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THE LOG Volume XXVII 1975 Published by Students of Franklin High School Franklin, Virginia 23851 The Roads of FHS Smile while you work-that’s the way Evangeline enjoys school. Doug thinks algebra gets harder every day. Gass participation, today Cordelia gives her history report. During the early days in this country the U.S. was called a “melting Pot”, a collection of persons from almost every nation in the world combining to form one united country. Like early America FHS is somewhat of a “melting pot” of individuals. These individuals freed by their imagination but confined within the rules of the school make FHS a focal point, and the individual’s usefulness expands from the focal point like the spokes of a wheel. These spokes are the individu- al’s pathways and combine to make the roads of FHS. There are many different examples of roads that can be found at FHS. Probably the most important road from the school’s point of view is education. Education is a pathway of learning. Even when formal education stops one never stops learning. Nowadays high school educators are more concerned with teaching students as individuals, giving them the type of education they will need once they leave high school. Whether it be college or work, a good basic education is very important. It serves as the primary path, the expressway which branches off into a particular highway. Films sometimes make the lesson easier to understand. 2 NEXT EXIT: EDUCATION 3 From P.D.C Theandres, Gail, Vicky, Wanda and Charles were some of the students that took classes at P.D.C. For a couple of years now FHS students have participated in a program that allows high school students to take classes at Paul D. Camp Community College. This year about 20 seniors followed the path that led to PDC. It was enjoyable and educational, and any senior will tell you, if you think high school is hard just wait until you hit college. To Williamsburg Did you go on a Field trip this year? Well, French III did, and even though there were a few showers, it is a known fact that they had a great time. This is another one of those roads that expand for FHS. Being able to take trips to different places in the area broadens the students’ knowledge and the school’s scope. SMILE! 4 Learning the tricks of the trade, juggling. Secondary Roads Kim and Wanda have a good time collecting admissions. Donnie keeps Mr. B. busy during the Jr.-Facul- Boys’ team discuss the game, ty game. Jess and Dawn take time out for refreshments at the prom. Secondary roads ease the tension of travel on the superhigh- ways. In this respect activities are the secondary roads of school, for they take students away from everyday school life and give them something special to work with. This year the annual staff sponsored an activity that kept the students busy for a while; it was designing this years cover. Also there were the usual activities: the day before Christmas vacation Santa Claus visited the cafeteria; during the spring there was the student-faculty basketball game and then there was the Jr. Sr. Prom. Santa Claus captures everyone’s attention. 5 Which one would you choose? Food Stop Sigmond and the Sea Monsters bring you a balanced lunch. They ate the whole thing! Well, almost the whole thing. Everyone gets hungry, even man’s best friend. How T out some lunch? 6 Expressing Ourselves A number of student plays were presented. Miss Radford’s English 9 classes rewrote ROMEO AND JULIET into modern speech and p resented both their version and Shakespeare’s to a selected audience. In the spring, Mr. Ray- buck’s drama group developed a Children’s Theater troupe who carried their message of fun and good-will to a number of neighboring schools. With both groups the accent was on student effort. Pat Mason and Julie Britt play the balcony scene in modern dress. In more traditional mode is Theresa Marks as Juliet and Jeff Guyer as Romeo. The Bear (Lisa Comet) and the Hare (Nancy Correll) argue which can see or smell the fartherest in THE BIG BRAG. Therome Spivey tries to escape the Slithery D. Berry Brooke is amazed at her effort in LAYING AN EGG. The Cheesentakers, Cathy Daughtrey and Nancy Correll, share the cheese with the King, Vernon Clark, and the Mice. Carol Gormley, Berry Brooke, Therome Spivey, Vernon Clark, Kathy Cook, Nancy Correll, Vernestine Artis, Elizabeth Hodges, Debbie Battle, Jennifer Fraik, Lisa Comet, Cathy Daughtrey and Jamie Duffey portray the elements of the HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. Max’s mother (Elizabeth Hodges) scolds Max (Kathy Cook) in THE WILD THINGS. 7 Contents Theme p. 2 Go! Happenings p. 44 Stop! People p. 92 Proceed with Caution! Ads . . . .p. 130 Index p. 141 Epilog p. 144 8 Dedication Because of his willingness to guide us down new roads of experience; Because of his highly developed sense of humor which allows him to laugh with us, not at us; Because of his ceaseless support of the school and students; Because he is a good example for othe rs to follow, We, the 1975 Yearbook Staff dedicate the LOG to HOWARD P. HURT 9 “Do you really expect me to believe that?” asks our principal, Mr. Hurt. Maybe, Mr. Sandidge, if you keep on trying, you will be able to get that Assistant Principal’s Report finished by the end of the year! Administration Although swamped by her secretarial duties, Mrs. Ricks manages a Mrs. Earley stays busy each day keeping the books posted, smile for the camera man. 10 With the help of our administration and faculty, our high school underwent ten-year evaluation by the State Board of Education. Although an on-going process, evaluation by the visiting team during March marked the culmination of much toil, turmoil and burning of th e midnight oil. A major problem that faced our administration was the ending of the contract between Franklin City Public Schools and Southampton County Public Schools. This contract al- lowed students to attend either system’s school without cost to them. After much lobbying, a temporary agreement was settled which would let rising seniors continue in the school of their choice without extra cost during 1975-76. Our guidance counselors help the student with social, emo- tional, and academic problems, while our principals are mainly concerned with discipline and school management. Mrs. Holoman thinks a smile a day keeps the troubles away. Mr. Parker, one of our guidance counselors, doesn’t appear to have a worry in the world. Sanitary and Dietary Engineers The kitchen staff contemplates the day’s appetizers. ■ Our custodial and cafeteria staffs are the foundation of our school. They aided a great deal in the preparation for the initial evaluation of our school by the State Team of Evalua- tors. We are sure that the first impression was favorable due to their efforts. Two members of the custodial staff take a well-deserved break. The cafeteria workers prepare breakfast and lunch each day for many of the students. The custodial staff keeps our hall- ways and classrooms clean. Their hard work gives our school a neat, clean appearance. George and his office — models of custodial efficiency. 12 Mrs. Harris our Business co-ordinator, is up to her ears in work. Would you believe that our DE teacher Miss Congleton, is a former Miss Norfolk? Sometimes we have to let our clothes out a little, don’t we, Mrs. Hamlet? Business and Distributive Education It appears that leather jackets are part of the uniform of the DE teacher. Mrs. Felts demonstrates that a smile is a great asset. The Business department offers such courses as typing, bookkeeping, business, law, general business, shorthand and clerk-typing. These courses prepare the student for the world of work after graduation. Students enrolled in clerk-typing may spend a portion of their day working in an actual office. Our DE program was active in the state’s distributive education contest. Several titles were awarded to Frank- lin students. Second year DECA students work in down- town stores as part of their training. Mrs. Smith helps Debra set her tab. 13 English English is the basis for all courses taught in high school. There are three groups of English — voca- tional, general, and academic. Each year grammar, including sentence structure and punctuation, is taught in every grade. All forms of literature are studied with emphasis on that of English and Ameri- can authors. With this foundation, students learn to communicate their own thoughts and ideas. Mrs. Johnson and Mike listen intent- ly- Mrs. Coleman keeps a wary eye on the students. Mr. Raybuck explains one of the fine points to Jamie and Vernon. “Only 22 more days,” Mrs. Evans rejoices. • Miss Blankley explains the exam schedule. Miss Radford ticks off the uses of the past participle. Mr. Bogenschneider is always happy to help a student. 14 Fine Arts and Special Education Mr. Barton is ready for take-off. Mr. Cayne adjusts a piece of ma- chinery. Nothing Frances draws will surprise Miss McBride. Our fine arts program consists of Band, Chorus, Art I and Art II, Industrial Arts, and Home Economics. The library is becoming more completely stocked with new and modern books. The Special Education department, headed by Mr. Spenge- man and Miss Boone, is an aid to many of the students who have problems achieving maximum success in the regular class- room. Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Smith take a break in the lounge. “A stitch in time saves nine,” Mrs. Beaton always says. Surprise!! Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Atkinson gets another two cents worth in fines for the library. Mr. Spengeman takes time to help another student. Miss Boone gets ready for the next class. 