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Panther Pride Night Wednesday 10.20.10 FHS Field House 5:30 - 8:30pm Principal ' s Presentations - Peter Light 5:45pm, 6:45pm, or 7:45pm Panther Pride Night is an opportunity for parents and students to explore the scope and quality of the educational, extracurricular, and athletic programs and facilities that FHS offers to students. Activities will include walking tours, multimedia presentations, and information about FHS graduates.There will also be opportunities to visit Gallery 218, the DECA Store, the Fitness Center, and the Technology Center. FHS administrators, department heads, program directors, leaders of extracurricular activities, and athletics will be available to explain programs and answer your questions. PHOTO BY BRENDAN DENOMMEE PHOTO BY TONY CARDEN PHOTO BYVIKKI BURNETT Wednesday U|§jN spuj jaipuEj Franklin High School 218 Oak Street Franklin, MA 02038 ranklin chool HELLO... I AM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH’S YEARBOOK FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS 1976 COVER — FOGOCOURTESY OF BENJAMIN FRANKUN BANK HELLO, I AM LRANKLIN HIGH’S YEARBOOK CONTENTS OF THIS YEARLY PUBLICATION: The Table of Contents page is designed to give you an over¬ view of the book rather than a complete page by page listing of the articles. For a complete listing of the contents, please turn to the Index. PART I SPORTS " Eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation. " ... . 2-51 Junior Miss. 10-11 Distributive Education.14-15 Art Festival.22-23 PART II " We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. " . 52-91 Kaleidoscope. 56-57 Field Hockey.70-71 Social Studies. 85-86 PART III " Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow. " .92-93 F ootball ...................... 102 —103 English Department.135-136 Special Seniors.154-155, 158 SENIORS PART IV » Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day. " . 150-240 Honor Society ... • 140 141 Oskey.161-163 Spring Track.170-171 Graduation.180-190 Index.204 FACULTY We, the 1976 Yearbook Staff, are proud to announce the birth of our new creation, " Benjamin. ” He is not only our gimmick, but our symbol for what our senior year was to us. One of the most obvious reasons, and certainly one of the most important reasons we picked " Benjamin " is the fact that 1976 is our nation ' s 200th birthday. Being as patriotic as we allow ourselves, we decided that Benjamin as a wiy ol bringing the past and present together. “EAT NOT TO DULLNESS, DRINK NOT TO ELEVATION.” —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DON’T PLOD ALONG WITHOUT PLEASURE, AND DON’T TRY FOR ARTIFICIAL PLEASURE; JUST LET IT COME, AND WHEN IT COMES, GET HIGH ON LIFE. FRANKLIN AFTER DARK PLACES AND THINGS WE DO: If someone would ask a psy¬ chologist what the most im¬ portant life stage of early adult¬ hood was, the reply would be the years during high school. This is when a person changes physically and emotionally as one ' s personality traits are de¬ veloped. This is evident by watching the students going through their four years at FHS. There were definite and visible changes in everyone. As freshmen, the class of 76 was a quiet bunch sticking in large groups which had no significant group parties. The boys had lunch with the girls but the boys used to be mad at the girls because they went out with upperclassmen. The big extra-curricular activities was to go to the basketball and foot¬ ball games, go to the movies, go to the dances or Friendly ' s. The dances were the most pop¬ ular gigs, which tells you about the excitement then. Some kids went in wasted, but the majority Remember when: a pack of cigarettes cost 450 a popcicle cost 50 gum was 50 a pack bubblegum was 10 movies cost 750 bowling cost 350 gas was 350 a gallon penny candy cost a penny a stamp cost 30 paperback books cost 450 an ice cream cone was 150 went in straight and even danced. Those who didn ' t go stayed home and did their homework or watched TV. The biggest event of the year had to of been the Initiation Dance. Most of us were so scared and we made sure that we wore all the required at¬ tire. It was a big zoo, every¬ one dodging whip cream and lipstick smearing. As it turned out, it was a blast and not that many kids got hurt, 3 (?) but it was the last ini¬ tiation for FHS. Today We Pay: Schlitz--$1. 85 Large ”Mic " --$2.10 Gas--Self-service--530 gallon Drive-in Service--560 gallon Cigarettes--In store--55-650 In a machine--7O0 Ice skating--250 on weekdays 750 on weekends, (if the ice is available) Bowling - - Ficco ’ s Adults--600 per string Children up to six--300 shoes-- 300 Skiing--at Klein ' s $8 weekdays $10 Weekends Cinema--Franklin $1.00 all movies Pizza--$1.35 8% meal ' s tax McDonald ' s--Hamburger--300 French fries --30-450 soda--25-450 Big Mac--750 Ice cream cone--35-450 Pack of gum--150 Popcycle--2O0 Stamp--130 Seventeen Magazine--750 Paperbook--$l. 50 The class of 76 ' s sopho¬ more year was highlight of its four years at FHS. It was during this year in which we got the reputation of being one of the most exciting classes at FHS in a long while. Mr. Fiske was a major fac¬ tor in this turn about. He and the class officers worked diligently to keep the student body happy. They added a new concept to dances by adding multi-colored lights to the cafeteria and having good sounding bands compared to the others. Mr. Fiske also organized a class trip to Myles Standish State Beach, the first of its kind. There were three bus¬ loads of kids plus some carloads who had alot of fun down there. Some kids were partying while the others were playing around on the beach. There were hot- dogs and hamburgs which many ate raw because they were tired of waiting to cook them. The Aero smith concert had to have been the main event of the year. It was a big name group and the students were making plans for it weeks ahead of time. Although some kids don ' t re¬ member, the concert wasn ' t all it was cracked up to be, as Aerosmith only played for 45 minutes. As sophomores, many peo¬ ple started " to get down to it " , partying that is. Places as the Moon, the Mouse and the Jr. High field became popular con¬ gregational places. Many soph¬ omores came out of a so called shell and became rowdy and very sociable during and out of school. Our partying definitely in¬ creased as we came nearer to graduation. Our junior year was full of activities from partying at Beaver Pond to " indulging " at the Prom. Something most of us earned this year was the right to drive. Now, it was us who contributed towards the congestion of the Star Market parking lot. Along with the acquisition of our licen¬ ses came more partying as we finally had the " wheels " to get around. The " gig spots " varied from the Moose to the Moon, to the Cooler to Roger ' s Pond. But the place thats probably most re¬ membered is Beaver Pond. There is where some of the best par¬ ties of the spring were held. And, it was at this time, that the controversy over a party area peaked. We shouldn ' t for¬ get our Junior Prom, either. This was a time when we all got were the usual spots for " mun¬ ching out " . Open Pantry was probably the most popular store. We visited " Open Parties " just about every night. After all, it ' s convenient. A group of us (about 30 kids, went to Hyannis in January to support our Junior Miss, Kate Huntington. We stayed for the weekend at the Sheraton Regal Motor Inn. This was probably party in a motel for two days. The Sheraton accomadated us perfectly from the sauna to the excellent rooms. Of course, we supplied the music . . . and the " hoochies and bones " , We par- tied in rooms 132, 215, 540, 433, and 130. By the way, who won the Junior Miss? Graduation is simply a cli¬ max to our four years at FHS. Of course, we can ' t sit down and write about every party but if you think back and remember ALL the good times we ' ve had, you ' ll realize just how great our class is. The Institute of Contemporary Art 955 Boylston Street Boston 266-5151 Changing Exhibitions Gallery Tours Gift Shop Restaurant to dress up, for a change, and act civilized, for a change. The day after marked the usual post¬ prom trips to the Cape. The whole package-deal proved not only to be a good gig, but also very tiring. Our senior year showed that we were not your average senior class. We were definitely unique in that we were not only an in¬ telligent class but we also were a partying class. We may have partied a lot during our first three years at FHS, but we really " got down to it " our sen¬ ior year. In the fall, the parties were usually located at the Rink or at the well-named " Wasted Acres " . It was at the Rink where we realized that the majority of our class were " partyers " . On a good night there, the parking lot would be full with about twenty cars. Many excellent snowball fights were held there. Occa¬ sionally, everyone would be dis¬ persed by the likes of Ernie Gotham and Company but usually we had no hassles. What was a night without the " munchies " ; that sudden craving for food. Open Pantry, House of Pizza, Friendly ' s, and Willie ' s Neve England Aquarium one of the best weekends we had. It ' s not that often that you get to PEP CLUB REALLY INVOLVED The Pep Club had a great deal of fun this year. Many sporting events were at¬ tended, and the Pep Club organized what they hope will be an annual Christmas Decoration Contest. The girls really enjoyed cheering on the sports teams, and working on activities that involve the Pep Club, and activities that involve the school. The Pep Club would also like to thank Ms. Carlson for the time and effort she contributed. Many members gave their time and effort to work on various activities and go to sporting events, and they were asked why they wanted to do it. Nancy Bette profits from being in the club because of the participation within the group and with other people, also, getting together and going on trips and having fun. Kathy Keenan feels that, " From being in this club, I had a lot of fun and got to know kids who I really didn’t know too well. " Claire Rondeau thinks that, " The clubs allow you to be exposed to other people in an informal way. " Jean Curran likes the fact that the Pep Club made her go cheer on the Franklin High School teams. " I have really become a more active person in high school sports. Even though I am only watching, I can really get involved and see how hard the team is working for a victory. " (1) Ms. Carlson and members of the Pep Club work on decorations for the Christmas party. (2) Diane Calderone works on a decoration for the Thanksgiving float. (3) Members of the Pep Club begin to take measurements of their float, (4) Jean Cur¬ ran displays her contribution to the float. (5) Ms. Carlson gives the club some ideas for the up-coming event. (6) A member of the club shows her satisfaction of the way the float is progressing. iV FRENCH CLUB PLAY JULIA CHILD Lynn Dempsey says, " I have learned about French foods, how to make them, and, best of all, how to eat them. It ' s an opportunity to meet new people and make more friends. " Sharon Arnold says, " I joined the French Club because I felt it would increase my knowledge of the language and customs of France. " Laura Guiliano says, " I wanted to learn something about French cul¬ ture and to enjoy the friendship of the other members. The club at¬ tracted me because last year many of my friends spoke highly of the club and their activities. This year, many of the members went to Wel- lesly to see the French play PHEDRE. 11 Melissa Jaquith feels the club, " Exists for the people who are inter¬ ested in French language and cul¬ ture. I joined because I have had French for five years and wanted to get something out of it. It gives me something to do after school. " A GREAT DEAL OF EDUC. GOES ON OUTSIDE FHS if i A There have been a number of field trips this year. In the previous years field trips have been very few but as time goes on Mr. Evans has been saying " Yes " to more field trips. One trip was mountain climb¬ ing, chaperoned by Mr. Nemey. Another was the trip to Boston which promised to be fun and exciting. The last one was the DEC A Convention, which Kathy Kurgas won as Parlia¬ mentarian. The school is thankful to the teachers who helped take part in these different field trips. (1) Hillary Hanson looks tired after scaling Mt. Monandnock. (2) Debbie Smith and Diane Howe stroll through Boston Common on history field trip. (3) Claire Kilduff, Mike Fee ley, Shawn Doran, Donna Howe, Colleen Muiphy, Debbie Smith display cam¬ paign signs made for State DECA Convention. (4) Mr. Michael Nemey and Dennis Legendre prepare for " Man his Environment " trip. (5) Franklin students rest near Beacon Hill after walking the Freedom Trail. COULD USE STUDENT PEP For the first time in marry years, FHS had a Pep Rally which was held during the school day instead of at night. Students were excused from their seventh period classes and led into the fieldhouse as the band played the victory march. A Pep Rally can be the most boring thing in the world; despite the noise, you could even fall asleep, if you are forced to do it. But it is some relief know¬ ing you didn ' t have to go to class. This rally was for the fall sports which included fieldhocky, football, soccer, and girl ' s and boy ' s track. The rally started off with Mr. Evans, our prin¬ cipal, explaining why everyone was there, followed by Mr. Leone, athletic director and head football coach, introducing the team captains and coaches. The rally was then turned over to the varsity cheerleaders who attempted to get the drowsing crowd to liven up and possibly yell along with them. Somewhere among the crowds of sleepers and the restless people, there were a few claps. (1) shows the cheerleaders in their at¬ tempt to awaken the crowd. People don ' t show en¬ thusiasm for the sport teams of their school as they did in years before, whether it is the lack of concern or the fear of being ridiculed by their peers, I ' m not sure, but maybe spirit will one day appear at FHS once more. This was called a " Pep " rally; well it takes more than pep to get music out of those tuba ' s; (2) as the expressions on the faces of Alan Cresto and Dick Fiscus show. While the incoming crowd settles in their seats, the cheerleaders perform one of their Pom-pom routines to the music as shown in (3). b rj n t r • Am This year the Franklin Junior Miss Pageant was the largest pageant ever held with 25 girls competing, Many hours of hard work were put into the pageant. After the final dress rehearsal, each girl met the night of awards with mixed emotions. The best part of the whole pageant, according to the girls, was the rehear¬ sals. Most of the girls agreed on one thing. The work they put into this year ' s show was worth the effort. Why? Chris¬ tine Yergation said, " It was worth the trouble because I got closer to my peers and we shared experiences that I am sure I will never have again. " There were embarrassing and funny moments, too. Things that the girls will always remember and laugh about. For instance, Cheryl Delfino remem¬ bers, " I got a huge sliver in my foot and couldn ' t practice for three or four days. " II 1 1111 ! ,|J : j i i ■ ' ■■■ f j r ill % % ,j X % ' ■ 1 L 1 If : v ' - - i _ KATE HUNTINGTON ’76 JR. MISS (1) Cheryl Floyd sings and plays guitar to a medley of tunes from Burt Bacharach. (2) Debbie Lotfy as " Pippen " singing " Comer of the Sky. " (3) Cheryl Delfino doing a dance from " Mickey Mouse. " (4) The winners from left are: Christine Yergation, third runnerup, Tracey Ariel, first runnerup, Kate Huntington, Jun¬ ior Miss of 1976, Cheryl Symmes, second runnerup. (5) Laura Guiliano dances to " A Summer Place. " (6) Tracey Ariel poses during her dance from " Lorelei. " 7 ) Elizabeth Harrigan sings from " Peter, Paul and Mary. " (8) The contestants pose after the poise and appearance phase. (9) Mary Jane Planlon is the " Pink Panther. " " I think the most embarrassing thing was when Janet Gardella showed me her costume material, which we all knew was supposed to be funny, and I laughed at it. She tried to make believe it was for her gown, " said MaryAnn Dayian. Still other reasons were, doing talents and practicing poise and appearance. When the final night came and the results came in, the girls stood before an impatient crowd and waited as the winners were read. They were: Scholastic Achievement: Laura Guil¬ iano; Talent: Alessandrina Taddeo; Mary Jane Hanlon was voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow contest¬ ants; The Physical Fitness and Poised Appearance awards were won by; Kate Huntington. Third runnerup was Christine Yergation; second runner- up was Cheryl Symmes; Tracey Ariel won first runnerup; and finally, Kate Huntington was chosen as the 1976 Franklin Junior Miss. CHEERLEADERS MAKE CONTRIBUTION (1) The Varsity Cheerleaders stand on the bench during a football game to cheer the team. (2) Senior co¬ captain, Teri Lenzi feels, " Even though people put down cheerleaders, it is just like anything else, you can ' t stereotype a group for the ac¬ tions of one. " (3) Robyn Hayes, a junior, when asked why she bothered with cheering when it takes up so much time replied, " I like cheering I have fun, and besides, what else would I do? Work? " (4) Looking at the expressions on their faces, one can tell the situation of the game isn ' t going the way they would want it. These expressions remained throughout the game as Franklin lost in the end. (5) Brenda Davey, senior captain, watches the play of the game. (6) Lisa Bartelloni, another junior, shows the pep and spirit one would expect from a cheerleader. 12 4 ' mmm ART DEPT. OFFERS VARIETY OF EXPERIENCES (1) Cheri Dorr, an art student, works on one of her projects. (2) Shawn Doran works on his clay sculp¬ ture with a look of disbelief at his result. (3) Diana Taylor, center, tries to draw a complex assignment. (4) Patty Doe works with cutouts in her art class. (5) Mr. Crowley works with Greg Sullivan on his mounted perspective drawing. (6) Steve Huston works on his paper mache project displaying a Philadelphia Flyer hockey player. (7) Doug White works on his acrylic painting. » D.E. STUDENTS ARE YO YO EXPERTS Chris Kazuschyk says, " We run the D.E. store, stock merchandise, pay bills, etc. Students are on early dismissal to work in the community. For the business-minded student, it develops skills in marketing and dis¬ tribution. " She has learned that, " People are strange! " Marcia Mastromatteo feels that the course involves, " Learning to be a salesman and getting along with people. We learned selling tips and the value of money. " Bob Rettman thinks, " It helps give a kid a chance to prove that he can do something on his own. We learn all about D.E.C.A., and what it does for people, and what people can do for D.E.C.A. " Joni Cogliano has gained, " The experience of working in the store during a rush. The course includes working in the store, getting out of school early to go to work, and par¬ ticipating in events at the conferences. " Brian Bussaglia says, " We work in the store, and play with yoyo ' s. " Laura Murch feels that the course teaches, " How to operate a business, and how to handle customers. " (1) Chris Foley models the AFRO wig which she " stole " from the D.E. store ' s mannequin. (2) Bob Rettman during one of the more exciting classes. (3) Carol Howe during one of her better days. (4) Mark Prairie prepares a sales speech for the Regional Conference. (5) Shawn Doran at target practice. (6) Ms. Reisian never shows her emo¬ tions during our Mass. Production Unit. (7) Kerry Gopley in the re¬ laxed atmosphere of the store. (8) Kathy Kurgas, state Parlimentarian; (9) Advisor, Mr. Gray, gives in¬ structions. (10) A. Mucciarone pays full attention to her retailing lec¬ ture. (11) The store Santa has be¬ come a yearbook tradition. (12) Peg Silve, Jody Gerimini, Terry Copley play a very educational game called " pick up sticks. " _______ 111 THEATER ARTS TURNS TO MIME The Theater Arts II class studied different techniques and mechanics of mime, watched films demonstrating mime, did mime exercises and then they performed on stage. (1) Audrey Babicky, Brian Todescb, Kathy Smith, and Luanna Mucciarone watch a mime skit performed by others members of the class; (2) Brian Todesco is sad because Ann DiCecco won ' t give him some candy in their skit; (3) Vinnie Proffenna and Ingrid Arrigo listen in¬ tently to " school teacher " Laurie Cordiero; (4) Patti Dailey and Ingrid Arrigo operate on Robin Noel in " Let it All Hang Out " ; (5) Kathy Smith and Luanna Mucciarone rob a bank in their skit " On the Job Training. " K Mr. Bonollo, Ms. Corwin, Mr. Sutherland and Ms Richards all have one thing in common; they all teach physical education. Juniors and seniors have the privi¬ lege of picking their own courses. These include tennis, street hockey, flag football, archery, soccer, bad¬ minton, gatorball, iceskating, weight training, slimnastics, basketball, vol¬ leyball, modem dance, gymnastics and golf. For the jocks, they can take Athletics which means they don ' t have to take physical education. The Sophomores and Freshmen do what the phys. ed teachers have plan¬ ned for them to do. This means, for example, that they would play basket¬ ball for a few weeks, and then they would play volleyball for a few weeks; whereas, the Seniors and Juniors take a course such as these for a full quarter. A BBffffiirOTMl U Chastanet Defends Title In a tournament marked by its fierce competitiveness and a consis¬ tently high calibre of performance, Paul Chastanet emerged again as the F.H.S. table tennis champion. The tournament, in its fourth year of operation under the guidance of Mr. Mulcahy, had sixteen aspir¬ ants this year for the final round of the competition where a number of contestants put on strong performances. Juniors, Gary Piligian and David Grinnell both performed admirably until they were ousted in the semi¬ final round by both David Piligian and the eventual winner, Paul Chast¬ anet. Trophies to Paul for winning the competition and to Dave Piligian for second place were awarded by the Principal—Mr. Evans. 1973— -Paul Piligian 1974— Gary Macintosh 1975— Paul Chastanet 1976— Paul Chastanet .a .. w.vV ■: » • . • ■ .vlv ' • ' | (1) Paul Chastanet accepts trophy from Mr. Evans; (2) Gary Piligian re¬ turns service; (3) Paul smashes a a forehand serve. I Miscellaneous Senior Activities Throughout senior year, there were various activities which involved only the members of the senior class. (Photo 1) shows Maureen David and Debbie Dunn checking out the tassels which will adorn their mortar board (cap) at graduation. Jonathan Doe and Maria Rossetti start in on the paperwork involved with ordering their caps and gowns. Each student was measured by standing up against the wall chart for their height and although a few extra inches were added to each person’s height, nobody ofj ected. One way to make sure that the plans for the upcoming activities were handled was to have a meeting. Besides the meetings held in the lec¬ ture hall with all class members, and the meetings held in D-101 after school, every once in awhile there was the need to hold a Sunday night meeting of the class officers and their aides at one of their homes . At these meetings, most of the final touches were put on these activities; that is when those present didn ' t get off the subject and start talking about some other wacked out way of getting peo¬ ple to show up at a dance and still have a good time. (In Photo 2), Pam Gibson, Ten Lenzi, and Dean Fish all relax during one of the many meetings which were held before the senior Christmas party. Frank Mauro ' s expression seems to be saying, " Ugh! " Why didn ' t that pin go down?! " I For Mr. Sacco, director of the chorus, ' 76 mem¬ bers is a good amount of participation, especially | when he looks back at an almost non existant chorus 3 years ago. ! " I basically want more recognition for the kids and more funds. I think that Franklin H.S. is accept¬ ing, and becoming aware of their chorus, which is a fairly new program here in Franklin. " What Mr. Sacco likes most about the chorus is the unification of students who enjoy singing and being toegether. His favorite moments in chorus are at the concerts when he can feel and hear the results of the time and effort he had spent with the students throughout the year. One of the pleasureable aspects of chours and teaching is seeing the students grow and learn and knowing that he is taking part in this process. Mr. Sacco ' s only dream is to have more time to work at the Music Dept., developing classes in the fields of theory, harmony, and composition, and to be able to have smaller, more intimate groups, such as a madrigal choir and an A Cappella Choir. " But I can ' t do this and teach Jr. High and Elementary levels also. We are not offering supporting classes for those who want to study music further, and I do believe that if we had a more extensive music pro¬ gram, their would be more students in the music program developing their talents. " Mr. Sacco described the student body and school dministratdon as being very cooperative, his only blems seem to be the recruitment of boys and the inefficiency of the scheduling system which decreases the amount of members drastically, and stated that he is aware of an over abundance of talent in Music, Art, Theatre and all other forms of fine arts. The chorus class is a very dedi¬ cated group of singers. Many of them believe in defending their title as a class and not a club. When asked, " What do you profit from being in this class? " , Thomas King answered, " I became more aware of the world of music with the help of Mr. Sacco. His theory and vocal training help me in my future career going to a college of music. " The chorus has given Franklin High students the pleasure of listen¬ ing to them in concerts and assemblies. (1) Joseph Cometta, David Conaghan, two of the male singers, are rehears¬ ing " Mandy. " (2) Mr. Sacco is the chorus instructor. (3) Leah Pinto, Bonnie Mendall, and Theresa Berardi wait patiently for further instructions from Mr. Sacco. CHORUS IS A GOING CONCERN Art Festival Shows Talent And Versatility The Art Festival, as usual, was a great display of F. H. S. talent. The halls held display after display of pottery, paint¬ ings, sculptures, jewlery, and in the home ec. wing, cloth¬ ing made by the students from those classes. Also, taking part in this year’s exhibit were the junior high and elementary students. The night of the Festival, parents and relatives swarmed through the halls, library. art wing, and home ec. wing exclaiming over the works. They watched in amazement as students demonstrated the glazing process known as Raku, and they packed into the band room for the fash¬ ion show. Brightly colored macra- me wall hangings hung in display cases and each of the portfolio students set up exhibits of his her works. Many people did not realize how hard the students had worked and they seemed to appreciate many of the op¬ portunities given our stu¬ dents. One woman was heard to remark, " I hope one of my kids has artistic talent. I never knew there was so much of it around here. " i v “The Perfect Senior” Quiz Find out if you ' re the per¬ fect senior. Do you have the qualities that make this certain person? Do you want to find out? If so, do the questionnaire below and see how many points you can score. 1. If you ' re hiding from Mr. Quinlan, the best place to be is: a. basement b. parking lot c. Beaver Pond d. his office 2. Where do you go on weekend nights ? a. library b. home c. the circle d. out on dates 3. What is the most exciting thing you do during your school day? a. eat b. study c. rolling joints in class d. getting kicked out of the library 4. Do you have a lot of friends? a. yes b. no c. maybe 5. What is your favorite saying? a. later b. groovy c. I ' m on it, I ' m off it d. Right here 6. Are you fat? a. no b. maybe c. definitely, yes d. pudgy 7. My favorite lunch is: a. tube steak b. hamburg sundae c. surfside bunwich d. macaroni or spaghetti 8. What was your favorite ex¬ tra-curricular activity that you attended at school? a. Holly Ball b. Junior Prom c. Senior Breakfast d. Initiation e. Senior Christmas Party 9. What is your favorite time of day? a. 2:10 b. 8:00 c. 3:00 d. 11:00 10. What was your favorite class? a. biology lab b. calculus c. chef d. none of the above 11. What was your favorite memory of the Prom? a. the mugs b. Having your picture taken by Bob Mills c. seeing Ray Kodger in his top hat and cane. . d. not going at all 12. What did you normally wear to school everyday? a. suit and tie or dress b. Levi ' s and sweaters c. something out of the hamper d. what you had on yesterday. 13. What did you do before a dance? a. Smoked oregano b. got all dolled up c. drank Boone ' s Farm wines d. met on the hill 14. Where do you usually go parking? a. Grove Street b. Never heard of it c. Beaver Court d. In front of your house 15. What kind of kids do you hang around with? a. Prissy kids b. Burn outs c. excellent friends d. jocks 16. Where do you work? a. Mammoth Mart b. Shamrock Cafe c. Marshall ' s d. you don ' t e. none of the above 17. Do you play sports? a. your own kind b. never would think of it. c. wouldn ' t live without it. d. could care less 1. If you picked D, his office, then you will get four points because do we ever find Mr. Quinlan in his office?? (just kidding, Mr. Quinlan!) If you picked Parking Lot, then you will get three points for trying, but Mr. Quinlan al¬ ways likes to go out and join the kids in their fun. If you picked C, Beaver Pond, then this is worth 2 points be¬ cause Mr. Quinlan knows about the parties down there. If you picked A, Basement, then you only get 1 point and that is because you did not use your head, and better luck next time! 2. The Circle, C, is worth 4 points in this question because if you weren ' t so stuck up, you wouldn ' t have picked it. If you picked D, out on dates, you would score three points because next to being a " weekend gigger, " you should have a date once in a while. If you chose B, home, you would only get 2 points because you would be considered either weird or very unsociable. The library. A, gets nothing, so try again on question 3. 3. If you chose A, eat, you would receive 4 points. Why? Because that is all anyone gets out of school. Letter C is worth 3 points because you need something to keep you going. If you chose D " getting kicked out of the library " , you would get 2 points because it ' s not too exciting when you have to go all by yourself during study. " Study, " letter B, gets 1 point because what do you get out of study but a lot of gossip? 4. If C was your choice, you would get 3 points because at least you ' re telling the truth. Letter A, " yes " , was worth 2 points, but you don ' t have to brag about it. The one that gets 1 point is B, " no " , because you better find some friends or else don ' t answer this question and try again on the next. 5. D is worth 3 points because everything is always " Right here! " If you chose A, you would add a 2 to your score; it won ' t help much but it might " Later. " Letter C gets 1 big point be¬ cause you either say it when you are in a good mood or a bad mood and we don ' t care what mood you are in. If you picked B, you do not get any points and why should you if you talk like this? 6. If you took D as your first choice, you would get 4 points because at least you tell the truth. 24 CONT. P. 142 P. Gibson M.J. Hanlon J. Rasicot M. Prairie Does anybody really know what a class officer has to do? You really don ' t unless you are an officer yourself. First of all, if the kids feel they can do a good job and devote their time to their class, then they run for the certain office. The next stop is to be elected and to be elected, your classmates have to listen to a campaign speech that you have written. Many of the students have " complaints " about the election because they think it is just a big popularity contest. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but no matter who is elected, the officers usually do the best they can. The four who have repre¬ sented the class of ' 76 have really stuck to all of their campaign promises and have accomplished more than most other officers. They have had more activities and more fund raising benefits than any pre¬ vious group. The class officers have become well-known for the the great work they have done. They all know that Mark Prairie is the President, Jim Rasicot is Vice President, Mary Jane Hanlon is the Treas¬ urer, and Pam Gibson is the secretary; and " The Great Advisor " , Mr. Fiske, have all The class officers have really put together good changes for the class, includ¬ ing the dances, which they made a lot better by having pizza and other good food we could buy; and best of all, they had really good groups. They have also set up a beach trip which no other class has ever had. Jim Rasicot said, " A very good percentage turns out and we all have a good time with¬ out any trouble. " All of the officers say that a large percentage of seniors have participated in the class activities, and without partici¬ pation, they would not have been as much fun. Much of the success is due to using so many ideas from so many people. Maybe the class is different, but the class is the " best " for sure. The seniors hope that all the other class officers have been influenced by us and that they turn out as well as the class of ' 76. Patty Dailey, who is the Junior class president, said, " I wish more of the students in our class would participate as opposed to complaining. " The Sophomore and Fresh¬ men classes are underway; P. Dailey K. Sullivan L. Mucciarone done a good job to keep the class happy. They have noticed the unique characteristics of the class which are outstand¬ ing and have taken suggestions from everybody. On being a class officer, Mary Jane Hanlon says, " I like to work and help people, and being an officer gives me a chance to do both. " L. Guiliano N. Adamson B. Bennett J. Wojciechowski and as Liz Guiliano remarked, " We have a good class and good class participation, and as we progress, we can see ourselves getting better and better. " Sharon Adamson said, " I think in the coming years, the kids will participate more than they do now. " K. Neelon K. Begin T. Wroblika S. Adamson TENNIS GROWING IN POPULARITY AT F.H.S. This " Super Team, " girls’ tennis, although im¬ proved over last year, wasn’t first in the league. The girls came in fourth. The team’s record for this sea¬ son was 9-7. Franklin ' s three top players, Jean Cur¬ ran, and Cheryl Watkins, seniors, and Heidi Swan- beck, sophomore, along with the other members of the team, proved a credit to Ms. Ashwell ' s excellent coaching ability. -I Boys’ Tennis team members were: Steve Forbes, Mark Minnichelli, Mike Lyons, Mike Violandi, Dale Albertson, Dan Dickenson, Mark Sullivan, Don Carlucci, Erick Frey, Kurt Swanbeck, BobMod- rak, Tom Morris, Joe DiGiadomenico. Girls ' Tennis team members were: Jean Curran, Cheryl Watkins, Cheryl Santoro, Chris Yergatian, Laura Giuli- ano, Nancy Guidrey, Nancy Curran, Karen Bent, Rene Watkins, Debbie Edel- stein, Heidi Swanbeck, Donna Huie, Lori Bremner. HOCKEY TEAM MAKES TOURNAMENT The success of the team is perhaps best displayed by the number of post¬ player awards and honors. Elected to the All-Star team were: Kevin Kennedy, Paul LaVoie, along with Bruce Bertoni and Tom Marchand, both second year veterans. These boys put in tremendous effort, and as can be seen, it paid. The whole team worked hard and devoted their time and stalls to the team, making it great. While doing drills, stops and starts, shooting on the goalies, working on plays, these boys not only wanted to play good hockey games, but enjoyed doing it and cared. This year ' s varsity hockey team finished an outstanding season, with a 13-2-1 record, a big improvement from last year ' s 10-8-2 record. It was a close race for first place in the Southeastern Hockey League as Franklin vied with Canton for that position. The team ' s fantastic success can be attributed to a great deal of hard work at both practices and games, and to the good attitude of the players. ) Left wing, Steven Barraclough uses some fancy skating to elude one of the NA players. (2) Red Neelon hustles down the ice. (3) Mike Alger, Paul Moriarty, and A1 Laurentano congratu¬ late Myles Huntington after he scores a goal. jg f 1 . ..f’ 4 . •. IS? The top scorers for the varsity- team this year were: Tom Marchand with 42 points; Paul LaVoie with 21 points; Mike Neelon with 19 points; and Steve Barraclough with 18 points. The goalie, Bruce Bertoni, com¬ piled an excellent average of 2.10 goals against. (1) The members of the varsity- hockey team are: Bruce Bertoni, Tom Marchand, Kenny Pitasi, Steve Barraclough, Rick Hart, Mike Neelon, Paul LaVoie, John LaVoie, George Boumazian, Kevin Hart, Lou Kotros, Paul Mori arty, Myles Huntington, Paul Cometta, Mike Alger, John Paluso, Kevin Kennedy, Brian Bassaglia, Andy Hanson, A1 Laurentano, and Bill D ' Allessandro. (2) Senior, Paul LaVoie, rifles off a shot. (3) Backup goalie, Ken Pi¬ tasi, watches the action in the comer. (4) George Coumazian scram¬ bles for the puck in front of the net. (5) Paul Moriarty takes a breather before facing off. (6) Bearded cen¬ ter, Tom Marchand, breaks through some of the N.A. players. “Comic Spirit” Classes Conduct Speakeasy i ■ The English elective, ’’Comic Spirit” deals with the literature of the Jazz Age or if you wish, the 20’s Asa final project, Mr. Groden’s and Ms. Simon’s classes recreated a speak¬ easy from the era. This in¬ cluded having a jazz band, costumes, food, drink, and entertainment. Right on, Mr. Gatsby! .jrf Golf Team Builds For Future This year the golf team was third in the league with an 8-4 record. Steve Potter remembers when he got a 14 for a par 4 hole. He said, " Once I got a 43 for 9 holes. I am involved in golf because it ' s important to me. " Kirk Simon gets butterflies at the beginning, but then they just go away and I just want to win. I like to com¬ pete and it keeps me from getting in trouble. " He recalls when his friend hit himself in the head while swing¬ ing the golf club. It turned out to be the best shot of the day except that he couldn ' t see it because he knocked himself out. 1. Team pictures starting in the back at the left: Steve Bent, Bret Simon, Bob Barbera, John Proulx, Steve Pot¬ ter, Joe Borge, Kirk Simon, (Front) Jack Wallace, Phil Swanson, Chuck McStay, Not Pictured—James Caw¬ ley, Bill Delessandro, Craig Roberts, Paul Crowley, Bill Chirgwin, Cheryl Symmes, Kathy House, Zeffro Gianet- ti. 2. Mr. Harold Williams instructs Chuck McStay on his next shot as Steve Potter looks on. 3. Phil Swan¬ son watches his last shot hit the green. 