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SPRING Open up your eyes and see the brand new day, the clear blue sky and brightly shinning sun. Open up your ears and hear the breezes say, everything that’s cold and grey is gone. Open up your hands and feel the rain come down. Face the wind and smell the flowers sweet perfume. Open up your mind and let the light shine in, the earth has been reborn and life goes on. A Day In School A cigarette in the basement gets drowned in the swirl¬ ing water of the nearest john as the morning announce¬ ments sound throughout the school. You race frantical¬ ly to homeroom. “Why are you late?” “My locker jammed.” You survive 1st period, 2nd period in the cafe is a zoo! But you had NOTHING to do with it! Third period drags by and you get bashed in the head in 4th period P.E. class. Finally (?) lunch! Either you don’t eat because you’re on a diet or because last Friday’s fresh, crisp salad doesn’t appeal to you. Fifth period includes going to the basement for a cigarette in the middle of a VERY INTERESTING discussion. The pleasure of 6th period when that “Kid-on-the-other-side-of-the-room " moves over, counteracted by getting your locker jammed before 7th period. The bell rings . . . “Why are you late?” “My locker jammed.” “Sure, QUIT SMOKING!” 3 Will time destroy or will they grow closer closer together time will tell the answer Class reunion will show what t he times have brought about We’ll know how to read be tween the lines of Love ' «. - ' V5 r.v.ra»S Long ago life wasn ' t that important — we took things is they came. A guidance office and guidance counselors vere st range objects which we came in contact wit h fftceor twice each year. But things are different now. A c. t he senior class, find ourselves running in and out 1 those offices more and more. Life has suddenly be¬ come real — it’s not a game anymore. Flashes of appli- ' ations, college catalogues, scholarships, and joboppor- unities boggle our minds. Many a senior asks himsell hese questions about college, “Where will 1 go? hat vill I major in , “Will I commute or live in?”. “Will I succeed?”, “CaXl afford it ?” Panic usually strikes vhen a senior trick to answer these questions. Jjome- ■ low-, someway, andd the confusion they are answered nd finally, when you find the college that is truly petr " feet for you and everything becomes calm again, on4 lc “VV II I I r.RT ArTKPTF.n 0 ” mm • • • I : t Friends The girl you were in third grade with — remember? She turned up in Freshman year too! Funny — she sat right next to you at the graduation ceremony, but you never really noticed her. (You were too busy remembering which hand to shake with). She was just a friend. “What School Is To Me” When I first entered F.H.S. I was quite taken aback. The school completely overwhelmed me. I still am awed by some of its most striking features. I suppose that by the time I am a senior, I will be used to it, but as a fresh¬ man it still overawes me. The very immensity of the school, the enormity of the grounds has something to do with it. Being used to a much smaller school, the dist¬ ances between classes seems huge. The luxuries of the school are also surprising. The jukebox, the curved chairs in the cafeteria, the special lighting and the car¬ peting in some of the classrooms, and the greenhouse all impress me. 7 Victor » m H,tM CK .Vp0C-HW F A CiV- - «o 5 - j CO SPORTS . Outside on the playing fields, inside in the gym and field house, practice, practice, and practice more, to prepare for every game, to be in the BEST CONDITION, to figure out the opposition, to lose, and lose, and lose, or win, — and win, — and WIN! 10 STUDIESSTUDIESSTUDIESSTUDIESSTUDIESSTL DIESSTUDIES and “Mr. Molla’s clean-up time” and “I should have gone to the library” and “super-clean superman truck¬ in’ with his trays” and “where’s your pass?” and “snack-bar closed” and “did you hear that Sue and -Joe broke up?” and “bake sales” and “is there a dance this weekend?” and “broken windows” and “Let me see your senior pictures” and “a friendly game of FIG” and “what class are you skipping? " and “Puppy Love on the juke box” and “who’s buying FRIDAY night‘. , ” and “flying milk cartons” and 11 8 5 nnofN ELP ize 14 Dedication We, the class of 1974, may be just another group of kids who graduated from Franklin High School, but in our own strange way we are very spe¬ cial people. We’ve sat in “mind-probing” classes, ate “uneatable” lunches, watched teams win — and lose, changed class officers, and many other things we just cannot recall but —we’ve existed. This school was an experience. What kind of experience? Let your ima- giniation go wild. Therefore, we dedicate this yearbook to us, the class of 1974, a group of individuals who are very special people. 2. Mary Ellen Cunningham “Mare” Ambition: To go to hairdressing school. Favorite Memory: Years ’72 and ’73 Activities: Pep Club 1,2 Field Hockey 2 Intermurals 1,2 : Driver Ed. 2,3 ! 3. Stephen Berardi “Steve” Ambition: To be a lawyer. Pet Peeve: Passes [Activities: Science Club 1,2 lLatin Club 1,2 | Hockomock Model Congress 2 Driver Ed. 3 4. Caren Carew Favorite Saying: “Keep on truckin’.” Usually Found: Trying to get the most of life. Activities: Newspaper 1,2,3 Features Editor 4 Science Club 1,2 Pep Club 3,4 French Club 1,2,3 Drama Club 2 New Vistas 3,4 Future Teachers Club 2,3,4 Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Senior Class Play 2,4 Drill Team 3,4 Band 1,2 Chorus 1,3 Oskey 1,2,3,4 1. Linda Allison “Lindy Sue” Ambition: Radiological Technologist Favorite Saying: “Oh shoot” Activities: Pep Club 1 Drill Team 2 Majorette 3,4 Future Teachers Club 1,2 French Club 3,4 Oskey 3,4 Chorus 2,4 1 5. Deborah Freeman “Debbie” Favorite Memory: Thanksgiving Eve 1972. Usually Found: Heading north with Barbara. Activities: Latin Club 3 Pep Club 2,3 Ski Club 2 Ski Team 2 Bowling Team 3 1. Donna Porter “Dona Donna” Ambition: To be a Registered Nurse Favorite Memory: Spanish 4 Class Outstanding Characteristic: Blue Brown Eye Activities: Science and Health Careers Clubs Newspaper (Copy Editor) National Honor Society 2. Michael Arcaro “Mike” Ambition: To go into Business Administration Usually Found: At Papa Gino’s with the gang Activities: Yearbook Staff Business Dept. Spanish Club 3. Donna Brady “Brad” Ambition: Nursing Favorite Saying: “Oh yea?” Activities: Pep Club Health Careers Club New Vistas Driver Ed. Ski Club Latin Club Spring Track 4. Debra Fowler “Deb” Favorite Memory: Summer ’73 and May 11, 1973 Favorite Saying: “Get lost!” Activities: Basketball and Softball 1 Pep Club 2 Yearbook Staff 5. Robert Karlson “Bob” Ambition: To be a Mechanical Engineer Favorite Saying: “What can I say?” Activities: Ski Team and Ski Club Track 2 and Soccer 1,2 6. Alfred Pichierri “Big Al” Ambition: To work with his hands. Favorite Memory: October 31, 1972 at work Favorite Saying: “Is that right?!” Usually Found: In N. Attleboro with Bob I 1. Charles Bernheart “Chuck” Ambition: To make my first million Favorite Memory: Wallum Lake Usually Found: With Cathy A. or hanging around. 2. Teresa Tibert “Rene” Favorite Memory: Summer of ’72 and Aug. ’73 Favorite Saying: “I ' m flipping out” Activities: Dance Committees 1 Pep Club 1 Driver Ed. 2 3. Anthony Raymond “Tony” Ambition: Electrical Engineer Favorite Memory: May 15, 1973 Usually Found: With Laurie, Mark and Chris. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Hockey 1,2,3,4 Oskey 3 National Honor Society 3,4 4. Susan Bent “Sue” Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Saying: “Oh well” Outstanding Characteristic: Patience Activities: French Club President Pep Club 5. Kathi LaVoie “Kath” Ambition: To sing and play guitar. Favorite Memory: Prom, Cape, Summer ’73 Outstanding Characteristic: Friendliness Activities: Hockey-Soccer Cheerleader 3,4 French Club 2 New Vistas 3,4 Charlie Brown Play (Lucy) 3 Prom Committee Dance Committees 2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 % ✓ I 2 J 1. Rosemarie Fitzmorris “Rose” Ambition: To be a rehab therapist. Favorite Memory: Summer in Canada, trips to P.A. Pet Peeve: Phony People Activities: 1973 Yearbook Staff Kaliedoscope ’73 2. Betty Jane Mareolini “BJ” Ambition: To be a nice person. Favorite Memory: FHS’s 32 game winning streak Favorite Saying: “Right On” Pet Peeve: Kids that hassle me Activities: Assistant Softball Manager 3. Robert Scipione “Sip” Ambition: To own and manage a business. Favorite Memory: May 11 and 12 of 1973 Favorite Saying: “You pigeon” Activities: Freshman Football Freshman Track Varsity Wrestling 2,3,4 4. Kevin Costello Usually Found: In school Pet Peeve: People who think fast Activities: Newspaper Science Club Spanish Club Wrestling Team 5. Robert Kamishlian “Nish” Ambition: To open a restaurant Favorite Memory: July 6, 1973 Favorite Saying: “Will ya?” Outstanding Characteristic: My hair Activities: Driver Ed. 6. Cheryl Reese “Cherie” Ambition: To become a full-time missionary. Favorite Memory: Living in California. Usually Found: At home with the rest of my family m ■ 1 u Up., 1. Robin Bridges “Bridges” Favorite Memory: October 18, 1972 Favorite Saying: “Oh Really” Activities: Clerical Pool — House A 2. Donald Jackson “Don” Ambition: To become a millionaire Favorite Saying: “There ya go” Pet Peeve: Cliques 3. David Murphy “Murf” Favorite Memory: Graduation Favorite Saying; “That’s beside the point.” Activities: Prom Committee 5. Lisa Barnes “Barney” Ambition: To be a veterinarian Favorite Memory: Plymouth, Mass. ’73 Activities: Drill Team 2,3,4 Science Club 2 World and People’s Club 2 Latin Club 1,2 National Honor Society 3,4 5. Charlie Garguilo “Tut” Ambition: Going to Alaska Favorite Saying: “Hell no” Usually Found: The Pits Pet Peeve: Getting in trouble Activities: Cross Country 2 1. Sandra L. Brennan “Sandy” Ambition: To be the first U.S. Woman President Favorite Memory: May 11, 1972 Usually Found: With Kenny Activities: Science Club Pep Club Newspaper Staff 2. Judith Marie VanLeeuwen “Jude” Ambition: To become a Physical Therapist Favorite Saying: " Alright” or " What’s going on?” Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4 Dance and Prom Committees 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 French Club 2 Pep Club 2,3,4 Pep Club Secretary 2 3. Domenic Anthony Zappitelli “Dom” Ambition: To go to Wentworth. Favorite Memory: When I came to this Country. Usually Found: With Jim, Al, AnnMarie, Cheryl Pet Peeve: Nosey people 4. Maryann Rzezuski “Mare” Ambition: Computer Programmer Pet Peeve: Phonies Activities: Pep Club 4 Latin Club 1,2,3,4 Future Health Careers 1,2 Library Club 2 Yearbook (Typing Staff) 4 3. Paul Torosian Ambition: To run a sport shop. Usually Found: At the rink Outstanding Characteristic: Putting up with Kink. Activities: Hockey Table Tennis Science Club 1 Driver Ed Table Tennis Tournament Distrib. Ed. 1. Dave Ristino 2 Nancy Murch 4. Nancy Ruse 5. Rose Gargiulo Nickname: Rosie Ambition: To be a hairdresser Favorite Memory: 11 11 72 and 10 7 7.1 Favorite Saying: " No I’m only Kidding Pet Peeve: Hypocrites Outstanding Characteristics: Sewing Activities: j Drivers Ed. fil ' if | C- 1. Barbara Lucas “Bobby” Ambition: To be a stewardess. Usually Found: Sleeping Pet Peeve: Being teased Activities: Spanish Club 2. David L. Chastanet “Cresto” or “Dave” Ambition: To be my own employer. Usually Found: Somewhere in school Activities: Newspaper 1 Science Club Stage Band 2,3,4 Band 4 Oskey 2,3,4 Chorus 3,4 3. Anita Hill “Nita” Ambition: Go to college and become a teacher. Usually Found: At work or with Evan. Activities: Spanish Club 3,4 Drill Team 2,3, Co-Captain 4 Oskey 4 Driver Ed. 3 4. Karen Brady “Brad” Ambition: To enjoy life Favorite Saying: “Hi Guy” Activities: Cheerleading 2,3 Ski Club 2 Pep Club 1,2,3, Art Club 1,2,3,4 Dance Committees 5. John Sullivan “Sully” Ambition: To be a musician Usually Found: With Jim, Joe or Steve Pet Peeve: Marching Activities: Stage Band Band Ski Club Oskey 6. Charles W. Mosher III “Chuck” “Chuggee” Ambition: To work at General Motors. Favorite Saying: “Oh Yeah” Pet Peeve: Suits and Ties Activities: Football 1,2 Wrestling 1,2,3 Track 1 Newspaper 4 ?4 1. Susan Stirzaker “Sue” Favorite Memory: Summer of ’73 Usually Found: Most anywhere Activities: Yearbook Staff Pep Club Driver Ed. 2. Michael Rochefort 3. Richard Winkfield “Wink” Favorite Memory: Feb ’71 in N.Y. Favorite Saying: “Far out” Usually Found: Running out of gas Activities: Chess Club President Kaleidoscope Senior Class Play 4. Deborah Corrigan ““Deb” Ambition: To be rich Pet Peeve: Mondays and rainy days Activities: National Honor Society 5. Donald Cataldo “Donny” Ambition: To see the Patriots win the Super Bowl Favorite Memory: Climbing fences Activities: Football 1,2 Basketball 1.2 Spring Track 2,3,4 Ski Team 3 Soccer 3,4 Latin Club 1,2 Prom Committee 3 1. Donna Fowler “Twig” Ambition: To help anyone in anyway I can. Favorite Memory: August 5, 1973, May 11, 1973 Favorite Saying: “You nut” Outstanding Characteristics: Some say my mouth Activities: Pep Club 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 Y earhook 4 Basketball 1 Softball 1 Drivers Ed 3 2. Marilyn Moran 3. Dan Costa “Gump” Ambition: To graduate from college Favorite Saying: “Hello” Activities: Latin Club 1,2 JV Hockey 3 4. Debra Young “Debbie” Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse Favorite Memory: Jr. Miss Pageant, Summer of 73 Activities: Field Hockey 1 J.V. Basketball Science Club Future Nurse’s Club Kaleidoscope Junior Miss Pageant 5. Joan Sullivan 2 6 1. John Terence O ' Neill “Terry” Ambition: To get Bruins season tickets. Favorite Memory: Going to Drive-ins with Worm. Favorite Syaing: “You’re a hurtin turkey” Activities: Track 1 2. Cxnthia Ann Williamson “Cindy” Ambition: To find someone to love. Favorite Memory: Meeting Billy Favorite Saying: “Have a happy” Pet Peeve: Gossip Activities: Cheerleader 1 Pep Club 2 3. Jeffrey Warren “Jeff” Ambition: To do something fulfilling. Favorite Memory: Summer of 72 Activities: J.V. and Varsity Hockey Track 1 Driver Ed. 4. Paula Lxnsky “Lynsk” Ambition: To be a somebody. Favorite Memory: Summer of 72 Favorite Saying: Talking in general Usually Found: With Jimmy or working Pet Peeve: Two-faced people Activities: Driver Ed. Yearbook I ■ 5. Janet Spencer Ambition: To be happy in life. Favorite Memory: Junior Prom and Senior Year Favorite Saving: " I don’t know Usually Found: In a Green RT or working. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Outstanding Characteristic: Height Activities: Pep Club Driver Ed. Spanish Club 6. Donna Riley Ambition: College then marriage. Favorite Memory: October 26, 1973 Favorite Saying: “Strange people Pet Peeve: When Sonny calls Me Shorty. Outstanding Characteristic: Big mouth Activities Art Club 2 Drama Club 2 New Vistas Driver Ed. 3 3. Ruth Palermo “Trish” Favorite Memory: June 10, 1971 Favorite Saying: “How gross” Activities: Oskey 3,4 Drill Team 2, Majorette 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 Chorus 3 4. Stephen Murphy “Murf” Ambition: To live life freely and unattached. Favorite Memory: Biology class with Mr. Vaillancourt. Pet Peeve: People who are puppets. Activities: Hockey 2,3 Class President 1 5. Catherine Degnim “Cathy” Ambition: Airline Stewardess Favorite Saying: “Fantastic” Outstanding Characteristics: Being Optimistic Activities: Ski Club Clerical Pool Drivers Ed. 1. Florence Saster “Stick Shift” Ambition: Hair Design Favorite Memory: Oct. 24, 1973 Pet Peeve: People Yelling Activities: Drill Team 1,2,3 Drill Team Capt. 4 Dance Committees 2 Drivers Ed 3 2. Steven Legendre 28 1. Man O’Donnell , j “Mod” abueM o bu. Ambition: To go to Stonehill or P.C. Activities: Varsity Hockey-Soccer Cheerleader, Capt. 3,4 French Club 1,2,3 Treas. 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Sec. Latin Club 2,3,4 Treas. Dance Committee 1,2,3,4 2. Mary Capaldo “Midget” Ambition: To grow Favorite Memory: 1972 Usually Found: In Milford, Woonsocket. Outstanding Characteristic: Being short 3. Brian Currier Ambition: To start in football and baseball. Favorite Memory: Playing for Hopedale ’73. Outstanding Characteristic: Talking Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Spanish Club 4. Kathleen Martin “Kathy” Ambition: Home Economics Teacher Activities: Cheerleader 2,3, Co-Captain 1,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 French Club 2 Tennis Team 2 Prom Committee 3 Student Council 3 Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 5. Harry Peurach Favorite Memory: Winning Bay State Basketball Tournament. Usually Found: Library Activities: Tennis 2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 1. Judx Patracuollo “Jude” Favorite Memory: Summer of 73 Favorite Saying: “What? Huh?’ Usually Found: Working Activities: Basketball Field Hockey Art Club Pep Club Chorus Prom Committee Student Representative 2. Stephen Me Glynn “Jethro” Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Memory: Summer of 73 Usually Found: In a ’65 Ford or at the Caravan. Activities: Baseball Hockey 3. Cheryl Benson “Cher” Favorite Memory: November 3, 1973 Usually Found: In the DE Store. Activities: Pep Club Yearbook Staff D.E.C.A. 4. Donna Crandall “Crammit” Ambition: To work with handicapped children. Favorite Memory: Falls of 72 and 73 Activities: Pep Club Hockey and Soccer Cheerleading Junior Miss Pageant Oskey Yearbook Staff 5. Arthur Taddeo “Arty” Ambition: Research Scientist for Biology. Favorie Saying: “Decent!” Activities: National Honor Society Freshmen Track J.V. and Varsity Soccer J.V. and Varsity Hockey 6. Elizabeth Straight “Liz” Ambition: To become a clerk typist. Favorite Memory: Living in Framingham. Usually Found: Working or at home. Activities: Driver Ed. 30 1. Timothy Flynn “Red” Usually Found: At home or Wild West Outstanding Characteristic: Red hair 2. John Brennan “Brian” Ambition: To go to college. Favorite Memory: June 3, 1973 Favorite Saying: “What are you doing now?” Activities: Football 1 Baseball 1 Winter Track 3 Newspaper 2 Communications Club 2,3 Science Club 1 ■ 4. Dianne Simmons “Dee” Ambition: To be an elementary school teacher. Favorite Memory: Prom, June 23, ’73, Feb. 15 Activities: Class Secretary 1,2,3 Dance Committees Senior Class Play Newspaper Oskey 5. Thomas Loftus “Tom” Ambition: To be a professional golfer. Favorite Memory: Pleasant Valley C.C. ’73 Usually Found: Practice fairway Activities: Football 1 Baseball 1 Hockey 2 Golf 2,3,4 3. Janet Garry Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Memory: Prom ’72 and ' 73, Nov. 16, 1973 Usually Found: With Dennis Pete Peeve: Gym Classes Activities: Student Council 2 Prom Committee 3 Dance Committees 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2 I 1. Carol Capaldo “Shorty” Favorite Memory: June-August 1973 Favorite Saying: “Don’t get Shook!” Activities: Basketball 2. Donna Chevalier Ambition: To travel, to be rich, and to be happy. Favoite Saying: “I’m just kidding!!” Activities: Dance Committees 2,3,4 Student Council 2,3,4 Pep Club 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4 National Honor Society 3, Tres. 4 Junior Class Prom Chairman Yearbook 3,4 Varsity Te nnis 2 J. Varsity Field Hockey 2 5. Denise Boucher Ambition: To do some type of sec. work. Favorite Memory: Summers of 72 and 73 Usually Found: In Milford Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Activities: Ski Club Pep Club 3. Edward Howe “Ed” Favorite Memory: Year of 74 Favorite Saying: “No way” Usually Found: Hunting or fishing 4. Jim Morse Ambition: To play the trumpet and have a ball. Favorite Memory: Band Trips Favorite Saying: “How’s it Goin?” Usually Found: Practicing or driving around. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 1,2,3,4 Oskey 1,2,3,4 Driver Ed 3 6. Christine Daddario “Chris” ' Nl Ambition: Nursing Favorite Memory: May 28, 1971 Usually Found: With Steve or getting messed up. Pet Peeve: The morning after! ' | Activities: Student Council Ski Club Junior Class Prom Chairman 1 32 ■ FOOTBALL 1973 . . . i i FOOTBALL 1973 Franklin 30 — Canton 6 Franklin 56 — Mansfield 6 Franklin 6 — Oliver Ames 6 Franklin 12 — N. Attleboro 15 Franklin 35 — Sharon 20 Franklin 26 — Foxboro 6 Franklin 14 — Stoughton 21 Franklin 18 — King Philip 15 P. Pellegri 34 " ometta Playing High School football is unique. It’s something that is really hard to put into words. Football is more than just winning. There are experiences that a player benefits from playing the game. Many times these experiences are from within and only you, yourself, are satisfied with the results. When game time comes, there is something inside you that says you are someone special and you want so bad to outdo your opponent that you can almost taste victory. After winning, that’s the ultimate goal, nothing can surpass victory. Football is really a worthwhile experience in that it teaches you a great deal about life and also, prepares you for what a struggle life really is, in today’s society. M rlucciaHne, SjN. mm H aSHBRiroA IPlSIsihi s’ ? IfSfS Ay K . S. MacLeod ✓ Y | SPIRIT MA KERS The Spirit Makers — The Band, The Drill Team, The Pep Club, and The Cheer¬ leaders. Each doing their own special thing and enjoying EVERY minute of it. The band can sound out a storm, wheth¬ er it’s “Make Me Smile” by Chicago, or the “F.H.S. Fight Song”. Pivot turns, marching to the music, holding up those mighty flags, and making formations on the field — it’s the drill team in every way. Pep Club — a group of girls, freezing to death, highly emotional, with a LOUD energy to spare. And finally, the cheerleaders — doing jumps, leading the cheers, and welcoming other girls from another town. Each group is sounding out a victory beat in different and unique ways. But all TOGETHER, this mass of excitable people is screaming their lungs out for a team — OUR team. « INSTANT REPLAY . . . Cynthia Schaeffer English Dept. John Carroll English Dept. Marie Murphy-Caruso Foreign Language Dept. Head ' Linda Szymanski Business Dept. Nancy Vlerrill Math Dept. v Lawrence Ferrari Math Dept. M. Catherine DeLaubenfels English Dept. Michael Nerney English Dept. Gus Sayers Science Dept. Head Debra Wilson Foreign Language s L , ■ i |i FACULTY FACULTl i c Bibiana Nowaki Health Careers Richard Farmenter Science Dept. Gail VanDenBerghe Business Dept. Elizabeth Smith Science Dept. Dominic Compagnone Math Dept. i Ralph Olsen Math Dept. James C helot ti Social Studies Dept. Paul Lombardi English Dept. Robert Vallee Foreign Language Dept. Shirley Bennett Home Ec. Dept. • i Mason Kingsbury Science Dept. Nello Luccini