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. 1 r” I Seniors 17 Classroom 77 Sports 105 Activities 143 OSKEY FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Franklin, MA r Faces in Places Franklin High offers students a chance to experience their different field of interest. (1) The DEC A stu¬ dent clerks, Cathy Norian, Dave Gul- bis, and Donna D ' Allessandro give us their sales pitch. The library provides a chance for students to put last min¬ ute details on next period’s homework as shown by Mary McCarthy (2). The computer room gives students a look at the world of tomorrow. Here, Cathy Cullen and Lisa Bullen (3) pause from programming to give a smile. The art rooms offer a more re¬ laxed, and casual atmosphere where students like Rose Buitta (4) can show their true personality. 4 . Around our School In the more structured classroom, however, students like Joe (5) Beth- oney are confined to hitting the books. The business department offers many courses including accounting, short¬ hand, and typing. Here, Linda Begin and Marsha Getchell look up from working with an adding machine. Students like Phil Joseph (7) take time out from school work to take a look at the happenings in the main hall. The cafeteria provides a place where upper classmen can relax or as shown by Stephan Jaquith, Larry Ja¬ cobson, and Denise (Sheets) Jacob¬ son (8) get a head start on some homework. For the mechanically in¬ clined, Franklin offers an automo- 3 r Spending Free Time When there’s time enough to spare, kids take time out to take it easy and be themselves with their friends. Freshman girls, dazed and confused (1). Carolyn Foley, Bethany God¬ dard, and Jocelyn Greene smile bril¬ liantly for the camera (2). Chris Lang and Terri Woodrow leaving from a long, hard day of school (3). Carolyn Lomberto laughing shyly at some¬ one’s joke and Sona Avakian not find¬ ing it funny (4). Gail Cochran, Anita Brickman, Andrea Bissanti, and Donna Peterson relaxing outside of FHS (5). 4 With Our Friends Ray Travers and a friend (6). Beth Ryan, Sue Hinckley, Laura Sullivan, and Chris Hilton pose perfectly for a picture (7). Jed Labonte and Rich Lamphere taking time off from work¬ ing on their porche (8). Linda Oxford looking for her friends (9). Steve Duplessie with his witty personality shows his affection for Amy Curley ( 10 ). 5 r The Thrill of Competition Terri Rice anticipates action coming down the field (1). Brad McClay Scott Cox practice their soccer steps (2). Mary Kay Atkins exhibits that soccer can really go to your head (3) For Pam Kerrigan a good shot is all that counts (4) Peter Laviolette shows classic form (5) at Franklin High Terri Ristaino prepares for a grand slam (6). Franklin defense mobs the lone Milford player (7). Anita Brick- man takes notes as Brian Bonollo warms up for practice (8). Sue Nasuti head for where the action is (9). r A Hard Whether its afterschool, weekends, or nights the seniors work “very hard” to reach their goals. Jeff Bailey trying to bag at Ricos (1). Dianne Vendetti and Sandra Velutti busy pasting at Whiting and Davis (2). Steve Jacquith Days Work grins at his reflection on the shiny counter, thanks to Glass Plus (3), Mousey (Brian Fournier) must over¬ exert himself to reach the top shelf (4). Donna Howard displays her or- ganzing ability (5). Deserves a Good Days Pay. Tracey Houston, Jeanne Davison, and Sharon Socci work at coming unglued on the job (6, 7). Grace Or¬ lando overjoyed by the end of her hard day at Star Market (8). Punky, “the hardware king” of Franklin (9). Steve Pacheco ready and willing to take orders (10). 9 We’ve Only Just Begun . . . Prom time came April 20, 1981. The Blue Hills Country Club provided a luxurious and happy time for all. Anne Remillard ready to dance but Joe Paratore has other things on his mind (1); Amy Curley giggles at the “sweet nothings” Bob Petitt whispers in her ear (2); Prom Queen, Terri Da- gosta, is overwhelmed by the shock, while Todd wonders why he didn’t get any flowers (3); Mr. Kingsbury is un¬ willing to dance while others urge him on (4); Nancy Cummings could have danced all night while her date needs a break (5) 10 . . . to Live Amy and Dave run out of chairs but they compromise (6); David and Sue enjoying themselves (7); Smile pretty Roseanne! (8); Sue and Butch stop to pose for a picture (9); Lori Colella, Janine Gazzola, Meghan Moriarty take advantage of showing off their gowns! (10). 11 r Oriental Outing It was our last day of school and our official first minutes as SEN¬ IORS. To celebrate we decided to go Chinese, so we all met at Pago Pago in Milford and pigged-out. Included in our group were: Judy Scanlon, who looks like she’d rather be eating than posing (1); Janine Gazzola, Beth McNally, Kenny Cos¬ tello, and Gunars Zandbergs (2); Lin- nea Palmer, Robin Mele, Tracy Blan¬ chard, Lisa Lyons, Nancy McQuig- gan, Anne Remillard, and Julianne Dorr, How many can you fit in a booth? (3) 12 At Pago Pago Karen Conroe, Donna Healy, and Missy Kuehn obviously enjoy their feast. (4); Kim McLaughlin, Robin Jenest, Jeanne Chalmers, and Kristen Yankee. Robin, are you sure there’s no booze in that drink? (5); Tracy Beatrice, Melissa Amendola, and Inger Anderson (6); Patty Brunelli and Robin Peabody. Just friends? (7). 13 Getting High On October 12, the seniors tested their climbing skills on Mr. Monad- nock. It was a crisp, clear day as Ter¬ ry Ristaino, Mimi Roche, and Lisa Lyons (1) began their trek to the top. Second thoughts formed in Gail Cochran’s and Lori Colella’s minds (2) when they became aware of the long hike that awaited them. Midway- up the mountain, Larry Jacobson, Alan Duffy, and Mike Coggin (3) paused to take a look at the view. Jer¬ ry Lawler (4) ended up hiding behind the rocks when the angry mobs found that he used up all his film. Dianne Colella (5) displayed the thrill of vic¬ tory after reaching the top. 14 On Mount Monadnock Scott Bryant, Carol Myers, Bob Hus¬ ton and Mike Coggin relaxed and shared secrets after the wearing hike. Beth Burns, Teri Rice, Bethany God¬ dard, Donna Healy and Missy Kuehn (7) took time to show their pearly whites. Once Jim Menard, Gunars Zandbergs, Scott Corvi, and Paul Holst (8) reached the top, they munched on lunch. Was it the moun¬ tain air or Brian Dunn ' s drink that made him smile? Jeanne Chalmers (10) rallied the troops for the final descent. Everyone including John Hooper, Scott Bryant, Carol Myers and Scott Cox enjoyed getting high on MT. Monadnock (11). 15 To be the last to leave the last to hold on To believe in the past these times never change Futures unfolded with dreams for tomorrow treasured by the ones who hang on long distance winners, who try to survive but the memories never fade those well chilled beers, toasting cheers, haunting fears, crying tears those high school years burn out the nite yeh, it’s alright hey ’ 82 , we’re outta sight and the smiles that linger on friendships of our lifetimes no one ever leaves we all stay close till the fire fades and only ashes remain. Tyler , 16 Todd B. Adams 37 School St. Found with: Neil, Scott, Kim, Lisa. Likes: Being a senior Dislikes: Being a freshman, Jocks, Mr. Gonsalves Ambition: To become a doctor of psychology Fav. mem: New York trip David M. Adamson 9 Dartmouth Rd. Found with: Dave, Curley, Tom, and up Summer St. Likes: Food, guzzling through the weekends sophomore and senior year, stereos Dislikes: working, getting up for school, and junior year Ambition: to study advertising and communica¬ tions Fav. mem: Springsteen con¬ cert, Night Morning of Alice Coo¬ per, Vermont, Cape Cod Summer ' 81, Period 4 with the Artho Parking Lot Hits Anything Else: TAKE A CHANCE WHILE YOU’VE STILL GOT THE CHANCE Christine Allevato 443 Lincoln St. Found with: Laurie, Carla, Mary, Ronnie, Rick, Roy, Jeff, Joe Likes: partying with the gang, budweiser and Ronnie Dislikes: Jocks, Disco, Fav. Mem: ZZ Top, The Kinks, Ronnie’s going away party, going down Plymouth, Alice Cooper Fav. Saying: Hey man! Anything: else: Schools out! Melissa M. Amendola 630 Washington St. Nickname: Missy, Miss Found with: Tracy, Inga, Deneen, Karen, Tammy, Terri, Ribbon’s Blues gang, Amy, Carrie, Tracy M., Shannon Likes: horses, The Stones, Journey, The Cape, Summer Dis¬ likes: phony people Activities: Rib¬ bons and Blues dancers. Junior Miss Ambition: To become an Animal Technician, possibly a veterinarian Fav. mem: January 3, 1981, The Cape, Journey ’81, scheming with Tracy, Nantasket Beach ’81 Inger M. Anderson 247 Pleasant St. Nickname: Inga Found with: Sue, Deneen, Bonnie, Tracy, Missy, Sun¬ ny, etc. Likes: LBJ Dislikes: home¬ work on Fridays (right Mr. D) Am¬ bition: To become wealthy Fav. mem: Boz, JT, Journey concerts, learning to ski, Mount Monadnock, Quebec trip Mark C. Anderson 800 Lincoln St. Found with: Keith, Greg, Gibber Likes: outdoors, ocean, sports Dis¬ likes: Low Tides, two sided people Activities: Freshman Football, Hunting, Fishing Ambition: To own my own business, and be happy, to live up north Fav. mem: summer of ’81, ellise Haven, 11 24 79, 5 23 79 Anything else: Have a good time class of ’82 Yoshitaka Ando -12 Walnut Ave. Nicknames: Ando, Yoshi Found with: Antosh, Scangevin Skinny, 2 Bissanti brothers and the rest of the gang Likes: parties, study, girls Dis¬ likes: police; classes Activities: par¬ tying, Football 1-4, Baseball 1, 2 Ambition: physical trainer Fav. mem: Summer of ' 81 80, Skinny and Tommy’s parties, Antosh’s house, Sandyneck, J.B.’s car, Z28, Fletcher’s, B. Seger Tom Petty concerts, Summer St. Hampton Beach ’71 Cutlass Fav. Saying: Come on now Anything else: Good luck to the class of ’82 and F.T.W. Todd A. Antosh 825 Pond St. Nickname: Moe, Scrod Found with: Todd, Ando, Tom, Bob, Skinny, Benny, Tim, Murph Likes: Playing hockey, partying, cruising Dislikes: Bo Bo’s practices Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Ambition: To graduate from H.S. and become business partners with my father Fav. mem: Hampton Beach, July 4th weekend ’81, Summer St. Cape Thomas Armstrong 597 Washington St. Nickname: Armas Found with: Dave, Fred, Peter, Rich, Chris, Likes: Summer vacations, racing. Dislikes: Homework, E.S. Tests Fav mem: Daytona ' 80, Summer vaca¬ tion ’81 Gina Arruda 40 Southgate Rd. Found with: Terri, Amy, Eileen, Linnea, Dianne, Ellen, Sue, and Della Likes: Muppets, straws, yan- kee doodles, balloons, and chasing rainbows Dislikes: climbing moun¬ tains forgetting dreams Fav. mem: Special moments with friends, We- liks, Red lights, Jr. Miss, Cape, Hopkinton Beach, Drive in with girls, McPumpkin McPlant Day, Terri’s sunroof, Math with Mrs. Menize Lake Pearl, Theater Arts, Summers with Donna and Terri Anything else: No, Donna, I didn’t forget Susan E. Ashley 6 Haverstock Rd. Likes: the beach, dancing, music, drawing, 14k gold, and people who make me laugh Ambition: To live a life full of changes, happiness, and success Fav. mem: England, sum¬ mer ’78, York Beach with Judi, summer ’79, Plymouth, summer ’80, the prom ’81, July 3rd with U.S.A.S., Camping with Paul and Dee Dee under the Sagamore, Sum¬ mer ’81, GriPs parties, and Mt. Mo- nadnock with Rose, Lori, and Bryn Sona Avakian 61 Southgate Rd. Nickname: Sunny Found with: Peo¬ ple whose company I enjoy Likes: windy days, beaches, creativity, Miss Hepburn’s class Dislikes: pep rallies paranoia and people who cheat and get ahead Activities: ski team, student council. Foreign Lan¬ guage Club, Mirage Ambition: To survive Anything else: live and let live 19 Jett Bailey 213 Dailey Drive Nicknames: Bubba Found with: Rely, John, Steve, Ray, Shoes, Beet- lerat, the Moore Babes Likes: Fri¬ day nights, beehc, ‘69, Adrienne Dislikes: Lester, Freshmen babes Activities: Band 1-2, Basketball 2-4 Fav. mem: Prom, Roly’s Class, Geek’s Place, Wrestling Matches, “27”, Fridays, Riverside, Lester’s class. Laugh Attacks at Friendly’s and Table Top, Mt. Monadnock Fa¬ vorite Saying: “ ... and what not”, “Ahhh, there’s a babe!” Anything Else: “BoJo TO GO?” David Baker 204 Union St. Christopher Ballarino South Street Nicknames: Bal Found with: Skin¬ ny, Murph, Everett, Carbon, Curlso, Bennett, Tom, Todd, Todd, Ando, Peter, Tony, rest of the gang Likes: studies, parties, parties down the tracks Dislikes: CC’s, CTS, classes Activities: Basketball 1-4 Ambition: to be rich Favorite Memories: Cape, Skinny’s Tom’s, Pam’s parties, girls down the Cape, Summer St. Susan E. Barnes 28 Queen Street Found with: Carolyn, Anita, Donna, cheerleaders and Summer St. gang Likes: good times with good friends Dislikes: obnoxious people Activi¬ ties: football, soccer, basketball and competition cheering 1-4 Ambition: to get the most out of life Favorite mem: Rocky point sophomore year. Prom 80, Pam’s sleepover. Party after N.A. comp, Jr. Miss, Comp 81, Kinks, F-Sunday, D D w Carolyn Anything Else? Class of 82 be happy because thats what really matters. John Barraclough 366 Pond St. Nickname: J. B. Found with: Lisa, Wayne, James D., Heal, Mouse, Mark, Harpo Likes: weekends, cars, ripping up K.P. field, The Bud Man Dislikes: 2nd district court, physics, W.S.S. Activities: Skiing, Baseball, Diving Ambition: To go to M.M.A. and live to be 100 Favorite memo¬ ries: Kinks “80-81”, “Finellies 81” Dennisport, Kennificks Parties, Grove St., The Quarres, Mickey’s Parties, Lisa B., Mt. Manadnock David Bassignani 42 Jordan Road Found with: Amy and Rose, Leo, Mucci, Tom, Brownie, and almost everyone else Likes: 2nd period in the parking lot Dislikes: Franklin Furniture, some teachers, F.S. Am¬ bition: to go to a tech school and pick up a trade Favorite mem: Every¬ thing I’ve done up until the present time Favorite saying: Sometimes you have to go down to go up. Deborah E. Batog 1 Linda Lane Nickname: Deb Found with: Stace, Pauline, Monica, Chris, Karen and the senior girls! Likes: being w Paul, Molsons, (Leo!), The Doors, poetry, freedom of expresion Dis¬ likes: Nukes, plastic people, confor¬ mity, Activities: Basketball 1, Field Hockey 1-3, Softball 1,2, Mirage 3, 4 Ambition: To be happy Favorite Memories: Cape 79-80, Tom Petty, 5 10 81, partying up industrial, Georgia 81, partying w Stace the unwantables Anything Else? “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” Tracy L. Beatrice 7 Bullikian Drive Nicknames: PeeWee, Social Butter¬ fly, Cutie Found with: Michael, Missy, Kimmy, Laurie, Tracy M., Robin, Marsha, Tammy, Begin, Holsty, Kenso and the rest of the Dance group gang Likes: meeting new people (boys) Dislikes: People who put down other people Activi¬ ties: Cheerleading 79, 80, 81, Rib¬ bon Blue 81,82, Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Ambition: to be an engineer Favor¬ ite memories: Jr. Prom, starting my own Dance Group, “Ribbon Blue’s cheerleading, Pago Pago Donald Beetlestone 670 Oak St. James M. Begin 265 Daniels Street Nickname: Jim Found with: Mike, John, Paul, Bryn, Birdy, and Joe Likes: Long Weekends, Parties down the Cape, Partying with the Junior Class Dislikes: B.S. Artists, Plastic people, getting up before school Activities: Wrestling 2, 3 Fa¬ vorite Memories: Springsteen, Jack- son Browne, Cape, Prom, Partying down the Moon and Union Street Favorite saying; I’m only serious Anything Else? Good Luck ' 82 Donald A. Bennett 4 Flynn Road Nicknames: Lefty, Benny Found with: Murph, Skinny, Bal, Curly, Tom, Todd A., Todd L. and the gang Likes: Parties, Bud, hockey games Dislikes: M.W. Ambition: to be successful in life Favorite memo¬ ries: Curly’s, Pam’s, Skinny’s Par¬ ties, Summer Street, Soph, banquet at Punky’s house, the Cape David Paul Benson 24 Highwood Drive Found with: Linda, Jerry L., Mary G., A1 D., Steve, Denise, Larry, Joe M., Cathy Nickname: Bently Likes: Good friends. Great times Ambi¬ tion: Politics 21 Deneen Marie Bertone 79 Brook Street Nicknames: Deedo Found with: Bonnie S., Inger, Sue, Gesina, Missy, Bonnie B. Likes: Tim, Bruce, The Guiding Light Dislikes: LBJ, “Plastic” Hospital Activities: Soft- ball 1-4 Ambition: To Find Myself Favorite Memories: Journey, Mt. M., Rocco Weekend, “Movies” (?) w Gesina, Bonnie Tat, Texaco Wrentham, Softball 81, Kings (Thanks Dave), Moms Gigs Any¬ thing Else? Hey Bonnie, Want a Beer? Marc N. Bertone 257 Union Street Nickname: Skinny Found with: Tom, Curly, Murph, Pete, Tony, Ando, Bibby Corner Likes: Par¬ ties, Bud, cruising in Bennett’s car Dislikes: Boards, C’C’s, Mailboxes Activities: Football 1-4, Track 1, Corner 2, 3, 4 Ambition: to be an accountant Favorite Memories: Tom’s, Pam’s Parties, Jr. Softball keg, Mac’s w Mr. Missler, Tom, Curly, Cape, Pier 28, Driving Ben¬ nett’s car, Summer St., Pago Pago, kegs down tracks, Rocky Pt., Seger, Hockey Games Kevin C. Beschi 97 Chestnut Street Nickname: Besk Found with Sana, Jim D., J.B., Geno, Sugrue, Geno and the rest of the gang Likes: Girls, sports and cars Dislikes: stuck up girls, telephone poles, Activities: Baseball 1-4, Football 3 Ambition: To be wealthy and very happy in whatever 1 do Favorite Memories: Westfield College, good parties, Class of ’81 Senior Banquet, Junior Prom and Mt. Monadnock Joseph T. Bethoney 7 Tam-O-Shanter Road Nicknames: Joe, Joey Found with: Lisa, Steve, Mary Ellen, Donna, Missy and the gang Likes: Talking w Donna (Friendly’s!) Being w Friends, being happy Dislikes: Mrs. Doyle!! Activities: Golf, Spring Track 3, Winter Track 3, Math Club, Prom Committee, CYO Fa¬ vorite Memories: Prom, Summer 81, J.A.M., Teaching Spanish, Chi¬ na Lotus, Hyannis, May 6, CYO Dances, Mt. Monadnock, OEA Trip Anything Else? Steve, Do you have an extra $200 to spare? Brian Bickford 1156 Pond Street Nickname: Bicky Found With: B- House gang Likes: Fixing cars and looking at the girls walking down the halls Dislikes: going to study hall Activities: auto, gym, gatorball Ambition: automechanic Favorite Memories: Helping Mr. Conner fix cars and fixing Patterson’s Car all the time Favorite Saying: wrong Anthing else? Good luck to the class of ’82! Susan E. Bird 76 Brook Street Found With: Beth, Donna, Missy, Annie, Bethany and the gang Likes: Animal Crackers, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Graduation!! Ac¬ tivities: CYOl-4, CYO Basketball 1,2, Foreign Language Festival 1,2, “M A S H” ’80, Speech Team 3, 4, Yearbook 4, National Honor So¬ ciety Favorite Memories: Michigan ’79 ' 81, Maine ’81, Milton Biol¬ ogy Convention 80, Nov. 22, 1980, Evenings at St. Mary’s, History w Ellen, Eliza Doolittle Anything Else? Happiness Success to all my friends in the class of “82”! Douglas R. Bissanti 743 King Street Nicknames: Doug, Tassmanian Devil Found with: Everett, Rich, Muggsie, and the rest of the gang Likes: Skiing, Lowenbrew Dislikes: Rats, Hungarian English teachers Activities: Soccer 1-4, Indoor track 1, 2, Baseball 1, 3 Favorite Memo¬ ries: Tom Petty Concert, Tom’s Par¬ ties, Cape, Mt. Monadnock, win¬ ning league title in indoor track “78- 79” Favorite Saying: Bunch of Var- mitts, Hollywood Matthew Bissanti 25 Sherman Avenue Nickname: Bizzo Found with: Frank, Bimbo, Jimmy, Bobby, June, Tracy Likes: leaving school for lunch, concerts, weekends, loud mu¬ sic, parking Dislikes: Technical sus¬ pensions, Supervised Study, teach¬ ers Activities: Stealing street signs, partying Favorite memories: Cali¬ fornia, Falmouth, Kinks, ZZ Top, Petty Tom Bissanti 215 Jordan Road Found with: Skinny, Ando, Curly, Todd (Moe) and Tod (hoe), Benny and the gang Likes: parties 4-wheel¬ er, bud Dislikes: Working at Frank¬ lin Furniture Co., cotton balls. Ea¬ gle eye Activities: Hockey 1-4 Fa¬ vorite Memories: Cape, Sandyneck, Pier 28, First Keg, the blue Blazer, Falmouth CCC, 3rd floor. Summer St., Taco maker, Pleasant St., Tom Petty, Skinny’s party, Fufu Mark Blades 79 Arlington Street Found with: Angie, Rich, Scott, Todd, Peter Likes: cars, money, weekends, summer Dislikes: work, library Regulars Activities: Cars, Art, skiing Ambition To be happy and get the most out of life Favorite Memories: J. Geils, The Cars, Todd’s going away party, Nov. 16, L.D.W., Journey, Cape Cod Trips. Sophomore — Junior summer Any¬ thing Else? Good luck to the class of “82” Tracy Blanchard 373 Oak Street Found with: Richie, Lisa, Nancy, Beth. Activities: Reading, swim¬ ming, traveling Ambition: To be very happy and very successful Fa¬ vorite Memories: Oct 15, 1980, April 21, 1981, July 4 weekend 1981, Strawboss Lisa M. Bolar 88 Crescent Street Found With: Yama the crew Likes: Chinese food, the Cape, Par¬ tying, early dismissal, snow, making people laugh Dislikes: Jocks, two- faced people, people who don’t ac¬ cept you for what you are Activities: D.E. 1 II Ambition: To go into hotel management Favorite memo¬ ries: Cape w Yama, 4-wheeling w Jay, Marsha, Denise, Shelley the rest of the gang, “The Hill " parties, D.E. “trips”, Kinks ’80 w Holly, Doug Eddie Anything Else? Thanks to all my family friends who have helped me make it. James Bollivar 150 David Road Friends: Rick, Gary, Arty, Porky. Activities: skiing, swimming, Likes: to be with good friends, Dislikes: people who drive slow. Clubs: DECA anything else: I’d like to wish the class of “82” a promising and rewarding future. Jeffrey Borruso 46 Raymond St. Cheryl L. Brady 650 Old W. Central St. “Brady” Found with: Chris, Dave, Teri, and the rest of the HS’s. Likes: Garfield, jeans, and good partys. Dislikes: people who place so much emphasis on Sclothes. Fav. Saying: “Hi, hon!” Fav. Memories: “get-to¬ gethers” at mine Teri’s, Chris T.B. ' s stairs, S.B.’s room, B.P.’s let¬ ters, J. Geils, Fletcher’s being w Dave-Summer 81, The prom, Maryland, 8 18 81 ... Ambition: to find that pot of gold. Anything else: Chris why are ya crying? Be good Class of 82! Frank Brady 15 Russel St. found with: Traci, Bizzo, Bimbo, Jimmy, Bob and the rest. Fav. Mem.: California, Kinks, Petty, Geils, BOC, Lake Pearl, Rocky Point, Hockey games, summer 80. Likes: Street signs, Oakland Pkwy Gigs, Cruising in the truck. Dislikes: wrecking cars, severe wimps and In¬ surance co. activities: Basketball 1- 4, Soccer 1-3, Baseball 1-2. Fav say¬ ing: “Look no Gas!” and “Oh, no, my car!” Anything else: Bizzo, slow down! Keith A. Brady 1164 Pond St. Usually found with: Julie Friends: Mike, Kenny, Andy, Greg Likes: getting out of school, going on Trips Dislikes: two faced people Activi¬ ties: Hockey, Scuba Diving Ambi¬ tion: To be successful in life Favorite Memories: Skiing ’80-’82, Walking on Jetty at the Cape Anything else: good luck Class of ’82 Laura M. Branscomb 16 Flynn Rd. Found with: Diane Judy, Rose, Mem, Charlene, Teri and gang. Fav. Mem: 5 Proms, Horseneck, Mt. Manadnock, Charlene’s partys, Michelle’s party, Mac’s, Rocky Point, Cape July 4th, 81, Junior Miss. Likes: Bob, weekends, cruis¬ ing, sports at FHS. Activities: Span¬ ish club 2, manager of varsity base¬ ball 3, 4. Ambition: To live in a con¬ dominium and be a successful busi¬ ness executive. Anything Else: I will always like FHS, BM’s and MC’s. Richard Bravoco 177 Glen Meadow Rd. Found w : Gary, Pat, Jim, Vic, Moose, Scott, Art, Joy, Lynn, Sher¬ ry, Danielle. Ambition: To play gui¬ tar as good as Jimmie Page. Likes: My Guild Starfire, fender pro-re- verrs. Dislikes: Passes, Taxes, BAAL worshippers. Favorite memories: Climbing the Franklin High School at 2:00 A.M. 1979; Jamming with Gary, Jay Lance. Nickname: Rick Judith Marie Brennan 599 Maple St. Nickname: Judy, Found with: Mi¬ chelle, Sondra, Robin, Camille, Liz, and friends. Likes: Laughter, week¬ ends, parties. Dislikes: being looked over, dwarfs. Memories: All the laughs and good times I’ve shared w friends 6th study munchout, tor¬ pedo sinking w Tyler and T, Macs, Sondra’s stories, Robins 495 driv¬ ing, Summer ' 81, Camille ' s dough¬ nuts. Ambition: To stay happy; Good Luck class of ' 82! Bonnie Brewer 11 Meadow Parkway Found w : The Herd, Fav. Mem: Fred, J. Prom, Sophomore banquet, 3 28 80, Indicators, Petty ' 81, B.S.T. Mom’s work. Things we did last summer. Likes: Creme de Menthes Dislikes: Good-byes, L.B.J., a perfect 10. Activities: Yearbook 2, 3, 4 skiing 3, 4 DECA 3, 4, Cheering 2, 3 Prom S.B. Committees. Anything else: like a ten-ton cake, the world is more than anyone can eat, In one sitting Select a piece, then, enjoy the party. Good night, and have a pleasant tomor¬ row. Anita Brickman 76 Parliament Dr. Favorite Memories: Prom, summer of 81, most of the parties, Me Plant night at Macs, Jr. Miss, Cherries, times with Kurt. Likes: good looking guys, working at Dean, payday, honesty, football players and little BAL. Dislikes: fakes, calories, D.W.A.F. Ambitions: to get out of Franklin and to be happy in my life. Activities: freshman football man¬ ager 2, 3, 4 Anything else: Mr. Quinlan, I lied about 2nd period. Jeff Brown 15 East St. Nickname: Brownie. Found with: Mem, Punky, Mucci, Mouse, Jon- esy. Fav. Memories: Springsteen, Seger, Kinks, the quarries, C.C.C.80., 4th July, “81” Mt. Mo- nadnock. 