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UQL1 aaaan 303 a 22-u a m ||S s ' i 2§5! gpi I l — Ifusill |T s£xr V »f If !| ,’ V K ' .f vC 1 I hMt » PTi 1 vs: rW: 4 ; JL , f m pjSSHEfcil ■ SM y|mv THE LOG Volume XXVIII 197 6 Published by Students of Franklin High School Franklin, Virginia 23851 l. M Nostalgia: The New Kick You’ve come a long way. Baby. There will always be a past to review. We are especially aware of our past this year at FHS. Our nation is celebrating its 200th anniversary as a nation, and our city is celebrating its centennial. Although we are looking back on our 200th birthday, many of us are celebrating our Sweet Sixteenth, complete with wearing penny loafers and rolled up jeans. The fifties have made quite an impact on us as we mimic the Fonz from “Happy Days.” Graffiti Day, 1975. Do you remember when miniskirts were the order of the day? Many of us think our styles are us, but, in reality, long dresses, faded blue jeans, and even platform shoes have been hailed by our mothers and fathers, or even our grandparents as “their” fashions. Of course, our generation adapted these styles, and, we like to think, chose only the best character- istics. Its a wheel within a wheel. The whole thing goes in cycles. A thirst for the good old days has even hit our politicians as they yell for the days of honor and integrity before Water- gate. Many of our students are singing M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, because of reruns of Walt Disney’s famous club. Could all this be a desire to return to a simpler, more idealistic time, as a reaction against the pressures of keeping up with today? A little old-fashioned cheese-cake, eh, Elizabeth? Where is your phone booth, Stanley? Superman NEVER changes in public. 3 Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear . . . Many nursery rhymes originally had political references. Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary was Mary, Queen of Scots. Today, they help us remember the fun times of childhood, and inject a sense of humor on an otherwise dreary day. Mrs. Beaton puts butter in the beater to make the bitter batter better. The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout . . . . . . Some in rags and some in tags and some in velvet gowns. Sing a song of six pence, A pocket full of rye. Heavy, heavy hangs over your head. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. . . . crying at the windows, Rapping at the locks . . . 5 Mr. Wallace and Mr. Pearce concentrate on the Nancy Harrell wistfully dreams of other days, other times, court action. PINNY PICTORIAL Plioto Mr. Horne appreciates the convenience of a typewriter. Teachers and students mark the days in similar fashion each year. There are the usual stencils for teachers to type, the thoughts of homework staring us in the face, the last pep rally during which senior football players receive special recognition, the games strategy which should have worked, the tensions of a tight- scoring game. 6 The Senior Line-up. Coach Payne, Anthony Freeman, Ray Porter and Craig Elam absorb themselves totally in the game. Coyburn can’t resist a peak at the camera. 7 Waiting for the toss at the Faculty-Student game. “ . . . That the future might learn from the past.” The motto of Colonial Williamsburg might be applied in various ways to our yen for nostalgic things. We learn how to conduct ourselves socially by attending such varied events as basketball games and the Junior-Senior Prom, both long-standing traditions at FHS. Our growth is based on past knowledge as we develop our talents in home economics, our brains in academic classes, or our physical prowess at play. Each of us measures up to a pre-established yardstick whose segments help us make the right decisions. Rita’s stride is purposeful. Mitosis is a process of growth based on previously existant cells. A modern electric mixer is much better than the old hand beater. 8 Tina’s height is recorded by Mr. Motley. Arthur Wiggins has success ALMOST within his grasp. 9 PINNY PICTORIAL Pirate Contents Nostalgia: The New Kick . .p. 2 School Days, School Days . .p. 24 (Students) Take Me Out to the Ballgame p. 56 (Sports) As Time Goes By p. 78 (Clubs and Events) Standing On the Corner . . .p. 120 (Advertisements) 10 Mr. Blaine’s support was a major factor in the success of the SCA tumbler sale. As Spanish Club sponsor, Mr. Blaine awards the ham to the holder of the lucky raffle ticket. Mr. Blaine often uses library resources to make his classes more interesting. This gala outfit recalls happy memories of flipes with Senor Pepe. Each year we have teachers whom we remember fondly long after the course is finished — teachers who leave a large mark on the paper of our lives. Because of his ability to be a friend as well as a teacher; Because of his personal involvement in the affairs of Franklin High School; Because of his efforts to build bridges of understanding between and the world; Because of the time and energy which he devotes to sparking enthusiasm and interest in his classes; Because of his attempts to further awareness of the Spanish language; We, the 1976 Yearbook Staff, proudly dedicate the LOG to JOHN A. BLAINE Administration Franklin’s Administration underwent a few changes this year. Mr. Bowling, our new principal, made several rul e revisions, among them a new examination schedule. Sound fiscal planning was stressed, as well as closer adherence to existing rules. Mr. Bowling Principal Mr. Sandidge Asst. Principal Mr. Stutts is given an award by the Industrial Arts class, as Mr. Bowling looks on. Mr. Sandidge working with Mrs. Ricks. Mrs. Ricks Duane Bogenschneider Library Mrs. Elaine Davis Our guidance department, staffed by Mrs. Holoman and Mr. Parker, is very helpful to all the students at FHS. Some of their functions are guiding students in preparations for life after high school and averaging class ranks. They are always more than willing to discuss and help a student with any of the problems he or she might encounter. Mrs. Davis and Mr. Bogenschneider, who compose the library staff, are constantly ordering new materials which better our library. They are always on hand to find books or help a student look up something he is having trouble with. Guidance Mrs. I lclen 1 loloman Gail Parker 13 Custodial and Cafeteria Staffs The custodians are often taken for granted, but they are essential behind-the-scenes personnel. They help regulate the school’s climate through adjustment of air conditioning and heating. They do extra things like hanging maps or Hags on the wall. And they keep the school shining. The cooks try to provide nutritious well-balanced meals at lunchtime, and nourishing breakfasts in the morning to those who don’t regularly eat any at home. This year they have served Bicentennial lunches at appropriate times, even redeco- rating the cafeteria with tablecloths and centerpieces. They serve the football team meals before their games which promotes unity on the team, for otherwise, the members would be eating alone at home. As you can see, both our custodians and cafeteria staff deserve more appreciation. You can count always on a friendly smile from Jewel Collins and Lucille Huggins as you go through the lunch line. George Lee jealously guards his mop and bucket. Dorothy White sweeps the floors til they’re bright and shining. Viola Smith pushes her cart out of the last room she has to clean. Dorothy Artis looks a bit tired after a hard day. Mr. Johnston has been around FHS for a long time. English Ms. Barbara Radford “Wake up, Ms. Radford!” This year could be classified as an experimental one for the English department. During the latter part of the year every student taking English chose a course to take for six weeks. This program allowed the student some discretion in subject areas pursued. Courses were related to English or Literature and were taken as preparation for college. Some could be taken just out of interest in a specific topic area. Many students are excited at the prospects of a break in the conventional ways of teaching. Mrs. Iva Johnson Mr. Raybuck pickin’ and grinnin’ with Bobby C. Ken Raybuck 15 English (cont.) Miss Mary Blankley Checkin’ out the refreshments. Mrs. Melvin Seward Mrs. Ethel Coleman More pickin’ and grinnin’. 16 ■H Mathematics Mrs. Kuykendall Ms. Nuernberg The Mathematics department at F.H.S. offers a number of courses, ranging from Math 9G to Math Analysis. For students who want to continue their math studies, there is an opportunity to go to nearby Paul D. Camp Community College to take Calculus. With our new division of diplomas, many students are getting a more diversified math curriculum. Mr. Rinehart Mr. Wallace Speak softly and carry a big stick. 17 Social Studies ■ Social Studies is designed to bring awareness of the develop- ment and contributions of our cultural heritage, and to prepare us to adjust to real-life situations. Carl J. Robins Mrs. Dorothy Beale Mr. Ritter relaxin g. Mr. Robins getting a point across. 