Kathleen Irvine Foreign Language Dept. Charles Vaillancourt Science Dept. William Fiske Science Dept Esther Farmer Business Dept. Lester Edwards Director of P.E. Cynthia Laws Art Dept. Peter Frailey Social Studies Dept. Kenneth Robinson F oreign Language Dept. John Costello Math Dept. Janet Strack Business Dept Head Christine Berglund Home Ec. Dept. Walter Rogers English Dept. [ft ' J F7 u ■ msZJ Foreign Language Dept. Tiinde Gebow English Dept. 43 “I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how stores run, how to make quick business decisions.” P. Torosian “The primary function of D.E. is to learn the most possi¬ bilities for different careers especially the field of your future.” J. O’Connell “To set students straight on how to run a privately owned store.” P. Torosian “Learning to get along with society.” L. Anderson “We are all working together, and we are all friends with one another. I didn’t expect it would be as much fun as it is.” K. Petersen “To concern ourselves with the store and to be active in state and local functions.” J. Lacey “The benefits are 25 girls, learning about business, and a good director.” B. Bussey “It’s really fun. Everyone’s always learning something all the time.” J. Lacey “D.E. is an active class. You are always learning about the business world and how to get ahead in your life.” C. Gilley “I think it’s more than I expected because of the wide range it covers as far as learning and the interesting conferences.” D. Getchell “You learn how to make money. Today you really should learn about money situations.” L. Anderson “You’re not forced to work and I ' m in the D.E. program and I feel no restriction from the school.” P. Torosian “It’s really interesting. It makes you get involved and there’s always something to participate in.” J. Lacey wmmm SOCCER 73 Sharon 5-1 N. Quincy 0-1 B. C. High 1-0 Quincy 0-1 Foxboro 2-1 Avon 5-0 Norfolk 9-0 Sharon 0-1 N. Quincy 2-0 B. C. High 1-1 Quincy 0-1 Foxboro 1-2 Avon 5-0 Norfolk 0-1 K. LaVoi ' D. Jeon, M. O’Donnell, C. Morrisey, L. Bartelloni, G. Spencer, E. Harrigan D. Crandall, K. LaVoie. This year’s soccer team completed its most successful sea¬ son in the club’s 4-year history; 7-6-1. There were many heights attained by this years’ team, its first victories over Foxboro, North Quincy, and B.C. High, it was the team’s first winning season. The team along with Coach Bositis gained valuable experience and soccer knowledge, it was probably the most exciting team Franklin High has ever produced. The se¬ niors on the team have witnessed and participated in the evo¬ lution of a team that will certainly be a tournament contender in the years to come. Off Side THROW IN J. Elliott, E. Swanbeck. R. Raymond, D. Albertson, S. Courtney, P. LaVoie, A. Taddeo, Coach Bositis, J. Hanlon, D. Cataldo, A. Sharrock, D. Elliott, D. LeBlanc, R. Harrington, J. Michaelowski, A. Lemire, S. Walsh, W. Bush, B. Hitchcock. 60 Being A Junior — being a junior means not being able to have senior privileges — but taking them anyway, plus making up some of your own — Our Junior class (class of ’75) is pretty good. It’s not too much of a zoo but it “ain ' t stiff neither.” We had a “Junior class party” in Dec. ’73. It turned out pretty good. Music was provided by the kids’ records and their own harmonious voices. — being a junior means taking comp, for the college bound and learning 5 million “hard-to- remember-the meaning-of ’ words — As we moved up in status, juniors found it in¬ creasingly more thought provoking. We had to choose from a number of English electives, recover from our PSAT scores in time to apply for SAT’s, and get it mailed on time and much more. — being a junior in the class of ’75 means not being able to get excited over junior class rings in your junior year — Ours was the first junior class to enjoy the smok¬ ing privilege during school hours. All the other classes had it too but none of ’em were juniors (there must be something meaningful behind that!). Also ours was the first class to order class rings in our sophomore year. It has its advantages — commonly known as “evasion of inflation” but if you’re the least bit sentimental, it takes away from the ecstasy only juniors experience when the Ring Man comes. — being a junior is taking chemistry and trying to blow up the lab — Perhaps the most meaningful part of being in the class of ’75 is that we will be the first graduat¬ ing class to complete 4 years at the New High School. I think most everyone at FHS can say he is proud to be a part of it. debby : SKIING 74 52 D. LaRosa J. Drew “The skiing wasn’t that good but the people you meet and the friends you make at the meets make up for lack of snow.” Cheryl Liotta. “I thought the ski team was a blast this past winter considering the lack of snow and the lack of female racers. This was my first year and I believe in years to come the team will be stronger.” Nancy Guidrey. “The team has improved on the whole, from last year, but we still need a lot more racing experience and a few more girls. It was really fun and I hope I’m here next year to be able to partici¬ pate in it again.” Mary Beth Clifford. “This year for the first time we learned to ski competatively. Next year we ought to have a well skiing team.” Steve Costello. • Slalom • • ••••••• •• • •»••«•••« C. Liotta . Liotta. M. S. Costello 53 I + + f 4 • ' 4- + 4 ' 4 4 Hh4 +■ + 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 + FIELD HOCKEY 73 The Girls Field Hockey team was really SUPER this year. We had a great season and Mrs. Keene made it fun and exciting for all of us. We all had a big disappoint¬ ment at the end of our season. We were thirty seconds away from winning the championship, and Foxboro pulled off a break away and it was all over. We all tried our hardest that day yet we were defeated. But as they say — defeat is in the eyes of the beholder, and I believe Franklin are champs all the way. ♦ ♦ ♦ + BULLY The Junior Miss Pageant can be easily referred to as an exciting, a memorable, and a rewarding experience. The local pageant was extra special not only because of the friendliness among the girls in the pageant, but because t the endless warmth and appraisal bestowed upon all the girls from the audience, relatives, and friends. Being referred to as Franklin’s Junior Miss is also an expe¬ rience in itself. Sometimes I find myself forgetting the fact that I am Franklin’s Junior Miss. The reason being that in my eyes, all the girls in the pageant are Junior Misses. Each girl tried every bit as hard as the other, offering encourage¬ ment to those in need and spreading warmth within each heart. The warm, exciting atmosphere which exists through¬ out the pageant, because of the girls, is just what makes t he Junior Miss Pageant such a rewarding experience. Mary Martin 59 AWARDS 1974 Junior Miss First Runner-up Second Runner-up Third Runner-up Scholastic Achievement Poise and Appearance Physical Fitness Talent Miss Congeniality Mary Martin Lucinda Nash Theresa Ross Dianne Dow Margaret Hoar Mary Martin Lucinda Nash Mary Martin Mary Martin Last year I ran for Student Council because I wanted to see if I could affect the apathetic conditions at the school. That was last year. This year after one full year in Student Council I have learned how the council works, and that it works best when students work with it. They must meet halfway . . . UM cooperate, I think, is the word I am looking for. The power our Council had this year was not recognized by the stu¬ dents as being unique in this area. Franklin is beginning to realize the importance of its youth. c 0 M E T 0 0 R D E R Student Council Members Juniors: Freshman: Matt Allen Sue Abbott President: Nino LaBadessa Patty Sullivan . Shawn O’Neil Vice President: Joseph Gannon Brian Gaudet Ted Parker Secretary: Janet Gardella Steve Patty Shaw Treasurer: Margo Woodman Harrington Seniors: Sophomores: Richard Harrington Mary Morrissey Joanne Lewis Brett Simon Elizabeth Sheehan Pam Gibson Donna Chevalier Mike Violandi 64 ■■ Mil!:? 1. Peter Magnuson “Pete” Ambition: To become a millionaire Favorite Memory: Freshman Year Favorite Saying: “Decent” Usually Found: In the MG Activities: Driver Ed. 1 2. Stephen MacLeod “Mac” Ambition: To play hoc key in college Favorite Memory: Spring of “73” Usually Found: Practice Field Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Hockey 2,3,4 (Tri — Captain 4) Baseball 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society - 3. Mike D’Errico “Mike” Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 (Co-captain 4) Winter Track 2 Spring Track 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 3 Driver Ed 3 4. Donna Wilson “Willie” Ambition: To work with children or animals Favorite Memory: The prom and summer of “73” Favorite Saying: “Shove off’ Usually Found: With Frank, God Squad Activities: Basketball Field Hockey Softball 5. Donald DiMartino “Donnie” Ambition: To become a successful person in life Favorite Memory: JV Basketball, Tennis “73 " Favorite Saying: “That’s Really Tricky!” Usually Found: With Mark, and Rick Activities: Latin Club 1,2 Basketball 2,3,4 Tennis 2,3,4 Baseball 1 Soccer 3. Kathleen Simpson . .“Kathy” rnopniecf Ambition: To be successful Favorite Memory: April 21, 1973 Usually Found: Anywhere but home Pet Peeve: School Activities: Yearbook Staff 4, typing editor, Field Hockey 1, Driver Ed. 3. 4. Laura Jean Melo Favorite Memory: September 4, 1971 Activities: Travel Club 2 World and People Club 2 National Honor Society 3,4 DECA4 1. Steven Mutchler “Muchie” Ambition: To own a restaurant Favorite Mem ory: Mr. Parmenter’s ecology class Favorite Saying: “Yah” Usually Found: With Judy or at work Activities: Soccer 2,3 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 2 Bowling League 3 2. Henry Charles Cataldo “Rick” “Bazoo” Favorite Saying: “Decent” Usually Found: In the library and playing sports Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1 Winter track 2,3 Spring track 2,3,4 Wrestling 3 Weightlifting 1,2,3,4 Driver Ed Spanish Club 2,3 Latin Club 1 5. Paul M. Piligian “Beak” Ambition: To become a professional engineer Favorite Memory: West Coast 1970 and Florida 1972 Favorite Saying: “Ya gotta admit” Usually Found: At track practice or in the field house Activities: Cross Country 3,4, varsity co-captain 4 Indoor Track 2,3,4 varsity Spring Track 2,3,4 varsity Math Club 2 National Honor Society 3,4 Vice President 4 Table Tennis Tournament 3,4 6. Mark Mucciarone “Muccy” Ambition: Structural Engineer Favorite Memory: North Attleboro game 1972 Usually Found: Playing sports or at Chris’s house and in the whirlpool Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Hockey 2,3 66 11. Dale Robert Elliott “Dale” [Ambition: Physician m ctwitiet: ■Football 1 Baseball 1 Soccer 2,3,4, captain Hockey 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Latin Club Driver Ed 2 National Honor Society, Presii 2. Debra Alliod “Debi” Ambition; To teach Pet Peeve: People calling me “Chipper " 3. Mary Silvi Ambition: To be a nurse Favorite Memory: August 8, 1970 Usually Found: At a yearbook meeting Activities: Yearbook Staff 3, Co-Editor 4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Tennis Team 3 Intermurals 1 Spanish Club 2,3,4 Dance Committees 2 Driver