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THE LOG published by the Student Body of T j- OviQAAjd ' , kO ‘rr+- tn KfLel JLtj rttia i ) d .V (yn n aJ nunJH o oto (J) oyoy L %rw»lXA (n+loyj ' t.t.dtaoo. V |K ajJaL J UokstMfr FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOC Z ' cJLuJy. Franklin, Vi rginia £ ' - , OUR ALMA MATER Here’s to Franklin’s Alma Mater Gold against the sky; Here’s to Franklin’s Alma Mater As the years go by Forward on to victory March right down the field; Here’s to Franklin’s Alma Mater We must never yield. T 2 Classes Events Activities Athletics Advertisements There are many types of keys . . . keys to open doors, safes, lockers, and ignitions. Franklin High School offers a special set of keys— keys that open doors to success. They will open the doors to knowledge, cooperation, and a fullness of life. Yet these doors cannot be opened without some effort from the student. Hard work, self-discipline, a desire to do better, and a positive attitude must excel in the individual if he is to crack any of these doors. If he accepts the challenges and opportunities that are placed before him, success will most likely come his way; but if idleness and lack of desire to do well are traits of a student, that goal is not so easy to attain. Franklin High School offers keys in academic, vocational, and social studies; but it is up to each individual to strive toward his goal. 4 THE ANNUAL STAFF SEATED: N. Kitchen, G. Doughty, S. Hancock, S. Cotton, N. Land, D. Kingery, L. Lankford, C. Lloyd, D. Campbell, D. Scott, P. Kitchen. STANDING: B. King, B. Robertson, C. Lankford, C. Porter, C. Smith, J. Holt, J. Rabil, C. Kingery, J. Kannon, J. Galloway, P. Watson, C. Beaman, C. Johnson, J. Burrow, A. Phillips, T. Cotton, M. Jones, S. Lowe. Editor Theme Editors Administration Editor . . Senior Class Editor . . . . Class Editors Events Editors Activity Editors Athletics Editors Picture Manager Photographers Proofreader Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Business Staff . .Donna Kingery . . .Janet Burrow Pat Watson . . . Patti Kitchen . . . .Chris Lloyd . .Candy Beamon Cecilia Porter . Linda Lankford Dale Scott .Cynthia Johnson Allene Phillips . . . Joey Kannon Johnnie Rabil . . . .Susan Lowe Johnny Galloway Maria Jones . . Teressa Cotton . . . Nancy Land . . . . Jewell Holt . Suzanne Cotton Gwen Doughty Susan Hancock Becky King Nancy Kitchen Connie Lankford Beth Robertson Carolyn Smith Mrs. Prudence B. Thorpe Editorial Sponsor Donna Kingery Editor Nancy Land Business Manager F. H. S. OFFERS KEYS r aryjyd W A, X+QaJl b Wx c kz 60 QXQmv -V M — vv .Wyv A- -£L (9, i f J 6 Student Life But, Jan, what seems to be the problem? Nancy, I told you to give me the magazine! Magazines are greatly in demand when students write research themes. Cynthia, do you have the feeling that someone is following us? Some students who arrive early may have this feeling in the almost deserted halls. Did you say I couldn’t sew? That is not true of the girls in home economics classes. A Murfreesboro Devil disrupts a pep rally. May I have a lick, Danny? Could this be a sucker from a Christmas decoration, Danny? F.H.S. OFFERS KEYS GUIDANCE COOPERATION SPORTSMANSHIP TO SUCCESS THROUGH APPRECIATION COURSES KNOWING PEOPLE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Clubs Add to The Hi-Y check in coats at the home basketball games. The members of the Tri-Hi-Y collected for the Community at school. The Hi-Y, along with the Tri-Hi-Y, is a young men’s Christian association in high school committed to a Christian purpose. The Hi-Y is affiliated with the YMCA in the community. The club’s purpose is to create, maintain, and extend better standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y does a variety of projects throughout the school year. The members are responsible for giving devotions each Monday morning. These boys also check coats and hats at the door at basketball games. Linda and Chris fill envelopes with T. B. seals. Devotions are given by members of the Tri-Hi-Y clubs each Monday. The Tri-Hi-Y is a girl’s Christian organization formed to help the school and the community by participating in varied projects. The members give devotions with a Hi-Y member each Monday morning. The girls prepared a Christmas basket for a needy family. It’s members “stuff’ envelopes which were sent to the residents of the town containing T. B. seals. The Tri-Hi-Y also collected money for the Community Fund at school. The programs of this club’s meetings are interesting and varied. 10 School Life limmy shows his beautiful legs as he parades across the stage in the Mr. Beautiful Contest. Wayne Jones, president of the F.B.L.A. works at the book store each morning selling school supplies. The F.B.L.A. is the club of the Future Business Leaders of America. This organization helps to encourage students to become leaders in the world of business. It had many interesting projects throughout the year. It presented a skit for the visiting Windsor F.B.L.A. The Mr. Beautiful contest is a highlight of the year. Sponsored by the F.B.L.A., contestants in the contest are football players who model their beautiful physiques. The one with the largest amount of money is crowned Mr. Beautiful of the year. S ' Posters are made on Thursday afternoon for the big football game Jewel and Becky use team work as they cut the posters to be placed Friday. around school. The Pep Club is a very active group of the school. This club helps promote the spirit of F.FLS. by making posters before football games to be placed around the school and also by decorating the goalposts at the football field before each home game. During basketball season the Pep Club decorates the gymnasium by placing long posters on the walls. At all times the members sit together at games and promote spirit. This year the members of this club also started a flash card section. The students involved in this group displayed these colorful cards at many of the football games played at our field. 1 1 Varied Clubs Help The Beta Club helps students disci- pline themselves by trying to maintain an average of 90 or above. While this is one requirement, a Beta member must have worthy character, a commendable attitude, and be approved by the head of the school. The purposes of the club are to stimulate effort, to reward achievement, and to encourage members to continue their education after high school. This club sponsors various pro- jects throughout the year to pay for their chaperone’s trip to the National Beta Club convention. Susan consults Miss Evans about the varied projects of the Beta Club. The F.H.A. is the club of the Future Homemakers of America. These girls take home economics and learn the various homemaking aspects. Each morning a F.H.A. member is responsible for preparing the coffee to be placed in the teachers’ lounge. These girls do many other activities such as serving refreshments at faculty meetings, pre- paring meals for invited guests, and collecting for UNICEF on Halloween night. Other than cooking, these mem- bers learn to sew their own clothes. F.H.A. members place the coffee for the teachers in the lounge before school. The Library Club is an organization consisting of girls who are interested in the various phases of library work. Most members assist Mrs. Gadberry in the library. They are active during their study halls, at lunch periods, and after school. These girls learn the many tech- niques of keeping a library in order. The club meets once a month and has very interesting programs. One of special interest was a talk by Susan Hancock of her trip to Europe. At another meeting the experienced members taught the incoming members the different aspects of the library work. Connie Babb seems to be studying while she has a free minute as she assists Mrs. Gadberry in the library. 12 Develop Our Potential The Varsity Club consists of students who have lettered in a Varsity sport or activity. The members of this club operate the popcorn and coke machines at football and basketball games. Also, this club sees that ropes are in place at the basketball games in the gymnasium to make sure no one steps on the court. The Varsity Club purchases some of the trophies that are presented to the varsity sports players. This club does various ot her things to help the different sports activities. Members of the Varsity Club work at the concession stand at a basketball game. The Quill and Scroll Club is an organization of junior and senior students who have con- tributed to the field of journalism or in the business aspect of the school’s publications. The members of this club, who must be in the upper third of their class, are responsible for making a booklet containing poems, composi- tions, and other contributions from students. These booklets are mimeographed and distri- buted to the contributors, faculty members, and other interested people. Quill and Scroll members work on the school publications during the year. The Interact Club meets before school every second Tuesday of the month. The members of the club are selected on the basis of trust- worthiness, scholarship, leadership, and charac- ter. The members solicit people to donate blood to the blood mobile. In this way the club can help the community. The Interact Club meets for a short while during the morning for a business meeting. Public : — , WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1 969 Susan and Candy consult Mrs. Thorpe after school. Allene completes a layout for the next deadline. ifions FRARkUR HIGH SCHOOL Paula writes her article for the Bronco Bulletin. Mrs. Thorpe reads over the recent issue of the school newspaper. S.C.A. ACTIVITY During Christmas the S.C.A. sponsors the door decorations. A Presidential election was held at school. The student-faculty game was a very successful S.C.A. project. 16 Homecoming is the highlight of S.C.A. activity during the year Mathematics and Science Open Doors To Logical Reasoning and Research The graph board in algebra helps students to understand the course The general science class learns about the world around them, better. A geometry student works a proof on the board. Students find the instruments in the lab to be very helpful in the course. 17 Social Studies and English Open Doors The use of the earphones in French helps students to understand the language better. Miss Eubank shows Diane the correct way to write the Latin sentence. to Communication and Cultural Appre ciation The students in the government classroom make bulletin boards to illustrate what they are studying. The globe is a useful tool in World Geography class. The students in U. S. History study the past in order to better their future. 19 Vocational Courses Open Doors Typing students learn to concentrate on their work. A shorthand student illustrates the symbols used in the course. The business law class learns more about the business world. 20 To Job Opportunities The F.B.L.A., the club of the business students, demonstrates projects of the club. The general business class puts up the bulletin board in the business class. Drafting teaches students the techniques in architecture. 21 and Attractive Living Industrial art students learn to construct things with their hands. Home Economics teaches students to be homemakers. 