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 - Class of 1971

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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1971 volume:

’ “:; • :r ' _ _ Sm Henri C. Beane We, the class of 1971, in recognition of his twelve years of superior achievement as High School Principal, do fondly dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Beane. Our Advisor . . . What else can we say except . . . Thank You ) Mr. James E. Chelotti Another year ends . . . everyone is saying “Farewell, F.H.S.” To administration, faculty, and underclassmen, you need only to walk a few steps to arrive at your destination—but what of us— the class of 1971 . . . . . . We are not only leaving a building, but also a way of life we have known for four years. We are leaving a familiar world and entering an unknown one. We are standing on the threshold of a new world! m I ■ I Lost, yesterday, somewhere between unrise and sunset, four golden years. . . No reward is offered for they are gone forever. -adapted from Horace Mann ■ ; ; ' i ■ •. ;. ;i ;;: i MMf8B There’s a new world coming , and its just around the bend. There’s a new world coming, this one’s coming to an end. ,v . ■ There’s a new voice calling, you can hear it if you try And it’s growing stronger with each day that passes by. There’s a new day dawning rising clear and sweet and free. There’s a new world coming that belongs to you and me. Yes, a new world’s coming, the one we’ve had visions of, Coming in Peace, Coming in Joy, Coming in Love . : • • • Coming in Peace Coming in Joy Coming in Love HEK ' iJSrar. . w S Str y 5 £i±‘»I v . - , ' v Eg HfHMfir - x fa ! %w FACULTY MR. KENNETH J. ROSE Vice-Principal MR. ALBERT N. O’BRIEN Business Administration Standing: (L. to R.) Mr. J. Gerald Ryan, Mr. Fred D’Errico MR. BENJAMIN D. THOMAS Superintendent of Schools MR. ROBERT CRESTO Assistant Superintendent MR. ANTHONY LUMENTI School Adjustment Councelor MR. WILLIAM J. REX Vice-Principal Seated: (L. to R.) Mrs. Janet M. Guidrey, Mr. Frank DeLucia, Mrs. Frieda B. Symmes Miss Carlson Mr. Kingsbury Mr. Parmenter Mr. DiMarco Mrs. Furman Mr. Redpath Out to lunch Mr. Marciarelli Miss Donahue Out to lunch Mr. Chase Mr. Fletcher Mr. Dumas Mrs. Russo Mrs. Le Blanc Mr. Leone Mr. Sheehan Mrs. Dewey Miss Turco Dept. Head Mr. Costello Miss Dashef Miss Costello Miss Holmes Miss Maguire Mrs. Gebow Mr. Carroll Mr. Walenski 17 Mr. Beksha Mr. Brown Our Advisor, Out to lunch Mr. Chelotti Mr. Crowley Mr. Luccini 4 Mrs. McVav Mr. Williams Miss Finnegan Mr. Mulcahy Miss Mark Mr. Avakian Dept. Headi Miss Strazzulla Mr. Mickevich Mr. Gormley Special Education Drama and Speech Reading Mrs. Dufresne 20 Mr. Crowley Mr. Goodrich 3 Ctq F o r e i Mrs. Kenney Mrs. Ledoux Mrs. Morris Mr. Rice Mr. Robinson Mr. Vallee 21 Mr. Bonollo Miss Beane Dept. Head Mrs. Donovan Mr. Sutherland Out To Lunch . Mr. Donovan Mrs. Keene Mrs. Todaro Mrs. McManus Mr. DiLibero, Director Mr. Bucchanio Mr. Evans Mrs. Stack Secretary of Guidance Mr. Konosky Supervisor of Mr. Carr A ttendance 25 Mrs. Diorio Superintendent’s Office Mrs. Nasuti Superintendent’s Office Mrs. Pacheco Superintendent’s Office Mrs. MacDonald Asst. Superintendent’s Office Mrs. Carr Main Office Mrs. Fleming Main Office Mrs. Cataldo Main Office Mrs. Herbert Main Office Cooks and Custodians Mrs. Mahan Cafeteria Supervisor Left to Right: Mrs. Baci, Mrs. Dellorco Chartier, Mrs. Mr. Pisani Mr. McGuire Mr. Mucciarone Rollinson, Mrs. F. DeBaggis, Mrs. Coney, Mrs. Pizzi, Mrs. Caldararo, Mrs. T. DeBaggis, Mrs. Mr. Hume Mr. Revell “This yearbook is brought to you Fred Fran Dean Donna, Co-Editor Dave, Co-Editor Editors Pete Carla Debbie Royce Colleen Anne Marni Jayne, Co-Editor Clerical Staff Editor, Janet Miller Lay-Out Staff Editor, Marni Sampson Literary Staff Editor, Frances Hagopian 31 Co-Editors Sports Staff Editor, Dean McLaughlin Editor, Carla Middleton Superlatives Staff Business Staff Editor, Peter Staniscia Editor, Colleen Pease Photography Staff Editor, Debbie Frahlin Editor, Anne Swenson Art Staff Fred Baglioni Royce Harding Activities Staff Fernando Charles Baglioni 65 Cottage Street Franklin “Fred” Thanksgiving Day Game “68” . . . Football season “69” . . usually found in one of his moods . . . “What’s your problem?” . . . irritated by people who resist authority just for something to do . . . football practice takes up most of his time and riding around takes up the rest . . . would like to be successful in life . . . “If you can’t say something nice make sure it’s funny” . . . suppressed desire is to go to college without paying . . . Mucci, Phil, Alan, Gary, Greek, and the guys are his companions. ACTIVITIES: Class President 1,2,3,4 . .. Weightlifting Club 2,3,4 . . . Student Council 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Football 1 . . . J.V. Basketball 1,2 .. . Varsity Basketball 3,4 . . . Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 . . . J.V. Baseball 1 . . . Yearbook Staff Editor . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Marshall 2,3, Head Marshall 4. Deborah Ann Staffier 47 McCarthy Street Franklin “Debba” Debbie’s philosophy, “No day is complete without laughter” . . . mirrors her sunny personality . . . Her best friends are Deb, Ann Marie, Jude, Raelene and Donna . . . she can usually be found in a turmoil . . . she emphasizes NUTE as her fav¬ orite memory . . . stubbornness is her vice . . . jealousy is likely to annoy her . . . her suppressed desire is to put a certain some¬ one on the right track . . . furthering her education is her ambition. ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary 2,3,4 ... Pep Club 2,3,4 . . . Commerical Club Secretary 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Cheerleading 3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . PTSA 4. 42 Susan Mary Ayotte 19 Stubbs Street Franklin Our Junior Miss . . . versatile . . . impossible to find her not busy.. .becomes distressed at doing what she should instead of doing what she wants to do.. .remembers fondly the summers at the cape. . .besides owning a motorcycle, she would like to be¬ come a nurse and travel...she admits to judging people too critically-—that’s only normal...Not having done something is no excuse for not doing it...“Is that right?” ACTIVITIES: Class Vice President 1,2,3,4 . . . Latin Club 1,2 . . . Future Nurses Club 2,3,4 . . . Student Council Vice-Presi¬ dent 4 . . . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Dance Committees I, 2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Varsity Field Hockey 2,3,4 . . . J. V. Basketball 1,2 .. . Softball 1 . . . Driver Ed. 2,3 . . . Prom Committee 3,4. Sally Ann Reinhardt 19 Mackintosh Street Franklin “Sal” Vice is T.V. . . . Usually found having a good time . . . am¬ bition is to work with fashion in New York City . . . has a desire to be a lady sports commentator.. .Best friends are Sudsy, Fran, Laura, Marilyn, Susan, and the girls . . . will always re¬ member the field hockey and football games . . . dislikes moody people and complainers . . . virtue is her sense of humor . . . always saying “Really?” . . . has philosophy of “Don’t hide your sunshine under a dark cloud.” ACTIVITIES: Class Treasurer 1,2,3,4 . . . It’s Happening 2, Business Manager 3,4 .. . French Club 1 . . . Pep Club 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 1,4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Frosh Field Hockey 1 . . . Varsity Field Hockey MGR. 2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club 3,4. 43 Jayne Abbott 121 School St Franklin Personality.. .Lively and active.. .Dislikes narrow minded people, conceited people and gossipers.. .Jerry.. .Labor Day 1969...The best things in life are free. . .Usually found at F.H.S ... “I love you” . . . Ambition is to go to college, graduate, and be a success . . . Dreams of leading a long, happy life. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,4 . . . Pep Club 2,3,4, Commercial Club Business Manager 4 . . . Spanish Club 2,3 .. . Student Council 2, Secretary 3,4 .. . Drama Club 2, Treasurer 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Softball 1 . . . Cheerleading 2,3, Co-CAPTAIN 4 . . . Yearbook Co-Editor 4 . . . Intra¬ murals . . . 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Interclass Drama Festival 4 . . . Marshall 2,3,4 . . . Ski Club President 3,4 .. . P.T.S.A. Secretary 3. John Palmer Abbott 601 Maple St. Franklin Sense of humor . . . Temper . . . Wonders if he will get through Mrs. Brown’s English Class . . . Desires to go on to school . . . Often found with Mark, Lex, Bill, Dave and Joe . . . “Hey, what’s happening?” . . . Usually found in the wrong place at the wrong time. ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 2 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . J.V. Football Manager 3 . . . J V. Basketball Manager 3 . . . Driver Ed. 3. Joseph Edward Alger 300 Chestnut St. Franklin “Joe” Easy going . . . His sense of humor makes up for him saying the wrong things . . . Would like to go on to school and be in a professional group . . . Looks back on the day the “Endless Journey” first played out . . . Aid the needy and degrade the greedy . . . John, Bob, Dave, and Karen. ACTIV ITIES: Outdoor Track 2 . . . Driver Ed. 2. Dale Catherine Anderson Brook St. Ext. Franklin “Anderson Little” Often reminiscing about New Hampshire, 1970 . . . Hopes to become a nurse . . . Quiet and shy . . . Hates school buses . . . Closest friends are Marsha, Cheryl, Billie, and Renee . . . “Neat-O” . . . Patience . . . She is in Boston more than in Franklin ... If you can’t say something nice, make sure it’s funny. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 2,3. Jean L. Antico 170 Grove Street Franklin “Jeannie” Cannot tolerate gym classes and ugly bugs . . . She may lose her temper but her sense of humor overcomes it . . . Bonnie, Patsy, and Dianne are favorite companions . . . make friends for what they are, not what they’ve got . . . often thinks about August 15, 1967 . . . dreams of being D.L.E.’s wife ... To a lesser degree, dreams of being a hairdresser . . . likes being in Bellingham or with Donnie . . .“I doubt it.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2 .. . Drill Team 1,2 .. . Dance Committees 2,3 .. . Grand March 4.. .Intramurals l,2...0skey 2,3...Driver Ed. 2,3...Prom Committee 3. Ronald Henri Ayotte 62 Estes Street Wooncocket “Coyote” Would like to be an electronics technician someday . . . usually found traveling . . . would like to travel in a Harley “74” Chopper . . . dependent upon no one . . . doesn’t like girls with short hair . . . “No thanks” . . . Recalls 1970 Fishing lessons vividly. ACTIVITIES: Outdoor Track 1 . . . Chess Club 1 . . . Psychology Club 4. Pamela Lynn Barton 4 Jimmy Street Franklin “Pam” Love conquers all . . . is always found falling in love . . . dreams of always being happy . . . Would like to be an elementary teacher someday ... “I don’t know, you know” . . . Cheri, Cindy, Bonnie, and everyone . . . Would like to relive September 21, 1968 and often reminisces about Eric and New Year’s Eve, 1969. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 2,3,4 . . . Spanish Club 2,3,4 . . . Future Teacher’s Club 4 . . . Drama Club 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2... Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Future Nurse’s Club 2,3. Theresa Mary Auciello 260 Main Street Franklin “Tree” “You know what!” . . . Since her virtue is her friendliness, she dislikes unfriendly people . . . Wouldn’t mind reliving her Junior year . . . Sally C., Laurie B., Patty P., Sue S., Janet B. and Paula B. are her favorite companions. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2 . . . Pep Club 3,4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2 .. . Grand March 3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club 4. W 1 Paula Ann Bassignani 28 Sherman Avenue Franklin “Paula” Friendliness is her virtue . . . Sam . . . Love plus faith equals happiness . . . June 4th and Summer of 1970 . . . Suppressed desire is to get married . . . ambition is to fulfill suppressed desire . . . has a mild temper . . . finds rainy days dreary and unwelcome . . . “What are you doing?” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2 . . . Future Nurses Club 2 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . J.V. Basketball 1,2 . . . Softball 1 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3. Paul Wayne Beach 591 Maple Street Franklin “Red” October 11, horseshow is his favorite memory . . . would like to be a professional stock car driver ... if he is not riding around he can be found trying to fix his car radiator . . . thinks keeping Larry out of trouble is a hard earned virtue ... If you can’t do it right the first time, ask for advice from a friend ... “I give up.” ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3 . . . Driver Education 3. Laurie Ann Beaudette 299 West Central Street Franklin “Lau” Can be found with Sally, “Tree,” “Sudsy,” Ayotte, Anne, Eileen, Patty, and “C.S.” . . . gets angry when people aren’t on time...feels that Senior year and 1969 are her favorite memories.. .wants to own a Triumph TR-4A.. .“Ya, Ok y!” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3 . . . Pep Club 2,3 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Softball 1,2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3 . . . Driver Education 3.. .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3.. .Ski Club 3,4. Donald Joseph Becker 363 Pond Street Franklin “Don” He’s very opened minded and wishes he had participated more in school activities . . wants to travel in Europe . . . 1968 Freshman Acquaintance Dance is a good memor; . . . usually with Steve and Roy . . . worries too much . . . feels you should live am let live. ACTIVITIES: Indoor Track 2 . . . J.V. Baseball 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2. Penny Althea Becker 19 Oak Street Franklin She feels that honesty is her virtue . . . her pet peeve is cheaters to a certain someone . . . September 6, 1969 is the day to remember . Debbie, Rose, Ann, David, and at home. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 4 . . . Driver Education 3. . desires to speak found with Peggy, Alan Lee Behan 14 Island Road Franklin “Beban” “Each time life knocks you down, get up and stand taller” . . . thinks his body is his virtue . . . Temperamental . . . the Boston Registry peeves him . . . wants to become a lawyer .. . . suppressed desire is to “be a success” . . . remembers August 1970 . . . “Could be troubled” ... if not found in the “bug” then he is found on the “bike” . . . Fred, Mucci, Greek, Joel, and Fran. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 2,3,4 . . . Dance Committees 2,3 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . J.V. Football 2, Varsity 4 . . . J.V. Basketball 1 . . . Indoor Track 2,3,4 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . P.T.S.A. 4 . . . Ski Club . . . Ski Team. Ralph Louis Berardi Jr. 98 Pine Street Franklin “Ralphie” He doesn’t like owning his own car . . . very gullible . . . remembers the summer of 1970 . . . wants to be a policeman ... is usually found working . . . feels that when the trials of life get you down; plead insanity and go your merry way . . . friends are Eddy, Louie, Paul, Phil . . . “Wait a minute!!!” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 2,3,4 . . . Dance Committee 2 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Driver Ed. 3. John Joseph Beckman 8 Charlotte Court Franklin “Jack” Downtown or Dean is where he can usually be located . . . seen with Joe and John . . . hopes he can get through Math IV . . . feels he’s lazy but generous and friendly . . . believes that “quiters never win, winners never quit.” Lynn Frances Bolduc 14 Harborwood Franklin “Ducky” Known for her honesty ... Is a very emotional person . . . would like to become i dental hygenist . . . always fonders the memory of Fall ’68 and Senior year . . . has i thing against conceited people . . . for some reason she is always in attendance at Ever) football game . . . Closest chums are Carla, Goldie, and Paul. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Softball 2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Prom Committee 3. Richard Ezra Blanchard 373 Oak Street Franklin “Dickie” Pet peeve is tall girls . . has a sec ret wish to break 5’10” . . . plans to become a mechanic . . . favorite friends are Chris and Steve . . . favorite expression “O.K., Ches¬ ter” . . . can usually be found on East Central Street . . . believes you should “Grab the best for life is short.” ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3,4 . . . Dance Committees 2 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Ski Club 3. Jeanne Marie Bergen 131 Peck Street Franklin “Bergs” Her eyes are her virtue . . . pet peeve is know-it-all people . . . wants to travel to Rome and Hawaii and to do something right . . . Companions are Hie, Deb, Margaret, Royce, Nancy, Lori, and Toots . . . Philosophy is “If you wonder if you have it—you don’t. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 3,4 .. . Spanish Club 3,4 .. . Future Teachers Club 4 . . . Student Council 2 . . . Drill Team 1,2 .. . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Softball 1,2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Prom Committee 3. Ann Marie Bertoni 237 Cottage Street Franklin . . . always worrying over nothing . . . dislikes moody people ... if she’s not writing to Crow, she’s usually found with Deb, Deb, Jude, Rae, Katby, Donna . . . She remembers April 21. 1968 and feels that nothing is more patient than a waiting heart. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4 .. . French Club 1, Pep Club 2,3,4 . . . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2. . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club 3,4. Janet Theresa Bouchard 37 Moore Avenue Franklin “Booch” “Happiness is the spice of life.” Summer of ’70’ July 4, 1970, and Jimmy are on the top of her list of memories . . . friendly, yet impatient . . . would like to become a retail buyer ...secret desire is to travel. . .despises snobby people.. .accomplices are Sally, Ann, Tree, Sudsy, Donna, Paula B., Paula R., Laurie, and Patty . . . you’ll catch her saying sually found working at Shortstop Cleaners. Did you see him ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1,2 . . . Pep Club 1,2 .. . Commercial Club 4 . . Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Grand March 3. Dance Ed. 2 Beverly Lucille Breen 29 Mill Street Franklin “Bev” Known for her high ideals . . . bad temper . . . dislikes inconsiderate people . . . desires to own an antique car . . . hopes to be able to accept life as it comes when she cannot change it . . . likes to remember New Hampshire . . . favorite companions are those friends who accept her as she is . . . fond of repeating “I dunno!” . . . usually found with a book . . . her philosophy is “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Future Teachers Club 4 . . . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 1 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1 . . . Driver Ed. 2. Robert Brundrett 149 Oak Street Franklin “Bob” Hopes to be an aviation mechanic . . . detests reading books . . . Mary, John and the gang are among his favorite friends . . . most always found working at Star Market. Patricia J. Brogan 22 King Street Franklin “Boog” Desires to reach 5 feet. October 4, 1966 ... old chums are Steve, Pan S., Roberta D., and gang . . . very impatient . . . very upset when she and a certain someone break up . . . will always be remembered for her petiteness . . . fond of saying “Watch it!” . . . hopes to be able to travel someday . . . never found at home . . . “With God before you who can go against you?” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1 . . . Pep Club 2,4 . . . Drill Team 1,2,3,4 . . . Dance Com¬ mittees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,3 .. . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 1,4 .. . Prom Committee 3. James Edward Buck 29 Hill Avenue Franklin “Buck” Dislikes last years’ Math . . . Likes to remember the day he quit Star Market . . . would like to become a chef . . . looks forward to the day when he can retire . . . Favorite saying is “No Comment!” . . . Companions are Gan-Gan, Marc, Carr . . . often found working. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 2. Pia Marie Brunelli 67 Alpine Place Franklin Happy-go-lucky . . . vice is her driving . . . dislikes F.H.S. . . . hopes to succeed in life and live it to the fullest. . .likes to remember November 16, 1969. . .common reply is “Well now! What on goes?” . . . Usually found riding around town . . . “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”. Sharon Ann Burke 16 Flynn Road Franklin “Burkey” “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt” . . . sincere and gay . . . has a problem with her temper . . . doesn’t like to be teased . . . hopes she’ll have a happy life . . . would like to go to college . . . April 5, 1970 . . . favorite companions are Jimmy, Marsha, Peggy, and Kathy . . . loves to reply with “Right!” . . . Jimmy is her constant buddy.” ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff . . . Driver Ed. . . . Swim Team. Norman Busby Jr. Otis Street Sheldonville “Buzz” Hopes to become a conservationist . . . likes to remember a certain fake date, hor¬ rors at the moon . . . Desires to make more than $1.60 an hour . . . Known as having a good sense of humor . . . believes he is a bit too loud on weekends . . . favorite ac- complises are Tim, Hoss, Taters, King, a little bug with a cute nose . . . likes to use the phrase “Most definitely!” . . . located with J.B. and the weekend crowd . . . “Mon¬ ey isn’t everything, but it helps!” ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 3, vice-president 4 . . . Senior Class Play . . . J.V. Football 3 . . . J.V. Baseball 2,3 .. . Varsity Baseball 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Dri¬ ver Ed. 3 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Varsity Football 4 . . . Freshman Football 1. Philip Edward Butler 441 Dailey Drive Franklin “PhU” “If you haven’t done it by now, it’s too late to worry about it.” . . . friendly, yet stubborn . . . despises doing homework . . . sole ambition is to own a motor cycle . . . will always remember Bloomfield, Conn. . . . thinks he might go out West someday . . . “Spiffy!” . . . usually found in the driver’s seat of a white Torino. ACTIVITIES: Tennis 2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Soccer Co-Capt. 4 . . . Ski Team 4 . . . Ski Club 4. Frank Robert Calarese 19 Southgate Road Franklin “Frank” Polite and shy ... Fall of ’70 .. . “Easy come, easy go” . . . has dreams a GTO . . . has a grand ambition of making someone happy someday . . . remarking with “No Way!” . . . close companions are Cindy, Gary, Albert, David, Peter, Joe, and Pete . . . usually found riding around in a Cam. Patricia Marie Calnan 602 Lincoln Street Franklin “Psyche” Can’t wait until she’s designing clothes for Head Shops . . . usually found mouthing- off . . . usually stays out too late . . . Oct. 7, 1966 . . . has a “hidden” virtue . . . despises prejudist, and wearing shoes . . . desires to travel U.S. on a Harley . . . the “Bomber” . . . favorite companions are people . . . “You can only live once, so live it up.” ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff . . . Driver Ed. 2,3. Carol Ann Bush 8 George Road Franklin “Bushie” Generous . . . admits she is too gullible . . . pet peeve is hypocrites . . . has a sec¬ ret desire to be a wife someday . . . until then, hopes to be a secretary . . . likes to remember many past summers . . . most enjoys the companionship of Jack. Ginny. Nan¬ cy, Donna, Cheryl, Debbie, and Karen . . . can always be found with friends . . . believes everyone should “Live life to the fullest.” Stephen Mark Carr 101 Cottage Street Franklin “Steve” His virtue is his smiling face . . . has a hard time keeping on the right side of the road . . . dislikes 4th period . . . would love to own a chain of Star Markets . . . hopes to know everything . . . has humorous memories of Geometry Class . . . favorite com¬ panions Gan-Gan, Marc, Joe, Buck . . . you’ll catch him saying “No comment” . . . usually found at Star Market . . . “The customer is always right.” Susan Christopherson 45 Forest Street Franklin “Sue” “Life is like the ship-wrecked sailor found dying of thirst; unaware that the current he had drifted into was fresh water.” . . . dispises artificial people and things ... is known to throw things when angry . . . good disposition . . . desires to be transformed into a sea gull and fly away . . . Ruth, Sharon, Happy feet, Cathy and Kathy are her close companions . . . Marthas Vineyard 1970 holds good memories . . . wants to help people . . . Many times is located outside. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,4 .. . Spanish Club 2,3,4 . . . Future Teachers Club 3 . . . National Honor Society 3,4 . . . Intramurals 4 . . . Driver Education 3,4. Bonnie Anne Campus 183 Oak Street Franklin “Bonnie” Friendly conversationalist . . . dislikes hypocrites . . . desires to be happy forever . . . “Don’t let the sun catch you crying” . . . plans to lead an exciting and happy life . . . Summer of 1970 . . . favorite buddies are Cincy, Pam, Cheryl, her brothers, and all her companions from the Summer of ’70’ . . . “Sure!” . . . has a good time wherever she is . . . ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 4 . . . Future Teachers Club 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 1,4 .. . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2,3 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Mathe¬ matics Club 4. Catherine Ann Cargill 104 Lewis Street Franklin “Cathy” Dislikes people who just don’t care . . . friendly and sweet . . . desires to own a motorcycle . . . wants to be an individual and stop worrying about what other people think . . . remembers June 14, 1969 and cafeteria lunches sophomore year . . . old chums are Paul and friends . . . sometimes indicisive . . . says “Guess what!” . . . usually found busy . . . “Love those around you for what they are, not for what they could be, for to love people is to find true happiness.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 2,3,4 . . . corresponding secretary . . . Chorus 2,3,4 . . . French Club 1,2, treas. 3,4 . . . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 3 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 3,4 . . . Prom Committe 3 . . . Ski Club corres, Sec. 3,4 .. . Freshman Field Hockey. Maryanne Cecilia Circone 52 King Street Franklin “Anna” Lives by the philosophy “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” . . . known for her eyes and a slight temper . . . dislikes French class . . . desires to become Mrs. J.P. . . . favorite companions Joe P., Marcia D., Cindy T., Paula, Janet, Ann . . . many times responds with “Ya, sure kid, tell me another one . . . hopes to travel to Hawaii . . . August 7, 1970 ... on numerous occassion is found in the company of Joe or Marcia. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1 . . . Dance Committes 1,2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2,3 . . . Prom Committee 3. Robert A. Collamati 360 Grove Street. Franklin Known for being understanding . . . dislikes the food at the High School . . . hopes to go to college to become an architect . . . likes to remember last summer . . . favorite companions are Paul Rondeau, Dennis Mele . . . You’ll catch him saying “What can I say?” . . . usually found in class. Caryl Diane Colt 33 Cross Street Franklin “C” She is sometimes stubborn . . . dislikes people who are supercilious and liars . . . desires to have complete peace on earth . . . favorite companions include Mark, Joanne, Stephanie, Kathy, Carol . . . Heard saying “Are you kidding” . . . Usually found with Joanne or working at Star Market . . . “Live and let live” . . . Known for her big blue eyes . . . March 14, 1970 . . . hopes to marry Mark. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Commercial Club 4 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Intramurals 4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 4. Pamela Collins 18 Elm Street Franklin “Pam or Pamie” Known for her friendliness and her green eyes . . . She sometimes flirts too much and gets into trouble . . . dislikes the boys in her English Class . . . desires to marry Eddie Anthony . . . would like to become a model . . . likes to remember August 14, 1970 . . . favorite companions are Eddie A., Sharon D., Pam M., Caryl C., Ginny H., Jackies, Cathy R . . . often heard saying “I don’t know.” . . . usually found in Medway with Eddie A . . . her philosophy is “You win a few, you lose a few.” David Compton 225 Pond Street Franklin “Dave” He is always full of jokes . . . His vice is his bad smoking habits . . . Dislikes slow drivers and gossip . . . Desires to own a sportscar . . . Hopes to own a business . . . Likes to remember April, 1968 . . . Favorite companions are E.T., B.T., G.B., P.H., A.P., F.C. . . . Usually found in his car. Sara Louise Costello 141 Hillside Road Franklin “Sally” Sally fondly remembers ’68, ’69, ’70 . . . Always says “You love it!” . . . Chewing on a straw is a problem with her . . . Enjoys being with “Tree”, Laurie, Eilleen, Janet, Sudsy, Patty, and “C.S.” ACTIVITIES: Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Spanish Club 2 . . . Pep Club 3,4 .. . Prom Committe 3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Oskey 4 ... Ski Club 4. Thomas J. Copley 21 Lexington Street Franklin “Tish” Found at Hogs ping pong area . . . Tish hates winter track workouts . . . Looks forward to graduating from college . . . Would really love to break the two-mile record in spring track . . . He disapproves of his attitude toward some things . . . He is ap¬ preciated for his consideration for others . . . Often exclaims “What the hell is com¬ ing off here?” . . . Tish likes the company of Pie, Cooch, Fish, Hobaa, and Hoss. ACTIVITIES: Freshman football 1, Drivers Ed. 3, Intramurals 3, Cross Country 3,4 .. . Indoor Track 3,4 .. . Outdoor Track 3,4 .. . Weightlifting Club 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4. Nicholas Matthew Constantino 10 Lexington Street Franklin “Nick” Nick believes “Life flows on within you and without you” . . . He is always late . . . Can’t stand getting up . . . Would love to meet David Baker . . . Hopes to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Berklee School of Music . . . Looks back on the summer of ’70 . . . Can be seen at home or in Milford . . . His pals include Norman, Barry, Bobby, “Red”, and Blues Bird. ACTIVITIES: Football 1 . . . Outdoor Track 1 . . . Drama Club 1 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 3,4 . . . Stage Band 3,4. 1 Sharon Marie Cotton 170 David Road Franklin Sharon believes “A person should try to develop individual traits” . . . can’t stand people who put on false airs and bathroom graffiti . . . hangs around with Sue, Cindy, and Steph . . . Looks back on Manomet and October 3, 1970 . . . wants to be able to help people in need . . . secretly wishes to live eternally and to view everything with an open mind . . . vice is being too critical. . . . her good points include printing and being able to see some good in everything.. .always says, “We can work it out.”. . .is found goofing off or doing homework at the last minute. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 2,3 . . . French Club 3,4 . . . Softball 2,3,4 . . . Intramurals 2,3,4. Kathleen Francis Coyne 167 Conlyn Avenue Franklin “Kath” Kath is known for her friendliness . . . Sometimes she can’t control her temper . . . can’t stand conceited people . . . wants to become a teacher in Business Administration . . . fondly remembers January 13, 1970 . . . likes the company of J.A., P.S., R.D., L.S., M.S., and the Gang . . . likes to say “Where’s John” and can be found with John . . . her philosophy is “The greatest happiness is always a little sad.” ACTIVITIES: Intramurals 1 . . . Dance Committees 1,2 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Dra¬ ma Club 4 . . . Future Teachers Club 4 . . . Commercial Club vice-president 4. Donna Cregg 747 Lincoln Street Franklin “Live for today, for yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is but a dream” . . . likes to remember her Freshman year ... is bothered by rainy days . . . worries a lot . . . desires to receive her Masters of Science Degree and teach nursing . . . can be located with the girls . . . her friends are those she cares about and those rvho care about her. ACTIVITIES: Intramurals 1,2 .. . Drama Club 1,2,3,4 . . . It’s Happening 1,2,3,4-Staff Editor, Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,4-vice Pres. Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 4 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Latin Club 1,2 .. . Pep Club 3,4 .. . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 4 . . . Senior Class Play 4. Kathleen Mary Crowley 2 Joval Court Franklin “Kathy” Kathy’s virtues are beauty, honesty, happiness, friendliness, personality, and (modesty) . . . one of her problems is lack of confidence . . . can’t stand self centered and conceit¬ ed people . . . wants to make a certain somebody happy . . . desires to become a really good nurse . . . pals around with Linda, Vicki, AnnMarie, Bertie, Joe, and the rest of “our” football team and Glenn . . . remembers November 2, ’68’ . . . “Life is only as complicated as we make it.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1 vice-pres., 2,3 .. . It’s Happening 1,2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 2,3,4 . . . Spanish Club 2 vice-pres., 3 . . . Future Nurses Club 2,4 .. . Student Council 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 2,4. . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Marshall 4. Denise Marie Curley 61 Brook Street Franklin “Curley Cue” Denise is remembered for her honesty. . . She hates homeroom . . . looks forward to becoming a secretary . . . she wants to be rich . . . looks hack fondly on the Sum¬ mer of 1968 . . . her vice is her temper . . . best friends include Rosie, Cindy L., Deb¬ bie and Patti . . . she can be found in Hyde Park. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 1 . . . Commercial Club 4 . . . Drill Team 1 . . . Dance Com¬ mittees 2 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 3. Joseph Dacey 62 Marvin Avenue Franklin “Dace” “Live life now when you can”. . . hopes to become an engineer . . . likes to say “Don’t get all hot and bothered!” . . . can be found Down the Moon . . . companions D.M., F.B., G.B., and E.F. . . . despises people who keep secrets . . . has a temper . . . yet a great sense of humor . . . remembers the Thanksgiving Day game of “68”. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3,4 . . . Grand March 4 . . . J.V. Football 1,2, Var¬ sity 3,4 .. . J.V. Basketball 2 . . . J.V. Baseball 2, Varsity 3,4 .. . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Marshall 4. Mary Elizabeth Dailey 83 Peck Street Franklin “Mar” Mary’s strength lies in her integrity and understanding . . . seeks to become a good nurse . . . will always cherish in her heart the memory of her Mother, the Rangerettes, B.W. and her Senior year . . . often declares “You’re Cute!” . . . enjoys the com¬ pany of Gail, Marne, Berta, Donna H., Creggie, Carol, Kathy, Di., and all her friends in drum corp . . . “Life is loving and laughing and giving and sharing”. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1,2,3,4 . . . Latin Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 4 . . . Future Nurses Club 1,2,3,Sec., 4 Treas . . . Oskey 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Year¬ book Staff 4 . . . Drama Club 1,2 .. . Grand March 3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Marshall 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3,4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Basketball 1. Judy Angela D’Amelio 33 Washington Street Franklin “Jude” Judy fondly looks back on Sept. 27, ‘69’ . . . enjoys the company of AnnMarie, Deb, Deb, Raelene and Donna . . . desires to become a Dental Hygenist . . . can’t stand people who want to have their cake and eat it too . . . vice is self-consciousness . . . usually found in the company of Rob . . . she lives by the philosophy “Nothing is im¬ possible to a willing heart. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4 . . . Pep Club 3,4 .. . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Dance Committee 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3,4 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2. ¥ Kathleen Stephanie Dangelo 14 Wachusett Street Franklin “Kathy” Kathy’s quality is versatility ... a problem is impatience . . . irritated by jealousy in people . . . her suppressed wish is always to be happy ... is eager to be an ele¬ mentary school teacher . . . especially remembers the fall of ’70’ . . . her friends in¬ clude Caryl, Stephanie, Mary, and Joanne . . . often declares “Are you kidding me?” . . . can be found where she’s not supposed to be. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4 . . . French Club 4 ... Pep Club 2,3,4 . . .Spanish Club 4 . . . Future Teachers Club 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 4 . . . Dance Committees 2.3.4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Softball 3,4 .. . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3.4 . . . Driver Ed. 3,4. Paul D. Davey 36 Anthony Road Franklin “IIoss” Good natured . . . annoyed by losing . . . aspires to walk cross country and to play pro-football . . . desperately wants to break Peter G’s shotput record . . . looks back on August 22, 1970 . . . went to N. H. to see “Chicago” . . . friends include Princi, Den¬ nis, Pie, Tony, Maurice, Hab, Mr. Pax, and Lynn . . . constantly says “Good Grief!” . . . is commonly found at practice . . . believes “If you are to achieve anything, you will have to work hard to achieve it.” ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3,4 . . . Band 3,4 . . . Student Council 4 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Varsity Football 2,3,4 . . . Indoor Track 2,3,4 . . . J.V. Baseball 2 . . . Outdoor Track 3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 3,4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Marshall 4. Carol Ann Dean 247 Pond Street Franklin “Ca” Sincere . . . confesses being lazy . . . despises people who talk behind other’s backs . . . desires to find happiness . . . would like to travel . . . will never forget summer of ’70’ . . . pals around with Caryl, Joanne, Stephanie, Andy, and Kathy . . . says “Oh really!” . . . believes that “You can give of your possessions but when you give of yourself is when you truly give.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 3,4 .. . Grand March 3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Edu¬ cation 3. Karen Louise Dean 247 Pond Street Franklin “K” Benevolent . . . admits she is impatient and procrastinates . . . grieved by questions people ask about being a twin . . . yearns to go to college . . . wishes for a nursing career . . . likes to recall “The Impossible Dream” . . . enjoys the company of Mary, Debbie, and Kathy . . . often says “bugg off” . . . can be found at home in her room . . . believes “You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 4. mm Kenneth I. Dean 130 School Street Franklin “Spanky” Kenny’s good points are fighting forest fires, and driving . . . his vice is playing football ... is irritated by girls who smoke, English for Four years and non-aireondi- tioned schools . . . yearns to become a fire-fighter ... is eager to drive for a living . . . was impressed by Automotives of ’70-’71, Mr. Molla’s Metal and Wood Class, the making of a 495, and the Freshman Acquaintance Dance . . . friends include B. Dana, L. Howell, R. Stewart, R. Jarvis, P. Beaudette, D. Vargan, and M. Healy . . . likes to say “Interesting” and ‘How ya doin guy?” . . . caught at Franklin Fire or driving Charlie Hooper’s truck . . . his motto is “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.” ACTIVITIES: Radio Club 4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 4. Michael DeBaggis I Pine Knoll Drive Franklin “Mike” Mike’s virtue is his honesty . . . dislikes girls with short hair . . . vice is that he talks too much . . . “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” . . . remembers riding around with Louie Gasbaro . . . “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” . . . Favorite companion is his brother Paul. . . . ACTIVITIES: Winter track 1,2. Donald Daddario 402 Oak Street Franklin “Dizzy” Dizzy’s philisophy is “Life is all we have so don’t knock it” . . . hates Senior cliques . . . goal is to own a city . . . hangs around the Pamona Men . . . frequents the Manor . . . habitually says “All the way from Pamona”. Roberta Anne DeBaggis 41 Ruggles Street L C T ' certa Berta’s philosophy in life is “Live for today; because the past is but a memory; and the future but a dream.” . . . hates people who don’t care and white socks . . . she’s bugged by her own gullibility, and wishes to overcome her fear of water . . . sincerity is her best quality . . . she hopes to become a registered nurse . . . best friends include Colleen, Marni, Chrissy, Donna H., Linda M., Eileen, Roger . . . favorite saying is “you chooch!” . . . usually found at Rizoli’s or with Roger . . . favorite memories are August 8, ’70 and November ’68. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4 . . . Latin Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Chorus 1,2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 4 . . . Future Nurses Club 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 2,4 . . . Drill Team 1,2,3 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 2,3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 2 . . . Oskey 1,2,3,4 . . . Prom Committee 3. Steve Dellorco 17 Lexington Street Franklin “King” Would love to go to California . . . despises homework . . . seeks wealth . . . will always remember Mr. Dumas’ math class . . . usually found with the Pamona Men at the cabin ... is irked by a certain mosquito . . . says “Listen to him!” . . . believes you shouldn’t take anything from anyone unless they have two of them. ACTIVITIES: Grand March 3 . . . J.V. Football 2,3 . . . Indoor Track 4 . . . J.V. Base¬ ball 2 . . . Outdoor Track 4 . . . Driver Ed 3. Marie Elaine Dillen 43 Anchorage Road Franklin “Green-eyed Lady” Friendly . . . “If I never had loved; I never would have cried.” . . . her friends in¬ clude Di, Dennis, Peggy, Jim, Jeannie, Ann, the gag . . . always says “Trial” ... is normally at a dance or home babysitting . . . remembers Dennis and Law Class “69-70” . . . wishes to become a hairdresser and work in child care . . . can’t stand boys who don’t believe her ... is eager to have a certain someone care ... is bothered by her height. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 4 . . . Commercial Club 4 . . . Driver Education 3. B 1 Michael John Dewing 6 Pine Street Franklin “Mike” Hates being fat, wishes to be thin, and would like to cut down on his eating. . . desires to be a builder . . . strength is in his work . . . Christmas Concert 1967 brings back memories . . . usually found in the Band room, or with Princi, Hoss, Tony, and Bobby . . . “Stupid people” is his favorite saying . . . believes “Size isn’t everything, but it helps.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 2,3 . . . Band 1,2,3,4 . . . Oskey 2,3,4 . . . Prom Committe 3 . . . Stage Band 1,2,3,4. Michael DiCamillo 10 Arlington Street Franklin “Mike” Always likes to help people out . . . spends money like it’s going out of style . . . dis¬ likes kids who think they’re cool, and really aren’t . . . would like to own a record and recorder store . . . would like to be in construction . . . usually found anyAvhere with Vinny, Paul and Ron . . . remembers with happiness summer and winter of ‘70’ . . . favorite saying is “Ya! Sure!” . . . follows the philosophy “Don’t take life for granted, because that’s when it can go wrong.” ACTIVITIES: Driver Education 3. Diane Driscoll 126 Royal Court Franklin “Di” Outgoing . . . wants to be rich, happy, and loved . . . fond memories of that date in February, 1970 . . . has a rather bad temper . . . would love to become a Medical Secretary . . . hates tuna fish . . . Frequently seen with Mike or at First National . . . “Be friendly and you will make friends easily.” ACTIVITIES: French Club 1 . . . Dance Committees 1,2 .. . Grand March 3 . . . Driv¬ er Ed. 3. John J. Driscoll 487 Pond Street Franklin “Jonie” Wants to make writing his career . . . likes going places where he can goof off . . . detests unnecessary accidents . . . Joe, Mike, Ron, and Tom are his usual sidekicks . . . Proud that he has never hooked on drugs” . . . Summer of 1970 . . . “Don’t waste time holding grudges.” ACTIVITIES: Oskey 4. Roberta Lynn Donovan 405 Patridge Street Franklin “Dunny” “The best things in life are free, why spend money? . . . outgoing with hints of a bad temper . . . disturbed with two faced people . . . has hopes of going to N. E. and be¬ coming a dental technician . . . March 14, and October 17, 1970 . . . Never found at home but with D.B., L.S. M.S., D.R., P.H., D.D., and gang . . . “That’s so wicked!” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2 .. . Pep Club 4 . . . Drama Club 1,3,4 . . . Drill Team 1,2,3 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3 . . . Grand March 3 . . . J.V. Basketball 2 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 1,2,4. Marsha Elizabeth Dow 1311 West Central St. Franklin “Maha” “When I was born I wept and others around me smiled. Let me live my life so when I die, others around me will weep and I can smile” . . . Silverlake ’68 . . . Always with Gerry, Sharon, Billie Lee, Dale, Jerry, Doris, and gang . . . Wants to live a happy and useful life . . . Well rounded but a bit gullible . . . “Oh! really!” . . . hates being teased ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1 . . . Chorus 1,2,3,4 . . . Pep Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Drill Team 1,2 .. . Dance Committees 1,2 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . Intramurals 2,3 . . . Driver Ed. 2,3 .. . Oskey 3,4. Laura Ann Dubowski 31 Mackintosh Street Franklin Vivicious . . . secretly dreams of being an actress . . . always misplacing something . . . detests “websterosity” in conversation . . . can be found running around . . . “Are you kidding” . . . companions are Kathy and many others . . . special memories include Prom ’70, June 27, and January 30 . . . hopes to always be happy . . . “Regret is the cancer of life.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,4 .. . French Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4 . . . Pep Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Future Teachers Club 2,3,4 . . . National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 1,2,4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Grand March 3,4 .. . Senior Class Play 4 . . . J.V. Basketball Mgr. 1 . . . Cheerleading 3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club Secretary 3.4. Billie Lee Ann Fennel 18 Short Street Franklin “Billie” Poised . . . confesses she cracks her knuckles . . . pet peeve are bugs . . . has a suppressed wish to be loved and happy . . . hopes to become a secretary . . . New Year’s Eve 1969 is her favorite memory . . . most used expression “poor me” . . . enjoys com¬ panionship of E.K., M.D., G.Y., and “the family” . . . can usually be found looking for a job. Frances Evelyn Ferioli 951 Pond Street Franklin “Fran” Able to make quick judgments . . . always remembers first meeting with a special friend . . . freedom will always be within her reach, she hopes . . . abhors ill mannered and ignorant people . . . “Existence is the state of physical being; life is the shaping of a better tomorrow” . . . always found in business wing . . . sometimes is too quick in making decisions . . . pals around with Beverly, Marion and Phyllis . . . “To each his own” . . . hopes she’ll leave this earth a happy person. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 2. Sheila Finnegan 20 Mill Street Franklin Orderly and neat . . . dreams of becoming a free lance painter ... is peeved by dis¬ honesty . . . enjoys the companionship of whoever she is with . . . remembers the sum¬ mer of ’69 . . . can be found at home . . . “Really?” . . . “live life to the fullest” is her motto. Victoria Theresa Fowler 27 Sunset Road Franklin “Vickie” Sincere and honest . . . doubtful . . . “You’re a nut” . . . secretly dreams of walk¬ ing down the aisle and crossing the threshold of happiness with Barry . . . pet peeve is people who don’t care . . . hopes to graduate from Mass General Hospital . . . usually found with Barry . . . other companions include Sandy, Cathy . . . May 2, 1970 is a special memory . . . “Love is the fruit of life, thank God you can be a part of his orchard.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club corresponding secretary 1,2 .. . Chorus 1,2,3,4 . . . Future Nurses Club 3,4 . . . Drama Club 1,2 .. . Grand March 3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 3. Deborah A. Fralin 21 Sunset Road Franklin “Debbie’ r Will always be remembered as our F.H.S. panther . . . hopes to teach Physical Educa¬ tion . . . good athlete . . . chums are her Sunday Football Team . . . cannot tolerate conceited people . . . always saying “Well, all right!!” . . . temper, temper . . . located in her car . . . would love to live in an apartment with all her pals . . . “You should live your days one by one, and never worry about what’s to come.” ACTIVITIES: Panther Mascot . . . Pep Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4 . . . Future Teachers Club 2,3,4 . . . Drama Club 4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . J.V. Field Hockey 2,3, Varsity 4 . . . J. V.Basketball 1,2, Varsity 3,4 .. . Softball 1,2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff Photography Editor . . . Driver Ed. 2,3 .. . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3 . . . Ski Club 3,4. Edward A. Frongillo, Jr. 519 Coronation Drive Franklin “Eddie” “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand” . . . found at Art’s, Soccer practice or with Arthur, Tom, and Gary . . . wants to score a goal . . . dislikes undedicated people . . . wants to better mankind and his environment . . . remembers receiving the Eagle award ...“Mankind is a system with a system. Love makes mankind work; nature, if allowed, will make the total system work. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 2,3, Vice Pres. 4 . . . Chess Club 3,4 . . . Varsity Soccer 4 . . . Math Club 4 . . . Grand March 3 . . . Yearbook Staff . . . Intramurals 2 . . . Driver Ed. 3. Richard Wayne Fraser 295 West Central Street Franklin “Rick” “Be yourself’ . . . found in his car . . . dreams of inheriting a gold mine . . . hopes to be a photographer or architect . . . friends include Mark, John, Gregg, and Frank . . . likes to remember Rome, Italy . . . sense of humor . . . likes his hair long . . . detests people who think they are better than others . . . “What time does this class get over!” ACTIVITIES: Grand March 4 . . . Senior Class Play 4 . . . J.V. Baseball 1 . . . Driver Ed. . . . Ski Club 3, Team 3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff. Rosanne Fitzgerard 376 Maple Street Franklin One of the most understanding members of our class . . . pet peeve is apathy . . . often heard saying “Don’t worry about it” ... at times may be located in the Dentists’ Office or with Fran, Cathy. Donna, Carla, and Margaret . . . Say less, do more. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4 . . . Latin Club 1,2,3, and 4 vice president of . . . Pep Club 2,3, and 4, treasurer of . . . Future Teachers Club 3,4, vice president National Honor Society 2,3,4 . . . Dance Committees 1,2,3 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 3 . . . Prom Committee 3. Lois Ann Floyd 489 Lincoln Street Franklin “Lo” “Smile” . . . has a sense of humor . . . dreams of traveling . . . wants to enjoy life to the fullest . . . dislikes pe ople who try to run your life . . . feels she talks too much . . . found behind the wheel . . . “He that is slow to anger is abundant in discernment, but one that is impatient is exalting in foolishness.” ACTIVITIES: Driver Education 3. Kathleen Joyce Fitzmorris 824 Lincoln Street Franklin “Kathy” Like many, would love to meet all the Bruins . . . “I’m going for a walk” . . . annoyed when people misspell her name...will never forget the day B.B. won the Stanley Cup . . . close friends are Alex and Paula . . . usually found with animals or reading . . . likes to eat . . . hopes to be an Elementary teacher . . . “Animals are friendlier and nicer than most people.” ACTIVITIES: Future Teachers Club 4 . . . Driver Education 3,4. Barry Edward Foster 222 Mai n Street Foxboro Honest and stubborn . . . hates to get out of bed in the morning . . . secretly dreams of skydiving . . . hopes to be a social worker . . . likes to remember the Cape ’70 . . . favorite expression “this is true” . . . companions include Vickie, Dennis Dave, Mike, and the guys . . . usually found with Vickie—at her house or the House of Pizza . . . feels that “he who has no wish to be happier is the happiest of men.” ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 1 . . . Grand March 3,4 . . . Baseball, J.V. 1 . . . Outdoor Track 3,4 .. . Driver Education 3 . . . Ski Club 3,4. Stephen Mark Gannon 5 Flynn Road Franklin “Gan-gan” Quiet . . . admits his vice is smoking . . . has a secret desire to quit work . . . can usually be found somewhere up town . . . hopes to someday get his license . . . favorite companions include Steve and the “up town” crowd. Tony E. Gargiulo 1 Tyson Road Franklin “Cooch” “The bigger they are the better” . . . has aversions towards Hoss’s jokes . . . plans to walk cross country with Hoss . . . good natured . . . another procrastinator . . . wants to go to college . . . “You fool” is a favorite phrase . . . remembers Freshman Ac¬ quaintance Dance of ’70 . . . favorite companions include Gizz, Haber, Hoss, Pie, Tish, Fish, Hog, and Mr. Pax . . . Most often will be located at Hog’s ping pong arena. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2 . . . Latin Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Weightlifting Club 3,4 . . . Dance Committees 2,3 .. . Grand March 4 . . . Cross Country 3,4 .. . Indoor Track 3,4 .. . Outdoor Track 3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Driver Ed. 3,4 .. . Oskey 4. Shirley J. Garrity 12 Sahlin Circle Franklin “McGarrett” Seems to put too many things off until tomorrow. . . . witty and friendly . . . “Yeah, right” is a favorite phrase . . . will never forget her Junior and Senior years . . . Lynn, Karen, Margaret, and the Field Hockey Team are her buddies . . . found either at home or at practice . . . not too fond of oral reports . . . wants to graduate from college. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 3,4 . . . Pep Club 4 . . . Varsity Field Hockey 4 . . . J.V. Field Hockey 3 . . . J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity 3,4 .. . Softball 1,2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Staff 4 . . . Intramurals 1,2,3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 3 . . . Oskey 4 . . . Prom Committee 3. Timothy Paul Geromini 123 Cottage Street Franklin “Tim” Athletic . . . hates to lose . . . chews his fingernails . . . has a suppressed desire to catch a 100 yard pass . . . hopes to be a major league baseball player . . . “Let’s go!” . . . buddies include Hoss, Lampy, and Taters . . . likes to remember August 9, 1969 . . . can be found at The Moon . . . “What you see is what you get.” ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3,4 . . . Spanish Club 2 . . . Dance Committees 4 . . . J.V. Football 2,3, Varsity 4 . . . J.V.Baseball 2, Varsity 3,4 . . . Driver Ed. 3. Ronald M. Gibeault 256 Union Street Franklin “Ronnie” Artistic.. .admits to a jealous nature. . .detests conceited girls.. August 24, 1970...“Oh wow”.. .suppressed desire to see Europe in a be a commercial artist.. .always with Lorraine, Hawks, Steve, Keith.. .. .“Life is happiness and happiness is love.” happily remembers VW bus.. .plans to .often at the corral Linda Diane Golden 14 Island Road Franklin “Goldie” Blue eyes... most happy-go-lucky.. .dislikes grouches.. .has a suppressed desire to live by the sea...will always remember April 24, 1970.. .most enjoys the companionship of Jack, Lynn, Kath, and J.T.P.. . .usually found at football games, in Connecticut, at the moon, and behind the wheel.. .feels that “Hap piness is the only thing we can give without having.” ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 4... Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3... Senior Class Play 4.. .J. V. Field Hockey 2,3,4.. .Softball 2,3.. .Yearbook Staff 4. Susan Goldenberg 616 Washington Street Franklin “Soozie” Honesty is her virtue.. .admits to being disorganized. . .would secretly like to take over the PA system at annoyed by teachers who skreech their chalk...her special memory is June 1, 1970.. .favorite expression, “It’s a communist plot!”.. .usually found with Ellen and Susan.. .believes that “Life is absurd. You have to find and then develop your own meaning.” Margaret E. Grant 420 Beverly Road Franklin Good-natured.. .her favorite companions include the entire class of ‘71’ and Muffie, and Chody.. .likes to remember the summer of ‘70’...plans to join the Peace Corps.. .pet peeve is her freckles.. .would like to discover a “freckle-free” formula.. .believes “Every¬ one should live for today, for yesterday is but the past, and tomorrow is but the future.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Spanish Club 3... Future Teachers Club 2,3,4... Art Club 2...Senior Class Play 4.. .Varsity Field Hockey 3... Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 2,3.. .Driver Ed. 3.. .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Gary Douglas Graves 101 Marvin Avenue Franklin “Jerome” Even tempered.. .feels he is to inflexible.. .dislikes back-slappers. . .has a secret am¬ bition to box professionally.. .likes to remember one March night.. .enjoys the company of Tom, Ed, Dave, Steve, and Sam. . .usually found at Brunelli’s.. .thinks one should “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Ernest Griswold 46 Conlyn Avenue Franklin “Ernie” Has a suppressed desire to see the country. . .dislikes big people picking on little peo¬ ple... hopes to be an art teacher.. .confesses his vice is smoking.. .favorite saying is “Oh, brother not again”.. .can always be found eating. Kathryn Dees Haagensen : |jj 270 Pond Street Franklin “Kath” Non-conformist.. .pet peeve is hypocrites.. .her goal is to be content with herself and life... will always remember the day she moved to Franklin. . .frequently frets, “It hasn’t been my day all week!”.. .favorite friends include Donna, Cathy, Rosanne, Fran, Linda, and Debbie...her philosophy is to “Take people and life as they are and make the best of it”... ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...Chorus 1,2,3,4. . .Pep Club 1,3,4...Band 3,4. . .Student Council 1,2... Drama Club 1,2,3,4.. .Art Club 1,2... Dance Committees 3,4... Grand March 3.. .5enior Class Play Assistant Director and Business Manager 4...Varsity Field Hockey 1.. .Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 1,2,3,4... Driver Ed. 2,3...Prom Committee Co- Chairman 3.. .Ski Club 3,4.. .Ski Team 4.. .Psychology Club 4. Frances Hagopian 41 Cottage Street Franklin “Fran” Diligent and irrepressible. . .annoyed by reactionaries.. .has a suppressed desire to lead Women’s Lib...likes to remember football games and Primary Day 1970...most enjoys the companionship of Donna, Sudsy, Sally and Rosanne.. .favorite expression is “That’s so bourgeois”. . .can usually be found at F.H.S. and on the phone with Donna... “Be in¬ formed, be involved, and be yourself.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3, Associate Editor 4...Latin Club 1, Treas., 2,3, Pres. 4, JCL...French Club l...Pep Club 3,4.. .National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Senior Class Play 4.. .J. V. Field Hockey 1...Softball Mgr. 1,2.. .Cheerleading 2,3, Capt. 4...Yearbook Staff Literary Editor 4. . .Intramurals 1...Driver Ed. 3...Prom Committee 3.. .Chess Club 3,4.. .Ski Club 3,4. Royce Lee Harding Jordon Road Franklin “Roycee” Shines in athletics.. .confesses she has a temper. peeve is nervousness before a game... holds a suppressed desire to run in the Olympics. . .hopes to graduate from col¬ lege a math major. . .will always remember freshman year. . .favorite companions include the team, D.G.R., and Bernice. . .continually says “Hey”... can always be found at prac¬ tice.. .believes that you should “Try your best and that is all people can expect.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 3,4...Dance Committees l,----Grand March 2,3...J. V. Field Hockey 2, Varsity 3, Co-Capt. 4...J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity 2,3,4. . .Softball 1 Capt., 2,3,4 ...Yearbook Staff Girls Sports Editor... Intramurals 1,2...Driver Ed. 3...Chess Team 3 Sec., 4.. .Math Club 4. Brian R. Hare 166 Longhill Road Franklin “Whirlpool” Sincere.. .says his vice is seeking perfection.. .is annoyed by people who take advantage of others.. .would secretly like to someday ride a white charger and save the world... goal is to play college basketball.. .can usually be found on a basketball court.. .philosophy is “It is no disgrace to fall in a mud puddle, but it is a disgrace to lie there.” ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2,3,4.. .Student Council Constitution Committee Chairman 4 ...National Honor Society 3,4...Drama Club 4...Cross Country 2...J.V. Basketball 1,2, Varsity 3,4 Capt.. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3...Marshall 4...Chess Club 3,4... Math Club 4. Kay Susan Hambridge 20 Colt Road Franklin “Tank” Considerate and sensitive. . .says impatience is her vice...has a suppressed desire to take off for Toronto. . .hopes to be an elementary school teacher or a social worker... happily remembers July 21, 1970.. .prefers the company of Renee and Steve. ..most often found writing letters back home...feels “There is a better side to everything and every¬ one; it’s just sometimes harder to find it in some.” Virginia Ann Hanson 71 Anchorage Road Franklin “Buff” Enjoy being a Scorpio.. .Dislikes a certain P.E. teacher.. .would like to be an airline stewardess.. .likes to remember Mr. Crowley’s math class.. .her favorite companions are Jackie, Kathy, Debbie, and Jerry...can be found most anywhere.. .says “To be happy is to be high.” Donna Rae Hartmann 106 Summer Street Franklin Dependable.. .always worrying.. .dislikes close-minded people...has a suppressed desire to overcome her insecurity. . .hopes to reach all of the goals she has set for herself... happily remembers Rob and Hilda and the Junior Prom.. .her favorite companions in¬ clude Fran, Rosanne, David, Dean, Kathy, Colleen, Mary, and Berties.. .continually says “I don’t have time!”. . .usually found at F.H.S. and on the phone with Fran.. .philosophy is “Whenever you are sitting on top of the world, don’t forget it rotates every 24 hours.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening, Freshman Staff Editor 1,2, Activities Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4...Latin Club 1, Exec. Sec. 2,3,4...Pep Club 2,3,4. .. National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Drama Club 1, Pres. 2...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4... Yearbook Editor. . .Driver Ed. 3,4...Prom Committee 3... Psychology Club 4. Michael Healey 25 Thayer Street Franklin “Mike” Friendly.. .dislikes homework.. .would like to own a fast car...will never forget the day he got electrocuted. . .enjoys the companionship of Allen and Walt. . .favorite expres¬ sion “Get on it”.. .usually found hanging around. . .philosophy is “Don’t trouble trouble ’til trouble troubles you, except if there’s more than one.” ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3. ..Driver Ed. 3. Debra Harrington 101 Brook Street Franklin “Debbie” Can always understand. . .confesses her vice is fingernail peeve is people who start to say something and never finish...has a suppressed desire to get married... would like to become a missionary. . .favorite memory is her trip to Mexico.. .enjoys the company of Janet, Ann, Lois, Helen, and Grama.. .feels that “As apples of gold in silver carvings, is a word spoken at the right time.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3. ..Driver Ed. 2,3. Richard Frank Haskell 1019 West Central Street Franklin “Dick” Honest and reliable.. .pet peeve is midi and maxi skirts...has a secret desire to be a major league baseball player.. .hopes to discover what he wants to do.. .favorite friends are Bob, Ernie, and Vincent.. .always saying “Can’t win ’em all”... usually found at Mammoth Mart...feels “A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.” ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 2.. .Driver Education. Leslee K. Heath 413 Beverly Road Franklin “Les” Has a suppressed desire to get to the moon on time. . .pet peeve is white sox. . .hopes to be a dental hygienist.. .happily remembers September 10...the members of the senior class are her favorite companions. . .can usually be found at the Dean dorms.. .feels “to love is nothing, to be loved is something, and to love and be loved is everything.” ACTIVITIES: Drama 3...Cooking Club 3...French Club 3...Pep Club 3. . .Marshall 3 .. .Yearbook 4.. .Drama 4. Mary Denise Hickey 235 Pond Street Franklin “Hie” Outstanding athlete.. .admits to being lazy... is annoyed by people who are never on time...has a suppressed desire to get straight A’s...hopes to go to college.. .will always remember Junior and Senior years.. .enjoys the companionship of Shirley, Margaret. Deb, Berties, Bergs, Roycee, Muffy, and the Sunday football team. . .favorite expression is “you jerk”.. .usually found at practice. . .“Listen or thy tongue will make thee deaf.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 3,4...Pep Club 3,4. . .Future Teachers Club 3,4...Drama Club 1.2.. .Dance Committees 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Field Hockey 1, Varsity 2,3, Co- Capt. 4...J.V. Basketball Co-Capt. 1, Varsity 2,3,4. . .Softball 1,2,3,4.. .Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 2,3,4. .. Driver Ed. 3...0skey 4... Prom Committee 3... Ski Club 4. David Ronald Helmuth 82 Beaver Street Franklin “Dave” Always good to the girls.. .dislikes English. . .hopes to be an architect. . .will always remember the summer of 1970. . .enjoys the company of Sherry, Bonnie, Cindy, Keith, and Gary. ..can usually be found at work... his philosophy is simply “be yourself.” Charles J. Herren 48 Summer Street Franklin “Charlie” or “Red” Hair is his peeve is the draft and haunting people...has a suppressed desire to find himself.. .would like to live in Saucalito or a commune. .. enjoys the com¬ pany of Paula, Smitty, Ricky, and Satan (his cat)...says “I forgot” continually. . .can usually be found with Paula. . .his philosophy is “Do it.” Paul Lawrence Howell 620 West Central Street Franklin Dislikes school. . .would like to own an auto body shop...the summer of 1970, is his favorite memory.. .prefers the company of Dennis, Scott, John, Bob, and Jack...“You ding-a-ling” is his favorite expression. . .can usually be found working. Paul Vincent Hurd 1359 West Central Street Franklin “Hurdy” or “Gritty” Friendliness. . .admits to being bashful.. .pet peeve is book reports. . .has a suppressed sire to own a vette. . .would like to be a mechanic. . .will always remember Mr. George’s iss...enjoys company of David, Brian, Maynard, Albert, and Gary. . .usually found at rore’s garage.. .