Ed 2 National Honor Society 3,4 4. Elaine Kelleher Ambition: Graduate from college Favorite Memory: Prom 73 Nov. 9, 1973 Chem Lab Activities: Latin Club Prom Committee Field Hockey 3 Tennis 5. Randal Raymond “Worm” Ambition: Computer Programming Favorite Memory: Junior Prom, Hockey season Activities: Varsity Soccer 4 Varsity Hockey 1,2,3,4 Varsity Football 2,3 Manager Freshman Football 1 Spring Track 3 Drivers Ed 1. Steve Prentice “Prune” Ambition: Game Warden Favorite Saying: “Oh sure” Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3 2. Marsha (Jber “Marsh” Ambition: Hairdresser Favirote Memory: September 3, 1973 Favorite Saying: “Oh, Brother” Activities: Dance Committee 1,2 Spanish Club 2 Pep Club 1 3. Nancy Lee Nulter “Nance” Ambition: To become a P.E. teacher Favorite Saying “You fool” Activities: Field Hockey 1,2 Basketball 1 Softball 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3 4. Jeffery Blanton “Jeff Ambition: Get rich and not work Favorite Memory: Football Usually Found: Playing ball Pet Peeve: Lack of sleep Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,3 5. Gregory Dutile 6. Rosemary Short “Rosey” Ambition: To be a special education teacher Favorite Memory: Summer of 73 and being Panther Favorite Saying: “You don’t love me anymore!” Usually Found: Either in a Monkey Suit or in Medford Pet Peeve: The morning after the night before! Outstanding Characteristics: My body!! Activities: Panther Mascot 2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2 Softball manager 2 Math Club 2 Yearbook Staff 3,4 68 Jamie Dunwiddie Ambition: Executive Secretary • ' avorite Memory: Pennsylvania ' avorite Saying: “Just Kidding!” et Peeve: Having pictures taken 3. Linda Karlson 5. Barbara Rayno “Barb” Ambition: X-Ray Technician Favorite Memory: Summer of ’73 Favorite Saying: “Be Quiet” Activities: Art Club Driver Ed 3 Pep Club 1 Intramurals 1 4. Jack Lewis William Drinan 1. Christine Morrissey “Chris” h avorite Memory: June 18, 1971, Junior Prom Usually Found: With Mark, Tony Laurie Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3, vice president 2 Art Club 2 Drill Team colorguard 2,3 Cheerleader 4 Science Club 1,2 Prom committee 3 Dance committees 1,2,3,4 2. Michael Frechette “Mike” Ambition: To graduate and join the navy Favorite Memory: Summer of “73” 1 avorite Saying: “What do you want to do?” 5. Anne Marie Cregg “Amsy” “Annie” Ambition: To know for once what I really want Favorite Memory: Senior year and Dave Favorite Saying: “Pm only kidding” Usually Found: At work or working on the yearbook Activities: Yearbook Staff 3, Editor 4 Field Hockey Team 1,2,3 Basketball Team 2, varsity 3 Prom Committee 3 Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 Newspaper staff 1 Driver Ed 3 3. Ruston Lodi “Russ” Ambition: To live at the ocean Favorite Memory: North Attleboro game 72 Usually Found: gym Activities: Football Track 4. Susan Gannon “Ganna” Ambition: To be a secretary Favorite Memory: Summer of 73 Favorite Saying: “I don’t wanna hear it” Usually Found: Working or around Activities: Drivers Ed. DE 4 Drill Team Yearbook 70 ♦ - 1. Joseph Michael R an “Joe” Ambition: To make myself useful, later in life Usually Found: Playing sports Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Hockev 2,3,4 Baseball 2,3 Wrestling 1 Spanish Club 2,3 Weightlifting 1,2,3,4 French Club 1 2. Nancy Lang “Nance” Ambition: To reach 4 " 11” Favorite Memory: April vacation, 73 Usually Found: Playing cards Activities: Pep Club 2,3 Spanish Club 1,2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 Driver Ed 3 4. David Hancock “Boots” Ambition: To become a marine biologi.-t Favorite Memory: Switzerland Activities: Cross Country 2,3,4 Spring Track 1,2,3 Ski Team 2,3,4 Ski Club 2 National Honor Society 3.4 5. Laura Holbrook “Laurie” Ambition: To be an airline stewardess Favorite Memory: May 15, 1973 Usually Found: With Tony, Chris Mark Activities: Pep Club 3 Driver Ed 2 National Honor Society 3,4 Ski Club 1.2 Prom Committee 3 3. Michael Meade “Mike” Ambition: Veterinary medicine Favorite Saying: “What’s the Story?” Pet Peeve: Jocks Activities: Ski Club Photography Club Latin Club French Club National Honor Society 2. Joan O’Connell “Joan” Ambition: X-Ray Technician Favorite Memory: Christmas of 73 Usually Found: Around Woonsocket and with friends Pet peeve: Fake people Activities: Drill Team D.E. 5. Brenda Fralin “Fralin” Favorite Memory: Nov. 21, 1972 Favorite Saying: “You Bum” Pet Peeve: Screeching tires Activities: Drivers Ed Yearbook Basketball 1 Softball 1 72 1. William Bussey 5. Daniel Ficco “Fic” “Munio” Ambition: To be a Millionaire Favorite Saying: “Decent” Usually Found: Riding in the Caddy Pet Peeve: Cigarettes Activities: Driver’s Ed 3. Edward Connolly 4. Pamela Sims “Pam” Ambition: To be a secretary Favorite Memory: Junior Year Christmas “73” 2. Diane Lloy Ambition: To be a nurse, to get out of Franklin Favorite Memory: January 27, 1973 j Usually Found: Working or with Rick or Chris ! Outstanding Characteristics: Turning Red 7 3 i 1. Vernon Yergation “Vern or Monk” Ambition: Industrial Management Favorite Saying: “What’s for lunch?” Usually Found: Eating in the cafeteria Activities: Varsity Tennis 2,3,4 Table Tennis 3,4 Math Club 2 French Club 1 Honor Society 3,4 2. Warren Barrett “Professor” Ambition: To be a lawyer Favorite Memory: November 3, 1973 Favorite Saying: " Que Pasa” Activities: Driver Ed 3,4 Hockomock League Congress 2 4. Michael Zinchuk “Pud” Ambition: To become an Engineer Pet Peeve: Physics Homework Activities: Ski Club 1 Math Club 1,2 National Honor Society 3,4 3 Gail Marie Recchia “Gigi” Ambition: Architecture and Interior Decoration Usually Found: Looking for a baton Activities: Majorette 1,2,3,4 French Club 3,4 Math Club 3,4 Kaliedescope 4 Chess Club 2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 5. Jeanne D’Amelia Ambition: To become an X-Ray Technician Favorite Memory: Summer of “72” Usually Found: Anywhere but home I 74 1. John F. Tulli “Jack” Favorite Memory: Trip to Spain Usually found: On the track Pet Peeve: The 7:45 bell Activities: Cross Country 3,4 Indoor Track 2,3,4 Spring Track 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Driver Education 3 2. Kathleen Petersen “Kathy” Ambition: Get into Retailing Favorite Memory: Summer of “72” Activities: Ski Club 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3 Driver Education 3 3. Cathy Marie Albis “Cath” Favorite Memory: Wallum Lake Usually Found: In trouble Activities: Freshman Cheerleader 4. Lucinda Nash “Cindy” Ambition: Actress Favorite Memory: With Tony Activities: Junior Miss Pageant Oskey Kaliedescope Junior Prom Senior Class Play 5. Robert Phillips “Lefty” Favorite Memory: Senior Year Activities: Math Club 2,3,4 Chess Club 3,4 Spring Track 3,4 Driver Education 3 ■ ' ; 1. G era l d N ete el l “Gerry” 2. Russell Busby “Normal” Ambition: Dog Trainer Favorite Memory: Aug. “73” l sually Found: Wrentham Pet Peeve: Lunch Lines 1. Darlene Keefe “Dundee” Ambition; Nursey School Teacher Favorite Memory: Junior Prom Usually Found: Around, At work Activities: Latin Club Science Club Ski Club Ski Team Field Hockey Dance Committee 1,2 Prom Committee 3 2. Douglas Feeley a u- ‘‘ Do g ’G Q1 Ambition: To Be an Accountant Favorite Memory: Atlantic City Favorite Saying: “Who?” Activities: Basketball 1 Smoking Committee 2 Driver Education 3 President Distributive Ed. 4 ) Distributive Education 3,4 Work Study 4 Yearbook Staff 4 3. Mary Brennick “Mare” Ambition: To make people happy Activities: Chorus 4 Future Teachers Club 2 Driver Education 3 I 1. Barbara Norton Ambition: To become a nurse Favorite Memory: Thanksgiving Eve “72” Favorite Saying: “Oh, my God” Activities: Pep Club Latin Club Ski Club Ski Team Dance Committee Field Hockey Driver Education Prom Committee 2. Gerard Cedrone “Jerry” Favorite Memory: Football Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3 Spring Track 1,2,3 Driver Education 3. Donna Fraser Ambition: Special Education teacher Favorite Memory: E. John Concert Activities: Pep Club National Honor Society Drill Team Prom Committee Dance Committee Driver Education 4. Judith Ann Catalano “Jude” Ambition: To become a Shrink Favorite Saying: “Cripe” Usually Found: In my Jeans Activities: Yearbook Softball 1,2,3 Pep Club Driver Education Bowling Team Prom Committee Ski Club 5. David Gauvin 78 1. William Cornett a “Bill” 3. Scott Barraclough 4. Cheryl Wallace “Cher” Ambition: Medical Secretary Favorite Memory: Therrell, Prom Favorite Saying: “I’m embarrassed” Usually Found: Working Pet Peeve: Having to Hurry 2. Kar i Woo 1. Theresa Ross “Terry” Favorite Memory: Trips to Scarborough Favorite Saying: “Really?” Usually Found: With Deb Activities: Jr. Miss Pageant Student Council Latin Club French Club 2. Paul Dutile 3. Patricia Daugherty “Patty” Ambition: Elementary Teacher Favorite Memory: The Cape Activities: Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 Ski Club 2 Basketball 2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 Softball 2 Yearbook 4 Oskey 4 80 I 1. Ruth Bourbeau “Rudy” Ambition: To fly a plane | Favorite Memory: Summer of’71 I Activities: Intramurals 1 Dance committees 1,2. 2. Jean Moulton 3. John Brunelli “Jack” Favorite Memory: Summer of ’73 Pet Peve: Hypocrites Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Hockey 3,4 5. D an Marchioni “Dy” Favorite Memory: June 24, 1973 Favorite Saying: “Really!” Activities: Softball 1 Dance committees 1,2 New Vistas 3 Driver Ed. 2,3. 6. Dennis Feeley Activities: Hockey 1 Drivers Ed. 3 Varsity Baseball 3,4. 4. Peter Swanson A I I I I BASKETBALL 73- 74 Xaverian Canton Oliver Ames Sharon Mansfield King Philip Stoughton N. Attleboro Foxboro Canton Oliver Ames Sharon Mansfield King Philip Stoughton N. Attleboro Bellingham Foxboro S. Newton Xaverian 57-62 79-23 70-74 64-57 51- 58 59-53 53-71 55-59 67-61 64-43 79-67 52- 50 57-60 53- 42 67-82 41-58 61- 44 62- 64 46-25 44-56 84 LAY-UP I — Varsity: F. Todesco, Coach Cotter, S. Courtney, H. Peurach, L. Fras- cotti, S. Quinlan, R. Ostrander, M. Yadisernia, D. DiMartino, M. Al¬ len, M. Herbert, R. Cairns. Junior Varsity: A. Guidrey, R. Cargill, J. Degnim, S. Johnson, R. Sex¬ ton, R. Habberman, Coach Geysen, J. O’Donnell, D. Boisture, M. Giardino, E. Gianetti, D. Myers, M. Wolstenholme, J. Hanavan. r REB0UND l» ■ — • • — • • - » ■ « « - • A —n r — » ft »«» • A », ■■ — « ft A - «. A - - 4 . Mike Yadisernia and Scott Courtney came up with key hoops in the final period as Franklin High evened its Hockomock League record at 4-4 Harry Peurach paced the Franklin attack with 20 points and hauled down a dozen re¬ bounds . . . Ostrander paced the attack with 19 points and was also strong off the boards . DiMartino fired two quick baskets as the third quarter opened A Herbert foul shot increased the lead by three . Steve Quinlan and Lou Frascotti again tallied two pointers to raise the score to 35-23 I j High Post i Richard Balest Music Dept. Takoohy Reizian Business Dept. Virginia Alsworth English Dept. James Hosford Industrial Arts Dept. Ronald Bonollo Ph. Ed. Dept. Frances Peters Social Studies Dept. Matthew Chauncey Special Education Herman McCall Driver Education Jean Willard Science Dept. Peter Di Marco Science Dept. Florence Markee Home Economics Dept. Head Nancy Bloom Business Dept. Alan Sutherland Ph. Ed. Dept. Mary Russo Math Dept. Kathleen Palli Social Studies Dept. Cynthia Richards Ph. Ed. Dept. Robert Crowley Social Studies Dept. L. Gail Costello English Dept. Wesley Loper Math Dept. John Mulcahy Social Studies Dept. Head Mary Carlson Science Dept. Frank Ettenhofer Industrial Arts Dept. Rose Turco Math Dept. Dept. Head Catherine Harlow Home Economics Dept. Robert Autieri Industrial Arts Dept. Donna Manning Home Economics Dept. John MacPhee Art Dept. Barry Chase Science Dept Francis Molla Industrial Arts v )ept. William Standring Business Dept. Vito Gerardi Industrial Arts Dept. Head Marjorie Keene Ph. Ed. Dept. Charlene Moran English Dept. Steven Shangraw Industrial Arts Dept. J. Joseph Sheehan Math Dept. Janine Stone Business Dept James Gray Business Dept Gerald Leone Math Dept. Athletic Director Joseph Gormley Reading Dept. Maureen Kelly Math Dept. to !2I to ■H WRES TLING 74 irien bert rofter Coni oo M. Jones, M. Nemey, D. Lippit, R. Lowenstien, J. Hanion-jT. Nerney, M. Grinlsy, if. " ' Ahdeitfo , ct ' . ' Heim. B. Simon. M. Reagan, J. Rett man, A. Lemire, D. Mucciarone. 