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 - Class of 1947

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1947 volume:

SENIORS AS JUNIORS President —HORACE MAZZONE Vice-President —ANTHONY VELLUTI Secretary —CLAIRE ROSSETTI Treasurer —JEANNETTE SPENCER Faculty Adviser —ALICE BEANE Page Two Franklin, Mass FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOI 4 cm ISS nee eaue the Facul ty Adviser to our Class, for her valuable advice and assistance, her relinquishing of time, her unceasing labor, her useful and worthwhile ideas, her zealous spirit of cooperation and fun, her willing¬ ness to accept obligations, and her persistent efforts to make all our activities a success. CArllur OF. Stile AMHERST. A.B. HARVARD. ED.M. Superintendent of Schools . fjames fj. (±Dolierhj HARVARD, A.B. Principal of High School is $ OSKEY STAFF Editor-in-Chief Dorothy Maringas Associate Editor Carlo Geromini Business Manager PAULINE NEELON Editorial Committee Maxine Rosenbaum Barbara Marco Art Chairmen Anthony Velluti Robert Sederman Advertising Committee Ruth Tibbetts, Chairman Pauline Mancini Robert Stutman Robert Sederman Jerome Baskin Girls’ Sports Frances Carmignani Literary Adviser Miss Holmes Literary Editor Nora Boghosian VlLMA NASUTI Helen Cameron Social Chairman Marie Ristaino Boys’ Sports Jerry Dacey Class Adviser Miss Beane Page Eight Franklin, Mass. ac uLty J. MURRAY STEVENS Submaster Chemistry, Physics Holy Cross, B.S. University of New Hampshire, Ed.M. MARION E. HOLMES English Boston University, A.B. ALICE L. BEANE Gills ' Physical, Health Education Sargent College for Phys, Ed. Marywood College, B.S. JOHN F. RODGERS Mechanical Drawing, Shop. Rapid Calculation Fitchburg Teachers’ College Page Ten Franklin, Mass. MARY L. DOHERTY English Hyannis Teachers College, B.S. GORDON IT. FITZPATRICK Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, Algebra II, Solid Geometry, Business Arithmetic Tufts College, B.S. Boston University, Ed.M. Univ. Extension of Hyannis Summer School MARY L. MARRS U.S. History, Ancient History Emmanuel College, A.B. HENRI C. BEANE Government, Mathematics Roanoke College, A.B. Franklin, Mass. Page Eleven RALPH A. HOWARD Science, Electricity, Instrument Playing Holy Cross College, A.B. LILLIAN ROTH Biology, Algebra Syracuse University, A.B. BERTHA NICHOLS Shorthand, Typing, Junior Business Training Plymouth. N.H., Normal, B. Ed. GEORGE H. COLBERT Boys’ Physical, Military Drill Boston College, Ph.B. Page Twelve Franklin, Mass. BEATRICE M. MERCURIO Spanish, French Boston University, B.S. ANGELINA ALBERTO PENLER Household Arts, Cafeteria Framingham Teachers College, B.S. FLORENCE R. CIRIONI Business Principles, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Commercial Geography Salem Teachers College, B.S. ELIZABETH T. BAXTER English, Latin Boston University, A.B. Franklin, Mass. Page Thirteen ANTHONY V. PISINI Assistant Boys ' Physical Director Dean Academy IRENE K. WIGHT Art Massachusetts School of Art M ARIE S. RILEY Glee Club Boston University Summer School MARY M. DIORIO Office Clerk Hill College Page Fourteen Franklin, Mass. To y lL i . . . Class President HORACE MAZZONE Officers . . . Vice-President CARLO GEROMINI Secretary CLAIRE ROSSETTI T reasurer PAULINE NEELON Page Sixteen Franklin, Mass. DOMENIC FRANCIS ALLEGRINI 393 Union Street Franklin Ambition : Ballplayer “Thought is nobler than speech.” Known as: Wootsie. Says: " What ' s the story?” Usually found: Listening to the ballgame. SARA APALAKIAN 429 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Medical Secretary “Serious or gay, which e ' er it be. Sara is always good company.” Known as: Appie. Says: " I’m hungry.” Usually found: Eating. ACTIVITIES : Basketball Volleyball 1,2,3.4; Soft- ball 1,2,3,4; Badminton 1,2,3,4: Exhibition 3; Commercial Club 3,4; Dramatics 2: Junior Prom Committee 3; Oskey 4. WALTER EDWARD AUSTIN 24 Stubb Street Franklin Ambition: Flight Instructor “Let the rest of the world go by.” Known as: Walt. Says: " That ' s for me to know and you to find out.” Usually found: With Alex at Dana ' s. NANCY LOUISE BAER 12 McCarthy Street Franklin Ambition: Teacher “Good nature and good sense were her companions.” Known as: Nan. Says: " You ' re all done.” Usually found: Decorating the windows at Grant ' s. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; Volleyball 1,4; - ' Commercial Club 3,4; Hallowe’en Party Committee 1; Thanksgiving Dance Committee 4. I ' ranklin, Mass. Page Seventeen ENZO ANTHONY BARTELLONI 55 Cleveland Avenue Franklin Ambition: All-American Athlete “He is given to sports, to gaiety, and much company.” Known as: Bart. Says: " Take a chance.’’ Usually found: Teasing the girls. ACTIVITIES: Class Ring Committee 2: Freshman Acquain¬ tance Party Committee 1 : Junior Prom Committee 3 : Baseball 3.4: Football 1.2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Oskey Staff 4; Oskey 4. JEROME BASKIN 529 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Millionaire “His popularity — known His personality — desired.” Known as: Jerry. Says: " To each his own!” Usually found: At the bus stop. ACTIVITIES: Class Play Committee 4; Junior Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Class Pictures Committee 4; Social Committee 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Oskey 4. VIOLA LIBRA BISCOTTI 15 Ray Hill Franklin Ambition: Singer “None but herself can be her parallel.” Known as: Vi. Says: " God luv ya. " Usually found: Teasing the boys. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4: Badminton 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Hallowe en Party Committee 2; Social Commit¬ tee 3: Commercial Club 3,4; Oskey 1,2,3,4. DONALD ROBERT BISSANTI 72 Wachusetts Street Franklin Ambition: Cartoonist “Live while you live and then Die and be done with it.” Known as: Duggan. Says: " He who laughs last laughs best.” Usually found: With a witty saying. ACTIVITIES: Junior Prom Committee 3. Page Eighteen Franklin, Mass. DOROTHY CLAIRE BLANCHARD 15 Walnut Avenue Franklin Ambition : To travel. " Tis by choice ive ' ve picked this lass To be the best dressed in the class.” Known as: Dodo. Says: " You betcha. " Usually found: In a new dress. ACTI ITIES: Basketball 2.3; Badminton 1,2,3; Volleyball 2.3; Softball 2,3; Junior Prom Committee 3. NORA RONY BOGHOSIAN 1114 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary. “A smile for each—a friend for all.” Known as: Bugsy. Says: " I guess so.” Usually found: Helping her classmates. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Badminton 2.3.4; Softball 2; Commercial Club 3,4; Dramatics 1; Year¬ book Staff 4; Exhibition 3: Oskey 4. MATTHEW JOSEPH BORRUSO 211 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Auto Mechanic “Silence outspeaks coords.” Known as: Matt. Says: ‘ " Think nothing of it.” Usually found: Working at Supple’s garage. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2. MARIE LOUISE BRUNETTE 14 Howard Place Franklin Ambition: Poetess “Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful.” Known as: Dolly. Says: " Holy cow ! ” Usually found: Blinking those long eyelashes. ACTIVITIES: Exhibition 3. Eranklin, Mass. Page Nineteen HELEN WINIFRED CAMERON 25 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Traveler. “Love the world and by the world be loved.’’ Known as: Irish. Says: “How cu-u-te!” Usually found: With Claire and Dodo. ACTIVITIES : Basketball 2.3,4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Softball 2: Field Hockey 4: Commercial Club 3,4: Badminton 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Oskey 4. FRANCES C. CARMIGNANI 648 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary. “Happy and gay is always her way .” Known as: Frannie. Says: “Oh, well.” Usually found: Laughing. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1.2,3.4; Bad¬ minton 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4: Junior Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Exhibition 3; Oskey 4. MARY LOUISE CATALDO 85 Hillside Road Franklin Ambition: Dietitian. “Serene among the savage waves.” Known as: Mary Lou. Says: “Ohhh!” Usually found: On her way home. ACTIVITIES: Exhibition 3; Badminton 2. FLORENCE RUTH CHISHOLM 15 Orchard Street Franklin Ambition: Boston Public Library Secretary. “Quietly she goes her way.” Known as: Flo. Says: “Nope.” Usually found: In the library. ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2.3,4; Bad¬ minton 2,3: Field Hockey 3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Exhibition 3; Thanksgiving Dance Committee 4. Page Twenty Franklin, Mass. DOROTHY MAE COCHRANE Summer Street Franklin Ambition: Nurse. “Ambitious, nice and full of good cheer; May these qualities grow with each coming year.” Known as: Dottie. Says: " Are you kidding?” Usually found: Knitting. ACTIVITIES: Junior Prom Committee 3; Exhibition 3: Basketball 1,3.4; Volleyball 1,3,4; Badminton 1,3.4; Softball 1,3,4; Field Hockey 4; Oskey 4. WILLIAM LOUIS CORNETTA 69 East Central Street Franklin Ambition: Great coach. “His smile is sweetened by his gravity.” Known as: Augie. Says: " Mammie.” Usually found: Running errands for Mr. Beane. ACTIVITIES : Manager (basketball) 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Hallowe’en Party Committee 4. JEREMIAH JOSEPH DACEY 151 Summer Street Franklin Ambition: Coach. “The observed of all observers.” Known as: Jerry. Says: " Any practice today?” Usually found: Twitching his ear. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2.3,4; Football 4; Baseball 3,4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Oskey Staff 4; Oskey 4. DOROTHY MAE DANGELO 18 Hutchinson Street Franklin Ambition: Undecided. “A little bashful, but very nice.” Known as: Dottie. Says: " That’s life.” Usually found: Drinking a coke. ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 3,4; Exhibition 3. Franklin, Mass. ,„w -V.ys- Page Twenty-one § HARRY ERNEST DANIELS 25 Lincoln Street Franklin Ambition: Comic Script Writer. “It is the quiet worker who always succeeds.” Known as: Junior. Says: ' It’s up to you.” Usually found: Keeping Sumner company at Dana’s. JAMES J. DOHERTY, JR. 119 Hillside Road Franklin Ambition: Lawyer. “Friendly toward all and always neat. He made our class statistics complete.” Known as: Jimmie. Says: ‘ Well, what can you do?” Usually found: Walking. ACTIVITIES: Oskey 2,3.4; Dramatics 2,3,4; Social Com¬ mittee 2.3,4; Junior Prom Committee 3: Savings Stamp Committee 2; Oskey Committee 4; Assistant Marshall 3. LEONARD EDWARD DUNTON 30 Emmons Street Franklin Ambition: Draftsman. " Far from the maddening crowd ' s ignoble strife.” Known as: Len. Says: " Time marches on.” Usually found: Anywhere between Emmons Street and Dean Academy. SUMNER E. ELLSWORTH 16 Fales Street Franklin Ambition: Doctor. " Always-a-gnnning , always-a-winning, always-a-feeling fine.” Known as: Doc. Says: " Open the door, Richard.” Usually found: With a special interest at Dean. Page Twenty-two Franklin, Mass. CATHERINE JOSEPHINE FARRELL 37 Beaver Street Franklin Ambition: Bookkeeper “Her talents are of the more silent kind. " Known as: Katy. Says: " I don’t know.” Usually found: Wheeling a baby carriage. ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2; Commercial Club 3,4: Basketball 2; Volleyball 2; Softball 2. GERTRUDE VIOLA FOSS 789 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Marriage “Her face is fair: her heart it true.’’ Known as: Gertie. Says: “Jeepers!” Usually found: Admiring her diamond ring. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3: Softball 2,3; Volleyball 1,3: Badminton 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Junior Prom Committee 3. BEATRICE ANN FREDRICKSON 9 Farrington Street Franklin Ambition: C mmercial Artist ”Quietness is only one of her virtues.’’ Known as: Ann. Says: Oh, gee!” Usually found: In the art room. ACTIVITIES: Junio r Prom Committee 3; Exhibition 3: Basketball 3: Field Hockey 3.4; Badminton 3; Hallowe’en Party Committee 4. CARLO ANTHONY GEROMINI 61 King Street Franklin Ambition: Actor. “Very clever in the things that count, To the top of the ladder he ' s going to mount.’’ Known as: Scully. Says: ’’How’s the world treating you?” Usually found: High in the hearts of his classmates. ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Football 1,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Vice-President 4; Treasurer 1; Junior Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Oskey 4. Franklin, Mass. Page Twenty-three EDWARD MICHAEL HUNCHARD 156 Slimmer Street Franklin Ambition: Wild Life Conservator " He walks with nature and her paths are peace.” Known as: Scoop. Says: " I caught one so-o-o- big.” Usually found: Hunting. PHYLLIS M. JENKINS 147 Maple Street Franklin Ambition: Commercial Advertiser ”Bright is her face with smiles.” Known as: Phil. Says: ' Go on home. Your mother wants you.” Usually found: Entertaining Clifford. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 3.4: Basketball 4: Exhibi¬ tion 3: Oskey 3; Thanksgiving Dance Committee 3,4; Badminton 3: Volleyball 2.3,4. CLAIRE ALICE JOHNSTON 1 Forge Hill Road Franklin Ambition: Interior Decorator " You have wit at will.” Known as: Irish. Says: " Oh, gee whiz.” Usually found: Playing records. ACTI T ITIES: Glee Club 1,2,3.4; Oskey 4; Junior Prom Committee 1,2,3. DEMETRA JANE KEFIAYAS 11 Garfield Street Franklin Ambition: Buyer " The smile that won ' t come off.” Known as: Janie. Says: " Isn’t that cute?” Usually found: Giggling with her pals. ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Badminton 2; Junior Prom Committee 3. Page Twenty-four Franklin. Mass. EUNICE MARGARET KINGMAN 317 Maple Street Franklin Ambition : Laboratory Technician “And her merry smile and pleasing air Show her wise and good as she is fair.’’ Known as: Eunie. Says: " Of all the stupid things!” Usually found: With a different fellow. ACTIVITIES: Hallowe’en Party Committee 4: Exhibition 3: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Volleyball 1,2,3,4: Field Hockey 3,4; Softball 1,2,3; Badminton 2,3,4; Oskey 4. EDWARD C. LAMBERTO 31 Alpine Road Franklin Ambition: Mechanic “Always carefree—never silent.” Known as: Eddie. Says: " Cut that out!” Usually found: In the Blue Beetle. ACTIVITIES: Football 2,3,4; Manager (baseball) 3,4. ROBERT LAMONT LITTLEFIELD 18 West Street Franklin Ambition: Farmer “And the silent will find success.” Known as: Bob. Says: " What’s new?” Usually found: Feeding chickens. JOANNE BEVERLY LOOSE 238 Lincoln Street Franklin Ambition: Teacher ”Smiling and pleasant to all is she, Clever as anyone ought to be.” Known as: Jo. Says: " Knock on wood!” Usually found: Willing to lend a helping hand. ACTIVITIES: Junior Prom Committee 3; Exhibition 3: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Oskey 4; Badminton 1,2,3,4: Softball; Volleyball 2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4. Eranklin, Mass. Page Twenty-five ANNE S. LYONS 2 Charlotte Court Franklin Ambition: Dress Designer and Illustrator " Witty and gay, pleasant and true, We have yet to see her feeling blue.” Known as: Anne. Says: “Gee zeekers!! " Usually found: With A1 and Pontiac. ACTIVITIES: Exhibition 3; Social Committee 2; Blue and White 1 ; Hallowe ' en Party Committee 1 : Junior Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Dramatics 2; Oskey 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Badminton 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4; Volleyball 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . ALEXANDER JOSEPH MacDO NALD 57 Cross Street Franklin Ambition: Chemical Engineer " Prudence is always in season.” Known as: Alex. Says: “I disagree. " Usually found: Hanging around Dana’s. ANNE MURIEL MAHONEY 4 Garfield Street Franklin Ambition: Dramatics " Witty, good-natured, sociable, cute — All of these things—and more to boot.” Known as: Anne. Says: “Oh! Aren ' t you cute! " Usually found: Full of vim, vigor and vitality. ACTIVITIES: Social Committee 1,2: Oskey 1.2,3,4; Cheer¬ leading 3,4; Junior Prom Committee 3: Dramatics 4; Exhi¬ bition 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Badminton 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4. PAULINE MANCINI 24 Cross Street Franklin Ambition: Hairdresser “Cute, petite, and very sweet, She ' s the kind of girl you ' d like to meet.” Known as: Blondie. Says: “Hey! You know something? " Usually found: With Roddie. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Soft- ball 1,2; Badminton 2,3,4: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Oskey 2,4: Dramatics 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Exhibition 3. Page Twenty-six Franklin, Mass. i ROGER LEE MANN 65 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Engineer “Men of few words are best.’’ Known as: Lucky. Says: “Hi, good looking. " Usually found: Reading a book. BARBARA ANGELA MARCO 380 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Nurse “Good things come in small packages.’’ Known as: Barb. Says: “Hey, ah. " Usually found: At the movies. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1.2.3,4; Bad¬ minton 2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Freshman Acquaintance Party Committee 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Oskey Committee 4: Social Committee 2: Exhibition 3; Junior Prom Committee 3: Oskey 4. DOR OTH E A AIA R UN G A S 228 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Sports Writer “A clever student, an athlete, Fun to be with, quite complete.’’ Known as: Dottie. Says: “Huh??” Usually found: With a quick come-back. ACTIVITIES: Exhibition 3; Blue and White 1; Hallowe’en Paity Committee 1; Junior Prcm Committee 3: Social Com mittee 3.4; Yearbook Editor 4; Oskey Committee 4; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Volleyball 1.2,3.4: Badminton 1,2,3,4: Oskey 4; Softball 1.2,3.4: Freshman Acquaintance Party Committee 4. EDWARD IRVING MARTIN 89 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: A.A.F. “Power to start—power to finish.” Known as: Ned. Says: “Why, heck, I used to fly the mail back in ’27. " Usually found: At Mason’s Airport, Mansfield. Franklin, Mass. Page Twenty-seoen HORACE MICHAEL MAZZONE 127 Cottage Street Franklin Ambition: Success “He dares to laugh loud and free.” Known as: Chuck. Says: " How ' s tricks?” Usually found: In the free outdoors. ACTIVITIES: Vice-President 1: President 2,3,4: Football 3,4: Basketball 2,3; Marshall 3: Savings Stamp Committee 1,3; Oskey Committee 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Oskey 4. FERDINAND MOLLE 256 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Electrician ' Happy and gay, carefree all day.’’ Known as: Mo. Says: " Hi there!” Usually found: Writing a poem. ACTIVITIES: Football 3: Oskey 4. THOMAS E. MORRISSEY West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Success “He stands high in all students’ hearts.’’ Known as: Tommy. Says: " Keep it clean.” Usually found: Resting in bed. ERMENEGILDA A. MUCCIARONE 5 Darling Court Franklin Ambition: Secretary “With carefree ways and hearty manners.” Known as: Emma. Says: " Jeepers!” Usually found: Sitting sideways. ACTIVITIES: Junior Prom Committee 3; Commercial Club 3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4: Badminton 2,3,4; Field Hockey 3.4: Softball 3,4; Exhibition 3; Hallowe ' en Party Committee 3. Page Twenty-eight Franklin, Mass. MARY MUCCIARONE 93 West Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary “Gentle thoughts and calm desires.” Known as: Mary. Says: " 1 Oc please.” Usually found: Selling popcorn at the movies. ACTIVITIES: Exhibition 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4: Commercial Club 3,4; Hallowe’en Party Committee 2. VILMA G. NASUTI 149 Peck Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary “Daunted by nothing, ever willing to try.” Known as: Vil. Says: ‘‘Oh. brother!” Usually found: Putting her thoughts on paper. ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 1: Yearbook Staff 4; Exhibition 3; Junior Prom Committee 3: Commercial Club 3,4; PAUFINE ELIZABETH NEELON Brook Street Franklin Ambition: Physical Education Instructor “Always dependable, appreciated too. Keeping ever her aims in view.” Known as: Paul. Says: ‘‘Come on; let’s get going!” Usually found: Drawing comic book characters. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4: Social Committee 1; Hal¬ lowe ' en Party Committee 1,2,3,4; Blue and White 4: Oskey 1; Exhibition 3; Junior Prom Committee 3: Class Ring Com¬ mittee 3; Class Pictures Committee 4; D.A.R. Representative 4; Class Treasurer 4; Field Hockey 3,4; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Vol¬ leyball 1,2,3,4; Badminton 1,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4. PHYLLIS N. NORCROSS 427 Pond Street Franklin Ambition: Hairdresser. “Jovial as the day is long.” Known as: Phil. Says: ‘‘Oh. daddy!” Usually found: Working. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3.4: Volleyball 1,2,3.4: Soft- ball 2,3,4; Badminton 3,4; Field Hockey 3,4; Hallowe’en Party Committee 1; Exhibition 3. Franklin, Mass. Page Twenty-nine DAVID ROBERT OBER 167 Union Street Franklin Ambition: Doctor “Steady and kind, honest and true. These will be in all l do.’’ Known as: Doc. Says: " What ' s eating you:”’ Usually found: With the right answer. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1: Dramatics 1. FREDERICK A. PETERSON 246 Beaver Street Franklin Ambition: To make money. “The days of our youth are the days of our glory.” Known as: Pete. Says: " Go west.” Usually found: Under the pines. WILLIAM PROCTOR POST 6 Charlotte Court Franklin Ambition: Undecided " Why art thou silentf” Known as: Itchy. Says: " What’s up:’” Usually found: At the Norfolk Airport. CONSTANCE F. RANIERI 142 Cottage Street Franklin Ambition: Medical Secretary “Little, but, oh my! It ' s the little things that count!” Known as: Tina. Says: " Isn ' t that adorable. ' Usually found: Combing her hair. ACTIX ' iriES: Basketball 1.2.3,4; Badminton 3.4; Softball 1,2.3,4; Oskey 1 : Social Committee 3; Hallowe ' en Party Com¬ mittee 3: Exhibition 3. Page Thirty Franklin, Mass. J DANIEL JOSEPH RANIERI 16 Worsted Street Franklin Ambition: To become rich. " Shy at first, but a good sport when known.” Known as: Big Dan. Says: " Laugh it off. " Usually found: Waving his arms. ACTIVITIES: Football 4; Baseball 3,4; Oskcy 4. THERESA C. RICHARDS 55 North Park Street Franklin Ambition: Flairdresser “ Serene, yet warm, humane, yet firm.” Known as: Terry. Says. " Oh, boy. " Usually found: With a pleasing personality. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club 3.4; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Exhibition 3. MARIE ANN RISTAINO 202 Washington Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary " Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are.” Known as: Squeaky. Says: " What’s up, Doc? " Usually found: Talking. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volley¬ ball 1,2,3,4: Badminton 2,3,4; Commercial Club 3,4; Dra¬ matics 1; Junior Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Ex¬ hibition 3 ; Oskey 4. MAXINE ROSENEAUM 1301 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Merchandiser " Personality, looks and brains—what else?” Known as: Mac. Says: " Pardon my R.I. accent. " Usually found: Down on the farm. ACTIVITIES: Social Committee 4; Hallowe’en Party Com¬ mittee 4; Glee Club 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Oskey 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Senior Play Committee 4; Freshman Ac¬ quaintance Party Committee 4; Field Hockey 4; Basketball 3,4; Volleyball 3; Softball 3,4; Badminton 3,4; Savings Stamp Committee 3. Franklin, Mass. Page Thirty-one CLAIRE DOLORES ROSSETTI 40 McCarthy Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary ‘Quiet, demure, and retiring, Someone whom we re all admiring.” Known as: Chick. Says: “That ' s a sin!” Usually found: With Dodo and Helen. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2.3.4: Volleyball 2.3.4; Badmin¬ ton 3,4: Commercial Club 3,4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Class Secretary 1,2,3,4; Softball 2,3: Class Play Committee 4; Oskey 4. BERTHA HELEN RUMSKI 99 Plain Street Franklin Ambition: Hairdresser “We like her smile—we like her style.” Known as: Blondie. Says: “Are you kidding?” Usually found: Chewing gum. ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 2; Commercial Club 3.4; Exhibi¬ tion 3; Basketball 3; Softball 2. JEANETTE MARGARET SANTORO 111 Hillside Road Franklin Ambition: Professional Dancer “Personality, a smile, and friendly voice, Voted best dancer of our class by choice.” Known as: Sandy. Says: “Oh, really?” Usually found: With a new dance step. ACTIVITIES: Social Committee 1.2,3,4: Dramatics 4; Oskey 1,2,3,4; Exhibition 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Cheer¬ leaders 2.3,4: Basketball 1.2.3,4: Badminton 1.2,3,4; Volley¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 3,4; Softball 1.2,3,4. JOAN MARIE SCAPPATICCI A Street Franklin Ambition: Executive Secretary ”Straight and tall and a smile for all.” Known as: Joanie. Says: “I ' m tired.” Usually found: In a big rush. ACTIVITIES: Badminton 1,2.3.4; Volleyball 1.2.3,4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey, 3.4; Glee Club 2,3 : Oskey 3,4. Page Thirty-two Franklin, Mass. - § ROBERT R. SEDER M AX 169 West Central Street Franklin Ambition: Millionaire " Happy as I, from care I ' m free Why aren ' t they all content like me?” Known as: Bob. Says: " Hyah, Sugar!” Usually found: Down in the office. ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 1.2.4: Junior Prom Committee 3; Oskey 2.4; Pootball 4; Yearbook Staff 4: Savings Stamp Com¬ mittee 2,3. JEANNE E. STEWART 68 Chestnut Street Franklin Ambition: Model " To doubt her fairness were to want an eye.” Known as: Jeannie. Says: ' You know, huh? " Usually found: With Burt. ROBERT ELWOOD STUTMAN 37 Highland Avenue Franklin Ambition: Electrical Engineer " A great sport and friend to all.” Known as: Ace. Says: ' My Word.” Usually found: Asking questions. ACTIVITIES: Savings Stamp Committee 2: Basketball Football 1.4: Baseball 1.2,3.4: Yearbook Staff 4: Oskey 4. FRANCIS J. TADDEO Wachusett Street Franklin Ambition: Graduation " Soft-voiced and calm, of disposition mild.” Known as: Chick. Says: ' Hubba Hubba!” Usually found: At the Diner. ACTIVITIES: Football 3. Franklin, Mass. Page Thirty-three CLAIRE ARLEEN THIBEAULT 11 Church Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. " Known as: Jubeeb. Says: " Hey, Mac! " Usually found: With her cute sailor. ACTIVITIES: Hallowe ' en Party Committee 1.3; Commercial Club 3.4: Softball 1.2,3,4; Basketball Volleyball; Badminton 1.2,3,4; Exhibition 3: Field Hockey 3,4: Oskey 4. RUTH TIBBETTS 151 East Central Street Franklin Ambition: Secretary “Good health and good sense are two of life ' s greatest blessings.’’ Known as: Ruthie. Says: " Oh. yah!” Usually found: Out selling ads. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1.2,3,4: Basketball; Volley¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Badminton 2.3.4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Exhibition 3: Field Hockey 3,4: Hallowe ' en Party Committee 1,3; Yearbook Staff 4; Commercial Club 3,4: Oskey 4. CLIFFORD VAN KEUREN 31 Dean Avenue Franklin Ambition: Accountant “How well I know what I mean to do.” Known as: Cliff. Says: " Isn ' t it wonderful?” Usually found: Listening to Phyllis. ANTHONY FRANCIS VELLUTI 50 Lewis Street Franklin Ambition: Engineer “Voted cutest boy in our class He turns the head of every lass.” Known as: Tony. Says: " Oh, for cryin ' out loud!” Usually found: In Miss Marrs’ Room. ACTIVITIES: Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Oskey 1,4; Dramatics 1; Yearbook Staff 4; Vice-President 2,3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Hallowe ' en Party Committee 2; Salvage Committee 1,2; Oskey 4. Page Thirty-four Franklin, Mass. ALFRED E. VOZZELLA 88 King Street Franklin Ambition: To join the Navy " Always jolly and full of fun Alfred ' s a friend to everyone.” Known as: Spats. Says: “Laugh it off.’’ Usually found: Around Clark Square. ACTI ITIES: Football 3; Ring Committee 2: Hallowe ' en Party Committee 2: Dramatics 1,4: Social Committee 1. c 9lckno r wledgment We, the Senior Class of 194 7, wish to extend our warmest thanks to every individual who helped to make this yearbook what it is. To the editorial committee for its fine write-ups, to the advertising committee for its record-breaking collection of ads, and to other groups who have served in compiling this book, we express our gratitude and sincere appreciation. Franklin, Mass. Page Thirty-five FORMER STUDENTS ALPHONSE POTENZA JOHN CARLSON JEANNETTE SPENCER LILLIAN BERGHELLI Page Thirty-six Franklin, Mass. 1 GLASS OFFICERS President —Horace Mazzone Vice-President —Carlo Geromini Secretary —Claire Rossetti Treasurer —Pauline Neelon Class Colors Maroon and Silver Class Flower Red Rose Class Motto Marshals Laugh It Off! Roger Simmons Ray Mastromatteo COMMENCEMENT DAY HONORS CLASS DAY HONORS Valedictorian —Dorothy Maringas Salutatorian —Barbara Marco 1st F.ssay —Nora Boghosian 2nd Essay —Maxine Rosenbaum 3rd Essay —Barbara Marco 4th Essay —Pauline Neelon History —Horace Mazzone Prophecy —Vilma Nasuti Will —Claire Rossetti Gifts —James Doherty. Jr. Oration —Carlo Geromini SENIOR CLASS SONG The time to leave has come We’ve had such days of fun And now we find We must make our way To success we pray With goals in mind Now that we see we must go Far from the true friends we know CHORUS We shall not forget, never, All the times we’ve had, ever Hours of work and play Morning, night, and day Filled us all with thrills and pleasures, to treasure Now the time has come—we’re going But we think we made a showing We will not forget We’ll repay you yet Franklin High we shall remember. We will think of you, always Dear old Blue and White, always When we’re far away We can always say that you paved the way, always, always Now the time has come, we’re going But we think we made a showing We will not forget We’ll repay you yet Franklin High we shall remember. Tune—Always Words by—Maxine Rosenbaum Page Thirty-eight Franklin, Mass. Through these welcoming portals we entered as Freshmen on September 8, 1943. We tried our wings to emerge after four years capped and gowned. We are now prepared to face the world as full grown birds. One of the pleasantest memories certainly, reviews the night of our first party, the annual Freshman Acquaintance Party. During that day we were well initiated and prepared for this great event. The Seniors gave us a royal welcome! They made us feel at home. Mr. Frazer, better known to us as, “Doc”, who was acting as principal during Mr. Doherty’s absence, called a Freshman Assembly for the purpose of electing class officers for our first year. We elected the following: President . Raymond Ludwin Vice-President . Horace Mazzone Secretary . Claire Rossetti Treasurer . Jeannette Spencer Miss Beane was chosen our class advisor. As Sophomores we were launched into the age of wisdom. We were well named because we really were wise Sophomores. The Sadie Hawkins Day Dance on November 7, 1944 seemed to be the only out¬ standing social event of this year, but was, nevertheless a gala affair. A few of our boys were now coming into the limelight as athletes, namely, Enzo Bartelloni, Bill Cornetta, Jerry Dacey and Al Potenza. On March 12, 1945, we were overjoyed to hear the news that Mr. Doherty had returned from serving in the Armed Forces to resume his chair as principal. Mr. Doherty’s chair had been ably filled during his obsence by “Doc”, a beloved teacher and splendid instructor. “Doc” however was as pleased as we that our Principal had returned. Amid deafening cheers we welcomed Mr. Doherty back to the fold. Our Sophomore officers elected to serve this year were the following: President . Horace Mazzone Vice-President . Tony Velluti Secretary . Claire Rossetti Treasurer . Jeannette Spencer After years of faithful service our beloved friend and benefactor “Doc” Frazer retired from active duty. “Doc”, our Mr. Chips, will always hold a special place within our hearts. We are grateful for the privilege to know him. May his life be long and happy. He will always be a welcome guest in this school. October 19, 1945, was the da+e of our first school Social. On March 16, 1946 the St. Patrick’s Day Dance was held. We were now beginning to come into our own as upperclassmen. The day we received our class rings can be titled as a Red Letter Day. Next came one of the most important of all our social events, The Junior Prom. The Grand March was led by Al D’Aniello and Jeannette Spencer; President of the Senior Class and Treasurer of our Junior Class respectively. Miss Beane, Mrs. Wight, and members of the Junior Class made up a very effi¬ cient committee who planned this unusually glamorous party. Amid the setting of a favorite fairytale “Cinderella and The Glass-Slipper,” we Juniors and our Senior guests danced and chattered through a very happy evening. The hour glass of time had sifted away three happy years. We were now on the threshold of a new experience, anticipating a life as dignified Seniors. It was our turn now to invite the Freshmen and welcome them into this school as members of the student body. This affair was held September 20, 1947. Many of our Senior boys began to take active parts as athletes in various sports. Bill Cornetta, Enzo Bartelloni, Jerry Dacey, and Bob Stutman starred in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Eddie Lamberto, Tony Velluti and Chuck Mazzone par¬ ticipated on the basketball court, while Carlo Geromini assisted among the baseball nine on the diamond. The Christmas Dance on December 20, 1947 was our next social. The Football Sweater Dance held on January 18, 1947, was a major success. Franklin, Mass. Page Thirty-nine Next came the Oskey on April 24 and 25, 1947, which was an overwhelming success. The Oskey took the form of a minstrel show. The role of James Doherty as interlocutor and the six Senior Endmen; “Eightball”—Danny Ranieri, “Manchester” —Jerome Baskin, “Lightning”—Jerry Dacey, “Jumbo”—Enzo Bartelloni, “Scully”— Carlo Geromini and “Rastus”—Chuck Mazzone, along with the specialty numbers and the chorus made the Oskey one of the best in many years. To Miss Beane we attribute much of the success of this production. During the four years she has given us freely of her untiring support and her unique talents. Hereto we must mention her close associate, Mr. Beane, who not only helped us with the production, but gave us the privilege of presenting to a first audience his song “I Kiss My Love Goodbye,” which we hope may win for him recognition. At this time, we wish to extend our gratitude to the underclassmen and all who assisted us in anyway to make this production a success. Just before our Spring vacation the scholastic honors were awarded by Mr. Doherty to the following students m recognition of work well and faithfully done: Valedictorian . Dorothy Maringas Salutatorian . Barbara Marco First Essay . Nora Boghosian Second Essay.Maxine Rosenbaum Third Essay . Joanne Loose Fourth Essay . Pauline Neelon Class Day Honors were bestowed by the class upon: Vilma Nasuti . Prophecy Claire Rossetti . Will James Doherty . Gifts Carlo Geromini . Oration And your Historian — Horace Mazzone The Junior Prom was held on May 23, 1947. The Grand March was led by Horace Mazzone and Jeanne Dorr; President of the Senior Class and Secretary of the Junior Class respectively. Amid an outdoor setting which always creates an atmos¬ phere of beauty and romance, we tripped the Light Fantastic. Delicious refresh¬ ments were served by charming hostesses in the “Garden Restaurant.” Thus another happy evening came to a close. To Miss Holmes and her Juniors we extend our sincere gratitude for making this enjoyable evening possible. Our last and final chapter is emblazoned with notes concerning Senior Week. Monday Evening, the Senior Class Play. The Cast was as follows: Don Cutter . James Doherty Wing . Carlo Geromini Priscilla . Anne Lyons Lady Macbeth. Anne Mahoney John Alden.David Ober Mr. Hyde . Danny Ranieri Dr. Bunn . Jerry Dacey Lucille Marcy . . . Maxine Rosenbaum Mrs. Kluck . Dorothy Cochrane Gertrude Finch . Joanne Loose Mrs. J. Askington Finch, Eunice Kingman Depression . Dorothy Maringas Artemus Burke . Bob Sederman Danny Siletto.Jerome Baskin Tuesday morning we were inspired by Baccalaureate Service during which the class received the Blessings of the Divine Master. The Alumni Banquet was held on Tuesday Evening at which we were the hon¬ ored guests. This Wednesday evening we have assembled for the lighter tone of our com¬ mencement activities. Here we shall learn some of the characteristics of our class¬ mates that may give us a laugh and happy thoughts which we may carry with us through the years. Thursday evening the program will assume a more serious aspect. Our honor¬ ed Seniors will share with you their essays. We shall receive the reward for which we have been working—our coveted diplomas. The Senior Hop will be held at the Country Club on Friday Evening. Plans have been made to decorate the hall for the last party in which the Seniors will take part as a group. We are anticipating an evening of pleasure the memories of which we shall sincerely cherish. Members of the class of 1947, as your historian, may I extend my best wishes to you all, for a happy and prosperous future. Your Historian, Morace Mazzone Page Forty Franklin, Mass. CLASS WILL We, the class of 1947, of Franklin High School, in the county of Norfolk, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound mind and body, and realizing our end to be near, do hereby make, publish, and declare the following as our last will and testament, declaring null and void all former instruments, promises, and wills heretofore published. First: Due to our financial condition, we humbly request that those to whom we owe debts will forget them as soon as possible and continue to be our everlasting friends. We therefore bequeath: TO THE TEACHERS: To Mr. Doherty—A bottle of Postum for his nerves so that he may put up with the incoming senior class. To Miss Beane—A big hand in appreciation for all she has done for us as class advisor during the past four years. To Miss Marrs—A pair of heavy bifocals so that she can find a few right answers on examination papers. To Miss Nichols—An ideal class for her homeroom next year to repair the damage done by the Senior girls. To ALL the Faculty we give our heartfelt appreciation for their tolerance of our many youthful manners and neglectful habits. TO THE JUNIORS: To Alberta Cataldo—The right to do all her shopping in the First National. We know she will enjoy this. To Raymond Mastromatteo—A tube of toothpaste to retain that