15 Math and Science MB The Math and Science Depart- ments are concerned with the more factual aspects of life. Among the courses taught by the math depart- ment are: Algebra, Geometry, Con- sumer and Vocational mathematics. The science department is involved in the physical, biological, and chemical sciences. Mr. Rinehart puts a few goodies on his plate. Mrs. Kuykendall helps a few of her students. Miss Nurenburg explains some stuff. Do the hambone, Mr. Carter. Mr. Wallace does not consider that last answer a good one. Mr. Kee’s addition and multiplica- tion are right - for once. Mr. Richter ponders a question that Mrs. Petty wants you! JoAnn has asked. 16 Social Studies Social Studies are very important in helping the stu- dents to understand why the United States and the world are as they are. Among the many courses of social studies are: U. S. Government, U. S. History, World Geography, and World History. Filmstrips, movies, reports, and lecturing are some of the methods used by the teachers in this department. TABLES Obviously, Mrs. Beale’s stocks have gone up. A preview of the final exam, Mr. Robins? “A good question,” says Mr. Charity. 1 1 “ • Miss Eubank explains the use of graduation announcements. Tony doesn’t seem to believe Mr. Ritter. English (cont’d) 17 Regina, Craig, and Alvin seem to enjoy Mrs. Seward’s class. Foreign Language and Physical Education What does this have to do with Spanish, Four legs on the noor, Mr. Vess. Miss Hill? Our foreign language department was fortunate in having a visitor from Mexico. Senor Pepe was with us for nine weeks. He was a special aide to Mr. Blaine and Miss Hill. The first year of foreign language places emphasis on grammar and basic knowledge of the language. In the second and third years, emphasis is on the students’ ability to write and comprehend the language. The aim of the Physical Education department is to help its students achieve physical development. Included in the program are first aid, drug, and driver education, as well as participation in physical activities. Mr. Blaine is cool, and as for Mr. Kee, actions speak louder than words. Miss Eubank’s room seems agree- able to Senor Pepe. It must be Mrs. Wilkins’ turn to set up the volleyball net. Mr. Pearce shows Keith the proper position. Mr. Felts watches the baseball team on a rainy day. The stop-watch is Coach Payne’s best friend. 18 Varsity Club JD X 2 2 g c P O D C 3 ■ ; P 0 C 3 ,-n C 3 -2 g — -S " s s H . — o p X) amL . r -. Pearce, Sponsor SITTING (L. to R.) Nancy Harrell - Junior Class; Kathleen Swenson - Senior Class; Francis Abbitt - Editor; Theandres Ruffin - Co-ordinating Editor; STANDING Theresa Marks - Freshman Class; Cindy Dunalow — Administration; Betsy Cabell — Sophomore Class; Lorraine Best - Proofreader; Debbie Cutchins, Bobby Lambert Photographer; Debbie Joyner — Sports; Jan Mabe — Clubs; Becca Correll — Administration. a ■ g ' - •• «. 1 BSRf 1 . ........ i 1 V. j | |- ■, jmu ™ F - ' ? ‘ .«• b 1 VBP v , ■ s- ' i i. v ' I, 1$ , 1 ‘ • , ■$ Yearbook Business Staff 1st ROW - Lynn Joyner, Patsy Griffin, Cindee Bryant, Beth Gagner. 2nd ROW - Anita Dilday , Wanda Powell, Russ Powell, Kim Hassett, Linda Richardson FHS Band 1ST ROW - Elizabeth Hodges, Debbie Joyner, Theresa Carroll. 2ND ROW - Susan Shroyer, Nancy Briggs, Frank Cabell. As in previous years, the band entertained our school and community with much pride. With Mr. Barton’s never-ending dedication, the band performed at many of the football games and concerts for the public. This year the Annual Spring Concert seemed to pull everything together, making F.H.S. very proud of its spirited BAND! 1ST ROW Kim Walker, Beth Gagner, Patricia Beale. 2ND ROW - Joan Thomas, Deborah Gayle, Gary Kirkland, Tammie Byrd. 3RD ROW Robbin Sandidge, Robin Fraik, Diane Hall, Betsy Cabell. 22 1ST ROW Tommy Councill, Fredrick Cross, Michael Vinson, Roberta Lawrence. 2ND ROW Jack Stutts, Ricky Poole, Bobby Edwards, Ricky Jones. LEFT TO RIGHT Carter Crawford, Curtis Hop- kins, Cindy Lankford. 1ST ROW Kevin Gagner, Jim Jones. 2ND ROW - Peter Duffy, Johnny Bryant, Ricky Darden, Steve Grettum. 3RD ROW Betty Murray, James Par- ker, Robert Bryant, Bruce Puffer. 23 1ST ROW - Bobby Keane, Bill Coker. 2ND ROW - Alan Tayloe, Sheryl Rawls, Loretta Porter. 3RD ROW - Craig Gavin, John Jones, Steve Bowman, Bryan Pearce. 1ST ROW - Claudia Kitchen, Melanie Cooley, Glenda Smith. 2ND ROW - Ellen Land, Patricia Vargo, Kay Weaver, Mar- garet Joyner. 1ST ROW — Valerie Smith, Karen Ros. 2ND ROW - Francis Ferki, Ray Porter, Edith Camp. 3RD ROW Joel Gilbreath, Dav id McNamara, Dennis Sparks, Judy Griffin. 24 Bands Boost Spirit This year the Pep Band really grew. They are an independent organization that plays mostly at Pep Rallies and Football games, but some of the members performed at the Jazz Concert. All of the members of the Pep Band are in the marching band. The Intermediate Band primarily functions as a work shop group whose goal is to improve their present knowledge and technical skills. They work as individuals and in groups. This year this part of the band performed at Carrsville elementary school. 1ST ROW: Robin Fraik, Teresa Carroll, Patricia Beale, Edith Camp. 2ND ROW: Betty Murray, Carter Crawford, Cindy Lankford, Ellen Land, Bobby Edwards, Tommy Councill. 3RD ROW: Kevin Gagner, Ricky Poole, Michael Vinson, Bobby Bryant, Joel Gilbreath. 4TH ROW: John Jones, Jim Jones, Roberta Lawrence, Ricky Jones, Craig Gavin. 5TH ROW: Alan Tayloe, Steve Grettum. 1ST ROW: Dawn Myers, Robin Vick, Cindy Moore, Steve Booth, Cordelia Pope, Paula Majette, Marilyn Skeeter. 2ND ROW: Carey Artis, Jeff Turner, Chuck Kitchen, Walter Anderson, Keith Pearce, Doug Edwards, Perry Jones, Alan Overton. 25 Dennis leads the band during the Christmas parade. Dennis Sparks, Drum Major Robbin Sandidge, Drum Majorette HONOR GUARD SITTING - Debra Rainey, Cordelia Pope. STANDING - Sharon Banks, Gerri Kauss, Patsy Denson, Lynn Wade, Patricia Duck, Miss Radford- Sponsor, Barbara Edwards, Freda Leonard, Neda Blythe, Lori Lupton. 26 Lynn Joyner— Junior Cora Peebles- Sophomore Diana Bradshaw— Junior 27 Cherie Bly— Head Majorette Senio r Chorus Gets in the “Sing” of Things 1st ROW- Debra Beamon, Viann Hart, Angela Willis, Jeneam Riddick. 2nd ROW- Teresa Godbold, Clementine Hart, Carla Eaton, Laverne Britt, Brenda Beale, Gloria Milteer, Raystine Johnson, Thelma Epps, Bruce Baxter. 3rd ROW- Timothy Eaton, Clarence Ruffin, Michael Ricks, Victor Picot, Randolph Hoskie, Donald Harris, Gerald Barnes, Jerry Blow. 4th ROW- Willie Barnes, Charles Freeman, Haywood Riddick, Coybern Jones, Ray Ruffin. Franklin High School’s Chorus is an organization that everyone is very proud of. The Chorus showed all of the students just how well they could sing at the Christmas Assembly. The Chorus is directed by Mr. Luther Ellis a teacher at F.H.S. for two years. This year, as in previous years, the chorus sang at various churches and finished the year by singing at the Graduation ceremony. 29 Tri-Hi- Y 30 TRI-HI-Y: 1ST ROW - Wanda Powell, Emma Beavais, Kathleen Swenson, Kathy Beale, Wanda Blythe. 2ND ROW Berry Brooke, Lynn Joyner, Judy Griffin, Kathryn Watson, Kathy Worrell, Beth Gagner, Cindy Lankford. 3RD ROW Miss Eubank - Sponsor, Nancy Hart, Betty Murray, Lucy Minetree, Deborah Gayle, Debbie Joyner, Dianne Vick, Debbie Cutchins, Regina Haley, Frances Abbitt, Debbie Battle, Ellen Land. 4TH ROW Bonnie Clark, Nancy Guyer, Robbin Sandidge, Carol Gormley, Claudia Kitchen, Kay Weaver, Nancy Harrell, Cindy Wade, Cherie Bly, Lorraine Best, Cindy Wellons, Vicky Edwards, Anita Dilday. Hi-Y 31 HI-Y: 1ST ROW David Burgess, Bill Peak, Bobby Lambert, Phil Phillips, Jim Jervey. 2ND ROW Greg Belcher, Larry Parker, Wendy Martin, Mike Peele, Robert Sasser, Brian Joyner, Coach Payne Sponsor. 3RD ROW Ben Gayle, Mike East, Phillip Baker, Lawrence Stutts, Phillip Surace, Ray Woods. 4TH ROW Joe Ferki, Johnny Bryant, Frank Cabell, Billy Hawkins, Jess Gardner. Student Cooperative Association OFFICERS: KNEELING- Bill Peak President. STANDING (L. to R.)— Melanie Cooley— Secretary-Treasurer; Teresa Godbold Vice President; David Burgess— Chaplain; Brian Hedgepeth- Reporter. Sponsoring the homecoming dance is one of the main activities of the Student Council Association. They sponsored the annual Magazine sale again this year giving away some really swell gifts to the students that sold the most magazines. At Easter they produced some fruit baskets to give to needy families. 1st ROW- (L. to R.)- Teresa Godbold, Tammy Byrd, Bill Peak, Melanie Cooley, Brian Hedgepeth, Carol Lawrence, Annette Blunt. 2nd ROW— Lorraine Best, Cindee Bryant, Tina Wade, Mable Picot. 3rd ROW— Edith Camp, Jim Jervey, Diane Hall, Robert Sasser, Joe Ferki, Bobby Lambert, David Burgess, David Slaton, Renee Reese, Donna Vaughan, Gwen Vaughn, Robin Sandidge, Arbana Blowe, Tamara Martin. Election Offers Varied Slate Cindee Bryant delivers her plea for the student vote. Other candidates for Presi- dent were Lorraine Best and Robbin Sandidge. Chip Earley promises to do his best if elected Vice-Presi- dent. Last year’s SCA Reporter, Brian Hedgepeth, offered the voice of experience in his successful bid for Vice- President. Cora Peebles stressed her qualifications for Veep. 33 Ray Porter was willing to grab the political football of Vice-President and run with it. DECA Activities of the 1974-75 school year include sales of donuts, burlap tote bags, key chains and polliwogs as money raising projects to help finance expenses to various contests. They also participated in the District Fall Rally, the District Leadership Conference, and the State Leadership conference. One representative was sent to the National Career Development Conference. In May an employer-employee banquet was held to honor partici- pating merchants in the DECA program. Appreciation certificates were presented to all the employers. Mr. Ed Crone of Airway Family Shoes was elected Employer of the Year. Karen Acord, incoming DECA president, won both District and State Sales Demonstrations. DISTRICT WINNERS Barbara Wilkerson ... 1st place D.E. I Job Interview Patty Hawkins ... 