4. Steve Potter winds up for a drive. 5. Bret Simon takes a shot. JL V.. p ' ' rtf’ ‘ ' I Some of the memories that were experienced by a few of the senior athletes were: when a boys ' visiting team was using part of the girls ' locker room and one of our players stole a boy ' s uniform. The time when " some of us " replaced Gloria Vignone ' s can of deoderant with pink spray paint and she used it. We all remember the time the wrestling team was walking through the gym during a practice, and a certain Italian got her pants pulled down. And then there was always Hilary to entertain us with her imitation shows. In the boys ' locker room, a few remembered memories were: when Bruce Bertoni put Ken Pitasi ' s goalie mask in the toilet, when Bobby Car¬ gill and Tony Roccoforte were chased by a janitor in the girls ' locker room, when Mike Gazzola sprayed Dale Albertson ' s locker with shaving cream in and out, and when Eddie Gianetti took a kid ' s clothes while he was in the shower. t i A a 11 n i r One of the things an athlete is Locker Rooms Are All Jr art Ol The Game going to remember is the locker room. Many emotions are let loose in the locker room such as when the . team goes crazy over a victory,or when the players are saddened by a loss; but most of all, the pranks and laughter are most remembered. I Elisabeth Beane Gordon Bartolomei Steven Barraclough Stephen Bent David Bell Nancy Behan Pamela Beetlestone a D Vi T3 M O bO u Vi o u £ u s V u Susan Buck Catherine Bucchanio Scott Bryant JeanCalarese Claudette Bunnell Linda Buckley Ronald Cook Linda Conza George Cronin Jeremy Crockford Patricia Costello Mary Costantino ' • j FA , A jpr • M-. o U s? rt Q rt a •g Q tJ u ,0 o 0) rt Q n) Is (U PQ Cheryl Delfino James Degnim Michael DeCosta Vincent DeBaggis Stephen Demarais Dolores Dellorco 1 Ik 1 Patricia Fagan Rosemary Esposito Britt Ely AnnFelske Celine Farrell Stephen Fahey ' » x n Susan Cannon Denise Galvin Sharon 1 lodtler Jounllallott Ian Guidrey Paul Grant Deborah Graham Pamela Glhaon Karen Johnson Scott Jenest Donna Impey Kate Huntington Dorothea Kulch Donna Konis Raymond Kodger Jeanne Lang Cynthia Labossiere Steven LaBadessa Ellen Kutil idl i I AREA HIGH SCHOOLS INVITED—COLLEGE NIGHT This was the first time Franklin High School sponsored a College Night. Mrs. McManus guidance counselor at Franklin High, organized the program in which approximately 200 colleges from the New England area participated. Students from eight surrounding towns attended. The students who attended went around to booths and asked questions about the courses, facilities, price of tuition, and vocations. They also looked at illustrative pamphlets. (1) Laura Rozak studies pamphlets from colleges designed for Dental Hygenist careers. (2) Chris Ficco is comparing notes involving secretarial training. (3) Representatives from a few of the colleges discuss with students the oppor¬ tunities the college offers. (4) Franklin High students review the pamphlets from Emerson College. 1 Steve LaBadessa, a senior who has Analytical Geometry said, " I do not feel that what was learned can be put to practical use. " Sue Parks, a Geometry student, said, " I don ' t feel that I will need to know about triangles later in life. " The other ten percent of the students who feel die math class they have is worthwhile have their own reply. Bob Sexton, a senior who has Trigonometry, said, " Trig was worthwhile because it made me keep working instead of being bored. " Brenda Davey, a senior Math Review student, said, " Math Review was worthwhile because it helped me on my SAT ' s. " (1) Roberta Dunn is finding the cir¬ cumference of a circle. (2) Mike Desper concentrates on finding the answer to a problem. (3) Bob Lough- lin is listening to an explanation with quite an interesting expression. (4) Michelle Begin seems to be getting quite a laugh from her answers. (5) Ken Fougere is concentrating on drawing a perfect circle . ' I I 1 (1) Ms. Merrill is helping a student with a pro¬ blem, but she seems to be having one herself. (2) Dolores Dellorco is asking Mr. Leone for some help on a problem. (3) Mark Currier is taking a breather during his math class. (4) Patti Talamini is reflecting her enthusiasm for her math class. (5) Nick Carlucci seems to be enjoying his test. t i “WE MUST ALL HANG TOGETHER, OR ASSUREDLY WE SHALLALLHANG SEPARATELY.”— BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER IF WE DON’T WANT TO “LUCK OUT” AND HAVE ALL OUR WORK COME TO NOTHING. YEARBOOK IS FOR EVERYONE What does yearbook do? A whole loti We look into the different clubs, activities, sports, teachers, class¬ rooms, courses, and situations at Franklin High. This year ' s yearbook editors are Karen Johnson and Cheryl Simpson. They have been with the yearbook for three years, and being editors this year was quite an honor for the two of them. (Congratulations you guys!) Meeting deadlines, getting pic¬ tures, writing copy, that ' s what the literery staff does. (1) Pat Carney is a frequent visitor to the yearbook staff. Here Pat is speaking to the staff about the tech¬ niques of layout and design. (2) " You must first learn how to do a layout on a 3-R form, " says Pat. (3) Sandy Sampson and Diane Piekarski are seen here designing pages for our yearbook. (4) " Is this okay, Ms. Maguire, " says Deb Martin before she draws out the rest of her design. (5) We’re not taking it easy, we are just listening to Mr. Carney. (6) Art Editor, Sharon McCarthy, is making up the assignment sheet that is used for each member of the staff. y (1) Sue Kingsbury is working very hard to meet the deadline. (2) Cramped all in are the students in Ms. Maguire ' s Graphics classes, and all the others who have contributed to this year s yearbook. (3) Yearbook editor, Cheryl Simpson, is typing the copy for the yearbook. (4) Ms. Maguire, yearbook advisor, is telling every¬ one to either get to work or else miss the deadline. Kaleidoscope Has Become A Tradition Almost everyone knows that putting on a show is not easy; but when you have a co-operative cast and a patient advisor like Ms. Dudash, it makes the going a little less difficult. " Kaleidoscope ’75 " was a great experience for the cast as well as the audience. The show included every kind of talent imagineable from dancers to sing¬ ers to just plain old hams. One act which received widespread admiration was Brian Tedesco ' s interpretation of David Bowie ' s " Fame " . The biggest act of die show was a take-off on " A Day At F.H.S. " this act also received quite a bit of praise. (1) " That ' s the Way I Like It " , Ann DiCecco, Lisa Bartelloni (2) Who ' s on first? What ' s on second? Patti Dailey and Brian Todesco. (3) Antoinette Taddeo singing, " You and Me Against the World " (4) M.C.s, Dale Albertson and Alice Taddeo 1 Backstage was just as much fun if not more so than being on stage. A lot of bad jokes were told there, people ran rat-races trying to get into cos¬ tumes, it was just a total ZOO! Even though we had some difficul¬ ties, the show turned out a success and " a good time was had by all. " Many people were responsible for the greatness of the show, our costume designer, ourstage managers, the people who made the costumes, and numerous others. To mention them all would take a whole page in itself. If it weren ' t for these very important people the show never would have existed. We, the cast of Kaleidoscope ' 75, sincerely hot e that everyone who at¬ tended the show had as good a time as we did. " IT was great working with people who helped each other in any way they possibly could, especially with giving each other confidence. Sure, it ' s easy’ to sit in the audi¬ ence and see a show develop in front of your eyes, but people don ' t always realize hov. much work went into this show. Thanks to our stage managers, Mary Herrington and Lin¬ da Rayno, this show was a success. Because of them everyone was organized and on stage on time. Putting on Kaleidoscope took many long hard hours, but thanks to the cast and ad¬ visors, it was worth it. " --Shawn O ' Neill (5) Rick Herrick is " Casey at the Bat " as he dramatizes a famous poem. (6) Patta Tala- mini and Luanna Mucciarone pantomime " You and Me Against the World. " (7) The Rhine¬ stone Cowgirls are Karen Fraser, Lynne Dempsey, Melissa Jaquith, Donna Fontaine, and Donna Acaro. (8) Brian Hitchcock, as a reporter, int erviews Kurt Swanbeck and Donna Cusone who are portraying the president and his wife. AVW. ' SW Ay AW WVVVWVWVVVVVV -- continued from pg.2 I really get the feeling that a teacher injects his own per- nalitv into a course. If I can present material enthusiasti- lly, openly and honestly, and if 1 can be sincere and inter- ted in the things that I’m presenting in the classroom, I realry lieve that students will respond to that in a positive manner ther than a negative manner. ,,,, Many subjects are taught negatively in the sense that this something that I am doing for the teacher, and if the teacher dn’t make " me do it, I doubt if I would.” In psychology, I ally think that many of the students are studyine it because iey want to. For example, many of the activities aren’t graded, will sav from time to time that what we are doing in class to- .y doesn’t have to be handed into me. That this activity is a or air own benefit. Activities such as values classification will help esi ibuish foundation for better understanding of yourself, 1. can think • n o better goal than understanding yourself• because under- .anding is going to precede the formation " f a positive self- laae and happiness. From understanding, happiness can grow. F. H. A. Fights Junkfood by LiE Lotfy where in this school can you get granola, carrots, straw- ry milk, or apples for a low price? The F.H.A. snack bar. The d, except for the carrots and apples, is made and bagged by b members in their spare time. It’s all on sale Thursdays, in cafeteria, F.H.A. was started at Franklin after firs, Bennett and Mrs. kee took Diane Jungharms, Mary Croke, and Bonny Parker to a te Future Homemakers of America convention. They all thought rfould be a good idea to start a chapter here. The club, now two months old, is made up of home-ec students, reser.tatives and officers are the backbone of the club. Representatives are elected in each home-ec class; they, jh the other members, elect officers. President is DeeDee e» Vice-President Rita Bertone, Treasurer Diane Junghanns, retary Mary Croke, and Historian Joanne Santoro. Future plans are discussed at the club’s bi-monthly meetings, of the most exciting is the Boxboro trip. The members are ining to attend the F.H.A, convention to be held there. There y will stay at the Sheraton Hotel, elect state officers, attend shops, and make use of the hotel’s various facilities. I DECA winners Kathy Campbell and Pattie Conlon DECA News by David Conaghan and Cheryl Stacchi Members of the D.E. class attended a DFCA Leadership Confer¬ ee at Hyannie, Cape Cod. They stayed in the Sheraton Regal tel, where, according to Mr. Gray, D.E. store advisor, they met ot of different people from other Massachusetts DECA clubs. While there, a few of the students entered competitions for eir first time. From them, Kathy Campbell emerged with a 1st ,z t - ro F i ' - or f-er DECA poster. Behind her came Pattie Conlon, Q " , with a third prize trophy. She won with her u lympic k Prairie also participated In a contest to sell pro- • -b And Pattie will be going into the State competition Springfield March 19-21, MUSIC BRIGHTENS FIELD HOUSE by Raymond Johnson " Give me the beat, boys, and free rey •’ ' • • : in rock ’n roll, and drift away...” (Dobie Gray ' .a o nd concert February 11th may not have been, strictly sp ' roll, but it is certain that many souls were freed that y» rhe hHind beginning th. ooneert with a madlay from »Sgt. !«« " Hearts Club Band” set the pace with a rendition that can o ly be described as magnificent. The chorus then presented " Please Come to Boston , The song _ __ n j k.,4 a..o«rr.».nt a little slow, Xt VS i et s 63 W w! St d t 1: bi st f. f. t«| si mi f: " Fine Print, " Franklin High School ' s newspaper, is now being advised by Ms. Jaqueline Rogier, who has wanted to teach Jour¬ nalism for quite awhile. The newspaper is produced during class time which Ms. Rogier feels is a drawback- because the news¬ paper cannot be related as frequently as most students would like. Of the 16 members, one quarter of them are not actively involved in the writing of the newspaper. These are the " unsung heroes " who spend their time proofreading, typing, spelling, selling ads, and doing layouts, but they are quite important. Editor of the newspaper is Mark Mastromatteo, who oversees all the different departments that make the newspaper organized. There is a certain process that has to be followed when a news¬ paper is put out. First, the stories are assigned or the writers find a topic of interest. After the stories are written, proofread¬ ers correct any grammatical or spelling errors, and the copy is then typed. Layouts and headlines are arranged, and then the newspaper is printed. The newspaper is funded by the profits from circulation and selling of advertisements; it is a total student activity project. ver her ser job De of thf O! M beauty of music with the finale from " Godspell”,..and then, The music...died”. FINE PRINT invites your comments . F.H.S. Talent Write letters to the in Minstrel Show Editoi O.E.A. Competes Franklin St, Mary’s Par¬ ish put on a show for the pub¬ lic this past weekend. It was one of their ways of celebra- tirsg the 100th Anniversary of the parish. Many adults from Franklin and some students fron by Susan Hughes The Office Education Association is going on a field trip to the O.E.A. State Conven¬ tion in Hyannis, Thirty-five students from Franklin High will compete ther© in such contests as typing, shorthand, accounting, business machines, and a talent show. The students will leave March 31 at 8;00 a.m,, and re¬ turn April 2 at 5»00 p.m. Mrs. Reizian and Mrs, Bloom will ac¬ company the group. The trip oas already been approved. F.H.S. oarticiDated. The following students were involved in the show Robin Noel, Lynne Wilson, Arlene DiTondo, Linda Eknian, Ellen Meade and Mary Ellen Dewing (Front Row Girls). Patty Dailey (Soft Shoe Dance), Brian Todesco (Dance), David Conaghan and Karen Walsh (Chorus), Allesandrina Taddeo (Piano and Soloist), Claire Desaulniers (Pianist), Bill Burke directed the show to a great success. Included were songs, skits, solos, dances and a variety of jokes. The Guidance Department is a very vital part of any high school and here at FHS, it is no exception. The services in this department are many; job and college placement informa¬ tion, career planning, various testing programs, vocational counseling, the Dean Enrichment Program, as well as personal and social counseling. These services seem to be one as¬ pect of the Guidance Department that kids overlook. Surely, there are some students who don ' t take advantage of these services, and possibly, there are students who don ' t even know they exist. Some students look toward their guidance counselor as the person they go to see when they need a change in their schedule. The Guidance Depart¬ ment is like a machine. You can ' t get any more out of it than what you put into it, and if students don ' t try to seek the assistance from this depart¬ ment, or put anything into it, then they shouldn ' t expect to get anything out of it either. You can ' t get some¬ thing from nothing. The counselors hope they have been of some aid in helping students with their post-graduate plans, and they Guidance Department Is Important want the graduates to realize that al¬ though they have left the school, they can still take advantage of the guidance services after graduation. Students tend to think that once their schooling at FHS is finished, so is their association with their counselor; this is not true. All in all, the school couldn ' t be run without the Guidance Department. These five individuals have almost 400 students each to counsel, and they always wish more students would take advantage of these services. (1) Mr. Evans, one of the counselors in C house, is looked upon by his stu¬ dents as a " nice guy who knows what ' s going on. " (2) Ms. McManus helped to coordinate the College Night which proved to be very successful and an aid to the students for their future edu¬ cational plans. (3) Mr. Bucchanio is known for his ability to lend a helping hand. He always makes one feel wel¬ come in his office, and is willing to listen to those who stop by to visit. (4) Mr. Rainville is located in C house, and he is probably the most sought after guidance counselor. (5) Dividing his duties as counselor between the fifth and sixth grades and the high school students is Mr. DiLibero. ■■HBS3YSSMI BAND MUCH IMPROVED These are some of the replies we got from questionnaires we handed out to a few of the band members here at F.H.S. Donald Conaghan, a senior, felt " proud every time I marched. This is the best year I ' ve had in band be¬ cause I play better, and I enjoy help¬ ing out the band more than I ever have. " Scott Bryant, also a senior, says that his best year in band was " Freshman, we had a zoo in the third trumpet section and a good stage band. " He is considering going on in the music field. Carol Russell, another senior, plans to minor in music. She thinks that " football games are a lot of fun but we should get more credit. " Her most mem¬ orable occasion was " the North At¬ tleborough night game. " Alan Cresto, vice-president for the band and a senior, thinks the best part of band is th e marching season. When asked about the new uniforms he wrote, " they ' ve helped us gain the recognition we deserve. " His most memorable occasion was " Freshman year, while marching, Robyn Romaine and I took a wrong turn and ended up by ourselves in file middle of nowhere feeling a little like a j erk. " (1.) Elizabeth Moulton—Senior—Flute Marie Louise Miller—Freshman- French Horn Zeffro Gianetti—Junior —Percussion, all members of the Central Mass. District Band, 60 Cathy Sheehan, a senior and cap¬ tain of the band, who plans to go on in music, when asked if she felt that the band should get more recognition than it does wrote, " Yes, definitely, the football players and the cheer¬ leaders aren ' t the only ones freezing their —-es off out there ! " Her most memorable occasion was " the band party ' 75 at Beaver Pond when we threw Mr. Balest in the pond fully dressed. " Zeffro Gianetti, a junior who plans to go on in music wrote this about the marching season, " It is a joke, we should not march at the games just because the Athletic Dept, wants us to. Why doesn ' t the football team play during our breaks at our concerts? Also, the time spent on the field doesn ' t help the people who are planning to go on in music. " Judi Semeijian, a freshman in the band, thinks marching season " is a blast! " Her most memorable ex¬ perience is " When Kelly O ' Brien broke her zipper on her uniform dur¬ ing half-time at a game. " So, there you have it, some of the answers to those musical questions. FHS People Tell It Like It Is He ?!% - ' 5 1 ' l M ri k L JlttH ?’ v om ] fLL Ld 3 a) 11 He u ft»d £ x’ u ©Jtoo-us member ■fb£ cjO o tiry S vuJe. Hclo 4o e-Vher « Special y Meu Hcxrvip hin® twe c. osA TL -n +o G or 4 Cocrot Tor soa» nq mu, fi Pe orsd -fo e erucj 7 e «Ls£ tS 5+eve’Q. " CKcip« f; oo f Uy c-K ivH k fcjo r " J-teocf ' 7 Flipper tyj(o ! 6 6 Wy dM e (CMC,)u (5IDES f tAfr To J m c£K to IDftnf p afet Wl fin v ' UMik W-lOTRa i tAj. cfutfee - uxiM . 0 oU Gwka) _ ( lApwt . eJs - wA -72 o3 2 A tf " btb " -72 £V£€ ' f £ h£ else IN 7£ % 7mw . 45 4t,) tft biocicD r. £ ft « rWtf 5 T: %oJUd TKoaKs 4© eoery ' tfw ctf F ranH V bU -h u)ho b acl my Sertrev y €Av mor-e, n oyabtg $3r-J La c L| p ' k C LlHf B ' o Kocic r; 4-oocW Hol L. G y W we wish you tuck fN ENDING ' Y°u« OU) V| A AAJC - K. r A KOAM ?? ti oi 0 To r u best_ fr. e rvd. 6,fe. sp J 6 cfou_bl€. " p . , - ‘ r on(o[oaj - ' ' T5 fl f3° L £ 4 2.. )0 tVu_ c)o Su.nitw.CcK g . D P S- MEM can _ w I ' ' ' Su rc } 5s: 6« t +he Dust! -fO ✓fc, . u _ _ ✓t ' i ' - " f zA oiucJh €Y, cp ftV u i,3SO -TtoK r tOV|)?o- oktfttorwft H ' R- V®-a . LAl £Q. " (m. f)f)AD. Am fb on Kh ' .6 6 . l Sarmo or fllj? kmdl e , (JW. £.VA .l e - Wty : S Aft ftYMN ft 0 ao -: i - ,i T ST ' W ft Y MNft J AO -7A ? W 0 (1 . d Ss 9 Q uiho . d _ . 52 J 6oOD »3ifK. ' . 0 jg ,1 ' xJV 6cr ' Oj- borne OAV b o Fctu j (boO Tc Je L coC p iu on ‘Fe. ' idou 36 t T 3 3 i 0 i d O J 2 J • ' • “5 sJ 1«£ i»K€ I The 2)om , . . - . Xo do btoo o €o OLiordM Y) % CQ d i k , r ? 1 ’i SECRETARIES KEEP THINGS GOING! While talking with some of the secretaries at Franklin High, we briefly asked their feelings about the school. First of all, they all enjoy their job. Their attitude and opinions seem to be the same. " Franklin High Students have a lot of self-confidence, " according to Mrs. Cataldo. By this she adds, " The students have so much of a schedule to choose from and such a great deal to work from. " They all agree that our depart¬ ments are really good. " The Home Economics wing is just like a kit¬ chen, " everyone agreed. " Our Business Department is just great. " " Franklin High School has a variety of courses for either college prep students or business students . Most of the secretaries thought that students should be disciplined. They felt that students were ruder, and much more arrogant. (1) Ms. Herbert (2) Ms. Carr (3) Ms. Cataldo (4) Ms. Fleming (5) Ms. White (6) Ms. Stack Classes Of ' 76 And ' 77 Co-Sponsor Concert This Concert was held April 2, 1976 in the Franklin High School Cafeteria. It consisted of two groups " Thunder Train " and " Eli. " The Senior and Junior class offi¬ cers worked through Frank Borisa to find good groups. He is the agent of the groups, " Thunder Train " and " Eli. " Mr. Borisa asked the officers if they would like to listen to the groups and consider having them. The officers went to Harvey ' s 3 in Millis where these groups play, and together they agreed they were good. There were approximately 500 people who attended. The majority of the people thought it was a fan¬ tastic, and said they would like to have these groups back. . FHS LIVES THROUGH EVALUATION! (1) Mr. Michael Bean is from Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. He is shown here talking with Mark Minichello; (2) Dr. William B. Fisher is the superintendent of Hamil¬ ton Wenham Regional Schools in Hamilton, Massachusetts. He is shown here discussing the D.E. pro¬ gram with Ms. Takoohy Reizian; (4) Mr. Jospeh Solmonese, principal of Norton High School in Norton, Mass¬ achusetts, served as the assistant chairman for the visiting committee; (3) Mr. Paul Callahan, assistant principal of Canton High School, takes a brief break between classes with the students behind the cafeteria. All of these people were among those who made up the visiting com¬ mittee from the New England Associ¬ ation of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Last year, FHS faculty members and some students prepared a self- evaluation of FHS. They evaluated all aspects of the school curriculum, community, clubs, athletics, the building and the administration. The visiting committee were given copies of this self-evaluation. They then spent three days in October doing their own evaluation based on their observations as well as the FHS self-evaluation. The visiting committees ' official report is not ready for publication, but it is known that the committee paid FHS a compliment on the friendliness of its students and faculty. 4T« FHS Administrators ' Bicentennial Message When asked what their wish would be for F.H.S. in this, the Bicentennial year, the following people responded by saying: Mr. Quinlan: " The students and Staff of F. H. S. should exhibit the same spirit and initiative which characterized the revolutionary period in our country ' s history. " Dr. Guiliano: " That each student develops his her abilities and interests to the fullest in a manner which brings happiness and fulfill¬ ment to the society in general. " Mr. DeBaggis: " That F.H.S. will continue to flourish. That our stu¬ dents will continue to grow in wis¬ dom and knowledge and that they will lead our town and nation to even greater accomplishments then those that have been achieved during our first two hundred years. " Mr. Rex: My wish for F. H. S. in the Bicentennial year would be that the growth that I have seen take place, in terms of educational op¬ portunities offered to the students over the last decade, continues to grow in the future. To take advan¬ tage of these opportunities, the goal I wish to have our student body adopt, would be to strive for excellence in all of their endeavors. " " Excellence is an art won by train¬ ing and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have a virtue or excellence in all of their endeavors. " " Excellence is an art won by train- We are what we repeatedly do. Ex¬ cellence, then, is not an act but a habit. " " Aristotle Mr. O ' Regan: " That all the students will always have the right of self- expression, the right to elect the candidates of their choice and the right to equal opportunity. " (l)Mr. Kevin Quinlan, housemaster in C House; (2) Dr. Frank Giuliano, superin¬ tendent of schools; (3) Mr. Vincent De Baggis, business manager; (4) Mr. Kenneth Rose, housemaster in B House; (5) Mr. Francis O ' Regan, director of Pupil Services; (6) Mr. William Rex, assistant principal; (7) Mr. Walter Carr, attendance officer; (8) Mr. Richard Evans, principal; (9) Mr. Robert Cresto, assistant superintendent 67 CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Franklin O.A. Canton Stoughton Foxboro N.A. Sharon Mansfield K.P. Franklin 17 16 13 11 11 W estwood W ellesley Walpole Franklin W altham Newton Nor, Newton Sou, Milton WRESTLING Franklin Opponent 21 31 33 30 37 42 33 15 32 29 39 40 Middleboro Shrewsbury Holliston Catholic Mem Stoughton Ashland Catholic Mem, Marlboro Algonquin Durfee Duxbury Milford Foxboro Opponent 56.7 61.4 61.35 64.7 43.70 52.6 52.4 64.4 44.30 GOLF Attelboro 17 Franklin Stoughton O.A. Mansfield Canton Sharon nya. m Foxboro O.A. Foxboro Canton Stoughton Sharon FOOTBALL Franklin Opponent Attelboro Milford Canton Mansfield O.A. N.A. Foxboro Stoughton K.P. J v n k n« K A ■ ifslPt Jem VARSITY ASKE Oppon r eston|| ishop Fee oc klaflT lilfoxd Franklin Sharon r BASFBAL RLSSOFTBALL v iFranklin Mansfield O.A. toughton N.A. Foxboro Canto Ijiui; f % boro Ashland N.A. Foxboro Canton Sharon K.P. BHB Mansfield Stoljpxton Foxboro A J nton Canton Sharon 35 46 ii 42 : 4- f? € i- i INDOOR BOYS’TENNIS Franklin Opponent 70 1 2 Canton K.P. Sharon N. A. Foxboro Mansfield O. A. Stoughton Mansfield 4 Stoughton Foxboro Canton (1) Coach Avitable gives players a pre-game pep talk before the big game. (2) Top Row; Coach, Ms. Avitable, Linda Kruger, Sharon Guiliano, Bernie Corbit, Roberta Heinsman, Patti Dailey, Cheryl McGlynn. Second Row; Cheri Dorr, Margaret Walters, Mary Thil- beault, Debbie Dorr, Kim O ' Shea. Bottom; Row; Debbie Edelstein, Teri Wroblicka, Laura Guiliano, Nancy Guidrey, Joyce Reilly. (3) The team eats oranges during halftime. (4) Kim O ' Shea, goalie, awaits opposing team shot. FIELD HOCKEY NOT THE BEST YEAR (1) Goalie, Kim O ' Shea, keeps a close watch on the ball during the N.A. game. (2) Mary Thibeault gets pregame nourishment from an orange (3) Coach Avitable discusses strategy with her players before the game against North Attleboro. (4) Cheri Dorr awaits a pass from teammate in game against North Attleboro. Softball Pleasant Surprise With only three players returning from last years starting team, we were definitely looking toward this season as a building year. Hard work and steady improvement and a talented group of Freshmen helped to pleas¬ antly prove us wrong. The girls took one game at a time and ended up in third place when it was all over. Al¬ though unpredictable at times, the underclassmen added a great deal of excitement to the season, but it was Glor, Kim, and Bass who supplied the confidence and stability. Now that the team has spent a season learning the game, they will be a top contender in next year ' s season. It ' s always hard to lose the sen¬ ior members of the team and this year is no exception. Glor, in her own cool calm way developed her¬ self into the kind of athlete who is very difficult to replace. Gymnastics Takes A Big Step Forward (1) Cheryl Huie is guided by coach, Ms. Corwin, in one of the more difficult feats of gymnastics. (2) Laurie Courtney is displaying her versatility on a vault over the horse. (3) Linda Potten, among others, receiving assignments for the afternoon practice session. (4) First Row: Linda Potten, Karen Kosmen- sko, Phyllis Gardener, Patti Grant, Debbie Lincourt, Judi Wojciechowski, Dee Dee Croke Second Row: Coach Ms. Laurie Corwin, Tammy Graham, Laurie Courtney, Heide Swanbeck, Barbara Bennet, Bon¬ nie Gately, Manager: Sandra D ' Amelio Third Row: Co-Captain: Debbie Jeon, Joan Daley, Cheryl Huie, Cathy D ' Aniello, Laurie Cordiero, Co-Captain: Debby Heim. Absent When Photo Was Taken: Jerry Luccia, Kim Baker (5) Judy Wojciechowski receives her upcoming events schedule from Coach Corwin. (6) Jerry Lucia does a backestension roll on floor; (7) Cheryl Huie performs a forward roll on balance beam; (8) Heidi Swanbeck executes a cast rap on the uneven parallel bars; (9) Joan Daley concen¬ trates on her vault. 74 This year ' s Gymnastics team, after a great deal of hard work, has accomplished what every team in a sport wants to be, number one. Although the team has put many, many hard worked hours in this year ' s season, it has paid off well. When asked why she bothers with sports because of the time it takes up, Beth Crockford replies, " It gives me a reason to cancel my piano lessons every Tuesday. " Describing what it feels like to compete in gym¬ nastics Patti Grant remarks, " It ' s an experience that you can only feel a few times in life. " An embarrassing moment Jerry Luccia recalls is, " Coming into practice with my leotard on back¬ wards. " Debby Hiem remembers, " The most em¬ barrassing time was when Ms. Corwin was spotting me and she pulled my warm-up pants off. (I had on a leotard.) " Laurie Courtney remembers an embar- , rassing moment, " When I tried my first round off back hand spring, and landed right on my — - ! " Heidi Swanbeck sums up the team ' s feeling about gymnastics, " It ' s no bother, not if you love the sport. I love gymnastics and I give my time and effort to accomplish my goal, excelling. " 75 ' 1 HHH The Panther ' s finished their season with an impressive 13-3 record, easily winning the Hockomock League. Senior, Mike Giardino led the Panthers with his great pitching, including his PERFECT game against North Attleboro. The team will only lose three seniors this year, leav¬ ing a very strong, experienced team next year. Team: Nick Carlucd, Scott Bartolomei, Mike Ostrander, Dave Boisture, Peter Padula, Phil Joannides, Joe Venturosa, Joe Carol, Jim Dunn, Gordon Bartolomei, Paul Padula, Gary Bolduc, Rick Gentilli, Coach Ronald Bonollo. Chuck Emery thinks soccer is a " growing sport, but people don’t think it is as rough as it is. " He wants to be a professional, " Because all the time in High School soccer, you push to be good. When it’s time to be a pro, you get to show your skill to the world. " When Chuck played under the lights in front of 6,000 people, he " felt like a pro, and I knew that all the hard work was worth it just to play there. " Chuck Harrington remembers " scoring on my own goal, and scoring twice in two minutes. " He enjoys " the competition, and while playing, I feel good; sometimes violent. " Paul LaVoie says that soccer gives him con¬ fidence in himself as a person. He says that is is a good experience for anyone. Liz Evans, manager of the team, likes, " The fringe benefits. " She refuses to describe them. She says that it ' s personal. One thing she enjoyed was, " Telling the Foxboro coach his team has no class. " Ann Haagensen, when asked to describe what being Manager was like, replied, " Who needs forty armpits? " She likes soccer because it brings out the killer instinct in me. (1) Bret Simon hits a ball towards B.C. High ' s goal. (2) Brian Hitchcock is kicking the ball up- field. (3) First Row: Liz Evans, Manager, Kathy Bergen, Manager, Kirk Simon, Dale Albertson, Chuck Emery, Paul LaVoie, Brian Hitchcock, A1 Lemire, Bret Simon, Tom King. Second Row: Diane O ' Brien, Anna Haagensen, John Kelley, John LaVoie, Mark Elliott, Phil Swanson, Kevin Kennedy, Kurt Swanbeck, Billy Bush, Kenny Fougere, Artie Sherock, Dave Harrington, and Coach, Mr. Bositis. (4) The starting line-up gets prepared for the beginning of a game. (5) John LaVoie is dribbling downfield against the Sharon defense. (6) A1 Lemire stops a B.C. High player. (7) A1 Lemire yells instructions upfield to the forward line. (8) Brian Hitchcock gets warmed up before the first tournament game. (1) This is the girls ' track team. (By the way, their results had no effect on the final scores.) Below: L To R: Diane Dilworth, Judy Semerjian, Paula Palermo. Second Row: L To R: Kathy Stough¬ ton, Joan Myers, Coreen Racket. Top Row: L To R: Lori Avakian, Janet Conklin, Lisa Mastromatteo. Missing: Jeanette Scully, Mary Craig, Linda Souza, Nancy Calderone, Cindy Conahan. (3) Sophmore and Freshman runners: Below: L To R: Sean Correy, Don Cauble, Perry Padula, Rick Archer, Jim Law- horn, Dave Oxford, Charles Pizzelli, Jack Daddario, Jerry Guerra. Second Row: Dwayne Densmore, Chuck Scully, Jeff Ryan, Frank DiGrazia, Jim Fon- tenarosa, Tim Dilworth, Marko Chew. Third Row: Brian Cresto, Scott Herman, Greg Murphy, Barry Ober, Brian Garry, Dave Socci, Dave Hughes, Steve Hart, Mike Currier. Top Row: Dave Mooney, Gene McHouston, Rich Daley, Roger Roccoforte, Jimmy Falcone, Ken Oglive. Missing: Shean Mc¬ Dermott, Mike Rocheleau, Luke Joannides. (4) Top Row L To R: Beth Mooney, Janet Conklin, and Mary Craig. Several of the distaff members of the track team were angry because they were pushed aside when the " real " competition came about. (5) This is the 1975-76 indoor varsity squad: Juniors and Seniors; First Row L To R: Phil Cugno, (shotput), Pete Brunelli, (shotput), Paul Padula (shotput), Steve Adamson, (600 yd., 50 yd.), Steve Gate- wood, (600 yd.), Mike McDermott (relay, 1000 yd., high jump.) Second Row: L To R: Beth Mo¬ oney (300 yd., 600 yd.), Gary Bolduc (50 yd., 300 yd., high jump. ), Jim Dunn (600 Yd., 300 yd.) Tony Roccoforte (1 mile) Dan Cedrone (300 yd. ), Ross Davis (1000 yd. ), Mike Vendetti, (hurdles, high jump) Gordon Bartlomei (600 yd.) Bob Cargill (2 mile, 1 mile), Captain, Carlo Lodi, (high jump, hurdles, 600 yd.), Scott Fontenarosa (1 mile) Bob McDougall, (hurdles). Missing: Tony D ' Errico, (shotput), Bob McDougall, (hurdles), Brian Hitchcock, (300 yd., 50 yd.) 2 Over the past four years, Franklin compiled a winning streak of 23 league meets and had won three championships and a second place finish. This year they wound up with a 7-1 record. The Stoughton meet this year was considered the most exciting and suspenseful in years. Carlo Lodi, captain of the team, stated, " The Stoughton meet was the ultimate in excitement and suspense. " The crowd, which was exuberant for once, vouched for this statement as they enjoyed every minute of it. Winter track has had the best winning percentage over the past four years than any other Franklin team. With the showing the Junior Varsity had this season, the varsity squad will continue this winning tradition. (1) Senior, Jennette Scully, running the 600 yard run, is in front, as usual. Jeanette was the number one female runner as she lost only once all season. (2) Tony D ' Errico and Pete Brunelli rest between events. Tony and Peter are usually found together during and away from the track. They both throw the shotput. (3 G 6) The Junior Varsity 300 yard run features D. Cauble, L. Joannides, and John Hughes. These three, and all the other Junior Varsity runners look very promising as future stars. (4) Diane Dilworth and Judy Semerjian are looking on during the Canton Meet. Diane, along with the other girls, try with such determina¬ tion, they sometimes get sick after meets. Janet Conklin says, " The girls should get the same recognition as the boys, " and why not?! (5) Gary Bolduc and Chuck Scully are chasing a Stough¬ ton runner in the 300 yard race. They will be heavily depended upon next year if Franklin is going to keep up its excellent record in winte r track. (7) Warren Philips is recieving a handoff from Chuck Scully during the relay. Warren, Chuck, Gary Bolduc, Mike McDermott, and Carlo Lodi ran the relay during the year, which lost only one all season. [ I » (1) Senior, Mike McDermott (far right in white) and junior, Ross Davis (third from right) start off in the 1000 meter run. This is the race in which both do the best. (2) Gary Bolduc misses his high jump at 5 feet 2 inches as he shows some signs of pain. Gary ' s personal best was 5 feet 4 inches. (3) Carlo Lodi is warming up for his run in the high hurdles. Carlo participated in three events: high hurdles, high jump, and the 600 meter run. He excelled in all three and he was the captain of the winter track team. (4) Mike McDermott hands off to Gary Bolduc in the last leg of the re¬ lay vs. Stoughton. Franklin lost the relay by a fraction of a second which resulted in a defeat and the championship of the Hockomock League. (5) Senior, Tony D ' Errico ' s follow through after his shotput throw. Tony was one of three seniors who participated in the shotput. His personal best this season was 47 feet. (1) A candid shot of seniors, Hilary Keefe, Cathy Bucchanio, and Glori” Vignone. They are members of varsit y basketball team. (2) The Franklin High Girls ' basketball team 1975-76, left to right are: First Row: Hilary Keefe, Gloria Vignone, Cathy Bucchanio, Karen Knoblock. Second Row: Pat Treckman, Jean Bassignani, Carrie Svingan, Mar¬ garet Walters. Third Row: Ann Marie Bums, Cheri Dorr, and Jackie Lincoln. (3) During a time out at one of the girls ' home games, Coach Cindy Richards is seen giving instructions while Hilary Keefe is getting a well-deserved drink of water. (4) Glori a Vignone is seen here demonstrating her talent for chin-ups. ■M i Vi I I I (1) " Playing basketball is excellent be¬ cause winning gives you a feeling of accomplishment, " says Hillary Keefe, seen here struggling with some leg weights. (2) " Gloria is a good player under pressure. She keeps her head, " says teammate Hillary Keefe about Gloria Vignone. Here, Gloria is seen putting up a shot, (3) Five, the girls team mascot, has helped lead them to two straight Hockomock League Champ¬ ionships. (4) Jean Bassignani, one of the teams outstanding rebounder, pa¬ tiently lines up a foul shot. (5) Karen Knoblock, who was selected as co-cap¬ tain of the all-star team, and Jean Bassignani, the only starting non-senior on the team, are seen here waiting for a rebound. The girls ' varsity basketball team of 1975-76 set out to prove to them¬ selves, as well as the rest of the school, that they could win without last year ' s seniors. And win they did! They not only wontheHockomock League Champ¬ ionships but they also made it to the quarter finals in the Southeastern Mass¬ achusetts Tournament. Led by all-stars, Hilary Keefe and Karen Knoblock, they went 13-3 in league play. Despite their outstanding season, a playoff game was necessary with Sharon because they finished with identical records. But a determined Franklin squad won. They then began tournament play and they easily defeated Attleboro, 41-29, in their first game. But they met a tough Durfee team in their sec¬ ond game who outscored Franklin 39-27. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPT. OFFERS MUCH VARIETY (1) Mr. Chelotti, who teaches Psychology and The Human Experience, is one of the most popular teachers because he gets involved. (2) Mr. Beksha ' s Human Ex¬ perience class reconvened the trial of Henry David Thoreau (portrayed by Mr. B.) and tried him for civil disobedience using today ' s laws. Members of Mr. Luccini ' s class assisted by being jurors. (3) Mr. Luccini discusses a point with Terry Gordon, a junior in his U.S. Histroy class. (4) Paul Brennick, the bailiff, swears in Mary Cleland who was a witness for the defense. f I SENIORS SAY,“LATER FOR SCHOOL Friday, May 14th, was the day the seniors took another break and decided to " Hit " Horseneck Beach. We did not quite make Horseneck because of our extra items in the trunks of the cars although we did find a place to party. This is what hap¬ pened during the course of the day. The guys really " got into " Bubbles shirt while everyone else had torn and cut bodies. Bob ' s locking Scott ' s keys in the trunk was funny because Scott had to make quite a few trips to the beach that day. Ducky really got a good deal on the Hein- ekin while Cooky was the driver of the get-away car. The police really scared Marie, Cindy, and Hil, didn ' t they. Raz and his car load were relieved after their stop at the rest area. Raymond was cold after his swim, weren ' t you Ray? Sure, Mike G. I bet they were caves, just like your white rocks you found. Karen did you enjoy your ride on Jim ' s motorcycle? Too bad everyone got sunburned. Steve D. really likes his blanket. Beast want some Kongo Bars? Kodge you really liked taking those pictures, didn ' t you? Michelle, next time we will stay on the road. How about that flat tire Scott? Brenda did you like Dave F. ' s Cheese Its? (1) Bob Sexton and Vinnie DeBaggis stand around waiting for the beautiful sun that never came that day. (2) Scott Jenest ponders whether or not to go for a ride in Raz ' s V.W. (3) " C ' on Raz, take a drink, it won ' t kill you!! " (4) " Hey! Whipple, what ' s so good under your hood that attracts everyone? " (5) Michelle Piper, Hil Keefe, Marie Founder, Brenda Davey, Cindy Mutchler think that it is too cold to pose for a picture. Carrie Singer says that Chemistry involves " hard pro¬ blems and boring chemistry. I don’t like the course because I don’t see how any of this stuff is important. ” Kathy LeBlanc has, " learned a lot of chemistry, and flunked a lot of tests. We take notes, watch movies, read, and answer questions. Raymond’s kind of funny in the lab. " Cindy Smaltz tries to, " Understand chemistry and Ray¬ mond. We learn different aspects of chemistry and listen to Raymond constantly draw Mr. Kingburg’s attention from work. " Science An FHS Favorite (1) Some Franklin High students work and study hard while doing their homework in science class. (2) Ms. Neviackas demonstrates to her class how to do a lab project. (3) Mr. Chase walks away from Bruce Car¬ penter after telling him what do do for the lab assignment. (4) Michael Shyp, a sophomore, works hard on an experiment in his science class. (5) Some Franklin High students study diligently as they work on their assignments. (6) Some juniors and seniors are working in their Earth Science class which is taught by Mr. Chase. 4 Terry Wroblicka has gained, " A little knowledge, a lot of 60’s and 70’s, and to many 50’s. We solve problems, we ask ques¬ tions, and we fog a lot. " Gary Piligian learned, " How to do chemistry-- the boring way. We have problems with moles, chemical bonding, chemi¬ cal properties, and other chemistry math problems. Kelly Kober says, " In chemistry, we do math problems, lab experi¬ ments, and take notes. Once a girl pretended to clean out her ears with a test tube cleaner to be funny. " Ellen Evans talks about " Everything from Ms. Carlson’s expressions to the time Mike and I screamed when we found a huge beetle in our frog. Ms. Carlson’s expressions have amazed us totally. I get cramps from laughing so much. I gained experi¬ ence in taking out frogs’ eyes, and I get nausous from the movies we watch. We have rather strange people, and it has been a class I shall never forget. " Judi Woo enjoys, " Ms. Carlson’s little stories and sounds (chi-coo). Our run¬ ning, jumping, and exer¬ cising during a lab was quite an experience for Ms. Ligon, who walked in. It’s interesting to find out dif¬ ferent facts so I can shock people with them. " Lynn Dempsey likes the course, " because there are a lot of interesting and different things to do. We take a lot of notes, watch movies, do projects, and have interesting labs (es¬ pecially dissection). Cheryl Roberts does, " Dissections, experiments, and lots of notes. We hear about Ms. Carlson’s child life in Alaska. " Mr. William Fiske teaches science at Franklin High School. In addition to his teaching, he is, also, the senior class advisor. This year ' s senior class has been labeled as being " different. ' The class officers, along with Mr. Fiske, put together activi¬ ties and carry them out as smoothly as possible. The senior class officers and the class hold Mr. Fiske in high regard. He has an asset that not too many people have--that being the ability to work with young people. Many other people feel the same way about him. For those who can ' t say they really know him, here is Mr. Fiske. BEN: Why did you agree to be¬ come the class advisor? MR. FISKE: " Why not? I think this question is perverse!! Have we actually come to the point where we question motives for helping others? May I ask you why there are some who refuse to be class advisors? " BEN: Has it been what you expected? MR. FISKE: " More enjoyment. Less work. " BEN: What sort of advice would you give seniors? MR. FISKE: " Don’t be afraid to set standards of excellence for yourself. Don ' t be afraid to de¬ mand excellence of others. Make a commitment to truth, respect life, don’t take yourself too seriously. " BEN: The class of ' 76 has a rep¬ utation for never following the same old ways. Why do you suppose this is true? MR. FISKE: " Too often, tradi¬ tion is an excuse for doing things there is no other good reason to do. Tradition itself is not a suf¬ ficient reason. It doesn ' t hurt to reassess what has been done to see if it still works; then, per¬ haps, consider appropriate alternatives. " BEN: Do you feel the senior class officers have been successful in realizing the goals that they set for themselves and the senior class this year? MR. FISKE: " I hope not. If you can reach all your goals, you ' ll set them too low. " BEN: Do you feel you have ac¬ complished any persoanl goals while serving as advisor to the class of ' 76? MR. FISKE: " Yeah, I guess. I suspect, much to some people ' s displeasure, I have forced a re- evaluation of the " traditional " description of a class advisor. I suspect the most important goal was proving to myself, and I hope to a large number of young people that Franklin kids are just as capable as kids from any other town or any other genera¬ tions for making life enjoyable for others and for themselves. BEN: What do you consider your most fondest memories about the class of ' 76 this year? MR. FISKE: " It ' s tough. The enjoyment of seeing a small group of kids sacrificing them¬ selves . . . shock of kids show¬ ing up during a blizzard; again, another sacrifice for others . . . kids sacrificing for other people. There ' s just too many to single out. " BEN: From any experiences you may have had, do you feel that the seniors look up to you as a kind of leader or do you feel that they consider you as " one of the guys " ? MR. FISKE: " I can think of a more realistic interpretation of how they consider me. I have a kind of ideal vision of what I do. Kids, naturally and spontane¬ ously, have dreams of how they want things to be, and fortu¬ nately, there are more noble and altruistic than many of their elders. My job has been to rec¬ oncile the dreams with reality. Hopefully, my reward has been respect and appreciation. " Richard Balest Director, Music Richard Baumier Industrial Arts Joseph M. Beksha, Jr Social Studies Mathematics Shirley Bennett Home Economics Christine Berglund Home Economics Nancy M. Bloom Business Ronald Bonollo Physical Ecucation Beverly Breen English Mary E. Carlson Science Janies Chelotti Social Studies Robert W. Clamp Business Domenic Compagnone Mathematics JohnP. Costello Mathematics Laurie Crowin Physical Education Robert E. Crowley Social Studies ohn J. Crowley Art “WORK AS IF YOU WERE TO LIVE A HUNDRED YEARS, PLAY AS IF YOU WERE TO DIE TOMORROW.” —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLAN AS MANY GREAT GOALS FOR YOURSELF AS YOU CAN, AND WORK TO FULFILL THEM, BUT DON’T PUT EVERYTHING GOOD OFF FOR TOMORROW. (1) Mr. Fiske, senior class advisor, is shown cleaning up the tables, so the party can continue without having people put their elbows in the left¬ overs. (2) The part of the snowman, who accompanied Santa Claus, Ray Kodger, to the party and helped pass out candy canes to the party-goers was played by Bemie Mullaney. (3) Debbie Sammarco just couldn ' t resist sitting on jolly old Santa ' s lap. Ray¬ mond obliges and touches the end of her nose. (4) Scott Fontenerosa, Bruce Carpenter, Mike DeCosta, Bob Cargill, Bob Sexton, Tony Rocco- forte, and Carlo Lodi all relax after eating their fill. (5) Dave X. Foley was so involved with eating his food that he didn ' t even bother to find a table. (6) Debbie Martin and com¬ pany dance to the music of " Axis. " (7) " Aaaay, thisparty is okay! " seems to be Eddie McDonough ' s feelings about the situation at hand. (8) Steve Fahey, Steve Johnson, and Mike Gazzola stand around and talk about the happenings at the party. More Messages For Posterity P Saint flbrys Qustrb. ' 7b Gberoj X)- ' Cher Q ,r. " F cG.3 G X X [ I C r r r « u flre you OxU -f here ? - £ rctfl£ fblfDrfe 0 To rat to) ' T x __ ( T 14 fT To I Xoo ' y sjide-t fmo +he leeCapcete . Gomihq atom! i7 Qj Or. v. J p , rls Ci Ouruj nexo stores; TTo % Xeminahiro , X ( v dkf.l xc .,tl t r l " DK - e o y? mob - f V v O LOPtch out , - foc rc e. Gut| , ' no vrr p Gnm M-f 41, d0 TTT a ‘ ifcW ffifpu re jbue Otxir • " Fro,.v. , tf fCSioP V He-V I r iX v TEats , T maeuann- 0 ioa much 1 ' off cf»s£ f c£ xT rnouL foe. m-eh yf p E 5 m fTrTblOQ 1 0 0 it. QsJOH mV V?XT ■ b A v i— ' ' ' femVuiw , " 2 5 Xj M ' o X e ' tt ea¬ rn 4 n l S o sK " Mou. Vod UP4, Good- b 1c 4o Ail y a b« bo s ! w V- zr r " r 11 ta.eL ' odcJ, Be Hcr tt ' ? (. n ' o JflJtrure o P y GbR A’•£c S yUL -Tv toJAJ+t as ■ ■? X (AiolH 8 SA -fax " " ... -bo +ttws. " {$ has anyone C ad ntc V pPose i idjts uet ( . .) tfttJ rv a.ri , U hA-t U iff . Qjk t j cAeui 7 - hr -fio o tiu.ll S Sui S H£y BEfiST : TiFA A fS G-oryou DOWfi J BPMEM6EK f FAT ST ?0A£S 0 f£ 7f THE FEAJCE lA D 3 ER Ha D y T2 a U 9H TE Z 22. HA D ED Sraoy. P, 5. twaa « rc the .. 1 1 cre yfr. ME.. ' Z hf Cmc c do it $rqe. •H)P -fm Kjas eW o ee fj- _ LCAw 7](Firat? UJAslf Sds»tmorc t _ U A errona-ck. Jo 7 rcm TTk.r 7 AUd OMtEO DouiOjl.. ou AM % The Quill and Scroll Society is now in it ' s third year of existence at F.H.S’. To become a memember of the Quill and Scroll Society one must have either been an active staff member of the school newspaper or yearbook staff or have excelled in journalism. There are also scholastic requirements which must be met by each candidate. The Club ' s advisor is Ms. Vos- burg. It ' s members this year include: Teii Lenzi, Karen Johnson, Cheryl Simpson, Bob Cargill, Karen La- France, John Yadisemia, Chris Ficco, Jean Curran, Rebecca Williams, Chris Hinchcliffe, Lori Gosselin, Carmen Ruggeri, Celine Farrell, Bret Simon and Mark Woods. (1) Mr. Richard Evans, the Franklin High principal, doesn ' t seem too enthusiastic about having his picture taken. (2) Mr. Howard Abbott, a lawyer who ' s office is located in Franklin, gives a speech to the new inductees. (3) The induction night was well attended this year, except for the few empty chairs shown above. (4) Members of the inductees ' families and friends listen to a speech given by Mr. Abbott of Franklin. (5) Family and friends look over the program of ceremonies before the start of the ceremony. The big event at this year ' s Gridiron Banquet was the award presented to Mr. Pisini upon his retirement after 30 years of coaching. He said, " It was a real surprise and a wonderful feeling to have someone think about you, and to know that you mean something in the lives of so many young people. Just being thought of means as much as the award. " Pete Brunelli, who received the Outstanding Back Award, felt, " Honored. It meant a great deal to me because it signifies that I made a contribution to the team. " Tony D ' Errico, recipient of the Outstanding Lineman Award, thinks that " There were a lot of people on the team who also deserved the award. It just makes the game more fun, and it is a goal to shoot for. " (1) These are the trophies that were presented to the various players at this year ' s Gridiron Banquet. (2) Rick Gentili is seen here receiving the Michael DiCamillo Unsung Hero Award. (3) Bob Driscoll was this year ' s recipient of the Unsung Hero Award for a lineman. (4) Peter Brunelli is seen here spooning some more soup while his father looks on. (5) Mr. Gerald Leone, Athletic Director at Franklin High School, is watching the festivities with members of the administration. Gridiron Banquet Honors Athletes And Mr. Pisini , .(A ' v . .tfc. ' S? 7» f, ' . s - , ' % it ■ . ■, 3 - - (1) This trophy is for the Outstanding Player. It is seen here before being presented to the player who won the award. (2) Mr. Evans, Principal at Franklin High, is seen here talking to the many people who attended this year ' s Gridiron Banquet while Jimmy Rasicot looks on. (3) Gary Bolduc was the recipient of the runner up outstanding back award. He is seen here receiving his trophy from Mr. Nello Luccini. (4) Mr. Pisini, coach of the football team, is seen here receiving his award for his 30 years of dedicated coaching. Other awards were given to Mike Ryan for the runner up Outstanding Lineman Award. I Student Council Not Active In ’76 Patty Daley Ann Antico Don Myers, President Student Council consists of members from each class. This year our council started very late in the year, so they haven ' t done as much as they have in the past. Getting together and trying to do things for F.H. S. is the function of the Student Council. This year the council was going to have a dance-concert featuring Lady Luck and Connection, but this failed because of a lack of inter¬ est on part of the faculty. A change that took place this year was adding a student activities coun¬ cil in conjunction with the School Committee and to satisfy the student body at the same time. Students’ feelings about the Council were that they were not satisfied with what has been done. The student body feels that Student Council is a waste of time and that nothing has been done this year due to a lack of interest. There are few students who take part in the activ¬ ities. The most exciting thing that the Student Coun¬ cil Activity board has ex¬ perienced is meeting with the school committee and being able to attend the meetings. The council meets at least twice a month to talk over their ideas and try to put them into action. Many students do not attend the meetings which does not help because they need as many ideas as they can get. There have been a va¬ riety of opinions expressed about the Student Council this year. Al¬ though a few students showed an interest, the vast majority did not. Some members feel that the Student Ac¬ tivity Board should have been confined to Steve LaBedessa Maryann Phillips Dan Myers those students who were really interested in working and, also, those people who can con¬ vert ideas into actions. Carlo Lodi, a SC mem¬ ber, said that the SC was formed much too late to have anything done. Mary Ann Phillips said that the most exciting thing that happened this year was meeting with the school committee and listening to their ideas. Don Myers said that the SC has been weak and ineffective due to a lack of interest. Mr. Harold Williams, the advisor, agrees with the com¬ ments made by the members. He feels that the SC has been less effective in the past two years than ever before. This is, in Mr. William ' s opinion, due to less student concern and in part, because the " kids " don ' t know what they ' re supposed to do; they are not aware of the power they have. In the past, SC has been in¬ volved in getting the snack bar, the smoking area, awarding scholarships, and dealing with policy on class rank. They were to have had charge of the school calendar but the administration took that away. According to Mr. Williams, if the students want a SC, they will have to work for it --it ' s going downhill now. It will only be as strong as the leadership. Liz Moulton Mark Mastromatteo ! -« For many people, this has been their extra curricular activity. Can you guess? It ' s not a sport or a club. Can you guess now? Your right! It ' s DETENTION ! Here are some of the crazy rea¬ sons why kids have had detention: Katie Paxton Calabraro says, " I had detention because my boyfriend and I were kissing in the cafeteria and Mr. Rose came over and sent us to our house offices. " Pat Fagan received detention because, " I was singing in Spanish class and got kicked out. " Celine Farrell had detention because, " I was laughing at someone in class and got sent to the house office. " Mike Gazzola was cracking some jokes in class which made him laugh all the way to detention. Joni Cogliano had detention be¬ cause she was late for homeroom 20 times. Sue Kingsbury got kicked out of Spanish because she yawned. Cut¬ ting class, harrassing teachers, being caught leaving school have been some other reasons. Detention Is No One’s Favorite (1) They speak of the lonliness of the long-distance runner. Can it match the dejection of detention student? (2) Even reading can be fun--when compared with the bore¬ dom of discipline study. (3) Everyone has to have some kind of entertain¬ ment, even if it is just clowning around. (4) There are times when the assignment of teachers ' duties are especially appropriate. Right on, Mr. B. (5) Where else can you sit in your chairs like this? Well, these kids know the only time and place in during detention. So, ask yourself is detention really that bad? Thanksgiving Victory A Big Plus This year ' s FHS Panther Football team was picked as one of the teams to beat. That was before the season began. Once the scrimmages and practice games started, the Panthers were down before the regular season started. Senior halfback, A1 Guidrey, broke his jaw in a,scrimmage against Needham. The promising young star was out for five weeks. Soon after Guidrey ' s injury, along came a list-of injuries that would kill a hospital. The Panthers were hurting badly, and their record showed it. Most of the season, they were below .500, and were way back in the standings. A Hockomock League Championship was now im¬ possible; the only remaining hope was to beat rival King Philip on Thanksgiving and turn a disasterous season into a . 500 season, which is half good. Heavy rains delayed the annual Thanksgiving day game for two days, but the wait proved to be worth it. Coach Leone used his brute force fullback, Pete Brunelli as the offen¬ sive punch. Pete amazed many fans with a new record of 229 yards rush¬ ing, shattering Phil Allen ' s old mark. In this game, Pete carried more than 80% of the total team plays. In order to win, however, you must have a good defense; and the Franklin defense rose to the occa¬ sion. They held the KP offense to less than 100 total yards rushing. There was no one standout on defense; they were all there and doing their best job ever. Seniors, Bob Driscoll, Mike Ryan, Tony D ' Errico, and Pete Brunelli played their last high school game doing the best they could. These and the rest of the seniors: Alan Guidrey, Dave Brown, Jim Rasicot, Mike Jones, and Gary Gaudet will surely be missed. Coach Leone, although the team had only a 5-5 record, has to be happy with the way the season turned out. It is too early to speculate on next 1977 team ' s success or failure, but barring any major injuries, it will be a very successful one. (1) Junior, Gary Bolduc runs for a touchdown with an opposing player in pursuit. (2) Coach Leone wears a hopeful expression during halftime as he heads back onto the field. (3) Paul Joannides is being tackled by an opposing player with a f „vv of his teammates running in to help out. (4) Senior, Jim Rasicot, yells onto the field to give his teammates some encouragement. (5) Assistant coach, Harold Williams shouts directions to the players on the field. (6) Front Row: L To R: M. Jones, A. Guidrey, P. Brunelli, T. D Errico, B. Driscoll, J. Rasicot, D. Brown, M. Ryan, G. Leonej Second Row: L To R: PI. Williams, P. Padula, P. Joannides, T. Talamini, P. Muc- ciarone, G. Bolduc, D. Cedrone, T. Gordon, B. Coni on, K. Morrisey, P. Cugno, N. Luccinij Third Row: L To R: A. Dellorco, M. Murphy, B. Brunelli, E. Barche, M. Dwyer, B. Ober, C. Scully, K. Burhcill, R. Moran, R. Gentili, D. McCartyy; Top Row: D. Anderson, J. Lievano, C. Bradford, J. Ryan, P. Vicario, J. Busby, P. Eliason, N. Carlucci, T. Ippoliti, D. Socci, T. Corbett, T. Keras, and missing is D. Boisture. (7) B. Conlon, J. Ryan, D. Cedrone, at halftime (8) Junior Dave Boisture and Senior Tony D ' Errico fighting for F.H.S. (9) Gary Bolduc runs against a strong defense. (10) Senior Peter Brunelli led the team to many victories. (11) Ed Barche and Coach Leone watch a game intently. ► WRESTLERS HAD THEIR GREATEST SUCCESS 1) The referee takes a closer look at the take down by Dave Mucciarone to determine the points scored. 2) A1 Lemire, captain of the varsity squad, is attempting to roll his opponent over by using a familiar move called a " chicken wing. " 3) A Franklin wrestler and his opponent are attempt¬ ing a take down. 4) Steve LaBadessa and his opponent after the whistle. 5) Johnny Anderson is keeping his opponent and the match under control. 2 Hi This year ' s Franklin Junior Varsity wrestling team, with the addition of many new and inexperienced mem¬ bers, had a lot of close matches this year. Even with the addition of the new players, Franklin was able to better their team record this year as opposed to last year ' s. Greg Kenney, a member of the J.V. squad, remembers the match with Milford when, " My opponent and I both went for a take down at the same time and we collided head to head and I knocked him out. " Russell Simpson, also a member of the J.V. squad, had a very disap¬ pointing season because of an injury. Even though he had a short season, he said, " While I was able to wrestle, I enjoyed it, and Mr. Nemey is a great coach. " (1) John Kelley and his opponent do the customary handshake before the start of their match. (2) Varsity Squad Members From Left To Right: First Row: Charlie Harrington, Steve La- Badessa, John Kelley, A1 Nelson, and Captain A1 Lemire. Second Row: Brendan Nerney, Captain John Ander¬ son, Dave Mucciarone, Bobby Conlon, Dickie Evans, Steve Carlucci, Tom O ' Hearn, and Coach Mike Nerney. (3) Steve LaBedessa attempts a " cross face " on his opponent. (4) Brendan Nerney tries to keep his opponent from escaping his hold. (5) A1 Nelson and his opponent are in position to start their match right after the whis¬ tle. (6) Captain A1 Lemire struggles to gain control of his opponent. 1 5 FOODS CLOTHING POPULAR The Foods course involves watching film strips, participating in planning meals, storing food, and having lots of fun. When the students were asked, " Do you think this course was worthwhile? " , some responded, " Of course; I like to eat. " Other students took this course for future use in their home as well as learning different ways to cook. Some of the different things that have been learned from this course are: how to cook different foods from different countries, how to plan meals correctly for good nutrition, and safety in the kitchen. Some of the classes are very well organized. For instance, in one kitchen, the students do their dishes in this manner one person will wash the dishes, then pass them to a second person to dry, in return the second person tosses them across to a third person to put them away; they claim they never miss!. This course offers a variety of experiences: they dance, they sing, and throw the dishes out the window so they won ' t have to wash them. The most exciting thing they do seems to be the B.U. B. B. L. E. D.A.N. C.E. Try it, you ' ll like it!!! (1) Patty Fizer irons her material getting ready to sew. (2) Leslie Lavolet sews busily trying to put together a jacket. (3) A speaker from the Mill Store is giving the class some good points in sewing. 106 Harlem Wizards Put It To The Faculty The people involved in the Harlem Wizards basketball game are: Mr. Mc¬ Call, Mr. Corriea, Alan Mercer, and Mike O ' Roarke. Along with the Har¬ lem Wizards and the audience, these teachers played an all out game. Some of the tilings that made the game funny was when one of the Har¬ lem Wizards chased a little boy around the outside of the bleachers for some of his popcorn. The Wizards also threw water all over Mr. Tracey. A state¬ ment from Mr. Corriea was, " We lost by 19 points, but they could have won by 100. It was a lot of fun. " The Harlem Wizards are a touring basketball team. In addition to play¬ ing great basketball, they are exciting performers. They are a college basket¬ ball team from New York. (1) Here are the Harlem Wizards hold¬ ing up the little boy they chased around and teased throughout the game. (2) Mr. Tracy is standing at the foul line and getting a good laugh at the game. (3) Mr. Corriea is wait¬ ing to see if the ball makes it into the basket. (4) Mr. McCall watches as one of the Wizards does one of his many tricks with the basketball. 107 SKI TEAM SUCCEEDS A % This year, the Franklin High ski team, under the supervision of their coach, Mr. Henderson, had a very successful season. It is the opinion of many that Chuck McStay, a senior, is the best male skier on the team. When Chuck was asked why he bothered to devote so much time and effort to the sport, he replied, " because I like it. " Nancy Guidrey, this year, was voted the outstanding female skier in the league. She is a very talented skier and deserved the award. Laura Rozak, a senior, was asked why she put such a great deal of time and effort into skiing. She replied " I love to ski. (It ' s one of the best cardio-vascular activities around!) " Steve LaRosa, a senior, when asked what his funniest or most em¬ barrassing moment in the sport was replied, " Doing a half backward flip in Austria. " Most of the skiers agreed that their best memory in the sport was their trip to Austria in 1975. 1) Chuck McStay, rated as the num¬ ber one male skier on the team, demonstrates one of the many moves as he flies toward the bottom of the hill. 2) Alan Cresto practices his downhill with quite a bit of concen¬ tration. 3) Steve LaRosa coasts to the bottom for another ride on the ski lift. 4) Laura Rozak is adjusting her skis as she and some other teammates wait for the lift to bring them up to the top of the hill. 5) Mark Minni- chelli shows good form and concen¬ tration as he skis down during prac¬ tice at Klein Innsbruck. 6) Peter Sarapas is demonstrating the concen¬ tration and skill needed to become an excellent skier. 3 Don Myers says that his most embarrassing moment in basketball was, " When I decided to ’play soccer’ with the basketball and kicked the ball into Coach Cotter ' s face Steve Fahey’s best memory of this year was " sinking a last second shot to beat North Attleboro. " Bob Thor ne : center, says his funniest moment was, " Watching Dave Boisture at the foul line. ’’ (1) Senior, Alan Guidrey, covers loose ball while teammates Dave Boisture and Bob Thome look on. (2) Juniors, Rick Gentili and Dave Murphy, prospective stars for the varsity next year, contend with an Oliver Ames guard during crucial game which Franklin lost 63-60. (3) Coach Don Cotter gives his team a last minute pep talk before the game. (4) Junior Varsity ' s Jeff Bird, takes the jumpball to bring Franklin to another victory. (5) Steve Fahey, senior, shoots a jumpshot from tne foul line over Oliver Ames player, Craig Watts. FHAIItL ' i,iiii immv am I (1) Team Photo: Back Row, Left To Right: Mike Ostrander, Bob Thorne, and Ted Barker. Middle Row, Left To Right: Rick Gentili, A1 Guidrey; Co-captain, Dave Boisture, Steve Fahey, Co-captain. Front Row, Left To Right: Dan Myers, Mike O ' Rourke, and Dave Murphy. TAKNKL I •, ' • T -V’’ ' : l : " -m ' ' n Si 1 JiSH |8f|M ' yK T ' ][i| | ; IP ® K - r ■ • Si :, ■ ' • »■ (2) Bob Thome, junior, wins opening jumpball against Oliver Ames ' center. (3) Jeff Bird, center for the J. V. squad, leaps high as he takes a jumpshot from the corner while opposition awaits the rebound. (4) Dave Murphy says, " I enjoy play¬ ing sports; it is a good feeling to win for a team. " (5) Teammates give Bob Thome a hand as he is being announced as starting center. CHESS TEAM GETS RECOGNITION Dr. Sayer, advisor of the Chess Club and coach of the chess team, comments, " We play one league game a week; and the club meets once a week to play among them¬ selves. This year ' s team placed fourth in the Blackstone Valley Chess League tournaments. " Steve Howard says, " We play chess, discuss tactics, and generally have a good time. I learned how to play chess, and I gained the ability to accept defeat and victory. " Dale Albertson feels, " Chess pro¬ vides activity for someone who would like to compete, but doesn ' t care for athletics. " (1) Steve Howard contemplates his next move. (2) Mark Mastromatteo shows tire concentration involved in chess. (3) A member of the chess ' club makes his move for checkmate. (4) D. McDonald makes his move while opponent looks on worriedly. (5) Mark Mastromatteo and Dr. Sayer play a friendly game of chess at one of the meetings. ■■I The majority of Franklin High School students feel our art depart¬ ment is the best. We offer more courses than just about any school of our size. However, there are some students who don ' t know our art department is so well organized and offers fourteen to sixteen specialized courses with a wide spectrum of equipment. Most anyone ' s interests and abilities can be satisfied in at least one of the three rooms. The teachers have individualized talents and personalities making art appealing to almost everyone. The art exhibits over the past years have been very successful and the students have received acclaim through them. This Festival is usually held in the spring of each year. The department also always holds an in-school field trip for which students set up tables and work outside where they can be observed and where non-art students can experiment and get a feeling for " what ' s happening " in the art department. According to several surveys taken it seems that most art students take art to take up time and end up really involved in the new talent they have developed. Priscilla Fagan spoke of her Art for Enjoyment class saying, " It was worthwhile because it gave me ideas for something to do in my spare time. " Laura Wicknick enjoys advanced ceramics because it taught her how to mold clay into cups, bowls, or any¬ thing you want. Bob MacDougall feels that Art for Enjoyment, " Should be fun. We can be creative and mainly do what we want. It lets you put on paper any creative urges you have. " Kerrie McCarthy who has learned " how to get depth and design to¬ gether " took the course it ' s a good way for me to let out what I feel. " Sean DeLaubenfels, an acrylics student, when asked what the course is about replied, " We paint. (What did you think?) " Tracy Ariel says " I will learn technique. I ' m sure something strange will happen here. " Mike Chew has learned " the composition of colors and how to arrange them on a canvas to make a realistic picture. It has made me aware of the world of colors and how they are arranged. " Ms. Laws feels the art courses could be improved by having, " More time for the course. Double periods would help. I would add an art appreciation course that everyone had to take. " Mr. MacPhee says, " Franklin High School has a very good art department which has shown en¬ ormous growth and expansion in the past few years. We ' ve worked very hard to accomplish this and I ' m proud to be a part a part of it. It seems to be reflected in the quality of the work the students produce and the diligence they put into it. " A game often used by psychiatrists to uncover a patient ' s problem(s) is word association. In this case, yearbook staff members were the psychiatrists and the student body the patients. " Read the word to yourself and write down the first thing that comes into your head. " These were some of the most repeated responses: School: Free education, prison, all day, boring, work, books, morning, pot, Quinlan, daze, too much, crud, skip. Seniors: Party, class, Juniors, finally, solid, graduation, joke, free, any¬ thing, big guys. Senior skip days: Sleep, absent, swim, were fun, wasted, jump, all year, Grove Street, trouble, fantastic, more. Senior breakfast: Pancakes, party, morning, food, yuk, horrible, oranges, later, pig in, oatmeal, ache, fun time. Teachers: Yuk, happy, students, slavedrivers, dedicated, chumps, dull, preachers, boring. The Cape: Ocean, exciting, sex, swimming, beaches, beer, Onset, of Good Hope, blast, Jaws, party. Parties: Drunks, seniors, fun, big gig, friends, beer, dull, zoo, politics, yes- sir, mad dog, nightly, Party On! Basements: Smokey, dirty, rotten, foggy, damp, unbelievable, cement, pri¬ son, cellars, cigarettes. Detention: Later, Quinlan, study, rotten, waste, stinks, worthless, boring, staying after, nothing, imprisonment, Mr. Rose, Mr. Rex, stupid. Graduation: Freedom, screwy, blue, party, finale, boring, honor, end, sad, finally, relief, happy, a dream, tears, OK, gig, exciting, nerves, thank God, banquet, out. Diane Lucas Patricia Loughlin Deborah Lotfy Pamela Marcelli Abbe MacComiskey Michael Lyons 1 ’ njk w w mr , j mt n -—j Linda McNally John McGovern Linda McFarland Mark Minnichelli Harry Miller Mark Mercure Charles McStay Television plays a big role in the lives of people. Movies and television sometimes reflect our actions, our moods, our speech, and in many ways, our entire lives. In reply to the question: " What are your five favorite T.V. shows? " , the most popular was " Happy Days, " picked by a decisive margin, and followed by " All In The Family, " " Kojak, " and " Medical Center. " Subsequently, the students were also asked to answer the question: " Who is your favorite T.V. character? " The majoirty responded in much the same way as in the shows. By a wide margin, " Fonzi " of " Happy Days " was the most popular, followed by " Archie Bunker " of " All in The Family, " " Kojak, " and " Columbo. " Regarding movies, the students were also asked to answer the question: " What is your favorite all-time movie? " The most widely chosen movie was " Jaws. " Concerning music, the question, " What is your favorite all-time song? " The major response was " Stairway to Heaven. " There are many music artists of all kinds in the world today, most of whom are widely known; liked and disliked. Back in the ' 50 ' s when rock and roll music really got started, Elvis Presley was " the " rock and roll star of that time. In the early ' bO ' s, the " Beatles " came into the light and into the hearts of many people as the greatest music artists of all time. Therefore, students were asked to answer the question: " Who is your favorite music artist artists " ? Here in the ' 70 ' s, as in the ' 60 ' s, the majority chose the " Beatles. " Cynthia Mutchler Laura Murch Michael Neelon Lawrence Nasuti Donald Myers Francis Padula Aimee Osborne Michael O ' Rourke Holly Ormand Timothy Reese Stephen Recchia Denise Reardon James Rasicot Carol Saster Cheryl Santoro Robert Sexton Kathv Seaver Patrice Seaholm Jeanette Scully Gregory Sweet John Sullivan Diana Taylor Alessandrina Taddeo Cheryl Symmes Judith Sylvia Robert Wilson Donna Williams James Brennick Kenneth Whitcomb Lorelei Willie Mark Woods Margo Woodman Lisa Wojciechowski Marjorie Donnell Jonathan Doe Mary Ann DiLeonardo David Foley Elizabeth Evans Deborah Dunne Karen Ryan Doug Rondeau Brian Rose Sharon McCarthy Dale Morin Mary Morrissey Kellie McDonald Senior Class Play Out Of The Ordinary- A Mini Drama Festival The Master Patlin Characters: Patlin--David Yankee Guillimette--Debbie Sammarco Draper--Richard Rackette Sheep Herder--James Degnim Photo 1—David Yankee and Debbie Sammarco Photo 2—David Yankee and Debbie Sammarco Photo 3—David Yankee and Richard Rackette Photo 4—James Degnim I Photo 1—Scott Fraser and Kate Huntington Photo 2—Britt Ely and Chris Yergation Photo 3—Richard Rackette and David Yankee Photo 4-- Richard Rackette and Janies Degnim Photo 5—Scott Fraser, Kate Hunting- ton, Kirk Simon, and Karen Ryan English Dept. Offers Choice The English Dept., through its electives, offers the students many choices and the creativity of the program and the teachers gives the students many interesting experiences. The Junior Prom was held at the Blue Hills Coun¬ try Club on a Wednesday evening in April in ' 75. Everyone waited patiently to get dressed up and go to (1) Danny Dickenson serves popcorn at Wordsworth ' s birthday party; (2) (5 next page) Ann Drohan, Teri Lenzi, and Mary Dayian work on yearbook in " Graphics " class; (3) (4) Ms. Vosburgh and Ms. Simon are members of English faculty; (6) Mr. McKenna ' s English 2 class work on " The Crucible " ; (7) A Theater Arts student gives careful thought to her mime performance. I K Wing’s Finest... 