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- cv i, c 6dA .yt y? 7 cy6 - eA )i, r JjLct - IfffiAM. -OU- ' vA yyvi - , Vyvb OUjI Vvs. ' 13o Ao- ' - . . N lies- ”! ' “■ , o ' ■ rt j-VA Lsfec- 0 ' ft 5 A ‘ y J ,pV o- C7 U ' ' o uj ' s y ' ' PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Franklin, Virginia ' kWCuiO ; Ql 3 jl C-t VvW ' " S CU ' i.VU;4 iZjA - ' ivAtU jLyi ux , U ( UTLj iXixi Vilcv ' V l «aaJ - ’.tjXy ALMA MATER Here ' s to Franklin ' s Alma Mater Gold against the sky; Here ' s to Franklin ' s Alma Mater As the years go by; Forward on to victory March right down the field; Here ' s to Franklin ' s Alma Mater We must never yield. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Administration Classes Activities Sports Ads 2 A School Begins Its Role In Education FHS 1922 Franklin High School, as we know it, began its role in education in 1923 when as a building it had been erected- -only a construction. Since then it has risen as a tower in the fond memories of over forty graduated classes. Each class has changed little by little the character of " ole FHS " until now in 1966 it scarcely resembles the FHS of 1922 at all in its construction, students, faculty, classes, sports, and activities. 3 The curriculum of Franklin High School has broadened in scope to include many new subjects through the years. Those added just this year are drama and speech, art, and office machines. The facilities of our classrooms have also greatly changed since the beginning. Above are pictured typical math classes and science classes of then and now. It can clearly be seen that these improve- ments have helped the students to understand more quickly. 4 In the field of music FHS has grown from a ten piece orchestra to a fifty-seven piece band. The band has changed uniforms several times and this year has added the uniform pen lights. These additions are a result of time marching on in a growing school. The Glee Club, or the Chorus as it is now called, has also shown many alterations through the years. It has constantly increased in membership; in 1965 was considered as an accredited course. Again the picture shows there is a change in the appearance of the group. 5 A school is often measured by the volumes in its library. Each year the library has become more useful to the students. Because of this growth, students each year are offered a wider choice of both en- tertaining reading and research sources. As a school expands, so does its extra-curricular activities. Through the years Franklin High School has formed clubs which help the com- munity, the school, and the individual. Above is pictured a comparison of the Monogram Club and the present Varsity Club. II 6 Athletically FHS has changed considerably too. At first athletics included only varsity football and boys ' and girls ' varsity basketball. Today our school offers athletic opportunities in the additional fields of golf, track, and tennis. Because of these new teams, more students have been able to participate in sports. The school grounds, along with the appearance of the students, has added its variety to the school character. Styles of clothing, hairstyles, the trees and bushes of the school grounds; as this picture shows even the smallest item, such as a water fountain has greatly varied through the years. 7 DEDICATION We Dedicate this, our 1966 LOG, to the alumni of FHS from The Class of 1923 to The Class of 1966 ADMINISTRATION Faculty of 1923 10 Assistant Superintendent Mr. F. H. Christopher ADMINISTRATION Mr. Joe Lentz Assistant Principal Miss Patricia Duck Secretary Mr. Garland E. Jackson Principal Mrs. Romine Hundley Guidance Director ,. c V € A Mrs. Dorothy C. Beale Social Studies Mrs. Betty W. Darden Commercial Mrs. Judith T. Arnett English Mrs. Elizabeth T. Cotton Mathematics Mr. Thomas C. Culbreth History 12 Mrs. Barbara B. Edwards Physical Education Mrs. Thelma W. Eley Commercial Mrs. Olive C. Gadberry Librarian Mrs. Iva C. Johnson English 13 Mr. Thomas C. Lassister Mathematics Mrs. Barbara Ledford History Mr. Gary Pierce Physical Education Mr. Roy Ledford Science Miss Muriel McBride Science M Mrs. Judy S. Riddick Home Economics Mrs. Prudence B. Thorpe Mr. Jack Trew Mr. Douglas Vess 15 16 CLASSES Sophomore Class of 1922 )7 SENIORS Becky Williams BillDelk. . . . Sheila Gardner Susan Powers . Donald Blythe . CLASS OFFICERS .... Secretary Sergeant- at- Arms .... Treasurer . Vice-President .... President CLASS MOTTO: " Keep your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you. " CLASS COLORS: Green and yellow CLASS FLOWER: Yellow rose 18 CINDY ALLMOND JACKIE BARBOUR LINDA DELL BEALE CRISSIE BLYTHE DONALD BLYTHE PEGGY BOWDEN 19 VIRGINIA BRACEY JERRY BRANCH CLAYTON BRYANT DANNY BUCK SANDRA BRYANT BOBBY BURGESS 20 ELLEN BURGESS BILLIE BURGESS BILL DELK 21 DANNIE DUNLOW JOAN EDMONDS BOBBY EUBANKS BILLY EDWARDS CARROL FOWLER TYE EDWARDS MARY ELIZABETH FOWLER 22 BETTY GAIL GALLOWAY CHESTER GRIFFIN SARAH PAGE GEHRKEN JOHN HARCUM DARBY GOODMAN ALEX HATCH RIN HENRY 23 BOBBY HOLLAND LINDA JAKE MAN MARGARET LAMBDIN MELINDA CURTIS LUMPKIN ALICE LYNN STEVE MALIK 24 JANE M CKENZIE DANNY MORGAN CONNIE O ' BRIEN STEVE OWENS ALEC PHILLIPS JOAN PORTER WESTBROOK PARKER LESLIE PORTER 25 DENNIS POWELL ALAN RADER JIMMY ROBERTS WAITE RAWLS JIMMY ROGERS DONALD RIDEOUT SUSAN POWERS BERNARD ROOK 26 JOAN ROSE LINDA SUE SEXTON 27 CLAUDIE THOMAS LONNIE VAUGHAN JONATHAN WALDEN KATHY WHITE HAL WHITLEY JOHNNY WHITLEY ELLIOTT WHITFIELD CARLTON VINSON LINDA WHITLEY 28 SCOTTY WHITLEY BECKY WILLIAMS SENIOR DIRECTORY CINDY ALLMOND Chorus 1,2,3, 5; F.H. A. 2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 2,3, Secretary 4, President 5; Pep Club 4,5; Majorette 1,2,3, 4, Head Major- ette 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5. BILLY ATKINSON J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 4, Co-Captain 5; J, V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Vice- President 5; SCA 4, 5; Hi- Y 5; Track 4, 5; All State Track 4; Superlative 5. JACKIE BARBOUR F.H. A. 3,4,5. UNDA DELL BEALE Beta Club 3, Chaplain 4, President 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Vice- President 5; Girls State 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5; J.V. Cheer- leader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4,5; Varsity Club 4, Treas- urer 5; Homecoming Court 3,5; Marshal for Graduation 4. CRISSIE BLYTHE Beta Club 3,5, Reporter 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 5; Blue Ridge Assembly 4; Bronco Bulletin Staff 3,4, 5; Annual Staff 5; Marshal for Graduation 4. DONALD BLYTHE Class President 2, 3, 4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; SCA 1; Var- sity Football 5; Varsity Club 4,5; Interact Club 4,5; Track 4, 5; Marshal for Graduation 4. PEGGY BOWDEN F.B.L.A. 5. VIRGINIA BRACEY Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; F.B.L.A. 3; Pep Club 3,4,5. JERRY BRANCH Honor Council 1,2,3, 5; SCA 1,2,3, 5; Vice-President of Class 4; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Pep Club 4; Superlative 5. WARREN BRIDGES Hi-Y 4, Secretary 5, Treasurer 5; F.B.L.A. 4,5; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, 5; Book Store Manager 5. CLAYTON BRYANT Transferred 5. SANDRA BRYANT F.H.A. 2,3, Treasurer 4; F.B.L.A. 2,3, Reporter 4, Treasurer 5; Chorus 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Treasurer 5; Homecoming Court 5; Superlative 5. DANNY BUCK F.B.L.A. 5. BILLIE BURGESS F.B.L.A. 5; Library Club 1,2, 3, 4,5; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4,5, Secretary 5; Pep Club 3,4,5. BOBBY BURGESS J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 5; Baseball 2,3,4, 5; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4; Interact Club 5. ELLEN BURGESS Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; F.H.A. 5; Chorus 1,2,3, Librarian 4; Band 1 , 2 . CATHERINE CLARK Transferred 5. BOB CONWELL Hi- Y 3, 4, 5; Chorus 1,2,3; Baseball 3,4; Track 1,2; Var- sity Club 3,4,5; Pep Club 3,4,5; WGH Correspondent 5. BRENDA CUTCHINS Tri-Hi-Y 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Pep Club 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Drum Majorette 3,4. LEONARD CUTCHINS F.F.A. 1,4, Vice-President 5; Chorus 5. SARAH CUTCHINS Transferred 5. MAXINE DAY Treasurer of Class 1; Secretary of Class 3,4; SCA Sec- retary 5; Chorus 1,2,3, Vice-President 5; Business Staff of Annual 1,2,3, Assistant Manager 4; Manager 5; Editorial Staff of Annual 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 2; J.V. Cheerleader 2,3; Varsity Cheerleader 4, Co-Captain 5; Varsity Club 4,5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; Superlative 5. BILL DELK J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3,4,5; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Sergeant-at- Arms 5; Bronco Bul- letin Staff 5; Superlative 5; Hi-Y 5. DANNIE DUNLOW Hi-Y 5. 