“Live every day to its fullest.” Stephen T. Impey 732 King Street Franklin “Steve” or “Imp” Finds great strength in having long hair...hates to have his haircut.. .his sister Pat annoys him... would love to be six feet tall... plans to become an architect.. .will always remember the summer of 1970.. .favorite companions are Kathy, Larry, Bob, and Ricky... usually found with Kathy.. .lives by the thought “Enjoy life now because you only live once. Gudrun Ulrike Hildebrandt Dailey Drive Franklin “Gudi” Her accent is her virtue. . .dislikes plastic people and gossip... has a secret desire to be a mermaid.. .hopes to become a psychiatrist. . .happily remembers meeting Marty... everyone is her favorite companion.. .can usually be found working at Mammoth Mart... “This is a world of competition and the only way to be happy is to be yourself.” 70 Cynthia Ann Ingraham 457 King Street Franklin “Cindy” or “Tweak” “Don’t do in the dark what you’d be ashamed of in the light”. . .friends are her mother, Anita, Luann, Stephanie, R.P., M.T., C.B., Sandy, Mortz, and the gang...looks back on Greg Dellorco and June 20, 1970...can’t stand Bob’s evasiveness, insects, liver, and gym class. . .hopes to find an interesting job and stay single. . .vice is yellow trucks... always friendly and always saying “Tis I chickenhood.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4. .. Commercial Club 4...Spanish Club 1...Dance Com¬ mittees 1,4...Grand March 4...Senior Class Play 4.. .Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 3,4.. .Psychology Club 4. Robert H. Jackson 1196 West Central Street Franklin “Bob” Time is spent looking for something to do... honest and friendly. . .pals are Rick, Steve, and Ernie.. .habit of taking instant dislike.. .won’t forget June 6, 1969...“You never finish your education, even when you die you find out “What is truth?”.. .aspires to abolish math from school. . .irritated by fifth period English class.. .wants to work across country. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 2,3. George Bion Joannides 11 Rolling Ridge Road Franklin “Jack” or “Greek” Buddies are Linda G., Rock, Reag, Mucci, Alan, and all the guys...loves to say “Baby” ...bothered by girls who smoke. . .thinks “If it can wait till later, it can wait”... usually found on an athletic field. ..fondly remembers Nov. 15, 1969 through the Spring of 1970.. . ambition is to make $40,000 a year.. .carefree but lazy...aim is not to be jealous. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 2,3,4. . .French Club 2... Student Council Pres. 4... Drama Club.. .Grand March. . .Senior Class Play. . .Varsity Football 1,2,3,4.. .Indoor Track 2...Varsity Baseball 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2...0skey 4... Prom Committee 3.. .Ski Team 3,4.. .Ski Club 3,4. Laurel Louise Keefe 150 Main Street Franklin “Lou” Desires to specialize in work with children. . .pals are Joanne, Luann, Cathy, Jane, Carla, Laddie, K.K., Berta, Annmarie, Rosanne, and the guys.. .Summer of “69”... sometimes impatient.. .found mostly with the gang...irked by loud people.. .would love to travel through Africa.. .declares “O.K. you guys”...“The monuments of wit survive tne monuments of power.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2,3,4. . .Spanish Club 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3...Future Teachers Club 4 Pres... .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 2...Senior Class Play 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2,3...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3...Ski Club Treas. 3,4. Ann Louise Kutil 90 Regent Circle Franklin Favorite expression is “Beats me, I don ? t know”.. .found either at home or at Soraya’s house. ..despises waking up on Monday mornings. . .honest and quiet. . .wishes she could find a job. . .hest friends are Penny, Soraya, Pam, Pat, Cindy, and Kathy. . .favorite memory is August 1969.. .plans someday to be in the Army Corps. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 4...Nurses Club 3,4...Driver Education 3. Jane Ann Kelleher 551 Maple Street Franklin “Janie” Annoyed by younger sisters who are taller than she. . .recollects the Spring of “68”... eager to teach young children.. .motto is “When all else fails follow directions.”. . .often found lost in the crowd. . .companions are Ann, Carla, Berties, Mary, Rosanne, Margaret, and Laurel.. .often says “Gee”.. .very quiet. . .dreams of traveling all over the world. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2,3,4. . .Future Teachers Club 4...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4... Senior Class Play 4. . .J.V. Field Hockey 2,4. . .Softball 1. . .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 1.. .Driver Ed. 3.. .Prom Committee 3. Kathy Jane King 13 Southgate Road Franklin “Kee” Frequently caught in a hurry. . .loves to say “You know what?”...“He that is of merry heart hath a continuous feast.”.. .special memory is Feb. 11, 1970. ..pals are Jean-Pierre and Laura. . .virtue is happiness. . .hates ragweed. .. loves to Tango in Boston Common... vice is confusion. . .anxious to travel. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1...French Club 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4...Span¬ ish Club 2, Treas. 3, Vice-Pres. 4...National Honor Society 3,4...Drill Team 3...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4... J.V. Field Hockey 1... Driver Ed. 2,3... Prom Committee 3. Arthur Paul Kotros 139 Beech Street Franklin “Art” Football practice heads the list of his pet peeves.. .desires to be rich. . .favorite com¬ panions include Bill, Dick, Finnie, and Lin...can usually be found at the moon. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 3,4.. .Varsity Football 4.. .J.V. Football 1...J.V. Basketball 1, J.V. Baseball 1. 72 William Lampasona 385 Union Street Franklin “Lamp” Generally found in his Firebird. . .lives by the saying “Happiness is the spice of life”. .. craves having the fastest car in town.. .enjoys Friday and Saturday bothered by football practice.. .seeks to be rich.. .buddies are Art, Paul, Bob, Mark, Joe, Dick, Finny, Getch. . .favorite saying is “What’s happening?” ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 3,4...J.V. Football 1,2,3, Varsity 4...J.V. Baseball 2... Driver Ed. 3.. .J. V. Baseball 1. Donna J. Landry 816 Lincoln Street Franklin “Make someone happy and you’ll be happy, too.”. ..longs to live a meaningful and happy life.. .admits to being over sensitive. . .friendly.. .always remembers the weekend of Oct. 10, 1970. . .special friends are Mike, Linda Leahan, Karen Cushmen, Donnie Terhune, and Donna Cregg.. .usually found writing to Mike. . .dislikes false accusations. . .eager to work with the airlines. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...French Club 1,2...Pep Club 1,2...Drama Club 1,2... Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 4...Senior Class Play 4... Yearbook Staff 4... Intramurals 1,2. . .Driver Ed. 2. . .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Mary Elaine Lang 14 Queen Street Franklin “Mary” Enjoys the company of good people.. .likes to say “Rite”.. .desires to own a Pinto... occupies time in a white Comet with Bob. . .annoyed with people who think they’re above everyone else. . .very modest. . .hopes to graduate. . .sometimes weak. ..thinks “Live for today tomorrow may never come.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2...Pep Club 1,2. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3, Linda F. Leahan 841 Lincoln Street Franklin “Lily” Virtue is happiness. . .longs to go to NO for Dorn’s graduation. . .wants to be a L.P.N. ...cherished memory June 13, 1969...hates people who start rumors. . .“Live today in the right way, so tomorrow you won’t regret”. . .says “Ya, I don’t care”.. .found with Dom... sometimes late. . .companions are Dom, D.L., D.D.. .. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2...Dance Committees 1,2,3 4.. .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Softball 1...Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 1...Driver Ed. 3...Oskey 4 .. .Prom Committee 3. Christine Marie Lewis 31 Southgate Road Franklin “Chris” Special memories are the summer of ’69 May 2, 1970...longs to get married.. .was grieved by Freshman and Sophomore Art classes.. .bad habit is smoking.. .takes con¬ fidence in knowing that she’ll wake up every morning and be alive.. .hopes to be a model ...favorite friends are Bobby, Brenda, Butch, and the kids from Wrentham. . .“All men are created equal no matter what they may be.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3...Drill Team 3,4, Color guard capt. 4...Grand March 1,2,3,4.. .Intramurals 4. . .Driver Ed. 2,3. .. Marilyn Jean LoGrasso 12 Dartmouth Franklin Pals are Vicki, Sue, Sally, Fran, Debbie.. .would love to drive her brother’s motorcycle ...always willing to work for something.. .frequently found ringing a cash register at Star Market. ..looks back on trips to New Hampshire Florida. . .despises cleaning her finger¬ nails. . .hopes to teach elementary school... loves to say “Cut it out”...“Give someone a warm smile and a friendly word. It’s bound to be returned.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4...French Club 1,2,3,4. . .Pep Club 3,4...Band 1,2,3... Future Teachers Club 2,4. . .National Honor Society 3,4...Drama Club 1,2...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 2,3,4.. .Driver Ed. 2,3...0skey 2,3,4...Ski Club 3,4. Bryan Todd Lister 98 Pine Ridge Drive Franklin “A smile conquers all troubles.”.. .wishes to find enjoyment.. .aspires to play football ...very considerate but hesitant. . .irritated by boredom and rainy weather.. .always re¬ members August 15, 1970. . .buddies are Bob and Brian.. .declares “I don’t know!”¬ ways smiling. ACTIVITIES: French Club 3,4. . .National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Intramurals 3... Driver Ed. 3,4.. .Swim Team 4. Rose Marie Lomberto 92 Pleasant Street Franklin “Rosie” Honest. . .confesses her vices are smoking and nail-biting.. .can’t take people who think they are better than others...has a suppressed desire to graduate from F.H.S... .wants to become an L.P.N... .April 6, 1968 and May 9, 1970 are her favorite memories...enjoys company of Denise, Debbie, and Patti. . .continually says “flake off’. . .can usually be seen riding around.. .feels that “If you can’t sing, you can play, and if you can’t play you can still listen.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 1... Commercial Club 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3. 74 ■5HB55 Roberta Jeanne Lougee 41 School Street Franklin “Berties” or “Berta” Her expression is “Well, all right!”.. .desires to take a conservative viewpoint and have an all out debate with Tom peeves are a P.C. freshman and J.D.. . .usually caught jumping to conclusions. . .would like to become a nurse.. .believes “The reward of duty is the power to fulfill another.”.. .found usually at practice.. .favorite friends are Donna H., Carla, Regina, Sharon B., Hick, Deb, Kath, Laurel, Margaret, Jane, and the Sunday football team. . .likes to think of summer of ’69—fall of ’70. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3...Latin Club 1...French Club 2,3. . .Pep Club 1,2,3,4 ...Future Nurses Club 3,4...Drama Club 1,2, Sec....Dance Committees 1,2,3,4; Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Field Hockey 3, Co-Capt., Varsity 4...J.V. Bas¬ ketball 2, Varsity 3,4.. .Softball 2,3...Girls Tennis 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 2,3.. .Driver Ed. 3.. .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. . .Ski Club 4. Brian Michael Luszcz Spring Street Franklin “Brian” Drives too fast. . .yearns to fly across the country. . .teachers with beards annoy him... polite and considerate.. .“To succeed is everything and if you don’t do it the first time forget it—it won’t work again the second time.”.. .best remembers Mrs. Brown’s Junior English class and Mr. Gray’s Junior Consumer Economics class.. .chums with Bob, Ernie, Ron, and Albert.. .ambition is to get his pilot’s license and own a small plane. . .usually found at the Norfolk Airport. ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 1. . .Driver Ed. 2,3,4. David Sherman Mackintosh 24 East Street Franklin “Dave” Easy-going.. .quiet.. .hates English class... has a secret desire to own a dune buggy ...likes to remember Driver Education with Mr. Gormley.. .favorite friends include Linda, Barry, John, John, Dave, Jim, and the Soccer Team...can usually be found with Linda or out hunting. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...Cross Country 2...J.V. Basketball 1...Indoor Track 2. . .Yearbook Staff 4.. .Driver Ed. 2. . .Soccer 4. Sandra Jean Manchester 702 Oak Street Franklin “Sandy” Special saying is “Are you Kidding?”. ..pals are Vickie and the members of the Central District Chorus of 1970...found anywhere except where she’s supposed to be.. .philosophy is “Without life you cannot love; without love you cannot live”.. .trustworthy.. .wishes to compose and rvrite her own songs. .. worries too much...hates snobbish people.. .would love to travel around the world.. .will always cherish Sept. 25, 1969. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2,3,4.. .Yearbook Staff 4... Driver Education 3. Stephen Douglas Manchester 702 Oak Street Franklin “Man” Favorite memory is the day he soloed—May 3, 1970. ..Special friends are Kathy and all members of his Sr. Math class. . .believes “A sound mind is a sound body.”. . .can gen¬ erally be found lifting weights.. .favorite expression is “For crying out loud.”.. .hopes someday to be a pilot for the airlines.. .has a passion to play football.. .can’t get up in the morning.. .hates 6 o’clock in the morning.. .virtue is self determination. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Cross Country 2...J.V. Basketball 2... Indoor Track 4...J.V. Baseball 2...Outdoor Track 4...Driver Education 2. Joanne Elizabeth Mann 4 Maple Street Franklin Honest and frank. . .hopes to loose 20 lbs. someday. . .for some reason would love to spend any weekend in Schenectady.. .hates to say good-bye.. .loves to laugh.. .believes herself to be an impatient individual. . .“Oh brother!”.. .will always remember March 7, 1970. . .favorite companions are B.P., L.M., C.C., L.D., L.K., and C.M....“The best way out is through”... ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Treas.. . .Spanish Club 2,3,4.. .Student Council 4... National Honor Society 3,4...Dance Committees 1,2...Grand March 3...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Basketball 1,2...Tennis 2,3,4.. .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3...Prom Committee 3...Ski Club 3,4. Michael Reid Mann Mount Street Franklin “Genghis” “All men are brothers and should be treated as such”.. .often finds himself a bit too disorganized.. .despises English class. . .wants to become a professional surfer. . .has hopes of attending University of Hawaii. . .favorite saying, “Yeah, right!”.. .often known for quietness. . .remembers June 28, 1970. ..Seventh House or Boston Tea Party are favorite pastimes.. .companions, Chris M., Lorraine B., David M., Tom M., Norman B. Luann Carol Marcolini 34 Cottage Street Franklin A girl with a large heart...gets upset when others judge by appearances. . .will forever remember April 25, 1969, and April 24, and 25 1970. . .spends a lot of her time rushing around.. .hates being a procrastinator. . .plans to write something worthwhile.. .has a secret ambition to live in a castle.. .very often replies with “Oh, brother!”.. .accomplices in numerous activities are J.M., C.C., L.D., L.K., K.K., B.R., C.M... .believes that, “If there were no clouds, we would not enjoy the sun.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4...Latin Club 2,3,4. . .French Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4... National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 1,2... Grand March 3... Senior Class Play 4...Tennis 3...Yearbook Staff 4. . .Driver Education 3...Prom Com¬ mittee 3...J.V. Basketball 1. 76 V.;A Donna McCarthy 213 Conlyn Avenue Franklin “Never look back on life—always ahead; life’s not what you remember of the past, but what you make of the future.. .would love to relive the girls field hockey games and the summer of ’70...would like to be a fashion coordinator or buyer.. .usually found with Linda, Janet, Sudsy and the gang. . .favorite saying is “Unreal!”.. .detests people who lie ...has a passion for travel. . .vice is stubbornness.. .is known to be very understanding. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...French Club 1,2...Pep Club 3,4...Dance Committees 1,2...Grand March 3...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Field Hockey 2,3.. .Freshman Field Hockey 1...Freshman Basketball Team 1...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2...0skey 4. Dorothea Rachael McClanahan 349 Union Street Franklin “Doris” Friendly yet often stubborn.. .plans to get all out of life that she annoyed with slow people.. .favorite memory is of the summer of ’69.. .favorite companions are LG B S P B ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 1... Commercial Club 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3. Kerry Marston, Jr. 24 Sahlin Circle Franklin Despises long skirts and short bells.. .would like to become a pilot.. .Summer of ’70... happiness is his virtue. . .hates his curly hair.. .suppressed desire is to own a fast car... usually heard sa ying “I give up”. . .favorite companions are Greg and Bobby.. .found rid¬ ing around. Jeanne Marie Maycock 8 Pine Ridge Drive Franklin “Jean” Would like to become a nurse in the Navy.. .remembers the Prom of 1970...hates to see people fooling around...can be found at the apartment of Darlene and Ronnie.. .close companions are Debbie, Maryann, Janet, and Darlene. . .virtue is her friendliness. ACTIVITIES: Drill Team 1,2,3,4. . .Driver Ed. 2...Grand March 3. .. Commercial Club 4. Linda Arlene McCleary 126 Elm Street Franklin Linda Sweet and sincere. ..hopes that some day she will be able to understand what life is all about.. .irritated by lies. . .ambition is to finally decide on a major at college.. .would love to relive 1969 all over again.. .closest accomplices are Peter, Anne, Sue, Linda, Donna, Frances, and Patti. . .worries too much...“Ob, do you think so?”. .. Dreams are for those who sleep. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 1,2,3. . .Grand March 2,3...Senior Class Play 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed, 3...0skey 1,2,3,4.. .Prom Committee 3. Linda Anne McDermott 22 Parliament Drive Franklin Think of the present, for the past is just a memory and the future but a dream.. .favorite chums are Willie, Kathy, Donna, Vicki, and “our football team”.. .doesn’t like unreliable people.. .worries too much... has dreams of becoming a teacher. . .fondly remembers the summer of ’70. . .wants to be able to make her own decisions.. .often uses “That’s the way it goes” for a reply. ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Field Hockey l...Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Future Teachers Club 2,3,4. . .Intramurals 3...Driver Ed. 3...It’s Happening 3,4.. .Spanish Club 2,3...Grand March 3,4. . .Yearbook Staff 3,4...Prom Committee 3... Ski Club 4. Dean Byron McLaughlin 63 Martin Avenue Franklin “Complaining never changes anything; involvement does”. . .would like to run for School Committee. . .has high hopes of becoming President. . .vice is alienating people. . .will al¬ ways remember Primary Day, 1970...can very often be found at The Manor.. .favorites are the Pamona Men...virtue is his ability to see the views of peeve is “The Jocks.” ACTI ITIES: Latin Club 2,3,4...It’s Happening 3...Chairman of Review Board 4... Drama Club 3,4. . .Grand March 3.. .Senior Class Play 4.. .Yearbook Features Staff Editor 4...Driver Ed. 3,4...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3...MJCL 2,3, president 4...PTSA 3,4, vice-president 4...Ski Club 3,4. Robert McGinnis 172 King Street Franklin Weasal Don’t do today what you can do tomorrow. . .friendly. . .very often finds himself in trouble. . .despises homework. . .dreams of owning a fast four speed... can remember all those hours he spent at Lola’s. . .“Are you kidding?”.. .usually found anywhere but home .. .plans to enlist. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 3. Patricia Jeanne Melanson 145 Beech Street Franklin “Patty” “Don’t be sorry, be yourself’. . .virtue is her honesty. . .hates being referred to as Mark Melanson’s sister... can be found here, there, and everywhere.. .forgetfullness is her vice .. .has a suppressed desire to be free, happy, and to live on an island with a mountain.. . old friends and companions are Anne, Annie, Jeanne, Sue, A-rot, Donna, and the rest of the gang...hopes to go into criminology. . .Oct. 11, 1970. . .“Here’s the situation.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4...Pep Club...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3...J.V. Field Hockey 1...Tennis 2,3,4. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2,3... Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Renee Luckye Mendall Washington Street Franklin Has a thing about conceited people. . .would like to satisfy her dream of becoming a fashion model. . .friendly and generous. . .sidekicks are Kay, Debi, Dale, E.M., P.M.... can generally be found uptown. . .favors the saying “Is that right!”. . .hidden desire is to travel around the world...vice is loquaciousness.. .favorite memory is August, 1969... “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.” ACTIVITIES: Dance Committees 1... Grand March 3,4.. .Intramurals 1... Driver Ed. 2. Carol Ann Messere 58 Wachusett Street Franklin Feels that she worries and complains too much. . .despises apathetic people.. .would like to relive some moments of history. . .known for her generosity.. .buddies are Cathy, Luann, Joanne, Laura, Laurel, Kathy, and everyone else.. .usually found talking.. .vividly re¬ calls her Junior year and the summer of ’70. . .would enjoy doing research work in some field of biology.. .loves to say “Oh, no!”.. .“Do your best today, in order to make a better tomorrow.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3,4. . .French Club 1,2,3, Sec. 4...Pep Club 4...Spanish Club 4...Future Teachers Club 2...National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Drama Club 1,2... Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3,4... Senior Class Play 4... Tennis 2,3,4... Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3...Oskey 4...Prom Committee 3...Ski Club 3,4. Dennis Philip Mele 70 Oak Street Franklin Hates to see girls wearing midi dresses.. .hopes to go to college and major in Physical Education.. .believes he is lacking in the department of self-confidence.. .April 1, 1970.. . can generally be found with comrades Princi, Barry, and Paul... “Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.” ACTIVITIES: J.V. Football 1...Cross Country 3...J.V. Baseball 2...Outdoor Track 4... Driver Ed. 2. W I Linda Jean Miller 10 Concord Street Franklin “Lin” “Happiness is not perfect unless shared.”