1) Bob Modrak and Mr. Hinckley trouble shoot a car radio. 2) A nice shot of Mr. Molla ' s Home Building class, doing a lot of work. 3) Steve Murphy checking his printed copies on the offset press. 4) Eugene Piacentini puts finishing touches on cabinet he made in wood shop. 5) Wendall Pineo grind down broken chairs from the lecture hall. ■ ...MORE OF K WING Dave Recchia feels that Electronics is " a fascinating field; you can learn a lot. We studied AM, FM, TV, stereos, house wiring, power supplies, volts, amps, and ohms. " Tony Sasta enjoys, " shocking people with capacitors. We learned how to put in light bulbs. " Ray Johnson has learned how to make an amplifier. " We have learned about the dangers of electrolytic capacitors, " he said. He learned not to touch a live wire, not to touch a coil when you disconnect it, and not to hook up an electrolytic capacitor in reverse . Ray said, " I like a lot of juice, 10,000 volts or better, and I know how to make an electric chair. " He will always remember " when Vinny plugged a resistor into a live 500 volt power source and got a 20 mule team kick from it! " Dave Griffin says, " You get to make things you would have paid twice as much for, and fix things you would otherwise throw away. Mr. Hinckley is a great guy for getting parts at little or no cost. " He was impressed by the " Blown capacitors, diodes, and smoke shows. " Kevin Morrissey feels that " Gra¬ phics offset involves darkroom, and working with both foil and metal plates. We also make our own note¬ pads. " Kevin claims that, " Not many strange things can happen around power machinery. " Graphics letterpress, " Gives a student a chance to see how big presses work, and how printing in involved in our daily lives. " Jack Prescott commented, " In Automotives, we learned about engines and cars, and work on them. If you learn enough you can save money in the future, by working on your own car. " John Kaufman remembers w r hen, " A person drove a car into a bench and wrecked a vise; and someone else put lugmits on and forgot the tire. " 1) Jim Bums puts final shingles on Building in his wood three class. 2) Brenda Beane, Jack Daddario work¬ ing on assignments in Mr. Shan- graw ' s Drafting Class. 3) 2Vfr. Molla, Vinny Allevato (Front), Rob Coyne (Right), Larry Hatfield (Far Right) checking out the site for the new town dog pound . 4) Brian Rose dis¬ mantling old junk car in his advanced automotives class. I 4 I What We Had To Say In 1976 Fo r £ ckX. OV C OGwV cVvOvvc t V ry L Uo C ' Ov-j ' r h vU . L k 1 5.5 Ccr-6_ ro «-o t y OLv C y o o Ij wOu o?H ' s 4 S ' j T 25 ujolnno scvj: ‘f« ' « 0 V S fcel enV 0£° Oo- o.o -Hoe v- cx. -Hoe CheH H l -| L-cxb THer s QC OC o o S CLcxUed the- iqc} 1 o Hob- uOe. |OsT uJounTed To Veil p, j-ha.-t- UL ' e J1 2—oe Cl n ±- o-J .r-e H e n o cx. H )6S y e, =oo d 2 - M • f- oc 0 t- Va o€_ eo £ UiWtVC y«OA H fr r ,A. oCk. t U; C wW H e-o-V «Ai«c v . ,v O- RVtl HoocKidS 0“ w dbto Sone.s 139 ft 60 STUDENTS INDUCTED INTO NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1) Dan Myers receives N.H.S. pin from advisor, Tunde Gebow. 2) President Mark Minichelli addresses the new inductees. 3) Alice Taddeo provided the music at the ceremony. 4) Following the ceremony, parents and guests enjoyed refreshments in the cafeteria. 5) N.H.S. Officers (From Left To Right): Elizabeth Moulton, co-vice president; Secre¬ tary, Cheryl Watkins; Anne Marie Antico, Treasurer; co-vice president, Alan Cresto, and Mark Mimichelli, President. 6) A typical Honor Society meeting. 7) (From Left To Right) David Piligian, Mike Chew, Thomas Fording, and Marc Elliot discuss club activities. 8) Cheryl Watkins, N.H.S. Secretary, tutors Susan DiGiandomenico. ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF DON MYERS January 26, 1976 was a special evening for many students at FHS for that night was the National Honor Society induction ceremony of the FHS Chapter. Sixty new members proudly sat in the lecture hall waiting to receive their National Honor Society member¬ ship card and pin from the club ' s advisor, Ms. Tunde Gebow, a mem¬ ber of the English Department. Mark Minnichelli, President of the National Honor Society, con¬ ducted the ceremony. Alessandrina Taddeo and Cheryl Symmes began the program with a song. Mr. Howard C. Abbott, a lawyer from Franklin, was the guest speaker for the evening. To be inducted, students must show such qualities as leadership, service, scholarship and character. Students are, also, judged by a com¬ mittee of faculty members who are consulted for recommendations for each new possible member. Stephen Fahey, when asked what he profited from this club replied, " It was good to know that some teachers thought of you as a student and an individual. " Meetings of the National Honor Society are held at least twice a month in which upcoming plans for ways to help others can be arranged. . SOCCER CONT. FROM 24 Letter B gets 3 points be¬ cause you should be more ac¬ curate in your answers. Letter A gets 2 points be¬ cause you need a little meat on you. If you chose C as your an¬ swer then you only get 1 point because being fat isn ' t really cool. 7. The big pointer in this ques¬ tion was of course D, 4 points, " Spaghetti " , and why? Well, it seems to be the only thing any¬ one in this school can cook. " Tube steaks " , letter A got 3 points, because take a look at the other choices. If you chose either B or C as your answer I ' m sorry to say but no LUCKY lunch day today because you do not get any points. 8. The " Senior Breakfast” C, seems to get 5 big points be¬ cause we know how all you seniors loved. Letter D, " initiation, gets 4 points because you are using your imagination and that is what you must do to answer these questions. Both B and E get 3 points because you must have enjoyed this as much as the prom. After all, they were sort of alike!! If you chose A, " Holly Ball " , sorry but only 1 point because you are not thinking too much. If you went here, you must have gone alone because it didn ' t happen. 9. If you chose A, " 2:10, " as your favorite time of day, you ' re a super person and get 4 points. (Congratulations!) Letter D gets 3 points be¬ cause next to leaving school, the next best thing is eating lunch. Well, maybe you aren ' t such an honest student and have detention a lot. Well--3:00, letter C, would be your favor¬ ite time of day but you only get 2 points. Letter B, " 8:00 " , gets zip-- 0 points because who likes this time of morning? You must be a weirdo to pick this time, (why don ' t you go back to bed)? 10. If you chose D, " None of the above " , of course you ' re going to get 6 points because no one has a favorite class, " Do you? " If you chose C, " Chef ' s " you are doing quite well on this question and get 5 points. Letter A gets 4 points and you deserve 4 points if you can stand labs. If you chose B, " Calculus, " as your answer, sorry but no luck and if you ' re as smart as you should be, you wouldn ' t have chosen this answer. 11. If your favorite memory of the prom was C, you get 4 points and you really have a terrific memory of the prom. Letter A " the mugs " will get 3 points because think of all the memories we get every time you look at them. If you chose D, " not going at all, " you get 1 point because you tell the truth and you have to get something for not going. If you chose B as your an¬ swer you would get no points because you probably never saw Bob Mills. 12. The big pointer of this ques¬ tion is B and 3 points is what you get, but if you are not telling the truth, you will never win this game. Letter D seems to be the second best answer because if it was okay to wear it the day before than why not again the next? If A was your choice, you gdt 1 point because maybe you look weird but at least you look nice. If you chose C as your an¬ swer, well, you must be some kind of a dresser and I bet you have a lot of friends but, no points! 13. Letter D was the 4 pointer of this question because if you didn ' t meet on the hill, you probably got caught by someone unusual. If you chose C, you get 3 points because at least you did something exciting before a dance. If you chose B, " got all dolled up, " you would get 2 points. Letter A gets 1 point, be- cuase you should be more care¬ ful if you do not know what pot is. 14. If you chose A, " Grove Street, " you get 3 points and you are probably not the only one who got these 3 points. Letter C gets 2 points be¬ cause you can think of some¬ where better than this. If you chose D, you get 1 point because you don ' t have to show the world where you go parking. Letter B gets zero points and you don ' t deserve any points if you don ' t know what it is. 15. If you chose C, " excellent friends, " you get 4 points and you must be excellent. If you chose D, " Jocks, " you get 3 points because you have to hang around with some good kids. If you chose Bf you only get 2 points and that ' s too bad you have to be like this. Letter A, " Prissy kids, " gets no points at all and get with it, will you. 16. If you work at Marshall ' s letter C, you get 5 points be¬ cause out of these choices this is the BEST. If you work at the Elephant store, letter A, you get 3 points and this is better than none. Letter B, " Shamrock Cafe, " gets 1 point because can ' t you get a job anywhere else? If you picked E then you ' ll get 2 points because wherever you work must be worth some¬ thing. If you chose D, " you don ' t, " you must be lazy, so you get zero points and try to find a job, will you. 17. If you chose C, you ' ll get 3 points because you sound like you mil really die if you can ' t play sports. Please, don ' t die and take 3 points. Letter A gets 2 points be¬ cause who knows what sport this is!! Letter B, " never would think of it, " gets 1 point and think of it next time and you might score better. If you chose letter D you don ' t get any points and you musn ' t care too much either. If your total score ranged from 50 to 56 you would be con¬ sidered the most perfect senior at F. H. S. and should be proud of yourself. If your total was within 40 to 49, you will be considered not quite perfect but a typical student at F. H. S.; maybe you fit in with the American Jocks. If your total was within 30 to 39 you are average, not the best but not the worst. Your qualities are well known with your classmates. If your total was from 20 to 9, you ' re a Burn Out. This is what you have classified your¬ self to be. .... . . Harold Groden English Charles A. Hinckley Industrial Arts Michael Gilmore English Joseph H. Gormley Reading Faith Hughes Science Kathleen Irvine Foreign Language Vito V. Gerardi Department Head, Industrial Arts James J. Gray Business Deborah Hepburn English James K. Hosford Industrial Arts Photo Not Available W esley Loper Mathematics Susan Maguire English John MacPhee Art Herman McCall Driver Education Elena Menize Mathematics Robert McKenna English Myrtle Lougee Music Paul Lombardi English Nello Luccini Social Studies .. jpSS i Florence Markee Department Head, Home Economics I Priscilla Ivimey Health Careers Eleanor D, Kenney Foreign Language Nancy Johnson Mathematics Warren Kemp Department Head, Foreign Language James Kiley Special Needs Mason B. Kingsbury Science Cynthia Laws Art Barbara Ligon English Nancy Merrill Mathematics Francis A. Molla Industrial Arts Michael Nemey English John J. Mulcahy Department Head, Social Studies Ralph F. Olsen Mathematics Ann Neviackas Science Maurice Paquet Industrial Arts Kathleen Palli Social Studies Frances Peters Social Studies Richard E. Parmenter Science Cp 1 ■ Mirage Appears In ’76 (1) Ms. Hepburn jokes with the staff before selection begins. (2) The Mirage staff pauses before voting on the items they must consider. (3) Genni Millis and another staff member select the photographs which are to be published. (4) Liz Sheehan and Harry Miller listen to one of the submissions. (5) Miss Hepburn reads Material to be selected for Mirage. The literary magazine, MIRAGE, contains vari¬ ous types of poetry, short stories, photography, and art work. MIRAGE is written and designed by Frank¬ lin High students. The magazine was formed to give students a chance to have their literary and art work published. Members of the staff discuss the layouts and which submissions will be used in the magazine. Deidre Reagan thinks MIRAGE should be pub¬ lished " so people can be able to express themselves in their own way . . . Through their art, poems, stories, and photos, they tell how they feel. " Lorraine Barter joined the club because Sharon McWilliams joined " ... for the ex¬ perience and I like it. " Ms. Hepburn, a faculty advisor, says, " I will feel a deep sense of satisfaction to read our first issue. I hope that a tradition will be established to continue to publish outstanding creative efforts by the individuals who are Franklin High School. " Trying out for sports is really the most important part of the sport itself, hopefully ensuring the best qualified make it on the team. Mary Thibeault ' s most embarrass¬ ing moment in the sport of field hockey was, " When my bloomers were to tight and I had to remove them. " Sonny Higgins joins sports be¬ cause " It keeps me in shape ! You meet so many people and you learn how to work with others as one . " When Sonny was chosen for softball team she felt " Excellent! It ' s nice to know that youVe got to help the team go all the way. Suc¬ cess !! The greatest feeling you can have, its nice! " Mary Thibeault thinks sports are worth her time and effort because " It gives me a chance to prove myself to myself and to meet many people and how to win but most of all how to lose. " (1) " S onny " Higgins watches intently at prospective teammate during try-outs in the field house. (2) Ten¬ sion and the anxiety of competition can be seen in the faces of Susan Roinson and Margaret Walters. (3) Patty Charest works on the weight appartus which is part of try-out routine. There ' s More To It Than Just Playing “HUMAN FELICITY IS PRODUCED NOT SO MUCH BY GREAT PEICES OF GOOD FORTUNE THAT SELDOM HAPPEN, AS BY LITTLE ADVANTAGES THAT OCCUR EVERY DAY” —Benjamin Franklin HAPPINESS DOESN’T COME SO MUCH FROM A FEW BIG THINGS: IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS WE GET FROM PEOPLE EVERYDAY THAT COUNT. Math Club Gets Recognition It Deserves The Math Club consists of students who compete with students from surrounding towns in math mini-tests. In the meets, ten people from each school compete by taking a ten minute test of three questions. The club has about twenty members with Mark Minnichelli as President. " The team is doing much better this year, " says the advisor, Mr. Belejack, " we made the playoffs. " (1) R. Lawhom is taking a test during one of the clubs meetings. (2) Mr. Belejack is planning and discussing the strategy for the next meet. (3) The club members are listening to a lecture from Mr. Belejack. (4) Frank Mauro seems to find his test amusing along with another club member. Harry Miller enjoys the Science Club because, " People who have an interest in science can exploit their interests. We had a water pollution fight with the town. " Donna Peare feels that the club has done nothing, yet something. Mary Herrington joined, " to meet, party, and learn. I enjoy science and know the members. We have gone spelunking and star gazing . " David Yankee has gained " A new understanding of God and mica. We have gone hither and thither and yon. We went to Ruggles and back; over the hill and far away. " He feels the club should exist, " To ward off enemies. The most memorable event that ever happened was The TREE. " StanNeubert wanted, " To understand the mys¬ teries of the cosmos. Besides, my people were in the club. " He remembers " The water-quality taste force and when we ate lunch in tire bowells of tire earth (Ruggles 1 Mine). He thinks the club could be improved, " With more money. " The photographs on this page are of the assembly, " Snakes Alive, " put on for the student body and sponsored by the science club. All Seniors Are Special Each senior has a special quality within him or her. In order for the senior class and the faculty to acknowledge the uniqueness of their classmates and students, we asked the seniors and teachers to answer the question: " What senior do you feel deserves to be recognized as a very special person? Why? " MARK PRAIRIE: " I think that he has leadership qualities, and I think he tries to see the students viewpoint. " --Ben Daley " He has done a lot for the Senior Class, and also, he has done a lot for D. E. He was a member of D. E. for only one month and he drove back and forth everyday to Raynham. ” --Tom Mucciarone " I mark prairie have never known anyone who could get along with everyone like he can. " --Diane Piekarski MARY ANN RUSSO: " She came from another town; she made friends and joined groups taking the responsibilities of being Captain of the Drill Team. " --Jill Morse MARK MINNICHE LLI: " Mark, for this outstand¬ ing scholastic achieve¬ ment and being an all around person. " --Tom King " Mark is always there to help whether it be school oriented or just a friendly gesture. " --Claire Rondeau MARY ANN RUSSO DEBBIE VILLANI MIKE GAZZOLA DEBBIE VILLANI: " Debbie is a character. She would make anyone burst out with laughter the first second she met them. She ' s a really good kid, and I admire her sense of humor. " --Cheryl Delfino MIKE GAZZOLA: " Mike has a great personality, and he is never in a de¬ pressed mood. " --Judy Currier " Mike always knows how to cheer you up when you ' re feeling down. " --Barb Modrak ALICE TADDEO: " Alice is special because she has found the talent she pos¬ sesses, and has developed it in a way I can only de¬ scribe as being remark¬ able. " --Emily Osborne MARK MINNICHELLI ALICE TADDEO LINDA McNALLY-- " Pin " is one of the more colorful people at F. H. S. It seems that she al¬ ways manages to pop up with a big smile to cheer you up at the right time. " --Emily Osborne " She was always there for me to talk to and she’s a really sweet kid. " --Hillary Hanson mike mcdermott-- " Mike has the knack of having fun and does what he wants. The biggest thing is his personal drive. He challenges himself both physically and mentally. He is unique and I admire him. " --Carlo Lodi. MARY JANE HANLON-- " She deserves credit for being such a great person. She did a great job of being our treasurer, al¬ so. " --Frank Mauro " She never gets mad if you do something wrong and she talks to people even if she doesn ' t know them. " --Mike O’Rouke RAY KODGERS- - " Ray is an excellent partyer. No matter how much we " gig " he always wants to " gig " more. And he’ll always help you out when you need him. Also, he ' s never afraid to say what bugs him and that’s cool. I’ll always remember Kodger ' s Keg party. That was excellent! " --Bob Cargill " Fraybie " is an excellent person. When someone is a little down about something, Fray is always there to help cheer you up. " Big Daddy " as he is sometimes called is always the life of the party. He is always danc¬ ing and getting everyone else into the partying mood. I’ll always remember Ray dancing at the partys at my house. " -- " Raz " JOAN HAL LETT-- " Joan Hallett is a remarkable person and it was a great pleasure to have had her in class. She is dedication personified. Knowing a person like Joan makes teaching a very rewarding experience. Her drive to ac¬ complish her own goals are an inspiration to those around her. After quitting school at the age of 16 and hav¬ ing raised a family, Joan decided that if she is to grow as a person, she needs to continue her edu¬ cation, she plans to go on to college and eventually become a teacher of busi¬ ness education. Joan is an outstanding person. I would hope that every student and every teacher at F. H. S. were as fortunate as I and has had the pleasure of spending some time with Joan Hal¬ lett. " --Ms. Maguire " I ' ve had the pleasure of teach¬ ing Joan during her Junior year of U. S. History. Throughout the semester Joan enhanced the interest of the course, not only as an interested adult, but mainly through her criti¬ cal and questioning attitude which was both challenging and constructive. Her at¬ titude acted as a catalytic agent which stimulated both the class and myself into deep thought and pro¬ vocated discussions. Throughout the semester Joan accepted personal responsibilities as well as maintaining such inititive qualities as being consid- erite of other ' s rights and feelings. " --Mr. Beksha DON MYERS-- " He’s an accomplished athlete, scholar, and dedicated cit¬ izen of Franklin High, and to those who know him, a good friend. " --Mr. Belejack JOAN PRESCOTT-- " Joan has put up with so many things throughout her four years of high school, and she never said a bad word about anyone. " --Jean Lang. " In every class, there is someone special because that person is different. Being different is not easy and often it is down right difficult to be different, and to be happy. But for four years, Joan has remained a good-natured, happy per¬ son. " --A teacher. LINDA McNALLY mike mcdermott I MARY JANE HANLON PAN HALLETT Donkey Basketball Comes To F.H.S. (1) The players and their donkeys await the start of the basketball game at half court. (2) Don Myers attempts to leap onto his donkey while Mark Prairie chases his. (3) Mr. McCall is in¬ structing his teammates on what strategy to use. (4) Sheila Ryan carries the ball up court to take her shot with opposing players in pursuit. (5) Mark Prairie entertains the crowd by teasing the donkey. The donkey wouldn ' t stand for that; he just tried t o bite him. k Drill Team An Important Saturday Activity Sandra Young joined the Drill Team " because my friends told me about it, and I thought I ' d try it. I have gained enjoyment and the pride of accomplishment. " Arleen Ditondo " heard the instructor was looking for riflemen, so I joined. " Sue Rettman feels it is different from any other sport, and it gives me some¬ thing to do on Saturdays. We get to work with people from different schools and see how they work and put together routine. " (1) Linda Eknian marches off the field after performing at halftime. (2) Drill Team members move onto the field to perform. (3) Maureen Churchill and Rita Rzezuski walk off the field with the flag. (4) The Drill Team stand in line awaiting the start of their performance. (5) Drill Team members discuss strategy and perform¬ ance ideas at a practice. SPECIAL SENIORS CONT. FROM P. 155 PETER STEFAN: ' He never has a bad word to say about anyone. He may ' bust ' you, but you can ' bust ' him back without him getting mad. A lot of people can ' t do that. He ' d do anything for you and you ' d do anything for him. " --Pam Gibson TERI LEN ' ZI: " Teri always has time to be nice to everyone. " --Olga Lievano ' Great kid, no enemies. --Paul LaVoie " Teri is always involved with school activities, but never seems to get the credit she de¬ serves. " --Billy Rice TONY D ' ERRICO: " In the ten years that Tony and I have been friends, I haven ' t met any other kid who is as funny and as sharp as he. " --Pete Brunelli " One of the sincerest and most dedicated young men I have ever coached. A fine leader and gentlemen. Participated in Franklin football for four years, three years of which he started on the varsity. A good student who contrib¬ uted his talents to our ath¬ letic program ' s success. I ' m sure Tony will go on to col¬ lege and to achieve and con¬ tribute to another school ' s program as he has done in Franklin ' s programs. ”-- Mr. Leone PITER STEFAN PETE BRUNELLI: " Pete is a real fine athlete who will never miss a ' cut down. ' He has a great personality, with the size of his heart only outdone by the size of his waistline. ’’--Tony D ' Errico " One of the finest young men I have ever coached. A fine leader and and gentlemen. Because of his hard work and dedica¬ tion to the game of football, he has accomplished many r.onors and achievements. As a student he has v -ked very hard academically, and has also achieved academic success. He has made many con¬ tributions to Franklin High School, and I am sure that he will be successful in his future endeavors both academically and in football. He has been for¬ tunate enough to receive scholarship offers that he very well deserves, and I know he will continue to be successful at the school he chooses. " --Mr. Leone TERI LENZI TONY D ' ERRICO BOB CARGILL: " I think Bob is special because 3C3 CARGITJ Photo Not Available he ' s such a wildman. " -- Jeremy Crockford " He never has a bad word to say about anyone. Jeanette Scully " Every¬ body likes to " bust " Bob because he is so good natured. I can ' t think of anyone who doesn ' t have something good to say about him. You will usually find Bob saying, ' Ya know--I mean--I ' m sorry, but .’ He ' s one of a kind. " -- Deb Martin CAROL LAVTGNE: " She is a very special person to me because she has qualities in her that make a very different individual. She is caring independent, and has an excellent head on her shoulders; most of all, she always knows what to say at the right time to make me feel great. " --Chris Yergation REBECCA WILLIAMS: " She is the person whom I would like to be if I weren ' t myself. She isn ' t afraid to try or do anything, even if others don’t like it. If she has something to say, she ' ll say it. Besides being so uninhibited, she is also a warm, understanding person who really cares. ' --Laurie Klumpe REBECCA WILLIAMS The senior breakfast was held at Bickford ' s on Wed., March 10th. We all met in the parking lot at about eight. Then everyone just folio ' , ed each other there. Some came a little late because they either got lost or delayed (as was the case of Ronnie. He arrived a little late because he totaled his car. It could have been a good break¬ fast if everyone had been able to sit down at the same time or if the wait¬ resses were a little more pleasant. I ' m sure if we were treated a little nicer we might have overlooked a few minor things, such as the gross kid in the kitchen who ' s elastic fell out of his hair and into Mark ' s eggs, or the both colorful and tasty green mold on Jucy ' s pancakes. Then they had the nerve to tax us! Was the whole thing worth a few balloons and lollypops you guvs?! Afterwards the kids split up a little. While some were finishing eating, the others were already partying. Some went over to the W ' alpole Mall on a " Shopping Spree " . W’ell, Brenda got a new necklace out of the deal! Bubbles ran out of gas. And some were stuck without a ride. Eventually, almost everyone ended up at the Circles partying. That ' s where Pip ' s car got stuck in the snow and Chuck ' s car broke down. Mary Jane had a private party in her van, and there were three other parties at Sue ' s, Penny ' s, and Whip ' s. Bruce wouldn ' t come partying and poor Bob Sexton rode around in his mother ' s car all day trying to find everyone or anyone. It was too late, everyone had gone home to sleep off the effects of the morning. What a way to spend a snow day, huh, you guys? " SPEAKERS GIVE SPECIAL INFORMATION Archaeologist, Jack Silvermail, spoke to the Human Experience clas¬ ses, who enjoyed his talk. Don Cauble feels he learned that the field is im¬ portant in discovering our actual back¬ ground. Sue McGovern said, " I learned about a lot of Indian villages. " Ms. Gebow came to Mr. Luccini ' s classes and talked about coming from Hungary. Linda Whitmore says, " She kept me interested; it was really good. I learned about the problems of trying to get out of one country into another. " Ted Verderber of the New York Life Insurance Company and Jack Frederick of the Standard Register Company spoke to the Communica¬ tions In The Business World students. Ms. Maguire explains, " Jack talked about opportunities in the sales field for large companies, and Ted talked about insurance as an investment. " (l)Mrs. Gebow, in costume, talks to Mr. Luccini ' s history class. (2) Students listen to Mrs. Gebow ' s talk. (3) Ted Verderber talks about insurance as an investment. (4) Jack Frederick talks about opportunities in the sales field. (5) Jack Silvemail, an archaeologist, talks about his field to Mr. Beksha ' s Human Experience class. K T - »■• p w - mm k V 1 Jfu O •■ £ 8 t r , m to OSKEYUPHOLDS TRADITION 41st YEAR " Another opening, another show, " was this year ' s Oskey theme. Over 160 students tried out, but only 89 people made it. The actors, make-up people, the stage crew and more made up the show. From the be¬ ginning Mr. Chelloti, who directed this year ' s show, was very enthusiastic about the production, the turnout and the talent. The show consisted of walk-ons, skits, vocals, instrumentals, and a mini-musical. Laurie Klumpe, who with Alan Cresto, emceed the first half of the show, had par¬ ticipated for 4 years and she said, " When she was up on stage she really doesn ' t think of the people. " But it ' s afterwards when they are applauding that she really feels good about the whole show because she is giving part of herself to the audience, and they enjoyed it. The other Oskey participants share the same feelings with Laurie and all agree that they were happy with the results of the Oskey. . u - " Your Song " . " Shining Star " MaryAnn Dubowski Leanne Frink Cheryl Huie " Love Will Keep Us Together " Alan Cresto Jim Kiely Brian Cresto Joseph Kutile Greg Sullivan Emcees.Mark Mastromatteo Cheryl Symmes Lisa DeBaggis Lee Forbes MaryEllen Dewing Ellen Mary Evans Ellen Meade " Theme from Mahogany " Alice Taddeo " Lonely Nights " Dawne Myers " Dream Weaver " Brian Todesco " Spring " .... Ann Marie Pucillo " Mary Heartburn, Mary Heartburn " Susan McWilliams Debby Heim Bonnie Parker Sharon McWilliams Brian Todesco Donna Fontaine Amy Shangraw Karin Brown Cheryl D ' Amelio Kate Huntington " If I Could Reach You " Rosemary Hoar Alan Cresto Laurie Klumpe Laura Giuliano Mike Frongillo Greg Sullivan .James Chelotti Emcees ..Alan Cresto, Laurie Klumpe " The Way We Were " ... Rene Mosher " All for the Best " . Debbie Lincourt, Karen Hadley Sharon Adamson Karen Keville . .Lisa Jaros Linda Jaros " I’m One of the Smart Ones " Cheryl Symmes " At Seventeen " " Stoney End " . " Solden Years " " The Doctors ' Directed by " Who’s Who? " " In Memory of Elizabeth Reed " Zeff Gianetti, Pete Zarkadas " Cat ' s in the Cradle " . Dave Conaghan " Since I Fell for You " Cathy Hoar " Fly Away " .... Mary Herrinton Patty Dailey " The Superfriends " Nancy Betts Margaret Sheehan Lee Forbes Robin Noel Shawn O ' Neal Liz Giuliano Brenen DeLaubenfels T erry Kobus Cheryl Walker " Breaking Up Is Hard To Do " Brian Todesco " Daddy " .... Dave Conaghan Lee Forbes Roger Jordan Bob Mac Doug al " Peter Pan " . . .Susan McWilliams Beth O ' Regan Debby Heim, Diane Laquidara, Education Is More Than Books (1) Arlene DiTondo helps another student in Kaleidoscope with her make-up. Practicing with make-up is, also, done in Ms. Dudash ' s Theater Arts class; (2) Members of the " Man and Environment " class rest after their climb; the class went on several trips including a 20 mile canoe trip down the Ipswich River; (3) Bob Conlon works on Raku Day. He is showing students how to " fire " their work. (4) (5) For the art stu¬ dents, Raku Day was a good experi¬ ence; (6) F.H. S. Art Dept, gives students many experiences; (7) Psyc. experiments can be fun, too; (8) Birthday greeting to Wordsworth. I I ) I i I I Raku is an ancient Japanese tea ceremony where guests make and glaze their own bowls for the cere- monys. This ancient art has spread to most other parts of the earth. Raku is a different type of ce¬ ramics where one uses a special low- fire (fires at 2000 degrees or less) clay and is shock fired and then removed and placed in sawdust; paper or oil can be poured on the red hot piece. This step brings out the real colors of the glazes on the ceramics. Here at F.H.S. , we had a Raku Day. There were many students walking around watching and help¬ ing during the firing. Three students were asked ques¬ tions. The first question was, " What did you make? " Lynda made a dragon, Debbie made a pot, and Terry made quite a few things, such as a bowl, a plaque, a pinchpot, and an abstract design. The second question was, " Did you like the results and why? " Lynda was the only one who didn ' t like the results be¬ cause her " dragon " bubbled. Lynda and Terry put their pots in sawdust immediately after removing them from the Kiln. Debbie poured oil on hers to create a difference in glaze coloring. When asked if they would do the Raku again, all three of them said, " yes " because they like working with clay, and they like the new¬ ness of this technique and they en¬ joyed it. 125 Couples Make ’75 Prom Huge Success The Junior Prom was held at the Blue Hills Country Club on a Wednesday evening in April. Everyone waited patiently to get dressed up and go to the big formal event at 7:30. They were served a meal which consisted of: Fresh Fruit Cup Blue Hill Garden Salad Fancy Iced Relish Tray Roast Prime Rib of Beef au Jus Baked Potato en Foil Com O’Brien Baked Alaska with Hot Fudge Sauce Flowing Fountain of Punch Most everyone thought the food was good and had a nice time dancing to the music of Graham-Cole. Everyone knows when you’re a Junior you really don’t have much money . . . .How much did it really cost? am Boys Tux-$25. 00 Gas-5. 00 Flowers-10-15.00 Tickets-25. 00 Pictures-5.00 Miscellaneous- 15.00 Total-$85.00 Girls Gown-$45,00 Shoes-10,00 Shawl-10,00 Slip-5.00 Hair Dresser- 15.00 Total-$86. 