1st place Decision Making Phil Bowman ... 1st Place Poster Making Teresa Parker . . . 2nd Place Display Eddie Hargrave . . . 2nd Place Group Sales Karen Acord ... 1st Place Sales Demonstration STANDING: Vickie Hendricks, Mike Turner, Reporters; Lynn Brown, Vice-President; Chuckie Whitley, Treasurer; Billie Dampier; Dee Watson, President. SEATED: Karen Acord, Secretary. toff- | V £t.g« 1 l w PW -Lji Hf jl 5fk fj Beta Club The Beta Club is an honorary society made up of members of the Junior and Senior Classes, who maintain an average of 90 or above. Students must show leadership, honor, school spirit, and williness to help other students. Each year they attend the Annual Beta Club Convention, in Roanoke, and are accompanied by Mrs. Beale the sponsor. y i- -:■ V v 1 a IS y -j r JBi ■ML 1 J S fj H - j ||M k nK TOP ROW Bruce Fields, Phillip Baker, Mike Bradshaw, Emma Beauvais, Melanie Cooley. 2ND ROW - Ricky Darden, Susan Bowman, Wanda Griffith. 3RD ROW - Arbana Blow, Lorraine Best, Robert Sasser, Claudia Kitchen, Mike Dentler, Robbin Sandidge, Mrs. Beale-Sponsor. 4TH ROW - Frances Abbitt, Vice-President; Bill Peak, President; Kathy Beale, Secretary. 36 Circulo Espanol • v y j He ' ■’ll i 1 J ' ' h SPANISH CLUB — TOP ROW — Phillip Baker, Stanley Sykes, Susan Turner, Bruce Fields, David Burgess, Robin Fraik, Bobby Cohoon, Larry Mason, Theresa Carroll, Mary Unser. 2ND ROW Audrey Rawlings, Fred Rawlings, David McNamara, Jennifer Fraik, Robbin Sandidge, Joshlin Council, Carole Sykes, Nancy Harrell, Russ Powell. 3RD ROW Mr. Blaine-Sponsor, Senor Pepe, Pat Mason, Robin Vick, Roberta Lawrence, Lynn Joyner, Renita Ricks. 4TH ROW Freida Galloway, Regina Haley, Greg Belcher, Bill Peak, Ben Gayle. 5 TH ROW Edith Camp, Patricia Beale, Larry Parker, Mike Peele, Lois Mitchell. SPANISH CLUB For the first time in its history Franklin High School has a Spanish Club. Sponsored by Mr. Blaine, this club has become one of the largest clubs in our school. This year they traveled to “The Dinner Theatre” in Norfolk, sang Spanish Carols for the students at Christmas, and traveled to Chowan College to see a movie. Many of the students taking Spanish corresponded very well with Senor Pepe, our teacher’s aide. 37 Lots Of Spirit PEP CLUB Members of the Pep Club decorate appropriately and promote spirit throughout the year. Along with decorating the field before a football game, exhibiting spirit at pep rallies, and decorating the halls, the Pep club gives the cheerleaders corsages at the homecoming game. Most of all the Pep club tries to let the BRONCOS know that the school is behind them! Miss Hill — Sponsor TOP ROW L. to R.: Kevin Gagner, Steve Grettum, Alan Tayloe, Jim Jones, Michael Vinson, Robert Bryant, Carter Crawford, John Jones, Tommy Councill. 2ND ROW: Craig Gavin, Cindy Landford, Ricky Poole, Robin Fraik, Joel Gilbreath. 3RD ROW: Lynn Joyner, Nancy Harrell, Diana Bradshaw, Cherie Bly, Kathy Beale, Barbara Beavais, Ellen Land, Betty Murray, Nancy Guyer, Bobby Edwards. 4TH ROW: Theresa Carroll, Debra Rainey, Becca Correll, Cindy Dundlow, Patricia Duck, Patricia Beale, Kay Weaver, Vicky Edwards, Patsy Griffin, Ricky Jones. 5TH ROW: Bonnie Clark, Robin Sandidge, Carol Lawrence, Regina Haley, Roberta Lawrence, Debbie Cutchins, Cindy Wade, Wanda Blythe. 6TH ROW: Sharon Lawrence, Julie Best, Rita Scott, Sharon Johnson, Lucy Minetree, Diaphine Pope, Mary Anna Phillips, Sandra Peele, Lorraine Best, Kim Tayloe. 7TH ROW: Emma Beauvais, Sec.-Treas.; Debbie Joyner, President; Anita Dilday, Vice-President. 38 Future Business Leaders of America Although the F.B.L.A. at F.H.S. is one of the smaller clubs, it did very much work this year. Throughout the entire year this club worked in the mornings at the bookstore. They sold school supplies to the students and had many fantastic sales! This club also attended the District F.B.L.A. Convention at Old Dominion in March which proved to be interesting and loads of fun. 1ST ROW: Tina Cornwell, Sharon Smith, Gwen Vaughan, KimTayloe. 2ND ROW: Mrs. Harris - Sponsor, Viann Hart, Barbara Murphy, Carla Eaton, Arbana Blow. 3RD ROW: Vernestine Artis, Annette Blunt, Anita Scott, Joan White. 39 Library Club SITTING: Arbana Blowe, Margaret Joyner. 1st ROW- Mrs. Davis (Sponsor), Glenda Smith, David Keller, David McNamara, Ken Burns. TOP ROW- Bruce Fields, Russ Powell, Valerie Smith, Betsy Cabell. All students enjoyed the book fair sponsored by the Library Club. Here members of the Library Club check to see that all is in readiness. Along with the watchful eye and encourage- ment of Mrs. Davis F.H.S. developed a library club. Its duties were to stamp books whenever possible, and to help students find certain materi- als. This year the Library Club helped to produce a book fair in which everyone could come to buy paperback books. All the students a re extremely thankful for the work that these students put into this club. 40 F.H.A The Future Homemakers of America experienced how kindness could pay off by visiting the East Pavilion and singing to the convalescents there. This club also tried to clean the school grounds with the help of many of the other students. Much to the delight of all other students the F.H.A. prepared bake sales during the school day for everyone to buy to eat! To make some little children that they knew happy the F.H.A. had a party for these children one night, letting the kids sample all of their homemade goods. 1st ROW SEATED (L. to R.)- Mrs. Beaton-Sponsor, Dianne Vick, Wanda Griffith. 2nd ROW- Kim Hassett, Cindee Bryant. 3rd ROW- Lois Mitchell, Diana Bradshaw, Laurine Cotton, Kathryn Watson. 41 Rascals Hit The Road — Ouch! In an attempt to raise money the Yearbook and the Band sponsored an appearance of Paul Barron’s Harmonica Rascals. It was not a financial success, although their vaudeville act was enjoyed by all who attended. The band finds that most young people prefer the “in” music of today. Fruitless effort can still afford a good laugh once in awhile. Continuing maintenance is necessary to keep the shop in good shape. Road maps are not the only directions that lead to a goal. “You have 10 seconds to do 15 military presses.” “Left foot ready. March!” “Don’t stop until I tell you.” 44 A Little Traveling Music, Please I! ' . ' W!! : !l||l i urntmi Banner carriers Pamela Pope and Gwen Vaughan pro- Following closely are members of the Flag Team. claim the FHS appearance in the annual Christmas parade. The Christmas parade marked the first appearance of the flag team. Here they perform a precision routine for the judges. Members of the marching band perform for the judges, December 7. 45 Our band marched off with 2nd place in the JayCee’s Annual Parade. All Roads Lead To Homecoming Glenda Nichols Senior Attendant Melanie Cooley Junior Attendant Glenda Gay Sophomore Attendant Queen Nancy Guyer is given the tradition- al kiss by Mr. Hurt. Nancy and her escort. Daphine Pope Sophomore Attendant Melinda Gayle Freshman Attendant Sandra Peele Senior Attendant Pam Pope Junior Attendant Myra Epps Freshman Attendant Pictures Courtesy of Penny Pictorial Or Perhaps The Bunny Trail Sharon Myers and Lorraine Best push their way toward the goal. Dee Watson tries to stop the rush while Theandres Ruffin looks on in shocked amazement. Greg Belcher comforts Julie Best in a tense moment. Granny Ellen even braved the elements, but not before she put on her armor During the Annual Powderpuff Classic between the Juniors and the Seniors everyone gives their best. Pictures Courtesy of Penny Pictorial Rebuilding Season For Broncos ■ LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: J. Hudgins (Mgr.), L. Manley (Mgr.), J. Stutts, J. Jervey, R. Porter, M. Vincent, B. Hawkins, C. Banks, K. Gagner, C. Earley, C. Crawford, B. Puffer, W. Cobb, W. Jones. SECOND ROW: (L. to R.): A. Tayloe, V. Picot, J. Taylor, R. Williams, P. Surace, W. Baines, M. Duffy, E. Rainey, B. Joyner, W. Briley, B. Pearce, B. Parker, R. Smith, R. Brown. THIRD ROW: Coach Gail Parker, Coach Rose, R. Woods, R. Cary, D. Harris, A. Lee, B. Baxter, H. Harris, P. Phillips, J. Riddick, R. Hoskie, C. Jones, M. Cornwell, R. Jones, Coach Payne. FOURTH ROW : N. Mitchell, S. Goodman, G. Myrick, R. Adams, K. Rose, R. Bruant, V. Pope, L. Mason, M. Tawney, P. Hinson, H. Hawkins, B. Edwards, J. Picot. Coach Parker hopes anxiously for success. Despite a 4-6 record the Broncos had a very good season. The Broncos showed more unity this season than in previous years. All of the players and coaches got along very well. Every member of the “Bronco Express” earned a varsity letter for his hard work and play on the football field. The Broncos had two heart-breaking losses this season. An 8-6 loss to Central and a 7-0 loss to John Yeates. The Bronco defense registered one shut-out for the year, and that was the 26-0 victory over Gloucester. Randolph Hoskie was the only Bronco to make The All-Dis- trict team. Mike Duffy, Ed Rainey, Mike Tawney, Victor Pope, Coybern Jones, Billy Hawkins, and Paul Hinson were Broncos who received Honorable Mentions, for the All-District team. Randolph Hoskie received the most valuable lineman award, and Mike Duffy received the most valuable back award for the 1974 season. 48 I SENIORS FRONT ROW (SITTING L-R): Victor Pope, Mike Duffy, Brian Joyner, Wayne Briley. SECOND ROW (L--R): Bruce Baxter, Mike Vinson, Herman Harris, Coybern Jones, Tommy Riddick. THIRD ROW (L-R): Gordon Myrick, Phil Phillips, Randolph Hoskie, Ed Rainey, Billy Hawkins, Howard Hawkins, Jack Stutts. Co-Captains Michael Vincent and Billy Hawkins SCOREBOX Franklin 0 Suffolk 22 Franklin 26 Windsor 6 Franklin 6 Central 8 Franklin 0 Forest Glen 18 Franklin 26 Gloucester 0 Franklin 16 John F. Kennedy 7 Franklin 0 John Yeates 7 Franklin 14 Northampton 12 Franklin 0 Smithfield 17 Franklin 3 Southampton 25 Franklin won PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Paul Hinson makes a clean Break. 