18 Miss Winnie F. Eubank Tom Ritter Science Alvin Richter Mrs. Ruth Petty Samuel Carter The science department at F.H.S. is equipped with modern facilities and skillful teachers. The program includes a course at P.D. Camp for those students who wish to further their studies. The program also allows students to learn at different curricular areas and to learn to their fullest capacity. Highlights include nature walks to observe and identify native trees, and the study of the frog. Mrs. Petty enjoys the Christmas concert. Robert Kee Mr. Carter and friend. (Look on his shoulder!) 19 Business D.E Our business department offers a variety of courses, such as Business Law, Shorthand, Book- keeping, Typing, and General Business. These courses are basically for the student who plans to work immediately following high school, but can also be useful to the student who wants a basic knowledge of the subject matter. The Distributive Education classes have gone on numerous trips this year, including one trip to P.D. Pruden. Also this year, the D.E. department has added a new teacher, Mr. Horne, who has adjusted to F.H.S. very quickly. Marva Congleton Mrs. Martha Felts Don Horne Mrs. Harris PINNY PICTORIAL Photo 20 Mrs. Mary Smith Smile for the camera, Mr. Horne! Home Ec. Art Mrs. Minnie Beaton Some of the electives offered at F.H.S., such as Home Economics, Art, and Foreign Languages, are designed to help develop cultural and domestic abilities. French IV has been added to our Foreign Language curriculum, which is geared towards more specialized and individualized instruction. The Home Economics department continues to appeal to the girls, but more and more boys are enrolling as they see the need for “Male liberation. ” The Art classes have been using their immediate environment to learn the theory of perspective and to emphasize creativity. Hopefully, the experiences in these classes enrich the lives of the students. Miss Muriel McBride Mrs. Beaton gives her students some helpful sewing hints. Mr. Vess helps Debra and Jeannie with French. French H. Douglas Vess Foreign Languages Spanish Miss Mary Ann Hill John Blaine 21 Music Band Edwin Barton Ind. Arts Norman Cayne “Get off my shirt, you little squirt! Special Ed. Ms. Barbara Barnes Don Spengeman This has been an exciting year for our Advanced Band. With formation of the Band Boosters Club, the band has been aided financially and was able to get new uniforms. The intermediate band has been working very hard this year, and has performed in our Christmas assembly. Mr. Kidd, our new choral direc- tor, has organized various singing and playing activi- ties, in addition to his regular classes. Mr. Cayne, our industrial arts teacher, has been busy teaching the construction of various useful articles, as well as teaching mechanical drawing. Our Special Education Department has acquired a new teacher, Ms. Barnes. 22 Physical Education Gets It Together Ms. Peggy Wilkins Fred Felts Charles Pearce The main objectives of the P.E. department are to further develop the student’s body physically and to promote good sportsmanship. Many activities are taught, ranging from basketball in the winter to tennis in the spring. In the first semester of the ninth grade, health is taught along with physical education. During the second semester, a useful course in first aid is taught. In the tenth grade, driver’s education is taught during the first semester with drug education following in the second semester. With these courses the students gain knowledge they can apply in many areas. Coach Perky poses for the camera. Joe Parker Ricky Payne Larry Harvey 23 A yearning for the good old days manifested itself through the enthusiastic support of Clash Day and Graffiti Day. (Our parents called it “Tacky Day”.) The main idea was to have fun and show our school spirit. Spirit in general revived. After school we enjoyed such canned nostalgia as LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and THE WALTONS on TV. GONE WITH THE WIND and THE SOUND OF MUSIC were eagerly anticipated to make their TV premiers. In the movie houses we rushed to see THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, THE WILDERNESS FAMILY, BAMBI, and SNOW WHITE. Marbara Woods likes to look at things in a different perspective. 24 Craig Elam has this weighty problem well in hand. ’ 1 Mike Peele wonders who put the ice down his back. Diana Bradshaw has plans for the future. Eitel’s Dating Service offers only the best to Steve Jones. School Days, School Days 25 Steve Adams Lisa Artis I I | i Jackie Ashburn Gwendolyn Atkin; Dolvena Bailey Melvin Baker Tim Baker Anthony Barnes Desiree Barnes Lorenzo Barnes Karen Baxter Wanda Beauvais Lloyd Blow Sharon Blow Jerry Blunt Linda Blythe Lisa Blythe Patricia Boone Maria Boone Michael Boone Delano Bowers Rhonda Bradshaw Cynthia Branch Charlie Brett Harrison Britt Sandra Britt Sherry Britt Trent Broadnay Lemuel Brown Sheriel Burgess Glen Butts Patricia Butts Terry Butts Bill Cabell Levon Carr Lerita Carter Donna Casper Brian Chasteen Kenny Cogsdale Audrey Coleman Lisa Cook 26 Robin Cobb Tessa Council Cynthia Cowans Lloyd Cross Angela Cutchins Charlene DeBerry Linda DeLoatch Kai Dentler Beebie Diggs Jackie Duck Winston Duck Terry Eason Richard Edwards Wayne Edwards Dave Eitel Kathy Eley Gerry Elks Arleathia Evans Debra Everette Kenneth Everett Patricia Everett Beth Faison Melody Faison Terry Fountain Lisa Francis Donna Galtress Tammie Gaskins Brian Gayle Diane Gay Rita Gibson Gregory Giles Joanne Gormley 27 Michelle Graham Wesley Grant Freida Hargrove Janet Hicks Wayne Hill James Hobbs Cindy Holland Deborah Holloway Edward Hoskie Mildred Hoskie Jonathan Hudgins Bucky Gyoker Betty Jenkins Doug Jervey Ronald Johnson Ronnie Johnson Richard Jones Shirley Jones Glen Joyner Dean Keeter John Keller David Kent Shuwanda Knight Charlotte Lassiter Derryl Lawrence Milton Lawrence Wayne Lee Charlene Logan Michele McNamara Michael Macklin Nancy Magee . Sharon Majette 28 Two new freshmen stand in amaze- ment as they enter Franklin High for the first time. Annette Mason Tim Mason Alonzo Matthews Wanda Miggins Darren Mills Karl Moses Connie Newsome Tim Owens Brian Perkinson Ronald Pierce Eddie Phillips Alfran Pope Rachel Pope Caroline Rainey George Rainey Janice Reid Carrie Riddick Denise Richardson Gary Ricks Renee Ricks 29 Kathy Robertson Vicki Robertson Rick Ros Kathy Ross John Rud Beverly Ruffin Victor Sanford Benjamin Savage Jerry Scott Rex Scott Ritchie Scott Terry Shaffer Mike Shroyer Anthony Smith Beverly Smith Deborah Smith Jackie Smith Donna Sparks Bill Stanek Anthony Stevens Cynthia Stephens Lauren Stieh Tony Stokes Debbie Story Lynette Strickland Sherwood Stutts Annilee Sykes Robin Sykes Dorothy Taylor Luella Thompson David Tomlin 30 Norletta Vaughn Rhonda Vincent Dana Wade Karen Walker Kurt Warren Buddy Wearmouth Esther Wiggins Curtis Williams Ethel Williams Ronnie Williams Clarence Willis Walter Williams Scott White Rebecca White Dennis Whitehead Frankie Whitehead Eddie Phillips stops to model his lengthy tie on 50’s day. 31 Doris Acord Carry Artis James Artis Albert Atkins Jeanette Austin Thomas Bailey Marvin Baker Patricia Baker Bob Beale Patricia Beale Sarah Beale Ned Bess Rachel Blow Jerry Blow Betty Blunt Neda Blythe Ray Blythe Lorie Boone Roger Boone Maythenia Bowers Johnny Bradshaw Betty Britt Julie Britt Michael Britt June Brown Charlene Bryant Vesti Burke Anthony Butler Edith Camp Raymond Cary 32 Bobby Cahoon Bill Coker Sarah Cooper Laurine Cotton Willis Council Cathy Daughtrey Deborah DeLoatch Ricky Drake Johnny Drewry Valerie Duck Tim Eaholtz Timothy Eaton Aundria Edwards Barbara Edwards Danny Edwards Donna Edwards Doug Edwards Kandee Eitel W. C. Elder Myra Epps Cornell Evans Juanita Evans Carolyn Everett Portia Everett Jeff Faison Alisa Finch 33 Jennifer Fraik Charles Freeman Sharon Galtress Yvette Gatling Melinda Gayle Sybil Gourdine Doug Gray Jeff Guyer Diane Hall Donald Harris Jeff Harris Wayne Hart Keith Helms Flizabeth Hodges Diane Ingram Ernest Jewette Elizabeth Johnson Mike Johnson Raystine Johnson Doreen Jones Evangeline Jones Patrice Jones Perry Jones Steve Jones Debbie Joyner Margaret Joyner Gerri Kauss Bobby Keane Connie Kilian Cary Kirkland 34 Danny Kissinger Miranda Lankford Paulette Lawrence Raynard Lawrence Roberta Lawrence Freida Leonard Rusty Lloyd Lori Lupton Dal Lyon Jeanette Manley Theresa Marks Tamara Martin Jimmy Mason Pat Mason Lois Mitchell Bridget Montague Cindy Moore Gwen Murphy Shirlene Murrelle Dawn Myers Jeannie Nevruz LaVonne Outlaw Bobby Parker Nancy Parker Keith Pearce Nancy Phillips Jackie Picot Debbie Pitts Ricky Poole Cordelia Pope 35 Tyrone Pope Lawrence Porter Rita Pugh Tammy Pulley Clifton Purrington Debra Rainey Gloria Reese Renee Reese Barbette Reid Coral Reid James Richardson Judy Richey Renitta