94 tern Wrestling is a sport like no other, not like football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or hockey. Wrestling, like some other sports, is not just a team sport. It is also an individual sport. If you have ever gone to a wrestling match, you see two teams, but you also see two individuals. When you go out on the mat for your match, the only man out there to help you is yourself. Some people don’t know what it takes to be a wres¬ tler, but it takes pride, a very special kind of pride. It takes a pride in yourself and a pride in what you have learned in prac¬ tice. But most of all, it takes a very certain kind of pride when you lose. It’s good to be a winner, but you also have to learn how to lose by yourself. It’s not easy to be a good loser in wrestling because there is no one to blame but yourself. True, we have not had a good season, but we are a proud wrestling team. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are proud of us too. Pin J i 4 I I ■ I I r i i i i i i : GOLF 74 • 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 • » • • •— • 0-0 - 0—0 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Coach Williams’ golf team started the year on an optimi tic note, with easy wins over Mansfield, Sharon, and North Attleboro. But the Panther ' s path of progress to the Hockomock Title fal¬ tered as they encountered successive losses to Canton and Fox- boro. Stoughton and King Philip, and followed with a tie against the always tough Oliver Ames team. The Panthers finished the season with a record of 3-4-1. However, Coach Williams and team are expected to make a run at the Title in the very near future. The Young Panther team is comprised of only two seniors Tom Loftus, who was the top golfer as he was the first of three Panther chosen to participate in the State Tournament. Skip Woods cm pletes the senior duo. PAR 9 SMSP The Junior Class has had many activities in 74. It started out with the 50’s dance in November, featuring “Spectra”. In December we had a Christmas party that had a pretty good turnout. But the big event of the year was the Junior Prom. Its theme was “Stairway To Heaven”, and it was held at the Lantana in Randolph. Our class on the whole should be pretty well organized, going into Senior year. The class has cooperated pretty well and Mr. Olsen has kept us involved in many things and next year we should be doing even more. SP£jV.900t Being voted in as Senior Class President was quite a surprise and honor. However, the situatition passed down to me soon ended my moment of joy. I had very few records of any activities through our four years at F.H.S., so even though I was president for just one year, I had the respon- sibilites of four years on my shoulders. Trying to straighten out some points was very frustrating because of the lack of organization and cooperation. Most planning and participation for activities was delayed or sometimes stopped altoghether because of a group of troublemakers, who cared nothing for the rest of the class. Their trouble not only reflected their own immaturity, but also gave a bad name to the entire class. Therefore, the majority of kids who cared about the outcome of class events, were denied any enjoyment entitled to them. Even though my year as senior class president was trying and some¬ times nerve-racking, I was happy the majority had enough trust in me to try to straighten out the mess. Til really miss most of the kids that Tve gotten to know so well and Td like to leave a message to future senior classes: GOD BLESS YOU (You’ll need it!) 0 0 £01 ' i i Being the sophomore class treasurer this year has been a great experi- , ence for me. At first, I thought it was going to be dull and boring, but it 1 soon picked up after we received ideas from fellow-students. We received a ! lot of help on our ideas from teachers as well as students. Mr. Robert I Crowley will probably be happy when this year is over because of the way we have been keeping him going. i r We the Freshman class officers feel that this year we have learned a lot about our roles of leadership in our class. After our election in Decern ber, we began to plan our activities for the remainder of the year. With the help of our advisor, Mr. Vallaincourt, we had many ideas and activities planned for our class. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to do all of what we wanted. As class officers of our other years at F.H.S. we plan to sponsor a wide range of different and interesting activities for the freshman class and the whole school to participate in. Activities such as dances, sock hops, sports events, fund raising projects, concerts, a class trip or banquet and other activities that would get it all together and make us known as i( The Class Df77”r i UUY FACULTY F Dorothy Vosburgh Martha Donovan English Dept. Head Health Ed. John Peters Librarian Richard Beaumier Industrial Arts Dept. Arthur Post Science Dept Harold Groden English Dept. Charles Hinckley Industrial Arts Dept. Arthur Sacco Music Dept. Kathleen Duncan English Dept. James Hosford Industrial Arts Dept. Ernest Molla Industrial Arts John Crowley Art Dept. Joseph Beksha Social Studies Margaret Droll Dept. Home Economics Dept. Susan Maguire English Dept. Kevin Quinlan Assistant Principal William Rex Assistant Principal Kenneth Rose Assistant Principal • Robert C res to Assistant Supt. Dr. Frank Giuliano Superintendent J ! BASKETBALL 73-74 0 -• ' 0 - +- 0 - -- 0 - With an outstanding record of 18-0, the Girls Varsity Basket ball team won the Hockomock League Championship. With a team as good as 18-0, how could they fail? They have a dyno coach — Cindy Richards, a super psyched bench, and a hard fighting, all effort starting five. With next year and just one starter leaving, let us forget that 18-0 record and look forward to seeing a 21-0 season Jump Ball • DRIBBLE t I 1 ) A M 0 M E N T I N M A Y 110 PROM THEME SONG by Three Dog Night April gave us springtime, and the promise of her flowers, And the feelings that we both shared, and the love we called ours. We knew no time for sadness, that’s a road we each had walked. We would live in a time of love, and . even when it rained we would laugh it We stand on the crest of summer, beneath an over-blossomed green, Feeling as I did in April, not really knowing what it means. But it must be as I stand beside you now, to make me feel this way, The way I felt in April, but it’s “A MOMENT IN MAY” I’ve got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet. I’ve got pieces of April, it’s “A MOMENT IN MAY.” 1. Joan Trusevitch “Joanie” Ambition: Elementary teacher Favorite Memory: CYO ski trip Outstanding Characteristic: My laugh Activities :Pep club 2,3,4 Yearbook staff 4 Driver Ed. 3 2. Sharon Moore “Sha” Ambition: Executive secretary Favorite Memory: May ’71 Activities: Pep club Ski club Ping pong team Driver Ed. 3. Frank Todesco “Chesca” Ambition: To be a millionaire Favorite Saying: Nice Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 4. Catherine Buckman “Cathy” Ambition: To spread the gospel Favorite Memory: August ’72, May ’73 Activities: Latin club 1,2 Health Careers 2 It’s Happening 1,2 Oskey1 “Summertree” 2 Senior class play 2 5. John Fowler “Lurch” Ambition: Construction Favorite Memory: Dec. 27, ’72 1. Cathy Kingsbury “Kingsby” Favorite Memory: Summer ’73 Activities: Drama club 1 Science club 1 Travel club 1 2. Cathy Ober “Odamanoda” Activities: French club 3,4 Drill team 2,3 Science club 1,2 National Honor Society 3,4 Dance committees 1,2,3 Model Congress 3,4 Dean Enrichment Program 4 3. James King “Kingzo” Ambition: Pharmacist Activities: Cross country 3,4 Co-captain 4 Winter track 2,3,4 Tri-captain 4 Spring track 2,3,4 Freshman Basketball Science club 1 Driver Ed. 3 4. Sandra Anzivino 5. Donald Nelson 6. Cheryl Holt Ambition: Fashion Merchandising Favorite Memory: May 2, ’73 Favorite Saying: “Really!” Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 Driver Ed. 2,3 1 114 1. Patricia Vendetti 2. John Alban “Craze” Ambition: To become a State Trooper Favorite Memory: Summer of ’68 Activities: Track 3 5. Daniel Driscoll “D Squared” Ambition: To go on to school Activities: Hockey club 1 Latin club 2,3 3. Janet Anderson Ambition: Nursing Favorite Memory: Junior Prom, Senior year Activities: French club Pep club Prom committee Oskey Driver Ed. 4. Robert Furlong ET2 3. Richard MacDougal 4. Cheryl Semerjian “Chicki” Ambition: X-Ray Technician Usual Found: In trouble Activities: Field Hockey 1,3,4 Basketball 1 Softball 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 1,2 Student Council 2,3 Oskey 4 Driver Ed. 5. Beverly Melo “Bev” Favorite Memory: Dean Ave. Activities: Latin club 1,2 Student Council 1. Mary Anne Tero “Mat” Ambition: Dental Assistant Favorite Saying: Yep okay Activities: Field hockey 1,2,3,4 French club 2,3 Pep club 2,3,4 Science club 1 Prom committee Tennis team 2,3,4 Driver Ed. 2. Peter Pellegri 116 1 . Carol Ormond Ambition: The field of art Favorite Memory: Feb. ’73 Activities: Student Council D.E. Field hockey Softball 2. Alfred Desper 3. Nancy Desmarais “Nan” Ambition: To be a Social Worker Favorite Memory: Summers at York Beach Activities: Ski club Latin club Spanish club Pep club Yearbook staff Junior Miss Pageant Kalidescope Oskey 4. Jeffery Hollingdale 5. Roberta Russell “Berta” Ambition: To be me Favorite Memory: Jr. Miss Pageant Activities: Cheerleader 1 Pep club 1,2,3,4 Majorette 3 Travelers club 2 Drama club 2 New Vistas 3,4 Oskey 3,4 Kaleidoscope 4 Ski club 2 117 j 1. Lynne Pinkham Ambition: Piano teacher Favorite Memory: Feb. 16, ’73 Activities: Drill team 2,3,4 French club 4 Oskey 3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3 Driver Ed. 4 3. Sheila McCarthy Ambition: Elementary teacher Favorite Memory: Summer of ’73 Usually Found: With D.I. and F.G. Activities:, Latin club 1,2,3 Drill team 2,3 2. Spencer Slingerland 4. Thomas Pruvot “Tommy” Ambition: Chef Favorite Saying: “Come on! ” Usually Found: In the cafe Activities: National Honor Society Photography club 118 1. Everett Adams " Needles” Ambition: To be a gamewarden Usually Found: At Katy’s 2. Ralph Priesmg 4. Maribeth Myers " Befor Beffy” Pet Peeve: Inconsiderate people Activities: Pep club 1,2,3 Basketball 1 Drama club 1 Junior Miss Pageant 4 Bowling team 4 Newspaper 4 Kaliedoscope 4 5. Denise Foley Ambition: to be successful Favorite Memory: May 25, ’73 Pet Peeve: Big mouths Activities: Driver Ed. Frances Reynolds “Fran maced ic eoro: iry: bophomore year 7 ' Favorite Memory: _ ___ Usually Found: Looking for RR tracks Activities: Field hockey Latin club Spanish club Pep club Ski club Oskey 3 Dance committees a 1 !9 1. Kristin Nicholson 2. Patricia Furlong 3. Janet Caldararo v “Little Red” CLTfW(j Ambition: Medical secretary I Favorite Memory: Summer of’72 Favorite Saying: “Yehsure!” 