. . .usually found with Dave. . .virtue is her long legs.. .wishes she could stop biting her nails.. .annoyed by those who have no confidence in themselves. . .suppressed desire is to get an A in Miss Turco’s class.. .ambition is to be ambitious, not bad hmm?... often replies with “Really”. . .summer of ’70 and Senior year . . .favorite companions are “The Chooches,” Dave, and company. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4...Dance Committees 1,2,4. . .Senior Class Play 4... J.V. Field Hockey 1,2,3... J.V. Basketball 1,2.. .Softball 1...Tennis 2,3,4.. .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 4...0skey 4. Phyllis Ann Messere 37 Uncas Avenue Franklin Would love to forget giving oral book reports. . .suppressed desire is to have a lot of money...a great smiler. . .hopes to get a good job somewhere.. .favorite memory is of Florida. . .“Darn it!”.. .Usually found with Fran, Bev, and Sheila. . .“All should accept the responsibility of making their own decisions. ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 3.. .Driver Ed. 2,3. Carla Suzanne Middleton 108 Partridge Street Franklin “It‘s better to be a no one and do something than to be a someone and no nothing.”. .. usually found in a hurry. . .vividly recalls the summer of ’70... very often finds herself getting upset before hearing all the facts. . .very sincere and honest. . .annoyed when people don’t say “hi’ back.. .ambition is to be a good nurse. . .“Y’all”.. .can generally be found with any of the kids. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2,3, Sec. 4. . .Spanish Club 3, Sec. 4.. .Future Nurses Club 3,4. .. National Honor Society 2,3,4. . .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Yearbook Superlative Staff Editor.. .Driver Ed. 3...Prom Committee 3...J.V. Basketball 1. Janet Lorraine Miller 278 West Central Street Franklin “Jan” Usually found in room 116. ..has secret plans to travel and learn as much about people and the world as she can...“Think of the past, look to the future, but live for today.”... outgoing and generous.. .feels she is too impatient. . .dislikes people who don’t think or use common sense. . .memories include summer of 1970 and Martha’s Vineyard... fond saying is “Right!”.. .hopes that she’ll be as happy with life in the future as she is now.. .companions are L.B., A.M., C.C., L.F., D.H., D.F., L.K., J.K., and people she cares about. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2, Clerical Editor 3, Production Editor 4...Chorus 1,3,4... Pep Club 1,2,3,4. .. Commercial Club Pres. 4... National Honor Society 2,3,4. . .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4... Senior Class Play 4. ..J.V. Field Hockey 1, Varsity 2,3,4.. .J.V. Bas¬ ketball 1... Softball 1,2,3,4. . .Yearbook Clerical Editor.. .Driver Ed. 2,3...0skey 1,3,4... Prom Committee 3. 80 ■ ■. • : . f . i Ann Marie Morgado 517 Maple Street Franklin “Annie” “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart”. . .spends much of her time searching for something.. .wants to find out what she really wants out of life.. .admits she puts off too many things until the last minute. . .friendliness is her virtue...Suppressed desire is to discover new places and people.. .habitually states “All right, wait a minute!”.. .despises people that belittle other people.. .summer of ’70’ is her favorite memory. . .favorite com¬ panions are Bouch, Sally, Paula, MaryAnn, Laurie, Tree, Patty, Janet, Lois, and Debbie. ACTIVITIES: “It’s Happening” 2,3, Production Editor 4...Pep Club 3...National Honor Society 2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 3,4. . .Senior Class Play 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4. .. Driver Ed. 3. . .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Keith Morrison 422 Paula Lane Franklin “Cuda” Admits that he thinks too much about cars.. .believes he makes a good companion... would like to own a funny-car. . .dislikes short bellbottom pants.. .ambition is to be a computer programer. . .favorite memory is the Tuesday night before the first day of school.. .“Oh yeah, can you dig it?”.. .favorite companions are Barb, Ronnie, and Dave. .. usually seen with Barbara.. .“Do unto others, then split.” John Mitchell 420 Paula Lane Franklin “Crazy John” “Nothing is impossible—do it!”. . .usually found on the run. . .October 22, 1970...fav¬ orite comrades are Steve, Peter, Kenny.. .admits to the fact that he has a good right arm ...vice is his shyness. . .detests Latin...fond of saying “All right”. . .would like to play goalie for the N.Y. Rangers. John Moir 88 Hillside Road Franklin “Coil” Has a suppressed desire to be rich...hopes to annoyed by senior cliques... likes to remember last summer.. .finds enjoyment in the company of the Pamona men... can usually be found at the manor. David Fox Mucciarone 56 North Park Street Franklin “Mucci” or “Maddog” “If you can’t get what you want the first time, try a second time, and a third time.”... admits he has a temper...has a thing about girls with fat legs. . .usually found in a cer¬ tain Harvard dorm...hopes to own a 750 Honda. . .ambition is to live a successful life... often heard saying “Line ’em up, he says!”. . .virtue is his friendliness.. .summer of ’70 is his favorite memory.. .favorite companions are Phil, Freddie, Alan, Greek, Chief, Bud, and Stain. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1,2... French Club 1,2.. .Student Council 1,2,3,4. . .Na¬ tional Honor Society 2...Football 1,2,3,4.. .Basketball 1,2,3.. .Baseball 1,2,3,4. . .Driver Ed. 2...Prom Committee 3... Yearbook Editor. . .Marshall 1,2,3,4. Luigi Antonio Mucciarone 27 Corbin Street Franklin “Woppy” Vice is losing. . .hates getting up in the morning.. .virtue is friendliness.. .can be lo¬ cated at DeVita’s Market...has the ambition to become a basketball player.. .lives by the maxim “If it feels good by all means do it!”...will always remember August 4th 1970... favorite companions are Tim, Yates, Willi, and Steve.. .suppressed desire is to go around saying “He’s got it all.” Kathleen Mullen 16 Brushwood Hill Franklin “Kathy” Kathy’s only fault is her nervous habits.. .usually found in a green Super Bee... would like to find happiness.. .is well known for her honesty.. .philosophy is “Treat others as you would want them to treat you”. . .Always overheard saying “Wow!”.. .has the ambition to make this world a little bit better than the way she found it.. .favorite memory is the summer of 1970...Can’t stand people who talk about other usually seen with V.H., J.O., or W.P. ACTIVITIES: Driver Education 3. Margaret Ann Murch 22 East Park Street Franklin . . . . ,.. “Pfggy” Virtue is easygoing. . .vice is biting her nails.. .dislikes taking notes.. .would like to find a job she likes.. .remembers her law class of ‘69-70’ always saying “Yeah, sure”... can be found with Rose, Marie, Diane, Penny, Sandy, Charlene, L.C., or at home reading a book...wants to be a clerk typist.. .philosophy is “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1... Commercial Club 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3. Ellen Mason Newell 215 Maple St. Franklin Hardly ever found talking. . .can’t stand Mr. C’s matchmaking. . .loves working with children.. .suppressed desire is to meet her pen-pal who she’s written to for 5 years... ambition to become an art teacher. . .will never forget working at “Camp Tattapanum’ last summer. . .companions are many, near and far.. .commonly says “Really?”. . .usually found at the town library with Gayhead, Miller of the Floss, and Cathy C.. . .philosophy is “Idle hands is a devil’s workshop.” ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4.. .Future Teachers Club 3,4, treasurer 4... Art Club 2 .. .Dance Committee 4.. .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Driver Ed. 2. Veronica Lee Noyes 529 West Central St. Franklin “Vicki” Weakness is getting toooo emotional.. .detests inconsiderate people. ..philosophy is “The past is only a memory, and the future but a hope”.. .usually saying “Isn’t that just peachy!” ...favorite companions are Marilyn, Linda, Cathy, Sally, Fran, Sudsy, and the gang... would like to teach school. . .remembers ‘69-70’.. .yearns to be a beachbum. . .best remem¬ bered for her enthusiasm... ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2,3...Pep Club 2,3,4...Band 1,2...Future Teachers Club 3, 4.. .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Ski Club 3,4. Dale Murray 249 Conlyn Ave. Franklin Virtue is being happy.. .hates clicks.. .ambition is to own a “heavy Chevy”... reminices freshman year. . .favorite expression “I’m sorry”.. .would like to open her own business. . .annoys people with her temper. . .is usually found in a ’64 Comet up town with Gail, Jan, Gav, Berta, and the Mange Gang.. .believes in the saying “Give me a good time and I will find happiness.” Alfred Mussi 19 Pine Ridge Dr. Franklin “Al” Where Debbie is, that’s where you’ll find Alfred. . .favorite companions are Debbie, Larry, and Mark. . .best known for not being a stuck up.. .best forgotten for his temper. .. despises getting up out of bed. . .suppressed desire is for him to know and us to find out ...will always remember the summer of ’70...can be heard saying “Forget it!”.. .philos¬ ophy is to “Live while you can because there is not that much time left”. . .Ambition is to succeed. William J. Nunnally 384 Partridge Street Franklin “Bill” Virtue is being happy. . .vice is not being happy.. .can generally be found at practice... usually remarks “Hi! Love!!”.. .has the motto “Keep smiling and you’ll have the whole world at your feet”...has a certain dislike for conceited people.. .suppressed desire is to take a first place in a track meet...the summer of ’70 and trip to Iowa will always bring back memories.. .ambition is to return to Iowa and continue school.. .favorite companions are Joe, Pete, John, Joe, Pie, Greek, Hoss, Habba, Donna, and Roberta. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4. . .Weightlifting Club 2,3,4...Pep Club 4...Drama Club 1.2.4.. .Dance Committees 3,4...Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Football 3.. .Varsity Football 4...Cross Country 2...Indoor Track 2,3,4.. .Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4 .. .Driver Ed. 3. . .Oskey 4. . .Prom Committee 3.. .Three Man Basketball 2,3,4. Deborah A. Padula 35 Oak Street Franklin “Debi” Loathes jealous people. . .virtue is thoughtfulness. . .vice is her temper.. .dreams of living by the sea. . .ambition is to become a successful medical technologist.. .advises “Hey, listen!”.. .usually found rushing around.. .enjoys being with Diane, Cheryl, Kathy, and Chris.. .will never forget June 7, 1968. .. ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 3,4...Driver Ed. 3...Spanish Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4.. .Pep Club 4. Margaret Ann O’Donnell 6 Flynn Road Franklin “Peggy” Only fault is being impatient. . .dreams of traveling in very easy-going... plans to go to college. . .often says “You know”.. .happy with Patty, Sharon, L.G.G.... philosophy is “Your life lies before you like a patch of snow. Be careful where you tread for every step will show”...will always remember August 16 and C.C.H.S.... ACTIVITIES: French Club 2...Future Teachers Club 1,2,3. . .National Honor Society 3,4... Dance Committee 3... Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 4... Prom Committee 3... Biology Research Club 2.. .Apostolic Committee 1,2,3.. .Jerseyman Club 2...General In¬ formation Committee 3. Geraldine O’Connell 737 Pond Street Franklin “Gerrie” Almost always found with John S.... wants to become a licensed mechanic. . .best friends are Ellen, Brenda, Patty, Debbie, Bungo, Mary, and Marsha... will always remem¬ ber freshman year. . .best remembered for her honesty. . .hates people who lie. . .suppressed desire to get married. . .vice is jealousy. . .favorite saying “The devil made me do it!”... philosophy “If your going to do it, do it right. But don’t get caught!” Ronald C. Palladini 1 Wachusett Place Franklin “Ron” Dresses neat...hates long skirts and tall girls. . .will always remember going to the school dances. . .hangs around with Dave, Mike, John, and Ronnie.. .favorite saying “Small in structure, but big in heart.”. . .“Good things come in small packages”.. .usually found at home watching T.V.. . .wishes to become a disc jockey.. .vice is biting his nails. . .sup¬ pressed desire is to be a professional drummer. Patricia Parette 18 Plain Street Franklin “Patty” Vice is her appetite.. .pet peeve is two-faced people. . .can be overheard saying “Yea. .. right!”. . .usually found where the action is SUPPOSED to be!.. .friends are Sudsy, Col¬ leen, Vicki, Sally, Tree, Laurie, and Janet.. .suppressed desire is to ‘be a beachbum’ ... wants to be successful in whatever she does. ..will always remember the Bonfire. . .virtue is peppiness.. .motto “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1,4...Drill Team 2.. .Majorettes 1...Grand March 3,4... J.V. Field Hockey 2...J.V. Basketball 1,2. .. Softball 1,2. . .Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3.. .Oskey 4. . .Prom Committee 3,4. Anthony Joseph Pasquino 495 Pleasant Street Franklin “Tony” Likes the rate at which changes are being made in the school. . .dislikes the fact that we didn’t have modular scheduling before. . .pet peeve is the teacher blocking the science wing doors. . .would like to have been in more clubs.. .ambition is to join the Navy and go into oceanography. . .can usually be found with Ronnie Ayott, and Brian Lister. . .fav¬ orite saying “Silence is golden.”.. .usually found riding a motorcycle or at the beach... believes that students should work to get more changes at F.H.S. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1. . .Driver Ed. 3. Carol Ann Patete 417 East Central Street Franklin “Carol” Has a pleasing personality but is never on time.. .Friends are Pia, Unka, Mary Ann, and Patty...Believes you should live for today for tomorrow is but the future, and yesterday is but a dream.. .Usually found riding around. . .Hopes to work in the clerical field of IBM Computers.. .“Yeah?” ACTIVITIES: Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. ..Driver Ed. 3...Senior Class Play 4. . .Year- I book Staff 4. Colleen Anne Pease 15 Haverstock Road Franklin “Cap” Sincere ambition is to become a nurse. . .enjoyed most the trip to Europe and the N.F.S.C. gang. . .believes in the motto “Live for today, tomorrow may never come.”... usually found with Steve...favorite companions are Roberta, Patty, Donna, Linda, and Steve.. .sometimes heard saying “Oh,...get out!”. . .can’t stand certain people.. .vice is stubbornness. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3,4, Activities Editor...Latin Club 1,2,3,4. . .Pep Club 3,4...Future Nurses Club 3,4, Sec....Drama Club 2, Sec....Drill Team 1,2...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff Activities Editor 4.. .Driver Ed. 2,3.. .Oskey 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Kathleen Mildred Pereira 3 Carpenter Drive Franklin “Kathy” Will always be remembered for her easy-going personality. . .looks forward to being a nurse. . .closest friends are Marie, Margaret, Dianne, and Ann. . .dislikes sisters who always use her personal things.. .would like to relive Aug. 19, 1969. (her 16th birthday).. .would like to meet Dr. Kiley in person. . .biggest fault is her laziness. . .believes that “Yard by yard, life is hard; inch by inch it’s a cinch!!! A-men!”.. .usually found in a cast... sometimes caught saying “Oh sugar!” Vincent Alfred Pichierri 439 Union Street Franklin “Vinny” Kindhearted.. .buddies are Richard, Ernie, and Mike... most unforgettable memory is July 8, 1970. . .usually found in North Attleboro.. .hates getting up in the morning... would like to get rich.. .suppressed desire to become famous.. .pet peeve is school... found saying “Oh no!!”.. .believes that everyone should “Take life as it comes.” . " ■ S ;« John J. Piekarski 17 Rolling Ridge Road Franklin “Pie” Best remembered for his generosity.. .best forgotten for his quick temper.. .will never forget quitting the Spring Track Team. . .ambition is to break 10:15 in the 2 mile.. .lives by the motto that “Your first time is never your last time!!”.. .traveling companions are Hoss, Fish, Tish, Habber, Hogg, Nubs, Coocb, and Socksy. . .suppressed desire is to walk cross country with Hoss, Bres, and Cooch.. .most often found at Hogg’s ping pong arena ...favorite saying “What a wopper!”. . .pet peeve is Coach Correia and Wallsey. Steven J. Prairie 59 Cottage Street Franklin “Steve” “Flirting”.. .is irritated by girls who smoke.. .only fault is temper. . .would like to find Donna Hartmann at 12:00 noon.. .usually found uptown during class and with Patti... sometimes heard saying “He’s good.”.. .ambition is to be successful in life.. .favorite com¬ panions are Patti, Woppy, Willy, and Maynard.. .will always remember the summer of ’70 .. .believes that you should “Live while you live then die and be done with it”.. . ACTIVITIES: Student Council 4...Drama Club 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3,4...Driver Ed. 3.. .Prom Committee 3. Warren Michael Pisani 257 Union Street Franklin “Chip” “Pisano” Is constantly restless. .. ambition is to be a musician.. .located usually at the Manor... suppressed desire is to compose a rock big virtue is being thoughtful. . .is always with the Pamona Men. . .will always remember May 23, 1970 and his Senior Class Play...hates hassles and F.H.S... .believes that “Life is like ice cream, you have to lick it!”... ACTIVITIES: Senior Class Play. Rosemary Ann Pizzi 131 Wachusett Street Franklin “Rosie” “I don’t know” is her favorite saying. peeve is homework. . .fondly reminices sum¬ mer of ’70 and Senior year. . .favorite companions Brian, Peggy, Marie, Diane, Anita, Cindy, and Penny. . .dreams of making a certain boy very happy.. .hopes to graduate 1971 ...believes that if you “Keep your sunny side up, you will be very happy.”. . .usually found with Brian or spending too much money...will be remembered for her cheerful¬ ness. .. ACTIVITIES Commercial Club 4.. .Driver Ed. 2. . .Intramurals 3. Cheryl Anne Poblenz Daniel Street Franklin “Cherie” Virtue is personality.. .vice is being too sensitive.. .dislikes long hair on boys.. .would secretly like to marry R.W.G... .ambition is to work and then marry. . .always heard re¬ plying, “This is true.”.. .January 17, 1969 will always be a fond memory. . .companions are Bob, and most of the senior class.. .usually can be found at home, at work, or visiting friends.. .philosophy “Live life to its fullest—and most of all, be happy”. .. ACTIVITIES: Drill Team 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 4...Driver Ed. 3. mm Michael Joseph Principessa 62 Highland Street Franklin “Princi” Quiet...can usually be found in the band room. . .ambition is to make it in Music... has a desire to play with Blood, Sweat and Tears. . .remembers baseball ’ friends are Hoss and Dennis. ..hates girls who smoke. . .his virtue is his modesty.. .always saying “Hey man!”.. .“Do your own thing.” ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3,4. . .Indoor Track 2...J.V. Baseball 2, Varsity 3,4...Driver Ed. 3.. .Oskey 3,4. . .Stage Band 1,2,3,4. Debra Ann Pretto 401 Chestnut Street Franklin “Debbie” “No friendship is worth while if it is one sided on its giving and receiving.”.. .ambition is to work with the mentally retarded children.. .not too cooperative. . .often found doing nothing nowhere. . .would love to do something useful... pet peeve is Mr. G.’s science class. . .close pals are Debbie. Diane, Marie, Cberie, Rob, Pan, and Cindy...will always remember summers of 68 and 70 and P.V.’s Biology class. . .always teasing people. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 1. . .Driver Ed. 4. David Paul Prentice 520 Maple Street Franklin “Dave” Fault is stubbornness. . .can usually be found with Janis.. .ambition is to become a draftsman. . .has a desire to get married and have a big home.. .best friends are Janis, Bob, Dennis, Ralph...will always remember February 19, peeve is people who act too cool...his virtue is his politeness. . .“Unreal”. . .“Do not do harm to others even if they do harm to you first.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Tennis 2... Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2,3...Prom Committee 3. Richard Joseph Preve 460 Washington Street Franklin “Rick” “Live now, pay later.”.. .clowns around too much...would like to become a steelworker . . .desire is to own the Main Street Diner. . .will never forget the first time he ate in the diner. . .accomplices are Lawrance, Alice Fudso. ..usually found beside a radio. . .dislikes stuck up people.. .honest. . .“What a dude.” Karen Rabaioli 124 King Street Franklin “Rab” Her ambition is to become a Physical Education teacher.. .will always remember her European vacation. . .maybe she will someday get off the peeve is P., B., and M... .her virtue is her complexion. ACTIVITIES: J.V. Field Hockey 2...J.V. Basketball 3...Softball 3,4. . .Yearbook Staff 4 .. .Intramurals 2,3,4.. .Driver Ed. 3. Janis Katherine Pruvot 80 Moore Avenue Franklin “Jan” Fault is her stubbornness.. .can usually be found with Dave.. .ambition is to get the most out of life. . .Has a desire to make a certain someone friends include Dave, Paula, Stephanie, Kathy, Peggy...Feb. 19, 1969 is her favorite peeve is people who say they’ll do something but never do it.”...Her virtue is her dependability ...usually heard saying “Oh, no!”...“Tell me your company and I’ll tell you what you are.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3,4. . .French Club 1,2,3,4.. .Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Future Teach¬ ers Club 2,3,4, Sec....Art Club 2...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4... Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Field Hockey 2,3,4...J.V. Basketball mgr. 2, Varsity 3,4... Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .. Driver Ed. 2...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3. Ruth Diann Ramsey 427 Pond Street Franklin “Ruthie” Would love to be able to perform with the Boston Pops. . .known to be impatient at times. . .very fond of Spofford, N.H.. . .“Offense in the ultimatum” is a common saying of hers...has a desire to live in the enchanted forest...Aug 18, 1966 and the Prom of 1970 are her favorite memories.. .special chums are Tim, Nancy, Sue, Cathy, Marnie, Merry, Kathy.. .dislikes teenyboppers.. .enthusiasm is her virtue. . .“Live to seek God, and life will not be without God.” ACTIVITIES: Chorus 3,4...French Club 1...Drill Team 2,3...