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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1979 volume:

i i ‘i ! LTBrary Media Center d FRANKLIN HIGHS | FRANKLIN, MASS 1OSKEY 79 02038 Summertime student! lon ' t only work in school; they work out [Many students are found in town during after school. These busy people are also M ctively participate in many school 1 1 alp Classrooms are the place Where most FHS students are found during the day. There they make friends, gossip, and learn. There you experience t dfi interest (depending on the subject), happinesslfr sadness (depending on if you passed that big test), or saflsnMSjtt upon if you can grasp ina can ' t remember FHS without t ' $.} 4 : - X ; J L 4l |f £ ■ ' I .JF !i«j- j ' xHH • : i 4-:., „. i- fl f JMi 1 H A i 8 ' • 1 H Jm : rV ? ' - " Ti-;„ •S v« suiM wfiX, 1 hlEIB-v | U|4 L M. •. : VI |R ' - ■I m mm £W3cSi$ } s -i trtr- ' -S ' . pi sspl 4, . Friends Good friends are almost always seen together. We’ve shared a lot of good times that we shall treasure forever. May our friendships continue to grow after our high schoo l years. lw?; . l jw 4 r 9 Franklin ' s 200th birthday was celebrated this summer with some unforgetable events. Many FHS students participated in ts or had a good time watchin SQUARE 1 v,f GIRLS jjgfc 4;: 10 i I toil I1S111 ]QDQOQ 1 ,} I A- ' - ■ ' W Nuv. S ■ m3! Hk m 1 } m ? it mmVti ; J Sharon A. Adamson Pallas Allen 9 Dartmouth Road RFD Mechanic Place " Ya Right” Found with Brian, Michele, Franklin Judi, Lisa. DeDe, Chris, Brady, Jerri, Kim, Leslie, and Dullo’s Gang. Favorite Memories: Prom of ' 78. Sophomore skip day, Seger Concert, Toga, Horseneck Beach March 31, 1978, Chem lab the squirt bottle, Sammy’s keg, Rocco’s party’s, Out with Brian, Chinese red lights, FHS Parking lot, CSN concert. Activities: Oskey, Ring Committee Class Officer, Usherette at Graduation ’78, Comp Cheerleader, Prom Commit¬ tee. Likes going out with the girls and Brian, and teachers who are absent. Good Luck ' 79. John Allevato Joseph Allevato 443 Lincoln Street 443 Lincoln Street Nickname: Ali. Favorite Saying: Franklin " Duh”Usually found with: My brother. Favorite Memories: School. Dislikes of FHS: the teachers. Aprile Antosh 825 Pond Street " Apey” Favorite saying: I Guess” Mark. Dirdre, Michele, Judi, Leslie L., Beht, Buffy, Denise, Debbie, the rest of the " Gang” Memories: France ’78 Summer 78 Cape Okemo Mountain, Cruising, Listening to Boston, Jr. Miss, Sammy’s keg party. Being w Mark, Ambition: Speech Pathologist, Activities: Dancing, Yearbook, Prom Comm., Pep Club Foreign exchange student, teachers aid. Likes: The kids, sports program. Dislikes: not enough time between classes " Deirdre put in the Boston tape.” " Yes your hair looks fine!” Bruce Anzivino 60 Alpine Place Franklin Richard J. Archer 104 Hillside Rd. Nickname: Archer. " Oh Ya” Found with: Annie, Vinny, Razz, Murph, Oxy, Hypo, Beatie, Dute, Rocco, Gent, Hagan. Louie, Ricco, Jamie, Rest of Corner. Memories: New Hampshire weekend, Oskey Gig, Rocco’s gigs. Oxy’s gigs, Murph’s Toga party. Blizzard ’78. Teachers strike, Jamie’s gig. Ambition: Outdoors Man (forestry). Activities: Football 1,2,3,4, Indoor track 1,3,4, Spring track l,2,3,4. Past-time: shooting moons, traveling. Dislikes: closed campus. Anything else you’d like to say: Mr. Potatoe Head, what’s a Henway?” Scott Ariel 13 Sahlin Cr. Nickname: Sammy, Found with: Crow, Kaya, James, Cat, Lisa, Sioux, Leanne, Keras, Chick, Stone, Swanny, Memories: Prom, Cape after, Seger, JB Concert, Coby’s party, the bridge. Stone’s cellar, Jeans (huh Lisa, Leanne, Sioux) Ambition: College, then international business. Interests.- Ski team, track team, Spanish club. Pastime: having an excellent night out with my friends, partying. Likes: Variety of courses offered. Dislikes: the pass situation. I wish all this fun could last forever, to all the bridge and parking lot people Deborah A. Anderson 800 Lincoln Street Nickname: Deb. Favorite saying: " Oh really” ' " What’s the Matter? " " I don’t care” Usually found with: Bob. Carbone. Barbara, Esther, Donna, Granted, Caren, Nancy, K.B., Murph, Dawn. Judi, Cindy, Favorite Memories: Summer of ’78, June 16, 1978, Senior Breakfast, Lunch, Miss Flepburn’s Class. Ambitions to be a Medical Secretary. Activities: Prom Committee, Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Pep Club. Anything Else You’d Like to Say: I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. Gary Anderson 247 Pleasant Street, Nickname: Handy. Favorite saying: Crash and Burn. Usually found with: The Lower 40 Dirt Riders. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Summer ’78 ’79. Ambition: To be a tractor operator. Activities or Interests: Riding, Hunting, Fishing, and Gigging. Favorite pastime: Riding. Anything Else you’d Like to Say: LATERII Paul S. Antico 406 Partridge Street Nickname: Rocky. " Ya you mightl” Found with: Mizer, Crow, Chick, Tommy, Robby, Jimmy, Oz, Wizzard, Swanny. Memories: Summers of ’78, ’ll Soccer Season, Winning the League Championship, playing at B.U., Foghat, Foreigner, J. Geils, Boston. Ambition.- to be successful. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 1,2,3,4, t Spring Track I. Likes the school spirit. Dislikes: Needing a pass just to walk in the halls. " It’s been reall " Sandra L. Arnold 13 Mackintosh Street Sandy or Amie, " I do but I don’t-ya know what I mean?” Janet, Wendy, Sue, Holly, Tami, Maureen, and the Jetheadsl Life guarding at the pits (town pool) and the Beviera Club (Beaver Pond) during the Summers of ' ll ’78, Disco Dancing at N. Probidence Arena, Senior Year, Blizzard ' 78, Teachers Strike ’ll Ambition: To be rich and sucessful in whatever I dol Hockomoci Hammerhead Swim Team 3,4, Yearbook ’78, pep club 1,2,3,4, FNC, TNC, Portfolio 3,4, Lively Artsi Dean Enrichment Christ the King Group Cyo swimming, skiing, badmitten. Lynne Astrauskas 109 Pine Street Favorite saying: " I don’t believe it.” Nickname: " Smiley” Usually found with Deanne, Tricia, Maureen, Kim, and Robin. Memories: Summer of ’78, The Barry Manilow Concert. Ambition: To make the best possible future for myself. Activities: Creative Writing, Hanging out at the locker with the gang. Likes Dislikes: Like hanging around the halls and talking to friends, events like pep rallies, you get to see all of your friends, and really feel the spirit of the school. Anything else: Cindy, I know you like Barryl Lori Avakian 61 Southgate Rd. Nickname: Ri or Lor. Usually found without the faintest idea of what ' s happening. Favorite Memories: Last Tango in Paris. Ambition: To live in Tahiti. Activities: Photography Club, French Club, Track Team. Favorite Pastime: Whistling. Anythi ng Else you’d Like to Say: Poussez-vous? Susan C.Barber 10 Short St. Sue " It’s like this. " No sir!” Found with: Linda, Amy, Rose. Terri, Arleen, Jamie, etc. Ambition: to be happy and make others happyi to never be late nor lose anythingl Memories: Seals Crofts ’78, Summer ’78, Bicentenial, Firemen’s Ball, Blizzard ’78, Senior Breakfast, Sr. Yr., Star Market Parties. Activities: OEA- Parliamentarian, Yearbook, Exec. Comm. Hunger Walk, Accompaning. Favorite pastime: Seeing Jamie, Being with friends, Playing piano. Laughing. To the Class of ’79: Stay happy. Good luck, and Smilell Glen Allison 390 Pond Street Franklin 19 David Barlow 316 Lincoln Street Nickname: Dave, Favorite saying: " You got it”. Usually found with: John, Mike, Norma, Tim, Tom, Jay, Ted, Marion. Memories: Summer Cape Parties, Mt. Monadnock, cruising in the Trans Am, Ambition: To graduate from college and help people . . . Activities: Waterskiing, frisbee, working on my Willy’s jeep, reading good books. Likes Dislikes: Likes: seeing all my friends. Dislikes: coming to school. Anything else you’d like to say: " Good luck to everyone.” Todd James Barnes 16 Midland Avenue Barnesy. " What’s the gig?”. " Yeh, Maybe.” Found with: Jimbo, Rogues, Hilt, O’B, Pud, Mace, Walter, B.C., Harry. Memories: Mansfield Track Meet-spring, Kelly relays. Blizzard of ’78, Feb. 6, 1978, Track break-up parties in Maine and at the Cape. Ambition: Architect-draftsman. Activities or Interests: Cross Country 4, Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4. Past-time: Running, having fun with the group, listening to music, driving, drafting. Dislikes: school lunches. Likes: Mrs. Smith’s Physics class. Anything else: School is here for one to learn, but learning includes funll Pamela Barasamian 7 Milliken Ave. Nickname: Pam, Favorite saying: Nol You got to be kidding me. Usually found with: Phil, Kim M. Rocky, Kim F. Lori, Tracy Oxy, Chew-me, Shelly. Charlotte. Favorite Memories: Fesh, Year, Oxy, Y-T, New Years Eve " 78” Bicentennial Weekend, Weekends down the cape, Prom night, Summer of " 78” Patriots game Oct. 7, " 78” Taking pictures with KM C.H. with Santa, Ambition: To be Successful in whatever I do, Favorite past time, bike riding, working (ha ha) Anything else you’d like to say: Char — 5 Damn you McStayl Donna Batog Linda Lane Nickname Batog, Saying: What? Yeh? Found with: Sue, Bernie, Jackie, Tarta, Sorce, Wegal, Buch, Bobby, Memories: S.C.’s Gig, Sept, 22, " 78” May " 79”, Quincy Bus Trip with Haggy, " 77” Field Hockey Season, Ambition To get the Most out of life. Interests: Softball 1,2, Field Hockey 2,3, Fine print 3, Past time: Roaming the halls Without a pass, Cruising in " the van” submarine races, dislikes: passes, lunches, likes 2:10 dean enrichment. Gym office, field house, English Courses, Special Thanks to Miss Hepburn, Also Goodbye Ms. Baca (Midget) Sv?:- Monique Bernier 76 Cottage St. Franklin Peter J. Bertone 37 Everett St. Nickname: " Hypo”. Favorite saying. I’m Going to marry that Woman, Usually found with George, Rocco, Jerry, Jamei, Mike, Tony, Ricky, Oxy, Gent Maybe, Risty, Archer, Vinny, Razz, Murph, Bruno, Erick Hagen, Stubby. Favorite Memories: Oskey Gigs, The strike, the blizzard of " 78” Toga’s Bonfire, O.A. Hockey game. My birthday at Rocco’s Gent the M.W., Moon’s at Almacs, Springsteen Concert., Ambition: To meet John Belushi in person, Likes: the Prom. Disliked: the day after, Good Luck to our Class, we’ll need itl Rita Bertone 69 East St. Favorite Saying: Yeh, Mick Jagger, Usually Found With: Everyone, Favorite Memories: Summer " 75 " December 16, " 76 " September 10, " 75” Jr. Prom Ambition: To become a hairdresser or singer Adrivities: D.E. 1,2,Vice president of F,H,A, Favorite Past time partying, dancing, singing, Likes: lunches, dislikes: passes, teachers in the hall, Anything else you’s like to say: Good luck to the class of " 79” Cheryl Besterfield III Fisher Street Snookums. " Oh my God” " Ya really”. Found with: Linda, Candy, Leslie, Rene. Memories: Summer 18 with Paul, David, Anne, Dianei Mr. Chellotti’s psychology class: Freedom Jam ’78. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Science Club 2i Chorus l,2i Library Aide l,2i Past-time: going up to the trailer, sitting in study with everyone, causing trouble. Dislikes: People who think they’re better than anyone else. Anything else: my 4 years at Franklin High have been fun, but I’m sort of glad it’s over. 20 Leslie Beach 744 Wahington St. Nickname: Bumhead, Saying: I can really relate to that, Usually found with: Rene, Candy, Linda. Cheryl, neighborhood wall sitters, party people, Tony, Memories: the goat purgatory chasm, March " 75” the Pontiac, Blackstone Valley Tech from " 78” Teachers strike, Martha’s Vinyard, Freedom Jam, Bicentennial Carnival S fireworks, Ambition: to be successful, interests: chess club, school paper, favorite pasttime: causing trouble, getting in tune with the cosmic forces, hassling faculty. Party Hearty, It’s been nice knowing you Kev. Sean Beatrice II Bullukian Drive Franklin Cathy Begin 265 Daniels St. Usually found with: Shelly. Joanne, Cheri, Denise, Cindy, Carmella, Cheryl, Kim, Favorite Memories: Oxy at the Prom, Martha’s Vinyard, concerts, the Cape weekend at B.C. Mt. climbing and parties. Ambition: to go to college, and to be happy in whatever I do. Activities: Class secretary 1,2s Field Hockey 1,2,3; softball 1,2; Dean Enrichment; Likes: Most of the teachers, early dismissal. Dislikes: passes, and the system. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck everyone!! Therese A. Berardi 98 Pine St. Nickname: Berachi, saying: Just give me five more minutes, found with: Foley, Foug, Thack, Teri G. Daven M. Sip, Heidi H., Memories, Summer of " 78” OEA trip to Michigan. Ambition: To be a successful medical secretary, Interests: O.E.A., Drama Club, Latin Club, Dancing, Partying, dislikes: hall passes and homework, anything else you’d like to say: I didn’t realize how great high school could be until my junior year and I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it until my senior year. James Bissanti James Blanchard 215 Jordan Rd. 570 Pond Street Franklin Nickname: Blanch. Stubby, Fav. Saying: Spare . . . Usually found with: Hag. Drisk, Al, CA, Carl, Ticco and the corner members. Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Strike, Roccos parties, toga party and my kegga. Ambition: to become rich. Favorite Past-time: Hooching and Driving. 21 Barbara Brady 9 Midland Ave’ Nickname: Brady, Saying: I’m so afraid of you guy’s, Found with: Carbone, Michele, Judi, Lisa, Dede, Jeri, Kim, Sharon, P.O. Perkins, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Rocco ' s parties, Sammy’s Keg party, Toga, 9 23 78, (the night of the attack,) busting the Big F. in 6th study. Summer ’78, ELO Concert, H.S. Parking lot, MT. Monadnock, Ambition: to be a nurse of physical therapists, Pastime: National Flonor Society, Cheerleading, Spring Track, Yearbook, getting bead up right Mitch? Likes: all the good times, P.O.Perkins lets fantasize. James Brunelli 44 Everett St. Nickname: Buna, Jimmy, Boring Saying: " Yawn” Found with: Donna, Hypo, Gent, Maybe, Jerry, George, Rocco, Robbie. Memories: Feb. 4.1977 (MW) Horseneck Beach ’77, Toga Party ’78, Oskey’s July 19,1978, Hypo’s Birthday Party’77, North game ’77, strike. Ambition: to make money Interests: football 1,2,3,4, Weight lifting 1,2.3,4, Corner 1,2,3,4, Likes: football, standing at the corner between classes. Dislikes: Plastics, Miss Baca, anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to all my friends in whatever they do. Patience Branscomb 16 Flynn Rd. Usually found with: Mary, Dawn, Debbie. Ambition: to become a doctor Activities or Interests: President of Latin Club, member of the Honor Society, J.V. Cheerleader - 2 years, captain - I year, Jr. Miss, Presidential Physical Fitness Award, member of the Jordan Marsh Teen Board, member of the Exec. Board of the E. Mass. Assoc. Of Nat. Honor Societies. Likes: The dedicated faculty- Special thanks to Mrs. Menize, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Kenny, Like to say: Best of luck to the Class of ’79 and may their futures be happy and fulfilling ones. Karen Lynn Bray 33 Southgate Rd. Nickname: Baron, found with: O ' H Stephanie, Cheryl, Cathy, Melissa, Memories: Going out to lunch. Ambition: to get out of Franklin and Travel. Maureen Breen 135 Longhill Rd. Nickname: Moe. Favorite Saying: ”1 can’t take this anymorePUsually found with: Dil, Eileen, Gabi, Holly, Janet, Kelley, Marie, Margaret, Michelle, Linda, Sandy, Sue, Tammy, Wendy, X-country team. Fav. Memories: Junior Year. X-country meets, math meets, football games, driver corner, Washing¬ ton D.C. Ambition: to be satisfied with myself. Activities or Interests: Band 1,2,3,4: Math Club 3,4: Cross Country 4: NHS: Yearbook Staff, Outing Club, playing the oboe. Likes: Most teachers. Dislikes: the leaky roof. Earle Buchanan 41 Mill St. Nickname: Chipper, Saying: Do Ba Do a Dobie, Found with: Doba Bubbzy, Hewesy, Jody, Memories: Giels concert 7 21 78, Down the cape, Ambition: to make good money. Interests: Wood 1,2,3,4, Metals, 1,2,3, auto. Pastime: Doing birds in stucy killer coner, Dislikes: passes, anything else you’d like to say: later F.H.S. Sue Buckley 66 Beech Street Nickname: Sip. Fav. Saying: So, How’s it goingl? Can I have a sip? Found with: Jean, Foley, Teri, Howie, Thack and the gang. Favorite Memories: Bob Seger ’78, Summer of ’78. Bruce Springstein ’78, The Cars With Rabbit. My birthday gig. Ambition: To be happy. Interests: Horseback riding, canoeing, parties, and concerts. Judy Buckman 35 Alpine Place Franklin 22 Lori Bremner 354 Pleasant St. Nickname: Brem., Found with: Locker Room Gang, Memories: Basketball, Queen, Peter Frampton, Boston. Steve Martin concerts. Mount Chacora, Interests: Basketball, Tennis. Likes: Basketball. Tennis, Teachers. Dislikes: lunches, passes, foot fire, sprints. David M. Brennan 127 Summer St. Nickname: George, Usually found with: John, Mike, Pete, Lou, Fran, Bizzo, Bob, Semolina Pilchard, Favorite Memories: Rough country, T-shirt night, sheet night, Oskey 78, camping in N.H., Favorite Pastime: Drawing, Driving. Eugene Brennick 46 South St. Nickname: Uge, Saying: party on. Found with: " Down south st.,” Memories: partying down Long John’s and going up to Vermont, Ambition: To travel around the world. Interests: writing. Likes: writing and going new places, Anything else you’d like to say: Its been a long time coming. Deborah E. Brosz 987 West Central Street Nickname: Deb. Favorite Saying: So whatll don’t carel Usually found with: Bonnie, Karen, Andy, Don, Mary, Donna, Mike or Paula. Favorite Memories: Freedom Jam, Mr. Johnston ' s cookout, the streakers, walkout, teacher’s strike. Ambition: to become a legal secretary’ Interests: drawing, write poems reading Likes: Competitive spirit of F.H.S. Dislikes: supervised study. Anything else you’d like to say: It was fun but I’m glad its over. Julie Buffone 78 Dean Street Nickname: Buffy. Favorite Saying: Guess what I did? Usually found with: Denise, Deb, Mary Ellen, Beth, Aprile. Brady, Carbone, Judy, Granted, and " The ! Girls” Fav. Memories: Summer ’78, i (Cape CodSunset Lane), swingset, beach. Senior Breakfast, Christmas Party ’77, Falmouth Track meets, Class : Trips, Football games. Boston. Ambition: ; college. Activities: Pep Club. I, Newspaper 2, Spring Track 1-4, National i Honor Society, Prom Comm., O.E.A., | Drivers Ed.. YMCA, CYO, Likes: kids in school and social events. " Good luck to the Class of ’791 Eugenia Burchill 3 Brookfield Rd. Nickname: Jeanne. Saying: Flow excel¬ lent, Found with: Lori, Carol, Karen, Nancy, Caren, Tara, Kathy, Cindy, Favorite Memories: trip to Romania ’77, Barry Manilow concert, football games, trip to Boston, Ambition: to travel around the World. Interests: National Honor Society, Student Council, Varsity Basketball. Prom Committee, CYO office, CYO basketball, Ski club. Working at Flit or Miss, Likes: Miss Hepburn’s English Class. Dislikes: passes. Robert Bush 8 George Rd. Nickname: Bubushka. Usually found with: Terri Smaltz or the soccer team. Favorite Memories: ’77 ' IS Soccer seasons. Ambition: to dive in the Olympics. Activities or Interests: Diving, soccer, weightlifting, and reading. Favorite Pastime: Diving, reading, Dislikes: lunches are to small and aren’t very good. Tracey Calabrese 109 Highland St. Nickname: Tray. Saying: Really. Found with: Bonesy, Lisa, Rita, Memories: May ' IS. down the cape w Lisa, Joann, Cathie, Donna, Dede. Ambition; To be a secretary, Past time: Summer of ’76. Likes: not much. Dislikes: alot (everyth¬ ing) anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to the Class of ’79. 23 Nancy Calderone 140 Longhill Rd. Blansky, " So weird”. Found W Caren, Murph, Flousie, Esther, Granted, Keville, Donna, Dawn, Cindy, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem. Esther’s sleep over parties, shaving cream fights. Trip to Boston, Ski-trip. Chinese red-lights, Sammy’s keg party, senior breakfast. Amb. To be HAPPY!! Act.: Spring Track Manager 1,2; Student Council Pres. 2,3 Yearbook Staff-, Prom Committee; Tennis. Fav. Past: Being with friends. " Caren: Let’s go see bugs ok ?!! Kirk Callow I Green Street " Hello!” Found w Franklin Kin Folks. Fav. Mem. Bob Seger 78, Summer of ’78 and future summers. Amb: To be overly successful in life. Act: I’m usually found playing my guitar or listening to music. Various parties. Past Time: Listening to various Rock Bands. Dislikes: Franklin High Because it has no open campus. " Good luck to all” David Capezza 14 Short Street Dave. Found W Al Caradona and John Marino. Fav. Mem.: Going to E.C.A.C. championship of Providence College and U.R.I. at Providence Civic Center. Amb: I hope to attend Providence College for Business Administration. Act: Baseball, basket¬ ball, football, music, working Rico’s. Likes: the course selections that were offered at F.H.S. " You have to put all our and have a motivated personality if you want to achieve your desired goals. 24 Al Caradonna 10 Sargent Lane Wolfman. Found W David. Richard. Toby. Fav. Mem. Going to Florida in March Vacation. Rocky Point Field Trip in ' 77. Amb: Go to college. Make a lot of money. Act: Going to movies, playing sports in neighborhood. Working at Rico ' s. Fav. Pasttime: Summer vacation, going to Soxs games, Florida ' 78 Likes: Gym at F.H.S-, Dislikes: Passes, some of the teachers. " It has been a long 4 years and I’m glad I’m out.” Donna Carbone 25 Oak Street Ext. Carbone. Found W Mousie, Barbara, Debbie, Chris, Brady, Leslie, Buffy, MaryEllen, Sue, Deb. Fav. Mem: Cheering, E.L.O. 5’5’78, Jr. and Sen. Year, Sammy’s, toga, sen. banquet, Amb. to go to U-Mass. Act: J.V. Cheerleading. Varsity Cheerleading. Spring Track, Prom Committee, O.E.A. Pep Club. Likes: Kids and study. " S.A.L.P.B.B. J.L. and J.M. How’s it feel to be a reject? Carol M. Cardullo 15 Sunset Road Mimi, Dullo. " lt’s happening again” Found W Sue M., Leanne. Lisa. Jackie, Traci, Lani, Mitch and the girls. Fav. Mem: 7 1 78, Buckmobile, Weekends up Grove. Bright Hills, Sammy’s Keg. March Vacation, Senior Breakfast, Amb: Be involved in the field of Chemistry. Act: National Honor Society 3,4; French Club 3; Prom Committee; Newspaper; Skat¬ ing. Past.- Partying with senior girls, shopping. Like: Donuts, People. Dislikes: Creased Levis, teacher who aren ' t absent. " Best of luck to the Class of ’79 and I hope to see everyone at the 5th reunion”. Danny Cameron 104 Glen Meadow Rd. Bubbzy. " What’s Up”. Found W I Chip, Doba, Mark, Highsie, Red, and the rest of the gang. Mem: Labor Day weekend down the Cape. Amb: To become a disc jockey. Act: Going to concerts, music, driving, and a good iparty! Past: Being w friends or listening to music. Dislikes: Sitting is study. " Good luck to all in the class of ’79 Richard Cameron Id Forest St. Rick. " I ' m only kidding”. Found w Johnny, Moose and Eddie. Fav Mem. Trip to Newport Mansions, D.E. classes and Store. Amb: Areo-dynamic mechan¬ ic. Act: Karate, Bow hunting. Past time: Concerts, keg parties, cruising in my mustang. Likes: Most of teachers at F.H.S. " Glad I made it thru my last four years” Theresa Campanella 33 Anthony Road Tree. Found W Faye, Debbie, Cathy, Steph, Rita. Fav. Mem.: Summer of ’76. Dislikes: Teachers, Roaming the halls. " Let the good times Roll!” John Campbell 7 Acorn Place Nickname: Soup. Usually Found with: Dave, Jim, Lou, Pete. Dennis. Shep, Mike. Favorite Memories: Junior Prom, last summer, times at work, hockey games at the pond. Ambition: to become successful at what I like to do. Interests: hockey, Saturday night live, driving. Dislikes: passes homer¬ oom, gym and lunch. Likes: I.A. Classes and Fridays. Anthony Carlucci 358 Union Street Tony. " Really”. Found W Corner Gang. Fav. Mem: Jr. Prom and the day after, Springstein Concert. Amb: To further my education. Act: Baseball . I,2,3,4i Football 1,2,3j Corner 1,2,3,4. Likes: Leaving early. Dislike: Getting | caught. Theresa Carlucci 510 Union St. Nickname: Terry. Favorite Saying: " Really!”, " Excellent!”. Usually found with: Judy, Nancy, Sue, Rosemary, Amy, and Linda. Favorite Memories: Senior Break¬ fast, Mr. Monadnock, Senior Banquet, 4 27 78, Summer ’78. Ambition: to become an accountant, to be happy, and to make other people happy. Activities: O.E.A., Italian Club, Yearbook. Likes: the people, and Senior year. Dislikes: term papers. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to the class of ’79. Denise Caso 5 Linda Lane " Fli Man”. Found W Beave, Shelley, Cathy, Cheryl, Lori. Fav. Mem: 12 10 77. Police Station w Cheryl. Blizzard of ’78. Aerosmith, Outlaws, Rocky Point. Amb: For my initials to become DER. Act: Partying an d going out with my friends. Likes: leaving school without getting caught. Dislikes: Some teachers. " Good-bye” and good luck Class of ' 79 you too Cheryl and if you can’t be good — be careful. Caren Cataldo 572 Pleasant St. Nickname: Cataldo (Cat) Fav. Say: " so weird”. Found w Nancy Murph, Granted, Cindy, Flousie, Esther, Keville, Dawn Barbara, Donna and rest of gang. Fav. Mem: Esther’s summer party, summer of 76, Junior Prom, shaving cream fights, Ambition: to be a dietician and stay FIAPPY. Activities: Student Council (V.P.), Yearbook staff, prom committee, tennis honor society. Track mgr. 25 Donald Cauble 73 Pine Ridge Drive Usually found with: Sheryl, Scott Loreen, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, December ' 76-’77, Newport, First Car. Ambition: to be successful at whatever I do. Activities or Interests: Working on cars. Baseball, Fishing, Karate, Being with Sheryl, Friday nights. Anything else you’d like to say: I wish the best for the class of " 79”. Stephen Chabot 897 Lincoln St. Nickname: Steve Deborah Chalmers 19 Brushwood Hill Nickname: Debbie. Fav. Say: " What ' s new?” Found with: Lisa, Rosellyn, Donna, Patience, Dawn, Sue, and everyone who is friendly! Fav. Memories: Teacher’s strike. Chemistry Lab, Cheerleading, finger painting, 4th of July weekend, blizzard of ’78. Ambition: To be happy and the best at whatever I choose to do. Activities or Interests: Honor Society, Varsity Hockey Cheerleading, O.E.A., yearbook staff, swimming, writing, and being with friends. Likes Dislikes: Likes ? Teachers and people in general. Dislikes: Lunches, passes, final exams, and a few people who think too much of themselves. Anything else: Remember anything worthwhile, like school isn’t supposed to be easy! Good luck to everyone! Sherrie Chaput 176 Glen Meadow Rd. Nickname: Shortput. Fav. Say : And we all had a real good time. Found with: Gail, Dave, Tony, Lynne, Ann, Margo, Kathy, Maryellen, and everyone. Fav. Memories: Labor Day Weekend, Down Dennis Port Rest area. Bourne Scenic Park. Ambition: to further my education. Activities: going to concerts, partying, camping, having a good time. Fav. Past-time: going on the trip to New Hampshire. Dislikes: the rules they treat you like you are babies. Likes: Mr. Chelotti. Anything else: glad to be leaving this school. Good luck new comers. Albert Christensen 58 Anchorage Road Nickname: Albaaart. Found with: most any cool kid. Fav. Memories: are all the happenings in high school seen and heard. Ambition: Be successful at trade school. Activities or Interests: Work Girls or Girls Work. Fav. Past time: leaving school and not being able to make it back for one reason or another. 26 Carmella Ciampa 23 James St. Usually found with: Cathy Lynda. Julie, Maxine, Jane. Favorite Memories: kinks, Martha’s Vineyard, Bob Seger, Mt. Monadnock. Ambition: Travel around the world. Favorite Past-Time: Going out with friends, partying. Dislikes: How some teachers treat students like they are babysitting them and not just being their teacher. Anything else you’d like to say: Good bye and good luck to all. Lori Cirella 24 Sunset Road Usually found with: Pam. Shelley. Linda, Denise. Cheryl. Diane. Cathy, Beth, Sue. Fay. Mem: Jr. Prom ' 78. Beg in s Party, Blizzard ’78. Concerts, parking lot, teacher’s strike. Graduation, Senior Breakfast. Sr. Banquet. Ambition: To go to college and to be a success in life. Activities or Interests: Softball 1.2! Partying with my friends, sleeping after school, going to football and hockey games, weekends. Likes Freshman- Senior Years. Dislike Monday mornings, passes. Teachers who are never absent. Mary Grace Cleland 382 Pond Street Nickname: " MG”. Marybeth. Fav. Say: Excellent. Found with: Patience, Joan, Margaret. Nancy. Diane, and the lockerroom gang. Fav. Memories: E-Mass Soccer tournament 1977, Fieldhockey ' 77 £ ’78, Summer and Fall of ’78. Ambition: To be successful. Activities or Interests: J.V. Basketball 2i Mgr. Basketball 3.4! JV Softball 2i Mgr. Softball 3,4-, Field hockey Mgr. 3i V. Fieldhockey 4. Likes Dislikes: Likes: Studies. Dislikes: cafeteria food and classes. Anything else: thanks to all my teachers and special thanks to Miss Richards. Coach Bonollo. Mrs. Menize, and Mrs. Smith. Timothy R. Charest 1325 Pond Street Nickname: Chick. Found with: Stone, Sammy, Albert, Crow, Mizer, Tommy, Swanny, Kevin, Wayne and the Oz. Fav. Memories: Summer of ' 76, Sammy’s Keg Party ' 78, ’79, Soccer and Baseball games. Weekends, Bright Hills, Senior year, Stone’s Cellar, Splittin from the blue when Crow got chased by 7 cops and 3 towns, teachers’ strike. Ambition: To find that one person and be happyl Activities or Interests: Baseball 1-4, Soccer 1-4, National Flonor Society 3-4, Beer 1-4. Likes Dislikes: The Pride of FHS. Anything else: Tommy how long is it? 42 Alpine Place ( Favorite Saying: " And we all had a re al good time”. Usually found with: Tony, Cook, Ziggy.Germ, Michelle, Rona, Frazier, Sherrie, Frenchie, Debby, Foley, Friends. Favorite Memories: Times down the Cape, Concerts, Summer ’76-’78, Mt. Monadnock " 77, N.H. ’78, Moon . Partys, Debby Terri’s apartment. Barry’s Flalloween, Christmas Eve ’77, Common, Library, Glouster ’78. Ambition: to live long, happy life. Anything else to say: I couldn’t hack another year. i William A. Chirgwin 397 Brenda Lane Bill. " Gimme a break” " Let’s get a keg”. Found with: Walter, Pud, Hilt. Mace, Zit, J.P., Rogues, O’B. Memories: Friday nights, Blizzard of ’IS, Road rally ’78, M.B.K.’s B.S. stories, Madame Smith’s Christmas Bash, Milford Football game, golf matches, Ski Team, Flockey Beaver Ffunting., Ambition: Electrical engineer. Activities: Ski team, golf team, newspaper, NFIS, B.S’n at Mace’s locker, frisbee in the library. Likes: Smitty, Library, 2:10, the library’s waterfall. Anything else: If you can’t dazzle them with your good looks, baffle them with your B.S. Paula Chmielinski Jordan Road Nickname: Chipmunk. Usually found with: Bonnie Pulver, Karen D., Steven Pineo, Debbie Broze, and Donna Dube. Ambition: Food Service. Favorite Past-Time: Reading, Grange and Cooking. Cheryl Chretien 151 King St. Nickname: Smiley. Favorite Saying: No Way! Usually found with: Marsha, Maria, Antionette. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Summer ' 78 and ’78 school year. Prom. Activities or Interests: Tennis, Going Out, Flaving a good time. Favorite Past-Time: Partying, read¬ ing, pointing. Dislikes: all the snobs. Anything else you’d like to say: Good Luck to all graduates of ' 19. Raylene Anne Collins 102 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Ray. Found with: Jerri, Lisa. Just everyone especially Jack D. Fav. Memories: Tony’s Cottage (4 15 78), Strike, Rocco’s party, Summer of ' ll. Spend with Jack, The Farm. Ambition: to become a cosmotologist, or writer. Activities or Interests: Track 2. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes: lunches, 4 min. between classes and plastic people. Likes my friends. Anything else: Jerri, all those times you said you were sleeping over to my house, where were you? Good luck to the class of 19801 Stephanie A. Collins 102 Conlyn Ave. Nickname: Steph. Fav. Say.: Ya know. Found with: Pam, Karen, Paula, and Cathy. Fav. Memories: Going to the House of Pizza 5th period. Ambition: to travel. Fav. Past-time: Bugging Mr. Gormley. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes: passes for halls. Likes the 2:10 bell. Anything else: See ya lata everyonel Holly J. Colt 33 Cross St. Fav. Saying: Yessuh, Nossuh. Found with: All those guys. Fav. Mem.: going out with friends and having a good time, going out with David, trip to Canada. Ambition: to get everything out of life. Activities or Interests: J.V. softball 1,2: J.V. fieldhockey 2,3: V. field hockey 4 spring track, 3,4: CYO, CYO basketball. F.H.S. Bowling Team 2. Likes: honesty in a person. Dislikes: phony people. Anything Else: I think people shouldn ' t ever give up, if a person wants something bad enough, they can wait for it. 27 Diane Conlon 2 Betten Court Zonk Fav. saying: What’s up? Found with: Bernie, Soce, Janet, Jackie, Donna, Buch, Beth, Sue and the rest of the gang. Fav. mem.: Fleetwood Mac, Queen concerts, Field Hockey ’77, Summer Gigs Basketball camp. Activities: Field Hockey 1-4. Basket¬ ball, Softball. Likes: the sports Dis- likes: Passes. Anything else? Thanks to Ms. Baca. Bernadette Corbett 803 Lincon Street Bernie Fav. saying: Later Found with: the locker room gang. Fav. mem. 77-78 field hockey " we are the champions” Strike 77 sleeping in J. H. shed. Ambitions: To be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4, Softball I, 2, 3,4, Track I Jocking out, Visiting Quinlans office, partying with friends, leaving school grounds. Likes: Coach Bonollo Mrs. Rhodes. Anything else? THANKYOU to Mr. Bonollo, and good luck to the class of ’79. Richard Corsini 5 Tyson Road Corka. Usually found with: Chiper. Doba, Hughes. Favorite Memories: Camping in the white mountains an d in Maine. Ambition: Graphic Arts. Activities or Interests: Graphics, Winter track team. Dislikes: Lunches. Anything Else You’d like to say? I’m glad to be out!!! Dorothy Nancy Croke 3 Riling Ridge Rd. Dee Dee. Found with: Everyone. Fav. mem.: All the good times I had at F.H.S. Ambition to work in the airlines. Activities: Cheerleading, gymnastics. All the good parties we had martion — I Troylll Anything else? See Ya Laterl Paul B. Crowely 2 Joval Court CROW Fav. saying: It’s UNREAL Found with: Jan, Karen, Laurie, Happy. Janet, Sharon, Wayne, Tommy, Mizer, Stone. Sammy. Fav. mem,: Teachers Strike, Sammy’s Parties. Cobies Parties, Junior year-Senior year, weekends, summers. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Captain 4 Likes most of the kids and most of the teachers dis¬ likes the rest of the kids and the rest of the teachers. Anything else? One day . . . HBF Chris Cummings 109 Rothellen Road Bellingham 28 Sean P. Corey 4 Besso Street Nickname: Scorey, Score Favorite I Saying: Unreal, You ' ve copped. : Usually Found With: Lori . . . , I Wayne, Terry, B.K., Dave. Favorite i Memories: Summer of ' 78, Ireland ' 78, Austria ' 79, State Ski Meet ' 78 3 6 78. Ambition: To Be very successful, to last 5 years with L.R. Activities or Interests: Winter Track I, Spring Track I, Soccer 2,3, Soccer mgr. 4, Ski Team 3,4, Golf 2,3,4, Computer Club 3,4, " Lori” Jane M. Cornetta 48 King Street Nickname: Janie, Favorite saying: Oh my Usually found with Jim, Amy, Mark, Joan, Donna R. Donna FI., Laurie, and the Star Market Gang. Favorite memories: 9 21 73, Summer of ' 74, Dec. ' 76, 10 9 77, 6 6 78 M.T. Ambition: Full¬ time job then later go into Accounting. Activities: Chorus 3 yrs.. Secretary, H.S. Drill team 3 yrs. Rifle rifle captain OEA, year book, CYO. Working at Star Market, Cruising. Likes Dislikesi Likes Mr. Parmenter’s Ecology class, Mr. McCall, Dislikes. Lack of freedom. Anything else? Lotsa luck and happiness to the class of " 79”. Joseph Cornetta 12 Winter Street Nickname: Joe Favorite saying " Come on!” Usually found with: Jim, Gary, Kenny, Marty, Chuck, Kenny, Steve, Barbara, Donna, Billy Favorite Memor¬ ies: Banquets, Dances, Teacher’s Strike Ambition: Veterinarian Activities or interests: Spanish club. Cathy Corsini 5 Tyson Road Little Corka What do you want? Fav. Mem. Friday and Saturday nights, everywhere and Camping. The MOON. Usually found with: Joe, Pam, Kennt, Denese, Paul, Jimmy, Tina, Loreen and Scott. Ambition: To make it Paul Cunningham 47 Pine Street Cunningham Fav. saying: Where we going now? Found with: Sully, Drake. Foie, Fuge, Fool, and Sue. Fav. mem. Mr. Manadnock. Ambition: To graduat e. Judy Curran 270 Country Way Jude Fav. saying: Only Kiddin’. Found with.- Mike. Jodie, Weft, Pam, Weed, Sandra, Lynne. Fav. mem.: Summer ’78, Winter ’77, Eagle Rock Symme’s field. Freshman class trip. Ambition: Go to a concert. Interests) Art, tunes, Mike, Track-1, Weekends are the best. Spending time with Mike, and being with my firends. Likes: Studies Dislikes: When my teachers are here. Anything else? Good luck to all you guys who finally made itll Mark Currier K)7 Coronation Drive Nickname: Crash Favorite Saying: What’s Flappening Usually Found With: Luke J., Steve G., Jack D., Jim Y., Favorite Memories: Playing Flockey in the Boston Garden against Billrica. Ambition: To work construction Activities or Interests: Captain of the Hockey team for two years. Hockey 1,2,3,4, Captain of the Varsity football team, football, 1.2.3,4, Michael J. Currier 566 Coronation Dr. " Mike” Fav. saying: what’s up? Found with: Barry, George, Hypo, Rocco, Jerry, Jamie, Judi, Michelle, Lisa, Jerri, " the corner” Fav. mem.: Prom, Toni’s cottage the next day. Con¬ certs with Barry, Rocco’s Parties, weekends with the guys. Grand Marshal, Senior 78-79, Football senior year. Ambition: College Activities: Football 1-4. Winter track 1-4, Spring track I, Class President 2,3,4,. Listening to Dan Fogleberg, Standing in the hall between classes. I like the sports at F.H.S. ( j 29 Pauline Dacko 3 Hawthorne Drive " Yeah, surel” Found with Diane, Lisa, Denise, Favorite Memories: Junior and Senior years, Freshman and Sophomore class trip. Ambition: To be successful at whatever I decide to do. Activities or Interests: Track, Tennis, Art. Likes: the variety of classes to choose from. Dislikes: four minutes between classes. Anything else: Good Luck to the Class of ' 79. Louis DeAngdis 61 King Street Lou. Found with George, Pete, Bizzo, John, Bob. Memories: going rough country with Bizzo, lunch at McDon¬ alds, T-Shirt night. Sheet night. Chuck Berry and Cars concerts, going out Friday and Saturday nights. Activities: going to concerts. Favorite Past-time: Playing guitar. Jack Daddario 20 Marvin Avenue Superman. Usually Found With: Fuzz, Mark, Luke, Bobby, Ed, Raylene. Favorite Memories: Saturday night keggers, Tony’s cottage, playing the Thanksgiv¬ ing games (football), going out with Raylene, going down the parking lots at night. Ambition: To be 6’2 before I’m 20i to be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,4. Past-time: Busting Genoa, Taking Cerella out for 5 weeks. Dislikes: No time between classes, too much homework, all the V’s in my class. Anything else.- God Bless the Class of ’79. Richard A. Daley 453 Dailey Drive Mizer. Found with: Chick, Crow, Swanny, Kevin, Stone, Wayne, Tommy, Rob, Tim. Memories: Winning Norfolk League Championship in soccer ’78, BU Tournament, Summer ’77, Sammy’s Keg, Teachers’ Strike. Ambition: To go to college. Activities or Interests: Soccer 2,3,4, Winter Track I, Baseball 2,3,4 Peter D’Amelio 194 Wachusett Street Pete Found with: Lou, Bizzo, George, Bob, Ariel, Campbell, and Jim. Favorite Memories: T-Shirt night. Sheet night, Christmas night. Blizzard of ’78, Steve Martin, Beatle fest and going rough country with Bizzo. Activities or Interests: Going to concerts, collecting albums. Concert Band. Favorite Past-time: Going out on Friday and Saturday nights. Denise I. Degnim 8 Eldon Drive Nickname.- Deg, Degga, Favorite Saying: Se mi, Basically Found With: Julie, Beth, MaryEllen, Debbie, Judi, and the gang. Favorite Memories: Leo’s party. Cape " 78”, Senior banquet, Beth’s Christmas party, Dennisport, N.H. ’78, Maine ’78, Dean, rollerskating, KCL-4:30 a.m. Ambition: to go to college. Activities: Spring Track, Winter Track, pep club. Prom committee, cheerleading manager. Driver Ed. Scooping Ice cream, tall grass (huh, Beth) Likes: weekends, summer. David L. Dempsey 38 Southgate Rd. Nickname: Demps, Rudy Favorite Saying: Jerry, what are you doing tonight? Found with: George, Razz, Gent, Vinny, Jerry, Arch, Rocco. and the gang at the corner Favorite Memories: Teachers’ Strike. Toga party, end of school, Sig ' 77, Rocco’s first gig, sixth period study, double sessions, B.G. hockey, concerts Ambition: to be successful at what I do Activities or Interests: Football 1.2,3,4, Skiing I.2.3.4. Baseball 1,2, Band 1,2,3,4 Weightlifting 3.4, Yearbook 4, Corner Activities l,2,3,4 Charles Dellac ona 616 Pleasant Street Nickname: Charly 30 George Anthony Danello 77 Lewis Street Nickname.- " D”. Saying: Give him a dime, W.F.C. Found with: Rocco, Peter, Jerry, Jamie, Razz, Vinny Mike, Murph, Lisa, Jerri, Judy. Memories: Strike, Rocco’s Parties, Murph’s Toga, Springstein, Seger, Ambition: To be very successful.Ac- tivities: Football 1,2,3.4, Baseball 1,2,3, Weightlifting 1,2,3,4, Prom Commit¬ tee. Past-time: playing football, going out with the guys, Busting. Dislikes: Homework, Potato Head. Anything else: My 4 yrs. at FHS were the best 4 yrs. of my life. Donald Davis Jordan Road Michelle Davis I Stewart Street Found with Kathy F., Toni C., Shettie C., Lynne C., Memories: Labor Day weekend at rest area down Cape Cod, Parties down the moon where you knew everyone and they were all excellent people. Ambition: to get out of Franklin, and be someone. Favorite Past-time: getting out of the house, finding ways of getting out of doing things I’m supposed to do. Dislikes.- M.B., J.O., and J. N. Anything else: Yal girls, you’re not beautifull Give up. See you around. Class of ’79 Barbara Jean Dayian 157 Maple Street Barb. Favorite Saying: What’s new? Found with: Dawn, Cataldo, Granted, Esther, " K.B.”, Murph, Nancy, Donna, Deb, Judi, Cindy, Carbone, Frenchie. Memories: Esther’s summer parties, Sammy’s party, Senior Breakfast, being with my friends, getting surprises from " Cat.” Ambition: to be a secretary. Activities or Interests: Pep Club-1, Prom Committee, Year¬ book Staff, President of O.E.A., Student Council. Francine Patricia Denommee 469 Lincoln Street Favorite Saying: I’m so excited. Found With: Martha, Debbie, the ’guys” from Rico’s, and all my friends. Favorite Memories: 8 15 78, 9 15 78, Prom of 76, Jr. Miss, my first Pat’s game, my first day at Rico’s, meeting Carlo on the common. Ambition: Enter the field of Business man¬ agement. Favorite Past-time: talking, eating, horseback riding, bowling, skiing and dancing. Dislikes: warnings and report cards. Anything Else You’d Like to Say: Thanks to everyone for making my four years very enjoyable. 1 Duane Densmore 862 Washington Street Favorite Saying: A wild and crazy guy. Favorite Memories: OEA, DECA confer¬ ences. Ambition: Accountant Activities and Interests: OEA, DECA Martha Marie Denyer 33 Glen Meadows Rd. Nickname: Marthie, Beaut. Favorite Saying: Rotten Little Kid. Found With: Francine and the guys from Rico’s. Favorite Memories: Summer of ’78, Times w Ronnie, 8 15 78. 9 15 78. Picnics w Mike, Columbia, work at Rico’s, Jr. Miss. Ambition: College, live a long and happy life. Activities or Interests.- Student Council, Quill and Scroll, School Newspaper, Yearbook, Prom Committee. Dislikes: passes and classes. Likes: Teachers and Kids. Anything Else You’d Like To Say: Good Luck to all the kids in F.H.S. and good luck to the class of ’79. Karen DeRosier 21 Metcalf St. Nickname: Karencita. Found with: Bonnie, Paula. Steven, Debbie, Judy M., Judy H., Stets. Favorite Memor¬ ies: YLTS ’78-Freedom Jam, Blizzard of ’78, Oskey ’78, State Grange Talent Show, Toga party. Ambition: to be a LPN. Activities or Interests: Spanish club. Pep club, Franklin Grange, Norfolk Pomona Grange, dancing Favorite Pastime: dancing, playing tennis, reading. Dislikes: crowded halls. Likes: male teachers. Anything Else You’d Like To Sayi Good-bye F.H.S. 31 Michelle Desau lniers Robin Hood Lane Nickname: Wombat. Found with: Kelley, Marie. Maureen, Gabi. Diane and other very worthy etc. Favorite Memories: The day I lost my memory. Ambition: dabbling. Activities: Neponset Choral Society, Mirage, Math Club, F.C.C. Favorite Past-time: singing, listening to cats purr, playing the French horn, writing poetry. Likes: room B209. Dislikes: being sent to homeroom. Anything else? U snarl, Climb Mount Fuji, But slowly, slowly. Susan M. DiGiandomenico 84 Pine Ridge Drive " Mouse”, " D-JON”. Saying: Ya, surel Found With: Charlene, Bri, Rose, Amy, Joan. the Wild Crazy Girls. Favorite Memories: My Dad, Mark, Florida, Barry Manilow Concert, Summer of 77 78, Prom, Tennis, 68’ Camaro, Graduation, Senior Year, F.F.T. Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Colorguard 2,3, CYO, Oskey Kaleidoscope, Manager of Freshmen Football 4, Chess Team, Newspaper 3, Varsity Tennis. Anything Else; " There is only one success ... to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Diane Dilworth 276 Pond Street Nickname: Dil, Dilly. Found with: the gang. Memories: Mt. Monadnock, cross-country. Bonne Bell IOK, concerts, TO-GA to Milford, winning XC team title in ' 75, senior breakfast. Ambition: to run forever and to beat the system. Activities: cross-country 1-4, spring track 1-4, indoor track 1-4, Fine Print 3-4, ’79 yearbook, NHS, Quill Scroll. Likes: The people, especially those down the English department, art rooms, the jocks. Last words: Sir, you might not be such a bad guy after all. Elf lives! Gary Dobachesky 15 Tyson Road Nickname: Doba. Favorite Saying: What’s happening? Usually found with: Chipper, Bubs, and Husey. Favorite Memories: Parties in Franklin. Activities: cars and girls. Favorite Past-time: leaving school f early. Likes dislikesi There are some : good teachers and there are some ! bad ones. Robert Doyle 338 Newport Ave. Attleboro Ron Drake 31 Kathleen Drive Nickname: Drake. Favorite Saying: Got a bird? (Got a few birds?) Usually Found with: A bird in my hand, Sully, Cunningham the gang. Ambition: to become an artist. Activities: Art, girls, cars, parties, Favorite Memories: YES Concert, the kegs, parties, art, History-J.J. Anything else you’d like to say: I wish all the Junior class to have as many birds as I’ve had, or more. 32 Susan Doherty 13 George Road J Usually found with friends Favorite j! Memories: going to Lobster matches, . Florida Keys Disneyworld, Cape i| Cod, " Grease”, Provincetown, 1st period study. Activities: J.V. softball, I National Honor Society, V. Tennis, French Club President, C.Y.O. Likes: , school lunches, Dislikes: the inef¬ ficiency of the Administration of F.H.S. Anything else you’d like to say: The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Rick Donaldson Fred Donovan William Doran 7 Flynn Road 5 Gwynne Rd. 155 Beech Street Nickname: Steady Freddy. Found With: Huesy, Richy, Tom, Ken, Bob, Arte. Favorite memories: Partying down the Cape and Up New Hampshire. Ambition: To own my own business. Activities: Wrestling, Graphic Arts. Past-time: Motorcycling, cruising in my Camaro, going to concerts. Dislikes: Not being able to leave school when you want to. Paul Driscoll 126 Royal Ct. Nickname: Drisk. Favorite saying: Later Found With: Hag, Fic, Newt, Karl. Favorite Memories: The Strike. Sammy’s Gig. Ambition: To graduate. Activities: Sports. Dislikes of F.H.S.: Potato Head Thomas Driscoll 487 Pond Street Nickname: Tom. Favorite Saying: S.T.B. Usually Found With: Todd, Nacoma, Boo. Favorite Memories: I Forgot. Ambition: To write. Activities: Latin Club 2,3,4, ByD: 2, Speech Club 2 Donna Marie Dube Florence Street Nickname: " Good little Doobie” or " Doob”. Favorite Saying: BINGO! Usually found with: Terri, Donna, Marcia, Stetsy, Paula, Steven, Jay, Tim, Mike and the rest of the gang. Favorite Memories: Freedom Jam, Bon Fires, Franklin’s Bicentennial year and the Phantom Charter. Ambition: to become an actress-then a seamstress. Activi¬ ties: drama club, theatre arts, drill team, chorus, library aide. Grange, Phantom Charter, disco dancing, music, sewing, needlework, crocheting. I’ll miss you, FHS. There were many good times. Michael Dunn 845 Lincoln St. " Mike” Found With: Duame, Fran, Mike. Favorite Memories: Being on tennis team. O.E.A. Ambition: Accountant. Activities: Sports, mainly tennis. Favorite Past-time: playing sports. Likes Dislikes Of F.H.S.: No dislikes 33 Roberta Dunne 89 Pine Ridge Drive Nickname: Bert, Dert Buns, Fav. Say. " What do you want” Found w Jeff, Tammy, Chris, Sue and everyone else. Fav. Mem. 11 9 73, Summer of 76, ’77, 78. Harvey’s Senior year, Going to Timothy’s Two, Truro, Going to Salem State and Worcester, Ambition: To be successful and rich. Fav. Past-Time: Partying, Swimming, Playing football down Roger’s field. Likes- Supervised study. Dislikes- Stuck-up people. David Dupere 10 Haverstock Road Nickname: Albit. Fav. Say. " Who the hell do you think you are?” Found w Sammy, Chicky, Stone, Swanny, Crow, Miser, Emerrat. Fav. Mem. Fri. and Sat. nights. Junior Prom. Ambition: College or Air Force. Act: Skiing, tennis, swimming, partying. Fav. Past-time: Being w Holly Colt. Dislikes. Not being able to leave school when ever you want. " Barbara B. are you really 12th in the class?” Leslie Dupere 10 Haverstock Road Nickname: Les. Fav. Say: Oh jeezll Found w Dawn, Judy, Lisa, Jerri, Michele, Kim, Brady, Laurie, Chris, Sharon, corner gang. Fav. Mem. Junior Prom, Lisa’s 16th and 17th birthday, Sammy’s Keg Party, The Strike, Rocco’s gigs, Junior Miss, Seger Concert, Fish n’ Chips, The Rome Night, out w the girls. Cape Cod w Lisa, Sporting events. Ambition: To be a stewardess. Activities: Track, Kalieds- cope, Oskey Prom Comm. Hm. Rep. dancing, Act. comm. Likes meeting people. Dislikes: passes " This is true, Lisa WOP WOP” Faye Edwards 159 East Central Street Franklin Kim Feeley 40 East St. Fav. Say. Your Flashing. Found w everyone. Fav. Mem. Mt. Monad- nock. Jr. Prom, Partying w friends in Franklin, D.E. Conference 1977, Walking home from tbe moon w Paula. Boston concert w Buzzy. Ambition: To travel and fine a future. Act: Softball 1,2. D.E. 1,11. Partying. Fav. Past-time: Partying. Likes: The fact that this is my last year. Dislikes: Passes. " Good-bye, and see you never, Good Luck w the D.E. program Mr. Gray.” Marcia Ann Ficco 985 West Central Street Found w Mary L. Conna, Paula, Mary S. and the gang. Fav. Mem.: Winning the mayflower Championship, Summer of ’78 in the Rangerettes. Amb. To go into a field of cooking. Act: Rangerette Drill Team, Bowling, Cooking, Fav. past-time- Going to Friendlies with Mary. Likes: The people in the school. " Good luck to the Class of ’79.” Robert Ficco, Jr. 43 Highland St. Rico, Fic. Found w Oxy, Stubby, Drisk, Hag, Karl. Lweie, and corner members. Fav. Mem: Mt. Monadnock trips. Blizzard ' 78, Strike, Murph’s toga, Jamie’s Gig, Rocco’s Party. Amb: To graduate from college. Fav. Past-time: Listening to Music Chris Fitzgerald 444 Lincoln St. Nickname: Chris or Chrissy. Fav. Say, Come on. Found W Dennis W., Alice and Judy R., Diane W. av. Mem. Band Banquet ’78, Dances, Band Captain. Ambition: Business Receptionist. Act: Band. Football and Hockey F.H.S., Horses, being w my friends and Dennis W. Fav. Past-time: Racing horses. Music, Dennis W. Likes: I like some of the people. 