Ricks Almeda Riddick Jenean Riddick Jerry Robertson Ethel Robinson Carlton Ruffin Leon Scott Pat Scott Glenda Smith Therome Spivey Yvonne Stephenson Dennis Sumblin Betty Sykes Stanley Sykes Horace Taylor David Turner Jeff Turner Susan Turner SOPHOMORES Denise Whitehead Melinda Whitehead Ronald Whitehead Priscilla Wiggins Cynthia Williams Lozie Williams Lynette Williams Angela Willis Stephen Wright Jeff Unser Lonnie Urquhart Patricia Vargo Donna Vaughan 37 Walter Anderson Jesse Austin Bobby Cahoon Gwen Artis James Baker Chester Banks JUNIORS A year of excitement and anticipation. We won the award for the best hall decoration and the spirit stick prior to the South- hampton football game. While our young men were becoming young ladies, our young ladies were learning to play football to prepare for the Powder Puff game. When the day for our class rings came, most of the juniors were here at school early enough to line up in front of the auditorium before 8:15. At the end of the day, few hands were not tired. Plans for the Junior-Senior Prom took much time and effort. Money making projects and class dues were decided upon so that this year’s dance could be the “Best Ever”. Cynthia Banks Sharon Banks Susie Barham Keith Barnes Nydia Barrera Patricia Beale Barbara Beauvais Jeanne tte Blow Anthony Blow Andy Blythe Velma Boone Steve Boothe Phil Bowman James Branch Tileatha Branch 38 Nancy Briggs Glenn Byrd Denise Carter Craig Brotzman Betsy Cabell Walter Cobb Ronnie Burgess Tony Campbell Pam Conner Shaaron Burgess Joyce Carr Becca Correll Ken Burns Tommy Carr Larry Councill Mark Councill Tommy Councill Willis Councill Floyd Cross Frederick Cross Linda Cross Carol prepares for the opening of school. 39 Kim Cutchins Veretta Deloatch Charles Duck Prentis Duck Lynn Duke Cindy Dundlow Chip Earley Gail Edwards Chip Eitel Darnell Evans Percell Evans Francis Ferki Robert Fraik Freida Galloway Craig Gavin Glenda Gay Joel Gilbreath Felica Giles Mike Glover Jacqueline Grant Timmy Green Denny Harvey Brian Hedgepeth Vickey Hendricks Wheeler Holley Vince Holt 40 Curtis Hopkins Steve Ivey Bill Jervey Jim Jones Sharon Jones Keith Keeter Pam Kirkland Carol Lawrence Tony Leigh Marsha Logan Jim Mabe Mike Magee Paula Majette Neil McNeely Kenny Miggins Brown Moore Darlene Nichols Michael Nichols Allen Overton Bryan Pearce Cindy Phillips 41 Mary Anna Phillips Elizabeth Picot Daphine Pope Clay Porter Loretta Porter Ray Porter Russ Powell Bruce Puffer Wanda Rainey Cynthia Rawlings Ann Rawlings Bob Rawls 42 Rita Scott Larry Shaffer Dora Shipp Susan Shroyer Terry Slaton Valerie Smith Beverly Spain Linda Stainback Ronell Stephens Allan Tayloe Bruce Turner Gregory Turner Junior Turner Shirley Urquhart Larry Vann Cynthia Whitehead Sandra Whitehead Shirley Whitehead Wayne Whitehead Barbara Wilkerson Deborah Willis Tina Wade Woody Wellons Butch White Glenda White 43 Tis A Grand Old Class — 1976 CLASS OFFICERS: Wanda Griffith, Secretary; Joe Ferki, President; Nancy Harrell, Treasurer. BACK: Reginia Haley, Vice-president. “Memories may be beautiful and yet, what is too painful to remember, we simply choose just to forget.” That is what we, the Senior Class of 1976, feel. Our four great years of being a part of FHS were memorable and unforgettable. They have been exciting years - the arrival of class rings, the Junior- Senior Prom, being accepted in college; disappointing years — not beating SHS in football, not winning the Powderpuff Football Game; happy years - the hall decoration contest at CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS COLORS: Red, white, blue last, receiving individual awards of various types such as making the All-Peanut District team, making Regional Chorus, going to Boys’ and Girls’ State, being a member of the State Tri-Hi- Y Council; and sad years losing the regional basket- ball title by a single point, and our last year at FHS. As each one of us leaves our high school days we will always carry our memories of what we were. MOTTO: “Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.” Jawaharlal Nehru. 44 SCA REPRESENTATIVES: Lawrence Stutts, Robbin $andidge, L arr y Parker, Regina Haley, Robert Sasser. Ronnie Adams was active in sports during his years at F.H.S. He played JV football and varsity football. He also participated in JV basketball and varsity basketball. He was a member of the Oak Street Center Youth Club. Lorraine Baldwin Best participated in many activities at F.H.S. She was in the Pep Club, Varsity Club, and served as a SCA representative for two years. She was President of the Beta Club, Chaplain of the Tri-Hi-Y, and Editor of the Annual her Senior year. She attended the 1974 Governor’s School for the Gifted and she attended Girls’ State. She was a Varsity cheer- leader for three years and she served as attendant for Homecoming her Senior year. The following students have been selected by the faculty and senior class as portraying characteristics which allow them to be con- sidered as representative outstanding seniors. These characteristics include satisfactory scholarship, strength of character, integrity, outstanding contributions in club work, sports, extra curricular activities, or service to school and community. Rhonda Lee Chambliss plans to attend Hampton Institute and major in Special Edu- cation. She was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, a Nurse’s Aide, and a SCA representative her freshman and sophomore years. She partici- pated in FBLA and was a member of the Future Nurses of America. Melanie Lea Cooley plans to attend college and major in Pharmacy. She has been a Home- coming attendant her sophomore and junior year. She served as Pine Bowl attendant her senior year. She participated in Beta Club for two years and served on the SCA for two years She was Secretary of the SCA her junior year and a JV cheerleader her freshman year. Joseph John Ferki was President of his senior class and served as SCA representative for three years. He participated in Hi-Y for two years and served as Secretary of the Hi-Y his senior year. Joe plans to attend college and major in Dentistry. Outstanding Seniors — 1976 45 Regina Maxine Haley was a JV and Varsity cheerleader at FHS. She was a member of the Varsity Club, the Tri-Hi- Y, the Pep Club, and the Spanish Club. She served as President of her freshman class and Vice-President of her junior and senior class. She was a SCA representative her senior year and a pom-pom girl for bas- ketball. Regina plans to attend college and major in Polticial Science. Paul Hinson contributed his abilities to the athletic department at FHS. He played football basketball, and baseball for two years. He was co-captain of the football team his senior year and was all-district in baseball his junior year. He was also a member of the Varsity Club. Paul plans to attend college and participate in sports 2 Theresa Mae Godbold was Treasurer of the sophomore class, Vice-President of the SCA her junior year, and President of the SCA her senior year. She played girls basketball for three years, and she played tennis for two years. She was a member of the chorus and a member of the Varsity Club. She also served as President of the FBLA her senior year. Theresa plans to attend college and major in Education. a A »•■••••• ' M ••■•ft ••■•■■ •• • ••».»••• “ •■««• ■• l •%•»••■ ' • • :: .«•••••• ffi n - ’ James Drewry Jervey played football throughout his years at FHS. He also was a member of the basketball team his junior year. He served as freshman and junior class presi- dent. He attended Boys’ State his junior year and was active in the Beta Club. He participated in Hi-Y and was a member of the Varsity Club. Alvin Kerby Lee has been active in SGA at FHS. He served as a representative for two years and was Treasurer his senior year. He was President of his sophomore class. He has been active in the football team which made him a member of the Varsity Club. 46 Yvette Leonard was active in girls’ basket- ball at FHS. She was co-captain of the basket- ball team her junior year and captain her senior year. She made all-district for three years for the team. She was a member of the Varsity Club and Treasurer of her freshman class. Larry Edgar Parker was a SCA repre- sentative for three years. He played baseball his junior year and YMCA basketball for four years. He has been a member of the Varsity Club, the Hi-Y, and President of the Spanish Club. Larry plans to attend college and major in Business. Donnie Lee Pope contributed artistic abili- ties to FHS. He won first place in the Safety Poster Contest in 1974 and 1975. He played JV basketball and was a member of the tennis team. He plans to attend Hampton Institute and major in Art. Keith Herbert Rose plans to attend Virginia State next year and major in Health and Physi- cal Education. Keith was Sergeant-of-Arms in his freshman year. He played Varsity football and was co-captain his senior