22 i Physical Education Encourages Sportsmanship A very active department in our school is our physical education program. All high school students are required to take three years of this excellent training. Physical exercise is combined with a variety of sports from football and basketball to hockey and speedball. This course offers a wide range of activities in which any student can excel. Good sportsmanship and team spirit are greatly emphasized in the hope that it may later benefit the student. Besides involving themselves in the strenuous activities in gym class, the department also stresses the use of proper hygiene. The student learns how his body functions and how by rest, exercise, and food he can keep it functioning properly. Courses in driver’s education, sex education, and first aid are taught. It is the department’s goal to instill good sportsmanship, to encourage sound mental and physical habits, and to provide wholesome recreation for all its students. A jump is taken during the game. Jan and Diane start the game off by a jump in the center of the court. 23 Appreciation Courses The band strives for perfection. The chorus practices to perfect their selections. 24 Enrich Students The library is filled with activity each morning. The reference books in the library are used often. al f 1 r ■ ■ i t lk BT ■ w J gillp ■■■?,- ’ ' By i H Jk Art students learn to express themselves creatively. 25 THE OFFICE STAFF The administration is a very important key in the running of a school. Mr. Davis and Mr. Lassiter head this group. Helping them is Mrs. Hundley, who works to aid students overcome their problems and to help make plans for their future. Mrs. Rawls, who works industriously typing, filing, and doing all manners of other jobs, is another important member of this staff. These members help us in many respects. Mrs. Hunkley takes time out from her schedule for a picture. Mrs. Rawls works busily completing the work of a routine day. 26 The Custodial and Lunchroom Staffs Work Diligently The custodial staff helps to give the students the needed environment for Fred, our oldest member of the staff, brings the study. mail in. The work of the custodial staff requires many tiring hours. Long after the school day ends these people continue to work to make our school look like the lovely school it is. The floors are kept clean, the windows are kept shining, and the blackboards are washed. The custodial staff helps greatly in creating a much more pleasant environment for study. The school’s student body owes much to these workers. The cafeteria staff works hard to prepare nourishing meals for the students. The cafeteria staff works industriously to prepare wholesome meals for the students. For convenience and variety two different plates are served each day. Mrs. Cox and her staff work diligently to prepare the most economical and nourishing meals so that the students can better greet the rest of the day. The students consider this group of workers a very important part of the school. The Community and School On November 26, the annual football banquet was held in the school cafeteria. The purpose of the occasion was to recognize the out- standing players on the football team. About one hundred-fifty play- ers, parents, and fans were present to hear Mr. Ed Booth, the Norfolk Neptunes offensive coach and for- mer coach of Franklin High School. His speech on the experiences he has had as coach for a professional ball team was as interesting as it was informative. Coach Mathews addresses those attending the annual football banquet. The Parent Teachers Association is a volunteer organization that unites the forces of home, school, and community on behalf of chil- dren and youth. The Parent Teach- ers Association offers a variety of entertaining programs. Often an in- teresting person, may be a top political figure or even a teacher in our own high school, speaks at these programs. The band and chorus add greatly to the programs as does the annual open house. The PTA is an important key in maintaining the good relationship of the school. Mr. Vess talks to the parents at open house. The Interact Club is an organiza- tion sponsored by the Franklin Rotary Club. Each fourth Thursday night the Interact members meet and have interesting programs. Dr. Birdsong, a Rotary Club member, attends these meetings and helps the club with their problems. The Interact Club sponsors several com- munity projects during the year. Buddy and Bob leave for the Rotary luncheon they are to attend. 28 Work Together One of the many community services in which our school partici- pates is the annual March of Dimes Drive. This year the promoters of the drive were members of the Beta Club. Each morning a member of this group collected the day’s con- tributions from each homeroom. After the money had been totaled, the results were posted on the hall bulletin board. Many students con- tibuted to this worthy drive. A student checks the daily March of Dimes record which was posted in the hall. One of the strongest bonds be- tween the school and the commu- nity is found in the Hospital Aide Group. Here, school, hospital, scout- ing, and community people are all involved in one important activity. Approximately sixty FHS girls are involved in this scouting adventure. In two years they have totaled over 2,000 hours of service to the hospi- tal. These girls do all types of jobs from filling water pitchers to help- ing serve patients’ meals. Teressa, Connie, and Dell leave school for work at the hospital. An important link between the school and the community is the weekly night classes. The classes, bookkeeping and typing, are taught by Mrs. Hundley, Mrs. Smith, and some guest teachers. At present seven FHS students and several adults are benefiting from this ex- cellent training. The class meets once a week for one and a half hours. A fall and a spring semester have been offered for three years, but little interest has been shown in the fall class. Forty hours, collected through January to April, is re- quired to pass the course. Night class students work diligently to perfect their typing skills. 29 Varied Phases ■ The hard-working majorettes take time out to pose for a picture. Students read the new issue of the Bronco Bulletin during lunch. Coach Mathews presents Jimmy with a football award. The students decorate the tree in the front hall as the Christmas season approaches. Linda Lankford presents Mr. Durrette a gift during an assembly for the help he gave the Pep Club. 30 Fans anxiously await the outcome of the game. EhmmI of School Life Future chemists of America seem to be taking it easy. What seems to be so funny, Peter? Yes, Candy. What were you trying to say? 31 Marge, what kind of look do you call that? The administration offers keys to understanding, guidance, and knowledge . . . helpful hints given to the club groups or to newspaper and annual staffs . . . the tired feeling after correcting tests . . . numberless piles of books on desks . . . repeated answering of questions . . . hearing brisk announcements over the intercom . . . listening to constant chatter . . . the feeling of accomplishment when a student begins to understand . . . hurrying to complete grades on report cards . . . feeling happiness along with the graduating 32 Administration SUPERINTENDENT Mr. W. B. Blanks ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Thomas Lassister SECRETARY Mrs. Ann L. Rawls PRINCIPAL Mr. Lewis H. Davis LIBRARIAN Mrs. Olive C. Gadberry it GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. Romine C. Hundley SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Joseph P. King, Jr. Mr. Francis E. Clark Mr. Elvin Vaughan Mrs. Robert E. Watson Mr. Robert A. Moore, Jr. Orchids To In this the last year of Miss Evans’ teaching career, it is with nostalgia that we remember her as an English teacher, a director of senior plays, a sponsor of the Beta Club, and a friend. Those who worked with her will long remember her words of advice. We are glad to have this opportunity to express our thanks to a devoted teacher. Relaxing in the lounge Miss Elizabeth Evans Surprised in the cafeteria At home at the desk Music and Art Mr. Edwin Barton Miss Anita M. McBride As band and chorus director, Mr. Barton furthers the education of the musical-minded. He has much to be proud of, as the band returns from band festivals with excellent ratings. Mr. Barton puts in many hours outside of class, practicing with the band for half-time activities at the football games, PTA meetings, memorial services, band concerts, and parades. He also practices with the chorus for cantatas and plays. Art in its third year at Franklin High School offers students an opportunity to express themselves more effectively with their hands. Art students take pride in their work, as one can see by noticing the exhibit cases in the halls of our school. These students make the halls of Franklin High a more attractive school. Miss McBride instructs the classes of Art I and II. “Let’s practice that piece again,” Mr. Barton tells the band. Miss McBride is quite a Mona Lisa herself. 36 Mrs. Elizabeth T. Cotton Mr. Gary Rinehart Mrs. Kitty M. Vann Mathematics is the science of numbers and quantity. Without it we would not be equipped to face the demands of the world today, for we use mathematics in some form every day. Through the Math 1 and II courses, students learn to understand quantities expressed by numbers. Mr. Rinehart teaches the Math I and Math II classes. Mrs. Cotton teaches one class of Math I. Algebra classes learn to work with symbols which represent numbers in regular operations. Mrs. Vann and Mrs. Cotton provide this knowledge. Both of the teachers teach Algebra I and II. Mrs. Cotton sponsors the majorettes. Geometry concerns the treatment of space relationships and quantities associated with figures in space. Our assistant principal, Mr. Lassiter, instructs the geometry students. Trigonometry students study the measurement and relationship of angles. Mrs. Vann teaches advanced algebra and trigonometry. Taking time out from her classroom work, Mrs. Cotton works a crossword puzzle. Mrs. Vann helps Mikey solve a trigonometric problem. i y Mrs. Dorothy C. Beale Mr. Howard Mathews, Jr. Franklin High School’s Social Studies Department offers three types of social studies. These are history, geography, and government. These courses encourage the students to be better citizens and help them to understand the past. Medieval and Modern History teaches students the development of civilizations throughout the centuries. World Geography is the study of the topography, climate, and the people of varied countries. Mrs. Beale teaches the students enrolled in these courses. She also teaches one class of seniors enrolled in U. S. Government. Miss Eubank teaches the other government students. U. S. Government is concerned with the way the government of our country is operated. U. S. History, taught by Mr. Mathews and Mr. Felts, is the study of the development of the United States. Mr. Mathews also teaches World History to the sophomores. He is also head football coach and coach of the girls basketball team. United States History must really be boring!! Even Mr. Mathews is falling Doesn’t Mrs. Beale pose a pretty picture for the photographer? asleep! !! Science Mr. Irvin Lucas Mrs. Emogene P. McNeeley Mrs. Ruth T. Petty Mrs. McNeeley instructs those students enrolled in advanced Senior Science and BSCS Biology. Physics am chemistry classes are taught by Mr. Lucas, who is advisor of the Hi-Y Club. «. jJ • J J As a requirement for graduation students must complete two science courses. Five courses are offered at Franklin High School. They are general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced science. These courses will help us students in years to come, as they need to understand our invironment and how things work. Mrs. Petty, teaching general science and modern biology, provides our basic knowledge of science in high school. Well now, Mr. Lucas, just what is so funny? 