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4 .. .Grand March 3,4.. .Senior Class Play 4. . .Driver Ed. 2. . .Oskey 2,3,4. . .Prom Commit¬ tee 3. Stephanie Louise Reagan 1350 Pond Street Franklin “Steph” Fault is shyness. . .can usually be found anywhere she’s not supposed to be. . .ambition is to become an elementary school teacher.. .wishes there would be peace on friends are Carol, Joanne, Cindy, Anita, Kathy, Carol...will always remember the sum¬ mer of ’70. . .pet peeve is people who say things and never do it. ..virtue is her friendliness ...always saying “I don’t know!”...has a philosophy of “Live and let live you live only once so make the best of it.” ACTIVITIES: French Club 1...Future Teachers Club 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Intra¬ murals 4. . .Driver Ed. 3. . .Oskey 4. Paula Jean Reilly 54 Pine Ridge Drive Franklin “Red” Dispises rumors that aren’t true and the people that start them.. .stubborn at times... would like to travel someday, or become a model. . .usually found working. . .“What a hassel”. . .close pals are Patty, Vickie, Janet, Maryanne, Marcia, Ann M....will always remember Aug. 8, 1970 and the summer of 1970...“Live for today for tomorrow is but a dream and yesterday a memory.” ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 4...Drill Team 1,2...Dance Committees 3...Driver Ed. 3...Prom Committee 3. Kathleen Anne Reynolds 558 Maple Street Franklin “Cathy” “The trouble with trouble is that you get int o trouble trying to stay out of trouble”... Dec. 28, 1969 and June 5, 1970 are her favorite memories.. .pet peeve is guys...she is very self-concious. . .very often found commuting between Franklin and Springfield.. .she usually is found saying “Huh”.. .hopes to go into nursing.. .closest friends are Deb, Deb. Judy, Anne, AnneMarie.. .would desperately love to whistle between her teeth. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 3,4. . .Student Council 1,2... Art Club 2,3...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4... Senior Class Play 4. . .Tennis 1,2.. .Yearbook Staff 3,4... Driver Ed. 3...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3...Marshall 3,4...Ski Club 4. Edwin Francis Ribero III 470 West Central Street Franklin “Buddy” “Try not to do unto others the illintended things they might do unto you”.. .usually found in any imaginable place.. .“What’s the matter?”.. .pet peeve is mathematics... summer of 1970 at Mattapoisett is a favorite memory. . .hopes to be the owner of a Porche ...ambition is to be ambitious. . .be is very stubborn. . .closest friends are B.J., M.S., T.J., R.R., B.W., C.C., L.M... .Buddy is known for his wit. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...French Club 1,2,3,4.. .Dance Committees 2,3,4.. .Grand March 3...Senior Class Play 4...Tennis 3,4.. .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 2,3... Driver Ed. 3. . .Marshall 4...Ski Club 4...Swim Team 4...Chess Club 3,4.. .Psychology Club 4...Baseball 1. ____________ John Ridgeway 73 Pond Street Franklin “Reggie” Quiet nature...hates to write about himself.. .has a secret desire to be smart.. .would like to help people in need.. .Freshman English Class is his favorite memory.. .Com¬ panions include Kip and Jonsy.. .constantly says “I don’t know”.. .usually found at the Caravan. Cynthia Riley 16 Pine Ridge Drive Franklin “Cindy” “The Devil made me do it!”... talks too much on the phone.. .wants to be happy for the rest of her life...hates to get up in the which time she is missing that sparkle in her eyes.. .usually found with Dennis or working at Marshall’s. . .has hopes to becoming a Physical Education Teacher. . .summer of 1970. . .best friends are Dennis, Bonnie, Sheryl, Pam, her brothers and the guys...“You see things as they are and ask why? But I dream things that never were: and I ask why not?” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2...Spanish Club 2...Drama Club 4...Drill Team 1...Senior Class Play 4. . .Intramurals 1,3,4. . .Driver Ed. 3. . .Oskey 4. Rhonda Jean Rockwood 6 Forge Hill Road Franklin She is known for her friendly personality.. .upset by people who talk too much and don’t know what they are talking about.. .usually found where no one can find her... vice is her smoking habit.. .would love to own a nice car and just looking forward to finding people who really care.. .favorite companions are most living things... Drugs, booze, and other vices are all fun; but where do they get you? Deborah Claire Ristaino 92 Washington Street Franklin “Debbie” “The greatest happiness is always a little sad.”. . .Cape-summer of ’70...puts off things until the last minute.. .would like to become an elementary school teacher.. .favorite chums are Debba, Anne Marie, Jude, Railene, and Donna...desires to be happy throughout life.. .despises conceited people. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2,3,4...Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Student Council 4...Dance Com¬ mittees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3,4... Senior Class Play 4... Yearbook Staff 4.. .Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4.. .Driver Ed. 3...Oskey 4...Prom Committee 3...Ski Club 3,4. Marc Rovani 16 Worsted Street Franklin Usually found here, there and everywhere.. .ambition is to study X-Ray Technology or to be a professional in something.. .Best friends are Steve, Lil’ George T., and Buck... July 16, peeve is Senior English period 4...Virtue is going from a great sense of humor to becoming perfect. ..“Maybe, but I doubt it”. . .“Believe only what you see and none of what you hear.” ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1...Drama Club 1,2,3.. .Driver Ed. 3...J.V. Football 1. Marion Christine Sampson 277 Summer Street Franklin “Happy Feet” Her vice is eyes that cannot very often spaced out...on is to become a fashion buyer and work in Europe. . .hopes to be the V.W., painted like a tiger and grrr. . .down the street. . .Best friends New Hampshire Transit, B.R., Ruthie. ..will always remember all Worcester Frat Parties. . .loves to draw happy feet. . .always saying playing in the same band, but we all play a different tune.” ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 4...French Club 1.2...Pep Club 3. ciety 2...Drama Club 2...Drill Team 1,2...Grand March 2,3,4... ...Tennis 2. . .Yearbook Layout Staff Editor 4. . .Intramurals 1,2... 4. . .Prom committee 3. . .Ski Club 3,4. .. J.V. Field Hockey 1. weekends.. .ambition owner of a souped-up are the Chooches, the her Humarocks and “Hi-ya”...“We’re all ..National Honor So- Senior Class Play 4 Driver Ed. 3...0skey Sheryl Ann Sayers 517 White Avenue Franklin “Cheri” Fault is spending money foolishly. . .can usually be found with Mike or working at Marshall’s. . .ambition is to be a teacher someday in the future. . .has a desire to be happy friends are Pam. Cindy, Bonni, and Mike...will always remember the summer ’70 and Oct. 10.. .Despises two faced people. . .virtue is her smallness. ..always saying “Oh ya”...“Never search for the past for it is goneionly look to the future for it is full of love.” ACTI ITIES: Chorus 2,3.4. . .Pep Club 3,4. . .Future Teachers Club 4. . .Drama Club 4. .. Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 4...0skey 4. David Earl Shaw 30 Anthony Road Franklin “Dave” Possesses a sense of humor. . .confesses he is lazy. ..hates to waste time...has a sup pressed desire to complete something he starts. . .likes to remember the winter of ’68.. special friends include Ron, John, and Mike. ..usually found having a good time. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 4. Robert Henry Schmidt 125 Longhill Road Franklin “Rob” “Life is as difficult as you make it”. . .temper, temper. . .secret desire is to become a surgeon. . .ambition is to play Caesar’s Palace. . .most often is located in the vicinity of a basketball court, or band friends are Bryan, Brian, Robert, and the guys... Two of his favorite memories are the 1970 All State Convention and the Oskey. . .hates people that don’t look at you when they’re talking. . .very straight in his forwardness... “Different strokes for different folks.” Joyce Susan Shea 1287 Pond St. Franklin “Yankey Good” “When you love, love with all your heart”.. .Often heard saying “Zombie”. . .fondly re¬ members her first prom, April 18, 1968. . .Is annoyed by people who hang around the halls before the bells ring. ..Enjoys the company of her “Cat”. . .W’ould someday like to start caring for other people... Can often be found under a full moon.. .Suppressed desire is to learn more about witchcraft. Carol Simpson 749 Lincoln St. Franklin She has hopes of becoming an airline stewardess or a secretary... Closest friends are Kathy, Sandra, Laura, Maggie, and Sandy. . .Fondly remembers October 19. 1969...Hates two-faced people.. .Virtue is her eyes, vice is her hair. . .Usually found with friends. ACTIVITIES: Dance committees 3,4...Senior class play 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Intra¬ murals 4. . .Driver Ed. 4. Timothy James Sheridan 48 Raymond St. Franklin “Tea” “Don’t follow orders until you know the reasons for the order”. . .Asks a lot of ques¬ tions... Will always remember his past life. . .Not open minded enough. . .Often found near the Manor.. .Ambition is to be happy. . .Best friends are Pamona men. . .Hates senior cliques. . .Desires to travel up country. Kathleen Marie Slingerland 642 Lincoln St. Franklin “Kathy” Favorite companions are Carol, Debbie, Cindy, Diana, and Sandy...Can usually be found watching a hockey game. . .Smile is her virtue, freckles are her vice. . .Is annoyed by con¬ ceited people.. .W’ould like to attend Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School and become a model. . .Will never forget the summer of 1970. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 3... Pep Club 1... Drill Team 2,3,4. .. Dance Committees 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 3,4...Driver Ed. 3...Prom Committee 3. Rebecca Suzanne Smith 5 Crescent St. Franklin “Sue” Can usually be found having a good time...Best friends are Jeanne, Anne, Linda, and the rest of them...Rhode Island is her favorite memory. . .“Neato!”. . .Dislikes writing letters. . .Vice is procrastinating. . .Philosophy is, “With dreams come work, with work comes faith, you do not have to dream for long.” Thomas C. Smith 83 Alpine Place Franklin “Smitty” Is likely to be found most anywhere. . .Vice is smoking. .. Detest hairy legs on girls... Enjoys the company of L.M.T., Bobby, C.H.. Paula, Paul, Brenda, and Robo...Hopes to marry L.M.T.. . .Plans to start the revolution. ..Speeding with Fat Michael is his favorite memory...Can often he heard saying, “Don’t give any information”.. .Philosophy is “All power to the people.” Peter Myles Staniscia 203 Lincoln St. Franklin “Mout” Admits to being forgetful.. .Suppressed desire is to be rich.. .Intends to drive across the country on a motorcycle. . .Is usually accompanied by the Pamona men. . .Usually found at the Manor...Is irritated by girls who drink and by football practice. . .Won’t forget the O.A. football game of 1970. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 1,2,3,4. . .Student Council 3,4...Grand March 4... J.V. Football 2...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2.3.. .Marshall 3,4. . .Freshman Football 1... Varsity Football 3,4. Pamela J. Spence 228 School St. Franklin “Speigle” “Don’t worry about tomorrow, it may never come”.. .Usually found deep in thought... Fault is moodiness. . .Hates being bugged by people.. .Eyes are her virtue.. .Would like to be an airline hostess. . .Desire is to tour around Europe. ..Favorite people are Carol H., Patti B., Benny D.. and Steve P.. . .Favorite expression is.. “He’s on his way out.”... Treasures the memory of 1968. Margaret Steel 111 Beech Street Franklin Would love an A in physics.. .intends to teach Geometry. ..comrades are R.D.. D.R., K.F., E.F., T.F., and the kids. . .will always remember the summers of ’68, ’69 and ’70 and her freshman year. . .‘Aou have a smile; never lose it. You have a frown: never use it”.. . virtue is her smile. . .detests dope...most often heard saying “It’s unreal.” ACTIVITIES: French Club l...Pep Club 4...Future Teachers Club 4...Drama Club 1 ...Drill Team 1,2,3,4. .. Dance Committees 2...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff 4 .. .Intramurals 3...Driver Ed. 2...Prom Committee 3...Math Club 4. Frank St. Elmo 10 Sahlin Circle Franklin “Saint” Friendly, confesses he talks too peeved by football practice... his suppressed desire is to be happy... plans to be an ecologist.. .Thanksgiving game of ’68 is a favorite memory. . .most enjoys Creek, Sully, and Alan’s companionship. . .can usually be found working on a car. . .feels “If you are going to do it, do it right.” French Club l...Band 1...Grand March 3.4 Outdoor Track 4...Driver Ed. 3...0skey. .. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 1,2,3,4 . ..J.V. Football 1,2,3. . .Indoor Track 4 Prom Committee 4. Brenda Jo St. Aubin 447 Oakland Parkway Franklin “Buckshot” Virtue is friendliness.. .Weight is her irked by Bunzo. . .hopes someday to teach.. .secret longing is to travel around the U.S.. . .usually found with Paul. . .favorite companions are Paul, Psyche, B.J., Squaw, Bunzo, Smitty, Lynn, and the crew at M.M.... favorite memory is July 6, 1970. . .believes “Life is a game; either you win or you lose.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2...Spanish Club 1,3.. .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 1.3.4... Driver Ed. 3. . .Prom Committee 4. . .Girls Glee Club 1. Elizabeth Steel 111 Beech St. Franklin “Libby” Fondly recollects the summer of ’68 and ’70. . .likes being with D.R.. R.D.. K.F., D.F.. and J.L... .“That’s wicked” is her saying. . .most often found in “Dunny’s Bomber”. . .friendly but stubborn. . .displeased by conceited people.. .ambition is to become a secretary... would love to go to Dean...“It is better to have loved and lost than to have hated and Avon.” ACTIVITIES: French Club...Pep Club 4. . .Commercial Club 4...Drama Club 4...Drill Team 1,2,3. . .Dance Committees 3.4...Senior Class Play 4... Yearbook Staff 4...Intra¬ murals 3,4. . .Driver Ed. 2. . .Prom Committee 3. Ann Marie Sullivan 108 Pine Street Franklin “Anne” Believes, “A song is more lasting than riches.”.. .ambition is to get a degree and teach music.. .aspires someday to have nothing to worry about. . .sincere. . .vices include onion rings, yodels, pizza, etc... .“Really?” is her favorite saying. . .junior year and Sneakies are her favorite memories. . .usually found keeping busy. .. Linda, Sue, Donna, Linda, Jeannie, Patty, Kathy, and the girls are her best friends. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2,3,4.. .French Club 1,2...Pep Club 1,2,3,4.. .Future Teachers Club 4... Drama Club 1,2,3,4.. .Drill Team 1... Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4.. .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 2,3...Driver Ed. 2...0skey 1,2,3,4. . .Prom Committee 3. Kevin Francis Sullivan 12 Haverstock Road Franklin “Kevin” June 5, 1953... fault is forgetfullness. . .dislikes midyear and final exams.. .suppressed desire is to become an aborigine.. .would like to get an “A” on a physics exam... “All people are good; bad people don’t exist, only bad ideas.” his theory of life...Saint is his best friend. . .“You got to be kidding me!”.. .usually found playing hockey. Lawrence Edward Sullivan, Jr. 431 Washington Street Franklin “Larry” Hates haircuts.. .wishes he had a virtue.. .ambition is to be rich.. .can usually be found with Rick, Steve, Bobby, and Mike. Amy L. Sullivan 16 Haverstock Road Franklin “Eight Ball” Would like to become a stewardess.. .suppressed desire is to get an apartment.. .most likely to be found at Woodsie’s.. .Ellen T. and Vicci S. are her best friends. . .friendliness ...confesses to getting into trouble. . .favorite saying is “What’s new? How ya doin?”... enjoys talking to boys.. .favorite memory is the summer of 1969. John Joseph Talamini 61 Pine Ridge Drive Franklin “Zookie” Friendliness. . .talks too much. . .girls with long skirts annoy him... would like to play Major League baseball. . .ultimate wish to tour the U.S. playing baseball.. .usually found at home.. .Taters, Prince, and Tim are his favorite buddies. . .often heard saying, “No, really!”. . .February 2, 1970. . .“You receive whatever you deserve.” ACTIVITIES: J.V. Football 1...J.V. Baseball 1, Varsity 2,3,4...Ski Team 3,4...Ski Club 3,4. . .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Grand March 4.. .Driver Ed. 3,4. Susan Gail Sutcliffe 21 Machintosh Street Franklin “Sudsy” Virtue is pep...can usually be found planning something... tends to worry too much... can most often be heard saying “Hey you wanna?”. . .provoked by people who lecture her .. .has suppressed desire to be a beachbum. . .fashion designing is her chosen field. . .being an F.H.S. cheerleader and Wellfleet M.A. are among her favorite memories.. .favorite companions are Patty, Laurie, Sally, Fran, Vickie, Marilyn, and “C.S.” and everyone... lives by the philosophy “Always do tomorrow what you can put off today.” ACTIVITIES: It‘s Happening 1,2,3...Art Editor 4... Ski Club 3,4...Ski Team 4... French Club 1,2,3...Pep Club 2,3,4.. .Future Teachers Club 1,2,3. .. National Honor So¬ ciety 2...Drama Club 1,2,3,4... Treas. 1,2...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 3...Senior Class Play 4... J.V. Field Hockey 1.. .Cheerleading 2,3,4. . .Yearbook Staff 4 ...Intramurals 1,2,3,4. .. Driver Ed. 2...0skey 4... Prom Committee 3. Ann Frances Swenson 468 Pleasant Street Franklin “Annie” Generous but spoiled.. .usually found worrying.. .at times certain people tend to irritate her.. .favorite saying is “Oh my God”.. .companions are Jeanne, Patty, Sue, Laurie, and rest of ’em.. .education is her ambition.. .dreams of someday being a stewardess.. .tells us that her favorite memory is her whole life. ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2...Pep Club 2...Art Club 2...Dance Committees 2... Grand March 2... J.V. Field Hockey 1,2, Varsity 3,4.. .Softball 1...Yearbook Staff Art Editor 4. . .Driver Ed. 2.. .Prom Committee 3. Anita Louise Taddeo 26 James Street Franklin “Nete” or “Honey” Fondly remembers June 27, 1969...would like to become a successful writer.. .would love to go to Europe...“If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything”... enjoys the company of Cindy Tweak, Charlie, Crutch, Stephanie, Mortz, Tom, and the gang...found most anywhere. . .friendliness is her virtue.. .she has difficulty keeping ap¬ pointments. . .dislikes insects. . .pet saying is “You want me to believe that don’t you.” ACTIVITIES: It‘s Happening 4. .. Commercial Club 4...Drama Club 1...Dance Com¬ mittees 2,3,4.. .Grand March 4...Senior Class Play 4...Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 3,4.. .Driver Ed. 2,3. . .Oskey 4. Linda Sean Tozian 1 Cynthia Lane Franklin Believes, ‘‘Positive thinking is the secret to success”. . .virtue is black hair...vice is her sullen moods. . .dislikes boys with short hair... would love to be free.. .ambition is independence. . .October 21, 1970 is her favorite memory...can often be heard saying “Oh great!”.. .Barry, Charlene, and Doug are her favorite companions.. .can usually be found with Barry. ACTIVITIES: French Club 1,2.. .Driver Ed 2,3.. .Pep Club 2,3. Brian James Thayer 64 Summer Street Franklin Admits to blushing. . .friendly.. .pet peeve is homework. . .dreams of owning a dragster ...would like to own his own business.. .can often be found in an S.S. Chevy... best friends are Janet, Dave, Paul, Albert, and Gary.. .favorite memory is his senior year... is likely to ask “Have you been smoking that funny stuff?”. . .“Do unto others before they do unto you.” ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 2. . .Senior Class Play 4.. .Oskey 4. Richard Thornhill Maple Street Franklin “Dickie” Likes to help people... has a bad temper... is most annoyed by senior cliques.. .most often found with Debbie or the guys.. .Finnie, Art, Lindie, and Greg are his companions ... will never forget staying out all night with often heard saying “You freak!”.. .intends to visit Hawaii.. .hopes to someday own a hot machine.. .“You get what you give.” Joseph F. Tero 222 Oak Street Franklin “Jiew” “To make a friend—Be one.”.. .lists as his friends Steve, Fish, John, Tish, and Cooch... suppressed desire is to walk cross country with Hoss, Cooch, and Bres.. .ambition is oceanography...Can’t give oral speeches.. .virtue is unselfishness. ..detests fourth period ...frequently says “What’a you want?”.. .spends most of his time in the weight room. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1.. .Weightlifting Club 2...J.V. Football mgr. 2...Varsity Basketball mgr.. .. Outdoor Track mgr.. . .Tennis 3...Driver Ed. 3...Ski Club 3,4... Varsity Football mgr. 3,4. David Velluti 21 Everett Street Franklin “Simon” “Love is our law, truth is our worship, form is our manifestation, conscience is our guide, peace is our shelter, nature is our companion, order is our attitude, beauty and per¬ fection is our life”.. .usually found at the Manor with the Pamona men. . .dislikes senior fact sheets.. .favorite saying is “What do you want me to do?” Cynthia Lou Tracy 1 Forest Street Franklin “Cindy” “When you are hurt early in life, don’t let it scar you forever.”.. .virtue is her eyes... is bothered by two-faced people... is planning a trip to Italy or California.. .ambition is hairdressing. . .can usually be found at home or driving. . .Sandra, Maryanne, Dianne, and Kathy are her best friends.. .“Are you kidding?”. . .the summer of ’66 and ’67 are her favorite memories. ACTIVITIES: Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Senior Class Play 4. . .Yearbook Staff 4... Driver Ed. 2. % I visi Eileen Carol Trahan 525 Pleasant Street Franklin “Lee” Wish is to be able to get along with people.. .wants to be a physical therapist.. .fault is being overly ticklish. . .conceited people are likely to annoy her.. .“Tell me about it.” is her favorite expression.. .favorite memories are August 13, 1970 and her Senior year... is usually accompanied by Tony, Sally, Laurie, and Roberta. . .often found with Tony... “Live each day as it comes.” ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 1,2.. .Spanish Club 1...National Honor Society 3...Senior Class Play 4.. .Yearbook Staff 4. . .Driver Ed. 4.. .Prom Committee 3. Ellen Ann Trusevitch 503 Pleasant Street Franklin Will always treasure the memory of Sept. 18, 1967.. .always with Dave... wants to make something of herself.. .has a jealous streak.. .suppressed desire is to have a smile on her face everyday.. .often heard saying “It’s really, unreal!”.. .can be found in the company of Dave, Brian, Jerry, Pauline, Amy, Sheila, and Everyone.. .people who tell lies are likely to annoy her...firmly believes, “Life is what you make it”...virtue is her laugh. ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 2,3,4...Art Club 2...Drill Team 2,3 Co-Capt., 4 Capt.... Driver Ed. 2,3.. .Oskey 4.. .Interclass Drama Festival 3,4. Roberta Ann Walsh Fannie Way Franklin “Berta” Known for her friendliness. . .dreams of going to Paris...will never forget Feb. 17, 1970 ...vice is freckles and temper.. .can’t stand senior cliques.. .always with R.P., L.H., D.L., S.G., G.B., J.P., D.M.. and the Pamona gang...would like to own a hi-performance car... likes to say “Lets go.” and “Sorry, can’t see it.”. . .spends a lot of time uptown with R.P. or the gang. ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 2...Drama Club 1...Drill Team 1...Dance Committees 3,4 ...Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...Tennis 4. . .Intramurals 4...Driver Ed. 3,4 . . .Prom Committee 3. Diane Marie Webber 78 Crescent Street Franklin “Di” Ambition is to become a dietitian. . .is irked by Phys. Ed.... often remarks “I’m hav¬ ing a regular”. . .always biting her fingernails. . .can be located at Marie’s bouse. . .“Alone we find solitude, together we find love.”.. .usually accompanied by Ree-Ree, Joann, Deb¬ bie, Chickie, and the gang... best remembered for her truthfulness. .. treasures the mem¬ ory of January ’69. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2...French Club 4...Pep Club 4. .. Commercial Club 4...Dance Committees 2,3. . .Grand March 4. . .Intramurals 1,2.. .Driver Ed. 3,4.. .Oskey 2,3.. .Prom Committee 3. Edward Francis Weaver 21 Rolling Ridge Road Franklin “Ed” Friends are Ralph B., Bob M., Louie D., Paul T., Phil B., Jack always saying “Ya think so? Hah!”. . .quality is his friendliness. . .believes “Live and let live.”.. .con¬ tinually talking when he shouldn’t. . .wants to own the fastest car in town and retire at 21 . . .usually foun d working on his car which he despises. . .loves to think of May 10, 1969. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2. . .Indoor Track 2...Outdoor Track 2...Driver Ed. 2,3... Ski Club 3. Joel Warren Whitcomb 370 Pleasant Street Franklin “Taters” Virtue is his good naturedness. . .vice is his temper. . .hates a certain mosquito.. .would like to relive the ’68 Thanksgiving Day Game. . .buddies are Luigi, Zookie, Timmy, Tony ...favorite expression is “Lets go.”...found at the Moon frequently. . .would love to be in the Super Bowl and play pro football. . .“What you see, is what you get.”. . . ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1. . .Weightlifting Club 2,3,4. . .Drama Club 1, Pres.. . .Dance Committees 1,2,3,4... Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Football 1, Varsity 2,3,4...J.V. Baseball 1,2, Varsity 3...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 2...Oskey 4...Prom Committee 3.. .Marshall 4. James Wilson 445 Beverly Road Franklin “Jim” Constantly saying “Well alright.”. . .pals are Eyeball Dully, Dave, Joe, Russ. . .dislikes slow cars and slow drivers. . .would like to relive Driver Ed. with Mr. any- ■where but home. . .ambition is to be a success and never worry about money. . .love to be friends with J. Paul Getty and Howard Hughes. ACTIVITIES: Driver Ed. 1,2. Barry Maurice Woodman 24 Skyline Drive Franklin “Bungalou” Always forgiving. .. vice is indecision. . .teenyboppers annoy him...plans to go into oceanography. . .has a suppressed desire to write a book. . .July 20, 1969 is his favorite memory. . .most enjoys the company of Bob, Bill, Tim, Dave, Ruth. Ralph, Dog...always says “What?”. . .can usually be found with a guitar.. .believes “Variety is the spice of life” Gregory W. White 27 Haverstock Road Franklin “Gret” or “Jason” Wants to own a Cadillac of his own. . .weakness is always talking to girls. . .best known for his sense of humor. . .always remembers the summer of ’69. . .would like to be a sales¬ man. . .favorite friends are Kerry M., and Dicky T.. . .favorite sayings are “How ya do¬ ing?” and “What’s happening?”. . .never at home and always on the telephone. Gail Anne Woods 192 Conlvn Avenue Franklin “Woodsy” Known for her smiling disposition. . .hopes to be a Reservationist for Northeast Airlines to belong to a girls football team... can’t control her blushing. . .despises people who make promises and don’t keep them. ..will always remember Feb. 3, 1968 and a dozen red roses. . .enjoys the company of “Fic” and “the kids”... “Love plus faith equals happi¬ ness.”. . .likes to say “Yeah, right”. . .usually found drilling with the Rangerettes. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 1,2,3,4. . .Commercial Club Treas. 4...Spanish Club 1,2...Fu¬ ture Teachers Club 1.2...Drama Club 1...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4.. .Grand March 2, 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Basketball 1...Yearbook Staff 4. . .Intramurals 1.2,3,4 . . .Driver Ed. 3. . .Oskey 4. . .Prom Committee 3. . .Swim Team 4. Deborah Wray 13 Charles Drive Franklin “Debbie” “Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone”. . .companions are C.S., K.S., S.S., L.T., M.S., R.D.., L.S., R.W.. . .would like to have her own way for once... will never forget Sept. 28. 1970...can’t stand hypocrites and stubborn people. . .will be re¬ membered for her friendliness. . .vice is her temper.. .spends a lot of time at home. ACTIVITIES: Dance Committees 4...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3...Ski Club 4. Jeanne Wyllie 472 Pleasant Street Franklin “Jeannie” Passes the day laughing. ..“To have a friend you’ve got to be one.”. . .sometimes sar¬ castic. . .always saying “Well. .wants to go to California. . .hopes to graduate from college. . .hates phony people. . .reminisces about Summer of ’70 and F.H.S. vs M.H.S. basketball game ’69. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 1.2... Latin Club l...Pep Club 1,2,3,4. . . Drama Club 2,4 Vice-Pres.. . .Dance Committees 1,2,3.4. . .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Field Hockey Co-Capt 1,2. . .J.V. Basketball 1...Tennis 2,3,4. ..Cheerleading 2,3...Year¬ book Staff 4.. .Intramurals 3,4...Driver Ed. 2...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3...Ski Club 3.4. Maynard G. Wyllie 46 South Street Franklin Sidekicks are Willy, Lee Roy, Steve, Larry, Wayne.. .can’t tolerate noisy people...can be seen down the Moon... “Do unto others before they do unto you.”.. .yearns to own a business and travel the world. . .declares “Sure kid.”. ..fondly remembers Summer of ’68. Thomas Clifford Zinchuk Glenwood Road Franklin “Tom” “There’s a way to do it better, find it.”. . .favorite memory is a three day canoe trip down the Charles River. . .likes being with Ed, Art, Gary, Steve, Mike, and Brian.. .frequently found in the computer room. . .retorts “The truth always hurts.”. . .intends to discover something.. .admits to laziness and too much T.V.. . .loathes modular classes that aren’t modulated.. .plans to attend the University of Maine. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1,2,3,4.. .French Club 2,3. . .National Honor Society 3,4... Cross Country 2...Indoor Track 2...Outdoor Track 2...Tennis 3,4...Driver Ed. 2,3... Math League 4. Paula Barber 85 Chestnut Street Franklin Most anything. .. owner of extraordinary annoyed by plastic people. . .suppress¬ ed desires include being carefree, rich and owning a freak boutique. . .plans to become a secretary.. .Charlie, Doris, and Susan are her favorite companions. . .can always be found with Charlie. . .believes one should “Never say good-bye.” Gary E. Bresnahan 995 West Central Street Franklin “Brez” Dislikes working on farms. . .desires to walk cross country with Hoss and Cooch. . .hopes to go to college.. .likes to remember October of ’69.. .favorite companions are Missy Golden, Kev, Shaun, Fran. . .you’ll find him saying “She ain’t bad!!!”.. .usually found messing around. ACTIVITIES: It’s Happening 2.. .Weightlifting Club 2,3,4.. .Spanish Club 2... Drama Club 4...Dance Committees 1,2,3,4. . .Grand March 3,4...Senior Class Play 4...J.V. Football 1,2, Varsity 3,4...Cross Country 2...J. V. Basketball 1, Varsity 2,3,4...J.V. Base¬ ball 2...Yearbook Staff 4...Driver Ed. 3,4...0skey 4...Prom Committee 3. Linwood James Mackey 407 Pleasant Street Franklin “Fleetwood” or “Mack” “The world and life are what you make of them.”.. .can be often found with Jeanette or uptown. . .often asks ’’What’s happening?”.. .reminisces about the summer of ’69... companions are Art, Finnie, Getch. . .hopes to play drums and get rich... able to get along with others. . .dislikes unfriendly people, vice is smoking. ACTIVITIES: Weightlifting Club 1,2. . .J.V. Basketball 1...Tennis 4...Driver Ed. 3. 103 Deborah Ann Maltais 378 Coronation Drive Franklin “Moe” Honest. . .wishes to leave Franklin and go to Kansas.. .favorite expression is ‘ " Right on”.. .bothered by Mr. Crowley’s Art Class... talks too much... always remember July of ’70.. .companions are Dave, Russ, Stew, Joe, Bunzo, Liz, Gerry, Squaw, and Joel... spends time with companions or Ken and Tommy...“If you’re going to do it, do it right, but don’t get caught.” Joanne Paquette 1166 West Central Street Franklin Joanie” Kindhearted.. .tells us to “Live and let live.”.. .usually found riding around with friends ...dislikes conceited people.. .biggest fault is her quick temper. . .looks forward to being a legal secretary.. .suppressed desire is to have peace on earth. . .favorite expression is “Cool it!”.. .favorite companions Caryl, Steph, and Carol... the summer of ’70 will bring back memories. Roy David Wallen 3 Haverstock Road Franklin Fond of saying “Fantastic!”.. .will always remember Portland, dreaming.. .lives by, “Life is a bowl of cherries—with pits.” ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4. the day¬ time .passes Gary Burke 38 Dale Street Franklin His ability to drive fast cars is his virtue...can usually be found in a Chevy II...often replies with “Unreal!”.. .wants to own his own business. . .April, 1968. . .believes he is too lazy.. .dreams of buying a Vette.. .dislikes slow drivers.. .favorite companions are A.P., D.C., E.C., B.T., P.H. Stephen Degnum 63 Conlyn Avenue Franklin “Steve” Easy to get along with.. .confesses he has a temper.. .dislikes school.. .plans to be an engineer ...likes to remember F.H.S. dances. . .favorite companions are Pat, Ed, Paul, and Dana.. .usually found anywhere.. .often says “Thin may be “IN” but fat is where its at.” Henry Lee Lewis 31 Southgate Road Franklin Plans to be a truck driver. ..has a suppressed desire to be rich... likes to remember the shop 1969.. .favorite companion is Bob. .. frequently says “What can I say?”...can be found at home or in Milford. Patricia Y. Robillard Prospect Street Franklin “Patty” Plans to become a nurse... has a secret desire to finish something she starts... 1970 is her fav¬ orite memory.. .most enjoys the company of Joyce, Penny, and Ann.. .favorite expression “Wait a minute.”. ..found most often at home. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4.. .Driver Education. Scott Baddeley Joseph Barbera Steven Bush Gregory DeBaggis Wilfred Dunnebier Stephen Finnegan David Florio David Gutierrez Douglas Henschel Albert Paul nr. .1 FHS - 1 - Most Popular Sue and Dave Most Respected Donna and Brian Peppiest Ann Marie and Billy Best Dancers Roberta and Billy Most Sophisticated Paula and Allan Most Disorganized Kathy and Gary Most Poised Royce and Robert Did Most For F.H.S. Donna and Dean Best Speakers Tallest And Shortest Laurel and Tom, Patty and Joe Most Artistic 112 Roberta and Brian Marni and Ronney T fr. H pp MKL »sis - Friendliest Roberta and Steve Amst Likely To Succeed Fran and Gary Most Gullible And Wittiest Sally and Barry, Shirley and Greg Class Flirt Patty and George Most Naive Sally and Don Happy Go Lucky Linda and Norman Most Anything Typical F.H.S. Jayne and Fred Paula and Charlie Most Sincere Rosanne and Kevin Cutest Laugh Vicky and Brian Most Sociable Sue and Billy Best Line Patty and Dick Most Out Going Laurie and Phil Cutest Debbie and Dave ■if myt Class Clowns Dale and Norman Best Dressed Judy and Peter Best Smile Margaret, Libby, and Brian 118 Most Businesslike Jan and Kenny Most Musical Linda and Robert Quietest And Noisiest Karen and Tony, Theresa and Gary Most Generous Jan and John Most Spirited Deb and Timmy Most Understanding Rosanne and Dick Best Looking Cathy and Alan hi . f ' ; A S iOf ' f, ft f ■ I mm mm f§4| ! 1 m i m • WM i s 1 Curler Creep Sleeping Spinster wm Wheeler Warrior Classic Superlatives mm tm ■ Bugeyed Baby Foggy Fairface and her Cranky Companion y Aw ?. J £ V l£ V T Bosom Bathing Beauties Winking Weirdo £3: Locker Lover Gorgeous Guinea Pig wt Motor Mouth Smiling Smarty Liberated Legs Hospitable Homosapien 121 Most Popular Bonnie Flateau and Fran Allen Class Advisor and officers Mr. Williams. Advisor; Fran Allen, Pres.; Joe Vozzella, Vice-Pres.; Lori DiCamillo, Secretary; Ernie Miller, Treas¬ urer. Class 1972 Room 14 Room 15 Room 16 Room 17 Room 18 Room 101 Room 102 Room 103 Room 105 Class of 1973 Class Advisor and Officers Luccini, Advisor; Jeff Prairie, President; Thomas Cargill, Vice-President; Deb¬ bie Violandi, Secretary; and Robyn Woodman, Treasurer. Most Popular Cindy Roccoforte Jeff Prairie Room 106 129 Room 107A H o m e Room 107B H o m e Room 120 130 Room Cafe C Room Lobby Room Stage Class Officers Steve Murphy, President; Me¬ lissa Golden, Vice-President; Dianne Simmons, Secretary, and Debbie Velluti, Treasurer. Class 1974 Most Popular Debbie Pratt and Ricky Bartelloni H o m e Room 21 Room 22 Room 23 I m e Room 24 Room 25 Room 26 H o m e Room 27 H o m e Room 28 H o m e Room 29 BWH Room 101 Room 102 Room 103 137 H o m e Room 105 Room 120 Room 133 and Strays 138 Franklin High School wishes these three graduating Seniors from homeroom 133 the best of luck and success. Stephen Willard “Nevets” has a great personality . . . but unfortunately has a habit of not doing his homework. Stephen Rosetti Steve is a big soft-spoken guy with the virtue of being very pleasant. Robert Marcelli “Rocco”, as he has been named by Mr. Mickevich, projects an image of being tough but is really very quiet and easy going. The remaining members in the class are Eleanor Andrews, Charlene Allen, Thomas Pruvot, Betty-Jayne Marcolini, Mike DiRosario, Glenn Howard, and Leo Egar. All these students participate in a work study project and deserve credit for their achievements. CLue house It’s Happening, now in its fifth year of publication is run in its entirety by the students. Published monthly, it acts as a forum for student opinion and provides the student body with school news and literary works which show creativity and originality. The censoring for the paper is done by the newly formed Student Review Board. Faculty advisors are: Mr. Chisholm, Mr. Garvan, and Mr. Avakian. Donna Hartmann is editor-in-chief, associate editor, Frances Hagopian; business managers, Sally Reinhardt and Janet Miller; art editors, Marion Sampson and Susan Sutcliff; features, Peggy Ristaino; activities, Colleen Pease; literary, Donna Cregg and Mary Dailey; sports, Debbie Roach and Gary Bullock; and the head of the review board is Dean McLaughlin. National Honor Society The Honor Society is a school organization composed of students with high character, personality, good school grades, and active school interest. Members are chosen by a faculty board . The officers, under the councilship of newly elected ad¬ visor Mr. Mickevitch, have led the group in initiating new programs into their annual activities. The officers are: president, Brian Hare; vice-president, Ed Frongillo; secretary, Cathy Cargill; and treasurer, Carol Messere. Seniors are: Brian Lister, Steve Manchester, Gary Graves, Susan Ayotte, Tom Zinchuk, Marilyn LoGrasso, Luann Marcolini, Sue Christopherson, Carla Middleton, Judy D’Amelio, Ann Morgado, Janet Miller, Rosanne Fitzgerald, Frances Hagopian, Donna Hartmann, and Debbie Padula. Future Teachers Club The advisor this year is Miss Szymanski. The club’s purpose is to help out the teachers of the various grades in the town, and to prepare them for the profession of teaching. At graduation, they will give a scholarship to a deserving senior of the club. Officers of the club are: president, Laurel Keefe, vice-president, Rosanne Fitzgerald; secretary, Janice Pruvot; and treasurer, Ellen Newell. Seniors who will be leaving the club are: Laurel Keefe, Ros¬ anne Fitzgerald, Janice Pruvot, Ellen Newell, Debbie Fralin, Kathleen Dangelo, Laura Dubov old, Sheryl Sayers, Mary Hickey, Pamela Barton, Jeanne Bergen, Margaret Grant, Peggy O’Donnell, Stephanie Reagan, Marilyn LoGrasso, Beverly Breen, Bonnie Campus, and Margaret Steel. I The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to prepare its I tmembers to enter into the field of nursing. The club pro¬ vides the members with information about nursing and schools as well as other social functions. The officers of the club are president, Roberta De- {{(Baggis; vice-president, Donna Cregg; secretary, Colleen Pease; and treasurer, Mary Dailey. The advisor of the club is Mrs. Robert Bell, R.N. Seniors who will be leaving the club are: Roberta DeBaggis, Donna Cregg, Colleen Pease, Mary Dailey, Carla Middleton, Vicki Fowler, Roberta Lougee, Kathy Crowley, Susan Ayotte, Ann Kutil, and Cathy Reynolds. i V ‘ 1 Ipb r m X i 1 ■ 1P I 4 fcL 1 Jgr 4 Spanish Club Directed by Mr. Robinson, the Spanish Club meets regularly to combine the student of Spanish with enjoyment. Consisting of about twenty members, the club sponsors a number of activities throughout the year. To finish the school year, the club awards a scholarship to a deserving senior at graduation cere¬ monies. Officers of the club are: president, Bob Schmidt; vice-president, Kathy King; secretary, Carla Middle- ton ; and treasurer, Peggy Ristaino. Seniors who will be graduating are: Joanne Mann, Luann Marcolini, Kathy Dangelo, Debbie Padula, Jeanne Bergen, Carol Messere, Sheryl Sayers, Pam Barton, Carla Middleton, Bob Schmidt, and Kathy King. French Club The French Club is one of the oldest clubs at Franklin High School. The purpose of the clu b is to add to the French-studying students’ knowledge of France and its people by attending movies, schools, fairs, and various other places relating to France, in order to intensify the students’ background and understanding of French culture. Officers of the club are: president, Luann Marcolini; vice-president, Kathy King; secretary, Laura Dubowski; and treasurer, Cathy Cargill. The advisor of the club is Mr. Kemp. Seniors who will graduate from the club are: Luann Marcolini, Kathy King, Laura Dubowski, Cathy Cargill, Buddy Ribero, Brian Hare, Kathy Dangelo, Marilyn LoGrasso, Janice Pruvot, and Debbie Padula. The Latin Club is one of the largest and most active clubs at F.H.S. This year along with their advisor Mrs. Kenney, the club traveled to New York’s Metro¬ politan Art Museum. Other annual trips of the club may find the members wandering through Rockport’s shops or roaming about the Hammond Museum in Gloucester. Officers of the club are: president, Frances Hagopian; vice-president, Rosanne Fitzgerald; secretary, Donna Hartmann; corresponding secretary, Cathy Cargill; treasurer, Joanne Mann; and historian, George Anzivino. Seniors leaving the club are: Jayne Abbott, Mary Dailey, Luann Marcolini, Tom Zinchuk, Caryl Colt, Linda McCleary, Roberta DeBaggis, Colleen Pease, Frances Hagopian, Rosanne Fitzgerald, Donna Hartmann, Cathy Cargill, and Joanne Mann. On May 8, the Latin Club had the pleasure of hosting the annual Junior Classical League Convention, which is a gathering of Latin Clubs in Massachusetts. Clad in togas and tunics (Roman dress) members par¬ ticipated in such activities as: chariot races, Olympic games, various skits, a beauty contest and a contest for the best dressed Roman of the day. Elections were held for officers for the upcoming year and also the location for the next convention. Dean McLaughlin, this year’s president, presided over the festivities. Student Council The Student Council was reorganized this year under the direction of their advisor, Mr. Williams. It was de¬ cided that the group be enlarged for the purpose of better representation by the electing of one representative from each homeroom to the Council. Members of the Council have been assigned to newly established committees, such as the scholarship, constitu¬ tional, and the program committees. Officers are: president, George Joannides; vice- president, Susan Ayotte; secretary, Jayne Abbott; and treasurer, Lori DiCamillo. Seniors are: Steve Prairie, Fred Baglioni, David Muc- ciarone, Debbie Ristaino, Joanne Mann, Paul Davey, Peter Staniscia, George Joannies, Susan Ayotte, and Jayne Abbott. 150 Marshals The Marshals were organized to enforce the regulations of the school. This year the marshals were expanded to 20 members stationed at various positions in the high school. Advisor to the club is Mr. Harold Williams. Head marshal is Fred Baglioni. Senior marshals are: Fred Baglioni, Sue Smith, Dave Mucciarone, Jayne Abbott, Peter Staniscia, Mary Dailey, Kathleen Reynolds, Buddy Ribero, Joe Dacey, and Joel Whitcomb. 151 Ls [r ' ET t This club was just re-established last year in an effort to promote interest and to compete with students in various other schools. Mr. Lotto is the advisor for the club this year. Officers of the club are: president, Brian Hare; vice-president, Ed Frongillo; sec¬ retary; Bob Schmidt; corresponding secretary, Francis Garbowski; and treasurer, Valerie Jaros. Seniors who will be graduating from the club are: Brian Hare, Ed Frongillo, Bob Schmidt, and Buddy Ribero. 152 v VUHO ' Math Club This club first began in October of 1970, with the purpose of going to surrounding schools and competing in math matches. The advisor of the Club this year is Mr. Lotto. Seniors leaving the club are: Ed Frongillo, Stephen Manchester, Gary Graves, Tom Zinchuk, Peggy O’Donnell, Roy Wallen, Bonnie Campus, Margaret Steel, Billy Nunnally, Royce Harding and Sue Christopherson. 153 Pep Club This club has to be one of the most important clubs at F.H.S. Its purpose is to generate school spirit among the student body. This year the club showed its perpetual spirit by selling cushions with a Franklin Panther emblem on them. Throughout the seasons the members kept the halls of our school decorated with messages of enthusiasm to students as well as the faculty. Officers of the club are: president, Debbie Fralin; vice-president, Ann Norton; secretary, Carla Middleton; and treasurer, Rosanne Fitzgerald. Advisor to the club is Mr. Leone. The weightlifting club has a large membership con¬ sisting of F.H.S. boys who want to maintain or build-up their physique. The club meets regularly in the weight room and provides the equipment and training sched¬ ules to fit the individual needs of each member. Work¬ outs may not be what they should be, but the boys get an A for effort. Senior boys who will be leaving the club are: Billy Nunnally, Paul Davey, Joe Dacey, Artie Kotros, Peter Staniscia, Steve Dellorco, Ralph Berardi, Dave Muc- ciarone, Timothy Geromini, John Piekarski, Billy Lam- pasona, Alan Behan, and Barry Woodman. 