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;;V° US name iHI °n pants ?ef.W:JbnQld Sweety n rr]a (% Oskey 78 Franklin High School jpil ft ' W |Vrfl u SKI 4 f vi f — . JBCj Planning for the Future Whether we’re to be wordsmiths, electricians, typists, to work with our hands or our minds, we’ve come a long way with the help of F.H.S.. We’ll be ready for tomorrow. —-r-- « 1 . .. . M r gg M. -. -f i.. : jSr.W " ; " k» .r, .in .. ■ Wt W 0 " - V :—TT ?■ ' 1 -r tf ' ' ■ _ mr i -■M ItrL. V JIMQUbk. s i •r Friends ♦ We had a lot of good times together, Sometimes they were fun. Other times we didn’t hit it off. But as we went our separate ways, I realized I couldn’t have gotten through school without you. V But when the Panthers are challenged, their spirit always comes through. Senior Breakfast With or without permission these and many other students set off to take over Bickfords House Of Pancakes. Over 200 seniors attended what was to be only the first of several breakfasts. m 1 Jffifi m ;■ tf j tm ;■! ! S ‘if ! ■ « ;■ V ■ ' iftititii ■■iiii iS’ iiMtrifiliiiilti baaeaatai tm ■♦♦ « w is::s: tfi tfi S fii ;i $ .«. • « « -«« -»■ £ ■» »« iiRHtHRi NN HN »•( MM tit MM » . v ••• «! !•! J!. ' 8 B is is: f i? : ■ 12 n FAMILY FARE ; V M| - r ,B ’Franklin " High” parties are the best, whether we’re supposed to be in class, or just getting-together in the school parking lot. Weekends were made for m .ij iJL ' atinw r M 1 I m%ll: la -jfc • • lES jffJ a S5?4 JurafitKi r-v cSjj ’ h ..1 ■F v ■rg K?« ■fffeS ' - • VmP y -. % • | .yy-K if. ' i[ 8 ra. y j Wlwj V;1 ' jAW IX -r : A 1Ksk ,,v I - J r jflK A , ‘€ tv-. , ' «gL [ : R |i jMli r «t-a Ja i 3 By j Iff a|P w Ip J Brendan Ames 14 Warwick Road Nickname: Bubba Favorite Saying: You’ve got to be kidding. Found with: Laurie. Danny, Tommy, Whitey. Favorite Memories: Playing in Boston Garden, Summer of ’77. Ambition: To go to college and play hockey. Activities: Flockey 3,4; D.E. 3,4. Favorite Pastimes: Riding around and partying with all the people from Franklin. Anything else you would like to say: The best thing about F.H.S. is the D.E. Program. Karen Elizabeth Antico 406 Partridge Street Usually found with: Deidre, Barbie. Lorraine, Mary Ann, Kathy, Terri. Jeanne. Lisa, AnneMarie. Favorite Memories: Junior Christmas Banquet, Junior Prom, Senior Halloween Dance, 5 29 77, Summer of 77, Beach Boys Concert, 1 5 77, 11 10 77. Ambition: To be an Art Therapist. Activities: Class Activities Committee, 1- 4; Prom Committee, 3. Favorite Pastimes: Going to football games and soccer games, Having a good time with friends. Likes of F.H.S.: Mr. P’s Class and weekends. Anything you would like to say: Good Luck to the class of 78. Donna Arcaro 373 Union Street Nickname: " Ac-aro” Favorite Saying: " What!?” " Really!?” Found with: Donna, Karen, Brian, Lisa M., Tracy C., DeBaggs, Melissa J., and of course Joann. Favorite memories: Elton John Concert 76; cooking the funny looking hamburgers with Daffy at Eagles; Fleetwood Mac; Fletchers Field; Summer 75; Senior Breakfast-, Walshies Party; Franklin Center. Ambition: to be a social worker. Activities: Kaliedescope 75; JV Softball 74; Varsity Softball 75. Favorite Pastimes: Going out and gigging - weekends; munching out; listening to Joann’s dumb jokes. Sharon Arnold 557 Maple Street Usually found with: Jill D.. Maria B. Favorite Memories: Summer of 1975, Spring of 1976. Ambition: to be successful; Activities: French Club 1,2,3; Dean Enrichment Program 4-, Class Activities Club 1,2.3,4; Pep Club 2; FHA 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; O.E.A. 4. Favorite Pastimes: Tennis, ice skating, cake decorating, writing, reading, painting, swimming. Norma Adamson 9 Dartmouth Road Nickname: Norm. Found with: Erin, Patti, CHI. Minelle, Kevin, Brenda. Geri, and Kelly. Favorite memories; Prom ’77’, April 21, Friday and Saturday nights. N.Y. " 75”, Summer of " 77”, tobogganning, Harvest Queen " 77”. Ambition: To go into Paralegal Studies. Activities: Freshman and so¬ phomore class treasurer; Student Council Rep.-, Spring Track, Winter Track Manager; Activities Committee, Flea Market Committee, Hockey Cheerleader. Likes of F.H.S.: Remembering the good times. Anything else you would like to say: Bonnie, Cill, and Minelle, I’ll never forget the Harvest. Good Luck - Class of ’78’. Tami K. Adcock 20 Janie Avenue Nickname: Tigger. Favorite Saying: Some men see things the way they are. and say - why? I dream things that never were, and say - why not? J.F.K. Found with: Allan, Karen, Joann, Kim, Dave, Ann, Jack, Cendy. Favorite Memories: Prom ' ll. Narcon ' ll. Senior Breakfasts ’76 ’ll. October 14, 1977; March 4, 1977; October 8-10,1976. Ambition: Business Manager and to grow a few inches. Activities: DE I II. Favorite Pastimes: Being with Allan and other people doing different things, just enjoying life. Likes of F.H.S.: Mr. Gray, Mr. Chellotti, Mr. Gilmore; dislikes: the Cliques and the cafe food. Dennis Alger 300 Chestnut Street Favorite Saying: I know. Found with: Shep, Howl, and Scott down Glen Meadows. Favorite Memories: Playing hockey down the pond. Ambition: To get a good paying job. Activities or Interests: Distributive Education I. II; Work Experience; Playing Hockey, Baseball, and Football. Favorite Pastimes: Renting th e ice. Christine Alloid 883 Washington Street Nickname: " Pugsley” Favorite Memories: Being with Tony. Lorraine Ann Barter 26 Joval Court Usually Found With: Deidre, Mary Ann, Monica, Patti, Donna, Kathy, Karen A., " The Girls”. Favorite Memories: Football games, NY ”75”, " The Curb”, 2 28 76, 1 9 76-5 23 77 Mt. " M”. Concerts, Jr. Prom-Cape, Sr. Banquet-77, Hyannis, Summer 76-77, Weekends. Activities or Interests: Spring Track, Track Mgr. Mirage, French Club, Kaleidoscope, Class Activities-Prom Committees, Yearbook Staff. Dean, and NHS. Favorite Pastimes: Flaving a good time with my friends. Ambition: To reach for the stars. Anything else: Thanks Mom and Dad. Brenda Beane 14 Mechanic Place Usually Found With: Kathy, Gail, Jo-Anne. Karen. Nancy, Joan, Diana. Ambition: To become successful in the field of Computer Science. Activities or Interests: Pep Club 2-4, French Club 1-2, J.V. Tennis 1-2, Varsity Tennis 3-4, NHS 3-4, CYO 3-4, Town traveling soccer team I, Foreign Language Festival 2, and CYO basketball 3. Favorite Pastimes: Sewing, cooking, skiing, swimming. Dislikes of F.H.S. Having to have a pass to walk in the halls. Marc A. Beatrice 7 Bullukian Drive Fav. saying: I gotta go to work. Favorite memories: Papa Ginos. Usually found with: everyone. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to the classs of 78. David Becker 363 Pond Street Favorite Saying: " Kah” Barbara Anne Bennett 189 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Barb or Barbie. Favorite Saying: How ' s it going? Usually Found With: Cobi, Joan, Nancy, Karen, Teri, Jean, Lisa, Peggy, and Ann-Marie. Favorite Memories: Paragon Park, Day at Plum Island, Mt. " M”, Riverside Park, Im¬ provised Prom at Cape with Mary, Joyce, Lisa, and Geri. Ambition: To become a Pharmacist. Activities or Interests: Gymnastics 1-4, Track I, Class Secretary 1-4, Pep Club 1-2, Latin Club 2-4, Secretary 4, NHS 3-4, Yearbook 4. Favorite Pas¬ times: Reading, sewing, listening to music, watching sports, getting involved. Anything Else you Would Like to Say- " Good Luck to the Class of 78.” Nancy Bennett 4 Flynn Road Nickname. " Bubbles” Usually found with: Pam Karlson. Maureen Ridgway. Favorite Pastimes: Sleeping. John J. Benson 517 White Avenue Nickname.- " Benny”. Favorite Saying: I don’t care. Usually Found With: Joe, Burch, Dick, Whippy, and Card. Ambition: Graphic Arts. Activities or Interests: Football 1,2,3,4, Spring Track 3. Dislikes of F.H.S.: Football with Knutel Karen Bent 8 Colt Road Nickname: Crocked. Favorite Saying: That chicks getting on my nerves. Usually Found With: " The Locker Gang.” Favorite Memories: CYO Basketball MVP 76. FTTA Women " A” Sing Champion 76. 1976 Town Tourney, Bowling Team Tres. 3, FHS Tennis Team. Ambition: To pursue a career in Business Administration and then Law. Activities: FHS Tennis Team, Pep Club President 3,4, CYO President 4, Yearbook Staff, OEA, 1976 MVP FHS Tennis Team. Favorite Pastimes: Tennis, volley¬ ball. basketball. Likes Dislikes: I like the variety of people and teachers. P»Mjj V ’ 5 j SK I " fJwMrV ' ££ ? :: • 5 ' : ' ■ ,., f w r 5 »j|P F .- " - -ht tScS i 25 ■% Ina Berger 21 Russell Street Fav. saying: What? Usually found with: Cathy, Paula, Della, Sue, and the track team. Favorite memories: Mt. Manadnock trips. Wasted Acres, Revere in the summer. Miss Berglunds class, with the jocks, Ambition: to find a place where I will fit in and to lead a normal life. Interests: Karate, running, reading and not watching t.v. Likes: down to earth people. Dislikes: people who Love themselves. Anything else you would like to say: good luck FHS seniors, and all the people who will be seniors, especially to Paula ' s 77. Laura Berkowitz 409 Oakland Parkway Nickname: Laurie. Favorite Saying: Hey. Usually found with: Brendan, LuAnna, Cheryl, Karen. Favorite Memories: Winter of ' 76, freshman year, Riverside Amusement Park. Ambition: To graduate from college. Activities or Interests: Girls spring track 2, OEA I, Fine Print Staff 4, Driver Ed. 2, DE 3-4. Favorite Pastimes: Taking the car out and riding around. Going to Marshalls and Partying with friends. The best thing about FHS is the DE Program. It gives you a chance to do something for the people of Franklin. I don’t like the 3 minutes during each class. Cheryl Berg 586 Maple St. Janet Bergen 137 Peck Street Nicknames: Tweety, Speedy, Berg, Junior. Jack, Premium. Usually Found With: Betty, Sandy. Cheryl, Kim, Sheila, JR, Kath, K. Berg. Trisha. Lis, Mo, Sue, Shelle. Imperials. Favorite Memories: Hockey 75-76. Soccer 76, Pembroke, Conn., DCI East Penn. Boaayone, NJ 77. Ambition: To get alot out of life. Activities: Drum Corps, Parties, Traveling, dancing. Likes Dislikes: Dislikes cliques, stereotypes, extremely high class people, the rug in the library, likes class trips, vacations coming 1 ack, weekends, clock in BXM. Ann Marie Bernier 76 Cottage St Cheryl Ann Bertone X) Rolling Ridge Road Favorite Saying: " That’s always nice”, " Whatever.” Usually found with: Laurie, Sherell, Lu Anna, Lisa, Karen, and the others. Favorite Memories: Sr. Breakfast, Fresh, year. Winter " 76”, Class trip to Riverside, Elton John " 76”, Fleetwood Mac " 77”. Ambition: To be a legal secretary. Activities or Interests: OEA 2-A, National Honor Society 3,4i Girl’s Spring Track 2,ii FHA MOEA Spring Conference 3 ( Fine Print Staff 4 ( and DE 3. Favorite Pastimes: Working at Marshall’s, going out with friends. Nancy Betts 5 Dartmouth Road Nickname: Theta or Nilda. Favorite Saying: You sly Devil! Usually found with: The gang-g-g. Favorite Memories: Jr. Miss, Chem. Labs with Mason, and Physics Labs with the zany Mrs. Smith. Ambition: To become a special Ed. teacher and work with young children. Activities or Interests: Jr. Miss, Yearbook Staff ’78, Pep Club 2-4, Oskey 2-4, Pep Club Treas. 4, Basketball intramurals 2, Foreign Language festival 2-4; Hunger Walk Committee 2,3. Favorite Pastimes: teaching Sunday school, cooking, playing Basketball and making people laugh. Diana Bird 76 Brook Street Usually found with: Karen, Nancy, Brenda, Rosie. Favorite Memories: Fridays at Milford Hospital, The Honolulu, Summer of ’77, Driver’s Ed. Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse. Activities or Interests: Pep Club 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Health Services Assistant 4-, CYO 3,4-, Foreign Language Festivals 2,3,4. Favorite Pastimes: Reading, basketball, cooking, going to the movies, sewing. Terri S. Bissanti 7 Wheelock Circle Nickname: Ter.. Favorite Saying: Good Morning! Usually found with: Lisa, Jeanne, Karen, AnneMarie, Barb and the rest of the gang. Favorite Memories: 6 21 75: 11 18 75; Medway Prom 76; birds and spaceships at FPC-, summer ' lit 2-9 celebration; concerts; Cape Cod. Ambition: To be 5 ' 7 " , successful and rich. Activities or Interests: field hockey; spring track; yearbook; Prom Activiti es Committee’s. Dislike people whose clothes do not match (especially socks). Likes studies and lunch (not including meals). Brenda Bissonnette 19 Sahlin Circle Usually found with: Gary. Patti, Norma, Erin and the girls. Favorite Memories: Little Mao-75, Ala., Austria, Jr. Prom, the Cape, Xmas-76 and New Years, sneakin’ out. U. Mass, Summer of 77, Jr. Miss, sunsets and fires. Lydia’s party. Soccer Tourney, Hyannis. Ambition: To go to college and be successful, travel and enjoy life. Activities: JV Cheering 1-2; Varsity Cheering 4; X-Country and Ski team; Kaleidoscope and Oskey; Yearbook and Prom Committee; Jr. Miss; Latin and French Club; Blood- mobile. Favorite pastimes: Cheering, partying, playing piano. Elizabeth P. Blanchard 373 Oak Street Nickname: Betty, Blanch. Favorite Saying: How’s it going? Usually found with: Berg, Sue, Caryn. Favorite Memories: The Thunder Train Slash Concert, Soccer 76; Summers of 76,77-, The Sheraton Regal Hotel; Mt. Monadnock, Mr. Nerney’s Class and the Wrestling tournaments. Ambition: To be happy and get what I want out of life. Activities or Interests: National Honor Society 3,4-, Student Council 4-, OEA 2; DE I; Soccer Mgr. 3,4; Activities Committee 2-4. Likes vacations, class trips, and Fridays. Dislikes final exams, homework, and term papers. John Jay Borges 13 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Porko, Jay. Usually found with: Ritz, Artie, Stoney, Puddy, Falcone. Best Memories: Mt. Monad¬ nock, Sr. Breakfast Party. Ambition: To be successful. Activities or Interests: Hockey, Skiing. Favorite Past-Times: Sr. Parties. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Thanks, Mr. Tracy. Joseph Borge I Burning Tree Road Nickname George. Joe. Favorite Saying: " Me and My Shadow.” Usually found with: Cathy. Benny, Card, Burch. Dick, The Whip, and (The Shadow). Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom and the day after. Riverside Park. Ambition: To work in Graphic Arts. Activities or Interests: " The Beatles”, Tennis. Golf 2-4. Dislikes: All of school except for Graphics. Matthew Boutin 444 Pleasant Street Nickname: " Matt”. Favorite Saying: " Stay high.” Usually found with: Robin. Nancy. Joan. Cheryl. Mug. Brian, and Annette. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom. Meeting Franklin People. Ambition: Electronical engineer. Activities or Interests: Outing Club. Oskey. Drama Club. Winter and Spring Track. Favorite Pastimes: Playing Guitar, Meeting Robin. Likes: The Athletic Program. Chris D. Bradford 170 Glen Meadow Road Favorite Saying: " No”. Usually found with: B house gang. Favorite Memories: Johnny climbing up Monadnock. Ambition: Be my own boss. Activities or Interests: Track 1-3. Football 1-2. Likes Dislikes of FHS: Passes and not having Sr. Privileges. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: I feel sorry for incoming Freshmen. George Bournazian 364 Oak Street Favorite Memories: The trips down the path. Pastimes: J. Geils Concert with Jim Rackett and Pit. Activities: Flockey and Terri. Nancy Bouthiller 22 Sahlin Circle Nickname Boo. Boofer. Boo-Boo. Favorite Saying Hi Peoplel Usually Found With: Mug. Joan. Judi and the Rest of the gang. Favorite Memories Summer 76. Chemistry with Mason Ambition To be a nurse. Activities Outing Club 4. Drama Club 3.4. Spanish Club 3.4: Spring Track 1.2. Science Club 1.2.3 Favorite Pastimes Going with Outing Club. Being with my friends, and having a good time working at shrine. Likes Dislikes of FHS Likes-Teachers. Classes Dislikes-Passes. No Senior Privileges Anvthing Else You Would Like To Sav I had a great 4 years but I wouldn ' t do it over again! Cathy Ann Bray 33 Southgate Road Favorite Saying: " I’m writing a letter!” Usually found with: Mark. LuAnna, Karen, Melissa. Lynn, and the rest of the gang. Favorite Memories: Prom. Star Market Parking Loti April 13, ' 77, Feb. 21, ' 77, Plymouth after the Prom. Marshall Tucker concert. Wrestling Practice, and Bridgewater. Ambition: To Graduate. Activities or Interests: OEA 2, Kaleidoscope I, Wrestling Mgr. 3.4. Favorite Pastimes: Being with Mark, Partying with friends, working, making up after fighting. Dislikes the favoritism the school shows towards jocks! Gregg M. Borruso 38 A Street Nickname: Rooney. Favorite Saying: STRICTLY. Usually Found With: Mike. Dave, Jamie, and the rest of the B house gang. Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadnock. Favorite Pastimes: Living Life to the fullest and getting the most out of everything. Likes Dislikes of FHS: Study and the halls of FHS. Anything Else You Would Like to Say : Good Luck to all those who leave FHS! LuAnna Breed 27 Howard Street Nickname: Lu. Chu. Favorite Saying: Oh. god no! Usually found with: Bobby. Lisa. Laurie. Karen, Cathy. Cheryl, Lynn, and the others. Favorite Memories: 8 23 77, 9 22 77, Summer of ' 75, Memorial Day weekend ’76. Franklin Center at 5 00 AM. and BC ' 77. Ambition To become a psychologist or social worker. Favorite Pastimes: Being with Bobby, riding around, partying with friends. Dislikes people who think they are better than you are ( cliques, people who take advantage of you: two-faced people Likes the people who are friendly in study. Richard Brunelli 41 School Street Nickname: Rich. Usually Found With: Pidge. Dale, Murph. Ambi¬ tion: College. Activities Or Interests: Basketball 1-3, Football 1-4, Tennis I, thinking of ways to get out of Franklin. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I thought I received a good education but there were too many rules and regulations. William P. Brunelli 41 School Street Nickname: Tuna. Favorite Memor¬ ies: June of every year, (beginning of Summer). Ambition: To go to College. Activities or Interests: Football 1-4, Winter Track 2, Baseball 2. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Bob (Willie) Williamson is too cool for the people. Bette Bucchanio 711 Pond Street Nickname: Black Betty or Bett. Favorite Saying: What teachers are out? Usually Found With: Marcia, and Lisa. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Year of ’76, Frampton concert i and down the Cape. Ambition- To become a medical secretary. Activities Or Interests: Track 2.3. Favorite Pastimes: The summer of ’76, the ’76 gig up Cook ' s. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I can’t stand most of the people. They all 1 think they’re at the top. Dale Bremner 354 Pleasant Street Nickname: Moe. Favorite Saying: " CHOICE’’. Usually found with: Pidge, Murph, Shawn, Rich, Brownie. Ambition: To be a mechanical Engineer. Activities or Interests: Motorcy¬ cles, Racing. Favorite Pastimes: Listening to Music. Likes Mrs. Smith’s Physics Class. Dislikes passes, bells, fire drills. Peter Bucchanio 238 Union Street Usually Found With: Johnny, Lee, Jaimie, and others. Memories: Going South, Summers. Charlie. Bishop. Ambition: To make money. Activities: Basketball 1-4. Pas¬ times: Having a good time. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: School was pretty good. Disliked supervised study. Paul Brennick 510 White Avenue Nickname: Whip. Favorite Saying: What are you on, drugs? Usually Found With: Ben, Joe. Brian Brown 3 Meadowbrook Road Nickname: Brownie. Favorite Saying: Later. Usually Found With: Dennis, Mike, Steve, Tom, Allen, and Peggy. Favorite Memories.- Bonfire " 76”, Summer " 77”. Ambition: To be an Accountant. Activities or Interests: Carpentry, Bowling, and Community Sports. Favorite Pastimes: Being with people I enjoy. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: Juke Box and absent teachers-, Final exams, minor regulations. Anything else you would like to say : If people were to treat each other as equals, even if they’re not, enemies wouldn’t exist.” Christopher Brown 721 Pond Street Nickname: Browny. Usually Found With: Everyone. Favorite Memories: Weekends, Summer of " 11”. il Kevin R. Burchill 3 Brookfield Road Nickname: Burch. Usually Found With: Kathy, Kick, Benny, Joe, and Card. Favorite Memories: Riverside Park, Christmas Banquet ' 76”, Mt. Snow , Jr. Prom. Graduation " 77”. Activities or Interests: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, N.FI.S., Prom Committee 3, Activities Committee 2-4, Baseball 1-2, Student Council 3, Graduation Usher " 11 " . Favorite Pastimes: T.V., Wrestling, Flanging out in the hall. Cruising in Dick’s mobile, Friday and Saturday night get-togethers. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I disliked four minutes in the hall between classes. Regula Burgi I Laurel Court Favorite Saying: Get off my back! Found With: Karen Bent. Favorite Memories: Senior Breakfast. Ambition: Foreign Service. Activities or Interests: Tennis, skiing, riding, water-skiing, judo, music, traveling, French Club. Favorite Pastimes: Reading, discussing. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: The teachers are very friendly. I dislike the school lunches. Anything Else You Would Like to Say: I had a terrific time with you guys! Anne Marie Burns 5 Fuller Place Burnzie. Favorite Saying Jim Busby 14 Farrington Street Nickname.- Buzzy. Favorite Saying: No! Ya you are. Usually found with: Larry, Bill, Steve, Weasle, Rosey, Craig, Pize, Scott and Jack. Favorite memories: Grove Street, North Attleboro football game, teacher’s strike, High School hockey games. Ambition: To enlist in the service. Activities or Interests: Football 2-4. Favorite Pastimes: Listening to my stereo. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I can’t stand girls who walk slow and yak in the main hallway; burnouts; all the ugly warts. Anything Else You Would Like to Say: S.H., you’re not the best you’re the worst! What sign next, Rosey? Joanne H., Cathy C., Jean. Favorite Memories: Field Hockey " 11”, Basketball tournament, Frampton Concert. Ambition: To get rich quick and retire early. Activities or Interests: Varsity Field Hockey, Basketball and Softball. Favorite Pastimes: Going to concerts, eating, going to McDonald’s and eating some more. Anything else you would like to say: Terri, were you really just Joe Byrne 306 Partridge Street Nickname: " Byrnsy. Memor¬ ies: Bad. Favorite Pastimes Getting burnt. Activities Getting burnt. anyone mamoo Ralph Burns Rosemary Caradonna 10 Sargent Lane Nickname: Rosie. Favorite Saying: Oh. my God! Found With: Kim, Donna, Liz, Terry, and all the gang. Favorite Memories: Paragon Park " 77”, Riverside " 76”, New York Trip ”75”. Getting my license at Milford Registry. Ambition: To pursue a career in nursing. Activities or Interests: Foreign Language Festival 1-3. Working at Milford Hospital as a nurses aide for Health Services. Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, biking, hiking, bowling, eating at fancy restaurants. Anything else you would like to say : The friends I have met through the years and the faculty and Mr. Evans are great. Cindy Camuso 39 Schofield Drive Nickname: Cumu or Moose. Favorite Saying: Oh ! Usually found with (peg leg), Debbie, Nancy C., Nancy B., Rosie, Sue D., Terry M., Kim C., Chris H. and the Neighborhood Gang in the Cafe. Favorite Memories: Walking through an over crowded hall. Ambition: to go into the Air Force or secretarial work. Interests: Cartooning, sculpting, weaving, and painting. Also, partying. Favorite Pastimes: going to the Guidance office to figure out what I’m going to do after school. Likes-teachers and wide selections of courses. Dislikes-Having to go to school on snow days. Anything Else You Would Like to Say: " I can’t wait to get out of here!” John R. Carew 9 Donny Drive Nickname: J.C. Carewbe. Fav. Saying: " How’s it going?” Usually found with: anyone who likes to have a good time. Fav. Memories: 10 28 74. Ambition: become a marine biologist. Activities and interests: manager varsity baseball, hunting. Fav. Pastimes: Going to parties. Likes: Nothing. Dislikes: Physics. David E. Campbell 3 Sahlin Circle Nickname: Dave. Favorite Saying: What’s the gig? Usually Found With: A few chicks. Favorite Memories: Parties in summers of all my 4 years. Ambition: To succeed in life the way I plan to. Activities and Interests: Hockey 2,3; Pool-, Cars-, Girls. Favorite Pastimes: Getting High! Dislikes: the lunches and the pass policy. Thomas H. Carlow 9 Colt Road Nickname: " Red”. Favorite Memories: Kinks Concert 77, Playing at the Garden, Crosby, Stills, and Nash 77, James Montgomery Band 77. Usually found with: Friends. Activities or Interests: Hockey 1-4, Ambition: To be successful in life. Likes: Most people in FHS. Dislikes: Nosey People. i i Nancy Castonguay 484 Martello Rd James Cawley 666 Pond Street Nickname: Jim, JC. Favorite Saying: Really! Found with: Tamara, Jim B. Fontie, Dave, Goldie, Rosie, Steve. Memories: Hockey at Garden 77, Bonfire 77. Ambition: To make something out of life. Activities: Golf 1,2 spring track 3,4-, winter track 3,4; Cross Country 4. William H. Chamberlain III 47 Schofield Drive Nickname: Bill. Favorite Saying: I can’t go no Bucks. Found with: Dave, Chass, Buzz, Pize, Larry. Memories.