6 20 81 Mahrsys Gig. 7 17 81. Likes: Concerts, Mem, Par¬ ties, Blizzards. Dislikes: Rubber room, working Sat. nights, plastic chicks. Anything else: Good luck Harpo! William Brown 136 Conlyn Ave. Nickname: Brownie. Friends: Rick, Don, Mike, Scott, Dave, and anyone else. Activities: Partying. Favorite Mem: Down the Cape in ' 80, Party¬ ing in Bob’s van. Likes: Fridays- 2:10 bell. Dislikes: Monday, Tues¬ day, Wednesday, and Thursdays — long and boring classes. Ambition: To get a good job and make money. 25 Patricia M. Brunelli 3 Burning Tree Road Nickname: Patti. Likes: Friendly people, coke Dislikes: Sally, snobby people, Telephone poles. Fav. Memories: Prom, cape, night at the beach 8 81, working w Shirley and Pussycat, REO ' 80, 1 4 80 at 2:50 p.m. nights out with the crew, ceme¬ tery, DECA trips, P.P., M.T.M. Ambition: To own a chain of Carvel Stores. Activities: DECA II-IV (VP III), Drill I,II,IV (Captain IV), Prom Committee, Usually found with: Denise, Terri, Robin, The Gang, Carvelers. Anything else: Good Luck Sue. Scott Bryan 1551 King Street Found with: Carol, Brian (Dunso), Coxy, Smitty, Jim, Mike, Crow, Bob . . . Likes: Parties, chevelles, MOLSON ALE, Dislikes: Mrs. Murphy’s French Classes, super¬ vised study, Activities: Baseball 1,2, 4 Favorite memories: Curly’s party ’79, Cape Cod ’78-80, Bonfire 80, New Hampshire ’81, Dots concert, March 24, 1981, Mt. Madanock, Accounting I ’80-81 Ambitions: To be successful and to have a good time. Message: Good Luck to the rest of the Great Class of ’82 Patricia M. Buck 29 Hill Ave. Favorite Memories: Checking out FND’s and cruising. Likes: 4th and 7th study Dislikes: Gilly’s class Am¬ bitions: to get a good job. Found with: Kathy, Fran, Rita, Sandi, Patti G. and everybody else. Nick¬ name: Patty Favorite Saying: “Hurry up” Anything else: Good luck to the class of ’82. Rosemary Buitta 5 Mechanic St. Medway MA. Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadock- nock ... Dave’s Philosophy, pro¬ ject, the Great Flag Caper, Fresh, year w AG l, L’s Parties, class of 82 . . . T.T.G.K.D. Likes: parties, going just to go, laughing. Dislikes The end of a party, mean people, log Ambitions: To be a Senior, To be able to take the good w the bad and to never get so old that I can’t re¬ member what it’s like to be young. Nicknames: Rose, Rosey Favorite sayings: sure. What would Jim do? Lisa Bullen 484 Martello Road Nicknames: Lee, L omese, Found with: Mary, Cathy, Jos, and the lunch crowd. Activities: CYO 1-4 (secretary 4), dancing 3, 4, pep club 1, Soccer 1 (manager), National Honor Society 3-4, Ski team 3. Prom committee. Likes: To be with friends and have fun. Dislikes: Peo¬ ple who critize other people because of their misfortune. Ambition: To graduate from college and become successful. Fav. mem. Oskey 80 + 82, Ski Trips, “The Pit”, Jr. Miss 1982, CYO Haunted House, China Lotus Charade, Mountain Climbing 1981. Maureen Elizabeth Burns 5 Fuller Place Nickname: Beth Favorite Memo¬ ries: Speech Team, York Me. with Sue, Florida with Bethany, Manad- nock Ambition: to one day own North America Likes: Salada Tea, Gorf, Louis L’Amour, music, Cat Stevens, Boston Science Fiction and laughing. Dislikes: homework that was due yesterday Friends: Beth¬ any, Susan, Carolyn Carolyn, Stephen, Debbie, Ellen et al. Christine Calarese 87 Regent Circle Favorite Memories: Proms ' 80, ’81 Nights out with Kelly, Hockey Games, Rocky Point, Numbers, Cape 81’ Doubling w Mike and Beth. Prom night. Likes weekends, study, absent teachers, smiles, rain¬ bows, Bruce Springsteen Dislikes: Plastic people homework, getting up early Found with Guido, Debbie, Gail, Dianne, Sunny Kelly and the rest of the gang. Activities: working at Rico’s. Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad You ' re the greatest! Ambition: To make my dreams be¬ come a reality. Debbie Carapezza 1358 Pond Street Friends: Patti, Linda, Tish, Martha, and the lunch gang. Favorite Memories: My sophomore and ju¬ nior years in the O.E.A. which taught me a lot about myself. Lunch with the group. Likes Dislikes: Pat Benatar, Billy Joel, Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches, comedies. 1 really dislike gym, chemistry, game shows, and people who care only for themselves. V Wayne Carbone 25 Oak Street Ext. Favorite Memories: Junior year at quarries. Bob Seger, Summer ’80, going to the track. Jeanne D., party¬ ing with J.B. and them. Likes dis¬ likes: likes study, dislikes Final Ex¬ ams. Ambition: To start landscape business Friends: J.B., Jeanne, Head, Ando, Bal and All them. Nickname: Carbon Activities: Bas¬ ketball 1-3, Jeanne 3, 4. Anything Else: Rocky how ' s FIONA’S FLAPS? Carol Mary Carew 9 Donny Drive Friends: Teresa, Sue, Chris, Pam, Linda, Maria, and whoever is around Likes: Friends, Seger, To party, and having a good time. Dis¬ likes: work, and people who try to be what they are not. Fav. Memories: Bob Seger, ’80, Camping with Sue and Teresa, Maine with Lorraine, Maria at Stobbarts, and the green truck. Activities: Spanish Club, O.E.A. 81, 82. Ambitions: To get the most from life while 1 can. Last Comments: Find yourself, break out and go for it. Michael Caso 5 Linda Lane Friends Chester, Trudies, and Lin- court. Favorite saying: Trudie, Don’t be shy, speak to me; Hey woman. Likes: Green paper; being different; Spinning my wheels O’s. Dislikes: Jealousy, most teachers. Ambition working at Caso’s Rest., Then owning my own place. Activi¬ ties: Varsity Hockey 1-4, Co-cap¬ tain 3, 4; Karate Boxing. Favorite Memories: N.H. 81, Chewies gig, Pago, Falmouth, Summer of ’81. Anything else: O ya Chester you really made that turn. Class of 82, Do what ever feels right do it like you mean it. Rhonda Cauble 73 Pine Ridge Drive Usually found w Peter, Francine, Bob, Lisa Fav. Mem.: Oskey 80, Summer of 81, just having fun being with Peter, Rocky Point trip. Like Dislike: Likes, honest people, Dis¬ likes: fake people Fav. Saying: PHFFD!! 27 David Richard Chabot 397 Lincoln Street Nickname: Chababot Ambition: To create the best computer in the world. Jeanne E. Chalmers 19 Brushwood Hill Friends: Kristin, Grace, Tish, Kim, Robin, Melissa, Velluti, Cathy, Peggy. Activities: Hockey Panther cheerleading I, Tennis II, Mirage 2, 3, Oskey 3, Jr. Miss, Foreign Lan¬ guage Club, Yearbook, Mash, For¬ eign Language festival, Sophomore banquet committee, art show. Fav. mem: Oskey, Jr. Miss, Hot Ice Cream, Trips w Tish, Miller St., Summer 81, NYC, B.P.’s, The Games, Mt. Manadnock, Boston. Likes: Asti, Springsteen, weekends, money, Mick Jaggar. Dislikes: Chemistry! Karen E. Chambers 5 Grissom Circle Nicknames: Casey, K.C. Friends: Bill, Bob, Andre, Patsy, Lisa, Alan, Denise, Susan, and the rest of the group. Likes: Bill, parties, Fri. nights, my friends. Dislikes: People who talk behind your back. Act: Gymnastics 1 -3, track 1 -3, Jr. Miss, Oskey ’81, and Bill, and parties. Ambition: To be successful at what¬ ever I accomplish. Fav. mem: Oskey ' 81, Jr. Miss, Memorial Day Wknd ' 81, Plum Island, 2 28 81, Sign stealing, Mt. Monadnock. Neil L. Christensen 118 E. Central Street Friends: Todd, Scott, Daryl, Dan, Janice, Victor. Likes: Hippies, non¬ conformity, my guitar, thinking. Dislikes: Money, the Establishment, facism. Ambition: The West Coast, learner ' s permit. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Thursday night, Rocky Point, Janice and Karen’s little party, playin’ party, last day of Jr. year. An thing else: All of you are Carte de Vucetas! Susan E. Cirella Friends: Janine, Beth Pam, Beth R., Janice, and Timmy. Likes: week¬ ends, vacations, sleeping, being w my friends, listening to Bruce! dis¬ likes: getting up in the morning, Mondays. Fav. mem: Prom ’81, Summer 78-81, AM Tunes, NYE ’81, Cape 7 4 81, SPRING¬ STEEN CONCERTS, NASC w Bethie, Hide Seek, Mt. Manad¬ nock, 1 29 80 — Tom’s Party. Ac¬ tivities: softball 1, 2, yearbook 4, W D 3, 4, Ambition: to touch Bruce Springsteen’s shoelace. Anything else: Beth, was that really a sneeze? Good luck 82! Cheryl F. Clements Hilltop Road Friends: Beth, Cheryl P., friends. Likes: Jim Morrison (the Doors) Neil Young. Dislikes: Having to get up early. Activities: D.E. I II. Ambition: To become an executive secretary. Favorite Memories: Pier 4, cruising with Cheryl, Hiking with Beth, Bonfires, Crazy Climber, 5. W. whoo-whoo. Anything else: Good luck to the class of ’82. Gail Cochran Spring Street Friends: Carming, Lori, Diane, Mem, Roseann, Teri, and the whole gang! Likes: Carmine, study halls, “Busting WIMPY,” and “Fishing”. Dislikes: plastic people, Monday mornings, “CHEMISTRY” Activi¬ ties: Student Council 1,2, 3, 4. Bas¬ ketball 1, 2, Prom comm, yearbook, Junior Miss. Ambition: to marry my Italian and to attend culinary arts school. Fav. memories: Jr. Proms ' 80 ' 82, 10 3 78, cruising in the ca- maro. Anything else: “Follow your dreams, wherever they lead” Michael A. Coggin 123 Longhill Road Nickname: Psycho. Friends: Alan, Brian, Hoop, Andrew, Bob, Bill, Mike, Larry, Frank, Gunars, Bob, Scott, Jake, Guzzy, Lisa, Denise, Carol, and the rest of the gang. Likes: Being w friends and having a good time. Act: Skiing, karate. Fam. Memories: Sugarloaf USA Ski trip, Rush I II, Foghat, Duk- ing, Oskey, George’s, Kevin’s and Frank’s parties, MB Hits, Mt. Mo- nadnock, Journey, Slow Ride, w Henry, Scuttles, and Larry. Richard P. Colace 24 Washington Street Friends: Tracy, Everett, Pube, Ben¬ nett, and the gang. Likes: To have a good time, wrestling on Franklin High team, partys once in a while. Dislikes: school, getting up 6:00 in the morning for school, fake girls. Activities: wrestling. Favorite Memories: Oct. 15, 1980, Day after the prom, summer vacation, July 4, 1981. Ambition: Graduation from High School , making alot of money the easy way. Dianne M. Colella 138 Pine Street Friends: Paul, Lori, Ellen, Lori, Ma¬ ria, Gail, Amy, girls from ’81, and the rest of the crew. Likes: talking and weekends. Dislikes: being ner¬ vous. Activities: Softball 1, 2, Trea¬ surer 4, Crow 3, 4 ... Favorite Memories: Banquets, Chinese red- lights, 7 13 80, Prom with Paul, Boston, Jr. Miss. Mt. Monadnock, Gina’s stories, RI w sidekick, Bixby’s truck, Weliks. Anything else: Ellen, here comes Ivan and Disco Rich! Lori Colella Union Street Friends: Dianne, Lori, Ellen, Gail, Amy, Maria, Gina, Girls from ’81. Likes: Music, Time spent w friends. Dislikes: phony people. Ac¬ tivities: softball 1,2, yearbook, prom committee, soph, banquet commit¬ tee, Jr. Miss. Ambition: To be happy in whatever I do. Fav. Mem: Rocky Pt., Summer “1980”, “Aug. 8 + 19 of 81”, Frosh Soph, banquets, stealing Bixby’s truck, Jr. Miss!! Chinese redlight, and camping. Anything else: Good luck seniors and always stay happy! Karen E. Conroe 150 Main Street Friends: Donna, Missy, Beth, Patti, Cindy, Happy, Munch, Joe, Weg. Likes: Bruce, Doors, J.D. Dislikes: K.P., school lunches. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, softball manager 1, 2, Mirage. Ambition: Leave H.S. Early and go to college. Favorite Memories: Basketball break up at Cape, poetry classes. Anything else: reach for the heavens, hope for the future, all that we can be, not that we are. David W. Considine 64 Everett Street Friends: Dave A, Rick, Paul, Phil, etc. Likes: weekends, cars, parties. Dislikes: trees in the road, work, not remembering the night before, get¬ ting busted 4 18 80. Activ’s: Foot¬ ball 1, 2. Favorite Mem’s: Sopho¬ more senior years, parking lot w Artho, per.4, trips, the Cape, sum¬ mer of 79, Kinks and Seger Con¬ certs, Richard on the rocks, parties at Summer Street. Anything else: Richard, you whip! Good luck class of ’82. Patricia L. Conza 17 Bent Street Nickname: Bonzo, Hondo. Friends: ET-Deb, Nub, Tish, Veed, Karen, Caroly, Pickle (D.P.) Likes: Rai¬ sin’ Hell, being w my friends, mov¬ ies, May 26, June 4. Dislikes: Mike Caso, Jocks, snobs, and dull people. Activities: Yearbook. Ambition: go become an actress writer. Fav. Mem: Summer of 79,80,81 Bill Joel, Jackson Browne, Journey, and the Cars wknd w Deb 10 2,3,4. Christopher J. Cook 636 E. Central St. Cookie. Friends: Sheila, Mike, Joe, and the rest of the gang. Likes: Mountains, Sheila, 4-wheeling, Dis¬ likes: Cities, pollution, rats. Activi¬ ties: Backpacking, hunting, snow- mobiling. Amb: To live in Montana. Fav. Mem: Cape April 21 w Sheila, CO w Joe, NH W Sheila, mudding at 3:00 am.m, Sat. at Tony’s, getting wood for cabin, J.D. w Mucci. Andrew Coppola 512 Maple Street Bob, Bill G., Bill M. Mark, Lisa, Grace, K.C., Bugga Buddies. Likes: green bottles, Fri. Nites, fast cars and fast women. Act’s: Ski Team 2, 3, Foreign Lang. Club 2, 3, Math Team 3, 4. Ambition: to make big bucks up the bugga hole, Fav. Mem’s: The News, Plum Island, Os- key 81, SPAM, Mailbox Murders, Turcs, Mobile parties. Dip ' n Sip, Scuba diving, bombedier, S.S. Rot¬ terdam. Fav. Sayings: I’m pretty pissed off. Anticlimax, Give me an¬ other one. Catherine Corbett 803 Lincoln Street Corb, Cathy Activities: Field hock¬ ey 1-4, softball. Ambition: to be happy and find out more about life and myself Fav. Memories: Playing field hockey on the 1 team, Plym¬ outh w Goynzo, summer of ’81, camping in NH W Mary, Moody Blues 81, H-House b athroom. Also morn, meetings w Mary, Monica, Karen, Debbie B, O.H., Patti, and Sue. Also seeing my U.F.O. in back of the fields. Any Else: Thanks Mr. Radford. Good luck 83, Mary. Phillip Cornetta 12 Winter Street Steve, Bonzy, Eddie, Paul, Dave, Rick, and the rest of the hallway radicals. Nickname: Conetski. Likes: watching girls go by in hall, skipping 6th study. Dislikes: having to have a pass. Finding wrong trail at Mr. Manadnock. Favorite Memories: Summer 80, Dave’s and my kegs, Tom Pety 81, Quarries 80, Mick’s gigs, CH 81 right Eddie, Kinks 81, Prom, Cape Cod, Porky’s House — Cigar, 80 hockey games. The Boat, B-1,2, KC 1-4, DD4. Scott M. Corvi 20 Midland Avenue Mark, Paul, Chuck, Steve, Bob. Likes: weekends, school vacations, Dislikes: the school system, Mon¬ days, teachers who think they’re God’s gifts. Ambition: to be success¬ ful at what 1 do. Fav. Memories: summer of 81, Tom Petty, Holst Party, Mt. Monadnock, March 28, 1981. 1 ' V,, 1 M $ ' » .JM 1 Y - 1 Vr 1 1 f I A John R. Costello Likes: Beers, partying, sports, con¬ certs. Dislikes: getting up in the morning; and going to school. Fa¬ vorite Memories: Falmouth “Brawl”, Summer Street, Bob ' s party (“Table Top”), VVelik’s Xmas party ' 81, Summer ’80, Holsty’s kegga. Ambition: to have a good j life. i « Kenneth R. Costello 588 Maple Street Bowz. Friends: Cornetta, Gravey, Mike, Dave, Rich, Pez, Eddy, Head, Randy, Mousey, J.B. Likes: Playing Canton, being in the outdoors, a good party. Dislikes: doing sprints, police officers, end of summer. Ac¬ tivities: Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Ambition: to never die. Own a hardware com¬ pany. Fav. Memories: Cornetta’s gig, Celtic ' s play offs, Mt. Mon., Mickey’s gigs, Summer St., Kinks, outlaw, Ozzy, Allmans, ZZ Top, Jor Perry Proj, Foghat, Junior Prom. Scott H. Cox 8 Haverstock St. Coxy. Friends: Scott B., Alan, Bob, Paul, Doug, Joh, Brian, Crow, Deuce, Murph. Likes: Good look¬ ing girls KEGS! Dislikes: waking up with hangovers. Activities: Soc¬ cer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1- 4. Ambition: to be successful at any¬ thing I do. Fav. Memories: Curley’s party OZ’s partys (New Hampshire root beer), ZZ Top Concert. Monica Coyne 167 Conlyn Avenue Little Coynzo. Friends: Karen, Duba, Corb, O’H, Cathy, Mary. Likes: Koma, Concerts, Rangers. Dislikes: B-house office. Activities: Field hockey 2-4, softball 1-4, Bas¬ ketball 1-2, Bench warmer. Ambi¬ tion: to be ambitious. Fav. Memo¬ ries: Plymouth w Corb, Fri nite basketball games, Anne’s car, Tom Petty, park Kegs. Fav. saying: “Wrong” Kevin Cronin 238 Pond Street Cronin Friends: Phil, Steve, Bonzy, Pez. Likes: Cruising. Dislikes: Blue Taxi’s. Activities: Football I, 2, Car destruction w Coach Caso. Ambi¬ tion: Computer technician. Fav. Memories: R.E.O. Squat, Mickey Bashes, Celtic’s game. 31 Robert J. Crowley 6 Shady Lane Nicknames: Crow, Helmut. Friends: Paul, Murph, Mugsie, Bea¬ ver, Coxy, Scott, J.D., Tazz, and the soccer team. Likes: Days off. Dis¬ likes: Typing. Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Hockey Manager 2-4, Track 1. Favorite Mem: Tourna¬ ment ’80, Playing at B.U., Mt. Mo- nadnock, Falmouth at C.C.C., N.A. soccer game. Anything else: Ellen, it wasn’t my fault. Catherine Ann Cullen 444 Martello Road Nicknames: Cathy, C.C. Friends: Michelle, Steve, Rita, Lisa, Traci, Mike, Mark, Jeanne, lunch, 3rd and 6th period crowds. Likes: camping, waterskiing, fishing, being outdoors, stockcars. Dislikes: Being home ear¬ ly. Activities: Ski team, Tennis 2-4. Ambition: to be successful, travel, and have a good time. Fav. Memo¬ ries: BOC Concert, “Pit”, bowling. Class trips, Journey concert, Jr. Miss, 6th 4th study. Nancy G. Cummings 149 Long Hill Road Nicknames: Buff, woman. Friends: Sue, Tom, Dupe, Tony, Roseanne, Pauline, Peg, Mary-Ellen, Ellyn, Chris, other good friends. Likes: a close family relationship, and people w a good sense of humor. Dislikes: non-genuine people. Ambition: to experience life to its fullest extent. Fav. Mem: W.M. w Tish Sue, Wknd w Tom, 4 21 81, Prom, Wes Loper’s class, Chem. w Dupe, Tony Jeanne, senior Ban’s, Mt. Mon., double dating w Dupe Sue, P’s and my party. Any. Else: Thanks Ellie George Amy S. Curley 244 Daniels Street Friends: Hoover, Chris, Tico, Mary Ellen, Pauline Nancy, Lori, Dianne, Lori, Ellen. Likes: Talking on the phone, Being w Hoover. Dislikes: Climbin’ Mountains, getting busted by Tico. Ambition: to be happy and successful! Fav. Mem: 1 15 80, The prom. Rocky Pt„ Feb. vacation 1980, Summers in Amherst, soph, year, Mazzadri’s parties, going out w Chris and Tico. Anything else ' GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ’82! Brian J. Curley 61 Brook Street Nickname: Curlzo. Friends: Tom, Skinny, Dave, Lefty, Murph, and everyone else. Likes: parties, Bud, blondes. Dislikes: Chevettes, C.C.’s, boards, southern comfort. Activi¬ ties: Football 1-4, Spring track 1, winter track 2. Ambition: To get into college. Fav. Memories: Kegs down the tracks, Girls down the Cape, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Pet¬ ty, going out with Nancy, Sandy neck, Lefty’s car, Summer St., Pam’s PARTY, Tom’s party, trip at Rocky Point. Eileen J. Curran 270 Country Way Nicknames: Lingy, Linnea. Friends: Linnea, Laura, Kerri, Terri, Gina, Kim, Donna, Amy, Jeanne, Janice. Likes: Neil Young, rapids. Dislikes: Injuries. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Captain 4. Fav. Mem: Maine, Mt. Mon., Cape, New Years Eve at Huie’s, Drive-ins w the girls, Quaries, log. Big Rock. Any¬ thing Else: No, Linnea, Japan’s not in the U.S., but don’t ask Terri. She’ll tell you to take the Mass. Pike. Susan E. Dewing 6 Pine Street Nicknames: Sue, Dew. Friends: Colleen, Antiego, Greg, Carolyn, (Pooh), Kathy, Fran, Patty B. G., Debby, everybody. Likes: Being w my friends. Dislikes: People who cross me, conceitedness. Ambition: to be happy and as successful as I can. Fav. Memories: Jr. Prom, Sr. Banquet, JOURNEY, CONCERT, Greg’s house. Fav. Saying: “Give me a break” Anything Else: Best of Luck ’82, Antiego and Greg, Thanks for being there and 1 LOVE YOU! Gregory R. DiChiara 701 Oak Street Nickname: Shoes. Friends: Riley, Beetlestone, Scott, Bubba, Daryl, Danny, and Steve. Likes: ROCK ’N’ ROLL all the time, cars, and girls. Dislikes: Preppies, and pep rallys. Activities: cruisin’, frinkin ' , Jukin’ “in the evening.” Fav. Memories: Junior Senior yrs, Mt. Mondadnock, Anything Else, Thank you Amy. Julianne Dorr 67 Oak Street Friends: Anne, Sheila, Robin, Lisa, Rick G., everyone else, and Rich¬ ard. Likes: Flaving a good time!! Dislikes: People who jump to con¬ clusions before they know what real¬ ly happened. Ambition: to be suc¬ cessful and happy. Favorite Mem: bonfire, Halloween, prom and Cape, (Jimmy diving in the sand), Hop- kinton, Jerry’s, OEA trip, concerts, freshman year, E.P. Anything else: Anne — YOUNG MAN!!, Nancy — how’s Jug’s?? Kevin T. Doyle Dana W. Drowne 558 Pleasant Street Friends: Ratman, Reeferman, Charlie Daniels, Mattinghy, Susie L., Schnozz, Billy, and the rest of the zeros. Likes: splitting gym and study, makin money, working at The Coach House, Drinking buds w friends. Ambition: to own a res¬ taurant. Fav. Memories: Kinks 80, H.F. 80 w Mac, After work behind Weliks, 4-wheelin’ at the Moory, Weliks X-man party 79-80. Alan D. Duffy 34 Pheasant Hill Road Nicknames: Duff, Scuttles, Duffer. Friends: Michael, Brian, Hoop, Henry, Bob, Bill, Andrew, Larry, Jake, Gunars, Coxy, Dan, Casey, Denise, Lisa, Bob H. June, and lock¬ er gang. Likes: Music, Art, being w friends. Activities: Soccer 1-4, track, karate. Ambition: have a healthy happy life. Fav. Mem. E.C.J., Oskey, Rush 1-3, Journey 1, 2, Foghat BOC, Growe G., Kevin’s and Jorge’s gigs. Driving w Mario Dunn, slow ride w pshycho, Henry and Lawwy. Ann Marie Dunn, 845 Lincoln St. Nicknames: Annie, Dunnzo, Annzo. Activities: Tennis 1-4 Pep Club 1,2. Cyo 1-4, CYO basketball 1, CYO Delegate 3, J.V. Cheerlead¬ ing Manager 2, D.E. 3 + 4, D.E.C.A. Historian 3, Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Junior prom, Mrs. Palli ' s Human Experience class. D.E. Conferences 81-82. Re¬ treat 80 Surprise 16th birthday par¬ ty 80, tennis tournament 81. Likes: basketball, photography, Fr. Clyde. Ambition: to be happy with my life. Anything else: Thanks F.H.S., These have been the greatest years of my life so far. Brian E. Dunn, 58 Pheasant Hill Rd. Favorite memories — Kinks 80, Journey 81, Mt. Monadnock. Georges parties, Maine, Cape Cod, NITR, Grave G. Likes: People who act like themselves around friends and strangers. Dislikes: Hypocrits, people who don’t care about other people. Mrs. Murphy. Ambitions: to marry some beautiful girl I love and become rich. Friends: The lock¬ er gang Scott, Mike H., Mick C, Alan, Larry. Nicknames: Dunzo Byron. Activities: Cruisin. Any¬ thing else: Good luck 82. Suzanne Dunn. Nickname: Sue Friends: Teresa, Beesley, Pam, Chris, Linda, etc. Fa¬ vorite saying: What? Likes: Typing, Word processing, Going to parties. Dislikes: Lunches, passes Mr. J. Crowley. Favorite memories: Bob Seger Concert 81 OEA trip to the cape, camping in Plymouth, When Carol got her hand stuck in the steering wheel and got us lost on 4th of July. Future Plans: Going to Business School Last words: I’m glad I ' m out of here! Stephen Duplessie, 96 Pine Ridge Drive. Nickname: “Dupe” Usually found w Buff, Sue, Tony Fricker, the gang, Favorite memories: concerts, Stones, oskey, parties, my first Bud, D.W., Jumbo’s Nancy’s party. Fa¬ vorite saying: “Holy man, Bat cow” 1 ikes “Sex, drugs. Rock N Roll”, and Money. Dislikes: Preppies, plas¬ tic people. PUNK. Homervork. Ac¬ tivities: Sue. oskey. hockey brawls. Partying. Pres. — 1 V.P. — 2, Gui¬ tars, Ambition: To make a fortune and keep close friends close. Any¬ thing else: Thanks for all the time and trouble ma + pa. Robert Duronio, 424 Brenda Ln. Nickname: Bob. Friends: Billy G., Bill M., Andrew, The Coggins, Ca¬ sey, Lisa, and the gang. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3. Football 1, Spring Track 3. Dislikes: Grace, Casey, Lisa ragging, Gene Z. and the News, Brown bottles. Likes: Party¬ ing with Friends, sleeping late. Fa¬ vorite Memories: plum Island drunken driving, mobile party mail¬ box murders, Satellites, Oskey 81, Spam, Mike J, Kobe up the new road, Rush weekend Billy’s beer blasts, I.B. at 16, N.H., Class 81 parties, WPI, Babson. Michelle Emery, 65 Pond St. Favorite memories: Party at Don¬ na’s, 10 5 81,6 7 79, Ozzie party, 3 15 79, camping at Kings, Likes: being w T.C. partying with C. Car- dullo. Heat. Dislikes: Cold we ather, being away from T.C. Ambition: To become Mrs. T.C. and be happy. Friends: Tommy Cardullo, Cheryl Cardullo, Brian Kennedy, Kevin Doyle, Patrick Ridgeway, Marsha Getchell, Cheryl Getchell, Nick¬ names: Alice, Shell, midget, me, missy. Anything else: So long Cheryl! Good luck in your last year. Carolyn Eon 735 Pond Street Nicknames: Penguin, P Pooh. Found w Deanne, Debbie, Kathy, Sue, Sue, Sprite. Found where: Skate Palace. Act: Horse shows, 4- H, Skating, Bowling, Moose Hunt¬ ing. Likes: Fleetwood Mac, Punk, Disco, Friday Nights, Milford, Mem: State shows, Sr. Banquet, Scotland, Skat-a-thon, MAC Con¬ cert. Ambition: To find someone special. Anything else: Look me up if you’re ever in Phoenix! Maria Falcucci 6 Flynn Road Found w :Billy, Dianne, Lori, Lori, Kathy, Sondra, and the rest of “82”. Likes: Billy, B.S., shopping, gossip. Dislikes: M M’s, SNOBS (Joe), the Cape. Memories: Being with Billy, Kathy 2, 3, Florida, Working at the Union, Rocky Point (Kathy), Jr. Prom (Billy), Jr. Sr. Years, Ambition: Being Happy, Anything else: It was fun!!! Sondra Lee Faulkner 77 Pond St. Friends: People I shared the best of times of my life with. The memories, the good times, the wo-rries, and the happiness will stay with me forever. Fav. Saying: What?, Shooties! Fav. Mem: Cape Greekies “81”, Mt. Mdnock, FHS Tennis Tourney “81”, Parties w friends, Juday and all her guys! Activ: Cheerleading 1- 2, Tennis 1-4, B-Ball 1-4, Field Hockey 3-4. Likes: Lifeguards, Piz¬ za, Dusty, Molsen, Money “G.H.”, TK, Pistachio nuts. Ambition: Own health spa and Tennis club in Bever¬ ly Hills. Anything: “T” good luck with Ind. Rona have fun with S.P., stay crazy Kurgy, Deb, court. Class of ’82 smile. Michael S. Ferguson Nickname: Fergy, studley Usually found w Joe, Chris, Tony, Kenny, Phil, Jerry, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem: Tom’s Party, 4 wheeling, Saturday at Tony’s, Getting stuck at Cook’s Likes: Lifting, sports, Dis¬ likes: Blazers and Bronco’s Jimmies, Ruts. Ambition: To be successful in life. Act. Basketball 1-2, Football 1, Lifting John Flaherty 4 Midland AVE. Friends: Rob, Dave, Chris, Janice, Karen, Paul, Cathy, Tom, Rick, Judy, Paula Nicknames: J.C., Little Jewish Boy. Memories: Blue Osyter Cult Concert, Keg’s in Pits. Likes: Pick-up trucks, Dirt bikes Dislikes: Homework, Tests, Mrs. Ligon Ac¬ tivities: Hunting Buses, Skiing, Skating, Getting stoned. Ambition: To be happy and Rich in life. Carolyn J. Foley 445 Beverly Road Nickname: Cazzo Friends: Tish, Bethany, Robin, Lunch Gang, Likes: Eating, sleeping, sailing, clouds, the ocean, Elton, playing songs with Den and Neal, gorgeous guys. Dislikes: mornings. Fav. Mem: Canoeing at Hopkinton, Hampton, Fantastic, weekends, w Bethany, quitting, job, spending $100 w Rob, Taking “out of order” sign down, Falling out of car, visit¬ ing Tree. Ambition: To get a boat and sail forever. Carolyn M. Fording 501 Old Farm Road Friends: Bethany, Beth, Sue, Deb¬ bie, Carolyn, Stephen, Danielle, Tish, Scott, Steve, Jim, Linda, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: States 1981,Ogunquit 1980, Smith¬ sonian Astrophysical Observatory 1981, Quebec 1978, PIRATES, 1980 Act.: Band 1-2, 4 Math Team 1-4, Foreign Language (French) Club 2-4, Speech Team 3-4. Ambi¬ tion: to receive a Nobel Prize and win an Academy Award. Gabriele Fornaciari 33 Mill Street Nickname: Jibber Fav. Memories: Summer of “81” Driving around. The moon Going four wheelin in the wagon. Likes dislikes: Likes stay¬ ing up late, and sleeping late, and driving around. Dislikes: School lunches, optional study Ambition: To get a well paying job that I enjoy doing and to become rich. Brian J. Fournier 89 Regent Circle Nicknames: Mouse, Boo-Boo, Low Rider. Found with: Head, Harpo, Brownie, Marcus, J.B. Likes: The Boomer, Beatles, Queen, Star Mar¬ ket, Budweiser, and Benny Hill Dis¬ likes: Iranians Fav. Memories: Par¬ tying with class of “82”, Rocky Point 80, Quarry Trips, California 78, Looking for buyers down turc’s, Kennifick’s, G165 Ambition: To buy an M.G. convertible. Anything: Brownie keys in the trunk. Paula Frey 14 Flynn Rd. Deborah Anne Furdon 13 Shady Lane Nicknames: Big Red, Red Activi¬ ties: Soccer 3, 4 Friends: Terri, Traci, Cindy, Char, Fran, Buck, Patty, Kathy, Rita, Sue, Soccer team everyone else. Fav. Memo¬ ries: Cape (twice), those Friday Saturday nights cruising in the car. Ambition: To be healthy and suc¬ cessful Likes: studies, walking halls, soccer Dislikes: Supervised study, school lunches Anything else: Best of luck “82”. Diane M. Gaissl 7 Jimmy St. Nickname: Flasher Found with: Teri, Laura, Roseann, Mem, Char¬ lene, Kerri, Cheryl, Gail, Chris Memories: Prom w Rick, Doubling w Roseann Jim, Charlene’s Par¬ ty, June 20th 81, Rocky Point 81, Working at Dean, K.P. Parties, w Rick, Hong-Chowing w Teri in Framingham, the stompers. Likes: Strawberries, Springsteen, week¬ ends, Dislikes: Southern Comfort Activities: Treasurer 1, Panther 3 Ambition: To be happy Anything Else: Good luck Class of “82” 38 Margaret Gately, 580 Maple St, Nickmane: Maggie, Usually found with: Kathy, Diane, Kim Lisa, Tony and everyone else. Favorite Memo¬ ries: D.E. “trips” Kinks 80’, Gradu¬ ation night down Seaholms, partys down Beaver, Ozzie w tony Kim, blizzards down Populatic, the VERY pretty scarf at Kathy S. Likes: parties, white russians, Fri¬ days, Pago Pago. Dislikes: Mon¬ day mornings, 11:00, K mart. Anything else: Good luc-k to the class of 82’ P.S. BIG Jim, your gonna get caught!!! And I can’t wait!!! Janine M. Gazzola 560 Pond St. usually with: Jim, Beth, Sue Pam and Janice, Beth R. Memories: 10 20 79, Freshman and Sophomore year, the “Z28”, Florida 80’, Prom 81’, In the store at w d. Activities: yearbook, w d 3, 4. Ambition: To be happy Likes: Jim, Being with friends, Parties, my 5X7 Dislikes: Sue never being on time, lunches, passes, working after school. Any¬ thing else: Oh Yeh, God bless you Beth! Patricia B. George, 8 Carpenter Drive. Favorite memories: China Lotus, summer of 81’, Likes: being with friends, sailing, Dislikes: gossips, and phony people, Ambition: to live each day to the fullest, Friends: Mary, Mary Regina, Ann, Fran, Steve, and the rest of the lunch group. Nicknames: Patty, Pat, Pro¬ fessor, Activities: pep club 1, sailing, Anything else: Best of luck to the class of 82” Thanks Mary, god bless you! Marsha Gethcell, 134 Peck St. Nickname: Getch, Ma, Favorite memories: Mark H Jay P’s Van Parties, going down the cape w Denise, parties up the Hill, 7 3 80, Pete’s camp, the loft. Found with: Pete, Denise, Nancy, Ruby, Bob, Timmy, Gary, and the rest of the gang, Likes: being w Pete, The camp, parties, Dislikes: school lunches, gym getting up at 6:00 a.m. for school. Ambition: to be¬ come a cosmetologist Stephen Gianetti, 141 Oak St. Favorite Memories: Benatar, Jour¬ ney Concerts, Driving with Mi¬ chelle, and going out on Saturday nights, Cathy, George, Friendly people. Dislikes: not going out Sat¬ urday nights. Ambition: to go on and graduate from college. Found with: Michelle, Fred, Chut, Cathy, Jibber, and Cindy. Activities: Freshman basketball II. Junior baseball. Bethany Goddard, 4 Fuller Place. Activities: Band 1,2, 3, Speech 3, 4 Friends: Beth, Cazzo, Sue, Carolyn, Tish, everyone at lunch. Likes: Sail¬ ing, Sun, Guys, Pac-Man, Jerry, Jim, Dan Fogelberg, Spring, Indi¬ ana Jones, Ruinite, Music, Parties, goldfish and MacDonaldland cook¬ ies. Dislikes: fake smiles. Favorite memories: Bonfires, weekends, Deering, Fitchburg. 39 Kenneth Goddard 405 Oakland Pkwy. Nickname: Ken, Kenny Act.: Foot¬ ball 1-4 Found w : Terry, Mike, Joe, Tony, Phil, Chris, Joe and Gang. Likes: Girls, Fast Cars Fav. Mem: Hockey games Bad Mem: Mt. Monadnock Ambition: To go to college for an Engineering degree and to live a full life. Teresa Gordon 8 Donny Drive Nickname: Gordie Friends: Linda, Sue, Carol, Pam, Chris Act.: OEA Jr. Sr. year Fav. Mem: Bob Seger, Summer of 81, camping with Sue and Carol, OEA trip to Hyannis Likes: going to parties, being w friends, sleeping and vacations Any¬ thing else: Good luck class of 82! Ambition: To be happy!! Garth Grantz Green Pleasant Street Friends: Cynthia Pam. As long as I can keep playing sax, Ell be happy. Jazz forever. Disco sucks. Cathleen, remember Tuesday night (Jazz band)?!?! Too bad about the net to conspiracy. Best memories will al¬ ways include the summer of ' 81 and senior year. Jocelyn Marie Green 429 Brenda Lane To all I’ve met, loved laughed with; the past four years have been filled with memories fun times that I’ll cherish forever, I leave you with the saying, “Dream high, but don’t lose touch of reality; cherish the past, but don ' t dwell in it: live for the present, you ' ll never be there again.” Forever reach out with love, laughter smiles. 40 Cynthia Ann Greer 410 Coronation Drive Nicknames: Cindy, Cin Friends: Charlene, Debbie, Stephen, Mi¬ chelle, Doreen, Kathy, Donna Likes: Having good time with my friends, going out in Dads car, sum¬ mer, going boating, animals, music Dislikes: Having passes in the hall, cafe, homework, The idea of leaving my friends of FHS behind. Fav. Mem: Class trips, good times, in the library w my friends. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Any¬ thing Else: “Char, the fun isn’t over yet!” It’s been a great 4 years. Paul Groome 55 North Park St. Nicknames: Groomie Friends: Tad¬ deo, and the rest of the gang Conlyn Ave. Likes dislikes: having money, having a good time. Fav. Mem: col¬ lecting the $ 100 for my wood 11 pro¬ ject. Act: Jammin on the guitar and Bass, Building small furniture, in¬ vesting in the future. Dislikes: peo¬ ple telling me what to do with things, negative attitudes. Ambi¬ tion: To become a legend in my field of work. Mary Ellen Gruseck 487 Martello Road Nickname: Mary Usually found w : Patty, Lisa, Mary, Steve, Mike, Lunch crowd; 6th study table. Fav. Mem: CYO Ski Trips, Mt. Monad- nock, Oskey, China Lotus Dinner, Competitions, retreats (80-81). Likes: spending time w friends Ac¬ tivities: Pep club, soccer manager, Cheerleading 1-4, CYO 1-4, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Jr. Miss. Am¬ bition: To find happiness in what¬ ever I chose to do. It’s been the best 4 yrs. of my life! Thanks!! Anthony J. Guerra 46 Southgate Road Usually found w : Renea, Deuce, Murph, Ando, Pete, Skinny, Dupe, Buff, Sue and the corner. Fav. Mem.: Sat Nights, 11 11 80, Jr. Prom, Italian Class, Nights w Renea, Jr. Year, Cape, Summer “81”, Summer St., Senior Banquet 81 Likes Dislikes: Playing sports, parties, good times, Renea, Plastic people and Preppies Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Corner 2-4. Ambition: To be happy and suc¬ cessful at what ever I do. t David Gulbis 2 Willow Street Nicknames: Gulbis Fav. Mem: Summer of “81”, Blizzard of “78” Likes: Not having school, teachers absent Dislikes: Mr. C’s english class Ambition: To succeed in col¬ lege, to become a Business Adminis¬ trator. Activities: Working at Star, DE Club Raymond Guzman 222 Irondequoit Road What I’ll never forget about F.H.S. is all the good times I’ve had with my friends. Running track, playing bass guitar and the computer have all offered me knowledge and lots of fun. But my friends, some graduat¬ ed already and some haven’t. But have helped to make these past four years one’s I’ll never forget. Mary Jane Harrington Donna J. Healy 12 Shady Lane TO MY FRIENDS: These have definitely been the best of times. I ' ll never forget you!!! Favorite Memo¬ ries: M A S H 1980, Styx con¬ cert, times with the old gang, Chem. Lab w Mr. K, snowball fights, sophomore year, poetry w Miss Hepburn, the Prom, Scooter, at¬ tempting to learn to sail, Texas (!), and Mexico (?), Friendlies w Joe, tennis, F.G.C., lunch w pigeons and Missy at Boston Harbor, Chinese Food, and Mount Manadnock. 41 Tim Heaton 53 Crocker Ave. Nicknames: Eaton . . . Timothy J. Friends: Todd and Todd, Bob, Tom, Gary, Todd, Joe and Chris. Activi¬ ties: Outdoors, in the winter, Hock¬ ey 3, 4 Likes: hunting, fishing, trap¬ ping, playing hockey, skiing, snow¬ mobile, snow shoeing. Dislikes: hockey practice, homework, guard rails. Favorite memories: Summer St., Kinks (80), Petty and ZZ Top (81), Cook ' s farm. Blizzard of 78, Todd Antosh’s Car’s Ambition: To get there Christine Lynn Hilton 356 King Street Nickname: Chris Found With: “Teddy”, and my other good time buddies, Act.? Field Hockey 1 2, Softball 1 2, Student Council 1-4, Yearbook 4 Fav. Memories: Sum¬ mer of 79, S.U. Trip, Feb. Vacation of 80 Mt. Monadnock, Pauline’s gig. Concerts, The Prom. Likes: The beach, Newport “(Dupe)” Dislikes: Vodka, and two faced people. Last words: “Amy we love you!” Susan N. Hinckley 20 Colt Road Nicknames: Woman, Spunky, Sue, Friends: Nancy, Rosanne, Pauline, Stephen, Tony, Chris, Maryellen and the other women. Fav. Mem.: W.M. w Tish Nancy, Loper’s class, Chem w Tony, Stephen and Jean. Proms, Senior Banquets 81, 82. Times w WWF. Jr. Miss, MT. Mon., April 4 1981. Likes: People, Food, Preppies, short cute guys. Dislikes: Pessimism, and narrow mindness. Act: Field H ockey, Track 2, Speech Team. Amb: To do every¬ thing before 1 get married and old. Anything else: Hello World. Michael Hoar 242 Beaver Street Nicknames: Henry Friends: Billy, Alan, Brian, Mike, Lary, Dana, Lunch crew Fav. Mem: Jorge’s Gigs. Main 81, Night in the Ruts, Dukm. The Avalance, M B Hits, ,J O C ' Foghat l slow ride) w ith psy- ltles Larry. Likes: Jimi 1 d v Stiides, Fooling around, on , crazy ings. Rock and Roll. ■ - es Teachers who rag Activi- cer I. 1. Ill, getting in trou- ' c, ncerts mbition Becoming a ■ . ' !i artist, getting the best out n thmg else: Good Luck S2A: 1 B S. (Larry) Sandra Holbrook 27 Fannie Way Nickname: Sandi Favorite Memo¬ ries: 4th 7th study Junior and Senior year. McWhinnie’s field. Sit¬ ting at the rocks. Likes: Being w friends, cruising, optional study. Dislikes: supervised study, rubber room. Ambition: to be happy and successful Friends: Katie, Marlene, Lora, Francine, Patty, Kathy, Mi¬ chelle, Donna, Missy, Patty, Rita and the rest of the gang. Activities: Soccer, swimming, softball, bike riding, horseback riding. Paul Holst 41 South St. Nicknames: Pablo, Holsty Friends: Marty, Jimbo, Daryl, Bryn, Tracy, Ken, Kim, Scott, Maryann, Kerry, and Killer Corner gang. Fav. Memories: Seger 79, 80 Spring¬ steen, Tom Petty 79, 81, Ozzy at the ocean state. Mt. Monadnock Limo to the Jr. Prom, New Years Eve 81, Mrs. Thomas’s History Class Likes: Burgers, Dislikes: Plastic People Ambition: To be Happy Wealthy John Hooper 35 Pheasant Hill Road r Nicknames: Hoop, Scoop Usually Found w : Duff, Linda, Fr. Clyde, Mike, Andrew, Bob, Larry Denise, Munch, Kathy, Guz, Bill, Clair, and the rest of the C-House gang. Likes dislikes: L — Brunettes D — Friday Tests Fav. Mem: Kev and George’s parties, C.B.H., Grave¬ yard G. Oskey 80-81, TNT and the Doobies, Pool Hop w Duff and Gang. Bowling w Linda, Mt. Mo¬ nad. Activities: C.C. 1-4, Indoor Track 1-4, Karate, Dances w East Coast Jam Donna Marie Howard 348 Summer Street Nicknames: Tenspeed, Dawn, Mad- monkey, Howie Friends: Holly, Pat¬ ty, Patti, Red, Sandi, Schmell, Rita, Cindy, Rhonda, Missy, Mary Fav. Mem: CYO Dance, Football games Drill Team Likes Dislikes: L — Unsupervised study, D — I didn’t like homework or supervised study and passes. Act: Basketball in Freshman Year, Tennis, Bowling, A movies, camping, hiking, bike rid¬ ing, TNC Ambition: To go to night school, and have a good full time job, and find Mr. Right!!! Holly Anne Howard 1342 Pond St. Usually found trying to figure out what to do and where to go. Fav. Mem: Football, Basketball and Hockey games; Liz Jim, The 2 fools, J.S. Corner, fede, cousines, scummo fan club, meghan B ' s flow¬ er to S.H. Amy’s locker, Disney World and the lost puppy. Anything Else: The past 4 years have really been an experience to remember and laugh about forever. Janice Huie 7 Mackintosh Street Nickname: Chewy Found w : Jeanne, Laura, Beth, Pam, Sue, Janine, and T. Likes: Straws Dis¬ likes: opened windows, misconducts, Fav. Mem: Eagle Rock, 9 24 79, Cook’s Party 79, Summer 79 80, Prom, Pleasant Street, Cape Cod 81; Big Apple Road, Hide and Seek; the Boat, Mtn. M.; and being w Tom Act.: Soccer 1, 2, 3 W D 4 Anything Else: Beth, I’ve never heard a sneeze like that before!! Lori Hurd 47 Forest Street Usually found with: Brian (woody) Lori, Dianne, Nancy, Ellen, Denise, Amy, Maria, Class of “82”. Fav. Memories: Summer o f “81 ”, Junior Prom, August “81”, July 4th week¬ end, Being with Brian, Likes: Laughing, being with my close friends and having a good time. Act: Softball, Cheerleading, Prom Com¬ mittee, Yearbook Ambition: To be happy and rich!! Anything else: Lori, Dianne, Ellen: Thanks for car¬ ing enough about me to help me through the years. Nancy: Never forget the good times!! Robert W. Huston 6 Skyline Drive Nicknames: Bob Friends: Scott, Coxy, Smitty, Alan, Brian, Carol, Larry Denise, Steve, Mike , Fav. Mem: Summer of “81”, Trip to my cottage, Oskey 80, Sunday football “Rootbeer”, Mt. Monadnock Likes: study in cafe, honest people, waters¬ kiing, hunting, Dislikes: two faced people Act: Football 1-3, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 1-4, Golf 4, Hocko- mock Model Senate 1, Ambition: To be a successful computer analyst 43 Tracy J. Huston 14 Eldon Dr. Found with: Meghan, Sharon, Julie, Christine, and the rest ... Fav. Mem: Kinks concerts, Cape Cod 79- 80, summer 78, 79, 80, 2 14 79, Pam’s partys, W D, P.R., the tire swing, fighting w T.J. Dislikes: Traitors. Likes: food, weekends, msc. Anything else: anything that has a good beginning must also end good or its never over. Denise Sheets Jacobson 12 Island Rd. Nicknames: Dee; Friends: Larry, Lori, Brian, Jonna, Alan, Steve, Fav. Mem: Dance and Gymnastic competitions, Prom 1-3, November 11, 1980, September 4, 1981, Oskey 81-82 Activities: Varsity gymnas¬ tics 1-3, Track 1-2, Teaching gym¬ nastics and dance at McKeon school of gymnastics. Ambition: To reach the end of the rainbow. Anything Else: Mom and Dad, thanks for al¬ ways being there and for being so understanding. I love you both. Lawrence D. Jacobson 12 Island Rd. Nickname: Larry; Fav. Mem: Rush 80, Bonfires, wrestling matches, Kinks 80, November 80, Oskey 81- 82, Prom 82, Sept. 4, 1981. Mount Monadnock, Blue Oyster Cult w scutties, Henry Psycho. Likes: All my friends. Dislikes: Playing chicken w a V.W. bus. Activities: football 1, wrestling 1-3, tennis 1, soccer 2, oskey 3-4. Usually found with: Denise, Henry, Scuttles, Psy¬ cho, Bob, Bob, Drew, Brian, Mary Ellen, Steve, Ray the rest of the gang. Stephen William Jaquith 32 Southgate Rd. Nickname: Jake, Friends: Murf, Amr, Joe, Ray, Larry, Denise, Mary, “my friends”, ETC. Fav. Mem.: Mom’s Monza, Oskey 81, and party, Kevin’s gigs, N.U. and v M l . Weekends, China Lotus Ex¬ pedition, Jr. Year, 10 8 79, Rico’s Chr tmas party. Prom, Sr. Banquet Mr Loper’s class,: Likes: Cars, Money, weekends and Alligators. Dislikes: Maple st. in Monza. Any¬ thing l ' se: Thanks to all my friends for making it great. Hi Mom ... Ambition: To have Mega bucks!! Robin L. Jenest 9 Willow Acres Nickname: Rob, Friends: Kristin, Kathie, Jeanne, Kim, Grace, Peg, Tish, Carolyn, Sondra, etc. Activi¬ ties: Tennis 2; Oskey 3, 4; Latin Club 2, 3, 4; OEA 3; yearbook 4. Likes: Guiding Light, Asti, Cape. Dislikes: certain females, SAT’s. Memories: Cape w K . . . being w T, B, J, P, R, F ... Campground, Canoeing, Oskey, Florists, Dents, hub cap mishap, jammin, riding in D.B., Corvette Camaro, hitting tree, fence, stone walls snowbank, 5 15 80, 8 22 81, 12 19 81. Am¬ bition: to be happy and successful Fav. Saying: “You better be there!” Kris — Where are B S? Phillip Thomas Joseph 421 Beverly Rd. Nickname: Phil, Found w Mike, • Ken, Billy, Jimmy and the corner. Fav. Mem.: Biking down to the Cape (Dennisport) Going to Pats game. The dirt Rd, Mt. Monad- nock, Beating KP, Martha’s Vine¬ yard, Blizzard 78, Summer 81. Likes: weekends, Partying, Fishing, listening to my stereo. Dislikes: Working at the news, phony people, liars, Gene, Wearing football shirts on Friday. Activities: Scuba diving, camping, Football 1-4, co-capt. wrestling 3-4, Ambition: to be a me¬ teorologist. Anything Else: Good luck to the Senior Class! Daniel Joyce 7 Harborwood Dr. Nickname: Grizly Fav. Saying: No Nukes, Hang your rat! Yo! Found With: Daryl, Victor, Neil, Looie, and Strech Dislikes: Jocks, Nukes, Bruce Springsteen, the draft Likes: Beautiful Women, mushrooms, YES, the 60’s Mem: Gym my Jr. Year, with the rat men, J’s class Anything else: No one here gets out alive! Richard Keenan 5 Carpenter Dr. Found W Mark B., Todd A, Scott, and the corner. Fav. Mem.: Cape trips, concerts, Labor day weekend, Todd’s party. Likes: Concerts, Weekends, Partys. Dislikes: Work, Todd getting sick. Ambition: to go to college. Brian P. Kennedy 20 George Rd. Nickname: B.K. Found W Brad, Pat, Kevin, Elwood, Tom. Fav. Mem.: Bob ' s gig, Geils, New Years Eve, Talking Heads, Vmt. Road trip, Springsteen, weekend at Don¬ na’s, Ozzie’s parties, Cal. summer, Tull, Mt. Manadnock, C.C.C. 80, N.Y. trips. Likes: F.H.S. girls, sna- keskin and leather. Dislikes: KP girls, being broke. Fav. Pastime: Cranking the Doors. Last Words: “The future uncertain the end is al¬ ways near.” Mark Kennefick 355 Pond St. Nickname: Marcus, Welby Fav. Saying: Have a Clue, Will you! Fav. Memories: Parentless weekends at home, Rubberneck in Mouse’s car, Tom Petty Concert, Quarry “Trips”, Friday night manuevers, star Market Christmas Party, Men- ize 7th per. Usually found w : Head J.B., Low Rider, Randy, Princely, Jim Brown, and the “Creature” oz. Ambition: Pass 4 years of college. Dislikes: King St. Summer St. intersection, J.B.’s truck. Rita M. Kent 480 Dailey Drive Usually found w : Patty, Kathy, Fran, Cathy, Sandi, Sarah, Mi¬ chelle, and everyone else Ambition: to get a good job and be happy Fav. Mem: FND’s, cruising, Fri. Nights, Dislikes: History, meat, school, Gil¬ ley’s Class, Being in at a certain time at night. Likes: weekends, 4th study, DN’s, vacation Act.: Girls Tennis 2-4 Fav. Saying: What seems to be the problem here girls? Anything else: Good luck class of 82 45 Melissa Kontoff, 9 Jimmy St. A message to the class of “82”: In four years at Franklin, I’ve done a lot of growing up. I’ve learned the value and importance of respect, not only for others but for yourself,. If you don’t like yourself, no one else will. As you travel the road to happi¬ ness, always remember you are the most important person. Never com¬ promise your values to please some¬ one else. It’s your life, class of 1982, go out there and live! Melissa Kuehn 5 Midland Ave. Fav. memories: Styx concert, frog woman Mr. K’s Labs, MASH — class of 80, 80’s home gang, sled¬ ding, snowmen, bonfires, hayrides, Rocky Point, Florida, sailing. Hip’s Halloween, Scooter’s Ice Cream Parties, Prom Night Morning, 81’s Senior Banquet, Boston —haymar- ket Sq., Mount Monadnock. To all my friends — Thank you for a won¬ derful four years. Gerard Labonte 5 Royal Court Fav. Mem: When my car is in one piece. Ambition: To be righ and own a Porsche 930 Turbo Likes: Eating, sleeping, and driving cars (fast) Dis¬ likes: Accidents, Getting out of bed in the morning, homework Nick¬ names: SED Act: Too Lazy to both¬ er. Francine Labossiere 715 Washington St. Nickname: Fran Usually found w : Karl, Patty, Kathy, Rita, Debbie, Sue, Mary, Betsy, Patty, Sandi, and everyone else. Fav. Mem: Class Proms of 81 and 82. 