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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1971 volume:

Ill NCE is Room e cl t 6-V l ' tfAP ' frt- StAYC cJID P Ctri CLfU ' : • cl Hat ' CU UOV ' L fe k naco uk u- Lcttx:) ihui H - uC xo cl Si yuxV) cnjLjrf " xo. H)- c ° u D ° P ' y L J " Y L y ■■ ' Y s r Y _ f jr Y . r , y ? jL . Y _ ■ ® ?■ v ' r Y d YY ' j£-J y f f pp . J- T 5 ttJ cI aSS£ v yoo a r ( i jt t ' (KM ouJ : s T ' Xct 4 uOUOuiSt , d VO ' WSSA 0U2A H.gj " ■ , vmjl ySOJOUG? • cJjn Ajjenju cuXtibu. i t j 3 U aM m 9iJ £. Jj9 oeu x_£ CCctvT r M vi C TTlO - IjQjC— tZ yfr(K+ vj 2r ' , - . 7 - Oct jo 5 ,1 f y i , G » ■ wrr •% V 8» trr ' je , ' -jJeuso cA JUci r AA YTVTT ' J t VoC. jbo o ocL • Corvu nrr i » 3 1 IflV 1 V 1 Hr £ 1 p 5 VOLUME XXIV 1971 1 i«$ I ished by W, 8e VU tudents of ukiin High School f j s S A rs, i . . ,j f a 7 dj M CL lA 7 V StzjifiLnq ufi, or isjjjiLnq dotvn , Z7?2£ direction, i ± not important. £?U£ to ZLjZ VJL Itn tnz jizzzon, ' Ttxtx icQ -l cyx a 05 V ' - AQksiO not a± a °v Yv N v ad condz±czn±Loft! cn ad jizztzn±z,i.cjjj u J_ai 1 . J UL] T 3- “cY v Wfiat td Lm.j 20 zta.nt td £ zaf i7 ”a 2 r nztj zLj Ln Linz, jSaf that in a cjuist moment oj xsnsLution Ok nouj that O am fum a na L L± ms an i d tnz. XE L± no diffsxEncE bztvJZEn u± to od. The Spring Wind, Gladys Dupree. Used by permission: Harper and Row pg- contents 8 students 28 administration 42 classes 74 events 84 activities 108 athletics 130 spring activities 146 advertisements 6 STUDENT LIFE . . . clubs . . . classes . . . characters . . . . . . publications . . . pictures . . . people . . . 7 0 0 0 Fine Arts . . . development of technique. . . . expansion of a young mind. . . . striving for perfection. . . . being in touch with the Old Masters. The solo in chorus helps develop self-confidence. Art is an outlet for the creative mind. Ensemble work disciplines the musician and provides a high sense of fulfillment. The carefree posture of the bass section belies the fact that they are a hard-working group. Painting allows graphic expression of one’s innermost feel- ings. 8 Languages . . . Reports are a basic part of English class. Projects such as a map of Europe help Latin students carry Caesar’s campaigns beyond their books. Scholars planning to go to France this summer examine a map of the country. Taking a test in a foreign language is quite different from taking one in English. . . . thrilled with using our language correctly. . . . engrossed with the beauty of English. . . . enflamed with the illusions of French. . . . enthralled with the study of the exploits of Julius Caesar. Using the language lab is a treat to French students, besides helping them to master a second language. Mathematics . . . . . . struggling with proofs , equalities , and axioms. . . . the agony of a wrong answer; the ecstasy of triumph of man over math. The math cube is useful in illustrating certain geometric laws. In order to clarify polar sets, the graph board is often used by Mrs. Brown. The transparency projector provides a more complete picture of the proofs. Individualized instruction proves quite helpful in algebra. Allowing the student to demonstrate his own problem insures his understanding. 10 Science . . . An eclipse allows students to have a first-hand look at what they have learned in science classes. Working with simple machines is a basic part of physics. . . . absorbing the constant laws of that wonderful thing , Nature. . . . unearthing the amazing phenomena of this changing world. ... seeking the discovery of new things. 1 1 A student’s first dissection is quite a traumatic experience. Future scientists examine squirming specimens under the bioscope. History 0 0 0 . development of mankind . youth coping with the problems of today. . seeing and experiencing the truth. The expanding universe is a constant source of amazement. Morning programs during Black History Week accentuated Negro accomplishments. Physical Education • • • Exercising on the uneven parallel bars develops poise and grace of movement. Push-ups is one of the exercises used to limber up the class each day. The Russian Toe-Touch requires much agility and coordina- tion. . . . fun with a purpose. . . . developing a sound body. . . . good sportsmanship plus good health habits. Student demonstrators help clarify gymnastic techniques. Here, Maria Jones rotates through two steps in the backward somer- sault. 13 Vocation and Business . . . Home Ec. can be useful to both boys and girls. In Industrial Arts students build Mechanical drawing is used for things, learning a skill that can drafting, result in either a satisfying job or hobby. . . . fascinating is the world Shorthand isn’t meant to be a foreign language, but it some- times seems to be. of the carpenter. . . . the wonder of your own creations. . . . learning to make headway. Typing not only offers students preparation for a career, but also a skill that can be useful almost anywhere. D.E. allows students a chance to go to school a half-day and work in the community the other half. 14 All phases of the business world are encountered in the general business course. The teaching of proper techniques cultivates good shop habits. A creative hand in the kitchen produces delectable jams and jellies. Conditioning practices prepare the typist for his day’s work. encountering the realm of words and symbols, seething with facts and figures. Sewing is a basic skill taught in The bookkeeping student Home Ec. makes use of a variety of texts. 15 A Beta Club member illustrates a requirement for member- ship in her club. Two Quill and Scroll members study Literary Sallies for ideas for this year’s issue. Clubs The clubs of Franklin High School play a major role in the life of the students. They are second only in time and ability requirements to subject matter. Who can count the hours spent in research on a debate topic, or shopping by FHA members for food? Earning money to finance projects such as convention trips by Beta Club members, or securing the subsidy needed to finance the publications of the newspaper and annual staffs demands both endurance and devo- tion of the students. Yet, school-affiliated clubs offer a large variety of activities, and appeal to many in- terests. Guest speakers, visits to downtown mer- chants, a satisfying evening of swimming at the YMCA, preparation and participation in the Model General Assembly have been only a few of the projects planned and executed this year. Through involvement with teachers, organizations, and leaders in the community, clubs extend their influence in many ways. Roughly, clubs may be divided into three major areas. HONORARY clubs are clubs which seek to show recognition in a particular area. Usually a set grade average is required for admission, along with desirable character traits such as leadership, reliability and integrity. Sometimes, successful participation in sports or publications, or membership in a particular class is a prerequisite for admittance. Often, members of honorary clubs combine honor with service. Beta Club members offer tutoring to needy students while Quill and Scroll publishes Literary Sallies, an antho- logy of outstanding poems and prose items written by FHS students. Varsity Club members man a con- cession stand at all home basketball games. Offering chances of a television was one money-making project used by the clubs this year. 16 Through SERVICE clubs, FHS stu- dents develop a unity of purpose which sublimates the ego and commits them to active membership in the community. The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y focus interest on Christian living as well as fostering clean habits and good manners. The Library Club learns respect for thought as they catalog and repair books. The Pep Club knows well what a united effort can do to help attain a desired goal. Each club member by practicing selflessness accelerates the time he can sincerely say, “I know that I am him, and he is me.” The aides in the library help Miss Fowler with her monumental task. A hat-and-coat check is a service and money-making project offered by the Hi-Y. Making posters is one of the services the Pep Club renders. Miss Eubank discusses the district con- vention with some of the Tri-Hi-Y mem- bers. The speaker at the district convention gives the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs some good ideas. Students show that they support the Broncos by autographing a Pep Club sign. 17 ACADEMIC clubs are a logical outgrowth of the classes offered at FHS. They may include the Future Business Feaders of America, which strives to give the student a taste of the future for which he is pre- paring; the Deca Club, which places the student in a downtown job position through Distributive Edu- cation; or the Debate Club which fosters logical thought and research. Drama Club gives the student a chance to express himself in a different way. FTA and FHA inspire students to assume major respon- sibilities. The FBLA goes on field trips to learn how businesses throughout the community work. Dennis Blythe shows off the trophy he won through Deca Club competition in District II. Publications Besides working with others, the members of the annual staff often resort to individual work in order to meet deadlines. The annual staff is composed of students who perform various jobs such as layout designing and typing. The selling of yearbooks requires much work on the part of the business staff. Those of the Bronco Bulletin staff take pride in selling their completed newspaper. 