a 2x4. Maryjane Harrington 12 Uncas Avenue Nickname: Jane Fav. Saying: Hey Dude! Found w : Linda, Gordie, and friends Fav. Memories: Being part of the Class of “82” Amb.: To graduate Act.: Horses, softball, basketball Likes: Horses, partying, working at the farm Dislikes: School, sitting in a classroom, and going to the office Anything Else: This is not my class. Kathleen Houlihan 61 Miller Street Nickname: Hooligan, Kathy Fav. Saying: Shove off, Guess what? Found W Dori, Yuck, Lainie, Squeeg, Paula, John, and whoever else. Memories: 1st lunch w Debbie and Squeeg, “Nellie and the Swastika,” INSUBORDINATION!, graham crackers, and butter, June 19, 1982. Activities: marching and concert band 1-4, stage band 2-4. Likes: all 3 lunches, walking the halls. Dislikes: passes, getting trapped, Nellie, Mr. Quinlan’s office. Anything Else: The world was not meant for b-flats. Susan Elizabeth Healy 8 Forest Street Found W Kathy, Joanna, Kaia, Claire, Liz, Timmy, Joe and the rest Memories: Rocky Point W S.M., " fixing” stereos, summers of ’81 and ’82, Claire’s party ’82 (Jo’s S.I.O., H.O.O.N.), times w friends, 1 8 82, Salem w Jane, France, J. Geils, New York Amb.: To be outstanding Act: Soccer 2, 3, 4; Baseball manager 3, 4; Oskey 2, 3, 4 Likes: Summer nights, rocky road ice cream, dreaming, Dislikes: Being called Sue, unfaithfulness, being the youngest Anything Else: “When this you see, remember me and bare me in mind. Let all the world say what they may, speak of me as you find.” Joseph G. Hughes 162 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Hughesie, Joe Found W Ken, Tony, Rick, Joe, last but not least The Woodman, and the others. Memories: Summer of 82, Hopkinton Park, good parties, Bryant College weekends (weekend get togethers), vacations (Senior Year). Amb.: To be happy, and rich at whatever I do in life and to travel around the world. Act.: Football 1-3 Likes: most teachers, sports, study, good times. Dislikes: waking up in the morning, quarters, sand traps down the pits, Mondays, Anything else: Good luck to the class of “83”. Daniel J. Heisler 2 Skyline Drive Nickname: Dan Found W Tony, Keith, Scott, Melon, Eric, Matt, Craig. Memories: Joe’s, The moon, New Road, Junior Summer. Ambition: to be successful and rich and to grow up Likes: parties, finding a buyer, surviving Craig’s driving. Dislikes: hangovers, looking for a buyer, school, Craig’s driving. Anything Else: Good Luck “83”. Colin Hoffmeister 412 Oakland Parkway Fav. Saying: What do ya say? Yeah. Found W T.G.B., Keville, Coinetta, Duncan, and Co. Memories: night climbs, 82 Senior Banquet, “The Gorge”, P.G.L.R., Boys State, U-turn on 495. Amb.: To find my way in life and be happy. Act.: Football (Capt.) and Wrestling (Capt.) 1-4, Student Council V.P. and Class V.P. 4, Spring Track 1, 4, Student Advisory Council. Likes: Towers, sunroofs, signs, 5, 4 Quineila, blonds, brunetts. Dislikes: Operations, crutches, “Tippers”, brown nosers, “The Wedge”. Anything Else: There is no turning back. Charles W. Humphrey 54 Summer Street Nickname: Chuck Found W Fred, Mike, Nealzo Memories: Oskey 82 (The Bleeding Hearts), Hockey games. Ambition: To be happy and successful in life Activities: Yearbook, Mathclub Likes: making music Dislikes: Dizzy broads, people that talk too much, people that rag, cats. James G. Hutchinson 282 Pond Street Nickname: Hutch Fav. Saying: So anyway. Found W Marty, Chuck, Rich, Lyn, John, Becks, Dave, John. Memories: New York trip, Dave’s party, death rides, “Don’t be a Hero”. Amb.: To be Holly woods greatest film mogul Act.: work, polictics Likes: Rock + Roll, movies, vacation, parties Dislikes: school, homework. 37 Joyce Marie Ilsley 125 Elm Street Nickname: Juicy, Juice Fav. Saying: Hey, what’s happening? That’s boring. Found W John C., Paula D., May Chin, Lisa B., Patty C., Joe M., Michelle L., Cathy L., Lisa L., and the rest of the gang. Memories: Bruins game, Red Soxs game, Pep Rally ’82, Freedom Jam (Music Group). Amb.: Working w people. Act.: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, poetry, art, music, Journey, Hearts, REO Speedwagon, Bad Company, and others. Likes: sports, working as teacher aide in Oak St., little children. Dislikes: passes in hall, study halls. Anything Else: Good luck to the class of ’83! Craig Stephan Jacobson 12 Island Road Found VJ Melon, Ton, Matt, Dan, Eric, Piggar. Favorite Memories: Joe’s parties, Wotton’s kegs, Summer of ’82. Ambition: To become an engineer. Activities: sports, partying. Likes: sports, partying. Dislikes: accidents. Vickki Ilsley 125 Elm Street Nickname: Vick Fav. Saying: Ooh, ya man Found W Bill F., Jeanne M., Mucka, Kerry F., Jill R. Deanne K., Mike G., Carole C., Doug D., and the Stop Shop gang. Memories: Florida ’80, Pennsylvania ’80, Chicago, II. ’80, going w Mike, Bell 9 17 82. Amb.: To make it in life and to be happy. Act.: Foreign Language Club 1, Track 1, rollerskating at Milford. Like: talking, having teachers out. Dislikes: having teachers present. Anything Else: I love you B.F. and I wish the class of ’83 the best of luck. Leslie A.E. Joannides 11 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: ’lul, Greek Found W Oz, Roni, Kathie J., Beth, Pam S., Kim C., Deb G., and the rest of the gang. Memories: The camaro, Pat Benetar, Fleetwood Mac, w Beth, 3rd period w Fole, B-ball break-up parties, shower time, parties at Oz’s, FWD, J’s parties down the Cape, trips w Ronnie, blizzards, the Malibu, the Prom w Oz ’80, the Prom w Jay ’82. Act.: “M.M.O.” Likes: Oz, weekends, not getting caught, Florida, cruises G-M w Oz. Dislikes: plastic people Anything Else: Kathie, you’re the best sister and friend that anyone could ever have, thanks for being there! Heather E. Johnson 103 Pine Ridge Drive Fav Saying: No Biggie, Hey Ba-by Found W : Deb, Patti, Jules, Bunzy, Mark + other good company. Fav. Memories: Hampton Beach 82, Greekies 81- 82, 2nd Study w J + P, Mt. Monadnock, R.F. w K., Jr. Miss, Boston w Bunzie 11 14 81, Jr. Prom (Whew!), JA 82, Adams w P, Amb: To make mega-buck$ + Live life to the Max. Activities: B-Ball Track Yearbook, Likes: Weekends w friends, Men, Raggae, Red Novas Dislikes: Nukes, Phonies, Anything Else? Patti woman, I like your style (P.P.P.) Good Luck 83 — you deserve the best. Scott L. Karkos Favorite Saying: Be real, go home Usually found with: Nealzo, Michael, Freddy, Rave, Davzo, Harpo Favorite Memories: Jethro Tull, Wen Daor, Nealzo’s, Summer of ’82, The Police, nightball, S. K. 11:45, N. F. 12:30, 26 in the mud Ambition: To have a successful career and live a happy life. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, Golf 2-4, Co-Captian 4 Likes: Nice cars, going to parties, Pink Floyd Dislikes: Driving with Mike, losing, K.P., dizzy girls Anything Else? Uxbridge never showed us the cell- chumps! Mark James Karmeris 17 Sahlin Circle Nickname: Clark Fav. Saying: “You Loser” Found W : Debby, Heather, Lisa + The Team Act: Soccer 1-4, B-Ball, Youth Group Ambition: Spread the Word Memories: Pr om ’82, Wilderness Venture, Senior Banquet, “Fall of 82” Likes: Holly, Soccer, Y.G., Food Dislikes: Spirits, Sunday practice, school lunch, Spanish Anything Else: “I’m Hungry”. Dianne Laurie Kelleher 7 Donny Drive Fav. Saying: Oh wow! Usually Found W : Little Deb, Jill, Linda, Carole, Carm, Kathy, Laurie Memories: E., D., DAL’s. 1st time skiing, Van Halen, Summer of “81”, Mt. M., Parties at Renees, The ride with Rosie, 11 24 81 John Lennon, Keith Moon! Likes: British Rock, The Beatles, Dislikes: Talking on the phone and snobs. Anything Else: Long live K.M. Ambition: To live in England and meet Pete Townshend. Jean Marie Kelly 73 Union Street Fav. Saying: “Knock it off.” Found w : Nick, Richard, Len, Paul, Debbie, Allyson, Cheryl, Kathy, talking to Mr. Chrabaszcz Memories: Jimmy’s, senior banquet 1981, 5 15 81, Junior Prom, class trip to Mt. Monadnock, 6 3 81. Ambition: to become successful as a secretary Activities: Band 1-4, student council 1-4, cross country manager 3 Likes: helping people, listening to music, bikeriding, being with friends. Dislikes: getting teased. Anything Else: To mom, dad, Diane, Timmy, Mr. Chrabaszcz, thank you all for helping me make it through my 4 years of high school, without you I would never have done it! Pamela A. Kerrigan 13 Colt Road Fav. Saying: What a greek! Found W : Stan, Jodi, Julie, Joyce, Patty, etc. Fav. Memories: Bicycling to N.H., Jr. Prom, Summer at R.I.T, Hockey Tryouts 2, 3 . . , NHWGA Championship, UNH Pro-am: Capt., Radio interview, Times at the rink, turning pro, skating shows horse, getting greasy at P.P.’s, Santo domingo. Amb: To make my dreams realities Act: Ski team 1, 2, Golf 3, 4, Figure skating, Bicycling, U.S.S.A., U.S.F.S.A. Likes: Shopping, tab, Magnun + his Ferrari being w S.S. Dislikes: making decisions. Thomas M. Keville III 397 Oakland Parkway Favorite Saying: “I must have blacked out.” Found W Hoff, Rick the Spick, Pube, Whoosh, Dunk Pud, Mugsy, Mike, and the rest of the hall gang Favorite Memories: The night of Summer St. Crash, R.T.’s party, Fresh-Track meet, trip to cape w Doug, Colin, Pete, Weekend at Fitchburg State, Jenkins Hill w Bimbo, Both Falmouth hockey games, playing a police car at Wottons, losing $30 at the track w Pete. Ambition: To be successful and happy in whatever I do. Activities: Football 1-4, Track 1 Likes: Having a good time w Nancy (parking), doing the curls, going out with the guys. Dislikes: Ferris wheels, munsen wear Anything Else? Mark, I got it. Michael Kober 254 Daniels Street Nickname: KOBE Favorite Saying: You done good Found w Mike, Paul, Hutch, and Dave Favorite Memories: Seeing Ed pass out on last years Senior Skip Day Ambition: To be a great chef Likes: vacations, snowdays, sleeping late Dislikes: Disco, Freshmen, Sociology. Robyn E. Kurgas 43 Anthony Road Nickname: Kurgi, Rosa Fav. saying: Oy Found w Donna, Lesli, Chris, Deb, Court, Sue Fav. Mem: Partying w friends, Cape weekends at Greek’s, Jr. Miss, Jr. Prom, Petty ’81, Cars ’82, Quarters, All nighters, Secret RV’s, Blizzards, S-D’ing at 2:00 a.m., Leaving Lotus in a hurry, The Widow, B’ day Trads at Cape w Deb, Court, Sue, Zotzmobiling lawn at Saks Amb: To own a Ferrari. Act: Basketball 1-4, Field Hockey Mgr. 4. Likes: Sleeping, and Italian jokes (the people) Dislikes: Backhoes, Cleveland, and GTOTSMS. Anything else? Donna: SWITCH! Leslie: OY! (Shh) Deb: Humper! Calif: Here I come! Jeanne Marie LaValley Uncas Pond Fav. saying: What? Found w Michael, Debby, Diane, Cheryl, Kathy, Kim, Marisa, Lynn Favorite Memories: Freshman year, summer of 80 81, Rocky Point 81, 9 8 82, Down the Cape w Mac, Di’s + Mrs., Bassick’s parties, Athol w Di’s + Robert, Mt. Monadnock 81, Concerts, Diane’s graduation party, littlemen Ambition: to be happy, healthy, wealthy, wise Activities: DE 1 and going out w the girls Likes: Chinese food, Pearl Harbors, getting Diane mad Dislikes: Phoney people and waking up at anytime Anything else? I cannot believe I made it! Michelle LaBonte 5 Royal Court Favorite Saying: Keep Smiling Found w : the gang Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Prom “82”, France “82”, Canada “81”, Summer “82”. Ambition: To be happy with whatever I do. Activities: Student Council 1-4, OEA, Foreign Language Club 1-4, exchange student, Bonfire Chairperson. Likes: chocolate, weekends when I’m not working. Dislikes: homework, chicken Anything Else? Good Luck Class of “83”! Lisa Jean Lauretano 261 Daniels Street Favorite Saying: “Children must play.” Found w : Pat, Denise, Joe, Karen D., Karen T., Lisa, Pam, Paul. Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Wilk’s 6th period Chem. Class, Pat’s Party. Activities: Yearbook Committee, Student Council-Sophomore yr., Ski Club Likes: money, good friends, food. Dislikes: Chem. Labs, unorganized people. Marianne Lanagan 33 Moore Avenue Fav. saying: Hum . . . Sex Drugs Rock-n-Roll Found w : Andy, Donny, David Kerry and the rest of the gang. Memories: Jr. Prom, Mt. Monadnock, Killer Corner, and my Sr. Year Amb.: To marry Andy Verrochi Act.: Being happy, being high, and a lot of of partying Likes: Getting out of school, psyched on getting an apartment with Andy. Dislikes: Getting up in the morning for school, Mondays, teachers in bad moods, Sonny. Anything Else: Graduation is a chance to touch the horizon, but first there must be love, sadness, fear, joy, giving, taking, and mostly living. Good Luck class of “83”. Katherine Jean Lawhorn 80 Union Street Fav. Saying: “You guys, cut it out” Found W : Linda M., Laurieann, Linda O, Debby, Dianne, Laurie, Melons, Jill, Carole, Stacey, Sue, Memories: Maine ’81, N.H. ’82, Rangerettes ’78, Linda’s Halloween Party ’82, party ’82, Bonne Bell ’80 ' 81, Texas ’79, Georgia ’81 Amb: To be happy and successful in whatever I accomplish in life. To someday be in Alliance of Greater Boston!! Act: cross-country 1-2, spring track 1-4, St. Joseph’s ’81- 83, Jr. Miss ’82, OEA, D.E. I, D.E. II, Rangerettes 75-81 Likes: weekends with friends, Dislikes: THE BOYS, Anything Else: Good Luck Tim? Eric R. Larson 11 Harborwood Drive Found w : Rose, Tony, Craig, Dan, Joe Memories: Rose’s party, Hiesler’s party, Summer of ' 82, Summer of ’80, Graig’s party 10 15 82 Amb.: To be rich Likes: Partying and concerts Dislikes: School and getting up early. 40 John Albert LeBlanc 572 Oak Street Nickname: Ducky Found w : Marcia, Willy, Tammy, Eddy, Todd, Mark, Bimbo Fav. Memories: 2 13 82, Mt. Monadnock, Canoeing w Marcia, Tammy, Willy, Mike’s party, prom Amb: To have my own plumbing business Likes: Fast cars, the great outdoors Dislikes: McDonald’s food, mono Anything Else?: Good luck Class of ’83. Deborah A. Lee 170 Maple Street Favorite Saying: No Way!! Found w Linda, Dianne, Kathy, Lauriann, Little Laurie, Jill, Mucka, Carole and the rest of the gang. Memories: Virginia “80”, Plymouth “81”, My 16th Birthday, Van Halen concert, Mr. Monadnock, Junior prom, Linda’s gigs, Linda’s Halloween Party, Bonfires, DAL’S. riding with Rosie. Amb. To be a success and to live and love life to the fullest! Likes: Weekends, parties, being with friends. Dislikes: Homework, two-faced people snobs, passes. Anything Else: I wish the best of luck to the Class of 1983 in succeeding in everything they do. Kenny Leesberg 9 Mackintosh Street Fav. Saying: Oh, Wow. Found W : Sue, Scott, Kim, Lisa, Kerry, Janice, any anyone else that parties. Memories: Prom Night with Janice, Neil, and Sue, My kegs at the clearing Friday night kegs, The boat ride with Kim, Playing Quarters at Paul’s, Breakfast with Kevin, Rubber Room, Killer Corner. Amb.: To open up the doors of preception and walk through to the other side. Act.: Going to kegs, Drinking, Sleeping on peoples front lawns. Likes: Rock and Roll, Parties, Cool people. Dislikes: Plastic people, The Establishment, Rules. Anything Else: Hey Dudes, You’re all a bunch of Carta de Vucetas! Debra Leone 53 Union Street Fav. Saying: There’s a music for every mood Found w : Jean, Kathy, Dias, Lynn, Marisa, Maggie, Liz, Cheryl, and Sheri Fav. memories: All parties, concerts, Cape 82’ with Scott Ozella’s parties, Shrooms w L.B., Spit, K. Bretts, 5 31 82 S.M., Bruce’s pool parties, Trips with my family and friends Amb: To find my place in life Act: Art, partying, music, D.E. Likes: My generation, English Pop. Dislikes: When a day goes by Anything else? “Sing this all together” “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. April Susan Lima RFD 1 Upper Union Street Found w : People, Different times and different Places Fav. Memories: “Memories” of my Grandmother, Halloween ’81 Marlisa’s party, Lunch break at W D with Meghan, Sharon, Marlisa and others ’81 ’82 Oct. 1980 Amb: To have a life of happiness and enjoyment. To travel and be rich. Activities: Cross Country, Track, Tennis Likes: People that are nice, traveling, drawing, going out on weekends, talking to good listeners and Shawn. Dislikes: People that are ignorant, 12, 1, 12- intials, Blue paint, drawing breakfast, Reality sometimes Anything else: Good Luck to everyone, I wish you all happiness. Marcia Ann Lincoln 28 Lincoln Street Usually Found W : Eve, Kimba, Mace, Dee, Zoid, the rest of the “gang”, Fav Memories: Bahamos Sheraton ’79, Ski Trips ’79-’83, Bonfire ’80, Sophmore year, Parties in WB, Maple Street w Mace, Boston nuts w D.P. and K.P., Shopping w Mum, Fun times w B.B., Hockey games ’80-’83, Cape, ’81-’83, Cape, ’81-’82 w Dee, Karla, Shrimp fests, dates w Dave, Mac Hits w Zoid, Cougar 10 9 82 Ambition: To be able to do all the things I want to do, and have fun doing them. Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Likes: friends, money, fires on cold nights, Christmas Pink Floyd Dislikes: airborn hockey pucks, friendlies, Menizes driving, Fainting Piemonts. Steven P. Lincourt 521 Maple Street Fav. Saying: Be nice Found w : Ellen, Ray, Mike, Mark Memories: 1980 1981 4th of July, Blizzard of ' 78, Racing with Ray Mike, Murph’s Party, Partying up the dirt road, camping out in Chester’s backyard, D.E. class Amb: To own my own Business Act: Fishing, hunting, Snow Water Skiing, and lifting weights Likes: “ELLEN ”, Jack Daniels, Budweiser and partying Dislikes: Knowing MP. Cops, People who think their tough Anything Else? Good Luck to my “Winky” in ’84. Lia Marie Lippert 7 Beth Road Favorite Saying: Right, I might. Found w Mary Mac, Debby D., Julie B., Jeanne M., Lisa T. Favorite Memories: D.C. Weekend, Summer ’81-’82 at the big D.K., Benz— cruising in Boston, The Noisy Chicken at Kings w M.M. and J.B., Meeting the athletes, Franklin Bolts Running Club, Wedding ’82. Ambition: To achieve in my career and to help anyone who is in need of a friend. Activities: Softball IV, Student Athletic Trainer IV. Likes: Working for Mrs. S., Cruising with friends, People who make me laugh, The class of ’83. Dislikes: - • - Anything Else? High Gerry! What’s the deal? Laurie Denise Littlefield 16 Brushwood Hill Fav. Saying: Take off! Poverty Sucks, Huh? Found w Tracy, Toni, Lauren, Scott, Kevin, John, Paul, Jen, Rob, Memories: parties at Mitchell’s, summer of ’82, The Police 1 15 82, J. Geils 2 23 82, The Clash 8 28 82, Harwichport, George’s Pizza (Joe), Onset, Jr. Prom, The Cape, October 3, 1982, Tracey tripping into Mr. Clamp’s, Maine with Campanella’s Amb. To be successful and never worry about poverty. Act. dance, gymnastics, partying! Likes: being with friends, BESSE, Lowenbrau, B. H. Anything Else? In the time of your life —live, that time is short and never returns. Christina Marie Lombardi 32 Mackintosh Street Fav. Saying: Don’t worry about it! Found w: Dianne, Winnie, Karla, Andy, Paul and the rest of the crew. Memories: Summer of ’81 and ’82, Cape Cod with Winnie and Karla, New York with Winnie, P.O.W., B.O.C., Foghat, Good times with friends Amb: To be happy and successful Likes: Being w friends and having a good time, weekends, eating, sleeping late, laughing, partying. Dislikes: Plastic People, Getting up for school, cliques, mean people Anything Else: Thanks mom, Dad, and Friends for everything I love ya all! Laurieann Lori 1330 West Central Street Found w : Jibber, Linda, Kathy, Laurie, Linda, Joyce, and all the rest. Favorite Memories: Memorial weekend ’82, Florida, weekends with Jibber, Cougar Concert, Prom ’82, Summer ’80, ’82, “Junior Miss,” Nantasket Beach, Hampton Beach ’81, ’82, “Kitty,” “Halloween Party ’82.” Ambition: To be healthy and live a happy life. Activities: DECA II, Secretarial Training, D. E. I, II, Junior Miss. Likes: Being with friends, having a good time. Dislikes: Fighting, hurting people, stuck-up people. Anything Else? I leave my name to the teachers so they can keep thinking its a mistype. Catherine Mary Loycano R F D 2 Populatic Street Nickname: Cathy Fav. Saying: Oh my God Found w : The gang Memories: Mount Monadnock, Drill team practice Amb.: To go on to college and to succeed Act.: Drill team Likes: cars Dislikes: Homework, Mr. Wilks tests Anything else: work. Mary Theresa MacDougall 244 Pond Street Nickname: Mary Mac Fav. Saying: “I don’t want to discuss it.” Found W : Lia Lipps, Sue D., Julia B, The Friendly Babes, and other pals, D.D. Memories: Bubbles, Hockey Games, Wedding ’82, Junior Prom, “Your a JE.” Follow that Car! This must be the house. Amb: To Achieve my career goal Act: Freshman and Junior Varsity Girls Basketball, Prom Committee, Yearbook Committee, Student Council HR Representative, Girls Varsity Soccer Manager, Call Sports Correspondant. Likes: Weekends, Clothes! Dislikes: Mornings, Curfews: Lori Beth MacKenzie 1 Eldon Drive Found w Kim, Pat, Tracy, Carrie, Lauren, Laurie, and the rest of the crew. Memories: Senior banquet ’81, Canada ’81, summer ’82, Prom, The Clash, Kansas-Molley Hatchet, Mt. Monadnock, all the crazy times w Kim, bonfire ’81, 10 15 82 w Rose, going to Worcester State, all weekends. Amb: To have a good time and be happy. Act: Partying Likes: Going out, having fun, and being wild. Dislikes: School, fake people, and being ragged on. Anything Else: Good luck to the class of ’83, have a good one. Just think Carrie, only one more year! Frank D. Maor i 45 Highwood Drive Nickname: Krak Fav. Saying: Sit Down Found W : Mutt, Dink, Alph, Butch, Griff, K.W., Gook, and the rest of the dudes. Memories: Santana, Depot Street, Willie’s gigs, Griff’s gigs, Alzo’s, the truck, getting hammered. Amb.: To live in the mountains. Act.: Party 1-4. Likes: Buds, Guns, Fishing, Partying. Dislikes: Snobs, Punk rockers. Old Milwaukees. Donna M. MacSwain 866 Pond Street Let’s munch! Found w Robyn, Chrissy, Lesli and the rest. Memories; Summer of ’81, Jorge’s gig, the widow, Kurg’s parties, New Years Eve ’81, Quarters, Bonfire ’80, R’s Couch, Doublin with Chrissy, Zots Mobile, Pulling all-nighters, when P. Shnapps made me lose my balance over the pool. Amb: To make it to California and start “Lunacy”. Likes: Petty, The Bud man, Sunshine, Ronald McDonald, Blizzards, Doe eyes, Laughing. Anything Else: Good luck ’83. I hope everyone always stays happy. Rosa, remember “Life is just a cocktail party!” Laurie Ann Maguire 31 Grey stone Road Favorite Saying: “Cut it out” Usually found with: Debby, Carmella, Linda, Dianne, Kathy, Linda M, Laurieann Favorite Memories: Hampton Beach, Old Orchard Beach, Michael and Suzy’s Wedding Bonfires, Mt. Monadnock, F.R. ’78, Linda’s Party. Ambition: To become successful, go to California. Likes: Weekends, going out with Friends, Cruisin’, having a good time. Dislikes: Snobs, having all teachers present, spiders. Anything else: Best of luck to all my friends. 