29 SENIOR DIRECTORY JOAN EDMONDS F.B.L.A. 3; F.H.A. 3,4,5; Library Club 3,4; Chorus 4,5; Pep Club 3,4, TYE EDWARDS F.F.A. 1,2,3. BOBBY EUBANKS J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 5; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Track 3; Hi-Y 5; Superlative 5. LUCY EVANS F.B.L.A. 4; Pep Club 2,3,4. MARY ELIZABETH FOWLER F.H.A. 2; F.B.L.A. 4,5. BETTY GAIL GALLOWAY Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; Library Club 1; F.H.A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 5; J.V. Cheerleader 2. SHEILA GARDNER Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Reporter and Historians; Class Treasurer 5; F.H.A. 5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Marshal for Graduation 4; Pine Bowl Attendant 5; Super- lative 5, Annual Staff 5. SARAH PAGE GEHRKEN Tri-Hi-Y 4, President 5; Girls State 4; Bronco Bulletin Staff 1, 5; Business Staff of Annual 4, Varsity Cheerleader 5; Varsity Club 5; Beta Club 4, Chaplain 5; Marshal for Grad- uation 4; Pep Club 1,2,5, President 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Superlative 5. DARBY GOODMAN F.B.L.A. 4,5; F.H.A. 2,3; Majorette 2,3, 4,5; Pep Club I , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 . CHESTER GRIFFIN Class Vice-President 1; Baseball 3,4,5; J.V. Football 2; J. V. Basketball 3; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Band 1,2,3. ALEX HATCH F.F.A. 4; Track 4. RIN HENRY Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; J.V. Cheerleader 2,3; Varsity Cheerleader 4,5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Basketball 3,4, 5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 4,5; SCA Reporter 4; Homecoming Court 1, Maid of Honor 5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 2,3,4, Editor 5; Marshal for Graduation 4; Chorus 1,2; Superlative 5. BOBBY HOLLAND Baseball 3,5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5. LINDA JAKEMAN Tri-Hi-Y 4, Secretary 5; Library Club 4, 5; F.H.A. 4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Beta Club 3,4,5; SCA 4,5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 5; Marshal for Graduation 4; Superlative 5. GLENN JOYNER F.F.A. Reporter 2, Treasurer 5; Bus Driver 5. MARGARET LAMBDIN PepClub2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4, President 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Art Editor of Annual 5; F.B.L.A. 5. MELINDA LARSH Beta Club 4,5; F.H.A. 2; Chorus 3,4,5; Band 1,2,5, Re- porter 4; Pep Club 2,3,4, 5. AUCE LYNN F.B.L.A. 4,5. JANE McKenzie Pep Club 2, Vice- President 3, Treasurer 4, President 5; BroncoBulletinStaff 4, 5; Homecoming Court 4; Beta Club 4, 5; Marshal for Graduation 4. DANNY MORGAN J.V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4,5; Football 5; Varsity Club 5; F.B.L.A. 5. CONNIE O ' BRIEN F.B.L.A. 5; F.H.A. 2; Tri-Hi- Y 4, 5; Pep Club 2,3,4, 5; Majorette 3,4,5. STEVE OWNES Band 1,2, 3,4, 5. WESTBROOK PARKER Class Secretary 1; Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4, President 5; President of Student Body 5; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4,5; Varsity Club 3,4, 5; Tennis 3, 4, 5; Bronco Bulletin Staff 4,5; Interact Club, President 5; Blue Ridge Assembly; Supierlative 5. ALEC PHILLIPS Baseball 3; Golf 4,5. JOAN PORTER F.H.A. 2,3; Beta Club 4. DENNIS POWELL Transferred 5. SUSAN POWERS Business Staff of Annual 1,2,3; Editorial Staff of Annual 1,2,3; Assistant Editor 4; Editor 5; Vice-President of Class 2,3, 5; J.V. Cheerleader 2, Co-Captain 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4, Co-Captain 5; Basketball 2,3,4, 5; Tennis 3,4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Beta Club 5, Reporter 3, Vice-President 4; Tri- Hi-Y 4,5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, 5; Chief Marshal for Graduation 4; Vice-President of SCA 4; President of Honor Council 4; Homecoming Court 2,3, Queen 5; Girls State 4; Superlative 5. ALAN RADER J.V. Football 1,2; J.V. Basketball 3; Baseball 3,4,5; Varsity Club 4,5. WAITE RAWLS J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 3,4,5; J.V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4,5; Track 3,4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Pep Club 3,4; Bronco Bulletin Staff 2,3; Hi-Y 3,5; Reporter 4; Beta Club 3,4, Vice-President 5; Marshal for Graduation 4; Tidewater News Correspondent 5; Superlative 5. DONALD RIDEOUT Band 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 5; Chorus; Track 3,4, 5; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Pep Club 2,3,4, 5. JIMMY ROGERS Band 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 5. BERNARD ROOK Track 3, Manager 4; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Annual Staff 4,5. MITCHELL SANDLIN J.V. Football Manager 3; J.V. Basketball Manager 31,4; Varsity Football Manager 3; Varsity Club 3,4, 5; School Student Trainee 5; Pep Club 2,3; F.B.L.A. 3; Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 5. SHIRLEY SCOTT J.V. Cheerleader 2, Co-Captain 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 2,3,4, 5; Homecoming Court 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Annual Staff 5. LINDA SUE SEXTON F.H.A. 4, Chaplain 2, Historian 3; F.B.L.A. 2, Vice- President 3, Secretary 4. CHRISTOPHER SMITH Transferred 5. SUZETTE SMITH Basketball 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4. ROGER SPENCE Chorus 3; Beta Club 4; Band 3; Varsity Football 5; Track 4,5; Superlative 5. CLAUDIE THOMAS Transferred 5. LONNIE VAUGHAN J.V. Football 1,2,3; Baseball 3,5; Manager of Track 4. CARLTON VINSON F.F.A. 1,2; F.B.L.A. 4. JONATHAN WALDEN Transferred 5. KATHY WHITE Bronco Bulletin Staff, Art Assistant 4, Art Editor 5; F.H.A. 4, Secretary 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Marshal for Gradu- ation 4. ELLIOT WHITFIELD J.V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4,5; Baseball 2,3; Golf 4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Honor Counci l 3,4; SCA 1,2, 3,4,5; InteractClub4; Vice-President 5; Superlative 5; Boys State 4. HAL WHITLEY Chorus 3,4,5; Band 5. JOHNNY WHITLEY Baseball 2,3. LINDA WHITLEY Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Tri-Hi-Y 4,5; J.V. Cheerleader 3; Basketball 3,4,5. SCOTTY WHITLEY Football Manager 3; Varsity Club 3,4,5; Pep Club 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3,4. BECKY WILLIAMS Class Treasurer 2,3,4; Class Secretary 5; Basketball 3,4,5; Varsity Club 4,5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Treasurer 5; F.H.A. 5; Business Staff of Annual 4; Editorial Staff of Annual 5; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 5; Pine Bowl Queen 5; Superlative 5. 