4th and 7th study Likes dislikes: Dis — Gilly’s class, likes — to be w friends Fav. Saying: What a “Bummer” Ambi¬ tion: To get a good paying job. Any¬ thing else: Good luck to the class of “82”. Richard Lamphere 725 Lincoln St. Usually found w : Rocky, George, Sharon, Carol, Sue, or riding my motorcycles, plus snowmobile and listening to good music w friends. Likes: Racing, J. Geils Band, travel¬ ing and Good friends, Dislikes: Staying home Ambition: To have my own company plus be manager of a restaurant and enjoy life. Christine Marie Lang 14 Queen Street Nickname: Chris Friends: Cheryl, Teri, Diane Likes: partying, old time rock roll, and Blazers Dis¬ likes: waiting for anything, snobs Fav. Saying: ‘Such as life’ Fav. Mem: T.B’s stairs, parties, at Teri’s and Cheryl’s T.P. 79-80, Prom Pago-Pago, w Tony Anything Else: You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself!! Goodluck ev¬ eryone!! Ambition: To marry a mil¬ lionaire 46 Todd Langevin 19 Haverstock Road Nicknames: Tiny, Moe Friends: Kim, Todd, Ando, Bob, Time, Tom, r Murphy, Skinney, Donald and gang. Fav. ' Mem: Cape, Antosh • House, Tom’s Blazer, Falmouth GC.C, Tom’s Party Worestor State W Todd Murphy, Hampton Beach N.H., Summer St., Summer of 81, Concerts, Class of 83 Banquet v Kim, Mt. Monadnock, Sandy Neck, Todd ' s Cars Likes: Friday Saturday Nights, Good Looking Cars Dislikes: Bitchey people. Cows Activities; Hockey 2-4 Ambitions: To make it in Life. Gerald Lawler 71 North Park Street Nickname: Jerry. Friends: Jim, Steve, Jim, Scott, Brian, Carolyn, Sue, Bethony, Beth, and Intellectu¬ als. Activities: Star Market, Year¬ book. Ambition: I’ve got absolutely none what so ever, and would like to become rich and famous immediate¬ ly- Victor J. Lombardi 32 Mackintosh St. Nickname: Vici Found w : Joyce, Neil, Pat, Yankee Fav. Mem: Being myself and being with the people I like. The last two yrs. of high school no matter what anyone else thinks. Hanging rats in the main hall. Worst Mem: Math related courses, working at McD’s. Anything else: I hope everyone is alive and healthy after twenty-five years. Carolyn Lomberto 218 Summer St. Found w : Susan, Cheerleaders, Summer St. gang Activities: Cheer- leading, Football, soccer, basket¬ ball, competition, cronins. Fav. Memories: Prom 80, Competition 81, Summer 81, Hagstrom ' s party, Summer St. Kinks Likes: Jukebox heroes, lefts on red, pit-stops, car¬ loads, swallowing evil. Anything else: We maybe apart but the ties between us will get closer. The memory of the times we spent to¬ gether will last forever. Peter P. Laviolette, Jr. Partridge Street Usually found w : Murph, Skinny, Bennet, Deuce, Tony and the rest of the gang. Act: Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Golf 3-4, Student Council 4, Fav. Mem: Tom’s Curl’s, Summer St. Hockey game against Falmouth, Jr. Prom “80, 81” Likes: Hockey, Parties Dislikes: Falmouth, K.P., Driving w Ray Ambition: To go to college and be successful. Anything else: Try it, its a good deal. Pamela J. Lomberto 584 Oak Street Found w : Janine, Janice, Sue, Beth Fav. Mem: New Years, My gigs, Rosie times w Patty, Nancy, Cathy Co. Likes: Clothes, Money, Get¬ ting my own way. Dislikes: Strang¬ ers in the night, being called Lumpy. Act.: Cheerleading 1-4, Capt. 1-4 Ambition: To go to school in NY Anything else: Sharon, who won the bet!! Bless you Beth!! Live for today because tomorrow may never come. 47 Anita Lovely 517 Beech St. Usually w : Donna, Senior Cheer¬ leaders Terri co., Gina, Anita, and everyone else Act.: Cheerlead¬ ing 2-4, Student Council 1-4, O.E.A. 2-4 Oskey 2-4, Spring track 1 Fav. Mem: 5 1 81, 5 10 81 w T.B. The Prom, Sandyneck, McPlant Night, Quarry’s Summer St. Maine 6 14 81 Likes: Doors, AC DC, Stones, the mustang, the Michelangelo’s of Summer St., Roadtrips to Sharon M.M. Dislikes: Summer Hockey Games Anything: “There are things that you know about, and things you don’t the known and the unknown, and in be¬ tween are the doors!” Michelle Ann Mailhiot 247 Pond Street Nickname: Schmell Act: V soccer 1, Girls spring track 1-2, J.V. Field Hockey 3, V. Field Hockey 4 Friends: Missy P., Sandi H., Donna H., Rita K., Holly H., rest of the gang. Fav. Mem: Mr. Wilk’s class, Mr. Belejack’s class, Fun in lunches, playing cards in opt. study Likes: guys, sports Fav. Sayings: Can I ask you one question Lisa Marie Lyons 6 Russell Street Friends: Nancy, Tracy, Beth, Lori, Lori, and just about everyone else. Fav. Saying: “YUM-DELISH!! Act. V-Soccer 1, Spring Track 1-3, Field Hockey 3, 4, Yearbook 82. Likes: Money, Sunshine, Laughing, and Blackraspberry Icecream. Dis¬ likes: Homework, Passes, and A.S. Fav. Mem: Summer 81, Mt. Mon. Trip, T.C. Prom Ambition: To be happy, Successful, and rich Any¬ thing else: You’re a pretty nice bunch of friends 82, Good Luck Al¬ ways, P.S. Bye Lu’s Michael MacComiskey 179 Oak Street Nicknames: MAC Friends: Keith, Ken, Chris, Dave Likes: Going out w my friends, skiing Fav. Mem: ski¬ ing 80-81, Rocky Point, Dislikes: Working Sat. Nights Ambition: To own my own business Linda T. Maher 6 Richard Lane Nicknames: Lyn, Wanda, Found w : Angel, Ethel, Gordie, and friends Fav. Mem: 1 13 80, Geils, Ozzy Osbourne, Amherst, Fino Field, Fire Lake, Times w Angel, and friends. The Frog Pond, The Cape, O.E.A. Likes: Busting Carol, The Stones, Seger, Green on Thursday, Skating Dislikes: PLASTIC PEO¬ PLE, getting up early Saying: “YOUR YOUNG. YOU’LL GET OVER IT,” “IN THE MORN¬ ING!” “F.O.A.D.” William Marchand 18 East Park St. Nickname: Marshie Fav. Mem: The Bike Ride to the Cape, weekend at the Cape, New Hampshere 81 Likes: Freshmen year Dislikes: Class of 83, School lunches, people touching my hair Act.: pole vault, V-l-4, Hockey V-l-4 Co-Captain 4 Ambition: Special Forces 48 Scott Marecaux 429 Pond St. Favorite memories: Junior Prom, Summer ’81, Ambition: Get Through College, be successful at what I do Likes: Being a senior, un¬ supervised study Dislikes: Fatman Fr iends: Frank, Kevin, Mike, Becky, Vicki, Usually found: Main Hall, Unsupervised study Pam Marenghi Likes: Cape Cod General Hospital Dislikes: Car Ac cident Fav. Memories: Summer Va cations Activities, Partying David Martin 12 Dartmouth Rd. Joe Mastropieri 43 Southgate Rd. Friends: Jed, Alan, Hoop and the rest of them, Kids of Star Market Act.: Weightlifting, Karate Likes: Food, Sports, animals, summers, be¬ ing in a good mood, music. Dislikes: snobs, work, getting up for school Fav. Mem: Summer’s 74, 76, 77, Cape Cod Summer 81, Mt. Monad- nock. Ambition: To be happy and enjoy life. Anything Else: Good bye Franklin High School and Good luck to the class of 82!! Patrick Mattingly 30 Cleveland Ave. Friends: Rick, Vic, Neil, Todd, and all intelligent life forms Dislikes: Babylon the Great Fav. Mem: Meeting Tracey D. Act: Advanced Sleeping Anything else: Live life as though you have a lot more of life to live. Ambition: Missionary Michelle Marie Mazzola 7 Burning Tree Road Friends: Stephen, Cathy, Cindy, and 6th period gang. Dislikes: Studying, taking tests, and being home Likes: Weekends, movies, bowling, camping, music, Tom Pet¬ ty, Dancing, G.H. Mem: Weekends w Stephen, drive-in’s Summer of 81, campin’ up N.H., Journey Con¬ cert. Ambition: Go to College and be successful as a nurse, travel, and be happy. 49 Mary Ellen McCarthy, ' 2 Colt Rd. Found with: Friends, Ambition: To be happy, Likes: weekends Steve. Dislikes: Mondays, mornings and being on time. Favorite memories: Prom w Steve, after Prom, Sum¬ mer of 81, Papa Gino’s X-mas par¬ ty, The Cape, 4-wheeling, Newport, Concerts Family vacations, FLOR¬ IDA, Skimobiling, growing up w Pauline. Anything else to say: Good luck to the Class of 82. Sheila McCarthy, 213 Conlyn Ave. Friends: Chris, Remmy, Julianne, Robin P. Favorite memories: De- Gosta’s Junior prom, gig. Concerts, Circus 1980, Bonfires 79-81, New Hampshire weekend with Chris 81, Halloween 80, George’s Island 80, Snowmobiling, Senior year! Likes: Honest people Dislikes: Letting go of someone you love. Ambition: Be happy. Anything else: Remmy and Chris, Thanks for the memories! Alan McClay, 270 Main St. Found with “83 " Nicknames: Aldo Favorite memories: FLA, BMA, W. Horse, weekends, Washington, Kill¬ ers Keg. Mike’s return. Activities: Parties, work. Likes: Girls, money, snowstorms, music, concerts. Dis¬ likes: school, Plastic chicks. Any¬ thing else: ’83 is 1. Bradford S. McClay 17 Colt Road. Nicknames: Madley, Brad. Found with Donna, Brian, Joe, Chris S. Paul, Kevin, Pat. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Prom 81, all the times with Donna, N H 80-81, Cape, weekends, Tull, Geils, going out with my fri¬ ends, 7:51 phone call. Likes: The Doors, Neil Young Lowenbrau. Dislikes: Foxboro, Falmouth — 17 Ambition: Have a successful career live a happy life. Activities: Hockey 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Donna 2-4. Anything else: Someday ... DL. Patricia, McCormick, 2 High St. Nicknames: Patsy, Pat, Usually found with: Scott, Lesli, Casey, Su¬ san, Lisa, Chrissy, Debby. Activi¬ ties: Gymnastics, Oskey, OEA, Soc¬ cer manager, Jr. Miss. Likes: Being with Scott, Blackrasberry ice cream, sleeping late, letters from Scott. Dislikes: Scott in Ohio, Peo¬ ple who judge before knowing. Fa¬ vorite memories: Florida ’80, 2 28 81, Skippin’ and car hoppin’ with lesli, walking home from Donna’s, 7 25 81, 8 7 81, Sept. 18-20th 81, All times with Scott. Ambition: To get married on a Wed., to be satis¬ fied in life. Dream until your dreams come true. James E. McFarland 16 Pine St. Usually found with: Steve, Scott, Jim, Jerry, Dan, Neil, and Brian. Favorite memories: Beatle mania (first and third), the conventions, Mt. Monadnock, Boston by night and finally getting my stereo. Likes: 60’s music, weekends, and vacations Dislikes: English Essays and the back seat of Scott’s car. Activities: Yearbook staff and for senior’s only club. Ambition: To survive college and be successful at whatever I do. 50 Daniel S. McGlynn, 16 Eldon Dr. Found with: Brenda, Gunars, Duff, Norman, Hall crowd. Memories: Rush 81, 4th of July, likes: ocean, working, listening to music. Dis¬ likes: loud people, teachers that lec¬ ture all period. Activities: Football 1, Baseball 1, 2. Ambition: To live my life the best way I possibly can. Thanks to Mrs. Swanbeck and to Mr. Hosford for being the great peo¬ ple they are. (ggpj$ SUSP- ' J® 4 flP | - « Hi |i... t VWmwM Paul McGrath 5 Rolling Ridge Rd Found W : Dave, David, Phil, etc. Likes: Study, weekends. Dislikes: homework, Sunday mornings, par¬ ties. Ambition: college bound. Good Luck 82 Fav. Mem: Summer of 80, Cars Concert William R. Mclnnis, 8 Winter St. Favorite memories: Being with Cathy, Camping down the Cape, Jr. Prom, Hopedale J’s parties, Italian class. Likes: playing sports, going to parties Dislikes: 1980 football sea¬ son, talking to Dad on Friday night. Ambition: to become a successful businessman, and play professional Baseball. Friends: Cathy, Jerry L. Bowser, Skinny, Don W., Tony G. Pete L., Punky., Jamie M. Nick¬ name: “Deuce” Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Base¬ ball 1,2, 3, 4. Student Council V.P., Boy’s State. Kim McLaughlin, 21 Fales St. Ambition: to get everything I want Found with: Kristin, Jeanne, Robin, Grace, Peg, Mel. likes: Jim, McDonald’s, G.H. Dislikes: Piece¬ work, Burger King, SAT ' s Activi¬ ties: Art, yearbook, Class events, birthday cards. Favorite memories: Soph. Winter, JCL, MASH, NYC, Boston, 9 25 81, Lifeguarding at WG. BP ' s, T.S., Wearing big M ' s uniform. Mom’s Grad. Water tanks, Last word: Jim, I finally got my li¬ cense! Elizabeth K. McNally 20 Pearl St. Found w : Susan, Janine, Pam, Ja¬ nice, Beth R. and the gang. Fav. Mem: Prom, Summer of “80-81”, Tom Petty, March 16, Mt. Manad- nock, Washington, Store at W D Likes: Doughboy, Weekends, Bob Seger, Straws, Talking. Dislikes: Math, Mondays, working Saturday mornings. Ambitions: To enjoy life to the max. Anything else: Good luck class of “82”. Nancy McQuiggan 190 David Road Found w : Lori, Lisa, Beth, Tracy, Nonni, and others. Likes: parties, long vacations, Guilding Light, pumpkins, Beatles. Dislikes: Italian, homework, plastic people. Act: Var¬ sity Soccer 1-4, Captain 4, Softball 1-4. Fav. Mem: Summer of 81! Be¬ ing with friends. The Royal Wed¬ ding over Anne’s house! Ambitions: To be successful in what I do. Any¬ thing else: Julianne who’s Jugs? Nicknames: Nanc’, Nancy-LU 51 Annmarie C. McVay 375 Glen Meadow Road Nickname: Amy. Friends: Dave, Rose, the rest of my friends. Dis¬ likes: Groton, Activities: Gymnas¬ tics 1-2, Dance 3, Softball 1, Jr. Miss Favorite Memories: Mt. Mo- nadnock, prom, Flag Capers, green couches, Chris’ apt, “THE BAT¬ TLE,” CONCERTS down the Cape, guitars, “Leather Lace,” Nov. 1, 1981. Favorite saying: “It was an experience,” “Little boy . . .” Stephen L. McWilliams 242 Pleasant Street Nickname: Mick. Friends: Phil, Ed¬ die, Pez, Bonzy, Rich, Dave, Paul, Kim, and the H.W. gang. Likes: J.J. Dislikes: Signing in O.S. passes. Ac¬ tivities: Track 1, B-ball, winter hockey. Favorite Mem: Cape, T. Petty 81, Foghat Outlaws, Kinks, Punky’s house 80, Cigar (?), Dave and Phil’s gigs, my parties, prom day after, Hopkinton, hockey games, C.H. 80, the Boat, Summer St., H.S. parking lot. Quarries 80. Favorite saying: Clown. Anything else: Good luck 82 Robin P. Mele 70 Oak Street Friends: Camille, Tracey, Judy, Mi¬ chele, Julianne, Linnea, Carvel gang, and Brian. Likes: Laughing, Munching in 6th study, good times w friends. Dislikes: People who think they’re God’s gift, falling in swamps, BF ' sj DWAF. Fav. Mem: Vermont w Brian, U-MASS week¬ end w Camille Tracey, Prom w Brian, Mt. Monadnock, freshman year. Favorite saying: I’m hungry, “Gonna raise hell.” Anything else: Linnea “Rocky Mountain High”, Good Luck 82, and Sue, Tracey, and Tracey. James E. Menard 32 West Street Nicknames: Punky, skunk. Friends: Deuce, Brownie, Mucci, Gatsby, Barch, and the rest of the gang. Likes: parties, flirting, experiencing different things. Dislikes: Plastic people, C.C.’s, hangovers, politics in sports. Act: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Baseball 1,2. Am¬ bition: to hold a respectable position in society. Fav. Mem: Falmouth brawl. Bike ride to Cape, Boston ex¬ cursions, Petty con., summer of 81, lr Prom. Rocky Point, Summer St. ’■mv thing else: Brownie, don’t lock the keys in the trunk. Rebecca J. Millis 474 Lincoln Street Nickname: Becci, Friends: Carol, Beth, Julia, “ALL the guys,” and Matt. Likes: Jellybeans, Christmas, and going for trips?! Ambition: To be happy wherever life may lead me. Fav. Mem: Summers of 79, 80, 81, 7 26 81, prom, Boston, 10 21 81, parties. Fav. saying “All right!” Anything else: Thanks Mom for al¬ ways being there. Don’t ever regret growing old, it’s a privilege denied by many. Scott J. Molloy 121 Country Club Drive Friends: Shoes, Bob, John, Patete, Beane, Riley, Beetle-hat. Likes: Life, Dislikes: school. Activities: Su¬ pervised study. Favorite Memories: Summer. Ambition: To Live. Meghan Christine Moriarty 45 Schofield Drive Dislikes: Italian subs. Fav. Memo¬ ries: Getting “comfortably numb”, falling in holes, “Instant karma”, Dennis 8 15 80, Bob Seger, Kinks, Mobil Station, Parties at Lumpy’s., the prom w Jamie. Favorite saying: Go to it! Anything else: “Sharon, blah!, Use your hands, do what you want!” “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one Jeffrey Morris 30 Forest St. James M. Mucciarone 56 N. Park Street Nickname: Mucci. Friends: Jonsey, Brownie, Punky, Deuce, Honka. Likes: Summer of 81, Prom. Dis¬ likes: Franklin Furn co. (F.S.) Am¬ bition: to get out of town. Favorite Memories: Punky’s Brother’s Wed¬ ding. Parking lot 2nd period. Mark J. Mulligan 4 Skyline Drive Friends: Everybody, especially “The Unwantables” (Harry, Smitty, Dana, Ray, Dave, and Bill) Likes: having good wholesome fun. Dislikes: Mrs. Swanbeck’s office and those early morning slips calling me down there. Act: Keeping Mr. Budweiser financially secure. Am¬ bition: to be president of the U.S.A. Fav. Memories: Partying ' til dawn in the Mustang, Capers Bruce Springsteen, Cape Cod w the Un¬ wantables, flirting my brains out. Kevin Murphy 12 Russell Street Nickname: Murph. Friends: Moose, Art, Larry, Pet, Kevin, John, Dave, Roby, and Roby. Likes: Rock n Roll, Partying, Dislikes: school. Fa¬ vorite Memories: Outside before school, and summer vacation. 53 Sean F. Murphy 13 Flynn Road Nicknames: Murph, Louis. Friends: Gerra, Skinny, Ando, Deuce, Donny, Tony, Pete, Bal, Todds, and corner. Likes: hockey games, Jr. year. Dislikes: snobs. Act: Basket¬ ball, Football — Capt, student council, corner club. Ambition: to be the best accountant possible. Fav. Mem: Shriner’s game, Seger, Geils, Tepee, Worcester State w Todds, Summer “80”, Cape, Beating K.P., Tom’s Skinny’s Pam’s parties, Sum¬ mer St., being with Gerra, night w Everett and Wayne. William F. Murray 311 Main Street Nickname: Bill. Friends: Bob, Bill, Andrew, Karen, Allen, Lisa, Mike, Mark, and a lucky few from the class of 81. Likes: Karen, Friday nights, hova power. Dislikes: prep¬ pies, bud weiser, volkswagons, Rafs. Activities: Track, cross country. Ambition: What? Fav. Mem: Oskey 81, Rush concert, summer at Plum Island, Escape from Milford, Nu¬ gent, Monadnock 81. Carol Myers 2 Shepherd Road Nicknames: C.J. Friends: “Scott B ”, Cathy, Ellen, Shannon, Kathy, Scott C., Jim H., and Jim S. Likes: sports, going out. Friday nights. Ac¬ tivities: Tennis 2-3. Ambition: to en¬ joy life! Fav. Memories: Colorado 79, 81, Cape Cod 81, March 81, Mt. Monadnock. Elizabeth A. Nasuti 643 E. Central Street Nickname: Beth. Friends: Mike, Darlene, Amy, Lisa, Tracy, Nancy, and the employee’s at Sneakers n’ Stuff. Likes: Mike, weekends, rain¬ bows. Activities: Mike 3-4. Ambi¬ tion: To marr Mike, be rich, and live happily ever after. Fav. Memo¬ ries: 11 22 80, going out w Mike. Oakland and Prom bust, stealing Camille’s car w Darlene, all the times 1 don ' t remember! Anything else: Darlene, did you brush and floss Amy. see you at Filene ' s! Pauline Nasuti 746 Washington Street Friends: Rhonda, Mary, Peggy, Melissa, Deb, Tish, Chris. Amy, Rosanne, Nancy, Sue, Ray. Likes: t he summer, a tan, rainbows, the beach, Riunite, Young, Violets, Je Reviens. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, concerts, Mt. Monadnock, Camille’s parties, Bryant hits, Ariz., Summer St., Feb. Vacation 81, Ben¬ nie’s N.H., the Cape with Ray, T.D.’s, Sophomore gig, FLOR¬ IDA!, that old T-37, and oh — that grey ventura! William T. Nasuti 129 Union Street Nickname: “newt” Friends: Mike, Dana, Larry, Don, MaryAnn, Ker¬ ry, Bruce, Dave, Tom, Dupe, Bill. Likes: 5th period study, Auto II, Physiology. Dislikes: C-house of¬ fice, the class of 83, Franklin. Ambi¬ tion: to be successful in the medical field. Favorite Mem: Humerock, George’s parties. Wash. D C. 1980, end of field house meeting, Mt. .Mo¬ nadnock, Dean Hall, B.O.M.G.A. 54 Theresa Nelson 281 Grove Street Nickname: Terri. Friends: Patti, Carey, Denise, Jos, the gang. Likes: Jap O’s. Dislikes: snobs, school lunches, Mr. Houde’s class. Activi¬ ties: OEA 2, 3 (treasurer), speech 3, 4, CYO, Jr. Miss, teaching CCD, yearbook staff 1-3. Ambition: to go to Bryant College, and be Patti’s ac¬ countant. Favorite Memories: Prom 81, OEA trips, China Lotus, Pago- Pago, “Annie get your gun”. Mt. Monadnock. Anything else: Steve, been to Bungy lately? Good Luck Class of 82. Ellen Nerney 1 Stanford Road Friends: Dianne, Tracey, Lori, Lori, Tim, Gina, Amy, Gail, Class of 82. Likes: Laughing with my friends. Dislikes: Dishonesty and the Atttic. Fav. Memories: Texas and Mexico (J.J.), Cape w Tracey, Beaches w sidekick, prom w Eddie, Summer of 81, Chinese redlights, Junior year, times with John, Tracey’s birthday. Anything Else: Thanks to my friends, I love ya! Terry: When the bell leaves .. . Jeff A. Netto 7 Grissom Circle Amy E. Nisil 587 Oak Street Friends: David, Della, Terri, Gina, Lingy, Linnea, Norzo, Robin, Bar¬ bara, Rita, Julie. Likes: Bony, Punk Rock, Tom Petty, the Cars, Cor¬ vettes, Levi’s, Coke, and weekends. Dislikes: preppies, Mondays, strobe lights. Fav. Memories: Prom 81, A.F.T., Concerts, Terri’s party, 4 23 80, summers on White Horse Beach, Weekends w David, Mt. Monadnock, S M Club. Anything else: It’s been real, and it’s been nice, but it hasn’t been real nice! Cathy E. Norian 59 Anthony Road Friends: Jeanne, Carol, Amy, Della, Robin, Cathy, D.E. II gang, Likes: being w friends and having a good time. Dislikes: plastic people and people who think they’re better than others. Activities: OEA 1-2, year¬ book 2-3, D.E. 3-4, D.E. historian. Ambition: to be happy and success¬ ful in whatever I do. Fav. Memories: “Sophomore year”, D.E. trips, Trip to Spain, Nevada, and Texas, the good times w friends . . . Anything else: Good luck to the class of 82 Carol Lynne Ober 167 Union Street Friends: Becci, Julia, Beth R., Beth, Jan, Paula, Kara, especially Jean, Bruce, and the guys. Likes: going for trips, Christmas. Dislikes: get¬ ting caught, and Randy’s tardiness. Ambition: to be a free spirit. Favor¬ ite Memories: 7 13 81, 2 6 81, 10 10 81, 10 12 81, Cape Cod 80, prom. Anything else: Special thanks to all my family. “The heart has it’s reason. That reason’s know nothing of.” 55 Deborah O’Hearn 28 Anthony Road Nicknames: Myrtly, “O.H.” Friends: Karen, Monica, Corbet, Phyllis, Ann, and all the gang at lunch. Ambition: To find out what life is about. Fav. Memories: Party¬ ing down the Ave and up Industrial, 38 special, REO, Maine. Anything else: I’ve seen a lot of people change through High School. Most for the better, some for the worse. It was a definite experience — F.H.S. James E. O’Neill 30 Mackintosh Street Nickname: Jim. Friends: Jerry, Jim, Steve, Bethany, Scott, Dan, and other miscellaneous personnel. Ac¬ tivities: Band 1, 2, Varsity tennis 1, Yearbook ' 82, photography. Ambi¬ tion: to own a Silver Mercedes 450 SEL Convertible. Fav. Memories: Monadnock, the table, lunch, Sen¬ ior Christmas party. Francis X. O’Regan 392 Martello Road Nickname: F.X. Friends: Scott, Weasle. Likes: People who hold a good conversation, the Hockey Games. Activities: Varsity Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Ambition: To go to college and go into the Air Force. Favorite Memories: Falmouth in C.C.C., Tom’s party, Going to N.H. with hockey team, summer of 81”, Last Canton game in 1981, Scott’s cadi. Anything else: Good luck to every¬ one in the Class of 82” Grace M. Orlando 492 Old Farm Road Friends: Mark, Kristin, Jeanne, Kim, Peg, Robin, Tish, Mel, Bob, Andrew. Likes: Weekends w Mark, G.L., ragging on Bob and Andrew. Dislikes: Mark at college, a drunk Bob, good-byes. Activities: Tennis 1-2, Soccer Mngr. 2, Italian Club Treas. 