34 Thomas E. Emery 65 Pond St. Nickname: Tommy , EmerRat. Fav. Say. " Unreal” Found w Captain Crow, Oz, Wayne, Rob, Wacky, Timmy, B.K. Chick Stone, Mizer and neighborhood girls. Fav. Mem. Party at my house. Crow getting chased by 7 cops, Jan’s party ’77 Sammy’s Keg partys The night I stole Waldo’s kegi Soccer ’78, Summer of ’78. Activities: Soccer 1-4, Wrestling 2, Riding motorcycle, drinking, graphic arts. Likes the people at FHS. " It has been UNREAL” Charlene Ellis 10 Lorden St. Fav. Say. " Excuse me”. Found w Brian, Sue, Amy, Joan, Tammy, and Karen. Fav. Mem. Summer of 78, Sept. 17,1978, Summer of ' ll, Barry Manilow Concert ’78. Ambition: To be a veterinary technologist. Act: man¬ ager of freshman football 3,4. Spring track 3,4. Jr. Miss Horseback riding. Archery, Brian. Likes: Study and Mr. Parmenters class. Dislikes: Lunches and tests. " Thanks to alot of people who helped me to get through my last two years in school. I wouldn ' t have nade it without you.” Jeff Ellsworth 16 Conlyn Avenue Usually found with: my friends. Fav. Memories: having a good time. Activi¬ ties or Interests: some sports, and driving around places. Likes-getting out early. Rita Falcone 94 Conlyn Avenue Reetz. " You’re kidding me”. Found w Tracy, Karen B. Lisa, Paula C. Tree C. Rita B. Pam P. Lisa M. Fav. Mem: Bob Seger Concert ’78, Parties up Industrial, Summer of ’77. Amb: To become a secretary. Past time: Kegs up Industrial. Dis: Passes and lunches. " Good luck to the Class of ’79. Joseph Fitzgerald 24 Shady Lane Franklin j Michael Fitzgerald 24 Shady Lane Franklin Doreen Flynn 130 Longhill Rd. Nickname: Dorsey. Fav. Say. No- ooooooll Found with: Everybody Fav. Mem. Teachers strike and blizzard of ' 78. Ambition: to make money and be successful. Fav. Past-time: Partying w the neighborhood. Likes: Sociable people, Dislikes: Unsociable people. " Good Luck to the Class of ’79. Theresa Foley 105 Pine Street Foie, Tree. " I wanna do a dooba” Hey babe’s what’s up! Found w Sip, Teri G. Thack, Howie, Foug, Heck, Teri B, and gang. Fav. Mem: Bruse Spring¬ steen 78, Bob Seger Kinks Yes, Summer of ’78 with Steve, Thack and friends. Going to keg parties. Cape w Steve. Amb: To be successful in whatever I do. Act: D.E.C.A. I and II, Pep Club, PARTYING. Hockey Games, Horseback riding. Likes: going to school to see friends. " I had a good time the last four years, it was probably the easiest of my life!” 35 Kathy Fraser 29 West Park Street Usually found with: Donna, Gail, Michelle, Sherie, Lynne, Laura, Deb. Favorite Memories: Weekends away from Franklim concerts; parties-, Summer 76-77. Ambition: get out of Franklin, travel all around. Favorite Memories: Last day of school; 2:10 on Fridays. Likes: early dismissals; early graduation. Dislikes: get up so early in morning-, passes. Anything else you’d like to say : Goodbye and Good Luck! Julie A. French Glenwood Road Found with: JoAnne, Cindy, Rona, Kim, Lynne, Kathy, and the rest of the crew. Favorite Memories: Keg parties; Mt. Monadnock-, Kinks ' IS-, Boston New Years Eve ' 78. Ambition: Fashion Merchandise, to travel. Activities or Interests: skiing, swimming, parties. Favorite past-time: going out with friends, concerts. Dislikes of FHS.- should have had open campus. Adios Amigos. Leanne M. Frink 66 Crocker Ave. " That’s so brutal”. Found with: Lisa, Carol, Sue, Jackie, Traci, Sue D., Lani, Michele, Barb, Judi, the girls. Memories: Weekends; Seger and Springsteen concert ' 78; MX races, H.S. parking lot-, Cobi’s party, Buckmobile; Cape ’78; March vacation ’78; April 9th; New Years Eve’77; TOGA; 8 28 78 " the bridge”. Ambition: to be successful and content. Activities: Gymnastics; Oskey 1,2; Latin Club 3,4; French Club 2, ,4-, National Honor Society. Leo J. Gallagher 18 Skyline Drive Nickname: Leo. Usually found with: Whitey, Joe, Whit, Charlie Manson. Favorite Memories: Junior Prom, " 78” Senior Banquet, Tubes Concert, Mt. Monadnock, teacher’s strike, U. Mass., Blizzard of ’78, James Montgomery 10 78, Springsteen, Tull 10 78, Summer ’78, Hockey games. Activities or Interests: Hockey 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, B House before school. Anything else you’d like to say: Thank you Joe Turc. Shelley Gazzola 560 Pond Street Fav. saying: hey Baby! Found w Joe, Lori, Denise, Linda, Sandy, Cheryl, Pam. Beth. Sue, Kim, Sheila. Fav. mem.: 4 8 78 being with 94556. Senior Breakfast, summer of " 18 " , Senior Year, Graduation, weekends, the cap. Going out with Joe, Ambition: to become a beautician, activ.: Varsity Hockey, going out and having a good time with my friends. Likes: Freshman, Soph., Junior § Senior year. Anything to say : Good Luck to everyone in the great class of " 79”l!lll! Mark Genoa 62 Everett Street Marky. " Yo a big quea”. Found w Yada, Mucci, Skip, Tal, and the girls. Memories: Blizzard of ’78, Sr. Banquet; and rare trips with the Quartet. Ambition, to go on to school then own a harem. Activ: Girls, sports; kegs; football 1-4; Winter track 1-4; spring track 1-4; Past-time: flirting and trying to break up the monotony of school by making people smile. Likes: getting strange in the halls. Dislikes: supermans hands. Anything else: In the future years they’ll never be a wild § crazy fisherman quite like me. P.S. " Good luck girls.” Tami C. Galloway 5 Hawthorne Drive Glen. " Ahhunhhhl”. Found with: Holly, Gabi, Dil, Sandy, Janet, Gail, Eileen. Memories: toga trip to Milford, art rooms, Hepburn’s classes, Canada (Sept). Ambition: to become a famous artist. Activities: Painting, arts, CYO basketball 2.3, CYO 2,3,4; J.V. Softball 2; Varsity Softball 3; Mirage 2: RISD. 3; Bowling I; Art show 3,4; Portfolio 3,4; Library Book of Records 4; Likes: the teachers. Anything else? I’m going to miss everyone, including the teachers. Teri Galloway 5 Hawthorne Drive Tipper. " No?”. Found with: Luke, Sue, Theresa, Howie, Jean, Heidi, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Jr. Prom; Sr. Banquet-, concerts: Kinks, Steve Miller, Yes, ELO. Ambition: to be successful in life. Activities or Interests: going out with my friends. Dislikes: not having the freedom to go the bathroom! Anything else: Good Luck to everybody, I enjoyed all 4 years! Jeffrey Gannon 5 Flynn Rd. Jeff. " Do it up”. Usually found with: Thack, Tom, Dicky. Favorite Memories: Summer of ’77. Ambition: to be a carpenter. Activities or Interests: Basketball. Likes: vacations. Dislikes: Math, supervised study. Steve Gannon 5 Flynn Road Fuzz. " Do a dooba”. Found with: Luke, Mark, Ed, Jack. Favorite Memories: Summer of ’77, Kinks. Ambition or Interests: Football 1,2,3,4; giggin’. Dislikes Shangraw (Potato Head) Paul Gentili 20 Sherman Ave. Gent. Found with: the corner. Memories: Toga party; Feb. 4, 1977; Prom; Oskey gigs Football; Strikes; Rocco’s parties. Ambition: be the best in my field. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Weightlifting 1-4; NHS. Likes: times at the corner. Dislikes: not enough food in the school lunches. Michael George 8 Carpenter Drive Orgy. " Yeah, huh”. Usually found with: Degan, Rat, Wiz, Scorcy, Oz. Activities or Interests: Soccer. Favorite Past-time: playing Soccer, Camping, fishing. Dawn Gillespie 14 Haverstock Rd. " Hi you guys” " Chump”. Found with: Leslie, Murph, Barbara. Patience. Granted, Cataldo, K.B., Nancy, Deb, Esther, Donna, Cindy, Debbie. Memor¬ ies: Junior Prom, Esther ' s Summer parties, Sammy’s keg party, Sr. Breakfast, Latin Club field trips and Nat. Conv. in Fla., being with Artie, Ambition: to be a successful nutritionist. Activi¬ ties: dancing, rollerskating. Seer. NHS, Vice-Pres, Latin Club, Nat. and State JCL. conventions. Kaleidascope, Jr. Miss., Likes: lunch with friends. Dislikes: unfair judgement of people. Deidre Gilley 70 Beech St. Dee. " Oh my God”. Found with: Tootie, Janet. Favorite Memories: party at Goat’s, Oct. 78, Sr. Breakfast, Freshman years, parties down the path. Ambition: to be successful. Favorite Past-time: reading, writing, partying with friends. Likes: Mrs. Rhodes, Mr. Feldman. Dislikes: supervised study. Anything else you ' d like to say: I wish I knew then what I know now. 37 Lisa June Giuliano 450 Union Street Nickname: Little Gofer. Fav. Say.- Oh Dingyl Usually found with: Deane, Happy Birthday Louis, Cherly 6 Princess. Fav. Memories: Camping with my horse and then riding at midnight through the woods with candles. Ambition: working with animals (farming). Activities or Interests: Horseback riding, swim¬ ming, fishing, growning plants camping with my horse and dog. Likes Dislikes: Likes-taking Biology a nd physiology. Anything else: See ya Franklin! Lisa Gleason 28 Lincoln St. Nickname: " Jackie”, Favorite Saying: " Just maybe”. " I was dying”. " I can’t believe it”. Usually Found With: Laura, Tamara, Karen and everybody. Favorite Memories: Rollerskating, senior year, camping, football games, shopping. Rocky Point, being with my friends and senior breakfast. Ambi¬ tion: To graduate and travel to Europe. Fav. Past-Time: Playing piano and relaxing on my days off. Anything Else you’d Like to Say: The people are great, Tam Laura C.E.O.III! James Goddard 405 Oakland Parkway Nickname: Him. Fav. Saying: " That’s life.” Usually found with: Reno, Howie, Jim, Bill. Fav. Memories: Junior Prom, Sophomore class trip, teachers’ strike. Blizzard of ' 78. Ambition: go to college and study chemistry. Activities: Ski Team, French Club. Likes Dislikes: Likes-study, Dislikes-Lunches. Maria Goodwin 127 King Street Nickname: Rosanne Rosanna-Danna. Fav. Saying: Hey chicks, are you wild and crazy today? Usually found with: June, Bren, Sue Fran, Bonnie, Martha, and mostly Shep. Fav. Memories: My junior prom, looking for the band for the prom, freshman year with K. Baker, and Sophomore class trip, Oskey ’77. Activities: Cheerleader 1-4, O.E.A., Prom Committee, Chorus 1-4, Oskey, Jr. Miss. Maxine Grant 599A Old W. Central Street Nickname: Max. Usually found with: Eddie. Fav. Memories: May 6-15,1977, March ' 78 » July 16,1978. Ambition: to go to college. EEG. Fav. Past-time: Partying. Likes Dislikes: Likes-the people in school. Dislikes-having to have passes. Anything else: It’s been a long 4 years. Thank God I’m out. William D. Greer 410 Coronation Dr. Nickname: Bill. Favorite Saying: Whatever turns you on. Usually Found With: Robert, Hedley, Jim G., Joan, Penny, Reno, Don P. Favorite Memories: Teachers’ strike of ’77, Every summer. Ambition: To become a famous, rich naval architect. Activities: Marching band. Band I. Favorite Past-Time: Boating, Music, Driving, Going to Friendlys Drawing. Likes studies, Miss Hepburn. Dislikes all other teachers, homework. Anything Else You’d Like To Say: Best of luck to everyone I know. Laurie Grenon 100 Glen Meadow Road Usually found with: Russell, Donna. Donna D., Paula, Mike, Bonnie, Karen and Steve. Fav. Memories: class trips, disco dance, the prom. Queen and Jethro Tull concerts. Mr. Fiske’s biology class, learning to ice skate. Ambition: to go into drafting, art. or crafts, to travel. Activities: outing club, grange. Fav. Past-time: Russell, collecting £ making minatures, doing things with friends Allan Patrick Grinley 110 Brook Street Nickname: Grinch. Usually found with: Scott, Jim, Ed, Brian, Dennis, Tom and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’78, Senior year. Ambition: to seek future in the arts, and to enjoy life fully. Activities: art, working. Wrestling 1,2,3, and all sports, listening to music. Fav. Past-time: Having a good time with my firends. Anything else: good luck to all my friends, and to the class of ’79. 38 - Don Gorman 22 Rolling Ridge Rd. Nickname: Don. Favorite Saying: Later. Usually Found With: Deb, Mike, Lou, Scott, Andy. Favorite Memories.- Rocky Point, Ambition: Mechanic. Activities or Interests: Cars, Favorite Past-Time: Cars. Dislikes: The teachers run this place like a prison. Anything Else You ' d Like To Say: I’m glad I’m getting out of here. Janet Gorman 20 Shady Lane Usually found with: Ray T. Mary L., Fav. Memories: 4 3 77, Senior Banquet-6 5 77, October 24 § 26,1976. Ambition: to graduate from business school. Fav. Past-time: being with Ray, parties. Likes Dislikes: Likes-weekends. vacations. Dislikes-passes, lunch, pep rallies, studies. Tamara L. Graham 273 Country Way Nickname: Tam, Tammy. Fav. Say: I’m not weird, just a little crazy. Usually found with: Laura, Lisa, Theresa, Karen and the rest of the world. Fav. Memories: Hawaii ’77 § ’78, California ’77 §’78, Colorado ’78, Florida ’76, Summers in New York, skiing in New Flampshire, Senior year. Ambition: to be ambitious. Activities: gymnastics 1-4, spring track 3, tennis 3, picture editor of yearbook, pep club I, prom committee. Likes Dislikes: I like this school, what more can I say. Anything else: Every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Amy Pamela Grinley IjO Brook Street Amos, Ame. Fav. saying: " Really”, Found with: Rose, Sue, Linda. Jane, Joan, Charlene, Sue, and the rest of the nuts! Fav. mem: May 13, ’77 Gary; August ’78: N.Y. ' 78; Oct. 13, 78 " A” No fortune in cookie!! Ambition: to work with children. Activities: Drill team 2,3,4, Rifle captain 4; year¬ book-staff, driving, music, working, and just being with people I enjoy. Like: Senior Year: Dislike: People who try to change the way you are. Anything else? We " We do not remember days, we remember MOMENTS” Good luck. Class of ’79. Mark Guardabascio 59 Chestnut Street Fav. Saying: " Ya, really”. Usually found with: Steve, Greg, Bob, John, Joel. Favorite Memories: Rocky Point, Sept. 2, 1978, teachers’ strike, junior year, Mrs. Palli’s Western Society class. Ambition: Optometrist. Fav. Past-Time: sports, reading, listening to music, training animals. Dislikes: bells, a few certain teachers, school lunches, homework. Anything else: good luck to all seniors in the future. Jerome Guerra 46 Southgate Road Nickname: Jerry. Usually found with: Rocco, George, Peter, Mike, Jamie, The Corner. Favorite Memories: Rocco’s gigs, Murph’s Toga party, Springsteen, The Best Freshman, Oskey Parties, Milk carton fights, 6 9 78, 6th period Study, Teachers’ strike, last day of school ’77. Ambition: not to end up like Peter B. Activities.- Baseball 1-4, Football 1-4, Track 1-4, Prom committee. Newspaper 4, Corner 1-4. Likes Dislikes: Likes: class of ’81, Everything. Dislikes: Gauchos, Nicotine fiends. Kathy Grant 420 Beverly Road Nickname: Granted. Fav. Say: What’s this? Usually found with: K.B., M.B., Esther, Blansky, Donna, Cat, Housie, Cindy, Buffy, Debbie, Dawn § the rest of the gang. Fa. Memories: Junior Prom, shaving cream fights, Esther’s sleep overs, Chinese Red lights. Football games, senior breakfast, roller skating, macho man, Boston, birthday parties, Oskey. Activities: Student Council 2,3, Junior Prom Committee, Spring Track I, Varsity Tennis 3,4, Oskey. Karen Haldey 17 Flaverstock Rd. Nickname: Tibbits. Favorite Saying: Ah, come on, forget it. Usually Found With: Rick, Karen and all the girls. Favorite Memories: Prom, Soccer games. Spot light, Oskey, 5th period lunch, playing tennis. 6th period study, Feb. 28, 78, P.J.’s 77. Ambition: Hair Dressing. Activities or Interests: Soccer Manager, D.E., Sewing. Dislikes of F.H.S.: Gym, homework. 39 James Hagan 6 Plain Street Nickname: Jim, Hag. Usually found with: Karl son, Whity corner members. Favorite Memories: Rocco gigs, keg parties, field trips. Ambition: to go to art school. Activities: art, baseball. Favorite pastime: partying. Dislikes: lunches potatohead Deirdre Halligan 15 Charles Drive Nickname: Dede Fav. Saying: " Hi you guys”. Usually with: Aprile, Michele, the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Springsteen Concert, the Prom, Jr. Miss, 10 17 75, Summer of ’78. 6th study ’78, Down on the Farm, Sammy’s Keg Party, Mt. Monadnock Ambition: to go to college for nursing-R.N. Activities: prom committee, student council, cheerlead¬ ing, listening to Freebird, drawing, swimming. Likes: the kids, the sports. Dislikes: fake people Anything else: " Aprile, don’t forget how we cruised around listening to Boston” and don’t forget the alley. Good-bye and good luck! Scott Harper 54 Daniels Street Usually found with; Al, Anyone from the neighborhood. Fav. Memories: Pam, the Prom, 1 6 67, Chevy Malibu. Ambition: to be a computer programmer. Activi¬ ties: wrestling. Favorite Pastime: Feeling Good. Anything else you’d like to say: If I make it after I graduate, any one can. Robert Hatfield 272 Partridge Street Usually found with: Bill, Jim, Mark Eric Favorite Memories: Summer of ’76 and ' 18 Ambition.- to make lots of money Interests: Wood 1, 2, 3.4: working on my dodge Dislikes: Mr. Chrabazcz, gym, teachers on patrol duty Anything else you’d like to say : I’m just glad I’m out. Tara Heinzmann 5 Warwick Street Nickname: Tarta. Fav. Saying: C’est la vie (That ' s life). Usually with: Locker room gang. Favorite Memories: field hockey. " We are the Champions " Basketball champs ’78, track champs ' 78. May t June ’79. waffle day. Ambition: to succeed in life. Activi¬ ties: Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 2-4. Track 1-4. Likes: Coaches at FHS. Dislikes passes. Anything else you ' d like to say: Good Luck to the seniors (Class of ’79) Carla Henault 58 Anthony Road Nickname: Heanie Fav. Saying: What ' s new? Usually found with everybody. Favorite memories: storm of ’78, teachers strike. Ambition: to become a hairdresser. Interests: macrame, weaving, sewing. Favorite Pastime: parties. Dislikes: passes, lunches. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to the Class of ’79 Esther Heno Prospect Street Nickname: Es. Fav. Saying: Hey Man, Chips! Usually found with: Granted, Cat, Blansky, Donna, Debbie, Housie, Cincy, Dayian. K.B., M.B., Dawn the rest of the girls. Fav. Memories: Junior Prom Blue Box, shaving cream, football games, lunch, senior breakfast, rollerskating, my sleepouts, Newport, Boston Activi¬ ties: track I, prom committee, hanging around the fieldhouse being with the girls. Likes: snowdays. Dislikes: the four minute bell. Anything else: Donna, hope the cake tasted good! Bruce Henry 7 Janie Avenue Franklin, MA 02038 40 Marian Hawisher 827 Lincoln Street Nickname: Howi. Favorite Saying: " What’s up?” Found with: Jean, Terri, Theresa, Sue gang Fav. Memories: Prom, the Cape, Mt. Monadnock, senior year. Ambition: to get into the field of art. Interests: working on my art, working, running and going to parties. Likes: FHS Art Department and Mr. MacPhee Anything else: Thanks FHS for some pretty good years. Linda Flealy 12 Shady Lane Fav. Saying: OK-Byel, Brutal. Usually with: Rosemary, Arleen, Sye, Amy, Terry. Fav. Memories: Boston O.E.A. conference, Mt. Monadnock, Prom, bonfire, ’78, football basketball games, Sr. breakfast, B.M. concert, summer ' 78, Sr. year. Ambition: to be myself and to succeed. Activities: O.E.A. 1-4, yearbook 2-4, drill team 2-3, Kaleidoscope 3, Dean Enrichment Program 4, N.H.S. 3-4 Likes: good music, weekends, honesty, memories, friendly people. Anything else: Thank you to everyone who has helped to make my life better. Good luckl Rick Herrick 36 East Street Favorite Saying: I’ll try any thing once. Usually found with: Karen, John, Kevin, Favorite Memories: EMass Championship ’76, NCSA Champion¬ ship ' 78, Prom, freshman bonfire, baseball. Ambition: to play college sports. Activities: Soccer, Baseball. Oskey, National Honor Society Likes: Athletic Program, Business Depart¬ ment, teachers. Anything else: Don’t worry, if we want we can get it. It’s all in a state of mind. " Soccer ’78” Linda Hertlein II Flynn Road Usually found with: Della, Sue, Nancy, Beth, Shelley, Lori, Cheryl, Cobi, Bonnie. Fav. Memories: 11 17 76, Prom 77 78, Cobi’s parties, Boston Garden ’77, parking lot, B.H., Grove St., Blizzard ' 78. graduation. Activities: J.V. Cheering 1-2, spending time w Della, praying with everyone, spending money. Dislikes: passes and teache rs who ask for early dismissals. Likes: Memories of soph., jr. and sr. years. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to everyone! Thanks to my family and special friends. Stephen A. Hilton 356 King Street Nickname: Hilt Fav. Saying: Ya, tell me about it! Usually with: Pud, Pru. Toby, Walter, Jimbo, Mace, Barnesy. Fav. Mem.: car rally, hockey game of ' 18 at BC, Road Atlanta trip, trip to Watkins Glen Grand Prix, Steve Martin concerts. Ambition: to become a mechanical engineer and to race cars. Activities: hockey, tennis, cars, Sat. Night Live. Steve Martin comedy, listening to rock music, going to movies. Likes: Smitty’s physics class, blizzard, strike. Anything else: " I have found from observations that school rules are meant to be broken.” Rosemary Hoar 242 Beaver Street Nickname: Rose, Rosie, " S.S.” Fav. Saying: I don’t think so . . . Brutal! Usually found with: Linda, Amy, Arleen, Sue, Charlene, Terry, Maria, Mara, Etc. Fav. Memories: Summer ’78, Maine ’78, 7 13 78, Sr. Breakfast, Prom, Blizzard ’78, Bonfire, Sr. year, chorus room 4th period, concerts. Ambition: to be the best at what I become. Activities: Oskey, Kali edos- cope, N.H.S., piano playing, listening to Ronnie Laws, songwriting, singing. Likes: " seeing people I love and loving people I see” 41 Robert Holfelder 10 Burning Tree Road Nickname: Hofie. Fav. Say.: What are you kidding? Usually found with: a trombone. Fav. Memories: Water face letters, Oskey parties, Falmouth in ' 77, Football games, Milford Gigs, Speakeasy, Berklee. Ambition: To play with the Tonight Show band. Activities: Outing Club, Oskey, Mirage, Franklin Singers Musicals, Stage Band, District Band, MYWE, FSO, PF. Past-time: Cookin’ Thomas L. Houlihan III 61 Miller Street Houli. " Flattery will get you nowhere.” Found w Bob H., Brian Y., Phil J., Joe S., Terri, Denise. Mem. Football season ’78, Band-camp, Franklin-Milford exchange concerts. Ambition: To be on the NATO staff. Activ.: Band, Outing club. Past-time: reading, playing the trumpet, telling jokes. Like: people are OK. Joanne House 654 Chestnut Ridge Rd. Orange, CT 06477 Nickname: Housie, JoJo. Fav. Say.: No it’s not, it’s ugly! I do not, Listen Listen. Usually found with: Rocco, Murf, Nancy, Caren, Esther, Donna, KB, Cindy, Granted and the gang. Fav. memories: 10-7-77, Prom 78, Boston, parties 2-9 celebration, concerts, Halloween 77, Stealing Horses, Chinese Redlights, Camping, Esther’s Sleepouts, Ambition: To be Happy. Activities: Field Hockey I, III, Student Council, cyo, gymnastics II Ryan Howell III King Street Fav. Say.: Wanna Bet. Usually found with: Sue M„ Mike H.. Mike P., Jeff E. Fav. memories: Junior Prom of 1978, Saturday Nights, 4 wheeling. Past- Time: Hunting, Watching football. Stephen D. Huston 6 Skyline Drive Nickname: Walter. Fav. Saying: Hey, babyl. You got that right! Usually with: J.P., Mace, and the rest of the guys, a hockey stick. Fav. Mem.: Mrs. Smith’s class Christmas Party, Prom, Blizzard, Harvard Book Prize, state hockey tournament ' 78, road ralley ’78, hockey, Fri. nites, animal house. Ambition: to become a computer engineer. Interests: golf, track, standing at Mace’s locker, partying, NHS, student council, water skiing, football 6 basketball games, senior breakfasts. Likes: sports, girls. Tish, tight ends with their backfield in motion. Cheryl Ann llsley 125 Elm Street Nickname: Issy, Spaceshot. Fav. Saying: Life’s the pits, wicked. Usually with: Leaky, Debbie, Jeanne, Cheryl, Kim, Jim, Sonja, Fav. Memories: Queen concert ' 78,11 24 78, Paul H. Does she wear Blue Velvet? Rocky Point, Sr. Breakfast, Jr. Prom, Rollerskating. Ambition: to make it through life in one piece! Interests: DE, country club pool, going to New Hampshire at the last minute Likes: leaving at 1110, the times when the class of ’78 were here Anything else: MA. I made it to see 18! Good luck to everyone in the future and forget the bad times in the past. Rosellyn Ippoliti 59 Washington Street Nickname: Ippy, Lyn. Zellen Fav. Saying: What’s your problem? Usually with: Deb. Joan, Kay, Laura, Lindi. Debbie, Eileen Fav. Mem: York Steak House 6 30 78. summer of ’77 and ’78, chem-lab, field hockey finals ’77, summer softball games ' 18 Ambition: go to college and make those I love happy Interests: field hockey 1-3, swimming, sewing, baking, St. Mary’s choir Likes: family, friends. Home Ec. classes, a good time Anything else: My name is Pronounced Rose-Ellyn! Good luck to all and hope all your dreams come true. Laura Jacobson 12 Island Road Fav. Saying: I never laughed so hard in my life. Usually found with: Lisa, Tamara, Melissa, Karen and Theresa Fav. Memories: Summer of ' 76, November ’76, football games, Jr. Prom, weekends, sr. year, sr. breakfast, McDonalds Ambition: to be happy and successful Fav. Pastime: C.E.O.-ing, GWO, rollerskating, tennis, F.M. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to the class of ' 79! Hey. Lease and Tam, C.E.O.II Wayne P. Howes Usually found with: Cindy, Roy, John Favorite Memories: 12 30 77, Mt. Monadnock ' ll ' IS, Ambition: to go cross country trucking Interests: yearbook, music, photography, partying, playing the drums, spending time with Cindy. Dislikes: rookie teachers and passes Anything else you’d like to say: " DOOBA” Karen Howley 472 Lincoln Street Nickname: Kar Fav. Saying: Get outa here Usually with: Alice, Robin Fav. Memories: DECA conventions, Latin convention to Florida ’77 Ambition: to be happy with myself Activities: DECA 3,4: Latin Club 2: Prom Committee 3: hiking: skiing Dislikes: the feeling of being controlled Anything else: I realize good grades don’t just come from studying but from wanting to learn. Cheryl Huie 7 Mackintosh Street Nickname: Chewie Fav. Saying. Want a smack! Usually with: Shelley, Denise. Lori and the girls Fav. Mem.: sr. year, sr. breakfast, graduation, concerts, Horseneck, police station w Denise, dinner w KCWPPJM, 7 19 78, H.S. parking lot, Junior Miss, walking home from Patriots game in the rainlAmbition: to enjoy life to its fullest Activities: tennis, cheering, gymnastics partying Likes: senior year, parties Dislikes: greasers, driving Anything else: " If you can’t be good, BE CAREFUL!” Luke A. Joannides II Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Greek Usually found with: Fuzz, Mark, Eddie, Jack Favorite Memories: Cape ' ll ' IS, parties. New Year’s Eve Activities: Baseball 1-4, captain: Football 1,3.4: Track 1-4, captai n: Favorite Pastime: working at F.W.D. ) » Michael Johnson 30 Glen Meadow Road Nickname: Howy Favorite Saying: Beso mi grits Usually found with: Welik ' a crew, Reno, Jim Favorite Memories: Glen Meadow’s picnic table, ninos pretzels and beer Ambition: to graduate from college Activities: track l,2 Dislikes: homework, school lunches Likes: Mrs. Irvine’s Spanish class Anything else you’d like to say: good luck to all the oncoming seniors Lynne Josselyn 59 Southgate Road Nickname: Joss, Pooh Fav. Saying: nothing, that’s cool Usually found with: Jean, Julie and the rest of the gang Favorite Memories: Prom ' 78, 2 19 78 thru 9 3 78. IO 8-IO 76. Marshall Tucker concert April ' 78 Ambition: to be successful in anything I do Likes: senior year, being with friends, going to parties Dislikes: passes, snobby people Anyth¬ ing else you’d like to say: Good luck to future graduates Susan A. Hurd 47 Forest Street Nickname: Sue Fav. Saying: Take it easy Usually with: Denise, Karen, Heather, Mark, and the Forest St. gang Fav. Memories: Summer of ’76, ’78, Frampton concert, Eddie’s parties, senior year Ambition: to become an R.N. Activities: active member of the Franklin Rangerettes for 8 years, partying with a few friends, going to the football games Likes: sports, being with friends Dislikes: snobs, the kids that ruin it for the rest Anything else: Best of Luck to the Class of ’79. Eric Karlson 5 Betten Court Nickname: Karl Usually found with: Jerri, Hag, Drisc, Blanch, Ficco Fav. Memories: 5 7 77, Rocco’s gigs, Hag ' s imitations, strike, blizzard, field trips, weekend kegs and killer corner Ambition: to be rich Interests: soccer, partying on weekends Dislikes: potatohead. teachers who ask for passes 43 f 1 sf Fran Kelleher 551 Maple Street Usually found with: B House gang. Fav. Memories: Mt. Manadnock, Mt. Washington in summer of ' 78, Cabin IS II. Ambition: to be successful in life. Fav. Past-time: going outside B house in the mornings. Likes Dislikes: Likes: Spring Track. Mary E. Kennefick 355 Pond Street Nickname: Lani. Fav. Say.: Go for it! Fav. Memories: N.H., April 9th, Winter 77-78. Ambition: to attain altitude Fav. Past-time: dilemmas imbroglio. Likes Dislikes: likes the rug in the library monomaniacs, dislikes the slander stigmas. Anything else: Forever may normalcy be a goal unattained. Kevin F. Keras 161 Oak Street Found w John, Rick, Mizer, Chick, Stone, Tommy. Fav. Mem.: Sammy’s, Murphy’s, Hockey games. Teachers strike, Buzzy’s. Ambition: To be king of the northern Hemisphere or go to college. Activ.: Soccer, 1,2,3,1 2, Busting Rocky, and Capt. Paul Likes: watching crow change moods. Dislikes: Rookies lunch, pep talks. Paula M. Kerrigan 13 Colt Rd. PK. Fav. Mem.: Skiing in Switzerland ’78, Juni or Prom ’78, California ' 76, Blizzard of ' 78, Building a new house ' 78, Beating Wellesley at Klein ' ll. First Place at Blue Hills ' ll, Melissa’s ski boots. Act: Ski Team 2-4, Ski Club 2-4, French Club 2-4, Yearbook 4, Hockey Cheerleading, CYO 2-4, USSA-Eastern 4. Past-times: Skiing, traveling, sewing, reading, sports. Dislikes-Midterms, finals, and the water in the bubblers. Likes- Snow days and absent teachers. " Life goes on after Franklin High School. Good luck to everyone.” Mark King 69 Glen Meadow Nickname: Sparky Fav. Saying: What’s up? Found w Danny, Chip, Murphy, Ron, David, Red Doba. Fav. Mem.: Geils, outlaw, labor day week-end moon. Star parking lot and all the party ' s. Ambition: To make it in life. Activ. having fun and partying. Fav. Past-time: Riding around in my car, and GIRLS. Like: The good times. Hate: the bad ones. Like to say: Good luck to all. Michael Andrew Kostyshak 21 Mechanic Place Nickname: Mike. Favorite Saying: " It is a poor student who cannot surpass his instructors.” Found with: Fran, Dave, Louis, Pete, Ace Dunzo, the Mad Copper. Fav. Mem.: Summer of 18, Camping in N.H., Beaver Pond Night, Fireworks, Smiles, Wendy Ambition: To live long and prosper. Activities: Karate, hockey, poker, dancing. Fav. Past-time: Karate Debra A. Labossiere 715 Washington St. Deb. Fav. Saying: Hi Guys, Chow Guys, Let’s boogie. Found with: Kay, Rosellyn, Joan and every other strange person. Fav. Mem.: June 30, 1978, York Steakhouse, Oskey of 1978, Newport July Sept. Ambition: To make something of my life. Fav. Past-time: Going out and being with my friends. Likes the studies, lunch time and most of my classes. Anything else you ' d like to say: Bye to the class of ’79. See ya in 5 years. Bob Lanagan 33 Moore Ave. Nickname: Lana. Usually found with: Colty Favorite Memories: 3 14 77 Ambition: To be successful Activities: Football and Partying. Likes: Parties Dislikes: School. Anything else you’d like to say: Take it easy. 44 Karen Keville 397 Oakland Parkway. Nickname: Tibbits, KB, and KK. Fav. Say.: " oh, CBOT!” Usually found with Stoney and the chips. Fav. Memories: Homecoming ’IS, Trip to Boston, Esther’s sleepovers, macho man, Chinese red lights, 5th period lunch, Sr. Class Marshall Sr. Banquet ’78. Sammy’s Keg Party, Jr. Prom the I cape, driving with Spot. Ambition: to become a successful hairdresser. Activities: Student council 2-4, Prom committee, soccer manager 1,3,4, Class Secretary 3,4, gymnastics. Anything else: I wish the best of luck i in the future to all the Chips ' cuz I love them all! James W. King 32 Shady Lane Nickname: Kingzo 3 8. Fav. Say.: Really, what? Usually found with: the band, J. Fitzy, Tracey, the gang. Fav. Memories: 76-77, summer of ’78, and Kegas down the field. Ambition: to be a musician, or owner of a Head shop. Interests: drums, music and parties. Likes Dislikes: likes: skipping class and then getting caught. Anything else: You’re never too old to rock ’n roll, too young to die. Vincent Landi 102 Cottage St. Vinny. Fav. Saying: Yo. Found with: Razz, Arc her, Dute, Murph. Fav. Mem.: New Hampshire weekend, Oskey parties, Rocco’s parties, Murph’s togo party, Teacher strike, Last year’s Senior Banquet. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Activities: Basketball l-IV, Corner l-IV. Likes- My friends and some teachers. Dislikes: Some of the stupid rules here at FHS. " To bad we’re the last good class to graduate and good I luck to all corner members.” Susan Terese LaRosa 15 Anchorage Road Nickname: Sue or " Rosanne”Fav. Say.: Hey! What’s my favorite saying?!! Usually found with friends. Fav. Memories: 4 9 76, March 19-21, 1978, Senior year and good times with friends. Ambition: to get the most out of life! Activities: Prom Committee, Member of L.E.A., Student Secretary, Vice- President of O.E.A. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes people who can’t accept a person for what they are. Anything else: I hope everyone in " Class of ' 19 gets what they want in life. Thomas Larson Leslie E. Laviolette II Harborwood Dr. 258 Partridge St. Franklin Fav. Saying: Really!?!Found with: Kathleen, Aprile, MaryEllen, Lauren, Dede, Debbie, Brady and the " gang” Fav. Mem..- Dairy Queen, 6th period, Cheerleading, FCDC, Junior Prom and the Cape, Driving with " Spot”, Skiing with Kat, Murph’s and Sammy’s Party, Junior Miss, Senior Breakfast. Ambition: To go to college and be a success. Act.- Senior class Vice Pres., Fall and winter cheerleader 1,2.3,4. Likes- Study periods Dislikes- Fake people. " Good Luck Class of ’79!l” 45 James A. Lawhorn 80 Union Street " Jimbo, Tex”. Fav. " Yeah Maybe” Found w CMC. Walter, Mace, Hilton, Barnesy, OB, Pud, Proux, Rogues, Rich. Fav. Mem.: Parties, Track Beach Parties, Maine, Cape, Blizzard ’78. Jr. Prom, 4 14 78, State Track Finals. Amb: Architect. Activities Winter Track 1,3,4, Soccer 2,3, Fresh. Football Spring Track 1-4. Cross Country. Past-time: Carol McCormick, Foot¬ ball, Games. Flockey games, running track. Dislikes: Chicken ligon. Chemistry Labs, " F.FI.S. was great " Keep on running” Lynne Ann Lawhorn 80 Union Street Lynncita’” ' Later for you” Found w Karen O., Karen D., Bonnie, Debbie, Cindy, Chris, Nancy, Cori, Valerie, the gang from R. Memories: Championship finals, finishing 3rd in state O.E.A. competition. Teachers strike of ’77. Amb: Accountant Act: O.E.A., Spanish 1-4, Science 1,2. Past-time: Sewing, Bowling. Likes: Freedom Jam Dislikes: Supervised Study. " F.R. hope you win the championship, good lucid” Candace Marie Lawrence 25 West Park St. Nickname: Candy, Butterfly " Peasant, Yeah Right!” Found w Linda, Leslie, Rene, Mr. Lumenti. Fav. Mem. Freedom Jam Concert, Summer of ’76, The Pony, Strike ’77, The carnivar 77, U.S.C. Ambition: To be rich and famous. Fav. Past-time: cruisin, hassiling people. Dislikes, Supervised study, passes, mean teachers. " Good luck to the class of ’79 " Kathleen L. Lawrence 500 Old W. Central " Kay” " What’s new” Found w Debbie, Rosellyn, Joan, Janie, Janine, Karen, Lisa, Donna. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’78, Montreal, Accounting Per. I, Newport. Amb: To be happy and to help people enjoy life w the hope for the future. Act: D.E.C.A., O.E.A., Tennis, Ice-skating, Being w family and friends. Likes: The friends that I have grown up with at F.FI.S. " Thanks to the people who have helped me make it through F.H.S.I” Lisa Ann Littlefield 16 Brushwood FI ill Nickname: Sorry. Field " Fav. Say : No suh, Ya know.” Found w Debbie, Dina, Patience, Kim, Karen, Kathy, The neighborhood, gang. Fav. Mem. summer of 76 78, Chem. Lab. car Sighns. Being w my friends. Rocky Point, July 4th 1978, Cape Cod 8 27 78. Ambition: to be happy. Activities fine print staff. Year Book staff, trade. Fav. Past-time: Having a good time. Likes: Parties, Dislikes: passes and lockers that won’t open. " Good luck to everyone.” 46 Thomas Loughlin 60 Anthony Rd. " TOM” Ambition: To be successful in life. Act: Ski team 1,2, Golf 2-4 Dislikes: the rules of the school Sheryl Lucas 24 George Rd. " Hi There!” Found w Don. Loreen, Scott and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem. Dec. 1976, Prom Queen. Newport, Epping, N.H.. Junior Miss. Amb: Home Economist. Activities or Interest: tennis, cake decorating, roller skating dancing. Being w people that are special to me. " I feel that the people at F.H.H.S. have helped me become a better person. I wish everyone the best in the future. Jerri Lucia 24 Hayward St. " Jer” Hyper " You’re shitten me”. Found w Eric, Lisa, Judi, Ray, George, Leslie, Kim, rest of the gang. Fav. Mem. 5 7 77, Springstein. Seger Concerts. Corner gang, gigsi Soph, skip day, Jr. Miss, Strike, Jr. Promi Amb. To become a writer or airline stewardess. Act: gymnastics I. Spring Track 1,2, Student Council 1,2, Cheerleador 1-3, co-capt 3, prom committee Oskey 2-4. parting w the corner and locker gang: being w Eric. Likes: group getting together. " Lisa, don’t ever stop counting the cherries and stars. Ray, George you ' ve helped me through it all. Gabrielle Lessard 88 Prospect St. Gabi " Guess Whatl Scuzz City”. Found w Those Guys, Fav. Mem: Barefoot, Toga, Edison, the parties, Foxboro 10 km. You girls are going to get me fired . . . Act: Cross-country 2-4, Indoor track 2, skiing 3-4, Spring Track 2-4, Drama, Yearbook, Jr. Miss, Roadrunning, Outing Club, CYO. Likes: Studies, After school, DiS: Teachers actually asking for passes, get ' em Dellal Thanks Mr. C.” Albert Lewis 452 W. Central St. " Al”. Found w Drisk. Hagan, Blanch, Ox, Rico, Arch, Tony, Jack. Fav. Mem: Oskey Parties 1,2,3 Rocco’s Parties, Teachers’ strike. Blizzard of ' 78. Amb: To work outdoors and Travel. Act: Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 2. Dislikes, Potatoe Head " Good luck to Class of ’19. " Jacqueline Lincoln II McCarthy St. " Jackie” " Excellent, Ya really”. Found w Janet, Beth, Donna, Bernie, Suce, Zonk, Sue, Carrie. Fav. Mem: Basketball championship, Field hockey 77, Mt. Climbing, Summer of 78. Marshfield gig. Teachers ' strike, Jackson Brown Springstein. Amb.: To go to college and be successful in whatever I do. Act: Basketball 1-4, Softball 1-4 Field Hockey 3-4. Summer Basketball, going to parties, meeting people. Past-time: Having a good time. " You only get out of life what you put in”. Thanks Ms. Richards and Mr. Bonollo Debbie A. Lincourt 521 Maple Street " Deb” Fav. Mem: " Brutally " Found w Judi, Denise, Beth, Buffy, MaryEllen, K.B., Aprile, Donna, Esther, M.B. Granted, Nancy Cataldo, Barb, Dawn, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem: Summer ' 78, Dunkin Donuts, Sammy’s keg party, Jr. Prom, Robbie, Esther’s Parties, Strike ’ll, Sr. Breakfast, Amb: Fashion Career Act.: Gymnastic 1,2 Cheerlead. 2,3,4, Competition 3,4 Osket, O.E.A., Dipn’Sip Likes: People at F.H.S. DiS: Lack of school spirit. ’Good luck to the class of ’79”. David J. MacDonald 7 Kathleen Drive Found w Scott or the computer. Ambition: Computer programmer or electrical engineer Activities: Computer club 2.3,4: chess club 1,2,3,4. Fav. past-time: using the computer. Keith MacKay 3 Dartmouth Rd. Maybe " Bum me out” Found w The corner: Gent, Rick, George, Pater, Rocco, Jerry. Fav. Mem: Rocco’s parties. Toga Parties, M.W., Feb. 4, 1977, Last day of school ' ll. Horseneck (George in diapers) Act: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-3 Corner 1-4. Likes: Parties w the corner, DiS: Mrs. Burke. Plastic Girls, Potatoe Head. " Rocco you know what I heard? She-s. " Kim MacKenzie I Eldon Drive " Roo” " Take Care” Found W Ski and the gang Fav. Mem: Mar. 18, Prom ’78, Newport, N.H. Amb. A designer and model. Act: Spending time w my friends and just having a good time. Past-time: skiing, spending time with my friends. Dislikes: The two-faced people " Good bye!” Glenn MacLeod 446 Oakland Park Way " Mac” " That’s life” Found w . Russ, Jeff. Jimmy. Fav. Mem. Winning the Hockomock League Championship, playing in the Boston Garden, Jr. Prom, Senior Year. Amb: To be happy and successful in life. Act: Football 1-4, Flockey 1-4, Baseball 1-4. Fav. Pasttime: going out with the guys. Likes: F.H.S. pride. DiS: The teachers who always hasseled us about passes. 47 ' mm: Andre Mailhoit 247 Pond St. Andy, Don, Mick, Scott. Debbie, Scott M., Lew FREEDOM Jam, Senior break¬ fast, The Blizzard of " 78”, Teachers strike. Act. Cross country, Winter track, Spring track. Dislike, Track " stumpy” Marcia A. Maillot 250 King Street Fav. Say.: How are you doing? Yah, right. Usually found with: Sue, Judi, Melissa, and the rest of the social status of F.H.S. Fav. Memories: Year of ' 16, Prom ’76, ’77, ' 78, Nov. ’77, Graduation of ' 78, ’79. Ambition: to be a dental hygenist. Activities: Latin Club; bake sale; cheerleading; J. V. Soccer football; V. Basketball and competition. Anything else: If I had to go through 4 more years here, I’d gladly. Good luck to the class of ’79. Mark Maillot 250 King Street Franklin Frank Malley 6 Eagle Drive Nickname: Ted, Frankie. Usually found with: Rich, Don, Mike, Charlene, Dina, Bruce, Pete. Fav. Memories: Driving around with friends, going to New York to visit relatives and friends. Ambition: to become a great special affects technician. Interests: like to film movies, design and create things. Work on my car, play golf and swim. Anything else: Great school, it has the best Art Department. Thanks to all my friends. Ill Stephen R. Masi 15 Eldon Drive Nickname: Mace. Fav. Say.: Why not? Usually found with: J.P., Walter, Pud, Hilt, Toby, Jimbo, Runner. Fav. Memor¬ ies: Steve Martin show in Boston. Kings x-mas party, Soccer Tourney at B. U., Shooting the breeze in the hall. Senior breakfast. Ambition: to go onto college and maybe graduate. Interests: watch¬ ing the scenery go by my locker, playing the card, going to hackey and football games. Anything else: Remember you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish!! Lisa D. Mastromatteo 83 Dean Avenue Nickname: Lis. Liz. Fav. Say.: You guys are so immature. Usually found with: Jerri, Laurie, Judi, Leslie, Dullo’s gang. Fav. Memories: Springsteen, Seger, CSN, ELO concerts, Soph skip day in jail, 2 4 76-right gent? Murph’s toga party, Rocco’s party. Ambition, to become an interior decorator. Activities: Field hockey. Spring Track, Indoor track, Student Council. Anything else: Jerr- don’t forget the 44,444 cherries stars. Frances E. Maynard 525 Maple Street Nickname: Frank. Fav. Say.: You Turkey. Usually found with: Kim, Lynne, Diane, RaeAnn, Kathey and those wild crazy guys. Fav. Memories: Friday nights, getting my license, summer with the guys gals. Ambition: to be a nuse. Activities or Interests: horseback riding, baking, shopping, ice skating. Anything else: Best of luck to the class of ’79. Gary Mazzola 7 Burning Tree Road Nick: Gar. Maz. " wonderful”, found w Jay, Joe, Joan, Mark, Marie, Barbara. Mem: teacher ' s strike 77, Chorus Banquet ’78’. Ambition: To become a music therapist, activ.: Drama Club 1,2, Spanish Club 1,2,3, Vice President 4, Chorus 3,4. Choral Accompanist, Marching Band Unit 3, Oskey 3 4. Pastime: Playing the piano. Like to say: Good Luck to all the Seniors. Bernard Malone 662 Oak Street Nick name: Bernie. Usually found with: Ox. Al, and the rest of the corner. Fav. Memories: teacher’s strike. Blizzard of ’78. Murph’s toga. Ambition: to become a carpenter. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes potatohead and supervised study. Anything else: thanks to all the kids of ’79 for making this the best class of Franklin High. Doreen Maltais 378 Coronation Drive Found w Mark, Sherrie, Michelle, Lynne, Joanne, Frenchy, Cindy 7 23 78 Blizzard of ”78”, mnt. climbing Freshman yr., weekend in Vermont (m.g.p.) Teachers strike K.B. act. V. Softball 1,3.4, J.-V. softball 2. J.V. basketball 1,2, V. Basketball 3,4. Michele M. McCarthy 8 Warwick Street Nick: Mitch " Like-” found w Judi, Lisa, Jerri, Sharon, Leslie, Brady, Kim, Big F. Apey. Dede, Dullo group. Mem: week-ends up Grove Bright Hills., 907-dg 154 ' awb, Ernie Gotham, ' 69 mustang. H.S. parking lot. concerts, prom ’78, Okemo. sunsets. Senior Breakfast, MT. Monadnock. Queen Burp, Gig room at McDonald’s. Lake Rescue. Chem. Lab. and Do Doo’s. Ambition: To be successful and happy. Pastime: Skiing w Jody, Sylvia. Laura, Bill, and Joyce. Trail riding. Mt. Holly, watching P.O. Perkins loose it all in the H.S. parking lot. Pet-peeves: Red heads, dirty kitchen floors, people that clap at the movies, the smell of mushrooms. Like to say : Wet paper Leanne. This is Judi W. reporting from London . . . Penny McCarthy 2 Charles Drive Found w Joan. Jim, Jim, Reno. Bill, Don. Fav. Mem.: Providence 77, Oskey 78. outing club trip to Nantasket 78. Activities: Oskey 3 4, Theater Arts 3. Outing Club 3. Drama Club 2. Dislikes: The dirty cafe after lunch. Likes: 6th study Jr. and Sr. year. Like to say: Goodbye and good luck to everyone who pass through this year. Linda Ann Marchand Kim Marston 8 Corbin Street 24 Sahlin Cir. Nickname: Cricket, Bimbo. Coach’s Franklin, Ma. Angel. Fav. Say.: Oh Wowl Yah, really. Usually found with: Kenny, Candy, Rene, Billy, Cheryl, Mary, Kim Mr. Lumenti. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’76, ’77, ' 78. March 23-25 of ’76. the PROM, the Poni, Barry Manillow concert. Ambition: to become a hairdresser and writer. Likes Dislikes: Likes crusin’ around the school during school, dances and pep rallies. Dislikes passes, fan mail. gym. Jeffrey J. McClay 17 Colt Road Nickname: " Jeff” Fav. Saying- Ya Right! found with: Maureen, Russell, Glenn, Jim and the rest of the seniors. Fav. Mem’s: Winning the E. Mass. Championship ' 76- Soccer, Winning Hocomock Championship ’78, Prom, Boston Garden £ Senior Year. Ambition: To be happy and successful in life. Activities: Varsity Soccer 2-4, Varsity Hockey 2-4, Past-time: going out with my friends. Likes: School Pride Dislikes: School Lunches. Anything else: Best of Luck to the Class of ’79. Mac, Remember Nancy? Richard C. McCormick 21 Shady Lane " Rick” Favorite Saying: Hey, what’s the gig! Found with: Jim, Barnsey. Fav. Memories: Class Trips, Dances, Kiss Concert. Ambition: To succeed. Activities: Cross Country, indoor spring track, Computer, Dancing, Girls, Skateboards, Rock Music. Likes: lunch. Dislikes: Lunches, teachers, Freshman, passes Anything else: Hey, it’s been fun. I hate to say I’m gonna miss this place. James T. McDermott 33 Crescent Street Nickname: Jamie. Found with: oxy, Rocco, Murph, George, Hypo, Jerry, (maybe). Razz, Arch. Vinny, Ficco, Fav. Memories: Murph’s Toga, Oskey gigs, last day of school ’77, Monadnock, the corner, Humarock, Rocco’s parties Senior Year, 6th period study, strike. Blizzard of ' 76. Ambition: Go to College and be successful. Activities: Cross Country 3-4, Spring Track 2-3, S.V. Hockey 2. Kevin McDermott 22 Parliament Drive Found with: Dave, Mike, Ron. Terry. Favorite Memories: Track Party, Maine; 76 Ambition: To be successful in carpentry cabinet making. Activities: Listening to music, cars, £ motorcycles. Francis X. McKeown 895 Lincoln St. " Fran” Found with: Zuke, The Russian, Ace, Dunnzo, The Mad Copper, Dave, Lou. Fav. Memories.- Camping in N.H. Ambition: To have a family and my own house. Interests: Hunting, drawing, accounting, electronics, flying in a plane. Anything else: You’ve got to have a dream before it can come true. Cheryl McLeod 273 Union Street Favorite Saying: Thats nice Found With: Cheryl, Michael, Cindy, Marion. Favorite Memories: Rocky Point, Senior Breakfast, Kiss Concert, Summer of " 78” Ambition: To be a secretary. Past-time: Have fun. Be with friends, go to the Drive-in. Go to the beaches. Anything else you’d like to say: Hope everyone has good luck in the future years. David McMurtery 106 Miller Street Nickname: McMurt Found With: Lisa, Donna. Ed. and anyone. Ambition: To live forever. Activities: Football 1-4, Tri-Capt., Basketball 2-4, Baseball 1-4, Tri-Capt., National Honor Society 3, Liars club President 14. Anything else you’d like to say: " May you all hear what is to be heard, to Live forever. " Kimberly R. McStay Washington Street " Kim”, " McNight” Fav. Saying: I wanta go home. Found With: Michael, Pam, Sheila, Beth, the Chink and the rest. Fav. Mem.: April 15, 1977, Sophomore year. New Years ’IS, , Santa Clause pictures, Prom ’78, weekends at N.A. Fitzy’s parties Springstein Concert. Ambition: To get into social work. Activities: Yearbook-4, Pembroke 1,2,3. Past¬ time: Being with Michael messing around w Jamie. Likes: I like all the help I got from Mr. Feldman. Anything else: For Christ’s sake Barsamian. 50 Heather McDonald One Besso Street Nickname: Spaz Found with: Marcia, Bridget, Sue H., Susan H., Denise W., Lori M. Ambition: To be successful Interests: enjoys meeting new people, going out on weekends Likes- weekends, food and being with friends, dislikes- phony personalities. Anything Else: Good luck to the class of " 79” I Janet Lee McDonald 333 Lincoln St. " Furdome” Fav. Saying: Schizol Found with: Wendy, Sandy, Sue, Maureen, Worm Dil, Tami £ the rest of the jetheads. Fav. Mem’s: Lifeguarding, Summer of ’77 £ ’78, Disco dancing, Football games, 8 9 78, Senior Year, St. Mary’s, £ Toga Parties. Ambition: Comedy Routine With Wendy in Vegas. Activities: Yearbook ’78 £ ’79, Hock- omock Hammerheads Swim Team, Concert marching Band 1-4, Librarian, F.M.C., C.Y.O., Portfolio 3-4 Beviera Club £ Lively Arts Art Show. Past-time: Drawing. Likes: people with a sense of humor. Anything else. Schizo Jetheads Toga! Lori McDonald I Brookfield Raod Found With: Jeanne, Carol. Deirdre, Debbie, Caren, Debbie. Fav. Memories: Teachers strike, Senior Year. Senior Breakfast, Toga Party, Activities: Spanish Club, pep club, prom committee, newspaper, CYO, working at " Dip £ Sip”, going out on weekends- going shopping Anything else: " Good Luck to the class of 79”. Susan McGlynn 16 Eldon Drive Found with: Jimmy, Linda. Beth, Lori, Shelley, Chuie, Bonnie, Minelle, Cobi, Nancy. Memories: July I ' 77; Summer ’77; Jeff’s cottage after the prom; Bob Seger; Grove Street; Bright Hills; partying; E. Mass. Tourney ’76; Cobi’s parties; Blizzard ' 78; Teacher ' s Strike; parking lot; May 24, ' 79; Ambition: Medical technology. Activities: Gymnastics (private team); National Honor Society; going to SMU to visit Shake; weekends. ■ Susan M. McWilliams 242 Pleasant Street " Sue”, " Sioux” Saying: C’mon you guys! Found With: Carol, Traci, Leanne, Lisa, Jackie. Lani, £ Mitch £ her gang. Memories: Vt. w Socksy. Concerts, Marshfield, Jr. Miss, Wolf, Bucks Gig, Sammy’s Gig, Senior Breakfast, ink. Toga, Jack’s War¬ ehouse, Jamies New Years Party. Ambition: To marry a millionaire £ travel. Activities: Capt. Gymnastics 2,3,4; Capt. Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1,3; Fliers Gym Team; Running; Diving; Skating; Likes: Ms. Hepburn’s £ Mr. Williams’ classes. Dislikes: Teachers who aren’t absent £ no open campus. Anything Else: To the Great Eight: You guys are excellent! Bonnie J. Mendall Washington Street " Bon” Fav. Saying: What’s up guys. Found With Maria, Fran, Martha, Karen, Sue. Fav. Memories; Summer of ’76, Thanksgiving Game ’77 with Dave, out in the parking lot of F.H.S., with friends, Nick’s party, summer of ’77 Ambition: To open a Day Care Center. Interests: Softball, Skiing, Horseback riding, Swimming, Sewing, just being outdoor’s Anything Else: To Maria, Fran, Martha. Be Good! If not be careful. Good Luck. Marie-Louise Miller 60 Prospect St. Nickname: Meza, Worm. MLM Fav. Saying: Some people are different. Found with: Moe. Germ. Pee, Gabi. Kelley, Michelle, Victor. M£M, Diane. Fav. Memories: Play readings and picnics at Michelle’s, going to Boston, going places with these guys. Ambition: To become myself. Activities: Band 1-4, Math Club 2-4. MYWE 4 NHS. Matthew Millis 474 Lincoln Street Found With: The Gang or Kris. Nickname: Mat, Favorite Memories: Fitzies 18th. Ambition: To Be Successful Interests: Any kind of wood working. Favorite Past-time: Almost anything. Likes: Potato Head. Anything Else: I had a Hell of a time in High School and it’s not something I would have missed. 51 JoAnn Monterotti 3 Glenwood Road Usually found with: Julie, Cindy, Kim, Rona, Cathy, and other friends. Fav. Memories: Summer of ' 77, ’78, Concerts, Mt. Monadnock, Maine ’78, many parties, and being with friends. Ambition: to be a Fashion Merchan¬ diser and live life easy. Anything else: Goodbye good luck and keep in touch! David Mooney 429 Beverly Road. Nickname: Moon-Pie. Fav. Saying: Let me put it to you this way. Usually found with: Terri, Mac, Kevin, Bus boys. Fav. Memories: CYO, the slopes, the 3 a.m. trip to Maine, Monday night football. Ambition: to be ambitious. Activities: Cross Country 1-4, Winter Track 1,2, Spring Track 1-4, Ski Team 3,4, CYO Officer. Anything Else: It De Tis doutis? Skias onar antvopos. Kathy Moore 206 Jordan Road Nickname: Marie. Usually found with: Terri, Richard, Bob, Jay, Joe, Marty, Gary, Karen, Donna, Judy. Fav. Memor¬ ies: Biology Class of ' 76, Senior Banquet ’76, Prom ’77, the summer of ’78. Activities: Latin Club I, Newspaper 2, Chorus 1-4. Barbara Moran 7 Glen Meadow Road Nickname: Barb. Fav. Saying: That’s excellent! Usually found with: Gabi and the cafe gang and Mickey, and star gang plus Laura. Fav. Memories: Trip to France, Jr. Miss, Teen Fashion Council, modeling for FMSTFC, Prom, Frosh year worries. Ambition: Fashion Design and to achieve my goals in life. Activities: Secretary 3, President 4,i Teen Council, Portfolieo 3 4, Art shows 3 4, French Club 1-4 , Jr. Miss. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes only four minutes between each class. Kathleen Murphy 7 Pine Knoll Road Nickname: M.B. Fav. Saying: What a riotl! Usually found with: Housie, Nancy, Cat, Granted. Donna. Dawn, Deb. Barb, and the girls. Fav. Memories: Chinese redlights. football and basketball games, Boston, camping, ski trip. Activities or Interests: N.H.S., Student Council, class activities. Prom Committee. Track Manager. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes pink scarfs and phone calls from strange men. Anything else: Thanks friends! Joan Myers 2 Sheppard Road Fav. Saying: Smile! Usually found with: Renny, Jim, Jim, Bill, Reno, Don. Fav. Memories: Florida ’78, Blizzard of ’78, Cape Cod ' 78. Ohio ’78, Boston with Him. Ambition: to always to happy. Activities: Drama Club, Pep Club, Winter Track, Cross Country, Boys Basketball manager, outing club pre¬ sident. OEA, Newspaper. Oskey, Kaleidoscope, Chorus. Theatre Arts. Likes Dislikes, likes Mr. Shangraw Mr. Mulcahy. Dislikes the dirty smokey restrooms. Reno Narducci 71 Arlington St. Nickname: Rino, Favorite saying: " I wanna get out of here” Usually found with Jim, Bill, Jim, Mike. Favorite Memories: The sophomore trip to Rocky Point. Ambition: To go to college, past-time: Driving. Likes: Some of the Teachers. Dislikes: coming to school early. My senior and sophomore years were the best. Christine L. Nasuti Fisher Street Nickname: Chris, Nasoot. Fav. Saying: It ' s been real. Usually found with: Denise. Darren, Bren, Leslie, Lisa, Jerri, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Seager ELO Concerts, Rocco’s parties, Toga parties. Weekends. H.S. Parking lot. 4 21 78, 5 24 78, bosing the gas cap, Summers at the Cape, Chem Lab with the squirt bottles. Likes Dislikes: likes sports. 52 Beth Moran Marion Morine 497 Coronation Drive 124 Brook Street Fav. Say.: Oh sure! " Banking” right Franklin Denise? Usually found with: MaryEI- len, Judi, Denise, Leslie, Debbie, Buffy, Aprile, Anyone who’ll be seen with me. Fav. Mem.: Cape Cod ’77, Framingham Mall, Fish ' n Chips, Steve Miller Concert, Yes Concert. Ambi¬ tion: to go to college and not flunk out! Activities: Spring Track, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Activities Committee. Anything Else: Thanks to my parents and all my friends for always listening and caring. Rene Mosher Grove Street Nickname: Blue Angel. Fav. Saying: It’s Cosmic. You Maggot. Usually found with: Linda, Candy, Leslie and Mr. Lumenti, Bob, Al, Milford Bellingham Cre w. Fav. Mem.: Prom ' 77 ’78, Martha ' s Vineyard ’78, Summer ’75, Freedom Jam Concert. Carnival ’78. Ambition: to become a singer, travel around world to be a secretary. Activities: Chess Club I. Chorus 1-4, Oskey 1,3,4, Junior Miss, Kaleidoscope 2. Likes Dislikes: likes crusin, boys, singing. Brian Murphy 13 Flynn Road Nickname: Murph. Usually found with: Sharon, Razz, Vinny, Arch Dute. Fav. Memories: All the times with Sharon, Prom ’78, Toga party at my house, winning Hockomock basketball title., Rocco’s parties. Ambition: to study criminal justice in college and become state or city cop. Activities: Basketball 1-4, corner member 1-4. Anything else: I’ve gotten alot of things out of Franklin High but most important thing was the friendship I made. Elizabeth Neubert 543 Beach Dr. Franklin } Cynthia Ann Norian 59 Anthony Road Nickname: Cindy, Norzo. Fav. Saying: Are you serious? What are you, Crazy? Usually found with: Karen, Cheryl, Carla, Kim, Kay, Tammy, Frances, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’75, ’76, ’77, Senior year, Graduation, Mr. C’s 3rd period class sophomore year. Ambition: to be an accountant. Activi¬ ties: OEA 1-3. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes the phony attitude of people, passes and school lunch. Anything else: Good luck to the Class of ’79!! Daniel R. O’Brien 262 Daniels Street Nickname.- H.B., O’B Fav. Saying: Whatever Found With Dawn (M.G.), Rouges, Pud, Walter, Hilt, J.P., Mace, Barnsey, Tom, Brian £ Dave Fav. Memories: Mrs. Smith’s Christmas party and physics class, Fri. nites, Jackson Brown concerts with DLS, standing at Mace’s locker Ambition: law-business management Activities: model senate, winter spring track, France with French Club, senior breakfast, roadrace-the prom, bliz¬ zard of ' IS, Fine Print, shooting pool, Likes: sports, most teachers, Id Briana Osborn 94 East Central Street Nickname: Oz, Bri Favorite Saying: " Stay High” Found with: Johnny, Cathy, Moe, Lisa or down the field. Fav. Mem.: Beaver Pond ’77, Summer of ' 77, thumbing to Conn., fall of ’78, partying with Johnny Fav. Pastime: partying, concerts, painting, travel¬ ing. and being with Johnny Ambition: to have a happy life and to always be with Johnny Likes: alternative classroom Dislikes: the jocks Anyth¬ ing else you’d like to say: Thank you Mrs. D.-l would never have made it without your help Donna O’Brien 223 Oak Street Nickname: Donna ' s Fav. Saying: " Chips”, I’m totally serious Usually found with: Jimmy, my sidekick Esther, K.B., M.B., Granted, Housie, Blansky, Cat, Debbie, Cindy, and the rest of the girls Fav. Memories: strike. Prom ' 76, pushing JoAnne’s car in Framingham center, my B’day ’78, trips to Boston, staying after, football and basketball games Activities: soccer £ spring track manager, prom committee Likes: snowdays Dislikes: rushing to classes Anything else: Thanks for the cake, Esther Eileen Marie O’Brien 404 Oak Street Nickname: " Ei”, " O’B” Fav. Saying: " This is driving me bananas!” Found with: Rosellyn, Debbie, and " all those guys” Fav. Memories: the terrific times I had with all of my friends Ambition: to become a nurse Activities: Pep club 2-4, Spanish club 1-4, Newspaper 1-2, CYO 2-4, Oskey 2, Driver’s Ed. Likes: Pep rallies, studies Dislikes: finals, homer¬ oom Anything else you’d like to say: " Hang in there. Life isn’t as bad as they say!” Kelly O’Brien 7 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Tree Fav. Saying: Really? Do I look o.k.? Usually found with: Michelle, Marie, Maureen Favorite Memories: Rocky Point, summers, parties with the kids, parties in Boston Ambition: to always be myself and to be truthful Activities: Basketball, Latin Club, Math Club, Science Club, Marching band, concert band, canoeing, writing poetry Likes: relaxing, playing my flute. Dislikes: cliques David Oxford 14 Orchard Street Nicknames: Ox, Oxy Fav. Saying:What the hell! Found with: Vinny. Raz, Archer. Al, Rico. Pam. Paula, Deb. Dana, and the rest of the corner gang Fav. Memories: New Hampshire weekend, prom and cape, last day of school ’78. all the gigs. Monadnock " trips " Ambition: to learn a good trade and have money Activities: Football 1,2, track 1-3, spring track 1-3, listening to good music, collecting matchbooks, making people laugh Anything else: God bless you. class of ’79 Julie Ozella 531 Coronation Drive Nickname: Jules Usually found with: Jake, Lynda. Marie. Terry, Jane, Carmella, Karen, Mary and Cheryl. Favorite Memories: Rocky Point, David Bowie, Kinks. P. Town. Carpy parties Ambition to become a jeweler and have my own shop Interests: the arts Dislikes: people who do not take others for what they are, but for who their friends are. Mike Padula 717 Washington Street Nickname: Pud. Favorite Saying: Right here. you. Usually found with: Jay, John, Ron, Sully, Sist, Dave, Ted, Favorite Memories: watching Mr. C. get a pie in the face . . . twice Ambition: to travel with a band, blizzard ’78 Activities: Band 1-4. President-4, 1st trumpet Robert O’Connell 29 Skyline Drive Nickname: " Oak”, " Oakie” Usually with: Karen, Murph, George, Rocco, Arch, Hypo, Vinny, Ox, Razz, Gent, Rick, Jerry, and the rest of the corner Fav. Memories: 11 23 77, 6 28 78, 7 11 78, 7 11-18 78, senior banquet, 7 18 78 Rocco’s parties, strike r Ambition: phys. ed. major Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4 Favorite Pastime: being with Karen, partying with the corner Dislikes: potato head (Shangraw), the small school lunches j Janet O’Gorman I Carpenter Drive Franklin Cathy O’Hearn 28 Anthony Road Nickname: O’H Fav. Saying: Who’s got study? Usually with: Campy, Paula, Steph, Karen and whoever Fav. Memor¬ ies: 7th study, J.J.’s history class, bugging Mr. Gormley. roaming the halls, the path, 1st period-Mr. Tracy’s class, Mrs. Bloom ' s typing class Ambition: to be a good secretary for my boss Activities: OEA, going to school, track 1,2, skiing, going out on weekends Dislikes: passes!!, a few teachers, study Anything else: It’s finally over. Catch ya later F.H.S. Beth O’Regan 392 Martello Road Usually found with: Susan, Linda, Bonnie, Cobi, Nancy, Kim, Shelley, and the rest of the crew Fav. Memories: Summer of ’77 ’78, prom and the day after. New Year’s eve. Fenny’s Bright Hill, Grove St., 10 21 76 Activities: OEA, gymnastic team, Oskey, trips to colleges Ambition: To be happy and successful and, above all, to be rich! Dislikes: Dottie’s smile when she knows she’s bagged you Anything else: Good luck to the class of ’79. It was great but I’m glad it’s over. Cheryl-be careful. Jay Palermo 346 Pleasant St. Crash. " Excellent!”. Found with: Mark, Dom, Carmie, Brenda, Mike, Bonnie and the rest of the locker squad. Memories: winning motorcy¬ cle races, skipping with the girls. Ambition: Ride the Internat. Six Day Trials . Activities: racing, fixing automobiles, going out, dining and dancing with a nice girl. Likes: keeps me out of work. Dislikes: Teacher’s attitudes. Catch ya later! Paula Palermo 91 Chestnut Street Nickname: Rocky Fav. Saying: What are you, ignorant? Usually found with: Greg. Pam, Kim, Oxy, and everyone else Fav. Memories: 3 7 78, Hyannis conference, Narcon ’77, canoeing, blizzard ’78, senior kegs ' 78, strike, getting lost with Kim at the moon, the fireplace, Crosby, Stills Nash, Kinks, partying, being with Greg, sleeping Likes: DE conferences Dislikes: getting up for school Anything else: work hard have fun underclass¬ men waiting for your senior year Pamela Louise Palmer 307 Country Way Pam, Bonesy, Pammie-Lou. " Are you kidding?” Found with: Judy, Jodie, Laura, Allan, Scott, Julie. Tom, Doreen, and the rest of the gang. Memories: January 6-August 30, 1978: Junior Prom ' 78: New Years Eve ’78. Ambition: to be successful in whatever I chose to do. Activities: Skiing, gymnastics, creative writing, being with my friends, and going down the Cape. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to those who are graduating in later years. Rona Palumbo 300 Lincoln St. Beetle. " OK. Fine. That’s sagute.” Found with: Lorraine, Cindy, Julie, Kim, Joann, Sherrie, Lynne, and the rest of the crew. Memories: Trip to monastary-DE I conference. Cape Cod Community ’78, the constible Mansons summer gig ' 18. March 5, 1978, Maine 75-78. Ambition: Proba¬ tion officer, travel. Activities: writing, good music, and money!, partying with the girls, concerts, and looking forward to my weekends- dreaming. Likes: most teachers. Dislikes: getting up in the morning. Anything else: These 4 yrs. flashed right by me. Catch ya on the rebound. Bonnie Parker Pamela Pasquantonio 74 Dean St. 21 Howard Street Nickname: Bon Fav. Saying: I’m gonna commit suicidel Found With: Ramie. Carme, Bren, Theresa, Rick. Fav. Mem: Jr. Prom ’78,2 6 78, Virginia, nightclub- bing with Carme, Friday Skip days, leaving school to cruise, vacations and all the times I’ve been with Bren 6 Carme. Ambition: to be happy no matter what I do, go cross country after graduation make Ramie happy. Fav. Past-time: reading my books or being with Ramie, spending my money, sleeping Mom-thanks for being you Lisa M. Perkins 24 Mackintosh St. Nickname: Perk. Favorite Saying: That was so funny. Found With: Leanne, Carol, Jackie, Lani, Sue, Sioux, Judi, Brady and the girls. Favorite Memories: Weekends, Seger and Springsteen ’78, Cobi’s Cape ’78, TOGA’S, Papa’s, Grove, Blizzard ’78, New Year’s Eve ' ll Ambition: Activities or Interests: Spring Track 2, Ski Team 3, French Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Yearbook Staff. Anything Else You’d Like to Say: Brady- Fantasizel, Carol-What’s a Mimi? Dennis Petit 10 Colt Rd. Nickname: Den. Fav. Saying: Okay, I might believe you. Found With: Mike, Dave, Allen, Don, Al, Mike. Fav. Mem. watching F.H.S. sports team win Ambition: to become a successful accountant. Activities or Interests: C.Y.O., especially basketball. Language Festival, having fun with my friends Likes: teachers because they don’t whip you like in. Miss. Dislikes: passes, S.S. as a freshie. Anthing Else? This is the best school I’ve ever been to and this school has the best sports teams. Mark Pfeffer 79 Cottage St. Nickname.- Pfef. Fav. Saying: Fupped Duck. Found With: Johnny, Lee, Yada, Whompie, Mutt, Roger and the rest of the Library gang. Fav. Mem. My ' 66 Impala, S.S., keg parties, all nights with the crew, Yada’s great white ghost. Ambition: Get another ’66. Fav. Past-time: Getting wasted § making the best out of a situation. Likes: Mr. McCall’s classes Anything Else?: See Ya Later, Swannyl Steven Pineo 207 Peck St. Found With: Paula, Bonnie, Karen, Laura, Donna Fav. Mem: Blizzard of ’78, Teachers’ strike, weekends without homework, teacher’s being out. Ambition: Horticulturist. Activi¬ ties or Interest: stamp-collecting, some rock and shell collecting, hiking, biking, camping, reading, swimming, board war games, plants, going to study. Likes: choosing gym. Dislikes: homework. Anything Else: Good luck to future classes and the teachers 56 James A. Pasquino 495 Pleasant St. Nickname: Squee Fav. Saying: What a bum Found With: friends Fav. Mem.: Jr. class trip to R.P. Activities or Interests: Skiing, Skatebording, swimming, hiking, Fav. Past-time: Having fun. Melissa Ann Patterson 1165 Pond St. Nickname: Mel, Lissa. Red found With: Laura, Michelle. Cindy, Barbara, Janine, Lori, Paula, Karen Fav. Mem.: Summer of ' 76, Trip to Switzerland with Ski Club, Jr. Miss Ambition: to become a doctor Activities or Interests: Latin club, Pep club, Yearbook Staff, Ski Team, Student Council, OEA, Spanish Club, J.V. tennis, Ski club Anything Else You’d Like To Say: I hope everyone in the class of ’79 has a happy and successful life! Robert Pearcey 9 Greystone Rd. Found With: Paula, Dave, Haney, Brian, B house gang Ambition: to quit work and still have millions Activities or Interests: National Honor Society member Fav. Past-time: Relaxing Anything Else? It wasn’t that bad after all. I had a good time. Shawn Pease 286 Glen Meadow Rd. Nickname: Shep Aav. Saying: Found With: Squi Fav. Mem.: Summer of ’77 S ’78 Ambition: to be a marine biologist fav. Past-time: playing hockey, swimming J.V. tennis. Ecology club 2,3 Leah Pinto Country Club Drive Nickname: " Leaky” Favorite Saying: yeah, right? Usually found with: Cheryl, Debbie, Jeanne, Kim, Teresa, Bonnie, Little Ritz Favorite Memor¬ ies: " Queen Concert 78” Friday night November 24 Weekend in Scituate New Hampshire 78, Red sox games Activities or Interests: Cheerleading, diving, going to the beach, enjoying " Foghat,” Going to concerts, Party¬ ing Likes Dislikes of FHS: I dislike passes and like to leave. Anything else you’d like to say? How does it feel to be rejected B.B. J.L. S.A. J. Rocco Pisani 29 Thayer St. Nickname: Morocco Fav. Saying: Oh My God. Found With: Joanne, Jerry, George, Pete, Jamie, Mike, The Corner, Fav. Mem.: Prom weekend, Strike, sixth period study, Pete’s B-day party, Murph’s Toga party, Springsteen’s concert, H.S. Activities or Interests: Basketball 1-4, Corner activities, class activities, Jerry Guerra School of Driving, A.A., being with my friends. Anything Else?: Life is what you make of it- blame yourself if it’s boring. Thersa Pisano 4 Lincolnwood Dr. Nickname.- Tree. Fav. Saying: Hi, you wild and crazy guy Found With: Laurie, Beth, Tamara, Marie, Laura, Janine, Karen, Bren, Carme. Leah, Sue, Bonnie Fav. Mem.: Freshie year. Senior year, summer ' 76. S.M.C. ’78, Senior Break¬ fast, Beth’s Xmas party, Parris Island, Ambition: to be a medical assistant. Activities or Interests: O.E.A. secretary, being with my friends. Likes: Miss H’s classes. Dislikes: Passes. Anything Else? T. Where are the foxes? Dianne Pizzanello 14 Bay Hill Nickname: Pizza Fav. Saying.- none, Found With: Pam Pauline, Joann, Sandy Fav. Mem.: summer of ’78 Ambition: to be a secretary, Activi¬ ties or Interests: D.E. 1,2, bowling, going out riding around. Dislikes: passes. Likes: getting out. Anything Else: Good Luck to the class of ’79. 57 Charles Pizzelli Joseph Poirier Deborah Pomponio Michael Porter 37 Forest St. 693 E. Central Street 1 Baron Road 131 Plain St. Franklin Franklin Nickname: Pompy. Fav. Say.: 1 don ' t care. Usually found with my mouth open, saying the wrong thing. Fav. Memories: times in my Plymouth (RPSM), P-town, Beb Seger concert, 12-14-77, 5-5-78, Labor Day weekend. Ambition: to be my own boss. Fav. Past-time: driving into dead ends and getting lost. Likes Dis- likes: likes hitting McDonalds for lunch. Dislikes: being treated like an x-con. Anything else: I’d like to thank Mrs. Swanbeck and Mr. A. Evans for their Franklin patience. John R. Proulx John Pucillo 28 Cross Street 91 Dean Ave. Nickname: J.P., Proulx. Fav. Say.: Franklin Speak to me, Who cares? Usually found with: Hilt, Pud. Walter. Toby. Jimbo. Mace. Chirgs. O.B.. golf clubs. Fav. Memories: Death Flight 680. Going to Indiana. Hockey Games, Steve Martin concert. Watkins Glens Grand Prix, golf matches, movies, senior breakfast. Ambition: to play college golf down south and then maybe the tour. Activities: Golf Varsity Team. Anything else: School is alot of fun. don’t waste your time doing something stupid like studying. Bonnie Pulver 79 Daniels Street Nickname: Bon-Bon. Usually found with: Karen. Steve. Judy, Paula. Fav. Memor¬ ies: Oskey ' 78, Summer of ’77, Foreign Language Festival ’77. Ambition: to be a writer or Psychologist. Interests: Music, guitar, Karate, raising farm animals, driving. Anything else: Thanks FHS for a great four years. Corinne Rackette 508 Old Farm Raod Fav. Saying: For Sure, Go for it! Fav. Memories: Teachers strike. Senior Banquet ’78. Summer of ’78, Blizzard of ’78. Ambition: to succeed in everything I do! Interests: skiing, tennis, swimming, horseback riding and any outdoor activities. Thomas Prescott 525 Old Farm Road Nickname: Tom. Usually found with Donna. Fav. Memories: concerts: ZZ Top and Foghat, B-house mornings, partying on weekends. Blizzard of ' 78, teachers strike. Ambition: to get a job and leave Franklin. Fav. Past-time: hockey down delcarts pond. Likes Dislikes: Likes certain teachers. Dislikes needing passes Pam Pretto 17 West Park Street Nickname: Midge. Fav. Say.: Brutal, No. Usually found with: Dianne, Lon, Chris. Steve and rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Seger ’78, Riding around with Chris and Lori and S.T.G. Ambition: management or working with the retarded. Activities: D.E. I II Likes Dislikes: likes hockey games and getting out early. Dislikes: lunches and passes and the rules. Anything else: Good luck to the Class of ’79 Jacqueline Prince 3 Donny Drive Nickname: Jackie. Fav. Say.: I can’t get into this at all. Usually found with: Ace, Deuce, Fire and the Innocent, Victims of the Wolf. Fav. Memories: Traci’s BD ’77, ’78, Buck’s mobiles, May 4, getting psyched to LA Woman and weekends in the mountains. Ambition: to have my own little stick. Fav. Past-time: driving to endanger and twisting the truth (a little). Likes Dislikes: likes double rice and no meat. Dislikes: H.S. parking lot, paranoia and bummed out heads. Donald Princiotta 3 Southgate Road Nickname: Princie. Fav. Saying: Check it out. Usually found with: Hedley, Ray, Bill, Jim, Reno. Fav. Memories: ’77 graduation party, strike in ’ll. Blizzard of ’78, Class Trips. Ambition: Marine Biologist. Activities or Interests: Wood, Computer programming. Bonnie Lee Ralyea 74 Arlington Street Fav. Saying: Wow, Really. Usually found with: Marianne, Kelly, Kim, Carol, Robin, Jo-Jo, Johnny, Beth, Danny and Canada. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’77, ' 78, Cape Cod. Ambition: to become an airline secretary. Interests: pep club, going ;o football, soccer, basketball, and hockey games. Likes Dislikes: Likes studies. Dislikes snobs, teachers who ask for passes, homework, getting up in the morning. Anything else; good luck to all the rest of the classes. Pat Rasicot 8 Cross Street Nickname.- Razz. Usually found with: Arch, Vinny. Murph, Dute, and the corner. Fav. Memories: Murph’s Toga, Rocco’s Gig, Jamie ' s Gig, N.H. Weekend- 6th period study, last day of school gig ' ll, Seger Concert, Boston Garden Flockey game. Activities: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Class President 1-4, Capt. Football, Basketball, and Baseball 4, Liar’s club 1-4. Likes Dis- likes: Likes weekends, standing at the corner. Dislikes: Potato Flead. James Ray 35 Seekonk Street Nickname: Jim. Fav. Say.: We’re having some fun now. Hey Folks. Usually found with: Howie, Bucko, Jim, Reno. Fav. Memories: Glen Meadow picnic table, Nino’s Pretzels and Beer. Ambition: to make some money. Fav. Past-time: playing guitar. Darlene Reed 242 Rond Street Nickname: Dor, Kizzy. Fav. Say.: That’s Nasty. Usually found with: Alice, Chris, Mary, Karen and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: When I saw Roni after four years. Ambition: to be a sociologist. Interests: to play on a girl’s football team. 59 Lee M. Reizian 156 Lincoln Street Fav. Saying: " are you seniors?” " be real! " Found w Dawn, Janet, everyone else. Fav. Mem: Natn’l seminar in rock creek, Olympics 77, 78-especially 9-4-78, Prom, Mt. Manadnock, 11-19-77, 8-13-78, Jr. Miss, Having my " Senior Project.” Ambition: To have my own Folk show. Activ.: cross country) Student council 1-4, French club Treas Secretary, Drama club, A.Y.F., tennis, talking, eating, N.H.S. Vice- Pres., Mass Assoc, of NHS., treas. Swim Instructor, N easter seals society. Like: Most of the people. Dislike: People who love to get information off you spread rumors. Like to say: Senior year is the ultimate! P.s. J.t. mr. " Senior Project” was definitely accomplished! Alice Rettman 466 Lincoln Street Nick: A.J. or Rett. " Don’t you talk " Found w Mark, Chris C., Chris F., Mary, the Band Gang, Kid Sisters, Susan R„ Memories: 5 13 77, Pago Pago, Banquet of 77, senior year, Texas, New Hamp., Chef, Jr. Miss, Band Color guard captain. Rocky point. Ambition: to be an M.P., Activ.: fieldhockey, softball, street hockey, football, horseback riding, bowling, soccer, basketball. Past-time: work at Friendly’s, groom at Foxboro raceway. Dislike: When they put you in a classroom, when there is 25 guy’s in it and your the only girl. Like to say: well. Dad, looks like I made it. I told you I would. Brett R. Roberts 2 Northgate Rd. Redeye. You Dagnaba, It ' s Kool Kim, Dana, Oxy. Skip, and everybody else. New Hampshire weekend with Dana. Beav. Kinks concert of ’78. Mt. Manadonot " trip” to be successful in the future Baseball 1,2.3.4) Seeing Mrs. Swanbeck in the morning. Dislike passes. No time in between classes. Some teachers Good Luck Kim Marie, Good Luck to the Senior class. By to my teachers, my good ones. Cheryl J. Roberts 47 Daniel St. Usually Found with: Lisa, Deane, Dennis, Louis, and Happy Birthday. Favorite memories: Sophomore Halloween dance, camping in the state Forest, Peter Pan. Richard Robinson 20 Mackintosh St. Nickname: Robbie, Favorite Saying: " Luscious.” Usually found with: the " Corner " . Favorite Memories: N.A. game 1977, " Queen” at the Civic Center 1977, " ELO” at the Garden ’78. Ambition: to cop bucks. Activities: Football 1.2,3 Co-captain-4. Corner 1,2.3.4. Swimming. Likes: the " Corner”. Dislikes: Miss Baca, freshman hoop with Auteri. James Robinson 8 Harborwood Dr. Usually found With: Albert Christian¬ son. Tom Larson. Ambition: To live in Alaska, and to be rich. Activities: The outdoors. Favorite Past-times: Walking through the woods getting high on nature. 