30 IN MEMORIAM Buford Spiers October 6, 1947 -- December 18, 1963 31 MOST STUDIOUS Linda is a very good student And is always very prudent. S tudying is the kind of work From which she will never shirk. Roger, Roger what ' s that you ' re doing? In that book your nose is glueing, Getting ahead, I would say Storing knowledge for a rainy day. Linda Jakeman Roger Spence Waite is a very ambitious guy; His ideals are set very high. He will go extremely far Cause his old jeep is hitched to a star. Sheila Gardner Waite Rawls MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sheila is most likely to succeed; In life she ' ll take the lead. She works forever hard and steady; To meet life ' s challanges she ' ll always be ready. I 32 BEST LOOKING Sarah Page Gehrken Elliott Whitfield FRIENDLIEST Sarah Page is forever grinning And many friends she ' s always winning. She ' s constantly there with a friendly greeting No matter at what place of meeting. We all like him, you bet; A friend to all he ever met. A warm hello, a friendly smile Will take this boy many a mile. Beauty is a virtue pure And Sandra has it for sure Shinning hair, beautiful eyes She ' s admired by many guys. It ' s the female ' s turn to stare At that handsome boy over there; With such good looks one will agree Jerry is just as handsome as handsome can be. Sandra Bryant Jerry Branch 33 MOST VERSATILE Susan Powers Westbrook Parker MOST POPULAR She ' s here, She ' s there, without a doubt No wonder she ' s a gad about? Popularity is the word No doubt about it, it ' s not absurd. Wanted over the country side, far and near But mostly wanted by his school here. The boy with the winning personality streak For most popular it ' s Bill we seek. Maxine Day Bill Delk Susan ' s the girl who is continually there Occupying this or that official chair. She ' s able to do many things well What she ' ll achieve next, you can ' t tell. Most versatile we call " Boo” Cause there aren ' t many things he can ' t do. He leads the gang and plays ball; You name it, he does them all. 34 MOST ATHLETIC Though Rin is always on the floor She helps the team just a little bit more. She ' s up, she ' s down, she ' s all around That ' s why she won the most athletic crown. Basketball, football, and track too Billy ' s actions pull us through. And as by now you can guess He ' s F.H.S. ' s very best. Rin Henry Billy Atkinson WITTIEST Becky ' s the girl who ' s fun to be around; We all know her laugh to be the funniest sound. She spreads wit to every lad and lass Since she ' s the wittiest girl in our class. When the going gets tough and grim. For a joke, a sunny word, we turn to him. He is truly witty and full of joy; In fact, we know no funnier boy! Becky Williams Bobby Eubanks m I I 35 JUNIORS President Anne Allport Vice-President Ricky Clark Secretary Linda Appleby Treasurer Ann Lankford Anne Allport Linda Appleby Billy Atkinson Richard Atkinson Jimmy Babb Hugh Bailey 36 Lynn Banks Wayne Barker Anne Barrows Karen Biedenbender Carol Bishop Barry Blythe Wayne Blythe Jewell Boone Suzanne Bowman 37 Dennis Bradner Hunter Bristow Ricky Clark Brenda Cobb Chris Cobb Amanda Collier Chris Councill Mary Dodson Raye Duke Bill Eley 38 Anne Gagner Caroline Gatten Susan Gehrken Deborah Gray Freddie Hollowell Lonnie Gray Shirley Hunt Raymond Hasset Patricia Hutchinson Lo retta Gibson Marina Henderson Daphne Jacovides Sherry Johnston Kathy Jones 39 Teresa Jones Ann Lankford Joe Lanier Nancy Lankford Allan Morris Shirley Lawrence Clayton Newsome Billy O ' Brien Trina Osborn Judith Owens Tommy Perry Rod Phelps Leon Pittman Ben Powell Sidney Rader Cheryl Spain Faye Story Laura Smithwick Harrell Turner Jackie Umphlett Oma Underwood Jim Turner Wayne Vargo Howard Vinson Kathey Wade Ronnie West Joan Wall Frankie Whitehead Carolyn Turner Eddie Twisdale Nita Vick Ruth Weeks 42 SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer. . . Cherry Bradshaw . . Frankie Rabil . . . Exum White Darlene Dampier Richie Baines Bobby Barker Dick Beale Mike Beale Yvonne Best Vivian Biedenbender Bill Blanks Arlene Blythe 43 I Kathy Cherry Jean Margaret Ann Nancy Blythe Bradshaw Bradshaw Bradshaw Bradshaw Douglas BUly Carole George Susan Bryant Burgess Burgess Burgess Burgess Harry Joey Bobby Edwin Susan Brenda Butler Campbell Carr Caulder Cobb Codispoti Tate George Harold Christie Peggy Arlene Cotton Councill Covington Crum Cutchins Dampier 44 ' 5 Darlene Susan Welton Barbara J. L. Dampier Day Deshields Duck Dunlow Lynn Gwynn Judi Johnny Jimmy Edwards Evans Faison Finley Fowler Pat Wallace Bob Coleman Carter Buddy Gillete Harrison Hasset Holland Hudgins Johnson Tommy Judi Meg Peggy Joe Charles Johnson Jones Jones Jordan Joyner Kannan 45 Karen Carolyn Lin John Sidney King Lumpkin March Murray Newsome Claire Frankie Betty Woody Marilyn Powers Rabil Rose Smith Spain Tommy Steve Jean Vivian Dot Johnny Stradley Traver Trimmer Vann Vargo Vick Exum Marcia Carter George Shirley Butch White Whitehead Whitley Whitley Williams Winsteai ff. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . , . Chuck Lilley Jimmy Gray , Marcia Brett Donna Kingery Mike Atkinson Mark Barrett Barry Barrington Jay Barrows Lemuel Battle Joanne Beale Milton Beale Alan Bell Ralph Blythe Sharon Blythe Jimmy Bradshaw Marcia Brett David Campbell Blake Caravati Forrest Caulder Rhonda Clark A1 Cobb 47 Anthony Cobb Dan Codispoti Suzanne Cotton Jimmy Crisp Wendy Cross Sandra Cutchins Peggy Darden Brenda DeHaven Gail Dixon Kathleen Donahoe Randy Drake Randy Drake Andy Duck Linda Gardner Jimmy Gray Tommy Gray Darlene Griffin Susan Hancock Joan Hawkins Rose Jeffries Tom Jones Wayne Jones Ricky King Donna Kingery Ella Kitchen Nancy Kitchen Pam Kitchen Patti Kitchen Nancy Land Linda Lankford 48 I Chuck Lilley Sheldon Little Chris Lloyd Louis Lowe Susan McKenzie Larry Parrish Bob Petty Jim Pittman Richard Pittman Roly Purrington Donald Raiford Ed Rogers Jerry Rose Linda Saunders Dale Scott Johnny Swift Johnny Thomas Henry Thomason Jennie Tingler Billy Turner Butch Turner Kenneth Vaughan Webb Watson Jo Ann West Billy Whitehead Ellis Wills Larry Wood Jim Wright Barbara Yirak Frankie Young 49 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . Johnny Rabil . Bobby Kannan Elaine Caravati . . .Becky King Willie Ashburn Connie Babb Ben Beale Mary Lee Best Patty Brawley Neil Bristow Emily Bryant Nikki Buck Buddy Burgess Randy Burgess Janet Burrow Dottie Campbell Elaine Caravati Joan Cobb David Codispoti 50 Joe Collier Tim Collier Donnie Cooke Denise Cotton Teressa Cotton Hunter Darden Jeff Denson Danny Drake Eddie Drake Gwynn Doughty Betty Duck Linda Dunlow Paula Edwards Pat Ellis Jim Evans Susan Faison Iby Feher Veronica Ferguson I Burdette Gatten Joe Gibson Mike Goodman Gary Griffin Alvin Griffith Dennis Griffith Billy Hatch Dennis Hedgepeth Andrea Hines Todd Hines Jewel Holt Janet Howell Steve Hudgins Mary James Bobby Kannan Becky King Lizzie Mae Kitchen Rodney Lankford Richard Letchworth Becky Live say Allen Lowe Susan Lowe Betty Marshall Greg Mason 51 Ronnie Mason Danny McKenzie Jean Newsome Jerry Newton Ann Norfleet Kathy O ' Clair Bob Osborn Frances Parker Rachel Peele Ricky Perry Allene Phillips Nita Phillips Glenn Pierce Nancy Pittman Cecilia Porter Johnnie Rabil Cindy Rainey Patricia Rawls Beth Robertson Regina Rogers Alexis Smith Vickie Smith George Story Dotty Surace Eleanore Swift Clyde Turner Pam Umphlett Nancy Underwood Butch Vann Cynthia Vaughan Nancy Vaughan Billy Vinson Gene Wall Frank Watson Ann Ashley Weeks Raymond West David White Viki White Tommy Whitfield Randy Whitley Rita Winstead Janie Young I 52 ACTIVITIES Knicker Club of 1924 53 STUDENT CO-OPERI The student government was previously known as the Student Council. In 1964 Franklin High School became affiliated with the Student Co-operative Association. Although this affiliation has changed several phases of the group, the basic functions of the group are still the same. This year the SCA sponsored again the student-faculty game. The organization also sponsored a magazine drive. The purpose was to obtain additional funds for the new school. SEATED: Patricia Rawls, Karen King, Janet Burrow, Susan Lowe, Rita Winstead, Westbrook Parker, Tommy Johnson, Susan Gehrken, Carole Burgess, Donald Blythe, and Jerry Branch. The President-Elect after the campaign Students elect next year ' s officers. 