43 Beth Manocchio 10 Everett Street Found w Lizard, Kimbumly, Leslie, Cindy, and the Guys. Memories: Being w Luke, Mucci’s bathroom, the fort, Griffs, and Bitsy’s. Dinner and SS at My house. 4th Study SR. year, 4th July ’82 Elton John 10 10 82, Sheraton, Fleetwood Mac w Leslie J, 7 31 82-Pker square. Amb: manage clothing and jewelry store. Act: Pres. Freshman yr., Jr. Miss, W and D 3-4, Lucas Likes: orange, Men with class, veggies, 14k gold Fettucini Alfredo, Grks Dislikes: Meat, wasting time, and losing. Denise M. Maida 118 Cottage Street Favorite Saying: “Ciao” Found w: Patti, Karen, Lisa, and Felica Favorite Memories: Class trip ’83, Florida ’81, ’80, Canada ’81 Likes: Friends, Parties, Camaro’s, Rock-n-Roll Anything Else: Do it. Class of ’83!! Joseph J. Mailhiot 247 Pond Street Favorite Saying: Hey Guy, Whats up? Found W Todd, Phil, Jim, Dave and whoever. Favorite Memories: Mount Manadnock ’82 Moose Legs, Aerosmith ’82 Marshfield fair ’81-’82 Ambition: To be good at whatever 1 do, and to make a lot of money at it. Likes: Mustangs, People who like to have a good time. Dislikes: Rubber Room, Zombies in the hallway. Anything Else: Party on, Class of ’83. Carla Mandra 63 Mill Street Found w : Tisha, Karen, Marlene, Lori, Jane, Mary, Roland, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Going down the cape during the summer of ’82. Partying with the gang. Star Market Parking lot. Rockey Point. Amb.: To get out of this school, and become rich! Act.: Partying, concerts, cruising Likes: Roland, Partying, drinking, and having a good time. Dislikes: Jocks, snobs, plastic people, Disco. Anything Else: I LOVE YOU ROLAND!!! Marianne Elizabeth Marak 9 Union Street Fav. saying: You working hard or hardly working? Found w : John, M.K, Fiona, Cathy, Scott, Rick, Dianne. Memories: Proms ’81 ’82, Jr. Miss, M.C meets, Scooter’s class, Long talks w mom, doubling w M.K Rick. Amb.: To graduate from U-MASS, Act.: Yearbook Ad Editor, Math club 2 3, Foreign language club 1 3, CYO 1-3, Secretary 2, Prom committee. Likes: Good friends, Genesis and Bob Seger. Dislikes: Bad weather, extra pounds, Anything Else: Smile, Life is much too short to spend even a minute of it unhappy. Thomas Neal Masterson 8 Eagle Drive Nickname: Orv, Wilbur Found Mike, Nealzo, Freddy, Scott, Davezoid, Smitty Memories: CSN, next year Nealzo’s gigs, Fred’s gig, summer 82, E.E.P.V. Act.: Soccer 3, 4, observation squad ’82, flunking physics, working at Cheapo’s Likes: Parties, days off, cheeb, Newman’s imitation of Bobo, doing my own thing, taking it easy, good music (loud), harvest time, LXIX Dislikes: School, books, going to school, preppies people who talk too much, conformity, mailboxes, all governments (including religion) Amb.: Make alot of money doing very little. Linda E. Marchioni 66 N. Park Street Fav. Saying: “Do ya wanna” Found w : Mike, Dianne, Deb, Carole, Jill, Carmella, Kathy, Joanne, Linda, Lourieann, Laurie Chris. Fav. Memories: Virginia ’80, Plymouth ’81, Florida ’82, Cape ’82, Van Halen, Halloween, 12 3 82 DAL’S. Amb.: To be happy and successful in life Act.: DECA -II. Likes: Mike, Gin, being with friends, beaches at night. Dislikes: J. Son. Leslie Jane Mart ello 43 Marvin Avenue Nickname: “Lizard” Found w Earthchild, Giggles, Gannet, Kimbumly, Goat, Rona, Skypilot, Gi, Tracy, and the rest of the crew. Memories: Partys at the fort, T.P., Elton, 8-28-82, Prom, freshmen year, exursions to the Cape, trips, New Years Eves, L.A. Woman w Goat, 7-4-81+ ’82, Summers of ’80+ ’81, Griffs Parties, Gooky’s fire, Hoovers w Bumly. Amb. To be successful. Act. W + D 3, 4, Partying. Likes: Keith, Mick and Jim, being with friends, weekends, guys, H.A., Harvey’s, Heinekens with snowblizzards, Mr. Comp. Dislikes: People who can’t have a good time. Anything Else? Hey Giggles, Only the Lonely? Beth, what can we do for ya? Gary A. Mastromatteo 83 Dean Avenue Mustard Fav Saying: “Shut up” Found w : Weedy, Porky, Tom, Beanie or “The crew” Memories: Summer of ’80 at Porky’s, Weedy Hill, The tracks, New years eve 1982, the Celtics Parade, Red Sox opening day games. Ambition: To own my own business. Activities: Golf 2-4, work. Likes Dislikes: Likes: Busting people, school lunches, snowstorms. Dislikes: Mrs. V’s class, people who think they’re great. Joseph James Mazzola 7 Burning Tree Road Baby Fav. saying: What’s the action? 1 will not be an object of your lust! Found w : Pat, Gary, Pam, Karen, Dave, Tom, a vacuum or a dishwasher. Memories: 9 21 81, Junior Prom, Cape Cod, Mt. Monadnock, Working at FCC, Pat’s end of school party ’82. AMB: To become a high school graduate, to go to college and study a high paying career, to live happily ever after. The End. ACT.: Golf 1-4 Likes: Chinese food, golf (sometimes), being Italian, money, M MM’s. Dislikes: Snobs, oral reports, smoking, golf (sometimes), seeing Mr. Wilk in a purple suit, working at 5 a.m. Kathleen Mary Martin 8 Willow Acres Nickname: Kathie, Katie Memories: “we did it”, at the Y, N.Y.s Eve ’81, 2p=lL, Rocky III, car problems w Ena, Martha’s Vineyard w Nellie and " our” car, Jr. Miss, Being w family and friends, Amb: To find out all I can about life and to continously give of myself to the people that have given so much to me! Likes: Money, learning from My experiences . . . Not everyone elses, Dislikes: Goodbyes, Kenny in CA, people w a negative outlook concerning others Anything else? Thanks to my family; I Love You All!!! Neil William John Paul McCabe 10 Donny Drive Fav Saying: Never criticize a rich man, when did a poor man ever give you a job? FOUND W Dan, Dave, Rick, Mark, Choke, T-126, Memories: Regan Bush Nutting Camp the Ditch, Beatle Conventions Amb: To convince people that: Problems are not solved when you throw money at them Act: Track Track X Country Likes: Laissez-Faire, Dislikes: Pious Bleeding hearts who satisfy their consciences by spending other peoples’ money, Anything Else? Dave: “Snakes”. Patricia Jeanne McDermott 22 Parliament Drive Favorite Saying: “Pass that by me again.” Found w : Janice, Carmella, Jonna, Deanne, Tammy, Donna and the rest. Memories: 4 22 82, 4 23 82, 7 19 82, Monadnock, Mendon Drive-In, Summer of ’82, E. T., Medway, One special weekend. Amb: To find what I want in life. Act: Spanish Club 1, Pep Club 2, Likes: Listening to music, driving, E.T., and free classes. Dislikes: People who lie, cheat, use, and abuse other people, breaking down, and being used. Anything Else? Good luck Class of ’83 and may you find all your dreams at the end of the rainbow! Ellen McGovern 259 Daniels Street Found w Shannon, Kobs, Jane, Kathie, Ellyn, Eve. Fav. memories: New Year’s Eve, Cape Cod Trips, “Barbara Ann”, Cruising w Carol, Adventures w Shannon, St. Thomas, Mt. Monadnock, Jr. Miss, U-turns down the Cape, Popcorn eating contests. Amb: To fulfill all of my dreams . . . and then some. Act: Tennis-1, 2, Jr. Miss, Morning Announcements-4. Likes: Porches, Thunderstorms, Golden Retrievers, The Cape, Popcorn. Dislikes: Millis, Shopping, Interrogations. Susan Melo 141 Pleasant Street Fav saying: Violent Found w Jeanne Kelly, Joseph Kinglsey Fav memories: Mr. Gonsalves’ math class, attempts to postpone creative writing class. Amb: Study journalism Act: Student Counsil 2- 3, Chorus 2-4, Pep Club-2, Class Pres-2 L ikes: Rock Music, English Classes, Music classes. Dislikes: McCall’s Phy. Ed classes, school lunches, homework, cart and contents. Kimberly Marie Menize 12 Harborwood Drive Found w : Bren, Ed-joe, Andy, Todd, Marsha, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Summer ’80, ’82, T.P. Geils Soph. Banquet, Soph. Fres. yr., Parties fort, Ozzies Mullin’s Clash w Nanc, riding w F.P., All Nighters, Hockey Tourney Jr. Miss, Prom ' 81, Kim G’s gig, Cape w Twillie t rest, C.C.C., Seger ’80, times w my friends! Amb: To live my life to the fullest Act: Cheerleading, yearbook, Partying, Jr. Miss Likes: Mustangs, Mice, Smiles, Italians, Music Dancing, food, flirting, Hockey games, Partying, C.C.R.!, My dog, My 2 families! Dislikes: GAS PUMPS! Deadlines, Anything else: Mom, you’re the Best! Kaia Kristin Miller 111 East Central Street Pretty neat! Found W Kathy, Jo, Susan, Claire, Lesli, Chrissy, etc. Memories: RS Macs, Webster Festivals (Army), Cape w Kath. (“That’s great!”), DDSPO on Prospect St., brisk, “Police Academy”, fixing stereos, disappearing rugs, dancing cups, Boston (P.P.!), banquet parties NYE, J. Geils, driveways, E D. Amb. To be successful. Likes: The Doors, jeans, food, playing soccer, driving, football games. Dislikes: Being snubed, gym, walking to school. Tracy Susan Mitchell 19 Midland Avenue Usually found with: Lauren, Laurie, Jennifer, Paul, Scott, Rob, Kevin, and the rest of the gang. Fav. saying: No prob(lem) Fav. Mem.: Bonfire w Lauren, The Cape w gang “82”, J-Geils “82”, Maine w Campy’s, Nantaskett Beach w Kim, Dan and Mike, The Whites partys, Halloween w Lauren-J.D.!!, Fort partys w gang, T.P. w Jennifer (Rogers). Ambition: Stay healthy, wealthy and happy. Act.: Soccer 1-3, Ribbon Blues 81-82, partying. Likes: Being with friends, The Cape, and going shopping. Anything eles: Lets show em’ we’re the best, CLASS OF “83”! Jeanne Marie Mitz 50 Anthony Road Found w: Vickki, Lia, Mary, Cathy, K.D., and the gang. Memories: Quebec Montreal trip, Summer 81, New Year’s ’82, Summer ’82, New Hampshire, and Spain with Cathy. Amb: To go to college and be successful in whatever I choose to do. Likes: Outdoors, time alone, long walks, cruising, being happy, weekends, and being with my friends, K.D. Dislikes: Confusion, cliques, and people who lie. Anything Else: Vickki, and Cathy, We’ve had a lot of good times together and I’ll always remember them; thanks for being there when I needed you the most. Iona Madlin Moore 33 Dale Street Favorite Saying: “DROP " Found w : Men over 19, Tammy, Marcia, and the rest of the bunch. Fav Memories: Rick James ’82, Thom McAnn w Sue D., Boston, Riley’s Pub ’82 w Chris H., Tico and Lincoln, Ambition: a master chef, o wn my own restaurant and have 2 boys and 1 girl before I’m 25! Activities: 81-81 DECA, V-Pres. of D.E. ’82, Likes: Men, money Dislikes: Rock, snobby girls, Anything else? Those who strive for the best get the best, those who don’t strive at all don’t expect much! Mom-Thanks for everything you did and will do for me in my life! Kathleen Marie Morgado 517 Maple Street Fav. Saying: What can ya do. Found w Bob, Anna, Dee, Kim, Julie, Linda, etc . . . Memories: 11 14 78, 4 14 79, Prom-Cape afterward, Walking on the beach, Summer 82’, Concerts: J.T., Crosby, Stills Nash, Styx, REO, Hyannis with Kim, Mt. Manadnock ’82. Amb. To grow old with someone I love! To get a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Act. Bob 1-4, Art 1-4, Yearbook. Likes: Bob, sunshine, fire places, ’67 Convertibles, the Cape, popcorn, spending money. Anything else? We all make our own dreams. Marcia Anne-Elizabeth Mucciarone 17 Church Street Fav. saying: “No Biggie”, Kinky” Found w Kim R, Kathy, Kim, Lori, Judy, MIKE! Memories: Junior and Senior year parties, Hockey games, Watchin’ my younger brother getting’ bagged by Swanbeck, Football games, Prom Weekend, Monadnock, OEA Trip, New York, Cape. Amb: To live a happy, carefree life and become very “well-off”. Act: Soccer, Skating, OEA, Track, Jr. Miss, Swimming, “Partying”, Likes: Michael “Partying”, “Graduating”, Weekends. Dislikes: Getting bagged, English, getting so “Mindless” you can’t remember all the fun you had! Anything else? Good luck to all my classmates!!! Matthew J. Mucciarone 56 North Park Street Nickname: Mutt Found w Frank, Steve, Dink and the rest of the obnoxious ones! Fav. Memories: Senior Year Amb: To be like DINK! Likes: Blondes, Hawaii, weekends Dislikes: Chicks that think they’re nice. John A. Mullin 3 Brian Road Nickname: Mully Fav. saying: “Killer” Found w Murph, Mugsy, Princely, Newman, Brian, the rest of the team Memories: CCCR, Marlboro Tourney, Soccer season “82”, 80-81 grad, parties, KSC, P.C., Junior Prom, Oct. 29, 1982, Westfield State gigs. New years eve party, Christmas “81’ , Maine trip “78”, Florida trip “78”, Soccer Banquet “81”, Ozzie’s gigs Amb: To set a goal in life and reach it Act: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1 Likes: good friends, good times. Cheerleaders, “82”, she, winning, Class of 81, Johnny’s car, Ozzie’s bike Dislikes: Sunday practices, not having my license, losing to Foxboro- Lisa Marie Murch 285 Glen Meadow Road Found w Dave, Donna, Ruth, Diane, Debby, Shep. Fav. Saying: Life’s A Bitch! Fav. Mem.: Parties at Glen Meadows, the picnic table, 6 25 82, Mount Manadnock, 4 16 82, the Halloween-Guess Who Weekend, D.T.’s Parties, Parties at Pattti’s and Chris’. Dislikes: Snobby people, Rainy nights Likes: Going out with Dave, R.O.’s late night pizza’s, partying with my friends, being part of the class of “83”. Anything else: Good luck in whatever you do! Mike John Naff 6 Parliament Drive Fav. Saying: “Go for it” Found W Paul, Dave, Kobe, Dave, Jim Memories: Staying awake during Mr. Standring’s 1st period Accounting II class Amb: To become a computer programmer Likes: sports, vacation, music, blizzards Dislikes: math, headaches. Christopher John Murphy 7 Pine Knoll Road Found w : Mike M, Scott, Joe, Smitty, and the rest of the hall gang Memories: Rocky Point, Mt. Manadnock, Lake Sunapee, Joe’s parties AMB: To be successful ACT: Basketball 1-4, Yearbook Likes: Camping, going to N.H., winning, summer basketball Dislikes: Playing quarters in Joe’s van, Sunday morning practice, losing Anything Else: Good Luck Class of ’83. Kevin F. Murphy 18 Colt Road Found w Mark, Mike, Joe, Mully, John, and the rest of the crew Memories: Oz’s, Tom Petty, England- Ireland, Summer ’82, New York, Red Barn, KSC. winning B.C. Tourn., Hiding Joes’ van, Claires, hunting in Vermont, Prom, Kenney’s Pub, Banquets, eating at Rossi’s, Listening to Jay’s stories, D.C.K. AMB: Thumb to Japan w Brian and Mark. Do my best at whatever I’m doing ACT: Soccer 1-4, Student Council, Capt. Soccer 4 Likes: Parasailing, Pearl Harbors, Nightshift, Guinees, Eggplant, Canoeing Dislikes: Salem N.H., Working Friday nights, Losing, Foxboro, Sunday a.m. practice, Goodbyes Anything Else: Is that a fact, Mully? Carmella C. Narducci 415 Union Street Fav. Saying: I don’t know-what are ya going to do? Found W Jill, Laurie, Dianne, Linda, Carole, Kathy, Deb, Vickki, Trisha, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Prom, Mt. Monadnock, concerts, Cape ’80, Whiting Davis, The Rome, Halloween party, St. Rocco, summer of ’81, Montreal. Amb: To be successful in everything I do, and to be happy. Act: Pep club, foreign language club 1, 2 Likes: food, going out with friends, cruising, Chinese food Dislikes: people that think they are everything, English, teachers present Anything Else: Good Luck to the class of ’83. Peter Narducci 71 Arlington Street Found with: Bob, Bob, Peter AMB.: To get a good job Likes: Football, Hockey Dislikes: V.P.’s. Scott M. Murphy 2 Walker Road Favorite Saying: “What is the Deal?” Usually Found w Henry, Mike, Mike, Squealer, Walter, Brian Favorite Memories: Milford Hits, Jim Rockford Manuevers, Boston ’82, Willards’ Biology Class, Driving with Henry, Ski Trip ’79, Rush ’81, McQuiggans keg, Bourne, Summer ’82 Ambition: To own my own restaurant and drive to California with Henry. Activities: Working at Dean, President of M.D.A. Local 69 1, 2, 3, 4 Oskey ’81. Dislikes: Deanies and getting caught speeding Anything Else? Is that a cruiser behind us? Peter John Nasuti 129 Union Street Found w Joe, Tom, Paul, Jim, and the rest Memories: California, Summer ’81, B.O.C. concert, Cape, Mt. Monadnock AMB.: To be a lawyer ACT.: Working at the state school, Karate Likes: Good parties, concerts, cruising, ocean Dislikes: A.M.C. Cars, Stuckup people, Cats Anything Else?: Good luck Class of ’83!! Suzanne Marie Nasuti 643 East Central Street Found w : Geralyn, Court, Deb, Robyn, Dee Memories: Florida, |5j r Dennisport, Years w Weag, Roni, , Mary, 2 minutes Foxbore the next day, Weag’s hall (zzz) The parties, Bonfires 1, 2, Birthday Tradition, (China Lotus, MARSHFIELD, Kurgs, Cape), Fishtank, Green’s Twenzie’s Wedding w Roni. Amb.: To get through College, get married, and out of Franklin Act.: ji. Field Hockey 1-4, captain, Softball 1-4, Yearbook, Sports Editor 4, Likes: Bruce, being Italian, sleeping late, nice guys, Blizzards. Dislikes: End of Soph, year, people who think they’re excellent, Anything Else: Thanks Mom, Dad. Thomas P. Nasuti Fisher Street Fav. Saying: Get a job, Theres been a delay Found w: Bizant, Bono, Dennis, O’Mally, Pis., the rest of the gang Memories: Boston Garden 82, Baseball 82, AC-DC, Parties Down Tracks, Memorial Day weekend “82”, Eddies Christmas Party, Parties at my house, Bash of 82, Partying with the Sunday gang Amb: To grow up Act: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4,. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4,. Football 1, golf 3, 4 Likes: Auto II, DSC, hockey, parties, vacations, bumper skiing, busting people Dislikes: Getting arrested, hangovers, homework. Alyson E. Noble 139 Longhill Road FAV. SAYING: “Whaaat,” and “there’s a cute guy.” FOUND W : Kathy, Nicholas, Rich, Paul, Debby, Len, Cheryl, Jean, Katie, Pam. MEMORIES: Freshman and Junior years, football games, going out w friends, Bahamas, looking for cute guys w Kathy, Dean, Billy, 10th grade Biology, Band Banquets. AMB.: To be a Cosmotologist and live in New York. ACT.: Rollerskating, drill team, 1-4 co- capt-4, looking for cute guys, Student Council. LIKES: Rollerskating, purple, pink, cute guys. DISLIKES: Boredom, allergies, squash ANYTHING ELSE? Good luck Class of ’83, and Kathy remember the good times, I hope they last forever. Lizanne Carol Noble 16 Sahlin Circle FAV. SAYING: Spare me!! FOUND W : Judy B., Susan, Kathy R., Kim R., Diane, Debzo. MEMORIES: Stompers and Steppenwolf, going to Murph’s with Judy, Kurgs, Horseneck Beach 4 82, Canada, Cape Cod, skiing at Kilington, Oskey Cast parties. AMB.: To go to college and become a successful doctor. ACT.: Field Hockey 2-4, softbal l 1 4, track 2, ski-team 1, 2, Latin Club, French Club, roadracing. LIKES: Shasta Commercials, going to parties w Sharon, softball games, sailing at Hop-Town, going to the Union. DISLIKES: Having to explain to my father why I was late, getting up at 5:00 a.m. to go to work. ANYTHING ELSE? Susan, is it really that hard? Joanna Nowacki 164 Longhill Road Found w Rath, Kaia, Liza, Lesli, Chrissy, Memories: 10 7 79, D.D.S.P.O. Prospect St., brisk, “Police Academy”, 5 22 81, disappearing rugs, 5 29 81, dancing cups, Quebec, fixing steros, G G’s fiftieth, Bee Movie, festival ’81, missing waste¬ baskets, France, Prom, CSN ’82, John Cougar, Grammy, 17 10 10 17, J. Geils ’81. Amb. To find “The Rose” Act. Soccer 1 4, Softball 1 4. Likes: Neil Young, Doors, raspberry turnovers, rootbeer, Casey Jones, G’s tapioca, oldies, Misty. Dislikes: Physics, Math analysis, Steely Dan, pink puke Anything Else?: No, Kaia. Linda A. O’Brien 223 Oak Street Found w Laureann, Kathy, Laurie, John, Linda, Rick, Lisa, Lynn, Charles, Dianne, Debby, the DECA crowd, whoever else is around. Fav. Memories: l.D. weekend, Prom ’82, Sturbridge ' 82, Cougar concert, F.R. ’78, Old Orchard Hampton ’82, “Kitty”, Weekends! Halloween “82”. Amb.: To be whatever I happen to be! Act.: DECA I, DECA 11, Administrative Secretarial Likes: Weekends out with Friends Dislikes: Stuck-up people. Anything Else?: Lots of luck to the classes to come, you’ll need it! Christopher O’Reilly 38 Forest Street Found w Ted, Adams, Sue, Kim, Dober, and the gang Fav. Memories: Summer or ’81, Mrs. Willards Class, summer of ’82, Lonesome Lake, Weirs Beach. Act.: Weekend repair jobs Likes: Auto shop, metals Dislikes: Gym, English Anything Else?: To the class of ’83 its been GREAT good luck to everyone! Gregory P. Ostrander 45 Country Club Drive Nickname: Osty Fav. Sayings: “Good Deal” Found w Jim, Ace, Joe and Doug Fav. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, “Strato” at Jim’s house, Driving the TEAM to Foxboro C.C., The Cape, Amb: To own a Mercedes-Benz Dealership, and a real estate office ACT: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4 Likes: Jaguars, The Cape, and teachers at F.H.S. Dislikes: English, Physics, Mondays, squackers, and playing alternate. Anything else: “ONLY THOSE WHO DARE TRULY LIVE”. Linda Anne Oxford 14 Orchard Street Fav. Saying: No, really . . .? Found W : Stephen, Julie, Bonnie, Mary, and Beth. Memories: The Wall, with Stephen down the Cape. Jr. Prom. Amb.: To marry Stephen, be successful, happy and make all my dreams come true. Act.: Work . . . and more work! Yearbook Staff. Likes: Being with Stephen, Dislikes: People telling me what to do. Anything Else? Thanks Mom, Dad, my brothers, Stephen, for helping these past 4 years. To the wall: We Gotta Get Out Of Here!!! Kathryn Marie Ozella 531 Coronation Drive NickName: Kathy Fav. Saying: “Oh, I get it!” Found w Jay, Maggie, Marisa, Debby, Jean, Cheryl B., Maureen, Hunky, Julie, Lynn, Cheryl D., Diane. Fav. Mem.: Summer of ’80, Summer of ’82, Chicago ’82, D.E. trips, “The Clash”, Holiday Inn, Feb. 19, 1980, P-town with Jay, having no reverse, snow storm down the cape. Maggie’s birthday. Ambition: To be happy Activities: D.E. I+ 11, having lot’s of fun, Jay. Likes: Chinese food, hot tamales, pretzel rods, vacations, dancing. Dislikes: People drinking my milk. Richard Stephen Ormond 6 Dartmouth Road. Found w Dave, Neil, Dan, Mark, and other assorted people. Fav. memories : Trips to France and Quebec, Dan’s Party, Trips and Baseball Games w Dave and Neil, Death Rides w Dave Martin. Amb. To go to a good college and be successful in life (and have a good time doing it.) Act. Foreign Language Club-2, Math Club- 3, 4, National Honor Society-3, 4, Track-4. Denise Padula 3 Lincolnwood Drive Nickname: Pooh Favorite Saying: Kim, Whata you doin? Found IV Kim, Lori, Kathy, Traci, Kim . . . Favorite Memories: Cape Cod Expedition, Monadnock, Van Night, Jr. Prom w Joe, P-Town Trips, Hockey at the Garden, Wareham, “Pip”, Senior Year, Roof Riding Ambition: To Marry Money, Own a white C-J Activities: Cheerleading, Sking, Yearbook Likes: Weekends, Cape Cod, Music, Having Fun, Being Obnoxious Dislikes: Fast Telephone Poles, “All Teachers Present”, Sex in the halls Anything Else? “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL”. Karla Anne Pasquantonio 149 Pleasant Street Fav. Saying: “Oh My God!!” Found w : Di, Chris, Winny, Cheryl, Deb, Rob, and the rest of the crew. Memories: Cape Cod ’81, ’82 w Di, HoJo’s, 4-Wheeling, “P” town w Winny Chris, Tony’s Fiat ’81, Junior yr. w Rennie, 4th ’81 w Carol, J. Geils ’81, The Stompers, Dean Parties w Di, 9 20 81, All nighters, Cruisin’. Amb.: To be great in whatever I do. Act.: “Partying,” horseback riding. Likes: Early dismissals, the beach, being w friends, not getting caught, having money to spend, sleeping late, Dislikes: Plastic people, always getting “Caught”, S.S., 6:00 a.m., cruises, Dianne’s driving. Anything else: It’s been an adventure, but I’ll never do it again. Karla reporting from London. Diane Elizabeth Paxton 22 Brook Street Nickname: Lady Di, Found w Chrissy, Karla, Marcia, Paul, Andy, Memories: Hyannis ’81 w Karla, Marcia John; Hyannis ’82 w Karla Paul; weekend at Karla’s; DEAN; Greatful Dead; Ski weekend; Scott; Apt. Parties; Germany Switz.; Harley ride w Jimmy; Helen; 7 17 82 Amb: To experience everything, to be happy healthy no matter what I do. Traveling Likes: Weekends, motorcycles, leather, black, Boston, “sixties scenes”, Bunzy’s Stories, Being w Paul girl- talks. Dislikes: Stuck-up girls, Hospitals, Waiting for Karla Anything Else: Thank you Mom Dad all my friends for everything. James V. Padula 84 Maple Street Fav. Saying: You know it Jack Found w Traci, Dink, Butch, Griff, Egg, Dack, Crack, Alf, Mutt, Stook, Kev, Marshi and the rest of the Gang. Fav. Mem: Sophmore Summer, St. Rocco’s ’81, Kinks ’82, ZZ Top ’82, Griffs Truck, Birdies Keg, Mt. M., Taking the Senior Class Picture. Prom night and day after with Traci. Ambition: To be an Archetectural Engineer. Activities: Football ... 1, 2, 4 Wrestling ... 2 Skiing ... 3, 4 Doing 12oz curls at Griffs Gym. Likes: Driving Fast, Cool Teachers, third period study with Alf, Flippin’ the bird + Bud. Dislikes: Phony people, new faculty members. Anything Else: Seeeee Ya Lata!!!!! ’83 Party on. Michael Par at ore 6 Beth Road Found w Tom, Smitty, Murph, Craig, Neal, and the rest of the gang. Fav memories: Mount Monadnock, Fitsburg State The New Road, Summer of ’81, Neal’s Craig’s parties, The Boston Garden Joe’s parties, Freshman track meet, Senior Year. Amb: To be successful in whatever I do and still be happy doing it! Act: Track- 1 Likes: Long nights, McDonalds, Optional Study, lunch, Hockey Games, Standing in the Halls. Dislikes: plastic people, staties, Porsches, Shadows. Anything Else? Tom, all you had to do was call!!! Good luck ’83. Lori Ann Payne 40 Anthony Road Found w : R.L. (up the barn).Denise, Kim, Lisa. Fav mem: 10 10 81, 6 27 79, Grooming down Foxboro, Summers of ’81 ’82 Amb: To go on to college to be an animal technition, and to take up Equestrian Science to teach riding. Act: Horseback riding, showing, 4-H, working at K mart Likes: HORSES; (especially Lady) all other animals, my dog, vacation, shopping, food, Christmas Dislikes: people who are cruel to animals, homework, gym. Dianne A. Perkins 24 Mackintosh Street Fav. Saying: This pisses me off! Found w Robin, Brett, Potsy, John, Brian, Mai, Linda, Beth and the rest. Memories: Parties at Robins, Vine St., Weekends at B.U., Parting in the van, vacations in Connecticut, AMB.: To be happy Successful as a Physical Therapist. ACT.: Prom Committee, Foreign Language Club, National Honor Society. Likes: Weekends and going out Dislikes: Mondays Anything else: “Linda, I can walk, 1 can walk!” “Robin, they’ll be here!” “C’mon Smitty, Mr. Colace is waiting to give us a ride to the concert!” “Linda, want to see Officer and a Gentlemen?” Janice J. Picard 383 Lncoln Street Pic, Heater Fav. Sayings: How’s my chunks doing? Found vv Karen, Gerry, Daye, Trisha, John C, Cheryl A, and the rest of the gang. Memories: CA. spring ’80, Oklahoma ’81, MN. summer ’82, Mt. Manadnock w Ger, 6 7 80 (PDB), Mary’s wedding, Cape ’81, Canobie Lake Park ’80-’81, Prom ’82, 5 16 81, 10 11 81, D.H.’s class, Dinner w Daye. Amb: College, Traveling. To be happy with whatever I do. Activities: OEA, Italian club. Pep club. Likes. MN, Time w Karen and Chunks, TOKE, Sun. @ Cronins. Anything Else: Thanks Mom, I Love You! David Allen Pickering 458 West Central Street Nickname: Pick Fav. Saving: Who’s out today? Found w : Jaye, Pudro and Abdul in 6th study Fav. Memories: Graduating and leaving this place. Ambition: To be very successful in my career. Activities: Over-working. Likes: Absent teachers, long weekends, fire drills in the middle of winter, snow days and Having all 3 lunches. Dislikes: Substitute teachers, snobs, kids and W.J. Anything Else: Just Glad to be out!! Eve Anne Piemonte 188 Maple St. W. R. Fav. Saying: You’re a mess Found w : my friends Memories: 7th. period, 9 24 82, prom w Jimmy, Cape trips, messy times w Kathie, 1 8 81, partying, wandering w Brian, late-night S.D.’S w Marcia, the many surpises, great times at FHS, all nighters 82, “distinct laughter,” Mt. Monadnock, Jr. Miss, Rocky II. Amb. To be happy to do all I dream of doing. Likes: Being spontaneous crazy, taking risks, independence. Dislikes: Flying hockey pucks, indecision Anything Else: Thanks to my family for being the special people you are, I Love you all. Phyllis Pink 14 Meadow Parkway Favorite Saying: Son of a B, Found w : Linda, Anna, Dee, Bonnie, Julie, Deb, and the rest of the fools Favorite Memories: All of my summers in Maine, August 14, 1982, P.R. and G.P., B-ball breakup parties, FI. 81 and 82, NIMH, waking up to the sun, Dean w HEDJE Ambition: To fly a F-15, to never get caught drunk by my Dad Activities: Basketball 1-4, horseback riding Likes: Ocean, beach, moon-all in one night, six of cold Heineken, sunshine, DeLorean, SIMWP in 80-81 Dislikes: Waking up early, being cold, stalling, pink cheeks, S495 Anything else? Kidding Dad!! Linda, Bike, Bike! I can handle it! Stephen Pisani 30 Garfield Street Fav. Saying: “Take the bruise!” Found w Renea, Newt, Brian, Bob, Bal Fav. Mem: Study, meeting Scott Rudy, baseball ’82, auto II, Hockey games, Newt’s party, 6 5 82, VAN HALEN Amb: Pilgrim Steel, after attending AU. Act: Baseball 1-4, Football 1, 4, wrestling 1 Likes: Renea, Sports, LITE, C.C.R. Dislikes: preppies, being D.H.d, pants tucked in sneakers, the sled. Charles Powers 7 Grandview Drive Found w Lyn, Lisa, John, Hutch, Rich, Linda, Wild Bill, Chris. Memories: Summers of ’80, ’81. N.H. ’82 (S.B.) Wilks classes, Wild Bill’s Academy Award, The good days. Ambition: To live. Likes: Lyn, S.B.; A.J, money, life (the good parts), the Cars. Dislikes: People who think they’re Gods and their followers, Hosford asking for hall passes. Richard John Powers 7 Grandview Drive Madman Fav. Saying: Hi Lisa!! Found w Lisa, Jim, Bill Bob, Lyn, Chuck, John, Linda Memories: The summer of ’82 and the space bubble. AMB,: To be happy and have a comfortable life. Likes: Girls, especially Lisa, good music, good friends, and goodtimes! Dislikes: People who think they’re great and false friends. Anything Else: DO.A. William R. Prescott 525 Old Farm Road Wild Bill Fav. saying: Would you believe ..... Let me put it this way . . Found w Madman, Choke, Dan, Chuck, John, Bob, Ed, and anyone else who may be around. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Ken’s Parties, going to Boston with Dan and John, BASF heist, meeting the scorcher, J.B.H.A. Oct. 9, 1982. AMB.: To go to college and major in math or science, to be successful in life. ACT.: Year book 4, spring track 3, National Honor Society 3, 4. Likes: Weekends, Fridays, fishing, money, Rock ‘n’ Roll, parties, vacationing in the Cape. Dislikes: Tests, homework, Mondays, needing passes, disco. Russell Priesing 31 Peck Street Nickname: Russ Found w Bob D., Corker, Pete, Bob, Greg, Dave Memories: Summer “82”, Friday Night Kegs AMB: To succeed in life with few troubles ACT: wrestling 1, 3 and 4 Likes: Long weekends Dislikes: Mondays, tests. Michael F. Prince 3 Donny Drive Found w Mugsy, Murph, Joe, Jay, Eddie and the rest of the main hall crowd. Memories: UMass weekend, Y.F.A. party, my parties, ’81-’82 basketball season, Tom Petty, C.H. w Eddie, Summer of ’82, Mr. Wilk’s + Mrs. Menize’s classes, St. Rocco, listening to Jay’s stories, Red Sox games, Mullin’s parties, Wotton’s party. Amb: To exceel in everything I do. Act: Basketball 1, 3, 4. Likes: Women, money, preppies, intelligent people, the Cape, suntans, long weekends, Budweiser. Dislikes: Sunday morning practice, Mass Pike, paying fines, Saturday mornings. Anything Else? Good luck to the class of ‘83’. William J. Pulsone 112 Pleasant Street Nickname: Willy, Pulse, Helm Fav. Saying: OK Fine Found w Tammy, Duck, Marcia, Ed, Bimbo Memories: Mt. Monadock, Jr. Prom, S.C.W., Time spent with Tammy, Being with my friends. Likes: Long weekends, study, going out on weekends Dislikes: School lunch Anything Else? Good luck class of “83”. Robert F. Puorro 679 Pleasant Street Nickname: Bob, Red, Ace, E.T, Flamehead Found w Jim, Strangler, Bill, John, Mastro Memories: All the times over Ryan’s; soccer games, Celts vs. Lakers, Bruins vs. Chicago; Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, and Judas Priest concerts. AMB.: Go to college and become successful. ACT.: Soccer 1-4 Likes: Weekends, parties, the track, concerts, to have money. Dislikes: Monday’s, working, homework. Deborah Lee Pur don 101 Wachussett Street Nickname: Debbie, Purdue, killer Fav saying: What a cutie! found w Heather, Lisa, Jane, Mark, Phyllis, “Friendly’s gang,” Memories: Lollipop day 82, Prom, B.M. 80 82, finding out Lisa does, Boston w Heather, new year’s 82 83, Lunar Eclipse, Library w H + M. Amb: Bachelors in nursing, marry a Frenchman. Act: Basketball 1-4, Likes: Frenchmen, driving fast, slow dancing, soccer players, (Tim), clubbing, Jamaican Rum. Dislikes: Racists, sexists, backseat drivers. Anything Else? Suivez cet reve n’importe ou il peut conduisez a toi. Ma, I made it! Tracey Anne Rafferty 611 Lincoln Street Fav. Saying: “I’m so hungry!” Found w Kim, Kathy, Denise, Lisa, Kim W., Bob (Bruno), Brett and Co. Memories: UMASS, Jungle Juice nights, Van Halen, CBM, Framingham Adventure, partying w “81”, New Rd., Growing up with Kim, pago pago, wild partys Budwoman, Prom, Crime w Kim. AMB.: To live off interest in my bank account. Likes: The BBC, All- night excursions, spending time with Bob, watching the sun-rise thru a pile of emptys, faded Jeans, Dislikes: The obnoxious guidance counselor, my lack of motovation Anything Else? “It’s 5:38 a.m., Do you know where your daughter is?” r ;• i Dorothy Helen Rakoski 52 Hutchinson Street Favorite Saying: “Oh really?” Found w Nick, Sue, Lori, Tina, Dede, Kim, Lauri, Debbie, Lisa, Ruth, and the gang. Favorite Memories: Prom ’81, ’82, New Hampshire, the Moon, Ficco’s, Feb. 18, Van Halen, Bob Seger, Sam’s Guedo’s parties ’81, Burkley’s party, Summer of 78 w Barb, 4th of July w Dave, Kristine, Billy, Bobby, Red., Being w Nick . . .Ambition: To graduate; live a long, happy life. Likes: 4- wheeling, honesty, traveling. Dislikes: plastic people, and know- it-alls. Anything Else? Good luck Class of ’84! Jill Elizabeth Rappa 25 Queen Street Fav. Saying: “Whats the deal” Found w Kathy R., Linda, Carmella, Dianne, Carole, Mike R., Jett B., Laurie M., Kathy L, Vickki I., and the rest of the gang. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Van Halen and concerts, cruising with my friends, Linda’s Halloween party, Bon-Fires, U-MASS, parties at Renea’s, Summer of “81” and “82”. AMB: To be successful in college and in the future. ACT: Work-work-work and more work, Pep Club, soccer, rollerskating, partying. Likes: Weekends, having teachers out. Dislikes: Snobs, School. Anything Else? Good luck everyone and hope you get whatever you want in life. Jodi C. Rappa 25 Queen Street Favorite Saying: “Who Me” Found W Pam, Julie, Patty and Joyce. Memories: The Hockey game at the “Garden”. My summers as a counselor at a Diabetic camp. Senior lunch table w Julie and Pam and Joyce. Ambition: To become a Nurse, Travel to Hawaii, Bermuda and the Caribeannen. And most of all be Happily married and raise a family! Likes: Hey Mr. Wilk- “This yawn is for you” Garfield My Cat! Tab, Tab, and more Tab!! Working at the Pharmacy. Dislikes: Being a Diabetic. Jello! and most of all getting my picture taken. Cynthia Elizabeth Ravinski 105 Mill Street Found w : Pam T., Karen D., Tracey S., Karen T., Michelle L., Lisa T., Patty M., Tammy S., Dori D., Dan T., Mark F., David S. Neil. Fav. Memories: Field trips with Mr. Weddleton, Pam, remember all our stunts-especially Mrs. Ligons window. Tracey do not forget our trip to Hawaii. Amb: To publish a book and to be happy, healthy, and wise to the world. Act: Softball, JV Varsity 2, Science Club, Student Council. Likes: good friends a good laugh. A dedication to one I miss: Bambi, my cat. Diane Susan Raymon d 135 Beech Street Fav saying: “I’m in Love”, Found w Ruthy, Cheryl C., Lisa, Debbie, Marie, Sue, Dotty, Cheryl, Rennie, Denise, Kim, and the gang Fav Mem: “Summer of ’82”, 2 13 82, “Debbie’s party’s”, “Cape Cod, 79, 80” China Lotus w Kevin, “Mt. Mondanock 82” Amb: To go to college. Act: Softball 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Jogging. Likes: Being w Friends Family, Writing to Kevin, “Kevin R’s Datsun”, working for Mrs. G. Dislikes: Mondays, “Kevin overseas”! gaining weight, being broke. Anything Else? Live life to the fullest!! Jane Elizabeth Reardon 6 Jimmy Street Found w Ellen, Ellyn, Kathie, Eve, Sue, Bonnie, Julie, Debbie Fav Mem: Harwich Port, Mary, PC, CD, JK, EK, KM all the Rest) Mt. M. J. Geils, Police, JT, 2P=1L, 10 2 82, 3 12 82, 12 31 80, “Champagne Brunch” H. Games (Garden), Lunar Eclipse Party, Rocky III! Allen’s Harbor, “Barbara-Ann”, Salem w Susan H., My theme songs, 3 27 82, 8 14 80, “The Shed” Amb: To be happy and successful Act: Basketball, yearbook, Friendly’s, Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students. Likes: Rainbows, vacations, spending $, my dog, summer nights, Dislikes: when plans go wrong, Deb’s driving Anything Else? Thanks Dad, Mom, Nancy, Denise and Billy. Mark R. Reardon 38 Pine Street Found w Murph, Princely, Ed, Newman, Brian, Sully and the rest of the clan. Amb: Thumb to Japan with Brian and Murphy. To get out of bed. Discover a career and do it well. Memories: Princely’s car, King St. pits, UMass weekend, Wottons Party, Junior Prom, Ireland, England, China Lotus, Kenny’s Pub, going on c.h.’s, Dog kennels, meeting house, 8th hole Norton, Gibbons. Act: Hockey 2-4, Soccer 1-4. Likes: Sports, being with friends, a full moon, parking, initiating the fresh, and soph, stealing signs, fish bowls, round buns, Y.F.A. Party. Dislikes: losing to Foxboro, NA, going to class on time, shuttles. Anything Else? Class of “84” enjoy, it doesn’t last. Marcia L. Regan 5 Brian Road Found w John, Tammy, Bunzy, Paula, Willy, Kris, Old Ribbon N’ Bluers. Fav. Mem: Mt. Monadnock; 2 13 82; Prom; Bunzy’s parties; Paula’s sleepover; Times spent w John; going out w my friends; Summer of ’80 ’82; Canoeing w John, Tammy Willy; Bridgewater; Jr. Miss. Amb: To be a nurse and to be happy. Act: Ribbons and Blues, Sr. car wash. Likes: Beaches, music, good times 6 Mac’s. Dislikes: Wooden passes. Anything Else? Bambi forever. Good Luck to class of ’83. Kathryn Andrea Ross 181 Lincoln Street Fav Saying: “I’m only kidding!” Found w Kim, Tracey, Denise, Kim W, Lisa, and Marcia Memories: Summers down the Cape, Boston trips, Newport, taking the car with Kim, Van Halen, Clash, New Years Eve ’81 and all the other good times with my friends. Amb: To be happy and successful in life. Likes: The Stones, friends, and good times. Dislikes: Seeing how much Tracey can eat, moving poles, and goodbyes. Anything Else? Good luck class of ’83’! Ellyn Marie Robinson 20 Macintosh Street Nickname: “Ellie”, " Elzo”. Fav. Mem: Prom 1981; The Vineyard w Katie Geoff; “We did it.”; Rolling Stones; 3B . . . And then some; U turns on Highway; 3rd lunch w Ellen; THANKSGIVING 1982; Styx; 5 31 79-5 18 82; Piano at Ficcos; You’re old; Brown Ford Pickup — Unsmashed; Being Crazy w Marzo; Marvy; 1-6-82; Ruff Draff; 404-GBC; White Camaros; Late nights at Ficcos; Woe Nellie; Act: Student Council, Yearbook, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Morning Announcements 2-4. Likes: Cheery People, Anna’s Dedication, Katie’s advice, seeing my pal drive “our” car. Susan Robitaille 9 Mackintosh Street Snowbunny Found w Ken, John, Kim, Lisa, Keri, Paul, Scott, and anyone else. Memories: Mrs. Willard’s 9th grade science class with me, John, Kim, and Kritter. Going to Killer Corner in the morning, Prom of 1981 and 1982. Going out with Neil and Janice. Amb. To graduate and travel around the world Likes: graduation, easy 5 credit courses Dislikes: gym, Mr. Gray’s D.E. class. Matthew T. Rose 8 Sherman Avenue Nickname: Matt, Rosie Favorite Saying: Get Outta Here! Found W Tony, Craig, Jim Keith, Eric, Scott, Dan, and Bake Memories: AC DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Van Halen, Memorial Day Weekend ’82, Parties at Craig’s, Tony’s, and Dan’s, Mrs. Willard’s Chem. class Ambition: To be rich and famous Likes: weekends, cruising, loud music Dislikes: detention, getting up in the morning, getting bagged Anything Else? Don’t take life too seriously. Stephen J. Ross 10 Midland Avenue Fav. Saying: “Have a good one!” Found w Nancy, Mark, Scott, Jim, Neil, Dave, and others Memories: November 29, 1980, Junior prom, Mt. Manadnock, Sophomore banquet, Tims’ party, Willys’ party, The Clash, AC DC, J. Geils, New Hampshire summer of “82”, and all the parties. Amb: To succeed in college and to get a good job; to be able to have a lot of good times. Also to travel to California and to Hawaii. Act: Hockey, Baseball, Wrestling Likes: Nancy, good times, parties, concerts, and hockey Dislikes: snobs, big mouths, and Spanish Anthing Else? Good luck to the class of “83” in the future and have a good time. Gary J. Ryan 560 Union Street Fav. Saying: SIT DOWN!!! Found W Weedy, Mastro, Risty, and the rest of the Seniors! Memories: Washington D.C. 81, D.E. Trips, Nov. 1st. 1980 Track Parties Mt. Monadnock, J. Giels Amb. To be successful in opening my own drinking establishment called “PORKY’S” Act. DECA 1-2, Working Likes: Senior Class, F.H.S. Hockey Games, A good joke, and Rowdy people Dislikes: Hall Passes, Monday Mornings, People who Lack Humor. Anything Else? F.H.S. It’s been real. It’s been nice, But it hasn’t been real nice! Gordon Allen Ross, Jr. 23 Hilltop Drive Found W The computer, Len, Jean, Rich Memories: Band Banquets Ambition: To own and operate my own business, have a good time, and make money. Activities: Marching Band 1-4, computer club 2-4, concert Bands 1-4, working at Dean. Likes: Having a good time, money Dislikes: Supervised study, English, homework, gym Anything Else? Good Luck “83”. 