year. He partici- pated in Boys State his junior year. Robbin Yvette Sandidge got to show her leadership ability throughout her years at FHS. She served as Vice-President of the Beta Club, Secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y, and Secretary- Treasurer of the band. She participated in Girls’ State and MGA in her junior year. She was a Varsity cheerleader and a Drum Majorette. She was a member of the Pep Club and Varsity Club. She plans to attend Hampton Institute and major in Math. 47 Karen Lynn Acord Ronnie Adams Phylis Arendell Artis Marcia Edwina Askew Terry Darlene Bailey David Wayne Baines Catherine Levern Baker Philip Bruce Baker Shelia Marie Baker Dennis Edward Beale Deborah Jean Beamon Lorraine Baldwin Best Annette Thea Blunt Ernestine Boone Kenneth Wayne Bowles Stephen Kembro Bowman Diana Virginia Bradshaw Kenneth Lee Bradshaw John Graden Britt, Jr. David Brown 48 m Janie Lynn Brown Robert Joseph Brown, Jr. Anthony Thomas Bryant Cynthia Carolyn Bryant Robert Louis Bryant Diane Bynum Tammy Denise Byrd Arlene Frances Candie Richmond Candie Denise Marguerite Cayo Rhonda Lee Chambliss Carl Vernon Clark Katherine Caddell Cook Melanie Lea Cooley Teresa Tina Cornwell Carl Anthony Council 49 Robbie Clarence Councill III Thomas Carter Crawford Wesley Allen Crum Robert Ames Dameron Joanne Darden Richard Edward Darden William Ford Denson Elizabeth Eaholtz Joseph Mercer East Ann Juanita Edwards Robert Mills Edwards, Jr. Craig Elam Sandra A. Everett Joseph John Ferki Bruce Andrew Fields Susan Margaret Firth 50 The “Gang” gathers together for a little gossip on Monday morning. Earlie Fly the Hurley Flythe Cheryl Ann Fowler Robin Joan Fraik Elizabeth Leigh Gagner Jesse Dempsey Gardner 111 Robert Benjamin Gayle Theresa Mae Godbold Carol Ann Gormley Eppa James Gray Wanda Gail Griffith George Earl Gunn Clyde Bernard Haley Regina Maxine Haley Nancy Page Harrell Ellen Kathleen Harris 51 Clementine Hart Patricia Kim Hassett Mary Hicks William Carson Hill Paul Hinson James Drewry Jervey Alvin Cortez Jones Floyd Jones, Jr. Frederick Byrd Jones John Paul Jones Shelia Hortense Jones Barbara Lynn Joyner David Lee Joyner Gary Christian Kawana Colleen Ann Keller Judy Lynn King Timothy Mark Kissinger Claudia Jean Kitchen Ellen Roberts Land Cynthia Louise Lankford 52 Jeron Lawrence Alvin Kerby Lee Yvette Leonard Jerry Lee Lewis Roy Douglas Lupton Herbert Bernard Macklin Tyrone Leon Manley Edward Larry Mason Betty Ann Murray Sharon Kay Myers Diane Newsome Larry Edgar Parker Teresa Anne Parker Ecleas Zabedee Peebles 53 Michael Dale Peele Victor Ricardo Picot Debra Ann Pope Donnie Lee Pope Pamela Lynn Pope Terry Lou Pulley Tony Lynn Pulley Audrey Mae Rawlings Sheryl Ann Rawls Denise Louise Riddick Keith Herbert Rose Daphne Yvette Ruffin Robbin Yvette Sandidge Robert Harrison Sasser III Dianne Scott Saloane Seaborne 54 Marilyn Goodman Skeeter Richard Byron Smith Pamela Sandra Stokes Leah Abigail Strickland Robert Lawrence Stutts Carol Mason Sykes Micheal Kermit Tawney Jimmy Lee Taylor Joan Elaine Thomas Robert Dee Thompson Dianne Leigh Vick Kathryn Lee Watson Gracie Darlene Weathers Joan Diane White Arthur Wiggins Crystal Wiggins Catherine Louise Williams Cynthia Jean Williams Claudie Ray Woods Marbara Ellen Woods 55 PINNT P1CT0HAI Photo Rachel Pope, Gerri Kauss and Donna Kasper sell booster cushions to support the JV team. PINNT PICTOIIAl Photo 56 Bruce Puffer, Gary Ricks and Michael root from the sidelines. The student body comes out in force to support the team. Take Me Out To The Ballgame . . . Support for our teams really grew. More students and parents attended our football and basketball games than in the past several years. The team members themselves revived and revitalized their skills. We became enthusiastic. Girls Basketball The crowd gathers around the victorious team. Darlene dribbles in for a basket. SCOREBOX John Yeates 47-41 Smith field 64-42 Windsor 72-23 Forest Glen 0N oc 1 u o J. F. Kennedy 58-34 Suffolk 47-68 Central 71-60 Gloucester 57-33 Southampton 67-28 Northampton 62-38 Franklin won. 58 Coach Peggy Wilkins cuts down the game net. The Bronkettes had a tremendous season this year. Though they had to forfeit a game, they went on to actually lose only one game, and the outcome was 8-2. The girls practiced hard. With the strategy Coach Wilkins used with her players, there was hardly a team that could conquer them. In the outcome of the season, the Bronckettes were runners-up in the district, champions of the regionals, and semi-finalists in the State. This year’s team only had two seniors, Yvette Leonard and Sheryl Rawls. Yvette Leonard was named to the all-district team with sophomore Carolyn Everette. Congratulations to the 1975 Girl’s Basketball team for their season. Yvette and Darlene help Carolyn get a clear shot. Yvette tries to get a rebound. 59 The World 1ST ROW: Veretta Deloatch, Gwen Artis, Yvette Gatlin, Yvette Leonard, Jackie Grant, Jackie Smith, Darlene Nichols, Carolyn Ev- erette. 2ND ROW: Coach Peggy Wilkins, Raystine Johnson, Charlene Bryant, Asst. Coach Sharon Myers. Not Pictured: Sheryl Rawls, Joyce Carr. Come here, Baby, and give me a kiss. Let’s have a little Boogieing, girls. The opponents watch as Ronnel makes two points. 60 Of Sports At FHS GO! Fight! WIN! Varsity Cheerleaders — Lorraine Best, Carol Gormley, Robbin Sandidge, Mary Anna Phillips, Carol Lawrence, Becca Correll, Jan Mabe, Dora Shipp, Cindy Dundlow, Roberta Lawrence, Renee Reese. The student body waits patiently for the start of the last Pep Rally. Varsity Football LEFT TO RIGHT: Rudy Hillard, Bill Jervey, Ray Porter, Jim Jervey, Paul Hinson, Keith Rose, Craig Brotzman, Dennis Sumblin, Julius Goodwin, Doug Edwards, Prentis Duck. 2ND ROW: Mike Magee, Craig Elam, Thomas Bailey, Michael Boone, Jeff Faison, Bruce Puffer, Bobby Parker, Chip Earley, Bobby Edwards, Carter Crawford, Gary Ricks, Danny Edwards, Robbie Brown, Brian Parker. 3RD ROW: Coach Gail Parker, Jerry Blunt, Wayne Baines, Walt Young, Tyrone Pope, Alvin Lee, Bobby Bryant, Ronnie Adams, Jimmy Taylor, Chester Banks, Jerry Blow, Tim Eaholtz, Coach Ricky Payne. 4TH ROW: Victor Picot, John Jones, Mike Tawney, Richard Smith, Carlton Ruffin, Roger Boone, Steve Bowman, Donald Harris, Charles Freeman, Robert Fraik, Raymond Cary, Willie Jones, Coach Perky Parker. The Broncos were “small in size,” but were said to have “big hearts”. They went forth with much energy and determination to shut-out Gloucester, and beat Suffolk, Windsor, Central, and John F. Kennedy to make it a 5-3-2 season. Although they had “big hearts”, they also had “heartbreaks”. When co-captain Paul Hinson was injured in the John Yeates game, the team seemed to lose some of its spirit, but only temporarily. The Broncos came back the next Friday night to hold the Northampton Yellowjackets to a 0-0 tie at Homecoming. All District Honorable Mentions for the Broncos this year were Bobby Edwards, Wayne Baines, Alvin Lee, and Richard Smith. Ronnie Adams was the only member of the Broncos to make All-District first team at split end. In addition, Ronnie made Honorable Mention as Safety. SCO RE BOX Suffolk 13- 6 Windsor 36- 6 Central 00 CO» Forest Glen 6- 6 Gloucester 30- 0 John F. Kennedy 7- 6 John Yeates 0-14 Northampton 0- 0 Smith field 0-13 Southampton 0-34 Franklin WON 62 Coach Perky Parker, Coach Gail Parker, Coach Charles Pearce, and Coach Ricky Payne. SENIORS Left to Right: 1STROW: Bobby Edwards, Carter Crawford, Craig Elam, Bobby Bryant, Keith Rose, Ronnie Adams, Jimmy Taylor. 2ND ROW: Steve Bowman, Mike Tawney, Richard Smith, Paul Hinson, Alvin Lee, Jim Jervey, Wayne Baines. Dennis Sumblin breaking the ice with Franklin’s first touchdown of the season. 63 Willie gets loose. Come on Alvin, jump on. The Juice gets Spilled-Dennis Sumblin. How’s it look out there, Coach Jervey? Keith gets set to deliver a forearm to a Southampton Indian. Photos compliments of PENNY PICTOR1AI Poochie breaks up a Windsor pass. PfNNT MCTOtlAl PWt. Mike Tawney (center) a four year letterman in football with Coach Payne and Coach Parker. MNNV f 100 1 1 rwt« Coach Parker looks very frustrated with the action on the field. The stands have been fuller than ever, thanks to the Boosters Club! 65 66 Coach Perky tells Keith that there is no way his idea ' will work. The thrill of winning our first game. PINNT PICTORIAL Ptwt Dennis Sumblin tries for another touchdown. The team waits patiently for a touchdown. PfNNT PICTORIAL PWt. Bronco Banquet Since football season is over, maybe we can make it in basketball. Parents and players hungrily wait for the tempting food. Coach Perky Parker reminds the boys that they can’t earn a letter in card playing. Congenial cheerleaders sing “their song” for the last time to the 1975 football team. Mike Magee proved again that a manager’s place is on the sidelines, not the field. Co-Captain Keith Rose receives his “varsity letter” from Coach Parker. 