39 The fish get their daily meal from Mrs. McNeeley. Business Education Mrs. Betty W. Darden Mrs. Mary E. Smith Franklin High School offers a wide variety of Business Education courses. They are general business, bookkeeping, business law, shorthand, and typing. In her second year at our school, Mrs. Smith instructs those students taking bookkeeping, business law, and shorthand I and II. Mrs. Darden teaches general business and all classes of typing. Mrs. Darden and Mrs. Smith serve as co-sponsors to the Future Business Leaders of America. Sandra and Betty look on as Mrs. Darden admires pictures. Mrs. Smith is always willing to help a student with a business subject. Physical Education Physical development has as much importance as mental development. The students enrolled in physical education classes have a wide variety of sports to participate in. The Physical Education Department at Franklin High School offers the following sports for girls: field hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, track and field, and gymnastics. Boys participate in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and gymnastics. Physical Education students also learn health, first aid, drivers education, and sex education. Mrs. Gay teaches all classes of girls, except one, which is taught by Mr. Felts. Mr. Felts also teaches World History and U. S. History, and one class of boys’ physical education. Mr. Pearce teaches the remaining class of P.E. Mrs. Gay coaches the boys and girls tennis teams; Mr. Felts, junior varsity football and the baseball team. Mr. Pearce, varsity basketball and football line coach, instructs behind-the-wheel driver education during the summer. SURPRISE!!! Mr. Pearce: “You want MY picture?” Miss Elizabeth Evans Mrs. Iva C. Johnson Mrs. Helen Mathews English All students are required to take five years of English in order to be a candidate for graduation. Franklin High School English teachers offer an extensive course of English each year. English helps students to express themselves more creatively and to communicate with others. The course is divided into two parts: grammar, which includes punctuation, parts of speech, and spelling; and literature, which provides reading of all kinds and promotes a better understanding of others. Miss Evans teaches English I, and II and is advisor to the Beta Club. Mrs. Johnson instructs classes of English II, IV, and V. Mrs. Bowman replaced Mrs. Mathews at the beginning of the second semester and teaches English I and II. Mrs. Thorpe, who teaches English III, IV, and V, is advisor to the Quill and Scroll Club. She is sponsor of the annual staff and the newspaper staff. Mrs. Prudence B. Thorpe Our new teacher, Mrs. Bowman, seems already at home at Mrs. Johnson seems busy at v ork as she reviews a play for the Franklin High School. seniors to give. Vocational Education Mrs. Minnie G. Beaton Mr. Douglas Bowers Mr. W. B. Durrette Through shop and industrial art courses, students learn to develop skill in designing, drawing, and building various articles. Mr. Bowers instructs the students of industrial arts. Mr. Durrette assists Mr. Bowers in instructing students in the actual work in the shop. Through homemaking classes girls learn to prepare for the future from courses in cooking, sewing, home management, home nursing, personal and social development, and child care. Mrs. Beaton teaches home economics and acts as advisor to the Future Homemakers of America. Mr. Durrette and Mr. Bowers discuss school activities with Mr. Blanks, Mrs. Beaton helps one of her students with her sewing problems, superintendent of Franklin City Schools. 43 Foreign Language Miss Winnie F. Eubank Mr. H. Douglas Vess Foreign languages are our most common means of communication with other countries. When we study a foreign language, we learn more than how to speak and write it. We learn about the customs and ways of life of the people. A foreign language also helps us better understand our own language. French students have many aids to help them learn the language. The language lab is equipped with the latest equipment, including earphones, tape recorders, an opaque projector, records, and flash cards. Mr. Vess teaches the French students and is advisor to the business staff of the annual. The other foreign language taught at Franklin High School is Latin. Latin students learn that English and Latin are closely related, for half of the words in the English language are derived from Latin, They also learn to appreciate Roman civilization. Miss Eubank, our Latin teacher, also teaches government and is advisor of the Student Cooperative Association and of the Tri-Hi-Y. Mr. Vess works hard to keep the language lab in perfect It looks as if Miss Eubank misunderstood the question, condition. DEDICATION He takes an individual interest in each student. He works unceasingly for the Pep Club activities and Junior-Senior Prom. He transports the cheerleaders to out-of-town games, and he is an avid Bronco fan. Because of these things and our deep love and respect for him, we dedicate the 1969 Log to MR. W. B. DURRETTE 45 From the keys of classes, we develop various ways in which to express ourselves. At the same time we increase our knowledge . . . lively conversation before the bell rings . . . entering the classroom slowly on the day of exams . . . low groans upon hearing homework assignments . . . deep concentration in remembering dialogues . . . scurrying in the halls between classes . . . the thump of a pencil on a desk ... a sudden squeal of happiness as one receives a passing grade . . . reciting poetry . . . CO go CLASSES : : 47 CLASS OF ’69 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Jones, President; Bob Petty, Vice-President; Randy Drake, Treasurer; Jim Wright, Secretary; Mikey Atkinson, Sergeant-at-Arms. Flower: Gold Chrysanthemum Colors: Blue and Gold Motto: “The Great Thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” Holmes 48 Joanne Beale Drake “Joanne” John Milton Beale “Milton” Eldon Alan Bell Deborah Sue Blades Ralph Lee Blythe “Alan” “Debbie” “Ralph” 49 Sharon Jean Blythe “Sharon” James Wayne Bradshaw “Jimmy” Marcia Warren Brett “Marcia” The Dignified Torturing On “ Rat Harry Clifton Butler “Buster” David Courtney Campbell “David” Rufus Forrest Caulder “Forrest” Willard Benard Burton, Jr. “Willard” 50 Herman Anthony Cobb “Amp” Suzanne Whitfield Cotton “Suzanne” Sandra Virginia Cutchins “Sandra” Seniors Enjoy The Rats Day ” Brenda Lynn DeHaven “Brenda” Peggy Ann Darden “Peggy” Randy B. Drake Garland Andrews Duck “Randy” “Andy” 51 Robert Howard Freymeyer “Bobby” Linda Ann Gardner “Linda” Elizabeth Ann Grandy “Liz” So That’s Junior Theme James Lonnie Gray “Jimmy” Thomas Baxter Gray “Tommy” Susan Brice Hancock “Susan” Lois Erlene Harrell “Lois” 52 Thomas Gabriel Jones, III Richard Carroll King Donna Lynne Kingery “TOM” “RICKY” “DONNA” What The Senior Is . . . Audrey Pamela Kitchen “PAM” Nancy Clark Kitchen “NANCY” Patti Page Kitchen “PATTI” Nancy Lee Land “NANCY” Norvelle Charles Lilley, Jr. “Chuck” Christine Lloyd “Chris” Linda Mae Lankford “Linda” Jeff Glenn Mabe “Jeff’ Graduation The Fit Caps And Larry Earl Parrish “Larry” Mary Susan McKenzie “Susan” 54 Robert Tucker Petty “Bob” Richard Clarence Pittman “Richard” Donald Lee Raiford “Donald” Edward Thomas Rogers “Opie” Brings About ting Of Gowns Jerry Davis Rose “Jerry” Hunter Dale Scott “Dale” John Caverly Swift “John” 55 Johnny Thomas Thomas “Johnny” Jennie Lynn Tingler “Jennie” Ronald Wayne Turner “Butch” Terri Dawn Tuttle “Terri” Graduation But I James Arnold Vargo “Jimmy” Kenneth Ashley Vaughn James Webb Watson Jo Ann West “Kenneth” “Webb” “Jo Ann” 56 William Davis Whitehead “Billy” At Last . . . Flunked . . . William Harry Whitley “Buddy” Shirley Williams “Shirley” Ellis Franklin Wills “Ellis” BEST LOOKING Loveliness that dies when I forget comes alive when 1 re- member. Hilda Conkley Marcia Brett Jay Barrows MOST VERSATILE 4 The real purpose of our exis- tence is not to make a living, but to make a life— a worthy, well-rounded, useful life. Anonymous D-. Kingery C,. Xilley 58 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ' Success is a bright sun that obscures and makes ridicu- lously unimportant all the little shadowy flecks of failure. Anonymous Linda Lankford Bob Petty MOST STUDIOUS Education isn’t play and it can’t be made to look like play. It is hard, hard work, but it can be made interesting work. Anonymous Chris Lloyd Tommy Gray 59 MOST ATHLETIC MOST POPULAR “I know what pathway leads to popularity.” Seneca Nancy Land Mikey Atkinson 60 WITTIEST “I Can’t say whether we have more wit amongst us now than usual, but I am certain we had more laughing which answered the end as well.” Susan McKenzie Jim Wright FRIENDLIEST “Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world.” John Evelyn Suzanne Cotton Jerry Rose 61 SENIOR DIRECTORY THOMAS MICHEAL ATKINSON Treasurer of Class 1; JV Football 1, Co-captain 2; JV Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track Team 2, 3; Varsity Football 3, 5; Honorable Mention 4; Varsity Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Class Vice-President 3; Sergeant-at-arms of Class 5; Vice-President 4; Hi-Y 4,5; Interact Club 4,5; Pep Club 4.5; Tennis Team 4, 5; Superlative 5. JOHN WILLIAM BARROWS JV Football 1. 2; JV Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 5; Superlative 5. LEMUEL BREMBLY BATTLE Baseball 4; Track Team 3, 5; Weight-lifting 4; Hi-Y 4, 5; Interact Club 5; Varsity Club 5. JOANNE BEALE DRAKE Pep Club 2, 3; F.H.A. 3; Chorus 4, 5. DEBORAH SUE BLADES Transferred from Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke, Virginia 5; Chorus 5; Band 5. SHARON JEAN BLYTHE Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treasurer 5; Library Club 4, Historian 5. MARCIA WARREN BRETT Pep Club 1; Secretary of Class 2; F.H.A. Secretary 4; S.C.A. Council 3, 5; Honor Council 4; Annual Staff 4; Homecoming Court 4; Maid of Honor 5; Superlative 5, Library Club 4, 5. WILLARD B BURTON Transferred from Hayden High School 3; JV Basketball 3; Varsity Basketball 4,5; Baseball 4,5; Varsity Club 5 ; Hi-Y 5 ; Chorus 4. 