49 PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Coybern Jones receives vital instructions from Coach Parker. Victor Pope cages in a John Yeates Charger. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Franklin Broncos strategists set up their play. Donald Holland of Forest Glen receives a beating from Franklin players. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Southampton Football players try to learn how to play an honest game. 51 Football Team’s Number 1 Fans Showing school spirit is Julie Best. Sharon Lawrence PENNY PICTOtlAl Photo Rita Scott High kicker, Mary Anna Phillips KNEELING (L to R): Lucy Minetree, Julie Best. SECOND ROW (L. to R.): Rita Scott, Mary Anna Phillips, Sharon Lawrence. THIRD ROW (L. to R.): Debbie Joyner, Lorraine Best, Kim Tayloe. 52 Kim Tayloe Diaphine Pope Varsity Cheerleaders Debbie Joyner Sandra Peele W Sharon Johnson Co-Captain Lorraine Best Sharoir Lawrence 53 Lucy Minetree Co-Captain 54 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERING SQUAD 1974-1975 The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders lead cheers at Junior Varsi- ty Football Games, Girls’ Basketball games, and Junior Varsity Basketball Games. The girls also participated in the annual Christmas parade. The girls were also members of the Pep Club. 1974-1975 Junior Varsity Cheering Squad. Cindy Moore leads the school in cheers. The cheerleaders give support from the sidelines. Happenings PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Marilyn Britt prepares to shoot. In Girls’ Basketball Coach Wilkins discusses strategy with her players. The Bronkettes prepare to start the game. Marilyn and Darlene fight for a rebound. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo A Bronkette goes up for a lay-up. 57 Broncos Go To Regionals PINNY PICTORIAL Photo KNEELING (L. to R.): H. Riddick, R. Stephens, R. Hoskie, R. Jenkins, P. Hinson, A. Bryant, R. Ricks. SECOND ROW (L. to R.): C. Sharpe, C. Purrington, D. Harris, K. Britt, A. Wiggins, R. Adams, R. Ruffin, J. Jervey. PIMNY PICTORIAL Photo Charles Pearce Head Coach Randolph Hoskie Most Valuable Player of Invitational Co-Captain Andy Bryant Co-Captain SCOREBOX Smithfield 77-66 Northampton 86-55 J.F.K. 76-59 Gloucester 69-26 Forest Glen 80-73 Greenville County 78-42 + Smithfield 5749+ Central 68-57 John Yeates 76-73 Windsor 68-43 Suffolk 83-68 Southampton 53-51 Northampton 57-42 J.F.K. 77-65 Gloucester 70-40 Suffolk 80-66 Smithfield 66-64 Forest Glen 57-56 Central 74-63 John Yeates 66-65 Smithfield 68-65 District Tournament Southampton 64-57 Regional Tournament Brunswick 81-57 Smithfield 60-61 Franklin won +Non-Conference PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Andy Bryant goes for a lay-up. Bronco Cagers Cop District Title Though considered out of the running by many, the 1974-75 Bronco Basketball team went all out and after many hard hours of practice, the Broncos forced a seasonal tie for first place with Smithfield. Staging a miraculous comeback during the title game, the Broncos won the District. In addition to the District title, they placed second in the Franklin Invitational Tournament during the Christmas break. Due to a miss-call by the referee, Franklin lost in the last seconds her bid for the regional title. This year’s team had only three seniors, two of whom were starters, Randolph Hoskie and Ronald Jen- kins. Both were named to the all District team, and Ronald Jenkins received the most valuable player award. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Hinson practices his defense against Southampton. 59 PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Bronco’s Randolph Hoskie tries out his hook shot against Smithfield. PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Paul Hinson and Ronald Jenkins struggle for a rebound. PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Jenkins goes for the jump. Andy Bryant goes in for a lay-up in spite of Iris opponents. PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Jim Jervey carries the ball down court. PENNY PICTORIAL Ptloto Ronell Stephens stops to shoot. PENNY PICTORIAL Pluto Michael Nichols dribbles easily past his opponent. PENNY PICTORIAL Plioto Randolph Hoskie moves in for a play. 62 Varsity Cheerleaders - Basketball Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders KNEELING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Regina Haley, Diaphine Pope. TOP (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mary Anna Phillips, Julie Best, Sharon Johnson. The team is cheered to victory by the fans and cheerleaders. Cheerleaders show school spirit at FHS during Pep Rally. 63 Andy goes up for a shot. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo PINNY PICTORIAL Photo Joseph practices offensive maneuvers. Scoreboard shows a Bronco victory over Smithfield for District Title. 64 KNEELING (LEFT TO RIGHT): B. Beale, C. Brotzman, G. Kawana, L. Council], D. Lupton, E. Gunn, B. Pearce, A. Bryant, Coach Fred Felts. 2ND ROW (L to R): J. Stutts, B. Edwards, M. Peele, W.Cobb, B. Gayle, S. Grettum, L. Parker, P. Hinson, B. Hedgepeth, Coach Gary Rinehart. Coach Fred Felts 65 Jack Stutts runs in home at the advice of Coach Felts. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Paul Hinson throws the ball across homeplate. Ben Gayle prepares to hit. PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Norcom’s shortstop, D. McCullan, attempts to slide back into third base, but is forced out by Paul Hinson. 67 PENNY PICTORIAL Ptioto Winning pitcher, Bill Beale, looks for the signal from his catcher. Gary Kawana swings for a hit. Don Lupton slides for third base against Southampton. 68 Franklin Regional Track Stars. Five Trackmen Go To State Franklin Falls behind in-440. Chip places first in mile relay. Chip concentrates on mile relay. 69 ¥ Frances Abbitt Sandra Peele Theresa Godbold Tennis Team Creates More Interest The Boys’ Tennis Team had a very successful season. They won seven matches and lost only four. The teams they beat were Manor, Northampton, Gloucester, Forest Glen (twice), and I.C. Norcom (twice). They lost to Suffolk and to Western Branch both times they played them. Mr. Harvey, sponsor was gratified that so many freshmen went out and really did some outstanding playing. Bill Coker knows the value of concentration. David Burgess Bill Peak Number 1 Seed Greg Belcher Number 3 Seed Larry Mason Number 5 Seed Pat Mason Kobert Sasser Number 2 Seed Bobby Lamoert Number 4 Seed Brown Moore Number 6 Seed Donnie Pope Bobby Keane 71 People Involved . . . Coaches Players PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Officials 72 Behind The Scenes Cheerleaders Managers Opponents Defeat, PENNY PICTORIAL Photo PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Decisions, Moments Of... 74 Spirit, PENNY PICTORIAL Photo Disappointment, Success, 75 Determination, Hope, Achievement, And . . . PINNY PICTORIAL Photo - 77 Moment Of Victory Both faculty and class work to instill and inspire loyalty to the school. One method is through participation in a Faculty -Student Basketball Game. In the process, everyone has a lot of fun. Mr. Pearce and Mr. Ritter work the ball back. The Junior girls’ team poses for their group picture. 78 Juniors Challenge Faculty AGE vs. BEAUTY But the ladies weren’t the only ones who got beat that night Regina and Jessica jump high for the tap-off. The outcome of this game is obvious. The Juniors smeared the teachers. It was one jump ball after another. 79 Some just stand around while others do all the work. Mr. Bogenschneider waves to his fans in the stands. Everything is a Jump Ball. And the Juniors get the rebounds. 80 It is called a hook shot by Ricky Jones. The Stairway to Heaven Kim, Wanda, Diane, and Cindy work with precision so the Seniors will be happy. “Up, Up, Up!” That’s the strategy Lorraine, Nancy, and Jess use. “This punch is a little strong. I think I’ve had enough.” Lawrence and Ann decide that one glass between them is plenty. “If you could just speak up a little louder. I must be deaf in one ear ... or is it the band?” Arbana and her date prepare for picture- taking. Dancing Was Among the Night’s Events “Those were the days my friend.” Mr. Robins thinks back on his high school proms. The lovey-dovey, the giggly, the sleepy, and the sweetie. Sandra, Phil, Wanda, Barry, and Mike rep- resent a variety of personalities. “And what’s on your mind Mr. Blaine?” Mr. Blaine and Mrs. Evans greet students at the door. “How did I ever get this spot on my dress?” 83 Where would a dance be without parents and friends? Robbin Sandidge Kathryn Watson Keith Rose S+ccf s Bobby Edwards lim Jervey Lorraine Best 84 Powder Puff Football The Seniors won the game. The Juniors won the beauty contest. But it was a fight to the finish. Pep Rallies “Exciting, huh Michael?” The Pep Band builds the enthusiasm of the students. The guests of honor, the football team, watch the activities. 