4TIVE ASSOCIATION z) ■ o i I 5-HxcIe - , yf N jzr • ’ THE HONOR COUNCIL [ The Honor Council ' s purpose is to promote honor and integrity of character among the students of ( the school. It consists of a presi- dent and an elected member from each class. The Honor Council carries out its purpose by talks, posters, and honor pledges. When a student enters high school, he automatically comes under the jurisdiction of the Honor Council. All students should feel • that they are a part of the honor f system, because it is their duty to work and study honestly and to encourage others to do so. j STANDING: Maxine Day, Susan Day, Anne Allport, Linda Jakeman, Chris Council, Ben Powell, Billy Atkinson, Jimmy Wright, Waite Rawls, Milton Beale, Caroline Gatten, Suzzane Cotton, Arlene Dampier, and Nancy Land. Ben Powell Maxine Day Vice-President Secretary Tommy Johnson Treasurer 55 STANDING: Arlene Dampier, Milton Beale, and Patricia Rawls. SEATED: Jerry Branch, Ben Powell, and Susan Gehrken. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Susan McKenzie, Ann Lankford, Maxine Day, Sharon Darden, and Crissie Blythe. STANDING: Patricia Rawls, Jewel Holt, Susan Day, Meg Jones, and Nancy Kitchen. f " Depicting the growth of Franklin High School over a period of years is the annual. Beginning in 1922 and continuing through the early years of the school, the annual was known under the title of MEMORIES. Mrs. Thorpe Sponsor Mr. Vess Sponsor Maxine Day Business Manager Susan Powers Editor Selling Annuals 56 I I i i EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: Shirley Scott, Ben Powell, Susan Powers, Nancy Lankford and Kathy Jones. STANDING: Cherry Brad shaw, Sheila Gardner, Susan Gehrken, Becky Williams, Margaret Lambdin. In 1948 the annual was re-established and was named THE LOG. Since that time it has continued to picture the life of Franklin High School, causing it to live in the minds of its many alumni. Working in the backroom 57 Photography problems Consulting Mrs. Thorpe BRONCO SEATED: Sarah Page Gehrken, Jane McKenzie, Rin Henry, Laura Smithwick, and Nancy Land. STANDING: Susan McKenzie, Linda Appleby, Meg Jones, Trina Over a period of years, the news- paper as well as other phases of school activities, has changed. The first newspaper was called THE FRANK CHAT. Then the title was changed to the BLUE AND GOLD POST. This newspaper also showed the enthusiasm and ability of the F. H. S. students. As the years passed the title was again changed. Rin Mrs. Thorpe Henry Sponsor Editor Feature Editors: Roly Purrington and Jane McKenzie. 58 Class Editors: Patricia Rawls, Nancy Land, Meg Jones, Linda Appleby, and Sarah Gehrken. ! BULLETIN Osborn, Roly Purrington, Westbrook Parker, Bill Delk, Linda Jakeman, Anne Allport, and Patricia Rawls. Laura Smithwick Assistant Editor Linda Whitley Business Manager It was called the BRONCO BUL- LETIN. All of these newspapers were mimeographed. In 1965 the BRONCO BULLETIN made one more step forward. The staff realized that by having their paper printed, they could have a much more attractive and interesting paper. The paper today is of great interest to the stu- dents. Selling Papers Humor Editors: Bill Delk and Susan McKenzie. 59 Proofreader: Trina Osborn. Typist: Linda Sexton. Artist: Kathy White. THE INTERACT CLUB The Interact Club of Franklin High School is sponsored by Rotary International. This is a service organization which was organized at the close of last year. Members are selected on the basis of the following criteria: (1) Character (2) Scholarship (3) Leadership Ability (4) Trustworthiness OFFICERS Westbrook Parker. . . . President Elliott Whitfield . . .Vice-President Waite Rawls Treasurer Ben Powell Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS Donald Blythe Harold Turner Bobby Burgess FIRST ROW: Benny Rollison, Bobby Burgess, Waite Rawls, Westbrook Parker, Elliott Whitfield, Harold Turner, Ben Powell, and Donald Bl3dhe. SECOND ROW: Billy Atkinson, Chester Griffin, Frankie Whitehead, Ricky Clark, Chris Council, Tommy Perry, Raymond Hassett, Hunter Bristow, and Roger Spence. THE QUILL AND SCROLL CLUB The Franklin charter for Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was obtained in 1963. However, the club did not become active after the graduation of its charter members, Betsy Rawls and Patsy Cotton. According to the Constitution, members of Quill and Scroll must be juniors or seniors who are in the upper third of their class scholastically, who are of good character, and who have done creditable work in some phase of school publication works. Anne Allport Linda Rin Jane Sarah Westbrook Laura Appleby Henry McKenzie Gehrken Parker Smithwick Maxine Susan Kathy Nancy Ben Susan Bernard Becky Day Gehrken Jones Lankford Powell Powers Rook Williams BETA CLUB The Beta Club was organ- ized on May 5, 1951. It empha- sizes leadership, character, and scholastic ability. Through the years the standards and require- ments have gradually changed. The projects for this club have included selling decals and can- dy. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Linda Appleby, Linda Dell Beale, Crissie Blv- the. SECOND ROW: Donald Blythe, Katherine Clark, Aman- da Collier, and Sheila Gardner. THIRD ROW: Sarah Gehrken, Rin Henry, Patricia Hutchinson, Linda Jake man, and Kathy Jones. FOURTH ROW: Ann Lankford, Nancy Lankford, Jane McKenzie, and Tommy Perry. FIFTH ROW: Joan Porter, Susan Powers, Waite Rawls, and Joan Rose. SIXTH ROW: Laura Smithwick, Roger Spence, and Kathy White. SEVENTH ROW: Frankie White- head, Elliott Whitfield, and Linda Whitley. SPONSOR: Mrs. Hund- ley. OFFICERS Linda Dell Beale President Waite Rawls Vice-President Sheila Gardner. . Secretary-Treasurer Induction Ceremony 61 LIBRARY CLUB Sharon Darden President Mrs. Gadberry Sponsor Nancy Lankford Vice-President Mary Dodson Sec.-Treas. Caroline Gat ten Reporter Linda Appleby Historian Jimmy Babb Shirley Baines Yvonne Best Karen Biedenbender Carol Bishop Billie Burgess ft THIRD ROW: Jewell Boone, Chris Cobb, Amanda Collier, Pat Cutchins, Joan Edmonds, Judy Faison. FOURTH ROW: Marina Henderson, Patricia Hutchinson, Linda Jakeman, Kathy Jones, Shirley Lawrence, Trina Osborn. FIFTH ROW: Judy Owens, Carole Rose, Laura Smithwick, Judy Thomason, Carolyn Turner, Nita Vick. ' I FBLA FIRST ROW: Mrs. Darden, sponsor, Marilyn Spain, Marcia Whitehead, Lucy Evans, Connie O ' Brien, Peggy Bowden, Cheryl Spain, Cindy Allmond, Carolyn Turner. SECOND ROW: Billie Burgess, Mary Louise Tingler, Nancy Brad- shaw, Karen Biedenbender, Jane Blythe, Darby Goodman, Sandra Bryant, Mary Elizabeth Fowler, Margaret Lambdin, Shirley Baines. THIRD ROW: Linda Rose, Daphne Jacovides, Dot Vargo, Sherry Johnsoon, Ruth Weeks, Carol Bishop, Shirley Williams, Carolyn Lumpkin, Kathy Wade, Alice Lynn. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Babb, Benny Rollison, Tony Surace, Danny Morgan, Eddy Twisdale, Warren Bridges, Danny Buck, and Wayne Barker. Since organizing in 1958, the Franklin Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America has been very active in carrying out various programs. Each year the students participate in local, regional, and state contest. The Student Supply Store of the school is operated by the FBLA members. The officers of the chapter gain leadership training each summer at a con- ference at Massanetta Springs. Mrs. Eley Sponsor Mrs. Darden Sponsor FBLA Business Meeting FIRST ROW: Marina Henderson, Cindy Rainey, Linda Appleby, Joan Cobb, Dottie Campbell, Becky Livesay. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Riddick, Anne Gagner, Barbara Yirak, Ann Lankford, Carole Rose, Judi Faison, Kathy White, Ellen Burgess, Denise Cotton, Jean Trimmer. THIRD ROW: Sheila Gardner, Jackie Barbour, Peggy Jordan, Joan Wall, Linda Gardner, Sharon Darden, Jane Blythe, Sherry Johnston, Yvonne Best, Kathy Blythe, Pat Gillette, Pam Umphlette. FOURTH ROW: Nita Vick, Patricia Hutchinson, Amanda Collier, Chris Lloyd, Nancy Underwood, Trina Osborn, Pam Kitchen, Becky Williams, Linda Dunlow, Anne Barrows, Shirley Lawrence, Shirley Scott. Homemaking is no longer a course com- posed of just cooking and sewing geared for those unable to pass academic classes. It is a course which offers a great variety of interest because the field is such a broad one. The importance of home economics is becoming more widely recognized. At least one year in home economics is a decided advantage for a college bound girl as well as a future homemaker. FLOWER: Red Rose COLORS: Red and White MOTTO: Toward New Horizons I Mrs. Riddick Sponsor F H A 1 FIRST ROW: Ronnie Mason and Leon Pittman. SECOND ROW: Leonard Cutchins, Dennis Bradner, and Glenn Joyner. The Future Farmers of America strive to learn more about farming and its many aspects. This year the group has entered many competitive contest to test their skill and knowledge. The contests entered this year are as follows: 1. Forestry 2. Swine 3. Soil Judging 4. Degree Team 5. Crop Judging 6. Tractor Driving 7. Public Speaking Dennis Bradner placed fourth in the Forestry Contest and the group as a whole placed third in the Soil Judging Contest. Mr. Trew Sponsor F F A TRI-HI-Y m The Tri-Hi-Y W originated in r j April of 1951. Since then it has become a Chris- tian service group of which Franklin r High School may be proud. This year their projects have in- cluded making hospital tray favors, sponsoring TB Drive, and stuffing envelopes for TB seals. Crissie Blythe, Peggy Bowden, Suz- zane Bowman, Vir- ginia Bracey, and ' Ellen Burgess. SEC- COND ROW: Chris Cobb, Brenda Cutchins, Sharon Dardon, Maxine Day, Betty Gail Galloway, and Sheila Gardner. THIRD ROW; Caroline Gatten, Caroline Sarah Page Gehrken, Susan Gehrken, Loretta Gibson, and Rin Henry. FOURTH ROW: ' Patricia Hutchinson, Linda Jakeman, Kathy Jones, and Ann Lankford. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Lankford, Connie O ' Brien, and Susan Powers. SIXTH ROW: Laura Smithwick, and Ruth Weeks. SEV- ENTH ROW: Linda Whitley, and Becky Williams. SPONSOR; Miss Eubanks . OFFICERS Sarah Page Gehrken President Linda Dell Beale . . . .Vice-President Linda Jakeman Secretary Becky Williams Treasurer Crissie Blythe Chaplain Sheila Gardner Historian HI-Y The Hi-Y originated in April of 1951. It is another service group of Franklin High School. Its projects this year have included organizing a Safety Patrol, raising the flag in the mornings, and partic- ipating in the Monday morning devotions. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Billy Atkinson, Billy Atkinson, Hugh Bailey, Barry Blythe, Warren Bridges, Douglas Bryant, and Terry Tate Cotton. SECOND ROW: Bill Delk, Danny Dunlow, Bill Eley, Bobby Eu- banks, Johnny Finley, and Robert Hassett. THIRD ROW: Freddie Hollowell, Buddy Johnson, Allen Minetree, Johnny Murray, and Westbrook Parker. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Perry, Ben Powell, Frankie Rabil, and Mitchell Sand- lin. FIFTH ROW: Oma Under- wood, Exum White, Carter Whitley. SIXTH ROW: Butch Winstead. SPONSOR: Mr. Las- siter. OFFICERS Westbrook Parker President Ben Powell Vice-President Warren Bridges Secretary- Treasurer Chaplain Mitchell Sandlin NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS " Git up from thair ye good for nothing bum ! " " A Letter! A Letter! " " Wal, Ah never seen setch likes! " CAST Ma Potter Billie Burgess Pa Potter Raye Duke Grandpa Potter Leonard Cutchins Clement Potter Hal Whitley Sue Russell Margaret Lambdin Pat Conley Maxine Day Pearline Whudaface .... Sandra Bryant Harold Mightybig Glenn Pierce John Porter Richie Baines Emmy Lou Potter . . . Darlene Dampier Sally Jane Potter . . . Patrice Brawley Katherine Conley .... Katherine Lloyd " . . . but, Poopsie . . . . " " I ' m an Angel. " " Love is a gift that ' s given.” " I can ' t find Harold! ! Finale CHORUS FIRST ROW: Joan Edmonds, PatCutchins, Andrea Hines, Shirley Bains, Kathy Lloyd, Brenda Dehaven, Jewell Boone, Melinda Larsh, Connie Babb, and Patti Brawley. SECOND ROW: Darline Dampier, Gwynn Evans, Margaret Lambdin, Sandra Bryant, Cheryl Blythe, Brenda Cobb, Peggy Cutchins, Vickie White, Linda Rose, and Brenda Codispoti. THIRD ROW: Mr. Barton, Pat Dampier, Beth Robinson, Carole Burgess, Shirley Hunt, Kathleen Donahoe, Jackie Umphlett, Maxine Day, Cindy Allmond, and Billy Burgess. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Pierce, Hal Whitley, Jimmy Rogers, Dennis Powell, Wallace Harrison, Douglas Bryant, Raye Duke, Coleman Holland, and Richie Baines. $ President Margaret Lambdin MAJORETTES " f V " ' Darby Goodman k I - “V Cindy Allmond Connie O ' Brien LEFT T 0 trGHT: Darlene Griffin, Betty Rose, Coonid ' WBrien, Darby Goodman, Cheryl Blythe, and Cindy Allmond, Head Majorette. Vivian Bledenbender ■ Cheryl Blythe Drum Majorette Brenda Cutchins BAND OFFICERS SEATED: Kathy Lloyd. STANDING; Douglas Bryant, Wayne Blythe, Tommy Johnson, and Jimmy Rogers. 3 Drum Major Wayne Blythe LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Beale, Arlene Dampier, Dottle Surace, Betty Duck, Cynthia Vaughan, Betty Rose, Nancy Land, Gwynn Doughty, Marina Henderson, Becky King, Rita Winstead, Denise Cotton, Nikki Buck, Susan Faison, Susan McKenzie, Judi Faison, Sharon Blythe, Nancy Kitchen, Ailene Phillips, Jean Hatch, Nancy Pittman, Jewel Holt, Linda Lankford, Nita Phillips, Patricia Rawls, Cherry Bradshaw, Barbara Duck, Pat Gillette, Judi Jones, Ann Norfleet, Joanne West, Linda Gardener, Steve Hudgins, Linda Appleby, Ann Lankford, Bill Delk, Susan Day, Suzanne Cotton, Vivian Vann, Marcia Whitehead, MarilynSpain, Jenny Tingler, Shirley Scott, Linda Dell Beale, Jane Blythe, Ben Beale, Carole Rose, Daphne Jacovides, Becky Williams, Bobby Holland, Suzanne Bowman, Donna Kingery, Susan Hancock, Brenda Cutchins, Meg Jones, Susan Burgess, Jane McKenzie, Mary Dodson, Susan Gehrken, Sherry Johnston, Benny Rollison, Caroline Gatten, Anne Allport, Westbrook Parker, Wayne Barker, Shirley Williams, Carolyn Lumpkin, Kathy Bl5dhe, Rhonda Clark, Sarah Page Gehrken, Kathy O ' Clair, Claire Powers, Danny Morgan, Tony Surace, Buz Lumpkin, Bob Conwell, Freddie Hollowell, Bill Eley, Bobby Eubanks, Waite Rawls, Linda Dunlow, Eleanore Swift, Susan Cobb, Peggy Bowden, Sheila Gardner, Nancy Bradshaw, Gail Clark, Chris Council, Ricky Clark, Dickie Surace, Alan Morris, Joe Lanier, Billy Atkinson, Wayne Blythe, Joan Hawkins, Elaine Caravati, Janet Burrow, Darby Goodman, Dot Vargo, Margaret Bradshaw, Ruth Weeks, Ben Powell, Richard Atkinson, Barry Blythe, Sidney Rader, Warren Bridges. VARSITY CLUB FIRST ROW: Linda Appleby, Ann Lankford, Shirley Scott, Linda Dell Beale, Maxine Day, Susan Powers, Rin Henry, Sarah Page Gehrken, Pat Dampier, and Marina Henderson. SECOND ROW: Bill Delk, Billy Atkinson, Darlene Dampier, Arlene Dampier, Caroline Gatten, Becky Williams, Anne Allport, Karen King, Susan Day, Claire Powers, Judi Jones, and Doodle Underwood. THIRD ROW: Dickie Surace, Chester Griffin, Buz Lumpkin, Tony Surace, Frankie Rabil, Freddie Hollowell, Barry Blythe, Ben Powell, Donald Blythe, Charles Kannon, Danny Morgan, and Scottie Whitley. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Roberts, Frankie Whitehead, Rod Phelps, Ricky Clark, Billy Atkinson, Bobby Eubank, Bill Eley, Westbrook Parker, Elliott Whitfield, Wayne Blythe, Raymond Hassett, Johnny Finley, Alan Rader, Allan Morris, and Bernard Rook. The Varsity Club is one of the oldest clubs at Franklin High School. It was previously known as the Monogram Club which dates all the way back to 1922. This club consists of students who have lettered in a varsity sport or cheerleading. Their main project is handling the concession stand at basketball games. Within the last two years the club has furnished trophies and plaques to the outstanding athletes in the various sports. OFFICERS Ricky Clark President Billy Atkinson Vice-President Linda Dell Beale Treasurer Linda Appleby Secretary Officers show awards to be presented. L J HOMECOMING Queen Susan Powers rrw u 4 rtf The Court LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Caravati, Dale Scott, Cherry Bradshaw, Joan Wall, Sandra Bryant; Queen, Susan Powers; Maid- of- Honor, Rin Henry; Linda Dell Beale, Sharon Darden, Susan Day, Donna Kingery, and Susan Lowe. 74 11th 10 th Sharon Darden escorted by Mike Whitley Joan Wall escorted by Dickie Surace Cherry Bradshaw escorted by Tate Cotton Susan Day escorted by Bill Delk 12 th Linda Dell Beale escorted by Barry Whitaker 9th Maid- of- Honor Rin Henry 12 th 8th Sandra Bryant escorted by Bill Halsey Donna Kingery escorted by Bobby Rainey Dale Scott escorted by Steve T raver Elaine Caravati escorted by Dennis Hedgepeth Susan Lowe escorted by Mike Goodman 75 w Queen Becky Williams Queen Becky Williams Attendant Sheila Gardner SPORTS Backfield of Football Team 1924 GROUP II DISTRICT I CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT: George Burgess, Benny Rollison, Wayne Barker, Frankie Rabil, Welton Deshields, Tommy John- son, Bobby Burgess, Freddie Hollowell, Tony Surace, Doodle Underwood, Dickie Surace, Mitchell Sandlin, Harold Turner, Barry Blythe, Donald Blythe, Roger Spence, Carter Whitley, Carter Hudgins, Waite Rawls, Ricky Clark, Bobby Carr, Richard Atkinson, Ronnie West, Tom Culbreth, Bill Eley, Alan Morris, Danny Morgan, Bobby Eubanks, Billy Atkinson, Frankie Whit ead, Gary Pterce, and Buster Ledford. 4 ' V The mighty Broncos of Franklin completed their first undefeated season since 1939 with a 10-0-0 record. Billy I Atkinson led the Broncos, as well as the district, in scoring and rushing with 1173 yards and 114 points. The Franklin defense, second in the state, was probably the best ever fielded by the Broncos. They allowed only 19 points in the whole season. Deshields led the Broncos in passing with 238 yards. Bill Eley was the leading receiver with 121 yards on 7 receptions. Dickie Surace, one of the finest Bronco place kickers ever, made 26 points in 38 tries. At the post-season coaches ' meeting, Billy Atkinson, Bobby Eubanks, Tony Surace, Dickie Surace, and Frank Whitehead were named to the all-district team, unanimous choice for Coach of the Year. 1 Danny Mor n made honorable mention. ' V- 0 Coach Ledford was the Coach Ledford Coach Pierce Coach Culbreth PRACTICE 79 J FRANKLIN . . . 27— SUFFOLK . . .0 FRANKLIN . . . 33— FOREST GLENN . . . 0 Hundreds of Broncos fans packed Peanut Park for the season opener. The Broncos dominated play, but the score was 7 - 0 going into the 4th quarter on a touchdown by Atkinson. Doodle Underwood ran for a 67 yard touchdown but it was called back. Then Hollowell scored three times: a run, a five yard pass from Rabil, and a pass from Deshields. Bobby Eubanks, the bulwark of the Franklin offense and defense, was selected player of the week. After being rained out on Friday night, the Broncos and Rangers were ready to play on Saturday night. The Broncos again showed their winning style, with Atkinson scoring four touchdowns and Hollowell one. Billy Atkinson, who would go on to be selected all- state fullback, was player of the week. 80 FRANKLIN . . . 40— KENBRIDGE . . . 0 Atkinson opened the scoring after Tony Surace had recovered a fumble on the Comet six. The next two scores were by Hollowell on a 60 yard run and by Wayne Barker on a 47 yard run. Then Hollowell again scored on a run; Eubanks intercepted a pass and ran it back to the Comet 15. Rabil hit Bobby Burgess on a pass for the next score, and later Waite Rawls ran 63 yards on a recovered fumble for the score. Surace kicked his fourth extra point of the night. Fred Hollowell, who picked up 126 yards rushing, was voted player of the week. FRANKLIN . . . 13— POQUOSON . . . 0 The first score of the stout defensive battle came in the third period with Atkinson running the ball over after Deshields had hit Eley on a beautiful 50 yard pass. The Bronco defense thwarted a serious defensive threat by Poquoson. Dickie Surace ran an intercepted pass from the 47 for a touchdown. Dickie, after an outstanding defensive game, was named player of the week. 81 FRANKLIN. . .41— JOHN YEATES. . .0 Tony Surace recovered a blocked kick on the John Yeates ' 12, and Underwood scored on the next play. Atkinson then scored from the 4. Whitehead recovered a fumble on the Rebel 19, and Atkinson scored on a run. Hollowell scored on a pass from Deshields. The sixth Bronco touchdown came when Deshields ran 28 yards. Atkinson scored the final tally on an 18 yard end run. Tony Surace, who led the Bronco defense in tackles all season, was player of the week. FRANKLIN. . .33— WINDSOR. . .6 The large homecoming crowd watched the Broncos make it six straight. Bobby Eubanks recovered the first of his two fumbles, and Atkinson went over from the four. Hollowell and Underwood made the next two scores. In the fourth quarter, Atkinson scored from the one; and freshman quarterback Roly Purrington hit Hollowell for a touch- down. Underwood, the speedy Franklin halfback, and Danny Morgan, the big defensive end, were players of the week. 82 A tremendous crowd packed the Smithfield stadium to see a game that was rated as a tormidable test for the Broncos. Danny Morgan scored on a beautifully executed pass play from Deshields. Atkinson went over from the one for the Broncos in the fourth period. The mighty Bronco defense allowed the Packers only 43 yards. Frankie Rabil, Freddie Hollowell, and Bobby Burgess all made key interceptions. Fiabil and Frankie Whitehead were chosen players of the week. 20— JAMES BLAIR FRANKLIN A tense crowd went wild when Atkinson broke away for a 77 yard touchdown. Atkinson scored again in the third quarter, running through the middle of the Jaybee line. Surace split the uprights to make it 14-0. Underwood went around right end for the next score. Ricky Clark, Alan Morris, and Bobby Burgess were cited for their fine play and named players of the week. 83 FRANKLIN . . . 7— SOUTHAMPTON ... 6 One of the largest crowds ever to see a game in the Franklin Stadium watched one of the most thrilling games ever seen there. The Indians scored on a pass in the first period, but the conversion attempt was wide. Atkinson went over in the fourth period on a vital fourth down play. Everyone was on his feet when Dickie " The Toe " Surace made the kick that immortalized his foot. The tough Franklin defense stopped the last Southampton threat. Waite Rawls, the fine Bronco guard, was named player of the week. FRANKLIN . . . 27— NORTHAMPTON ... 0 Doodle Underwood broke the game open in the second period on a spectacular 70 yard punt return. Dickie Surace scored the first of his three extra points of the game. Billy Atkinson climaxed his scoring title with a touchdown on an intercepted pass. In the third and fourth quarters, Atkinson scored on runs of two and three yards. Donald Blythe and Roger Spence were cited for their fine play. LAST YEAR MEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Atkinson, Bobby Burgess, Bobby Eubanks, Waite Rawls, Donald Blythe, Roger Spence, Danny Morgan, Freddie Hollowell. Freddie Hollowell Halfback Danny Morgan End Waite Rawls Guard Roger Spence Guard VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Co-captains Maxine Day and Susan Powers. SECOND ROW: Pat Dampier, Sarah Page Gehrken, and Ann Lankford. THIRD ROW: Linda Appleby, Linda Dell Beale, Rin Henry, Shirley Scott, and Marina Henderson. Welcoming the Broncos on the field Putting up the special posters made for the tournament J.V. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Tommy Darden, Joe Gibson, Glenn Pierce, Jay Barrows, John Swift, Burdette Gatten, Tom Jones, and Johnny Rabil. SECOND ROW: Chuck Lilly, Andy Duck, Randy Drake, Billy Whitehead, Mike Atkinson, Barry Barring- ton, Milton Beale, Richard Pittman, and Mike Goodman. THIRD ROW: Beaver Kannon, Butch Turner, Shilton Little, Frank Watson, Jim Wright, Roily Farrington, Buddy West, Jimmy Gray, and Mr. Lassiter. SCHEDULE Franklin 13 Franklin 48 Franklin 27 Franklin 27 Franklin 19 Smithfield Emporia Southampton Suffolk James Blair 87 Coach Lassiter The Junior Varsity football team kept right in step with the Varsity team to go all the way for an undefeated season. We were all very proud of the J.V. team, for we real- ize that soon they will become the Varsity Broncos. The combination of hard work by the players and the expert coaching of Mr. Lassiter showed once again that one gets out of a sport what he puts into it. J.V. CHEERLEADERS SEATED: Judy Jones, Nancy Land, and Susan Day. SECOND ROW: Darlene Dampier and Arlene Dampier. STAND- ING: Donna Kingery, Suzzane Cotton, Meg Jones, and Cherry Bradshaw. 88 VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING: Danny Morgan, Billy Atkinson, Elliott Whitfield, Westbrook Parker, and Bill Delk. STANDING: Exum White, Manager; Mitchell Sandlin, Manager; Frankie Rabil, Barry Blythe, Waite Rawls, Bill Eley, Rod Phelps, Buddy Johnson, Billy Atkinson, Allen Minetree, Manager; Mr. Culbreth, Coach. WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS Everyone expected the Broncos to be a tough team this year, and they were just that. Coached by Mr. Culbreth, the boys compiled a 14-3 mark in regular season play. Their 7-1 conference record was enough to give them first place in the Western Division of District I. Sparked by Westbrook Parker and Billy Atkinson, the team showed their class with victories over Smith- field and James Blair in their final two games of the season. SCHEDULE Franklin 41 James Blair Franklin 48 Southampton Franklin 89 Waverly . . . Franklin 63 Forest Glen Franklin 39 Suffolk . . . . Franklin 49 John Yates . Franklin 37 Windsor . . . Franklin 43 Smithfield. . Franklin 70 Waverly . . . Franklin 54 Southampton Franklin 42 Suffolk . . . . Franklin 44 John Yates . Franklin 67 Forest Glen Franklin 51 Poquoson . . Franklin 54 Windsor . . . Franklin 61 Smithfield. . Franklin 55 James Blair Coach Culbreth FIRST STRING BRONCOS Danny Morgan Billy Atkinson Westbrook Parker Elliott Whitfield 90 Frankie Rabil i 91 92 93 TOURNAMENT f The conference champion Broncos opened their tournament play at Frederick College in a game with Poquoson. The Bull Islanders came on strong at first, but the seldom-beaten Broncos kept their poise and won easily 59-45. Everyone in the gymnasium was tense as the game began between Franklin and James Blair for a berth in the finals. The game was tied until James Blair went ahead by one point with 13 seconds left. A gallant effort by the Broncos fell short and James Blair won 45-44. On the final night, the Broncos, not recovered from a one point loss to Blair, played a close game all the way but dropped the consolation game to Smithfield 55-49. LAST YEAR MEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Atkinson, Waite Rawls, Danny Morgan, Elliott Whitfield, and Westbrook Parker. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL ► Coach Pierce STANDING: Mary Dodson, Manager; Judi Jones, JoAnn West, Claire Powers, Caroline Gatten, Margaret Ann Brad- shaw, Carol Bishop, Anne Allport, Karen King, Susan Day, Meg Jones, Arlene Dampier, Coach Pierce. SEATED: Seniors: Becky Williams, Linda Whitley, Susan Powers, Rin Henry. 95 IF YOU GUARD 96 FIGHT, 97 VICTORY! Franklin 27 Franklin 27 Franklin 49 Franklin 25 Franklin 39 Franklin 40 Franklin 28 Franklin 32 Franklin 36 Franklin 32 Smithfield 18 Waverly 13 Forest Glen 44 Windsor 20 Smithfield 29 Waverly 18 Southampton 26 Southampton 25 Forest Glen 27 Windsor 24 The boys weren ' t the only ones to have a 10-0 season at F.H.S. this year. The Bronkettes proved they were just as good. After winning their first game with Smithfield, they continued their reign by winning all of their games. CONGRATULATIONS, BRONKETTES! FIRST ROW: Tommy Johnson, Butch Turner, Welton Deshields, Roly Purrington, Mikie Atkinson. SECOND ROW: Tommy Whitfield, Manager; Jimmy Gray, Manager; Willie Ashburn, Jay Barrows, Tate Cotton, Johnny Finley, Bob Petty, Beaver Kannon, George Council, Johnny Rabil, Blake Caravati, Richard Pittman, Manager; Mr. Lassiter, Coach. J.V. ' s HAVE 10-2 SEASON The J.V. basketball team, coached by Mr. Lassiter, kept in stride with the J.V. football team by having a magnificent season. Losing only two close games to a tough James Blair team, the 1965-66 team set a new school record for the J.V. ' s by winning ten games in one season. The team was led by Roly Purrington and Tommy Johnson on the boards and in scoring. Council, Turner, and Finley also did a fine job. The J.V. ' s will be sending many fine players up to the varsity next year, but they wilLalso be looking forward to another fine season. Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin Franklin SCHEDULE n V V 34 38 56 46 52 42 56 49 52 35 67 40 James Bl Southampto b Suffolk : . . r. ' . .)f. ' 30 John Yates Smithfield .49 Windsor 27 Suffolk 46 Windsor 27 John Yates 25 Poquoson 30 Smithfield 44 James Blair 45 Coach Lassiter 99 100 GOLF TEAM Franklin vs. Suffolk 8-4 Franklin vs. Emporia 12-0 Franklin vs. Suffolk 9-3 Franklin vs. Northampton 12-0 Franklin vs. Northampton 12-0 LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Atkinson, Alec Phillips, Coach Lassister, Elli- ott Whifield, Bob Petty. The golf team finished 6th in the state at the meet in Win- FIRST ROW: Darlene Dampier, Judi Jones, Susan Day, and Arlene Dampier. SECOND ROW: Karen King, Caroline Gatten, Susan Powers, and Anne Allport. 2 [ FIRST ROW: Rob Hassett, George Councill, Dick Beale, and Buddy Johnson. SECOND ROW: Johnny Finley, Ben Powell, and Westbrook Parker. 3 BASEBALL TEAM SEATED: Bobby Burgess, Billy Jo Burgess, Chris Smith, Bobby Holland, Jimmy Roberts, Frank Rabil, Chester Griffin, Andy Duck, Wayne Vargo, Charles Cannon. STANDING: Wayne Blythe, Alan Radar, Rod Phelps, Carter Whitley, Roly Purrington, Ricky Clark, Raymond Hassett, Lonnie Gray, Clayton Newsomes, Bill Eley, Coach Pierce. Franklin vs. Windsor 15-4 Franklin vs. John Yeates 18-2 Franklin vs. Southampton 3-2 Franklin vs. James Blair 2-3 Franklin vs. Waverly 2-0 Franklin vs. Smithfield 11-8 Franklin vs. Southampton 9-8 Franklin vs. Smithfield 2-1 Franklin vs. Suffolk 2-0 Franklin vs. James Blair 0-5 Franklin vs. Forest Glen 5-7 Franklin vs. John Yeates 4-1 Franklin vs. Suffolk 12-3 Franklin vs. Forest Glen 10-1 Franklin vs. Waverly 0-5 Franklin vs. James Blair 3-7 TRACK TEAM • HICH I SEATED; Mike Atkinson, Billy Atkinson, Bobby Carr, Donny Rogers, Alex Hatch, Allen Minetree, Exum White, Tommy Johnson, Frank Whitehead, Butch Turner, Hunter Bristow. STANDING: Buddy Anderson, Carter Hudgins, Tony Surace, Donald Blythe, Waite Rawls, Allan Morris, Dickie Surace, Richard Atkinson, Sheldon Little, Roger Spence, Coach Culbreth, Coach Ledford. JUNIOR-SEll 6 f lOR PROM OCiaJii 7 SENIOR PLAY " YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU " CAST Penelope Sycamore Essie Rheba Paul Sycamore Mr. DePinna Ed Donald Martin Vanderhof Alice Henderson Tony Kirby Boris Kalenkhov Gay Wellington Mr. Kirby Mrs. Kirby Two men Olga Katrina Jackie Baroour Margaret Lambdin Maxine Day Bob Conwell Westbrook Parker Jerry Branch Warren Bridges Waite Rawls Catherine Clark Mitchell Sandlin Danny Dunlow Roger Spence Billie Burgess Donald Blythe Linda Jakeman Donald Rideout Bobby Holland Virginia Bracey GIRLS’ STATE SEATED: DELEGATES-Anne Allport and Ann Lankford. STANDING: ALTERNATES- Nancy Lankford and Linda Appleby. BOYS’ STATE SEATED: ALTERNATES-FrankWhitehead and Chris Council. STANDING: DELEGATES- Ben Powell and Ricky Clark. 