1 Activities: Dance Committees 1,2 Prom Committee 3 Ski club 2,3 Pep club 1 Intramurals 1 Driver Ed. 3 A(WCh ' 15 r 1 cl g ran ■15 4. Karen Miller 120 1. Karen Zopatti ff] Clffl CO U, 0 7 Ambition: To be happy fX) JlOt) UU Favorite Memory: Cottage Street ! A Favorite Saying: “Rock ’n Roll” Activities: Field hockey D.E. 5. Janet Piacentini “Piercy” Ambition: To succeed Favorite Memory: Summers of ’72 ’73 Favorite Saying: “What?” Activities: Soccer Intramurals 1 Driver Ed. 2 2. Edu ard Szajner 1 4. Paul Oxford 3. Joyce Williams “Juica” Ambition: P.E. teacher Favorite Memory: Arizona Uncle Harry Favorite Saying: “Oh ya!” Activities: Softball 1,2,3,4 Field hockey 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Class Treasurer 4 Steak ’n Brew club 4 Driver Ed. 2 1. Brenda McCarthy 2. Patricia O ' Connell 3. Jeanne Lacy 1. Starr Posocco “Twinkle” Ambition: Artist Favorite Memory: Summer of ’69 Favorite Saying: Wow! 2. Kenneth Crossman 4. Arthur Noel 5. Karen Luszcz j f t 3. Steven Costello Ambition: To be given credit for what I know and feel Favorite Memory: May 12, ’73 Usually Found: Where I am Activities: Ski team 4. William Brennan “BUI” Ambition: Auto mechanic Pet Peeve: Mondays Activities: Ski club 2 Latin club 1,2,3 Hungerwalk 3 Oskey 3,4 “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” 3 “Bye Bye Birdie” 4 5. Kevin O’Hara 1. Donna Picard “Pi Ambition Favorite Saying: “Cute huh 1”(J OClClOc Activities: Class Vice President 2,3,4 Student CouncU 2,3 Spanish club 1,2,4 Cheerleader 1,2 Pep club 1,2 Prom committee 3 Softball 1,2 bcLbuf 2. Diane Dow 124 1. Richard Bartelloni “Rick” Ambition: To get a good job Pet Peeve: Vain people Activities: Football 1,2 Baseball 1,2 Class President 2,3 Student Council 2,3 2. Norma St. John 3. Nancy Buinicki “Banick” Ambition: To get a good education Usually Found: Having a butt 1. Robert Bartolomei “Rob” Ambition: Happiness Usually Found: Walking around Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Track 3,4 Cross Country 2 Yearbook Staff 4 3. Diane Getchell “Getch” Favorite Memory: April 22, ’72 Favorite Saying: “Like hell!” Activities: D.E. 3, Vice-president 4 4. Debora Hollingdale “Debbie or Tree” Ambition: To buy my own car Usually Found: Anywhere but home Activities: Kaleidoscope 4 Driver Ed. 3 2. Guy Pomponio 126 I 1. David Dewing “Dew” I Ambition: To play pro basketball I Favorite Memory: Times in the HMU I Usually Found: With BC, TS, JB, JM I Activities: I Football Manager 1,2,3,4 I Baseball Manager 1,2 I Basketball Manager 1,2 3. Susan Yurt ClDu - U C SVjl 4. Kevin Ducey Ofr l Sfcphgr “Duce” Pet Peeve: Franklin, Mass. Activities: Hockey club 1 Chess club 2,3,4 Math club 2 Newspaper 3 Latin club 3,4 French club 3 5. Donald Martin 2. AnneMane Myette 1 27 J ; - ' ■ v 1. Richard Crockford “Rick or Pro” Ambition: Lawyer Favorite Memory: Waterville Valley Activities: Tennis 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 1 Ski team 1,2 Model UN 1,2,3,4 Model Congress 3,4 Dean Enrichment Program 4 Student Government 1,2 Latin club 3,4 Yearbook staff 4 2. Edward McKenna 5. Michael Harding 3. Randall Whitney 4. Florence Gardner “Flo” Ambition: Nursing Favorite Memory; New Hampshire Activities: Newspaper 1,3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Health Careers Club 4 Yearbook staff 3 Latin club 2 Spanish club 3 Prom committee 3 1?8 The Senior class would like to thank Mr. Chase for everything he has done to assist our class throughout our four years at F.H.S. He is a wonderful person who will always be remembered. HOCKEY 74 J Healy, P. Torozian, P. LaVoie, M. Laurentano, R. Raymond, J. Vendetti, J. Ryan, T. Pickering, J. Elliott, M. Mucciarone, Mr. Crowley, P. Cometta, Mr. Olsen, B. Bertone, D. Elliott, J. Brunelli, S. MacLeod, B. Cornetta ' T. Raymond, A. Taddeo, D. Costa. 130 B. Cornetta. - i , ' . VV CENTER ICE Jean Ramsey Debbie Fowler Donna Fowler Mike Arcaro Brenda Fralin Kerry Bresnahan Cheryl Simpson Karen Johnson Tom Mucciarone Ray Johnson Florence Saster Doug Feeley Chris Abney Cheryl Benson Liz Straight Ann Marie Cregg, Editor Mary Silvi, Editor Anne Nelson, Editor Patty Dougherty Rob Bartolomei Dave Johnson Debby Barrieau Gayle Crook Sonya Anderson Judy Catalano Nancy Desmarais Joan Trusevich Kathy Simpson Donna Chevalier Kay Aldridge Brian Jenest i ' if " m • § 1 i n BASEBALL 74 ontfllo 134 One run victories were the key to this year’s championship. While Franklin managed to win every one run game they were in, the rest of the teams knocked each other off. Almost always facing the opposition’s top pitcher, solid defense and timely base hits assured Franklin of its fifth championship in the last six years. Even though graduation will leave many positions open next year, a championship J.V. team and an excellent freshman team is expected to maintain Franklin’s winning tradition in the years ahead. FLY BALL • I GRAND SLAM f l., f •»«. » mm, »«»•» «•••»• — ® -—• • - “ • ■»•« » «■ • •» • —• • —• •— 136 mm ) CROSS COUNTRY 73 ♦ 1 ' • • ■ 1 • « —• • — • mmmmmmtm p ■■ ■ ■ » ■■ ■ - --mw - 138 ' -jif i SPRINT How the athlete performs depends greatly upon how he be¬ lieves he can run. Each athlete, though he may be devoted to the team effort, still competes as an individual. He enters hi event keyed up through his individual desires to reach his ult i mate point of peak performance. Sell motivation b the athlete and inspirat ional motivat ion by the coach are a major factor in determining t he athlete ' s performance. Investigations are made of the mechanics and skills involved in the events, but t he final analysis exposes the fact that we are working with human beings and not machines. ' ■TRACK ’74 ! GET SET r ............ i GO-GO-GO II ♦ S» ♦ «i ! SPRING TRACK ’74 SSM J - 3. Nino LaBadessa Activities: Student Council President 4 Student Representative to school committee 4 Student Advisory Board 4 Cross Country 4 Winter Track 3,4 Spring Track 2,3,4 Phoebus Editor 3 Lit. Magazine Editor 4 French Club 2,3,4 Science Club 2,3 Chess Club 2,3,4 Band 1 National Honor Society 3,4 4. Deborah Velluti I 1. Debra Byrnes “Debbie” Favorite Memory: July " 69”, Oct. “73” Pet Peeve: Hypocrites I Activities: DECA4 Latin Club 1,2 I Drivers Ed 3 I 2. Martin Jones “Marty” I Ambition: Bank President | Favorite Memory: 9th grade I Usually Found: Down Pat’s I Activities: I Spanish Club 1,3 I Drivers Ed 2 ■ 5. Deborah Grover “Deb” Ambition: Radiologist Favorite Memory: Nantucket, July 73 Usually Found: Walking around Pet Peeve: Always late 1. Gina Giuliano Ambition: To teach French or Music Favorite Memory: 10 8 73 Usually Found: with Joe Activities: Oskey 4 Band 4 Chorus 4 Kaleidoscope 73 Dean Enrichment Program Bye Bye Birdie 2. Joseph Healy “Joe” Ambition: To invent something useful Favorite Memory: 10 8 73 Usually Found: With Gina Activities: Newspaper Editor 1 Ski Team 2 Ski Club 1,2 Spring Track 1 Hockey Team 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 5. Nancy Aldridge 3. Elizabeth Mitchell 4. Timothy Harvey “Banger” Ambition: To be rich Favorite Memory: Atlantic City Favorite Saying: “Sure” Usually Found: Up town 146 11. Jo Ann Cook “Jo” I Ambition: Lawyer I Usually Found: Always moving I Activities: I Class President 4 I Spanish Club I Pep Club I Student Council [ Jr. Prom Chairman I Hunger Walk Chairman I Dance Committee I Principal’s Committee 12. Michael Yadisernia amrd $)cQnncLvcorJ 3. Karen Pretto “Rare” Favorite Memory: June 18, 1971 Usually Found: With DE kids or WPN Activities: Retailing 4 D.E.3,4 147 y 3. Donna Ippoliti “Ip” Ambition: Elementary teacher Favorite Memory: Winter ’71 Activities: Pep club 4 Softball 2 Driver Ed. 3 Spanish club 3 Drill team 2,3 Prom committee 3 1 . Kathleen Burns “Kathy” Ambition: Teach young children Favorite Memory: Fall ’73 Activities: Spanish Club 3,4 Phoebus 3 Oskey 3,4 French Club 2 Driver Ed. 3 National Honor Society 3,4 4. John Sherman 5. Lynne Anderson “Andy” Ambition: Hairdresser Favorite Memory: Atlantic City Usually Found: Papa Gino’s 2. Joseph Gannon p- V 148 3. Anne Nelson “Annie” Ambition: To join the Peace Corps Favorite Memory: Guatemala Activities: Band 1,2,3,4 Yearbook editor (business) 3,4 Hunger Walk Committee 4 Oskey 3,4 4. Francis Lucas 1. Thomas Uauphinee 2. Suzanne Flynn “Sue” Favorite Memory: Summer ' 72 Activities: Pep club 1,2 Ski club 1,2 Yearbook staff 4 Science club 1 Driver Ed. 4 5. Cynthia Gilley “Cyn” Favorite Saying: “U’z guys.” Usually Found: At Lola’s Activities: D.E. 4 1. Julia O’Connell « . “Joy or Julie” lVCir €jC ] Favorite Memory: Dec. 22, ’72 Favorite Saying: “That’s it!” Activities: Drill team 1 Driver Ed. 3 Yearbook staff 4 2. Marsha U ' Aniello “MaMa” Ambition: To be rich Favorite Memory: Summer ’72 Favorite Saying : “What’s happening?” Activities: Drill team 2,3 Pep club 2,3 3. Paul Dunnebier 4. Marie Fitzgerald “Fitzie” Favorite Memory: Winter ’72 Activities: Spanish club 1,2 New Vistas 3,4 Pep club 2,3,4 Tennis team 2 Prom committee 3 Driver Ed. 3 5. Eric Magnuson i 150 1. Karen Higgins diedcf heart “Chicken” CXTKJLK. Ambition: Musician Usually Found: In my car Activities: Spanish club 1,2 Oskey 2,3,4 Kaleidoscope 4 2. Bonnie Bea ch Ambition: Veterinary medicine Favorite Saying: “Forget it” Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 Basketball Softball 1.2 Band 1,2 Chorus 1 Driver Ed. 2 3. Robert Loughhn 151 1. Man, Martin “Mar” Ambition: To teach music Favorite Memory: November 3, ’73 Activities: Boys Basketball mgr. 4 Girls Basketball mgr. 3 Oskey 3,4 Kaleidoscope 4 French club 2,3 Jr. Miss ' 74 New Vistas 3,4 Chorus 4 Student Council 3 Class Secretary 4 3. Margaret Hoar “Meg” Ambition: To be a performer Favorite Saying: “Nifty” Activities: Dril l team Latin club Stage Band Oskey Chorus Prom Committee Junior Miss Pageant Kaleidoscope 4. Michael Getchell 2. Sandra Gauthier 152 3. Lois Rogers “Lo” Ambition: To act on Broadway Favorite Memory: December 24, ’72 Activities: Oskey Pep club Dance committees Science club Newspaper staff 153 1. Maureen Hart Favorite Memory: April ' 72 Usually Found: At work Pet Peeve: 5th period study Activities: Field hockey 1,2,3 Softball 2 Latin club 1,2,3,4 Ski club 2 Yearbook staff 4 2. Anthony Colace 5. Deborah Pratt 3. Sonya Anderson Favorite Memory: Mr. Stevens Favorite Saying: “Forget it” Usually Found: Laughing Activities: Pep club 2,3 Y.P. 4 Spanish club 1,2,3 Sec. 4 Prom committee 3 Dance committees 1,2,3 Yearbook staff 4 i t 4 4. Robert A bne 3 . Yvonne Bakalars WClT l d 6frfV n i chc i66n -nos Uwu. v 4 . Paul Giardino 1 . Robert Dauley 2 . Michael VanAmburgh 5 . Joseph D’Aniello 6 . Lesley McDermott 156 3. Patricia