56 James M. Ryan 51 Marvin Avenue Nickname: Rye, Coyus Fav. Saying: “What’s up”, “Stranglar” Found w Pu, Stranglar Memories: Hockey Games, Prom, Mt. Manadnock, Summer of ’82, Fiske’s and Heppy’s classes, 7th period busting session. Amb: To be happy and live a good life. Act: Football-1, Golf-3, 4. Likes: Good Parties, Gambling, Females, Ranking, Cool teachers, Dislikes: Snobs, Homework Grades, Warning Slips, Slow horses. Anything Else? Have a good time everyone. Kathryn G. Ryan 420 Partridge Street Nickname: Bitsy Fav Saying: Ooh Baby! Usually W Foies, Kathy, Tracy, Cindy, Gina, Goat, Dianne, and the Gang Memories: Hampton Beach “81 " , Sophmore Banquet, Foies 16th B-Day, Elton John w Goat, URI w Dave Marhzy’s parties, Blizzard of “78”, Traceys slumber parties, My gigs, canoeing w Mike, New Years Eve Parties, Dianne’s week at my house, Amb: To Win the Kentuckey Derby!! Act: Partying, Horseback riding, music and laughing Likes: Weekends, snowy nights, Guy w NA, Buzz in a can, Mice Dislikes: Monday mornings, getting caught, car troubles! Linda M. Ryan 1 Laurel Court Fav. Saying: “Hi there!” Found w Ginny and the lunch room crowd Memories: Getting lost in Boston, and getting off at the wrong stop on the train. Amb.: Join the Navy (Special intellegence); then go to college. Act.: Student council, Student government, student secretary Likes: Some of the teachers Dislikes: School lunches Anything Else? Good Luck Class of “83”. Kimberly Ryan 601 Lincoln Street Fav. Saying: “My fathers gonna kill me”, Found w Tracy, Mel, Kathy, June, Pam, Lisa, Rennie, Denise, Kim W., Liz. Memories: The Stones w Mel and Co., Summers of 80 + 81, Framingham Jr. Prom, Cape, Boston, ice cream raids, crime w Tracy, Saving the drunks, Mahrzie’s party. Amb.: To be happy, and marry Richard Gere! Act.: Yearbook staff, D’n donuts + ice cream. Likes: The Stones, Richard Gere, Food, Mustangs, NL, WBCN + money. Dislikes: Donuts, phonies, fudge gum, flirts and Anything Else? Mel, didja find it? GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF “83”! Tammy Lynn Schauer 589 Pond Street Found w Bob, Tracy Sidney, Betsy Hallet, Trisha McDermott Memories: Junior Prom, Feb. 20, 1981, Summer “79”, Beatlemania Concert Amb.: To become the best I can be and take one day at a time as a challenge. Act.: Drawing, Sketching, Rollerskating, reading true stories or mysteries Likes: Rollerskating, Pocano Mts., Water skiing, drawing + creating Dislikes: Mom’s Stew. (§£ ' . ' m fa David I. Scott 478 Lincoln Street Moe Fav. Saying: It wasn’t me. Found w Rich, Neil, Dan, Mark, Scott, and other friends Memories: Being with friends, E.L.O. and J. Geils concerts, summers in Delaware, Pascoag, work and work-related activities, canoeing on Lake Pearl, F, Y B concert and Hoodsie Heist, and cruising. Amb: To complete at least 4 years of college and become fully independent as soon as possible. Act: Spring track 3, cross country 4, yearbook 4. Likes: good friends, good music, cruising around, and ballfields. Dislikes: bad advice, dishonest people, and useless discipline. Anything Else? FHS has taught me a lot, and not half of it in the classroom Marisa Simon 8 Lincoln Drive Found w Kathy, Lynn, Lynda, Kristin, Debby, Jean, Cheryl, Rennie, and Kim. Memories: Summer of ’81, Snowstorm down the Cape, 11 14 80, Rundgren, The Clash, The Holiday Inn, New Year’s ’81, ’82, 2nd study w Cheryl, Passout, July 4th w Lynn, The Moonwalk. Amb: To be happy, healthy, and weathly. Act: DEC A, Ski Team Likes: Art, Summertime, and being adventorous w Deb. Brian J. Scully 1346 Pond Street Fav. Saying: Hey, Take it easy killer Found VJ Scott, Mike, Fred, Tom, Kevin, Jim, Steve, The Rave and the Rest. Memories: S.E. Hockey Games, Tournament Games (Trip to the Gardens) Medway Football game (9 28); Pizza in A.G. with the five remaining. Amb: To become rich and do well in whatever field I choose. Act: Working at Rico’s, Parties, and anything else I feel like doing. Likes: Hockey, and Parties Dislikes: People who think that the World revolves around them. Anything Else? Gary S. and Mike D. watch out for those Lawnmowers they’re dangerous. (Thanks for everything mom and dad). Steven J. Sims 32 Sherman Avenue Bimbo, Simbo Fav. Saying: “1 don’t know” Found w Paula, Newman, Padula, Stooky, Bill Memories: Franklin vs. Falmouth at C.C.C., Grove St. with Paula, Heidi, Ed. Soph, year day after prom at Franks. Amb: To do something right for once. Act: Freshman Football, Hockey, Indoor Soccer. Likes: Halfdays, Automotives, Good People, Paula, Working on cars, aggressive women. Dislikes: Bitches, people smoking in my car in the morning. Anything Else? Good luck in the future “83”. Leonard Edward Sheppard Jr. 9 Flynn Road Fav. Saying: “Life is a god damn serious big deal.” Found w Gordo, Rich, Cheryl, Tim, Paul, Debbie, Carl Memories: Oskey 80, 81. Parties over Kenny’s, Oct. 11, 1980, being the “Lightman” Amb: To be successful in life and enjoy it. Act: F.L. Club, OEA, Band, Oskey Likes: Babes, Genesis, Fridays, Weekends, Mixing and Maine. Dislikes: Passes, Freshmen, Sunday Blues, Mondays. Anything Else? Thanks alot mom dad for everything. Robert Slaney 24 Rolling Ridge Road Bob, Slinky Fav. Saying: “Hey Bud, let’s party.” Found VJ : Bill E., Mike R., and the neighborhood crew Memories: King’s trailor park, Salem State, Andover, neighborhood parties, Hagen’s gig, Willie’s gig, Bopey’s gig, and the rest of the rough nights. Am: To be successful in whatever I choose to do Act: Hockey, partying, motorcycles Likes: Amy, good times Dislikes: court, people who think they’re cool Anything Else: Hey Mom, I made it! Tracy Irena Sidney 94 Prospect Street " Sidvivious”, “Super sid”, " Sidney”, “Sid " Fav. Saying: “No sir” Found w Tammy, Marrhia, Joyce, Trisha, Kathy, Vickki, Donna, Wanda, Janice, Jill, Debbie, Kathy, Diana, Carmella, Lori. Memories: New York, Boston, Virginia - - - Anthony, Drill team- football games, going to Boston and having fun. Going to Virginia to have a good time. Amb: To achieve and get my masters degree in Computer Science. Act: singing, dancing, cooking, fooling around, having fun just being with friends. 58 Eric G. Smith 3 Eagle Drive Found VJ Craig, Neil, Mike, Fred, and the rest Memories: prom night, 9 11 82, parties at new road, parties in N.H., Sophomore banquet, Laura Cook, Cheryl, Heather, Wotton’s parties, 4th of July Ambition: To graduate and leave Franklin, get a job somewhere and find out what I am going to do Activities: party 1-4 Likes: summer nights in N.H., Fast boats, small cars, water skiing Dislikes: plastic people, Mrs. Murphy, insurance, old cars, summer jobs Anything Else: If I had to do it all over, I wouldn’t do it like this. James Francis Smith 660 Lincoln Street Smitty Fav. Saying: “It figures, something always goes wrong.” Found w Scott, Jim, Chuck. Memories: Summers of ’81 ’82, Geils, AC DC, Halloween Party ’82, Steves Parties, Linda’s Parties, Rat Racing through Franklin without getting caught, chasing Cathy for the whole year w Jim and Scott. Amb.: To have the fastest car around, and live in California when I’m out of school. Act.: Working on cars, cruising on Friday night, working. Likes: Cheverlet that run, girls that don’t, having money, girls w cars. The fiels beside my house on the weekends. Dislikes: The cold weather, quiet girls, running out of gas at bad times. Michael Thomas Smith 53 Forest Street Fav Saying: “Beautiful”, “Go nuts” Found w Linda, Brian, Tony, Joe, Rich, and Friends Memories: Prom, Clash, Police, and Geils Concerts, Summer 82, Celts Day, Mt. Monadnock, playing Pac Man (not the video game), hoop tourney 81, times with Linda Amb: To be happy Act: Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4 Likes: Winning, The Big Apple, Chinese Food, laughing Dislikes: Saturdays at Ken’s, long bus rides to Salem, losing. Physics Zorro’s Anything else? Joe, Did you find any oil behind that tree? Daniel Smits 81 Daniels Street Fav Saying: Smoke a Bone Usually W Adams, Critter, Kim, Suzanne, Killer corner Gang Memories: Capetrip 81, Rubber Room with Morrolla, Busting Sonny, Smoking Area during Lunch Amb: To be successful at any Career I pursue Act: Fixing my transmission in Conners shop Likes: Moody Blues and the Cars, Dislikes: Disco and Nucleor Power. Anthing Else: Everybody must get Stoned! Joseph Edward Steeves 17 Park Road Fav saying: Shut up clown! Found u Tony, Smitty, Richie, Murph, Mike, Mark, Kenny, Tim, Scoot, Pam, and Sue Memories: B. C. Tailgates, Police Concert, Prom, Hampton Beach, Basketball games, Walnut Hill, Fletcher field, Busch Gardens, The Great Adventure, Niagara Falls, Red Sox games, Lee, NH. Amb: To be rich and happy. Act: Basketball 1-4, Soccer 1- 4, Baseball 1, 2. Likes: Winning, Raviolis, parties, banquets, McDonalds, summers, springtime, money, good friends, and quarters. Dislikes: Losing, Salem, NH, fake ID’s, Foxboro, FiFi, Capris, losing van, long bus rides, tag day, and ignorant people. Anything Else? Good luck class of “83”. Susan Margaret Mary StOCkwiB 66 D an i e i s Street Stocky Fav. Saying: Rut-RO, since when Found w Roy, Carrie, Anna, Mark, Lori, Steph, Etc. Memories: Maine w Roy, Registry Rip-Off, Partying w Mark Les., Chicken heist, Pelican Daisy episode, Working at Skatetown, THE MAVERICK! Amb.: To be successful in anything I do, to live in Maine, to get my license, not get caught. Act.: PARTYING, getting away w murder, Being w ROY, going on trips, trying to save my sanity. Likes: ROY, Partying, Rollerskating, giving Ms. Bloom a hard time. Dislikes: G.F., authority figures, communism, War, Anti Socialists. Anything Else? I Love You Mom, BEWARE THE MAVERICK!!! Kristine Stoughton 262 Partridge Street Krissie, Muffy Fav. saying: No way, buzz off Found w Sue, Marcia, Bonnie, Julie, Jane, Linda, etc. Fav. Memories: Sophmore class banquet, Tennis Tourney 2, 3; S ummer ’82, Maine ’82, Maine ’82 w Sue, Jane’s Birthday party, Bunzy’s party, Boston Gardens w Hockey Team (Hockey Tourney ’82), Canada ’81, Didi’s Party, Pago Pago w kids from work. Amb: To be happy, healthy, and successful. Act: J.V. Tennis 1, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4. Girls B-Ball Manager, 1-4, Yearbook 4. Likes: Weekends, Partys, Macs, Vacations, Summer. Dislikes: Snowless winters, bad moods, tests, Mondays. Anything else? Good Luck Class of ’83! Mark Sean Stuart 46 Schofield Drive Stewie Fav. Saying: Don’t let your meat loaf Found W Stucchi, Andy, and the rest Memories: Keg’s down the tracks, Keg’s on Cart Road, prom night, getting off Mount Monadnock Amb: Become an officer in the Army. Make some serious money, Trans Am Act: Army, wrestling, partying, cruising Likes: partying, kegs, cruising, meeting new people, spending money, cherries Dislikes: lightweights, hangovers, getting up in the morning, Swanny, flat chests Anything Else? Shake it easy, we’re outta here!! Gary Stucchi 65 Maple Street Found W Andy, Stew, Pud, Headly, Rick, my guitar Memories: Getting off Monadnock, kegs on crutches, Sturbridge, Hyannis, Regionals 81, Oskey, Bermuda, 82 senior skip day, KASMIR Amb: To be a successful Jeweler, forever!!, beat the system, see Dan T. bleed Act: Wrestling 1+2, DECA, yearbook art director Likes: Italian women, bikes, playing at parties, Moosehead, being late, my job Dislikes: crutches, lawnmowers, doctors, blinkers, waxes, punk rock. The Doors, drawing Panthers Anything Else? Mom, you’re still 1 ! Irene Sullivan 24 Forest Street Fav. Saying: I don’t know Found W Paul, Lisa, Kim C., Deb, Kim R., J + J, Marissa etc. Memories: Oct 9, 10, 1981, Castle w Paul, N.H. w Paul J J, U-Mass “81”, Freshman year, being young, crazy times w Paul, study Jr. year w Lisa, Kim, Jane. Amb: To raise a family live a full happy life. Act: D.E., Softball Likes: Animals, camping, being w Paul, outdoors, friends, snow in the summer. Dislikes: Snobs, spinache, people who chew their gum like cows. Anything else? Good luck everyone! Mel remember the pigmies! Stephen B. Sullivan 115 Pine Street Nickname: Sully Fav. Saying: “Anything Your Little Heart Desires” Found w Mark, Newman, Brian, Eileen, Bimbo, J.D., Jay, The Soccer Team and Everyone Else. Memories: Newport 82’, Chinese Food, Sturbridge Hyannis 1981, George’s going away party. Brian’s parties, Gibsons; 2nd game in Foxboro 82’, Driveway Talks, all the Summers, Mendon, Mr. D’s class, Roof walks. Amb: To own my own successful business Act: Soccer 1-4, Distributive ed. 3-4, I.P.U. 1-3, S.S. inc. Likes: Lasagne, Big Cars, Root beer, Chinese food, summer nights, The Stones, M-M’s, Christmas, G.S.’s, C.C.’s Dislikes: Newport Bridge, Sand Pits, S.C.”. Deanna Susi 67 Milliken Ave Fav. Saying: Your Mental Found w Anna, Cheryl, Julie, Bonnie, Sue, Geralyn. Memories: Monadnock, Phyllis’s parties, Puddle wars Summer of 80 81, Cruising in the Camille Mobile, Day after the Prom down Denise’s, Weekends in Brockton, Parties at my house. AMB: To get accepted to a college, to work with children. ACT: DECA-4, Yearbook-Sec., Member of the Black Dot Club, Likes: Partying, being with friends, Squiggy, Dislikes: Camille’s driving, Anything Else? Smile its not so bad, have another one, good luck class of 83, oh and good luck to Gerry. David G. Sveden 36 Pine Ridge Drive Found w Scott, Nealzo, Dike, Smitty, Tom, David Memories: Summer of “82” on the Cape, Boston Garden, Canton 5-2, Bobo’s Tryouts, Graduation Amb.: College, Engineering, Navy, Travel Act.: Hockey 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 4, Scuba Diving. Likes: Freedom, Ellen, Parties, Good music, Mercedes, Robert Ludlum, Pink Floyd, Eddie Money, reading. Dislikes: Rules, Caso, Brown noses, Anything Else? “To those with ambition: Set your sights and put your heart into it. To those without: I hope you like Franklin.” Steven Taddeo 16 Marmon Road Fav. saying: What’s up? Found w Mutt, Macri, Griff, Butch, Dave, Birdie, Dink, and other members. Memories: Griffs parties, Bitsy’s party, John Cougar, Fleetwood Mac, working at J’s, Hunting In Maine. Amb: To live away from populated areas. Likes: Budweiser, Hunting and Fishing, Vacations Dislikes: Going to class on time, waking up for school after weekends. Anything else: Once your gone you can’t come back. Elizabeth Thackaberry 20 Flynn Road Fav. Saying: “Don’t look at me when you say that”, “good”, “smoking makes yellow babies.” Found W Foley, Kathy, Debby, and the gang. Fav. Memories: Summer of 82, Penn. 82, May 82 behind my house, Rocky Point (Co. Picnics) Amb: To meet as many people as possible, to be a mechanical engineer. Act: Class treasurer 1-3, D.E.I Vice President, Fresh. Softball Theatre Arts I. Likes: Males, meeting guys, partying, the outdoors + all seasons and smiling. Dislikes: “Attitudes” Anything Else? It’s always better to remember the good times in school rather than the bad. Paul Therieau 26 Stewart Street Found w Dave, Murf, Phil, Doba, Warcup, Todd, Adams, Chritta Memories: Daviel Street, The quarries, Summer 82 Likes: Camaro’s, Black Sabbath, people who like to have a good time! Dislikes: Female drivers, W.S.S. Karen Faye Thomas 75 Dean Street Found W Bob, Ann, Michelle, Kerry, Lisa, Karen, Pam, Char Amb: To run a successful business, to play w a symphony orchestra Memories: Installation Faith Oct. 81 and Worthy Advisor Jan. 83, R.W. Concerts Meaux-Franklin exchange, Jr. Miss, Monadnock, July 25, 1981, singing w Bob Act: Band 1-4, Stage Band 2- 4, Blackstone Valley 2-4, Central District, Lay-Out Editor, Student Council, Band pres. 4, Rainbow. Likes: Being w my family, Bob, chem class, looking at rainbows. Anything Else? Music and love are the only languages all people understand, don’t let either be destroyed. Pamela Susan Thumith 235 Glen Meadow Road Pam, Spamski, Snoopy Fav. saying: Lovely! Found w : Pat, Cynthia, Lisa, Karen Memories: Cape, working at FCC, B-Ball Camp, Quebec Amb: To do what God wants me to Act: Softball-1, Basketball-1, Student Council-4 Likes: M M’s, rainbows, Beatles, Good Friends and family, sailing, weekends, warm funny people, spring days. Dislikes: Members, Mondays, Onions. Deanne Marie Tibert 30 Lewis Street Fav saying: What’s the gig? I feel fat! Found w : Trisha, Jonna, Dori, Penny I., Bonnie B., Rob W., John C., Checo, John F., Charles P., Yucky, Barbara S., and Joe R., etc . . . Memories: Mt. Monadnock w the gang, CYO Banquet 82, Mr. Wilk’s chem class, working w Bon Bon at Devita’s Amb: To be sucessful in whatever 1 do. Act: Skating, bowling, working Likes: Music, good friends, cruising, and having a good time. Dislikes: passes, lunch, sup. study, and phonies. Anything Else? Good luck to everyone and I hope you get the most out of life! Daniel J. Tilton II 68 Wachusett Street Danny Found tv ; Scott, Jerry, Me, J.O., Jeanne, Neil, Rich, Dave, Mark, Wild Bill, John, Choke Fav. Mem: Monadnock ’81, ’82, Senior Banquet Breakfast ' 82, Prom, FY B Concerts, Basf Heist, Boston by night. Moon watching in the cemetary, Jeanne Jerry’s Birthday parties, ' 82 Class play and cast party. Amb: To be the all being master of time, space, and dimension. Act: Indoor Track-2, Spring track-2, 3, 4, Foreign Language Club-1, 2, CYO-1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council-4 Likes: Just about everything Dislikes: Seeing friends leave for college. Patricia M. Todd 4 Mount Street Fav. Saying: “is that a cop?” “OH NO! I have Chem. next!” Found W Bruce, Julie, Ty, Joyce, Mark, Heather, Debbie, Jodi, Pam, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Hampton Beach 82, New York Trip, grass people 81, “Big A,” Halloween 81, New year’s 81-82, Prom, 11 14 82, Mt. Manadnock, smilies, police concert, ss w J + J, SPWJ, Olivios. Act: Junior Miss, Junior Classical League Likes: Bruce, sunny beach days, summer nights, parties, nights at the “Big A, ” Food + Friends. Dislikes: School lunches, memory lapses, plastic people + snobs. Anything Else? Heather: Hampton Beach will live forever! Julie: We’ll smile through life together! Lisa Marie Tracey 13 Russell Street Fav. Saying: “Smile” Found w Donna, Ann, Pam, Lia, Mary, Karen, Lisa, Pat Joe and May. Memories: Summer of ’82, and Christmas Party ’81, Summer Vacations 1-3, Cape Cod ’80. Riverside ' 80. Amb: To be happy and to make the ones I love happy. Act: OEA 1, Star Market, Going out with friends. Likes: Being with friends and having a good time. Anything Else? Oh no, Annie, the muffler fell off. It’s been a fun four years. Good luck in the future to all my friends and to the class of ’83. Bye Everyone. Matt Vandekerkhoff 481 Martello Road Found w : abnoxious crew Memories: Nags Head, N. C., John Cougar, Holsy’s Halloween Party, Ozzy Osbourne, Junior Prom, 8 27 82, Bitsy’s Vi Amb: Trade school Likes: party, cars, Bud in the tin, keg parties, M.A.S.H., work Dislikes: Hard stuff Anything Else? Bye Swanny!!! Paul Michael Vetrano 16 George Road Fav. Saying: Hell No! Found w Don, J.D., Newman, Brian, and the rest of both gangs. Memories: Summer of ’81, Shir-Roy, The Falls, After Scoccer Banquet, J.P., Police ’82, P.R., Sandwich ’82, B.U. games, Monadnock ’82, ps. Aerosmith. Amb: To enjoy life while becoming the best I can be. Act: Soccer 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, Capt. Wrestling 4, Spring Track 1- 2, Student Council 4, S.H.Y.G. 1- 3. Likes: Bowie, BCN, B.B.B., B.C.L., Broads Dislikes: Spinning, Plastic People, Wrestling Tournaments. Anything Else? The Universe is only as vast as the mind. Lisa Vicario 473 Coronation Drive Up the barn with Casey; Kim, Kathy, Rennie, Lori, Tracey Memories: 1 6 82, Studies w Tracey, Summer of 81, 82, Riding w Gidget, trip to Haly, grooming at Foxboro, chowing at L.P.’s Amb: To be happy and successful in life. Act: Horse back riding, 4H, Showing Likes: Fiorses, clothes, vacations, food, and animals Dislikes: Donuts, obnoxious redheads. Kimberly Ann Waage 15 Meadow Pkwy Saying: Whats up? Found w Denise, Lori, Kathy M., Kathy R., Dee, Kim, Tracey. Memories: Hyannis w Kathy, Hampton, Jr. Prom, Wareham w Denise, 4-Wheelin’ w Cookie, R. F. w H. Amb: To go to college and become an RN; to own a white vette. Act: Horseback riding, working and spending money. Likes: Horses, vacations, partyin’, Fridays, buying clothes, J.C. Dislikes: Homework, my car, being broke, gaining weight, Mondays. Anything Else? Good Luck Class of ’83. Nicholos J. Wallace 76 Cross Street Saying: Why? Usually VJ Al, Jean, Debbie, Pauline, Len, Kathy, Richard, and anyone else that joins the crowd!! Memories: Junior Prom, Horseneck Beach and Lincoln Park afterward, Mt. Manadnock, Summer of “82”, Summers of “81” and “82” in Maine, Learning how to drive with “T”! Amb.: To be successful in anything I attempt in my lifetime. Act.: Band 1-2, Student Council 1-2, Sleeping until noontime, talking! for hours on the phone. Likes: Chicken, Sleeping, R.f-L, A.M.C., M.C.M. Dislikes: Being told what to do, working at Sears. Anything else? You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one! James Francis Webber 20 Anthony Road Fav. saying: No way Found w Matt, Craig, Tony, Dan, Mike, Scott, Jeff. Memories: Summer ’82, Jr. Prom, Kinks ’82, Ozzy ’82, tournament Hockey Games, Matt’s, Labor Day, and the Drive-In. AMB.: To go to college and be successful in Business Management. Likes: Study, lunch, weekend, having a good time, music, and absent teachers. Dislikes: Passes, Scott’s Driving, unemployment, Tony’s stories, Matt not being on time. Anything else? Good luck to the class of ’83 and Craig stay calm. Lawrence James Wicks 11 Tyson Road “Larenzo” Usually W Most of the Senior Class Memories: Weekends, Freshman class trip to Prince’s House, Class “Trip” to Mt. Monadnock Amb: To graduate from college and to be rich Dislikes: Working at Wo So So Anything Else: Later Fo Ho So, MUCH!!! Kevin M. Woods 192 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Woodsie. Fav. saying: No Biggee. Found w Ken, Joe, and whoever else, Memories: 9 16 81, Summers of 81+82, Hockey games, Pats games, Theropy, Pick up games. Amb: To find out what I want to do and be successful at it, The Best! Act: Football 1-3, Basketball 1-2, Baseball 2, Hospital 3. Likes: Summers, sports, gambling, weekends, nights, G.W. “get togethers”, going out, music. Dislikes: Losing Mondays, mornings, Getting cut, snobs. Anything else? Last and Least Pizzy. Beth Karen Wooster 33 Daniels Street Fav. Saying: Nifty, Neat, Mint. Found w Debbie, Lisa, Dianne, Linda, Phyllis, Heather, and the 4 noisy library people. (F., M.K., M., C.). Memories: Soph. English, M.A.A.P., Sebago Lake, French Students from exchange ’82, My friends. Act: F.L.C., Mod. senate, S.A.C., yrbk., B-ball 1-4, tennis. Amb: To be a successful, respected journalist and financially independent. Likes: Squeeze, Michael McDonalds’s voice, sweatpants, earings, Larry Bird + co., a good sense of humor., the M’s P’s, songs of the 60’s, The Impressionists, strawberries, adverbs. Dislikes: Chem lab, retainers, supervised study, over whelming amounts of snow, school chairs, bullet proof polyester. Anything else: “Dianne, I can write this essay in 35 minutes, really . . da na na na na . . . R. Brian Wotton 1081 Pond Street Fav. saying: Thats a good question. Found w Newman, P.V. , Jay, Sully, J.D., Mugsy, Murph and the rest of the clan. Memories: Soccer Banquet ’81 Prom, Hockey games, Claire’s party’s, Gibsons, Indoor, Brewer’s party, Sandwich, Mully’s Party, Oskey Cast Party and the rest of the weekends, P.S. OZ’s. Amb: To help terminally ill children live a happy life. Act: Soccer 1-4, I.P.U. 2-4. Likes: 2:10 bell, Christmas, Newman’s Bronco, brown-eyes miniskirts. Dislikes: 6 a.m. practice, Foxboro, People who think they are excellent, Shuttles under 32, the morning after. Anything Else? Enjoy it underclassmen, it doesn’t last long. James Gerard Williamson 7 Gerard Circle Nickname: Willie, K.W., Killer. Found w The Obnoxious Ones. Memories: Dec. 4, 1981, Prince’s class trip, Jethro Tull, Vermont with the hockey team, Junior year. Ambition: To stay out of trouble. Activities: Hockey, Football, Baseball. Dislikes: Losing to Falmouth, Canton, passing out. Likes: Kim, Bud in the tin, winning, all nighters. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Clay Brodsky Pond Street Lesli Cyrianne Wilcox 280 Main Street Fav. Saying: Geek! Found with: Some of the best people. Memories: Jorge’s gigs, Bonfire “79”, Pat’s radical days, M + A, Brian, Fence hoppin Rocky Pt., 6 26 81, Time w Dan, T.P. 12 31 81, The Stroke, The train ride, The Leprechaun, S. Ding at Beaver, The Clash. Amb: To never, ever see Cleveland! Act: Var. Soccer 1-4, Mirage, S.S. Inc. Likes: 60’s attitude, Chrissy, Mustangs, Dylan, Bud, T.M.S., Mac’s, Talks w Jo, Sully’s Laugh, A.T. Y.D. (J.N.), Radios, Poetry, Bowie. Dislikes: Shattered illusions. Anything else? ... as long as it’s amusing . . . Robert Williams 672 Pond Street Nickname: Rob. Found w Dianne, Matt, Joe, Bob, Rich Tom, John. Memories: Weekends, 10 10 80, Killer Corner, Friday the 13th-1980, 16th party, Joe, Keep away from the comfort!, Partying at Pats, Devils night 1981. Amb: To be successful in life. Likes: Going out and having a good time, being w Dianne. Dislikes: Sitting in rubber room. Anything else? Watch out for those trees that jump out in front of you Chauncey, it’s been real! James Marchand 18 East Park Street Kevin M. Walsh 157 Conlyn Avenue 64 65 I hand to hold oh to When the Class of 1983 was left at the end of our sophomore year with no advisor, you both stepped in and took over the job. We are more than grateful and indebted to you for all you’ve done for us. The Class appre¬ ciates you taking the ball and running with it. We are thankful for all the g uidance and support you have given us in planning our junior prom, magazine sale, and the many other activities that we’ve successfully com¬ pleted during our high school years. We know these words of gratitude can not fully express our feelings of thanks, but we hope that you know how grateful we really are. We also hope that your working with us has been as enjoyable for you as it has been for us. In ending, we hope you will always re¬ member us, because we certainly won’t ever forget our years at Franklin High School and the both of you as our class of “83” advi¬ sors. With all our love, The Class of 1983 Mr. Mulcahy Mr. Radford A special thanks to Mr. James Chelotti for his volunteering to be our class advisor during our Freshmen and Sophomore years. He unfortunately had to give his position up as our advisor because of a change in his teaching schedule. We will never forget you or all the assistance and fun times, especially our Freshmen and Sophomore Banquets, that you planned and enjoyed with us. You will always be remembered in years to come. 66 Love Always, The Class of “83” Cady, you bring us up when we’re down At the end of our Junior year, the Class of 1983 had no one to help us put together our yearbook, then you came to our rescue! We were turned down by every teacher, but when we asked you, you agreed to the job. In the beginning things looked bleak. Our summer meetings were unorganized. Nothing was accomplished at all, until fall when you stepped in to advise us. You helped us solve the many problems we had (not to mention the financial ones) at the beginning of the year, and it is because of you that The Oskey ’83 yearbook is a great success! It is your cheerfulness, kindness, consideration, and your great sense of humor that always keeps us going! You always went out of your way to help us, and because of your hard work and dedication, we will be forever grateful to you. DEADLINE is a word none of us will EVER forget, nor will we forget all those late night meetings we had to complete the number of pages that were due the next day! Thanks for everything, Mrs. Fox, especially for putting up with us all the time-and also for being the BEST yearbook advisor any class could ever have!!!!!!! Love Always, Bonnie Ficco, Anna Ferrara and the 1983 Oskey Yearbook Staff 67 wmm Zhey lead us with pride and dignity This years class officers (pictured), and the previous class officers, who we had during our first three years of high school, all contributed in making us the great class we are today! They have carefully planned to make successes of our annual banquets, fundraising events, Junior Prom, and other activities as well. They have respectfully and honestly represented our class with “pride and dignity”. Each and everyone of us is grateful to them for this. The warm personality and dedication you have each displayed, make all of you very special people. A very special thank you to Anna, Colin, Linda, and Kathy, 1983 Class officers, for making our senior year not only fun and memorable, but also making us the BEST class that Franklin High School ever had!! PRESIDENT: Anna Ferrara VICE PRESIDENT: Colin Hoffmeister TREASURER: Linda Colace SECRETARY: Kathy Foley r«| m m PvH 4 f§r EDUCATING for a brighter future Administration The Class of 1983 would like to thank the Administration here at Franklin High School. A special thanks to Dr. M. M. Suffredini Jr. for his special dedication, kindness, and spirit he has given to all of us this year. For all his concern and strong support, we remember well Mr. John P. Doherty Jr., Superintendent of Schools. Where would we be without Mr. Quinlan and Mrs. Swanbeck? They have shown that it is far more credible to give out before you give in. Mr. Doherty Dr. Suffredini Mrs. Swanbeck Mr. Quinlan Mrs. Gianetti Mrs. Carr Mrs. Doherty Mrs. Costello I Miss Pisano Warm thanks are extended to FHS secretaries whose humor, patience, and hard work have made our school more organized and complete. 70 Mrs. Gannon Nurse Mr. Evans Mrs. McManus Mr. Rainville Mrs. Walker Mrs. Springer Quidance And Career The senior class sincerely thanks the guidance and career departments for their help and guidance through their 4 years at FHS. Special thanks to Mrs. Springer, secre¬ tary to the Guidance Counselors. Her skills have helped all seniors making plans for next year. Warm thanks to Mrs. Gannon, school nurse, who has shown her concern and support to the students of Franklin High School, by always being there when someone was injured, or who just needed to talk. Without Mrs. Gan¬ non, Mrs. Springer, and all our Guid¬ ance Counselors, it would have been impossible for us to make it through these past four years. 71 Mr. Will 19 ye, Mr. Luccini 16 years Mr. Chelotti 16 years Social Studies Charged for teaching communism to minors. Mrs. F. Peters 11 years Mr. R. Crowley 16 years Mr. Mulcahy 13 years r. Johnston 17 years i Ms. Eppinger 3 years Mr. Gilmore 11 years Mr. Chrabaszcz 7 years Mr. Currie 13 years Mrs. Ligon 9 years Mr. Radford Ms. Duncan 11 years Mrs. Vosburgh 12 years Mr. Loiiw 14 years Science Charged with mss disection of helpless amphibians. Mr. Vaillancoi 12 years Mrs. M. Cook 16 years Mr. Parmenter 16 years Mr. Kingsbury 21 years Mr. P. DiMarco 15 years Mrs. Willard 11 years Mr. Wilk 12 years Mr. DeFronzo 4 years 74 Mr. Loper 12 years j Mr. Leone 20 years Mrs. Menize 10 years X ' Ww I j Mr. Gonsalves 7 years Math Charged with miscalculating of numbers. Miss Turco 22 years Mrs. Johnson 9 years Mrs. Cook 7 years lr. Compagnone 10 years Irs. Johnson 9 years Mrs. Russo 12 years Ms. D’Agostino 3 years foreign language Charged with being illegal aliens. Mr. Methot 2 V 2 years Mr. J. Crowley 23 years McCarthy 1 year Tine Arts Charged with beating and firing clay. ii Mr. Rice 17 years Ms. Rosenberg 1 year Mr. Balest 19 years Ms. Hjerpe 5 years Mr. MacPhee 15 ' years Mrs. Murphy 6 years Industrial Arts Charged with counterfeiting. Mr. Hinckley 22 years Mrs. C. DiMarco 15 years Mrs. Fox Mrs. Bennett 5 years 12 years Home Economics Charged with a “salt” and “batter”-y with a deadly spoon. , Ette 13 y Mr. Hosford 10 years Mr. Conner 3 years Mr. Autieri 10 V 2 years k librarians Charged With Plagiarism Mrs. Richardson 17 Years Mrs. Allen 16 Years Ms. Clark 3 Years Charged With Zax Evasion Mr. Standring 13 Years Mr. Clamp 9 Years Mr. Gray 14 Years Mrs. Reizian 15 Years Mrs. Greenwood 11 Years Mrs. Bloom 11 Years Mr. J. Peters 12 Years i 0 w $ 1r. Parnell 3 Years Mr. Chauncey 12 Years Ir. Gormley 16 Years Ir. McCall 12 Years Charged With Attempt Zo Comm it Bodily Mam. Mr. Lumenti 14 Years Physical education Ms. Richards 12 Years Mr. Sutherland 20 Years Special Meeds Charged With Contributing Zo Zhe Delinquency Of A Minor faculty Superlatives mosz vsmeA zm MOSZ A ZMP£ZJ E£SZ jCOOKJM MOSZ WZSKSSZJM MOSZ SPJKJZSD.■ E£$Z PSKSOMCJZy, E£SZ CO A CM-. E£SZ DK£SSm mosz pmoy zo E£ K£M£ME£Km MOSZ OKQAWZSD, MOSZ MSCmiC.: MOSZ eAKSMSS: MOSZ POPUPAP MOSZ ZAPPA ZJV£. MOSZ UJWSKSZAMDJM QUJ£Z£SZ: E£SZ SPSAPSK: SAJKSSZ: szraezssz .; ZyPJCAP SMS ZPACMSP Mr. Ckrabaszez Mr. Cuecini Or. SufjredM Mr. Kingsbury Mr. Radford Mr. Wilk Mr. Ceone Mr. Williams Mr. Quinlan Mr. R. Crowley Mr. Ckelotti Mr. Qilmore Mr. (fray Mr. Parmenter Mr. Mulcaky Mr. OeSronzo Mr. foknston Mr. Mulcaky Mr. Vaillancourt Mr. McCall Mrs. Rickardson Ms. Rickards Mrs. 3ox Mrs . Cigon Mrs. Mcnize Mrs. OiMarco Mrs. Cippert Mrs. Bloom Mrs. Swanbeck Mrs. Baca Mrs. Rcizian Mrs. Willard Mrs. Mcnize Ms. Ouncan Mrs. Cigon Mrs. Russo Miss Sppingcr Mrs. Vosburgk Mrs. Murpky Mrs. Bennett by a landslide 9ranklin ' ' $ Koad to Super Bowl The Franklin High School football team began its season with a great amount of optimism, and a relatively small, young inexperienced team. But what they did have was a group of kids with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, intensity, desire, and heart that was just itching to go out and prove that they were going to be a team to be reckoned with. Although inexperience was present on the team, there was an old but new force that was going to cancel any of this so called inexperience. This force was the Franklin High coaching staff led by head Coach Leone and his assistants, Coach Luccini, Coach Williams, and Coach Miller. Now with all this diversity and potential all Franklin wanted was to get the season rolling. After decisively winning their first five games, the Panthers had developed into a strong and talented team that would not accept losing. This became more and more apparent after the Panthers won the showdown against North Attleboro and had also won and tied games in the remaining seconds with other teams. So due to a tremendous amount of will and desire the Panthers won the Hockomock Championship and were on their way to the Superbowl. Franklin 20 Medway 6 Franklin 27 Milford 0 Franklin 16 Canton 0 Franklin 29 Mansfield 6 Franklin 14 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 19 North Attleboro 7 Franklin 12 Foxboro 7 Franklin 30 Sharon 16 Franklin 20 Stoughton 20 Franklin 34 King Philip 0 SUPERBOWL Franklin 22 Dartmouth 7 1982 Hockomock League Champions 1982 Division III Superbowl Champions top row, L-R: Mike Calderone, Coach Miller, Coach Williams, Barton Sims, Joe Orlando, Jim Jette, Steve Tracy, Tom Gerard, Terence McDonough, Matt Gordon, Jeff Godon, Paul Molla, Brian Rasicot, Shawn MacDowell, John Curran, Dave Fording, Bob Kaye, Paul Swanson, Jim Galvin, Dave O’Hearn, Bill Robinson, Matt Thompson, Steve Sugrue, Mike Padula, James Lee, Mike Bassignani, Tim Bobola, Sean Reardon, Dan Smith, Tr. Mike Gloor, Coach Leone, Coach Luccini. middle row: Mark Lomberto, Lionel Branscomb, Dave Reizian, Tom Stauba, Tim Shannon, Bob Lomberto, Jim Vallee, Kenneth Dacko, Scott Anderson, Greg Duplessie, Chuck Koshivas, Dave Kennealy, Brian Donovan, Philip Guidrey, John Jette, Greg Anderson, Dave Patterson, Peter Huie. bottom row: Joe Cataldo, Greg Ballarino, Steve Sugrue, Tom Keville, Jim Brown, Mark Duncan, Bob Bissanti, Colin Hoffmeister, Brian Bonollo, Jim Williamson, Steve Pisani, Jim Marchand, Jim Padula, Danny Adiletto. 83 THE1002 SUPER BOliJL- TT % franklin breeds Champions It had been a long, but successful and rewarding season for the Panthers. It only seemed fit to have them go to Schaefer Stadium to play in the Eastern Massachusetts Division III Superbowl, on December 4, 1982. The table was set; with a crowd of over 10,000 fans, and a temperature of 50°, the Franklin Panthers would take to the field one more time. Playing up to their highest potential, the Panthers demonstrated what they had been doing all year long. Without the cooperation and the contributions that each player gave, this would never have happened. The Panthers were a team, and they played together as a team. As the final second ticked off the clock, the Franklin High football team, shared with each other and with the crowd of people, that great feeling of winning, for they had just become the 1982 Superbowl Champions. Their mission was complete. Zoumey Wound The strong kicking, fast running soccer team had a challenging season with Coach Bositis (1) leading the Panthers to Tournament! Joe Steeves (2) slides by a Sharon player while Jay Mullin is at his side. A shot to the goal by Rico Frongillo (3) is sure to score! John Dorsey (4) winds up for a penalty kick. A water break for the FHS Superstar (5). It’s an easy ride for Mark Reardon (6) as he coasts down the field. Brian Wotton (7) smashes the ball out from under the goalie. Paul Vetrano (8) gets ready to head the ball, while Joe Steeves (9) displays some of his fancy footwork! Joe Gruseck (10) leads the offensive charge, followed closely by Jay Mullin. “Look at these hands, I can’t do a thing with them!” Shouts June Brady (11) to Traci White. Intimidated by the Franklin defense, this Sharon player (12) ducks for cover. “I dare you to take another step” says Jay Mullin, (13). Joe Steeves .... here’s the wind-up, and kick .... (14) Franklin 5 B. C. High 2 Franklin 2 King Philip 0 Franklin 2 North Attleboro 0 Franklin 3 Sharon 1 1 Foxboro 5 Franklin : o Newton North 2 Franklin ; i Franklin 8 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 2 Stoughton 0 Franklin 8 King Philip 0 Franklin 2 North Attleboro 1 Franklin 3 Sharon 0 Foxboro 2 Franklin 0 Franklin 5 Oliver Ames 0 Franklin 1 Newton North 1 Franklin 3 Stoughton 1 Xaverian 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 2 Chatham 1 Franklin 1 Scituate 0 Duxbury 2 Franklin 1 86 87 A Bositis’ Bootcrs Mark Reardon (1) grunts as he scores a goal. Joe Steeves (2) blocks his opponent with his chest, while John Dorsey (3) dribbles away from his man. What’s the matter boys? Bob Puorro, Jay Mullin, and Brian Wotton (4) stare off into space. “Look out, get out of my way” says Joe Steeves (5) as he plows through the field. Get those legs up! Gary Lippert (6) kicks the ball down the field, as Jay Mullin (7) plows through the pack. This year’s most valuable player, Captain Kevin Murphy (8) is on the move. Joe Steeves (9) doesn’t give up and stays right by his man’s side, John Dorsey (10) gives a yell when one of the numerous goals were scored. Look out ref., Jay Mullin (11) is on the move. Rich Frongillo (12) looks frightened at the sight of a soccer ball. Gary Lippert (13) jumps over the opponent and dives forward to help Joe Steeves. Up’ fe 4 i " _. . ' ij ' !tr Bottom row L to R— Craig Bucchanio, Donald Costello. Brian Wotton, Kevin Murphy (Captain), Joe Steeves, Jay Mullin, Joe Gruseck Top row L to R— Coach Bositis, Kevin Hooper, Tim Crowley, Tom Masterson, Paul Vetrano, Bob Puorro, John Dorsey, Mark Reardon, Gary Lippert, Rich Frongillo, Steve Sullivan, John Colella, Claire Giardini, Susan Yankee. 89 Kick ing Cife fato Zkc Jail The Franklin Girls Soccer team “kicked off” the season with Co-Captains Kathy Foley and Mary Kay Atkins. Lia Lippert( ) the school trainer, carefully tapes Lisa DiMartino’s hand. Does Kathy Foley (2) always smile pretty when the ball gets passed? Lesli Wilcox (3) smashes her opponent’s leg and kicks the ball down the field while Susan Healy is at the scene to help out. Paula Lodi (4) says “no way” and hip-checks her defendant out of the way so Lisa DiMartino has a sure shot at the goal. SMACK! KPs’ player goes down as Chris Currier (5) whizzes by while Geralyn Riley feels a cool breeze running through her hair- ooooohh! Come on, Lesli Wilcox (6) put a little “UMPH” into it! A quick move of the knee raises the ball for Kathy Foley (7) with Lesli close by. Nancy Peterson (8) manages to get in a quick grin and still dribble to victory. So long . . . Great game, says the friendly Kaia Miller, Joanna Nowacki, and Lesli Wilcox (9) Ya . . . Right Coach! who cares, we won anyway. The girls catch a breather (10). Another fantastic maneuver demonstrated by Kathy Foley (11). Put a little hip into it! Joanna Nowacki (12) passes the ball across the field. 90 Franklin 5 Keefe 0 Medfield 2 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 1 Foxboro 1 Franklin 1 King Philip 0 Franklin 13 Tri-County 0 Franklin 3 Dover 1 Franklin 2 Westwood 0 Marlboro 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 2 Keefe 1 Medfield 5 Franklin 1 Franklin 1 Foxboro 1 Franklin 2 King Philip 0 Franklin 6 Tri-County 0 Dover 4 Franklin 0 Franklin 4 Westwood 1 Marlboro 1 Franklin 0 ' tfw a l PS I J|H KM 1 f 1 1 A Bottom row L to R— Joanna Nowacki, Lesli Wilcox, Co-Captains Kathy Foley and Mary Kay Atkins, Kaia Miller, Susan Healy. Top row L to R— Coach Lippert, Maria Lodi, Lisa DiMartino, Bonnie Sandcomb, Geralyn Riley, Nancy Peterson, Kim Hart, Karen Meeker, Chris Currier, Paula Lodi, Mary Slaney. 91 The Franklin High Field Hockey team had a season full of fun, hard work, and victories. Leading the team are tri-captains Sue Nasuti, Diane Court, and Debbie Daddario. Mary Cormier (1) concentrates on hitting the ball down field, while Diane Court, Debbie Daddario and Sue Nasuti (2) celebrate the winning goal. Diane Court and Sue Nasuti watch on while Ruth Fraser (3) is determined to keep the ball from the defender. The opponent moves back to let Sue Nasuti (4) make her move. Lizanne Noble (5) has the evil eye on her opponent and strives to stop the ball, meanwhile Deb Daddario (6) tries her best to help Franklin High. Diane Court (7) breaks away and moves down field. WHAM! Mary Cormier (8) saves the ball while Sue Nasuti, Deb Daddario and Diane Court eagerly watch on. “What’s this thing?” Geralyn Riley (9) is simply amazed at the new invention in this modern world!! 92 Bottom tow L to R: Joyce Isley, Mary Cormier, Tri- captains Sue Nasuti, Deb Daddario and Diane Court, Lizanne Noble, Ruth Frazier, Top row: Janine Nasuti, Karen Mazzola, Carla Guidry, Coleen Donovan, Laurie Court, Kathy Roche, Stacy Myers, Coach Post. I , Franklin 3 Sharon 1 Franklin 1 Foxboro 0 Mansfield 9 Franklin 1 Canton 2 Franklin 1 Franklin 3 King Philip 1 Franklin 1 North Attleboro 0 Oliver Ames 1 Franklin 0 Franklin 2 Stoughton 0 Franklin 1 Sharon 1 Franklin 0 Foxboro 0 Mansfield 2 Franklin 1 Canton 3 Franklin 0 Franklin 3 King Philip 0 Franklin 2 North Attleboro 1 Oliver Ames 3 Franklin 0 Franklin 1 Stoughton 0 ■ m,m 93 Bottom L-R: Chuck Sveden, Damcn Gannon, David Scott, Neil McCabe, Kevin Netto. Top L-R: Craig Strok, Danny Marak, Chris Peters, Greg Cunningham, Coach Chelloti. Zmdging Zhe Miles STRIDE STRIDE STRIDE .... For Panther Pride! Neil McCabe (1) pulls ahead with the look of exhaustion upon his face. This is not one of Damen Gannon’s (2) prettier faces, but he takes pride as he strides across the track. Greg Cunningham (3) is stepping outside to pass those Canton runners. 1, 2, 3, GO! Franklin steps off on the right foot (4) to start the race. Chuck Sveden (5) keeps a few strides ahead of his opponent. Canton 17 Franklin 42 Foxboro 15 Franklin 48 Sharon 22 Franklin 35 North Attleboro 15 Franklin 48 Oliver Ames 15 Franklin 48 Mansfield 21 Franklin 35 Stoughton 15 Franklin 45 Franklin 22 King Philip 39 94 Sharon 4Vi Franklin lVi Franklin 5 Foxboro 1 Franklin 3 Mansfield 3 Franklin 3 Canton 3 Franklin 3 King Philip 3 Norht Attleboro 6 Franklin 0 Oliver Ames 6 Franklin 0 Stoughton 4 Franklin 2 Franklin 4 Vi Sharon 1 Vi Franklin 5 Foxboro 1 Franklin 4 Mansfield 2 Franklin 3 Vi Canton 2 Vi King Philip 5 Franklin 1 North Attleboro 4 Franklin 2 Oliver Ames 6 Franklin 0 Franklin 6 Stoughton 0 Swinging for Mir dies Zke Mark Peterson (1) concentrates on his stroke while Scott Karkos (2) shows Mark the proper technique for his shot. Matt McQuiggen (3) seems to be a bit off course in the sand pits! Is Doug Bethoney (4) watching the golf ball or has he got his eye on a girl walking by? A little grass goes up with David Debagis’s (5) shot, but the ball still dropped right in! ! Bottom L-R: Matt McQuiggen, Scott Karkos, Dave DeBaggis, Coach Mulcahy. Top L-R: Greg Ostrander, Doug Bethoney, Mark Peterson, Kevin Collins, Pam Kerrigan. 