eye-catching smile. To Barbara Ristaino—A recording of the song hit “My Bill.” To Donald Cataldo—Enzo Bartelloni’s place on the football team. To the Remaining Juniors we bequeath our knowledge of cosmetics. We know they will want to shine up the incoming Freshmen next year. TO THE SOPHOMORES: To George Landry—A bit of Jerry Dacey’s stately and dignified height so that he too may see what is going on. To Gerry Kenney—A free sea son ticket to all future basketball, football and baseball games at F.H.S. We believe it is sports in which Gerry is interested. Franklin, Mass. Page Forty-one To Roger Forgit—A whip so that he will be able to handle his “Lyons.” To The Remaining Sophomores we leave our priceless recipes on how to be absent from classes and pass difficult examinations. TO THE FRESHMEN: To “Jackie” Cornell—A ticket to Hollywood in recognition of his perfect impersonation of A1 Jolson. To Gloria Drowne—A jar of “Skippy” peanut butter. This seems to be her favorite. To Paul Morris—A book entitled, “How I Fascinate Women” written by Tony Velutti. Maybe this will help him overcome his shyness. To “Jackie” Ledbury—A torch—she seems to be carrying a big one. To The Webb Twins—A bottle of glue. May they always “stick” together. To The Remaining Freshmen we bequeath a collection of sob stories so that they will know how to get on the right side of Mr. Doherty. Lastly, on this 4th day of June, 1947, we, the latest of the graduating classes place our hand and seal on this sacred document and appoint those named below as executors of this our last will and testament Class of 1947 President—Horace Mazzone Vice-President—Carlo Geromini Scribe—Claire Rossetti Witnesses: Perk Q. Lator Opin DeDoor C. U. Soon Page Forty-tiVj Franklin, Mass. GLASS PROPHECY Calling upon supernatural powers, I shall gaze into a crystal ball and summon forth my genii who will disclose the future of the class of ’47, ten years hence. Listen, as I repeat each name and describe them as they appear before me in the crystal ball ROBERT STUTMAN—Ah! I see “Ace” working. He is making baskets. Bob had his training on the Panther basketball team, of course. HORACE MAZZONE—What’s this? Before me appears a sign. It reads, “Chuck’s Tailoring”. GERTRUDE FOSS—MARIE BRUNETTI—JEAN STEWART—I see that each girl has added another ring to her finger. Each is queen in her cozy cottage and there reigns supreme. NANCY BAER—Why here is a city—a large one—it’s New York! There is Nancy now—she is a window dresser for Saks Fifth Avenue. ENZO BARTELLONI—This is truly a scene! There are throngs of people cheering and shouting. Look! There’s Bart, a national hero in the sports world. DANNY RANIERI—“Big Dan” is now in his glory. He has a baseball team all his own as manager of the Giant Sluggers. FRANCES CARMIGNANI—What have we here? I see a number of smart, well- dressed women. They are coming out of a shop called “Fran’s Creations”. Franny was always very handy in making smart clothes. TINA RANIERI—Here again I see a host of beautiful women. “Tina’s Beauty Salon” must be the reason. DAVID OBER—There now appears before me—a ranch! David raises many fine thoroughbreds on his western ranch. JERRY DACEY—What a lovely scene! Acres ol rolling fields, clean white buildings. Under Jerry’s management, Dacey’s Dairy has become the most modern one of its kind in Massachusetts. JEANETTE SANTORO—Lights! Action! Cameras! Nicky and Jeanette have been called from Broadway to make a film. They are acclaimed the nation’s fav¬ orite dance-team. MARIE RISTAINO—PAULIN E MANCINI—I see their faces everywhere! These lovely little blondes are now Conover models—appearing on popular magazine covers. JEROME BASKIN—Why this is Hollywood! There are the M.G.M. studios—Set 3— and there is Jerome! Jerry is now taking Peter Lorre’s place. DONALD BISSANTI—A mici ' ophone, an announcer, a fan fare—Donald has his own comedy show. BARBARA MARCO—Long corridors, white uniforms. Operating room. Surgery, calling Dr. Marco. Franklin, Mass. Page Forty-three MAXINE ROSENBAUM—Microphone, orchestra, a lovely vocalist. “Max” is taking Jo Stafford’s place on the Chesterfield Supper Club. FRED MOLLE—Smooth, versatile—Freddie is crooning on the Hit Parade every Saturday night. ROBERT LITTLEFIELD—I see Bob as a wealthy farm owner specializing in poultry raising. FLORENCE CHISHOLM—Mmmm! A large city, an enormous building, filled with books. There is “Flo” sitting in the midst of all this literature as head librarian. DOROTHY DANGELO—An auditorium filled with people, and on the platform— Dotty. She is now making herself heard as a lecturer. JAMES DOHERTY—This is strange! I see a foreign country—a large gathering of notable people. And there in its midst is Jimmy—a suave, distinguished diplo¬ mat. Jimmy was the smoothest boy in our class. MATTHEW BORRUSSO—Here is a spic and span building with four bright red gas pumps in front. Mat is owner of a modern garage here in Franklin. DOROTHY MARINGAS—Dot’s voice is being heard by every man, woman, and child who has any interest in sports. She is a nationally known sports com¬ mentator. CLAIRE ROSSETTI—A maze of corridors. A variety of people sifting through them. This is the Pentagon Building in Washington, and Claire is established in one of its offices as a private secretary. EDWARD LAMBERTO—I see Eddie standing before a group of men. He is leading them. Eddie is conductor of the Poor Man’s Operatic Group now singing in Symphony Hall. He got his start in our Oskey. ALEXANDER McDONALD—He is standing on a soapbox in Boston Common. Why Alex is a public speaker. RUTH TIBBETTS—A baseball field. Two teams of girls, and look who’s behind the plate. Umpire Ruth! ARLENE THIBEAULT—A radio show. Hollywood. Arlene is taking Joan Davis’ place as Queen of Comedy. WILLIAM POST—Bill has a civil service job—in the POST office, naturally. CLIFFORD VAN KEUREN—Cliff, certainly looks distinguished. He is a member of the President’s Cabinet. NORA BOGHOSIAN—Nora is in her rightful place—seated beside a desk as secre¬ tary—to the speaker of the House in Congress. THERESA RICHARDS—What a lovely campus. I see Terry as dean of a girl’s school. Theresa always knew how to manage things with a firm hand. DOMENIC ALLEGRINI—LEONARD DUNTON—EDWARD HUNCHARD—WALTER AUSTIN—They are all politicians noted for their fine campaign speeches. We always knew that one day they would make themselves heard. Page Forty-four Franklin, Mass. CATHERINE FARRELL—MARY LOU CATALDO—BERTHA RUMSKI—These quiet girls each have a business of their own. It’s wonderful to see the pro¬ gress they have made. ROBERT SEDERMAN—Well, we expected it all along. What else but the current heart-throb for all movie-going females. Bob is receiving the largest amount of fan mail in Hollywood. ANTHONY VELLUTTI—A bright and shiny new car appears, and at the wheel— Tony! He is doing a flourishing business as a taxi-driver. PAULTNE NEELON—A strong, tanned figure under the hot sun. There is Pauline— life guard written across her bathing suit—at Atlantic City. ANNE MAHONEY—And who do you think is taking Hildegarde’s place? The in¬ comparable Anne! THOMAS MORRISSEY—Tommv, the same quiet, lovable individual is seated in an executive position—selectman in the lovely town of Franklin. FRED PETERSON—ROGER MANN—FRANCIS TADDEO—HARRY DANIELS— They were so retiring I never knew these bovs were mechanically inclined. They have all gone into automobile and aviation plants as mechanics. DOROTHY BLANCHARD—Swank nightclubs, chauffeurs, limousines. “Dodo” is a budding New York socialite. SARAH APALAKIAN—How nice it is to see that Sarah really liked college. She is now on the faculty at Burdette’s in Boston. CARLO GEROMINI—The radios and newspapers are acclaiming a young scientist for his wonderful new discovery. It is Carlo’s name I see in the headlines. WILLIAM CORNETTA—How wonderful! A football field. The players are stand¬ ing around their coach for last minute instructions. As they run onto the field, Coach Cornetta looks at them with pride. Billy has a winning team on his hands. VIOLA BISCOTTI—Music—Spotlight—and to the center of the floor comes Viola to do her skit. She is currently appearing at a well-known nightclub in Phila¬ delphia. DOROTHY COCHRANE—I see a place where everything is well managed, sparkling white, and clean. Dotty is making a wonderful head nurse. SUMNER ELLSWORTH—Seated behind a large desk in a pretentious office, Sumner looks very important as vice-president of his firm. He has one trouble (?), however. All the girls in his office are in love with this tall, light, and lovable hunk of man. PHYLLIS NORCROSS—ANNE LYONS—EMMA MUCCIARONE—These girls seemed to have reached the highest point of happiness. They have all married wealthy men. MARY MUCCIARONE—JANE KEHAYAS—ANNE FREDRICKSON—Three calm, capable girls—all have taken up the teaching profession. They are teaching in the lower grades. Franklin, Mass. Page Forty-five HI JOANNE LOOSE—HELEN CAMERON—Why they arc back in Franklin High! This time as members of the faculty. Joanne is teaching languages, while Helen is head of the Commercial Department. PHYLLIS JENKINS—Colors and Drawings galore! “Phil” has her own studio as she makes good in Commercial Advertising CLAIRE JOHNSTON—A lovely chorus—led by Phil Spitalny. Claire is a member of the All Girl Choir on the Hour of Charm. JOAN SCAPPATICCI—Joan is on the faculty of one of our leading colleges giving lessons in elocution. We shall never forget her smooth clear voice in History class. ALFRED VOZZELLA—A1 is out in Arizona. He owns a lovely, lush hotel for tourists. You can find him any day taking a siesta in the shade. EDWARD MARTIN—Aviation! Planes! The “wild, blue yonder!” “Ned” is taking Steve Canyon’s place as