- The Teachers strike and hockey games. Ambition: To become a carpenter. Favorite Pastime: Listening to music. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Good Luck to all the other graduating seniors. Sherrie Chaput 176 Glenn Meadow Nickname: Muff. Favorite Saying: To each his own. Found with: Pat, Margaret, Karen, Ann, Maureen, Mary Ellen. Memories: New Hamp¬ shire October 77. Ambition.- To go to school to teach handicapped. Interests: Going to concerts partying. Having good times with friends. Patricia Ann Charest 1325 Pond Street Nickname: Patti. Usually found with: Brenda, Lorraine, Donna, Norma, MaryAnn, Kathy and Deidre. Fav. Memories.- NY 75, football games. Prom, The Cape, Concerts, Summers 76-77, Mt. M., Sr. Banquet 77, Hyannis, New Years Eve 77, weekends and Sr. year! Ambition: To enter the field of fashion retailing, to travel, be successful and happy. Activities: French and Latin Clubs, Activities Comm, Prom Comm, Flea Market Comm, HR Rep, Spring Track, Winter Track Mgr, Yearbook, Newspaper, Oskey and Dean Enrichment. Fav. Pastimes: Shopping, Playing the piano, and being with my friends and having a good time. Craig E. Chassie 8 Tyson Road Nickname: Chass. Favorite Saying: Damn good. Found with: Dave, Larry, Pize, Buzz, Bill, and Scott. Memories: Hockey games. Grove Street, teacher strike, and the prom. Ambition: To be successful in the future. Activities: Spring Track. Favorite Pastimes: Going out after work. Likes girls and studies. Dislikes Mrs. Cook. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: S.H. your not the best your the worst. Karen Ann Chestercove 230 Chestnut Street Favorite Saying: I know. Found with: Cathy, Heidi, Colleen, Gerry, Jeannie, Terry and Lisa. Memories: Summer of 77, and Halloween Dance 77. Ambition: To be happy and successful in life. Activities: French Club, Soph. Activities, Jr. Activities, Dance Committee. Gail Loll 33 Cross Street Nickname: Mannie. Favorite Saying: I don’t care. Found with: Holly, Jo, Gabi, Cathode, Tami, Brenda, and everyone else. Memories: July 76. Ambition: To find something to do in life. Activities or Interests: French Club I, Pep Club 3,4: Bowling Team 3, OEA 3.4, Yearbook, CYO Basketball 3, CYO Secretary 4; Driver Ed., Track I, Hunger Walk. Pastimes: Making and spending money, parties. Dislikes homework. Cindy Conaghan 29 Oak Street Extension Usually Found With: Patty, Liz . Mary Grace, Sharon. Favorite Memories: May ' 76, Hockomock League meet at Oliver Ames. Ambition: To be a writer. Activi¬ ties and Interests- Sewing all kinds of clothes, reading, working on Fine Print, Field Hockey 1, 2. 3.4, Winter Track 2, Spring Track 1,2,3,4, " Fine Print” 3,4. Favorite Pastimes: " 77” Field Hockey. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Good luck to the rest behind. The only way to live a life is to take each day at a time as it comes, and do what is right. 27 Paul Clary 4 Birch Street Nickname: Space Ace. Ambition: Degree in Business. John Clements 22 Hilltop Road Usually found with: Mark and Eddie. Favorite Memories: Steve Miller Concert. John Churchill 509 Maple Street Nickname: Church. Favorite Saying: WJhat. Found with: Tom, Rich, Cameron. Memonies: Woodville. Ambition: To go to College. Activities or Interests: Chess Club 3,4, Outing Club, Skating, skiing, and bikhg. Favorite Pastimes: Driving. Dislikes pass s. Mark Collins 102 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Barney. Memories, Doing a paint job at KP. Pastimes: Giving Beaumier trouble. Activi¬ ties: Gatorball. . « • . P 9 m t0 « ▼ ■ - V r - • r v m ' r + +VV o- o o ♦ Bill Christie 2 Garfield Street Usually found with: Shawn, Dan, Pidge, Dayle, Steve, and the group in the library during lunch. Ambition: To write the great American Novel. Activities: Model Senate 3.4, Foreign Lang. Festival 1,2, NCTE writing award winner 4. Elizabeth Collins 20 Brook Street Nickname: Liz. Found with: Donna, Cindy, Diana, Rosie, Kim, Terry, Debbie, Sue, Darlene, and Karen. Memories: Paragon Park ’77, Sr. Breakfast. Ambition. To work with animals. Activities or Interests.- Helping special ed. children, animals. Favorite Pastimes: Riding horses. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: When it comes to farewells, some people will cry others just chuckle and tell you good bye, but I’m telling you now sincerely and true when we’re all gone I’m gonna miss you!! Jeff Cook 636 East Central Street Nickname: Cookie. Favorite Saying: Don’t that beat all. Lydia Marie Cossette ICO Mill Street Nickname: Chomp. Usually found with: Sandy, Della, Coerri, Erin, Norma, Bethy, and Steve. Favorite Memories: The Cape, Prom 77, class trips, spending the afternoon with Mrs. D’Amelio, Jr. and Sr. year, and sharing a locker with Commando, it was Brutal! Ambi¬ tion: To become a hair stylist and fashion designer, and to be as nice as my mom! Activities: Activities Committee 3,4, Prom Committee 3, and keeping the Bionic and LaLa under control. Pastimes: Going out with Ma 6 Sandy on the weekends. Goofing with Loretta Mike. Laurie Courtney 464 Martello Road Nickname: " Courtney Babe” Usually found with: Donna Huie. Memories: Chemistry Labs, summer of " 77”, Bowling with the Star Market Guys. Ambition: To be an Accountant. Activities: Gymnastic Team, Student Council, Varsity Softball. Girl ' s Tennis Team Mgr., and Drivers Ed. Pastimes: Skiing, tennis, puzzles, and macrame. Likes. Fair teachers. Dislikes.- Lunches. Brian Stephen Cresto 55 Saw Mill Lane. Medfield Favorite Sayings: " I love it.”. " Oh God . . .”. Found With: Rosie. Steve, Scott, etc. Memories: sojourn at S.U.. Medway, senior year, milk brownies at 92 Lewis St. Ambition: to go to college then subsequently produce or direct for T.V. or films. Activities: Student Council, treasurer: Yearbook, Band, president-, Marching Band, drum major; J.V. Tennis; Indoor Track; Fine Print; Foreign Language Festivals. Kaleidoscope and Oskey-, Stage Band-, Jazz Band; Pastime: New England Harness Raceway. Dislikes: bathrooms. Cafe, chairs. Kim Crandall 824 Pond Street Nickname: Kimba. Found with: Rosie, Karen, Debbie, Liz, Sue, Darlene, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Paragon Park, Horseneck beach 77, Riverside Park 76, summer 77. Ambition: To work in Anthropology, Archeology. Interests: Traveling, Swimming, bicycling, music. Pastimes: Sitting in study with the gang, participating in the Foreign Language Festivals. Dislikes: being stopped in the halls for passes, and the crowds on the stairway. Likes some of the teachers and kids. Anything Else You Would Like To Say : I ' d like to say good-bye. Maureen Coyne 167 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Coynso. Favorite Saying: Oh wow! Found with: Kath. Karen, Marg, Elaine, Cherrie. Memories: Jr. Prom, New Hamp¬ shire. Ambition: To go to college. Pastimes: Partying. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Yes. Thank god I ' m out of this school. Elizabeth Crockford 29 School Street Mary A. Croke 3 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Mare. Found with: Diane, Theresa, Tesa, Cindy, Sherri. Memories: Summer of 77, U Mass Amherst 77. Ambition: To attend college and be successful. Activities: Marching Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-4; Girls spring track 1.2; Girls Cross Country 2; FHA 2, Secretary of Franklin Chapter, Student Council Rep. 3-, Case Aid Program; Franklin Dance Workshop Ballet and Tap. Pastimes: Working at Marshalls, and being with my friends. I like FHS because it has a lot to offer to each student’s interests. William M. D’Alessandro 670 Pond Street Nickname. Della. Found with: Sandy, Lydia, Stan, Mark. Favorite memory: Boston Garden ' 77; the Prom ’77. Ambition: State trooper. Activities: Hockey 2,3,4. Likes of F.H.S.: the kids. Anything else. Wish that Curley Cue Vallincourt minded his own business. Nancy M. Curran 15 George Road Favorite Saying: " Lifes Rough All Over. " Usually Found With: Joan, Cobi, Barb, Diane, Janet, Heim, Shawn, and especially Susan. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, Jr. Year, Summer of " 77”, Tennis Teams. Huie ' s house. Cape Cod, French kids, B.M. night. Ambition: To be a Nurse. Activities or Interests: Pep Club, Winter Track, Varsity Tennis, Sr. Activities. Favorite Pastimes: Tennis, Swimming, Talking. Like Dislikes of FHS: Likes-Sports. Dislikes-strikes, lunches. Anything Else You Would Like to Say: Its been a good four years-Good Luck. r the «r Donna Marie Cusson 65 Moore Ave Favorite Saying: " You Guys " . Usually Found With: Lorraine, Deidre, Maryann, Patti, Donald, Diane, The Girls”. Favorite Mem.: Summer of ’ll, Beach Boys, Steve Miller. Vermont, Jr. Prom, the Cape, Jr. Ms., Riverside Park, Sept. 24, 76 77, March 24, 1976. Ambi¬ tion: to be an architect and to have a great life. Activities: Varsity cheerleader, MVP Winter cheer¬ leading, capt. 2,3. Activities Comm., Prom Comm. Kaleidos¬ cope, Jr. Ms., Yearbook " 18 " . Like Dislikes of FHS: Likes- Teachers, THE KIDS! Dislikes: Lack of school spirit, the smell of the cafe. Anything Else: Good luck to the class of ’78! Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad! m mm Diane M. Daddario 20 Marvin Avenue Usually found with: Kelly, Debby, Barbie, Carrie, Sandy, Cobi, Nancy, Lynda, Joan. Janet; Favorite memories; X-mas, July 4, 1976; Sox Games; Trip to New York; Florida ’78. Ambition, to help other people through the medical profession. Activities: Softball, Softball Manager; Pep Club; French Club; NHS, Latin Club; Student Council-, Activities Committee-, Senior Privileges Committee. Dislikes of F.H.S.: The water in the bubblers is not cold enough. Anything else you would like to say: " May the force be with you”. Thanks Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Kenney. i Debora Dangelo Washington Street Nickname: Shleprock, Little Deb. Favorite Saying: Oh, hello. Found with: Sue. Kim, DD, Darlene, Karen, Nancy, Cindy. Favorite memories: Feb. 14. I976-, Senior Breakfast: trip to Riverside; Senior year. Ambition: Nursing. Activities: Ecology Club 1,2; Science Club I. Favorite Pastimes: Staying after with boots. Dislikes: Jocks of all kinds, lunches. Hughes chemistry classes Likes: study. Frank DeGrazia 9 Garden Street Nickname: " FFrrankk”. Favorite Saying: " Shut up” Found with: Bonesy, Craig, Willie and the gang. Memories: Summer " 77”, Jr. and Sr. years. Mt. Manadnock " 77”, Fitzies 2-4 football keg, Bright Hill, Grove Street. Miller Concert, and Hockey Games. Ambi¬ tion: To go to college and make money. Activities: Spring Track 1,2, Winter Track 1,2. Pastimes: Walking around, going to Athletic events, parties. Likes athletic events (hockey games) Dislikes passes. Joan E. Daley 453 Dailey Drive Favorite Saying: How gay! Found with: Danny, Nancy, Barb, Cobi, Janet, Dianne, Kelly, Debby, Sharon. Favorite memories: Prom ’77; Summer ' 76; Chateau DeVille with Danny; Kelly, and Terry, Cottage Crest; Track ' 76. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Track 1,2; Gymnastics 2,3; activities committee 2,3,4; Pep Club 1.2,3; Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Prom Committee 3-, Favorite Pastimes: Listening to the stereo. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: like-my teachers dislikes-people who aren ' t honest with themselves or others. Peter J. D’Amelio 54 Beaver Street Nickname: J. J. Cale. Usually found with: a friend. Favorite memories: Frank Zappa " 77”; my keg Parties down the path; Frenchy parties. Activities or Interests: Graphics 2,3,4; Varsity Soccer 2-, Wood 1,2,3,4. Anything else you would like to say: Goodbye F.H.S. Sandra Lee D ' Amelio 194 Wachusett Street Nickname: Commando. Favorite Saying: That s Brutal . . . Found with: Lydia, Norma, Gerri, Erin, Della, Bethy. Favorite memories: the Prom, Class trips, summers at the cape. Christmas Party (at Chateau deVille) ’77; Jr. S Sr. years. Ambition: to become a hairstylist and fashion designer. Activities: Activities Committee; Prom Committee; Gymnastic Manager-, Se¬ cretarial Training. Anything else you would like to say: Thanks Mr. Bucchanio Mrs. Bloom, I couldn’t have done it without you. Ann D ' Aniello 548 Beech Street Nickname: Bright eyes or Annie. Favorite Saying: The only thing you’ll get out of life is what you put into it. Found with: Tami and in the D.E. Store. Favorite memories: October 17, 1976; 2 weeks in Florida-, Hyannis, March 1977, NARCON 1977, Ambition: Broadcasting Journalism. Activities: D.E. I, president; D.E II Vice president and store manager, Driver Ed. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: Likes: Mr. Gray, Mr. Luccini, Mr. Tracy, Mrs. Irvine Dislikes: People who put words in my mouth. Lisa DeBaggis 39 Ruggles Street Nickname: " Lee”, " DeBaggs ’. Favorite Saying: " It’s Different ”, " Whatever”. Found with: " Lu ”, Karen, Janet. Tisha, and the gang. Favorite Memories: Oskey 76 cast party. Soph, year, Fletchers Field 76, Elton John 76, Mr. Sacco saying, " that’s enuffa”, Mr. Chellotti’s Psych Class, Walshie’s Party-May 76, Bonfire 75. Activities: Oskey 1-4; Kaleidoscope 2,3; Chorus 1-4; Choral Competitions I-3-, Central District Chorus Auditions 2,3-, Music. Susan DeCosta 6 Laurel Court Nickname: Boxhogger, Fogger, Sue. Usually Found With: Debbie, Darlene, Dominica, Kim. Rosie, Cindy. Favorite Memories: February 14, 1976, Queen’s concert, driving with Mr. McCall (watch out!). Ambition: to help people (become a nurse). Activities: Pep Club, Drama Club. Drivers Ed. I II. newspaper staff. Pastimes: going to study!, being late for homeroom. Likes, friendly people of F.H.S., Dislikes: stuck up people of F.H.S. Anything Else You Would Like to Say: Good-bye F.H.S., Good luck to all my friends of F.H.S. in the future. Daniel Dickinson 5 Stanford Road Nickname: " Dick " Usually found with a tennis racquet. Ambition: to become a sports journalist. Activities: Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4; JV Soccer 1,2,3; Varsity Cross- Country 4; D.E.C.A. President 1978; D.E. I parliamentarian 1977; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Fine Print 2,3,4; Yearbook, Sports Editor 4 ; Prom Committee, Advisory Committee, Student Government Day, NARCON 1977, D.E.C.A. Reg. § State Conferences; Bonfire 1977; Soccer Banquet. Dislikes: Super¬ vised studies; passes. Likes: D.E.C.A. Fine Print, Student Council, Yearbook. Timothy F. Dilworth 276 Pond Street Nickname: Dilly, Wolfgang. Found with: Jimmy, Dumbo, Barney, Ogg. Mike, Peter, O’H, Bernie, Bubsy, Moses. Favorite memories: Sum¬ mer of ’76, Junior and Senior Years; Gator ball; Activities: Cross Country 3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4-, Spring Track 2,3,4; Favorite Pastimes: Gatorball, Hockey, Partying, Football. David DiMartino 511 Lincoln Street Nickname: " DiMar” Favorite Saying: " I ' ll take your word for it.” Usually found with a camera. Favorite memories: ’77 Yes Concert, F118 with Madame Smythe. Ambition: to become a civil engineer. Activities or Interests.- Photography, Hiking, Shooting, Outing Club, Yearbook. Favorite Pastimes: Making people miserable by taking their pictures. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: Likes cutting down teachers dislikes doing work. Domenica DiRado 74 West Street Nickname: Mimma. Favorite Saying: Wait a minute. Usually found with: Wendy, Alice, Ann, Karen, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: New York ’75; Florida ”77, Senior Year-, Mr. Mulcahy’s Class; Riverside trip. Ambition: To become a pedia¬ trician. Activities: Pep Club; President of Italian Club; Latin Club. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S Likes-Studies dislikes-Passes, lunches, Hughes chemistry class. Brendan deLaubenfels 5 Crescent Street Nickname: Moses Favorite Saying: " Doiy”. Usually Found With: Falc. Ogie, Peter. Dave. Ambition: to become a magician. Lynn Dempsey 38 Southgate Road Nickname: Dumpa or Demps. Favorite Saying: Fine! You fool! It’s been real! Usually found with: Pat, Shaw, Janet, T.P., and other friends. Favorite Memories: Pat Shaw’s locker, Jr. Prom, Jr. Miss rehearsals. Summer of 77, York Beach. Ambition: Go to college for Physical Therapy. Activities: Cheerleading, Kaleidoscope, Ski team 2, French Club 2-4, D.E. Treasurer 3, Prom Com. 3, Wrestling Manager 3,4, Drama Club 4, Newspaper 4, Jr. Miss, Student Council 2. Pastimes: Eating Big Macslll Darlene Desper Jordan Road Nickname: The Munchkin or " Dar”. Favorite Saying: You Turkey! Later! Usually found with: Little Deb and the gang and mostly Wayne. Favorite Memories: February 14,1976—day of the Queen Concert, meeting Wayne on April 8, 1977. Ambition: To be a legal secretary. Activities and Interests: motorcycling, driving Wayne’s 1973 Ambassador, O.E.A., roller skating. Favorite Pastimes: Getting drunk with Punva on the rock. Likes the teachers. Michael Anthony DiChiara 701 Oak Street Nickname: Chipper. Usually found with: Dace and Boo. Favorite saying: Get out a’ ere. Favorite memories, 6th period study, Luccini’s class. Ambition: Electronics. Dislikes: Lunches. ■II Arleen M. Di Tondo 430 Pond Street Nickname: D. Favorite Saying: " Oh my God!” " What a Rush”, Found with: Linda, Rose, Sue, Tamela, Pam, Lisa, Janie, and Joseph. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Class of ’77’s. Jr. Prom. Tues. night rehearsals. OEA conferences. Cast parties. Ambition: To go into the Theatrical field, to be a sociologist. Activities: Kaleidoscope, Oskey, Theatre Arts, March. Band, OEA, Chorus and being with Joe. Favorite Pastimes: writing poetry, working with my rifle, and seeing J.K. Likes Dislikes: Likes-people who listen. Dislikes-people who don’t. Stephanie L. Dobachesky II George Road Nickname: Steph. Favorite Saying: " They’ll get over it”. Usually found with: Brenda, Diane, Dennis. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom ’76, skipping school 76-77. Activities and inter¬ ests.- drawing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, partying. Dislikes: Some of the teachers, looks of school. Likes: Studies. Anything else you’d like to say: I’ll miss F.H.S. once I’m out! Janet D. Dole 7 Island Road Favorite Saying: Yahoo! Usually found with: Colleen, Joan, Diane, Nancy, Cobi, Lydia. Favorite memories: November 25, 1977, Kaleidoscope, Summer ’77j Medway Prom-, Ambi¬ tion: To be a news broadcaster. Activities: Latin Club 1-4; French Club 4 ( Pep Club I-3-, Kaleidoscope I; Oskey 4( Senior Activities Committee-, Newspaper Staff 4-, Dean Enrichment Program: National Honor Society 3,4: Driver Ed. Favorite Pastimes: Playing tennis-, eating: playing the piano. Kim Donovan 405 Partridge Street Usually Found With: Kim, Jean, Joan, Carole. Favorite Memories: June I. 1975. Ambition: To be a Staff Psychologist at an institution for the mentally retarded. Favorite Pastimes: Reading, Going out with Steve. Marc Doyle 68 Wachusett Street Favorite Memories. The Bob Se Concert; teacher’s strike: Mr. Lop- class. Favorite Pastime: Skii parties. Cheri Dorr 67 Oak Street Favorite Saying: ”1 gotta go.” Favorite Memories: Field Hockey 76 and 77, Art Room. Usually found with: Everyone. Activities or Interests: Field Hockey 1-4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 2,3, Portfolio 1-4, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Student Council. Likes: Art, Sports, and the English Program. Mary Ann Dubowski 31 Mackintosh Street Favorite Sayings: " Really?” Usually found with: Lorraine, Deidre, Patti, Donna. Karen A., Diane, Kathy H., and Monica. Favorite Memories: New York, Sr. Flalloween Dance. Oskey, 7 7 77, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller and Beach Boys Concerts, Jr. Prom, Cape, Summer of 76 and 77, " The Curb,” 12 31 77, and weekends. Ambition: To travel around the world. Activities and Interests: Activities Committee, Pep Club. French Club, Prom Committee, Oskey, Private Gymnastic Team, Dance Commit¬ tee. Favorite Pdstime: Gymnastics, listening to music, and having a good time with my friends. James A. Ducey 98 Partridge Street Nickname: Duce. Favorite Saying: " Oh wow, man” Favorite Memory: Junior year, strike, summer of 76. Usually found with: Chipper, boo, Tom, Crazy Hatfield, Nino. Activities and Interests: Rock band, listening to music, doing nothing. Ambition: become a star, have a good time. Likes: people. Dislikes: corridor passes. Anything else you’d like to say: Good luck to everyone. Michele Drake 31 Kathleen Drive r.- Favorite Saying: Why? Really? Usually e ' iround With: Jeanne, Laurie, Nancy. (gnFavorite Memories: July 21, 1977. Ambition: To have a good job and be happily married for the rest of my life. Activities or Interests: Crocheting. Favorite Pastimes: Being with Kenny. Dislikes: Having to have a pass to get everywhere. Karen Drohan 59 Dean Avenue Usually Found With: Kim, Debbie, Cathy, ' and Donna. Favorite Memories: Senior Breakfast) Mt. Monadnock. Ambition: To be an artist or an art teacher. Also, to master the art of laughing. Activities or Interests: Skiing, horses, art. Favorite Pastimes: Eating. Dislikes: Needing a note when you come in late. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to the senior class! Lawrence R. Dunn 273 Pond Street Nickname- Larry. Usually found with: Dave, Bill, Craig, Pize, Buzzy, Rosey, (The Q). Favorite memories: Prom, Payday, Weekends, Dances, Hockey Games, MacDonalds. Ambition: to go to college and work at a successful job. Activities: Track Team 3, Tennis team 2, Photo¬ graphy. Favorite Pastimes: Going to football games. Being with friends. Dislikes of F.H.S.: People who walk slow in the hallways. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to everyone else still in F.H.S. Cathleen Dunnebier II Mackintosh St Richard Donton 838 Pond Street Annette Durand 38 Oak Street Nickname: Ski, Annetteski. Usually found with- Robin, Rev, Cheryl, Matt. Favorite memories: Summer of ’77, Pennsylvania, Beach Boys Concert. Ambition: To become a medical assistant. Activities: Mirage 2,3, Outing club. Favorite Pastimes: Tennis, Bike riding. Swimming. Drawing, Traveling. Carolyn Dushku 489 Coronation Drive Mark Dwyer 16 Churchill Road Nickname: " Rocky” Memories: Valente ' s Gig, Crosby Stills and Nash. Ambition: Get Rich Quick. Activities: Football 1,2. Favorite Pastimes: Music, Good Parties. Likes Sr. Class Gigs. Dislikes the school ' s strictness. Evelyn Eastman 9 Skyline Drive Usually Found With: Leslie B.. Cheryl B., Linda M., Candy. Favorite Memories: The dances. Ambition: To become a bi-lingual Executive Secretary. Activities or Interests: Spanish Club, playing the guitar. Likes of F.H.S.: I like just about everything except a leaky roof. Peter D. Eliason 26 Sunset Road Nickname: Rog. Usually Found With: Kathy, Sco, Brownie. Ambition: To succeed. Activities or Interests: Football, Ffockey, and Baseball. Gary Dutile 23 Garfield Street Nickname: " Dut” Favorite Saying: You must be all excited. Usually found with: Rich Archer and Vinnie Landi. Favorite Memories: Last day of school, 77, Kaleidoscope, ’77. Ambition: to be a forest ranger. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to the class of ' 19. Cynthia Eon 735 Pond Street Nickname: Cindy Lou Who. Favorite Saying: Give me a break. Found With: Donna. Joan, Cheryl, Nancy, Mugg, Sue. Judy, Deb. Memories: May 5th concert in Rhode Island. Ambition: Vet Assistant. Activities.- Spring Track, the Outing Club. Pastimes: Horseback riding, biking, camping, skiing, skateboarding, jogging, photography. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I loved my senior year. I hated having to have passes for everything. Anything else you would like to say : I wish I didn ' t have to graduate. I’m gonna miss it a lot! Carmine Nino Evangelista 119 Chestnut Street Nickname: Skinny Minny Guinea. Mad Italian. Mooch. Favorite Saying: Holy Cow, Don ' t make me laugh; O.K., it ' s better than you. it’s uglier than you. Found With: Buss. Ken. Duce, Tom, Jim, and Scott. Favorite Memories: Missing the bon fire, the teacher’s strike. Ambition: To become a hotel or motel manager. Activities: Spring Track, Winter Track 4; Ecology Club. Dislikes of F.H.S.; Passes. Ellen M. Evans 4 Burning Tree Road Favorite Saying: Yea, Babe. Usually Found With: Interesting and amusing people. Favorite Memories: Prom " 76 " , Soccer Tourney " 76”, Jr. Miss Pageant " 76” and 77 , Oskey Cast Parties, Making popcorn in " the closet”, Schaeffer Stadium at 2:00 a.m., Sophomore class Christmas Party. Ambition: To travel and make a lot of money. Activities: Oskey 2-4, Kaleidoscope 2-3, Jr. Miss Pageant, Dean Enrichment 4, Student Council 4, Spring Track 1-4, Flea Market. Favorite Pastimes: Being with my friends, writing poetry, and trying to learn Spanish! Richard P. Evans 4 Burning Tree Road Nickname: Dick. Favorite Saying: I’ve been juiced! Found With: Benny, Burch, Card, Joe. Favorite Memories: Horseneck Beach, Wrestling Tournament (states and regional), Hopkington State Park. Ambition: To be the best in whatever I do. Activities: Varsity Wrestling 1-2, Captain 3-4; Baseball 1-2, Football 1,3, Varsity 4-, Spring Track 3. Favorite Pastimes: J and J. Bright Hills. Priscilla Joan Fagan 6 Pine Knoll Road Nickname: Cill and Chip. Favorite Saying: I ' m going to the Guidance Center. Found With: Michele, Colleen, Norma, Pam, Diane L., Beth and all the girls. Favorite Memories: Xavarian Dance, Prom " 77”, " Harvest Club " 77”, Senior Breakfast. Activities: Prom and Activities Committee, N.H.S., Track I. Likes: All the terrific times and memories with all my friends. Dislikes: People who think they ' re cool and above everyone. Anything else you would like to say: To Michele and Norma, " I’ll never forget the " Harvest” and keep up with your " Gardens.” James M. Falcon 94 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Falcon and Rat. Favor¬ ite Saying: Look at that chick! Found With: Ogie, Puddy, Barney, Dilly, Mongy, Dumbo, O.H., Stoney, M. Lanagan. and the gatorball gang. Favorite Memories: November 24, 1976 and March 31. 