68 J.V. Football The “mighty” broncos in action. Although the J.V.’s didn’t win very many games this year, they learned lots of other things. Sportsmanship, attitude, and the actual rules of the game were among the things learned. For Freshmen, J.V. football means being active at the “high School.” For the Sophomores it means a REAL chance to play football. Together they become one big BRONCO team! Captain Richard Edwards and Coach Rinehart pose for a picture. TOP ROW — Left to Right: James Hobbs, Lorenzo Barnes, Delano Bowers, Tony Butler, Gerald Elks, Rick Ros, Alonza Mathews, Scott White, Richard Edwards, Tony Leigh - Manager. BOTTOM ROW: Richie Scott, Tim Mason, Kaj Dentler, Ronald Johnson, Buddy Wearmouth. Waverly SCORE BOX 8-0 Northampton 6-0 Gloucester 26-0 Smithfield 22-6 Windsor 0-0 Waverly 8-0 Gloucester 6-0 (forfeit) Franklin won Could this have become a touchdown? 69 Varsity Basketball TOP ROW: Paul Hinson, Arthur Wiggins, Ronnie Adams, Andy Bryant, Donald Harris. SECOND ROW: Brian Hedgepeth, Michael Nichols, Craig Brotzman, Bill Jervey, Gregory Turner. Although the Broncos didn’t have a fantastic season, they made it to the District Tournaments by practicing hard in the afternoons and playing energet- ically through all of the games. Seniors on the team were Paul Hinson, Arthur Wiggins, Ronnie Adams, and Andy Bryant, who all added to the excitement and fun of the 1976 Basket- ball Season. During the last Franklin-Suffolk game, Andy Bryant passed the 1000th point mark in scoring during his high school career. Coach Pearce gives strict orders from the sidelines. SC’OREBOX " ' Franklin won John F. Kennedy 62-61 Gloucester CO 00 Forest Glen 82-51 Central 61-53 John Yeates 58-53 Windsor 82-67 Suffolk 88-62 Southampton 71-67 Smith field 53-45 Northampton 61-55 John F. Kennedy 79-60 Gloucester 53-50 Forest Glen 71-67 Central 99-75 John Yeates 92-55 Windsor 69-66 Suffolk 77-75 Southampton 48-44 Smithfield 65-59 Northampton 73-65 70 Paul jumps for the ball. Brian burns the net from the outside. Two points, maybe? A score for the Broncos! ' Sr The team warms up before the game. Andy Bryant hits two more from the corner. 71 The game starts with a tip by Franklin’s center. Brian Hedgepeth calmly waits for a fast break. Paul Hinson takes a deep breath during a foul shot. Two more points for the Broncos. Basketball players take time out for a rest on the bench. Ronnell Stevens takes a long shot while Paul Hinson and Keith Britt get under the basket for the rebound. 72 Junior Varsity Basketball TOP ROW: Coach Larry Harvey, Steve Adams, Brian Wilson, Carlton Ruffin, Lorenzo Barnes, Jeff Faison. SECOND ROW: Mike Johnson, James Richardson, Jeff Harris, Harrison Britt. J.V.’s struggling for control of the ball. J.V.’s had slow start, but came back with victories for the end of the season. Losing at the beginning didn’t dampen their spirits, but made the Broncos more determined than ever. Having a 10-10 season, the J.V.’s were in the top half of the district. SCORFBOX John F. Kennedy 59-56 Forest Glen 72-57 John Yeates 73-51 Suffolk 64-62 Smithfield 57-39 John F. Kennedy 74-5 1 Central 48-40 Windsor 63-61 Smithfield 87-55 Northampton 63-56 Gloucester 40-37 Central 58-56 Windsor 56-36 Southampton 73-40 Northampton 63-35 Forest Glen 5 1 -60 John Yeates 70-55 Southampton 50-42 Gloucester 80-58 Suffolk 95-64 73 Take it on down the court and shoot two! Jumping high for a Bronco basket. Shooting from behind the goal. 74 J.V. Cheerleaders in Action Football cheerleaders demonstrate a “striking” formation. J.V. CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders worked and practiced hard to cheer their “fellows” on to victory. Doing complicated stunts and shouting at the top of their lungs added to the excitement of J.V. football and basketball. Winning or losing, our J.V. cheerleaders kept up the spirit throughout the entire school. Come on crowd! Help the cheerleaders with a chant. Out on the basketball court they form a “V” for VICTORY! J.V.’s trying a little “bumping.” Getting together for a beginning cheer. JJ 75 Varsity Cheerleaders The Varsity Cheerleaders proved that there really is some hot spirit at F.H.S. Going to camp at Randolph Macon Women’s College in Lynchburg improved all of their skills, and they even won the Spirit stick. Selling donuts and booster stickers helped the athletic fund with some extra money. Pep rallies were really enjoyed by all students because of the hard work put into them by the Cheerleaders. Silly skits and making up songs added to the fun at all of the Pep Rallies. Football games were a big challenge to the Cheerleaders, and every Cheerleader was crying when the season was finally over. “We will never all be back together again to cheer for the same boys”, they said. But they still had basketball cheering to look forward to and what an exciting season that proved to be. Congratulations, Cheerleaders for being so spirited! 76 77 5 ! i Jennifer Fraik feels the pressure to sell as many cokes as possible during half-time. PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Summer passes quickly for those students who participate in Band Camp. Susan Shroyer, Patricia Beale and Edith Camp dry off cars in record time for the Spanish Club. The Old Order changeth at a Tri-Hi-Y ceremony. Curtis Hopkins becomes Man of the Year in the formal Band uniform. 78 PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Rock Around the Clock became a very popular number for the football games. Having Blue and Gold Day, “Graf- fiti Day”, and Clash Day helped promote spirit throughout the school. Pep Rallies used the theme of dances from the Black Bottom to the Hustle. It seemed as if somebody was involved in something twenty-four hours a day. PINNY PICTORIAL Ptlolo The Juniors obviously believe their team is number one. Candles help establish a mood of timelessness at a DECA Club rite. As Time Goes By . . . Seniors were out to have the time of their life. PENNY PICTORIAL Pfcoto The THS band adds spirit to the football game. Strike up the band! Robin Sandidge, Drum Majorette The band has been busy this year running a raffle to raise money for new band uniforms. The prize, a 1976 Ford Pinto, was won by Reverend S.S. Bowman. Playing at all home football games, they also traveled to Murfreesboro, N.C. to play at a Chowan College game. They took 3rd Place in the Franklin Jaycees Christmas Parade. They also marched in Franklin’s Centennial Parade and the Norfolk Va. Azalea Festival Parade. Three members auditioned for the state’s Bicentennial Band. Many of them also participated in the state solo ensemble festival. 80 PfNNT PICTORIAL PWt. The Franklin Woman’s Club presents a check to Nancy Briggs to help purchase band uniforms. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL 81 4 i I ! BRASS: Buddy Wear- mouth, Joel Gilbreath, Cary Kirkland, Jim Jones, Bruce Puffer, Curtis Hopkins, Kenneth Coggs- dale. 2ND ROW: Mike Shroyer, Kevin Gagner, Shu wanda Knight, Tessa Councill, Ricky Darden, Carter Crawford, Rick Ross. CLARINETS: Patricia Beale, Terry Eason. 2ND ROW: Robbin Sandidge, Betsy Cabell, Robin Fraik. CLARINETS: Charlene Logan. Tammy Byrd. 2ND ROW: Diane Hall, Kanne Carroll, Beth Gagner. 82 ■■■■■■■ ■ IBB ■aaaaaa ■■■■ ■aaaaaa auaa ■ ■■MB! mamm ■■■■■■a wmzrr ■ aaa».. flocua ■■■■■■a iiBSKL ■ ■BBaiiC ■aaaa ■aaaaaa KEK. ' • ■■■■■■■ ssbirl ■■aaHia ■■■■2 PfNNY PICT01IM The biggest fund-raising drive in recent years was launched by the band to purchase new uniforms. Curtis Hopkins models the prototype. The new uniform will feature many changes over the 20-year-old relics, such as this embroidered overlay. SAXOPHONES: Ray Porter, Karen Ros, Valerie Smith, Eddie Phillips, Edith Camp. 83 CORNETS: 1ST ROW: Brian Pearce, John Jones, Steve Bowman, Sheryl Rawls, Walter Anderson. 2ND ROW: Bobby Keane, Allan Tayloe, Bill Coker, Brian Gayle, Loretta Porter, Fran Stradley. r ||l A [, ' «?) I H A. A. AJlS i 1 t iii 1 l fjft . M FLUTES: 1ST ROW: Theresa Carroll, Sue Firth, Susan Shroyer. 2ND ROW: Anna Lee Sykes, Mary Hicks, Debbie Joyner, Elizabeth Hodges. i ■ B 1J n - o 3 v IT ir LOW WOOD WINDS: Sharon Jones, Norletta Vaughan LOW WOOD WINDS: Nancy Briggs, Margaret Joyner. 2ND ROW: Patricia Vargo, Ellen Land. 84 85 FLAG TEAM: Lori Lupton, Melinda Whitehead, Kim Walker, Donna Vaughan, Cordelia Pope. 2ND ROW: Cindy Moore, Debra Rainey, Patricia Duck, Barbara Edwards, Lynn Wade, Nita Blythe. INTERMEDIATE BAND: Cindy Moore, Debra Rainey, Connie Newsome, Dana Wade, Cindy Stephens, Marilyn Skeeter, Deedee Pope, Rita Carter, Nancy Magee. 2ND ROW: Brian Chasteen, Perry Jones, Judy Ritchey, Elaine Riddick, Doug Eitel, Bill Cabell, Jonathan Hudgins, Keith Pearce, Tim Owens, David Tomlin, James Hobbs, Delano Blow, Dwayne Lee, Glen Butts, Beebie Diggs, Lloyd Blow. 86 PEP BAND: Bobby Keane, Kenny Cogsdale, Connie Newsomes, Patrica Beale, Terry Eason, Ritchie Scott. 