155 Ski Club This year the Ski Club has become one of the largest clubs at Franklin High, with Mr. Dumas as their advisor. The purpose of the club is to give students a chance to go skiing everyday in the area. Once or twice a month, members have the opportunity to ski in other parts of New England. The Ski Club also offers lessons to those mem¬ bers wishing to learn this sport. Officers of the club are: president, Jayne Abbott; vice-president, Randy Hancock; secretary, Laura Dubowski; corresponding secre¬ tary, Cathy Cargill; and treasurer, Laurel Keefe. 156 Seniors leaving the club are: Susan Ayotte, Laurie Beaudette, Sue Smith, Debbie Wray, Kathy Reynolds, Ann Sullivan, Jeanne Wyllie, Joanne Mann, Sally Reinhardt, Roberta Lougee, Debbie Ristaino, Marilyn LoGrasso, Theresa Auciello, Patty Parette, Debbie Fralin, Susan Sutcliff, Sally Costello, Vicki Noyes, Mary Hickey, Carol Messere, Frances Hagopian, Judy D’Amelio, Patty Melanson, Pam Barton, Sheryl Sayers, and Ann Marie Bertoni. Also: Alan Behan, Dennis Mele, Joel Whitcomb, Billy Nunnally, Barry Foster, Joe Dacey, John Piekarski, Peter Staniscia, Buddy Ribero, Joe Tero, Tony Gargiulo, and Billy Lampasona. 157 Drama Club The Drama Club has tried to bring the influence of the theater and drama to the high school students. This year the Drama Club presented a number of one act plays and at¬ tended the Inter-Class Drama Festival. Officers of the club are: president, Tom West; vice- president, Jeanne Wyllie; secretary, Sue Smith; treasurer, Jayne Abbott; and the advisor of the club is Miss J. Strazzulla. Seniors leaving the club this year are: Jeanne Wyllie, Sue Smith, Jayne Abbott, Barry Woodman, Bonnie Cam¬ pus, Dean McLaughlin, Billy Nunnally, Anne Sullivan, Sheryl Sayers, Sally Reinhardt, Debbie Fralin, Kathy Dangelo, Linda McCleary, Pam Barton, and Cindy Reilly. Psychology Club In its first year this small club, advised by Mr. Mickevich, meets whenever needed. They have scheduled various field trips and try to encourage new members for the following year. Seniors who will be leaving the club are: Buddy Ribero, Roy Wallen, Carol Messere, Sharon Cotton, Sue Goldenberg, and Vicki Fowler, and Kathy Haagensen. 159 Commercial Club The Commercial Club is made up of a group of stu¬ dents who plan to continue their education or future in the business world after graduation. The Club’s main purpose is to raise money for a schol¬ arship which is presented to its most deserving senior planning to further their education. The club is advised by Mrs. Strack, and its officers are: president, Janet Miller; vice-president; Kathy Coyne; secretary, Debbie Staffier; treasurer, Gail Woods; and business manager, Jayne Abbott. Seniors who will be graduating from the club are: Janet Miller, Kathy Coyne, Debbie Staffier, Gail Woods, Jayne Abbott, Rose Marie Lomberto, David Shaw, Ann Marie Morgado, Caryl Colt, and Denise Curley. 160 Drill Team and Color Guard The Drill Team is made up of about 25 girls, under the advisement of Miss Carlson. The purpose of the drill team is to provide entertainment at half-time during the foot¬ ball season. The captain this year is Patty Brogan and the Color Guard captain is Chris¬ tine Lewis. Seniors leaving are: Patty Brogan, Chris¬ tine Lewis, and Margaret Steel. 161 The F.H.S. Stage Band was started this year. It is a select organization of the finest musicians from the F.H.S. Concert Band. This year the Stage Band has rep¬ resented the Music Department during National Educa¬ tion Week by playing concerts at shopping centers, as¬ semblies, concerts both public and community, and in the Oskey. The Stage Band will compete in the New England Regional Stage Band competition held in Boston at The Berkley College of Music. The Stage Band is under the direction of Mr. Donald Iacovelli. Seniors who will be leaving the club are: Nick Constantino, Mike Principessa. Paul Davey, and Mike Dewing. 162 Band The Band at F.H.S. services entertainment around various functions connected with the school. The ac¬ tivities of both concert and marching Bands are directed by Mr. Morris Black. The purpose of the Band also includes its display of musical talent dur¬ ing half-times at our well remembered football games. Seniors leaving the Band are: Mike Dewing, and Mike Principessa. The Majorette for the Band is Elaine Ulackus. rambou Gf•esfameti “We the ignorant, imperfect, inconsiderate, insig¬ nificant, insane, immature, imbeciles, and inferior, inadequate, illogical and irritating, infantile Freshmen idolize and try to imitate the fabulous, faultless, first- rate, fascinating, fantastic, fastidious, fearless, fool¬ proof, fine and fierce family of SENIORS.” ttALLy © Ctrur 173 SPOR TS m FOOTBALL i The 1970 Franklin Panthers were highly successful. This year’s team posted a 9-0 record and won its second consecutive Hockomock League Crown. The Panthers, led by Head Coach Gerry Leone and his assistants Allan Sutherland and Harold Williams, found their team behind only twice the whole season. This was attributed to the defense that allowed an average of only 3.1 points per game. That stubborn defense consisted of ends Ernie Miller, and Shaun Gilmore; Paul Davey, Dave Blanchard, and Ed Burke at tackles; Joel Whitcomb at middle I guard; linebackers Fran Allen, Pete Staniscia, and Dave Patrie; and George Joannides, Dave Mucciarone, and Kevin Hill as the three deep backs. During the North Attleboro game, Scott Hayden, a junior defensive end, was seriously injured. Scott had been a vital member of the defensive unit up until that time. The team then dedicated the remaining games to him. The Panthers placed five players on the all- star team. They were Fred Baglioni, Paul Davey, Joel Whitcomb, George Joannides, and Ernie Miller. At top, from left to right K. Sullivan B. Nunnally A. Behan A. Kotros J. Dacey N. Busby S. Dellorco a sissy, running away I knew I shouldn’t have come this way, Stand back, it’s alive!! you again The other dummy. never I didn’t know f Hoss could fly, The league’s most devastating defense, Traffic Jam!! “Who’s running this team Coach, me or you? What are they so happy about?? Pardon my foot I wonder what those guys have?? • mess I told them not to hassle me, Better not stop now. Hope you guys don’t get Behind. I wonder i miss me? Mucci, you better hurry up! But I only fumbled once Boy, that hurts! Hey don’t stretch the material. SOCCER A new addition to Franklin High in 1970-71 was the Varsity Soccer Team, coached by Mr. Gordon McClay. Led by Senior co-captain Phil Butler, co¬ captain Ed Malinowicz, and seniors Dave Mackin¬ tosh and Ed Frongillo, the hooters battled teams in the South Shore League eleven times in the fall. The team beat Avon and tied Scituate, and played well enough to win in several other games. RECORD So. Shore Voc. 2-3 Plymouth 0-3 Quincy 0-7 No. Quincy 0-5 Sharon 2-1 Duxbury 0-7 Avon 1-0 Hingham 0-8 Scituate 0-0 Norwell 1-4 Foxboro 0-4 CROSS COUNTRY The Cross Country team this year consisted of just eight runners. Co-captains John Piekar- ski and Tom Copley, Randy Hancock, Tony Garguilo, Maurice Herbert, John Copley, Howie King, and Frank Lograsso. The Pan¬ thers compiled a record of 3 wins and 5 losses. The highlights of the season were due to the coaching of Bob Corriea. Randy and John P. placed in both the League and the South Shore Principals. John also broke the school record with a time of 12:58. Seniors J. Copley, T. Garguilo, P. Piekarski Co.-captains and Coach Corriea The Hoop Panthers finished off their 1970-71 season with a 6-12 record. It was an inexperienced club, but tremendous effort and the help of Coach Harold Williams enabled them to make their presence felt in the league for the first time in several years. While the Panthers will be losing three players, co-capt. Fred Baglioni, Brian Hare, and Bob Schmidt, there will be returning juniors B. Betts, E. Miller, B. Pizzi, K. Dow, and F. Allen along with K. Perron and T. Cargill, sophomores. With the nucleus of the team returning, next year should be a successful year on the basket¬ ball court. BASKETBALL WINTER TRACK HHH Coach Corriea At the beginning of the season, it appeared that the Winter Track Team would have a hard time trying to prove itself as a strong team in a tough track league. Through the efforts of the team and the coaches, Allan Sutherland and Robert Corriea, the Panthers attained their goal by coming up with a winning season. The team was led by Seniors Bill Nunnally, co¬ captains John Piekarski and Paul Davey, and consistent performers Randy Hancock, Jim Di- Cecco, and Tony Venturoso. The Winter Pan¬ thers surprised many teams by defeating them and giving the stronger teams a tough battle be¬ fore succumbing. Highlights of the season included having both John and Paul place in the State Meet and break¬ ing their respective school records. Paul throwing the shot-put 48 ft. 5 in. and John running a 10:13 2-mile. RECORD F. H. S. Cath. Mem. 60 17 Foxboro 30 47 Canton 41 45 Walpole 41 45 Whit.-Han. 49 36 Scituate Forfeit Hingham 51 35 Don Bosco Forfeit Xaverian 54 32 Coach Sutherland and Seniois Bill Nunnally, Paul Davey and John Piekarcki. 191 Last year the baseball team won the Hocko- mock League Championship, under the lead¬ ership of Coach Ron Bonollo, for the second year in a row setting a league record. This year being led by co-captains Fred Baglioni and George Joannides the team has an ex¬ cellent chance of repeating last year’s perfor¬ mance. Other seniors rounding out the squad are Dave Mucciarone, Jack Talamini, Joe Dacey, Tim Geromini, Norman Busby, and Don Becker. G. Joannides D. Mucciarone J. Dace) T. Geromini J. Whitcomb M. Principessa J ' Y • - - ■ . , , v m XZ :■ mm d;«a EZ m F. Baglioni J. Talamini JUNIOR VARSITY GOLF The Golf Team, under the direction of Coach Harold Williams, played sixteen matches in the Hockomock League last year. They finished with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses, good for second place in the league. The team, having no seniors this year, will be rebuilding but hopes are high for another second place finish or better. 195 SPRING TRACK and other seniors, Tom Copley, Barry Foster, John Martin, and Alan Behan leading the way, the Track Panthers are looking forward to im¬ proving their record of the previous year. RECORD Franklin Sharon 39 92 No. Attleboro 48% 82% King Philip 79 52 Foxboro 81% 49% Stoughton 62 69 Oliver Ames 70% 60% Mansfield 43% 87% Canton 57 74 Seniors B. Foster, A. Behan, P. Davey, J. Martin, J. Copley, T. Garguilo The Spring Track Team last year, under the coaching of Allan Sutherland and his assistant Ed Lotto, had a winning season with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses. This year, with tri-captains John Piekarski, Bill Nunnally, and Paul Davey, w Mill T " The 1970 tennis team, despite having a losing record, fought hard and had many close matches under the instruction of Coach Dumas. Although losing 4 seniors, the 1971 team will have Phil Butler, Tom Zinchuk, Barry Woodman, Buddy Ribero, and Ron Gibeault along with many able juniors who will lead the team in its quest for a winning season. 197 SOFTBALL The girls’ softball team had a fine season with 12 wins and 2 losses, ending in a tie for 1st place with Stoughton. They went into a tough play¬ off and lost a heartbreaking game in extra innings finishing their season in second place. With eight returning starters, new prospects, and the fine coaching of Miss Turco, they will be strong contenders for the championship of the 71 season. 198 GIRLS SOFTBALL Mansfield Franklin 3- 8 Canton 4-23 Sharon 1- 4 No. Attleboro 4-23 King Philip 1- 9 Foxboro 1-11 Stoughton 14-10 Oliver Ames 0-11 Mansfield 1-13 Canton 6-18 Stoughton 10- 7 GIRLS TENNIS The Girls’ Tennis Team suffered from inexperience in their first three seasons of Hockomock League play. With several seniors returning and the upcoming talent, the girls, as well as their Coach, Marjorie Keene, are looking forward to an im¬ pressive winning season. FIELD HOCKEY JR. VARSITY Foxboro 1-0 Stoughton 0-1 Oliver Ames 1-1 Mansfield 2-4 Sharon 0-4 King Philip Forfeit Foxboro 1-3 Stoughton 0-0 Canton 1-1 Oliver Ames 0-0 f t mm r ; ' % j wr i Iw | v ; ] 1 . i , - v I f . f 4 fV . jJfU. y v ' , .s-jiBH hr • » Jb; ™ Jj| ml - Ik 1 VARSITY Coach—Mrs. Keene . . . rugged tryouts . . . laps, sprints . . . hard practices . . . afterall-defending champs . . . co-captains—Royce and Mary . . . F.H.S. held score¬ less in Foxboro—season opener . . . next encounter— Stoughton, 3-3 . . . O.A.—neither team can find the net . . . It is possible for a man to have much and still be a failure . . . finally—victory over Mansfield, 5-0 . . . post¬ ponement in Canton . . . second victory, Sharon, 2-0 . . . North Attleboro playground and a 5-1 win ... on the road to first place . . . rival King Philip has to forfeit—How up¬ setting ... A brand new outlook on Foxboro—Great things happen in small places—Franklin wins . . . “We’re No. 1” . . . But of everyone who has given, much much m ore will be required. Bowing to defeat in Stoughton-—O.A. anxiously watching . . . Finally Canton—tie, 1-1 . . . First place tie . . . Life only demands from you the strength you possess . . . O.A. for the championship, Nov. 10, 1970 . . . A loss, 1-0 . . . Not just the loss of any game . . . The loss of a championship. 201 Defense Forwards VWA Qj 7U Captains What were you doing before the game? I think I’ve got it? Fancy leg work 9 9 ??? Oops, I bloomers Fralin womp’em on the side of the head come They got the ball again darn it. Peg did you just hit her? The NOSE nose Jump! Swish! And the girls basketball team was off to another season under the direction of Mrs. Jean Himnelsbach. The co-captains this year were Mary Hickey and Shirley Garrity. A thrilling win in the last seconds over King Philip was the highlight of the sea¬ son. The hopes for next year’s team are high and with the upcoming talent their season should be a victorious one. Oliver Ames FHS 44-32 Foxboro 44-20 Mansfield 29-41 Sharon 51-21 No. Attleboro 22-47 Canton 50-25 Stoughton 58-34 King Philip 34-36 EL r t CHEERLEADERS THEY CHEERED -• i f- mm SKI TEAM One of the newly formed sports at Franklin High is the Ski Team, headed by coach Steven Dumas. Due to poor snow conditions, all but two of the scheduled meets had to be cancelled. Placing in the meet with Walpole were Peter Staniscia, Mark Staniscia, and Susan Guidrey. Although they were unable to com¬ pete with other schools as planned, the group prac¬ ticed faithfully and sponsored several trips to the ski land. 209 " We, the youth of Franklin, dedicate ouselves to the im¬ provement of youth fellow¬ ship, youth-adult relation¬ ship, and community ser¬ vice, as a non-sectarian, civic organization. " —FYC Pledge VENIMUS, VIDIMUS, VICIMUS We came. We saw, We conquered THE LATIN CLUB Compliments of °® •fc m - ujAee r co. 5er L cj Sll ail ww fcagE West Central Franklin, Mass. Compliments of ' v Compliments of BULLUKIAN’S OIL SERVICE V DACEY BROS. V DAIRY Alpine Road Franklin, Mass. Lincoln Street Franklin, Mass. Compliments of P. A. POLASTRI PLUMBING COMPANY CLARK-CUTLER-McDERMOTT CO. Franklin, Mass. Compliments Compliments ° f N. 1 of the FRANKLIN AUTO FRANKLIN DEALERS POLICE ASSOC. ASSOCIATION Compliments of Franklin, Mass. FRANKLIN GLASS CO., INC. Bus. 528-9550 Dave Nasuti, Owner Res. 528-1627 Franklin, Mass. LdftK HERE WE COME ♦. 215 Pride: NEVER FORGET F. H. S. Enthusiasm: SEE YOU AT THE THANKSGIVING DAY GAME FRANKLIN VICINITY which is located in the HUB OP BOSTON. PROVIDENCE and WORCESTER 36 East Central St., R e. 140. FRANKLIN, MASS. 02038 Phone (617) 328-1000 FRANKLIN TULSA Complete Brake Work Electronic Diagnosis Minor Auto Repairs Road Service East Central Street Franklin, Mass. 528-9893 Compliments of Compliments of FRANKLIN CINEMA RALPH W. COOK SONS INC. 34 East Central St. Franklin, Mass. 528-0620 FARM PRODUCE WHOLESALE AND RENTAL Compliments of 664 East Central St. Franklin, Mass. GAF CORPORATION Franklin, Mass. Compliments of DeVITA’S MARKET Open 9:00 To 9:00 Complete Line of Italian Cold Cuts Compliments of Compliments of TURCO AND PISANO CO. Dealers in Quality Foods 823 Hutchinson Street Franklin, Mass. 528-1105 Compliments of BENNY’S OIL SERVICE INC. 16 Depot Street Franklin, Mass. 528-0225 GARELICK FARMS Taste the Freshness Dairy Products 219 co—izm - r ' ° On Compliments of A. SIMON AND SONS “A FRIEND” Quality Home Furnishings Compliments of ELECTROFORMEX LABORATORIES INC. 600 Fisher St. Franklin Compliments of SULLY’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of MOLLOY’S GARAGE DARLENE’S DONUTS Franklin— Bellingham— Wrentham- 220 Compliments of Compliments of AGWAY, INC. FRANKLIN POST 3402 Cottage St. 528-1333 Compliments of VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS D. G. DiPIETRO SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Compliments of PALMER HOUSE NURSING HOME Compliments of Compliments of SILVI’S GARAGE BACHNER-ROCHE AND CATALDO ATTORNEYS AT LAW 221 Compliments of THE CAROUSEL Featuring Nationally Advertised Names In Jr. Petite, Jr., and Misses Apparel STOBBART FLORIST AND GARDEN CENTER East Central Street Franklin, Mass. Tel. 528-0800 Compliments of RUSTIC CRAFT FENCE COMPANY FRAN MOLLA Cedar Redwood Chainlink Outdoor Furniture Small Buildings 515 East Central Street Franklin, Tel. 528-2080 Compliments of A.J. CATALDO SONS PLUMBING AND HEATING Franklin, Mass. 528-0216 PECCI’S CLEANERS 332 Union Street Franklin, Mass. Divisions of Dun-Rite Cleaners, Inc. Congratulations and Best Wishes For Your Future Achievements SACRED HEART COUNCIL NO. 1847 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Hallmark Cards Gifts For All Occasions Wedding Invitations Next to Star Market Franklin 223 HILLSIDE NURSERIES INCORPORATED " On the Franklin- Woonsocket Road " COMPLETE LANDSCAPING SERVICE Franklin 823 Washington St. 528-0038 STELLO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. FRANKLIN TOWN TAXI INCORPORATED Open 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Reservations Welcome 528-0228 Compliments of ARTHUR B. MANDELL AND COMPANY Compliments of NICK’S BARBER SHOP 224 MEMBER OF THE BOSTON REAL ESTATE BOARD NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE BOARDS TELEPHONE 528-0083 Compliments of RICHARD F. COSTELLO REALTOR APPRAISER ROUTE 140 - 443 EAST CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS HUBBARD D. SWEET 520 - 5270 INSURANCE AGENCY Cottage St. Franklin L I) worn LOCKSMITH ALL TYPES OF LOCKS KEYS LOCK KEY MAINTENANCE DOOR CHECKS INSTALLED a REPAIRED 19 A E CENTRAL ST. FRANKLIN. MASS. 02038 “THE RIZOLI’S PHARMACY. INC. 1 THE TRADING FRANKLIN JOHN H. RIZOLI POST” NEWS Reg. Pharm. 3 Summer St. 15 East Central St. Tel. 528-1155 Franklin, Mass. Complete Old and New Compliments of Furniture CONTOURS Line UNLIMITED of Bought DIVISION Hallmark and Cards Sold THE GENERAL FIREPROOFING CO. —Old Glass— —Antiques— 23 Winter St. Frankli n, Mass. Compliments of Compliments Compliments VARJIAN BROS. of of Harry and Greg THE Main St. Franklin FRANKLIN HOBBY DANTE MOTORS SHOP INC. VET-MED SUPPLY, INC. 8 East 138 East Central Central Street Street The Home For All Franklin, Franklin Your Pet Needs Mass. Mass. Depot St. | Parking Lot 225 Exquisite Jewelry SHORTSTOP CLEANERS VALLEE JEWELERS Washington Plaza (So. Attleboro) 122 Emmons St. Franklin, Mass. Main Street Franklin, Mass. nsurance For Every Need THOMAS F. KEEFE INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of Compliments of FRIENDLY INSURANCE KEARNEY’S DRUG STORE REAL ESTATE TRAVEL " It ' s Friendly—in Franklin " 36 Main Street Franklin, Mass. 528-3000 64 Main Street Franklin, Mass. R. M. KEARNEY, B.S. Prop Tel. 528-3110 227 Compliments of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK 58 Main St. Franklin Mass ■ CASHALL COMPONENTS CORPORATION FRANKLIN AQUARIUM 65 Dean St. 528-4030 Tropical Fish and Supplies Anderson and Heritage Window Units Entrance Door Units Aluminum Sliding Doors JIM CYNDIE “The Craftsman of Yesterday—in the Products for Tomorrow— At—Today ' s LOWEST Prices " 4 Main St. Franklin Mass. 02038 228 DEAN JUNIOR COLLEGE Largest Fully-Accredited, Co-Educational Residential Junior College in New England Compliments of FRANKLIN SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. 231 Cottage Street Franklin, Mass. Tel. 528-3600 STEEL FABRICATING 230 Compliments of Compliments of 1 FRANKLIN HERITAGE HOUSE FLORISTS REALTY 8 Cross St. REAL ESTATE Ruth F. Dean Mass. TOTS ’N PASINI Broker TODDLERS FUNERAL HOME Tel. 528-1714 " Make Your House A Heritage " Children ' s Fashions Gift Items Cottage Street Boutique Franklin, Mass. 10 Main Street «| Compliments of J.D. DADDARIO CO. CARLSON OFFICE INCORPORATE x X SUPPLY, INC. 317 Union St. 7 E. Central St. Compliments Franklin, Mass. Franklin, Mass. Compliments of 528-2430 of LIBERTY GROCERY DEAN CO-OPERATIVE Cottage St. BANK Franklin 9 Main St. Franklin 231 BEST WISHES FROM THE FRANKLIN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Compliments of FRANKLIN PAINT CO., INC. 259 Cottage Street Franklin, Massachusetts 232 Compliments of J. MAJEAU, INC. 528-1313 447 East Central Street Franklin, Mass. Compliments of 3-D METAL FABRICATORS INC. (Saxon Industrial Park) Franklin, Mass. Compliments of QUALITY REPLACEMENT Compliments of FRANKLIN SERVICE CENTER AND FRANKLIN TIRE SALES Brown Service Station Summer St. 15A West Central St. Franklin, Mass. 528-0572 Wholesale Distributors Compliments of Compliments of ROBERT C. HOWE PHARMACY Complete line of Hallmark Cards D.G. RANIERI SUPPLY CO. CHINA CROWN and Russell Stover Candy 15 Mechanics St. Plumbing—Heating Contracting and Jobbing 58 East Central St. Franklin, Mass. 528-0930 Compliments of FICCO’S BOWLADROME Chinese American Foods 415 W. Central St. Franklin Franklin, Mass. 233 Congratulations NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JACKSON FUNERAL HOME BEST WISHES FROM THE FRANKLIN ALL SPORTS BOOSTER ASSOCIATION Compliments of FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Good Luck in the Future Class of 1971 Compliments of LeCERCLE FRANCAIS Compliments of C. DiMARTINO AND SONS, INC. 237 v- PROFESSIONALS Dr. Raymond D. Mercer, Optometrist William R. Koplin, D.D.S., M. Sc. D., Orthodontist Dr. Harvey H. Snetsky, Optometrist Dr. Francis E. Rice, Jr., D.D.S. Success To Our Graduating Seniors And The Class of VI FUTURE NURSES CLUB r yytjb- ' f yvj d- Qa CoMLy f?. U cJ(( ' ej -QyL tujLQ " Buena " Suerte " Draperies Yarn Goods Materials SPANISH CLUB Union Street Franklin (At the R.R. Crossing) MAKES YOU SEW HAPPY 240 Compliments of TRAVERSE SALON OF PHOTOGRAPHY Main Street Franklin, Mass. 241 DREAMS Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes 242 ■y : T ' -l r v . ' « I ■ VJ. ■ Ml [sjee m I HB aaffg £ $$Sgi£ iMf ' v v, 3 ' , v’- ' v ' M.iWav

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