19 Work on the Bronco Bulletin involves the preparing and handing in of articles. These students seem to be admiring the window decoration on the typing room window. A Christmas tree, the center of attraction, was decorated by members of the SCA. Many students put time and hard work into the decorations that brought Christmas cheer to the halls of FHS. 20 Penny gives mental support to Carolyn, as she presents her speech to the students and teachers. The Student Cooperative Association is our way of bridging the gap between teacher and student body with various opportunities to serve the community through united effort. Such examples are the Tom Dooley Foundation, the Tony Briley Fund, and the Jay-Cee-sponsored Operation Merry Christmas. The students through the SCA magazine drive provide the community with a variety of periodicals. When Christmas rolls around, the SCA boosts spirit with a Christmas tree and window decorations. A dress code committee made recommendations this year which were approved by the student body. Through its continued efforts, the SCA has done much to mold the students and faculty into a more closely cooperating unit. Cheryl awakened the audience with her speech that rhymed line by line. Angelee pleads for the support of the student body during SCA elections. Mr. Davis and Candy are enlightened by the rapid-fire speech of Katie Whitley. 21 Office Staff Mr. Galloway takes the pause that refreshes. Mrs. Bass and Mrs. Scott provide everyone with excellent help in the office. Mr. Davis stays busy solving the problems of a school system. Mrs. Hundley and Mrs. Davis confer over the typ- ing of school papers. Mrs. Holoman, one of the guidance counselors, finds time for humor during her busy schedule. 22 Are the absentees really that astounding, Mrs. Rawls? Custodial and Cafeteria Staffs Is this a form of pampering the students? Our custodial staff puts in many hours of hard work to keep our school beautiful. George is involved in making his work schedule. This is our cafeteria staff. They wash our dishes and cook our food. Chef at work! 23 Operation in Parent-teacher conferences help both the students and the parents under- stand each other. The Varsity Club provides us with refreshments at our ex- The junior class washes cars for the citizens of Franklin, citing basketball games. The P.T.A. brings parents and teachers closer together. 24 At night, our school becomes a workshop for adults willing to learn. the Community Mrs. Hundley helps students solve both personal and scholastic problems. Interested students take part . . . When Thanksgiving arrived this year, various clubs at F.H.S. collected food for the needy in our city. During Yuletide, students gave gifts to less fortunate families. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y week featured KOPE — Klean Our Polluted Environment. Through efforts such as these, students show the Establish- ment that they care about the future of the world. Coach Sandidge explains about our football team at the football banquet, and tells a few jokes on the side. The guidance office provides the students with information about many different colleges. 25 Administration ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL BOARD Joseph P. King, Chairman Francis E. Clark, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Robert E. Watson Robert A. Moore, Jr. Elvin Vaughan SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Richard L. Vaughn PRINCIPAL Lewis H. Davis 28 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Levi Galloway OFFICE STAFF GUIDANCE Mrs. Romine C. Hundley GUIDANCE MATHEMATICS Mrs. Helen H. Holoman SECRETARIAL ASSISTANT Mrs. Patsy M. Cox 29 SECRETARY Mrs. Ann L. Rawls ±fzaIF toucli a. dozzn [iwzi 30 31 Mr. Stephen M. Clark English Mrs. Ethel V. Coleman English Miss Winnie F. Eubank Mrs. Martha B. Felts History, Latin Business Education Government £CUJ£ coun.tLzi± mcvdzs. 32 33 d ±un 34 }xonz out zacn jcoint of contact of 35 cut ,tfl otlizz ti L(JE± Alvin T. Richter Biology, Science Mrs. Margaret J. Sandidge Government Mrs. Melvin L. Seward English 36 37 Preston T. Wallace iathgfh tics, Physics Mk. Peggy H. Wilkins ■ Physical EduJhion ' WflO joZ t(l £ iunzm.Lt i£zi(j£±. Lines from “As I Go My Way” by Strickland Gillilan, Ideals, Vol 26, No. 3, May, 1969. 38 DEDICATION Because of his willingness to help any student, although his schedule is crowded; Because of his capable leadership of the Franklin High School band this year and of both the band and the chorus during the years past; Because of his devotion of time in planning football shows, in performing band and chorus concerts, in producing chorus plays, and in encouraging the band to achieve top-ranking positions in competition; and Because of his ingenuity in talents which have helped to spread the fame of Franklin High School, We dedicate the 1971 LOG to EDWIN M. BARTON c ' f f ' •v V y y ■ , y r y V Vtyy K 1 y « „y,y ,yl l - • ¥ T ,f ' f 4 l ' ( Y K V yi« y r ' L a v k . 7 . j y ' rV A O ' D r ' V 1 ' ’ ,,c y Classes Senior Class 1971 It was the best of times; We were seniors! It was the worst of times; We hit Government class! It was the age of wisdom; We learned to build a school. It was the age of foolishness; We procrastinated. It was the age of industry; We wrote research themes. It was the age of indolence; We slept in class. It was the age of triumph; We were district champs! It was the age of defeat; We lost at Lawrenceville. It was the age of receiving; College scholarships! It was the age of giving; The Tony Briley Fund. It was the epoch of belief; We were going to graduate. It was the epoch of incredulity; Our grades! It was the season of light; Watching Washington’s sunrise. It was the season of darkness; Coming home. It was the spring of hope; Chance of no final exams. It was the winter of despair; We took them! We had everything before us; Life! We had nothing before us; The Unknown. We were all going . . . CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Tim Duck, Treasurer; Cynthia Johnson, Secretary; Katie Whitley, Vice-President; Joey Kannan, President. Not Pictured: James Beale, Sergeant-at-Arms. Motto: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Thoreau. Colors: Green and gold. Flower: Yellow Rose. S.C.A. MEMBERS Left to Right: Jill Mabe, S.C.A. Representative; David Pittman, S.C.A. Representative; Glen Garland, Honor Council Representative; Pat Watson, S.C.A. Representative; Dawn Hagan, S.C.A. Representative. 42 Miriam LaVerne Artis Susan Candace Beaman Brenda Carol Benton Nina Susan Biedenbender Herbert Taylor Bishop 43 Gerald Wayne Britt Susa Brown Betty Lou Bryant Charles Allen Butler Doris Candie Louise Pace Councill Sylvia Cutler Gloria Jean Darden Sheila Vernice Darden Jeffery Randolph Denson Sidney Lee Dodson Cynthia Jean Drake 44 Chip Marvin Buck John Clarence Bunch Brenda Ann Butler Kenneth Council Roscoe Crum, Jr. Sylvia Faye Cutchins Ann Carolyn Blythe Dennis Wayne Blythe Douglas Trent Blythe Burton Cox Bradshaw, Jr. Francis Britt Larry Steward Britt Robert Bruce Ferki David Randall Forrer Constance Faye Galloway Mary Jane Glover Carole Michelle Grandey George Lee Grant Susan Marie Hamic Marjorie Thomasine Harrell Lynwood Wesley Harrison Ellen Jane Hassett Jerome Hudson Michele Darden Hundley 46 John Osmond Galloway Charles Rogers Gayle Glen Edward Garland 47 i Gloria Dean Lassiter Brenda Sue Lawrence Verniece Delois Lawrence Cynthia Deloris Majette Frankie Janiece Majette Chester Lynn Martin Henry Lee Milan Rosa Marie Milteer Marcus William Morris Ethel Ann Norfleet John Christopher Osborn Donna Lynn Overton 48 Pauline Hunt Cynthia Faye Johnson David Keith Johnson Maria Waller Jones William Joseph Kannan James Rodney Lankford Candace Kay Ldley Adolphus L. Long Jill Ann Mabe Joseph Mason Pamela Leigh MoNeely Meredith Joy Merritt 49 Frederick David Rabil Mitchell Frank Rabil Ginger Lynne Revelle Lucky Roncinske Jean Scott Roland Scott Valaida Elaine Taylor Nelda Denise Thomas William Edward Turner, Jr. Esmon Louise Turner Robert Wayne Vick Cheryl Vincent 50 Grade Mae Owens Marilyn Frances Parker Daniel Keene Peak Peter Clay Pearson David Brannon Pittman Wendell Wayne Pixley i 51 Sandra Lynn Von Hollen Patricia Cross Watson Barbara Gail Whitehead Jesse Lee Whitehead Rochelle Stephens Whitehead Wanda Rose Whitehead Patricia Kate Whitley Charles August Wieters i«MNT4 Outstanding Seniors Class of 1971 Twenty students were chosen by the entire faculty on the basis of leadership, service, and character. Later, their classmates chose ten of the twenty whom they felt made unselfish contributions throughout their years at F.H.S., ten seniors who merit special recognition and portray the true spirit of Franklin High School. Each of them has achieved such a high degree of honor and such a bounty of respect that he is recognized as a leader. Each of them, in his classwork, has shown excellence as a student. Each of them, by participating in clubs, activities, church groups, and sports, is noted by his service to school and community. Each of them, in his dealings with teachers, advisors and friends upholds a high personal character. Because their devotion distinguishes these young men and ' (mien, the Annual Staff presents the OUTSTANDING SENIORS OF 1 97 1 . CANDY BEAMAN SC. A.; Pep Club; Annual Staff; Beta Club; Cheer- leader, Co-Captain; Episcopal Youth Fellowship, Vice-President; Pine Bowl Attendant; Quill and Scroll; Girl Scouts; Tri-Hi-Y. LYNWOOD HARRISON Feature Writer for the Bronco Bulletin; Active in local congregation of Jehovah’s Witness; Hold two minis- terial positions; Active in local and district church circuit; Head of circuit convention departments. 