5. DAVID COURTNEY CAMPBELL Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Interact Club 4, 5; Hi-Y 5; Pep Club 5; Annual Staff 5. RUFUS FORREST CAULDER Baseball Manager 3.4 HERMAN ANTHONY COBB Track Team 4; Hi-Y 5. SUZANNE WHITFIELD COTTON S.C.A. Council 2, 4, 5; Tennis Team 3, 4, 5; Library Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff 4, 5; JV Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 4, 5; Superlative 5. SANDRA VIRGINIA CUTCH1NS F.H.A. 3; Majorette 3; F.B.L.A. 4, Vice-President 5, Tidewater Regional Secretary 5; Chorus 5. PEGGY JEAN DARDEN Chorus 4, Treasurer 5; Band 3, 4, 5; F.B.L.A. 4, 5; Library Club 5; Music Camp Scholarship 4; Played piano for devotions 4.5. BRENDA LYNN DeHAVEN Pep Club 3 , 5 ; Chorus 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , V ice-Preside n t 5 . GARLAND ANDREWS DUCK JV Football 1, 2; Baseball 2. 3. 4, 5; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Varsity Basketball Manager 3,4. LINDA ANN GARDNER Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, Historian 2, Secretary 5; Homecoming Court 4; Tri-Hi-Y 5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 5. ELIZABETH ANN GRANDY Transferred from Monticello High School in Monticello, Mississippi 5; F.B.L.A. 5; Pep Club 5. JAMES LONNIE GRAY Vice-President of Class 2; JV Football 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; JV Basketball Manager 2; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Interact Club 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 4, Sergeant-at-arms 5; Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 3,5. THOMAS BAXTER GRAY Hi-Y 4, 5; Interact Club 4. 5; Beta Club 4, Reporter 5; Weight-lifting 1,4; Track Team 4; Pep Club 5; Alternate for Boys ' State 4; Marshal for Graduation 4; Superlative 5. SUSAN BRICE HANCOCK Library Club 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5 ; Beta Club 5; JV Cheerleader 3; Pep Club 1,2, 3.5. LOIS ERLENE HARRELL F.B.L.A 4, 5; F.H.A. 5; Library Club 5; Varsity Club 3,4. 5; Basketball 3, Captain 4.5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 5 THOMAS GABRIEL JONES, 111 JV Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3. 4, Captain 5 ; Hi-Y 4,5; Varsity Club 3, 4, Vice-President 5; Beta Club 4, President 5; Interact Club 4, Director 5; Class President 4, 5. RICHARD CARROLL KING Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Interact Club 3, 4, President 5; Track Team 3, 4, 5; Honor Council 5. DONNA LYNNE KINGERY Honor Council 1; Class Treasurer 2; Class President 3; Class Secretary 4; S.C.A. Secretary 5; Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 5; JV Cheerleader 2, Co-captain 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4, Co-captain 5; Varsity Club 5, Secretary 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club 4, 5; Quill and Scroll Club 5, Vice-President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; F.H.A. 5; Beta Club 4, Chaplain 5: Alternate to Girls’ State; Marshal for Graduation 4; Superlative 5; Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3, Queen 5. AUDREY PAMELA KITCHEN F.B.L.A 4, 5; Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4, 5; Library Club 3, Historian 4, 5; F.H.A. 2 . NANCY CLARK KITCHEN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club 3, 4, 5; Chorus 4, Robe Matron 5; F.B.L.A. 4, F.H.A. 4, Second Vice-President 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Vice-President 5; Annual Staff 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5. PATTI PAGE KITCHEN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 2, 3, First Vice-President 4, President 5; Library Club 3, 4. 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 5; Pine Bowl Attendant 5; Annual Staff 5. NANCY LEE LAND S.C.A. Council 1, 2;Chorus 1, 3, Vice-President 4, Secretary 5; Music Camp Scholarship 4; JV Cheerleader 2, Co-captain 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4, Co-captain 5; Class Treasurer 3; Homecoming Court 3, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Beta Club 4, Vice-President 5; Quill and Scroll Club 4. President 5; Varsity Club 5, Secretary 4 ; Tennis Team 4 ; Girls’ State Representative 4 ; Superlative 5 . LINDA MAE LANKFORD Honor Council 3; S.C.A. Council 5; Class Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 3, 4, 5; F.H.A, 5; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 5; Beta Club 4, Secretary-Trea- surer 5; Girls’ State Representative 4; Marshal for Graduation 4: Superlative 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Secretary 5; Quill and Scroll Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 5. NORVELLE CHARLES LILLEY, JR JV Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 4, 5; JV Football Manager 2; Golf Team 3, 4, 5; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5, Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Interact Club 4, Director 5; Beta Club 4,5; Quill and Scroll Club 4 , Vice-President 5 ; Bronco Bulletin Staff 3, Managing Editor 4, Editor 5. Boys’ State Delegate 4; S.C.A. President 5; Class President 1, 2; S.C.A. Council 3; Class Treasurer 4; Superlative 5. CHRISTINE LLOYD Chorus 1, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 5; Music Camp Scholarship 3; Drama 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4, President 5; Quill and Scroll Club 4, 5; Annual Staff 3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 2, 3, Second Vice-President 4. First Vice-President 5; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Alternate to Girls’ State 4, Pine Bowl Queen 5; Superlative 5. JEFF MABE Transferred to Franklin in Senior Year; Varsity Football Captain 5; Beta Club 5; Varsity Club 5; Hi-Y 5; Interact Club 5. MARY SUSAN McKENZIE Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Chorus Reporter 5; F.B.L.A. 4, 5; Library Club 5; Tidewater News Correspondent 4, 5; WGH High School Correspondent 5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff 1 , 2; F.H.A. 5; Superlative 5. LARRY EARL PARRISH Interact Club 4, 5; Rotary Club Guest 4; Band 1,2,3, 4, 5; Stage Band 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 1,2; Pep Band 4, 5; Band Camp Scholarship 3, 4; Drum Major 5 ; Pep Club 1 , 2, 3 , 4 , 5 ; Chorus 5 . 62 ROBERT TUCKER PETTY Hi-Y 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 5; Interact Club Director 4, Secretary 5: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; President 5; Pep Club 3, Reporter 5; Boys’ State Delegate 4; S.C.A. Council 4; Class Vice-President 5; Bronco Bulletin 4, 5; JV Basketball 2, 3; Golf Team 2, 3, Captain 4,5: Superlative 5; Quill and Scroll Club 5. RICHARD CLARENCE PITTMAN S.C.A. Council 1, 3; Weight-lifting 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 5; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5: JV Basketball Manager 2; Hi-Y 3, Vice-President 4; Interact Club 4, 5; Beta Club 4, 5; Marshal for Graduation 4. EDWARD THOMAS ROGERS, JR. Weight-lifting 1 , 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Pep Club 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4, 5. JERRY DAVIS ROSE Pep Club 1 , 2; JV Basketball 3; Baseball 3; Superlative 5. HUNTER DALE SCOTT Class Vice-President 1 ; FHA 3; Annual Staff 5; Homecoming Court 1,2,5. JOHN CAVERLY SWIFT JV Football 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 JENNIE LYNN TINGLER Pep Club 1 , 2: F.B.L.A. 4, 5. RONALD WAYNE TURNER JV Football 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4, Captain 5; Varsity Basketball 3; Track Team 2; Pep Club 1 , 2, 3, 4,5; Varsity Club 3,4, 5; Interact Club 3,4, 5; JV Basketball 1,2. TERRI DAWN TUTTLE Transferred from Monticello High School in Monticello, Mississippi 5; Tri-Hi- Y 5; Beta Club 5; Pep Club 5 JAMES ARNOLD VARGO Transferred from Windsor High School 3; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, 5; Baseball 3,4,5; Varsity Football 5; Superlative 5. KENNETH ASHLEY VAUGHN Band 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Stage Band 2, 3,4; Dance Band 1,2; Hi-Y 4,5. JO ANN WEST Pep Club 1 , 2, 5; Basketball 2, 3; Chorus 4,5; Tri-Hi Y 4, Historian 5. WILLIAM DAVIS WHITEHEAD JV Football 1,2; Varsity Football 3,4,5; Golf 4, 5 ; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Interact Club 4, 5; Pep Club 5. WILLIAM HARRY WHITLEY JV Football 2; Weight-lifting 2, 3; Football Manager 3; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Interact Club 5. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4, 5. ELLIS FRANKLIN WILLS Hi-Y 3,4,5; Pep Club 3, 5; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Annual Staff 3; Baseball Manager 4; Varsity Basketball Manager 4; Bronco Bulletin Staff 5; Interact Club 5; Varsity Club 5. LARRY NELSON WOOD Band 1 , 2, 3. 4, 5; Varsity Football 3. 4; Baseball 3. JAMES COMBS WRIGHT. JR. JV E ' ootball 1, 2; S.C.S. Council 1, 2; Class Secretary 3; Weight-lifting 2; Bronco Bulletin Staff 5; Hi-Y 5; Class Secretary 5: Pep Club 2, 3; Superlative 5. BARBARA JEAN YIRAK F.H.A. 1 , Chaplain 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Student Advisor 5; Pep Club JUNIORS SEATED: Johnnie Rabil. President. STANDING: Janet Burrow, Vice-President; Steve Hudgins, Treasurer; and Becky King, Secretary. 64 John David Abbitt Tom Allport Willie Ashburn Trisha Atkins Connie Babb Mark Barrett Ben Beale Mary Lee Best Wade Bowman Neil Bristow Emily Bryant Nikki Buck Dennis Burgess 65 Randy Burgess Janet Burrow Dottie Campbell Al Cobb Joan Cobb Joe Collier Tim Collier Denise Cotton Teressa Cotton Gail Dixon Hunter Darden Gwynn Doughty Danny Ray Drake 66 67 1 68 Betty Marshall Greg Mason Ronnie Mason Danny McKenzie Jerry Newton Johnetta Nichols Bob Osborn Francis Parker Ricky Perry Allene Phillips Anita Phillips Glenn Pierce Jim Pittman 69 Nancy Pittman Cecilia Porter John Rabil Cindy Rainey Trisha Rawls Beth Robertson Vickie Smith Dottie Surace Eleanor Swift Henry Thomason Gordon Traver Billy Turner 70 71 0 i SOPHOMORES I Cynthia Johnson, Secretary; Tim Duck, Treasurer; Katie Whitley, Vice-President; David Pittman, President. Diane Barnes Vernon Beacham Jim Beale Mac Beale Penny Beale Candy Beaman Brenda Benton Susan Biedenbender Taylor Bishop 72 Doug Blythe Brad Bradshaw Betty Bryant John Bunch Charles Butler Lou Council Roscoe Crum William Crutchfield Susan Cutchins Sylvia Cutchins Jeff Denson Sidney Dodson Cindy Drake Linda Drewry G. C. Duck Tim Duck Paul Edmonds Kay Edwards Veronica Ferguson Bruce Ferki Johnny Galloway Glen Garland Chuck Gayle Mary Glover Carole Grandy Gary Griffin Dawn Hagan Susan Hamic Marjorie Harrell Lynnwood Harrison Ellen Hassett John Hopkins Mickie Hundley Cynthia Johnson David Johnson John Johnstone Maria Jones Melanie Jones Joey Kannon Lizzie Kitchen Becky Lambdin Brenda Lawrence Candy Lilley Jill Mabe Chet Martin Mike McNamara Pam McNeely Marc Morris Loma Moss Deborah Myers Ann Norfleet Chris Osborn Donna Overton Joe Padgett Danny Peak Peter Pearson David Pittman Wendell Pixley David Rabil Mickey Rabil Ginger Revelle Holland Ricks Lucky Roncinske Susan Rust Alexis Smith Martha Smith Judy Spence Jan Steed Anne Swenson Ann Taylor Nelda Thomas Kea Turner Barbara Vargo Wayne Vick Sandy Von Hollen Pat Watson Ann Weeks Wanda Whitehead Neal Whitfield Katie Whitley Charles Wieters FRESHMEN Bobby Lankford, President; Joan Blythe, Treasurer; Carolyn Bondurant, Secretary; Dick Rose, Vice-President. Mary Denson Abbitt Cecil Andrews Ritchie Andrews Albert Ashburn Nell Baynard Donnie Baines J. C. Barrows Lessie Battle Chesley Beale Paula Bell Glenda Blair Joan Blythe Carolyn Bondurant Donnie Boone Horace Bowles Gary Brett Rita Byrum Billie Ann Campbell Warren Chesson David Council Raymond Crum Gary Cutchins Teresa Cutchins Conway Dameron Charles Darden Harvey Darden Jean Darden Glenn Dunlow Kathy Dunlow Nancy Edwards Jan Eley Gordon Ellsworth Cynthia Ferguson Brian Ferki Martha Fowler Graydon Funkhouser Kathy Gagner Marvin Gunn Becky Guyer Jo Ann Hancock Richard Harris Wayne Harrison Audrey Jean Hart Wayne Hasenei Larry Hedgepeth Barbara Jo Hollowell Judy Holt Eddie Holton Sandra Jackson Janet Johnson Jeff Joyner Linwood Joyner Roland Joyner Linda Kauss Pam Kendrick Chip Kingery Renee Martin Terry McGhee Sandra Pierce Pat Powell Quincy Powell Laura Lynn Pruett Steve Rainey Ann Minetree Mike Murray Cherylee Owens Wanda Scott Warren Scott Rob Ray Cynthia Rose Dick Rose Patricia Steed George Story Jimmy Story Doris Stovall Rob Street Margo Sykes Eddie Turner Bobby Umphlett Jesse Vann Jimmy Vann Judy Vann Connie Vaughan Margaret Vaughan Gail Wall Doug Whitehead 81 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: BOTTOM: President, Yim Campbell. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Secretary, Myra Burgess; Treasurer, Mitzi McNeely; Vice-President, Marge Whitley. Ronnie Bailey Charles Bane John Bane Nina Banks Purlie Banks Betty Bass Sandra Baxter Burk Beale Mike Beale Larry Blunt Steve Bowman Brad Bradshaw Gary Bradshaw Keith Bradshaw Sue Brett Tony Briley Ken Brown Oliver Brown Kathy Bryant Martha Bunch Brian Burgess Myra Burgess Phyllis Butler Robert Cabell David Campbell Tim Campbell John Carr Sion Carr Debra Carter Ben Caulder David Clark Shep Collier John Cornwell Dell Cotton Nell Cotton Debra Councill Willie Darden Denise Deloatch Judy Denson Steward Dentler Ann Beverly Dodson John Duck Robert Ellis Voila Feher Sandra Fulton Mike Futrell Jay Gagner Joey Galloway Pam Gardner Chuck Gatten Peggy Glover Norfleet Griffin Anita Griffin Linda Griffin Kevin Hall Anthony Handshaw , Cynthia Harrell William Harrison Susan Hasenei Bryant Holt Carl Howell David Hudgins Linda Ivey Leslie Johnstone Adrian Jones Melvin Jones Claire Joyner Dayrl Joyner Mike Joyner Betty Kauss Charles Keeter Connie Kitchen Steve Lankford Clarence Lee Shea Lowe Benny Lynn Charles Lynn June Mathias Helen McKenzie Mitzi McNeely Steve Moore Robin Myers Jim Peitte Don Pitts Tucker Poland Dwight Powell Janet Pugh Mary Kay Rabil Connie Rawlings Stanley Rich Linda Ross Tamera Richie Mike Russell Mike Rust Kreg Scott Wallace Seaborn Ann Smith Carl Smith Sidney Smith Nelson Story Joan Taylor Glenn Thomason Irma Turner Murray Turner Steve Turner Dale Tuttle George Umphlett Glenn Vaughan June Carol Vaughan Sara Vaughan Richard Vinson Diane Whitehead Alice Whitley Marjorie Whitley Marc competes with other library occupants in the 60-second cram. I thought I had forgotten my locker combination. To See Ourselves As Others See Us Mr. Lucas shows how easy it is to work the problem. Students enjoy the lighter (?) side of life. 85 nP¥i!?vvr«f Maybe students learn the touch system in sewing. Students enjoy getting drinks from activity room. Caught by surprise in a gab session. Sympathy may be found in first aid room. Catching up on happenings of the week-end. The joy of finding a lost article in the files in student activity room. Home economic girls daily make coffee for the faculty. Seniors select name cards. Concentration? Wicked thought? Some students seem to enjoy class. Events furnish keys which help instill in students a feeling of love and pride for their school . . . the radiant smiling faces of the Pine Bowl Queen and attendants . . . swelling pride of a football player as he receives a trophy . . . eighth graders bowing before seniors on Rat Day . . . claps and cheers as the Homecoming Court arrives on the field . . . finally the day when class rings arrive . . . 88 y ' ' | U- li-iTO " dpu tb»- J-4 (}J-£rt O i- ooJj m, ■ , A i 1 1 vS III JV15 U $ x) 4Vx J AAJY)TWY 1LA { J o ' JJJO, jfcjuJfeo C vaA _aa XI , ' f h U- I 89 The 1 968 Homecoming DONNA KINGERY, Homecoming Queen At the County Fair MARCIA BRETT, Maid of Honor LEFT TO RIGHT: Marge Whitley; Renee Martin; Katie Whitley; Joan Cobb; Nancy Land; Marcia Brett, Maid of Honor; Donna Kingery, Queen; Dale Scott; Allene Phillips; Cynthia Johnson; Jan Eley; Denise Deloatch. The Homecoming Court The girls of the court helped cheer the Broncos on. 12th Grade: Dale Scott, escorted by Richard Kellam; Nancy Land, escorted by Dennis Bradner. 10th Grade: Katie Whitley, escorted by David Worrell; Cynthia Johnson, escorted by Danny Peak. q? Queen: Donna Kingery, escorted by Bobby Rainey. 92 Was the Main Attraction Gibson; Renee Martin, escorted by Dick Rose. 11th Grade: Joan Cobb, escorted by Steve Hudgins; Allene Phillips, escorted by Mike Atkinson. 8th Grade: Marge Whitley, escorted by Conway Dameron; Denise Deloatch, escorted by Bryant Holt. 7 968 Pine Bowl Action Christine Lloyd was crowned the 1968 Pine Bowl Queen at the half-time ceremonies. The Pine Bowl Attendant representing Franklin High School was Patti Kitchen. Angela Austen, attendant from Forest Glen High School; Christine Lloyd, Queen from Franklin High School; and Patti Kitchen, attendant from Franklin High School were escorted onto the field by their fathers for the half-time ceremonies of the 14th Annual Pine Bowl Game. The proceeds of this game, which is sponsored by the Franklin Lions Club, go to a project for aiding the blind. 94 The 1968 Football Banquet was held on November 5 in the Franklin High School Cafeteria. The four football awards were presented by Coach Mathews by the following boys: Mike Atkinson, the Most Valuable Back; Richard Pittman, the Most Valuable Lineman; and Jeff Mabe, the Best Defensive Player. The Most Valuable Player Award, which is voted on by the boys themselves, was awarded to Jeff Mabe. He also received the Bronco Achievement Award, which was given by Dr. Fred Ward. The evening was highlighted by a talk given by Ed Booth, the backfield coach of the Norfolk Neptunes. The 1 968 Football Banquet Mike Atkinson receiving the Most Valuable Back Award from Coach Matthews. Coach Ed Booth of the Norfolk Neptunes was the speaker for the evening. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Bowers, Defensive Coach; Mr. Pearce, Line Coach; Mike Atkinson; Jeff Mabe; Richard Pittman; and Mr. Matthews, Head Coach. 95 pnmi e Senior ; o yed tl. Why is everyone laughing while Michael sings the “Alma Mater?” Smile, Mitzi! You’re on “Rat for a Day! n sued a eating- What’s this? A new skirt length for our female friends? First Semester Highlights The students begin the new school year by buying their supplies from Wayne at the book store. uot ' The highlight of the semester for the juniors was the arrival of their class rings. Allene and Connie seemed to be pleased with their selections. With the first semester’s ending, the only thought in the minds of the students was studying for those unavoidable exams. With the keys to activities, we grow socially, we develop a sense of responsibility . . . decorating the Christmas tree with colorful ornaments . . . participating in discussion for the dedication to the annual . . . introduction of speakers for informative programs . . . new members anxious to be inducted into clubs during morning assemblies . . . busily selling school newspapers during lunch periods . . . being in charge of various national drives . . . discussing plans for money making projects . . . 98 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: R. Martin; D. Cotton; L. Lankford; S. Cotton; C. Martin; C. Lilley; B. Kannan; D. Kingery;C. Collier; R. King; P. Rawls; C. Harrell; R. Winstead; S. Lowe; J. Taylor. Student Co-oper ill ‘ The Student Co-operative Association is one of the most important organizations at Franklin High School. Its purpose is to give every student a voice in school affairs and an opportunity to participate in all student government activi- ties. The S.C.A., which is composed of representatives from each first period class, works in cooperation with the faculty and administration to organize activities and make decisions for themselves. Some of the activities organized by the S.C.A. include the student-faculty basketball game, the door decora- tions contest during Christmas, and the annual student body elections. The Honor Council is a portion of the S.C.A. consisting of representatives from each grade and the vice-president of the student body. The purpose of the group is to discourage any form of dishonesty in our school and to instill in the students high standards of honor and dignity. Chuck Lilley President Bobby Kannan Vice-President At the meetings Miss Eubank listens to the suggestions of students who wish to help with future projects. Each year the S.C.A. sponsors a door decorating contest in which students from each room try to win a ribbon for their decorations. ( v I Cl Galloway; M. Jones; J. Kannan. STANDING: D. Myers; K. Lambert; M. Brett; S. Lowe; B. Guyer; G. Lane; D. Peak; J. Vargo; J. ative Association Donna Kingery Secretary Chet Martin Treasurer Miss Eubank Sponsor The S.C.A. also sponsored a project in which the students had a The members of the S.C.A. Council plan projects and activities which chance to vote for whom they wished to be President of the United are beneficial to both the school and the community. States. Bronco Chuck Lilley Editor Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor uni 111 III HWEIfff ti III 111 llll I fill — — ■ ■ ■ ■ -m I. !■ ■ ■ ml ■■ ■ . ■ -- ■ FIRST ROW: J. Wright, S. McKensie. SECOND ROW: J. Gray, B. Freymeyer, P. Rawls, C. Lilley, B. Petty, L. Gardner, M. Hundley, M. Jones. Bronco g uUetin Editor Chuck Lilley Managing Editor Patricia Rawls Copy Editors Micki Hundley Candy Lilley Jimmy Gray Business Manager Bobby Freymeyer Senior Reporter . . . Junior Reporter . . . Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter . 8th Grade Reporter Artist . . . Lois Harrel . Paula Edwards . David Pittman Nancy Edwards . .Phyllis Butler . Brenda Benton Chuck Lilley prepares to use the master copy machine. Bulletin Harrell. THIRD ROW: P. Edwards, N. Edwards, P. Butler, V. White, D. Cotton, E. Wills, B. Benton, C. LiUey, L. Staff Patricia Rawls Managing Editor Bobby Freymeyer Business Manager Columists . . Feature Writers Sports Writers . . Linda Gardner Bobby Freymeyer . . . Dawn Hagan Bob Petty . . . .Maria Jones Beaver Kannan Humor Writers Susan McKensie Jim Wright Typists Denise Cotton Eleanore Swift Vikki White Photographer Ellis Wills Micki Hundley and Mrs. Thorpe discuss an article to be used in a future edition of the paper. Annual Staff EDITORIAL STAFF, SEATED: D. Campbell, L. Lankford, C. Lloyd, D. Kingery, D. Scott, P. Kitchen. STANDING: S. Lowe, M. Jones, C. Beaman, C. Johnson, P. Watson, J. Rabil, J. Galloway, J. Kannan, C. Kingery, C. Porter, J. Burrow, A. Phillips, T. Cotton. During the year the annual staff, consisting of both the editorial staff and the business staff, worked diligently in order to publish The Log for the students at Franklin High School. The students on both staffs not only developed a sense of responsibility, but they also learned to work with others. Under the supervision and guidance of the sponsors, Mrs. Thorpe and Mr. Vess, the annual staff learned to develop originality, imagination, courtesy, tactfulness, as well as literary and business skills. BUSINESS STAFF, SEATED: N. Kitchen, G. Doughty, N. Land, J. Holt, S. Hancock. STANDING: B. Robertson, C. Lankford, C. Smith, B. King, S. Cotton. 