1976. Ambition: To be successful in life. Activities or Interests: Gatorball, Football, Cross Country 1-4, Indoor Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4. Pastimes: Cross Country. Dislikes: Passes and four minutes between classes. Anything else you would like to say: Mrs. Robbie is an excellent teacher. Lori Fannelli 52 Schofield Drive Usually found with: Shelley, Sue, Julie, jeanne, Cindy, Janis, Kim. Favorite Memories: Summer of 77, Bob Seager concert. Brenda Farmor 13 Island Road Cobi Fenny 235 Daniels Street Favorite Saying: Really? What? Usually Found With: Nancy. Barb, Joan, Kelly, Diane, Sharon. Favorite Memories: French exchange students. Ground Round. Seagulls, B.H. night, " Stairway to Heaven.” Ambition: To be rich enough to retire at 30. Activities: French Club. Senior Activities, O.E.A. 3. Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, tennis, listening to music, McDon¬ alds. Likes: Senior year. Anything else you would like to say: It was FUN!! 35 Joann Finlay 25 Betten Ct. Patricia M. Fizer 133 Beach Street Nickname: Patty. Favorite Saying: All right! Hey. it’s finally Friday! Usually found with: Tammy Raymond. Wendy, Nancy, Karen Bent. Favorite Memories: April Vacation " 77” and July 4, 1974. Ambition: To be an Executive Secretary. Activities: Pep Club 4: O.E.A. 4 ; Hunger Walk Committee " 77”. Favorite Pastimes: Mountain Climbing, camping, skating, sewing, hanging around with my friends. Likes: Studies. Dislikes: Passes and lunches. Jill Fielding 738 King Street Usually found with: Dave, Linda, Carole, Ron, Judi. Favorite Memories: 8 8 77, Canada. Ambition: To be a riding teacher. Activities: DE l,2» Driver Ed. Dislikes school. Likes Fridays and Weekends. Brian Finnegan 20 Mill Street Usually found with: Bubsy, Groomer. Doba, Chipper, Bobby, and the resi of the Mill Street Gang, (the Cougar) Anything Else to Say: Say " Thank you”, Brian, M.P. Kathleen M. Fish 135 Oak Street Nickname: Kathie. Favorite Saying: What’s next? Usually found with: Frank Fulginiti. Favorite Memories: Talking to Mr. Chelotti and Mr. Shangraw. Ambition: To be Mrs. Frank Fulginiti. Activities or Interests: Oskey and Kaleidoscope. Favorite Pastimes: Working, being with Frankie, walking to school with Bob (Bubba) Murray. Dislikes: Passes. Likes: Studies. Anything else you would like to say: Goodbye F.H.S. Joan Fitzgerald 376 Maple Street Usually Found With: Bogie, Wally, Candy, and Kathy. Favorite Memories: Going to sport events, classes with D.H., summers. Ambition: Research Nutrition¬ ist. Activities: Mirage 2, Pep Club 2:4, C.Y.O. Pastimes: Swimming, sewing, basketball, and skating. 36 Karen Fleming 387 Partridge Street Nickname: Ming, Flem. Found with: Bonnie, Pleim, Minele, Diane, Beth. Favorite Memories: Summer " 77”, July 4 1977, Jr. Prom, Gymnastics, Nights with Menele, Bonnie and Beth. Activites: Gymnastics Manager 2:4. Spring Track I, Health Careers 4, Swimming. Anything else you would like to say: Q.B. odor thanks for making my life miserable. Karen F. Forgit 31 West Park Street Nickname: Forg or Kare. Favorite Saying: Alrighta. Found With: Annette, Mary, Kris, Margie. Nancy, Janet, Bob P.. Allen and the Drill Team. Favorite Memories: May 22, I976-, June 22. Ambition: To be a cosmetologist. Activities: DECA 3,4-, Drill Team 1-4; Favorite pastimes.- Being with the people I like, but most of all, the people I love. Dislikes: Seniors having to have a pass to walk down the hall. Likes: Being in school with all my teachers and friends. Donna Fontaine 75 Wachusett Street Nickname: Chickenlady, Daffy. Favorite Saying: Eh! How are ya? Found with: Paul, Brian, Donna, Karen and the rest of the gang. Memories: All Oskey and Kaleidoscope shows, Jr. Prom, Jr. Miss Pageant, Bob Seager concert " 77” with Paul. Activities or Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, drawing, modeling and star impersonations, writing poetry and songs. Pastimes: Going out with Paul, Chinese food with Acaro and friends, singing with Brian. Likes: Understanding teachers. Dislikes: Rules and discipline studies. Kenneth Fougere 12 Betten Court Nickname: Fuji. Favorite Saying: Ya, I might. Found With: Willie and Card. Memories: E. Mass Tourney " 76”; Copping Mary Elaine; Summers in Nova Scotia; Fitzie’s 2-4, Hockey Games, C.S.N. Concert, Fenny ' s. Ambition: To go to college; buy a Rolls Royce. Activities: Varsity Soccer 2-4-, N.H.S. Dislikes: The way the student’s treat the school. Anything else you would like to say: Who are the untouchables? James Fontenarosa 16 Stanford Road Nickname: Muff, Bowman, Fonty. Favorite Saying: Oh, you’re talking to me! Found with: Bucky, Goldy, Jim C., Fred, Rosey, Buzzy, Steve, and the rest of the gang. Memories: Spending a week at Peadock’s Island and watching Bucky eat a plastic bag. Ambition: To be a successful person. Activities: Winter Track 1-4, Cross Country 1-3. Pastimes: Cruising around town, listening to good music and having fun. Jennifer Lee Forbes 409 Partridge Street Nickname: Lee. Favorite Saying: Oh, No! Found With: My crazy friends and family. Favorite Memories: Senior Breakfast, Beach Boy’s Summer " 77”, teacher’s strike, Jr. Class trip to Paragon Park, Halloween Dance " 78”. Ambition: To be a singing botanist. Activities: Chorus Competition 2,4; Spanish Club 2,4, Vice President 3; Kaleidoscope 1-4; Student Council; J.V. Tennis 1,2. Pastimes: Singing, piano, tennis, reading, biking, spending some time alone, being with my favorite people. I wish everyone in the class of " 78” the best of luck. Brian Garry 29 Glen Meadows Usually found with: Oxy, Barry, Tom, Hanky. Favorite Memories: Teachers strike, J £ J, Sr. Xmas Party. Ambition: To Graduate. Activities: Baseball l,2t Basketball 2; Football l ; Track 2. Catherine Bonnie Gately 580 Maple Street Nickname: Bonnie. Favorite Saying: " Just Relax.” Usually found with: Minelle, Beth, Sue, Linda, and the rest of the crew. Fav. Memories: Summer of 77, Soccer Camp 77, West Point, Soccer Season 76 77, 1 76, Tobogganing, Harvest Season 77, Mt. Snow, Weekends, Hyannis, Writing up High Society Rules, Skid marks on 495, Hopkington. Ambition: To be a child psychologist. Activities: Gymnastics 2-4, Activities Comm, Prom Comm, Student Council, Cheering Mgr. Fav. Pastime: Going out with the girls, having a good time, making fun of sourpuss, spaceshot Jr. and Spaceshot Sr. Like: Big Elbows. Dislikes: Everyone knowing everyone else’s business and dirty elbows. Anything else: It was fun while it lasted but all good things have to come to an end sometime. Donna Gaulitz 154 Pine Street Nickname: Doc. Usually found with: The Gang. Favorite saying: Hunky Dori. Ambition: to become a zoologist. Interest: Bowling, Piano, Art. Activities: Spanish Club, 2-4, Science Club 3, Mirage. James Garrity 12 Sahlin Circle Nickname: Jimmy. Usually found with: Scott, Loreen, Sub, the C.A.T. gang. Ambition: to be a success in whatever field I choose. Interests: Pool, Hockey. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck in the future to the class of 78 Robert S. Fournier 89 Regent Circle Nickname: Boob. Usually Found With: People. Favorite Memories: Bob Seger Summer of " 77”, Keg Parties, Working on the country sedan. Activities: Automo¬ tives 3,4. Likes: Some of the teachers. Dislikes: Lunches and rules. Karen Fraser 29 West Park Street Nickname: " FRAS”. Found with: Donna, Jeanne, Brian, Lu, Julie, Lisa, Tisha, and all my friends. Memories: Prom " 77”, winter 76-77, Friday Saturday nights, New Years Party " 78”. Ambition: To be a hair dresser. Interests.- Partying. Dislikes the changes of the rules and regulations. Likes the kids. and Frank Geromini 185 Plain Street Nickname: Paco. Favorite saying: Oh By Jingo. Usually found with: Most of B-House. Favorite Memories: Burning with the B-House Gang, the Boston Hockey game. Ambition: To be a Pharmacist and own my own drug store. Activities: Wood 1-4. Favorite Pastime: Cruising in my automobile. Anything else you would like to say: What a long strange trip its been (12 yrs). Karen Furlong 21 Haverstock Road Usually found with: Maureen, Marie. Kim. Peter J. Giardino 123 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Giardo. Usually found with: Jim, Ken, Mark, Dave, Mike. Fav. Memories: Summer of 77, Trip to Boston Garden and Mt. " M”. Ambition: To make my life worth while. Activities: Freshman Baseball, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball 3-4. Fav. Pastime: Flanging around with the guys. Dislikes: Lunches and lunch lines. Patti Grant 12 Harborwood Drive Favorite Saying: " Say what?” Found with: Pam and Judy. Memories: May Day Festival 77» weekends away at the Cape. Ambition: To find my space in the universe, and to be a success at life! Interests: Good conversations, the arts and music, biking and back packing. Likes GI38, field trips. Dislikes getting to class on time. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: Never allow anyone to invalidate your own reality.” Sharon Anne Giuliano 450 Union Street Nickname: " Sha”. Usually found with: Bobby. Favorite Memories: Rocky point, Maryanne’s party (April 77). Ambition: to be with someone special. Activities: Field hockey, spring track, french club, chorus. National Flonor Society. Favorite Pastimes: Never knowing when to shut-up. Jeanne Goddard 405 Oakland Pky. Usually found with: Terri, Lisa Michele, Karen and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Senior Breakfast, Summer of 77, concerts. Dedham, the Cape. Ambition: to get a job after going through 4 yrs. of college. Activities: Spring Track 3-4. Anything else you would like to say: What’s wrong with the gas at Shell, Terri? Lisa, what’s an octopus? What’s a first kiss like Sue? How’s the weather Rondu? Goodbye and Good luck to the class of ' 18 ' . Lynda Gordon 8 Donny Drive Favorite saying: Gimme a break! Usually found with: Jen, Peg, Kelly, Carbone and the rest of the cheerleaders. Activities: Football Soccer Cheerleading 1-4, Hockey Cheerleading 1-4, Latin club pres., french club, NHS 3-4, Ballet, track, Student Council 3-4. Fav. Pas: Talking in studies. Likes dislikes: snowdays and dislikes, strikes and riots. Anything else you would like to say: Thanks to Mrs. Kenney and Miss Hepburn. Jean Griffin 557 Pleasant Street Nickname: Griff. Favorite Memories.- Summer of 77. Favorite Pastime: Going down South Street. Joan Griffin 577 Pleasant Street Nickname: Griff. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom. Favorite Pastime: Partying down South Street. Scott Gratto 227 Glen Meadow Rd. Nickname: Snake. Favorite saying: What a Bute. Usually found with: Dennis, Chip. Nono, Steve, Buck, Greg. Fav. Mem. Mr. Beksha’s class. Ambition: to go to college. fc- ■PL. J Robert Hallett 7 Russell Street Nickname: Bob. Usually Found With: Sharon. Favorite Memory: April (2 weeks). Ambition: To have my own shop. Activities or interests: Flaving a good time with Sharon. Favorite pastime: Sharon, working on cars. Likes Dis- likes: Going to school, a place for everybody to meet. Anything Else to Say: Goodbye Franklin High. Lisa Ann Flanlon 804 Lincoln Street Nickname: Harpo. Favorite Memories: New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Marthas Vinyard, 10 21 76, 1 1 74 the alley cat, concerts, S.T.J. Memories, Boston, teaching, G.S. Ambition: To be able to go into Ann Taylor and buy anything I want without feeling guilty. Usually Found With: Terri, Jeannie, and the rest of the gang. Charles Harrington 18 Anchorage Road Nickname: Red, Charlie. Favorite Saying.- Easy Buddy, Easy. Usually Found With: Brothers of the BOA. Favorite Memories: April 28, 1975, Summer of 77. Ambition: To be successful. Activities or Interests: Grove Street, Wrestling 1,2,4, and Soccer 1,2. Favorite Pastimes: Party (Grove Street), Socializing. Like- s Dislikes: The Grove Street Gigs, etc. Dislikes: Group W. David Harrington 18 Anchorage Road Nickname: Head. Usually Found With: Erin, Kel, Murph, Tom, and the guys. Favorite Memories: The Eastern Mass. Championship, times with Erin. Ambition.- To be successful and happy. Activities: Soccer 1-4, Captain 4, Wrestling 1-3, The cape and weekends with Erin, Soccer. Likes and Dislikes: Dislikes: Fake people, teasers. Richard Hallett 7 Russell Street Nickname: Rick. Favorite Saying: What’s up? Usually Found With: Firf, Chip, Dober, and everyone else that goes to the Mill Street shack. Favorite Memory: Senior Class Skip Day in Star Market parking lot. The teacher’s strike in September 77. Interest: Girls and cars. Favorite pastimes: Riding around during study period. Dislikes of FHS: Teachers, getting " bagged” without a pass, and study in the cafe. Andrew Hansen 344 Oak Street Nickname: Andy Marci Lynn Hawisher 827 Lincoln Street Nickname: Howie. Fav. Pas.: Listening to music, partying, dancing, reading, macrame, canoeing and SWIMMING. Fav Mem.: Trips to Florida, weekends, meeting R.B during April Vacation 1977, Survival, trip. Ambition: to become a Commercial Pilot and explore the world. Activities: Spring Track 1.2, French club I. Pep Club 1-3, Outing Club 4. Likes: Mrs. Smith, JJ. Dislikes: Physics. Anything else you would like to say: I would like to say, be happy, have fun, and Goodbye. Cynthia L. Haskell 184 School Street Nickname: Cindy. Fav. Saying: Hello. Usually found with: Cathy, Paula or wandering around the halls. Fav. Mem: Summer vacation 77, the strike. Ambition: to get a job , get out of school. Activities: Chorus 2-4. Pop Concert, Drill team 4. Fav. Pas. Listening to records, watch T.V. Likes: sports, teachers and being absent. Anything else you would like to say: Goodbye to the nurse, Mrs. Swanbeck and to Mrs. Greenwood, Mrs. Allen and Mr. Peters. Peggy Hart 18 Eldon Dr. Nickname: Peg. Fav. Saying: Vahbut . . . Usually found with: Jenni, Mary, Kathy, Gayle, and Charlie Brown. Ambition: to live happily ever after . . . Activities: Sp. tr. I, ski team 2,3, Latin club 2,3. Sec. Latin club 3, jcl 2,3, NHS 3,4. Likes: I realized how special our faculty was when they went on strike and we had subs . . . they’re irreplaceable. Fav. Pas. Cross Country, skiing, sewing, sitting by the fire and listening to John Denver. Stephen Hart 39 West Street Nickname: Harty. Favorite saying: party with Harty. Marcia A. Hatfield 272 Partridge Street Nickname: Big Red. Fav. Saying: Don’t Worry about it. Usually found with: Bette. Ambition: to make it through modeling school. Activities: Fashionable clothes, being a model. Fav. Pas.: Summer of 76, Cambridge, The 76-77 School year. Likes: gym, coke machine. Juke box. Anything else you would like to say: Franklin High wasn’t all that bad. I’m just glad I’m outl Mike Hayes 2 Charlotte Ct. Nickname: Shaky. Usually found with: Bonsey’s 18 B-Day, Mt. Snow, and other 78 gigs. Ambition: to be rich. Activities: Baseball, Hickey Soccer School Paper. Fav. Pas. sports, partys. Likes: the social part of school. Dislikes: going to classes. Pj I Mark F. Healy 8 Forest Street Nickname: Mox. Usually found with: Red, Eddie, John. Fav. Mem. Summer of 76. Ambition: to go to a technical school. Activities: Wrestling, Carpentry, partying. Fav. Pas. partying, music, spending money. Likes: I like FHS because every year went by faster than the one before. Erin Heath 413 Beverly Rd Usually found with: David, Norma. Fav. Mem. Prom 77, Mt. Snow, Climbing Mt. Washington, with David, cheerleading competitions, weekends, the cape after the prom. Soccer Banquet, Senior Banquet, after the Bonfire 77. Activities: Cheerleading 1-4, co-captains 4, class of 77 Marshall, Homecoming queen. Ambition: To major in Food and Nutritional Sciences and eventually become a Dietician. Fav. Pas.: great times with David. Likes: helpful teachers. Dislikes: Lack of school spirit. Debby Heim 152 Long Hill Rd. Nickname: Heimy, Heimo. Fav. Saying: It really bums me out. Usually found with: Myself, Karen, Joan, Barb, Nancy, and Diane. Fav. Mem.: 7 25 76, gymnastic camp. Theatre Arts play " Alice inWonder- land”, not the prom, Christmas and New Year’s parties, HSH Club. Ambition: To become a journalist and have a syndicated column. Activities: Gymnastics 1-4, Sp Track 1-4, Panther, yearbook copy ed, newspaper, student council, Latin Club tres. 3, VP 4, NHS, Oskey. Anything else you ' d like to say: " Bowie 1!” Lola M. Heinzmann 5 Warwick Street Nickname: Lo or Lowie. Favorite saying: Ya know what I mean. Usually found with: Lee, Rev, Heidi. Nancy, Ellen, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Class outings, Fridays, and teaching at Davis Thayer. Ambition: to become a preschool teacher. Activities: Spanish club pres. 3-4, sec. 2, Yearbook, Child development, Bloodmobile. Likes: The list of absent teachers. Dislikes: cliques. Good luck to the class of 78. Cheryl Henauly 58 Anthony Road Scott Herman 7 Tam O’Shanter Dr. Favorite Saying: Here they come and there they go. Usually found with: Pize, Elvis, Chass, Rosey, Buzzy, Jay, and the rest of the guys. Fav. Mem. Summer 77, on the cape. Ambition.- to be a sports caster. Activities: track, tennis. Fav. Pas. Going to the trotters and pacer, and going to the patriots games. Kathleen Higgins I Dartmouth Rd. Usually found with: Peter, Monica, Patti, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Olympic Foolery, Mt. Snow, Jr. Prom, concerts. Activities: Girls basketball, NHS, National Latin Convention. Favorite Pastimes: Being with Peter, Having a good time with my friends. Anything else you would like to say: I would like to thank my mother and father for all they’ve done and all they’ve given me throughout these years. Cathleen Hoar 242 Beaver Street Nickname: Cathy or Cath. Favorite saying: How’s by you? Usually found with. Judi, Lynne, Cheryl, Rev, Jo-Anne, Maryanne. Mary Anne P„ Nancy. Favorite memories: Freshmen year, all Kaleidoscopes and Oskeys, Jr. Miss, and Senior year. Ambition: to be a lawyer with a career in music. Activities: Singing, playing the piano, all sports and art crafts. Treasurer of High School Chorus. Fav. Pas: Singing. Likes: a lot of the teachers treat you as people, not just students. Good luck to all in future Oskeys and Kaleidoscopes. Donna Huie 7 Mackintosh Street Nickname: Baby Huie. Fav. Saying: Or what ever you want to say. Usually found with: M.F. L.C. and anyone. Fav. Mem.: Summer of 76. Jr. Prom, trip to falmouth. Ambition: To become rich as a CPA and open an art shop. Also meet as many people as possible. Activities: Girls Varsity Tennis 1-4, WT I, Student council treasurer II, and pres. 12. Student Advisory council. Delegate for Franklin at Regional. Fav. Pas: Morning announcements, Lifeguard, coordinator. Myles Huntington 1109 Pond Street Usually found with: George, Peter. Darren. Lee, Manson and The library gang. Fav. Mem: State Pard parties, cape cod, concerts. Activities: Hockey 2-4, O.M.O.B.H.B. 1-4. Dislikes: Juke box blaring disco. Robin Hurd Forest Street Nickname: Turd and Rob. Fav. Saying: Nicely Done, Catcha Later. Usually found with: Kim, Lynne. Trisha, Maureen and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem. Graphics, Mr. Chellotti’s Jr. and Sr. Yr. Yearbook meetings, Quiet nights Dean. Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: Yearbook faculty editor. Senior Activities committee 4, Chorus 1-2, Driver Ed. 3, NHS co-treasurer. Likes: Teachers, activities, sports, competitiveness. Dislikes: Lunches, Studies, Restrictions, Passes. Michael lennuzzi 112 Marvin Ave. Jum Hosford 61 Crocker Ave. Favorite Saying: yeh, o.k. Usually found with: John, Dave, and Gary. Ambition: to go into the field of Graphic Arts. Activities: Wrestling, Hockey. Favorite Pastimes: Recreation on Tuesday nights. John David Hughes 162 Conlyn Ave. Usually found with: Ken, Jum, Peter, Barny, Mike, Jay. Fav. Mem: November 24, 1976, Mt. Manadenock, gater ball. Activities: Cross country 2-4, Spring track 1-4, Indoor Track 2-4, Fav. Pas. Gator ball, football, partying. Dislikes: Passes, lunch. Linda Holmes 733 King Street Nickname: Hey Holmesyl Favorite saying: I don’t believe it. Usually found with: Jill, Carle, Sue, Judi, Darlene. Fav. Mem.: Narcon 77, Florida, New Jersey, the Cape, Senior breakfast. Ambition: To become a hairdresser. Activities.- D.E.C.A. 1-2, D.E. treasurer 2, Driver Ed. f ineprint, newspaper. Likes: work study program, D.E., Fridays and vacations. Dislikes: cliques at FHS, passes, Mondays and gym. Dayle E. Holmes 488 Maple Street Nickname: Fluffy. Favorite saying: Is that soli Usually found with: Phil, Cheryl, Glenn, Bill, the 5th period Physics gang in the library. Favorite memories: Summer of 76, and Senior year. Ambition: to be on Hugh Hefners Payroll. Activities: French club 3-4, Honor Society 3-4, Science club 3. Favorite pas: Hanging around in the library with all those insane intellects, playing the guitar. Dislikes: Jocks and snobs. Anything else you would like to say: Eat worms B.B.I Eric Jackson 46 Conlyn Ave. Nickname: Stoney. Favorite saying: What . . . Usually found with: a lot of people. Favorite memories: partying with the people in Franklin. Ambition: to own my own business. Interest: Taking pictures. Fav. Pas: going to the trainstop Tuesday night. Good luck to the class of 78. Diane R. Junghanns 144 King Street Nickname: Di. Favorite saying: What a riot. Usually found with: Mar, Theresa. Tese, Shirley, Cindy. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Summer of 77, Tuesday night rehearsals, football games, June 28,1976. Ambition: to go to college next year and live a long and happy life. Activities: Marching band 1-4, Concert band 1-4, spring track 1-2, FFIA treasurer, NHS 3-4, French club 4. Favorite Pas: going out with my friends. Likes: some of the teachers. Dislikes: the cliques and people who put down other people. Pamela Karlson 29 Anchorage Road Nickname: Pam. Favorite saying: I forgot. Usually found with: Reenie and Nancy. Favorite memories: 4-29-77, Chateau deville. Ambition: veterinar¬ ian. Favorite pas. partying. Likes: the faculty with a few exceptions. Dislikes: Discipline study, passes, lunches. Larry Jackson 571 Pond Street Melissa Ann Jaquith 32 Southgate Road Favorite saying: Oh Wow! Usually found with: Cathy, Karen, Lynn, Patty. Debby and the gang. Fav. mem.: Prom 77, Steve Miller concert, summer of 77, Horseneck, Cape cod. Ambition: to become a secretary. Activities: Kaleidoscope 1-2, French club 2-3, wrestling mgr. 3-4, Prom committee 3, Activities 2-3. Fav. Pas: Going out with friends, riding around, going to parties. Over all the school is pretty good. John Johnson 221 Plain Street Nickname: J.J. Favorite saying: Incredible. Usually found with: Ritz, Jack, Mucci, Joe, Bob, and the girls. Fav. mem: Turkey Day 77, Senior Breakfast, the mill, fishing with Dickie. Ambition: to be a Stattie. Activities: To hang around in the hall checking out the scenery. Dislikes: Jocks. Kathleen Marie Keenan 5 Carpenter Drive Nickname: Kathy. Favorite saying: Really. Usually found with: Karen B.. Bogie. Joan, Brenda, Karen, Gail, Nancy. Favorite memories: Canada. Ambition: to become involved in some aspect of computer science. Activities: Sec. - V.P. of Pep club 2-4, French club 2, Yearbook. V.P. NHS, CYO 1-4. Favorite pas: having some free time or playing tennis, CYO Mt. Manadnock, Skiing. Likes: fair teachers, interesting classes. Dislikes: passes, some cafeteria food. Jimmy Kelleher 551 Maple Street Nickname: Kel. Usually found with: Moranzo. Jeff, Nikko. Favorite saying: Summer 77, Grove street gigs, FHS Hockey games. Ambition: to get the HECK out of Franklin! Activities: Soccer 1-4. Likes: Studies. Dislikes: class. Gregory J. Kenney 741 Lincoln Street Nickname: Greg, Favorite saying: sit on it. Usually found with: anyone. Favorite memories: Winning East Mass Soccer Championship. Ambition: To be involved in Law enforcement. Activities: Soccer, Wrestling, plays, refereeing soccer. Likes: It’s a good school. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to all in the future. Kathleen A. Keville 411 Partridge Street Nickname: Kathy. Usually found with: Kevin, the girls or at work. Favorite memories: Taboggoning 75, Class outings, Mt. Snow, Jr. Prom, watching football games, and after the bonfire 77. Activities: Activities committee 1-4, J.V. soccer manager 2, student council 4, Kaleidos¬ cope. Ambition: To be some type of Psychologist. Fav. Pas: Stopping at Red lights. Shawn King 13 Southgate Rd Usually found with: Pidge. Cathy Dace, Pic, or at the country club Ambition: To become and Irish cord Favorite pas: weekly football bets bowling and surveying street signs. Anything else you would like to say : What sign next week. Buzz? Kelly Kober 254 Daniels Street Nickname- " Kel”. Favorite saying: I don ' t believe itl Usually found with: Terry, Carrie, Marie. Diane, Cobi, Lynda, Dianne, Joan and Nancy (The Fan Club). Favorite memories: April 8, 1977, Prom ’77, " Chateau” (?) with Terry, Joan and Sid, Ohio and the many good times with friends. Ambition: To be happy with my life and successful in my career. Activities or interests: O.E.A., NHS, French Club. Favorite pastimes: Going out, listening to good music, sleeping late . . . Likes dis¬ likes of F.H.S: Loves snow days, weekends, holidays, and vacations. Dislikes the other days. Linda Krueger 13 Warwick Street Favorite saying: Give me a break. Usually found with: Mary Anne P., MariAnne P., Sharon. Lynne. Favorite mem: Frosh yr, Field Hockey. Senior Breakfast, Summer of 77. Ambition: Lawyer. Interests: Field Hockey, Hunger walk, music, dancing, parties, French club. Favorite Pastimes: going to parties, dancing. Dislikes: the snobs. Laurie Marie Kurgas 43 Anthony Road Nickname: Kurg. Favorite saying: Tough, Later. Usually found with: Dianne, Ming, Johnny, Peggy, Geri, Diane. Favorite memories: Summer 75, Prom, Maine, Boston Concert, Junior miss. Ambition: Success in Media-advertising. Activities: Ski team 1-2, track 3, DEP, Portfolio. Likes: Most of the teachers are alright. Anything else you would like to say.- Growing up isn’t always a high, but the results can be beautiful, as any butterfly. Good luck to the class of 78. Diane Laquidara 440 Pond Street Usually found with: Laurie, Cheryl, Maryann, Minelle, Cill, and the gang. Favorite memories: Oskey, Steve Miller concert. Senior breakfast. Jr. Miss, July 22, 1977, summer of 77. Ambition: to become a professional dancer and open a school of dance. Act: Private gymnastic team 1-4, Oskey 1-4, Kaleidoscope 2, Cheering I, 2nd runner-up in Jr. Miss. Fav. Pastimes: gymnastics, partying, listening to music, going out with my friends. Likes: the teachers and parties. Dislikes: Having to get to class on time. Al Laurentano 261 Daniel Street Act: Hockey J.V. I, Varsity 2. Karin Kosmenko 57 Oak Street Nickname: Kar. Favorite memories: Frosh yr., summer 75,76, Jr. Prom, weekends. Usually found with: Lisa, Tracey, Rick. Fav. saying: From the endless time of a ticking clock, life slips by . . . Ambition: To become a Physical therapist or cosmotologist. Christina Krauskopf 39 Fuller Place Nickname: Sunshine. Favorite saying: Wanna smoke a joint. Usually found with: Doreen, Annie, Linda Rocceforte, and Red eyes. Favorite memories: Dec. 26, 77. Ambition: to carry on with my career and live in a log cabin in the mountains. Activities: going shopping and not spending any money. Favorite pastimes: going to the trainstop on Tuesday nights, getting rowdie. Theresa Diane Kobus 21 Anchorage Road Usually found with: Sue and the locker room gang. Activities: Basketball 2-4, Softball 1-4, Parties. Favorite memories: Beach party, basketball camp, summer of 77. Tracy Konis 675 Pond Street Nickname: Radar. Favorite saying: " See, I told ya so.” Usually found with: Everett, Bernie. Mooney, McDermott, and others. Favorite Memories: summer of 76. Ambition: Orthopedic or Radiologist. Activities: Managing track after school. Favorite pas : Partying with friends, going places and relaxing or socializing. Likes: the teachers and students. Dislikes.- Teaching of teachers. Anything else you would like to say : Enjoy life while you can, don ' t destroy it before it really begins. Alice Leahy 453 Pond Street Usually found with: Wendy, Domenica, Karen, Ann, Kathy. Favorite memories: Senior year, going to hockey and soccer games. Ambition: to be happy in whatever I do. Activities.- Coaching soccer, drill team. Fav. Pastimes: Flaving a good time. Likes: studies. Monica Lincoln II McCarthy Street Usually found with: Kathy, Zonk, Lorraine, Deidre, MaryAnn, Soce. Bernie, Janet, and the rest of the girls. Favorite memories: Field Hockey 77, concerts. Basketball, summer 77, X-mas Banquet. Ambition: to pursue a career in sports medicine. Activities: Field Hockey, Girls Basketball, Girls Softball. Favorite Pastimes: Having a good time with my friends. Anything else you would like to say: The satisfaction of success comes from doing the best you ' re capable of doing to become the best you’re capable of becoming. Suzanne C. Lemire 8 Fuller Place Nickname: Sue. Favorite sayng: What’s the matter? Usually found with: Betty, Kathy, Jeanne, Karen, Janet, Donna, Karen W., Laurie P. Favorite memories: Senior Breakfast, Teaching first grade, and Junior Year. Ambition: to be an elementary teacher or special needs teacher. Interests: doing Rug kits, Reading a good book, dancing. Favorite Pastimes: Working at Marshalls. Dislikes: The four minutes between classes. Anything else you would like to say: If you respect your teachers then your teachers will respect you! Jane Longley 16 Worsted Street Favorite memories: Summer 77, concerts. Usually found with: Elaine, Pat, Margie, Karen, Bonsey, B-House gang. Activities: DECA 3-4, Ceramics. Ambition, to be a hairdresser and to be successful in life. Likes: DECA. Dislikes: Passes, teachers patroling basements, lunch. Brian J. Lessard 88 Prospect Street Favorite saying: What Kind of drug are you on? Usually found with: Sue, Matt, Robin, Annette, Cheryl, Muggs, Peter, And the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Fletchers Field, Friday and Saturday nights, August 77. Ambition: To become a successful business lawyer. Activities: Cross Country, Soccer 2,3, Winter track, Spring track 1-4, French club, Outing club. Drama club, yearbook, NHS, school play. Favorite pastimes: Flirting. Anything else you would like to say: People are always changing, be sure you’re not caught left behind. jL James Lievano 144 Peck Street Nickname: Jim, Favorite saying: I’m out o’here. Usually found with: Socci, Jeff, Kelleher, Cargn, Lorri. Favorite memories: Strike 77, Freshmen Football, Valente’s Party. Ambition: Business Executive. Interests: Football, softball. Work. Favorite Pastimes: Keg Parties. Dislikes: Mrs. Neviackas. Anything else you would like to say: Best years of my life were ’74-78’. Margaret Lotfy 39 Maple Street Donna Lucas 24 George Road Nickname: Daisy. Usually found with: Lee, Ellen, Mary-ellen, Diane and the others. Favorite Memor¬ ies: Summer of 77 with friends, Discoing with Dewy. Ambition: to own my own art and dance school, Activities: Drama club, Kaleidos¬ cope. Oskey, chorus, Italian club. Franklin dance workshop. Fav. Pastimes: Dancing, Painting, and going out with friends. Likes: the variety of courses that FHS offers. While here at FHS, I feel that I have found myself and become a better person. 47 4 Jeanette Marie Lucas 5 Anchorage Road Memories: Rolling Stones-summer 75; Lynyrd Skynyrd-summer 77 ; Bob Seger 77. Found with: Tammy, Laurie, Nancy, Rita. Interests: music, concerts, playing pool, partying. Dislikes teachers who don’t have a kind and understanding personality, who shouldn’t even be teachers. Likes teachers who treat you like a person, not someone below their level. Katherine A. Luszcz Spring Street Nickname: Kathy or Duffy. Favorite Saying: Wow; oh really. Found with: Donnamarie, Donna, Pinky, Fleather, and the rest of the kids. Memories: Summer 76; Jr. Prom, Sturbridge OEA conference. Ambition: To be happy and successful. Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; OEA 3,4; Student Secretary 3,4; OEA Conference, 1st place Office Services Clerk. Pastimes: Riding on motorcycles, dancing for fun, bowling, reading. I think the teacher’s are great, but I didn’t like to see them strike. Too much time was lost. Mark Lynsky 66 Partridge Street Franklin. MA Kimberly Lyons 139 Oak Street Franklin. MA Janet MacSwain 866 Pond Street Nickname: Jan. Fav. Saying: Hey Pal, What a Chipper, Okay? Usually found with: Vin, Lynn or at Friendly’s. Fav. Memories: Feb. 7, 1975, Newport 77, Jr. Miss, Switzerland, Eating lunch with Lynn, " Colour My World.” Ambition: Hairdresser. Activities: Kaleidoscope, Oskey, and Jr. Miss. Fav. Pastimes: Going out to McDonalds with Lynn, Going shopping. Being with Vin. Anything else to say : Demps, I bet you’re the First Gridiron Queen who wore long underwear under her gown. You owe me 3 big Macs. Karen MacKay 3 Dartmouth Road Nickname: Mac. Favorite Saying: Oh, Yah. Tell me about it.” Found ith: Ann. Karen B., Bogie, Karen W., tnd the rest of the gang. Memories: turbridge OEA conference 77, 2nd jlace in General Clerical Ik Houston, Texas OEA conference 77; Feb. 10-0. 7 7; Secretary to Mr. Leone. Ambition: To pursue a career in Office Administration. Activities: OEA President 4; Final Copy Editor 78 Yearbook; OEA member 3.4; Pep Club member 2-4; Bowling team. Pastimes, music, swimming, skiing. Wendy Mailhiot 247 Pond Street Favorite Saying: Fley girl. Ya know. Found with: Alice, Karen, Ann, Domenica, Kathy, Kay, Deb. Memor¬ ies: Gym ’77, Sr. year. New York 75, Sr. Banquet. Mulcahy’s class. Ambition: Secretary. Activities: OEA member 4. Pam Mahr 17 Union Street Nickname: Panama. Found With: Judy, Patti. Fav. Memories.- The " sites” at May Day Festival) Amherst. Activities: Portfolio, silk-screening, drawing, relaxing. Pastimes: Wining and dining till I’m satisfied. Ambition: To do what I want to do and do it well. Likes: Getting away with things cuz you’re an art student. Anything Else: I’d like to wish all students of ' 78 the best in the future and I thank you Mr. MacPhee. Steven Manwaring 110 Alpine Place Fav. Saying: I have to make an adjustment. Found With: Bucky, Mark, Fonty. Buzz, Jay. Fav. Memories: Camping July 4th weekend ’77, Teachers’ strike, Pats-SeaFlawks game. Ambition: To be successful and have fun. Activities: J.V. Basketball 3. Pastimes: Cruisin and partying. Jeannie C. Mann 4 Maple Street Nicknames: Beano, Magic, Raz. Fav. Saying: Smile! Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Found With: Tooch, Julie, Karen F. Co., Fav. Memories: Driving the " stolen” car. Summer of 74, Mr. Kingsbury’s cookout, Star Wars. Activities: Creative Writing, Spring Track, Fine Print, Latin Club, Theatre Arts 1,11, Treas. of Drama Club. Pastimes: reading, writing poems. Anything else: Goodbye! Philip Maltais 378 Coronation Drive Nickname: Phil. Favorite Saying: Yeah right! Found with: Dayle, Eror. Memories: Summer 77, staying at the Cape. Ambition: Drafting. Activities: Football I and Oskey 4. Pastimes: playing guitar and partying. Dislikes teachers that look for passes continuously. ■II Lisa Marguerite 206 Maple Street Nickname: Lisa. Fav. Saying: I don’t know. Found With: Steve, Moe, people I like. Fav. Mem: Summers of 76 and 77, Winter of 76, hockey games, weekend at Mary’s cottage, week at Moe ' s house. Ambition: To live a long and happy life in my house on the ocean. Activities: Jr. Miss, Oskey, Kaleidoscope. Pastimes: Going to my cottage in the summer. Anything Else: I like FHS, but I know when it’s time to leave. RonaLee A. Martello 43 Marvin Avenue Nickname: Marty. Fav. Saying: I don ' t want to talk about it. Found With: Donna, Kathy, Fred, Laura, Bobby. Fav. Mem: Summer of 75, parties down the " old’’ cabin. Sept. 30, 1977. Ambition: To become an Interior Decorator. Activities: Varsity Flockey Manager. APEX, OEA 1-3. Fav. Pastimes: Partying, going down the Cape. Anything Else: I’d like to thank Frannie Molla for keeping me in line. Sandra Louise Marchand 18 East Park Street Nickname: Sandy. Fav. Saying: I don’t know, what do you want to do? Found With: Janet, Queenie, Sue, Dianne, Betty and Paul. Fav. Memories: Riverside, Prom ’75, Xmas Banquet, Sr. Breakfast. Activities: Basketball I. Activities Committee 3, Bowling, Playing softball, O.E.A. Pastimes: Going out with Paul, going shopping instead of going to school. Dislikes: studying. Likes: The people of FHS with a few exceptions. Donald Patrick McCarthy 8 Warwick Road Nickname: Mac, Don. Favorite saying: Don’t worry about it. Usually found with: Donna, or the guys. Favorite memories: throwing a firecracker into one of the teachers meetings, never tieing my shoe laces. Ambition: to become a carpenter. Interests: Football. Basketball, Baseball, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing. Dislikes: the Varsity Baseball coach. Anything else you would like to say: I think a few of the coaches should be replaced immediately so Franklin can gain some respectability in certain sports. Patricia McCarthy 2 Colt Rd. Favorite saying: Really. Usually found with: Laurie, Sharon, Jane. Terri, the Begins and Diane. Favorite memor¬ ies: 6th period, freshmen yr., Senior X-Mas party, parties down the moon, concerts. Ambition: to be something. Activities or Interests: going out and having a good time with my friends. Likes: the people. Dislikes: how the school gets stricter each year. Good luck to the class of 78. Donnamarie Lisa Matteson 190 Peck Street Favorite saying: Be serious. Usually found with: Joe, Kathy, Carme, Jay and the rest of the thuds. Favorite memories: Summers of 76 and 77, Sept. 77, Jr. Prom, OEA conference. Ambition: to go into the Medical field. Activities: OEA 3-4, NHS 3-4, Student Secretary 3-4. Favorite Pastimes: Working at the Franklin Warehouse, Skating, Playing pool. Dancing, and going out with Joe. Dislikes: Gym. All in all high school was good. Good luck and goodbye to the class of ’78. James McCathy Marie D. McDermott 395 Pleasant Street Favorite saying: Let’s get High! Favorite memories: Summer of " 79”. Usually found with: Karen, Rita, Maryanne. Interests: To travel. Dislikes: the rules. Anything else you would like to say : Teachers should act like teachers instead of prison guards. Scott McDonald 9 Sahlin Circle Nickname: Mick. Fav. Saying: Later. Found with: Loreen, Kenny, Jim, Kathy. Fav. Mem.: First car. Ambition: success¬ engineering. Act.: Automobiles, Engineer¬ ing. Fav. pastimes. Auto body. Motorcycle riding. Dislikes: Guidance department. Susan M. McGovern 259 Daniels Street Nickname: Sue. Usually found with: Carrie, Terri, Cheri, Cathy, Locker room gang. Fav. Mem.: Doobie Brothers, Summer 77, Basketball Tournament, Winter 76. Ambition: To be successful in life, to be a physical therapist or Medical technol¬ ogist. Theresa L. McGrath 5 Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Tweet. Favorite sajying: Plus tard pour cette. Usually founcr with: Di, Mary, Cindy, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Dec. 23, 17 U-Mass at Amhearst, summer of 77. Ambition: To graduate from medical school.!Activities: Marching Band 1-3, Concert Ba id 1-3. Girls track 1-2, FHA 2, French ckb. Favorite pastimes: Working at Marshalls, going out with friends. Anything else yoi would like to say: I ' d like to wish the senior class the best of luck in the future. f Scott Mclnnis 8 Winter Street Michele McMurtery 106 Miller Street Nickname: Minele. Favorite say¬ ing: Ya, I might. Usually found with: Tim. Bonnie. Cill, Monica, Beth, and the girls. Favorite memories: Winning the E. Mass Soccer Championship, Bonnie’s parties, summer 77, soccer, Sept. 77. Ambition: To be successful and happy in whatever I do. Activities: Soccer manager 76-77, Gymnastic manager 74, Prom committee. Favorite Pastimes: Going out with the girls, watching people in the halls. Likes, the good times I’ve had during the 4 yrs. at FHS. Patricia Jacqualin McNally 10 Greystone Road Nickname: Pat. Usually found with: Marg, Maryellen, Ann, Sherri, Jane, Karen. Favorite Memories: May 77, Aug 77, October 77, All the times down the cape with everyone and " NoNo”. Anything else you would like to say: Hi to Maryellen. wish you were still here. Hi to my sister Pin who only has 41 2 years left of school or 54 months. Good luck. Steven McNally 20 Pearl Street Nickname: Steve. Favorite Saying: Yea, OK. Found with: Wherever the crowd is. Memories: 1 26 77, teachers strike, just every day at FHS. Ambition: To become a policeman or fireman. Likes basketball games, hockey, and dances Friday night. 51 Ellen Marne Meade O Pine Street Nickname: " Meady”. Favorite saying: " Hi! Honey”. Usually found with: Billy. Lee, Donna. Diane, Lola, Dew, Matt, Brid and everyone else. Favorite memories: Jr. Miss, theater one and two. Ambi- tion:to become a fashion designer and a dancer. Activities or interests: Oskey 2-4, Kaleidscope 2-4, Yearbook 4, Spanish Club Treasurer 2-3, Drama Club 4, Chorus 1-3, Concert Hour 1-3, Jr. Miss. Favorite Pastimes: Sewing, dancing and being with friends. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I dislike passes. Anything else you would like to say: I would like to wish everyone good luck and love. Lisa Mele 40 Oak Street Favorite Saying: Later. Usually found with: Tracey C., Karin K., Skip P., Rita F. Favorite Memories: Summers of 76, 77. Ambition: to become a secretary. Activities or interests: Working at Identicon, playing pool, driving around. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: dislikes no open studies. Anything else you would like to say : Have fun. Jennifer E. Millis 474 Lincoln Street Nickname: Jen or Jenni. Favorite saying: Hey Baby! Usually found with: Mary, Peggy or Lynda. Favorite memories: Sophomore Christmas banquet, learning to ski with Peg, printmaking with Biron. Ambition: To have a career in environmental science. Activities or interests: Mirage, student council, activities committee, yearbook, Kaleidoscope, portfolio, NHS. Favorite Pastimes: riding my bike, listening to John Denver and being with people I enjoy. Likes Dislikes of F.H.S.: I liked the many resources made available through the Media Center, and the helpfulness of the faculty. Kathleen S. Meservie 120 School Street Nickname: " Kathy” - " Gunky”. Favorite saying: " Where’s everybody?” " What ' s for lunch?” " What teacher’s are out?” " Go ahead. I dare you!” Usually found with: Mark, LuAnna, Tisha, Donna. Laurie, and the gang. Favorite memor¬ ies: senior year, summertime, holidays, school vacations. Ambition: airline hostess, secretary. Activities or interests: Guitar, horseback riding, dancing, driving, Fine Print - 3. Favorite pastimes.- Being with Mark, 5th study, my 18th birthday. Likes dislikes of F.H.S.: Dislikes: the school schedule. Paula B. McNutt 30 Mill Street Nickname: Pwa. Favorite saying: You reject! Usually found with: Cathy, Kathy, Ina, Dar, Evelyn. Favorite memories: Milk carton fight in lunch. Thanksgiving " 1975’’, Cathy hitting David’s car, Creative writing class with Miss Hepburn. Ambition: To become a good legal secretary. Activities or interests: OEA 10,11,12, Chorus - 9. Favorite Pastimes: Reading love stories, riding in Cathy’s car, riding my bicycle; Like¬ s Dislikes of F.H.S.: The F.H.S. kids, all the business teachers. Dislikes: Snobby people, people who judge you before they even know you.— Sharon McWilliams 242 Pleasant Street Nickname: " Buck”. Favorite saying: " Calm yourself woman!” and " You sly devil you!” Usually found with: Nancy, Jackie, Lani, Tracy, Sis, and the other " Skids”. Favorite memories: April 9, ’77, Senior year, Ground Round ’77, Pago Pago, weekend in New Hampshire, away gymnastic meets, the strike. K.O.A. and the Lowell concert. Ambition: To be in complete control of my life. Activities: Drama Club, President - 4. French Club 2.4. Speech Club - 4-, Latin Club - 3, Kaleidoscope - 2.3, Oskey - 3. Favorite Pastimes: tennis, acting, writing, driving, going out with the " Juniors” and " Seniors”. V fc.; ¥ - Robert Moorehouse 32 Anthony Road Usually found with: Paul Hughes, Paul Norian, Scott Tibert, Greg Kenney. Favorite Memories: Driving around in Norzo ' s car, partying with my friends. The good times I had with K. M. Ambition: Would like to further my education in the field of electronics. Activities or interests: Freshman - ski team; Sophomore; - J.V. Soccer-, ski team; Junior - ski team; Senior - ski team. Favorite pastimes: Like to ski, play football, basketball and soccer. Richard Moran 499 Coronation Drive Nickname: Red Usually found with: Pic, Al. Favorite saying: Right. Favorite memories: Fitzies 2,3,4, Grove Street, Cumberland, R.l. Ambition: Own a bar called Red Tavern. Activities or interests: Football - 1,2,3; Baseball - 1,2; .-Winter track - 2; Party -1,2,3,4. Favorite Pastimes: Joe Turk’s, Parties. Likes Dis¬ likes of F.H.S. - J.J.’s, Moe’s, skipping; dislikes getting bagged, chemistry. Anything else you would like to say: Check notes. Teresa Ann Millis Judy Molinaro 474 Lincoln Street 556 Union Street Nickname: Terry. Favorite saying: All Nickname: Judy, Molly. Favorite saying: I right, lets go. Usually found with: Sue, love itl Usually found with: Rosie, Patti, Debbe, Kim, Rosie, Cindy and Judy. Pam, MacPhee, and everyone else in G-138. Favorite memories: DE conferences. Favorite memories: Aug 77, Jimmy Carter, Beachboys concert 76, summer 77,76. Concerts, Kidding MacPhee, being with Ambition: to have a good life, conehead. Ambition: to restore the Sistine Interests: Playing banjo, partying Chapel. Favorite Pastimes: Cruising around with my friends, typing, and English with Weedman, a good laugh on a bad day. with Judy and Peter. Favorite Dislikes: Sitting in class under a canvas Pastimes: Driving around town when tarp, lunches. Anything else you would like I have the car. Likes: the kids, to say: The power behind the throne is a Goodbye to Mr. C., your class was one woman. I’ll never forget. John Monaco 423 Partridge St Arthur Moorehouse 32 Anthony Rd -f! I Tom Moran 7 Anchorage Road Nickname: Moranzo. Usually found with: . Kel. Memories: Summer ' ll. Dave Morgado 517 Maple Street Nickname: Mung. Favorite saying: Later, no way. Favorite memories: Hockey game in Boston. Ambition: Auto Mechanic or carpenter. Activities: Hockey, Cruising, partying. Usually found with: B-House gang. Likes: being with friends. Dislikes: vice-principals. Pamela Moriarty 45 Schofield Drive Nickname: Pam. Found with: Donald, Sandy, Minele, Cill, Dianne, Geri. Memories: 4 20 77, Sr. Breakfast, Prom ’75. Ambition: To become a secretary. Activities: Bowling, softball, basketball. I dislike people who think they are better than everyone else. Annette Mortz I Rolling Ridge Road Nickname: Nettie. Favorite saying: Bug offl Usually found with: Karen, Kris, Nancy, Janet. Mary, Margie, Bob, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, Darrell’s going away party. New Years Day. Ambition: to join the United States Air Force. Interests: Flying, partying, Drill team 1-4, Going to McDonalds. Favorite Pastimes: Teasing Mr. Paquet, Horseback riding. Likes: study. Business teachers. Dislikes: Mrs. Swanbeck, passes. Margaret Moulton 95 Pard Road Nickname: M M. Usually found with: MLM, Kelly, Maureen, Jo-Anne, Michelle, Jeanne, Tracy. Favorite memories: Picket line. First Math team playoffs. Ambition: To be successful at college and after that be rich. Activities: Math club, concert, marching and stage band, Latin club. Outing club. Likes: Faculty, Mrs. Kenney, Students. Dislikes: food throwing in the cafe, crowded halls. Ann Frances Mucciarone 55 Chestnut St. Nickname: Annie, Amo. Usually found with: Karen and the rest of the gang. Fav. Mem: Sturbridge and Huston, Texas conference for OEA. Mason’s Lab. Ambition: Lawyer. Activities: Editor in chief of 78 yearbook. Historian of OEA. Pep club 3-4, OEA 3-4, CYO 4. Fav. Pastimes: going out with my friends. Likes: the so¬ phomore class, dislikes: the cliquey groups in the senior class. Anything else you would like to say: It’s to bad that the senior class couldn’t of been more of a class. William M. Morse 353 Pond Street Nickname: Morse. Activities: Band 1-4, Stage band 3 yrs., I year in computer club. Cathy Murphy 18 Colt Road Nickname: Murph, Muff. Favorite Saying: It just ain’t fair. Found with: Pidge, Shawn, Alley, Moe, Rich. Memories: Competition ' 75, Prom, Donna’s Party, Sept. 10. Activities: Cheerleading Competition, JV Softball Mgr., National Honor Society, CYO. Math Club. Paul Murphy 770 Pond St. Nickname: Murph. Favorite Mountain climbing, biking. Pastime: Arthur F. Norton 26 Conlyn Avenue Nickname. Artie. Favorite saying: No way. Usually found with: Donna, Jay, Stoney, Kevin, and last of all Bubba. Favorite memories: Sum¬ mer 74. Mt. Manadnock, Saturday night down the cape. Mornings outside B House. Ambition: To make my marriage work. Activi¬ ties: Baseball 1-4, Hockey 2. Crosscountry I. Favorite pastimes: Sleeping, talking, swimming, going to good parties. Likes: The end of the day, 6th period. Dislikes: Going into the office in the morning, lunches. 