85 Homecoming L. to R.: Myra Epps, Freshman; Glenda Gay, Sophomore; Pam Pope, Junior; Glenda Nichols, Senior; Mr. Stanley Johnson; Sharon Johnson, Maid of Honor; Mr. Donovan Guyer; Nancy Guyer, Queen; Mr. Howard Hurt; Randy Peele; Mr. Herman Charity; Naomi Beasley, Maid of Honor; Sandra Peele, Senior; Melanie Cooley, Junior; Daphine Pope, Sophomore; Melinda Gayle, Freshman. Maid of Honor Sharon Johnson is escorted by her father. Nancy Guyer is crowned Homecoming Queen of 1974. Maid of Honor Naomi Beasley is escorted by Mr. Charity. Pine Bowl Charlene Pope represented Franklin as an attendant to the Queen. The Queen is crowned. Photos courtesy of Penny Pictorial From the Navy Band It was a singing Navy Band. ... To Shakespeare L. to R. : Mr. Hurt; Mr. Michael Noble; Mr. Milton Dickson; Mr. Raybuck. Milton Dickson does a scene from MACBETH. It was educational for students as well as teachers. But also, it was a musical Navy Band. It was a funny Navy Band. Rising Senior Betty Murray leads the class of ‘76 in for their first homage as the Senior Class. Doing a last-minute comb-out for the classroom skit are Theresa Parker and Anthony Sanford. Elsie Olds gave an absurd parody of Miss Even the last minute rush into the parking lot was portrayed. Eubank. Bobby Lambert and Billy Hawkins were two of the buxom beauties in one skit. To prove that it was all in fun, the Senior Class presented Miss Eubank (the real one) a nice gift and an opportunity to get in her licks. Class Night ’75 was a chancey proposition. It appeared at one point that, like the Senior Trip, it would not develop. But it did, and became a really bang-up presentation. One of the shorter class nights of recent years, it was presented in a snappy manner, with numerous one-minute commercials, especially adapted from TV for their hu- mor. A revamping of the usual format deleted the lengthy “Class Gifts” section. The “Last Will and Testament” was broken into several segments, thus negating any chance there might have been of audience boredom. Although limited in rehearsal time, the final product. May 30th, provided verve, humor and down-right enjoy- ment. Frances Abbitt and Kathleen Swenson laughed their way through a duet. Most of the gang got in on the final dance number to music from the ’70’s. Bobby Lambert and Debbie Battle show the audience their version of a ’50’s Be-Bop. Brian Joyner manned the curtain. Even after the finale, Kim Tayloe and Mike Bradshaw had to compare notes on how good it was. CLASS NIGHT 75 89 Mike Bradshaw reiterates the twelve years of change for his class. Arbana Blow calls for more moral responsibility. Bill Peak expands and explains the feelings behind the Theresa Parker’s smile brightens class motto. up the night. Nancy Correll, salutatorian, illuminates some warning Lucy Minetree and Berry signs for the future. Brooke express their co-mingled joy and dismay through tears. June 9, 1975 Graduation, a joyous yet sad event! Joyous in that the first hurdles of adulthood have been past. Sad because the friends of childhood are going their own ways. It was not an unpleasant night. The bugs weren’t bad. No one was long-winded. Mr. Sandidge presented scholarships to some very surprised recipients. (Did you see Frank Cabell’s face?) And NO ONE was surprised as Mr. Hurt handed out the diplomas. Applause. Yells of encouragement. (Come on, Kung Fu!) Tears. Photo- flashes. A very satisfying night. Kathy Beale, valedictorian, expresses the need for more faith as our forefathers had. 90 Photos of individual speakers courtesy of Penny Pictorial. The Girls — Class of 1975 The Band, the Podium Guests, and the Student Speakers. The Boys — Class of 1975. t Photos - Courtesy of the Penny Pictorial. 91 “This is supposed to be serious, Tyrone. Now start over.” 92 Doris Acord Carry Artis James Artis Albert Atkins Jeanette Austin Thomas Bailey Frank Baines Patricia Baker Marvin Baker Joanne Barham Bob Beale Patricia Beale Sarah Beale Ned Bess Jerry Blow Rachel Blow Betty Blunt Kenny Blythe Neda Blythe Ray Blythe Elnora Boone Deborah Boone Ralph Boone Roger Boone Gonetta Bowers Maythenia Bowers Johnny Bradshaw James Branch Tileatha Branch Betty Britt Julie Britt Michael Britt June Brown Charlene Bryant Timmy Burgess Edith Camp Theresa Carroll Denise Carter Raymond Cary Bobby Cohoon Bill Coker 93 Sarah Cooper Laurine Cotton Bobby Dampier Cathy Daughtrey Deborah DeLoatch Barbara Denson Patsy Denson Victoria Dickens Reginald Dishman Ricky Drake Johnny Drewry Patricia Duck Valerie Duck Peter Duffy Tim Eaholtz Tim Eaton Aundria Edwards Barbara Edwards Danny Edwards Donna Edwards Doug Edwards Kandee Eitel William Elder Myra Epps Carnell Evans Donnell Evans Purcell Evans Carolyn Everett Portia Everett Jeff Faison Earlie Flythe Hurlie Flythe Jennifer Eraik Charles Freeman Sharon Galtress Yvette Gatling Melinda Gayle Julius Goodman Doug Gray Jeff Guyer Diane Hall FRESHMEN SCA REPRESENTATIVES, L. to R. Diane Hall, Edith Camp, Renee Reese, Mable Picot, Tamara Martin, Roberta Lawrence and Donna Vaughan. 94 Donald Harris Jeff Harris Wayne Hart Jerome Hatch Linda Hatch Keith Helms Elizabeth Hodges Teresa Holden Diane Ingram Ernest Jewette Elizabeth Johnson Mike Johnson Raystine Johnston Ronnie Johnson Angelo Jones Evangeline Jones Doreen Jones Patrice Jones Perry Jones Robert Jones Robin Jones Steve Jones Diane Jones Debbie Joyner Margaret Joyner Gerri Kauss Bobby Keane Cary Kirkland Danny Kissinger Jerry Lamberson Miranda Lankford Eddie Lawrence Gaye Lawrence Paulette Lawrence Roberta Lawrence Ruby Lee Freda Leonard Rusty Lloyd Noel Luna Lori Lupton Dal Lyon 95 Jeanette Manley Theresa Marks Tamara Martin Jimmy Mason Pat Mason Lois Mitchell Cindy Moore Bridget Montague Lillie Murphy Gwen Murphy Barbara Murphy Dawn Myers Jeannie Nevruz Lenora Newsome Linda Newsome Lavonne Outlaw Bobby Parker Nancy Phillips Christopher Picot Jackie Picot James Picot Mable Picot Keith Pierce Debbie Pitts Ricky Poole Cordelia Pope Tyrone Pope Lawrence Porter Tammy Pulley Rita Pugh Clifton Purrington Lloyd Raiford Debra Rainey Fred Rawlings Gloria Reese Renee Reese Barbette Reid Coral Reid Jocelyn Reid James Richardson Judith Richey 96 Renita Ricks Denis Ricks Almeda Riddick Jenean Riddick Robbie Roberts Ethel Robertson Gerry Robertson Carlton Ruffin Leon Scott Patricia Scott Deborah Smith Bill Smith Glenda Smith Therome Spivey Yvonne Stevenson Denis Sunrblin Betty Sykes Stanley Sykes Horace Taylor Vernice Thomas Wayne Thomas David Turner Jeff Turner Susan Turner Jeff Unser Mary Unser Lonnie Urquhart Larry Vann Patricia Vargo Donna Vaughan Robin Vick Jerry Vinson Lynn Wade Kim Walker Thomasine Walton Curtis Walton Gerald Warren Butch White Denise Whitehead Melinda Whitehead Ronnie Whitehead Priscilla Wiggins Jxizie Williams Cynthia Williams Lynette Williams Angela Willis Stephen Wright 97 Jeff Faison and Dora Shipp share a few funny moments between classes. Walter Anderson Gwen Artis Jesse Austin James Baker Chester Banks Cynthia Banks Sharon Banks Keith Barnes Pat Beale Barbara Beauvais Clyde Blowe Jerry Blowe Annette Blunt Andy Blythe Steve Boothe Ralph Bowers Phil Bowman Linwood Branch Nancy Briggs Keith Britt Robert Britt Sophomores Craig Brotzman David Brown 98 Ronnie Burgess Sharon Burgess Glenn Byrd Tammy Byrd Betsy Cabell Tony Campbell Ramon Cannady Joyce Carr Tommy Carr Denise Carter Walter Cobb Pam Connor Alonzo Cook Becca Correll Mark Council Willis Council Larry Council Tommy Councill Floyd Cross Frederick Cross Linda Cross Wesley Crum Kim Cutchins 99 Gass Representatives: Tammy Byrd, Thea Blunt, Tina Wade, Carol Lawrence. Gass Officers: Chip Earley, Treasurer; Bill Jervey, Vice-Pres.; Carol Lawrence, Sec.; Alvin Lee. President. Veretta Deloatch Grades Duck Prentis Duck Lynn Duke Cindy Dundlow Elizabeth Eaholtz Chip Earley Gale Edwards Chip Eitel Joseph Everett Francis Ferki David Fields Bob Fraik Paul Freeman Kevin Gagner Freida Galloway Craig Gavin Glenda Gay Joel Gilbreath Felicia Giles Jacqueline Grant Timmie Green Steve Grettum Denny Harvey Bruce Hawkins 100 Pat Hawks Brian Hedgepeth Viekey Hendricks Bill Holland Wheeler Holley Curtis Hopkins Marianne Hulit Steve Ivey George Jefferson Doris Jenkins Bill Jervey Jim Jones David Joyner Keith Keeter Pam Kirkland Chuck Kitchen Carol Lawrence Alvin Lee Billy Lee Tony Leigh Marsha Logan Jan Mabe Mike Magee Paula Majette Leon Manley Gregory McLemore Neil McNeely Brown Moore Darlene Nichols Mike Nichols Allen Overton Bryan Pearce Cora Peebles Jacqueline Perry 101 Cindy Phillips Mary Anna Phillips Bobby Pitts Debra Pope Diaphine Pope Clay Porter Loretta Porter Ray Porter Russ Powell Thomas Rainey Wanda Rainey Ann Rawlings Audrey Rawlings Cynthia Rawlings Bob Rawls Sheryl Rawls Robin Ricks Rosa Riddick Dale Robertson Karen Ros Daphne Ruffin Ray Ruffin Blane Sawyer Rita Scott Salone Seaborne You can do it. Prentis! One more time and that’ll make three! Relax, Rosa. Almeda’s just kidding. Mr. Hurt doesn’t really want you in the office. 102 Larry Shaffer Annie Shearin Terry Slaton Mike Smith Ronell Stephens Janis Stewart Gregory Turner Junior Turner Glenda White Sandra Whitehead Dora Shipp Susan Shroyer Marilyn Skeeter Valerie Smith Beverly Spain Linda Steinbach Pamela Stokes Allan Tayloe Bruce Turner Shirley Urquart Tina Wade Woody Wellons Wayne Whitehead Barbara Wilkerson Deborah Willis Rudolph Hilliard sits and thinks. Some- times he just sits. Russ and Alvin work on indi- vidual assignments in Chemistry. Karen Ros and Valerie Smith put in long hours of practice with the saxophone. 