1-2, Star Market, Mark 2, 3, 4, Yearbook. Ambition: To make my dreams realities. Fav. Mem: 2 yrs. with Mark, H.C. at W.P.I., Os- key ’81, Senior Banquet ' 81, Prom ’80, ’81, Summer ’81, Junior Year. Fav. saying: “Is this going to be on the test tomorrow?” Stephen H. Pacheco 216 School Street Friends: Scott, Jim, Jerry, Jim, Dan, Brian, and Neil. Likes: Girls, tennis, fast-action, and politics. Dis¬ likes: Low achievers. Activities: Boy’s winter track, tennis, yearbook staff, and For Seniors Only Club. Ambition: To succeed in Law Politics. Fav. Memories: Mt. Mo¬ nadnock, Cape Cod, Arizona ’81’, Prom ' 81 ’. Anything else: Good luck to the Class of 82 in the years ahead. Darlene Mary Padula 3 Lincolnwood Drive Friends: Richard, Amy, Beth. Likes: Being with Richard, week¬ ends, partying. Dislikes: Mondays and homework. Activities: Year¬ book 2-4. Fav. Memories: Oakland bust, stealing Camille’s car w Beth, Experiences at Oakland, Prospect St., weekends down the Cape, Sum¬ mer of 79-81, All nighters, N.A.S.C., T.B.A.C., M.B., Trip to Boston, All the times I don’t remem¬ ber. Anything else: Hey, Nasuti, where did you learn to drive? Amy, who’s coming this weekend? I 0 J y • L I » Linnea Mae Palmer 307 Country Way Friends: Eileen, Terri, Laura, Kerri, Donna, Sondra, Gina, Amy, Robin. Likes: Being w friends; weekends. I Dislikes: Tests, Mondays. Activi¬ ties: Basketball 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2. Ambition: To be successful and hap- i py. Fav. Memories: Eagle Rock, the log. “Rocky Mountain High!”, weekend at FSC, Mount Monad- nock, Janice’s New Year Party, The lingy mobile. Fav. saying: You Wish!, Huh?!! Anything else: Terri, take the Mass TurnPike lately? “Linnea, I mean Eileen, now they have me confused!” Joseph J. Paratore 6 Beth Road Friends: Brad, Everett, Ken, Tony, and everyone else at the corner. Likes: drumming, everyone. Dis¬ likes: plastic people. Ambition: to succeed in anything I do. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom 81, Cape Cod, hockey games, weekends with my friends, Summer Street, Falmouth Hockey game. Anything else: Brad, don’t forget that 7:51 phone call. ' Melissa E. Pasquantonio 149 Pleasant Street Nicknames: Melis, Missy. Friends: Michelle M., Holly H., Donna H., Sandi H., Mary L. Likes: Guys, flirting, honesty Dislikes: phony people, snobs. Activities: Drill team, library 1-3, teacher ' s aide 4. Ambi¬ tion: to be a social worker, to be hap¬ py. Fav. Memories: Lunch at Laur¬ ie’s, summer 81, Washington, DC, New York 81, Mr. Belejack’s class , Mr. Chrabaszcz’s class 2-3. Fav. saying: Jeez Louise, Give me strength. Anything else: Thanks Michelle for everything Good luck Phyllis A. Pasquantonio 21 Howard Street Nickname: Dylan. Friends: Peter L., Pam Y., Maria, Kim, Maggie, Tony, Lisa B., and the whole crew, Likes: Friendly people, parties, and good times. Ambition: to go into management or computers. Favor¬ ite Memories: OEA Trip, the kinks, (79, 80, 81), Bob Seger, Fisher Street, and the Dungeon. Anything else: Good bye and Good Luck FHS! Ellen Patete 110 Marvin Ave Nickname: Elbe Teddy. Friends: Sandy, Diane, Karen, Daniella, Me¬ lissa, Steph, etc. Likes: rainbows and unicorns. Dislikes: Putting my foot in my mouth. Ambition: psy¬ chobiologist. Favorite Memories: France, the night of the cat, Chem¬ istry lab, history w Sue, basketball games, speech, Blanche Niege, Li¬ brary w Cindy. Scott Patterson 1165 Pond Street Nicknames: Pat, Petter, Captain Crash, Likes: sports, old cars. Dis¬ likes: homework, test trees that don’t move. Activities: hockey, baseball, fixing cars, cutting wood. Ambition: to enter service or school and be successful and happy in life. Friends: Brian, Mike, Robin, Rich, Tom, Greg, Dave. 57 Robin Coleen Peabody 205 Conlyn Ave Nicknames: Sexy, Robinskii, Sun¬ ny. Likes: Foreigner, hiking, danc¬ ing, smiling, sunshine, Coke, and time spent with Rick. Friends: Shei¬ la, Patti, Amy, Terri, and Ann. Ac¬ tivities: Ski team, co-cap Ribbons Blues, Elementary Aide. Ambition: To be happy, successful, but most of all to make others happy. Fav. Memories: Bonfire 78-81, Sugar- loaf 80, Sugar bush 81, Jr. Prom, Labor day WKEND 81, foreigner concert, Cape Cod 79-81, Nights partying w friends, 10 4 81 w Rick. Everett J. Petitt III 72 Arlington Street Friends: Richie, Tom, Skinny, Murph, Curlzo, Bal, Joe, Bennet, Carbon, rest of the corner pube. Likes: weekend. Dislikes: working on Friday’s CC’s. Activities: Foot¬ ball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. Mi¬ chelle. Fav. Memories: Seger, Petty, Tom’s parties, Pam’s parties, sum¬ mer 81, south C. biking to Cape, kegs under bridges, tracks, night w Carbon and Murphy, freshmen bas¬ ketball, hockey games, tepee, Worcester State w Richie, fresh¬ men basketball. Richard P. Peluso 17 Kathleen Drive Nicknames: Crash, Mafia. Friends: Terry H., Tom A., Peter N., Robin P., David M., Fred S., Glen C. Likes: girls Dislikes: teachers. Ac¬ tivities: playing poker. Ambition: to go to California, go to college, and join the mafia. Fav. Mem: The Fal¬ mouth Game. Denise M. Perkins 41 Ruggles Street Nicknames: Perky, Dee, Niecie Friends: Patti, Terri, Tony, Karen, Carry, the gan g. Likes: Tony, Cor- vetts, friendly people, strawberries. Dislikes: telephone poles, hospitals, snobs, fakes, being followed by R.P. Activities: Drill 1-4 (Captain 4), OEA 3 historian, prom committee, Tennis 2, manager basketball 8, 4. Ambition: to manage Tony’s busi¬ ness. Fav. Memories: Cemetary, Brownie’s party, OEA trip, Jr. Miss. Donna L. Peterson 19 Janie Ave Friends: Anita, Anita, senior cheer¬ leaders, Terri, and the rest of the crew. Likes: The Doors, Bob Seger, The Stones, partying. Activities: Cheerleading 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, student council 2-4, os- key 2-4. Ambition: to enjoy likfe to its fullest. Fav. Memories: Main 81, 5 5 81, road trip to Sharon, 9 4 81, quarries. Bob Seger 80, day after prom, 10 2 81, McPlant and McPumpkin nite, Summer Street, drive-ins w the girls. 58 Patricia A. Phillips 417 Paula Lane Nickname: Tish. Friends: Carolyn (Cazzo), Debbie (Deb), Linda (Neub), Diane (Veeda), Ellen (El- zod), Bethaney, BONZO Conza. Ambitions: to do something useful with my life and to have fun doing it. Favorite Memories: Linda’s P.O. Party, Bear Hill road in the Pinto (alias Death ride), the drive-in. Anything else: If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t! Pearl F. Pisani 19-Stubb Street | Nicknames: Peggy, Peg. Friends: Kristin, Grace, Tish, Robin, Mel, Carvelers — whomever. Likes: hon¬ est people. Dislikes: fakes, snobs. Ambition: to work for Patti in her Carvels. Favorite Memories: Prom, hot ice cream, MASP, 10 2 81, 8 14 81, jocks w socks, Mr. Defron- ► zo’s parties, New York, the ceme- tary, cruising, parties w Robin, Os- keys, Bruce ' s hair. Summer St., the museum w Bobby, working w La- verne Shirley. Anything else: Robin — don’t come in here! Brian J. Powers 7 Grandview Drive Friends: Jim, Steve, Jerry, Jim, or Pat, Tom, Mike, Ray, Lisa, Stacey, Lyn, Lisa, Kathy, Linda, Poy, and Traci. Likes: Girls, especially Robin L., teachers being out, cruising. Dis¬ likes: being asked for a pass. Ambi¬ tion: to get rich enough so I can sleep as long as I want. Favorite Me- moires: Summer of 81, 8 8 81, Mike’s house. John Prentice 520 Maple Street Nickname: Jonny. Friends: Mark, Rob, Cindy, Steve, Ray, Mike. Likes: To have a good time. Dislikes: getting up at 6:30. Activities: skiing, cruzin, riding, hunting. Ambition: to be successful in life. Favorite Memories: Summer parties, Junior prom. Barbara Jo Princiotta 3 Southgate Road Nicknames Bibba. Friends: Tracy B., the manomet crowd, and other rowdy friends. Likes: seabreezes and Cheryl’s letters. Dislikes: people with “no spines”! and the Michael Angelos of Summer Street. Ambi¬ tion: to be just like Terri D.! Fav. Memories: Quarries, McPumpkin and McPlant night, Hopkington 6 19 81, Summer of 81, Times w P.M.F., Thack’s gig, Mt. Monad- nock. Anything else: Hey T.F.B., 1961! Scott C. Pulver 79 Daniels Street Nickname: Moose. Friends: Steve, Dan, Jim, the Jack, Neil, Scott, Gerry, Jim. Likes: Cape Cod, my cars, my stereo, succeeding, sports, skipping, tv. Activities: Winter 3, 4, Spring Track 4, Oskey 80, Tennis 2, Hall 1, 2, 3, 4, life 3, 4, yearbook, working 1, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Cape Cod 79, 80, Oskey 80, Mt. Monadnock, prom night, get¬ ting my camaro. Ambition: Presient of the US, Chairman of the board of General Motors, to be filthy rich. 59 Anne Remillard 81 Washington St. Nickname: Remmy. Friends: Shei¬ la, Terry, Julianne, Rich, and gang. Likes: anything that’s fun. Dislikes: The morning after. Act OEA 1-3, Cheerleading 2. Amb: Snag a rich one and be happy. Fav. Mem: Doing things 1 wasn’t suppose to, parties, Cars 80, Circus 80, Bonfire 80, Hal¬ loween 80, Jr. Prom, Cape after, Texas, Mexico Good times w T, Deb, Court, Sondra Mt. Manad- nock, Hyannis (fire in hotel) Any¬ thing else: Mac — Do you think he remembered? Jullianne — Young Man!!, Terry — How’s Indiana? Scott Resley 182 Glen Meadow Road Nicknames: Pex. Friends: Phil, Steve, Eddie, Bonz, Tass, Cronin, Barche, Dave. Likes: Barche’s death rides, Bonesy Stang Dislikes: losing teeth, lifeguard chairs, Amb: To be¬ come a Marine Biologist. Fav. Mem: Boat, Knights, Summer St., Cornetta’s gigs, Mick’s gigs, Quar¬ ry’s Considine’s gigs, Celtics play¬ offs, Chester’s car hitting the house, Bella Const. “Freddie the B”, punck parties, C.H. 81. Cathleen Marie Rettman 466 Lincoln St. Nicknames: C.P., Ret., Cathy. Likes: Early dismissal, 3rd study. Dislikes: Biology, History. Activi¬ ties: J.V. Field Hockey, (1), Varsity 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, D.E.C.A. 3, 4. Fav. Mem: Sturbridge, Washing¬ ton, Working with Jay ’n’ Jay and Star, Ms. Dudash’s 2nd quarter English Class, D.E. I. D.E. II, 9th grade math class, Rocky Point, Busting Coxy. Anything else: Good luck to the class of 82!! Margaret Rettman 108 Brook St. Nicknames: Peggy Friends: Patrick, Pauline, Joanne, Rick, Nancy, Mary, Rosanne. Likes: Ocean, Sun¬ ny days, going out with my friends, concerts, parties, Sat. Nights w Patrick. Dislikes: Homework, Working Fri. Nights, Mondays. Act: Cheerleading 1, 2. Fav. Mem: 4 25 80, Prom, Bryant College, Manadnock, 7 25 81, Cape Cod, V.T. Roadtrip, Hopkinton, FLA, w Pauline and Mary. Anything else: Good Luck “82”!! Paul T. Ricard 14 Betten Court Friends: Murph, Mugsy, Helmet Head, Brian, Newman, and the soc¬ cer team. Likes: Weekends, BUDS. Dislikes: Sat. Morning practices, Foxboro Soccer team. Act.: Soccer 1-4, National Honor Society, Amb: to be successful in life. Fav. Mem: B.C. Tournament champs 80, Soc¬ cer 80, NY tournament 81. Terri Lee Rice 13 Longhill Road Friends: Red, Traci, Nancy, Karen, Gomez, and mostly everyone else. Likes: Helping people. Dislikes: Rich people who act snobby. Act: Soccer I-IV, Fav. Mem: Summer of 81, and soccer camp. 60 Traci Lynn Rice 13 Longhill Road Nicknames: Rice twin, Twin, Terri, Friends: Red, Terri, Kris, Cheryl, Patty, Cathy (both), soccer team. Likes: competition, dislikes: whimps. Act.: Girls Varsity Soccer 1-4, Ambition: to accomplish every¬ thing I set out to be. Fav. Mem: Rockky Point, Mt. Manadnock, 3rd study. Fav. Saying: Come on you guys. Anything else: Good luck to the class of 82 and enjoy life while you can. I ■fn r 4 ■3mi AtMLz, all Patrick Ridgway 73 Pond Street Nicknames: Pat. Friends: Kevin, Steve, Tom, Jimmy, Tommy, B.K., Brad, Peggy. Likes: Late Nights, Friendly people, parties, munchies Dislikes: Not many!! Act: Soccer 1- 3, Hockey, Listenting to music. Am¬ bition: To be happy. Fav. Mem: Cape ' 79’, Vinn’s ’81’, Kinks, Geils, B.O.C., Campground, 7 25 81, go¬ ing out w Peg, Bonfires at Grove St., Summer St. Kegs at Ozzies, cruising in the mustang, weekends. Anything else: It’s been real!! Michael Riley 27 Southgate Road Nicknames: Mike, RI, Rely, Jake. Friends: Jett, Hohn, Steve, Greg, Don, Scott M., Frank. Likes: Cheeb, brew, work, Jess, parties, cruising, Dislikes: school, preppies, fatman, lester, Freshman girls. Fav. Mem: Prom, Riverside, C.A., Geeks, Roly’s class, Falmouth, Fri¬ day nights, cape, guzzling, sandy, Jessica, wrestling matches, Monad- nock, Laughter hits. Favorite say¬ ing: Ahhhh!. Anything else: Amy you skank. Theresa Ristaino 50 Gallison St. Nicknames: Terri, T. Friends: Good company. Likes: IceCream, Laugh¬ ing Dislikes: snowless winters. Amb: stay happy Healthy. Fav. Mem: Mike from Indiana, Cape 81, (Skip), Bonfire 80, NHC weekends, Jr. Prom, 6 21 80, Rocky Pt., Tor¬ pedoes (M J), B-Ball camp, the “Cone”, times w family, all good times w Deb, Court, Anne, Sondra, Cone, Sue, Mt. Manadnock, ETC.! Anything else: Ellen — When the bell leaves . . . Anne-Manga! Bryn Robinson 51 Highwood Drive Nicknames: Bryn. Friends: Holsty, Jim, Joe, John — Killer corner gang and whoever else. Likes: partying, pre-school sessions. Dislikes: getting up, fakepeople. Act.: Ski Team 2, 3. Amb.: To be rich and successful to live till 40. Fav. Memories: Spring¬ steen, Marley Tosh, Union St., Summer St., Summer of 81, 22 Mary Ann Roche 71 Hillsid e Road Nicknames: Mimi, Rochie. Likes: Christmas, Vacations, Dislikes: Mud. Act: Tennis . . . Field Hockey, Co, Capt. 4,... Vice President 3, 4. Student Council. Amb.: To enjoy life. Fav. Mem: California, Chinese Food, Scooter’s Class, Tournament, The “Cone”, Sombreros, Mt. Man- adonock Fav. Saying: Are you seri¬ ous?. 61 Gregory Rondeau 204 Lincoln Street Friends: Jibber, Pez, Chester, Keith B., Mike M., corner. Likes: We’re getting out of school. Dislikes: school lunches, optional study, crowded halls. Activities: soccer, work, going out. Ambition: to be successful in life. Fav. Memories: was going out to parties, going on class trip to Rocky Point, working, summer of 81. Also likes: watching everyone in study making fools of themselves, sneaking out of school to go out for lunch. Charlene Rose 21 Garden Street Friends: Roseann, Diane, Maryann, Laura, Teri, Kerri, and Gail. Likes: Toasted Almond Fudge, being w my friends, and coffee brandy. Dean, G.H., cruising. Dislikes: get¬ ting up in the morning, SAT’s. Am¬ bitions: to graduate from college and to marry money that’s good looking. Fav. Memories: Proms, “Cars,” “J. Geils,” “Cape,” Greg “81 ” Jaguars. Anything else: Diane, What sup? Laura, how’s Jeff? Rose, how is NEL? Elizabeth A. Ryan 420 Partridge Street Nickname: Beth. Friends: Becci, Carol, Sue, Beth M., Camille. Likes: Sunday mornings, summer nights, Munchies, being with my friends. Dislikes: Rude people, bore¬ dom, whales Mondays. Activities: yearbook 2, 3, 4. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Hampton Beach, Junior Prom, June 81, Summer 80. Anything else: Always have a good time. Good luck to the class of 82. Kim Ryan Populatic Street Nickname: Kimba. Friends: Tony, Maggie, Phyllis, Rennee, Julia, Robin, Chris, and the rest of the crew. Likes: partying, snow, water skiing. Dislikes: jocks, snobby peo¬ ple, people who act better than they are. Activities: DE I, 11. Favorite Memories: D.E. Trips, blizzards down Populatic, labor day weekend 81, Mt. Monadnock, under the cot¬ tage Ozzy Osbourne " 81”. Edward J. Sancomb 39 Southgate Road Friends: Chut, Fred, Steve, Dave, Pat, Shoes. Likes: girls, hanging around w friends, parties, listening to music, weekends. Dislikes: tests, quizzes. Activities: playing sports w my friends, girl-watching, hang¬ ing around w my friends. Ambi¬ tions: college, family. Favorite Memories: Styx concert, Pat Bena- tar concert, Pat — Bills game, Dec 80, Kentaro’s visit. Anything else: Best of luck in the future to the class of 82. 62 Sarah Scott 478 Lincoln Street Friends: Rita, Michelle M., Sandi, Patty B., Patty G., Kathy, Fran, Debbie, Michelle L., Lisa, Patti C., Sharon B., and everybody else at lunch and the lockers. Likes: play¬ ing cards in study, Dislikes: Math. Ambition: the foreign service. Ac¬ tivities: soccer, gymnastic, piano, bowling, and the movies. Favorite Memories: New York City, Quebec city, Montreal, playing cards in 4th study. Fav. saying: “Wait for me” Anything else: Good luck Class of “ 82 ” 1A Diane M. Seaholm 446 Pond Street Nickname: Dis. Friends: Johnny and the girls. Likes: concerts, week¬ ends, 2:10, parties, vacations, being with Johnny, Dislikes: getting up early, supervised study, gym, Mon¬ days. Favorite Memories: Rolling Stones concert, Mt. Monadnock, Cape Cod, Beaver Pond, etc. Kevin W. Sexton 105 Pine Ridge Drive Nickname: Head. Friends: Mouse, Randy, J.B., Wayne, Jim, and Mark (silly). Likes: Budweiser, girls, and weekends. Dislikes: plastic people and disco. Activities: Partying 1, 2, 3,4, basketball 1,3. Ambition: to be happy and successful. Favorite Memories: Parties over Mark’s (sil¬ lies) house, The Kinks 80 + 81, Tom Petty, Alice Cooper, ripping up K.P.’s field, The Quarries, Grove Street. Elizabeth Ann Slaney 24 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Betty, Friends: Kris, Liz, Michelle, Ellyn, Steve, and ev¬ eryone else. Likes: being w friends. Dislikes: two faced people, oral re¬ ports. Activities: cross country 1-4, winter track 2-4, spring track 2-4, C.Y.O. 1-4. Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad. You’re the GREATEST!! Good luck to the class of 82. Paul M. Smith 41 Anchorage Road Nickname: Smitty, Friends: Havr, Dana, Mark, Bill, and the rest of the regulars. Likes: leaving school, and not making it back. Partying, sports. Ambition: to live life to the fullest. Fav. Memories: The Hill, weekends down the Cape, New Years Eve 1980, Summer of 81, Springsteen. Anything else: Good Luck 82! 63 Sharon M. Socci, 21 Oak St. Ext Found with: Meghan, Pam, Julie, Tracy, Christine. Favorite memo¬ ries: Pam’s gigs, Rosie and her f- duck, Springsteen, Kinks, Summer of 80’, Times w Nancy, Cathy, Patti and gang. Death cruise to Hyannis, 16th B-day, April 19. Anything else: Meghan can you hang in Limbo? Oh yea Pam, thanks for picking me up when you saw me hit by front yard!!! Kerri Anne Sugrue, 4 Sargent Lane Found with: Chris, Eileen, Linnea, Della, Diane, Mem, Rose, Teri, and the Cheerleading team. Likes: going out with Chris. Doubling with Don¬ na and Brad. Going down the Cape. Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Vice Presi¬ dent. Ambition: To be useful in life and be happy. Favorite memories: Sophomore class trip. 9-29-79, Prom, Chris’s cottage in New Hampshire, Bob Seger Concert, Hagstrom’s party, Junior Miss. Amy L. Sullivan 1069 Pond St. Usually found with: Darlene, Beth, Cathy R., Cathy N., the rest of the seniors. Likes: going out w friends weekends, Dislikes: Scrod, han¬ govers term papers. Activities: Pep club 1, yearbook 2, DECA treasurer 4. Favorite memories: Oakland ex¬ periences, summer of 80-81 in Tenn., weekends down the cape, Ca¬ mille ' s D.p. Pass-out parties. Budman hits, Jen’s Parties, all nighters, the times 1 don’t remem¬ ber. Anything else: Beth where did you get license, Kmart? Darlene, don’t forget to B F. Laura Sullivan, 109 Pine Ridge Dr. Found with: Lingy, J.D., Linnea, Chris, Cheryl, Judy. Likes: Neil Young, Barbados, horns. Dislikes: sleeping. Activities: Secretary 2-4, Varsity Tennis 1-4, Skiing 1, Stu¬ dent Council 3-4. Ambition: To gra¬ duate from college. Favorite memo¬ ries: Eagle Rock Main with Lingy, going out with the hoods, my 15th b- day party and romping with the big girls, 1 1 81, hanging out with studzy Anything else: Jeanne and Janice that wasn’t butter, it was mashed potatoes. Camille D. Susi, 13 Grandview Dr. Friends: Robin, Tracey, Judy, Mi¬ chele, Beth, and all the other people who make me smile. Likes: week¬ ends, munching out, Being with my friends. Dislikes: Falling in swamps. Blind dates, 2 a.m. street sweeping, B.F.’s Favorite memories: Summer of 80, weekend at UMASS w Rob- in Tracey, Trips to Hopkington w the gang. Mt. Monadnock, Pull¬ ing all nighters. Favorite saying: “Gonna Raise Hell” Anything else: Thanks Kevin Mark for carrying me down Mt. Monadnock, Good luck 82’. Lisa A. Symonds, 221 Glen Meadow Rd. Nickname: Munch, Friends: Billy, Bob, Andrew, Patsy, Casey, Bill M., Mike, Allen, The gang. Likes: Weekends, and Babson. Dislikes: School, Lunches and Passes. Activi¬ ties: Gymnastics 1-4, Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever I do. Favorite memories: 6 5 81, New Hampshire, Time spent w Bil- ly, Oskey 81’, Junior Miss. Any¬ thing else: Good luck to Class of 82’ t „ l Frances L. Taddeo 27 James Street Nickname: Fran, Francine. Favor¬ ite saying: “Who cares?”. Found with: Bob, Sue, Ken, Rhonda, Peter, Brenda, and Kimmy. Favorite Memories: Halloween of 80, Sum¬ mer of 81. Likes: Partying, Being with Friends. Dislikes: People who don’t act their age. Ambition: To make a career and be successful. Anything else: The best of luck to everyone. I made it! Roger Taddeo Elwood Drive Nickname: Rocky. Friends: Jonesy, Mutt, Browny, Bobo, Tom and the rest of them. Likes: Standing in hall looking at N.A.’s, Study, Snack Bar, “Buds”. Dislikes: Double ses¬ sions, C.C.’s, Homework, Flirts. Ac¬ tivities: Drinking, Hockey 1-4, Leave during study, D.L. (3,4). Ambition: Make alot of money and be successful somehow. Fav. Memo¬ ries: Falmouth game at Cape Cod Colli, Mt. Manadnock, Parties at Summer St., D.L., My Z28, Stand¬ ing in M. Hall, Tom Petty, Blue Oyster Cult at Xaverian, J.G. (79- 80), Class of ’82’. Timothy D. Tassinari 1305 Pond Street Nickname: Tass. Found with: Jule, Barche, Frank, JB, Larry, Head, Main Hall Guys. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Summer with Jule, parties in Barche’s car, Quarry’s with every¬ one, Mt. Monadnock, Main with Barche, Flag caper. Scuba diving. Activities: Model Senate 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 3, 4, Diving. Likes: Div¬ ing, Swimming, Football, Snowmo- biling. Drinking, Parties. Dislikes: Chicks that cheat on you, signing into study, math, breaking my thumb, homework, not being liked. Ambition: To have a family and be happy. Robin Taylor 141 Conlyn Ave. Friends: Joey, Kim, Tony, and the rest. Likes: partys. Dislikes: people who don’t act like people for what they are. Activities: D.E. I II. Ambition: to leave Franklin and head for the West Coast. Favorite Memories: Horseneck Beach and Mt. Monadnock. Julia K. Thackaberry 20 Flynn Road Friends: Paula, Carol, Becci, Beth R., Kim, Dupe, Randy, Mouse, Mark, the whole gang. Likes: Art courses, Dislikes: Fake, Jocked-out people. Activities: Art, Running, Biking Around, Playing Frisbee. Ambitions: To make my way to the Big Apple becoming a designer of any kind, to be independent. Favor¬ ite Memories: Camping, Parties, Concerts, Common Cape, Class of 81, having Paula around, Eric and Proms 80-81. Raymond W. Travers 11 Joval Court Nickname: “Chester”. Likes: Girls, Nice cars, Friday Saturday nights. Dislikes: Bitchy people, hard classes, chimney’s, court, Mr. Bark¬ er. Activities: Hockey 2, 3,4. Ambi¬ tion: To be rich and drive a nice car. Favorite Memories: N.H. of 81, Pago Pago with Mike: Chewy’s Por- ketta, Falmouth Hockey Game, Fishing trips with Lincourt. Any¬ thing else: We didn ' t make that cor¬ ner Mike. 65 Chris L. Tremblay 41 East Park Street Nickname: “Chuta”, “Chut” Friends: Ed, Steve, Fred, Tom, Shoes, Dave. Likes: partying, girls, weekends, sports. Dislikes: tests, studying. Activities: hanging around corridor and watching girls, football, basketball, and baseball with friends. Ambitions: to go to col¬ lege and become a sports writer. Fa¬ vorite Memories: Styx concert, Pat Benetar -.oncert, Friday and Satur¬ day nights, Murph ' s party. Patriots — Bills games, Dec. 80, Kentaro’s visit. Anything else: “look out Cal., here I come!” Robert Vallee Nicknames: Rudy, Rob. Friends: Mike John, Church, Steve, Dan, Griff. Activities: Riding, Skiing, Hunting, cruising. Ambition: to be successful in whatever I do. Fav. Memories: Summers at the Cape, Pips, concerts. Sugar-b ush, “The Moon,” prom. Anything else: Good luck class of “82”. Karen Van Buren 801 Union Street Extension High School meant good times and friends to share them. I’ll remember times w Mark, Conference ’80, BBall games w Sandy, and Mr. G., Scooter’s class and Doyle’s too (YUK!), Jr. Prom ’81, R.I.S.D., AND summer ’81, Mt. M., and Mr. McPhee’s classes. Good luck to all my friends and thanks for the memories, class of 82. Sandy — we made it! Lisa C. Vass 4 Hawthorne Drive Nickname: SQUEEKS. Friends: C.T.O.E. (Lisa), Ly, Sue, Rhonda, Frances, Kathy, Stacey, Mike M. Likes: Rangerettes, St. Joseph, meeting new people. Dislikes: pushy people, field hockey 2, tennis 2, speech team 2. Ambition: to gra¬ duate from college and be the best I can at whatever I do. Favorite Mem: Summer 81, Circit champs. Private Lightning, and Stompers concert. Fav. saying: “Right, Sue, uh hu, o.k., anything you say!” A.E.: C.T.O.E. — thanks for being there. FRIENDS FOREVER Sandra J. Velluti 50 Lewis Street Nickname: Sandy. Friends: Karen, Ellen, Diane, Jeanne, Kim, Karen W„ etc. Likes: SPRINGSTEEN, Art, horses, shopping, G.H. Dis¬ likes: working, falling off horses (so why do I?) Favorite Memories: Hungry crowds at Patriots’ games w Karen, art classes. The Night of the cat, Tom Petty and the Kinks, giggling w K.W., basketball games, Ellen’s foot in her mouth! Anything else: Karen, it’s V-E-L-L-U-T-I! Diane, I’ll always remember it! Diane C. Vendetti Friends: Sandy, Ellen, Patti, Tish, Debbie, Linda, etc. Likes: SEGER, sunsets, weekends, holidays, laugh¬ ing, and most of all being w my friends and having a great time! Dis¬ likes: getting up early! Fav. Memo¬ ries: Tom Petty, Kinks Concerts, Prom, “The Boat”, W -F D, Mon- adnok. Junior and Senior year. Any¬ thing else: “Good times last forever for the best time is today” “Sandy, I ' ll never forget it!” Karen Walsh 157 Conlyn Ave Nicknames: Walshy, Karen. Friends: Cathy, Monica, Deb, Mary, Dotty, Deb. Likes: mornings at the front of the fieldhouse party¬ ing. Dislikes: dodging Mr. Hosford. Activities: Pep club 1-4, basketball 1, field hockey 2, OEA 3. Ambition: to have a good time in whatever I do. Fav. Memories: Summers at We horseght up thright D.C., M.C., E.O., wknd in rcester w Cath. Be¬ ing w my friends. Rosanne Walsh 21 Colt Road Nicknames: Rosanna, Rosanna Danna. Usually found: in the cafe gabbing w the senior girls or spill¬ ing paint in the art room. Likes: peo¬ ple who laugh at my jokes. Dislikes people who don’t appreciate a good joke when they hear one. Activities: Cheering 1-2, M A S H, Oskey, Jr. Miss. Fav. Mem: Meeting one certain sexy senior, “Sleeping over” Sue’s New Year’s Eve at Glenn’s X- mas 80 w Chuckley, !!! 