2ND ROW: Mr. Kidd (sponsor), Glenda Smith, Elizabeth Hodges, Annilee Sykes, Carry Artis, Curtis Hopkins, Kanne Carroll. 3RD ROW: Susan Shroyer, Bill Coker, Margaret Joyner, Nancy Briggs, Valerie Smith, Theresa Carroll, Nancy Magee, Loretta Porter. 4TH ROW: Cary Kirkland, Ricky Poole, Sharon Jones, Sue Firth, Robin Fraik, Diane Hall, Edith Camp, Betsy Cabell, Jeff Turner. 5TH ROW: Ricky Jones, Jonathan Hudgins, Kevin Gagner, Jim Jones, Allan Tayloe, Bruce Puffer, Brian Gayle, Tommy Councill. MNNT PICTORIAL K»t The pep band played at the pep rallies and at ticket sales. They consisted of both Advanced Band and Inter- mediate band members. 87 Glenda Gay Diane Gay Lynn Joyner Majorettes Marilyn Skeeter Wanda Miggins 83 Head Majorette: Diana Bradshaw POM-POM GIRLS: 1ST ROW: May Turner, Deebie Ricks, Wanda Miggins, Renita Ricks, Cynthia Cowans, Neecie Richardson. 2ND ROW: Cynthia Rawlings, Marilyn Skeeter, Gloria Reese, Evangeline Jones. 3RD ROW: Loretta Porter, Baker, Regina Haley, Karen Walker, Cynthia HONOR GUARD: Gail Edwards, Bridget Montague, Pat Beale, Rhonda Chambliss, Leah Strickland. S9 Theresa Godbold and helpers are washing cars and earning money. SCA sponsored the homecoming dance and game. They sold Christ- mas and Bicentennial Tumblers to raise money. They also had a successful car wash. They collected food for needy families at Christ- mas. Annilee Skyes, Robbie Brown, Pat Mason, Regina Haley, Sharon Jones, Donna Sparks, Pam Connors, Roberta Lawrence. 2ND ROW: Larry Parker, Alvin Lee, Jan Mabe, Diane Hall, Lawrence Stutts, Jesse Gardner, Brian Hedgebeth, Rachel Pope, Mr. Blaine (sponsor). 3RD ROW: Arlethia Evans, Theresa Godbold, Robbin Sandidge, Sarah Cooper, Edith Camp, Clementine Hart, Julie Britt, Doris Acord. 41T1 ROW: Melinda Gayle, Evangeline Jones, Beebie Diggs, Dana Wade, Renitta Ricks, Craig Brotzman, Mary Ann Phillips, Carol Lawrence, Vicky Robertson, DeeDee Pope, Dora Shipp. 90 PEP CLUB: Carol Lawrence, Patricia Beale, Betty Jenkins, Cindy Dundlow, Barbara Beauvais, Dora Shipp. 2ND ROW: Wanda Beauvais, Mary Anna Phillips, Connie Newsome, Jackie Duck, Phyllis Artis, Robin Cobb, Patricia Duck, Roberta Lawrence. 3RD ROW: Becca Correll, Sharon Burgess, Robbin Sandidge, Donna Sparks, Carol Gronrley, Sarah Beale, Donna Gauttress, Loretta Porter, Becky White. 4TH ROW: Lorraine Best, Pam Connor, Jennifer Lraik, Robin Lraik, Diane Hall, Jan Mabe, Edith Camp, Terry Slaton. 91 Chorus The classroom chorus functions as a workshop group. Several members went to Newport News to try for the Regional Chorus. Though they all showed their talent, only one was rewarded for his superior achievement. William Denson came back as First Tenor. The afternoon glee club was formed as a separate group this year. The members enjoyed singing but could not fit a chorus class into their daily schedules. They met on Wednesdays to practice a variety of musical pieces. During December, both clubs combined to put on a performance at a PTA meeting and the school’s Christmas assembly. CHORUS: Jerry Scott, William Denson, Edward Hoskie. 2ND ROW: Judy Jones, Almeda Riddick, Tina Hart, Theresa Godbold, Connie Kilian, Floyd Jones (not pictured). Beta Club The Beta Club worked hard to secure funds for the trip to the Beta Club convention held in Roanoke. Selling candy and tionery were their two money raising projects. Members also carried a little Christmas joy to a local nursing home by making decorations and singing carols. A guest speaker was present at each monthly meeting. BETA CLUB: 1ST ROW: Cindy Phillips, Karen Ros, Colleen Keller (chaplain), Ellen Land. 2ND ROW: Barbara Beavais, Mary Hicks, Wanda Griffith, Mary Anna Phillips, Bill Jervey. 3RD ROW: Becca Correll, Carter Crawford, Susan Shroyer, Ricky Darden, Craig Brotzman, Jim Jervey, Robin Sandidge (vice president). 4TH ROW: Claudia Kitchen, Mike East, Chip Earley, Pam Conner, Terry Slaton, Sharon Jones, Betsy Cabell, Larry Parker. 5TH ROW: Robert Sasser (Serg. at Arms), Philip Baker, Sue Firth, Robin Fraik (Sec.-Treas.), Lorraine Best (Pres.), Brian Hedgepeth, Bobby Edwards. 93 TRI-HI-Y TRI-HI-Y: Dora Shipp, Ellen Land, Kim Cut chins, Kathryn Watson, Cindy Lankford, Barbara Beauvais. 2ND ROW: Cindy Phillips, Cindy Dundlow, Beth Gagner, Wanda Griffith, Betsy Cabell, Robbin Sandidge, Karen Ros. 3RD ROW: Lynn Joyner, Becca Correll, Rhonda Chambliss, Sharon Jones, Susan Shroyer, Carol Gormley, Terry Slaton, Diane Vick, Carol Lawrence. 4TH ROW: Denise Cayo, Tina Wade, Jan Mabe, Sue Firth, Nancy Harrell, Lorraine Best, Nancy Briggs, Glenda Gay, Mary Anna Phillips. The Tri-Hi-Y hosted the district conference in November. They sold wrapping paper. They made Christmas stockings for Idlewood School. The Hi-Y was busy chopping wood to raise funds when not in school. 94 HI-Y HI-Y: Brown Moore, Craig Brotzman, Neil McNeely, Tony Pulley, Jim Jervey, Carter Crawford, Ben Gayle. 2ND ROW: Chip Eitel, Brian Hedgepeth, Robert Sasser, Bobby Edwards, Robbie Brown, Phil Bowman, Joel Gilbert. 3RD ROW: Richard Smith, Steve Bowman, Jess Gardner, Lawrence Stutts, Philip Baker, Mike Peele, Mike East, Larry Parker. 95 DEBATE TEAM: Mr. Ritter (sponsor) Karen Ross, Tim Mason, Valerie Smith. The debate team sponsored debates in the school. They traveled to Hampton, Virginia to debate in December. Debate Team 96 SEATED: Nancy Briggs, Admin.; Bill Stanek, Admin.; Kathy Cook, Clubs; John Keller, Admin.; Jeannie Nevruz, Sports: Pam Connor, Jr. Class; Shuwanda Knight, Fresh. Class; Cindy Dundlow, Jr. Class; Nancy Harrell, Sr. Class; Diane Hall, Soph. Class; Charlie Britt, Business; Russ Powell, Business Mgr.; Debra Rainey, Events; Sarah Beale, Events; Cindy Phillips, Clubs. STANDING: Theresa Marks, Soph. Class; Elizabeth Hodges, Art; Jan Mabe, Becca Correll, Sports; Lorraine Best, editor- in-Chief; Margaret Joyner, Clubs; Kim Cutchins, Business. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Craig Elam, Chip Earley, Jennifer Fraik, Steve Jones, Dal Lyon, Jetf Harris. Charlie and Tim are working to satisfy yelling customers. The yearbook staff worked very hard to show visually what everyone - the classes, the clubs, the teams - did during the year. Everyone worked together to meet deadlines. They sold ads and worked concession stands to raise money. They sponsored a secret wish drawing at Christmas and other activities to help sell yearbooks. Yearbook 97 Spanish Club 1ST ROW: Craig Elam, Johnny Drewry, Larry Parker, President; Robbie Brown, Tommy Councill, Russ Powell, Pat Mason. 2ND ROW: Mike Peele, Vice President; Jennifer Fraik, Sue Firth, Robin Fraik, Treasurer; Lawrence Stutts, Bobby Cohoon, Nancy Harrell, Secretary; Senor Blaine, Sponsor. 3RD ROW: Ben Gayle, Julie Britt, Edith Camp, Susan Shroyer, Darrell Lawrence, Kanne Carroll, Jeff Harris. 4TH ROW: Mike Shroyer, Trisha Beale, Daphine Ruffin, Lois Mitchell, Theresa Carroll, Carmen Kilian, Betty Jenkins, Roberta Lawrence. The Spanish Club raised money to members showed up to help with the go to Puerto Rico. They had car washes, a talent show; a dance, and a ham raffle. Many of the money-making projects. They also sang Christmas carols at the assembly before Christmas. 98 The Spanish Club lias been one of the more active clubs. Early in the year they decided that they would like to go to Puerto Rico during Spring Break and channelled much of their energies toward realizing this goal. They sponsored a ham raffle and numerous car washes to raise sufficient money. A benefit show was also given, featuring mainly Blue Grass music. For the second year the Spanish “choir” gave their rendi- tion of a “Spanish” carol at the Christmas Assembly. Many of the members were thrilled when they learned that Senor Pepe would be returning to this area with his bride in late March for a short visit. Bluegrass was on the agenda at the Benefit show. Don’t leave any spots, kids! 99 Library Club The Library Club helps Mrs. Davis in the library by putting books away. They hosted a Book Fair to raise money. MEMBERS: Denise Richardson, Betsy Cabell (President), Brenda Jefferson, Victor Picot (Historian), Mrs. Davis (Sponsor), Russ Powell, Valerie Smith, Margaret Joyner (Sec.) Kathryn Watson. 100 Coach Pearce, Sponsor Varsity Club VARSITY CLUB: 1ST ROW: Lorraine Best, Roberta Lawrence, Carol Lawrence, Cindy Dundlow, Mary Anna Phillips, Glenda Gay, Marilyn Skeeter, Lynn Joyner, Loretta Deloatch, Dora Shipp, Robbin Sandidge, Kim Hassett. 2ND ROW: Thomas Bailey, Walter Cobb, Mike Magee, Jan Mabe, Bobby Parker, Chip Earley, Robert Fraik, Carol Gormley, Becca Correll, Renee Reese, Gwen Artis, Jackie Smith. 3RD ROW: Joyce Carr, Robbin Fraik, Craig Elam, Larry Mason, Alvin Lee, Ben Gayle, Brian Hedgepeth. 4TH ROW: Raystine Johnson, Jackie Grant, Darlene Nichols, Keith Rose, Allan Tayloe, Ray Porter, Mike Peele, Bobby Edwards, Carter Crawford, Jim Jervey. 5TH ROW: Tammy Byrd, Theresa Godbold, Regina Haley, Victor Picot, Bruce Puffer, John Jones, Robby Brown, Craig Brotzman, Wayne Baines, Andy Bryant. 