104 Library Club FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: P. Darden, D. Cotton, S. Blythe, B. Robertson, D. Surace, L. Lankford, S. Cotton, S. McKenzie, L. Kauss, M. Brett, L. Battle. SECOND ROW: D. Kingery, D. Young, S. Duck, J. Taylor, P. McNeely, C. Lilley, B. King, B. Lambdin, J. Nichols, G. Doughty, P. Rawls, S. Hancock, G. Wall. THIRD ROW: C. Vaughan, N. Phillips, V. Smith, B. Duck, J. Burrow, A. Phillips, S. Faison, D. Campbell, J. Howell, N. Pittman, I. Feher, A. Smith. FOURTH ROW: M. Harrell, M. Smith, N. Underwood, J. Cobb, N. Kitchen, P. Kitchen, A. Blythe, L. Harrell, C. Babb, A. Norfleet, Mrs. Gadberry. During the year the Library Club works with Mrs. Gadberry, the librarian, to help improve the library program in the school. The members help by aiding the librarian at the circulation desk, putting up attractive bulletin boards, and stimulating an interest in reading among the students. The club also encourages an interest in library work as a career; and at the end of each school year, the club members donate something useful to the library. Mrs. Gadberry Sponsor OFFICERS: SEATED: Linda Lankford, president; Beth Robertson, ! vice-president. STANDING: Suzanne Cotton, secretary-treasurer; Dotty Surace, reporter; Sharon Blythe, historian. PROJECTIONISTS: FIRST ROW: Eddie Turner, Warren Chesson, Jay Gagner, Billy Harrison. SECOND ROW: Mickey Rabil, Bobby Lankford, Benny Lynn, Bobby Smith, Oliver Brown. 105 Connie Babb Mary Lee Best Sharon Blythe Emily Bryant Janet Burrow Dottie Campbell Denise Cotton Teressa Cotton Gwynn Doughty Betty Duck Susan Duck Linda Dunlow Paula Edwards Susan Faison Linda Gardner Susan Hancock Jewel Holt Janet Howell Becky King Donna Kingery Nancy Kitchen Patti Kitchen Nancy Land Linda Lankford Chris Lloyd Susan Lowe Allene Phillips Nita Phillips Nancy Pittman Cecilia Porter Patricia Rawls Beth Robertson Vickie Smith Terri Tuttle Nancy Underwood Cynthia Vaughan 106 Tri-Hi-Y Miss Eubank Sponsor One of the projects sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y was the Community Fund Drive in which girls from each grade collected money. OFFICERS: SEATED: Nancy Kitchen, vice-president; Chris Lloyd, president; Linda Lankford, secretary. STANDING: Patti Kitchen, chaplain; Sharon Blythe, trea- surer; Jo Ann West, historian-reporter. Wille Ashburn Mike Atkinson Lemuel Battle Wade Bowman David Campbell Antony Cobb Tim Collier Roscoe Crum Tim Duck David Forrer Bobby Freymeyer Glenn Garland Burdette Gattan Chuck Gayle Jimmy Gray Tommy Gray Dennis Fledgepeth David Johnson Joey Kannan Robert Kannan Ricky King Chuck Lilley Jeff Mabe Chet Martin Marc Morris Bob Osborn Danny Peak Peter Pearson ..J L fit till — — : m a Hi-Y Mr. Lucas Sponsor Bob Petty discusses the State Hi-Y Convention with Mr. Lucas. OFFICERS: SEATED: Johnny Rabil, vice-president; Bob Petty, president; Chet Martin, secretary. STANDING: Joey Kannan, chaplain; Jimmy Gray, treasurer; Danny Peak, reporter-historian. Ricky Perry Bob Petty David Pittman Wendell Pixley David Rabil Johnny Rabil Mickey Rabil John Swift Kenneth Vaughan Webb Watson Ellis Wills Jim Wright 107 Future Homemakers of America FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: D. Kitchen, J. Vann, C. Drake, C. Lloyd, P. Kitchen, N. Kitchen, L. Gardner, J. Howell, B. Yirak. SECOND ROW: S. Haseni, V. Ferguson, G. Revelle, B. Lawrence, K. Kawana, B. Almond, S. McKenzie, L. Lankford, Mrs. Beaton. THIRD ROW: M. Vaughan. P. Atkins, S. Hamic, J. Mathias, M. Glover, C. Rose, P. Powell, S. Ross. FOURTH ROW: P. Glover, D. Kingery, L. Griffin, D. Council!, E. Bryant, L. Harrell, L. Ivy. OFFICERS: SEATED: Nancy Kitchen, 2nd vice-president; Patti Kitchen, president; Chris Lloyd, 1st vice-president. STANDING: Judy Vann, treasurer, Cindy Drake, historian; Brenda Lawrence, reporter; Linda Gardner, secretary; Janet Howell, chaplain. Home economics students learn many important tasks, such as that of sewing, which will be of great value in future years. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization which teaches young girls to live better today so that their homes may be better tomorrow. It is a course which offers a great variety of interest because the field of home- making is such a broad one. The projects done by the students are directed toward helping its mem- bers face the challenge of becoming good homemakers, and it provides an opportunity for developing lead- ership and citizenship. The students not only learn how to make their own clothes, but they also learn about the machine with which they sew. Mrs. Beaton, Sponsor 108 Future Business Leaders of America Mrs. Darden Sponsor Mrs. Smith Sponsor The Franklin Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America has participated actively in rendering services to the school and the community. The Future Business Leaders of America sponsors financial and promotional activities such as the annual Mr. Beautiful Contest. The members also have the important task of operating the Student Supply Room. Some of their other projects include making bulletin boards for the business classrooms, assisting teachers with their typing, and serving as guides whenever they are needed. Each year the F.B.L.A. sponsors the Mr. Beautiful contest, in which the football players compete for the title by dressing as girls. OFFICERS: SEATED: Wayne Jones, president. STANDING: Cindy Rainey, historian; Sandra Cutchins, vice-president; Pam Umphlett, parliamentarian; Mary Lee Best, treasurer; Denise Cotton, secretary. Not pictured: Beth Robertson, reporter. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Turner, L. Drewry, S. Cutchins, D. Cotton, S. Cutchins, B. Robertson, S. McKenzie, M. Best, C. Rainey, C. Grandy, Mrs. Darden. SECOND ROW: R. Crum, C. Drake, V. Ferguson, G. Revel, A. Ricks, P. Umphlette, G. Doughty, J. Howell, C. Grandy, G. Dixon, P. Darden. THIRD ROW: M. Jones, L. Dunlow, M. Glover, B. Marshall, N. Underwood, J. Nichols, B. Livesay, N. Pittman, D. Campbell. FOURTH ROW: D. Young, A. Norfleet, J. Newton, L. Roncinske, J. Collier, C. Babb, N. Buck, L. Harrell, L. Grandy, J. Tingler. 109 Beta Club Tom Jones President Nancy Land Vice-President Linda Lankford Donna Kingery Jimmy Gray Tommy Gray Secretary-Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter Miss Evans Sponsor Connie Babb Janet Burrow Teressa Cotton Randy Drake Linda Dunlow Paula Edwards Ibolya Feher Bobby Freymeyer Susan Hancock Chuck Lilley Susan Lowe Jeff Mabe Glenn Pierce Richard Pittman Cecilia Porter Patricia Rawls Eleanore Swift Terri Tuttle Nancy Underwood Cynthia Vaughan Vickie White Quill and Scroll Nancy Land President Chuck Lilley Vice-President Linda Lankford Secretary -Treasurer Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor Chris Lloyd Susan Lowe Susan McKensie Bob Petty Allene Phillips Cecilia Porter Johnny Rabil Patricia Rawls Varsity Club OFFICERS, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Pittman, treasurer; Nancy Land, secretary; Tom Jones, vice-president; Bob Petty, president. One of the activities of the Varsity Club is selling popcorn and drinks during halftimes and intermissions of football and basketball games. Mr. Pierce Sponsor The Varsity Club is one of the oldest clubs at Franklin High School. The members are students who have lettered in a varsity sport or cheerleading. Last year the club purchased a popcorn machine; this year their main project has been operating the concession stand at home football and basketball games. The Varsity Club also furnishes trophies and plaques for the most valuable player in each of the major varsity sports. WrfM- l r“ J 1 W LgJV FIRST ROW: N. Land, B. King, S. Cotton, J. Burrow, E. Bryant, J. Holt, R. Winstead, P. Rawls, D. Kingery, S. Lowe. SECOND ROW: G. Griffin, A. Phillips, D. Drake, T. Jones, B. Whitehead, C. Vaughan, S. Cutchins. THIRD ROW: M. Morris, J. Rabil, E. Rodgers, M. Beale, R. Drake, J. Gray. FOURTH ROW: D. Forrer, J. Gibson, G. Pierce, A. Duck, S. Hudgins, D. Hedgepeth, B. White, P. Pearson, T. Duck, C. Martin, W. Pixley, J. Kannan. FIFTH ROW: L. Battle, R. Pittman, R. West, B. Gatten, E. Wills, B. Turner, B. Petty, G. Garland, B. Bradshaw, R. Burgess, M. Beale, J. Vargo, C. Lilley, T. Collier, N. Bristow, J. Mabe, W. Blythe, R. Whitley. 112 Pep Club Mrs. Gay Sponsor OFFICERS, FIRST ROW: Linda Lankford, president; Allene Phillips, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Connie Galloway, 2nd vice-president; Bob Petty, reporter; Pat Watson, 1st vice-president. On the afternoon before a game the Pep Club members decorate with streamers. The Pep Club members spend many hours after school making posters to boost the spirit of the entire school. 113 Interact Club OFFICERS, SEATED: Ricky King, president; Tim Collier, vice-president. STANDING: Buddy Burgess, treasurer; Bob Petty, secretary; Chuck Lilley, member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Mathews Sponsor The Interact Club of Franklin High School is a service organization for the high school as well as for the community of Franklin. The qualities on which membership is based are character, scholarship, leadership ability, and trustworthiness. The Interact Club, which is sponsored by Rotary International, has grown to be one of the largest and most active clubs in school. At their regularly scheduled meetings the members discuss future activities such as the Blood Drive and Slave Day. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: M. Atkinson, R. Drake, R. Perry, J. Kannan, T. Collier, S. Hudgins, T. Jones, J. Gray, J. Rabil, M. Morris. SECOND ROW: Mr. Mathews, B. Gatten, L. Battle, T. Gray, J. Gibson, M. Goodman, G. Pierce, B. Burgess, D. Hedgepeth, B. Whitehead. THIRD ROW: R. Pittman, B. Freymeyer, C. Lilley, M. Beale, R. King, R. West, N. Bristow. FOURTH ROW: B. Petty, E. Wills, D. Campbell, D. Rabil, B. Whitley, R. Kannan, L. Parrish, B. Turner. 