3 10 79 !!! “Boston View”, Jr. Miss, Post Prom, act w Russ, Tish, Jeff, dble dates w Sara Butch Karen Wehring 607 Maple Street Nickname: Wher. Friends: Janice, Missy, Sandy and the rest of the gang. Likes: long wknds, General Hosp., partying w friends. Dislikes: plastic people, homework. Act: Cross Country 79, Pep Cl. 80, Cho¬ rus 1-3. Amb: to become the best at whatever I do and to help people anyway I can. Fav. Mem: Jr. Miss, The Cape 81, Canobre Lake Park 80-81, and 5 16 81. Fav. sayings: Really? Go die! Anything else: Thank you Janice for all that you’ve done for me. Good luck class of 82. Maryann White 186 Peck Street Nickname: Mem. Friends: Jeff, Diane, Charlene, Teri, Kerri, Gail, and Laura. Likes: Jeff, daisies, Bruce Springsteen, weekends. Am ¬ bition: to become a secretary, and to be happy forever! Favorite Memo¬ ries: Being w Jeff, The Cape 81, Prom, begin w friends, Mt. Manad- nock, 6 20 81, the airport — 7 17 81. Anything else: Good luck every¬ one! Randy D. White 537 Coronation Drive Nickname: Harpo. Friends: Mouse, Head J.B., Mark, and the Unwanta- bles. Likes: Vermont, Mustangs, partying. Dislikes: When certain people act like they’re dizzy. Ambi¬ tion: To win big in Vegas. Fav. Memories: Trip to Monadnock, Quarry’s night Morning of Alice Cooper, and all the parties at Sum¬ mer Street. Anything Else: A cer¬ tain former Vice Principal should be shot. Roseann White 186 Peck Street Nickname: Rose. Friends: Char¬ lene, Diane, Teri, Kerri, Gail, Lau¬ ra, Mem, Anita, and the rest of the gang. Likes: Bruce Springsteen, be¬ ing w friends and having a food time, weekends, going to the beach. Dislikes: snobs, Monday mornings. Ambition: To become a secretary and be happy! Fav. Memories: Prom, doubling w Rick and Diane, Jan. 24, 1981, Cape 81, July 7, J. Geils, Stompers, Charlene’s party, Mt. Monadnock. 67 Arthur Wicks 11 Tyson Road Friends: Kevin, Paul, Rick, Chris, Dupe, Dave, Tom. Dislikes: slow drivers, English. Favorite Memo¬ ries: Union Street, going to the cape for the 4th of July. Dean Wilson Teri L. Woodrow 19 Queen Street Friends: Chris, Mem. Roseann, Diane, Charlene, Cheryl. Likes: Bruce Springsteen, rainbows, being with people, Molsens, weekends. Dislikes: snobs, rainy days, phoney people, people who tell me what to do, Mondays. Memories: Parties at C.B. ' s, Cape 81, spending time with Duke 81, Dean semi-formal, Springsteen Christmas concert, U. Mass with Sam. Ambition: to be happy. Anything else: If dreams came true, oh wouldn’t that be nice. E. Letitia Wroblicka 91 Pine Ridge Drive Nicknames: Tish, Wrobie Usually found: Running red lights on a ten- speed. Fav. Memories: Oskey, Bradys, N.L., The Widow, Sept. 2nd ’81, Mt. Monadnocking, Ms. Hepburn’s class, post-prom activi¬ ties, JCL convention. Activities: Student council, Latin Club, cheer¬ leading, Speech team, prom and Yearbook committees. Likes: My good friends and guitar players. Dis¬ likes: Conformity, the double D. Ambition: To find the true meaning of the word happiness... or marry a rich old man and die laughing! Daryl Yankee 82 Miller Street Found: anywhere but Franklin, with hippies, musicians, and real people. Likes: the ocean, nightime, music, granola, and guitars. Dislikes: The clones in the main hall, cheer¬ leaders, the draft, nuclear power, whale killings. Fav. Mem.: Lake¬ side, Jon’s and Russell’s houses. Ambition: To get out of Franklin, go to Hawaii and California, to be what I am to be. Nicknames: hippy or radical, HYR Kristin Yankee 68 Miller Street Activities: French + Latin club 1,2 OEA 2, Ring Committee 2, Oskey 3 Found with: Robin, Kim, Jeanne, Grace, Tish, Peg, Mel, etc. Dislikes: G.H., Rochelle, Waking up. Ambi¬ tion: To stop squinting. Favorite Memories: Oskey 81, JCL, Cape with R, N.Y.C., Campground rd., A little R + A, B.P.’s at W.D. pub, SB. + Rome after prac., Hot ice cream. Kim’s cards, Rally, wknd 10 30 80, The crew, Jeanne’s 13, R.I. Stones, N.J., Evil J., Kim’s Brinx, Macs, “Streets”, Sing Slings, The Mountain. Likes: Italian Food, G.L., Mim + Chas. Jon R. Sulahian Bellingham Gunars Zandbergs 816 Lincoln Street Fav. Mem: Sugarloaf 79, summer 81, joron to 4 of July “81”,. Likes: people who act normal. Dislikes: loud people. Ambitions: become a millionare and ski year round. Friends: Hall gang, Kenny, Rudi, Dan, Norman, Chris H. Activities: football 1, 2, 3, 4, Skiing 2, 3, Bas¬ ketball 4. Anything else: Franklin High School has been a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t go through it again! Mr. Vallaincourt, learn another lan¬ guage. Richard C. Barche Jr. 133 Hillside Road Nickname: Barche. Friends: Tass, Mutt, Deuce, Jimmy, Tracy, Browny. Act.: Football 1,3-4; Track I Dislikes: School Fav. Mem: Mt. Manadanock, July 4, Jr. Prom, Geils, Outlaws, Rush Concerts, Thanksgiving football games. Being with Friends, Milford Quadly. Seniors not pictured: David Baker Daniel Ducey Mary Gargiulo Robert Heiser Lewis Mendall Linda Neubert Christine White The Best! The Most! The Worst! When we look back on our high school years, no doubt we’ll remember some of the outstanding characteristics in many of our classmates. Some of these characteristics were not easily ignored; some were not always obvious. For example, the shyest of our class, Cathy Norian and Paul McGrath, were so timid they never showed up for their picture. At the other extreme of behaviors, there was Julia Thackaberry on her MSgi ■ 9 You could always tell where our most disorganized, Sue Cirella and Mark Kennefick, had been because our most organized. Missy Kuehn and Andrew Coppola, were close behind, tidying up whatever they could of the mess. They were often successful, but at various times you could still see a trail of where Sue and Mark had been. way to another party, but Mark Mulligan was heading there so fast he left her behind. Class clown’s Chris Hilton’s and Jim D’Aniello’s one-liners caused Dianne Colella and Sean Murphy to give us their “cutest smiles.’’ ! ' The ????? The Gullible ones, Anne Remillard and Phil Joseph, believed anything the most Talkative, Gina Arruda and Steve Duples- sie would tell them — the rest of us knew better. Janine Gazzola’s and Mike Caso’s wardrobes, making them the best dressed, combined were big enough to clothe the whole stu¬ dent body at Franklin High School. If we couldn ' t always tell what Mike and Janine were going to wear, Mimi Roche’s and Stephen Jacquith’s (most preppie) outfits were pretty pre¬ dictable: alligators and chinos. Janice Huie, (the one in the farmer jeans) and Bob Duronio, voted most likely to succeed, have worked long and hard through their years at Franklin High School but are probably still wondering what their success will be in. Carolyn Foley’s and Daryl Yankee’s (1,2) musical talents brought a touch of class to Franklin High School. Carolyn exhibited her musical abilities as a member of the Central District Band playing the clarinet and Daryl entertained the hungry crowd in the cafeteria with his finger picking and vocal talent. Roseanne’s and Ando’s works of art (6) were representative of the creative talent of the class of ' 82. Ando impressed us with the Oriental art of paper folding, Origami. Rosanne introduced us to psychededlic realism. Friendly Pam Lomberto and Pat Ridgeway were always there to lend a helping hand to most accident (3) prone Donna Peterson and Chris Ballarino. We hope that these people will remem¬ ber those days when friendship was the most important as¬ pect of the Franklin High lifestyle. They most certainly will remember the most outgoing of the class of’82, Beth McNal¬ ly and (7) Kevin Sexton, who were always there and always had something special to add to make school life a little more interesting. 1 72 6 Deneen Bertone and Deuce Mclnnis (9) will be remembered for their athletic ability — on and off the field. Tish Wrob- licka and Wayne Carbone (11) were chosen best-looking but seemed to disagree with the decision and unanimously con¬ ceded the title to Gluteus Maximus. The typical FHSers, Kerri Sugrue and Marc Bertone had a little bit of everything all wrapped into one. Marc seemed to have a little bit more than Kerri did. Jeanne Davison (12) and Tony Guerra (most respected) will always respect you the morning after. Finally, without our most spirited seniors, Peggy Pisani and Jim O’Neill, the class of ’82 would have been the class of ’86. 73 At 2:10 the doors fly open and hundreds of students pour out re¬ lieved to be through with another long day of school. Kim Calabrese and Dean Wilson (1) are two of the first people to break through the doors. Whether by bus, car, or foot these Franklin High Students are determined to get away from school (2) . A group of students relax, wait for friends, and enjoy a cigarette be¬ fore heading for home. (3) . After a rough day Jim D’Aniello resorts to violence to get a ride. “Give me a ride or I’ll bust your Blazer (4)!!! Pam Thumith (5) talks to a friend as she leaves. Tom Bissanti’s Blazer seems to be his personal form of escape from school (6). It is the gener¬ al opinion of the student body that Franklin High is a nice place to visit, but who would want to stay! Judy Brennan and Gaissl V show how happy they are after the 2:10 bell sets them free from prison (7). 74 4 . 6 . w ir v ' n f . ' tj . 75 FHS, long noted for it’s excellence in athletic ability and extra-curricular activities, was subjected to 2Vi cutbacks as were all Massachusetts schools. Unfortunately, the tightening up of the school budget resulted in the loosening of academic standards as the quality of a high school education was lost in the shuffle of teacher’s salaries, administrative reorganization, and central office privileges. A piece of paper or a pencil with an eraser fast became objects of worship as students were constantly being warned of the lack of supplies which were previously considered necessary to maintain the basic concept of a public school ... that was the school year of 81-82. Next year promises an increase in class sizes with course selections drastically reduced as a direct result of more teachers getting riffed. Many science and all English electives will be a thing of the past with an increase of graduation requirements — a new issue of complaint. The class of ’82 graduated just in time (but not fast enough to avoid wooden passes and the cafeteria white-glove test) -Km Administration Principal Richard C. Evans (1), the man at the top, gives that “executive” look, while Assistant principals; Mr. Quinlan (2), Mrs. Swanbeck (3) and Mr. Curry (4) get ready for a “crack¬ down”. Our Guidance Dept., has always managed to help with those crucial decisions. Alan Evans (5), caught without his paperwork, has no other choice but to smile. While Ms. McManus (6) and Roger Rainville (7) with the help of Mrs. Springer (12) are hitting the books. Of course much is owed to the staff of secretaries; Mrs. Cataldo (9), Mrs. Costello (10), Mrs. Gianetti (11), and Mrs. Carr (8) whose work will never go unnoticed. Mrs. Gannon ' s (13) understanding nature and incredible ability to cure those “mysterious illnesses” are truly unbelievable, but then again so is our administration. 78 79 r 4 English There are several courses that make up the English department — each one as important as another. Whether you ' re analyzing poetry or learning how to use adjectives correctly, these courses prepare you for adulthood. These English — bound students scribble furiously as the teacher discusses the life and works of Shake¬ speare (1). Ellen Nerney ' s mind is elsewhere as Kaia Miller tries to pay attention (2). Peggy Rettman smirks as Mr. Lombardi wonders why he didn ' t get a flower (3). These two are relieved that their mid¬ term is over and appreciate half year courses (4). 80 Judy Brennan is here taking notes in Comp, for College Cound and trying to remember what the teacher just said (5). Ginny Blanchard is startled as a nosy cameraman interrupts her studies (6). Son- dra Faulkner, Sheila McCarthey, Anne Remilliard, Kaia Miller, Ellen Nerney, and Kathy Foley are in conflict about the figurative and literal meaning of their poem (7). The English teachers are as follows: Mrs. Vosburgh (8), Mrs. Ligon (9), Mr. Gilmore (10), Ms. Eppinger (11), Mr. Radford (12), Miss Baca (13), Mr. Lombardi (14), Mr. Chrabaszcz (15), Mrs. Dudash (16), and Mrs. Toll (17). 81 Social Studies History, Human Experience and Contemporary Is¬ sues are all of the exciting Social Studies courses offered at Franklin High. The following pictures have captured the various moods of some students who have participated in one or more of the many Social Studies classes. Daryl Yankee (1), Sue Bird (2), and Joe Bethoney (3), sit mesmerized by one of the many interesting topics taught in our great histo¬ ry classes. Mr. Mulcahy picks up a bit of interesting information from Sandra Faulkner and Melissa Kontoff (4), Kim McLaughlin (5), offers a look common to many Franklin Students. Test? 2 82 5 Those incredible lists of dates required for social studies seem to have caught Chuck Blakesly (6), off guard. The Social Studies teachers are: Mrs. Peters (7), Mr. Mulcahy (8), Mr. Crowley (9), Mr. Luc- cini (10), Mr. Williams (11), and Mr. Johnston (12). Billy Emery (13), is very upset after an unsuc¬ cessful five minutes of searching for the correct page number. Jeanne Chalmers (14), is concentrating hard on a test. Science According to our advisor, science is the most excit¬ ing course of study. It certainly offers a wide variety of activities as Pam Lomberto attempts to listen to Mr. Parmenter (1), Those interesting Science De¬ partment teachers include: Mr. Pelletier (2), Mrs. Cook (3), Mr. DeFronzo (4), Mr. DiMarco (5), Mr. Fiske (6), Mr. Kingsbury (7), Mr. Parmenter (8), Mr. Vaillancourt (9), Mrs. Willard (10), Mr. Wilk ( 11 ). Cathy Cullen, Jocelyn Greene, Michelle Mazzola and Lisa Bullen are engrossed measuring a block (?)! (12), While in Biol¬ ogy Linda Picard finds science labs can be quite magnifying (13) , Guest speakers provide students with outside informa¬ tion in the new field of energy (14) . In this picture, some may or may not agree (15). 85 Math Math is another name for taking simple num¬ bers, juggling them around and coming up with complicated equations and theories. When an Algebra book is opened after a tough night, it looks like some kind of Chinese writ¬ ing. But if you like it, it can be quite interest¬ ing. Just ask Mr. Compagnone! Mary, we know you’re hungry, but there are only 2 more hours til lunch (1). Oh no, Mr. Compagnone just told another dumb joke, Amy Curley is in hysterics (2). The Math teachers are as fol¬ lows: Mr. Compagnone (3), Mr. Belejack (4), Mr. Gonsalves (5), Mr. Leone (6), Mr. Loper (7), Mrs. Menize (8), Mrs. Russo (9), Mrs. 3 4 Turco (10), and Mr. Williams (11). While trying to work, Chris Hilton and Judy Bren¬ nan take a minute to pose and relax (12). Bob, just because you didn ' t get 100 on the quiz, it’s no reason to get concerned (13). 86 13 r John Merriam is having fun with his Geome¬ try (14). Sondra Faulkner poses as important note-taking is taking place (15). Gunars gives an evil eye to one of his enemies (16). 87 Foreign Language Bonjour, Que pasa? Avante — It’s the foreign lan¬ guage students who bring us various programs throughout the year including the Foreign Lan¬ guage Festival, the Meaux-Franklin Exchange Pro¬ gram, and the annual Christmas Dinner. Tim Burke memorizes a conjugation (1). The lan¬ guage teachers are as follows: Ms. Denneney (2), Ms. Hjerpe (3), Ms. D’Agostino (4), Mr. Rice (5), Mrs. Poncz (6), Mr. Methot (7), Mrs. Murphy (8). Mr. and Mrs. Soret and Marie-Jose of the Meaux- Franklin exchange take a look at the Franklin cur¬ riculum (9). 2 3 88 r i 10 13 Through repetition, drills, homework, and plain old hard work (10, 11, 12) one can learn to communi¬ cate in a foreign world. But, despite these efforts, this energetic group still manages to smile. (13). 89 Home Economics Home Economics is a course for those who wish to improve their cooking and sewing skills. For some, these courses will prepare them for adulthood. For others, it is just a class to make a mess and then eat their unusual creations. 3 5 1 ;jf : ' IT | RSf , f ■ t sg® it. frR u t ' l m (5 i a ■ ■ ff 9 V y v ' r tJT va 6 90 “Oh no, my rice is sticky! Why didn’t I use Minute Rice?” (1). Home Economics Teachers are as fol¬ lows: Mrs. DiMarco (2), Mrs. Bennett (3), Mrs. Fox (4), Miss Heinzmann (5), These four discuss how they got dishpan hands in only two weeks (6). Bunsy Moore can’t believe how good her brownie mix is! (7). Della grins as a friend attempts to get their cake mix out of the bowl (8). This studious boy mixes his batter and daydreams about it good it will taste (9). Here we have a disorganized senior chef class who are anxious to cook! (10). 91 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Down in K-wing exists the world of industrial arts. Whereas before the only girls to be found were those going to gym, now there are many going to classes such as: Monica Coyne (1). Here Dan McGlynn smiles in appreciation after Tracy Beatrice helps correct his drawing (2). Mr. Ettenhoffer, Karen Van Buren and Brian Dunn sharing a cheerful mo¬ ment (3). Tim Tassinarri can ' t bear to look as Kevin Hooper fouls up the system (4). 92 4 Here are our industrial arts teachers: Mr. Eten- hoffer (5), Mr. Conner (6), Mr. Autieri (7), Mr. Hinckley (8), Mr. D. Hosford (9), Mr. J. Hosford ( 10 ). While filing, these underclassmen swap a few rec¬ ipes (11). Obviously a bright eyed, well alerted group of students (12). A typical group of students in automotives proceed to find the radiator (13). 93 Business Word Processing, Office Practice, Accounting, etc. These courses prepare students to enter the big world of business. Whether you’re vice President of a corporation, or a secretary for a small company, these courses prepare you for a life as a businessman or woman. Karen Walsh, Terri Nelson, and Cheryl Clements prepare to take a shorthand dictation and they hope they can keep up with Mr. Standring’s speedy voice (1) Sheila McCarthy gives a big grin before starting her homework (2), while Robin Mele searches for that lost file (3). 94 Business teachers are as follows: Mrs. Reizian (4), Mrs. Bloom (5), Mr. Clamp (6), Mrs. Clark (7), Mr. Gray (8), Mrs. Hawkins (9), Mrs. Richardson (10), Mr. Standring (11). Rosanne White tries to smile as she sees the paperwork that has to be done (12). “Why can’t I type without making one stupid mistake?” asks Jay Smith (13). Kim Menize tries to make sense out of her confusing calculations (14). 456 FINE ARTS These courses give the students a chance to express themselves, using their creative minds to develop and experiment with new ideas. Mr. Scheinman (1) and Mr. Balest (2) lead the music department, while Mr. MacPhee (3) and Mr. Crowley (4) teach the visual arts. Beth McNally, a real cut-up, hacks away at her sculpture (5). John Darling works hard on a piece (6). The flag girls carry the Panther’s flag, cheering them on to victory (7). 7 96 Sue Ashley tries to envision her new sculp¬ ture project (8). Simon says, “Let’s try it again,” (9). The band is always there to lend support to the football team (10). Kim McLaughlin and Sandy Velutti take time to flash a smile (11). PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH . . Mr. McCall (1) begins his first year as health teacher at Franklin High. Whenever the weather is nice, the gym classes are held outdoors (2). Ms. Richards (3) is a physical education teacher and a coach to both girls softball and basketball teams. Mr. Suther¬ land (4) is a fine gym teacher. Frank Patra- cuollo (5) takes a modest break after a grand slam during gym one day. Pam Sulli¬ van and Vicki Delapuente (6) get ready to play softball when they are surprised by the camera. Amy Turinese and Shannon Gal¬ lagher (7) decide that golf is more fun and attempt to get a hole in one. Chris Sanford and Ann Wooster (8) take a breather be¬ fore starting an exciting game of soccer. Lori Johnson, Robin York, and Judy Mo- drak (9) smile pretty at the camera. As part of the health program, Kevin Diehl and Bri¬ an McWilliams (10) learn about CPR by using an adult and a child practice manne¬ quin. Mr. Parnell (11) and Mr. Chauncey (12) are both teachers of special needs students at Franklin High. These girls (13) show the unending excitement of health class. and SPECIAL NEEDS 99 LIBRARY . . . 