60 Diane Ricard 14 Betten Court Nickname: " Di”, Favorite saying: " that’s Life.” Usually Found With: The kids at the greenhouse, the kids down at Rogers Field-, Tracy, Gary, Brenda, Donald, Michelle, Fitzy, Johnny, etc. Favorite Memories: Summer of ’77, Rush Concert, 16th birthday. Queen Concert, Alice Cooper Concert, weekends. Favorite past-time: Partying, going to con¬ certs. Dislikes: Discipline. Likes: in-between classes. May everyone have a happy and successful future. Cheryl Richmond 18 Charles Drive Cheri. You’re Kidding. Mike, Sue, Cathy, Dede, Inez, Joan, Jane, Kim. Junior Prom " IS " , Summer " 77,78” Field Flockey 76-78, Springsteen Concert, Aug 17, 78., Sept 2,1978, Sept. 10, 78, Sept 30, 78. To get married and raise a happy family. Field Hockey 76-78, playing guitar, tennis, skiing, swimming, being with people who care! Disliked-Passes and lack of Freedom, Liked- Parmenter’s and Hepburns Classes. I wish the best of luck to everyone, I hope you all reach your dreams and hold onto them. Remember there will be bad times along with the good. Don’t quit on the downs, you’re life is worth it! The happiness is there, you just have to find it! James J. Riley 27 SouthGate Road Nick: Jay. " How’s work been, has it been busy?” Found w Joe, Marty. Barb, Bill, Gary, Ken, Ken, Scott, Bill, Laurd, and the Star gang. Fav. Mem.: the Teachers strike, 7th period studies, chorus Banquet, Thanksgiving Day Games, Dube’s Party, For. Lang. Festival, Ambition: Mathematics Navigation. Activ.: Swimming, Spanish club. Math club, tennis. Dislikes: some teachers, some kids. 109 Brook St. Sue, Roby, Rob. " Excellent”, " Really”. Found with my friendsl Mem.: Field Hockey ' ll ’78, Summer " 78”, Teachers strike, YMCA Swim cham¬ pionships, Concerts, Vermont ' 76, Sudies, Jr. year, Senior breakfast. Activities: Editor ' 79 yearbook, Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Softball 1-2. YMCA swim team 3-4, CYO Basket¬ ball 3, Scuba Diving. Ambition: to become a marine biologist, and to be happy and successful! Likes: people, science. Dislikes: boring classes. Thanks to the faculty for a great four years. Thanks Mom Dad. Good Luck Class of ’79! Kimberly Rofino III Wachusett Street Nickname: Kim. Fav. Saying: " How many calories in this?” Usually found with: Judi, Jerri, Lisa, Leslie, Michelle, Sharon, Brady, DeDe, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Junior Prom and day after. Rocco’s Parties, Murph’s toga party, sophomore skip day. senior breakfast. Seager and E.L.O. concerts, Ambition: to be a special teacher. Activities: J.V. cheerleading football, soccer, basketball, I, V. cheerleading 2-4. H.R. representative. Friendly’s 1-4. Cynthia Ann Rondeau 204 Lincoln St. Cindy, Ralph, " so weird”, " neat”. Found with: Caren, Nancy, M.B., K.B.. Barbara, Housie. Granted, Donna, Esther. Dawn. Laura. Lisa, £ the rest of the gang. Memories: Prom, Esther’s sleepover, Mt. Monadnock, CYO. Parties. Senior Breakfast. Activities: Field Hockey. Skiing, track. Student Council. Prom comm., CYO, Conservation comm., Yearbook, Dean. Past-time: playing piano, being with friends. Anything else: Good luck to classes of ’79 £ ’80. Michael J. Ristaino 50 Gallison St. Risty. I don’t know. " The Corner”, At Rico ' s. Rocco’s Parties, Murph’s Toga, Beachboys " 78”, Blizzard " 78”, OEA Conference " 78”, Weekends, Hock¬ ey Games, Gent’s New Years Eve gig? To be rich. To loose a few inches off the top. Basketball I, Winter Track 2, Spring Track 1.2, Cross Country 2, Dean Enrichment. Going out on weekends, Talking, Working. Likes " The Corner”, Getting up so early in the morning. Good Luck class of " 79” Especially to the Corner John Rondeau 204 Lincoln St. Nickname: John Doo. Usually found with: the corner. Favorite memories: Rocco’s Parties, Strike, Prom. Feb. 9, 1976, 6 period study, toga, parties. Ambition: to continue with school. Activities or Interests: sports, carpentry. 61 Dana Ryan 23 Beaver Street Usually found with: Brett, Getch, Skipper. Oxy, and everyone else. Fav. Memories: N.H. with Brett, Oxy, Beaver, Down Greeks cottage, Senior year, Having a good time with my classmates. Ambition: to work on my own being an interior decorator. Activities: D.E. President, Fav. Past-time: Working on Mall spending money on a good time. Going away for weekends. Likes Dis- likes: likes school halls, woodworking, and social activities. Deborah A. Ryan I Laurel Court Nickname: Red, Debbie. Usually found with: Kris, Paula, and other ski bums. Fa. Memories.- Blizzard of ’78, Summer of ' IS in Hawaii, August 24, 1978, Mrs. Tofias’s slides of Europe, August 22, 1977, Teacher’s strike. Yearbook mail screw-up, senior skip day. Ambition: Foreign service officer (international relations) Activities: French Club 1-4 V.P. 4, Italian Club President 4, Student Council 3.4, Yearbook 4, NHS 3,4, Ski Team 3,4, J.V. Tennis 2. Dislikes pass system, not having open campus, small town. Anything else: graduation is not the end, it is the beginning. Sheila M. Ryan 420 Partridge St. Usually found with: Barry, Cheryl, Kim, Beth, Shelley, Lori, Linda, Sue, Francine. Fav. Mem.: Junior Prom and the cape, C.S N concert, Gordon Lightfoot at Tanglewood, New Year’s Eve ' 78, Junior Miss, Fireworks, Blizzard, Ambition: to go to college, get a good job. Activities: Cheerleading 1,2 Competition I, Year¬ book assistant editor 2,3. Sports Editor 4, Junior Miss Pageant, Quill and Scroll. Likes Dislikes: likes chemistry, most of the teachers, my friends. Dislikes drosophila, Menogastra. John Rzezuski 36 Populatic Street Nickname: Zuke. Usually found with: Fran, Ryan, Mike. Ace, Dunnzo, The Mad Copper. Fav. Memories: Camp¬ ing in N.H., Teacher’s strike. Ambition: to be successful in life. Interests: sports and gambling. David Seaver 314 Pleasant Street Usually found with: B.House gang in the morning and between classes. Fav. Memories: Last year in high school, concerts, few parties. Whiteys kegas, Hocky down Ernie ' s in the winter. Summer of ’77. Ambition: to become a rough carpenter or master mechanic. Activities: Wood 1-4, Metals 1-3, Drivers Ed 1,2. Likes Dislikes: likes a handful of teachers. Dislikes study periods. Anything else: these few years were about the best you could expect. Judith Ann Semerjian 21 Garfield Street Nickname: Judi. Fav. Say.: Let ' s no and say we did. Usually found with: my friends. Fav. Memories: concerts. Prom ’78, Ricky Point ’76. Mucci ' s party ’76, March 3. 1978, Bunkin’ school £ going to Woonsocket. Clubbing every weekend, Cindy’s Halloween party ’78 w Steve. Activities: Track 1,2, Cheerleading 2,3. Fav. Past-time: Dancing, Karate, and doing crizy things. Anything else: You only go through life once so . . . live it upll Dawn L. Shepard 69 Mill Street Nickname: M.G., Shep. Fav. Say.: Be serious! Usually found with: H.B., Lee, Janet. Fav. Memories: Barefoot in the Park, Up the Down Staircase, and cast party. Junior Prom ’78. New York weekend ’78, Billy Joel Concert. Ambition: to never grow old. Actvities: French Club 1,2 Sec. 3,4, Student council 3,4-Sec., Drama Club 2-4, J.V. Girls Tennis 1,2, Prom Committee 3. Panther Press 4. Likes Dislikes: likes doing plays. Dislikes chemistry labs, 7th period gym on Friday. Joseph R. Sheilds 9 Joval Court Nickname: Joe. Fav. Say.: Huh, Wha? Hey Cretin! Usually found with Tim. Brian, Bill. Hedley, Chip and Phil. Fav. Memories: teacher’s strike. Blizzard of ’78.. Ambition: first Ambassador to Andora. to conquer the world (or a small part of it) Activities or Interests: Astronomy, cycling, swimming, running, science fiction, comic books, scale model building, chess. Loreen Savilonis 5 Pyne Circle Nickname: Savage. Fav. Say.: What’s the matter? Usually found with: Scott, Don, Sheryl, Jimmy, Tina, Duane. Fav. Memories: DECA Trips, Prom of ' 78, Double Dates, Class Trips. Ambition: to be successful in what I choose. Activities or Interests: Pep Club 1,11, DECA 3,4, Student Council 2, drive-ins, rollerskating, dancing. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes not being able to leave in your senior year for study. Anything else: I’d like to wish the class of ’79 the best of luck in the future. Joan Marie Scipione 387 Pond Street Nickname: Sip, Ski. Fav. Say.: Hi Honl What’s Happening? " for the first 301” Usually found with: Laurie, Kay, Debbie, Rosellyn, Tammy, Jackie, Rose, Sue. Amy, Jane, Charlene. Fav. Memories: 6 30 78 York Steakhouse, Summer of ’78, Being around the people I like. Softball ’78. Ambition: to be as good in whatever I do as I am what I don’t do. Interests: talking, learning, loving, and being with the best people I know. Anything else: it’s been a rare experience growing up among friends, and I’m glad you were there. Judith M. Scully 1345 Pond Street Nickname: Judi. Fav. Say.: Give me a break. Usually found with: Deb. Beth, Benise. Buffy, Barbara. Aprile, Mary Ellen, Nancy. Fav. Memories: Finger painting in Bobby McKenna’s class ’77, rollerskating cruising, degga and the Jello, Beth’s X-mas party, Sophomore skip day, Sr. Banquet, S.E. Hockey games. Ambition: to go into children denistry. Activities: National Honor Society, J.V. Softball 1,2, King’s 4. Likes Dislikes: likes Wilk’s Chemistry Class. Dislikes cheaters who fake like they’re smart. Raeann Seaholm 446 Pond St. Franklin Thomas Simeone 131 Longhill Rd. Usually Found With: Allan, Dorsy, Scott, Jean, Favorite Memories: Last years, senior banquet. Ambition: To do something good.. Favorite Past- Time: Going to parties, listening to music, Likes having a good time. Dislikes: being prisoner of FHS. .Anything Else You’d Like To Say: Thank God it’s over. h Russell Simpson 749 Lincoln Street Nickname: Russ Fav. Saying: What’s up? Usually found with: Jeff, Mac, Jim and the rest of the seniors Fav. Memories: Winning Eastern Mass Division cham¬ pionship 76, strike, senior year, hockey games, prom. Ambition: to be successful in life Activities: Soccer 1-4, Wrestling I, Track 2-4 Fav. Pastime: going out with my friends Likes: FHS spirit Dislikes: passes Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck in the future to all seniors and underclassmen i Brenda Slater 376 Union Street Nickname: Bren Favorite Saying: yeah. o.k.I, take a left! Usually with: Art, Carme. and the rest of the wild and crazy guys Fav. Memories: 9 24 76, prom, strike, the apartment life with Jerri, busting Vinnie George. ROD STEWART, ELO, and Seger concerts, Virginia Ambition: to be successful and happy Interests: to go across country, tennis, camping, being with friends, artist work Dislikes: passes, Dottie Anything else: C.Z. thanks for being there when I needed you Terri Smaltz 409 Coronation Drive Nickname: Indian Joe, Shultz, Favor¬ ite Saying: That’s cute, what a hunk, Usually Found With: Cathy Moore, Donna DeBaggis, Donna D., Bob Bush, Favorite Memories: Times with band. Freedom Jam Concert ”78”, Ambi¬ tion: Professional artist, Activities: or Interests: Band, art, horses, cross country skiing. Likes studies with friends, art program. Dislikes school lunches, fire drills in mid winter. Anything Else You’d Like To Say: D.D., even though we’re apart are souls are still together. Cheryl Smith Donna Smith Traci Sobocinski 13 Church St. 120 Miller Street 169 Pleasant St. Franklin Nickname: Donna Baby. Fav. Say.: Good Deal. Usually found with: Reets, Denise, Dana, Tanya, Don and the gang. Fav. Memories: California, Trip to Nantuck¬ et, incident in cafeteria-(remember Lisa?), Partridge Street.September 10, 1978. Ambition: to be successful. Activities or Interests: Boating, motorcycling, horseback riding, music . . . Likes Dislikes: Likes the kids. Dislikes passes in the hall. Nickname: Ace. Fav. Say.: What?! Usually found with: a distorted outlook. Fav. Memories: April 9, ’77, Springsteen concert, Sept. 22, ’78, N.H., the Buckmobile, one soft infested summer. Ambition: to be content. Fav. Past-time: winning. Likes Dislikes: likes hockey games and Friday afternoons, dislikes cliches, etc, etc. etc. Anything else: J.P. — finish what you started and Eli — only YOU can prevent forest fires . . . Brian Sullivan 12 Haverstock Rd. Nickname: Sully, Stone. Favorite Saying: Face. Usually found with: Chick, Sammy, Albert, Mizer, Crow, Kevin. Swanny, Wayne, Oz, and the rest of the soccer gang. Favorite Memories: Playing Soccer, Tour¬ naments, Teacher’s Strike. Sammy’s Keg Party, weekend night, Summer of ' ll ’78. Ambition: To go to college and be successful. Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball, Skiing, National Flonor Society. Anything else you’d like to say: See ya laterl Scott Sutcliffe 4 Rolling Ridge Road Favorite Saying: Ya Right!. Usually found with.- Janie, Dave, Scott M., Frankie, Steve, Kim M. Favorite Memories: Trips to Maryland in 76 ' ll, January 19,22,25, 1978, Mr. Cohen’s Auto class, Senior Breakfast. Ambition: to become suc¬ cessful and own my own business. Favorite Past-Time: Being with Janie, fixing up cars, Listening to music. Dislikes: passes, 4 minutes between classes. Anything else you’d like to say: I won’t miss the classes but I ' ll sure miss the studies. Kristen Svingen 31 Skyline Drive Nickname: Kris. Fav. Say.: " I beg your pardon?” Usually found with: People whose company I enjoy and other assorted individuals. Ambition: to be content with myself and the nature of things. Activities: French club 3,4, Basketball 1,2, Tennis 2,3. Dislikes crowded halls, loud bells, and intolerant people who cannot accept or understand the divergencies of other. Likes a few outstanding teachers and Swiss Rolls. Anything else: I’d like to thank my parents for all the love and support they’ve given me. Patti Socci 21 Oak Street Ext. Nickname: Soce. Fav. Say.: Sure Son! Really? Usually found with: Beth, Buch, Bernie, Diane, Janet, Sue, Jackie, Donna. Fav. Memories: Mountain Climbing, Field Flockey ’77, Snagged by Hag in Quincy, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, S.C.’s gig, Gueen, Summer Gigs, Hockey Basketball Camp, Marshfield. Ambi¬ tion: To be happy, successful and RICH!! Activities: Basketball 1-4, Softball 1-3. Anything else.- Thanks to Cindy and Bono. John Swanbeck 27 Union Street Nickname: Swanny. Fav. Say.: Magic. Usually found with: Rick, Mizer. Stone. Chick, Kevin, Crow, Sammy, Wayne, Tommy. Rob, Elliot, OS. Fav. Memories: Sophomore year. Senior year. Soccer Season ' 76 with Tom, Norfolk League Soccer Champion¬ ship, Barefoot in the park, Sammy’s gig. Prom and cape. Ambition: to be as independent as possible. To be an excellent actor. Activities: Soccer 1-4. Drama club 1-4, Oskey 1-4, Newspaper 1-4. 64 Mary Stetson 14 George Road Nickname: Stetsie. Usually found with: Judy Harrigan, Karen DeRosier, Bonnie Pulver, Donna DeAngelo. Lisa M. Stevens 538 Coronation Drive Nickname: Para. Fav. Say.: Yeah.o.k., No sir. Usually found with Cheryl. Jean, Sue, Denise, Karen, Pauline, Sandra, Lynne. Fav. Memories: ' IS O.E.A. State Competition, Junior Year parties, ’77 Bonfire, E.L.O. Concert, Bright Hill Estates, Summers of ' ll ' IS, Fletchers. Ambition: to go to college and become a social worker. Activities: Fine Print Staff 3, Yearbook staff. Spring Track 3, O.E.A. 3 4, Local O.E.A. Competition 3: 3rd place — shorthand I. Kathleen R. Stoughton 262 Partridge Street Nickname: Kat. Fav. Say.: What’s this?, It comes natural. Usually found with: Leslie, Dawn, Lauren, Barbara, Karen, Laura, Aprile. Fav. Memories: France 1978, The Gas Cap, WJMQ, Playing " football on the 50-yard line, The Bat Mobile, Skiing with Leslie, Toga Party, Gym 1st. Ambition: career in nursing or paramedics. Activities: Tennis 1-4, Drama Club 1-4, French Club, Syncron- ized Swimming, Teen Fashion Council, and Health Careers Course Danny Sullivan 109 Pine Ridge Dr. Nickname: Sully. Favorite Saying: Up in smoke. Usually found with: anyone. Favorite Memories: Breaking rules, skiing in the mountains, Crosby, Stills Nash. Ambition: to be the boss of my old bosses. Likes: School Lunches, detention, supervised study and Mrs. Johnson. Anything else you’d like to say: Give Spell my extra credits. Bob Taranto I Royal Court Nickname: Tonto. Fav. Saying: Have fun but don’t get caught. Found with: Steve, Mart, Bill. Favorite Memories: Summer of ’76, ' ll £ ’78. Ambition: to be an artist. Activities or Interests: Basketball, art writing, music. Fav. Pastime: Listen to music. Dislikes: Teachers on duty in the library, they hassle you too much. Anything else: Good Luck to future Franklin Graduates! Mark Tate 414 East Central St. Fav. Saying: Real Good. Found with: Locker Gang, Jay, Marc, Dom, Carmie, Brenda, Bruce, Bonnie, Mike. Fav. Mem.: 6,7 automotives, skip days, at the house of Pancakes, not coming to school when the teacher’s were on strike, Ambition: to go out with Patty again and become rich and travel all over the world. Favorite Pastime: riding, watching soccer and football games, and watching Jay kill his truck or car or van. Anything else: Don’t work to hardl Mary Ellen Tero 22 Oak St. Found with: Beth, Julie, Denise, Leslie, Debbie, Donna, Judi, and the rest of the girls. Fav. Mem.: the Cape ’77 £ ’78, Framingham Mall, Big D, Beth’s Xmas party, Soph skip day, S.M.C., Field Hockey Hockomock League, D.Q. Ambition: to own a black Mercedes. Activities or Interests: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4, Spring Track 1,2, Pep Club, Yearbook, Skiing, Tennis. Likes: going out with the girls. Dislikes: A certain coach. Anything else: Beth, Don’t forget 7 4 791 Jean Thackaberry 20 Flynn Road Nickname: Thack. Fav. Say.: Don’t talk to me. Usually found with: Sip, Howie, Foley and the gang. Fav. Memories: Bob Seger, Summer of ’78, Rocky Point, Kinks ’78, Sue Buck’s birthday. Ambition: to go to college and do good. Activities: Cross Country 1-4, Spring Track 2-4, Likes Dis- likes: Likes seeing all my friends at school. Dislikes passes and not having open campus. Robin S. Toches 25 Brook St. Fav. Say.: You Turkey. Usually found with: Craig, Alice, Chris, Karen and Janet. Fav. Memories: Oct. 2, ' ll. Labor day weekend in Main and Down Miss. Ambition: to be a beautician. Activities: Franklin High School Color Guard. Likes ana Dislikes: Likes early dismissals and study. Dislikes passes and lunch. Tammy Tosches 25 Brook Street Nickname: Tam, Rusty. Fav. Say.: What. Usually found with: Bert, Chris, Sue and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Summer of ’ll £’78, Harvery’s 3, and the Cape. Cumberland High Prom. Ambition: to be a good designer. Activities: Band, DECA. Edward C. Tracy I Forest Street Nickname: Ed, Eddie. Fav. Say.: That’s right. Usually found with: Jack, Fuzz, Luke, the corner, John, Mark, Tuna. Fav. Memories: Football games. Parties, concerts. Ambition: to always be competitive. Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, DECA 3,4, Likes Dislikes: Likes sports and DECA. Dislikes passes and time between class. Wayne Trask 10 Farra nt Road Natick, MA. Usually found with: Crow, Mizer, Chick, Stone, Swanny, Kevin, Corey, Tommy. Fav. Memories.- Soccer ’78, Norfolk League Championship, B.U. tournement, Jackson Browne Concert, Teachers strike, Sammy’s keg party ' ll. Ambition: to go to college. Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball I. 66 Tom Thackaberry Cheryl Thibeautt 20 Flynn Road 204 School Street Nickname.- Thack. Favorite Saying: Franklin. What’s up? Usually found with: The art gang. Favorite Pastimes: Ceramics, backpacking, partying. Anything else you’d like to say: I’m out of Flerel Deborah Tibert Janet Torosian 30 Lewis Street 420 Chestnut Street Franklin Fav. Say.: Be real. Usually found with: Lee, Dawn, everybody. Fav. Memories: Junior Prom, Nov. 19, 1977, Kaleidoscope ’76, May 29, 1977. AYF Olympics 77-78, Lee ' s Party 8-13-77, Florida, Pat’s game, Mt. Manadnock ’78, Football-basketball games, UMass weekend ’78. Ambition: not to fall short of my desires. Activities: Kaleidoscope, Softball 2, Drama club 2,3, French Club, 2,3, Spring Track 3, NHS Treasurer 4. John Tregoning 43 Schofield Dr. Franklin ) Richard Vandekerkhoff 6 Cottage St. Nickname: Rick, Van. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Cape ’77. Dina Vicario 473 Coronation Dr. Fav. Saying: Reallyl Found with: Kasie, Lisa, Sheila, Kelly, Debie and Karen. Fav. Mem.: Jethro Tull, Led Zepplin, concerts, Summer of ’78. Ambition: to be rich and happy. Fav. Pastime, leaving school early and going to work, football basketball games. Likes: Getting out early. Dislikes: Strictness. Anything Else: I lied. Frank Vieara 763 Lincoln Street Franklin 67 Ronald Vipraio 44 Ruggles Street Franklin Deborah Warcup 31 Brook Street Nickname: Debbie. Fav. Saying: Too Bad. Found With: Jan, Cheryl, and the rest of the gang. Fav. Memories: Trip to France, March 1978, Teacher’s strike. Freedom Jam Concert. Ambition: Computer Programmer Activities: Drill team 1-4, Captain 4, National Honor Society, French Club. Dislikes: Needing passes in the halls. Robert Ward 97 Dean Avenue Nickname: Bob. Fav. Say.: A Conspiracy of Silence Speaks Louder than Words. Usually found with: Bizzo, John. Lou, Paul, Dave, George, Mike, Pete. Mark, and Richard. Fav. Memories: Dea the fest ' 78, ' 19 in NYC, 1975 World Series, Paul McCartney Wings Concert. Ambition: to be satisfied with my life. Activities: Spring Track 1,2, Winter Track 2, Band and Oskey 1-4, Fine Print. Denise Webb 29 Forest Street. Usually found with: Karen, Lisa, Francine, Martha, Susan, Sue, Joyce, Cheryl and Pauline. Fav. Memories: Bon Fire ’77, ELO Concert ’78, and Frampton Concert ’76. Ambition: to be a cosmetologist. Activities: Pep Club. Likes Dislikes: Likes friendly people in school. Dislikes rules and passes. Anything else: Bye and Good Luck to the Class of ' 79 also good luck to Cherly and Stephen. Joseph T. Wroblicka 91 Pine Ridge Drive Nickname: Toby, Stog. Fav. Say.: I don’t know why I’m doing this. Usually found with Pud, Proulx, SAH, Walter, Jim, and a fat little Italian named Steve. Fav. Memories: Rocky Point, Freshman Class election. Ambition: to be a millionaire before I’m 40. Activities: J.V. Varsity Baseball, J.V. Basketball. Freshman Class VP, Math team, NHS. Likes Dislikes: Likes teachers being absent. Dislikes term papers and Pep Rallies. Jim Yadisernia 37 West Park St. Found with: Genoa, Mucci, Skip. Activities: Basketball 1-4 Jean Marie Weidman 261 Cottage Street Nickname: Weed, Weedster. Fav. Say.: I dunnol Usually found with: Julie, Lynne, Lisa, Sue and the kids in the neighbor¬ hood. Fav. Memories: Parties, the Bonfires, ELO and Frampton Concerts, Summers of ’76-’78, Maine and Cape. Ambition: to be an accountant. Activi¬ ties.- Track 3, Pep club I 2, OEA 4, Student Council 2 3. Likes Dislikes: Likes Senior year. Dislikes school lunches and passes. Neil White 186 Peck Street Nickname: Whitey Usually found with: Joe, Charlie, Leo, Whit. Favorite Memories: The Kinks Concert, Ted Nugent, James Montgomery, Jethro Tull, and Mt. Monadanock. Activities: Hockey Pastime: B-House. Lorelei Wilfert I Birch Street Franklin, Massachusetts Judi A. Wojciechowski 736 King Street Nickname: Wojo. Fav. Say.: What a riot. Usually found with: Michell, Lisa, Jerri, George, Peter, and Dullo’s gang. Fav. Memories: Prom with Mike: next day at Tony’s Seger and Foreigner concerts. TOGA, Rocco’s parties. Activities: Clas of ’79 Treasurer 1-4, NHS 3 4, Foreign Exchange student to France, Fine Print. Anything else: Hey Brady, remember that day? Lisa " G.D.” Foreigner. Count on me Mitch. Hey jailbirds, remember Sophomore skip day? Mark Young 331 2 Worsted St. " Marty” or " Frank”. Found with: Mack, Dud, Mick and Mike. Favorite Mem’s: Doing Dooba’s in the cemetery. Ambition: For Mick to support my life. Activities: None of your business. Anything else you’d like to say: see you later F.H.S. Cindy Yurt 148 Longhill Rd. Found with: JoAnn, Julie, Rona, Kim, Sherrie, and the rest of the crowd. Fav. Memories: " G. B.”, trip to Monastary, Frenchy ' s Cottage. Summer of ' 76, ’77, ' IS, Daniels St., Mt. Monadnock trip. Ambition: Hairdresser. Pastime: going out with my friends, going to concerts, weekends. Likes: Fridays, Dislikes: getting up for school. Anything else: no, you? Carmelina Zappitelli 355 Union Street Nickname: Carme. Fav. Say.: Ya Rightll Usually found with: the wild and crazy gang. Fav. Memories: Jr. Prom ’78, Summer of ’76, crusing with my friends, (Bon Ben), night clubing, getting sloshed with everybody. Ambition: to be happy at whatever it is that I do and to see the world with Brenda and Bonnie. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes passes and not being able to leave when I want. Anything else: B. S. Thank you. Jeffrey J. Zinchuk Glenwood Road Nickname: Pud. Fav. Say.: Gimme a break. Usually found with: Toby, Proulx, Hilt, Mace, Walter, Jimbo, Grendel, and my skis. Fav. Memories: Switzerland ' 78, Steve Martin Concert, Animal House, Friday nights, and Christmas Party. Ambition: to become a rich nuclear engineer. Activities: Ski Club, NHS, soccer, skiing tennis. Likes Dislikes: Likes teachers, sports. Dislikes band, French, Rookie teachers. Anything else: I’ve discovered that school is 98% B.S. and 2% luckl Cathy Daniello Donna Di Rosario Beatrice M. Moore Janet Traverse 73 Brook Street " Bea”. Favorite memories: August 17, 1963. Ambition: to pursue college. Anything else you’d like to say: Returning to F.H.S. after 15 years was a very rewarding and gratifying experience. The faculty and classmates were most congenial. Not pictured Julie R. Blackler Kevin F. Bradley Michael P. Colton Michelle Conza Brendan M. deLaubenfels Sean K. deLaubenfels Katherine T. Egan Michael F. George John J. Getchell Paul W. Hughes David McDonald Matthew Pinkhan Steven E. Whitmore Laura White 70 Mr. William Fiske Working on the yearbook with Mr. Fiske has been a great experience. An experience in learning and getting to know a great man, for he has been more than an advisor to us, he has been a friend! His vast knowledge and experience in publishing has been a great help to us. He is a wonderful person to work with and get to know! I’m glad to have met such a man. Good luck next year Mr. Fiske. I won’t ever forget you. Love, Sue Rob. I have dealt with " Fiskie” for the past three years, and each year has been more fun than the one before it. He is one of the few teachers who will deal with each student as a person and treat them with respect. He doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and expects others to do the same. Besides being a teacher and an advisor, he is a friend. Thank you, Mr. Fiske! Love, Linda Healy It has been Mr. Fiske’s vast knowledge and experience which has helped up put together an exciting and original ' 79 yearbook. He’s helped us get through many a crisis. But along with being a great advisor, Mr. Fiske has also been a good friend, always there to listen and help. Thanks, Mr. Fiske, for everything! We ll always remember you! Luv, Sue Barber Mr. Fiske has been irreplaceable in the production of this yearbook. Without his guidance, we would have been lost. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Fiske. I also admire his ability to succeed. Thank-you Mr. Fiske for putting up with me these past four years. Love, Sheila MR. STEPHEN BELEJACK Mr. Belejack, The Class of 1979 would like to express it’s thanks for the help and guidance which you have provided for the past four years. We will never forget you. love " CLASS OF 1979” Steven Philip Maloney A message to the " Class Of 79 " from the family of Steven Maloney Each of us wants to leave the world a little better than we found it. The way to do this is not always easy but what to do is clear. Live your life in a manner that is satisfying to yourself and God. Nature study shows us that God has made the world full of beautiful and wonderful things for us to enjoy. Try to make others happy and you will gain happiness. Look on the bright side instead of the gloomy one. Be content with what you have and make the best of it. Smile and be friendly knowing that you are doing your best. Jean Thackaberry To Our Dearest Friend Jean Whom We Will Love Forever. Your gentle face and patient smile With sadness we recall. You had a kindly word for each And died beloved by all. The voice is mute and stilled the heart That loved us well and true. Ah, bitter was the trial to part From one so good as you. You are not forgotten loved one Nor will you ever be. As long as life and memory last We will remember thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore. As time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, JEAN. NO ONE CAN FILL YOUR VACANT PLACE. We’ll never forget the many laughs and f Library Media Center .he great times we shared together. ' Fran k!in High School aii Our Love. Frankiin, MA 020J3 Your Special Friends (The Gang) 75 p v % f V B , . j| W£kt n: ' ■Nk- Administrators Franklin High has a group of people who are interested in seeing the school run smoothly. The principals are usually seen around the school, helping enforce school rules and clearing up any major problems. Not only do they do this, they also work on scheduling classes and observing teachers. Some recognition for their well done jobs has to be given to their secretaries, who make the principals’ job a lot easier. Mrs. Costello Principal Mr. Richard C. Evans Assistant Kevin Mrs. Cataldo M. Quinlan Mrs. Carr Assistant Dorothy A. Swanbeck Mrs. Hebert Mrs. Springer Guidance Everyone sees their guidance counselor at least a couple times a year. One may see their counselor for schedule changes, personal problems, job informa¬ tion, colleges, or just about anything. They’re there to help you. The Guidance department also runs the Career Center which helps college bound students gather information for some important decisions. The people in the Guidance department are Mr. Evans (Pic I), Mr. Dilibero (2), Mrs. McManus (3), Mr. Feldman (4) and Mr. Rainville (5). Every school has a team of specialists which help kids with their problems. Franklin High has a staff of specialists who work at doing just that. Mr. Lumenti (pic 6) helps kids who are emotionally upset. Mrs. Gannon (7) helps kids with medical problems. Mr. Gormley (8) helps students increase their reading skills. Specialists 79 Library Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Greenwood (I) watch the library from behind the desk Chris Mooney and friend ( 2 ) are enjoying their M M’s while they study. John Rzeuski (3) lounges while he reads. Paul Belanger (4) looks up from his studies, while Richard Bergon (5) seems to find something amusing. I 3 5 80 7 Alternate Ed. Rona Baruso (6) is headed back to her room. Mrs. DeLaubenfels (7) works over her desk in a quiet moment. Briana Osborn (8) is excited by something in her Sociology book. Don Fallon (9) labors over his typewriter. Cathy D’Aniello is working on her sewing project. 8 81 i 10 Physical Education Mr. Bonollo (I), coach of the girls’ field hockey team, led his team to the league championship. Ms. Richards (2) is a fine girls’ basketball and softball coach. The football coach, Mr. Sutherland (3), has guided his team to many victories. Ms. Coakley (4), new to our faculty, coaches the newly-formed girls’ soccer team. Though some students dread going to gym, there are many who enjoy the wide variety of acitivites offerd to them. Gym gives them a chance to relax between academic classes and inspires good sportsmanship. All of our gym teachers coaches have helped us develop new skills and improve old ones. Mr. Bonollo (I) Ms. Richards (2) Mr. Sutherland (3) 82 gwmn » — 3Pk —i H|j» ;■ a » T JjgSn .. • ' •- W 1 _■ ' : ' • »», ' f pii ppppni 3 ' ' ' • : ' T w ■ ' . k ’ 1 Vat £ijp - " , i §| SIJ " s m. Vi V, i ; | 5 6 Math The people on this page are shown in a variety of moc Joe Cornetta (pic I) appears to have a question while . McClay (pic 7) and Mike Ristaino (pic 3) are voic theirs. Richard Cameron (pic 2), Amy Grinley (pic 4), St Masi (pic 5), Sue Doherty (pic 6), and Kim Rofino ( 8) seem to have gotten back some very pleasing t results. 7 8 n Ms. Johnson Ms. Burke Mr. Compagnone Mr. Loper Mr. Leone 85 English English is a subject which every student has to take for four years in order to graduate. This makes this department one of the busiest in the school. Gary Anderson (picture II), judging from his position, appears to be at home in his English class. Kathy Stoughton and Carol Sheppard (picture 2 ) seem to be at home in their English class, too as they enjoy a good laugh. Alice Rettman (picture 4) is intent upon studying her English while Glen McLeod (picture 14) is not too busy to stop and pose for a picture. Wayne Howse (picture I) and, Debbie Dutile, and Cindy Rondeau (picture 3) are caught in a pensive mood during their English class. Mrs. Vosburgh (picture 12) 13 14 2 class amusing. Corinne Racketre (picture 6) seems to find something funny too, although whether it is history or a private joke, we’ll never know. Certainly, Brian Murphy (picture 3) and Diane D’Aniello (picture 2) seem to like history. Tom Driscoll (picture 5) doesn’t look too enthused about his class (a lecture perhaps?) Jim Brunelli (picture 4) displays another aspect of history, studying. Most of us have had to endure learning all kinds of facts and dates at one time or another under Franklin’s excellent history department. Doreen Maltais (picture I) takes a breather from her lesson. It isn’t as easy as it looks. We still don’t know what Tom Driscoll thinks about his class. 4 Social Studies Some say that we can learn a lot from our past. They say we can learn to avoid the mistakes that were made then, thus creating abrighter future. This may explain why every student in FHS has to take at least one year of social studies. Some people seem to like history. In picure 7, Dawn Shepard and Kris Svingen apparently seem to find their psychology 88 Mrs. Peters Mr. Chelotti Mr. Crowley Mr. Johnston Mr. Frailey Science All students are required to take at least one year of science but most students elect to take more than one year of science. Sue McGlynn (picture I) listens attentively to a physilology lecture. Maureen Breen (picture 4) listens to a Biology lecture. Mike Joseph puzzles through balancing chemical equations in his chemistry lab. Phil Smith (picture 3) affixes a magnesium ribbon to his tongs. Bob Holfelder (picture 5) appears to find his AP Biology class very interesting. Leanne Frink appears to need Lisa Perkins’ help in Physiology class. Mary Ellen Tero (picture 7) finds something very amusing in her science class. 4 Miss Detellis Mr. Parmenter Mrs. Neviackas Ms. Carlson Mr. Post Mrs. Willard Mr. Wilk Mrs. Smith Mr. Fiske Mr. Vaillancourt Mr. Kingsbury Mr. Weddleton 7 91 Mr. Roselli 93 Mrs. Murphy Mrs. Kenney Mr. Robinson Ms. Hjerpe Mrs. Irvine Ms. Cascella Foreign Language The foreign Language department strives to expand students horizons by teaching the customs, history, and geography as well as the languages of different countries in the world. In picutre 8 Beth Moran is flanked by Sandra Pulsone on her left and Karen Conroe on her right. Mr. Roselli (9) reads a French fable to (left to right, back row to front) Kris Svingen, Debbie Chalmers, Diane Dilworth, Debbie Ryan, Sue Doherty, Dawn Shephard, Lee Reizian, Jim Goddard and Debbie Warcup. Lisa Padula (10) and Diane Dilworth (15) take a break from their studies while Eileen Shannon (center, pic 14), Beth Harrington (left), Nancy Vetrano (right) experiment with exotic foods. Dawn Gillespe (12) models a toga Latin classes in the Foreign Language Festival. Joe Benyola watches a filmstrip of Italy enthusiastically. In picture 13 a class of students listen attentively to tapes in the Language Lab. 15 Business Business classes are where some very practical skills are learned. Typing is a very popular course in the business department. Susan DiBenedetto (pic 16), John Phillips (pic Q), Beartice Moore (pic 14), and Cathy Brown (pic 17) are shown busy with their typewriters. Laura Fontenarose (pic 15) appears to be taking dictation while Sue McWilliams is typing her’s up. Jill Sasinowski (Pic II) ponders over her list of figures while Sue Barber and Theresa Carlucci (Pic 10) are smiling over theirs. Dee Dee Croke (pic 13) seems to find something amusing in her class, too. Ms. Reizian Mr. Gray Ms. Bloom Ms. Lerra Ms. Chabot Mr. Clamp Ms. Hawkins Ms. Richardson Ms. Farmer 94 10 □ 15 16 Music The band and chorus at FHS practice towards their ultimate goal, the concert Janet McDonald and Wendy Romaine (I) are shown at the Thanksgiving Day game. June Deering (2), Chris Lange and Allison Ames (3) show the concentration demanded by the chorus instructor. FHS Band at practice. (4) Cheryl Burns sculpturing (5) Piano and vocal rehearsal (Rosemary Hoar and Maria Goodwin (6) are typical pre-performance rituals. Rhythm man (John Smith, 7) is shown during a break at the football game. Mr. Philpot Mr. Balest Students interpret and observe to create the unique forms of art reflected in their finished piece. Carmella Champa (8) is inspired. Acrylics specialist, Marion Hawisher (9). FHS Band supporting athletes at pep rally (10). Deidre Croke (II) is receiving instructions from Mr. MacPhee. Mr. MacPhee Mr. Crowley 97 Home Economics Home Economic classes are the perfect places to relax a bit and, at the same time, learn some worthwhile lessons. Mary Beth Harrington, Nancy Vetrano (pic 3), and Julie French seem to find cooking a pleasure. Some people find cooking a bit difficult. It seems that Kevin Keras (pic 7) has lost his egg. Could the egg that Mark Genoa, Diane Pizzanello and JoAnn Monterotti (pic 2 ) proudly display be his? Paul Hughes (pic 4) labors over his stove while Dawn Sexton (pic 6) has finished with her work and is now enjoying the results. Kathy Liberatore (pic I) Cheryl Smith (pic 5), and Pic 9) underclassmen also enjoy activities offered by the home ec. department. mm 5 4 r Mrs. Markee Mrs. Bennett Mrs. Berglund Ms. D’Ronio Ms. Fox 99 2 m Industrial Arts Industrial Arts is where students who are good with their hands can be found. Paul Crowley, Brett Roberts, and Frank Vieara (pictures 3 and 4) are seen learning the concepts of industrial arts in a classroom. Eknine (picture I), Greg Kober (picture 6) and Scott Fitzgerald (picture 7) are shown in their woodworking class. Gary Dobercheski (picture 5) and, Ed Tracey, and Luke Joannides (picture 8) are shown at work in their printing class. Bob Shields (picture 2 ) is shown playing with a piece of electronic equipment. Mr. Ettenhoffer Mr. Auteri Mr. Hinkley Mr. Paquet Mr. Tracy Mr. Cohen I Mr. Shangraw Mr. Hosford 8 Id Health Education Mrs. Phillips shows Jeff Netto how to do C.P.R. in the freshman course Health Education. Alternative health courses include Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco and Careers in Health. James Molloy is shown demonstrating his technique F.H.S. offers an opportunity for students to learn driving skills and reduce their insurance costs at the same time with a course in Driver ' s Education. Jan Lindenthal and Leslie Socci (3) try hard but don’t get too far in these driving simulators. Lori Rappa (4) is all set and ready to go as Mr. McCall, instructor, looks on. Driver’s Education 4 Organizations Seniors We seniors have come a long way. We started out as awkward freshmen who stumbled along the halls and avoided the sight of the big Seniors. During our Sophomore year, we became somewhat more experienced and gained recogni¬ tion from the others because we proved we were a different class. We finally made it to our Senior year. We now intimidate the freshmen, we now enjoy privileges, which under classmen are not allowed. We are the ones who will be leaving Franklin High School forever. We are going to miss it. We, the Senior Class, will leave many fine memories of good times and good friends at Franklin High. Junior Class The Junior Class, led by its officers Bruce Bennett, Linda Watkins, Dianne Denommee and Cathy Geromini, contributed much to the school this year. Greg Kober (I), Lisa Neelon, Wendy Romaine, Cindy Santoro (5), Carmine Colace, Laurie Degrazia (7), Doreen Richards, Maria DiTondo (10), Jay Ryan, Doug Atkins (3), Jim Pisini (9), Chris Marco (II) are shown in a number of classes. Michelle Shannon (4) and Anthony Morano (6) enjoy the foreign language festival. 9 jUHinsi ' §L wg y j. ' ■l Sophomore Class The Sophomore Class is the class with pride and spirit is shown below. (I) Kelly Stoughton and Debbie Trafton discuss the foreign Language Festival. (2) Class officers, left to right, Lori Rappa, Liz Ranieri, Linda Calderone and Jan Lindenthal. (3) Ellen Considine and Alec Manacchio dancing at Sophomore X-mas party. (4) Lisa Stucci, Dave Calucci, and Geno Gentili having a friendly hug. (5) Mary Stirzaker, Doug Ober and Alec Manocchio just shooting the breeze. (6) Linda Calderone and Eric Svingen looking on. (7) Kim Smyth, Paula Sullivan, Laurie Graham, and Todd Simon working out the biology experiment. (8) Paula Sullivan and Jerry Guerra taking a break from dancing. (9) Liz Ranieri and Laurie Graham doing a " disco-dance.” (10) Dawn Sexton and Shiela Thackaberry dancing the night away. Freshmen This year’s freshman class officers (l)Steve Duplessie, President, Anita Lovely, Vice President, Barbra Princiotta, Treasurer, and Diane Gaissl, Secretary, organized a dinner-dance for the Christmas holidays and are planning a busy future for these next four years. The freshmen curriculum is interesting and helps them plan their future. Jeff Borruso ( 2 ), Scott Patterson (3), Brian Bickford (4), Jeff Netto (5), Maggie Gately (6), Steven Rymsza (7), and Jett Bailey (8) are shown in the numerous classes available for ninth graders. Foreign Language Clubs The foreign language clubs are an active part of school activities; they are perhaps most visible when they co-operate and produce the annual Foreign Language Festival. INTO CAN Foreign Language Festival The Foreign Language Festival was held earlier than ever before, as it is usually held in the spring, but it was just as well prepared. Students in the Foreign Language Festival worked hard and long and the result of their efforts was a spectacular night where different cultures were shown and everyone enjoyed themselves. In pictures I, 7, 9, II, and 12 students are shown working hard behind their booths. Most of these booths offered different foods from different countries. Some people dress up when they sit behind their counter, adding a bit of flavor to their booths. Meghan Moriarty (3) put together an elaborate costume while Dana Nowacki (8), shown with Kevin Brown, is content with a hat. The Latin Class dressed in Togas for their Royal Procession. David Gaudet (5) is shown wearing his Toga. A few people from a Spanish Class, such as Mr. Davis and Mike Johnson (4), dressed in costumes while playing their Spanish music. Doug Atkins (10) and Karen Rouest (14) are shown in the costumes they wore for their puppet show. Kris Svingen (2) and Debbie Chalmers (13) are shown in costume acting at their production of LaFontaine’s fables. The Casino was another popular place at the Foreign Language Festival. Terry Ward and Beki Boyd (6) are shown at their gambling table. THEATER ARTS : , .. Y ■ UL ' : ' i % l T- graft JjH m , 1 1 Jrm ! iZ J - • ' ' . ' yf ' sj; ' J w- J z r w " Theatre Arts is usually a very popular course. It often attracts more students than other English courses because in this class you learn how to use make-up instead of how to use a metophor, as in pictures 2, 3, 5, and 7. (2) Rosanne Walsh working on another student. (4) Bonnie Pulver is being made up by Steve Doherty and Karen DeRosiers, while Pam Palmer is making up a friend. (5) Sheila Thackaberry and Beverly Tero are shown practicing (7). Most people who take this course seem to really enjoy it although they say that it is necessary for you to be really creative at times. Besides learning how to apply make-up, you also learn how to act. The finished product. (I) back row left to right, Pam Palmer, Beverly Tero, Shelia Thackaberry, Karen DeRosiers, front, Bonnie Pulver and Steve Doherty 116 m0 r l % H is 1 A y COMPUTER CLUB The computer club was established for people who are extremely interested in computers and want to use them after class time. In picutre (I) James Riley, Nancy Vetrano, and Wally Curgus are shown in their computer classroom. (2) and (3) are shown over their computers. (4) The computer club consists of Mathew Pinkham. Richard McCormick. Mr. Gonsalves (adviser) Sean Corey, Joe Shield, Jeff Bruso, Nancy Vetrano, Jeff Baily, John Talamini, Vance Donnell, Mike Coggis. 2 3 MATH CLUB 8 Chess Club Members: Mr. Weddleton, advisor; Charlie Dellacona; Bob Minnichelli; Joe Sheilds; David MacDonald; and Matt Pinkham.(5) In (6), the action was fast and furious. Matt stares at the chess board.(9) In picture (II), Mr. Weddleton is shown struggling to make the right move. The Math Club consists of a very special group of people who delight in solving brain-racking problems which tend to drive most of us crazy. The Math Club has competi¬ tions in various Math Areas. In the picutre below, members of the Math Club are found laboring over their tests during one of these competi¬ tions. Band and Drill This years band and drill team was made up of some very talented people. They always put on a great performance during the half-time shows for the football games. The band also contributed their talents for other various activities and ceremonies. For everyone involved it was a very enjoyable year. In pictures (I), (2), and (7) The band practices and performs toward perfection. (6) Fred Boyle. Robert Holfelter and Brian Yankee play for enjoyment as well as practice. (4) A band member awaits direction from (5) Thomas Houlihan who directs the band on the field as well as in the stands. (3) Debbie Warcup, Captain, marches off the field. 4 1 Wm In i i 11 T8 4 5 At Franklin High School, pep rallies are en|oyed by all There is more than enough spirit shown by upper classmen, under classmen, as well as cheerleaders. Even the students who take part in the sports program get rowdie Pep Rally 131 ■ k f t s ‘ f -- F J i rifc- ij • " . . The Student Council has held many activities as a service to the school and eotrTniunTty, such as the bloodmobile and flowerday. ibooko r uTTZ - «»■. Mirage The Mirage offers an opportunity for artists, poets, and writers to display their talent. [ ! isf ){ ' WU K L SS .A m + fu U ' .- 4K HA fi Fm -i .jrq i; Safe Newspaper The Newspaper sheds light on school events and happenings. A school needs a reliable source of information and a way to keep in touch with sport scores, " suggested’’ courses, and many other important activities. DECA Franklin High has it’s own store which is run by the DECA students. The DECA officers are Jimmy Yadisernia, Mark Currier, Duane Densmore, Diane Pizzanello, Paula Palermo, and Loreen Savilonis. Karen Howley and Donna Smith (pic I), Duane Densmore (4), and Cheryl llsley (2) are at work in the D.E. Store. Donna Smith (5) proves that this class isn’t all work as she takes some time to clown around with a good friend. » 1 r if O.E.A. The Office Education Association is a club for students who take business classes. This club helps business students improve their skills. The O.E.A. officers are (pic 7) Wendy Byrnes, Sue Barber, Theresa Pisano, Barbara Dayian, and Kay Lawrence. The officers are shown again with the other members of the club in picture 9. Sue Buckley (6) is shown at work over her machine in her business class. Students are shown (8) in their typing class. 125 Yearbook Being on the yearbook staff is a very unique learning experience. Not only do you learn a little bit about layout, photography, and publishing, but you also learn about people because people are what yearbooks are all about. The yearbook staff has worked all year towards making this final product. At the beginning of the school year everybody was organized, but as the year progressed things became very chaotic. Despite the headaches and frustrations, we had a good time. Sue Robinson (pic I) checks over the layouts before they are sent to the publisher. Linda Healy and Sue Barber (2) sort pictures. Debbie Chalmers (3), Paula Kerrigan (4). Sheila Ryan (II) work to meet the next day’s deadline. John Haidis (6), Gregg Kober (7), and John Hancock (8) are photographers in residence. Donna Heinzmann and Gabi Lessard (5) discuss a layout. Caren Cataldo (12) types a copy. Amy (Aimless) Grinley (10) is looking for ideas in another yearbook. Mr. Fiske (9), O.K., this is ready to go!” I Football The Franklin Panthers showed an awesome display of defense enroute to a respectable 6 - 2-2 record. This years defense was sparked by the Currier boys, Mark and Mike, along with George Danello, Paul Gentili, Keith McKay, and Steve Gannon. The offense did its job very well also, Chris Healy more often than not was the clutch receiver and showed a great deal of promise for next year’s offense. Mr. Sutherland and the rest of the coaching staff did an excellent job in coaching this year. Jack Daddario blocking for. Ed Tracy (I). John Gaissl gets crunched during the KP game ( 2 ). Geroge Danello and the rest of the Panther defense get ready for the next play (3). Steve Gannon gives Ed Tracy a rest during the KP game (4). Several players crowd together for the pre-game psyche (5). Mark Genoa looks disgusted after the KP tie (6). Ed Tracy exhibits excellent running ability (7). Jack Daddario grinds out a few extra yards in the Foxboro game (8). H| • H ” ' ♦ f S mints iPUTEto Team Picture Back Row, Left to Right. Defense Coach; Harold Williams, Fred Baglione; Offensive Coach, Dave Corbett, Dave Carlucci; JV coach; Nello Luccini, Mark Genoa. Middle Row, Dave Dempsey, Mike Currier, Mike Bertone, Gerry Leone, Chris Healy, Chuck Anderson, Steve Gannon, Carmine Colace, Tom Davey, Craig Miller, Scott LaRosa, Front row. Jerry Guerra, Richard Archer, Jim Brunelli, Glenn MacLeod, George Danello, Mark Currier, Head Coach: Alan Sutherland, Rick Robinson, Keith MacKay, Jack Daddario, Ed Tracy, Bob O’Connell, Paul Gentili. 9 131 2 Craig Miller subbing for the injured Richard Archer I, John Gaissl gets ready to pitch the ball 2. Luke Joannides takes a hand off and heads up field 3. Jim Brunelli and Glenn MacLeod look on from the sidelines 4.5. Carmine Colace does an excellent job trap blocking 6. Carmine leads the blocking for Jack Daddario 7. Coach Williams discusses the defense with Kieth Mackay 9. Tom Davey, Jerry Guerra, and the rest of the offensive line gets set for the next play 10. Kim Refino takes a break to smile. 