53 CYNTHIA JOHNSON Secretary of Class; M.G.A., Senator; Annual Staff, Editor; Quill Scroll, Vice-Pres.; Debate Club, Pres.; F.T.A., Sec.; Beta Club; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Homecoming Court; S.C.A.; Alt. to Girls’ State. JILL MABE S.C.A. Sec. of Honor Council; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Debate Club, Sec.; Beta Club, Sec.; Methodist Youth Fellow- ship, Vice-Pres.; Church Choir; Girl Scouts, Planning Board; Drama Club; Pep Club. RICKY LONG Junior Class, Pres.; DECA Club, Pres.; Science and Math Clubs; Basketball; Member of Band; Church Choir; Drama Club; Received awards in district math and science competition; 3rd place in state math com- petition. CHET MARTIN S.C.A., Honor Council, Treasurer, Chaplain; Pres, of Junior Class; V.P. of 9th Grade Class; Boy Scouts, V.P. of Explorer Post; Track; Football, Captain; Hi-Y; 2nd Counselor Sunday School Supt. 54 DANNY PEAK S.C.A., Pres., Honor Council; Class Pres.; Hi-Y, Vice- Pres., District Vice-Pres.; Boy’s State, Member Supreme Court, Convention Delegate; National Merit Scholar; Y.M.C.A.; Sports; Ass’t Youth Pastor, Church; M.G.A., Clerk of Senate; Beta Club. PAT WATSON S C. A., Chaplain; Girl’s State, Senator; Tri-Hi-Y, State Hi-Y Council; Junior Class, Treas.; Methodist Youth Fellowship, Pres., Member of Board, Choir; Pep Club, V.P., Sec.-Treas.; Scouts; Annual; Quill Scroll. CHERYL RIDDICK S.C.A., Sec.; F.T.A., Pres., State Member-at-large; Beta Club; Upward Bound of Hampton Institute; National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist; Chorus; U.S.L.A.A., State Treas.; Mayor’s Comm, on Drugs; Debate Club; Drama Club, Assistant Director. KATIE WHITLEY Cheerleading, Co-Captain; Bronco Bulletin; Tri-Hi-Y, V.P.; Jr. and Sr. Board of Directors of Y.M.C. A.; V.P. of 10th and 12th grade; Homecoming Queen; Girl Scouts; Pep Club; Quill Scroll; Drama Club. Juniors The Junior year is one of the more exciting years of high school. The excitement begins in September with the measurement for class rings. (The decisions that have to be made! — Should the ring be white or yellow gold? Which stone looks best? — Cut or uncut?) and pales only at deadline time for research themes. But the year brightens again when first semester examinations are finished. It is then that work on the Junior-Senior Prom begins in earnest. Tire theme, of course, is a deep, dark secret. Much money is needed for this undertaking, and besides the usual stationery sales, bake sales were held this year. But it is all worth it to present the “best prom ever.” And, besides, next year, this class will be the guests! SEATED: Carolyn Bondurant, Linda Lupton, SCA Representatives; Kay Lambert, Honor Council. STANDING: Marvin Gunn, Kathy Kitchen, Bob Lank- ford, Madison Eley, SCA Representatives. CLASS OLLICERS: Madison Eley, Vice-President; Carolyn Bondurant, Secretary; Chip Kingery, President. Not Pictured, Joan Blythe, Treasurer. Albert Ashburn Laura Ashburn Donnie Baines Carlton Baker Lessie Battle Nell Baynard Paula Bell Mimi Black Glenda Blair Carrie Blick Joan Blythe Carolyn Bondurant Francine Boone H orace Bowles Wayne Bradshaw Mechell Britt Mike Burton Rita By rum Billie Ann Campbell Jean Candie Ray Chavis Warren Chesson Robert Comet David Couneill Raymond Crum Gary Cutchins Teresa Cutchins Conway Dameron Charles Darden Harvey Darden Whit Day Glenda DeBerry Marshall DeBerry Donna Deshields Sandra Drake Sammy Drewry Glenn Dunlow Kathy Dunlow Nancy Edwards Jan Eley Madison Eley Richard Elliott Gordon Ellsworth Cynthia Ferguson Brian I- ' erki Martha Fowler Graydon Funkhouser Kathy Gagner Angelee Godbold Gail Grettum Marvin Gunn Becky Guyer Jo Ann Hancock Richard Harris Wayne Harrison Audrey Hart Wayne Hasenei Larry Hedgepeth Alverce Holloway Barbara Jo Hollowell Judy Holt Allen Hopkins Sandra Jackson Janet Johnson Linwood Johnson Keiko Jones Earlene Jones Dwight Joyner Jeff Joyner Pamela Joyner Linda Kauss Pam Kendrick Chip Kingery Jacqueline Kirk Debbie Kitchen Kathy Kitchen Kay Lambert Ginny Land George Lane Bob Lankford Sheila Lawrence Earl Lowe Linda Lupton Durrell Majette Earl Mason Judy Mason Terry McGee Rufus McLean Mike McNamara Ann Minetree Gary Murphy Mike Murray Cherylee Owens Richard Patterson Sandra Pierce Pat Powell Charles Puffer Steve Rainey Evelyn Rawlings Dick Rose Dianne Ruffin Carolyn Scott Wanda Scott Warren Scott Maxine Sharpe Carolyn Smith Michele Smith Jean Spain Larry Spivey Rob Street Margo Sykes Kevin Urquhart Ronald Vaden Jesse Vann Jimmy Vann Judy Vann Connie Vaughan Margaret Vaughan Doug Whitehead Mildred Whitehead David Whitley Susan Williams Allen Wills Billy Worrell Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor The Sophomore class has been kept busy this year with school projects as well as extra- curricular ones. Chemistry class has overwhelmed many members with notes, equations, and formulas. The magic year to receive driver’s licenses has finally arrived. Although behind- the-wheel instruction is now a state requirement, what a relief it is to know that this marks the last year of required physical education! Satisfaction and vicarious pleasure were ours as several members helped the girls’ basketball team to become both regular season and tournament champions of the Peanut District. The regrettable injury of one of the class members in an accident helped create a stronger sense of unity and purpose, as the whole class strove to raise money for the Tony Briley Benefit Fund. Sophomores SEATED: Connie Rawlings, Ann Beverly Dodson, SCA Representatives; Kathy Bryant, Honor Council Representative. STANDING: John Puffer, Avon Harris, Sharon Godbold, Sandra Baxter, SCA Representatives. (Not Pictured: Larry Blunt, SCA Representative.) CLASS OFFICERS: Pam Gardner, Secretary; John Puffer, President; Larry Blunt, Vice-Presi- dent; Sandra Fulton, Treasurer. 62 Betty Almond Johnny Atkinson Ronnie Bailey John Bane Phylis Banks Purlie Banks Bettie Bass Sandra Baxter Burk Beale Mike Beale Doris Beasley Humphrey Blowe Larry Blunt Denise Blythe Steve Bowman Brad Bradshaw Gary Bradshaw Sue Kent Brett Tony Briley Glenda Britt Ken Brown Thomas Brown Kathy Bryant Sandra Bryant Martha Bunch Brian Burgess Myra Burgess Phyllis Butler Bob Cabell Davy Campbell 63 Tim Campbell Sion Carr David Clark Tom Clark Beth Comet Matthew Cooper Dell Cotton Nell Cotton Debra Council Kesler Darden Denise DeLoatch James Deloatch Judi Denson Stewart Dentler Anne Dodson Betty Kauss Duck Edward Epps Larry Fogan Willis Freeman Sandra Fulton Mickey Futrell Sherry Gagner Joey Galloway Pam Gardner Peggy Glover Sharon Godbold Buck Griffin Linda Griffin Kevin Flail Cindy Harrell 64 Avon Harris Susan Hasenei Holland Bryant Holt Carl Howell David Hudgins Doris Jenkins Clair Joyner Daryl Joyner Michael Joyner Kim Kawana Connie Kitchen Steve Lankford Alonza Lawrence Jan LeCroy Clarence Lee Sharon Leonard Shea Lowe Benny Lynn Mitzi McNeely Steve Moore Cornell Parker Jim Piette Tucker Poland Sheila Pope John Puffer Janet Pugh Mary Kaye Rabil Connie Rawlings Teresa Rawlings 65 Tamara Richey Lula Ricks Linda Sue Ross Willie Ruffin Barbara Russell Deloris Sandford Lee Savage Lester Scott Ann Waring Smith Bobby Smith Sidney Smith Tyrone Smith A1 Stokes Irma Turner Murray Turner Steve Turner Dale Tuttle Glenn Vaughan June Vaughan Richard Vinson Diane Whitehead Alice Whitley Marge Whitley Benjamin Willis Kathy Wright l 66 I fv Freshmen Ninth grade representatives to the Hayden Junior High School Ninth grade representatives to the Franklin HighSchool SCA are SCA are Tina Stephenson, Amy DeLoatch and Ann Councill. Kira Hundley, Susan Daughtrey (seated), and Nancy Pixley and (Not pictured: Lyn Kyle.) John Hagan (standing). Consolidation of the Franklin High School and Hayden High School Systems brought unique problems to the ninth grade class this year. Due to space limitations in both schools, half of the freshmen were sent to Hayden Junior High for their morning classes, while the other half attended Franklin High. At noon, amid confusion, hurry, and bustle, the students boarded buses at their respective schools for a trek across town to finish their day at the other school. Thus, the ninth graders reaped the educational advantages of two sets of teachers and two schools. To facilitate the government of the class in each school, representatives to both SCA’s were elected. Other problems encountered include: transition from elementary school intimacy to high school anonymity; choice of curricula oriented toward individu al careers, whether academic, or vocational; and social identification through extra-curricular activities. Mike Bailey Barbara Banks Tommy Barbour Joan Barnes Beth Beale Debbie Beale Jim Beale Mary Alice Beale Teresa Beaton Jimmy Belcher Sanford Belcher Patti Bell Shelia Adams Cynthia Artis Stanley Artis Oscar Babb James Bailey Shelia Bess Cathy Best Ricky Blunt Blake Blythe Gwen Blythe Newitt Blythe Alphonso Bowe Diane Bowles Herbert Bowles Jeb Bradshaw Marie Bradshaw Ricky Bradshaw James Britt Loveeta Britt Carolyn Brown Jimmy Brown Marvin Buck Benny Burgess Luanne Camp A1 Carr Debra Carter Rob Carter Carlyn Clark Debbie Cobb James Cotton Anne Councill Patricia Crocker Debbie Cross Theodore Cross Susan Daughtrey Horace Darden Michael