95 Shooting to win This years Boys Basketball team began its year with three new starters and a few new faces. But no matter how much inexperience this team had, they still remained very competitive and well respected. Mike Prince (1) displays his leaping ability by reflecting an opponents shot. Senior Captain Mike Smith (2) attempts to tear away a rebound. Shawn MacDowell (3) beats his man to the baseline and continues aggressively to the hoop. Coach Geysen (4) likes what he sees. Tough defense is always Franklin’s trademark-displayed here by Shawn MacDowell and Mike Smith (5). Phil Guidrey (6) drives hard to the hoop. Look at that determination shown in Joe Steeves’ face (7) as he drives through the lane! Joe Steeves (8) uses his instincts to find the open man. Don’t worry Joe Steeves (9) it has to come down sometime. Mike Prince (10) goes up for an easy two points. Shawn MacDowell (11) steals the ball and takes it back the other way. Phil Guidrey (12) shows his unique form of shooting. Using his speed and quickness Phil goes up for some quick points. When Captain Mike Smith gets his hands on the ball after rebounding he makes sure he keeps it away from his opponents! Sharon 43 Franklin 33 Foxboro 72 Franklin 64 Franklin 56 Mansfield 45 Canton 82 Franklin 69 Franklin 71 King Philip 58 Franklin 60 North Attleboro 53 Oliver Ames 70 Franklin 55 Stoughton 71 Franklin 51 Sharon 56 Franklin 56 Foxboro 84 Franklin 64 Franklin 65 Mansfield 62 Canton 60 Franklin 54 Franklin 69 King Philip 57 Franklin 48 North Attleboro 37 Oliver Ames 59 Franklin 57 Stoughton 100 Franklin 54 96 6 Front Row (L to R): Mike Prince, Joe Steeves, Mike Smith, Tony Calderone, John Dorsey. Back Row: Coach Geyson, Phil Guidrey, Shawn MacDowell, Chris Murphy, Tim Burke, Chris Prince, Steve Sugrue, Fred Greene, Bob Kaye. 97 light, Score, Win The Girl’s Basketball Team displayed much spirit and competitiveness during this year’s season. One of the team’s leaders Deb Daddario, (1), goes up for a shot. Ellyn Robinson (2) dribbles out of traffic, while Diane Kelly (3) fights for the jump ball. Deb Daddario (4) finishes off the fast break with a lay-up. After grabbing the rebound, Phyllis Pink (5) looks for the outlet pass, while Ellyn Robinson (6) gets a rebound of her own. Beth Wooster (7) takes a shot while the opposition looks on. Phyllis Pink (8) goes aggressively after the loose ball. The team (9) takes a breather during a time-out. Geralyn Riley (10) displays good form as she attempts a jump shot. Kris Stoughton (11) in her 4th year as manager, takes a look at the book. Beth Wooster, Diane Kelly, Deb Daddario, and Ann Wooster (12) wait for a rebound in the pre-game warm up. Everybody backs off as Beth Wooster (13) goes up for a jump shot. " ■ s J. ■_ i 1- -jl 1 ■- V Front Row (L to R): Deb Daddario, Ellyn Robinson, Bonnie Sancomb. Back Row (L to R) Robyn Kurgas, Anne Birtwell, Phyllis Pink, Beth Wooster. Diane Kelly, Ann Wooster, Geralyn Riley. 98 Sharon 41 Franklin 28 Franklin 41 Foxboro 35 Mansfield 76 Franklin 44 Canton 48 Franklin 38 Franklin 44 King Philip 39 Franklin 62 North Attleboro 51 Oliver Ames 71 Franklin 36 Franklin 51 Stoughton 46 Sharon 42 Franklin 37 Foxboro 37 Franklin 34 Mansfield 63 Franklin 32 Canton 36 Franklin 34 Franklin 41 King Philip 30 Franklin 44 North Attleboro 39 Oliver Ames 79 Franklin 32 Stoughton 35 Franklin 33 99 Jcy battleground With the tremendous coaching of Coach Luccini and leadership of Captains Jim Marchand, Bob Bissanti, and Mark Duncan(l) the talented Franklin High School Hockey team captured the Hockomock league championship and propelled themselves into the state tournament. Franklin’s swarming defense(2) rarely gave the opposition a chance to control the puck. Co-Captain Mark Duncan (3) digs hard into the boards to get control of the puck. Mark Reardon (4) takes his frustrations out on an enemy. Ken Assad’s aggressive style of play (5) is well liked by his teammates. Mark Reardon (6) steals the puck away from his opponent. Dave Patterson (7) sneaks one by the goaltender! Co- Captain Mark Duncan (8) doesn’t need any of that as he drives through his opponents resistance. Co-Captain Mark Duncan (9) stops to set up and play some “D”. With his blazing speed Co-Captain Bob Bissanti (10) usually beats his man to the puck. Matt “Mateuse” McQuiggan (11) uses his finesse to steal the puck away from the enemy. Known to have a dangerous slapshot, Co-Captain Jim Marchand (12) releases another. Steve Tenney (13) begins control and sets up the play. Co- Captain Bob Bissanti (14) eludes his enemy with a pass along the boards. Ken Assad (15) breaks into the zone all alone. (16) Dave Sveden races after a loose puck. 5 I Qarden Party Franklin High’s Hockey Team proved to EVERYONE that they are the Champions on March 15, 1983 at Boston Garden in the EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS DIVISION II FINALS. The Panthers faced some tough teams throughout the tournament, every game, a nail biting experience — up to the final seconds. Finally, Franklin beat them all, and once again was given the chance to take on Falmouth at the Garden! Ah- -sweet revenge!! Neal Foley’s " Mohawk” psyched players up for the final showdown! Other team members shaved off one eyebrow, showing their committment to winning!! Dave Sveden’s shirt — “Never Say Die,” said it all. March 15 arrives. After a scoreless first period, fans are edgy. Into the second period Falmouth leads 2-1. Neal Foley’s superior individual effort on a breakaway finally lets go with a nice wrist shot. Then finally, Jim Williamson’s “hat trick” saves the night! With only eleven seconds left, much to Falmouths chagrin, “Clutch” Williamson scores big, ties the game at four to four and sends the game into overtime — also sending the fans into a foot-stomping, screaming, frenzy! Less than two minutes later, Ken Assad triumphantly scores the winning goal!! Five to Four!! The crowd goes insane — wildly cheering fans jump onto the ice screaming “We’re Number One”; as hockey players hug each other, with only a joy that champions feel! To Ken Assad, local hero, it is “the biggest goal of his hockey career”. Jim Williamson, soon to be plastered on the pages of local papers, grins and yells, “Never Say Die!!” Winning the 1983 Championship has been achieved by the Panthers through working together with PRIDE, determination, and skill. Forever friends, Never Give Up, Never Say Die. Franklin 6 Stoughton 1 Franklin 4 South Eastern 1 Franklin 10 North Attleboro 3 Franklin 6 King Philip 1 Franklin 7 Canton 4 Franklin 9 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 9 Oliver Ames 3 Franklin 12 South Eastern 0 Franklin 14 North Attleboro 2 Franklin 13 King Philip 1 Canton 6 Franklin 4 Franklin 7 Blue Hills 1 Franklin 7 Oliver Ames 3 Franklin 3 Stoughton 1 Franklin 10 North Attleboro 1 Franklin 7 King Philip 0 Franklin 7 Canton 1 Franklin 9 Eastern Mass. Stoughton Division I] Tournament 3 Franklin 10 Medfield 3 Franklin 4 Columbus 1 Franklin 4 Wilmington Division II Championship 3 Franklin 5 Falmouth 4 ypi§ f;- {■ fHH in rt ggj§ 1 : jfp ' fe ‘ ’ • ' ■ n .-•§ I ■ Never Say Die Front Row (L to R): Ken Assad, Tom Nasuti, Jim Marchand, Bob Bissanti, Mark Duncan, Dave Sveden, Neal Foley. 2nd Row: Coach Luccini, Jim Fish, Jim Williamson, Tom Gately, Scott Karkos, Bill McCaron, Steve Tenney, Mark Reardon, Keith Chambers, Coach Crowley, Coach Kennedy. 3rd Row Kevin Campbell, Dave Patterson, Rich Remilard, Chris Spillane, Matt McQuiggan, Tom Lee, Not pictured: Brian Assad, and Don Theriault. 103 9.M.S. Matmen With a hardworking coach and a determined wrestling team, the Franklin High School Matmen had a very successful season. The FHS Matmen, who are becoming more and more respected each year, had their best mark in over three years. Here Coach Colace (1) watches on intensely. Paul Vetrano (2) stalks his pray, assistant coach, Rick Salvucci (3) yells instructions. Two matmen (4) get ready to challenge one another. Sean Begin (5) gets the better position on his toe. Capt. Colin Hoffmeister (6) puts away another challenger. Sean Begin (8) gets ready to pin his opponent. If you don’t let go I’m going to rip all your hair out of your head (9). Capt. Colin Hoffmeister (10) turns over his opponent for another point. Sean Begin (11) shows his determination as his opponent takes the punishment. Mark Lenzi (12) gets ready to attack his opponent. Paul Vetrano (13) inflicts pain into his challenger. Capt. Colin Hoffmeister (14) uses the old chin to punish his opponent. Paul Vetrano (15) uses his legs as scizzors to put more pain into his desperate opponent. Making the first move is a sign of aggressiveness (16) as shown by this madman. Mark Lenzi (17) has no problem with this challenger. Franklin 52 Marlboro 16 Franklin 37 Natick 30 Walpole 52 Franklin 8 Holliston 40 Franklin 28 Franklin 37 Keefe Tech 28 Franklin 28 Cohasset 25 Duxbury 42 Franklin 12 Stoughton 48 Franklin 16 Franklin 31 Ashland 30 Foxboro 58 Franklin 18 Assabet Valley 42 Franklin 28 Franklin 28 Weston 28 Milford 49 Franklin 6 Franklin 42 Shrewsbury 25 Durfee 42 Franklin 25 104 Front Row l-r: Chuck Koshivas, Russ Priesting, Paul Vetrano, Colin Hoffmeister, Back row 1-r: Carmen Colace, Rick Salvucci, Sean Begin, Tim Bobcia, Mark Lerzi, Brian Ober, Jeff Masi, Mitch Hoffmeister, Brian Bakalar, Tom Carlucci, Coach Greene, Jay Bakalar. 105 Top photo: Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Left to right-Linda Rose, Traci White, Rona Cowen, Shannon Gallagher, Lynn Fontenarosa, June Brady, and Julianne Geer. Bottom row-Lisa Scaccia, Jill Buffone, Kerri Antosh, Cindy Duncan, and Renea Theriault. Middle photo: Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Left to right-Angela Rufino, Devi Hosford, Kerri Antosh, Lisa Scaccia, Laura Carmignani, Pam Scaccia. Bottom row-Cindy Duncan, Rona Cowen, June Brady, and Linda Rose. Bottom photo: Varsity Hockey Cheerleaders: Left to right-Eve Piemonte, Marcia Lincoln, Julianne Geer, Kim Ryan, and Jill Buffone. Middle row-Karen Friend, Lynn Fontenarosa, Nancy Durand, and Denise Padula. Bottom row-Traci White, Michelle Beaudetle, and Kim Giannetti. 106 Our spirit moves us Cheerleaders, full of spirit, pep and fun!!! Without them Franklin High would lack its great abundance of enthusiasm, determination to win, and school pride. What better way is there to help a school get psyched? Cheerleaders share the devotion of their team, with tears of joy and disappointment. The girls long to reach their goal and their teams, to prove that F.H.S. is number 1!!!! 107 “Eastern Mass Champions 1982 ” Hitting to win The 1982 season for the Franklin High School baseball team proved to be a successful one. They were the Hockomock League Champions, and they also captured the Eastern Massachusetts Championship title as well. The Panthers have lost a few valuable players since the ’82 season, but that won’t stop them this year!! Each player’s dedication, spirit, and hard work have made the Panthers the successful team they always have been and always will be. Good luck this year Panthers!! Right on target Fred Greene (1) concentrates as he hits the ball and John Foster (2) follows through on his swing. Tom Hinckley, (3) is tennis really such a laugh? Rona Cowen (4) shows us her form, as Brad Chirgwin (5) and Krissy Stoughton (6) make their moves. 109 m WE BRING good things to life Student Council With Mrs. Jean Willard (“J.K.W.”) as our enthusiastic advisor, the Student Council has had many successful activities. It was easy to accomplish the things we wished because of Dr Suffredini’s willingness to cooperate. Student Council organized and participated in such activities as the painting of the football field, the Traditional Flower Day, The SEMASC convention, the decorating contests, the book pick ups, and the Bonfire. Led by the Student Council officers and Paul Bradley, Student Representative to the Franklin School Committee, we found it very easy to come up with ideas for activities. Thanks again, J.K.W., for being so patient with our absences, quarreling and joking. Good Luck with future Student Council members and activities. Officers (Left to Right): Michelle LaBonte, President; Colin Hoffmeister, Vice-President; Eve Piemonte Secretary; Scott Godin, Treasurer. p 1 w k m m Sr V, flk m HB f, l .Afc ;d Front Row: (L to R) Michelle Labonte, Colin Hoffmeister, Eve Piemonte, Scott Godin. Kneeling: Linda Edwards, Lizette Bonvin, Karen Thomas, Debbie Haggard, Ellyn Robinson, Michael Dwyer. Standing: Susan Melo, Gloria Dole, Eileen Duronio, Stephanie Scott, Ann Wooster, Allyson Noble, Jean Kelly, Lynn Sweeney. 114 greeting Zlie governor October 27, 1982 is an unusually exciting day for the students at Franklin High School! Governor Edward King arrives at FHS by helicopter and is greeted by many FHS students, the Student Council Members, and students from surrounding towns. Michelle LaBonte gives a welcome speech, and later all the students have a luncheon in the cafeteria. Everyone has a good time meeting people from other schools. It will be a memorable day for Franklin High School students in years to come. 115 jCibrary Under the direction of Librar¬ ian, Mr. Peters, and his assis¬ tant Mrs. Greenwood, are li¬ brary aides. These students volunteer their time to learn the basics of using a library to its full potential. With these skills, the aides then assist other students. Filing maga¬ zines, shelving books, check¬ ing materials in and out, as¬ sembling displays, and locat¬ ing books and information are ail part of the library aide’s work. Library Aides L-R: Joyce Derry, Sue Meyer, Joanne Lawler, Diana Grimes, Stephanie Holst, Nancy Dunn, Karen Yadisernia. National Manor Society The National Honor Society, a group of students who stand out among others in their academic accomplishments, display a quality of leadership necessary for further education. With Mr. Wilk and Mr. DeFronzo as advisors, the officers are, President: Kaia Mil ler, Vice-President: Dianne Perkins, Secretary: Kathy Foley, and Treasurer: Cathy Dolan. The group meets monthly to discuss important issues while working on community service projects during the year. Sitting (L-R): Charles Humphery, Richard Ormond, Michael Smith, William Prescott, Marykay Atkins. Kneeling L-R: May Chin, Kathy Foley, Diane Perkins, Kathy Dolan, Kaia Miller, Lisa Tracey. Standing L-R: Mr. Wilk, Eve Piemonte, Julia Byrnes, Jeanne Mitz, Linda Colace, Lia Lippert, Tammy Schauer, Mr. DeFronzo. 116 yearbook The members of the 1983 Oskey Staff have not only worked hard all year to produce this book of memories, but they have had numerous other tasks to accomplish as well. Selling candy and T- shirts, holding car washes, and other events are all part of fund¬ raising to help pay for yearbook expenses. Putting together a yearbook is a very time consuming, difficult job. Both Mrs. Fox and staff members have devoted their time in order that the class of 1983 may have an interesting book of memories for years to come, to enjoy. Oskey ‘83’ is produced by Josten’s American Yearbook Company for the first time. The staff has used a new style and approach in compiling our scrapbook and we are proud of it. The editors hope you enjoy reading and looking through Oskey ‘83’ as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Bonnie Ficco ASSISTANT EDITOR: Anna Ferrara ART DIRECTOR: Gary Stucchi SALES MANAGER: Kathie Martin FACULTY EDITOR LAYOUT DESIGNER: Linda Bassick 117 LAYOUT STAFF AD STAFF GENERAL STAFF TYPING STAFF FUND-RAISING STAFF 118 Photography Staff: Left photo (L to R): David Grinley, Ellyn Robinson, Pam Kerrigan. Above photo: Richard Ormond. Not pictured: Tammy Adams, Anna Ferrara, Bonnie Ficco, Mrs. Fox, Lisa Dowly, Jane Reardon, Gary Stucchi. Advisor: Jeannette Payson Fox Editor-in-Chief: Assistant Editor: Sports Editors: Promotions Manager: Art Director: Underclassmen Editor: Senior Editor: Ad Layout Designer: Activities Editor: Photography Editor: Bonnie Ficco Anna Ferrara Sue Nasuti, Brian Bonello Kathie Martin Gary Stucchi Beth Wooster Cheryl Cardullo Linda Bassick Fiona Crerar Julie Doherty David Grinley Layout Staff: Linda Bassick Brian Bonollo Linda Colace Anna Ferrara Bonnie Ficco Heather Johnson Sue Nasuti Karen Thomas Typing Staff: Paul Bradley Sue Dena Jonna Dunham Kerry Feeley Bonnie Ficco Dan Heisler Gina Gianetti Janet Goddard Vickki Isley Kim Menize Linda Oxford Phyllis Pink Geralyn Riley Faculty Editor Layout Designer: Secretary: Dee Susi Business Staff- Head Ad Salesmen: Ed Denyer, Chris Murphy Ad Manager: Marianne Marak Ad Staff: Linda Bassick Fiona Crerar Anna Ferrara Bonnie Ficco Sue Nasuti Phyllis Pink Jane Reardon Ellyn Robinson Copy Staff: Brian Bonollo Anna Ferrara Bonnie Ficco Kathy Foley Sue Nasuti Eve Piemonte Geralyn Riley Ellyn Robinson Fund Raising Managers: Jane Reardon, Sue Dena Staff: Julie Doherty Nancy Durand Kerry Feeley Anna Ferrara Bonnie Ficco Mark Franklin Dan Heisler Kathie Martin Ellen McGovern Kim Menize Iona Moore Debbie Purdon Ellyn Robinson Gary Stucchi Dee Susi Jonna Dunham 119 Typing Editor: D.S. JJ The 1983 D.E. II class has given a totally new image to the D.E. store! School Spirit has been bolsted with sales of the new Panther clothing line and the return of refreshments have brought in a crowd. Our project began in September with Gary Stucchi creating a panther mural on the newly painted blue and white walls. In working with Mr. Gray and in the store, students have had first hand experience in the business world. Gratitude is extended to Mr. Gray for his patience, advice, and understanding. (Row 1)- Kathy Lawhorn, Lorianne Lori, Linda Marchioni, Dee Susi, Tammy Adams, Lori Littlefield, Gary Stucchi, Kathy Ozella, Linda O’Brien, Anna Ferrara. (Row 2)-Mr. Jim Gray, Steven Sullivan, Scott Murphy, A1 Dacko, Lisa Murch, Debbie Gibson. 120 T).e.e.A. This year DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) has had a very educational and memorable year. The regional conference was held February 3rd and 4th in Sturbridge, MA. We had the biggest group ever in competition. Students had a chance to take a look at the D.E. program and what can be gained through D.E. They also had a chance to realize the meaning of self-confidence and teamwork. At the Regional Conference twenty-two students qualified for State level and will compete in March against other D.E. members from all over Massachusetts. This years’ state conference was held at The Worcester Marriott Inn. FHS students winning in their respective areas represent the state in the summer National Conference held in New Orleans. foreign Canguagc Club The Foreign Language Club con¬ sists of students who study in all levels of French, Spanish, or Latin. The group raises funds for various activities such as bell day, the Mardi Gras, and trips to find foreign cul¬ ture in our society. Advisor for the club is Mrs. D’Agostino, who is of¬ ten aided by other foreign language teachers. Officers for 1982-83 year are: Beth Wooster, President; Amy Kontoff, Vice President; Ann Wooster, Secretary; Gloria Dole, Treasurer. Because of the advisor, officers and club members, the For¬ eign Language Club has been extra successful this year. Sitting L-R: Gloria Dole, Maureen Dolan, Fiona Crerar, Kim Palmer, Lyn Baker. Kneeling L-R Kaia Miller, Kathy Foley, Kathy Dolan, Kerry Pisani, Eileen Duronio. Standing L-R: Diane Perkins, Linda Colace, Amy Kontoff, Beth Wooster, Nova Pisani, Kira Holst, Kathy Davin. If Warn Math Club Directed and guided by Mr. Loper, the Math Club is comprised of those students who demonstrate exceptional interest and ability in the field of Mathematics. Members compete successfully with area towns in local and regional meets. Competition consists of Arithmetic, Alegbra 1 and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Sitting L-R: Claire Giardini, Maureen Dolan, Gloria Dole, Kerry Pisani, Richard Ormond. Kneeling L-R: Diane Perkins. Kathy Davin, Linda Colace. Standing L-R: Fiona Crerar, Kira Holst, Mr. Loper, Kathy Foley, Kaia Miller, Kathy Dolan. 122 Ski Club Sitting (L-R): Eve Puliot, Trisha Santoro, Kathy Roach, Sue Yankee, Karen Ficco, Bonnie Burke, Diane Yankee, Kristen Hyotte. Kneeling (L-R): David Morris, Matt Tetrault, Lisa Lauretano, Donna White, Lizanne Noble, Denise Padula, Liz Thackaberry, Paul Coggin. Standing (L-R): John Curran, Chris Collela, Carmella Cavallero, Kim Ryan, Greg Duplessy, Brian Rasicot, Mike Konosky, Marisa Simon, Tim Becksha. This year’s ski club, under the direction of Mr. James Chelotti, has 72 members, begin¬ ners to intermediates. Unfortunately all the members could not be present for the photo¬ graph, but most of them attended the var¬ ious ski trips. The Club has skied in Vermont and New Hampshire. Many thanks to Mr. Chelotti for the great job he has done in helping us organize our club’s activities, making it a fun and memorable experience for all. The Franklin High Speech Team in its three years of competition has achieved national competitive standing. Both 1982 and 1983 seasons were topped with Franklin compet¬ ing in the Grand National Forensic Tourna¬ ment in Detroit and Chicago. The competi¬ tive season runs from October through April. Under the direction of coach Miss M. Catherine Eppinger, the team members compete with other forensic teams. The 1983 season found the team undefeated, accumulating individual gold and silver med¬ als and team sweepstakes trophies at every meet. Speech Zeam Front Row (L to R) Virginia Blanchard, Kelly Flynn, Christine Ristaino; Back Row (L to R) John Foster, Stephanie Scott, Kira Holst. 