103 Spirit of " 76 Revived by Juniors SCA Representatives. Left to right: Robbin Sandidge, Cindee Bryant, Joe Ferki, Robert Sasser, Jim Jervey and Lorraine Best. Karen Acord Ronnie Adams Phyllis Artis Marcy Askew Terry Bailey Wayne Baines Catherine Baker Phillip Baker Shelia Baker Dennis Beale Deborah Beamon Lorraine Best Ernestine Boone Kenneth Bowles Steve Bowman 104 Class Officers. Left to right: Jim Jervey, president; Wanda Griffith, trea- surer; Regina Haley, vice-president; Ellen Land, secretary; Ben Gayle, sergeant-at-arms. Ray Woods tries to decide which books to take home. Diana Bradshaw Kenny Bradshaw Lavern Britt John Britt Lynn Brown Robbie Brown Andy Bryant Bobby Bryant Cindee Bryant Ken Bulls Dianne Bynum Arlene Candie Denise Cayo Rhonda Chambliss Vernon Clark Melanie Cooley Kathy Cook Tina Cornwell Carl Councill Rob Councill Carter Crawford Joanne Darden Ricky Darden William Denson Mike Dentler Mike East Ann Edwards Bobby Edwards Craig Elam Miriam Everett Joe Ferki Bruce Fields Susan Firth Cheryl Fowler Dickie Fowler Robin Fraik Beth Gagner Jess Gardner 106 Ben Gayle Theresa Godbold Carol Gormley Jimmy Gray Wanda Griffith Earl Gunn Clyde Haley Regina Haley Nancy Harrell Kathy Harris Clementine Hart Kim Hassett Carson Hill Paul Hinson Richard Hulit Jim Jervey Alvin Jones Floyd Jones John Jones 107 Ricky Jones Shelia Jones Lynn Joyner Colleen Keller Judy King Tim Kissinger Claudia Kitchen Ellen Land Cindy Lankford Jeron Lawrence Juniors A year of plans and participation. We won the award for best hall decoration prior to the Southampton game. Our boys became “women” cheerleaders during the powderpuff game. And our girls learned how to lose in a “manly” way. The sports program gained through our active support. We worried about the escalating price of gold, and how it would affect our ability to buy a class ring. But most of us found the money so mehow. The usual plans for the Junior-Senior Prom were made, revised, cancelled, and finally executed. Yvette Leonard Jerry Lewis Mike East refers to his textbook before putting his physics problem on the board. Roy Lupton Tyrone Manley Larry Mason Betty Murray Sharon Myers 108 Larry Parker Ricky Peebles Mike Peele Lennece Philips Victor Picot Donnie Pope Ann Edwards knows that a good cook cleans as she works. Pamela Pope Tony Pulley Richard Ricks Denise Riddick Joyce Roberts Keith Rose Robbin Sandidge Robert Sasser David Smith Richard Smith Teresia Smith Leah Strickland Lawerence Stutts Philip Surace Carole Sykes 109 Keith Rose and Dee Wilson share a sweet moment. Mike Tawney Jimmy Taylor Joan Thomas Bobby Thomason Mark Turner Dianne Vick Ralph Vincent Kathryn Watson Gracie Weathers Joan White 110 19 SENIORS 75 FLOWER: “The white rose” COLORS: “White and Gold” SCA MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Lambert, David Burgess, Gwen Vaughn, Arbana Blow, David Slaton. Not pictured, Theandres Ruffin. We, the Senior Class of 1975, have tried very hard to reinstate Senior traditions. The spirit of unity was once again seen. We had class meetings. Class spirit was there. It was everywhere especially in sports events. The football team commenced the spirit. We almost won the Regional basketball title by the score, but within our hearts we did win. We were District basketball and baseball champions. Our track team had members that qualified for the State Meet. We may not have made it to the tip-top, but we tried in unity. The student body stood up for us as we marched into assemblies, we were awarded the spirit stick for our fourth consecutive year, we had a class night, and we even had graduation on the field. Traditions reinstated. After twelve years of being together, the moment each one of us received our diplomas we became individuals, each going our own way. We did not realize it that moment, but as we left the recessional line and ran to throw our caps up and hug old friends, our caps came down in a new place. For some the new place will be college, for others it will be work, and for still others it will be the military. As each one of us departs and goes our own separate way, we will always carry with us our traditional memories of FHS. MOTTO: We have reached the shore but the sea is still ahead. CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Phillips, Sergeant-at-Arms; Anita Scott, Treasurer; Gwen Vaughn, Secretary; Bobby Lambert, President. Not pictured, Marilyn Britt, Vice President. Seniors Hope For The Best Frances Townes Abbitt Vernestine Artis Ralph Bernard Ashburn Dianne Cabor Barnes Gerald Michael Barnes Deborah Kay Battle Bruce Angelo Baxter Brenda Beale Katherine Rebecca Beale William Keaton Beale Naomi Beasley Emma Jane Beauvais Gregory Paul Belcher Julie Anne Best Arbana Blow Jannette Blow 112 Seniors Demonstrate Class Participation Nancy’s art project requires Sandra’s human hair. Commentator Peak, Santa Burgess, and Cameraman Bradshaw contribute to Christmas spirit. A typical day in Math Analysis shows Phil and Bobby hard at work. Cherie Lavon Bly Wanda Lou Blythe Wilson Clinton Blythe Deborah Boone Wanda Elise Boone Anthony Eldred Bowers Sharon Anita Bowers Herbert Lee Bowles Susan Walker Bowman Michael Keith Bradshaw 113 GOOD Julian Wayne Briley Carl Windell Britt Marilyn Regina Britt Berry Lynn Brooke John Edward Bryant 111 Jean Patricia Buck David Daniel Bunch David William Burgess Rudy Britt Burgess Frank Holloway Cabell Ava Denise Carter Caren Bonnie Clark Catherine Anne Cobb Lisa Jo Comet Elsie Ruth Cooper Nancy Elizabeth Correll Jennifer Hill Cotton Theodore Leonard Cross 114 TIMES Deborah Elaine Cutchins Dennis Edwin Cutchins Robert Lee Cutchins 11 Billie Carol Dumpier Phillis Marie Darden Helen Lenora Deloatch Irma Louise Denson Anita Gwen Dilday Sharon Suzette Drake Benjamin Morrison Duffey Michael Ellsworth Duffy Galen Eaholtz Carla Edwina Eaton Tony Randolph Edwards 115 Seniors Are All Smiles Vicky Fox Edwards Mary Virginia Eley Rosa Lee Eley Thelma Patricia Epps Randy Bernard Everette Jacquelyn Alice Fields Vivian Elizabeth Freeman Richard Joseph Gagner Debra Ann Gayle Judy Ann Griffin Patricia Ann Griffin Nancy Lou Guyer 116 Both Sharons laugh while Gwen and Ronnie demonstrate the new English. Wayne Alexander Haley David Edward Hargrave 11 Mary Juanita Harrell Herman Harris Nancy Ellen Hart ViAnn Hart Billy Don Hawkins Howard Garland Hawkins II Patricia Bess Hawkins Maurice Elton Hopkins Randolph Hoskie Carolyn Hudson Senior . . . Senior . . . Senior. . .JUNIOR??? Wanda, Wayne, and Gail are proud to be seniors. Phillip only wishes he were too. Michael, is that a new button on your pocket? 117 Different Strokes Lillie Mae Hudson Michael Paul Jackson Doris Jenkins Sharon Kay Johnson Coybern Jones David Arthur Jones Brian Lee Joyner Deborah Lynn Joyner David Allen Keller Robert Leland Lambert II Louise Majorie Lankford James Louis Lawrence 11 Sharon Denise Lawrence Johnny Lassiter Lewis II Don Barry Lupton Gregory Keith Majette Duffy prepares for the football game with his pink ballet slippers. 118 For Different Folks The role of a women’s libber played well. John David McNamara Gloria Elaine Milteer Lucy Courtney Minetree Virginia Gail Moody Vivian Sarah Murphy Gordon Myrick Glenda Rae Nichols Elsie Mae Olds Theresa Varian Parker Brenda June Payton William Addison Peak Sandra Louise Peele 119 Seniors Phyllis, relax! We’re only taking your picture. Our own Burt Reynolds at F.H.S. Kathy assures Sharon and Arbana that the Beta Club is a breeze. Jacquetine Vanita Perry Phillip Andrew Phillips Carol Lin Pope Charlene Denise Pope Phyllis Jane Pope Ronnie Leon Pope Victor Pope Henry Alves Porter Wanda Carol Powell Debra Lee Price Thomas Lee Pugh Terry Lou Pulley idward Franklin Rainey 11 Linda Dianna Richardson Debra Ann Ricks Michael Obediah Ricks 120 At Ease Tommie Davis Riddick Bruce Rudolph Rose 11 Connie Frances Rose Clarence Felton Ruffin Theandres Tabitha Ruffin Anthony Londell Sandforc Anita Cecelia Scott Brenda Denise Scott Joyce Ann Scott David Dwight Slaton Sharon Lee Smith Dennis Wayne Sparks 121 A Year Of Catherine Frances Spivey Vickie Lynn Spivey John Burnett Stutts Kathleen Swensen Kimberly O’Rette Tayloe Brenda Dianne Taylor David Christopher Turner Michael Parker Turner Abraham Urquhart Robert Louis Vann II Charles Evan Vaughan wendolyn Lavern Vaughan Cynthia Denise Wade David Riddick Warren 122 BRAIN is finally using his BRIAN. Better yet, BRIAN is finally using his BRAIN! Hard Study Psychology class is always more interesting before the teacher arrives. (No offense, Mr. Hurt.) Linda Beatrice Willis Theresa Jeanetta Willis Mary Kathryn Worrell Michael De-Wayne Vinson Cynthia Ann Wellons Elaine White Marsha Lavern White Charles Donald WTiitley Crystal Wiggins Michael Raye Wilkerson Carol Lynette Williams Perlie Lee Edwards Young 123 SPIRIT 124 •■ ' “ " " ’I OF 125 Outstanding Seniors for 1975 No matter if FRANCES TOWNES ABB1TT is playing Varsity tennis or YMCA basketball, she seems to always be winning a trophy. Fran- ces has been an active member of the Tri-Hi- Y, Beta, Pep, and Varsity Clubs. She was editor of the Annual Staff for two years and held the office of Treasurer in the SCA. She also partici- pated in Virginia Girl’s State. Good luck to Frances next year at Salem College. DIANNE CABOR BARNES plans to attend Virginia Union and hopes someday to become a lawyer. Dianne has been a member of the Beta Club and the Library Club. Perhaps she is best noted for her participation in Chorus. Dianne is a member of the First Baptist Church. The following students have been selected by the faculty and senior class as portraying characteristics which allow them to be consid- ered as representative outstanding seniors. These characteristics include satisfactory schol- arship, strength of character, integrity, out- standing contributions in club work, sports, ex- tracurricular activities, or service to school and community. KATHERINE REBECCA BEALE, the vale- dictorian of our class, plans to major in business administration at Meredith College. Kathy was Secretary-Treasurer of the Beta Club and Secre- tary of the Tri-Hi- Y. She has been a member of the Pep Club for four years. ARBANA BLOW has decided to join the Marine Corps for two years and then hopes to attend Virginia Union. She was a member of the Beta, FBLA, and Library Clubs. She was an SCA homeroom representative her Senior year. Arbana was also a finalist in the National Negro Scholarship Contest. Next year, William and Mary College will gain a versatile student, MICHAEL KEITH BRADSHAW. Mike was a Boy’s State alternate. He lettered in track, thus making him a member of the Varsity Club. By exceeding scholastical- ly, he was a member of the Beta Club. He also participated actively in the Hi-Y. 126 MARILYN REGINA BRITT was Vice Presi- dent of the Senior class and served as secretary of the S.C.A. for two years. She played girl ' s basketball and was captain of the team. Marilyn was named Who ' s Who Among American High School students in 1974. She will attend Hamp- ton Institute and plans to be a Math major. CARLA EDWINA EATON was a member of the FHS Chorus, the FTA, and the Drama Club. She served as reporter of the FBLA, Youth Club, and the SCA for two years. Carla was also on the Newspaper Staff and the Annual Staff. Having had experience in reporting, she hopes to major in journalism at Virginia Union. SHARON KAY JOHNSON will be attending Longwood College next fall. Sharon has been a Varsity cheerleader thus making her a member of the Varsity and Pep Clubs. She was also a member of the Tri-Hi- Y. In her Junior year she was an SCA representative. She showed much spirit and enthusiasm at FHS. ROBERT LELAND LAMBERT, JR., better known as Bobby, held the important position of President of the Senior class. He was also President of the Hi-Y and participated in MGA as a Delegate. He played on the tennis team and served as photographer of the Annual Staff. Bobby plans to major in Electrical Engineering at VPI. SHARON DENISE LAWRENCE is well known around FHS for her participation in many activities. She was Vice President of the SCA her Junior year. Sharon was a member of the Beta, FBLA, Pep, and Varsity Clubs. She was a Varsity cheerleader and was co-captain of her basketball cheering squad. Next year she plans to attend Virginia Union. 