55 Robert Murray, Jr. 311 Main Street Nickname: Bubba. Fav. Saying: What, HAY???. Usually found with: Bonesy, Fenway. Rocky, Artie and the Neighborhood Gang. Fav. Mem.: Summers at Plum Island. Ambition: To become a Chef. Act. or Inter. Yearbook, Assist. Editor, Activities Comm. Mirage. Fav. Pastimes: Summers at Plum Island. Likes Most teachers and kids. Dislikes Passes and lunches. Kathy Neelon 69 Brook Street Nickname: Red, Neel. Usually found with: Mary, Barb, Jenny, Peggy. Fav. Mem.: Summers at Plum Island, Mt. Snow trip. Ambition: Graduate from college, get a job, and live by the ocean. Act. or Int.: Vice-Pres. of class, National Honor Society 3,4 (Secretary 4), J.V. Field Hockey 1,2, Student Council 3,4. Fav. Pastimes: Sewing, water-skiing, swimming. Likes: the people at F.H.S. who are all so different from each other. Last call at the Beachcomber Mare? Robin Noel 128 Union Street Nickname: Bird, Birdie. Fav. saying: That’s not fair. Usually found with: Matt. Cheryl, Brian, Annette, Boo Boo, Mugs, and the gang. Fav. Mem.: Jr. Prom, Jr. Miss, Kaleidoscope, Oskey, Spring Track, Winter Track, Field Hockey manager, Jr. Miss. Drama Club. Outing Club. Greg Murphy 770 Pond Street Nickname: Murph. Usually found with: Kell or Brownie. Fav. Mem. E Mass champs, bumper skiing around town, the gigs at Grove St. and the lot. Ambition: To be successful at a trade. Activities or Interests: Soccer 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3. Fav. Pastimes: Playing soccer, listening to the Nikko. vmm Mike Murphy 13 Flynn Road Nickname: Murph. Fav. Saying: What’s up? Usually found with: Tommy, Jamie, Mucci, Peter, Lee, J.W., Maureen § The Library Gang. Fav. Mem.: All the concerts and parties, The Black Weekend, Playing football at F.H.S. Ambition: To enjoy life as much as possible. Activities or Interests: Football. Basketball. Fav. Pastime: Having a good time. Dislikes all Soccer players except for Kelly Murph. I met a lot of excellent people at F.H.S. A real good experience! Colleen Marie Murphy 7 Pine Knoll Road Nickname: Murf. Fav. Saying: " Bite It” Usually Found: Cill, Cathy, Heidi, Janet, Karen, and all the girls. Fav. Mem.: Senior Breakfast, Christmas Party, Class Banquet, Halloween Dance, Babysitting with Chip, Ski trip, Rootbeer Oskey Party. USMCRO mt. Climbing. Ambition: To be successful and happy in life. Activities or Interests: Track 1,11,111, Prom Comm., Pep Club I.II,III, French Club, OEA 1,11,111 Oskey Panther Mascot III, CYO. Fav. Pastime: Having a good time with all my friends. 4i Kathleen Marie O’Brien 206 Jordan Road Nickname: Kathy, Cobra. Favorite saying: La ter. Usually found with: Paula, Cathy, Annette, Pam, Lisa, Mark and the rest of the guys. Favorite memories: 3rd lunch. Soph. Year, Veterans day 77, summer 77, March 76. Ambition: To go into the Air Force and to travel to different countries. Interests: Swimming, skating, horses, reading, embroidery, softball. Likes: teachers. Dislikes: Closed campus for study. Anything else you would like to say: Good luck to all the seniors, I hope you find what you are looking for. Dianne L. O’Brien 223 Oak Street Nickname: Di. Favorite saying: What are you nuts? Usually found with: Bonnie, Minele, Laure, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Prom 76,77, Junior Miss, soccer seasons, senior banquet 77. Ambition: to help special needed children. Activities: Class treasurer 2-3, Student council 1-4, soccer team varsity manager 2-4. Favorite Pastimes: going to sports events, going to parties, going out with a certain person. Likes: All the people I’ve met. Dislikes: The rivalry between the Soccer team and the Football team. Ann Marie Christine O’Connell 737 Pond Street Nickname: Annie. Found with: Patti, Sherri, Margaret. Memories: Winter of 74, NFI 77, Moon Parties. Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activities: Theater Arts I, Portfollio l-ll. Pastimes.- Summer street, Circle. Dislikes being asked, " Do you have a pass” Anything Else You Would Like To Say: The school reminds me so much of a prison. Barry Ober 113 School Street Nickname: Harry. Favorite saying: Yeah, Really. Usually found with: Sheila, Jeff, Soce, Rogie, Guido, Oxy, Mike and Gee. Favorite memories: Senior Banquet 77, Mt. Manadnock, Football 77, Teachers strike, Bonsey’s party at Rogies. Ambition: Go on to college and major in business or social services. Activities: Football 2-4, Winter track 2, spring track 2-3. Favorite pastimes: Buying at Joe Turco’s, being with my friends, going to hockey and basketball games. Candace F. Ober 167 Union Street Nickname: Candy, Ober-Dober. Favorite saying: Who cares? Usually found with: Sonny, Joan, Bogie, Karen, Cheryl, Brenda, Diane, Brian. Favorite memories: Oct 16, and every moment since then. Ambition: To be happy, healthy and loved ... to get married. Interests: Sports, Basketball, softball, French club. Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, cooking, Dancing. Dislikes: Ego trips of SOME jocks, passes in halls. Hey Bogie! How’s Joe, Joan, Fitzy’s fine, Sundance, snow bunnies have to be in bed by 101 Donald M. Ober 113 School Street Nickname: Don. Found with: Allen, Murph, Bob. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 77, Pocono Mountain. Activities or Interests: Automotives 3,4: travel, being with my friends, going to the races. Likes Mr. Hosford. Dislikes rules, school lunches, four minutes in between classes. John P. O’Hearn 28 Anthony Road Nickname: O’H. Found with: Falc, Ogie, Dumbo, Peter, Barney, and Mike. Memories: Mt. Manadnock trips and the strike. Activities: Cross Country 2-, spring track 1-3, wrestling 4. Pastimes: Gatorball, football. Likes Recreation. Kathleen A. O’Reilly 38 Forest Street Nickname: Kathy, Cat. Favorite saying: Paula, Ina, in the library. Favorite memories: teachers strike. Getting drunk in David’s car. Ambition: To get out of school, and find someone to marry. Activities: Chorus 1-3, Pop concert. Favorite Pastimes: Reading, Racing with Wayne and David. Likes: absent teachers, Zeffro. Goodbye to the Library help. w ■m i fv, V f Kenneth M. Ogilvie 18 Anthony Road Nickname: Ogie. Found with: Pete, Jim, Mark, Mike, Dave, Eric. Memories: 76 Summer, Boston Garden trip, trip to Mt. Manadnock. Activities: J.V. Baseball, Cross Country, Winter Track. Pastimes: Gatorball at recreation. Dislikes supervised study, having to have passes, and school lunch lines. Jeanne Palumbo 15 Harborwood Drive Favorite Memories: Latin class with Mrs. Kenney, Physics with Mrs. Smith, and FHS Football games. Ambition: To do the best in everything I do. Activities: FHS band, Latin Club, JV tennis team, Jr. Classical League Convention. Pastimes: reading, skating, tennis, badmitton, basketball, working at Star Market. N • f,s» V- A i Robert Pantano II Prospect Street Nickname: " Pres” " Booboo” " pant”. Favorite Memories: Concerts espolnage, nomination speech. Activities: Pres, of Sr. Class, activities committee, and Sr. privilege committee. ✓ H ' Maryanne Paratore 6 Beth Road Favorite Saying: " Whatever . Found with: Mare, Sharon, Bobby, Lynda, Laura, Robin, and the rest of the gang. Memories: 4th period study. Rocky Point. Friday and Saturday night parties, summer trips, Sr. breakfast, Jr. and Sr. year. Ambition: To enjoy myself all the time. Activities: OEA, outing club. Secretary to Mr. E., National Honor Society. Pastimes: Parties, spending time with friends, bugging Mare, talking to friends. Likes most of the kids and teachers. Dislikes passes. m Theresa Phillips 417 Paula Lane Nickname: Terri, Tesa, Tulip. Usually found with: Gook. Tweet. Di, Mary, Incy. Favorite Memories: Aug 76 77, in New Hampshire, Tuesday night rehearsals. Activities: JV tennis 2, OEA sec. 3, OEA member 4, Activities committee. Mary C. Picard 383 Lincoln Street Nickname: Mare. Usually found with: Jenni, Kathy, Peggy. Favorite memories: Briarwood, April X), Plum Island with Kathy, Catering parties. Ambition: Career in the field of Home Economics. Activities: Activities committee 1-4, Student council 3-4, Yearbook 4. Dislikes: cliques, leaky roof, gym. Likes.- people at FHS. Anything else you would like to say: Neel : Do any donuts around the lighthouse lately? Frank Payne 40 Anthony Rd. Joann M. Peloquin 35 Summei Street Nickname: Shortie. Favorite saying: Oh really. Usually found with: Britt, Cindy, Jody, Pam, Dianne. Favorite memories: April 23, 75, June 76. March 77, Jr. Miss, Dec 77. Ambition: to become a nurse, and get married and be happy. Activities: DE 3-4, Cheerleading I. Favorite past imes: being with Britt when he comes home. Likes: Mr. Gray, Mr. Evans. Diane L. Perkins 723 Lincoln Street Nickname: Perky. Favorite saying: Oh really, isn’t that awful. Usually found with: George, Mary Ellen, Eleen, Donna, and the rest of the guys. Favorite memories: Junior Prom, Junior Miss, the class of 77 chorus banquets, 5th period english classes. Activities: Dancing, Painting, Latin Club I, Kaleidoscope maitress. Dislikes: the cliquey groups, pa;ses, too much homework. Likes: Teachers. Renee Perron 14 Glenwood Road James Peter 52 Daniels Street Nickname: Jim. Favorite saying: Really. Usually found with: Ed. Scott, and Al. Favorite Memories: London in April 77, Trip to St. Thomas in 76. Ambition: Hope to become a successful Engineer. Interests: skiing, tennis, basketball, pingpong, listening to music and travelling. Favorite pastimes: Cruising, going to movies, partying, hanging around. Dislikes: leaky roofs. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. Ronald Pettit 10 Colt Road Nickname: Bad Ronald. Usually found with: Bill, Steve. Favorite memories: Latin convention in Florida during the summer. Ambition: to go to college and major in Computer Science. Activities: Basketball, Math club, Latin club. Computer club, NHS. Favorite pastimes: Playing Basketball, working in the computer room, girl watching. Dislikes: the Four minutes between classes. Likes: the computer room. Anything else you would like to say: I have gone to many schools and Franklin High is the best school of all. Rick Picard 395 Lincoln Street Nickname: Pic. Favorite memories: Days when I wasn’t in school. Favorite Pastimes: Drinking. Interests: Partying. David W. Pichierri 439 Union Street Nickname: Dave. Favorite saying: Flow ' s it going. Usually found with: Frank. Hohn, Scott, Tony. Favorite memories: January 77, Aug 77, Dec 76. Interests: Automotives 2-4, driving around, metals 3. Likes: Teachers. Dislikes: gym, no open study. Gary Piligian 349 Chestnut Street Nickname: Pidge. Usually found with: Shawn, Moe, Rich, Muff, Ally. Ambition: to become a nuclear engineer. Activities: Baseball 1-2, Ping-pong tournament 1-4, NFIS 3-4, Co- treasurer 4. Favorite pastimes: Weekly football bets. Likes: 2nd period scenery. Dislikes: People who go on strike. What sign next week Shawn? Charise Piper 863 Lincoln Street Nickname: Charise. Favorite saying: No! Really. Usually found with: Jane, Coynso, and the gang. Favorite memories: Senior year of 77. Ambition: to get out in the world on my own, to travel. Interests: Florse back riding, track, listening to the stero. Favorite pastimes: Concerts, My 18th birthday. Likes: the teachers. Dislikes: the rules. Good luck to everyone. Stephen Christopher Pisini 92 Lewis Street Nickname: " Pize”. Favorite Saying: ”1 don ' t wanna say nothin ' , but. . .” Found with: Buzzy, Rosey, Elvis, Larry, Chass, Matthew, Bri. Favor¬ ite Memories: Co-Sports Editor ' 78 Yearbook, Sum¬ mers on Martha’s Vineyard, Senior Year, Weekends. Ambition: To be successful in all my endeavors. Activities: Assistant trainer. Band, Stage band, Marching band. Baseball, Basketball I, Foreign Language Festival. Favorite Pastimes: Selling shoes, following Red Sox, Bruins, etc., college football. Anything else you would like to say: What sign next week, Pidge? David Powers 7 Grandview Road Nickname: Dave. Usually found with: Gregg, John. Favorite memories: June 27, 1977. Activities- Yearbook, Photography. Dislikes: Passes, Freshmen. Anything else you would like to say: If I could do it anybody can. Joseph Pisano Lincolnwood Dr. Kristen Priesing 31 Peck Street Nickname: Kris. Favorite saying. Son of a Beach. Usually found with: Margie, Bob, Karen, Annette, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: third lunch, Feb I.. Oct I. Ambition: go to college to be an accountant. Activi¬ ties: Drill team 1-4, Favorite pastimes, going out with friends, partying. Dislikes: Mrs. Swanbeck. Likes Mr. Quinlan. Anything else you would like to say : Class of 79. enjoy your last year at FHS, cause you’re going to miss it when you have to leave j „ Ann-Marie Pucillo 35 West Park Street Nickname: Rev. Favorite saying: Go away. Usually found with: Jimmy, and the rest of the girls. Favorite memories: Oskey and shows, making Brians costumes. Chateau Be Ville with Brian and Lee, Ambition: Get the most out of life. Activities: chorus 1-4, Chorus pres. 4, Oskey 1-4, Kaleidos¬ cope 2-3, Spanish club 3-4, Spanish club sec. 4, Survival trip, Concert hours 1-4, Fanklin singers Robert B. Pulsone 112 Pleasant Street Favorite memories: May 77, Cousins wedding, Gail’s graduation party. Usually found with: John, Richard, Margie, Chris, Nancy, Allen. Activi¬ ties: De. 3-4. Football I, Wood 1-3, being with friends. Golfing, football. Hunting. Dislikes: a few teachers, passes, no open campus. Mari Anne Princiotta 3 Southgate Road Nickname: Mare. Favorite saying: You think so, do you? Usually found with: Lynda, Maryanne, Brian, Ricky and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Fleetwood Mac Eagles concert, Rocky Pt., Summer 77. Friday night parties, talking to friends. Ambition: To make at least one person happy and life a little more bearable. Activities: Puting club. General layout editor, yearbook, French club, Favorite pastimes: Talking to friends, giving teachers a hard time, walking on the beach. James Rackette 508 Old Farm Road Favorite memories: Summer 76. Day of the mushroom, Trip to New Hampshire. Favorite pastimes: weekends in the mountains. Hunting, Saturday nights live. Activities: Franklin Varsity Hockey. Roy Ramsey 427 Pond Street Nickname: Elroy. Favorite saying: Later. Usually found with: J.K. and W. H. Favorite memories: Super sesions 77. Bright hills and summer street, Trip to Manadnock. Ambition: to play with the Outlaws. Activities: Band 1-4, Oskey 1-4. Kaleidoscope 1-3, Soccer 3. Favorite pastimes: the gigs, at the highway. Dislikes: the rules. Vincent A. Profenna 69 Miliiken Avenue Apt. 16 Nickname: Spaz II. Favorite saying: File It. Usually found with: Dave, Donna, Mike, Lisa, Kay, and the rest of them. Favorite memories: Nov 14, 1976. Ambition: to be perfect and live forever. Favorite pastimes: Preach the word. Listening to music. Margaret Cove Ranieri 59 Pleasant Street Nickname: Margee. Favorite saying: Hi, sorry I’m late. Usually found with: A lot of different people. Favorite memories: Summertime, 5th per. study with Terri, Parties, Mr. Nerney’s class. Favorite pastimes: Being late and feeling out of place. Anything else you would like to say: Oh well see you at our reunion. Richard A. Ray 427 Oakland Parkway Nickname: Ritz. Favorite saying: Blow your face off. Usually found with: John, Joe, Karen, Bob. Favorite memories: Down the tracks, Lunch, Jr. Prom, Senior class breakfast, the mill. Ambition: to find a good job in the least amount of time. Favorite pastimes: Fishing, Hunting. Anything else you would like to say: J.J. how ' s your whip? David A. Reardon 38 Pine Street Nickname: Weasal, Elvis. Favorite saying: You’re not a Q. Usually found with: Craig, Pize, Buzzy, Larry, Bill. Favorite Memories. Teachers strike, Grove St., Hockey games. Ambition: to be successful in the future. Activities: Spring track. Favorite pastimes: Partying. Deidre Jean Regan 5 Brian Road Usually found with: Lorraine, Mar- yanne, Monica and the rest of the girls. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, New York. Summer 77, concerts. Ambition: To become a child psychologist and to be happy. Activities: Track team 2, Mirage 3, Flea Market 3, Dean Enrichment program. Favorite pastimes: Going to football games, having a good time with my friends and going out with Craig C. Stephen Resley 182 Glen Meadow Road Nickname: Bonesy. Favorite saying: I’m 18, you can’t bust me. Usually found with: Browny, Rogie, Shake, locker gang. Favorite memories: 18th Birthday party, strike. Favorite pastimes: partying. Caryn Ribero 470 W. Central Nickname: Ribs. Usually found with: Betty, Lori, Jo-Anne, Sue, and all the rest of the kids. Favorite saying: Talk to you later. Favorite memories: Summer 77, Thunder Train slash concert. Ambition: To be a legal secretary. Activities: Foreign lan¬ guage Festival 1-4. Favorite pastimes, going out. Likes: Vacation, Fridays. Dislikes: Lunches. Anything else you would like to say : Live life to it’s fullest, it’s the only one you’ve got. ■it Michael Rice 228 Lincoln Street Nickname: Mike. Favorite saying: Billy’s a jerk. Favorite memories.- Mr. B’s temper tantrum. Ambition: To become a good mechanic. Interests: Automotive. Favorite pastimes: Eating. Dislikes: to many rules, and kids are treated like babies. Anything else you would like to say: It was a good time, but I’m glad it’s over. Maureen F. Ridgway 73 Pond Street Nickname: Reenie. Favorite saying: Oh Yah. Usually found with: Pam and Nancy. Favorite memories: May 75, Summer 76, July 4th 76. Ambition: Paramedic. Favorite Pastimes: Partying. Likes: A few of the teachers. Dislikes: Ham and cheese on rye. James Ristaino 92 Washington Street Nickname: Jamie. Favorite memories: Black weekend. Favorite Pastimes: Working. Favorite saying: Later. John Michael Ristaino 50 Gallison Street Nickname: Ducky. Favorite saying: Happy are those who dream dreams, and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. Usually found with: The student council or the school committee. Favorite memories: Summer 76, the teacher’s Strike, (haha) Simon’s Rock. Ambition: to be presidential campaign manager. Activities: Student rep. to the school committee. Student council Activity chairman. Delegate and chairperson. SEMASC Vice President. Favorite pastimes: Swimming and listening to Donna H. talk my ear off. Thanks to the people who pulled me through the 2 weeks in Sept, specially my family. Craig Roberts 2 Northgate Road Usually found with: Della, Frank, Willie, Fuji, the gang and Jeanette. Favorite memories: Soph, and Jr. year, hockey and basketball games, gright hill, grove street. Ambition: Make money. Favorite pastimes: Working, parties. Likes: Athletic events. Dislikes: School sometimes. Michael Rocheleau Conlyn Avenue Favorite Pastimes: Soccer. Favorite memories: Soccer tournament. Interests: Gatorball. Christopher Rose 8 Sherman Avenue Nickname: Rosie. Favorite saying: What a sack. Usually found with: Rocky, Steve, Funty, Matthew, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Dance at Milford HS, Alice Cooper concert. Dance at Sharon HS. Ambition: to go into the media and become a broadcaster. Activities: Baseball 2-4, Announcing football games, writing for the newspaper. Favorite pastimes: Going to the NE Harness Raceway, Rockingham Park, Milford McDonalds. Likes: the Freedom, no supervised study. Donna Rose 20 Dean Avenue Favorite memories: Winter’s in Florida and summer’s in Maine. Zappa concert 77, May 78, Aug 77, June 78, Sept 72, Nov 77. Favorite pastimes: Cruising around partying and shopping. Interests: Spring track, Junior year, chorus 1-3. Usually found with: Lyn, Kathy, Nancy, Karen, Karin. Raeann. Jeff Ryan 51 Marvin Avenue Usually found with: Kelly, Soce. Harry, Rogie. Favorite Memories: Fitzies 1-3, Senior Banquet 77, Surviving Manadnock, Fenny’s. Strike. Bonsey’s party. Football, keg. Activities: Football. Winter track. Favorite Pastimes: Partying, Hitting Joe Turc’s. Jo-Anne Santoro 62 Lewis Street Nickname: Jo. Favorite memories: Summer 77 at the UN- making popcorn in the K-wing closer for the senior class- OEA conferences in Hyannis and Sturbidge. Ambi¬ tion: To become a certified public accountant. Activities: French club 1-2, Pep club 2-4, Junior Varsity Tennis team, OEA 2-4, CYO 3-4, Business and Senior editor of the 78 yearbook, Treasurer of the senior class, FHS delegate to the United Nations. Peter Sarapas 93 Washington Street Favorite saying: Later. Usually found with: Bonsey, Jeff, Socci, Rogey, Rooney. Favorite memor¬ ies: Mt. Manadnocok. Austria 77. Activities: Golf team I, Ski team 2-4, Ski club 3-4. Favorite pastimes: Skiing, Golf. Anthony A. Saster Jr. 55 Gallison Street Nickname: lead foot. Usually found with: Dave. Frank. Favorite memories: Skipping school and going partying for the senior breakfast. Activities: Freshmen football. Favorite pastimes Cruising around in my pontiac. Likes: the snack bar in the cafe. Thomas Ross 181 Lincoln Street Favorite Memories: All good times with friends. Ambition: To enjoy life and to be rich to succeed. John Rossetti 585 Union Street Nickname: Jack. Usually found with: Mike, JJ, Jim, Tami, Ann. Favorite memories: Skipping school to go drinking with Tami! Ambition: To learn a trade in construction. Favorite pastimes: hanging around in the halls after class begins. Lisa Russo 101 N. Park St. Kathy Russo 65 North Park Street Favorite saying: Oh God. Usually found with: Domenica. Judy, Wendy. Kay, Ann, Alice, Brian. Favorite memories: Summer 76, Senior Banquet 77, Spring 76, Gym 77. Ambition: Business management. Activities.- Track, News Paper, Outing club. Favorite Pastimes: Being in the halls second period and always having a pass. Stephen Sgrosso 132 Long Hill Road Nickname: Sgroz. Favorite memories: Summer 77, Mrs. Smith Period I. Favorite Pastimes: Partying. Favorite saying: Laterl Michael Shyp 298 Old Farm Road Nickname: Led. Usually found with: Sgroz, Tom, Dennir, Bri. Favorite Pastimes: Music, cars, parties. William R. Smaltz 409 Coronation Drive Nickname: Bill. Favorite saying: Obviously! Usually found with: Ellen, Matt, Nancy, Lee, Steve, Heidi, Bird, Diane, Lola. Favorite memories: Oskey, parties, Jr. Prom, Kaleidos¬ cope. Ambition: Hotel management. Activities: Football I, Kaleidoscope 3, Oskey 3-4, Tennis 4. Favorite pastimes: Playing guitar, tennis. Dislikes: Passes, Compagnone’s test. Anything else you would like to say: 1 wish the class of 78 Good luck in the future. Margaret Sheehan 122 Elm Street Nickname: Muggy. Favorite saying: Oh wow! Usually found with: The locker gang. Favorite memories: Maine 77, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Bowling in Milford. Ambition: Silkscreen artist. Interests: My flute, biking, silkscreening. Favorite pastimes: Outing club. Kenneth H Semerjian 21 Garfield Street Favorite saying: Good Morning. Usually found with: Finnegan, McDonald, Alger, Groomer, and my car. Favorite memories: Weekends at the mill street shack, Down the pits on the bikes. Dislikes: Shortened breaks between periods, large gym classes. Darren Sexton 105 Pine Ridge Drive Usually found with: Lee, Peter, and the B-House Brewers. Favorite memories: Softball gigs. Cape concerts, Hopkinton. Ambition.- to live up north and own a swiss made. Activities: OMOBHB 1-4. Favorite Pastimes: Thinking up excuses for Mr. Q., counting everyones weekend dents. Likes. Dismissal notes. Anything else you would like to say : To the class of 78, Everyone up Joe Turc’s in 20 years from graduation day. .,ll§ ] J8 ij Dianne Sullivan Holliston, Mass. Stanley Sussan 480 Coronation Drive Nickname: Eeb, weeb. Usually found with: Della. Soce, Brownie, Kelly. Favorite memories: Boston Garden. Ambition: to make money. Activities: Hockey 2:4. Likes: Kids in the senior class. David Socci 21 Oak Street Ext. Usually foun d with: Kelly, Roge, Moranzo, Brewn, Nikko, and Stanley. Favorite memories: Mt. Manadnock, Senior Banquet 77, Football Keg. Ambition: go on to college. Activities: Football 1-4, Track 1-3. Anything else you would like to say: Barry you did fall asleep. Nancy Lee Steele 13 Anchorage Road Nickname: Nanc. Usually found with: Heidi, Lee, Ann, Ellen, Lola, Bill. Favorite memories: Senior Breakfast. Paragon Park. Ambition: Dental Assistant. Activities: Student council I, Latin Club 1-2, Tennis 2. Favorite Pastimes. Playing the Guitar, Riflery, Antiques, stained glass. Tafta Steffan 20 Hawthorne Drive Nickname: Taffy. Usually found with: Jennifer. Favorite Memories: Senior year, summer 76. Interests: Skiing. Sharon Stirzaker 188 Plain Street Usually found with: Kathy, Patti, Erron. Favorite memories: summer 77, Bad Co., Kinks and Yes concerts, Sept. 2, 77. Ambition: to be happy. Activities: Deca 3-4, Art festable 2-4. Favorite Pastimes: Partying. Steve Thackaberry 20 Flynn Road Nickname: Thack. Favorite saying: WFiatever. Usually found witFi: Dick, Pant, Tom etc. Favorite memories: Climbing Mt. Manadnock, Flitting the parties. Ambition: to study forestry and to be rich. Interests: Phtography, hiking, fishing. Favorite pastimes: Beating up Pant in the pool. Sherell Thornhill 39 Oakland Street, Medway Usually found with: Cheryl, Julie, Laurie, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Summer 76, Senior breakfast, concerts and parties. Ambition: to become a legal secretary. Activities: DE 3, New¬ spaper 3-4. Favorite pastimes: Shopping, riding around, parties and sleeping. Dislikes: People who put themselves down. Scott Tibert 30 Lewis Street Favorite saying: Thank you. Usually found with: Dave, Jamie, Artie, Bob. Favorite memories: Summer 77. Ambition: to become better than the person next to me. Interests: Golf, girls, music. Favorite pastimes: shooting the breeze with my buddies. Likes: Athletic activities and freedom. Dislikes: final exam. David G. Thompson 73 Glen Meadow Road Nickname.