123 fdand The Franklin High School Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Richard Balest, has supported our school and our athletes by performing at football games and pep-rallies. A new drill system and half-time show for the Thanksgiving day Game has been developed this year. Fund raising has enabled the band to replace uniforms and have a recreational outing. Sponsoring an assembly, the band introduced George Anzi- vino, former FHS band member, and the Air Force Rock Band to the student body. The Air Force Concert Band performed a Christmas concert for the public later that evening. Four band students have been selected to audition for the Central District Band and Orchestra. This honor goes to Richard Balest, Jr., Trumpet; Danielle Balest, Violin; Karen Thomas, Flute; and Victor Medal, Violin. Danielle and Victor were further chosen to audition for the All-State Orchestra. Special thanks go to parent supporters,Mr. Walker, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Rett- man! We remember well the times you’ve stood in the cold, transported instruments and band members, supplied hot chocolate, and smiled through it ALL! - The F.H.S. Band - Officers: (Sitting 1 to r) Cheryl Adams, Uniform manager; Carolyn Walker, Vice President; (Standing) Mr. Balest, Kathy Houlihan, Librarian; Karen Thomas, President; Sue Meyer, Secretary; Dr. Suffredini, Principal, Not pictured: Lisa Giannetti, Treasurer. 1 Jspi HHK ; i| Uh||«| aRSffl Ji 1 124 an impression Class Mil The Class of 1983 is a distinct group of over two hundred and fifty persons. These people, however, are connected together with one another in many special ways. The list below has been compiled so that we, the Class of 1983, can direct our attention to all those fellow students and faculty who are not members of our class, yet have nonetheless been an integral part of our years at FHS. The Class of 1983 bequeaths to the faculty the following: To Mr. Autieri we leave a Boston accent and a new vocabulary, because he needs it! To Mrs. Baca we leave a square dancing partner and an empty fifth period class. To Mr. Balest we leave a yearbook photographer who shows up, and a new band. To Mrs. Bennett we leave someone to do the grocery shopping and the Mill Store. To Mrs. Bloom we leave a years subscription to Glamour Magazine. To Mrs. Carr we leave a desk name plaque so students will know who she is. To Mr. Chrabaszcz we leave a muzzle and a basketball for his son. To Mr. Chauncey we leave a years detention, “You’re late, 2:10”. To Mr. Chelotti we leave a new trash can and a Penthouse Magazine. To Mr. Clamp we leave a southern plantation and “however” at the beginning of each sentence. To Miss Clark we leave a years supply of lipstick. To Mr. Compagnone we leave a filet mignon and a new snow blower. To Mr. Conner we leave a customized “59 Ford. To Mrs. Cook we leave a case of Huggies and a waistline. To Mrs. Costello we leave sincere thanks for all her hard work. To Mr. J. Crowley we leave a book entitled “How to Cope with First Graders and Not Become One”. To Mr. R. Crowley we leave a birthday cake and a new p air of boots. To Mrs. DiMarco we leave a cleaning lady for her office and a babysitter. To Ms. Duncan we leave a receipt for the diploma she purchased at K-Mart. To Mrs. Fox we leave enough money to bribe someone to become the 1984 yearbook advisor, enough money to pay a babysitter for Seth and a back to normal year in 1984. To Mr. Gilmore we leave Signal and a File system. To Mr. Gonsalves we leave a problem and a case of tab. To Mr. Gray we leave a book entitled “100 Ways to Hide A Bald Spot”. To Mr. Johnston we leave a historical autobiography of his life. To Mr. Leone we leave a contract to be the Coach of the Redskins and someone to watch his classes. To Mrs. Ligon we leave a bottle of Lady Clairol and her heart of gold. To Mr. Lombardi we leave a house in Greenwich Village. To Mr. MacPhee we leave some celery and a head of Belgium endive. To Mr. McCall we leave a bottle of visine and best wishes in 1985. To Mrs. Menize we leave a make-up kit with blue eye shadow and a day off! To Mr. Mulcahy we leave our best. To Mr. Parmenter we leave a muskrat to make a stew and a doctor for his sons. To Mr. Pelletier we leave the position as head of the Science Department, now that we know he is it. To Mr. Peters we leave some ear plugs and ten new 16mm projectors. To Mr. Quinlan we leave a book of luney tunes to sing in the office. To Mr. Radford we leave nothing because there is nothing he needs to improve. To Mrs. Reizian we leave a CRT from which to read the daily newspaper. To Miss Richards we leave a chisel to make her smile. To Mrs. Richardson we leave an electric error finder so she can rest her eyes. To Mrs. Russo we leave a well-behaved class. To Mr. Luccini we leave the time to write a book entitled “The Art of Flirtation”. To Mr. Standring we leave a class without anyone from the yearbook staff in it. To Dr. Suffredini we leave a picture of himself for his scrapbook, and a Friday night with the Usualls. To Mr. Sutherland we leave “a zero for the day”. To Mr. Vaillencourt we leave an economy size bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol and a book of 100 excuses for not having a pass. To Mrs. Vosburgh we leave a prescription of valliums. To Mr. Wilk we leave a matching suit and some lavender socks. To Mr. Williams we leave a bigger hand to pat himself on the back. Certain members of the Class of 1983, being of fairly sound minds and wills, have bequeathed items from their personal estates. The aforementioned are as follows: Anna Ferrara leaves a roastbeef and provolone sub to Mr. Quinlan. Pam Kerrigan leaves a hundred pound bag of Purina Alligator Chow to Kathy Roche, for her two pet crocodiles, Izod and LaCoste. Steve Lincourt leaves Mrs. Fox a Foods III Class, with at least one person who knows how to cook. Kevin Walsh just leaves awake. Dianne Foley leaves Dawn Lomberto a quarter, a shot, and a clean table. Beth Manocchio leaves her position at the wall to Danielle Stucchi. t Class Mil Jeff Brown finally leaves the Rubber Room. Gary Stucchi leaves his panthers on the walls and his Barcardi in his boot. Jeff Baker leaves Karen Caldwell behind. Dink and Bixby leave their matches to Sam Roche, John Nickerson, and Peter Walsh. Jim Padula leaves his finger to the Senior Class and warns the other classes not to. Tony Calderone leaves his nose to Victor Medal. Jim Fish leaves his goalie talents to the Canton Hockey Team. Kim Giannetti leaves her cheerleading spirit to Cindy Duncan. Diana Gilley leaves her gold cowboy boots to Stacey Elliot. Susan Stockwell leaves Carrie Haagensen all her sarcastic remarks for the year of 1984. Lori Mackenzi, Rose Buitta, Karla Pasquantonio, and Cheryl Getchell leave Mr. Connors the future Harley-Davidson. The Class of ’83 leaves the Cafeteria staff a gift certificate to McDonalds. The Senior class officers leave Mr. Vallancourt a new Junior class and best wishes for a short Senior year, we hope you graduate. Dianne Foley leaves her rowdiness to Gina Mastramateo. Diane Raymond leaves her hair to Diane Marguerite. Jim Marchand leaves his love life to Spazz. Sue Nasuti and Robyn Kurgus leave Gerri Riley a puker scooper and a deed to a plot of land on Maple Street. Court, Sue, Deb, Phyllis and Robyn leave the underclass jocks a new basketball and softball coach with personality. Dot R. leaves Mrs. Bloom her patience. Kim Menize leaves her accidents to Pam Marguerite. Kim C. and Debbie G. leave their apology for going out with Steve P. The Seniors leave Mary Pezullo some personality and a real laugh. The Seniors leave Dawn Lomberto, Mary Pezzulo and Lisa Bucchanio a stage to put their act on. Ellyn Robinson and Robyn Kurgus leave Kathy Bonollo an eternal reservation in the storage room (with the door shut) to have her “ankle taped?” Kathie Martin, Eve Piemonte, Sue Dena and Jane Reardon leave Cheryl Corso a gift certificate to a driving school. Christine Berardi leaves Donna MacSwain a new escape route. Kim leaves Bob memories of all the times they had together. Donna MacSwain leaves Dee Susi a pass-out game. Dee Susi leaves Linda Oxford a snow storm in the field house. Brian Bonollo leaves his ego to John D’Amelio. David Fricker leaves April Lima a pudding pop. Gina leaves Mark Godfrey another Christmas Eve. Marcie, Ena and Kimbo leave Andrea Bucchanio a bedroom and a sanitary bucket of her own. Rich Cornetta leaves all his girlfriends to Steve Sugrue, if he can handle them. Stefanie Bloemink leaves her height to Cristine Ristaino. Bunzy Moore leaves her skin tone to Michelle Carlucci. Lisa Dowley leaves Debbie Purdon lollipops. Linda Oxford leaves Bonnie Ficco the wall and a pen that works. Patty Todd and Julie Fontenarosa leaves Heather Johnson “the J’s of 2nd unsupervised. “Prince” leaves Heather Johnson a new coat. Senior girls leave Michelle Carlucci a steady boyfriend of her own. Kim and Jonna leave Andy Jordon a cup of coffee, a free sundae at Friendly’s and a ghost that doesn’t disappear. Kathy and Janet leave their boxing gloves to Pam and Dianne Margeurite. Senior boys leave the Senior girls all their love! We Seniors leave Renea Theriault some common sense. We leave the girls in the High School the 3 C’s: Class, Character, and Contraceptives. We leave the guys left at FHS, a fortune to pay for the hotel and the gyn bills. Colin Hoffmeister leaves his favorite pair of sweats to Jim Galvin. Linda Oxford leaves Julianne Geer her entire lunch everyday for her remaining years in the High School. Ken Assad leaves his talents to Chris Spillane. Gary Mastramateo leaves his baseball hat to Paul Getchell. Mr. Clamp’s students leave him a real New England accent. Kathie Martin leave’s Ms. Eppinger the knowledge of how to deal with students. Trisha McDermott leaves Mr. Vallancourt the copying machine. Leslie Joannides leaves the best of luck to Pam Sullivan. Jonna Dunham leaves her brother, Rick, alone in his typing class and to Dan T. she leaves a book entitled 101 Ways to Spend $3000.” Kim M. leaves to Nancy Walsh 100 excuses to tell her mother where she is going. And last, but not least, ALL we seniors leave the memories of ourselves. junior Miss Pageant f $3 To some it was exciting, to some it was fun, but to all of the 24 girls who participated in the “1983 Junior Miss Pageant”, it was an experience that they will remember all of their lives! Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games, but through all the long, hard, and sometimes frustrating practices (1,2 CURTSY 2, WALK AWAY 2) they all established a common goal; to be the “1983 Junior Miss”. The Judges, who were in conference for an hour and a half, had the toughest job! They had to establish a winner out of 24 girls who showed excellence in each field of competition. The final decision was. 4th Runner up - Christine Carlow 3rd Runner up - Karen Thomas 2nd Runner up - Jonna Dunham 1st Runner up - Heather Johnson And the 1983 Junior Miss .... Kathleen (Kathie) Martin!! The 4 other areas of Competition Won Scholastic Achievement - Fiona Crerar Creative and Performing Arts - Kathie Martin Physical Fitness - Jonna Dunham Poise and Appearance - Kimberly Giannetti There was one other award given. The Spirit of Jr. Miss (voted by the participants). Jonna Dunham was chosen for this honor! Cheryl Alberto Kathie Martin Patty Zodd Beth Manocchio See Piemonte Jonna Dunham Marcia Maceiarone Kathy Caw horn Nancy Durand Joyce Derry Kobin Kurgas Mary Cormier Kona Cowen Kimberly Menize Heather Johnson Karen Zhomas Tiona Crerar Corianne Cori Marcia Keagan Ellen McGovern Chrissy Carlow Kim (Jiannetti Julie Jontenarosa Marianne Marak 128 129 Foreign language classes held a Mardi Gras celebration in February. The highlight of the festivities was a parade of paper mache, French, Hispanic and Roman characters. Other events included a limbo and alpine horn blowing contest among representatives of the four classes, a tour de France race, and Cancan and Mexian hat dances by the cheerleaders. The Home Economic department sponsored a very popular international pastry sale. The Art department held mask making demonstrations, and the band provided music of international flair during the entire program. And, of course, the Mardi Gras King and Queen reigned over all of the festivities. iisir- ' III l«n»» FAT Tues y “Compliments Of Dr. Harvey N. Snetsky.” What Shall J Be? On October 29, 1982, the seniors held the annual costume day for Halloween! However, this was not your average day. We had the largest turnout yet . . . Everyone was dressed wild! As Frankenstein (Phyllis Pink) (1) sneaks up on some senior girls, they are still smiling pretty! “Are you still alive?” Dr. Colin Hoffmeister (2) checks for a heart beat on Sir Christopher Murphy. A match made in heaven? Traci Mitchell and David Grinley (3) pose for the camera. Mickey and Minnie Mouse . . . just friends? Robyn Kurgas and Donna MacSwain (4) attempt to study in their Disney attire. The football team’s secret weapon is (5) Bob Lomberto. Diaper Man and Company (6) terrorize Franklin High. Who do you favor . . . Angel or Devil? A little good and alot of evil exist in F.H.S. students. Richard Ormond and Julie Fontenarosa (7) show us each side. Flash back . . . Born to be wild Dianne Paxton (8) knows where she’s at! Smile a little while for me . . . Kathy Morgado’s (9) a happy clown. Robin Hood and his merry men? Brian Wotton, John Dorsey and Donald Costello (10) don’t fool around. (11) A teenage warewolf, or just another familiar face? Don Davis knows it’s just a face his mother can love! We Dream lor Zhe luture The wave of the future? No just some Punk “Graduates. ” Debbie Purdon and Jane Reardon (1) show a little leg. Hey Babe, wanna get lucky? Bonnie Ficco and Anna Ferrara (2) present two different images. Getting up late is one thing, but this is ridiculous! Kathie Martin really slept in this, but Eve Piemonte and Ellyn Robinson (3) just dolled up as housewives! Just an average day at Franklin High? (4) “Doctor Johnson to the office . . . Statl!” Another flower child?? Kim Corvi (5) shows her Senior Spirit. Is this lunch (1) or just another undercover unit? Groucho Marx’s (2) impression of David Scott. Kim Waage (3) cries as Denise Padula laughs and smiles! Get a little closer, now don’t be shy, Mark Hanlon (4) hugs a buddy. (5) Don’t take one now, we’re not ready! (6) Karla Pasquan- tonio Punks Out! Senior Christmas Party Christmas 1982, is celebrated early, on December 22, by the Senior Class with a party at the Red Snapper in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Dancing to the music of “UVL”, our Senior Class has the largest turn-out ever! Kim Ryan and Ed Denyer (1) show us the right way to boogie! Julie Fontenerosa (2) smiles as she is held closely. More senior girls (3) hug their dates. Gordon Ross and Jean Kelly (4) pose for the camera! Michelle Labonte and Jill Rappa (5) seem to be having a great time! “Come on, you guys, (6) eat your dinner!” Larry Wicks and Lesli Wilcox (7) look so cute. “These are the shoes you’re SUPPOSE to wear with a suit” (8) says these seniors!! Leslie Martello, Chris Carlow, and Cindy D’Amico (9) seem to be having a great time, while Don Costello and Chris Berardi (10) give each other a Christmas hug. Marc Corsini and Russ Priesing (11) dance, as Scott Griffen (12) is kissed by Mark Hanlon!??? What a weird class! These seniors (13) look happy, as they await dinner. These are just some of the dancers (14) that were seen on the dance floor that night. 136 Childhood ' s Snd-A moment in our lives worth reliving . (17) Mike Donovan (18) Gary Stucchi (19) Eve Piemonte (20) Kim Giannetti (21) Denise Padula (22) Tracy Sidney (9) Brian Scully (10) Diane Court (11) Bonnie Ficco (12) Phyllis Pink (13) Pamela Kerrigan (14) Colin Hoffmeister (15) Debbie Daddario (16) Debbie Lee James Ryan Mark Reardon Linda Bassick Jodi Rappa Lisa Dowley Stephen Sullivan Sue Dena John Dorsey 138 (9) Julie Doherty (10) David Grinley (11) Jeanne Mitz (12) Kim Ryan (13) Dianne Foley (14) Pam Thumith (15) Ellen McGovern (16) Peter Nasuti (17) Kerry Feeley (1) Kathy Morgado (2) Mark Ballarino (3) Kim Costello (4) Mike Paratore (5) Linda Oxford (6) Kathy Ozella (7) Stefanie Bloemink (8) Cynthia Ravinski Zke Week Zkat Koared Wanting snow days, but getting only one, in February seniors decided to make the days more bearable and have some fun! Clean-up was scheduled first, to get the work out of the way, next in line was Valentine’s Day. Seniors showed Cupid’s style by revealing hearts with a smile. Wednesday was the day to wear glasses, pins and hats to show that FHS is where it’s at! Wednesday was also the day for rockin’ with TAGE, which made the cafe not feel like a cage. On Thursday the 17th, we let our elegant spirit run free —when we wore our best attire and showed that the class with real class is the class of ’83. Finally, it was Friday, the best day of the week with vacation only a day away! We celebrated with traditional blue + white and a special Senior Day. With cake in the cafe we ended the week with a little more cheer, looking forward to the end of this year! 0 . 4Mh HWJ biAna (Lou£T ' SU 7U. I ? - ,0 4 iU ax P 0 p dO 4 7 x . Issr - ■•u. f ty TJXi .. f i f? a P A- k l$m L J 4jaA 1 ' ° fy V id € 0 i I ' £ 7 1. „v- Kl m (M Zhe Spirit of 3.M.S. 148 Each year FHS always has one or more pep-rallies, whether it be the day before a big sporting event, or just to show everyone how much spirit FHS has. At the first pep- rally the band plays loudly, as the fall team members march through the isle of cheerleaders. Team captains make short speeches, while the cheerleaders do a loud and stunt filled cheer! The main event is the spirit contest; each class tries to make the loudest noise and show the most spirit in a given time. The Seniors Win!! the pictures speak for themselves. The Class of ’83 shows its spirit by blowing horns, throwing confetti and streamers while screaming as loud as can be!!! The Seniors, spread out all over the field house, jump up and down on one another’s backs. They are indeed the loudest, and deserve to win!!! The second pep-rally, the day before the Thanksgiving Day game, is also a big event! Jim Marchand is crowned “Pom- Pom King”, with runners-up Colin Hoffmeister, Jim Padula, and Tom Keville. Each receives a “Kream Puff” (Jim Marchand gets his in the face!), because Franklin plays King Philip on Thanksgiving day, and everyone knows KP stands for Kream Puff!!! Pep-rallies are always exciting and seniors will never forget all the fun times they shared with one another during them!!! A field of fire Once again, before the Thanksgiving day game, FHS has another bon-fire! As you can see, the blazing fire keeps everyone warm, during the cold night. Everyone attending agrees that it is a great time, especially the students at FHS. It is events such as these that make everyone’s high school years the best and most memorable times of all. 149 150 Class of ’83 party! Almost every Senior received their “Class of ’83 PARTY” hat from the magazine sales and one day all the Seniors were wearing their hats. Laurie Lori (1) shows her spirit by wearing her Class of ’83 hat, while Vickki Ilsley (2) shows off her hat in class. Linda O’Brien (3) writes while wearing her hat!! Ken Assad (4), Steve Beane (5), and Tom Gately (6) wear their hats to show everyone that they are proud members of the Class of ’83. “Hey Deanne Tibert (7) stop laughing and put your hat on!”, says Dianne Court (8). pSSflfjj Judith Colella Cathleen Coveil Michelle Cregg Cheryl Cullen Christine Currier Lisa Marie Daddario Ellen Davison Vicki Delapuente Diane Demaio Gloria Dole Winifred Doubleday Daniel Drinan Todd Dubois Cynthia Duncan Greg Duplessie Eileen Duronio Tracey Earls Linda Edwards Petrina Fagan Raffaella Falcucci Karen Ficco Kathleen Ficco Bernadette Fornaciari Officers (Left to Right): Nova Pisani, President; Micheal Adiletto, Vice- President; Bonnie Burke, Secretary; Christine Colella, Treasurer. Kristin Chambers Bradley Chirgwin Kimberly Christensen Paul Coggin Christine Colella Diane Kelly Edward Kelly David Kennealey Kim Kent Kathleen Kober Michael Konosky Amy Kontoff Charles Koshivas Steven Lacey Kimberly Lang Christine Leahy Mark Lenzi Suzanne Lessard Kim Lewandoski Denise Forte Karen Fraser Shannon Gallagher Mary Gay Catherine Giardini Janet Marie Gibson Carl Grantz Chalaine Grantz Holly Griffin Philip Guidrey Barbara Hatfield John Hoar Stephanie Holst Kristin Hyotte Stephanie Ippoliti Arlene Johnson William Keenan Joanne Kelleher Nancy Peterson Mary Pezzuolo David Piekarski Nova Pisani Richard Power Christopher Prince Brian Rasicot Deborah Reed David Reizian Patricia Rettman Barry Richards Geralyn Riley John Ristaino Kathleen Roche Linda Rose Bonnie Sancomb Christine