Fannelli 5. John Breen 155 J 1. Robert Mason 2. Joanne Lewis Ambition: To save mankind Pet Peeve: Cheerleaders Activities: Latin club 1,2,3 Sec. 4 Student Council 2,4 Sec. 3 Oskey 2,3,4 Ski club Secretary, Southeastern Mass. Assoc, of Student Councils 4 3. Patricia Helmuth 4. Patricia Doran 158 3. Dorothy Lucas “Dottie” Favorite Memory: Summer ’72 ’73 Favorite Saying: “Take it in stride” Activities: Driver Ed. 4. Kevin Kilduff “Duffy” Favorite Memory: October 26, ’73 1. Elizabeth Sheehan “Liz” Activities: Basketball 2 Field hockey 3,4 Tennis 3,4 Oskey 2,3 Kaleidoscope 4 Student Council Class Rep. 4 Latin club 1,2 Pres. 3 V.P. 4 2. Sabrina Mullaney “Sub” Favorite Memory: Atlantic City Activities: D.E. Driver Ed. 5. Cheryl Gavel 159 1. Daniel McCarthy 2. Steven LeGendre 3. Richard Lenihan 4. Edward Connolly Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 Prom Committee 3 Soccer-Hockey Cheering 3,4 Pep Club 2,3 National Honor Society 3,4 Spanish club 2,3,4 Driver Ed. 2 160 ®(D®rj Well you guys, it’s time for us to leave Franklin High School; to take a giant step in the progress of our lives. How’s that for philosophy! But really, we the Class of 74 would just like to leave a small message to this year’s Freshman, Sophomore, and espe¬ cially the Junior class, who will be in our situation next year, don’t wish the time away! Don’t be over anxious to get the heck out of here. Enjoy every minute you have at F.H.S. because these four years are some of the best times of your lives. c In fivzd ] C ' Jzh er? " r • «■» • • ! TENNIS 74 • « A • dfeS »«t »« Canton 4-1 Oliver Ames 5-0 Mansfield 3-2 Sharon 3-2 King Philip 5-0 Stoughton 5-0 Foxboro 0-5 North Attleboro 5-0 Canton 4-1 Oliver Ames 5-0 Mansfield 4-1 Sharon 4-1 King Philip 5-0 Stoughton 3-2 Foxboro 1-4 North Attleboro 5-0 164 DEUCE MA TCH POINT I ■4 M. Herbert 166 « This year’s tennis team was possibly the best in Franklin’s history. The team finished in second place in the Hockomock League, behind the powerhouse of Foxboro. The team’s record this year was 14-2. The first singles, Mark Herbert, who is pitted against the best player from every town, has had the best record ever for Frank¬ lin singles, 9-6. Mark is a determined athlete who will be back next year to improve that record. At second singles is senior, Don DiMartino, who has the successful record of 13-3. Rick Cairns, a junior playing third singles, has the fine record of 14-2, which is the best record on the team. Also with a 14-2 record are first doubles — Vern Yergation and Harry Peurach. Harry has been a doubles player ever since he came three years ago, wTile Vern has played different positions before settling at first dou¬ bles. Both Harry and Vern are seniors. At second doubles there is one regular, Ricci Guiliano, who has had a good record for two years. This year he was teamed with Kurt Swanbeck, Steve Forbes and Greg Cummings. The remaining player is Steve Abbott, who along with all other returning players, will hold next year’s team together. The three seniors leaving this year are Don DiMartino, Harry Peurach and Vernon Yergation. ACE China Crown D.E. Store Franklin Cinema Kearney’s John R. Padula Klien Innsbruck C A Construction The Glouster Franklin Mill Store Sherman Williams Franklin Sheet Metal Works Agway Spencer Gifts Gallery on the Hill Mrs. Churchill Donna Chevalier Cindy Williamson Debbie’s Hair Styling Moppee Shop Vallee Jewelers Caravan Restaurant Old Colony Gas Station Brookdale Mill D.G. Ranieri Supply Co. Lawrence Stationary Franklin Reservoir Sporting Goods Shop The Booksmith Friendly Travel Agency Natalie A. Wriggins McDonalds Marty’s Hillside Caterers J.B. Liquors Trading Post Crossing Cycle Franklin Fence Turco Pisano Whiting Davis Big Bens Kennedy’s Impulse Shop Swenson Locksmith Winsor Button Shop Franklin Lumber Co. Harmony Hut Bretts Varjians Benjamin Franklin Bank Dean Junior College Norwood Cinema Union Cafe Benny’s Oil Papa Gino’s The Rome Restaurant Ma Glockners Clarke Cutler McDermott Franklin Rentals Raymond Johnson Jr. Jimmies Ficco’s Shoes Shamrock Cafe Silvi’s Garage Brown’s Mobile Hillside Nursery 168 Franklin Home Supply Franklin Glass Co. Carl Albis’ VI Caesars Flight Services Inc. The Carousel Art’s Grocery Store Inc. Master Crafts Inc. Berk’s Store Speroni’s Restaurant Franklin Aquarium Franklin Lincoln Mercury Ferrara’s Market House of Ron’s Stobbart’s Nursery Red Lion Nice Things Southshore National Bank Milford Cinema G.A.F. Robert J. Mills Woodshed Bonanza Lester Hair Styles Bay State Federal Savings Bertoni’s Franklin Florist Demo D’Smocenzo Kimball Floor Co. Inc. Franklin Barber Shop Simon Sons Liberty Grocery Inc. yi j MM Franklin Furniture Marshall’s Paint N’ Paper Shop Inc. Ms. Elenor M. Poirier Carbonated Beverages Tulsa Mrs. Charles W. Fowler Ralph W. Cook Sons Polka Dot Ceramics Newberry’s L.J. Cataldo’s Welicks Coach House A DT.V. Service Rizoli’s Pharmacy Mazzone the Taylor Dartmouth of Franklin Deerskin Trading Post Edwin’s Gifts Phillip’s 66 Exxon West Central Shell T Bowl Norwood Sport Center Vet-Med Pat’s Hair Styling Marie’s Hair Fashions Oasis Beauty Salon .1 Oskey 1974 presented “Doutz Galore”. A variety of people and thefr talents got together to give one of the biggest performances from Franklin High. Vocals, dance, pantomines, gymnastics and skits filled the program. Under the direction of Mr. Rich¬ ard Balest and Mr. Arthur Sacco, everyone excelled in his talent and had a great time doing so. With the class of 1974 graduating. Oskey perform¬ ances will lose much of its talent. Mary Martin, Meg Hoar, Cindy Nash, stage band’s Jim Morse and John Sullivan, Dave Chastanet, Linda Allison, Ruth Pul- ermo, Kathy Burns, Joanne Lewis, Cathy Ober and Sandy Anzivino will leave with the hopes that every other class that comes into Franklin High will carry on the tradition of the Oskey. We worked hard, we had fun and most important, we made people smile. Each time we performed we gave a piece of ourselves to the audience. TENNIS 74 N. Attleboro 2-3 Foxboro 1-4 Canton 3-2 0. Ames 3-2 Sharon 1-4 Mansfield 4-1 King Phillip 1-4 Stoughton 4-1 176 LOVE The Girls’ Varsity tennis team wound up its 1974 season with four wins and four losses. Led by the first coaching of Miss Pat Ashwell, the girls team took fourth place in Hockomock League standings. At every match “psyching” good-lucks were exchanged within the team. The key to this year’s team was the line-up, which con¬ sisted of junior, Margaret Murphy at first singles, senior Robbin Howard at second singles, senior Maryanne Tero at third singles, junior Jenny Nicholson and sophomore Cheryl Watkins at first doubles and senior captain Donna Chevalier with juniors Gayle Moran and Karen Stoughton sharing second doubles. ( j I I i ADD OUT f 178 D. Chevalier M. Tero Other team members who provided moral support were; freshman Nancy Guidrey and Mary Williams, sophomore Jean Curran, and senior Elizabeth Sheehan. It was a year of learning new strategies and experiments w’ere explored. Tennis was exciting because much more than a varsity competition — it was fun! Fun to play, to share the defeats, to celebrate the victories, and to belong to a Franklin High varsity team. Maybe that’s what “Panther Pride” reallv stands for. KJ ' 7 SET 179 I I » I I rAot ' oo e © p ft ' Be.tchie. | A uJhol kox q85?a m mir 1 fijf THE FA MIL ©F OAFS, He. . Wll . 2AF the MS: (V. r ' Li " " xw Ttte ught of eTgRwixy who GrWBS A OAAA U! " U COf OL qated oaf (JEFF 6A(?TOUOMEO 3l. 00 kb oaf Ct+ARRy peoRAct+J 3. fog- oaf CftlCH RD L SNitlAN) % 6-ORILLA OAF CAL-po TFNA i-IA) s. insurance OAF {OWE HANCOCK) 4- K1 N OAF (TIM KING) i % 4lotfi obfikA-oosj 3 HaUq.«n + kA i iv - CncuAv. ; tTTF OAF (.PAUL Eofc Atf) T ,0 o? (4«- 0 , + Vvv V b ' ofyy nj«v 7-MAJOR BASKETBALL CDoN Oi MRtiVo) OAF S-MoNKFy OAF CVFRN yeBGATIAN) 7. PELICAN OAF CPAUL PlLIGiAhO 1 " i cr jLrcLbi beUna i o an dunc J f 0 4 V i hantt d AT - j»y clankiA. It.STROBE UGHT OAF CROSS i-©0i) (7. TANGENT OAF . (A L DOMiMIC CoMPAOHoKt) !| t- UN- OAF Cm ATT alleN) 3. SfASTlK OAF Cuoo FRASCOTT i) Jf. STAMOARD OAF (R CK CAi NS) IS. STOUGHTON OAF (VAft RFN BARReiT) |0. R.|P OAF ( poy allitoki) l|. roate oaf - (.PAOL TOROsiAN) lit. SON oF OAF (roHN BRENNAN) MQfcfi remember ie keep 4+ i AK ‘nc. n +hcf blue S-l-on - u Swi? SI? T s+,cK y° ' ,r V T jr fn - kl " . d ir Hi f " " rnemso x irfn k hoP D 7 tr:an J £ ? J «p W rHi£ ij XJtkv ? snor tun A .£o TSAill U.‘ n 4? y£ Ci ' ndy ■ Nash |P PTodS V) k roion Chinese , r Fire ' Dr ll! v TuhaF ,C la s I " t uj,Uol fl jv cL Ayvail G - ' aa » ck y vVv ( ) U)t«v all is SAic ftvid dov ) Ni)cpa ' T ' (S«.Uu was •Tlie owe - “ ' rflu. Tl " J JoLvititivv r Co atulcif Duik. Nixon «v div oy “t e. k A.v UKe. Con 4.t- ' H cu “fev yc.av old ona. oc .U t iieT TVav ' e i rv»cujrKo Oi - Veb 74. dedicated t BobK. by LM. G o Xw Hzhce. !! Fv o O o J Fouv u « ' ds ONS- Al ' St NfHf 5 Se. ' j class ’ J T l N BE T ynFflHM h kTV Tw A A P NiloN YT«.pe o v ft X 3 C PAV Toilet. fr M+W»- b . ♦$• ' fSifoj Li- O - - p o-f -b 4 © »:’ isMv !?.S. Wv£© ef fkosj. _i !! utt ' i Ko j ow Go AT fourth t M A_H - - 2 u " C rv A_ xv cL you, ' , v ' 4 „ 0oc v , rdaq $ 6©W V; oTT T ils r s s£ • X A 4v4 OJClM. , 1 O 0 5 UuLX, VtC _ rMAS ftj _ Pa Lk _ Hoio Ht kill LC mPW- art Lfd 3u t3 ip)bC 36IU (1 Aboui ■ ht+ t. " meon ' ShecicuJ " %s Row " Vo F«xV VcxCi.5. Vov X y e.o cLe.r co,r xr iarc!L f ooJl tV ' r V W ' Z, hJL rrrJL, y jjr q uJwJ 1 ru rrOJL. O nru A oiX aorrJOi do rruJ O J hjJo P iCVUL " tioocL D . FNv (JcA.1 a a-b ' f- IT ( 2 ) a jhq ' trv to v W4S5 Q WHO BWDGEO V Js PoluIcl Can uj e. £afe.«- - ' Po .(yU oor. u) rv Ssht- c.ia.s the. OOft. t»t t rv6n £- Cfl-li., thfc. No«,t»i.S r Tiorv a.rod toll c a tt u rAi xV owytas. u tt ' ll z.luJOLyb iratmftUL (fcft , MNr “ ood O. X ono ha e cl fa+face l om aura hav e Knees S EXP E RTS tVEWHlfa su H THBf? ftxiTfc LVlEa tv : kk M ,C ■■ n »l I »| ■ I I. I .1 It tithe, Ihcfirkloal UJj c K ' NquJs Hou) L ITTAF ' He khcujs m tt H ' n- BLr ujHc STftKJD 5 A Ehsc aete chaa c£ of FiAto A s OUT 3 rr £Th A 6 fifauT eroee tie 7 y£s. " -5.J HAVftXfiMA k° $■, ?, c x O 77d . tcni zr$ o r 1 (Llass £ 7 9 (Jko tj sl tUu sf(|( " ‘f »we cvsav 11 ejxh 2 pf Cl 2; o iV V 6 v 0 % « X o. c. .Ts i, Jahn , S ' . JowC.K , 0 ‘ ' l ly cund esp ®= . ' euiX OXY ! H» 3 " «W, fr-e »vc (frarv r«i vG J» -V-Vv«. ©O l l» ' W!) • C uw e. Wo ' LRynfouj Ml 1»ktM moon; iadouy r v; ;U V£ Vfe.