- Dave. Favorite saying: Forget it ok, just forget it. Usually found with: Rita. Favorite memories: skipping once a week. Ambition: Avation Navy. Interests: sports, and motorcycles. Favorite Pastimes: getting burnt, parties. Dislikes: some teachers, the alarm in the library. Gail Ann Sweet 53 Miller Street Favorite saying: Later. Usually found with: Greg. Favorite memories: Being with my fellow students. Ambition: Secretary. Interests: taking care of kids. Favorite Pastimes: getting to know all the students and teachers at FHS. Likes: Teachers. Dislikes: Supervised study. FHeidi Symmes 199 Brook Street Nickname: Symmsie. Usually found with: Nancy. Lee, Ellen, and all the rest. Favorite memories: Saturday nights, senior year, Oskey, concerts. Ambition: to do something worth while and enjoy college. Activities: Jr. Miss, Oskey, Kaleidoscope, NHS, student council, Latin club 1-2. Favorite pastimes: Cruising around, listening to music, dancing, taking it easy. Likes: the friendly people. Dislikes: People who don’t let you get to know them. Carrie Svingen 31 Skyline Drive Nickname: Gool. Favorite saying: Check this out. Usually found with: Kelly, Sue, Sue M, Cheri and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Tournament games. Stones’ concert, BC weekend. Ambition: to be happy and successful. Activities: Varsity Basketball. Favorite pastimes: Going to concerts, listening to music, eating. Anything else you would like to say: " You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, You just might find it. You get what you need” Heidi Anne Swanbeck 27 Union Street Nickname: Hydes. Favorite saying: There can be no rainbows without a little rain and some sunshine. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, 77, Toboganing 76, Undefeated gymnastics 76,77. Ambition: to be successful, to always have a reason to smile. Activities: JV field hockey I, Gymnastics 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Student council 1,3-4, Latin club I. Homecoming Queen’s court. Favorite pastimes: Holiday celebrations, especially X-Mas. Likes: Most of the teachers, panther pride, basketball games. Anything else you would like to say: •FHS has been a tremendous experience. Mary Verna 39 Park St. Thomas Verna 39 North Park Street Nickname: Chipper. Favorite saying: You’re not a bute, you’re not. Usually found with: Bussy, JC. Bucky, and the rest of the guys. Favorite memories: Milk carton fights in the cafe. Activities: playing basketball. Favorite pastimes: High school hockey games. Paul Vicrio 473 Coronation Drive Nickname: Pic. Usually found with: Red. Al, Favorite memories: Grove Street. Freshmen football. Ambition: to become successful in business. Interests: Football. Favorite Pastimes: Partying. Likes: Graphics. Dislikes: gym. Deborah Tosches 25 Brook Street Nickname: Debbie. Favorite saying: You fool. Usually found with: Mike, Bert, Bubba, and the Kids in Medway. Favorite Memories: going to New Hampshire, Oct 77, the Senior breakfast. Ambition: to be an Accountant or hair dresser. Interests: St. Joseph’s Band, working. Favorite pastimes: Being with Mike and all my friends. Likes: Most students and teachers. Brian Todesco 35 Arlington Street Favorite saying: Like really. Usually found with: Donna. Favorite memories: Dancing in all the shows, going to concerts and acting in " Funny Girl”. Ambition: to become a famous dancer. Activities: Kaleidoscope 1-4, Oskey 1-3, Chorus 1-4. Favorite pastimes: going to Boston for dancing. Likes: Administration, teachers. To all seniors. Good luck in all you do and God Bless. Patricia C. Vandekerkhoff 6 Cottage Court Nickname: Tisha. Usually found with: Cathie, Cheryl, Karen, Brian, Sue, Genie. Favorite memories: Car keys at Marshalls, Soph, year, with John, Fletcher’s field, the cape Nov. 19, going to Walpole. Favorite Pastimes: going out. Karen Vander Bogart 20 Betten Court Nickname: Bogie. Usually found with: Wally, Joan, Kathy, Karen, Mac and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Chemistry lab, Frank Davis Resort, Sturbridge and Houston OEA conferences. Ambition: To be successful as an R.D. Activities: Pep club 2-4, NHS 3-4, OEA 3-4. OEA secretary 4, Yearbook 4, CYO 3-4. Dislikes: having to have a pass to walk through the halls, being quiet in the library. Anything else you would like to say : Mac-remember M.H., Karen- " Love that wiggle” Karen Tracy I Forest Street Usually found with: Denise, Susan. Favorite Memories: summer 76, Freshmen trip to New York. Ambition: to be an executive secretary. Activities: OEA, Pep Club. Favorite pastimes: Crochet, ceramics, work, drive, go shopping. Dislikes: Don’t get enough freedom ( Karen Alice Wahlers 2 Measowbrook Road Nickname: Wally. Favorite saying: Give me a break. Usually found with: Joan, Bogie, Kathy, Karen, Candy, Gail and the rest of you guys. Favorite memories: Vardley, Aug 76, Aug 77. Ambition: to become a legal secretary. Activities: OEA 3-4, Pep club 2-4, NFfS 3-4, French club 1-2, CYO 3. Favorite pastimes: Taking skiing lessons, going to the movies with friends. Likes: the clubs and activities. Dislikes: being quiet in the library. Peggy Viera 763 Lincoln Street Franklin, MA Joseph A. Vignone 105 Union Street Nickname: Zeke. Usually found with.- Crow, Reach, Germ, Jake. Favorite memories: Summer 75, Billerica hockey game at Boston garden. Roger L. Villard Jr. 112 Brook Street Nickname.- Dodger. Usually found with: Denny, Mark, Mulvanie, pearce, Carpy. Favorite memories: Summer 77, teachers strike, First day of school, Mr. B. flipping out. Ambition: make a lot of money. Likes: the Path. Dislikes.- Flomeroom teachers, lunches. Elaine VonEuw 229 Conlyn Avenue Nickname: Elaine: Favorite saying: Crazy Usually found with: Kathy, Maureen, Jan Margaret and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: summer 76 77. Ambition: To be happy and successful. Interests: Concerts, Party’s, and canoeing. Favorite pastimes: laughing, Partying, going to Boston and concerts. Allen E. Walker 107 Fisher Street Nickname: Fat man. Usually found with: Kris, Bib, Margie, Annette, Karen, and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Thanksgiving 75, Football 77. Ambition: Automobile mechanic. Activities: Band 1-4, Band co-captain 4. Favorite pastimes: Party with the group. Likes: shop classes. Kathy Walsh 157 Conlyn Avenue Favorite saying: I wish I wasn’t here. Usually found with: Elaine. Maureen and Karen, and Margaret and the gang. Favorite Memories: summer 77, concerts and the party after the prom. Ambition: To meet people and travel around the world. Interests: Field trips. Student council. Favorite pastimes: Going out and having a good time with my friends. Cheryl Walker 166 Cottage Street Nickname: Shorty. Favorite saying: Are you Serious? Usually found with: Bird, Matt, Mugs, Joan, Rev. Annette. Favorite memories: Oskey, Kaleidoscope, Jr. Prom, Outing club. Ambition: special needs teacher. Interests: Outing club, chorus, Oskey. Favorite pastimes: Being with my friends. Jennifer Walsh 657 Lincoln Street Usually found with: Taffy. Favorite Memories: summer’s of ”76-’77. Interests: Skiing. Karen F. Walsh 19 Orchard Street Nickname: Walshie. Favorite saying: whatever. Usually found with: Lisa, Luanna, Kathy, Laure, Cheryl, and the rest of the guys. Favorite memories: Memorial Day weekend 76, Oskey cast party 76, The circle. Eagles and Fleetwood Mac concerts. Ambition: to become a psychologist. Activities: Kaleidoscope 2, Oskey 2-4, Minstrel show, Latin club 2, Choral competition. Favorite pastimes: Going out with my friends, singing, working at MM. Dislikes: Cliques, bigots. Likes: good listeners when you need to talk. John Walls 94 Cottage Street Favorite saying: Usually found with: Lee, Peter, Jamie, Library gang. Favorite memories: Night I stole the Old lady’s car. Ambition: Let the mood take me. Activities: Basketball varsity 1-4. Favorite pastimes: partying. Rene Watkins 497 Dailey Drive Nickname: Theta. Favorite saying: Ya know what I mean. Usually found with: Anyone and everyone. Favorite Memories: Being crowned Franklin Jr. Miss 1978, Homecom¬ ing court. Summer of 77 with Kevin, Mr. MacPhee’s rooms. Ambition: to be successful in whatever I do. (Art) Activities: Art 1-4, Kaleidoscope 1-3, Tennis 2-4, Interests: Dancing, skiing, student council, NHS. Likes: the people. Dislikes: Finals. Anything else you would like to say: " If you believe you can achieve!” David Weir 452 Martello Road Nickname: Bucky. Usually found with: Steve, Jim, Rosie, Buzz, Jay, Goldy. Favorite memories: Peddicks Island, summer of 77, Junior and senior year. Ambition: to go to college. Activities: Track 1-4. Favorite pastimes: Cruising, movies, partying, hanging around. Joyce Westin 37 School Street Favorite Saying: " What ' s going on?” Found with: Friends. Memories: Sr. breakfast. Soph. Xmas Party. Ambition: College and traveling. Interests: Parties, the beach, and graduating. Likes vacations. Dislikes school. Alan White 537 Coronation Drive Nickname: Allex. Favorite saying: Keep your head. Usually found with: Pick, Red, Rich. Favorite memories: Parties on Grove Street, and in the parking lot. Ambition: to make a lot of money. Activities: Baseball 1-2. Favorite pastimes: Partying. Dislikes: Passes, certain teachers. Theresa White 80 Pine Street Franklin Keith Williamson 29 Betten Ct. Franklin, MA Robert B. Williamson 7 Gerad Circle Nickname: Willy. Usually found with: Fugi, Card, Frank. Activities: Baseball 1-4, Flockey 2-4, Football 4. Lynne Marie Wilson 98 Pleasant Street Favorite saying: Oh my godl Usually found with: Judy, Cathy, Cheryl, and the gang at Mug ' s locker. Favorite memories: Rocky Pt., Sharon’s party. Vacation 77, Indoor track state’s. Ambition: to be a physical therapist. Interests: Field Hockey Mgr., French club, outings club. Favorite pastimes: talking and going on outing club outings. Likes: talking with friends. Dislikes: Passes and Homework. Judith Marie Woo 3 Kathleen Drive Nickname: Judi. Usually found with: Lynne. Cathy. Nancy, and the gang. Favorite memories: Florida 77, Rocky pt., NHS spring convention. Ambition: To be an occupational therapist for children. Interests: Field hockey, tennis, track. Chorus, Spanish club, NHS. Likes: being with my friends. Dislikes: Passes. Barry Yadisernia 3 Anchorage Rd. Franklin, MA Geraldine Zanetti 383 Chestnut Street Nickname: Geri. Usually found with: Lydia, Minele, Sandy, Bonnie, Pam, Norm and the rest of the gang. Favorite memories: Bonnie’s party 75, Hockey game at Austin Prep 75, Dennisport 74. Activities: JV cheerleading and Varsity Hockey cheerleading, Oskey, Activities commit¬ tee, USFSA Skating club. Favorite Pastimes: Going to any kind of sport game, partying at Grove street. Likes: Study. Dislikes: Geometry, Chemistry, Labs, Passes. Judy Wyllie 46 South Street Nickname: Mrs. Y. Usually found with: The B-House gang and Griff’s. Favorite saying: Got any killers? Favorite memories: partying down the Moon with everyone. Ambition: to be a groom for horses on the Olympic team. Favorite Pastimes: Partying down south street. Linda Hester 39 Turnpike Rd, Fayville Memories: Prom of ’76’, Freshman year, Dancing in Kaleidoscope w Deb D. in ' ll ' , Summer vacations in Misquamicut and Canada. 13 yrs of dancing. " Sugarbeau” Going to Boston Garden for Franklin Varsity game. The " Gang”. Saying: Forget yesterday-1 am where I am, I know where I could have been had I done what I did not do. Tell me friend; what can I do today, to be where I want to be tomorrow! Laurie Blaksely Steven Carpenter Michael Condon Mark D’Aniello John Desper William Dunne James Ferguson Cheryl Gibeault Cynthia Honcharuk Christine Horbert Scott Huntley Roger Jordan Sandra Lavallee Michael McCristall Sean McDermott Mark Sampson James Staniscia Dennis Wilson Michael Wood Peter Valente King Street Franklin, Mass. Beth Flateau Marchand 214 Union Street Favorite Saying: OK, Here I go? Found with.- Minelle, Cill, Erin, Lydia, Sandy, Gerry, and the others. Memories: Hockey games, 4 4 77, 9 19 77, the great T.M., 9th 10th and Nth grade. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Prom Committee, dance committee, and student council. Pastimes: shoveling with Minelle, talking with P.U. Watching Sammy. Anything Else You Would Like To Say: You should charge admission to this school. Carol Keefe Pleasant Street Franklin 71 ' UiErary Media Center Franklin High School Franklin, MA 02033 j i Seniors The class of 78 leaves this year, but not without making a grand exit. During the four years of high school, the senior class has done many interesting activities including our great Olympic Foolery, and X-Mas parties. I) Jo-Anne Santoro listens at a class meeting. 2) Mr. Tracy conducts an activities meeting. 3) Barbie Bennett works during class. 4) Mr. Tracy, senior class advisor. 5) Bob Pantano, listens while one of the other officers talks. 6) Senior class officers: L to R: President: Bob Pantano, Vice-President: Kathy Neelon, Treasurer: Jo-Anne Santoro, Secretary: Barbie Bennett. 7) Kathy Neelon lifts out hot buns for the 76 X-Mas party. 8) Seniors Bob Pantano and Janet Bergan rest of Mt. Monadnock. 9) Kathy Higgens talks to someone during class. 10) Greg Murphy works on the cash register in DE store. II) Seniors work on test. 12) Donna Huie poses for the camera. 13) Sherell Thornhill and Heidi Symmes take a pit stop after climbing the mountain. - ’ m ■ ■.x l- " m Juniors This year the Junior class has been busy planning their Junior Prom. The prom is to take place in April at the Chateau DeVille in Randolph. Ma. I. Richard Lawhorn and Bonnie Parker work hard on Chemistry test. 2. One junior learns how to use electricity. 3. Mr. Belejack, junior class advisor. 5. Mike Currier plays Einstien in the lab. 4. Mike Currier, President, Karen Keville, Treasurer, Judy Wojoiechowski, Secretary, (and not pictured, Bill Baldic, Vice-President) Junior class officer. 6. Tamara Grahm, Mary Pisano, and Joanne Howes work on Chem. Lab. 7. Eddy Tracy takes a break in chemistry lab. 8. Dave Dupree demonstrates his typing skills. 9. Martha Deyner listens in chemistry. 10. Holly Colt works on clay piece. 1. Officers of the Sophomore Class (from left) Kathy Geromini, treasurer! Linda Watkins, vice president-, Dianne Denommee, secretary; Bruce Bennett, president. 2. Chris Healy tries his skill on a bowling lane at a bowling party sponsored by the sophomore class. 3. James Pisini displays his artistic talent which can prove to be an asset to his class. 4. Mr. Chase, the class advisor, actively participates in all class functions. 5. Sue Ariel takes a break from a class activity meeting to try a scientific experiment in Mr. Chase’s room. 6. Mary Foley and Karen Fyler look thrilled over the dissection of a crayfish in their biology class. 7. Mike " Skinny” Bertone and Craig Miller are two of the athletic students in the sophomore class. 8. MaryBeth Rondeau listens to future plans of the sophomore class. 9. Greg Kober saunters onto the approach of a bowling lane. 10. Dave Gaudet poses with his french book to portray a studious sophomore. Sophomores Bt r y Freshmen Freshmen’s big about high school is supervised study, in which they must sit quietly or do homework. The kids sure do have a lot of work to do as (I) Karen Smith shows she has plenty of work in Biology. As to the other side of being a Freshman, the class must raise their first money of their high school career. In charge of getting activities moving are (2) Treasurer: Maria Ferarra, Vice-President: Laurie Rappa, President: Liz Ranerie, Secretary. Michelle Betts. Now as a FHS tradition, the Freshmen have to find their part of the hall (3). It took a long time before the Freshmen class had Advisor. Mrs. Robbie. (4). (5) This girl listens intently to her teacher. (6) Eric Goddard plays chemists. (7) Janet Modrack dresses up at the Flalloween dance. (8). Two students really look interested in what they are doing. (9) Donna Daddario and friend pose for the camera. (10) Lisa Mucciarone listens in science class. Class History Although most of the members of the class of 1978 had never set foot in the " new” high school before 1974, we were given our first encounter with its immense corridors and huge field house when we participated in the first (and last) arena scheduling. Most of us found it confusing and useless, but those of us who could manage to fit their gym with their science and math were considered walking miracles. At that time we were still attending junior high school and the thought of actually BEING IN high school seemed too close for comfort, and we only had three months to wait. A summer of needless worrying finally ended and, after the first week or so, brought us to realize that it wasn’t going to be all as bad as we had thought. We no sooner started school as the " little freshies” when we found that studies were almost like 5th and 6th grade recess. We didn’t have to sit one seat away from each other on the same side of the table without talking anymore. We could walk around, talk to anyone we were lucky enough to know, listen to music, and when we wanted to get something to eat we didn’t have to wait until it was OUR table’s turn to go up to the snackbar. We were free! Little did we know at the time that we would be the last freshmen class not to have supervised study. A few other things appealed to us as freshmen that year. We were soon to learn that the senior class would not initiate us so we didn t have to invest in life insurance or get on the good side of the seniors. Our classes were fairly easy freshmen year too. We had to take English and most of us took Algebra or Geometry. But the most interesting classes were the four-quarter courses we selected in science. We learned about gardening, weather, crystals and of course an intro to everyone’s all-time favorite subject- Chemistry. Finally we all took gym. The wonder of that class was that the boys played on the same teams as the girls! But that didn’t bother anyone in the least! The first activity that we, as freshmen, participated in was the trip to New York. Many will remember the unforgettable vendors yelling " Quarter - Quarter!” up and down the streets. And perhaps you recall certain people yelling " Anthony” out the windows when we were driving through the North End. As we got better acquainted with the school, teachers, and other students, we began to get organized. Mr. Chase was to be our advisor and with his help officers were elected at our first class meeting. Our new freshmen class officers became Beth Crockford, President: Liz Giuliano, Vice-President: Norma Adamson, Treasurer: and Barbie Bennett, Secretary. After much discussion the new officers decided that without money behind us we could not attempt to sponsor any activities. So, they began to collect one dollar dues from every freshman. They were soon to find out that the members of our class were not to eager to part with any amount of money. Nonetheless, we went ahead and planned a dance for February. Only to have it postponed because of snow to St. Patrick ' s Day. The thrill behind our dance and all the others was that the bands were playing SONGS and not just music. Of course the covered lights didn’t bother us either. Many freshmen found themselves interested in things they had never seen before. We could watch boys or girls play interscholastic sports and we even knew which side to cheer for. There were great activities such as Kaleidoscope and Oskey to be in or just go the see. Many, as freshmen, will remember the Foreign Language Festival and the strange outfits we had to wear and food we made, (and ate!) The senior class, although they could not initiate us, did leave us with a few memories. One of their members, Dona Bissonette went to Hyannis and became Massachusett’s Junior Miss. Although many of us didn’t know her, it was still exciting to know she was from OUR school. The seniors also left some of us with a vision of naked bodies running between books. A selected few freshmen actually got to see the real thing when a few seniors " streaked” through the library. To close our freshman year we joined in the junior class sponsored Flea Market and finally began to see money appear. And so we moved onward to become sophomores, (which wasn’t so great either, but at least we weren’t freshmen!) Sophomore year It was 1975 and we were sophomores! To make ourselves recognized in the school the class of 78 decided to get together and do some worthwhile things. First we had to elect officers and in this we made good choices for they proved they could work together and organize a lot of interesting activities. The sophomore officers were Liz Giuliano, President: Kathy Neelon, Vice-President; Barbie Bennett, Secretary.- and Norma Adamson and Diane O’Brien, Co-Treasurers. Mr. Chase was the advisor and room FII7 became the place where numerous Activity Committee Meetings were held after school. From the activities committee, homer¬ oom reps were chosen and they were given the chore of attempting to get two dollars in dues from sophomores. After some dues were collected we held a dance featuring a great group called Jasper. This groupproved to be one of the best to come to FHS. The next thing we did as sophomores was to order class rings from the O’Brien and Johnson Company. If we hadn’t felt like we were a part of Franklin Fligh School before we did once we had put a great deal of our life-savings into our rings. Our classes this year were the usual- English, Math, Gym . . . But science again introduced something to our lives-Biology. For those girls who had never liked to look at or touch frogs, Biology proved intriguing. We even got to see what goes on INSIDE! Some members of the class of 78 didn’t quite ’get into” attending meetings after school so they got together during school in the hallways. One specific hang out was for some of the girls near Mr. Chase’s senior guys. Many strange and memorable things took place between those two particular groups, especially between Lydia and Ray. Many activities were held during I975and 1976 including a Bowling Party at Ficco’s Bowladrome which ended in an adjorning party at Papa Ginos. Our first Christmas Banquet was held in the cafeteria, complete with buffet meal, long dresses and three-piece suits, and of course Santa Claus. Just ask Tuna Brunelli about that! In the spring we participated in the annual Flea Market again. This year some sophomores decided to add a bit of excitement and held a dress-up contest using some of the donated clothes for modeling apparel. To say the least, none of them made it into any of the lastest fashion magazines. To close out our sophomore year had a great turnout for our class trip to Riverside Park in Agawam. Everyone who attended will agree that you could never be too old to slide down slides or ride on the Merry-go-round! And so our year as sophomores ended after many interesting experiences. Mr. Rex had left us for Foxboro High School, Mr. Tracy was soon to become our advisor, and we had won the All Sports Award for the fourth year in a row. Now we were working toward being true " upperclassmen!” Junior Year. The class of 1978 was now into its third year at Franklin High and we had finally settled ourselves in well. We considered ourselves upperclassmen now and the little freshmen and sophomores were soon to realize that we " don’t take no jive! " The big event of our junior year was the Junior Prom which took place on April 21st at the Blue Hills Country Club in Canton. The theme for the night was " If . . . today, tomorrow, and forever.” And everyone who attended will agree that the Prom will stay in our minds FOREVER! Pam Moriarty was crowned Prom Queen and she shall never to this day live down that title or the fact that she ended up wearing green leaves on her head for a few hours that night. Junior year was the realbeginning of our partying days. We had specific places that seemed to draw numbers of people even on the coldest of days. Some of these special places would be 495 Bridge, Bright Hills, Identicon (or Greek’s warehouse), the sandpits, and various houses. A good percentage of the class seemed to spend most of their time at these spots, but at least they were having a good time. Class elections could have been practically recorded from the year before because Liz, Kathy, Barbie and Diane were all re-elected. The only new addition was Mr. Tracy as advisor. The outstanding activities that were held this year included the Christmas Banquet, where we cooked our own food and dress was casual. And again Santa made his entrance followed by a few elves. This year Santa looked a bit more like Rich Evans though. In the spring we went to Paragon Park and then had a cookout after a lot of d riving around to find the perfect spot. The weather seemed to be on our side, for the minute we got on the bus it began to rain. Classes were pretty average again this year. We had to take Composition for the College Bound and American History (where we often enjoyed Fridays of playing current events), and everyone’s favorite Chemistry. Those of us with " faith” in science had the best time to be sure! Many other interesting things took place in 1976 and 1977. We sponsored Olympic Foolery where teams competed in foolish games such as egg throwing and obstacle course. The winners were finally named as a team made up of Junior couples. Their tee-shirts they had made added the extra touch. We also went on a skiing trip to Mount Snow where many people who had never skied ended up swimming outdoors and fooling around in a motel room. Some people did ski though and certainly had a good time. We, as juniors, had to keep with tradition so we had a day called Junior Skip Day when everyone went over a certain house on Oak Street. Even though they were right across from the high school you can be sure they never opened any books that day. Especially the guys who spent part of the day in trees in the back yard. Because many of us were getting our licenses we planned an outing on our own to go to Hopkington State Park on a Sunday in May. It felt good to go out without a single chaperone and no one complained even after eating raw hotdogs, being thrown in the water with clothes on, or having to steer a car from the passenger side of the car. The activities committee was still in .action and they planned more things such as a disco dance with Sevy Alexander providing entertainment and games such as musical chairs keeping everyone moving. Lots of kids went to Rolland in Norwood one night and Colleen will vouch for the fact that the guards were extremely friendly toward us, but were soon put in their proper places. Sports were fantastic this year where the Soccer team became Eastern Massachusetts Champs, gymnastics went undefeated all season, and the Hockey team went all the way to Boston Garden. But all this great work was put to no great ending for we didn’t win the All Sports Award for the first time since it had been started. The year ended in the usual way with the Flea Market again. Some kids will recall how it felt to ride in the back of a truck in the pouring rain or perhaps riding a seesaw in the back of the truck. May brought good news to a lot of us as we saw the seniors leaving and we considered ourselves the new seniors. Junior year had been fun, but we were moving onward and upward. 