127 VIRGINIA GAIL MOODY was a Varsity cheer- leader for football and basketball at FHS. She plans to renew those days at Meredith College, the school she will attend next fall. Gail served as Vice President of the Tri-Hi-Y and was an MGA Delegate for two years. She was an active member of the Varsity and Pep Clubs. She also served as Senior class editor of the Annual Staff. WILLIAM ADDISON PEAK got a chance to show his leadership ability throughout his years at FHS. He served as President of his Freshman and Sophomore classes as well as President of the SCA. Bill participated actively in the Beta Club as President, the Hi-Y as Vice President, and the Debate Club as President. He also played Varsity football and tennis. He plans to attend UVA and wants to major in medicine. SANDRA LOUISE PEELE plans to go to VP1 and major in Physical Education or Recrea- tion. She has had a good background at EHS as a Varsity cheerleader and a tennis player. She also played basketball and participated in gymnastics at the YMCA. She was a member of the Pep Club, Varsity Club, and Tri-Hi-Y. PHILIP ANDREW PHILLIPS contributed his abilities to the athletic department at FHS. He played football for three years and partici- pated in track activities for three years. He was Sergeant-at-Arms his Senior year and was a member of the Varsity and Hi-Y Clubs. Phil will attend Madison College and plans to major in Business Administration. 128 RONNIE LEON POPE spent his days at FHS singing in the halls as he was an active partici- pant in the Chorus and won the place of second tenor in the regionals of 1974. He was also a member of DECA. Ronnie put his acting ability to use by working in the Drama Club. He plans to seek a future with the Marine Corps. LINDA DIANNE RICHARDSON was on the Annual editorial and business staffs for two years. She was also a member of the FTA for two years. She is a member of the New Hope Baptist Church and has been actively involved in its affairs. DAVID RIDDICK WARREN was Vice Presi- dent of his Freshman class. He was also Trea- surer of the SCA. He participated in the Math and Science Club and played chess in the FHS Chess Club as well as in the Franklin-Southamp- ton County Chess Club. David wants to attend Ohio Institute of Technology where he hopes to become an Electronical Technician. THEANDRES TABITHA RUFFIN, a Girl’s State Representative, plans to major in Biology at VCU. She served as co-editor of th e Annual Staff for two years. Theandres was Vice Presi- dent of her Junior class and was a Senior class homeroom representative. She was also a mem- ber of the Math and Science Club and the FTA. KATHLEEN SWENSEN plans to venture further than most FHS seniors by attending Brigham Young University in Utah next fall. For the last two years, she has been on the Annual Staff, Senior class editor this year. She served as President of the Tri-Hi- Y and partici- pated in MGA as a Senator. Kathleen was also an active member of the Pep Club and served as Chaplain of the Beta Club. Also attending Virginia Union next year will be DEBORAH DENISE WATSON. Dee hopes to major in Special Education. She was Presi- dent of the DECA Club and Treasurer of the SCA. She is also a member of the Rlroer Club and the Oak Street Youth Club. 129 Proceed With Caution “I need help!” 130 “If you didn’t cry, whine, or pout this year, you have nothing to worry about.” Bon Voyage to the Class of ' 75 from Union Camp Id CORPORATION 131 Ruby Crystal Colonial WEDDING BOWL Our engagement gift fg you this lovely ruby and crystal weddmg bowl 1 Legend has it that the original wedding bowl was placed before the bride and groom and the wedding guests filed past filling it with money We have lost track of this custom, but the weddmg bowl has remained as a beautiful centerpiece and a treasured memento So come in and get yours it ' s gift wrapped and waiting for you 1 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY 1 ALSO ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL Credit Plan for Engaged or Married Couples under " 21 NO CO-SIGNERS NEEDED! BLYTHE DODGE, INC. kh Dodge Dodge Trucks 408 N. 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Franklin, Virginia LO-2-3115 STORY S SHELL SERVICE Jack T. Story Sons 24-Hour Wrecker Service Franklin, Va. Day phone 562-4367 Night phone 562-4940 The Yearbook Staff would like to offer their sincere gratitude to all those friends, parents and others who helped us this year. Included among these are Robbie Brown, Jack Stutts, The Tidewater News, Don Bridgers, The Penny Pictorial, Norman Cayne, our advertisers, Jimmy Surace, Carter Crawford, Emma Beauvais, Kitty Earley, Larry Webster. We assure you that without their help our job would have been immensely more difficulty. Thank you. 140 Frances Abbitt, 15,19,20,30,36,42, Doris Acord, 72,93 Karen Acord, 34,104 Ronnie Adams, 19,48,58,104 Walter Anderson, 25,98 Cary Artis, 25,93 Gwen, Artis, 98 James Artis, 93 Phyllis Artis, 104 Vernestine Artis, 7,39,1 12 Ralph Ashbum, 1 1 2 Marcy Askew, 104 Albert Atkins, 93 Jesse Austin, 98 Jeanette Austin, 93 Terry Bailey, 47,104 Thomas Bailey, 93 Frank Baines, 93 Wayne Baines, 19,48,51,85,104 James Baker, 98 Marvin Baker, 93 Patricia Baker, 85,93 Phillip Baker, 31,36,37,104,106 Shelia Baker, 104 Chester Banks, 48,98 Cynthia Banks, 98 Sharon Banks, 26,45,98 Joann e Barham, 16,93 Gerald Barnes, 29,112 Dianne Barnes, 85,112,126 Keith Barnes, 98 Willie Barnes, 29 Debbie Batde, 7,30,89,112 Bruce Baxter, 29,48,49,51,85,112 Bob Beale, 65,93 Brenda Beale, 29,112 Dennis Beale, 104 Katherine Beale, 38,90,104,120,126 Kathy Beale, 30,112,116 Pat Beale, 98 Patricia Beale, 22,25,37,38,42,85,93 Sarah Beale, 93 William Beale, 68,74,77,112 Joseph Beaman, 64 Deborah Beamon, 29,104 Naomi Beasley, 86,112 Barbara Beauvais, 38,98 Emma Beauvais, 30,36,38,112 Gregory Belcher, 31,37,47,71,112, 115.124 Ned Bess, 93 Julie Best, 19,38,47,52,63,85,112,126 Lorraine Best, 19,20,30,32,36,38,47,52, 53,62,78,79,81,84,85,104 Arbana Blow, 32,36,39,40,82,85,90,1 1 1 , 112.120.126 Jannette Blow, 1 1 2 Jerry Blow, 29,93 Rachel Blow, 93 Clyde Blowe, 98 Jerry Blowe, 98 Annette Blunt, 32,78,79,98 Betty Hunt, 93 Thea Blunt, 100 Cherie Bly, 28,30,38,113 Andy Blythe, 98 Kenny Blythe, 93 Neda Blythe, 26,72,93 Ray Blythe, 93 Wanda Blythe, 4,30,38,83,85,1 13,1 17, 119.124 Wilson Blythe, 1 13 Deborah Boone, 93 Deborah Boone, 113 Elnora Boone, 93 Ernestine Boone, 104 Ralph Boone, 93 Roger Boone, 93 Wanda Boone, 1 1 3 Student Index Steve Boothe, 25,98 Anthony Bowers, 43,1 1 3 Gonetta Bowers, 93 Mathenia Bowers, 93 Ralph Bowers, 98 Sharon Bowers, 113 Herbert Bowles, 113 Kenneth Bowles, 104 Phil Bowman, 98 Steve Bowman, 24,45,72,104 Susan Bowman, 36,113 Diana Bradshaw, 27,38,41,105 Kenny Bradshaw, 105 Johnny Bradshaw, 93 Michael Bradshaw, 14,19,36,89,90, 113,126 James Branch, 93 Linwood Branch, 98 Tileatha Branch, 87 Nancy Briggs, 4,22,85,98 Wayne Briley, 48,49,1 14,1 1 7 Betty Britt, 93 Carl Britt, 1 14 John Britt, 105 Julie Britt, 7,93 Keith Britt, 18,58,98 Lavern Britt, 29,105 Manlyn Britt, 56,57,1 14,127 Michael Britt, 93 Robert Britt, 98 Berry Brooke, 7,30,90,1 1 2,1 24 Craig Brotzman, 65,98 David Brown, 98 June Brown, 93 Lynn Brown, 34,105 Robbie Brown, 48,72,75,105 Andy Bryant, 58,59,60,64,65,66,105 Bobby Bryant, 23,25,42,80,105 Charlene Bryant, 93 Cindee Bryant, 21,32,33,41,81,104,105 John Bryant, 23,31 ,1 14 Robert Bryant, 19,38,48,74,85 Jean Buck, 114,123 Ken Bulls, 105 David Bunch, 1 14 David Burgess, 19,31,32,71,111,1 14,124 Ronnie Burgess, 43,99 Rudy Burgess, 114 Sharon Burgess, 99 Timmy Burgess, 6,93 Ken Burns, 40 Tony Butler, 17 Diane Bynum, 43,105 Glenn Byrd, 99 Tammy Byrd, 22,32,99,100 Betsy Cabell, 20,22,40,85,99 Frank Cabell, 22,31.114 Edith Camp, 3,24,25,32,37,93,94 Tony Campbell, 99 Arlene Candie, 79,105 Ramon Cannady, 99 Joyce Carr, 99 Tommy Carr, 99 Theresa Carroll, 22, 25,37,38,85,93 Ava Carter, 1 14 Denise Carter, 93 Denise Carter, 99 Raymond Cary, 48,51 ,93 Denise Cayo, 105 Rhonda Chamblis, 85,105 Bonnie Clark, 19,30,38,1 14 Vernon Clark, 6,7,14,105 Cathy Cobb, 1 14 Walter Cobb, 48,65,99 Bobby Cohoon, 37,93 Bill Coker, 24,71,72,85,93 Lisa Comet, 7,1 14 Alonzo Cook, 99 Kathy Cook, 7,105 Melanie Cooley, 24,32,36,46,86,105 Elsie Cooper, 114 Sarah Cooper, 55,94 Pam Connor, 99 Tina Cornwell, 39,106 M. Cornwell, 48 Becca Correll, 4,20,38,72,99 Nancy Correll, 7,90,114 Jennifer Cotton, 114 Laurine Cotton, 3,41,94 Joshlin Council, 37 Mark Council, 99 Will Council, 6,72,96 Willis Council, 99 Carl Councill, 80,81,106 Larry Councill, 65,77,99 Rob Councill, 106 Tommy Councill, 23,25,38,45,85,99 Carter Crawford, 23,25,38,45,48,8 1 ,85, 106,124 Frederick Cross, 23,85,99 Floyd Cross, 99 Linda Cross, 99 Wesley Crum, 43,99 Theodore Cross, 114 Deborah Cutchins, 11,20,30,38,1 15,116 Dennis Cutchins, 115 Kim Cutchins, 99 Robert Cutchins, 1 15 Billie Dampier, 34,1 15 Bobby Dampier, 94 Joanne Darden, 106 Phillis Darden, 3,115,120 Ricky Darden, 23,36,85,106 Cathy Daughtrey, 7,94 Deborah Deloatch,94 Lenora Deloatch 85,1 15 