6TH ROW: Bryan Pierce, Richard Smith, Keith Britt, Steve Bowman, Larry Parker, Robert Sasser, Mike East. The Varsity Club sells popcorn at football games and concessions at basketball games. They also buy trophies lor the players. 101 102 DECA The largest club this year was also one of the busiest. Some of DECA’s activities included a State Convention in Norfolk, a rally in Suffolk, and a field trip to Norfolk. The students, grateful to local merchants for hiring them for jobs, presented their employers with a luncheon. 1ST ROW: Joyce Carr - Treas., Daphine Pope - Parliamentarian, Karen Acord — Pres., Rita Scott - V. Pres., D. Ruffin, John Britt - Sec. 2ND ROW: J. King, J. Evans, C. Everett, R. Reese, S. Myers, C. Rawlings, D. Gray, J. Gray, P. Bowman, A. Rawlings. 3RD ROW: Mr. Horne - Sponsor, P. Majette, W. Hart, B. Montague, J. Manley, F. Leonard, R. Johnson, V. Hendricks, S. Seaborne, J. White, D. Pitts, Ms. Congleton - Sponsor. 4TH ROW: M. Story, C. Artis, S. Barham, R. Ricks, S. Jones, Y. Stephenson, L. Outlaw, J. Picot, D. Ingram, N. Parker, W. Crumb. 5TH ROW: T. Pope, P. Jones, R. Lee, A. Jones, P. Freeman, L. Mitchell, R. Ricks, J. Guyer, B. Pitts. 6TH ROW: D. Fowler, P. Scott, R. Cary, C. Warren, T. Scott, S. Artis, R. Woods, D. Joyner, E. Gunn, K. Bradshaw. 7TH ROW: Mark Council, C. Ruffin, K. Britt, L. Williams, K. Keeter, A. Blythe, L. Vann, J. Turner, B. Dampier, T. Campbell, M. Britt. 8TH ROW: C. Evans, R. Peebles, C. Eley, J. Robertson, N. Bess, J. Mason, K. Helms, D. Edwards, D. Smith, B. Thomason, R. Burgess. 103 STANDING: Lisa Artis, Lisa Eaholtz, Barbette Reid, Dolvenia Bailey, Mrs. Beaton (Sponsor). SITTING: Robin Sykes, Maythenia Bowers, Lois Mitchell, Arthia Evans, Esther Wiggins, Priscilla Wiggins, Renee Ricks. FHA The theme of this year’s Future Homemakers of America is “Moving On with the Bicentennial.” As part of its develop- ment, they participated in a federation Bicentennial Program- Rally in November. They also created favors for the patients in the East Pavilion SMH, in February as well as singing with them. Affiliated with the state and national FHA, our club welcomes as members all students who have taken one year of Home Economics. 104 KNEELING: Phyllis Artis, Priscilla Wiggins, James Artis, Denise Riddick, Jeanine Riddick. STANDING: Teresa Godbold, Barbette Reid, Gwen Murphy, Jeanette Austin, Deborah Willis, Cynthia Rawlings, Loretta Porter. The Future Business Leaders of America is composed of students who wish to enter the business world as a career. Members must be enrolled in at least one business class. At Mrs. Smith’s suggestion, the club decided to collect toys to give to needy children. They made plans to end their year with a trip to the District F.B.L.A. Convention in the spring. Sponsor is Mrs. Mary E. Smith. FBLA 105 The 1975 Pine Bowl game took place at the YMCA Athletic Field. Traditionally, the Franklin Broncos play the Forest Glen Rangers. During half-time Pam Pope was crowned Queen, as the band and flag-team performed. Melanie Cooley smiles as her father looks on. 106 Photos compliments of PENNY PICTORIAL. Special Dress Days Robin and Patricia smile as they succeed in clashing. Watch out Fonz; Eddie and Buddy are moving in! Graffiti Day and Clash Day were sponsored by the varsity cheerleaders to promote school spirit. Many of the students participated by wearing clothes of the fifties. On Clash Day styles of unmatched clothing were worn. Not only the students but also a few of the teachers showed their spirit by dressing special for these days. 107 THE SENIORS: 1ST ROW: Terry Bailey, Pam Pope, Marilyn Skeeter, R honda Chambliss, Arlene Candie, Katherine Watson, Betty Murray. 2ND ROW: Denise Cayo, Regina Haley, Kathy Harris, Lorraine Best, Diane Vick, Wanda Griffin, Kim Hassett, Mary Hicks. 3RD ROW: Colleen Keller, Robin Sandidge, Nancy Harrell, Teresa Godbold, Tina Hart, Beth Gagner, Robin Fraik, Carol Gormley, Leah Strickland, Judy King. THE JUNIORS: SEATED: Glenda Gay, Cindy Dundlow, Evangeline Jones, Freda Galloway, Shirley Urquhart, Jeannette Manley, Karen Ros. KNEELING: Sharon Burgess, Susan SJrroyer, Becca Correll, Kim Cutchins, Susie Barham, Rita Scott, Carol Lawrence. STANDING: Barbara Beauvais, Beverly Spain, Jan Mabe, Mary Anna Phillips, Tina Wade, Nancy Briggs, Marsha Logan, Pam Conner, Pam Magette, Gail Edwards; Mascot: Carey Parker; Ricky Edwards, Coach (Perky) Parker. 108 Coach Robins Beverly Spain tries to gain yardage. I Junior player, Evangeline Jones, tries to secure yardage Leah Strickland, cornerback, moves in for some action. Pam Pope strives for yardage as Kathy Harris blocks. SENIOR BEAUTIES: 1ST ROW: Larry Parker, Lawrence Stutts, Craig Elam. 2ND ROW: Keith Rose, Joe Ferki, Mike Peele, Ben Gayle, Carter Crawford. THE JUNIOR GALS: KNEELING: Steve Booth, Bruce Puffer, Chip Earley. STANDING: Robert Fraik, Jim Jones, Prentis Duck. 109 Spanish Club Benefit Show The Grand Finale brings everyone to their feet. Folk music was one of the main topics of the evening. Gillette Bryant entertains the Jim Jones and Bobby Cohoon as they sing a duet, audience with his own special type of music. Early in the school year the Span- ish Club decided they would like to go to Puerto Rico during Spring Break. A variety of fund-raisers were scheduled, among them a country and western music variety show. The Reuben Express 110 A Time of Rejoicing the fc Seniors in. Cindy Lankford smiles as she leads Mr. Bowling instructs everyone to rise as the Seniors march into the auditorium. The 1975 Christmas Concert held in the auditorium consisted of various forms of entertain- ment. Among them were the Spanish Club singing Christmas carols in Spanish, and the FHS Band playing various types of Christmas music. It was especial- ly memorable for the seniors because it was the first time they walked in as the graduating class. The school Chorus entertains the student body as a part of the assembly. Theresa God bold informs everyone what is going to take place. 1 1 1 Robbie Brown reads a scrip- ture from the Bible. The band concludes the assembly with various carols. Homecoming Crowning Queen Joanne Darden is escorted by her father Sammy Darden. Mr. Bowling crowns Joanrie during the festive half-time ceremonies Friday night. 112 THE 1975 HOMECOMING COURT: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Diane Gay ; Sarah Cooper; Cindy Dundlow; Lorraine Best; Joanne Darden, Queen; Carol Gormley, Maid of Honor; Joan White; Rita Scott; Lynn Wade; Alfran Pope. A Traditional Rite Carol Gormley, Maid of Honor, accompanied by her father enjoyed watching the majorettes, dressed in ’50’s style, as they twirled a routine to ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK. To have or not to have a Homecoming Dance that was the question. Due to numerous problems, such as where to have the dance, what the mode of dress would be, what the hours should be, and where to get the money, we almost didn’t have it. However the SCA successfully tackled each problem. Representatives approached the Faculty and requested that dress be casual with certain guidelines set by the SCA. They also asked that the dance be given from 9 pm to 1 am. The faculty concurred. A tumblers sale was sponsored throughout the student body to raise money for the band. Over 300 students enjoyed dancing to the “top 40” tunes as played by the Crystals in the spooky decor of the school cafeteria. Lorraine Best and Joanne White appreciated the routine presented by the Flag Team for the Court’s entertainment. Chris Coley Crown Bearer Cindy Dundlow and Rita Scott, Junior Attendants Sarah Cooper and Lynn Wade, Sophomore Attendants Diane Gay and Alfran Pope, Freshman Attendants Band Uniform Finally Arrives The Franklin High School Band has needed new uniforms for a long while. They started fund raising projects last year in order to complete their goal this fall. Among these projects were: selling candy, light bulbs, and many other articles; a raffle for a 1976 Pinto car which the Reverend S. D. Bowman won; also, many donations were given in order to help the band reach their goal. Bobby Bryant displays what the plumes for the band hats look like. Cindy Lankford tries on her jacket and looks for flaws. Glenda Smith shows the over-lay while the other band members anxiously await theirs. Alan Tayloe helps Mr. Barton pass out the new uniforms to the other band members. Sharon Jones is happy with her com- plete uniform. Navy Band Concert Paul D. Camp Community College was responsible for the Navy Band being able to come back to FHS, February 3rd. They performed for the entire student body in the afternoon and for the general public that night. Their music ranged from ’30’s music to present day rock. Both concerts were enjoyed by everyone. 