Darden Hurley Daye Amy DeLoateh Jean Dickens Susan Drake Rosa Eley Shelia Everett Fran Farmer Ronnie Foster Norine Francis Jay Gagner Chuck Gatten Terry Gillette Teri Glover John Grandey Linda Gunn John Hagan Donald Hamic Erma Harris Buddy Harris Jim Hart Nancy Hasenei Lewis Hassett Marilyn Hassett Patricia Hill Vanessa Hoskie Kathy Holland Candice Hudgins Carolyn Hudson Kira Hundley Jay Hutt Linda Ivey Alvin Jenkins Sherry Joyner Brenda Jones Joyce Jones Nathaniel Jones William Jones Nancy Kirkland Terry Kingery Lee Kyle Lyn Kyle Melody Lane Paul Lankford Beth Lassiter Cathy Lawrence Henderson Lawrence Janet Lee Philip Lee Connie Lloyd Ray Lloyd Jayton Lowe Bobby Luck Tony Mabry Horace Manley Prince Manley Bruce Mason Linda Mason Ora Mason June Mathias Juanita McClenny Bob Merritt Bo nnie Myers Sallie Osborn Barbara Overton Jo Ann Padgette Donald Pitts Micky Pitts Nancy Pixley Robert Pope Glen Porter Max Porter Nora Porter Raynell Powell Albin Ricks Gwen Ricks Mark Richard Claude Richardson Gilbert Riddick Dwight Robinson Rosa Rogers Sue Ann Rose Wanda Ross Alphonsor Saunders David Sawyer Patricia Scoggins Carroll Scott Michael Scott Howard Sharpe Butch Smith Kay Spivey Agnes Stephens Savon Stephens Tina Stephenson Vivian Stevens Edward Street Violet Sumblin Karlton Tingler Abraham Urquhart Buster Vann Betty Vaughan Dean Vick Thomas Walton Cynthia Williams Yvonne Williams Ricky Willis Steven Willis Derrick Woods Barky Wright Patrick Wright Mildred Wyche Bruce Young Lisa Young Events HOMECOMING Katie Whitley, Homecoming Queen 74 Beauty and Charm Doris Candie, Maid of Honor Against A Spooky Theme LEFT TO RIGHT: Candace Hudgins, Hattie Beale, Carolyn Bondurant, Connie Galloway, Doris Candie, Katie Whitley (in front), Sylvia Cutler, Janet Johnson, Sue Kent Brett, Susan Drake. 75 HOME- COMING Sylvia Cutler escorted by Ricky Long Andy Dempsey, David Farrar and Carolyn Bondurant escorted by Whit Day Sue Kent Chesson Brett escorted by Warren Witches and Teachers Candice Hudgins escorted by James Hall Matt Jervey assist with the crowning. Hattie Beale escorted by James Riddick. Janet Johnson escorted by Tim Collier by Randy Ar TM Connie Susan Drake escorted by Jim Piette Chris and Katie dance the first dance. Pine Bowl 1970 Doris’s smile reflects her feelings of honor and pride as the crown is placed upon her head. Doris Candie proudly reigned as Franklin’s 16th Annual Pine Bowl Queen. Her attendant from Franklin High School was Candy Beaman. Her other attendant was Hester Holland from Forest Glen High School. During her high school years, Doris has been a member of the school chorus and received a cer- tificate for her outstanding qualities of voice. She lettered in basketball and was an attendant to the Homecoming Queen of 1970. Candy Beaman has had a number of honors bestowed upon her during her previous years at F.H.S. She was elected SCA representative and was chosen as co-captain of the Varsity football and basketball cheering squads. She has been a member of the Annual Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Beta Club, Drama Club, and Chorus. The Pine Bowl Queen and her attendant were chosen by the Student Co-operative Association of our school this year. The football game was played September 25, and was sponsored by the Franklin Lion’s Club. The proceeds are contributed to aid the blind. Obviously, Candy is the perfect attendant for the Pine Bowl Queen. 1970 Bronco Football Banquet Alton Lane Outstanding Back James Beale Most Valuable Player Glen Garland Outstanding Lineman Bronco Achiev ement Award The 1970 Bronco Football Banquet was sponsored by the Franklin Jaycees on January 28, 1971. Rick Forzano, coach at the U.S. Naval Academy, was the guest speaker. The outstanding players for the 1970 Broncos were presented their trophies. James Beale was voted the most valuable player by his teammates. Alton Lane was selected as the outstanding back, and Glen Garland was selected as the outstanding line- man. Glen Garland was also presented the Bronco Achievement Award by Dr. W. O. Ward. All proceeds from the banquet were donated to the Tony Briley Benefit Fund. The varsity football cheerleaders were there to give the team support and spirit. Rick Forzano, coach of the U.S. Naval Academy, was the guest speaker. 79 SC A Elections The candidates and their campaign managers practice their speeches. With the combining of Hayden High School and Franklin High School came also the combining of the leaders from each school. In early fall five officers — Danny Peak, Angelee Godbold, Cheryl Riddick, Wendell Pixley, and Connie Lankford — were elected to lead the new Franklin High School. Mr. Davis introduces the candidates one by Angelee Godbold, Vice-President Cheryl Riddick, Secretary Wendell Pixley, Treasurer one. Danny Peak presents his speech. Connie Lankford, Reporter Hi- Y and Tri-Hi-Y Convention On November 21, 1970, some of the Franklin Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y members attended the Eastern District Hi-Y Conference at Mechanicsville, Virginia, Julie Mann, district president, presided; Danny Peak, district vice-president, presided over the business meeting. After elections were held for district officers and Model General Assembly officers, the Reverend Zane G. Ross spoke on the theme “Something to Believe in ... ” Finally the new officers were installed, and the conference adjourned. The candidates for office were (left to right) Wendell Pixley, Peter Pearson, Danny Peak, Connie Lankford, Larry Hedgepeth, and Rob Comet. Danny Peak, district vice-president, presides over the business meet- Some of the more serious (?) students pose for their ing. pictures. Merit Scholarship Awards Meredith Merritt Cheryl Riddick Danny Peak David Pittman ( Student Co-opei FRONT: Susan Daughtrey, Kira Hundley, Cheryl Riddick, Wendell Pixley, Danny Peak, Angelee Godbold, Connie Lankford, Am Larry Blunt, Kathy Bryant, Glen Garland, Carolyn Bondurant, John Hagan, Dawn Hagan, Pat Watson, Jill Mabe, Avon Harris Sandra Fulton pleads for student support during S.C.A. elec- tions. ■ i ' V It -f ■8 ■ Jo Ann Hancock solicits funds for the Tom Dooley Founda- tion. 84 p dive Association Wendell Pixley Treasurer Connie Lankford Reporter Mrs. Petty Sponsor Dodson, Kay Lambert. BACK: Nancy Pixley, Kathy Kitchen, John Puffer, David Pittman, Marvin Gunn, Bob Lankford, Linda Lupton, |[ sharon Godbold, Sandra Baxter, Connie Rawlings. Raising the Christmas tree is an annual event of the S.C.A. The promise of prizes inspired students to work hard for the magazine sales drive. 85 Micki Hundley Editor Wendell Pixley Business Manager Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor Margo, an industrious business staff member, sells Nell the Janet successfully sells a box of donuts to earn money for the Valentine’s Day issue of the Bronco Bulletin. Bronco Bulletin. Candy and Micki work diligently in order to prepare the articles for publication. Hard work, isn’t it, Steve? Steve takes a short break while preparing his next humor article. 86 Bronco Bulletin SEATED: Kathy Bryant, Mary Abbitt, Katie Whitley, Wendell Pixley, Micki Hundley, Candy Lilley, Diane Barnes, Sandra Pierce, Janet Johnson. STANDING: Marge Whitley, Ann Dodson, Margo Sykes, Chuck Gayle, Ann Minetree, Steve Bowman, Lynwood Harrison, Brenda Benton, Pat Powell, Becky Guyer, Kathy Gagner, Meredith Merritt. The Bronco Bulletin serves as one of the media for keeping the students and the community informed about school activities-classes, clubs, sports, and a bit of humor and philosophy. Students enjoy reading about themselves and seeing their writings in print. By working on the school newspaper, one learns about the many facets of creating a literary work. Deadlines and proofreading and layouts are learned. Ads must be collected by the business staff in order to finance the paper. Members of the editorial staff have an opportunity to improve their writing skills and develop their originality; business staff members, to put into use business skills and practices. Editor Managing Editor . . News Editor Feature Editor . . . News Writer Feature Writer . . . . Senior Reporter . . . Junior Reporter . . . Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter . Sports Writer . . . . Humor Writers . . . Artist Typists Faculty Sponsor . . Business Manager . . Business Staff . . . . Micki Hundley Pat Powell Candy Lilley Mary Abbitt Ann Minetree Meredith Merritt Diane Barnes Becky Guyer Kathy Bryant Amy Deloatch Chuck Gayle Katie Whitley Steve Bowman Brenda Benton Janet Johnson David Johnson , . .Mrs. Prudence, B. Thorpe Wendell Pixley Margo Sykes, Kathy Gagner Sandra Pierce, Anne Dodson, Marge Whitley, Jay Hutt 87 EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: Brenda Benton, Art Editor; Martha Smith, Proofreader; Candy Beaman, Events Editor; Cynthia Johnson, Editor; Maria Jones, Photographer; Mickey Rabil, Sports Editor; Sidney Dodson, Layout Editor. STANDING: Judi Denson, Picture Manager; Susan Williams, Theme Editor; Marshall DeBerry, Photographer; Chip Kingery, Theme Editor; Pam Gardner, Sophomore Class Editor; Albert Ashburn, Junior Class Editor; Dawn Hagan, Administration Editor; Pat Watson, Senior Class Editor; Connie Lankford, Proofreader; Jan LeCroy, Activities and Clubs Editor; Becky Guyer, Activities and Clubs Editor; Margaret Vaughan, Layout Editor. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Phyllis Butler, Linda Lupton, Paula Bell, Jo Ann Hancock, Business Manager; Shea Lowe, Mary Kaye Rabil, Sandra Drake. STANDING: Glenda Blair, David Clark, Cindy Harrell, Carolyn Smith, Gail Grettum. 