133 The Franklin Field Hockey team had another spectacular season this year. Led by co-captains Pat Socci and Bernie Corbett the Panthers finished atop the standings giving them their second Hockomock League title in a rowlDiane Conlon (l)fights for the ball while Socci and Lincoln look on. (2) Linda Lyons flicks the ball into play. (3) Laura Ippoliti and (5) Socci on the run. (4) Varsity team-3rd row left to right Laura Ippoliti, Peggy O’Regan, Peggy Kennefick, Janet Vignone, Tara Heinzman 2nd row Linda Lyons, Gail Williamson, Kathy Geromine, Joan Elliot, Sue Cormier, Mary Cleland, Mary Ellen Tero, Holly Colt. 3rd row Coach Bonollo, Diane Conlon, Jackie Lincoln, Bernie Corbett, Pat Socci, Alice Rettman, Sue Robinson. (6) Bernie sets up for a shot. (7) Mary blocks an oncoming shot. (8) Janet makes another incredible save. (9) Tara takes a shot while Willie looks on. (10) Joan begins her trech down field. (II) The Franklin team runs on to the field. (12) Bernie reddies herself for an important game. (13) Zonk (14) Jackie take drives. 4 6 3 6 w am » p w rtZm . lallli t«i » ' •«! fiitsfnim; ! §• • »• mi Vig cheers on another goal by her teammates, (pix I). In pix 2 Elliot completes an inbound drive while Willie (pix 4) awaits her shot. Mary Ellen leaves the field for some advice from the coach, (pix 6) Jubilation arises after another Franklin goal is scored, (pix 5 10) A mad scramble around the opponent’s net results in jubilation. Another Franklin goal is scored in pix 6. (pix 7) June McCloud stops a shot in front of her goalie, (pix 8) Deb Batog fires a shot towards her opposition, (pix 9) Jeanne Davison, Ronnie Lincoln, Chris Hilton and June McCloud rush on defense, (pix II) Mary Cunningham rushes downfield while Sharon Socci (pix 12) sets up for a shot, (pix 13) 3rd row I to r. Mary Cunningham, Sheila Thackaberry, June McCloud, Ronnie Lincoln, Sue D’Amelio. 2nd row. Caroline Daily, Chris Hilton, Kathy Corbett, Jeanne Davison, Julie Martello, Sharon Socci. 1st row. Coach Hickey, Kathy Rettman, Debbie Batog, Mimi Roche, Maureen O’Brien, Sue Lucas, and Coach Phillips. jaAilHI r ? I, ... y.t ' : ' i ' af flWMrJ » Jgf gjfc; !?n | gBE mmr The exceptional performance of the 1978 Franklin Soccer Team is due to the quality of it’s team members. Jeff McClay (pic 17), as well as Bobby Bush (4), leap into action. John Swanbeck ( 2 ) is conscientiously prodding the ball in an offensive endeavor. Rick Herrick (3), Russ Simpson (5), and Kevin Keras (6) are the reason why so few goals were scored against Franklin this season. 5 4 6 Bobby Kennedy (1.3), whether running or kicking, is superb. Timmy Charest (4) and Brian Sullivan (5) foil the attempts of an old Franklin foe. The coach, Mr. Bositis, has good reason to be proud of his team’s on the field action. In the varsity team picture (below) there is Coach Bositis, Tom Emery, Rob Wilcox, Tom Cardulo, Bob Kennedy, Timmy Elliott, Mark Sheets, Chris Kiely, Jim Lavoie, Martin Osborn, Dick Ryma, Doug Atkins, and Paul Antico in the back row. In the front row there is Tim Charest, Brian Sullivan, Wayne Trask, Russ Simpson, Jeff McClay, Rick Flerrick, Paul Crowley, Bobby Bush, Rick Daley, John Swanbeck, and Kevin Keras. 3 5 The J.V. Soccer Team (I.) is jubilent after a score. Cheerleaders and spectators cheer Jeff McClay (2.) Pick Rymza (3.) grimaces as he throws the ball back into the game. Tom Emery (A.) and Rick Daley (7.) pursue the ball while Jimmy Lavoie (5.) and Rob Wilcox (6.) struggle to score. 140 I Rick Daley (pic I.) rebounds the ball to Tom Emery. Russel Simpson " traps” the ball. The J. V. Soccer Team is (pic 3.) Mike Petit, Patrick Ridgeway, Mike Dunn, Steve Mullin, Tom Mairley, Frank Brady, Fred Steves, Bill Franklin, Mike Hoar, Matt Bisanti, and Coach Tracy in the back row. In the front row there is George Lozono, Alan Duffy, Alan McClay, Doug Bisanti, Kevin Lesard, Scott Alison, Paul McGrath, Ray DeMaio, and Gordy McClay. 3 4 Cross-Country Diane Demarais (I), Julia Thackaberry (2), and Lori D’Alessandro (4) demonstrate their ability to run across a field. Terry Ward (7) and Dave Mooney (9) prove that they also know now to run across a field. Coaches Cotter and Correia (5) time the runners as they perform this amazing feat. Members of the girls’ team are: standing I to n Lori D’Alessandro. Ginni Dilworth, Julis Thackaberry. Theresa Foley, Donna Heinzmann, Diane Demarais, Jeanne Miller, Martha Dilworth, Betty Slaney, and Coach Cotter: kneeling are Lani Kennifick, Maureen Breen, Diane Dilworth, Jean Thackaberry, and Gabi Lessard. Missing is Lori Avakian. Members of the boys’ team are: standing, Ed Lovely, Kevin Weidman, Rich McCormick, Catmen Gaulitz, Todd Dahlstrom, Dave Mooney, Todd Barnes, Jim Lawhorn, and Terry Ward) kneeling are Jamie McDermott, Billy Gannon, Chris Mooney, John Ffooper, Scotty McDermott, and Bob Ryan. Missing is Coach Correia. 3 5 142 143 5 Girl ' s Soccer This was the first year that Franklin has had a girl’s soccer team and considering that, they didn’t do badly. Next year they should be even stronger and better than ever since the team consists of many underclassmen. Margaret Kelleher (pic I), Michelle Malhoit (pic 2), Sue Sancomb (pic 3), Linda Calderone (pic 7), Janice Huie (pic 8), and Beki Boyd (pic II) are shown displaying their different methods of handling the ball. Denise Dickinson (pic 5) and Nancy Vetrano (pic 4) are trying to score. Sue Sancomb, Nancy Vetrano (pic 9), and Janice Huie (pic 12) are battling the opposition for possession of the ball while Coach Coakley (pic 6) gives some last minute advice to her players. Picture 10 is the team picture. In the top row from left to right are Lisa Bullen-Manager, Tracy Rice, Jocelyn Greene, Beki Boyd, Nancy Vetrano, Paula Sullivan, Linda Calderone, Janice Huie, Kelly Rafferty, Donna Walsh, Mary Ellen Grusseck-Manager, Marion Coakley- Coach. Bottom row from left to right are Denise Dickinson, Bev Tero, Cindy Wegel, Liz Raneri, Margaret Kelleher- Captain, Kim Cleland, Sue Sancomb-Captain, Terri Rice, Michelle Malhoit, and Tammy Doherty. I 6 hM ...jt • i 1 MSl •» VI r S3 1. jj ! ' v, ' ' ’jVH •j 1 w [jiji J 9 i ■Pjjff ' A ' j ’ I Jfe. « ' si L anf lagy m wi HftJL ■■ 4i The Panther’s boys’ basketball team provided the spectators with many exciting plays this season. Led by tri-captains (I) Brian Murphy, (2) Rocco Pisani, and (3) Vinny Landi. The members of the Panther squad are from bottom left: Coach Cotter, Gerry Leone, Vinny Landi, Brian Murphy, Rocco Pisani, and Billy McGuiness. Top left.- Bruce Bennett, Warren (Skip) Pettit, Joe Mucciarone, Chris Healy, Jim Yadisernia, and Glen Cochrane. A strong defense has helped the Panthers this season shown here (5) by Bennett and Murphy preventing the in-bounds pass, and Bruce Bennett (6) on man-to-man defense. Chris Healy (7) shows how to pressure the in-bounds pass. Offense has been equally superlative. Picture 8 shows Gerry Leone driving for a pressure lay-up, and (9) Rocco Pisani after making a good pass.(10) Vinny Landi demonstrates a super move, (II) Brian Murphy shows how to run with the ball and (12) Joe Mucciarone flies high for a jump ball. Boys ' Basketball Girl ' s Basketball The Franklin High Girl’s Basketball team has always strived to achieve a reputation of excellence. The girls have obtained this goal once again. A group of senior girls have led their team toward the top with their competitive spirit and lively enthu¬ siasm. Lori Bremner (I) and Janet Vignone (7) exhibit their method of driving to the hoop. Tara Heinzmann (4) displays her talent for picking up the loose ball. Patti Socci () goes for the base line one more time. An important key to the panther wins is the shooting of their fine players. Vig (3), Patti (5), Kelly O’Brien (13) and Lori (II) are all trying for a basket. Tara (8) fights for a rebound. The panthers also have an excellent defense. Janet shows her defensive ability. Jackie Lincoln (12) takes a jumper. Picture 9 shows varsity team. Vig (6) looks like she is getting ready for a jump shot. Linda Lyons (14) looks for a team mate to throw the basketball to. 4 i 1 f « :• 1 HffliP WllliS INDOOR TRACK This year’s indoor track team brought the league title back to Franklin by tying with Mansfield and North Attleboro as tri-champions. There were many outstanding performances and personal " bests” by both the runners and the weightmen. Danny O’Brien takes the lead as Kevin Weidman moves up in the 50-yard dash (pic I). Russ Simpson, Mark Genoa, and Tom Davies (2,4,6) put the shot while Kevin Weidman (3) rounds the turn in the 300. Ed Lovely (5) show determination as a two-miler. Rich McCormick (8) and Paul McDermott (9) go up for a good jump. Diane Dilworth (10) represents the team’s few girl members. Mark Sheets (7) commands control of the 600 while Danny O’Brien (II) edges ahead over a hurdle. Picture 12 is the team photograph of the 1979 Winter Track Team. HOCKEY Even though this year’s team had lost many valuable players, they continued the tradition of thrilling fans with their aggressive hockey playing. Anyone who has ever seen a FHS Hockey Game has gotten their money’s worth. Every game that they play is a good one because of hard working team members. Next year’s team promises to be a good one due to some very talented freshmen. In Pic. I, linemates congratulate Mike Caso after a big goal against arch rival Canton. (2) An all Franklin scramble behind North Attleboro net. (3) Tri-captain Glen McLeod takes mid-ice faceoff. (4) Freshman Billy Marchand hussies in as usual. (5) Defenseman Tom Bissanti contemplates next move. (6) More team joy for goal scoring line. (7) Junior left wing Bob Pezzulo wins important draw. (8) Goalie Scott LaRosa flashes out right skate for a great stop. (9) Tom Bissanti circles net to get back into play. (10) Senior tri-captain Jeff McClay starts break-out play. (II) Steve Huston, senior defenseman rushes back into play. (12) While junior right wing Tom McCarron blocks goalie, freshman center Mike Caso scores the tying goal. $F ? :? mAmtm ' , it imvAl. Gymnastics Although the team has improved, the gymnastic team conceded the championship for the first time in the history of Franklin High’s gymnastic team. This is a result of a much improved league. Eileen Shannon (1,7) goes through her bar and floor routine in competition while Sarah Scott (2) is seen hurdling over the vault. Leanne Frink (4) stretches over the bars in practice, as Tami Graham and Patti Davidson ( 2 , 9 ) are practicing their stunts for the floor routine. Karen Keville (5) and Sue McWilliams (6) are seen traversing the balance beam, while Lynn Seaholm (II) is halfway through a walkover. Val Evans (12,9) is just looking on as is Lisa Langevin (5). 2 SKI TEAM Though the weather has often been against the Franklin Ski Team, there were moments when snowfall allowed for some practice. Sean Corey, Dave Dupere, and Melissa Patterson are shown racing down the hill (pix l-pix 3) In pix 4 a somewhat impatient team waits for the chairlift to open at Klein’s. Bill Chirguin (pix 5) skates past a gate while Jeff Zinchuck (pix 6) tries hotdogging. Dave Dupere, Laurie Graham, Paul Crowley, Dave Dempsey, and Tim Charest practice racing through a few more gates (pix 7-pix II). Sean Corey, Jeff Zinchuck and Jerri Mann take a few minutes off from practice to try a few tricks (pix 12). Dave Mooney finishes a practice race gracefully. Wrestling Despite it’s lack of seniors, the wrestling team placed 7 out of 16 in regional competition. The most important aspect of the year was the great victory at the states by Bucky and Carmen by placing 1st and 4th respectively. Mike Joseph (I) tries despirately to make his opponent fall to the ground. Danny Hooper (2) looks perplexed as his opponent lays on the mat. Bennie Colella (3) looks as if he is having a little trouble. Tony Cogliano (4) tries to concentrate on winning his match. Bucky Heim (566) demonstrates and succeeds in winning his match. Joe Macri (7) gets in a " ready” position. Tony Cogliano (8) walks away from his match. (9) A Franklin wrestler gets ready to attack his opponent. Carmen Colace (10) tries to break the hold of his Foxboro rival. 9 5 1 Cheerleading At a fall pep rally we had a chance to see some of the cheerleaders in action. Roseanne Walsh (I) is starting one of her cheers. The varsity cheerleaders (2) march down- field during half time. Tish Wroblika, Lauren Laviolette, and Kim Smyth (3) prepare for a rousing cheer. Var¬ sity cheerleaders (4) hold up their sign in front of the players before the Thanksgiving game. Rick Robinson’s face (5) is obliterated by the cheerleader’s sign as he runs onto the field. Mrs. Gannon (6) holds up a sign en¬ couraging the team and her son. Leslie Laviolette and Mary Giardino (7) display one of their stunts. Jeanette McGrath and Cheryl Huie (8) look cold as they wait for the next cheer. Lisa Arruda and Sharon Ficco (9) move through an interesting manuver. Mary Giardin o (10) goes into a split. Sandra Faulkner, Kelly Stoughton, and Rose Anne White go through one of their routines. J.V. Cheerleaders (12) are seated in front of the junior and senior class sections. The spirit of ’80 (13) storms the floor. Two spectators (14) are enjoying candy apples while they watch the game. 14 Ik ' tafia W ■j ' ,; f ■ £ -srj-B • ■ J HlV 1 §£ ’vSiHlS ' §BM». ‘1 mt «►-• •■• ' i : li Laf ' flffflBI . ' . f ri v; . i | r: Mt. Monadnock As in previous years, a group of FHS seniors get together and head for the hills. Those who went to Mt. Monadnock this year agreed that they enjoyed themselves on their nature outing. As you can see from these pictures, this gave good friends a great opportunity to do something different and, of course, clown around. Bloodmobile 79 169 4 Every year, a group of girls get together and diligently work towards producing a show. This year’s show was no less spectacular than the others before it. Even though the Junior Miss is a contest, you never got the feeling that these girls were competing against each other. They seemed more like a bunch of friends who got together to have a good time. Junior Miss offered the audience a chance to see some terrific talent. Among the people who sang are Bonnie Mendell (pic 2), Marie Goodwin (3), and Shiela Ryan (8), while Leslie Laviolette (6) also entertained us with her musical talent. Melissa Patterson (II) and Francine Denommee (9), like some of the other girls, preferred to do a monologue. Some other girls, such as Aprile Antosh (5) and Leslie Dupere did dances instead. All the girls participated in a dance at the beginning of the pageant. One of the two groups is shown during their performance ), and then backstage (10). Another part of the pageant which involved all the girls was the Poise and Appearance. Marcia Maillot (I) is shown participating in this part. Cheryl Huie (winner of this year’s Junior Miss pageant), Lee Reizian (first runner up), Dawn Gillespie (second runer up) and Sue McWilliams (third runner up) pose for a group picture after the pageant (4). ff Vv Wt • ' i - iV i 3 ! v - ■ ii 1 sr 6v _ -a - msm | r i A - ] |P9 w ' 1 IT ' V ■jjh 4 irf ’; £; ' ■ . - ' mgS i 0:.r : jz tf I; ■ « IV Christmas LJJ 1 Senior Breakfast Senior Breakfast was held at Bickford’s pancake house again this year. From pancakes to bacon, it was a great success! Just about everyone who went said that they enjoyed themselves and that the food was O.K. Basically, senior breakfast is an occasion for the whole class to get together and have a good time! ' » p fM0 IX i Jt ■ ♦. MStiaiaisi Yearbook Advisor — William J. Fiske Editor — Sue Robinson Copy Editor — Deb Chalmers Sports Editor — Sheila Ryan Senior Editor — Cindy Rondeau Senior Copy Editors — Sue Barber Linda Healy Business Editor — Deb Ryan Sales Editor — Cindy Santoro Picture Editor — Sue Barber Ad Layout Editor — Diane Dilworth Photography Editors — John Haidis John Hancock regg Kober Art Editors — Sandy Arnold Janet McDonald Typing Editors — Sue Barber Linda Healy General Staff —■ Scott Bartelornei Maureen Breen Theresa Carlucci Caren Cataldo Dave Dempsey Erancine Denomr Amy Grinley Tamara Graham Donna Heinzmam Wayne Howes Lisa Littlefield Mike Marston Kim McStay Joann Monterotti Kathy Murphy Theresa Nelson Theresa Pisano FRANKLIN HOUSE OF PIZZA Good Luck to the Senior Class Take-out Orders 528-2811 Pizzas and Subs Compliments of DR. RAYMOND D. MERCER Optometrist HOMESPUN CRAFTS SHOPPE needlecrafts - latchhook macrame - stained glass supplies 528-7194 Depot Plaza Main Street EDMUND ' S AUTO SALES INC. Quality New and Used Cars and Trucks Edmund C. Vendetti 547 E. Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 Best of Luck to the Class of ' 79 ROBERT E. FICCO - ROBERT W. SIMMLER Attorneys at Law The Roberts Building Franklin, MA 528-5300 BENNY ' S OIL SERVICE, INC. 47 West Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 Telephone: 528-0025 Compliments of BACHNER, ROCHE, AND CATALDO 55 West Central Street Franklin, MA ■Mm - ' Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of ' 79 VENDETTI MOTORS INC 411 West Central Street Franklin, MA 0.3038 For Service call 538-3450 For Sales Call 538 3459 WE LL GIVE YOU A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE S v vS BUICK Jeep Sfifi •S ' ■ CRONIN’S DONUTS Good Luck Best Wishes Class of ' 79 NU-STYLE, CO. Congratulations and Good Luck Grove Street, Franklin A fashion subsidiary of Certified Coerp Leading manufiactu ' tel of MESH HANDBAGS , FA9H I ON AC C E S S OK I 0S ftnd COSTUME JEWELRY U-rtCC 1S76 || 21 WEST BACON STREET fLAMVHLE, MASS Good Luck to All Seniors from BIG BEN’S SUB SHOP 36 E. Central Street Franklin, MA 03038 30 varieties of subs specializing in meatball and steak subs, and a complete salad bar. For take out call: 538-9731 Mon - Fri 10 AM - 10 PM Sat 10 AM - 7 PM FRANKLIN OPTICAL CO., INC. Dispensing Opticians Edward H. Sancomb Conrad L. Mucciarone Depot Plaza 538-5345 Closed Sundays PA T RONS HAPPY HOURS NURSERY Dir. Mrs. Herbert J. Doyle Vet-Med Supply Dog Lovers Grooming 183 DEB ' S l-hour CLEANERS " The Debutante in Dry Cleaning " 122 Emmons Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 Franklin Income Tax Consultants, Inc. 10 Main Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 Congratulations to the class of ’79 Deborah’s Tailoring for all types of tailoring Deborah Remillard I7A E. Central St. Franklin, Mass. 528-5775 THANKS! For another great year of High school news. Milford Daily News Franklin Florist and Greenhouses Pizzas - Take Out Orders Compliments of the Cross Street, Franklin Teleflora and FTD Union Cafe closed Mondays Congratulations and Good Luck Serving you the best Italian Foods for Three Generations Franklin 528-9885 □ L. 526-3670 Kl 371 Union Street Miller Truck Sales, Inc. INTERNATIONAL TRUCK SALES Oc SERVICE Franklin, Mass. Douolaj W. Miller VICE-PRESIDENT 511 EAST CENTRAL STREET Home Phone: 528-9455 FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 184 MEN-WOMEN High school graduates wanted for important skills. If looking for a start is the next thing on your mind after graduation, few employers can match all the training programs — and “fringe benefits” today’s Army offers. We have literally thousands of openings you might qualify for. Involving vital skills your country has to fill-in law enforcement, medicine, food service, communications, personnel, administration, and dozens of other fields. The starting pay is $000 a month (before deductions). Among the ‘“fringes” are food, housing, medical and dental care, and 30 days paid vacation a year to go where you want and do what you want. Somewhere, we have an opportunity that’s looking for you. Call Army Opportunities 528-9460 Join the people who’ve joined the army. An equal opportunity employer John ' s Barber Shop Franklin Foreign Cars LTD. Inc. Congratulation. Franklin Sheet Metal Works, Inc. Congratulations and Good Luck to the Senior Class 515 E. Central Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 (617) 528-9848 and Good Luck to the Class of ’79 Cottage Street Ext. Franklin, Mass. 02038 Agway Inc. Congratulations to the Senior Class! Cottage Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 185 ■ ' i Member FTD and TELEFLORA VILLAGE LAUNDROMAT CRONIN’S FRANKLIN FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES Congratulations Class of 1979 DONUT SHOP Distinctive Floral Designs and Potted Plants Route 140 East Central Street Franklin, Ma, 02038 DON A BEE REALTY INC. FRANKLIN LINCOLN MERCURY 69 Dean St., Franklin, MA (617) 528-4043 Franklin, Mass. 02038 Distinctive executive homes built for you in the tradition of yesterday with a flair for today. ' Country Heritage Homes-Built a bit better with you in mind. Franklin 528-1900 Framingham 429-5888 Boston 762-0210 ’ Q LINCOLN —r- Daddario Inc. Wholesale Plumbing Heating Supplies 317 Union Street Franklin, Massachusetts OX)38 317 Union Street Franklin, MA Telephone 528-0006 186 Congratulations and Good Luck to the Senior class Ben Franklin Savings Bank 58 Main Street Franklin, MA 03038 KEARNEY PHARMACY SOUTH SHORE BANK 64 Main Street Congratulations 538-3110 538-4563 Class of ' 79 MS. CHARLOTTE S NU-STYLE CO. INC. Franklin. MA Corner Union and Cottage Streets Franklin. MA 03038 Telephone 538-0006 »7 Best Wishes to The Class of ' 19 GEMINI TRAVEL STEPHEN J. WALSH D.D.S. I Depot Plaza Franklin, MA 02038 12 Cottage St. Franklin, MA 02038 Congratulations Class of 1979 DACEY BROS. DAIRY STORES INC. 345 Lincoln St. Franklin, MA 02038 Congratulations Class of 1979 DEAN CO-OPERATVE BANK Congratulations Class of 1979 ARTS GROCERY 804 Pond St. Open Seven Days D.G. RANIERI SUPPLY CO. Plumbing Heating-sheet Metal Work General Contracting, Jobbing and Gas Heat Gibson and Kelvinator Appliances Good Luck Class of ’79 Showroom at 58 East Central Street BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY II Main St. Franklin, MA 02038 MICHELLE’S BAKERY We specialize in Birthday, wedding and Anniversary Cakes Franklin Shopper’s Fair Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 528-5222 HOMETOWN PAINT AND PAPER Kyanize and Benjamin Moore Paints Minwax. Cabot and Cuprinol Stains Complete Line of Wallcoverings FRANKLIN NEWS STORE Local and Out of Town Papers Magazines and Paper Backbooks Film and Photo Developing Hallmark Greeting Cards iSS Good Luck Class of ’79 PISINI SHOES Tel-528-9419 Corner of Cottage and Union St. Franklin. MA Congratulations to The Class of ’79 PATALANO FORD SALES INC. Phone: 528 0040 Peter P. Patalano President FICCO ' S SHOE STORE East Central St. Shoe Repair and New Shoes prop. Henry F. Ficco and Domenic Ficco Compliments of THE CAROUSEL MEN AND WOMEN ' S STORE Compliments of THE FRANKLIN SINGERS Compliments of TURCO AND PISANO THE WOODSHED SHOP Custom Framing-Engraving Shopper ' s Fair East Central Street Franklin Mass. 02338 528-9191 Compliments of LIBERTY PACKAGE Best Wishes From JOHN ' S BARBER SHOP 1 WtU UNICORN SHOP Books. Cards. Religious Articles Rear of 64 MAIN ST. 528-6775 SHAW ' S MEATS With Your Approval’’ 20 West Central St. Franklin MA 02038 528-6234 190 Compliments of FERRARA ' S MARKET THOMAS KEEFE 51 West Central St. P. O. Box Franklin. MA 02038 PECCI CLEANERS 332 Union St. Tux Flouse 25% Discount on any Tux Best Wishes’79 STOBBART’S FLORIST AND GARDEN CENTER 444 E. Central St. Franklin MA Flowers for all occasions Tel. 528-0800 FRANKLIN MILL STORE _ Best Wishes To The Class of 1979 A O SERVICE CENTER, INC. Late Model Used Cars Trucks Robert Antosh 478 Hartford Avenue Bellingham, MA 02019 (617 ) 966-1920 i J. .B. LIQUORS " The House of Good Spirits” Franklin Plaza CASHALL COMPONENTS 65 Dean Street Franklin, MA 02038 528-4030 Compliments of BAYBANK NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST COMPANY 49 Main Street Franklin, MA 02038 (617) 528-1150 i Undecided About College? You’re Not Alone. Perhaps you have been wondering about what career to pursue and whether to work, go to school or do both. Many students face the same decisions and they decide on Dean. Why? Dean Junior College Franklin. Massachusetts 192 Dean Offers: Architectural Secretarial Art Therapy Building Construction Business Administration Chess Studies (Minor) Child Studies Communication Arts Corrections Probation and Parole Environmental Studies Executive Secretarial Fashion Merchandising Humanities Human Services Law Enforcement Legal Secretarial Libera] Studies Math Science Medical Assistant Medical Secretarial Music Music Theatre Music Theatre (Dance Emphasis) Music Therapy Physical Education Real Estate Management Recreational Leadership Recreational Management Retailng Small Business Management Social Science Theatre Arts Visual Arts • Day and evening, full and part- time programs • Financial aid for qualified students • Full student activities athletic program • Small classes student advising career counseling • A chance to prepare for a job or transfer to a four-year college Decide on Dean It may be the place for you . Call Director of Admissions Dean Junior College Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 (617) 528-9100 r r , OSKEY. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 1979 56574 : 1 i •fe • • i 1 : 8 ! ' M: •V : • ■ 1 :; t: ■ f ■ ' : . ' 1 IfelHMMlKlMHfe MM

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