boss of “Horizons Unlimited”. MICHAEL D’ANGELO—“Mikey” inspires thrilling music-lovcrs everywhere. The boy with the rhythm “that makes you want to dance.” EUNICE KINGMAN—Here is a bright, modernistic building. Eunice is manager of a variety store. She always liked variety. —VILMA NASUTI Page Forty-six Franklin, Mass. CLASS GIFTS D. ALLEGRINI—Onions—For his tuna fish sandwiches. S. APALAKIAN—Rouge—So we won’t know when she’s blushing. W. AUSTIN—A file—To fix the point his head comes to. N. BAER, M. BRUNETTI, A. THIBEAULT, D. D,ANGELO—To each of these girls, a firecracker to help them make noise. E. BARTELLONI—A temper—To help him manage his woman. J. BASKIN—A can for all his corn. V. BISCOTTI—A contract to hold “Sadie Hawkins Day” 365 times a year. D. BISSANTI—A calendar to keep him straight. May follows April but Donald follows June. N. BOGHOSIAN—A stick—To beat off the boys that follow her. D. BLANCHARD—Mayonnaise—To help her continue to be our best dressed girl. M. BORRUSO—A box—So he can keep the bad temper he hasn’t got in it. H. CAMERON—A fork—To help her eat Dodo’s sandwiches at lunch. F. CARMIGNANI—A battery—Frances is one of our live wires. M. CATALDO—A necktie—To start a men’s store with, and give her father some competition. F. CHISHOLM—A sign—To take the place of her voice at the library. D. COCHRANE—Some Mennem Shave Cream to give the boys—Dotty says she likes “smooth” men. B. CORNETTA—A lasso—For the old—“Horsethief”. J. DACEY—Bobby Pins—to keep his hair in place. M. DANGELO—A razor blade—So he will continue to be sharp. H. DANIELS—Stilts—May he come up and see us sometime. L. DUNTON—A telephone—So we can hear from him more often. S. ELLSWORTH—The right to be known as Dean’s Robert Taylor. G. FOSS, C. JOHNSTON—Salt and Pepper—May they always be together. C. FARRELL, R. RUMSKI—Glue—They stick together too. Franklin, Mass. Page Forty-seven A. FREDRICKSON—A glass of still water—Anne says it runs deep. C. GEROMINI—Sugar—Carlo likes sweet things. E. HUNCHARD—Eddie is one of James Fenimore Cooper’s boys so we give him the nickname of “Deerslayer”. P. JENKINS—Rope—With which to climb up to the height of a certain “Cliff”. J. KEHAYAS—Bromo Seltzer—To use after eating her breakfast on the way to school. E. KINGMAN—A few minutes to put in a plug for Dana’s Drug store. E. LAMBERTO—Simonize—May he always keep his car in such good condition. R. LITTLEFIELD—A cover—Bob never did let off much steam. J. LOOSE—A bookmark—To help one of our better students. A. LYONS—Clover—To remind her that she was one of us ham actors too. A. MAHONEY—A Murder mystery—So that she will continue to be such a scream. P. MANCINI—Tongs—To hold her sugar with. R. MANN—Wax—For his mustache. N. MARTIN—A compass to use when flying blind. H. MAZZONE—A box of vitamins to help our “personality boy” keep his beaming smile and peppiness. B. MARCO—The title of “The 8th Wonder of the World”. We wonder when she does her homework. D. MARINGAS—A score sheet—To remind her of the basketball games she starred in. A. MacDONALD—A fish—Alex, however, doesn’t seem to need brain-food. Page Forty-eight Franklin, Mass. F. MOLLE—Throat spray—for his fine set of vocal chords. E. MUCCIARONE—A golf ball—Emma’s a good sport, too. M. MUCCIARONE—Typing paper—We know she will be a success as a secretary. V. NASUTI—A dictionary—Vilma has never been “lost for words.” May this help her to be a good conversationalist. P. NEELON—An orchid—for all the work she’s done for our class. P. NORCROSS—Paper clips—to help keep her eyes open in school; the rest of us had trouble too. D. OBER—Scotch tape—to keep his eyes in his head when a pretty girl walks by. F. PETERSON—Some bait—Fred was another one of our Sportsmen. W. POST—A rattle—William never made much noise. D. RANIERI—A doll—to remind him of the one he had in the “Oskey”. T. RANIERI—Multiplication tables to help her keep such a good figure. T. RICHARDS—A dime—Theresa knows it’s only silver, but she also knows that “silence is golden”. M. RISTAINO—A piece of cake—for a sweet “cookie”. M. ROSENBAUM—The right to be known as “Miss Sophistication of 1947”. C. ROSSETTI—A box of dates—In case she ever runs out of them. J. SANTORO—A muffler for her “bangs”. J. SCAPPATICCI—Goloshes—Joan sang “Stormy Weather” in the “Oskey”. B. SEDERMAN—The “Ladies’ Home Journal” to keep him occupied. J. STEWART—A hook—to help her catch some millionaire. Franklin, Mass Page Forty-nine A. STUTMAN—A pack of Lucky Strikes to remind him of the baseball season. F. TADDEO—A pillow—to help him with his homework. R. TIBBETTS—Coffee—So that boys won’t get on her nerves. C. VAN KEUREN—Spinach—to help him continue to be the strong, silent type. T. VELLUTI—Yeast—to help him rise and not faint when he receives his diploma. A. VOZZELLA—A cigarette holder—All aristocrats use them, AC. Page Fifty Frunhlin, Muss. CLASS ORATION Yesterday - Tomorrow - Today Picture if you will, a vision. This vision rises before us like a puff of smoke. In it we see the past rising, as if we were in a dream. Once again we are in the almighty struggle for freedom. We hear the rolling of drums; the blare of bugles; the hustle and bustle of a country preparing for war. We see thousands of people gathered and in that crowd are the women, pale and excited; the men, their faces flushed; yes, and in that crowd we see the dead over whose graves flowers are now blooming. In this vision we cannot lose sight of them. We are with them as they are called to defend their country, we watch them as they are about to part with their loved ones. We see them strolling through the park with their sweethearts, we hear them promise everlasting love; we see the father bending over the cradle and kiss¬ ing his child; and we see others, younger boys, who have never left home before, leaving behind broken-hearted mothers. Again we see them as thev leave for the battlefield, to glory; to death. But what of these men who have sacrificed their all for freedom? They sleep now beneath a starry sky. In the midst of battle, through the horrible roar of con¬ flict they found the serenity of death. Let us give a cheer for the living, a tear for the dead. But now this vision fades and another appears; it is the vision of the future. In it we see the world filled with happy homes, families by the firesides, children laughing, mothers smiling, sweethearts happy. Yes, we see before us now a world at Deace, filled with love, music and truth. It is a world where no longer need a man beg for bread. It is a world of love and harmony. It is a world without disease of flesh or brain; it is a world of beauty, shapely and fair, the harmony of form and function; love of fellow man o’ersweeps the earth, and, high above, shining down on this beautiful world, is the eternal star of hope. This vision, as did the first, also vanishes, and now we are alone. We have seen the visions, one an ugly reminder of the past, the other the hope of the future. This vision of the future is not a dream; it is day by dav slowly becoming a reality, and America is expected to lead the way toward this realism. We have heard of and read of the millions of peoples from ravaged countries who have been under the tyrant’s yoke. The starving and undernourished must be fed; the beaten remains of a one-time happy peoDle must be made strong again. Now that the chains of the tyrant have been removed and these people have been made to see the light of freedom again, it does not mean that the work is over. The great¬ est tasks of all now confront us: the rebuilding of the bombed and devastated cities; the feeding and clothing of these people; the placing of a world police force in these foreign places; and a great step must be taken in the re-education of the youth of these lands. They must be taught the meaning of peace and harmony. America can¬ not rest until she has done her share in accomplishing these things. The people of America must set themselves up as an example to the rest of the world. The people of America must forget pettiness; strikes must be stifled; exployers and employees must work together for mutual benefit and not for individual gain; all the people, including the veteran, should work together for the benefit of their fellow man rather than trying to get more for less effort; parents, educators, the church and the state must units and provide a worthwhile education for the young people of the world so that they may be prepared for a place in life. Should anyone of these clas¬ ses decide to evade the responsibility and start in to criticize one another it will only demoralize and ruin the aim of the whole system of education. There are small but important things that each one of you in my audience, that each one of my fellow classmates, that I can do—and right here in Franklin, if that is to be our working field. Rejoice that our boys are home, that you are home, re¬ joice that there is work, make the work likeable, put others first and yourself second. If we and people like us in small communities can do this—and it is possible—then nations can do it, a universe can do it. Without big little contributions no nation can live harmoniously. Thus we are important in making a dream materialize. We have seen the vision of the past long enough. Must it remain with us for¬ ever? We, the younger generation of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. We must strive to do all in our power to make this dream of the future come to pass. It is up to every one of us to help kindle the spark that will light the everlasting star of peace and keep it aglow over our skies forever. It is to the younger generation that the people of America turn, but we cannot succeed without the help of our elders. On our shoulders lies the responsibility of making this vision of the future come true. Ours is a mighty mission; we must not fail! —Carlo Geromini, Class Oration Franklin, Mass. Page Fifty-one SENIOR GLASS STATISTICS Boy Girl MOST POPULAR MOST OBLIGING .... CLASS WIT. PEPPIEST. NOSIEST. QUIETEST. BEST LOOKING. TALLEST . SHORTEST . BEST NATURED . CLASS POLITICIAN .... BEST ORATOR . MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST DRESSED .... MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY BEST DANCER . BEST ATHLETE . TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL CLASS COUPLE . MOST LOYAL. CLASS POET. ACTOR AND ACTRESS MOST DEMOCRATIC BEST ALL-ROUND .... BIGGEST HEARTBREAKER BEST STUDENT .... BEST’ LINE. LADY AND GENTLEMAN . DID MOST FOR F.H.S. CUTEST. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST RESPECTED .... OPPOSITE SEX HATER MOST SOCIABLE. CLASS BLUFF. CLASS TEASE . MOST POPULAR FRESHMAN MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORE MOST POPULAR JUNIOR . FAVORITE PASTIME FAVORITE SPORT .... FAVORITE EVENT .... FAVORITE DANCE PIECE FAVORITE HANGOUT . TEACHER MOST LIKED AT F.FI.S. TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER FAVORITE COURSE .... FAVORITE ORCHESTRA FAVORITE LONGING . . Floracc Mazzone Jerome Baskin Donald Bissanti Horace Mazzone Alfred Vozzella Post — Mann James Doherty Jerry Dacey Walter Austin Jerome Baskin Carlo Geromini Carlo Geromini David Ober James Doherty Fred Molle James Doherty Enzo Bartclloni Tony Velluti Clifford Van Kettrcn William Cornetta Fred Molle Carlo Geromini Edward Lamberto Horace Mazzone Robert Sederman Carlo Geromini Robert Sederman David Ober Horace Mazzone Tony Velluti Jerome Baskin Jerry Dacey Roger Mann Horace Mazzone Sederman-Vozzella Alfred Vozzella Maxine Rosenbaum Pauline Neelon Arlene Thibeault Anne Mahoney Viola Biscotti Catherine Farrell Jeanne Stewart Phyllis Norcross Viola Biscotti Dorothy Maringas Dorothy Maringas Dorothy Maringas Dorothy Maringas Dorothy Blanchard Maxine Rosenbaum Jeanette Santoro Dorothy Maringas Marie Ristaino Phyllis Jenkins Pauline Neelon Vilma Nasuti Anne Mahoney Dorothy Maringas Maxine Rosenbaum Eunice Kingman Barbara Marco Anne Mahoney Joanne Loose Pauline Neelon Marie Ristaino Dorothy Maringas Pauline Neelon Catherine Farrell Maxine Rosenbaum Anne Mahoney Viola Biscotti Kathleen Kenney John Turco Ray Mastromatteo Dancing Football Junior Prom “To Each His Own” Brunelli’s Diner Miss Beane Miss Holmes Physical Vaughn Monroe Graduation Page Fifty-two Franklin, Mass. Pest Tnte 1 1ectua Typical h i b s choal Cutest re s P© ct ert He a rt b re a ke r Most 1 81 hKHv V ' ( v ■ _, s Si .71 ft BP • H sS SSp a aPf - 4 -v£ ' w 1 Autographs THE CHEERLEADERS This year’s cheerleading squad found Anne Mahoney and Jeanette Santoro the only veterans. As Co-Captains, they taught the new members all the intricacies in the art of cheering. And they were successful. With continuous work and cooperation the result has been a group of leaders that should make any school proud. Win or lose, our teams could always depend upon be ing backed to the end. Vim, vigor and vitality is the password of the six pretty lassies. Co-Captains—Jeanette Santoro, Anne Mahoney Marjorie Chittick Jeanne Dorr Barbara Genoa Gerry Kenney Page fifty-eight Franklin, Mass. SENIOR GIRLS’ BASKETBALL This year the Seniors, under the supervision of Miss Alice Beane, played six outside games with much enjoyment and success. The following Seniors played: The games played and scores were: A. Lyons D. Maringas (Capt.) P. Neelon R. Tibbetts J. Scappaticci M. Mucciarone M. Rosenbaum F. Carmignani J. Loose J. Santoro A. Mahoney D. Cochrane T. Ranieri A. Thibeault Hopedale 17 Norwood 8 Wrentham 24 Framingham 23 Hopedale 14 Wrentham 24 36 Franklin Seniors 22 Franklin Seniors 24 Franklin Seniors 21 Franklin Seniors 47 Franklin Seniors 35 Franklin Seniors D. Kehayas The Juniors also played six outside games, the following Juniors taking part: R. Picard M. Chittick M. Allard B. Ristaino M. Eknaian (Capt.) B. Ajemian D. Fox M. Webb Franklin, Mass. Page Fifty-nine Jplh w v 4 Iff fl, V TOP—SENIOR HOCKEY; BOTTOM—BASKETBALL WINNERS TOP—JUNIOR HOCKEY; BOTTOM—BASKETBALL RUNNERS-UP . IMr BIS1P2 L ! « yl TOP—VOLLEYBALL WINNERS; BOTTOM—SENIOR SOFTBALL TOP—BADMINTON FINALISTS; BOTTOM—JUNIOR SOFTBALL GIRLS’ INTRAMURAL SPORTS Intra-mural sports have formed a definite pattern in the Franklin High School Girls’ Athletic Program with every girl being offered an opportunity to take part in any of the various sports. The program has proved very popular as shown by the large turnout for various activities. Each girl is given the chance to earn points which are accumulated over the four years toward the following awards: Numerals . 100 points Star . 250 points Letter . 200 points Chenille F. 350 points Over 350 points—Basketball pin with class numerals. The sports oll ' crcd over the period of a year are: Volleyball . 20 points Badminton . 20 points Field Hockey . 30 points Softball . 30 points Basketball . 30 points Posture . 30 points These sports are all extra-curricular and take place outside the regular gym classes. Regular officials, scorers, and recorders of attendance are also a part of the program. In order for a girl to receive her points, she must take part in three- fourths of the games her team plays. So let’s keep the ball rolling—for there’s fun in playing. Just ask any high school girl. Page Sixty-tvoo Franklin, Mass. FOOTBALL Mr. George Colbert returned this year to our school to assume position as head football coach. Anthony Pisini, who substituted during the war years, assisted Mr. Colbert in rounding out the enthusiastic squad. As there were only three veterans from last year, our coaches were forced to mold a good football aggregation out of practically all “green” hopefuls. Despite a poor record, the team, capably led by Co-Captains Bartelloni and Cornetta, provided worthy competition even in defeat. The contests with St. Patrick’s, Concord, and St. Mary’s were the highlights of the schedule. Outstanding Senior performers throughout the season were: Enzo Bartelloni, Billy Cornetta, Carlo Geromini , Chuck Mazzone, Danny Ranieri, Ace Stutman, Jerry Dacey, Eddie Lamberto, Bob Sederman, and Tony Velluti. Franklin 0 . St. Patrick 7 Franklin 0 . Medway 19 Franklin 6 . Bourne 29 Franklin 0 . Milford 20 Franklin 0 . Concord 53 Franklin 13 . St. Mary’s 0 Franklin 0.North Attleboro 13 Franklin, Mass. Page Sixty-three m BASKETBALL Determined to uphold the reputation of F.H.S., the 1947 basketball team came through with a well-played season. The boys tasted many defeats, but with their spirit, teamwork, and knowledge, they nobly defended the Blue and White. With one of the toughest schedules ever booked, the squad ended its season with 6 wins and 15 losses. The boys were invited to play at the South Shore Tourna¬ ment, where, though defeated, they showed everyone their great sportsmanship. Outstanding performers include Captain Jerry Dacey, Enzo Bartelloni, Bernie Doyle, Earl Pidgeon, Ace Stutman, Ray Mastrcmatteo, Alfred Martello, David Lincoln, and Julius Garelick. The schedule was as follows: Franklin Franklin Mt. St. Charles. . . . 29 47 Worcester North .... . . 50 13 Malden Catholic . . . . . . 36 16 Braintree . . 43 28 (Boston Arena) Woburn . . . 44 18 Alumni . . . 33 34 North Attleboro .... . . 46 26 St. Mary’s . . . 59 39 Braintree . . . 73 17 Blackstone . . . 13 24 Milford. . . 32 40 Saugus . . . . 29 50 St. Mary’s . . . 39 57 Blackstone . . . 35 33 North Attleboro .... . . 48 18 North Attleboro . . . . . . 46 25 (South Shore Tournament) Maynard . . . 30 22 Mt. St. Charles . . . 53 33 Benny’s Oilers . . . . 43 28 Melrose . . . 45 25 (Benefit game) (Boston Garden) Milford . . . 41 32 Page Sixty-four Franklin, Mass. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL In coaching the Jay Vees, Mr. Beane proved his great ability in developing a good team with boys of all sizes. The material, which included Freshmen and Sophomores of unusual ability, promises future winning teams for Coach Beane and F.H.S. Outstanding players include Winston Van Deusen, Donald Cataldo, Dave Sewell, Dick Dupre, John Gentile, Arthur Watkins, Babe Howell, Bob Anderson, Ronald Gianetti, Francis Marco, and Marsden Anderson. Franklin, Mass. Page Sixty-five BASEBALL Enthusiasts from the Freshman through the Senior classes turned out “en masse” in answer to Coach Colbert’s call for 1947 baseball practice. The team was practically stripped of outstanding stars by last year’s graduation, but there are still quite a few experienced ballplayers. Young hopefuls are expected to fill capably the vacant position. In the few practice games played, the boys have shown great ability and a fine spirit. The players include Ace Stutman (Captain), Jerry Dacey, Julius Garelick, Donald Cataldo, Danny Ranieri, Carlo Geromini, Freddy Martello, Dick Yankee, Ray Mastromatteo, David Lincoln, and Enzo Bartelloni. The schedule is as follows: April 25—Bellingham at Franklin April 29—Canton at Canton May 2—St. Mary’s at Franklin May 5—Blackstone at Blackstone May 9—North Attleboi ' o at North May 14—Medway at Medway May 16—Canton at Franklin May 20—St. Mary’s at Milford May 23—North Attleboro at Franklin May 26—Blackstone at Franklin May 28—Medway at Franklin June 10—Bellingham at Bellingham Page Sixty-six Franklin, Mass. JUNIOR CLASS President—Raymond Mastromatteo Secretary-—Jeanne Dorr Vice-President—Roger Simmons Treasurer—Robert Anderson Adviser—Marion Holmes Page Sixty-eight Franklin, Mass BAND Organizer—Mr. Howard President—Kenneth De Rosier Secretary—June Yankee Vice-President—Ronald Gianetti Treasurer—Arthur Petitt Mr. Howard resumed the band this year with