100 SPECIAL NEEDS and CAREER CENTER I 1. Library Media Center Mr. Peters (1), Franklin High ' s Li¬ brarian, takes a minute to smile for the cameraman. Neil McCabe takes his work seriously but Scott Murph) (2.) seems to think differently, as does Jim McFarland (3). Jerry Lawler works on the cost of some of his “great " ideas for the yearbook, as Carolyn Fording looks on (4). Sue Bird isn ' t quite sure what to make of that funny guy with the camera (6). Beth Wooster, Phyllis Pink, Mr. Wilk and Kim Purden seem to be ready for any sort of emergency situation (7). The picture says it all for Mr. Lu- menti ' s nature (8), but the same is also true for Mr. Gormly (9) and Mrs. Epply (10) with those " Million dollar smiles " . Mrs. Walkers (II) in¬ valuable work will always be appreci¬ ated by the whole student body but Brian Powers (12) just can ' t under¬ stand why she would rather talk to a wall than to him. 101 I I HALLWAYS The usual hallway scene is interrupted as Steve Duplessie and Chris Hilton strut their stuff with Julia Thackaberry and Rosanne Walsh into the action. (1) The bell has rung, but the day is far from done. (2) As Sue Dewing earnestly begs, “Ma, please dismiss me, I can’t take much more of it!” (3) Mike Hoar and Mark Blades are look¬ ing for applause to capture the true essence of F.H.S. (4) ji y Frank Brady, Gregg Rhondo, Phil Cornetta and Scott Corvi check at the hall way scenes from their usual spot. (5) Diane Seaholm holding up the wall. (6) Camille Susi and Tracy Rafferty need a vacant shoulder to lean on after a fierce day at F.H.S. (7) Richard Powers, Mike Reed, and Kerry Feeley take a casual stroll through the main hall. (8) Beth Manocchio and Leslie Mar- tello are psyched for the weekend. (9) Proposition 2Vi had various ef¬ fects of o ur sports programs. Cutbacks eliminated freshmen sports, our ski team and some Jr. Varsity teams. Lack of funds resulted in some ingenui- tive ways of earning money. Some examples were tag days and raffles. Each team contrib¬ uted equally as many of them sold products to keep the pro¬ gram in full swing. Despite the lack of funds, the athletic repu¬ tation of Franklin High was maintained. The hockey team skated on from victory to victo¬ ry with a great chance at the division finals. Although girl ' s and boy’s soccer teams didn’t make it to the finals, they pro¬ vided enough enthusiasm for a rewarding season. Both girls and boys basketball teams had slow starts but as the season progressed so did their records. Despite the small size of the track teams, they still managed to carry their Franklin spirit throughout the season. The golf team was moved from a spring sport to a fa ll sport, but was still able to get their shots in before winter. Wrestling and football teams lost some games and matches, but only by very small margins. All had encour¬ agement and support both from cheerleaders and spectators. All in all, Franklin has done ex¬ ceedingly well in upholding the Panther ethic. Franklin ' s defense swarms over the op¬ ponent ' s quarterback (1). Offensive guard Brian Curley waits for his next opportunity on the field (2). Proposition 2 ' :’s effects are illustrated by this Pan¬ ther ' s uniform (3). Jim Marchand, Joe Hughes, Marc Bertone, Gregg Ballar- ino, Gunars Zanbergs, Bob Bissanti wait for the Milford offense (4). Tony Guerra avoids the tackle (5). and hands off to Mark Duncan (6). Tony Guerra, Brian Bonollo, Ando Yoshitaka, and Paul Molla watch the action (7). J.V. Foot¬ ball. Billy (Duece) Mclnnis rolls out for the pass. Franklin Panthers (10): Row 1: Tim Tassinari, Yositaka Ando, Phil Joseph, Co-captain Bill Mclnnis, Co-captain Sean Murphy, Tony Guerra, Marc Bertone, Gunars Zansbergs, Jim Menard. Row 2: Brian Bonollo, Joe Hughes, Jim Williamson, Richard Barche, Mark Duncan, Tom Keville, Jim Marchand, Bob Bissanti. Row 3: Gregg Ballarino, Scott Anderson, Mike Costello, Joe Cataldo, Lionel Brans- comb. Bob Kaye, Paul Swanson, Jim Lee, Ken Dacko. Row 4: Mike Reizian, Paul Molla, Steve Yadisernia, Dave Fording, Curran, Dave Kennilly, Steve PANTHER FOOTBALL 10 Sugrue. Row 5: Greg Dupplessie, Prur- den, Matt Gorden, Jeff Godin, Chris Daly, Jim Vallee, Tim Shannon. Miss¬ ing from picture: Brian Curley, Chuck Koshiv. Coaches: (L ro R) Mike Gil¬ more, Allan Sutherland, Nello Luccini, and Charles Missler. 107 it. Deuce shatches victory out of the hands of his opponent (1) Dianne Co- lella home coming queen (2) Where is everyone when I need them? (3) The homecoming court is as follows: Peg¬ gy Rettman, Anita Lovely, Dianne Collela (4) homecoming queen, Lau¬ ra Sullivan, and Tish Wroblicka Mid¬ air collision between Franklin and North Attleboro (5) Franklin goes for the tackle (6) The newest addition to the F.H.S. cheerleading squad are Steven Pisani, JOE BEKSHA, Steve Surgrue, Brian Bonollo, and Greg Duplessee (7) Pig-Pile (8) The home¬ coming court poses before the real event takes place (9) F.H.S. cheer¬ leaders take a short break before they perform in the pep rally (10) The class of 82 prepares to give their all in the spirit contest — which we Won!! (ID HOME COMING + PEP RALLY 108 Franklin won this years 22nd annual Turkey-Day Game 21-14. for the third year in a row. Despite the fact that one of Thanksgiving ' s oldest traditions was taken away from the class of 82. the Pan¬ ther spirit could not be contained . . . KP never had a chance. Franklin starts the game off in the right spirit as they score a touchdown (1). A little talent from the Junior class is displayed in the right arm of Brian “Legs” Bonollo (2). Jimmy Marchand showing off his running and kicking technique in front of the several hundred fans who show up every year (3) and (4). Franklin High School marching band and the Rhythm Blues Dancers (5). Kerri Surgrue (R). reign¬ ing Gridiron Queen, accompanied by Roseann White (L), Gail Cochran (C). and the proud fathers. (6). Our line of defense anticipating KP ' s next move (7). Even though our administration tried their best to take all the festivities out of the holidays by cancelling both the bon- THANKSGIVING DAY GAME 110 9 . fire and the pep rally, once again our school pride emerges victories here, as Sean Murphy, Tony Guerra, and Gun- ars Zandsberg enjoy their own pep rally (8). Mr. Most Valuable himself “Deuce " Mclnnis and co-capt Sean Murphy. Good game guys! (9). ' f 111 Fran Bositis shows there is more to being a Soccer coach than just standing on the side lines worrying about the game (2). Rob Crowley and Brad McClay reap the benefits of a dirty job well done (3). B.K. readys himself for the game (4). Mark Reardon passes a defender with Frank¬ lin ease (5). Mark again shows us his smooth style (6). Scott Cox on a one on one fires it up! (7). Kevin Murphy with determination gives it his all (8). Coxy meditates during warm-ups (9). Frank¬ lin ' s sportsmanship with a friendly shake shines thru by Brad McClay, while oth¬ ers wait their turn (10). Coxy takes it all in stride, while Mark Reardon goes into lend a helping hand (11). John Dorsey gets a tad bit tangled up in his work (12). Another great stop by Brian Kennedy (13) . Talented Tri-Captains Brad McClay, Paul Ricard, and Brian Kenne¬ dy fearlessly lead the team to victory (14) . The team top row L to R (15). Jay Mullin, Donald Costello, Kevin Mur- BOYS’ SOCCER 112 15 phy, Paul Vetrano, Kevin Noble, Alan Duffy, Mark Reardon, Tim Crowley, Steve Sullivan. Bottom Row L to R: John Dorsey, Gary Lippert, Doug Bis- santi. Brad McClay, Paul Ricard, Brian Kennedy, Scott Cox, Rob Crowley. 113 Geralyn Riley gives it her all (1). Lisa DiMartino doesn ' t give up. (2). Coach Kelly Tuller maps out strate¬ gies for Geralyn Riley and Terri Rice (3). Mary Kay Atkins concentrates on the ball. (4). Leslie Wilcox and Joanna Nowacki have what it takes! (5). Susan Wyllie Limbering up for the game (6). Terri Rice goes for it (7). Nancy McQuiggan gets a kick out of soccer (8). Tracy Mitchell great play for Franklin (9). Debbie Furdon strives hard for Franklin (10). Joanna Nowacki and Kaia Miller get psyched for the game (11). Girls’ Soccer Team (left to right) Back row: Traci Rice, Kathy Foley, Joanna Nowacki, Geralyn Riley, Ei¬ leen Curran, Nancy McQuiggan, Terri Rice, Debbie Furdon, Coach Tuller Front row: Chris Berradi, Tra- GIRLS’ SOCCER 114 cy Mitchell, Susan Healy, Leslie Wilxcox, Mary Kay Atkins, Maria Lodi, Kaia Miller and Susan Wyllie, Missing from picture. 115 Fall track has John Hooper running through the wilderness of Franklin. (1) . Kevin Netto is one of the new freshmen who has the ability to win. (2) . Betty Ann Slaney leading the pack. (3). Again Betty Ann Slaney is in the lead as the grueling race comes to an end. (4). Craig Strok crosses the bridge to victory. (5). Betty Ann Slaney gives John Hooper a few tips before his race beings. (6). Betty Ann Slaney prepares for the race as her fellow runners listen to the rules of the game. (7). Danny Marak follows in the footsteps of Craig Strok. (8). Franklin High Track Team consists of: (sitting from L to R). John Hooper, and Betty Ann Slaney CROSS COUNTRY 116 117 The Franklin High Field Hockey team put another successful season under their belt. Coach Richards drills Diane Court on goalie tech¬ niques (1). “Hey, man, this T-shirt describes me perfectly,” claims Cathy Corbett (2). “Now, guys, don’t forget me,” reminds Sondra Faulkner from far defense (3). Liz Noble and Mimi Roche exclaim, “Thats the way to show ’em Monica!” (4). A little afternoon practicing (5). “Yes, I love to jog,” laughs Mimi Roche in mid¬ stride (6). Sue Nasuti is in hot pursuit of her KP rival (7). Sharon Socci plays tug of war with the opposing team (8). Our formal, informal team picture: Sondra Faulkner, Liz Noble, Debbie Daddario, Diane Court, Sue Nasuti, Monica Coyne, Mimi Roche, Kathy Roche, and Lisa Lyons (9). We’d like to give a special thanks to the Woonsocket Call for their contri¬ bution of pictures for this layout. FIELD HOCKEY 118 119 3 The skill and difficulty of the sport of golf is clearly defined by the members of the F.H.S. Golf team. Greg Ostrander tees off (1). Mark Pe¬ terson gives it his all (2). Joe Bethany gives a golfer’s pose (3). Peter Laviolette lines up a shot (4). Dave DeBaggis eyes his shot (5). Pater Laviolette manages to find water (6). Mark Peterson sees that his shot meets his approval (7). That’s one hell of a hole (8). Joe Mazzola Greg Ostrander watch ball fly through the air (9). Scott Karkos’s favorite shot (10). Joe Bethany plays under strangest conditions (11). Chris Ballarino shoots blindly down the course (12). The golf team: Top L to R: Mark Peterson, Jim Ryan, Chris Ballarino, Peter Laviolette, Joe Bethoney, Tom Nasuti, Coach Hal Williams. Bottom L to R: Joe Mazzola, David DeBaggis, Scott Karkos, Rick Cornetta, Greg Ostrander, and Tom Nasuti. GOLF TEAM 120 I The Franklin girls help instill spirit into the spectators as well as the play¬ ers. They suffer through the freezing cold football games and the rainy, muddy soccer games, but never stop giving their all. Captain Kerri Sugrue does a super job leading the squad (1). Linda Rose gives a cheer for a good defensive play (2). Donna Peter¬ son dresses up as the school mascot, the Panther (3). Throughout the game, the girls continue to keep ev¬ eryone in a winning spirit (4). The cheerleaders and the cute little mas¬ cot Julianne give the team the strength to go on (5). Kerri Antosh doesn ' t let the rainy weather get her down (6). Susan Barnes, Kim Gian- etti and Carolyn Lomberto enjoy cheering, especially when the Pan¬ thers are victorious (7). After cheer¬ ing long and hard, the cheerleaders take a well-deserved rest (8). The Ribbon and Blues dancers also pro- FALL CHEERLEADERS vide spirit during the football games (9). Pam Lomberto seems to be her usual jubuliant self (10). Cheer¬ leaders warm up before a soceer game against Nort Attleboro (11). 123 BOYS BASKETBALL Brian Bonollo pushes the opponent aside and makes way for a basket (1). No one dares to enter Deuce’s territory on the court. (2). Bob Huston startled by a basket he just got (3). Chris Ballarino stands mistified in deep concentration (4). Coach Geysen very unhappy by the Refs call (5). Mike Smith thrilled by victory — congratulates his teammate. (6) Frank Brady looks for an open team¬ mate (7). Will the ball make it to the net? Jett Bailey and Chris Ballarino look and wonder (8). “Coach, 1 didn’t do it!” shouts Tim Burke. (9). It doesn’t take much effort for the 6’2” giant, Gunars Zanbergs, to get the ball. (10). Front row left to right. Brian Bonollo, Gunars Zanbergs, Billy Mclnnis, Joe Steeves, Chris Ballarino, Mike Smith. 2nd row left to right. Jett Bailey, Scott Cox, Fred Greene, Bob Huston, Frank Brady, Tony Calderone, Coach Missler, Tim Burke, Mike Prince, John Dorsey, Chris Murphy, Coach Geysen (11). 124 Chris Ballarino, his usual childish self, sticks his tongue out at his opponent (1). Scott Cox jumps to look for a team¬ mate as he throws the ball. (2). Mike Smith shakes off opponent as the team looks on (3). Coach Geysen, Coach Missler, Jett Bailey, and Mike Prince carefully watch the game (4). Fred Greene runs from opponent (5). Coach takes time out to discuss new strategy (6). Joe Steeves still trying to convince the coach he’s innocent (7). Brian Bon- ollo — No, basketballs don’t fall from heaven. (8). No one lets Gunars Zan- bergs lose his concentration. (9). Set Hike — Oh wait, wait — this is basket¬ ball, but Billy Mclnnis is still a star. (10). Jett Bailey waits patiently for game to resume (11). (JV) Front Row left to right. Steven Sugrue, Robert Kay, Chris Prince, Sean McDowell, Dave 126 UNKLIH 8 11 Fording, Dan Foley, 2nd Row left to right. Phil Guidrey, Dave Hutchinson, Bill Robinson, Joe Geromini, Tom Phil¬ lips, 3rd Row left to right. Mike Do¬ herty, Peter VanBuren, Matt Souza. ( 12 ) 12 127 This ear is a building year for the varsi- t girls. The team is eomposed of mostly juniors who will spend time working to¬ gether this year to make a dynamite team next year. Debbie Daddario battles against a Medfield opponent while Terri Ristaino demonstrates the art of crash¬ ing the boards (1, 2). Beth Wooster (3) masters the job of being an intimidator. Coach Richards (4) works the team hard but also finds time to joke on the side¬ lines with Beth Wooster, Debbie Pur- don, and Stephanie Bloemink. Sondra Faulkner (5, 8) soars to take control of any jumpball situation. Terri Ristaino (6) is that a new dance or a cheer for someone ' s basket? Debbie Purdon (7) is ready to block this girl ' s chance of pass¬ ing the ball. In a more serious moment, Debbie Daddario, Beth Wooster, and Debbie Purdon listen to instructions(9). Who ' s going to grab the ball, Debbie Purdon (10)? Beth tries to anticipate a pass (11). The team (12), 1 to r — Deb¬ bie Purdon, Phyllis Pink, Beth Wooster, Bonnie Ficco: Bottom 1 to r Terri Ris¬ taino. Debbie Daddario, Heather John¬ son. Sondra Faulkner. Stephanie Bloe¬ mink. GIRL’S BASKETBALL 128 129 The winter cheerleading program con¬ sists of the following teams: hockey, bas¬ ketball, and competition. With the help of these teams the spirit of not only the spectators but also the players is roused. The competition team performing stunts like pictures 1 and 2 compete against other towns. Their vitality has won them trophies in their first competi- tons. The basketball cheerleaders per¬ form their routine to excite the crowd (3) . When caught off guard, however, (4) they somehow lose some of their fi- ness. The basketball cheerleaders are as follows (5): front (1 to r) Linda Rose, Lynne Fontanarosa, Julianne Geer, Renea Theriault, Denise Padula, Kerri Antosh. Back: Rona Cowen, Jill Buf- fone, Cindy Duncan, Coach Jill Gagne, Devi Hosford, Traci White, Shannon Gallagher, June Brady. If Carolyn Lom- berto’s (6) spirit exemplifies that of the rest of the cheerleading squads, FHS cheerleaders will lead their teams to vic¬ tory. The competition team: front (1 to r), Lisa Scaccia, Pam Lomberto (co¬ captain). 2nd row: Jill Buffone, Cindy Duncan, Linda Rose, Mary Ellen Gru- seck. 3rd row: Susan Barnes, Traci White, Lynne Fontanarosa, Karri Su- grue (co-captain). Back row: Kerri An¬ tosh, June Brady, Renea Theriault, Ju¬ lianne Geer. Missing: Carolyn Lomberto Coach Barbara Flagstrom. The hockey cheerleading team (missing) Anita Lo¬ vely (co-captain), Donna D’Allessandro (co-captain), Terri Dagosta, Mich elle DeBaggis, Carolyn Lomberto, Eve Pied- monte, Marcia Lincoln, Kim Menize, Tracy Earls, Meredith McClay, Lisa Scaccia, Laura Carmignani, Coach Dianne Curran. » WINTER CHEERLEADING 131 The Franklin High Wrestling Team holds, falls, and moves to establish themselves in the wrestling circle. “Must one more move and I ' ll have him pinned. " grimaces Russ Priesing (1). Phil Joseph is victorious in his round (2). Brian Ober attempts to ‘“get this over with as soon as possi¬ ble " (3). “‘I want to hold your hand,” croons Matt Bissanti to his opponent (4). “What the c9f do you think you’re doing out there,” screams Paul Vetrano (5). It will be tough for Rich¬ ard Colace’s opponent to get himself out of that tight spot (6). “All we can do is sit and wait for our chance (7). The team, (front) Matt Bissanti, Phil Joseph, Richard Colace, Russ Pries¬ ing, (back row) Coach Carmine Co¬ lace, Timmy Babola, Paul Vetrano, Mark Stew art, Craig Jacobsen, Brian Ober, and Coach Bucky Heim (8). WRESTLING 132 133 Poise, expression, and agility are all important parts of a gymnast ' s rou¬ tine. The Franklin gymnastic team has done well this year in demonstrat¬ ing all these aspects of a performance. Jonna Dunham (1) gives a prime ex¬ ample of the poise necessary for the balance beam. It sure isn ' t easy standing on a four inch wide beam four feet above the ground! During a practice the team takes time out to hear each other’s ideas on how to make a better performance (2). Ka¬ ren Marecaux performs another bal¬ ancing trick on the beam (3), while Christine Ristaino shows no difficulty in leapfrogging over the buck (4). Floor exercise takes the stamina and athletic ability shown by Amy Kuehn (5). Senior Sara Scott masters the buck with a few words from the coach (6), as Patsi McCormick concen¬ trates on the next part of her beam routine (7). Kathleen Dorsey gives personality and spunk to her floor ex¬ ercise (8), while Lisa Symonds at¬ tempts one of the more difficult vaults (9). Could Jonna Dunham be Frank¬ lin ' s rendition of Nadia on the une¬ vens (10)? The team, ready to match GYMNASTICS 134 the skills of any team in the league: top, 1 to r: Hope Vaughn, Amy Kuehn, Karen Marecaux, center, 1 to r: Kathleen Dorsey, Sara Scott, Coach Ralph Chambers, Bottom, I to r: Patsi McCormick, Timi Larkin, Jonna Dunham, Christine Ristaino, and Lisa Symonds. 11 . 135 This Year ' s hockey team has skat¬ ed on from victory to victory. Victo¬ ries over tough teams like Canton and King Philip may eventually lead them to the finals. The talent can be found in many players like Jimmy Mar- chand (1) who checks out the ice for free teammates. Neil Foley (2) has expertise in weaving through enemy lines. Billy Marchand (3) exhibits great concentration during a faceoff. Goalie Jim Menard (4) makes one of his classic saves that keep the enemy in awe, while Mike Caso and Brad McClay (5) hustle after the puck. Roger Taddeo (6) plans a strategy to outsmart a Stoughton opponent. While Bill Marchand (7) hustles past the enemy to get a pass. Questionable calls from the refree result in dispute from the Franklin Team (8). Brad McClay (9) races to get a stray puck. Peter Laviolelette (10) lines up for a goal Frank O ' Reagan (11) attempts to go around the Stoughton players in search for a possible goal. Billy McCarron waits for the pass from teammate Dave Svedcn (12). Chris Spillane (13) is determined to get the puck away from a member of the op¬ posing team. Todd Langevin, waits for a chance to get the puck while Jimmy Marchand (14) breaks for a better position. Marc Duncan (15) is in position and ready to receive the pass. The team (16) Top L to R: Todd HOCKEY 136 Langevin, Bill McCarron, Jim Wil¬ liamson, Roger Taddeo, Dave Sve- den, Frank O ' Regan, Marc Duncan, Bob Bissanti, Peter Laviolette, Todd Antosh, Jimmy Marchand, Neil Fo¬ ley, Ken Costello, Brad McClay, Tim Heaton, Ray Travers, Tom Nasuti; Bottom L to R: Keith Chambers, Bil¬ ly Marchand, Chris Spillane, coach Bob Luccine, Mike Caso, Tom Bis¬ santi and Jim " Punky " Menard. s 16 . 137 6 . The awesome Franklin hockey team had one of the most successful years ever. They have definitely established them¬ selves as winners in every respect. All the players have contributed to the team ' s outstanding performance. This was easi¬ ly demonstrated by the show of fans at each game. Frank O ' Regan (1) rushes to get the puck away from an opposing 8. 138 team member, while Billy Marchand (2) tries to retain possession of the puck. Jimmy Marchand (3) gives his usual all to help the team win the game. Roger Taddeo (4) races toward the puck. Billy McCarron (5) tries to make a goal. Here’s a different view of the guys be¬ hind the masks as they sit in the locker room: Timmy Heaton, Todd Langevin, and Ray Travers (6), Brad McClay and Jimmy Marchand (7). Franklin is led by captains (1 to r) Mike Caso, coach Luc- cini, Billy Marchand, and Tom Bissanti (8). Coach Bob Luccini (9) gives our Panthers good advice. Peter Laviolette (10) helps to win the game with a goal. Dave Sveden (11) will do anything to get the puck! Punky Menard (12) speeds to get the puck before the other team can score. Peter Laviolette (13) is thinking “What did 1 do out there?” Kenny Cos¬ tello (14) sits in fierce determination of winning the game. Tom Bissanti (1 5) lis¬ tens to Frank O ' Reagan as he provides a motivating speech on giving it their all. 139 tm rr ' V __ I ■’T ; - 1 " , 1 J v-v- ■ ■ rff , - Remember ... Chess Club, OEA, drama, Pep Club, Newspaper, Computer Club, Photography Club, Outing Club? We’re not sure why these organizations no longer exist at Franklin High School. It serves no purpose to accuse either the students, the teachers, or the Administration, or a town that just might not care. But doesn’t it seem a shame that neither we nor other youngsters in this town will have the opportunity for a truly complete education. Seniors this year exibit the new types of activities that still flourish: shown here are students that participated in their own organized activities such as: Powder Puff Football, Hat Day, Trip to Mount Monadnock, School clean up day, and your basic hanging around and partying. There were days that everyone remembered. They helped make the school year more bearable. ? TTl YEAR BOOK I How do the seniors remember the four most memorable years of their lives? The yearbook — that’s how! It’s full of pictures that clearly capture the fun times we all had. Jerry Lawler and Jim McFarland (1), two of the most devoted members of the yearbook staff, work hard to meet important deadlines. The small but fantastic, hard-working weekly staff (2) front: (1 to r) Melissa Kontoff, Donna Healy, Jim O’Neill, Sue Bird, Jim McFarland — back Jerry Lawler, Missy Kuehn, Stephen Pacheco, Mr. Fiske, and Scott Pulver. Steve Pacheco (3) checks out magazines for a special effects layout. Donna Healy and Carolyn Foley (4) were partners in typing the enormous amounts of copy for layouts. Jim O’Neill (5) is one of the top photographers who always catches you when you least expect it. Melissa Kontoff (6) completes and readies two pages of copy while Beth Ryan (7) puts finishing touches on her superbly created layout. 142 3 I 143 6 7 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Students are elected to be members of this highly respected club on the basis of four characteristics: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They are highly motivated students whose goal is to en¬ courage the development of all students of the Franklin High School. The members include: front row (1 to r): Advisor Mr. Wilk, Lori Colella, Gina Arruda, Ellen Nerney, Judy Brennan, Debbie Cara- pezza, Karen Van Buren. Center row: Peggy Pisani, Jeanne Davison, Nancy Cummings, Mary Ellen Gruseck, Bob Duronio, Melissa Kontoff, Carolyn Ford¬ ing. Back row: Susan Bird, Kerri Sugrue, Donna Peterson, Lisa Bullen, Melissa Kuehn, Cathy Cullen, Stephen Jaquith, Jim McFarland, and Advisor Mr. De- Fronzo. Missing: Donna Healy, Paul Ri- card, Carolyn Foley, Dianne Colella. 144 FOREIGN LANGUAGE [ SPEECH One of the more active clubs, it sponsors a series of events during the year including a Halloween dance, the Foreign Language Festival, the Meaux-Franklin exchange pro¬ gram, and trips to various parts of the world including Quebec, Montreal, Spain, and Italy. Members of the club include: front row (1 to r): Lynn Baker, Kerri Pisani, Vir¬ ginia Blanchard, Gloria Dole, Kathy Dolan, Fiona Crerar. Center row: Beth Burns, Carolyn Fording, Kim Lang, Lisette Bonvin, Maureen Dolan, Mary Kay Atkins, Mar¬ ianne Marak, Dianne Perkins. Back row: Nova Pisani, Amy Kontoff, Chris Sanford, Ann Wooster, Linda Co¬ lace, Beth Wooster, Kaia Miller, and Eileen Duronio. Missing : Paul Coggin, Phyllis Pink, Sona Avakian, Mi¬ chael Stack, Kim Palmer, Maria Lodi, Heather Johnson, Kathy Foley, Joanna Nowacki, Ellyn Robinson, and Su¬ san Healy. ■ . ' ■ L.. . — I The speech team demonstrates the acting and dramatic talent of Franklin High. They not only enter in the many competitions, but also perform in various churches and community events. For such a small beginning team they have done exceedingly well, bringing home a number of trophies and medals. The members include: front row (1 to r): Christine Ristaino, Virginia Blanchard. 