00 ft LANGUAGE FESTIVAL HUGE SUCCESS Debby Heim says that Latin in¬ volves " a lot of work, declensions, conjugations, and just memorizing. There are a lot of words I run into that I never saw before, but I know the Latin case, so I have an idea what it is. " She feels " when kids ask dumb questions and sweet Mrs. Ken¬ ney gives a sarcastic reply, it can be funny. " Beth Crockford agrees that Latin requires " work. Classwork is always around and an hour ' s worth of home¬ work is inevitable. " Mike Violandi feels " this subj ect has greatly helped me to understand my own language. We have gone to the museum of Fine Arts, The Metro¬ politan Museum of Art, The State Junior League Convention, and The National J.C.L. Convention and we entered a catapult contest. " He comments " one night Mrs. Kenney didn ' t give any homework, and be¬ lieve me . . . that ' s strange! " Sandra Arruda thinks that Latin " gives me the classical background I should have for college and it en¬ riches my vocabulary. " Thursday evening, May 20, the Foreign Language Dept, held a fes¬ tival that was very successful. Upon asking students where the money was going, it was noted that most of the money was going towards scholarships. There were several displays that were viewed by many. Mr. Vallee ' s French classes prepared a cuisine that was very tasty. The popular tele¬ vision program, " Welcome Back Kotter, " was characterized on stage in the Lecture Hall. For those who could understand French, the play seemed to be very amusing. The Latin classes prepared many foods such as lasagne. They had paintings of men and worsen of that period of time who w ' ere clothed accordingly. The Spanish classes prepared some foods also. The tacos seemed to be the hit of the night, and they tasted " HOT AND SPICY. " There were items such as bracelets, earings, and necklaces being purchased. Quite a bit of business was going on at that section. At the right of that booth, the French classes set up a game that tested your knowledge of great historical events. This year was the fourth consectutive year of the festival. Each year, they have been improving and many look forward to the next festival. It will prove to be an enjoyable and memorable occasion. L SPRING TRACK GROWING IN POPULARITY This year ' s Spring Track team was com¬ piled of boys and girls. Most of the girls felt that track helped them to stay in shape. Michael Currier felt that track was fun, and that it helped him to stay in shape so that he could beat the " fat football players " in his sprints. A lot of the guys said that they joined track because it was something to do and that it was fun. Steve Gatewood recalls his most em¬ barrassing moment as the time when he was straddled on the pole-vault bar. Most of them, including Mike Currier and Chris Violandi said that they will remember mostly the times when they placed in the meets. L To R: Diane Dilworth, J. DiCecco, C. Cognahan, P. Tulli, E. Evans, P. Esterly, P. Charest, N. Adamson, K. Huntington, Linda Gordon, Coach Berglund, L. Dushku, K. Brown, E. Heno, K. Grant, J. Lucia, N. Norton, C. Murphy, S. Frascotti, D. Dorr, T. Konis, S. McWilliams, R. Heinzmann, R. Noel, J. Daley, J. Conklin, L. Avakian, K. O ' Brien, D. Heim, L. Nelson, J. Scully. i For many members of the Spring Track team it is just another sea¬ son because they run on the indoor and winter track teams, so they are ready to take on their opponents and do the best they can. Chris Violandi said that his most embarrassing moment was when a little kid ran out on the track and made him wipe out. Also, most of the members said it feels good to be running, and even better if you win. Tara Heinzmann said that her best memory was when she placed twice in the league meet, and the team came in an overall 2nd. On the whole the Track team did better than any other season. Many of the sttc ents in Franklin high excel in sports. Yon fine that students can get involved in snorts emotionally as well as rhysicallv. These are the students who were gathered in the cafe¬ teria to pay tribute tc each other and to reminisce about the past seasons in snorts at rtan lin mgh School. The follow ing awards were given-- MY? Yarsniy Awards Girls’ Cross Country: lean Scully Bens ' Cross Country: T cuy R CV c t.%. —c Field Hockey: Laura Giulisno Girls ' Basketball: Karen Knob lock, Hilary Keefe Gums sties--Debbie Heine Skimp: Nancy Gnidney and Chuck Me Stay ' ■ testling: Albert Lentire Cheerleaders: Kate Huntington and Robin Hayes Drill Team: Arlene BMTonco Sand: Cathy Sheehan Spring Track: Terry Gordon arc Jeanette Scully Golf: Steven Bent Boys ' Tennis: Kurt Swanbeck Girls ' Tennis: Karen Sent Softball: Jean Ssssagnani Football: Scott Harden Award Achievement: Phil J oar rides V. ' illism C. Lord Memorial: Dave Macdanse 3a sketball: Seward Dailev Memorial Award: Bob Thome mdocr Track Achievement Awards: James DiCecco: Paul Paduls T —v Zatopek: Gary Bolduc Scott Hayden: Bofc Paduls Girls ' Spring Track: Diane Dil- v. trh Louise Kelson, Cindy Ccgnahan Boys ' Spring Track: Tony Roc- cotorte. Carlo Lodi, p .m Falcone Sportsmanship Awards: Girls: Laura Giulia no Bom: Steve Fahey Managers of the year: Girls; Derby Tom--Bom; Mark " ■ ' •‘cods Sooth a 11 Gridiron Awards: Outstanding Sack: Pete Bmmelli Runner-rp-Back: Gary Bolduc Cutstanding Linesman: Tony D , Srrico Runner-up: Mike Ryan Mike DiCamillo Unsung Back: Rick Gentili John Rrindpessa Unrung Lineman: Bob Driscoll Athletes Honored Soccer: MVP--McClay Trophy: Paul LaVoie Unsung Hero: Bret Simon Most Improved: Kevin Kennedy Best Defensive: Art Shorrock Best Offensive: Brian Hitchcock and John LaVoie Sportsmanship: Art Shorrock Hockey: Best Offensive: Tom Marchand Best Defensive: Kevin Kennedy Unsung Hero: Mike Neelon Most Dedicated: Bruce Bertoni Most Improved: Paul LaVoie Skiing: Top Cross Country Skiers: Jeff Lindenthal and Nancy Guidrey F.H.S. Handicap Slalom: First Place: Chris Kenney and Jeff Zinchuk Second Place: Laura Tiuliano and Pete Sarapas Third Place: Nancy Guidrey and Dave Dempsey Mass Bay High School League Award Top Girls Skier in the league: Nancy Guidrey These students were given The Presidents Council Awards for Varsity: Three Sports Letter Winners: Carlo Lo di, Mike MacDermott, Tony Roccoforte, James Falcone, Jeanette Scully, Laura Giuliano, Nancy Guidrey, Ton D ' Errico, and Alan Guidrey. 4th Year Varsity Trophy Awards: Dale Albertson, Paul LaVoie, Carlo Lodi, Mich¬ ael McDermott, Kate Huntington, Charles McStay, and Cheryl Watkins. These Students Got 3rd Year Varsity Award-Jean Bassagnani, Brian Hitchcock, A1 Lemire, Tony Roccoforte, Dave Thackaberry, Laura Giuliano, Lisa Bartelloni, Patti Tulli, Peter Brunelli, Tony D ' Errico, Alan Guidrey, Bob Rettman, Steve • Bent, Mike Giardino, Marie Woods, Hilary Keefe, Karen Knoblock, Gloria Vignone, Bob Cargill, Carlo Lodi, Paul LaVoie, Steve LaRosa, Nancy Guidrey, Kurt Swan- beck, and Steve Forbes. For Achievement And Participation F.H.S. Is Many People And Many “Things” COMPETITION CHEERLEADERS GET HIGH MARKS This year ' s competition squad consisted of the following girls: Kate Huntington, Brenda Davey, Robin Hayes, Lisa Bartelloni, AnneDiCecco, Sue McGlynn, Kathy Murphy, Carolyn Drew, Cheryl D ' Amelio, Sheila Ryan, Sandy Arruda, and Kim Rufino. The girls went into four compe¬ titions in addition to hosting their third annual competition. Chicopee was the winner for the third year in a row. Mt. St. Charles came in sec¬ ond with Holy Name of Worcester third, and Taunton fourth. The Franklin squad seemed to have a slightly slow start, perhaps, due to last year ' s great success. But they did win a trophy in the Chicopee Competition. The girls routine was very well put together and hard work was put into it. Practice started just as bas¬ ketball season came to a close, and ended April 2nd. These girls really deserve a great deal of credit and commendation for their hard work, and great performances. Class Of ’76 Have Innovative Class Night . ■ . s ■Hi Class Night, May 28, was a first for Franklin High seniors. It was the first year that any class had broken the tradition of holding the Class Night activities in the massive field house; instead, the senior class of 1976 held their cere¬ monies in the cafeteria. Breaking tradition followed through when the graduates showed up in street clothes, abandoning their caps and gowns for another day. Class night started off in the usual way with the class history being read by Claire Rondeau, Helen Mullen, Judy Sylvia, and Sue Gannon, followed by the superlatives which were announced by Dean Fish, and Teri Lenzi. Other events of the evening were class will, read by Mark Mastromatteo, Dave Piligan, and Mike Frongillo; class gifts by John Cauble and Peter Stefan; k B W ' " s sea. . I m 1 t s 1 EL®® , M are. The Presentation of awards; by Mr. Evans; and the gifts from the class to the school which included money for the Tony Carlucci Scholarship, The gift of Life blood mobile which raised 138 pints of blood, money for a planter to be placed in the student park area behind the cafe, a tele¬ photo lens to Mr. Fiske, and last but not least, the popcorn machine which was used throughout the past 2 years to raise money for various activities. But the highlight of the night was a multi-media slide show consisting of the seniors during the school year in different social activ¬ ities set to music. With the help of Pat Carney from American yearbook, and John Neister of T.D. Brown, the show went smoothly and was talked about by all. Without their help this part of the night ' s events wouldn ' t have gone one. Recipients of this year ' s awards and medals were: Don Myers, Mark Minnichelli, Laura Guilian, Mike Chew, Elizabeth Chabot, David Piligian, Mark Mastromatteo, Mike Violandi, Cheryl Watkins, and Helen Mullen for excellence in Scholarship Award. Students receiv¬ ing letters of Commendations for their performance on the National Merit Scholarship Test were Dale Albertson, Elizabeth Chabot, Jeremy Crockford, Mark Minnichelli, and Gregory Sullivan. Mark Minnichelli was presented with the Good Citizenship Award of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The other awards and medals are: Excellence in art award to: Sharon McCarthy. Excellence in Industrial Arts to David Darling. Excellence in reading to Francis Padula. Excellence in business to Cheryl Delfino. Excellence in English to Elizabeth Chabot. Excellence in Foreign Language to James Degnim. Excellence in Home Economics to Patti Heinzmann. Excellence in Music to Alan Cresto. Excellence in Chorus to Thomas King. Excellence in Physical Education to Denise Reardon and Raymond Mastromatteo. AFTER 12 YEARS, THIS IS THE LAST DAY Senior year is always the best for everyone, but it ' s hard to believe twelve years are over. As May 28, the last day for seniors approaches, var- ior members of the Class of ' 76 have taken time to re- flf on the past 12 years and also, to look ahead toward ful j e. Jrenda Davey thinks that the school should have a lot of senior priviledges but the minority of the school can wreck it for the others. Don Myers plans to spend the summer in Colorado. Liz Harrigan is going to Worcester State to major in Spanish. She would like to see more senior priviledges, and more control over underclassmen at F.H.S. Hilary Keefe thinks " they try to make school good, but in some areas it doesn ' t quite make it. " She would like to see the school change to an open campus to give us more freedom. Judy Currier " would like to see the English Depart¬ ment educate the students more for the S.A.T. tests. " Michelle Piper enjoyed her senior year most " because this is the year when everyone is close. " ■ j After 12 Years, This Is It! ... AND THEN THE RAINS CAME ! I The Franklin Rotary Club Scholarship: Jeanette Scully and Mike Giardino The Mary Doherty Citizenship Medals: Beatrice George and John Yadasemia Francis Eddy King Medals: Cheryl Watkins and Mark Minnichelli F.H. S. Pep Club Scholarship: Claire Rondeau F. H. S. Spanish Club Award Patty Heinzmann amd Don Myers F.H. S. Chorus Scholarship: Allessindrina Taddeo F.H. S. Latin Club Scholarship: Colleen Morse and MikeViolandi Douglas and Michael Feeley D. E. Scholarship: Antoinette Mucciarone F. H. S. French Club Scholarship: Elizabeth Chabot Anthony Carlucci Memorial Scholarship: Thomas B. King Daniel Garelick Educational Trust: Frank Mauro Menadue Memorial Dean Scholarship: Mary Ann Dayian Menadue Memorial Fund: Catherine Sheehan Charles Fand Grace B. White Scholarship: Robert Driscoll Alden Mucciarone Memorial Scholarship: Charles McStay Charles Fand Grace B. White Scholarship: Robert Driscoll Alden Mucciarone Memorial Scholarship: Charles McStay i ' L ■l J-i We would like to thank the following clubs and organizations for contributing to the Francis Eddy King Scholarship Fund: Benjamin Franklin Savings Bank Thompson National Press Clark, Cutler, McDermott Co. Fleur de Lis Garden Club Franklin High School Student Council Students, Faculty, and Alumni ofF.H. S. Benny’s Oilers Scholarship: Mike Giardino A Francis Eddy King Award: Mark Minnichelli The J. Joseph Sheehan Scholarship: Cindy Bakalars Francis Eddy King Award: Mary Ann Phillips I Dollars for Scholars Awards: Diane Calderone and Mark Mastromatteo Francis Eddy King Awards: Henry Richard Ficco and Scott Fontenarosa The Alden Club Scholarship: Frank Mauro Aldenettes Scholarship: James Degnim Elkes Scholarship: Marie Fournier Emblem Club Scholarship: Sue Gannon Franklin Education Association: Charlene LeVitre and Frank Padula Franklin Fire Dept. Award: Anthony D’Errico Scott Hayden Gridiron Award: Anthony D’Errico Scott Hayden Gridiron Award: Anthony D ' Errico Kiwanis Club Award: Mary Ann Dayian Newcomers Bicentennial Award: Pamela Gibson Franklin Art Association Award: Sharon McCarthy Knights of Columbus Award: Elizabeth Chabot, Mike O’Rourke, and Anne Marie Antico. Rotary Club Awards: Jean Cur¬ ran, Claire Rondeau, Helen Mullen and Antoinette Mucciarone. GAF Corporation Award: Anne Marie Antico St. Mary’s Women’s Club: George Cronin “THE FUTURE IS NOT IN THE HANDS OF FATE, BUT IN OURS.” —Jules Jasserand % Commencement Week for the Class of ' 76, in many cases, involved a fresh ap¬ proach to the traditional graduation activi¬ ties. The Class Banquet and Dance was a case in point. At the conclusion of the Graduation ceremony, the graduates and their families had time to share their happiness since the banquet, unlike in past years, was not held until 7:00 p.m. (the ceremony having been at 2:00 pm.) In the name of safty and togetherness and " partying " , it was decided to provide bus transportation to the banquet for those who would avail themselves of the service. To some the rides to and from the banquet were as much fun as the banquet, itself. The banquet, at tbp Hearthstone Inn in Seekonk, was a tremendous success, the food being good and the entertainment being excellent, especially with the melo¬ dious help of Ray Kodger. Good-Bye, Class Of’76 (FWfflM MW sac Cotiaqe St LIBERTY PACKAGE STORE Corner Of Cottage Union St. Franklin, Mass. 02038 Phone:528-5276 LOVELL’S SPORT SHOP, INC Congratulations To The Class Of “76” NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE Thomas M. Lawrence Life, Health, Group Insurance Annuities And Pension Plans 5 East Central Street Franklin, Mass. 02038 Phone: 528-6066 723-7550 1 1 East Central St. Franklin M A. 02038 Phone 528-4991 THE END PRODUCT IS CARING AND INVOLVEMENT If anyone wants to know what education is about, he need look no further than the students in second semester " Man and Environment " class. These students d cided to do something about their own environment; with the pro¬ ceeds from a Flea Market, they have undertaken to beau¬ tify and improve the student smoking area behind the cafe. They built and installed benches and did the land¬ scaping necessary for the large planter which is now in the center of the area. Thanks, people. It ' s refreshing to see people doing something positive about their surroundings instead of complaining and finding fault with the honest endeavors of others. Other Activities ■ V ■ This year ' s Latin Club was an extreme¬ ly active group. They did such things as competing in the State Convention in Waltham, MA as well as traveling to New York where they visited the United Nations and the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts. They were, also, involved in traveling to other area schools speaking to elementary students. Most of the club members feel that they have benefited by going to places which help Latin studies, attending lectures, and also going places to learn to have fun. Cathy Hoar feels that, " I learn to work with as well as against other people. " Heidi Swanbeck comments, " The Latin Club is probably one of the most profitable parts of this school. It gives Franklin High School a good name. " The Ecology Club at Franklin High is designed to help concerned F.H.S. students learn about their environment, it ' s problems, and what they can do about it. They learn by going on field trips to museums or nature hikes and overnight camp-outs. They, also, try to help by participating in activities like Earth Day. The club ' s advisor, Ms. Kathleen Palli has been a great help to the mem- members in the planning and carrying out of their activities. The club ' s pres¬ ident was Donna Peare, who did a good job of coordinating and setting up the activities. iP The Health Service Assistant Course is designed for girls continuing their educa¬ tion in nursing. The course consists of a four day class week and one day at Milford Hospital. At Milford, they bathe, feed, and talk to the patients. They help the nurses in any way they can. Along with learning medical terms, they also study functions and purposes of different parts of the body. It is a hard course but it helps prepare you for your nursing career. They also participated in the Blood Pressure Clinic, and worked at the Home and Trade Show. They had some police officers come and talk about Cardio Pul¬ monary Respiration. This is helpful if a person has been in an accident, had a heart attack, or is choking. The Health Careers classes explored and explained the various careers in the Health field to the students. Projects were done on the careers and guest speakers in¬ cluding paramedics, therapists, pharmacy students and Wrentham State School em¬ ployees spoke to the classes. Ms. Ivimey taught the course and enjoyed her work. " I ' m really excited about teaching this course, and I think the Franklin kids are really great, she concluded. Ellen Meade enjoys the " new friends and good times " in the Spanish Club while Patti Heinzman feels " it could be more organized. " Patti says, " All that takes place during the meetings is arguments. " Lola Heinzman profits from the Spanish Club in being with people who are going to work and put time and effort into it. She, also, profits from people who care about others and want to help. Lola says, " We have a lot of fun. The advisor, Ms. Irvine, has a wonderful sense of humor. We are going to Spain, and hopefully it will be fun and exciting . " Don Myers had an " Opportunity to help others as well as lead a club in its functions. We go through the agenda and then we discuss some ideas for the club and the school. " John Ristaino has " seen how lit¬ tle Franklin High students participate in groups and clubs. " He says " the officers have chalk fights The yearbook staff is made up of many people— those who took part in the activity as members of the " Graphics of Language " classes and those who gave of their free time. Editors-in-chief—Karen Johnson, Cheryl Simpson Senior editors—Chris Ficco, Karen Johnson Literary Editor—Ray Johnson Index Editor—Maureen Dacko Art Editor--Sharon McCarthy Photography Editor—Terry Barrieau Business Editor—Marjorie Donnell Advisors—Susan Maguire, Robert Clamp STAFF: Jean Curta STAFF: Jean Curran Dean Fish Gary Gaudet Paul Padula Ann Marie Drohan Lori Gosselin Chris Hinchliffe Sally Lynsky Diana Taylor Sandy Waters Rob Coyne Vincent Barbera Roberta Burns Karen Walsh Jean Calarese John Cauble Maureen Davis Chuck Emery Andy Hanson Pat Laughlin Debbie Martin Timmy O ' Hara Margaret Sheehan David DiMartino Brian Gilroy Barbara Modrak Elaine Patrie Jon Paxton Mary Anne Pearcey Jayne Robinson Carmen Ruggeri Debbie Simons Linda Vendetti Maria Bertone Pam Buchanan Celine Farrell Laurie Klumpe Aimee Osborne Laurie Pinkham Diane Piekarski Nancy Behan Jim Rasicot Leanna White Debbie Bunnell Bruce Bertoni Marie Fournier Chris Kazuschyk Hillary Keefe Sue Kingsbury Teri Lenzi Abbe MacComiskey Anne Marie Mason Laura Murch Katie P. Calabraro Bob Sexton Debbie Sullivan Carol Wallace Laurie Archer Debbie Cochrane Hillary Hanson Chester Jackson Linda Robinson Vincent Sitkauskas Margo Woodman Joseph Barker Louise Brownell Maureen Dacko Brenda Davey Patty Maloney Sue O ' Brien Murray Davis Terry Gordan David Griffin Sharon Hedtler Janice Morey Amy O ' Gorman Rhonda Sheets Amy O ' Gorman Rhonda Sheets Paul Smith Dave Recchia Mike Rocha Michele Piper Sharon Stirzaker Business Staff: Margie Donnell Dolores Dellorco Worked on Advertisements: D. DiMartino Patricia Loughlin Chris Ficco Bob Murray Carmin Ruggerio Brenda Brenda Riley Raelene Riley Antoinette Mucciarone Tom Mucciarone Mike Rocha D. Griffin Laura Kurgas Office Occupational Lab Popular Course Antoinette Taddeo says of the Office Occupational Lab course, " We learn head work, communication, and how to lend a hand. It teaches you about the business. You have a certain amount of time to do something, and you do it. It teaches you responsibility. " Maureen Cronin feels that, " it will prepare me for a real office job outside. " I have learned to involve myself in different things, and to get along with other people. " Debbie Simon says that it is the best course for learning secretarial work. " Mr. Clamp is great at doing his job as an office manager. " (1) Colleen Murphy, Junior, is a member of the Office Occupational Lab course. (2) Cathy Travers, Senior, prepares to type in her machine transcription class. (3) Mr. Clamp, Office Occupations Manager at FHS, is demonstrating the procedure of this course. (4) Cheryl Simpson, Senior, is demonstrating the labs that are used in the shorthand classes. (5) Members of Mrs. Farmer ' s Shorthand and Transcription 2 class discuss etiquette as one of the many topics discussed in that class. The officers were: Chris Ficco, Karen Ryan, Debbie Sammarco, Laurie Kurgas, Cheryl Delfino, Kim Nisil Office Education Associa¬ tion is a newly formed organi¬ zation at Franklin High. OEA gives business students a chance to use their skills in competition with students from their own state and from all over the country. The compe¬ titions include tests in short¬ hand, typing, accounting, clerical, and other business subjects. Franklin High ' s OEA did very well for its first year. At the state conference in Hyannis, FHS won fifteen tro¬ phies and or certificates. Five of these state winners went to Topeka, Kansas, for national winners. It was a great and unforgetable experi¬ ence for everyone. The first year of OEA was more or less experimental; by learning from mistakes, future OEA clubs should do even better than this year ' s club. Posterity Is So Relative ... S ' fe.-pAtQ • S i Piioq r w xlo l€ ll 6 ui JLR.ev | IVv ii ’ ' xi N jp pie,) HootxK p ' V fo TjFOl i _i_ u A ' j Tt -v » £ 5 H eouD o N -S AZZ Gocd-Bye io a ibt or xkt- c ' 5 i U i D; xo j to m»j 5 stgf (?q - to ho 001 ho (5 ' jears iKt school; or 730 4( J% . §! f-S. O fs. corr t V»ou ' i V c. waA £ £. 7lahee bJbct Welcome To Mr. McCall’s Nightmare rail FRANKLIN SCHOOL DRIVER EDUCATION CAR COURTESY OF PATAI.A NO l’OR!) 1 IN MASS Mark Hunchard thinks, " Driver Educa¬ tion is worthwhile because it helps the person acquire knowledge of the laws of driving. " Donna Richmond says, " The course involves learning how to handle a car with safety. " Alice Leahy remembers, " Mr. McCall telling us different things that happened in the past that are funny and how to stop them from happening. " Gary Pilligan enjoys, " Driving the simulators, watching films, and taking notes on the rules of the road. " Eric Anderson comments, " This course involves learning what signs mean, things about your car, and insurance rates. " Gregg Borraso thinks, " This course was worthwhile because you get practice driv¬ ing, and I need it! " (1) This is the car that is used by the Driver Education students when they go out on the road. (2) Bruce Bertoni, a senior, relaxes while he waits for Mr. McCall to take him out for his lesson. (3) Mr. McCall instructs Bruce on pro¬ cedures of driving correctly and safely. mi ' n z Grace Poellmitz Mathematics WOOi John A. Peters Librarian )9o 00 U m TakoohyQ. Reizian Department Head, Business Arthur Post Science Mark E, Rice Foreign Language Cynthia Richards Physical Education • ' I ' Kenneth J. Robinson Foreign Language Delia Roaf Business Mary Russo Mathematics Jacqueline Rogier English Anita Simon English Steven L. Shangraw Industrial Arts Janet Straek Business Janice Stein Home Economics Rose M. Turco Department Head, Mathematics Alan Sutherland Physical Education harles P. Vaillancourt Science Peter Tracy Industrial Arts Pi a Brunelli Business Maureen Burke Mathematics Matthew A. Chauncey Special Needs Potpourri FRANKLIN IS A MIXED BAG Above is Pin McNally, seemingly enjoying one of our more popu¬ lar hot lunches, " spaghetti and meatballs. " " Where ' s your pass, Barbara? " There are many events and experiences which make up a school day. Most of the day takes place in classrooms but some of our memorable experiences during the 720 days of high school took place in the halls, the " cafe " , the bus, the smoking area, and many other exciting places. Most kids get into hanging around in the halls, especially after the late bell has rung. Consequently, Mr. Quinlan usually has to disperse everyone from their " hangouts " and send them to class. Amy O’Gorman seems quite reluctant to ride the school’s transporta¬ tion day after day amidst crude language, rowdy kids, and unchanging scenery. Pete Geromine quickly glances at his watch and realizing he has four min utes to get to class won¬ ders why Mr. Quinlan keeps yelling, " Let’s go kids, it’s late! " V Working in the D. E. store be¬ tween periods can become quite hectic, notice . . . „ . . ... Colleen Murphy doesn’t appear all that thrilled with the store’s " Booming Business " but seems rather exhausted. Celine Farrell spends a rare quiet moment in the main hall, but once the bell rings, the si¬ lence will be broken and the halls will become flooded with students, noise, and confusion. Pam Buchanan and Pam Gibson are shown here , taking advantage of the smoking area during lunch. Hilary Keefe is doing . . . . .who knows? Bobby Sexton, who ' s probably asking for answers to a test or else he is " bu. 1 ing " someone as he and some other seniors guys USUALLY do, such as Steve Chaput, Dave Foley, Pete Stefan and Mike DeCosta just to name a few, very- few. Why are bathrooms so popular? Cer¬ tainly not be¬ cause of the toilet facilities Probably be¬ cause it ' s a place to sneak a butt or to catch the lat¬ est gossip, or just a place to hide until you sign in? Z Senior Directory RICHARD DALE ALBERTSON: " Dale " Activities: Science Club, Basketball, Var¬ sity Soccer, Varsity Tennis. Favorite memories: My days on the soccer team. People who are special: Mike, John, Kel. DAVID ALLARD VINCENT ALLEVATO: Activities: Hockey, Gatorball, Softball, Baseball. Favorite memories: Parties with my friends, and things we did at school. People who are special: Pete, Larry, Dave, Ray, and all them guys. ANNE MARIE ANTICO: " Anne " Activities: Pep Club, French Club, Math Club, National Honor Society, treasurer; Student Advisory Council, C.Y.O. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75 and ' 74. People who are special: Family and friends. LAURIE ANN ARCHER: " Arch " Activities: Field Hockey, Varsity Softball, Basketball, D.E. I; Class treasurer, D.E. II; class President. Favorite Memories: August 4, 1974, Octo¬ ber 25 Halloween dance. People who are special: Steve, Margo, Hill, Cindy, Joni. TRACEY ARIEL PHILIP AVERELL CINDY MARIE BAKALARS: " Cin " Activities: Varsity Cheerleader, French Club, Pep Club, J.V. Tennis, National Honor Society, Dean Enrichment, Gymnastics. Favorite memories: Ms. Carlson ' s home¬ room, cheerleading, Sophomore year. People who are special: family and friends. KEVIN BAKER VINCENT BARBERA DARLENE BARCHE: " Bach " Activities: Chorus, D.E. I, Library Aide, Elementary Aide I, Secretarial Aide. Favorite memories: DECA Elections ' 74. People who are special: Miss Carson, and of course my family. JOSEPH MICHAEL BARKER: " Ken Hodge " Activities: Hockey, Baseball. Favoriet memories: Mr. Redpath ' s second period science class, throwing milk cartons in the cafe. STEVEN BARRACLOUGH Activities: Hockey, Track, D.E. Foreign Language Festival. Favorite memories: Rink, Hockey, Cape. People most frequently with: Gut, Spaght- ti, Moe, Steve. GORDON BARTOLOMEI: " Gordie Bart " Activities: Baseball, Bowling League; League Treasurer. Favorite memories: The varsity baseball team, playing football. People most frequently with: The Three Stooges ROBERT BASSIGNANI: " Bass " ELIZABETH BEANE: " Liz " Activities: Girls Track, Pep Club, French Club, Dean Enrichment, National Honor Society. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 74, Spring of ' 74, track meets, Dean. PAMELA BEETLESTONE: " Pam " Activities: Drill Team, 1, Color guard 1, 2, Band, Theatre Arts, Oskey, Kaleide- scope, Drivers Ed. , Jr. Miss Pageant, Yearbook Staff. Favorite memories: February’ 14, 1973. People who special to you: Greg. NANCY LYNN BEHAN: " Nancy " Activities: Drivers Ed., D.E.C.A. , O.E.A. Favorite memories: October 16, 1974, September 19. 1975, November 4, 1975. People who special to you: B.P. and family. Who are you most frequently with: B.P. , K.B. , K.P. , L.G. Where do you hang around the most: In a blue Cougar and out of Franklin. DAVID BELL STIPHEN BENT: Activities: Junior Football, Golf. Where do you hang around tire most: at the course. Hope to be in the future: a pro golfer. KATHERINE BERGEN ROBERT BERNARD PENNY BERNHEART BRUCE BERTONT Favorite memories— ' 75- ' 76 hockey sea¬ son, playing in the hockey tournament, partying down the field . Favorite saying-- " You Bimbo. " People who are special--The Class of 1976. Where do you hang around? the rink, the field. CHERYL BLACES: " CHE " Activities: Drivers Ed., O.E.A. Favorite memory: May 3, 1973. People who are special to you: Chris. Who are you most frequently with: Chris, Ann Marie , Moe . Hope to be in the future: Secretary’. SHARON LEE BLANCHARD: " Munch " , " Cricket " , " Shabs " . Favorite memories: Sophomore and Junior years, Summer of ' 74. Poeple who are special: all my closest friends. People most frequently with: Abbe, Carole, Laura, Shelley, Liz, Sue. Favorite sayings: " are you sure? " Hope to be in the future: medical secretary. MARC BOKULIC STEVEN P. BRADY: " Brady " Activities: Drivers Ed., Soccer 1. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75. Favorite sayings: " What did I do? " Hope to be in the future: an electrical contractor. Most frequently found: B-101. EUGENE BRENNICK JAMES BRENNICK KERRY LYNN BRESNAHAN " Brez " Activities: Yearbook 1,2,3,4; newspaper (typing editor) 4, O.E.A. 4, Drivers Ed. 2. CHARLES BREWER DAVID BROWN GREGORY BRUNDRETT PETER BRUNELLI Who are you most frequently with--Tony, Bob. MICHAEL SCOTT BRYANT Favorite memory--Science Club trip to New Hampshire, 1974. What you look forward to--graduating, successful life. Special people--Lisa, Liz, Cathy, Ms. Willard. CATHY BUCCHANIO Favorite memory--Summer of ' 75. Looking forward to--Graduation. Frequently with--Karen, Lori, Gloria, and the " gang. " Where do you hang around-- " the Cage " and " the Rink. " SUSAN BUCK Favorite memories—softball games. Favorite saying-- " Come on. " Frequently with—Debbie V. , Judy S . , Janet S ., Linda B., Vicki H., Beth C . Hang around--Theron Metcalf Softball Field. LINDA MARIE BUCKLEY: " Gutler " Activities: Field Hockey, Health Careers Club, Pep Club, Boy ' s Basketball, Man¬ ager, Driver Education, National Honor Society, O.E.A. Alternate Executive Board Member; Intramural Basketball, Foreign Language Festival, Dean Enrich¬ ment Program. Favorite memories: Junior Prom ' 75, Junior year. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and college. Who are you most frequently with: Vickie, Judy, Donna, Teirney, Susan, Janet, Cheryl, Beth, Debbie, Kelly, Nancy, etc. Things you will always remember: Cafe¬ teria Lunches, Mr. Belejack ' s Algebra Class. Hope to be in the future: Business Admin¬ istrator or Certified Public Accountant. CLAUDETTE JANE BUNNELL: Favorite memories: Being with Mike. Favorite sayings: " Keep your head " . What you look forward to the most: Graduation. People who are special to you: Friends, boyfriend, and family. Where do you hang around the most: out of school; anywhere. KATHRYN PAXTON CALABRARO: " Katie " Activities: D.E. Driver Education, Year¬ book Staff. Favorite memories: September 28, 1975 (My wedding), Prom. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating and the Senior Banquet. People who are special to you: Scott, Gail Noyes, Joan Hallett. Who are you most frequently with: Scott, Carol, Moe, Liz, Donna, and employees at Mammoth Mart. Things you will always remember: Jr. Prom, my wedding, the Senior class of ' 76. Hope to be in the future: Able to help people. JEAN MARIE CALARESE: " Cal " Activities: Driver Ed. ■ Favorite memories: Beach Boys, Summer of ' 75, July of ' 74, General Motors. Favorite saying: " Oh God! " What you look fonvard to the most: Week¬ ends , June of ' 76, being on my own. People who are special to you: Mikey, Sue, Cathy, Cindy, Joni, Alaine. Things you will always remember: Week¬ ends, senior year, my friends, and Grims. DIANE CLAIRE CALDERONE: Activities: Pep Club, Treasurer; French Club, C.Y.O, Secretary; Junior Varsity Tennis, Drill Team, Language Festival, Art Festival. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 74. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating and going away to school. Who are you most frequently with: Jeanie, Kathy, Laurie, and Liz. Things you will always remember: Fresh¬ man initiation, Senior year. BETH CALLAHAN LENA CAPPUCCIO: " Raffy " Activities: Gymnastics, Driver Ed ., O.E.A. Favorite memories: April 19, 1975 through the whole year of ' 75. Favorite sayings: " Excellent! Party On! ! ! " What you look forward to the most: Week¬ ends and Graduation. People who are special to you: Co-Co, Maria, Jeanne, Bea, Chris, Debbie, Cindy. Where do you hang around the most: In school, girls ' room, or parking lot. Out or uptown. Things you will always remember: Week¬ end nights and the summer of ' 74 and ' 75. Hope to be in the future: Secretary. ROBERT BRUCE CARGILL: " Bob " Activities: Football, Basketball, Spring Track, Basketball, Spring Track 2, Cross Country, Winter Track, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Driver Ed. Favorite memories: All of our parties and especially our senior year. Favorite sayings: " Keep your head ! " " Is that alright? ! " What you look forward to the most: Being rich and happy! Who are you most frequently with: Jere, Razz, Duckey, Stef, Whip, Sex, Foie, Red, Kodge, Poot, and the rest of the gang. Where do you hang around the most: At the lockers, and where the gigs at! Things you will always remember: My four years at FHS, especially the parties. STEVEN CARLUCCI BRUCE CARPENTER MICHAEL JOHN CATALANO: " Lano " Activities: Hunting and Vegetation. Favotite memories: Grecian Palace, Rink, and the Cape. Favorite sayings: " The big one, " " Smoke it, Zingla . " What you look forward to the most: Col¬ lege and Duck ' s Beaver Buggy. People who are special to you: Grecian ' s and Joe. Where do you hang around the most: Sac¬ red lockers and DeVita ' s Market. Things you will always remember: Cos¬ tello ' s Algebra class, and weekends Hope to be in the future: Policeman JOHN CAUBLE: " CWEB " Activities: Prom Committee, Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Football, An¬ nouncer, Wrestling, Ecology Club, Kalei¬ doscope, Graduation Committee, Fresh¬ man Baseball. Favorite memories: Junior year. What you look forward to the most: A happy life. People who are special to you: My friends, Mr. Fiske. Who are you most frequently with: Cat, Dimeg, Moe, Ben, Duckyi Chen, Britt, Vinny, Cooper, Snuz. Where do you hang around the most: In my car. Things you will always remember: The kids in the senior class, my car, and the good times. Hope to be in the future: State Policeman. ELIZABETH VICTORIA CHABOT: " Tish " or " Liz " Activities: Kaleidoscope, Mirage, Driver Ed., French Club, Foreign Language Fes¬ tival, Dean Enrichment. Favorite memories: Mr. Compagnone ' s seventh period class, Summer of ' 72, the Hemlock Grove , Ms. DeLaubenfels. Favorite sayings: " Dynamite! " or " Aw, come on. " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation, Canada (the Olympics) and College People who are special to you: Stan, Linda, Liz, Cindy, Alan, Mark, and Laura. Where do you hang around the most: High school library, Framingham. Things you will always remember: Tuesday nights, Chicago and the Beach Boys ' Con¬ cert, The Cape, Sanborn ' s, the Chateau, October 4 , and July 4 . Hope to be in the future: Interpreter at the United Nations. STEVEN CHAPUT MIKE JOSEPH CHEW ' : " Mike " Activities: Bowling Club, National Honor Society, Winter Track, Science Club, Art Show. Favorite memories: Chemistry ' Lab, Winter Track. Favorite sayings: " Where ' s you pass? " " Get inline. " , and " Okay people . . . . " What you look forward to the most: Senior class meetings, and Graduation Day. Things you will always remember: Syn- thesizor demonstration and concert. Hope to be in the future: W r ealthy and con¬ tent, to be alive, and healthy ' , and to be an engineer. BEN CHIRGWIN: " Ben " Activities: Mad dogging in the hallways. Favorite memories: Partying everywhere and anywhere . Favorite say ' ing: " Party ' " . What you look forward to the most: W’eekends. People who are special to y ' ou: Grecians. Where do you hang around the most: Sac¬ red lockers. Things you will always remember: Causing confusion in and around the sacred lockers. Hope to be in the future: Living. DEBRA JEAN MARIE CHRISTENSEN: " Deb " Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, Pep Club, Honor Society, Basketball. Favorite memories: July ' 4, 1975. Favorite sayings: " nah . . . . " or " I can ' t hack it. " What you look forward to the most: Graduation. People who are special to you: My boy¬ friend, my family ' , and my friends. Things y ' ou will always remember: The good times at the Milford Quarries. Hope to be in the future: Assistant Veteri¬ narian in the Army ' . DIANE LOUISE CHRISTENSEN: " Di " Favoriee memories: July 4, 1975 when I met Ben Dyer. Favorite sayings: " Riant " , " Fantastic. " What you look forward to the most: Getting married, weekends, and getting out of school. People who are special to you: Ben Dy ' er, Lisa Cherry ' , and Lynda Johnson. Who are you most frequently ' with: Patti Costello, Donna Konis, Ben Dyer, Donna Dangelo, Laura Anderson. Tilings you will always remember: The years I was in high school, and when I came in as a Freshman. DEBORAH COCHRANE JOAN MARIE COGLIANO: " Cog " Activities: J.V. Softball, Prom Commit¬ tee, D.E. Favorite memories: Freshman year, sum¬ mer of ' 75, and May ' 75. Favorite say ' ings: " I don ' t believe it. " What you look forward to: Weekends, Graduation, 11:10, Friday- nights at 9:00. Who are y ' ou most frequently with: My ' friends, Things you will always remember: School dances, initiation, football games, and October 1975. Hope to be in die future: Hairdresser. DAVID CONAGHAN: " Cona " Activities: Chess Club, Winter Track, Spring Track, J.V. Soccer, Latin Club, Chorus. Favorite memories: Running winter track when we came in undefeated, and Mr. Rogers. What you look forward to: Going to Suffolk University, happiness, growing. People who are special: Robin Tosches, and all my friends. Things you will always remember: This senior class, Mr. Johnston ' s classes, Mr. D ' Aniello as principal. Hope to be in the future: Lawyer DONALD ALBERT CONAGHAN: " Conoga- han " Activities: Soccer, Latin Club, Band, Voice of Democracy ' Speech Contest, Extemporaneous Speech Contest, Rock Group, Chess Club. Favorite memories: Junior Prom 1975. What you look forward to: a successful future. People who are special: Cheril, Mrs. Ken¬ ney, Carole, and Mr. Balest. Things y ' ou will always remember: The day a streaker went through the cafeteria. Hope to be in the future: Successful in helping other people. PATRICIA CONLON: " Thomas " Activities: DECA. Favorite memories: Hyunnis in February of 1975. What you lood forward to: Hyannis in February of 1976. People who are special: Brad, Chris, Pam, Mike, Debbie, Tammy, Mr. Luccini, Kaje, John. Things you will always remember: Hyannis in room 107, 304, and 204. Hope to be in the future: Respiratory Therapist. LINDA M. CONZA: " Lin " Activities: Girl ' s Track Team, Manager; Mirage, Kaleidescope, Driver Ed. Favorite memories: Summers of ' 72 and 75, Mr. Redpath ' s Freshman science class, Ms. DeLaubenfel ' s first period class, Mr. Chelotti, and Mrs. Kenney. Favorite saying: " Oh, my ' god! " " Jeeszus! " What you look forward to; Graduating, Canada (Winter Olympics). Things you will always remember: The Cape, Sanborn ' s, Chicago-Beach Boys Concert (June 29), January 27, 1973, school lunches. Hope to be in the future: Illustrator for children ' s books or some card company ' . RONALD C. COOK, JR.: " Cooky " Activities: Wrestling. Favorite memories: The Prom and the Friday night gigs. Favorite sayings: " The Big L. " What you look forward to the most: Buying a motorcycle. Things you will always remember: The ride through the Country Club. Hope to be in the future: Anything but a farmer. MIKE CORMIER MARY ELLEN COSTANTINO: " Mare " Favorite memories: " George, " California, " The Kinks, Higgy, " and W r and D. Favorite saying: " Definitely. " What you look forward to: 12:05, and May 28, 1976. Most frequently ' with: Diane, Bill, Jeanne, and Terri. Things you will always remember: Loggins and Messina, going down one-way streets in Boston the wrong way, June 29, 1974. Hope to be in the future: Successful Favorite memories: Freshamn year, third period study. Favorite saying: ' You dummy-. " What you look forward to: June 26, 1976. (My wedding) Most frequently- with: Joe. Things you will always remember: Initia¬ tion, dances, football games. Hope to be in the future: Married and very- happy . JEAN CURRAN: " Jeanie " Activities: Junior Varsity- Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Pep Club, Secretary; French Club, National Honor Society, Future Health Careers Club, Drill Team, Yearbook Staff, Quill and Scroll Society. Favorite memories: My ' vacations at the Cape, and Christmas. What you look forward to: Getting the most I can out of each and every day. Special people: My- family- and friends. Things you will always remember: Mrs. Ivimey ' s Health Services Class. Hope to be in the future: A doctor. JUDITH MARIE CURRIER: " Judy " Activities: Pep Club, Spanish Club, Driver Ed., Dance Committees, Newspaper Staff. Favortiee memories: Freshman year, No¬ vember 16, 1974, May 15, 1975, Summer of ' 75. Look forward to the most: College Hope to be in the future: Professional skater, or elementary school teacher. Always remember: Jr. Prom, Xaverian dances, football games, skating lessons. PATRICIA COSTELLO: " Pati or John " Favorite saying: " doiiii. " What y-ou look forward to: getting out of school. People who are special to y-ou: All my friends. ALAN CRESTO: " Asbestos " Activities: Band, Vice President; Stage Band; Jazz Band; National Honor Society, Vice President; French Club; President; AFS, Club Treasurer, Ski Team; J.V. Tennis, " By-e Bye Birdie " ; Oskey-; School Newspaper, Second place Music Competi¬ tion, Runner-up, U.N. Speech Contest, Arts and Crafts Festival, Foreign Language Festival. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75 and Senior year. Favorite saving: " This is true! " Things y-ou ' ll always remember: Football games, drill practice, S.A.T. ' s. Hope to be in the future: Industrial Designer. JEREMY JOHN CROCKFORD: " Jere Crock " Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Newspaper. Favorite memories: W ' ildman on weekends. People who are special; Beast, Razz, Sex, Whip, Mark. Things you ' ll remember: The Cape, The Rink, Ernie Gotham. GEORGE CRONIN RACHEL ANN CROTHERS: " Rach " Activities: DECA BENJAMIN TODD DALEY: " Ben " Activities: W ' restling, Driver Ed ., Base¬ ball, Football, Hockey-. Favorite memories: Maine ' 73, Cape Cod ' 74, Boston. Favorite saying: " Later Joey. " Look forward to the most: Being very- suc¬ cessful, and rich. People special to you: Mr. Rose. Things you will always remember: Mr. Rose saying, " That ' s ten nights, what did you do now? " My senior y-ear at FHS ! Hope to be in the future: Go into a business and work my way- up the line. MICHAEL J. D ' AMELIO: " Dimeg " Favorite memories: The Palace and the empty beer cans; and the Grecian stories. Favorite saying: " When you ' re having more than one. " Things you will always remember: The time I fell off my chair in Physics. Most frequently with: My car and the Grecians. Hope to be in the future: Retired. STEPHEN M. D ' AMELIO: " Dimeg " Activities: Hockey, Newspaper, The Bea¬ ver Club. Favorite memories: Beaver Pond parties, Concerts, high school parking lot. Favorite saying: " Luxury mobile. " Special people: Class of ' 76. Things y-ou will always remember: Selling papers, the cabin. Hope to be in the future: College Graduate. DONNA D ' ANGELO: " George " Activities: Kaleidoscope, J.V. Softball, Newspaper, Driver Ed., Drill Team. Favorite memories: August 13, 1975. Favorite say ' ing: " Not me! " Most frequently with: Wayne (Python). Usually found: race track. Things you will always remember: The cabin, and racing Jose at the track. Hope to be in the future: Journalist, songwriter. ROBERT M. D ' ANIELLO: " AJ " Favorite memories: Raising in the library. Favorite saying: " What ' s the story. " Looking forward to the most: The weekend. Things you will always remember: The teachers. Hope to be in the future: In the money. DAVID DARLING BRENDA M. DAVEY: " Bren " Activities: Class treasurer, J.V. Softball, Student Advisory Board, Cheerleading, Captain; National Honor Soceety, Driver Ed., Dance Committees. Favorite memories: March 28, 1975, going to N.H. with the gang, Indiana, and my senior year. Favorite saying: " Yah, sure! " Most frequently with: Joni, Carol, Jeremy, and the gang. Things you will always remember: Being with a certain someone. Hope to be in the future: Working with handicapped children. MAUREEN E. DAVIS: " Moe " Activities: O.E.A. , Yearbook Staff. Favorite memory: May 4, 1973 . Favorite saying: " You armpit. " Look forward to the most: June of ' 76, living m Maine. People special to you: Kenny. Things you will always remember: Fresh¬ man year, down the Cape, Maine, Mill Street. Hope to be in the future: A printer. MARY ANN DAYIAN Activities: Jr. Miss, Dean Enrichment, Yearbook Staff. Favorite memory: March 1, 1974. Look forward to the most: Graduating, and going to college. People special to you: Michael. Most feequently with: Michael, Dodo, Diane and Judy. Things you will always remember: Jr. Miss, football games. Hope to be in the future: Fashion designer. DONALD DEARBORN VINCENT J. DEBAGGIS: " Vincenzo " Activities: Latin Club, National Honor Society. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75, The Palace. Favorite saying: " Them ' s the breaks. " Look forward to the most: College and getting married. Special people: Janet, all the Grecians. Things you will always remember: Between classes at tire locker. Hope to be in the future: Pharmacist MICHAEL DeCOSTA JAMES W. DEGNIM: " Jim " Activities: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Self-Evaluation Committee, Driver Ed. Favorite memories: The bench, J.V. Bas¬ ketball, initiation. Favorite saying: " What day is it? " Look forward to the most: Graduation, the summer. Hope to be in the future: Employed. CHERYL ANN DELFINO: " Dolphin " Activities: National Honor Society, French Club. O.E.A. Representative, Jr. Miss Pageant, Parent ' s Night Guide, Foreign Language Festival, Mathematics Evalua¬ tion Committee, Business Evaluation Com¬ mittee, Dean Enrichment Program, Higher Education Guide, Prom Committee, Dance Committee, Driver Ed. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom ' 74 and ' 75, Holly Ball, Jr. Miss Pageant, Concert, January 25, 1974. Favorite saying: " Really? Are you kidding me? " Hope to be in the future: Executive Secretary. DOLORES ANN DELLORCO: " De De " Favorite saying: " Alright, come on. " Special people: Jeannie, Lori, Rachel, Cindy, Margie, Mary, Debbie. STEPHEN ARTHUR DEMARAIS Activities: Hockey Favorite memories: Shack, Maple Street, rink, the pits, people in Skyline. Favorite saying: " Decent. " Look forward to the most: Having a good job, making money, and going to college. Things you will always remember: Sum¬ mers of ' 72, ' 73, ' 74, ' 75. Hope to be in die future: Vet or chil¬ dren ' s doctor. DOUGLAS GEORGE DEMPSEY Activities: Spring track, partying, fooling around. Favorite memories: 1974 Foxboro football game, playing baseball with a frisbee in the hall. Favorite saying: " Aye! " Look forward to the most: Becoming a chief Petty Officer in the Navy in four years. Always remember: Graduation, last day of basic training. Hope to be in the future: Rich and retired Naval Officer with a pension. DAVID ARTHUR DEPTULA: " Dippy " Activities: Driver Ed., Foreign Language Festivals. Favorite memories: December 9, 1974, May 9, 1975. Favorite saying: " What a beast. " Usually found: In a green Mustang. Always remember: Mr. Beaumier ' s Auto¬ motive class. Hope to be in the future: Electronics engineer. ANTHONY D ' ERRICO: " Tony " Activities: Football, Tri-captain; indoor track, spring track. Most frequently with: Bob, Pete. PETER D ' ERRICO: " Reek " Favorite Memories: Freshman year, The Moon, Stones Tour ' 72. Most frequently with: Hara, Drew, Bass, Wimpy Elmer, Rosie, Dirt, Moon, and Chiefy. Usually Found: C wall or Uptown working. LORI DI BENEDETTO MARYANN DE LEONARDO JONATHAN WESTON DOE: " Nate " Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Favorite Memories: Having a teacher sur¬ prised by my name. Favorite Saying: " Later for you! " KATHLEEN MARGARET DOHERTY: " Kathy " activities: Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Drill 2, C.Y.O. 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3; J.V. Tennis 2,3, Health Services 4; Town Tennis 3,4; Language Festival 1,2,3. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 74. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating from high school. Most Frequently with; Jean, Kathy, Helen, Debbie, Diane. Usually Found: Tennis courts. Things you will always remember: Fresh¬ man initiation. Hope to be in the future: Nurse. MARJORIE DONNELL: " Margie " Activities: Yearbook, Drivers Ed. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 74. Favorite Sayings: " Give me a break! " What you look forward to the most: Fin¬ ishing high school and going to college. Usually found with: Amy, Steve, Scott, Jeff Brill, Tiny, Jay, Beth, Debbie. Things you will always remember: Partying with the kids , and racing . Hope to be in the future: Probation Officer. KAREN LEE DONOVAN Activities: Girls ' intramural basketball, Health Careers, Drivers Ed. Girls Track, Foreign Language Festival, Jr. Miss Pageant. Favorite Memories: First day of freshman year, Initiayion Dance. Favorite Sayings: " Oh wow, Wicked! " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and getting my own apartment. Most Frequently Found With: Denise, Judy, Debbie, Cheryl, Kathy, Patty. Thinga you will always remember: Jr. Miss, football games, before dances, Hope to be in the future: registered nurse. DANIEL C. DOUGHERTY: " DAP " Activities: Golf 2. Favorite Sayings: " No Dice " Things you will always remember: World of Construction Class with Mr. Molla . Hope to be in the future: A successful carpenter. JAMES DREW: " Jim, Jay " Activities: Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Captain 3; Drivers Ed . 2. What you look forward to the most: A long life. People who are special to you: Parents and friends. Things you will always remember: Summer of ' 72, A Sunday in October, Winter of ' 75. Hope to be in the future: Healthy, wealthy and wise. Anything else you would like to add; We take F.H.S. for granted. ROBERT DRISCOLL: " Bob " Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2; Spring Track 3. ANN MARIE DROHAN: " A.M. " Activities: Yearbook 3,4. Favorite Memories: All of the good times I have had with my friends. Favorite Sayings: " You think I ' m kidding? " Most Frequently Found With: Dawn, Cheryl, Teri. Things you will always remember: Dixies, The Senior Christmas Party. DEBORAH DUNNE MARSHA BETH EDELSTEIN: " Marsh " Activities: Drivers Ed. 2, Science Club 4, Yearbook 4 Kaliedoscope 4, Jr. Miss 4, O.E.A. Club 4 Modeling Club 1. Favorite Memories: Mr. Chase ' s class, Jr. Miss. Favorite Sayings: " You know what? " What you look forward t£ the most: Gradu¬ ating, becoming a Veterinarian. Usually Found: Library and cafeteria. BRITT ELY Favorite Memories: Prom, Graduation, Playing frisbee in the hallway. Favorite savings: " Get it our, Later for Shmater, I ' m on it. " What you look forward to the most: Week¬ ends, Summer. People who are special to you: Joann, Ms. DeLabenfels and Grecians. Where you are usually found: My sacred locker. Things you ' ll always remember: The last day of school and Vinnie and Janet at the sacred locker. Hope to be in the future: Rich and Happy. ALBERT EMERY ROSEMARY ESPOSITO: " Ro " Activities: Junior Prom Committee. Favorite Memories: July 28, 1975, May 5, 1971, April 23, 1975. Favorite sayings: " Hey, what do you say? " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation Day. People usually found with: Sue, Mark, Sharon. Things you ' ll always remember: Senior year, Initiation. Hope to be in the Future: Jappy. ELIZABETH EVANS: " Lix, Tiddle " Activities: Varsity Soccer Manager, Wres¬ tling Manager. Favorite Memories: Cal ' 72, February ' 74, Soccer ' 74. What do you look forward to the most: Getting away from it all. PATRICIA FAGAN: " Pat " Activities: OEA, yearbook. Favorite memories: Junior year, Initiation May 9, 1975 OEA Conference. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation, being 18. People who are special to you: family, friends. Who are you most frequently with: Ann, Deb, Teri, Barb, Mike, and all my friends. Where do you hang around the most: P. Lane, Locker with all the kids. Things you ' ll always remember: All the good times we had in High School; 5th period study. Hope to be in the future: Secretary and happy. STEPHEN PAUL FAHEY: " Fay " Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 1, Spring Track 1,2,3, Soccer 3, National Honor Society 3,4. Favorite memories: Summer of 75, week¬ ends down the Cape. Favorite Sayings: " Be serious; what day is it, Lou? " What you look forward to the most: College. People who are special to you: The Guys. Who are you most frequently with: Gut, Fro, Ed, Swede, and Blimp. Where do you hang around the most: Lock¬ ers, and main hall. Things you ' ll always remember: Ed getting the Big L. Gut ' s Blue Bomber, Steve ' s VW. Hope to be in the future: Successful. CELINE FARRELL: Activities: Yearbook. ANN L. FELSKE: " Annie-Lou " Favorite Memories: Nov. 18, 1973, the prom, and the parties People who are special: Kenny, Denise, Debbie, Carol, Alice, and Patti. CHRISTINE M. FICCO: " Chris " Activities: Track, yearbook, O.E.A.— Treasurer, Quill and Scroll, Driver Ed. , Literary Arts Magazine. People Who Are Special: My family, Lor¬ raine, Marc, and my friends. H. RICHARD FICCO JR.: " Feech " or " Dick " . Activities: Band Pres., 1,2,3,4, Bowling Team Pres. 1,2,3,4, Driver Ed., Stage Band 2,3. Favorite memories: Summer of 75 ' , High School Band. Special people: Lynne (Wrentham), Pud, Ed, Gut, Yawn, " Crash " Bent, Cream Puff Charlie. Ambition: to own my own bowling alley. BRUNO FIORIO: " Sammartino " Activities: Drivers Ed. Favorite memory: 8th grade and the milk carton fight in the cafe, in spring of ' 74. Special people: Woodsy, Bob, and Steve. Things remembered: all my friends and my first car. DEAN FISH, JR.: " Deano, Butch, Fishy " Activities: Prom Committee, Dance Com¬ mittee, JV Tennis, 3; Fottball Manager, 2; Hockey manager, 2; Chess Club, 4; Foreign Language Festival, 1; Drivers Ed., Yearbook. Favorite memories: World Series ' 75, Foot¬ ball, Jr. Miss, Initiation. Special people: Mary Jane Hanlon, Pam Gibson, and Mr. Fiske. MICHAEL FIZER: " Fiz " Activities: Party. Favorite saying: " Bimbo, Ay You. " Look forward to: Weekends. Frequently with: Fol, Fray. CHERYL ANN FLOYD Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Soccer Manager, 3; Kaleidoscope 3,4; Jr. Miss, O. E.A., Oskey. Special people: Phil, Jeanette, Nancy, Laura, Kate, Sue, Diane. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75, Junior Prom, Jr. Miss, Senior Year. DAVID A. FOLEY DAVID X. FOLEY, JR.: " Fol " Activities: partying and gatorball. Favorite memories: partying and the zoos in the cafe., Raz ' s party . Special people: P.G. , T.L., M.H., Fray, Peter, Red, Sex, Beast, Whip, Raz, and Bertoni. Will remember: Days at the Lockers. SCOTT FONTENAROSA STEPHEN WRIGHT FORBES: " Vitalis, Forbsic " Activities: JV Hockey, 1; manager, 3; Tennis 1,2,3,4 . Special people: Chris, Mary, Bob, Joe, Dan, Steve, Pat. Things you remember: The streakers run¬ ning through the library and losing the first round in the states because of them. MARIE ELIZABETH FOURNIER: " Ree " Activities: Intramural basketball, 1,2,4. J.V, Tennis 3, Varsity softball 2, Junior Prom committee 3, Driver Ed 3, Special people; Steven B., and friends. Paula, Janet, Carol, Hil, Cindy. Favorite memories: Oct. 18, 1974, Going to the Cape and N.H. with the gang. Hockey games, parties, initiation. SCOTT FRASER STEVEN M. FRASER: Favorite memories: The rink Grecian Palace, Junior Prom. Special people: Cat, Vinnie, DiMeg, Ben, Tom. MICHAEL JOHN FRONGILLO: " Frog " Activities: JV Soccer 1, Varsity Football Manager 3, National Honor Society 3,4, " Bald Soprano " 2. Favorite memories: The Bald Soprano, gatorball, chemistry class. People who are special: Fish, Liz, Anne Marie, Muffin. LINDA FURLONG DENISE GALVIN SUSAN ELLEN GANNON: " Sue " Activities: Pep Club 2,3,4, Panther Mas¬ cot 4, Softball 2, Field Hockey 1, Prom Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Driver Ed. Favorite Memories: summer of 75. PEOPLE who are special: Ro, Sharon. JANET GARDELLA: Activities: Varsity Cheerleading 1,2, Stu¬ dent Council 1,2,3,4, Student Council Secretary 2,3, Pep club 1,2,3,4, Spanish club 1, Health careers 1,2, Ski Club 3,4, Advisory Board 1,2,3. Favorite memories: Austria, Jr. Miss, Pago- Pago, Cheering, standing at the locker with the guys. Special people: Robby, Liz, Cheryl, Deb, Paula, G Mark. CAROL GARGIULO RAYMOND J. CARREY: " The Head " Favorite memories: New England Dragway, 1973; Moon parties. Look forward to: Owning a Harley Davidson. Usually found: The Moose, riding around town with Pete, Don, Bob, Ann. Hope to be in the future: Motorcycle mechanic. CHERYL GARRITY GARY GEORGE GAUDET: " Gus " Activities: Football, Spring Track. Favorite memories: Sophmore class outing, football camp. Favorite saying: " Haul. " Most frequently with: Singe, Brownie. Will always remember: Freshman Football. Hope to be in the future: Engineer MICHAEL GAZZOLA: " Gut " Activities: Hockey, Baseball, Gatorball. Favorite memories: The bench, playing Varsity Hockey and Baseball. Favorite saying: " Much later. " Look forward to: College Uusally found: In the rink. Hope to be in the future: Graphic Arts Technician. BEATRICE GEORGE: " Bea " Activities: Newspaper class, Driver Ed. Favorite memories: March 14, 1975, Ms. Maguire ' s English Class. Favorite saying: " You don ' t say. " Look forward to: Getting married. Most frequently with: Chuck, Lena, Jeanne. Usually found: The basement, down Con- lyn Avenue. Always remember: The goings on in the basement in the morning . EDWARD GIANTTTI: " Ed " Activities: CYO, National Honor Society, Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals. Favorite memories: The Bench, Summer of ' 75. Favorite saying: " I ' m baffled! " Look forward to: College. Usually found: Main corridor; up the rink. Hope to be in the future: Law Enforcement Officer. MICHAEL GIARDINO: " Mike " Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball; Captain, Senior year. Favorite memories: November 1, 1975, Thanksgivings, Summer of ' 75. Special person: Carol. Frequently with: Carol, Jack, Bob Usually found: Fieldhouse PAMELA GIBSON Activities: Class Secretary, Student Coun¬ cil, National Honor Society. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75, going to Tennessee, and being with friends. Favorite saying: " Well ... " Look forward to the most: College. Most frequently with: Mary Jane, Teri, and the rest of the " gang . " Hope to be in the future; Clinical Psychologist. LINDA MARIE GILLEY Favorite Memories: 1974-1975. Favorite Saying: " Let ' s not check in. " Look forward to the most: Graduation, Weekends, and getting wasted. Frequently with: Timmy, Kris, Debbie, and Cindy. LAURA J. GIULIANO J.V. Field Hockey 1, Varsity Field Hockey; 2,3,4, Varsity Tennis; 3,4, French Club President; 4, National Honor Society; 3,4, Band; 1,2,3,4, Junior Miss Pageant; 4, Senior Activities Committee; 4. Most frequently with: Peeps, K.H. , M.M. , Cheryl, G.G. , T.C., Alice, A.B., G Lil. DEBORAH ANN GRAHAM: " Deb " Favorite Memories: Summer of 73 and 75, Florida partying with the " group. " Look forward to the most: traveling, week¬ ends, and 6:30. Most frequently with: Cindy, Jean, Lena, and Ann. MICHAEL GRANT PAUL R. GRANT: " Grantley " Favorite Memories: Europe 73 and Summer of 74. Favorite Saying: " Stay COOL! " Frequently with: My Wife . Usually Found: down the path, and Wasted Acres. ALAN GUIDREY JOAN HALLET MARY JANE HANLON ANDREW HANSON: " Drew " Favorite memories: Moon, parties. Frequently with: Hara, Ree, Bass, Wimpey, Elmer, Rosie, Dirt, Moon, Chiefy, Charles, Gerald. Usually found: C Wall, Study, down the path. HILLARY ANDREA HANSON: " Pickle " Activities: Drill Team, Driver Ed., Year¬ book Staff. Favorite memories: Summer of ' 75, Rocky Point, Junior skip day. Favorite saying: " Imagine. " Look forward to: Seeing Eddie, weekends, vacations. Most frequently with: Teri, Linda, Donna, Linda V. Usually found: C House, bookshelves, down the path. ELIZABETH ANN HARRIGAN: " Liz " Activities: Pep Club, Cheerleading, For¬ eign Language Festival, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Ski Team, Junior Miss Pageant. Favorite memories: Austria, Summer of ' 75. Favorite Sayings: " I ' m only human. " What you look forward to the most: Work¬ ing at an airlines. Things you ' ll always remember: Austria, with K.M. and L.R; " The Tanembaum, " Spanish with IRV. LAWRENCE HATFIELD LEROY HEATH SHARON L. HEDTLER: " Sha " Activities: Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Prom—April 25, 1975; February 22, 1973, December 25, 1974. Favorite Saying: " Really? " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating from FHS , and getting married, People who are special to you: Dave, my friends and family. Where do you hang around the most: Cafe, and the Caravan with Dave. Things you ' ll always remember: The freshmen dances, and all my close friends. PATRICIA J. HEINZMANN: " Patti " Activities: National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Intramural basketball, CYO, Girls Spring Track, Drivers Ed, Fashion Show Commentator, Language Festival. What you look forward to the most: College., Who are you most frequently with: Denise, Louise, Kathy, Karen, Judy, and Denise. Where do you hang around tire most: Li¬ brary, work. TERESA HIGGINS: " Teri, T, Higgy " Activities: National Honor Society ' , Senior Class Activities Committee, Intramural basketball 2. Favorite Memories: My sister Karen, the moon, and all the concerts in Boston. People who are special to you: My father. Hope to be in the future: Someone who people respect. CHRIS HINCHLIFFE VICKIE HINES: " Stretch " Activities: Latin Club 1,2, Pep Club, Spanish Club, 2,4. Driver Ed.; Drill Team 3; CYO; Intramurals; Foreign Language Festival 2. Favorite Memories: THE NITE, Pennsyl¬ vania trip, Beach Boys, Chicago Concert. Frequently ' with: Judy ' , Linda, Sue, Janet, Nancy, Donna, Liz, Tierney’, Debbie, and Beth. CYNTHIA J. HOLBROOK: " Cindy " Favorite Memories: January 15, 1975, Junior Prom. Most Frequently ' With: Rick Clayton. Usually Found: At Vic Kubli ' s with Rick. SUSAN ARLENE HUGHES Activities: OEA , Latin Club. Favorite Memories: March 29, 1975. Frequently ' With: Jim, MaryAnn, Rhonda, Debbie, Brian, Kris, Bob, and Shawn. Usually Found: Outside B House. W ' ill always remember 2nd study. CAROL HOW F KATE ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON Activities: Varsity Cheering 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Kaleidoscope 4; 1976 Franklin Junior Miss. Favorite Memories; Cheerleading 74-75. Most Frequently ' With: Jeanette, Nancy, Cheryl, Susan, and Diane. Will always remember Junior Prom 1 74. DONNA MARIE IMPEY Activities: Driver Ed. Favorite Memories; February of 1975, and July 6, 1975. What you look forward to: Graduation and being 18. People who are special to you: Anybody who is my friend, and my family. Who are you most frequently with: Brian, Cheryl, Pat, and Kathy. Hope to be in the future: Successful in a modeling career. SCOTT JENEST KAREN JOHNSON: " K.J. " Activities: Yearbook, 3, editor 4, Honor Sociity, Quill and Scroll. Favorite Memories: My brother Steven. Who are you most frequently with: Sharon, Atlas, Kellie, Holly, Thomas. STEVEN FRANCIS JOHNSON: " Swede " Activities: Basketball 1,2, Tennis 2,3. Favorite Memories: Graduation, the shack. Favorite Sayings: " What day is it? " What do you look forward to the most? Leaving Franklin and going to college. Most frequently found with: Fag, Gut, Fay, Fro, Blimp. Hope to be in the future: Business Administrator. MICHAEL JONES: " Jonesy " JEAN A. KAMISHLIAN: " Kamish " " Fish " Activities: Office Education Association, Clerical Pool. Favorite Memories: February 14, 1975, going to California and Florida . Favorite Sayings: " What a fool! " What you look forward to the most: gradu¬ ation, Senior class parties, banquet, col¬ lege in California. Most frequently found with: Sandy, Dor, Sueberry, Lisa, Lori, Armo ' s. Usually found: The rink. JANET LYNNE KARLSON: " Jay Kay " Favorite Memories: May 30, 1975, June 1, 1975, Summer of ' 73 and Hawii. Favorite Sayings: " Really? " What you look forward to the most: gradu¬ ation and college. Usually found with: Chucky, Linda, Chris and the gang. Things you ' ll always remember: weekend inN.H. Xaverian Dance ' 75. WINSLOW KARLSON JOHN KAUFMAN CHRISTINE MARY KAZUSCHYK: " Kaz " Activities: D.E. C.A, 3,4; Homegrown; Yearbook; Oskey 2,3; Kaleidoscope 2, State President; Mass. DECA, Pres., 3. Favorite Memories: Oct. 21, 1974: Oskey and 50 ' s dance; Florida, May ' 75. Favirite People: Jay, Joey, P.A.C. G.B. , K.J., Donna 1 and 2, M, M, CM and everyone else who gets what they want out of life by living . HILARY MARIE KEEFE: " Hil, Hillis, Killeroy " Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1. Favorite Memories: Summer of 75, Mar¬ tha ' s Vineyard, N.H. , The Blue Bomber, Favorite Sayings: " But Listen . . . Hey! " What you look forward to the most: Going to and graduating from cllege. The Sr. Banquet. Most frequently found with: Cindy, Tracey, Archer and the rest of " the dolls. " Hope to be in the future: Successful and happy. PAULA KELLEHER Activities: J.V. Field Hockey 1,2; J.V. Softball 2; Intamural Basketball 1, D.E. 1,2; D.E, Store Manager, Prom Commit¬ tee; Sr. D.E. Vice President, Jr. Chapter President. Favorite Saying: " Oh, how cute. " What you look forward to the most: Vaca¬ tions, and Graduation. Usually found with: Tim, Marie, Liz, Janet. Things you ' ll always remember: Pagp- Pago, Mr. Parmenten ' s 5th Period class, Freshman class. NORA KELLY PATRICIA KING: " Patty " Activities: Drivers Ed. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, March 31, 1975. Favorite saying: " Oh, hey! " Special people: Paul, Duff, Tree, Mary- lyn, Lor, Sally, Mad, the whole gang in the Chev. Remember: leaving the school when you have a study and trying to sneak back. THOMAS C. KING: " Fish " Activities: Cross Country 1, Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1,2; Soccer 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4. Favorite memories: Soccer, Summer ' 75. Special people; people who like to laugh and have a good time. Frequently with: Frog, Muff, Beak, Mimi, Sully and soccer team. BERNARD THOMAS KING: " T.K. , Kingso " Activities: Charlie Brown musical 1, " Bye Bye Birdie " 2, Central District audition and concert 3, Central District audition 4. Favorite saying: " Decent! Really! " Special people: Mr. Arthur Sacco, my parents, girlfriend, James Ray, Jimmy O ' Brien. SUSAN KINGSBERRY: " Sue " Activities: OEA, Yearbook. Favorite Sayings: " No, really? " What you look forward to the most: Col¬ lege, the weekends. People who are special to you: Mace, Kamish, Teri, Vicki, Jean, and Pat. Where do you hang around the most: P. Lane, the rink or Summer St., Circle. Things you ' ll always remember: Freshmen Year, the fence at George ' s Island, Mr. Fiske ' s Bioliogy Class. LAURIE ELLEN KLUMPE: " Klumpa, La, Laura Kaye " Activities: Oskey 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Year¬ book, Foreign Language Festival 1,2,3; A.F.S. 2, Drivers Ed., Junior Miss 4, Kaleidoscope 2. Favorite saying: " Gimme a break. " Favorite memories: Jr. Miss, Physics with Mr. P., Oskey, Florida, Hamlet, Habeus C orpus. KAREN KNOBLOCK RAYMOND DOUGLAS KODGER: " Fray " Activities: Partying, getting wasted, and driving around. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, Raz ' s, the Cape. Favorite saying: " Where ' s the gig? " Look forward to: Long weekends, and graduating. Most frequently with: Beast, Sex, Jer, Raz, Red, Putta, Whip, Fol, Guid, Jonesy. DONNA LEE KONIS Activities: Cake Decorating Fair. Favorite memory: Sept. 5, 1975. Favorite saying: " Terrific! " Special people: Dwight. Frequently with: Diane, Dwight, Ricky, Paul, Linda. Hope to be: A teacher. DOROTHEA KULCH ELLEN CHRISTINE KUTIL: " Ellie " Activities: Pep Club, Drill Team, Driver Education. Favorite memories: " No sah; really? " People who are special to you: Marsha, Bob. Usually found: At my locker, library. Always remember: Meeting Bob, school days at 2; 10, doing homework at the last minute, being on the drill team. Hope to be in the future: A seamstress STEVEN LA BADESSA Activitiew: Wrestling 2,3,4, Crosscoun¬ try, Student Advisory Board to the School Committee. Favorite Memories: Wrestling. Favorite Sayings: " Hey, Goomba . 11 What you look forward to the most: College. Who are you most frequently found with: Chief ans J. D. Things you ' ll always remember: Friends and Motocycle. PATRICIA JEAN LOUGHLIN: " Tricia " , " Zip " , " Bones " Activiti es: Ski Team, Track, OEA, Year¬ book Staff. Favorite memories: Senior year, gradua¬ tion, parties and weekends, Sebago Lake, Ma ine. What do you look forward to the most: College, and weekends. People who are special to you: Laurie, other friends, and family. Who are you most frequently with: Kurg, Karen, Kim, Lorraine, Debbie, Beth, Chris, Ann. Where do you hang around the most: Anthony Rd. Hope to be in the future: Medical Secretary. DIANE MARIE LUCAS: " Luke " Activities: Cheerleader, Pep Club, OEA, Driver Ed ., Spanish Club. Favorite Memories: June 19, 1974, Paul ' s Jr. Prom. Favorite Sayings: " I don ' t know, I just felt like it. " What you look forward to the most: Getting out of school. Who are you most frequently with: Paul, Dodo, MaryAnn. Where do you hang around the most: Somewhere with Paul. Hope to be in the future: Secretary. SALLY ANN LYNSKY: " Lucy " , " Sal " Activities: Driver Ed., yearbook. Favorite memories: Spring and Summer of ' 74. Favorite Sayings: " ReaJJy. " What you look forward to the most: College. People who are special to you: Marilyn, Tree, Jenny, Duff, Patty, Lori, the gang. Where do you hang around the most: Out¬ side C House. Things you ' ll always remember: Mad Dog- gin, and the Moon. Hope to be in the future: Physical Therapist. MIKE LYONS: " Mike " Activities: Tennis, Foreign Language Fes¬ tival, Flea Market, National Honor So¬ ciety, Freshman basketball, Manager. Favorite Memories: Initiation, Halloween Dance. Favorite Saying: " Get on it " . Get with it " People who are special to you: Everyone. Where do you hang around the most: The corridors. Hope to be in the future: Doctor. Anything you ' d like to add: I think F.H.S. is the best school around. CYNTHIA MARIE LABOSSIERE: " Cindy " Favorite Memories: My prom, graduation, Class night. Favorite Sayings: " You know what I mean? " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and getting married. Most frequently found with: Ray. Things you ' ll always remember: All the good times I had in school and the summer of ' 75. Hope to be in the future: Happy and successful. JEANNE LANG: " Pepe " Activities: National Honor Society. Favorite sayings: " Let ' s get ' m you jive turkey. " What you look forward to the most: Getting out of high school and achieving my goals, traveling. Most frequently found with: T. Bear, Lena, Bea, Marcia, Mark. Things you ' ll always remember: All my burnt out weekends. Anything else that you would like to add: The kids in this school should learn to grow up. If they stopped defacing the school, we would probably receive more privileges. STEVEN LA ROSE CAROL A. LAVIGNE Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3; P p Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Health Careers 3; Prom Committee, National Honor So¬ ciety 3,4. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, Competition ' 74, ' 75, Summer of ' 75, Cape Cod, Badminton Class. Favorite Sayings: " Oh, my nerves. " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and going to school, 1980. Most frequently found with: Mike, Chris, Cheryl, Olga. Hope to be in the future: Physical Therapist. PAUL LA VOIE: " Frenchy " Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2, 3,4. _ Favorite Memories: Junior Prom . Favorite Sayings: " Later Chump. " What you look forward to the most: Graduation. Most frequently found with: Soccer jocks. Things you ' ll always remember: 1974 soccer league champs. Hope to be in the future: Athletic trainer. ALBERT LEMIRE: " Al " Activities: Soccer team 1,2,3,4; Wrestling team 1,2,3,4 . Favorite memories: 1974 League champs. What you look forward to tire most: Graduation. Most frequently found with: The Soccer Team. Things you ' ll always remember: 1974 League Champs. Hope to be in the future: Architect. THERESA ANN LENZI: " Teri, Ter, Spider " Activities: Yearbook, J.V. Softball, Prom Committee, O. E. A.; Cheerleader 1,2,3, 4 Co-Captain 2,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Dance Committees Drivers ed.; Quill and Scroll Society 4. Favorite sayings: " Oh yeah! Why come? " What you look forward to the most: The day I finally know what I ' m doing . Most frequently found with: Joni, Pam, M.J. Things you ' ll always remember: Chemistry Lab, Mrs. Merrill ' s homeroon and candies, Prouty ' 75, Prom. CHARLENE M. LE VITRE: " Chas or Chari " Favorite memories: April 23, 1975, Sept. 26, 1975. Favorite sayings: " Excellent! " What you look forward to the most: Weekends! Usually found with: Laurie, Lu, Sharon, Ro, Beth, Deb, Maple St. kids. Things you ' ll always remember: The van, Sr. year, Ken ' s Spanish Class, Mr. Rice ' s Class. Hope to be in the future: Special Ed. Teacher JANET LEWIS: " Lew " Activities: Art Exhibit 4, Fashion Show 3,4, O.E.A. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and N. Y. Usually found with: Mare, Cheryl, Vi, Sharon. Tilings you ' ll always remember: Prudence, Summer ' 75, working at T.N.P. Fashion show. OLGA LEIVANO Activities: Cheerleader 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,3,3,4; Prom Com¬ mittees, Dance Commitees, Competition Team 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Language Festival 1,2,3,4; Driver Educa¬ tion 3. What you look forward to most: Graduation, College. People who are special to you: Family, Chris, Cheryl. Carol, Diane, Teri, Cher¬ yl W. Things you ' ll always remember: Trying to get a conference room 7th period, Chem¬ istry with Mr. Kingsbury and Lab, getting dirty looks at basketball games. BRIAN C. LITTLEFIELD: " Bri " Activities: Driver Ed. 2, Spring Track 1. What you look forward to the most: Living in Maine. People who are special to you: Joanne. Who are you most frequently with: Dave, Chris, Charlie, Donna, Brian. Where do you hang around the most: Auto motives. Things you ' ll always remember: Freshmen year at FHS. Anything you ' d like to add: F.H.S. is a good school and I had a good education here. CARLO LODI Activities: Spring track 1,2,3,4; Winter track 2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Cap¬ tain 4; Basketball 1. Favorite Memories: Down the Charles, seeing die sunrise at work, doing nothing in tall grass. What you look forward to die most: Time in my own hands, a big stretch of land and my own house. People who are special to you: Laurie C . Who are you most frequently with: Mike McDermott, Tony R . , Mike D . and Bob C . Where do you hang around the most: At Mike ' s, at home, or at the fieldhouse. Anything you ' d like to add: People usually misunderstand each other, and somebody usually gets hurt—somebody normal and innocent. KRISTINE MARY LORD: " Kris " Activities: D.E.C.A. Favorite memories: My Junior Prom, years 1973-1975. Favorite Saying: " Do you want to go to school late? " What do you look forward to the most: W ' eekends and vacations, getting a job. People who are special: Billy, Karen, Linda, Laura, Kathy, Alice. Where do you hang around most: Cafeteria basement. Bellingham. Tilings you ' ll always remember: Going into school late witii Linda G ., or not going in at all. Hope to be in the future: Secretary ' and rich. DEBORAH TERESA LOTFY: " Debbie " Activities: Spring Track 3, JY Softball 2, Intramural basketball 2, Junior Miss 4, Foreign Language Festivals 2,3, Driver Ed. 2,3, Art Festival 2,3, Senior Class Activities. Favorite Memories: High school life, Jun¬ ior Miss, nice people, kids and teachers. Favorite saying: " That ' s Decent! " People who are special to you: Risa, Beth, Meg, Cheryl, Laurie, Charlene, Carol, Sherell, Patches, Mrs. Brooks. Where do you hang around the most: All over; I get around. Hope to be in the future: Registered nurse. ABBE GALE MAC COMISKEY: " Ab " Activities: Field Hockey 1, Gymnastics 3, Yearbook 4, Drivers ed. Favorite Memories: Summer ' 75, Feb. ' 76 Favorite Sayings: What can I say? What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and going to college . Most frequently found with: Liz, Sharon, Steve, Kathy, Berg, Elio, Bob, Tony, Sue .... Things you ' ll always remember: The end of my senior year, the senior breakfast and good times I had with my friends. Hope to be in the future: Registered nurse. ROBERT MALONEY DEBRA MANDRA PAMELA MARCELLI THOMAS MARCHAND DAVID PAUL MARGUERITE: " Margy " Activities: Manager Varsity Hockey 3,4; Intramural gator ball. Favorite Memories: The Cape and sinking the catermeran. Most Frequently With: Mike, Eddy, Steve, Mark, Yawney, Fro, Cat and Dimeg. Usually Found: The Rink. KAREN MARSHALL Activities: Yearbook, OEA , Track, and Field Hockey. Favorite Memories: Graduation, Summer of ' 75 Frequently With: Tricia, Chris, Laurie, Kim and Lorraine. Usually Found: Conlyn Ave . DEBRA JEAN MARTIN: " Deb " Activities: Varsity Cheerleader; 1,2,3 Competion, 1; Junior Prom and Dance Committees, National Honor Society, Yearbook. Favorite Memories: May 26, 1975, Mar¬ tha ' s Vineyard, Summer ' 75, Hyannis 1 76, Beach Boys ' Concert. Frequently With: Raz, The Locker Gang. Usually Found: At the locker, P-Lane, with Jimmy. ANN MARIE MASON Activities: Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Junior and Senior years, Dec. 11 and 14, 1974. Most Frequently With: Pat, Deb, Barb, and the " Locker Gang. " Usually Found: P-Lane, at the locker. Hope to be in the future: Better than what lam now. MARCIA MASTROMATTEO: " Little Porky " Activities: DEC A; 3,4. Favorite Memories: Summer ' 75, The Van. Favorite Saying: " What are you on drugs? " Most Frequently with: Alaine, Kathy, Jeanne. " Will never forget you, Mr. Gray! " RAYMOND M. MASTROMATTEO: " Mark " Activities: Chess Club 1-4, National Honor Society, Bowling Team 2,3,4; Gator Ball League, Foreign Language Festivals 1-4. Favorite Memories: Lunch with the Grecian Clan, following the Red Sox. Most Frequenlty with: Dave P., Mike R. , Ed G ., Steve J., Gut, and Dave M. Usually Found: F-118 or The Library. FRANCESCO G. MAURO JR.: " Frankie " Activities: Spanish Club, French Club, Math Club, NHS--3-4, Junior Prom Com¬ mittee, Dance Committee, Varsity Base¬ ball Team Manager 2,3, J.V. Soccer, 1,2 Latin Club 1,2,3,4 , Treasurer 4 , NHCL, MJCL. Favorite Memories: Trip to Indiania 75, New York, and Boston. Favorite Sayings: " You gotta believe. " What you look forward to the most: Being accepting into the Air Force, and goin ' to college. People who are special to you: Carol-olga , Mike, Mark, Maryjane, Kate, Pam, Brian, Artie, Steve, etc. Anything else you would like to add: I would like to thank my teachers for what they did for me . sharon McCarthy MIKE McDERMOTT: " Mutt " Activities: Track. Favorite Memories: Neighborhood tree¬ crossing . What you look forward to the most: Going out to the truck. Things you ' ll always remember: The high tenson wires. Hope to be in the future: Forest Ranger. ANN MARIE McDONALD Activities: National Honor Society, 3,4, Office Education Association, J.V. Soccer Manager, Field Hockey, and Drivers ' Education. Favorite Memories: October 25, 1974, July 4, 1975. What you look forward to the most: Graduating. People who are special to you: Jeffrey, Jeannie, Patty T, and Tricia L. Things you ' ll always remember: Sully ' s Field, the senior class, Mrs. Farmer ' s class. Hope to be in the future: Executive Secretary. EILEEN MARIE McDONALD: " Leen " Activities: DECA, Driver Ed. Favorite Memories: Denise ' s Birthday party. Favorite Saying: " Far-out, " " spare-me . " People who are special to you: Michael. Who are you most frequently with: Michael, Susan, Debbie, Karen, Debbie, Kris, Joann, Denise, andFrancine. Things you ' ll always remember: Graduation Day. Hope to be in the future: Psychologist. kellie McDonald EDMUND F. McDONOUGH: " Chief " Activities: Football 1,2. Favorite Memories: Football, summer of 74. Favorite Saying: " Hey, Coors. " What you look forward to the most: College. People who are special to you: Cheryl D. Where do you hang around the most: R.I. Things you ' ll always remember: My car and guitar. LINDA ANN McFARLAND Favorite Memories: Nov. 10, 1973, week¬ end of Oct. 11, 1975. Most Frequently With: Socksy, Janet, Chris, and the gang. Usually Found: The Cage. Hope to be in the future: respiratory therapist. john mcgovern LINDA J. McNALLY: " Pin " Activities: Home Grown, Oskey, Kalei¬ doscope, Spring Track, Mirage, and Detention. Favorite Memories: Rocky Point ' 75, Buddy, Quinn ' s chase in FHS parking lot. Favorite Saying: " Greetings. " Most Frequently With: Cart Rd. kids and Larry, Lynder, Teri, Holly, Donner, etc. Usually Found: C Wall. CHARLES D. McSTAY: " Chuck " Activities: Ski Team; 3,4, Golf Team, 1-4; Ski Club 74. Favorite Memories: Austria, Mr. Nerney ' s English class, 75-76. " If I had the chance to do it over again, I wouldn ' t! " MARK MERCURE HARRY A. MILLER JR. Activities: Science Club, 1-4; Math Club, 2,3,4; Ecology Club, 3; Model Senate, 2, 3,4; Mirage, Latin Club, 2,3; Favorite Memories: Science Club parties and " activities. " Favorite Saying: " Be Yourself . . . Free! " Most Frequently With: Dave, Stan, Kevin, Scott, Ron, Obvious. Usually Found: The Library. MARK DAVID MINNICHELLI: " Minni " Activities: Soccer Manager 1, J.V. Soccer 2, J.V. Tennis 2, Winter Track 2, Varsity Tennis 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4, French Club 3,4, Math Club 3,4, Philo¬ sophy and Objectives Committee 3. Favorite Memories: Analysis, Study periods, Senior year. What you look forward to the most: Getting my degree. People who are special to you: Laura . Things you ' ll always remember: Summer of ' 75, various theorums and Postulates. Hope to be in the future: Successful. BARBARA ANN MODRAK: " Barb " Activities: Jr. Prom Committee 3, year¬ book 3,4, Dance Committee, Health Careers, Pep Club. Favorite Memories: Fall ' 72, Honda 350, Senior year. What you look forward to the most: Trav¬ eling, graduation college, weekends. Most frequently found with: " The gang " Things you ' ll always remember: Football games, Mr. Parmenter ' s 5th period class. Hope to be in the future: Working in the health field. BRIAN W.T. MOFFITT: " Beast " Activities: Foreign Language Festival 1, Art Festival 2,3,4, Driver Education 2,3, Portfolio 4. Favorite memories: May 9, 10, 1975. Favorite saying: " What ' s happening? " What you look forward to the most: Going to school for Film Direction and getting my diploma . Most frequently found with: Dave, Brian, Eileen, Vernessa, Chris, Kathy, John. Hope to be in the future: Film director. Anything else you would like to add: F.H.S. helped me open up and discover who lam. MAUREEN MOLLOY DALE MORAN LORRAINE MORAN DONNA MARIE MORANTE Activities: Spanish Club, Gymnastics manager. Favorite memories: Having all your teach¬ ers out in one day. Favorite sayings: " Cut it out! " What you look forward to the most: Be¬ coming a teacher, graduation day. Most frequently found with: Tierney, Vicki, Sue, Debbie, Beth, Judy, Janet. Hope to be in the future: Special education teacher. PAUL MORI ARTY TIERNEY MORRIS Activities: Pep Club, Winter and spring track, softball, Spanish Club. Favorite Memories: Beach Boys ' Concert. Favorite Sayings: " You kill me! " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation day, college. Most frequently found with: Vicki, Donna, Linda, Sue, Judy. Things you ' ll always remember: My friends. Hope to be in the future: Nurse . MARY MORRISSEY COLLEEN JILL MORSE: " Jill " Activities: Chorus 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3, 4, Drill Team 1,2, Driver Education 4, Fu¬ ture Health Careers Club 2, Office Educa¬ tion Association, Language Festival. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating and going to college. Most frequently found with; Kathy, Mary Anne, Marsha, Tom, Cheryl and Bob. Things you ' ll always remember: Getting lost in the State House, Tri-secting a shark in Biology. ELIZABETH MOULTON: " Liz " Activities: Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4, Jazz Group, National Honor Society 3, vice pres. 4, French Club 2,3,4 , Math Club 3,4, Oskey 3,4, Central District Band 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, School News¬ paper 1, Advisory Board of the Student Council to the school Committee, Student Council Dean Enrichment, CYO, Girls Track 2,3,4. Favorite Memories: Summer ' 75, and summer band. Favorite Saying: " Really. " What you look forward to: Going to college . ANTOINETTE P. MUCCIARONE: " Ann " Activities: Distributive Education 1,2, Work experience, Yearbook 1. Favorite Memories: 1974 DECA Elections in Boston, Freshman, Junior, Senior Year, and being with friends. Favorite Sayings: Oh really, and Maryooch. What you look forward to the most: A rich, happy, rewarding life. People who are special to you: My family, friends, and teachers. Who are you most frequently with: JoAnne, Donna, Tom, Mike, Audrey, Cathy, and Darlene. DAWN M. MUCCIARONE: " Mucci " Activities: Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Prom " 73 " . Favorite Sayings: " Cute. " What you look forward to the most: May 28, 1976. People who are special to you: Marc, my family and friends . Who are you most frequently with: Marc, Cheryl, A.M. , Moe. Things you ' ll always remember: Prom " 73 " , and H-house basement. THOMAS NICHOLAS MUCCIARONE: " Much " Activities: Distributive Education 1,2, work experience, yearbook. Spanish Club 1. Favorite Memories: Freshman year, summer of 75, 1st and 2nd period of accounting, Ceramics 2. Favorite Sayings: " Ma Narge, NO. " What you look forward to the most: Owning a restaurant. People who are, special to you: Donna G, Joanne P, Anto M., Eileen M. , Patty S . , and Ms. M. Things you ' ll always remember: D.E. , Yearbook Staff. Hope to be in the future: Head Chef of an Italian Restaurant. HELEN MULLEN Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 4, National Honor Society 3,4, School Newspaper 1, CYO 1,2,3,4, Treas¬ urer 3, Health Service Assistance 4. Favorite Memories: My trip to Bermuda, CYO ski-trip, Health Service assistance. Favorite Sayings: " Skipit ... " People who are special to you: My family and friends and people with a smile. Things you ' ll always remember: Mr. Com- pagnone ' s math analysis class, Drivers ' Ed., Mrs. Farmer ' s library duty, Ms. Carlson ' s biology class. LAURA JEAN MURCH: " Murchie " Activities: DE 1, Vice-president 2, Histori¬ an, Yearbook, Drivers ' Ed., National Honor Society. Favorite Memories: 1 15 75, 12 31,75, and 2 18 75. Favorite saying: " What ' s up? " People who are special to you: Family and friends, and L.K. Who are you most frequently with: Jennifer, Gail, Karen, and Charise . Things you ' ll always remember: Parties, weekends, and friends. CYNTHIA MARIE MUTCHLER: " Cindy " Activities: DECA 1, OEA 1, representative. Favorite Memories: Summer of 75, Mar¬ tha ' s Vineyard. What you look forward to the most: " The Weekends " , and College. People who are special to you: My friends. Who are you most frequently with: Hilary, Marie, Arch, Lou, Glor, and Buch. Things you ' ll always remember: New Hampshire. Hope to be in the future: Successful. LAWRENCE S. NASUTI JR.: " Larry " " Nasoot " Activities: J.V. Hockey, GaterBall, Wed. night intramurals, Partying. Favorite Memories: Beaver Pond parties, Summer of ' 75, ZZ Top concert, Aerosmith Concert, The Cabin. Favorite Sayings: " Later " , " This stupid car! " , " Bimbo " . What you look forward to the most: Getting a good job, and getting ahead in life, and Class Night. People who are special to you: Stefan, Poot, Ricey, Walshie, Teri, and Vicky. Where do you hang around the most: The lockers, and the Rink. MICHEAL NEELON: " Mike " LOUISE CHARLENE NELSON: " Weasel " Activities: Basketball manager 2, Track 1,2,3,4, Intramural Basketball: Art Festi¬ val, Fashion Show, Foriegn Language Fes¬ tival, CYO. Favorite Memories: Escape from the library, White Stadium, Camp, Summer- of ' 75, Peter Junior. People who are special to you: Bass, Paul, Cheryl, Paula, Kathy, and Barb. Where do you hang around the most: Gym, Wrentham, M.M. Things you ' ll always remember: Prom, Beach Boys ' Concert, Union Street Incident, All the good things and people I got to know. STANLEY CLARK NEUBERT: " Stan " Activities: Latin Club, Orienteering, Lit. Magazine, (Mirage) Science Club, Model Senate, BYD (Debates) Peoples Revolu¬ tionary Committee. Favorite Memories: Vacations, Guy Fawks Day. Favorite Sayings: " I never let the facts im- pare my j udgement. " People who are special to you: Queen Boadicia of Britain, Queen Asa of Norway. Who are you most frequently with: David, Harry, Kevin, Loretta, Linda, Nancy, Ron, etc. Things you ' ll always remember: The Bomb Scare of Freshman year. BETH NEWELL: " Neol " Activities: Newspaper 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Science Club 4, Art Fair 2,3. Favorite Memories: Mount Monadnock, Nauset Beach, Maine. What you look forward to the most: Going to College. People who are special to you: Carol. Who are you most frequently with: Bebby, Carol, Risa, Charlene, Laurie. Things you ' ll always remember: Mr. Chase ' s Earth Science Class, Streakers, Studies. Hope to be in the future: wildlife biologist. KIM NISIL NANCY NORTON: " Nort " Oskey 4, Clerical Pool 2, Jr. Prom Committee. Favorite Sayings: " I laugh or scream " , " Later " . Who are you most frequently with: Hunta, Squally, Jo-Jo, Floyd, Ugly. Where do you hang around the most: Across from " C " House. Things you ' ll always remember: The big mouths of Jeanette and myself, and parties at the Rink. Anything you ' d like to add: How everyone is afraid of being different, and how every vacation I would be sick, and miss out on all the class activities, ex. Class trip. CYNTHIA LOU OBER: " Cindy " Activities: OEA . Favorite Memories: March 16, 1973, August 22, 1975. Favorite Sayings: " Take a hike. " What you look forward to the most: Getting out of school, and being on my own. People who are special to you: Brian, Mayo, Carol, Jean, Sue, Joni, Cindy, Michelle, and the gang. Where do you hang around the most: Fletcher ' s Field and summer street. Things you ' ll always remember: Dances, School lunches, parties, football games , and weekends. KATHLEEN ANN MARGARET O ' BRIEN: " Corky " , " Kathy " . Activities: Track 3,4, Intermural Basket¬ ball 1, and Literary magazine. Favorite Memories: May 10, 1975, Jan¬ uary 15, 1975, Freshman Year, New York, and Falmouth track meet. Favorite Sayings: " Curley " , " Ah, ah, " " Really? " People who are special to you: Friends who accept me for what lam, not what they want me to be, and Matt. Where do you hang around the most: " Hit or Miss " the gym, and home. Hope to be in the future: Physical Therapist. SUSAN JEAN O ' BRIEN: " Sue " Activities: Jr. Miss Pageant, Kaliedoscope, and Oskey. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, Jr. Miss Pageant, and Senior year. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ating and going to college. People who are special to you: Billy. Who are you most frequently with: Cheryl, Jeanette, Kate, Diane, and Abbe. Where do you hang around the most: In front of C-House. Things you ' ll always remember: Senior year, parties atH.S, TIM O ' HARA: " Hara " Favorite Memories: Parties down the Moon, and Wasted Acres. Favorite Sayings: " Later! " What you look forward to the most: Senior Banquet. People who are special to you: Mr. Molla . Who are you most frequently with: Drew, Rusty, Bass, and Reek. Where do you hang around the most: C- House, and the path. Hope to be in the future: Rich. THOMAS O ' HEARN SCOTT O ' NOLL Activities: Tennis, 1, Weight Training, 1-4. Favorite Memories: Oct. 27, 1975, 4 74. Most Frequently with: The Fitzgeralds. Usually Found: Out. HOLLY ORMOND MICHAEL O ' ROURKE: " Sarge " Activities: Track, Basketball, Baseball, GatorBall Tournament, Intramurals. Favorite Memories: The Bench, class of ' 76. Frequently with: M. Duran, Flateau. Will always remember making new friends in a new school. EMILY A. OSBORNE: " Aimee " Activities: Chorus 3,4, Library Aide, 3, 1974 Elks Speach Contest—Local and Dis¬ trict. OEA, National Honor Society. Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Freshman Year, Mr. Buckley ' s English Class and the Cream Pie. Usually Found: Audio-Visual Room. Hope To Be in The Future: Broadcasting technician. KAREN OZELLA FRANK N. PADULA: " Puc " Activities: Latin Club 1,2,3, Band 3,4, Driver Ed. 4. Favorite Memories: High School Band, Initiation. Favorite Sayings: " Gentlemen " , " Aahh " , " Lou " , " You don ' t know " , " What day is it " . Who are you most frequently with: Feech, Ed, Fro, Yawny, and Fahy. Things you ' ll always remember: Getting kicked out of the library, Trig class with Mr. Loper, and Band. Hope to be in the future: A music teacher. PAUL PADULA JODY PALERMO: " Jod " of " Jo " Activities: Driver Ed, Clerical Pool. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 75, Graduation. Favorite Sayings: " It ' s not nice. " What you look forward to the most: Going on to become a good hairdresser. People who are special to you: John. Who are you most frequently with: Lena, Jeanne, Marcia, Pam, and Cindy. Things you ' ll always remember: Good times at F.H.S, , Seniors of ' 73, Initiation Dance. Hope to be in the future: A hairdresser. LORRAINE ANN POLUMBO Activities: Field Hockey, Driver Ed., O.E.A. , Intramural Basketball. Favorite Memories: Graduation, Summer of ' 74, ' 75, Math class with Mr. Olsen, Freshman Acquaintance Dance. Favorite Saying: " Okay " , " It ' s later than you think " . Who are you most frequently with: Kim, Pam, Rona (Beetle), Pat (Bones), Karen, Lori. Where do you hang around the most: Wher¬ ever there ' s a party. Things you ' ll always remember: A certain swamp. All those years at St. Mary ' s, my first date with a very special person. A LA IN E M. PATRIE: " Little Peach " Favorite Memories: 6 27 75 and summer of ' 75. What you look forward to the most: Trav¬ eling, and getting out of Franklin. People who are special to you: All my friends. Who are you most frequently with: Cathy, Sharon, Marcia, Jean. Things you ' ll always remember: Some of the good times I ve had in high school Hope to be in the future: A hairdresser. DANIEL PELIEGRINI MARY ANN PHILLIPS KAREN PICARD: " Pic " Activities: Spanish Club, Pep Club, Intra¬ mural sports, Health Service A ssistant. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 75, Feb¬ ruary 16, ' 73. Most frequently found with: Cathy, Lori, Glor, and the gang. Things you ' ll always remember: New Hampshire, Cape ' 73, ' 75, November ' 75. Hope to be in the future: Successful in a health field profession. DIANNE MARIE P1EKARSKI: " Pie " Favorite Memories: Summer of 1975, July 6 and 13. Most frequently found with: Sandy, Penny, Sal, Duffy ' , Tree and Townie gang. Things you ' ll always remember: Bozo ' s nose, my Pacer, and M.H. Hope to be in the future: Hairdresser. DAVID MICHAEL PILIGIAN: " Beak orPidgc " Activities: J.V. Tennis 2,3, Bowling team 3,4, Chess Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4, Table tennis Club 1,2,3, 4, Foreign Language Festival 1,2,3, Driver Ed. 3, National Honor Society 3,4, GatorBall Intramural Tournament 4. Favorite Memories: World Series ' 75, Gatorball Games, football games, Jr. Miss, Mr. Compagnone ' s math class. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation, a can of pringles. Most frequently found with: Dean, Minni, Asbestos, Mark, Dandaroo, Frog, Fish and the gals. Hope to be in the future: Certified Public Accountant, making about 30 grand a year. LAURIE MAE PINKHAM: " Pink " Activities: Band 1,2,4, Math Club 1, Health Services, Intramurals 1,2, Language Festival 2,3. Favorite Memories: July and August ' 74. Favorite Sayings: " Hi, kid! " What you look forward to the most: Summer of ' 76 in Arizona . Most frequently found with: Kathy, Jill, Marilyn, Belinda. Thing ' s you ' ll always remember: Camp Child ' 74, O.A. games. Hope to be in the future: Doctor. MICHELLE PIPER LAURA MARIE PISANO: " Naomi " Favorite memories: Sept 26, ' 75, 2nd Friday night in April. What you look forward to the most: Weekends. Most frequently found with: Charlene, Lu, Sherrell, Pug, Mike, Sean, Deb, Beth. Things you ' ll always remember: Dans Van, Mr. Rice ' s 7th period class, Senior year. Hope to be in the future: Lab Technician. Pet Peeve: Whiting and Davis. MARK PRAIRIE JOAN PRESCOTT JOHN PRESCOTT: " Flame " Activities: Drivers Ed. 1,2, Science Club 2,3, Wrestling 2. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, Chicago Beach Boy ' s Concert. What you look forward to the most: Going into the army and getting my Bachelor ' s Degree. Most frequently found with: Ken, George. Things you ' ll always remember: Scott and Kate ' s wedding. Hope to be in the future: Accountant or traffic manager for New England Telephone Company. KATHERINE MARY A. PUCILLO: " Kath " or " Smiley " Activities: Oskey ' 75, Bloodbank ' 75, Cake Decorating Fair, Kaleidiscope ' 72. Favorite Memories: June 7, 1974, April 23, 1975, December 25, 1975. Favorite Sayings: " Get Lost " , " Un ' tknow " , " Tuff " . What you look forward to the most: Watch¬ ing Mom ' s face while I graduate from F.H.S. , and turning 18. People who are special to you: John T. Sullivan, my family, Patrice Crossman and family, and the Sullivans. Anything else you ' d like to add: I used to always say, " I ' ll be glad when it ' s over. " But I have a feeling that when I graduate, I ' ll wish that I was starting all over. RICHARD RACKETTE JAMES B. RASICOT: " Raz " Activities: Basketball 1,2, J.V. Football Varsity Football 4, Senior Class vice-pres, 4, Dance and Prom committees, Oskey, Senior class play, Yearbook. Favorite Memories: May 26, 1975, Beach Boys, Hyannis 1 76, Basketball brawl. (O.A.) Most frequently with: Deb, Mike, Fol, Red, Sex, Mark, Whip, Beast, Crock, Stefan, Ray, Blackie. Usually Found: At the Lockers. DENISE THERESE REARDON Activities: Spring track, Basketball, Na¬ tional Honor Society, Intramurals, and Yearbook. Favorite Memories: Austria and the Cape. Who are you most frequently with: Kathy, Louise, Patti, Sue, and Judy. Where do you hang around the most: Work. Things you ' ll always remember: Last night in Munich, Harwichport, and " The Key " . Hope to be in the future: Work with people and animals. STEPHEN E. RECCHIA: " Motorhead " Favorite Memories: Towing Buddy ' s car to New England on Saturday night. Favorite Sayings: " What ' s ammatta wit you? " What you look forward to the most: The end of the day. Where do you hang around the most: Frank¬ lin Lincoln Mercury, New England Dragway on Sunday, and Buddy ' s Bikeshop. Tilings you ' ll always remember: Wrestling with Buddy in the bike shop. TIMOTHY REESE JAMES REID ROBERT FRANCIS RETTMAN: " Muffin " Activities: Football, Manager 2,3, Foot¬ ball trainer 4, track 1,2,4, Basketball Manager 2,3,4, Driver-Ed 3. D.E. 1,2, Kaliedoscope 3,4. Favorite Memories: Zoo soccer games on Sunday afternoons. Favorite Sayings: " That ' s a pretty one. " People who are special to you: Mr. Richard M. Nixon. Who are you most frequently with: Friends on the soccer and football team. Things you ' ll always remember: The night of the pole. BILL RICE: " Ricey " or " Fricy " Activities: Hockey 2 and partying. Favorite Memories: Stewart, Tull, The Who Concerts, the moon, the rink. What you look forward to the most: Senior Banquet. Who are you most frequently with: Stef, Dimey, Larry, Fraz, Sex, Crock, Ducky, Fray, Whip, Beast, Fred and Blackie. Where do you hang around the most: The wall. DENISE MARIE RICHARDS Activities: National Honor Society, Intra¬ mural Basketball, Girls Spring Track, Foreign Language Festival, Junior Miss Pageant, and Health Careers. Favorite Memories: Initiation, class trip, dances in the field house . Favorite Sayings: " Decent, " " Wicked, " and " Excellent. " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation, Class night, and class trip. People who are special to you: Karen, Judy, Lisa, Kathy, Denise, Patti, and Cheryl. Hope to be in the future: R.N. RAELENE MARIE RILEY: " Rae " Activities: Gymnastics 1,2,3, Student Council 2, School paper 3, Varsity Letter Club 2,3, Work with Handicap 3, Prom Committee 3, and Driver ' s Ed. 2. Favorite Memories: Friday and Saturday nights with Jimmy. Favorite Sayings: " What a Queer. " What you look forward to the most: Moing to Vermont and College. Most Frequently W r ith: Brenda, Pat, Kathy. KATHY ANN ROBBINS Activities: French Club, Latin Club, Spring Track, National Honor Society, Oskey, Tutoring, Foreign Language Festival, AFS Club, Intramural Softball, Jr. Miss Pag¬ eant, Dance committees. Favorite Memories: Trip to Guatemala, The Cape, Junior Miss Pageant. Most Frequently With: Denise, Karin, Shawn, Lauri, Cheryl, Denise, Janet, Joan, Patti. MARY ROBBS JAMES ROBINSON ANTHONY J. ROCCOFORTE: " Rock " Activities: Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Tri-Capt 4, Partying. Favorite Memories: Beaver Pond gigs, The Rrink, The Mezzanine. Most Frequently With: Duck, Grenny, Carlo, Larry, Matt, Carpy, Poot, Ricey, Peter, Sex, Demeg, Scott, Walshy, Beast, Fray, Fred, Phlipper, Dolly, Chuck, Raz, Mark. Usually Found: The Wall. CLAIRE M. RONDEAU: Activities: Pep Club 1,2,3, President 4, CYO 1,2,3, President 4, French Club Treasurer 3,4, National Honor Society, Favorite Memories: CYO ski trip, Florida, and especially Disney World. Most Frequently With: Helen, Liz, Anne, Cindy, Sharon, etc . . . Usually Found: the Library. DOUGLAS RCNDEAU: " Jugless " Favorite Saying: " Excellent. " Most Frequently With: The Grecians. Usually Found: Sacred Lockers. BRIAN ROSE MARIA ANNA JEANIE ROSSETTI: " Sunshine " Favorite Memories: Summer of 1975. What you look forward to the most: Graduation. Most frequently found with: Bella and Cathy. LAURA JANE ROZAK: " Jo-Jo " Activities: Field hockey 1, Softball 2, Tennis Team 3, Ski Club 3, Ski Team 3,4, Jr. Miss Pageant. Favorite Memories: Summer of ' 72, Winter of ' 74. What you look forward to the most: Attend¬ ing college. Most frequently found with: Cheryl, Sue, Nancy. Things you ' ll always remember: Chemistry Labs and basketball games. Hope to be in the future: Successful as well as happy. CAROLE CHRISTINE RUSSELL Activities: Band 1,2,3,4, Science Club 3,4, Math Club 1, Student Senate 3, Dean 4, Kaleidoscope 4, Stage Band 1,2,4, J.V. Softball 2, Band Clinic 3,4. Favorite Memories: Band, Lunches before Dean, Science Club parties. What you look forward to the most: Col¬ lege and Life. Most frequently found with: Cathy, Cindy, Cheryl, Liz Alice, Scott. Things you ' ll always remember: Mr. Balest ' s Band, Psychology discussions. Hope to be in the future: A better person and a friend of everyone. MARYANN RUSSO: " Mouse " Activities: Drill Team 1,2,3,4, Captain of the drill team 4, Photography Club 2. Favorite Memories: Nov. 15, 1974, April 23, 1975, May 2,3,4, 1975, May 30, 1975. Favorite Sayings: " Get Lost! " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation night. Most frequently found with: Bob, Sue . Kathy, Jill, Scott, Karen, Lisa, Allen, Kris. Things you ' ll always remember: Jr. Prom, Tuesday night drills, Saturday football games. Hope to be in the future: Fashion Designer. KAREN RYAN MARK K. RYAN: " Rye " Activities: Baseball. Favorite Memories: The shack, the rink, Beaver Pond, Maple Street, The Pits, Summer of ' 72, Senior year. Favorite Sayings: " Ask me if I care? " What you look forward to the most: Friday and Saturday nights; going to Emerson College. Most frequently found with: Steve, Jim, Don, Tom, Gary, Dave, Dan, Brian. Hope to be in the future: Work in the communications field. MICHAEL RYAN DEBRA SAMMARCO SANDRA-JEAN SAMPSON: " Sandy " Favorite Memories: Bush People who are special to you: Harriet Dwyer. Things you ' ll always remember: My white Chrysler and Merdel. CHERYL SANTORO Activities: J.V, Tennis, Varsity Tennis, Spanish Club, Newspaper Staff, Intra¬ mural Basketball, Field Hochey, National Honor Society. Favorite Memories: Jr. Miss rehearsals. Favorite Sayings: " OH, Sassafrass! " What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation and going to college. Most frequently found with: Carol, Chris, Janet. Things you ' ll always remember: Beach Boys ' Concert, Chem. Class. Hope to be in the future: Business Manager, Actress. CAROL SASTER Activities: Kaleidoscope " 74 " and Driver Ed, OEA. Favorite Memories: Mt. Monadnock, Nau- set Beach, Beach Boy Concert. People Who are special to you: Ken, Beth, Jeanne, Laurie, Charlene. Where do you hang around the most: Westwood. Things you ' ll always remember: Mr. Chase ' s Earth Science Class, and studies. Hope to be in the future: An accountant. JEANETTE MARY SCULLY: " Scull " Activities: Freshman and J. V. Cheerlead¬ ing 1,2, Girls ' Spring Track 2,3,4. Win¬ ter Indoor Track 3,4, Girls cross country 4, Kaleidoscope 4, and OEA Club, also Oskey 4. People who are special to you: Parents and friends. Who are you most frequently with: Kate, Nancy, Cheryl, Laura, and Sue. Things you ' ll always remember: 220 Hockomock Champion 1974. PATRICE SEAHOLM KATHY ANN SEAVER: " Pickles " Activities: Drill Team 3, Chorus 4, Future Nurses Club, Driver Ed 3, Health Services Assistant 4, and Language Festival 2,3. Favorite Memories: May 4, May 11, May 12, 1974, April 19 and 23 1975, The Rainbow Bal l. Favorite Sayings: " Did I tell you what Lynda just told me about . . . ? " People who are special to you: Jill, Mary¬ ann, Julie, Jimmy, Marsha, Debi, Debby, Russo, Laurie, David, Joy. Where do you hang around the most: At work, Norge Cleaning Village, my locker, and Library. Hope to be in the future: Registered Nurse. ROBERT SEXTON AMY LESLIE SHANGRAW: " Queenie " Activities: Office Education Association, Chorus, Kaliedoscope 74-75, Oskey 74- 75, and Junior Miss. Favorite Memories: Summer of 75, Ber¬ muda, July 1, 1975. Favorite Sayings: " My Posterior, " and " Dammit. " People who are special to you: Sue, Ron, Dave, Chip, and Mrs. T. Things you ' ll always remember: Trail riding up Ficco ' s with the kids, and nights at the pool. Hope to be in the future: Medical Secretary. CATHERINE ANNE SHEEHAN: " Kelvinator " Activities: Intramural Basketball 1, Driver Ed 2, Science Club 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4 Unit Leader 4, Stage Band 4, Band Clinic 4, Oskey 1,2,4, Kaliedscope 2, and Mirage 4. Favorite Memories: Junior Prom, Ruggles Mine " 75 " , Thanksgiving 75. Favorite Sayings: " Coordination Plus " , " Snift " . What you look forward to the most: Cross country 76, going to school, seeing Joe at my Graduation. People who are special to you: " Ma " , Joe J., Skip, Al, and Jean A. DIANE SHERMAN Activities: O.E.A. Favorite memories: Jr. Prom, April 23, 1975, March 18, 1973. What you look forward to the most: Graduation. Usually found with: Debi, Terry, Tom. Hope to be in the future: Legal Secretary. DONNA SILVE BRET SIMON DEBRA LEE SIMONS: " Si " Activities: Drivers Ed., Yearbook, D.E. Favorite memories: Freshman, Junior, and Senior year. What you look forward to the most: Graduation. Usually found with: Di, Mucci, Re, Ritz, Dor. Things you ' ll always remember: Going out with friends and partying . Anything else you would like to add: Mr. Molla and Ms. Maguire are two of the greatest teachers around this school. CHERYL ANN SIMPSON: " Midget " Activities: Yearbook Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, O.E.A. 4. Favorite Memories: Jan. 15, 1975, July 31, 1975, April 29, 1973, June 29, 1974. What you look forward to the most: Gradu¬ ation, my new car. Usually found with: Kathy, Karen, Laura, Arm, Debbie, Donna. Things you ' ll always remember: Winter of ' 74, Summer of ' 75, Junior and Senior year at F. H. S. Hope to be in the future: Successful. JEANNINE ANN SMITH: " Penny " Activities: Drivers Ed. Favorite memories: December 9, 1974. Favorite Saying: " It ' s a great day to be living. " What you look forward to the most: Staying home with my family. Usually found with: Friends, Teachers, and family. Things you ' ll always remember: Places and things we did as a family. Hope to be in the future: A full time missionary. PAULA SPENCER PETER ALBERT STEFAN: " Stef, Squal, Brillo " Favorite Memories: Southern Comfort, Freshman year, Jr. Prom, 4 years of partying. Favorite sayings: " You tickler! " What you look forward to the most: Senior Banquet. Usually found with: Walshy, Demeg, Nasut, Put, Sadie. Things you ' ll always remember: Getting cake. THERESA HELEN ST. JOHN: " Risa " Activities: Literary Arts Magazine 3, Ka¬ leidoscope 2, Language Festival 2, Bas¬ ketball 1, Art Festival 3. Favorite Memories: Leaving " Joey " behind. Talking with the mentally handicapped children. What you look forward to the most: My wedding day. Usually found with: Dave, Debbie, Beth, Carol. Things you ' ll always remember: The night Dave asked me to marry him. Senior year. Hope to be in the future: Psychologist. JAMES STOFFEL: " Ga Stoff " Favorite memories: G-Bomb asking Mr. Kingsbury for his name . What you look forward to the most: Friday nights, College. Usually found with: Steve, Joe, G-Bomb, Rye, Swamp. Things you ' ll always remember: Peter ' s drill, Sully and his bird, Summer ' 72. Hope to be in the future: Rich. DEBORAH SULLIVAN GREGORY SULLIVAN JOHN SULLIVAN: " Sully " Favorite Memories: Mixing drinks in Cafe. Playing the guitar, and Chicago and Beach- Boys ' Concert. Favorite Sayings: " Whooa, Babe. " People who are special to you: My Bike. Who are you most frequently with: Chief, most everybody else. Hope to be in the future: Electronic Engin- neer, Air Force pilot. GREGORY O. SWEET: " Sweetie " Activities: Wood Construction. Favorite Memories: When I would sneak Pam in the car. Favorite Saying: " How is it; pretty tough? " What you look forward to the most: Seeing Pam. People who are special to you: Pam. Things you ' ll always remember: February 14, 1972. Hope