114 Chorus Chris Lloyd, President Brenda DeHaven, Vice-President Beth Robertson, Librarian Susan McKensie, Reporter A Mr. Barton, Chorus Director Nancy Land, Secretary Raymond West, Podium Manager Peggy Darden, Treasurer Nancy Kitchen, Robe Manager FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: B. Lambdin, N. Land, J. Drake, S. McKensie, N. Kitchen, S. Cutchins, B. DeHaven, C. Babb, P. Rawls, S. Faison, P. Darden. SECOND ROW: D. Surace, C. Rawlings, B. Robertson, C. Rose, C. Lloyd, L. Gardner, J. Holt, J. West, A. Hines, A. Smith. THIRD ROW: Mr. Barton, R. Crum, C. Kingery, J. Joyner, C. Harrell, F. Parker, A. Norfleet, I. Feher, S. Cutchins, D. Cotton, N. Thomas. FOURTH ROW: J. Vann, G. Pierce, W. Ashburn, R. West, W. Burton, L. Parish, J. Vann, W. Harrison, D. Forrer, W. Cutchins, M. Russel. During the year the Chorus plans many programs which are greatly enjoyed by the students and the community. Each day during their scheduled class, the Chorus practices diligently to achieve perfection. F. H. S. Concert Band FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: V. Smith, T. Cotton, A. Phillips, R. Myers, C. Joyner, M. Bunch, N. Cotton, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: A. Weeks, K. Vaughan, J. Spence, P. Darden, D. Myers, C. Owens, M. Murray, B. Bryant, S. Collier, D. Young, J. Swift, J. Beale, D. Johnson, R. Bailey, S. Lankford, H. Darden, J. Thomas. THIRD ROW: J. Denson, S. Turner, D. DeLoatch, K. Hall, B. Kauss, M. Futrell, L. Wood, W. Harrison, N. Bristow, K. Lambert, J. Bunch, M. Best, C. Darden, R. Harris, S. Bowman, D. Campbell, C. Smith, K. Brown, T. Campbell, T. Cutchins, B. Beale, L. Parrish, R. Blythe. STANDING: A. Cobb, L. Roncinske, J. Andrews, F. Watson, S. Rich, D. Lankford, J. Joyner, G. Brett, D. Deshields, S. Cutchins, D. Hudgins, H. Darden, Mr. Barton. BAND OFFICERS: SEAT- ED: Larry Wood, captain; Vickie Smith, librarian; Teressa Cotton, reporter. STANDING: Hunter Dar- den, lieutenant; Frank Wat- son; podium manager; John Thomas, uniform manager. k Mr. Barton Band Director Mary Lee Best Betty Kauss, Donna Deshields, and Terry McGhee are the Banner Drum Majorette Carriers for the Band. Larry Parrish Drum Major Majorettes Ginny Land, 2nd Year Susan Biedenbender, 3rd Year Head Majorette The majorettes devote many hours to striving for perfection in their routines. They do an excellent job in leading the band and in performing during the football games. Jan Steed, 1st Year Mrs. Cotton, Sponsor Connie Vaughan, 1st Year Nancy Edwards, 1st Year Carolyn Smith, 1st Year LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Carolyn Smith, Susan Biedenbender, Connie Vaughan. SECOND ROW: Nancy Edwards, Jan Steed, Ginny Land. Betty Kauss, Alternate Athletics extend keys to aid our physical, as well as our social, development with others . . . thundering down court to score two points . . . the piercing sound of helmets clashing together . . . cold showers . . . harmony of the pep club and cheerleaders yelling fight chants . . . crowded grandstands . . . shiny floors of basket- ball courts . . . jumping for rebounds . . . ref- erees blowing their whistles sharply . . . colorful pom pom routines on the field during halftime . . . warm buttered pop corn . . . 118 W - — » • » ■ — -i. .W ■— ■ ' w 1 19 Varsity Football FIRST ROW: Holland Ricks, Chet Martin, Tom Jones, Jim Beale, Willie Ashburn, Jimmy Gray, Danny Drake, Tim Collier, Johnnie Rabil, and Marc Morris. SECOND ROW: Coach Mathews, Glenn Pierce, manager; Mike Atkinson, Richard Pittman, Steve Hudgins, Peter Pearson, Raymond West, Joey Kannan, Glen Garland, Randy Drake, Tom Allport, and Brad Bradshaw, manager. THIRD ROW: Coach Bowers, Jeff Mabe, Randy Burgess, Bob White, Chris Osborn, Wade Bowman, Beaver Kannon, David Rabil, Milton Beale, Jimmy Vargo, Butch Turner, Billy Whitehead, Bobo Beecham, Wendell Pixley, manager; and Coach Pearce. Head Coach Doug Bowers Charles Pearce Defensive Coach 1 20 Line Coach 14 6 2 10 14 20 40 14 58 20 Coach Matthews addresses the student body during a pep rally. SCHEDULE Franklin 13 . Franklin 24 . Franklin 0 . Franklin 0 . Franklin 19 . Franklin 26 . Franklin 0 . Franklin 19 . Franklin 0 . Franklin 26 . Tom Jones Jeff Mabe Butch Turner 121 Atkinson heads for six p oints. Turner bangs through for good yardage. The Bronco offense sets to roll. I i ; Ashburn searches for daylight Ricks and Atkinson cover opponent. The Broncos carry on pre-game practices. Seniors Mike Atkinson % Milton Beale Randy Drake Jeff Mabe All District Willie Ashburn Junior Richard Pittman Senior Holland Ricks Sophomore Honorable Mention Jeff Mabe Senior Mike Atkinson Senior Tom Allport Junior Billy Whitehead Junior Varsity BOT TOM ROW: David Hudgins, Bryant Holt, Bobby Smith, Tim Campbll, Keith Bradshaw, Linwood Joyner, Tony Briley, Tucker Poland, Adrian Jones. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Fred Felts, Gary Bradshaw, Quency Powell, Chesley Beale, Oliver Brown, Anthony Handshaw, Whit Day, Dwight Powell, Jeff Joyner, Allen Wills. David Clark, Larry Blunt, Gorden Ellsworth. TOP ROW: Mike Murray, Sammy Drewry, Rob Ray, Larry Hedgepeth, Donnie Baines, Doug Whitehead, Nelson Story, Dick Rose, Grayden Funkhouser, Albert Ashburn, Butch Dunlow, Warren Cheson. SCHEDULE Franklin 2 Northampton County 13 Franklin 6 Suffolk 25 Franklin 13 Emporia 0 Franklin 13 Forest Glenn 0 Franklin 6 John Yeates 21 Franklin 21 Smithfield 0 Franklin 6 Southampton 21 Coach Fred Felts Doug Whitehead 126 Co-captains Rob Ray Line-Up Rob Ray Mike Murray Doug Whitehead Defensive Team h — | dikdi Larry Hedgepeth Sammy Drewry i Donnie Baines Oliver Brown Tucker Poland Larry Blunt Tony Briley Offensive Team Linwood Joyner Sammy Drewry Dick Rose Tony Briley Doug Whitehead Tucker Poland Donnie Baines Jeff Joyner Rob Ray Bobby Smith Larry Hedgepeth Varsity Basketball j ■ate KNEELING: Chuck Lilley, Jimmy Vargo, Bob Petty, Willard Burton. STANDING: Wayne Jones; Manager, Johnnie Rabil, Willie Ashburn, John Abbitt, Beaver Kannan, Wade Bowman, David Rabil, Dennis Hedgepeth, Mac Beale, Chris Osborn; Manager, Coach Pearce. Coach Charles Pearce 128 Lilley guards the basket. SCHEDULE Franklin .... 52 John Yeates . . . . . .36 Franklin .... 55 Forest Glenn . . . . . .37 Franklin .... 67 Forest Glenn . . . . . .47 Franklin .... 38 Gloucester . . . . . . .55 Franklin .... 47 Northampton . . . . .59 Franklin .... 51 Southampton . . . . . 52 Franklin .... 45 Murfreesboro . . . . . .51 Franklin .... 43 Suffolk . . .61 Franklin .... 40 Smithfield . . .47 Franklin .... 71 Poquoson . . .45 Franklin .... 40 Windsor . . .52 Franklin .... 48 Suffolk . . .72 Franklin .... 58 Southampton . . . . .38 Franklin .... 85 Stoney Creek . . . . . .44 Franklin .... 51 Windsor . . .64 Franklin .... 43 Waverly . . .32 Franklin .... 66 John Yeates . . . . . .40 Burton fights for rebound. D. Rabil lays in two. 129 130 Centers for the mighty Broncos were Jimmy Vargo and David Rabil. Vargo clears boards. D. Rabil hauls in two. 131 J. Rabil drives for the basket. LAST YEAR MEN Jimmy Vargo Willard Burgon Chuck Lilley Bob Petty Lilley plays tough defense. Attempting a free throw, Beale tosses one in. 132 Girls’ Basketball KNEELING: Linda Lupton, Susan Cutchins, Lois Harrell, Emily Bryant, Maria Jones, and Betty Bryant. STANDING: Tammy Shockley, Melanie Jones, Johnette Nichols, Laura Pruett, Teresa Cutchins, Marjorie Harrell, Donna Deshields, Cheryl Lee Owens, Jan Steed, Vickie Smith, Gwynn Doughty, Trisha Rawls, Glenda Blair, and Coach Mathews. Lois Harrell, Co-Captain Emily Bryant, Co-Captain Coach Mathews 133 Linda Lypton and Marjorie Harrell Betty Bryant ns® Maria fires pass Emily Bryant and Lois Harrell Susan Cutchins SCHEDULE Franklin 25 Franklin 36 Franklin 29 Franklin 29 Franklin 37 Franklin 28 Franklin 29 Franklin 37 Franklin 26 Franklin 15 Franklin 33 .JohnYeates 41 .... Suffolk 49 Southampton 28 Murfreesboro 38 . . Smithfield 36 . . . .Windsor 37 Southampton 27 .Stony Creek 39 . . . .Windsor 34 . . . .Waverly 18 .JohnYeates 25 Maria Jones 135 J.V. Basketball FIRST ROW: David Johnson, Mike Murray, Peter Pearson, Holland Ricks, Joey Kannan. SECOND ROW: Coach Lassiter, Sion Carr, Johnny Duck, David Pittman, David Whitley, Dick Rose, Kevin Hall, Larry Hedgepeth, Craig Scott, Danny Peak, Rob Ray, Chet Martin, Charlie Lynn, Jim Piette and Chip Kingery, managers. Coach Lassiter Joey Kannon Sophomore-Captain Franklin 44 Franklin 38 Franklin 54 Franklin 52 Franklin 34 Franklin 52 Franklin 35 Franklin 64 Franklin 62 Franklin 35 Franklin 31 Franklin 45 Franklin 47 Franklin 57 . John Yeates . Forest Glen . Forest Glen . . Gloucester Northampton Southampton .... Suffolk . . Smithfield . . Poquoson . . . .Windsor .... Suffolk Southampton . . . .Windsor . John Yeates 21 24 25 39 26 38 30 38 36 43 27 22 35 39 David Johnson Sophomore-Captain Holland Ricks Sophomore -Cap tain 136 David Johnson - Sophomore -Guard Joey Kannon - Sophomore -Guard Holland Ricks Peter Pearson Danny Peak Sophomore -Forward Sophomore-Center Sophomore-Forward 137 Junior Varsity In Action J. V.’s struggle for rebounds. Two points are almost scored. All eyes are on the jump ball. Mr. Harris and Mr. Lassiter take time out from practice to discuss game strategy. Varsity Cheerleaders Nancy Land, Co-captain Donna Kingery, Co-captain 139 Suzanne Cotton Emily Bryant Trisha Rawls J.V. Cheerleaders CLOCKWISE: Pam Kendrick, Nell Baynard, Jan Eley, Joan Blythe, CENTER: Katie Whitley, Micki Hundley. Diane Barnes, Cynthia Johnson, Candy Beaman, Renee Martin. Joan Blythe, Cynthia Johnson, Candy Beaman, Micki Hundley Nell Baynard. Diane Barnes, Jan Eley, Renee Martin, Katie Whitley, Pam Ken drick. 141 From the keys of ads, students develop their skills in the business world . . . merchants who co-operate and understand, and who are also considerate . . . finding directions . . . remaining poised and calm while asking for ads . . . filling out receipts for payment of ads . . . the col lection of money for new annuals . . . making quick stops . . . seeing smiling faces . . . mailing bills to merchants . . . taking pictures of business corporations or downtown stores . . . completing ad layouts . . . Qjmod ' toe ka-d s.L , CuV Ol c WcWWS ' . 142 I U U J V V I » I w :..L L.L.X.J U. 143 YOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR The Craftsmen who made Your Class Ring a Masterpiece and CHARLES G. MOTLEY • DOUGLAS DIVERS 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 Join in Sending Their Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL 77 ) 7 jmdt ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA • MEDALS • TROPHIIS PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS • COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS SUFFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. GEE S GROCERY Franklin, Virginia DOUGHTY BUICK - PONTIAC - OLDSMOBILE Franklin, Virginia E. G. BRETT’S ESSO SERVICENTER Fuel Oil — Kero — Gas Dial 562-3338 Franklin, Virginia Your Early American Headquarters THE WAVERLY SHOP Open Daily 9:00 to 5:30 P.M. For Evening Appointments Call Collect Store 466-1 — Home 334-6 Courtland, Virginia Compliments of THE DAIRY QUEEN Charcoal and Grill Insurance Since 1872 Franklin and Courtland, Virginia BLYTHE FORD INC. Edward H. Brooks, Jr. Louis P. Jervey, Jr. Joseph W. Hutt, Jr. Arnold A. Dempsey, Jr. BEST WISHES FROM WYSR Compliments of (Franklin Broadcasting Corp.) -1250 K. C. 1,000 Watts ST. REGIS Franklin Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE H. M. Lewis, Owner “The Family Store” Phone LO-2-3707 Franklin, Va. FELTON’S ONE HOUR CLEANERS “Franklin’s Finest” Shirts Laundered - Custom Finished T. Roland Felton, Proprietor Phone LO 2-4224 3rd Avenue and Franklin Street Franklin, Virginia DAIRY PRODUCTS CO Drink Pet for Pep Franklin, Virginia complete heating comfort with our Gulf iiousewarmmg service Enjoy carefree heating comfort . . . yet pay no more! CALL LO-2-3115 • Equipment Service Plan • Equal Monthly Payments • Automatic Delivery • Gulf Solar Heat S. W. RAWLS, INC. ° M Franklin, Virginia LO-2-3115 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS of 1969 DAMERON CHEVROLET INCORPORATED Franklin, Virginia Compliments of NOTTOWAY HOUSE, INC. Furniture to Live With Franklin Courtland Blvd. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS of 1969 STEINHARDT-GOODWIN EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Franklin, Virginia HERCULES HERCULES INCORPORATED Symbol of Service Second Avenue and Mechanic Street Box 36 V 5 J % VJX £ V v ,0 A » VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking and Trust Services At Three Convenient Locations BOYKINS CAPRON FRANKLIN 306 North Main Street A Member Of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation n 5 n May the c tjd 0 ks£t ' nV UU ' ■ g y great happiness! nkd A- „o Seaboard Citizens Jf aitanal Bank V, 7 Af V aOJ, ft r JdO d ° erchants and Farmers Office Compliments of Compliments of FRED’S CAFETERIA CARTER SONS, INC. Franklin, Virginia 100 101 S. Main Street Compliments of Modern Luncheonette PARKER DRUG CO. “The REXALL Drug Store” Franklin’s largest most modern drug store. Franklin, Virginia Franklin,- Virginia GENE’S 5c 10c STORE 208 North Main Street Franklin, Virginia 23851 DRAKE TIRE COMPANY, INC. GRAY’S TEXACO SERVICE Highway 58 East Telephone 562-3541 Appliances Compliments of Motorola TV Franklin, Virginia 23851 JONES DRUG COMPANY Compliments of “Franklin’s Most Modern Drug Store” Franklin, Virginia W. Tall Jones Frank K. Harris Thomas R. Williams JOHNSON CONWELL CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1 969 Compliments of FRANKLIN LOGGER hjUL yyOty-Ll - ' c HASTING S, INC. Compliments of Quality Shop Men’s and Ladies’ Wear For Men and Ladies Weejuns are a way of life! REESE DRUG COMPANY Phone 653-3731 Phone LO 2-4931 206 Main St. Courtland, Virginia Congratulations Compliments of W. T. PACE FRANKLIN CONCRETE PRODUCTS Hardware Since 1 890 Biggest and Best in Building Materials Wholesale Prices WHITLEY HARDWARE BRADY’S JEWEL BOX Maxie Day, Proprietor Building Material — Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Sporting Goods Glidden Paints Diamond Center Gifts For All Occasions Franklin, Virginia Franklin, Virginia R. P. RAWLS AND SON, AGENTS DARDEN OIL COMPANY. INC. “BEST PRICE ON REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE” Phone LOgan 2-3570 2nd Avenue Franklin, Virginia Distributors American Oil Products Franklin Virginia Compliments of Compliments of R. L. TILLET INC. Roofing — Guttering Meta) Fabricating SOUTHHAMPTON SUPPLY Telephone 5624913 Highway 58 East Franklin, Virginia HARDING GRIZZARD, INC. Wholesale Auto and Tractor Parts P. 0. Box 69 Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 27870 —Branches— Emporia, Va. Courtland, Va. BLYTHE DODGE, INC. Dodge and Dodge Trucks Sales and Service Phone 562-5477 Franklin, Virginia MURPHY’S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Repairs BRACEY QUALITY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning — Shirts Laundered Pick Up — and Delivery Dial LO 24565 South Street Jimmie Bracey Compliments of BLYTHE’S SELF-SERVICE Hunterdale Franklin Virginia GULF CENTRAL SERVICE John Galloway, Proprietor Fourth Avenue and Franklin Street Franklin, Virginia Dial LOgan 2-3334 BRANCH’S SHOE SERVICE 107 First Avenue Phone LO 2-3258 Franklin, Virginia COUNCILL’S FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP TART PHARMACY (Franklin’s Friendly Drug Store) 115 West Second Avenue Franklin, Va. Phone 562-5148 PROMPT DELIVERY FARMER’S PRODUCE CO. Armstrong Floors Franklin, Virginia Compliments of ROSE BROTHERS JEWELERS Compliments of CHARLES L. BENNETT HASSETT’S INC. Your Motorola Dealer Compliments of META’S BEAUTY SALON Congratulations and Best Wishes Senior Class of 1969 DARDEN FARMS Franklin, Virginia HANCOCK PEANUT CO, SMELLERS — of — ' SLED PLANTS SEl PEA h STOFAG WHOLESALE DEALERS IK SEED PEANUTS HANCOCK PEANUT CO. HANCOCK PEANUT CO. Compliments of VIRLINA HOMES, INC. Franklin, Virginia R. D. (ROSCOE) COOK APPLIANCE SERVICE Phone 562-4292 Hardware HUNTERDALE HOME SUPPLY CO. House wares-Gifts— Appliances— F arm Supplies Sedley Road, Franklin, Virginia 23 851 SMITH JEWELERS Gifts of Distinction Franklin Virginia CAMPBELL S NATIVE NURSERY W. J. Duck, Owner DUCK’S SEAFOOD MARKET Franklin, Virginia 502 Laurel Street Franklin, Virginia G. H. STEINHARDT, INC. Compliments of Hardware— Sporting Equipment-Paints and Houseware Products MIDWAY GROCERY Franklin, Va. Phone 562-3385 Route 1, Courtland, Virginia Compliments of VIRGINIAN DRUG Prescription Specialist RICH’S DRIVE-IN Franklin, Virginia PANTON AND LACKLAND CO., INC. Sporting Goods Toys RECORD SHOP LOgan 2-4578 Franklin, Virginia Compliments of AIRWAY MOTOR LODGE AND RESTAURANT Compliments of COMMUNITY MARKET Compliments of DUKE’S GARAGE Route 3, Box 71 Franklin, Va. Phone 562-5261 GEORGE ALLEN APPLIANCE CORP. 302 North Main Street Franklin, Va. 23851 562-4250 THEO K. HANN Manufacturers and Dealers in Peach, Truck, Hamper, Baskets and Covers — Also Lumber P.O. Box 562 Franklin, Va. Compliments of LOUISE’S RESTAURANT CAVALIER AUTO SALES MEADOWBROOK SERVICE CENTER South Pretlow Streets Compliments of Matthew Turner, Prop. Telephone LOgan 2-4528 TOWN AND COUNTY BEAUTY SHOP Best Wi The Class of o Sentinel CK .p klLBY ' | y FLOWER SHOP HUNTERDALE SHELL SERVICE wi t OUIIlClLidlC I UdU Franklin, Virginia 23851 Phone: LO 2-3374 Compliments of D. D..AUTO SUPPLY SOUTHERN STATES FRANKLIN COOPERATIVE INCORPORATED •» Franklin, Virginia Franklin, Virginia AGRI-TECH SERVICES W. J. M. HOLLAND AND SON Franklin, Va. Murfreesboro, N. C. Spraying Landscaping Grounds Maintenance Franklin Virginia 562-5156 MOMENTS TO REMEMBER GRADUATION, the SENIOR PROM, HOMECOMING these highlights are among the school events you will remember . . . and have read about in pages of the award-winning TIDEWATER NEWS CUTCHINS SERVICE Published Monday and Thursday Franklin, Virginia Office Supplies Commercial Printing Office Equipment Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Accessories Road Service — Phone LO 2-3017 East Second Avenue Franklin, Virginia RUSSELL HOLMES BRISTOW INSURANCE CORP. Where Shopping is a Pleasure Quality Shoes for the Family Franklin, Virginia “Our Patrons Sleep Well” (They don’t have to count sheep) Since 1913 Phone LO 2-3182 Franklin, Virginia Compliments of FRANKLIN TEXACO Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. PEPSICOLA 726 N. Main St. Emporia, Virginia “Taste That Beats The Others Cold” LASKIN FOODS INCORPORATED FROZEN FOODS AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIES We Supply Food for Schools, Churches and Home Freezers PHONE EXport 7-3427 2323 KING STREET PORTSMOUTH, VA. OsJiS) tJU ( Jlo " WvVV£-0 UcXoX ' Vo ' XXq jQJLj W A OlAA ousj-a ijLcoTi Uy-OA, JLllcXc_ i a. Ul 3 ujDLuvC- (VAxTi iO To the advertisers, we the staff members say, “Thank you,” and to the subscribers of our annual we say, “Let’s help make a good city a better city by supporting our local merchants and business conc erns.” eP ■ US ? %? 158 DELMAR j t ' o v o j T ’ :. n a_N v Va y st). i V A, o, A t. A,, A 3 . - , x “ X, " W VA “ ■ J ' V uowk _ y jf ' A V " jwjZj (X OX cri , c l yti ir€ 7 tvx u jT yy V A Uytf- - TV t 4 ’ Vtyv ' yyrU. sn L A. A 1 A ' f ° eJ in jjA ID D° - ■ JIjJLs (Z Ay S t ' v j jl ny $JfaAf Ot T ' , cr T ' S kw7 Baseball Team Has Successful Season FRONT ROW: Dennis Blythe, Manager, Tom Kawana, Mac Beale, Andy Duck, Ricky Perry, Chuck Gayle, David Pittman, Bruce Doane. SECOND ROW: Coach Felts, Mike Goodman, Dennis Hedgepeth, Frank Watson, Bob White, Beaver Kannon, Willard Burton, Larry Hedgepeth. Another run is scored. The team warms up before the game. The batter awaits the pitch. The game is under way. Golf Team Wins District Title FRONT ROW: Raymond Crum, Rob Ray, David Rabil, Roscoe Crum. SECOND ROW: Randy Whitley, Joe Gibson, Bob Petty, Chuck Lilley, Bobby Freymeyer. Bob Petty No. 1 Man Joe Gibson No. 2 Man Chuck Lilley No. 3 Man Randy Whitley No. 4 Man Mickey shows the form that made him No. 1. Suzanne follows through after hitting the ball. Tennis Teams Worked Hard Mrs. Anne Gay Coach FRONT ROW: Mike Murray, David Forrer, John David Abbit, Chip Kingery, Mickey Atkinson, Conway Dameron, Ed Rogers, Whit Day. »«— H FRONT ROW: Cynthia Vaughan, Suzanne Cotton, Janet Burrow, Susan Lowe. SECOND ROW: Patricia Rawls, Eleanor Swift, Emily Bryant, Allene Phillips, Nancy Land. NOT PICTURED: Maria Jones. Mike stretches as he hits this backhand shot. Cynthia concen- trates as she plays the match. Track Team Shows Enthusiasm FRONT ROW: Gary Griffin, Chet Martin, Gus Wieters, Marc Morris, Tim Collier, Graydon Funkhouser, Tim Duck, Glenn Dunlow, G. C. Duck. SECOND ROW: Danny Peak, Neil Bristow, Stephen Hudgins, Danny McKenzie, David Council, Micki Rabil, Albert Ashburn, John Bunch. THIRD ROW: Coach Matthews, Doug Whitehead, Billy Whitehead, Peter Pearson, Brad Bradshaw, David Johnson, Jeff Mabe, Burdette Gatten, Anthony Cobb, Randy Burgess, Bobby Lankford, Manager. Tim and Gary wait to start. 4 The crowd watches as Danny broad jumps. J.V. Baseball Is Organized FRONT ROW: Drew Lankford, J. C. Barrows, David Whitley, George Lane, Dale Tuttle, Dell Cotton, Murray Turner, Wayne Hasenei, Marvin Gunn, Tony Briley, Clarence Lee, Dick Rose, Steve Bowman, Ray Bowles, Coach Rhinehart, Dennis Blythe, Manager, Gordon Ellsworth, Manager. Annual Staff Sponsors Talent Show Sponsored by the annual staff, the Talent Show was a chance for the stu- dents in the area schools to perform. First, second, and third place prizes were given to the best performers. The “Three of Us” were second place winners in the Talent Show. 5 Spring Elections Are Held Midd and Chuck attend the polls on the day of the voting. Joey Kannon Vice-President Larry Hedgepeth Treasurer Johnnie Rabil President Susan Lowe Secretary Cheerleaders Are Chosen Varsity Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW: Janet Burrow, Susan Lowe, co-captains. SECOND ROW: Katie Whitley, Rita Winstead, Becky King. THIRD ROW: Candy Beamon, Cynthia Johnson, Jewel Holt, Patricia Rawls. NOT PICTURED: Emily Bryant. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW: Jan Eley, Joan Blythe, co-captains. SECOND ROW: Pam Kendrick, Marge Whitley, Mitzi McNeely. THIRD ROW: Sandra Pierce, Carolyn Bondurant, Linda Lupton, Renee Martin, Nell Baynard. 6 The Band and Chorus Perform The chorus, as the band, performs on many occasions throughout the school year. This year as one of their per- formances, they presented the comedy, Bubble Trouble. Raymond West seems to be telling the others something as he sings. Bubble Central seems to be a very busy place. The band works hard all year giving many perfor- mances. Under the direction of Mr. Barton the band presented the Sixteenth Annual Spring Concert. Mr. Barton directs the Sixteenth Annual Spring Concert. The band gives an excellent perfor- mance. 7 The Junior— Juniors spent a busy day Saturday decorating. The decorations typified the theme, “Moonlight and Roses. Senior Prom — . J S Hlrffk The couples rest between dances. Mrs. Beale and Johnnie are busily decorating. The Cliffhangers supplied the music. And Roses” Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Girls and Boys State Delegates Are Elected Susan Lowe Teressa Cotton ALTERNATES Johnnie Rabil Stephen Hudgins Patricia Rawls Jewel Holt Wade Bowman GRADUATION ARRIVES Richard Pittman, valedictorian, gives an inspiring speech. Tommy Gray addressed the class as salutatorian. Tom Jones welcomed the crowd as president of the Senior class. The graduates wait eagerly in the library. This seems to be a happy group of graduates. 11 Second Semester Highlights Baccalaureate 12

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