- a »4 x . xT KPe (vjjKooP 5 vn AtO v H o C pttD( 9- Sj ) Su Yl errM-rnber 4 : 4Ke morning5 ofrtrDConsj f r f€S j (A ZSb ou ci Ki4+sn C rb6. And T-aretoeU. +a. 0 mas f% 5 or ( Per. 3 0 Pouo °- Cv o ' 5 ' ) I SOFTBALL 186 Coach Richards ■ | PITCH ---- The Varsity Softball team got underway with a fairly good start as far as scrimmages go. We have winning potential of a good team, under the coaching of Miss Cindy Richards, who puts everything she has into the team. The team consists of sixteen players, in¬ cluding only two seniors Carleen Pezzuolo and Cheryl Semerjian. As far as a championship team goes for this year our chances ' C. Semerjian 187 — J I i HOME RUN V. Walsh 188 C. Semerjian S TRIKE aren’t very good because of the loss to North Attleboro. The ’73 softball team stole the championship with an 8-0 record. Other Hockomock League softball teams will be looking to defeat Frank¬ lin. We lost only one senior from last years team. We feel we still have a championship team. ari - v Ai DlS Mr. Mrs. Daniel Anderson % Mr. Mrs. Eugene Benson Mr. Mrs. Ralph L. Berardi dr. Mrs. Henry C. Bourbeau Mrs. Francis L. Bra Mrs. Norman C. Brady . John J. Brenna Mr. Mrs. John J. Brunelli Mr. Mrs. Biagio V. Capal So ' ' ,0 Mr. Mrs. John A. Catalan Mr. Mrs. Donald F. Cataldo Mr. Mrs. Edgar G. Cheyali Mr. Mrs. John F. Cregg Mr. Mrs. Robert F. Dangelo Mr. Mrs. Donald J. Desmjtais Mr. Mrsi Dominic D. DiMartino Mr. 4 Mjs. John D. Dougherty . % Mr. Mrs. Robert Dunnebier Mr. Mrs. Donald C. Fraser Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Gardner Mr. Mrs. V. Gauthier Mr. Mrs. Robert W. Gilley Sr. • 4 ' ' «• Dr. Mrs. Richard M. Hancock Doris F.lleylin Mr. Mrs. Thomas R. Higgins Rev. Mrs. Thomas P. Howard 192 Mr. Mrs. Howard F. King Mr. Mrs. Earl J. Lang m Mr. Mrs. James VanLeeuwen Mrs. Dorothy Lipsett 1 fflmm jUP ; Mr. Mre. Richard MacLeod 1 Mr. Mrs. Donald H.||VlcCarthy Mr. Mrs. Paul McDermott Mr. Mrs. Frank Melo Mr. Mrs. Thomas Morrissey Mr. Mrs. Alden R. Mucciarone Mr. Mrs. Albert C. Nelson ■ ' V.V v " Mr. Mrs. William O’Neil % c, ■ " Mr. Mrs. Frederick Oxford Mr. Mrs. John B. Palermo Mr. Mrs. William H. Porter Mr. Mrs. Ernest and Viola Post | Mr! Mrs . Charles G. Piligian r Mr. Mrs. David L. Reese Mr. Mrs. Robert Russell Mr. Mrs. Fred Saster Sr. Mr. Mrs. Charles Semerjian Mr. Mrs. George Sims Jf I Mr. Mrs. John C. Tulli ' Compliments of Beach Electric Company uiviwro i. ft. My experience in the musical Bye Bye Birdie was sometimes dull and sometimes exciting. In spite of all the rehearsals we had, the play, I thought, was very good. Being the character Conrad Birdie, I was to excite the people in the play as well as the audience. This is the second musical that I have been in and both of them I enjoyed tremendously. I have also been in a few other plays this past year w r hich I have also enjoyed. Most of my time this school year has been spent rehearsing for the three plays in which I have been in. To me doing this kind of thing is exciting, to meet people, have lots of fun and learn different techniques as far as the stage and acting goes. But most of all I miss the people who I worked with and I would like to say that everyone did an excellent job and I love them all. I I I I I I I I 4 I « I m I « I i i i N A T I 0 N A L H 0 N 0 R S 0 c I E T Y I I I I I I I « I I 4 I I ♦ I I I I I » I I I 198 I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I ♦ ! I I I I ♦ I I I I I I Marilyn Mors David Murph; Mine kelson igherty ■iddie ' MarieTi Sg erald Suzannsjlynn Donna ISper David HjBcock Margarijpfoar Laura Hll Brook Scott Barraclough Robert Bartolomei Cheryl Benson James King Nancy Lang Kathi LaVo| K Jack Lew I Brenda Lips I Ruston Lodi I 1 MA fci I iKaren Loszc Stephen Ma. Robert Scipione Rosemary Short . Mary ' Silvi Arthur Taddeo John Tulli % " -Judith VanLeeill Karvl Woo Vernon Yergatian ND SCROLL Deborah Barrieau Jeffrey Bartolomei Robert Bartolomei Anne Marie Cregg Gayle Crook Patricia Dougherty Kevin Ducey Anne Nelson Ro bert Padula Donna Porter Robert Scipione John Sherman Mary Silvi bo c; o " o bo it IWVWUhV m I »r ! r 5 i i s T I L L M 0 R E ! I 1 f I I i i i 204 ■ I TRACK ’74 ; ' l Ut This year the girls of Franklin High had a lot of spunk. We weren’t going to be pushed away from sports anymore. So one day welormed a group and talked to Mr. Leone. He gave us the team and any interested girl then became a member. At the first prac¬ tice no one even knew’ how to hold the javelin or shot put — never mind throw it! But we learned. Mrs. Berglund and Mrs. Laws were really proud of us. We are all proud of what we have and we’ll prac¬ tice until it hurts to try to be number one. 207 SPRINT ; i ttmiHiit Senior year at Franklin High School, like senior year at any school in the country, is a time of decisions, anticipations and usually some mistakes. This is a time in every student’s life when any helping hand is very much appreciated. Because of the hundreds of complicated forms and thousands of unanswered questions, guidance from others is a welcomed source of information. Students other than seniors do not fully realize the importance of a good guidance department. But when their time comes to choose colleges, as this year was ours, this realization is complete. The guidance department is an essential part of every school system and should be recognized as such. Thank-you for your help. To The Class of 1974 It has often been said that what the world needs is the spirit of cooperation rather than competition. The Class of 1974 seems to personify this kind of outlook. In all of its endeavors, the desire to work together has been the guide. As a result, the Class ' s many talents have been marshalled to face problems that have arisen. As you go on to college or the world of work, remember that desire provides the drive to succeed but cooperation is what makes a winning team. No individual can be a success without the coopera¬ tion of other people. " No Man is an Island " . Best of luck. Principal m wdtx sffitif 210 Cheerleaders Varsity Awards: K. Martin, J. VanLeeuwan, R. Mercer, M. O’Donnell Drill Team Varsity Awards: F. Saster Baseball Peter Chiodetti M.V.P. Award: M. Giardino, Tony Carlucci, Unsung Hero Award: P. Oxford Spring Track Varsity Award: J. DiCecco Golf Varsity Award: T. Loftus Boys Tennis Varsity Award: D. DiMartino Girls Tennis Varsity Award: C. Watkins Softball Varsity Award: G. Walsh Managers of the Year Varsity Awards: V. Daley, D. Dewing Sportsmanship Awards Varsity Awards: R. Howard, S. MacLeod Football Gridiron Club Awards: Linesman: H. Cataldo, M. D’Errico, B. Currier Outstanding back: R. Lodi, M. Mucciarone Unsung Hero: G. Cedrone Scott Hayden Award: B. Currier William O. Lord, Jr.: B. Cometta Soccer Allan McClay Memorial Award: S. Courtney Cross Country Varsity Awards: M. McDermott, T. Roccoforte Field Hockey Varsity Awards: G. W ' alsh Boys Basketball Edward Daley: S. Courtney Girls Basketball Varsity Awards: C. Nelson Skiing Varsity Awards: N. Guidrey Hockey Varsity Awards: S. MacLeod W’restling Varsity Awards: P. Heim Home Economics Award: Peter Magnuson Theftanklin High School Excellence In Graphic Arts Award: Brian Currier " inklin High School Excellence In Business Award: Jamie Dun, School Ex eL Diarie Maithio. fchool t- John Suliifhn [i he FrunklnrHi cRool Excellent ' MargaflFHo; The F’-.djklin HigtiSdkqpl Exijt .ience Nancy NulterB too: |H.-.rk Muccian me A$gm d: Li a Bame Award From The English Department: .Jeff Bartolomei lerty McLean Sucial StudieT Mem f J|t phen BerardH ice Aw arri ' -.a ( he a.:e rvl Burse r. .a B w t hin.e. I ' ' Paul F:.._. torian Lisa Barnes idtforjboys ic« Wiggin The Ro Foreign L|ijgu I InjFrenchy Invipa In Bat Charles •James ?a Cheryl Benson Duane Dempsey Mary O ' Donnell lze Book: Aldo Tenaglia r» H IV V,? ' , yA , 4 Honor Students Excel ice in Scholarship Award: Barnes P -■ r g _ _ (Xn a ( Donna P -rt Michealiinchuk Cheryl ft’rrlw, Nino LaBadtUa 4 Joseph Heah I tters Ot Commendation - Natn pal Merit Scholarship Test: Daniel Costa I m Daniel HriS9 | 1 i in Ducey H Hod Cinzenshin tvard Of The ®nencan Revolution: High Sch utomntive t ives Award: xcellence es Morse ranklin High School Excellence In Ceramics Award: _ Alfred Desper The Franklin High School Excellence In Architectural Drawing Awar F, Steven Prentice The Franklin High School Excellence In Engineering Drawing ' Award: K Donald DiMartino The Franklin High School Excellence In Medals Award. Guy Pomponio F Jn H gh School Excellence In Electronics Award: nthony Raymond 1 Excellence In Woodworking Awardjr The Frank. The Fran i»n Hi R8 m. Wa 5 . franklin Osborne 3 . David Johnson 4 . Brenda Lipsett Stephan Buimchi Robert Dangelo 216 “WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN” JUNE 7, 1974 218 L I “LEARNING IS A LIFE-LONG PROCESS.” - PAUL PILIGIAN I 220 Rotam Athlctin K kUjrrfvl ■rarccB JAFSc Fire Dept. Scholar.-, ' . nrueA ' l alley Scho a ■rancfll Eddy King A Thompson Nation ' ttlW I Third Scholarship Student Council; Williams, I n Wagner, MichaefVan Ambdrgvj, int MedaF. Donna Chevalier, Steven MacLeod: onna Fraser. Michael D ' Errico. Dennis Feel ey. « ry Club; Lisa Bfemes, Clark utler } m. m; i 1 i. Denny Oilers, Robert Bartolomei. r r Taddeo cholarships; Cheryl Benson, Pam Sims|p§jaine pmarv Short ien Club Scffij rsh iistributiue Edt§$iti lojcid, Alice L. Jpeane, Rosemary Short. turray SjmKns; Mary O’Donnell. •Jin Edumtiun Assoc. Scholarships; Kathleen Burns, Nancy Nulter. vtlub Scholarship Elizabeth Sheehan, Daniel Driscool. . Clim tolor a-Lmda All ison. (Sm iifiplq0fUfh. Lisa (Barnes. jn (jfaib ■ijehpiarshipL Mar-k Mucciarone. Wmmcholarship; Donna Chevalier. lemonalScholarship: Ann Marie Nelson Ifino, Carol Or- ' aw 8f3.. : v wW ' A-, ■ FWHigh SchoqFBarld Scholarship; James Morse. ClufiSeftblarsh ) Nancy Nulter. :hoql ' ani§ LiutmcHdldr Hfenadlie Memorial Fun M enadue Memorial l), Franklin Grange Scho r Future Health Careers Knights of Cdlu holarship; Judy Patroc hoLurship; Richard Ha James King. shipH)onna Porter. blarshipf Caxen Carew. it lo. ngton. r. AI dene tt es Schpkirsfti Caren Carew. Anthony Carlu ' tei Scholprmip.NFargaret White Scholarship; EAizabet $heehan. Business Faculty ScfikUirshiffiSlaine Delfino. Spanish Club Scholarship, Patricia Dougherety, John Tulli RUTC Scholarship; KevirvDucey. " . L St. Mary Catholic Womyfri’s Club; Caren Carew. Women’s Auxiliaryrtynna Porter. » w c yn. J M JU mflfcY ' rjmrr mjmMin , mn—i 5 P •) i l “LET US SET to OUR | SIGHTS | HIGH ...” | k t j ] i ■T LISA BARNES I For 12 years, I looked forward to graduation week. But when it hap¬ pened, I wished I could have stopped time — Life went by much too fast. I wished I could wake up from this graduation dream and find that I was about to receive my class ring, or I was going to a football game, or that I was going to the Junior Prom. I thought of the 12 years of meeting new peo¬ ple and making different friendships which can never be destroyed. Looking through this yearbook it saddens me to think that we really may never pass this way again. I just can’t imagine not going to FHS; with its super athletic teams, bor¬ ing dances, active clubs, frustrating classes, excit¬ ing parties, and most of all being with the many indi¬ viduals who made my life the wav it is. C. Wallace ■ I ilomei M. Silvi, A. D’AnieJlo- ft j P t P l 4 T I i 4 ■ 4 » i 4 r r • i i i ■ 4 arships, and finally, their diplomas. Suddenly — we, the class of 1974 became the alumni of Franklin High School. Graduation is the com¬ mencement of a new hope for life. The hope that life will be better than it was, or the hope that life will be everything it was in the past. For many of us, gradua¬ tion means taking steps into the real world, a world of unfamiliar environ¬ ments — with strangers. It is frightening to think of — but it is part of our growth . and in years to come, we will remember graduation as the starting block to changes. t All things will change — they have to; for it is an unwritten law. Therefore, we will change, and hope¬ fully profit from our past experiences at Franklin High School; and learn — to grow, — to Live it 7

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