the help of instruments donated by the Franklin Lions Club. The large turnout of underclassmen for private lessons from Mr. Howard proved that Franklin High again desired to support a musical aggregation. The remarkable progress gained by the band allowed them to entertain during Christmas week, prior to the Lions’ Club Minstrel Show, and at a Parent-Teachers’ Association. Their precision, intonation, and balance demonstrated to the public that the Lions’ Club investment was not futile. Members include: Donald Ristaino, Christian Pretto, Paul Remington, Lawrence Morrissey, John Doherty, Nathan Shaw, Fred Brown, Arthur Maringas, Paul Jones, Raymond Drowne, Carl Homer, Donald Sewell, John McCarthy, Frank DeGrazio, Janice McDonald, Doris Fertitta, Ralph Delucia, Louis Molinaro, Eddie McNally, Raymond Recchia, Donald Wambolt. Franklin, Mass. Page Sixty-nine THE GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Marie S. Riley, proves to us that cooperation can result in pleasant harmony. This year, performing for a Community Service before the Alden Club, a Parent-Teachei ' s’ Association meeting and Senior Class night exercises, the club set an excellent example of the type of work that Franklin High School students are capable of achieving. Let us hope that the popularity of our Glee Club continues to grow. Lois Johnson provided piano accompaniment for the club. Members are as follows: Rose Marie Aimone Viola Biscotti Irene Dorr Jeanne Dorr Peggy Eastman S n lly Eastman Barbara Elder Virginia Ellsworth Ruth Emmons Gertrude Foss Joan Guinard Grace Marie Howard Joan Jewett Anita Johnson June Johnson Claire Johnston Mabel King Jacky Ledbury June Yankee Beverly Mackintosh Barbara Nasuti Barbara Peterson Janet Saunders Ellen Simpson Claire Thibedeau Louise Thibedeau Marlene Turcotte Marianne Verna Page Seventy Franklin, Mass. COMMERCIAL CLUB Organizers—Miss Nichols, Miss Cirioni President—Pauline Mancini Secretary—Frances Carmignani Vice-President—Joanne Jewett Treasurer—Theresa Richards Sara Apalakian Nancy Baer Viola Biscotti Nora Boghosian Shirley Brauneis Virginia Burns Helen Cameron Alberta Cataldo Florence Chisholm Thanksgiving Dance Ice Follies Mary Delfino Jeanne Dorr Catherine Farrell Dorothy Fox Dorothy Grici Phyllis Jenkins Barbara Lovejoy Emma Mucciarone Mary Mucciarone ACTIVITIES Trip to Boston Bowling Lucy Nasuti Vilma Nasuti Carol Proal Marie Ristaino Claire Rossetti Bertha Rumski Arlene Thibeault Ruth Tibbetts Christmas Party Picnic Franklin, Mass. Page Seventy-one THE OSKEY MINSTREL SHOW Miss Beane has done it again! This year’s production of the Oskey, under the direction of Miss Alice Beane, resulted in complete success. Although proceeds of the show go to aid publication of the senior class year¬ book, many of the outstanding performers were found to be underclassmen. Jokes, songs, and dance routines by the senior endmen and interlocutor kept the show moving at a rapid pace. Capacity audiences on both production nights enjoyed the expert ad libbing provided by these stars. The large chorus proved a very valuable asset to the show with lively songs and added pleasant harmony to many of the specialty numbers. Success in such a large undertaking as a minstrel show could never be achieved without the complete cooperation among all participants as was shown in the pres¬ entation of the Oskey Minstrel Show. Page Seventy-two Franklin , Mass. YOUR YEARBOOK STAFF Franklin, Mass. Page Seventy-three NEW ENGLAND’S FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS AND LIMNERS J. E. PURDY GO., INC. 160 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. HANcock 2982-2961 Comnlinients ul L. J. GATALDO GO. “Stores of Confidence” FRANKLIN AND FOXBORO MORSE THEATRE JAMES M. AUSTIN House Manager WALTER E. MITCHELL M a n a g i n g Director o o PHYLLIS AUSTIN Cashier GARELIGK BROS. FARMS Franklin, Mass. Producers of Quality Dairy Products TRY OUR HOMOGENIZED MILK Compliments of A Friend SIMMONS MOTORS Compliments of The Friendly Service Station - 1 5 . - p DeBaggis and D’Errico Sales—FORD—Service Co. “MITYGUD BAKERS” Tel. .54 9 Summer St. ,59 Rugbies St. 10 Main St. Tel. 460 Tel. 762 FRANKLIN, MASS. FRANKLIN; MASS. LOLA’S DAIRY CLASS RINGS ULTRA J. Richard O’Neil Go. MILK AND CREAM Cambridge 39 1 Franklin, Mass. Massachusetts CLASS RINGS ULTRA Compliments of Thomson-National Benjamin Franklin Press Go., Inc. Savings Bank 9 DEAN AVENUE Franklin Massachusetts Compliments of Compliments of H. Bullukian and Sons Franklin Furniture Go. 2 East Central St., Franklin, Mass. Headquarters for Good Furniture at Reasonable Prices TIRES BATTERIES • BROWN’S SOCONY SERVICE STATION Wiggin Funeral Home “The Up-to-Date Service Center” Cars Lubricated and Washed Inc. 2 Summer St. Franklin 5 East St. Tel. 8591 FRANKLIN, MASS. Seat Covers Muffler Service Compliments of NORFOLK COUNTY Compliments of TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System TAUNTON Member Federal Deposit GAS AND LIGHT Insurance Corporation FRANKLIN, MASS. Dean Cooperative Bank Systematic Savings Compliments of Direct Reduction Mortgages G. I. Loans LEO J. MURRAY CO. 37 Main Street Franklin R. I. RED CHICKS Of Heavy Laying Ability BERNARD J. DOYLE Available Every Week CARPET MFG. of the Year. E. B. Parmenter Fisher Street FRANKLIN, MASS. King St. Franklin YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Bartlett and Fales New Fountain-Luncheonnette for Delicious Sandwiches New and Better Sodas, Sundaes, Frappes, and After-the- Theatre Snacks. We Feature Mrs. Dwyer’s Home-Baked Pies—Fresh Daily. Hood’s Ice Cream Whitman’s Chocolates Kemp’s Salted Nuts. All Nationally Advertised Toiletries, Patent Medicines, Etc. Fine Greeting Cards. Courteous Service All-ways AT BARTLETT AND FALES! Compliments of Franklin Yarn Go. 7k SpzciaiiM Ln tkahith StAvm If you have any trip in mind ... to any point, a chartered Johnson bus is the ideal way for a group to travel. It ' s safe, swift, comfort¬ able, economical, and fun. For rates and information, call .... __ Bus Lines. Inc. MILFORD 230 Compliments of Clark, Cutler, McDermott Co. J. D. DADDAR10 CO. [ Compliments of Plumbing and Heating Sheet Metal Work AR CARO’S MARKET Gas Piping Union St. Franklin, Mass. 19 Dean Avenue Franklin, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of SHERMAN CHEVROLET CO. HUDSON’S Compliments of Compliments of FRANKLIN LUMBER CO. Paint — Hardware — Cement GEORGE E. CODY Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Tel. 710-711 — Franklin, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of OLD COLONY INSULATION CO. BRUNELLI’S DINER Tel. 710-711 Franklin, Mass. j Used Cars Gas-Oil MILLER MOTOR SALES Authorized Kaiser and Frazer Dealer Tel. 8327 241-243 E. Central St. FRANKLIN, MASS. 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PRINTERS — PUBLISHERS 15-17 East Central Street — FRANKLIN t “Printers That Specialize in School Publications” . . . Sponsors . . . Mrs. Virginia Cataldo Mr. Francis Rice Mr. Thomas M. McMannis Mr. J. A. Murphy Mr. H. R. Dow, Jr. Mr. Fred D’Errico Mrs. J. M. Berndt Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Thibeault Mr. William Harris Mr. Harold E. Campbell Mr. Herbert Kenyon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tibbetts Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Neelon Mr. and Mrs. John DeNapoli Mr. Arthur Kenyon Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pisini Mr. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hunchard Arthur Lawrence Sl c Mr. Freeman B. Knowlton Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Magnan Mr. Harry Hovey Mr. Anthony Molinaro Mr. Renaldo Pellegri Mr. Paul G. Pfeffer Mr. Walter F. Carr, Jr. Mr. John Conroy Mr. Romeo Palladini Mr. Walter Cook Mr. Dutchy Gilbert Mr. Woodrow L. Abbott Mr. Louis Genoa Mr. C. C. Shangraw Miss Ann E. Donahue Mr. Charles Anderson, Jr. Mr. Everett Parren Mr. Everett G. Ristaino Miss Marion E. Holmes Miss Mary L. Doherty Miss Beatrice Mercurio Miss Elizabeth Baxter Miss Bertha Nichols Miss Florence R. Cirioni Mrs. Lillian Roth Mr. Orie J. Cenedella Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carmignani Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boghosian Uncle Duke Mr. Joseph Hippie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Baer Mr. C. Merton Plimpton Mr. George Quinn Mr. Louis Marco A Friend Mr. Walter Feeley Mr. Arthur Pellegri Miss Jessie Monroe Mr. Anthony Oblackinish Mr. Virgil Willard A Friend Miss Mertie M. Parrish Mr. Michael J. Marguerite Mr. Harry Prince Mr. Peter Rometti Miss Mary Bilzarian Mr. J. M. Fitzpatrick Mr. Anthony Ranieri Mr. Armand Richards Mr. John M. Embree, Jr. Mr. A. B. Chilson A Friend Miss Alice J. Neelon Miss Viola Morse Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mucciarione PECCI CLEANERS 1 Compliments of 358 Union St. Tel. 903 Franklin, Mass. Mrs. Stutman’s Dress Shop JOS. D’ANIELLO Italian and American Grocery Compliments of — MEATS — 331 Union St. Tel. 40-M HELEN MARINGAS Franklin, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of MORRIS STUTMAN J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Electrician Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduates of Franklin High School HILL COLLEGE Farm Equipment Sales Co. Woonsocket, Rhode Island TWO-YEAR DEGREE COURSES TWO-YEAR DIPLOMA COURSES Accountancy Secretarial Science Dingley Manufacturing Co., Inc. Stenographic Secretarial Secretarial Finishing Autographs

Suggestions in the Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) collection:

Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Franklin High School - Oskey Yearbook (Franklin, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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