2nd row: Stephanie Scott, Sara Scott, Carolyn Fording. 3rd row: Nova Pisani, John Foster, Danielle Peppard. 4th row: Me¬ lissa Kontoff and Susan Bird. Missing: John Merriam. 145 MATH CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL The Math Club demonstrates exceptional abilities in the subjects of numbers, alge¬ bra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus. They compete interscholastically and hold a respectable position in comparison with their opponents. Members of the team are: Front row (1 to r): Carolyn Ford¬ ing, Marianne Marak, Cathy Dolan. Cen¬ ter row: Ann Wooster, Kim Lang, Richard Ormond, Fiona Crerar. Back row: Brian Ober, Chris Sanford, Linda Colace, Kaia Miller and Dianne Perkins. Missing: Joe Bethoney, Melissa Kuehn, Chuck Hum¬ phrey, Neal Foley, Bob Duronio, Andy Coppola, and Kathy Foley. The student council represents the main form of contact with the school commit¬ tee. It attempts to gain more rights for students in order to make Franklin High a more enjoyable place to go to school. They also sponsor a series of events in school that produces a more spirited at¬ mosphere. Those events include flower day, blood mobile and clean-up day. The student council is led by: Front row: Presi¬ dent Tish Wroblicka, Vice-President Bill Mclnnis, Student Representative to the School Committee Paul Bradley, Secre¬ tary Pat Costello and Treasurer Holly Howard. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The members of the DECA club are most likely our business men and women of the future. They exhibit talent in various skills ranging from typing and shorthand, to data processing and accounting. The DECA club also operates the DE store that supplies students with various items including school supplies, sweat shirts, jackets, and gifts. Members of the club include: Front row (1 to r): Gary Stucci, Robin Mele, Steven Sullivan, Bonnie Brewer. Top: Allan McClay, Gary Ryan, Advisor Mr. Grey, Anne Marie Dunn, Sue Dewing, Amy Sullivan, David Gulbis, Bil¬ ly Simons, Cheryl Getchell, Jim Bollivar, Cathy Norian, Patti Brunelli, Diane Ven- detti, Marisa Simon, Cheryl Ozzella, and Linda O’Brien. 147 TIP TOP TALENT AT F.H.S. (1) Splish splash Jocelyn jumps out of her bath. (2) Michelle gives the eye to her favorite guy. (3) Roseanne at¬ tempts to take off. (4) Melissa tips her hat. (5) Lori is the singing puppe¬ teer. (6) Lisa pouts because Mom said, “No more cookies!” (7) Kerri tries to catch flies. (8) “Hey you. Stop!” screams Amy. “This is noth¬ ing.” says Karen with a smile. (10) Stevie Nicks or Anita — who will know? (1 1) “Listen, I ' ll tell ya what its all about.” explains Gina. (12) Hey, I’m COOL. 149 Junior Miss 1982 And our 1982 Junior Miss is... Ellen Ner- ney (31). It was weeks of hard work and long hours for all 29 contestants, but for one, Ellen Nerney it was well worth the time. Ellen smiles as ex-Junior Miss, Becci Boyd, be¬ queaths her position. (32). After 2 long nights of nerve racking compe¬ tition 3rd runner Lisa Symonds (35), 2nd run¬ ner up Karen VanBuren (34), and 1st runner up Rosanne Walsh (33) along with Ellen take time out from their congratulations to flash a smile (30). 1982 Junior Miss Contes¬ tants: (1) Melissa Amendola (2) Gina Arruda (3) Susan Barnes (4) Laura Branscomb (5) Anita Brickman (6) Lisa Bullen 12 13 (7) Jeanne Chalmers (8) Karen Chambers (9) Gail Cochran (10) Dianne Colella (11) Lori Collela (12) Cathy Cullen (13) Nancy Cummings j (14) Michelle DeBaggis (15) Jocelyn Greene (16) Mary Ellen Gruseck (17) Susan Hinckley ! (18) Pam Lomberto (19) Patricia McCormick 15 16 (20) Annmarie McVay (21) Terri Nelson (22) Ellen Nerney (23) Denise Perkins (24) Kelly Ryan (25) Kerri Sugrue (26) Lisa Symonds (27) Karen VanBuren j (28) Rosanne Walsh (29) Karen Wehring 18 19 25 26 27 28 29 When the boys don bobby socks and the girls don the football uniforms to show their stuff in a battle between C- House and B-House. Captain Mimi Roche looks to the sidelines for the signal for the next play (1). The winning C-House team poses with their mascot: top row 1 to r.: Teri Rice, Cathy Rettman, Betty Slaney, Roseann White, Charlene Rose, Maryann White, Robin Pea¬ body, Peg Pisani Bottom 1. to r.: Mimi Roche, Anne Remilard, Terri Ris- taino. Mascot (2). Mike Hoar, Frank Brady and Matt Bissanti show off their shapely figures on the sideline (3). Betty Ann Slaney ready for ac¬ tion (4). Gail Cochran throws a long bomb (5). Roseann White flying high for no apparent reason (6). Tony Guerra tries to explain to Anne Re- malard that you can’t score a ho- merun in football (7). The B-House girls before the agony of defeat: Topi, to r.: Sondra Faulkner, Rita Kent, Bonnie Brewer, Cathy Cullen, Laura Branscomb, Melissa Kontoff, Gail Cochran, Chris Calorese, Dianne Gaisle Bottom 1. to r.: Kathy De- Costa, Michelle DeBaggis, Rose Buitta, Lori Colella (8). Scott Bryant . .. who couldn’t call a cab (9). POWDER PUFF GAME 153 W " 3 9 9k r j f V AlV s t ' A A vV e t W , 0 ' 0 , V f .. V ve ' ' A VT tc ' ° ' 4V l l V ' 4 « V V 4 ! vo Aa ' " V. COI V, « o»v _ oV , CO % G o . o« ' ce V " " ' t C u c » ' v V sN ' i A ' ( ' ft ' “ V ' ' o TA ' 4 «w»o-.:,6 . rt oov a A a V.To ■ ' " V C e l „„ t V ' k 0 ' a . rf c » s% oAA c ’ V 0 ’ W ' a L oVV ' V . ic o ' 6 0 d , o Y= C vV c 1 . $ % " ... £• ' t ’ cM c. V 0 O ' 4 " SV ' XVJ W c V ' V)V r . a? ' tot «vV ' ® Vvvo 0 0 4° -c« A- V° se s ' Xe ' V " A s ° N 1 a i ' e N AC , 0- • , 6 tt C (O 4 ° S ' ) " ' V 0 ' ■ fvS vV c no oo i V V ° oeO c cV v ,, o v ° r r0 AA C, Y nV p aV- ' soV i-i ' ° ' 6 W c ' . yH » W A ' - V. " ,A C ‘ C A 1 " ' n i d A ' C ‘ 4 yJ • £ N " A 0 a c ° C CS c 1 1 ■ .. - V- - ’ 0 cC a V)‘ N . v c d 0 s : cV V » , ' » ' rii V ' V «c r, ° ,, jossf C o v ' , - V A f w v v G0 . n wsv d e ' • V M CW ' i ' 6a ° v ' ' ■v ' vO .Vo. ; ' , vi . " S ° o ’ . f ✓ 162 This year on Oct. 12, Student Council originated the annual FHS Clean-Up Day in an attempt to make the school grounds look half-way decent for the Homecoming Alumni. Collin Hoff- meister and Joe Hughes cruise in on that windy Sunday afternoon not sure of what to expect. (1) Ando makes sure he covers all angles of the goal post. (2) Peter Laviolette is deter¬ mined to give Anne Marco the brush off in picture (3). but she doesn’t seem to get the hint. (4) Billy Mcln- nis proves that business and pleasure don’t mix as he attempts to mow down the speed bump in picture (5,7). Tish and Jerry “tire” of clean-up but find time to smile (9,10). Cindy Dun¬ can tries out a new stunt for next year’s pep rally. (8) STUDENT COUNCIL CLEAN-UP 163 Halloween: A time for ghosts, goblins, and all (3.) (3). An M M melts in the mouth but kinds of strange creatures from franklin High sticks to friends (4). The band leader, Steve to congregate at the CYO dance and Paul Duplcssie gets into his music (5). Janice Huic, Holst ' s for a rockin ' good time. Susan Bird, the Pam Lomberto, and Beth McNally worship CYO medic is available to cure all ailment (1). sacred keg eup (6). Jim Smith, Ray Travers, Camille Susi. Robin Mele, Tracy Rafferty, and Scott Bryant prove that the party goes on and Phil Joseph approve of Bob Duronio ' s and on ... (7). Carolyn Lomberto demon- zombie imitation (2). The Party gets rollin ' strates the correct way to wear a mask. (8) HALLOWEEN PARTIES 5 TP] SsrJ f m 4 i 4 166 FLOWER DAY “81 The annual Flower Day gives FHS students a chance to express their hidden affections. It is an event sponsored by Student Council, taking place on Halloween. The many reactions to Flower Day are displayed below as MaryEllen Gruseck and Maryann Marak show their spirit by dress¬ ing up for the occasion (1). Pat Costello is surprised, “They ' re all for me! " (2) According to Patti Conza, “Its the moustache that turns them on (3)!” Neil Foley is trying to decide who he’s going to give his flower away to (4) . Pat Costello, Eve Piedmont, Sondra Faulkner, Tish Wroblicka are all getting ready to make the big delivery (5) . Donna McManus thinking, “Wow, I ' m in love (6)!’’ Are you embarrassed (7)???? Roseanne Walsh wonders, “Do you think I have enough hands for all my flowers (8)?“ Ed Denyer explains, “Well, when you ' re as cute as me, they can’t help themselves (9)!“ 167 168 169 SENIOR While the rest of Massachusetts was getting ready for a week of winter va¬ cation at home, Franklin High en¬ joyed a week of fun at school. It was a cram-packed week full of activities and work that brought out all the spirit in FHS. The calendar of events; Monday — Hat day — Jocelyn Gre ene (11) was one of the many whose personality shone through as the result of their choice of hat. Tues¬ day: Senior Service Day — a total clean-up of FHS including Scott Cox ' s washing of lockers (4), Mike Coggin, Tony Guerra, and Gail Cochran (8) handed out the various equipment while Megan Moriarty got to the tough spots by using Ray Tra¬ vers’s shoulders (9). Deuce Mclnnis (10) did windows, plus a whole lot more! Wednesday: Song Day — stu¬ dents danced to their classes accom- 4 170 panied by the music played over the intercom. At lunchtime the students forgot to eat due to the good sounds of John Hooper, Allan Duffy, Ray Guz¬ man and Daryl Yankee (7). Friday: Valentine celebrations included the sending of valentines in homeroom, bagels sold in the halls and the annual flower day — Robin Mele (5) en¬ joyed her flowers while working hard at the office. Saturday FHS rocked and rolled at the Valentines Day con¬ cert dance with Fair (3), Yates (1), and Betschart (6). Diane Gaissl (2) is one of the many who thoroughly en¬ joyed the event. ll 171 SENIOR HAT DAY 172 5 8 10 12 The spirit of the senior class shined through during the 1st annual senior week. Many seniors let their true selves out on Hat and Sunglasses day. Posing for a family pic are (1) Andy Coppola, Brian Dunn, Bill Murray, Alan Duffy, Mike “Henry” Hoar, Ray Guzman, Ellen Nerney, and Dianne Colella. Alan Duffy and Gun- ars Zanberg show everyone whos “the boss” (2). Bill Murray (3) on lunch assignment. Bethany Goddard (4) plans her next assassi¬ nation while Andrew Coppola (5)goes for the “wild and crazy” look. Taking an old fashioned break is Peg Pisani (6). Traci Rice (7) takes time out while another gang forms in the hall way (8): Mimi Roche, Jerry Lawler, Donna Healy, Susan Bird, Peg Pisani, Melissa Kontoff and Rosanne Walsh. Also showing their spirit is Ellen Nerney (9), Eileen Curran (10), and Rose Buitta (11), while Mrs. Ligon joins in with Susan Bird and Donna Healy (12). •W ADVISORS For a while (when we were lowly freshmen) things looked bleak — the class of ’82 could find no advisor. Ms. Baca decided to step in until we could find permanent advisors. Her ‘temporary’ position ended up lasting two years. During these two years, the class and its officers learned the ins and outs of Franklin High. We held a dance, made loads of money at flea markets and concession stands and had our first successful banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Franklin. Under Ms. Baca’s direction we also survived the ordeal of purchasing class rings. When Ms. Baca decided to step down, Mrs. Ligon and Mr. Chrabaszcz teamed up to take over the job. With Mrs. Ligon’s talent for organization and Mr. Chrabaszcz’s “silver tongue” we held more concession stands, had one of the most successful proms ever at the Blue Hills country club, cleaned the school, started a new tradition with Bagel Day, sold magazines and brought a new band to Franklin (in conjunction with the Yearbook). We also celebrated the Christmas season a month early with a semi-formal banquet at the King Philip ballroom. It will not be long before the class of ’82 walks into the field house to the music of “Pomp and Circumstance” and then out the door for their last exit from Franklin High School. But, before the time comes, we’d like to thank all our advisors for their hard work and courage throughout these past four years. The words and actions may not have been there all the time but the sentiment has been. Love, The Class of ’82 174 Mr. Fiske, There’s only one word to describe you, CRAZY! Who in their right mind would put up with a droid, a stubborn, hot tempered businessman who doesn’t like rocks on title pages, and an editor that can’t put up with lost pictures and missed deadlines. All I can say is thanks for being that crazy and courageous to put up with this bunch. As I look back at the weeks of inventing layouts, creating copy, and shooting and reshooting pictures, I try to think of what I’ve learned from this year. I think the biggest think is that life goes on even if we miss those deadlines. Your carefree manner and your “Don’t worry about it’s” helped. Well, it’s over, and I can’t regret the experience. Thanks for the long hours, the dry humor, and devoted dedication. Without you, we never would have made it. I mean, who else would have thought to put a blue page in the middle of the color section? Love, Melissa Twas the eve of a deadline And all through the room The editor ran screaming That the staff was all doomed. The typists were typing the copy with care, In hopes that John Carrier soon would be there. Mr. Fiske was designing a special layout. Everyone had to like it, of that there was no doubt. When from in the darkroom there arose such a clatter. Then everyone ran to see what was the matter. It was only the photographer, smiling sweet as can be. Standing in a puddle of solution, saying, “It’s only me.’ The tension relaxed and soon they were finished. By twenty pages their task was diminished. The yearbook representative took all the pages And months later, after what seemed like ages, The seniors got their books and all agreed more or less, That yearbook 82 had been a success. 175 Best Wishes GODDARD’S GARAGE FRANKLIN RESERVOIR BAIT AND SPORT CENTER 459 Pleasant St. Franklin, MA 02038 Complete Line of Sporting Goods AUTOMOBILE and TRUCK REPAIRS 278 Pleasant Street 528-9853 Franklin, MA. 02038 1 V Best Wishes from PISINI’S SHOE STORE Franklins Family Shoe Store Main St. Franklin, Ma. 528-9152 Congratulations Class of 1982 VENDETTI MOTORS, INC 411 West Central Street Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 (617) 528-3450 Dean Junior : ' M| College The Major Differences Congratulations to the Class of 1982 FRANKLIN COUNTRY CLUB E. Central Street Franklin, Ma. 02038 • A two-year, accredited, residential, coeducational college. • Located 30 miles southwest of Boston. • 32 transferable curricula; approximately 70% transfer to four-year colleges. • For further information call or write: Director of Admisions, Dean Junior College Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 Telephone (61 7) 528-9100 Ext. 300 176 JAYMAR BUILDERS TOWNHOUSE CONDOMINIUMS AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD, WITHIN EASY REACH OF ROUTE 495 AND MASS. PIKE. 471 W. CENTRAL St. FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 177 Congratulation Class of 1982 ' 7%iX- 7o-- ' Wt4tc6 ' Paint Wallpaper Center Cross St. at East Central St. FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS 02038 Phone 528-7679 % J. Jfunter Company CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTING 137 (Sc ocl (Street, Sfran lin, . Masaac utetts 02038 DACEY BROS. Dairy Store “For the Milk thats built on Flavor” Open 7:00 a.m. — 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week When You Run Out Of Or Forget Think Of Us DACEY BROS. DAIRY STORE 345 Lincoln St. Franklin, Mass. J.D. Daddario Co. Inc. Wholesale Plumbing Heating Supplies 317 Union Street, Franklin, Mass. 02038 Industrial Appliances and Electrical Supplies Tel. 528-0006 di The way to go Daddario. BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. A Main St. Franklin, MA. 528-5200 178 A O SERVICE CENTER INC LATE MODEL USED CARS 478 HARTFORD AVE. ROBERT ANTOSH BELLINGHAM, MA. 02019 (617) 966-1920 Telephone: 528-9550 FRANKLIN GLASS CO. INC. DAVE NASUTI, Owner 273 Beaver St. Franklin, Ma. the MlCROGROUP P.O. Box 429 1 65 BROOK STREET FRANKLIN, MA 02038 (61 7) 528-561 1 WILLIAM F. HULBIG PRESIDENT Revolutionary Fabricators, Inc. MINITUL® Engineers, Inc. Brook Machine Co., Inc. PADULAS FARM + COUNTRY MARKET 724 Washington St. Franklin, MA Open Year Round Cold Cuts + Party Platters 528-7241 Best wishes to the Class of 1982 SNEAKERS N’ STUFF 10 Main Street Tel. 528-6196 Franklin, Ma. 02038 Specializing in brand names at discount prices Nike — Bass — Dexter — Mia — Krone Thom McAn Pony — Puma — Converse — Adidas 179 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 Especially to Patti Brunelli Brunelli’s Winery Malt Beverage Franklin Shopper’s Fair Franklin, Ma. 528-0298 LOVE: NONNI E and NONNO Franklin, Ma. 02038 SHERMAN CHEVROLET COMPANY, INC 340 East Central St, Franklin, Ma. 02038 STEVE BENT Telephone Sales Representative 528-111 1 RESIDENCE TEL: 528-6090 34 COTTAGE ST. CHARLES F. OTERI FUNERAL HOME 528-0011 33 Cottage St. Franklin, Ma FRANKLIN LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber and Building Supplies 65 Dean Street Franklin, Ma. 02038 (617) 528-0910 180 QUALITY NEW CONSTRUCTION IN THE FINEST NEW ENGLAND TRADITION BY J. COLELLA SON Telephone 528-1899 J. COLELLA SON, INC. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Builder-Land Developer Jack Collela CAPES, GAMBRELS, SPLITS AND COLONIALS TO FIT YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS 181 (617) 528-1444 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 VET-MED PET SUPPLIES CO ART’S GROCERY INC. Animal Health-Prod ct Martha E. McLay 29 Dean Ave. Owner Franklin, Ma. 02038 804 Pond Street Franklin, Ma. 02038 528-2590 STOBBARTS Florist Garden Center East Central St. Rt. 140, Franklin, Mass 528-0800 528-4332 Pipinelles Italian American Cuisine Franklin, Ma. 02038 Banquet Facilities Available Ron Bucchanio — Owner-Chef VALLEE’S FINE JEWELERY SINCE 1936 16 Main St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 528-2300 182 Good Luck Class of 82 SPOTLESS CARPET OPEN MONDAY-SATURDAY 529 Franklin St. on Rt. 140 Wrentham, Ma. 02093 George A. Cocuzzo 617-384-2810 FRANKLIN TOWN TAXI, INC. For Prompt Courteous Service 528-0228 Office 6 Main Street Franklin, Ma. Benny’s OIL SERVICE INC. 47 WEST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MA 02038 “WE MAKE WARM FRIENDS” HEATING INSTALLATION — METERED DELIVERIES 24 HOUR SERVICE 183 184 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 DR. JEFFREY MORRILL Optometrist 18 Cottage Street Franklin, Mass. 528-2040 LIBERTY PACKAGE Corner Cottage Sts. 528-5276 Beer — Wine — Liquor FICCO’S SHOE STORE 19 East Central Street New Shoes and Shoe Repairs In business since 1946 “Books of all ages for all ages at” PAPERBACK TRADER Largest selection of Paperbacks in Area I Complete line of Doll houses and Doll House Furniture ; Congratulations to the Class of 82 BURNHAM’S FRANKLIN MOBIL Intersection of 495 and 140 185 Best Wishes to the Class of 1982 LIBERTY PACKAGE Especially Corner Cottage Union St. Laverne, Shirley and Pussy Cat 528-5276 (Pat.) (Robin) (Peg) Beer — Wine — Liquor CARVEL ICE CREAM D.G. RANIERI SUPPLY CO. Plumbing — Heating Shoppers Fair General Contracting Major Appliances Franklin 528-0930 528-9879 Showroom at 58 East From Peter, Dolores and Central St. Chrissy Brunelli Tel (617) 528-9419 HOMETOWN PAINT PAPER INC W.T. HOLMES Paints — Stains — Wallcoverings TRANS. CO INC. Corner Cottage Union St. 22 Myrtle St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Norfolk, Ma. Garage 528-4550 Walter Holmes 528-1547 CROWLEY’S OFFICE SUPPLIES Richard Holmes 528-2971 Stephen M. Crowley 158 W. Central St. Bus. 528-6060 Franklin, Ma. 02038 Res. 528-5535 186 JACKSON KEARNEY’S PHARMACY FUNERAL 64 Main St. HOME Franklin, Ma. 02038 131 Main St. Walter G. Jackson B. COLELLA SON, INC. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Home Builder Good Luck Senior Class 1982 OSTRANDER REALTY General Insurance Agency 15 East Central St. Compliments of Franklin, MA 02038 55 W. Central St. 1 528-6161 BACHNER, ROCHE AND CATALDO FRANKLIN SHEET Franklin, Ma METAL Best Wishes From the Baglioni Family 187 Compliments of CLARK, CUTLER McDermott Compliments of ATTORNEY ROBERT E. FICCO and Form and Greenhouse Shop ; Tel. 528-1065 Tel. 528-5518 Est. 1896 RALPH W. COOK SONS 664 East Central Street Franklin, Ma ATTORNEY ROBERT W. SIMMLER Roberts Building Franklin, MA Congratulations to the Class of 1982 Congratulations to the KEEFE INSURANCE AGENCY Class of 1982 INC. DEAN CO-OPERATIVE 51 W. Central St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 BANK FRANKLIN HOUSE OF PIZZA Franklin Plaza 365 W. Central St. Franklin, Ma. For Faster service call 528-2811 We will have it ready for you Try our specialties Anyone who tastes them will always remember them 188 189 CONGRATULATIONS FROM: PURITAN DRUGS, INC. (Reliable Prescription Service) FRANKLIN LIQUORS 30 Main Street Main Street Franklin, MA 02038 528-0648 Franklin, MA 02038 A. SIMON SONS, INC. AGWAY, INC. (Home Farm Garden Store) 54 East Central Street Cottage Street Franklin, MA 02038 Franklin, MA 02038 MANDELL AND MANDELL j (Accountants and Auditors) 18 Cottage Street Franklin, MA 02038 McKEON SCHOOL OF DANCE GYMNASTICS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 82 Compliments of Depot Street — Franklin, MA Dance classes in — tap, jazz ballet, pointe COCHRAN’S GREENHOUSE Gymnastic classes in — floor, bars Spring Street beam, vault Franklin, MA 02038 Competitive Noncompetitive Classes 528-9537 528-6545 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 82 BEST WISHES ALWAYS Mug n Muffin Restaurant 13-25 Main Street (In the Depot Plaza) Franklin, MA 02038 190 YEARBOOK CREDITS ADVISOR — William J. Fiske EDITOR-IN-CHIEF — Melissa Kontoff LAYOUT EDITORS — Elizabeth Ryan and Melissa Kontoff PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR — James O’Neill BUSINESS AND SALES EDITOR — Stephen Pacheco LAYOUT AND COPY STAFF: Debbie Batog Sue Bird Bonnie Brewer Rose Buitta Jeanne Chalmers Dianne Colella Patti Conza Carolyn Foley Jocelyn Green Donna Healy Janice Huie Robin Jenest Amy Kontoff Melissa Kontoff Melissa Kuehn Anita Lovely Jim McFarland Kim McLaughlin Terry Nelson Ellen Nerney Jim O’Neill Grace Orlando Stephen Pacheco Denise Perkins Donna Peterson Patricia Phillips Peggy Pisani Beth Ryan Julia Thackaberry Dan Tilton Tish Wroblicka Kristin Yankee Photography Staff Susan Cirella William J. Fiske Jerry Lawler Jim O’Neill Stephen Pacheco Karen Van Buren Special Thanks to Hargreaves Studios Ad Staff Bonnie Brewer Dianne Colella Lori Colella Donna Healy Melissa Kuehn Jerry Lawler Jim McFarland Ellen Nerney Stephen Pacheco Scott Pulver Ad Layout Designer: Jim McFarland Sales Staff Debbie Batog Jocelyn Greene Melissa Kontoff Melissa Kuehn Stephen Pacheco Peggy Pisani Typists Sue Bird Bonnie Brewer Anita Brickman Sue Cirella Lori Colella Carolyn Foley Donna Healy Lori Hurd Robin Jenest Melissa Kontoff Kathy Lawhorn Robin Mele Grace Orlando Kristin Yankee Cover design: Rosemary and Jerry Lawler Art design: Kim McLaughlin and Rosanne Walsh 191 f The small times count. The inches not the miles. Touches not tradition will fill your memory in the morning or the end. And memories are the only sanity the world can now assure us. Men while traversing their lifetimes should not take steps that lead them year to year or even day to decade, only moment to moment. 192 j 9 V • 4 03KEY. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 19B2-C.1 56581

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