Sanford Patricia Santoro Elizabeth Scaccia Stephanie Scott Timothy Shannon Joanne Short William Simons Christopher Smith Jay Smith Christopher Sottile David Sottile Christopher Spillane Michael Stack Richard Stevens Steven Sugrue Pamela Sullivan Lynne Sweeney Barbara Syngay Edward Theriault Renca Theriault Cristina Thompson Charlene Tracy Kimberly Travers Amy Turinese James Vallee Jennifer Varjian John Vignone Scott Waage Carolyn Walker Steven Webber Lauren Wegel Deborah Welby Donna White Traci White Diane Whittemore Ann Wooster Diane Yankee Susan Yankee Steven Yurt Terri Zullo Cheryl Adams Elaine Anderson Gregory Anderson Susan Arnold Mia Arruda Brian Assad Sharon Averell Lynn Baker Jennifer Ballarino Diane Barter Denise Bigelow Timothy Bobola Janet Bollivar Stephanie Briggs Catherine Brunelli Jill Buffone Jamie Bunnell Susan Bussaglia Karen Caldwell Dorothea Campanella Laura Carmingnani Christopher Chabot Adrienne Chalmers Kathleen Chambers Michael Cleland Edward Colace Kevin Collins Robert Considine Michelle Cormier Rosemarie Cosoia Ashley Costello Lyn Costello 158 i ¥ v - Officers (Standing, Left to Right): Ashley Costello, Treasurer; Marissa Razzano, Secretary; Joe Geromini, Vice-President; (Sitting): Diane Marguerite, President. Stacey Coughlin Laurie Court Susan Curran Richard Damelio Debra Damico John Darling Kathleen Davin Kevin Diehl Paula Dill Lisa Dimartino Lyn Ditondo Michael Doherty Maureen Dolan Paula Dolge Coleen Donovan Cheryl Dorcas Kathleen Dorsey Craig Dowley Tina Driscoll Laura Duffy Paula Durand Tracey Lee Durfee Laura Emery Beverly Florio Daniel Foley Lynn Fontenorosa David Fording John Foster Benjamin Franklin Theresa Fraser Richard Frongillo Ernest Garrity Nancy Gautreau Julianne Geer Karen Gerrish Paul Getchell Pamela Gianetti Lisa Giannelli Lora Lee Gilley m Jeffrey Godin Matthew Gordon Deborah Gorman James Greene Gary Griffin Carla Guidrey Deborah Haggard Jeffrey Haigh Charles Hailer Kimberly Hart Philip Henault Karen Henderson Thomas Hinckley Carrie Holmes Kira Holst Devanna Hosford Melissa Houston Pamela Hughes Amy Humphrey Deborah Hunter Susan Huston 160 tw Richard Jackson James Jette Faye Johnson Niles Kant Karen Karkos Patricia Kennedy Peter Kennefick Amy Kuehn Kelly Langevin Timi Ann Larkin James Lee Sheri Leone Christopher Lombardi David Majcen Daniel Marak Diane Marguerite Carla Mastropieri Paula Mastropieri Karen Mazzola Terrence McDonough Lisa McFarland Geraldine Mclnnis Rachel McKenna David Melo John Merrlam Kelly Mills Paul Molla Kathleen Morey i -UK m, Stephanie Morgan Diane Moriggi Paul Mucciarone Brendan Murphy Mark Murphy Janine Nasuti Kevin Netto Kim Novick Lauren O’Brien David O’Hearn Christine Pellegri Christopher Peters Mark Peterson Mark Petit Joanne Pezzuolo Thomas Phillips Linda Picard Kerry Pisani Jennifer Prairie Michael Purdon Tracy Rappa Marissa Razzano Kathleen Riley Christine Ristaino Robert Ross Karen Ryan Mark Smith Julie Snell Matthew Sousa Amy Steeves Anne Stirzaker Joseph Stockberger Craig Strok Danielle Stucchi John Sullivan 162 Alice Symmes Stephen Tenney Donald Theriault Thomas Thompson Tammy Thornhill Suzanne Tosches Hope Vaughan Kerry Waage Kathleen Watts Elizabeth Whitney Lori Williams Bret Wotton Susan Wyllie Stacey Yadisernia 163 Becky Adams Danny Adiletto Kim Albano Chris Alberti (P i| ' K K tr - : Ginger Allegrini Christine Anderson Paul Anderson Denise Antico Robert Bailey Scott Baker Danielle Balest Rhonda Barnes Mary Bassignani Michelle Beauregard Christina Bennett Adam Berger Kristine Bergeson Michael Bissanti Kim Bolar Tami Bolton Kathleen Bonollo Jeanine Bonvin Susan Boulanger Jennifer Brady Cheryl Brennan Heidi Briggs Donna Brown Wanda Brown Maureen Buchanio Michael Bullen Michael Calderone Michael Callahan 164 Right): Tina Lovely, President; Talia Ely, Vice-President; Secretary; Sharon Duronio, Treasurer. Suzanne Campbell Mark Caputo Thomas Carlucci Leonard Cerundolo Terri Chase Christine Covell Richard Cowan Michele Crerar Lisa Croke Richard Crowley Jr. Maureen Crowley Gregory Cunningham Kathy Dacko Joseph Daddario Gordon Dailey James Davison James DeBaggis Karen Delapuente Anne Dellacona John DeLucia Lisa Denommee Charles Dickinson Traci Digiorgio Patricia Donovan Bonnie Dorcas Kimberly Dorr Carol Driscoll Nancy Dunn 165 Nola Evangelista Veronica Fornaciari Keith Fortin Wayne Foster Kevin Fraser Karen Friend Damon Gannon Kathleen Garland Robert Giardini James Gibson Thomas Girard Beth Gold Jennifer Gray Richard Guzman Daniel Hansen Kelly Harland Anne Marie Harrington Carolyn Haskell Robert Heinzman Jr. Ronald Heisler Mitchell Hoffmeister Peter Huie Christina Hunchard Sharon Johnson Timothy Kachinsky John Kelly William Keville Laura Kittredge 166 Michelle Konosky Michelle Landry Kathryn Lapp Timothy Lawhorn Thomas Lee Sandra Levy Steven Lewis Paula Lodi Mark Lomberto Jerome Maddox Luaren Manasso Robert Mandra Marie Maxwell Brenda Menize Erika Moore Gary Mucciarone Lynn Mucciarone Bobbie Jo Murch Terry Murphy Anthony Narducci Alan Nasuti Timothy Nickerson Sandra Nicol Cheryl Ober Lauren O’Connor Robert O’Neil Joseph O’Regan Cindy Lyn Palermo 167 Cindy Papp David Paratore Lisa Parker Joseph Patracuollo David Patterson Greg Paxton Patrick Peabody Douglas Pereira Robert Pisano Kelly Plausse Eve Pouliot James Preble Elizabeth Prescott Corinne Prince Sandra Pellegri Jennifer Purdon Stephen Quinlan Kerry Rafferty Doug Ramsey Patricia Ravinski Sean Reardon Kenneth Reed Charles Rettman Leslie Anne Rice Tammy Richards Angela Rofino Amy Ryan Danny Sancomb Carolyn Santoro Fred Sapienza Marjorie Sardella Michael Savicki Pam Scaccia Lisa Scaringella Linda Jean Schaaf Kathy Seaholm 168 Mary Beth Sweeney Kristin Swoszowski Kim Syngay Jessica Taraski Denise Thibodeau Charles Todd Suzanne Tosches David Tracy David Varjian Kelly Walker Robert Weintraub Joseph Whippen Jr. Sean Yadisernia Kerri Yon 169 Mighty, M ighty Seniors The following pages include just a few examples of some of the wild and crazy people in the class of 1983. Bob Weidmen, Mark Hanlon, and Gary Ryan (I) relax for a while as a photographer disturbs Kathy Ryan (2) from her work. Hey Jodi Rappa (3), is it really THAT funny? “Hi!” says Don Davis (4). “I love Mondays” (5) says Dot Rakowski, while Krissie Stoughton and Lisa Dowley (6) give a pretty smile for the camera. Now isn’t that a cute couple? Rona Cowen and Mark Godfrey (7). Frank Macri rapidly writes (8) while Steve Taddeo thinks a bit. Toot toot, hey —beep beep (9) look out everyone, here comes Scott Karkos!! Not a word out of you Claire Giardini (10) says Steve Sullivan. Happy Thanksgiving (II) some chefs get ready to carve a turkey! Mark Kamaras and his ladies — Heather Johnson, Debbie Purdon, and Jane Reardon (12) pose for a picture, while Mike Prince (13) gives Leslie Joannides a little hug. 171 172 Marcia Lincoln and Eve Piemonte, (1) use the quick escape. Jim Padula (2) takes a swig of “water”. What could Janet Goddard be laughing at? (3) Ruth Fraser and her pal Dianne Raymond (4) get a wiff of fresh air. Hey, Dave DeBaggis (5) what are you looking at? Joyce Illsley is (6) just sitting around, come on Nancy Durand, (7) get to work! Ken Assad (8) paints a pretty picture, while Julie Fontenerosa (9) looks back at the action. John Collela, Brett Wotton, Paul Vetrano, and Brian Wotton (10) at the superbowl. Frank Macri (11) now That’s Italian!! Marcia Mucciaroni (12) how’s it taste? Tracey Baddeley and Gina Gianetti (13) collect money for a good cause. 173 Craig Buchanio and John Collela (1) just hanging around. Heave ho! Mark Ballarino (2) gives Colin Hoffmeister a helping hand. “What’s next?” says Lisa Murch (3). April Lima (4) gives a smile. Stephanie Bloemink (5) looks on, while Julie Byrnes and Anna Ferrara (6) have a conversation. Karla Pasquantonio and Cheryl Getchell (7) take a break as Beth Wooster (8) pretends to study. Hey, Craig Jacobson (9) this is a classroom, not your bedroom! Keith Chambers, Dan Heisler, and Tony Buchanio fool around at a class meeting. Some seniors (11) hang out at their lockers down the stairs. Jim Hutchenson (13) pauses for a moment, as Mary Cormier (14) listens carefully in class. What could Jonna Dunham and Karen Deitel (15) be up to? Marcia Regan and John LeBlanc (16) spend some time together. 174 Joanna Nowaki, Kaia Miller, Kathy Foley, and Susan Healy (1) sitting around. Now that’s a pretty smile, Pam Kerrigan (2). Joe Mazzola and Patty Costello (3) having a conversation. “Do you find taking my picture really necessary? says Lesli Wilcox (4). Betsy Hallett (5) smiles, cute huh? Debbie Gibsen and Dianne Foley (6) enjoy the sunshine. Is computers really that much fun? Phyllis Pink (7) and her friends are in the lab. Fred Greene (8) and the girls (9) all watch as Lizanne Noble (10) get her picture taken. Best Wishes from Congratulations Zo Zhe Class Of 1983 Dean Co-Operative Bank Franklins Family Shoe Store Main St. Franklin. Ma. i 528-9152 Molloi s Garage JnL 43 East Central St. Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 Complete Automotive Repair Service Domestic Foreign Experts Road Service Mass. Inspection Good Cuck Zo Zke Class Of 1983 Cronin’s Donut Shop 15 A West Central St. Breakfast And Cunckes GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Compliments Of-. ? rank tin Cinema 34 Cast Central 528-0620 Supplies — Equipment 1 38 E. Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 Tel. 528-2030 R. Cornetta Plumbing, Inc. 8 ALPINE PLACE 528-3853 FRANKLIN, MA 02038 FRANKLIN HOUSE OF PIZZA Franklin Plaza 365 W. Central St. Franklin, Ma. For Faster service call 528-2811 We will have it ready for you Try our specialties Anyone who tastes them will always remember them Good Luck Class Of ’83 Compliments Of Cochran ' s greenhouse 9. Z. Scbjo Co. 63 Southgate Rd. Franklin, Mass General Contractor Additions Swimming Pools Excavations Spring St Franklin, MA 02038 528-9537 Wholesale Retail Ciberty Package FRANKLIN SHELL STATION FULLY LICENSED CERTIFIED MECHANICS 528-8448 STEVE PRENTICE EAST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MASS (food Click. Class Of ’83 Jke Schneider 36 E. Central St., Franklin, MA Air Force: A Great Way Of Life A Chance To Get An Education While Working For The Air Force In The Community College 528-8459 fichu K. Padula, fine. general Construction Designers ean VCollege 520 W. Centra! Street Rte. 140 Franklin, Mass. 528-2344 “Where Quality And Service Work Together Estimates Without Obligation! FENCING IS OUR SPECIALTY • STOCKADE • OPEN PICKET • CHAIN LINK Over 100 styles from which to choose Check Our Prices Before You Buy! MORE THAN 50,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS IN THE AREA! franklin JCiquors 1-3 East Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 528-9802 BEST WISHES Class of ’83 Franklin Lodge of Elks No. 2136 -ranK Congratulations Zo Zlte Class Of 1983 franklin Dental Associates 397 S. Central St. franklin, MA 0203$ EDWARD H. SANCOMB Congratulations Zo Zhe Class Of 1983 PAZACAWO ?OKO sajcss, m. 161 8. Central St. Kt. 140 Sranklin, MA 02038 Phone: 528-0040 Peter Patalano, President Congratulations to the Class of 1983 KEEFE INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 51 W. Central St. Congratulations and Most Wishes ZO ZMS CjCASS 03 ‘83’ sspsejAccy m k. d kjm e. CAkVSC JCS CKSAM E. Central St. Franklin From Peter, Dolores, Patt and Crissy When the gift is especially special its from” Franklin, Ma. 02038 EDWINS GIFT, ETC Franklin Plaza Franklin, Ma. Cards — Gifts — Jewelry Open 9-9 Sunday 1-5 528-1220 KSMMVS PHARMACV Cuck 64 MAW SZRBSZ Village Caimdromat Market JRAWKjCJM Plaza 02038: BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1983 . - .. C+fitK ,% ; A ' V, MASS. LIC. 08383 FULLY INSURED msmey zra vbz cwzks. FRANKLIN-FOXBORO MILFORD TRAVELSMITHS SINCE 1962 J. J. VITELLO CO. PAINTING • WALLCOVERING M gag gl K CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INSURANCE ESTIMATES 7 MEADOW PARKWAY TEL (617) 528-1945 FRANKLIN. MA 02038 Kest Wishes Vo The Class Of ' S3 Rt 140 Franklin JACKSON FUNERAL HOME Li I Thornhill Travel Consultant 617 - 528-4200 131 Main St. Walter G. Jackson (•flliAlIM One Depot Plaza Main Street Franklin, Ma. 02038 Franklin, Ma. 02038 ( 617 ) 528 1444 Uniroyal • Dunlop • Michelin VET-MED PET SUPPLIES COMPANY ANIMAL HEALTH PRODUCTS NickY Robert P. Saponaro Joseph Tosti MARTHA E McCLAY Owner 29 DEAN AVENUE FRANKLIN. MA 02038 48 WAVERLY STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 01701 TEL. 617) 872-8881 10 COTTAGE STREET FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 TEL. (817) 828-0342 Best Wishes Vo Zhe ' lass Of 1983 AKrs ernespy we. 804 Pond St. franklin MA 0203$ 528-2590 Farm and Greenhouse Tel. 528-1065 Shop Tel. 528-5518 Est. 1896 RALPH W. COOK SONS 664 East Central Street Franklin, Ma Congratulations! Zo Zke Class Of f 83 mum am ’ s skamjcw m CWjC I WmM v, , si?,.; MAMO Humber And Building Supplies 65 Dean Street Sranklin, Muss. 02038 ( 617 ) 528-0910 Good Luck Class of ’83 Compliments of A ’.OJAS KSSZAUKAtfZ wee k sjmmjcsk A ZZOKMVS A Z£A W ZM£ KOnSRZS B£DQ. WAMjCJM MA 02038 528-5300 BEST WISHES ALWAYS Mug n Muffin Restaurant 13-25 Main Street (In the Depot Plaza) Franklin, MA 02038 VENDETTI MOTORS, INC 411 West Central Street Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 (617) 528-3450 Uest Wishes Zo Zhe Class Of J983 M’ szun Street Mass. 02038 ROSEWOOD RSSZAURAMZ MHH Rte. 126 No. Bellingham Medway line Featuring Ice Cream, Seafood, and Mini-Golf Tel. 528- 9771 Cor. Rte. 140, King - Chestnut 1 INC. WHOLESALE PLUMBING HEATING SUPPLIES ' ft f f fs © AMI RK ' AN SIANDAKf) Wholesale Plumbing k Meating 317 Union St P.O, Pox D Sranklin, M A 0203$ Zel. 528-0006 Benny’s Oil Service, Jnc. 47 West Central Street We Make Warm Sneads Heating Installation - Metered ' Deliveries 24 Hour Service Congratulations to the Class of 1983 m Compliments of 3SKUA KA ’S MA KKS Z 9WASMJMZ0JV SZKSSZ ZKAWjCW, MA 02038 528-9845 " • ■■ open 7 days a week 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Mon.-Sri. 8 a.m.- 7 p.m. Sat + Sun e + e spok zs fOK AjZjC VOUK spokzs mens Mours-. Mon.-Sri. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Sat. 8 a.m. 5 p.m. 1S7 S. Central Street franklin, MA 0203$ 528- 5522 Compliments Of Zhe Caw Offices Of Machner, Roche 4 Cataldo 55 W. Central St. P.O. IS OK 26 Sranklin, MA 02038 Congratulations 9row the Senior Class “When you’re down and troubled and you need some love and care, and nothin’, nothin’ is goin’ right . . 1979 . . . 1980 Remember that Freshman year? Your first year in high school . . . Where at first it does seem as if nothing ever will go right. Activities such as concession stands and our Freshman Banquet were organized by working together. Before we realized it, the year had passed and things had surprisingly gone right. Class officers were Beth Manocchio, President; Mike Dwyer, Vice President; Diane Ashley, Secretary; and Liz Thackaberry, Treasurer. “Close your eyes and think of me, and soon I will be there, to brighten up even your darkest night ... all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there . . . you’ve got a friend.” A year later ... a year older ... a sophomore. Making friends in your own class yet reaching out to other classes. Remember receiving our class rings, and the Sophomore Banquet? Helping in these activities were: Sue Melo, President; Diane Foley, Vice President; Iona Moore, Secretary; and Liz Thackaberry, Treasurer. “Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend . . . when people can be so cold? They’ll hurt you and desert you . . . and take your soul if you let them. Oh, but don’t you let them.” We were really beginning to know each other ... we felt the sadness as some people left . . . yet we realized that we’re almost there ourselves. Our busy weekends were full of concession stands. In March we started a new tradition with lollipop day for St. Patrick’s day and in April we had a very successful Prom. Class officers were Anna Ferrara, President; Dianne Foley, Vice President; Kathy Foley, S ecretary; and Liz Thackaberry, Treasurer. “Keep your head together and cadi my name out loud. Soon you’ll hear me knockin’ at your door.” Senior year is the year you’ve looked forward to for so long . . . and it’s finally here ... it was a full year . . . HECTIC but good!! Our first successful class trip, to Mount Monadnock, donations to St. Judes hospital, the Bloodmobile, Senior Christmas party, Senior week, and the Senior Banquet . . . Indeed, a difficult time to keep your head together . . . yet you did it. Class officers were Anna Ferrara, President; Colin Hoffmeister, Vice President; Kathy Foley, Secretary; Linda Colace, Treasurer. Your days in high school may be finished but the friends you’ve made will last forever . . . “You just call out my name and you know wherever I am. I’ll come runnin’ to see you again. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall . . . All you have to do is call - - - And I’ll be there . . . You’ve got a friend.” Selected lyrics from “You’ve got a friend” by James Taylor words and music by Carole King. Copyright 1971 by Colgems music corps. Anna Ferrara Class of 1983 — President June 2. 1983 cove S8ZM 7983 ma SMOuwzsKs Now serving Breakfast Daily 8 Main Street- Franklin, MA Sandwiches-Party Platters-Cold Cuts M-F 8a.m.-10p.m. 528-7109 Sat. 8a.m.-5p.m. Take-Out ■ Good Luck To The Class Of “83” Hillside Nursery and florist Shop 823 Washington Street Franklin, MA 528-0038 Nautilus, the most advanced method of total conditioning avail¬ able. At Nautilus you will look great, feel great and stay in shape faster and easier than ever before. Nautilus of Medway for a Nauti Body 276 Village Street, Medway, Ma. 02053 • Phone 533-7337 BOUGHT USED FURNITURE SOLD Work Toward A Better Tomorrow! Clark’s Hallmark • Hallmark Cards • Picture Frames • Writing Papers • Mugs • Party Goods • Stuffed Animals • Puzzles • Figurines • other fine gifts OPEN 9:30-5:30 MON-SAT, THURS -I- FRI til 9 p.m. Rt. 140 FRANKLIN SHOPPERS FAIR COLLECTIBLES JIM AND ELENA MENIZE RES. (617) 528-9204 BUS. 528-0828 ANTIQUES 1 WEST CENTRAL ST FRANKLIN, MA. CHARLES F. OTERI Director 528-0011 OTERI FUNERAL HOME Congratulations to the Class of 1983 franklin Country Club E. Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 SUNOCO SIZE LUXURY AUTOMOBILES FULL SERVICE AND 455 LINCOLN STREET, Member FTD and TELEFLORA flankliu florist And greenhouses Distinctive Floral Designs and Potted Plants 8 Cross St. Franklin, MA 02038 JOSEPH HALLIGAN Tel. 617-528-0307 JOE’S SPECIALIZING IN FULL PARTS AVAILABLE FRANKLIN, MA 02038 33 COTTAGE ST. FRANKLIN ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Earl W Folsom - Richard J. Folsom - Donald 0. Folsom • Robert M. Folsom Zhe creation of a yearbook depends upon many people and their continuing support . So to these people we extend our sincere thanks! . . . to Hargreaves Studio, for all their help and fine work . . . to Joe Geoffroy, our photographer, for his advice, and excellent results . . . to Josten’s American Yearbook Company Representative, Dan Smith, for tolerating all our mistakes and somehow maintaining a smile at the same time . . . to Mrs. Fox, who never gave up, for advising the 1983 Oskey when no one else would . . . to our Sponsors and Advertisers, for their financial support . . . to Class President, Anna Ferrara and her family, for hosting staff meetings in their home . . . to the faculty, who did favors for us too numerous to mention . . . to all those teachers, who let yearbook members out of class for our various activities . . . to all building custodians, for never saying no . . . to all the Editors and Oskey Staff, for their time and energy . . . to all typists, for meeting deadlines . . . to Mrs. Eileen Costello, for all her advice and assistance . . . to Mr. MacPhee, for helping us every time we asked . . . to Mrs. DiMarco, for the complete take-over of her office, her phone, her desk, and even her kitchens . . . to Mrs. Richardson and her typing classes ... to Mr. Gray for allowing staff members to run the yearbook instead of the store . . . to Mr. Radford and Mr. Mulcahy, who made us the best class at Franklin High . . . to Mrs. Reizian, who gave us an office when we had no where to go . . . to Mr. Standring and Mrs. Russo, for their patience and understanding with the yearbook staff . . . to Jonna Dunham our typist, for always being there . . . to Anne King of the Woonsocket Call, for pictures . . . to David Grinley and Richard Ormond, for their pictures . . . to Gary Stucchi, our sole artist, for his original work ... to Ed Denyer, Chris Murphy and Sue Nasuti, for pounding the pavement obtaining ads . . . to Fiona Crerar, for designing the Ad Section . . . To all Seniors obtaining ads from local businesses . . . to Kathie Martin, for writing out 425 receipts and keeping the books . . . to Brian Bonollo and Sue Nasuti, for their time working on the sports sections . . . to Linda Bassick, for doing her job and everyone else’s, when they decided not to . . . to Cheryl Cardullo, for layout of the senior section . . . to Jane Reardon, Sue Dena, a nd Bunzy Moore, for their help in fund raising . . . to Dee Susi, for everything . . . to Janet Goddard and Gina Gianetti, for their help . . . to Bonnie Ficco, for devoting her senior year to production and completion of this yearbook . . . to anyone we may have forgotten to mention, and to you, the person reading our book

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