88 Annual Staff Cynthia Johnson JoAnn Hancock Mr. Vess Editor Business Manager Sponsor THE LOG has as one of its goals the faithful recording of the events of the year through pictures and copy. Published by a representative section of the student body, it teaches economics, cooperation, writing, leadership, and effective use of leisure time. The annual staff is composed of the business and editorial staffs. The business staff finances the annual through money-raising projects. These projects have been selling subscriptions to the annual to students, selling advertisements to merchants, and sponsoring a car wash. The editorial staff composes the annual by compiling all the information pertaining to the scholastic year in a pleasing format. Mary Kaye Rabil fulfills one of her tasks as a business staff member by collecting payments for subscriptions to the annual. Another deadline bites the dust. Becky Guyer and Jan LeCroy struggle to find appropriate captions. 89 B. Bailey M. Beale Mr. Lucas B. Burgess Sponsor s. Can W. Chesson T. Clark Reorganization due to school con- solidation did little to slow the activities of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y this year. Among Hi-Y projects were attendance at a leadership conference at Massenetta Springs, hosting a district officer’s work- shop, manning a hat-check station at home basketball games and selling light bulbs to raise money. Proceeds from these projects are used to finance local and world service projects. Mickey Rabil, Chaplain; Larry Hedgepeth, Vice-Presi- dent; Wendell Pixley (seated), President; David Rabil, Reporter; Bob Lankford, Secretary; Whit Day, Ser- geant-at-Arms. Recognition in the form of the Ace Award was granted to the club for their outstanding accomplishments. The distaff version of Hi-Y was also very active this year. The Tri-Hi-Y pre- pared a Thanksgiving Basket for a needy family, bought gifts for underprivileged children at Christmas in lieu of gifts for each other, addressed envelopes for Tuberculosis Seals for the area, made hospital tray favors, and completed many other worthwhile projects. Hi-Y D. Whitley A. Wills B. Worrell J. Kannan C. Kingery B. Lankford C. Martin R. McLean M. Morris D. Peak P. Pearson D. Pittman W. Pixley D. Rabil M. Rabil R. Street W. Vick R. Comet C. Darden H. Darden W. Day M. DeBerry B. Ferki G. Funkhouser G. Garland C. Gayle W. Hasenei L. Hedgepeth A. Hopkins D. Hudgins D. Johnson J. Joyner 90 M. Abbitt D. Barnes N. Baynard P. Beale C. Beaman S. Biedentender G. Blair J. Blythe C. Bondurant L. Councill D. Deshields As a high point in the year, Tri-Hi-Y celebrated the twentieth birthday of the club in April with a Mother-Daughter Banquet. Former presidents and charter members of the club were invited as guests. S. Dodson S. Drake N. Edwards J. Eley K. Gagner C. Galloway C. Grettum G. Grettum B. Guyer B. Hollowed i Miss Eubank Sponsor M. Hundley C. Johnson J. Johnson M. Jones P. Kendrick M. Merritt A. Minetree D. Overton S. Pierce A. Swenson C. Vaughan P. Powell A. Ricks C. Smith M. Smith M. Vaughan P. Watson K. Whitley S. Williams K. Kitchen K. Lambert G. Land C. Lankford C. Lilley J. Mabe R. Martin T. McGhee Seated: Katie Whitley, Vice-President; Penny Beale, President; Diane Barnes, Treasurer. Standing: Jill Mabe, Secretary; Martha Smith, Reporter; Donna Overton, Chaplain. 91 Dawn Hunan -v- | President Tim Duck Vice-President Jill Mabe Secretary- Treasurer Penny Beale Chaplain Diane Barnes Reporter Kea Turner Sergeant-at- Arms Mrs. Beale Sponsor Beta Club The Beta Club is an honorary society of Junior and Senior students who maintain an average of 90 or above, and who exhibit certain attributes of desirable nature, such as worthi- ness of character and honor. Under the super- vision of Mrs. Beale, the Beta Club raffled tickets for a television as a major fund-raising project. The money earned helped to offset the expenses of the members who attended the Annual Beta Club Convention. S. Biedenbender K. Edwards M. Gunn J. Kannan D. Peak R. Comet B. Ferki W. Hasenei K. Lambert D. Pittman S. Dodson C. Gayle L. Hedgepeth F. Majette C. Riddick C. Beamon N. Edwards A. Godbold M. Jones M. Merritt M. Smith NOT PICTURED: Cynthia Johnson, Candy Lilley, Micki Hundley, Carolyn Bondurant, Connie Lankford, Marjorie Harrell, Ginny Land. I I Cynthia Johnson President Debate Club I | The purpose of the Debate Club is to provide all interested students with experience in one phase of forensics. In December, the Debate Club from Windsor High School gave us a demonstration debate. The Debate Club participated in various workshops as well as in exchange debates with other neighboring schools. The highlight of the year and the reward for the Tim Duck hours of research was our participation in the district tournament in the Vice-President spring. Candy Lilley Librarian Jill Mabe Secretary Penny Beale Reporter Mickey Rabil Cheryl Riddick Martha Smith Bill Worrell Mrs. Johnson Sponsor 93 F.H.A. FRONT: G. Wall, M. Glover, Vice-Presidents. BACK: S. Hamic, F.H.A. members learn the techinques of being a good hostess. Treasurer; S. Bryant, Committee Coordinator; K. Best, Historian; B. Vaughan, Reporter; D. Blythe, Parliamentarian; B. Allmond, Secretary. FRONT: W. Ross, G. Blythe, D. Blythe. MIDDLE: B. Allmond, M. Bunch, S. Gagner, S. Everett, C. Joyner, C. Galloway, S. Hamic, N. Kirkland. BACK: S. Bryant, B. Butler, G. Wall, M. Glover, G. Revelle, G. Owens, Mrs. Beaton, E. Hassett, D. Barnes, D. Candie, P. Banks, B. Lawrence, C. Johnson, J. Johnson, G. Whitehead, L. Grant. Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of homemaking students of junior and senior high schools. The goal is “to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living.” The purposes focus upon the satisfaction of homemaking, home and family life, democracy, and international good will. Each member works to achieve her own potential through the many varied projects which are directed towards helping her to prepare herself for the future by developing creativity, individualism, thriftiness, and knowledge. Not Pictured: G. Revelle, President; G. Owens, Vice-President; B. Lawrence, Student Advisor; B. Butler, Chaplain. Mrs. Beaton Sponsor 94 DE CA Club Hi Ricky Long President Rodney Lankford Vice-President Wanda Whitehead Secretary Dennis Blythe Treasurer Earl Mason Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Kopriver Sponsor John Bane Denise Blythe Charles Butler Jeff Denson Edna Norfleet Ben Baynard Horace Bowles Rita Byrum Keiko Jones Evelyn Rawlings Doris Beasley Brad Bradshaw Ken Councill Benny Lynn Tyrone Smith Betty Allmond Taylor Bishop Wayne Bradshaw Jean Darden Joe Mason Rochelle Whitehead i I Not Pictured: Andrew Robinson, George Umphlette, Jesse Whitehead. F.T.A. SEATED: Angelee Godbold, Vice-President; Angelee and Cheryl sign the charter of the Cheryl Riddick, President. STANDING: Future Teachers of America Club. Cynthia Johnson, Secretary; Micki Hundley, Treasurer. Mrs. Sandidge Sponsor The Franklin Chapter of the Future Teachers of America made its debut this yeai on October 26 with the public installation of its members. Future Teachers of America strives to give its members insights into the almost limitless aspects of the teaching profession as a career through observation, experience, and idea-exchange at state conventions. The “flaming torch” and the simple black and white dress of the members symbolize the eagerness to learn, the burning desire to help others, and the sincerity each one strives to illustrate. This year the state and national theme is “Touch Flumanity-Teach.” The local chapter has related this theme to the student body through newspaper publications and creative school displays. SEATED: Mrs. Sandidge, Sandra Fulton, Francine Boone, Cynthia Johnson, Cheryl Riddick, Micki Hundley, Angelee Godbold, Sandra Baxter, Glenda DeBerry. STANDING: Katie Whitley, Shelia Lawrence, Valaida Taylor, Ray Chavis, Rufus McLean, Sharon Godbold, Frankie Majette. 96 Miss Fowler Sponsor Library Club The Library Club, under the supervision of Miss Fowler, offers interested students the opportunity to learn the techniques in maintaining a library. Girls and boys are carefully trained to become skilled library aides and projectionists. By putting up attractive bulletin boards, helping the librarian at the circulation desk, and by instilling an interest in reading to the students, the aides create a studious atmosphere. This year the Library Club has had many projects. Selling candy was their major money-making project. Repairing old books took much time and labor. Visits to the Walter Cecil Rawls Library and the Portsmouth Library made the students fully recognize the complexity of a library. With the increase in members, the Library Club will continue to serve the students of Franklin High School. Candy Lilley, President; Ann Smith, Reporter; Paula Bell, Vice-President; Mary Abbitt, Historian; not pictured: Gail Wall, Secretary -Treasurer. Projectionists: Jimmy Vann, Bill Bailey, Albert Ashburn, Benny Lynn, Eddie Turner, John Cornwell, Robert Vann, Allen Hopkins, Rufus McLean. STANDING FRONT: N. Baynard, G. Grettum, A. Minetree. SITTING: A. Smith, G. Wall, C. Lilley, P. Bell, M. Abbitt. STANDING: B. Hollowell, S. Fulton, P. Gardner, A. R icks, C. Riddick, J. Hancock, C. Vaughan, W. Scott, S. Brett, R. Ashburn, B. Bass, B. Butler, P. Banks, C. Rawlings, Miss Fowler. 