9 GRADl 10 LATION A SCHOOL ENDS ITS ROLE IN EDUCATION FHS 1966 Franklin High School began its role in education in 1923. FHS is now ending this role in 1966, but only the building; for education is not the edifice but the teachers and the students. As of June, 1966, high school students will not attend " ole FHS " anymore. Instead, they will attend a new school with more room and more facilities for a better education. As the alumni of FHS have learned, the memories of high school are not of the building but of the friends and the experiences gained there. 12 ADVERTISEMENTS Main Street — 1929 BOYKINS VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK SERVING THIS AREA FROM THREE LOCATIONS FRANKLIN 306 NORTH MAIN STREET CAPRON A MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Compliments of HERCULES FRANKLIN CONCRETE PRODUCTS HERCULES POWDEP COMPANY, INCORPORA I ' ED BIGGEST and BEST in BUILDING MATERIALS WHOLESALE PRICES BRADY’S JEWEL BOX DIAMOND CENTER GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HASTINGS, INC. Quality Shop Men ' s and Ladies ' Wear For Men and Ladies Weejuns are a way of life! Phone LO 2-4931 206 Main St. Franklin, Virginia Compliments of FRANCIS VARIETY SHOP JACK B. FARMER FRANKLIN, VIRGINIA BRACEY QUALITY CLEANERS Compliments of Dry Cleaning- Shirts Laundered Pick up-and Delivery Dial LO 2-4565 South Street Jimmie Bracey A FRIEND SOUTHAMPTON SUPPLY CO. Hams and Peanuts HERBERT COBB REAL ESTATE 503 N. Main Street Feeds and Seeds Franklin, Virginia Building Materials House Sales - Rentals - Appraisals Compliments 0 PARKER DRUG CO. NOTTOWAY HOUSE. INC. " The REXALL Drug Store " Furniture to Live with Franklin Courtland Blvd. Franklin ' s largest most modern drug store. Franklin, Virginia WHITLEY HARDWARE Compliments oi Maxie Day, Proprietor Building Material- Farm Supplies Westinghouse Appliances Sporting Goods Glidden Paints FRED’S FRANKLIN ARCADE " Franklin, Virginia Franklin, Virginia TOWN AND COUNTRY Compliments of BEAUTY SHOP ROSES Compliments of Value - Variety OPEN AIR MARKET Modern Luncheonette 1 2 Franklin Virginia HASSETT ' S INC. SOUTHERN STATES FRANKLIN COOPERATIVE Your Motorola Dealer Incorporated Franklin, Virginia SOUTHERN MANOR RESTAURANT MOTEL Compliments of CARTER SONS, INC. Excellent Food Service 100 101 S. Main St. Compliments of Congratulations to the Senior Class BRONCO DRIVE - IN COUNCILL ' S FLORIST AND GIFT SHOP TART ' S PHARMACY Franklin, Virginia IDEAL BARBER SHOP TOWN COUNTRY CREDIT STORE META ' S BEAUTY SHOP NICK ' S TV u ujJCA ±c CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES SENIOR CLASS of 1966 -W TEINHARDT GOODWIN EQUIPMENT CO. Franklin, Virginia MOST FOR YOUR MONEY Phone LO 2-4285 - NATIVE NURSERY R.F.D. 2 Franklin, Virginia 116 N. Main St. Franklin, Virginia Diamonds - Watches Easy Terms Compliments of R.P. RAWLS SONS Insurance Agency MOMENTS TO REMEMBER GRADUATION, the SENIOR PROM, home- coming - these highlights are among the school events you will remember . . . and have read about in pages of the award- winning TIDEWATER NEWS Published Monday and Thursday Franklin, Virginia Office Supplies Commercial Printing Office Equipment H, M. Lewis, Owner " THE FAMILY STORE " Phone LO-2-3707 Franklin, Va. DOUGHTY BUICK - PONTIAC - OLDSMOBILE Franklin, Virginia Compliments of ROSE BROTHERS JEWELER BEST WISHES G. H. STEINHARDT CO. INC. MERCHANTS AND FARMERS BANK -aO ' - ' " " OF FRANKLIN gcS A . c - ' .A . A oA ' A‘ . :X - ' • s V 1 K RESOURCES OVER 6 MILLION Franklin, Virginia A member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CAa, UNION BAG-CAMP PAPER CORPORATION BLEACHED PRODUCTS DIVISION ERANKLIN, VIRGINIA Compliments of THE DAIRY QUEEN GEE ' S GROCERY Charcoal and Grill Franklin, Virginia DRAKE TIRE COMPANY, INC. E. G. BRETT ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Goodyear Tires Recapping Franklin, Virginia Fuel Oil - Kero - Gas Dial 562-3338 Franklin, Virginia HAMLETT’S PHILLIP ' S ”66 " SERVICE " Go First Class, Go Phillips " 66” Compliments of It Costs No More Mechanic St., Franklin, Va. J. C. Hamlett, Jr. Phone 562-9411 FRANKLIN SEAFOOD CO. Franklin, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of RICH ' S DRIVE - IN PRETLOW PEANUT CO. Franklin, Virginia Franklin, Virginia THEO. K. HANN SON Basket Manufacturers Franklin, Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND BasKeibc li S-Up- q Compliments of (hycpa4 c, c flower sho Bs ) r) Wir FELTON’S ONE HOUR CLEANERS W.J.M. HOLLAND AND SONS " Franklin ' s Finest " Franklin, Va. - Murfreesboro, N. C. Shirts Laundered . . . Custom Finished T. Roland Felton, Proprietor 3rd Avenue Franklin Street LO 2-4224 BLYTHE DODGE. INC. GENES S . 10 i STORE NO. 3 Dodge and Dodge Trucks Sales and Service 562-5477 Shop the Self-Service Way 101 South Main St. Franklin, Virginia Franklin Virginia JONES DRUG COMPANY " The Prescription Drug Store " Compliments of ST. REGIS Franklin, Virginia HUNTERDALE SUPPLY CO., INC. Hardware - General Electric Appliances - Sales Services Franklin LO 2-4250 LO 2-4292 Dial LO 2-3410 RUSSELL HOLMES i Where . ho 0ng is a Pleasure ' Quality Family j Fr iklin, Virginia |MfeRC WttlEyRl6LEJ , Best Wishes THE FASHION SHOP ' We Clothe Franklin ' s Finest Women " Franklin- -Suffolk }P y , (y CUTCHIN TJR OMPjANjf Compliments of AIRWAY MOTOR LODGE and RESTAURANT Distributors of B. F. Goodrich Tir s p- 405 E. Fourth Avei VINSON ' S GARAGE H. L. Vinson Paint - Body Fender Works Franklin, Virginia SMITH JEWELERS Gifts of distinction Franklin Virginia GOOD LUCK Franklin Ford PET MILK COMPANY DAIRY DIVISION Drink Pet For Pep Franklin, Virginia rnibi,Flv)Ui,r-, b 103 N. Main Franklin, Virginia THORTON-LIVESAY, INC. AND THORNTON-LIVESAY EXCHANGE The latest in home fashion. BEST WISHES FROM W Y S R (Franklin Broadcasting Corp.) --1250 K.C. 1,000 Watts Franklin QuA jUcK ' CongratulatiMS kf ' .T. PAC Compliments of RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. . 7- - H , i JLr a , 7) ' i9 Compliments of L.L. MANRY SONS, INC. Insurance Since 1872 Courtland Virginia i M Jf i X , ■ ■ ' ■,)« o Compliments of THE VIRGINIAN DRUG STORE Prescription Specialist JOHNSON CONWELL Compliments of BLYTHE ' S SELF SERVICE Hunterdale Franklin Virginia c% PANTON LACKLAND CQt NC. Sporting Goods and Toys Record Shop -r LO 2-4578 Franklin, Virginia BRISTOW INSURANCE CORP. " Our Patrons Sleep Well " (They don ' t have to count sheep) Since 1913 Phone LO 2-3182 Franklin, Virginia Compliments of COMMUNITY MARKET Open For Your Service 7 Days a Week DARDEN OIL COMPANY. INC. Compliments of FRANKLIN FROZEN FOOD CORP. Distributors American Oil Products Franklin Virginia ' ' A ATU , 7 . Va 1 i y . yru. . ,J. 7 ,, .y jSjy Y JSr - r u " B6t- -OCoJhanL v| o.Tb 4o g ' ' m - Ouucd oic-io ’, ' ' nu; o Actb-TJ-X UmA lH JMtiii -vi ict Jkiiilt, OuUuL XiClJM CL C d -rW di LlD vJlUuYljW U) U(k)SL . TXlUiiL. UlHM A i X LtkctS XjLd ' iJL I a UillQ U kjL U UCXjl) fUiOfi HWJA y-X ujsib laAv .ii ' iijui cdoucuiH OLiiifQ vNj QiJI, V u| Jlack O Ai ' UjL vVj i o trJi . JLI , ,.ji vA’ J tfn. " Y ' - V. OJ ' L -Ji-OVL ' 0 aa . L‘ ia oX. JK j J dA i V QOCi IuClL q(( i Oc QO. COO rft ' j 7iCiQ.a q s

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