115 Bicentennial Luncheon Served • • • Mrs. Richardson mingles with the students. Mrs. Manley mans the cashier’s box in her perky colonial bonnet. Mrs. Richardson and her staff arranged to have a Bicentennial Lunch Day on Friday, January 16, 1976. Preparations for this special day included a Bicentennial lunch, colonial costumes were worn by the cafeteria staff, and red and white checked tablecloths on the tables. Advance publicity had everyone won- dering just what a Bicentennial lunch was. Translated, the menu was milk, sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes, fried chicken, peas, and rolls. Bruce Puffer, Doug Edwards, and Bob Fraik preferred to brown-bag their lunch (They DID enjoy the tablecloths!) Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Collins chop up a few more “Lincoln Logs.” Mrs. Collins beams an 18th century smile. 116 District Forensics Meet Miss Hill and Mrs. Petty help register students. Getting to know each other before the meet. Final moments of relaxation before the action of debate. I’d rather drink than debate. A District Forensics meet was hosted by us February 12th. The categories in which the students participated were public speaking, extemporaneous speaking, poetry reading, prose reading, and spelling. All categories except for spelling were divided into two sections — one for boys and one for girls. The appetizers were great; now, let’s get down to business. 117 Success at PD Pruden Spelled $$$ Richard Candie, Ralph Bowers and Haywood Riddick enjoy themselves as they work in the Air-Conditioning section. “Batman” works with the Auto Mechanic Read-out machine. Robin Vick and Wanda Rainey ply their trade. P. D. Pruden Technical and Vocational School is the culmination of several years’ dreams and plans. It is the special project of Francis Clark, former Franklin City School Board Chairman. It was built to better prepare students who wish to enter the world of business after high school. Students from Isle of Wight and the cities of Franklin and Suffolk go half a day to their individual schools, and the rest of the day is spent at P.D. Pruden. Transportation by buses is provided for the students to and from their base schools. P.D. Pruden is located on highway 460 near Windsor, on property donated by Mr. Pruden. It is approximately twenty miles from Franklin. Some of the courses offered include Data Processing, Auto Mechanics, Cosmetology, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Dooo-ing it! AT 1000 words a minute! Ann Edwards waits for the computer cards to fall through. 118 Miss Eubank serves Julie some punch while Mrs. Beaton waits patiently for her turn. Julie and Kim share reminiscences with Jack. Alumni in Search of By-Gone Days. Kaye Weaver spends some of her time chatting with Mr. Carter and Mr. Sandidge. Herman Harris inspects one of the carrels as he enjoys a cookie. Alumni Day was held on December 18, 1975, to enable former FHS students to talk with each other and their teach- ers. It was instituted in hopes of it becoming an annual event, by Mr. Bowling and the faculty. It is a means of allowing teachers to keep in contact with their students and what they are doing now. It is also a community relations device allowing students to see how things have changed since they went to high school. Mr. Richter, Mr. Cayne, Mr. Carter and Mr. Sandidge seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. 119 No caption necessary! Baseball is still the great American pastime. Diane Vick and Wanda Griffith check band concert sales. C’mon, Phil and Colleen, just a LITTLE smile???! Building for a Better Tomorrow. Michael still has occasion to consult his girl watcher’s guide. Advertising Standing On the Corner . . . Main Street . . . the more it changes, the more it remains the same. Which float do we follow, Mr. B.? The face of our town is changing. Many new businesses choose to move to the suburbs, or to shopping centers, as do some of the old established firms. Taking the business to the people has stimulated a whole new line of sales. However, the downtown area of yesteryear can still remain viable. Commerce, at least in the smaller towns, can and does still flourish on Main Street, U.S.A., as long as there are activities to bring the buyer down. The compass says Main Street is due north. 121 CHEVROLET BIG TEE DOYLE JONES CHEVROLET, INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 76. Q i No. 1 in Virginia and West Virginia WHOLE HOG COUNTRY SAUSAGE unnoe 3 Contains. . . All The Hams, Shoulders And Loins jGustxeed COUKTHT UUtAGI ' t aHax» Call: Gunnoe ' s Sausage Co. Charleston, W Va.; (304) 343-7686 Goode, Va. ; (703) 586-1091 Compliments of JOHNSON AND CONWELL Phone U A tyM JR E 5624292 HUNTERDALE HOME SUPPLY Housewares — Gifts — Appliances Farm Supplies Franklin, Virginia 2385 1 Since 1913 Phone 562-3182 or 562-3183 BRISTON INSURANCE CORPORATION 518 North Main Street Franklin, Virginia 23851 “Our Patrons Sleep Well” General Insurance and Real Estate Brokers A Friend Mrs. 0. L. Hodges Frederick Hodges Mr. 0. L. Hodges BIG AL Celeste Lassiter 9TI|c -fcticrlt! Furniture — Carpets Junius W. Pulley, Jr. Owner Highway 58E. Courtland, Va. CAMPBELL-ELLER Franklin Opticians Construction Co., Inc. 1 14 West 2nd Ave. Franklin, Va. Franklin, Va. CUTCH1NS AMOCO SERVICE RADIO SHACK Stereo C’B Equipment Airway, S. C. MURPHY’S “The Family Place to Save” Airway Shopping Center Franklin, Virginia 207 E. Second Ave. Franklin, Va. 562-3017 Compliments of Mary Ann Hill A Connecticut Yankee Sharon Jones Compliments Compliments of ' of PARKER DRUG STORE Western Auto Midway Grocery The Rexall Store Franklin, Va. Charles F. Kingery, Proprietor Vo ttoway C- ouse, Inc. Furniture To Live With Midway Franklin - Courtland Highway 58 Courtland, Virginia 23837. TELEPHONE 053-3BO1 Pere Noel PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Phone 804-562-2339 Lafayette Radio Electronics Listen to Us, You Can’t Go Wrong Franklin Plaza S C Franklin, Va. 23851 PLAZA HAIRSTYLING For the Women Who Care Owned and Operated by Mrs. Frances Barnes Franklin Plaza S C Phone 562-3698 “Take a look around your home. Everyone else does.” CARTER FURNITURE 101 S. Main St. Franklin, Virginia 123 Tel. 562-301 1 PET INCORPORATED DAIRY DIVISION Phone: 804-562-3371 MURPHY MOTORS Used Cars and Auto Parts Highway 58 West Franklin, Va. Best Wishes RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. Franklin 124 Your Happy Shopping Store Downtown Franklin MODERN LUNCHEONETTE Main St. Jimmy Carolyn Bryant Virginia SANDRA’S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 1 1 1 N. Main St. Franklin, Va. Phone 562-3805 Nights Sundays 242-6463 BLYTHE FORD, INC. 100 West Jackson Street Franklin, Virginia 2385 1 Tel. 562-4365 I FORD KILBY’S FLOWER SHOP INC. Franklin, Va. 1 12 E. Second Ave. Phone 562-5117 COUNCILL’S Flowers ' ts 1 08 W. 2nd Ave. Franklin, Va. Campbell’s Nursery PANTON AND LACKLAND CO., INC. Growing For 30 yrs. Sporting Goods Toys Record Shop 1946-1976 Franklin 5624578 Virginia Phone 5624884 1 03 N. Main lake a good close look, it’s what logging iscoming to [fra nk lin | FRANKLIN EQUIPMENT COMPANY FRANKLIN, VIRGINIA 23851 foe Bon Voyage to the Class of ' 76 from Union Camp CORPORATION You ' ve got to be good to be the best in Virginia. VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK FRANKLIN PLANT FOOD CHEMICALS, INC. Ruby Crystal Colonial WEDDING BOWL Our engagement gilt to you this lovely ruby and crystal weddmg bowl 1 Legend has it that the original wedding bowl was placed betore the bride and groom and the weddmg guests filed past filling it with money We have lost track of this custom, but the weddmg bowl has remained as a beautiful centerpiece and a treasured memento So come m and get yours it ' s gift wrapped and waiting for you 1 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY 1 ALSO ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL Credit Plan for Engaged or Married Couples under ”21 " NO CO-SIGNERS NEEDEDI P.O. Box 177, Franklin, Virginia 23851 Telephone: 562-6164 Manufacturers of Liquid Fertilizers 127 HERCULES HERCULES INCORPORATED “Your NAPA Jobber is the Right Place to go.” GRIZZARD AUTO PARTS, INC. WYSR Franklin Shopping Center Franklin, Va. 23851 Wholesale Auto and Tractor Parts GULF CENTRAL SERVICE YOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR The Craftsmen who made Your Class Ring a Masterpiece and CHARLES G. MOTLEY 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 Join in Sending Their Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS • CLUB INSIGNIA • MEDALS • TROPHIES PLAQUES • DIPLOMAS • COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS 128 In Memonam Floyd Jones, Jr. Member of Class of 1976 September 2, 1956 April 17, 1976 Stephen Victor Grettum Member of Class of 1977 January 4, 1959 July 1 1, 1975 mk. 7$KC L pWf ‘ " V t , .al ag km 11 wgpfi £» ,. Bwfrtf M««r •■RU ' f Rtf! 0 JjnA-fp i rajV v f7 Jf- f T flOC-V.k. SlpP blackwater regional library rjR 3 0052 1027 1572 4

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