97 F.B.L.A. Centering around the world of business, the Future Business Leaders of America trains its members to become economic leaders. The Franklin Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America is guided throughout the year by Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Harris. This club sponsors financial and promotional activities and each morning the club undertakes the important task of opening and operating the Student Supply Room. During the year the F. B. L. A. toured different businesses, sold candles as money- making project, collected food for a needy family at Thanks- giving, and attended regional and state conventions. At these conventions the F. B. L. A. participated in different contests. The Future Business Leaders of America Club serves as a guide for all seeking advice on some phase of business. Mrs. Smith Sponsor Mrs. Harris Sponsor SEATED: Lucky Roncinske, President. STANDING: Lessie Members of the F.B.L.A. leave for a tour of Virginia National Battle, Secretary; Sylvia Cutchins, Vice-President; Wanda Bank in Franklin. Scott, Treasurer; Gail Wall, Reporter. SEATED: Mrs. Harris, Brenda Butler, Gail Wall, Lessie Battle, Lucky Roncinske, Sylvia Cutchins, Wanda Scott, Warren Scott, Mrs. Smith. STANDING: Judy Mason, Linda Kauss, Eddie Turner, Julia Johnson, Frankie Majette, Rufus McLean, Bill Worrell, Sidney Smith, Connie Vaughan, Roscoe Crum, Gary Cutchins, Sandra Jackson, Jean Spain. 98 Drama Club SEATED: L. Roncinske, L. Battle, B. Worrell, J. Holt, J. Hancock, A. Hopkins, L. Hassett, P. Banks, P. Kendrick, G. Weiters, A. Minetree, C. Rawlings, R. McLean. STANDING: J. Johnson, L. Savage, S. Brett, J. Hutt, S. Williams, S. Baxter, P. Gardner, E. Hassett, A. Ricks, B. Lawrence, T. Clark, C. Riddick, S. Bowman, B. Griffin, Mr. Clark, C. Lankford, M. Abbitt, R. Martin, S. Smith, J. Eley, C. Bondurant, S. Fulton, S. Turner. Jan Eley and Gail Grettum practice dramatic make-up skills. Mr. Clark and two Assistant Directors review possible scripts for future produc- tions. The Drama Club is in its second year at Franklin High School, again under the direction of Mr. Clark. The purpose of the club is to give the members an opportunity to be associated with a dramatic production, to see other and to develop an interest in acting and play production techniques. This spring one of the plays the club is working on is “A Thurber Carnival.” productions within the area, 99 Varsity Club Mr. Pearce Sponsor Linda Lupton, Treasurer; David Pittman, President; Peter Pearson, Vice-President; Dick Ross, Secretary. Hot, delicious popcorn was the order at all home games, compliments of the Var- sity Club. The Varsity Club, which is one of the oldest clubs at Franklin High School, is an honorary athletic society. In order to become a member, it is necessary to have lettered in a varsity sport or cheerleading. Each year the Varsity Club furnishes trophies and plaques for the most valuable player in each of the major varsity sports. The club members also operate the concession stand at all home basketball games. FIRST ROW: M. Jones, G. Blair, C. Grettum, S. Baxter, D. Barnes, C. Johnson, P. Kendrick, J. Blythe, L. Lupton, C. Beaman, K. Whitley, D. Forrer, G. Lane, S. Carr, B. Worrell, J. Joyner. SECOND ROW: B. Bryant, R. Martin, C. Bondurant, J. Hancock, D. Overton, L. Hedgepeth, D. Rose, T. Duck, W. Chesson, W. Hasenei, G. Dunlow, M. Gunn, H. Darden, W. Day, C. Dameron. THIRD ROW: B. Candie, M. Sykes, S. Cutler, V. Taylor, J. Beale, V. Beacham, G. Weiters, C. Gayle, S. Drewry, C. Kingery, R. Comet, M. Murray, B. Lankford, G. Funkhouser. FOURTH ROW: L. Eley, D. Joyner, R. Chavis, G. Duck, M. Beale, R. Long, J. Mason, L. Barnes, D. Rabil, J. Kannan, D. Pittman, M. Rabil, L. Roncinske. FIFTH ROW: M. Harrell, J. Candie, T. Bishop, D. Baines, C. Martin, C. Osborn, G. Garland, M. Morris, B. Bailey, D. Johnson, W. Pixley, D. Peak, P. Pearson, D. Whitehead. SIXTH ROW: D. Majette, G. Grant, L. Johnson, W. Britt, D. Vincent, R. Posted, W. Freeman, R. Whitehead, J. Riddick, R. Lankford. SEVENTH ROW: H. Ricks, A. Lane, A. Stokes, J. Bowers, B. Urquhart, J. Whitehead, R. Fogan, K. Dar den. 100 Pep Club Mrs. Wilkins Sponsor Gail Grettum, Secretary-Treasurer; Maria Pat concentrates on an artistic effort. Jones, President; Michelle Smith, Vice- President. The purpose of the Pep Club is to encourage school spirit among the students. The members decorate the school before each football and basketball game. Blue and gold shakers and links in a spirit chain were sold as fund-raising projects. The Pep Club sponsors Blue and Gold Day, awarding prizes to the boy and girl who signify the most school spirit in their appearance and provides flowers for the cheerleaders at Homecoming. This year the Pep Club is under the direction of Mrs. Wilkins. THE PEP CLUB MEMBERS 101 Quill and Scroll Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor Quill and Scroll is an honor society consisting of juniors and seniors who have contributed to the field of journalism by participating in some aspect of the school publications. They must also be in the upper third of their classes scholastically. Each year the Quill and Scroll publishes Literary Sallies, a collection of poems, compositions, essays, and short stories contributed by various students who have special writing skills. This col- lection is illustrated with original drawings and is distributed to faculty members, members of Quill and Scroll, and other interested people. OFFICERS: Chip Kingery, President-Elect; Maria Jones, President; Janet Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer. Diane Barnes Candy Beaman Glenda Blair Sidney Dodson Dawn Hagan Micki Hundley Cynthia Johnson Janet Johnson Maria Jones Chip Kingery Candy Lilley Sandra Pierce Wendell Pixley Pat Powell Martha Smith Margo Sykes Pat Watson Katie Whitley 102 «T Chorus i FRONT: Cary Blick, Secretary; Lessie Battle, Librarian; Mr. Harrington guides the fourth period Chorus through one Brenda Butler, President. BACK: Becky Guyer, Treasurer; more refrain of “Georgy Girl.” Diane Ruffin, Secretary; Francine Boone, Treasurer; Connie Lankford, Vice-President. Chorus stimulates students to further their singing abilities by teaching them to control volume and to sustain tone. Individual sections practice their parts until they achieve perfection; their voices are then blended to reach a maximum harmony and beauty. Through the year the Chorus stages programs for the enjoyment of both students and community. Memorial Day services and the Christmas concert provide outstanding tributes to the season. FIRST ROW: P. Bell, B. Hollowell, N. Baynard, A. Minetree, C. Smith, D. Kitchen, L. Ricks, M. Britt, S. Brown, G. Lassiter, C. Riddick, N. Thomas, P. Hunt, G. Owen, E. Jones, S. Townes, F. Boone, D. Holloway, J. Candie. SECOND ROW: C. Kitchen, S. Drake, D. Beale, J. Mason, K. Whitley, L. Councill, J. Olds. THIRD ROW: B. Guyer, C. Lankford, A. Councill, D. Barnes, C. Hodges, L. Johnston, J. Scott, D. Candie, R. Ricks, L. Grant, B. Butler, T. Stephenson, P. Bell, B. Overton, L. Battle, E. Hassett, J. Holt. FOURTH ROW: W. Harrison, R. Crum, M. Burton, D. Ruffin, C. Scott, C. Blick, S. Leonard, B. Jones, L. Kyle, R. Ashburn, B. Evans, E. Turner, V. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: L. Blow, G. Cutchins, J. Vann, G. Grant, M. Futrell, L. Roncinske, J. Joyner, B. Worrell, L. Johnson, M. Cooper, L. Fogan, A. Ashburn, A. Lawrence, H. Day, B. Harris, B. Lynn, G. Dunlow. 103 Band The Band each year strives for music appreciation through music application. Among their many activities are performances at halftime for all home football games, and participation in com- munity events. Concerts for the Student Body and the P.T.A. help round out their agenda. BAND OFFICERS. SEATED: Lucky Roncinske, Captain. STANDING: John Puffer, Podium Manager; Kay Lam- bert, Secretary-Treasurer; Harvey Darden, Uniform Manager; Connie Lankford, Lieutenant; Steve Bowman, Reporter. Kay Lambert Drum Majorette Banner Carriers are Brenda Banks and Cheryl Blythe. Mr. Barton Band Director Lucky Roncinske Drum Major FIRST ROW: J. Spence, S. Turner, B. Bryant, N. Cotton, M. Bunch, M. Smith, C. Lankford. SECOND ROW: S. Osborn, M. Futrell, J. Denson, D. Deshields, K. Lambert, R. Bailey, H. Darden, S. Lankford, M. Merritt, B. Vaughan, C. Joyner. THIRD ROW: N. Blythe, A. Bradshaw, C. Darden, W. Harrison, D. Campbell, R. Harris, M. Darden, T. Beaton, B. Mason, T. Campbell, T. Cutchins. STANDING: J. Grandy, D. Sawyer, D. Wimmer, L. Roncinske, K. Hall, D. Hudgins, J. Puffer, S. Bowman, Mr. Barton. 104 s Majorettes i Ginny Land Head Majorette Nancy Edwards Donna Deshields Francine Boone 105 Tina Stephenson Varsity Football STANDING: Coach Terry, Coach Sandidge, R. Lankford, J. Puffer, A. Stokes, D. Hudgins, A. Lane, L. Fogan, L. Blunt, L. Jones, H. Blow, K. Darden, G. Grant, B. Holt, Coach Felts, Coach Pearce. KNEELING: D. Joyner, D. Majette, G. Funkhouser, D. Baines, R. Chavis, L. Johnson, C. Kingery, W. Freeman, J. Jones, D. Vincent. SEATED: D. Peak, C. Osborn, G. Garland, J. Kannan.C. Martin, V. Beacham, P. Pearson, J. Beale, T. Bishop, J. Riddick, W. Britt, H. Ricks, M. Morris. 108 Pearson runs for considerable yardage. Franklin SCHEDULE 23 Weldon . . . . 6 Franklin 38 Suffolk . . . . 8 Franklin 60 Central . . . . 0 Franklin 32 Forest Glen . . . . 0 Franklin 75 Poquoson . . . . 0 Franklin 0 JohnYeates . ... 21 Franklin 40 Windsor . . . . 0 Franklin 36 Smith field . . . . 