83 Happy Birthday On March 2, 1978 the town of Franklin celebrated its 200th birthday. The reading room at the Ray Memorial Library was the site where hundreds of town residents and officials merged to hear members of the Bicentennial Committee and guest speakers congratulate the town! The two-hour opening day ceremony commenced as whistles and bells filled the air to usher in the occasion. Henri C. Beane was Master of Ceremonies to this historic event. Rev. Thomas P. Howard, pastor of the Franklin Federated Church, gave the invocation along with a brief history of the original Congregation¬ al Church which was the only church in the early community. Extending his congratulations to the Franklinites, Massachusetts Attor¬ ney General Francis X. Bellotti took time from his busy schedule to speak at the ceremony. To all Bicentennial committee members, general Co-Chairman Richard C. Morrissey and Edward W. Crothers expressed their sincere gratitude for all the time and effort that was put in scheduling the event. It was also noted by Morissey that the annual town report will list all events for the coming months to keep all residents informed. James Johnston, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, briefly des¬ cribed the history of Franklin’s people and their achievements. Also speaking were the towns remaining selectmen Albert Brunelli and Herbert Vendetti who unanimously backed Johnston’s thoughts in community pride. Police Chief Arthur Pellegri brought wishes to the town for a happy birthday and commented that he feels that the town is strong for the Bicentennial. a standing ovation and was present¬ ed with a bouquet of red and white carnation by Opening Day Chairman John McCahill. John Ristaino, Student Council Representative to the School Committee, and Donna Huie, President of Franklin High School’s Student Council, spoke on behalf of today’s youth. They stated that the Franklin Public Schools, Recreation Department, and Franklin Youth Services are valuable in the lives of Franklin’s youth. Beane introduced Mrs. M. Luther Buchanan as ' Franklin’s Bicentennial Lady.” She is the last surviving member of the sesquicentennial committee. Mrs. Buchanan received Present to convey their best wishes to Franklinites were Representative Charles McNally, State Senator Edward Burke, and Hy Freedman, representing Congressman Joseph Franklin 1778-1978 Early who was in Washington at the time. McCahill presented each govern¬ ment official with a Bicentennial Medal as a remembrance. Young John Scott also celebrated his birthday on March 2. The nine year old offered his birthday cake to the committee co-chairmen because, " it was Franklin’s birthday, too. " Then came the opening of the sealed centennial box. This box was kept in the Franklin National Bank from June 12, 1878 until it was moved to its present location in the Norfold County Bank. Building Inspector Paul DeBaggis carefully opened the box with the assistance of his 10 year old son, Nicholos. Included in the box were catalogues of books from the Franklin Library Association in 1878, handwritten letters, a school committee report, 1877-78 reports from the State Board of Education, a church pass to the Centennial Celebration and a copy of an 1878 Franklin Register, the newspaper of the day. These items will be on display at the Benjamin Franklin Bank until a formal decision is made on where to store it. The one-hundred year old articles will be buried in on of Franklin’s two bicentennial time capsules this summer, to be opened in 2078. Father Stephen Linehan of St. Mary’s Parish recited the benediction. The ceremony ended with Rev. Howard leading residents in " America, the Beautiful.” During the ceremony the Franklin High School band provided 18th century selections for musical entertainment. •ft i Mr. William J. Fiske " Mr. Fiske,” as one Freshman put it, " Is one of a kind.” Not only has he been one of our teachers, and our advisor for this yearbook, he has been one of the best friends we’ve had at FHS. Mr. Fiske has always been there when we’ve needed him and is always guiding us with his advice. Mr. Fiske, to you we would all like to say, " Thanks, for just being you.” Annie and the gang % V Mr. Tracy has been our class advisor since sophomore year. He has done a great job in helping our class with the planning and carrying out of many successful class activities. Mr. Tracy, we couldn’t have done without your patience and guidance. We of the senior class would like to say, " Thanks.” Mr. Peter Tracy . ft " f Yearbook This year the 1978 yearbook staff feels that this year’s book can be another winner. The staff has put in a lot of time and energy to make this year’s book the best ever. Though, we only had about ten really active members, the book made it to the press on time. I. Steve Pisini plucks through pictures. 2. Cheryl Masi checks over the copy. 3. Lisa Hanlon works on an important layout. 4. Part of the yearbook staff: Back row: Business Editor, Jo-Anne Santore, Photography Editor, Dave DiMartino, Editor in Chief, Ann Frances Mucciarone, Assistant Editor, Robert Murray, Senior Editor, Lisa Hanlon, Copy Editor, Debbie Heim, Sitting: Associate Editor, Sheila Ryan, Sales Editor, Terri Bissanti. 5. Editor, Ann Mucciarone explains a layout at a summer meeting. 6. Buddy Murray crops a picture. 7. Jo-Anne and Mr. Fiske work on future plans. 8. MariAnne Princiotta looks at pictures. 9. Robin Hurd look at layout. 10. Sheila Ryan and Debbie Heim work on layout. Blizzard Of 78’ During the month of February, all of New England suffered a severe blizzard. The blizzard hit on Monday, February the seventh and ended on the eighth. Franklin received the most snow (including snow drifts) of 56 inches. This is the most Franklin has ever had in ten years. Not only did the storm ruin thousands of homes in the South Shore, but also ruined some fun for the kids at FHS. This snow storm cancelled all sporting events that were to take place that week. Also the storm cancelled one whole week of school which the kids did not mind at all. But along with something good there is always something bad. The kids in Franklin (excluding the senior class) must attend school to the 23rd of June. This is a big change from the expected fourteenth of June. One good thing that came from the storm was the unity of the town. Since Franklin had a driving ban, the residents of Franklin had to walk where they wanted to go. This reminded some of the natives of the old days. People saw people that they hadn’t seen in a long time and merchants made up for their two day loss. Not only did the seniors lose out of two weeks of school from the recent teacher’s strike, but they again lost another week from the storm. Those are three weeks of the seniors last year. But the seniors don’t seem to mind too much, it’s just three weeks of work that they don’t have to make up. Though it took Franklin a long time to recover from the blizzard, everything went back to normal in about two weeks after the storm. As the old proverb goes, " All’s well that ends well.” FRANK UN B-lCENTENN I AU93U H, PURITAN onm ,77 H Ff?AM(UK l€CNTENN UL I33B !rm} t 3 rm K - . i Honor Society I. The Honor Society: First row: Kathy Neelon, Donna Marie Mattenson, Kathy Luseez, Kathy Keenan, Kathy Murphy. Second row: Janet Dole, Betty Blanchard, Karen Wahlers, Karen VanderBogart, Judi Woo, Brian Lessard, Brenda Beane, Third row: Advisor, Tunda Gombas-Haner, Diane Daddario, Kelly Kober, Jenny Millis, Barbie Bennett, Gail Colt, MariAnne Paratore, Heidi Symmes, Dale Holmes, Bobby Cardullo, Back row: Kenny Fougere, Lynda Gordon, Lorraine Barter, Joan Daley, Gary Piligian, Kevin Burchill, Ronald Petite. 2. State Treasurer Kathy Keenan, and State Secretary Judi Woo. 3. President Kathy Murphy works on agenda. 4. Members Jenny Millis and Lynda Gordon attend meeting. 5. Officers, L to R: Co-Treasurer: Robin Hurd, Secretary: Kathy Neelon, Co-Treasurer: Gary Piligian, President.- Kathy Murphy, Vice-President: Kathy Keenan. 94 warn Math And Computer Club I. The Math Club: Back Row: Ronald Petite. Paulus Chew, Gary Piligian, Charlie Dellacona, Michael Minnchelli, Mr. Belejack. Front row: Margaret Moulton, Maureen Breen, Jeanne Miller. Theresa Foley (not in picture David DiMartino) 2. The Computer club. Back row: Charlie Dellacona, Mr. Gonzalvos, William Morse. Dave MacDonald, Danny Orell, Michael Minnechelli. 3. A freshman plays with Alex the computer. 4. A group of boys learn how to use the computer. 5. Future computer technicians. 6. William Morse uses Alex. 7. Boys try out the computer. 8. Ronald Petite fumbles with another computer. i JL VJf iLL ririi i!|h i ' Language Clubs This year Franklin added a new language to its schedule. Italian is the new language and is headed by Mrs. Coscella. About 300 kids took the course and are very pleased with it. I) The Spanish club headed by Mrs. Irvine are planning a trip to Spain this year. 2) Kids listen to Spanish tapes in the language lab. 3) The Italian club with its new officers. 4) The French club. A few of the members work at a concession stand. The French club is planning a trip to France in the middle of April. 5) Kids listen to French tapes in the language labs. •mhmmip vnmbmnmmik jbh 1 1—111 i 19MI Baaw— ■pwpBHff MMHBW HHHlBil ■H mmm I 1 W. §St f g fBEfff US : : %?£- ; ; J ' H ; I f 9 IS WUKHKfflA J - SHlRfc 1 Office Education Association The Office Education Association is a club for business students. These students have the opportunity to compete state-wide and nationally using the business skills they acquire in classes. 1. Officers of the club are: (standing) Miss Chabot, advisor; Duane Densmore, treasurer: Ann Mucciarone, historian: Karen MacKay, president: Mrs. Bloom, advisor: (seated) Karen VanderBogart, secretary; Arlene DiTondo, parliamentarian: Linda Healy, Vice president. 2. President Karen MacKay welcomes the audience at the club ' s induction ceremony. 3. Members take their vows, with seniors seated in the front row; Patti Fizer, Gail Colt, Kathy Luszcz, Donna Marie Matteson, Paula McNutt, and Wendy Mailhoit. 4. Ann Mucciarone adds her piece to the club’s emblem. D. E, C. A. 1. Mr. Johnson shopping at D.E. store. 2. D.E.C.A. seniors; Laurie Fanelli. Danny Dickinson, Charise Piper, Mark D’Aniello, and Jane Longley. i. Franklin D.E. students working during the between period rushes of students. 4. 1977 Franklin D.E.C.A. Club back row, left to right: Dennis Alger, Bob Pulsone, David Powers, Tom Carlow, Karen Forgit, Lynda Holmes treasurer, Jill Fielding, Brendan Ames, and Lyn Dusku. Front row: Tammy Adcock, Jane Longley, Charise Piper secretary, Greg Murphy parliamentarian. Laurie Berkowitz, Danny Dickinson president. 5. Display during Halloween in the D.E. store. 6. D.E.C.A. students say good-bye to F.H.S. as they prepare to depart for NARCON (North Atlantic Regional Conference) held at the Sheraton in Boston. MA. 101 Band And Drill Team The Band and Drill Team march on during a Panther Football game with another successful year. The drum section (I) exits the field while some woodwinds (3), the trombone section (4), and the brass section (5) line up in concert formation. Seniors Diane Junghanns (5, Center) and Brendan Delaubenfels (6) play in a couple of the many popular tunes the band performed this year. The trumpet section, led by Brian Yankee (7), step off the line. Drill Team captain Arlene DiTondo and the entire color guard provided interesting rifle and flag routines during the half time show (9). A glimpse of the band (8) shows that a total group effort was responsible for the band’s fine sound again this year. Football The football team had another fair season this year. At the Thanksgiving game against K. P., Peter Eliason was awarded Most Valuable Player. 2. Kevin Burchill sits patiently on the bench waiting for his turn. 3. The senior members of the team are as follows: First row-, Co-captains, Mike Murphy and Dave Socci. Back row: Rich Brunelli, Don McCarthy. Bob Williamson, Rich Evans, Bill " Tuna” Brunelli, Jeff Ryan, Jim Busby, Barry Ober, John Benson, David Thompson, and Peter Eliason. 4. The football team gathers around Keith MacKay after a successful game. 5. Dave Socci punts at the Canton game. 6. The Franklin High School Football Team. 7. Barry Ober carries the ball toward Franklin’s goal. 8. " What a great tackle!” 9. Donald McCarthy looks onto the field in despair. 10. The team goes crazy after another win. II. Paul Gentille walks off the field after losing an important game. 12. The team gets set for an important play. Soccer 1977 1. Jeff McClay chips ball upfield to Brian Sullivan in big contest at Foxboro. 2. Franklin Panthers Varsity Soccer Team 1977 (back, row, left to right.) Coach Bositis, Robby Wilcox, Jim Lavoie, Rick Daley, Tim Charest, Rick Herrick, Brian " Stone” Sullivan, Kevin Keras, Martin Osborne, Managers; Karen Hadley, Diane O’Brien, Michele McMurtery. (Front row:) Paul Crowley, Jeff McClay, Mike Rocheleau, Dave Harrington, Jim Kelleher, Greg Murphy, Ken Fougere, Tim Elliott. 3. Coach Bositis plotting strategy. 4. Paul Crowley fires the ball on net. 5. Dave " Head” Harrington heads ball clear of the goal. 6. McClay Kelleher on the attack, Franklin fans look on. 7. Jim Kelleher, Jim Lavoie, Tim Elliott playing tough defense against the Stoughton opponent. 8. Jim Kelleher heads the ball. 9. Mike Rochleau dribbles toward the goal. 10. Panther goalie Rick Herrick making yet another great save. 11. Senior Kenny Fougere junior Jeff McClay trade passes while Jim Lavoie looks on. Field Hockey The Champions The field Hockey Team captured the Hockomock League Title from last year’s champs, Sharon. In tournament play, they made it to the semi-finals. Throughout the season, the girls strived to prove " We Are the Champions.” I. Sharon Guiliano in a pensive mood. 2. Goalie Janet Vignone hangs tough, only 3 goals being scored against her all season, with 13 shut-outs. 3. Bernie Corbett takes the ball downfield, as Patti Socci moves into position. 4. Holly Colt and Diane Denomme work together. 5. Senior Anne Marie Burns uses the " Bono Flick” to steal the ball from a Sharon player, while Joan Elliott and Mary Ellen Tiero assist. 6. Joan Elliott scores. 7. Cheri Dorr smashes the ball down field. 8. Coach Bonollo gives Laura Ippolitt i a pep talk. 9. J.V. Field Hockey team: back row, Coach Borek, Holly Colt, Sue Gianetti, Cindy Rondeau, Rose Ellen Ippolitti, Sue Ariel, Diane Denomme, Peggy O’Regan, Laura Fontenerosa, Debbie Dutile, kneeling, Cathy Geromini, Linda Lyons, Jo-Ann House, Cheri Richmond, Peggy Kenifick, and Cathy Begin. 10. Varsity Squad: back row, Jackie Lincoln, Bernie Corbett, Mary Ellen Tiero, Patti Socci, Joan Elliott, Monica Lincoln, Cindy Conaghan, Cheri Dorr, Coach Bonollo-, kneeling, Tara Heinzmann, Diane Conlon, Laura Ippolitti, Janet Vignone, Donna Batog, Anne Marie Burns, Terry Bissanti, Sharon Guiliano, and Sue Robinson. II I Cross Country 1. Jim Falcone leads the pack in the final lap of a meet against Canton. Scott McDermott is running a close second. 2. Senior Dave Hughes fighting near exhaustion at the final lap of the Canton meet. 3. Junior, Roger Rocoforte sprinting the last 50 yards to the finish line. 4. Danny Dickinson running to a second place finish at Canton. 5. Cross Country 1977 Back Row left to right (Terry Ward, Bob Ryan, Richard McCormick, Roger Roccoforte, S cott McDermott, David Mooney, Jamie McDermott, Steve Ryan and Coach Correia). Front Row (Jeff Decosta, Dave Hughes, tri-captains, Danny Dickinson, Jim Falcone, Tim Dilworth and Jim Cawley.) 6. Scott McDermott sprinting for the finish of the 3 mile contest. 7. McDermott battles a North Attleboro runner at the League Meet. 8. Dan Dickinson drives past a Stoughton opponent enroute to a high finish at the Hockomock League Meet. The Cross Country team started off slow but finished the season on a high note with Jim Falcone, Dan Dickinson. Scott McDermott placing 18th, 22nd, and 31st respectively at the Hockomock League Meet at Stonehill College. The Girl’s Cross Country team lead by speedsters Diane Dilworth, Gabby Lessard, and Sue McWilliams had a successful year. Coach Cotter thinks the Pantherettes will field an experienced team next year and will definitely make a shot at the League Title. 4 : u ' ! 115 1. Miss Richards gives one of her stern half-time pep talks. 2. Janet " Viggie " Vignone is tight on defense in a close game against Sharon. She was a corner-stone for the " Big D” throughout the season. 3. All-Star Jackie Lincoln, who averaged 12 points a game, goes for a perfect lay-up. 4. Senior Anne-Marie Burns, one of the key scorers, hits a jump-shot. 5. The varsity team: from bottom, left. Maltais, Doreen Diane " Zonk " Conlon, Jacki e Lincoln, Kelly O’Brian, Anne Marie Burns, Carrie " Gool " Svingen, Sue McGovern, Janet Vignone, Patti Socci, Lori Bremner. and Tara Heinzmann. Girls Basketball The Franklin’s Girls Basketball team upheld a tradition of excellence by winning the Hockomock League Championship. They were the team to go the farthest of all the Panther teams in tournament play. The J.V. team also captured the Hockomock title. They were a very dedicated and cohesive team both on the court and in the locker room, when they " munched out” after practice. 6. Ms. Richards discusses strategy for the next play. 7. Senior Carrie Svingen crouches for a jump-shot. 8. Lori Bremner beats her opponent on the tip-off. 9. The girls perform the " Stack”. 10. Patti Socci drives in hard for a lay-up. 11. A J.V. player goes for a jump-shot. 12. Anne Marie Burns awaits the rebound. ■ lH 117 Ai i m r ll v-l l£Sk B ' |l oj Ski Team The F.H.S. Ski team consisting of seniors Pete Sarapas, Bob Moorehouse, Artie Moorehouse and Reggi Buergi had a successful season with top skiers competing in Slalom and Cross Country meets. Top Slalom skiers were Paula Kerrigan. Reggi Buergi. Jeff Zinchuck and Pete Sarapas. Top Girl Paula Kerrigan. Top Boy, Jeff Zinchuck, Pete Sarapas. Top Cross-country skiers were Terry Ward, Peggy Kennifick and Jeff Zinchuck. I. 4. Jeff Zinchuck and Bob Moorehouse get ready for an important meet by adjusting their equipment while the chair lift carries other racers to the start of the course. 2. Debbie Ryan and Jeff Zinchuck take one last look at the course while riding the " T” bar. 3. After meet has begun eager racers gather around timers to see if theirs were winning times. 5 9. Debbie Trafton and Sandy Shyp watch closely. 6. As team member Reggi Buergi prepares for her next gate in the slalom course 7. Tom Laughlin runs through a practice course at Klein Innsbruck. 8. The ski team had 8 meets, 4 slalom and 4 cross country. 4 Hockey This year the Franklin High Hockey team went on to clinch the Hockomock League title. They went on in the semi-finals defeating Hyde Park 7-1, but got beat by Bourne 4-3. I ‘ The Franklin High School Hockey team: Top row: Mark Currier, Joe Porier. George Bournazain, Bob Williamson, Tom Carlow, Bill D’Alessandra, Terry Reardon, Myles Huntington. Jum Rackette, Kurt Callow, Stan Sussan, Glenn McCleod. Jeff McClay, Troy Callow. Bob Cardullo. Andy Hanson, Bruce Bertone, Coach Luccini. Front row: Coach Creoley, Jim LaVoie, Mark Langevin, Bill McKeren, Neil White, Brendan Ames, Scott LaRosa. John Walker, and Bob Pezzulo. it 1 Hi Wrestl This year’s wrestling team, coached by Larry Marzulo, posted a 3-6-1 record, going against powerhouses like Bridgewater, Raynham, and Duxbury. With only five seniors on the team, and several talented underclassmen, the team looks forward to good seasons in the future. I. Co-captain Dick Evans seems too tired to get excited. 2 . Ralph " Wild-man” Burns shoots on his opponent. 3. Joe Hosford gets a pep talk between periods from coach Marzulo. 4. Senior Jummy Hosford has advantage over his opponents. 5. Rich Evans pins opponent. 6. John O’Hearn ties up with a wrestler from Middleboro. 7. Dave Doherty meets head to head with opponent. 8. Jummy Hosford pins opponent. 9. Richard Chapmen gets very excited after winning match. 10. Co-captain Bucky Heim wins pin. II. John Desper tackles opponent. . % 1 9 ■- ' ■2 ' ' mm n w Girls Gymnastics The Gymnastics team captured the Hockomock League title for the third consecutive year, and placed sixth in regional competition. Coach Borek has called this year’s squad " the hardest working, most easily coached group since the team first started four years ago.” I. Freshman Kim Volpecelli showed great promise on beam and floor ex. 2. Beth O’Regan was a steady competitor on beam. 3. Senior Debby Heim was the team’s top scorer on bars, her best event. 4. Bonnie performs a lay-out squat on vault. 5. Sue McWilliams, one of the high scorers on three events, shows perfect form on her lay-out. 6. Freshman sensation Eileen Shannon strikes her beginning pose for floor ex. She won tenth place in the states on this event. 7. Sue McWilliams completely extends her body in her handspring vault. 8. Tammy Graham performs her floor routine to " The Wizard of Oz.” 9. Leanne Frink was the team’s most consistent competitor on bars. 10. From bottom, l-r : Co-Captains Debby Heim, Heidi Swanbeck, and Sue McWilliams; coach Laurie Borek, Mgrs. Pat Davison, Karen Fleming, and Barb Bennett, Shelley Maiorana, kneeling, Lynn Seymolm, Kim Volpicelli, Tammy Graham, Bonnie Gately, Trudy Williard, Ginni Dilworth; Val Evans, Lisa Langevin, Happy Croke, Sherri Leone; above, Beth O ' Regan, Eileen Shannon, and Leanne Frink. II. Debby Heim does her press handstand mount on beam. 12. Eileen Shannon shows perfect extension in her handstand on the high bar. 4 ( Indoor Track This 1978 Track team surprised everyone in the league with a second place finish and five members brought home medals from the State Meet. The Franklin High School Track Team. Back row: Coach Paul Paduls. Rich MaCormick, Craig Miller, Tom Davey, Mark Genoa. Michael Bertone, Rick Corsini, Rich Archer, Jim Fontenarosa, Luke Joannides, Mike Currier, Jerry Guerra, Mark Sheets, Tim Dilworth, Tom McGovern, Ed Lavelly, David Hughes, Tim Lawhorn, Paul Antico, Kevin Weidman, Diane Dilworth, Coach Sutherland, Coach DiCecco, Coach Currier. Front Row: Tracy Konis, Karen Smith, Chris Paratore, Sue Brown, Brian Lessard, Jim Cawley, Michael McDer¬ mott, Bruce Michaelson, Doug Ober. Seated: Cindy King, Margarite Kelleher, Ina Berger, Lori D’Allessandro. 