to be in the future: Hope to build houses. JUDITH LEIGH SYLVIA: " Judy " Activities: Pep Club, Bowling Team, Girls J.V. and Varsity Basketball team manager. Favorite Memories: Getting stuck in the sand at Beaver, Pennsylvania, The Beach- boys ' and Chicago Concert. Favorite Saying: " Bazoo " or " Bazooka. " Who are you most frequently with: Susan, Debbie, Linda, Beth, Janet, Vickie, Nancy, Donna, and Tierney. Things you ' ll always remember: Town Pool Sophomore year, Mr. Sheehan ' s Geometry Class. Hope to be in the future: Registered Nurse. CHERYL LOUISE SYMMES Activities: Student Council 1, Cheerlead¬ ing 1,2, " Bye Bye Birdie " , Oskey 74,75, 76, Kaleidoscope, Junior Miss, French Club, Latin Club, Tennis 2,3, Chorus Concerts and Competitions, Newspaper, and Dean Enrichment. Favorite Memories: " Bye Bye Birdie " , Oskey 74, Kaleidoscope 74, Junior Miss, Dean Enrichment Program. Favorite Saying: Today is the first day of the rest of your life . " Who are you most frequently with: Debbie and the rest of Junior Miss hopefuls, Cindy and Maryann. Where do you hang around the most: Friendly ' s. ALESSANDRINA D. TADDEO: " Drina " and " Alice " Activities: Latin Club, Spanish Club, Cho¬ rus 2,3,4, President 3,4, Oskey 1,2,3,4, Kaleidoscope 2,3,4, " You ' re a Good Man Charlie Brown " , " Bye Bye Birdie " , National Honor Society, Central District Chorus. Favorite Memories: Pushing Kathy through Band Room window, Prom ' 75, Newport Jazz Festival ' 75. Favorite Saying: " Don ' t be an armpit! " People who are special to you: Tom, Deb, Cindy, Carole, Cheryl, Ceen, Arm, Jackie, Carol, Megin. Anything you ' d like to add: My years in the high school will be remembered for as long as I live. I ' ve experienced so much in the four years I ' ve been here. DIANE ELIZABETH TAYLOR: " Di " " Tail " Activities: Driver Ed. , Yearbook Staff. Favorite Memories: The four years of High School, Summer of ' 74. Favorite Sayings: " Huba . " What you look forward to the most: Friday nights and weekends. Most frequently found with: Debbie, Tam¬ my, Rita . Things you ' ll always remember: going out with my friends and having a good time partying. Anything else you would like to add: Mr. Molla and Ms. Maquire are the two best teachers in the school. CATHERINE TRAVERS LINDA J. VENDETTE: " Lynder " Favorite Memories: November 1, 1974. Favorite Saying: " What? " People who are special to you: All my friends. Who are you most frequently with: The gang. GLORIA VIGNONE: " Glor; Fig, or Vig " Activities: Latin Club 1,2,3, J.V, Basket¬ ball 1,2, Varsity Basketball 3,4, Varsity Softball 1,2,3,4, . Favorite Memories: The drive-in " 73 " , Parties at Lori ' s, The Cape, Chicago and Beachboys ' concert, Cathy ' s cottage, New Hampshire with the gang, and Mr. Boo- Berry ' s class. Favorite Saying: " Later, much later. " Who are you most frequently with: Cathy, Lori, Karen, and the rest of the gang. Anything else you would like to add: Tra¬ cey had a blast with the HA HE mobile in Mrs. Kenny ' s class, and Frank ' s hair caught on fire in Mr. Kingsbury ' s Lab 4th period. DEBORAH ANN VILLANI: " Debbie " or " Sweet Pea " Activities: Driver Education 3,4, Foreign Language Festival, C.Y.O. , C.C.D, , Bowling League 2. Favorite Memories: Prom, Science Fict ion Class, andT.O.A. class. Favorite Saying: " Knock it off! " Who are you most frequently with: Beth, Susan, Judy, Laurie, and Cheryl. Where do you hang around the most: Cook ' s Farm. Things you ' ll always remember: The Great Library Escape, Town Pool Sophomore Year, and Summer of 75. MICHAEL R. VIOLANDI: " Vi " Activities: Student Council, Regional Stu¬ dent Advisory Council, State Student Ad¬ visory Council, Latin Club (President). " Mirage " Magazine Staff Manager, French Club, Varsity Tennis, Cross Country Skiing Team, Dean Enrichment Program, and National Honor Society. Favorite Memories: Tennis practice in 90 mile per hour winds, lunch time Freshman year--zoo-zoo! Favorite Saying: " Oh, Ya? " Who are you most frequently with; Laurie, Mark, Janet, Al, Kathy, Bob, Joan, Chris, and Deb. Things you ' ll always remember: Mrs. Ken¬ ney, Tennis-Team, Physics, and Lunch¬ time . LAURA WAGNER CAROL J. WALLACE . Activities: Dance Committees 1,2, J.V. Softball 2, Intramural Basketball 1,2, OEA 4, Driver Ed. 3, Yearbook. Favorite Memories: March 16, 1973, and senior year. People who are special to you: My friends and David. Who are you most frequently with: Missy, Sue, Cindy, Brenda, and " The Gang " Where do you hang around the most: The rink, and wherever the gang goes; the Main Hall. Things you ' ll always remember: Senior year and New Hampshire . CHARLES J. WALLS JAMES WALSH: " Cockroach " , " Walshie " Favorite Memories: Going down the Cape. What you look forward to the most: Trying to start my car in the morning. Who are you most frequently with: Stefan. Where do you hang around the most: The Wall. Hope to be in the future: An astronaut. SANDRA LEE WATERS Activities: D.E. , Yearbook. Favorite Memories: October 26, 1974. Favorite Sayings: " Later. " What you look forward to the most: The weekends. People who are special to you: Mostly everyone. Who are you most frequently with: Maria Bertone, Sherry Sack, Rita Bertone. Where do you hang around the most: Over Maria ' s. CHERYL LYNN WATKINS Activities: Pep Club 2,3,4, Math Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Girls ' Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4, Honor Society, Secretary 4. Favorite Memories: Sophomore Year, Sum¬ mer of ' 75. What you look forward to the most: Vaca¬ tion, graduation, and going to college. Who are you most frequently with: Liz, Anne, Laura, Chris, and Olga. Where do you hang around the most: The library. Things you ' ll always remember: Getting kicked out of 7th period study, Math analysis, Tennis tryouts. KENNETH WHITCOMB: " Mousey " Activities: J.V. Hockey, Library Aid. Favorite Memories: Jr. Prom, Mr. Che- lotti ' s class. People who are special to you: Laurie St. John, Jack Prescott, Jean Brennick. Where do you hang around the most: Driv¬ ing around with Laurie. Things you ' ll always remember: The class of ' 76 . Anything else you would like to add: Yes, that I think Franklin High School has the best accomodations in the Country JAMES WHITE DONNA J. WILLIAMS: " Doni " or " Vase " Activities: DECA 74-76. Favorite Memories: May 16, 1975, August 8, and August 12, 1975. Favorite Saying: " Hey Joey! I ' m sorry I won ' t do it again. " Who are you most frequently with: Brucz, Rick, Trudi, Timmy, Donny, Joann, E ' or- een, and Chris. Where do you hang around the most: Down Rick ' s and the D.E. Store. Hope to be in the future: Alive. REBECCA WILLIAMS ROBERT JAMES WILSON: " Willy " Activities: Track, Science Club 1,2, and Ping Pong Club. Favorite Memories: Flying my plane. What you look forward to the most: Graduating. Who are yo u most frequently with: Dave, Paul, and Brian. Things you ' ll always remember: Initiation Dance. Hope to be in the future: Master Chef. LISA MARIE WOJCIECHOWSKI: " Woja " Activities: Driver Ed, Field Hockey 1, OEA, Health Careers. Favorite Memories: Summer of " 73 " Favorite Saying: " What a Chump! " What you look forward to the most: Some¬ day going to Hollywood and styling movie stars hair. People who are special to you: Everyone ! Where do you hang around the most: The Cage. Things you ' ll always remember: Trying to swing three jobs ar once. MARGO JEAN WOODMAN: " Margo " and " Woody. " Activities: Cheerleading Captain 1, Varsity Cheerleading 2, Student Council and Stu¬ dent Advisory Board to the school commit¬ tee 1, Student Council Treasurer 4, D.E. 3 and secretary ' of D.E. 4. Favorite Memories: April 30, 1974. Favorite Saying: " What a jerk, " " For crying out loud. " What you look forward to the most: April 30, 1977. People who are special to you: John, Laur¬ ie, and my friends. MARK STUART WOODS: " Woodsy " Activities: Bowling 2,3,4, Varsity ' Baseball 2,3,4, Newspaper Staff 4, Driver Ed . 2. Favorite Memories: 8th gTade, also fall of ' 72, Senior Year . People who are special to you: Don, Al, and class of " 76 " . Who are y ' ou most frequently ' with: Bruno, Jim, Mike, and Bret. Where do you hang around the most: Library. Hope to be in the future: Sports Writer. LORELEI CATHERINE WYLLIE: " Lor " Activities: Drivers Ed. Favorite Memories: Prom, February 17, 1975, Summer of 75. Favorite Saying: " Definitely. " What do you look forward to the most: Moving. People who are special to you: Donny ' , Patty ' , Duff, and everyone. Where do you hang around the most: Usually out of town, and C-House. Things y ' ou ' ll always remember: Parties, going places. JOHN YADISERNIA DAVID ROBERT YANKEE: " Yank " Activities: Science Club, President, Orienteering, Literary Magazine, Model Senate, P.R.C. , Guy Fawkes Day ' Com¬ mittee . Favorite Memories: When we took Rome (4 76), vacations and soujourns. lr ound with: Loretta, Thoreau, Rousseau, Stan, Kevin, Ron and a multitude of .ither people . Things y ' ou ' ll always remember: Bomb scares and Guy Fawks day. Hope to be in the future: Political Writer. CHRISTINE YERGATIAN: " Chris " Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3, Competi¬ tion 2, Student Council 1, National Honor Society, J.V. Tennis, Jr. Miss Pageant, Prom and dance committees, Pep Club. Favorite Memories: June 29, 1975, Jr. Miss Rehearsals, Movies with Cheryl, Summer of ' 75, August 22, 1975. Usually found with: Cheryl, Olga, Carol, Cheryl, Janet, Liz. Things you ' ll always remember: Going to Nantasket, playing tennis with Cheryl. Pet peeve: Dancing during the basketball games. Friends Are Forever l When death strikes a friend, when someone you’ve shared a part of your life with is killed without warn¬ ing, something is lost. The things you know they would have liked, going on without them, cause an undeniable hurt. There will always be the wish that they had lived; there will always be sorrow at the things undone, the things unsaid. Yet, when you come to think about it, it is not the death that matters. Death is but the ending of a phase, a life. Life is the enjoyment of that phase. The im¬ portant thing is that our friends lived, that they were fine human beings, and that they enriched our lives by their existence. And though dead, they will live in our minds until we, ourselves, are dead. Our memories, which clarify for us the essence of the person we knew, survive within us. These remembered portions of a friend ' s life shape us until we become, in some small part, the friend we once knew. The finest tribute we can pay is to remember them as they were, and try to emulate their greatness. This is dedicated to four friends who would have been grad¬ uated with us: BRIAN BRESNAHAN, MARK HAWISHER, GAIL NOYES, AND PAUL PASQUANTONIO; and another friend, MIKE FEELEY, who lived and played with us as a member of the Class of ' 77. This is dedicated in celebration of their lives. LAW OFFICE Index Subject Index Administration 67 Ads 225-236 All Sports Awards 172-174 Art 13,112 Art Festival 22,23 Band 60-61 Band Concert 65 Baseball 76-77 Basketball 83-84,109-110 Business Classes 195 Cheerleaders 12 Cheering Competition 175 Chess Club 111 Chorus 20-21 Class Officers 25 Class Night 176-177 College Night 49 D.E. 14-15 D.E. Banquet 30 Detention And Dicipline Study 101 Donkey Basketball 156 Drill Team 157 Driver Ed. 198 English Classes 135-136 Evaluation Team 66 Faculty 90-91,143-147,199-210 Field Hockey 70-71 Field Trips 8 Foods--Clothing 106 Football 102-103 Foreign Language Festival 168-169 Franklin After Dark 4-5 French Club 7 Golf 31 Graduation 180-190 Graduation Banquet 191-192 Graduation Rehearsals 179 Gridiron Banquet 98-99 Guidance 59 Gymnastics 74-75 Gymnastics 74-75 Jiarlem Wizards 107 Health Services 139 Hockey 28-29 Honor Society 140-141 Index 209-213 Industrial Arts 138 Jr. Miss 10-11 Jr. Prom 166-167 Kaleidoscope 56-57 Latin Club 193 Locker Room 32 Math Club 152 Math Department 50-51 Memorial Page 214 Mirage 148 Miscellaneous Seniors 19 Mr. Fiske 89 Newspaper 58 OEA 196 Outside Speakers 160 Oskey 161-163 P.E, 17 Pep Club 6 Pep Rally 9 Potpourri 202-203 Professional Sponsors 215 Quill And Scroll 97 Science Classes 87-88 Science Club 153 Secretaries 64 Seniors 33-48,113-133 Senior Beach Party 86 Senior Breakfast 159 Senior Directory 204-208 Seniors Last Day 178 Senior X-mas Party 94-95 Senior Play 134 Ski Team 108 Soccer 78-79 Social Studies 85 Softball 72-73 Special Projects 164-165 Special Seniors 138,154-155 Spring Track 170-171 Student Ads 62,62,96 Student Council 100 Table Of Contents 1 Table Tennis 18 Tennis 26-27 Theatre Arts 16 Trying Out 149 Varsity Scoreboard 68-69 Winter Track 80-82 Wrestling 104-105 Yearbook 54-55,194 Staff Autieri, Robert 90 Baca, Sylvia 90 Balest, Richard 61,90 Beaumier, Richard 90 Beksha, Joseph 160,85,155,90 Belejack, Stephen 152,155,90 Bennett, Shirley 90 Berglund, Christine 90 Bloom, Nancy 90 Bonollo, Ronald 17,90 Breen, Beverly 91 Brunelli, Pia 201 Burke, Maureen 201 Carlson, Mary Beth 6,87,91 Chase, Barry 87,91 Chauncey, Matthew 201 Chelotti, James 85,91 Clamp, Robert 195,194,91 Compagnone, Domenic 91 Corwin, Laurie 74,75,17,91 Correia, Robert 107,201,198 Costello, John 91 Crowley, John 13,91 Crowley, Robert 91 DeLaubenfels, M. Catherine 143 Dimarco, Peter 143 Droll, Margaret 143 Dudash, Kathleen 56,143 Ettenhofer, Frank 143 Farmer, Esther 195 Fiske, William 4,143,25,88 Frailey, Peter 143 Gebow, Tunde 143,160 Gerardi, Vito 144 Gilmore, Michael 144 Gormley, Joseph 144 Gray, James 144 Groden, Harold 144 Hepburn, Deborah 148,144 Hinckley, Charles 144,137 Hosford, James 144 Hughes, Faith 144 Irvine, Kathleen 144 Ivimey, Priscilla 146 Johnson, Nancy 146 Johnston, James 146 Kemp, Warren 146 Kenney, Eleanor 146 Kiely, John 146 Kingsbury, Mason 146,87 Laws, Cynthia 146,112 Leone, Gerard 9,146,102,158,51 Ligon, Barbara 146 Lombardi, Paul 145 Loper, Wesley 145 Luccini, Nello 102,145,160,199,85 Lumenti, Anthony MacPhee, John 145,112 Maguire, Susan 145,160,55,54,155,194 Markee, Florence 145 McCall, Herman 145,107,156 McKenna, Robert 145 Menize, Elena 147 Merrill, Nancy 147,51 Molla, Francis 147,137,138 Mulcahy, David 147 Nemey, Michael 8,147,105 Neviackas, Ann 147,87 Olsen, Ralph 147 Palli, Kathleen 147 Paquet, Maurice 147 Parmenter, Richard 147 Peters, Frances 147 Peters, John 199 Poelmitz, Grace 199 Post, Arthur 199 Reizan, Takoohy 199 Rice, Mark 199 Richards, Cynthia 17,199 Roaf, Delia 199 Robinson, Kenneth 199 Rogier, Jacqueline 199,58 Russo, Maryann 199 Sacco, Arthur 200,20,21 Sayer, Gus 200, 111 Shangraw, Steven 200,138 Simon, Anita 200 Stein, Janice 200 Strack, Janet 200 Sutherland, Alan 17,200 Tracy, Peter 107,200 Turco, Rose 200 Vaillancourt, Charles 200 Vallee, Robert 201 Vosburgh, Dorothy 201,97 Willard, Jean 201 Williams, Harold 201,102,100 Wilson, Deborah 201 Administration Guidance: Bucchanio, Ronald 59 Carr, Walter 67 DiLibero, John 59 Evans, Alan 59 Evans, Richard 8,9,67,99,97 Gannon, Barbara McManus, Edna 59 Quinlan, Kevin 67 Rainville, Roger 59 Rex, William 67 Rose, Kenneth 67 Carr, Virginia 64 Cataldo, Jackie 64 Fleming, Margaret 64 Herbert, Maryan 64 White, Janet 64 Cresto, Robert 67 DeBaggis, Vincent 67 Giuliano, Frank 67 O ' Regan, Francis 67 Albertson, Dale 33,56,78,111,32,204 Allard, David 33,204 Allevato, Vincent 138,204,129 Antico, Anne 33,204 Archer, Laurie 33,204 Ariel, Tracey 10,33,112,204 Averell, Philip 33,204 Bakalars, Cindy 33,204 Baker, Kevin 128,204 Barbera, Vincent 194,204 Barche, Darlene 33,204 Barker, Joseph 204,129 Barraclough, Steven 33,29,28,204 Bartolomei, Gordon 33,80,204 Bassignani, Robert 204 Beane, Elisabeth 33,204 Beetlestone, Pamela 34,204 Behan, Nancy 34,204 Bell, David 34,204 Bent, Stephen 34,204 Bergen, Kathryn 34,78,204 Bernard, Robert 204 Bernheart, Penny 34,204 Bertoni, Bruce 34,29,28,32,204 Blades, Cheryl 34,204 Blanchard, Sharon 34,204 Bokulic, Marc 34,204 Brady, Steven 34,204 Brennick, Eugene 204 Brady, Steven 34,204 Brennick, Eugene 204 Brennick, James 204,127 Bresnahan, Kerry 35,204 Brewer, Charles 25,204 Brown, David 102,204 Brundrett, Gregory 35,204 Brunelli, Peter 35,80-81,98,158,102,204 Bryant, Scott 35,60,204 Bucchanio, Catherine 35,84,83,204 Buck, Susan 35,204 Buckley, Linda 36,204 Bunnell, Claudette 36,204 Burns, Roberta 194 Calarese, Jean 36,204 Calderone, Diane 6,36,204 Callahan, Beth 39,204 Cappuccio, Lena 36,204 Cargill, Robert 36,80,158,97,32,155,204 Carlucci, Steven 36,105,204 Carpenter, Bruce 87,204,129 Catalano, Michael 36,204 Cauble, John 36,204 Ceurvels, James 36 Chabot, Elizabeth 37,204 Chaput, Steven 203,204 Chew, Mike 37,112,204 Chirgwin, Benjamin 39,204 Christensen, Debra 204 Christensen, Diane 204,129 Cochrane, Deborah 37,204 Cogliano, Joan 14,37,101,204 Conaghan, David 38,21,204 Conaghan, Donald 37,60,204 Conlon, Patricia 37,204 Conza, Linda 37,204 Cook, Ronald 37,204 Cormier, Mark 204 Costantino, Mary 38,204 Costello, Patricia 38,204 Coyne, Robert 138,194 Cresto, Alan 9,38,60,108,204 Crockford, Jeremy 38,158,204 Cronin, George 38,204 Crothers, Rachel 38,204 Curran, Jean 6,38,97,194,204 Currier, Judith 40,204 Daley, Benjamin 204,129 D ' Amelio, Michael 39,204 D ' Amelio, Stephen 204,129 Dangelo, Donna 39,204 D ' Aniello, Robert 39,204 Darling, David 204 Davey, Brenda 12,39,50,204 Davis, Maureen 204,129 Dayian, Mary 10,204,129 Dearborn, Donald 204 DeBaggis, Vincent 39,204 DeCosta, Michael 39,203,204 Degnim, James 39,204 Delfino, Cheryl 10,39,204 Dellorco, Dolores 40,195,194,51,204 Demarais, Stephan 40,204 Dempsey, Douglas 40,204 Deptula, David 40,204 D ' Errico, Anthony 40,82,80,98,81,198, 102,204 D ' Errico, Peter 40,204 DiBenedetto, Lori 40,204 DiLeonardo, Maryann 41,204,129 Doe, Jonathan 204,129 Doherty, Kathleen 41,204 Donnell, Marjorie 194,204,129 Donovan, Karen 41,204 Dougherty, Daniel 41,204 Drew, James 41,204 Driscoll, Robert 41,98,102,204 Drohan, AnnMarie 194,204,130 Dunne, Deborah 204,130 Edelstein, Marsha 41,70,204 Ely, Britt 41,204 Emery, Albert 78,204 Esposito, Rosemary 41,204 Evans, Elizabeth 78,204,130 Fagan, Patricia 41,101,204 Fahey, Stephen 42,109,204 Farrell, Celine 42,101,97,203,204 Felske, Ann 42,204 Ficco, Christine 42,49,195,97,194,204 Ficco, Richard 42,204 Fiorio, Bruno 42,204 Fish, Dean 42,194,204 Fizer, Michael 42,204 Floyd, Cheryl 10,204 Foley, David A . 204,130 Foley, David X. 42,203,204 Fontenarosa, Scott 42,80,204 Forbes, Stephen 43,204 Fournier, Marie 43,204 Fraser, Scott 43,204 Fraser, Steven 43,204 Frongillo, Michael 43,204 Furlong, Linda 43,204 Galvin, Denise 43,204 Gannon, Susan 43,204 Gardella, Janet 10,204 Gargiulo, Carol 204,130 Garrey, Raymond 45,208 Gaudet, Gary 45,102,194,208 Gazzola, Michael 45,101,154,32,208 George, Beatrice 45,208 Gianetti, Edward 45,32,208 Giardino, Michael 45,208 Gibson, Pamela 45,25,158,203,208 Gilley, Linda 130,208 Giuliano, Laura 7,10,70,208 Graham, Deborah 45,208 Grant, Michael 130,208 Grant, Paul 45,208 Guidrey, Alan 45,109,102,208 Hallett, Joan 44,155,208 Hanlon, Maryjane 10,25,155,130,208 Hanson, Andrew 208 Hanson, Hillary 8,155,208 Harrigan, Elizabeth 10,130,208 Hatfield, Lawrence 138,208 Heath, Le Roy 208 Hedtler, Sharon 44,208 Heinzmann, Patricia 44,208 Higgins, Teresa 208 Hinchliffe, Chris 44,97,194,208 Hines, Vickie 44,208 Holbrook, Cynthia 44,208 Howe, Carol 44,208 Hughes, Susan 44,208 Huntington, Kate 10,46,208 Impey, Donna 46,208 Jenest, Scott 46,208 Johnson, Karen 46,54,97,194,208 Johnson, Stephen F . 46,208 Jones, Michael 47,102,208 Kamishlian, Jean 46,208 Karlson, Janet 46,208 Karlson, Winslow 46,208 Kaufman, John 137,208 Kazuschyk, Christine 14,47,208 Keefe, Hilary 47,84,203,32,83,208 Kelleher, Paula 130,208 Kelly, Nora 208 King, Patricia 130,208 King, Thomas B. 47,21,208 King, Thomas C. 47,78,208 Kingsbury, Susan 47,101,55,208 Klumpe, Laurie 47,158,208 Knoblock, Karen 83-84,208 Kodger, Raymond 47,155,208 Konis, Donna 47,208 Kulch, Dorothea 47,208 Kutil, Ellen 48,208 LaBadessa, Steven 48,104,50,105,208 LaBossiere, Cynthia 48,208 Lang, Jeanne 48,155,208 LaRosa, Steven 108,131,208 Lavigne, Carol 48,158,208 LaVoie, Paul 48,78,28-29,158,208 Lemire, Albert 48,78-79,104,105,208 Lenzi, Theresa 23,48,158,97,208 Levitre, Charlene 113,208 Lewis, Janet 113,208 Lievano, Olga 113,158,208 Littlefield, Brian 131,208 Lodi, Carlo 80-82,100,155,131,208 Lord, Kristine 113,208 Lofty, Deborah 10,113,208 Loughlin, Patricia 113,194,208 Lucas, Diane 113,208 Lynsky, Sally 194,131,208 Lyons, Michael 114,208 MacC omiskey, Abbe 114,208 Maloney, Robert 208 Mandra, Debra 208 Marcelli, Pamela 114,208 Marchand, Thomas 114,208,28-29 Marguerite, David 114,208 Marshall, Karen 114,208 Martin, Debra 114,158,54,208 Mason, Ann Marie 115,208 Mastromatteo, Marcia 14,115,208 Mastromatteo, Mark 115,58,111,208 Mauro, Frank 115,152,155,208 McCarthy, Sharon 54,194,131,208 McDermott, Michael 115,80-82,155,208 McDonald, Arm 115,208 McDonald, Eileen 115,208 McDonald, Kellie 132,208 McDonough, Edmund 115,208 McFarland, Linda 115,208 McGovern, John 115,208 McNally, Linda 115,155,202,208 McStay, Charles 116,108,208 Mercure, Mark 116,208 Miller, Harry 116,148,208 Minnichelli, Mark 116,152,154,108,208 Modrak, Barbara 116,208 Moffitt, Brian 116,208 Molloy, Maureen 208 Moran, Dale 132,208 Morante, Donna 116,208 Moriarty, Paul 116,28-29,208 Morris, Tierney 116,208 Morrissey, Mary 132,208 Morse, Colleen 116,208 Moulton, Elizabeth 60,117,208 Mucciarone, Antionette 117,194,208 Mucciarone, Dawn 208 Mullen, Helen 117,208 Murch, Laura 14,117,208 Mutchler, Cynthia 117,208 Myers, Donald 118,109,155-156,100 Nasuti, Lawrence 118,208 Neelon, Michael 118,28-29,208 Nelson, Louise 118,208 Neubert, Stanley 118,208 Newell, Beth 118,208 Nisil, Kim 118,208 Norton, Nancy 119,208 Ober, Cynthia 119,208 O ' Brien, Kathleen 119,208 O ' Brien, Susan 119,208 O ' Hara, Timothy 119,208 O ' Heam, Thomas 119,105,208 O ' Neill, Scott 119,208 Ormond, Holly 119,208 O ' Rourke, Michael 119,107,155,208 Osborne, Emily 119,155,208 Ozella, Karen 208 Padula, Paul 120,80,102,194,208 Padula, Francis 119,208 Palermo, Jody 120,208 Palumbo, Lorraine 120,208 Patrie, Alaine 120,208 Paxton, Kathryn 120,101,204 Pellegrini, Daniel 208 Phillips, Mary 121,208 Picard, Karen 121,208 Piekarski, Diane 54,132,208 Piligan, David 121,208 Pinkham, Laurie 121,208 Piper, Michelle 121,208 Pisano, Laura 121,208 Prairie, Mark 25,154,156,132,208 Prescott, Joan 120,155,208 Prescott, Jack 121,137,208 Pucillo, Katherine 120,208 Rackette, Richard 121,208 Rasicot, James 121,99,25,102,155,208 Reardon, Denise 121,208 Recchia, Steshen 121,208 Reese, Timothy 121,208 Reid, James 122,208 Rettman, Robert 14,208 Rice, William 122,158,208 Richards, Denise 122,208 Riley, Raelene 122,194,208 Robbins, Kathy 122,208 Robbs, Mary 208 Robinson, James 122,208 Roccoforte, Anthony 122,80,32,208 Rondeau, Claire 6,122,208 Rondeau, Douglas 131,208 Rose, Brian 138,131,208 Rossetti, Maria 122,208 Rozak, Laura 49,122,108,208 Russell, Carole 60,123,208 Russo, Mary Ann 123,154,208 Ryan, Karen 131,208 Ryan, Mark 123,208 Ryan, Michael 123,99,102,208 Sammarco, Debra 123,208 Sampson, Sandra 123,54,208 Santoro, Cheryl 123,208 Saster, Carol 123,208 Scully, Jeannette 124,80,81,158,208 Seaholm, Patrice 124,208 Seaver, Kathy 124,208 Sexton, Robert 124,203,50,208 Shangraw, Amy 124,208 Sheehan, Catherine 61,124,208 Sherman, Diane 124,208 Silve, Donna 124,208 Simon, Bret 78,124,97,208 Simons, Debra 124,195,208 Simpson, Cheryl 195,54,55,97,194, 132,208 Smith, Jeannine 124,208 Spencer, Paula 125,208 Stefan, Peter 125,158,203,208 St. John, Theresa 125,208 Stoffel, James 125,208 Sullivan, Deborah 125,208 Sullivan, Gregory 125,13,208 Sullivan, John 125,208 Sweet, Gregory 125,208 Sylvia, Judith 126,208 Symmes, Cheryl 10,126,208 Taddeo, Alessandrina 10,56,126,154,20a Taylor, Diana 13,236,194,208 Travers, Catherine 126,208 Trenouth, Jeanne 126 Turcotte, Rhonda 126 Vendetti, Linda 126,208 Vignone, Gloria 126,84,32,83,208 Villani, Deborah 126,154,208 Violandi, Michael 132,208 Wallace, Carol 127,208 Walls, Charles J. 208 Walsh, James 127,208 Waters, Sandra 127,194,208 Watkins, Cheryl 127,208 Whitcomb, Kenneth 127,208 White, James 208 Wagner, Laura 126,208 Williams, Donna 127,208 Williams, Rebecca 158,97,208 Wilson, Robert 127,208 Wojciechowski, Lisa 128,208 Woodman, Margo 128,208 Woods, Mark 128,97,208 Wyllie, Lorelei 128,208 Yadisemia, John 128,97,208 Yankee, David 208 Yergatian, Christine 10,128,158,208 Abbott, Susan 25 Adamson, Steven 80 Alger, Michael 29,28 Anderson, David 102 Anderson, Eric 198 Anderson, John 104,105 Arrigo, Ingrid 16 Babicky, Audrey 16 Barche, Edward 102 Barrieau, Teresa 194 Bartelloni, Lisa 12,56 Bassignani, Jean 84,83 Begin, Michelle 50 Bird, Jeffery 109 Boisture, David 109,102 Bolduc, Gary 82,81,99,102 Bolduc, Gay 80,99 Buchanan, Pamela 203 Bush, William 78 Bussaglia, Brian 14,29 Byrnes, James 138 Carlucci, Nicholas 102,51 Cedrone, Daniel 80,102 Churchill, Joan 157 Conlon, Diane 84 Conlon, Robert 102,105 Corbett, Thomas 102 Cordeiro, Laurie 16,74 Cornetta, Paul 29 Cronin, Maureen 195 Cugno, Phillip 80,102 Dacko, Maureen 194 Daily, Patricia 16,56,70,25 Davis, Ross 82,80 DeLaubenfels, Sean 112 DiCecco, Ann 16,56 Doran, Shawn 8,13 Dorr, Debra 70,71,84 Dunn, James 80 Eknaian, Linda 157 Elliott, Marc 78 Feeley, Michael 8 Fiscus, Richard 9 Fleming, Robin 84 Gatewood, Stephen 80 Gentili, Rick 109,98,102 Gianetti, Zeffro 60,61 Gordon, Terrance 85,102 Gosselin, Lori 97 Griffin, David 194,138 Guidrey, Nancy 70,108 Hart, Kevin 29 Hart, Richard 29 Hayes, Robin 12 Heinzmann, Roberta 70 Herrington, Mary 57 Higgins, Susan 149 Hitchcock, Brian 57,78,79,80 Howard, Stephen 111 Howe, Donna 8 Hunchard, Mark 198 Ippoliti, Anthony 102 Jeon, Deborah 74 Joannides, Philip 102 Johnson, Raymond 137,194 Kelly, John 78,105 Kennedy, Kevin 29,28 Keras, Timothy 102 Kilduff, Clare 8 Kotros, Lewis 29 Kurgas, Kathryn 8 LaFrance, Karen 97 LaVoie, John 78,79,29 La whom, Richard 152 LeBlanc, Kathleen 87 Legendre, Dennis 8 MacDougal, Robert 80,112 McGlynn, Cheryl 70,84 Modrak, Robert 137 Mooney, Elizabeth 80 Morrissey, Kevin 102,137 Mucciarone, David 102,104,105 Mucciarone, Luana 16,57 , 25 Murphy, Coleen 8,195,203 Murphy, David 109 Nelson, Albert 105 Nemey, Brendan 105 O ' Gorman, Amy 202 O ' Neill, Shawn 57 O ' Shea, Kim 70,71,84 Paxton, Jon 160 Peluso, John 29 Phillips, Warren 81 Pitasi, Kenneth 29,32 Rayno, Linda 51 Recchia, David 137 Rettman, Suzanne 157 Richmond, Donna 198 Riley, Brenda 194 Riley, Joyce 70 Robinson, Cynthia 7 Rocha, Michael 194 Ruggieri, Carmen 97,194 Rzezuski, Rita 157 Shorrock, Arthur 78 Simon, Kirk 78 Smaltz, Cynthia 87 Smith, Deborah 8 Smith, Kathleen 16 Spencer, Gail 50 Sullivan, Karen 25 Swanbeck, Kurt 57,78 Swanson, Philip 78 Taddeo, Antoinette 56,195 Talamini, Antonio 102 Talamini, Patricia 57,51 Thibeault, Mary 70,71,149,84 Thome, Robert 109 Treckman, Patricia 83 Vendetti, Michael 80 Walters, Margaret 70,84,149,83 White, Douglas 13 Whitmore, Linda 160 Wicknick, Laura 112 Wroblicka, Anne 70,87 Young, Sandra 157 Adamson, Norma 25 Arcaro, Donna 57 Arnold, Sharon 7 Barter, Lorraine 148 Beane, Brenda 138 Bennett, Barbara 74,25 Betts, Nancy 6 Borruso, Gregg 198 Boumazian, George 29 Bradford, Christopher 102 Brennick, Paul 85 Brunelli, William 102 Burchill, Kevin 102 Burris, Anne marie 84,83 Busby, James 102 Charest, Patricia 149 Conaghan, Cindy 80 Courtney, Laurie 74,75 Cresto, Brian 80 Crockford, Elizabeth 75 Cusson, Donna 57 Daley, Joan 74 D ' Amelio, Sandra 74 DeGrazia, Frank 80 Dempsey, Lynn 7,57,87 Dilworth, Timothy 80 DiMartino, David 194 DiTondo, Arlene 157 Dorr, Cheri 13,70,83-84 Doe, Patricia 13 Edelstien, Debra 84 Eliason, Peter 102 Evans, Ellen 87 Evans, Rochard 105 Fagan, Pricilla 112 Falcone, James 80 Fizer, Patricia 106 Fontaine, Donna 57 Fontenerosa, James 80 Fougere, Kenneth 50,78 Fraser, Karen 57 Gamer, Phyllis 74 Garry, Brian 80 Gately, Bonnie 74 Geromini, Frank 202 Guiliano, Elizabeth 25 Guiliano, Sharon 70 Grant, Patti 74-75 Haagensen, Anna 78 Hansen, Earl 29 Hughes, John 81 Huie, Donna 74 Huntington, Myles 28-29 Jaquith, Melissa 7,57 Keenan, Kathleen 6 Kenney, Gregory 105 Kober, Kelly 87 Kobus, Terry 84 Kosmenko, Karin 74 Krueger, Lynda 70 Kurgas, Laurie 194 Laurentano, Alfred 28-29 Leahy, Alice 198 Lievano, James 102 Lincoln, Monica 83-84 McCarthy, Donald 102 McCarthy, Patricia 160 McDermott, Sean 80 McGovern, Susan 160,84 McWilliams, Sharon Moran, Richard 102 Murphy, Gregory 80 Murphy, Niichael 102 Murray, Robert 194 Neelon, Kathy 25 Ober, Barry 80,102 Ober, Candace 84 O ' Brien, Dianne 78 Oglivie, Kenneth 80 Piacientini, Eugene 137 Piligan, Gary 87,198 Pineo, Wendall 137 Potten, Linda 74 Profenna, Vincent 16 Regan, Deidre 148 Rocheleau, Michael 80 Ryan, Jeffrey 80,102 Scully, Charles 80-81,102 Sheehan, Margaret 148 Shyp, Michael 87 Socci, David 80,102 Svingen, Carrie 83-84,87 Swanbeck, Heidi 74-75 Todesco, Brian 16,56 Vicario, Paul 102 Woo, Judith 87 Adamson, Sharon 25 Archer, Richard 80 Avakian, Lynne 80 Baker, Kimberly 74 Begin, Catherine 25 Berardi, Therese 21 Bremner, Lori 84 Calderone, Nancy 80 Cauble, Donald 80,160,81 Chew, Marko 80 Cleland, Mary 85 Conklin, Janet 80,81 Corbett, Bernadette 70,84 Corey, Sean 80 Cometta, Joseph 21 Craig, Mary Ellen 80 Croke, Dorothy 74,75 Currier, Mark 51 Currier, Michael 80 Daddario, John 80,138 Daley, Richard 80 D ' Aniello, Cathy 74 Densmore, Duane 80 Dilworth, Diane 80,81 Dunne, Roberta 50 Graham, Tamara 74 Gurra, Jerome 80 Herrick, Richard 57 Huston, Stephen 13 Joannides, Lucas 80,81 Laviolette, Leslie 106 La whom, James 80 Lincoln, Jaqueline 84 Lincourt, Deborah 74 Loughlin, Thomas 50 Luccia, Gerry 74,75 Maltais, Doreen 84 Mastromatteo, Lisa 80 McCarthy, Kerry 112 McCuistion, Gene 80 Mendall, Bonnie 21 Miller, Maria-Louise 60 Myers, Joan 80 O ' Brien, Kelly 61 Oxford, David 80 Padula, Perry 80 Palermo, Paula 80 Pinto, Leah 21 Pizzelli, Charles 80 Rackette, Corinne 80 Roberts, Cheryl 87 Robinson, Susan 84,149 Ryan, Sheila 156 Semerjian, Judith 61,80,81 Simpson, Russell 105 Socci, Patricia 84 Souza, Linda 80 Stoughton, Kathleen 80 Svingen, Kristen 84 Wojciechowski, Judi 74,25 Wroblicka, Joseph 25 Note: at the time that we finished the index, not all of the pages were quite finished, so there may be a few names missing from the index. DEAN JUNIOR COLLEGE Franklin, Massachusetts Offers: • Full Accreditation • Financial Aid • Easy Commuting • Transfer And Placement Counseling • Athletics For Men And Women • Student Activities • Convertible Curriculms In: Architectural Secretarial Art Therapy Business Administration Building Construction Communication Arts Corrections. Probation and Parole Early Childhood Education Executive Secretarial Environmental Studies Humanities Law Enforcement Legal Secretarial Liberal Studies Medical Secretarial Math Science Music Music Theatre (Dance Empasis) Music Therapy Physical Education Pre-Orthoptics Retailing Recreational Leadership Recreational Management Real Estate Management Small Business Management Social Services Theater Visual Arts For Further Information, Call Or Write: Director Of Admissions Dean Junior College Franklin. Massachusetts 02038 (617) 528-9100, Ext. 300 Or Drop In At The Admissions Office Open Daily 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Compliments Of FRANKLIN GLOBE TEXACO 71 East Central St. Franklin MA. 02038 FRANKLIN MOTORS Complete Auto Building Used Cars—Rebuilt And Used Engines And Transmission Tel. 528-2600 Or 528-5918 Best Wishes To The Class Of ’76 From ELECTROFORMEX LABS INC. 600 Fisher St. Franklin MA. 02038 Compliments Of THE UNION CAFE—Homemade Pizza And Italian Food 371 Union St. Franklin MA. Let the Army help you with college. Phone—528-9885 Last year, 90,000 young people like yourself earned college credits in the Army. They attended classes on post. They studied at nearby colleges and universities. And they took courses through our various correspondence pro¬ grams. And the Army paid for up to 75% of their tuition costs. Our educational benefits are in addition to the job training you’ll receive, the salary you’ll earn, and the travel opportunities you’ll have. If you ' d like to find out more about all the educa¬ tional benefits the Army has to offer, see or call your local Army Representative. Compliments Of FICCO ' S BOWL-A-DROME Join the people who’ve joined the Army. 300 East Central St. Franklin MA. 528-1 142 Sgt Bill Pfeltz U.S. Army Recruiting Station 1 West Central Street Franklin, MA. Phone: 528-9460 Compliments of Paul McNulty’s FRANKLIN LINCOLN-MERCURY 341 Union St. (Near Franklin Mill Store) DISTINCTIVE FLORAL DESIGNS POTTED PLANTS RT 140 (E CENTRAL ST) FRANKLIN MASS 02038 TEL (617) 528 9310 Telephone 528-1900 Compliments to The Class of ' 76 SHERMAN CHEVROLET Franklin Chrysler-Plymouth (Both Under One Roof) 340 East Central St. Telephone 528-1818 Compliments of D. DiMARTINO CONSTRUCTION FRANKLIN AQUARIUM AND PET SUPPLY. 447 E. Central St. Under New Management Sun-Tues. Noon To 6 PM Wed. Noon To 9 PM Thurs. And Fri. 10 AM To PM Sat. 10 AM To 6 PM Opp. Stobarts Nursery Compliments Of DR.C.E. POIRIER Compliments Of DR. FRANCIS E. RICE 88 Emmons St. Franklin Congratulations Class Of’76 EDMUNDS AUTO SALES INC. 547 East Central St. Franklin Mass. 02038 D.G. RANIERI SUPPLY CO. Sheet Metal Work—General Contracting Jobbing And Gas Heat 58 East Central St. Franklin Mass. 02038 I Best Wishes From STOBBARTS GARDEN CENTER AND FLORIST Rt 140 East Central St. Franklin MA. J.D. DADDARIO Compliments Of DR. RAYMOND D. MERCER Wholesale Plumbing And Heating Supplies 317 Union St. Franklin, MA. 02038 Best Wishes From FRANKLIN LUMBER CO. Compliments Of L.J. CATALDO CO. Quality Mens Clothing Hand Furnishings 1 VENDETTI MOTORS, INC. 41 1 West Central St. Franklin, MA 02038 528-3450 TURCO AND PISANO Dealers In Quality Foods Liquors, Beer And Wine 23 Hutchinson St. Franklin, MA 02038 528-1105 KEARNEY DRUG, CO. 64 Main St. Franklin, MA 02038 Compliments Of PENT HOUSE SALES FRANKLIN TOWN TAXI, INC. Open 6:30 To 11 P.M. Reservations Welcome 528-0228 PISINI SHOES The Stride Rite Store 8 East Central St. Franklin 528-9152 Compliments Of WIDOW McCOY At Klein Innsbruck Compliments Of ANGELA’S BEAUTY SALON 111 East Central St. Franklin MA. 02038 FRANKLIN SHEET METAL 231 Cottage Street Franklin MA. 02038 Do You Care About Your Health?? We Do, Ever Wonder Why Plants And Animals Are Healthier Than People?? Could Be Because They Eat Better. We Feel It’s Time To Come Back To Foods That Are Really Pure And Healthy. NATURES OWN SUNSHINE Shop, Rt. 140 Franklin, Ma. 02038 Can’t Hurt You To Try Natural Foods: Could If You Don’t Best Wishes To The Compliments Of SHERMAN CHEVROLET Class Of’76 FRANKLIN ALLOYS 340 East Central St. Franklin, MA. 02038 Compliments Of GAF CORPORATION Franklin Mass Law Offices Of BACHNER, ROCHE CATALDO FRANKLIN Neil Roche, Esquire Paul A. Cataldo, Esquire James J. Larkin, Esquire Compliments To The Class Of’76 BAYBANK NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST CONPANY FRANKLIN ANSWERING SERVICE 24 Hour Service—Serving Telephone Exchanges 528—384—533—966—234—278 Tel. 528-5281 528-5281 234-7300 Compliments of SOUTH SHORE NATIONAL BANK Compliments Of BUCKLEY MANN INC. Franklin Plaza, Franklin Norfolk, Mass. 02056 Compliments of CLARK,CUTLER McDermott co. BENNY’S Oil. SERVICE Inc. Oil Burner Sales Service Heating Installation Telephone 528-0225 1G Depot FRANKLIN, MASS. Franklin Mass. 02038 FRANKLIN SUNOCO SERVICE 21 3 East Central St. Franklin MA. 02038 Phone: 528-27709 WROUGHT IRON DESIGN CO. 23 WinterSt. Franklin MA. Specialties: Landing Rails, Stair Rails, Gates, Spiral Staircases, Fire Escapes. Hand Made By Wrought Irons Finest Craftsmen. 528-2512 Compliments Of THE CAROUSEL Women’s Specialty Store DORIS’TAXI 24 Hour Service Based In Medway-Franklin 1 Free Ride With Every 10 528-5380 PH OHE XI1-3000 FOR FRIENDLY INSURANCE JReaf Jffbrte • • UTrafcel AO fixity Compliments Of H. BULLUKIAN ANDSONS, INC. 2 East Central St. Franklin Mass. Tfronfelin, a Dfl Compliments Of A FRIEND BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY Protection That Never Sleeps 18 Cottage Street Franklin Mass. 02038 Phone:(617) 528-5200 FRANK’S HAIR STYLING For Men And Boys Razor Cutting And Men’s Hair Pieces Sales And Service VET-MED SUPPLY, INC. Animal Health Products—Pet Supplies 29 Dean Ave. Franklin Mass. 02038 Compliments Of THOMPSON NATIONAL PRESS Compliments Of DEAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK 68 Main St. Franklin, MA Compliments of ANDREW E. 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Mickey’s Party Gift Shop Mrs. Rita Rice Compliments of The Rome Restaurant Mrs. Magaret M. Ross Good Luck, Class of ’76 Chelsea Drum Co., Inc. Compliments of Franklin News Store Big Ben’s Sub Shop Best Wishes To The Bicentennial Class From THE FRANKLIN MILL STORE Best of Luck to the Class of ’76 ... Secure your future with a savings account at Best Wishes Anthony C. Lumenti Train Stop BEN And Be A Depositor In The Fastest Growing Savings Bank Massachusetts. “Time to get to homeroom.” Mrs. Strack WEST CENTRAL STREET SHELL Charles Blakesley-Prop. Minor Repairs Pick Up Delivery Brakes—Tune Ups Mufflers—Batteries—Tires—Etc. Authorized Inspection Station 528-9700 HOUSE OF PIZZA Rico’s Shopping Center 16 Varieties Of Pizza Hot Oven Grinders 528-2811 LAMPHERE ' S LOCK SHOP BONDED LOCKSMITH 03933 725 LINCOLN STREET FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 Tel. 528-3395 “Where Quality ami Economy meet for (heater Security " SCHLAGE LOCKS ... FRANKLIN TIRE SALES, INC. Raymond P. 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Compliments Of JACKSON FUNERAL HOME 131 MainSt. Franklin Compliments Of FRANKLIN GLASS CO. INC. 273 Beaver Street Franklin Mass. ,‘v

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Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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