0 Franklin 30 Southampton . ... 21 Forfeit; legal score 0-1 Ricks heads for a first down. Seniors Chet Martin Co-Captain Marc Morris Glen Garland Danny Peak Joey Kannan Peter Pearson Holland Ricks Bobo Beacham Chris Osborn George Grant Taylor Bishop Wayne Britt (Not Pictured: James Riddick; James Beale, Co-Captain.) All District Durrell Majette First Team Peter Pearson Second Team Punter Dwight Joyner Second Team Quarterback Holland Ricks Second Team Defense Honorable Mention — All District Glen Garland Larry Fogan Donnie Baines Offense Defense Offense Alton Lane Linwood Johnson Marc Morris Taylor Bishop Offense Defense Defense Defense Not Pictured - Janes Beale (All District - 2nd Team - Running Back). Osborn pounds opponent. Beale babies the ball! Joyner on the quarterback sneak. Pearson punts in vain. Hootie makes two! Teammates clap Beale over from the one-yard line. Varsity Basketball STANDING: Coach Pearce, M. Murray, L. Hedgepeth, R. Patterson, D. Joyner, R. Chavis, C. Baker, M. Burton, D. Majette, Coach Wallace. KNEELING: B. Cornwell, C. Lee, W. Washington, H. Ricks, D. Rabil, W. Britt, D. Johnson, G. Grant, M. Beale, A. Stokes. 114 Seniors In Action 115 Franklin High School Broncos 1971 Peanut District Champions + and ¥ Tournament Champions — All District Broncos — Wayne Britt William Washington George Grant Windsor REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE 111-54 Southampton 66-57 Southampton 78-56 Windsor 58-56 Northampton 85-44 Northampton 74-56 Gloucester 101-48 Gloucester 62-60 Forest Glen 67-54 Forest Glen 84-70 Suffolk 68-58 Suffolk 77-57 Smithfield 71-70 Smith field 75-60 John Yeates 73-56 John Yeates 81-54 Central 100-48 Central 82-42 Franklin won. TOURNAMENT SCORES Southampton 73-50 Windsor 66-51 Smithfield 58-55 Seniors Mac Beale Wayne Britt David Rabil Co-Captain Co-Captain George Grant Holland Ricks William Washington David Johnson Hootie moves in for two. 117 Stop him, David! Don’t touch me! Hootie gets it again. 118 J An easy two points. Anybody’s ball! Get up! 119 Girl ' s Basketball STANDING: Sheba Pope, Frankie Majette, Brenda Candie, Yvonne Williams, Margo Sykes, Shelia Baxter, Mary Jones, Vanessa Hoskie, Janice Candie, Linda Eley, Mimi Black, Mrs. Wilkins. KNEELING: Betty Bryant, Marjorie Harrell, Sylvia Cutler, Valaida Taylor, Maria Jones. Mrs. Wilkins Girl’s Basketball Coach SCHEDULE Windsor 71-15 Western Branch 51-46 Forest Glen 76-35 Suffolk 48-27 John Yeates 52-38 Western Branch 50-37 Windsor 53-37 Smithfield 57-42 Forest Glen 60-29 Suffolk 51-24 John Yeates 58-36 Smithfield 63-32 Franklin won 120 1971 Bronkettes Betty Bryant Sylvia Cutler Co-Captain Co-Captain Maria Jones Marjorie Harrell Valaida Taylor Concentrate! 121 I want to take you higher! Fight for the rebound! Margo Sykes on defense! Maria Jones warms up! Bronkettes jump to another victory! Bronkettes are undefeated!! 122 Before The Game. The Start of the Game. The End Results. 123 Katie Whitley Varsity Basketball Co-Captain: Varsity Football Varsity Football Co-Captain: Varsity Basketball 124 - H ' -■CO 53 CATHY GRETTUM Varsity Football Varsity Basketball JOAN BLYTHE Varsity Football Varsity Basketball SANDRA BAXTER Varsity Football 125 CAROLYN BONDURANT Varsity Basketball CONNIE RAWLINGS Varsity Basketball LINDA LUPTON Varsity Lootball Varsity Basketball RENEE MARTIN Varsity Basketball 126 MARJORIE HARRELL Varsity Football NELL BAYNARD Varsity Lootball (Alternate) 127 JAN ELEY Varsity Football (Alternate) F.H.S. Baseball Team Captures FRONT ROW: W. Burton, A. Stokes, J. Mason, W. Washington, J. Puffer, M. Gunn, G. Dunlow, J. Riddick. SECOND ROW: Coach Felts, C. Baker, D. Pittman, D. Rose, W. Hasenei, W. Day, C. Gayle, M. Beale, J. Beale. THIRD ROW: L. Hedgepeth, W. Britt, G. Lane, D. Magette. A player’s batting average is determined by his participation in games with other area schools. 130 Peanut District Championship Batting practice is a necessity for successful results during a game. SCHEDULE Many hours of practice are required for an ace pitcher. Murfreesboro 8-7 Greenville County 6-0 Murfreesboro 1 6-2 Gates County 6-5 Northampton 8-4 Gloucester 4-0 Forest Glen 7-4 Suffolk 16-3 Suffolk 16-3 Italics indicate conference games. There was plenty of action for Coach Felts as he urged the boys to victory. Smithfield 17-5 John Yeates 3-1 Southampton 5-0 Central 11-6 Forest Glen 5-3 Southampton 4-3 Windsor 8-0 Park View (Regional Play-off) 10-0 Franklin won. Behind-the-plate action was always at its peak. 131 71 — Best Season Yet For FRONT ROW: D. Baines, D. Whitley, R. Comet, C. Dameron, B. Young. SECOND ROW: L. Blow, B. Bailey, L. Johnson, C. Osborn, D. Johnson, D. Whitehead, P. Pearson, D. Peak, Coach Lucas. 1971 FHS Record Holders Albert Ashburn long jump 20’5’A” triple jump 42’4” 100 yard dash 9.9 John Banks discus Chris Osborn pole vault (tied previous record) 10’ Holland Ricks Tim Duck, Kessler 220 yard dash 22.5 Darden, Albert Ashburn, Holland Ricks half mile relay team 1:35.8 The relay races at the various track meets were well taken by the F.H.S. trackmen. 132 Bronco Trackmen Chet displays his winning high-hurdle form. Good shot-put form is necessary for desirable results. Clearing the top in the pole vault comes easy for some. Coaches Nelson and Lucas often consulted their mascot for winning tips. 1971-1972 SCA Officers Chosen President Constance Lankford Vice-President John Puffer Secretary Pam Gardner Treasurer David Sawyer Reporter Steven Bowman New Cheerleaders Co-captain Jan Eley Connie Rawlings Ann Dodson Edward Epps Sheila Lawrence Girls State and Boys State Representatives Angelee Godbold Constance Lankford Larry Hedgepeth Madison Eley Wayne Hasenei 134 Tri-Hi- Y Celebrates Anniversary The Franklin High School Tri-Hi-Y celebrated its twentieth anniversary on April 21, 1971. Organized in 1951, the chapter has continually been of service to school and community. To commemorate the event, a banquet was held in the cafeteria of Franklin High School. Fifteen of the charter members attended, and a number of past presidents were present. Officers for the coming year were installed, and Reverend Potter, ministerial advisor to the chapter, provided spiritual inspiration. In addition to a tray, Miss Eubank received a YMCA plaque for her service to youth. At the end of the banquet a cake was served which symbolized the two decades of selfless work by the Tri-Hi-Y. The 20th anniversary banquet drew a large crowd of Tri-Hi-Y members and their mothers. Carolyn Bondurant, newly elected President of the Tri-Hi-Y, is presented with a gavel from former President Penny Beale. Miss Eubank is presented with a beautiful silver tray from the members of the Tri-Hi-Y. “Peace”, a local folk group, provides the entertainment. 135 Rev. Potter gives an inspiring talk and devotions to the crowd. The ceiling proves to be a real challenge for these busy Juniors, Charles and Allen. Junior Senior Prom — 1971 an enchanted evening in The music of the “Echoes of Soul” resounding from the castle walls provides the perfect setting for Camelot. All seem to fully enjoy themselves. The music is good, the decorations, beautiful . . . David and Ginny have even found something funny to laugh about. The Lord and Lady of Camelot with their steed Joey seems to have found a girlfriend, add a touch of royalty to the surroundings. The dance floor was crowded with lots of dancers. The wishing well is a fitting place for Nell and Ann to The teachers who chaperone can not resist relax between dances. doing a few of their own steps. I Highlights 71 . . . An Eventful Year. New Addition To F.H.S. Windsor Debate Tournament Mr. Lucas’s Mod Window Lunchroom Parties 1 DRIVER EDUCATION FRANKLIN CITY SCHOOLS Drivers’ Education Course ) First Came The Fun Of Class Night Excited seniors crowd the halls with eager anticipation of the night ahead. The Laugh-In skits are complete with “the party” and even the hilarious Gifts are presented to each graduating senior - characters. some funny, some serious. 140 There is a glint of happiness in the senior crowd. Then The Solemnity Of Baccalaureate A tense throng awaits its orders to line up. With the majority smiling, and some shedding tears, the procession starts. The Time: June 10, 1971 — 8:00 P.M. There is much preparation and intense excitement before the final procession. Joey Kannan, president of the class, gives the welcoming address. Wendell institutes a final bow to Mrs. Thorpe as A dignifi ed group of seniors wait patiently to be presented their diplomas, his “career” at F.H.S. ends. Mr. Davis gives out the diplomas. Mr. Galloway awards school and community scholarships to lucky graduates. 1 The Place: Y MCA Athletic Field The Event: Graduation! CI7 2U1 a itejifiincj ±tone . . . 3oz ±ome, tlieiz time fiai. come bejoze. 