2. Chris Paratore and Karen Smith come bolting around the corner for a first and second place in this race. 3. Jimmy Falcone, one of FHS better runners, takes his strides in the mile. 4. Brian Lessard makes a practice run over the hurdles. 5. Diane Dilworth make her way in her lap. 6. Mark Genoa puts the shot put into the sky. 7. Rich Lawhorn leaps over the bar, but, looks like he missed this time. 8. Our hurdlers, Rich MacCormick, Brian Lessard and Mike Currier make their way over the hurdles. 9. Two Franklin kids lead their race. 10. At the circle Mike " Skinny” Bertone puts his weight into his throw. II. Laurie D ' Alessandro looks back to see how Susie Brown is behind her. 126 Boys Basketball This is the first time in Hockomock History that the Franklin High School Basketball Team has placed FIRST in the hockomock division. I. Peter Bucchanio does a lay-up for two points. 2. John Walls and a Stoughton player fight for the ball. 3. Joe Mucciarone attempts to recover the ball. 4. The team in action. 5. The fans give the Panthers a round of applause after two points were added to the score. 6. John Walls goes in for two more. 7. After a technical foul, John Walls goes to the line to try for more. 8. Keith MacKay and Lee Maiorant pose for the camera while waiting to play. 9. Brian Murphy jumps for two points. 10. Peter Bucchanio and a Stoughton player jump for the ball. 128 Cheerleading The Franklin " Cheering Chicks” were a hard working group, practicing four times a week. They cheered for football, soccer, and field hockey, often four games a week and sometimes two games a day. They also organize pep rallies, decorated buses and screamed their lungs out to psyche up the panthers. An addition this year was a " tumbling panther” who flipped across the field whenever a point was scored, " It was a lot of fun, chickadoo’s-Best of luck to you all.” Erin. The Varsity Cheering Squad: Back row, coach " Haggle” Hagstrom, Ann Murphy, Janette MaGrath, Ellen Constdntine, Sharon Adamson, Sue McGlynn, Mary Giarolino-, Kneeling: Brenda Bissonnette, Debbie Lynncourt, co-captain Erin Heath, Kim Rofino, Panther Debby Heim, Donna Carbone, co-captain Cathy Murphy, Cheryl Huie, Lynda Gordon. -Sf " -” « , ; ...-or ' ' 2 . Co-captains Cathy Murphy, Erin Heath, and panther Debby Heim do a dance to " Rocky”. 3. Pep Rally spirit " I said ROCK!” 4. Varsity cheerleaders perform a difficult stunt. 5. The girls are exactly synchronized as they perform a Pep Rally cheer. 6. Senior Cathy Murphy does her imitation of a quarterback. 7. The girls pull off a perfect triple stunt. 8. The J.V. Squad: Back row, Patty Denyer, Lea Pinto, Jerry Lucier, Laura Lavolette, Sharon Ficco, Happy Croke; Kneeling, Barbara Brady, Maria Goodwin, Deedee Croke, Jean Morissy and Laura Socci. ' Jk ' % M-m. ■ V gn W ' -ny ' ■ I ' 1 . ' • 0 ' . • • £ .. ■ If . . . Today, - . - rVr.fU- ' ■• Tomorrow, And Forever. w. ■ Junior Prom m .) l fat Blues Country Club. The evening was a great success as couples normally dressed in jeans danced around in long gowns and Pam Moriarity, escorted by Donald Dearborn, was crowned Prom ; Qiieen. -V- ‘ ■■■■i H ' •- Mr. Tracy announces the members of the court, who were Karen qeH lbk ' fr -‘t Ms®: -A- r Kosm enko, Cheryl Berg, Lynn Dempsey and Brenda Bissonnette. Donnamarie Matteson and her escort seem to be enjoying their dinner. Jennifer Lee Forbes dances with Jack Rossetti while Dave Campbell and Laurie Pickering enjoy the dessert. Brenda Bissonnette receives a single rose. A- Wk ' V V ■ .$ H mm r ¥ W r - I. The Junior Miss and her court: From left, Diane Laquirdara, 2nd runner-up, Brenda Bissonnette, 3rd runner-up, Rene Watkins, Franklin Jr. Miss 1978, Donna Cusson, 1st runner-up. 2. An excited Donna Cusson nearly overwhelms Mr. Flenderson as she is chosen 2nd runner-up. 3. The late Don Schreiber, President of Jaycees. 4. Lisa Marguerite performs " Malenguana” in the talent portion of the pageant. 5. Nancy Betts eats an ice cream cone in her mime " A Little Girl in the Park.” 6. ' Tve Got a Pair of Brand-New Rollerskates” is Janet MacSwain’s theme in her skit about a rough and ready Roller queen. 7. Donna Cusson is " Easin’ on down the Road” in her dance from " The Wiz.” 8. Robin Noel dances to " I am Singing” with the other girls in the physical fitness portion of the pageant. 9. Ellen Meade is a ballerina who also loves jazz in " Ballerina Boogie.” 10. All the girls get together to perform a group dance. II. Lisa Flanlon performs a rifle twirling routine with military precision. 12. Debby Fleim does a gymnastics mime to " Piano Man.” 13. Laurie Kurgas plays a housewife who fulfills her secret wish in " Housewife’s Fantasy.” 14. Donna Fontaine becomes Lynn Anderson as she performs " I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.” Junior Miss Pageant For five weeks, twenty-one girls had more than school keeping them busy. It was time to get ready for the tenth annual Franklin Junior Miss Pagent. There is one man who I as well as the other girls in the Pagent were fortunate to have had the opporunity to get to know in such a short period of time. He was Don Schriber, former President of the Jaycees. It is people like Don and all the Jaycees who make the Franklin Junior Miss Pagent the exciting and rewarding event that it really is! Rene Watkins Jr. Miss 1977 ntMMi 138 Mr. Balest Chorus 5. Everyone waits patiently while Shelly Betts takes attendance. 6 . Lee Forbes sings a solo. 7. Just checking the sheet music to see if they sang it right. 8 . Singing out a smooth and soft song. Mr. Mahan 139 it . 7 140 This year the senior class had there " Senior Class Party. " Though there were a few problems, the party was a smash. I. Playing Santa Claus this year was Shawn King. 2. A bunch of the girls laugh it up at the party. 3. In our Junior year Rich Evans played Santa Claus. His sister Ellen sits on his lap. 4. This group listens to the wild music of the band. 5. Slow dancing swaying to the music are Shawn King and Kathy Murphy and Dale Holmes and Phil Maltais. 6. Everybody boogies. 7 . Larry Jackson and Bill Chamberlain sit and Gossip. 8. " It ' s time to eat” The kids line up for the Buffet meal. X- Mas Party 76 77 141 Outing Club This is the first year that Franklin High has ever had an Outing Club. The club is quite successful for being it ' s first year. The club consists of about 50 members. I. Group of seniors hit the beach. 1. Danny Dickinson and Lynn Dempsey take a break. 3. Bob Pantano and friends climb Mt. Manadnock. 4. Mr. Chelotti, group advisor. 5. Resting at the top of the mountain. 6. Kids wait for the climb to begin. 7. David DiMartino climbs down Mt. Manadnock. 8. The Outing Club, seated: Joan Myers, Margaret Sheehan, Diane Dilworth, Nancy Bouthiller, Cheryl Walker, Robin Noel, Lynne Wilson, Matt Boutin, J udy Woo, MariAnne Princiotta, Cynthia Eon, Brian Lessard. Standing: Cameron Gaulitz, Tom Houlinhan, Mr. Chelotti, Rick Vanderkerkoff. Maureen Rice. Rachel Frey, Anne Marie Prindeville, Linda Gulbis, John Churchill, and Penny McCarthy, (not pictured) but taking picture, Dave DiMartino. The class of ’78 spent fun-filled times of their sophomore and junior years enjoying themselves at Riverside Park and Rolland. I. Lee Forbes, Lola Heinzmann and Nancy Steele are riding high on the Gondola at Riverside. 2 . Mike Hayes takes a ride in an available rowboat to retrieve a frisbee. 3. Renee Peron maneuvers into striking position. 4. Jeff Ryan receives a helping hand from Kathy Keville and Kevin Burchill. 5. Laura Berkowitz seems to be enjoying the ride, but Cheryl Bertone looks a bit queasy. 6. Deidre Reagan takes a refreshing drink after a strenuous attempt to rollerskate around the rink. 7. Erin Heath’s face describes the excitement and thrills of one of the rides at Riverside. 8. Jim Kelleher, Mr. Tracy, Ann D’Aniello and Mike Rochelezu hold tight while they take a fast ride on the rollercoaster. Senior Class Trips Health Careers . r Every Friday the students from the Health Career class go to Milford Hospital as Nurses Aides. Not only do they do this, but they held a " Bloodmobile” in December and they brought in about one hundred pints of blood. I. Sue DeCosta and Debbie D’Angelo demonstrate how to make a bed the hospital way. 2. Sue DeCosta and Debbie D ' Angelo fumble with the sheets. 3. At the " Bloodmobile” Karen Fleming takes the temperature of one of the donors. 4. Diana Bird and Debbie D ' Angelo take Rosemary Caradona ' s blood pressure. 5. Rosemary plays patient. 6. Mr. DiLibero participates in the bloodmobile. 7. Diana Bird demonstrates how to crank a bed. 8. Rosemary gets helped into her gown by Diana Bird. 146 1 . | Mk ' . liis P ■ Ik I mT mmgmm m «29 ffm Administrators The principals, especially Mr. Quinlan, are usually seen only between classes, pestering students to get to class on time. But their jobs involve much more than that. The principals work on scheduling classes, observing teachers, and generally seeing that everything runs smoothly. Principal Mr. Evans Assistant Kevin Quinlan Assistant Dorothy Swanbeck Mrs. Cataldo Mrs. Carr Mrs. Herbert Mrs. Fleming Mrs. Costello 150 Guidance Among the most sought-after people in the school are the members of the Guidance Department. Between adjusting schedules, distributing information about job openings and colleges, and sending in applications. This year the " Career Center” was set up in B-house, complete with college catalogs, career manuals, and a guidance computer named Mumps. Mr. Rainville Mr. Bucchanio Mr. Evans Mr. Feldman Mr. DeLibero Mrs. McMannus Mr. Lumenti Mrs. Springer 151 Mathematics This is the first year that Franklin High School has gotten involved with Computer Technology. I. Vinny Profenna shakes his head as he works on a test. 2 . Life is a polynomial with both constants and variables to Joan Daley and Janet Dole. 3. Jo-Anne Santoro cheerfully ponders over her math problem. 4. Mari-Anne Princiotta flashes her " I love Math’’ smile. 5. Brian Cresto tries to get comfortable and stay awake at the same time in his Math IV class. Y Math Faculty Mr. Gonsalves Ms. Johnson Mr. Leone Mr. Loper Ms. Menize Ms. Poellimitz Mr. Belejack Ms. Burke Mr. Compagnone Ms. Cook Mrs. Russo Ms. Turco Ann O’Connell gives Rene Watkins an art lesson. 2 . Mrs. Procaccini does one of her many abstracts. 3. A group of kids work on their projects. 4. Jeff Grinely works on his Macrame. 5. A student works on an unusual abstract. 6. Cheri Dorr works with clay. 7. Jenny Walsh and Tafta Stefan work on their clay pots together. Mr. Crowley Mrs. Procaccini Mr. MacPhee Alternative Education Library This year the library put in a security system due to the massive loss of books last year. The security system seems to be working quite well. It seems to be working more on the teachers, because a lot of them walk out of the library without checking them out. It’s mainly habit, but it worked. Health Driver Ed. Miss MacNeill Mr. McCall Again the freshmen struggle through a year of Health. Thanks to Miss MacNeill, she makes the class as bearable as possible. Though a lot of the kids don’t like health, Miss MacNeill makes the class enjoyable and educational. Mr. McCall makes it possible for a lot of Juniors and even Sophomores to become drivers instead of pedestrians. I. Amy Grinely and Charlene Ellis enjoy a lecture by Mr. McCall. Physical Education The phys. ed. program is very diverse, ranging from modern dance to canoing. Though some students would rather die than put on a pair of shorts, many enjoy the 45 minutes of recreation and rest from regular classes. Artie Norton, for example, tries a Harlem Globetrotter stunt in a basketball class. (3). Teamwork is displayed in (4) and (7), while a gatorball class chooses sides. (5) Two students work with the weights during gym period, (I) and (6). Depending on the weather, students play outside (2), or stay in the fieldhouse (8). 9) Mrs. Borek has been the coach of the 3 time Hockomock gymnastics champs. 10) Ms. Richards has been the coach of the winning Hockomock basketball champs and the girls softball team. II) Mr. Sutherland has been the head football coach for the last 2 years. 12) Mr. Bonollo has be en the head coach of the varsity baseball team and of the champs of the Field Hockey team. Ms. Richards Mr. Sutherland Mrs. Borek Mr. Bonollo I t industrial Arts The Industrial Arts department teaches vocational skills ranging from automotives to woodworking, from printing the school papers to building houses. I. Mark Collins is working intently on fine adjustment of the alternator. 2 . George Bournazian works in woodworking. 3. Jeff Cook and Mark Collins getting into their work. 4. John O’Hearn working on the proof press in Graphics Class. 5. Mike Rice crosses wires in Electricity class. 6. Safety precautions are demonstrated by Mark King in his wood class. 7. Rich Evans constructs a doll house. 8. Chris Bradford tries to hot wire an engine. 9. Interested students Roger Villiard and Steven Chabot study the properties of electricity. 10. " What went wrong?” ask Brian Finnegan, Richard Hallet and Kenny Semerjian and they don’t seem to know the answer. iii Industrial Arts Faculty Mr. Auteri Mr. Beaumier Mr. Ettenhoffer Mr. Hinckley Mr. Hosford Mr. Paquet Mr. Shangraw Mr. Tracy 162 jjs ' Jl 1 I r f [ s 1 r i ] jfijitafc,! 1 f. • v Ml L 1 ■ Home Economics The Home Economics offers much more than cooking and sewing as everyone thinks. I. This student i$ showing her sewing skills. X James Busby and James Cawley watch Frank DeGrazia attempt waffles while David mixes more batter. 3. Two girls take a break from there sewing. 4. Barry Yadisernia takes a lesson from Ms. Berglund. Home Economics Faculty Mrs. Bennett Mrs. Marquis Mrs. Stein Ms. Berglund Miss Slozak 165 Business Department The Business Department expanded its course of selection this year by adding an Accelerated Accounting class. Training is done in business classes in preparation for the O.E.A. competition held locally, state, and nationwide. We would also like to mention Mr. Borash who taught business classes during the first semester. Actually all business teachers were quite helpful to their students, preparing them for the business world. I. Debbie Tosches takes a break from her accounting to smile for the camera. 2. A girl proves her totals by checking the machines tape. 3. The portrait of concentration in the field of accounting. 4. Judy Wyllie takes dictation at her desk in the office symulation room. 5. A busy class of Typing I students practice their skills. 6. Melissa Jaquith glances at work being done by Carol Keefe. Business Faculty Mrs. Reizian Mr. Gray Miss Chabot Mrs. Farmer 166 Mrs. Hawkins Mr. Clamp Mrs. Bloom Mr. Tedeschi 167 I ilj I English I. John Ristaino looks a little perplexed, but the rest of the students in Ms. Rhodes class are hard at work. 2 . Joan Griffin looks up from her studies. 3. Students enjoy everyone but Bonesy seems to get the teacher s joke. 4. Coneheads Ms. Hepburn. Pam Mahr, and Judy Molinaro invade a English on Halloween. 5. Donna Lucas, Ellen Meade and Missy Osborne abandon their chairs in their Theatre Arts class. 6. Jeff Ryan doesn ' t notice the camera, but Bob Pantano strikes a pose. 7. It seems freshmen just can’t keep still. r 9 1 I Ja Ms. Simon Ms. Dudash Ms. Gombas-Haner Miss Pywell Mr. Lombardi Ms. Baca Mr. Chrabaszcz 168 Mary Croke and Kris Krauskrophf both look so enthusiastic about the history they are learning. 2. A group of seniors seem to be really interested in what is going on in their class 3. Norma Adamson. J oyce Westin. Donna Cusson, Beth Crockford and Joan Daley enjoy an intelligent psychological talk with Mr. Chelotti. 4. What else is there to do but listen in a social study class, except they seem to be finding something better to do. 5. Brian Finnegan and Jackie Rossetti enjoy Bobby Hallet’s flower in class. 6. The ' guys ' seem to enjoy one of Mr. Johnston’s interesting talks. Science Faculty Miss Carlson Mr. Post Mrs. Neviakas Mr. Chase Miss Detellis Mr. Vaillancourt Mrs. Smith Mr. Parmenter Mr. Fiske Mrs. Willard Mr. Wilk Mr. Kingsbury 1 ® 1 I; » Science 13. Students, James Peter and Janet Dole, listen intently to one of Mrs. Smith’s lectures on physics. 14. Paul Murphy seems like he’s enjoying himself. 15. Mr. Vaillancourt’s physics class, except Bobby Cardulo, looks like their getting a kick out of his witty remarks. 16. Tom Moran, Al Christenson, and Wayne Howes test their reflexes in Mr. Fiske’s Animal Behavior class. 17. Karen Fleming and Lisa Guiliano look absolutely thrilled to be around microscopes. 18. Chris Rose and Brian Cresto diligently work on a physic lab. 19. Cathy Murphy in a moment of study. EIFFEL Foreign Language I. Mr. Rice has his class use the newly fixed Language lab. 2. Two of the French exchange students browse around the gift shop at Sturbridge Village. 3. Tom Davey listens to a Spanish tape in the lab. 4. Two of the French students enjoy a stroll through Sturbridge Village. 5. The arrival of the French exchange students. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Soret, the chaperones for the French kids. 174 ■r mi ■ ■! a ■t ■ Halloween Dance This year the seniors sponsored a Halloween dance. The dance was a smash because lots of kids dressed up. I. Sheik of Areib joins the party. 2. Some of the participants- Seniors Janet Dole. Heidi Swanbeck and Joan Daley. 3. One of the members of the band joins in the fun. 4. Domenica DiRado dresses up like Charlie Chaplin. 5. Colleen Murphy, Cathy Cataldo and friend add their costume to the fun. 6. Jo Anne Peloquin boogies down. 7. Paul Murphy and Lynda Krueger dance it up. 8. A group of friends watch the a-tion. 9. Ellen Evans lets it all out after returning from the physical fitness portion of the Jr. Miss. 10. Watches in astonishment. Yearbook Advisor: William J. 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STAR PECCI CLEANERS Tux House 25% Discount On Any Tux Best Wishes ’78 MARTY’S 183 BEST WISHES DONS BARBER SHOP (Medway Shopping Center) A SIMON AND SON Next To Fernandes Most Modern Shop In The Area Specializing in Cill Cuts and Styles 54 East Central St. Hours: Mon. Closed, Tues, Wed. Sat 8-5 Franklin, Mass. 02038 Thurs-Fri 9-9 317 UNION STREET FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS 02038 Telephone 528-0006 317 Union St. Franklin, Mass. Compliments Of Telephone 528-0006 MS. CHARLOTTES Corner Union S Cottage Sts. Franklin, Ma Tel. 528-2776 Dean Junior College Franklin, Massachusetts Convertible Curriculums in: Architectural Secretarial Art Therapy Business Administration Building Construction Child Studies Communication Arts Corrections, Probation and Parole Executive Secretarial Environmental Studies Fashion Merchandising Humanities Human Services Law Enforcement Legal Secretarial Liberal Studies Math Science Medical Secretarial Music Music Theatre Music Theatre (Dance Emphasis) Music Therapy Physical Education Pre-Orthopedics Retailing Recreational Leadership Recreational Management Real Estate Management Small Business Management Social Science Theatre Visual Arts A two-year, fully-accredited, residential, coeducational college located 25 miles southwest of Boston. For further information write: Director of Admissions Dean Junior College Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 (617) 528-9100, Ext. 300 185 Compliment of ARTS GROCERY Congratulations Class of 1978 AGWAY INC 804 Pond Street Franklin, MA 528-2590 Your Home and Garden Open 7 Days DEAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK Headquarters Fresh meats also-, oil, tires. Cold Cuts batteries, etc. Beer and Wines Best WishesI AMERICAN SAW SERVICE 62 Lewis Street Franklin, Ma. 02038 Hugo A, Santoro Tel. 528-2914 STEPHEN J. WALSH DDS 12 Cottage Street Franklin, MA VARJIAN’S MARKET Main Street Franklin, Ma. Remember us for quality and service of its finest GREAT LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE NICE THINGS BOUTIQUE 528-0950 GIFT CERTIFICATES, MASTER CHARGE, BANK AMERICARD, LAY-A-AWAY Compliments of THE CAROUSEL WOMANS SPECIALTY STORE l$6 Compliments of L. J. CATALDO’S CONGRATULATIONS FRANKLIN DENTAL ASSOCIATES 397 East Central Street Franklin. MA 02038 Congratulations and Good Luck - to the Senior Class- Make Ben a part of your future and a depositer in the fastest growing savings bank in Massachusetts Ben Franklin Savings Bank 58 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN, MA 0201$ Compliments of Compliments of JOHN A. DANIELLO REALTOR 444 West Central Street Franklin 538-1000 MS. CHARLOTTES Corner Union and Cottage Streets Franklin, Ma 03038 Telephone 538- 0006 Compliments of LOVELL’S SPORT SHOP Compliments of: CLARK CUTLER AND McDERMETT Franklin, Mass. LINDAS BEAUTY CORNER 334 Union Street Franklin, MA 02038 Phone 528-9576 BRAMBLES ARTS AND CRAFTS Art Supplies, Crafts, Decoupage Barbara A. Camron 7 East Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 THOMAS KEEFE 51 West Central Street P.O. Box Franklin, MA 02038 EDWIN ' S GIFTS, etc. VET-MED SUPPLY Pet and Animal Supply Health Products FRANKLIN PLAZA WEST FRANKLIN, MASS. TEL. 528-1220 Franklin, MA 02038 Cards - Gifts - Jewelry Fine China Lamps " The House of Good Spirits” Remember: Before You Travel For that Something Special—Dial 528-1220!!! J. B. LIQUORS, INC. Franklin Plaza Open Daily — Also Sunday 1 to 5 Best Wishes to the Class of ’78 From all of us at FRANKLIN-LINCOLN MERCURY 341 Union Street Recipients of Ford Motor Companys 1975 Distinguished Service Citation Good Luck Class of 78 PISINI SHOES SHAWS MEATS " With Your Approval " 20 West Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 528-6234 Compliments of: UNION CAFE Union Street Franklin, MA 528-9740 Specializing in Fine Italian Foods MEMBER FTD and TELEFLORA FRANKIN FLORIST AND GREEN HOUSES AND THE PLANT SHED Destinctive Floral Designs and potted plants Route 140 East Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 Compliments of DR. J. L. MORILL Optometrist FRANKLIN NEWS STORE Local and Out of Town Papers Magazines and Paper Back Books Film and Photo Developing Hallmark Greeting Cards Congratulations and Good-Luck to the Class of " 78” VENDETTI MOTORS INC. 411 West Central Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 For Service Call For Sales Call WE’LL GIVE YOU A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD DEAL MORE American Motors 528-3450 528-3459 189 Rico’s Hopedale • Franklin • Uxbridge 190 Colonial tiring " After the Sale It’s The Service That Counts” Sales, Installation Repairs Give US a call 528-9693 COMPLETE RESIDENTIAL IMPROVEMENTS, SPECIALIZING IN VINYL FIBERGLASS SIDING SEAMLESS GUTTERS • ROOFS SHUTTERS • SIDING TRIM REPAIRS ALL ALUMNIZED CUSTOM TRIM • STORM DOORS WINDOWS Free Estimates • No Salesman ' s Commissions • References • Insured 2T5 Oak St., Franklin. Massachusetts FRANKLIN HOUSE OF PIZZA Compliments of A FRIEND At Rico’s Shopping Center FRANK’S HAIRSTYLING 357 Union Street Franklin, Mass. 528-4880 FOR MEN BOVS Men Razor Cutting Men’s Hairpieces Sales Service Congratulations to THE CLASS of ’78 PATALANO FORD SALES INC. 161 E. Central St. (rt. 140) Franklin, Mass. Phone: 528-0040 Peter P. Patalano President TUES„ WED.. SAT. THURfL. FRI. 9:00 cun. - 6:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. • 9:00 pjb. BENNY’S OIL SERVICE FPat’b SPty irujp, styling for woman and man 47 West Central St. Franklin, Ma 02038 Tele. 528-0025 5 EAST CENTRAL STREET FRANKLIN. MASSACHUSETTS Talaphona 528 1228 B raruJL Names for LessI Framingham, Franklin, Fligham, Leominster, Marlboro, Marshfield, Peabody, Reading, South Weymouth, Springfield, Swampscott, Tewsbury, West Roxbury, Salem and Nashua. New Hampshire. Franklin Optical CoInc . DISPENSING OPTICIANS Edward H. Sancomb Conrad L. Mucciarone 20 East Central Street, Franklin, Massachusetts 02038 Telephone 528-5345 THE HOLY LOBE JEWELERS Fine Jewelry and Gifts Bulova and Caraverelle WatcFies Expert WatcFt and Jewelry Repair Engraving 32 Main Street, Franklin, Ma Compliments Of LIBERTY PACKAGE STORE KEARNEY PHARMACY 64 Main Street 528-3110 528-4563 Compliments Of SOUTH SHORE NATIONAL BANK 192 Library ffledia Center Franklin High Schook Franklin, MA 02 oil OSKEY. FRANKLIN HI6H SCHOOL 1978 56573

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