Veretta Deloatch, 100 Barbara Denson, 94 Irma Denson, 115 Patsy Denson, 26,94 William Denson, 106 Mike Dentler, 36,106 Victoria Dickens, 94 Anita Dilday, 21,30,38,1 15,122 Reginald Dishman, 94 Ricky Drake, 5,94 Sharon Drake, 85,1 1 5 Johnny Drewry, 94 Charles Duck, 100 Patricia Duck, 3,26,38,45,94 Prentis Duck, 100,102 Valerie Duck, 94 Jamey Duffey, 7,14,1 15 Mike Duffy, 19,48,49,50,78,83,85, 115,118 Peter Duffy, 23,85,94 Lynn Duke, 100 Cindy Dundlow, 20,38,100,124 Elizabeth Eaholtz, 100 Lyn Eaholtz, 45,115 Tim Eaholtz, 3,94 Chip Earley, 33,48,69,72,100 Mike East, 6,31,106,108 Carla Eaton, 29,39,115,124,127 Tim Eaton, 29,94 Ann Edwards, 106,109 Aundria Edwards, 94 Barbara Edwards, 26,94 Bobby Edwards, 19,23,25,38,42,45,48, 65,84,85,106 Danny Edwards, 94 Donna Edwards, 94 Doug Edwards, 2,25,72,94 Gayle Edwards, 55,100 Tony Edwards, 115 Vicki Edwards, 4,30,38,1 16 Chip Eitel, 100 Kandee Eitel, 94 Craig Elam, 5,8,17,80,85,106 William Elder, 94 141 Mary Eley, 116 Rosa Eley, 116 Myra Epps, 46,86,93,94 Thelma Epps, 29,1 16 Carnell Evans, 94 Donnell Evans, 94 Purcell Evans, 94 Carolyn Everett, 94 Joseph Everett, 100 Miriam Everett, 106 Portia Everett, 94 Randy Everette, 116 Jeff Eaison, 85,94,98 Francis Ferki, 24,45,100 Joe Ferki, 31,32,104,106 Bruce Fields, 36,37,40,106 David Fields, 100 Jacquelyn Fields, 116 Susan Firth, 85,1 06 Earlie Flythe, 94 Hurlie Flythe, 94 Dickie Fowler, 106 Cheryl Fowler, 106 Bob Fraik, 100 Jennifer Fraik, 7,37,94 Robin Fraik, 25,37,38,45,70,85,106 Charles Freeman, 29,94 Paul Freeman, 100 Vivian Freeman, 116 Beth Gagner, 21,22,30,85,106 Kevin Gagner, 23,25,38,48,85,100 Joe Gagner, 1 1 6 Craig Galloway, 100 Freida Galloway, 37,100 Sharon Gal tress, 6,16,94 Jess Gardner, 5,3 1 ,72,81 ,106 Yvette Gatling, 94 Craig Gavin, 24,25,38,42,85,100 Glenda Gay, 8,28,46,78,86,100 Ben Gayle, 8,19,31,37,65,66,67 105,107 Debra Gayle, 22,30,116 Melinda Gayle, 46,55,86,94 Joel Gilbreath, 24,25,38,45,85,100 Felicia Giles, 100 Theresa Godbold, 29,32,33,70,83,107 Julius Goodman, 94 S. Goodman, 48 Carol Gormley, 7,30,107 Jacqueline Grant, 19,56,57,100 Doug Gray, 94 Jimmy Gray, 107 Timmy Green, 100 Steve Grettum, 23,25,38,65,100 Judy Griffin, 24,30,45,116 Patricia Griffin, 11, 21,38,82,1 16 Wanda Griffith, 5,8,36,41,81,105,107 Earl Gunn, 65,107 Jeff Guyer, 3,7,94 Nancy Guyer, 30,38,46,85,86,1 15, 116,119 Clyde Haley, 107 Regina Haley, 8,17,19,30,37,38,63,79, 105,107 Wayne Haley, 117,121 Diane Hall, 22,32,85,94 Eddie Hargrave, 117 Mary Harrell, 117 Nancy Harrell, 20,30,37,38,42,81,107 Donald Harris, 29,48,58,95 Herman Harris, 48,49,117,123 Jeff Harris, 71,95 Kathy Harris, 45,72,85,107 Clementine Hart, 29,43,107 Nancy Hart, 30,1 13,117 ViAnn Hart, 29,117 Wayne Hart, 95 Denny Harvey, 100 Kim Hassett, 5,21,41,81,107 Jerome Hatch, 95 Linda Hatch, 95 Billy Hawkins, 8,19,31,48,49,51,85,88, 117.120.124 Bruce Hawkins, 100 Howard Hawkins, 48.49,1 17 Patricia Hawkins, 117 Pat Hawks, 55,101 Brian Hedgepeth, 32,33,65,101 Keith Helms, 95 Vickie Hendricks, 34,101 Carson Hill, 107 Rudolph Hilliard, 103 Paul Hinson, 48,49,50,58,59,60,65, 67.107 Elizabeth Hodges, 7,22,95 Teresa Holden, 95 Bill Holland, 101 Wheeler Holley, 101 Vince Holt, 130 Curtis Hopkins, 23,42,45,85,101 Maurice Hopkins, 5,117,123 Randolph Hoslie, 19,29,48,49,58,60,61,72, 117,124, Jonathan Hudgins, 48 Carolyn Hudson, 117 Lillie Hudson, 1 18 Marianne Hulit, 101 Richard Hulit, 107 Diane Ingram, 95 Steve Ivey, 101 Michael Jackson, 118 George Jefferson, 101 Doris Jenkins, 101,118 Ronald Jenkins, 19,58,60 Bill Jervey, 100,101 Jim Jervey ,8,19,31,32,48,58,60,84, Ernest Jewette, 95 Elizabeth Johnson, 95 Mike Johnson, 93,95 Ronnie Johnson, 95 Sharon Johnson, 19,38,53,63,86,118, 124,127 Raystine Johnston 29,95 Alvin Jones, 107 Angela Jones, 95 Coybern Jones, 29,48,49,50,69,72, 76.118 David Jones, 118 Diane Jones, 95 Doreen Jones, 72,95 Evangeline Jones, 2,95 Floyd Jones, 107 Jim Jones, 23,25,38,42,85,101 John Jones, 24,25,38,69,85,107 Patrice Jones, 95 Perry Jones, 25,44,95 Ricky Jones, 23,25,38,45,48,80,85, 108.124 Robert Jones, 95 Robin Jones, 95 Sharon Jones, 72,96 Shelia Jones, 108 Steve Jones, 6,95 Brian Joyner, 19,31,48,49,85,89, 118,122 David Joyner, 101 Debbie Joyner, 3,20,22,30,38,52,53, 95.118 Lynn Joyner, 21,27,30,37,38,108 Margaret Joyner, 24,40,42,95 Gerri Kauss, 26,95 Gary Kawana, 65,68 Bobby Keane, 24,42,45,71,95 Keith Keeter, 101 Colleen Keller, 108 David Keller, 40,118 Judy King, 108 Cary Kirkland, 42,85,95 Pam Kirkland, 4,101 Danny Kissinger, 95 Tim Kissinger, 19,108 Chuck Kitchen, 25,101 Claudia Kitchen, 24,30,36,45,85,108 Jerry Lamberson,95 Bobby Lambert, 6,20,31,32,71,88,89,111, Ellen Land, 8,24,25,30,38,47,85,108 Cindy Lankford, 23,25,30,38,45,85,108 Louise Lankford, 118 Miranda Lankford, 95 Carol Lawrence, 19,28,32,38,62,100,101 Eddie Lawrence, 95 Gaye Lawrence, 95 James Lawrence, 118 Jeron Lawrence, 43,108 Paulette Lawrence, 95 Roberta Lawrence, 23,25,37,38,45,55,95 Sharon Lawrence, 1 1,19,38,52,53,62,1 16,118, 120.127 Alvin Lee, 17,19,48,100,101,103 Billy Lee, 101 Ruby Lee, 95 Tony Leigh, 101 Freda Leonard, 26,95 Yvette Leonard, 56,57,78,79,108 Jerry Lewis, 108 Johnny Lewis, 118,123 Rusty Lloyd, 95 Marsha Logan, 55,101 Noel Luna, 95 Don Lupton, 6,65,68,74,77,1 18 Lori Lupton, 26,45,72,95 Roy Lupton, 72,108 Dal Lyon, 95 Jan Mabe, 20,101 Bernard Macklin, 80 Mike Magee, 101 Gregory Majette, 118 Paula Majette, 25,55,101 Jeanette Manley, 96 Leon Manley, 48,1 01 Tyrone Manley, 86,108 Theresa Marks, 7,20,93,96 Tamara Martin 6,32,72,94,96 Wendy Martin, 19,31,119 Jimmy Mason, 96 Larry Mason, 37,48,51,71,85,108 Pat Mason, 7,37,71,96 Ricky Mason, 119 Gregory McLemore, 101 David McNanamara, 24,37,40,45,1 19 Neil McNeely, 101 Gloria Milter, 29,1 19 Lucy Minetree, 19,30,38,52,53,85,90, 119,124 Lois Mitchell, 37,41,55,93,96 N. Mitchell, 48 Gail Moody, 4,115,117, 119, 128 Brown Moore ,71,101 Cindy Moore, 25,55,96 Bridget Montague, 96 Barbara Murphy, 39,96 Gwen Murphy, 96 Lillie Murphy, 96 Vivian Murphy, 119 Betty Murray, 23,25,30,38,78,79,85, 88,108 Dawn Myers, 25,96 Sharon Myers, 47,56,108 Gordon Myrick, 48,49,79,80,1 19 Jeannie Nevruz, 16,96 Lenora Newsome, 96 Linda Newsome, 96 Darlene Nichols, 19,57,101 Glenda Nichols, 46,56,57,86,1 19 Mike Nichols, 61,101 Elsie Olds, 88,119 Lavonne Outlaw, 96 Alan Overton, 25,101 Bobby Parker, 48,96 James Parker, 23 Larry Parker, 31,37,65,85,109 142 Theresa Parker, 88,90,1 19,123 Brenda Payton, 1 19,123 Bill Peak, 19,31,32,36,37,71,90,119, 124.128 Bryan Pearce, 24,42,45,48,65,101 Keith Pearce, 3,25,96 Cora Peebles, 27,33,101 Ricky Peebles, 109 Mike Peele, 31,37,65,85,109 Sandra Peele, 38,46,53,70,83.85,86, 113.119.128 Jacqueline Perry, 101,120 Cindy Phillips, 99 Lennece Phillips, 109 Mary Anna Phillips, 19,38,52,63,73, 102,124 Nancy Phillips, 96 Phil Phillips, 31,48,49,51,83,11 1,1 13, 120.124.128 Christopher Picot, 96 Jackie Picot, 96 James Picot, 48,96 Mable Picot, 32,94,96 Victor Picot, 29,48,109 Bobby Pitts, 102 Debbie Pitts, 96,97 Ricky Poole, 23,25,38,45,96 Carol Pope, 120 Charlene Pope, 86,120 Cordelia Pope, 2,25,26,45,96 Debra Pope, 102 Diaphine Pope, 19,38,46,52,63, 86,102 Donnie Pope, 5 ,7 1 , 1 09 Pamela Pope, 45,46,78,86,109 Phyllis Pope, 120 Ronnie Pope, 81,116,120,128 Tyrone Pope, 96 Victor Pope, 48,49,5 1 ,120 Clay Porter, 102 Henry Porter, 1 14,120 Lawrence Porter, 96 Loretta Porter, 24,45,102 Ray Porter, 19,24,33,48,102 Russ Powell, 21,40,102,103 Wanda Powell, 21,30,85,120 Debra Price, 120 Bruce Puffer.23,42,45,48,85, Rita Pugh, 96 Thomas Pugh, 120 Tammy Pulley, 96 Terry Pulley, 120 Tony Pulley, 81 ,85,109 Clifton Purrington, 58,96 Lloyd Raiford, 96 Debra Rainey, 26,38,96 Ed Rainey, 48,49,1 12,1 20 Thomas Rainey, 102 Wanda Rainey, 102 Ann Rawlings, 82,102 Audrey Rawlings, 37,102 Cynthia Rawlings, 15,102 Fred Rawlings, 37,96 Bob Rawls, 102 Sheryl Rawls, 24,45,102 Gloria Reese, 96 Renee Reese, 32,55,96 Barbette Reid, 96 Coral Reid, 96 Jocelyn Reid, 96 James Richardson, 96 Linda Richardson, 21,120,129 Judith Richey, 96 Debra Ricks, 13,120 Denis Ricks, 97 Michael Ricks, 29,120 Renita Ricks, 8,37,97 Richard Ricks, 58,109 Robin Ricks, 102 Almeda Riddick, 97,102 Denise Riddick, 109 Haywood Riddick, 29,58 J. 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Williams, 48 Angela Willis, 29,97 Deborah Willis, 1 03 Linda Willis, 123 Theresa Willis, 123 Marbara Woods, 72,110,130 Ray Woods, 31,48,105,110 Kathy Worrell, 30,123 Stephen Wright, 97 Perlie Young, 123 143 Roads are a part of every turn of life. They lead to all kinds of new adventures for a traveller to encounter. Some of the roads we decide to travel are worn and used by many. But there are always a few of those lonely dark alleys when seeing what is ahead is difficult. People, searching for their true identity, often find that they are stumbling down these lonely paths, hoping that at the end, they will find their dream. Life at Franklin High School has been one long turnpike leading to the destination of Education. Along the way. people drive as on a super highway. Some are faster than others, and some travel at the same pace. But no two cars are alike, and they each find a different exit to take. Somewhere along each road we come across street lights, but the decision is up to us whether we stop, proceed with caution, or go. The road is endless with only dividers marking each milestone we complete. Scenery along the roadside varies. We pass rabbits multiply- ing by the dozen, an old oak tree where kids gather to socialize, a field with various athletic events going on, and a building where education grows. There are teenagers talking, loving, and arguing. There are teachers giving help, guidance, and tests. And there are adults reminiscing over their high school days. Along the road there are bumps, curves, and monotonous stretches. But most important, there is you, man at work. FEB 1 4 2012 atackwof er Regional Library •511 Main Street Co ul-and, Virginia 23837

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