3oz otfiezi, tbeiz time ujtll come, but foz alb. . . LT z£ _ t r 2 £ bJt fj± ' oclutj Sunrise, Sunset What you’re born with is what you get Let your fear just pass away, then your love will fill your days 1 know . . . . . . The time it is today, and we must find our way My heart it clearly states, the answer’s not in hate I once believed that love was but a dream But now I know that love’s a flowing stream They’re lying, killing, they’re pushing their rules They tell me the prophets all were just fools But I know different and I won’t be used It’s they that are lost, it’s they are confused Sunrise, Sunset What you’re born with is what you get All your world is all your fears They don’t change, but pass in years I know 143 Russ Giguere Beechwood Music Corp. Advertisements 562-9916 Fred Rabil, prop. 4 FRED’S RESTAURANT GOOD Food and Service 107 S. Main St FRANKLIN. VA. GULF CENTRAL SERVICE John Galloway, Proprietor Fourth Avenue and Franklin St. Franklin, Virginia Dial LOgan 2-3334 Compliments of JONES DRUG CO. BRACEY QUALITY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning — Shirts Laundered Pick Up And Delivery Dial L02-4565 MEADOWBROOK SERVICE CENTER South Pretlow Sts. Matthew Turner, Prop. Phone 562-4528 South Street Jimmie Bracey Compliments of 4-J FARMS GEORGE ALLEN APPLIANCE CORP. Sales Service 302 North Main St. Franklin, Va. 23851 LOgan 5-4250 Phone 562-4292 Hardware HUNTERDALE HOME SUPPLY Houseware - Gifts — Appliances - Art Supplies Sedley Road Franklin, Va. 23851 comolete heating comfort with our Gttlf housewarming service Enjoy carefree heating comfort . . . yet pay no more! CALL L0-2-3115 Equipment Service Plan Automatic Delivery Equal Monthly Payments Gulf Solar Heat S. W. RAWLS, INC. heating oil Franklin, Virginia LO-2-3115 to the graduating class SUFFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS ST. REGIS Franklin, Virginia Phones 358-1516 358-1517 J. L. CULPEPPER CO., INC. 1601 Roseneath Road Richmond, Va. KEETER ELECTRIC CO. P.O. Box 55 Franklin, Virginia MOMENTS TO REMEMBER GRADUATION, the SENIOR PROM, HOMECOMING these highlights are among the school events you will remember . . . and have read about in pages of the award-winning TIDEWATER NEWS Published Monday and Thursday Franklin, Virginia Office Supplies Commercial Printing Office Equipment FROZEN FOODS AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIES We Supply Food for Schools, Churches, and Home Freezers It’s Got A Lot To Give! Phone Export 7-3427 2323 King Street Portsmouth, Va. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. 726 N. Main St. Dial 634-3216 Emporia, Va. V ■ , ® y|V cO» irSi? ' V O £ 2 60 v . ' J x u tS ' S L . hJ2o • Si 7 v 4 We’re not the only bank . I Cfn town. C v ' And we don’t forget it. I VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK 148 i HANCOCK PEANUT CO. ■JBait ivy Cal .CK Uo »11ncK 11 HANCOCK PEANUT CO. WHITLEY HARDWARE Maxie Day, Proprietor DRAKE TIRE COMPANY, INC. M pwj ! MOTOROLA i. Building Material Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Sporting Goods Glidden Paints Franklin, Virginia JO S PLACE CUTCHINS SERVICE 2 1 1 South Main Street Franklin, Virginia Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Waxing, Accessories Road Service — Phone Lo2-3017 East Second Avenue Franklin, Virginia (A jjR N) Best Wishes From Compliments of W YS R (Franklin Broadcasting Corp.) -1250 K.C. 1,000 Watts W. J. M. Holland Sons Franklin Virginia Franklin, Virginia Compliments of GANT WORLD S FAMOUS SHIRT Doorway To A Man’s World RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. I Hastings 9 Inc • j Men ' s and Ladies ' Wear f 1. Cl 206 N. Main St. Franklin, Va. PARKER DRUG CO. Compliments of “The Rexall Drug Store” Franklin’s largest most modern drug store BLYTHE FORD INC. Franklin, Virginia L Compliments of %OSES Modern Luncheonette Franklin, Virginia TART PHARMACY (Franklin’s Friendly Drug Store) 15 West Second Ave. Franklin, Virginia Phone: 562-5148 Compliments of ROSE BROTHERS JEWELERS Brady ' s Jewel Box Diamond Center Gifts for all occasions Franklin, Virginia DARDEN OIL COMPANY, INC. Distributors American Oil Products Franklin Virginia Compliments of KILBY ' S FLOWER SHOP PANTON AND LACKLAND CO.. INC. Sporting Goods and Toys Record Shop LOgan 2-4578 Franklin, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS OF 1971 DARDEN FARMS Franklin, Virginia CONGRATUL ATIONS and BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS OF 1971 DOYLE JONES CHEVROLET, INC. Franklin, Virginia CTtarqarel ' UJeJV -bw=» bo6 been a pnsd-k, cpacl ecr, .I’m C cd e e a-Vle tiered -tuja c o££e£ . HlG be orh ec q« X ' U be Qi 5mcr+ q£ cu m Tn ' cj. doss, Std o T act f c on(=L of 7 2 Cjrede 4 and 6e dr etd (} r( m -tbo Jun or c oi , yCo pi n-h , m j » i • i ?» p ‘»BT. ' «iiaBi v ' ; « .Mt. JK (T } - .1 ' lie 1 .u V (C 0 3 j fo V ' J? a Je5 .V ,w.i w r v- J lo ' r ap prM -- — 3 ,- • m Mm fj AjXL " j=J J ) M y Tie coming years bring you great happiness! c f l " i Lffl j ' d Seaboard National c o D J (MO UO ) United Virginia Bank Franklin Office FUTRELL ' S PHARMACY M. T. Futrell and M. T. Futrell, Jr. Courtland, Va. 653-3731 Compliments of DAIRY QUEEN Charcoal and Grill South St. Franklin, Va. Compliments of MIDWAY GROCERY Bill Joyner, Owner Your Early American Headquarters THE WAVERLY SHOP Open Daily 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. For Evening Appointments Call Collect Store 34461 — Home 3-3346 Courtland, Va. Phone 653-1341 Courtland, Va. MITCHELL’S SUPER MARKET MURPHY S MOTORS Located 5 Miles West of Franklin On US 58 P.O. Box 203 William C. Murphy Franklin, Va. Owner 23851 Compliments of FRANKLIN-SOUTHAMPTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Highway 58 East Courtland, Va. P.O. Box 43 CARTER SONS, INC. 101 S. Main St. Franklin, Va. G. FEDE RESTAURANT ITALIAN HOME COOKING Suffolk Shopping Center Suffolk , V irginia ANDY COSTA 539 9665 Kentucky fried thicken. Franklin Incorporated Phone 562-2307 KESSLER ATHLETIC SUPPLY 153 3620 Western Branch Blvd. Portsmouth, Va. 23707 School Team Suppliers of Fine Athletic Equipment SMITH JEWELERS Compliments of Gifts of Distinction Franklin Virginia JOHNSON CONWELL Compliments of D D AUTO SUPPLY Compliments of FARMER ' S PRODUCE CO. BLYTHE’S SELF-SERVICE Hunterdale Franklin Virginia Armstrong Floors Franklin, Virginia Compliments of TOWN COUNTRY CREDIT DEPT. STORE TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SHOP Franklin, Va. Easiest Terms in Town WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Herbert Lewis, Jr. “The Family Store” Phone 562-3707 Franklin, Va. COUNCILL’S FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP Compliments of ROYC. DUKE, JR. Sales Representative Sears, Roebuck Co. Franklin, Virginia G. H. STEINHARDT CO., INC. Hardware — Sporting Equipment — Paints Housewares Franklin, Va. Phone 562-3385 FRANKLIN GAS SERVICE OTIS SMITH INTERIOR DECORATING Wallpaper and Paints tex co L. P 1 J GAS General Painting — Contractor 562-3791 Franklin, Va. Bottled Gas LUPTON ELECTRIC COMPANY hwy ss east Phone 562-2561 FRANKLIN, VA. B. M. WHITE Electrical Contracting 509 South St. at Chestnut St. Franklin Va. Call 562-3561 Compliments of META’S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of VIRLINA HOMES, INC. Compliments of RUSSELL GAYLE, JR. 309 East Second Avenue Phone 562-2141 Franklin, Va. Compliments of FRANKLIN TEXACO All Compliments of A FRIEND FRANKLIN TEXACO u Uku Congratulations to Class of 1971 % (jCfas PcrV-l y a - . y cl « „ Compliments of 0 A ?yy t fTV fatjjlAJU) ] Lofa- ■%i3, tituuw. nift tFRI(NKLtN LOGGER 4 r fafaZ yy Z y trisf Z’tfay yto CydytAZ W H f ■ fay , , ' Pj ■A . Franklin EquipmorrkCd any «, ••• C 0 ' O, V " °y P.O.Box fay fa -V V ' v Franklin„Virginia JT fC 2 , ' N ' W£ {PN s J Z f y ' - ' ■ x i A yv J Vs ' JC ' rjl pj You are on your way. Best wishes w ,V ' i ' 10 . - , , t Tto the Class of ’7 1 from Aji ’ r V V ' Union Camp 1 A,% V ' y ' ' 0 $$ oA„, . v $ VV 1 TS DIVISION D CTS DIWUpN ftr ■ p : Come see the making of power Vepco’s first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlook- ing the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Sat- urday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. Vepco more power to you ... at less cost Benjamin Moore A paints Franklin, Virginia CITY PAINT SUPPLY 1 1 2 Second Avenue Franklin, Virginia 23851 562-2147 Peebles FRANKLIN, VIRGINIA 23851 Most For Your Money The Annual Staff would like to extend its special thanks to Eric Dentler, photographer; Mr. Angus Hines; and the TIDEWATER NEWS for their support and aid. We assure you that without their help our task would have been immensely harder. FRIENDS AT BALFOUR The Craftsmen who made Your Class Ring a Masterpiece and CHARLES G. MOTLEY - CHARLES G. BROWN 31 10 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 ww Join in Sending Their Q C L Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL „ , 1 7 ) A, y V K ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS • C l U B INSIGNIA • MEDALS • TROPHIES PLAQUES DIPLOMAS ’ COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Autographs -r , , j MT i+ reo n Lf has fun 4A)s year- b , Qrh 0nC j , )n Ve s P 06 closz (that U)as or - fun). Uou x ° er ,at 9 " l- Thants r hip,™ and jcr do nGj r y ay-oofs 6?p Ljoo Tvs Sorno COwa o»u V? ncd o t (’On you Vt bclnocj J Jar) A- CJ jLrU- WU M j t , I OO rZ]Ldj — Autographs nr KAo , d J A- Mr Ji - Lir yjl0 w . cPol+ ' ' 4 m I ' Wy 4 fc Oi) j QO 3 ittA - ' £ohitO ij UJ 1AJ e, cJJh • rryyr LV jLd 3 y 0u, _ 7 Z 7- _j — " :J ' w 7 : % 159 ' V f. J ' flW ' G X , • 6 ' X X., XW l a l v ' vX (A- 1 ' y J jf j - w +i V VA A n A X ' A -7 ' a n X ' X Autographs , f LA ■ ■•- ' ■ " ■ m w . AAv M AA t ' yo j x ) XX ; X AC (0 J yA 6 - 4 - AX Lfl-Wvfil X fo crjj Ajlo_ . (femm(ii u! xX Qy r , V a X je A A XVV ° X oX a i ' 6 t a A ' aAa „„, tf ' X AAyC ' ' ' v ;W |y yjj y X AfajuJ- aXX (yJTtu pX [yxi , wuio ( P3 IjSbcr W ' 160 | 24 tf iSi f o (crvt thi- dosS r LuL ? Cc jitiQlItj zUsl uykicL uUJjy] uo JOfU. dUc( ■ J) Lap?- 1(60 . Imx S s im mA to Ao l; J) ' M fJ-M i4tao( fa. i hjO ' lH ksuK t6 AjoJUby ykoJj. iJji 6?fV (■ S cti £ tc{ 0JDLL( . 2)or i Ot fM L d ' tAdO-fj ' L . — A ..Sift

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